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Rose Has Thorns Part 1

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"The Hour Is Late, Three Days Till We Become One Or We Become One."

Azraelfawn: -The sight of three black horses, riding through what seemed to be an endless void was not abnormal in such a place. In this void, there were many beings walking around, some going left, some going right, some flying, some crawling. Either way, this was a place to go, where one could go from place to place in a short time. The amount of time it took to get to the place, felt like the right time, but in reality, it was only a matter of seconds. The carriage being towed by three horses, was black, with large wheels, and silver details. On the black of the carriage, below the window, was a silver symbol of an owl. Considering that this was a carriage loaned by the kingdom itself, it had to be grand. Outside the designated domain, all would seem calm, and would remain calm, except for the rolling cloud of thick for that was descending upon a 3 mile radius of the entrance. “Are we here?” called out Eduard, before realizing that this carriage had no driver. The skinny old man was balding, wore a top hat, and fine robes with long beard. When his mouth opened, one could see he had up to three teeth, followed by gums only. The horses were trained. Possibly the king himself had told them where to go, since he was the only one who knew where this place was. When the mist had descended upon the dark and raining land, and settled, vision further than ten feet away was near enough impossible. Those with better sight could possibly see about double the distance. The sound of the horses trotting up, with a carriage in tow, of which the wheels made a slight wooden creaking sound. Before long, the horses slowed to a walk, and began walking toward the doors of the domain belonging to the Iron Dynasty. As they got closer, the horses turned away from the door, as if they were just circling close to the doors of the building. As the carriage followed the path, an elderly man's hand reached toward the window of the carriage, pulling it down quickly, before he stuck half of his body out of it. His silver hair began to get wet in the rain. In his left hand, he held a brush, which was slick with some kind of glue, and in his other hand, was a short piece of thick parchment, with a message upon it. The laugh that came from the man was slightly worrying (Think of Master Roshi's laugh). He swiftly swiped the brush along the left door of the castle, which was slightly ajar from someone else entering, before slamming the parchment onto the door, making it tremble slightly, with a loud 'bang'. The parchment's written side faced outwards, and because of the position the elderly man had placed it, it was under the ledge above the door, meaning the rain could not touch it. He rubbed his hand against the parchment, making sure it stuck onto it, before retreating back into the carriage, and allowing the carriage to leave again, disappearing into the fog, which then vanished again, allowing the fog to lift, leaving no trace of them ever being there, but the parchment on the door. The parchment read; 'The hour is late, three days until we either become one, or we become one'.-

Anaya: The castle was empty that morning it was nice and fresh smelling in the morning air as a sweet maid came down from her chamber and went outside to take in the nights freshness, but as soon as she opened the door she spotted it, the paper as she took it from the door and held it in her small hands to read “oh my miss Anaya will not like this, i will take it to her when she wakes in the morning” it was still going to be a wile so the maid had time to leave the note on miss Anayas throne and do the washing, dishes, and even the next mornings cooking till she woke up but it was sure she would not be happy but in the end she would get the note and get the guards to do as needed for the days dwellings and what the next three days may bring.

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original first post, had to edit it for story line purpose and to make more sense
Guest_wolfsarekewl: -Carve would follow her with his eyes as she walked past him- ''Apology accepted... '' -He eyed the man and smile, running his claws along the walls as he followed her into the throne room, but continued towards the gate, leaving a trail of claw marks- '' A kingdom which allows weaklings in...... run by a blind man carrying an arsenal of butterknives... Yeah, seems like i was in the right place from the start'' -He would stop at the door and carve an owl symbol in the door- ''Letters, those guys need to really step up their game, good thing they have me...'' -Then, glancing back, his eyes glowing with ferocity, he would say with a devilish tone- ''By my count... i think you have two days... '' - and with that, he would walk out, swaying his tail from side to side calmly-)

Guest_wolfsarekewl: -Carve would follow the sultry maid with his eyes as she walked past him sneaking his way into the halls, running his claws along the walls as he followed her into the throne room, but ringed around and continued back towards the gate, leaving a trail of claw marks all the way '' A kingdom which allows weaklings in...... run by a blind man carrying an arsenal of butter knives... Yeah, seems like i was in the right place from the start'' he said to himself wall no one was around to hear him, it seemed only maids and a low butler stood in the halls of the rose today. He would stop at the door and carve an owl symbol in the wood- ''Letters, those guys need to really step up their game, good thing they have me...'' -Then, glancing back, his eyes glowing with ferocity, he would say with a devilish tone- ''By my count... i think you have two days... '' - and with that, he would walk out, swaying his tail from side to side calmly as a butler simply got hit words and would later give them to the queen when she got back from her trip down to the village.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Owl

Anaya: as the woman awoke she moved down to the foot of her bed, cloth and silk garments were layed out on her end table already for her and her green matching heels placed nicely on the floor. She moved to the side and slipped a foot in still as always hating the feel on her feet, why did humans have to have this on there bodys, heels they called them more like hell and a stick on the end. She wiggled her foot in them and let out a grunted sigh, she new she held no choice as she was ruler and leader here as she had to have the proper land garments on her figure. She moved and slipped her dress over her head and a smile came to her face, the dress was so soft it was like flowing into a dream of silk and luxury, she did not mind the dress's as she did have them made in her own way in her mind if she was forever going to have to have human clothing on she was going to make it as close to her own way as she could, so hardly anything on her bod, showing breasts with hiding nipples, the top of her rump clear and for all to see if they so pleased to, hips showing for the world to drink in as well as that hour glass shape so many longed for in there woman. Anaya was the image of beauty and royalty, other then her very odd personality she was flawless. She got up turning around and garbing the silver and diamond crown from the table and placed it upon her head, red eyes set off by the stones so it looked as if stars welled hidden inside the red waters of her hues. She smiled to herself in the mirror and looked to her chamber door it was about time she went down to the main hall to greeat anyone there and set up preparations for the coming days events.

In the main chamber room things were as always,maids hurrying up there butts to get the morning work done even if it was afternoon it never did get done on time. Slaves chained to there pillars dressed in gold and gems to give a tad bit of royalty and class to the halls. Male servants hauling in fire wood and as always towns people only wanting to talk to there ruler so they could complain more to her about the shit she did to them, or that they did to each other. A guard barked at a slave girl as she sat on the floor with her legs open toying with him “girl this is not to be the pose you are to be in before free woman”
“but my sir there are no woman around, you can spare a look or two” she said that poison of lust upon her lips. Anaya always picked slaves that held this toxin in there body's in a larger amount to make her home more inviting, men could fuck who ever they wanted, take what ever they wanted and woman could get the same from the slave girls, force them to do there biding, force them to pleasure them and even force food to be brought to them and waited on as if they were royalty, it was simply the way things worked here, slaves used as cattle for the needs of others be it they wanted it or not it was just how things were ruled in a dragons empire.

Anaya moved down the steps over seeing all that was going on, she let a smile slip out her crocked grin as she could see that slave toying with the guard, but she was not smiling at the fact of what the slave girl was doing she was smiling at the fact she would be or be able to watch that slave being beaten senseless for said bold acts when told not to later. She ignored it for now and just nodded at that guard as the slave shut her legs asap and the guard walked away and went back to his post at one of the side chamber doors. Guards were posted at every door way, every hall way had a fighter placed in it and every window held a lock on it. The castle was very well protected from assassins and people aiming to do damage to it. And to top it all off the barracks out back in the count yard held even more men,thousands of fighters to do as told and ordered and who trained most of the day away to improve there fighting power. Anaya looked to her side as she saw the small maid running up to her with her black book, this book held all the empires records, all the trade roots the planes for winter and the targets for later as well as targets already destroyed and hit off, if this book got into the wrong hands it could be the doom for the empire, lock codes, gold counts and number, Anaya's own private store codes and how to get past the hound, it held the empires secrets but only Anaya and that single maid were able to hold it and if the maid did not have it it was in that locked safe that only Anaya and that maid new the code for. “Lady Anaya there is news form that threat the other day” the brow of the dragon ruler went up as she looked to the maid running to her side and handing out the book.
“oh and what be this new news my girl” she said coldly as she took the book from her gently opening the cover and running her finger along that note from the day before “and were is Z is he not back from his walk yet?”
The maid shock her head no as she said softly “there was a messenger the other night he called this place weak and carved an owl into the doors my lady, the damage is not bad but the doors will have to be replaced and new ones made” Anaya let out a scowl like growl as she grit her teeth at the fact she had to pay to have over 100 foot tall doors replaced yet again, it was great for the wood workers she was paying to do this for her but it was shrinking her gold store and making it so they would have to go pillage another village to the north this year in the cold season.
“was it the larger doors or the smaller ones my girl?” she asked as her gritting of teeth slowed to try to be more calm. The doors of the empire were made to be fitting to all sizes giant 150 foot tall main doors able to fit the dragon herself with a little duck of the neck towered over all. But in them smaller normal sized doors exact mini replicas of the large doors sat snug in the large ones for smaller normal sized humans and beings to use.
“it was only the small sized doors my lady the being was small and fur covered he was not a threat only an annoyance to you your eminence”
“good that means it will not be so costly to replace, have the guards get to the replacements as soon as possible so no more intrusions can take place. ”the girl nodded to miss Anaya as she stood there silently at her side waiting for her ruler to ask anymore questions. “have the guards bin informed of the coming events of possible war with this unknown force that has come to our doors” she said as she flipped another page in the book, Drawing a make shift owl with the quill.
“yes lady Anaya you now have guards posed at every door way and we have doubled up the main doors to prevent possible attacks, they shift out three times a day so workers don't get over fatigued and can rest accordingly and can be at peek performance all day long. We also have the army in the back training this day and ready for any calls even if it is sudden and out of the blue. The stable is stocked and Nargool your rider brought in a new dragon bull only two days ago, it is in the posses of being broken but if needed it can be used as a bullet if things get sticky, we also have new horses for the far east it is said they are faster then even vampires, black steeds for your knights my lady. And we are in the posses of making steel plate armour for them to best protect them from arrow and blades. All is going according to plan my Lady” she said it all with a great smile upon her face but Anaya's face did not change from its cold stone like self as she was reading the book before her.
“good now leave and make sure all of this is going well i will have to deal with the pesents complains in a little wile. Much needs to be done here girl do not let me down”
“i never do my lady i always aim to make you proud” and with that the girl buttered away from the throne area were Anaya now sat and flipped the pages of her book going over codes and making sure nothing was changed wall she was sleeping, she did this every day so she would known if anything was different. her eyes opened as she looked up at the room seeing some random farmer start to hole into her home, she stood up as she started to walk to him, he froze in place as he watched her and she got up to his left flank "the throne room is closed today i will handle your matters tomorrow " she then nodded her head and walked past leaving him with nothing to say. she then moved and walked outside as she took in a deep breath of air getting the smell of the male who was here before "never hides there trails, and still fresh enough from the days events to track, i will leave tonight and be there in little under a couple hours. they will e fine till tomorrow." and with that she bolted running off down the steps of her home and shifting into her true white scaled self and flying up into the air to go to location unknown to find the source of this problem.

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Anaya: her nose led her to this place,dark town and rain what a wonderful place for a ruler of scale and iron claws, she looked to the ground as her nose picked up his boots the silt and the dirt strong in her nose, a dragons nose was stronger then anything and the fool never even bothered to cover his path after leaving his halls. Her guard pointed her to what he left , told her of the warnings, told her of the threats and the letter but never really told her anything else, they did not know anything else other then there was an owl carved into the floor by some person with a cocky way and lacking skill in hiding or covering up his trail. The people that sent this person must have bin foolish to send someone so weak and pitiful for hiding even something as large as the dragon could hide her own tail better then this. But the thing was was this place the area of true location or just a stop along the way, she never had bin here before it was only a trail a trail to the unknown, to a place that carved an owl in her floor and called her home weak, she walked into what she thought was hostile territory, walked into simple empyness of knowledge. The dragon white scaled, lifted her head from the dirt and mud and looked out over the tree tops, mountains everywhere but that was the way this trail went, in them, paths were to small for the massive beast so she had to come up with another way of finding out what was in there, were this place was was it even a building or a hut or a town she had no idea what she was even looking for but in her mind if something shot at her that would be the place. Opening white sun beaming wings she flapped hard taking off into the sky jumping up from powerful and emence back legs. One would never guess how graceful a dragon was in the air on the ground she was large and could be lompy but in the air she was a dream swiftly and gracefully floating in the wind. She looked down letting out a massive gutted roar, letting everyone know she existed, letting any building down there in this mountain area know she was over head. She wondered what would happen, would there be a flag to single she was alright to land, a friendly place she could go or would spears come up at her underbelly and hope to reach her all the way up here. She let out another roar not so menacing this time a simple one only informing others she wished to know life existed down there and if she could land safely.

Azraelfawn: *Dark grey eyes studied the seemingly empty kingdom with great curiosity. With a storm like this, it is understandable why so many citizens would dive for cover in an attempt to escape the booming roars which seemed to echo continuously throughout the ever-swirling sky. It was moments like this that the Avian woman, Valefar, took great comfort in her ability to master nearly every terrain – so long as she may study the surrounding winds, her large black/blue wings could handle almost anything. A greedy smile began to stretch across her lips as a large creature appeared to fly from out of nowhere. Its bright wings standing out greatly as opposed to the surrounding darkness of the storm. Shifting her position, the winged being stepped along the city walls – her boned armor tapping lightly against the stone beneath her. Having gained a better view of what appeared to be a dragon, her eyes widened in surprise before dancing with malice. With a single brush of her wings, Valefar was airborne; flying at a dizzying speed towards the creature which now seemed to hang over the kingdom. Her eyes began to narrow as she approached the being, unsure of its reasoning of location. Stopping abruptly, the Avian remained suspended in air: her dark blue hair whipping about her face, her pale skin covered in what could only be described as cloth held up by boned armor, a single blade laid against her leg. With a wicked smile, she looked on towards the dragon and its rider*

Anaya: Anaya looked upon the person or thing that came up to her, she was watching everything even if water was clouding her view, she needed to land to get out of this mess. Anaya looked to the seeming to be female thing with wings coming closer to her with a flap she made it clear not to get overly close to her. She was unsure of this place but she was led here for reason, she needed to find out were that threat had come from, what this was all about. She moved her claw to point to the ground and move her large foot up and down to single she wished to land. Tilting her head she let the water slip form her maw and gave herself a better view of who was there, a winged and feathered woman hovering before her, maybe this person new of what this owl mark ment or what the note that was plastered on her doors ment as well. They were linked the thing that did the owl mark made sure he was vocal about it.

Guest_cardslinger: -Below, watching from the shadows of an old structure stood the black wulven, his eyes pointed directly upwards at the arriving dragon. He was expecting someone to answer the treath, but then again... that was the idea. His tail swaying from side to side, he would push himself off from the wall upon he was leaning and step out in the open- '' About time... '' -Then, the wolf would snap his fingers, his form dispersing into cards off all types. With his disguise off, the man was revealed. His emerald, demonic eyes looking up at the confrontation. His attire was... odd, to say the least, covered in card like patterns from head to toe, which pretty much hinted to what he could do... atleast... sort of. Tilting up his top hat, he observed the scene for now, ready to make his appearance if needed-

Anaya: Anaya saw the female being ring around her as she turned her own head to follow her to make sure no fast moments were being done or anything being pulled on her. Everything was fine and she saw the female nod and head to the ground, not soon after the female landed Anaya came down out of the sky and landed with a bang on the ground, one never really could tell size when in the eye she was far away and there was rain but now when on the ground and Anayas claw was larger then the person before her it was now able to tell the dragons massive self truly. Anaya stood about 140 at the shoulder and more then likely weighed more then there castle. Teeth larger then horses and claws the size of carts. But in moments she had changed and shifted down to that of a 6 foot 5 fall woman nothing magical about her only black horns upon her head and snow white hair, a stunning purple and black dress hanging upon her figure. She looked to the female figure before her as red eyes cut into the girls like light in the darkness. “is there a ruler around or a being of power i may have a word with, i come to this land seeking information”

Guest_cardslinger: -Alex;s job was done. Hell, at the end of the day, he was the messenger. In way, he was eager to meet the dragon woman but at the same time he also wanted to let the kingdom fend for itself as neither they or she knew who he actually was. Alex was an enigma, just a figure working from the shadows and nudging things in the direction they needed to go. So, he would snap his fingers and disperce into cards once more which would just fall on the ground-

Starscream: Laying down upon the roof of the palace, somewhere that he was unseen, Kai relaxed in the sun, basking in the heat of the tropic weather that seemed to befall this place whenever it saw fit. Never in Zendasalen did this weather grace anyone. It was always biting cold, with Arctic winds. Only now Kai was beginning to realize that the home ground of the Vendassin's was truly a difficult place to live in, but then again, it was why their race could keep bouncing back. It wasn't long before the air became moist, and Kai could smell an uncomfortable lot more than he ever wanted to. Opening his phantom eyes, he lifted his head up, before sitting up to look around. The sky above him seemed clear, but to the west of where he sat, a dark cloud was approaching. Kai could already see the rain falling on lands afar, and could already feel the charge of electricity in the air. He could feel his skin already buzzing slightly, as it reacted with the distant clouds. If he wasn't careful, he knew that he'd start attracting it, which was rather unnecessary for the time being. Sighing, before using his hands and legs to move himself toward the edge of the slanted roof, he made special care not to get any dirt on his black attire, even though they were not for anything special, just training, which he had purposely skipped. He chuckled to his own unusually playful mood today, thinking that it was slightly ironic that everyone had searched the city for him, yet he was only on the roof. As he got to the edge of the roof, Kai stopped using his hands, and crouched by the edge before jumping off, keeping his crouched form upright as he fell through the air. Upon reaching the ground, the same weightlessness that took over when he flew, took over, slowing down his fall until he put his legs out, and landed on the ground casually. His black top with the long sleeves rolled up to his forearms, and his black bottoms, and lightweight soft-boots made him look less like a king than anything. Not that he cared at all, but these were what he fought better in. The idea of training in armour just annoyed him to high heaven, especially with the fact that under his shirt, it was still easy to conceal five daggers, and wear a necklace with a blade pendant on it. In training, that was all he really needed, besides perhaps gloves, which he wore, with the one on his right hand, coming with a guard that protected his whole right forearm, and the one on the right just being there because he wanted another glove. His white hair, had to be the most out of place thing on his whole body, the way it messily, but neatly stuck up. Silently, he walked around, and then inside his palace, avoiding those he was meant to be training with, mainly because they had no idea that the level of training they were on, was just not up to him. It didn't push him in the slightest, and in fact, he had been ready to go back to Zendasalen for a few months now, purely to train. Recent events though had made this plan almost impossible. The fact that he couldn't decide between whether he wanted allies, or enemies, slightly bothered him, in fact, instead of relaxing on the roof, he should have been focusing on what it was that he wanted to do. Before long he had noticed the light coming from the windows, and the sound of thunder, although he couldn't see the lightning flashes, began to make the ground tremble slightly. It hadn't even been a while, but Kai was already beginning to get annoyed with having to avoid people in his own palace, so without saying anything, or grabbing a cloak, Kai walked out of the palace, into the humid and moist air. Taking a deep breath, he pushed back the feeling of wanting to draw the electricity to himself. There was no need for it, and above all else, it just drew too much attention. As he did this though, nothing drew as much attention of what he could see, far off in the distance, possibly in front of the city entrance. Tilting his head slightly, he looked right, barely moving his head to look at a guard. The guard looked at him too, and shrugged his shoulder, before turning back toward the dragon. “Well that's got to be interesting.” Kai said, jutting out his bottom lip in mock thoughtfulness before focusing on the rather large creature just casually hovering outside his city, and vanishing with a loud 'THUMP' sound. All that was left in his vanishing was a dying echo, and a cloud of dust that had been lifted upwards by his teleporting, but was falling slowly back to the ground.

Azraelfawn: *Having grown used to the people within this area, the red hues of the woman before her did all but intimidate her – in fact, being looked at and talked to in such a simple manner excited the being. With her wicked smile only growing with greater malice, Valefar tilted her head and nodded towards the doorway leading into the kingdom. Her wicked eyes remained fixed on the being before her –ignoring the instinctive habit of checking her being, and instead meet her red stare with her own grey one.* Why do you think you should meet with the ruler…? *her low yet playful, almost carrying a teasing ring with it*

Anaya: The dragon woman walked past the other woman, stone faced and stern looking she held no feeling and was not one to beat around the bush sort of things “i have tracked a person who gave threat to my lands, it led me here i wish to know if your ruler or people know anything about this” she looked at the woman her eyes the black slit inside of them dilating as she thought about the things she could do if this place was the one responsible for the threat upon her land, it was an odd threat so she held mixed feelings about it “i want to know more about what the note i reseved ment and the image of an owl, i believe they are from the same source” she turned her eyes back to look inside the building her large framed figure standing tall and upright as she started to walk inside and past the woman not caring about her really.

Starscream: With a loud 'Thump' sound, which echoed around the throne room, making the torch lights flicker slightly. He had appeared on the stairs toward the thrones, with his right foot n the top stair, and then the left, two steps down. Because of his 7'5” height, the fact that he was able to skip stairs and stand easily was no surprise. Many of the servants within the throne room began to bow before going back to their jobs, but it wasn't until Kai spotted a rather tall female walking in, did he raise his eyebrow. He wasn't sure, but he knew he had either sensed remnants of her energy somewhere, or he had remembered her from somewhere. Both concepts in his mind were the same because he could be as familiar with different energies in the same way he could be familiar with faces. The one who had came in before her though, made Kai pull a face. He debated between pretending he knew him, and being 'friendly', or just outright shutting him out. Overall, even though Kai was in a somewhat decent mood, this person just seemed to happy for Kai's liking, in fact, it made his mood darken somewhat. Kai continued looking down the long carpet which lead to the doors of the throne room, trying to understand the figure that had just entered it. Past the door, outside, where he realized it was raining, Kai spotted Lady Valefar. Why she had just been walked past was beyond him, but he did not mind much at all. “Welcome?” Kai said, looking to the unnecessarily happy-looking person, and then to the tall female.

Azraelfawn: *A knowing sparking appeared in her eyes as Valefar listened to the “guest’s” response. Having found a majority of occurrences involving the suffering of others to be fairly comical, she could not help but to follow the woman – curious about what is to come. With her wings shifting silently behind her, the Avian entered through the threshold, fully ignoring the guards which she assumed always gave her odd looks. Her grey eyes flickered about the room before falling on the king. Bowing her head in a small sign of greeting, she looked back towards the dragon-woman and then towards a strangely excited man who was also found within the throne room. With her wicked smile settling into more of a smirk, she glanced back towards Kai… waiting for any sort of reaction to the guests*

laesta: Isabelle still felt sickened by the stench of that foul beast, even after taking her distance from it by retreating to her bedchambers. It had her agitated; a feeling she hadn’t felt ever since she’d been at the king’s court. Icy, desolate eyes stared back from the mirror as she sat at her dressing table, while absently brushing her long, raven curls. Even though the dress she wore today was one of her favorites – the one with the flower jewels and silk mesh – she would be happy to tear it in half. Sadly, her old servant wasn’t aware of her terrible mood as he knocked on the lady’s door, let alone for the scoffing he was about to endure once more. Old Eduard, who wore that three-teethed smile as one of his favorite accessories, dared to even step in without receiving an answer- assuming the lady was just fine, as she had been for a while now. That dark gaze was set upon him the moment he did so, Isabelle slowly moving up out of her seat whilst turning to the poor man- giving him hardly a chance to close the door behind him. “How dare you…” she hissed through her teeth, the sound of a loud swallow coming from Eduard as she did. “I want you out of my way, far enough for me to be able to breathe clean air, rather than your stench,” She continued, moving dangerously close to him, “If I still smell your old, unwashed ass once I leave my chambers, I will pull those three teeth from your mouth and rip you in half.” Eyes carried a strange gleam as they were narrowed upon the old servant, Isabelle almost frozen in her stance as she was just a few inches from him. Eduard could only nod his trembling voice trying to exclaim an apology before scurrying off into the throne room, on his way outside to pass some time at the village’s inn; head lowered the whole way there. If he were to see him on his way out, the king would immediately know there was something going on. Apparently even the smell of an old smelly human being was too much for lady de Courseilles right now.

Anaya: She walked to the one in the front staying a good 15 or so feet from the larger male before her, she was now almost fully ignoreing everyone around her, the happy person who was just randomly standing there, the woman who walked in behind her, but then there was a smell, she new it it was at her doors when she came home that day to find the threat listed on the wood of her empire door. She smiled a bit as she looked to the one holding that stench but then ignored it and looked back to the male before her he was of more importance then this smelly human was. it was not most days the dragon woman even in human form found a being larger then she was, a slightly larger smile came to the woman's stone like face but soon vanished “are you the owner of this land? I have come tracking a being here that gave threat to my empire and lands, what is this owl and three days” she wondered if this male would know what they ment as the woman was old and her memory was mostly shot she new it was some sort of message but had no idea what it was and needed to know if the letter was pertaining to attack or a joining of some sort, she felt drawn to come here she felt it was to simple she felt this male had made it all to simple, but there was something more here, was it a trap? A tarp for a dragon? No one could be that foolish, brave, or foolish. Her eyes scanned the male as she also looked around the room she was almost getting more used to this place she was relaxing a little geting calmer, but in the end it was almost a worrisome thing if anyone new her, it ment she was learning and if anyone new dragons when they started to learn it was a bad thing.

MaxDinLarae: -Kronos looked to the other beings before a smile came to his face, seeing the old man he once met before, oh that poor old man he always though to himself,. Angelic features somewhat showed about this male for some odd reason.. Hed sniff the air and his ears tiwtched, he new Izzy, as he decided to call her, was around somewhere. Oh but where, his nose twitched a bit and his mind trabeledc before he knew exactly where she was and made his way to her. Hed make his way around, to her chambers and knocked on the wall, leaning in the door way- Ello there, nice seeing you again, Miss. -hed give his warm smile to her in greetings as well-

Starscream: Kai stood in his spot casually before a the sound of footsteps caught up to his ears. Raising his eyebrow, he turned his head to the left and waited for whoever it was to pass. Just then, Eduard, Lady Isabelle's personal servant rushed past with his head down. Kai immediately figured out that there was something foul at work upstairs, and judging by the fact that Eduard was rushing away from the palace, Lady Isabelle was in no mood to be dealing with people. Before he he let his mind wander, he turned back toward the lady before him and tried his best to refocus. As she spoke, he raised his eyebrow, trying to get some kind of information about where she was from. Before long, he thought it was a better idea to try and taste the air, but before that, he simply sniffed loudly, but only once. In fact, it sounded as if he was stifling a yawn. The smell was something unlike he had come across before. Perhaps it was because he was a bit far away, and he had never met her before. He continued to watch her for a moment, before realizing that she had finished asking what she wanted to ask, but the problem was, he wasn't listening all that well, because he was focusing on what exactly she was. While thinking back on the situation, he looked away, before looking back to her as if the light bulb had turned on in his mind. “Oh yes, don't you mean two days?” Kai said, before walking down the steps, which brought him to about eleven paces away from her. The air was moist, which meant it carried the scents and tastes around people better. Kai parted his lips slightly before breathing in, but through his mouth, tilting his torso slightly to the left as he scratched his right side with his right hand, moving one of the five blades under his shirt slightly as he did so. “Well, I mean, I would have loved to tell you in two days, because by then I would have made my mind up. You should really wait for a while before you come looking for people. It's not a threat either by the way, just a riddle. I like Riddles.” Kai said, raising his eyebrow slightly before giving a chuckle. Just as he did so, he spotted the overly happy person walking away, possibly in the direction of Lady Isabelle's chambers. It would be his own undoing for walking up there. If the guards didn't get him, then Lady Isabelle's mood would. While he refocused himself to the lady, he began picking out what it is she was, and where he had tasted her essence before.

Azraelfawn: *Remaining quietly in place, Valefar listened carefully to the woman’s demanded answers from the king. Her smirk deepening as she waited for a casual yet sassy remark that would surely follow such bold accusations – at one point, a small laugh escaped before she was able to lift her long fingers to cover her lips. Deciding that the happenings before her were of no need of her responsiveness, she began to rock on her heels and contemplate where the oddly excited man had run to. It was not until Kai’s mention of “two days” that Valefar’s attention was fully captured. With great curiosity, she took several small steps towards the woman, her fingers drumming casually against her bottom lip – what exactly was it that this woman came to do? Intimidation was clearly not working out… but what sort of information was she gaining from such a casual visit to the palace? Deciding that there was no need for her to continue her (tiny) formalities, Valefar stepped around the odd discussing couple and approached the one of the many chairs surrounding the throne. Sitting down in a semi-gracefully manner. Dark feathers brushed lazily against the back of the chair before drooping down towards either side of her being – Valefar’s eyes lost their entertained sparkle as she leaned casually up against the armrest, watching the discussion continue*

laesta: Sadly, the young prince standing in her doorway had only seen one side of Isabelle de Courseilles, which would possibly mean he’d assumed her a nice, well-mannered lady. At this point there was no turning back for him; the damage was already done. It was only moments ago that Eduard had left her bedchambers in a hurry, so the lady was still standing in direction of the door, trying to regain her cool as Kronos appeared in sight. That cold gaze of hers immediately pierced through him and it looked as if she was about to charge him- yet her clawed fingers would merely ball into fists as she stood frozen in her stance, still. It was as if she was enraged; and it wouldn’t change by a few simple words or a familiar face. Her fangs had already slowly appeared as she stood there slowly breathing short but steady breaths through her mouth, lips already parted to give them some space. “Leave my sight, young prince… I wouldn’t want trouble with your brother.” Her voice was impending and calm, but her heart raged behind her chest. “Please.” Was the last word she’d push out, before stepping towards him, hoping he’d listen to her and make his way back to the throne room, so she could close the bedroom door behind him.

Anaya: Anaya looked at him coming closer to her she tilted her head her red eyes moving as the slits in them got thinner as she was thinking,learning, studding “riddles i dont really like games never was good at them. But at least i know the place of witch it was sent and who is the one i was tracking here? The one sent to make the owl, i wish to show him how weak i can be” the woman could not help but smile, even if it was a riddle she wanted to deal with that one in her own way be it harmful or just a little ass wooping to make a clear point. “but i guess i will find out more in a days time, at least i found out were it all was coming from” she turned her back as she held no fear and only a smile upon her maw as she looked over her shoulder snow white hair falling down her back the sweet sent of rose and brimstone flowing form her giving that tell tail Anaya perfume and the smell of blood and bone was nicely mixed into the toxic aroma as always. She glanced over her shoulder her bright red dragons eyes looking into the eyes of that male “but i do hope you come personalty to the Iron Dynasty when you do make up your mind, hard to find anyone with good charm anymore. And if you wanted me to wait to find you, you should have made that last guy hide his trail better, he smells of dog and wet fur” she waited for a moment to see if that male would tell her who this man who marked the owl in her doors “oh and he owes me a replaced set of doors” she could not help but let out a laugh, even dragons new an extent.

MaxDinLarae: Nah, You dont have to worry bout him, I left home, he didnt come with and it take him forever to ever find me again being this far south. -hed chuckle a bit, he noticed ever fracture of her, her anger, her calming method of just breathing.- Though Ive come to visit you as I said I would someday, got my bag out on the horse, even brought my stuff for tea -hed seen her mean, he remembered the first time they met and all, this wasnt to much of a bother to him but he felt rather sure he could help her get out of this mood.- Would you like to come with me? Ill get my bag and we can make some of my famous tea, dont that sound nice? -hed smile at her still with his own fangs exposed-

Starscream: Kai heard Lady Valefar's silent chuckle of amusement, but said nothing. Although he looked rather amused himself. As she walked past him, Kai looked to her briefly, before standing straight again, finishing relieving himself of this itch in his side. “Yeah, I guess I left that bit out. People tend to do literally what they're told nowadays, and forget to take initiative. I don't think I'll ever be happy.” Kai said, using his left hand to fix the glove on his right hand. “How weak you can be. I like that one.” Kai said with a smirk before looking at the entrance again. The sounds of Lady Isabelle talking had caught his attention, but although her words were harsh, her politeness just showed her nobility. “Oh well, I will make sure to be there. From what I hear, you have quite the domain.” Kai said, having never been there before. It wasn't until his mind clicked that he had remembered where she was from. His former subject, Yumiko had a castle within the forbidden realm. From there, he had seen her, but only briefly. He remembered her and Yumiko had seemed well acquainted. As Kai breathed in, he scented the rose, blood, bone, and something else, that smelt a little bit how the volcano far on the other side of Terra Avesta smelt. His eyebrow twitches slightly as he held his breath. Having a powerful sense of smell did not make this a pleasurable experience, at all. “I will be sure to make sure the next person goes undetected.” Kai said, focusing on something else, other than the smell. “The doors, depend on my decision.” Kai said, making it clear that he hadn't actually made his mind up on whether he would rather try and burn the place to the ground in order to attempt to rebuild, or work with them. Just then, he heard something about tea, and tilted his head. “It was a pleasure, Anaya, of the Iron Dynasty, but it seems I have urgent business to take care of elsewhere.” With that, he nodded silently before turning to Valefar. “Lady Valefar, please may you finish off here.” He said, before making his way out of the room, not by the main doors, but through the ones left of the thrones, making his way toward whoever thought they were smart to try and offer Lady Isabelle tea in his own domain. If Kai was perfectly honest, he took it as if they were challenging him himself, and those who knew Kai, knew that challenges most of the time, were well met.

Anaya: Anaya moved as she looked back to the door way her smile turned more to a twisted grin as for a moment it was true she was not really the sweet and caring type, but beauty had a way of masking ones evil intent and her back was to them so the grin was far from the eyes of the onlookers “i will see you in a days and a dawns time then,and i will be sure to have tea on the table and a blade in my claws the one you drink from is truly up to you” she thought for a moment even if she did not say anything on it, how did he know her name? She did not say it, were did she know him from the dragons old memory could not go back on it. “and at least this weak one came here, we will see in later days if we clash claws or shake hands you and I” she said at the end with a laugh, called weak yet she was so far from it. But at the same time in the truth of things the dragon was not as young as she once was. But a dragon was still a dragon non the less and Anaya hid skill and power no one would ever suspect. she simply said as she looked to the doors but then before anyone really noticed she was gone, a blink of the eye and it was over the dragon moving swift and out the doors leaving only the wind left in this place. Then the only thing that was left was the sound of dragon roar mixed in the boom of the thunder of the storm outside.

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JaredAzar: Licking his right hand's index finger, and then holding it up, the black-clad bowman tried to figure out which direction the wind blew in. He realized that it was only a light breeze, that probably wouldn't hinder the path of his arrows. His face was clear except for black paint which was smeared across his upper face, covering his eyes. He wore a hood which hid his black greasy hair, making him nearly indistinguishable to those who knew him. He knelt upon a small ledge, on the side of a mountain, only about 50ft above a small village. Workers below were carrying around hay, harvesting their crops, and generally just living life. Since it was quite a nice day in this place, they had no reason to be in-doors, so the old folk were sitting upon chairs outside their homes, conversing with one another and passers by. The scene to any onlooker would be quite peaceful, but all this was about to change. Reaching to his back with his right hand, and pulling three arrows from the quiver, the bowman set all three on his bow which he had brought up in his left hand, placing the index finger of his left hand just above their green tips to level them. Pulling the string back, he closed his left eye, so he had direct sight of three of the old folk, sitting on their chairs. With no hesitation, the bowman released his grip, firing all three arrows at the old folk. As the arrows sailed through the air, they made high pitched metallic screeching sound, before they hit their marks and became silent. The old folk, who had no idea what had hit them directly in the breastbones, twitched repeatedly, before stopping, and standing up. Their faces looked blank, before they turned and began walking away from the small village, through the exit and into the mountains. People around, who had witnessed it, screamed, and wondered if they should probably help, but the unusual reaction was alien to them. Instead, they made movements to take cover. While this was the smart thing to do, it was too late. The bowman had already reached back into his quiver and pulled out three more arrows. With no hesitation, he fired them as well, hitting some folks in the shoulders and some even in the legs. As panic began to set in, he smirked and began wildly shooting the arrows at different members of the village, anyone who was actually in sight. No matter what happened, the arrows always found a person, whether the arrow hit them in the arm, leg, chest, or neck. He made sure to aim lower, just so that they didn't hit their heads. Every person who was shot, proceeded to blank out, and walk away from the village in the same fashion. Some began to jog some began to run if they were able but they all began to clear out with blank looks on their faces. The bowman had even stood up now, and aimed his last few arrows at horses in stables, which began to kick and thrash before running at full pelt in the same directions as Their masters.

One by one, horses ran into the Iron Dynasty territory, in all directions, not going anywhere in particular until they either ran at houses, slamming into them, and dropping dead, or slowing to a trot before falling to the ground, thrashing wildly as they began to die. Foam spewed from their mouths, and they made loud, strained whining noises. Eventually, their thrashes turned to spasms and their eyes stopped moving, while their breathing became laboured. Eventually, they stopped, no longer moving. All would be silent for another hour or so, which was when the villagers that had been running, would catch up, running past the dead horses, and straight toward the gates of the main domain, slamming into it with they full bodies, some screaming wildly, with their voices all but gone from screaming the whole way there, so they just sounded like a croaking mess. The ones who didn't scream, breathed heavily, their bodies looking as if they would fall apart, skinny, dry skinned, and filthy with dirt from insects and mud. Before long, at least one of them still had the mind power to figure out how to push the door open properly, before they all fell inside, some running over those who had fallen to the ground, trampling their bodies. The horde poured into the domain, some running and slamming into the pillars, slamming their heads into them repeatedly, some of their skulls cracking, some of their skulls denting. Their blood and some bits of skull decorated the pillars before they finally fell to the ground one by one, twitching violently. The rest who had not ran into the pillars congregated in the middle, looking around wildly before shouting and panicking themselves more than they already were, all of them shouting about how there was one day left. Outside, the old folk that had been shot, laid upon the floor, their bodies not having the strength to make it through the last part of their journey. It would seem as if it looked like chaos, but each and every one of them, whether they fell far or near the vast majority of old folk, they all had their arms pointing in the direction of the castle, pointing to it with their index fingers even in death. The bodies that now lay strewn around neither animal or human, would only take an hour to begin decomposing. As it was now, they already smelt like sweat and a long non-stop journey. After all that chaos, there was just silence, silence of death.

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he walked about his castle he would hear high pitched whistling, most would not be able to but hearing was one of his strongest senses. And after having waited two days for the attack which he had guessed was happening he would smirk under his mask. It had been awhile since all out war, but he always enjoyed a good blood bath. So as the man clothed in all black stood still in the center of the room he heard more and more whistling, then a sudden outburst of screams from, what he assumed were the villagers, charging the castle. With the screaming he also felt the vibrations, his sense of feel being his second strongest sense behind his vision he could tell it was in fact the villagers running at the castle. Immediately he would send the maids and servants out of the room to hide in the war room underground as he slowly drew his twin black Katanas form his waist holders. As he did the tattoos on his right arm began to move. There were also "tattoos" on his back, chest, and left arm. All of them depicting skulls, death, or anarchy. But those were all covered by his clothing. They were not truly tattoos in fact, they were actually shadow energy that had entered his body and never left. It was a last resort for him and right now he had no idea what was going to happen so they started churning, getting ready for a fight. But as the villagers pilled onto the door he realized that they were not of their own wits. And he smirked; his opponents were trying to use scare tactics by what, hypnotizing their subjects? Well they would have to do much better than that, no one in this kingdom was afraid of almost anything. Especially the man standing in the center of the floor waiting. And as the doors finally opened and people rushed in he simply waited for them to attack with an almost disturbingly calm demeanor. However as he felt and heard them pay no mind to him and rush to the pillars he would take off his blindfold. The same blindfold he used to give his opponents a chance during a fight. So that he could see what was happening around him, and as the villagers bashed their heads into the pillars and shed their blood all over he would walk outside not minding them. They were mortals and he couldn't really care less. But as he went outside he looked around. He saw the carnage everywhere and smiled beneath his mask. It seemed they had a true war on their hands, and the gloves were off. He would sheathe his blades as he walked around. Even going as far as putting his hands in his pockets. And now that he could see he noticed something, every villager, and apparently horse, that had gone crazy had an arrow in them. So as one was walking by he would take his left arm, which was covered in a Stygian steel plated armor from his shoulder to his fingertips, remove it from his pocket, and remove an arrow from a villager before pulling out his Katana and slitting her throat in the blink of an eye.-<C>

ZRogueDeLaRose: -And as the villager collapsed to the ground, the wound from his blade turning a dark violet from the poison he had covered his blades in, he examined the arrow. So it hadn't been hypnosis, it had been a poison. In his head he couldn't help but approve, he was a warrior and strategist above all, and this was truly a good good tactic. However it was also cowardly in his mind, why not just go after the main people? Were they not strong enough? In either case as he examined the arrow he was glad he was immune to poisoning, as if wasn't he would have had to be much more careful with it. But then he wondered something, where was the archer? Well to hit the entire village he would of had to be elevated, so he started scanning the highest points around the village. At first he hadn't found anything, but as he saw what looked like a man to him he would wave sarcastically with the arrow before throwing it into the ground. The force of the throw, which seemed effortless to the man, was enough to implant the arrow and force it to stay straight up in the stone streets of the village. And using the same katana he had used to slit the villagers throat he started carving out something. With the arrow smack in the center. Of course he knew what he was drawing, and in his head he had it all planned out. So why not have a bit of fun? Kneeling and laying the katana down on the street he would place the blindfold onto his eyes once more and tie it behind his head. Then after speaking a few inaudible words, and even had someone heard them they would not comprehend as they were words known only to his former pack, he picked up his katana again. And began walking around and after making a semi circle with the arrow as the center he would walk into the semi circle and make what seemed like random markings. However after a sort period of time the picture came together, and it was a dragon with wings spread standing on the words De La Rose. With the arrow making up the backbone for the "R." After finishing he walked back over to the arrow and drew a straight line about 5 feet from it parallel to the edge of the bottom of the semi circle. And as he took his place on the edge of the semicircle facing the archer he would wait for a few seconds. Before replacing the katana in its holster once more. And drawing his seven foot scythe from his back. The scythe had a seven foot obsidian handle, with bones poking out around the places your hands went, and at the top had a little demon's wing shape. Under that though was a Stygian steel blade about two feet long. And using that he would walk back to the line, and writing upside down so the archer could read it, he wrote "Cross if you dare." Before returning to his castle and closing the doors.-<F>

JaredAzar: The bowman sat back for a long while, relaxing a bit before he decided to go elsewhere, but since his business with the King of Terra Avesta was done, what more was there to do? He hadn't exactly been told that he couldn't fight, but at the same time, he had all this gold. What would good would fighting now do, if he had so much gold to spend? As the remaining villagers all ran away, he hadn't expected anybody to come back, but it was a surprise when he spotted a lone man standing there. Tilting his head, the bowman watched as the man seemed to be writing something in the ground, using one of his swords. The bowman continued to stay seated as he waited, his legs swaying from the side of the edge of the mountain cliff. “What's this?” The bowman said standing up. He had no arrows left, and even still it would be simply pointless for him to shoot an arrow. Even from here, he could see the man afar had his eyes covered. Sighing and waiting for a while, The bowman then stood up, before raising his eyebrow. “Wow.” He said, both eyebrows raised now. “Cross the line... If you-” he read the words aloud. “Ha! Are you crazy?!” He shouted, before reaching into one of his pockets and pulling out a tiny black orb, before throwing it at his feet. Suddenly, he was engulfed in black roaring flames, before from the top down, the flames reduced to nothing, leaving nothing there but a burn mark upon the rocky ground.

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he wandered the castle he looked at the carnage that was around him. There was blood flowing down all of the pillars, and bodies everywhere. Then an idea popped into his head. So he went around pulling the arrows out of the bodies and burning them one by one. However he left a few so he could figure out what the poison was, and how to cure it. Because even though he was immune he knew others weren't. He kept the Arrows for a completely different reason though. He was going to send a message back to the Empire that had attacked them, and what better way then to use the same arrows they had? And after he had removed all of the arrows from the bodies he placed them into his quiver he kept under his chair in the war room. And after strapping it on he would start to move the bodies around all into one place, the center of the castle. He knew this wouldn't please anyone, but it had the most room for testing. He would then go across the room and pull his metal bow from a secret compartment he had in the throne. Luckily he remembered to remove it before the other guy taking his place found it. Knowing he would need a bit more than just a few arrows to send a message he also grabbed some parchment, a pen, a inkwell filled with blood, and huge amounts of kerosene soaked fishing line. He could supply his own flame, so no need for a lighter. Now pretty confident he had everything he needed he went to walk out the door and towards where the scent of the wolf led. But stopped before he left thinking he forgot something.-

Anaya: She had walked all night and now it was midday the next day “i hope preparations went well wall i was gone” she said to herself as her claws moved and ran down her front leg, she itched at her under arm and let out a yawn her jaw snapping as each foot fall shuck the ground, why was she not flying home? She did not want to the dragon was oddly more used to walking then flying but both were done all the time. She could see her city in the distance...but something did not smell smelled like blood, with a massive roar she ran to her city, the church steeples at her belly and buildings taller then normal ones, but there were no people, there was blood so much blood and the smell of a toxin unknown. She let out a second roar into the sky an anger filled rage as she looked around her town to see if there was any survivors . Some had hidden in smaller buildings as she lowered her nose to the ground letting out softer cooing sounds to let others know to come to her, children woman and men came to her calls as she moved her feet and scooped a good fifty or so surviving body's up onto her back. “i am sorry i was gone it will not happen again, you will be safe now i promise you that” she said in that deep voice. She then took in a large gulp of air and spilled fire onto her town as the voices of the people on her back made even the dragons heart sink. Children crying on the loss of there homes, woman holding and telling there baby's it was going to be ok and men trying to be strong for there family's but still held pain in there heart seeing there ruler set everything a blaze to remove any trace of a toxin if one was used. As she finished burning the lands to purify them she noticed there food stores were burned and everything else was burned, at least they still had the store room inside the castle to last the winter coming so it was not to much of a big deal for there empires survival. She noticed her friend and fighter Z and lowered her head down to meet him. “i wish you to rally 3 of our best men, send them our own message there location is east of here i have bin there, the only thing there to fear it seems is the male ruler and a woman with wings, do not deal with them, poison there food stock, burn there town and ruin there water supply winter is almost on us here so it will be almost upon them as well, if they hold no food or water they will not last the cold coming. Lit there towns a blaze and set there world on fire, may that be our message. I will tend to the mess and aid the weak and sick, all people will be in the empire now until this passes and everything is now on lock down”

ZRogueDeLaRose: -He would hear the roars out in the distance and instantly remember what he had forgotten, there was going to be a pissed off dragon he had to deal with. However as he watched the town burn he was even more sure she'd kill him for letting that happen to her town and castle. but as she approached and lowered her head he realized she wasn't angry at him. And in fact asked him to take care of the problem in his own way. Taking people along wasn't going to be as fun he though, but he knew Anaya wouldn't let him leave without taking backup. So taking his Bow, and the arrows used on their people in his quiver, as well as the specially written note he made when waiting for Anaya, he went out the main door. But instead of heading straight east he went to the back of the castle to the barracks and called out three names. "Myth, Jorg, Narla report now." As the three of their top assassins reported before him he would give them all their assignments. "Myth, you're good with elements. You'll be burning down a villages empire to create a distraction. Jorg and Narla you two will be poisoning the water and food of the Empire while we create a distraction. Do not get caught or seen, it has to be a secret. Now let's go." As the three assassins traveled with him the one called Myth traveled his own way through the shadows. But The other two held onto Z as they all traveled literally within the shadows to the kingdom for revenge."-

Anaya: As she watched her friend and fighter walk away and do what she asked it did bring mild pleasure to her heart. But at the same time she new she held things to get done and to do right now. She walked over him as she moved walking to her empire front as she let the town burn behind her, ash sticking to the pads of her feet the soft pads that made her foot falls almost silent upon the ground. Pushing open the massive doors of her home she lowered her body and lifted a foot to let and help people slip down or be lifted down if they were to weak to do it themselves, she saw all the carnage of her halls the dead and frothing horses laying across the floor from one end to the other as guards wearing masks made of wood fibbers and twine cleaned the mess's “be careful and do not step neer the death for risk of a toxin in the air” she said softly as the last person slipped down her scaled body and she shifted down beside them, her white silks dark with dirt and ash from her own body but oddly her hair was still as flawless as ever, no dirt lasted long in Anayas snow white hair. Three maids also in masks rushed over to the group and right away as they had bin trained took charge in helping the sick, hurt and lost to find shelter, medical aid and a hot meal in there belly's.
“they will be taken care of my lady, all in the castle has bin moved to the east wing to keep them form this seen and for there own safety. Dont you think you should join them for your own safety” Anaya was gritting her teeth once more as anger flushed her face.
“no, i am fully immune to air born and blood born toxins, there is not much that can make a dragon sick, i will aid in the clean up and reenforce the doors with steel bearings, only our guards go in and out of this building we are under lock down as of this day. No one comes in we don't know, turn children away if they do not have the papers of ownership of this town and city, no papers no entrance” the maid looked sad at her words of turning even children away but she new it was for the best, they had killed everyone children in there own town as well, poisoned horses to make a massacre and made a true mess here, there was no damage that could not be undone and in the mess they had only lost town people and about a twelve guards it was nothing really it was simply a hit to there hearts not a hit to there force or power. She nodded her head once more and then rushed away to aid the other girls with caring for the weak and sick.

Anaya moved her self and with her hands in the air white flames covered her figure and she sent fire spinning around the room burning up the body's and even the bones instantly as her eyes glowed a shimmering white. “think my home is weak, i will show them how weak i really am, how weak MY HOME really is” she let the flames grow as they became black but soon died down back to wite in worry of harming others and charring the walls. “they will see but i can not show it here i will not scare the ones i care for, i will be a ruler not the tyrant i once was, i will only be that on the battle field” she moved and went back to the white flame and burning up the remaining bodys and all trace of any poison in the air was sucked up by the flames. The kingdom would be clean by night fall and night fall was not to far away.

~~~~~Meanwhile in Terra Avesta were Z and his forces have gone~~~~~~

ZRogueDeLaRose: -On the point of the mountains directly facing the door of the castle a small black dot appeared. However it continued to grow, and as it grew the plant life around it began to die. Only that within a 5 foot radius, but enough to make the wildlife run away silently. As the Dot grew to the size of three humans the black shadowy aura began to dissipate. Leaving that of three people dressed completely in black. They were two of the top assassins from the DeLaRose empire as well as the person who had witnessed the desolation of their town by a person they assumed was from this empire. They had been given a few warnings from this empire before, and had not really given any mind to it. Even laughing about it after a man wolf scratched an owl into the door of their empire. But as their villagers were all poisoned and made to kill themselves in their own castle it had finally driven them to action. Of course they weren't ones to simply get even, they had to show just how grave of a mistake the other side made messing with them. Once their leader, Anaya, had returned from a trip to the Terra Avesta Kingdom she had been extremely frustrated to find her villagers all killed, except about fifty who had evaded the arrows. And when she returned to the castle she had enlisted the man in the front of the other two to lead a party to their land and raise hell. So the man in the front had taken his best two assassins with him through the shadows to the point they were at now. He had enlisted three originally but the third was on his own way here. He had always preferred working alone, and was a bit crazy. But they were a good warrior and could get the job done. The name of that one was Myth, the two behind him were named Jorg and Narla. Jorg being a male and Narla being a female but gender mattering nothing as they were two of the best fighters he had ever seen. But tonight that didn't matter as they would not be fighting. Z would turn back around towards them, his blindfolded eyes and masked face only looked more dramatized and evil in the dusk lighting. The rest of his body as stated before too, was covered in all black, except for the bow and quiver he wore. Those were both silver, the bow being covered with sharp knife like edges he used in close range combat. And not only that but it was specially made for long range and accuracy. Not for damage. That being said it would still kill any human or lower level demon with a shot to the neck, head, or other vital organ, and could smash through thin to medium layers of bone easily as it regained speed coming back down from the sky. But tonight he didn't plan on using it on anyone. But as he drew it while facing the other two the light from the sunset of dusk reflected off of the metal covering and extruding from the bow onto the clothing of the person in the middle. He was clothed in a jet black leather sleeveless vest on top of his black silk sleeveless t-shirt. the shirt itself had a few meaningless white designs on it, as did the back of the leather vest on the back. But in the current lighting those were nearly invisible. On his bottom half he wore black leather pants made for more stealth than combat. Of course he never really relied on clothing for combat as he found most armor just one's way of covering up their own weaknesses. And found good warriors did not require it, plus it just made extra noise and would slow him down. The only armor he wore was more for style, and to protect his arm from the line of the bow hitting it. He only ever wore thick soled black leather combat boots and a black titanium arm plate that ran from his left shoulder into a black titanium plated leather glove that covered his left entire hand. The only other thing one could consider on his person to be armor was the mask he wore. But than was more of a protection for others, it was made of metal, half dies black, and the other half that stuck out from the mask was silver. That covered from the bridge of his nose down to his jawline. If he didn't wear it he would be constantly trying to eat people, so he wore it as a reminder not to. As the sun was continuing to set it would more light up the other two more as the sunlight shot over the mountains becoming more blinding as it jumped over the mountain peaks as the sun moved. The other two were dressed in simple black silk clothing with small black backpacks on both of them. Their faces covered all except their eyes, which they were required to keep uncovered because that way they could easily be identified by those closest to them. The only reason The main one was able to keep his blindfolded was that he could fight better than most people with a blindfold on. And only didn't wear it when he needed to do long distance fighting or an opponent was too fast for his other senses to keep up with. He had spent a lot of time in the planes of Naraka-gati. Known to most humans and even other species as hell, this was his home being a demon. He was an Ahl Fenris, a name coming from Fenris the wolf in Norse mythology that was said to have fathered the Lycan species, and Ahl being the word for Dark Angel in his native tongue. When put together it symbolizes the race perfectly, a race with an extraordinary natural ability over darkness and the ability to fly with wings,mixed with a race who's animalistic, but also able to use the elements to their advantage. Altogether he was surprised he was still sane, he was in essence melded with a demonic spirit from Naraka-gati. And then demon had taken over most of him, but the human side it left was the strong minded, analytically side that could take down an opponent just by being smarter than them. That smart and logical side mixed with the primal and devastation power of his demon side combined into one person was what made Z such an amazing fighter. But an even better strategist. And so as he spoke to his followers a few last words the listened to his words as if they were law. His sinister yet warm and soothing voice making him almost impossible not to listen to. That combined with what they knew he was capable of made them listen to him and follow orders. However he spoke as quietly as he could so even they could barely hear him, and they were only a foot from his face. That way they wouldn't be heard. "Alright, you both know what to do right? This has to go down perfectly, remember to wait for my signal. I already told Myth the plan now you two must prove yourselves worthy as well. Can I trust you?" The two assassins would nod to the man in charge. And as he removed his blindfold revealing his blood red eyes he would speak to them once more. "Alright, then get your jobs done, and remember, leave without as little of a trace you can. We want your projects secret." The two assassins would run off towards the west. Heading for the food and water supplies that they were told to be their by the leader, and by his leader before. Finally rid of the other two he would turn back around and face the castle doors again. His eyes turning a dark shade of blue at the iris, and black at the sclera, or white part of the eye. As his eyes changed his vision increased twenty times over. With a few mumbled words of prayer in his natural magic language. Causing his body to steady, the words were not an enchantment, just a simple prayer, but the words had always calmed him before battle. And for what he was about to do he would need to be as still as a statue. Now as he drew an arrow one would notice a very ironic thing about it. As well as about all of the other arrows in his quiver. They were all ones used on his villagers, and he was simply returning the favor. So as he notched his arrow onto his bow and pulled back to his cheek, his right arm would start to flex as it brought it back. Which would cause the Tattoos on his arms to distort a little bit. However upon closer inspection one would notice that they were actually constantly shifting. As in fact they were not tattoos, but shadow energy built up inside him which he saved for a rainy day. He also had these markings on his left arm under the titanium plating, and on his chest and back. The energy would rush to an area to absorb damage taken, or could be used for powerful magic, but it was a last resort. And as he lined up his shot with the door he would let the arrow fly. Signaling the other assassins to do their job. For the two assassins on the east that meant secretly poisoning the food and water while no one was around and slipping away undetected. Which they did as most of the attention would be on the east side of the kingdom. Where the village would be being attacked. And if that wasn't distracting enough there was Z, the leader of them, shooting arrows into the main castle doors. Shaping what seemed to be a dragon eating it's own tail with the arrows into the doors of the castle. And if anyone would attempt to leave the castle he would of course deal with them with a quick arrow shot. He had plenty, there were enough here to take out a village, he wouldn't run out for some time. And on the last arrow he had attached a picture of a rose. With words reading "We will watch your world burn" written in the blood of the villagers killed. He would stand up when finished with the marking of the door and turn around creating a hole into the shadow realm. Before deciding to stay a moment more to observe the reactions. However the two other assassins had left without a trace. Already half way back to the DeLaRose and being sure to cover their tracks the entire way.-

LythMonrye: -Myth was buried into books, in deep thought of the words splaying across the pages as he sighed out closing the book. Myth was a demon of sorts, not the normal demon of course but a demon none the less. He head black hair with red tips, born that way. Short cut with bangs hanging in his face as he. His ruby eyes were surrounded by a sea of darkness. His skin was a soft tan, as well as his build was that of a very well tone man. Strong jaw, his face was very handsome of course. He was about 6 foot 8 standing, a very big man. He had an alien like tail that could spew deadly spores that could drill into your skin and eat you from the in side out. The tip of his pincers had barbs of poison in the very tips that would quickly stop someones heart of shut down their brain. He rested it onto the table rather bored with it as he looked at the others that were in the room he grunted at them. He slowly rose to his feet just before Z came into the room, his ruby eyes looked at him. Eyeing him over as he arched a brow listening to him, hearing his name. He then listened to what next of what had to be said, he just chuckled as he tilted his head to the side, slowly a sinister smile would spread onto his face.- it would my dearest pleasure to do so.. -he then expanded his palm as fire exploded into his hand. The fire danced between his fingers like elegant dancers, raw heat licking his skin, but he did not burn. His eyes dilated as they flashed black as he then started to laugh, slowly and softly at first before it slowly trailed into one great force and effort. Then he was gone down into the shadows, sinking down into the ground as a black blob on the floor. It wiggled a bit before it raced off with out another word into his own room. He reformed reaching grabbing his daggers and scimitars. He then melted back to a black pool of shadow and darted out of the kingdom with lightening speed. Trailing across the land darting in and out of trees and rocks, just a shadow on the ground, self sustaining. Streaking along the terrain, through what ever weather there was to offer. He then reached the land of Terra Avesta , as ordered. He formed again crouching down onto the ground his finger tips on the grass with one knee bent to the ground. He smirked as his ruby eyes lost in the soulless black of his eyes waited. His alien like tail would flicker back and forth as he tilted his head softly watching the land before he did anything. He wasn't in the clearing by no means he was in the woods shrouded by thicket and stone. He would sit and wait for the signal of him being able to go. This annoyed him, he just wanted to go now. It was time to have fun, time to play, time for Myth to play with the little village people. He smirked at this, the thoughts running through his head. He tilted his head as he looked up at the sky seeing a glint, as he then just laughed with glee, an arrow flying through the air, soaring. He then raced in his hands flicking out as fire ignited them. He throw fireballs at the first few houses, making sure they were fully consumed with flames before he was looked at the villagers running out of their houses that were just lit, he smiled as he his hands stopped being in flames reaching behind him grabbing his scimitars with a wicked gleeful smile on his face. He yanked them out arching them up before he darted at them jumping off of one of the buildings and spun in the air the blade seeking out their neck, slicing it. he landed stabbing his blade straight through that of a child , then yanked the blade up splitting the child in half, he then looked at the horror stricken mother as he chucked a sword at her skull. It was that of a bullet, striking her brain in a mere second and she was gone. He smirked as he saw guards already starting to come to defend the village people. He would cut them down, as he breathed in deeply as they ran to him. Launching his top half of his body forward he would open his mouth and fire would spew from his mouth. The fire was black, black fire it consumed them burning them to ash. He would then start to ignite more houses on fight, making sure he got every lase one. Slaughtering people along his path, anything and anyone that would stand in his was. A male villager did just that, he stood up to him, had his own little sword and everything. He tried to look brave but Myth could see the fear in his eyes, see the doom, he just laughed as the man tried to cut him. He just back stepped from the mans clumsy sweep of his sweep.- come on little man, that all you have? Even after I murdered your whore of a wife? -that just enraged the man as he started to swing more aggressively, Myth picked up his swords and block it, not because he had to but because he wanted to play with him. - Your daughters are next.. maybe after I play with them a little.. -he smirked at him softly. That just broke the mans sanity. He held his sword above his head and came at him screaming, that's when myth

LythMonrye: plunged his sword into his gut, then twisted it back and forth. He watched the pain in the males face, the choked back cries of agony. He ripped his sword from the males body, as it fell to its knees, looking up at him. He rounded the dying male with a back swing his sword lobbed off his head and sent it rolling along the ground. He blinked softly looking at the males body for a moment over his shoulder- pathetic.. just like the land they live in... -He walked into the house of the male and executed the children. He walked out of the now burning house as he rolled his shoulders. His skin was covered in blood, charcoal dust, and scorch marks. His eyes scanning for any survivors, he made sure the entire time he didn't let anyone reach the castle of the land to warn them. He slaughtered them before they could even run in that direction. His eyes blinked softly, he knew the flames could be seen by people far away due to the brightness as well as how tall they were. If not the screams of the dying would probably alert someone near by. Be he was only to massacre the east wing. He watched everything burn, walking along the road, burning buildings about his form. His ears twitched as he heard the crying of woman and men that wear in hiding. He blinked softly as he walked to them, they scooted from him whimpering in fear from his site. lifting up his hand as shadow chains locked about their necks. They shot their hands to their necks as they cried out in horror, he just walked away the chains were attached to his being. He tugged them along as they struggled, but it had no effect on him, he glared his eyes at the collars of the chains would burn their necks, they screamed out in shrieking pain. He just smirked at their suffering. He was nearly out of the villages before he heard more sounds of whimpering, he tilted his head to the side as he followed the voice. He walked around a house to a back ally and saw a little boy huddled up in the corner crying. He remembered seeing that little boy, he killed his mother right in front of him, and he ran off.- well there you are you little whimp. -he slowly drew his blade ready to slaughter him. The women that were bound to him screamed and begged from to spar the boy, to give mercy. Myth knew no such thing, he pillaged, raped, and slaughtered the entire east wing, then just burned it to the ground. He looked at the boy as he squatted down in front of the child. He tried to scoot away, trying to go through the wall it seemed, but that was futile of course. He blinked at him as he looked at him. Staring at him for a second before his tail would launch forward and clamp his tails pinchers onto his neck lifting him up as he stood up himself. He blinked at the boy as he struggled and kicked trying to get away. He then just started to walk again with him danging behind him, and the 15 village women trailing behind him, all of them broken and fearful. He was just about to head out of the village, building up power he launched the 15 girls into the air , chains of shadow constricting them and , with a wave of his hand they were sent flying to where he came from. To be slaves of trade, to serve and be the whores and scum they were from day one of entering this pathetic land. He then looked at the boy on his tail as his power was still building, his eyes scanned the burning houses, they were all trashed, nothing left, all the villagers were dead, all the guards that were protecting them were dead as well. All the children were dead as well. Besides the boy in his hold, he then turned walking away from the trashed village, into the woods shaking his head in disappointment- thought it would have been more fun.. -the boy had gone unconscious by now. He went into a blob of shadow once more since the boy was touching him he willed him to go shadow also and raced back to his home-

~~~~~Meanwhile in The Iron Dynasty with Anaya~~~~~

Anaya; As Anaya finished cleaning and had grown sleepy and warn out form her flame over use the lead maid rushed over to her in a high voice and strong neck she smiled her head held high and proudly “miss Anaya, Lady Anaya Z and the others have come back and brought spoils of war for you, slaves, and word that all was a great success the plan for tomorrow is in order for the fighters to go to attack the castle, or do you wish fighters to wait here and wait for them to come upon your grounds? ” Anaya moved and looked to her as she walked to her throne and grabbed the black covered book from in between her pillow flipping the pages and showing it to the girl. The book held all the names and powers of her guards as well as all assassins she could contact to get things done without having to risk her own mens lives “we will send a single assassin to prevent our own mens blood shed, we can keep guards placed in our own halls to keep all safe and sound and let the assassin do the work we would have done, it will save my men dieing on me, it will be faster as well just to pay in gold to get the job done, he will get a good amount to do the task i am sure he will not say no.” Anaya pointed at the name Max in the book, and a smile came over her face as she shut it and held it out to the maid. “take this back to its vault for the night my girl, i will be heading to bed it has bin a long day” and with the words said the maid took the book and turned with a bow and a nod and rushed away leaving Anaya to sit in her throne for a moment and head to bed soon after.

~~~~~~~~~~The Next Day~~~~~~~~

Anaya: She let out a sigh the days looking for the assassin Max had bin without fruit so she had to make other plans to hunt down an old guard she once held under her order but leg go after a madness had eaten him inside. Walking she looked up a drop of blood hitting her nose as the red and black hued clouds lined the way to her destination. “almost there i see, he has not changed much, wonder if he has a new slut to rip apart” she mumbled as she let out a cracked laugh. She licked the blood as the woman kept walking. She had white garments on but now they had become dirty with red drops not a good thing for washing she new this would be the only time she had nice things here. Running a claw up the side of her leg and then putting the claw tips into her mouth she looked around as she could see the building up the hill and the lining to get to it “yes the male has not changed” she mumbled as she ripped a leg of some random body and took a bite spiting out the flesh as she did not like this one, to old it was he needed new stock, maybe it was the fact he held no new stock, growing soft? She had no idea. She wanted to play a game, a mean and cruel game as she took another step her right arm snapped and cracked leaving her grunt in mild discomfort, the left one so followed suit and in a mass of movements her whole body was changing to that of a massive 50 foot long black serpent. They say in the book of god a black serpent was the one that lured them to make the doom for there own people but she kinda over shot it and just made that same serpent giant it must have bin the woman's pride to like big things. She moved in that S shape to the gate way of the halls here but did not use the door but instead crawled up the wall of this building and rested upon the roof her red never changing eyes looking down into a sky light. The horrid sent of brimstone wafted down into the building, even if her body changed somethings never could. A dragon was still a dragon even if its figure and form changed. “little rabbit there be something at your doors, little rabbit a snake has come into your halls, little rabbit better run before the snake finds you, find the hole to hide in little rabbit, find it fast before the time of your death comes, poor little rabbit” the erry voice crept into the halls as the snake lay rest on topof the building leting its voice creep from the windows, creep from the door there was no way to figure out were it hailed from there was only a voice, and a very bad smell.

JustinMinick: -Catching scent of something all too familiar near, he scrunched his nose lightly, as his insanity continued to reign supreme over his mind, his wings flapping lightly causing the feathers to ruffle in the slight breeze they created, while his pitch black scythe glinted in the torch lit room. His pupils narrowed inside of the bright beige iris's as his razor blade like teeth began to click together with near delight, his skeletal structure of a smile curving further up his face tearing the flesh to reveal more bone, causing bone to flake away and clack ominously against the ground. His ten ton armor starting to shriek with the curiosity as he turned a few times letting his arms come outward spreading them as he began to twirl around laughing quite audibly, as his scythe clicked against his armor, the two ton weapon creating a loud clank against the armor as the blackened strings vibrated, and the obsidian colored skull shimmered with each turn whilst the black blade glinted at the tip; the short sword like end at the base of his scythe glistening with absolute ecstasy. His teeth clicking louder with each spin as he seemed to begin dancing, whilst his heavy feet slammed into the ground creating dents in the stone as his nose continued to fill with the scent his madness taking it in as he knew chaos was near, the one he guarded at one point when his sanity had some what existed. Her voice ringing through his halls only only causing him to stop his liquid steps, and stand looking straight at his castle doors, whilst his deep crimson mane waved and brought itself over the broad shoulder plating of his armor, barely clearing the sharp pikes of it that grooved inward and created small canyon looking dips while it connected to one another fully at the bottom. He laughed again, his maniac like tone revealing the Insanity now ruled his mind, Cre'veor the crest upon his chest plate snarled, and barked deviously as it knew the scent as well. He then let his voice ring out in a tone that the true insanity held.- “SHOW YOURSELF ANAYA! I KNOW IT IS YOU!” -He then began laughing even louder as his demonic black arm curled and uncurled its fingers, the pike like structures of them revealing the nature of them, used for impaling those that he deemed worthless now, while the deep crimson arm held itself open palmed while the blue veins began glowing within its grooves and the blazing blue hand that resided glowed ever brighter.- “COME IN! DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT AND BECOME BORED!” -His tone had only continued to grow in the sound of insanity, and higher in pitch as the aura about him began igniting into little bursts of lightning around his figure in a three foot radius, the bright beige energy surrounding him as he began dancing in a slow circle yet again with the delight of the scent of the being.

His hands swiftly shooting toward his scythe, yanking it free of the leather strap that held it tight to his back, then the beige aura gathered around the blade, and he swung it in one swift motion sending a shock wave of the energy at the wall in front of him causing it to explode and send shards throughout the air, and leave a large opening straight ahead of him. Then he moved swiftly, jumping across the moat that surrounded the platform he once stood on, filled with blood, eyes, and heads as if it were nothing more than a simple skip away, landing in a pile of entrails, crushing the poor soul that was cowering in them, causing the males chest cavity to cave in, and his eyes to pop out of his skull. He then stood there his seven foot six inch figure menacing to all the souls about, and the Demons evaded his presence in absolutes; his knees covered with the blood of the damned, and spear head like pieces of armor that struck outward as if trying to impale those before him in a wicked curve. His hair bounced yet again, landing directly on his back yet again as his singed flaked skin fell free from his face. His eyes scanning the landscape before him as he began laughing even harder as he saw the souls being tortured before him.- “THIS LITTLE RABBIT DOESN'T RUN! IT IS TOO SLOW!” -He began to run his long tongue over his teeth cleaving it off completely on the serrated edges used to bite through steel with ease, and he slid his scythe into its holster yet again as he continued to spin around enjoying the blood spattering against his armor. The Insanity revealing itself at its finest as he stood there with pure pleasure in his eyes from the sounds of the ones being tortured, the moans, groans, and cries of pain feeding him the entertainment he so desired as he ran his hands across his armor evading Cre'veor's gnarled mouth and teeth, spreading the blood over him.- <E>

Anaya: The snake slipped down as the window opened with a crack, the top of the window snapped and broke as it came hurtling its self to the ground below it smashing into the floor with a bang, so much for the sneaky entrance she thought to herself the monsters black snake crawling down to rest on the floor moving its self to the throne area and wrap around them to watch who ever was there, bad eyes, in this form she held very bad eyes. But her sense of smell was flawless as well as unlike snakes she was a dragon so could hear. She let out a hiss as the words dripped like poison from her jaws “you have not changed, still the same fight happy, death mongering crazy vile vermin i new way back when, but the devil is not happy with you, grown soft in your old age, turned more human then you are a monster like the rest of us, you show that monster now but in the end is it the truth” she said as her eyes shimmered warping her body tighter around the thrones a ways away from him, the wood and stone cracking from the force of the coils around them “do you hide in your walls or have you made a name for yourself yet, who are you, be it the same or be it different. Why did i come to you why am i here, do you understand or is it a mess in the mind to far gone to deal with” there was something that changed at that moment in time in the snake wrapped around the thrones crushing them, the smell was faceing and the aura was dieing, something was changing but no one new what yet. It would be one of them things you would have to figure out in time. as she watched the poor fools he killed from the thrones she wondered was he even worth coming to see, or was he just lost to the crazy inside and no longer useable to her anymore.

JustinMinick: -From outside he began laughing deviously as he turned around catching the sound of her voice coming from inside his domain, while the thrones creaked and began breaking he simply laughed more as the sound of a thousand tortured souls lined his laughter he ran forward yet again, jumping forth into the wall, breaking through it effortlessly as he came to stand in the centre of his home.- “Yeeeeessssssss. There you are.” -His tone came out in a hiss on the ' Yeeeeessssssss' and the rest came out as a purr, while he stood there before the female dragon, as he picked up one of the stones from the ground holding it up as he crushed it with ease and he began laughing as he pointed at her with the black harpoon like fingers.- “YOU'RE SHORTER THAN I REMEMBER!” -He began laughing more at her comment on the Devil being upset with him, as he held his sides whilst he leaned forward slightly, looking at the ground as his own comment made him cackle in delight at her stature change; then he pointed at her again speaking with the same high pitched laughter ringing out between words.- “You.... Got..... Shorter....” -His laughter erupted yet again from the depths of his throat as his chest heaved violently with each bound of cackles rising from his throat, ignoring her form and her comment nearly in absolutes before he responded fully to her.- “I don't care what the Devil thinks. HE IS NOTHING! NOTHING!” -He lifted himself back up to his full height as his eyes became darker beige, and his eyebrows straightened out, giving him a blank expression across his face as he continued speaking without hesitations.- “Why have you come.” -His voice more intrigued than anything as she had not come to speak to him in some time now, and he did not mind his solitude due to the voices that constantly rumbled throughout his mind, and created such entertainment for him. His harpoon like fingers came up to his chin and tapped them lightly before digging into his singed flesh, causing black blood to flow over his fingers and cause them to glisten as if they were made of a precious gem, his eyes never moving for a moment as his scythe continued to jingle against his back from the force of his re-entry into his domain.- “You know I don't Care. Why bring His word here? I Rule supreme here. Not he, Not you. I!” -His tone became high pitched yet again, as the sound of a thousand souls being tortured erupted from the bowels of his throat and his laughter resumed.-

Anaya: Anaya's 50 foot snake body moved around the thrones crushing them and letting the crack ring in the air “i came to see if you were worth coming for and what do you rule a pile of bodys and rocks, what a kingdom of dirt you rest yourself upon, you think you rule what do you rule other then your own mind, i see death and bodys and killing of your own people what kind of ruler is that” she moved from the thrones and stood her bulk up to look at him her massive head only a mere 2 feet from his nose. The snake tongue flicked out almost touching him then fast went back in,red eyes on the black snakes body shimmering in the light, the eyes of Anaya, the dragon so many feared. “i offer you something, a job you once held and clung to, or have you lost yourself to much to remember who you are” her eyes got bright er she flicked her tail back and forth no fear inside her being what so ever,why would she fear him she could kill him without even thinking about it and the best part was he new that. She moved her tail and placed it so she could have a better look a better angle to see him, bad eyes in snake form, never were a good thing it was the main reason she was so close so she could see her target but the problem with being this close is her nose was plugged with the stink. In a way she wanted to shift down to her human like self dressed so royalty like he new her as but she did not know how much madness had eaten him since she last new him, it was not safe yet for her to do anything and even think of shifting down from her snake like armoured self.

JustinMinick: -He quirked his brow lightly as the dragons tongue touched him and he looked her dead in the eyes, then without missing a beat he licked his finger and wiped it on her face right beneath her eye then began laughing at her yet again.- "Don't lick someone if you don't want to have spit on your face." -He began twirling around again before he paused a moment and tapped his chin.- "My old job? Killing? Again? Delectable." -He then twirled back around facing her on his heels, as he produced a cloth out of thin air and wiped off the area he had placed spittle from his finger on and he began laughing again before he sat down on the ground holding onto his stomach while Cre'veor growled at him fro having such delights.- "Very well. BUT The type of Ruler of My home knows that the souls collected need to be tortured as their Sins dictate." -He then stood back up with a very calm expression across his features as his wings flicked lightly forward creating a breeze as his black finger tips stroked his cheek lightly, digging some of the flesh away from the skeletal smile causing giblets to splatter onto the ground.- "I'll come back. But I only want to because of the Hunt." -He began laughing lightly to himself, not a single hint of his sanity left within his demented mind, as the voices came to him speaking to him in protest of this saying 'No, nooo, you're a ruler of such a hate filled Realm, do not give that up!' Gaia only shrugged them offf as the true insanity ruled supreme over the rest.- "I killed because I liked it anyways."

Anaya: “i hold rules boy, i want you to follow them, you will rule over this dump here, nothing will change but you will rule alone here, i will come to you when needed, things need to be followed and things will get done and you will get profit be it blood or gold the choice is yours” she coiled her body and a blue glowing paper formed into the air. “here is a task i wish you to do, your first order under the Rose. Go to a place called Avesta Terra it is a castle in between two mountains, blow up the east side mountain so it falls on the castle, but first make sure a man known as Kai is dwelling inside. He is the ruler i wish it to fall on him, can you do this order or will i have to find one better suited for the job” (oocly the guys name is Starscream we have a war thing going on really fun rp he and i are having a blast getting to be good friends, para and strict rp only there so you will fit in, dont forget to show your rp balls on this one we have a reputation to uphold ) she moved the paper to his face right in front of him as she snarled a bit at the fact she was touched by anyone or thing, she would kill men for less and feed there body's to the beasts she caged in the castle..but she needed this one there were things to do and he held worth even if his mind was not all there at least he could follow orders. She moved back her body moving in that snake S way as her red eyes never left his own dark ones. A hiss came from her maw as she thought about it all and wondered as well as hoped he could do this task it was not a large one just blow up a mountain and make it fall over. “as well as if you are able to do this explosives will be dropped off by merchant tomorrows dawn. Or tonight's dusk i have yet to contact said cart dagger.”

JustinMinick: -He snatches up the piece of paper holding the order for the east mountain to be blown to bits, and fall unto the castle with another within the walls and a sly smirk drew across his skeletal features causing the skin to tear further up to the edges of his eyes.- "Very Well." -He licked his teeth again cleaving his tongue further away as if it were nothing more than something to hold him back as he stood there, and as the tongue hit the ground he tapped his chin wondering if he should just walk in and kill everything instead. But he decided it best to just blow up the mountain seeing it would bring great color to the sky and entertainment when he looked at it. So he shrugged lightly before he ground his teeth together lightly for a moment then speaking in a cool tone he leaned forward slightly.- "Is that all?" -His tone was near mocking as he saw the way she didn't like the spittle being rubbed onto her face as her tongue had flicked him, he had simply returned the favour.- "If so, then it should be fairly simple." -He leaned back slightly now slumping a little as he looked the paper up and down again, his eyes barely twitching as he resumed clicking his teeth together examining the paper more closely.-

Anaya: Anaya nodded her head to him as her tongue flicked out once more as she got taller arching up and looking down her eyes bright and showing that dominating nature she was known for “do not do anything else, follow your order to the letter, make sure Kai is inside before you blow up the mountain and do not kill anyone with your own hands, there is a reason i wish them partly alive” she moved past him a hiss coming from her lungs as the giant black snake made its way to the door. “and leave a note on there door if anything is left. Let it read, you can still make a mends and it all will stop. She everything is over i will come back to you, do not come to me, and you will be rewarded for a job well done” she paused at the doors to see what his response would be, the dragon never did stay in one place long, did not wish others seeing her or interrupting.

JustinMinick: -He nods slowly, and he sits down on the ground lazily looking the paper over again to ensure he memorized the instructions scrolled onto it as he scratched his chin a little and his pupils narrowed. Ignoring her look of dominance and only looking at the paper, eyeing it carefully to get every detail perfectly.- "Yes it'll be done to the very letter. Though I might get bored with it." -He then leaned forward slightly more, leaning his elbow down onto his knee, as if he had already begun losing interest in this due to the lack of his own hands on works that he had always preferred above the sneaky assassinations work.-

Anaya: Anaya watched him as she moved out the doors “if you don't do it right i will get another better fitted to do my task, and they will get the reward afterwords. You enjoy sin, then the reward will be fitting your wants” and with that she was gone, the only thing left was some black snake scales and the smell of Anaya.

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ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was resting by herself in a cave hidden deep in the wooded area that she explored often, she had taken shelter to get herself out of the rain and get herself together after a bad trip thanks to her other side (obsidian) who had beat up a man and stole his merchandise shortly after Scarlet fell and hit her head while she was hunting again, all Scarlet wanted to do was hunt and look for her partner who she thought she saw not too long ago but her other side just had to get in the and possibly got her in trouble- “ugh. Stupid jerk” she said as she got to her feet and walked  all the way in the rain to a town that was...burned to nothing, she looked around wondering what had happened  and put her soaked hood over her head, she walked through the ashes as she spotted a large building that she knew very well and ran over to it, she walked up to the front doors, pushed them open, and walks through the halls until she got her soaking wet self to the main room where everyone else was and waved then rang her hood out as best as she could- “what a day I've had”

Starscream: Appearing out of thin air, in the place of his past life, his bonded soul, and his doppelganger, Kai stood there, looking out for where Grave might be. “I’m not fighting anymore, Grave.” Kai said. Moments before, his skin was burned, raw parts of muscle exposed while his skin was hanging in places, but now, he seemed as if none of that had even happened. One would be curious of just how he managed to do this, but it was something that no matter how people looked at it, they would think there were more than one of him. “In fact, I want to do something else. Care to follow me?” Kai said to Grave, as if they did not just have an explosive battle that had levelled the throne room. Adjusting the wrap around his left hand, and then the long glove on his right hand which covered his whole forearm, with a small and simple mechanical looking device on the underside, Kai walked over toward one of the large 50ft armoured statues which had fallen. Looking at it, he noticed his hair, which was once white, was now raven, and his tattoo’s which were monotonous were now filled with colour. “Interesting.” He mumbled to himself before looking away and walking to the middle of the throne room. “Stand you fools.” He said in an incredulous but absent minded voice, but right on cue, the statues which were once fallen, began to lift themselves up, and walk back to their posts, making the ground shake with every step. Reaching out with this right arm, Kai revelled in the freedom of his Vendanium armour. The sleeveless setup meant that he could literally stretch his arms this way and that, and feel no way about it. He had realized that in fact he had no energy signature anymore, meant he could actually get around more comfortably, even though his white eyes remained the same, giving that phantom airiness that people usually felt unnerved about. “If you would like to follow me, feel free.” Kai said, not bothered about actually if he was following, in fact. He figure, that if the sovereign of Malzythar valued his land, he would follow. Surely he must have heard something about the burning of Andilar, and if he did, and he didn’t want his dear portals to be blocked, then it was his choice. Just then, through one wall which had a massive hole, Kai walked out, saying nothing. He hopped through one wall, then two, then the third. By the third, he was out of the place and looking around. Terra Avesta’s ever changing weather meant that right now, it was snowing. Shaking his head at such weather, Kai looked to citizens, returning their belongings to their newly built Neo-Andilar, and walked out onto a path leading away from the place. What was a casual walk, turned into a steady jog, and what was a steady jog, turned into a run. Kai’s run looked awkward, not only because he was just shy of 8ft, but because his stride was long, and his legs pushed him faster and faster with every stride, making the edges of his body seem to blur as he created a vicious tailwind, making snow lift and flurry around in a path behind him. By the time his run had turned into a flat out sprint, his body had practically vanished from sight. He would have moved up to three or four times faster, had he not been wearing his armour, but since he had it, he accepted its hindrance. Once he exited the city through the gates, he hopped lightly. With his speed, his hop carried over 80ft while his body rose to about 30ft in the air, and by the time his opposite foot touched the ground, Kai had launched himself double the height, and double the distance he had originally done. All that would be left in the wake of these launches was a massive cloud of dust and snow. As Kai neared the ground, he placed both of his feet before him to land, but not stay there. Once both of his feet touched the ground, he moved into a crouching position before launching himself into the air with his arms beside him as he shot forward into the sky. Before even thirty seconds had passed, he was touching the clouds, and moved into a crouching position again, in the sky. When he stretched his body out once again, the sight of it was clear. A circular funnel film surrounded his body, and he seemed to vanish from sight, but with the way the clouds bent, and then scattered to allow light through, and it was only a matter of time before the sound followed what it could not keep up with. Three minutes after he had vanished, a loud roaring sound which would shake leaved off of trees, and disturb the underground lava tunnels of the near-stratovolcano of Terra Avesta, roared through the area. Birds and animals panicked and flew, away, elves covered their ears, and humans panicked and fell to the floor. Meanwhile in the palace, the sword tempest which was once lodged in the wall, would suddenly vanish, as if it was never there, as it returned to its master.

KaladraxBlackwing: The world blazes with pyres across the globe, the sun unable to shed it's rays upon the worlds surface any longer. All the worlds bodies of water are toxic and thick like the sludge dripping from his mangled maw. The land molded into venomous swamps of corrupted and decayed flora, all of which seek any living organism with a bestial hunger. The fire swirls around him, as he stands in the midst of the worlds last offence. The stone black from soot, and stained crimson, the smell of rapidly decaying flesh  all around. He had finally won. His armies had ravaged the world devouring all organic life, feeding it's own expansion and ravenous undying hunger. Then all was black. The sound of a thick fluid dripping upon the half stone half flesh ground. The sounds of slithering in a slimy decay lubricating the friction of the tentacles writhing about. A light dons the horizon a blurred vision of pyres re-lighting throughout his lair. The veil of sleep quickly fades from his eyes. Drax stands, as his body breaks and pops from rigor mortis. Drax wastes no time to recover from his hibernation, his ravenous hunger cannot be sated. As Drax leaves his lair, making a steady pace through the mazed network of tunnels made of flesh and stone, he soon emerges upon the peak of mount Vax. His eyes dilate as they adjust to the much brighter light, but still the mountain remains bleak and desolate, hidden by the cloud of his Miasma that fills the air. His wings shiver and twitch, yearning to stretch, like a gangling giant spider legs. As his wings fold out, a powerful gale of wind pushes his large form from the earth, as he takes to the skies, with haste. Drax's body practically screams through the friction of the air as he eyes the world he'd left so long ago. Though he didn't even come close to how much he wished to take over, it seems the world had recovered from his presence so many years ago. Drax spots a small villager, but looks in the opposite direction as his sensitive nose picks up on the smell of ashes, carried by the humid winds. Drax takes to the middle of the village, like a meteor. The ground buckles from the impact of his mass, kicking up large chunks of earth and debris. His large humanoid form behind the veil of dust and panic kicked up by his arrival. Black sludge drips from his mangled and grotesque maw and eats into the ground like acid. Little to the villagers knowledge that saliva burrows into the ground using the nutrient and organic life to build a tentacle knot. As the dust settles the silence is interrupted by the gasps of the villagers as they begin to see his form. Drax takes a deep breath from his nose, as his tongue lashes out like a uncivil serpent. His tongue whips the air, as he breaths out a lustful hiss. The villagers were paralysed in fear of what this creature before them could do, and Drax simply scans the area with his cold relentless eyes. Moments later the earth beneath the village erupts as the tentacles rip through the ground, like burrowing, man eating worms impaling each victim, that within seconds leaves a scene from Vlad the impale. Not His usual feeding method, but Drax was quite famished. Like a starving beast Drax rampages through whats left of the village, ripping the impaled villagers apart eating flesh and bone, letting only the crimson spilt go to waste. In a few minutes the village was destroyed, and left desolate, with no signs of life other than the now crimson ground. Curious Drax takes to he skies once again, the gale of wind from his wings wreaking even more devastation upon the wooden buildings of what once inhabited them. Drax raced to the scent of burnt wood and flesh carried by the wind even still. In less than a hour Drax arrives. He begins to circle the still standing castle surrounded by a town burned to the ground. It was clear to him that this destruction was old, but still rather fresh. Drax would land with ease, those who could sense auras would feel a nearly overpowering feeling of dread and destruction from him. The ground would warp and decay from under his talons, as his mere presence destroys that which Gaia holds so dear. Drax would pay no mind to the town as he makes his way to the castle. The guards outside would be on the defensive as they stop Drax before the door. Drax looks at them as only prey, as his skin writhes and slithers from the tentacles ready to rip from his flesh. Drax makes no attempt to communicate, and all that can be heard of this slight stand off is the low predatorial click emanating from his throat. -
Anaya: “the man has not come back miss Anaya, there has bin no word from the assassin” she said as she took Anaya's hair and brushed it back over her shoulder the maid new there was something amiss with Anaya today something was missing she hardly was talking and she just sat there looking at herself in the mirror. “Clare you are my most loyal servant, you are the only one i trust to hold what can doom me, you know this right?” Anaya asked as her red eyes looked into ones matching in the maid, Clare's own. “yes Anaya i know this,you trust me with the book and i hold that trust and the book placing my own life in the way before i ever let anyone get to it” “good, i just wanted you to know that maid” Anaya snapped coldly as she got up going to the armour to get her very old blue silks today, most days she picked red or black but today she picked the blue one. “bring one of the worms out back up and make sure the bull eats today he has bin picky ever since i had to deal with him. Feed him some of the good stock i brought in a couple days ago” the maid nodded and hurried off as Anaya walked out of the side room were they were getting ready for the rest of the night. She walked out to the main hall and right away could feel it all, her eyes instantly went black but then flipped back to there every day red as her body got its self into attack mode but her mind only let it go that far “guards open the doors what ever the hell is outside you are not going to be able to beat anyway so just let the thing inside” with that the doors opened and the guards backed right off leaving an open space for what was outside to walk right in. “i feel it will be a eventful day today” she said as her black hair fell over her chest making the white haired woman not look so much like herself today. Being able to change did have its good parts with hiding what you really looked like. But one thing that never changed no matter what time, age or body she was in was her eyes.

GraveDigging: -Grave floated there, 100 feet away from the roof of Kai’s castle, the king of Terra Avesta’s castle, as he watched the his mist continue to eat away where he had left it. He watched as the energy signatures changed once again to Kai’s, and blinked once more, as his vortex eyes returned to ice white and the mist he spat out disappointed instantly. He listened intently to Kai’s words, though did not understand why all of the sudden the change of heart. He then looked around the city of Andilar, and realized that this was more than a petty dispute of two rulers of different realms. He stayed there, watching the energy signatures flow, until he looked down and noticed Kai take an exit to the castle. Grave, floating in the air using necrotic energy to substitute for telekinesis, almost gleamed angelically in the sky as the light snow was falling. His clothes were covered in his ‘blood’ which made the threads quickly renew to it being as if it never took any damage, as well as his skin. He looked as if he didn’t fight in the slightest, even though him and Kai practically demolished Kai’s throne room. He raised a brow again and looked to Kai’s position as he quickly saw him take off. He smirked lightly as he quickly followed suit. He curled into a ball and extended his limbs to where his head was in the same position as Kai’s direction. He shot of to a point where he was instantly gone, no trace of his flowing black hair nor wears. He soon turned into a black and purple mist, which was pure necrotic energy, the being of Grave’s existence. The mist whipped through the air and through the clouds though not visible to even one with the most heightened of sight. He followed Kai’s tracks until there seemed to be a slight pause. Grave soon re-atomized as he then floated just below the clouds. Grave, floating there in the moonlight, watched as Kai shot down as he created a vortex within the clouds following his movements. As Grave floated, the wind from the skies blew his beautiful black combed fashion hair, as well as his well fitted attire, which they all flowed to his right in a graceful fashion. He once again gave a small smirk as his eyes lightly cracked, in not of effort, but in a look. Wherever they were going, Grave felt an energy that he had not felt in a very long time, and was not taking any chances. As his eyes cracked, a light purple aura emitted from it, and in closer examination it showed that the purple was actually a liquid that rushed through his eyes like ravaging rivers. He then smirked as Kai was still far ahead of him, and shook his head lightly. He looked up to the clouds right above his head and crouched while in the air. His eyes then grew into a purple vortex as the cracks in his eyes widened and eventually took over the white in his eyes. He then shot up, he once again left the stratosphere. He looked around once again, always having to take in a good glimpse of the scenery that was space, the stars, the emptiness, the planets. This was one of the few pleasures that he took from being like him. He had no internal organs, which gave him the ability to have no need to breathe which gave him an insurmountable amount of stamina. He then looked down, seeing the vortexed cloud still, as he smiled lightly and rolled upside down, head facing into the eye of the fake storm. He then crouched once more as his feet began to glow a vibrant purple. He then kicked off and shot down towards the Earth, the aura shot out viciously and spun into a massive purple supernova which spiralled beautifully into the beyond. This nova was easily spotted to a quick eye on the surface of the Earth, as he soon near instantly went below the clouds following Kai’s trail once again.-

KaladraxBlackwing: The world blazes with pyres across the globe, the sun unable to shed it's rays upon the worlds surface any longer. All the worlds bodies of water are toxic and thick like the sludge dripping from his mangled maw. The land molded into venomous swamps of corrupted and decayed flora, all of which seek any living organism with a bestial hunger. The fire swirls around him, as he stands in the midst of the worlds last offence. The stone black from soot, and stained crimson, the smell of rapidly decaying flesh all around. He had finally won. His armies had ravaged the world devouring all organic life, feeding it's own expansion and ravenous undying hunger. Then all was black. The sound of a thick fluid dripping upon the half stone half flesh ground. The sounds of slithering in a slimy decay lubricating the friction of the tentacles writhing about. A light dons the horizon a blurred vision of pyres re-lighting throughout his lair. The veil of sleep quickly fades from his eyes. Drax stands, as his body breaks and pops from rigor mortise. Drax wastes no time to recover from his hibernation, his ravenous hunger cannot be sated. As Drax leaves his lair, making a steady pace through the mazed network of tunnels made of flesh and stone, he soon emerges upon the peak of mount Vax. His eyes dilate as they adjust to the much brighter light, but still the mountain remains bleak and desolate, hidden by the cloud of his Miasma that fills the air. His wings shiver and twitch, yearning to stretch, like a gangling giant spider legs. As his wings fold out, a powerful gale of wind pushes his large form from the earth, as he takes to the skies, with haste. Drax's body practically screams through the friction of the air as he eyes the world he'd left so long ago. Though he didn't even come close to how much he wished to take over, it seems the world had recovered from his presence so many years ago. Drax spots a small villager, but looks in the opposite direction as his sensitive nose picks up on the smell of ashes, carried by the humid winds. Drax takes to the middle of the village, like a meteor. The ground buckles from the impact of his mass, kicking up large chunks of earth and debris. His large humanoid form behind the veil of dust and panic kicked up by his arrival. Black sludge drips from his mangled and grotesque maw and eats into the ground like acid. Little to the villagers knowledge that saliva burrows into the ground using the nutrient and organic life to build a tentacle knot. As the dust settles the silence is interrupted by the gasps of the villagers as they begin to see his form. Drax takes a deep breath from his nose, as his tongue lashes out like a uncivil serpent. His tongue whips the air, as he breaths out a lustful hiss. The villagers were paralysed in fear of what this creature before them could do, and Drax simply scans the area with his cold relentless eyes. Moments later the earth beneath the village erupts as the tentacles rip through the ground, like burrowing, man eating worms impaling each victim, that within seconds leaves a scene from Vlad the impale. Not His usual feeding method, but Drax was quite famished. Like a starving beast Drax rampages through whats left of the village, ripping the impaled villagers apart eating flesh and bone, letting only the crimson spilt go to waste. In a few minutes the village was destroyed, and left desolate, with no signs of life other than the now crimson ground. Curious Drax takes to he skies once again, the gale of wind from his wings wreaking even more devastation upon the wooden buildings of what once inhabited them. Drax raced to the scent of burnt wood and flesh carried by the wind even still. In less than a hour Drax arrives. He begins to circle the still standing castle surrounded by a town burned to the ground. It was clear to him that this destruction was old, but still rather fresh. Drax would land with ease, those who could sense auras would feel a nearly overpowering feeling of dread and destruction from him. The ground would warp and decay from under his talons, as his mere presence destroys that which Gaia holds so dear. Drax would pay no mind to the town as he makes his way to the castle. The guards outside would be on the defensive as they stop Drax before the door. Drax looks at them as only prey, as his skin writhes and slithers from the tentacles ready to rip from his flesh. Drax makes no attempt to communicate, and all that can be heard of this slight stand off is the low predatorial click emanating from his throat. -

AriusNukpana: ~ as he looked upon the ruins of a burned and utterly destroyed town, Arius tugged down upon his top, making sure to keep the appearance of a man unfazed by the chaos that was so evident in front of him. His eyes scanning ever so intently over the considerable relics of a town which more than likely housed thousands of civilians, his heart dropping at the thought of their lives being ripped away from them. He then closed his eyes and shook away the thoughts that began to surround him then turned on his heals to continue on his journey towards the large structure he had spotted from a grand distance. A forbidding feeling growing within his chest as he approached the the castles front gates, noticing a rather large creature. It form a definite new sight for him to behold as he stands an approximate 10 feet away, but still finding his very being shooken from the presence of the creature he could only assume caused the chaos he had witnessed  fall upon the town. Even as he found himself paralysed, he dropped his hands down to his side, keeping them open and his eyes low as he took at least 3 steps towards the creature, his voice eminatting from his throat in a soft yet defining way~ I do not know if you are a master or creature of this domain, but i do request entry under the pretence that i mean no harm and only wish my deepest respect for those who dwell here."

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Still soaked in rain water, Scarlet decided to take her hooded cape off and revealed her silver scaled clothes that looked like a shiny piece of velvet body armor than a huntress suit , she looked at the queen of the house for her permission to do so “I hope you don't mind me doing this” She was already self conscious about how she looked without her cape and she really needed to let it dry off naturally since her powers were taken away by her guardian, she rang out her wet hair still wondering about the story behind the burned town and her partner that she had not seen in a long time-

Starscream: Kai generally had a good sense of direction and rarely ever got lost. Having been to this place before, only a very long time ago, even before Yumi had even birthed his son. He dared not to push his body any faster, and it wasn’t until he felt his tattoos burn, that he twisted his body in mid air, to see who it was that was following him. “Interesting.” He said, as his face illuminated slightly in a purple colour, watching the colours swirl above. With that, he turned his body back to face forward, before stretching his arms out in front of him, which accelerated his speed only slightly, even though he was practically at his destination. As he reached, he saw exactly what he did not expect to see. A burned town before a castle. “Interesting.” Kai said before stopping in mid-air, turning his body upright. The force of which he came to a sudden stop made no stress upon his body in the slightest, aside from the wind that blew around him violently. Without moving much, he slowly lowered his body before landing upon a hill and standing there casually with his hands behind his back. It wasn’t until he did this, that he noticed that Tempest was back on his back, with its master, where it truly belonged. His beloved sword right now was practically hissing with the necrotic energy which Grave had unintentionally impregnated it with. Kai used his right hand to touch his chin, cracking his neck to the left, and then to the right before placing his hands behind his back, surveying the area. Kai stayed silent as he watched one being, which he could hear a faint, awkward clicking sound emanating from. He made a face as if to say, ‘what the fuck is that?’ before shaking his head and looking around. Did he want the beings of this place as allies or enemies? Kai had no clue just yet, but maybe he would be able to decide if he got back to his place, which was always going to be above, and if it wasn’t above, it would be ascending at the least.

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax started to turn around to see the prey behind him, only to stop as the doors in front of him opened by the word of whom seemed to be the queen. Drax's eyes would latch to her as he would completely ignore all that is around him, until it became hostile. Drax would move into the castle walking toward the woman at a steady pace, only to stop a few feet from her. Drax's cold relentless eyes scanned her body, as his mangled maw opened. His tongue whipped from his mouth tasting the pheromones of all the inhabitants, then slowly drew his tongue back in. He still would not make any attempt to communicate, and he was Well aware of the Draconic blood running through the woman's veins. This caused his mouth to water as black sludge would trickle from between the gaps of his maw dripping down his chin to the floor. The saliva would slowly begin to eat away at the floor, a precaution Drax always made. The saliva not acidic in any nature but the material of the ground being pushed out of the way by the billions of microscopic parasites that made up the saliva.-

AriusNukpana: ~Arius finally feels his body relax but only slightly as he seemingly drifts behind the gigantic creature, his feet ever so lightly gracing the ground as he finally enters the castle. Upon entry, a sense of nostalgia had reached him as he picked up the scent of a familiar presence touched his nostrils, causing his senses to peak as he began to turn in every direction rapidly~ "where.....where is she?"

Anaya: She had walked out her door as she looked to the small huntress standing there covered in water and dripping “there is a extra change of clothing unless you have some already in the chamber room behind me, just open the closet and you will find it” she said coldly and walked past to get to her throne made of blades from battles lost. Taking the book out from her hiding place of the pillow on the throne she flipped open the book and looked at the pages. “well for our new guest i don't seem to know if i have felt an aura like that before but for some reason you smell similar to a past smell stuck in my nose, but cant seem to place it.”  she looked at him and watched him eye balling her, she locked her eyes with him, her signature eyes she had for thousands of years. She tilted her head and wondered at him “no voice, have you lost yourself so much to not be able to have spoken word? What a pitiful thing you be ”  she said as she sat down on her throne crossing her legs without a care in the world it seemed. “why come here other then to mess up the floors” she said as a small maid rushed up to her side holding a clear glass goblet of water for her to have.

AriusNukpana: ~Arius finally feels his body relax but only slightly as he seemingly drifts behind the gigantic creature, his feet ever so lightly gracing the ground as he finally enters the castle. Upon entry, a sense of nostalgia had reached him as he picked up the scent of a familiar presence touched his nostrils, causing his senses to peak as he began to turn in every direction rapidly~ "where.....where is she?" ~his body then snaps to a proper stance as his eyes land on the woman he could so correctly assume is the queen of the domain, he then bows low, his body almost at a 90 degree bend while his hand crossed his chest~ oh excuse me your royalty. My name is Arius Nukpana. I was a loyal follower here until i was called away for a very long time. I have returned seeking permission to rejoin the ranks of this kingdom and hope she.....hope that my dear partner is still here" ~ he kept his head low until he was graced to rise again.~

GraveDigging: -As Grave descended through the cloud, seeing the fields and mountains around him come into a clear view, he arched his back as it brought him from falling straight to the ground, as he continued to follow Kai. He then ducked down as he disappeared completely into the mountain range, far from where he felt Kai land. He weaved back and forth through mountains as he saw one right in between him and Kai, he smirked lightly as his hair flowed violently in the air. He put his head down and headed straight into the mountain. From a sight it looked like a purple line going straight through the mountain instantly, and a mere 3 seconds later, the entire mountain began to crumble into nothing but dust and rock. Grave then saw Kai in a distance, standing on a hill. He also noticed the crumbled ashen town that Grave assumed to be their destination. He then shifted his weight down and a mere centimetre above the ground, he simply blinked. In an instant, a blast of energy shot to the ground between his eyes and the ground as it blasted him into the air, leaving a crater in the ash. He then flipped in the air and landed perfectly straight behind Kai on the hill, his hands tucked into the opposite sleeves while his arms folded behind his back as he stared directly where Kai was staring, a castle in the middle of this ashen wasteland. As he stared, his eyes stopped spinning as it looked like they almost healed as they quickly turned back to a blank ice white. He raised a brow for a moment, wondering what exactly Kai was doing here of all places, until he saw and felt movement around the castle, the energies inside, some were familiar, while others not. He squinted, peering past Kai trying to mark each energy to their own. He then spoke, though as he spoke, a purple smoke came out of his mouth like sludge with each syllable. However, his voice was not as of normal beings, it wasn’t a hiss, nor even a growl, though completely calm and emotionless. However, his voice was eerie to the tone, for it was like two voices speaking at once, one being a average deep male’s voice, and the other being lighter, though twisted and demented as if demonic.- “This is where I followed to?” –He shook his head, his hair flowing back and forth, though he stood there still, behind Kai, awaiting for the plan.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet let the last of the rain water dry off of her as she went to go get a royal blue cape from the closet that the queen said it would be in “wow” she took a quick look at the rest of the rich clothes that were there then noticed a strange looking dress that she connected with and closed the doors, she then heard a man from where she was standing and went towards his voice and gasped after she put her cape on “Holy...” She mumbled walked over to the man that was talking to the queen and appeared behind him “he's looking for someone” she had one hand on her hip looking at the man with a smirk-

Anaya: “miss Anaya there has bin a bang out at the hill side, you be want the guards to look at said sound” Anaya took the water goblet as she kept a sharp eye on the being in front of her. “yes send out a scout land drake and make sure it comes back if it does not send a worm to remove the problem by removing the hill and everything on it and turning it into flat land, if there is something out there it can come inside to talk not watch from the grounds” the maid nodded and rushed away to get things done leaving the glass with her queen as the queen took care of workings in the main hall. Wall the queen was going what she needed to do, the maid rushed off to a guard hand “have a land drake go look at that bang sound out in the hills make sure the drake comes back or send a worm, Anaya's orders”

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Drake

the guard nodded his head with nothing said, all the people here learned over time and abuse to just do not ask anything and just do as told if a person said Anaya's orders they just did it. As the doors to the drake holding cage was opened the dog like beast took off as the guard yelled out “hillside!!” and then the black and green eyes of the drake changed to a reddish yellow as it bolted to its told location. Back in the throne Room Anaya's lips hit the side of the glass as she took a sip of the ice cold water as she watched the new face her legs crossed there was a tick in her mind that said she new this fellow but she did not know from what time, a lot was lost when she was killed and had no choice but to take a new body maybe this was somerting that was lost.

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax's mangled maw crooked to a venomous grimace as the woman spoke. He however, did not recognize her scent. However when her eyes locked to his, veins begin to appear from under his skin where a orb of sorts seems to lay. The longer Drax kept tone with her eyes the larger they grew, budging out as if a creature was gripping his chest. Drax at first didn't even notice, or feel any change.- Curious. -Drax began to speak.- The prey calling the predator pitiful. No I've come here for more than to mess up the floors. You see my visit here can either be a aid to you, or a blight upon your lands. I've come to offer a proposition of sorts. Either that or I feast upon everyone here, all guests and residents. To me you all are prey. There are your choices, here me, or become my prey, a simple choice really. -Drax fell silent, his voice was deep as all Dragon males were. Drax would fall silent, as the veins begin to spread upon his chest the longer he looks into her eyes.-

Starscream: As Kai stood there, he could feel Grave’s presence behind him. His tattoos gave the illusion of a burning sense, only because it indicated when he was being watched. This was not to be mistaken for his sixth sense ability to immediately know when he was being hunted, a pure gut feeling that made him, like any other person of his kin, take it as a challenge and deal with their pursuers. Standing atop the hill with his hands behind his back, Kai watched the castle. He said nothing as he used the sounds around him to try and judge the strength of the structure, without him making much of a sound at all. Suddenly, the loudest sound he could hear, was that of pars, or claws or something, hitting the ground as whatever it was, got closer and closer to them. Kai could hear the anomaly as if it was only a few paces away from him, and using this sound, he was able to judge the echoes bouncing off of the castle walls, determining how thick the walls were. Kai was not here to deal with the ruler of this place just yet. In fact, that second, he had got what he had needed. All he wanted to know was their castle structure, and also their wall thickness. The place didn’t seem to be heavily guarded, but at the end of the day, what was a guard to a being bred for combat? Kai silently watched the castle, until the sound of the approaching creature, and his burning tattoos began to annoy him. He had half a mind to ask Grave to deal with it, but really, he was better off allowing the whole ordeal to play out. He would allow the creature which he could see approaching, to get closer before he bothered moving. To him, these things seemed petty, just as having guards around was petty, but at the same time, he would understand, assuming that the ruler just had them for a novelty. If that was the case, then he commended her, and if it were not the case, then she had issues and needed to be taught some valuable lessons. “This is ridiculous.” Kai mumbled, knowing he had over 20 seconds before the creature reached, which by Kai’s terms, was more than enough time. “Grave, could you kill that thing for me?” Kai said, looking back, finally deciding that he wasn’t going to get his hands dirty. Besides, only earlier on that day, he was on the brink of death. If Grave didn’t want to do it, Kai would handle it himself, but if not, Kai would stay standing where he was.

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AriusNukpana: ~hearing the voice so close behind him had caused the loss of his bearings, making him stumble forward and fall to his hands and knees. Arius then felt all his memories flood his mind as the soothing feeling of the voice had reached deep within him. Arius then regained his composure and slowly turned towards the source of the heavenly voice then found a silly looking grin formed across his lips as he took a step towards his long time partner~ Scarlet, its been so long. ~He dropped back down to his knees and bowed his head, warm tears forming at the corners of his eyes as he shivered~ i.....i am so sorry i was gone for so long...i meant to return as soon as i could. Can you please forgive me?"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet softly gazed upon her partner and put a hand on his shoulders with a soft smirk “I was never mad at you to begin with. I forgive you” - She was never bitter about him being gone from her for so long since she was able to fend for herself ever since she woke from her coma, she was very happy to see him alive and well and reached out a hand so he could get up- “rise from your feet”

AriusNukpana: ~Arius looks up at her, taking Scarlet's hand while he smiles warmly towards her. His eyes now locked on hers, after he wiped his tears away, he stepped closer to her and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist, lifting her up and twirling as he laughed. He then set her down and held both her hands as he tilts his head with a smile only one could generate out of pure joy~ How have you been my loooo, i mean my mistress? I have been well. I went out and got stronger just like i said i would and I never forgot about you. Look, i even have a new weapon. ~He snapped his fingers to summon his "Eternal Blade". Red pulsing run markings ran along the flat of it, indicating its enchantment for causing destruction even he himself still cannot begin to fathom.~ " I offer my blade in service to you once again, my mistress."

GraveDigging: -Grave stood there behind Kai, realizing that Kai suddenly had a change of heart from his slight change in energy flux. He gave the sound of a sigh as a long stream of smoke left his mouth. He then noticed a rampant energy charging towards them as he looked to its locations only with his eyes. He smiled lightly and shook his head. His eyes began to shudder, though didn’t crack, knowing that this beast would not pose a threat. He heard Kai’s voice asking him to kill it, and he shook his head in disapproving. - “It’s after you Kai, the sad thing is, is that you asked me for such a petty thing… I have an idea.” –He cocked his head at the charging animal, and gave a loud cough sound, that echoed throughout the mountain range, and put his skeletal hand up. He then walked towards the dog like creature as it charged him. He then took his hand away from his hand, as a sticky black ball of necrotic energy tore from Grave’s mouth. His eyes then cracked quickly as a purple aura surrounded the ball. He quickly snapped his fingers from his free hand, as it created a vibrant purple centre He had made a time bomb of his own energy. He looked at the animal as it just leaped up to chomp at him. He drew his hand back and quickly and cleanly, took the hand with the ball in his hand, and quickly punched the back of the creature’s throat, dropping the bomb down his throat. Once the very slowly fading aura would fade, the necrotic ball would start to expand, leaving a small air pocket between the purple orb and the black energy, creating an unnatural reaction to make solid black necrotic energy spikes shoot out 50 ft in every direction. The punch didn’t kill the creature though scared it off. He turned back towards Kai and looked him dead in the eye.- “That was the biggest thing that happened this entire time… what a waste.” –He spoke harsh and hateful, the smoke drizzling out of him, he shook his head, though was expecting more, so he stood there for a slight moment before putting his hands back behind his back, and walked back behind Kai, hearing the beast run away from them back to it’s masters.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet felt Arius lift her up by her surprise and giggled a bit thinking he was more excited to see her then she thought, she then looked in amazement at his new weapon that looked like it was bigger and stronger than her blades that she carried around with her “Holy Modlight” she said as she reached out to touch the blade with it's markings- “I accept”

Anaya: The land Drake paused for a moment holding its maw in the air able to smell something was there, it new there was life here and it was new life not the normal stuff it smelled before, its eyes shimmered as they changed to red and not there normal tone, Anaya could see from them, feel and smell what they smelled. Dragons and the link they shared in the end of it all the Drake was on a suicide trip to be killed so she could see what was up there without leaving the building at all. As the drake let out a growl like grunt and pawed the ground its claws ripping into dirt and stone the 15 foot tall dog like beast made of pure brute force and destructive power started to jog to were the smell of life came from. Anaya sat inside knowing the drake was very much so out there, a beast with no weapons other then claws and a mouth was almost useless other then to see and scout out the area for her once she could see what was there she could act better in sending something with a bit more kick or cause the walls of the castle to be more armoured and protected against attack like they were days ago. But right now she was needed inside and a maid was not hard to call to just to do what she needed to. Her eyes moved back onto the male before her “aid me? Why do i need you to aid me what can you give me?” she looked around and then looked back to the male here as she let her body slump down and rest her elbows on her knees her breasts almost falling out of that blue dress. “your garments even dirty i know there markings, what may your name be?” she asked that hiss on her breath. Her head turned to see the two seeming to be love birds a male crying his eyes out and dropping as she waved to a maid “get them a room or take them to the living quarters were there is a place they can sit, i am sure they can do dealings there and be together and do what ever they do, it is not needed here” the maid nodded as black hair fell in her face and she rushed over to them “miss and Sir please the queen wishes you gone, come to our living area there are sofas and an area were you can be more together and not in harms way please please come with me” she held out a hand and bowed her head as she pointed to the hall way down the side guards nicely posted at the doors.(C)
Anaya: (C) The Drake let out a yelp as its eyes saw the being who punches it and at the side time its head turned getting a glimpse of the other life form, and as soon as it was hurt it bolted back to the castle back grounds. The guards calmed the thing down as they placed it back in the cage and let it sit there for a moment before looking at its wound nothing to to bad but it would need some rest to be able to naturally heal its self. Anaya sat in her throne with a grin as she let her eyes grow a tad dimmer no longer linked to her drake land runner but only seeing what she as a being saw before her. Looking at the male before her as she still was on her elbows she tilted her head “you seem to be the type to kill yes, why kill me and what i hold when i can give you so much, why kill and remove something you can use to do just that, kill everything you wish to kill, does that not sound so appealing.” (E)

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet looked at the maid with a nod then back at Arius thinking something was about to happen and they really shouldn't be involved, “I think we better follow her” she said as she let the maid lead the way to the sofa knowing Arius would follow her, she was thinking that maybe it was time to show off her blades once they were seated since he showed off his weapon to her-

AriusNukpana: ~he nodded silently then turned and followed scarlet and the maid out of the main room and into a sub room, filled with what appeared to be the finest material sofas he had laid eyes on in quite a few years, his blade now resting against his back while he tucked his hands within his pockets and emitted an impressed whistle~ i had almost forgotten what it was like to be inside a place of luxury. ~he then turned back towards the main hall, an uneasy feeling clinching him, causing him to pause on his step. The thoughts of concern for the queen now flooding his mind~ " I hope she is gonna be ok....."

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax began to pace back and forth as she began to speak, and continued as she spoke to the maid to get the other two out of the room. Drax saw this as the woman before him could feel his intent, or perhaps she knew something about him. Curious as he was he continued pacing back and forth though his eyes never left hers. Once she continued finalizing her question to him did he begin to speak.- What I can give you is power. My power, a strength that not even the combined tribes of Dragons could stand against in uni. . . -Drax's voice left him, strange as he didn't know why. The veins on his chest began to sprawl outwards, reaching across his body like something was fighting for control. But what? He had already let the corruption take full control. . .- As I was saying not even the combined Dragon tribes in full army could stand against me alone, let alone my own army. My proposition is this, you feed me living sentient beings a offering a day, and my power would be yours to control. However my loyalty is to my gut, so when the food stops, the beast may bite the hand that feeds. As to your question. -Drax's body feels strange so he stops pacing, and his body language is becoming more anxious.- Killing? No, I like consuming, death is only a effect of consumption. Though curious for my prey to make statements of using rather than killing. -The veins begin slowly making their way up his face, the farther they stretch the more they bulge at the source.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -She took a look at the richness around her and sort of breathed in the scent of it all thinking about her golden days before she went back to being a huntress “I feel like I used to have royalty in my veins” she signed the looked at the main hall where the queen was “she'll be fine. I'm sure she can handle it...hopefully” Scarlet puts a hand on her blade that was hidden beneath her clothing and went over to sit and rest herself on a sofa not knowing that she revealed both weapons on her sides-

AriusNukpana: ~he sighs then shakes off the feeling of concern then turns back towards scarlet and plops down next her after he had unsheathed his blade from his back holster and propped it against the sofa beside him while he looked onto scarlet's new weapons~ well then, seems the scarlet i once knew has gotten a lot stronger since i had taken my leave."

Anaya: “you never said your name?” she said as her eyes moved back to look into his own, “Anaya is mine” she said looking into his eyes, black spinning inside her own as the black dragon slits got larger then smaller and then larger as she was learning a dragon trait all had the need to eat but some ate different things hers was knowledge and physical matter she studied things and learned about them learning there looks learning what made them them, everything about this being was interesting to her, why his face was like that why the veins in his body seems to have a harder pull on him,why he had to stop talking, and could not stop moving. Why was he not looking at her fully, what was his name, that eye thing on his chest the horns all over, why she had the same red silks up in her closet but never used them as they were very old and falling apart, everything about him. “there are beings on top of the hill in the front yard plot here they are watching this building, one i don't know but i feel the other one knows very well who i am, if you wish to feed then go do so, if they run come back and eat something that is here, one guard a day i can get more if needed body's is one thing i seem to never run out of but make sure you only eat one body a day or our pact is off and you can go other places i stop feeding you, and you can move on” she held power in her voice, a sense of nobility and something someone could respect. She took another sip from that goblet of water as she placed the empty glass cup down on the arm rest of her throne and pulled out that black book and opened the pages. And readied to put something down “but first before anything i do need a name. Best to keep you in the books” she let that crocked grin come to her lips as she brought a white claw to the page.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -scarlet let out a small chuckle hearing his words “Nah. I've always been like this” She crosses her ankles letting her hair fall against her shoulders after taking her hood off “I just wasn't able to show it” she slides a finger across one of sliver crest blades with the handles made of pure black onyx and steel, she takes them off and puts them next to her so she could keep an eye on them “these were given to me long ago”

GraveDigging: -Grave then looked to Kai and gave another sigh sound. He moved a bit closer and spoke in a very low tone.- “If you want my help, make sure it’s worth it..” –He then turned from the hill, crouching down low. He looked up to the night sky, wondering exactly why Kai brought him here for no reason. He then closed his eyes and opened them, as the whites of his eyes shattered, his eyes turning to a purple vortex. He jumped into the air, leaving a very small crater from where he was, as he flew up into the clouds. His destination, was to see the beauty of space, as he quickly left the stratosphere, and looked down on the Earth, and looked around at the universe’s beauty. He wanted to see this realm’s reaches of space before he looked down at the Earth, and descended heavily in perfect triangulation to the portal to Malzythar.-

AriusNukpana: "Interesting, they must have come into your possession during my time away", ~he nods his approval of her blades as he took a hold of his and laid it with hers~ there....just how they should be... like us. Together and even stronger. now tell me scarlet, what have you been up to during my leave? i will be more than happy to report my journeys away from you."

Starscream: Kai stood there for a while after watching Grave do what he had to, but in general, there was nothing that he couldn’t handle here. The only reason why he didn’t actually attack, was because only a fool jumps head first into a battle. It could be tomorrow, next week, or even next year when Kai decided to mount a full scale attack on this place, but for now, his mind remained undecided, yet again. They had burned down the capital of Terra Avesta, yes, but there was no reason why he couldn’t rebuild, which he had practically already done flawlessly. Although he was the one who began this in the first place, he was not going to continue it. For now, it was on hold while he handles other things. He took a step forward, aiming to go into the castle, before bringing his foot back, not because he had decided not to go inside and confront the leader who had found her way into his castle one time, but because of the faint squeaky voice ringing in his ears as if it was a small insect talking next to his eardrum. “I need heeelp!” A tiny voice squeaked. This wasn’t any beings voice. While his duties as a king and a prince were paramount, there was nothing that distracted him from the fact that he was first and foremost a father. Without even looking to see where Grave was, Kai snapped out of his thoughts, and on the spot, vanished from sight with a heavy ‘THUD’ sound, leaving nothing but dust floating around in his wake.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: “much longer than that” -she watched him place his weapon with hers as a shade of light pink came across her cheeks from her being flattered “Other than being woken by a guardian from a coma not too long ago and dealing with only a few of my powers while working as a huntress, I haven't really been up to much -She she giggled to herself thinking she should leave out the part about Obsidian, who was her dark side that causes trouble- but enough about me. What have you been up to?”

AriusNukpana: ~he chuckled as he leaned back in the sofa, crossing his hands behind his head as he took a deep breath then exhaled as he began to recollect the battles and wars he had taken part of, increasing his strength and experience with each fight and how he had come across his "Crimson End Time" which was the name of his blade during the fourth war he had come victorious from~ "After that fight, i had come to the conclusion that i had made myself strong enough to finally come back home to the woman
i loooooo i mean partner who meant and means so much to me."

KalDraxBlackWing -Drax crooked his head in surprise at how demanding and stern she was, as most beings flee, or attack him on sight.- I am Kaladrax Blackwing, Master of the Draknar Tribe of Rygat. If. . . -His speech failed him again slightly and his body seemed to become wobbly. This beginning to agitate Drax, unknowing what exactly is going on so confident in his control he'd never look to the inside.- A, Anaya . . -Drax's knees give out as he falls the floor.- I know your name! -Drax's body pulsates once, as his aura thickens to a slightly visible miasma around him.- Anaya I know thy name, thus you must know mine. -Drax's tone becomes dual tone, with a tone which may seem familiar to her but mixed with his normal tone.- YOU DIED! -Drax springs up with near blinding speed back to his feet, as his right arm begins to mutate, growing longer, the talons sharper and longer, more jagged like gnawed teeth.- I am the pestilence that blights this land, the devouter of all life! -Drax screams in a furry. Tentacles rip from his back as his Miasma thickens but is blow away by a intense heat emanating from his body , as the cells in his body mutate and conflict with each other. Drax's now elongated and even more deadly arm he dashes towards Anaya, with such speed the ground crumples beneath him. Just before the talons would reach her Drax stops himself. The eye on his chest opens, with a strain. as a familiar voice calls out.- ANAYA FIGHT OR FLIGHT ACT NOW.- Drax seems to be fighting himself while trying to kill her. Tentacles wrap around Drax's body tipped with shards of corrupted bone, acting as spears. As Drax's arm falls short and goes limp, the tentacles would shoot out after Anaya. 2 from just above her, 2 from each of her sides, 2 down the middle, and 2 towards her feet. At the same time Drax's arm animates and mutates back to normal, as his talons rip and dig into his face, as he begins to rip half of his face off.- YOU WILL NOT TAKE CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!

Anaya: AS his words got louder and she could see his figure and being changing it looked as if he was out of control, insistently she snapped and flung herself up jumping back over top of her throne as a large tail shot from her backside its scales arching out and being violently flung at its target. She had no time to say anything as the assault was sent into the air, aimed for that eye on his chest that opened so rapidly making its self a clear target as well as his head, chest and his left arm and leg. She held no idea what would happen if her scale shot hit its mark or what would be done after she hurt the male, how his body and self would react to it all would he lose himself more in the fray of crap that seemed to be inside of his body. But that did ring a bell a large one but the past was so shallow it was so empty she had forgotten allot of it but bits still stayed and remained in the mass that was the dragons brain, past fights, family, things she had done and people she killed, her old kids the ones that she herself removed form existence and the ones that ran to save themselves from there monster of a mother, past lover......past lovers...Drax, that bell was dinging louder and louder as she thought about it in that second, it was as if her life was flashing before her eyes but she was far from dead or dieing. As she snapped back to the present she griped the top of that throne hard with her claws holding there like a arched cat with a stinger like tail over top of her body red eyes gone black as she watched and waited studying everything that male said and did.

KaladraxBlackwing: -The moment Drax had reached his claws into his own face, the eye upon his chest closed a split second before her scales would hit. Her aim would be spot on, one scale aimed at the eye would ricochet off of the material of the eye lid, as if it were impenatrable. However that scale would still have the momentum to rip through his obsidain scales and through his heart, and out of his back. The rest of the scales would pierce him like a hot knife through butter, including the one that sung through his skull. A split second after the impact Drax's tentacles would grow limp and fall to the floor, as Drax's husk would fall backwards and hit the floor. The marble would crack and buckle under his weight. It was not that Drax was dead, but like a predator he wanted her to inspect his now still heart for signs of life, before he would strike, to catch her off guard. The corruption temporarally forcing Drax's conciousness back inside while he would wait for his time to strike.-

Anaya: But Anaya was unsteady, he want down to fast, way to fast, ya she new she hit every point dead on but there was a odd feeling about this, a very odd felling but as she moved on the top of that throne she said a word, a single word "Drax?" it was not his full name like he had told her but it was the name she used to call him a very long time ago. she watched to see if he would get up, she tilted her head and waited.

-Drax's body would pulsate as Drax tried to surface once more, to warn her of what he was planning. But only a pulse was noted. The corruption knowing this one was smart enough to be warry and with the annoyance of his host trying to come back to the surface after all these years, this style of combat would not suit him. The tentacles that had fallen to the floor becomming motionless would whip in the blink of an eye after her, the spear tips of bone dripping with Drax's parasites. The tentacles would be aimed at her neck, middle of her chest, the artery in her arms, and her stomach. From the angle, they were coming from her left and right flanks. If she were to move back, or even try to leap out of the way the tentacles would advert corse, while other tentacles would mutate from the tentacles themselves, to flank her retreat. Giving her little options for defense.-

Anaya: She saw them move and as she was thinking of running it was to late they were already here. one around her neck and the other dug deep into her flesh, the dragon let out a scream of pain as she could feel still. she looked at him "Drax" she said as her voice was a whimper. but soon the pain stopped, it all stopped her red eyes were growing black and the light was growing inside her body, she was glowing like really, black horns formed from her head as the same did from her back that tail lashed side to side as dark wings moved from both sides of her spin. she looked as she once did, way back when that black dragon he new, Anaya. "dont make me hurt anymore Drax" she said as she took hold of the tenticals with her claws and riped them out of her flesh, it hurt alot but at the same time it was growing null of feeling, but that one was still around her neck her claws grabbing at it trying to rip it free. and oddly his corruption was doing nothing, it was just sloping off her skin like tar to the floor.

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax as soon as She was caught moved himself off the floor, and stood there as she ripped the tentacles from her flesh. Drax was screaming and burrning with a growing fire trying to resurface, but the years he was asleep the corruption grew to strong for him now. As if the battle was at a stand still he would speak.- Drax isn't here anymore. The man you once knew I devoured him after your assasination. Though I admit his influence is strong enough to cut the link between me, and my parasites once they enter your body. There for I'll have to kill you with brute strength. -Drax started to walk towards her, when a small black cat would wonder into the halls. His ear would twitch as the parasites within it's body made it's presence know to him. Drax would stop in his tracks and turn to view the cat. This tiny normal black cat, a once white streak on it's head, now crimson red, the result of all the parasites could do to it. One eye was a bright turquise, while the other a soft lavender. The kitty mewed despite the battle, and would run up to Anaya, brushing against her leg before attempting to jump upon her shoulder. Drax's eyes narrowed at her with incredible fustration, as not even the corruption in Drax wished harm to this cat, the one thing the corurption allowed considering what had happen when that cat wandered into his lair so many years ago. Drax burned through the veins of his own body forcing his right hand to grip the orb upon his chest and pull. Black veins would stretch out of his chest, as they clung to the orb, as the body would fall to it's knees.- You've ran my body long enough! -A familiar tone would eminate from his vocals, it was Drax's voice as from the reunion, and apearance of the cat would give him enough strength to take himself back over. He'd let out a powerful roar as he seemed to struggle to pull this orb off of his chest, while the eye opened and began to squeal a blood currling venomous scream.- Submit, or we will both die here, and I will be rid of you. -Drax's body began to steam, the heat from his mutations, causing his body to sweat and steam the water from his scales and skin.- I own you! This is my body! -Drax continued to Roar and pull. The eye closed and Drax released the orb only for it to slam back into his chest. Drax would be knelt down, and breathing heavy for only a moment, before he would struggle to his feet. His hair would hid his face as Drax hung his head. He'd move his arm to brush the hair from his face, as his once cold relentless crimson eyes would grow soft, but still firm as they gazed upon Anaya.-

Anaya: As she saw him coming back to himself she ripped the one tentacle from her neck and bolted. Getting old there woman she thought to herself as she in a blink was gone from the seeing eye and up in a shadow on a rafter. She was not one to flee at all but there was so much in her mind she did not want to hurt this male, she needed time to think she was in thought and mind over load. Siting on a beam she held her head as it pained her. Overloading a brain with far to much information was a bad thing to a dragon. “i am not dead, i am still a ...still alive, get a hold of yourself” she said and mumbled as she sat on her perch. “I died once i am not dead anymore i lived they brought me back the gods blessed me with a new body, get a hold of yourself it is not then it is now! Stop seeing it!”she looked down her eyes black as the night sky no stars in there depths just the blackness of night, she did not know if drax was even real it was not the first time she saw things she did not believe but this one left marks this one was very believable but still she did not know if it was real or not.

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax's eyes followed her before she left from his site. The tentacles retracted into his body, and all damage that was done to him, was sewn up by the tendrils that protruded his skin. He was as he was, when he first arrived, however, something was different. His mangled gnawing teeth returned to normal draconic fangs, while his lips had regrown upon his face. He stood straight and roared.- ANAYA! -He knew she could hear him. However, he did not move, he stood still as a statue, to let her come to him, as he never was one to make chase. He looked down to a tiny meow that stood by his feet, as the kitty jumpped up and climed his mass of horns to his cheek, and nuzzled his face, as the kitty knew it's old master was back.-

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Anaya: Anaya looked over the side of her post as she looked down at him her eyes shifting as she backed up a single stone falling down and hiting the ground it gave away her post to everyone who was down there. Self defence was the first option as she still held no idea if it was safe down there hell he was yelling her name and it sounded angry. Right away her silks fell to the ground as her whole body warped and shifted into that of a massive black 20 foot long serpent like beast with the same red eyes she always held. She went down a pillar and held there for a moment looking at him able to react at a moments notice. “you are not real, you are another lie, you died, you left and went away away away........” she trailed off as her eyes flickered she was not all there as normal as she tilted her head, there was not much madness inside of her own self she was just old and a tad loopy. “why you come back here here here why?” when the brain was a mass of thoughts the mouth sometimes did not put the words together one had to make the brain stop thinking so the mouth could slow down and work right.

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax turned to look at her, his eyes still soft, but firm.- No, Anaya, I never died. I am as real as you are, though I cannot believe my eyes. I left, I fell to the creature you saw when I first arrived after your death. You killed me, faced the trials, to obtain my dofus, and you raised me. I was a Draknar of Tairis. When you died, I wanted the world to burn, yet I did not have the strength to burn it. I knew what did. I returned to vax, and regained my corruption, I gave it full control, so I could not be here, but still live. I had to live, for you. I don't know how you are still here, still in front of me, still alive. But you saved me once again. You have returned me to my self, where I was lost for so long.

Anaya: Anaya looked at Drax as her giant snake like self ignored everything else like it was not there, she called no scared maids over to aid the new comer she did nothing, she just kept her red eyes on Drax for this moment still very unsure of everything. She did not remember alot her mind still a flutter, she did not change back but she got closer without a single word she got to about 5 or so feet form drax, just enough to almost touch him with the tip of that snake tongue. She paused not getting another scale closer as she watched him still very unsure of everything,

KaladraxBlackwingKaladraxBlackwing : -Drax would turn to her, as she moved closer. He would begin walking to her, his talons no longer ripping through the marble. If she wouldn't move Drax would reach out, to take her Draconic cheek in his hand, and rest his for-head upon hers, as he would speak in there native voice.- sia itov, malrak tepoha si itova wux, vur malrak geou si still. svaklar shio lyriki jahen sho'votha, wux sjerit remain, ihk si mi mrith wux, vur sia kornari belhalic ekess ergriff wux. lae dout kornari ui sini ekess jilg. -If she were to move away he'd simply stop in his tracks and speak the same words.-

“my love, forever have i loved you, and forever will i still. where all others were devoured, you yet remain, for i am with you, and my heart belongs to only you. as your heart is mine to hold.”

Anaya: it took the giant snake a moment as she pulled back but paused and just let things go, she let him touch her and when his head hit her own she changed to herself once more and the black scales fell to the ground, but it was not the black haired black rubbed horned monster it was, it was the white haired beauty that was Anaya, her new body not the black old self she would hide under but the truth, red eyes and white hair, white claws and very pale skin. She was not the same but yet was still the same, and she had that old red silk on, the same to match his own. “sia itov, malrak tepoha si itova wux, vur malrak geou si still. svaklar shio lyriki jahen sho'votha, wux sjerit remain, ihk si mi mrith wux, vur sia kornari belhalic ekess ergriff wux. lae dout kornari ui sini ekess jilg”

“your words sing music to my heart, they whisper to my soul, were i once forgot the truth you have uncovered my blind old eyes and let me see it was you i  can see”

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax would slide his hand to the back of her head, combing his fingers through her hair. She looked different but he knew from her eyes it was the same Anaya that holds his heart. He pulled her in as he would press his lips against hers, his crimson eyes closing, as his self becomes stronger in union of her heart intertwined with his.- For ages I've longed for you again. -He spoke as their lips would part.

Anaya: she would kiss him softly, she had not felt the lips of another in hundreds of years, she locked herself away in the halls of this place never to even think of mating anything or dream of kissing something agein. She looked at him snow white hair falling in front of her eyes “i can be a hard one to find, harder when you get a new body and look nothing of your old self” she would pause taking a breath letting her mind calm a little and hear beating heart calm its self down, she was 100% alive and simple, a pure blooded dragon, no madness, no other things just a set of lungs and a real heart. “I thought you left forever” she looked back up at him and into his eyes “i may not be the same anaya you gave your heart to hundreds of years ago i changed”

KaladraxBlackwing: -Drax let a soft smile.- You are the same Anaya I gave my heart to. Your body is different, but your heart is the same. You never would have called my name if you were different. You never would have saved me from myself. You never would have allowed me to kiss you just now. You were infact difficult to find. However I could never forget those eyes. -Drax looked around.- It's not our old place, but it's very similar. When you were gone from my life, I burned everything. Lost myself to a madness, a rage unending. I gave myself to corruption to make it stop. However, were both here now, My love, my queen. Together we shall rule with a Iron fist. No one will harm you, I'll make sure of that.

Anaya: she looked at him so much information to take in so much on the brain “i have not ruled with anyone ...for hundreds of years, I don't know how to...teach me?” her red eyes got brighter as she let a bit of her heart show, she even tried to failed and came out more creepy then happy but it was a start for a beast that had only known death for hundreds of years. She would not let him know what she had become, who she had become what a tyrant of a ruler she was and how only weeks ago she sent her men to burn down a rivles town and poison there food and water stock for the winter in hopes they would all die a cold and horrible death. She guessed it had bin a very long time since he had bin happy and there was a large part of her that did not wish to take that away from him. “i grow sleepy” she said softly as she rubbed the side of her still paining head, so much on the mind of this dragon to much as that amount made it hard to stay on topic. “there is...a cat here?

KaladraxBlackwing: -He smiled to her attempt to smile.- Yes my dear, I will teach you how to rule with me. First we must eradicate those who've burned your town. I care not for the ones who inhabited it, but for the fact it was yours, I will make your vengence a reality. -As she asked about the cat, the kitty plopped out from behind Drax's hair and meowed. The kitty then leapped over to her shoulder and began nuzzling her cheek.-

Anaya: “i..i burned it down...they poisoned my horses and sent them running to the castle doors, killed my towns people. To prevent what ever toxin they used to burn to turn the hoses into mange ridden mongrels I burned down my own town to prevent spread. There are about a hundred or so farmers in the guest rooms and other chambers of the castle. Some healing others dieing.” she would look to the floor as she never wanted to burn the place down. But then looking back up she looked at him as the cat jumped on her shocking her a little as she was not used to any form of touch what so ever. “cat...” she tried to get back on topic almost looking out of place with the cat, her body temperature going up as she was unsteady with it. “but I sent an assassin to find them to remove the building but turns out they are gone and there castle is rubble were it once was. We do not know there location any longer”

Anaya: “Then I will go and remove this problem for you my dear Anaya, once it is gone we can rule together and things will be nice and peaceful” he turned and started to walk to the door as Anaya grabbed his hand to pull him back to her as she moved and wrapped her arms around him and held onto his chest.
“But if you leave you may not come back” her head placed upon his chest as she held him.
“that is a risk I am willing to take, I will come back I promise you that” he took her form him and held her in his hands and kissed her sweetly “I have been gone before and I always come back, you must have faith in us” his eyes sadden as he did not want to leave but he knew he had to find out about this other location that had done so much damage already. And out their door he left leaving Anaya standing there watching the door swing and the call of men getting on their horses to leave. Samuel walked up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist
“You ever think he is coming back?” he asked as he nibbled on her ear.
“It took him over a hundred years to come back for one day, if he comes back again I don’t think I will even be bothered by it, you put so much feeling into that kind of thing. I will rule alone even if he comes back” She stood there her care and everything leaving her eyes as it all faded away as fast as it came “” you know Samuel lying is not as hard as people say it is, and did you like hiding out in the back room? Broom keeping you warm?” She let out a laugh as she turned around to face him her red eyes looking into his as she blinked a couple times and all he did was smile
“I love it when you get all evil and tyrant, why can’t you do it more?”
“Because I would be a bad ruler if I did, but I am also an amazing ruler because I do” she put her arms around his shoulders “you want a meal? I believe they brought in boar last night” Samuel looked at her and nodded as he walked with her to the dining hall.

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~~~~~~~~~~~Weeks Later~~~~~~~~~

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Anaya: Days had gone on she had no word from Drax and the workers were getting on that water problem they were having, with the fire there were still broken pips underground and things were still wrong there washrooms did not work and things were backing up, like really backing up. She looked at the male before her dressed in a nice neat suit like she liked as clawed fingers fixed the collar of the suit. “never could get this right could you Sam” he gave a smile and nodded his head “my Lady why would I get it right and miss you taking the time to fix it for me” he said with his snake like charm, butler to miss Anaya and personal consort, she was very protective of this one. “did you check on the stables and on the pip problem, are the workers doing alright with it ” Samuel gave a kinda half nod and did that sideways face as if he did not want to talk but he spit it out and crossed his hands behind his back “there will still be the same problem next week there seems to be more blockage and broken things then we thought and much more digging needs to be done to fully rerun new pipelines to the rivers, then that is not even touching the filters that were burned in the blaze my lady, we will still have problems into the coming weeks this has crippled the water nicely we are running low on reserves. But there is good news” “god I need it don't I ” Anaya mumbled as she griped her claws together Samuel taking her fingers in his own “one of the towns has water to the west we can use theirs, and I know you could use something to take anger out on. Please my lady there is much good in this mess, at least they are gone for now this will be mended I can asure you it just takes time, most of the people are healed and helping and there are tents up in the court yard, the town willcome back after we get the pips fixed it is coming along” Anaya held his hands tightly but he did not flinch at her crushing power he was oddly used to it at this point. “we just don't have enough workers we need to get more, I wish you to send work alright Sam” he nodded and stood to her side as he brushed her hair from her face and looked to the thrones as they stood in the main hall off to the side to be able to talk. “i will be on that asap, and oh Milla had the book for you to go over on the days events ” “thank you Sam you are very helpful I don't know what I would do without you and Milla, it is true it is the members that keep a castle standing” Samuel just smiled as he fixed the hair around her horns and nodded his head to her “but it is the queen that gives us the reason to”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: It had been decades. 12 decades of running and fighting that had led to so many losses. He hadn't seen any family in so long, that he had hoped they would remember him. His baby blue orbs peered through the night air, glowing, almost basking in the ebony blanket of nothingness that enveloped himself and the forest he stood in. This was a blindness he was accustomed to, having been blind his entire life. His heel stomped the ground, sending vibrations through Earth, before sending signals back to him much like a bat with sonar. Using seismo-Location, he converts his energy and the vibrations into a substitute for sight. This only lasted 5 seconds with each step around him, allowing him to sense everyone and everything, until resting, much like a body of water. Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose moved through the forest, ignoring each movement of wild life around him, for he had already fed and needed to make haste to the lands.Yes, the draconic vampire was coming home, hopefully. He had seen two burnt empires, complete with abandoned cities to match. He remembered coming to the old lands, seeing the rubble of his old home. His old bed, soft, still there, surrounded by torn down walls of what he used to call his sanctuary. There is where he caught the scent of the second home, and did the same to find their current trail. It would be morning soon and he would be home. Would they accept him? Would he be wanted? Would his mother even recognize him? Surely everyone would have thought he was dead. After the war of Firedor he had left without a trace, having not been able to handle himself after killing the Firedor chief and bringing down the city that supported it. Men, woman, and children, all burnt, decapitated, starved, mutilated and taken prisoner because of him. There was no glory to war and it had taken 120 years to forgive himself, and come to peace with the acts of violence that he had committed. Yes he was a vampire who fueled himself on the sweet nectar, the life force of humans, but he never asked for it to happen. He was trapped in the body of a youth, so everyone was trusting. They would always trust a teenager, whom was hurt, and limping, and needed help. They never even saw their fate, as some sort of mercy, he supposed. Maybe them seeing their death was to cruel, just for a few days of energy. They needed to think life would continue. Jeff never meant to instill fear. He moved his dainty fingers up to his polyresin mask, removing it and lighting a nicotine stick with the flick of his thumb. He generated enough heat from his fingers, using his fire manipulation, to ignite the top of the cigarette before taking an elongated drag. Off in the distance, the sun was rising of the new empire. The Iron. He was so close. He stood there, admiring the silhouette of the kingdom, a smile formed across his bow shaped lips. "Yes..." He whispered. He then belted out, finally able to take in the view, or what he could see of it. "Yes! I'm home! Wooohooooo!" He laughed and ran down the hill, tossing his cigarette aside and placing his mask against his face. He let he sheath of his katana smack against his back with each step. He finally reached the gate, but to his surprise, the town was not there, gone. Burnt to the ground with carcasses lying out on the street and under the debris of buildings. Ashes and skull fragments are all that remained of the life that populated the city weeks ago. He marched through the wreckage and up the steps to the empire, holding his Scythe in hand. The katana was 3'10 and his scythe was attached to a staff, being 5'5 and the large blade sticking out at 2'11. These were all gifts from his mother, and no matter what happened, he would never get rid of them. Jaurl took this time to chime into Jeff's mind. "They aren't gonna want you..." His brother, fused into his energy, and brain, tormented Jeff as he knocked on the large doors of the Iron. He looked down, letting his blond strands cover his blue hues, and his scar down his right eye. "I know.." Jeff replied.

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BeelzbubBeelzbub  Whisper: The unmistakable stench of death clung to the air as Lunaria picked her way through whatever remained of the village only recently poisoned and razed… There was a plethora of crows picking and dying beside poisoned carrion that she slowly managed to kick her way over what burning remains lingered over the destroyed village. The spring air was fresh and clean, a growing group of cumulus settled over the small village as Luna kicked at a loose, heavily charred stroke of wood, covering her mouth as a smoke residue clouded into the air upon its collapse. “Disgusting…” She managed to huff, as upon stepping back, her foot connected with what was a human skull among the tainted wreckage. There was a lingering ash clouding around her as she slowly did her daily search for anything of use… A parole as it were to travel around the village to check for survivors, enemy or not, or, gods forbid another attack. Her fingertips, covered with a pair of tight leather gloves, fled into the snowy white of her hair, and almost caused her to startle over the missing position of horns on her head… Of course his fell as she huffed noisily and continued her traverse through the molding wreckage, almost careful in travelling over the ground as sprouts of life appeared here and there over the wreckage that had once been a blustering town. And who could forget the comeuppance, as she, not expecting to stay anywhere worthwhile, was caught by an old woman, bloody tears streaking down her face the day of the attack and reeking of poison as she begged to the Grand Succubus, “You must help us…” her shaking grip on her cloak tightening for a moment before a large squirt of blood rippled down her chin, and spattered to the ground between them. There had been no way I hell she was stopping on her travels. Not for a simple peasant village… And it had been the smoke which ended up calling her back, the stench of coal and fire polluting her senses and lingering there in the three weeks since… Why she had thought it was a good idea to return to the castle following the wreckage of a dragon no less. It wasn’t in her nature to climb towards the nearest of dangers… She was prideful, sneaky and above all else, incredibly cautious. This was just in her average nature and one couldn’t forget the look of her innate personal fear, like a cat too scared to be touched for long, lest it be brought to slaughter. Luna however was no cat, and despite her naturally demure appearance, her nature only signified that she, above all else, was a cautious, but trained, and versatile killer. Both her hands slide down her armor, tightly bound against her chest, and hips, the bracers of a sheet metal, flexed over her limbs and held in place by leather thongs. The simple leather garb beneath clung to her form like a glove, and yet she was entirely displeased with the tightness around her waist, the uncomfortable knit of thread from bust to the V of her hips left her grumpy and intolerable, perhaps even silent as her hands steepled in front of her and her breath left in a sharp impatient huff. There was no way in hell this time she was needing to return to the palace. After all, any resources that were left were scare, and it would be a bad idea for her to come back expecting some kind of treatment just because of who and what she was.. No doubt she was useful yes, but unless there was a reason for her staying? It was likely she would leave during the night, and not come back the following day, if ever at all.. Staying in one place was dangerous, and she knew that. A carrion bird made its hulking way towards her, with which her tail impatiently lashed out in its direction, leaving it to squawk and fly off elsewhere. “I’ll leave… Probably in the next day or so-… but for now, there isn’t a point while all these bodies are strewn about rotting and drawing bad energies to this place… Not that the stink could get any better as it was…” Her monologue was a manner in which she was unaccustomed, but it kept her entertained as she wandered through the depressing streets. Her reddened eyes scanned the wreckage towards the uncountable bodies that were left strewn about the entire village streets… “I’ll stay long enough to help the cleanup-… Then I’m gone.”

TalonDeLaRose: -Just outside the outskirts of the now smoldering town, a shimmer of light reflects off the armor of a rather strange looking individual. Standing no taller than the average norm, the man was well suited with armor that looked not familiar as to belong to any sort of faction known to any local individual. It was plated in flat black and scaled to protect against any sort that would oppose its wearer. Layered over with tailcoat that matched. His hood, feathered crest and mask giving off the look and feel of an over-sized raven or crow. Two horns spouted from his head and out his hood adding to his devilish appearance. His gaze peered over the town that lay in ruin before him. The individual shook his head showing either humor or disapproval at the sight, and as he spoke, his voice almost echoing from within his helm- “Gone countless months and out of all the times to visit, I believe this is the most wrecked I’ve seen of this land.” –The man would begin his wander through the burning town, his hidden gaze studying his surroundings as he went- “Then again, perhaps I have seen worse. Hmm. Yes…love what she haves done with the place…I can’t wait to hear the story behind this.” –though it could not been seen, anybody that would have been looking could tell he was smiling-

NevaehDeLaRose: -Nevaeh riding along on her horse Star she would be in a nice gentle walk she would breath gently looking around the sun shining but its a little cloudy she loves the sunshine as it beams down upon her face , she takes her horse into a trot as she sees her home recognising the castle she wonders if her mother is ok as she is returning from visiting another town shes been away at least a few weeks , she notices theirs no homes she remembers the war as she shivers , reaching the gates she jumps off Star and gives her horse to a guard Nevaeh would step to the front door treading lightly she pushes the door open and slips inside as she starts to look for her mother she calls out with a loud voice " mother are you here mother " searching every room Neavaeh would sigh a little hoping she can find someone at least , shes wearing a long orange dress she couldnt pack much on her horse her long silky hair covering her shoulders wavy as she rushes around the castle -

Anaya: Anaya stood there as there was a thump on the doors “well you wanted more workers Sam maybe this is more workers see to them you know how it is.” she said sternly there was a lot on the woman's mind “Milla!” she yelled out as she started to walk to the throne area her heel less feet clipping form the sharp claws on each toe. She sat down at her throne as Sam puttered off Milla coming to Anayas flank and holding out that black leather covered book so many fears “days report Milla” she said as she looked up this maid being the only one with the same colored eyes as the ruler. “days report Mam, the stables have bin cleaned, floors moped and castle cleaned as well all was done wall moon was up Mam, the worms and horses as well as the runners are fed and the food is still stocked as well as four groups are out right now getting more from the harvest lands and game fields, all is well...other then the pipes. Back in east wing the pips are backed up again as well in the slave halls it is messy Mam... ” she said it as she looked to the ground not happy with the days report ending as Anaya marked some things in the book and then shut it putting it at her side on the throne. “it is alright I know it is bad right now Milla, get a couple workers and get it fixed up down there for all, tell them it is a order from me but do it in a moment stay here a bit it is nice having your company Milla” Anaya opend back up the book and started putting things in it with the black feathered quill she had with the book at all times. Meanwhile Sam was moving to the doors to open them, also much on the brain he had so much to do today and still had dinner to make and get set up as well as chambers to clean and sheets to get put out and well lots to do, as his hand moved out to get the door it was swung open with no taping no nothing and it almost hit him right in the face. He gave a grunt as he stumbled back a but biting his lip to not say a word. “well Welcome home my Young lady ” he said softly as he bowed his head respectfully and stood at the door preventing it from falling back down to hit who ever else was there as he did hear a light male like voice as the door was flung open. He held the door and said “your mother is at the thrones young miss, she will be happy to see you since you have bin gone sometime much has happened. ” he looked up as he could see a male there and he did not say a thing wondering who the male was, but he said anyway “Welcome Sir to Iron Dynasty the Queen is in the throne room you may come in if you wish, sorry for the ….door”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff stood there, waiting outside, above the soot covered village on the large steps that ran to the kingdom. He crossed his arms in a huffing motion as his brother barked back into his methodical mind. "So what caused you to come back? You know that it's going to dramatic. I know we have not seen Mother Dearest since before you murdered Chief Arsehole but I know her handy work when I see it and it is all over that town down there." Jaurl did have point, Anaya and Jeff would do one of two things when they laid eyes on the old AWOL prince. Either it would be a heartfelt embrace that would set his wandering mind at ease, or this would be family home number three that would get destroyed. "And I know that we are strong but after all the soul searching you did, I know you won't attack her if she gets angered. What then? Kill your own mother? Run away again?" Jeff tried pushing the babbling moron's words away, but to no avail. The Son of The Rose was home, along with the Son of The Loud Mouths and it seemed that there was no going back. Jeff listened, unwillingly, to his brother's words and sighed, tightening the straps to his face mask. "I guess what happens...happens. I'm here, and there is no point leaving. We have been looking for this place for a long time..if you thought this was such a bad idea, why didn't you say anything before?" Jeff rebuttled and raised a brow awaiting a solid answer. "Honestly, you worked hard to find this place and had to kill quite a few people to get here. It was worth being quiet to see you put time and effort into tracking down your dead family." Jeff rolled his eyes, scoffing at his brother's remark. "I can sense a few of them inside. Nice try, dumbass." Jeff clicked his boots against the stone steps as he stood awaiting for someone the door. His pants were made out of modern day denim, from a different universe entirely, and even though people looked at him as strange when he sported the attire, his family never thought it was strange. On his torso was a casual cotton T-shirt, laying atop his pale stone flesh, and a black hooded jacket over his shirt. He looked like he was from the future, or what he knew as the present day, but he would always belong in this time. He was a sword master, a great sorcerer and a smart scholar. If he never would have been turned as a teenager, he would never have become this powerful. He would have died on the street. He sighed some as he knocked again before being passed, rather rudely by a woman whom pushed the doors aside and walked inside. "Oh...rude. You know, an asshole would have said something about that..." He muttered to himself. The yellow golden strands cascaded down into Jeff's view, yet they didn't do much to his vision, for despite being blind, the draconic vampire could see far better than most men or demons. He could roar better then most dragons. He could fight better than most guards. He was made for The Iron. Made for the DeLaRose. He sighed and quickly smiled as he felt an energy greet him. "You are no Manwe but you seem like you work hard. I just felt that door almost hit you. You are a patient man. Thank you for answering me." Jeff bowed and began walking toward the thrones, making a B-line for the woman he called his mother, quickly leaving the man servant at the doors. His eyes widened as his feet settled in the middle of hall, staring at the woman whom raised him, his voice almost silent. "M-...mother..." He whispered out to the unrecognizable woman. "I'm home..."

Beelzbub: Lunaria Trinity Drago was a succubus by birth, born by the product of a mortal and succubus… The woman who delivered her didn’t have the chance to meet her before the succubus shifter responsible for her creation dragged her away and raised her from the ground up as she grew up as a protégé to become the eventual husk of her shifter mother-… Upon maturity, she escaped her home, her mother dying very quickly upon her energy source disappearing from her life. She grew up as a street rat, unwanted and disconnected from the world around her. It took a tutor, a human taking her and binding her to his family to truly allow her to learn about her family. She was trained as a solider, and became a proficient fighter, and overall well trained monster on the battle field… As a succubus, she carried the benefits of a demon, and yet, she drew from the practiced art of blood magic, and from that, she kept herself sustained through to adulthood. She now stood at one hundred and forty years old and lived a nomadic lifestyle as she was released from the long deceased Drago family, still carrying their name as her own and accepting what work she could, lest she was bound once again to a family, and forced to serve the years of her long life without peace. Why had she taken the time out to help the village people in these lands? What had been the point? Could she not merely helpfully wander into the woods, create a new home and live out her life preying on unsuspecting visitors in peace? No… She sought companionship, not in the intimate manner that mortals so often craved, but in the terms of someone on equal footing to herself who could deal with the social stunting she seemed to possess, and merely provide her silent, non judgmental company… Considering where she was now, it seemed like a tall order, but honestly who was she to compare or question what the fates had in mind for her in this long, enduring life. The strange sounds of a man wandering through the wreckage set Luna on high alert, his blindness hindering his sight to noticing her, but none the less she fell entirely still, crouched only so with her eyes narrowed into dangerous vertical slits as the man quietly passed through the destroyed village and wandered his way back towards the DeLaRose castle-… Not one she had sworn fealty to-… After all, why was her nature enduring now, showing the flickering faces of struggling children, babies and the elderly within, healing and dying due to the recent attack? If this was another assassin sent to attack the hold, she would have no fault in tearing the man limb frm bloody limb and testing his allegiances. With an annoyed flare of her nostrils she released the breath she was holding with the wind, and began to track the male towards the long winding road back to the palace, entirely unawares that her face, and hair were smudged with ashes, leaving her sooty and messy, and in dire need of a bath (not of course that she would take one with any degree of ease. It was his whoop of joy that stopped her in her tracks, tail swiping through the air with alarm as the hiss of tobacco smoke filled her lungs, and left her eyes watery with disgust… What kind of companionship would any of these mortals carry or not? He stank of death… Bearing the shield of the night folk no doubt and concealing his identity of his true nature behind a mask of sorts. “Filthy creatures…” her mind screamed as she followed the armed man, travelling along whatever broken materials she could manage so not to draw any degree of attention to herself whatsoever. Each careful yet dainty step was met by both of her hands travelling along the planes in which she traversed. Until they arrived at a degree of cobble, she stayed a good fifty feet back, her fingertips locating her bow, the fletching of an arrow kissing her fingertips as she in guarded position travelled almost in a rough, hop, skip and a jump after the blonde. It took a moment for him to approach the doors, the butler opening the doors and allowing a female to enter, completely unawares to her focus until now… “Damn sloppy… After all this, letting virtual strangers into the castle… Who in their right mind would be so careless?” Her teeth ground together, cheek catching against the fangs beneath her lips and filling her mouth with blood after a moment as she pulled her arrow away, allowing the male through the doors and scuffing at the dirt in front of her. With angry mutterings to herself, her fingertips caught at her opposite hand, nipping her gloves off her thin fingered hands and brushing the bare skin up into her carefully styled hair, rubbing the soot away, her hands caressing the markings off of her face so she would be even minutely presentable following her travels… The field report would be simple, ‘No sign of life whatsoever, body count close to 1200 and likely still growing beneath the rubble… Poison levels significantly dropped to a safe level-… Recon of the bodies should begin immediately, Strange blonde man approaching castle, allowed in by incompetent butler, remind me to kill him later.” Without a word further, Luna approached the castle, doors opening after a moment allowing her in without so much as a courtesy… This was likely due to her angry glare towards the butler allowing in people willy nilly.. Her focus at this moment was not so on the guards, but it was on who exactly the presumptuous male was. Impatiently pushing her soot coated gloves into her bosom, she walked through the doors, bow strung back over her back, and arrow returned to its quiver and followed the male, just long enough to have him refer to the Empress as mother. The notion itself laughable, though she stood at his side with a salute towards her ladyship until allowed to pull from the tight, military-esque salute.

TalonDeLaRose: -he would continue along his way, stopping occasionally and looking around as if he was surveying the damage. Finally reaching the doorstep of the rose he would turn, looking over the path he just came up- “Water, fire…” –his would pause for a moment, the wind sweeping the feathers on his traveling cloak. He would gaze towards the doors that led inside. - “…Earth and wind…hmm nothing has changed as it?” –Grasping the rung would push the door inside, stopping just within the entryway. Looking to his left he would gaze down at a maid who was waiting just inside. A small pause sound before he finally spoke- “I apologize” –He said, again his voice echoing from within the helm- “Is Anaya about? Or would I have to search for her myself now hm?” –Though echoing with a metallic tone, his voice was soft and kind despite such-

Anaya: Sam looked around as he spotted the woman walk in behind the male, guessing in some way they were together and knowing how Anaya was with allowing guests in he did not even bother to ask them to disarm or do anything, this was a dragons land Anaya was not thoughtless she just did not fear anything so did not request butlers or maids to ask things like that. But one would have to get to know the dragon woman first to learn this but he was sure the people would meet her why else would they be here it was not like the castle had anything really of value that people new about. He looked up to the ...feathered? Male? Coming inside he had no idea really first time seeing this kinda beasty. “Greetings and welcome to Iron Anaya the ruler is is in the throne area she will be with you surely please just make your way up to that area it is right down the hall please follow the roses upon the floor. ” he said as he watched that maid who was cleaning a flower pot run away kinda shocked at the feathers. He let out a chuckle as he shut the doors and started to walk back up behind the group. Anaya was nicely siting talking to Milla “Miss Anaya we do have guests it seems” she said softly as she looked up from her book shutting it once more no longer needing it and handing it back to Milla “some call me mother I don't have any other then nev........jeff?” she said softly as she got up her body looked younger then it used to in truth it was, hell she could pass as her own suns model of a girl friend let alone a mom to him. She walked up to him without saying a word and embraced him abruptly , her figure being taller then he was and her breasts being almost in his face. “you have bin missed my son, were have you even bin the years past much has changed here, I never thought I would see your head again.” Mila stood there not knowing what to do or why she was acting that way, Anaya was being nicer then normal this was odd in its self but she said nothing and stood there. Nev had seemed to go into some other chamber room on her hunt for her mother even if her mother was right there girls could be funny sometime and that bird think just walked into another room seeming to think were he was informed to go was that way, Anaya let out a laugh it was true it was a legit laugh she pulled her embrace from her son and looked up. She looked up red eyes shimmering in the light as she spotted the female behind Jeff “now who may you be, a wondering fighter I take it, strong at that, it must be odd for you here, same place but odd actions, please make yourself at home, but please do not harm, I do not like tossing people from my halls. But please do not use the water unless you truly need to. ” she would look back to Jeff but you have bin gone for so long you will need a guard for the time being I am sure we can find a fitting male to protect you, I would hate to have to vanish from me once more” she let that grin come over her lips there was still good old evil dragon woman in there, it was just a bit more sugar coated with sweet sweet candy and venom.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose:"Baaaaad Idea! You dumb mother fuc-..." Jaurl screamed into Jeff's mind, sending a piercing echo through his skull. He gripped his head as he felt the energy behind him, the same one that had been following him since he had entered the lands. He didn't know it was there, watching him, armed at him, but now it was there, behind him saluting his mother, whom was also up, almost rather quickly. He looked down at his mother with a large smile from behind his mask. "You can't kill a good DeLaRose. Many have tried in the last  120 years, and I realized that I don't want to run anymore. I have no reason." She wrapped her arms around him, and he returned the alarming hug. He was caught of guard by the kindness of the old bone dragon, now with a fresher energy. Almost youthful. There was that same energy behind him. "I'm sorry mother, I never meant to harm anyone. I-...I needed to exile myself. I considered myself a war criminal for all I have done." Jeff then took a step back as his mother mentioned a guard. "I can protect myself, you and I both know that. I have been doing it for 120 years. I have killed more men than you have eaten. You know this. When I left I was young but I was still able to handle myself.  I have grown since then." He growled as she mentioned the guard and how he needed to be protected. "I will not leave again.." He sighed softly and shook his head, quickly catching himself as he ran his fingertip over his mask, out of habit. "I don't want to argue, not after 120 years. If you think I need a guard then I accept your offer but it is not because I can not protect myself, it is because your word around here is law. I respect that." Jeff bowed his head to Anaya, the queen of the Rose. He then moved his view behind him toward the power that saluted. "This one...If you think I need a guard, then begin with a good act. I feel like this person should have a Job. Obviously they came in right behind me. Surely they are in need of a position and frankly, mother, seeing the ruined village, it seems like you aren't in any position to turn down help. " He spoke to his mother, eyeing the stranger. Then speaking directly to them. "That is why you are here, yes? A position?"

Lunaria just sat in her position for a few long minutes, ignoring the burn of her arm as the long winded male kept his mouth open, and morosely went on a sob story of his life. It was all she could do to keep her eyes locked respectfully in one place, a frustrated sigh very nearly burbling through her lips as she permitted herself to stand down. It took a few long moments for her mind to practically scream, “You bumbling galoot, can you kindly shut your howling screamer.” She stood down only slightly, her intention not to ruin or wreak havoc on the hold which allowed her overall survival and care I the days following her position within the hold… How odd it seemed that in the days following her removal form her mothers hold, this boy had left home for his own time… Perhaps he was older than she… It may have been so… but she kept her mouth buttoned and her eyes ahead as they two exchanged words. Upon the mentioning of the male, named Jeff towards her becoming his guard, Lunaria kept her eyes to the setting around her, eyes closed for a long moment before she opened them again, refusing to speak. If the empress chose to offer the job to her, who knew what the possibilities would lie… After all what could babysitting do to her in the long haul? She continued her silence for the longest of moments, glancing seriously at the empress before letting out the smallest of sighs to allow their continuance.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the woman as she said nothing to her "i think she would be fitting the job, seems like the type to do as informed not the type to move on and do jobs not needing of her attention, if she wants it she may have it no need to place the female were she does not wish to go. but i am sure the both of you can work it out" Milla was right behind Anaya taping the book on the Rulers arm "Miss Anaya there is a problem down in the sub deck the workers yelled up that they cant unclog the pips they need some of your heat my lady, maybe Sam can entertain the guests" Anaya looked around as Milla said that and oh one would have guessed Sam was gone just vanished off to do something or to roll in the hay with some maid or maybe a sheep. she rolled her red eyes as she looked to her son "i am sorry my son i can not stay, you know how it is here somethings never change, but get to know your new guard i am sure you will both work well together. but please i must get going i have to get to things for no one can do anything by them selves it seems" she would lean in and kissed his cheek on the side of his mask "i am glad you are home, there is a room in the upper halls made for you" she turned on her heels and started to walk with Milla over to the lower level steps.

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Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff raised a small brow as his mother took him Seriously and kissed his mask and left. 120 years and she just said hello, then quickly goodbye, and left. Yet he couldn't blame her. Due to the wreckage, he assumed that she had much on her plate. His fingers moved to scratch the back of his head, before looking toward his new guard. "I wasn't serious." He blinked, almost taken back by this sudden burst of events. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult you by offering you to be my guard, I was making a joke, but I assume my mother takes everything I say and will turn it around. 120 years and Nothing has changed. He shook his head, looking away from their gaze. "I am Jeff, it is nice to meet you. Whoever you are. " Jarul kicked the side of Jeff's skull, sending a sharp migraine spiraling through his body. "Shut up, you fucking push over! You made it home, congrats, but you need to go sleep. As much as I would love to see you make a fool out of yourself." Jaurl ranted on and on for a while while Jeff took a few steps back, gripping his skull. "F-..Fuck!" His mind was pulsating with massive pain, Jaurl trying to force his brother to sleep. Jeff simply shook his head and moved over to the fireplace and sat on the sofa, after looking to the guard and speaking while biting back pain. "Excuse me, I need a minute." His fingers continued to grip his head, hoping the migraine would cease soon.

Anaya: Anaya walked to the basement doors as she paused for a moment Milla Grabbing her arm as she turned “my lady Anaya I do not think this is a good idea I know why you have paused is he truly helpful in this matter?”  “yes he can see not the same as we do, he will aid he is a good man now, trust me Milla” “alright My Lady Anaya I trust your judgment I will get the door”  she then moved and took a hand and opened the door her matching red eyes matching up with Anaya's own, there same eyes it was creepy at the same time as it was something some wanted to ask about even if Anaya or Milla would not let anyone know. “Jeff come here my son, I need a hand in the lower levels we can spend needed time, I am sure your guard will be fine up here for now she seems to be passing out on the sofa anyway. Please be snappy we must be going” she then moved as her silks flowed as her aura started to flow out a bit, it was holy and it was young. She was not the old dragon she once was she was oddly younger her skin pale and her hair platinum white and flowing down over her shoulders tan silks swaying in the air.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jaurl never got the attention from Jeff that he asked for. Never. No mater how much pain and suffering he put Jeff through. He just wanted his brother to sleep and with him being a part of Jeff, he could feel himself fatigue along with Jeff himself. "Go the fuck to sleep, you brain dead blood sucking leech! For the Gods sake!" Jeff shook his head, growling lightly as the voice rambled on and on, rattling his skull in every degree, nearly forcing him to listen. That was until his Mother called him from the door. "I uh-....yes mother." He shook his head respectfully, listening to the voice of his other half, his Yang cease. He stood, sending the sonar like waves of his sesmo-location to pinpoint each object in his path. Soon, everything became clear, his mother, her assistant , and even the butler. As Jeff passed the man who had let him in, Samual nodded, and Jeff, out of habit, bowed his head back before reaching his Birth giver's side. "I've noticed a low supply of water. Your pipes aren't running out to the Forest's natural springs, and the pipes you do have are clogged. I'm not trying to be disrespectful or anything, Mother but you aren't doing well...what happened down there? Did you...burn your own villages?" He asked, raising a brow as her appearance came into view. "And how in the hades are you so youthful? What happened in the last 120 years? I thought you all one was at the old home. And...aunt Isis's the second home. I need to know everything. What happened to everyone?" As he asked his many reasonable questions, they walked to the problem, where he was sure he could help.

Anaya: She took her hand and placed it up top his own as she took him to the steps. Milla shutting the doors behind them as she stayed there at the door way knowing Anaya would be able to lead the way down with no problems knowing the paths as she did build them after all.”things in the past just happened, sadly your Aunt Isis died in a fire that took out most of the wing, it was tragic but sadly I was unable to bring her body back so it got left behind, but it is the past my son, we have other things to do. The castle has bin at war as of late, people came from the east, they called themselves the owl and they poisoned the town forcing me to burn it all to prevent the toxin from going forth into more and into the castle. All our pips are broken we have diggers drilling out in the yard when the sun is up so we can place  pipelines down to the spring and the river, our water is very low and we are almost running on empty. We will not have enough for the coming weeks”   she walked down leading him down the discussing rat infested, dripping mold and sludge the catacombs were dark and had very little light but she new the way like the back of her hand, they came  to a large door as she placed her hand upon its wooden and stone frame and looked back at him “there is much here, it is not a nice view in there I do hope you are ready for it”

Jeff DeLaRose: People coughed and moved about, rats scurried across the floors and pipes, and infants cried a muffled cry in the distance. What was this? Could this be? Why had everything happened this way? And why had he left? He listened to his mother's story and took a step back. "Isis died of asphyxiation, not a fire. She could filter out the smoke in her lungs, her death just caught me off guard." She was lying. Her body language and rise in heart rate told him that. He looked down as she spoke of it being gruesome where they were about to enter. "You know better than I do that this family has seen more than enough gore. Nothing you can show me will surprise me anymore. You do know I left after the war of Firedor. I killed that chief and got 300 people murdered. Children as well. I've come to terms with the trail of bodies we and our enemies leave. It is why I have come home." Someone had poisoned his home? Another war? Did he return home after all these years to be thrown back into fighting? Obviously, Anaya was far more protective than before. She had taught him everything he knew, and now 120 years later, she acted as if he was a teenager again, experiencing his first kill all over again. How long did Jeff vomit after he slit that first throat?

Anaya cracked a grin, he new she was lieing, she had the idea but hell it was better then saying she killed her own sister by strangling her to death with the bathroom window drape cus the woman sold her out. “yes we have seen blood but this is not blood it is shit” Anaya opened the doors, it smelled like someone had backed up a city sewer line in there. But there were people in there, beds,woman, children, people no one cared about. “this is the castles slums, were the poor go and were mut bloods end up if they break rules, it is as much a prison as it is a place for rest and them to live. ” A guard was there his legs covered in a brownish black substance that dropped into the inch of water on the floor, as soon as the door opened that gross water flooded over there feet making her silk dress stained on the bottom. “Miss Anaya and....Miss Anaya it is a mess here I am so sorry but it is not getting any better and we cant find the clog in the pips. I am sorry for calling you down here as we know you do not like it here but we held no other choice my lady” even with the gross water and crap on the floor the male got upon a knee before her a splash in the water as Anaya grabbed his shoulders and got him to stand once more “please don't kneel here, they say your name is Jak, so Jak the problem is just a cloged pip or is there other problems here?” she asked as her red eyes looked at him the black slits strong as sideways cutting clear lids make them that much more creepy when she blinked. “no miss Anaya there is the normal, four more people have passed today it was three the day before and another four the day before that, many are dieing from sickness and the toxin.  As well as we are running out of room in the graves they will have to be made larger and deeper as well as cover the old bodys with dirt and lime” “that is fine jaks it will be done in the coming weeks I am sure, I would take more up to the medic hall but I can not have the sicker infecting the healing, we do not know what this toxin is and sadly we can not find out now seeing the people that put it here have long vanished. So please lead the way to the clogged pips

Jeff DeLaRose: Feces, everywhere. Backed up pipes and toilet water flooded the lower floor as they walked inside. Jeff's boots clopped as they walked, until stopped by the guard. Jeff was certainly glad he did not need to breathe, as well as the air filtration in his mask. This made the sight a tad more acceptable, but not by much. He listened to the words spoken by the both of him before chiming in. "I know how to fix this. Mother, I need you to go to one end of the pipes, where the first blockage is!" He nodded quickly before walking over to the second blockage. "These pipes are all connected. If one gets blocked, they all get blocked, and pipes in the village are melted under ground. The only way to restore the flow of water is to destroy the pipes connected to town and reroute the water to the forest spring. The new flow of running water, along with our heat will cause the blockage to cease." Jeff was a hot head in his youth but much had changed. He was cold, more knowledgeable and far more deadly. He had been doing recon on the way here. Something none of the other guards had done or found. "I found that spring untouched. There is already an old pipe line running under it. If we can disconnect the pipes from town and reconnect it to the springs, we can help these people and restore water. But first we need double the heat to unclog this pipe. We need two powers. Two heat sources." Jeff strode at the second blockage, letting the energy in his chi rise. Flames formed from his palms, dancing around his wrists, before he shot the flames out far, heating the pipe, and breaking up the blockage. "Mother, unblock the other pipe!" If she would do this, it would restore a bit more water supply to the Iron, and would cease one of their problems.

Anaya: Anaya was proud of her son but this was the moment things had to be done, she let that guard move to the side as within seconds her eyes went from red to a deep black with a red spinning flame resting in there centers, but soon the eyes turned fully into darkness. Holding her hands out a bright white flame started to burn on her hands the flames growing in heat, they got hotter and brighter and soon the woman's eyes fully changed to a deep black red spin then to pure black, there was nothing of red left in her hues. But there was a problem, she could no longer see as she was blinding herself, dragons were made to do there attacks in large spaces but tight cramped areas were there was hardly any light to begin with. She moved as she could feel the water on her bear feet and she moved to the other pip placing her hands on the sides of the pipe letting the heat flood into the spot were Jeff had told her to, she could not see but she could hear and she was using her feet to see and feel her way around.

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NevaehRoseTalonsbaneNevaehRoseTalonsbane : -after searching each room in the upper halls Nevaeh would be thinking where the hell could her mother be shes been searching absolutely everywhere not finding her anywhere , she would head downstairs her hips swaying , this time all dressed in an orange dress stepping lightly down each step her blue icey eyes scanning around her she sees a butler she speeds up calling out " have you seen my mother anywhere been looking for her i have so much to tell her and having no luck " she gets her response being told her mother isnt around at the moment she would nod her head and request a drink from the butler of fresh orange while she awaits her mothers return she goes and sits down upon a throne , lightly the butler coming forth with her drink she thanks him and sips on it the soothing cold drink running down her throat , refreshing something she really needed after her long travels upon her horse Star -

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: No, not now. She couldn't feel how much heat she was giving off. He stopped his flames, feeling the water run through, but not flow upstairs. She was melting the pipe, that had to be the only way. He ran over to her and created a light source using pure chi. A glimmering light emitted from his palm and floated up into the air, allowing all around him to see. As the pipe bent, he listened to the water his when touching the blistering metal, but also drip onto the ground. "Trust me. Step back. You don't want to get sludge on your dress." Jeff then trusted his hand into the pipe, avoiding the red hot sides of the iron. His baby blues cut through the dark as he powered up his aura, releasing a large burst of energy as he raised his telekinetic energy. His hand acted like a magnet, gripping all the blockage with his mind before yanking and feeling water rush through the pipes, almost alarmingly. The sludge began rushing toward the open hole, where Jeff's arm had been. Jeff quickly moved, burning himself slightly on the sides of the hole. He grunted, but sighed in relief after, seeing months of built up sludge pour out onto the ground with a sickening splat. But, what was this, after seconds of sludge came the fresh, clean water. Jeff smiled and used his shadow manipulation, gifted to him by Jaurl to create a dark putty like goop that stuck itself to the leaking large hole, sending gallons of fresh water back upstairs. This was a small victory, the pipes still needed to be disconnected from the village and reconnected to the spring, then lives could be saved. After a few seconds, the water on the ground started to drain, and a smile behind Jeff's mask grew. "I'm covered in shit...."

ContortedNightmares: Gemmy lifts her head and laughs as she walks through the main doors of the great DeLaRose kingdom, the scents and aromas reminding her of long ago she allows them to fill nasal cavities as she inhales deeply. Chest rising and falling from swallowed yet surprisingly calmed breaths she allows silvery hues to scan the area as she begins to remember every nook, every cranny, every hiding place she once had. Top lip curling upwards a light and gingerly smile begins to creep across plump and lush lips. Once upon a time she had called this place home, so much joy yet she had also had her fair share of sadness along the way. Lifting both arms up and above her head she stretches herself out hearing back crack and pop along with her neck as she stretches it left then right. Since she had left this place her heart had grown cold, cruel, she cared not for others as thoughts once more pulled her back to the past, it was instilled into her to survive, those who opened their heart allowing emotion to flood it and make it weak had no place here. Shaking her head she is brought back to reality by the sound of a voice, it was annoying and sickly like nails across the chalkboard it caused her to shudder. Gaze moving towards the throne area she wrinkles her nose up as eyes widen, her footsteps seemingly silent hips swing from side to side with an almost hypnotic sway as she moves towards the sniveling little thing causing such a whiny noise. Stopping just to the side of the female she extends her right arm and with fingers outstretched she begins to comb slender digits through the girl’s hair, thinking to herself momentarily she grabs a fistful and rips the female’s head backwards as she speaks with a soft yet confident voice. *hmmmm left all alone my pretty pretty pretty, I am quite ready for a snack and …. yes yes yes I think you will do quite nicely.* Dipping head forward she growls into the females ear *oh please please do struggle I enjoy a fight when I’m killing people.*

Beelzbub: Despite her decided disregard when it came to the caring of any of the DeLaRose family members it was not to be forgotten that Lunaria, in all her grace and poise was an easily entertain create. And with such loose felted entertainment to find herself, it was easier to simply laze about iin whatever she could find people watching while her charge did… Well.. Whatever people like him did. Today just so happened to be a day when he managed to slip away, and she, in light armor, was left to explore the castle, her eyes and ears focused elsewhere.. While she didn’t enjoy the prospect, it was likely just the same that she was to lose her payment should anything happen to her loathsome charge. Having constructed a netting of sorts which overlooked the throne room, Lunaria rested above a metal hammock of sorts in a lazy kind of way, on her back and quietly observing the sounds of the working pipe work, as it grew fixed, as well as the grating voice of a child wheedling its way into her ears, and with it, soon came the voice of a female who seemed all too eager to destroy the young trolop below. And here of course was the balance of details… She was the daughter of the Empress, and with that, came the responsibility of Jeff’s care. But did it NECESSARILY link her to all the others in the family… Of course Jeff wasn’t around, and who was to say this wasn’t a breaking time for her? After all she hadn’t been approached in some time. The metal threads clinging like a spiders webbing to her gloves creaked and groaned as she shifted with loose interest. Of course she might get paid extra to stick around, but in the mean time, there was no harm in approaching the girl, and therefore, she would simply watch, the long loose tendrils of her hair twisting down her head and falling over her shoulder as she lent to the edge of her hammock and watched with quiet interest.

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NevaehRoseTalonsbane: -seeing a woman walking towards her hearing her words she would see her arm reaching for her before she can lay her hand upon her she would move quickly out of the way getting of the throne she runs straight for her horse , the guard has it already there for her little did the woman know she was able to get word to get her horse ready she would climb straight onto its back and search the lands for her mother , Nevaeh would look around and scan as she puts her throughbred horse straight into a full on gallop her heart raCING a grin upon her lips shes quite quick for a child shes learnt her tricks from her mother , she whispers softly to Star her horse whos 4 very spirited a smooth black coat has alot of speed and strength she whispers " carry me like the wind to my mother lets find her " -

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as the flames around her died down and the bright light in that small room died down as well “i am sorry, sometimes one cant tell how much heat they use, is your arms alright my son?” she said with real care to her words as she looked him up and down and giggled to herself covering her lips with her hand to try to hide the laugh. “miss Anaya the water is fixed it is all thanks to your...son?” Jak called out as he looked over to the both of them looking at all the water on the floor “we will get this cleaned up right away please get out of the muck and be on the dry part on the other side of the room, please be in your way the both of you and clean up we will clean this I promise.” he went behind them and started to shove them both out as Anaya was giggling and being pushed out the doors along with her son. The doors were shut as one could hear rejoicing behind the doors, feet of concrete were between them and the upper level so it was very cold down here when night was coming, one could feel the draft from the open end tunnels that led down to the east side sea “they are happy all cus of you my son I did nothing but give a bit of warmth. And would you like a show of the catacombs? ”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His eyes peered downward as he was praised by his mother and asked if he was alright. It was a small burn, barely worth asking about, for she had seen him in far worse situations. Nearly bled like a pig being one of them. Himself bursting through the doors of the first home covered in his own blood and many others was enough to make him feel nostalgic at the thought of such blissful memories. Death, is like a river. Calming, peaceful, and almost needed. He sighed some and removed his jacket, tossing the muck covered clothing to a child, whom seemed to be shivering. Slaves, villagers, and prisoners all scattered through the basement, so stumbling across one watching wasn't rare. "Don't worry kid, it doesn't smell that bad." The malnourished child smiled in delight at the gift, and repeated the words "Our Gods, Their Grace" over and over again with his hands clasped. Jeff watched this for a moment before being pulled back into conversation with Jak and his Mother. "I didn't do much sir, I only restored part of the castle with water." He smiled brightly from behind his mask before quickly being scooted off deeper into the basement. "I think I just did what I should have, Mother. I'm glad to help you. I would love a tour!"

ContortedNightmares: The smile upon Gems lips spreading she was sure she looked like the Cheshire cat grinning from ear to ear as the girl figured she would run, oh this did make the kill all the more fun when they struggled, to think they really stood a chance with her, a chance to live, a chance for something when in all actuality there was nothing for them but a deep dark abyss of pain, blood and torture. Her eyes shimmering and glistening as a hint of something evil could be seen lurking within, she shakes her head beginning to sing an old and long forgotten lullaby mixed with an almost manical giggle. Bigger, stronger and faster than the feeble attempt of a female in front of her she grasps the hilt of her dagger attached to her lower back and white knuckles it as she pulls it from its hiding place. The handle so intricately carved and the blade ten inches in length it was made from a metal which had been folded two hundred times, could cut clearer than the purest of diamonds causing damage of the highest form especially to the flesh of animal or person. Reaching the horse before the child she dips and bends to cut its left hind leg just above its tendon then moves to match the blow to the front leg, grabbing a fistful of its luscious mane and ripping its head back she places the blade of her dagger to the right side of the beasts throat and in one fluid motion pushes the blade deep and hard as she drags it across the animals throat, the burst of blood as it sprays and hits her face causes her to laugh loud and clear as it now slumps to the floor in a heap at her feet. Face now a deep shade of crimson her eyes widen to the thirst taking over, to kill for pleasure, to kill for fun sent shivers of electricity throughout her body to a point she was sure she had a small orgasm just from killing the beats. Turning her attentions towards the child she grins once more and speaks *run run as fast as you can … I want to catch you cos you’re the gingerbread man*

Beelzbub: “How interesting… The little beastie is trying to run away…” her head cocking to the side with a low, gentle sigh, the iron supports holding her upright began to loosen and return to their homes within her gloves. Still held upright, she let out a low, bored sigh leaning to straddle the remaining set of nearly invisible cords her ankles crossing as she stretched upwards, her hands meeting at the high point of her stretch, to grip one another and aid in the overall tug upwards. Almost light headed, her knees gripped the cords in her hands as she leant back enough to drop with fearful speed, catching herself with the crook of her knees and hanging like a bat, the long white of her hair dropping about her shoulders, and down past her ears to a near two feet beneath her head in her upside-down status. Put simply, Lunaria’s gloves were an exceptional painless conduit to her blood magic’s, the drawn free iron in her blood, co mingled with that of her victims proved to be the only known weapon in her arsenal she never relieved herself from. This is where her iron cords came from, weakened after a period of time, not because she was pulling from HERSELF, merely what gathered reinforced iron cording which grew from the iron in the victim’s blood. One cord tore free from the wall, and slithered its way along the surface of her skin, and clothing back into her gloves. The next cord to release allowed her to effortlessly drop down from the ceiling to the ground landing with a graceful thump as her boots touched down to the ground, and with it, the cord slithered into her right glove, still extended from herself in another lazy stretch. What was it about guard work that made her so damn tired? Who was to know? The loose threads keeping her cleavage from view hung open, exposing the smooth freckled skin beneath the material of her armor. Almost too lazy to do it up, she absently tugged on the laces, before making her way towards the abandoned glass by the throne. There was a soft scent permeating the girls once sitting spot, her fingertips marring the glasses surface, along with a subtle lip stain. Examining the glass, she raised it to her lips, lapping at a single drop clinging to the smooth material to partake in the overly tart orange fluid… Yes it was nearly time for her monthly hunt out in the wilderness. Some kind of animal would likely have to suffice for now-… the tart flavor poisoned her mouth enough to leave her, tongue hanging out in an almost comical way as she dropped the glass with a half hearted shrug of the shoulders and watched out the door as the young girl somehow managed to get hold of a horse, which was IMMEDIATELY butchered, slicing the air with the stain of blood so much that her mouth began to salivate more than it had already. Both her hands sat to her hips as she looked out the door and nodded. Yes she would need to hunt soon… that much was clear… but for now she was in plain sight, wearing the DeLaRose sigil, and likely, at this point, the only thing that could SAVE Neveah in any direction.

Anaya: Anaya put her hand on the wall so she could lead her way in the darkness, but then as she moved her hand a small flame sparkedon her finger and there it was a small torch. “all the underground tunnels were here when I found this place, but they were not used so we put them to good use for slave quarters and for the dead. But some areas are off limits for you as well as anyone else so if you see anyone coming down here you let me know, the guards are happy stabbers down here and it is not really safe for anyone, and there is a spider problem so have to watch out for that. ” she paused and kept walking to a large open area witch many paths. “to the north is just dead body's and bone graves there is nothing really there, back the way we came is the steps down here and up to the main hall there is only one door down here that is always locked and guarded, guards shift posts every three hours on the dot. To the east there is the slave beds and a slave area with food more water and there kitchen and living area and west, well there is nothing down there” she looked back at him “really there is not much down here we can go back up to the main level if you wish, I know Milla is up there waiting on us, she will be pleased you fixed the water she has bin very upset about the whole thing.”

ContortedNightmares: The girl doing nothing but stand there like the obvious moron she is Gem simply tilts her head left then right hearing neck crack and pop once more, mmmmm she so loved the smell of blood late in the afternoon which caused her to laugh once more. Parting plump and lush lips as she remembers a poem she used to speak went she went hunting in the black of the night *Your actions become the stakes that crucify this flesh … your words becomes the thorn that pierces this pride … the sword it rips into your soul and renders it dead … the painful cries ring out inside, to live again then you must die … I'm running after you …. I'm running after you … playtime night time I’m running after you … so run as fast as your legs may tread …. The ghosts of the past will wake in your stead …. I’m running after you* Moving towards the female she begins to giggle, reaching just in front of her she lifts her free hand using it to slap the girl straight across the face, cooing and aaa’ing as her blood drenched hand had now caused a pattern she shouts out *ooooooo it looks like a butterfly* Seeing the girl fall to the floor she steps over her placing a foot either side then dips and bends at the knee as she squats. Using her free hand once more she grabs the child by the hair lifting her head upwards, dipping her own head forward she covers the child’s face with slobbery kisses allowing the blood to spread all across her face making her look like a clown on Halloween night. Lifting the dagger high she presses the tip just underneath the girls left eye and with enough pressure as she pushes it inwards causes the eyeball to pop out and dangle there as she giggle snorts *oooopsie my bad*Using the dagger to pop in back into place she watches the blade slice straight through it as giggles grow louder and more incessant, knowing she wishes to dissent this thing in front of her just for sheer fun she drags the tip of the blade down across Nev’s cheek moving towards her throat, the jugular being seen she thinks out loud as she begins to push the blade deeper and deeper into the child’s throat. *hmmmm how far how far will it go … twist it and turn it around and around ….. pop and slice press and dice around and around does it go* Blood beginning to cover her as it gushes from Nev’s neck she grabs the child by the face and looks to her, allowing their eyes to lock for but a moment she watches the light fade from her eyes. *D’awwwww she doesn’t play very well does she.*

Beelzbub: Now, Lunaria knew that Jeff was no yet aware she was a woman, and thusly, because of his supposed blindness, to her at least, there was no fear in treading thoughtlessly around with her shirt as undone as it currently was… There was no exact time to the returning of he, and the Empress, but seeing as they were busy completing the waterworks of the town, maybe it had been up to her to guard the little girl as she now wiggled and squirmed, screaming to high hell as her life’s blood was drained and spilled to the ground… Not of course that she had any fear of the woman before her… But who was to say that she was without merit with her choice of virtuous insanity. With her fingertips tapping her lips, Lunaria looked decidedly none plussed for a moment before reality stormed in and she all but felt the shock ripple through her form. With a loud, rising pitch she called out “Oh my GOD!!” rushing out to the open door with her arms extended like a mother running to embrace a wounded child. She bum rushed her way past the blood shed, her mouth open in shock before she skidded on the ground, the blood coating her feet as she glanced around, “Oh… god-…” the sound of her voice warbled in the silence, and with it, came the continuance, “Its going to RAIN tonight. Look at that skyline.” She pointed at several positions in ithe clouds before crossing her arm s with such shocked exaggeration her head shook left to right, “Its LAUNDRY day tomorrow… How ar they going to dry my linens overnight if its going to downpour… UNBELIEVABLE.” She made her way back into the castle, kicking the young girls corpse out of her way as she did so and leaving bloodied footprints on her way back indoors,

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRoseGuest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose Whisper: Something was wrong and Jeff could feel it. Anaya was hiding something. Why were the catacombs off limits? What called for the guards? He nodded to her as she spoke but that did not lead him away from figuring out what was hiding down here. Spiders, he could believe but obviously, they could lead them out. Prisoners could easily be locked away, even without guards, left to starve. No, there was a problem and he was going to get to the bottom of it. He would figure out why he was meant to attack Firedor. He had a feeling as if the answer was down here. Or at least the start of it. He looked to the floor and nodded softly to her requesting they head back up. Suddenly he felt something was amiss, an aura had came in threw the halls and snuffed another aura out. "I think we should. Don't fall behind Mother." He smiled, as this was what she had said to him on their first hunt many years ago. He moved passed the guards and up the steps, moving into the main hall. "I smell blood, Why do I smell blood?"

AnayaAnaya : Anaya smiled as she new he new she was lieing but there was much she was hiding but he would not figure it out anytime soon. She snapped her fingers and vanished as he was bolting up the steps she was already there. A new body came with new powers and a new set of surprises Jeff did not even know she had, it was a whole new can of worms with the same old evil inside “you smell blood for a member of this family has failed in some sense, Nev is home at least, I am sure her body will be put out back and put under the earth to lay rest” her eyes started to shimmer as the white haired woman dressed in dirty tan silk both her and Jeff smelling to high heaven of shit and dampness walked along the floor to the main hall still not having anything upon her feet, the whole time she never had a thing on her feet. “but what I ask myself is who killed the child of mine, and did my child fight back against the attacker or roll over and take the blows as a weak mut not able to protect herself” Anaya stood there and once more snaped her fingers as her tan silk exploded into a red one covering her body and holding her breasts in gold cloth and gems. The woman looked no more then 30 years old, human with black horns upon her head, skin so pale and utterly flawless she did not look like a ruler at all other then the golden crown upon her head she looked more like a very VERY good looking chamber maid then a ruler. “so who comes to the castle of the rose” she smiled hearing that guards voice talking about how it will rain. She thought the wash was to go out tonight it was a pitty it would get rained on, some may have to go topless or pant less the next day, oh what a pitty it may be.

ContortedNightmaresContortedNightmares Whisper: Standing up and away from the body she quirks a brow to a female rushing passed her cursing and shouting about rain which caused her to laugh to a point she could barely breathe. Her attention span short lived she looked to the dead body then to her own attire beginning to chew upon now quivering lower lip as she speaks *I have absolutely nothing which goes with this colour red … this will simply not do.* Turning on the hell of her foot she tilts her head and stops eyeing the woman whom had now come into view, the scent was one she would never forget, it was etched into her memory like so many other memories causing her to sniffle and produce a fake tear. Covered head to toe in blood she places her blood encrusted dagger back within its sheath then pulls out an off white hankerchief from her pocket beginning to dab it to the corners of her mouth despite the fact her entire face was bright red with small amounts of skin actually showing , dropping the cloth she attempts to fix her hair as she grins and moves forward. *No no no she didn’t fight at all …. no no no she was boring …. yes yes yes she was useless.* Her voice using multiple sounds she imitates a yoda style of speaking and grins as she watches the woman whom had just appeared. *hrrrmmmm rubbish was she no skills did she have killing she was easy hrrrrmmmm* Moving towards the woman she fidgets and fixes her dress before stopping just in front of her. *Changed much have I?* Giggles and reverts back to herself as she speaks once more. *I’m sure you remember your Gem hmmmm*

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "Blood and Shit. Oh my Gods I need a bath." He walked toward his new guard, spotting her aura re-enter the kingdom. "Hello!" Jeff smiled brightly behind his mask, bowing respectfully before his guard. "I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to speak before and frankly, now is not the time." He motioned to himself covered in the sewage. "I just couldn't help but noticing that you and that other beam of sunshine over there are COVERED in an...intoxicating, euphoric scent. Who got axed off?" He stood about 7 feet away, not wanting to do more damage to her nostrils then he already was. "I just would like to kn-..." Jeff then listened to Anaya start up her speech, asking who had killed her child, his sister, and if she had fought back or not. Weakness was not tolerated in this home, as many had learned, and Jeff knew, from a very young age and still knew, even after a century of being gone. He crossed his arms and ignored the obvious burn on his forearm. He spotted the host of the scent, looking toward the doors where the body had just been tossed. "It doesn't matter who killed who. She couldn't protect herself. She had plenty of opportunities to learn defense from the guards or Anaya herself. I may have not been here for long but by the way this one's aura is bored,..." He motioned toward the woman covered in the sweet nectar, reading the aura much like the book, mixing with the energy she was putting off. "...whoever died didn't fight back." He moved closer toward the group gathering. "Now can we get to the main issue at hand. WE ARE BOTH COVERED IN SHIT AND THEY IN BLOOD! We all deserve to bathe after the tortures and...pleasantries we all endured. Agreed?"

Beelzbub: It would have been a lie to say she was decidedly upset over the matter… really her focus was on anything that what had just transpired…There was no shame in her lack of action in fact, as the Empress reentered, she would have placed herself back in an iron hammock of sorts, out of sight and out of mind from the gathering crowd. This job was so decidedly tedious… A job in which she was EXPECTED to grovel and kneel and strut… Not that she was against it really… gold was gold, but it went against her sarcastic nature to remain polite, and kindly at all points in time. Who was to say, really that she was entirely against the idea of settling down, albeit temporarily somewhere again? Perhaps to some degree, she was lonely… She took a long moment to glance about before her charge entered and immediately, she leapt down from her perch, iron trailing back behind her like ribbons before she lands before him, and glanced down to his arm immediately, not touching him but cocking her eyebrow in curiosity, her blood coated fingertips reaching to tighten up the laces exposing her chest, and upwards to he throat. “Long day at the office I take it? You really do stink… And I should probably wrap that arm for you at some point…” There she had done her job, sentimentality aside, she spoke simply, a shower was definitely needed by all of them, and body cleanup was to follow. She confirmed Jeff’s responses by nodding, “She cowered, and screamed like a stuck pig. I’m not exactly sure my pay grade extends past yourself, and your son… So I didn’t get involved.” She spoke in a simple tone, shoulder shrugging dismissively, before she regarded Jeff again. “Get washed up and I’ll wrap your arm. Last thing we need is it getting infected… or blistering.” Her face twisted in distaste before she ran her hand into her hair, marring the snow white with the ruby droplets of the slaughtered innocent.

Anaya: She looked to the woman that had just killed her child, not born but adopted years back the funny thing was the dragon ruler was kinda attached to that one. But non the less if a being could not defend itself on a single attacker it would not last long in the real world. “if she did not even try to fight you, I would say you did well with removing the child from the bloodline, there is no need for weakness here. And yes Gem one could never forget there own child, so many thought all were dead but I see when one rain drop falls others soon follow. I do hope you stay” Anaya was growing sleepy as she wiggled a finger and called forth her butler Sam “will you have that mess cleaned up by morning, give the bits to the dogs and be done with it already I don't even like the smell. And night is coming is all done, does Milla have my book?” she looked over to see Milla holding that large black leather bonded book. “Milla bring the book to the throne please I must look at the recorded days events and how things are going in there” she let out a light yawn covering her lips as red eyes shimmered in the dark Millas matching red orbs glowing back at her. “but Gem I do think you should get cleaned up, you are a hot mess I do say” she said in that hissed voice, Anaya may no longer be evil on the outside or even look it but her mind still was, her aura holy, her looks young and bright it was a shocker Gem even new who she was, but she guessed the small of ash and brimstone gave the pure bloods away regardless and it was not like there were many pure bloods with the Anaya eyes.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He looked at the wound . "It will heal, shouldn't be there tomorrow, but I appreciate you caring a great deal for the well being of my mother. she should pay you more." He smirked to the woman who called herself Gem. "Oh, good. Another batshit member of our society. I have only been here a short time and someone has already been killed. Neat." He then turned to the maid known as Milla, her aura was protecting something. Holding it close. He then heard his mother say something about her book. He smirked softly as he knew his new goal. Get the book. That had the truth in it. It had to. "Look, we all need to fucking bathe. If I get this crystallized shit out of my hair then I'll be ha-..." Jeff then gripped his head, listening to a familiar voice creep from the Shadows by the fire place. "Well hello my dearies." Jeff's brother, Jaurl, stepping from the shadows in a body made of the darkness he walked out of. "Jeff needs to bathe, and sleep. When we feel like shit, no one is happy! So could you all shut up and go the fuck to sleep!" Jaurl then quickly dispersed, and let Jeff's fingers fall from his cranium. "Fucking ouch..." Jeff rebuttled with a frown from behind the mask. "Uh-...ignore him. He does that."

Beelzbub: Lunaria took a look at the man before her, arms crossed with decided distaste before her fingertips ran decidedly up his face and tugged away the liquid clinging to a strand of his hair. “I think you might just need a shower first to rid you of anything that could settle itself into the bath water… Unless of course you’re needing some help with… whatever is clinging to your hair…” Her eyes close for a moment before she rolls her eyes and shakes her head and decidedly tugging at the lace holding her shirt closed just at her throat and her chest just about her collar bone. The material released, threading tumbling between them as she meticulously kissed her teeth with an expectant smirk. “Well I know what I have to do… Excuse me.” She bowed forward, the blood clinging to her hair and skin forgotten for a moment as she ran her thumb on the underside of her nose before excusing herself from the gathered crowd to her guest room and its attached shower.

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Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He blinked softly as she did what she did. His cheeks flushed a bright shade of pink behind his mask. He scoffed at her notion before watching her aura strut away to the shower. Jeff tried his damnedest not to react to her flirtatious ways but her notion did cause a bit of a flutter in his stomach. He scoffed again, louder, letting the air pass through his lips and escape through his mask. "I can't. Not now." Jaurl took this time to watch the beauty stroll away through Jeff's dead eyes, keeping an eye on her "assets" as he called it. "If you don't follow her into the shower and proceed to do what any man in that situation would do, I am going to assume you would much rather shower with Samuel." Jeff smirked at his brother's words and softly replied. "Jaurl, I just want to get clean and find out the truth. That is why we are here. To find out why everything happened and get our family back." "But listen, as much as I would love to listen to you give me excuses on why you can't go fuck your guard, think of this...YOU SMELL LIKE SHIT! And now you can see!" Jeff fell his energy cut in half, as Jaurl sunk himself deep into the root of Jeff's brain, latching his power through Jeff's vision, allowing him to see for a short time. The vampires fingers moved in front of his face, for this had been the first time he had sight in 15 years. He smiled and laughed for a few moments, watching his fingers move around. "Don't get use to it." Jaurl chimed in. "You got two hours. Then I need my power back and you go to sleep!" Jeff smiled and rose from the couch, moving into the guest room made up from him, next to the room of his guard. He sighed as he looked at himself, covered in filth. He peeled off his shirt, and tossed it aside, noticing Samuel catch it before it hit the ground. He smirked and headed into the shower room, only to find, to his surprise, a conjoined bathroom. "Well fuck me..." Jeff let slip.

Beelzbub: Taking her time to get to her room, it was almost an all out overdrawn process, something she seemed to be dreading, as Lunaria ascended the stairs and made her way through the door into the shared quarters where seemingly to only water source was running into their shared shower. Eyebrow cocking, she shook her head left to right, entering the door into her room and locking the door to her portion of the quarters, separated by a wall to the bathroom, but otherwise leaving her with a spacious area for her sparse items. A series of letters strewn over the lectern of her desk, a series of candles melted down over her nights of reading various books, which also were strewn in piles on each surface she could find. An array of clothing was neatly piled at the end of her bed, and as she entered, she released her long hair from the tight knot at the side of her head, allowing it to bunch free and hand down her back, now waist length in its overall freedom. The bedroom wasn’t dark; the windows open to the setting sun, setting her room in an clouded, ambient lilac sky. Starting from one side of the room, she crossed to find her wardrobe mirror and quickly put whatever meager clothing she had acquired in her bag away. With a careful sigh, her fingertips sprawled over the oak of her dresser, glancing down at the painted portraits of her son Xander, and her daughter Delilah, still remaining in the homeland until she could gather the funds to travel her to the castle, or eventually, their own shanty of sorts… Of course, it would only be Delilah, Xander long since perished, and commemorated by the symbol of her country on a pendant, a token of her sons fealty to state. Something she would never forget. Glancing up and noticing her expression, she startled only slightly to the mess she had become, sleep deprived, and coated in blood, the smudges of the day and her travels still clinging to her skin in a way a regular washcloth wouldn’t remove. There was no point in procrastinating any longer… and knowing that Jeff could be up at any moment left her reluctant to bathe in the first place… After a moment however, she leveled with herself and began the arduous process of relieving herself of her leather bound armor, allowing her skin to finally breathe. Beginning with the straps of her bodice, she relieved the tension at her sides and abdomen, slipping the material from her chest, and belly from behind the changing screen, leaving her top at the very least, covered in a modest camisole. Boots soon followed, lessened her height by two inches as she relieved the buckles over her hips, and knees, finally parting with the unsightly tight garb and leaving her in a revealing camisole and underwear of sorts. With a low sigh, the shirt was tugged up over her head, the long dampened tendrils of her hair scattering down her bare back as she allowed the air to dance over her bare skin before revealing herself entirely to the air before stepping out shamelessly from behind the screen, her arms stretched out in front of her as she turned back to the mirror, and glanced over the large burn scar extended over the better part of her shoulder and upper arm. The skin puckered and tight, reddened in comparison to her naturally pale tone. The burn scar caused her to subconsciously brush over the long scar spread over her throat from complete side to side, her throat healed over in an unsightly scar, usually hidden by a wide collar of her clothing, or accessory. The markings over her flesh easily forgotten, as the removal of her bracer revealed a single branding line of numbers tattooed into her left inner arm. Glancing bitterly downwards, the necklaces still hanging around her neck were soon to follow. A single locket on a string, containing a picture of her two children, and Xander’s tags was placed on her wardrobe surface, and secondly was an inconsequential piece of rubble from, scorched and easily forgettable attached to a thick cotton string. Releasing it from her throat and letting it hang in her hand, she pressed it quickly to her lips, and spoke, in a quick prayer, to her fallen comrades. “I never ran from you all… I will find a way to find out who did this to us-… And then I will avenge you all-… especially you, my precious son.” It took all her might to turn away now, tail twisting left and right as she pressed the necklace down on the flat surface. The shower was indeed shared, one thing she ALREADY knew from exploring earlier. Upon the clothing arriving within it was no doubt a temporary, irony by the Empress. One not lost on herself, Grabbing a towel which clung from the door knob, Wrapping it around her frame, tugging her breasts up into an almost suffocating cleavage, the creamy globes all but spilling from the terrycloth material as she entered and LOE and behold was met face to face with her charge. She hadn’t literally meant she’d coddle him while in the shower… Luna gave him silent once over, shaking her hair over her shoulder
Beelzbub: hiding the majority of her shoulder scar. The towel was shamelessly removed, allowing he, and whatever entity residing within him to a full on show to every last inch of her body. Tail whipping self consciously back and forth she took first shift and turned the knobs to the shower, stepping under the almost shockingly cold spray before it began to heat, soaking through her hair, and doing what she entered to do, in the first place. The next move, no matter what it was, was up to him.

Anaya: As that girl moved her eye catching something in another room and trotting off, short attention span that girl Gem had, somethings never changed. But non the less the girl would be back Anaya was learning fast that no one seemed to stay gone for long. She crossed her hands as she walked over to the thrones Sam standing at her one flank Milla at her other one. “Lady Anaya there is much water now in the upper halls but we have to remember to save it for our reserves will only last another week and a half and it is going to take at lest three to finish drilling the pip lines” “yes Sam I know we are in a very large pinch but it will be alright if needed we can take what we need to last for now and pay them gold or some amount for there water” “you know they will never fall for it miss Anaya that water keeps them alive gold only fills pockets” Sam barked back as he stood there at her flank his hands crossed behind his back “i know but you know mortal men sometimes they think with there pockets more then there brains” Sam nodded his head as he new that was truth. “miss Anaya I have the book, days events, water is running in the east and west wings, slave and basement water has bin cleaned from the floor as well as all matter along with it. The body has bin cleaned up form the gats of the child that was killed and massacred as well as test numbers four, six and twenty two have all died they were the lasts all attempts of curing the madness virus has failed so far miss Anaya. ” Anaya slammed her hand on the arm rest the orb on it cracking as she let out a sigh, she was trying so hard to cure this thing, a aim to prevent what was going to happen to her new body once again years to come, she did not want to be that way anymore, she wanted to stay how she was “Milla in two days go out and get more test subjects unless things change we have to keep trying. What are the other events today, how is the gold count” “the number is still unknown there is imply to much to count my lady” Milla said with a smile “as well one of the guards said there was movement in one of the air vents the spiders still guard the hold. Other then that you have the normal my Lady, stables cleaned today the worms are resting all is fed and watered horses are fed and watered sadly we lost two but it is not a big deal my lady horses are simple to gain. But my lady our main problem is food and water stock, we are running low on both we will have to do a large hunt in the coming weeks to restock meat and rice as well as wheat and even corn and fruit” Anaya opened the book going over its pages, it all was there, the past the lies the truth drawings of it all doodles and sketches of all she did how she aimed to cute the madness that was destined to ruin her once again, in the end all her tormenting people to try to cure them from madness was for selfish reasons but she new that it could be used to help others, would she let it no, it was there this cure was for her and her alone to prevent and halt the madness living like a cancer already in her blood and body just waiting for that time in every dragons life when death is near and they snap. “Milla I cant have it happen again, we need to figure things out, there are things I did you know I did and we need to fix it, and not let it happen again, there may be more reason now then ever to find the fix to this future problem” Milla nodded her head “we are doing my best my lady, you should rest I will take the book to the Vault after cleaning it tonight like always, you need rest the moon is high now it has bin a long day” Anaya nodded as she got up from her throne and started to walk not to the steps up to her chamber but to the basement steps down “i have one thing to do for the kingdom still this night, do the book cleaning and get things locked up for the night, I will see you in the dawn Milla and Samuel if anyone comes down please be sure to welcome them and be friendly” she had her head hanging but when she got to the door she put her head up and had to put on that strong face to face what she had to do, time to get things done she thought to herself as a guard unlocked the door and let her go down to the catacombs.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He looked around the stone of the shower room and shuddered. "It reminds me of Shiverdale. All stone and pipe. Kind of like the dwarves." Jeff smiled, speaking to Jaurl as he unlaced his boots and kicked them into his room. His large black scar ran up his right arm and stopped at his right shoulder, almost looking like a tribal Tattoo in some cases. His pale skin contrasted against his black jeans that soon slid down his legs and off his feet, which led to Jeff throwing them into his room as well. He knew Samuel would clean it up and have fresh clothes for him by the time he had left the actual shower. His boxers, stitched from regular cotton, his mask and DeLaRose pendent were the only thing left on his slender, yet muscular frame when she entered. His cheeks flustered again, but for the first time, he was laying eyes on her, not Jaurl. His baby blues stared for only a few moments as she dropped the towel, before quickly setting his Katana down next to his shower gently, before slowly yelling his garments down as well. He used the shower behind her and turned to stare at the shower head, letting his dainty fingers flip the knobs around and letting his pale, albeit firm posterior be to her. He felt the water splash his snow skin, sending the liquid cascading down his body, and letting chunks of muck cleanse themselves from the vampire's form. He did not know why but at that moment, he felt like making conversation was the best option for their situation. "You're fucking beautiful..." His tone was low, but he had hoped the water would drown out his words. He sighed some and acted as if he hadn't just spoken, continuing to wash up his body so it could be free of the gross build up of fecal matter and mud from the sewers. "You're beautiful? Really?! Jeff please, allow me. Say something like...'Damn wench, looketh thine birthing hips!' Not something like what you said!" Jaurl seemed displeased as Jeff grabbed the scented bar of animal fat and began scrubbing himself down. Working on his torso first.

Beelzbub: Lunaria didn’t know how to respond as she leant over so slightly to the side, glancing over at him and sighing deeply, the sound reverberated in the shower as she finally spoke, “Well at least you finally know I’m female…” Her eyes closed quickly as she reached out for her own bar of soap and drawing it over her wet flesh until she lathered thick foam over her arms, and chest. With a very simple secondary sigh, she placed the bar down and bent only just so downwards she ran her hands down her right thigh, and then the left after a long moment. She glanced back up through the steam, standing up and cocking her head. “I didn’t think you could tell.” Her head nodded once before she nodded and faced him, her ankles crossed after a moment, standing completely bare before him and crossing her arms “But-… You’re too much of a gentleman to act on your carnal urges I see.” Her nose wrinkled with mirth as she stood back up and ran her soap through her hair, the smoke gray tendrils slithered down her spine as she returned under the spray. Her milk white skin drew to the surface as the blood coating her unwitting skin soaked down the drain. “You could if you wanted to.” She mentioned glibly, almost quiet enough to not be heard, and yet it reverberated throughout the small water logged room. Ricocheting off the tiles, as her tail limply hung from her frame, eyes closing again. “A man and a woman in a room, in such a predicament. I wouldn’t be shocked if you tried. And I don’t think you’d be shocked if I reciprocated. I’m sure you know exactly what I am at this point.” Albeit her horns were missing, a decided oddity, but the rest was as it should be. She held her hands out, “So? What are you gonna do, hm?”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He smirked, allowing the rest of the sludge to leave his body, and his natural musk to take over again. He looked down as she faced his, once again, the shade of pink turning into a deep red on his pale skin. He whispered. "I uh-..." He listened to her go on about how he could act on his urges, as his yellow strands fell in front of his face, before being brushed out of his blues. He closed them yet again before looking up and nodding. "You know, I have been on my feet a very long time, to tell you the truth and the warmth of another after coming home. We both have had a long day, and I think that this shower could help us both...relax." He smiled, moving closer before he was a few inches away. His fingers ran up to his mask, slowly sliding it off of his cheeks, allowing his bow shaped lips to curve into a cheeky grin, bashfully. He jokingly, and sheepishly spoke in a velvet, gentle town. "Give me warmth?" He asked before reaching his tattooed hand up to her cheek, caressing it and running his fingertips to her chin, and gripping it softly. "Very...beautiful." He then leaned in, pressing his soft, cold yet warm lips to hers. His free hand wrapped around her waist and pulled her close to his form. His orbs closed tightly as the pink kissed his cheeks again, visible for the first time to her. "Yes Jeff! Mention her birthing hips! And those bosoms! Oh my! They are as big as my head! Give or take...finally we shall lay tonight!" Jaurl screamed excitedly inside his skull, screeching and rattling his brain again, but not enough to break his Brother's focus. Jeff felt different, his heart rate raised with each moment their lips connected.

Beelzbub: His little speech had a small smile playing on her face with a gentle cock of her head. He was endearing and perhaps even a little shy at the prospect. Of course, if she had even the slightest concept of what ‘sleep’ meant to most mortals with would have made more sense to her in what exactly he was meaning. Of course there was that little smile playing on her face as he approached with such a dinky little pickup line it was a marvel she didn’t throw up her hands and walk out of the room then and there. But instead she stood in almost statuesque stillness. His fingertips to her cheek were entirely foreign, and it was obvious as she backed ever so slightly away from him as he came close to press his lips to hers. Eyes open she searched his bare face in obvious confusion, blinking several slow times before he pulled away, her breathing remaining decidedly even, and her entirety confused to his actions for a moment as the soap had long since rinsed away from her skin. Of course he couldn’t say no to her, and while he pulled away for a moment, lips to hers after a moment, she felt both her arms wrap around his shoulders, pulling him tighter under the spray against herself with a breathless whisper. The act of gentle intimacy was entirely foreign to her, both hand hands creeping into his hair to hold him tightly against herself all the more, making breathing nearly impossible for her now, let alone him. And yet, as she pulled closer, her whispers grew irate to pull her closer, and likely he obliged, her body tight against his own, and decidedly merciless in his grip as her hands drew grooves into his skin from the pressure of her claws digging ever so gently down his spine. “Then you best choose a room.”

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[2:50:47 AM] Jeff MacGee: He had pulled away, only to be pulled closer to her. They had reconnected and began to kiss a tad more rough, as soon as the nails dug themselves into his back. He moved his left hand down her side and stopped at her hip as his right hand moved to her bottom, scooping her up into his arms. He positioned her back against the wall as he moved her legs to wrap around his waist, while he contemplated which room to carry his new guard to. His room was closer, as well as far more comfortable, as most of the offspring's rooms were made up that way. They never broke from the embrace as he lifted her and carried her to his room before tossing her wet body playfully onto his silk sheets. Samuel had made his way into Jeff's room and fixed the scent and cleaned his dirty clothes off the ground, as well as placed a new set of clothes onto his bed, which was promptly removed. He smirked as he stood there, just staring at her figure. He caught his bottom lip between his teeth and, crawling next to her, reconnected the kiss as his left hand moved up her stomach, then to her chest, passing her breasts and moving to the back of her neck, only to pull her closer to him. He moved his free hand to run freely up her inner right thigh, before lightly brushing the lips of her tantalizing  flower. He had hoped he wouldn't do anything to randomly kill the mood, after all, he was not sure how they would react when being professional in the presence of the others. He gave a gentle, almost inaudible blissful sigh against her lips, feeling himself finally relax.

[9:06:02 AM] Tsu: There was no changing this passage… At least for her in this moment… It felt for a moment as if she was a train cart spinning crazily down a track, with a set pointed direction, yet completely unable to stop .There was a point of her existence which revolved around his kind of thing, but would honor and duty exploit the opportunity in which she placed herself. Tossed onto the bed, the silken sheets seemed to ebb and flow around her frame, bare and toppled amidst the duvet of his bed. Her arms were placed diminutively beside her head, with her palms subtly curved as he in turn =, meandering around the bedside with enough grace as an overexcited kid, leaving her to smile widely, and beckon with her left hand for him to pull close to her, tugging and adjusting her here and there, until every inch of her nearly too warm skin, pressed entirely against his, not yet done anything truly inappropriate, nothing to the eye which could have caused a problematic stirring of events, merely in all technicality, taking what every other mortal pair does… And who could blame them, if they all knew she was a succubus it would be all too understandable… But who was to take her seriously afterwards. She at the moment began to panic only slightly, before he released a soft, happy sigh. The first one, since his arrival that she had heard, or perhaps that he had uttered in one another’s presence, so often caught in silence. The panic seemed to dissipate for a moment, as she rose from the cuddled position, to straddling his lap, poised ever so carefully above him, leaning forward, only to collect a bead of water from the center of his chest with her tongue, before taking his lips again. Her tail had twisted around his thigh, an item once used to pin people down, and now used to caress his willing self, pulling back with a soft purr, “Aren’t you needed in the court?” Her lips feathered down his skin along his shoulder, down to the wound on his arm, ensuring not to touch, but instead, press a tender kiss to the center of his palm, mumbling against his skin, her fanged teeth grazing his fingertips in an oddly playful manner, “And I still have to wrap your arm…” for a moment she considered her stalling, but absently shook her head to the side, hips grinding to his own in a tantalizing, yet impatient manner. “Though I’m perfectly satisfied guarding you from a position like this as well.”

[10:41:02 AM] Jeff MacGee: She was something. Purely amazing in so many different ways, and yet here she was, in his bed, with him. What had caused her to want to sleep with her charge? Yes she was a creature whom was fueled by intimacy but there were plenty of other males around for her to toy with, and instead, she chose the person she is supposed to be protecting. This thought made him grin like a scythe tasting blood for the first time with that curved, bladed smile. He laughed under his breath as they rolled around before noticing she was on top, trailing her tongue up his chest and to his lips, only to pull away and ask a question. Court? Yes...court. How could he forget? He had been on a straight path toward his objective, get home, for 120 years and now that he was home, he was already tossing aside his duties to attend the meetings. He smirked and whispered in a playful, yet seductive low tone. "Fuck the courts." He listened to her continue to speak as her hips started to play with his own, dancing with each other as the draconic vampire let out a slight, teased sigh. Replying to her with his eyes not quite staring back into hers, only looking at the ceiling, his voice was shaking. Each word came out as a trembling mess. "Guard me wherever you feel the need to guard me." He smirked before moving back up to reconnect their lips, feeling something slither around his thigh He relaxed immediately and whispered in a gentle tone, only pulling back to say thing and continue their embrace. "I never even caught your name."

[10:58:41 AM | Edited 11:06:51 AM] Tsu: Not typically a creature of habit, in truth, Lunaria had spent so long wandering in search of her own goals. Little had she thought a month earlier that the lands she travelled through had a prince, and that prince would be beneath her seductions. Of course was this TRULY seduction or just a force of habit? It wasn’t an immediately decided course of action, but neither was it something she had intended to happen. Not after so little time-… Taking a careful sigh, her fingertips ‘walked’ over his skin, a smile dappling over her lips to his single statement. Shirking his duties for a roll in the hay? But who was really to judge them… after all, the tell tale blush over her chest was enough of a signature to her responses to having him just beneath her. Almost in a cautious tone, her hips ground a tad more deliberately to his, followed up by a very quiet, but deliberate moan, “This doesn’t change anything… I’m still your guard, you’re still my charge. It doesn’t change how I am going to treat you in public.” It was almost as if she was promising this to herself, solidifying her promise with her audible words. This is what everyone did-… It was taboo, it was wrong-..  It was so many shades of wrong… This was a terrible idea. Eyes closing, she took a breath to stop her hammering heart. The integral focus set back on him, as she realized he never even found out her name. “My name-…” It was almost hard to say it out loud, both her hands shifting into the long tendrils of her hair as she allowed an unexpected, wide grin to cover her lips, “Luna… My name is Lunaria Trinity Zorander.” The moves to initiate were on the table, he simply had to step forward and take it before she up and changed her mind.

[11:22:43 AM] Jeff MacGee: He laughed a tad as she mentioned how she would still treat him the same in public. "I expecting nothing less from a professional." His words were soft, as his ice cold fingertips of his right hand trailed down her back, before she gave her name. Jeff's eyes then finally locked straight to hers, looking into them as she beg ran to straddle him more intensely. He bit his lower lip, causing his aphrodisiac life force to drip down his chin softly, due to a fang poking through the tender flesh of his lip. His member twitched as she teased him, causing the fingers of his free hand to grip the bed sheets and release a small growl. "Luna-....You are a beautiful creature." He whispered, before smiling to himself and wrapping both arms around her and spinning around once, to show himself over her. He, in a playful manner, pressed her shoulders to the bed and moved his lips to kiss hungrily at her neck, trying to sustain himself off of her sweet scent that pooled into his nose. It was euphoric, orgasmic, and intoxicating. He feathered down her pulse with light kisses, then to her chest where he gave each breast an according kiss as well. His lips then moved down her stomach, before stopping at her waist line and looking up at her. She was beautiful, and he considered himself lucky to be able to share a bed with her for even an hour or two. He was fine with going back to professionals after this romp had destroyed Jeff's living quarters. He had just hopped that Jaurl was too. He moved his hands to her legs, before simply pulling them away from one another and looking through the gap of the thighs to spot Luna staring back. His intentions were clear, for he had wished to fill her with pleasure. He could just be a typical male, yes and orgasm within 10 minutes and fall asleep, or he could be how he always was and be a lover worth taking to bed. He smiled a devilish smile as his lips edged closer, giving the hood of her womanhood a small flick with the tongue, only to listen to her to tell him to proceed with his ritual or advert away from her.

[12:04:53 PM] Tsu: When it came to being a succubus, the common assumption was, take all, leave nothing behind. Of course this would be true in any other circumstance… Luna by no means was any different than any other of her kind, save for her abilities stemming from a secondary source, rather than true birth. Flipped onto her back, she obliged in allowing her almost uncomfortably firm musculature to be flipped, pressing back into the mattress, and leaving her almost winded with amusement to his show. He was patient, and gentle, and totally unexpected. After all, when a man usually sees a woman of her kind, it was very easy to become distracted in the pleasures she could give him… Very easy so much that if she found his actions so entirely repulsive, it would be very easy to make him THINK he was doing such things to her, while in truth, he was left, along in an field, viciously firing away into a gopher hole while she successful pilfered all his belongings from his house. Such was the gift of manipulation and illusion… But this time, after many years of being without, she was in a position where she would grant her lonely heart a true and steady hand, even if just for the time it lasted before all returned back to normal. This was a professional agreement. She was doing him a favor really. A mutually beneficial relationship based on the assets they both possessed. And yet, as he peppered feverish kisses down her skin, lowering between her legs and running his tongue along her most sensitive of areas, she felt almost like it was a necessity to draw out whatever desire for her he had at that moment, and push it towards a more constructive means, where her long deprived desire was carnally drifting. Leaning her head back with a soft purr, she scooted back enough to reach forward and pluck him, with very little effort astride herself, pressing the cusp of her sex against his swollen member, both hands sliding into his hair to take his lips with little care for the venom seeping down his chin… Oh no, this would be a session in which they both received what they needed and no less, and as the moments drew on, her need grew all the more apparent.

[2:20:53 PM] Jeff MacGee: His eyes locked lo to her as she tiled her head back and pulled at him, allowing his body to move over here again, fitting together like that of a puzzle. He smiled brightly as she pressed herself against his manhood, which grew ever more with each passing second. He cursed under his breath at her notion, before feeling their lips reconnect, not quite getting his words past his teeth. "Fu-.." Jaurl sat in Jeff's mind, allowing his power to extend a bit further, for even though he treated his brother like trash, it pleased him to see his body happy. After all, they were stuck together for years, and they both enjoyed time to relax. "It angers me that you are both rolling around like children and I am sitting here allowing you to see. Just have fun, brother, and know the reason you are having fun is because you can see." He scoffed at Jaurl's words and smiled brightly as the teasing nature of her hips massaged his member. He synced his lips with hers, almost dancing with each movement. The two were easily the best two fighters in the Iron and the fact the one of them was being paid to guard the other made him smirk to himself. Jeff found it humorous that she took her job seriously, for she was certainly making sure that he was safe. He smiled as his mass moved to massage her, before gently sliding himself slightly inward, then pushing his hips forward. They were now connected, and soon, they would leave the room as professionals but at that exact moment, they were sharing each other, allowing a moment of comfort. Jeff's rhythm flowed in elegant succession as his fingers trailed up to her neck, noticing the scar. His eyes widened a tad but simply ran his index across the scar before softly running his hand through her smoke strands of silk like hair, as his own draped over his eyes. They were something weren't they? His lips were acting as if they had kissed her for years, even though they technically only had two conversations, this being their second. He began to speed up a tad, hearing the headboard begin to smack against the wall, sending vibrations through the room, yet for once, Jeff didn't need to read them. It was a glorious day indeed.

[3:30:54 PM] Tsu: The moment they became one, Lunaria arched against the bedspread with a soft moan of rapture, her eyes closing tightly, as both her hands wrapped around his shoulders. Her fingertips sought solace in his hairline, brushing past his ears as she pulled him close enough to steal his lips, relieving the speed of his actions to a languid, sensuous back and forth, to which she met, like an established lover, with little to no qualms to the ricocheting actions… While yes, it was something else entirely to do as she desired. Slowly edging them forward in a indolent though none the less intimate manner. It wasn’t rushed, much the opposite. Ever her desperate kisses had slowed to a pace of exploration as one free hand travelled back from his shoulders and over his cheek to examine his expression when her entirety tightened around him as she adjusted from laying flat, to resting subtly up on her elbows. Her thumb brushed down his lips, along his cupids bow before caressing his chin, and allowing her to take his lips with little to no fear of repercussion-… No as he was thinking unbeknownst to her, leaving the room as professionals would occur post haste, but in this moment, and from now on, they would be well versed as lovers, despite all odds. Leaving the room as professionals would be near impossible… Nothing would change in the agreement, but every glance would stick to her bring like a brand, as he watched her slowly rise in ecstasy to his motions. Her lower back arched against him, as her caressed her sweet spot, leaving her to release the most tantalizing of moans, albeit soft and breathy it was none the less a whisper of his name, only broken by her breath slowly increasing in sped for even just a moment. Silencing herself against his lips, the vibrant red of her gaze was closed off, surrendering her to the sensation between them as both her fingers dressed a cacophony along his spine, dragging rubies of color from the intensity of her claws dragging down his flesh. “This… changes nothing.” Regardless of how enjoyable it felt for her, the sensations dragging through her inconsequential to the end all scheme… But none the less, she felt it entirely necessary to speak, to fill the silence, to distract his attentions from the flushing of her cheeks as she felt her vulnerability creep willingly to the surface in his arms.

[4:01:28 PM] Jeff MacGee: He growled with a passion as they did their dance, listening to her tell him something he already knew. He smiled and nodded before reaching his hand to cover her mouth. "I understand that, but right now, Let's not focus on that." He then took his hand away from her trembling lips, only to press his own to them. A gentle whisper escaped from his throat as he sped his pattern up, watching for her reaction and judging where her sweet spot was. "F-...Fuck" He spoke through their lips, before pulling away and pressing his lips to her neck. It was in his nature to be a biter, for he was a blood sucker, and he had been holding himself back from drinking her sweet nectar from her ever so tantalizing pulse. He let his fangs playfully scrape down her neck as his left cupped  her left  breast and his right hand moved to caress her rose cheeks. She was enjoying this, and it was clear by the way she moved. She could tell him that this was just for him all she wanted, but he knew this was not just that. She wanted warmth. She wanted a lover, just for an hour or so before everything had to be so serious again.

[7:05:51 PM] Tsu: If he believed for a moment he was the only biter in the room he was sorely mistaken, and yet as he pressed her down into the mattress all the more her fingertips abandoned his back with decided resolve as he sped forward, leaving her to sharply inhale as her hips crooked upwards. Her eyes fluttering closed; she managed his name in almost an honored, breathy whine as her entirety quaked hard with an unexpected wave of sensation rising from her center to the flux of her being, leaving her heart thundering. Without thinking, her lips clamped to the soft hollow of his shoulder, connecting to his neck. Her teeth gaining enough sense to not dig into the pulsing flesh, despite her avid desire. No, she lacked as control as she desired, and with reckless abandoned, she bit down enough to leave an unsightly bruise in her wake. This marking wouldn’t be so quickly removed for forgotten about. He would look at it, and remember the feel of her quaking frame against him, perspiration gathering between them as she pressed to continue. To drive him to the precipice of ecstasy without cause of concern for herself any longer.
[2:08:20 PM] Jeff MacGee :Jaurl sighed softly as he sat with his legs crossed in Jeff's skull, awaiting for the two to cease, yet he felt that this was going to be a while. A curl of the blood demon's maw could be enough to send a shiver down many spines in his youth, but now he was playing chaperone for his brother and his royal guard. "I remember when I use to do thing. I was a good warrior, a smart adversary, a brutal executioner and now I am nothing. How ironic. You are having sex yet I am the one getting fucked." Jaurl sighed, allowing his brother to continue in peace as Jeff let a low grunt emanate from his throat. He gave an almost purr like vibration as he felt the teeth toying with his skin as his rhythm kept, only speeding up every so often, relentless in his goal to please her with every chance he could. His ice cold fingertips ran up her chest, before brushing her bust with a teasing notion. He smiled as he watched the mark on her should form already around her teeth, before felling his instinct kick in. He smiled a devilish grin as his dainty fingers wrapped around her throat in a playful manner and pushed her down, before tilting her head to the side. Fangs shot out as he gave a single peck on his target area, allowing the teeth to make their mark. He took three mouthfuls of blood and allowed his aphrodisiac venom to flow into her bloodstream. It would be almost unnoticed until she felt a deep desire for him, more than she felt now. His every move would be teasing and increase the pleasure level for anyone infected. He did not even notice his venom anymore as he had no choice whenever he bit someone. He growled feeling himself roll over and place his hand behind his head, but not before gripping her beautiful form and taking her with him. Now she, in control of the situation decided how much increase in pleasure she would receive. It was all up to her.

[2:59:32 PM] Tsu: There was a righteous moment of self indulgence blossoming up from the nothingness between them. Coming down from her hastened release, she was pulled astride his form, unable to tell him that whatever he managed to inject into her blood stream, wasn’t really working-… It wasn’t for lack of interest-… but if for an instance he believed his venom, as it was, would infect her with any greater feelings of lust than was already facetted into her  system he was sorely mistaken-… Unfortunately for her, she had no idea he had even infected her in the first place, but if she HAD noticed? She probably would have queried and felt ever the more confused in his following actions. Hoisted above him, still hosting him tightly within herself, she let out a few gentle breathes as the flush of release fled from her pallor leaving her pale as usual, her lips void of the darkness she usually applied leaving her looking-… DECIDEDLY more human than usual. Save for the ghoulish eyes, she could have passed for something less formidable than what she was in that moment… But her focus was instead on placing her hands on his chest as an anchor before adjusting her hips firstly in slow steady succession, unmerciful and decidedly hollow in her actions as the tempered hush of the mistrals of heated breath released itself from her lips in gasping succession as sensation rippled through her entirety, tail writhing from his leg and coiling itself behind her as her hips grazing his own, both hands pressing to his chest, before doing as she could possibly do to place his own against her sides, and guide her in whatever way she so desired… No-… she had hers-… The bliss rippled through her in short quick bursts, as she sought the guidance in whatever would draw him all the closer to his own completion.

[3:22:27 PM] Jeff MacGee: He hadn't intended to let a venom release, it was just how it worked whenever he bitten a target. Orgasmic waves began to crash around his form as he glanced at the ceiling with a glazed over expression, almost puzzled as he felt the feeling of confusion wash over him. She was a demon whom was fueled from sex, yes, but why was she seducing her charge other than any other man in the Iron? Pale bows curled into a small frown before listening to her moans. Her breathless pants of pleasure. He was confused on if she was acting or not, for how could he know? Her kind let men think they were the best lovers in the world, so the fact the Jeff was skeptical didn't seem silly to him. Jaurl took this time to chime into Jeff's thoughts. "She is on top of you, riding you! Quit thinking so much about it and finish, you bloody swamp rat!" Jeff grunted as he shook his head and reached up, latching one hand around the back of her neck and pulling her close, while his other wrapped around her back, pulling her ever more close. A teasing massage played on his lips as his kissing became more rough. Not in the "I'm going to lather your face with slobber using my mouth" way, but the "We are both use to roughness, so I'm done being soft" soft of way. He retracted back only to stare into her eyes for a moment, only to whisper to her in a gentle tone. "Why are you doing this?" He leaned back against the bed, bucking his hips slightly upward as he asked, as if to make the question a bit more difficult to answer. "Why me?"

[4:14:34 PM] Tsu: “Stupid…” She whispered, voice catching as her entirety bowed and bent against him, swollen lips parted and eyes closed, observing the violet flashes of light arching from the stillness her closed lids could offer. His question had her truthfully confused. Why was there a need for a why? What kind of answer was he expecting from her?  It took a great amount of focus to open her eyes, pace slowing for a moment before she glanced down and paused entirely and looked at him square in the face with a confused expression, “Why?” For a moment, she entirely aborted her actions with a low huff… Of course he was going to ask why. As if she had an ulterior motive to her actions beyond want. Why was HE here? She could have just pulled away and said no, but now she was left utterly confused. “Am I not allowed to want like any other person?” Perhaps he was saying as he was saying because of what she was. To manipulate, to upset him, to take solid advantage or whatever he came to conclusions about. It took he a long moment to debate continuing before she paused. “There is not ulterior motive my actions-… Besides wanting someone, as a woman to a man… Maybe it was a mistake.” She sat back against him, frown growing on her face as she rubbed at her neck where he had bitten her, leaving her suddenly extremely volatile and hurt, lashing out unexpectedly. “Just because of what I am, doesn’t mean that I can’t want just like everyone else. Maybe this was a mistake.” Her voice was stern, as she moved to get off of him, towel discarded and truthfully, for once in her life she felt extremely exposed and humiliated. “I could have anyone in the kingdom that I wanted, and after over a century without I chose you to be the first-… Stupid mistake-…” She stood there trembling for a moment, tail lashing back and forth before crossing her arms

[4:34:16 PM] Jeff MacGee: "N-..." He whispered as she spoke with a hurt tone. He never had intended to hurt her in such a way like this, for she certainly did deserve better than that. As her figure crawled from the bed, covering herself, Jeff whispered, looking away from her. "I did not mean any disrespect. You are beautiful and strong. You possess such..." He looked back toward her, sitting up at the edge of the mattress. "...amazing qualities and I can't help but question why a beauty, a warrior such like yourself would lower herself to lay with someone like me." He stood, sighing as he found a pair of his undergarments, laying fresh on one side of the tarnished bed. He pulled them up his legs as he spoke. "I never wished for you to be offended. I so shocked that one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever laid sight on even have me a passing glance, let alone crawl into bed with me. I mean no disrespect. I just-..." He sighed and stood, shaking his head and placing his Mask back to his face. "...haven't been with someone in half a century." He caught on how she said she hadn't been with anyone in double that time and Jeff's dead heart sank. "Oh my, I'm sorry...I-...didn't know. I hope you don't view me as a mistake, m'lady. I feel like that would make our future business together awkward. A thousand apologies, Miss Lunaria. I never meant to hurt you, In any way." He was truthful. She was so elegant. Even covering herself as she was currently, she was beautiful. When hostile and angry, she was breath taking. When in ecstasy, she was like a goddess. He was very infatuated and he did not yet know the reason why, but it had appeared to him as if he had messed that up. Jaurl began screaming and kicking at the sides of Jeff's skull, sending shock-like waves through his head, causing a minor headache, and Jeff to rub his temples with slight grunt. "You fuck! You fucked up all the shit!"

[6:02:48 PM] Tsu: “This changes nothing.” She whispered in a cold voice, entirely the opposite than moments earlier, her hands clutching the towel that had been left for him, covering herself as well as she possibly could, not yet covering all of herself, yanking her hair over her shoulder. The subtle bruises generated on her hips, love bites on her throat slowly but surely dissipating before his eyes as she metabolized the blood beneath the surface of her skin. Her fingertips tightened on the towel as she let out a low angry sigh, shaking her head to his affections, the words breezing over her as her fury became all the more clear as her tail whipped angrily back and forth, catching the floor with each irate grazing motion. “I won’t make the mistake again. I am your guard… You are my charge, even if you don’t need me. We’re in this situation by your mother’s orders. I’m sorry having a monstrosity such as myself left you believing I had alternative intentions.” Her eyes narrowed with unhindered fury, and-… maybe even hurt. She turned on her heel, heading back through the door to the bathing chambers, and subsequently her own, slamming the door in her stead with a hardy snap. As she exited, a careful tap on Jeff’s door came from one of the maids, inquiring whether he needed anything in the evening hours.

[6:34:29 PM] Jeff MacGee: He listened to her words, crossing his arms and placing his back to the wall. The words stung as they ripped through his being but he retained a stiff, rugged look across his face. He waited for her to finish before giving a slight scoff as she walked out, completely misunderstanding his previous words. A low tone, rather uncommon left his lips. "Whatever you believe is best Miss Lunaria." He the twitched as the vibration shot through the walls as the door gave it's loud THWAK! Jeff's posture changed only slightly as the knock from the door came, moving to open the door, only being in his undergarments. "Uh-...Sir Jeff? Is everything quite alright?" The maid seemed frazzled, not only due to the arguing heard through the halls by the two but also due to the door slam and the mostly naked Jeff standing in the door frame. "I am fine. Thank you for inquiring." She simply nodded with a blush before turning and hurrying with a quickened pace in her step down the hall as Jeff shut the door. His hair moved to rest in front of his face, before giving another sigh, almost angered with the fact that he had only been here a short time and he had already been Covered in shit, fixed a problem with the Iron, had sex and had already seen someone die. He had a knack for having things go well then turn bad instantly. He moved from the door, making sure it was shut fully before heading back into the bathroom and staring at his reflection. His yellow strands hung down, almost teasing him with how annoying it looked. He had not seen himself in a long time, and now that he had, it was time for a touch up. He pulled out a small dagger, sharp like the words of an old love or the tooth of a dragon. Fingers moved to grip a large handful of hair before swinging his dagger down and chopping certain areas to according lengths. Hair fell from his hands, gathering more and more after each passing minute until his hair was thinner, shorter, and messy, albeit stylish. He looked down from the mirror, turning the knobs to the sink, where his hands gathered a small pool of water that was promptly thrusted into his face. He exhaled and wiped his face with his hands before catching his own reflection. They locked eyes, telling each other their own mistakes without exchanging one look. Guilt was plastered all over his face and it was easily seen. Before he could even begin to calm himself, his fist flew forward, completely shattering the reflective appliance. He breathed heavy, looking at his bloody right knuckles, before turning to the shower. He had hair and blood as well as sweat caked against his milky complexion, so another quick shower was needed. His blues rolled as the Luke warm water washed the unwanted contents from his body, only needed a 4 minute shower. As soon as he finished the same process of washing himself as before, he returned to his room to seek his clothes, stepping over the glass all over the bathroom floor, calmly and closing the door.

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~~~~~~~~~~Meanwile Wall Jeff was with Luna~~~~~~~~~~

Anaya: Anaya walked the steps of the path down to the basement halls, her claws running along the cobble stone wall, her mind a flutter with all thing the was going to do. call forth a demon to help with things. it was time to do just that.

Guest_GearsGrinder: -The stench was unreal. A motley mix of bile,blood and excrement in a steady flowing stream all around. This was the plane of suffering and its name matched perfectly with it. The sky was blood red and with it came the bloody rains for they fell from the sky and upon all those who were outside the ruins. Not that there was anyone left around except for one very ancient and powerful demon. His name was Varric Lucien and he had been sent there by the devil himself for breaking his law. To Varric though he broke no law but his battalion he commanded broke a lot of laws so Varric killed them all. Every single last one until there very screams filled the air in hell. He was a very tall demon that looked like he was even built for combat. He wore a long black overcoat that its collar went up past his shoulders. He wore a black scarf around his face that had unholy crosses hanging from it. His long raven black hair was tied up in a ponytail that fell past to the middle of his back. Varric or how some have known him simply as V had four long and sharp horns jutting out from his head. Inside the ruins he was sent and then wrapped up in the strongest chains tartarus had access to. They were wrapped around his body as he sat kneeling on a pedestal. These chains burned into his skin but he would endure it and rise once more. He had his head bow in waiting for the day where he could rise again-

Anaya: her fingers moved along her hips as the glimmering golden dress swayed as she took each foot step, her fingers followed down to her breasts as she ran them down a light moan slipped form her lips as she shakes all the feelings out. She looked up to the sky as she put her arms over her head and spun around in a ring her dress flowing around her flawless female figure. She shut her eyes and let the flames grow around her a bright array of white light flying from her making an amazing show so many never saw. It was that day after she had done her book reading and told everyone she was going to bed but really she never went to her chamber room, she went down to that basement room were she said only a couple hours ago to her own son that there was nothing there. “в Skys я призываю демона из ада , я призываю существо , которое поможет мне в моих планах , пусть боги тьмы , благослови меня .Се, стою у двери и стучу: если кто услышит голос Мой и отворит дверь , войду к нему, и буду вечерять с ним, и он со Мною .Побеждающему дам сесть со Мною на престоле Моем, как и Я победил и сел с Отцем Моим на престоле Его . Он Имеющий ухо да слышит, что Дух говорит церквамv Skys ya prizyvayu demona iz ada , ya prizyvayu sushchestvo , kotoroye pomozhet mne v moikh planakh , pust' bogi t'my , blagoslovi menya .Se, stoyu u dveri i stuchu: yesli kto uslyshit golos Moy i otvorit dver' , voydu k nemu, i budu vecheryat' s nim, i on so Mnoyu .Pobezhdayushchemu dam sest' so Mnoyuna prestole Moyem, kak i YA pobedil i sel s Ottsem Moim na prestole Yego .On Imeyushchiy ukho da slyshit, chto Dukh govorit tserkvam.” words unable for anyone to understand came from her lips as the song was so fluent and crisp, her words so clear it was almost as if they held a flavor. As the words ended she opened her eyes and they were bright blue the red was now blue and the black slit so wide and almost filling up the eye and the color so it was a bright blue ring around a black centre. “now hear me demon, you were a friend of witch owned me a favour i call forth it now i need protection of my lands in case enemy's attack here, come aid this dragon then your payment will be done.”
to the skys i call forth the demon from the pit, i call forth the being that will aid me in my plans, may the gods of darkness bless me. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcome will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

Guest_GearsGrinder: -There was a tiny sound that began to fill Varrics long pointed ears. Had he heard what he thought he heard? The sky above the ruins began to open up causing a massive rift to form. As the air was swirling around him he still did not lift his head. The pedestal below him began to rise up further and further from that horrible plane. He could feel the ground beneath him except for the pedestal began to crumble away and sink into the bloody and bile filled pool beneath. One from outside the plan would see a massive vortex from on the ground as the pedestal could finally be seen along with Varric on it. He stayed in the kneeling position though for the chains were still constricting him. The platform finally reached through the rift and stopped as the rift slowly closed. There he keeled before a woman to whom he had never seen before. He raised his head at her looking at her with those dark abyssal eyes that held no feeling or emotion. He then looked at the chains around him and began to try and stand up as the chains finally gave way causing a massive creaking sound before the all broke off him except for the manacles that he had on his wrists. His demon tail swished back and forth before he uttered a word towards the woman.-"Where am I?"-His voice sounded hoarse but it was also very deep and low. Like the sound of an old mountain finally giving into the demand of the winds-

Anaya: “you are in my castles basement catacombs, this is were you will stay for this night then morning you may rise up and see the world I have called you to. Long ago you new a dragon woman, she saved your life before you got sent to the other world. You owe her a debt your life in service as she saved it. Now is the time when you will pay this. Varric over the last weeks I have bin attacked and I have called you here to have your service and skill in protecting this land from intruders, you are to be my rook in this game of chess with kingdoms and castles. Do you swear and wish to have your debt payed in full? Or do you wish to be chained once more and be sent from were I dragged you up from” Eyes red as the fire under, a voice made of power, a dragon older then most Anaya was one even this demon would learn to fear, she was made to kill his kind made to kill darkness and death and call forth minions to do her biding, there was so much no body new about her, so much nobody new about the past and this place.

Guest_GearsGrinder: -Varric stared at her for a moment before looking around at the scenery. He spoke in his same deep and dark voice to answer her question back. He sank to one knee and bowed his head before her.-"I will honour the agreement and protect you along with these lands."-It was always hard to read Varric for there was nothing really to read. he looked at everything as if a problem in a puzzle and this puzzle would be fun to figure out-

Anaya: Anaya looked upon him as she took a razor sharp claw and put it under his chin lifting his chin up so his eyes locked with her own "it is not only myself you are to protect but this land as well, the ground here is marked with blood and is sacred it holds many treasures and even more secrets, you will inform no one on how you came to this world, tell no one on how i called you here, and tell no one of the basement area of witch this is, do you understand this?" she looked into his eyes her own bright and a blaze "to the world you are just a demon from a far land to the south, nothing more "

Guest_GearsGrinder: -He nodded towards his new charge as if to say he understood and leaned against the wall. Demons do not sleep nor do they eat unless it is called upon them to do so. He then folded his arms and waited for the coming morning looking towards the window and seeing the moon was still hung high in the sky-

Anaya: "good i am glad you understand this, you break this rule there will be consequence" and with that she nodded her head white hair flowing over her shoulders and she walked back to the star way to the upper hall to go to her chamber room for the night, making it look like she was there all along and never even went into the basement.

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Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His new hairstyle seemed to fit him quite well, and it was sure to surprise the few around who spotted him. He sighed elongatedly and pulled his jeans up, allowing the chains that hung from the denims to dangle, making a CLINK with his every step. A large black jacket pulled over his shoulders and allowed his arms to slide through it, before latching his belt and fastening the buttons on the coat. His fingers soon found and wrapped around a dark scarf, which found it's way around the Prince's neck. His leather boots with small spikes sticking from the ends were the next to be placed on his slender yet muscular build, before being fastened with ease. Leather, fingerless gloves with a plate of metal covering the knuckles nearly fulfilled the outfits entirety, but it was not yet complete until he slipped his polyresin mask over his cheeks. A sigh came from his lips as he exited the room, calmly strolling toward the main hall with his head hung. He could not get Lunaria out of his mind no matter how much he tried to think of other things. He thought about the worst possible things he had encountered but it led him back to one of the most beautiful daydreams ever. He reached the main hall and simply moved over to the study, where mass amounts of books and the handmaiden, Milla Resided, with a large leather bound book. "Good Marrow, Lady Milla. You are looking dashing."

Anaya: Milla looked at Jeff she held the same creepy eyes as his mother did, her dress a little torn at the bottom but it was nicer then her normal garb but it was just another day “oh Sir Jeff your mother is still sleeping” she took that book in her hands and put it on the book shelf just another book of no impotence. She picked up the duster and pulled out another leather book and dusted it off and put it back into the shelf. Not far away her pet Carthalon sat watching his owner, only in the mornings was the large two headed dog allowed in the building, Anaya never liked it so she made Milla keep it outside when she was around as not to get in her way “what can i get for you Sir jeff food?, drink? There be slave girls able to be drank from if that is what you wish, how can i be of help to you ” she said as she put that book back on the shelf and grabbed another one doing her cleaning in this room soon to move on to the next one.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Milla didn't have the same large book as she had yesterday. He could get her to spill the beans of the Book'S location, it would just take a large amount of coaxing to get her to do so. His eyes moved to the book shelf. "Where is Mother's book? She was telling me about the basement and how I needed to keep an eye out for her book because it held the family's most dear secrets." He didn't know that but it was a lucky enough guess. He sighed softly and looked at her in an endearing tone. "I must say, M'lady, you have this elegant glow today. You are so beautiful,and so smart, I am wondering what she has you doing here with all this dust." He then gently placed his hand on hers before softly taking the book from her and dusting it off, before placing it on the shelf and reaching for another to do the same. He needed to see what was in that book and he had a feeling that he had better try the easy way first, which he hoped would be Milla handing Anaya's book over, no questions asked. He smirked as a result of his own plan and shook his head, whispering low. "I assume that Mother trusts someone so smart with this. She trusts me but of course I just got home and do not know the lay out that well. Perhaps your beautiful self can tell me where everything is this time." He gave a soft wink of his baby blues. Jaurl scoffed and screamed at him. "You little repugnant shit! First you get that little tart angry and cause her to leave but now you are flirting with her to try and get her to

Anaya: She turned around her bright red eyes looking into his own, it was an odd thing looking into Anayas eyes on a different person and it was at this moment that Jeff could truly see they were identical. A blush came over the girls sweet and lightly tanned cheeks “oh Sir, secrets why would ones own mother keep secrets, nothing is hidden form you I a sure you. But did you sleep the night, and don't worry Anaya will be up shortly most of the time she comes down just after dawn to do the morning papers. The book is nicely put away every night don't worry my good and sweet Sir it is safe” Milla Taped her leg the large about 10 foot hound tromped up from the steps it was siting on and moved to Millas side, bright glowing white eyes looked at the male as the god let out a low grumble and moved to sit beside the book shelf only feet away from Milla. “oh there is a good boy” she said softly as she took a hand and rubbed behind the ears on one of his two heads moving beside her dog and sit in his neck embrace as he licked the side of her face.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He nodded his head as he listened to her so obviously, and not very subtly avoid his question. He furrowed his brow and pinched the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb, as if already fighting a headache. He smiled as she moved to her beast, which seemed to taunt him, but to no avail. Jeff simply growled back, giving the creature a "Fuck with mean and I will drain you" look, to which, the two heads whimpered and rested against Milla, watching the vampire stand from the sofa. "Well, miss Milla, it has been a pleasure. I must...explore. I don't quite have my boundaries yet.” Jeff gave a soft nod to the handmaiden before strolling down the main hall.
His boots clicked against the tile, listening to the familiar sounds hit his not as enhanced ears as he brushed his black casual jacket off. The cotton and leather made coat was stylish, yet didn't seem to belong, as was most of his attire that he sported around the empire. A knitted scarf hung around his neck, below his mask, drifting behind him as his brother continuously scolded him for the prior events that led to the coitus ceasing. "I just don't see why you had to ask some stupid question like that. You literally expected her to say what exactly?" Jeff crossed his arms across his chest and and fiddled with a loose thread on the inside of his left side. "I didn't expect anything. I know she is a sexual creature and to be honest, I felt as if I was going to be used for something, And I wanted to know why. I apologize, dear brother, that your arse is sore over me not finishing warming my bed, but you need to kindly shut your fucking mouth and listen to me. We are not here to sleep with the girls who have conversations with us. We are here to figure out why she sent us to Firefor, and discover the truth behind why we needed to kill that small town. Innocent people died, Jaurl!" Jaurl kicked Jeff's skull, sending a migraine ripping through him. The prince grunted softly and gripped the bridge of his nose. "I don't care that people died, Jeff! People die! You have killed more people than who died in that town, you should just accept their death and move on." Jeff shook his head. " I can't. I killed those vile men because they were lower than dogs. They had no honor! They killed without reason, and enjoyed it. Women, children, innocents, and it was up to me to put them down. There is a difference between killing men and killing devils. Those people didn't deserve to die. The men I chose to kill on my own accord did." Jaurl shook his head and stayed quiet after his sentence. "You mean men like me? You need to move on, because I am afraid the truth is going to get you hurt." Jeff pressed his back to the wall and looked at his fingerless gloves, giving him better grip of the claymore and katana strapped to his back at all times. He moved the gloved hands to fiddle with his DeLaRose pendent, sighing as he stood in the hallway. "Yes, men like you."

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Beelzbub: The night following her liaison with the crown prince left Lunaria decidedly bad tempered. One would have assumed he would have slept better following her experience, and yet she had risen from the bedside at the breaking of dawn, with her forehead bunched into an angry knot and her temper in hot, frustrated pursuit. When she had risen from her bed, muscles aching from her tight angry state in the night, tossing and turning, she had spent close to an hour stretching out her muscles, and exercising in what ways she could. Pushups, sit ups, lunges-… The cardio was soon to follow, as she dodged a hasty shower, ensuring to keep her gaze as far from the Princes door as possible, before abandoning her post, dressing and exiting the room, to take a quick walk around the castle, her pace swift, and eyes focused elsewhere, blatantly ignoring the greetings of the morning as she stalked her way from her room and steady back, huffing with displeasure as she pressed back into the wall before her charges door, and glared with decided ferocity at the wooden paneling. After such a stupid comment she honestly couldn’t think straight as to where exactly his mind had been when he had asked her something so utterly menial-… With a low unimpressed sigh, her eyes rolled skyward, and she attempted to focus on something beyond what had transpired with little luck… No, he had asked her ‘why’ and the question bowed and fluxed in her head, leaving her mental focus ajar, and her physical self strained with frustration. Despite the morning, sun risen in the sky and weather decidedly fair, it was without a doubt the last thing on Lunaria’s mind, as she fought through the questions stabbing through her head. “Why, why, why?” She had asked with a slow sigh, stretching her arms up for the hundredth time, her spine popping in careful accordance, as she slowly slid down the wall to a sitting position, legs bent, and splayed before her ass her elbows rested on her knees, and her long snowy braid tumbled down her shoulder. “There was no why. I did what I did because I wanted to, not for any other reason… Mortals are so focused on their emotional threshold its hard to believe they survive at all. Vampires or not.” Her expression winced, as she ran her hand over where his fangs had pierced her, his scent overwhelming her despite the showers she had taken during the course of the night in a vain attempt to either relieve his aroma, or dull her senses enough to block it out. Rising to her feet, she tapped her toe to the stone at her feet. “I’m not going to let it bother me. He’s a stupid man and I don’t have time to answer the frivolous questions he asks me. I protect his ass. Nothing has changed.” Her internal monologue rang in her head as she waltzed forward and slammed her fist thrice against his door, “The sun has risen, you have things to do, and I’m not wasting my time waiting for you.” Waiting for a moment, the lack of response insulting her immediately it was almost hilariously obvious that he had flustered her to anger, she slammed her fist once more against the door, expression dark, “FINE. Sleep all damn day. SEE if I care.” For good measure her boot kicked at the door for good measure before she stormed away from his door.

Anaya: The sun had come up a couple hours before she had gotten up, had gotten her hair done and was getting one of her hand maiden to do up the back of her corset. The ties were tight and getting tighter as the woman pulled the strings making Anaya's waist nice and hourglass shaped. “you know some days i don't think i will get used to this new body, the old one was so nice i hope there is not another one for me” the maid said nothing, there was a reson for this anyway she was a mute like most of Anayas workers there was something wrong with them there was a reason for that as well. She could hear a thump on the door outside as she got up as the maid finished her corset, she was only in white undergarments and the white and tan under corset as she opened the door to her bed chamber and walked out in the hall way seeing that guard kicking her sons bedroom door, she could not help but laugh. “trust me kicking the door will not wake the boy, he sleeps like a dead man” she was smiling as she stood there half nude and not dressed. “come in i have tea made it may help the nerves” she then opend her chamber door to the master bedroom. Her room was almost as large as the main hall, a bed made for four but only ever had one in it, a large window over looking the town so she could always see what she had. Eben if right now it was only over looking the mess she had made of it. And then there on the nightstand with a large black rimed mirror and golden sides, a small chair to sit on as she did her face and hair every morning,and then a door to her bathroom as well as a door to the walk in closet and a armour to get her gowns fast for the days.

Beelzbub: As the Empress approached following her tantrum, her eyes adverted respectfully, bowing forwards for a moment before rising again, her tail stilled as she was invited into her chambers. This left her decided cautious, and yet she entered, head bowed murmuring her thanks as she avoided glancing at her ladyship ins naught but underwear. In truth, Lunaria wasn’t one for fineries. There was a solid part of her that felt nervous for when the kingdom would host a ball of sorts. What exactly would she find herself in? Armor as she was now? The garb she wore was light. The chainmail beneath her blackened garb serving as a secondary concealing hold for her true unyielding weapon which was bound tight to her skin kissing the pale grips of her entirety as she walked. Complete with gloves, and boots she was to put it simple, moderately plain, save for the blood red of her glare, and blackness of her applied lipstick. Tugged into a no nonsense braid, Lunaria was free of flyaway’s to distract her in any way from the tangle of her hair in all manners. Jeff was in a way, similar to her deceased son Xander. Giving a smile that didn’t meet her eyes she entered the Empress’ chamber and stood in a tight practiced salute until requested to release it, not bringing up any conversation until it was brought to her, truthfully confused by the whole ordeal itself, and now, facing the angry conundrum of what Jeff had said in the first place. For a moment her heart thundered in her chest… Perhaps the Empress was here to punish her for her actions against her son-.. Or her temper tantrum against the door. While these fears seemed very real, it was quite clear she had absolutely no difficulty refusing to bring them up, not at least until they were necessary to bring up-… iN which case, who was to know what her majesty had in store… Only time would tell it seemed.

Anaya: Anaya turned to look at the woman that smile stayed on her face as she looked at her “i don't have a crown upon my head dear girl don't worry about being a guard you are a woman, just be that. As i am only a female i am just that. I have your weeks pay in the main room i had a chamber maid bring it down last night it is an advanced pay nothing really to much, one hundred and sixty gold coins a week could cover my boy, i know how much of a pain he can be ” she let out a chuckle as she moved to the large door that was the walk in closet. Opening it the inside was both lined with gowns of every color one could dream of, gold , plate, even some amors of days long past she never had anymore, one stood out over top of the others black dragon scale old and tarnished not rusted but very old it was right in the centre down at the end “so what one would you think would look good ?” she said softly as she stood there platinum hair falling down her shoulders covering the tops of her breasts. “so what have you and my son bin up to anyway, i hope he has not angered you to much yet, the door of his chamber room got a nice beating, but please don't worry about it we deal with a lot of smashed doors ” she let out another giggle as she flipped dress's a gold one, a white one, silver one green one and a black pone with dragon scales down the sides and down to the bottom, the top having the same style.

Beelzbub:The salary was more than generous, and Lunaria nodded curtly as she released her tight salute. She would ration it accordingly for herself, fifty coins itself would return home to her daughter, Delilah, who was managing a small alchemical outpost on her own. While another fifty would go to her savings and the rest she would ration to herself for the week, towards food, weapons maintenance, and petite clothing allowance… Perhaps it would serve as a private fund for her eventual savings of purchasing a dress of sorts. Her end all goal was to save up enough gold to buy a safe plot of land, with a garden and enough room to construct a shack for her, and Delilah to live in, by themselves, away from the war which claimed the lives of so many within her home of Firedor. The Empress was chatty-… oddly so that Lunaria wasn’t exactly sure how to respond. “The silver suits you well, my lady. Though your scale suits your nature all the more.” She spoke with an unflirtacious tone, though one could assume otherwise. In regards to her son, she knew to some degree that Anaya was aware of the goings on. That she might smell her son beneath the surface of her skin, his venom harmless seeping through her blood stream and bearing their deed for all the keen nosed to sense. She decided to remain conscious of her responses and nodded simply, “Being at the service of another has its perks and benefits-… Not of course that all of these are wise to act upon, but none the less, they happen-… Your son seems entirely unpracticed in the art of conversation-… particularly when it comes to women, despite his charming demeanor.” She was blunt, to the point, almost to a painful degree, and in some cases it was a bad thing… But for now, she had to ask, and see what the woman would respond with. “When a man-… Asks a woman, why she chose him-… What do you say?” Her question was simple, seeking the voice and opinion of another to clear the question from her head. Maybe she was too close to answer the question, but she couldn’t escape his vulnerable expression, his question as if in that moment, he wished for her to announce he was special and unlike anyone else-… An answer she couldn’t provide him. Maybe she had ruined something for him-… perhaps in his case SHE was the villain. Maybe it would have been different if she had said simply, “Because I love you-…” “Because I need you” “Because you’re not like everyone else… but it was something she was unable to answer… She sought the answer of another-… Someone closer to him than she, who maybe could give her a response that would justify the end means.

Anaya: Anaya moved her hand to brush back the hair from her shoulder as she pulled out a silver lines white gown from the closet “have not had this color in a long time, i thought you would like armor better. What one here do YOU like, Luna ” Anayas red eyes looked at her as she held out the silver dress in frount of Luna “no silver is not for you, i think something else would fit best” she paused as the girl was talking and Anaya slipped the dress over her head and put it on, silver worked for her but now it was    Lunas turn tp find something she liked. “and yes i guess the job has its ups and downs my son is...well he is a vampire that has not had a good looking woman in well over i think a hundred years, think about it my dear if you i had never seen a rose in a hundred years would you still know how to treat it with the beauty it deserves. ” she walked over to the desk as she had two cups there already, dusting them off she had not used them in years yet still siting there they were with a fresh pot made every couple of hours of tea. “and if someone asks you why you took the time to pick them. Well just tell them it is not a bad question ” she moved and took the both tea cups over to the girl and held them out to her. As she put her own on the desk side and took her hand to gracefully cup the hand of Luna and place it under the cup softly. “don't hate something you don't understand yet. It may not be as bad or for the wrong reasons as you may think”

Beelzbub:“Do I like?” She swallowed with surprise, eyes opening wide as her hands rose defensively, “You-… don’t have to do that Milady-.. I’m not really one for-… I mean your gowns are lovely-.. I just… I wouldn’t want to impose.” She was decidedly polite. Odd for someone of her nature, and flustered in the nuance of bringing up the High Prince so vulgarly. It was a struggle to remain still, as fidgeting felt the likened path for her to take, and yet she remained still to a statuesque extent before her highness continued, glancing at her plethora of gowns, her fine silks and choices of color were at best, phenomenal, and likely a horrifically expensive décor. Switching the topic, had Lunaria’s’ blood red gaze settle elsewhere as she walked enough to accept the cup of tea in her hands. Idly coating her finger in dust, Lunaria slipped the afflicted touch down her thigh to rid it of the debris before she was mentioned as being beautiful-… Or at least, she was assuming, as the whole conversation didn’t necessarily link back to her, as it was merely an innocent question. Lunaria was never one to be treated with kindness… In fact, most of her troubles stemmed from her young life, while in the hands of her mother-… Or her father-… whomever ZETA decided to become for the day-… Treating her like a darling little bird locked in a cage until her body was of suitable use for possession, Luna had grown up with a bipolar abuse, based on the mood of the Grand Incubus, who raped her mother, Aetulia and left her for dead until her violent birth. Faced as was, truthfully a well trained nomadic figure, she wasn’t exactly sure how to gauge herself or what she had been called. Rather than addressing, she glanced down, finger sliding over the lip of the cup. Her eyes fell upon a dress, far in the back of her grand closet. A simple satin like material breezing with silver along the neckline, which pulled over the chest of the dress in a triangular fashion, plunging to the floor with a simple train to follow, the blood red barb caught her eye and she motioned towards it. “My eye is drawn to that dress-… in the far back-…”

Anaya: Anaya walked and took a clawed hand and took the dress from the closet as she was at the back her eyes caught that grand armour set black scale plate dusty and tarnished , and a massive head bit broken crack gash upon the top, a dragons helmet for a moment the ruler smiled as she ran a finger along one of the horns. The Closet was larger then most did realize, in the back it held a dragon helmet to fit her, the rest was in the basement one could not hide everything in there closet it was just here for she liked the memory's of the old days. As she looked back to the dress she took it out and walked over to the girl. “it is very old, but i am sure it will fit you wonderfully, it was only ever put on a couple times i hardly have anything that was on twice, only a couple things in there from time long gone.” she held it out and spotted something, a mark on the side of the girls neck, all Anaya did was smile as she new what it was from already, a mother new there children and even if she already new what they had done as she new how her son was even if he had bin goner for thousands of years he was  still the same charmer he had always bin. “just be careful with him, i know the boy can be foolish, impulsive and rampant but inside he means well, a good heart in his chest, he holds the best heart in the family i a sure you” as she placed the dress in the girls hands she moved and looked back into the closet “i give you this for i wish you to be at a Ball i am holding in a couple weeks, i know a fighters life my dear i know it is not much more then armor and blades, sometimes it is nice to step out of the same part of ones life and into difference. Now i wonder what i will have on for it ” she gave a laugh as she flipped gowns.

Beelzbub:An armor plate would have been acceptable… She knew she had some kind of work to do to assure herself a comfortable, yet appropriate set up for whatever the Empress wished. Rather than being a friend, she was another puzzle piece of the game, and in a way she knew that the Empress was going to use her at some point as a connection piece to controlling her unruly son-… In a way it was the perfect solution, but Luna had no intention of being anything to his Highness, save for a guard. As the gaze was remarked upon at her throat the invisible marking, since bruised caused her to subconsciously chide herself for denying herself her morning ritual in the state she had been in the morning had brought. Indeed she was fit to be tied. Taking a hasty sip of the prepared tea, served black, as she preferred it she glanced over the fine material in her arms. “Before I came here-… Close to a century past, I lived in a city, since razed, and I lost my son, Xander. My daughter Delilah, remains in the wilderness away from this province in our homeland. I came here to escape the ghosts of our past with what I could do for her, as a mother… What your son and I did was… irresponsible-… I am sure you as the Empress have plans for him in regards to his future, and I don’t want to be a detrimental force in your plans-…” She was apologizing I so many words, unable to utter true apologies and merely bumbling over words. She had never been one to mince her words, or need to explain herself. “He is a prince, and I am his guard. His future, and your sanity matter over whatever ‘why’ he expected from me-… I-… am not sure how to continue forwards, but I will do as I can to continue to serve under you, My Lady.” She bowed respectfully once more, holding the gown tight, which would need some idle threading, but nothing too difficult to handle on her free time.

Anaya: “he lives forever, i don't anymore, all i could ever wish for the future of my son is for him to be happy no matter his choices. Not every ruler was born a ruler Luna, not every crown was just placed so carelessly upon a head. Everything i do is for the others, for my people and for the future of this place, but him, he i cant control even if i wanted to, he does as he wants to, he is not my little boy anymore not the boy i took in so long ago, he is a grown man now, i cant play his cards of life for him, and if he was to pick a guard to bed, wed and be with i would never stand in his way.” she smiled as she thought of her younger years before she got this crown, before she claimed lands and got older back when her and miss Luna here were not that different at all. she walked up to Luna as her bright red eyes looked into her own “All Roses grown in rock gardens miss Luna, the most rocky earth makes the strongest flowers, you should remember that”

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Rose%20pic_1

Beelzbub: Living forever had its benefits, one could always argue the misery that befell the immortals but she didn’t feel it was prudent to focus on it. Anaya was confiding a small amount, the dress in her hands a heavy quiet burden. It to was like the weight of an immortal in its own special way. She kept it to herself again, caressing the material thoughtfully as her empty cup was returned to its dusty position on the side table. “I don’t think that is a future that’s for me, my lady.” It could have been simple… she had been a housewife at one point, bedded and wedded upon growing pregnant with her son, but that changed when her grudging life mate disappeared upon her pregnancy with Delilah. It would have been easy to be that to someone, but there was a part of her that knew she was loyal to the road and with all of her long life she had the chance t come to a conclusion about where her path would lead… As it stood, she was once again in the service of another, and so it would stay until she was either released from service, or was otherwise tugged away. Her loyalty knew no bounds, and perhaps that why providing the answers he had foolishly sought left her so decidedly confused. No doubt the Empress’ words would leave her outwardly thoughtful and maybe even vulnerable in the hours to come, as she was compared for once against something beyond belladonna. Pausing, Lunaria spoke, “What are the other tasks you require of me? I guard your son, but I can’t really find anything to do when he is-…toddling around the hold.” It was a meager insult, but no doubt she understood what she meant. He was a mule digging his heels in, until he let her do what she was charged with their journey wouldn’t continue, and the least she could do was offers her services in the interim.

Anaya: “just the slandered tasks i guess, keep an eye out, watch and over look the other guards make sure no one is sleeping on the job, but he is your main focus make sure he does not get into anything and don't take your eyes off him. He is a handful and is known for putting his nose were it is not to go” she said softly as she picked up a pile of papers flipping them and then putting them back down on the night stand and then picking up her hair brush. “oh and don't forget to pick up the pouch of gold on the meeting table down to the side of the main hall, you will see the door it is in there all matters of coin happen down there and if you require more it can be arranged. As well as if you need anything else, land a building or anything sent away for anyone else you care about be sure to let myself, Milla or Samuel know right away” she ran the brush into her hair as she sat in the small chair next to the mirror “i will come down to the main hall shortly i am sure jeff is up at this point you should go meet him. I will be done within the hour there is still some things i must do up here. ” she fixed the hair along her shoulder as a taping came to the door and Milla opened it “My Lady there be something you should look at.” Milla walked into the room the identical eyes they both shared looking at Luna as the woman walked past giving Anaya a paper. “here miss Anaya and i would like to talk to you about something, it is a matter of only you” she said softly not wishing to offend miss luna.

Beelzbub: Money was her language. Money over love to be assured, but the generosity was to follow that led her to grow even more suspicious-… Guard Jeff. Take care of Jeff, someone CLEARLY capable of taking care of himself, and make she he didn’t ‘get into anything’… She was reminded momentarily of an incident involving her daughter back in her homeland. The lass had crawled up onto the stove by the fireplace in an attempt to taste the stew that had been boiling above the fire. She hadn’t anticipated the metal to be ot so close to the fire and had burned her hand, and knee, falling from the stove with a cry. She knew he was capable of making his own choices, but somehow, as a mother, Luna found that the Empress was hiding something that required Jeff to be guarded over, so he, like Delilah, would avoid burning himself. Not a particularly curious creature herself, she nodded with understanding. “I will see to it, that he keeps his nose clean and that the guards do their jobs as well.” Upon the entrance of another female, the paper in her hands leading to a poignant ‘This isn’t your business, PEASANT’ stare Lunaria allowed herself to smile contritely, an odd expression for her as her toothy grin broke into a respectful farewell, baring her fangs generally hidden, for the slight she endured. No… there was something that the Empress was hiding, something that the son mustn’t find out, and something that Lunaria had very little to no interest in learning about in the first place… However there was a distinct feeling that if whatever it was, was to be found out, leaving the hold might not be an option for her-… She would need to ensure that she protected herself in any and all ways before leaping to her charges defense. She exited the room with a respectful bow, making her way towards retrieving her boon and possibly locating the paperwork to adhere a placement of land to call her own somewhere around the castle within the upcoming weeks.

Anaya: As Luna walked out and went on her way to maybe the lower halls Milla was there alone with Anaya. Anayas voice changed from the kind and friendly self to more a hissed anger like tone ”it is rude to make others feel unwelcome what is the matter of such importance that you have to kick the girl out of here, we are trying to be kind not harsh to people Milla La Shave” Milla shrunk as her full name was said out loud “i am Sorry Anaya i just wanted to tell you...your son ....he worry's me, i am not sure of him, he has bin asking about the book miss Anaya ” “why would my son be asking about the book he does not need to place his nose in that. ”Anaya put her brush down and got up form her desk “i think the morning things can be done by you alone today Milla, i will go find my son and talk to him about this matter on why he was asking about the book. I don't let anyone not even my own family see its content or know were the vault is, you know this” “yes lady Anaya do not worry i told him nothing about any of it i swear to you.” Millas hand folded and she shrunk more as the ruler stood up being a good 7 foot 2ish “yes Milla i believe you, now go work with Samuel for the day i can handle matters in the main hall,make sure hunting is done tonight and that supper is made for sundown” “yes miss Anaya i will get right on it” and with that Milla ran off out the door and away as Anaya fixed her hair a bit as well as her dress and started to walk out to the main hall and steps, she paused for a second at the banister and looked out over her castle.

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Beelzbub: The pay was generous-… Almost too generous and with it came the charge of the Prince of DeLaRose… A joke perhaps as she knew he was perfectly capable of defending himself. So maybe the Empress was making a mockery of him by hosting her at his side… Or maybe, it was because she saw he was just as lonely as she was. Regardless it was without question that she was flustered, the warm satin in her hands catching her broken attention as she stood outside Anaya’s chambers and was met face to face with one of the male guards. While most of the guards didn’t speak in the hold, there was an unspoken rule that all remained quiet, particularly around the empress. He was handsome to be assured, and as she exited, clearly caught in her own thoughts he followed her a few feet and caught her arm. It took her less than a second to twist his hand around into a painful hold where his very muscles screamed for unreserved release. “Hey, hey, hey- EASY… Jesus… You’re strong.’ He let out a chuckle, his lips parting in a smile, as he looked at her from his bent position and cocked his head in a demure way. Lunaria released his hand and he stood, nearly six inches taller than her and lent against the wall, holding out his hand in a greeting fashion. “My name is Finnigan-… Or Finn. You can call me Finn.” Lunaria had walked away from him, her hair in a no nonsense braid behind her head as she headed away with a slow walk, “Not interested.” He caught up with her, hands out I front of him, taking a moment to stand in front of her blocking her path and not allowing her to move as she tried to scoot from his direction. “No, no, I’m sorry, just hear me out.” “I don’t want to hear you out, I have a job to do.” His sincere brown eyes grew desperate as his mortal hands shook and he looked down at her, all points of chivalry lost as he tried instead for desperation. “Look you’re really pretty, and we’re both guards-… Albeit you’re the PRINCES guard but none the less we have to work together, and I figured, since I heard the empress mention a ball-…” She interrupted him with a no nonsense stare, shaking he head with disgust, “You were eavesdropping?” He grit his teeth, “GO to the ball with me? Please?” She took a moment, red eyes glaring up at him as she crossed her arms in an unimpressed fashion, the red material sliding in her grip as she partook him with a low sigh. “You are asking me because of my beauty, correct?” The man nodded, and she felt herself bemused by his hopeful expression-… Perhaps it had worked with local girls, but certainly not with her. She continued thusly, “Is beauty all that matters to you?” The man seemed baffled as she passed him, walking with decided ease away from him, as he called after her, “Well-… W-What else is there?” The answer was obviously wrong as she waved him dismissively off and made her way down the stairwell, coming across Jeff in her travels as he seemingly ended a personal monologue, otherwise drowned and ignored by her own rushing thoughts.

Jeff DeLaRose: He sighed once again as he drew a cigarette from his coat pocket before watching his guard walk on by with an annoyed expression. He grunted as every fiber of his being screamed at him to stay put but he knew that he needed to talk to her. The pace he kept to catch up to her was quick, and before he even knew what he was doing, his lips began to move. "I don't know why I said what I said last night, Miss Lunaria. I was just in a mood that caught even myself off guard. So can we please just-...act like I didn't make myself look like a total fool last night?" His form stood in front of her. "I know that you said you didn't want want it to happen again, and it doesn't need to, but let me take you to the ball? I hear that my mother has one planned and, frankly I think you are better off at going with me than one of the other men around. They will just expect you to sleep with him. I just want a dance." He looked at her feet before moving his gaze to look into her eyes, standing about 4 feet away. Red and blue, and strange combination, yet perfect all in it's own. Their gaze could often cut through miles of darkness with how bright their glance lit up whenever they had a conversation. However, his eyes glowed naturally, but they always seemed to shine a bit brighter around her. "And I'm sorry that I randomly stopped you, you seem busy. So let me just say good morning and you look radiant." He murmured, scratching the back of his head as he flicked his unlit cancer stick around in his fingers.

Beelzbub: It seemed a habit for her to be stopped this morning, first by the Empress… Then by Flynn-… Fig-… Whatever his name had been and now that man she had been looking for. She felt the instilled emotions from the night overwhelming her, and part of he-… A natural part of herself craved to lash out at him and cuff him over the ear… It was almost incredible that her level of patience kept her completely still as she paused before him, catching the gown in her arms and patiently waiting for his tirade to end. As he spoke, she fixated on his lips, and drew her focus immediately elsewhere as the places they had dragged the night before flashed in her mind. From her throat to between her-… Oh god. She adjusted her stance to a wide shoulder wide stance, her dress clutched in her hands as he would never in his right mind even have a single idea what was going through her head. The word ball crossed his lips and almost on cue she responded, “Someone already asked me actually… But I don’t really think that they want to sleep with me-… unless it’s another crack at my race.” Her eyes arrowed, eyebrow cocking as she too a step forward before he had a chance to respond, pressing her lips hard to his, one hand rising at his ear, and pulling him close before he even had a chance to react pulling away. “I suppose however since I’m already on duty it isn’t going to hurt to continue my work at the ball…” Her fingertips dragged down his cheek, her own bite mark ridden beneath a scarf which she proceeded to tug upon with one hand, her lips parting as she dragged him closer so much so that her lips ran across the shell of his ear, “But if you’re going to mention what I am capable of, maybe I should make it more apparent around you. Mmh?” It was going to be a goal of hers… Oh yes, while he seemed so decidedly fixated on apologizing she was going to show him exactly what her nature was capable of… So long as he avoided the stupid ‘why’ question, one would assume they would reach something mutually beneficial… she protected him, and got paid… Served her incessant carnal urges and he had-… Well… whatever she had to offer him. It would be a love hate relationship no doubt, for as soon as she pulled away, her demeanor shifted, and she partook him entirely. “I never said I didn’t WANT to. I said it was a mistake… But if you avoid asking stupid questions, it might be worth both of our whiles.” Her eyebrow cocked as she walked past him again, “And its just Luna-… If I’m going to be seen out and about with you-… At least make an attempt to look nice-…” If he needed her for anything else,  now would have been the time to say something-… Or even attempt to spark conversation, because she was quickly losing interest and walking away.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff crossed his arms as she began to move closer, before dropping them and being kissed ever so alarmingly. His stance became relaxed as he leaned forward as she pulled away, only for a second however. He was pulled ever so close to her, listening to her words play on his ears like instruments of destruction. Was she trying to break him down? Was she trying to make his brain turn to mush? Or was she being herself? Did she act like this around everyone? His mind could not slow itself and the thoughts and questions became ever more quickened as her lips trailed his ear. His body tensed as she released him, feeling the fingertip drip down his cheek before she tugged his scarf seconds before. He looked at her with a simple expression, almost sarcastically asking. "So that is a yes to the ball then?" Jeff smirked before gripping his mask that hung from his belt and placing it in its rightful place. He latched it against his cheeks before continuing the conversation. "What? Do I not look up to par to your standards? I know I am pale and drink blood but I didn't think I LOOKED like a monster." Jeff smirked behind the covering and ran his hand through his freshly cut hair. "Say what you wish, Lunari-...Luna. But we both know I am devilishly handsome as you are cunning and beautiful." He didn't want her to walk away. No, not yet. He looked at his outfit before looking at the dress she had draped across her arm. "I suppose I should get a garb to match. I promise, my appearance won't put you to shame." Jeff then muttered under his breath, turning away for a moment. "Arsehole." He turned back and smiled in a joking manner. "Who is that guard over there with the "I want you to fuck me like a poxy whore" eyes?"

Beelzbub: Lunaria was a special breed-… Her interest in Jeff was one she chose to pull as far away from him as possible. To watch him with a low curiosity that comes from mortal kind-… or demi-human kind-… whatever he was, He held the jabber mouth of a human, and spoke without thinking, but managed thoughtlessly to leave her guessing. He treated her like every other man… Why would she even bother being anything with him, if he wasn’t going to show himself as moderately spectacular in some way or another? No… He was just another man, and men were easy to manipulate… But there was something about him-… A sincerity that the others lacked… albeit he was good at lodging his foot into his mouth, but there was a charm he held that kept her interested. Not as what she was-… but as who she was, as a person. The question had been why. Why had she chosen him, and though she turned away from him, the answer was fairly crystal clear. In the moment she had felt entirely vulnerable around him, it wasn’t because he took charge, or because he tried to be something he wasn’t. He showed her what she deserved as a woman. And that is what made him special to her in some way or another. She looked back to him as he called her an arsehole, her cheeks growing a soft crimson as her mouth opened in a slack jawed position for a moment. Her hand rose to her mouth with surprise, and then indignation. No way in hell was he getting into her head in their third conversation. “You look fine…” She rectified, her voice breaking halfway through as she grew all the more decidedly embarrassed until the tips of her ears shone red, making her look like a cream topped strawberry. It was a blessing that he mentioned Finley, Finnish, Finale- oh fuck it, his name didn’t matter, her eyes were on Jeff and they weren’t shifting. She shook her head unable to generate a reply for a moment. Swallowing hard, her throat clearing, she crossed her arms so tightly against herself that the dress nearly fell to the floor. “That’s Griffin…” the guard looked up, and called out in the hallway, “Just… Its just Finn” taking a moment to herself she shook her head as the guard looked as if he wanted to come over, eyes burning with a seething rage that set Figgy Pudding off running… She continued after a moment, decidedly flustered before sighing in an obviously disgruntled manner, “He’s the one who invited me to the ball… seems he wanted to swoop me off my feet. And swooping-… is bad…” her eyes narrowed as she looked at his retreating back. “He’s no one of decided importance, Twas difficult to breathe with all that self-righteousness crowding the air." She took a long moment looking Jeff over again, before turning in hoping to make a swift escape before further embarrassing herself.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff couldn't help but smile as she mentioned his name in a wrong manner. She walked away as he turned back to answer her, only to see her retreating with a rather surprising pace. He raised a brow before being dragged into another conversation. "Excuse me, Prince Jeff?" Jeff turned and nodded, placing the cigarette betwixt his lips after removing his mask, being far more comfortable with showing his face than previously before. Jeff lit the cigarette calmly and raised another brow while taking in a drag. "Ah, Fishtale, Good Marrow." He let the smoke drift from his parted bow curves before replacing his lungs with more fresh toxins. "And you sir. I couldn't help but notice that you too asked Miss Luna to the Ball." "Yes.." And I was wondering if you would allow me the chance to..." Jeff let more smoke flow from his mouth, but this time he was careful to not let it flow so easily away from Finn. "Chance to what.." Finn sighed and nudged him. "Between us men, it is nice having a sexual demon around. She could satisfy all of the guards at once if she wanted and it gets lonely. So could you do a fellow man s favor and let me Fuc-" Words were drawn short by a fist cracking open the cheek bone of the typical male guard. Jeff growled as the man dropped to the ground, holding his bleeding split cheek and staring at the prince in a horrified manner. "She isn't like that!" He moved closer. "You are here to do your fucking Job. Not get your dick wet, so before you sit there and think about your primal needs like a Neanderthal, just know you are paid to fight and stand watch, not being a fuck boy!" Jeff moved his hand out, which Finn accepted and was pulled up. Jeff pulled him to his feet before placing a few gold in his hand, fetching it from his coat pocket. "Now get back to work." Jeff held his own hand, pressing his thumb against his knuckle and pushing. He listened to sickening crack of his bone snap back into place. He then growled once more and turned on his heel after Luna. He caught up in no time and gripped her calmly by the shoulder and spun her around, tossing his cigarette hard against the cold stone floor. He then, with a simple shove, pressed her against the wall and sealed the space between them by placing his arms on either side of her head. "I am not like those fucking men!" His tone was angered. Obvious that something had just happened, fresh blood resting on his glove. "You may think of me as a typical dumb male but I will not let others disrespect you. I am not trying to sleep with you, so stop with the over sexualized banter that we seem to share every time we speak. I would like a single conversation about your fucking life. Yes, you are a succubus but  you also have thoughts and emotions, and a fucking past. I know what it is like to be treated as what you are...when there is more to that." He then took his arms away and looked down before walking toward his room. Jeff the pulled out another cigarette, lighting it promptly.

Beelzbub: Having gotten away far enough to not witness the blood shed, it was only when Jeff came forward and pressed her back against the wall that she had herself start with surprise and look at him with wide eyes. The tobacco smoke clinging to his skin polluting the air between them. Her eyes dared to slip from his for a moment to his glove, but he interrupted her with a hard snarl of a statement, causing her to blink hard with surprise. This was a moment she wouldn’t forget, burned into her memory; tobacco and blood was an overall triggering focus. She startled visibly, so much so that the once red face paled down to a near sheet white with surprise, she didn’t know how to respond beyond nodding in confirmation as he pulled away from her, and stalked down the steps. The lit cherry of his cigarette bit at the stone, as she stepped away after he turned away from her, butting it properly beneath her boot. Of course there was the decided scent of blood staining the floor as he pulled away and lit himself another cancer stick. It was her turn to follow after him with a wide eyed expression before it softened, than hardened and broke into a stable frown as she spoke in a loud clear voice whether he was listening or not. It wasn’t something she intended to repeat and therefore if he listened to her hard voice, he might get the subtle lick of her aggressive state, commemorating that of the night before. “I have a daughter, named Delilah.” It was something she never told anyone, ricocheting in the space between them as she hoped he would stop and look back at her. Dressed in her simple leather armor, she tugged self-consciously at her braid, attempting to look away. “I had a son, named Xander, but he died over a century ago. The same day I got the marking on my shoulder and neck… You can’t pretend you didn’t see, I know you did.” Her voice remained hard as she approached him, eyes cold as her boots tapped along the ground. She sped up her pace enough to stare at him, blocking his path as Fandango had moments before. “Don’t you understand? Sex is what I am good at. Something I know, and can enjoy. I am not bumbling around with you for the sake of doing so, its because I enjoy your company, and I enjoy your presence, and-… because you-… make me FEEL good to be around. So-… rather than being a horses… ass… Damnation-…” She cussed angrily, glancing away, her entirety shaking with intensity, “How about you-… Just-..” Her fingertips gripped the cigarette from his lips, mashing it between her fingertips and butting it entirely to gain his full unhindered attention. “Ask, rather than spewing things… From your NOISE HOLE.” She was shaking visibly so, so much that her nails had grown only slightly, her teeth bared with fury as she was forced to admit more to a veritable stranger than necessary. She turned on her heel, opening her door a few feet from his own with enough intensity to shake its hinges. Upon it slamming, it fell off the hinges entirely, and were ignored as she entered her chambers in peace without another word.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff kept his pace before hearing her speak. His feet stopped dead in their tracks, turning to face her as she slowly began to explain herself. Yes she was angry, but she was also showing him true feeling apart from just anger he couldn't, or chose to not understand. He nodded as she spoke of the markings down her neck and a smile crept through his lips. "I did see..." He let a sigh leave his lips as she pulled his joy from its place and crushed it, asking him to ask about her if he was ever curious, before slamming her door. He looked down and sighed as the door slammed to the ground after a few seconds of holding itself up. He scratched the back of his head and nodded to himself, picking up the door and placing it again the frame, as to block her from everyone's view. He took this time to break from the hall and move to the outside. He breathed in a gust of fresh air and moved over to the lush garden that was kept by Milla, very forcefully by Anaya, and simply plucked a few red, and white roses, as well as some tulips and daisies. By the end of a few minutes, he had a quite the bouquet.  

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Deandance

He traversed back inside and moved down the hall before finally reaching her door. He let a large sigh leave his lips before placing the flowers at her welcome rug that rested outside each door, then pulled out his pack of cigarettes and laid them next to the freshly picked nice thoughts. "Well-...I'm sorry." He then moved toward the main hall, where he noticed Milla, then got his idea back. "That's right! The basement! Fuck! He whispered to himself before actually deciding to make his way down the left corridor, toward the door to the catacombs, and the truth. "No more distractions? Aye?" Jeff growled at his brother's words. "Shut up Jaurl!"
          before heading down the left Corridor, by the basement. He listened to his boots hit the tiles with each step, nearing himself to pass the two guards patrolling the door. They seemed to be talking about how no one was to get through except the empress, so telling them to let him in because he was the prince simply would not work. He closed his eyes as he passed them, listening to them both snap to attention and salute as he walked by. "At ease." Jeff smiled. "Listen, you two. The next guards are coming to take the next shift any minute. You guys can take off if you want." Jeff waited for their response, while placing a cigarette in the small drilled hole of his mask before lighting it. He took a large inhale, before letting the smoke flow into the air, making frantic shapes that soon disappeared. "We would both love to M'lord but the Lady Anaya told us to wait right here until she, or one of her higher hands release us from our duties." The guard on the left answered. Jeff nodded and smiled, before shrugging his shoulders. "I am her son and the rightful leader in the future. I have full authority over you and all the other guards and I am giving you the order to both stand down and take the rest of the day off." They both smiled delightfully. "Thank you, Sir Jeff, this will not be forgotten. You truly are a generous prince." Jeff smiled and waved goodbye toward them as they walked down the hall before turning, and as soon they were out of sight, Jeff's smile faded. He had little time before the next guard shift started so he needed to hurry and get down the steps as quickly and quietly as possible. His fingers slid around the knob as he pulled it open after a turn of the brass. His pace was quickened as he silently skipped down the steps before letting the little ball of energy flow from his hand and into the air, causing a beam of light to emit through the basement, lighting the way. It way far more dry and covered in less fecal matter than last time, due to his mother and he stopping the flooding and build up of the pipes. He slowly began to stroll before turning to the left and spotting 5 prisoners pummeling a small teenager in a familiar coat. "I bet you wish we believed you got this coat from the prince!" One of the thugs yelled before kicking the fetal positioned teen in the ribs. Jeff slowly stepped forward. "He did actually. Would you all like a souvenir? My sword as been letting go of its metal shavings and I'm sure it doesn't mind sharing with your skulls..." Jeff let a low, loud growl crawl from his throat.

Beelzbub: It was hard for her to absorb the goings on of the moments before. The fact that a bouquet stood outside her door left Lunaria decidedly stunned… Each of his decided gifts left an aroma in her nose that caused a soft redness to generate over her cheeks. He was thoughtful, an idiot, ignorant like a child, but he held a strong heart, and he carried no fear… Even for a minute, her respect for him blossomed even slightly. She stepped out of her room, the door needing fixing and the flowers in her arms needing a bouquet. She was unexpectedly overwhelmed by maids who took the blooms from her arms and disappeared to find a vase without saying a word. The rough motion left her momentarily stunned as she was pointed in the direction of the main hall, and nodded in quiet affirmation. Jeff had disappeared to who knew where… she had only had the chance to see him for a few minutes, and as much as she was being paid to keep her eyes on him, she didn’t really care all that much what he did, or where he went… so long as he didn’t come back with some kind of grievous wound that would be linked to her negligence. To be honest of all the lions and tigers and bears the world had to offer, she might have been the most formidable he had to face if he screwed around with her payroll. Heading down the hallway, she wandered by a bloodied Finn, who didn’t dare even meet her eyes on the way past her as she focused on the walk, gripping the tip of her braid and releasing the pieces of hair from their tight binding, releasing the tendrils down her spine until she was entirely free of constraint and standing within the center of the main hall, arms crossed expectantly waiting to be spoken to, approached or whatnot, hardly aware of Anaya’s position, creeping at the top of the landing without a word.

Anaya: As Milla Stood at a wall and watched the boy go she had that shimmer in her eye “go watch him, but don't be seen, he is up to something, I can feel it. No one asks for the book, or its were abouts, he has bin here only two days be him the queens son or not, he does not need to be poking around ” the large dog let out a bark as it started to walk away from Milla as she moved to the basement. “but I guess it is almost morning time to get to the vault, get the book out for the day and for Anaya” her small feet were walking to the basement door's as she could see her hound sniffing the floor over there, no guards, the dog was barking at the basement door loudly knowing the princes sent was down there for sure.  She looked around and called for a guard “hey guard over here!” she called out as one rushed over to her right away “Yes Miss Milla what is the matter need anything” “yes Flood the lower east side were the vault and the catacombs are not the slaver sides they are fine there is nothing but beds and slaves there, but make sure the other part is nice and full, anyone down there will drown or get back to this door” the guard gave a nod knowing Millas placement here and rushed off to do just that, open the flood gates from the river down to the lower levels it was all undrinkable swamp water from the back swamp river so it worked well for a safety hatch just in case the order was given, within moments the whole east side would be under water.

Jeff DeLaRose: They all let the boy go and looked at the prince, before one took a step forward. He shifted his foot and through a solid punch, which Jeff simply let collide. Jeff's mask was struck, before the man's hand completely shattered. My he vampire adjusted his mask, smiling softly before whispering. "Thank you sir, may I have another?" The man screamed as his hand hung in a limp, jagged, rubbery fashion. Jeff simply delivered a light chop to the man's neck with his hand, rendering him unconscious. The three that saw this shook their heads before turning on their heels and running down the hallway, but the last one still standing looked at his friend, whom was holding his now useless appendage like a new born child, and took a step forward, drawing s small shiv. Jeff also drew a small dagger and readied himself. "I wouldn't..." The man stared at Jeff's baby blues, cutting through the tension and staring right back. The prisoner made his move, jumping forward with a stabbing motion, but the prince rolled to the left, and flicked his wrist sideways, sending the blade out and leavings deep gash on the large prisoners side. Jeff listened to a grunt come from his target, then another as he wrapped his fingers around his throat. By this time, the broken prison had left his friend to his fate, having not enough courage to face his defeat. The remaining prison, as well as the boy stared at the vampire whom contemplated his own mortality as he moved his grip to tighten. The prisoner started to grasp desperately at Jeff's hands, to no avail. Jeff looked down and sighed, thinking of Firedor and the many people he let die in the past. He didn't leave for nothing, and he wasn't going to break now. He sighed elongatedly again and moved his gaze back up, saying with that same low growl. "Don't you touch that boy again. I am not like you..." Jeff dropped the man, who nodded and ran down the dark hall. He then quickly left the boy there, whom was not horribly injured. He began to jog down the east catacombs where water began to flow. Then rush. Jeff slowly took a step back, before rushing into it and closing his eyes. He splashed into the sewage, dead bodies, and live people fighting for their lives whom shouldn't have been exploring. Jeff held his breathe and kept swimming as the water raised. Soon, he felt himself swimming for minutes, which felt like hours, and a tired Jeff finally came to an air pocket in the halls. He stuck his head above the water and opened his eyes wide. "Two days and I am covered in shit! Again!" He shook his head before noticing a vent above the air pocket which seemed to lead out of the halls.

~~~~~~~In The Basement Hold~~~~~~

He ripped the grate off the vent and crawled through before falling onto a giant pile of gold, surrounded by jewels, scrolls and test tubes. A dragon's den and...laboratory? Jeff brushed himself off, before looking at a scroll on the floor. "Milla..eyes?" Jeff kept walking slowly before nearly walking into a spider web. "what the fuck?" Then, came the sounds of creeping legs.

Anaya: The Gold massed out for miles, hundreds of years worth of gold stolen from towns people and royals alike, a hold fit for gods. It was said that when faced with something this bright one could lose there eyes and be lost in greed for it, Greed to want it all and need to take it. The sheer amount of Gold here was unfathomable it just made you wonder who it all came to be, who died fighting for it, was all this gold stained with the blood of others.  But then the sounds of movement started to creep around the walls. Cracking and snapping and clicking as coins were disturbed and made to fall out of there place. Anaya would never leave anything she held unguarded, there were guards here of a different kind anyone that new the dragon new this all to well. A large lump came crashing down from the ceiling of the hold, at first it looked like a large white stone but if you paused and looked closer it was clear this was a body wrapped in some sort of white fabric. Spiders, there were spiders everywhere, the walls as if moving with tiny spider hatchlings it was spring this was the time of baby's and it was very clear the spiders here did not waist any time to make sure there lines were very well kept. In the summer the baby spiderlings would go out into the world to establish new nests  of there own but for now they covered the walls with hundreds of thousands of venom filled body's with an even higher toxicity then there over grown rhino sized parents. The ceiling was crawling with the grown adults moving rocks and bodys around up there in a forever race to build there nest larger and have enough food for there hatchlings, this was a family even if it was a spider one, there job was to protect there nest and in doing so they protected the hold its self. Anaya never higher-ed them or payed them for there service to her, she used and taped into the natural way of things and placed a single giant spider in her hold so it would grow and in years to come create a very well put together community group to protect the hold as well as themselves. And every couple of days the bodys were dumped into the back of the hold to supply a steady food supply, as well as there was a single tunnel out the back witch no one ever dared to use  due to the traffic of giant spiders, for them to go out and hunt if needed. Really in all truth Anaya was very good to her guards as they did guard the most important thing she had. No one really new how impotent this place was to Anaya but maybe one day someone would ask.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Apbv9u

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His gaze ventured skyward, spotting the crawling insects going on as if he hadn't disturbed them. His steps grew ever so silent as bodies and rocks began to shift on the ceiling. The sounds of limbs toying with a body as the spiders wrapped their prey tightly in silk string could be heard, right before he spotted a lifeless carcass fall 15 feet in front of him. "Fucking...spiders" his whispers were unheard, looking at the ground where the body had fallen before watching a spider slide down on its silk and snatch the food up. He was quiet and unnoticed and he just needed to stay that way. He didn't know quite was he was looking for, but he knew if Anaya had anything that would help him find out the truth behind his Mother, it was down here. There seemed to be a bookshelf on the other side of the nearly endless room of gold. Sure it was not the end of the room but it was definitely the only bookshelf down in the hold due to it touching the spider infested ceiling. That had to be it, what Jeff was looking for, he hoped. "You really got yourself into one fuck wad of a situation." Jaurl stated as Jeff crept slowly along the ground, nearly floating as to how light he was on his feet. Jaurl sighed softly and shook his head. "You know, I know that you often don't worry about yourself nor about what I say but just listen to me. What you are looking for, is not on that book shelf. You are just going to get yourself hurt and I am not going to be responsible. While you slept, I went into my shadow form and did some creeping. Milla was talking about the combination to a vault. So if you need to look for anything, it isn't gonna be a book. Anaya is a dragon, yes, but she is also an empress. She keeps her hold organized, ...minus the spiders, and obviously would know better than to place something important in a book next to 100,000 other books. Your mother is Smart but she is forgetful. We both know this. You need to look for some sort of parchment paper cubby hole, or you need to look for a desk. Down here, only her and her spiders are allowed in. She wouldn't take the time to hide it when it is so well guarded anyway." Jeff was stunned. This was the first time Jaurl had said anything that didn't relate back to Jeff being an imbecile. "Okay then brother. I trust you. Let's find that Combination then." And like that, the prince began to search for what his brother describes, for he knew Jaurl was correct. His mother was smart, but to comfortable as well. He knew the combination would be in plain sight now. The only question was as to where? And would he get it without attracting the spiders.

Anaya: Out of the blue the spiders all paused and stopped feeling something was off in there home, the sounds of there fangs clicking together ringing in the large stone cavern. And then the click of a door and the bolt lock sliding to the side ran behind him. Who was coming down here, who dare come down here as only Anaya and the spiders came down here....

Jeff DeLaRose: He moved from the door which was shifting tumblers and slowly opening. Jeff took this time to dive into a small crater of gold and lay in a prone position. Before he knew what the high energy lurking through the hold even was, he felt tiny little legs crawling all over his pale excrement covered skin. "Eeep!" Jeff let out a small yelp before freezing in place and hearing his brother's voice in his ear. "Don't fucking move. Stay still." Each muscle tightened in his body as whatever was coming was soon going to be In front of him, for he was literally off of the path, and near the wall, which explained the annoyance moving around him.

Anaya: Samuel bald head came out the door as he was humming a tune and mumbling the words “When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, Who will have mercy on your soul? hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmm O' Death, Oooooo' Death” he turned around and shut the door behind him as he locked it form the inside and put the key in his waist coat pocket. As he did that he took the coat off and tossed it upon a pile of gold. Then as he did that he undid his pants and tossed them aside to being fully nude..but the thing was Samuel held no genitalia he was a munic, as Samuel moved and stepped into the gold it was as if the mans eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a purr like hum. You see there was a reason why Samuel was so very attached to miss Anaya and was hardly ever around her but when he was he was very loving, for in truth Samuel was a beast Anaya brought from the north mountain lands to use as breeding stock, yes this penis less male was breeding stock but why would a dragon need some male with no junk to please her with....that was for the simple fact this was just a form. As he started to move into the gold his body changed and bent into a longer figure as his frount arms meld into his upper body his torso now having no arms his shoulders growing wings leather with deep red scales and then he was in the gold, more was showing now a long leather like tail, and large spikes upon the back. He was a Wyvern from the north and was Anayas fuck toy, a male she dragged and now owned and he was swimming in the gold she had. It was well known that Wyverns did not belong in this area of the world the temp was far to hot here for them they liked the cold and up in thin air, they belonged in mountains and up in dwarven underground bunkers eating the residence and enjoying life, but this one was up here for he held no other choice, a captive that had grown a custom to his new life and enjoyed it as well so even if he was let go more then likely he did not want to, why leave, he cooled himself down every morning at this time by swimming in a sea of gold, he had the best looking dragon female as a fuck buddy and he had free rain of the land and could do what ever he wanted, eat who ever he wanted as long as no one really new the fact he was a Wyvern it was all good. As he dove under the gold piles one could really see how deep this water like sea made of gold really was, it could hide a dragon at least 80 feet long and 60 feet high nicely inside of it and only he nose showed. And to think it was truly deeper then that as the Wyvern could dive and go back up to the top like a man in a pool. Wall in the gold his mind was null, nothing existed to him nothing was here it was only him and he new the spiders would not even bug him as well as there toin held no affect on a dragon, that was the reason Anaya put this breed of spider down here there toxin did not hurt her so it was just like a every day spider to a dragon, nothing deadly about it. As Samuel swam in the coins and glitter he lifted his head up and looked around taking a claw out of the coins and watched them roll from his scales. “You hide everything you care about down here, i wonder if you ever thought about putting me down here, locking me away form the world of peering eyes.” he let out a roaring laugh as he looked around knowing this place was almost noise prof and the roar of a dragon would be ignored here anyway it was not like they did not have enough of them, the sound from one to another was just a every day thing and to add on Anaya new his roar very well so would not pay any mind to it. He took a claw and ran his claw along a small glass case standing out in the distance a single scroll in it. “you protect all you care about, everything you hide is here. All the people you killed to make this place exist, i do love your evil and you as a tyrant, if it was up to me we would burn the world together, but no, you have plans” he pay a claw mark on the glass as he could sense someone there but in the end the dragon did not care. “i Pray Darkness comes Anaya that you become the Tyrent i want you to be, may this uncoil and show truth”

Jeff DeLaRose: That was Samuel? Samuel. The one no one no one expected to be a beast. Jeff stayed hidden, watching the greedy dragon go for his, what seemed to be a daily swim. Jaurl spoke into his brother's mind once again, but his tone was calm, for once. "Just stay calm. You need to hold your breath. Lower your energy." Jeff did just that, masking his aura to anything trying to sense him. "Good, now do you see that glass case that Samuel is molesting?" Jeff nodded once. "Did you hear what he said? That scroll guards all she holds dear. Like a combination. All you need to do is wait for him to leave and snatch up the scroll." Jeff nodded another single nod while eyes scanned the manipulative, quiet beast. "Just remain calm Jeff. If you want the truth, you need to remain calm." A single claw ran down the case and Jeff eyed the contents inside, knowing that it was the first step to finding out everything. Jeff listened to the word "tyrant" and his vision shifted down, to stare at the floor. A Tyrant? His mother had always been a raging bitch, but a tyrant? No...

“oh Anaya when they all left i had you so close to my claws i had your heart i still do, that golden shimmering heart you now hold,  so close to burning the world we were. You are to be my mate it is the reason you brought me here after all, but years here in this world had made you far to human, we have to change that” he was talking to himself even if he new there were ears down here, he could smell it sweat, blood that was not spiders, flesh and bone, his head looked right over to were jeff was but his eyes did not focus as in the end he had no idea were to look only what area it may have bin in “and the best part, she would never believe it if you told her” he turned his head back and moved his massive snake like body in the gold as he started to fade into the darkness of the cave and leaving out the back door his body cold and his blood pumping, and tomorrow morning he would do it all over again “No wealth, no ruin, no silver no gold, Nothing satisfies me but your soul.....O, death, Ooooo, death... ” his melodic song filled the halls of this underground cave system the gold shaking a little around his feet and falling from his back as his body changed back to that bald headed human figure his voice still humming that tune. Samuel snapped his fingers as a spider brought him his clothing and then hurried away back to do its work in guarding the hold. But that dawned the question, did the spiders work for someone? Was there another bit in this chess game pulling strings? Then Samuel was gone and the hold was silent other then the patter of hundreds of spider legs going right back to work as if the Wyvern was never here at all. And the every now and again clunk of a falling husk of a body.

Jeff DeLaRose: He had his target in sight, now all he had to do was wait for Samuel to finish his elongated speech about how his Mother would one day burn the world with him. Jeff shook his head and growled low under his breath before stopping himself due to the legs crawling all over his body. The beast's head snapped in Jeff's direction and he crept low, hearing Jaurl whisper to him once again. "Get me to the case and I can get the scroll. Just stay low and stay calm. Samuel is leaving now, just creep low!" Jeff nodded as Samuel walked away and reverted back into the old humanoid form. He moved closer to the glass case, his eyes glimmering with delight as his treasure rested just inches away from his grasp. Before Jeff allowed the scroll to be taken, he felt his energy flair up. His body began generating heat, so much in fact that the baby spiders crawling all over him began to burn up and fall off his body until none remained. Jaurl then felt himself creep from his Brother's body and into the case, in his shadow form. The scroll, as Jaurl touched it, became ethereal and easily floated through the glass without making a single sound. Just as Jaurl wrapped himself back into Jeff's mind, the ethereal scroll placed himself inside his jacket, being held in place by Jaurl as Jeff turned heel. He and his silent footsteps made their way to the vent where he entered only 30 or so minutes before. Jeff placed the grate back on and crawled through the ducts before slamming himself back into the sewage that flooded the east wing of the catacombs. After minutes of swimming, Jeff found himself climbing out of the dirty water and shaking himself off. He slowly began to walk up the steps and left through the, once again, unguarded door, for some reason these guards were horrible at their jobs. The vampire moved upstairs and placed his scroll on his nightstand, under a bundle of books, completely out of sight to anyone who might come into his room. He wanted to take a shower, but his curiosity got the best of him. The scroll became solid again and Jeff opened up the parchment paper and read to himself. "The Vault/ 12 right, 47 left, 56, right." Jeff memorized the combination, as did Jaurl, before Jeff hid the scroll again and moved into the co-Ed bathroom and stripped, before turning on the water and washing the excrement from his hair and skin, while the curtain his him from anyone else in the room.  

~~~~~ Meanwhile Back In The Main Castle Hall~~~~~

Anaya: Anaya came down seeing Luna Standing there but her son was no were to be found. Gone like the wind and Luna was still standing there...without him. Anaya got that look on her face as she walked down the steps and then walked to the meeting room opening up the doors as she picked up the pouch of coin on the table. It was a good lot the said amount was there she could feel it she let out a sigh as she thought to herself how so many could never do there jobs and how so much needed to be done today, there were some farmers coming any moment now to discuses the water problem and what would be done about it for there crops this year and about the nights hunt that she prayed was done or she new shit would hit the fan. She walked out of the meeting room as the doors swung shut behind her making a bang letting Luna now know she was there. Anaya still had that look that said 'were the fuck is my kid' but she said nothing and walked to her throne to sit down and wait for the farmers to show up. She taped the bag and held it out to miss Luna “so were would jeff be?” she said with a lifted brow

blaze7115: There wasn't much for him to do. Not anymore. Tall and thin, built like a reed. His eyes were as dark as the right side of his body, a black pit that was unique among humans. His right arm, and the right half of his face were black, like burnt flesh, and seemed to absorb light. His ears came to points, and his teeth were an unnatural white. Elijah's hair seemed to fall about his body down to his waist in a colorless wave, black on black. To finish the appearance, he wore black leather, tight against his body, that hummed with energy. The clothing was special in that it would magically expand to fit whatever form was beneath it. The once custom made leather would fit almost anyone to a certain degree, useful for the man who wore it. Elijah had the odd ability to change the very nature of his body. His skin could be hard as rock, or he could be coated in photosynthetic cells if he had the right materials available. Much to this point, he carried a deck of tarot cards. Those cards were a source of storage for him, each card having a small pocket dimension inside where it could store hundreds of cubic feet of material. This day, Elijah's skin was its normal pale, except for the parts that were always black. It had a leathery feel to it, and it was oddly non-reflective, despite its near white color. A scythe sat on his back, and heavy gauntlets on his arms, coming up to his elbows in thick ruined steel. He stopped at the castle doors and glanced at whatever guarded them. "Hello... may I come in?" He asked, eyes flashing a deep green for just a moment as he prepared the magic to influence his body, a near automatic response in an uncertain situation.

Beelzbub: Where was Jeff… where was Jeff. What on earth did she have that was so super secret that she was in charge of LITERALLY riding his ass all the time. For a moment she figured that perhaps she existed to solely placate her son with what he vast talents had to offer. After all, what man in his right mind would deny her? Jeff clearly, as he had shown moments before, and was now nowhere to be seen. Now she was left with a very simple job that she was unable to do because somehow between gathering a bouquet and delivering it, Jeff had managed to dingle off somewhere leaving her decidedly thrown under the chariot as it were. And then there was of course the conversation between the empress and her hand maiden. Not of course that she had eavesdropped but it was easy enough to gain the tone f her voice and come to her own conclusions. The snapping of a door isn’t cause her to start-… Oddly she was still as could be, unwary, unphased and almost daring at that moment as the Empress’ face was one she carried on her own many times. She wanted to deliver a glare of her own, one that said, ‘You can’t expect me to look after an adult man every minute of every day’ or even ‘Maybe you need to leave the things you don’t want him to find up on higher shelves’ but rather than resorting to fuckery, or lies she spoke a broken truth. “Jeff requested I take his meeting for him. As I am made to cater to his needs I figured it was better worth my time than whatever he had planned for himself. He seems fairly sure in himself as it is, and it feels as if he is attempting to keep me as far away from him as possible-…” She wasn’t lying, she had heard him speak about the basement, but it seemed inconsequential. She was here, as he said to do as he commanded. Unless she expected her to double cross, and be both a guard and a spy for his goings on, it was entirely right in her NOT following him around and merely doing as he needed to do. So it wasn’t really a LIE, more so not completely telling the truth. Unfortunately enough for the Empress she wouldn’t know. A tell impossible to grasp on her as she drew into a tight salute.

Anaya: Anaya was not impressed in the slightest, she held out the gold bag “come here and get your gold, you had one job, now i will give you another, go open the door for who ever in the hell is knocking on it, we are expecting some farmers from the far towns to show up today to go over our water problem and get more workers to rebuild the town in the coming weeks it is important so please just get the door” she wanted to place her head in her hand as Mila moved to her side and put her hand on the arm rest. “would you like the book i just got it for you” she said softly as she placed the large leather book on Anayas lap. Anaya let out a sigh her mind set to kill as she opened the pages. “Milla do you have any idea were jeff and Sam are?” Anaya wanted to keep going with what she was saying 'so i can take my anger out on something' but she did not keep talking she ended it at wanting to know were they were and she opened the book flipping the first couple pages “Miss Anaya Sam is taking his morning swimming...the catacomb water well. And Jeff......i will be sure to have guards look for him right away..” Anaya looked up from the book the red eyes bright and rage like as she then looked back down to the pages keeping control of herself “thank you Milla you don't have to look for him now i have to trust him some what to not be getting into things right”

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Anigif_enhanced-12820-1396568625-1

Beelzbub: Lunaria was the kind of woman to never trust another’s kindness once they’d slighted her. Obviously Anaya was a two faced as they came, and she hired her not so much to guard Jeff as to babysit him constantly. Payment or not, Lunaria came as a helper for the people of her home, she had taken time out of her journey and had been placed at Jeff’s side. Any trace of a clean mood was gone entirely from her statuesque face, and it took all of her six feet to remain entirely straight, rather than shuddering with the rage that rested beneath her surface. Cusses wouldn’t cover it, her words would damn her. Empress or not. Prince or not. Gold or not. Her eyebrow cocked and she smiled a deadly mirror to that of the morning when she had been shooed away. As of now, she was entirely unimpressed with the two faced-ness of the home. “Of course, your grace,” she turned on her heel, and walked towards the door, opening it with one hand, the large door swinging open with the effort of a piece of paper as she beheld the figure in front of her without so much as a word, any man who even placed an eye one her at this point wouldn’t see themselves being violently impaled on all the sharp objects the room around her had to offer.

blaze7115: Elijah blinked as the door opened. His preperation, the automatic response to outside stimuli took place. The levels of hormones in his body changed, as did several other factors of his body. His blood pressure lowered, and certain neural tracks in his mind were cut off, circular paths taken to avoid his pleasure centers. He had traveled much, and had faught, stayed with, and bedded all manner of creatures. Demons and Demonesses included in this mix. His natural reaction to seeing most females was the same: cut off the physiological factors of arousal and need, remove the reaction the stimuli would provoke. In that same moment, his skin lost its light absorbing property, and the carbon in his skin shifted its structure slightly, becoming much harder, but not more dense. In fact, his entire body seemed to shrink just a little bit. in less than a second he had to look up to see into the woman's eyes. "Hello." He said quietly, his voice a near monotone. "I had heard that there was work here, and it seems that I've tapped out what I could do in the last few towns. Is my information wrong?" He asked, honestly curious. He suddenly wished he had more calories in his system, and he slowly pulled a flask from a pocket on his pants and took a long drink, his body gaining a layer of fat as the liquid poured into him

Anaya: Anaya was siting in her throne as she watched Luna go and get the door, she flipped a page in her book as she looked over at Milla “Jeff is in the shower i can hear the water he must have slept in or something. Please go check on him for me and bring him down here” Milla gave a studder as she mumbled a ok miss Anaya and then turned on the balls of her feet as Anaya flipped another page in the book waiting ever so patiently for the farmers to show up today to go over the water plan and the fact she had to  reach out abroad witch she hated doing in the first place, she was not a overly happy woman so even her movements of flipping pages was kinda harsh. Milla trotted up the steps wondering to herself what was going on with the prince, she got to his chamber door and it was already open. She pushed it open slowly “Sir Jeff?” she called out as she walked into the room and looked around “Sir Jeff are you here?” she called out once more as she stood in the center of his chamber room.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff washed all the swamp sewage from his form, then his hair, making the scent vanished completely from his body after the shower with a flair up of his energy to burn away any left over smell. He then dried himself and threw on a new pair of black jeans, and black leather boots. He then tossed on a new jacket and walked out into his chambers to see Milla.  "Well greetings and salutations. May I ask Why you are in my chambers? It is rude to enter without knocking.  Jeff moved over to his night stand and grabbed a book, as to not draw suspicion to it. Jeff then turned around to face her and spoke in a soft tone. "But seeing as you are here, what can I do for you?" His hair fell in front of his face, while Jaurl locked  onto her aura. "She can't be trusted. Leave and lock your door after she does." Jeff raised a brow. "I know you did not Come up here for my devilish good looks." He gave a soft smile as he slid his now clean mask onto his face.

Anaya: “i know you are up to something Jeff” Milla looked at him her eyes looking into his own it was as if the glare of Anaya was looking at the boy. Her fingers crossed it was clear she was nerved up “why were you asking about the book Jeff, were have you bin she has bin wondering about you, if you cause problems with the book it will be my hide paying for it” she looked to the floor as she put her fingers tighter together. As her foot wiggled on the floor it was clear she was on edge and not acting herself. “i know i am not a friend, i am not anyone's frien.. i just i ...i just..i don't like you snooping around!” she barked up as she then looked back to the floor as she new it was against her to yell at anyone. “i am sorry i just hold a bad feeling ”

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff smiled from behind his mask, shaking his head as she  barked at him before apologizing. Jeff was one of the best actors around. He had to go undercover to do assassination work many times and after years of having to hide his identity to the public, he became an amazing master of lying. "I-...just wanted to help, Milla. I saw her with it on the throne. I didn't know that asking about it was that forbidden. I'm sorry, Miss Milla. It shall not be your hide paying for it....if I keep meddling. I shall keep my nose out of places they don't belong." Jeff sighed, looking at the floor with a sigh. His words had a double meaning, but she could not know that. "I have been in bed. I came downstairs, talked to you, then went back to bed. 120 years of nonstop traveling had left me tired and I figured I would sleep. Then I took a shower, and came out to read a book of my own, which leads to you my chambers...yelling at me." He then gave a solid glare. "I suppose I should go see my mother? Aye?"

Anaya:“yes miss Anaya wants to see you, she wants to ask you about the book, she knows you have bin snooping around and there are farmers coming later this dawn to talk about our water problem it has to go well or we will be dealing with more problems. As well as your guard is down there.  ” Milla turned as she walked to the door “Sorry for yelling Sir Jeff it was my falter i apologize for it, i hope you can forgive my rudeness” she said softly as she walked to the door way bowing her head and opening it for the price.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff smiled as Milla apologized and held the door for him. He nodded to her apology and grabbed his skeleton key to his chambers and walked out of the room before taking the door from Milla and closing it behind them. The key stuck into the lock and turned it, locking the door and placing the key in his jacket pocket. He went to fetch a cigarette from his jacket, only to remember that he gave them to Luna along with the flowers he left on her door step. A sigh left his lips as he and Milla walked down the many steps to the main hall, causing Jeff to spot his mother right away. Jeff left the handmaiden's side and moved to his mother's throne, stopping in front of it and giving a formal bow, much unlike Jeff. "Good Marrow, Mother. Milla informed me that my asking of your book is uncalled for and I would like to apologize." Jeff began speaking before his mother could tell him what he already knew. "I promise, I know my place and I am sorry I stepped out of line. It will not happen again." Jeff's eyes moved over to Samuel, where an unnoticed glare plastered itself on Jeff's face.

Anaya: Anaya sat there with Samuel to her flank as he stated at her side holding a silver platter with a goblet of clear and cool water on it for her, he did not even look at jeff did not really notice him. He moved closer to Anaya as he handed her the Goblet taking her hand in his fingers just for a moment as she took it from him, she smiled softly and nodded her head in thanks taking a sip of the clean water she would treasure all day. “so Jeff i am glad Milla got you, bin news you have bin asking things. So what is it you want to know Jeff, all you ever have to do is ask the right questions and everything will be told to you” she put the goblet back on the platter and nodded to Samuel once more as her hand slipped down to run her claws over the arm rest the side of that black leather book just sticking out of the place between her hip and the throne. “so where have you bin all morning?” she asked as her eyes looked up at him and she took her hand and patted the throne arm rest beside her for him to sit down snugly. “Luna was to keep an eye on you but you slipped away, i do hope all is well with the both of you”

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Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "I see that look in your eye, Jeff. I know it very well." Jeff's lips curled skyward as his brother stated exactly what the look in his eyes was saying. "You're going to kill that man!? Oh joy! I haven't seen you kill anyone since you found out where the first kingdom was located! How long ago was that brother? 45 years? Must be frustrating to go that long without taking another life. Animals are the only thing that fear you now. Go, drive your blade into him now!" Jeff finally drowned out the screams of his brother and his obvious fetishes. "I came down, talked to Milla, then Luna, then went upstairs. If this is about the guard I punched-..." Jeff turned to snap a quick death stare at Finn. "Flanagan!" "My name is Fin-..." Jeff turned back to face his mother and Samuel. "...I assure you, he had it coming. Lunaria and I are fine, I am just having a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle of being a prince again. Servants, guards, living chambers...I have been without this luxury for a long time and I apologize that I have stepped out of line. It will just take some adjusting." Jeff gave a respectful bow, before looking at Samuel. "However, before I go see Lunaria, I must have a word with Samuel." Jeff smirked from behind his mask as Jaurl squealed in excitement. "You ARE going to kill him! This is splendid!" Yet, was this Jeff's intention?"

SoulLullaby: -I sat in my carriage glaring out the window, my deep jade eyes filled with boredom.- How much longer is this stupid journey! -I finally blurted out which made the guard who was sat next to me jump and hit his head on the ceiling of the carriage.- Not much longer now Sire.. -He rubbed his head, i reached out gingerly.- I'm so sorry i didn't mean to startle you.. I just hate cramped spaces and not being able to do something. Are you ok? -He blinked at my concern before nodding.- Yes i am ok Sire, in fact i think we have arrived. -The carriage came to a slow halt. The guard got out of the carriage and held the door open for me, i toke a deep breath and stepped out onto the cobbled floor below the carriage. My metal boots tapped lightly on the ground below, i lifted my cloak out of the carriage and onto the floor before looking at the castle where Anaya resided. The guard shut the door to the black carriage behind me after he got back and as the carriage drove off. No going back now. I adjusted my glasses on my nose before walking towards the doors my satin cloak flowing behind me on the floor. I raised a slender gloved hand to the door and gripped it into a fist before knocking three times firmly.-

Anaya: ((oh shit forgot to npc his rpc and npc Luna moving to a sofa -will edit that in later- ))
Anaya: Anaya looked at Samuel and gave that look like why does he want to talk to you. But she nodded and took Sams hand in her own “that is fine as long as he gets the door first I can hear knocking. And Jeff I worry about you it has bin a wile you have bin away I know it will be hard to settle back in, just don't get lost this castle is not like the old one” she ran her claw along the top of Samuel's hand and looked at him with a smile “don't forget to get the door” he would bow to her and softly lay his finger to her cheek and even if he wanted to he new not to kiss that fair cheek in public. “i will get it now, he and I can talk wall we walk. ” the man looked to Jeff as he took his hand form Anaya's. “so what is it you wish of me Sir Jeff” he asked as his feet started his black and gray suit nicely tucked back and tie done flawlessly in a Eldredge knot and then tucked into his vest. Black shoes finished his look the torch light shimmering off that hairless head of his Simple brown eyes upon his face. “i am sure it is nothing upsetting Jeff we hardly know one another” he then got to the door way and opened it up as he would bow softly to the guest “Welcome to Iron please the Empress is in her throne make your way just follow the rose trail, Make yourself at home.”he looked up seeing only the one male and no one else there, there was another knocking earlier like only a moment ago but it seems what ever that was was gone now. He looked to the guard Lunaria and nodded his head “do not worry I will handle it please go sit” it was clear the girl was not in a good mood none the less and just gave a humph sound under her breath and walked to one of the many side rooms to relax a moment till things settled down so she could get some time with just a couple of body's, she was not a giant fan of large gatherings to she felt more on edge then comfortable.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "I know mother, I will be fine. I am not the same little boy you once trained. You'll find that time changed many things." He bowed to his mother and started walking with Samuel before going to the door. "Samuel.. I feel as if I seek an audience with you in private tonight. You need to do your job. I need to or something." Jeff moved to walk by the guard known as Finn, and lunged playfully at him, causing him to flinch. "You need to straighten up, Flanders." The guard began to say his name in protest but Jeff was already gone, and over on the couch, where his guard also was, yet he would not speak to her until she did. he did not want to anger her, due to him not being present all day and he was sure anything he said would set her off. He simply plucked a booked off of the shelf and opened it to the first page. He needed to just blend in for now and hope that no one grew any more suspicious of him, until he at least talked to Samuel. In public was not the place to discuss private affairs. Jeff's eyes moved over to Luna, whom looked as radiant as ever, even when she was clad in her armor or leather. She truly was a beautiful creature. "I-...good morning, miss Lunaria. I'm sorry our conversation was cut short."

SoulLullaby: -I blinked sharply at the quick introduction, i lowered my hand to my side and walked in through the doors. I stood at around 7'9 ft in height but yet i had quiet slim build, i wore silks and satins in red and black. For anyone who paid close attention to the way i walked you could tell from knees downwards my legs were stiff in moving, meaning they weren't real only prosthetic . I walked through the hall following the rose petals until i stopped not far from Anaya in her throne.- 'Hello, old friend' -I had a strange accent, it was a mixture of Russian and British and words seemed to roll off of my tongue like silk.-

Beelzbub: With polite silence, Luna found herself stood by the door for a long moment, only to be excused to sit at the couch… While doing so might have warranted an appropriate response, she merely nodded and made her way to stand just by the seating, erected with a subtly slouched posture. It wasn’t a surprise that she was angry about being ordered around on the account of her charge’s absence. He could be gentlemanly when he so desired to be, but as it was shown only now she one again misjudged his character and ended up getting bitten. This would be the last time she made such a foolish mistake. Strung along her shoulders like loose webbing, Lunaria absently brushed her long hair from her shoulders. Her guard soon sat by her and it took a great deal of strength to withhold her temper before the empress. He was sweet, yes. He was charming, definitely, but he was dangerous and she recognized it. From her careful positioning, she adjusted her posture, entire frame shifting into a straight backed salute upon her charges recognition and attempts at conversation. As far as now mattered, she was a guard with her charge, not a female to be wooed, flirted or teased, and she was intending it to stay that way. ‘Nothing has changed’ became a quiet mantra, replaying over and over in her head as she observed her surroundings, the new gentleman, Samuel receiving a curt nod and subtle bow forwards in respect before she absently glanced down at her nails and waited to be spoken to once again.

Anaya: Samuel gave a brow lift at Jeffs..odd way of trailing off but then he noticed were the boy was headed and all the guy did was smile and shut the door. He shock his head and started to walk back to Anaya and the thrones flank like he would normally stand his hand resting on the arm rest he watched over the place and then spotted Milla running full tilt over to the thrones pitter pattering and skidding into place on the other side. Anaya burst out laughing at her foolishness some mornings she needed a good laugh “in a hurry or something Milla ?” she said joking as she flipped another page in her leather bound book “no no no my lady i ran off to get tea but a water pip broke and water all over dining room floor but the workers are fixing it right away but sadly we now have no tea.” she looked to the ground gold and teal silks swaying over her as her hair fell in front of it. “it is ok Milla you an sit at my side if you want” Milla got all happy at the thought and plopped down off her paining feet onto the floor at anayas legs resting her head on the side of her ladys thigh like a sort of pet. Anaya took her claws and ran them in the girls hair softly then looked up to see the new face there. “old friend? Do i know you?”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff noticed the salute and silence and nodded in the agreement to it. She was angered by his disappearance, yes, as were others. Milla was suspicious, but not all the bright. She bought Jeff's lie as easily as he thought she would but his mother would not be so easily lied to. She knew he was up to something and the lie he told her would only buy him so much time. He needed to be less careless for future planning. No one could know unless he fully trusted them. He could tell Lunaria about Firedor, and his intentions to find the truth. Yet the idea seemed like it might backfire due to her stature, showing her, as Jaurl called it, "stick up the ass" expression. Jeff knew that letting anyone know before he had the book was a horrible idea. Only he and Jaurl could know right now, and he would not jeopardize the entire operation because he felt alone in his project. He was half way there. All this time and planning couldn't be for nothing. The blond vampiric Prince stared at his guard with a solid glare. He couldn't blame her for not wanting to speak to him, however. Sometimes, he didn't wish to speak to himself. an elongated sigh parted his bow shaped lips from behind his mask as he spoke before standing. "Well, alright then." Jeff gripped his book and moved to the balcony. His new found vision stared off onto the land and burnt town below. The page opened back up, only to have a bruised-cheek Finn mosey on over to him. "Can I ask something sir?" Jeff turned and raised s brow, already in the mood to deal with no bull plop. "Aye." "Do you ever wonder why your mum hired a female to guard Ye?" Jeff crossed his arms and raised s single brow, shifting his form to face the guard completely. Finn went on. "I mean, I could protect you way better than any woman can! I took your punch like a man, yesterday! Could a lass do that?!" Jeff stared the guard down and took a step forward. "You are not the guard I want in this kingdom. I don't have s guard because I need protection, I have a guard as my shield in battle. My other sword! My partner! Yes, you took a punch from me and stood but the difference between you and that woman over there is she could take my punch like it were nothing and easily deliver one just as devastating, if not far more powerful blow. She is 100 times the guard or person you will ever be. I would not trade her for any other sells word because she is more than that. She is damn good at her Job and your sexist tone will not go unpunished. You are fired. Get out of my sight before I call my guard and the others." Finn stood there, shocked and angered. "Excuse me? I think not!" Finn drew a dagger and Jeff drew his own. "Come on then, come taste my blade, Ye undead freak!" Jeff then lunged and slid the dagger clean into the jugular. The iron, ironically filled with the scent of blood, quick, as the silver slammed itself into Finn's pulse. Jeff's eyes widened as he loosened his grip and let go of the dagger, taking a few steps backward. Finn flopped to the ground as blood pooled onto the floor. Jeff had killed before, but this was different. Finn was simply a disgruntled employee who was angered and did not think, just as Jeff's instincts made him not hesitate. "! I-...oh fuck." Jeff kneeled by Finn, whom was gasping for air as blood shot from his throat and spat from his mouth with each passing gag. "I'm so sorry! oh god!" Jeff applied pressure to the wound, keeping the knife in as to not cause the blood to leak faster. Yet it was too late. He was gone. "Someone fucking help!" Jeff was horrified at his actions, yet his brother, was pleased.

Beelzbub: Milla’s actions irked Luna in an unexpected way. Glancing over at Jeff she felt her anger begin to bubble up with herself, and slowly leant her weight onto her hip. What if that was what she was expected to become; a pampered, obedient house cat, with no manner or want beyond pleasing her master? Was she to one day crumble from the proud being she was, breaking in the face of the expected loyalty into someone she was not? Was this what she was destined to become within this hold of iron and stone? Her hands pressed into her hips lacing over her leather strapping’s as she seethed in solemn silence. Yes, she was a pain in the ass, but eve now, looking at the loving expression of Milla to her mistress, Lunaria felt nothing but utter disgust. She was nothing but a guard-… A filthy, know nothing guard to him, and he would happily be rid of her when he had the chance. She was a burden, but she would never be a lap cat like the foolish little girl… She didn’t follow Jeff as he stood, Finnegan soon to follow and unexpectedly soon after, a conversation that burned right through her sent each filament of focus out the window. Jeff apparently did need her in one way or another, but the following reaction left her entirely speechless. As Finn drew out his blood, Luna’s hand reached out, iron spouting around her entirety, in thin, nearly invisible strands, illuminated only by the breaking of light throughout the room. But before she had to chance to catch the blade from the would-be attacker, Jeff had cut him open, almost thoughtless and immediately regretted his actions. He dropped in panic, as Fin clutched at his throat, blood seeping into the stone. A mock tarried waltz forward was hopeless; Luna couldn’t pretend to care to run to save vampire form a dying man. The scent of blood catching the ground which immediately caused the back of her throat to burn; tongue running to the corner of her mouth for an instance before pulling away as she dropped by Jeff’s side. His blade was gripped within the iron threads surrounding her. snapped up in her hand, she slid the blade to her side, away from her charge, and pressed her cold hand to the mortal’s throat, the blood flow not ceasing despite her pressure, and light fading from his eyes. As death claimed his, his soul drifting patiently from his lips, Luna glanced at Jeff-… The the empress and found herself seething with the nature of this actions-… Not for the protection, but for the pointless death. Her fingers stained with blood as she looked to her charge, who was defeated, aggrieved and her anger faded. Her bloodied hand rose, and pressed against her chest, marring her armor and bare skin beneath as she pulled back, clutching her fingers to her lifted palm and releasing her fingers again. “He is gone-… It was a clean kill, but it is you who will need to bring his soul to rest.” It was not in her nature to take the wispy soul from the lips of another mans kill-… Simple, yes, but not right. Jeff was obviously shocked at his action, and she refused to touch him until he desired her to. Instead, she dragged the warm body of her charges action up into her arm, over her shoulder in a firemans hold and stood to her feet. Whether the guards surrounding would do as she said or not, the queen would likely agree with her in this moment. “Someone needs to clean this mess… And his lordship will need new clothes… In the meantime.” Her expression turned to one of placid quiet, “You are going to help me put his soul to rest.” This would mean burying the body, service to be held another time-… He died a pointless death, and deserved rest before by the hand who slay him, lest his soul wander aimlessly for all time. Lunaria took a few steps away, effortlessly tarrying the man over her shoulder, armor and all as he left a bloody trail on the way out of the hold.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet was just getting home from a secret trip she had been on for a few days now, she had not told anyone where she was going because it was a bit personal to her, she also didn’t want anyone getting involved in something she should deal with herself, especially since it had something to do with her other side, she trailed up the path to her home as a strange thought came upon her that made her frown, she pushed open the castle door and quickly smelled a strong scent that made her cover her face with her hood “hey. What did I miss?” she said as she looked around with bright colored eyes.

Anaya: “Miss Anaya Your son killed a worker, i don't remember his name F..Fin...Frank? Maybe i don't know but he is dead my lady” Samuel said as he looked over to that side of the room. “just have the body tossed out with the dogs we are running low on space and seeing someone flooded the tunnels in thought of a person being down there i cant toss body's in there without them floating back up ” her eyes turned to that stranger in front of her “i don't know you, sorry i have things to do, if you need anything please feel free to relax ”she got up grabbing her book “give Jeff a bread bun and kiss his cheek better, and put the vault and the hold under lock down your stupid fears are irrelevant but oh to fix your guys crying i will ok your requests on doing this” she glared at Milla as her red eyes sank into the girls, mood swings was what Anaya was well known for and it was not a good day. Samuel walked at Anayas flank the one man she would not rip apart “Miss Anaya it is a wise choice, i know there was a person in there the other night”Anaya stopped and looked at him “who would be such a moronic ass hat to do down there...” she paused as she walked out of ears range and into another room to help fix the dinning hall. AS soon as she stepped out there was a taping on the doors once more and the chatter of teeth and voices, “look Samuel why would anyone be that stupid like really, and not steal anything but the gold, did you ever even look after you were done swimming in my coin and spider shit and plotting on how you want more then i give you ” he almost had no words in truth he never looked, he sent guards to do it but the spiders ate them. “the spiders you have guarding the place ate all th..” “you own the spiders!” “....they ate the guards i sent to look” Anayas eyes were going black as she calmed herself “my apology, i am just on edge that is all, ever since the attack you both have bin up my backside about upping guard forces and patrols and then to add on i am starting to believe Milla may be hating my son or right about him poking around if he is what will happen Samuel what is he going to do” Samuel took his arms and wrapped them around her tightly and held her for a moment as she slumped into him. He let her go and took the book form her hands and held it up “this thing of paper and leather holds everything, if he can figure out a way to get it from your claws and out of the vault you have hidden in this maze of a castle then in my eyes he has earned the truth” but Anaya new it would crush him the fact she was crazy and made him do so much for no reason other then the voices in her head told her to do it. She let out a sigh “i will handle the matters with the farmers, have Milla entertain them and stuff wall i deal with the dining hall they will be fine for a couple of hours, take Jeff to his chambers i am sick of dealing with people this morning i am going to the dining hall then will take a walk in my garden, i have to lock the vault down anyway” Samuel nodded his head as he turned and walked out of the other room “sir Jeff you have blood all over you, please come to clean yourself off. But the water, it will be a very cold shower and a short one my good sir” he would bow his head and point up to the upper halls “your mother has left for the time being there is much on her mind, she is not in a good mood ” he moved his fingers as a guard went to get the door 3 farmers were standing there as the guard led them in and Milla ran out to greet them leading them right away to another room to offer them food and drink.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sat there in the pool of blood as Luna took Finn out of the building. "I-...." Jeff looked at the door and watched as more members walked through the door. He was in utter shock and appal of his motion. He hadn't taken another person's life in 45 long years, and now he sat there, staring at the pooling blackish life nectar soaking his clothes and painting his snow skin a flavourless maroon. "I didn't-...mean to. I-...he drew first-...he was going to attack-..." She spoke to him about putting his soul rest and Jeff nodded, not breaking his line of sight from the blood he was kneeled in. "It is the least I can do.l-...fuck-...I didn't mean to-...." He was gone and so was Luna, yet now Samuel was offering a hand and the frightened Prince nodded and walked upstairs with the butler, before getting to the room. "You know I was down there." Jeff said as he unlocked the door and pushed it open. The blood soaked prince wiped his face, only smearing blood over his eye and down his left cheek. "I need to know-...where something is and-..." Jeff closed the door, completely away from the others. "Where is the vault Samuel." Jeff glared, shaking, seething with anger. "Just-...tell me...please...I-...need to know." He left blooded boot prints all the way from the balcony to his room. "I need this information and then I need to go bury a body. I time or water to shower. Others need it."

Beelzbub: Lunaria had been brought up without the company Anaya held-… And Jeff, stinking of cursed mortality likely grew up pampered and spoiled; despite his grievances. After all who else would view life as anything that it truly was?No, Lunaria had grown up in a small hut, brought to care for her father who intended to do nothing more than shed her soul to the wind and take over her flesh… It wasn’t in her nature to so easily take the lives around her-.. Bruise, batter, break of course-… But unless a vital purpose rose form the death of ones enemy, than it was a pointless act of personal terrorism, breaking your soul into small pieces of sodden guilt. She wouldn’t so easily forget what came hand in hand with the guilt a death would bring along ones heart and mind. That was one thing her father had taught her, that life, no matter how futile, was always precious, and the deaths of the strong and able were to be mourned. The burden she carried on her back now was nothing in comparison to the one that fell on her heart to the prince who was to follow her-… unless his vanity was of sole importance. When she turned and saw he wasn’t there, she grew even more angry. “Stupid-…. Ignorant like a child.” Her voice seethed in the silence as she carried her fallen comrade out from the castle to a quiet place where she alone would task herself with burying him.

AviNeritAmor: -After days of hunting and not finding much to hunt she would sigh and begin to exit the woods. Upon nearing the wood line she would notice a town that she hadn't seen before, raising an eyebrow the girl slowed down and inch towards the edge keeping to the shadows. Peering out of the shadows she saw that the town is not not alive at least not currently, there doesn't seem to be any movement at all. Taking a step out she would look about the area and see a large castle at the edge of the town. It appeared to be active shrugging her shoulders she made up her mind to head for the castle. As she walked the path threw the town her silver eyes take in the buildings to her flanks, then they fall upon the castle once more upon which she would walk the cold damp steps to the door. Geting to the wooden door, distant voices behind it, leaning a ear against the wood planks to listen closely not hearing any raised voices or danger a strong hand would raise and knock loudly upon the frount of the door.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet could still smell the blood that was all in the air and it was making her a bit insane, she gulped as she looked up at everyone trying to figure out what was going on even though she was starting to put it all together with the clues she was getting from the castle “the scent of blood, the scent of water, water leaking from the walls…” she was thinking to herself that something bad had happened and it possibly a bad death and other things, she kept half of her face covered as she held back the urge of hunger and took a deep breath “I knew it…” she said to herself as she saw the woman dragging a body outside as she tried to snap out of her own zone

Anaya: Samuel looked to Jeff as he passed the boy a cloth to clean himself with “you shudder like as if a roach is in your lips boy. Stop toying and be a good boy and play the part. May this be your script” he already had it made up, putting his hand in his pocket he pulled out a rolled paper as if drawn by a child and far from him own neat hand writing no point in doing it for yourself he got some stupid kid from the town over to the side to draw it for him to not give his hand away as Anaya did know his hand writing, he did all her paper work anyway. “but it will be locked down when you even get the time to get there. Kill the little shit Milla for it, eh don't i could use her still, just have fun getting to it. But Jeff, please remember i am the one your mother loves and you are the shit that ran away for a hundred and twenty years. Who's side do you think she will side with if shit goes bad my little boy” he put the cloth on Jeffs shoulder as he put the paper in his hand. “be a good boy and go hug your mother that beat you like a stuffed fish all your childhood” he patted the boys back and walked out of the room not caring a thing for him as he bowed to a guard “my good sir be so kind and stand here a moment. See to the prince and make sure he is safe and alright” Samuel gave a smile and troted his way down to the main door to run and grab it opening it up with a large smile “welcome to the iron Dynasty please come in come in there be food and drink in the dinning hall!”

AviNeritAmor: -Avi hears someone running towards the door and pulls it open. Stepping back slightly as the door opened and a man stands there with a bald head and beard greetings her, Avi tilts her head to the side slightly to look around his body into the hall to insure there was not someone else standing behind him. standing back to look at the man fully my eyes run over his body quickly he was dressed in a full suit and looked rather formal. Remember what she was wearing she frowned slightly and rubbed her hands on the side of her pants and put her hand out to greet the man- Greetings Sir and thank you for the welcome. where is the dining hall exactly?? -Avi steps towards the man and smiles gently taking in the large hall quickly and looking back at him-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet took two deeps breaths and greeted the man that spoke as she calmed herself down just enough to make her way deeper into the halls without coughing up the black liquid that appears when she smells the red of a two footed being, could taste it trying to come up from the back of her throat, but she kept it down as best as she could as she felt something wet drip on the hood of her cape “what the…” she wiped some of the liquid off and noticed that it was water “did someone drill something and hit a wrong nerve” she said with an annoyed look on her face, then smelled something near the tip of her shoe, but she dare not look down “I don’t even want to know what I almost stepped in”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff stood there, being treated like a child, and scolded for his justified absence. He looked at his hands as the map to the vault was placed so delicately in his hands. So easily. Too easily. He gritted his teeth as the one man who could help him, brought up his childhood. Years of training and abuse at the hands of adopted siblings, beasts she kept around and His mother who owned the beasts. She relentlessly piss pounded her son into the ground and molded him into the perfect killer. The only problem was that Jeff had a heart and emotions that his mother, being a dragon, showed rarely or not at all. The prince placed the map on his night stand with the combination and walked out of his room and locked the door behind him before spotting the guard. "I'm going outside." The guard simply nodded, not wanting to end up like his friend did, minutes prior. Jeff then moved down the steps and outside to where Lunaria was digging a small hole. Before stepping fully outside he stopped when he spotted Samuel. "I am going to kill that man." He muttered under his breath, before closing the door and walking up to his guard, whom seemed to be cursing at him. "I'm sorry, Samuel was chatting my ear off and-...You shouldn't have to do this. I'm already covered in blood, Let me dig..." Jeff then turned his eyes toward Finn's body and his heart sank. "I didn't think." Was all he could say as he gently took the second shovel, and began digging along side the only person he did trust, who seemed to despise him. He said nothing else as he stood, dripping blood, with dirt slowly caking into his jacket. "You-...can go relax, Luna, I should do this."

AviNeritAmor: -suddenly spotting a large buck towards the woods Avi smiles at the young man and gives a slightly shrug and takes off towards the buck. Her long legs carrying her quickly to within a building of the beautiful creature and disappears into the tree line and follows it. Hoping this would be the meal to fill her stomach and perhaps a few nights of travel to follow. she would have to revisit this castle and land it seemed rather lively then some of the others she had been to. Smiling to herself she glanced back towards the looming castle and went after the deer-

Anaya: Samuel walked back from the door and just shut it slow, and then locked it, for a couple hours anyway like fuck that crap, he thought to himself as it was three people that had come and left randomly, then he remembered there were people outside and he turned around and unlocked it. He walked to the other woman in the hall as he looked at her “sorry fort the wetness my dear there was a water pip break is there anything i can get you on this fine morning”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: She gave a small smirk to the man and shook off the water then slid her hood from part of her face “I’ve had worse fall on me” She then felt a slight pinch in her left foot that was always bothering her for some odd reason “I could use a place to sit so I can…tend to myself” She said trying very hard to keep her eyes away from his view with the rest of her hood “I have been hunting all day and didn’t have time”

Anaya: He moved to bow as he took her hand and lay a kiss upon its top in a matter of high respect “please my dear find any sofa of your choice and make a house a home once more” he smiled as he let her hand go softly and picked his head up “sadly I must be on my way my dear matters must be tended to and I feel Anaya is needing assistance” he then just left to go do things he needed to do leaving out the back door to the maze that was the garden.

Beelzbub: Jeff stood at her side and spoke, and for a moment she was overwhelmed with pity for him-… There was a discreet emotion withering into her as she placed the body of Finn on the ground Jeff, beginning to dig the hole attempted to shoo her away, but she stopped. Rather than leaving, rather than doing anything she stood back, grateful for the stock of shovels from within the stables close by. “You’re an idiot.” She sighed, taking up on of the shovels herself and joining in the digging, before glancing up again. It seemed as if the physical exertion was a distraction enouh and it wasn’t enough for her to see him in that moment, suffering in silence. So rather than continuing she spoke simply, sharply. “Stop.” Eyes trailing out into the horizon the figure of a prancing female caught her eye and she shook her head, as it disappeared, leaving her wondering if she had really seen anything in the first place. “Jeff-… Stop digging.” No doubt he wouldn’t stop, no matter her voice. The action was enough the focus elsewhere, if he stopped she would speak, but if he did, her hand would rip out to grab his shovel. If he released it, she would continue, but if not, she would force it from his hand, kicking out to attach her foot to his chest and kick him square in the chest away from her. Her speech would be the same regardless. “Jeff-… You did what you have to do to survive. You were defending yourself, and you were defending me. That is enough to warrant death, and that’s enough for you to do your part in guiding him from this world.” Her voice was stern as she dug the tip of the shovel into the ground. If she had had to kick him away, he might have expected an apology, but would instead be met with her pulling him to his feet. “You want to know more about me, but if goes both ways. I can’t be expected to spill my guts and my blood for you, if you can’t feel you can trust me, as I trust you.” True, she often despised his stupidity, but his heart, is what kept her near. If she knew more about why he was as he was than maybe it would be enough for her. She had hoped his attention was on her, but for a moment, all focus on the task was lost, corpse forgotten, and eyes on his. Taking his cheeks in her hands she stared at him intently, pressing her lips to his forehead. “I don’t need you to protect me-… You don’t need to spill blood for me, this burden is as much yours as it is mine, so let me help you. Let me in.”

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~~~~~~~~~~In The Garden With Anaya and Samuel~~~~~~~~~~

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 3fdf660cb528b5e2f2ca0b4d7b160962

The Sun was getting high, it had bin a couple hours since leaving the doors of the castle, once you got past the massive maze that guarded the garden and the tricks inside of it, moving walls, trap doors, trees that moved so when you looked back it only looked as if you were going in rings.  you got to this arch way that loomed on top of stones with faces, all scared heads some even turned around facing the other way, screaming faces, crying faces, shocked faces as if they were in the processes of running away when the stone came to eat them forever. really in truth it was a magic spell Anaya had placed upon simple humans when she was under the madness's hold. now she did not remember doing things like this she only kept them as a reminder of when she was truly evil. but beyond this was the garden, covered in trees were you could not see the tops, giant dragon sized trees able to hide even that, a dragon inside there tops, so high they blocked out the sun and any eyes that looked upon this hidden place. and then in its center was the tree. it was well known that Anaya did not have a soul inside of her body it was bound to that tree as it had always bin, long ago it stood in the center of the old castle but it was to hard to keep something so open protected well, so when she was reborn and moved places she moved it as well to this beautiful flickering garden.
          Fire flys flickered along the trees keeping light even if there was no sun. everything was in a tan glow as they flickered around.

In the garden she moved her hand to run it along the cold stone door to her vault, her clawed fingers seting runes a blaze with blue light as the door unlocked not even needing her to put in the numbers as it new the touch of the one who made it. She took the book from her side and put it upon the single shelf in the room sized cell. There was much on the woman's mind as her fingers moved the front of the leather book. She let out a sigh as her eyes looked to the ground. There was much she had not told anyone that was held inside of this things pages. The fact all of Firedor was a lie,  how she felt  after her son had left and after she had found out all she did was utterly pointless, she had him kill them all for no reason, had him burn there homes had him kill there family's for what, for her own madness told her to, she wanted to burn this book but she new she could never destroy it, one day she would forget what it held, one day if she could not find the cure to her coming sickness she would forget and this book may be the last shed of what she could remember.

The book held a dark brown leather outside, it really looked like utterly nothing, old , broken even the cover was ripped from top to bottom it was a mess pages sticking out the side, rips and stains in its folds and the front even had a line along it from were Anayas claws ran along its front for the many many years she had held it. this book new everything it had no spoken voice but its true voice spanned thousands of years.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Leather%20book%20

I f  you start at the back pages you start with viewing the pages that explain madness, words you cant understand put in three different languages all mashed together making it impossible to read and even more so to understand. then in black coal there are drawings of the monsters she would see, tell her things, torment her dreams and drive her insane. there shadows looming in her life even now just waiting to draw her back in, every dragon had to deal with the madness when they lived so long there was only so much pain and hate one could stand, when it got to much the madness came to life and made everything go into haywire, it was like highly advanced rabbis for dogs with schizophrenia mixed in there and then put into the body of a towering hulking beast made only for destruction able to fly and burn everything to the ground in mere seconds if wanted.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 2_1
Rose Has Thorns Part 1 1_1

but as the pages faded and became more readable it was comeing to the end, anaya was wrighting her own thoughts her own fears and everything down some parts were unable to read but some were so very loud.

"it is May now, the sun is here and it is summer it is good the snow is gone, so good yes the snow is gone, but so much has left with it, we hold no arms anymore and i believe my maids are plotting to kill the other butlers, there is fear in my halls i believe there is a demon walking around, stalking me, i hear its voice every day i hear it saying what i have lost,i hear it, i still believe Firedor is out there i believe they will come back even if we have killed them all. and then to the west there is Cordan that place will be raided soon they say it is only a trading company town but i believe it is only a mask just like mine, only a mask to hide there plot."

"i feel mother touch me, i had a mother once, but here she is dark and hides her face from my eyes, i see her in my dreams her horns are so beautiful, i wonder when mother will tell me who needs to fall."

"Sometimes i see the man i am to love, sometimes he tells me he loves me back, i see him in my dreams he is my dreams, why cant he hold me forever and i have no choice to wake up, why just like mother he hides his face from me "

"they tell me i need to die, tell me i need to come and be with them, but i don't want to yet"

"they don't understand me anymore, THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND ME ANYMORE!"

"today is the day i will go, i will die and see what happens after that. i don't plan on staying dead i wish to remove them from my life forever it is time to let go, mother told me not to, she said it was the enemy's fault, so i sent Jeff to kill them all, the enemy is dead now and mother cant say anything, maybe now she will leave me alone"

"mother said to kill Jeff today, i tried to, he ran away from me, i don't feel badly i cant feel....she eats my feelings"

As the pages kept going, kept getting worse till they just turned back into scribbled letters the only clear part being I am Sorry i cant do it anymore, i give in to my madness[\i] then the pages turned black as she had used coal to black them out. and then ripped spots were things had bin pulled out, edges ripped off and even blood on some of them.

But then the pages cleared up and you at long last saw normal words. sane words. in clear English hand writing as it it was not even the same person.

i have turned 16 years of age, and today i remember it all, the black the darkness today i plan on making a promise to always wright things done, every day till i die for the last time. the madness is gone now, i dont hear them anymore, it is silent, and now that i remember i almost hate yet love the silence inside of my head, no more screaming but i fear it will be back once i get older.

Firedor was a lie, it all was a lie, innocent people killed for no reason, it is my second largest shame and i will hold there deaths upon my claws till i fade into time. i thought they wanted to kill my family, i thought they wanted us all dead, i wanted to protect my family, protect my people but i was wrong, so very wrong.

Jeff i wish in some sense he could read this book, read my utter shame, but at the same time he would know what i fear the most, what pained me the most, my madness made him go away, it made me believe he wanted to kill me, made me thought false hoods and made me think everything was wrong. i wanted him to bleed then but now i want to bleed for him, i did so much wrong and i know once he knows what i did he will leave me and i will be broken more then anything. i know when that happens there will be blood, even now, i am seventeen i know what will happen in the future, he is not forever gone, just gone for now, the time he returns will be a dark time in our kingdom.

The family's in the places i killed, i feel for them, i truly feel for them -tear stains mark this pages messages-  why did they all have to die, why did i do it, there was no reason, i will make things right one day i know i will

As pages went on explaining the days that went past, her days and growth how she at last came to hold the crown upon her head, the days of witch she came to try to cute the future events, failed workings with demons blood and witches spells, learning many kinds of dark and light magics, holy and unholy, the experiment with Milla and replacing her eyes, the task gone wrong and how Anaya had given Milla her own eyes and not the eyes she wanted, how Anaya had failed and how to pay back the fail she did she allowed Milla to live in the castle for as long as she wished, how she would always have food, always have drink, all for the fact Anaya failed at giving her the blue eyes she wanted and made her suffer with the red eyes Anaya was cursed with.
the hundreds of failures all for the selfish reason of getting a cure to prevent the madness.

Milla failed she will stay here for as long as needed, today we tried to do the same thing on a one eyed beast, he has died due to a brain hemorrhage

~infected a demon with madness virus, results will be recorded
~his actions have turned to anger, he is coming to the madness nicely
~the demon has ripped one of his own horns off and tried to break his chains, harder chains have bin made
~he believes we are male ship workers aiming to toss him to the sharks, he explains to us that we must save his sister from the hold of a large vampire covens den to the east.
         ~he does not have a sister
          ~ most vampires have bin eradicated form the lands neer and far for many years. the voices in his head are making him believe false hoods.
~treatment was given today, he was given four shots of holy necture to the neck, the next hours will be recorded.
~he has tryed to rip his own skin from his body as he believes it is bugs eating him, he no longer has a left leg it had to be removed due to damage he caused to himself.
~ he has eaten his other horn
~he is begging the guards that he wants a small dog, he is crying for this dog he believes is now dead
~it has bin one hour since treatment was given he is in a catatonic state
~subject demon has died after one hour and a half
~a new subject will be taken from the town in four days time.

Vampire subject has bin taken, died during madness infection, he believed he was a holy knight and tried to go out into the day before able to lock him into a cell. this was a utter failure will aim to lock them up faster.

List of Dead
Vampire x23
Cyclops x6
Giant x3
Werewolf x19
Faerie x78
Lycanthrop X67
Dragon x6
Human x145

Research is on hold till more body's can be found suitable for the tests, so far there has bin no progress other then old lore saying a Holy substance is the cure. also unknown if we have to mix the holy what ever it is with something.

After that the books pages were every day reports, chats with towns people, problums that needed to be fixed and got ignored or fixed, events fairs, balls, different things that had tog et done for the seasons, new maids servants butters, death reports. and then there was a couple pages on one topic, a large topic spaning a good ten or so pages of the book, it was marked only twenty or so years in the past.

To aim to fill this void i hold in my heart, to aim to forget the man i love i have made up my mind to find a new mate, i have sent men to the north to find me that male, dragons are not simple to deal with but it needs to be done.

Two dragons and a dead hatchling were found, on the way from the north land to here the male has killed the female dragon, she could have bin used but we had to toss her body into the cold river to reduce slowing down the pace with dead wait. but we have the male and he is in good condition. if he agrees to the terms of remaining here to be my mate and bring me young he will not be killed.
~ the male has agreed and is now part of the empire and can do as he wishes, he informs us his name is Samuel.

Images of the Dragons were drawn on the coming pages, the male long, red, snake light and being a wyvern held no fount legs hie leathery wings drawn in as well as his scales and the human form he was found in.  even if humans forms change this was the one miss Anaya liked most.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 3_1

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 4_1

My heart is turning, i will never forget the past but it is truth that i may learn from it and move on to a better future. he is not like the last, very to the point and very helpful. but we have made a choice to have him look as if he is only a mere butler to not have others asking about him. i will miss his old look, it is what i have grown to love.

Then for pages were drawings, drawings of what her heart placed on paper, family, love, things she may one day place on the walls of her home. things she never wanted to forget, under each drawing was words saying what it was, simple words nothing large.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 5_1
"The first time in his arms"

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Smaug_by_celestialfrost-d7comti
"when we got him it was heart breaking, it seems he lost something"

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 6_1
"Never Forget Who You Are"

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 7_1
"My beloved Jeff One Day You Will come home, i will never forget your face"

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 9_1

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 8_1
"Family Teaches you The Wisdom Of Lifetimes"

The book was placed upon that shelf as she smiled softly and touched it that last time before shutting the door and locking it away, the code box on the front melding inside the metal as a blue glow came over the vault. "nothing can get it out now, not even magic or powers" she said to herself as she let out a sigh and turned around walking to a old blue rose bush that still held a couple flowers.

"i know it is hard Anaya" a soft voice came from behind her as she turned around to look, there he was dear old Samuel behind her as she stood there a silken gown dragging upon the ground. his butler look was gone and he was himself, she smiled as she held out her hand to him and he took it with a smile kissing the top of it "but it is for the best, i am sorry i was so harsh back there i should not have bin, i know you hold a lot on your plate, care to go to the tent with me?" he said as he wrapped his arm around her hip.
        "yes that would be nice, i need a shoulder to relax on my dear Samuel. i am sure you have things to talk about" she was leaning into him there was a glimmer to her red eyes as her white hair fell in her face. the front of the tent was pulled back as she walked inside with him and sat upon a pillow and rug covered ground.

"Anaya My love i know it has bin hard for us, i know we have bin trying to bear young i wish a child with you, a baby boy, a male Imagine the glory of a young dragon flying the sky's, it would be a blissful day in the heavens and the songs would be sung and music played in rejoice " he just blurted it out as his head turned to her a kiss softly being layed upon her lips and then his for head resting upon hers and looking into her eyes.  she looked at him with a smile.
            "we will try harder my dear, i know you wish a young one and i will bear you that child, and you will become ruler along side me and no longer have to hide as a butler here, we can make it known that you are my choice in mate, when i am with you i still believe i am dreaming"
            "maybe this is a dream, maybe it is your dream, i don't know, theses are questions for wise men with skinny legs you are the moon of my life, that is all i know and all i need to know, and if this is a dream i will kill the man that wakes me" he would kiss her cheek as she looked at him his arms wrapping around her to hold her when she needed him. he was always there when she needed him, his voice his eyes his touch his ways, there was never a time since he came here since she brought him here that he was far from her, he would leave in times when he new she would not need him, nights when she was sleeping in her chambers or days when she was gone as well, but always would he be back by the time she had woke or when she returned back to the castle.  
          "until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, until the rivers run dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves i will always love you. my dragon my Samuel" she kissed his lips as foot steps came form outside and there was little Milla at the tent doors sweating and shaking as she had ran the way here.

              "i am sorry i am sorry my lady so very sorry but the farmers need to talk to you, matters have to be dealt with, we need you and Samuel at the castle......Samuel you look.....nice" she paused and took some deep breaths as Anaya started to laugh.
"alright Milla we will come back just one moment i just need to talk to Samuel about one last thing" Milla nodded her head and was gone right away off to deal with farmers and bad tempers and to try to find jeff and that guard they had bin gone a long time now.

             "Sam what are we going to do about Jeff, i am scared of his finding things out and leaving here. what would i do after?" he took a clawed hand to her cheek and ran it along the side
             "He has never left for long my love, if he leaves here he will be back one day, and in the time he is gone you will rule here, have a son and have a mate, we will rule the lands together claw in claw, nothing can break us apart."
          She would look to the ground "but what if the madness comes back my Mate, what if i break once more, our temper is not like the humans or the other beasts we see red you know how i can get, i have kept it in for so long what if it bubbles up from within me and i cant control it anymore"
              "then i will be at your flank there with you, we will face that if it ever comes we must head back to the castle you have people waiting for you, and i am sure Jeff will be there as well. " he got up holding her hand and helped her to her feet as well, her eyes upon him the whole time as she kissed him her lips gracing his own.
              "later i will see you in my chambers to try for that son" she said with a smile as a rose came to his cheeks and he walked with her out of the tent and back to the castle changing back to his bald butler forum.  His eyes swaying back only for a moment to make sure the vault was nice and locked, much on the males mind.

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~~~~~~~~~~ At the Castle~~~~~~~~~~

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff dug Finn's grave, listening to the sound of dirt being thrown aside. Soon, his eyes kept drifting to Samuel, then his ears started making a large, loud ringing. He kept staring into the lifeless eyes of the guard before being yelled at to stop digging and having his shovel ripped away. He didn't fight her, he just allowed the shovel to be tossed aside as everything came back into focus as Luna gave her speech. He looked down and listened to her words before whispering in a low monotone. "I did what I had to do-..." He then tensed as she caressed his cheek and kissed his forehead, before relaxing and whispering. "Then we will exchange stories. Yes?" His voice was shaking, as were his hands as he picked the shovel back up. "I didn't grow up like my other siblings did. I wasn't pampered or waited on hand and foot like everyone. While they were all made to be treated as royalty as I was to be treated like a step rug. I was beaten within an inch of my life every month, just to be molded into a murderer. I ran away after a mission went horribly. I haven't killed anyone in a very long time and the first person to die was someone who didn't deserve that. I refuse to be a killer, but it seems no one escapes their past." He then grew quiet as he shook. "I may appear weak because I am reacting poorly to taking a life, but I assure you...this isn't the first time." He looked out to Samuel strolling to the garden. "...and it won't be the last." He then turned to Lunaria. "I am a fucking idiot. Yes, but no one in this fucking empire knows me, not even the woman who made me who I am. I was treated as a killer as soon as I was taken in. I was treated as scum, just because I was a vampire. I had to earn my respect, something Insure you know a lot about. So there, you now know more than anyone else in this stupid fucking empire!" He then slammed his shovel hard into the dirt, finishing the small shallow grave as he finished his speech. "I am a moron. Yes, but that is all I know how to fucking be." He then tossed the shovel aside again and looked at Finn's body once more. "This action proved that."

ScarletEveDeLaRose: “Thanks M…” Before she could finish her sentence the guy was gone out of another door as she went to go sit somewhere, her cheeks were a bit pink from the guy kissing her on her hand and it seemed to have left a light red mark on her hand as she took out some bluish black pills and popped one into her mouth to control the beast locked within her, it only took a few minutes for it to take affect and when it did, she took her hood off and breathed a sigh of relief then noticed something that made her flinch, she had been sitting right next to a window where people could see her and she did not like that fact “ah skit” she said to herself as she scooted away and hid herself away from the window “I hope nobody saw my crime” she said as she looked around then got up “Not sure if getting some air would be a good idea right now”

Beelzbub: Digging alongside him, she ignored the mud which touched at her cheek and fell into her hair. His cussing was only made the clearer as he bitterly continued. And she listened, silent, understanding, and non-judgmental. Almost like a wall, but nodding and responding to him every moment he spoke. When he finished she spoke in turn, “My mother's name is Aetulia-… Or it was. She was a human, and beautiful. Or so my father used to tell me. I grew up without her, because she-…” How could she explain that he father had killed her mother for her? Guilt she had only just overcome herself? It would come in time-… For now she stuck with simply leaning on her shovel. “She died, when I was born. My father raised me, alone from everyone. I wasn’t born to be a killing machine-… But I was designed to become an ultimate form of a higher power.” She spoke simply, returning to digging, the effort and underlying anger leading to a vein to pulse in her forehead. “My father wanted to possess me, devour his body, and relieve me of this form… So I suppose that when I endured his cruelty it was for a purpose. He’s long dead now.” She wasn’t going to delve into that-… He could find out eventually another time. Glancing up to the hold, as the grave was completed, and hauled Finn’s body into the hole, and began the process of covering him with earth. Glancing up at the hold. She saw a figure by the window, not exactly who or what the person was doing she looked elsewhere. “I moved around a lot after that, ended up having a husband for a small amount of time-… Delivered my son, Xander, and my daughter Delilah. But about-… Well… some time ago, my hometown was attacked, and… My son was a victim of the carnage, and so was I.” Running her hand through her hair, the loose strands tucked behind her ears as she heaped a shovelful of earth over the long covered body. “I’ve one as I need to for my daughter now… Looking for a home, and I’ll settle down one of these days… I bear my sins on my body, as you saw. But even after it all, all this time you don’t forget it. I still smell the smoke, hear the screams… I dream about him often, It is been so long since the razing of Firedor-… but I can still feel the sting of the flames. I know my son wouldn’t want me dwelling-… But one day I’ll avenge him-… I suppose it's my driving force now, that and maybe running… I still don’t know.” Lunaria paused as the grave finished, absently picking some gorse and heather form the ground, looking for the grave before turning towards him. “You’re easy to talk to-… I haven’t trusted anyone in such a long time, so-… I’m glad its you-…”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff frowned, a single blooded tear pooled from his duct and glided down his masked cheek as Finn's body was hauled into the hole. The guard's face was staring into Jeff's eyes, having a "Why?" expression. Jeff turned away as Luna dumped the soil on the fresh carcass. Trying to find a cigarette in his jacket but only finding loose tobacco flakes. Then he froze, hearing a name. Firedor. No. He turned to her and spotted the scar hanging around her pulse, almost like s jewel. His dainty fingers brushed the wound as frantic patterns flooded his mind, flashing back. He was walking through the ruined, burning village, passing carcasses still aflame. What was this? A town that could not defend it's own, sent to be destroyed because-...why? He knew that this was wrong and it became ever more clear as he passed a woman clutching a teenager who looked to be her son. Silver tendrils hung from the woman's head as Jeff stared into her seemingly lifeless eyes. Jeff remembered running his hands over her eyelids and closing them, for both bodies. These men had taken advantage of his raid and killed for no reason. Jeff was responsible for a bandit attack that left countless people dead. He sat with the mother and child for a few moments more before returning home, to think about what he had done. "It-...was her?" Jaurl stated the obvious as Jeff took two steps back. "I-...really-...don't feel so well.." Jeff was taking in a lot information at once and didn't know how to handle anything. " you too. I...need to tell you something." Jeff then stopped himself from spilling the truth to her and whispered softly. "Let's go inside. I need a shower, I'm still covered in blood, and you dirt. Let's get clean." Jeff whispered softly as Jaurl screamed "Fuck her! Who cares if you inadvertently killed her family!? Stick your dick in that shit again." "We can my chambers."

Beelzbub: The sky began to rumble as thunder began to chew through the clouds. The sky beginning to ripple through the cumulous and giving a simple bite to the air. It was fitting perhaps, that he was buried now, as Jeff went quiet for a moment, the flowers in her hands were placed and grounded in the dirt. He had underestimated her as a guard. Underestimated her strength, her virtue, everything. She still worked her focus elsewhere to allow him a warrior’s burial. He had died a coward, unable to stand losing-… And thusly he would not be burnt at a pyre. An unmarked grave in the middle of nowhere.. However, without anyone’s knowing, Lunaria would return to Finnegan’s grave, mark it, and give him the blessings her father had gifted her. Without warning, Jeff’s fingertips trailed along the scarring hidden beneath the leather strap at her pulse. She swallowed looking at him with wide curious eyes. He spoke unexpectedly, and she nodded in return, abandoning the grave site with very little focus elsewhere. It didn’t take her much effort for her focus to shift to him as his pale expression was idly focused elsewhere, traumatized. Pausing, she pulled close, relieving his face from his mask, and carefully pressing her lips to his to refocus him to the present. Regardless of the blood, regardless of the gore, she pulled back from the tender press, to stare into his eyes again, and rest her forehead to his, “Its been a very long time since I’ve felt anything for anyone… I feel like I can talk to you-… And-… I think that I misjudged you-..” Her lips found his again, with a soft forgiving passion as she pulled back, only enough for the mistral of her touch to linger against him as both her eyes stared into his, and she glanced down, “You stood up for me and you didn’t have to-… And for that, you have both my thanks. And my heart.”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff was so heartbroken and infatuated all at the same time and had no idea what to do with himself. She was perfect and he ruined her life and had no idea how to mention it to her. The ball was coming soon and he would hopefully have everything sorted. He closed his eyes before feeling his mask slide off his face and his lips be comforted by another pair. Rain ripped at his skin, whipping the blood away as it began pouring down on the both of them. As they pulled away from the kiss, his blonde locks became matted to his head, flat and wet, yet his look stayed the same. Confused, traumatized, depressed. He stared deep into the same eyes he had years ago and listened to her confess her feelings to him. He let a slow whisper leave his throat, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close. "I adore you. Your every move. I need you in my life. Not just as my guard, or my sword, or battle partner, but as my equal. You are an amazing woman and-...I don't know why our paths crossed but-...I don't know where I would be if they didn't." He pressed his lips to hers once more but did not pull away, even as the rain pounded their bodies, ever so close to each other. Jeff's eyes closed as her moved one hand to run up her leg, then her hip, then sliding up her side, to her neck, then cheek, only to brush some hair away after he finally pulled away from the second kiss. "Fuck the Iron. We can stay out here."

Beelzbub: “You needed a shower…” She whispered very simply, fingertips gripping his hand at her cheek. Her voice caught as the thunder shot through the air, lightning crackling through the sky as she froze up, shuddering visibly. She backed up enough to pull from the kiss and glance around the overall perimeter of the outdoors, the rain plastering down their frame and making the smooth white of her hair bleed into silver. His words leaving her breathless, heart hammering as her own shot into her ears and echoed into the agelessness of the moment. The rain slammed down in hard sheets as she returned her lips to his, mask dropping from her hand down to the ground, as she pulled both hands into his hair. She wasn’t aware f the hatred her felt for himself, or the fact that he knew exactly who she was-… who her daughter was all those years ago. This wasn’t about love, this wasn’t about lust. It was a connection between two beings, immortal or not, that shot like rocket fire in the darkest of circumstances. Somehow It always came down to this. And yet for once, as her lips found his, desperately, lovingly, whatever hard black secret that filled his heart with the emotional throes of nothing there was no doubt she felt no sort of break in any emotional hold she had on him. Not this time. Taking a slowly, long moment, both her hands pulled from his hair, her breathing coming out in hard panting bursts as the icy ran spat against her skin. “Stay out here? For what?”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff smiled as she asked her question and dropped his mask. "Just shut fuckin'...beautiful disaster." His lips pressed against hers once more, closing any distance between them and moving his left hand to tilt her neck, where his lips pulled from hers and placed on the pulse, in a loving notion. He held the secret, yes, but it seemed Samuel wanted him to find the truth and his mother was obviously hiding it from him. He knew now that his mother was behind his misery, but now he just needed the reason, and he could fix all of it. Until then, he wanted to spend it outside, in the wet grass and rain, with her.  He drug his fangs playfully along her neck as he had a few days prior. He slowly without thinking, scooped her off her feet and carried her over to a small patch of trees where he laid her in the secluded area. "I need you right here, right now Luna. I am not ready to go back in there. There is blood everywhere and the only thing I want intoxicating me is you." He said this after he pulled away, whispering to her, in an almost breathless, wanting, tone. "What the fuck are you two doing?! Are you-...falling for her? No! You are supposed to fuck her like a dog and go about your business. You fucked her life up and sticking your dick in her heart isn't gonna help that!" Jaurl screamed inside Jeff's rather filled mind. "You need to learn how to be evil once in a while. You killed that man like it was nothing, then reacted like a human would. You are so weak." Jeff tried to ignore the taunts from Jaurl, whom was obviously not happy about them confessing their feelings. "I feel like I should get a chance to redeem myself."

18+ Read Open If You Wish:

Beelzbub: Immediately silenced, she was picked up and laid flat against the rain coated ground, and yet it hardly mattered. He certainly had a way with words, a way that left her arched against the grass only wishing for the heat of his palms against her. All duty entirely forgotten like the first time. But unlike the first time there was no hesitation. All she knew was that he wanted her, and was going to do anything he needed to do, despite what coaxed him away from it. Both hands clung into his hair, keen on not being the one to show her need any more than necessary, merely focusing on dragging her nails down his scalp, pulling him all the closer, and memorizing his lips. She needed him, not only for the closeness, or the companionship. Her voice catching as a shuddering gasp broke past her patient lips, “Don’t stop-…” It was a simple request, and who knew how easy that would be in the current state of things-.. But as it stood in this moment, she was in no position to pull away. Her tail resumed its home against his thigh, constricting the musculature without so much as a glance away, no thought about the markings that would grace his body upon return to the castle… No at this moment she was entirely his, and he was entirely hers, and thusly she wasn’t going to hold back from marking him in all ways that would show anyone else the he was hers. First she had been a guard, and now what was she? A lover-… And equal? The thoughts churned in her head, as their lips snagged together again, hands migrating from his hairline to his cheeks, to hold him close enough for her ragged breath to pause her actions-… Each of the leather threads of her armor would need to be released from their knot, at her bust, the corset like tie easily removed, and were it not for the sake of modesty, she wouldn’t have minded returning to the hold with slashed lashes, her flesh coated in rain and ice cold to the touch. The subtle embroidery of her corset etched with a filmy sweetness most like a treasured morsel of candy that begged to be savored and eaten. “Take it off… leave it on… Destroy it, I don’t care. At this point restriction of breath was the least of her concern, least of all by her hitched inhales beneath him. All that mattered now was the ceaseless hammering of her heart, and insidious thought that passed her mindscape with each fleeting moment.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's hand ran, seductively up her corset before undoing a few of the knots that held it together. His free hand, warm, yet ice cold to the touch, ran up to her neck, where it brushed the scar again. This was his fault and now, he found himself wanting to protect HER because of all that had transpired. Jeff was falling for his guard, whom might have a future grudge against him due to his mother's mistake. His lips moved to feather across the jagged scar tissue, lightly massaging as his hand opened and tossed aside the useless, at the moment, corset. The thunder was like a song, crackling as they romped around like a couple of teenage farm hands whom spent the summer ogling each other. The corset found its way onto the ground, which coated itself in a bit of mud as it hit the soil. He trailed his index finger to her waist line where he started toying with her garb, his lips beginning to trail down her now bare chest. Each kiss was ice cold, due to not only his nature but the rain as well, and every movement he made scared him to the point to where he felt himself taking over and craving her. "Take off your pants." Jeff whispered as his lips trailed back up her skin and to her ear, as his lips moved back down, exploring. The cold tongue found Its way over her breast, gliding ever so softly, around, again and again for a moment or two before moving over the the other and doing the exact same. The left hand reached up and gripped softly, around her right breast, whilst his fingers massaged her teat and his voice rang out yet again. "Take them off my dear." Jeff then let go of her and stood, taking two steps back before unbuttoning his casual jacket and pulling his scarf away, reviling the previous mark she left on his neck just two days prior. He stood in a sleeveless black tank top, before easily pulling that from his form and tossing the three articles of garb aside. He then moved back down to his spot, rolling around with her on the soaking grass as the rain played on their pale complexions. He smiled as the droplets of water trailed off of his fingertips, bringing them to brush her cheek softly, and replace their lips back together again.

Beelzbub: With the rain skating between them, hearing his words was a difficult task, the sound of the elements colliding so violently, was reminesant of the two of them in this moment. The tepid scent of torrential rain splashing between the two of them and wetting the leather that bound her clothing together. How he managed to slip his fingertips past the leather straps and release them was beyond her, as her chest, wrapped still in cloth was exposed to the air, dirt at her spine as she slowly unwound the material from between them as he relieved her of her corset. The material was shed to the ground as she lay down once more against the tree roots and earth, her wet skin summoning a sticky press of earth, moss and leaves to her skin, otherwise ignored as she arched to each kiss. Icy as the rain which pebbled down her skin from the understory of the trees of the forest they had found themselves. She didn’t want to speak, didn’t want to think, merely alleviate the sensations running through her, bare skin growing chilled as the peppered kisses drew a quiet, yet clear request to her ears. Both her hands had migrated to his hairline, to draw him back against her. The cold allowed her to mumble out simply, “M-My lord?” Still unable to whimper his true name into the quiet, as a bolt of thunder dashed through the sky, causing her to start with surprise, just as he pulled away from her. Rising to her knees, as varying degrees of flesh were exposed to her eyes, and without much of a thought, she found her lips catching down his abdomen, from the line of his breeches, up over his flesh at his abdomen, rising further until caressing over his clavicle and over her marking, whispering against it with soft breathy voice. “No matter what happens, don’t stop… I need this-… I need you.” Their lips reconnected, yet rather than retuning to the earth, she pulled him closer beneath the bough of the tree, arms sliding over his shoulders before pulling closer to the trunk of the tree they were encased beneath, the bark was cool to her touch, skin tepid as heat began to coil within her belly. Pressing backwards her hands found their way to his cheeks again as she forced breath again, fingertips shimmying over her hips to relieve herself of the insulting piece of clothing her had requested she remove.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: She needed him. Even if the words she spoke lied later on because she said them in the moment, he accept them as truth. She stole the fire in his eyes and extinguished the anger in his heart. His trauma from earlier events had not left him, and the blood still spilling off his skin as the rain riddled their bodies did not help, but she did. His lips felt at home, just as he did. He was content with the sanctuary she gave him, and each time he ignored word she spoke earlier, Firedor, it shattered his safety. He moved his hand down her chest as she slid her trousers down her elegant legs, stopping right at her waistline before moving his free hand to unlatch the buckle on his belt. He painted his fingers against her undergarb, playing with the outer lace trim, before sliding his hand under the material. A single dainty index finger began to massage her hood, allowing his free and to pull his belt free from the loops. Their lips didn't disconnect through this entire process, staying linked as he did his best to arouse her in anyway. The curve of his lips lifted as he gained the notion to kiss her pulse yet again, only this time, no fangs. No feeding. He was sensual and he wanted to be. His eyes closed tight as his index finger kept its pace, and his middle finger trailed softly along the middle of her sensitivity before sliding itself slightly inward, then out, then Inside a tad farther, then out again. He repeated this process as his free hand unbuttoned the clasp of his jeans, and used his legs to slide the wet denim down his legs and tossed them off. His member expanded with each euphoric motion preformed by the two in sync, pressing against his boxers that rested tight against his slender, well built form due to the rain pummeling the both of the. His kisses feathered back up her neck before moving back to her lips. He growled ever so softly as he felt the twitching below his waist began to take hold. He wanted her, and he would have her. He only hoped his brain wouldn't ask any stupid questions this time.

Beelzbub: Ignoring the jagged sting of desiccated bark biting into her spine, the warmth between them causing tendrils of sensation to brut forward in all lengths of her frame. This time was different; there was a distinct sweetness to his motions, love between kiss, touch, look and word so much she was decidedly thoughtless and motionless against him. Arching against him to relieve herself of the apprehension each worried breath brought forward. As his fingertips drudged their way over her most sensitive of areas her breath hitched, and she felt every limb draw numb with desire, heart thundering and drowning out the sound of the rip-roaring storm surrounding them. “My-… Lord-…” It took her a moment to overcome the unexpected bolts of energy sparking through her joints. Lips migrating over to her pulse, yet not piercing the flesh, her hands found their way into the back of his hairline dragging him closer almost daring him to pierce her skin again. Each fluid motion within causing her hips to rock forward subconsciously… Gods she wanted him in a way she hadn’t wanted anyone in over a century, but the question was why. Unlike the times before in her long life, she found herself being the one in the questioning position. Every small singular instance of his presses and contact along her fevered skin left no more then a dapped bruising over each sinew he touched. Her hair tugged as he worked his glorious fingertips through to her scalp, driving her with a tainted intent, insidious almost, and yet se didn’t mind in the incredible severed silence. Her trust has been blemished by men in the past and yet with each drive against her frail form, fingers within and lips above, she tensed with not only ecstasy but a long forgotten purpose. A purpose to please another through a bond shared, so-… mind-blowingly intimate it would make their heated joining all the more earth shattering as her whispers of elation bloomed with the slamming creaks of the earth beneath. Wasting herself no time in hooking her leg over his hip she dragged him closer, both hands travelling down his spine, to pull him possessively forward. Biting into her lip, pre-swollen from their passionate presses and cascading a single bubble of her blood down the cherried skin and down the pale expanse of her chin, In an effort to keep herself from plaintively crying out to the thundering heavens.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Blood. Life force. Nectar. Rolling down her chin, then neck, then chest, his lips moving to her belly button. Pressing his lips above it, he parted them and let his tongue trail up, until it met with her own lips. He reconnected again, using his free hand to pull his garb down his legs, exposing his being, while his other hand continued it's movements below her waist. Lips, letting a soft whisper leave his throat and hopefully sink into her mind, after he pulled away after s few moments of kissing. "P-...please call me Jeff." Lord? No, not even close. He was the prince, yes, but he was not a prince type of man. His last century had been spent being Just Jeff, not a Lord, and he didn't intend to be anything else now, especially now that he was getting ready to sleep with someone he considered as an equal. "You are literally something else Lunaria. Perfect mind, perfect body, perfect partner. I couldn't wish to have anybody else at my side." His form moved over hers, while his lips moved to clasp with hers yet again, except this time, his arms moved to wrap around her, and scoop her up. He placed one hand on her back when lifting and another moved under her posterior. The tree they were under towered over them and shaded them, not very well mind you, from the relentless rain gifting the earth from the Sodom above that everyone talked about going to when they passed. He didn't plan on dying any time soon, because now he had Luna, whom's legs he wrapped around his own waist to help her support herself while he rested her back lightly against the Tall mighty oak. His member was below her, wanting, ready, waiting, and he had waited to long. He had hoped by lifting her to wrap around him would give her more comfort then having twigs and rocks and roots driven into her back as they frolicked on the soil. This had to be better, because for him, now, there wasn't any going back, because he connected himself with her with a single buck upward with his hips, then a hard thrust, where the rhythm repeated. "Oh fuck-..." He whispered under his breath. Half from the pleasure he was feeling in her presence but also because of the huge mistake he was making in not telling her it was him who attacked her village. Each passing minute brought slight faster and harder rhythms as his lips found their way back to each other. Jaurl, being a part of Jeff, had his DNA mixed with his brother, without his knowledge even, so imagine his surprise when Jeff found out he could use slight blood magic. What other secrets could this unlock? Would it effect the coitus now? He hoped not, for Jaurl was tricky and usually got what he wanted through pure manipulation and treachery. His hand moved from her back, as the tree supported her light frame, and moved to run it softly through her hair, then trailed his fingers gently down her neck, before reaching down to grip ahold of her arse in a playful manner. At all this time, his motion became rough, yet loving. Hard and fast, yet playful and sensual. Different from last time indeed. All that could be explained by the purr like growls leaving Jeff's throat.

Beelzbub: There was a great difficulty in withholding her curses as he entered her so swiftly, voice catching as she stifled a gasp and ground out his name between clenched teeth. Her forehead dropped to his shoulder as she adjusted enough against him to ensure such a motion was capable of being kept still to adjust after an instance. There were no falsities in this joining, entirely raw and human in a way, despite how subhuman they were, her tail lashing around the root of the tree, squeezing with an unbridled passion their session only days before had lacked. The root beneath her unforgiving grip let out a snap as with a low groan, her grip around his waist tightened, entirety coaxing him with constricting grace to continue his unbridled, unhindered passions. How had they gotten where they were now so quickly, after the drama of moments before, her hands still roughened from the hold of the shovel digging the long forgotten grave. Unable to speak only settling to whisper into the crook of his shoulder with a low voice words incoherent as she pressed her bare flesh against him, only desiring her held her tighter, desired her more, wanted her longer. There was no doubt that her passions were decidedly unbridled. Both her hands dragged down his spine in not a caress, but rather a scratch, mirrored from days previously, yet not yet hard enough to clip his flesh and draw blood-… What in comparison to Cinna was so different about Jeff? What about him, left her so utterly silenced, pressing himself so deeply against herself with little worry or focus for consequence? There was no fear of her sweet surrender. Unlike with her life mate, Jeff so tight against her felt altogether right… As he seemed to feel in this moment that she was his equal, on the same terms so was her. His words were to be silenced as her bloodied lip coaxed over his with little fear or regard. Silencing him albeit temporarily, the tip of her tongue enticing itself to his own, daring to deepen their passions only an inch forward. He shifted her entirety along himself, her body easily rocking to his without so much as a bead of sweat, as effort seemed far beyond him. In all fairness It seemed surreal, that she could feel such an indescribable connection with another being… In a way her people were otherwise denied. In this moment she knew that nothing he ever said, or did would lessen her loyalty, this action wasn’t one of lust, but of desire, want and overall passion for the other. With her lips scattered over his throat herself, she allowed momentary speech, likely to rouse attention by her broken breaths as she heaved for focus. “I want to be at your side my l-… Jeff-… Don’t ever leave me-…Don’t let me go.” It was almost plaintive, her request, and god knew it was a sign of limitation she was willing to show. A weakness she had for him in this moment, as her heart and soul were bared before their joining. There was a known secret that allowed her kind of survive for so long-…That only a demon would be able to produce an heir… It made her feedings very easy-.. And in this moment, Lunaria was unaware of Jeff’s internal force, molded into his blood, into his entire physicality, who knew what it would lead to. Each motion held a different response, only muted by the crackling to the rain surrounding… No one would see, or hear them, but she still knew the erupted whispers shared by one to the other should belong to they, and they alone, and thusly, she forced the pleasured sighs to press just slightly against his ear before she captured it affectionately between her teeth, and tightened her grip.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "You are making this harder on yourself. You can sit there and ignore me if you wish but it doesn't change the fact that you are the villain here and you are giving her false hope. Will you leave her?" Jaurl was trying to throw his brother off, but to no avail seeing as the vampire was not letting up in his motions at all. Rain continued to smack against their skin, not letting up in the slightest, until a single bolt of lightning, then thunder shot across the black space of stars above. A single flash lit the area around them for a split second, allowing Jeff to see her beautiful form against his, and his smile grew ever the wider as his words held a soft, true tone. "I won't ever leave-...I promise." His lips moved along her neck as his relentless hip movements quickened, not even knowing the DNA molded into his own was about to change the story he was living forever. His lips trailed along her cheek, before reaching her own wanting lips again, wishing for a moment like this to last a life time, which would be forever in his case, but never the less, he wished it. Jaurl kicked Jeff's skull again, as he had always done before to annoy his sibling, but something seemed off about this kick. Way more force and anger was put behind it, and Jeff had though Jaurl wanted this, but now all he wanted to do was stop Jeff and Luna from consummating and a pleading kick to cause s head ache was all he had left. Jeff however, was so caught up in the moment, he wouldn't feel it for several minutes until after his adrenaline rush subsided. "How fucking dare you, Lyvix. You know that you can't keep her happy like i can. If you had any respect, you would listen to me." Yet Jaurl's words fell on deaf ears as Jeff whispered his own words to his partner. "I promise-..."

Beelzbub: Ignoring the bout of thunder, the screaming doubts, the sounds of their bodies reaching in tandem she lifted her arms up enough to rest, against his shoulders. Her hands steepled behind him as her quickly approaching climax broke free without fear of raising attention. Life continued on from behind them… While their passions blew skyward, the world continued onwards without notice. In him, Lunaria had found a male that she may easily keep in her company for an eternity… A man who inspired and drew her best strength forward, but mostly who drew forward on her compassion, as a woman, and not as a succubus. And true, she was going against all the laws of her people. True she was betraying Cinna, true she was going against what shehad thought the moment she had met the blond haired prince in the ruin of Anaya’s city, but here and now? There was zero doubt in her mind that he was hers, and she wasn’t going to let him go. Death wouldn’t depart the two of them, and with her last breath she would keep him safe-…even from herself. With gasping motions, her entirety began to quake against him, his promises filling her with a purpose, as she went from a woman facing nothing, to someone who carried a heavy burden on her shoulders, with no fear to the overall unknown. Her breathing began to quicken as her lips faded against his lips, arching back into the tree as if she was pulling away, but her fingertips dug into the spaces between her fingers, climax reaching its crescendo, as she broke to pieces around him, whimpering his name into the crook of his neck as the thunder all but drowned out the throes of her release to the world. It was as it should have been, he the only one privy to the sound of her ecstasy, legs clamping around his waist, and teeth marking his eck in silence as her arms embraced him tightly, thanking whatever spirit, or grand maker for the chance to ever be involved in his life, a life that would change, and entwine them forever.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "Don't you-..." Jaurl continued his rant as the welling inside of him was about to explode. He spotted her eager moans and noticed the change in her expression almost immediately before letting out a small whisper. "Together." He kept his hips moving as his bottom lip caught between his own fangs, for he knew that any moment, this would be over and they would either be stuck there, awkwardly fishing their wet clothes on, or they would take this back to his bed, where they would both stay the night. A small sigh escaped his lips as the pressure kept building and hers was ready to release, and with that he rested his forehead to hers, ignoring his brother, scream directly into his ear drum. "I am in love with her you son of a poxy whore! How dare you steal her from me-...even though you had her first. I will not forget this Lyvix." Jeff looked down as the words sailed over his head, and felt his body begin to numb and tense with each animalistic, yet passionate thrust. "I-...together..." He repeated as he felt her reach the same point he was at. The only problem with this entire situation was the third wheel resting inside of his brain. "I wanted her and now you are caressing her body and you are so cardboard like that you won't even show any emotion to my feelings! Fuck you Jeff!" Once again, ignored by the sibling, as always. Jaurl had a tendency of getting blocked out so he could not really blame Jeff for doing it at a crucial time. They both let go, and he felt his breathing flair up and down for the first time in a long time. A small smile left his lips as he pulled closer, still picking her up. The perks of being a vampire were a many but one of them was the ability to travel faster than many eyes could see. With a matter of 3 seconds, they were inside, and upstairs in the empire, in his chamber. He smiled and tossed her dripping body playfully on the bed as he rushed back out and then back in, in another moment, dropping their soaking clothes into the bathroom as to not forget them outside. He crawled into bed with the surely confused Luna and whispered. "I'm sorry, I figured you would want to relax and get away from the rain and thunder." He fought passed his own heavy breathing to say this, laying flat on his back, next to her and staring up at the ceiling. "I-...adore you."

Beelzbub: Ripped from the outdoors at the speed of light it felt, she was unexpectedly dropped into the bedroom and onto his bed, feeling flushed and euphoric… Surely this was what he had hoped to accomplish the first time round with biting into her skin.. Alas, she was coated in his scent again, and no sooner had he arrived, dropping her on the bed, he was gone again. The flop of wet close was brought to her attention as she adjusted on the bed; on her back her legs demurely drawn up and concealing herself as he flopped beside her. His words were flooded out by the sound of his breathing as he lay entirely bare and dripping beside her. what they didn’t know was what was to occur between them so carelessly now, would lead to an unexpected urn at a later date. What mattered now was that she rolled on her belly to look at him as he rolled on his back looking at the ceiling. “Zavv E's eh fedr oui muja, ymmah keppc.” She spoke simply, the language of old gracing her lips with quiet ease, as she adjusting against him, her lips affectionately pressing along his temple, and downward until they were pressed against the center of his chest, the blood red of her gaze staring up at him curiously, almost gauging his unhindered reaction as he spoke, before dragging herself up to curl against his chest with a soft, yet sweet sigh. He likely would never understand what she said, and so she translated, her fingertips breaking a bubble of rain that had connected to his chest, and held still. “And I you.” Of course, there as more to it than that. After all, how on earth would she be able to justify saying, “I love you” to a virtual stranger, despite her feelings holding true? There was a vastness to her words. A seeping, deep seated vastness that held sway over her, as she lay at his side, draping her leg over his leg, leaning up and capturing his lips against her own. She felt it necessary to speak again, staring out the window over him as the rain speared over the window. “I don’t trust that butler-… Samuel. There is something about him that reign’s false-.. .He reeks of deceit.” It took her a moment looking up to him, with curious eyes. “I don’t know what he is planning, but there is something that makes me feel like he has your mother under sway, as I have you in turn-…” A rare, but stunning smile erupted over her lips, perhaps even the first he had ever seen as she took a kiss one more time from him. It was here her voice grew ever lower, pulling close enough for her lips to press only so against his ear, intimately sharing information that sh feared even the walls could hear over the spark of thunder which clapped outdoors. “I don’t know why your mother requested my services-… but for some reason she has, and thusly I remain-… But I don’t trust her gaze, nor her turn for secrecy, no matter her kindness-… She has her demons, and-… as much as I want to know what she is having me keep you from; I’m not going to delve into the darker secrets-… And neither should you.” She had no idea he had travelled to the basement levels, but her intuition in the Empress’ stark focus on keeping Jeff at bay, were not to be ignored. This wasn’t her as a guard speaking to her lord, or as a woman connecting with her lover-… but a mothers sixth sense when it came to the actions of those around her, and so much so, that Lunaria coaxed her fingers from his hairline and moved away to rest above him. Her hands at his ears beside his head, she smiled again, and spoke. “You remind me of the prince-… in a story I used to tell my children when they were still so small. How a gallant prince fell in love with his guard, who was secretly an angel, and plunged all his demons into darkness-…I would tell them, the happy ending-… that they lived on in a grand castle on a hill until the end days-.. But really there was never an ending… My father never told me about the end of that story, but he told me…” She spoke I a soft voice, pulling stray hairs form his forehead, “That the prince was very handsome, and the woman, had hair like the sea. It was a beautiful fairytale really-… I would dream to be as brave as the angel-… She inspires me, though I never learned her name, she was simply a guard, and her story, fairytale or not, lives on in me, and now in you.” Her fingertips brushed over his heart, as she leant forward and took his lips with a slow burning passion, the lit candlelight casting the two of them In a creamy almost dreamlike glow, much the opposite of the stark rainfall outdoors.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: There were lips against his temple as he slowly relaxed into her as she did him, and allowed himself to finally drop his guard before hearing her whisper to him in her language. The words were sweet as she translated to him and a small smile appeared on his face as he spoke his own draconic language taught to him throughout the years. "I itov wux" Jeff looked away and shook his head before listening to her talk about Samuel and his gaze quickly turned. "He is hiding something and so is my mother. She has all these new rules placed about and-..." He stopped himself, listening to her go on about how it was a bad idea for him to meddle in Anaya's private affairs. He couldn't stop, not now that he was so close. His eyes glanced back up to see her smile, just before placing her own lips to his. What a rare occurrence, to see he crack a smile. She usually held more seriousness in everything she did, so this caused him to smile against hers, before pulling away a few moments and listening to her tell a similar story of their tale that was forming. "I've had dreams about that story. A blue haired beauty who liked to throw the prince into furniture for acting up. They were a perfect match. I hope-...that story ended happily." Jaurl scoffed at the two children gossiping on the bed as he floated around in the shadow crooks in the room. "You. Killed. Her. Family! You are digging yourself a deeper hole!" Jeff sighed and looked deep into her eyes. "As far as Samuel goes-..." He looked down and sighed. "The reason I haven't been around is because I've been doing some exploring and-...I saw Samuel turn into a fucking dragon and mention how he wanted my mother to burn the world with him and I can't tell anyone because no one would believe me. The only reason I even feel comfortable telling you is because I-..." Jaurl growled, allowing a slow rumble to flow around the room, audible for all ears in the room. "I hate my brother-...could you kindly fuck off Jaurl?!" Jaurl's voice played on both of their ear drums. "Tell her everything-.." Jeff looked down as the voice spoke its mind and he growled softly. "I did a bad thing a long time ago. Something I can't let go of, and I came home to find the truth out about-...why my mother sent me to do a certain job that-...haunts me everyday." He sighed elongatedly. "Samuel was in the hold, surrounded and swimming in gold. He kept talking about how he had my mother under his spell and how all her-...experiments down in the hold were to stay secret. I barely got out this morning. If I had been caught, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Milla is suspicious of me and is watching me like a hawk and I am unsure of how to proceed. As much as I would love to just-...forget all of this. There are innocent people locked in that basement. Men, women, and children and I'll be damned if I sit back and let others die again because I was obedient. " Jaurl crossed his arms in the shadows, only speaking to Jeff now. "Damn...I didn't know that was the reason you came back. To help people...I thought it was because you were a fat fuck and could come back home and kill without reason. And eat everyone you wanted." He sighed again and kissed Lunaria's forehead. "I didn't know Finn. I didn't know the problems he had or his friends. I didn't even feel myself move when I killed him. It just-...happened. And now that for the first time in about 50 years, I killed another man. I need to find out the truth now. I need to find out life fucked itself up. I need to know the reason behind my mother's orders."

Beelzbub: The rumble didn’t go ignored and it confirmed her suspicions towards the aura she had found as the prince had arrived home, setting her arrow at his back in fear. He was a twin soul… Not uncommon, but certainly not so openly violent… Who knew what kind of spirit held sway within her beloved’s body. Benevolent was Jeff, and the other-… His brother Jaurl was of secondary concern. Something able to manifest itself into the corners of the room had to be demonic, there was no question. That immediately caught her off guard, so much that her hand drifted down her middle, pausing for a moment before brushing off. No… That would be utterly improbable… Her fears were silent and easily forgotten as she contemplated over what he had said, her long hair drying as she sat up, and shook it out over her shoulders in a fan of sorts, focusing and thinking over the information set before her. Crazy, possibly, but he had no reason to lie to her, and with the amount of obvious discomfort, it had to say more than he realized in terms to the overall situation… Why would they both feel so uneasy without worry? There was a reason they were connected now, who was to say their minds were so different as well. “I believe you…” It was a simple sentence which held unprecedented honesty under the surface. In regards to his past, it was a cause for curiosity, but not so much as his fluctuation in nerves in regards to the staff of the hold. There were ears everywhere, and despite being as capable as she was, there was a distinct uneasiness growing in the pit of her belly. “We all have our demons, some easier to deal with than others. In time, I’m sure you’ll learn mine, and I will learn yours but for now, we have pressing matters, and if you’re going to be putting yourself on an edge I’m not able to cross, the least I can do is offer my support… It’s what a love-…” she paused, unsure exactly what to call herself, and suddenly seeming incredibly put off by her own words. She sat, the long tendrils of white crimping down her spine as she ran her hand against her scalp, still sensitive where her horns had once sat. “…Companion-...” She finished after a long moment, chest heaving with a sigh as she was unsure what exactly they were now-… Guard and Charge, but then what? Dirty Secret? Who knew. He would come up with something to call her, in the mean time, she continued, “As my pamujat-… I place your desires on my list of focus’. While I may hold no interest in the goings on of this castle in any way beyond what fills my pocket, I care about you. So I’ll do what I can to gain as much information as I can.” Her hand travelled down his cheek, the term she found suitable being pamujat, or ‘beloved’ in common tongue. Reaching forehead, she pressed her lips to his, feeling the disgruntled aura shift around them as she spoke directly to whatever entity it was that seemed so decidedly angry. “I care… for both of you. Even if I don’t if I don’t know the other, you are both one in the same. I hope my being here doesn’t offset any balance whatever you may have.” She was inquisitive, intelligent, and most of all, secretly compassionate, despite her money hungry ways. With the swirling aura around him of a dull violet, there was no mistaking the two souls he bore, his own, and the one belonging to his brother. When she kissed him, she was kissing them both. When she made love with him? It was to the both of them, regardless of who carried the actions out. “So what do you need me to do?” Entirely bare, she rolled on her side, watching him with her fingertips running tantalizingly down her side, either questioning, or beckoning, who was to know. She required answers, either now or later, and whether her words warranted action of a ‘round two’ as mortals called it, or a call to action, she seemed ready and raring to go.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: She believed him? Finally someone he could talk too, even while ignoring Jaurl. She card for them both and Jaurl took this time monologue. "My sweet Lunaria. What a pity that you must talk to me through this meat puppet. I am so sorry that he won't tell you the truth about everything. He was so young and so stupid, believing mommy over any one else. You killed so many people. And for what? I deserve her, and you deserve the ground." Jeff ignored the constant spewing filth that came to his ears all day every day, but now he was actually heart broken by the words that only flew into his ears. "Jaurl says he loves you too." Jeff smirked softly and listened to his brother slowly freak out in his mind. "I never said that! Never! I mean-...I do-..but-...fuck you Lyvix!" Jeff shook his head at the notion of Jaurl yelling at him and continued talking to his beloved. "I need you to just be there for me. Samuel have me a map to the vault where the book that holds-...the truth is and I spent last night getting the combination. There are thousands of spiders and other fucked up experiments in the basement. I wouldn't recommend going down there. I had to swim through filth, twice, just to get out alive. When I get the book, I am going to read it and find everything out. I don't know why this is so difficult but I know that book holds everything I need to know. If you want to help, cover for me when I go to the vault." Jeff sighed and shook his head, smiling at her finger running ever so seductively up her beautiful form. "As much as I would love to partake in the most wonderful action in the world, I sense we are to be interrupted." Just then, Milla smashed through the door without even so much as a knock. "My lord, the royal taxes for the new copper pipes needs to be done, you have the most experience in this field. Could you-..." She looked up from her clip board to see Jeff and Luna cuddled together, above the silk blankets, where her head turned to snap away from their view. " Oh miss Lunaria! I'm so sorry! My lord, please-...erm-...go downstairs when you get a moment-,..oh my gods I'm so sorry-..." Jeff grunted and pointed toward to door as a blush ran across Milla's face. "I'll be down soon." And with that, Milla left and shut the door behind her. He sighed and moved to the edge of the bed and standing after moving, hesitantly from her form. "I guess we are both needed downstairs. Come join me whilst I slave away at paper work?" He then opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of pants and boxers, sliding them both on in their respected order one after another. He then pulled a shirt on over his form, then a jacket. "I suppose that is up to you though. Don't  think of it as an order, gorgeous."

Beelzbub: Expecting a raucous response, Lunaria didn’t deny the affections nor confirm them, merely allowing a secret smile that likely could be taken in any way they desired to. She was a special woman to take entire focus away from the doubled personality that came with loving the two of them as one. As he sensed Milla entering, she turned absently, all the important parts covered by the blanket over them, her showing no decision to move in the first place. Upon the woman’s flustered nature, Lunaria permitted herself to smile ever more widely, much like a Cheshire cat who knew something she didn’t. Of course his proposition couldn’t be forgotten, and as soon as he sat from the bed and began dressing she sat up in the bed pulling her knees up to a lazy sitting position. “Lover or not, that’s a risky job. Distracting someone so you can get yourself in a position to be killed? After I already covered for you once, you think I can really afford to lose track of you again?” She was serious, her anger about his disappearance, and now understanding as to where he had gone hadn’t yet dissipated. “You have work to do… Wouldn’t it be prudent to keep your appearances up? Let me get the book for you, so you don’t arouse any more suspicious by the staff-… It might be best if I made myself scarce as it is.” She had stood from the bed, bare form reaching up to the ceiling as he dressed, combing her fingertips through her hair, subtly dampened from the rain, but not betraying the tousled disheveled look they had borne not moments before, still panting from release. Retreating through the conjoined bathroom to her room with a slow gait, she dressed herself within the room. Tugging on clothes with an obvious annoyance to the very option of needing to dress herself for company. Her armor tugged over her bruise riddled flesh. The black material warmed over her skin as she absently braided her hair, tossing it over her shoulder with a shrug. Regardless of the distance she returned after a moment to his flirtatious speech. “I’d say that this doesn’t change anything, but-… It really seems to have, hasn’t it?” Dressed entirely, her lips found his before pulling away. “Allow me to do the job I’m paid to do as your guard… Deal with the questions, and bombardments, be your sword and shield, and clean up the trash that the butler leaves littered everywhere.” Yanking her gloves on tightly, thin strands of iron tugged between her fingertips, likely easily recognized by Jaurl for what they were, into a tight cats cradle before returning to their homes within her fingertips. Her expression was unreadable, before she leant forward, her hand catching the doorframe on his way out. The doorknob in her opposite hand holding tight before passionately taking his lips once more as if they were the sweetest possible wine. Pulling back only for breath, she looked him in the eye, her lips a mistral from his own before she spoke, “Think about it.” And pulled away, out the door before he had a chance to coax her back.

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Anaya: She had already gone to the room of witch the farmer's were residing in. And as she saw them sitting on a sofa eating from a dish of fine breads she smiled as her hands moved out "Welcome so very sorry to keep you fine men waiting, i had some matters to atend to so very sorry once more, so was my dear Milla good to you" "oh lady Anaya" one said as he got up and bowed his head the others doing the same and removing their hats. "oh please sit sit, so tell me how matters are going on in  your town in the north?" she said softly as she sat down in a leather armchair and crossed her legs "matters of water my lady? Yes, water is good we have much as the winters ice is flooding the lower lands and making our water much full." Anaya was smiling as this was very good news to hear "then we will not have to worry much, how much do I have to pay you to partake in having some of your water, a thousand gold coins do it? To refill our water wells here. Fill one wooden drum for every coin I give you then I will send horses and carts out to bring them back here" the men were lost for words they did not even know if they held that much water and have enough left for themselves. But before they got a chance to speak back the woman got up "good good we will do that then, please i do wish you aq wonderful trip back to your lands i will have the best cart and horses brought out to see you back safely, but I do have matters to deal with. The papers for you to sign and look over will be in your carts. Read them over and give them to the cart driver to bring back signed. Thank you" she said abruptly and just walked away as if not caring to the next room leaving the men there to do nothing but sit and look stupid. Anaya walked into another sofa room as she fell down upon a sofa not caring if her dress was a mess or her hair was not looking well brushed she was relaxing. "you could have given then a choice my dear" Samuel said as he sat down on the sofa picking up her shoulders and neck and putting her head on his lap. "ya but they did not have a choice anyway did they" "good point my sweet" he said with a laugh as he kissed her softly. "so is your son coming to see you?" "to be truthful Samuel I have no idea, he has not spent much time with me, I guess he is just to busy with the guard. Always did move fast that one" she said with a giggle as she shut her red eyes for a moment and relaxed as for the first time all day she had nothing to worry about, farmers handled, vault locked up tight, nothing could get past dragon magic and if they tried there was a mark placed upon them so she would know if they did anyway, "I miss him you know, he just is not the same since he came back, well i guess we all have changed since the move to this castle, me a new body and hell I am not trying to kill him, maybe he is not used to it," she said softly as she opened her eyes once more looking up at the man she loved "I don't know, maybe, or maybe he is just getting used to the new building, many places he does not know here he has to settle in, so many come and go it is stressful for a boy. And well his new guard and him, I am sure he is enjoying his time." Samuel smiled as he kissed Anayas lips.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He listened to her words and sighed, contemplating the idea. She could do this if he wanted, and it would be easier, but could she be trusted to retrieve it and not read through the secrets before he could himself? She left his room and asked him to think about her offer, yet what was there to think about? She was right. Everyone was asking where he was within one hour of being gone, and he needed to keep up his appearance as a well put together prince and not someone looking for something. He sighed and moved down the hall after shutting his door, his boots clicking against the tile and echoing with each step. He knew that later they would discuss this matter but right now, he needed to go into the room where the paper work he needed to look over was. "Why was it always fucked up, Jeff?" Jaurl asked with a monotone. "Why did you never listen to a thing I have ever told you? You will regret fucking up. I will drive you insane. I would separate from you if I could but I know killing you would be out of the question. I hope you get caught trying to steal the book and get yourself killed so I can have Lunaria all to myself. You should have died in Firedor along with her fucking children." Jeff growled and gripped his head as his feet made their way down the steps and to the desk that rested by the balcony with the according paper work Milla had mentioned when he first arrived and minutes prior. A single sigh left his lips as he placed his mask back onto his face, moving by everyone around, family, guards, servants, and pets. He sat down and picked up the pen, and began adding certain funds together, and writing according equations on scrap paper before writing down the solution in the tax Book.[/size][/font]

Beelzbub: Matters of coin were really her only focus, her coin to be more precise. Who was to say there was anything beyond the expected when it came to her payment… and yet what? Here she was at the side of the prince, falling down a rabbit hole and faced with a possible death mission for some lunatic plan he had in finding out the truth. Why? Why was it so egregiously important-… And why was he unable to tell her in their private moments exactly why the book was so overwhelmingly important? And above all questions, why exactly did she care? It was a job, a job she would run into his skin later… Oh yes, If he wanted her to get the book she would do so with a bundle of ease, but he would find a way to repay her. Either by coin, or by flesh. Taking her sweet time to arrive in the tax room, she ensured her entered first and settled with his work before she arrived outside of the door, guards stationed beside the doors entrance, while a maid made sure to be on literal standby for anything he needed. ‘Unbelievable-…’ she hissed to herself, watching the gathered group with a cocked eyebrow… There was no way in helll he was going to get any work done with everyone filing around him ready to lick his boots… And furthermore, she wouldn’t be able to comfortably get the yes or no on her proposition from where she sat… There was only one thing to do about it. With a quiet sigh, an essence released from her lips, caressing through the air in an ethereal mist, before dusting over one of the guards before the door as he breathed in her toxic essence. After a moment, his expression went slightly dazed, and so did that of his partner… She needed to cause a distraction of something-… Something enough to have the two of them taken elsewhere for a small amount of time, and gather any surrounding focus on another medium. Being a succubus, the manipulation wasn’t very difficult the two of them slowly swiveled on the spot, moving to a room three doors down, before the door noisily clicked, and the angry shrieks of a violent brawl broke out. Crashing and smashing breaking into the air before she slipped around the corner and into view as several guards and maids ran towards the room in hopes to break the mindless fighting drones apart. As they ran, she feigned worry, following immediately until reaching the door, and kicking it shut, the knob breaking off in her hand, as she let out a half hearted “Oops.” Before dropping it to the ground, the sounds of desperation to exit were soon to follow as the latchless door shook back and forth, the floor temporarily vacated as she returned to the tax room closing the door behind her with a satisfied smirk. She faced him, surrounded by papers, and masked in the scent of ink, Lunaria took a step forward, and rested her hands palm flat downwards on the desk, the sounds of the muffled brawl a few doors down reaching her satisfied ears. “So how do I get this book?”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He shook his head as the maid walked up to him. "Hello sir Jeff." A small tingle in his temple erupted as the annoying voice hit his ears. "Hello miss. I would really like some quiet. I have a lot to work on." She shook her head with a startled expression. "No! I must stay here! This is my post!" Raising his brow, he sighed. "Fine, just, stay quiet." He pressed his index finger and thumb on either side of the bridge of his nose. "I just need to figure this out and the constant-...." She smiled. "My name is-..." Jeff growled "I don't care. Be quiet." The wheels of his chair turned and faced the desk, his eyes fixating on the parchment tax paper in front of him. A small head peered over his shoulder, distracting him to an angered mood. "Please fuck off!" She smiled politely. "My name is Penelope. I'm new here. Is that hard?" She rested a hand on his shoulder before they both heard a scuffle break out down the hall. "I'm sorry master Jeff. It was a pleasure finally meeting you. I have been waiting for it for a long time." She then turned on her heels and passed the female whom was walking into the tax room. "There is the map and combination in my room. That should be easy. Off topic, there are some really weird fucking characters working here." He noted as he stood, when she entered, asking him the question he was going to tell her about anyway. His mask moved off his face, giving a soft kiss to her, with a small caress of his fingers down her left cheek. Pulling away and replacing the mask after a few moments, he smiled, and sat back down. "You really are going to help me-...without a reason? You are a beautiful soul Lunaria. I am lucky to have you at my side." He then listened to the sound of breaking vases and vulgar shouts echo. "I am guessing that was your doing? I love it."

Beelzbub: The female, Penelope with her hand on Jeff’s shoulder caused Lunaria to bristle visibly, and one might have assumed it was because of her post as his guard, but she wasn’t picturing popping the woman’s head off like a dandelion for something so simple. As the girl left, her watched her leave with death in her gaze, staring back down at her charge as her expression relaxed and she let out a soft sigh. “I’ve been lucky enough to avoid the most of the rabble-… Beyond a few stares here and there, but I usually attribute that to the obvious.” Shoulders shrugging, she allowed his kiss, the door closed for the moment, to allow for such an intimate gesture. Upon his words she leant casually backward, back popping in a soft manner before she sat at the desk, absently adjusting the pile into a neater stack. “I don’t see a reason to not, whats in the book is none of my business, so I have no reason to delve into it-… but if it’s a job for a rogue you need, then it’s a rogue you’re going to get. I’m versatile like that.” Arms crossing she looked down at the works, “There are a lot of expenses in this hold, My pay is modest if anything, but I wonder if its going to remain as such now that we are… bedmates.” Whether she wanted to admit it or not, the fact they now shared a bed, with emotional ties left her decidedly transfixed on consequence-… Of course the Empress had already let her know that bedding, and wedding whoever he desired was up to him-… but that didn’t mean self entitled slag’s like that Penelope wouldn’t become problematic in the long run. In truth, she was worried about what would transpire because of her careless actions, and whether they would adversely affect him. Stupid though it was… She wouldn’t be the one to bring up such concerns, whether or not he was with her for a bed to join, or because he truly wanted something more from the interaction was left to be decided, he would need to say something about it. No, for now, she took pride in her actions in regards to the brawl… Surely the men would knock themselves senseless and lose her personal touch, but for now, there was a hint of mirth in her actions-… maybe even an inkling of underlying feistiness that she hid beneath the surface. “So you want me to find this book, and then bring it back to you? Don’t you think that’s a bit risky?” Not of course that she wasn’t used to risk-… If he thought she was going to go into the basement on a suicide watch without first considering the consequences he was mad. Completely off his rocker. “If you want me to go in, I-…might need some kind of a distraction.”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "I know it's in the labyrinth of a garden and I know that bring the book back to me is the best option. Samuel told me that my mother was licking the book up and doesn't wish to read it or write in it for a while. I can read fast. You bring it to me, I'll read it and I'll sneak back into the vault later and put it back. So long as I can lay my eyes on the truth, I'll pay you whatever I can. You need a distraction, I can do that. Just sneak away later on in the day when no one is expecting it and leave it to me to grab everyone's attention" "You mean me?" Jaurl butted into the conversation, allowing his form to creep from the shadows and appear before them both. "Lunaria, you are so beautiful, I apologize for his foolishness. I will cause the uproar whilst you dash away and Jeff is a good little prince, and stays down." Jeff let a small irritated groan leave his lips before looking to the paperwork before him. "Just leave it to us-..." Jeff whispered and began jotting down numbers related to the taxes. Soon the copper pipes would be there, and the water could be restored to the village. He just needed to see Anaya's finances were put in order, even though Anaya was filthy rich. Money was nothing without order. Before long, the fight stopped and the sounds of steps could be heard approaching the room, and Jaurl quickly dispersed, but not before caressing Luna with an ethereal grasp of her chin, and an airy kiss, leaving Jeff to growl, with the sound of a pencil breaking. He sighed before hearing Penelope open the door. "sir Jeff, I'm baa-aaack! Did you miss me? What are you working on? Is it hard? Who is that? Why does she look so angry? Does she work for you? She seems lonely. Is she lonely?" Jeff finally cut the rapid fire of words cease with a loud order "Shut up and get out!" She raised a brow. "But I have a key. I am supposed to be here." Jeff growled and pointed at the door. "That is an order, leave me and my companion alone." Penelope scoffed and nodded. "Yes sir, til we meet again." She the closed the door, before Jeff slammed his head down on the desk. "Fuck this empire."

Beelzbub: “Labyrinth? Outstanding…” Lunaria sighed, brushing her hand up into the fringe of her hairline. Upon his notion of payment, she allowed a small, shallow internal victory, before Jaurl erupted from the darkness, ethereal and entirely demonic. This was the other Jeff-… the other side of him that tainted his aura. She had no doubt he was a good cause for mayhem and destruction. Upon his airy retreat, she allowed a gentle sigh to leave her lips, eyes darting down to his snapped pencil, and the variety of lines scribbled on the page. Of course, she didn’t know any of them from Adam, his writing was small, and the words were vast-… and all things considered, she was without much focus on anything but the upcoming task, and what had just transpired before Penelope reentered, voice in a coo, as she literally gushed with excitement before the prince. What h would soon learn, was that she held an exquisite poker face, and thusly remained standing at the front of the desk as she entered. His explosive reaction didn’t warrant a response, but hers did, as without a word, she grabbed the girls arm, the key from her pocket lifting out with very little effort before slamming the door for effect and leaning all her weight on it. “Companion?” She spoke simply, the key tossed in the air before being caught again in her hand, expression curious.

[font=Arial, sans-serif][size=12]Anaya: Anaya looked to Samuel and could hear a rustle in the hall as some new face popped into the door “Anaya, Anaya there is a problem help help and your being...mean, and oh who are you with hi I am Penelope I am new and I like your dress it is nice... and silver …..and nice” Anaya's eyes turned to a unimpressed look as she got up from the sofa not really wanting to but she felt the need to “who the fuck are you” she said as she walked over to the girl taking a claw and flicking a strand of the girls hair. The girl gave a smile “i am Penelo....” and then the girl dropped to the floor “no you are annoying that is what you are” she said softly as Samuel got up and walked behind her wrapping his arms around Anayas hips “you know it turns me on when you kill someone so simply, break her neck in four places I do like your style my sweet” Anaya turned around as she kissed the man she loved “i am sorry I guess I just needed something to help with the stress. You can eat the body if you want, or drag it down to the spiders they can eat it I am sure.” Samuel nodded as he had plans for it, from the way the girl talked she had just come running from Jeffs room were he new from Milla before hand that he was doing the tax papers. Samuel smiled as he kissed Anaya once more and then turned to the body. “i will rid it for you my lady, do not fear it will be put to good use, I a sure you” “ok that is wonderful” And with that Anaya left to go to the main throne room to sit down leaving Samuel in the sofa room to deal with the body of the new maid girl. He walked over to a shelf and pulled out a good sized metal box, inside he stuffed it with cloth to prevent leaking and then took it over to the girls body. Holding his hand in the air he let his claws grow out long black razer edges, and with little effort at all he slashed the girls head off her shoulders hacking it away and making the wound very messy and sawed off. He then chopped off six fingers, not five, not seven but six, and then put it all in the box. With a chuckle he walked to a table and pulled out a sheet of parchment dipping a claw into the girls blood. “you have six days till Anaya holds her event I cant wait till you hear the news, the Vault is magic locked you will not be able to get in it, do not try, you will have to wait or risk death. Poor girl you should have bin nicer to her, you never know who you may lose Jeff simple maid you only talk to for moments, guards, friends, lovers, be careful” and with that he put the parchment into the box and warped everything up. “guard come here will you ” he called out as a guard from outside came into the room his eyes looking to Samuel bloody clawed hand “yes Sir?” the guard said as he walked up to him spotting the box Samuel was now holding out to him. “take this ti Jeff in the tax room it is just more papers no need to worry much about it, pop it on the desk and come back here for me right away alright. Do not stay” the guard nodded “Yes Sir I understand” and with that he picked up the box and started on his way to the tax room leaving Samuel to clean up the body mess humming that horrible tune to himself.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 1 Pbucket

JeffDeLaRose: "What was I supposed to say? My lover? My girlfri-....?" He sighed, looking at the maid enter. "I want to shout from the heavens that we bed together, and that each day I am accompanied by the most beautiful creature in all the lands. I am supposed to remain professional. I am not sure how I am supposed to do that when all I can think about is you, the book, you, and Jaurl, in that order." He stepped closer to her after raising from his chair once more, actually seeing her place Penelope's key in her pocket. "I lo-..." Before he could finish his speech, a knock to the door came, followed by the sound of a lock, then the turn of the door knob. "Sir Jeff, and...Miss Lunaria, you look lovely this day. You smell like rain!" He smirked with a seductive hint to his tone. "Rain is the smell of love." Jeff growled and slammed his fist down on the fest. "What brought you here?!" He then coughed and cleared his throat, shaking his head. "What brought you here?" He repeated with a snake exhale in annoyance at the end of his sentence. The guard extended his arms, holding a red tinted box, that dripped a life nectar onto the floor. He then allowed Jeff to take it, before turning, giving a wink at Lunaria, then whispering. "My name is Cliff, come around my guard chambers later, ey?" He, before either of them could rebuttle, left and closed the door behind him. Jeff, now with shaky and bloodied hands, set the box on a table and opened it, away from the desk. Penelope, shocked expression with her eyes rolled back, disconnected from the missing shoulders, sat. Her fingers, six exactly surrounded the decapitated head, and inside was the note which he read aloud. One line spoke to him in particular. "You should have been nicer." He growled, Samuel had done this. He shook, almost in a trance. Was this his fault? Had he gotten another person killed? His hands shook, staring into the eyes of the maid questioning how many times he would get people killed.

Beelzabub: There wouldn’t be much of a problem if he had said anything, smirking to herself and crossing her ankles without a word as he began to go on off on his own tangent. Now here was his stubborn mortality came out of nowhere, and he let himself go off. Now the question was why was he going off on her, or go out of his way to show those affections? Watching him as he approached as her lips curled up into a smile, tongue gently running along the edge of her upper lip as her hands went to grip his in an affectionate manner but the door unexpectedly opened, and her arms dropped to her sides with irritation. How many time were they going to be interrupted at this point? Jeff’s fist dropped on the desk with an angry thud, before he addressed the male. Who was to know what EXACTLY people were thinking when they looked at her-… perhaps she needed to be a tad more inconspicuous when it came to exactly what she was-… There was an expectation that she was going to enter the rooms, chambers, tents and god knows what else to entertain. This Cliff was on the right way to joining the head and other pieces within the box in Jeff’s hand. Bowing respectfully forwards as the man retreated with his body in tact as Jeff opened the box, which she already seemed to recognize before he had the chance to open the box. Reading the note, aloud, she found herself rolling her eyes with annoyance, tightening her grip on her arms without showing much restrain on the ferocity her expression grew. First Samuel had been nothing but an idle, repugnant passerby, and now, he was a threat, a direct threat to not only Jeff, but also to herself. She was on that list, in practice if not in word-… The look on Jeff’s face said it all, and without so much as a scoff, she took the box from his hands in a rough manner, walking behind his desk to the window and opening it before dumping the head and bits out into the rain the box soon to follow. Fingertips stained, she ran her hands down her front, her armor dark enough to hide the damage of blood before she came over to Jeff. Both her hands rested on his shoulders and she stared into his eyes, letting out a low sigh. “Jeff-… Samuel is a threat… But to those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option. If you want this to work-.. If you want you and I to be something, we need to be in this together… And our first obstacle and focus shouldn’t be the common rabble… It should be survival and nothing less, and this… abomination isn’t going to get in the way of my job of ensuring your safety. You’re my main priority, book and Iron be damned. I don’t want to think about you being hurt in any way I can prevent-…and that’s hard, because I want to think about you, a lot. You don’t act like the others in this kingdom, and I love that. You don’t hide, I love that. Maybe you could take or leave Samuel as is, because you have a good heart, I still love that. You’re human as anything, and I still love that. Seeing you like this-… weakened by the death of someone who was a pawn in an overall game, hurts. I’m fighting for you, to find truths in truths for you, to find this book, put my life on the line for you, and it keeps getting deeper and scarier, and it’s only been a few days and I can’t bear the thought of losing you, either by my own foolish weakened hands or your own stupidity… Because you are stupid-… And its not fair that you carry a burden that isn’t only yours to bear. I’m involved Jeff. I’m involved and there’s no ridding me, so we need to take this-… basket case right back into the dreary pit her crawled from… Drown him in gold… Whatever his scaly dragon ass needs, I’ll do it, for you-… so you don’t end up like that absolute twat, bleeding all over the place with your head disconnected from your shoulders.” She was literally vibrating from her speech herself, surely emotional enough, love overwhelming and fear apparent, as now she was dragged into a place where her duty and emotion were on high priority. It was too much for her, joking aside, she ran her hands into her hair, and tried to ignore the scent of blood and rain which only made it harder. Her lips parted in a frustrated sigh before she collected herself, needing to personally regroup before she became self destructive. “I-… Need to speak to the Reeve about gaining a plot In the premises-…” It wasn’t a justification, but merely a speedy excuse for a getaway before she grow ever more expressive. “I will return in a few minutes, to the main hall-… If not I’ll come and find you-… Pa cyva, so raynd.” Turning on her heel she exited the room, without a further word, refusing to make eye contact, and roughly turning in the direction of the rooms Anaya had described days before with the utmost haste, refusing to allow the painful lump in her throat betray her anymore.

Jeff DeLaRose: He closed his eyes as she confessed her feelings but then stopped as she used the word "love" and "stupid." He was intelligent, yes but a lot of him acted on impulse. He smiled to himself and nodded to her words. "I love you too." But he looked up and she was gone. Her words played on his ears. She thought he was amazing, yet stupid. She knew he could handle himself but ensured his safety so he wouldn't have to handle himself and that made him sigh with a low grunt. "I am an imbecile sometimes. But I am not weak. I am not stupid. But I am angry and am about to do something stupid. Gods forgive me. He then stood from the table and turned out the door two minutes after Luna, and into the main hall to where Samuel was cleaning up the blood, and with a single extension of his hand, he gripped the butler by the throat, unless he could see the speeding ball of anger lashing out toward him, and would be repeatedly smashed in the teeth and cheeks by the stone like fists of the angered prince. "Enough of this! You. Have. Fucked. With. Me. For. The. Last. Time." He spoke between each punch, shoving the deceiving bastard against the wall and slamming his fist Into the stomach, most likely causing him to spit up bile mixed blood. After countless flurries of punches, he tossed the butler on the ground at this point and wrapped his hands around his throat, staring into his eyes. His hands squeezed tightly, cutting his air off immediately. "Stay out of my way." He then let go after about 15 seconds. He then climbed off, and brushed himself off. Staring at the battered man on the floor. "Stay the fuck-...away from my mother too." He then popped his middle knuckle back into place, before slowly moving back upstairs, leaving the man, and moving through the tax room, back to his desk. He then slammed his hand down on the table, and screamed out loud, loud enough for everyone to hear. "What the fuck is going on?!"

Jeff DeLaRose: His whole being twitched with the revelation that he had caused another innocent person to get harmed. Did he have the power to stop this great evil from taking form oh his home? What if the evil beast had conflicted his mother's view on everything she had known? Did he even truly love her or was this just a ploy to completely take over and leave everything around him, reduced to ash? Dainty fingers ran along the box before the metal slid from his prints, and was promptly taken from him when the absolute look of horror befell his crystallized hues. "I-...did this?" Lunaria, obviously having seen way worse, and caring for Jeff in ways that others have never dreamed of, hated seeing the person she was so smitten with in this type of pain, and used this time to confess. Velvet rang through his pale ears, fumbling around inside his skull and just having an absolute fit with Jaurl. "Love-...?" Jeff whispered and raised a brow, watching the splinters in the floor boards start to raise from the oak, his telekinetic aura flailing with anger, compassion, and sadness all in one ball of exploding emotion. The remnants of Penelope's parts in the box was dumped out the window and it raised higher, then lowered as she began speaking about how much she adored, yet was confused by his brashness. What did she care for him for, anyway? He was a monster with a darker monster inside of him and his every action hadn't stopped people from getting hurt since he had gotten back home. "I just don't want anyone else to get hurt and I can't stop hurting EVERYONE I come into contact with." Upon looking back up, the door had closed and she had left him, standing there with all these constant emotions slashing his sanity to little pieces. Yes, this was true, she was destroying him with her love, and he was losing him mind due to the truth he was keeping from her. Every time she spoke sweet, his heart broke ever the more. "I don't know what to do, Father. I am stuck in such sad disrepair and I can't stop hurting people I come into contact with. I don't know who is my friend and who is my enemy. It seems like the only difference between good and evil is how you spell the words. I wish I was back home in Manhattan with you. I shouldn't have snuck out to get cigarettes. I wouldn't have been subjected to torture all my life. I wouldn't be the killer I am now." His temple pulsed and twitched, his purplish aura clearly felt to all others in the iron. Yes, Jeff was seething with absolute disgust, anger, sadness, and many other thoughts and feelings that were driving him to the point of absolute insanity. He took  this time to turn on his heel, bits and splinters peeled from the floor with each step as his fingers wrapped around the door knob, and ripped the door off of its hinges. "Samuel! Where are you, you mongrel!?" Each step down the hall grew louder, and each tile cracked within him getting 20 feet of any off them, causing small pieces of shrapnel to form. The jagged porcelain, sharp to each point, rose to float around his aura, in a circular tornado like motion. Upon walking down the steps, into the main hall, thousands of sharp, pointed tile pieces had  formed and Jeff's eyes had turned a sickening, glowing Crimson in his left eye and a solid milky white in his right. "I am gonna turn your dickless crotch into a cunt so my mother can fuck you like the make shift blow up doll that you are!"

Anaya: Samuel cracked his jaw and ate the body up snapping and cracking the corpse and grinding the female into a mussed up body ball, then popped that thing into his chompers like a child would pop a gum ball. As he licked his lips he looked at the mess on the floor and with a snap of his fingers the blood turned to nothing but dust. Wyverns new much magics as much as a normal dragon would, as well as they were unhindered by many things, fire, water and  most elements, and it was also well known as they held telekinetic ability's themselves so really in truth Jeff and Samuel were not much different.  He smiled as he could feel the anger building from the boy as Samuel just walked to a chair and sat down not having a care in the world, anger was something he new would happen. Poor boy so fast to get all worked up over a fun game, the man gave a laugh as he cleaned the grit from his lips and sent out a mental message to Jeff “you know we are not that different you and i, i am just more open about the monster i am, the door is open if you want to see me” and then the sofa room door just opened on its own as he crossed his legs and sat soft and calmly.

Jeff DeLaRose: Another voice oozing into his methodical mind, causing Jaurl to flail around as it leaked into his domain. The booming draconic voice was threatening, and judging by his energy, only a certain way of fighting would damage him at all, and this would call on Jaurl. "Give me your energy, Brother." Jaurl scoffed with a small laugh, shaking his head in disgust. "I will not get involved with this. I know I told you to kill him before but this reason, because he killed someone unimportant, is as foolish as the girl he killed." "It was still a life! Every single life matters and everyone thinks that just because you are weak, you are pathetic and deserve to die! Each life has a story and I will be damned if I let this stupid fuck toy hurt anyone else here." Jeff snapped, his aura raising higher, causing the plum aura to turn a crimson, then blue, then back to a solid magenta. The tiles shot into the open room where Samuel resided, and stuck into the wall all around him, outlining his form, missing him completely on purpose. Jeff strolled in, and Jaurl took this time to chime in, a small exhale playing on the tip of his tongue. "Fine. Only because I want to see you fuck this guy up. Just-...don't die. I want to be the one to kill you." Jaurl then let his energy flow into that of his sibling, mixing the rest of the chi that resided in Jaurl cease, causing the voice in Jeff's head to go silent. For once, there was not a single peep. Jaurl had allowed the rest of the power held inside him, his strength, his speed, his mana, to flow into his brother, doubling all of Jeff's ability. The vampiric prince was always the fastest child and always held his own when it came to the strength of a dragon, for Anaya saw to that with years of abuse, or as she called it, "teachings." Now that Jaurl had powered his brother up, temporarily, Jeff could easily match the dragon's strength. The blond strands slowly began to lose their color, yellow turning to Snow White tendrils, falling in front of his multi colored eyes. With Jaurl having to disperse from Jeff's body, the near drained shadow being watched from the corner of the room, allowing Jeff to become pure, and holy, much like his mother, and more powerful, albeit, temporarily, then he had been for a very long time. His left hand trailed up and gripped the handle of his shadow katana, resting his fingers around the hilt of the dragonbane infused blade, and pulled it swiftly. A single swipe left and the blade, easily able to pass through most surfaces without, or with catastrophic damage, depending on the intent of it's wielder, cut through the air, then pointed forward, in Samuel's direction, 10 feet away. The large 4'1 black, shimmering blade obviously held a dark aura, and even darker secrets whom only few knew how to unlock. The shadows seemed to wrap around Jeff's large tattoo on his right arm, as he tightened his grip around the hilt, ready to shift the blade to any form he needed, much like the shadows could shift one's perspective on shapes. "You are a beast. A tyrant that you wish my mother to be. She shall not return to the dull brained evil beast she was before. I don't know what you have put into her mind but I will stop you. I am giving you a single warning. Fuck off or I will destroy you or die taking you out with me. I am not afraid of you. You can not play with the lives of people like they are toys! That girl had grown to the point where she had just left home looking for a job! You honestly believe that her life was meant to be no more than a message or a piece of chewing gum! I am nothing like you! I am never going to be like you! You have one chance to stand down and leave my mother alone. If you so much as harm anyone I love, I will beat you with your own sacks of gold."

Anaya: He Sat in his chair as tiles stuck into the wall around him and with a claw he clipper them and snapped them down and gave a chuckle “so cute when you let it all out, like a little cheerleader trying to impress the school jock ” he stood up as he wiggled his fingers in the air rock hard scales starting to cover his body as his blue eyes changed yellow and that creepy face started to show, the bald guy was gone now and it was a large built man with hair and beard large dark blue markings down his shoulders. “if it was up to me you would have never come back here. You have made her more of a mess then she was before, her worry's are more on her mind then anything, your snooping around you started doing that before i even even made up my mind to help you. Ask yourself Jeff, do you really want to find that book or do you already know the truth. You are as much of a monster as i am, just it is my nature to be evil. You made up your own mind to come into this room and show me how strong you are, but does it even matter? If you kill me your mother will turn into a monster regardless, i kill you she will weep in my shoulder as i hold her softly. Even if you lay a mark on me what do you think she will do when she finds out i got hurt. I will never tell her you did it, inform her we had a spy came from a land far away, get her to send a top class guard to kill the place or well at least leave for a couple weeks. Would you like that?” he let that grin come over his maw as he took a step closer to Jeff not worrying as he new Jeff was not stupid, or at least he new Jeff would not be this stupid. “think about it, it is better to work with me to get your truths then to work ageist me Jeff. You want to know about the book just ask, my fee will be brought up later” scales covered the males body so if Jeff did make a swing yes it would cut but it would not cut deep at all, scales were doubling up layers under his garments as he stood there right in front of the boy a clear show on how he did not give a fuck.

Jeff  DeLaRose: A single brow raised as he spat at his feet, Samuel towering over him. "I know this. You think that hinders my decision to kill you? I know you and her are trying to conceive a child, and I would like to let you know that she has killed every child she has ever had. I am the only survivor, and why is that? Because I held my own against bigger than you, because she has mated with bigger douches than you. I remember a guy named Crome-..." He shook his head digressing. "I know that you seek to claim her for your own. You want her to become angry again. You want her to become a tyrant, ey? I could grant you your wish, but the only problem is you wouldn't be around to watch the destruction you so desperately wanted. No-...I know she would snap if either of us died. And the book, each day grows more and more trivial to me. It is a tedious hunt bringing me information I am starting to figure out in my own. The only reason I need you alive is to get that book, and the only reason I need the book is to find out the truth without jumping to conclusions. I may seem foolish but I care for my mother and I left the position of high prince a long time ago just because of her lapse in mentality. I am back now, and by the gods, I will not faulter. I will not let this empire fall like my mother did the previous two before this one. I am only here to see my mother through to her happy final days and claim the throne to lead the DeLaRose name to strength. Like it once was and not a broken mess run by two mad dragons like it is now." His eyes locked right into that of Samuel, growling as he didn't lower his sword at all, most likely stopping Samuel at the tip of his blade if he had walk right up to him when trying to be threatening. If he hadn't stopped, he would be stabbed, by his own foolishness of course and not at all by Jeff, for the sword was simply stuck out when he entered the room to keep the beast at bay. Either way, Samuel most likely stopping at the end of the point, Jeff still locked eyes with him. "If it were my decision, I would kill you. I am only going to to leave this room because I care for her happiness and I have other matters to attend to. The vault is locked, according to the note. Can't you get me the book? If you are so willing to help me, get me what I desire and I will back off." He growled, shifting his back foot to the side, keeping his energy focused on Samuel, and then Samuel's poisonous tail, as all Wyverns had them, and Jeff had learned from his previous encounters. Yes, Samuel had a silver tongue but the only reason he was living was because of the happiness he brought his mother, and because the prince willed it.

Anaya: : He took a claw and pushed the blade to the side so it was not pokeing him. “you talk from the past, from her old body, do you even know your own mother now? Have you even taken the time to get to know her? The only way i could make her a monster again is to have you killed or myself die, don't you think that is a clear enough show that she is not the same old dragon you once new, hell you have eyes now have you not even taken the time to see the new beauty she has become or are you still locked on the past thinking she would kill everything she loved once more. She was crazy, over run by madness that affects every being in our bloodlines. But you have never taken the time to even talk to your own mother on it, you hunt for a book when all you ever had to do was ask. I am not getting you that book, not until you at least get to know your own mother for who she is, as i see right now, you know very little about her anymore” he looked upon Jeff as his golden eyes showed truth in his words “the child i will have with your mother will not take your crown, but it will fill the hole in her heart. When you left and she died, you left and she was killed why do you think she has a new body, why do you think her scales and her hair is no longer black, she died when you left her alone here. ” he would pause as he turned his back and walked back to his chair to sit down. “she holds a heart you ignore i don't think you and her have had a good conversation since you got here. You pay more attention to the guard you are fucking that your mother gave you and pays to keep, that guard is member of the place you killed you not think we did our homework and asked around. You are lucky the girl is still even here.” the scales on his body started to go away as he was away from Jeff and siting in his chair once more crossing his legs and relaxing “it will be beautiful the child we have, you will have a brother, well a half brother anyway. ”

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff shook his head at Samuel's attempt to make him feel horrid for his actions. "She sent me there, and acted on her own will. Do you want to know what she would have done to me if I refused? I carried out my orders and am coming to terms with who I am. You can sit there and point the finger all you want. I know everyone was at fault in that situation. I am not going to allow you to get into my head. I can see you care for her however and I respect that enough to listen to your request. You want me to get to know my own mother, again. Fine but expect it to be a difficult experience. And if you so much as mention Lunaria again, I'll cut your underbelly open and fill it with Jewels." He then turned on his heel and headed out the door, slamming it behind him before running into Milla, whom was eying him from across the room with a glare. "How are those taxes coming along sir Jeff?" Jeff turned and glared right back. "Milla, get me blood wine and bring it to the Tax room. Please. And a pack of your finest rolled cigarettes. And if you can't find them, you damn well better make them." The prince shook with anger as the shadow demon crept into the darkness along the main hall, then in the shadows of the upstairs as he headed through the corridor and to the tax room. A single growl left his lips. "I am going to kill that man."

Beelzabub: There was an obvious distaste in the back of her throat without a singular thought elsewhere. She remained for one reason and was already made clear she couldn’t do the job desired of her. After all how unprofessional it was of her to make a character that she wasn’t. Born and raised as she was, perhaps it was wise to distance herself from the group that had arisen-… She had promised Jeff to take on a battle that wasn’t hers, and for what? Foolish emotion that had gotten her dragged down in the first place? Cinna would have laughed immeasurably. Pausing as she turned a corner, she placed her hand on her chest, sighing noisily as her heartbeat settled within her chest. “If only he even had a clue what situation I have found myself. What a laugh that would be.” Rising quickly from the wall, she found herself wondering if the gold was worth it. Was her mind in a better position elsewhere? Was her pride worth the drama that came with interacting with the men and women within this godforsaken castle. Lunaria took a moment to stare at the office the empress had mentioned earlier. Head shaking, she turned on her heel away from the door. No, there was no way that she was purposely going to put herself on the line that any regular mortal would follow. She had her missions, had her work to complete, had her duties, and despite her racial expectations, who was to know what exactly her motivations were for being here, for remaining here. Having no completed her duties she returned up the stairs and wandered past the chambers, along the way back towards the main chamber where Jeff and Samuel had been, and now were elsewhere, the sound of angry voices entering her minds focus and leaving her decidedly disgusted. Back straightening, from the frustrated expression she carried, switching to absolute rigidity not revealing any emotion as she Stood waiting for her charge to exit the room. It was true, but there was no way she was going to let herself become anything but a proper adversary. She appeared, weak and womanish. Disposable, and as Jeff left the room in a flurry, she ensured to stand stubbornly still, vowing to keep those around her in a constant state of recognition of just what and who she was. A force to be reckoned with.

Anaya:  Milla let out a sigh as she nodded to Jeff and then walked into the room he had come out of when Jeff was out of sight.  She saw Samuel as his body was changing back to that of the butler as she paused “Sam what did you do to the boy?” he moved and picked up a cup of simple water as he siped the glass “i told him to go talk to his mother” “you know it is not going to go well, hell they have not talked since he got here” Milla went over to Sams side and got down to her knees and placed her head on his lap. “they need to talk all the same and i have come to know my games will not work with the boy, it will have to be more words then heads in box's””YOU SENT HIM A HEAD IN A BOX!” she said out loud as she looked up at him “no i did not send him someone i killed, Anaya killed the girl to get rid of anger and stress but he thinks i killed the girl when really all i did was send it, i never killed the girl” Milla put her head back on the mans lap and looked up at him. “Anaya was looking for you Sir it is getting to evening supper, she wants you to do the nights hunt this night” He gave a nod and moved down to kiss the girls cheek softly “soon you will be owned by myself as well as miss Anaya dear Milla, you are a good girl. I will do the hunt tonight seeing you have asked so nicely” Milla smiled and nuzzled into him and then got up as he followed and got up as well starting to walk to the back doors “i will let her know Samuel” and as her words left her lips Samuel was gone and Milla was walking out the other door to go find Anaya. Anaya was siting in the throne as she was taping on the throne as she let out a sigh. Milla walked up behind her “jeff is doing the tax papers like you wanted” Anaya looked at her with a lifted brow “i wanted him to do tax papers? I never asked you that ” Milla nodded and said softly “i just thought it would be best for him to get back into the swing of things, i am sorry” then she put her head on Anayas lap being a large suck and using Anayas soft side to her advantage. “ok then as long as he did not look or was upset with it” she ran her claws into Millas hair.

Jeff DeLaRose:  Frustration ran through him as he sat back down at the desk, completely powered up and not knowing how to lower this much energy. "Having fun Jeff? You like feeling this powerful?! Because I need a damn body to sink back into or else, I am going to revert back to my old body, and you'll gain all my powers, and all my energy will be cut in half!" Jeff smiled politely and shook his head. "You will be a full blood demon again Jaurl! You'll have your own life again! We have finally separated and aren't killing each other! I'll give you energy! Just let me enjoy this!" Jaurl shook his ethereal head and screamed at the sibling. "We don't have much time, you stupid fuck! Why won't you let me return to you?" Jeff smiled and stood, staring in the direction of the ghostly Jaurl. "So you can weaken me? I'm not stupid Jaurl. I know you want to kill me. I know you want Luna for yourself. And I know that you know I am stronger than you. I am giving you what you want. Free will. I am going to stay like this. And you will be reverted back to your old body. Everyone wins. If you want me dead, you can do it yourself." Jaurl nodded and growled. "I won't forget this." Jeff then adverted his eyes to the taxes and began writing down solutions and crunching numbers until he hit a certain problem 10 minutes later. "6000 gold pieces spent on an elephant for, quote, 'I was very sad one day and needed comfort food.'...What the fuck mother?!" Jeff scoffed and grabbed the receipt, heading down the hall, skipping down the steps and whistling. "Hello?!" His mother most likely was in the throne room, so that was where he headed.

Anaya: Anaya gave a grin as she looked up “well speak of the devil my boy” she got up and opened her arms to jeff but then shut them not really knowing how he would react to a hug so abruptly, it was clear in her red hues that she did not really know what to do, embrace her son for she loved and cared for him or just sit there, she thought to herself maybe he would be more used to her being cold but at the same time she no longer wanted to be cold. “what brings you out here, sorry for Milla wanting you to do the taxs, i did not ask her to get you but she thought you would be good at it, she is a foolish little thing” Anaya messed up the girls hair as Milla was on her knees with her head on Anayas lap like a good slave girl would be.

Jeff DeLaRose:  A single bead of sweat pooled down his forehead before walking into the room and being prompted with a hug. His mother, obviously catching her actions due to the past she had made him suffer, lowered his arms, yet Jeff still reached out and pulled his mother in for a hug, for the first, actual time in 120 years. Both arms wrapped tightly around her with a small sigh, and he lingered in her embrace. She had always been cruel, up until he defeated the creature known as Plague and saved the empire all those years ago, earning the title of high prince, and finally, his mother's respect. "It is fine. It is what I did before. I came to ask a few questions about the papers." He then slid from his mother's arms and dropped his view away from the two of them. He awaited until Milla noticed the conversation was to be left in the privacy and she nodded and walked out the door, closing it behind her. "I have been snooping. I am not going to lie. I just-...I know more about this Iron more than the guards who have been here way longer than myself and I need to know the truth." He took a step back, and looked up toward her eyes, locking onto them. "Why did you beat me all those years while others were spoiled. You beat me within an inch of my life each day and molded me into a killer. I am here to find out the truth, and I will decide what is best from there for this kingdom, whether I should leave or stay. I want the truth." He growled, and stared at her feet. "Firedor was innocent. And you sent me there to-....why? What did you have to gain by having me kill innocent people?" He stared into his mother's face before Milla returned with a chalice of blood wine and a pack of hand rolled tobacco stocks, unfiltered. He nodded and Milla retreated out the door. "I have been in your hold, I have fought and killed enemies for you, I had spiders crawl all over me, I had to swim through shit, just to find the combination to your stupid vault so I could find your stupid book, so I could read the stupid truth, but after doing everything, I think I have found it out already. Don't lie to me. Tell me everything. I will back off of your secrets, I just need to know why you turned me into the one thing I hated the most. Another Murderer..."

Anaya: Anaya looked to him as he pulled her into a hug, she let out a relaxing sigh as she wraped her arms around him and put her head on his shoulder for a second, even if sahe was taller then he was she was slumped down to make it almost even. As she looked at him and he started to ask things a amout of sadness came over her eyes. “ya i new you were poking around and it is about time i guess you figured everything out. ” she sat down on her throne. “when i ruled the old kingdoms i was not the woman i am now, dragons as age takes them gain a virus we call the Madness, it is not something dragons know how to cure it just happens as the mind breaks over time and when you live for as long as we do there is only so much a mind can take, when you see more pain it happens faster, when you see less pain it all happens very slow. I was raised with a father that placed me in the war troops right away in the goldens army, so it was not a good start for the seeing pain thing. I have killed many and i became one of there finest black dragons. But as time came on i did things i do not like to remember, i hurt people and was hurt and got kicked out of the place i called home and was cursed to walk this earth for ever. Jeff i never saw my mother the woman that gave life to my hide as the male that had her as a mate, my father, ended her life when she layed her clutch. After that i lived my life out here, but when i was here. the madness started to creep into my life. I could hear there voices telling me what to do and years hundreds of years i ignored them, but in time i could not ignore them anymore and i started to believe them.  Then you came into my life as well as the other children you called siblings, i still see there faces when i shut my eyes at night, i still wish they had more life then what i gave them i wish i could have bin a mother to you and them and i am sorry. Sadly they are not here for i killed them, so even if i can only say i am sorry to them in my dreams i hope it matters. But i am sorry to you for the pain i caused you, for what i turned you into. Then i believed it would make you strong, that that is what my kind wanted for you, to make you strong like a dragon and to make you strong like our race. But you are not a dragon, you are you, but when i could not see and the world was a blur and there voices told me what was truth i thought you were more dragon then you were a human. And Firedor it was one of my many failures, i sent you there to kill the Innocent for no reason other then the voices told me to, i believed they were wanting to kill my people kill my family so i sent my own son to kill them and burn it to the ground. I did it for at the time i thought it would be good for the empire but now i see it was for nothing and i was just crazy. After you left Crome came back and tried to kill me, he did not get that glory as i killed him on reaction, i could no longer live with the shame i had placed upon my family, my self, and no longer could i deal with the guilt i held and the voices in my head. I killed my self there on the empire floor. But it was not the end as i was reincarnated into the body i am in now. And now i am madness free, but i fear for how long i will be free from its curse. It will come back and it will make me kill and hurt the ones i love once this body grows old, it will not be in thousands of years seeing my body is still young, but it will happen, and i pray you will be long gone at that point and hold a castle and a kingdom of your own with a family.” she looked at him as she finished her story and fixed her dress “if you wish to leave after knowing the truth you may, if you wish to punch me feel free i will not stop you i will not even fight you as i know i have earned it. I try not to fight now and try only to do so when i truly need to or i have Samuel do the combat for me, he is better then i am anyway when it comes to speed.  But if you pick to stay here you know you hold a room and a place on this throne set it may be beside a cruel and unworthy woman like myself but at least it is a place, i was not born royal jeff, i was and always will be some lowly guard they placed in a throne to fill the real place till that person got back. But the choice is up to you to make but now you know the truth if there is anything else you wish to ask please do, don't snoop around when all you ever had to do was ask  ”

Jeff DeLaRose: Not even a single reason. Not even a single damn reason. She sent him there on a single whim? Because a voice in her head told her to kill them? He twitched as she spoke her pain, and his hand slowly trailed up to his shadow katana, the pulsating energy ran up the dragonbane infused blade, down his finger tips, and through the rest of his muscular form. "You-..." He tightened his gold and drew the large blade that had previously been pointed at her lover. "I-...killed so many people." He shook in place, his seemingly holy power matching that of his mother's ultimate form, raising even higher with the gripping of his blade. "I-...fucking many people." The shimmering blade moved to rest the sharp edge of the tip at her throat, pressing lightly, just enough to not break the skin. "I-...fucking killed SO MANY PEOPLE!" His purple aura raised, literally drowning Jaurl's energy out. "I did it for no reason other than to please your madness?!" His fingers gripped so tightly around the hilt, he felt as if the unbreakable blade would snap within his grasp. His respect for the queen had ceased and now she had unlocked his full power like she had intended, but not in the way she intended to do so. He was indeed as strong as a dragon, due to the fact that he could take on 4 drakes at once and his ability to fight and kill Anaya's Armored Dragon all those years ago. She had raised him to be a warrior and now he was about to prove himself to her. "You killed yourself the moment You sent me to kill children." He then raised his sword back and stared his mother in the face with his discolored eyes, ready to strike her down. He pulled his sword back, much like a batter ready to take a swing and slammed his blade forward, in a horizontal motion, ready to find a home into her neck, or pass through it entirely, disconnecting the head from the shoulders. A millisecond later and she would have been just that, but the single energy creeping from the corner, lashed out and pushed the blade from Jeff's hand. Jaurl had saved her life, and for what? "This isn't the way Lyvix!" His body formed, ebony skin, long sharp nails, short black spiked hair, and a large, overly muscular form. He was completely naked, staring at his brother in his old body. The sharp teeth of Jaurl curled into a jagged smile, his forked tongue reaching out to lick his parted top lip. "I will not allow you to kill someone we both owe our lives too." He growled, just as his brother growled back, causing Jeff to scream at the now visible, Naked sibling. "She turned me into a fucking killer! She deserves to die!" "But she also admits her mistake. You killed those people and you blame her. She caused it and she blames her madness. We all create our own villains but the only one who accepts their role as the truly evil one is Samuel! You need to accept and move on!" Jeff used his telekinesis to lasso his energy around the handle of the blade, and pulled it back into his hand. "I guess you have two children now." Jeff stared at Jaurl. "I will stay. But only because this empire is more broken than you and I will ever be and the true king must stay around to claim his crown."

Beelzabub: There are two moments in life when one disconnects from themselves; upon the death of themselves physically, and upon the death of themselves emotionally. She had stood through the entire blissful encounter, quiet, stern expression, voice silenced as she looked upon the queen with a private, yet silent envy. What she had, it felt like she never truly appreciated. Jeff was a broken man, from the years of abuse and whatever guilt lay on his shoulders. However when he started questioning, seemingly absorbed in his discussion with the overwhelming queen, Lunaria felt a decided disconnected. But it wasn’t until she began to piece together what knowledge she had just discovered that things truly fell into  place in her mind… Enough so, that she drifted into a sea on silent nothingness… Jeff had been the one to lead the attack on Firedor. Her emotions laid ray before him had made her look weak, and it was as if the entire world shifted beneath her. “You did this to me?” She spoke into the silence, as Jaurl stayed Jeff’s blade. What was to be said now? Her shoulders seemed to shake for a minute, both her hands clenching and unclenching in her fists, as she looked upon him, and the traitorous queen. “You are the reason my son died? That you have your son in your arms, and mine is cradled in the earth?” It took her a moment, Jaurl bare and yet causing her an unflinching gaze. The entire room was filled with what felt like a deadly cloud of pregnant silence. Her expression seemed to collapse as she looked over Jeff, each emotion fluttering in her heart breaking as she felt her claws break through the skin in her hands, biting into her flesh and dripping a small amount of blood on the stone of the throne room she had followed him to. “Tell me this isn’t true.” She whispered, voice soft, softer than a kiss, as her lower lip quivered, holding fast as a well of tears settled in her eyes. She inhaled hard, the tears spilling down her cheeks and caught by her arm as she shook from head to toe. “Tell me that you didn’t do this-… That you’re lying… That she’s lying-…” each moment between them, a broken, yet pregnant pause as she knew it was undoubtedly true, and this time, scars burning from memory she felt the anger well up inside of her, unable to tell her fury that Jeff was entirely capable of expressing by sheer power alone. Had he even known she was millions of miles away at that moment, he would have seen exactly what was going through her mind. From the memories flipping through her mid like a pendulum it was entirely obvious as both her bleeding hand rose to her mouth, hiding the majority of her face as she stepped back. “Tell me this isn't true.” Xander had been a sweet lovely boy, kind, and puppy like. Eager to work, eager and sociable, from the moment he was born. Lunaria felt her walls dropping around her, entire body completely devastated as she recalled the last memory of her family as one. The morning of the attack on Firedor lead by the one who carried her heart. Sitting at the kitchen table, Xander had been teaching Delilah wood carving, careful with the knife, his sister on his lap, and work discarded and she had prepared a morning meal. It had been a morning to remember, the sun had been bright, the smoke from the fire warming the hut with the scent of cedar, and pine as bread baked within the oven. Fresh, clean, and warm, Lunaria had watched her shared heart as they together fashioned a carving of a fox out of a scrap of wood.  Delilah had been delighted, and had been as sweet as any four year old could be. Her son, blue eyed and platinum haired had left the house to gather more wood when the attack had happened-… And the world had died with her as he reentered the hut, his flesh cut open, and arrows sticking from his left shoulder. No the attack had been two quick, her entire world crashing down around her as Delilah was pushed, screaming into the cellar, Lunaria had struggled to heal her son as the hut was thrown alight, the boy dripping in and out of consciousness as she focused what she could on holding her boy beneath the falling debris of the burning home. An ember coated plank from the roof collapsed on her shoulder, just above her son, as she caught him to stand, and lead him with what strength she had to the door of their home. Escaping herself, she had arrived only moments before watching a small gathering of unknown men kicking and stabbing at her boy, as he cowered, bleeding and calling for her in a plaintive wail before a knife entered his throat and silenced both his life and her own into a cloud of darkness. She returned to the presence, backing away from the both of them, her hands risen not in surrender, but as a barrier from herself to them. A saving action to ensure they didn’t stumble forwards and alight her carefully attached fury. As she exited the main hall and the throne room, it took all her energy to force her mind elsewhere as she had for so many years before-… That Jaurl had so eagerly pushed his brothers vengeance away seemed comical, heartbreaking even. How could he justify the slaughter, if he knew her. He would know her-… He had done this… Seeing red, blinded by tears, her hands dropped to the ground, iron spearing out from her palms and attempting to secure her to the ground as she all but power walked out of the hold, the iron beneath her tearing up the wreckage that Jeff had left behind into a mangled mass of stone, and tile, soaked in the blood of her bitten fingertips as she struggled with every step out of the hold and into the open air, as the simple question echoed in her mind, not of why, as she had the answer, but of what her sons life had bought, now that he was gone, and she was here, sleeping with the one she had originally sought out to destroy.

Anaya: “i will not be dead for thousands of years in this body so I hope you aim to spend many life times in my shit hole my son” there was a part of her that was in a lot of pain as she had just admitted to being a fuck up in every sense in the past. But there was another side of her that new it was the past and that now she could make up for her falters. “everyone has there demons, as you have your own, I have bin beaten and brought almost to death by my commanders for saying no to an order, everyone holds a choice. I made mine, you made your own, it is the past it can be mended in the present and future, as I plan to do” she would get up bright red eyes a blaze as there was a part of her not in pain but in anger as her own son only had thought of himself and had drawn his blade upon his own mother. But she was not going to fight the boy as she was no longer that dragon he once new, it was proven now he really did not know her anymore, and in the end she did not believe he would. “Samuel is to be king here and father to the child I will bear him for the time of witch I and him are still alive, you may think he is evil and in many ways he is but he does good for this empire and he was here when you were not” her voice was cruel as inside she held a broken heart, now she new what feelings really were and she remembered why she did not like them. “dinner will be ready shortly I will go make sure the maids are working well, stay in the throne room oh prince be sure to handle anyone that comes in needing help, it is not like we have much towns people anymore but there are still many sick and healing in the med hall they do come out from time to time as well as guests at our doors.” she did not show it but there was a tear in her red eyes, there was a pain in her black heart, her own son new her so little and blamed her for something she blamed herself enough for. She simply started to make her way to the dinning hall as Samuel was there at the door way opening it for her to walk into “have a dress picked out for the ball my dear?” she looked at him as he could see the pain in her eyes “not now Samuel” she snapped. The male just looked at Jeff and shook his head back and forth and followed Anaya into the dinning hall.

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Jeff DeLaRose: A single voice rang threw, and he turned to face it, all while being scolded by his mother. He saw the pained expression in her eyes and closed his own. "I-...Lunaria." She turned to leave, as did his mother after she finished her speech. He had no idea what to say now. The truth had come to him, as did the power he sought after for decades. "" Jaurl then turned and slammed his large first into Jeff's chin, knocking his brother back. "Stay...away from her. You go make peace with Lunaria, I will talk to Anaya. You have fucked everything up. You were so dead set on finding the truth and making yourself out to be the victim, you forgot about the real victim." He motioned toward the direction that Luna had exited from and Jeff rubbed his Chin, almost in shock. "Why-...did you hit me?" Jaurl smiled and whispered at the most inappropriate times. "I have been locked in your head for 120 years. I owe you a good raddle to the brain." Jeff growled to himself and walked out the doors after Lunaria, spotting her back to him. "Lunaria! Please! Let me explain! I don't know how your family died! I didn't lead any garrison to Firedor! I went alone! I know the destruction of your family is on my head but I need you to know that I-...I didn't know this would-...she never told me-....I never thought-.....I'm so sorry." Jaurl, bare ass and all strolled out behind Anaya and Samuel. "Yo. I just stopped his blade for you? You're welcome..." He crossed his arms and moved over to Samuel. "I need clothes big guy!" Jaurl stood just an inch taller than Samuel, built like a tank, bellowing with no remorse for his brother's actions. " that we got all this drama outta the way, can we please get to the real issue at hand? When the hell are you two gonna fuuuuuuuuuuck?! Y'all need A baby, as well as Jesus. Y'all need baby Jesus."

Anaya: Her eyes spanned back as she looked over her shoulder before she had left the throne room fully, she had spotted Luna and could hear the words from her lips, in the end Anaya new it was her faultier and new even more so her own son would just tell the girl mommy made me do it, it was like Jeff to do that, back in the day the boy had a choice, be beaten or go kill hundreds of people, he made his choice just like others did every day.  Her eyes new that pain that Luna had, watching your own children die or be ripped from you, she watched it when she was corrupt it was as if she was a front seat in the bodywagon and she was not the driver, only could watch as she killed and locked away her own children.  It was worse when you new you did it, and new you held no control of it. She let out a sigh knowing she could do nothing for Luna as she new back then no one could do anything for her.  She had shut the door behind her and Samuel came in along side her trying to be there when she needed him the most but the bumbering fool came in barking anyway, Anaya's eyes red and bright as she turned around and faced Jeffs other half Jaurl “what I do with my mate is not of your matter, leave me be you hold no thanks of mine, if he wanted to stab me you should have let him” she walked into the room many red fabric covered sofas  beautifully placed in the center with a small table and some chilled glasses of water upon its top.  She picked up a goblet and sat down as Samuel sat a bit away on the other sofa just watching and not saying a word, he new it would fall upon deff ears anyway. “it does not matter anyway if I end up dead, Jeff will not get the castle or his crown if I am killed, it goes to my mate after I die anyway unless changes are made in the paper works, and my claws do that no one else's. The little shit would get nothing if he killed me other then a jail cell befitting   a dragon ” she let out a sigh as she took another drink trying to calm herself down siting nicely on the sofa. Samuel taking one of the other goblets and drinking it simply watching.

Jeff DeLaRose: "He wouldn't kill you anyway, Anaya. I know it looked like he was going to but-...he blames himself for your madness. He knew the choices he made conflicted with the wants of yours. He knew that heading to Firedor meant certain death for someone, but you can not deny the fact that you love that boy. Right now, I hate him just as much as Lunaria does but him coming back, it was for your own sake at first. He became obsessed with finding his old-....our old home. He pulled that blade on you, yes. He went to strike, yes. But he would not have followed through. Jeff is cold blooded as you have taught him to be but he isn't a dragon. You must have expected this type of anger sometime since his return." Jaurl followed them, looking at the large man, "Not to be a burden but I am very uncomfortable talking to my-....ahem-...mother in the nude. Perhaps ye has a towel?" Jaurl crossed his arms and turned back toward Anaya. "Jeff is stupid sometimes, yes. And you have both been through a lot but just remember...he is going mad as well. If you love him like you say you do. It is time to shower him with motherly love. I'm not saying act like he is a child, but you need to show him that you are there to talk. Since he has gotten here, all he has cared about is this stupid book and that sweet ball of euphoria, Luna. Already he is reverting back to his old ways and killing again. I've seen Jeff use restrain for 45 years. Finn does so much as pull a knife and Jeff snapped. Just because he is not a dragon doesn't mean he isn't going mad due to the stress he and you are both undergoing now. He knows his choice and the only person he has to blame is you, and you, him. You both know your mistakes but refuse to own up to them for fear of seeming like the villain. So here is my advice. Appeal to your son. Show him that he is forgiven for his crimes and he will soon believe that...Samuel." He motioned toward the butler. "Jeff has a lot of pain in his past and judging by The dark aura floating around you, you do as well. He won't listen to Anaya without someone forgiving him. Luna is out of the question." The large bring sighed and extended his hands, checking his sharp claws for dirt or grime. "That way at least we can work together to restore  order. Be angry at him if you wish but I believe him to be justified in his emotions. But he was out of line trying to attack you. So just realize 'mother' that I am trying to help you and your son and lover all not want to murder each other. He may be an idiot but he is still my brother and a damn good leader." Jaurl let a large sigh leave his lips. He is out there, right now trying to explain his faults and he is going to fall flat. If you want him to stick around, you all need to treat each other with respect. I expect him to return soon. After that. Samuel better talk with him." Jaurl did care? About everyone. Anaya, Samuel, Luna. Jeff...but was always torturing him. He knew that it was the only way to get Jeff to focus. The only reason Jeff was who he was, was because of Jaurl and his tormenting. Jeff owed Jaurl everything-...including the peace trying to be made. This action would seem unexpected from Jaurl by anyone who knew him.

Beelzabub: The pipes in Lunaria’s wake had taken a moment to respond before all hell broke loose in the hallway from the throne room. With the tiles ripped up, iron holding the material together punctured and twisted into ungodly snares from the ground up, Lunaria had continued senselessly forward without rhyme nor reasonable focus on anything, her energy had quite literally exploded from the ground upwards, and had torn any iron in the vicinity away from any reasonable fastenings and into gnarled shapes befitting her fury. As soon as she began the tearing motions, she had managed to release water in sharp spurts upwards, releasing with a groan before popping up and liberating the bearings of the piping. Three maids, and a guard were the victims of this release of pressure as iron bolts the size of baseballs released into the air with angry shooting sounds, popping off like rockets and breaking through the head of one by standing maid, and two others losing hunks of flesh at the chest, and thigh, breaking arteries and filling the hissing air with screams as the pouring water shot and flooded over the ground and stone, mingling with the bystanders blood and leaving a crimson stain in her wake. His voice was soon to follow as she exited the hold, whipping towards him as he blew excuses like smoke in her face. If he dared step within ten feet of her now, he’d be torn into ribbons as her hands literally shook with restraint. The line wires surrounding her shone in the light as she was blinded by utter fury. “You didn’t tell me it was my home you destroyed. MY BLOOD is on your hands. And Xanders…OUI TACANJA DU TEA YD SO VAAD, LUFYNT!!” Her voice led a ripple through the wires, causing them to vibrate and release an ungodly whistle, smashing the glass of the surrounding windows of the front of Anaya’s home. A small price to pay that perhaps the mother dragon would understand to some degree. “Don’t you say your mother made you do it. YOUR HAND IS NOT HELD BY HERS WHEN IT SLASHS A BLADE. DON’T HIDE BEHIND HER SKIRTS WHEN IT COMES TO THE DEATH OF MY SON.” The vibrating waves along her iron strands shook, narrowly cutting the loose threads of her hair as she heaved for breath, quite literally sickened as she imagined the care she felt only moments before. “I love you. MY FAMILY would love you. I wanted a future, to believe something could be made between us, but you lied about everything, hid the truth of your actions in regards to my son-… How am I supposed to forgive you. I was FUCKING the man I vowed to destroy.” Her voice shook as she tore for venom to shoot at him, ways to make him hurt like she did, but came up with nothing. Nothing to say, nothing to do as she restrained herself by mere inches from bringing him like a lamb to slaughter. It was her HONOUR to the queen, the one who cast the order for her sons butcher that kept her at bay. “It’s a paycheck that keeps me from killing you now. The money that will feed my only surviving daughter, who weeps in the night on unhearing ears…” It was here that the iron bands paused, leaving deadly silence in their wake as her eyes, once brimming with tears, turned cold, her stance straightened, and in slow way, she drew her hands up, gloves in shreds before the iron began to return into her veins, her breath breaking from her nostrils in a slow burdened manner. “You won’t be granted the death you will wish to have when you hear the sound of my sons screams in your dreams. You’re just going to have to live with it, and know that it was your mother who has saved you this night.” Her gripped hand went forward in a bowing motion before she spoke one final cutting statement, “I take my leave, my lord.” Before taking a step away, turning on her heel and making her way through the smashed glass of each window before the hold, and back indoors to receive the orders she was required by honor to fulfill.

JeffDeLaRose:And just like that, all the work done on his pipes and the lives of the servants were all destroyed. The seemingly endless work to be done on the DeLaRose waterworks was now even worse than before, the sweet red insides of the three poor souls coated the outer layer of his skin, running down his cheeks and nestling in his now white locks. The eyes, discolored turned back into a solid baby blue, they aura lowering around himself as he noticed the true anger and repercussions of his actions. "Oh fuck-...!" More people, inadvertently killed by his actions, and the only person he had grown to trust, apart from Jaurl had wanted him dead. He was dripping in brain, blood, and intestine, and each step caused more ooze to part from his outfit. A single blooded streak mark rested down his face as he brushed hair from his eyes. Shrapnel flung toward him and his telekinetic energy raised, causing the nuts and bolts, as well as sharp tiles bounced from his quickened shield. He should have known better to get close, even while they stepped outside, and she turned to face him, nearly breaking every window in the dammed Iron. His boots moved two steps back and his hands raised, to show he was going to comply to her wants. Each word, even of the language he didn't understand ate at his heart with a vicious stab, her tone being the blade that was wielded by her tongue. Jeff decided to remain silent as she spoke each harsh syllable. All the prince could do was nod at the exact moment, standing 15 feet away, until she released her hostile stance and walked back into the hold. Everything has fallen apart and he was to blame. He had been searching for a villain and he never once took a long look at his reflection. So many people, dead at his hand, and for what? A single sentence of truth? A single breath of home? He moved over toward the grave, fresh and new, where Finn had been placed not 12 hours ago. His legs pulled up, and he hugged his knees, sitting in the wet grass, by the dirt. "I' sorry. For everything. To everyone. I just wanted to go home. I just wanted it all to be okay. I didn't-...want to be like-....all the other siblings. I just wanted to get on my mother's good side and I didn't care about the evil bastards who had to fall. I should have looked deeper. I should have said no. I-..." A small, transparent hand rested on his shoulder, it being that of his latest victim. "You know, Sir, just because I died, doesn't mean I'm not happy with where so am." He raised a brow as Finn, appeared, before jumping to his feet and stumbling back. The guard stood, ethereal, yet healed of his wound that led to his demise. "I saw my family, Sir! We may have passed but we still own this world and the next. We are free. I am free, and I owe it all to you sir. Look at the iron." Jeff turned, watching thousands of souls leak into the air, from the hold just as stars began to form in the skies. Each body that had been left behind formed a star. A beautiful ball of energy with lifetimes of watching over to do. Finn smiled and bowed. "My lord, I came to thank you for allowing me to pass on. I was always pushed aside, depressed, and stepped on. I drew my dagger because I didn't wish to live. You helped me." Jeff whispered softly as joyful screams filled the air, each soul happy to return to the sky, and have a purpose, equal for once. Penelope, the three guards and even the child Jeff saved as he came home were there, all going home, happy. Death wasn't the end, and now that his holy power had showed him this, he could try and change for the better. Lunaria would never forgive him it seemed, and his mother was likely to want him dead now. So he simply sat back down, not questioning the beautiful site in front of him. A few tears leaked down his ducts and trailed his mask, dripping from his chin, only to feel Penelope, and Finn both wrap their energy around the prince, as if comforting a friend. He needed to just sit and be with his thoughts. Even as the rain storm was coming he sat still.

Anaya:Eyes turned around as she half ignored everything Jaurl had said, “there is water....under the door......” she paused and looked at the male. “i said my own are you that fucking stupid that you don't see I am the one that beats myself up more then his blood soaked blade ever could., I made my own choices, I killed my own children I DID IT ALL!, my hands ripped the life from there bodys, I did this, I did this all to my own people to my own family! All of this was done by me, I made him go do it even if he held the choice it was the fear of me that bound his hands around his blade, he did it for me and I more then anyone else remembered it all, I remember watching my own body I held no power over it all, I did all of this, you hold NO RIGHT IN REMINDING ME ABOUT IT!” she took a breath as she calmed herself a little blinking a couple times as her flesh was going back down from the white scales that had started to form over her pale skin. “ look How about you go and take your nude self and go fuck yoursel....oh nothing ” Anaya's eyes got larger as it was as if in a blink she was gone leaving Jaurl and Samuel standing there alone together. “there is clothing on the closet over to the side, things will be dwelt with later, Jeff will be dwelt with later, things are broken, more then just soft hearts, she has not bin mad like this in a long time, it may not be the best to have her go back to her old ways as I become a target just as much as you all do, it is getting close to time I step in” and with the end of Samuel's words he was gone as well, dragons in other forms were insanely fast, like a vampire on drugs they just moved when needed, reptiles were very slow as there body's did not work like other beings but they held stores of energy to be able to move fast or on a dime. They both were gone, then both were at the door Sms arms being around her holding her as there were tears in her eyes falling to the floor “you ripped apart my floors!!! my castle!” spiders were starting to come up into the floor as part of the floor was over top of the hold, she was shaking she was so utterly in raged, this was the end, this was the breaking point she was snapping her mind the good was creeping away into the back and she no longer new what to do. “Anaya Anaya it is ok the floor is not to far gone I know you have done so much” Anaya started to shudder as her eyes turned black and her face was shifting her body getting larger, fingers turning to claws arms turning to giant legs covered in white scales, her white hair falling out and landing on the floor with the growing in size tears. “they smashed it all, the floor the hold it is open, my home, they have broken is broken,,!” and then Sam could no longer hold her anymore as he let go and stepped back just letting it go, he new he could do nothing and he also new what she was going to do, her brain was simple and in raged of her broken floor and her hard work, everything she had done, she was in raged but she was a dragon an animal she was going to fix the problem that was making her angry. It was rage and floor fixing. Samuel walked back as he was now hiding behind a pillar. Anaya smashed her foot into the floor as tears still fell from her face tears the size of basket balls not even made of water they were made of something else clear and goo like not it was not water based at all it was just a glob, it was  life, liquid life, dragons the beasts made to destroy but also made to give life. It was well known a dragons tears could bring back the dead but right now they did nothing but fall to the floor and mix with the water that was now burning her feet. She did not care as the water rushing up from the pipes was burning the scales away form her feet and legs, the pain was making her tears flow more mixing now with the blood and water. She grabbed a chunk of pipe and shoved it down into the ground opening her jaws and blowing a blast of white flames into the water the water turning to instant steam as she melting the pipes back together and placing the large hunks of tile and stone back down to try to hide the rest of the holes in the floor. She smashed the spiders coming up and burned the little ones as some larger rhino sized ones started to make there way up, right away they were smashed as she filled in more holes on the floors. And cleaned the tears away from her face water burning her face scales as she was very much so not thinking and it just started to hurt and she let out a roar in pain of the water eating into her eye. She rubbed her face on a wall as the burning stopped and the water was a good foot or two on the floor. She did not know any other way to remove the water from the flooded hall as she took her long white tail and opened the door letting the water flood out all over the yard. She stood there her whole body fitting in the massive large doors that looked like a wall, she had opened the wall up. The castle was made this way the walls could be opened in the front to allow an Anaya sized beast in and out. She sat there in the door way her over grown dragon backside hogging up all the room. Her mind wondered as she looked over the burned down town the water at her feet her claws both front and back legs having the scales burned off them and her one side of her face looking no different with over grown large black eyes with big watery tears in there wells. All of this she made it all, when she came here this place was flat land, she molded the hills made the rivers made everything the way her kind would have wanted, and in the end there was no one here but her, she had to import Samuel here and she new in her heart he had other reasons for being here. The only dragon still, after thousands of years she was still the only one here, life was lonely here, and her feet hurt to much to get up. Samuel walked over hoping over a broken part of the floor it was not flawless but hell there was no more water pouring up and no more spiders peeking in so it was doable. “Anaya?” he said as he walked around her giant back end and tail stuck there like a lump on the floor. Big red eyes looked down at him as she looked back up to the sun going down. There was smashed windows, smashed outside and in the end she was not angery about that, she was upset about it all and in it all she just snapped, she snapped and like any woman she fixed the floor and did some cleaning. She did not blame the girl Luna who she steped over top of wall she was fixing the floor. She did not blame her for all of this it was understandable for what had happened to her if anything it was Anaya that new this pain better then anyone else had. she let out a hump  blowing the grit from her nose, getting up form her siting and walked out of the door way into the damp yard standing there and then laying back down. Sam walking a bit behind her as he looked up once more “Anaya?” he asked again as she was clearly ignoring him, but he did not leave he stood there beside a tree waiting for her to be alright, he new there was a lot on her brain and sometimes you just needed to be yourself and think.

Lunaria had entered the hold and had missed Anaya’s explosion, only listening as she began to noisily cry in vengeance for her broken floor and home. Lunaria had done that… And it was all she could do, to NOT continue the destruction… But really at this point, what was there to focus on… Beyond of course, the roiling nausea which pooled within her body ever at this moment and the ones beyond that. No at this moment, as she had entered to see Anaya leaving the hold, heat blooming from the floor as the water hissed in the breathing pipes. Now which was healthier? The fact that she knew the truth? That she had finally found the one she had sought to kill. And now what? It was a  thought as the pipes groaned behind her wall, filling the room with sound beyond the wretched sobs that echoed from behind her clasped hands over her face. Would it have been easier on her heart to keep it a deadly secret until the very end? How on earth was she to justify living with her sworn enemy by right? No, he had made his bed. And yet she had slept in it. He wasn’t a mindless killer, but who was to say that he wasn’t? That it wasn’t a damn ploy, a plot, a falsity? Before she knew what she was doing, Lunaria began packing-… Running was always what she was best at, and now was no different whatsoever. Of course, this wasn’t to say that she would leave and not return to gather his plate… in who knew… A week? A month? A year-… Either way, Lunaria was bound by a check to fight for him, and since heehaw mindlessly slaughtered all she held dear… An innocent town like a coward in the night, within a den of sleeping lions. He was perfectly capable of caring for himself-… And knowing as she did now-… perhaps it was a mockery of her abilities to hire her in the first place. Meager things packed she opened her closet to stuff what small remnants of clothes that remained, and was suddenly met with the fine red fabric of the Queens gift to her. “All Roses grow in rock gardens miss Luna, the most rocky earth makes the strongest flowers, you should remember that…” Pausing in place, Lunaria glanced outside of her window, the glass broken into jagged pieces towards the great being of a dragon, sitting in the roiling closed and burning away at herself. Despite the aching chasm in her chest she was needed. She was needed here if not by love, then by honor of a broken queen, settling into a dynasty of rapport. Was she a violet? Pulling away from the adverse fights of a man who broke her heart? Or was she a rose? A rose who belonged within the Iron? Grown and sowed within the rockiest of gardens and raising, albeit wilted, stronger than the other garden flowers. Being a violet was easy-… But being a rose, in all its thorny glory was different entirely. Now was no different. Placing her bag down, Lunaria exited the room she shared with Jeff with her bag in tact, held along her back with her face set I resolve before walking down the stairs to the main hall. Broken tile strung all over the floor, were idly ignored as well as the bodies of her victims as she exited into the main garden where the queen rested, walking towards her grace and ignoring the prince who sat by the grave of Finn, an easy simple victim she championed him over-… gave herself for-… No… this was different. The roiling clouds of the oncoming storm rumbled overhead, and it didn’t take much to know that it was water which burned at her scales so violently. Gripping at the torn fingertips of her gloves, Lunaria dispelled them from her hands, and fearlessly summoned her iron to the surface of her flesh and from the very ground itself into a wide shielding net, suspended overhead, she strung enough fibers together to construct a netting shield from any rain which threatened the empress… A small but stunning show of solidarity, as she stood well focused on keeping the iron within the air, weightless, and shadowed until she was spoken to.

JefDeLaRose: Anaya had ignored the demon and went on and on with her anger before completely destroy-....fixin-....doing something to the downstairs. He simply walked down the corridor and moved into Jeff's room with a black trench coat, a pair of armored chain mail greaves and a pair of spiked black steel toed leather boots, identical to the pair Jeff wore. The behemoth of a man ducked under the door frame, only to see his pride and Joy resting against the shaking walls. His scythe, just as deadly looking as ever and just as shining as the day he received it. Jeff had polished it and sharpened the blade regularly so it being in great condition was no surprise. His bare chest, held a single strap against his pectoral muscles, holding his scythe in place on his back. "Jeez Jeff. You done pissed her off. Have fun cleaning this mess." The being stepped over broken glass and climbed out onto the roof from the window, watching his brother, and the great beast exit the iron. Jeff turned to witness what he never thought he would see. His mother, hysterical at all the events that have occurred since his return and had no idea she blamed herself just as much, if not more, for the horrid actions that plagued Firedor. It all sank in at once and within seconds, he approached her. He did not want to kill her. He did not want to pull a blade. He did not want to hurt anyone. The souls, hundreds of them, stood behind Jeff as he walked up, and he kneeled on one knee. A single phrase spilled from his masked, quivering lips, the both of them reaching their breaking point minutes ago. "Itov Wux...." He shook his head and gripped his blades in each hand, tossing them aside, leaving being two sheath. Bloodied tears rolled down his holy figure, matching that of his mother. "I'm so sorry-..." His tongue changed, speaking to her as he use to when he was younger, in her own language. "si itov wux zyak kiarf dask vur si mi zyak bivai nomeno tepohada ekess shinalt. si jekipa svern." He meant every word of the draconic tongue, and the fact that he and his mother had been so angry that he pulled a blade and she broke into a ball of emotion. "I shouldn't have left. I'm so you. To Luna." Jaurl scoffed and raised his middle finger, up until the prince corrected himself. "And Jaurl. I shouldn't have left you behind. I shouldn't have ran away. I shouldn't have-..." He let out a large pain filled scream and stared at his mother. "I-...don't want to live anymore. What am I fighting to stay alive for? I thought I could help. I'm so all of you." He dropped to his knees, looking at the large beast. "I don't-...want to fight anymore." His eyes fixed on Lunaria peeking from the corner and he looked away just as quickly. The only reason he had made his way over to his mother was to make this foolish wallowing cease but it seemed all he could do was go on and on about how he was sorry. Soon, Jaurl dropped from the 3rd story of the hold, dropping onto the pavement, yet landing swiftly on his feet, cracking the cement under his boots. He strolled over to the side of Lunaria and Anaya. "You all really don't understand." He scoffed and looked at Jeff. "in love, with someone who hates you, again. Your mother, eating away at herself because you wallow. Lunaria, about to vanish due to your lack of restraint. You have dug a big fuckin' hole Jeff, but I don't expect to just let you bury `“you do not need to cover me I am fine with burning here, it is not like it has not happened before” she looked down seeing the girl at her flank. Anaya's giant red eyes cut the dusks glow as she lowered her head  and placed the side of her nose onto the girls body. The warm heat from her scales a good feeling “i am sorry for all I have done to you and your life, you may ask for anything you wish and it will be given to you, land, a castle , a home for you and your child, anything you wish it will be granted upon you. And you do not need to guard the boy any longer, it is clear he can take care of himself ” she pushed into the girl not hard as not to topple her over, but hard enough so it was like a large horse pressing its head into ones chest.  Anaya  lifted her head up as she spotted her son coming over to were she was in the yard. And spotted jarul as well, the dragons upper lip lifted as she could hear what the brother was saying to her son wall he was upon his knees hurting, even if Anaya took a blow to the heart form her son pulling his blade upon her she still loved her child more then anything. She got up her massive foot falling right in front of Jaurl the force enough to make him back up a good bit, her head lowered down so her massive dragon red eyes glared at him her teeth the size of carts. “i have had enough of your swine mouth and your petty words, don't you think he understands his deeds you have no reason to remind him of them, no reason to REMIND ME OF MY OWN! ” her wings lifted as they started to glow and draw in what ever was left of the suns raise, she had enough with this shadow thing and it was about time to place it out of its misery no matter what help it gave them. “i have dwelt with your slander, your annoyance your insolence but I can only deal with so much from a fowl tongue like your own, don't you see little demon you are not needed anymore he is without you and does not want you back” she new if Jeff stood up to stop her she would stop, but what if he just stayed there on his knees and let her smite take out the demon with no problem at all, a holy dragon put against a demon, he would only last seconds. Samuel just stayed standing there, watching and waiting for her to calm down, she had more of a clear head now then she did before and he new the rain would make her go inside and shift down so he would not have to change, even he could not control the woman that was Anaya, the giant, golden , white scaled albino dragon. She wiggled her wings as there was iron threads around them, it was a little bit annoying but she did not care they were glowing as well as her wings were getting hotter and hotter power building as she stood over her son and against the one mocking and belittling him.

Beelzabub: “You brought me here for a purpose, my lady.” Lunaria whispered, swallowing hard, her eyes closing as the empress spoke, “To protect you, and your family in whatever way that I can and so I remain…” The nudge had her hand very carefully grace down the grand dragons scale, her touch like that of a feather as Jaurl spoke belittling the crown prince. Relieved of her charge, she felt no need to protect him from words far less cutting than her own, whether the salt of tears caught her nose or not. Her voice caught into nothing as she pulled away, still holding fast to the iron bearings, stubbornly even despite the empress’ desire to be allowed to burn simply. Jaurl of course was entirely incapable of keeping his mouth shut. A man of her own kin, and likely a herald of her own destruction unless the dragon stayed her wings, least she was to pull as far away from her as possible… But Jaurl-… who was to say how she should respond… Should she give up her favor for the life of one demon without care… For that one, HUMAN male who had slain her kin. But really were they all that different? If she had come out to see her chastising her son, would she have had the same clemency? The iron above the dragon dispersed as Lunaria’s hands dropped, her focus lost as she turned to Jaurl, and threw her arms around his frame. “Mercy-… Give him mercy, please-… He speaks from 120 years of being caged, and now left without a frame… Give him mercy. Please…” Her voice was sharp, fearless as she gripped him in a tight grip, knowing for sure if the dragon didn’t stay her hand, and wing, she would be entirely decimated-… and likely would be denied the offer given to her previously for this discretion against the crown. Fear enveloped her for a minute, as she buried her face in the shadow demons chest, claws digging into his back away from view as she prepared for the worst, wishing for the best, and knowing it might be denied to her. She did so not because of care, not because of focus on anything but loyalty to demon kind itself and the kindness Jaurl had shown her-… An innocence that likely didn’t exist in terms of her son-… Really she didn’t know where this turn of mercy came from-… But none the less, it felt wrong to allow him to be decimated in an instance, even at the cost of her life, and future happiness, and despite all that sat beside her, she hoped it would be entirely enough to reign in the woman’s fury, even if it was a rage she would have exhibited herself.

Jeff DeLARose: Immediately, Jaurl arched his head back and let out a frustrated grunt. "I have been listening to bullshit for 120 years, and if you are telling me I'll be free of this childish bellowing, bring it on!" Jaurl raised his hands out. And with that, Jeff jumped up, to his feet and placed his hand to find his blade, but had thrown them to the side. He let out a large growl and yelled out, for the last thing he wanted was for his only true companion to be destroyed. He knew Jeff better than anyone and without Jeff, Jaurl had no purpose, just like Anaya said. "Don't!-...." Lunaria tossed herself in front of Jaurl, causing both Jaurl and the masked prince to raise an opposite brow from another. Jeff was sure she would want to see every point of him destroyed, and Jaurl was sure she hated him. Everyone hated him. "Lunaria. I understand my brother hurt you. But he isn't a bad man. In time I hope you find it in your heart to forgive him for the pain he has caused." The storm began, rain pouring just like the morning, and Jaurl turned to the protesting Jeff who was walking toward Luna and Jaurl. "My brother. I always told myself. If I was going to die, it would be by your hand. I may not get that chance. Just know that it isn't too late to become stronger,  and smarter. You are amazing. And if your bitch of a mother refuses to see that I always wanted to protect you, and motivate you, then have her do away with me. I am done with this world of Mortal and Immortal beings. Most of them are immoral. At least Limbo had demon pussy." Jaurl let a smile form and Jeff stepped in front of his Brother, Ignoring his words, as usual and placed his arms out at his side. "I won't let you. Do like Lunaria asked and have Mercy. He wishes to fight me one day. We must honor that deal. You blasting him away in a single blow when he is weak and without his powers is not right. You taught me honor. I refuse to let you hurt him...please. all I got left."

Anaya: Anaya lowered her wings as the rain started to come down in sheets, as the scales on her body started to turn black and burn steam coming off her she let out a grunt. She watched as Luna was about to give her life for the life of another demon, and it seemed like Jeffs brother did not even care and was just ready to die and be mouthy like always. Anaya put her wings to her back it was best to have the wings burn before her back did. She lowered her maw down to the group of them as her whole body stopped powering up her holy smite. “you were about to give your life for the life of something worth so much less then your own, I grant that mercy for you, but lets get you out of the rain” her eyes shifted to look at Jeff for a moment, his words 'he is all I have left' rang in her mind, did he not think of anything else he had, hell his mother was standing up for his honnor and he did not even see it, as he said his brother was all he had left, she blinked her large red eyes slowly water burning there lids and her face as she turned her head back to look at Luna.  Anaya picked Luna up by the back of her leather garment  carefully trying not to rip it to badly and she stepped over her son and walked into the castle out of the rain, leaving Jeff and his brother there. She put Luna down right away and shifted down to her human form her dress ripped and half the skin on her face slowly healing back up to normal, it hurt and she gave a grunt as it came together. “when I was young I was trained to respect power, but when you gain age and a clear mind you learn more to respect bravery.” she looked over at the still broken floor as the rain thumped on the roof top. She let out a laugh as she looked to the cracked tile and stone floor and then back to Luna “this castle has seen very little life since I made it up top this hill. It is still new to me to have life here, I guess I have grown more used to just being alone for all the years. And miss Luna I do mean it anything you wish for I can give or get you, just name it” Anayas eyes were soft as she was relaxing the burn calming her oddly making her think of something that was not the beating in her chest, and the fact she had not eaten yet. She started to walk to the throne set a light limp in her one side as it was healing from the burning of her feet. “oh and miss Luna, I never brought you here, you came here with your own feet, I was just the one to get my door to open for you, gods gave you the path here, maybe it was for a larger reason then one may think” she sat down as she let out a sigh no more pain on her red swolen shoeless feet. Samuel was outside still watching Jeff as the man lifted a brow and let out a sigh turning around to walk inside, the simple bystander who watched the whole thing unroll and tried not to get noticed “she does almost everything for you ya know. Even killing your brother was for the fact he talked down to you, she shed tears for you today, I do hope you understand what that means. For I don't think you will ever see a day like this again” Samuel moved and started  to walk back to the doors the  cold rain feeling good against his skin.

Beelzabub: It took every bit of energy within her that she had left not to riddle Jaurl with holes as he still spoke badly as she lowered herself to beg for his life. Begged-… Like an foolhardy woman praying that there was some level of good within him at all enough to shut his mouth and be grateful for the sacrifice that she offered-… but no. He kept running his mouth, and she released him in utter shock as he spoke, her mouth hanging open. He was willing to watch her die as a meat shield without even caring. She didn’t even react when the dragon lifted her by the back of her garb, almost like a kitten being lifted by its mother. He would have stood there-… He would have used her as a meat shield-.. In no words, he proved his care. As she was dropped down within the hold, she looked up with a numbed expression towards the empress who spoke with gentle care befor turning on her heel and limping elsewhere. Samuel was soon to follow, and while she didn’t trust him in the least, she swallowed hard, and approached him. Bowing respectfully, she spoke simply, “My lord. As I have been released from guarding the prince, I am under no obligation to stay however, I would like to find a job better suited to the talents I provide. Perhaps you should speak with her ladyship about a place I might find use in this kingdom-… I don’t feel it right for me to leave yet.” She wouldn’t have been surprised if his care and kindness turned off and he snapped at her, or spoke ill of her now-… Or maybe he would surprise her, and recognize that she, in this moment, was a woman lost, devoid of feeling and focus, and numbed from the neck up. Regardless of his answer she would turn and walk past him, and decided now, there was no better time than now than to revisit the pain of her sons death and mourn anew.

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Jeff DeLaRose: Jaurl stared at Lunaria as long as he could as she was carried into the iron. "I love you Lunaria. I apologize for what I am about to do." She of course would already be inside, everyone thinking Jaurl to be some sort of villain just because of his quips and cynical attitude, toward that of his brother. The holy vampiric prince stared at the demon, whispering under his breath, as the rain smashed down them, like previously in the morning. The many auras surrounded the two as Jaurl turned toward Jeff with a low sigh. "She is right Jeff. You don't need me. Lunaria doesn't need me. No one around here does. I'm ready to go home." Jaurl raised his brow toward his brother, pulling his large scythe from his back, holding it in both of his large hands. "You have given me companionship for 120 years and I would never take it back. I know I was hard on you. I know I hurt you so many times and I am so sorry, but look at you. You are so strong and back home. You are stronger than ever and I'm so proud of you. I have always wanted to die honorably in battle, so in the next few minutes. I am going to charge at you with all my force. No powers, just strength, speed, and blades. We fight like the Warriors we were trained to be, like my father taught me." Jeff took a large step back and shook his head, the souls of those past surrounded the two closer by this point, as if watching, waiting for a new member of their family. The poor, confused young prince shook his head in protest and screamed out as his brother finished his speech. "! You haven't powered up yet! I can't let you do this! I won't fight you Jaurl! It's suicide!" Jaurl looked up, for the first time in his life, Jaurl started to let tears roll down his cheeks. "You-...don't have a choice.." Jaurl then dashed forward, closing the gap between them, about 60 feet, within a blink of an eye, attempting to make a vertical slash down his brother's torso, which was dodged by Jeff, whom rolled backward and onto his feet. He took a few steps back and growled, reaching for his blades but not finding them, for they were tossed aside in a show of respect for his rather emotional mother. Jaurl sighed and looked down. "I am not going to hold back. I want to see your ability. I have always wanted this. Now fight back, and kill me, or come with me into the afterlife." Jeff took two more steps back, his white locks fell In front of his hues, cutting through the dark, like a knife through the tension building between his siblings. Jaurl began to casually stroll toward him, pointing the scythe in his direction and sighing once more. "I just want a good death. Send me home." The demon began to charge again, slicing against the horizon, allowing Jeff to duck under the blade and slam his left foot, in the form of a spinning back kick, into Jaurl's chest, and knocking him onto his back. Jaurl simply rolled back onto his feet, and smirked, staring at his masked sibling with amusement. "Fine. You want this done like you did when you were human? You want to fisticuffs? Okay..." Jaurl threw down his sickle, allowing Jeff to regain his stance and place his fists up, in a boxing motion, as did Jaurl, mirroring Jeff. "Why are you doing this to me Jaurl-..." Jaurl closed his eyes as Jeff asked his obvious question. "I don't have a purpose anymore Jeff. I am of no use to you. I want to go see my family. I want to be able to hold my daughter once again." Jeff shook his head, placing his guard down. "I don't want to kill you, or anyone else! Please don't make me do this!" Jaurl placed his fists down as well, opening his eyes and shaking his head. "You have always had honor until Firedor. Show me your true strength. Let me die by someone I love then an instant death by anyone else." Jeff growled and placed his fists back up. "Stay back Jaurl! I don't want to do this!" "I'm sorry Lyvix. I told you I wouldn't forget about all your mistakes." Jaurl then charged again, slamming his large fist into Jeff's right cheek, sending him stumbling three feet back, causing Jeff to counter, using the force of Jaurl's punch to springboard back with his own punch. The blow was far stronger than Jaurl's, it being backed by a large sheild of telekinesis to increase the blow. Jaurl was knocked onto his back, staring up at the ever shimmering stars, before whispering to himself, staying on the ground. "So I am going to become a star? Fitting." He slowly got back to his feet, letting the shaken prince prepare himself for the actual fight that was about to take place. Jeff shook his head and rushed over to his weapons, sheathing the katana and pulling his claymore, both gloved hands wrapped around the hilt and pointed toward his brother, who was getting up. "Jaurl, don't make me use my power to stop you. I will!" Jaurl smiled and shook his head. "I know. But you'll kill me if you do. You have my power and your power welled up inside of your core. If you even attempt to use your telekinesis to subdue me, you'll crush me. You have training to do. Kill me in battle. Do me this service. I will not stop, Lyvix." Jeff growled lowly and nodded, motioning for Jaurl to pick up his blade. "Come on then!"

Anaya: Samuel looked out as he walked in the doors and looked back upon the brothers fighting and beating the shit out of each other. He slowly just shut the door so first he would not be into it at all and secondly he did not want miss Luna to see as he could see she was walking over to him, as he shut the door with a clip Milla slipped past and out into the rain to watch. “yes yes YES FUCK HIM UP!! Beat the shit out of him!! GIVE HIM THE CHAIR, GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!!” she moved and looked around picking up a brick and tossed it across the ground over to the boys and the hummed to herself as she getting really into it and kicking a bush punching the air as she hoped around outside. Inside Samuel looked at Luna as she asked him were to go “i don't know what place you can hold here my dear girl, really i do believe Anaya has a liking to you stick around her, you both could use one another. Sometimes enemy's can turn into friends once you learn the truth behind there actions, not everyone holds evil intent behind evil actions” he gave a grin as he walked up to Anaya siting on the throne and got down on one knee picking up her foot and rubbing it along the center and then out. “Miss Anaya the boys are beating the crap out of each other outside” Anaya's eyes lit up as the words Jeff and beating the shit out of each other hit her ears “WHAT?” “they are doing it on there own terms my lady, they have made this choice, they have to fight honourably Milla is outside watching them i am sure she will handle it if things go bad” “ok as long as things are alright and they are doing it of choice, they will be able to handle each other, it is honour they are fighting for, who ever walks away form it will be the stronger man” and she relaxed letting her mate rub her burnt and blistered foot.

Jeff DeLaRose: Honor. Yes. No magic, no disrespect. Just the two brothers fighting while the seemingly well put together handmaiden ranted and raved and thrusted her fists into the air, all while kicking Anaya's prized HolyBerry bush. She seemed to be enjoying herself, all while Jaurl was saddened and Jeff was angry that his brother was putting him through this. There was only 15 feet between Jeff and Jaurl, Jaurl picking up his scythe and readying himself. Jeff held the sword out, ready to stop his brother all while a lone brick flopped between them. Jaurl then looked at the scythe and shook his head, grabbing a great sword from one of the charred corpses of the guards that had met with a grizzly end when the town had burnt down, whilst subsequently dropping his own scythe. "Blade to blade. My scythe would just get in the way." Jaurl then motioned to Milla, keeping his eyes on Jeff. "We have a fan. Would be a shame to disappoint her." With that, the ebony skin demon charged with an over head strike, trying to slash down at Jeff, but was quickly blocked by Jeff's blade, causing the steel to clash. Here brought the sounds of blades being swung at each other for several minutes, as Jaurl just kept trying to attack and Jeff kept defending himself. Jeff now pleaded as Jaurl kept relentlessly chopping, to no avail, away at Jeff's claymore. "Please stop this! I don't wanna do this!" Jeff shook his head as tears rolled down his face, Jaurl's smile growing ever the wider at his brother's breaking point. Yes his death would come soon, and he knew it, but the only way for him to complete this ritual would be to put Jeff's life in danger and have him find his way out of the corner, or else he would take them both to limbo. "I know Lyvix, just close your eyes and let it happen." Jaurl whispered as the blades clashed repeatedly through out the conversation. The brick rested behind Jeff, and each attack from Jaurl sent Jeff taking a few steps back, just enough to slip on the peace of concrete. "Jaurl! Stop!" Jeff grunted, trying to get back to his feet before Jaurl got on top before Jeff could react and thrusted his sword downward, straight into Jeff's abdomen, causing the prince to flinch, tense up and scream as the large great sword entered into him and stuck into the ground under him, pinning him. Jaurl then took the time to wrap his clawed hands around Jeff's throat, cutting off the much needed air ways. Yes he could hold his breath for a long time, but Jaurl was also cutting off the oxygen to Jeff's brain, which made the prince struggle under Jaurl's weight. This was it, everything he had known was about to end, and Limbo would await him. He slowly closed his eyes and began to accept his fate, until he spotted the same brick that tripped him, resting at his side, on his left. The brick being only inches from his reach caused Jeff to quickly, before everything turned white, reach for the brick. Jaurl eyed his brother, staring into his very own crystallized blues. "S-..." Jeff couldn't even plead anymore. It was either him or Jaurl. His dainty fingers clutched around the brick and sent his hand flying to collide with Jaurl's skull, rendering the large tank of a demon discombobulated. This gave the prince Just enough time to reach for his sword, off to his left and slam his sword skyward, into his brother's heart. Jaurl looked down, smiling as the sword, entered him and exited through his back, sticking inside of him. "Oh, look at that. Well good fight." He smiled as he slowly began to cough of up blood. His aura slowly beginning to fade as he stared into Jeff's eyes that stared back. "Goodbye Jeff. Thank you, my brother. You have honor unlike any You are far more-....stronger." He then fell over, off of Jeff and onto his side with Jeff's sword sticking out. Jaurl looked at his brother as the blade shifted, causing the steel to lacerate the main arteries, and Jaurl to die immediately as soon as he hit the ground. His face however held a smile, all while Jeff's was covered by his mask. His brother was gone, and Jaurl had injured him too, to the point where a majority of Jeff's energy was just keeping him from bleeding out. Milla could see everything, obviously not expecting the fight to escalate. Jeff hoped she had enough common sense not to let him die in the rain with a sword through his stomach. "" He whispered before placing both of his hands on the hit of the blade through him, pulling it up an inch, then another, then another, pained screams filled the stormy air on each pull, feeling as if someone was burning his insides. "Help!" He coughed blood up from inside his mask, not being able to completely pull the blade out before feeling himself slip into unconsciousness.

Anaya: Millas eyes got large as she stopped mid punch into the bush, it was kinda ruined but it worked all the same. “Samu.. jeff is...other guy dea....oh shit” she said as she ran over to Jeff as she got on her knees beside him “oh my god i am so sorry i tossed that brick it is all my fault the other guy is dead god i was just so into it i sorry i sorry don't die!” she moved and put a hand to the blade that was stuck in his .....”sir jeff it is in neer your....your back side sir, sould i remove it for

JefDeLaRose: A single cough left his lips as he looked up to a Milla, confused, terrified and worried. "Milla. First off, this sword is like two inches from my arse. I would like you to pull the blade out and leave me here. I know Anaya wouldn't like you to do this, just-...let me go. Please." He turned to look at Jaurl, his brother's lifeless eyes closed, and his hand reached toward Jeff, having landed in that position. Jeff placed his hand on the passed away Jaurl and shook him slightly. "Wake up-...Jaurl? Please-..." He coughed, looking back up at Milla. "Get him help. Get my mother to help him." Jeff completely refused to believe that Jaurl was gone and no amount of anyone telling him otherwise at that moment would convince him. "Jaurl!" He shook him harder, struggling against the blade, and growling in mass pain. "please! Wake up! God dammit don't do this!" Jeff was losing blood quick as the blade stuck from his stomach, each movement causing blood to drop from his held in wound. Each passing second made Jeff weaker, and sleepier. However, his death would not greet him so easily. Seconds later, Jeff was out cold, and it was up to Milla to either get Samuel, Anaya or help Jeff herself.

Anaya: her bright red eyes looked at jeff laying there on the ground "long ago my mother said to me when i was little nothing is as bad as it seems, i thought she was talking about my fac....looks, but i think she was talking about everything, it is not as bad as it seems jeff, jusat be strong we will get you inside out of the rain ok" she took a hand and riped the blade out harshly, Milla was kinda bad with the careful thing and to think she was the maid doing most of the medical things it was clear Anaya needed no medics. "he is gone jeff" she said softly as she droped the blade to the side leting the rain wash off the blood from it as she got down to a knee and picked jeff up in her arms as if he was nothing. a full grown man picked up as if he was only a child by a woman only half his size. she let him take a last look at his brother before starting to walk into the castle out of the rain. "you have had a long day my young lord, it will be ok, dont worry, i am sure he will put to rest like the king he was, i will surely see to this even if i have to beg Anaya" she walked with jeff in her arms into the hall as she walked past Anaya, Anaya was about to say something and Samuel just put a finger to the rulers lips softly "miss anaya let them go Milla will explain when she comes back, let the boy rest it seems the battle went badly." Anaya said nothing and kissed Samuels finger as she let them walk away and go up to the bed rooms so her son could rest. she had some papers to do anyway as a sadend glimmer turned in her red hues. Milla sat jeff down upon his bed and sat there beside him pulling up the covers a bit more careingly then normal. "just rest alright it will be brighter in the morning i promise you" she moved a hand to run a finger along his cheek softly as a smile came to her lips. "if you need anything i will stay here till you sleep" she placed her hands on her lap and sat at his bedside untill he told her other wise or fell a sleep.

Jeff DeLaRose: A loud, pain filled grunt left his lips as the sword was ripped from it's post easily, blood pouring from the wound. "He can't be gone-...I didn't...he just wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop-..." He stared at Jaurl, who had an actual smile on his face, finally blessed with the sweet relieve of his prison. Jeff was then picked up, blood trailing from his stomach as Milla lifted the prince. Luckily the blade had missed Jeff's spinal cord, but he still was losing a lot of blood. Anaya and Samuel just looked at him as he came in as if he had lost. He did lose. This was worse than Firedor, worse than the loss of Max, and just about as bad as the loss of Toni, but nothing could top that. He whispered as he was placed on the bed. "Gauze." That was all he needed as he sat himself up. "I can't sleep yet, I'll bleed to death. Thank you for the notion. I would love to sleep...forever." He coughed up more blood inside of his mask, before unlatching it and setting it onto his nightstand. The prince had blood trailing all down his lips and chin, dripping onto his jacket with another cough. Jeff sighed and took a deep breath, heating his hand up with pyrokenetic energy to that of a red hot rebar. The hand placed it's self onto his wound and pressed it closed as the smell of burning flesh, and the sounds of sizzling skin and Jeff's pained scream filled the air. "Fuckin' Christ!" He then felt his wound close, and regardless of if Milla left him to find gauze or not, he would yell to her. "And please for the love of god, get me a cigarette."

Anaya: She had left when he asked and then could hear him yelling as she let out a sigh and picked up his pack off his bathroom sink, she rolled her eyes as she made sure there were smokes in there. As she walked out of the bathroom “you know save ya from one thing kill ya with another” she moved over and sat back down upon the bed as she took the wrapping and put it around his belly and wound. She let out a sigh as she looked at him, if he was going to grab the smokes she would have hit his hand away, healing comes first before you poison yourself more. “just rest alright” she said softly as she was almost done warping him her small fingers going around his torso and backside pulling his pants to the side not off but to the side so she could wrap him better.

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Jeff DeLaRose: Jaurl stared at Lunaria as long as he could as she was carried into the iron. "I love you Lunaria. I apologize for what I am about to do." She of course would already be inside, everyone thinking Jaurl to be some sort of villain just because of his quips and cynical attitude, toward that of his brother. The holy vampiric prince stared at the demon, whispering under his breath, as the rain smashed down them, like previously in the morning. The many auras surrounded the two as Jaurl turned toward Jeff with a low sigh. "She is right Jeff. You don't need me. Lunaria doesn't need me. No one around here does. I'm ready to go home." Jaurl raised his brow toward his brother, pulling his large scythe from his back, holding it in both of his large hands. "You have given me companionship for 120 years and I would never take it back. I know I was hard on you. I know I hurt you so many times and I am so sorry, but look at you. You are so strong and back home. You are stronger than ever and I'm so proud of you. I have always wanted to die honorably in battle, so in the next few minutes. I am going to charge at you with all my force. No powers, just strength, speed, and blades. We fight like the Warriors we were trained to be, like my father taught me." Jeff took a large step back and shook his head, the souls of those past surrounded the two closer by this point, as if watching, waiting for a new member of their family. The poor, confused young prince shook his head in protest and screamed out as his brother finished his speech. "! You haven't powered up yet! I can't let you do this! I won't fight you Jaurl! It's suicide!" Jaurl looked up, for the first time in his life, Jaurl started to let tears roll down his cheeks. "You-...don't have a choice.." Jaurl then dashed forward, closing the gap between them, about 60 feet, within a  blink of an eye, attempting to make a vertical slash down his brother's torso, which was dodged by Jeff, whom rolled backward and onto his feet. He took a few steps back and growled, reaching for his blades but not finding them, for they were tossed aside in a show of respect for his rather emotional mother. Jaurl sighed and looked down. "I am not going to hold back. I want to see your ability. I have always wanted this. Now fight back, and kill me, or come with me into the afterlife." Jeff took two more steps back, his white locks fell In front of his hues, cutting through the dark, like a knife through the tension building between his siblings. Jaurl began to casually stroll toward him, pointing the scythe in his direction and sighing once more. "I just want a good death. Send me home." The demon began to charge again, slicing against the horizon, allowing Jeff to duck under the blade and slam his left foot, in the form of a spinning back kick, into Jaurl's chest, and knocking him onto his back. Jaurl simply rolled back onto his feet, and smirked, staring at his masked sibling with amusement. "Fine. You want this done like you did when you were human? You want to fisticuffs? Okay..." Jaurl threw down his sickle, allowing Jeff to regain his stance and place his fists up, in a boxing motion, as did Jaurl, mirroring Jeff. "Why are you doing this to me Jaurl-..." Jaurl closed his eyes as Jeff asked his obvious question. "I don't have a purpose anymore Jeff. I am of no use to you. I want to go see my family. I want to be able to hold my daughter once again." Jeff shook his head, placing his guard down. "I don't want to kill you, or anyone else! Please don't make me do this!" Jaurl placed his fists down as well, opening his eyes and shaking his head. "You have always had honor until Firedor. Show me your true strength. Let me die by someone I love then an instant death by anyone else." Jeff growled and placed his fists back up. "Stay back Jaurl! I don't want to do this!" "I'm sorry Lyvix. I told you I wouldn't forget about all your mistakes." Jaurl then charged again, slamming his large fist into Jeff's right cheek, sending him stumbling three feet back, causing Jeff to counter, using the force of Jaurl's punch to springboard back with his own punch. The blow was far stronger than Jaurl's, it being backed by a large sheild of telekinesis to increase the blow. Jaurl was knocked onto his back, staring up at the ever shimmering stars, before whispering to himself, staying on the ground. "So I am going to become a star? Fitting." He slowly got back to his feet, letting the shaken prince prepare himself for the actual fight that was about to take place. Jeff shook his head and rushed over to his weapons, sheathing the katana and pulling his claymore, both gloved hands wrapped around the hilt and pointed toward his brother, who was getting up. "Jaurl, don't make me use my power to stop you. I will!" Jaurl smiled and shook his head. "I know. But you'll kill me if you do. You have my power and your power welled up inside of your core. If you even attempt to use your telekinesis to subdue me, you'll crush me. You have training to do. Kill me in battle. Do me this service. I will not stop, Lyvix." Jeff growled lowly and nodded, motioning for Jaurl to pick up his blade. "Come on then!"

Anaya: Samuel looked out as he walked in the doors and looked back upon the brothers fighting and beating the shit out of each other. He slowly just shut the door so first he would not be into it at all and secondly he did not want miss Luna to see as he could see she was walking over to him, as he shut the door with a clip Milla slipped past and out into the rain to watch. “yes yes YES FUCK HIM UP!! Beat the shit out of him!! GIVE HIM THE CHAIR, GIVE HIM THE CHAIR!!” she moved and looked around picking up a brick and tossed it across the ground over to the boys and the hummed to herself as she getting really into it  and kicking a bush punching the air as she hoped around outside. Inside Samuel looked at Luna as she asked him were to go “i don't know what place you can hold here my dear girl, really i do believe Anaya has a liking to you stick around her, you both could use one another. Sometimes enemy's can turn into friends once you learn the truth behind there actions, not everyone holds evil intent behind evil actions” he gave a grin as he walked up to Anaya siting on the throne and got down on one knee picking up her foot and rubbing it along the center and then out. “Miss Anaya the boys are beating the crap out of each other outside” Anaya's eyes lit up as the words Jeff and beating the shit out of each other hit her ears “WHAT?” “they are doing it on there own terms my lady, they have made this choice, they have to fight honourably Milla is outside watching them i am sure she will handle it if things go bad” “ok as long as things are alright and they are doing it of choice, they will be able to handle each other, it is honour they are fighting for, who ever walks away form it will be the stronger man” and she relaxed letting her mate rub her burnt and blistered foot.

Jeff DeLaRose: Honor. Yes. No magic, no disrespect. Just the two brothers fighting while the seemingly well put together handmaiden ranted and raved and thrusted her fists into the air, all while kicking Anaya's prized HolyBerry bush. She seemed to be enjoying herself, all while Jaurl was saddened and Jeff was angry that his brother was putting him through this. There was only 15 feet between Jeff and Jaurl, Jaurl picking up his scythe and readying himself. Jeff held the sword out, ready to stop his brother all while a lone brick flopped between them. Jaurl then looked at the scythe and shook his head, grabbing a great sword from one of the charred corpses of the guards that had met with a grizzly end when the town had burnt down, whilst subsequently dropping his own scythe. "Blade to blade. My scythe would just get in the way." Jaurl then motioned to Milla, keeping his eyes on Jeff. "We have a fan. Would be a shame to disappoint her." With that, the ebony skin demon charged with an over head strike, trying to slash down at Jeff, but was quickly blocked by Jeff's blade, causing the steel to clash. Here brought the sounds of blades being swung at each other for several minutes, as Jaurl just kept trying to attack and Jeff kept defending himself. Jeff now pleaded as Jaurl kept relentlessly chopping, to no avail, away at Jeff's claymore. "Please stop this! I don't wanna do this!" Jeff shook his head as tears rolled down his face, Jaurl's smile growing ever the wider at his brother's breaking point. Yes his death would come soon, and he knew it, but the only way for him to complete this ritual would be to put Jeff's life in danger and have him find his way out of the corner, or else he would take them both to limbo. "I know Lyvix, just close your eyes and let it happen." Jaurl whispered as the blades clashed repeatedly through out the conversation. The brick rested behind Jeff, and each attack from Jaurl sent Jeff taking a few steps back, just enough to slip on the peace of concrete. "Jaurl! Stop!" Jeff grunted, trying to get back to his feet before Jaurl got on top before Jeff could react and thrusted his sword downward, straight into Jeff's abdomen, causing the prince to flinch, tense up and scream as the large great sword entered into him and stuck into the ground under him, pinning him. Jaurl then took the time to wrap his clawed hands around Jeff's throat, cutting off the much needed air ways. Yes he could hold his breath for a long time, but Jaurl was also cutting off the oxygen to Jeff's brain, which made the prince struggle under Jaurl's weight. This was it, everything he had known was about to end, and Limbo would await him. He slowly closed his eyes and began to accept his fate, until he spotted the same brick that tripped him, resting at his side, on his left. The brick being only inches from his reach caused Jeff to quickly, before everything turned white, reach for the brick. Jaurl eyed his brother, staring into his very own crystallized blues. "S-..." Jeff couldn't even plead anymore. It was either him or Jaurl. His dainty fingers clutched around the brick and sent his hand flying to collide with Jaurl's skull, rendering the large tank of a demon discombobulated. This gave the prince Just enough time to reach for his sword, off to his left and slam his sword skyward, into his brother's heart. Jaurl looked down, smiling as the sword, entered him and exited through his back, sticking inside of him. "Oh, look at that. Well good fight." He smiled as he slowly began to cough of up blood. His aura slowly beginning to fade as he stared into Jeff's eyes that stared back. "Goodbye Jeff. Thank you, my brother. You have honor unlike any You are far more-....stronger." He then fell over, off of Jeff and onto his side with Jeff's sword sticking out. Jaurl looked at his brother as the blade shifted, causing the steel to lacerate the main arteries, and Jaurl to die immediately as soon as he hit the ground. His face however held a smile, all while Jeff's was covered by his mask. His brother was gone, and Jaurl had injured him too, to the point where a majority of Jeff's energy was just keeping him from bleeding out. Milla could see everything, obviously not expecting the fight to escalate. Jeff hoped she had enough common sense not to let him die in the rain with a sword through his stomach. "" He whispered before placing both of his hands on the hit of the blade through him, pulling it up an inch, then another, then another, pained screams filled the stormy air on each pull, feeling as if someone was burning his insides. "Help!" He coughed blood up from inside his mask, not being able to completely pull the blade out before feeling himself slip into unconsciousness.

Anaya: Millas eyes got large as she stopped mid punch into the bush, it was kinda ruined but it worked all the same. “Samu.. jeff is...other guy dea....oh shit” she said as she ran over to Jeff as she got on her knees beside him “oh my god i am so sorry i tossed that brick it is all my fault the other guy is dead god i was just so into it i sorry i sorry don't die!” she moved and put a hand to the blade that was stuck in his .....”sir jeff it is in neer your....your back side sir, sould i remove it for

JefDeLaRose: A single cough left his lips as he looked up to a Milla, confused, terrified and worried. "Milla. First off, this sword is like two inches from my arse. I would like you to pull the blade out and leave me here. I know Anaya wouldn't like you to do this, just-...let me go. Please." He turned to look at Jaurl, his brother's lifeless eyes closed, and his hand reached toward Jeff, having landed in that position. Jeff placed his hand on the passed away Jaurl and shook him slightly. "Wake up-...Jaurl? Please-..." He coughed, looking back up at Milla. "Get him help. Get my mother to help him." Jeff completely refused to believe that Jaurl was gone and no amount of anyone telling him otherwise at that moment would convince him. "Jaurl!" He shook him harder, struggling against the blade, and growling in mass pain. "please! Wake up! God dammit don't do this!" Jeff was losing blood quick as the blade stuck from his stomach, each movement causing blood to drop from his held in wound. Each passing second made Jeff weaker, and sleepier. However, his death would not greet him so easily. Seconds later, Jeff was out cold, and it was up to Milla to either get Samuel, Anaya or help Jeff herself.

Anaya: her bright red eyes looked at jeff laying there on the ground "long ago my mother said to me when i was little nothing is as bad as it seems, i thought she was talking about my fac....looks, but i think she was talking about everything, it is not as bad as it seems jeff, jusat be strong we will get you inside out of the rain ok" she took a hand and riped the blade out harshly, Milla was kinda bad with the careful thing and to think she was the maid doing most of the medical things it was clear Anaya needed no medics. "he is gone jeff" she said softly as she droped the blade to the side leting the rain wash off the blood from it as she got down to a knee and picked jeff up in her arms as if he was nothing. a full grown man picked up as if he was only a child by a woman only half his size. she let him take a last look at his brother before starting to walk into the castle out of the rain. "you have had a long day my young lord, it will be ok, dont worry, i am sure he will put to rest like the king he was, i will surely see to this even if i have to beg Anaya" she walked with jeff in her arms into the hall as she walked past Anaya, Anaya was about to say something and Samuel just put a finger to the rulers lips softly "miss anaya let them go Milla will explain when she comes back, let the boy rest it seems the battle went badly."  Anaya said nothing and kissed Samuels finger as she let them walk away and go up to the bed rooms so her son could rest. she had some papers to do anyway as a sadend glimmer turned in her red hues. Milla sat jeff down upon his bed and sat there beside him pulling up the covers a bit more careingly then normal. "just rest alright it will be brighter in the morning i promise you" she moved a hand to run a finger along his cheek softly as a smile came to her lips. "if you need anything i will stay here till you sleep" she placed her hands on her lap and sat at his bedside untill he told her other wise or fell a sleep.

Jeff DeLaRose: A loud, pain filled grunt left his lips as the sword was ripped from it's post easily, blood pouring from the wound. "He can't be gone-...I didn't...he just wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop. He just wouldn't stop-..." He stared at Jaurl, who had an actual smile on his face, finally blessed with the sweet relieve of his prison. Jeff was then picked up, blood trailing from his stomach as Milla lifted the prince. Luckily the blade had missed Jeff's spinal cord, but he still was losing a lot of blood. Anaya and Samuel just looked at him as he came in as if he had lost. He did lose. This was worse than Firedor, worse than the loss of Max, and just about as bad as the loss of Toni, but nothing could top that. He whispered as he was placed on the bed. "Gauze." That was all he needed as he sat himself up. "I can't sleep yet, I'll bleed to death. Thank you for the notion. I would love to sleep...forever." He coughed up more blood inside of his mask, before unlatching it and setting it onto his nightstand. The prince had blood trailing all down his lips and chin, dripping onto his jacket with another cough. Jeff sighed and took a deep breath, heating his hand up with pyrokenetic energy to that of a red hot rebar. The hand placed it's self onto his wound and pressed it closed as the smell of burning flesh, and the sounds of sizzling skin and Jeff's pained scream filled the air. "Fuckin' Christ!" He then felt his wound close, and regardless of if Milla left him to find gauze or not, he would yell to her. "And please for the love of god, get me a cigarette."

Anaya: She had left when he asked and then could hear him yelling as she let out a sigh and picked up his pack off his bathroom sink, she rolled her eyes as she made sure there were smokes in there. As she walked out of the bathroom “you know save ya from one thing kill ya with another” she moved over and sat back down upon the bed as she took the wrapping and put it around his belly and wound. She let out a sigh as she looked at him, if he was going to grab the smokes she would have hit his hand away, healing comes first before you poison yourself more. “just rest alright” she said softly as she was almost done warping him her small fingers going around his torso and backside pulling his pants to the side not off but to the side so she could wrap him better.

JeffDeLaRose: He growled as his hand was slapped away as he reached for his cigarettes. "Everyone hates me here, Milla, excluding you, and even so, I haven't given you much reason to be my friend." His lower back was gauzed, as was his stomach, complete with stopping the bleeding, and soon his energy would heal his form, and the internal wounds would cease. "I have-...nothing left to live for other than my mother who isn't a very big fan of me. Make sure Jaurl is given the same treatment as me. He can't die. When I wake up, promise you'll let me see him-..." Jeff was dead set on Jaurl being alive. He wouldn't accept no for an answer and each time anyone would tell the prince, whom was in massive shock, would not believe them and would simply get angered. His bare, gauzed torso and back rested against the bed, whispering. "You should have just-...left me out there." He then sighed softly and gripped Milla's hand. "Thank you-...I may have been sneaky before but I apologize. It's been-...a long journey to get back here and so many things have happened." He growled and reached for his cigarettes, even if she smacked his hand, he would fight through the comical flicks of scolding slaps. "Trust me. I'll be fine. Smoking won't kill me. I wish it would-...if they could kill me, I would smoke them more than I do now." He then placed the filter between his bloodied lips, and used his energy to light the tip and taking a large drag, before sitting himself up. "Jaurl just has to be okay-..."

Anaya: Her red eyes looked at him as her face turned to more anger then just the helping maid girl “look” she said as she gave a tight pull of the bandage to finish up warping him. “stop thinking life is over when shit gets bad, be lucky you had a fucking family that you got good memory's with, be happy they spent time with you, just remember the good for god sake and stop being pi.. heade.. stop being a bull”she just picked up his smokes and wanted to toss them  away to the floor, but she paused and  let out a sigh knowing her feeble place here and gave them to the prince, her voice was softer at this point “i will make sure your brother is helped the best we can. And yes when it is all over you can see him.” her red eyes looked into his own “now will you just stop with the let me die bullshit, cant you see i am not going to let that crap happen, even if the world is against you it is me that got your back right now, so forget the world and just pay attention to me”and healing” “it is night time now Sir Jeff so you need to rest and sleep, morning will be here at sometime alright” she got up from his bed side and walked over to the window and shut the drapes nice and tight and then simply made her way back and sat on the side of the bed once more at his flank, keeping true to her words of staying at his side till he told her other wise or was a sleep.

Jeff DeLaRose: He sighed and nodded, taking one more drag before ashing the cigarette out in his hand, ignoring the pain, the embers falling to the ground before burning up before reaching the floor boards. "Aye. You are right." He then placed the half of a nicotine stick onto his nightstand. "I uh-....I don't remember the last time I smiled with my family. Mother was always sending me out to kill her targets and people always died around the home. My aunt's decaying body was in her old home. Before all the war and death came...I remember my wolf, Max, my lover, Toni, and the countless balls and events always thrown by the town and kingdom. People loved us because we were a free nation and no one died, rarely. We were happy. And before that, it was more killing and death. The only true time I was happy with my family was when my family was a family." His tone was nostalgic yet laced with a monotone. He shook his head in the darkened room, blood staining his egg shell colored comforter. "Tell me the truth Milla. Will my mother attempt to hurt anyone if Stay here? Will she try and hurt people I grow to care about? Because if so, I am going to do my best to make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else, and if not, I will grow to respect her again. I know she has changed. So kind. Yet so broken. She needed me and I left because-....I wanted to believe I was better than killing civilians. I wanted to believe I was better than a murderer. Now to find out that it was all for nothing and I left-...nearly breaking my family apart, makes me realize that either way, the Iron needs me and leaving would be foolish. I am not pigheaded. I am just living how I have adapted to living. My way of life for the last 120 years saw to it that hardly anyone died. I came to peace with myself and so did Jaurl. Now I'm coming back home and everything is breaking apart. I don't want to hurt anyone else-...but I was never taught to be a pacifist-...I was taught to be an assassin, a ruler, and a dragon. In many ways I am just like Mother-...or...Samu-....Mother." He sighed and nodded. "We can talk about this in the morning. Just know that I thank you for being my friend. And I'm sorry for the trouble I caused." He then rolled over with a cough and a pained grunt, resting into his bed. "Good night Milla." He then, after several minutes, fell into a deep sleep, letting the slow healing energy take over with a holy white aura.

Anaya:“if you caused problems i would not have stood u for you when she asked me if i new who was in the catacombs. And you should get to know her more, she is a golden dragon now, she is not evil anymore,  but you also have to know she is still getting used to being this way, one cant paint a picture over night, she had as much to learn as you do” as she watched him drift to sleep she did something a little gutsy and a little bold seeing she was nothing but Anayas chamber maid. She kissed the princes for head and then got up and made her way out of the room. “sleep well Jeff everything will be fine in the morning” and with that the girl was gone her blue silks swaying as she left the room. She shut the door behind her as she let out a sigh knowing her care was pointless what she was and what he was were so different that kind of difference would never work or should even exist together. She put her head up and walked down the steps seeing Anaya almost passed out in the throne Samuel there holding her head on his shoulder.  Samuel smiled as he spoted Milla “is the prince alright Milla? ” “Yes Samuel he is sleeping, can you go get the body of his brother and bring it inside out of the rain, it is not right to just leave it there” “why does it matter Milla it is just a body we can toss it to the dog...” “NO you will go get that body and bring it inside, were i will dress it in our best garments and we will burn it like the king Jeff saw his brother to be!”  “i am up i am up....”Anaya sparked up as her eyes opend and then shut once more as Samuel ran his fingers in his mates hair “alright alright i will put Anaya tp bed in her chamber and get that done, you make sure all is well at night and then go to your resting pen as well” “it is not a pen ...i call it a bed alright” she said softly “fine but like really Milla it is a hay pen in the stable you are a... ok go to your bed it is fine when all is done alright” “yes Samuel i will” she stood there watched him as he helped the staggering Anaya up as she stumbled almost falling down up the steps to her chamber room. At some points Milla wondered who really ran this place, Anaya was the image but in the end it was Samuel and her that did the work. She let out a laugh and started the walk around the castle as she could hear Samuel coming back down to the main level to get the body in from outside and bring it to the medic wing were it would be properly dressed to be burned on the pyre like the kings were so long ago.

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Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Sun broke through the curtains, striking the ever so slightly healing prince in the crystalline baby blue orbs, that fluttered open soon after. "Jaurl?" He muttered, soon seeing the sun disappear behind stray clouds as the rain came pouring to the earth. TAP TATA TAP TAP TATATA TAP! The rain relentlessly pounded on his window sill as he moved to pull the covers from his injured form. Dainty fingers moved to wrap around his headboard, pulling himself to sit up, before climbing out of the king sized bed, ironically, and stumbled slightly over to the drapes. Jaurl was no where to be found, so he must had been brought in from the rainstorm last night. Jaurl just had to be around, for if he was not, Jeff would slowly revert back into his old self. A cold, hot headed killing machine, as the Iron had always needed before. Jeff, the prince of the Rose had always put his townspeople ahead of himself and ruled when his role was deemed needed. Now he was a pacifist, or-...ex pacifist and hates himself whenever anyone would get hurt inadvertently by himself, which seemed to be every day. His gauze wrapped tightly around his naked torso, his Jeans, black, rested tightly against his lover form, being the only clothes he had on. He was stripped of his jacket last night after the fight between the two brothers. "Jaurl?!" Jeff called out as he opened his door and limped down the corridor. "Olly Olly oxen free!" Jeff yelled, to no avail. Jaurl had to be hiding. Yes. Jaurl easily could survive a great sword to the heart, right? There is no possible way Jeff killed his own brother. Because if that were true, Jaurl's energy wouldn't be arou-...there was no energy that felt like his. Gone. A sigh parted from his bow shaped lips as he latched his mask onto his face and continued his way down the long hall before passing the opened book room and spotting his ever so working mother. His hand gripped his wound as he moved to lean against the door frame. "Good Marrow. W-...what happened last night? All I remember is you telling me the truth and then-...blank. Like-...I remember bits and pieces. That's why I am in here. Are you okay?" His voice was velvet, ringing true to his mother's ears as she was sure to either look up and spit him or be startled by the sudden commotion coming from the prince besides the silence she had been use to this morning in her own work induced stupor. "Is-...everyone alright?" 

Anaya:Anaya turned around as Samuel was laying on the floor reading some book about history and something with coin, ya he was always looking, reading or doing something with coin. He looked up for a second and then back down as he spotted the prince and picked up a coin and tossed it at the almost a sleep Anaya doing tax papers. “what oy i was slee...oh hey my dear” she said softly moving over to him her golden formal silks swaying on the floor over to him as she wrapped her arms around him a tad to tight. “Anaya he is hurt....” Samuel barked as it was to late and she was already crushing him in a hug. She stopped as she felt his body cringe in her arms, it must have hurt “oh yes last night, every one is fine you know we have a fair to go to today the kids are putting on some sort of puppet show in a town over you know it will be fun” she looked at him up and down and was like “Ok we have to get something nice on you a suit or something i am sure Samuel can get you something” she looked at Samuel as she gave that hunny just do it kind of look as Samuel shut his book slowly and stood up “i am sure i have something that will fit the boy my lady” he said sternly as he got up and cracked his back and put his book back on the shelf. “My lady Milla is dressing as well i am sure she will join us down at the town we have a long way to go. It will be a nice day...if it stops raining, what are you going to do about the rain my lady” “ummm we have a cart right is not burned down” “yes my lady we have one cart and a .....a half...we have one left yes we have one my lady i am sure we do. ” “ok then i am sure we will do fine” she said softly as she picked up a tax paper and flipped it “but i got to get this crap done first. Jeff can you understand this as i don't, and i don't remember when i spent over four thousand gold on a town.....i don't remember having this town, do you know were it gives the reason why the town was purchased ”

-Post missing, willfind or retype later-

SoulLullaby: 'What do you mean i can't drink tea in confrences?.. I have to.. i might dry up and wither away if i don't." -I whined as i sprawled across my throne in a bored fashion, batting my eyelashes at Thomas, the butler.- "Oh and wouldn't that be a great shame your highness.." -He rolled his eyes and picked up the pillow i had kicked off the throne, he shuved it next to me and i shifted in my seat and grumbled in protests.- "It's half an hour, i am sure you can cope Sire." -I rubbed my cheek with gloved fingertips and huffed softly.- "What is goin on with your skin anyway? I thought you only look dead in your true form?" -I glared at him sternly.- "I do not look dead.. simply perfectly aged, like good wine. Fabulous." "Dead" -Thomas said in dis-agreement.- "Rude. Why do i employ you? I have feelings you know!" -He chuckled and passed me a cup of Earl Grey off of the table.- "I know.. as for why, i believe you scared eveyone else off.." -I sighed.- "What is the cause for the new mortal war again? Some strange haired german guy right?" -Thomas chuckled as i sipped my tea.- "Yes.. word is he's possessed by a demon." -I choaked on my tea before laughing.- "No no.. Humans can be worse than demons at times..witnessed that first hand. They have a thing with..'Oh i don't what this is? Let's kill it and cut it open to find out.'" -Thomas turned his nose up at the idea and moved towards the kitchen.- "Well i'm off, i think i will visit Anaya." -I put my cup down on the arm of the throne before disappearing ina funnel of shadows. I appeared soon after on the steps of The Iron Dynasty castle, i looked at my attire..- "Probably should change.." -I waved my hand and shadow swarmed around my form changing my attire quickly before i knocked the door four times.-

Anaya: Samuel was about to say something then the words 'we will gain more by doing this' came to his ears and he changed the words that were about to slip form his lips “so you say if we fork out more here we will gain more in the long run, more coin?” he ran his finger over Anayas shoulder as she looked back at him her white hair falling over and a smile creeping to her lips, dragons and gold and Anaya with eating, one had to always apeel to the senses when trying to make deals “i think it will be good my mate, Jeff has always bin good with the tax's before, most of the time you handle the coin but he is good with more then handling it but making more of it for you” she put her white clawed fingers utop of his own hands as she looked back to Jeff her bright red eyes shimmering as she noded her head to him. “that would be fine, i am sure you can handle the arrangements my son and be fit to fix the town, i will send word to workers and have them here in the net coming days for you to do with as you want, then we can get the towns people out of the basement at long last and have more room down there and clean up the mess. Oh, as well as the workers got in the other night and they will start in a couple hours to drill the new pip lines to the spring that will get done all on its own, and the farmers from days past are sending clean water drums, we have 90 coming and it is one golden coin per drum. I am sure you will be able to handle it, Samuel will get you the coin form the hold and then the rest is up to you...” there was a knocking at the door as Anaya turned around her white hair flowing in the light gust of wind creeping in from a cracked window. “i think i will get my own door today” she said as she smiled and walked down the steps leaving the boys there to talk. She turned around “Samuel don't forget to get Jeff some clothing we have a fair to attend remember, it is for the children, we have to show up for our people” she did everything for the sake of the people, even showing up for a silly little fair in a town a ways over just for the people even Jeff thought it was kinda stupid but Anaya was keeping these plans. “ya have to get you clothing Jeff she wants you in a suit or something i guess” Samuel said as he let out a yawn a bead of sweat dripping form his brow, the thing with the mans race is they over heat in the mornings and he had yet to go cool off, Samuel was starting to feel the morning sun a bit to much and it was making him a tad on edge and grumpy. Anaya on the other hand was full of spunk this morning and very happy witch was kinda odd in its self for she was well herself, opening the door with a smile she said “Welcome to Iron Dynasty come in come in” she then opened the door up golden silk and a crown a top her head and white hair flowing down her face and shoulders, she was very much so a nice image to see when walking into a place, nice curves to her body and pail fine skin. She backed up letting the guest come in her eyes a little blinded from the morning sun shinning i the door she could not see who it was but she new once they came in that would be cleared up.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: A nod came to his head as they agreed to his plans. "I will oversee the construction to make sure we have everything the city will need. We need a hold that will last. This is going to be a Revolution of DeLaRose. Our family will rise again. I will see to it." He bowed to his mother as she left to go get the door, before turning back to the rather annoyed Samuel. "A suit or something?" Jeff was appalled by the thought of wearing said suit and shook his head, allowing his white tendrils of silk strands to fall In front of his cutting baby blues. "Or Something. I am sure I have something Samuel. Thank you. I shall go get dressed and Meet mother at the Cart. We can return later and work on the taxes and pay the pipe workers." Jeff gave a respectful now, noting that both Samuel and his mother ignored the question of his brother's whereabouts. The cigarette betwixt his fingers toyed with his lips as it was placed in the hole of his mask. The filter rested against his bottom lip, before the cigarette was lit and smoke filled both the air and his lungs. He exhaled a cloud of smoke as he limped into the bedroom. "Jaurl?!" Jeff opened the door and looked around before shaking his head. Jaurl was absolutely no where to be found on the upper level of the Iron. He shook his head and moved over to his wardrobe, having been filled with stylish, formal, and armored garb. He fetched a large, stylish black jacket and a scarf, as well as chained pants, tight against his form. Then a black T-shirt, and topping off the outfit were his steel toed boots, spiked at the toes, and his large 5'5 claymore and his 3'10 shadow katana rested on his back. The prince grunted in small pained expressions as he pulled the outfit over his injured being and moved to sit against the bed, taking another large drag. Jeff sighed as he wrapped the scarf around his neck, before standing and looking in the mirror, His hair was still white and it didn't feel quite like himself, so he knew that changing it later was his only option. As for the outfit, it was Dangerous, Stylish, Lordly, and Formal all in one splendid attire. He nodded at his own figure before walking out of the room, his fingers wrapping around the door knob and shutting the oak with a creak, he moved down to the main hall, to see his mother talking to a guest, and just like that, the prince became tense, and on guard. He took a large puff on his cigarette and blew the smoke in their direction, alerting them to his presence. "Ready to go, Mother?"

SoulLullaby: "Good evening. Don't worry i'm not selling anything.. you probably wont remember me, no one does." -I walked in as if invited to. I adjusted my gloves and assessed the room in a matter of seconds before turning my attention back to Anaya and the others.- "Sorry to bardge in, it is ever so lovely to see you again My Lady Anaya." -From my knees downwards i did not have any legs, instead two curved sharp blades held me up causing me to bounce slightly with each step. I wore red and black silks and a crown of platnuim that sat amoungst my snowy white curls. I had beady bright yellow-ish green eyes, like a cats, my skin was pale with a silver undertone that glittered when it caught the light in a certain way.-

Anaya: Anaya was squinting as she looked out the door way at the guest “yes i don't remember much the old memory is not the same so i am sorry on that but due come in we were getting ready to head to the town fair in Istwitch down a ways but we can wait a moment if there is anything you would like here, if you an join us we have a second cart i think” the guest there just turned away and was kinda rude but maybe he did not like the fact they were heading out or something, that kind of thing happened sometimes here it was not like it was not normal she would turn around and looked to her son all dressed “see if you can find Milla wall i care to the .....well i will just wait here and talk with Samuel till you get back with Milla, she is in the dinning hall i think, smells like burnt cooking you will be able to find her she cant make a morning meal to save her skin, please and thank you my son” she said softly as she shut the door and turned around to walk only a bit into the main hall were it was a tad warmer and out of the still coming down rain.  Samuel walked out of the reading room and up to the side of the thrones watching his mate like a hawk watching dinner, men never did get along well with other men talking or looking at there woman and hell who would blame Samuel for being protective of Anaya she was Anaya after all. but then the guest who was there was now gone and he was relaxing a little bit more.  He put his hand on the throne arm rest and sat down as the days heat was making him a tad dizzy but it was not a big deal the cold air was very nice feeling and was cooling as he had opened some windows earlier.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly as he nodded to his mother, whom was greeting the guest at the iron's doors. "Yes Ma'am. I shall go help the handmaiden." Turning on his heels, he walked back toward the kitchen, smelling the burning, repugnant scent enter his nose before giving a loud gag. "Did she graduate from the culinary college of "fucking keeping it real?" He said, coughing and fighting the tears in his eyes as he moved toward the kitchen with a limp, growling slightly in a pained manner. "Milla, no offense, but it smells like you are cooking a piece of Hog's shit. Mother sent me to help you." He coughed a bit more, not from the smell but from the welling pain that rested in his stomach. The prince dropped to his knees, gripping the marble counter, catching his fingerless gloved hand on the side to stop himself from falling. The injured prince rose, trying his damnedest to not appear weak to his subjects. Milla, despite being his friend, was still a subject.

Anaya: Milla turned around black smoke on her face as she looked as if something had gone pop in her face and left its mark all over her and her dress, she looked horrible and she even had tears in her eyes as his words came to her ears “i am not a hog!” she blurted out as she plopped to her bum to the floor in a sad thump. the cooking pot on the stove so burnt you could not even tell what was in it in the first place, and all that was left was the chard and stuck on remains of what ever it was. She had boiled the thing dry and then burnt it to think it was to be soup how can one burn soup, well she did and now she was ashamed of it. “i guess we will not be braining anything to the fair grounds she is going to be mad at me, why she not come and send you?” Milla turned around as it was clear now she had bin crying for a bit, tear marks ran down the black on her face as her blue silks looked more like black ones.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRoseGuest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose : Jeff could see how easily offended she was and moved over to her, before turning the stove off and plopped down beside her. "Milla. Hey! Hey! Its okay..." Jeff then took a handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiped some excess grime from her face. "You just focus on tending to my mother right now. She seems to need some help with the cart. Prepping it and such. Don-...Don't worry. I'll fix this, like you did for me last night." Jeff pulled Milla to her feet, resting his arm over her shoulder in a friendly manner. "I got your back, like you have mine." Jeff smiled brightly from behind his mask and snapped his fingers toward the direction of the stove. "I know you aren't a hog by the way. Even if you were-...I would still consider you a beautiful friend and I am sure my dipshit of a brother would agree, wherever he may be right now. Speaking of haven't seen Jaurl, have you? Everyone keeps avoiding that question. Did Jaurl do something stupid? Is he in trouble?" Jeff dumped out the black soup down the kitchen drain and rested the pot in the sink before fetching another large pot and filling it with water, before setting it on the flames to a boil. His gloved hands then gripped some potato as he looked over to a very stressed Milla, whom was probably by his side watching him cook. "We will make a Potato stew with bear meat. Mother and Samuel both hunted last night. Go ask Samuel where the meat is while I peel these potatoes." He coughed slightly before pulling a dagger out from his belt loop, staring at the clean blade, before slicing through the tan skin of the vegetables. After each potato, we would drop them into the boiling pot.

Anaya: The red eyes looked up at him as he pulled her to her feet and and tilted her head “even if i was a hog?” she said softly as she smiled a bit thinking something to herself but not saying a word, she moved to the stove and turned the water down and put all he had chopped in the pot. Then waved her hand as another maid came over to take care of things “Jeff come here, i will take you to your brother we have bin getting him ready for you to see him all morning” Milla took Jeffs hand in her own as she  held onto it tightly and with tender care. She then took his blade and put it on the counter for him to leave behind for now. “please dear Jeff do something for me, leave all weapons here were your brother is there is no weapons of violence allowed, it is a place of peace and rest, not many go there”  she smiled softly to him as she stood there waiting for his response to what she had asked as she gently ran her fingers a top his hand.

Jeff DeLaRose: A small brow raised as his dagger was taken from him, Milla requesting him to leave  his two blades behind. He gave a subtle nod and pulled both his blades with each hand at once and placed it on the counter, motioning to the other maid. "Excuse me, I will be back for these. Take care of them for me?" He smiled and grunted as his sheathes rested against his back, poking into his injured side without the blades weighing them down. "Where has he been? I can't remember anything from last night. I remember us yelling at each other and then-...I don't know. Is he okay?" He was soon lead to space by Milla, closing his eyes. The nervous feeling in his stomach kept welling, causing him to question the avoiding question he was asking and the lack of answers everyone was giving. "Why would Jaurl be waiting for me? What is going on-...what did I do?" He blinked softly before spotting the door Milla was leading him to and a gritting of his teeth came. "Did I-...hurt him?" They would soon stop in front of the door that blocked them from the ever curious room

Anaya: Milla had nicely led Jeff to the door of the memorial room, a large red and black door with the dragonic words for peace and after life marked on a scroll of old paper that was nailed to the door. “Jeff the other night you and your brother had a large fight, i am sorry but he is in a better place now, he is free Jeff ” she opened the door to the chamber room there were people in white clokes watering the flowers and making sure everything was nice and that the incense kept burning all day long be anyone in the room or not, it was a way of removing the bad and bringing in the good. And there was jeffs brother, dressed in the finest suits gold could buy, hair brushed, skin cleaned and even bathed, he was ready for the after life, cold jars  filled with fruits, roses, cold coins and even a dog lay at the side of the pyre were the body was on top off covered in fine grass and roses. “here he is Jeff, he has bin getting ready for you to see him all morning, i promised you last night i would make sure Anaya or Samuel would not just dump his body in a ditch or feed it to to other  things i hope i did good for you and your brother Jeff, he will  be layed to rest like the Prince he is”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "A better pla-....Milla, what are you saying?" He took a step back before the doors opened, spotting each individual doing their purpose, and in the middle, was Jaurl, looking as if he was the king of his own domain. Jeff took 5 steps forward, each placement of his foot brought tears closer to his ducts, ready to trail down his cheeks. "Ja-..." Jeff brought his hand up to his masked lips, covering them even more than they already were. "I did this-...?" His voice broke and trembled as he slowly approached the pyre. Dainty fingers ran down Jaurl's cheeks and just as quick, he pulled away. "He is so-...cold. J-...Jaurl. Wake up." He shook him softly, before staring into his closed hues. His family, brother, and only companion was gone, and 120 years of memories were all he had left. "I'm so-...sorry." He didn't let the tears flow yet, but anyone looking at him could sense that he was clearly in pain, both emotionally and physically. "I-...don't feel good." He looked down, feeling all the events from last night flood back into his dome. This was his doing and now he needed to live with it. Jeff felt all the emotion in him drain at once. Everyone he held close in his travels were gone. He placed his hand on the pyre, spotting one of the workers staring at him, before looked at the animal testing with his brother. He closed his eyes and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around his brother once more, before slowly lowering him back into his bedding, and using his pyrokenisis to engulf the wooden pyre. He then, without a word, nodded to Milla in a pained, thankful manner, and left the room, not watching the pyre slowly reduce his brother to ash, as the many kings before him.

Anaya: Milla saw Jeff set the Pryer on Fire “we are inside the bloody building!” she screamed as she grabbed a bucket of water and started to splash it out. She let out a sigh and had to do something in risk of the whole place burning down, she put her red eyes to the floor and mumbled something under her breath in very deep demonic tongue and then the flames just  died as if the air got sucked form them. She let out a sigh and looked at Jeff “you could have burned the whole place down this place is wood and stone, mostly bloody wood” she taped her finger to the bridge of her nose and walked up to him as she new he was sad and bitching about how the place could have burned down was not going to help. “you know were i come from every death is not an end but a new beginning when something dies it gets a new life as something else, who knows jeff maybe one day you will meet someone and go hey you remind me of a brother i once had, and it will make you smile. Don't worry it will be alright it is what jaurl wanted to be free, to go home again. And i guess you are not up for a fair trip now are you. I can let Anaya know if you want.” she asked as she walked up to his side and took his hand in hers and pulled him into a very odd kind of hug, it was abrupt but she thought everyone needed a hug sometimes .

Jeff DeLaRose"You know Jeff, one day I am not gonna be here? When that day comes, I know you'll do just fine without me but I expect that it is still going to be rough. I will no longer be there to annoy you and push you to do great." Jeff remembered the conversation by the fire, 3 months before he found his home, poking at it with a stick. "I know you won't always be there but you have been with me for YEARS. I don't expect you to go anywhere!" "But you can't expect me to always be with you. I know I am always rude to you but you have grown so incredibly strong. You barely need me any more." Jeff smirked some and shook his head. "I always need you, just imagine how broken I'll be when you die." Jeff sighed and Jaurl sat in his mind, simply whispering. "Just promise me you'll live on, as you intended to?" "I promise-..." Just like that, Jeff was standing in front of a mirror, in the middle of the hallway, staring at himself. He had that same shocked expression in his eyes, yet somehow, he looked completely void of emotion. "Come back-..." He whispered, staring at himself with an unmoving glare. "I promise-...I promise-...I promise." He then was being talked to by the rather annoyed yet heartfelt Milla, whom was dissatisfied with his decision to light the pyre inside. He didn't care. The pyre was inside, yes, but the flames were his own, controlled by him. If anything would have happened, he would have stopped it. Milla kept talking and yet all Jeff could hear was the sound of a high pitched ringing. He stared off as his form was pulled into a hug by the maid, and he simply whispered, almost inaudible. "Thank-....excuse me." He then nodded to her, slowly walking toward the main hall, where Anaya and Samuel rested, but not before grabbing his weapons from the kitchen counter and sheathing them along the way. He didn't look at them, no. Instead he looked at the ground with a defeated expression. " ready-....lets-...lets go." He then walked by them both, and walked down the steps, to the prepped cart. He sat down, whispering to himself, keeping the tears back . "I promise..."

Anaya: Anaya was fixing her hair as Jeff walked out Milla soon followed him as she looked at Anaya “what is wrong with him Milla did you....oh you did”  “he took it best he could my lady Anaya, maybe no fair today? Maybe just let him stay home and rest” Anaya looked at Milla and nodded to Samuel “i will go talk to him before we go, we will see how it all turns out” she got up the other two just staying there as  Anaya walked out to the cart hurrying in to the cart toget out of the rain even if parts of it marked her snow white hair burning it and tuning spots black. She looked at it and could not help but laugh the pain away. “new body is no good with water, i miss the old one at times ya know, i could swim with that one, i cant even wallow in the swamps anymore. You know this is what he wanted Jeff to go home. Hey you know tonight you will be able to see him when you look up at the sky, every star is a life, new starts form every day, old ones fade and make way for others, the ones we love watch over us til we go there to meet them. Then we watch over the ones we love then go away to be with the ones that watched over us and the ring of life and passing goes on. You will see him again i know you will now all you have to do is make him proud of the man you are”    she took her sons hand and held it in her white claws “if you want to stay home from the fair it is alright, i know it is a tad childish for you, Samuel and i or Milla and i can go and if you want you can stay home with one of them. Keep you company i am sure”

Jeff DeLaRose: "As a lord, it is my duty to show up for my townspeople. I am to one day rule the Dynasty and I will not let even death disrupt me from my job as it has all those years ago." Jeff was doing his best to appear strong in front of his people, doing as his brother had asked. "I can not feel him-...he isn't with me any more. He may be in the sky tonight but that doesn't mean I'll ever see him again after that. I only saw him yesterday and I miss him so damn much. He was my brother-...he was my best friend. And you were going to kill him." Jeff stared to her and his masked lips quivered as he whispered slowly. "I forgive you-...for everything. The beatings, the death, Firedor. I forgive you-...for killing Isis. I forgive you for killing Crome. I forgive you for everything. Just for leaving all those years ago. I know now that this house needs a lord, for you alone cannot run it. It is not an insult but merely an observation. I have seen everything go wrong since I first came home and was adopted by-....Z. They gave me up and I was adopted by you and you showed me how to be powerful. You taught me everything. Now I am home and we can rule together as he use to. Samuel and you by each other's side. And a lord to lead your army and town." Jeff kept a stiff upper lip, trying his best not to break into tears. "We will burn him when we return. Now my first official duty as the High Prince of the iron is to ask this fucking cart to move." He then pulled a cigarette from his coat pocket and lit the end of it, and placed it in the hole of his mask before taking a pain filled drag and letting out a large cloud of smoke. "Our people need the queen and need to hear about my return. It is a happy day. Some believe me to be dead, you know? Some of the books they have written about me are just awful. No wonder everyone knows who I am." He smiled, then laughed, then laughed a bit harder, until he felt tears roll down his cheeks. He wasn't laughing now, nor making any noises. He just silently cried, waiting for his mother to speak, and the cart to move.

Anaya: she looked at him as she leaned back and then opend the door looking up to the driver siting a top driping wet from the raining "go get my male and Milla please driver we have to be on our way or we will be late" she shut the door knowing the driver would do as he was asked and she could not be in the rain for long. she looked back to her son and a smile came to her lips "you have grown so much over the years, and i dont know what it will be like having another lead this place i have done it myself for a very long time, gont get used to giveing me orders my son i am still the alpha here after all, you may have say but dont remember it is not over mine" she smiled at him as her hair fell infrount of her eyes and she pushed it back and relaxed in the nice dry cart. "what ever is done by you, you must come to me to have things marked down and papers finalized i do hope this is understood, you have bin a week home and alot has happend but you are the prince not the king" she let out a chuckle as the door cracked open and Samuels face poked in, he spoted jeff smokeing as water driped down his face "i am going to walk in the rain my lady i need to cool down it is hot today, i am sure you understand" anaya gave asmile "and Mil.." "Rain rain rain move move wet ewww eewww Anaya!" milla bolted from the castle doors runing past Samuel and was right at anayas lap hardly even damp from the speed from the door to the cart she was inside the cart and on Anayas lap looking up belly up like a dog happy to see master "oh there you are milla, good to see you here...on my lap....not wet....screaming that it is ewww" she let out a laugh as she messed up Millas hair and let the girl rest on her lap as she got up wraping her arms around Anayas shouders as if she was the womans child. "sorry miss Anaya i just not a big fan of the wet gross water stuff" "it is fine Milla and there is not enough room for you to sit really so my lap is fine aswell " Anaya put her arms around Milla and was holding her, true genuin care in her eyes then she looked back to her son as the cart started to roll and you could hear Samuel outside thumping in the rain enjoying himself.

Jeff DeLaRose: He narrowed his eyes, and gritted his teeth, before taking a rather calm breath. "With all due brother just died. The last thing I want is to over throw your authority." He then looked out the window, blowing rings as he awaited the cart to move. Which came two seconds later, the horses slowly trotting forward. Tears kept streaming down his cheeks, keeping his gaze from the two. His nicotine stick was shortened and tossed out the window, where another was quickly replaced. He needed cigarettes now more than ever, even if they didn't kill him, he would still crave them. He remained silent before gripping his hand around the window and flipping out of the moving carriage and landing on the roof, before being soaked by rain. Now no one could notice the tears, blending into the rain and his clothes that he would dry when they got there. For now, he simply say Indian style, and guarded his cigarette from the rain, hunched over, and continued puffing. Little did he know, his brother's soul draped his arm over Jeff's shivering, sobbing shoulders, as he was finally alone-ish, and could mourn. Jeff could feel a spirit with him but the rain made it hard to sense where. It was close, however and each passing sob brought the brothers closer, without Jeff's knowledge. Jaurl simply comforted the mourning brother, without so much as a peep.

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in Memory of Jaurl, may your smart wit and voice be remembered within our minds and may your tender and different care tactics be remembered in our hearts, you were truly one of a kind and no one will ever replace you. ~Anaya

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Jeff DeLaRose:"Cigarettes! Cig-ar-ettes! Do you sell cigarettes?! It is not that hard of a fucking question to answer!" The angered prince screamed at a vender selling assorted smokable herbs. He hadn't jumped off the top of the cart to explore for nicotine to come up short. Anaya knew he was around here, but had no idea of his nicotine fits. "Just a bunch of tobacco rolled into a paper! It isn't that obscure! C-i-g-g-a-r-e-t-e-s! I need just one! I ran out three hours back! Do you know what it is like to be stuck in a cart with a nearly naked ditz of a girl and a dragon who smells like elephant shit and ham?! All there is to do is chain smoke." The vendor was backed into the corner of his stand, arms huddled by his chest as he shook and stared at the prince. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, it has just been a long ride. Any idea where I can get something new? Something to calm me?" The vendor stepped forward toward the jonzing Prince and pointed toward green fluffy plants, brown and red hairs running off the budding flowers. "I will take that then and some longbellow smoking leaves." Fifteen minutes passed and the prince sat in the park, surrounded by walking, bustling townspeople with a rolled cigarette substitute before lighting it, his posterior hitting the bench with a thud. He took a single drag through the hole of his mask and felt his muscles relax and his mind clear. Bliss washed over, and he didn't feel quite as shaky as usual. "A-mazing! I neeeeded thiiiiis!"

FallonRage: A short athletic figured red head sits quietly behind the paraphernalia vendors cart, the same vendor she had just stolen a handful of the green puffy plants with the pretty red hairs throughout from. Just as she reached for the rolling leaves, she was cut short by a pushy asshole who seemed to be in a rush. Hoping he would move on quickly she peeked around the corner to see the vendor with his back to her, she took that moment to slide her small arms into the booth and grab 3 or 4 of the leaves and retreat to the bench nearby. Settling the plants on her lap she best end deeply leaning back against the back of the bench. She had been riding for days and needed something to calm her nerves. Tired of living coin purse to coin purse, and stealing to get by, Ashe just wanted somewhere to settle for the night. Pulling a coin from her pocket she smiles with the flip of her fingers it goes up into the air and lands softly in her left Palm, covered by her right hand. "Heads we stay, tails we ride on" she says to herself before looking down and lifting her hand just as someone plops next to her on the bench bumping her elbow, causing her coin to fly out of her hand I to the grass beyond. "God dammit", she yells out, "watch where the fuck you're"... Stopping suddenly she sees the same asshole from earlier and without finishing stands to walk off...

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff didn't notice the girl, and blinked as he had bumped her, causing the coin to flip away. "Oh dear-...I'm sorry! Here let me-..." She had already taken a few steps before he picked the coin up and walked in front of the rather rude individual. He sighed softly and turned, hoping to stop her in her tracks. "You dropped this. And this." He took a good look at her clothes and the way she presented herself and held a coin, and a rather large coin purse containing two hundred gold. "Consider it a gift from the DeLaRose Iron Dynasty." He smirked as he had stolen the money from the hold himself. The idea of Jeff leaving some spending money behind was ludicrously absurd.

FallonRage: -staring into the prince's face she wrinkled her nose and out her hand out with her palm open- "And just who the hell is DeLaRose?" -Ashe asks curiously, noticing he eyed her and her gear, Ashe instantly used the situation to her advantage grabbing the bag he offered and her coin with the opposite hand- "Thank you kindly sir, I'm not big a lowly beggar hungry and tired, with no place to go" -she then turned on her heel and walked toward the exit of the carnival stuffing the bag in her satchel and the fluffy plants in the pocket of her fitted trouser, with a smile on her face, not having had to steal or rob this night. Trying to think of the nearest bed and breakfast not being vastly familiar with Thai area-

Jeff DeLaRose: "Wait!-...what's with the stealing things? Your aura gave you away. Plus you telegraph all of your moves. If I hadn't been there to keep his ass distracted, your welcome by the way, he would have caught you and you'd be spending the night in jail. I'm prince Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose. High Prince of the DeLaRose Dynasty. We are supposed to be-...fucking guests here or something like that. I honestly think it is a little degrading but the queen dragon says that our townspeople need guidance so-....I dunno. Anyway!" The prince went on for a moment, stepping in front of her again. "Look-...I'll be honest with you. I don't want to be here. I want to be home tending to my bro-....home and you need a place to stay and I need a handmaiden." He crossed his arms and smiled brightly. "Each gold coin in that coin purse is more than the silver coins that you keep trying to steal. Come work for my right hand." A smile peeked from behind his mask. "I usually get everything my self so you get paid to do nothing and you get a nice room to yourself with a queen sized bed because I guess my mother spared no expense on her home-....unfortunately for me." He raised a brow. "I know it's a lot to take in from a stranger but hear me out. It is obvious you are a con artist and a drifter by the way you walk. At least try it for a week instead of getting your pretty little arse raped or hit on by every damn man at the taverns and pubs. Not to say you can't handle yourself but-...I just couldn't forgive myself if another person died and I didn't stop it." His eyes were sincere and his eyes looked away from hers as his white strands hung in front of them. He extended his hand out and awaited her answer, hoping to shake. "And you are..?"

FallonRage: After listening to him carry on for a wait she smiles and with a huff begins to speak... "I don't need your..." Before stopping herself and closing her lips. She slowly extended her hand to take his while her brain rapidly ran through all of the ways this could go south and fast- "Well, a fucking prince huh? My lucky day I guess." Ashe murmers quietly. "I don't know how good of a handmaiden I will be, since I don't take orders from any man, but a place to wash up sounds divine. I've been on my own far too long. So, how about we play the position by ear Prince?" Pulling her hand back. "You can call me Ashe... And thank you."

Jeff DeLaRose: He sighed softly and raised a brow, taking back his hand after one shake. "Don't try and con us. I do everything my self and I am offering you a chance to live like something more. Trust me, I've been where you are. I ran away for a very long time and had to make my own shelter in the woods and do my fair share of conning. You can just call me Jeff by the way. Prince makes me sound like a real bafoon when you say it. I know what it is like to be in the dust and feel low. This could be your new life. Like I said, I do everything. You may not take orders from a man. But you might have to from a giant golden dragon. She kind of why I am here. Something bad-...happened and she thought she could take my mind off of it. So here I am. I ditched them to find some smokes." He hit the green 'cigarette' once and handed it over to her. "200 gold, each week and a place to call home. Or you can take your chances in the tavern. But make a choice." He then pointe d his finger upward, sending a large telekinetic blast into the sky. Shifting the molecules and particles in each cloud around them to cause a rapid thunderstorm instantly, yet 5feet above and around them was shielded by Jeff's aura from the rain as Jeff smiled behind his mask. "Storms coming." Jeff awaited for her answer, lighting another substitute cigarette. He smiled and took a large drag and exhaled, peering at her through pure baby blue hues.

FallonRage: Running her hands down the front of her white button up shirt Ashe looked up at him and nods quietly. She hasn't had much interaction with people, she keeps to herself mostly, so wasn't sure of the protocol, she crossed her arms with a deep breath. "Look, I only conned to survive, I only stole to live. I don't hurt anyone not worth hurting, and I am kind to the weak or hungry. I said thank you, and I'll take you up on the job. As long as you take this back and pay me when I've earned it" She says tossing him back his bag of coin before looking up to the sky where he pointed. With a smirk she grabs the "cigarette" from him and takes a puff. "Nice trick, where can I learn how to do that?" Shifting the pack on her back she would groan a bit, heavy with clothes, an ample amount of money for her conning adventures, her medi Kit, a few small knives, throwing daggers, a sword she had picked up off of a decaying body nearby, her personals, and a dozen spells or more, it was quite heavy.

Jeff DeLaRose: "Good. We will get along fine." He smiled softly from behind his mask, gripping the gold that was tossed to him in mid air. "Alright then. Seems like we are companions then." He then smiled as she took his spliff and puffed on it herself before crossing his arms and frowning as she called his power a "neat trick". "I could teach you a few levitation spells at the kingdom to start you off. But learning how to control the energy around everything takes a high amount of time, effort and power. I can teach you how to wield your sword like w white knight if you wish. Not to say you can't fight well. Just offering." He smiled and moved to sit on the bench as the townspeople started running inside and to tents while the rain pummeled down to the earth. "Until then, we just wait for the my mother to give her speech on why we are here, then we can get into the cart and head home. I am sick of this place." He crossed his arms as dangerous, sword clad men walked past them and into the tavern, but not before one spat at Jeff's feet and growled. "Vampiric dipshit of a prince. Should have died in the woods." Jeff grunted and stood, but they were already in the bar, so he sat back down. "If there wasn't a lady present I would-...fucking beat them within an inch of their lives."

FallonRage: Smiling Ashe dropped her pack on the ground and followed him to the bench, listening to him speak just as she felt the rain begin to fall on her bright red hair, but before she could sit beside him the group of men with swords walked by them and spit at the Princes feet muttering something about vampiric dipshit, and Ashe felt the tingle in her fingertips and her eyes flashed Red. Breathing quickly she closed her eyes. -when Ashe was a small girl, everywhere she went there happened to be fired near by, and for a while she thought someone was out to get her, but after years had gone by found out it was she who was starting them... Since then she's tried controlling it, but upon getting angry it becomes difficult to do so.- Opening her eyes Ashe looks down at the Prince and frowned. "Aren't you going to do anything? She asked, a hint of anger in her voice. "Are you just going to let them say those things about you?"

Jeff DeLaRose: A small furrow of his brow came as he looked over to her and a curve of his bow shaped lips came to his maw. As much as he would love to split them open, he had already had his fill of death for a while. Yet for some reason, he felt himself being urged to go into the bar. Something was telling him to go stand up for himself, and it wasn't Just Ashe. "What if-...I kill them?" He asked before immediately shaking off his question and standing back up. "Ashe, I know this is going to sound weird, but I am a vampire who hates killing. I try not to fight anyone. I-...have my reasons. I am fine being humiliated." He looked at the spit on the cement path leading to the bar. "But spitting in front of a lady is not right." As a prince, he was use to the committee and townspeople harassing the royals whilst others praised them. He simply strolled into the tavern next to the bench, not knowing if she would follow or not. He didn't care. He had a problem with people spitting in a disrespectful manner to females. Even if he was rude to a woman, he would never spit at their feet. He listened to the doors close as the murmurs of the prince entering the pub became apparent. "There is a man in here who spat in front of a nice young woman, and a royal hand maiden, I want an apology." A large, 7 foot tall man clad in a large great sword and leather armor stood, and walked up to Jeff, whom had his arms crossed, growled with a low huff and hawked a loogie at his feet. "There ain't no lady in here." Jeff smiled softly, and clenched his fist, speaking in a low tone, stepping closer. "You don't want to do this." The man smiled, as did his friends from before, surrounding Jeff, being 4, excluding the man Jeff was staring down. "Trust me. We do." The five men cracked their knuckles and laughed before Jeff shrugged his shoulders and bent his knees before shooting forward. The hard skull of the prince smashed against the oaf of a man, whom simply fell back, unconscious. The large man began to make a large gargling sound. Jeff crossed his arms once more and smirked. "No one wins with a head butt...but me." He the placed his fists up, ready for the upcoming bar fight.

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