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Rose Has Thorns Part 1

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Anaya: It was still raining when the cart got to the town known as Ipswitch or something like that, most just called it Mill Mire as it owns one of the largest grain mills around for miles that was the point of the fair in truth, she did not tell her son but she had plans today, as the cart came to a halt she looked to Samuel her beloved mate as she gave that smile “after you my dear and did you grab the leather drape stick” he nodded as he pulled it up from his feet “i had the driver grab it and put it here for you as i new the rain would not stop” she smiled and took it giving it to dear little Milla to hold as she new her job as the queens servant. “now we look our best and better be on best behaviour for today things have to go right, and it is a fair so you both can get cooked lizards if you wish when it is over, and there is a feast as well”  it was as if the girls eyes lit up and an angels light was shining behind them, cooked lizard was a fav treat of hers and Anaya only gave it to her on very rare trips. “i will be your flawless hand servant my lady” she said in the best voice she could muster. She could hear Jeff bail off the roof of the card and she new he could handle himself so did not give much mind to it. “ok so Milla you first” Anaya said as she picked up the little one known as Milla in her bright silks and the girl went out the door and set up the leather drape on a wooden shaft to nicely and elegantly cover miss Anaya's head and body form the rain. After that anaya came out of the cart under the leather hang and fixed her dress so it would not drag all that much at least till they got to the stone walking path. She new it was going to be a long day and the rain was not helping, rain made the dragons skin burn, it would be a very long day if Anaya got wet. As  Samuel got out of the cart he smiled and walked at Anayas flank, her mate, bodyguard and servant all wrapped into one, she could not ask for a better flank guard. He smiled taking her arm in his own to show he was the mate to the queen and they all walked into the fair ground away form the cart. There were hundred of people kids every were all laughing and having fun, as soon as they saw the royal family they crowded and bowed. Anaya moved and walked letting a child kiss her hand as she bowed her head back to them. She got down to look at one child “my dear do you know were the feast hall is i must go there and get out of the rain can you take me there” the child smiled laughed a bit and ran, he was a little giggly over Anayas red eyes, so different then the little human town of people. “dis way, dis way!” he called out as she as well as Milla and Samuel followed him more into the fair ground.

Anaya: she turned around as she called out to her son. “why don't you come over here and meet the towns people, have some lizard and have fun” her face was bright as it was a alright day, well kinda if you took out the rain.

Jeff MacGee: Sighing, he rose and walked over toward Anaya,  He looked at his own feet as sadness plastered its self all over his expression. "Forgive me-...I am not feeling social." He stood by his mother, awaiting for permission to leave, simply dripping from head to toe in rain, being very unamused with the current events that have transpired thus far. "The people around here hate us somewhat. Do you see that at all? I may have already had to defend myself. These people need order." Brow furrowing, he shook his head. He stepped away, bowing to all of them. "I have hired a girl to be my handmaiden. I must go collect her. I will return." He then took this time to walk around the crowds, looking for the girl he had met earlier.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Clenching her fists once again Ashe couldn't control what was brewing inside of her, so after watching Jeff walk Into the bar she grabbed her pack and turned quickly on her heel to walk off. Young children smiling at her as she passed them, some with cotton candy and caramel apples, playing games, and laughing with their parents, waving at her as she walked by them, like she was just another person at the fair. Ashe sat at a nearby bench and hoped she would run across the Prince once more.

Jeff MacGee: Jeff kept walking in the rain, before looking up at the sky, and feeling each pellet crash onto his face with a simple PLOP. Emotion welled inside of the young prince, so many feelings of having to remain a sarcastic, cynical, and well put together individual and so many other feelings of wanting to break, scream, and destroy everything. He killed his brother not even 24 hours prior and each step he took brought him closer to his inevitable boiling point. "Jaurl-..." Jeff whispered as he felt his heart drop, dropping to his knees, 15 feet in front of the benches where Ashe likely was. His heart felt like it was going to explode with each breath he took. Was Jeff having a panic attack? The all powerful prince was, for the first time in forever, all alone. No guidance. No companionship. No voice. Jaurl was gone and it was his fault. Firedor was gone, and it was his fault. Toni was gone and it was his fault. Anaya had died and it had been his fault. He had done nothing but cause trouble, and after 120 years of holding all of his anger and sadness in, and hours of pretending he hadn't killed Jaurl, he exploded. His power would rise, and his tears would flow. His aura became apparent to those around as the purple energy touched the clouds. "Jaurl!" He let out a loud scream, before smashing his fist into the pavement, again and again and again. His knuckles cut open, the blood dropped from the right hand, the aphrodisiac smell filling the air before being washed away by the pounding rain. Children and fair goers backed from the prince. Before the murmurs came. "That's the prince! "Is he okay?" "Someone get help!" "He seems injured already." "Children stay back.." Jeff listened to the townspeople whisper different words to each other before looking at his reflection in a growing puddle of rain and his own grieving tears. "He is crying-..." A little girl stated before walking forward and staring at the prince, before holding out her stuffed doll. It was a figure of the prince himself. A toy vender sold them, along with ones of Anaya, Isis, and even Samuel. The stories written of them made them become popular among the local cities around the continent. Jeff looked at the blond haired doll version of himself, taking it gently into his hands and looking to the little girl. "T-...thanks." She simply nodded to him and walked back into the crowd. He rose to one knee, before taking his surroundings in into account. Dozens of people staring at him. He simply stood to his feet and walked through the crowd, who parted like the Red Sea as Jeff got close to them. He then, spotted Ashe, who likely watched the entire ordeal.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya was enjoying the small moment with her people, she had not seen the townspeople in over a year and for some reason she new the happiness was going to be short lived. She could feel Jeffs spike in power level as she looked to some of her people“please to the love of the god sky keeper do not leave this spot i will be back” she let out a sigh as she grabbed the arm of her mate and pulled him out into the rain, a couple drops hitting her face as she cringed to the burning it was giving, she was not in a happy mood as the family was being seen on a very high level today, she had to have a meeting with the governor of this little crap town and her son scaring everyone was not going to make dealings any better, she should have made him stay home, but he had a hard day and she understood that,hell she new how it felt when she killed her own sister with the bathroom drapes, funny thing her sister got her them for a birthday present, karma is amazing. She walked over to her son as her red eyes cut the rain like daggers it was clear she was not a happy camper right now due to rain making her on edge and in pain all the time, breathing in the water in the air made even moving and talking painful. “people don't like us cus......” Samuel placed his hand on her shoulder and looked at her “he has had a long day my dear, the cart is up front just have him go home, i am sure we can deal with the fair here” Anaya nodded and let out a sigh “just take the cart home Jeff, bring your new found maid with you and get her used to the place and settled in, have her take the guest bedroom up near your room if you like and Jeff” she looked at him “don't get overly attached to this one ok” she turned around hearing the mutters of the towns people at how the prince should be more in control, but then agein they had no idea what had happened the day before as well as they were all human, 90% of the people in this world were only humans, people like the royal family and people at the castle had to adapt and take that into thought, humans fear what they don't understand be it good or bad, humans here would never understand them and Anaya new this, so they had to adapt to the humans not the other way around. Anaya stayed there watching her son waiting for him to say something as the cold rain coated his body and dropped from his garments.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Playing with the small ring on her finger Ashe was lost in thought, the rain hitting the top of her head and running down her long red locks, before she heard a scream and stood quickly turning her bead toward the crowd that already started to form around the culprit. Moving. Toward the crowd she had a sudden urge to run away but found herself pushing through the crowd stopping only when she saw Her new lord on his knees on the ground and a woman with high Royal appeal and stature. Sure this was the mother he spoke about Ashe stood back for a moment. Unsure what she should do, Ashe only walked toward Jeff and knelt down next to him once the woman walked away. "Come Jeff, I.. I think it's time to go now." She watched the towns people stare at him, and heard their murmers about him not being in control of himself. Ashe felt a large amount of pain coming from Jeff. Pain, anger, and rage were just pouring from him. But the tears falling from his face were barely visible through the rain, showed immense pain. Touching his shoulder softly Ashe felt bad for the Prince, and for once she though maybe he needed her, just as much as she needed him. "Come now Prince, straighten up." She whispers to him. "Your mother doesn't look very happy, and it's my first night on the job."

Jeff MacGee: Jeff turned and stared at his mother. "Don't put that on me-...they don't like is because-..." He then felt Ashe by his side, helping him, away from The crowd. "I will go home. Fine. Enjoy your fair." He then limped on his left foot, his injuries from last night became more and more apparent with each step he took with Ashe. The townspeople murmured about the queen and her madness, as well as questioning the prince's sanity. They made it 100 feet away from the crowd and to the cart, before Jeff opened the door For Ashe to climb in first, then he followed. He looked at the driver and whispered to him in a low monotone. "Home, please Alfred." Alfred nodded and slowly, the horses began to move. A large sigh came from his lips before he whispered softly, cutting through the silence. "I had to kill my brother-..." Jeff blinked and shook his head. "It sounds weird when I say it like that. Out loud." He gripped the seat tightly and growled in emotional and physical pain. "He just-...wouldn't stop attacking. He is all dressed up on a pyre...waiting for me to burn it. I-...don't know what to do. I' scared." Jeff, for the first time, admitted to a stranger, his fear. That he was afraid of something. "I am expected to drop everything and keep myself well put together-...but...He was what kept me together. I'm sorry-...I didn't-...expect to do this. I just-...exploded." He rested his heads in his hands. "He was all I had when it came to friends."

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya watched her son limp away as she was hurt inside, hurt for the fact that the seen had just played out and also angers at herself as well as the towns people who had the balls to mutter things behind them. Anaya turned around leaving the rain safety of the leather over hang as drops hit her face and the skin burned off showing the white scale line under. People backed up with wide eyes as Anaya went back under the leather over hang. Slowly her face healed but there was more then enough time for people to leave and stop being kind and happy to see them. Anaya looked to her mate “you know something they don't need order, they need more understanding that they are not the only ones here, and that difference is not always a bad thing, but i guess it is about time to make it to the feast hall, got to talk to the governor about the mill establishment we need that grain, ya we can get it form other places but it would be helpful to have it from here” she muttered as the towns people had left to go back to the fair festivity's. As Milla came over Anaya could not help but smile, she had candy cloud on her head  in the shape of a large rimed hat and half a lizard sticking out her mouth. “Anaya Anaya i had fun with the kiddys” Anaya could not hep but burst out laughing as Milla was talking with her mouth stuffed with lizard. “ya i see that Milla, the kids clearly are not scared of you” but then agein who could be, Milla was the cute one of the bunch, there was not a thing about her that would be taken as something to fear, cute feet to that nose to her soft blonde hair even her persona was that of a child to the ones that new her, no one really new anything else about Milla that was the way the girl liked it, no past no future just the now. “milla clean yourself up will you or go back and play we are going to head out to the feast hall have to do the royal work you know, want to come or play” and Milla said not a word and ran away, playing at a far was way more fun then doing royal work and there was kinda a cute boy over were she was playing at the candy cloud stand, so like yes she was going to play. Anaya laughed and looked at Samuel as they started to walk to the feast hall “guess it is you and me” Samuel nodded “yes my lady Anaya”

Tsu: Despite the angry sheets of rain cascading over the small town, there was no denying the walking girl was stranger. Not to say that the young lady was unattractive-… In fact she was… fairly average. Short brown hair, plastered to her face with the rain, uneven and patchy at the best, it was a wonder if she either a. brushed it out ever, or b. took a kitchen knife to it to adjust her fringe. Tied back in two uneven braids which stuck out behind her in a messy fashion and held together with what appeared to be the stems of leaves, it was clear she cared very little for her physical appearance. Her face was entirely average, save for her eyes, one brown and the other green shadowing a sunny expression and freckled nose. Wearing a simple green forest attire, looped to her belt were two leashes one attached to an angry, hissing six legged badger, and the other loose and hanging at her side. Looped at her back was a simple tan jug, which for once sat silent, as she was out of its contents, and thusly wandered out of her forest home to located more of the brew she relied upon to keep herself relaxed. No, Serinne was an elven forester, collector of animals and all things with teeth, claws and a bad attitude. At her side, the badger nicknamed Bonaparte walked by his masters side, huffing noisily at the ground as she chirped with a quiet tuneless whistle. It would be noted her careless swagger, as she bumped past people with so little as an excuse me into the town, bustling with people carting their items around the town square and narrowly avoiding Bonaparte’s impatient snapping mouth. Arriving at a particularly interesting cart, with small dolls, the girl paused and overlooked the items on display. The cart manager, with hand coating over his eyes to avoid the rain smiled, “Greetings miss, can I interest you in a doll of one of the royalty? Crafted by my wife of the finest-…” Serinne wasn’t listening her eyes narrowing as she looked over the wares, “You’re missing one.” The man looked momentarily confused and blinked multiple times as he accounted for the merchandise. “I… don’t think o miss, everyone is accounted for-.” “And what about her majesty, the late Lady Lyric? Sister of the Queen?” The small surrounding area had gotten quiet, and tittering voices began to fill around the embarrassed shop keep. “W-Well we didn’t think it was important to…” It was here that Bonaparte let out an angry snarl, and Serinne’s hand gripped at the leash with a silent ferocity to keep the bad tempered badger from tearing into the mans ankles. “You can have the queen’s playmate, but not her sister? And of the prince as well-...” It was odd for her to be speaking so formally, Her eyes darkening as she looked over the variety of dolls, the badger biting at the air as she yanked his chain again, causing one of the bystanders to speak up. “You need a muzzle on that thing, its frightening the children.” Another piped up with agreement as she turned around and stared at the lot of them with an eerie smile. “Bonaparte’s just upset because we lost track of his sister, Josephine a few hours back-…” She glanced over her shoulder as the crowd seemed to shift with unease. “She’s gonna be having her pups soon-… violent lady, and hungry.” “And you let the beast free?” Serinne smiled to herself, there was no Josephine-… But they didn’t know that, and her natural charismatic nature made it near impossible to tell when she was lying. “I figured I’d let her off the leash for a little while-… Hadn’t expected her to run off so quickly. She probably found a bed to sleep under-… Children’s beds fit her best, so I might have to start looking there.” Her fingertips scratched absently at her chin before she shrugged, looking back at the shop keep. “You invoke the wrath of the dead when you deny their dues. Keep that in mind.” Turning on her heel, she wandered past the rain, and past the crowd, Bonaparte chuffing soundlessly at the ground as she continued past and towards the nearest bar without so much as a shake of her head.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Sitting across from the young Prince and watching him struggle Ashe thought about how she came to be here and her own vices. Skeptical of everyone she figured maybe this place was worth a shot, and maybe he was worth befriending. What would it hurt? "I'm sorry about your brother" She said quietly, leaning forward to ruffle his hair in a friendly manner. Ashe had no interest in anything but herself, but just maybe she could be a good friend to him. Moving next to him she puts a hand on his back, his face still in his hands, not sure of what to say to him, she hums quietly to herself, looking out the window of the carriage.

Jeff MacGee: A sigh came over him as he felt his power decrease. "I am literally expected to come back after 120 years and  pick up where I left off. I just-...really could use a fucking cigarette." Suddenly, his hair was ruffled with a hand and a pat on the back. He grunted softly, shaking his head and allowing his hair to flow back into place. "So I uh-...outta show you around when we get back. I am still kinda figuring everything out. I have only been home a short time and I have already hurt too many people." He had a tendency to go on and on when in fits of rage and sadness, however, this was also because of the prince's obvious A.D.H.D. He blinked softly, before looking up to her patting his back. " I do-...used to?" Jeff smiled from behind his mask, awaiting an answer from his new friend, trying his damnedest to find a new subject. In the fair yard, a rather well dressed man approached the Queen and vowed respectfully. "Lady Anaya, forgive my intrusion but the Lord would like to see you now. He is a very busy man and would to ask why your son is having episode. Follow me?" He motioned and carried a clipboard, walking in a prissy manner toward a large tent. Inside rested a rather fat man, at least 500 pounds, In nothing but a gold crown, a chalice in his left hand, many rings on each chubby finger and a golden silk cloth. "Have-.." Breath "...a"  breath ", M'lady."

Tsu: There was nothing in the days following Jeff’s admittance, beyond an acid in her veins-.. literally burning every fiber of who she was and who she had claimed to be in the years prior to meet him-… Or perhaps more specifically, being introduced to him, following the truth. It was similar to being dissected while one was awake-… An utter upheaval of everything she had come to believe in the years following the destruction of her home, and the death of her son. She wandered at first with slow steps, throughout the halls, always two steps ahead of everyone and somehow managing to hide whatever managed to seep down her cheeks in the times between people as from minute to hours to what felt like hours she patrolled the holds grounds until a path was worn into the fragile ground, and all ground was tread to dust. It was only when night fell that she returned to the hold-.. Returned to the shared room and ran her hand down the marking on her neck that he had placed in a moment of her utter weakness… H had been both a man, and a demon, and now what was he? A man; Just a man. A man who she had fallen completely and irrevocably in love with, and somehow, it only served to heighten the ache in her chest as she faced herself in the mirror of her room, just above the wardrobe, and seemed momentarily unable to function as she simply stared with bloody red eye back at herself, her long white hair sticking to the perspiration at her face and neck as she, bedraggled, and broken stared back into the face of one who despite her pain managed to maintain silent composure. A composure which literally repulsed herself enough to calmly drag her claws across her flesh and strike blood into the air without rhyme or reason, peeling off the flesh he had stained with his venom and allowing it to fall from her bloodied fingers without removing her eyes from the mirror watching the flesh stitch back together… There was a noiseless cry for justice as she cleared her room of clothing, or items and fineries… The empress’ dress for the ball laying on the bed in all its splendor, fresh stitches in place to adjust it as necessary… It felt wrong to leave-… not for any reason but for her promise to him-… but really at this point, the very thought of him touching her caused the flesh of her neck to itch, and she scratched at it, like a woman possessed, until the flesh became raised and angry. Lunaria had packed her things as a maid walked in on the ruckus, leaving her quieted for a moment hunched over the bed securing a scream behind her hand as the maiden entered with a platter of tea. Young, supple and sweet, she entered quietly behind the succubus, and seemed momentarily surprised as the small of her items had been packed save for the dress. Had she had simply left, perhaps Lunaria would have forgiven the interruption-… but it was when her painted lips opened that the succubus zoned in on her prey. “Milady Lunaria-… you’re not thinking of leaving are you? His lordship would be most upset to know you were leaving in the dead of night…” Before she had a moment to catch her breath, Luna had turned on the girl, hand gripping her neck and crushing her voice into silence as a scream attempted to lodge from her throat. Pressed into the closed door frame, Luna raised her pinky finger to her lips, hushing the girl with a tender smile. Oh but there was malice to it-… silence utter malice that the girl picked up on as Luna’s tongue travelled from his jaw line and up to her ear. “Who would have thought, such a nasty little girl would be wandering the empty halls… Sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong…” It took her a moment to press her free palm against the girls breast, fondling her teat above her dress, and chuckling as the girls heart pounded, her nipple puckering beneath the fabric of her dress as her captors thumb dragged against it. “A little slut-… more so than myself-… You want me?” Her voice came out like that of a snake, dangerous as her grip released only enough to allow her victim to whisper a negative response only to tighten again… “Aaah… no dear, I think you want me-… And I’m willing to give myself to you, if you are willing to give all of yourself to me…” Oh there was no doubt the girl wanted Luna-… was it for her flushed cheeks and stunted breath through he nose in labored pants as Lunaria’s claws dragged down her corset front, snapping the laces free and allowing the shell to thud uselessly to the ground beneath her. Her loose petticoat was warm from her flesh, fragrant with the tart scent of perspiration and perfume. The material fluttered as the succubus dragged her claws along her flesh, causing the girls choked breath to smart again, prickles of blood reaching the surface as her tongue dragged over the beads and down, as the white fabric of her maids garb fluttered open exposing her breast to the air. Dime sized nipple already plump with desire, the woman caught the warm flesh in her mouth and gave a long heady suck, releasing the girls already bruising throat enough for her to catch her breath with an elongated, “Oh god-… Milady-…” Without rhyme or reason the girls skirts were hoisted up, and Luna’s hungry mouth rose from the girls breast to her mouth, tangling her tongue with the girls as her fingers eagerly circled her most sensitive of buttons in a lazy, practiced, roundabout way. The girl didn’t protest further as her hand rose to try and give her assailant the same, only to have her hand clasped tightly and thrown above her head. And held there in a vice grip. The girl was desperate for breath but was forced into submission without until her lungs screamed for release. Each breath released in a breathy moan as Lunaria caught her neck between her teeth and suckled fresh bruises to the surface without a secondary thought. The markings were mottled with red, blood pooling to the surface of her flesh as the demoness grew less and less patient with the mortal girl, and plunged her fingers into the girls aching core until excitement pattered to the ground beneath her skirts. “Miss-… I’m going to-…” “Cum girl? Have I told you that you may yet?” “N-No ma’am…” “Then you hold it-…” “B-But I can’t milady-…” The girl choked out, voice strained as Lunaria eagerly continued without solid rhyme or reason. “You will hold it-… Or I shall tell the empress of your lack of conduct…” “I’m more worried about milord Jeff.” But before she had a chance to wipe the drunken smile off her face Luna’s quim coated fingers dragged up and into the girls hair as she ripped her head back and began the agonizing process of sucking out the girls soul from her very lips. Naturally one would have expected the process to the easy-… painless, but it was quite the opposite. Much like peeling the very threads of marrow from one another, the young girls pleasure coated soul pooled into Lunaria’s mouth with enough intensity to gorge her throat. The heat of the girls soul scorching her lips and drawing the veins around her mouth upwards to the surface as the girl began to literally wither in meager seconds, unable to scream, choked by her very life force as at first the sweet sugary balm broke out to the rich irony flavor that accompanies the utter energy she found within souls. It was here Luna’s eyes rolled back into her head with ecstasy as the girl withered into nothingness before her. Similar to a sponge relieved of too much water, her life-force dribbled into nothingness, and before she had a chance to falter into ashes, Lunaria relieved herself of the girls corpse and allowed her husk of a body to drop to the ground, her clothes sticking to the withered bones in a heap. Rather than cleaning the girls excitement from her fingertips, Lunaria used the girls clothing before standing and writing a note. “I have decided to take a small journey to visit my daughter and deliver the payment to our household. I am sure to return before the Ball.  Dock my pay for my absence if you must.” With a careful signing hand, she wrote out her signature, took her bag and turned on her heel to leave the hold without a nod towards any of the staff.

Anaya DeLaRose: the queen looked to the man that came up to her and she too the hand of her mate and followed him. “Greetings Lord ” Anaya said in respectfully she had to try to get this mess right she needed this mill agreement done right she needed to get grain for the stable and her troops to try to rebuild and to be able to make bread and other foods for everyone. “Lord, i do apologize for the outbreak in the fair , the prince has bin sent home to relax it has bin a long day for him, i am sure you can understand how it must feel to hold hardships” about a year ago  word came to the castle the lord here lost his wife and unborn little girl to the illness of Scarlet fever that swept the human population down, with no cure for the fever it ended up culling a lot of the human residence of this town and then they were forced to rebuild and burn all the body's, it was hard time for everyone even the castle suffered some losses but due to the fact very little of there residence were even human it was not a large deal for them, but they did offer help and resource to smaller towns...but this one was not one of them. “about the mill agreement, we offer you one thousand gold coins, and one hundred assorted diamonds and gems, as well will pay for yearly use of the mill and trade, i am sure this would be more then enough for it ” sadly Anaya and this town did not have the best of bloods, ever since the royals did not aid this place there had bin a wedge in between them all. She had tryed to mend it but the loss of his wife and his child witch had him drown in drinking and his own food table, it just was not something so simply mended, but she new he wanted the trade root almost as much as she did, and there binding with this would force her to help him in the future of things went wrong, so he new and she new much could be gained from it. Samuel just stood there as he put the leather cover away as it folded up, they were inside the feast hall and Anaya had moved to sit. Samuels eyes pondered his mate, everything about her was gorgues, and the dress she had picked today, golden and shimmering with white hair falling down upon her shoulders, hips and curves her figure of that of a price woman made for nothing more then pleasing a man and making every devilish dream he held come true. Samuels eyes then moved to the over sized Lord siting up before them, Samuels eyes did not leave that man, he was very protective of his mate.

Ashe Fallon Rage: As they rode Ashe helped t change the subject and told the prince of herself, how she's been on her own for quite some time now, only stole or conned to survive, hid from people at every chance and stayed to herself to avoid pain and conversation. She also didn't like talking, went without doing it as much as she could. -patting his back still she then looked back at him and smiled- "does this place have good food?" She asked. "Lord knows I love to eat"

Jeff MacGee: His mask, made from a resin material, he tightened it using the latches on the side of his straps. While doing so, he listened and nodded occasionally to show his interest, and before he could even ask another question about her, she was asking one of her own. Fuck! I left that maid in charge of the potatoes. We are supposed to have a feast tonight!" Jeff suddenly remembered, before looking back up at her. "Only the best food. I will get food in your stomach as soon as we get back. Don't you worry. If you need-..." Jeff reached into his pouch on his jacket and pulled out some Jerky sticks that was made fresh this morning. "Want one?" He unwrapped the plastic that shielded it from the rain and his pocket lint and handed a fresh, salted jerky stick to her. "These are the best. They are apparently rare albino elephant or's an extremely rare delicacy I guess." He smiled, in a friendly manner, holding it out./ Meanwhile, the oiled Lord sat, shimmering and fattened to the point of looking as if he would burst. "Anaya, my queen. First, all your requests will be given. But all I ask is-...that of your maid. Milla. I want her in my bed chambers." He smiled evilly, as he sat up, this process taking a whole 2 minutes. "I need a beautiful ditzy woman like that." His sausage fingers clinked together in an evil manner before spotting Samuel and Sneering. "You didn't tell me you had a mate, My queen. And what of your son? He was supposed to be here. But instead he caused a disturbance and was sent home." He nodded his head, cutting either of them off before they say anything, gripping a chicken leg and taking a large bite of the greasy drumstick. He then spoke with his mouth full. "I had a proposition when it comes to you, Anaya." He breathed between every few words before smiling. "A town a few days from here, Firedor, is in need of a new lord to lead their armies. That means that your next In line for the crown would need to marry into the kingdom. And as I heard, Lord Jeff has not tied the knot yet. If you can get him to agree to the marriage, you will have that army that you need, so badly. That is why you are here, correct?" He took another bite, the behemoth of a man, and continued. "Milla, and Jeff....all I require for your requests. No gold needed."

Fallon Rage: Wrinkling her nose with the tilt of her head, Ashe took the jerky stick from Jeff and bit off a tiny piece and began chewing. "it's really good" she mumbled through closed lips. "I don't think I've ever eaten this before".. Ashe sat back and chuckled at him stressing over the feast in his home tonight. "Your home must be enormous. I've only ever been in a....." She coughed as her voice trailed off before finishing. There were things she hadn't wanted anyone to know about yet. "twisting her red locks between two fingers of her left hand she held onto the he jerky sticks with her right and continued to look out the window. "How far are we now? Will we be there soon?"

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Jeff DeLaRose: The man smiled, before turning with a light squeak in his throne, before closing his fat sausage like rolls of appendages around another chicken leg. His arm moved slowly as his sharp teeth cut through the meat easily, as his eyes locked into Anaya's form. "Burn Mill Mire down? No. Not at all.  You will be dead, the lot of you dragons, before you could even leave my town. Now kindly leave my tent. We have a deal." Anaya had to feel his power as she entered. She knew what he was, a king dragon, ruling over a petty little human village. He smiled a jagged smile and watched as six women entered and began to preform sexual favors on him.
Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly as he sat back. "We have a few hours left to go. Until then, I have some long bottom leaf if you want to smoke a while?" Jeff lit the 'cigarette', pulling down his mask and puffing on his stick before handing the mellowing herb over toward her. "We will be there soon and you can sleep in the most comfortable bed, and eat the finest foods. I promise, no more dirt naps." Jeff smiled in a friendly manner, trying his best to make her comfortable, even with his own anger and sadness caused by his brother's recent death.
Anaya: Anaya's eyes locked with the mans “no matter what you think the truth is very different. One as fat and wor..” Samuel put his hand upon her shoulder “come on my dear it is not worth it you want the young thing to roll after us, he is rolling in his own fat like look at him” the thing with dragons is when they ate to much it did a number on them, fire was weak and speed was greatly decreased, Anaya new this dragon could not beat her, she was in the prime of her life and would be in that for thousands of years still, this place was useful for her people the king was not and some night not this one or the next but some night she would come here and slit the bastard born neck when no one was around passing this kings throne to the next runner up. “i guess Samuel we have matters to do at the dynasty hall anyway we have a empire ball to do” she looked to the man siting upon his chair, she was a empress and he was a king, she could do so much more then just kill him, and one day, not far form now, she would. They turned around and started to head for the tent door as the deal had bin made. Milla ran into the tent before they had a chance to leave her top half ripped off as she was playing a bit to hard out there with the children, she was in clear view of everyone and of the man on the throne who without her even knowing wanted to rip the rest of her clothing right off her “Anaya they took my garments and...” her cheeks went right flush “i have nothing on under this i don't know what happened it was a blur and there was candy and ice cream and it was all over and i have no more lizard” she looked to the ground trying her best to cover up her lush and heaving breasts as she was breathing very hard she had bin running around, sweat dripped form her chin onto her upper breast and dripped down the cleavage. “it is alright my dear Milla come now lets leave this place and i will pick up some more lizard for you from a cart outside” Milla happily nodded and Anaya put her arm around her holding her close and as Samuel eyed the man a top the pedestal.

Anaya: They had all gotten back to the castle fine and dandy only 2 days later, Milla still stuffing her face with lizards  as Anaya had almost taken the whole cart from the fair, drums of lizards in salt water hung form the back of the cart as they came up to the castle. Anaya steps out of the cart as she put her arms over her head and let out a massive yawn “at last good to be back at the castle” she said with a smile upon her lips her dress full of dust and just gross. “god i need a nice mud bath and some salts, and a new dress to put on i look like i rolled in a sand pile” Samuel got out of the cart panting and said not a word to anyone. He just walked around back and went right underground to the cooling coin he needed right now. She watched him go with a laugh as she new what he needed he was almost begging her to let him go swimming a day ago when the sun was high and things were stifling. “Anaya can we go inside, i wonder how Jeff is doing it has bin 2 days since we say him at the fair, you think he is here, i hope nothing is broken” Milla looked around and turned around a couple times to see workers nicely working on the pip problem “Naya Naya! They look like they are almost done ” Anaya looked at her harshly “don't call me that Milla. And yes it does look like they are almost done, we should have the water fixed in one night it is wonderful we will be able to be back to normal and back to full power by ball night. Ok lets go inside shall we”  “oh ok i will not call you that i am sorry Miss Anaya” she said softly and bit on the now lizard-less stick in her mouth. Anaya put her arms around Milla and they walked inside the dragon woman's castle. “Milla go get some tea ready i need to have a bath and clean up alright” Milla nodded and tossed the stick into a drum at the door for trash and ran off to get just that a nice thing of tea for Anaya before her bath. Anaya walked inside to simply sit upon the throne and wait for tea.

~the ship sailed through the vast murky waters it was a sight to behold its brilliance. As it seemed to be like a ghost ship of old the vessel was enormous this was not a schooner or lowly class fishing boat this was a galleon on of the most sea worthy vessels that ever did set the high seas. It was black cider that thinned the smooth wood upon the ship giving off a inhuman sort of look to it. Normally the ships were simply made from wood but in this case it was not so. Infused within the beast was magic it is what gave heed to the crew and made it light as a feather through the waters. At the helm of this vessel stood a figure a male standing a great seven feet Regon was his name…. and though he was on of the ruthless pirates of all the nine seas he held his head high upon command. The ship he sailed was called “The Revenge….” Every person has herd of his mighty ship be it dragon to dwarf or elf. Rumors had been scurrying around about where the ship might prey upon next swallowing up each foe it had come across, The ways where strange as its Leader was as fierce as a mighty beast they said and could harbor the courage to kill ten men at once. He was a ravens cut throat a sell sword and a bandit. The stories held true about the ship there was something unnatural about it. It was deemed to be unsinkable due to the fact it was met with dragon magic. This drow was no ordinary drow form the pits of the under dark he had came one day as the legends go he the leader won a great victory against the attacking forces, But a price was paid a Elvin lady looked to Regon and cursed him to never find rest or peace upon his life. This disturbed him upon returning to the dark realm his body began to twist and move laughter of souls began to write around his body and feast upon his innards. The pain was almost like no other thus Regon was born no name he remembers before this, no time, anywhere. Regon began to feel frustrated upon the drow as he was not just one soul he needed ambition, so he found it Setting sail upon the high seas. The shade known as Regon was deep in the magical arts from dragon magic to common magic he was world renown within the week crafting one of the greatest vessels in pirate history, The Revenge. Upon its decks the crew managed at least what looked like to be cannon two hundred in total a man o war. The barrels of steel and iron shaped and crafted to look almost beautiful ebony designs. What powered them was even to his likening through the use of arcane explosions it would launch a projectile made of iron and steel out of the barrels and fire upon enemy ships this was the first recording of magic ever to be used in such a way, This is how Regon became the blood thirsty pirate to ever roam the high seas. Using the engineered works and arcane arts he began to make from it some form of smaller and more portable weapons they only fired one shot and reloading took a massive amounts of energy to even achieve through spells had to be chanted so the process would take a great three minutes or so. It was a bitch to reload that is why he carried with him ten of the make shift arcane weapons upon him at all times. Crafting a sling from leather and holstering them they would be long smooth bored pistols all conducted by the same way his cannon where made flickering a explosive to launch a metal ball out the barrel at the target but again very inaccurate and very hard to aim, Though point blank range would work just fine. Though the mirky waters he had sailed as was foretold never to rest and to plunder each city upon his way the shade that was once drow known as Regon controlled a crew of 400 lives before the mast each serving him for he bound them with the ancient magic’s to be crewed for life and upon there very deaths as well. The area was quite too quite for his likening as he pulled into a bay area overseeing a black and scudded town. Regon furrowed his eyebrows at this the landscape was desolate it seemed but scavengers lived in the area. To dock or not to dock was indeed the question. “Quarter master!!!! “ ~Regon yelled down below decks at the crew expecting that his officer be within ears reach. “yes….yess capti’n” The quartermaster was a tiny dwarf it seemed as though he was about to piss his pants since Regon was always intimidating when commanding the vessel. “Bring me some wild fire I want to light up our path….” ~ his lips curled into a unnatural grin as Regon smiled in malice. As soon as he gave the order the dwarf quickly ducked below decks to grab the wild fire flasks that where down below in glass bottles contained the highly flammable liquid a drop it could burn down two city blocks. As the dwarf gave him the several flasks the quartermaster whimpered. “Here… here you go Cap’in” ~ Regon laughed and swiped up the bottles and shoved them within his belt as he turned to the quartermaster. “do ye knau why you’re my quartermaster dwarf…..” ~ his eyes grew fierce upon looking upon
the frightened man. The quartermaster replied. “No..noo.. my Capt’n” ~ Regon laughed a harty laugh that shook through the ship. As he replied to the quartermaster. “ Because ye dumb cunt your half the man.” ~ he laughed again as some of the crew around him laughed with him the dwarf laughed just a bit nervously as he held the back of his neck. “Pull into port ye lazy swabs I want to see this discord of this town….” ~ he smiled as he flicked the wheel to one side only using what seemed to be half his strength to turn the rudder of the huge ship. It slowly began to make port docking rather at ease in the harbor the anchor slammed down into the depths of the water as the boat was genesend from the hull. ~ “Cap’n yer vessel “ ~ the dwarf made a hand gesture as Regon smiled from ear to ear. He put on a large hat to signify his nobility even though he didn’t really have one. His Victorian outfit was a bit worn but the pistols crafted in a way hung from the insides of it. His favored sword swung from his hip it was a large sword curved and forged from bright steel. It once belonged to a elf that he took it from on the battlefield the same elf who had cursed him and made him become a shade. He smiled as he bordered the boat with only two other men. Slowly he began to make landfall. He landed the small boat on the docks of the burned place of the town. Though it looked deserted a few scavengers where here and there. One of them approached the shade and held out a knife it seemed to be shaking. “give…..give me some money or ill cut….” ~ Regon would raise a eyebrow and tossed back his head laughing to the man. The male figure would move closer in more of a scared form. “I…I mean it! “ ~ Regon had enough of this man already takeing out one of the pistols that required arcane magica he cocked back the hammer of the smoothed bored gun and pointed it in-between the mans eyes. ~ “Ye best be getten on yer way whelp or ill blow a hole in that pretty little skull of yours….” ~ Regon smirked as he would only pull the trigger anyway letting a large arcane explosion that echoed through the streets the loud bark of the gun trigged the steel ball to spring forth from the barrel and shot the man right between the eyes. Blood spilled forth as the impact was made he ordered the rest of his crew to be gone to the ship. Upon the land he would walk up to the castle on the hill eventually making it to the keep a guard halted him. “What are you doing here traveler if I may ask?” ~ Regon would smile and look to the man~ “ I be here to visit the royal family oh guard of the realm…..” ~ he smirked as he tipped his large plumed hat to the man. The guard went back in front of him and he frowned. “Out of my way mortal…. Or ill swear I will do you harm.” The guard shook his head and Regon again pulled out another one of his large pistols and pushed it against his head. And fired away the point action would cast this male through the doors of the great hall and the loud shot rang through the halls of the great castle.

BlazingLion: "Ahh the Iron Dynasty.. Formerly known as the Iron Rose.." He remarks as he pushes open the double wooden doors to the massive Castle. King Ethan Tesla was a tall being Measuring in at six foot five inches tall. He weighed a total of two hundred and ten pounds. He was muscular, and he was quick. His grey hair had been stained by the blood of his enemies, and upon his head he wore a crown fitting for the King he was. On his torso he wore a specialized armor, that really only protected his arms, and his neck, leaving his abdomin open to attack. He wore an iron mask, that had deep scratches in it. This covered the fact that he had no lower jaw, and was technically, already dead. Upon his back he wore two swords that were slightly curved, but highly ornate. On his lower half he wore leather pants, and toe spiked boots, that have been soaked red from all of his enemies. His skin was a deep red with bright red pulsating claw marks. He strode deep within the castle to where he heard a gunshot from, and moved toward the sound of the gunshot, only to find a man standing above another man, who was leaking fluid from his head onto the floor and Ethan looks to the man and says "Nice shot."-

Anaya: She had just sat down in her throne when there was a bang behind her and all went silent other then the words nice shot. “what the hell is going on here!” she yelled out as she saw her guard there dead upon the floor. Her red eyes looked up at the moron that was holding the gun. She had not seen a gun for years other then in other country they did not exist here as this land had outlawed them why needed guns when you were a fire breathing dragon in charge of an army. “you better have a good fucking reason for barging into my home and shooting my people ” she said in a angered tone as she sat in her throne just gotten home and already shit was blowing up by random people she did not know. “and how in the hell did you even get here, there is not a sea for miles and we are far from it and i did not see any carts with horses outside. ” she waved over another guard from the side of the thrones were his post was “can you please clean up that mess and if the man does not have a good reason we will be showing him to the door with the body” the guard noded his head and went to pick up the body to toss it out back with a sigh. Anaya looked to the other new comer she had very much so noticed him “are you here to shoot my people to and are you with the fool holding a stick?”

~he let out a nice hearty laughter as the smoke around him billowed up from the pistol. He herd the man next to him proclaim that his shot was true and he cracked his smile yet again.~ “Why thank ye….” ~this in turn he would hear shouting coming from the throne room as he saw her the woman with red eyes and it seemed she wasn’t happy with him shooting one of her guards. Of coarse he had no intent but to visit the woman since well he had heard about her from a long while. “The man would bar my path and keep insisting that I turn round…in turn he insulted my race….” ~ he would smirk since it wasn’t entirely true but he wanted to make himself not look like a complete fool. ~ “And as for that next town over there is a river that extends to the sea… but then again we simply walked for a little bit finally reaching our destination… so you can understand my frustration when the man would simply deny my congregation to the Queen… “ ~ he smiled a bit as he stood at his full hight. He tossed down a good three pounds of gold from a large pouch he carried with him to the ground for a guard. ~ “For your replacement of the guard….. it may be a little much but we have a lot more where that came from…” ~ he smiled as he simply stepped forward so he could see his face. ~ “do not be so easy to toss me out… I assure you that I have come not to slay others in the keep since that is your wish.” ~ he nodded to her and after witch he paced around the room.~ “I am a humble merchant seeking to sell goods… we have anything of priceless paintings to gold…to rich furniture to building materials.. to fine silks… “ ~ he would of corse lie since he was no merchant but a thief and a pirate he just made do with what he could prey off of other ships and people. ~ “But it depends it seems as though the town has seen better off…. Then what I have seen..” ~ he chuckled because he knew this was the work of a dragon the burn marks and all the right areas where upon it. ~ “But…… to whom do I Address myself to for my name is Regon my lady And only a humble shade I be…. “ ~ he smiled to her yet again before tipping his hat again in a gentleman like manor.~

Anaya: She put a hand to her for head as she sat back down on her throne, she was nor a moron she new better then the guards being jerks to guests “he was doing his bloody job and you shot a good man in the face, and then toss down gold like you can buy your way out of it, get off my land i am not buying your crap” she new she needed building supply's but really she could get them from more then one place. She rubbed the bridge of her nose softly as she was annoyed already by this fellow but in the end things had bin already done and there was no going back from it. “it is Anaya, but My Lady is fine, this is the city of Iron and yes it does not look the best but it is getting back to were it once was, the only thing i could get from you would be building needs but i am sure you don't have near enough to build a whole town, one ship and one man would not be able to supply that. And for my guard you don't need to pay for him i can do it myself pick back up your coin or give it to a maid they can use it to get food or something from town. But come in i guess the damage you have done is done there is not much that can be done about it.” she watched her guard drag the body out the door leaving a nice red line upon her stone tiles that had bin fixed the day before wall her and the others were gone to the fair. The whole floor had bin fixed, waxed and buffered to a nice shine and now there was blood on it, more blood on it, she let out a sigh and watched the fellow in her halls. The other guy seemd to have ceeped out the back likely fearing getting shot for even talking.

~he saw her as annoyed but it couldn’t be helped and he was about to leave when she then began to talk to him. he would smile again as he tipped his hat upwards. He would shrug as he had more then enough gold himself.~ “they can keep it but as for materials I have a ton of them in my great hull of a ship…. Shes a great vessal and I could fit her up a river im sure I could collect more it seems ships run here and there says I…or erm the ships of my fellow merchants yes… “ ~ he gave a wide smile as to look around the room it looked as so everything was quite new and quite expensive kind of the taste he liked to see. He was staring at a painting for more then a extended long while above her before he spoke.~ “Well it seems you are wealthy indeed I am sure trade from the outside could not hurt your town of iron my lady. As well as im sure it could get this place back on a trading schedule once again… but it appears as though Dragons had burned it down….” ~ he smiled and turned back to her.~ “I am curious of Dragons ive met dealings before with such.” ~ he said this not knowing anything of Anaya and her heritage but continued to speak. He watched as the guards dragged the body of another out of the house and then the male disappeared from sight who had congratulated him so. He would simply pay it no mind as he looked for a bar or something.~ “Well I mean I could talk a borin business meetin… but it is unlike me… “ ~ he gave a smile to Anaya as he normally did before he would take a chair and sit down in it.~ “I must be frank I am no ordinary merchant and my methods of force condemn me to be a wanted criminal… but your place is interesting.

Anaya: He said something about how he new other dragons, she new they did exist but very far from here on the other shores to the west and east, she over all ruled most of the centre zone of this world but she new there was some here as well but over the years she had killed a bunch of them as she did not like other dragons no dragon liked other dragons. Her eyes got a tad brighter as to show interest and intrigue but then dimmed once more as she started to talk. “what all do you know about dragons ? And what kind of dealings have you done, and you never told me were you are from Regon , you must be from very far from here to meet dragons, they don't exist much anymore, killing one another happens often with there kind” she moved her hands down to rest her elbows on her knees as her dress hung there. Milla coming over with the tea pot “Anaya the tea is don...who is that?” she asked as she looked at him matching eyes to the queen looking at the man, black hair falling over Millas shoulders and a bright blue silken garb hanging from her to show she was a servant girl. “he is a guest Milla and thank you for the tea. ” she took a cup as Milla gave her some spring lemon tea and Anaya sipped it as she watched the man. “and if you could have your men as i am sure you have ship men, drop off the building supplys and i will have you payed well, how long do you think it will take you to get them here. ”

~Regon tapped his chin a bit before looking before Anaya and smile. The song of dragons and tales of them he would only turn his head to the side.~ “Dragons I have known all of my life my dear… I have wondered I have befriended many upon my journey and have well some case killed them because they have lived soo long that they just have gone mad.” ~ he smiled and took out a giant pipe it was a thing to behold made of complete ebony before the smoke began to billow around him he told his story. The smoke began to change in as he started to use magic. The smoke depicted pictures of his ship as him around the captain as he repeated words that melodies the great tales as he foretold the smoke began to shape into what he was talking about. ~ “It began when I was on a raid many years ago I met my friend parlore he was a wise and ancient dragon of them all his voice was mighty and his claws so sharp.. “ ~ he smiled as the smoke depicted his old friend flying around a small village.~ “He in time started to horde gold as all dragons did and rectured us to his services…. “ ~ he smiled as the smoke depicted him being given a portion to sink ships and look gold for him. ~ “he became the most powerful of the dragons I would think but madness gripped upon him….” ~ he showed the struggles with him.~ “Upon his madness he asked for me to stab him in the chest to end his life with his own sword made of bright steel and enchanted with all the might of the dragon priests that worshiped him. “~he smiled as the sword he carred on his person was upon him.~ “it is and was the most powerful of weapons to be enchanted he tought me all the magic I could ever use to corrupt my body into what I am today..” ~ he showed all the spirits binding to him to form into a shade. He smiled as all the smoke swirling around the room depicted this. “As I wondered I finally came here to your place… and here we are now…” ~this time he took another puff of smoke and let it fill the area around him. ~ “But I know a lot of dragons had one as a good comrade and well… we fucked, righted and killed all alongside each other. “~ he laughed as the smoke was swirling around him. He smiled and looked back to her~ “I can give you the cargo free of charge of coarse since I shot your guard in the face…” ~ he smirked some.~ “I just need a room would be all since I see this castle has seen better days and needs a bit of refurbishing…”

Anaya: Anaya looked at Milla with a lifted brow as her face just said he not bad, she looked back at the man before her as a grin came over her lips as she got up and gave a sway of her hips to the side as a cocky flare came over her as she walked up to the man as her eyes looked him up and down, she towered over him. As she moved a clawed hand to his cheek she thought he was cute “it is nice you know so much about my kind, may safe your backside someday” her breath was warm and close enough to be felt on the side of his face as she was so bold to make contact, she feared nothing her kind never did, why fear everything when there was nothing stronger then you. And she was not one to just kill when in a good mood but then again moods could change so fast. “it was a nice story, but not all dragons are the same” she got up and moved back to her throne as she sat down and Milla just stood there having no idea what to do, the woman standing beside the throne did not move a muscle as she had no idea of Anayas reactions. Anayas eyes moved to the male that had walked in and was siting in the smaller set of thrones, she tilted her head she was into talking to the other man that she had not even noticed the other guy, she had tunnel vision only one thing at a time with her it was hard to deal with more then one thing at a time for her sometimes. If she did know this male she did not remember him, you see a hundred faces in a day they start to meld together “so who may you be and what brings you to my hall?”

” he nodded to her knowing of such matters. “Of corse dragons are not all the same if they where they would be boring…..”  he let out a laugh before going back to smokeing his pipe a bit. “It seems as though I can help and ye be willin to acceptin of me help. “  he smirked and then stood up from his make shift seat “We have an accord ill get me gents to get the building supplies of me ship and see if this town can be fixed up.”  he smiled around the good idea. A completely free port in witch to sell stolen goods it was ingenious. It was a good profit for each other since he needed a clean port to sell his dirty stolen items. He nodded and smiled to Anaya “well then I should be a gettin to the works in em hauling up the stairs and what not.”  he smirked as he turned back to her from his thoughts. “Don’t forget to have yer guards informed I hate to have to pop another in his gullet… “  he laughed as he tipped his hat before disappearing it was like a soul vanishing to nothing as it left only a slip of paper upon witch the agreement was struck upon he finally had a free port.

ViktorRDelano: Viktor stayed seated, listening as the conversation continued. The smile on anaya's face could be determined as playful or something else. Depending on the individual she was talking to..He noticed the sway of her full supple hips as she moved to the large throne.. "she is indeed intriguing and no doubt as deadly as she is beautiful" -he thought to himself as she took her seat.. She exuded confidence, which was a good thing in times like these, he held her in his gaze as she continued to speak with the other male.. Then she turned and looked upon his, he gave a respectful nod along with the hint of a smile as she addressed him.. The woman standing next to her throne remained silent and motionless, he guessed it was a good thing for her.... No doubt anaya had not noticed him as he remained seated,,. he shifted in the smaller throne, his eyes meeting her. He held his head high, sitting straight as he spoke to her in a calm yet firm and authoritative tone, he tried not to stare but her form was inviting and pleasing to the eyes and senses.:: My name is Viktor, it has been some time since my last visit here.. Was passing through your realm and decided to stop in and pay a visit"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet was just now making her way to the front doors of the royal that hired her to find this…person, he had kicked up quite a fuss before she was able to get him with some help,”I hope this guy isn’t cheap”, she thought as she tied the man to a pole by the home, she waited a good two minutes until the royal male came to answer the door for her, “you have the fiend?” he asked before Scarlet pointed to the pole and watched the royal rip him away from it and drag him inside “wait here” the royal said to Scarlet with glowing eyes as he disappeared into the house then reappeared with her money, “I would offer you a place to stay, but I’m quite busy at the moment” He said with a sly grin as he showed his fangs to her. “uhh…I already have a place. Thanks anyway” she said as she ran off, she took a pause behind another house before she got back to walking back to the castle she left earlier, She looked at a lump in the ground next to the castle and dug it up to find the rest of her stash and bought it all the way up to the doors as she pushed it open “hey. Anybody still here?” she said as she walked to the main room with her loot

Anaya: As the man before her made his exit to go get her supply's for it all she did like that one he may be useful and her eyes followed him as he left, her mind was not in the nicest places tonight and her hormones were speaking louder then she was and she had no idea why. Her red eyes looked back to the man before her as she could see his own eyes trace the outline of her figure. She would use this gaze to enjoy herself a tad. Geting up she took her coat form her shoulders as it was dirty and not in the best shape as it had seen two days of rain and a long cart ride back from the far out of town. “well my memory is not as good as it once was so i am sorry but i do not remember you Victor. But i do hope my home is comfortable for you” she said her voice strong and prideful as she draped her coat over the arm rest of her throne and Milla took it right away to bring it to the washing to be done later “Thank you Milla” Anaya said as the hand lady left with the coat in toe. “your very welcome lady Anaya” Milla said back as she rushed off leaving them alone. Anayas eyes looked up as she spoted her sister come back into there home it had bin a wile since she had seen her and it was nice to see another family member back in the hall, Scarlet could have bin there all along and anaya would not have even noticed with everything going on. “scarlet my little sister i am glad to see you come sit you look like you have seen better days, what have you bin up to” she said with a chuckle as she propped herself on her throne her finger twisting her hair as an eye moved to look at victor but just a glance then back to look to her sister coming home.

ViktorRDelano: ::Viktor smiled warmly, watching as Anaya let her gaze follow the man she had been speaking to s he left no doubt to gather the provisions they had been discussing.. He shifted a bit in the throne as he continued to watch as Anaya removed her coat.. He bit his bottom ip as more of her form was presented.. The hand maid moved diligently, quickly taking the coat, addressing the llady Anaya as she moved out of sight.. He replied to her as he did his best to not stare, that could be rude and interpreted as something else.. "Than you Lady Anaya, I know you are buy and have much on your plate I am sure. Your home is indeed comfortable and quite pleasing" The doors opened and the female that had been there earlier entered, he nodded once more and listened as the Lady Anaya addressed who he now came to know as her sister. Still he found his gaze upon the one sitting in the throne, he deliberately turned his gaze to the one named Scarlet::

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet heard her sister’s voice and waved at her as she quickly made her way over to the thrones “haven’t been up to much…except for the jerk that I had to chase back here and bring into town” She put her loot down and sat herself on one of the throne chairs and fixed her hair which might have gotten a bit messy again, “oh by the way” she took out a few gold coins that she got and gave them to the man that helped her “I told you I would pay you back” she said with a smirk then looked back to her sister “What’s been going on around here?” She knew that she had missed a lot since she was gone for a while to look for her missing companion that had only showed up for a short while

Anaya: “really i have no idea what has bin going on my dear sister i have bin gone with Milla and Samuel to the fair, Jeff came with us but...things happened and he had to come home early. ” she moved her eyes to the other male as she smiled “i am glad you like it here, please make yourself at home if you need anything just ask” she watched her sister give the man his payment and she tilted her head “did i miss something?” she let out a chuckle as she watched them crossing her leg over the other one as her silks swayed a nice salmon color silk hardly hiding her skin, dragons never did hide much they enjoyed the human skin and they had to have some pleasure when in a forum of the thing that hated so why not spend most of the day nude or almost nude and it fit her mood today as well so there was no complaining.

ViktorRDelano: ::Lady anaya speaks with her sister.. He smiles as Scarlet attempts to hand him the coins.. He waves her off graciously.. "Thank you Lady Scarlet, but I require no payment, it was a pleasure assisting you".. Lady anaya shifted in the trone, her form quite appealing, her silks fit her form wonderfully, her skin flawless, silken as the firelight reflected off of her.. He turned as she spoke looking directly at her.. " Your sister apprehended a criminal that had made his way into the house, I simply gave her aid in stopping him in his tracks M'lady" Viktor smiled as lady anaya sat comfortably in the throne and listened as he spoke::

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet took back the payment and put it back in the bag then looked back at her sister then giggled, “You didn’t miss much. One of the town royals are taking care of the guy as we speak” She was looking in her sister’s direction, but she was not looking at her because of the way she was dressed, Scarlet was still shy about seeing people in loose clothing and she still refused to were loose clothing herself unless it was for a special occasion, she then started thinking about the day of the fair and her nephew who had actually beaten up two of her former hunting partners before she got to them “hmm…I don’t think I should know about what happened, but I do wonder about him since that tragedy he had happen to him”

Anaya: “i really have no idea what happened at the fair with my son i was away and i could hear him and he was to be on his best behaviour but i guess he snapped due to what happened with his brother we are to do the funeral tonight and wish the boy farewell, Milla insisted we did it properly so really i do not know how it will be done other then placing the pier and the body on a boat and sending it down the river to be set a blaze. My blood line does not do things like that we eat our dead” she did eat her dead in her world it was like they would live on within you forever and be a part of you, and if you could not eat the full dead being you took the heart and ate it placing it inside ones self, to her that was a very beautiful thing. “A city royal it must be from the town over we don't have much of a town still but they are said to start rebuilding after the ball, will you be coming it is to be soon. People are setting up the ball room in a couple days it will be time“ Anaya looked to the guest as she nodded to him “we do get a lot of crooks here, when you have gold they come hunting for it, but the large amounts are all locked up in the hold, so no large worrys really. But we are holding a ball in the next coming days if you wish to bring your partner and come it would be splendid, everyone will be looking there very best” she would smile as she crossed her other leg over top of the other one her silk swaying in the light as a maid was fixing the fire in the distance putting more wood in it as the spring day did hold a chill.

Anaya: "i really have no idea what happened at the fair with my son i was away and i could hear him and he was to be on his best behaviour but i guess he snapped due to what happened with his brother we are to do the funeral tonight and wish the boy farewell, Milla insisted we did it properly so really i do not know how it will be done other then placing the pier and the body on a boat and sending it down the river to be set a blaze. My blood line does not do things like that we eat our dead” she did eat her dead in her world it was like they would live on within you forever and be a part of you, and if you could not eat the full dead being you took the heart and ate it placing it inside ones self, to her that was a very beautiful thing. “A city royal it must be from the town over we don't have much of a town still but they are said to start rebuilding after the ball, will you be coming it is to be soon. People are setting up the ball room in a couple days it will be time“ Anaya looked to the guest as she nodded to him “we do get a lot of crooks here, when you have gold they come hunting for it, but the large amounts are all locked up in the hold, so no large worrys really. But we are holding a ball in the next coming days if you wish to bring your partner and come it would be splendid, everyone will be looking there very best” she would smile as she crossed her other leg over top of the other one her silk swaying in the light as a maid was fixing the fire in the distance putting more wood in it as the spring day did hold a chill.

ViktorRDelano:Viktor listens as they converse. His eyes shift from one to the other, Lady Anaya again crosses her legs, he catches a glimpse of her he settles back in the throne. taing great interest in their spewaking of a Ball.. Lady Anaya speaks of the crooks seeking to line their pockets with gold, no doubt they find more then they have bargained for.. he smiles wickedly as he continues to hold her in his gaze unable to resist the urge.::

ScarletEveDeLaRoseScarletEveDeLaRose Whisper: “I’m definitely going” she said pointing a thumb to herself and thinking about her companion who had left her a note a few days ago “My companion might be going too if he ever comes back from his travels” She was hoping that he would show up since it’s been a while since she’s seen him “I still wonder what he does to be away for so long” she looked down at her feet then started thinking about tonight’s event, “I think I should be here tonight also…just to show my support” She did not know the brother very well, but that did not mean that she shouldn’t care since he was family

Jeff DeLaRose: Two days had passed and Jeff and Ashe had arrived and already settled in. Now he needed to rise and shine and get everything together for Jaurl's funeral. He was all set up and dressed to perfection for his own big day. Standing from the bed, The undergarb clad Jeff stood in front of the mirror, simply staring at himself, before raising his hand through his white locks and causing silk strands to fall in front of his baby blues, like usual. Jeff slid on his black pants, and his Brother's Jacket, causing a single tear to trail down his cheek, and drop to the ground. " is the day." He then placed his mask on his face and walked out, and down the hall. After reaching the main hall, the groggy vampiric prince moved past everyone and moved into the secret grounds where Jaurl's body was being held, and he sat down next to him for the third day in a row. "The ball is soon, Jaurl. I don't know what to do. I don't even want to go but it is required. I just-...wish you were here." Jeff glanced over  toward Jaurl and sighed as he remained silent. " to me." Jeff pleaded, to no avail. Jeff sighed elongatedly and looked at Jaurl's hands on his chest, gripping them and ripping the DeLaRose crest from around his neck, before placing it in Jaurl's grip. "You are more of a DeLaRose than I will ever be. I love you, my big were a proper lord." Jeff didn't cry, but he was broken. He simply walked back out into the main hall, and slowly sat down, at the throne marked "Prince."

FallonRage: Ashe awoke in her new room, In her new home. Spreading her arms to her sides with a smile, she felt the soft sheets beneath her fingers. She turned onto her side and yawned stretching her arms above her head. Not wanting to move she pulls the blanket over her head and slides her head under her soft pillow. "I'm not leaving the bed today.." She whispers to herself before drifting back to sleep.

Anaya: “but it is time to go then, thank you Victor for coming and a guard will see you out and help you on your way but i do have matters to tend to we have a pier lighting to do this dusk” she then spotted her son coming in to the group, he had made it out and she never even noticed and now he was coming back in, she looked at her boy as a guard came and led the man named victor out of the castle and helped him on his marry way “feeling better Jeff” Anaya said in a oddly soft voice, in truth she had no idea how he was delaing with the loss of his kin, she did not handle death no dragon did they ate there dead and then moved on the next day as if it never happened, dragons did not know that kind of feeling, but she was learning it, she was learning what loss felt like slowly, what human feelings looked like, she could not feel them and she hardly understood them but she was trying to. “Jeff if you want about it...i am here for you” she was trying to be a good mother, her tone said she was failing at it but her eyes said she cared, she was truly thoughtful over the whole ordeal and just did not know how to deal with it. Milla stood there at her throne side as Anaya new scarlet had gone silent and just let them talk. Anaya looked at Jeff , and instantly her eyes turned black as she just kept looking, he was bossing her around like she was just another servant girl she was his mother not his subject. “Jeff... this is my home, this is my land and my castle, one day you will have your castle, but till then this building and everything and everyone in it is mine, all your paper work you have done will be sent back as they don't have my mark at the bottom of them, so sadly things will have to be reordered and you may have given gold we will never get back for you did not come to me about it first. You need to stop being a king, you are a prince here, not my lover ” she stood up and let out a sigh, she did not know how to fucking handle sadness and deaths but hell she new how to rule. “Jeff the only thing you are now in charge of is your brothers body outside dressed and ready for tonight, after that is done i will inform you of what your next task is not what you place yourself in doing. And for lying, what i do is my choice as this is my empire and my home, the people here respect me as i have never led them a stray even if we have had our bad times, the town burned for it was need to be done to SAVE the people from more loss, the pipes sadly a cost of the heat made to save this city, keeping you form the truth of what i once was, to prevent you from going nuts and killing things in a fit, but i guess even if i try to keep things from you you have to find it out on your own ageist my wishes, somethings are best not known Jeff, somethings are best let be forgotten.” her eyes black as night with no light within them she was angry not sad angry angry at her own sons blunt disrespect to his mother and to her crown, she was not his fucking rug to walk on she was his higher up.  “what i do in MY empire is for the best of my empire, i place my own wants a side, you know were over half that elephant went to my guards and to the animals outside as the happiness and the prosperity of others matters more then coin. You have bin in MY hoard you have seen how much gold i have, why have so much, why drown in gold and not spend it on something for joy, six thousand gold coins is nothing to me, it is a Small tip off a larger pile down there, you make it sound like it matters how much we spend that someday that gold will run out, every day people come here to give thanks to there ruler give tokens trinkets gold and silver to us, and if we miss it it is left with the guards and the adviser and then it is brought to Samuel to bring down to the hoard chambers and dumped with the rest of it. I don't want a king to rule over me, to tell me what i can and cant do, i killed the last man that did that. I am a dragon Jeff and you are not, i am the Empress here Jeff and you are My Prince not my King” she let out a sigh as she turned her back not careing even if he did pull a blade she had enough. A Guard came to her flank as he stood there, he had seen it play out and new before the son of the queen had pulled a blade upon his own mother there ruler, the guards did not trust the prince at this moment in time and the one stood at Anaya s flank, even if he could not help if things happened he would gladly give his life for his queen if things did turn sour. “Go fix the Pier my darling Son, your brother waits for his goodbyes to be said. ” and with that she moved to walk to the door the guard stuck to her flank as he moved and opened the door to the outside for Jeff to walk past his mother and out to the Pier were Jaurl was there on it beside the water, his pier being put up on the wooden sail boat to be pushed off and then set a blaze.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff just sat there, being scolded for doing exactly the work Anaya had told him to do, and all it needed was her signature, as it had not been finalized. He hadn't placed the orders, only set them, and he listened to his mother yell at him for "trying to replace her, and become king." His right eye twitched, and slowly as she spoke of Jaurl, he moved slightly in his throne. His job? His job was to work the taxes, as he had done with no flaw, and she told him he wasn't good enough. Jeff smiled from behind his mask as she told him he was not a dragon, before laughing out loud at her obnoxious observations. She hadn't changed at all. Jeff stared at her with an unchanging expression. He couldn't help but manically laugh at her words. Jeff had lost everything and stayed up for 2 days, slaving for her, for her approval and she said this to him. "Sign the papers then, please. Don't make two days of work go to waste." Jeff then moved away before she did, walking out of the doors toward the pier, his expression becoming solidly flat immediately, cutting the laughter off as he slammed the doors behind him with a telekinetic push from inside. Jeff was not in the mood for her childish games, and if she wanted to confront him about him "bossing" her around, when all he did was ask her opinion on his orders, and asked her not to lie to him Any longer, then so be it, but he would not be the brunt of her egotistical pride. He would not, for once, be the villain. He had family to bury and having her constantly putting him down was getting old. He was beginning to think about running away. The only difference would be that he was alone. This scared Jeff. Hence his mental breaking point being explored by Anaya. Jeff just needed support and approval from his mother for his work, yet this was a complete   Lecture from out of no where. Jeff finally reached the pier, before approaching Jaurl's pyre, floating still on the water.

Anaya: Anaya had the door slammed in her face as she moved a hand to stop it from hitting her nose. “maybe when the boy is burned he will be less..hurting my lady” Anayas black eyes did not move, she did not even know what to do, it was as if everything was wrong since he came back, was she at fault, was he at fault she had no idea.  She just turned around as she told the guard to stay at the door “i guess i will go sign the orders for the ball like the good fucking dog i have become, have the guards help Jeff with the burning i will not be there, never was good at that kind of junk, you know dragon and all, fire breathing monster” she walked away form the guard leaving him standing there not having a clue what was going on. He just shook his head it was not a good idea to deal with royals and there problems. Anaya walked into the back room as Milla stood there her little feet up on Jeffs desk playing with a old hat. She Droped it and looked at Anaya standing up right away and almost falling over. “oh shit sorry miss Anaya i was siting for a moment, want tea? Your eyes”  Anaya looked at Milla and a smile came over her face a little “you know when he was a kid he used to have this violin he would play with all the time, made beautiful music, i wish he could play again for me” she gulped back the lump in her neck as she looked at milla “he loved this girl way back when Tsu, good kid a little mouthy but good kid, you know some were there are children of his own. He even adopted kids hell who knows were they went, i was so mean to them to, but we had a lot of fun, i remember when he was young kuro and talon as well as jeff playing in my wings to see who could be king of the dragon, god they were so small, but now they are all gone other then Jeff Milla, Kuro i killed, Jeffs sister i starved to death, i killed my own brother Ulhar, i killed my own sister Isis witch i am sure i will never forget, and be reminded off all the time, Milla what have i done to deserve two people hateing me? ” Milla walked over to Anaya pulling over a chair to let her sit “two people?” Anaya looked at her kind hearted hand servant “ya, Jeff and Myself” Milla did not know what to say but she spat out some words “if you want i can go talk to him, he can even toss some punches this old boar can take a couple more miss Anaya ” Anaya just smiled a bit. “jeff was always a great fighter, i remember when i got him his claymore, had to go hunting for that thing found it at a action after a weeks hunting, he still has it even if i am sure it has rust on that hilt and the blade needs to be sharpened. I would smile more around him but it just seems everything is work now, he hides behind the work cus his brother is dead, and i don't understand it, i killed Isis but i did it for a reason, it was her or me, and i was not going to die again, i did not morn like he does and Isis was still my kin” “Anaya Jeff is not a dragon, he may be on the inside have the heart of one but he is not a dragon like you, he does not hold your brain or a dragons brain he is a human with human feelings still. You don't have human feelings you have dragon feelings. I am sure Samuel is out there at the pier he can talk to Jeff i am sure” “ya and have them rip each other apart ya great plan, Samuel is more dragon then i am, the last years are the only years of his life he has even bin around humans other then eating them, Samuel would have more problems understanding the boy then i would, you would understand him the best for you are a demon under that skin of yours” Milla looked at Anaya “ya a demon you let see the world, i will be at your side for all times for that till i can repay you. I will go talk to Jeff, the documents came back this morning the driver would not take them away as they did not have your seal on them, they are on the desk for you already just sign them i will handle Jeff and the burning” “Thank you Milla it means alot to have you, i will get them signed as i am to, i feel now my life is more of papers and who does who and not of being a ruler and feeling the love of my people” “sometimes life can be a little hard Lady Anaya but you are a ruler and you know they love you even if it is hard to see sometimes. ” Anaya nodded getting up and going to the table her eyes still black and just not changing back this time as her mood had not gotten better. And Milla left the room letting Anaya be alone, Anaya was always good at being alone most days hell it was a dragons life to just not be understood and snap fast at things. Milla walked to the doors after about 5 or so minuets  of staling and looking around like a moron and walked outside the large doors that had a burn mark in the inside side from Anaya's hand. She gave a chuckle and went outside walking over to the pier as it was still getting ready and the sun was going down.

-------Miles away at port with Regon ------

Regon was back on the river upon his ship but then it caught his eye the river was vast. It looked a lot like a lake since it was long another sail had been sailing he thought about unloading but the men where already in the town whoreing and drinking around every witch way. It was a free mans place it would seemed to be a fair place the rabble rousing would disturb the normal’s that where there. The drinking began to take to the streets as many of his men where around. The supply that was collected was on its way to the castle as the quartermaster dwarf was busy doing. Upon his ship he watched as the fighting and laughing of the men was a great sight. He himself would partake to drink and gamble about in the city. It had turned into debauchery and everything began to be rummaged around as the pirates where loose. Regon laughed as the villagers would close their shutters or what was left of the villagers. As it sounded like a good time there where dancing in the streets as some of the villagers saw the fun of coarse they joined in the drinking and rabble rousing together. In there drinking fighting it seems as though flintlock muskets went off here and there the loud echoes of fun as people tried to shoot bottles of rum of each others heads missing completely all in drunken fun. It seemed as though he was aboard his ship the party began to rise in a climatic events that were transpiring. He smiled as though he went through the shares to be handed out and called everyone by name there shares where being collected as one fool light off the side cannon as four cannons erupted into a frenzy of gun smoke Regon rose to his feet. No one fucked with his ship as he called to the crew. - “ALRIGHT! Witch on of ye cock nosed little ingrates launched me ammo into the river?”  he walked down form divan the shares and stared to the crew. The crew pointed to the idiot as he be one of the humans that joined his crew he bowed before the captian.  “I-I-I-m so sorry…” - he took the mans finger in his hand and used the magic of decay as it began to turn to bone the man started to scream.- “Don’t ye dare touch me cannon again or ill have me another finger…..” - he laughed and tossed him a bandage for his finger to have him wrap it up but it served as a warning to others who did not want to follow orders.- “En dat goes for the lot of ye…. IF I EVER see ye lift a finger to me guns without orders ill kill ye were ye stand…” - he gave everyone there a serious face as if the party had died for a moment. He then grinned a huge grin and began to laugh- “Bwahahahahahaha get on with the festivities you cock mongering sons of whores!” -he took out one of his pistols and shot it in the air the good where on the way to the castle it was in time as the port was turned into a booze gambling slash whore house it was a good o’l fun time for anyone to join in. Regon was busy for months at sea it was time to unwind as though he always did and maybe bring life to what seemed to be a town of sorrow or sadness it wouldn’t be long for most of the citizens beginning to join in the festivities who where once little frigate about it. Regon thought about the plunder that could happen and smiled it was going to be a grand ol lovely day. He smiled and thought this upon looking out across his decks his ship was obviously the largest and only ship docked of coarse. The noise of the party began to rise it would be as though everyone in the land might hear there silly fun.


JeffDeLaRose: Jeff looked down at Jaurl, a smile coming to his lips as he kneeled down and removed his mask. "My big brother. You have been in my life since I destroyed that town. We met during an assassination project, and I tried to kill you. I was young and inexperienced. You whooped me, but I still killed my target. We still became friends, then brothers. You became my brain. You helped me when no one else would." Jeff reached down, clutching his brothers cold hand. Before pulling his Brother's scythe from his back and placing it on the pyre. "The little things...those little moments. They aren't little." Jeff whispered, before staring at the husk that use to be his brother. "I swear-...I can not help this anger inside of me. I feel like I will murder everyone and I need your help." Nothing. The souls of those passed surrounded him, before Jeff let go of Jaurl's Hand. "It's Almost time. Your Lordship." Jeff had blood red tears pouring down his bare, pale cheeks, before turning and spotting Milla. He growled low before taking a step at her like he was going to attack, before dropping to his knees, sobbing uncontrollably.

Anaya: Milla held up her hands in little punching fists “i know fighting skil....oh” Jeff had hit his knees in frount of her and she just looked at him and smiled getting down on her knees to as they both were covered in grass now, she wrapped her arms around him and held him for a moment “you know i almost had to do this same thing in there only a couple moments ago, you are her son you know” she could not help but chuckle as she held him softly her voice soft and warm and comforting. “you know in a dragons land the burning of the pier was a way to bring the dead to there home, it is a beautiful place i know your brother would be a lot happier there then this shit hole Jeff. And i know you are alone now, but at the same time you are not alone, you know she is alone to, and you both got me, i am not much but hell i am something and you know i am here for you and you are not alone. And i know she is an asshole and she can take things wrong and she snaps fast on things. She is just on edge to, she needs you ya know” Milla would kiss Jeffs for head as she looked at him in her arms a man broken down and crying only needing a hug.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff looked up at her, blood staining her shirt as he had sobbed into it. "It hurts so bad and she doesn't understand that she has killed so many people with just as many emotions as her. She killed my family, and my friends. I had lovers. I had kids. Or-...adopted kids. Now I have another funeral. When is it going to change? I'll tell you. When I make it change." He hugged her back, before raising them back to their feet and leading her to his pyre. "He was a proper lord. He taught me more than any person could. Even Anaya. Anaya taught me everything." Jeff wiped his eyes, kneeling down at the pyre again. "I never knew a better man. He was an evil bastard. But he was the most loyal evil bastard I've ever met." Jeff stifled his lower lip, and placed his hand on the pyre. "From ice, we all return. Brother, Brother, I've sworn, I've sworn, to guard this rest you've earned." Jeff then pushed his arm forward, sending the pyre out to sea. His hand then extended forward toward it, before raising his telekinetic aura and his pyrokenetic aura at the same time. He created a ball of flame and tossed it forward and guided it with his telekinesis. The pyre lit easily, and soon, Jaurl was engulfed, drifting and being put to rest. The flames reflected in Jeff's cold, Ice blue hues, before placing his own mask on his face. "Iron from Ice."

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Fallon Rage: Ashe wakes up to pain in her right arm as she hits the floor with a thud. "goddammit!" She yells out painfully. Within seconds her eyes wide, she remembered today was the funeral and scampered around the room trying to find appropriate clothes for the day, dressing quickly in a white dress, with scalloped edges, pulling her long red hair back into a barrette that was laid on the vanity in her room, and slid her feet into her black boots before running off down the hall, out the doors of the empire to the waters edge. Ashe didn't want to miss this, she wanted to show her charge that she wasn't only here for the free ride. She wanted him to need her as much as she needed him for emotional support and friendship.
JeffDeLaRose: Jeff and Milla stood at the pier, watching the pyre burn brightly. No more tears left his face, for much emotion flooded his being. He killed Jaurl, and he deserved no happiness ever for committing this act. Jaurl may not have always been kind, but wishing-...begging to die, and attacking to provoke Jeff into killing him was the single solitary thing that anyone could do to break a person. Jeff turned to spot Ashe running down the Hill, toward the Pier, and sighed, turning back to look at the pyre. Jeff wanted to break down, but not now. There were people watching.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Upon seeing Jeff standing along the beach with Milla, Ashe slowed down with a sigh.. Once reaching him she touched his shoulder and sighed.. "I'm sorry Jeff.."

Anaya: Milla had her hand on Jeff shoulder as they watched the ship burn and start to sink under the waves of the large river. “sometimes death can be a new beginning for not only the dead Jeff” she said as she turned on her heels and started to walk inside as the sun had now gone down the the fire was burning brightly. Anaya was standing at the door way leaning up on a wall eating some salted pork from the dining hall. Milla looked to her and in a simple voice “you should have came more then just from the door way you know ” Anayas eyes were sill as black as they were a bit ago “i thought i should at least see it, i don't need to be at his flank much Milla, am just the woman that lies to him”Milla had a odd smile and put her hand on Anayas shoulder “and i am just a pig but really in truth we are more then monsters. Just, go do something will you, like anything, shut your eyes and jump, stop being cold Anaya and let your heart hold flames again” Anaya nodded if anything the stupid servant girl was a good adviser as anyone else she was very close to Anaya and Anaya always took her words into thought, sometimes even over the words of her mate. Anaya walked past Milla and started to walk down over to the river edge were Jeff and that other girl were now. And Milla just walked inside of the hall, Samuel walking past to go see Anaya as Milla grabbed his hand and pulled him a side “i have gold and salted pork in the dining hall, Anaya or the pork Sam” Samuel turned and walked right with Milla, yup it was food time for him. Anaya walked to Jeff from behind and wrapped her arms around him, she jumped and now she will fully open he could stab, hurt and do a lot of damage to her but most of all her heart was open. a bit of pork in her clawed hand as all she said was “i am sorry, for, everything”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff stared at the pyre as the current swept it out to sea, the flickering of flames glowing in the distance. Jeff whispered under his breath as Ashe gave her condolences to him. He nodded to her, watching Milla walk off after standing with Jeff for a while. "Thank you Milla." The vampire was distraught, and it was obvious by his face, and body language. "When I was younger, he taught me to wield a scythe...he made me stronger. I will never forget that." Jeff whispered, in a cold monotone, before feeling his Mother's arms around him, and he froze. He didn't move. "I am a monster. You have no reason to apologize. I am the conduit of destruction. I am the Rose's Thorn. I am the blade of injustice. I apologize. I am sorry. I should have just-....he wouldn't stop. I had no choice-...I had no choice..." Jeff became shaken, and spoke to the pair of them. "Why do we kill? From ash we are born, from as, we all return." He shrugged in his mother's grip. "I kill for my family now. Even if it is wrong. Fighting for people you love has its own justice, right?" Jeff looked at the pyre slowly finish burning and start to sink while Jaurl's body exploded in a giant burst of demonic shadows, a high power level being felt from all around before a giant evil laugh could be heard through the skies. Jaurl's aura rose, visible to everyone before shooting into the sky, and flashing into a star, shining brighter than the others. And with that, Jeff whispered to himself, Jaurl's body completely vanished from the pyre, back to limbo. "One day-...we will see our loved ones again. It scares me when I will face the lives I've taken...."
: Rogen over saw the new construction as the explosions began Detonating the river side as a part of it began to fall away leaving it wider and larger. It was not just a handful of dwarves Rogen had hired it seemed an entire kingdom of dwarves began to work tirelessly through the rivers edge. The engineers used explosives wile the mystics used magic to mark the landscape. He wanted to expand the sea as already the dwarves began the construction from the sea inwards. The port will be made. He was as if an grand mason to design new words as the forest had to be cleared it was a sight to behold. Thousands of dwarves clearing away a landscape and bringing in the water expanding the landscape. The giant explosions could be heard for miles as there was multiple ones indeed each erupting around the landscape as more and more chucks of the river began to fall. The line stretched all the way out to the see as to remove the silt and the grit that cluttered the rivers delta. Rogen himself over saw the design of the port as he began to push up around the town. The magic made it seem that the process would take more then years to complete accompanied by dwarven tech to back up his massive fleet that had just pulled in to prepare. Slaves, free folk, Merchants began to enter this free harbor as Rogen smiled all were eager to expand trade as well as the land in this vast empire. Rogen moved up stream. His eye shifted to a pale blue as he observed what looked like a funeral procession. A man lay broken as the body was pushed forward into the river to be carried it down the stretch of the bends of the river. A few men followed him some dwarves some men and slaves. He motioned for the slaves to dig quietly as he were to approach this time he looked more as a commoner then a lord and carried his giant hat always upon his head like normal. He issued more orders to some dwarves to dig upon the other side of the river and set the charges when the ordeal was complete. He slowly approached the saddened young fellow and would bow a bit before speaking. “Excuse me my lord….. “ he noticed as he looked familiar with the hair of white and a royal outfit it was commonly deduced that he was noble and perhaps the queens relative. “Construction of the new civilization has began…. Right now we have the building materials brought forth to the castle as we speak the wagons are carrying thousands of supplies from erm… Well renown merchants.” he cracked a wide grin as a few golden shiny teeth sparkled in his mouth he let out a hardy chuckle but then he knew what had transpired as he saw the boat sink into the water. “If you wish I can lend you my builders to construct a statue in honor of that man…. even if it has to be obtained well…. Non legal terms if ye don’t mind.” He would nod in the slightest loss was a great part of this world but then again he hardly knew what loss was for he had lived so long that lives were about nothing to him. The shade made a effort to the young lord to try and seek hope in his effort. He knew the concept of greif but he did not himself loose anyone he knew or anyone worth knowing yet alone his family was long forgotten by the past. Though the night was fast approaching he knew his men did nothing all day he would make sure this kingdom would be in for a grand surprise. Rogen had them working but he started upon his task the man could speak to him if he wanted to. He was near by if he would wish to speak but he knew sometimes in greif words were unsaid to most others. He called forth to the other parties across the rivers. “Alright lads keep up the good work before you know it the magic will terra form this place entirely!” he smiled as more charges where placed but then the magic ritual had began. All the great mages of each and every race began to focus in sea rising it from the depths to expand its borders the night slowly began to sink in as the sea began to rise at the other end of the border slowly engulfing the land around It thought the spell was controlled. This knowledge laid with only Rogen and the mages he wanted to more to expand more to grow and more to prosper he would think the queen would like to have her very own port.

Anaya: Anaya kept her arms around her son as she looked at him and held him a bit tighter. “just wait till i get to my home and see all the ones i have killed my son, i am sure your aunt will kill me agein and agein for what i did. But that is a long time from now, and you cant be cold and distant when there are kids and towns people that need you to be warm. We kill to eat, we kill to protect, we kill to save others, we kill for reason my son” she would hold his shoulders and turn him around so she was looking into his eyes. “we kill to safe each other, and sometimes we kill cus we hold no choice, it just happens like that sometime” she would softly kiss his cheek as she looked out spotting the land bend and turn and then some sort of building starting construction. The man form before was over on her shore as she looked at him her eyes still black as the dead of night “what is the meaning of building on my land without premithion , what is this building you have started, it holds no worth, stop its construction or it will be removed for you ” Anaya let go of her son as she looked to him “it was not the time to be scolding some worthless pirate who was building on her land. “it will be handled in the morning Rogen if you wish things not to be destroyed then stop building”  she looked back to Jeff “come on lets go inside it is getting late and i could use a hand going over the order forms i have to sign, i need you to explain to me the types of drinks you god i don't know much about drinking or serving people at a ball”

Ashe Fallon Rage: Ashe watches Jeff and his mother, standing off to the side, shifting her weight from foot to foot awkwardly before turning in her heel to walk back to the castle. Her boots leaving footprints in the sand with every step she takes. Her thoughts move to the Empress, when she realizes she hasn't truly been introduced to her yet.. Ashe glances over her shoulder for a quickly and back to the castle once more. As she reaches the gates she returns to her room and yawns before kicking her boots off and reaching into her bag to extract her journal and writing coal. Flopping down on her stomach across the bed.. "Today I watched my Lord say Goodbye to his brother....." She began to write...
JeffDeLaRose: Jeff watched as the events unfolded, his mother's heart felt, and  rather epic speech, the man building and asking all his questions, Ashe walking away. He looked at his mother as he was asked to come in. A single sigh left his lips before he turned to stare at the last of the pyre sink, the body having completely disappeared into shadow, and creating a new star in the sky, out shining all the others. A small ball of light with a high power level, as if Jaurl had become holy himself. Like a new power Jeff could control. "Okay." Jeff turned, walking passed the builders and his mother, inside. "We kill for reason." Jeff nodded, before walking inside and blinking to himself. It was then that a hand servant walked toward him, clutching a long, narrow box, and presented it to him by kneeling. "A gift from Firedor M'lord." Jeff blinked, slowly raising a brow. "Are you kidding? What does Firedor want?" Jeff opened the box to find a solid white violin, in perfect condition with a red rose imprinted onto it. The note inside read "looking forward to your answer, Hoping the prince will marry into our kingdom." Jeff read aloud, followed by  him just staring into the violin. It was beautiful, and begging to be played. "Firedor-...marry!? What the hell is going on?"

he would nod to the queen for it was late and sighed a bit cause the expansion he would have to do later it was owned land but the people proclaimed to him the grievances of lack there of a port being made. He slowly would bow a bit before her  “Of coarse your grace what seems to appease you in any way… I have ships digging away as we speak but I shall give them a halt since I know you are a divine one and your land your people came to me because they seek a trade from a far. “ He bowed once again as he wanted to sound not to inconvenient to her grace. “The town’s members as well as the other towns in the surrounding areas begged me to confront you upon the issue my lady…. It was making them starve and more so the sick cannot get food to eat nor water to eat without going forth into more areas. The merchants overcharge and run the villages like tax collectors only for themselves. They steal from you and take your gold then run back towards the sea…. If you brought the sea by you to or widen the river make a giant lake for ships to dock you yourself can control the trade…” he waved a hand to the other side for them to stop since of coarse she commanded it. “Your grace this being said… I request to see understanding upon this as much as the town that seems to be desolate upon arrival. If you accept this a lot more people you could rule over and command…and even they will follow.. if not by love and command them there will be nothing left and I do not want to see a potential kingdom become a lost city… for a lot has became of them….” He nodded to her once again as he spoke. “Not only that but think of how much riches you could gain from this the vast amounts of riches… you could be almost the power of the gods themselves if ye play your cards right..”  a thin smile spread from his lips though he knew she was infuriated he didn’t want to over play his welcome. The men began to leave the area for the construction to continue a different time. “And a large golden statue can be made in honor….of those who have been lost my lady…I swear it by the old gods and new that I can build one. And perhaps your whole family if ye wish for a dynasty to last not just a decade but one that will last eternal.” ~he would nod as the prince would be going back to the hold.- “Your grace….. “  he nodded to her for a response-

Anaya: she looked to the male there as she turned around letting her son and watching him go up to the castle. She could hear her son talking in there and the words what the hell so she was not going to stay outside long only to talk to Rogen here. As she turned around her black eyes were slowly changing back to there normal red as the anger in her heart was going down, she new Rogen new about her kind  so she guessed he would know what the change in eye color ment for them “if it is good for the people i don't mind it, but for trades i already control all wheat and mill workings over the land, clean water drilling and piping programs, animal and farm work as well as crop growth, as well as all coin trade has to pass by myself first before it can start. Everything is taxed so a share of all comes to my kingdom. I don't see what else the sea can bring to me other then weeds and drift wood. I do not get alone well with the sea so i feel no need to have it. So what is it you plan on doing with it? What routs and paths are you to set on water. To go north is fully land as they do not hold the sea as they are frozen, to go east there is one sea rout already owned and claimed by another clan. The only path you would take is west and south, sough is unknown area we have never bin and don't care to go to yet in life, and to the west is Firedor witch would be the only place we have mark with and even that is shady as we and them do not always see eye to eye. ” she would look back to the castle as she could see in a window Milla and Samuel tossing fish at one another and she oddly smiled at there fun before looking back to Rogen “finish your port, and you have till midday the morrow to come to the castle gates  to pay tribute to my family to alow your port to be built upon my lands. If it is allowed fifty of your profits will be placed upon my gates for the first ten years, then after the first  ten you will be able to keep seventy percent of your earnings form the trades and i will only gain twenty percent of your earnings form there forth till the gods deep your port no longer needed and it is crushed or classed abandoned, is this understood?”  Inside the castle as a Fish went flying out the door of the dinning hall Milla ran out “Samuel you are a son of a cod and this fish is mine!” she grabbed it as she put the raw fish in her jaws and Samuel came out of the dinning hall holding another cod fish in his claws “Son of a Cod eh i thought i was dragon born not fish born ” he kept laughing as he tossed the fish at her and it hit her squar in the face sending her to her butt rolling on the ground laughing like a little girl. “hey you can see my bum you pervert, i am telling your to be wife!” Milla got up and pulled up her dress showing her very nice butt to Samuel as he picked up a stray fish form the floor and tossed it right at her backside “ya your lumpy fish butt, why would i want to see that thing piggy girl” he called out as she got hit in the hip by the fish. “you have bad aim dragon breath!”

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JeffDeLaRose: No one had told him anything about the mysterious gift that had been Raven Sent and landed his mind with such curiosities. Why would Firedor want to marry into the DeLaRose Family? Why would they send him a violin? Why would anyone want to be betrothed to a monster like himself? He sighed elongated, and looked up at the ceiling from his bed, promptly running through his options and closing his eyes, relaxing. "I am not cut out for this-..." Jeff whispered, turning to the left, to spit his play mate. A girl who he had met here as a maid, named Clara. Clara had been nude, under a large white comforter, before slowly resting her tan toned hands on Jeff's back. "What's that, m'lord?" She asked with a puzzled expression, his fingers trailing up to massage Jeff's milky shoulders. His Snow White hair fell in front of his hues, and the already grieving and psychologically damaged Jeff shook his head and felt himself slowly close his baby blues, yet again. "Clara..." "Yes m'lord?" "I want you to get up and get dressed. In exactly 10 minutes, fetch someone." Clara looked confused yet again, as she always had. "Yes m'lord...may I ask why?" Jeff shook his head. "Things need to go back to how they were." Jeff then shooed the Naked Clara out into the halls, partly dressed within seconds, and off to continue her job. Jeff rose, only in a pair of his jeans, his mask, and his many necklaces, and moved to the conjoined bathroom that housed a mirror. A large Mirror that the questioning prince stood in front of before gripping a bottle of dye. Yellow dye, used for clothes, boots, and hair. Jeff poured the liquid all over his scalp, feeling, and watching his hair turn back to a bright blond, and with a rinse of his silk strands, he dried his long, straight hair, happy to have it back to normal. He then gripped his blade, and stared in the mirror, slowly bringing the pointed dagger to his right, already scarred eye. Jeff's breathing was heavy, and all he wanted at this point was go back to his normal self. Blond, blind, and bashful. Now he was holy, could see for miles, and was colder each day. He just needed to stab his sight out of his skull. Yet he couldn't bring himself to do it. He stared, before hearing a small voice behind him, Clara. "Sir?" She whispered. Jeff turned, blond, blade drawn. "I don't want to see anything anymore." She blinked softly before walking into his room and gripping the new, solid white viola. She walked it to the prince and left the room with out another work, but not before taking the blade from him, setting it on the counter, and kissing his forehead in a passionate manner. "Play, you idiot." Was all she said before she closed the door. Jeff sighed softly and nodded to himself, placing the beautiful strata-various instrument to his pulse, and slowly let the bow run along the strings at the base, whilst his dainty fingers trailed up the neck, causing his beautiful song to echo through the empire, like it had so long ago. Each note was perfectly crafted and each finger slide was another part of his story unfolding. He use to play whenever he stressed, but since it had been destroyed, he hadn't touched one. The prince had always been amazing at music, but after he left, survival was all he needed. The music was most likely, a beautiful and nostalgic wake up call for most of the people in the Iron today. The prince just needed to play the pain away.

Regon did as he was instructed the harbor was set by midday and everything completed the ships begin to flood into the harbor one after another drunken pirates. This time the rabble rousing would be outside closer to the castle but the town was much a buzz. Lots of festivities where going around here and there as Regon set up a table collecting all the taxes and fees that where half of it to go to the queen. The fun began as he had already one hundred coffers filled with gold so much eager merchants from the sea would begin there trade and if not he would make them since well…. He was a pirate. Bribes and witch went around as he gave each man a fair shake to start up there own town. Though the streets the men and women began to rebuild their homes from all sorts of materials collected. The young, old, and even some of the younger crowds would come from all across the nations a new hub and center of enlightenment had been reached. From Firedor to the north rends all had come to this central place it had become a bacon of trading and well over the words have been spreading about the new harbor that was anchored into this great city. He walked through the town almost like mayor a happy and proud of this new accomplishment a life of piracy and still he had room to take from the rich and give to the poor. Thought the magic he thought the great dragon would have doubted him but he managed to do it working over the night a little as she went inside but he would never admit to this. Regon had the port. He smiled as he had some of the gold coffers delivered to the castle to ensure that there had been a successful amount of tax granted. Written on a note it said. “The gold be yers the port be what it needs my lady.” He knew people where not dumb enough to steal from him or the dragon who lived in the castle.. the shade began to meander about as the daily taxes had been finished the sounds of construction of the town had began as the buildings began to get fixed right and left. It was only after a certain time the partying started and the rum was rolled out around at  the port. Bar fighting and gunshots from the flintlock pistols of the pirates could be heard outside in the city. The town reopened a grand old brothel at the center of town so that the woman could spread their legs for weary travelers. Regon himself did not partake in this as he was still in the center of town as a new festival began. Song drink and dance in the town square as Regon himself played the fiddle to the dances that were being thrown all was good fun in the celebration of a new beginning down in the town from the castle.

Anaya: that night had bin smooth after she had sent the interesting man named Regon away she had headed inside gotten some tea and went to her chamber for the night, Samuel no were to be found since his fighting with Milla and the fish, she new him and Milla got alone very well and that was very nice for the both of them.  As morning came to the land the birds got up and so did the dragon as always at the crack of dawn.  Opening her eyes she let out a yawn and got up walking over to the window opening it up to a nice sunny day, the hills and then....the looked like a mess but it was being built at last it was coming along, there seemed to be some people over there that the trades were bringing in no one setting up real roots yet but hell it would happen  in good old time. She let the morning cool mist touch her face as she took in a breath standing there fully nude in the window. Flawless figure taking in the sun as scales flipped over her pale skin making it seem like her body was a shimmer of light in the window. Then as the scales folded back into her body she let out another yawn and grabed a white house coat and walked out of her room tieing it half way out the door, if anyone was there her nude figure would have bin there for there eyes to take in as she did up her house coat. She walked down to the guest room were that woman servant girl person jeff had brought home was resting in,or at least that was the room she was to be resting in. Anaya taped softly on the door “anyone up in there?” she asked out as she smiled a little her red eyes still holding a sleepy tinge to them.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Rubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands Ashe rolls over onto her left side and yawns. Looking around the room she takes in it's lavishness. Just then she heard light tapping at her door. Fumbling about she jumps out of the bed and heads for the door pulling the white dress over her head, her feet still bare, running her fingers through her long red locks as she squeezes the latch to their door and pula it open.. "Yes? What is it Sir Je..." Her voice trails off when she opens the door and sees the Queen at the door instead of her charge. Standing straight she stops tugging on the dress, her face white.. "Yes.. Oh, I.. I'm sorry.. Good Morning Miss"... She managed to stutter awkwardly.

Anaya: As Anaya stood at the doorway to the one known as Ashe Anaya's red eyes looked the girl up it was clear she did not expect the queen to be paying her room a come see. “oh i am sorry for startling you i just wanted to see how you are doin..” she would pause as there was a bunch of futtle and  noise coming from Jeffs room “hold on my dear” she said softly and walked over to Jeffs door her clawed hand on the door nob as the door came flying open nailing her in the face breaking her nose on impact , she  gave a grunt and held her nose watching Jeff come spilling out of the room with a not dead person Jeff reacting as she new he was the woman was dead in moments. “a metal wolf eh, can they not cause problems anymore” she muttered as she held her nose watching the girl die and her son fall to the floor in a pile. Anaya could not heal anything not even this shit broken nose. She turned around as she looked at Ashe bright blue blood falling down her dress and all over her house coat, bright blue dragons blood if the girl did not know Anaya was not human she surely new now. “do you know how to heal cus i don't, help my son!” she was in a panic but at least that Metalwolf scum was good and dead, and now it seemed they had assassins in there mists, and just before the ball to.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Voiceless, Ashe watched the craziness unfold in front of her and in an instant she jumped for her pack. Grabbing the tobacco leaves she had stole a few days prior at the fair and stuck it in her mouth, chewing it as she ran to and leaned over Jeff's almost lifeless body. Rubbing her palms together she tears his clothes from his upper body around the knife and pulls it quickly from his skin. His blood pouring from the wound, she spits the chewed tobacco into her hand and douses his wound with it, soaking up the blood as she goes with Pledgits from her pocket. She had gotten quite used to carrying them due to her fingers and feet having been sore from riding sometimes for days. "I'm sorry Majesty, I don't know much but to keep open wounds clean and new wounds closed. The tobacco has a healing element that's I'll draw any infection. And I can cauterize the wound...." She says before blowing into the tobacco and particles of what looked like ash came from her lips. It was small pieces of her inner fire, and one of the few ways she were able to control it to date. After exhaling for a minute or so she sat up and liked toward the Queen. " I hope this helps" she whispers quietly before standing and moving out of their way.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff laid there with no expression, as if in a daze before having his shirt ripped from his body. Jeff watched the bloodied tobacco numb the area around his wound. "I-...think I am done for guys." Jeff turned and spit a glob of bloodied spit onto the ground before looking to Ashe and his Mother. "Fuckin' Metalwolf-...." He whispered, spitting on the body. "Every thing I fuck hates me." He growled and looked up at the circling spots that came to his vision, before feeling dizzy and disoriented. "I thought I wanted death." He whispered to his mother, laughing, in a stupor sense. "But now I'm scared. I don't want to die." Jeff was surprisingly calm, and ready with the fact that he could die. He seemed like he was waiting for it. A cold angel embracing his soul up to the sky to shine with the others. Yet Jeff was holy, so he would come back as an angel if killed, with nearly half of his power cut. He looked to Ashe. "Take care of her." Jeff coughed up more blood, before sitting himself up against the wall and pulled a cigarette out of his pants pocket. The prince lit the herb and looked at his injured form. " of everyone." Jeff then took a drag and slowly closed his eyes. His breathing slowed. He was simply going into healing mode, yet it would seem that he was passing away. He needed rest. And just wanted to make sure no one would be hurt by his actions ever again. As if hoping for death. As if wanting to die. As if he thought he was always the problem. Jeff was unconscious and his breathing almost stopped, but he was indeed alive.

Scarlet DeLaRose: Scarlet was actually a few inches away from everyone, but she had herself hidden behind a wall as she coughed up black liquid, She was actually the first to see the aftermath of what had happened and ran behind a wall to throw up because she held back her thirst for “the red within” She was going to call out for help or try and do it herself before her problem hit her like a burning wound “dang…this” she said as dark green liquid came out along with the black liquid that had now became hard as glass, she realized that the green liquid was bile that came from her stomach and grunted to herself “Can’t even do my job…” she said as she held her head and appeared from behind the wall, she wiped the liquids from her mouth and held her head as she looked from where she was standing with a worried expression “oh G…” She fell to her knees not knowing that red had started dripping from her nose “Is he…”

Anaya: Anaya turned around spotting her younger sister as she was still holding her nose as blood dripped past her fingers.  Her eyes red and in shook as she ripped her house coat apart and jammed part of it up her nose. “he needs rest and thinks the end of the world is coming, he will not die he can heal partly as long as it stops bleeding so he does not bleed out. Ash you stay with him and do not leave his side, if he gets worse and his heart slows anymore then it has get a guard they all have part healing in them it is not very good but hell it works a bit. I have to get one to fix my fucking nose.” She walked over to Jeff as she held a hand out her fingers turning blue and then red hot as she pressed her fingers ageist the wound burning the flesh back together, yes it would hurt but the bleeding would stop right away so he would not bleed out. She then sent a shoot of her own energy into his body to jolt him back to self so he would not go to sleep he would still be resting but his eyes had to stay open so people new he was alive. And on top of it her energy would help speed his own self healing. “now my son, please to god stop fucking people for now eh” she said as she almost wanted to laugh walking over to the body and picking it up by the hair and dragging it down the hall cussing under her breath at her broken nose. Anaya was not one to use bad language so when she did she was upset. “tomorrow is the fucking ball i have a half dead kid and my fucking nose is broken, fucking hell, and what the fuck someone is shooting shit outside!, oh for the love of fucking hell fuck i don't care i will kill them later when i fix my mother fucking nose....fuck”

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A Ball Everyone Will Remember. ~Anaya DeLaRose

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -Elisa would be walking down the path as she is careful while walking. Her heels clicking along a fine path leading up to a beautiful castle. The castle has two front towers and is two story's high, Her long black dress draping down her slim figure as her long black hair moved gently in the wind her green eyes gazing around enjoying the scenery while she walked. She had feather in her hair part of her hair dress for the outfit the skys were sunny but it did look as if it was gonna rain but maybe slightly. As she made her way up to the castle doors she would still have her dress being held by one of her hands as the other hand reach's up and slowly knocks at the door brushing her hair agasint her ear making sure it wasn't in her face as she waited.

KinLionheart: -a dark swirling wisp blows like a gentle breeze behind Beauty. It causes her hair to flow in the black wind. Suddenly, she feels an arm hook onto hers. He looks at her with a yearning deepened look of admiration and wonder. "My dear, you are looking absolutely lovely." He then kisses her forehead, still mesmerized by her stunning gown. He was wearing his formal prince suit that he saved for one specific occasion that he would decide what it would be. This was the time. He did not regret is a single bit. He was ready for this night with his queen.

IxNemmyIxNemmy Whisper: -As the party seemingly starts too get underway, a taller man under a mask would be standing in one of the corners, watching the other patrons. He was never really one for fancy parties or balls like this but he figured earlier too himself that he could get here too just try and enjoy himself. As he looks down at his hand, his silver mask covering his face just a little bit, he would start too twirling a feint white ball of energy in his wrists, trying too entertain himself just a little bit. At the moment he doesn't really know if he will dance or not as of yet but for now he does not wish too be a killjoy so for now he just looks on, perhaps waiting-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff walked into the section of the Iron that was deemed the perfect room for the ball. This had been hyped for a month and a half.  How long did a ball take to plan out? Jeff had organized it in simply 5 days. Where would this place be without him? Probably doing better than now. Ever since the blond haired, crystallized blue hued prince arrived back home, nothing had gone right. He finally healed after last night's assassination attempt, and he was not feeling like the best course of action for himself was to dance and be merry. Jeff was determined to find any and all imposters and evil intended beings who want nothing more than to kill. Like he use to. He was wearing a dress shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, and a pair of clean, fine black denims. Below those were fine dress shoes. Hanging from his neck was a new DeLaRose crest, a pair of rings, and a small medallion. His hair was neater than usual, and for once, he wasn't covered in blood. His mask covered the lower half of his face, from the bridge of the nose down to his chin. The polyresin material made it fantastic for filtering out scents and helping Jeff control his hunger. Some could laugh at the fact that a dragon adopted a vampire and raised him to be powerful. Raised him to be sturdy. Raised him to be a warrior. He was a dragon at heart, and one of the best fighters that the Iron could know. Jeff was trained by the best to murder any and all in his way. He knew that he could handle himself if things got intense around the ball. It was showtime. He pushed the doors open and walked into the room where the decorations, wine, townspeople, all dressed in garb, and guards as well as servants rested.  He sighed softly, closing his eyes tightly before walking through the crowd, his aura flaring  up as his anxiety began. He clutched his violin tightly whilst his weapons clunked on his back, whilst the townspeople bowed and moved out of his way. "Good evening." Jeff whispered.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya looked up as she moved from her dressing room and out the window, it was nice to see the sky was bright and it made her mildly happier as she touched her still tender nose from breaking it the other day, she was still mildly peeved at that faultier of being smashed in the face by a door. She let out a chuckle as she sat down fully nude into her dressing room chair she looked into the mirror as Milla came up to her side dressed in a beautiful pink and silver trimmed silk “you look flawless my dear lady, you will shine today, the ballroom is set up and guards are already letting people in, the doors are wide open for you, it is going to be a wonderful day the dancing and happiness will go till night, and the musicians have already come and started to set up, it is beautiful my lady, there will be people from all lands here tonight” Anaya smiled as she looked at Milla as she put a brush into her hair and Anaya stood up walking over to the dress's and picking out the large white frilled one with a golden armour plate at the top, she had hand picked it out form the trader and had them melt down her own gold coins to make the chest bit. She smiled as her fingers ran over its top and she slipped it up and over her head Milla moving behind her to clip up the back armour buckles. “you know i do hope all goes well and my nose still hurts but the wonder of this skin i faded out the brushing Milla and thank you for helping with the powder this morning, it was very needed.” she said softly as her back was buttoned up and Milla put her Golden crown on and Anaya slipped on some ricks and her necklace.  She then when all ready turned to the doors as she paused small white feathers picking out of her back as a massive set of white wings came from her back to be her shock factor for the night, a dragon dressed as an angel, the wonder of her powers she could look like anything she deemed worthy. “ok we are now ready” she said softly as she took Millas arms in her own “care to walk me down to the ball room my dear Milla?”  “i would be honoured lady Anaya” Milla said as she hooked arms and they walked down the hall way taping on the doors of both Jeff and Ash for them to join as well she moved her hands as she walked down the steps to the ball room seeing people already there “Welcome to the Iron Dynasty Ball!” she called out as her wings held up in the air and Milla started to Jump up and down happily clapping.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet, who went out early in the day, had just come back from a minor situation in the nearby town, apparently another one of her nomad friends had gotten herself in a bit of a struggle and Scarlet just so happened to be there to help her, Scarlet was in town trying to buy a necklace to put on for the ball, but instead she helped the female nomad fight off three bandits that tried to ambush her, She thanked Scarlet by buying the necklace for her with a jewel that the female obviously took from someone else “I’m guessing they wanted to steal from you” Scarlet said as she put the necklace around her neck “I better get back” She said as she waved goodbye to the female nomad and ran back to her home, “Of all the days to wear heels” She said as she lifted up her dress to walk up the stairs then pushed open the castle doors and walked down to the ballroom “I hope I’m not too late”

Ashe Fallon Rage: Dressed in a long white gown Ashe found in one of the closets on the third floor, her hair left to fall down her back, the right side pulled back with a pearl pin. Her feet bare, but the dress long enough not to be able to see them. Slowly and uncomfortably walking down the hall she realized why she doesn't wear dresses and chuckled to herself. Her chest pushed up so her breasts looked bigger than normal and her waist line very apparent. She smiled at her reflection as she passed a large mirror in the hall. Peeking around the corner Ashe saw beautifully dressed men and women and smiling and mingling and then watched the Queen in a beautiful white gown ascend into the room and smile widely. What a beautiful confident woman she was. And suddenly Ashe couldn't cross the threshold into the ballroom but stood back quietly watching for a bit. Hoping no one noticed her for a while..

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -She would feel a breeze blowing behind her as her hair moved gently. Her body would move turning to see Kins face near hers. As his soft lips pressed against her for-head and his arms looping into hers and hooking she would smile hearing his complement. Elisa would look to him up and down giggling softly as she bites her lips softly, speaking softly to him-"You look amazing yourself didn't think a guard could look quiet dashing"-After she spoke she would look up to the big door as she pushes it open making her way inside with Kin on her arm . She would look around at the beautiful display inside the castle it was just breathtaking to her the flower petals on the ground made it a ravishing sight. Elisa would look over to Kin as she smiled and then went back to looking around the castle she hasn't really left her own empire before to be in another so this was a great experience for her to get out and meet new people as well as have fun with kin. She would look up to see Anaya in a stunning dress as she smiled hearing her she would give a slight curtsey as she lightly clapped-

KinLionheartKinLionheart Whisper: -Smiling back at Elisa, he followed her, arm in arm, looking around the delicately decorated ballroom. It was an astonishing display. The people that were around, the music that filled the air with this euphoria of multiple plateaus. He stopped Elisa for a moment, using some bit of his dark magic to whirl up a few rose petals that were laiden on the floor. As they spun about in a dark vortex in his palm, they fused themselves into a black and white full rose. He tenderly inserted the stem in Elisa's hair, as the black and white rose illuminated in her hair in the dimmed light. He smiled once more, running his hand through her hair. He then took her hand, leading her to the edge of the dance floor, giving her a respective bow-

IxNemmy: -He would still be in the corner of the room, unaware as of yet that there are two more guests that have arrived. The faint light whips on his arm would ever so slowly travel up his arms, forming into a crystal in his closed right hand. As he goes too look at it he would notice the veins on his wrist start too move around on their own and he tilts his head, knowing what needs too be done he discreetly reaches into his long dress shirt and he would take an onyx flask out of it, sipping on it's contents, a look of disgust with the taste of it appearing in his eyes for a brief moment. He peers up afterwards and he noticed the new guests on the dance floor, not realizing just who they are as of yet but he still ponders on wither too go up and dance or not-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff raised a brow at the many people dancing before spotting Ashe and giving a small bow. "You look lovely, Miss Ashe." He said, walking over to her, almost clinging to the one person he knew apart from his very busy mother. Jeff sighed and spoke in a friendly manner. "Thanks for saving my life last night, I would like a dance." He was strictly Platonic of course, but he hoped she would know the prince somewhat to know that he only had friendly intentions with his hand maiden. "C'mon! I promise I won't step on your feet." Jeff gave her a friendly nudge and smirked as he leaned in next to her left ear. "I also have some leaf still. We could sneak out later and smoke some to calm down."

Anaya: A guard went down to open all the doors up nice and wide so everything was open and the sun hit the floor causing everything to shimmer with light. “come in come in all and welcome to the Iron Dynasty” the guards happy and dressed in there finest suits of armour, and on there chest was the mark of the rose, a silver dragon holding a silver rose with bright red petals. Anaya looked over to her son he had come down and right away Milla's eyes got brighter as Anaya nodded to her little hand servant “go on you have fun” she said softly as Milla's nodded and happily jumped over to Jeff running full tilt pausing to hug him tightly but stopped “oh ya shit ribs ya sorry, you look um....amazing” Milla was blushing her toes wiggling on the ground as she looked up at Jeff “feeling any better today Sir Jeff?” her voice cheeped out as she saw him talking to Lady Ash “oh i Sorry i will let you talk, you look beautiful to” she said softly and wiggles her foot she did not know the lady's name as they had not met each other yet but then Jeff said it “oh Miss Ash” she barked up so happy to know it now, and then went back silent as she was now bashful.  Anaya watched her from a far. Anaya looked around her mote no place to be seen as she saw the new faces and then one she remembered her from a wile ago, Elisa she remembered her name a little but hell it was hard to remember so many people but she smiled seeing how beautiful the woman looked and she did a bow back and a slight curtsy in return to her as well as her seeming to be date. Walking down the steps Anaya put her stunning white wings to her back as the tips of them dragged on the floor as she walked. Down the steps spotting her younger sister Scarlet and chuckles, “you are not late my dear sister, i am glad you could make it, no date?” she gave a smile as she walked over to Scarlet's flank watching the parts take place the music filling her eats as she smiled watching everyone move to dance and enjoy the castle.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet looked at her sister then shook her head with a grumble “He has not been seen in a few days” She folded her arms and slightly puffed up her cheeks, “I was looking forward to finally be with him tonight too” Scarlet blew out some hot air as she looked to the ground with a pout then looked at everyone else in the ballroom “guess I’ll have to find another person to dance with” She knew that wouldn’t be too hard, but the only problem with this is she’s too shy to ask anyone, she brushed off her magenta colored dress and brushed her hair back from her shoulders, She then thought that maybe she should dance by herself and try not to trip on herself

he rolled out the barrels the party would be here as a invitation was going around he caught wind. All these people where invited to a ball room he made his men carry large things of booze hauling it into the room all night. It wasn’t long as he was a man that acted on impulse and invited himself. The fellow pirates where there drinking and gambling like a local harbor bay inn.. in the kitchen as well as some who didn’t look decent they in fact were pirates after all. Slowly he gave the man a couple of coin to get some new clothes and maybe a bath for the ball. As they had the nights booze in the ballroom Rogen would be on his best so called manners this evening. The shade popped his hat upon his head and this time he only stuck to two pistols if anything got to intense. He looked military as the old wear was formidable it was also fancy and elegant. The pirates who escorted him where of coarse He approached the queen and would nod in a greeting a smile that would cross down his face in a thin smug look of satisfaction. “My lady Anaya….” His posture changed a bit as he stared upon her face the nose looked a little bit still broken and would cock his head to the side. “Do you still want my help to fix that….”

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -She would take his hand as they went to the dance floor her eyes locking onto his as she blushes softly grabbing his hands tightly as they began to dance to the music. Her arms would wrap around his neck slowly and softly as she smiles biting her lip as she places her forehead against his. She would hear the music as she closes her eyes following his movement as she spoke softly to him-"Thank you for dancing with me Kin dear i am very much enjoying myself with you and you are a great dancer at least you are not stepping on my feet"-She would giggle softly before she was dipped her long black hair flowing down her back almost touching the floor as she was whipped back into his arms. As they danced it was like they were gracefully floating across the floor on how well they danced. She would laugh and smile as she heard the music picking up on speed feeling him moving faster as well-

KinLionheart: -He smiled back at Elisa as her arms wrap around his neck. "It is my pleasure, my queen. I've been taught by my late mother to dance this way, so I shouldn't step on your feet." They continued to dance along the vast dance floor, picking up speed to the beat of the music, he subtly sets off a soft typhoon of rose petals swirling around the entire ballroom. It made for a beautiful evening, and not only did he plan to make the night interesting, but he wanted to make sure that Elisa had a night she would never forget. He smiled once more and enjoyed his night with his dear queen-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff was squeezed by Milla before being let go and bombarded by a very excited servant girl. "I will get a dance with you later!" He smiled as she walked away from them. Jeff then turned to Ashe, taking her hand and leading her to the floor before pulling her close. He took the first two steps of the waltz, and led her in an elegant dance. He was close enough to whisper to her now. "Ashe, something is going on here. Something is off. I really need you to cover for me while I look around to make sure everything is okay. I need you to do this for me. I feel a strange aura over this place." Jeff spun her, then dipped her back as the townspeople clapped and cheered as they finished their dance.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Enjoying their dance, she smiled at her friend and charge while listening closely, trying to hide her surprise, as Jeff whispered to her Ashe nodded her head and bowed her head. "As you wish Master Jeff" she spoke lightly looking about. "Just please don't get yourself in any trouble." With a smile as he dipped her back, her feet poking out under the dress at that moment she could to help but giggle to herself. Pretending to feel faint she asked the young prince to please walk her out onto the veranda for some air. Giving him an excuse to leave the hall... And get his look see.

Anaya: “oh my dear sister do not worry i am sure any guy with eyes would love to dance with you, and do not worry i am without a date myself, seems Samuel is off getting himself into things beats me were he is” she said softly a chuckle coming from her lips as she noticed the maids and waiters setting up the dinnering hall tables at the sides, and placing many kinds of meat and fresh fruits on them. There was last nights kill, gotten form the north it was great boar placed on a platter and roasted to utter perfection an apple in its jaws. Then there was also chicken from the stable out back, and some beef as well sliced and set out on a silver platters.  As well as meat there was fruits all on platters and set out among the cheese and breads. Some breads still had heat waving off them and as the maids came out of the dining hall the room started to smell of fresh baked breads and meats.  “and well my sister if we cant find anyone to dance with we can eat the night away” she let out another laugh as her wings flickered behind her and she watched everyone. Spotting a man in the corner and poking her sisters side “hey go ask him i know you can do it” she smiled as she new her sister was the very sky one of the family and it was fun to get her to step out of that comfort zone and go ask someone to dance.  She looked up spotting the pirate known as Rogen as she gave a half cocked grin “no my nose is fine, ” Milla over at Jeff's side gave a mild sad face as he walked away form her and even raised his voice she guessed it was due to her touching him and him hurting so she did not take offence to it, she did not really take offence to anything. Milla looked over at Anaya and scarlet as she rushed over to them and smiled softly looking over to were Anaya pointed there was a guy over in the corner but he had rushed out for some reason must have bin the shyness “here get the pirate man to dance with you” Milla blabbered out as she looked at Rogen then back to scarlet and then to Anaya with a dorkish grin.

Over in the dinning area Samuel was pushing pots and pans out the the way as he was looking for things to cook with “got to make Anaya something cool, got to do something for her tonight she wanted it to be nice” he muttered as he tossed a spoon behind him and then rushed to a back room only to be hit in the head with a pot. “what th..” he muttered as he was grabbed by the top and smashed into the wall by someone, his eyes blurry as he got up and was smashed in the face with something sharp, it took a chunk out of his cheek as he wobbled around a bit trying to get himself together. “who are you?” he asked not being able to see the person dressed in black as it grabbed him and picked him up the hood of the assailant falling down brown flowing hair falling as a woman punched and kicked him in the gut sending him falling back in his backside there on the floor. But now that Samuel had time to do something he did not and just sat there as the person grabbed his face and smashed him into the cooking stove burning his head on the hot top. The woman then took the pot of soup and poured it over top his head, no one else was in the room and Samuel s muttered cry s of pain were  drowned out by the music playing, no one would ever know a thing.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet looked at Milla with a raised eyebrow then looked back at the so called pirate man then rubbed the back of her head and looked down at the floor “I guess dancing with a pirate wouldn’t be too bad” She then turned her attention to one of the guards that might have took a glance at her while she wasn’t looking, “I’m not that good of a dancer though” She sighed as she took his hand then looked back at the guard that was now staring at the wall with pure anger, he then looked at them from the corner of his eyes with a frown as Scarlet made her way to the dance floor with her partner

Out of the blue Rogen was asked to dance by the queen he cocked his eyebrow up and would look back to her as if he knew what the art was… “Hmmmmm….. dancing… a motion of the body…” he looked back to his early days and would smile again as he looked back to her. “well I guess I could give dancing such as a festive event but then again I have my men supplying some form of wine from a great far away if you care to dabble yer taste buds.” He drank a bit of his milk of the poppy to well…. Put him in some form of mood before he would make a notion to the person who Anaya had mentioned to him it seemed as though. There seemed to be a loud ruckus coming from the kitchen he simply ignored it as he would stand before the sister his hat was large and feathered as he tipped it a bit. “ erm. Your sister said for a dance if you are willing…” He slowly extended his hand as the old custom was atoned for. As though he looked back to Anaya he would frown because she had drawn him out to go dance with a stranger he had not known. He looked back between the two as if there was something going on or fishy like.

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -She would look around them as the rose petals began to swirl around the entire ballroom she would giggle and smile seeing the beautiful sight as she would blush looking into kins eyes biting her lip. While they danced rose petals would fall on top of her body as she was diped and spun around grasping his hand tightly. She was having a amazing night tonight she never knew leaving her own empire to have fun would be the best trick to get her away from all the stress. Elisa's eyes would sparkle from the lights shinning down on them, her body now pressing against his as they danced close to one another she would hum to the music as she had a bright glow upon her face her head rests slowly onto his shoulder enjoying every moment away from her empires troubles . This night was so far the most relaxing and fun she has ever had in a very long time.

KinLionheart: -Taking in Elisa's beauty, suddenly his face perked with curious concern. He smelled blood. He was able to separate the food from the fresh blood that had been spilled just recently. He also smelled what seemed to be some sort of broth mingled with the blood. He didn't have heightened hearing, but he hoped that whatever happened had already been taken care of. Hopefully it wasn't serious. Shrugging the concern off, he looked back at Elisa. He tried to get his mind off of the sudden scent of blood. 'What could it be...?' he thought, 'I should check on it... but...' he quickly shook his head trying to ignore it. The blood was overpowering. He tried to crack a grin, even though the fluid's scent was wrenching his stomach. This was the only drawback to his senses. They always noticed things that he wasn't exactly hoping to notice. Admittedly, his sense of smell had smelled all kinds of scents: Death, poison, undead, the list keeps going. He sighed softly, still holding his queen in his arms as they continued to flow around the dance floor. He twirled her around, waltzed her slender body along the petals that slowly began to drift onto the tile. Slowly he finally got back into the reality of his evening with his queen, Elisa. Hopefully there wouldn't be anymore weird interruptions. He knew that his priorities of protecting her came first before anything. He decided that he would keep an eye on it, but not let it distract him from his dance. But he couldn't help feeling his heart pound in nervousness in his chest. Something could easily go wrong. Someone could simply walk right onto the floor and attack Elisa. Luckily he was prepared. His sword strapped to his waist was purely decoration. He was equipped with various concealed weapons just in case something happened. Suddenly he heard her voice, trying to recollect what she said to him. He replied, "I'm glad that I could get you away from your duties and your worries, my dear. I could dance the entire night away with you." He caressed her face, staring deep into her eyes as they danced as the final petal had fallen.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff nodded as Ashe asked him to walk her about. He did just that before splitting off and following the strange aura. The prince moved through the pantry, then the dining room, then the kitchen, where he heard a small commotion that furrowed the prince's brow. He blinked before opening the door to the stove room to see Samuel being destroyed by the woman repeatedly. The Wyvern wasn't fighting back? He could easily end this female, but he didn't, and Jeff was suspicious from the moment he spotted this. The price knew that going about this in a violent way was not correct. He needed to remain clean as well, so in a flash, he jolted forward and gripped his hands around the back of the woman's neck before ripping his mask off and jamming his fangs into her jugular and draining her off all her blood and energy before spinning the nearly lifeless body around to look at him, "I know your life. I know your pain. I am the epitome of war. I am the epiphany of death. I am the idea of darkness. I am a DeLaRose and you will not hurt anyone ever again. Look into my eyes." The throll blinked before slowly staring into Jeff's eyes. Jeff made her place his mask on his face before literally sucking the life straight from her soul, taking it into his own Jeff the used his new holy power, "smite" and obliterated the body with a single motion, watching the body turn to dust, and blow away. Jeff then rushed to help Samuel up. "You okay? Why didn't you fight?"

Starscream: The almost-silence was almost eerie as Kai stood before his army, wondering whether it was the right decision to attack the Iron Dynasty, home of the Dragon Woman, Anaya. In force, there stood 5000 men, all clad in gold and black armour, with shimmering gold capes, all ready for war. They would ride to the death for their king, and as much as Kai appreciated that, he knew that he would have a better chance at winning if he attacked with his army from the north, his home, Zendasalen. Behind the 5000 men, stood three larger than normal woolly mammoths, al clad in armour for their huge forms, but there was a difference. Instead of them standing alone, on their backs, rode giants, roughly 25ft tall. The giants were not as large as their mountain giant counterparts, but they would do. Where they lacked in size, they made up in speed, skill, strength and momentum as opposed to clumsy and foolish battle tactics. “Well then.” Kai said to himself, before walking away from the balcony he stood at. All the civilians had been told to move out of the City of Crowns, Andilar, only until Kai deemed it safe for them to return, and instead, the army occupied it, which made it possible for Kai to stand on the balcony of his palace and assess what he could use for this dilemma he had. Where war seemed to be the more interesting option, even though his whole city got burned down, the idea of an alliance sounded interesting, not only because he could partially benefit from it, but also because it would mean less energy and resources used. As Kai made his way inside, his right hand reached out to his right, and as if they had minds of his own, a pair of gloves, made from a heavy but extremely flexible material found their way into his outstretched hand. Silently as he walked, Kai put the gloved on his hands, almost completing his outfit, as he reached to his left and picked up a black half-mask from a small shelf, and placing it upon his face, not worried about a crown. He refused to wear a crown a lot of the time, thinking about how annoyingly unbalanced he felt with a ring of pointless metal and jewels on his head- so instead, he simply kept his pale white hair in the open, which contrasted with the silvery-white hue of his eyes. His gaze was almost haunting. Many who looked at him either turned away, or was mesmerized, by which time, sometimes, it was too late to turn back, due to certain abilities granted to him by his heritage. “Ren, wait for my command should I need assistance, and Nel, you hold the reserve forces back until my command.” Kai said. With that, a large elf with shaggy black hair walked past him, his form 9ft tall and footsteps barely making a sound. The tall elf pulled the string on a large black bow made to accommodate his height, testing it slightly before he placed it on his back with his quiver of black arrows, before standing by the balcony. A second figure, much shorter in height, at 6ft exactly, walked past. Her body was athletically toned and almost completely exposed as she had a small dress, made of what seemed like white fur. Her bright turquoise hair glowed slightly in the dark of the room, as did her matching eyes, but her eye make-up was dark, making her eyes seem even more vibrant. Her dress with what seemed to be white fur looked simple, but to someone with exceptional eyesight could see the minuscule teardrop shaped jewels which barely hanged onto her dress, shaking slightly as she made every step toward the balcony also, silent as the being before her. Partially satisfied, Kai made his way over to a mirror which covered most of his western wall, and stared into it. A red haired, red eyed, and tan skinned version of himself stared back before winking quickly. From the top of the reflection’s head, to his toes, he was tattooed, but only on the right side, strangely reminiscent of one of Kai’s most notorious ancestors. “You will wait this time.” Kai said simply, before the expression on the reflection’s face became serious, and it nodded simply. Reaching around his body to make sure he was properly strapped up, completely disregarding the usual no-weapons policy of different events he had been to, he knew his five vendanium daggers were properly hidden and secure and extremely close to his body, well placed enough that they couldn’t be seen through his attire. With that, the reflection faded away, and Kai was left with his own reflection. Sighing lightly, he reached out to the mirror and touched it. Of course there was only one place he was going. This amount of preparation didn’t go for nothing. As his whole hand made contact with the mirror, the cape with furred shoulders he wore began to blow back as if some kind of wind blew through it, along with making the necklace he wore around his neck with a blade pendant on it, quiver slightly. Suddenly the mirror began to glow bright white, spreading from where his hand touched it, until the edges. <C>

Starscream: The light in fact was so bright that the black Vendanium royal wear, which could undetectably double as armour, seemed white in the bright light’s wake. Before long, Kai’s hand had phased through the mirror, and he began to walk forward, slowly, until his whole 7.5ft body was engulfed. Once the tip of his cape had vanished into the blinding light, the room fell silent. And the light from the mirror faded, with that, all who remained, waited for a signal from their king. As if nothing even happened, Kai walked into existence, as if he wasn’t there one second, and then he was the next, except he was standing on a balcony. Breathing in, allowing his telekinetic shield to clean the air for him to breathe before it reached his nostrils, he looked around. The shield in front of him was invisible, but upon contact, it would ripple as if a pebble was dropped in water, showing its flexibility for its host. It wasn’t until he saw a winged woman standing there, and another being near here, whom he entirely disregarded for the current moment, that he raised his eyebrow- purposely making a noise with his foot before he brought his left fist to his mouth and cleared his throat, placing his other hand behind his back. “No invite. That’s upsetting, Anaya.” Kai said smoothly before letting his phantom gaze rest upon her. <F>

Anaya: Anaya let out a laugh as she watched her sister and Rogen go to dance, her little sister dancing with this tall built man with the messed up hat. She smiled softly as it seemed everyone had a partner to dance with, Her son had Ash, Scarlet had Rogen, Elsa had her guard and partner but who did she have. She gave a smile and did not care about herself she was sure Samuel would be here sometime or another and would be dressed in the finest suit oh what if he looked like he did when they meet, black hair lashed up into a long bread, tan skin inked markings along it painted on and stained into his skin oh he was a flawless man when he wanted to be in truth she hated how he was made to look now as a butler to hide the fact he had red scales under his skin, he hated it to and she had no idea why he was hiding, or who he was hiding from but it was his choice and she did give him the idea years ago. But in the end the woman was happy seeing everyone else so happy and pleased with the party and events. It was getting to the afternoon now and the sun was hanging closer to evening god the time just flipped by when all you were doing was dancing and having fun. She walked over to the dining table and took a dish and put on it some meat and a slice of the boar it made her mouth water as she sat down nicely at a chair facing the dance floor as her wings dragged on the floor  behind her she stabbed a finger into the meat and ate it off a claw. (medieval times they did not have forks XD) Anaya watched the hall intently as she took a bite of her boar, she stood up as she spotted that face, it was Kai that man long ago she had met and they had war the both of them, how nice for him to show up at her Ball event. She got up placing her plate down and walking up to him, no one was with him but she new seeing they had a nice past of destroying each others towns, that others would not be far. “oh i am sorry it must have not gone out Kai, i don't have a partner care to dance?” she held out a hand as her white wings flickered behind her. Even if he was an enemy of her Dynasty she did not fear him, they both were at each others necks but this was the first time he had really stepped into her hall so she would make it a nice time for him. A smile came over her lips as red shimmering fearless and proud eyes glimmered in the Ball rooms faded embrace. “oh i am sure you can forgive my fools mind, i am not a young pup anymore, you know sometimes my invitations slip or well things get lost in the mail” she gave a laugh as she looked at him her claws hand held out to him. <C>

As Samuel felt the soup pot clang onto his head he grunted and could not even open his eyes anymore as they were burned to bad to do so. He started  to laugh as he cleaned away the grit and a carrot form his face his lips burned down to the gums of his teeth as he stood up not being able to see a thing but still laughing and blindly swinging, he hit nothing as the woman he was fighting sidesteps jumping up in the air and giving the man a round house kick to the side of the head hitting out a couple teeth. Samuel fell to the ground still grunt like laughing as his mouth was raining this green goo that was the mans blood, unlike Anaya holding Royal blue dragons blood Samuel was a Wyvern by birth and no royal one at that. He looked up and then the woman was gone and there was Jeff standing there as Samuel pried his eyes open ripping the flesh apart “um my face is melted i could not see it is not every day you get a fucking pot of soup poured on your face” he muttered as he took the time that he had right now to rip the old skin and melted skin from his face and heal back up to normal. “thanks, and don't you want to get back to the ball?”

Starscream: While the afternoon began to turn to evening, Kai was tempted to fold his arms but did nothing. Just as Anaya noticed him and began speaking, Kai almost mentioned that he wasn’t here to dance, until he had a bright idea. Walking toward Anaya wordlessly, Kai reached out to her, to take her hand with his right hand. His shield, just then began to morph. Instead of being thick enough to be visible if physically touched, he made it thin enough to be less visible, but with the structure of Vendanium, only to give it the strength to withstand the first few types of attacks Kai could think of by someone at incredibly close range if he didn’t attack. Kai did these things nearly subconsciously, just because his mind worked like that. Coming from a 51/50 superhuman warrior race of beings, and being mixed with an ill-tempered but fiercely intelligent ethereal being did not fail to show just how much it controlled his actions. Kai’s shield came close enough to his skin that it wasn’t touching, but in fact, it was close enough to seem as if a person was touching his actual body. Kai made sure to stay silent until she was in close enough range, only because he really had no small talk for her except asking her how her town was, which in actual fact, he had no clue if he was genuinely concerned or not about. If she was to take his hand, he would pull her into a smooth dance, which wasn’t as fast moving as anyone else’s, if anything, it would look intimate, more than casual. Kai’s footfalls would be calculated to near perfection, by him subconsciously changing them to avoid any type of way of her finding out how he fought. In the past, Kai would watch the way someone would walk, and it was rather simple to see how their footwork worked during battle, which made it easier for him to be in the right place at the right time, or even to overwhelm them simply by his footfalls. Although he was purposely putting himself in a different dancing situation, he was most definitely not a bad dancer, only because his coordination, and his royal duties forced him to be good at it.

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -She would notice a strange look on his face as his body pressed against hers she felt his heart beating hard against her chest. She was worried and concentrated about him she would lean near his ear speaking softly-"Is everything alright my dear your heart is beating fast and you have a strange look on your face?"-She would keep dancing with him as she felt his hand caressing her face she would look up and stare into his eyes smiling softly as the last petal falls between them. She would look around seeing all the people that have came and she starts to get a bit nervous but she remembers as long as Kin was here with her and another keeping there eye out she would be safe nothing should come to of harm here at the ball. She would smile as she nuzzles into kins neck area as they danced the lights would flicker as the room went silent She would hear someone clearing there throat as she looked over to the man she didn't like the feeling she got from looking at the man she stopped dancing as she griped a hold of kins hand tightly as if in her eyes and heart she knew something bad was about to happen she watched as Anaya offer to dance with him but the feeling she got she has been threw this kinda stuff before she knew that man looked like trouble with a capital t She would start to yawn getting a bit sleepy as she looks to Anaya clearing her throat-"is it alright if me and Kin stay here ? for like the night if you have spare rooms"

KinLionheart: -He looked down at Elisa as she questioned him. He did his best to lie, "Yes, I'm alright. It's nothing, don't worry." He then takes her hand as she takes his, following her to Anaya. A new nervousness welled up in him. He was going to rest his head next to his queen. This couldn't have gone any better, so much so that he totally forgot everything that could go wrong. Before Anaya could respond, he takes her hand and led her to the upstairs into a single room, where he lied on the bed to rest for the night

Anaya: Anaya's hand took his own and she was pulled to his body, instantly she matched his faster paced foot steps, her hand moved to his shoulder as her other one was resting in his hand. She would lean into him as silken white hair fell over her eyes and she whispered something into his ear. “i know you are not alone, you are not a stupid man,  i have bin planing this Ball for weeks now, lets not ruin it with blood on the tiles. you are a very nice dancer as well, and it is nice i do not have to look down upon you” Anaya was just under his chin her height was 7 foot 2 to his 7 foot 5 it was almost like they fit together it was almost a beautiful moment as both danced together, and only they new each other no one else here had ever even seen the one Anaya now danced with or new he was the one that did the damage to the town that wile ago. Anaya's feet like walking on air moved and flowed with his own movements as her eyes never left his own as the song changed to that of love and embrace, as well as loss and hardship. “if you wish it we can meet up tomorrow, come back here tomorrow at dawn and we can have words Kai, properly”

Starscream: While Anaya spoke, Kai said nothing, just listened. IF there were any of his spies here, he was sure he was going to be hearing his fiancé to be, telling him all kinds of things he shouldn’t be doing, and how he has disgraced her by dancing with the enemy. Huffing to himself a bit as Anaya was pulled away, Kai mumbled, “So be it.” Before turning around, not even hearing what she had to say. He walked toward the balcony with grace, while his cape flowed behind him. Just as he reached the balcony, he looked left, then right, before crouching, and with no warning, launching his body upwards, where with a loud ‘BANG’ he blasted into the air with no cares given as to what happened to the balcony, which although was made of strong stone, currently had a huge shatter crack in it, deeming it unstable for the next person who stood there. Thousands of feet in the air now, all that could be hear was another ‘BANG’ before Kai’s form shot off in the direction of Terra Avesta.

~before she would really say anything he would take her by the hand and attempt to pull her into the dance floor as if anything around him was going on he just wanted to have a night of fun even if she dident really know how to dance he began to give instructions. ~ “lesson one look your partner in the eye” ~ he would laugh as he would have had a great time with her as the two would be in some sort of a dance. He would hope she would have kept up with him through the form as the two would have danced for a while it would seem as though it had gotten late he would check the time~ “oh dear I must be off” ~ he slowly would turn to mist and went to do other piratey things~

Anaya: Anaya was almost on her back laughing as the man left, she looked to a guard as she watched the man take off and crack her balcony “guard watch were he heads to we will track him and place attack on his base in the next coming days, be sure to have the worms ready to be sent out i am sure they are famished, ” she turned around as she was left standing on the dance floor laughing at what just happened, her enemy tried to party crash her but ended up leaving in a humph. “see you tomorrow at dawn Kai” she chuckled more as she took her spot back with her meal on the platter eating it with her claw thinking to herself how the grand fighter could not dance long with a woman and how utterly cute it was.

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff simply crossed his arms and shook his head, knowing the excuse was a crock. Jeff had fought blind for years by sensing energy. Wyverns could do that better than vampires. The flesh of Samuel bubbled and oozed before healing, and leaving Jeff to scoff. "That is the third assassination attempt this week. Why are people hurting you? Why didn't she just kill you? She was obviously kicking your ass for a good minute before I walked in...." Jeff didn't trust Samuel and nodded, not giving him a chance to answer him, before turning and walking out, and back into the ball room, where some guests had left and others continued to dance. He simply closed his eyes and sat down on his throne, before countless maidens, and towngirls asked him to dance, as was tradition, which Jeff complied and began to dance on the floor, switching partners every minute, trying to satisfy the people, as his mother wanted, completely blocking out the fact that he was slowly turning back into the murderer he worked so hard to get away from. He was almost unfazed, completely hollow in expression the entire time. He smiled a fake smile every now and again, but now he felt like all he wanted was to argue with his brother about that situation. Killing a woman, taking her soul, her energy. H Having a flaring aura surrounding him, far more powerful after he walked out of the kitchen, almost obvious to anyone who sensed power that the prince had done something. He just continued dancing, waiting for Ashe to come back.

Anaya: Samuel ripped the rest of the skin from his face as it all healed up and his lips came back properly. “ya got blind sided in the bloody kitchen closet with a broom..i think” he said with a laugh as jeff was walking away. But Samuel had a smile on his mug he was glad Jeff did not believe him, would make jeff seem like so much more of a loss canon to Anaya when Samuel told her what happened in privet. Samuel could not see what happened when Jeff killed the woman but he could hear it oh so well.  The more Jeff lost himself to the grief and the loss the better it would be to get the foolish kid out of the picture all together so he could have the crown and his and Anaya's to be son could get everything making Samuel a forever king of this land and everything it held and most of all, all the gold under it. The lands Anaya owned were a gold mine, like really under its bed rock was gold veins you only had to dig up, as well as the amount of land she owned and held under her crown made this prime dragon reinstate and Samuel wanted it all, and more so, the body of his late mate was somewhere on this hunk of rock, she dumped it over some cliff and he had to get it back. Getting up Samuel cleaned himself off and stood up a couple bumps and bruises on his body and the cuts and stuff, but at least his burnt face was cleaned up, and then he walked over to the pot on the floor and picked it up cleaning it off. “ewww dead person dust” he muttered as he cleaned off the side of the pot.

Anaya got up from her spot as she finished the food and it seems everyone was heading to bed it was a wonderful afternoon ball and she thought all turned out so very well. But she had some things to get done now that Kai had left her home. It was nice now knowing the man still existed when the only reason she did not destroy him earlier in time was she thought he was dead and moved on. She moved to her son as she asked him “everything all right you look... A little not like yourself” her red eyes looked into his own as she looked around. “and oh about Firedoor, i was meaning to talk to you about it but thought i would wait till after the Ball, for the good of the Dynasty and lands and to mend our broken borders with Firedoor they wish to wed you to a princess, i told them i would get back to them on it and talk to you first but it seems they really took hold of the idea, i saw the box for there gift, i do think it is nice to them to send things. And i hear there woman are beautiful and good at mateing”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff didn't know how to answer. He knew Samuel was planning something but his job was to protect and nurture the Iron back to it's glory days. What ever was happening, he needed to focus on the now. The kingdom and the people were his first priority. He raised a brow, slowly looking up to see his mother. "I'm fine." Jeff whispered before hearing her mention Firedor. "I killed so many men. I hurt so many people. I ran away because of them and They want me to marry into their family? They know that our kingdoms would merge and I would control the Firedor Armies? They know that I would be in line for my crown here right?" Jeff looked down, furious, telling the female was dancing with moments before he began speaking to shoo. Jeff then turned to look into his mother's eyes, full of worry. "I don't trust this. I don't trust the assassination attempts recently. Something is going on here and I can't go to Firedor knowing that this place could be in danger. That is not what a ruler does." Jeff blinked a few times. "We need to think. Something is going on." Jeff looked down and sighed. "The armies would help our family but I can't leave here. Not again. If they wish me to marry the princess, then they need to send her here. She wishes to ensure that I marry, I want to see her get her ass here." Jeff's expression was that of a slowly breaking man, being pushed to snapping. Snapping on Samuel if anyone. Jeff's power was far more higher than when he returned home. Samuel had better watch himself, Jeff thought. The two could easily take each other out now. He was ready to strike if Samuel gave him a reason. "If they wish to betroth me, they must prove their worth. I do not need a mate, I need an army."

Anaya: Anaya lookd at her son and put a hand to his cheek and smiled “i will send note away for you to meet her and we don't need an army Jeff i have one of them already, we have over ten thousand men armed to the teeth, i am a shit ruler at times i know but one thing i am good at is killing things” she started to laugh as she looked at him and took her hand away. “but you head to bed, i have to handle some things in the stable, but do not worry, i think Ash ran up to her chamber room i don't think she is a big liking of balls or fancy things, go cheek on her and relax a little.  Don't be a king Jeff be a prince you will have your own army one day i a sure you, but till then just relax a little i can handle things.” she smiled knowing she had to handle Kai at Dawn, and if she could Jeff would be kept far out of that one, that was a game she wanted to play and maybe even prove to her son she was not so much of a shit ruler after all.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Tapping her fingers on the vanity top, totally lost in thought Ashe wondered what Jeff had gotten himself into after he left her. She snuck back to her room very soon after. She didn't know how to mingle with people she didn't know who were socially above her "paygrade". Ms he glanced over at the white gown laid across the back of the high back chair near the bed and smiled. It was wonderful to feel that Doherty and for a split second she was a touch jealous of those who got to wear dresses and be accepted  and loved by their the Queen was. Standing Ashe began to dance around the room mimicking her and Jeff's waltz...

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff nodded to his mother's words, knowing she did not catch his meanings when he stated they needed an army. Yes DeLaRose had a large army, but with Firedor's army backing them, if war came, they ruled over the northern hemisphere, and could crush their foes. Without their alliance, war between the two homes would be constant. Firedor had an army matching DeLaRose now, and Jeff needed to secure it. But only at the cost of his freedom..again. Jeff grunted as she walked from him, and he moved upstairs to Ashe's door. Bringing his hand up to knock, he slowly opened the door no walked in a few moments later. "I hate balls..." Jeff sighed softly and sat softly on her bed. "Thank you for your help. It's nice to have a friend. By the way, you dance lovely." Jeff smirked from behind his mask, and pulled out a leaf, with a devilish grin. "I promised you a smoke."

Ashe Fallon Rage: Not stopping her silly dancing Ashe just looked at Jeff and chuckled. "Yes, you did promise me a smoke, so hurry and roll it. Oh, and thank you, you dance rate he well yourself young sir".. Moving about the room in the same simple white dress she came in, Ashe looked down and frowned, stopping as both hands drop to her sides.. "I need new clothes".. She say simply.. "After we smoke, will you take me to the market?"

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff watched as she slumped, saying she needed new clothes, and he stood, gripping her hands and continued their romp around the room with perfect precise steps. He smiled as they waltzed, puffing on a rolled smoking tube before flipping it and sticking it in her lips, spinning her once again before dipping her back once again. "Sure. It's on me. Least I can do for helping me. All new wardrobe on me." Jeff hummed softly and the pair playfully smoked and laughed, danced and spoke. They did become great friends already and Jeff respected her for it. She did care. He couldn't ask for a better partner in crime.

Anaya: She had walked from Jeff and into the dining hall there seeing Samuel hung over the counter top vomiting into the sink. “what the hell did you do you missed the whole ball i had to dance with....someone that was not you” she said angerly as she looked at him seemingly sicker then all hell. She could not stay mad as she walked over to him and ran her fingers along his bald head “you know one day we will drop the butler act ” Samuel looked up at his beautiful angel that was Anaya so bright and white in her gown and wings “you...look amazing” was all he was able to say as she laughed and pokes his nose. “well i was not going to dress in crap today” she gave a laugh and stood him up. “what happen you eat bad fish again?” “No my dear Anaya i was blind attacked by a woman, she was dressed in black and dumped a pot of boiling soup on my head, seems what went down my mouth did not sit well and burnt  a lot of the inside of my neck and stomach ” Anayas face was priceless, she had a truly odd expression of what the fuck face “you got a woman...” “yes Anaya and Jeff saved me he is a good boy maybe i was wrong about him. It was an assassin my love, there has bin two attacks today the guards were talking about the one on Jeff” Anaya stood up her mate her face going back to normal. “once Jeff heals up from his own attack, i will talk to him on the matter of figuring it out, he does talk about combat a lot i am sure he would not mind going out on the road to figure things out and hunt down the clan that did it. Or at least find more information and drag back loss lipped road fool, get him to talk to save his life” Samuel nodded and stood on his own feet still a little shaky at the knees, but with him it was hard to tell if it was real shaking or a lie to look more hurt then he was. “but like Jeff had to safe you, like you, my red Wyvern big dragon man able to beat me down even, jeff had to save you form a woman? A woman that dumped a pot on you” “yes my love, i was burned and could not see at all i was swinging blind and i could not change within the kitchen hall it would have broken everything you planed so hard to make the ball i did not want to ruin it for you” his words always did melt her heart as she took his hand and started to walk with him to a side door then out to the gardens and the back stable. “well ok i can understand that but i do have to talk to you about something. Will you be healed enough tomorrow at dawn?” she asked as her arm stayed wrapped in his and they walked past the roses and flowers of the out door gardens. “i do believe i will be enough why?” “well you remember that man long ago that poisoned the town and sent the image of the owl here, well he crashed the ball this night. We are to have a meeting in the front of the castle at dawn, now i have no idea what it is about but just in case i need you to be already changed to yourself and behind the castle, if i need you i will call but stay partly hidden will you” “i will do as you wish, i will be healed enough to do that it will be no problem at all, i am almost fully healed now, you may be a slow healer my love but i am not” he gave a laugh and picked a rose and put it in her white hair as they walked. Anaya gave a smile as she paused to softly kiss his tender lips and run her hand along his cheek. “alright you go inside and get some rest i just have to go to the stable to inform the guards of making sure things are ready for tomorrow i want the worms to be on que for me i cant have them not hungry so they get no food tonight” “oh i am sure the guard will love that job my dear” he still a mild blush from her kiss as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her “Anaya....are you ...interested, in seeing me in bed this night, it is the ball night anyway make the night a wonderful ending and i never got to dance with you, maybe i can make up for that” Anaya said not a word and kissed him softly once more nodding her head with a smile, she did not need to say anything else he new she would be there. And then she walked off and he turned to trot to the castle door and head up to his chamber room were he was going to set the mood. Anaya walked over to the stable and walked inside.

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It was Massive the ceiling was at least 40 feet high two storys the top one for large flying drake perches and supply's as well as it held a view chamber rooms for guards who had to stay the night in the stable due to animal sickness or new births from horses or anything else. But there was also another place in this stable a place were she was going to be going, the underground part. Under this stable was a large cave system, it was here before she ever made the castle and it used to be linked to the hold under the castle part, but they blocked that part up to better make the hold and to prevent animals from getting in or smugglers from getting to the gold. Anaya did not want more then one way down to her hold and she only wanted one way down to the caves. This stable was the only way down to the caves, she walked over to the steps and started going down after about ten minuets of steps she came to a level that you could see over the whole center expanse. It was called the Ballroom this was were all guards went to do feedings, working with the worms and this was the one room they could stand the worms up not belly down and they would fit.

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Anaya held two types of beasts down here not counting the very now and again giant spider that got over here.  She had her prize 4 mongol Death Worms or as others called them Tunnel worms her first a young one 30 feet from nose to tail tip next two adults 50 and 57 feet nose to tail tip and her last was her old one coming in at a massive 75 feet nose to tail tip. A Death Worm was a very large and very bulk grub looking creature. But even if ti looks discussing and squishy looks were not what it was made for. Under a thick layer of fat was its hide, a hide able to stop anything from leg shots, or a balista arrow. Then under that layer of hide was another one the same, the Worms were made to withstand falling boulders as large as they are and to tunnel into mountains and take the impact of falling parts. Now on the front was there digging and eating Tool, a giant mouth with thousands on thousands of rings of turning and rotating teeth. The teeth could break anything or at least it was not found yet what it could not break and eat. Rock, metal, steel, anything could be ut into that mouth and in the end it would come out a black goo out the back. Now for the animal to be able to dig tunnels one would think that when it would dig the sand and build up would be stuck in there as it moved very fast with digging so were did all the waist go? The worms on both sides of there heads have large holes pointed back so that all the dirt that comes in and the things it does not wish to eat into its six chamber gut, would go out the holes on the side as it moved. So even at fast speeds it would not just get filled up with dirt and die.

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“Neil have you fed the worms tonight ” Neil turned around his ears picking up his name as he spotted the Queen and intently bowed down to one knee. “come on now do not bow man, stand up bowing takes away time when you could be talking to me ” “so sorry my lady it is habit” he said as he got up “and no my Lady they have yet to be fed was just about to give the order to do so, reason why you ask?” “don't feed them tonight i want them hungry for tomorrow, i may end up needing them i am to have a meeting at dawn with one of our enemy leaders if it goes badly then i will need to send out the two adults that afternoon or morning or even need them right there. As well as it looks like it will rain tomorrow morning or tonight even and i am no good in the rain. Samuel is already standing by if needed he will be at the ready but i need them to take out anything the man plans to toss my way underground. ” Nel nodded and then turned to look over the pass “NO FOOD TODAY BOYS!” he Yelled out as you could see the anger in the already waiting worms, you could hear a scream as the young worm grabbed a not looking guards man and ate it and ran for the tunnels before the shocker sticks were pulled out, the other worms tryed to fight and smashed guards men some being lost and then the large shocking sticks were pulled out to force the worms back into there tunnels with no food. You could hear that grumble a mile away from very unhappy Death Worms.  But they new that if there was no food tonight there would be much food tomorrow so the old and largest worm gave no fight and the adults did not put up much.

Anaya gave a nod and headed back up the steps without saying another word she would talk to Neil in the morning to make sure things were alright, he was the one that handled the stable work anyway. Walking to the yard she shut the doors to the stable and went to the castle and inside. She saw a small slip of parchment on the floor, picking it up it only had a single rose on it. Anaya looked up spotting Milla there standing as she grabbed Milla by the top and pulled her to a side room. “Milla i need to know something” Milla looked at her with shock as she muttered “y..yes Lady Anaya?” Milla's eyes held wide as Anaya pined her up to a wall “Samuel is a Wyvern, he is not a dragon but at the same time he is, is there a way to ...make him happy”
“what do you mean my lady in saying  Happy?”
“Samuel and i wish to have a baby, i have bin with another of my race before but that was thousands of years before and he is not truly a dragon we do not mate the same, will we be true forms or will he be able to mate as a human, will i be able to lay with him in my chamber bed or will it be an outside matter in a cave like in the past”

Milla started to chuckle as she moved a hand along Anaya's cheek “he is the same as you, a beating heart and a iron will, look into his eyes when you touch him, be with him as he enters you and take everything he can give to you, you will have a child with him and it will be alright, just use your mind you have bin with other dragons. And yes you both will be able to be in human form to be able to have a child, but ti lay the egg be sure you are in truth and in time it will grow to large for you to hold in human form you may have to stay dragon for a couple weeks. But that is only if shifting does not cover the change from one to the other it may be alright i do not fully understand dragons and Wyverns, just be ready. Now my lady i am sure he has bin waiting for a wile for you” Anaya nodded and let her go, she did not know she was holding so tightly to Milla that there was small blood marks on the girls shoulders from Anaya's grip
“oh i am sorry Milla i did not mean to...” Milla lifted her shirt to show Anaya and there was nothing there.  It was all healed up.
“do not worry about me my queen you forget i am a demon inside this body”
“oh yes i forgot my mind is in other places, i will go thank you Milla” and Anaya hurried off heading for the steps then slowing down to not look rushed, she regained her composer and start up the stars to  the hall way.
She would smile and walk up to her chamber room giving a yawn as she opened the door almost forgetting what she had told her love only an hour before.

As she walked in there he was not the butler she hated but that man she loved dressed in black suit pants a leather strap for a belt and nothing on from the waist up, behind him was there fur covered bed candles lit  flicking in the light of the night, a window cracked the sweet smell of outside drafting in as Anaya walked over to the man she loved. Her fingers moving up her body as the base of her dress lifts a bit toying with his eyes as she followed them tracing her figure.
Samuel moved over the room and griped her hips hard with clawed fingers “you know my lady i have bin waiting a wile to be able to take you, it has bin what over a year now since i came here. You took me as a mate from the north yet never lay with me in your furs” Anaya could not help but chuckle as she walked her fingers up the groves in his chests, large black markings on his tan skin as she traced them with her finger.

“you know our kind we only mate very rarely and all it takes is once to make a child in my belly, an egg, our egg, then once it is ready i will lay and we will have a boy, a new boy, a future king” Samuel smiled as he ran his hand along her cheek. “yes Anaya a future king” his hands griped her hips as he turned her around to take her from behind. She turned around forcefully grabbing his chest and pushing him back against a bed post “i wish to look at the man i love wall he mates me” Samuel said nothing as he would loosen his grip and his eyes got a tad softer. He moved on the bed slowly lowering himself to the furred sheets of Anaya's chamber, laying on his back he let her start with him on top his hands moving up and over her supple breasts and around her pale curved. A claw came and cut her dress from her figure and moved it to fall to the floor. As he saw her fully nude before him it hit him that he had never bin able to fully take in the woman's beauty, curved and hips, breasts you could berry ones face in, she was the perfect woman, and it was in that moment he was very please in having her as his and his alone, many men feared the wrath of Anaya, many men dreamed of holding her as he was right now, me=any men dreamed of killing her, but Samuel had her and no one could take her away, he would protect, love, and bed this woman  and as she ripped his pants off tossing them to the floor and his manhood slipped from him and into her her moans were his new drug, he would now crave her. There thrusts matched one another and she wrapped her arms around his neck arching him up to a siting posture as she rocked her hips back and forth onto his steel. His hands in her snow white hair he wrapped his arms around her holding her onto him, Anaya was his, and he was hers, nothing would ever take that away form them.

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Anaya: It was Dawn and she was out back talking to one of her troops “so is everything ready i went over things with you last night, they have not bin fed right?” she asked him right eyes a blaze as she looked to the guards man named Neil, he was a strong hearted man and he gave the orders and she gave them to him. “Lady Anaya i cant tell you enough that they are ready, the worms are thrashing at there pits ready for the order, the location you gave has bin given to the worms if anything goes wrong My Lady we will give the order to send out two of them” Anaya walked with him as she walked to the stable building, its tall roof and large pillars held all kinds of things, most of the horses for cavalry was stored in this stable but there was another one a larger one a ways back in the woods, and an underground area to this building that held the more interesting parts of the dragons army. Anaya had flanks from armored foot soldiers and horse knights and air units to cave trolls and orcs, and up to war elephants and giant death worms and lastly her large force was 3 clad dragons and a giant bird spirit she held in a jar in the basement Hold, as well as herself and Samuel and if she really wanted to she had Milla as well, but she was really a secret weapon no one really new about. Anaya took a clawed hand and patted the wall of the stable house “ok make sure the horses are well fed, do not give any orders until we know what the man is planing this time i am not going to have what we have rebuilt be ripped down again, this time if he even tells us something wrong we hit first and we hit hard enough to cripple the man ” “understood Lady Anaya, i will have the men feed the horse and wait for your words, and my lady it is going to rain, best get the cover” Anaya smiled to him as she taped his helmet “don't fail me ya hear or i will place you on the front line with the men or feed you to my bird” Anaya gave that grin and turned her back walking away a bright black dress armor plated top of it shimmered in the suns light as a cloud came over to over its glow. And with that she walked to the wall as a parasol hung there on the side of the castle she left it there some day ago but it would do. Still in good condition she opened it and flung it over her shoulder, its red and black sides setting off her outfit, snow white hair falling over her body as her dress swayed and dragged on the ground behind her as she started to walk out to her front the river a head of her as she could almost view that port Ragnar had made a bit ago, she did not like it anymore now then she did then. She looked out to the harizzon, there was not much here but forest and lands as far as the eye could see the castle was on a hill so she had view of her own lands. Her pride made her have to see everything she owned, it was like that line, everything the light touches is yours. In this case it was everything your eyes fall upon, why cus you gave sweat and blood to get it. Anaya was never born a ruler she was born a bastered child tossed into the army, Royal blood in her vines she had to fight to be were she was, so yes ruling she was good at but the thing she excelled at was war.

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -Elisa would yawn softly rubing her eyes as she sees the beam of light peering threw the window as it glisens off of a mirror by the dresser in the room. She would sit up seeing a dress laying acrossed the bed and some shoes as she smiles softly rememebring last night. Elisa would stand up and take off the outfit she was in sliping into the black dress pating it down to be firm agasint her figure.She walked over to the dresser with the mirror as she brushes her hair getting all the tangles out and finishes up getting ready before opening the door from the guest room and heads down to the stair entrance she didnt see kin at all maby he left to go get something from his place. She would shurg as she straightens out the necklace he gave her and places it center of her chest as she placed her hand on the stair case and began to walk down slowly looking around. Anayas place was bigger then hers and more decorative but of course elisa's empire was still quiet new having to rebuild it and everything. As she made her way downstairs finaly reaching the bottom she would see a long hallway wondering which way to go to get back out to the main area. She would smile softly shakeing her head as she just desided to try and find her own way to where the main room was.As elisa made her way finaly out to the main room not seeing anyone out there she would let out a light sigh as she wonders if maby kin went outside instead of going home maby he just wanted a smoke. She would walk up to the doors pulling them open as she made her way outside she herself would look around not seeing kin anywhere in sight she would shake her head pulling out a cigerrette as she lights it and takes a big inhale and exhaleing as she leans against the wall wondering where could of kin went off to it wasnt like him to leave her side without telling her anything. -

Starscream: **REPOST**The feeling of the ground shaking every now and again would make anyone think twice about whether an earthquake was near. If one was where Kai was, it would seem as if the sound of thunder clapping violently above him in the heavy black clouds, was what was making the ground shake, but in fact, the new tunnels being created only a few hundred feet under him was the reason for this. While earth-benders were his greatest assets in terms of ground combat, there was none more adept at taking care of the sky like he and only one of his subjects was. Terra Avesta having a stratovolcano within it only made it easier for the indigenous people to adapt to the land, and adapt to the volcano itself. They were masters of the great tunnels it created, and the liquid fire which it spewed. The sky literally swirled in a clockwise motion above him, picking up speed with every moment. Afar, in the tails of the storm would begin to create small showers of rain every now and again, making it hard to predict what would happen, all until one noticed the black swirling mass approaching. Because this storm was completely unnatural, it would move completely unpredictably and spontaneous as it appeared, making it almost like a living entity itself. Kai simply walked on the ground. The occasional shudder of the ground didn’t usurp his stride, yet the ones who walked with him, had no clue what was happening. Kai was accompanied by a 6ft tall man, with a heavy build, topless, with arm braces and a broad hat. The colour scheme of his outfit was black and green, yet his skin was mildly tanned. His hands which appeared to be tough as rocks seemed to have a form of dust on them, while his feet were bare. This man stayed silent and followed Kai wordlessly, while on Kai’s other side, was what seemed to be an exact replica of himself, with bright red hair, and vivid red eyes which at the moment were fully black with red irises, due to his control of what followed the earth benders underground in the tunnels. The walk was the same, yet less graceful, in fact, this version of Kai was ready to fall over at any moment, just because of the ground shaking. “Kurzon!” Kai said, his voice sounding different. As if the electricity in the clouds had distorted it in some kind of fashion, making it sound deeper, but also as if it was chipping out in places (Think of Electro’s voice). With that, the red haired version of Kai took a deep breath and walked, with less panic in his step. Kurzon wore sleeveless clothes, which didn’t look like armour, but was made completely of Vendanium fibre, an extremely versatile, but robust metal, which could come in many different versions exclusive to the Vendassin Family. Kurzon was Kai’s doppelganger. Where Kai was neutral, Kurzon was his good version, where the pure evil version was yet to be found. Kai himself wore full Vendassin-Vendanium armour with a fur shoulder and his 5.5ft long sword Tempest on his back. The same placed he kept his weapons hidden on his person with his royalwear was the same way he hid his weapons on this armour, which was practically undetectable. Kai’s phantom gaze was no more, as his eyes had become pure white, and glowed violently under the storm. Of course it was clear that he was the master of this phenomenon in the sky above him, but the fact that he was walking into the enemy’s territory with nothing behind hi was somewhat bothersome, only because he was still debating whether he wanted anything good or bad out of this situation. As Anaya’s castle came into view, Kai held his left hand up, stopping the others from walking with him as he made his way down the few hundred feet toward her place alone. Underground, the violent noises had stopped, and the ground became somewhat still, while the sky still clapped violently, with lightning now surging left right and centre through the sky, with the eye of the storm nowhere in sight. Kai’s eyes ceased to glow white as he got closer to the castle, taking their normal phantom shade as he continued. As always, his telekinetic shield was on full 100%, only visible when hit with something hard enough to harm him. Once Kai noticed Anaya 10 paces away, the loudest sound of the thunder yet would be more than an announcement of his arrival and he stopped. It was funny to Kai that Anaya had decided to make their departure seem casual, even though she had sent someone to see where he was going. He almost laughed aloud to himself, but didn’t. Of course he had let the informant return with his whereabouts, after all, what was there to lose? Kai’s army had already been moved, and was steady on standby, just awaiting an order. His formation was rather different, it would become clear just how many forces he had in Anaya’s immediate vicinity if they broke out into an open war.

Anaya: Anaya looked over spotting him as she could hear the sound of underground moment a ways back, it was nothing to worry about but still, she taped her foot on the ground two softly. If there was to be a number 3 in the taping it would inform the worms standing by underground to be set out to remove any problem being faced underground. Death Tunnel worms massive 50 foot tanking monsters of teeth and hide, they were not seeming to be armored but under a very thick layer of fat there was a hide a tag round could not price and then there was another layer of that same hide, it was a almost impossible defence to smash past as this was an animal made to smash mountains and take falling parts with no problem. Anaya had four of the monsters locked up under the castle as well as if anyone tunnled to fat or close to the castle they would meet a very untimely end, under the castle was the dragons gold hold, a massive underground layer filled to the brim with gold and stolen goods from her years of being alive. But in there was Samuels guards of choice, hundreds of rhino sized spiders along with thousands of mini baby's as earlier it was found out they had eggs and they were hatching. Jeff found this out the hard way but he lived past that and got out alright, but could not stay long she was sure. “Kai nice of you to show up, so lets get to the point, why crash my Ball” she was not one to beat around the bush and the grand thunder clap did not move her. She held the parasol up as in the background there was something holding to one of the castle towers, but only one claw, a giant red claw, there was something waiting above ground, and no one had seen Samuel yet that morning.

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -She would sigh softly still leaning agasint the wall takeing a few inhales of her ciggerette as she hears a weird noise. She would look to the side and then behind her and infront of her and above but couldnt get a glimpse of what the noise was or where it was coming from. as she takes another inhale of her ciggeret a giant brick would fall next to her she would try not to scream but it did just scare the crap out of her. Elisa held her chest her heart raceing as she looked up to see the big claw wraping around the tower she would shake her head and take a breath in trying to calm her heart rate down she would squint noticeing anaya with that man who gave her a bit of chills, now elisa wasnt one to run into danger but she was intrigued and wanting to know more about what they were talking about, she knew it wasn't her business to interfere in but she was still wanting to know what was going on.Elisa would put out her ciggerett as she slowly crept up not getting to close but enough where she could hear the convo and not be noticed, her body hiding behind a bush as she made sure she couldnt be seen. Her eyes would look threw the bushes seeing a clear eye of them even thought she was four feet away from them. She would hear anaya ask why he crashed her ball. Elisa was wondering the same thing and why was this man giving her the impression of trouble she didnt like this feeling not one bit but she knew anaya could take of herself so she just listened so if something did happen she could at least go warn someone-

Starscream : : “I crashed it to have a conversation.” Kai said, saying nothing about the telekinetic pulse he had sent out like a radar around him. This was mainly for aerial purposes, but since there was nothing in the sky directly above him, he put that to the back of his mind. But somehow, if Anaya was wondering how she knew how he knew someone had followed him, or was behind him at all, this could be a clue. “Someone is trying to hear our conversation, Dragon.” Kai said simply, not even making the effort to look at whoever it was hiding in the underbrush. “Now that we are both here, I am debating if it is better to leave you alone, or make an alliance.” Kai said, with his face not looking the slightest bit agitated, or stressed, but in fact serene. Storms were the ideal weather of Kai, along with extreme cold, or extreme hot. The mid-points of these were simply uninteresting to him, and he didn’t enjoy these days as much. “In all honesty, I‘d rather an alliance. I’m sure the damages to our lands are going to be rather extensive if the destruction so far is anything to go by.” Kai said casually, with barely a thought to what he was saying. He was in fact saying things as he was thinking them, which was a lot better for the opposing party, because it was when he stopped saying what he was thinking that became an issue.

Anaya: Her eyes looked into his own, how could she even trust him, how could he trust her. She looked over knowing there was a girl in the bushes hearing in, she would surely deal with it later “the girl in the bush is no matter, i am sure you can hear her heart beat a mile away like i can. I will deal with it later” Anaya looked back Seeing a massive red horn peeking over top of the tower of the castle, the thing was Anayas castle was massive as it had to hold her dragon form inside it, even if that was snug it still would hold. So on the top all you could see was parts of the massive 80 foot tall red Wyvern that was trying pointlessly to hide. “but an alliance, how do i even know you are true with this? Paper is just paper i need something more concrete ” she said with a smile. “care to make a deal with a dragon?” dragons in this world could make a pact, a signing like deal with the devil kinda thing, both sides made a pact, it was done with blood and the mark of the black dragon was layed upon the wrist nose to palm tail facing the heart. It was not a overly known study of magic as not many dragons were even old enough to know it, but in her words if Kai was smart enough he could figure out a ball park of the dragons age, the more you learned the more one could tell power. She held up the parasol as a rain drop hit it and ran down the side.

IxBeautyOfSinsxI: -Elisa would keep looking towards them as she hears him speak saying someone is trying to hear our coversation, her heart would be fast as she keeps low makeing sure if they were to look no one would see her. As he moved on past that subject she heard him say he wished to have a alliance with her elisa would become rather confused the feeling she felt inside her wasnt of a man wanting a alliance but a man wanting to kill. She would keep listening in as she begins to think putting things togther wondering why would a man of his standereds want to be allianced with anaya was it becuase he was scared or did he accualy want a agreement with her. No mater what the case was going to be elisa still remained alert also keeping a eye out for kin since he still hasnt shown up without leaving her any notes at all. As time progressed elisa would look up to the sky seeing how stormy the weather was looking she would look down and start to think a bit more but she couldnt figure out anything. She then heard anaya speak as she was talking about Elisa she would blink biting her lip as she crawled away slowly when she was far enough away she would stand up and sit on a bench that was outside near the castle as she sighs softly pulling out another ciggerette as she lights it up and inhales a big cloud of smoke in as she exhales softly -

Starscream: As Kai stood there for a long time, folding his arms and raising his eyebrow. In his mind he thought about all the ways he would disgrace someone on his land for hiding behind a bush. The wind began to pick up more furiously now, and Kai made no attempt at readjusting his footing, only because there was no way he was being blown away just yet. “Deal with a dragon... Hmm.” Kai said before huffing to himself. There was something about Anaya that he couldn’t figure out, but something told him she had been at this a whole lot longer than he had anticipated. If Kai had his own way, he’d just have her take his word for it, and leave it at that, mainly because if someone had a Vendassin’s word, it was not to be broken, but since this was a different form of contract signing, he would do it, but there was no way he was spilling blood. Every drop of the great forsaken warrior race’s blood was precious, and literally was not going to be wasted on a piece of paper. The only way Kai would allow such waste was on the battlefield, which usually didn’t happen anyway. If it came to it, a Vendassin would take their blood from the floor and dispose of it appropriately in order for it not to be misused. “How do I make a deal with a dragon, Anaya?” Kai asked, raising his eyebrow. After how much he knew about dragons, he had no clue how to do this, and to her, it was probably basic, but to him, it was just down right weird.

Anaya started to move her parasol moving in the wind as it was blown to the side alowing a rain drop to hit her arm making a slight burn mark, she was never very good in water but then agein that is why she had back up that was good in water when it was needed. She put her hand out as her claw cut rested upon her palm softly. She got up to his chest as her eyes looked up slightly into his own. “dragons of a proper age can make deals, a binding contract if you will. I will cut my hand and all you have to do is place your own hand upon it, my own blood will flow into your veins but it will not go far only to your wrist there it will come to the surface making a black mark a ring and then a point. The point faces your head and the ring faces your palm. Then with our hands in link you say your words of alliance and i will say my own to you, Now if i break my words said here upon this binding deal my own blood will poison me, and if you break your side of this deal that point will poison you. It is a bit more binding then some stupid paper agreement. And seeing both of us have dome damage to the other party it will let each other know there will be no more damage done. I cant lie so if you hold any questions do say them before your hand ends up in mine” Anaya had done the deal not many times but the few times she had made them she did keep her side, as she was not dead and gone it was clear of that. She moved her hand to pull down her dress on her shoulder the mound of her breasts just showing, but there on the front of her shoulder was three black dots. “each deal i make leaves a mart till the deal is removed by both parts breaking it properly, as yes it can be done this does not bind forever if it is not needed. It can be taken away if you come back to me and this proses is redone, i am not the devil i am a dragon ” she put her dress back up her breast popping back into place as she stood a foot from his chest.

KinLionheart: -Kin decided to take a walk around the castle. He never actually got a tour so he figured he'd take the liberty to do a bit of sightseeing. The vastness of the castle was absolutely impressive. He did feel kind of bad that he left Elisia in bed, but after all that she had been through, he felt she needed the sleep. Plus, last night's ball was also draining, regardless of how entertaining it was. He remembered her dress, her eyes that matched and flowed with the drifting flower petals that swirled around like small butterflies. It was a beautiful night. He had a new sense of pride from dancing with the queen. Suddenly, after coming out from being lost in thought, he had no idea where he was. He had a rough idea, though he knew he was cllose to his room. Using his smelling capabilities, he flickered back into the room, only to see Elisia was missing. He couldnt pick up her scent. What the hell?! he thought. She could have been kidnapped? He needed to find her now. He bolted out of the room with only his twin pistols. He had no time to equip Bokyuken, so he had to make do. He ran as fast as he could until he could pick up her scent once again.

Starscream: Kai listened to the logistics of the deal terms, and shook his head lightly. For a fact, he knew there would be no touching of their bloods. He wasn’t entirely sure if it would kill him instantly, but it still didn’t sound appealing. Knowing he needed a moment, Kai narrowed his eyes at Anaya. It was as if when she moved her dress and exposed herself, whatever part of her that would be once appealing to him, was blurred out. Shaking his head, it made him realize just how much he was attuned to his fiancé over any other female. Only once in a Forsaken’s life did they ever become this attuned to someone. It was the reason they mated for life. They could have children with every other female, but the one with their mate would always be the most powerful, which showed just how much their minds blanked everyone else out. “Fine, I’ll think about it, and let you know soon. Don’t go anywhere exotic in the meantime.” Kai said with a huff, before his body lifted into the sky slowly. Kurzon and the earthbender began to turn around, just until Kurzon crouched and flew into the sky with a loud ‘BANG’ and the earthbender vanished, dirt flying into the air in his wake with another bang. Under the ground, the same happened, the earthbenders under there vanishing into the dirt with loud ‘BANGS’ which were enough to collapse the tunnels behind them as they earth teleported back to their domains. Kai in the meanwhile, left the storm there to brew. It wasn’t as if it wasn’t coming for them anyway, and besides, the only reason he would have used it, was to accelerate it. Kai himself, then vanished with a loud ‘THUD’ as he teleported back to some place he could weight up his options.

Anaya: Anaya yelled up "exotic i am going to the salted spa, with some tea and breads, maybe next time we can meet there!" and with that she turned around to head back to the castle.

KinLionHeart: -Kin had received a call from another client. It was a well known one he had been working for for a long time. He paid well. As much as he wanted to stay as a guard for Elisia, he needed to make the money. Plus this client's job was a lot more crucial since his queen was currently safe for the time being. He planned on coming back after he completed this job. He may be a while, he figured. Months. Years. Who knows? So he left a note for Anaya and Elisia explaining his situation, entered through a black portal, and with one look behind him at what he is leaving for the time being, he entered the portal. A black feather drifted slowly, stained with blood, onto the cold hard ground at where he once stood.-

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Rogen awoken from his slumber The world around him was going by to fast. He seemed as if he were to vomit as he had drank a lot from the ball. He arose in a slow stumper. He peered into the water that he used to wash himself and could not believe his eyes. He was still here in the port… it was a weird sensation and he hated it hated feeling to settle down and not be upon the seas. As much as he patrolled the coast he would sigh. The fortifications of the fort where completed as cannot where placed around the area from his great advancement. The entire fortress needed it was to peace full simply to peaceful. Rogen began to slip into madness from this mind numbing peace. His being began to flicker and he laughed and cried then wailed in agony as he laughed again. The power that had been building up in him as the voices started to whisper in his head. He walked out onto the decks as the barley the crack of dawn approached. The mist around the sea began to swirl around him as he changed different hues of skin color form black to the normal coloration of the humans. He would distract some of the crew that would raise an eyebrow at there captains behaviour. The captain would look to his men the violent place in his eye As Rogen had not seen since the ball. Then he saw the fleet he had so hard to obtain. The ships where all docked into harbor each had ambled bodied men to control each with the different captains of there own. He was no longer just a captain but a Admiral and a Governor.. what madness was this. He went back to his barracks as he recovered from whatever madness he was in.  As he would need to feed his head slowly would look to the crew and alas he implanted one of his hands into the crew remember shucking the man dry of his soul as it began to fuel his body he would laugh as he felt alive. His body began to split as the wraith hungered to get out. Upon finally doing so he could no longer suppress the figure that dwelled within him as a sick skeletal figure began to take its place from the flesh his true form sprang. He took a fellow crew man and would laugh as he put his hand upon his head and began to dominate the man. His puny mind breaking like a nutshell before the terror of the wraith corseting through his body his appearance began to darken the sky as the black speech began to rise in the area as he spoke the inaction as he would make the man his minion he went to send it with all the gold to Anaya in the castle. The man did so at abnormal speed on his way back Rogen would check the progress of the minion he had send only to see Anaya already in sight. The minion would approach first as he dropped the sacks of gold down to get Anayas attention on her way back. The wraith minion would shake a bit before Rogen approached from behind when he was about ten feet back he held up his hand. The wrath that he was obvious to her as he clenched his fist the mans head in front of her exploded. Slowly the body began to implode in a sick form of bone cracking noises Rogen would appear before the dragon only this time he would be taller in his wrath form. “It appears as though I have become accustomed as late forgive him…. a pawn who stole from one of the man he was worthless….” he finally appeared before her like something out of the midst of no where. The eerie fog was around him and clung to him like a diseased caucus. He rarely ever came forth to the wraith form. It seems as though he was a past king a iron crown of malice sat upon his head. He was shrouded in blackness as the sun was coming up it seemed to be still night around his area.

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From his area the hood would cover his face as his darkened presence would be before her.  “Greetings Anaya.. Dragon Kin…. Long has it been To see the likes of another Vessel of Terror.. “  his face was as though it had gone pale. His smile cracked from the pressure as though it sounded as bones breaking the smile was completed. He came to her in his true presence this time because he did not want to cower inside anymore. He needed to get out and stretch. The ancient armor he had on creaked as he moved his body. The sword he bore swung at his side more as a bastard sword now. As he spoke more it sounded as though it were dark and enriched with ebony his voice dark and full of malice as he spoke. “Thousands of years I have waited to see yet another dragons upon a land it seems your kind has never changed..” he didn’t mean it as a insult by rather a playful remark for the wraith as he shifted around. “If your headed for the castle I have the gold promised to you Queen of Dragons as well as ships to slay all of my foes in battle…” he let forth a guttered laugh that came within him. It sounded as if multiple other people where laughing as the souls condensed within him. He walked with her it would seem. When you could see his skin it looked so pale as his hair was white from years and years of living. His black drow skin was not to be seen because of the years that had gone by he had endured for he was there just ever present and walked by her as she would be walking to the castle. “It felt the time I would give myself a proper greeting to the Queen of iron… And to be in the presence of a great beast of old such like thousands of years ago… “ His voice trailed off in a whisper a fragment as it ended. He turned to view the castle upon it with his own eyes. He wouldn’t know what to expect his whole posture changed the armor he had worn clicked as he walked. “It pleases me the harbor is going well as I had foreseen.. Many flock to gather in it to use coin.. It thrives once again. “ He brushed off the cloak as his scared face appeared his hair was white as snow. His skin was cold as the winters touch.

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As he spoke to her again this time as a friendly talk. “I see armies are gathered by the seas as I have intruded I see that we are prepared for battle if the time comes for a skirmish.. We number daily in men and cannon.. The might of my fleet can be made to stir up things in the kingdoms..” A smirk fell upon his scared face before speaking yet again. “If you don’t mind I have made the port safe and secure for your towns folk each one taught to fight if they haven’t drank themselves yet..” he gave a grin as he stopped and turned to her. He would suspect she would do the same thing if she did he continued on speaking. “My fleet is in position and awaits your order to open fire… But I heard of the alliances treaties from the man I had simply no more use for… “ He smiled at the cruel punishment of the man for telling him these rumors for why leave out the towns folk they where apart of anything just as much as he was. He still gave her have of the towns treasure but then looked to her. “If it pleases… I could get to know the queen.. Perhaps a royal dinner in the town. I shall throw a grand occasion and well… I might not look like this… “ He chuckled again as the guards began to step out of his way as in fear of this new being that he was he awaited more news of what she had to say to him or of his new look that he had for so long.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff was awoken by a ray of light peeking through the drapes, tickling his vision, causing his eyes to flutter open, and his hand to shield his view of the sun. The prince's form sat up, still fully dressed, shoes and all, from last nights Ball. His fingers pulled the comforter off of himself before looking over to spot the desk in this room, In a different location than his own room. This is when the prince looked to his left to see a sleeping Ashe, still dressed up in her white gorgeous gown. Jeff smirked, guessing that they had danced, smoked and fallen asleep after about an hour. Never reaching the market, nor the door. Jeff sighed and pulled himself from the mattress, being careful not to wake Ashe, and moving silently to the conjoined bathroom, where he splashed some cold water on his maw, mask removed, then replaced. Tossing his arms up in a soft, stretching yawn, he stripped of his garb and moved into his room, and dressing himself in his usual punk attire. His scarf hung down, trailing slightly behind him as he placed his weapons on his back and returned to Ashe's room after minutes of finding his outfit. He looked down spotting the female whom shared her bed with him, in the least sexual way possible. Jeff respected that about Ashe. She was not like others. Most women who seek the prince's friendship had alternative motives that  didn't help any one in the long run. Yet not Ashe. Their friendship was something Jeff didn't ever have. An actual companion with no sexual tension. Jeff was happy to have her in his life, and would protect her at all costs. "Hey..." Jeff said, laying back down in a joking manner. "You wanna go to the market?" Jeff smirked, trying to wake her by poking her cheek with a soft thrust. "Heeeeey!" Jeff was playful, something he rarely was. "Hellooooooooo?!" Jeff then proceeded to bounce up and down. "Asheeeeee!"

Ashe Fallon Rage: Forced awake by the bed bouncing Ashe reluctantly opens one eye looking to the other side of the bed at Jeff. "Are you kidding me? It's too bright in here, What time is it? Go back to sleep." Then closed both eyes again, before a smile crept across her lips. "Okay fine, but I am going to buy so many things you better being a ton of coin." She stood
And walked into the bath area and drops her clothes climbing into the shower, she then brushes her teeth, dresses in the same white dress and boots and comes out with a yawn brushing her long Red hair, tying it into a brain down her back. "Let's go Slick. And no trouble okay? An innocent shopping trip.. That's all."

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff watched as Ashe slunk to the bathroom, showering herself before. He watched the bathroom door close and soon he found himself smoking a cigarette to pass the time. His eyes stopped on a few birds out the window, fluttering and singing in the morning sun, all whilst Jeff and Ashe pissed the day away in bed. He finished his smoke, tossing it out the window before Ashe came back in. She was wearing the same thing, and his smile immediately faded as she implied he would be a loose cannon. "-...oh. Yeah. Okay..." Jeff stated, hesitant, almost hurt by her insinuating that he would go berserk at the first chance he got. "I don't plan to cause any trouble.....don't worry." Just like that, he seemed cold, as if someone had called him a monster. He then turned and left, after stating. "I'll be outside." He wasn't a trouble maker. He had just been under grief and stress at the time of the fair. How could he remain calm? He had lost his brother, and himself. Now he was gaining his sanity back and it felt as everyone looked at him as a monster. There was nothing he could do. He stood outside, waiting for her, lighting another cigarette.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Noticing the look on Jeff's face as he walked out the door Ashe immediately could've kicked herself in the ass. Even though she didn't mean it in a bad way, more joking than anything she knew Jeff wasn't a trouble maker, that unfortunately the townspeople just didn't like him. Her shoulders slumping with a sigh, she quickly flew down the stairs after him, tripping on her boot strings and practically flying down the last 3 steps, Ashe caught herself with both hands in front of her on the ground. Clenching her fists she punched the floor and yelled out. "Dammit, I didn't mean you were trouble Jeff. I meant that everyone else was!", a single tar rolled down her face because she had just hurt the feelings on the one friend she had..

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff turned around to see her trip. He immediately turned heel and helped her up. "It's okay. I just-...I'm not a monster-..." Jeff looked down, wiping her tear with his index finger. "Don't cry for me, Ashe. You are to much of a beautiful soul for that." Jeff led her to the door, opening it and escorted her out to the carriage that waited to take him to the market. "I'm sorry-..." He closed the door behind them and opened the cart door for her, climbing in after her. His blond locks fell in front of his face, sighing softly, as the cart began to move toward their destination. "I'm just/...sensitive...I guess."

Anaya: she looked to the man that had come up to her, this was Rogen but really this form just looked the same as the other one, just darker but that same voice she did not like or find need for. Anyone from the sea was more or so without worth to her of land. “every night I go to sleep with cannon fire, every day I see and hear cannon fire, every morning I wake up to cannon fire, now I wish no more of this worthless sound of cannon fire” her hand moved up and the castle doors slammed shut as Rogen was walking to it. Over the side of the castle came Samuel a massive Red Wyvern, Wyverns were only known to live up north anyone that new dragons and there kin would wonder why and how in the hell one got or is alive so south here, it was just to hot for them. Samuel had his tail that poison dart at the ready as his massive 120 foot long body came snaking around the castle, he only could go 80 feet to the shoulder standing on his wing claws as he was a Wyvern he had no front legs. But he made up for his lacking size in height in length. Picking up the gold that the man had brought in Samuels jaws the beasts tail stayed pointing at him as he moved to behind the queen and to her side holding the gold for her in his jaws under his snake like tongue. “my castle is not the best of places for things as dark as yourself, and you know the monsters and all can stay outside. And for who you wish me to get you to kill and shoot, no one, in truth if it were truly up to me fully and you did not pay your way I would use the same iron balls to sink everything you have.” she would look up to her Mate Samuel as a smile came to her lips on how protective he was over her, even more so now that they had mated and now her body was working on giving him a egg. “my dear take the gold right to the hold take the tunnel in the back the shade will not harm me, I am alright” she said softly as the Wyvern nodded his head letting out an angry snort and walking back over top one of the parts of the towering castle  and going to the hill on the far back end of the lands to go down to the underground part of the castle. Anaya looked back to the shade. “you kill no one, there is no need for it, the enemy's here are low lives and smugglers and worthless things that only wish to steal from me and my people, they don't need to be killed with cannons or ships they need a dagger to the head and be done with it. ”go back to the port as well if you wish to hold a dinner you may and we will join you” Milla came runing out of the castle full tilt tossing the large doors open as she stood there “Anaya!” she yelled as she ran full force into the queen Anaya giving a grunt as she wrapped her arms around her little servant girl. “gentle now my dear” she said as Milla looked to Rogen softly “guy got taller” she said not even pointing out the whole fact the guy had done a lot more then getting taller. No one seemed to fear him, well who would they lived with dragons after all here. Anaya looked to Rogen putting an arm around Millas shoulder “so is there anything else you wish to say. And please don't call me Kin, dragons don't even call each other kin I don't get along with my own blood, I hold no real blood family anyway”

The wraith would look impatient as any but the door did not stop him as he simply walked through the shut door. Though she denied his help it would be only vexing to him for he knew of the armies that were on these lands where not of her clans or kingdom. As the other beast came down from the tower to grab the gold he would only ignore and insult him more. He was frustrated from a kingdom that knew so little amongst the town that even he had his plans but his face began to decay. Showing his agelessness and sort of anger as if looking into the eyes of death itself. “Your years tumble round and round….Dragon kind Do years make a dragon wise or make them more greedy. “He watched as he took a coin form his pocket and it slowly began to disintegrate into dust from his touch. “Gold is gold… But Like any of it Mortals are mortals… “ He looked back to man he didn’t know Obviously He knew the protective nature of the beast. “She is in no danger from me…. I can assure that.. But I am seeing more and more things  that I am not being told. You may think my actions are meaningless But I know of army here they bare a strange flag one that I have not seen. “ His eyes rather then darkening began to become non existent as if his face had become bone. “I do not like people who lie…” He said this in general not to anyone or anybody he just hated liars. He cracked a boney grin as he peered back to Samual who has spoken to him in a certain tone of arrogance. As he turned to be by her he would chuckle a bit. “Friends are not made through the power of arrogance… “ he would look to the little slaver woman who would have appeared by The Lady dragon as Rogen simply paced from being in there presence made him might think of ideas dangerous buy angry ideas before he then pushed them out of his head he did not want to be in any harm. His face began to stitch back his flesh that had been taken away from it from the expression he made. As the scares where magical and still upon him he would speak even more daringly since that he was doing it a lot now of days he stood in the doorway where they where and would speak freely since well he wanted to. “I confess I dared not think the arrogance of your kind would annoy me to an extent.. People have more then just bullets made of iron and casks of wild fire neigh… Since you have not been to the town… how would you know of its new layouts for well defensive maneuvers. “ He would sigh a bit before speaking yet again. “Become a queen instead of a tyrant and people will worship her as if a god had desired… Hate them and she will become nothing but dust and ashes..” He tossed down two helmets as well as some armaments down on the floor as though the clanging of metal works could be heard. Each bared a different banner one from firedor and the other from the army that had recently been here. “I do not know these colors.. yet they come with strong magical armor that even might be able to slay dragons if they are not careful your enemies are becoming equipped… “ His eye would float around the room to the very castle itself as if to read what atmosphere was like. “The towns people wish to trust there queen. As an icon I too must be subjected to serve do not treat my service with regret my queen I would hate for it one day if we ever should be enemies it would leave a nasty taste in my mouth.” He turned to the door slowly he began to turn back. ”Another thing I wished to discuss about my hospitality. I offer it to all of your family… please be free to come into the town to dine. We have almost done finished up setting the wind lances and would like for the rules to see what we have to offer. As for the cannon fire it is I preventing those who wish to slay you and your family in a great deal of pain they have had in the past form you…” He let in a long sort of pause. “Do not worry about your money I still have more gold to fill the coffers of this kingdom…. What worries me is  what you will discover from the weapons I am finding my queen. “ he pointed to the weapons that laid down upon the floor now as if they pulsed with an mystical energy. Some of the weapons carried with them a different magic from far away lands. Weapons meant for dealing hard damage and to eat away at whatever it would touch. “Seal these away…  they are devastating magic to say the least and I would think they pose a treat since they devour energy.. this is what I took from the red nation of the other army I just took it from a man who was standing in the streets.. if the town is becoming corrupt I will investigate… in the mean time. I look forward to our lovely meal together I pray you all eat your fill. From all over the world we have gathered the greatest ingratiates. “ he slowly began to walk through the door again. If he was not stopped from one of her guards or of coarse the other samual who would probably take this as a treat as well as the queen herself. He spoke another thing. “A royal feast for honored guests from the castle will begin this evening my lords and ladies with or without if you choose not to attend. It is the city square where we have it. I implore you again your grace.” He turned around and halted his walking for a bit. “Treat those with kindness of use to you and I shall bring you… what you desire.” He gave a smirk as his body began to dissipate into the mist as of coarse her guard would surround him from saying such words of hostility as he slowly began to turn to mist he let out a laugh. “I like your place your quite the decorator as well your sister tell her I apologize from our dace it was a lovely evening……..” the last thing before he left to be heard was his laughter that echoed around the area. He ment his words to not mean any offence but he did not like the tone he was addressed in. He had a meal to prepare for and tonight he hoped there would be no quarrels to have such a peaceful place as Rogen descended to the market place to buy ingredients Again throwing on his disguise as not to frighten anyone.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff turned around to see her trip. He immediately turned heel and helped her up. "It's okay. I just-...I'm not a monster-..." Jeff looked down, wiping her tear with his index finger. "Don't cry for me, Ashe. You are to much of a beautiful soul for that." Jeff led her to the door, opening it and escorted her out to the carriage that waited to take him to the market. "I'm sorry-..." He closed the door behind them and opened the cart door for her, climbing in after her. His blond locks fell in front of his face, sighing softly, as the cart began to move toward their destination. "I'm just/...sensitive...I guess."

Ashe Fallon Rage: With a nod to herself inside the carriage Ashe took a deep breath and cut her eyes toward Jeff questioningly. "How do you know I'm a beautiful soul? You met me stealing tobacco from a vendor at the fair. Doesn't seem like such a good introduction if you ask me, or a basis for me to be a good soul." She sighed, clicking her tongue as they entered the market... After their shopping, and laughing, and eating everything they looked at, Jeff and Ashe walked toward the carriage with a handmaiden in tow carrying bags and satchels alike. "You think we should help her? She looks like she may be struggling a bit"

JeffDeLaRose: "You stuck around to help me. You care about me. Showing you care makes you beautiful. It's not a hard thing to spot." Jeff crossed his arms and looked out the window. A few hours later, they walked back toward the Cart, Jeff taking a few boxes in his arms, easing the maiden that helped the prince and his friend. "Thank you, your majesty." Jeff gave a bright smile from under his mask. "These are a lot of clothes. It would be selfish not to help." Jeff bowed his head respectfully. They began to load the boxes into the cart side and loaded into the car, before spotting a begging child outside the dairy. Jeff blinked and moved From the horse drawn carriage and walked up to the child. He extended his hand out, placing 2 hundred gold in a coin purse at his feet. "There is an inn around here. That should get you food and bed for a few months. Just stay safe." The prince left the gaping mouthed child astonished. "Th-...thank you." Jeff then climbed back into the cart, and began to light s cigarette as they moved out of town and back home.

Rogen took direct control of the town. His power would be made known to all of the citizens of this village. He would make it known as he had a construct a town Hall. Finally he would reveal himself to the populace. The sky began to darken as he would reveal his true form. He began to show his true power as everyone would hear his voice in the town square. “Prepare yourselves mortals for a meal.. I want everyone  to prepare… If you should fail I personally will drain your soul from its body and devour it myself. “  the grin would spread widely across his face as his face went between living and dead. It was if the people went into a frenzy of panic at first. Not knowing this man was a being like no other he simply would levitate over the town as to observe them frantically preparing fine courses of food. He looked to the harbor and noticed that there were hundreds of ships he slowly glided down to the shore as light as a feather. When he landed it cracked the earths surface as if a powerful force had just cracked to the place. He gripped on of his crewman who would be frightened by his captain’s appearance. “Prepare my fleet make it known that we are the strongest fleet in the world….. I will see every man in fine clothes by the end of the evening or I shall personally rip out there throat and not bother with their soul.” He laughed a unsettling laugh as the wraith began to gather the other dark aspects of his area and made it look more on the dark approach each decoration was of drow design as well as the chairs even down to the table cloths. His black skin began to overrule his white pale skin and his ears became pointed as if shifting back to the person he once was. His white hair rolled down past his shoulders as he would wear the customary robes of the  drow. The fine silks he had brought out from his early life and looked to the frightened crowed. “I am pleased to show myself in public once again…. It has been long since I have. “ Soon the place looked ready he would smile as everything was preparing he went to the castle to the royal family for their summons.

Anaya: Anaya was angery at his words and as he was leaving there was a sort of draining feeling in the air as the woman's eyes turned black and she looked at him the weapons on the ground starting the shake as there was energy for them to suck in but the thing was there was to much of it. “we held no problems till your port opens on our river, and you claim my kind annoys you, you are the only one annoyed by the other. A shade means very little to what is found within this place, the weapons you hold were already known about many forges build weapons to kill dragons, but they lack any sort of knowledge of the old dragons that have always bin here. They hunt down and kill the young ones to prevent the old but they can not even get close to the old ones, we are to strong” and with that she shut her eyes as the weapons he had dropped on the floor cracked in half as she had over loaded them with energy, a shell only could hold so much and it was hardly even a inch of Anaya's true power. “shade, Rogen , you are only here for you bring in gold from the towns people, you are not payed to talk you are payed by them and allowed to keep it by myself you are not payed to give me advise like you matter to me. You are a undead walking shadow, a being of darkness and nothing more, you know very very little about anything that goes on in the castle as you are not allowed or given the glory of  knowing. Walk into my door once more without being allowed in and I will place you under arrest and toss you into the cells and trust me you cant walk out of the walls down there, you are not the only one that can do Arcane magic”  she turned around and walked back to the castle “and oh tonight may not be a good night for me but I am sure Jeff my son and who ever he wishes to bring van make it to your meal. I just got back from an outing it will be a stay at the castle night” she placed her hand on her belly as she walked back to the castle knowing very well she was with child, dragons unlike humans did not have to try a hundred times for a young to be made, all it took was once with the right match.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Watching Jeff with the small boy Ashe grinned softly and waned back into her seat. "So what's next Jeff?" She asks curiously. Wrinkling her nose at the scent of his rolled
Cigarette she takes it from his mouth and tosses it it the window. "Gross" she huffs. "That smells horrible". As they approach the castle Ashe dives for her bags and races off before he can coff at her about the cigarette. "I'm going to bathe and change!" She yells over her shoulder as she disappears down the halls to her room.

JeffDeLaRose: As they arrived back home and she took off, he sighed and spotted his mother storming off and the idiot whom seemed to be erecting the town back up. Jeff didn't trust him, for he seemed like a bit of a show off, and that was coming from Jeff. He was sure that if he needed to, he could take the pirate down. Jeff then began to give chase to Ashe, darting past the servants and guests. "Slow down!" He said jokingly, catching up within mere seconds. "You owe me a cigarette." He said, nudging her shoulder.

Anaya DeLaRose: She had just gotten into the castle as she looked around to see Ash and Jeff running past her to go do things in the other rooms she gave a laugh and walked out to the back room and out the back doors to the stable. She taped on the doors and a small boy came running. Anaya got down to a knee so she was at eye level as her red eyes looked into the eyes of the boys. “my dear I don't have time but tell Neil he can feed the worms now it turns out I did not need them and tell him thank you for me, can you do this?” the boy gave a nod to her and out of the blue he hugged the queen as she gave a grunt and blinked a couple times warping her arms around him as well “thank you Lady Anaya for keeping us safe” and then he ran away as Anaya stayed there a moment with a smile upon her face. “it is my pleasure little one my pleasure.” and then she got up and walked back into the castle to get some paper work done and go over the gold that Rogen had dropped off, as well as the papers with that gold on who gave and who did not. She sat in her large iron throne made of old blades and rusted metal and crossed her legs as she pulled out the book that she had stashed in there for the last couple days and did not place in the vault. She opened the pages of it and took her finger to read some of the new things put in there by the top guards and Milla. Milla's hand writing had gotten so good it was better then even Anaya's and hers was a dream to read over, everything clear and even placed in proper format highlighting pin points and even larger words for a more bold look to some. Anaya smiled knowing Milla had come so far since she first met her, but yet there was still so much about Milla no one really new.

Scarlet DeLaRose: It had been a few days since Scarlet was last seen with her family in her royal magenta dress that was ripped by her other side, some of the village royals had been talking about her return after she disappeared, the reason for this was obsidian taking control of her body and fighting with Scarlet once again, it had gotten so bad that Scarlet had to slam her head on a rock to knock Obsidian out and bring herself back to reality, It did not help that she was almost assaulted by a man that obviously knew her as Obsidian the night after she injured herself, She was able to fight the man off and has not seen him since, Now she was well enough to go back to her home and rest her bones on something other than grass and concrete, but she did not know if she should tell her people about what happened to her, She ran to the castle when she got to the end of the village, walked up the stairs, and slowly pushed open the doors as she caught her breath “sheesh. What a week” she said tiredly as she found a seat and sat herself down with a yawn as she closed her eyes for a bit, even if it wasn’t for sleeping “oh my freaking head”

Rogen grew tired of waiting and thought it be kind to summon the royals from the castle in some form of way. His eyes turned dark as he grabbed on of the guards in the market. He was from a firedorian era as he struggled against him he would chuckle as he began to dominate his soul “Broken human obey your master…. “ the laughter began as the man would begin to wonder around his eyes turned into glowing orbs of emerald fire as the wraith dominated the being he smirked and the being smirked with him as he would send him to the hold. The man was stopped upon the visit from the guard the wraith figure used some power to repulse the man causing him to slam against the stone as he became unconscious as the being made the guards be put to sleep he had the door opened. The Firedorian-possessed man ascended the stares as he began to go to the back of the castle as he knocked out the guards on the way to her room. He would open the door as the figure would bow before her and smile giving a smug grin. “The dinner is prepared my queen… I urge you to support your people upon this festive occasion please have the castle attend…. This man here I caught spying upon your guards in the tavern a firedorian spy…” the entity smiled as it would slowly writhe with complete obedience that it entailed. “How many more gifts must I give you before you accept my invitation……” The face of the man slowly grew to a still calming look as Rogen himself was in no danger he simply had this thing go to her in a conference with the queen.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Ashe hits her bedroom door hard and bursts through it, dropping her clothes bags onto the bed and runs to the bathroom "I need a tub filled Jeff! Can you help me? Or make someone else help me?" She asks with a pout. Stopping in her tracks she peeks from around the door and runs full speed at Jeff wrapping both arms around his neck and squeezes him with as much faith as she could muster. Not familiar with personal space and loads of kindness she whispers "Thank you" to her best friend, Her sidekick, her confidant.. "Thank you, for everything" she whispers once more before hurriedly backing away and flattening her old white dress.. Kicking off her black boots and heading back I to the bedroom before lastly yelling.. "oh, and cigarettes are bad.." Followed by a disgusted gagging sound..

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff smiled as she hit the door and careened with the mighty oak hard enough to push it open. "Yeah, just give me a moment and I can fill the tub." He walked into her room, spotting her turn around and sprint full speed into his embrace. Jeff sat there, arms to his sides. What was this? Jeff flinched, slightly startled, something new for the prince to be. After a few seconds and hearing her whisper, Jeff lowly brought his hands to close around her waist, pulling her closer into the hug. "! Totally!" Jeff's left hand rises to the back of his neck, bringing his short, dainty fingernails to scratch softly, yet nervously against his neck, a light blush pooling over his face. "Yeah. I know cigarettes are gross, they just help me focus my magic. They steady me. I won't smoke around you any more." Jeff said hesitantly, but with a covered face, almost sure she couldn't read it., as he let go and watched her leave back into the room, and he followed, then into the bathroom where he began to run a large, royal like bubble bath in Anaya's solid gold tub. "She spent gold..on a golden toilet, sink, and tub? Oh my, mother you definitely aren't the brightest-...but a good ruler." Jeff muttered to himself before stopping the water at the perfect time. "It's all yours Ashe!"

Anaya: Anaya looked up as she shut her book seeing the Firedor born man walk into the castle. She could hear the guards flop outside as she let out a sigh already knowing the shade thing was to blame for it. She got up form her throne and walked to the man grabbing him by the hair and lifting him up off the ground her red eyes looking into his own knowing in turn she was looking into Rogen s “you have noe harmed more of my guards by them hurt or layed sleep I do not care, you are to come to the castle immediately I have had enough with your vulgar ways shade. And Firedor born are in town you worthless snug, they are not stealing they are guests, this one may be a problem and I will lock him up for it and send him back to were he was from but do not harm any others we are to be in alliance with there people, you have caused enough problems. ” she tossed the man to the side as two guards grabbed him by the hands and stood him up placing metal cuffs on his arms to keep him in place. “and your dinner, I will not make it to much to do here, but I will let my son know about it, anything else?”

Scarlet DeLaRose: -As Scarlet rested in her seat not too far from the thrones with her eyes closed, she spoke of a name that was long forgotten “…Moon” She said the whole word three times before she opened her eyes with a gasp “Moonrose…” She then looked around the room and put a hand through her hair “I must have fallen asleep” she said to herself as she put a hand on her forehead and felt the bruise on the side of her head, she noticed that her sister was talking to someone from another empire and put her hood over her head so they wouldn’t notice her watching from a distance, she kept her head down so she could still get some relief from being away for a few days, but her ears were still alter as well as some of her mind-

The man that Rogen was using would twitch a bit as he tried to fight his control but it was no use his control was absolute. As she would lift the man he wouldn’t feel the affects of it so he simply had the man smile to her. “Dragon… I know more then what you would seem to want me to.. Their ships were armed I destroyed them so but it was only one ship Others are on the horizon.” He would still look into the dragons eyes and chuckle a bit. “Why would firedor come to you now? Have you done something wrong… im sorry if I took over precautions measures but… it seems urgent enough.” Your guards are unharmed they are simply asleep…. For they are human after all simple-minded creatures…”the man simply struggled against her grip for a bit as she tossed him aside the two guards grabbed him. “ Your words seem well but I would like for you to make it. If not the firedorians would like you too…. After all…. That is a simple criminal dressed as a firadorian.” The man would smirk a bit as he Rogen used this knowledge as if they were already there. “More people wishing trade I would believe but I await your allowance for them to use the port or I could sink them on your behalf I do not like these silly men barking orders to me….but they are at the feast as well….” The man would raise a brow. “Would it not look good if firedor were to come to the city and support our trade and not our queen…. Surly you must reconsider for your sake…I hope they do not bring any amount of chattering as to overthrowing such a person it would be bad on both of our parts my lady.” He still kept smiling. “Yes I am undead and it may trouble you but I see eye to eye with a dragon as yourself but this man has spoken mutiny and well you know the conditions of that my lady they are a death… “still in the gaurds custody he would look to them both and continue to speak. “Your son is interesting I saw him down here earlier when I was picking through things with a woman that is most interesting….. I would be delighted for him to attend as well as you because I would think some fresh air… would not bother you from your duties.. Let yourself relax in our company I assure you are safe for now I am no longer captain…. I am admiral my lady we have a good fleet to build to the army. And I issue a decree that your whole castle is invited even that one that gives me a uneasily looks all the time…” He smirked a bit as he referred to Samuel as such. “I will come to the castle as you request … As well I plea that no harm come to me as I enter for I believe that the last meeting did not go so… well formal.. I can be tempered but then I can be worth the time.. Expect me after the festivities if you wish have your son or whomever wishes to come meet at the festival it’s a lovely day for such events down here anyway..” The man gave her a wink right before as his face began to sink in. As if to melt away down to the bone as the man collapsed in the arms of the guards he was indeed dead.

Ashe Fallon Rage: After she lay in the tub long enough for her body to prune Ashe climbed out dressing herself in a long flowy form fitting emerald green dress with small tan sandals on her feet. Her hair pulled into a messy pinned bun behind her head. Small braids throughout the bun. With a dainty silver comb holding it in place. Several bangles bracelets around her wrists and her silver feather around her neck. Given to her the day she left her adopted parents home in search of answers about who she really was. She looked around the room. "Maybe it's time to explore her new home a bit, and wait on Jeff to return to her rooms. Assuming he may have went to speak to his family since he's spent lot of his time with her since their return from the fair some time ago. She began to roam The halls of the castle.

Anaya: Anaya looked up and did not even pay mind to anything the shade had send and blabered on about “Jeff!” she called out as she got up and walked to the main room “i need something done!” she called out once more to get her voice up to the upper levels. Pushing her snow white hair out of her eyes she stood there in the center of the large arch way that lef up to the upper level and had the steps. She needed to talk to him right away.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff walked out of Ashe's room as she began the bath, listening to the running water before sliding down the door frame to sit on his posterity and place his back against the oak. His left hand ran up to his freshly blonde hair, combing through it with his gentle fingers, each strand coming loose in his grip with each running of his hand through his locks, before all falling back into place. Auras everywhere in this place, and tonight especially, the anger was alive. Everyone, in the castle, was going about their business but some shine bright like a ball of fire, with the anger they held in their core, like Anaya, whom was calling for the prince about needing to do something. But of course! Send the prince to go kill a village. Send the prince to kill your enemies, send the prince to marry those same enemies. What else could he need to do now? Perhaps he was meant to cuddle her enemies. Jeff stood, and began to walk down the steps with a quickened pace as her voice carried to his delicate ears. "Hm?" The prince asked, raising a brow and crossing his arms as he walked into the main room downstairs. "You called?" Jeff's blond hair was brighter than usual, obviously freshly dyed with materials found around the castle. "Good day to you as well, mother. Judging by your tone, this is important." Jeff moved to his mother and moved to wrap his arms around her frame. "Just tell me who-..." Jeff was no longer the Jeff who came back. He was a smarter, more mature version of the Jeff who had left all those years ago. He knew that being a pacifist wasn't going to help anyone and it had gotten more people killed than it helped. Jeff was a warrior and of his blade saved his family, or anyone for that matter, he would no longer hesitate to pull it. The death of Jaurl had finally reverted Jeff back to himself. An incredibly strong version of his old self but nonetheless he was home and back to his Roots. -...who do I need to gut?" He kept holding onto his mother, hoping to calm her in any way he could.

The town was ever so lively as ever from the giant feast. Rogen knew all to well this was all just a diversion to what his true purpose was he wanted power he was tired of wasting away upon sea snatching ship after ship living off the bare scraps of whatever he could find he looked at the outlying interest of the city and would sigh. He had a job to do it was his job the queen had given him yet he found it such a tasking and demanding state to give her half the luxuries to even operate was something he hated. Pretty soon word hard finally reached him as this legendary dread army of the north. He knew the north and what lay beyond with a crack of a smile he knew plenty of what resided there. Legends foretold of a massive army of the dammed where men would fall to the snow only to rise again to fight as a mindless incantation of others this intrigued him so that he sought them out only to find they were weak in number. That is why he had collected so many souls the northern tribes were all nothing but savages anyway. His heart began to grow weary and heavy these members did not follow his code nor would they ever but yet they roamed and had annual reports about them form his scouts up north. He knew the power of the dragons fully he prepared to accept any punishment but he only thought of her as someone to sit in a castle instead he wanted to let the free ambitions run wild to set forth the spokes of a wheel like a fire of destruction. His malice would grow at this intense knowledge he tapped his chin and leaned back in the chair he was sitting in in the town square-watching people as they walked by. The people feared him like them all the rest of the planet feared him and he hated them for it. It made him aggravated to a point to were he know longer cared for the terms of love or knew such a thing existed on principal Through his pain malice began to cultivate even more plots and screams as another one of the towns members looked at him funny more and more his impatient mind would grow. Was he that much of a monster to them?  He frowned at this notion as he walked forward to grab one of the towns members from the throat and held her up with one hand looking into her eyes. “What the fuck are you starring at?” The woman gasped from his hold as he began to squeeze feeling slowly as her life force began to drain away ever so slowly. Finally he would let her go releasing his hand, as she would fall to the ground gasping for air. He then spat down upon the earth as she was sitting at. “Learn some respect woman don’t ever view me like that again! “ It pained him so it was like a vision he had back when he first became a wraith when at first his wife had abandoned him to spend eternity alone. Not even the whine tasted good as he was a bitter man his crew had seen the changes in the man ever since they had landed as they began to mutter against themselves. Rogen it seemed only had his games to amuse him. Just in time to see the captain of the “Slayer” Rise in front of him. “Admiral.. the ships captains and I would like to discuss where all of our new found funds go.. we receive only half of what we collect?” The captain’s face would darken as he looked upon the wraith with unease. Rogen looked back to the man as he picked up a glass pouring another glass of whine for the captain before he spoke. “You see that’s the problem about pirates… They show no loyalty to one person…. “ He began his story slowly putting the picture of whine down upon the table again before holding out his hand to the captain to take. As the captain took it finally he began his tale. “When pirates find port yet free and collective… We all wonder what would happen to us if we had a better captain or a crew. Maybbee even a better wages or cut.” Rogen began to pace around so that the other captains could see him. “I tell you that she has half our funds because if you want this shipyard here we have to get fucked to give fucks no?” Rogen sat back down into the chair and smiled to the man asking about the cut. “Do not worry yourself friend I will not kill you…. If you wish to keep your cut you may do so… But hear this any ship and crew keeping their cut I have a booklet I send to the queen of this land. I know you do not fear her because you do not see her but please in time she will come join us. “ He smiled and raised his glass up high before drinking the liquid. “As to the guests from firedor cease your actions of hostility towards them it was lucky that you found the scouts and beheaded them yourselves as you did otherwise we would have been under attack from a dragon right now…”The captain started to object before Rogen interrupted him. “That captain is a direct order if you harm another firedorian male I shall replace you before morning arises and kill you in the most hennas of ways.” He smiled and tipped his cup to him before looking back to the map placing fragments of pieces that he would smile at the tactical map. Everything was going exactly as he had wished. He would wait just a little longer before standing yet again he would not want to be sought out by the queen Rogen was no coward no.. He would go to the castle upon her demands just as the feast was coming to a close the men laying all around in the town square from being so fat and full he would smile slipping up towards the castle he saw the gate bared and would disguise himself yet again. This time he looked like a homeless beggar an elderly man walking with a large staff and a great long and grey beard. He sat down in front of the castle and began to pretend to beg for coin clearly in front of the guards.

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Anaya: she put her arms around her son he did know how to calm her down, she was very hot to the touch as her anger had sparked due to Rogen 's crap, and her eyes were turning so it was clear as day to say she needed a bit of TLC. “Rogen is holding some feast tonight I cant attend I have much to much work to get done. But I do not trust him my son, I wish you to go, do not take Ashe as it could end up badly, but I know you are more holy then darkness so you should have no problem handling a shade” she looked at Jeff as she pulled out of his embrace her body temp going down a bit as she was starting to calm down. “i do not trust him Jeff I do not like undead you know this and he is as dead as they come and is still walking. Have fun at the feast and put on a good name for us but after it I wish him brought back here in chain he has killed and harmed to many of our guards, he can be locked in the cells were he cant just walk out of the stone walls. And if needed and he becomes to much of a problem just do what ever you see fit, be him rot in a cell or Die by a blade it all ends a problem for us.” she tried to smile softly as she looked at him and started to walk back to her throne were he book was resting “and oh one more thing the troops from Firedor have come to the docks, I do not know if they have the princess with them but Rogen has bin blowing up there men believing they are enemy's, so he may have had your future wife and princess to Firedor may be dead and gone, but I don't know.  ”

Ashe Fallon Rage: Humming softly to herself Ashe moves quietly through the castle. Noticing beautiful paintings adorning the walls, some covered in what looks like soot and ash. Wiping her delicate fingers across them the dust fell to the ground. Every tapestry with a story to tell. She would smile and imaging having grown up in a home like this. After much walking and exploring she yawned and headed back toward her room, stopping at the balcony to watch the citizens out by the water. "I wonder if that is where Jeff is" she aid aloud, There were so many people down there, and all of these people looked up at this castle every day for guidance. She grinned and began dancing around pretending to be royal, part of the royal family... She loved it here. Started back to her room once more...

Anaya: Anaya looked to her son as nodded her head in response “don't worry I will go meet her properly, we have not had good meetings so far and this time I will not be cussing out a broken nose” she got up just as she sat down and turned around slamming the book shut but not angered just moving fast. “give it a one, two and ” Milla then ran in as Anaya was smiling “never late, can always time her” Milla stopped hearing Anaya and gave that sideways face and walked over to Jeff “cart? to...ohhhhhhh Rogen ” and then Milla turned around and out she went to the front doors, she sported a begger at the doors and gave a face to it “get off the royal grounds beggar we don't need you here. Guards see to it he is removed I have a cart for the prince to fetch he is heading down to town” she then looked to both guards at the doors who seemed to just have bin toying with the beggar tossing rocks in his cup and telling people passing not to give to him, and she was sure they gave him a good couple kicks every now and agein. Milla walked out to the stable and called out “Neil!” she started to chuckle thinking of how corny that name was, but sure enough the man came over at the normal pace “Neil have a cart ready for the Prince he is heading to town this evening he is just getting dressed and will be right out, make sure they are good horses and have a set of the heavy duty chains in the cart, I am sure there will be a man in the back on the way back that needs a good chaining, the kind for shadows and things that can walk past walls and out of things” Neil nodded to her, everyone new Milla was the queens top servant and she almost held as much power as the queen herself and Samuel did, some people still believed Milla and Samuel ran the place and Anaya was just the image on top of it.  Milla turned around and started to head back inside. Anaya inside had walked to one of the hall ways to look at the paintings on the walls, a guard came to her and smiled “my Queen Miss Ash was down here just a moment ago looking at the same one” Anaya turned to him and tilted her head “this one?” she pointed to the one with one of the oldest story's in her empire linked to it making. “yes my lady that one of the three rulers of the world” “ok I have an idea. Take this image off the wall and wrap it in leather and bring it up to my chamber room and place it on the bed, I will be up in a moment”  she then turned around running her fingers along the not paint but thread bands of the art, it was so old it was not even painted it was woven with dipped colored silk and framed. She smiled as she started to walk to the steps to go to her room to put her book in the small vault in her chamber room under the bed.

~the old man smiled as he were to be humbled even from the royal clan as he acted like he barley could stand he began to walk slowly. In the direction giving his response to Milla in a sort of raspy voice. “A man needs a place…..” He shook the ten gold pieces that some passersby where to fund for him as the old man had barley a coat to keep him warm. Slowly his reproach as made as he would act as if he had a certain infliction upon his body limping out of the way slowly as one of the guards walked over he simply smiled and locked onto his wrist. Dark energy began to serge into his body as Rogen coaxed the man. “Please sir I only want a coin…..” he made it so that his power would be unnoticeable but the guard backed away from the beggar out of sheer fear. Rogen waved towards the man in his guise as he walked to Milla and shook a bit as he held out his cup. “Please…… please help a poor soul would ya.. my family they live such lives and my child…. This ten pieces will only buy me so much..” He began to cough as if he were in a plague like state a bit but looked to the nice large castle and scratched his beard. “A mans name is Artamis… im a simply beggar I mean you no harm. “ He coughed yet again getting a handkerchief the whip his face with. “May I have just a warm relaxing fire inside the place where I have looked up and dreamed to go inside of a castle. “ He gave a humbled smile towards the woman as he had heard the prince was on the lookout from him he would smile to himself as he tried with the guard in front of him. Making contact and making him pay to the cup a grin widened as he would turn to his musical instrument. “Ill…. Ill even play a magical tune upon my fiddle…Just please doesn’t turn me away.” He acted so innocent and life like that his face blinked yet again. Half turned undead and the other half stayed the same as it reverted back to its normal state it was only a mater of abit of his facial expression but he would have hoped milla wasn’t paying so much attention

Ashe Fallon Rage: As they dance Ashe's heart begins to race. "It's excitement Ashe" she thinks to herself. And as fast as it came, it went with his words echoing as he said them..." "My mother is sending me on a mission-...I wanted to say goodbye, in case I-...ya" Jeff dipped her back and then back up. "I just wanted you to know.".... ... "S..say goodbye.. But.. No.. Don't go then. Please Jeff.. I don't know anyone here but you.." Ashe, don't you dare.. She repeats to herself in her head. Shaking her head as to get rid of the thoughts clouding her head right now. "Besides... What will your mother do with me if you.." She swallows hard and stutters not wanting to day the words and make it an option.. " well you know.. " her fingers wound in her dress as she pushes back from him, breaking their dance stance. Her knuckles white from gripping it so lightly. "I'll go with you.. I can help" as she moves to change her clothes, pulling black slacks, her boots and a red top from the bags tossed about the room.

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JeffDeLaRose: "Ashe. I would love to have you go with me but-..." Jeff sighed softly, looking over his shoulder after turning to look at a picture. "You don't need to see me when I take a life. I fear this will happen and I'm scared. I don't want anyone to die but death is often at an incredible rate around these lands is someone I care deeply about getting hurt." She had never seen him under the mask. It was rare. No one could understand his meaning for wanting to wear the damned thing. He was incredibly handsome. He had no disfigurements or any deformities. He felt like it dehumanized him. Made him cold. A killer. But only some could see through it. Like Ashe. She never asked about the mask. All of his family knew it as his trademark. That and his violin. He was suave, sophisticated, yet stubborn. "She made it clear she wanted you to stay. Don't-...worry about me. I'll be fine. He is a Shade. I've killed more powerful little girls...and a giant work...called a literally ate a house." Jeff then sighed some and placed his fingerless gloved hand on hers. To stop her. "I would love for you to come. I really would but I don't-....can't have any one get hurt. If you died because I'm not strong enough then-...I couldn't forgive myself. You are my only friend in the world." Jeff hugged her from behind, resting on her shoulder with his arms around her waist. "Just let me enjoy dancing with you, before I leave. Okay?" He then began to hum eloquently and swayed with her to it.

Scarlet DeLaRose: Scarlet could still hear what was going on around her before she raised her head up and fixed her eyesight, her vision was a bit blurry when she raised her head up but that didn’t stop her from rising from her seat so she could find a better spot to take a nap or just find someone to help her out since she can’t even heal herself “ah dang it.” She grumbled to herself as she took a few steps and almost tripped on herself, She started taking a few more steps without knowing that her hood had slid off of her head as she lead herself away from her seat and found herself walking through the upstairs hall, she found a door that lead her to a secret passage that was dimly lit and took her shoes off before venturing down “where am I?” she thought to herself as she took out a few gems and dropped them onto the floor as she walked deeper into the passage that felt damp under her feet “H-Hello! Can anyone hear me?” She yelled as she saw something ahead of her and quickly walked towards it “I need to get out of…” She suddenly felt the ground give way as she caught the end of it with a scream “Oh no…” She screams again as she falls into the hole and lands on her side “Ouch…” She grunted as she slowly got to her feet “That’s another bruise I don’t need” She held the other side of her head as she looked around the area that was covered in crystals that gave off their own form of light, she got a grip on a few of the crystals as she tried to climb her way out, but slid back down to the ground “Oh great. Looks like I’m stuck here for a while”

Anaya: Milla looked at the beggar as she tilted her head “the human Greek goddess of the hunt, a fitting name for one who have never done a hunt in there life, or have you killed rats to eat off the ground. Here have a coin and be gone with you.  The queen allows people to come in in the morning and afternoon cant you see it is getting late in the day. Come back then if you have a problem.” she paused for a moment seeing the man flicker for a second, a blink would have missed it and all the girl did was smile as her own pale and beautiful face flickered as well. For only a second half of her face was that of a boar tucks and all but then it was back to that innocent beauty Anaya had as a servant. She tossed a single golden coin that she pulled from her top out and into the mans cup. “now go on before the guards kick you more so, I have things I must deal with for her Lady Ruler” and then Milla walked inside humming to herself as she picked up some papers and brought them over to a box at the door so the servant who did the ravens could pick up the messages and send out the birds, some guy by the name of Jake or Jack or something. She looked up spotting Samuel and smiles softly “hey you big fish how are you, have not seen you all day bin working or sleeping in the barn?” Samuel let out a yawn “fully sleeping had a ….very long night Milla” Milla stopped and looked at him with a lifted brow “long night? Hunting? We need more fish we are growing low and you are the only one able to lift up the next and get the amount we need? Get it done?” “ummm noooope” he said with a smile as he ran his fingers over his bald head. “then forget what ever you did on your long night and just get it done tonight alright we need the hunt done, and you bright in the most meat, only cus you have a bigger set of jaws then I do” Samuel walked over to her and grabbed her cheek as Milla let out a snarl and grunted at him “stop that!” she barked as Samuel let out a chuckle “so when ya going to come clean pig face?” “never if I can help it. Better people don't know I like it that way you and Anaya are the only ones that matter in here anyway, you know the info I let you know, now go get the fish will you. ” Milla started to run off as Samuel called out “ok PIG FACE WILL DO!” he could not hold back laughing as he started to walk around looking for Anaya. He could not find his mate but he new she was more the likely doing something that needed to be done, and then with that he moved out to a side room and out a window vanishing into the woods to get that fishing trip done as Milla wanted him to. Milla ran over to Anaya just before Anaya had a chance to hit the first step to the upper halls “Anaya Samuel is back but I told him to get the fishing hunt done you cant do the water thing and he can and can lift the big nets” Anaya turned around she had not even faced her before she started talking to her “your face is flushed whats wrong?” Anaya fully shot down the Samuel thing. “um there is a beggar outside but I sent him away and gave him some coin, guy seemed odd his face was a bit funny, but I think it is only cus I was a little stressed Samuel has bin very open about my...who I am, keeps calling me Pig face” Anaya smiled and ran a hand over Milla's cheek “you know you have a very proud race, you should be happier about being what you are, hold no shame in that, you are beautiful no matter what skin or fur you put on” “Anaya being a giant boar demon is not a nice thing to be, people look at you and run away, hell I am worse then a dragon at least your kind is like feared but seen as gods I am just a ugly pig ” “now now enough with the ugly crap I don't see it and I am sure others here would not, just go grab some food and relax I will talk to the big poison tailed scaled rat alright” Milla smiled as She turned around and walked away now knowing a new name to call Samuel. And Anaya was happy knowing the girl was to and Anaya started to walk up the steps to get to the upper hall “Jeff ready to go the cart is ready!” she called out her claws griping the banister.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Round and round the room they danced and for just a few moments she forgot that he, her best friend, the man she had grown to care for was walking into the mouth of danger.. With a slight shake of her head once again the thoughts had dissipated as she heard his mother call out his name. Stopping she looked up at him and playfully poked him in the stomach. "You better go, I don't wish to see her upset, for I just may taste delicious" she joked about Anaya eating her, unfortunately she joked often.. At points of nervousness, fear, love, and denial.. Anyone who knew her well enough would see that. And he had already become one of those people..out of his arms she  moved to the banister and leaned forward a bit to watch the Queen climb the stair.. "He is ready..." She tripped over her words not sure what she should call her Majesty. No one had officially stated what that was to be.. "Your Majesty.." She yelled down with a soft voice. Her soft red tendrils falling loosely around her shoulders now after being swung about from their dancing. She then turned and looked at him  a last time, and before he could see the tears forming she would disappear down the hall until he left.. Not wishing to fully say goodbye, for Ashe wasn't good at goodbyes either..

The man nodded to the woman and it would seem as if he were pleased to have earned another coin he spoke with a deep rasp. “If she commands…” before he started to turn and walk off somewhere this castle he though was very inefficient if her where any other criminal they would have been able to kill and rob whoever they pleased and still have enough time to get away with misdeeds. He hobbled over behind a bush out of sight from the guards so there so-called kicks would not effect him. Acting was tough but he had to pull it off now since his name was called for arrest. He wanted. Waiting he could pull off such a feat because he was timeless an entity not bound by time had years to even wait out the most terrible of wars. The bush wasn’t the most pleasant of places to hide for it itched and well was a bush. The feast probably might have been over since he had been waiting forever. He looked to the sun as it had slowly made its way to dusk it would seem that the day was darkening faster then he had anticipated. He smiled a plan was inputted before long he would not want to become imprisoned and just left to rot in some cell to wait It out before whatever barriers they would hold would weaken it would take another millennia for that. His plan was coming to conclusion it seemed the Son was more connected with his mother other then the previous thought. He Smiled as it seemed there was love such things were alien to him the creature who haunted mortals as he had a heightened sense of hearing he was nuzzling close to the castle from being spotted. Finally it seemed as though they were getting ready to leave….Finally

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff simply stood there as Ashe nervously called to his mother. He knew that things could get violent quickly and the last thing he wanted was for anyone, even the Shade to get hurt. Jeff sighed softly and moved over to Ashe. "I'll be back soon." Jeff felt the need to stay in the room with her. Not wanting to leave, he bides his time. " I go...out the door...right now..." Jeff then slowly bowed respectfully to Ashe and walked out of the room. He met with his mother at the stairs. "I will make you, and the Iron proud." He said, in a cold tone. "Just take care of everyone. I love you Mother." He bowed respectfully, only to walk down the main hall and out the main doors to the kingdom. Fresh air hit his face and he soon found himself walking to the cart, before spotting  Milla and Samuel, then two guards, then an old begging man slowly walking away from them before disappearing behind a bush. Jeff knew the policy on Beggars. "15 feet from the Irons steps or they get the boot." But this man was simply just trying to feed his family. There was nothing wrong with that. Jeff walked after him before placing his hand on his shoulder, entering the same bush. "Excuse me, sir..." Jeff began, pulling a bag on coin, heavy to the touch, out of his jacket pocket. "I don't need this coin. I know what it is like to live without nothing. So-..." He placed the bag into the man's hand and closed his fist for him. "A man like yourself shouldn't be begging. Just-...go feed your family. They are all we have left in this world. I wish I could stay...but-...a princes work is never done. Be blessed, good sir." Jeff bowed to the begged, leaving him with a bag of 200 coin, before returning to the guards and cart. "See to it that all Beggars in a 100 foot radius are given beds at our many inns. I will pay for it. These are our townspeople. Our followers. They deserve better than freezing to death while we stay comfy." He then slowly climbed into a cart, and mast back. "To the feast. Please." The cart pulled away, allowing Jeff to wave to the old man from the window of the cart, before disappearing into the dark, and onto his next journey.

He was warned yet from another as the male asked for him to stop he turned to the man and listened to what he had to say. Slowly he would look up into the eyes of this man and a curious look would run across his face. Such generosity he had not known to come from anyone. This had to be repaid he thought to himself of the act of kindness did run him off balance his primary objective would seem to have shifted. He smiled as he held 200 of the gold coins now from this man known as the prince. As he waved back to the male with a grin upon his face That Rogen would need another plan it had seemed this man was not like the dragons he had encountered in his past but he had something different about him. His thought of sneaking into the castle for something had eluded him completely as this act of kindness would go further then it needed. As soon as the cart was a bit out of view he dematerialized again. This time he would land directly upon the carts hull the loud thud from his plate mailed boots would be upon it as they where halfway in between the city and the castle. Quickly he would incapacitate the guards around them with a sleeping sickness that he used to talk to the queen. The he then jumped off the carts hull landing softly outside the to the cart. He opened it and tossed Jeff back the coin that he had given him.  He did not hide his face for this time it was him the wraith would look upon Jeff with a curious fashion. “You have a kind heart… to offer beggars money I have not seen thusly in your mother although I have never paid my mind till now… I will be forward I shale not kill you nor do I have any desire to slay someone as noble to give to a simple beggar. “ He rose a grin that stretched ear to ear as he continued to speak. “The nation of Firedor has been around here I only sunk one vessel upon witch there are orders for witch to bring some other rich debutant to bring forth something about a wedding pledge… “ Rogen of coarse knew that Jeff knew but then would frown a bit. “I have also uncovered evidence that some of my crew members do not see eye to eye with your queen and wish to…well use harm and other methods from gaining there goal they are unhappy that she charges a high tax of half the items they make. “he simply held out his hands to the male as Rogen always did. “If you wish to imprison me for the queen it would be Advantages for you now but I must implore you that to look into This kingdoms affairs…… “ he would nod for he would not expect the greatest reactions of a man simply bursting in on the privacy of his vehicle let alone knock out the guards that were driving it.  He made yet another smile before more words left his mouth. “You have seem to regained a spark from last time we have exchanged words… it seems I was wrong about you since I know how generous you are the town could use its queen though it is why I offered her to the ball because her rule is absolute I fear we haven’t much time before rebellion outbreaks and I hate to see another village whipped clear from the face of the earth or possible outbreak of tyrannical war… It never changes and I get tired of it fast I have a fleet to suppress the firedorian men and woman but they are at the feast as well…At least we could grab a drink before you toss me to your mother.” Rogen gave a smirk because of his knowledge and some espionage he had done to gather information about these alliances. He sat back and awaited the response he would have hoped it would be to heed a warning Like Anaya had tossed aside since He thought Jeff to be more…. Something he hadn’t seen before in a male kindness was indeed intriguing

Anaya: Anaya looked up the steps as her son walked past her saying that he loved her and wanted to make her proud “i love you as well my son and you already do, I know things will go well and don't trust him, a shade is not know for good” she then turned her eyes to Ash as she gave a slight bow to her and finished  walking up the steps. Red eyes looked into the girls as Anaya stood there “i am sorry we did not get off at first on good things, broken nose and son getting hurt and all, start over?” she held out her hand to the girl razor like clawed nails on every finger “Anaya DeLaRose, Empress here, but to you I am just Anaya no need for magisys or things to make me feel older” Anaya saw the guard taking that wall hanging into her chamber room all wrapped in leather and she smiled then looked back to Ashe. Milla  watched Jeff as he went by and Samuel was heading out the door to go down to the lower levels to have a swim in the coin that was at times more the center of his life then his own mate was. Shifting into himself large arms turning into wings and being used as front legs he walked down the back spider covered tunnel into Anaya's hold. He looked up he could hear something in the roof, and could see the spiders digging with there legs and fangs at the stone trying to get to it.  Hmmm he thought to himself as he lifted his long neck up smashing his head  into the top causing the stone to give way and start the fall of everything inside this pocket. He spoted the queens sister and new that the girl had not seen him as anything other then the house hold butler so to see  wyvern randomly here would be a shock and scary. He moved his head so she would only fall a couple feet then land on heated scales as his eyes looked at her making himself cross eyed he wondered why she was even down here. All the spiders and gems and everything in that pocket fell and pooled with the massive amount of gold and everything else down here in the place no one was ever allowed to go.

JeffDeLaRose: He sighed some leaning back in his seat before the old man found his way on top of, an inside his cart. Two dagger held tightly toward the body that talked to him with-...respect. Ah, 'twas the swashbuckling bastard that Jeff was supposed to take in. This was an easy job already. The gold was tossed to Jeff and he simply moved and let it hit the seats. The wraith talked more and more about war and his family being wiped out and soon his grip on his blades grew tighter. "Stop the cart!" The hoses slammed down on the earth, causing the cart to halt, and with it, Jeff grabbed Rogen by his wrists as he placed his hands out and placed the cuffs on him. "I'm sorry. I have my orders. I will see to it she lets you out in a day or so. Because I would like to speak more to you about this 'war' you speak of. I may not know much but I can tell you sir, that I am a loyal man and I can not disobey my family. These are my orders. Grab you and bring you home. Well I have you and we are 30 feet from home. Just come quietly. And when you get out. I will listen to your words. But I don't want to hurt you." Jeff dropped his knives as he had grabbed Rogen , and began his speech, only now tightening the cuffs behind his back. "Turn around. These cuffs are enchanted. If he struggles, they tighten, so hurry up and bring us to the doors of the kingdom." The driver nodded and did so, before turning the horses around and marching through the town and up to the doors. "I'm sorry Rogen . I'll do my best to see to it that you are released." Jeff said almost regretting his decision. He picked his daggers up and holstered them before picking Rogen up from the ground and walking with him out of the Cart and back towards the Iron. "I will handle Firedor. You should have came to us instead of holding them at bay. I respect your actions but you should have respected our authorities over this land. I am the lord of this house and by the gods, you will obey me and my family or suffer a blade. If you do not understand these rights then let me make it clear. You are now under arrest by the city of DeLaRose. You will be brought forth to the queen for royal judgement. You may select one member of the house to appeal to you. If you can't, then one will be provided for you." Jeff finished saying the rights and two guards at the front door opened them, allowing Jeff and a chained Rogen to enter the castle.

He would smile as he was taken into custody he would not expect nothing less from this man but he didn’t seem like a man who was hell bent on this sort of crime. He would simply hear these so called charges and would smile people from his land to represent him. Now that was a joke but the fact is his people where far north in the great shimmering isles that lay dormant for centuries it was nothing but ice and snow. He turned his head as the chains where enchanted well it would be a bothersome to get out of but he had gotten out of worse. “Its not just firedor I believe there is more then a plot a foot…” He turned to face this man as he was undead he knew how his mother treated them but he would walk slowly. The wraith would look upon jeff as he would start to speak but then why save him or his family if they would not present anything he would be cuffed so he would look back to Jeff. “Your not gunna like this but.. can you take the dagger from my hip it seems to be enchanted as well.. “ He would look back to him with a lazily fashion. “This time it can kill dragons… be wary of these weapons I keep finding like candy here and there…..”he regretted not brining with some of his men but they will find out soon enough. Sooner or later the Firdorian ships will take the port and simply smith these things with ease for there admiral out of commission they did kinda suck at fighting. “If its your duty to do so then I see you have gotten close to the queen…. By the way I bet you too have sensed she has a pregnancy for a legitimate heir…. “ he shook his head as he made all the racket in the chains he wanted to be most annoying as possible to rustle about in them cause they amused him.  He would smile alas. “I forgot to tell you I do have some of my kin here well….. they are more cousins to me for they are weaker they just see eye to eye with me… If you wish to find them im sure they look like me… but lack there of flesh.” He turned and gave an amusing grin as he would simply make his body heavier then what it was making it a burden for him to carry. “Hmmm…. But If you are a lord why not you could make the decisions I'm sure your mother is much to tired to drag out any of what we have to offer her being with child and all. I wonder Sir jeff was it.. What will happen to you if She has such a child…” He rose a brow to him. He knew he meant well but also he didn’t want to sit in a jail cell for so long then wait for the magic to weaken. He spotted one of the towns men whom he knew  as he saw him about to draw a pistol he would shake his head to him but nodded his head to return from wince he had came. The man complied as Rogen knew he had a lot of allies as he turned he spoke yet again. “Detaining me would look foul upon her part I hope she notices this the town already distrusts her…. I would hate for more people to arise and seek out vengeance for it would look bad upon the royalty here.” He nodded to him because he saw some convictions of detaining him. “We could catch them today but if we don’t act quickly….we wont know were they would hide next…I do not doubt your capability of fighting these men I doubt weather people would follow….. “ he let out a sigh. “The towns folk are too heavily taxed they will give no more unless they feel that they too are acknowledged as well as unsullied by these men…Orders or not I still would like a drink. “ he finally turned away from Jeff as his orders were orders but a different kind of feeling he had from him as if to help. “If I am imprisoned then I take it you can play me a game of chess when I see you next…..” The doors of the kingdom opened once again. He began slowly making his way into the room.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was just about to sit on the ground when she felt herself dip from the ground then fly back up, She looked around to see what had happened until she saw herself sitting on scales with wide eyes “how did…” She looked straight ahead when she saw a dragon like face looking at her with eyes that weren’t position right “umm…thanks” She said covering herself with her cape, “I fell down in the hole when I came down here” She then felt something in her shoe and took it off to give it a shake, a gold coin revealed itself as it fell on the scales- “I guess some places shouldn’t be visited by strangers”

Anaya: Samuel gave a snort and almost dropped the girl, he hated visitors in his dragon hold, really it was Anaya's but he believes it to be his now ever since he moved the spiders in it had bin all his she hardly ever even came down here anymore. “you are not allowed down here, do not come down here again” his voice boomed out as his jaws never moved and it was his telepathic voice echoing in the hold. He took  the girl out the back hole of the cave like tunnel as spiders hurried out of the way the adults the size of rhinos, as they hissed and cowered next to the massive hulking dragon.  Samuel dropped the girl very abruptly and looked her own to make sure she did not take a single coin from the hold and let out a not happy snort seeing the girl was clean to the eye, as he turned around his tail in the air and went back into the darkness and shadow of the giant tunnel back door. As soon as he went inside the spiders started to crawl out and approach the girl, there fangs clicking as the dragon was no longer around. Anaya looked at Ashe as she turned around into her room. Anaya took her hand back and turned around herself, it almost felt like a cold shoulder the girl did not have to keep herself locked up in the one bedroom, Anaya walked to her bedroom and picked up the large wraped in leather painting and then walked back over to Ashes room and walked inside with it. “a guard saw you looking at this, I thought it would be fitting your wall to be looked at more then it would be fitting the wall down there to collect dust and be forgotten, it holds a great story if you want to hear it?, and if you want, we can set up for more..permanent arrangements  for you staying here, my son has taken a liking to you and you don't have to stay in the bedroom all the time the whole castle you can walk in, just don't go down to the catacombs spiders run rampant down there” she let out a light chuckle as she held out the painting.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff nodded to the Pirates words each time he spoke but still kept his mind on the task at hand, which was bringing Rogen before the queen. He felt awful about imprisoning the man but still had to do so and would not be swayed. "When that child is born I will still be heir. I am Anaya's blood, even if only a little. When she first adopted me, we did a ritual to see if I could transform into a vampiric dragon. I needed to meld with her DNA, I may not be her birth child but I am her blood and I will rule when she decides that life has offered her all it can. The. When I pass, my baby brother can take over or my first born son. But do not try and use my family as some excuse to turn me against them." Jeff led Rogen through the great hall and up the stairs to where Anaya and Ashe stood in the room. "I'm back...already? Yes. I'm that amazing." Jeff jested, before looking to his mother from the hallway with Rogen cuffed in front of him. "So-....can I go now or-...?" Jeff asked, having completed 2 day job in a matter of minutes, even if Rogen did sort of turn himself in."I did my job." Jeff said, bowing respectfully to his mother, giving a small "ha ha I didn't die" wink to Ashe, and flopped face first into Ashe's pillow on her bed.

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The cuffs where only a formality for enchantments aside he could easly get out of enchanted chains if he wanted to he rolled his eyes as he heard the fable about him being blood and what not being a bastard himself they where just looked down from the family. Before they entered the room where they all were he would look back to the male and raised a brow. “In the eyes of my mother I was a bastard…. Never forget who we are all. The rest of the world will not I do not mean to insult but I believe she might have some weird form of agenda. “ He would smile before him and continued nearing the place where he was to be delivered. “Keep in mind one thing lad. We all go one way or the other but it seems to me this nation hates you as any other but I do hope there is wine so I can drown a old sorrows out even if I am tried to be killed it would be funny to see how much.. a dragon could sharpen that axe and cut off my head.. a futile effort but so are chains.” He was being cocky he knew this because he thought something else would. I mean what would people have done in his position but annoy his captors. He finally would been led to the back room and seeing it through his eyes where ever so lovely. “Well I guess the term power can be felt in a castle made of gold from the people whom hates you… Such a shame that it is threatened by thousands of ingrates. “ he smirked still being a cocky. As he did a fake courtly bow he would look upon the dragon lady again with a humorous grin. “So what am I in trouble for now…. Sullying the name of the queen oh dear me.. my deepest apologies from a bottom of what ever is called my heart. “ He laughed sarcastically as he would see this odd strange lady he met her at the dance only glanced her really but had nothing of it. He thought of possessing another guard for it would have been fun but he had to get down to a serious matter as he stood unafraid in the presence of a dragon and guards. “Ya know are these really necessary?” he held out his hands rattling the infernal chains around the clanking and clattering would make much more noise and probably piss off a even a normal person but he just hated clanking around the chains were uncomfortable and annoying.

Anaya: Anaya put the painting down upon Ashes bed, it was true they would not get a normal talk, Jeff was only gone a matter of minuets and then was back with the man in chain “you did not even get to see the people, I guess there was no feast after all. What did you get him right outside the door”  she was mildly annoyed she wanted to spend some time to get to know the girl her son had grown to like, hell he spent all his time with her she wanted to at least get to know the girl. Tell her the story of the painting she had bin looking at, its art was older then the castle walls and most of the other arts, and it seemed it would have to wait till some other time. She looked at Rogen  thank god she was in a crappy mood “just shut up and walk down to the basement so I can lock you up and eat the key and let you rot” she scolded as she pushed him along stopping his cankering and pushing him out into the hall way.  She walked out there with him and looked back shutting the door but saying “no mating, and Jeff you still have to look into the Firedor ships or I will at midday tomorrow. Show the people we care kinda” she said as she shut the door fully and then looked at Rogen  standing in the hall way. “i know you think you can get out of anything, but my chains are made by the best mages to lock you away for give it at least three thousand years before the castle wilts out of magic, by then I am sure you will be pissed off a lot more then you are now. Get walking to your new home inland pit. ” and with that she gave a swift kick to his back to push him to the stairs.

 She would miss the key injector of his possession and underestimated him greatly. He would still skip around in the chains to make them rattle more before looking to her. “Ohhhhh nowww you care that the firedorian ships are here and trust me… My captain has seen a very giant ship it seems as though a debutant aboard.  “ He simply would smile if anyone was to take him to the cell it would be her since he could talk his head off all the way down to the basement. He smiled as he took control of one of her guards and would move his limbs like a puppet up and down. He laughed as he quit the shade and looked back to her. “Well it amuses me so you hate the dead but you give us so little credit…. When in fact I am sure your last command was to go down to the town. “ he would smile a bit because no matter what he wasn’t in real danger. “And what I have all the time on this green earth until it withers and dies my lady I am timeless as you know I could even outlive thousands of generations of dragons to the day I finally kill myself from boredom… “ He turned around to look at her as he walked with her. “Do tell me how you plan on fighting a war… I have you know the far north my relatives are well… im sure on the way to the capitol there not a great sort of people but… im sure ravenous ice wraiths would not be welcomed even I hate there guts.. “ As they were farther from the room Rogen  would smile and still focused upon her and gave a grin. “See you two can work through things as mother and son…. Now that is a good thing it seemed you two were turbulent upon my arrival. “ he chuckled a bit before looking to the guard whom had possessed  and released and smiled. “Isn’t that right lad.. Don’t worry I wouldn’t have killed you.. You’re simply a means to show. “He slowly would walk down the levels and he was walking ever so slowly. “Anaya if you mind me calling you Anaya…. Your son do you plan on making him king because he shows a gradual deservingness to it I would hate for you to use that blood born child for anything else.” At this point he really had no filter because he was already captured but what the hell else was new. As they finally reached a place only she could hear him. “He is a bright bastard… don’t trade him away to firedore… I have seen honest people and dishonest people I have met in my lifetime. “ He turned away for a second to look upon the walls of the halls he was walking through. “He would make a honest king… “ He laughed a bit as he would share a bit of wisdom. “Now that we are alone.” He smiled as the guards had left him with her because of what he had done to one of them. “I have been waiting to have a meeting with you only one so called undead as you call me to one dragon… I have matters to discuss with the north to you and much else. “ he smiled as he looked to her. “I believe the wraiths are gathering in the north... many northern villagers have been reported missing as well as whole camps of free men disappearing overnight.” He would give her a sharp look before they would continue. “I urge you to look into this matter since apparently I am to be incorporated into a cell for only another century.  But I protest this imprisonment it will cause a uprising amongst the port members… and of corse I still work for you even though you somewhat disapprove of sooommme of my actions…” he gave a half smile before looking to her. “I admire that quality of rule you have in honesty in some regard… Its that other thing your so called king I would not trust.. “he would shrug in the chains. “He has to much of a big mouth.”

Anaya: Anaya gave him a shove into the cell as it was already open, he was a talker she was sure of that much, but even if she acted like she did not hear a thing she made due with everything he said. “the dead up there are no fear to here. We are dragons not human towns, we can crush them and remove the problem I already know about it as well as all your towns people and now shit you think they would like a person blowing up there crap and taking more then I have order's you to take you have cheated the people out of coin and blamed it on queens ruling. So yes right now they hate me but when I go down there and clear things up and drop tas down and burn your worthless sea port to the ground I am sure they will be a lot happier. But I thank you oh dead man Rogen  you made the town I could not have done it without you, now take your payment rotting in a magical cell you cant get out of be it you change body's or walk out of it by trying to go into and out a wall. Call it my own little jar to shove you in and by the time the magic fades I will be long gone as well as my family.  Now for your charges ageist you. Killing guards, killing towns people, charging more tax credit then needed in the name of the empire, slander to the queen and royal family, blowing up alliance vessels,  endangerment of alliance royal family, almost blowing up the castle and destroying empire property,  as well I can just pop in stealing cus well you are known from that, I am sure it will slide and no one is around to hear other wise. Now lets get on with that key shall we” she pulled out a black key from around her neck shutting the door leaving his cuffs on knowing very well that being they were made for his race if he tried to slip them all it would do is make them tighter, in a way she wanted him to try and down here no one could hear his clanging or his mouth. She locked the door and put the Key back around her neck “i will not eat it till you are sentenced here forever, and I am sure you will have a great party to represent you at your trile, maybe I should do it that way they do over to the east, I put a cinder block to your leg and toss you in a river and if you come up you are a witch and I lock you up, if you sink you must be innocent and we live ya there with a oops. Oh and one more then, I am your jailer and your judge, tred carefully oh Rogen  you may like my son and he may even like you, but I want you to rot and I rule he does not.” and with that she started to walk to the doors.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff stared into the white pillow before raising from the bed and looking over to The door before yelling to Anaya, whom obviously had already gone. "You're welcome!" Jeff scoffed and shook his head. "No matter what I do she is never happy with me. Samuel is hiding something. But she doesn't care. She doesn't care when I try my best to follow her orders. She doesn't care about anything I do around here. And now she is pregnant and I will soon be replaced." Jeff crossed his arms before turning to Ashe, full of anger. "I'm sick of her not accepting that I am a great ruler. I have spent my entire life trying to prove to her that I could do this but it doesn't matter to her. I'm so fucking angry." Jeff sat there on the bed seething. "I still need to go to the port to talk to the Firedor soldiers. Work work work, then killing, then work. Fucking Pleeeease Prince Jeff, do my dirt laundry." Jeff muttered and mocked.

Ashe Fallon Rage: Ashe looks up at Jeff and instantly her smile fades. Just sitting back in the chair near the door where she stood she pulls her knees up and holds them to her chest. "I hate when you get like this." She spoke calmly. "She knows you're an amazing Prince, and if you can't see that you're just.. Well,, you're just blind" she muttered before standing up and moving to unwrap the painting laid across the bed. "Did you ever think she sends you to do these jobs because you are the only one she trusts to complete them?"... She just shook her head and continued with the painting..

 Rogen  had on his smug look as the cell was large her family would be long gone but he would still remain. It was a cruel and funny notion but non the less he would have other means since others knew of where he was they would be loyal to the Admiral. It would only take a matter of time Magic could defeat magic as any master of the arts say. Before she would be out of the door he would smile and say. “Good luck on proving innocent from destroying so much towns while people are poor into the town.. When the town riots and there are no more people to quell the rebellion.. You think you are powerful but I tell you the truth.. One of the drwarves had the idea to build rather odd contraptions Beware the wind lance my Queen. I thank you For remember monsters lurk here and there even bastards have power. “ he gave her a wink. “Tell your son he may visit me anytime he wishes for he seems reasonable I could have more words with him over a game of chess. “ He called after her before the door was shut. Now the barrier in the cells it seemed the magic was strong but even it had been deterring when the castle was constructed and reconstructed it was old. This was odd since low structures on this side of the castle where very old. He smiled as he looked to the room it was a lovely place looked like a royal bedroom but the chains he would sit upon the bed in his cell and began to meditate as he began to store mystical energy within him it would take less time for she greatly underestimated him but this might take a lot of time.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly and nodded to her. "Perhaps. But she has Samuel. She has Milla. She trusts them and she thanks them for doing nothing." Jeff sighed and rested his heads in his hands and spoke through his skin, forming muffled words. "She loves to throw it in my face that I am not king yet, as if I don't know but I have done my best to show her that I am ready to step up. I just-...fear that she might finally want me gone. She killed all my other brothers and sisters. What if she wants me gone next? She wants to marry me off to Firedor. She wants to send me on these dangerous missions. I feel like someone is trying to send me away and I'm going to find out who." Jeff looked to Ashe whom obviously didn't like the serious side to Jeff. He sighed and tried to calm himself down. Taking a deep breath before breaking into a steam of tears uncontrollably and without warning. "I just-...miss my brother. He would usually be here helping me get through this."

Ashe Fallon Rage: Just listening to him talk, Ashe dropped the painting back on to the bed and laid across the bed resting her head on his back, twirling her red curls in her fingers, that is until she felt him shaking.. Quickly sitting up Ashe noticed he was crying.. Jeff was crying. His words muffled but yet clear.. What should she do? Do I comfort Him? Would he want me to? Her heart ached for him as she reached out and took him in her arms. Humming quietly.. In that moment she saw a vision of a black haired woman rocking a small red haired girl the same way.. Humming the same tune. Singing softly..

"Hush-A-By, don't you cry
Go to sleep, you little baby
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses
Dapples and grays, pintos and bays
All the pretty little horses
Hush-a-by, Don't you cry
Go to sleep, you little baby
When you wake you shall have
All the pretty little horses.."

And as fast as that the vision left and Ashe too had tears in her eyes.. It was one of the only
memories of her mother she had left. Not her face, not her smell.. Nothing. At that exact second she understood how Jeff felt.. "You have me Jeff.. You'll always have me." She whispered unsure if he even heard her.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet looked at the direction of where the dragon creature went then looked to the Spiders that were around her “Seriously…that Ajo” She thought to herself before her eyes started to turn purple making the Spiders freeze in their spot, She then set a ring of fire around herself to scare them away then made it vanish after they fled, She put a hand on the side of head then walked all the way to an entrance that actually lead to another room, “thanks a lot Grincono” she thought as she looked to the wall of the room, she was lucky that her powers were still working or else she would have been attacked, She turned and pointed to her bottom before leaving the room with her cape flowing behind and made a turn that finally lead her to her own room “finally” she said to herself as she fell on her bed and closed her eyes forgetting that her bedroom door was still open- “just. Going to…lay here”

 Deep in his cell he was still concentrated in the meditation then he thought about the cuffs brilliant idea he had he smirked as he gained magical powers within himself thus making the cuffs tighten around his hands. He would endure the pain because well he had to. He smiled as he kept doing it as the magic kept tighten again and again within no time he felt it break the skin. He laughed a bit as the pain would set in what madness he would have to endure such events. Finally the cuffs tightened around his hands finally popped off. To him it was painful but then the cuffs fell to the floor he then was free inside the cell to use his magic freely. He smiled as Rogen  would turn his body into mist and back again. His hands had been completed upon his body as he smiled to himself. “Well that was a easy one…” He smirked to himself for why would he care for a limb could fall off he simply could replace it or bring it back. He picked up the magical cuffs and smiled a bit. He could learn of this energy that was upon the cuffs for it was the same interior of cell… He may yet be free a smile began to form down his face he called to the guard. “Get me a book guard im bored….i prefer to have a book on the archaic arts..” the guard hesitated a second before looking upon him. “Its not like im going anywhere Dick bag.” He laughed as the guard looked insulted from him but still he went to get said book he requested from the library.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly to himself trying to calm himself down before slowly raising his head up and spotting Ashe, holding him tightly. His baby blue hues stared up to her as her melodic twang broke through his blond locks and crashed through his ears in such a magnificent splendor of emotion and back story. In that moment, the tears ceased, and he felt himself being rocked. She cared for him unlike any other friend? She didn't get uncomfortable and leave, she didn't tell Jeff to man up, and she didn't try and make her sorrow seem worse than his, even though as his tears ceased, hers began. He soon shifted himself, to be holding her as well. They were both simply holding onto one another, and letting the other vent their emotions through tears and sobs. "It's okay. I'm here too. I'm thankful for you Ashe. Shhh-... Just let it out." He ran his hand up her back, staring to the wall behind her as his chin rested on her shoulder. He knew that no matter what, he wouldn't faultier from protecting her. It was almost as if he felt a connection with her as he did for a mate once. But he would keep that to himself for as long as he could. There was no need to ruin a delicate moment with blabbering and buffoonery. Jeff pulled back and stared into her eyes. "I still must go down and talk to the Firedor Ships and when I return, I must go visit Rogen . Someone has to be his friend and I don't think he is a bad man. Anaya has him locked up as if he is some kind of mass murderer. I fear she is wrong in this judgement. I need to see if maybe he is onto something. He destroyed a ship, to protect us. He doesn't deserve to be down there. I need to try and get mother to release him. He is loyal and I could use a man like that at my side." Jeff have her his whole plan, while calmly brushing his thumb over her cheek, catching the tears. "I'll be back. Just talk to my mother in my absence. she wishes to get to know you." He rose from the bed, slowly bringing his hand to Ashe's. "It will be okay. I treasure you." Then he turned and walked out the door, to complete his job. He made his way to the main doors, where guards opened them, then saluted. "At ease." Jeff then made his way back outside, just as the sun was hitting its afternoon position. He scoffed, and got back in the cart. "Firedor Ships, down at the port. Take me there." The driver turned around, and the ebony face with a jagged smile greeted him. "Aye aye brother."

Anaya: The guard came into the throne room and started picking out books and tossing ones he did not want to the floor, Anaya got up from her throne and put the book she was reading about arcane magic down in her throne as she walked over to him “what are you looking for, guards don't know how to read” she said in a stern voice. The guard turned around and looked at his ruler with large eyes “well the prisoner asked for a book so I thought it would be a good idea to go get him one” Anaya smiled as she picked out a book about Elven cooking and new kinds of dishes. “i hear the wrath is a great cook if you train it right, here give him this it will help fuel his love for the art of cooking, maybe get him to make us all dinner sometime. But do not get him anything else you are not his maid you are his guard, stand outside the door to the chambers no need to even be able to hear him” she smiled and picked up thew base of her dress as the guard nodded said yes mam and went on his way back down to his post “ok then now I have a matter to help I think Jeff should be gone by now to the town, I will go meet him there ” she walked over to the doors her feet gracing the floors and her toes wiggles enjoying not having to have shoes on “Samuel!” she screamed out as her voice echoed in the castle, “stay here and be good!” he was only in the next room with Milla “don't worry I am being good my love!” he called back as he shut the door before anyone could even glance into that room. He had a nice clean set mildly wrinkled outfit on as he cleaned off the dirt on him, his hand rubbing his bald head as he walked out to the main room “were ya going my dear?” Anaya turned around “i am going to burn Rogen 's port to the ground it has bin around enough and we cant have the serpent finding out about it existing, you know there are laws in this land larger then I am, even I have to abide by them. We cant do dealings with the sea” “ok my lady but be careful” and Anaya turned around and headed out the door without even saying buy to him, but it was not like she showed love really, that was rare in its self.  She looked out seeing Jeffs cart bopping along the rocky path to the town, she looked up into the sky and within moments was herself once more her garments ripping off her as her wings came forth lifting her body into the sky and growing into the dragon she was. White scales and a massive 120 foot bulk it only took her a matter of flaps to get up then change and then have to land again on the outside of the town sanding over and watching to see how Jeff would do, the people screamed  and ran away as she landed but then paused and stopped there screaming when they noticed she was not going to do anything just yet, she wanted to give her son the time to be able to talk to the people, Rogen 's people, not loyal but fearing of him, why would be loyal to the man that killed them for sport, in some places loyalty was only fear, in this place that law worked very well as this was a Dynasty, an Era ruled by dragons.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff smiled softly before blinking a few times and rubbing his eyes. "Jau-...." "I don't have a lot of time. I possessed your driver and I am going to be leaving back to limbo soon. I wanted to say goodbye. I've been watching. You have been doing a wonderful job with everything. Don't trust Rogen . I am not just watching over you. He killed a load of guards and needs to be locked away. And this is coming from me." Jeff blinked a few more times. "Uh okay..." Jaurl sighed softly before reaching back and grabbing Jeff's hand. A large final burst of power launched into Jeff before one final echo came into Jeff's mind. "I'll be watching over your family." The large power surge bursts through Jeff's veins and caused him to jolt forward. Jaurl didn't need it, and Jeff most likely would. It was time to face these men, now that the rather in shock prince gained large exposition in mere sentences. The prince finally went down to the ships, and left the cart. The ships and men stood still as the prince walked up. "What is the meaning of this?!" His voice boomed out, as if a dragon was speaking, most likely surprising Anaya. "I am the lord of this kingdom and I demand to know why you dock here without permission." "We are here to-.." "I do not care! Leave this-...rather tacky port or suffer my hand." And with that, some men began to leave, while others ran for their boats. As the ships left, he looked at the port that was fresh, and felt his pyrokenetic energy flair, sparks flying from his finger tips. "Leave faster!" The men began to scream, and sail away, before Jeff sent a giant bolt of flames rocketing and exploding onto one of the large ships, only 50 feet away. Engulfed, the ship sank in minutes, as a warning to the other ships before sending a bolt onto the port, engulfing the wood as well. "And stay away..." He screamed out, some of the towns people clapping as the swashbuckling imbeciles fled, finally leaving them alone. "Good on ya Prince." The port began to sink, and break apart, sizzling in the water. "Now I want to go back home."

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Neon colors in a black void. Two statues with their arms raised along with a dim blue sky were some of the visions that Scarlet saw before she woke up from her unintentional sleep, “what did those mean? She said the herself as she looked around around her dimly lit room and saw her window that was now fixed, she raised an eyebrow then walked over to it and touched the new stained glass that had a beautiful picture of a moon in front of a full bloomed room “ did I fall asleep in a different room?” She asked herself thinking that she might have took a wrong turn and fell asleep in someone else's bed. The sheets had her scent and everything in the room was hers so maybe she was wrong. “ they must decided to use stained glass this time” she said as she closed her door and changed out of her outside clothes, she found a royal blue dress that was long enough the cover her ankles and put it on before she left the room “ I guess some people left to take care of business” she said looking through the halls, she remembered hearing some faint voices talking before she went to her room, but she didn't exactly know what was happening, She kept walking through the halls until she found yet another door that was actually locked “ this better not lead me to darkness again” she said remembering the reason for the door to be locked, this was actually a door that she locked herself because it lead to an area where her treasures were hidden “great…” She said to herself as she face palmed then grunted- “ now I have to get the freaking key”

 He smiled, as this was Dragon magic a very old but not ancient magic. He looked around and smiled this was only dragon magic to bind a wraith would be foolish. He would smile as he used some of his energy from his body he knew the prince would not help him. It was time to fulfill the wishes of himself as his face began to deform the man would return to the him with the book. “Here you go..” Rogen  smiled as the ritual he needed to escape. Using the power to posses the man he would dominate his body by absorbing all of his life energy power. The area around him began to blacken, as he would not be kept. The easiness of it all to Absorbing process was compleate “Arthus um zala kaos….” The blood of the guard slowly began to poor upon the ground from the ritual. The ground underneath him would shake violently as this magic he had not used in over five thousand years. As he would begin to set forth in motion a vampire substance upon the magic that would slowly began to drain the energy around the room. The magic would start to decay faster and faster. As the man would shriek in horror the wraith began to laugh as he absorbed all the energy from the man. The energy around the barrier of magic that slowly reversed A rapid decaying matter had been placed upon it. He used this as a precaution if he wasn’t going to be released he would smile as the barriers presence would still be there but it would be incredibly weakened. He smiled to himself he was free already but then…. He looked back and wondered if the young male would go through with his word to release him. The other guard came in to take a look around and would raise a eyebrow. The guard he had murdered it was as if nothing had happened but he could have swore he head screaming. Rogen  looked upon the man and would smile. “I mealy took the handcuffs off… “ He gave a obvious lie but then smiled to the guard. “Come and play…” the chess bored was placed between the bars and it had been long since he played by the time this would all play out his old crew would be killed and his new crew would be replaced with more of his kin up north was a crazy place he smiled as the guard looked nervous as he set up his peaces he was the black and the guard the white. As the guard made the first move Rogen  smiled to the man. “Do you know what I like most about humans…..” the guard felt a bit nervous as even playing his game with him. He would smile as he moves the piece forward and continued the game. “Mortality…. Humans have such frail lives that a flick of the wrist they fall into chaos..” Rogen  grinned to the guard his face would mask that of who he was a monster to many. “I will not kill you… “He smiled as they played their game. “Don’t be so nervous…” The long day carried on as he sat playing the game with the guard. He awaited for Jeff or Anaya to come to him for it had been awhile he looked at where the guard previous had the cook book and frowned at it. "let me see that book... " The guard took the book and gave it to him. "Thank you kind sir." He set the book on fire from a spell and tossed it to the other side of his cell. "hmmm you left your knight open."

Ashe Fallon Rage: Still sitting alone in her room once a jeff had gone off, Ashe yawned and laid in her bed. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day. Maybe she could actually have that conversation with the Queen.. And maybe she would find out of these grounds had a stable. Sitting up just enough to remove her clothes and slide under the blanket Ashe drifted off to sleep.

::Brooke::: -Emmy saught this place, this poor village out to heal, across the lands,  to be away from the hellish things she didnt want to be haunted with, her normal life was at an end, but This was her way out, her way to be free from the hunting. As Emmy walked down the steps with the pokes and prods of the ends of their javelins, she growled to play the part of the monster these humans all feared. She wasnt her, appearance wise. Her horns curled out of her head, her eyes black, her flesh wasn't human, a deep red replaced the flesh of her humanly host. The pathetic humans thought they had one over on the demoness, thought they finally got the evil, bounding it by rope. As she approached the stake where she was to be burned, she was latched on to the post and without hesitation, set the brush underneath a blaze. Minutes the whole thing was on fire, which, didnt phase her if anything she started laughing, the laugh turned into a friendly cackle, but the cackle soon stopped. While the flames where in full blaze, she played along like she had this whole time. draping her head, her eyes closed and halted her breathing. hours went by and it finally stopped the fire. She allowed the men hauling her seemingly charred body off, down to the harbor where her body was tossed on in a box. she heard whispers of selling the corpse of the possessed goat girl. -- stupid humans-- 4 hours went by before she decided to make a move, they had been long set sail since then. With a powerful kick she busted the crate open, sitting up, her skin was charred in parts but, it never really damaged her, though, having a host always had a kickback on her natural form. She could hear the giggle of the two innocent kids in the darkest part of the bottom of the ship, how unfortunate. Quietly she sneak up on the kids, one male the other female. This happened in minutes, the two where in a doorway, Emmy slipped in between the two just as they where going to kiss, she laughed but the two teens where mortified.- ... Shhh shhh, No screaming and i wont eat you. Deal? -Her glance was to each of them, making sure. just before the boy pulled a dagger stuffing it in her left side, for the action, she had a reaction. She turned snatching up the back of the boys head and his chin she pulled each one way, cracking his neck with the force she put on it, killing him instantly letting the body fall. Quickly she turned around to the girl, she was scared, crying in hysterics. Emmy grinned- .. I need your body... Mind if i borrow? .. -She slipped the dagger from her side, only to peg the dagger in the girls palm, and on to the wood of the ship pinning the poor girl there. ... freshd'rah torrpeafresh, AL-RAH! Emmy chanted this over and over 3 times. Seconds later, Emmy pressed her body on to the girl's morphing the two together, and making a one hole being, a host for Emmy. Clearing her throat, she altered her dress to fit her more provocatively, before she went on deck. overlooking the horizon, land. This was giving Emmy the biggest grin, soon after as she looked harder, smoke, black smoke.. When she looked behind her she seen the panic of the ship, though, what Emmy didnt know was the fleet was one in the same as those that are being attacked on the dock just above. As they prepared for war, Emmy prepared to jump ship. they where at least 6 miles out from the docks that where on fire, Emmy didnt see much, she didnt want to, to be honest but she needed to get to another place, this, was her only chance.....

Anaya: Anaya looked out at the town and saw her son chancing what looked to be Firedor ships away could he not see the flags on them. She could and she was a hundred feet up and away from them. The dragon sat her fine backside down in the dirt and watched her son and the towns people as that port burned and the people in it seemed to flee. She was happy it was now gone but at the same time she wanted to destroy it herself. This would be a nick in her scales and would mildly tick her off, but in truth if this started a war with the enemy this could spell out much loss, they would end up wining but the loss's would be great aswell with little gain other then we won. But now it seemed also hopeless as her son never talked to the fleet he just shot them away. Jeff was not really a good diplomat he was more then bang bang kind of man. Anaya let out a grunt as she sat there watching him and the people down there running form the flames and trying to put them out as she was smiling inside over one thing, that stupid wraths port was now in ash and she got to at least watch it burn.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff sighed as he looked at the fleeing Vessels make their way back to the firedorian land that they called home. "I will kill all of you! Right where you stand if you come back to my home again! You are beaten already!" Jeff stood at the burning port, shouting to the running cowards that left after itty bitty Jeff flaunted a tad of his power. "We are the DeLaRose! We will not back down! The only kingdom I wish to run under Firedor is six feet wide and six feet deep." Jeff then sat down, also watching the large tacky port burn to the ground. "No one cares...." He whispered to himself, finally feeling alone. "No one cares about anything I if this is why I am back, to either marry or destroy a family...then I choose freedom and war. I will not be a prize for them to tear open. Some stupid-...trophy." He then spat onto the remainder of the port before turning and walking back up to the large dragon whom sat on her arse on the cliff and watched, ready to obtain the key to Rogen 's cell. It appeared that his new 'friend' could learn a lesson in humility. "Everyone murders everyone-...time to see why he murdered these men." He reached his mother. "There. I handled it MY way. Now I want the key to the prisoners cell to teach him a damn lesson. He has defiled our army by 100 men and I wish to punish him. That is what we do? Correct? Punish the offenders? Firedor offended. I shall punish." Jeff was an emotional wreck, but could still find reason in all his actions. "Now I have done all you asked, albeit in my own way. Now answer my request please and give me that key..."

Anaya:  She looked down and lowered her bus sized head as she looked at Jeff in his eyes, her massive red basket ball sized eyes looking at him one eye larger then he was himself. Her voice was so small and it was just for him “if you let him go I will be his target, remember that once you open that cel door he can just vanish into thin air and you will never find him agein, I will let you do things your way in anger and rage and with feelings even if it places my own life on the line” she moved her head opening her jaws and there on a tooth hung the key a black simple key that opened the cell doors, all the cel doors one key for everything. “and I care, but you forget that and forget me, I hope your new friend enjoyed my gift to her, make sure Milla is alright she has bin worried about you” Anaya dropped the key to the ground and lifted her head back up standing up and walking over top of him over to the waters. She looked at the water and her head swayed watching a girl swinging in there, a girls who was placed at risk when everything was set on fire.  It must have bin very scary for one to see a dragon head hovering over the water looking at you. She dropped a foot into the water as the scales on her foot burned off almost instantly but in the end she picked up the girl out of the water and held her in the air and put her on her back. “are you alright?” the dragon asked the girl as she stood there not moving and making sure the girl did not fall to her death off the 120 foot tall giant.  Anaya's white scales shimmered in the late afternoon heat as she stood and watched what was left of the port burn, a couple town homes went down in flames with it some of her own familys ruined but in the end the port was gone. Anaya walked over to the town and lowered her head pushing over a building with her nose to prevent it from falling on some other home. She would at least curb the flames to stop the town from being overly affected. She then watched and stood back up crushing some broken on fire building under her clawed foot as she stood there in the flames the flames not large enough to even touch her underbelly.

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AsheFallonRage: With chaos on the horizon, Ashe still ran toward the large building in the rear of the castle. Sliding open one door she walked inside and inhaled deeply. "Yeah, this is definitely it" she said to herself while wrinkling her nose. Her eyes set on a large black gelding. He stood tall and proud at least 16 hands and the most majestic animal she had ever seen. Approaching him slowly with a hand out, her voice shushing him with an occasional "Good boy",  or an "I won't hurt you" as she got closer. She put a small metal bit in the horses mouth, then grab onto his mane and flung her small body onto his back. As she led the horse out of the stable and quickly in the opposite direction of the castle, deep into the woods. She rode hard, fast, and far away.. It felt like hours had gone by, she came upon a pond, nestled hidden by large trees and block ruins.. Ashe climbed off of the horse and tied him close enough to be able to drink his fill. With a quick look around Ashe tore her clothes off and dove into the water.. Her only wish, that her best friend was there to enjoy It with her.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff looked up at the large dragon and took in a large breath as she once again underestimated his skills. "I can fucking handle a shade. Thank you mother for the keys." He took a step back and bowed softly to her. "I've fought and killed worse." He slowly approached the kingdom, walking back up the giant hill and through the desolate streets that the men were constructing of the city. His lungs exhaled a stress filled gust of air. As he finally made it up the hill, minutes later at a normal pace for the vampiric Prince, he moved to enter the doors-...before picking up a rather strong scent. Ah, that of his companion, Ashe. She must have taken off for a ride, apparent by the tracks left. The scent was incredibly intoxicating, almost breath taking. He felt like each breath he took was a reward, as he turned and sped down her trail, just in time to see her tear her clothes from her ample body and jump in the pond, just as Jeff walked through the tree. "Oh my gods" Jeff turned, blush growing to a flame over his dimpled cheeks. His mask rested tightly over these however so 'twas not as embarrassing. "Oh my-...uh..." He turned back to see her happy and swimming, freely. "Rogen can wait." Jeff reached down and ripped his shirt off his well fit body, tossing it aside before doing the same to his boots pants, and finally, his mask. He trusted her, and she'd yet to see his face. There was nothing wrong with the handsome prince, only his self-conscious and need to feel dehumanized. This the mask. His baby blues crystallized as he locked onto her, speaking in his usual low tone. "Whoop Der it is!" Before cannonballing into the water and swimming up to Ashe. He finally broke the surface of the water and came up from under water next to her before splashing her playfully. "Hey-..." Spoke the prince, full of blush.

Scarlet DeLaRose: “Looks like the dumb guards decided to keep you in here” Scarlet looked around the room as a dark voice spoke to her then laughed before obsidian came out from the shadows “you…” scarlet said as she turned to face her other half “you got some nerve showing up here” Scarlet said in a fighting position as Obsidian sneered, “You’re the one with the nerve. Worrying about a bunch of Royals that care only about themselves” Scarlet shook her head, “ No. That's not true. If they did I would be nothing but a wild huntress.” Scarlet then looked to the door and tried to push it open again “ That's why I have to be there. Blood Royals need to help each other, especially if they're part of this family. “ Scarlet raised up her foot and started kicking at the door until it finally cracked open a little, Obsidian continued to laughed at the sight of it all and grinned “ you really think they're your family? You should stop while your ahead and watch them burn with that city” Obsidian laughed then disappeared as Scarlet ran out the door to find her winged pet, She ran deep into the wooded area when she heard it roar and ran right to where it was standing, she jumped onto the winged animal as it spread it's wings and flew into the air straight to their destination, "No way are these injuries holding me back" she said as she felt a pinch in her head-

His patience was wearing thin he called to the guard again as his anger for the waiting had been soon reached its peak. He looked to the man and His thoughts began to go man spinning round and round. He laughed and cried almost from one second to another. He would slowly at times the guards reported that he would take off his head from pure enjoyment as he began to loose his mind. The prince was not coming how could he ever rely on such a man. Like all the others he had dealt with in the past he began to revert going mad. It had been to long for him in one area and he could not stand it any further. There were no guards in the room he wished they were. If he were not released soon he would call for the guard to undo the spell to set himself free. It  was more then a Day he thought the prince might have forgotten him. He kept tearing at his skin peeling it back as it regenerated upon his face. “damnation I will kill all I must kill all…. I cant kill all but I must, Kill them “ he fought with himself at this point. “no I cannot I cant kill them…..” His other sides were splitting as was his mind. “KILL THEM MAIM THEIR CORPSES.” “No I CANNOT I need them!!!!” He began to hit his head upon the wall as to make the voices stop from inside him. “grreaaaahhhh kill them feast upon their flesh…. Maim their bodies rip their entrails from them gut them, Smash their bones, Relish in the agony of their demise.” The souls within him were making him unstable or perhaps it could be this barrier playing tricks upon him. He could not be in there for much longer The madness was calling beckoning for the death to come upon any almost like a switch was about to be turned on were only death he would wish in his wake. “Hurry…. Hurry… release release……”he called to a guard to help anything was better then this madness. The guard didn’t know what to do since he was blabbering about killing and then to release. “hellpppp…. I must be free.. I must I cannot linger for then I will surly go mad within this magic cell…”

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Arsynn Rage: No sooner had the thought crossed Ashe's mind than in jumped Jeff. Pure embarrassment flushed her cheeks instantly and she began swimming toward the shore. "D..don't look at me!" She said shyly. "Oh my.. Jeff.. Uhh where did you come from? I thought you were with your mother?" She yelled over her shoulder. Fumbling to get out of the water Ashe turned quickly to see if he was looking at her, and at that moment, aside from her embarrassment she noticed his missing mask, and tilted her head curiously. He was such a handsome Prince. Flawless. Yet he wore... Her thoughts faded, for it didn't matter to her why he wore it. He was her person. And that's all that mattered. Forgetting that she stood there naked, her long red braid down her side, she ran for her clothes..

Anaya: Anaya turned her head and looked on her back, the girl was not human, darn one could only hope so much that they could save something not already dead or from the underworld. Anaya disliked anything dark really the only thing she dealt with was her son who she cared for to much at times. As she placed a foot on a home already in flames the boards smashed into her foot causing her to cringe a bit, small slivers in a giant foot, a price she was able to pay to keep the larger part of town from burning to the ground. She let the flames die down as she watched them for a couple moments there and then started to turn around and head back to the castle the girl out cold upon her back. Anaya oddly had a heart, but for her large body her heart was rather small, unlike a human heart that it made sense and it fit right and it was proper to there body Anaya's heart was strangely small for her body, maybe that was why she had problems understanding this feeling thing, she rescued the girl not out of care but out of duty, why was there so little she truly cared about, she was not a queen she was a fighter but over the years had learned to be a queen. She let out a sigh like grunt as she got to the castle and the giant over sized doors opened up allowing her to walk inside, she changed size to fit inside her castle but oddly did not shift down to her human self, she did not want to this time, for right now she did not feel safe within her own walls, she new that key she gave her own son would be her downfall, she new her son was an amazing fighter but that was it he was a fighter, hell she made him that way, but one thing she never trained him in was how to rule, he did most of that on his own or by watching her when he was only a boy, playing that violin and doing taxs and the paper work, she smiled as she ripped a hunk of wood from her foot then placed it on the stone floor taking the other foot to lift the girl upon her back to the ground a Guard taking the girl to one of the chairs for the girl to rest in till she came to.  As Anaya stayed in her castle in the form she was born in she felt good and her magic was stronger then it was before, and when she was strong her castle walls were stronger, she could feel her magic in the floor in her feet as her claws wiggled ageist the tile and she would feel the upset in the lower halls as after only a couple of ours it seemed like the shade was having problems already. She could not help but laugh as she started to raise the heat in her body as well as feed her magic and power back into the stone making his cell back to what it was only a couple hours ago. She stayed in her true self and layed down on the floor resting, healing and keeping her home and her body as strong as possible. She would lay here till she was needed or till her son came back to his home to maybe see her, she had much to talk to him about. Down in the dungeon the guards did nothing to Rogen 's pleas and simply stayed outside of the door to the hallway to his cell.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -As Scarlet flew over the now burned town, she noticed that some of the smoke had evaporated into the air leaving only the smell of ash and embers, she covered half of her face as the winged beast gave a loud roar then turned back to the direction of the castle, It actually flew over a body of water and gave her a quick glimpse of the two people that she knows too well, she was going to pause and swoop down to give them a lift, but the winged animal was much too strong for her to do so and continued to fly towards the castle, it was almost as if it wanted to escape the destruction of the town that was now in ruins and go back to the safety of the forest, It flapped it's wings faster and faster until it finally got to the entrance of the castle and landed with a thump before Scarlet jumped off-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff giggled with her embarrassment, before turning his head away and swimming around in the deep pond. "I'm sorry Ashe. I just-...couldn't help but find you." Jeff shielded his eyes by closing them and turning back in her direction, fearlessly opening them again his own will. "You are so beautiful-..." He whispered, before swimming to shore as well and pulling his naked body from the water. He sighed, and sat his posterior next to her as she found her clothes, not even bothering putting his own on. "I like you Ashe." He sighed, finally stating. "I'm scared to like you. Everyone I like leaves." He slowly turned back to her, spotting her beautiful soaked braid and smiling softly. It was rare for anyone to see the prince smile without his mask on. "Are you scared of me?" He asked, standing up and turning to her naked body with his own. "Does it scare you that-...I'm like this?" He motioned toward himself. "A monster? Does it scare you that a monster is falling-...likes you?" He was a few inches away, before turning his back to her again. Allowing her to get dressed. "Don't leave like everyone else. They were scared."

Arsynn Rage: Hiding behind the gelding she giggled at the thought of him out there naked. "You... I.." She sighed quietly and leaned against the horses side still naked but out of view... Mostly. Dropping her clothes once more she fearlessly moved out from behind the gelding. She trusted him. He was her only friend. "What do you mean you had to come find me? And Monster? Why would I ever refer to you that way? You're a Prince and sometimes you have to make very hard decisions. I fault no one for that. I get it.." She said very matter of fact. It's the way of the world love. You've taken care of me since I've been here. No one has ever done that for me before. I think you are beautiful, inside and out. And sometimes beautiful people have to do ugly things to survive." With a smile Ashe moved toward the water and dove back in. "Come now Jeff. I like you too. But I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me."

Emmy (Brooke): -It seemed like day's she was in this sleep, but, it was just over an hour. The entire time it was only her body that was finally fitting in with the host that she had taken only hours before. Emmy Gasped back to life with a breath of air, her lungs burned for it, though she didnt HAVE to have air it only helped with the transition she was passing with. She woke up in, well, a rather large castle, her first gaze was the guard to her right, she looked left only to see the large dragon laying down, resting she could only assume. Her red hair draped over her face some, biting her bottom lip she slowly stood to her feet.- .. "What land is this?, how long was i asleep" .. -Many questions from Emmy, she was curious as to the setting, as to how she got there, the last she remembered she was flying over water, curious again as to why, she was saved, why she was spared. Her blue gaze looked along the castle walls, by far the most largest castle she had been in. She looked over her shoulder, the questions, each and every one was directed to the guard, he seemed to be the only one with wits about him, and he was the only one awake.-.. "Why was the port under attack, are you at war?". The guard answered her second question, weary about giving information out, he avoided the other's-... "An hour".. -Was the only answer Emmy would get from the guard, she stood in the silence of the question, Her gaze never left the sleeping dragon, she was a mix of things, curious mostly-

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet watched as the winged animal fled back into the wooded area before she turned to make her way to the stairs of the castle, she grunted feeling another pinch in her head as she stopped on the third step from the doors “I wish I didn't have to heal like humans.” She said as she managed to walk up to the castle doors and push them open while gritting her teeth, She noticed her sister at the thrones and bowed to her before making her way up the stairs to her secret room “Sad excuse for a ruler” the voice in her head said to her as she stopped halfway down the halls and hit herself in the head “shut the heck up!” She said to it as she went over to a wall thinking she should slam her head against it and knock herself out, She went to her room to find her key instead of hurting herself even more, when she found it, she quickly walked out of her room and found the door where her hidden place was before she unlocked it and vanished behind it-

Anaya DeLaRose: The dragon turned her head massive eyes opening up as she looked to the girl there beside here, maybe about ten or so feet from that massive set of jaws. “you are in Valaria, and right now are inside the Main Keep of the The Iron Dynasty Strong hold,  we hold many beings here so unless you are a problem you can call this place sanctuary until you no longer need it. And the port was burned down as it was no longer found as needed here, we do not deal with the sea, others lay claim to that so we do not need to take its profits or deal with its inhabitants in anyway, i am sorry you had to be in the centre of it” Anaya blinked her sideways cutting clear eyelids and then blinked the scaled top ones first cleaning her eyes then blinking them properly, giant reptiles were an odd thing and even here they were few and far between. “what brings you here to my lands, i am Anaya i rule this keep and all the lands attached to it.” she did not move her head much as she lay it on the ground looking at the girl there she had to keep resting to keep herself strong and keep her castle stronger, she would fuel the castle, and keep her own energy use low so the magic drain on her body was very very small but the outcome was very high.

Emmy (Brooke): -How would any one person register all of this, Emmy was at no exception. The few dragons that she came in contact with, were very temperamental, diabolical, and out right ruthless. It was refreshing and alarming that she was still alive, none the less alive and at peace.- .. There is no question as to what she was, Emmy was sure that the dragon had seen her, she knew the transition, there was no doubt that it was spotted. Though, for now, she kept the matter hushed. Her blue gaze looked over the large dragon, speaking rather calm it was clear she was tired.- ..." I was burned, left to die on that last ship. I needed a fresh start, but i didnt know it would start as i ended my last adventure." .. -the humor wasnt lost on her, but, she was going to be gracious, pestering a dragon in such form would only result in Emmy's demise, so, she hushed for the moment. Only after she spoke.- .. "Thank you for sparing me, for whatever your reason" .. -Usually she wasnt this nice, though, she didnt have all her bearings in the new world, she didnt have the power neither, so taking a loss was not the option.*

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Anaya: as she blinked cleaning her eye once more as the girl said her thanks and how she was lost, she could let her say here she could be useful after all even more so now that they could have war once word ended up back to Firedor that there ships had bin burnt to the ground surely ending that alliance thought. “what are yous skills girl?” Anaya asked bluntly as she kept her head resting nicely on the floor her jaws grinding a little as she was cleaning the inside of her teeth, it has bin a wile since she had cleaned her teeth and her breath was bad enough. Anaya almost ignored the girls little bit of story on how she was lost dragons never did pick up everything only the parts that matters like wanting to stay and saying thank you, but in the end all Anaya wanted right now was to know the girls skill set to see if she would be useful for more then just another maid, Anaya was interested in having some sort of adviser other then Milla to get things done, but that required trust and would take time, but starting out learning about the girl would be helpful.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff looked at her as she slowly made her way back into the pond, before himself diving back in. "You like me too?" Jeff whispered, smiling to himself and swimming softly over to her with a delight across his Maw. "That's-..." He then with a smile, splashed water playfully at her. "What took you so long to tell me!?" He swam in place before swimming back up to the bay. "I need to talk to Rogen ."  He sighed, turning to face her, once on the land again. "Come back with me." He generated enough heat off of his body with pyrokenesis and dried his hair subsequently. Then came his clothes. "I would love to frolic naked with you but.... Duty calls." Then finally his weapons on his back, ready to go confront the smooth talking pirate. Perhaps a deal could be made with him and his bastards. Jeff did need an army. Especially after the events at the port.

Arsynn Rage: Watching him move from the water Ashe sighed and noticed the sunset on the horizon, turning to Jeff she whispered "We ought to head back, you may be needed" purposely ignoring the question about her liking him. She wasn't good with emotion. So she stayed away from it. As they headed back to the castle Ashe kept quiet most of the ride and went straight to her room upon arrival. Once back in her room Ashe caught sight of the painting the Queen had brought to her earlier and smiled. Paper partially pulled say where she had started to open it before the chaos erupted. Pulling the remaining paper away Ashe smiled brightly. It was the painting from the lower level hall. Remembering what the Queen had said about the story of the painting Ashe left in search of Anaya. She wanted to hear the story.. And she needed to apologize for not thanking her sooner.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya turned her head as she lay there on the floor relaxing to spot Jeff and ash come home and ash hurried up to her room to do what needed to be done and jeff came in behind her. Anayas attention turned to Ashe as Ashe went to her room. The thing with the castle is that there was a round banister and ledge with a massive open Center so Anaya lifted her bus sized head up not even having to stand up to put her head right up there so Ashe would not have to look far to see her there. Anaya let out a snort as her white whiskers hung from her face and her horns shimmered in one of the many torches glows. “have fun on your outing?” Anayas voice rang out but no one would hear it but Ashe, dragons had a way of talking in there true forms as in true forms they did not have vocal cords but they had massive mind powers, so talking to other races was not hard when you could just talk so only they could hear you.

Arsynn Rage: Turning abruptly pairing still in hand Ashe noticed the massive dragon head only a few feet from her suite door. With a smile she moved to the banister and leaned toward her. "Thank you Anaya. I loved this painting" she held it up proudly. "but how did you know?" She questioned knowing before the words actually left her mouth, the answer, yet asked anyway. Conversation was important, and she also needed to keep her mind off of Jeff. "You mentioned a story, I would love to hear it".. Moving to sit side leg at the banister Ashe looked to Anaya as her hand move to her mouth to muffle a yawn. She had a long day and was quite tired. But more than that felt the need to be close to the Queen.

Anaya: The dragon saw that the girl was growing sleepy and as she let out that yawn Anaya moved her nose to Ashes side and pushed her to get on. Oddly Anaya was every gentle when she wanted to be one would never have guessed if they new her in the past, the black scaled tyrant only made to destroy things could change so much when given the chance and given the gift of healing a great sickness. As anaya lifted the girl safely she lowered her head to the ground and warmed her body up slightly not to burn but to give a nice warm feeling to Ashe to aid in sleeping. “one of the guards let me know you liked it, they spoted you looking at it so i thought it would be better with someone able to look at it then just siting upon my wall with the rest of the forgotten history. ” Anaya let out a yawn her head rocking a bit but not enough to make Ashe fall from Anayas massive head. “long ago when this world was still young before i or even your ancestors walked this earth, the god over head placed down three ruleing factors to govern this world and prevent problems. He placed the great bird the sky keeper to watch over the sky her blue wings giving the sky is glow, some say back then you would look up and see her if you looked to much you would risk going blind from her splendour. They placed the dragon wingless to watch over the land, a massive beast of all colours walking this land and keeping order on the ground. And in the sea he placed the serpent, a beast longer and larger then any of them he controlled the tides and made sure there was peace under the waves. But one day the dragon got angery and greed started to creep into our lives, the beasts pride being to much it killed the sky keeper one day when the sky keeper had to land at the sea side to drink. Ripping off the keepers wings the dragon claimed the sky for its own and left the birds body to drop into the sea. The serpent in raged at the dragon for the crime it had done screamed up at god and god just pointed his finger and said the matters of the ground was there doing and that he would not mettle in there affairs again. The serpent told the dragon that if the dragon ever came to the sea or even touched the shore it would kill him outright and rip off his legs and wings and claim everything for himself. The dragon laughed at the flippered beast saying he could never kill what now ruled both land and sky and that he would give all he had to the serpent the day the serpent did what he had sworn to do. Then the dragon left his bright wings tucked into his back as he walked away to rule both land and sky. But god gave us something that day our curse, our sickness that happens to all of us as we age. As a dragon ages it losses sight of what is good and just in the world, we forget who we love and we forget what is right and good. We get what is called the madness it eats away at our feelings and at our hearts and minds till nothing is left driving us to ending our own lives or having others do it for us. And some like myself have faced this and were reborn to new body's but sadly it is only a temporary fix as one day when i grow old once more thousands of years from now it will happen all over again. That painting is of when god told the serpent that he would not help him, scolded him and left him to the sea to deal with his own problems. The painting oddly has no paint in it, it is fine thread woven together as the time it was made paint did not exist, it is more a tapestry i had placed into a wooden frame,   It is older then even i am, it was my mothers way back when. ” Anaya never said who her mother was, she only ever saw her mother for a couple moments after she had hatched  fifteen thousand of years ago, all she new was her mother had blue wings, and a chest that was all the colours of the rainbow.  Anayas big red eyes looked at Ashe as she lay there holding the girl on her head and relaxing calmly, some say the most dangerous place in the world was with a dragon, but to the dragon it was also the safest.

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff entered with her, having stayed quiet the entire time. Something was wrong, and as she quickly hurried up to her room as they got home, Jeff knew this was true. He sighed, seeing his mother go after her and he himself headed down to the cells where the pirate was staying, most likely mad with being stuck in a cage for about 4 hours. "Take this shift off." Jeff said to a guard whom shook his head. "I am under strict a orders to guard him sir." "I don't care what your orders were, I am telling you to take a day off. You argue with luxury?" The guard shook his head and bowed. "No sir. Thank you sir." The guard then rose and Jeff turned to Rogen 's cell, key in hand. So much had gone wrong and Rogen was behind the wheel when it came to this. Jeff knew that Rogen would have no choice but to listen to reason. If he didn't, Jeff would most likely use all of his power to contain the Shade. It wouldn't be the first time he imprisioned something powerful and unkillable. "Rogen -...lets talk business." Jeff then stood outside of the bars, watching the pirate. "I need an army, and you need freedom. Let's talk turkey."

Arsynn Rage: Laying across the rather soft nose of the Queen, Ashe yawned again listening to the story she told. Half listening but hearing the story.. . All she could think about in between words was her conversation with Jeff at the pond. He was definitely all business, all the time... And he had told her he liked her. "Don't over analyze that Ashe. I'm sure he likes ice cream, and bread too. Shaking her head and thoughts away, With a smile she looked down at the Queen and wrinkled her freckled nose before asking. "When your kind goes mad, does nothing stop them from it?" Curiously tilting her head and crossing both arms under her chin. Giggling a bit as Anaya's whiskers ticked her. Waiting for her response she would run her hand along the long snout of the Dragon. "You are reasonably soft for being so scaly, I like it" She meant that in the nicest way possible.*

Anaya: Anaya wiggles her whiskers as they tickled Ashe a bit. “we have found nothing so far that can destroy the madness in ourselves, as this virus we bring upon ourselves with age, we are beasts of flame and destruction one can not go on killing everything and expect no reproductions, that goes for any race not just my own” Anaya at the same time was not just talking about herself but talking about her son as well, she new he was down talking to the prisoner Rogen and new that the boy had motive in his mind and in his heart to gain power and gain an army. So at the same time talking to Ashe about herself she was also talking to Ashe about jeff to, maybe jeff would understand the girl seeing he never understood his own mother “when one holds anger holds the thought of death and lust for power in there heart it makes a seed, a seed of madness that will grow to the tree that will be there own downfall. The only way to truly prevent this is to stop the thought the lust and the deeds that bring the thoughts of power or death to ones mind. You can slow this sickness but you can never cure it. It is why i try to not fight as much as i can nowadays, try to keep it peaceful here. Sadly some of my trying has bin undone” her tail flicked back and forth behind her hitting a guard over as he fell like a clunking steel board. She let out a grunt and turned an eye to look at him and he  got up grumbling.

Jeff DeLaRose: "Listen to me Shade. I know not of your past nor your intentions when you leave. But I can assure you that if harm befalls my family after you leave this cell, I will hunt you down and repeatedly take you apart. I know you can't die, but I will continually make your life a living hell if you even think about hurting anyone else. I should kill you for all the lives you've taken already. But I am no better than you. Jeff turned the key and shifted the cell's tumbler, dropping the magical shield that blocked the door. Jeff at the same time the door opened, placed his own shield up, matching his mother's holy power that created the magical sphere around them.  "The door is open. But I will not drop the shield until I have your word. I want your help." Jeff looked down. "We are going to war. And I need your men. And then some, and a man to help me lead the Galleon." Jeff slowly opened the door and stepped inside, but not before locking onto his aura, being able to detect him if he was try attack. "Rogen . You said that you wished to repay me for my good deed in giving you gold. I'm sorry I locked you up in rebuttal and no amount of apologies can cure that, but I need your help. And all I'm asking is for you to not try to hurt my mother for her wanting you imprisoned." Jeff sighed and sat down at the chess board, hoping to engage in gameplay with friend. "Sir, please sit." If Rogen tried to run through the open door, the door would simply teleport him back into the cell endlessly. Only Jeff could remove the shield. His eyes locked into the Pirates. Slowly taking out his cigarettes. "Would you like one?" Jeff placed a cigarette in the hole of his mask, lighting it and taking a drag. Inhaling then exhaling.

The barrier was open this magical barrier was of the man that would be standing before him he rose in a instant. This barrier was not stronger then his  he would immediately  sensed the strong magic from within him. “You see it wise to hold me back with your power One cannot contain me… I refuse it so you seek for me to sigh a treaty to be hearty and help you whom destroyed my living… I was told they where to be safe… “ He reached out with his mind as one of the guards that were starting to leave stiffened.  As if the dark aura around him would go the body in fornt of jeffbegan to wither. “Be wary mortal I have seen the ways of my port demolished I am ill tempered the time is late and the night is dark and full of terrors…” upon this he took command of the guards body the old body slowly dropping to its knees before jeff. As his mind traveled into the guard the barrier was not as powerful as the one made within the land. He then appeared back to jeff. “I cannot promise a single thing since my port was destroyed… I owe your mother a visit she has so much to owe. “ He let out a evil cackle as he began to disappear all at once as though a puff of smoke would happen he still would want to linger in the castle he felt a presence that he had not felt for a long long time. This was unaware to him but he ignored the mans threat because he hated not slaying anything human. He went to find the queen him and her needed words together.

Arsynn Rage: Listening carefully to Anaya's words, Ashe couldn't help but to feel as if she were speaking directly about Jeff and herself both. Getting very worried, Ashe didn't let on so. What if she were getting too attached? What if he were to get this madness? Not even she could stop it.. And for the first time in a long time, she wasn't worried, but scared to death. She decided in that moment that all she could do is enjoy her time with him, and maybe, just maybe one day.. She may have to leave.. Smiling at the Queen Ashe nodded her head to show her understanding. "I guess I have a lot to think about.. Thank you. I'll keep this story in mind forever. And thank you for the picture.. I love it, and will love falling asleep to it, and waking up to it as well" she said simply before yawning once more and laying her head against the snout and closing her eyes..

He would assume jeff would be on him but he could go through the walls it was obvious that magic would contain him to be captured again he could not allow this. He went around the house, as he would know where to find them. He looked down only to raise a brow was that emmy he could have seen. Naw it couldn’t be so he would look into another room it seems some fancy knives where in there he wondered for a second golden knives.. how uncanny of a castle. He smiled as he took at least two of them and then looked down upon a cool vase. Being as he liked to steal things he grabbed just a random vase not really knowing or caring what it was it just looked valuable. As soon as he would run into Anaya as he floated into there room he would smile. “Dragon…. It seems we have met again The north is mine….Thank you for it. As well as your son for releasing me from my contempt. Be wary dragon the night is always dark and full of terrors… “ he quickly made his way by the window if she would try anything. “Guten abend faurline..” He smirked as his smile reached down his face. “And thank you for the Break… How admirable to give a key to your generous son. “ He looked to Ashe and smiled a bit she was a curious looking person but he had seen her at least a couple of times it was odd.  “Another time to know your name….. “ He laughed as he looked back to Anaya. “Your guards do not taste good I would seek others humans…. Such a fragile futile creature…” upon this he would smile as he began to disappear vanishing into the night air.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya turned her head to spot the one known as Rogen getting away with what seemed to be her knives and something else, she cared very little and did not in truth pay it much mind, others things came first right now like the soon to be sleeping Ashe on her nose. Anaya kept herself nice and warm as she lifted her head back up slowly to the banister, changing down her head soon becoming a human body Ashe being held safely and warm in the woman's arms the woman with snow white hair , red eyes and now a white dress carried her over to her room. “in the morning you can wake up to it i am sure and tonight you can fall a sleep with its story's, story's are all we have anymore to remember the past.” she placed Ashe safe in her chamber bed and pulled up the covers taking the painting and placing it at the side of the bed so ash would see it in the morning. As Anaya tucked her in a smile came over her lips and she walked out and shut the door behind her knowing the girl was nice and safe inside. She looked out the window and cryed out “the north is yours but stay there this time, don't come back!” she started to laugh as she simply walked back down to the main hall and to her throne were she picked up some papers and walked them over to the other room were Milla or a guard would pick them up in the morning to be sent off.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff was out of the cell and up the stairs in seconds flat, reaching the Dragon and the bastard just as he vanished. "...." He opened his mouth to speak but slowly closed it, listening to the threats spew from the vulgar noise hole of the non threatening childish game player. He didn't say anything as he passed his mother in the main hall. "Go to sleep. I'll take first watch in Ashe's Room. Samuel will watch over you in your room. He won't get to you. I'm sorry..." Jeff then walked into Ashe's room where she was put to bed, and closed the door before sliding down it. "What the fuck is wrong with me?!" He sat down on the ground, screaming into a pillow as to not wake Ashe. "No one will hurt you or mother." Jeff drew his Katana and moved to the Shadow of her room, powering his blade and waited. He never needed to sleep. He only needed to wait. The Shade would not hurt anyone he loved. He would not get anyone else killed. He slowly moved to Ashe, sitting softly on her bed and removing his mask. He then moved to her forehead, giving a light kiss, and moving her hair out of her face. She was breathe taking and now this war and escaped prisoner was his fault. He needed to prove himself by taking watch. A guard poked his head through the doors, whispering. "Orders sir?" Jeff spoke in a low chilling tone. "I want a garrison of 30 men at each exit and door way. 10 at every window. You make sure he doesn't get in. If anyone starts acting strange, or possessed, subdue them, do not kill them. No one else dies." The guard nodded and Jeff moved into the shadows again in her room whilst men placed themselves outside of Anaya's door, saluting. "Ready Madam. No one will get to you.

Arsynn Rage: Careful to stay still Ashe simply listened to Jeff as her heart raced while she faked sleep, hoping he didn't notice. She wanted to reach out and grab him, but knew she couldn't get involved in this problem. She had just made lead way with his mother, and she needed jeff to fix this himself. She kept telling her self this over and over in her head.. Until she felt his lips on her forehead, him moving her hair from her face.. She couldn't help but to open her eyes, deeply inhaling. "why did you let him out? If he was capable of hurting anyone.. Why let him out?" Was all she could ask before regretting it came from her lips. "I'm scared Jeff... For you, for
Your mother and... For me. I just found someone I..."  She choked back the words before regretting them as well.. "...Care for and now the thought of losing you.." She shook her head as the candle lit on her bed stand flickered and grew. Growing fearful, angry, fueled her powers of Pyrokenesis. She tried so hard, for so long to stay calm.. "Did you see the way he looked at me? Why?" She asked almost yelling. "He should've been left in there Jeff.. I'm afraid." Unable to hide it any longer the flame from the candle grew and the candle burned out quicker than it should've. Ashe looked at Jeff wide eyed, pushing past him to stand at the end of her bed. "Help..?" Was all she could muster afraid of feeling anything else, and burning her room up.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sat in the shadows, before hearing her voice and standing. "I-...trusted him." Jeff looked down the the carpet, giving a soft sigh. "I'm sorry. Not just to you but to My mother. I've endangered everyone. I feel like I to mother about evacuation until the Shade is dealt with. If he hurts anyone else, I can never forgive myself." He looked over to the candle, then back to Ashe. "He won't get his hands anywhere near you. I promise. I won't let him. I will take him to the 8th circle of hell and fight him to the ninth. Even if I have trap myself with him, he won't hurt anyone I love. Not my mother, not you, and not my unborn sibling." He then moved to the candle, placing his hand over the growing flame and extinguished it by closing his hand around it. He was impressed by her energy and power but only could feel himself remove his mask and continue their conversation, after she pushed past him. "I-..." Jeff just sat back in the chair that sat in the shadowed corner. "I care about you too... I shouldn't have come back here. Home. I was fine being a drifter and now I've put you and my family in danger. I'lll never forgive myself...I'm sorry." He moved to sit at the end of her bed. Looking up to her, his eyes flashed from blue to red, almost immediately. "I trust people whom I see myself in. That's the problem. I tend to trust monsters like myself." His anger rose. "I can' anything right since Jaurl's death and now this Shade is pushing me to my limits and trying to hurt everyone I love!" He looked down and closed his eyes. "Mother is right. I am not a king. I am not fit for the crown. I am a horrid excuse for a warrior." He looked up to her. "You all would be better off without me.

Arsynn Rage: Moving toward him Ashe couldn't control her anger any longer. With the prince being able to extinguish her flame, why worry any longer? Yelling in his direction "you are an amazing Prince, and trusting someone doesn't make you weak. It makes you a man. You are doing
your best, but maybe you should work WITH your mother, instead of on your own. Learn from her, and then add your self to the equation. I've made mistakes. I've done things... I regret. You can't change them, but you can fix them. By listening sometimes instead of leading... I don't want to lose you... To anything.." Anything being the madness. Ashe couldn't seem to get it out of her head. She wanted to be there for me but felt useless... She was after all technically his handmaiden.. Maybe it was time to BE his handmaiden..

JeffDeLaRose: "Work WITH her?! She killed all my brothers and sisters and BEAT me within an inch of my life every day. She has molded me into a killer and you expect me to work with her?!" Jeff was shaking and couldn't handle the thought working with his mother made his skin crawl. "Nothing is ever good enough for the dragon. I killed my brother and still stayed to help keep order. She constantly reminds me that I am 'below' her. I am just the prince. I smile and wave and do her dirty work!" He then looked at her anger. "I fucking lost everything and came back to nothing except a fallen empire and a new youthful mother! Now I have you and our kingdom is thriving again and no one has thanked me, no one has told me that I am helping. All I get is scolded. You are right. I am trying my best but my best isn't good enough!" His eyes and stepped a few feet closer to Ashe. "I so deeply about you that the mere thought of you or anyone getting hurt makes me break. I can't lose you either." He moved his hands to grip hers, intertwining their fingers together. "I love my mother but working with her-...I fear Samuel might want me gone. One way or another. No one believes me. I've been hard. Please help me-..." Jeff looked up into her eyes.

Arsynn Rage: Dropping her eyes she looked down at their hands and sighed. "You're right.. And I don't know the history of this family. I'm only here because of you.. YOU Jeff. There are two ways to look at this.. She helped build you to be strong enough to cope with the decisions you'll be forced to make, or that she hated you and singled you out to tear apart.. I don't know the answer. But I do know this. The woman that held me last night, told me the story.. Helped me see things and put me to bed.. Loves her son very much.  And Samuel or not, no one will hurt you. She wouldn't allow it." Pulling one hand from his, she moved the fallen hair in his face and bit down on her bottom lip lightly. "I need you. You can do this, but you'll have to let go of the hurt, and the last and either move forward, or move on.. Which would you rather it be?"

Anaya DeLaRose: She yawned as she put some more papers at the door way and signed some last minuet documents about the grain shipment. She looked up ans there was Samuel dripping wet as she could hardly hold back the chuckle “get a tad wet?” he said nothing just opened his arms and smiled as he started to walk to her “oh Samuel no um, hey i don't do the water thing hey” she giggled and started to ruin away from him laughing. He would run after her and heat himself up drying off just before warping his arms around her and spinning his woman around “eh you would trust me more so what did i miss ? I got all the fishing done today we have more then enough to last till past winter. ” he stoped and held her softly as she smiled looking at him “well the alliance with Firedor went out the window, sadly told Jeff to go have fun at a dinner thing and bring back Rogen you know that shade thing i don't like” “mhmmm” “well he brought him back really fast, did not expect that but it was great we locked him up, then jeff burned down the port witch was fine i was going to do it anyway, but he also burned down a couple Firedor ships so i guess the peace i wanted with them after so much hate was kinda pointless. ” “but isn't Jeff only really good for...fighting?” Anaya shrugged her shoulders as she looked at him “i don't know we don't really talk, i have had a more fitting conversation with his new maid woman then i have him since he has bin home, he hates me for the past and will not learn in this future, so over all i have given up on him just like he has on me” “Anaya i saw the share thing heading up north, ever think of sending Jeff off to bring him down up there, he would be gone for a wile give him a time to clear his head” “maybe it would be better for him then staying here, he does so much good but at the same time he does no good to” she let out a sigh and ran her claws into her mates hair. “and then he let the shade out. In truth i have no idea why but the guy is not in the cells anymore ” she let out a chuckle “i believe he may be seeking to grow our army, i don't know why we have the strongest force in all the land. And we are ever growing it makes no sense to me why he only wishes a larger army and he does not wish the simple things like enjoyment and a future more then just battle lust.” Samuel looked at her “he is just like his mother Anaya what else would you think he would want, this place is ruled by one of the largest dragons left in all of Valaria, and you think that the son of that dragon wants what fruit and water and not wine and war?” “yes i know but that dragon died with her old body, you know this, i have to keep myself at peace and only let that dragon come back when truly needed to everyone other then me she no longer exists” Anaya took his hand as she watched guards go to her door thinking she was in there “he has uped the guard force, if the wrath comes back i will have you kill it, or lock the bloody thing up for good this time, we can put him in the basement with that litch thing that is down there. Why would a wrath even a strong one come back to this place, he is free now he is going to go up to his little hide away north and make an army of the dead that he talked about, he is not coming back here anytime soon” “yes my sweet i am sure he would not be that stupid, but it is late now and you need rest and i need to clean up, i would offer you a place beside me in the shower but you don't bath” she kissed his cheek “yes i use magic to keep clean i cant use water my dear, you go bath i will head to my room, you can join me tonight if you wish, i and your son could use another pillow” Samuel just smiled and ran a clawed hand along her belly “i cant wait to he comes into this world ” “yes he will be a strong boy just like his father now to bed and shower” she would kiss her mate on the cheek and start to walk up to her room Samuel looking behind her staring at her fine fine ...figure. He let out a chuckle and then turned into a side room to find a shower. Anaya looked to the guards at her doors “go on boys i don't need guards at my doors i will be fine Samuel is sleeping with me tonight i am sure he can do a lot more with me then guards outside of my doors can” “but the prince Jeff told us not to leave” “and the Queen and  Mother to that prince cant tell you to go?” the guards new she had a good point and they simply went on there way “thank you now to bed with me” she let out a chuckle and walked into her room to rest out the night knowing Samuel would be in shortly.

JeffDeLaRose: "Moving forward sounds amazing." He then moved forward to push away the space between their lips. Jeff couldn't help himself. He was falling for his best friend and nothing he did could stop himself from closing their gap. He needed her too, and before she could object, Jeff lingered for a few seconds, closing his eyes and bringing a free hand to caress her cheek, whilst his fingers brushed a few strands of her auburn hair behind her ear. He then pulled away, hoping not to offend her. He just stared into her eyes after, with a shocked expression. A blush growing over his youthful cheeks. "Excuse me-...I-....uh-....I'm sorry. I've just-...wanted to do that since I met you. I'm-...not sorry...unless I came off to strong-...then I'm sorry-...but not sorry. Does that make sense? No? I'm rambling...." Jeff looked down, confused by his own actions and simply shook his head, all while his hand rested in hers. "I just you. And I'll do whatever it takes to ensure your safety. Mother thinks her Army is unstoppable. She doesn't understand that I can't ask for her army. I need to make my own. I just-...I need to make sure everyone is safe. And-..." Jeff just stopped himself, before finally looking up into her eyes. "Promise me you won't leave..."

Arsynn Rage: Pulling her fingers to her mouth as soon as he stepped back Ashe's cheeks turned bright red... Yet she cupped his chin moved back in to return his kiss after he adorably fumbled with his words.. "I promise I won't leave.." She whispers against his lips before pulling back and realizing the time. "Stay..?" She asked softly.. "I mean.. Just to.. Uhh. Keep me company."

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VileMaw: The soft thumping of paws against the ground was faint at first while slowly growing to a cadence of  thirteen mounted warrior's passing through. The mounts where feline in nature with rending tusks coming down from their mouths to a reach of just about a foot. Slowly the lead warrior dressed in a set of brown leather with chain mail over it would raise his hand in a gesture meant to stop the proceedings. After the thirteen mounted warriors had come to a stop the lead male would dismount his feline mount before stroking it's side affectionately. "There there Xeros relax I'm sure there will be no harm done to any of us."  At his Master's soothing words the feline would stretch out prostrate and lay his head upon his paws. Silently the royal guardsmen would follow their leaders cue and dismount allowing their mounts to relax for once after a rather long and arduous journey. As one the twelve other warriors whom where outfitted much like their leader in brown leather with chain mail layered over the top of it formed up in a pair of two lines going two abreast with the Abraxxis in front standing between the two before they moved as one to approach the doors. As Abraxxis moved towards the door's he would sigh gently and rake his hand through lengthy ebony hair and steel himself even though he was a fallen angel he knew not what to expect from a dragon or more specifically Anaya.  As he neared the door he would reach down to his left hip and assure himself that his cursed whip was strapped where it should be. If anything Abraxxis was prepared to fight if need be though he preferred not to if it could be helped. He'd seen too much bloodshed already as it was in the pacification and take over of Inforos. Slowly Abraxxis Ixamat would raise his left hand again before thumping it against the doors of the keep creating a knocking sound as his wings spread and then tucked themselves up against his back for the time being. After he had knocked upon the keep door he would cast his gaze to the contingent of royal guardsmen that had accompanied him with a soothing smile knowing they where uneasy as they where far from home let alone safety. Upon seeing their leaders easy smile the guardsmen would relax and smile in return knowing that if their leader was confident that they would be more likely to return home in one piece.

Anaya: She had bin up for just an hour leaving Samuel to sleep in her chamber bed, she had a long night but it was a good night. A guard ran over to the doors opening it and picking up the morning mail papers as he held one letter in his hand. Opening the door the man paused for a second and then looked down to the papers and back up at the man at the door “Abraxxis Ixamat?” he picked up one mailing letter and held it out to the man as a shocked look came to his face “seems you have mail” the small guard said as he could only chuckle slightly. The note would ead once it was opened.

“Dear Lord  of  Inforosia
I know we have not seen eye to eye due to your late wife's passing but i know you will be coming here soon, please make yourself at home in my halls and if i am not around please seek out Milla she will get you anything you need, signed Anaya  ”

the guard gave the paper to the man and closed the mans hand around it and scampered off Anaya walking out a door way holding a leather book the side reading Bank Records, She stood there and looked at him for a moment and then smiled as she did not say a word and just let the man walk in first before welcoming him in. Anaya was dressed in a light salmon dress ruffles around its base and a lace trim high on the neck her hair done back into a lose bun rolling along the sides of her face, a single strand fell in front of her bright red eyes cutting there glow and framing her face.  Really what made anaya was her flawless figure and look, that and her iron claw as well as a nice one moment angry next moment personality. She was a dragon and one thing about dragons is they new how to turn heads no matter what form they were in.

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Emmy (Brooke): -It was like a wave of people who came to converse with the dragon, Emmy could tell the dragon was important, queen was her first guess. Emmy never got to answer her question, though, her skill would vary. She reflected on it, and while the dragon was distracted with resting and conversation of other's. Emmy took it upon herself to roam the halls of this castle, she looked over the walls, the artwork that hung on the wall telling stories. Earthly beings where always nice, refreshing to Emmy. However she found a door, wide open to a bedroom, sleeping chamber perhaps? The adventurer side of Emmy couldn't help but explore, She took one last look over her left and right shoulder at glance she didnt find anyone so, she ventured inside. Upon entering the bedroom, she found nothing really, she crawled into the bed and rested on her back looking up at the ceiling, Skills. That's all she thought, thought it was easy for her to figure out. :: "I am good at  Persuading, negotiating, sex, and i am quick. Agile once killing machine.":: -Emmy thought aloud, chuckling at each flash of wholesome idea she said out loud. Night fall she had some how drifted asleep, unusual for her kind, but it was something she forced on herself, it helped in the role of being a "Human". When she woke in the bedroom, it was quiet and the quietness is what worried her in times, but, now it felt normal.. at least as normal for Emmy as it can be. Her dark red hair was a curled mess, Her skin was a light tan but paled in comparison with any other. Thankfully when she merged to a new host, the girl was dressed in a silk long ocean blue dress, a matching corset that tied her hourglass figure together, The dress shoulders wouldn't fit, so the soft silk would only stick to the skin for a few moments if in the right spot of her shoulder, though for now it draped dangerously close to exposing her chest. As she woke she remained looking in front, up mostly, enjoying the sounds of nothing.... finally... nothing. A soft sigh escaped her lips, a grin soon to shape her lips-

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff had stayed up all night, ensuring the safety of not just Ashe but the entire empire. He felt out every aura in the building, then moved over to his companion and delivered a kiss to her forehead. "Wake up. Big day." He then moved into the bathroom to run her a shower, finally leaving her side momentarily. He let out a large sigh, knowing that she was correct about working with his mother. They needed to sit down and talk like a family instead of being at each other's throat. He knew that communication between him and his mother would save them in the long run, even if it mentally broke him. Yet she was not the same mother as before...she-...protected Ashe. She caressed her as if she was her own because she knew Ashe made Jeff happy. Jeff owed at least a conversation to his mother. The water was hot and running, and Jeff returned to the room. "Ashe, there is a shower going for you. I need to go and check on my mother. Come down to the main hall. You need to see this." Jeff then walked out the door, exhausted. He hadn't fed in days and could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders. He did his first option and moved down the hall to his mother's room. His dainty fingers closed and knocked on the door. "Hello?" He said lightly, speaking in a gentle tone. "Mother? Are you awake?"

Arsynn Rage: With a yawn and Jeff's lips on her forehead Ashe woke up and stretched her limbs. She slept wonderfully, and dreamt of... Well it didn't matter really. She arose from the bed after hearing him mutter something about a shower running and headed to the bathroom dropping her clothes with the main hall door to her room still open. With a smile, knowing he was headed to his mothers chamber and hoping it was a productive conversation. Soaking in the hot water Ashe waited until her skin began to prune alas, she climbed out and dressed herself in all black pants, boots, a black too and over coat. And let her long red locks dry naturally around her shoulders before heading downstairs to the main hall as instructed.

VileMaw: The lord of Inforos raised a brow as he read the message from Anaya before his fingers curled into a fist at the mention of his late wife in the process crushing the piece of paper within his grasp. THAT monster had no right bringing her up when she was to blame for her death. Almost as quick as the flaring temper had shown itself it would vanish as Abraxxis Ixamat reigned himself in not wanting to condemn themselves to a grisly death when they had come in peace. Silently Abraxxis would enter the keep with his troop behind him following suit. It was true they never saw eye to eye but he needed her strength and the alliance so as such he would push the past to the back and let it lay for now. The only sign of his inner turmoil would be the shaking of his wings which had been tucked up against his back for the time being. Once within the halls he would glance around silently taking in the surroundings and the scenery before muttering to himself as he moved to stand before a rather intricate painting. "Seems the beast keeps a rather interesting home..." After muttering he would turn to one of his guardsmen and sigh gently before speaking calmly. "Find the one called Milla...and inform her I wish an audience with her Queen as soon as possible." To which the single guardsmen would nod and set out to find Milla as he was directed to do so.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya watches the lord stand there and call out for Milla did he not even know she was right there, did he even recognize her.  The guard ran off looking for Milla as she walked up to Anayas flank and looked at Anaya and then looked at the lord walking over to him. “um me lord Anaya is right over there ” Milla turned and pointed behind her as Anaya was truly only twenty or so feet form him.  Up in the chamber room Samuel could hear the taping on the door, he tossed some leather pants on and got up, he did not look like the butlers everyone new but his true form Anaya liked, he was it cus she liked it and so did he but he never showed it to keep things hidden and under wraps. But in a half sleep fog he stumbled to the door and opened it spotting Jeff  “Anaya is already up missed her by a good...hour maybe, try the main hall ” he mumbled as he stood there in the door way as he cleaned the morning form his green eyes.

JeffDeLaRose: "Thank you Samuel. I'm sorry I woke you up. 'Twas not my intention. I hope that soon, we could have a talk. I wish to ask you a few questions." Jeff took a step backward, bowed respectfully, despite not having to, and turned on his heel to try and find his mother. As he slowly made his way down the steps, he spotted the waiting Ashe, already perfectly dressed and looking as radiant as ever. "Well good Morning." Jeff, before coming down the steps had changed into a simple black, tight leather jacket with a clothed hood, and a v-necked shirt under with his many necklaces hanging down, and his legs housed black denim pants and spiked combat boots. All and all, it was normal for Jeff to look this way, especially with his mask topping off the outfit. His scarf draped behind him, flowing in the wind as he walked, tickling the sheaths of his blades on his back. "I just need to-..." Jeff turned to spot the "lord" having a conference with his Mother, and gave a protective growl under his breath. "Who is that?"

Arsynn Rage: Ashe looked up and smiled as Jeff came down the stairs and turned toward whom he spoke of. The man who haut entered with his flunky looking for Anaya had no idea Ashe stood in the lobby so close to him. "I heard them mention the Lord of Inforos, or some such shit. Not sure love, maybe you should go and see, I'll head down to the stable and wait on you." She motioned for him to go as she backed out the door past the guards, heading for that gorgeous black steed she adored so much.

Emmy (Brooke): -:: Might as well get up:: She thought, sighing she sat up in the bed, only to get to her feet. Her red curled hair was a mess, which she liked the mess of curl.  Taking some strides in the room to the door, she peeked out, survive habit. Her blue gaze didnt see anyone- or thing- coming down the long hallway. She made her way back to the main hall, where she was yesterday in hopes she would run into the good dragon who she briefly spoke with. Every so often she would check her back, ensuring her safety with her own two eyes. It was ahead of her she heard footsteps, and small bursts of chatter. Part of her wanted to hide, the other had to remind her that she is safe now..::New life, remember?:: She thought-

The light shown through the ships holes as he would sigh it looked as if there where multiple holes and in need of repairs pirate activity had increased in the surrounding area he sighed as they escaped just barley with their lives. He was clad in the traditional Elvin garb. Though it was an attack made from creatures of darkness he simply would sigh stranded they began to float into a tributary of the river. Since he was stalled in the rivers edge they finally came to a clearing the lake was it seemed put smack dab in the end of it was a smoldering pile of what used to be city. This elf was a curious notion His half dead ship slowly would pull into what was left of the port. He walked atop of the ship and realized that he had over slept non of the crew where on board. They truly have forgotten him…. he sighed as his own kin were gone and it seemed as he were all-alone in the world. He was a beautiful man standing tall at a good 6 foot 5 and had a thin jaw. His hair was golden blonde hair that slowly fell down to his shoulders. Strapping on his Elvin armor he wore no helm for he found no need at the time. He slowly walked a few more blocks seeing as all the town basically looked like a giant brothel with whores everywhere and people not looking to friendly. He looked almost royal for he was a son of A Elvin king from a far away land. He bore with him enchanted scimitars. His languages were vast in his knowledge of languages. He walked to the castle as he peered to it seemed as the door was open as he stepped inside he would sort of use magic to amplify his voice. “I say….could someone help me to find out where I am please…”

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Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel cleaned the grit from his eyes as he looked in Anayas full body mirror and looked at himself, it was about time he stopped playing the butlers and started playing himself so unlike normal he stayed in his real self, black hair lashed back into a tight bread down his back, his skin tan and inked with claw marks going down his shoulder to his chest, and he was far from thin and butler style he was built and strong his body made like a brick wall, he was a fitting mate for Anaya, she was the looks and he was the power and it was about time that was shown not just in people knowing but in looks as well. He looked in the mirror and blinked bright green eyes not changing to that crap brown he used every other day to hide the fact he was a reptile, no more hiding, he thought to himself as he put on his leather pants he pulled out of Anaya's wardrobe and put on some shoulder pads and straps across his chest the centre of the straps being marked with the iron hammer of the Iron Dynasty. He would smile softly as he walked out the bedroom door still half a sleep walking down the steps over to his mate there on the floor and wrapping his arm around her waist, he was the same height as her and a bit taller even both stood a massive 7 feet tall as most of the time he was smaller then his mate when he was the butler Anaya was shocked when a arm was wrapped around her waist, no one could reach her waist, she she saw him and it was as if her heart fluttered as his words left his mouth “we need to get a new butlers my dear the old one died” Anaya could not keep the smile off her face “done hiding?” “ya done hiding” he said back to her as his hand ran along her belly and he looked over to the lord and the new comer to the door “seems we have people today” he let out a chuckle as Anaya looked around spotting the girl from before as well as sporting her son and Ashe. Anaya gave a nice little half bow to Ashe with a smile as she pushed her hair from her face. Anaya moved to the girl from the other day (emmy) and she held out her hand white claws shimmering on the ends of her fingers “i am Anaya you only saw me as my true self the other day, sleep well” she said softly as Milla ran full tilt at Jeff arms wide open as she had missed him dearly “JEFFFFFFFFF!” she screamed out fully forgetting she was talking to the lord guy. Samuel looked to the door as the elven loud mouth walked in and as he let Anaya deal with other things he would handle the guest. Samuel looked to a guard “get help him will you” he said sternly and the guard did just that walking to the door “come in sir everyone is in the main hall no need to worry”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed, knowing that talking to his mother was obviously not free to have a conversation to him. He knew she was busy, so he did the first thing he could think of. He was going to go up and hug her. She needed to feel his compassion. She needed her child's approval. Only Jeff could deliver that to her. "Mot-..." He was then full forced, whole heartily, snuggle tackled by the very lovely Milla. "Aaaaand there it is." He smirked, looking up at his friend. "Good Marrow Milla, you seem as lovely as ever. I would love to sit here and chat with you, crushing my ribs, on the floor but I really need to talk to my Mother." He then  wheezed a tad as he shifted. "I really missed you, but could you-...get up?" He then smiled from behind his mask before smelling, elf blood? His head snapped to the door way. "Oh my. A new guest." Jeff stared from the floor, waiting until Milla got off of him, then Jeff simply sighed, standing. "I think I need more training. Little old Milla can flatten me like a giant hog." Jeff smiled softly, before turning to look at Samuel and Anaya, sighing softly. "God dammit..."

The illithid would slowly float through the surface world he would look around the area his tentacle like face would droop down with his ceremonial robes it seemed as though this world was all so bright he hated the light it so was gross to him. Finally he stumbled upon a village it was filled with intelligence he could sense the humans all around him. Such a good source of food but he would slowly look at the intelligence levl and frown. This was not a great smart kingdom he walked over to the first human and asked telepathically. “Human where is the deep consciousness I seek. “ The human looked as if it were terrified and couldn’t move the Illithid would grunt in disgust to the human and would slowly float towards the castle. As the illithid would find the deep consciousness as he would snatch the elves head from behind as his tentacles began to go inside of his eyes sockets and began removing the brain.  As soon as he began to eat the elves mind it would slowly drop to the floor. The mind flayer burped it was so unbecoming of him as he blinked around the room the elfs screams where muffled as he lie there bleeding upon the ground he would blink. Such a waste of time but this place was interesting. He poked around the room floating if it where as he began to touch very expensive items with a harsh curious way.

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Arsynn Rage: As Ashe approached the barn she could hear someone rustling about inside so she crept around the door quietly before she saw one of the housemaids and a blonde haired fellow goofy at it on a large pile of hay bales. They both noticed her at the same time and jumped for their clothes immediately. "I am so sorry, I.. You should.. Oh my.. Finish." Her cheeks instantly flushed as she moved quickly for the door and slammed it behind her. She heard them quietly talking to eachother inside as they rustled for their clothes. "Oh no, the Queen will surely hear about this Enid. I told you about coming down here during the day since the princes new pet started coming to the stable often" her head titled she wondered if they were talking about her. Is that how everyone sees her, the a princes new pet? Her reason for being down there in the first place dissipated and Ashe ran for the woods until her legs cousins carry her any longer. She wanted to gather her thoughts...

Emmy (Brooke): -A soft welcoming smile was revealed once Emmy realized who was talking to her, she chuckled, highly impressed at the sight of her in an human form. She blinked a few times after the other commotion of the other's she heard, a soft chuckle- .. "It really is a pleasure Anaya, you are more Majestic than the last form." -It was a compliment, at least, made to portray one.. Emmy was better at threats, and being on the negative end of things rather than good, but, she would learn in due time she was determined to be something she had never been in the past... Truthful- .. "I-uh. Slept yes." -Emmy nodded with a smile- .."Though i dont know who's room it was, it was cozy to say the least." .. -A simple chuckle escaped her, Emmy's look was confused at her own actions.:::... A chuckle?.. Who the hell chuckles, god this is so effin' pathetic, I NEED TO MURRRRDERRR!::::: --Shouted Emmy's 'Inner devil' the true downfall of her whole plan to be good, though she fought this inner self conscious in the very least 500 times a day.. she could press through this a while longer to hold a damn conversation.- .. " How did you sleep?.. Uh.-- .. Is there anything i can do for you, Anaya?" -- ::Now you are someone's slave? you are a bitch now, Emmy?:: Her conscious spoke once more, but she looked to be unphased by the inner war in her brain-

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet caught a strange smell in her nose when she woke up from her unintended sleep, she noticed that the scent was the royal sheet that she accidentally slept on in her secret room, She could tell that it was the same room she was in earlier because of the gemstones and coins that were shining in the dimness of the room, “ I must have taken a long nap” she said as she slowly got up from her resting spot and went to unlock the door before she heard a small clanging noise on the floor, she looked down to the floor and saw a gold coin that was not her own, “ah skit” she said nervously as she picked it up and quickly left her hidden room, she walked down the hall to the door that got her into trouble and put it infront, she then turned around and walked back to her room, then she tripped and fell flat on her face when she entered “that’s it…I'm staying here”, Just as she said that, she passed out for a bit then slowly got to her feet glaring at the window with dar black eyes, she walked over to the open door, scratched the front of it with four vertical marks, then slammed it and ripped a lamp from the wall before throwing at the window, the lamp missed it by an inch and smashed into pieces as she grabbed a sharp knife and grinned, she used her hands to rip the whole bottom of her dress and throw the pieces on the floor, then she used the knife to draw red from her wrist and carve a symbol into the side of the wall next to the bed, “ I'm in control now”she said before she licked her dripping wounds and walked over to the bed to lay down “no one will notice a F ing thing” She thought to herself with a dark laugh and closed her eyes with the knife next to her head-

VileMaw: Abraxxis would sigh gently before shaking his head slowly, as he turned to depart the castle for the time being. It seemed he was not yet ready to confront the dragon queen on the matter he had come to talk to her about. In relative silence Abraxxis would make his way back to the door before exiting the keep to stand in silence as he watched Xorothos his feline companion. As he watched he would smile lightly being reminded of his volcanic homeland and the amount of weaponry and the master weapon smiths that presided there. It was quite obvious that The lord of Inforos was proud of his homeland and would do anything to protect it and or bolster its prosperity.

Anaya: Milla looked up at Jeff as her eyes got large he said hog...she never told him ohhh it was an expression she let out a chuckle as she smiled “ya big hog i am” she chuckled more and got up helping Jeff up with a small hand. Milla the very small 4 foot 11 woman dressed in shimmering pink silks and white hair. She looked over at Anaya and then back to Jeff “did i stop you from doing something?” she said softly as she chuckled and cleaned off her dress. Samuel looking at the door “the elf....just got a ...squid?”he rubbed his head as that was something you did not see everyday, he wondered if it was supposed to happen or it was all a joke or trick but nope that elf was very dead.  Samuel started to walk over to the being with the squid face and tilted his head “never seen one of your kind before, what are you anyway” he asked as he stood there looking at it. Anaya looked at the girl and smiled softly “my true form is who i am inside this skin, but human form is best for interacting with people, it is just a tad weaker then i would be normally but i don't use my power much don't really need to. But make yourself at home my girl and we will find you better chamber arrangements tonight, there is food in the dining hall if you are hungry” she turned her salmon coloured dress flowing behind her as she walked to her throne to pick up the crown off the arm rest to place it nicely on her head her hair wrapped back into a loss bun so it sat nicely.

The illithid would slowly float down to the dragon and blinked his eyes. It seemed, as he had not seen a consciousness like this before. As he would expand the barrier he would reach out through the common tongue first as not to disturbed the creature. As if his eyes shut sideways and opened again he would speak. “I am A Illithid… mind flayer they call me.. What do I address I seek higher Brain function to devour is this correct to eat human males with great brain length. “ He blinked for he did not know the laws of the land and looked upon Samuel. It seemed as he had seen a dragon like figure but not to this genotype. He floated around Samuel to study this creature and would smile. “Are you human… of the species homosapian or thus for a enhanced human… your consciousness looks tasty could I buy it to consume?” His language was crude because he normal spoke telepathically as he hovered around Samuel he would finally rest in one area. “I wish to know what establishment is this.. it seems as though I do not belong my home is deep in the dark. If it pleases what do you use to consume I hunger for a desert.” His eyes would blink yet again as he would smile the best that an illithid could he did not see Samuel as the king since he didn’t know if this strange land had a king. “You may call me Nurr in our speech in yours I believe my name is Yandu.” His eyes blinked of nothing ness as he looked curiously  upon the man named Samuel before him.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff looked to Milla with a soft sigh leaving his parting lips. "I need to go talk to my mother, forgive me if I run off. I will get ahold of you, When I'm back." Jeff then gave Milla a quick hug, pulling her in close, then pulling back, before walking toward his throne, and his mother's. Nearing the few feet parting him from his mother, he whispered softly. "Good morning mother. I'm sorry if I am interrupting you." Jeff kneeled respectfully in front of her throne before raising after a few seconds. " you. I respect your authority. I'm sorry that we've been arguing. I trying to prove myself to you. I am trying so hard to earn your respect. If I didn't care about you, I wouldn't care about your respect. I am so glad to be a DeLaRose, but I feel so hated around here. I'm just trying to prove myself-...I'm doing things my way and you are doing things your way. And both ideas work sometimes. I feel like we would make less mistakes If we worked together." Jeff looked at her feet, then to her crown. "I will be back in a little, and we are going to have some tea-...and talk. I'll let you get back to running an empire." And with that, he began to make his way out the door, and to Ashe at the Stables where she said to meet up.

Arsynn Rage: Tired she stopped near a small outhouse style building far to the West of the castle.. Ashe had to have run miles it felt. "Pet huh?" She huffed as she leaned against the building. Ashe looked for many her hands and clenched her fists tightly. "Let's see what you can do Poppet" she muttered to herself through gritted teeth. Bearing down Ashe thought and felt nothing but pure Anger, and Rage.. The ground beneath her feet trembled. The winds howled, her braid flapping about her shoulders, and a spark erupted from her fingers tips, one at first, then many.. In the next moment her eyes shine a bright red, and her hand was burning fire.. "YES! I did it!" She shrieked. And as fast as it came, it was gone. Her hair fell the wind stopped, and the fire was kaput. Ashe fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. She Had held on to Kindness far Too long. Look where it got her. The Prince's Pet. The Poppet. Who couldn't even control her magic... Leaning back against  the wall she wrapped her hands around her knees and drifted off. "I'm not going back.." She whispered through hushed lips before falling asleep with her tears..

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff made his way around the back of the empire, hoping to find Ashe and show her what he had wanted to show her this morning but only finding 2 farm hands struggling to put their clothes back on. The male snapped to attention and the woman bowed, both of them being only half dressed, and shaking from fear of imprisonment. "Where is Ashe?" Jeff said, his voice booming. The two opened their mouths but said nothing. "She ran off sir. Toward the old cabins." Jeff gritted his teeth. "Why?" "I'm unsure sir." Edna spoke up, looking down. "He called her a pet, and Ashe left. We spotted her through the crack in the door. She was fast." Jeff stared to the male. "Pet? You think that's what she is? Ashe has done more to prove her worth to this kingdom than you too have, rolling around in hay, coitusing instead of doing what we pay you to do. You are both fired. Please report to the queen tomorrow morning to receive new occupations and orders." Jeff then leaned close to the male. "If you ever make Ashe or anyone else feel inadequate around here, I won't just fire you. You'll be banished. We are improving the kingdom, and if all we can rely on you for is getting your prick wet, then maybe you shouldn't be around here anyway." "Sir, please! I have a family! Don't banish me! I'm sorry!" Jeff turned to the male, dismissing the female minutes ago. "You and that girl have been ditching your duties for weeks to come frolic around,and created more work for others. I will not banish nor fire you, so let that girl you were with know. You have one chance." The man bowed repeatedly and ran after Edna. "Thank you, My liege!" Jeff sighed softly, sniffing the air and slowly walking down her trail, following her aura and scent. After a few minutes, he began to break into a jog, then a sprint. He was sure to find Ashe. No doubt she was hurt by how people viewed her. This was his fault. He needed to fix it.

Arsynn Rage: With a yawn Ashe opened her eyes, she had dozed off near the small building. Standing she began to walk again, further away from the castle. As she pressed on, Ashe came upon a clearing, and in it stood the remains of what looked to be a Kingdom. "Another Kingdom?" She asked aloud. "I wonder why two would have been built so close together." With every step she got closer. Some of the walls were gone and she could see clear inside from here. Sitting on a set of brick steps, in old passage way she would lean back and think to herself. She had to return to the castle, if nothing else to gather her things. It was time to move on. She didn't stay anywhere too long anyway. Ashe was a loaner, a wanderer, and she had never had a home, so why start now. Looking at the sky it had to be close to mid day. Jeff and his mother were surely busy with their guests and she could slide right in and get her things and be gone before anyone knew.. Ashe would head off toward the castle once more... For the last time.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked at the thing before it as he turned to watch that one girl from before walk off to explore the castle and watched his mate Anaya walk over to her throne area. He looked back to the flayer and tilted hie head “no i am no human and no my mind is not able to be purchased or consumed ” he eyeballed the thing up and down as he tilted hie head “so you are a mind flayer then, why are you in this part i thought your kind lived underground”  Anaya looked at Jeff as he hugged her said a bunch of stuff then left as fast as he came “yes lets talk...later” she said softly as she watched him head out the door and called out to Samuel “who is here?” she said as she sat down in her throne as she crossed her legs and pulled out her leather book form the side of her throne and opened the pages and flipped them looking over yesterdays events and what was to happen today and what mail she had to send out.

He blinked again as he said the words of not being human. This was curious to him for it was in his nature to consume and dominate. But as a Strange Illithid all the elders said the sun was a giant curse in the sky that fried all who stood before it yet he could. He would use his guttered speech yet again. “That is to bad… I would love to have injected a nice remnant to create an offspring… “ He shrilled a bit at the joy since the mind flayers it was very seldom that one witnessed the birth of a new one. He looked to the one calling for this large male and his eyes would blink sideways yet again. He floated over to her and began inspecting the queen sizing her up and down. “Is this slave yours?” The Illithid would curiously poke around her being extremely uncomfortably close in his demeanor. He floated around her in a circle as he checked all aspects. “She is a bit scrawny for a human… I have not seen one short before they all look taller then this one. “ His eyes would blink as he would know not of Anayas power nor of her genotype. “If he is not a slave does this mean he would own yet acquire you?” he directed the question towards Anaya but it was his first time upon the surface. Before turning back to Samuel whom he assumed he had followed him he chirped. “I have no home we were driven out by many creatures some of us died but my curiosity brought me here. The light orb is bright it hurts my eyes.” He wriggled his head a bit as the tentacles would fling some mucus upon the floor. “The air here is light and not as thick.. We needed more humans to eat and reproduce. He took a dark cloth and whipped his mucus off of his tentacles for it was a sneeze. He looked upon Anaya curious of her presence. “You said your not a slave why do you give slaves crowns?” He looked at the sparkly thing on her head and it fascinated him. It was so shiny he had to poke it with a tactical

JeffDeLaRose: As he moved down her trail, he felt her aura getting oddly close. Was she coming back? What was she doing? He grunted and began to slow as Jeff approached the main trail back to the Empire, and Ashe, looking depressed and angered, her energy was flaring and finally he noticed her power. She held so much untapped potential that he needed to teach her how to use her pyrokenisis. He was a successful master in the art of elemental bending and knew what to do when it came to someone who couldn't control their energy that well. He could take her under his wing. Not as his handmaiden. As his pupil. He slowly walked up behind her and slowly spoke out, being 7 feet away. "Ashe..." Jeff's tone was soft. "What are you doing out here?" The prince took a step forward, hoping she would stop, turn around and talk to him. "You-...just need to come with me."

Arsynn Rage: As she got class to the stable she heard a noise behind her before hearing Jeff's voice. Turning to face him, pain and anger in her eyes. "They called me your pet, PET" she almost yelled, not at him but at the ground as she looked down. "It made me... Well It was a mix of emotions. And I don't want to feel them again. I care about you... A lot. But maybe.." Her voice trailed off and she just looked at him with a nod reaching out for his hand.. He said she needed to come with him, then that's what she would do... For now.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked to the flayer and then watched as it walked over to his mate as his upper lip moved to a sort of snarl as he watched it get closer to his woman and unborn child. “she is not a human or my slave she is my mate and the queen of this empire” he snaped out as he watched the flayer ring Anaya like a meal. Anaya sat there looking at it watching it and then it otuched her and she gave that sideways gross kind of face as she cleaned all the glober like stoff off her face and shoulder. “you act like a child you are very much so not from the land with the sun. Now due back up and don't touch me agein i am not wanting to have to change my dress” Anaya picked up a hand as a blue glow came around her fingers and some of the upper hall windows started to shake and shutter, it was morning still and the sun was growing in the sky and to open the windows would send beams of morning light right down onto the beast and she new he would not like it, sunshine and torch light were not the same thing and the sun would burn the thing like the torch lights did not. “there are humans in 2 towns over go there and feed do not feed on my towns people guards or servents or i will have you killed and burned alive” Samuel moved to the side of his mate and watched the mind flayer as it walked around watching everything and looking at everything like a bright eyes squid faced five year old. “anaya i think it truly just does not know how things work up here” Anaya looked at her love and nodded “then best time it learns it can hut at night in the towns over there are people in Mill Mire i don't care about”

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The illithid would shrill at the sunlight as he would open one window leaving  Anaya to the ceiling and doing it himself out of sheer curiosity, but it would not burn him it simply intrigued him it didn’t hurt his skin but rather felt kind of warm. He blinked a few times as if it hadn’t a clue about it. “Humans in weird metal shiny… “ he would smile as he would poke around the room a  bit still floating he would look to the giant orb he had once feared so much in a different light. Though his eyes needed time to adjust he would rub them with one of his tentacles. He smiled as he was exposed to this light. “Yes yes the queen the queen I see so power you hold… indeed indeed.” Nurr sputtered around to find. More books on the shelf and began reading them upon an alarming rate. As his giant mind could pick out all the words written upon the pages he spoke a lot better when it was telepathic he sent a message to Samuel in the telepath way. “Apologies my voice has not been the kindest of me for generations. It seems your books are adequate to design please excuse my interruption of your mates reading I was simply observing. “ He would send this to both Anaya and Samuel so as not to hide anything. As he would leave the area he would want to wonder around in this sunlight area. He would take her advice as he would send another message telepathically. “Excuse me I shall do as you ask and seek out things upon the land… as you where my lord and lady.” He would float out of the castles window and slowly began to explore the area the over world was so bright and full of smells and furry things. Upon witch there were beings that had a pulse and a heartbeat. Upon witch he began to fly faster and faster like the wind it seemed as there where two people were he would sense another concessions an animal that was stirring around it seemed as though the deer was right down where the other two blips where. He didn’t know it was a deer but it looked tasty he swooped down as quickly as the wind and snatched the deer down by the other two beings. With a gulp he ate the brain and slowly would look to the other two beings his eyes blinked as he looked upon them. He cocked his head to one side as he looked upon the male and female for he had seen one rush out of the castle in a flash he would open a commutation telepathically with them both. “Your surface creatures…they are odd but they provide substance for me. Please excuse I felt your presence but thought you to be these creatures called deer I have found in a book. “ His eyes would blink as he looked towards the woman, and the male. He looked to the female and noticed her distress. He hadn’t know how to deal with comfort of walking in on a awkward situation. He would smile again as he continued his link telepathically. “You’re her son… I have taken that much and have learned from your surface for so long we have not understood these things you hold. But I am sorry if I have interrupted with my feeding please forgive my affronts. “ He recognized power and abided by its laws as they where laid down. He simply stood there as he was curious to them he blinked a few times to show his curiosity.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Obsidian was now out of Scarlet’s bed causing more harm than good to almost everything in the room, She was actually ripping the dresses that Scarlet had in her closet and throwing the pieces everywhere, she threw a round golden artifact out the door then tied a piece of silk to the door and slammed it again, the silk had the dark red over the silk the was already a light red and it was leaving stains on the knob, Obsidian then stuck her middle finger out at the door and the window as she picked up a metal object and hit the door with it before she threw it across the room, She walked over to the object on the ground then looked at herself in a mirror that was next to the bed, “You fiend” She said to herself as she used her fist to shatter the mirror and watch the glass fall to the ground, She picked up a piece of glass and sliced it across her hand then walked over to a wall and smeared red across it, She went to the vanity mirror and put two red handprints on it before she slid her right hand down, She could tell that Scarlet was trying to gain back control because her hand was getting numb, but she refused to let her “You're not gaining this back!” She grunted as she bumped her right shoulder hard into the wall next to the window and slid down looking at the knife in front of her “You don't want you family to suffer” Obsidian said crawling her way to the weapon “ “and I'm sure you don't want them to see you like this” She was on her knees as she looked into the stained mirror and turned to show Scarlet what she had done “ Don't make me do something you'll regret” Obsidian said as she got to her feet and limped to the window, weakly staring at the ground below, She fell to her knees again then laid on her stomach on the floor that was stained with drops of red-

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya looked up now holding no thought to the mind flayer or even to her mate there was blood in the air in her castle and it was no guards blood. In a instant the woman's eyes changed from red to black as she vanished out of her throne and was outside of scarlet her youngest sisters bedroom door. Most of the time Anaya left scarlet to do what she wanted watching from a far and not really dealing with her all that much, she new the strong little woman could handle herself in most cases but when a drop of the girls blood hit the floor it sent off more red flags then almost anything else could. Within seconds the door to Scarlet's room exploded shards of wood being sent flying everywhere but oddly not a single shard was hitting scarlet herself there only a bit from the door. The wood went around her as Anaya has exploded the door with nothing but her mind. She stood there in the door way as the wood dropped to the floor and Anaya watched scarlet on the floor her bleeding hand sticking out and noticing a blade there “why is my little sister bleeding?” she asked in an oddly calm voice as she looked around the room black eyes not seeing anything but the heat signatures of life, “but there is no one here but you” her black eyes turned back to look at scarlet her aura was different not her same old normal one, Anaya just stood there watching her as she tilted her head wondering. Samuel looked up seeing Anaya just vanish “well something got her upset”

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Obsidian had her eyes on the sharp glass when Scarlet's sister came into the room, She was actually trying to crawl to the floor to do more damage before she appeared, She slightly caught her attention as she stabbed the floor with the knife so she could get to her feet “I'm not your sister” She said with her blackish brown hair covering some of her face, some of the strands were also on floor due to Obsidian cutting some of it off when she stabbed the ground, She slowly made her way to the piece of glass, picked it up, and pointed it towards Anaya “I'm Obsidian” She looked at  her with her black eyes then looked over at the thorn ringed symbol that she made on the wall as her hand leaked red on the floor from the glass she was holding “Your innocent huntress is gone now” She had a psychotic tone when she spoke to Anaya and the look that she gave her was not the face of happiness, but the face of insanity as she grinned-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly as Ashe began to stomp and yell, as he would most likely do if someone called him a disrespectful name, and took her hand, but not before pulling her in close to hold her. "Shhh. I know. It hurts. You aren't my pet. You are one of the greatest women I've ever met in my lifetime. I never want to see you sad, because it sends all these bad vibes down my veins and makes me want to take all your pain away. To give you everything, there is nothing I won't do." He stared into her eyes. "From this day forward. You are no longer a hand maiden. You are my pupil. I am going to train you. I am going to teach you everything I know." He leaned forward, placing a masked kiss on her forehead. "Our kingdom only knows power, and I can feel your saddened aura. You don't feel like you belong. I can see it in your eyes and feel it in your voice. You are wrong. This is your home and we are your family. Don't-...leave me. Please. If you are gonna leave, at least let me show you some things to help you control the flames." He felt a strange energy flow around them, his body turning, to spot a deer. The majestic buck stood, watching the two whilst the companions stared back at it. Jeff gave a twitching smile, placing his hand out, and watching it slowly walk up and sniff it. Jeff gave a slight laugh, before feeling a gust of wind break against his face, and the deer. Dead, limp, by them as this creature flew in front of them and killed the deer without a single thought. Jeff sighed and placed his hand back at his side before staring the creature down. He stepped protectively in front of Ashe and spoke back into the elf's mind. "And you are a prince as well. You aren't the only one who can pick brains. Your Aura is royal. Who are you?" Jeff's words never left his lips, only his skull, and into the elf's mind only. "I am Jeff." He said aloud, before turning to Ashe. "This is my and best friend, Ashe. We are both taking a stroll. It is a pleasure to meet you Sir" The prince gave a hearty bow, still intently watching the elf, protecting Ashe from any sudden moves.

Arsynn Rage: Closing her eyes as Jeff spoke to her Ashe buried her face in his shoulder and sighed. Knowing she vowed to stay with Jeff made things harder. She never lied, she needed to keep her word, and lord knows she wanted to.... For many other reasons. Most that she would always keep hidden. Turning to look in the direction Jeff did she slid behind him at the sight of the creature before them and wrinkled her nose. He was such an odd creature, one Ashe had never seen before, Noticing the two stop moving altogether and both looked deep in thought. She tilted her head curiously, And then she heard Jeff's voice and looked at him, she trusted him, and then tired her head toward the creature and smiled genuinely... Jeff was a Prince, and as the best friend of the Prince she was obligated to hold a certain degree of stature as well. Grabbing into Jeff's free hand locking their fingers, for security.. That's what she tells herself. Staying behind him she stayed quiet..

The mind flayer would look a the two and felt a connection from the presence he would blink a bit for this was an uncommon one. Something illithids never really shared His mind opened to the woman as well as he would float his appearance was that of royalty but it was funny and curious since illithids barley had a system of royalty they just had slaves and existence. His head cocked back as the woman would not know of his presence. His Telepathic communication would open to both of them. “hmm.. Jeff a name that of royalty The queens heir as well as that one person known as Samuel. “ He looked at him up and down as if to analyze his existence.  “Pupil? “ He looked to ashe to study her up and down as he floated around the two. He sensed more then that from just the emotions the two were giving. “Your emotions are stranger towards the pupil…they are radiant never have experienced such things it is intriguing. “ He blinked again as a staff began to form by his hand he taped it upon the ground as the deer carcass began to decay faster and then disappear from sight. “Of coarse I do not normally share existence with you creatures… you are a fascinating race of individuals. to see you are not all slaves is astounding that you hold non.” The staff began to wither from sight as he recalled it with his mind. The mind flayer would circle yet again before landing upon the surface in front of the two. “Where I come from we do not hold our pupils In such manors or high regard it is curious to this place I sense that it is old in manor. I am nurr of the underdark…I have read the laws so that I understand it is a strange custom you creatures practice here.” His face was at a complete rest as one of his tentacles would wipe the blood from the meal off of his face he stretched his mind around him as if probing the minds of the creatures that lived In the forest he also sensed the distress of as well as the people in the castle there seemed to be an odd presence. “It seems as a distress is upon the castle I feel another consciousness of evil plight. I believe it to be intriguing…” there were demons in this realm something he had a familiarity with.   He turned slowly back in that direction before looking back to the weird couple. “I am sorry to impose onto this weird emotion.. it is strange that one could care for a slave… “ He chirped a bit as he would nod again. “Fare thee well I must see this man who greeted me it seemed as though he had something on his mind. “ He began to levitate slowly. Before long he would fly away leaving the two to whatever they where doing his business was upon the castle. This land was all amazing such new life he wondered what would happen since he himself could not return to his homeland. He floated into the castle through a window it seemed to be a bedroom. The rich décor was all to much for he was a simple one it seemed more books were in the room very old books. The illithid would do some surveillance to get to know his enemy as it were. These creatures were beneath him. His coconsciousness began to weigh options about them as he poured over Anayas other library she had in the upper room. Of corse he rearranged some of them in the proper order. But he needed more information so much curious things plus the giant orb made his skin hurt for now. He kept his mind open to sense if other presences would be near as he continued to look through Anayas books.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff slowly watched as the creature vanished, Leaving Jeff and Ashe to stand there. "Slave? He doesn't are a slave does he?" Jeff shook his head and sighed elongatedly. "Well that was strange." He said aloud and turned to look at Ashe, whom interlocked their fingers, and a smile crept across his face. "Let's go." Jeff slowly moved with her towards their destination, with the soul intent of teaching her a few things. She was going to be able to protect herself. Even if she left, she would stay safe. She wouldn't get hurt. Not if he could help it. He led her down the trail until they had finally reached a large lake which made each ripple create a soft trickle of running water, pleasing their ears. "This is where I trained when I was younger-...I just wanted you to know that we are coming here to train. I wanted you to see where I began and where I am now. I studied for years and years to be this powerful. You, with my help can be more powerful with me within a few months. I want you to be able to protect yourself. I can't-...lose you. Especially if War may come. If you are going to stay with me-...then I will make sure you are safe."

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya looked to scarlet there saying she was not her sister and saying she was some other person, but it was her sister, or it was her sisters body. Anaya had dwelt with beings inside her own head before so new the signs of internal struggle and fighting with ones self to gain power over the other. So right away Anaya walked over to scarlet picking her up by the back of the top and holding her off the ground “then if you are not my sister i am not going to allow you to harm my sisters body” she just stood there her arm covering its self in scales not skin as she reinforced it to be able to withstand almost anything her sister could give to her. She looked at thew girl and took the glass out fo her hand with the free hand she had and tossed it on the floor. Her hand taking scarlet's arm as she looked at the wound “we will have to fix this” she looked up as she could hear something in her room that was only a bit down the hall her mind moved to find what was there, stupid flayer thing. she thought to herself the thing with mind beasts is that when you went into everyone elses head you left yourself open to others peeking aswell "get out of my room and go down to the main hall you are not allowed up on this level"

He herd a consciousness as the voice would command of sorts. He closed off his mind simply. To read the last book he smiled, as he finally understood the land the layout and what it meant to have money and power. His learning would grow as he reopened his mind to the dragon communing with it. “Your knowledge is vast and long have you lived. It seems eras mark the age of things all the way back to the age of dragons before. I have met beings such as you from the Darkened depths of the vast world that is the under dark but they are only creatures of darkness. Dragons that are dark and cannot come forth to light. “ He would notice the power of his individuals and study them accordingly patterns of past warfare to the everything he analyzed. He floated out of the room as he was told but still would stay upon the balcony as he looked down to Samuel from afar. This being though did not fit the picture and seemed to have his mind wander upon his own. He would notice another being a creature that seemed demonic as he would stare at it he began to float down to it and blink at the figure. The demoness would be seemed to have red hair and seemed disgruntled by something. His tentacles seemed to have a mind of its own as it started to feel around the back of her head as it to study the creature. “hmmm demon… An interesting one “

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy's mind wondered off, along with her body. Before she realized she had ended up in the garden on the east side of the castle, she sat and admired the life of it, searching deep within her to be a better ... thing than what she had been in the past. Salvation mostly, though it was the ironic thing that made her feel useless, A demon looking for forgiveness? .. ha... It was a joke in it's own. There was something honest and innocent about her presence this time, it was a clutter of different emotions, Something Emmy didnt know much on. The only thing that tipped her off was the words, she never sensed someone behind her until the rubber arm ( tentical thing. ) stroked at her flesh. She jumped to turn and glance at what disturbed her so .. Can i help you? .. She looked at the strange creature with, confusion and interest as her startled quiver went away soon enough. Her nose wrinkled*  Interesting? .. wha--?..

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Obsidian hissed  as Anaya held her up by the top “let me the F…go” She tried to get her feet to touch the floor again as she grabbed onto Anaya and kicked her feet around then tried digging her nails into the scales of her arm only to have one of them break off and fall to the floor, “Damn you!” She said trying to pull herself away even with her feet off the ground “You think you can get rid of me and bring your precious nomad back?” She laughed at the fact because she thought it was foolish to think she could fix this and make her go away “This body is mine. It's always been mine and it’s going to stay that way until you and every one of your followers are dust” She said before she looked in the mirror seeing a light streak in her hair “Damn you both!” She yelled as red drained from her nose as she kicked in the direction of the mirror that was not broken “She will never gain control again” She yelled looking down at the floor while struggling to get out of Anaya’s grip-

The mind flayer would blink as he looked to the demon. “Your kind is familiar to me might I inquire what are you doing in the surface?” He would look upon the demon as the others. He floated around her as if to gather information. She was strange for a demon but it was no matter. The illithid would again arrive around full circle before looking into her eyes again he was tall a good height of seven feet. He smiled as best as he could before speaking. “your kind is upon the surface as well?...” His tactical would explore her. “Are you ensnared by a master or could I use you for purchase?” the question would be directed toward her it was crude but it was in his nature. “By what are you called?”

Arsynn Rage: With a nod Ashe let go of Jeff's hand and moved about the place he brought her. "It's really nice here. But I'm not sure I can control my power. I could've burned down the.." Stopping abruptly, turning on her heel she would look at him. "Well I guess it doesn't really matter anymore." She lifted a brow. "Jeff? Why do you feel the need to protect me? You found me stealing at a faire for fucks sake. You really don't need me, and what's to say I'll ever learn?"

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy never watched as the thing circled her, she didnt even know what the hell IT was. she was careful though, she stood and as he rested in front of her her blue gaze snarled as he talked to her like she was some sort of property, she was weak but she would always appear strong it was her will that made her this way, along with stubborn.- ... "Master? I am not to be owned, I will never be owned." .. -Here gaze was to stare a hole in him had she actually had that type of ability, but she couldn't.- ... "My race is never the slaved, more so the enslaves. I am nothing like them, you dont know me... Now, if you will excuse me.." -She would attempt to step aside from the man-tentical thing mostly to avoid anything to go further, he wanted a slave it was clear.. she was weak and would fall prey to it at this time, had she been forced. She never said her name, mostly, she didnt want the thing to know.. she didnt want to be a damn slave, she just got her new host, she just got here... to her new home-

This woman’s mind would instantly become startled as a demon. She resented the fact that he would use the term slave as he would smile and follow the woman yet again. “Your race  is always in our studies as some form of creatures of darkness…. But it is funny to see a demon upon the surface.. “ he floated with her in company as she would go to this new home area. The main halls of the castle were still rather large and he would look to her. “You seem odd that I am here yet do not know what I am… ?” He blinked again this was curious for he never met a demon that had never met his people.  “How is this since… we have dealings with the demons of the underdark. “ He looked at the strange woman as if she were weird. “And it seems there are no slaves here…. How is this possible It intrigues me that all of these species creatures is indeed with a freedom. “ Whither she was listening or not was up to her. He simply would float by her. With a response he sensed that she knew not what he still was so he explained. “I am a Illithid my dear. A mind flayer many demons would have contact with us we seek to dominate others because we need them for food and thrive. “ He would look to the barrette in her hair and took it with his tactical. “OOooooOoooo shiny… “ He took it from a top of her head and played with it.

Emmy (Brooke): "Well there is a reason i am on the, well.. surface as you say".. -Emmy answered his first question, stress started to fill her body language, captured was all she could think about at the moment.- .."I steer clear of the rather, unusual things in the dark world. I know of your race, but not of anything else. Despite your vast knowledge, other's arent up to that same standard... " -With a sigh Emmy stopped- ..."To be so smart, you are rather persistent, it's unbecoming" .. -She blinked a moment to try and understand his face, his expression.. which was blank for the moment as he explained the intrigue of slaves and the lack on the land- .. "Unlike you, your race, not everyone is like this it's not sought . though it does happen, an ex husband of mine enjoyed slaves.. many.. slaves... I dont plan on partaking in your slave handling, i was already there once. I dont intend to go back"..... -She showed a moment to be vulnerable and tell the truth, but, she was still scared in a way. Her silk dress slipped off her shoulder, and as upset as she was she pushed it back up. Biting her bottom lip. but squealed as soon as he.. well he had A.D.H.D and went after her broach, she tried to wiggle away from the cuff of him, his.. slithery tentacals it was gross to Emmy, she didnt know how to take the creature- .."Stop that!"...

The illithid shrieked as he played around with the broch slowly flipping it from tentacle to tactical. Playing as if keep away from her he studied it then gave it back to the struggling supposed loosening clothed woman. He finally gave it back putting it upon her head with a slimy covering pat and chuckled again as if it sounded abnormal she was a delight to be around for her reactions where profoundly humorous to the creature. He slowly then would explain more. “Well we seek knowledge, testing… And more as well as any sort of creature evolution. Our species has evolved much and we only really use them for food and mateing purposes.. for you see children are inserted into the minds of another being as they eat their host.” He blinked as she did not know this as well about their race. What sort of demon didn’t know about mind flayers? “Oh! “ He quickly would have produced a book of the layout of the kingdom that he had acquired from The library of the queen and would be a little warn but had information about it. “Then study these… they contain the lands layout I barrowed it from the queen im sure she wouldn’t mind in me sharing information with you. She is different being a dra-“ He paused maybe she would not like him to know what she was but then continued  “well dragon of coarse.” His long bony hand would offer her this book.

Emmy (Brooke): -The creature was odd, something that after she heard his plans she shook her head and chuckled. The moment was lighter, she felt she wasnt that qualified to be .. well.. brain dead- ... "I know she is a dragon, she rescued me." .. -Emmy took the book he offered and clutched it to her chest-.. "Well no mating here, you are on your own. So.... Dont die?" .. -She said it in a way of hopeful that she wouldnt be the next victim of his odd mating technique.-

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya looked to scarlet as she held her there allowing scarlet to do what ever she wanted to her arm holding her. Scales ripped off they just grew back one already there to take its place like a sharks tooth behind the other one. “i don't plan on fixing anything but my sisters broken body. I cant make you go away she has to do that herself, but if she cant and you are no longer my sister there would no longer be a use for you and i will simply eat you like i have other members of my own family” the thing was Anaya's voice did not change, it did not hold feeling it was cold and simple, calm and dull with not a hint of human feeling behind it it was as if the woman was a being with no soul at all talking truths and facts not what ifs and i mays. She looked around being able to feel everything, once the eyes went black the dragon went into a almost hunting stance, she could feel her guards, hear them walking around feel her mate in the lower halls and even somewhat feel the one demon female with the mind flayer out in the garden's and her son outside with the Ashe girl. She thought to herself on how she needed to talk to him later and how she hoped this would not take overly long as well as hoped her son would not just walk in on her almost strangling her sister or seeing the black eyes and knowing that the evil Anaya still existed within this body. Anaya's power spiked as the bits of wood from the blown up door started to lift from the ground and hover back to try to fit together like a puzzle to remake the door good enough to make it seem like it was hole other then the cracks and glowing rim of it, it was enough to block the door way so no one would just glance in just in case she ended up eating scarlet tonight. She turned her head and looked back to her sister as she watched her sister kick and flailing her legs around to try to get out of Anaya's grip,  in a way it almost made her feel like herself once more holding someone by the neck as if they were a fun doll, but she new she was not the same dragon from the old days, she was herself and she had to stay this way, she had control now and in a lot of ways that was far more terrifying  then the old Anaya ever could have bin.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Obsidian chuckled darkly at the words of Scarlet's so called sister as she looked at her “You really think she can come back.” Obsidian’s strength  was starting to weaken from what she did to herself earlier as her eyes started to turn from deep black to brownish black, She could feel Scarlet trying to take back control as her right hand twitch and she closed her eyes “No. I won't let her…” She hissed as she shook her head, “Go ahead and eat me you…” Her head started to hurt as she struggled to keep control of the body that she thought was hers, Suddenly, a light voice came from Obsidian as she looked up at Anaya again “save me…” It said as it pointed the shaking right hand at the knife “I need…” The voice that was speak was Scarlet trying to tell her sister to give her the knife so she could gain full control of herself, It was silenced by Obsidian when she bit her right arm and drained some red from it, “You stab me. You stab her too” her eyes had turned back to black, but her hair still had a light streak down the right side of her hair that showed Scarlet had some control, but it was only on that side, Obsidian breathed heavily as her vision started to get blurry “Damn it…Damn it” she said in a hiss as she showed her sharp teeth while looking up at the ceiling, “I get you one day. I’ll get..” She ended up passing out before a second light streak appeared in her hair-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff simply said nothing, he just turned to look away from her, towards the lake. The prince took a few steps forward and moved to sit on his posterior and stare at the still, calm body of liquid. "You can control anything-....I just want you to be able to live. I want you to be able to protect yourself. I protect you Ashe because I-...." Jeff stood up and turned around, before staring deep into her eyes. "I love you. And I want you to stay safe. I've loved you since I first saw you take from the fair. I saw myself in you and realized that I would do whatever it took to keep you safe. I am falling-...deep for you Ashe and I fear you are going to leave. So-...if you do leave, at least let me teach you how to control your pyrokenisis. I've mastered it, and so can you. We both were on our own for a very long time and we both had trouble controlling our powers. I just-...don't want you to end up like me-...alone, vulnerable, and a walking time bomb. You have so much much kindness. So give. I've been searching my whole life for someone like me. Now I sleep in her room every night." Jeff sighed and took a step closer, pressing his chest against hers. "I protect you because I love you. You've been with me for a month. In that time, we've learned everything about each other and I want 10,000 more months with you. Please-...just-...if you are gonna leave. Let me at least prepare you. Okay?"

Arsynn Rage: Without a word Ashe threw her arms around Jeff's neck and hugged him tight. She had never had anyone care about her before. Her interpretation of Jeff's confession was that of a best friend, or brotherly even. She didn't know it, didn't know how to recognize it. She and seen the women in the towns she had visited. Men would leave them smiling, and happy. Enjoying their time so much they often have them gifts of money and trinkets. She knew that to be love. Wasn't it? Ashe would just hug him tightly and shake her bead. "I'm obligated to you Jeff. You saved me. I'm not going anywhere, my pride was hurt and I felt like maybe they were right. I felt like a charity case. And that felt.... different and bad." She said slowly. "I am not leaving. And you're welcome to stay in my bed every night, and to 10,000 more months with me. We are best friends after all." What she felt for Jeff was so pure, and untouched, she would give him anything he asked for. She would give him all of her.. One day. But for now. "Back straight and mind clear Ashe." She thought to herself, the next few thoughts said only in her head. "He's yours, now hold on to him."..

JeffDeLaRose: His eyes locked onto her's before slowly bringing his hand to slide up her back and grip the back of her neck, softly. His mask was then pulled off, with his free hand, and placed on his belt. His free hand moved over to her cheek, before slowly pulling her in close, embracing her with his lips. They moved passionately against her's, completely in sync with her movements. He was reading her every movement, holding her closely. The two did fit together quite perfectly. He then brought the hand from her cheek, down to wrap around her waist, kissing her for a few more seconds after this motion, but yet still lingering, only pulling back a tad to look at her eyes once more. "You hold a power unlike I've ever seen, and yet-...I don't care about it. Only you. Only you-..." Jeff was used to being threatened by levels of power he didn't understand, but this time, he wanted her to harness it. He was going to help. "We-...should train." He then pulled away softly, but not before leaving a soft kiss on her lips before replacing his mask and turning toward the lake. "Pay attention. I want to teach you control. You can harness any amount of power in your veins with just a simple thought, but for someone who is lost with power, like I you are, can't control it as well. They require a lot of concentration. So our first step is to learn how to dispense the right amount of energy. Think of rage. Think of nothing but fire and the most hated memory you have. The energy should just explode with your anger. You then will feel the rage building. Literally. Building. Never mistaken this as a bad thing. Your energy is your rage. All you need to do is ignite the flame when you decide how big of an attack you want. Like this." Jeff took 10 steps back and turned toward the lake and raised his aura, making his energy easily felt for miles. He then thought of the beatings, the fights, the people he has lost, and the people he had killed. He knew what to do now. He released all the rage and his fists exploded as he placed his feet apart and placed his fists at his side, letting out an exhaling yell. He then brought his Flaming hands back, and together, crouching back as well, before thrusting his hands forward and shooting a 70 foot long, 10 foot wide attack straight through the lake, cutting the water right down the middle before watching it all fall back into place, the flames dispersing as he turned around. "Now you. Show me your rage."

Arsynn Rage: Left standing in a daze, after his lips left hers Ashe watched him move away but couldn't move, or speak. Her knees felt weak, and she could feel the burning red in her cheeks. Her hand moved to her mouth. She smiled beneath her hand and shook her head a bit. Hearing him insist she show him her rage, she looked up and chuckled. "You expect me to feel rage directly after I feel... That?" She asked. "Well, I guess I can try." Ashe would try to think about anything from her past, all being able to make her feel angry..but all she could think of was Jeff, and that kiss.. And then those two from the barn flashed into her mind and immediately she could feel her body heat rising. And in an instant a flame engulfed her hand again. Looking up at him she smirked. "Like that?"

The mind flayer would blink he did not wish to mate with this female but she seemed to run on this belief it was weird. He would notice that the orb in the sky was almost completely gone. The stars began to come froth as the day slowly had come to a close. He had never experienced night before since he had risen form the depths of the under dark. This land was different there was a leader with a Elder mind but she was not in any weird sorts. No one was a slave this to him he thought anything but himself where slaves or people to be enslaved. He began to feel as though he were at home as the stars began to come out. It seemed as though thousands of the orbs remained but they where far away. He only saw this once on the cave wall and he grew silent. Before long he wondered why he had not come up so long ago. He couldn’t comprehend why there were so many new things upon this land that he didn’t know. This in itself was frightening to him. He slowly looked to the demon women then to the castle the night as it came in swiftly from the days end his eyes began to settle as his senses kicked back in. He was used to this as his eyes turned into a purple hue. This he could view everything with exact precision it began to get darker and darker as the hours past. Something out there unsettled the flayer as if a sleepless malice crept within the dark he needed to be by himself as he floated away from the woman. Slowly he hovered high into the air as if to be perched upon the castle walls to scout the area with his orbs. Small flickers of torches began to appear as the castle. The night began to be to……quite he though he felt a anger and rage beyond all reasoning. There were nothing out there and could hide its presence from him. He did not know what it was but it felt like being in a presence of a drow. Many battles he had with their people and he knew a lot about them. Servants of the spider queen where out there he was sure of it. He floated around and scouted the area reaching out with his mind he caught ones attention. The dark elf peered to be in a party of three. Nurr would blink for he knew the dealings of the dark elves His skin was dark as the night and had white long hair. A aura of hatred and malice formed around them as he reached out with his mind to confront the strangers. “You who have come your intentions are impure Who are you I demand it in the names of my ancestors drow beings…” He landed before them. As his body was tall and slender he grew into a posture that was unsettled by these creatures it was not curiousness for the staff began to materialize into his hand yet again. The drow greeted him in the deep language and softly bowed to him for the dorw and illithid race did mutually respect one another in the darkened hole. “I am Savatais….oh flayer of minds.” Nurr quickly cut him off. “I know who you are…. Your intentions are impure I sense the hatred from you for ions… what is your purpose.. Drow kin.” Savatais would gather that he was not budging to him and gave the flayer a sneer. “Someone attacked our homes and I have come to find that person and murder them… he originated in this area.. we will scout here nothing more. “ He turned to the others before issuing orders to retreat they began to disappear away from the castle into the darkness as he called back.” Beware of the undead master flayer….” It was a curious thing indeed. That drow would surface and wonder was to massacre towns he had been enlisted to help a few times from them for they respected his race as uneasy as it was but the threat he spoke of was growing. What threat was this? And what lands did it want to consume? All the questions in the world he had for it.  For now he floated back to where the two people where with this weird emotion of one another. Sensing they were close he would have a presence there to watch ever carefully. As if a guard himself with the staff in hand he floated in the air above the two circling the area his presence known as his aura would be troubled. He paid no attention to the couple who spoke to each other be he stayed within the darkness his presence turning to malice as he began to think of the drow. Hatred would rise as the murder of the elder mind long ago had scattered many of his species he simply watched the two to keep his mind occupied. Analyzing the strength of the two it seemed as the powers that were being displayed. Only a telepath really could sense his presence.

JeffDeLaRose: "Excellent. Now I need you to, with all the power you feel right now, shoot your flame, and send it crashing into the lake. Think of it like a bow and arrow. Pull back and shoot forward. Do that with your power." Jeff stood next to he and repeated his attack that he had done moment prior. He sent the flame blast careening into the lake, ripping the water down to the lake's sandy floor, before watching the water come splashing down back into place. "Like that. Show me an attack." Just then. Jeff stopped, and turned, growling protectively into the darkness. "Show yourself!" Jeff looked around until pinpointing the exact location of-...Nurr's aura? Jeff growled once more in protest and stood in front of Ashe. "Can I help you, sir?" Jeff stared directly through the dark, and at Nurr, with a cocked brow, and his fangs bared from behind his mask. Being a prince, he was taught to be polite, but being watched and snuck up on was a sure fire way to get Jeff to be on edge. "May I ask why you are watching us?" He was offended, and quite irritated with the Flayer, and couldn't help but narrow his eyes before putting up his own shield around Ashe's mind, just in case. He wouldn't allow the soul to hurt her. He wouldn't. The shield was made specifically for these types of creatures. The ones who creep through other's minds. Jeff let his power subtly charge with a closed hand. "You aren't here to attack us...are you?" If anything was to happen, Ashe would be protected. At least her mind would be. Everything else would be up to Jeff. He didn't expect the Flayer to pull anything, but he also didn't expect him to spy on them either.

Nurr would smirk as he looked upon this person to he in fact was doing the opposite of what this creature was thinking. His face twisted into a grin as he would peer down at jeff the night was upon his side as he could see perfectly upon the night. “Your not the only two to be around in the night…. It seems the drow have surfaced the night is becoming feral and the underdark is becoming sleepless. “ He would smile as this make shift shield would be around this peculiar woman. “It said hand maiden in a book but I dare say she is more then what she seems or feels to you… your mind is to open and board for your feelings not to pour forth. Dangerous is this….. many of creatures hunt for this purpose. “he would recall doing the same upon his own land hunting off the feelings of others. “I only need a day to study whos around me jeff adopted son of the dragon kin Anaya.” He read a lot a lot of books before the queen kicked him out. But it was his specialty being too smart for his own breed. He could have been the elder brain himself if not his exile from the distances The exile tattoo on the left side of his face prevented him from returning but he did not care. He simply blinked as he would feel the anger from this man and he smiled he loved to feed off of anger but he would not tell jeff that it wasn’t something he needed to know since he already had mental blocks and snares that had outdone many of creatures. “You seen much in the past… but I doubt you have seen a creature like me… The drow patrols have moved on If you would have been spotted well… They love to slay humans its their specialty. Not only that this emotion you share for your handmaiden… Very curious. “With staff in hand he was already floating in the area. The drow smiled in the darkness as he would look at the flayer wondering of not to attack it. It was clear to him its consciousness was somewhere else or distracted. Slowly he began to draw upon his weapon an enchanted scimitar was one of his favorite things to behold in a battle. He would instead just take it and bonk the floating flayer upon its head playfully. “Nurr.. it seems you have never cease to wonder my friend. ..” Nurr rubbed its head and shirked a bit before looking upon the Drow male his eyes would become a bit wide as he remembered such a person. He was dressed royalty. Though he too had the same mark upon his face that nurr had. Both the mark of exile as he dispersed the glob of impending darkness. After sheathing the scimitar he too had the same staff that nurr would have. “Well done for scouting the area…. You make sure I am safe for all wonders my friend.”  He patted him and fed him a bit of the brain as nurr would sputter and chirp. “You need not warn them of me I hope my scouts said their would be a familiar flyer next to a odd shaped castle on the surface. It seems it was correct to be you.” He turned to the people he had gathered information about and put his hand to his chest in a greeting. “Forgive my pet… he sometimes wonders far to observe and analyze.. I am Kalendor do’urzan Former house weapon master…” His tattooed face would appear in the moonlight as he finally shown himself. This was not a ordinary drow for he grew out of the society banished from the place of his homeland long ago. His armor was black as the night his body was if he had nothing to do but work out and was physically fit. Even to the fact that he was slender he was yet deadly. He stood beside nurr only slightly shorter at a six foot five where nurr was tall and slender at seven feet. “This mind flayer and I go back to a better time… It seems Nurr is my scout as he finds new people along this road.” The flayer would chirp a bit as he nibbled more of the brain specimen. The drows hair was not tied back it blew softy in the gentle breeze. His face was heavily scared having been in several bouts before. His eyes where a red hue to them. “Nurr you may leave me to go to the castle.. You need not stay here to guard me.” The drow smiled to the creature and put his hand upon its tentacle face. The flayer would chirp yet again as he began to hover away and slowly would disappear towards the library to study more still keeping his thoughts to the Drow to ensure his safety. Kalandor would look to the couple his facal features grew serious. “But he is right about one thing it is not safe at dark for creatures of light… Gnolls and other of my kin were spotted by my scouts though now I live on your surface I fear the lot bear hatred to me. After all I was royalty in a drow sense. “ He let out a heroic like laugh as to calm himself down. He really was curious. “I just had to make sure to see what creatures dwelt with in this land to make safe for my arrival Excuse Him he can be Nosey at times, but his intentions are pure I think…..” The drow shifted his body a bit studying the two.

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Emmy (Brooke): -She had been alone for hours, it was the most relaxed Emmy had been in .. well.. this is perhaps the 3rd time she had been relaxed in her entire life. she was in the garden, though it was getting darker with each passing hour she would stay for as long as she needed. The emotion was something that had always caused for curiosity, strolling over to the rather elegant maze of growing plants and budding flowers was a sight for her blue eyes. Her hand scooped up the silk dress for the tenth time today, but, it wasnt a problem.. yet.. moments passed as she grew deeper into the garden she felt a figure to the left of her, behind her.- ... {"You think this is what you are destined to do?, you think hiding with other MAGGOTS will get you salvation?! You are wrong, daughter dear..... Very wrong.. If you think You rid of me that easy?! NO! You are just as stupid as the whore you came from!"} .. -The voice was angry Emmy could tell, she spun on her heels in a second and it was like seeing a ghost, her breath was taken from her the very sight she layed on him, her father, whom she thought she had killed. He was a whopping 8 ft, tall and red skinned all over, the devil's right hand man in the flesh.. His horns curled in the back of his head, the snarl and disgust on his face is what put fear in Emmy.- .."Yo-ou cant be. He.".. -Emmy couldnt form an entire sentence, she couldnt stop breathing in a panic, he stepped near her and she took three steps back, though she slipped on the silk train of her dress and when she did she fell on her ass. That was when the tall figure rushed close to her and smiled the most evil, mischievous smile- ..{"Darkness is coming, dear. And i will be bringing you back with it"} .. -there was a small Shrek when the ghost like shadow erupted towards her as if it was going to psychically touch her throat, but, nothing ever happened. Emmy stayed on the ground a moment, her hand resting on her belly as the other on her forehead, startled and shaken up scared. She didnt know what to think, Was this the return of her father?.....-

Arsynn Rage: With the small ball of fire on her hand Ashe pulled back and pushed her hand forward in an open hand palm of motion and the ball of fire flew into the lake, and made a small indent in the war with a fizzle, but nothing like Jeff had just done. Turning quickly on her heel as he growled into the trees, she immediately stepped behind Jeff. But why? She hadn't ever been afraid of anything. Jair then the slimey critter from earlier came forth and soon after a beautiful being like none she had ever seen.. He stood tall and grande. Ashe inhaled sharply and reached out for the back of Jeff's coat with her fingers. "He is beautiful" she whispered to Jeff's back with wide eyes toward the Drow. She instinctively moved up to get a better look and stood closer to Jeff's side now. Her long red hair,  down to her waist freely flowing about. Tugging on Jeff's arm. "Should we return to the castle.. Your mother may like to know about his kin lurking about.." She said without moving her eyes from the bring.

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff stared at the man as Nurr went away. Gripping onto Ashe's hand as He extended his own and took hold of the Drow's hand and shook once. After he let go, he pulled back, and listened to Ashe. "You're right. We should go back." The prince turned on his heel, and blinked softly. "I don't like being watched. I don't like having someone I love watched. I am asking you as the prince of this kingdom to keep your pet or your friend on a leash. Make sure he harms no one. That goes for you. I respect you telling me this, but I do not know you, so You understand if I am skeptical to trust you..correct? We are returning to the kingdom and you are more than welcome to join us. We shall sit down and have some tea." With Ashe in hand, Jeff quickly picked her up on his back and sprinted quickly through the woods back toward the Iron, a bit jealous of the handsome being. "He better lookin' than me?" Jeff asked with a sarcastic tone. Staring forward, Jeff jumped over a log, continuing his pace. "I don't trust anyone right now. I think war is coming, and every person who comes into my home may be a threat. I just-...don't trust anyone but you and my family." He sighed softly and looked down. "You did very well today. I'm proud of you. Soon, we will figure out your power and will multiply it." Soon they made it back to the kingdom, and Jeff set her down and turned around. "I like you-...." He then stared deep into her eyes. "I'm sorry, I just-...don't want anything to happen to you."

 He would blink at the awkward encounter this was a first for him as the two would dash for the keep Kalandor would smile as he played with the black trinket upon his hands. It had been a while since he had come across something as weird as that though the woman he was with was a curious one for being labeled handmaid as Nurr has previously stated to him. He called in the deep language to the being. “they are headed to the castle friend please be respectful….” The flayer from far away acknowledged this as it kept reading. Kalandor took forth his trinket and summoned the Black Panther to his side He pet the large cat behind the ears softly. “well now lets go meet these strangers. “ as if he didn’t need to move twice he would seem to have no issues with the darkness weaving in and out of trees as if nothing could hinder him. The fact that his speed matching the magical black panthers was phenomenal he smiled as he leapt forth to the strange land Nurr was his ears and sense to his blade and skill. He heard other forms of beings in the wild and his ears twitched around him. Keeping contact he knew the prince would be in sight talking to the woman as he ran. As if he felt the presence of another being the drow where there he would feel it the evil aura of his kin was natural to him. Kalandor reached into his pouch for a throwing knife as the drow where in pursuit he fired his first shot from his hand it struck the first drow in the head the red blood would burst from his head behind jeff as a loud curse was issued from the pursuers it lay on the ground as the arteries gushed like a geyser it seemed to hit the jugular vei . Down went the first of the four as he called forth to the prince. “You best be carful Young prince! “ he would chuckle as he removed a scimitar from his belt and began the battle with one Swords began clashing as the words in drow were exchanged in a curse like manor.
“Dos Rumn!” The drow exclaimed as he struggled against the giant cat that Kalandor summoned. By this time Kalandor was fighting two at once the scouting party of drow was upon them. Kalandor shouted to the prince and the others. “Run to the castle!! Get to safety now!” he expected them to keep going to the castle as he spoke to the brethren in his own language. “Sevir Mina Tlu!!! Nid inbal naubol ulu xun xuil L’thalack!” his blade beheaded the other drow that was in pursuit. The other two where on him as well. They tried for the prince it would seem since he only had killed two it’s the only logical explanation. “Damnation……” He cursed as he started to sense the other drow near by they where coming in fast for a fight. Kalandor was already covered in blood from head to toe in the gore of his enemies he cursed as they might be following the new guests damn it he had been to late to warn them a hunting party was after any who belonged to the surface. He summoned a globe of darkness behind him to confuse any of the other hunting party members it seems two of the drow were homing in towards prince and the woman.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya looked at scarlet as the girl passed out, she would smile as she was still holding her by the collar of her top. She would bring her over to the bed as it had bin a couple hours of her holding her there. “alright now things can get back to normal now rest and you will be yourself in the morning” she put her sister to bed and pulled up the sheets and covers to have her nice in bed. The black eyes still sticking around as once they came it was hard for her to turn them off, so it was like tunnel vision and senses on over drive. She walked down to the main hall as Samuel was no longer there he had left a wile ago with Milla and had not come back yet, more then likely they were horsing around or being fools like normal. She could hear something going on outside but moved to sit in her throne if she dealt with bad matters she did not know if she could control herself.  She did not want her son to see the fact she was still old her in some ways but only when she let herself go but right now she would control herself flawlessly and wait for her son to come back in. A Guard came over with some papers as he gave them to her and she flipped the pages “so some towns people are refusing to pay there taxs” “yes lady Anaya but the guards will enforce it if you want. ” “no do not worry about it i will go down there this week” she nodded to the guard and he took his post at her flank and stayed silent.  Anaya just flipped another paper and her eyes started to go back to normal.

Emmy (Brooke): -Laying in her shocked state she didnt move much she didnt want to move. This is how it was ment to be, she thought, her father wouldnt stop. While her mind was clouded in the sulk fest she created, she didnt hear the first warnings of whatever broke out. It wasnt til she felt the vibration of the boots on the ground nearing her, she was aware that something bad is going down. Also she did notice she had her keen senses back, finally.. she sat up and stood to her feet. About that time Emmy was met with a Drow that stopped her in her tracks, putting her in a choke hold instantly. The gratification that the drow got by slowly squeezing the life out of the poor Emmy was seen in his eyes when he watched, Emmy clawed at his face with her nails, getting a grip she jammed her thumb up his left eye socket causing the creature to scream in pain and throw Emmy. Thankfully she got to her feet quick and headed for the other path, she didnt know where it would take her, but, she needed to flea for she risked the dismemberment of her own soul, and her hosts. To the right of her as she kept running she heard the yelling and joy of other's and that is where she went, she only spotted a rather large male figure, white hair battling more than one Drow. Before she could run, the one that Emmy clawed his eyes to get out of his grasp caught up to her from behind, she screamed in surprise only to be dragged away back toward the treeline where the drow's came, Emmy struggled and shrilled to try and get from his cuff. She even rared back and landed a nice right hook, but, the drow seemed unphased by her lack of strength. Emmy didnt look back, she was scared of the outcome about that time another wave of 10 more drow came rushing in and past her, she screamed in warning once more. Was this the darkness her father told her about, In the weakest of her life, the worst had happened...-

JeffDeLaRose: "Yes! Go get my mother! Then stay inside! I can't have you getting hurt!" Jeff yelled as they were surrounded. He subsequently pulled out his Katana, grasping the hilt with both hands and watched as two Drows came closer. Shifting his foot to the left, pivoting on the ball of his foot, and stomping his other down, sending a pulse of energy through the earth. The Drow on the left swung a blade as Jeff pivoted, causing the prince to dodge the steel swiping through the air. Jeff's own blade swung down, decapitating the dark elf easily, watching the head roll to the ground with a shocked expression, then the body after. Jeff then turned the blade around, holding the blade behind him and thrusting it backward, into the heart of the other Drow. Then came the other three. Jeff grunted as he looked to the free drow carrying the girl off and Jeff leaped into action. He watched as one moved forward, and Jeff moved to kick straight, sending the enemy to the ground, where Jeff then used it's back to jump up, and turned with a back kick to the 2nd Drow's face. Finally, sword still in hand, Jeff charged toward the third Drow, and slammed his blade forward, stabbing the large katana straight through it's stomach before turning and pulling the bade out, before continuing his vampiric sprint toward the kidnapping Drow, whom had had his eye damaged by the girl. He ran passed the man whom introduced himself as Kalandor and held his blade out, watching him fight the Drows off as well. The blade ran through the neck of a single enemy and disabled it. "You're welcome!" Jeff screamed sarcastically and kept his pace before sheathing his katana and pulling his dagger. "Hang on Miss!" The prince yelled, holding his arm back and holding the knife by the steel, with two fingers. Letting the blade go, it soared through the air, flipping multiple times clockwise before planting itself into the skull, and through the other eye of the man. He immediately let go of the girl and fell next to her, crumbling in a limp heap on the ground. He then ran up to he and held his hand out, looking to more Drows circle Kalandor. Jeff gripped her wrist and pulled her to her feet. "Get inside! We are under attack!" He pointed toward the kingdom, then bent down and ripped his dagger from the dead Drow. Jeff then pulled another, duel wielding the enchanted blades tightly before running back to the circle of kin that readied to attack his new-...battle partner. Jeff walked up behind one and stabbed the enemy 11 times in the back, before pushing him into the blade that tried to retaliate against Jeff attacking his friend. The Drow sailed through the blade, traumatizing the other one just long enough for Jeff to end his life as well with a swift slice to the jugular. Both fell, giving Jeff an opening to run in the circle, placing his back to Kalandor. "Okay. I've got your back, friend." Jeff spun his daggers between his fingers, as the remaining Drows closed in. "Come on!"

 He twirled the scimitar the dark cursed weapon would pulse with dark energy as his blades where enchanted. It was like seeing a beautiful massacre that began to play out within the rhythm. Kalondor loved to kill but only for the right reasons. It made him a savage animal like a beast amongst men. He hates to unleash such a travesty in the eyes of the female race though. Seeing the woman began to be dragged off he was districted with another broadsword. He mocked the opponent. “Dosst Kiel.” He smirked as he plunged the sword into the males neck the his blade almost cried in hunger as it fed on yet another soul the sickening crackle of the bones and impaling flesh could be heard from his strikes. Not even clean cuts as most of them where serrated from the blades edges. He was not angry with them or sad that he was killing them. It was pure joy utter happiness of the carnage as his eyes grew wild upon every thrust. Slitting throats and stabbing carnage the blood flowed onto his body as his white hair began to become red from the blood bath that was ensuing. The mind flayer would be asleep back at the castle he cared little for his companion’s safety. That much Kalendor expected, as he always had to find a way out without its help. It was if a dance he was doing was the dance of death. It seemed as if this was easy for him to take the lives of so many. He cared not since his own kin were among the other things to fight upon this world. Parrying another strike he viewed a woman began to be dragged off by some random men in the struggle. It was if the dance where upon him... he laughed as he continued the fight. He took one of the drows heads as he jumped down from a tree he began to push his thumbs into the eye sockets. The male screamed it seemed for minutes before he herd the sickening pops of the eyes. The blood squirted onto the ground as Kalandor made sure the man suffered for attacking him. Another he slashed the Achilles tenants upon the male as he tumbled backwards the poison from his blades was obviously had no effect so instead with superhuman strength he ripped out the mans traquea. He began to gasp for air as if drowning upon land from the blood that would well up in his throat. His body convulsed like a ragdoll as he relished the agony of his demise. His swordsmen skill was unlike any other as he seen the woman start to get carried away he blinked a bit as it was the demon that couldn’t do anything? Unheard of this demon nurr speak of to be so weak he began making his way to the direction of the thicket of swords. He parried and cut his way through what seemed to be a endless amount of members. Did they teach them nothing In the school? He thought less of the drow since he had been apart of the society. But this was fighting for children upon the battle he had tried to aid the woman but seeing as the young prince had taken care of the problem he would smirk. He was a skilled advasary in battle as he would come to his back the enemy where around him. “Well if you have my back I guess its only as good as I take yours… how many drinks are we serving tonight.. eh. “ He laughed as he parried one blade disarming the male entirely before ramming the cold enchanted blade into the mans stomach twisting it to rip all of the organs making a crunching noise as he pulled it out.  “There are many… I say has that woman found your mother yet it seems as though they wont give up…I would say we were almost fighting dwarves.” He made a slight sarcastic remark to his own kin as he parried another blow above jeffs blind side and smirked. “it seems were both to drink for how much times we have saved one another I the woman over there she doesn’t really fit the damsel type. “ The night was entertaining as the two would be fighting so vigorously it had awoken in him something he had never felt before. The bodies where dropping each and every way it seemed this hunting party had been more then what it was. He reached out to the other creature that had fallen asleep in the library as if angry at it shouting at it telepathically. “EH! Are you gunna sleep or do your job you lazy squid!” the flayer inside the castle flailed around from sleep and began to sputter. Immediately it burst out the window as glass shards flew everywhere the flayers staff in hand. Nurr sent bults of impulse energy upon the waves of men that where on the ground as when he landed he began to devour the minds of them they were ever so tasty for him. Finally thought Kalandor the lazy thing finally helped him for once it always sleeping on duty. He rolled his eyes at the sight of the thing before throwing two more knives into two more oncoming assailants. “It seems my race is determined by some will to slay us tonight….” Kalandor smirked as he gave a lazy expression to the prince. “Did you sleep with a matron of some house or something???” He put a little of the humor to the blood shed that was going on before checking up on the woman he looked to the frightened creature. “Nice eye shot… I do not think this is the ideal location of a summer home my lady I suggest you get inside quickly before you get hacked to whatever it is you eat.” He parried another blow that went for Emmys head and then looked down to her. He laughed as he parried the blow again beheading the elf the head would tumble down and land in emmys lap. Looking back to the prince he sure he had got this one so he quickly reached into his pouch and gave emmy a dagger. “There use this its better then a fist.” He made his way back to the prince and began defending them both for if he fell well he would not be far behind. “I do hope your lady comes out with some pretty heavy magic.. we could use the support I believe where pushing them back.”

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff stepped backward, dodging blades left and right. "We could drink for every man we kill tonight! At least they died for something!" He then grunted to himself as he was caught off guard, spotting the Drow almost attack him before being protected. "Thanks! Guess I gotta-..." Jeff then tossed his dagger as hard as he could, into the chest of a Drow archer, trying to snipe his companion. The arrow snapped forward and Jeff reached out with his vampiric Speed and snatched the Drow arrow in mid air. Then, with a quick turn, he slammed it straight into the head of another enemy. Jeff then heard him mention magic and he Jeff nodded. "I got you covered. Just-...hold them back!" Jeff felt his energy pulse as Nurr joined them, raising brightly, and shinning to all around him. Blue energy orbs smoked and flamed around his saintly fingers. His telekinetic energy flared and sparked, as his eyes turned into a solid baby blue, cutting through the darkness outside. He then took a step back, aiming at all the oncoming hoard of Drows, and he thrusted both hands back, then forward, sending a giant energy blast through them, broken became the barrier of enemies, cutting most In half and simply exploding more. 30 men, dead in a single attack. Jeff then turned to 2 men and lifted both of them into the air with each hand, slamming them together until the went limp in the air, then he simply dropped them. The prince then placed his hood up, not having his mask on. "Let's go!" He grunted softly feeling his energy lower. "We need to bring them away from the kingdom! Get them away from my family!" Jeff then screamed out with rage, his blue aura able to be seen by the human eye, literally glowing in the night sky. His clothing was tattered, and his anger was great. "Ashe needs to stay safe!" He then forced a gust of energy out of his palms, closing them together, toward another group of oncoming enemies. "Did you piss off an entire Army?!" He grunted to Kalandor and Nurr, before dipping back to dodge a blade. The prince sprung back up, slamming his two fingers into the enemy's eye sockets and absorbing his energy clear from the brain. The prince then held his hand out to the few remaining Drow in his corner. Cracking his neck, then knuckles he spoke softly. "I can destroy everyone. I can take you all apart!" Jeff watched the fear turn on their faces, most backing up and running, before a few more ran into battle. Jeff smiled, his hand out to them, just glowing in the dark. "Keep them off of me! I am gonna burn them out!" Jeff shouted as his energy flared for one final attack. "Come on you bastards!"

Arsynn Rage: Running inside Ashe passed a guard. "Where is the Queen?" She asked quickly. "Now!" She demanded when he did t seer quick enough. "On her throne Miss Ashe. You may not want to bother her..." His voice faded as she had begun running toward the throne room seeing Amaya on her throne with paperwork on her lap. "Miss Anaya. Jeff.. A Drow.. Many many more.. Fighting.. Outside." She gasped out in between breaths. "They need... you. There are ....dozens of them. And they have ....the new girl!" Not having known if the girls was saved yet or not. Spitting out everything she knew she then turned immediately on her heel and back toward the front of the castle to help her... Boy fr..... teacher..

 He laughed as he counted the bodies he felled with the blades.  “Ha piss off a army not I simply asked for charity and they said no it seemed.” He laughed as he swept the leg from the man jeff would take care of a few rangers and he laughed. “Not bad of a brawler yerself if I would see.” The flayer would release another burst from his want sending fifty men from there positions. “Ha seems old nurr hasn’t lost his touch in all these years.” The battle raged on as jeff had a plan he rose a brow to this man. Doing as he was asked every drow that went in radians of the prince he butchered. All the more body counts for him as the corpses where piling on nicely. He heard the screech as something began to roam up through the trees cracking and creaking like a giant spider. “I suggest you power your spell quickly It seems they brought some Driders….” He hated these things. The Half drow half spider creatures began to rise from the forest in a rage. They had half the mind of a drow and just used their spider like bodies to work the damage out. He parred the first half spiders spear with some difficulty they upped the ante and where no longer kidding around. The poisoned spear slashed downwards in a arc as the half spider hissed at him. It followed him back and forth as he had nothing better but to dodge its legs and the spear it was a eye soar. He finally had a idea he hoped to a tree climbing it with east as the Drider would focus its attack upon jeff he took the spear from the thing and stabbed it through the abdomen. The screeches where spiderlike as it kicked around dying from the impalement he laughed as he twisted the spear wiping the good from his head. “Well it seems there is more coming are you done with that spell yet man? “ He would have more of the drow upon him as he parried more strokes. “Don’t be alarmed im going to try something to get your attention away from you. “ he summoned a globe of darkness and threw it over the prince shrouding him with it to keep him charging whatever attack he would do. He grew tired with the swords. Soon they would be overwhelmed he was certain the castle would be the only safe haven then.

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JeffDeLaRose: The energy rose higher and higher with each passing moment. Kalan was killing everything that came his way, the girls were safe, and the kingdom was still standing. This needed to stay the same, or they were all going to die here, on this lawn. "I'm almost charged! Just a little bit longer!" His short white-blond hair flapped in the wind that circled his body. The blue aura that surrounded him grew and grew, until towering the kingdom itself. Jeff watched the spiders crawl from the depths of the forest and his eyes widened. "I fucking hate spiders." He thought back to being covered in them, down in the hold and shuddered as he listened to the legs glide over to him, passed him, and behind him. Everyone was surrounded and his energy was almost at a full capacity. He just needed to release one attack, that could very well end his own life. He needed to save his townspeople. That was his goal all along. Be the king that the kingdom needed. Kings died for their kingdom each day, and this is how Jeff wanted to die. On the battlefield, protecting those he loves. He felt his energy flare once more before clenching his fists and staring to the enemies dying all around them. Emmy, Kalan, and Ashe, all around. All outside. He took a deep breath and screamed out as rocks, and sand rose from the ground around his feet.  His muscles twitched, and the rage inside him built more and more. The girl he loved would be alive, his friends would be alive, and he well-...he might not be. "Ashe! I'm sorry! I love you! Everyone else, hold onto something!" Jeff then released all the built up energy in a wave of power, but not before placing telekinetic shields around Nurr, Kalandor, Emmy, and Ashe, then his kingdom, protecting all those inside. All the townspeople evacuated to their homes which were now shielded as well, safe. Jeff felt his power tear through body after body, completely dissolving the creatures from the inside out, tightening their nerves, destroying every muscle, popping every brain. The blast fell over the kingdom, rattling the foundation, but not damaging it, simply sailing through the lands. Every Drow and Drider was destroyed instantly by the large blast, sending the wave of power in 360 degree around him, and ripping through the forest, literally destroying every hidden Drow that planned to attack. Every hostile target, gone. All that was left when the smoke cleared was A staggering Jeff, trying to stay on his feet, his 3 new friends, Nurr, Kalan, and Emmy, and his mate, Ashe. Clothing tattered and hair a mess, blood trickling down his chin softly. "We-..did it." He whispered, turning back to look at Kalan, whom most likely stopped swinging his sword as the blast went off, for he would be swinging at nothing. Each enemy was dust at their feet, only leaving behind hundreds of swords. "I'm sorry-...I'm-...really sleepy. And I have rude of me." Jeff took a step toward the group of friends before simply crashing to the ground. He had no energy left, and the fact that he had gone days without feeding made him stronger, yet weaker in the same sense. Had Jeff fed prior to the battle, his attack may not have taken everyone out, and then they would be in trouble. Jeff's lack of blood lust saved lives today. Maybe he wasn't a monster? No. He was a DeLaRose. The farthest thing from monster. Jeff slowly began to recharge, staring up at the night sky, savoring their victory on the battle. "Did you-...see me Jaurl? I-...I did it. We did it." Jeff smiled to himself before slowly reaching into his pocket to pull out a cigarette. He placed it in his lips and lit it accordingly, taking drags and staring up at the stars. Everyone else however? How would they celebrate their victory?

Arsynn Rage: Running out the door Ashe stopped in her tracks with her eyes wide. The entire yard was full of the enemy Drow, and some sort of spider beings. She felt fear like never before as both hands instantly burst into flames, her eyes scanned the crowd for Jeff. There was a beautiful blue light... It was massive.. She couldn't worry about where it came from, she had to find her love. Where was he...? Was he okay..? She couldn't think of much else but finding him and helping.. She ran out Into the middle of the fight, not afraid of being hurt, of dying, or of being dragged off.. Spotting the Drow Elf from the woods, she knew Jeff couldn't be too far. The elf was holding his own out there. And then she saw Jeff.. Standing back, his clothes tattered, blood soaked, and almost the entire kingdom covered in a blue Aura that HE was emitting. She wanted to run to him, help him...  But, Ashe soon realized that he didn't need her, or her help. He was powerful, and needed no one, it was she that needed him... His voice rang out apologizing to her and telling everyone to hold on. She was too far from the castle to get inside, so all she could do was bare down and cover her face. And with that a blast rang out, her body felt heavy, her fear fueled her fire and soon felt her entire body covered in heat.  Sitting up in pain Ashe looked down at her body, and it's entirety covered in flames. Her clothes.. Spotting Jeff as the smoke cleared he was staggering, and stood quickly and  ran to him, still ablaze.

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy was freed, flinching at the sudden clutch at her waist she stepped back and started running toward the castle, she has had enough for one day just after she was snatched up again only to witness a decapitation. Normally.. this would have been diisturbing to the poor soul, but, Emmy was used to it. Now, bloodied and broken of her usual demoness pride she took the dagger from the white haired man. On her feet she continued her track back to the castle, as she reached the outer wall she felt safe, a few hundred feet away she could watch the end of the attack. With the man's dagger still in hand and heavy breath's she was thrown into a panic, it was then she seen other's from the castle come to defend, only, to be late to the party. Emmy couldnt shake the moment, thrown on top of her father's little ghostly visit she needed to get off this land, mostly, because she couldnt take having anymore blood on her hands. Convinced that it was the work of her father, the attack, she knew he wouldn't stop and this wasnt the end of his blood hunt for her. -

 After the attack he heard the sounds of retreat it was unlike the drow to retreat but it seemed as though everything grew silent. The trees rustled and his hands tightened around his swords he would finally witness the outburst of the prince it seemed that the damage would finally do the trick. Nurr was always the celibately one he floated back to the castle and went back to the library to find a book and sleep for some reason its all he liked to do. Kalandor would smile sheathing the blades that ebbed with power as he let out a smile for the victory was hard earned. He to were a drow but the makings upon his face where much different as new scars etched into his body. The blood stained his armor and his hair was nearly red from all the blood that he would have killed so much that he would have lost count. “That was the first time in a long time they ever attacked the surface…..they must be truly desperate to send such a large force…” he pondered this for a second for it was unlike any drow to send such a large party even with Drider to attack. Kalendor frowned as he looked back to the prince. “Well…. It seems your skills of battle have been met… well met prince Jeff it under these terms I would say a drink where in order.” He gave a half smile as he would feel the flayers presence return to a sleeping state and he would chuckle a bit. Dumb thing only did what he felt then left. Grabbing the spear form the Drider he killed he ripped it from the husk making a sickening bone crunching noise. “If you have gotten hit or nearly nicked by a blade I suggest medical attention. “His eyes traveled back and forth form every drow as he sighed. There where even young ones in the mix on their first raid it seemed. Their faces would be twisted in a horror as kalandor would shut its eyes.” Our weapons are poisoned with the deadliest of catalysts.. its not deadly to me but for you it could act quickly if untreated… “ Looking through he found some antidote on a person and tossed it before the prince. He looked to the frightened woman with the dagger was not there he would yawn and stretch. “Well that was great I never had so much fun!” he exclaimed as his red stained hair blew in the slight nightly breeze. “Never have I seen so much drow upon the surface each member of a house too… They must be desperate something stirs in the areas…. I believe.” He looked around a bit more before returning to the bloody garden terrace He was covered in gore from head to toe and new fresh scars would appear on his face. “Well I need to bathe before I drink…. That was one long battle surly fought… you know how to kill well im sorry this exile couldn’t help much I was afraid you would kill me. “ he let out a laugh before looking to the other woman by him and raised a brow. “i do not know what to do of the bodies.. that is something to reminisce it would seem. By the way where is that woman I gave my dagger too… id like that dagger back.” He looked around for her but could not seem to find her any were and shrugged.

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy wisked off into the castle, down the long corridor to the room she slept in the night before. She was in a panic and if someone was to interact with her, she would be started none the less. Once she found the room, dubbing it her own room she slipped in and slammed the door, resting her back on the worn wood. With a sigh of relief, she felt safe in the moment. She just dropped the dagger randomly, in the main room it was easy to slip off her blood stained silk dress and stepped into the bath tub, the water was cold that much she could tell. Her eyes closed and she dipped her head in the water submerging herself in the water that was already there*

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya had wondered off to some place knowing full well there was something going on outside but in her mind the winner was the winner and she was not going to get involved till it was inside the castle or truly could be known that it was out of hand.  Milla was out in the woods digging in the ground with her hands ripping out roots to eat them by herself. The girl looked up dirt on her face as she cleaned it off and ate down another root and got up rubbing her belly and walking out of the woods humming to herself as she paused and saw everything, dead body's everywhere there was spider people and dark skinned people and oh god the fucking mess she thought to herself. Her red eyes flickered as her mind was only on the fact this was a massive mess. Milla stood there looking at everything Anaya was going to be PISSED if she saw all for this, hell she was angry enough when there was boards and ship derby out here but hell this was blood on the grass and dead body's “what has happened here!” she yelled out and then locked her eyes on the prince “she is going to kill you and me if you don't clean this shit up, every time you are left alone why is everything dieing. And who the fuck is the new guy!” she looked to the Drow and watched the mind flayer go into the castle and leave the area to do what ever as she blinked a couple of times she had left for a couple hours to eat and she comes back to hell all over the lawn once agein from the battles and shit that seems to always happen. “ok so you better do some cleaning cus i am not doing this shit alone i am to old for that crap!” she cussed under her breath as she walked up grabbing a body and tossing it over her shoulder like it was nothing. To everyone she was simply a human but in the end if anyone cared to look or ask it was clear she was not. But no one ever asked so she really did not care and her anger blinded her from acting like the human girl she was to act like.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -As Scarlet returned to reality, her wounds began to disappear when the cells regenerated themselves within her before she woke up, she gasped and sat up then looked around the fixed up room, She could tell that something was different and got out of bed feeling a slight tingle in her head, She felt something in her mouth and spit out a hard piece of black stone that possibly came from her fight with Obsidian “Who's the strong one now?” Scarlet said with a victorious smirk as she walked out of her room and down the hall with her purple cape on,  She found a bathroom and threw the black stone down the sink then chased it with hot water, She then spit the rest of the liquid out and walked out of the bathroom with a strange sense that something else was going on, “ah skit” She said to herself as she made her way to the top of the stairs seeing that only the workers were around and ran down the stairs almost tripping in the process, as soon as she got down the last step, one of the guards stopped her and told her not to take another step “I'm well enough to fend for myself if that’s what you're thinking” She said with her hands on her hips, The guard didn't listen and told her that it was for her own good to stay in the castle and that her family had the issue under control “I'm still going o—ouch!” She said said as the guard grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her off her feet “Let me go you jerk” she demanded as she kicked her feet around and tried to kick him in the process, He took her to a chair in the main room and sat her down and he didn't leave her side as she grumbled-

JeffDeLaRose: "H-hey Ashe." Jeff smiled, laying on the ground, puffing his cigarette. He sighed softly and looked to the ground, each body slowly crumbling to dust as the wind picked up, almost as if a war had never happened, minus the hundreds of Drow weaponry littering his mother's yard. He gave a cough and stared back up into her eyes, putting his cigarette out on her behalf. "I wasn't stabbed or anything. I just-...used up all of my energy. Here, help me up." He placed his hand out to her. Once she had picked him up, he would place his arm around her and grunt as they slowly reached the castle. "At least the mess cleaned itself." He whispered, before spotting a screaming Milla. The noble prince looked to his friend, leaning slightly on Ashe and spoke softly. "Don't worry Milla. All will be fine. The bodies will all crumble away within the hour and the weapons will be picked up, and sold off. I'm sure my mother's hold, and mate will be pleased." Jeff have a respectful now, despite dripping blood, and strolled inside with Ashe, and up the stairs. He gave a soft groan as he passed Nurr by the library, thankful for his help, yet still uneasy around it. Then he spotted the guards, all saluting the prince as he and Ashe limped into their bedroom. Jeff  then let go of her and peeled his bloody top off, then his crimson bottoms. His boots, gloves, and socks, all peeled away. Jeff say there, on the bed in his shorts like undergarments and simply stared at the floor. "I many people." This was when he finally got himself a good look at Ashe, with his vision finally coming back to full strength. She was at a power level unlike before. Jeff smiled, not noticing her heat before due to his own power. "I'm-...proud of you. Will you-...lay with me? I feel rather drowsy. And I-...don't want to lose you again."

Arsynn Rage: -removing most of her clothes leaving only a thin cotton slip dress and climbing into the bed  beside Jeff, Ashe settled in. Covering Jeff with the blanket and laid on her side facing him. Moving his hair from his face, she sighed- "Jeff." She whispered. "I was really worried about you today. But I finally realized you don't need anyone.. For anything. You saved your entire family today.. And you saved me. And your new Drow friend helped and stood his ground well. I was too late. Once I went to your mother, you had already handled it. You didn't murder thousands, you protected our home. Please Don't forget that." She said leaning over him to kiss him quickly before turning over, she had a lot on her mind..

 It seemed as if the night where almost over but yet it just began. He was a little fatigued from the battle but the fight was a well fought. He looked to his left and noticed the prince had gone. He sighed a bit as the drow remains were withering slowly upon the days end. His eyes drew towards the person screaming for a random reason and rose a eyebrow. More demons it would seem surfacing was something uncommon but here it seemed to be a normal sight. He paid no heed to the creature as he still looked to the faces of the kin. It seemed even the younger males had seen their end. It was such a pity that they came to a ruthless end there had to be something about this. No drow ever attacked in numbers like this before it was an unheard of event. He looked amongst the things that littered the area and would say a soft good bye. They were once his kin anyway but it seemed their hearts had turned to an unseen power. He sighed as he looked back to the castle remembering the flayer. Nurr had been acting strange lately It was unsettling as normal. Nurr having returned to the study would watch as the prince would slowly walk back with this woman. He studied all the reactions of the woman as if tending to him. He had only a few scars upon his body it was nothing new he smirked as he felt the malice of someone in the castle and he was sure it was coming from the person who he had met. He sputtered a bit as he sat upon this leaving the drow to toil in the yard was something the mind flayer would not really care about it seemed he cared less and less about him since well. He was out for his own interests. He would find a corner in the library and began to snooze floating in mid air as normal he began to rest standing upright. The drow would look around the area as if the nights seemed to grow colder. This was a unsettling fact as the prince had exerted all of his strengths he would get his drinks later it would seem. The woman who ran off with his dagger he would sigh. “Damn demons cant be trusted…..” he would sigh as the dagger thief would be illusive at this point in time. Factoring In as most of the drow equipment were to be sold off was a unsettling idea for even those who would posses the weapons these fragments were magical and some could even kill the wielder. He shrugged some as he watched more of the bodies dissolve. He was unhappy that he had to slay so many of his kin the fact remained as his kin where dissolving he knew most of the members were male. Used for the queen just as pawns they were he had broken this curse upon himself as he dident serve the spider queen any longer. He sighed as he took off his cloak it was covered in blood as it needed to be washed of corse. Finally he would enter the castle throwing his cloak to a unfitted guard he looked upon him. “Make sure you wash it… It requires it so the prince knows who I am if you have questions.” His eye brow would raise. “And do not make a move toward me I sleep with a dagger….I may be drow but I am not them.” He brushed past the person and made his way to a chamber it seemed. The chamber was dark and had wanted posters all crossed out on the table. It seemed dust had been all over it as it had not been used in years. The bed was a mess as well as it looked as no one had entered it in a very long time. Letters were attached as if the queen had another son he wouldn’t know about? He made his way around the room not even knowing who’s it was he dusted off some books as it contained person records of the business in the kingdom long ago. It wasn’t interesting to see so he just set it aside. He drew himself a nice hot bath removing his clothing completely. Slowly he descended into thought as the bath was ever so warming. Who ever lived here must have had some form of class. He thought about this a lot was upon his mind as the castle grew quite. He slowly dryed himself off after a good hour of hot soaking his hair was white and silky once again. He smiled even though he went to lay on the bed it made a poof of dust in the air. He grumbled as he got under the covers he would have to bathe again in the morning it would seem from the absence of this room. He rolled over and began to go into a deep sleep like state. The dagger under the pillow rest without the other dagger that were stolen from him. the morning was  approaching.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff has awoken to the sounds of dozens of servants and guards picking up the clattering Drow swords, shields, spears, knives, and hammers from yesterday's large brawl. It felt like ages since the prince had went to bed, and now he, with his fully charged power, would have to crawl out of bed. He opened his blue, crystalline eyes, breaking through the darkness off the room, whilst he listened to the men work repeatedly. Jeff had asked for someone to come in and pick up the littered weapons and sell them off to fill the hold with more coin, which he himself could use to fund the town, after talking to his mother about it first. Knowing her, she would probably not even care about Jeff and Kalandor fighting off an army last night, and saving the family. She would probably tell him it's his fault for being hot headed even though the Drow attacked he and Ashe first. Giving a large sigh, the prince reached over and gripped his mask with index finger, middle finger, and his thumb, and brought it up to fit perfectly across his maw. Crimson stained the snow blond strands that cascaded in front of his beautiful hues, for the prince had not the energy to shower after such an epic battle had made him submit to all of his power at once. He knew they would all die if he didn't take the risk of giving up his own life. He gave another sigh as these thoughts passed his mind, turning to see the reason he gave a shot at losing his life. Ashe, curled in the blankets with her beautiful silk like hair flowing gracefully around the pillow. Her figure perplexed him, knowing she had seen horrible things. Knowing she had been through Trauma. Knowing that she was fighting her own inner demons. How could someone be so well put together be so torn apart? He smiled, pulling down his mask, and gave the sleeping beauty a protective kiss on her forehead, before raising from the bed, slowly, as to not disturb his bed mate, and walked over to the shower to begin his day, and get the blood and brain out of his hair.

 The morning dawned through the windows as he awoke to the infernal orb that hung in the sky. He sighed as he missed the deep pits of the underdak were it was always so dark. His unclothed body would rise from the sheets as he looked down to the castle floor still the blood from the brawl last night was upon the ground. The bath from last night was a fulfilling one it helped him clear his mind as the flayer would already be in the chambers where he was he felt the presence of it as it cocked its head to peer at him. “Good morning old friend. “ He greeted the flayer with a  nod. As Nurr greeted him back he would nod and speak. “Do you require substance for you body the servants upon this land offered food to your required tastes…” Kalandor waved a hand as if to cut him off. “I have no interest of late in there weird tastes….I have something better. “ he took the sack of supplies that he had forage from last nights raid a lot of plunder he could not just simply leave around that area. He looked around the room as nurr continued his books that he was so confident Kalandor would smile a bit. “Go find the woman that has my dagger…. Maybe that will give you something to do. “ He smirked a bit for he had no idea where this woman could be since this place was huge. He would dress ceremonially today it was not something he did a lot because he loved to wear his black armaments and well he felt more safe with the enchanted armor then any thing. Instead he wore the traditional Drow leisure wear. The fine silks he would wear were a deep red enriched with a purple tint to them. From the leather chest pice that housed the image of a spider that inlaid upon it. He smiled as it reminded him of his home he liked being reminded of such places but sighed knowing their society would never change. His hair he just let fall down past his shoulders. It was well groomed as the rings of fallen heroes that had challenged him were placed in the front as a sort of decoration of his personal touch. He smiled as he stepped forth as to look presentable before the queen and perhaps that one lad he saw earlier. He would not know as Nurr would still be sitting on the chair he would raise a brow to the creature. Nurr finally would nod to him before closing the book and floating out the window. He finally would be out looking for the strange lady as he began to peer in the windows of all the occupants to try and find her.

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy had passed out on the bed, sometime during the night though it had not been long for her sleep. She woke up startled in a gasp, as if she was being choked in her sleep. It was only a dream, as she looked around the room, her cautious blue eyes gazing along the room. Finding nothing she flopped back on the bed with a sigh of relief, There was a few things that occupied her mind, one of them of course her visit that she had just before she was whisked away. There is always the problem that surfaced, for whatever reason she had it in her mind that she needed to see this place safe. The plus side she felt a bit more like her old self, with that, grew her confidence in herself. She was a lot more reckless, mostly because this human form wont be so .. fragile. Emmy was still weak in her own way, as she glanced down at her palms she could slowly form a ball of black ice, a small half grin crossed her red lips. As she got up and got dressed with a better fitted dress this time, hugging her silhouette much better, she went to the door only to snatch up the dagger that she was given too the day before. Clearing her throat she took a breath and opened her door..... -

Arsynn Rage: Hearing the shower start Ashe turned over and stretched her limbs with a yawn. The bloodbath of yesterday already gone from her mind. She may be small but she had witnessed many horrors in her short 23 years. Smiling to herself she lifts herself up onto her elbows and looks toward the bathroom, a slight smirk crossing her lips as she climbs out of the bed her bare feet hitting the cold floor, as she moves to the bathroom, dropping her light cotton gown to the floor and climbing quietly into the shower with her bed mate.. "You think you could wash my back?" She asks with a grin. "I do have your blood, and probably half of the ash laden bodies outside blood running through my hair as well".. "Least you could do." She then turned her back to him, and pulled her hair to one side, looking over her shoulder at him. "I am very proud of you. You were amazing yesterday, you saved everyone. Including me.. And noones ever done that before."

Scarlet DeLaRose: -It was the next day and Scarlet was fast asleep in the main room, She had tired herself out fusing and fighting the guard that wouldn't let her outside and now she was waking up to one of the maids washing her face, “what the…did I fall asleep here?” She was pretty abrupt when she got and almost made the maid fall, “Pardon me.” She said as the watched her walk up the stairs, Scarlet went to her room and changed into her huntress clothes, then she went back downstairs with a yawn with her cape flowing behind her and her crest blade on her side“ I'm going out wether you all like it or not. “ She said as she pointed to everyone then walked out the door, She made an animalistic call as a winged creature came out from the woods and wisked her away, she knew exactly where she wanted to go and pointed to her destination that could only be seen from the skies, the winged creature swooped down and roughly landed next to a body of water that was next to the cave that she uses to take shelter when she's out hunting, she took off her cape and put her weapon on the ground before diving into the water with her silver bodysuit still on to go for a swim “Finally. A place to myself” She said to herself as she swam over to the edge and rested her head on the grass-

Anaya DeLaRose: Milla walked inside covered in dirt she was out all night digging holes and putting body's in them as she thought it would be good to do it, sadly there was a lot of body's so it was a large ass grave out in the woods and she was beat and covered in dirt. She let out a grunt like snort as no one was around to hear her. She looked up spotting a guard as she gave that look with her blood red eyes and he moved and slinked to another room. “odd how Anaya is not out already doing the morning junk like every day. Wonder were she is off to” “she is out for the day she left last night to do something i don't know what said she would be gone all day said it was business matters” Samuel barked as he came out of the side room eating a raw fish and sucking it down kinda gross really to watch him suck a fish down his chompers. He looked at her as all he did was smile at her. “so she will be gone allll day” Milla looked back at him as she gave that not happy look “ya means i have a lot of work to do Samuel” she marked back at him as she started to walk to Anaya's throne picking up the books Anaya had left laying around and start picking up the mess that squid faced moron had made tossing books every witch way “this place is a pig pen and it needs a good cleaning go outside and down to town and pick up the small shipment of dried pork we got form the east there small boat should be at the river within the hour. Pick it up and bring it back here and have some workers get to work on the town right away for rebuilding it if Anaya gets back to this shit she will have my hide. People seem to be able to make a mess and not clean it so it gives me a bunch of work to do, hell at least i have a job mister sits on his ass and does nothing unless told to” she snaped at him as he looked at her “you are acting like a boar Mill careful your tusks are showing” “GET GOING YOU WORTHLESS SHIT DRAGON!” she yelled at him as she tossed a book at his head and Samuel ran from the room almost falling down laughing.

 He walked out of the room with his fancy ranger outfit on but made sure he would wear his favorite cloak that the guards should have washed. He put on the white cloak and smiled to the guard. “Thank you for the wash it needed it so.” He placed it around him and continued to walk in the halls. The flayer would see the weird boar thing and well of coarse Samuel one he had met to the beginning of this adventure. He chirped again as he would do nothing but stare down to the random dragon thing as if analyzing its actions. It would finally converse with the thing as he looked down at Samuel in human form. “Creature from before hand… The day is bright and I greet you under this a cursed sky.” He was referring to the sun as if this day could not get any worse since this infernal thing existed upon the world. He would issue his greeting and slowly closed his mind of to his friend Kalandor. Kalandor walked endlessly through restricted parts of the castle of coarse because he saved it he deserved to get some food around here and searched everywhere to do so. He finally found the perfect table at the perfect scenic view in front of the castle where the royal family normally did their dinning. He didn’t need tea for a fixed cup  whine was all he needed the blackest of the black of whine he did yet enjoy the dark taste. He smiled, as though he had some thing to eat it was a nice and light breakfast with some fresh ingredients. He would expect nothing less. He waited to greet the man who he fought back to back with and perhaps even more people if they where even around. He set down his goblet of whine and looked puzzled to what he would do next. “My kin would not have attacked this area unless something had been given a order to do so…. Yet I have never been around here I am sure they haven’t either….” He would openly puzzle this perplexing situation. It sat with him through the morning as he looked around the castle it was if nothing really stirred by a random guard here and there.

Emmy (Brooke): -Entering the long corridor hallway, she had the dagger in hand. She could have cleaned it, but, alas she didnt. She was determined to leave this place, it was no place for her. It was foolish to think her kind would have peace, in that weak moment she would continue to bash and barrage herself in way's that she felt deserving. Though. at the end came the wide opened room, she heard the echos of the creature, the talk of why it was such a mystery that the kind even attacked. Then. The words 'If ordered' threw her, she stopped cold in her track.- ... ".. I need to go" .. -a soft whisper to herself, along with a haste of movement as she just walked into the grand hall. It was busy with those few who where eating at the time. Perhaps 6 that Emmy could spot. the white haired creature with the tallest frame stood out to her, as she approached she held out the dagger that belonged to him by the blade its self, handing him the hilt first.- ... I believe this is yours. -This was the only thing she said, it was a low tone, stern and concerned though not for him, but her own well being.- I wanted to see to it that, you got it back. Personally. -She mustered up some sort of grin, it was a fake grin, but it was something familiar and friendly as her mind riddled with worry, running was her only concern-

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Scarlet DeLaRose: -As Scarlet rested herself, she closed her eyes and thought about her male partner and his short stay with her, She was wondering where he was at this moment since he disappeared without letting her know anything, She wished she could go find him and travel to the grounds that he might have walked on, She really did miss him dearly and hoped that he won whatever battle he was fighting “If I could I would” She thought to herself knowing that she would follow him anywhere no matter how dangerous the journey would be, She wondered if life would be different for her people without her there if she were to just leave them all of a sudden to search by herself and return days later, she knew that they would be fine without her and welcome her back,but what would happen if she were to disappear without a trace, She stopped her thinking and went back to enjoying her swim and the moment of freedom she had from her other self-

Upon his breakfast he would notice a the woman from last night would approach him. This woman was a strange one since he was told that she was some form of demon. He lowered his hand to the seat next to him as she told him of the dagger and what not. “Please sit….. “ he left the dagger sit upon the table and examined her carefully since she had to endure the massacre last night. A few more minutes past as he looked over her as if to study her. He began In a hushed whispered voice to dull the ears around him. “Your one that fits out of place in this castle it would seem. Thank you for the returning of my poisoned weapon. I hope you haven’t touched its edges the poison is rather lethal. “he gave a smirk before he spoke yet again. “they have many accommodations to fit your need here it would seem but non of the comfort of home… But this infernal orb in the sky has let me stay in for now.. please drink.” He tipped the bottle of whine to fill another goblet and pushed it over to the spot on the table. “Battle is a unseemly trait it seems you see it that way.. I have not met a demon who did not thrust for carnage. “ His voice was soft and deep hushed to the tone as he continued the day. “Do not worry there is no adversary here that will harm you… all of them are dead.” He chuckled a bit as he added a new rings to his hair from the fallen drow adversaries. “We can be a cunning foe…. If provoked last night was a weird encounter I haven’t seen drow so massed in one place. But keep your worry out of your mind it seems something has troubling you… may I inquire what. “

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy blinked at the creature, he was like them.. those that attacked. He wasnt hostile but she still would keep her distance for now, she dont know what to expect from such a man. She took a seat as he directed, one she sat, she gave a soft grin at the moment of silence between the two. She was watching him, trying to get a read on the male, as she suspected he was sure to do the same. Breaking the moment as he spoke she couldnt help but feel a tad bit vulnerable. Though she looked down at her hand that had the blade of the dagger, it was fine for the most part. Even if the poison did manage to penetrate it wouldnt be harming Emmy, per say, Just her host's flesh. There wasnt much that could penetrate her course, thick red skin of the demon. Though with her ability of black ice, it stopped the skin cells, of the human form. So. The poison wouldnt have an effect of death on her, but, perhaps there would be a reaction of sorts... perhaps.... Emmy looked up only to reply to his rather concerning questions ... I-I dont even know what home is, Nothing has felt like home in ... She shook her head, the soft velvet tone ringing from her, her blue gaze never left the sight of the man. .. Well.. a long while. Though the place is wonderful, I wont be here long.. In fact i was on my way out.... She paused in the conversation, only to nod .. I know too much about battle, though i didnt prove it here. I have had some Conflicts... She left it at that, only to shake her head with a soft chuckle .. Family problems, always a trouble.. the irony if he even knew, would be astounding, it's why she chuckled because he didnt. She didnt take the drink, mostly, because she found the particular stuff not to par. that and she couldnt stomach anything at the moment*

The woman was very strange in how she approached things very carefully. He would raise a brow as she looked at him kind of funny but continued to engage forth with in the conversation. “I have no home like you as well…. Exiles are always not welcome back under the threat of their own lives.” He place the golblet back down upon the table. “Does the whine not treat you well?” He would blink a few times as he looked to her not touching the drink. He simply would shrug as he contuned. “Were else would you leave to if not this kingdom… for I see it has gaurds walls and well a dragon and a peculiar man who seems to be gifted in the magical arts to fend off the fury of the drow. Well I would see that this land holds some form of protection from things even though I haven’t seen the dragon to get a closer look like my friend has.” He leaned back in his chair all comfortable like.  “If you ask me I would say to go no were because times are changing if drow are beginning to surface and raid their might be wars to come or worse…” He pondered that for a second. “Do not think my people would react to a demon with open arms if they caught you out in the wild… there are things that have been troubling me as of late since I have scouted the area. A village destroyed towns people in turmoil. It seems this place could use more of my help more then they think it. “ He looked out the window the sun  settled upon his white wavy locks. “And my friend down there… I have been taught to trust no one since the day I was born my lady.” He turned to look back to her. “I would not abandon your position here… we could discuss things with this countries ruler to have more suitable changes I hear your well acquainted first hand. I myself have not met the princes mother…” He would shrug as he looked around the room then back to her. “Give yourself some time to relax on the good miss-? “ he paused for the did not know her name.

JeffDeLaRose: Staring up into the nozzle as water poured all over his fit, nude body. Steam seemed to rise from his pale soft skin. He gave a large, relaxed sigh,  Looking down to the shower floor, he shifted his body to turn around, only to see the very lovely Ashe, naked and washing her body with a gentle tone flowing through Jeff's ears. "Absolutely." Jeff whispered, turning completely to face her back before bringing the soap up to her soft, smooth skin. He lathered her in suds before taking the bucket used for rinsing, and pouring the hot water gently down her back. "I just did what I thought I was supposed to. I figured saving everyone needed to get done. No one other than you had said anything to me about the battle. It's like everyone forgot. It happened less than 12 hours ago-..." Jeff whispered, running his hands through her hair, and giving a delicate kiss on her ample neck. "I'm-...lucky to have you. Thank you for everything. I'm proud of you too."

Arsynn Rage: With a quiet "thank you" Ashe Turned and washed her hair and climbed out of the shower, toweling herself off. She looked over her shoulder, "Let's go Prince, you have people downstairs and that tall Drow is still around somewhere. I'm pretty sure Milla is cleaning up the mess outside, she's worried about your mother having a fit. Maybe we should go down and see if she needs any help?" walking back into the room Ashe dresses tight fitting black leather pants, a silky red form fitting top, and her black boots. Her red locks flowing down her back, touching the top of her rounded derrière. "Come on Jeff. I'm starving!"

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy listened to the story that the man had to offer, it was a nice escape from what has happened. She watched this man, Her blue gaze set in and she didnt waver just yet. He wasnt bad looking, so it was easy to get lost in the male. In the end she gave a soft grin, though her gaze turned a bit sympathetic.- .. Do you not think i dont know what my kind has done to the world above? -She broke the deep glance down, picking at her nails to distract her from being too dark, it was no secret what she was, the only secret is WHO she was.- .. I know my kind is only welcomed in the dark corners of the surface.. -Her voice as she spoke was hollow sounding almost- .. If at all....... ..... I dont know where i would go, but, to hurt these people, this family i dont want to risk it. I am the very reason this place is even attacked... -She finally admitted, if that was the true reason. For sure she didnt know if it was, but, it was the only thing she could think of as the reason too. I may not know how those creatures work-- How your race works. But. I did hear you say if they are commanded, i know who could have commanded them.. He will stop at nothing to destroy my time on the surface, he will make me reside below..To rule....... -Emmy continued her story, though she trailed off to stop talking. She simply stood, she didnt know what she was going to get herself into, and she didnt know what she was about to face. Convincing her isnt the easiest thing. -

He took the dagger and played with it a bit listing to what she would have to say and considered the following. The great ways of his people would be overpowered by a force greater then him he would not know. He offered another bright source to the mix. “Well I can tell you this much.. Our people do not bow to demons nor elves nor any other race known to the cosmos. I am sure it was a cowardly act to stage this plan we always had long ago.” He tapped the goblet as she did not partake in any of the liquid he would only deem another concept. “Long ago we made a pact that we would get revenge for the elves trapping us beneath the earth. It is humorous in fact that even the flayers where captured to join our cause.” He took another sip of his amazing drink and set it back down as he picked up a fork. “We were clan destined to rid the surface with everything it seems they might be putting this into effect. Our females well… some are bright and some are not… but.. we must honor females above all else…it is in our heritage to do so.” He shrugged as he took a quick bite from his breakfast. “The funny thing is I don’t believe it has anything to do with strength but fear…” He looked to her. “You could be any demon you wished. From the center of the earth to any part of the realms foretold but I do not believe this castle would simply fall and crumble we have a good set of fighters if me and another could withstand the might of my race. Think of all the demons who would try to slay us.. We would be unstoppable.” He laughed a bit as he took the dagger and stabbed it into the meat upon the table. “HA!” he exclaimed. “Just like that I am ready for more food.” He clapped his hands and two dishes would be brought before them and set down upon the table. They had very good food here as he would lick the dagger from previously stabbing the meat. “Hmmm the poison is still ripe but fear not I am immune to it. A lot of time we drow spend concocting poisons to kill things we test it upon us to build an immunity. Now then Do not leave stay join me im sure the prince will be down with us or maybe that weird crazed yelling annoying thing that wasn’t the best on the eyes…” he refuted to milla in such ways but then again she was ordering the prince to do things.. it was unlike a kingdom for some non noble to give commands to a noble.

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy mulled over every aspect of what he said, there was truth to some of it, the other well, she wasnt too sure. She honestly didnt know where she would go, though she would have been fine the thought was there. a soft sigh escaped her lips, that should have told him her answer, a nod followed her sigh-.. I will stay, but, If anyone dies. I leave.-The man was a tad barbaric and well it was charming enough, the man reminded her of her humanity, which she was more in tune with as of recently than any other time in her life. Ever.-... Do you have a name?.. -her head tilted to her question, it was curious none the less.- .. I am Emmy.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet sighed to herself as she got out of the water and picked up her blade, she walked over to her winged beast and pet it’s head as she climbed on it to get her hooded cape, “ I might make that journey one day” she thought to herself as the animal flew into the air, it made it’s way to another part of the forest that was not as bright as the part she just left, “I wonder if I should go hunting today” She asked herself as she jumped down to explore the area, She was hoping to keep her ankles away from the vines and grass that covered the area because of her last hunting trip, She could hear the sounds of the forest in every direction and kept her hand on her blade in case she had to make a move, She crawled deeper into the bushy area until she slipped and tumbled down a steep part with a squeal, “woaah!” She said before she stopped tumbling and landed and her behind with her cape covering her face, “ ah dang it.” She said as she got up and looked around, she found a path and walked through it as she avoided some of the plants that were there, she got to the end of it and saw another cave with a glowing light coming from it “wait…is that…” She said as she walked inside of it, She could tell that this was her resting place when she stumbled upon her glass case that was still open from her last slumber, “ it feels like a long time…” She thought to herself as she touched the thick glass that was surrounded by crystals that lit up the cave, she got up and continued to walk through the cave until she found an entrance that was closed up and kicked through it, it lead her to a brighter part of the forest where her winged animal was waiting for her, she climbed on and gave the signal for it to fly into the air once again, “ let's go home” she said as they flew towards their destination-

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel jumped in mid air and turned around looking at Milla “AT LEAST I AM NOT A FAT PIG!” Millas eyes flickered as her hair all fell out and she let out a squeal as her anger sparked, she had spent all night trying to put body's in the ground. She had picked them up as they turned to dust and fell apart everything was ruined Anaya was going to kill her and it was at the end, Jeff had bin ignoring her she had no friends and she felt used and broken and could no longer take it. Her hands turned to hooves and her hair turned brown as she snarled and snorted as she screamed at him and charged forth right to him her tusks slamming into his chest as the man let out a snarling snort and his jaws broke apart as he smashed his teeth into the top of Millas head blood spilling form her as she dug her tusk into Samuel s chest as he let out a snarling Shrek “you worthless pig showing who you are now has the anger broken you that far what cant even talk anymore all you do is squeal!” he smashed his claw into her chest as she dug the tusk ever deeper into the mans chest as all he did was laugh at her, dark eyes turning green as the Wyvern took his foot and put it up on Millas boar chest and kicked her back as her hooves dug into the floor “LOOK AT THIS HOLE! It is in my chest, i can stick my hand in it!” Samuel yelled as the hole healed up, Wyverns had crazy healing ability's and it was clear now but so did Milla, she was a Azureian Boar Demon Lord and surprisingly she was very strong. She let out a snarl and pawed the ground as she looked at him her red dragon eyes not fitting her body and hair at all. Samuel moved his hand as scales covered his body and he started to change rushing the boar and smashing the top of his changing dragon head into her chest pushing her out the doors and sending them both flying across the yard. Milla ripped into him ripping out scales and smashing her tusk into his head and smashing at his horns, breaking off one as Samuel picked her up with his jaws crushing her in between them till her kicking started to get slower, he picked her form the ground and then dropped her to the yard as he watched as she was trying to get back up and he placed a single clawed foot on the 2 foot tall 12 ton wild pig. “that is enough you will not bleed out just stop this and stop the fighting Milla i don't want to fight you” Milla let out squeal and snort after another as she pointlessly  ripped out the scales on the sole of his foot, breaking off parts of his nail as he looked at her utterly not impressed knowing she was not even using any of her power and how she was simply using only brute force. Samuel lowered his head to look at her as she thrashed and tried to stab her tusk into one of his eyes, he let out a snort and just held the flailing boar down as it kept kicking and screaming.

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The woman’s company was unlike any other demon he had battled or had stayed in their presence for very long. Instead she was more like the race of humans. The mortal creatures where always so funny in how they did business. One hundred years was nothing really to the drow it was all but a blink in the eye for his people as he was in his prime. He would smile a bit before giving his name. “Kalandor my lady and it is an acquaintance to meet you miss emmy.. it seems if you stay I wish to be well more acquainted with you of coarse.” He would look back to her and sip more of the whine that was on the table he pushed her glass father to her. He would nod to her he started to hear some rumbling going on outside. He would wonder what was going on but he paid no heed to it. On the other hand the mind flayer would be ignored as he watched them go at it as he would watch the fight he would sputter around somewhere it seemed as though the two where at an impasses. Then he would shrug as nurr went back to the library. The Illithid would look still observing them from a far if the battle of the weird creatures it would amuse him thusly. Meanwhile Kalandor in the castle would tune out the fight because it was rather annoying as he focused upon the demon woman. “I wonder where the prince could be. “

Scarlet DeLaRose: -The winged animal landed with a thud infront of the castle stairs and roared as it flew back to its home leaving Scarlet outside, She made her way up to the castle doors, pushed them open, and saw the same guard in the main hall talking to his comrades, she quickly made her way to another room without him noticing and saw two people talking to each other then heard the other two fighting somewhere else, “What the heck are they doing?” She thought that they were going to tear up the whole place with their shenanigans and she sure wasn't going to be around for the aftermath, she was also starting to think that she missed more than she thought when she was stuck in the castle as she looked at the two strangers talking, “umm…I hope I'm not interrupting anything” She said shyly as she covered her blue jewel in the middle of her collar-

Emmy (Brooke): Usually Emmy would be for company, but, she just wasnt to sure how to handle the man. A friendly smile and a nod would accept his name, more so his company. .. It has been a pleasure, Kalandor. A moment's pause was something she wasnt too sure to give up. she didnt address anything else he said, though, the thought of him was one to not cause worry, Emmy would. She chuckled at his last comment only to nod .. I am sure he is around, perhaps you should go find your friend. I can find something to do.... Mostly she needed to go see what she could do, if at all her ability to shift into her demonic self was there, more so her ever defending black ice ability. Though the good company would be a good distraction, soon after there was a woman who entered, Emmy gave her a smile and a chuckle at the exact statement that was made only moments before, Emmy heard it, who wouldnt?.. But it didnt phase her, it couldnt phase her.... she was much to caught in the moment

He would look to the woman as if to say this and would shrug. “Who knows what the man is doing after an output of magic his body would be in a weak and frail condition… Its true that humans are remarkable but to output a magicka like that it seems near to be impossible.” He would shrug as he continued to drink from his cup another person approached he watched her as she did. She was a shy person and well it seemed as though she concealed a fragmented jewel as he studied her he would not miss any detail. For that is what he was good at was atoning to detail. He thought for a moment then smiled and gestured to the other seat. “We are fine you are not interrupting anything but a conversation.” He looked to emmy and smirked a bit. “It seems she wears from my company.” He let out an amused soothing chuckle as he looked to the both of them. “Drink… here.” He filled up another glass and passed it into the spot across from him to the shy person he didn’t know the name of. “M’lady there is no need for such formalities. I may have been a Ruler of a house but it was long past.” He would feel welcoming as if he had nothing to hide. But there were more aspects to his own gain. “What male would not enjoy the company of two woman..” He would smirk a bit as he took another sip and placed it on the table. “I haven’t met you before miss.. I am Kalandor. “ He nodded to emmy. As he laid his feet back and placed them on the table from the good meal. “hmmm…. Might enjoy the breakfast it is very good food here I fear I might gain weight. “

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet quickly walked over to the other seat and took the poured drink in her hand "My name is Scarlet. I'm the Queen’s sister” She said before sitting down and taking a drink next to the man, “nice to meet you…Kalandor and miss” She would have bowed to the man and the woman if she knew they were royals, They were nothing but strangers to her since it was her first time meeting them and being shy was one of a few things that would happen are people she did not know, She kept half of her face hidden from them both until it was right to take it off “You'll have to excuse my appearance. It's been a bumpy day” She had a feeling that she looked like one of the workers that were ready for battle with her weapon at her side-

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed with a heavy slunk of his shoulders. The prince shuffled his feet forward after dressing himself in his usual royal armor, with his casual touch. A regular light enchanted dragon scale combat armor made from his mother's old scales that she had pushed from her skin. Under was a normal jacket with a hood. A black scarf lay around his neck and down his back, drifting as he walked. Iron grieves rested on top of his regular black denims. For once, the prince looked like he was a prince, this being the first time wearing his armor since he had been back. "How do I look?" Jeff whispered, stepping from the bathroom, glancing out the window in their room, "Let's go eat-....what in the 7 hells?" Milla and Samuel, fighting without reason, crashing through the yard and throwing blood over everything and everyone. Jeff blinked and looked at Ashe with a "I have to take care of this" type of look. "Go eat." They were on the second floor, and Jeff knew the first and second floors were very high up. He opened the window and climbed out, before waking a few steps onto the roof. Looking over the edge, Jeff back backed up, then ran forward and dived head first off the roof, sending his power into his hands, to cushion the blow of the fall. Jeff then hit the ground and used the momentum to springboard back onto his feet, before sprinting straight toward the two thrashing beasts. "Are you fucking kidding?!?!" Jeff flared all his energy up at once and gripped into them both with a telekinetic grip, and pulling them apart from each other, hauling them into the air. "Stop! You are both older than me! Act like it!" Jeff held them 50 feet from each other, knowing they would be kicking or trying to fly away, but they wouldn't be going anywhere. Jeff stood his ground. "Listen to me! You guys need to fucking calm down! Jesus! There is blood everywhere! Fucking everywhere!! You guys seriously trashed the god damn castle!? What in the fuck is your malfunction Samuel?! Why are you two fighting Milla?! You know what-...I don't care! If you don't pull yourselves together I swear to god I will release the spiders from the hold and beat the fuck out of you with them and then let them tear me apart so I don't have to deal with your childish antics!" Jeff growled from behind his mask, stomping his foot against the ground, lightly setting Milla down. "Milla go get back inside and get patched up. I want to talk to Samuel. While we-...have a moment." Jeff had a few minutes of energy left. He intended to use it, interrogating Samuel.

Anaya DeLaRose: As soon as Jeff started to pick up Samuel started to put on the pounds, he used his poly-morphing power to up his size to put on enough weight so  Jeff would have had to use every bit of energy he had to haul the beast into the air. As Samuel slammed a foot into the ground he turned around hard hitting the massive boar Milla with his tail in the chest sending her flying out into the back woods and smashing into trees making her black out after impact. Samuel lowered his maw that at this point was even larger then Anaya's, “what happens between Milla and I is our ordeal not your own, what is it you want” Samuel bellowed as he let out a snort the scales on his chest starting to bend as his body repidly healed from the wounds Milla had given him. He let out another snort as his large green eyes shut and then opened once more looking at Jeff. “and for childish antics what was with the fight last night the yard was a mess you should thank Milla for her trys at cleaning the mess you and who ever else made, i would advise you to clean up the rest before Anaya gets back from were ever she needed to go. ” he was not really scolding but at the same time he was, it was as if he was trying to be nice about it but his voice just did not do nice when he was himself. He was enjoying this form and it was nice to feel the wind on his scales. As the dragon started to drop the wight gain he put on  to counteract jeffs power lift he would raise his upper body into the air he stood a towering 84 feet about without being on his back legs so to stand on his hinds he really did block out the sun.  Smashing back down a wing tip clawed end hit the ground right beside jeffs body, one claw could have crushed him if it would have hit wrong, but to the Wyvern Jeff had something to say and needed to say to him so he would be mildly kind about things and let the boy talk.

The drow would look to the other female who would bless herself with her presence and he would smile and greet her in kind. “Greetings miss scarlet please don’t be shy I am not vampuric. “ He smirked a bit as he looked to them both he had gotten a irritation of the fighting outside as he would see now the prince had entered the frey from the window. “It seems there is fighting aboard in the courtyard.” He turned his attention back to the two women and smiled a bit. “Well now how interesting that you’re the queens sister. I have no clue this region had a queens siblings around. It seems as though I learn new things day by day…”he chuckled a bit before wondering where the heck the stupid octopus had gone off to but he wouldn’t worry about his friend perhaps he had gone to find somewhere else to scuttle off to. With a nod he would look to the people gathered as he would smile a bit. “It seems as though the presence of females I am honored for in my heritage the queens sister is another important matron mother of the first houses. They are indeed powerful and hold control.” He smiled a bit as he continued his conversation to the two women. Nurr would stare at the weird large creature as it now had grown to be very big he would snort a bit. A creature of that size could only be brought down just as hard. It had though as Nurr began to float down he looked to jeff and then back to the lumbering talking thing and back to jeff again. “hmm.. the fight is over I might as well read books. “ It turned as it began to go rummage through Anayas books once again to gain more knowledge of the place.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff felt Samuel start to put weight onto him and he nodded, dropping him to his feet almost instantly. Backing up as to not get hit by the force of his plop. He growled, staring up at the giant nemesis."We were attacked. I simply defended my home. You call me a child for protecting those I love from an attack that I had no idea about? I was ambushed, you dull reptile! I did my job! As for that 'mess' I sent my servants to my help her. So get your scaly head out of my ass! If mother is so damn angry with us being ambushed then fine! I am done with this flip flopping emotion that allows her to give a shit about people whenever she feels like it! And as for you! You giant snake, I know you are trying to send me away. The assassin, the firedor marriage, the constant scouting missions you make my mother send me on. You think I'm blind? I see what you are doing! I am watching you! Now clean up your mess!" Jeff walked off, before he could have more blame placed on himself. Jeff shook his head, walking through the bloody, wrecked castle, sitting on a broken couch and simply yelling out before gripping his head and rubbing his temples. "God dammit! Everyone around here is looking to blame everything on me! Oh yes! The surprise ambush and after math is Aaaaallll my fault! Oh yes! Please attack me Drow! Please come and put my family in danger! Oh yes I truly hope that you do this! And while you're at it, how about you just fucking make me save the day! Then maybe, just maybe, my family can blame me! I would just looooove that!" Jeff grunted in sarcastic tones behind every word. Jeff then grabbed a pillow and screamed into it, having muffled speech. "I hate that fucking dragon. I'm going to kill that man-..."

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel would let Jeff vent as he just took the boys hate and disdain but looked at him, oddly he had nothing to do with the marriage only thing he had claws in really was the assassin thing so it was kinda fun on how Jeff thought he has so many more claws in the pot then he really did. He watched the prince strom off as he looked up the whole in the sides of his head, his ears, picking up the prince screaming into the pillow, Samuel could not make out what he screamed but it did bring a chuckle to his lips and then it came into a full blown belly laugh. He was almost falling over if a dragon had tear ducks he would be rolling laughing sulphur tears. He looked up to the sky then turned around knowing Milla was out cold in the forest,   Samuel walked over to the massive boar as he lowered his snout and pushed her to see if she would come to “Milla he saw you” Millas bright red eyes came to and she was up kicking and snorting but stopped looking at the castle. “he saw how ugly i am?” she snorted out as she looked at the castle “i guess he said nothing on it, your back alright” Samuel sounded almost like he cared as he backed up and gave her her space. She said nothing and shifted back to her normal self the brown fur falling around her “it is alright i guess he has that other girl anyway, so what did you want for tonight meal anyway?” she asked looking at him as Samuel looked to the castle. “i do not know Milla Anaya will not be back i am sure for the evening meal and i am fine with going out tonight when night has touched the ground to get my own meal go in and just toss a stew together” “yes my ..king” she muttered out as Samuel stood there in mild shock and wonder  at her choice of words. And then he simply watched her walk back to the castle alone to do what she needed to do, picking up the papers to be mailed out at the door and then shutting the castle door and going inside. Samuel started to walk back to the castle to but missed the doors and shifted down to himself and went into a back door  pausing for a moment to ask some guards to get some ands together and go clean the yard up before the queen got home. Right away they went out and started to do just that, clean up the yard upon the request of the king. Samuel walked up the steps and to Anaya's room tossing his leather top on the bed and pausing......there was the squid face thing looking over Anaya's books. “what are you doing in here this room is off limits to anyone get out will you i need to change” Samuels eyes had not changed back from the bright green dragon eyes yet so he still had that dragons glare looking at the mindlfayer.

Arsynn Rage: Ashe would walk down the hall from the bedroom after Jeff went off to handle family business. Passing the dining hall she stop by the door and noticed everyone inside, eating, drinking and chatting, and slid by quickly and out  the back door, through the kitchen passing by the guard with a nod. Stepping outside the wind blew and she drew a deep breath. She still smelled the raw emulation of the battle. Leaning against the castle wall Ashe smiled to herself and moved out into the yard. Dust from the bodies still riddled the ground all around her, even through the air. She heard yelling from somewhere around the castle but kept to herself and didn't go toward it. She then headed toward the stable. Jeff was sure to be busy for a while. She would keep herself busy there.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet didn't know wether to be flattered or blush at the recognition she was getting from the man since she told him about who she was  “ it's not a big deal really” She said with a small smile trying to ignore the sounds that were outside, “ Some of the towns people know me as a huntress instead of a royal” She shrugged “I know some people would disagree but I don't think of myself as a royal” She pointed to herself “I was a third ranked woman in a disgraced kingdom before I came here” She sighed to herself thinking about how that happened-“The only thing I did was heal and spellcaster for the king and Queen” She noticed a woman walk past them and walk towards the back of the castle, “hmm…Haven't I seen her here before?” She thought to herself thinking she should go see what she up to-

The flayer would look upon the dragon kin and it looked as if to smile it flipped a tactical through the page and looked back to the male. “I know of you… Your kind intriguing to stature though your lust for power is admirable. It appears you and I seek the same source of power a man wants though… it is intriguing your plans with the boy.” He kept his gaze shifted to the male and would began to hover. “Your strength intrigues me it is if you could slay armies of things yet I would suggest that the boy knows of your intentions from how you portray yourself….you are to open with your claim to upon a throne.” The flayer sputtered as he put the other book back. “ It is clear to me that you’re powerful and lets say I disclose this information.” He looked out the window a bit. “I shall leave the room do not worry but I have dealings with my own a certain prince that thinks I am his friend.. it has began to bother me of late. I have come to realize there is more power in serving one but greater gain in another.” He blinked a bit as he would hide a book in his bag for later safe reading. “I want to be gone with someone like him and  it seems we could have a mutual agreement or a bargain if you prefer. “ He made sure no one would hear as the spell procured around the room so that any ease droppers would be cut off. “Do not worry we are secured for now no one can hear us but you and I.” the flayer had laid the plot he had tired of  the dark ones company it was time for a change. For it was his fault that he was exiled after all he simply would have never forgotten about it.  Kalandor would look upon the woman as she said such things. “We never are really royal are we… All in all we are just things that we make ourselves. “ He looked to where jeff would come in as if troubled of some sort he could hear the angry cries from him. He would raise a brow and stood from his seat. He smiled and walked a bit to the balcony he peered down to the prince and would call out.  “you know if you want to be blamed for something  else you forgot to get me a drink from last night. “ he smirked a bit as he called out again. “There is some whine and it appears the queens sister and another woman if you would like some breakfast.” He laughed some as he looked back to the queens sister and raised a glass. “All should have good company and drink in the morning its good for the soul.” He was getting really nothing from his friend since the attack he had began to question what the flayer had been up to. “My lady spell casters and such I have much knowledge of but it seems non compared to what you are miss scarlet sister to her majesty. All in all I was a prince as well first house weapons master and tell you what not a day goes by I miss it but not a day goes by knowing my race is hated far worse then any that I have never seen. “ he let out a smirk before pacing here and there his cloak would waiver in the sunlight. “im sure if you being a ranger are ever in the underdark there are things even you might not see but at least I hear the queen is out. When she returns I wish to meet her hopefully to clear the princes name for helping me defend your keep Im sure she will have to be some what grateful.”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff slowly looked up to spot Kalan and moved over to the stairs and up to the floor where he was, into the center where his battle partner stood. "I would love to join you for breakfast, I just fear that my efforts to secure the keep in my mother's rather-...hasty vacation has been for nothing. First we get attacked by assassins. Then some pirate came in-...I caught him...then he left again....I kinda let him go. Then some army attacks my hold and starts trying to kill us and now this damn pig fight a damn dragon is RUINING EVERYTHING THE DAMN HOLD YOU FAT OAF! YOU HEAR ME SAMUEL?!" Jeff then looked back at his friend and gave a polite smile from under his mask. "Yes. Let us drink and be merry. You never know what tomorrow brings." He then made his way to the main feasting hall, spotting his chair, and crown, he slowly placed it on his head, then took his seat at the table with everyone else. "Good morning everyone."

Arsynn Rage: Ashe peeked through the doors before entering the stable this time, didn't want a repeat of the last time she was ever. After seeing it was all clear, she entered and took a deep breath. This was her favorite place in the world. Horses were the most honest animals and quite great judges of character. She approached the black gelding she always rode and climbed onto the gate, stroking his head lightly. "Hello boy, I have missed you." She whispered into his tall ears leaning her head against his. "I need your help my friend.. I've fallen in love with the prince, And I think it just might be the dumbest thing I've ever done.." With a whiney the horse shook his head as if agreeing with the red haired beauty and she then giggled shaking her head. "Aye, that's what I thought too." Moving from his gate Ashe opened the stall and waved the horse through.. He came out of the stall and moved out Into the yard with Ashe, following her closely. They had built a bond of trust with each other, he had no desire to run off. Missing her... Jeff.. She walked a while with the horse and hummed to herself..

Anaya DeLaRose: It had bin a wile now she had bin gone and it was not even night yet but it was getting there “hope everything went alright” she said to herself as she walked in the woods just outside of her home. There Anaya spotted Ashe and looked at her walking alone with the black horse that Anaya had in the stable. Anaya let a smile come over her lips as she walked over looking at Ashe Anaya's bright red eyes cutting the  late days setting sun. “you are alone?” she asked as she leaned up against a tree taking in some needed rest. She had her shoes in her hand as her feet black from walking and from the fact that only a bit before she changed to her human self to not walk up on her castle in full true form, best not to let anyone even know she was back yet. “not used to seeing you alone, were you off to” Anaya had just gotten the tail end of her talking to her house and did not bring it up as in truth Anaya had seen it before her son falling and the other party falling as well and in the end it all ended in heart break. Samuel looked at Nurr and tilted his head “the prince only knows what i allow him to know, he believes things he makes up or does not know the culprit for so simply blames me for everything wrong that happens, i am fine with it at least he is not blaming his mother. Just keep an eye on the boy and bring back information, i know the little shit wants me dead and i am not dieing to the hands of that prat. Tell me when he wishes to take my mug if he fights me in combat i will kill him and tell his mother it was a fair fight when we all know his blind thought will get him killed boy thinks he can kill anything that moves” Samuel moved to undo the belt on his pants letting it just  hand there undone as he pointed to the door for the squid faced helpful thing to leave “if he turns on you just clear the boys head, make him a walking zombie blank, or revert him back to infant maybe then he can show his mother some love after all” Samuel let out a laugh as he opened the privet bathroom door and started to walk in pausing only for a moment to see what the thing had to say back to him. Milla tossed a dish hard at the wall smashing it and letting the bits fall to the floor her head low and her heart even lower, stupid fucking Samuel playing with her like a ball and string, i care about you Milla, i love you Milla what was love to a dragon anyway a game were you mated once a year to get a baby and then fucked off and never saw the other one again, when Anaya had the child would Samuel eat it, is that what stupid reptiles did. Milla picked up another dish and tossed it at the wall watching it shatter into a million bits and flying all over the place she let out a sigh and went to smash another one as she cussed under her br4eath and droped it into the dish water to wash it, “she will be mad at you Milla, got to wash the stupid Dishes Milla, don't make a mess Milla the yard had to be clean Mill......a” she paused for a second “fuck did i clean up the yard? Oh well i guess i will blame Samuel for it everyone else does it seems why the hell should i care. Back to fucking dishes for me ” she muttered as she scrubbed the one so hard the paint flaked off it and turned the water a pale blue. She let out a sigh picked up the dish, and dropped it to the floor letting it smash and walked away not giving a dame at all and just walked out to the main room and sat in Anaya's throne  not caring if Anaya even got back that very moment.

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Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet smiled and waved to her nephew who had sat himself at the table “hey there soldier” She heard about what had happened while she was stuck in the castle a few days ago and hid her blade behind her cape “Your friend must not have been hungry” She pointed a thumb to the back to show that she had went out then took a sip out of her cup and left a bite mark to claim it as her own, She saw one of the maids look at her then shake her head with a grin and a vase in her hand, another maid walked over to Scarlet and asked if she could take her weapon so she could be comfortable, “I'll put it on the floor if it's in the way” She said to the maid as she took off her weapon on laid it close to her feet, She was not going to take her attention off of it even if she was distracted with pleasing her two day hunger, “Finally” She thought to herself as food as put on the table but just when she was about to grab for a piece, one of the maids tapped her hand with a wooded spoon and told her to let the others choose first “ oh fine” She said with puffy cheeks as the maid walked off, Scarlet would have waved her fist at the maid if she had caused pain with the spoon, but since she wasn't hurt, she just blew air from her mouth in her direction-

Ragnar: The flayer smiled in a sort of kind gesture though he got simply the message and would chuckle a bit. “Of corse the boy will be delt with it is odd that he blames so much upon you I hope he doesn’t know to much for your sake.” He simply moved a bit by the door floating for a second. “Kalandor must also be in the dark on this one for I do not wish to serve him like I have been in exile far too long.. Do not worry I will keep your secrets until my body is no more. Also Your child grows in the belly of the dragon. I will see to it that no harm comes to the true heir.” He would smile as he floated out of the door to the bedroom. Slowly he peered down to the people eating and dinning looking from the balcony his mind would become open again as he spoke down to kalandor. “Don’t worry about me I was just taking a nap I am up in the library if you need me.” He floated and observed the people down below from the shadows the plot he had with the other dragon pleased him. Soon he would get this stupid mark removed from his face that he had gotten so long ago. He missed the underdark and hated Kalandor for it. He floated back in the library to act normally as usual he looked to the guard and smiled. “I need the personal record of a certain man.” he smiled as he looked to the guard. “By order of the king it is secret give me the logs about the prince….” The guard nodded as he went to get the record of the queens son. Soon he would learn of his new found alliance a far more beneficial one then he had with an exile. Kalandor smiled as he clapped jeffs shoulder with a hearty hand. “your ancestors would be proud of you slaying so many formidable opponents the fact that they where my kin doesn’t make it any easier. “ he laughed as jeff mocked the great beast and would raise a brow before returning with him to the table. He chuckled at the queens sister reaction to the made as he took off a ring from his long white hair he would look to jeff. “I have taken this from the commander of the drow force that had attacked us. “ He would smile as he placed it in jeffs spot. “A ring fit for a drow lord is yours I would see no other male deserving upon this honor like me he was once a weapons master, but it seems you have gotten the better of the forces. “ He nodded to jeff then smiled. “Every thing is enchanted of our culture this ring possesses more of a fire resistance towards your enemy of coarse. Do not worry about people laying blame to you for you’re a prince you only answer to your mother.” Putting his feet up on the table again he looked to the man. “Although it was well fought I am sorry our meeting had gone so sour. I had not intended them to become a tussle but I am sure your mother will be merciful to you for you see jeff. If she were drow you would get more praise then any male in my kingdom and that is why I bestow this ring as a token of thanks and well you saved my ass back there as well as I yours. “he smiled and looked to scarlet. “You royals are kindhearted I enjoy being around people, but in truth it took time for the surface to accept me. Well jeff why not drink to your success I will speak to your mother as well on your behalf of my aid and I will apologize to her personally for my peoples actions. “ he thought that would keep the prince busy since he knew something was on his mind. Hearing nurrs words he smiled a bit and responded telepathically  to the thing. “thank you old friend I did miss your connection please be advised that I thank you for your help. “he said nothing more to the thing because he knew something was wrong a gut instinct but he had other matters to attend as he ate some more of the great breakfast.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sat at the table with his head hung low, listening to the speeches of Kalan and the greetings of his family. "Ah. Aunt Scarlet. Good Marrow." He spoke in a rather drained tone. "What if he isn't trying to send me away? What if I am paranoid?" He thought to himself. Samuel took care of Anaya and Jeff respected him for that. Despite what happens, Jeff knew that he could beat Samuel with enough brain power but at what cost? To gain a crown? A crown to a broken kingdom. His family was dwindling and the only one who really stemmed to fix the problems foreseeing the gold and pipes was indeed Samuel. Maybe he cared more than Jeff intentionally thought. Jeff had respect for the Wyvern but he did not trots him. Not as far as he could throw him. Jeff listened to Kalan speak of the battle. "I only did what I felt was right. You needed help and I couldn't let you die. If I did that I would be no better than the men trying to kill you. Never leave friends behind." Jeff then looked down once again, staring to the ring with a puzzled expression. "Oh my. This is beautiful Kalandor. I shall wear it to commemorate our battle forever." Jeff then slid his index finger to find a perfect fit. "I need a right hand man. And Kalan, I am thinking you. How would you like a job as my royal commandant. If we get attacked again, I'm gonna need a man at my side, the only different is the coin you'll be taking to pocket instead of just the thrill of battle and bloodshed. As lord of this house, I take my duty as one of the rulers to ensure the protection of my home, family, and townspeople. I have seen no man match my skill in a while and I would be honored to have you at my side." Jeff then turned to pick up his chalice, taking off his mask. He sipped casually, letting the blooded wine pour into his veins. "Where is Ashe and my mother?"

Ragnar: Kalandor would raise a brow such friendship he had not even felt from the flayer as he would smile warmly to this offer. He chuckled a bit as he listened to the words of this new comrade he was intriguing and it was something of worth to do. He raised his chalice and smiled. “ I accept your duty a coin in my pocket and a title how could a exile say no to such a tremendous offer indeed.” he smiled as he took a giant swig and sat it back down to continue the lively conversation. “Your mother I believe is still out for what I heard of the guards. As for that erm.” He cleared his throat a bit to be more subtle. “Woman of yours well I believe I missed her after the fight. I always see you with her it is odd that she isn’t here to be by your side in fact.” he would shrug and look smile at his new lordship offer and well it felt as if a new home he would be welcomed to but to what end he would not know. “I will also inform my friend Nurr I haven’t seen him in days in witch he take solace to the well library he takes note to learn everything in a culture when we become intertwined. I am sure that this will be a very good friendship for I have not seen a person with your skill in a long time.” He would smile as the prince would of coarse look troubled he would raise an eyebrow yet again as he went back. “well… as a comrade the first thing I say to you prince is even a man as poor as me can rise to become a great king.” He would look to him a bit and would nod.”I can understand the pressure…. I too have been a prince it is not a easy task you bear and as your commander and well it seems friendship is in order but I believe my friend has been acting rather weird lately.. I just would stay clear of him before I know what’s going on but then I would like to meet your mother. It does interest me of coarse but I swear I wont let harm come to you.”

Arsynn Rage: Ashe turned quickly hearing the Queens voice, her face turning a crimson Shade of red. "Oh, umm.. hello Miss Anaya, Yes, I am alone.. I spend quite a bit of my time alone actually. I...I like it that way. " She stuttered breathlessly. Wondering how much she heard coming up behind her like that Ashe turned even brighter red. "Why are you walking Miss? Works you like a ride back?" Moving toward the Queen she held her hand out with the reins toward the Queen. "I mean he is your horse after all, and you really should be careful, you get hurt out here barefoot in your human form. Do you need some help?" As Ashe watched the Queen, waiting for an answer she smiled and remembered her kindness to her the night she gave her the painting. "And thank you again Anaya.. I love waking up to that painting.. It is quite beautiful. And has inspired me to try my hand at painting as well"

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet got up to bow ballerina style to the man named Kalandor “You are welcome, but I myst warn you to be careful when speaking with Royals” She heard him speaking about talking to her sister about earlier, but because the queen had been out for a while, dealing with important matters, she didn't know how she would feel about talking to this new visitor, for all she knew her sister could be ticked off once again and ready to break bones of anyone that gets in her way, She then thought about the fight that had happened while she was at the table and shook her head at the thought of the mess they made “I better go check on things” She said thinking that they might have made the place look like a hurricane hit the castle, She took a muffin from the room and excused herself from the table “They better not have ruined that window” She thought to herself as she walked upstairs-

JeffDeLaRose: "Everyone did their part in the battle. We are all responsible for the safety of my home. I need a man I can trust. And usually you can tell a lot about a person by the way they fight. You are loyal. I need that right now. I am glad you took this job, Kalan because trust is not something that comes easy around these lands. I only trust a ha-..." SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Clattering cutlery and fine china hitting the floor and causing a large mess as an angered Milla stood in the kitchen. "MILLA! You wanna come join us for breakfast, Friend?" Jeff knew speaking in an aggressive tone would only escalate things, so he spoke as he normally did. "There's pancakes!" Jeff knew that Milla was some sort of creature. It was obvious by the way she got uncomfortable when anyone mentioned the word 'hog' and would get...nearly violent if you tried to feed her bacon. It was obvious to Jeff anyway due to her aura giving off that she was some giant creature in the body of a sweet and innocent body. "Anywho Kalan. I would be honored to share a drink." Jeff raised his chalice and adjusted his crown. "To survival. Weakness is no longer needed in this house. We are noble. We are strong. And by the gods and the seven hells, I will not allow any more head butting. We are a team, and a family. We have been attacked by creatures, assassins, and that man who gassed our town. Now we are dealing with a small army and I feel that we need to be ready. So Kalandor, you are now my right hand man. Royal Commandant. You will follow my orders and be loyal to me. When we find new recruits, you will be in charge of turning them into soldiers. I trust you can do this with the ability you have." Jeff then drank, before setting the chalice down and wiping his lips. He then replaced the mask. He knew that Anaya thought of him as being rough on her, but he felt the situation reversed. They were both trying to run the kingdom in the same way and Ashe stated before how he needed to work with her. Jeff was starting to see that maybe putting the past was best. He would care for his sibling. He would care for his mother. And he would learn to tolerate Samuel. Possibly. Jeff sighed. "I hope they get back soon. I would very much like to have a conversation with my mother." He felt the Flayer and immediately put his shield up around himself. Nothing would penetrate it unless Jeff allowed it. He didn't feel safe with it around. He noticed his aunt walk up the stairs after speaking her usual blunt but true words at Kalan and smiled. She seemed...different. Jeff sighed and looked to Kalan. "You will be able to take the room down the hall from me, at the end. It is one of our last rooms. It's all yours. Welcome to the family, I suppose."

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya walked over to ash as she ran her hand down and over the neck of the grand horse. "yes I guess I own them I pay for all the horses to be shipped over here form the eastern lands, they have stronger legs over there and are able to pull more then a weak middle land horse. for some reason the horses here all have leg problem's they break so fast and then are no longer good. but even if I pay for them I hold no need for them other then to give my man a bit of a higher advantage in battle. I don't ride them at all. and most of the time Jeff is right beside you why alone now? had to much of him I take it " she let out a light laugh and ran her hand around the horses ear.she looked up to the sky as she let out a sigh "you know for a second ago I thought it was sunset but seems I just spent the night doing what ever and still so much to do. I will not be back at the castle for a wile I just stoped in to look and see whats going on. I will be back maybe tonight if not Samuel is in charge and jeff aswell, I know he can handle himself andmake sure there is no battles we are low on men right now" Milla looked up as she almost was droping another dish on the floor but paused as jeff called her she looked up and walked to jeff with her head low and sat at the table "yes jeff it looks like a wonderful meal, the other maids and servents did nice." she made the word servent sound very pronounced aas that was what she was a servent "i sould not be at the table jeff I have things to do in the kitchen" she was half already standing up and wanting to leave she did not feel as if she deserved to sit with him right now. "and were is your..woman? she not at your side that is odd" she noticed the other man and gave a bow slightly "greetings sir I am Milla the queens hand servent, I am glad you are welcomed here" she said soflty as she stood beside the chair she was just siting on and pushed it back in the table-

Arsynn Rage: With a smile as she watched Anaya rub the horse she seemed normally human to her in is moment, and her smile disappeared as Ashe shook her head quickly as Anaya asked her about being tired of Jeff. "No, not at all. I just give him the appropriate time he needs to handle his duties. And I really enjoy the horses, so I come here. I just don't feel like it's my place to be.. Well... I mean, I'm not his partner, or lover, or.. Mate..... officially... Nor do I wish to be a statistic. I've heard stories of...." As Ashe stopped talking she looked back at The Queen with a frown. "I'm sorry. I'm babbling." She nodded as Anaya spoke again and asked once more if she could do anything to help before she readied herself to return to Gelding to his stable. "I will be sure to relay the message, no wars while you are away" she giggled lightly and bowed her head.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet made her way to her room that was still the same from the last time she left, The window in her room was intact as she walked over and touched that stained glass with her right hand, “I wonder who made this” She thought to herself before she walked over to her closet and opened it to reveal her royal clothing, she took a blue dress from her closet, shed her huntress clothing, and replaced them with the royal dress, She looked in the mirror with a raised eyebrow feeling strange about wearing the clothing of a rich person, She picked up her cape from the floor before she saw a shadow swoop past her window with a roar, She gasped then ran over to her window and pushed it open it see the winged animal that was with her earlier “What are you doing here?” She said as she reached her hand out to pet it's head, “They might attack you if they see you here. They don't know you are mine” The winged animal snorted at her as a reply to say “They won't be able to get me” She scoffed at it and sighed- “You just keep thinking that way”

Anaya DeLaRose: "you can ride this horse as much as you want, you are part of this place now so what is here you can use as you see fit. and for jeffs choice in mate, I wanted for him to marry for the family to bind us to other places and alow him to get out and to stop bedding ones that want to kill him or are just not fit for him. most of the woman he brings back are guards or people he finds around, I hardly even new the last one before she walked off seeing eff in the past killed some family of hers, he did not even know her well enough let alone her know him, it is hard to tell if me wanting him to marry a stranger is any different them him going and finding one on his own. I think the only difference is I am the one picking the stranger" Anaya did not know anything really about Ashe other then her gender and that she existed, but in truth Anaya never asked to know much about her anyway. Anaya never new much about her people she new the basics and the information that was right there in front of her but inside of them she had no idea and they had no idea about her and in many a sense that was the best way anyway. Anaya looked behind her at the forest as she looked back at her castle moving a hand a tree infrount of her breaking and snapping as she bent it with the power of the mind so she could better see her castle. "seems there is a mess in the yard, some is picked up I guess there was some sort of battle wall I was doing other things or last night when I was gone. happens way to much battle and bloodshed you know" she let out a sigh softly and started to chuckle remembering the days long past when her son would fight the dogs and anything else he could see "i guess he is what I made him to be" she said as she stood there looking at Ashe. in the center of Anayas red eyes was a shimmer a feeling, there was a side of her that did not like Jeff how he was, but there was a side of her that loved her son and just wanted to hold him again, she just wanted him to be like he was before she trained him to destroy everything, she wondered to herself if he new how to make peace, or if making peace was even worth it anymore. but she had things to do and she had to go to the other side of her lands to fix some broken grain bins and equipment aswell as protect her people wall they worked, they were low on men so she had to do a lot of the work herself till more were gained.

Arsynn Rage: Listening as the Queen spoke Ashe smiled and leaned against a nearby tree. Enjoying the time with Anaya, she had many questions for the Queen, and would save them all for another time.  But felt the need to ask a few now "do you think Jeff would've been happy married to the princess?" And then followed up quickly with "I think he would've done what you asked Anaya, even if he weren't happy about it at first.. He loves you. That I know. And he tries to be a good Prince. He does have quite the temper though, and I think he gets that honestly. Excuse my forwardness." Ashe smiled to herself and watched the Queen analyze things and sits down on the grass. "Is there anything I can do for you to help, while you are away?"

JeffDeLaRose: "No please! I was only trying to survive! Please don't do this!" Jeff raised a brow as a battered, malnourished man was drug across the floor by a guard, whom presented him to Jeff. "My lord. This man was caught stealing food and weapons." "I was only trying to help my family! We are all doomed, my lord!" Jeff looked to the man, whom was then kicked in the back of the legs to kneel in front of Jeff. "Shut it, you thief! You'll address the prince with respect!" The guard sneered before looking to Jeff. "My lord. What is to be done?" Jeff blinked and grunted. "Is this true? Why did you steal?" Jeff crossed his arms, taking a sip from his chalice. "I was only trying to leave. I apologize for this but I am the local blacksmith. I made these weapons! This house is failing and I am only trying to look out for my family!" Jeff grunted. "We will not fail. We are a family. Not just the royals. All of us." "I am only speaking truth my lord! We are low on men and people are dying every day! I mean no disrespect!" The man was then kicked by the guard, and Jeff slammed his fist. "Enough! These are our townspeople! Not our punching bags!" "I apologize my lord. But we are taught to treat Thieves this way. We could put him in prison, or take three fingers. Tis how we usually handle scum." Jeff looked to the man and sighed. "If you punish me. You will be punishing an innocent man..." Jeff blinked and nodded. "Aye. See to it that this man and the others are given enough food rations to satisfy the week. We are a family. A community. We do not punish those who are watching out for their own. There are no servants. There are no scum. Only employees and neighbors. We are equal. Release this man. Send him on his way." " lord!" "DO NOT argue with me! Take the chains off of him and release him! Before I call for your Job." The guard nodded and released the man. "Thank you, Prince Jeff! You are full of mercy!" The man then ran out the door, to his home, and the guard returned to his post. "Milla. You are family. Come join us. There are no servants. You work for us, it doesn't mean you are below us. Come sit." Jeff looked to Kalan. "Forgive me. It appears business is everywhere.

Anaya DeLaRose: Milla looked to Jeff dealing with the man that had stolen things from the crown, Milla just shook her head and then picked up one of the empty plates off the table and put it in her arms "if there were no servants nothing would get cleaned or done around here. " she turned her back on everyone without saying anything else and left back to the kitchen. she put the dishes in the sink dish and looked out the window watching that man running back to his family and his home. Milla let out a sigh and moved her hand up the ground under the mans feet opening up as she watched the man fall into the earth and be eaten by it stabbed and imbedded with tree roots and the forces of the earth. she moved her hand once more as the hole shut its opening and all was silent again no mess no fuss. she then turned back around and started washing dishes as if nothing had happened and she just thought to herself on how things were done to keep peace here, let the man live and let him run back to what ever place he came form to tell others that the crown had gone soft, tell the other thieves and back stabbers down there that it was a save zone to come steal when the prince was around. no one new a thing about Milla not a thing about who she was what she was or even what powers she had it was kinda nice that way and a smile came over her face. Anaya out in the forest looked to Ashe with a smile and a chuckle "Jeff would have never married anyone of royal blood, when it comes to a chance like that he would never have gone for it, he made the choice to burn down the firedor ships and ruin the plan for him and the pride and the binding of our nation's after we set fire to there's. Jeff has my temper alright but he does not have my foresight for royal matters. his mind is mostly on battle an war, if he was more a talker then a fighter he would have let the ships go and went to talk to the ruler like I had arranged, he just acts faster then he thinks at times." she moved and started to walk a bit into the woods "but I have to go Ashe I still have half a days trip by wing to the other side of my lands but I will be back by night hopefully do be safe and know Jeff may love me I know this even if he does not show it at times, but one thing he does show is that care and soft spot for you. you don't just have a job here anymore it may have started that way but it is surely not going to end that way. he hears your voice far better then he hears mine. go watch over him as that is what a hand maidens best job is, to match over and make sure there persons mind is on the right path, I don't know what I would do without Milla watching over me"

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff watched the man run out the door before immediately being swallowed by the earth, all while a burst of power came from Milla. Jeff then snapped. He raised from his chair and gently pushed it in before nodding to Kalan. "Find your room." His tone was cold, and his aura was flaring. He made his way over to Milla in the kitchen and calmly shut the door. "You dare undermine my authority by killing an innocent man after my judgment was made?! How fucking dare you!" Jeff shook in anger, slowly stepping closer to Milla. "I don't know what the fuck is going on with you but you are in here, smashing dishes and killing our townspeople like a fucking psychopathic child! I don't care if we look soft! The last thing we need is to break apart! I don't know why this house thinks killing everyone and everything is 'the right way to run a kingdom'. My mother assumes I have no idea what I am doing and I will be damned if you begin to think the same! I am trying to stop a revolution of the townspeople and you are fucking killing them!? DO NOT EVER FUCKING GO AGAINST MY WORD AGAIN! Is that understood?! Good! You may be a beast on the inside but you are also smarter and better than that! Act like it!" Jeff then turned and walked out of the kitchen, sick of people acting like he didn't know what he was doing. He was tired of everyone acting like he was foolish. He spared a man's life all to no avail. The door slammed and he walked outside and over to the stables. "That's it! I'm done! I'm fucking leaving." Jeff sat in the stables, with the horses with his head in his hands. "I am fucking done with this. I didn't ask to be the villain." Jeff slowly pulled out the herb from the fair, and a small ring. "How am I supposed to run an empire in my mother's absence, while everyone else tries to claim the crown, and ask Ashe to be my mate all at the same time?!" He asked a black horse who sputtered. "I know. It isn't a wedding ring. It's a promise ring. Don't get me wrong. I love Ashe, but I don't thing marriage is in order yet." The horse shook it's head and sputtered. "She is beautiful, isn't she?" Jeff smiled and looked down. "What if she says no? I mean... I love-...I love her. She is and funny and-...doesn't judge me for trying to rule and be myself all at once. I'm not trying to take my mother's crown and she is the only one who sees it. I'm just trying to help-..." The horse sputtered again. "I know-...I just gotta ask...right? I just need to try harder. Good advice Horse." Jeff smiled. "You need a name. How about-... Roderick." Roderick agreed with a neigh and Jeff gave its nose a stroke. "I like it too-..."

Arsynn Rage: Deep in conversation Ashe leans her head back against the tree and listens. Maybe she didn't know her a prince as well as she thought, but she loved him.. And she would stand by his side and give a quiet push every now and again. With a nod of acknowledgement to the Queens voice, Ashe stood with a smile. "Yes, of course Anaya, I will watch over him, with every breath I take, no matter the outcome.." She said in reference to what the Queen mentioned about his feelings for Ashe. She wasn't sure where she stood with him, only of her feelings for him. Watching the Queen stroll off through the woods, Ashe returned to the stable, her Gelding in tow, and stopped short of the door to hear the tail end of Jeff having a conversation with a... Horse? "Good advice horse" and him giving him a name. With w low cough Ashe knocked and entered the stable. "Am I interrupting you and your friends conversation my Lord?" She joked innocently. "I'll come back if you need time alone" a giggle would erupt from her lips as she put her gelding back in his stable, and sat near Jeff.

JeffDeLaRose: Roderick neighed happily as Ashe entered the stables. All the creatures were familiar with Ashe as she did go to the stables quite often. "Uh-...hey!" Jeff took off his mask and kissed her gently with his left hand caressing her cheek. "I missed you-...Some-...stuff happened while you were away. I hope you enjoyed your ride. I'm sure you needed it." Jeff was blushing nervously and looking down at the floor with a darting stare at the cracks in the wood. "I uh-...wanted to ask you. Uh-...." Jeff shook his head and looked at his horse. "I found an animal that likes me. I guess he likes you too. I kind of have a telepathic relationship to a lot of the wildlife. I'm strange. I like to talk to animals." Jeff tried his best to stay off subject with his scattered mind, full of stress from earlier, his hand slowly moved back up to her cheek. "Okay, I love you with all that I am. I know we have only known each other for a few months but-...I would like to take you as my-..." Jeff looked down at her hands and took one, while his other slid the ring into her middle finger. "my mate. I'm asking you my girlfriend. As-...people in my dimension called it." He slowly looked up into her eyes and spoke softly. "I know I'm hot headed but-...I'm just-...trying to do everything for everyone and you are the only person who-...makes my demons go away and helps me think."

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet heard a commotion from her room while she was talking to her winged animal, she could feel there was something wrong from the way the earth felt within her and breathed heavily with her hands on the window seal, “oh no…” She said as she walked over to her bedroom door, “stay here” she said to the animal as it groaned to try to tell her not to go, the winged animal knew something was wrong too and he didn't want anything to happen the Scarlet if she got caught in the middle of it, “I'll be fine. I have this.” She said as she held up her blade then heard some familiar footsteps coming from the halls, She could tell it was one of the guards that was possibly coming to rest in her room or call to her, The guard caught sight of her and quickly walked over to her to tell her about what happened, “I better get downstairs” She sighed as she made her way downstairs, She looked around at the maids who were pretending like nothing was going on and slid a hand down her face, “Maybe I should stay down here to keep the chaos away.” She said to herself as she walked towards the throne room-

Arsynn Rage: Biting down on her lip, cheeks flushed Ashe had no inhibitions when it came to she and Jeff's relationship. She listened to him stutter adorably, as the ring slid on her finger like it belonged there. Ashe would smile and lean forward, wrapping both arms around his neck and kissing him soundly. "I don't know what's taken you so long, since I already share my bed with you."  she kissed him again and moved backward only to trip over a pile of hay and stumble a bit. Roderick neighing happily behind them as Ashe erupts in laughter at herself. "Oh, I almost forgot. I've spent a bit with your mother. She says she will return this evening, hopefully" not
Mentioning that she requested their be no more blood shed or war, Ashe figured she would need to handle this all in a much more subtle manner. If there is one thing she's already learned when it comes to her.... Mate, it's timing. "I love you Jeff, I've loved you from day one.. Thank you for saving me" Wait.. Were you out here waiting on me? You mentioned things happening while I was gone.. Are you alright?

Ragnar: He smiled a bit adjusting to the new role as he had taken it was a fine sort that he had good company and well the other villages didn’t accept him he would look at the prince headed off other ways he rose from his seat. “It seems there are ways to be even more peculiar then I thought. “ he began to descend the stairs and looked around the throne room. Finally in a leap and bound he summoned the magical panther and smiled. “Come old friend we have some work to do.” He began off to the town that was burned to the ground maybe here he would find something of use. Deep inside the old runes of the city it would seem the people were sick verrry sick. A plague began to strike out since they had no homes. The villagers were beginning to fall dead in the streets. Kalandor frowned upon this it seemed that something was infecting the villagers. He walked where one of the village elders was attending to someone. “Citizen I wonder what is news of this land I have been commissioned to the royal guard if there is anything I can do for you please….” He stopped as he looked to the man upon the floor. It seemed as though he were cold half of his face was burned but it seemed as he was barley grasping to life. He felt the mans face and it was not warm, but ice cold so cold of the like the pale winters breath. The elder looked to kalandor and his eyes rolled back into his skull. “Bewareee….. the Scourge.” The elder regained some of his identity as he shook it from him. “help us……” he put the dying man on the floor as he grasped on to kalandor. “Help us!” Kalandor would look to the man and back away as if frightened he didn’t know what was going on. He turned on his heel and would make his way up the hill in great haste. “This town will need to be evaluated I must report this…” Nurr came down floating from the castle as if he had followed Kalandor he began to speak with him. “What manor of sickness is this nurr…. What is this plague.” Nurrs face grew serious, as he would turn back to Kalandor. “You must come to the castle now. This place is to be made off limits to you. A deep magic is here a dark and evil magic come now!” Nurr gripped his arm and began to drag him away from the city it seemed as if the towns members where becoming like the dead. He made his way back half way as he ripped his hand from the flayer. “What do you know of this nurr!” Nurr looked back to him and scowled. “These men will all be dead there is nothing you can do to save them they are becoming neither living nor dead. “ he turned away from the drow and sighed. “I have seen only one occurrence with my peoples records long ago a man came down into our darkness and slayed our elder mind. He was not alive nor dead a man enslaved by the dark powers of madness it was said that he himself would bring the lands to their knees. It was only in a book I would not put much stock into it perhaps this is just a plague there is no way it could be another Scourge.” He would walk in front of kalandor now at a quicker pace as Kalandor was about to speak he couldn’t. He didn’t know what the flayer had on his mind as he hid the mans words that spoke to him. Kalandor needed time to think as he began to walk to the ruins he had met the prince. “I need to think nurr forgive me.” He was gone with the panther as well. He began to meditate in the ruins placing his twin swords in front of him as he did he began to chant in the drow language as he summoned up a sphere of darkness it slowly began to drift in front of him. “Go forth and cover the road to the city do not let any more fall into darkness.” The orb went off as it did what was told an illusion would be placed upon the entrances of the city it looked as though woods had overtaken it, And nothing were there. He smiled to himself as he kept thinking about this Scourge the man talked about he brought out the books nurr gave him and started to read.

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JeffDeLaRose: "I love you too. I'm sorry I've been so-...out of focus lately.
We will get you moved into my chambers next door. It's bigger, and has a bigger bed. I figure we can work better In there." Jeff smiled, looking down at her on the hay. He drowned as she mentioned things going wrong and he sighed. "I gave Kalandor a position as royal Commandant. He has earned it. I trust him with my life. He isn't like those Drow that attacked. Then a guard came in with a man. The man was our blacksmith and he brought horrible news. Apparently he stole some food and his own weapons. I let him go. I couldn't punish him. Especially by chopping his fingers off. He ran home to his family-...and Milla killed him. I don't know why everyone is being strange. I feel like they all expect me to fail and I'm not sure-...what to do. I just can't help but think running off with you is best but I won't leave my family again. Especially not now after all we have been through. My mother runs this place only caring for herself and a select few where as I care about everyone, including the people dying down there. The town is to be rebuilt and many people couldn't seek shelter so the returned to the rubble that was once their homes. No markets are around and the guards stopped giving out food rations to the town. Things need to change. Starting with how things are ran. My mother and I need to work together to save our noble house."

Arsynn Rage: Leaning up, worry would cross Ashe's face. "But.. Well, I.. I guess I'm glad I didn't come to the table to eat this morning then." She said lightly, trying to lighten the mood a bit. "Why do you think Milla killed the man? Did she say? To prove a point?" Ashe stood and placed both hands on Jeff's shoulders and spoke softly. "Jeff,  why do you need to rule right now? Why is it so important? Why can't we just let your mother rule, and enjoy being.. Us. Swimming, laughing,.." She would blush slightly.. "Loving, and living.. Maybe you shouldn't worry about ruling, and worry about doing as she asks for now. Please don't be upset with me, I don't want to overstep my bounds.. Just a suggestion.." Her voice trails off because she doesn't wish to upset Jeff. She's only trying to help.

JeffDeLaRose: "I just-...I was always set up to be king. All my life, I was trained to be a ruler and a stern, cold machine. But now there is this threat on my crown and-...I just don't want to have my entire life of training be for nothing. I can't-...I want a life with you at my side and I'm just-...I'm trying so hard. I'm sorry-..." Jeff whispered, placing His forehead to her own. "I feel like I'm gonna lose everything again and I'm just trying to-...stop everyone from dying. I'm sorry-...we will relax when she gets home. I just feel like...someone should need me.

 The north was a wasteland filled with nothing but ice and snow but now it had someone knew someone sinister to fulfill the north’s claim. He had been within the lands borders for only a few days but it seemed as the cold did not have any effect upon him. His armor was black like that of the soot. His tattered cape ran down his cold body as his face was as stern as ever the smile of the dammed cursed with agelessness. The construction was already under way when he had arrived he was no longer a pirate for he hated being classed as such. His heavy armor would clink up the steps that were in ruins yet. The half cracked throne was abandoned for what seemed to be thousands of years. He smiled to himself a great time, as preparations were under way. He smirked as he did not have time to talk to the prince for the last time but he would return one day. The time was not in his favor he needed time to prepare He smiled and trusted his sword into the ground creating the throne into something of ice and snow. A frozen sculpted throne made of ice now stood before him as he took a seat upon it. This was well deserving he could rule this wasteland to his benefit he was neither living nor dead. A servant approached the throne and bowed to him. He was dead like most of the people that served under him as his soul was bound to this litch. “my- my king it seem seems that preparations are going as planned your lordship.” The kings smile curled with malice as he would chuckle evilly. “good……gooood soon my members in the town will wake from their slumber go forth whelp and seek others to join me.” The zombie would quake under the power of his voice. “Let it be known that I am here Let it be known that this land is ours it belongs to the dead and undead.” He smiled again as he looked to the captains on his left and right. “Come forth to receive me my servants.” He smiled as the humans there were shivering quaking like flys the king smiled and placed his hand upon his head. “Receive my blessing!!!” He laughed as the man cried out in pain all around him the humans were beginning to change as they changed into something else it was if all the humanity drained from them their souls were his he would not want to be questioned ever by the likes of them. They too became undead this day as he rose from his frozen throne in the north. “Ambassador” his neck turned to one man to his left. The being walked forth and bowed to the king. “What is your bidding my master?” the bones would be cracking as he was dead but not. “Go south I demand more members to my plight do this and I will reward you greatly.” The ambassador would smile and turn to make the preparations. “Gents we leave this evening your king commands.” The king turned as he looked to the ambassador. “Ten will do now all of you leave my presence.” He rested against the throne yet again Things will move just as according to plan soon the ruins will be restored.

Nurr floated to the kingdom and he felt the presence of two into the stable. He needed to find a book of any magic as he passed by the stable he thought about telling the prince about the people in the town he was about to open the door but then thought to himself. He owed this man nothing he would instead smile before slowly floating away to find another book to read perhaps on dark magic.

Meanwhile Kalandor walked through the woods perhaps he had been imagining everything lately it was getting late the sun was starting to go into dusk it would seem as he began to walk back to the castle. The guard saluted him and he nodded back as he reentered the giant structure walking up the stairs he went to the quarters he was given and looked out the window. “What will I do if I cannot protect these people…….i have failed many times..” he thought aloud as he spoke to the darkness. Slowly he stripped off his armor and began to put on his evening robes. The sun was setting in a beautiful day it was but the town had left his head in a blur. He took more whine and began to drink it felt so good to have whine to calm his senses he needed it as he left his door open. His twin swords next to him he began to pour over the guard roster seeing the reports many guards have given him. He looked through it as though there were about 700 of them he sighed. So many complainers he thought.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet sighed as she walked over to one of the throne seats and sat down in it, She slid her hand across the arms of the seat feeling some sort of entitlement as her hair flickered a bit, She did not know what this feeling was about, but it felt like it was right for her to seat here while her sister was away, “what the heck is...?” She said as the tips of her nails started to glow, She closed her eyes when suddenly, a jolt of energy made her gasp and glow with her eyes wide open with a blue purple color, She started to float like the air had picked her up, The moment stopped when the glow faded away and made her land back on the throne, She took a breath as a light from the throne spikes glowed for a second that was do short, a person would miss it if they blinked, “What just happened?” She thought as she looked around and slipped her cape back on because it slipped off-

Arsynn Rage: Leaning in to kiss him Ashe rests both hands on his arms and smiles. "You do what it is you must do, and I will wait. Forever if I must... And I will always need you. You saved me, when I didn't deserve saving. And you've given me time, patience, and your heart. You a re doing the best you can, and no one faults you for that." Moving her hands to his face she lifts it to look at her.. "You are amazing, and all you need is to redefine your Rekindled relationship  with your mother and learn from her." Ashe then kisses his lips once more and moves her hands from his face, playing with the ring on her finger. "how do you think she will react to this?" She asked pointing to the ring.

Anaya DeLaRose: Milla watched and stood there taking Jeffs yelling at her and then he left before ever even giving her a chance to talk back to why she killed the man or how he even new it was her in the first place. She guessed it was from her aura but she thought she mastered keeping that down. But it was getting out of hand and she was getting angry.  She put a dish down and as Jeff was gone now seeing it happened so fast her face flushed. She walked out the kitchen door past the guards and out the front to go outside, a boar had an amazing nose and before long she new were Jeff was. Millas fire red eyes bright and full of rage within moments she was in frount of him Milla was a boar and Milla was a demon she could move just as fast as he could and there was so much no one even new “i am fucking mad at you!” she yelled as she brought her hand up and open palmed slapped the prince across the face. “you know what you are a pitiful prince, you think the world is against you, who do you think you are god, the world is not ageist you you know were she is right now fixing your fuck up and trying to give you a future and a life, she is out with our bloody enemy risking her own life to put a future here for you her SON her only not killed son, yes she was in a hard place once yes but have we not all, i spent my life eating roots and protecting a forest not worth saving blind and dieing when she found me and saved me and brought me here and even showed me how to talk just like you all. She protects and cares for everyone and everything in her kingdom she protected people from the fire you started, stopped the toxin that wiped out the town the first time and then took every towns people upon her back and carried them into her home risking her own health to save her people. She over saw every caring measure used by our doctors and medics to heal and cute the toxin our enemy's used to harm us all, she saved us all before you even came back, she has even bin trying so hard to get to know the woman you hold feelings to, get to know her to try to bypass the fact she is just some woman you pulled form the fair. I killed that man in a simple way to prevent the thief from going back and informing his men that the prince is soft and that is it ok to steal from this crown when the queen is not around. You think everyone is ageinst you when no one is the only enemy we have is some loser who ran away from the north who you let go and a city to the south who you set there boats on fire and who your mother is trying to fix. Stop fucking pouting like you used to when you were a child and grow up and stand in the shoes you have or for love of god find new shoes to fit before you cause more fucking problems or yell at me more without letting me have time to fucking yell back, i am not your fucking mother you yell at me again like i am less then you when i have bin with her for the a hundred and twenty years you were fucking gone, i will rip your gut inside out and sling you from a fucking post! Now i am going to go back in the castle and do the dishes and clean up the smashed mess i did, you need to get your head out of your ass. if you want the woman here to be your mate talk to Anaya before she goes even more out of her way to try to get you a future you will only turn down and blow back in her face. ” she turned around and was gone outside anger fuming from every part of her. She looked back at the stable as she let out a scream and then walked back to the castle Samuel standing at the door as some of Millas yelling he could hear from inside the castle “Mill?a?” he asked as she stormed past him, she got about five or so feet before she turned around “he is such a prat, he thinks everyone thinks he is the bad guy when all people do is things for him! He is a fucking prince who views himself as a street rat worthless lump and he acts like one. This place was peaceful before he came back what the fuck changed!” Samuel ran to try to grab her and she just tossed her hand back “don't touch me anymore Samuel you are Anaya's fuck doll not mine, leave me alone” Samuel stood back as he let her fume and she left to go clean in the kitchen.

JeffDeLaRose: "I don't know how she will react, but I kn-..." Before he knew it, Milla bursts through the door and hauled off, smacking Jeff. Jeff took the slap, smirking as she yelled at him, posing threats of such power. Threatening to end his life. Threatening. Jeff was not seeing s threat. He was seeing a huffing child, angry that someone yelled at her. Jeff yelled as she walked away. "Come! Kill me! Everyone gets one free shot and you just used yours up in the form of a slap!" Jeff smiled, twitching his right eye as he rubbed his cheek. "She knows not of what Anaya did. My fuck up was securing my own freedom! Everyone except you, Ashe are against me. Until I am proved otherwise. I am sick of this damn castle. I am sick of everything being my fault and If that isn't proof enough that I need to get out of here then I don't know what is. That child can have the crown. Anaya doesn't even want me to have it. I am a pitiful Prince. I'm sorry I was only trained to be a fucking murderer." He raved and ranted before looking down to Ashe. "I'm gonna fucking kill that'm not. It's just Milla. She can be angry all she wants. I am not giving in to her pissy pouting. I am doing my best. My 'fuck ups' were to save my own ass from-...leaving home again. I have been doing my best to stay here but no one even wants me here anymore." Jeff slumped down and say on the hay bale with Ashe again. His mask slowly moved to guard his face from any more surprise Milla slaps. Jeff smiled the entire time he ranted, completely going mad with everyone blaming him for everything that is wrong. "I-...don't know what to do." He then growled low, looking up to the kingdom next to the stables. "I'm gonna go roast me a pig." Jeff's fists then bursted into flames as he got up and very slowly made his way around the corner.

Arsynn Rage: Ashe jumps up quickly and grabs Jeff's hand before he walks around the corner. "Please..don't. It won't fix a thing. If she thinks that way if you.. Change it. That's all you can do at this point Jeff." Pulling the ring from her middle finger, she then turns his hand over and Ashe reluctantly settles it in his palm, which are still ablaze. "She is right. It would be selfish of me to accept this without your mothers approval. You aren't just a Man, you are a Prince.. And I am just a market thief and handmaiden..." Closing his palm around the ring Ashe turns to walk off.. Before stopping for a moment and turning to him once more. "I love you, and I will always be in your corner. No matter what happens between us." Disappearing toward the castle Ashe heads straight to her room, the one she allowed a prince to share with her.. And plops down onto her stomach crying into her pillow.

 The walls of the palace where old and tattered ruins of the halls now the dead shared these halls. The walls where old given way as the keep that had long since housed the inhabitants where long dead. The New found kings heavy boots rattled through the halls as if he oversaw the new construction of his fort. The minions had done there skill well as he laughed a icy laughter.  Before long the waists of the dread fort would be feared but not yet. He placed his hand upon the frozen ledge and looked out across the ice as millions of the dead where working building. He smiled as he began his decent of the stairs as if to tarry in the basement he would grab one of his generals and look to him intensely. “Search this place I want to know every scroll every detail and every crevasse you can see…. I want to know everything in my new lands for it seems we have gold.” He laughed a bit as though all the gold where piled in the basement of the castle old relics long lost since the dying of the lands.  He smiled as he left the undead man and rummaged around in it. “All that shimmers be kind to my eye… “ he laughed as he plotted the next structure. All that he had obtained was now his no one else’s he smiled as though it had been long that he had ruled an area. He would smile as he walked back up the stairs and sat upon his throne. “I sleep now my pets. we wait…… “ He slowly the chair began to envelope him in ice only so much that he formed halfway into it. There the mighty wraith lord began his long slumber as their forces would begin to grow.

The urithid would cringe as all the anger had him in a foul mood. He flopped over the books and would glare at the auras where they were coming from he began to curse out loud. “Kuthrandur!” he swore as he tipped over a bookshelf. “Never is there any peace and quite around here never!” he would sigh as he began to float through the castle and this time he went out on the roof as he took another one of Anayas books from her personal study.

Kalandor had time to the quite peace that was no one. He liked answering to no one for it seemed to agree with him. Though the time he had passed it would seem the day began to turn again the dusk falling over as the side of the hills he would be getting back the cloak he had was no longer white so he just tossed it to the ground and left it. No need he can buy another one. He began to make his way up to whatever path he took to get to the castle a very good lot has been on his mind before the panther would be at his side as he smiled as he saw everyone at the castle looking from the distance. As soon as he would see all of these people he met. As soon as he heard the people yelling he would palm his face. “oh dear gods and devils what is this that I am walking back tiredly to…..” He would look to the woman leaving in a hurry but did not know where the other screaming creature went.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff stared at her as she did this, setting the ring down. He slowly frowned as she walked away and Jeff just stared at the ground. Everyone just crushed him within a few minutes and he just didn't understand what to do anymore. "I-...I'm sorry." He whispered, completely alone in the stables, minus the horses. He was blind to the entire situation and there was only one thing to do. He slowly reached for a dagger, and slid the blade up to his neck, then drug it across his cheek before jamming the blade into both his eyes, one after another. He screamed out, blood tears raining down his cheeks. He needed to open his power, and being blind, as he was to being a royal again, was the only way. He was now submerged in darkness, dropping to the ground. "Fuck! F-...fuck! God damn I am back!" His power rose, his foot slamming into the ground. Sending a large pulse of power out, he slowly rose. "I am Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose and I will no longer be a doormat."

Anaya DeLaRose: Samual walked over to the stable and looked in the stable as he watched jeff blind himself Samuel looked at him "so digging daggers in your face makes you stronger, well you learn something new everyday I guess" he held out a cloth blind fold over to Jeff "here this will help the bleeding and shit, and tell me who treated you like a door mat? why do you hold so much anger jeff?

 The drow would watch as the prince would jam a dagger into his eyes and would raise a brow he would look to the male and would go by his side he would look down to jeff and then back to Samuel as to adjust to the prince as he just jammed a dagger in his eyes. His words would have failed as he seen that the prince was now blind. “My friend I have returned………” he looked as the blood would begin to flow from his eyes. “I would suggest an apothecary for your healing….” He would raise his brow. “what happened that drove you to this I wonder I can restore your sight if you wished my magic has healing arts…” he put his hand upon his shoulder and tightened it. “don’t be so rash to take away your sight my friend.. there is much in the world to see.” He would look towards the dragon and would frown some. “You are his adoptive father where is the mother.. I am sorry I have arrived late… what happened my friend.” Kalandor looked serious to the prince for he was now blind. The panther purred under him as its magical presence walked back and forth observing what was happening.

Arsynn Rage: Hoping Jeff had left the stable, Ashe washed her face, changed her clothes, and packed her bag quietly heading back for the black horse. A small bag of coin in her hand to pay for the beast, far more than he was monetarily worth she was sure, so as to not upset the Queen. She rounded the corner toward the stable and tripped over a stump since it was now dark. "Goddammit" she moaned out, her ankle twisted beneath her body. She sat up and rubbed it softly, hearing voices in the stable, in the process. "Fuck... Guess I'll have to wait to leave." She whispered to herself, a trickle of blood forming through her foot cover. She stood and headed back to the castle limping mildly.

Anaya DeLaRose: she let out a sigh and walked into the main hall to see Ashe limping in the doors. Milla Ran over picking ash up and helping her even if she felt bad that only a bit before she kinda slapped ashes...boyfriend, the prince in the face "are you alright" Milla asked as she looked at Ashe and then looked at the bags Ashe was carrying. she said nothing on the matter of the bags as in truth she had no idea what to say about them. "i am sorry for earlier I guess I was just never one to be yelled at, sometimes the anger inside me me gets away from me. I just hope he got the point of what I was yelling I guess" she mumbled the last part as she helped Ashe over to one of the leather covered sofas.

Arsynn Rage: Leaning on Milla, Ashe frowned and wrinkled her nose. "I fucking tripped... I am super clumsy and I always hurt myself." She hissed through clenched teeth. Upon hearing Milla's apology Ashe sighed and turned to face her. "Milla, forgive me for being so forward but.. You all want the same thing for this kingdom. No one will speak to each other long enough to actually see it though." As she sat down on the sofa, once again she locked eyes with Milla and half smiled. "Thank you for not asking me about the bags.. I just needed... A small trip. I fear I broke the only person I've ever cared about this evening, after you yelling at him.. And I've never cared for animosity.. I'm a runner. So I'm..... Running" she stated matter of factory, her eyes welling up with tears.

Anaya DeLaRose: "i am a giant angry pig, but I made up my mind to try to hide it and fit in here. just cus we are something does not mean we have to stay that thing miss Ashe" Milla put ashes bags at her flank not taking them to far form her side as she was not going to move them away as if Ashe wanted to go she could if she really wanted to. "i get angery at him for he does not talk to Anaya and she is out there trying to give him a future and fix everything that has gone wrong. he may be a prince by blood but inside he is as much a runaway as you are and as much an angry pig as I am. when the queen gets back she will not say a word to him, she will go on her day get the papers done she needs to do and more then likely spend the night staying up and fixing things that did not get done wall she as away. I just get angry for he does not think of anything but his own wants and then blames the rest of this kingdom for disliking him when all this place has done since he got back was for him" Milla let out a sigh and sat down in the chair beside Ashe as the girls red eyes looked to the floor "he thinks this place treats him like dirt, but in the end who is the one cleaning that dirt from the floor every day. he thinks this world has bin so hard on him, it is hard on everyone who lives in it"

 The flayer would hear voices from the halls as it bothered him that he couldn’t sleep. These people where so noisy it drove him bonkers. It was getting late in the evening his night vision would click on rather well as he looked throughout the castle. The Illithid would slowly float down to the floor upon the noises. It was right below him as he landed in front of this woman and other woman he would grunt. “Your voices echo and are loud and disruptive. Why is it that your spices does not sleep…..” he would groan as he was sleeping in the corner of the place by the shelf of books and it seemed as though they had disturbed him he stood his full height of seven feet tall as he looked down to them his purple eyes tired looking as he turned to the one boar thing. “Demon I am hungry… where do I get fresh brain substances to make my night time more pleasant so that I may sleep…” The tentacles would float as if they had a mind of their own as he would have.

Arsynn Rage: "You're right Milla. We all have demons we would rather keep hidden don't we?" With a soft smile Ashe stood  and grabbed her bags, heading back to her room to turn in for the night. She didn't want to be a runner anymore. She loved her new home, and she loved her Prince. She enjoyed her talks, as scarce as they were with the Queen, and now Milla as well. Watching, and listening to the creepy Squid man, Ashe would nod politely and keep on to her room.. As she drew her door open, she glanced toward Jeff's room and hoped he would make it back soon.. She worried about him.

Anaya DeLaRose: "mhmm that we do miss Ashe that we do" Milla nodded watching the girl go back to her room as Milla was almost calmed down even if inside of her heart her anger still burned. she looked out the window seeing Samuel still standing by the stable were jeff still lay as well as that drow and then to the sky that was getting darker "i hope she gets back soon...I miss her" Milla muttered as she turned around almost running into the purple squide face "oh for love of god don't call me a demon, my name is Milla use it" she let out a grunt as she looked at him "go hunting two towns over if you want people to kill, it is a small town called Mill Mire Anaya holds very few loyalty's there, I have some things to clean up and things to check on, please don't make a mess" she just walked past the one known as nurr and walked into the main room over to the thrones picking up the days papers and flipping them in her fingers. there was a couple for the queen to sign and she put them back down on the pedestal beside the throne were she would get them and Milla took the rest of the papers into the back study to work with them and sign and mark them to have them filed or sent out in the morning.

Emmy (Brooke): The entire time Emmy was at the table that morning she was silent, why?.. well.. she was being shown things. As the place cleared out, Emmy was left alone she stood wondering around in her dream land. Emmy was showed a false reality of chaos if she kept staying, the sky was red. The scene was a calm eerie silence she had never wanted to hear, looking around the room she was in, which, looked alot like the table she was just sitting at, eating. As she stood the floor was shaking, Emmy rushed outside to see the altercation, biting her bottom lip she looked in utter shock as she seen the Goliath demon, spraying fire on the tree line that surrounded the castle, where the drow came from just a day before. There was an overrun of demonic beings, teaming up with the dark elves only to attack and bring down. The dream didnt end there, her father, she watched as he neared her only to grab her by the cuff of her throat, squeezing. It felt like she was being really squeezed, the dream had that much of a hold on her reality. The mind control was more than she could handle, after she fought off her father she ran, though she was running in the woods opposite of the army, she was actually running down the long hallway screaming and yelling. Something caught her from behind, Emmy didnt know what had her, and in a quick reaction she would take full use of her ability and in seconds have her hand a sharp dagger that was created with her black ice, only to lodge the sharp object in the gut of what she thought was a demon, though it was a mistake. ( Just a hand maiden. ) The confusing look on her face was all anyone needed to know, there was no way a demon died that fast, she thought. She was almost out of the grasp as she ran into the door that lead outside, bursting through she didnt stop running, she ran past the garden and down the hill to the beach side to the burned port. Finally the dream stopped, Emmy was left in a panic. Looking around, over each of her shoulders she growled .. You wont get away with this! .. She yelled, really at him but it looked like she was .. insane to say the least. the red sky she once saw was gone and it was night time.....

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet started to hear some commotion going on while she was resting in the throne chair after her strange powertrip, “Oh what now?!” Thought to herself using only her ears to hear what was going on around her, her eyes opened as she looked around with an annoyed look at the room “can't a hybrid get some sleep around here?” She said as she got up from the throne seat, oblivious to the fact that she left a temporary handprint on the arm of the chair before she left the room, She grumbled to herself seeing that no one was in the main room then lifted her dress from her ankles and walked towards one of the couches to on it, “hurry up and come back Anaya. Your people are going crazy.” She thought to herself as she turned over on her side so her back would be facing the outside, she was about to close her eyes until she remembered her winged animal friend that came to visit the castle “oh shoot.” She thought as an image of her room came into her mind, She didn't see anything at or near her window and sighed to herself, “I hope he went home” She said as she drifted off to sleep-

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JeffDeLaRose: "I'm fine!" Grunted the prince as Samuel, followed by Kalandor came into the stables. "I used to be blind, and I had better hearing, and thought everything else out. My power lowered after I regained my sight due to more senses in my body, and power becoming less powerful than before. I didn't hurt anyone when I was Now I can't stop." Jeff felt Samuel move and Kalan help him. He stood to his feet, clutching the blindfold and tying it around his eyes, blood seeping through the cloth. "It's just-...gonna help everyone. We all have made mistakes and mine was trusting my senses. Since Jaurl restored my vision, I haven't felt like myself. But keep that in mind, should I ever want my vision back, Kalan. I just-...I need to be like this. Okay?" He then sighed brightly. He looked to Kalan and smiled, patting his friend. "Don't worry. We will be fine. I'm still a damn good fighter. I can still take care of my self. If anything. I'm stronger. And won't-...hurt anyone else. And now I feel like I won't." He sighed softly and looked to Samuel. "Not my father. mother's mate. I don't have a father. Although I do appreciate you checking up on me Samuel. And you Kalan. I just-...I tried to do this a few months ago, but I couldn't. I just-...I need to go see Ashe." Jeff stomped his foot against the ground, sending out a telekinetic sonar like wave through the earth, helping him find his  way out of the stables and around the corner to the main doors. He finally walked up the stairs to find Ashe laying down. He walked forward and tripped on her packed back. His brow raised as he felt the material and his heart dropped. "You were gonna leave?" He asked, blood seeping from the cloth

Kalandor nodded, as he would come to his feet. “Well of coarse prince of coarse I shall be here if your eyes will be needed again upon your wishes.” He smiled as he watched the prince leave he would as well walking into the castle. The day was filled with madness he wondered how he was the only sane thing living within these walls as he went back to his quarters. He looked around as this place would bear a odd resemblance of all the other rooms he would turn it into his. With his staff he began to make the room a dark coloring that of the drow homeland. Each of the furniture he turned to his likening as if he would be back in his home at the under dark the only thing was left he covered the window with a thick wool curtain as the room became pitch black other then the small amounts of light coming from the crystals that have been found natively upon his land. This room was now his and well he made it to his own lair. It suited him and made him more at ease. He began going over the guard reports one after the other his mind came across a inquiry about the town. The letter reported that a strange presence in the town and that the fact the people where changing he cursed under his breath as a guard had stumbled into his illusionary barrier he had come across. He would rise from his chair and walk back to the desk. And wrote down a order to all guards not to get to close to the town before he could figure out what was going on. he walked out his door where there was a guard posted and smiled a bit. “Excuse me sir give this order on behalf of me… thank you.” He went back into his room and shut the door before just staring up at the ceiling as he jumped upon his fluffy bed. “What to do now…..”

Arsynn Rage: Hearing Jeff's voice as she jumped up quickly, wearing nothing but her thin sheath gown, the quilt dropping to her waist. "Well.. I was but.." Her voice stopped quickly upon seeing his face, the blood soaked fabric over his Eyes, she moved from the bed immediately facing him, fear  and pain from her ankle in her voice.. "What happened? Who did this? What can I do..?" Her voice full of worry. She would explain the bags once she found it what happened to him.. And at once, it hit her, the voices in the barn, when she twisted her ankle.. It was him. She could've gone to him then and stopped. Tears ran down her cheeks, what had she done.. Was this her fault? The ring? Where was the ring? She shook her head and leaned back, weight on her ankle and winced. "I did this. This is all my fault."

JeffDeLaRose: "No. It's mine. I never made any mistakes when I was blind. I was quicker, stronger-...humble. Now I'm this kingdom's fucking boil on the arse. I just wanted to feel like myself again. I never want you to feel like I did this because of you. Milla was right. I am a pitiful prince because I hate myself for all the pain I've caused. I was a pacifist when I came back. They turned me back into a killing machine-..and I hate myself for it. I will fight for this family. But from now on, I will be doing things the way they need to be done. How they should be. I can see far better than I could before. It's almost relieving that I feel like myself. The only difference is that Jaurl isn't here. I think I resent my mother because Jaurl wanted to die because she didn't accept him as a part of me. I need to stop. And Milla is talking in blind anger. I've tried to talk to mother but-..she hates me. From now on I'm giving them a prince to be proud of. A me I can be proud of." He rested his hands on hers. "You-...were gonna leave." He stated, looking down. "I'm-...not sure how to feel. I kind of feel-...angry, and sad. But also confused." He spoke calmly, blood like tears pooling down his cheeks. " I hurt my vision to enhance my vision and everything. Samuel and Kalan watched me do it. If I want. I can restore my vision any time. So don't worry-.." He simply walked over to the bed, calmly climbing into it. "I am diving you away from me. Everyone wants to go away from me eventually. I'm sorry." He stared at the ceiling, sighing softly. "I love much but I don't want to keep you like a prisoner of you don't want to be here...."

Arsynn Rage: "I was going to leave.. But Milla reminded me that we don't have to stay who we once were, we choose our path. And I choose you... I love you Jeff. And I want to be there with you... I just worry your mother won't accept me as an appropriate mate for you, I am just a street thief, turned handmaiden, turned student.  I may not be royal, or smart in the ways of war, or know hot to build a city, but I am loyal to the bone... And I am yours" she moved to the bed, sat next to him and touched her hand to his cheek. Whatever decisions you make, I'm here.

JeffDeLaRose: "My mother has sent me to murder thousands-....she has watched me get hurt multiple times by people I thought loved me. She has sent me up against people she was sure would kill me. She has done everything in her power to make me feel worthless but she gets some sort of pass for all of that damage because her old mind was insane. Some kind of dragon madness and all these crimes that she made me commit, I am still being punished for. I have tried to protect her and she only thinks I'm all about myself. That's what Milla thinks. I have been loyal to my family. They ruined me and I am still here. You are the only thing I find joy in any more. So if my mother disapproves of the one thing I need. Then she is a fool and a coward. Two things I know she is not. " he felt her hand on his cheek and he looked at her, placing his hand out to present the ring. "Just-...take it. It was made from the coin that I first have you a long time ago. I crafted it myself." Jeff looked at the floor, wiping his bloodied cheeks. Jeff slowly reached up to untie the blind fold, dropping it to the ground. "How do I look?" Jeff asked, looking down. His bady blue eyes were now a solid baby blue. Completely glowing far more than normal. Blood still trailed down his cheeks but the brightness over shined his wounds, making them unnoticed. His aura rose as he grunted, touching them softly. "I-...was like this before. Can you handle a cripple?"

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked to kalandor and nodded his head "learn something new every day I guess" he said just shaking his head and walking out of the stable and looking for Milla he put his hands behind his back as he walked. spotting her siting alone on a distant and secluded hill with some papers behind her as she was laying on her back looking up at the sky. "so still want me to leave you alone?" he asked her as he sat in the grass beside Milla and her pink dress "i guess not you are already here" she muttered as her head moved and fell upon his lap still looking up at the sky "you think Anaya knows?" Samuel looked down at her question as he lay a kiss upon the tender lips of the girl "what Anaya does not know will not hurt her and Milla our world is not the same as this one, one dragon can have many mates, it is not like humans with there pointless one person forever crap" Milla looked at him and new it was right the thought of only having one mate kinda got rid of the fact you were put on this world to reproduce and make more of yourself, but the thing was the both of them could not breed anyway so it brought the question on why he was even with her. but she did not care she enjoyed the company "i guess but what if she finds out" "then we come clean tell her the facts and explain how our little group is a big group, I have no idea how she would take it" Samuel moved and ran his claws in Millas hair "i know you don't get angery often, why the mood flip Milla?" she looked up at him and then to the sky "i don't know I guess I would just like a bit more respect then the one people yell at or the one that does the dishes and the papers" "ya but you are the one she trusts most, remember when we were at the fair a wile ago, when that fat guy told Anaya he wanted you as his slut and then jeff as his daughters wedding cake topper" "i was not there I was out eating and stuffing my face" she let out a laugh remembering how fun it was "well ya miss piggy, wall you were doing that you know Anaya told him to shove the thought of beding you up his ass and told him she would think about jeff and the girl. you were a instent no and jeff was a maybe. see she loves you" in the end he was talking out his ass but he did it to make Milla feel better and to came the rageing beast inside of the girl. "i just don't want to see you go all super boar you were close today you slapped Jeff in the face" "ya I know I did should I say sorry?" "not right now" he put a finger on her lips as he got closer to her wrapping his arms around the girl. "i have other plans for my little hand maden" he picked her up and rolled on top of her as they both rolled down the hill out of the view of everyone and everything. "Sam one day everything will be like it was right? just you me and Anaya?" he paused and looked at her "it will never be as it was Milla that past is gone and we have to adapt to this future now can I know what is really wrong with you as of lately?" he pined her to the ground at the bottom of the hill "i just...I wanted to be his friend but now I want to slap him agein. and I am worried about the queen" "don't worry Milla she is a big girl and can handle herself" Milla got up from the bottom of the hill "i don't really feel like any fun tonight Sam and no one else is going to do the papers I do. cus no one around here is me but me and I have a job to do for her" Samuel looked at her as he got up hair in his face "alright then lets go back to the castle together?" Milla walked up the hill picking up the papers "no I will go alone" she said cold and snappy like as she simply walked to the castle leaving Samuel there. He sat down and looked up at the sky "sometimes I wonder who is the colder one around here, her, or Anaya "

Arsynn Rage: With a deep breath, she slides the ring back on to her middle finger, Her eyes wide at his face with the blindfold removed, she then reached down to her gown and tore a small piece from the edge, using it to wipe the blood from his cheeks. "You are not a cripple.. You are however dirty and need a bath." She moved her face closer to his and whispered into his ear. "Come now my love, let's get you cleaned up.." Ashe moved to the bathroom and filled him a bath, calling to the house help for warm and hot water from the kitchen to fill the tub. Once finished she called out to Jeff... "Join me..?"

In the silence of the realms it would seem as though they had come. They where clad in the dread lords colors new members of the frosted race the ambassadors where already under way as the broken ship skidded into view of the port. The crew of the dead where upon it as it served under not as pirates but for something of greater gain. The ambassador would smile, as the general would make landfall. His sword curses from the ancient vault from The new appointed king Rogen . He began his way into town in a dead light limp as he smiled. The scourge was taking effect and the work was spreading quickly it would seem. Slowly he would meet on of the towns members as it bowed slowly to him as if knowing who he was. “My lord…. I have sensed our masters call… most are yet resisting our lord…” The ambassador grunted a hateful tone as he kicked the decaying man out of his way. “Get them aboard the ships! Move them now! Our master has laid claim to them.” He smiled as his arrival was at night it should have been easy if he was not expected to deliver a message. He hated doing this sure work but  it was the way of things his life was meant to serve and nothing more. The dead began to pack the half living upon the ship loading them from the town whips cracked as they where being taken on board  the vessel. It has been three days since the departure to the dead lands and so far the living the ambassador hated it. “Leave at once with them on board do not take me with you this is the orders from my master.” He began to make his slow decent as though he did not want to. Everything about this place had life in it green and lush he would grimace, as he would be approached upon the entrance of the castle. “Move mortal the dead do not suffer the living to pass… “ he yelled out to the guard as it began to panic as he struck the head from the mans shoulders he had no time as he walked into the bowels of the castle. In the magic he could sense beings in the door to the room where jeff was opened very slowly as the frosted presence of the undead became abundant in the room the stench of death upon him. “Jeff DeLaRose….Prince of this realm I bear a message for you from the King of the frozen wastes! Lord Rogen Has not forgotten his ports be smashed and his ships delayed The Taxes of lives are here for them By your actions have displeased for the lord Rogen . He has returned this.” He bore with him the vase he had taken the night he had left the castle. “He has not forgotten you mortal kin his interest has still intact of your cell talk. “ The being laughed with undead hiss to it as it placed the vase upon the desk of the room.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked down and made up his mind he was going to go walking down to town, he was not getting anything from Milla tonight so it would be nice to see what was going on in town even if there was really not much left of the town, most people had left when the crown stopped paying attention to them and everyone was guessing that the castle was a castle and it did not care about its towns people. He kicked a rock and looked out seeing boats and men ...dead men.....walking into the town “what the fuc..” he said to himself as he watched them taking body's and left over towns people sick and dieing. He would not going to deal with any of this as he was pent up anyway and needed to get things out and if people were stealing things from the town it was a good enough reason for battle right. Ya it so was, with a snapping sound he changed right then and there his wings lifting himself into the sky as he went down to the town and just dumped his breath all over it flames taking up the building and burning everything in his path. One swipe and then a lift up he started to town around for the next go.

JeffDeLaRose: "I would love to join you. You are doing so much for me. I don't know how to thank you. I love you-..." The door crept open and a flooding chill swept over the room with a load of worry in the form of goosebumps entered. He slammed his foot down, sending the pulse out, and again with each step he took. The vase was placed down and Jeff quickly gripped it with Telekinesis. He moved to look at Ashe. "Cover yourself my dear. Bathing will have to wait." Jeff floated the vase over to the bathroom and shut the door and left only a crack open. "Protect yourself." Jeff whispered, before looking to the grunt. "You dare come into my home, and kill my men, then spout threats to me and my family? Now that is a giant insult. Here I am thinking you'll be a smart man." Jeff drew his blade, placing a shield around his, and Ashe's body? While the shielded vase sat on the bathroom sink. "I really do not want to kill you and you are really catching me at a bad time. So I'm asking you, for your own sake to leave my home before I kill you over and over again and send every single pound of your skin to your lord. Get-...out!" Jeff then sent a telekinetic message into Kalandor's mind. "Help. There is a strange man upstairs posing threats. Protect my family."

Arsynn Rage: Feeling the cold air enter the room, Ashe pulled her gown over her head once more and moved to the door, watching the man and Jeff talk.. Anger overtaking her mood Ashe's hands both instantly became engulfed in flames.. "Dammit" she murmured softly to herself. "At this rate we will be married before we ever get to..." Her voice trailing off as she feels Jeff cover her body with his shield. Stepping out from the bathroom she stands back far enough to be close if needed, but far enough for Jeff to handle it. "I'm here love."

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was well of into her dreamland before something abruptly woke her from her sleep, She gave a growl to herself and got up from the couch with her blade in her hand, “That's it. They done did it.” She thought to herself as she stormed up the stairs with glowing eyes of irritation, “Who is up here?!” She roared “Who just caused trouble and disturbed me from my slumber?!” She had her blade pointed upwards being a step away from the upstairs halls, She growled again feeling some cold air swipe against her hair, She could tell that something was going on even if they're might not be a dangerous person in the home, she quickly ran up the stairs and pointed her blade in the direction of the hallway, her nose flared from the smell of another scent that makes her kind go insane-

Emmy (Brooke): it wasnt long, she was in quiet, but, it wasnt long til something was disarray. She could see the silhouette of the ships from afar and something, odd shaped in the sky. Though she payed more attention to the ship, the flag wasnt something she would notice instantly. Standing her ground at the beach,  on her lonesome. Two things could come of this, and both options wernt the best. She could tell those who where on the ship,  the tone it was all wrong. A quick glance back at the castle and she tried to think of something quick. the only thing she thought of was.. well.. a re-enforced wall. Keeling down quickly she dug her hands in the dirt, within a minute's time she used her ability to the fullest extent. Erupting from the sand, the wall was 5 foot thick and about 2 and a half foot ball fields along. It wasnt going to stop them totally, but, it was enough to slow them down, the wall would have been broken with the right kind of skill .. or .. tactic but other than that it was a trip out of the way. Emmy stood and glanced at her biggest artwork of black ice she had done in the new body. Her gaze went to the ships, standing in front of the wall she waited. She would be the one to deal with this, she felt it was the right thing to do. Had the ships finally got sorted out, they wouldnt even notice the wall until they about ran into it, as it was night time it was nearly invisible.

The dead would sense the presence coming the commander of the vessel would yell at the others “LOOSE the ships! Prepare to mask!” all of the members would scramble to pull people on board the giant vessel the undead crew men got caught in the first wave of the fury from a dragon. The commander was told that he would encounter difficulty in this aspects he would smile as this was indeed so. They tossed off the giant ropes within their vessels they had so much on board already the dead men where being attacked left and right by the flying dragon. They broke out the wind lance upon the shore as they started to fire up to his location the giant arrows where launched at a burst as they where like spears fired at a high velocity If they hit his scales they would surly be a wound of epic proportions. The black nights surged aboard the ships a few of them would remain and continued to man the wind lance. Others had the cannon they armed it with a giant dreaded spear the tip poisoned with black-corded magic. They fired the giant spear upon the dragon center mass the massive cannon and the wind lance may have effect upon their barrage if struck. “Call forth the mist men we need the shrouds!” As soon as the captain aboard the ship gave the order the mist started to spread. The magic began to shroud the ship within second of the dragons flame attack. The smoke from the fire helped to mask the approach, as several of the crew lay dead or dying. Even more form the town’s people as their infected body’s burst releasing more of the infection to be burned in the fire. The men where casting off the shore it was the only thing they could do as if an in this instance the mist would thicken and fog. Before long the whole ground was covered in a eerie thick fog that was hard to even see in front of your face. This fog would follow them as they spread it through the whole bay area. The dark magic would spread as though to mask them even more along the area out of into the expanded river. They would be on their way with the stolen members of the town more added to the undead scourge as well as first contact with the prince.

The undead ambassador would smile a thick and gross bone cracking noise could be heard as he done so. He would laugh as he finally looked to the prince. “I am Dread lord Varius I am only a pawn to his majesty you would kill a pawn it makes no difference in my sacrifice. “ his bones snapped and cracked as they reached for his sword. “The scourge suffers no man we are already legion boy MY master has already informed you of your importance to him. He feels that you are…would be a great asset to him and thinks highly of the mighty prince that he had met .” Upon hearing the words that shouted in his mind the Drow sprang to his feet. He would flail about as he had no time to get dressed he gripped the two swords that he had used and ran for the room of the prince. Though he was nude he noticed the door was open and was ill prepared for this matter as he burst into the room with nothing but a cloth covering his area he would hold out his swords. “Where is the danger!” He scanned the room and saw the prince of coarse and then this undead thing. It seemed as though as he would have seen it before. This creature was a dark nature obviously undead. The undead creature turned to Kalandor and smiled. “Curious that you have drow company… hahahaha.. this is everything my master can tell..” just as it happened the undead creature looked back to jeff. “Farewell jeff Delarose and think fondly on his majesties offer. You have so much potential…” the undead figure grunted and dropped to the ground as the bones split apart leaving nothing but chilled bones the drow would raise a brow at the figure look to the prince. “I must be off there is matters that are unsettling the town is overrun by the black plague I don’t know no time to explain! .” Before long he ran out the door only bearing with him a dagger as he would go in search of the woman he had met at the table he knew she went wondering . Nurr told him of her movements earlier and he ran down to the old beach as it was all in a fiery blaze. “IS anyone alive!” he still wore no close because this was a alarm as he looked around the places he avoided to much of the blazing inferno as well it were dragons fire. This night was a weird one as he poured over house-to-house looking for any signs of life but there were nothing but a few burning bodies some undead and some living as well. Drow had a immunity to fire this he liked and used to his potential though his clothes well cloth was not as it obviously would be burned to a crisp it left him exposed on the beach. “Well…where did everyone go…” he walked around on the beach looking for any signs of life. “curse the winds are cold this eve…. “ it seemed there were no one as he sigh as he looked for the life signs yet again upon the shore. And the flayer he could not sense its presence anywhere as it normally told him everything. He sighed as he would pick up the dagger maybe it was time to go back since well.. he was wearing nothing now…

Emmy (Brooke): The barricade would work for as long as Emmy needed it too, it was strong, but in this huge mess that she made this .. was pretty much experimental. She watched as the attacks kept on, though, after she couldnt see much only hear, and sense and smell the pirates. It was clear to Emmy they where abducting those on the town near the castle, but why, she didnt know. As she rounded the wall, she wasnt sure what to do, that was until she sensed a familiar presence. The Drow from before, she looked at him in shock, more so.. intrigued by his lack of attire, yet he was battle ready? .. What are you doing here?.. You shouldnt be here.. I can handle them on my own.. She did her best to detour him from fighting in the buff, but, it was a nice touch. Her calm voice was, well it was more different than the last time the two had met in battle. She pressed her back on the wall she created, just after she pressed her palms to the wall once more, adding more of her ability, the black ice. This addition added 3 more football field lengths to the already to, making a 5 long football field lengths in total The longest she's created. With a huff, it took alot out of her, only winded her a bit rather than weakening her. She turned back to look at the nude male, a grin formed .. If this wall can hold off, i can make a full on barrier, containing them if i can..

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel crashed down after standing up and let out out a roar at were ever the stupid ships had gone. the wyvern smashed his head into some building on fire and snarled at the world around him, stupid people and there stupid arrows. he bent his head back and grabbed the black arrow that was lodged in one side and out the other side of his left back leg. thank god it did not hit a wing or it would have bin a harder landing then it was. nothing other then the one simple black arrow hit him but he had to fly to avoid three shots up at him, he was not that mobile, but the bad thing that bothered him the most was the things got away with what ever was left of the town. he yanked the Arrow out of his leg with a grunt and then a roar like scream as it had broken bone and done a lot of damage but the good thing about speed healing is it would not take to long for this to mend a couple hours and a sleep should do it.  the Wyvern dropped the black arrow in fount of Kalandor and the other girl as his large and dominating voice doomed from his mouth (smauges voice on the dot) "look at this arrow and figure out what is it made of, and how they  made there lances portable, they used to only be able to be attached to towers but now they can fire from the ground, figure this out so armor can be made to prevent harm from them" he let out a snort as blood ran from his hind leg and he cringed putting anything on it.  he let out a snarl as he walked and lay in the grassy patch just on the other side of the stable to rest for a little bit allowing healing to work he would sleep outside tonight.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff blinked a few times as the ambassador spoke of an offer from-...Rogen . Why? Potential for what? What could this being be talking about? Jeff had no idea what to expect, even as Kalandor flew into the room with nothing on but a small cloth. Then even more caught off guard as Ashe took stance to protect her love. Jeff smiled brightly as the undead creature fell into a pack of bones. And just like that, Kalandor ran off.  He saw there was danger elsewhere and ran for it to protect his home. Respect was in order. He just wished he had put pants on first. Jeff then looked to Samuel outside and looked to Ashe. "I'm-...proud of you. I promise we can-...take a shower when we get back. But I need your help. Grab your bags of healing herbs and meets my by the stables!" Jeff then opened the window and hopped out, sliding down the roof and landing on his feet. He rounded the corner to see Samuel and looked to him. "Samuel. Buddy. I know you are trying to heal but I'm going to accelerate your healing. We need you to in top shape in case they come back. You'll be okay." Jeff then rubbed his rather dainty hands together and focused his chi into his hands. He placed his hand on Samuel's giant claw, and allowed his power to flow into Samuel's own power, enhancing the healing process within minutes. Hoping Ashe had followed him, he looked to her. "I need one of those herbs. Wyverns are very taken with herbs like this. This will stop infection."

Arsynn Rage: Ashe quickly dressed and followed behind Jeff grabbing the herb pouches on the way out the window, she slid behind him landing on her twisted ankle with a thud, and cringed "Fuck".. Then limped lightly toward a large patch of grass near the stable, where a very large Wyvern lay.. She smiled as they got closer, listening to a Jeff talk to Samuel. Once he asked for the herbs she handed him the larger pouch, knowing that may not even be enough with the size of his Dragon, she then held out the remaining bags as well.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was halfway down the hall with her blade when she suddenly caught another scent that made her gag and run off to suit up in her room, her eyes were still glowing from being woken up and she was still in an animalistic mood from trying to find the jerk that disturbed her, She search for her armor in her room to no avail and growled before she stormed out her room and rushed back to the main room with her cape flowing behind her, “guards!” She yelled “Where the heck is my freaking armor! Bring it to me this instant!” Her voice was so loud it could be heard all the way from half of the upstairs hall, There was only one guard in the castle and it was the same one that stopped her from going outside last time, “ I'm going to kick butt out there and you can't stop---“ He cut her off by grabbing her by the collar of her outfit keeping her in place until she was able to calm down, She kicked her feet around and thrashed until she got tired and groaned to herself, “I think I should stay here and guard the place” she said looking at the guard with a piece of her hair sticking out from the middle of

The drow would look to he woman and kinda would clear his throat unexpectedly. “Um It is my duty my lady….. “ he looked down and realized he wore nothing and cursed under his breath. “7 hells…..” he summoned forth a globe of darkness before quickly casting a spell to utilize a robe as he would smile the thing fit nicely as he coughed nervously. “It seems that would teach me to sleep in my skin suit when I am needed.” He laughed the embracement away as he looked back to Samuel and now jeff was here my my the whole dead place still even deader from the flames. “My word a wind lance it seems it was coated from drow poison. Not only that but fired from strange objects that I would have time to study if it where not turning into cinders as we speak.” The flames would have melted the metal of the devices and he would really just shrug as no one was left in the town. “It seems they where being afflicted by a plague when I was here.. They clammed some to be alive but others they looked dead for about four to six weeks. I thought it was only a dark spell so I took it to myself to investigate I prepared a illusionary barrier I would have thought that no one would see… it seems they where after the people here.” He sighed as this was his only failure. “The magic was not even known to me and I am a drow master in dark arts. This…this had meaning I am sure of it whoever came to both of you clearly sent a message.” Kalandor would sigh again as he looked to the woman with the frozen glass weirdness. He would nod to her for saving his well place. “I believe with no doubt this man comes from the north for there is evidence to suggest that much…  This man I believe he was after the prince only for reasons unknown. “ he simply shrugged as he looked back to jeff and Samuel he didn’t really think much of Samuel since he had barley met the beast as he was clearly in pain from the arrow but black arrows again so soon? This must have been meditated to gather these people. “Now that this place is well….gone what kingdom is there without subjects…” he raised the question to himself but he didn’t know the land much he simply shrugged it off as he took a look to the emmy chick. “I must see you later tonight in my quarters I need some questions I have for you miss you where there through everything and have a clear well view of what they were after.” He smiled a bit shyly looking to her. “Do not worry I am certain I will be somewhat clothed. “ he laughed a bit as he soon offered his arm to her. For some reason his hand felt very cold and a smile spread across his face it was a good tingly feeling as it was getting cold out he needed to go to sleep.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked at Jeff as Jeff touched him and Samuel let out a grumble but did not kick him off like he would have most people. Samuel lowered his head down to Jeff “you know your mother takes time to heal i need a couple hours and i will not be hurt at all i thank you for your aid Jeff it is very kind hearted of you to do sutch a thing to one to do not like. But i will be fine you take your female counterpart and get some sleep, we have much to go over in the morning. There will be a meeting in the afternoon when the sun is hottest. Be in the meeting hall” he put his head on the ground a giant green eye looking at Ashe, it had dawned on him she had never seen him as himself, she saw Anaya once but never the male or a wyvern for that matter. He looked at her for a moment, as if not looking at her but into her. He moved his nose to abruptly push her and then moved it back as he put his nose on the ground, he was almost being playful for a moment but also saying in his own little way thank you for the herbs. Samuel turned his head to look at the drow "they came here for Jeff is there target as he angered there ruler, there is only one person we have angered as of late so a stupid man could figure this one out. we will send troops up to the north were the one known as Rogen went when the queen gets back. and for our town we have many towns with many subjects just for this one is burned does not mean it is lost or our only one. it is just the closest one to the castle front and the least guarded seeing the castle is right here"  he put his head down as his body was healing him and his own toxins were eating any and every other one in his body now. "but right now everyone needs rest, as well as myself, so be off, and we will deal with it in the morning "

JeffDeLaRose: "I was offered-...a position in Rogen 's kingdom. His dead army took our villagers.    We will discuss this in the morning but he is not just angered, he is impressed. He thinks that I owe him some kind of service for displeasing him. Frankly, he can take his bag of skeletons and stick himself up the arse with a red hot  iron rod." Jeff's energy would stop transferring. "I don't hate you Samuel. I just-... I just haven't had any reason to trust you until now. Thank you for watching over my mother." Jeff then moved to sweep Ashe off of her feet and into his arms. "Shower. Now. Let's. Please." Jeff then looked to the others around. "Whatever is happening, we will get through it. As a family." He then moved back inside, Ashe in arms. His blind, baby blue eyes shimmered as he made his way right into his room. He sensed the bed and set her down. "Help me get this armor and hooded jacket off?" He smiled. "Thank you for everything. You are an amazing mate. I fall in love with you every day."

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel looked to kalador and let out a grunt "maybe he is better blind" he said softly as he put his head back down

Arsynn Rage: Giggling as the Wyvern pushed her her eyes smiled brightly, with an acknowledging nod to Samuel, and kept close to a Jeff. Then snapped off of her feet, she leaned into hiss embrace until Plopped onto the bed. Ashe helped Jeff remove his armor and jacket and tilted her head. "I wouldn't quite say mate yet love, you still need your mothers approval. I am still just a thief and handmaiden, and as Milla mentioned, we don't know what she is out doing for you right now. She may have other plans." Heading to the bathtub hoping he follows..

JeffDeLaRose: "That is not her decision to make. I don't care what you were. You are someone I love. Someone I long for. I don't want to go against her on anything but who I marry is my decision. I am not a child anymore. I love you Ashe. I don't-...I don't need my mothers approval to tell you that. I don't care if she approves. I fucking love you. " He said, heading into the bathroom with her. The large spa like bathtub was already filled with warm water, steaming and fogging the mirrors. "Please don't run...." He whispered as he stripped naked and climbed into the large, hot tub. His head tilted back as he let out a relaxed sigh. "I'm sorry-..."

Arsynn Rage: With a tilt of her head at the word marry, Ashe wrinkled her brow and chuckled. "Slow and steady love. I think you must've bumped your head a bit too hard"  Jeff said himself, marriage no time soon. Ashe stripped down and climbed into the large tub with Jeff.. Smiling as she sees him smile. "I'm glad you're finally relaxing, I haven't seen you do that in quite some time" cupping water in her hands she pours it onto his chest and arms, wrapping both of her legs around his waist, taking the cloth from the side of the tub to trail along his chest and arms as well.

He thought for a moment and then turned on his heel. “Never mind I will conduct my own invesagation.” He looked back to the dragon and nodded. “Blind aye it will be a adjusting to.” He nodded to the dragon and proceeded alone to the castle he went back to his chambers and doused the candles and went the fuck to sleep.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet felt her feet touch the floor as the guard put her down then let himself get whacked on the side of his by her fist for grabbing her, “Freaking crazy!” She said as she stomped her way up the stairs to her room, she heard something at her window and pushed it open to see the winged animal had returned, She reached out to it and climbed on it's head, then she slid all the way down to its back, “come on. Let's get the heck away from here.” The winged animal lifted itself into the air with a low roar and flew towards the forest, Scarlet needed a more peaceful place to rest and she was going to find it even if it was away from home-

JeffDeLaRose: "Yes. Slow and steady." She washed him and wrapped around him. His head looked toward the ceiling, and another sigh left his lips. He then looked up at her and brought his lips down to kiss her after removing his mask. "I didn't hit my head. I just don't-...want to marry a complete stranger. I'm not in love with them..." He looked down softly as she washed him, before slowly moving his lips to her neck, trailing them along until reaching her chin. Reconnecting their lips, his left hand gripping the back of her neck to pull her close to his embrace. He felt her legs tighten and a smile formed. "I really do love you Ashe..."

Arsynn Rage: A soft moan escapes her lips, as his words hit her ears. "And I you my Prince." Ashe whispered, her lips leaving his, placing a kiss on his chin, moving to his neck, soft kisses trailing his collarbone.. "I do hope your mother makes it home soon love, Samuel mentioned a meeting today. And it will be the first time she sees what you have done to your eyes. I worry about how she will react. Please love..." With well placed kisses along his chest, over each scar, scratch, or bruise from the battle days ago. She sits up to kiss his lips deeply. "Try to make the best of this meeting, it may be your only chance for a while, since your mother leaves on business often"

JeffDeLaRose: "Aye. Perhaps she will understand. Perhaps she won't. Knowing my mother. She will probably shrug it off. I will do my best to attend the meeting with a bright smile." He smirked as her lips caressed his skin. A small, relax moan escaped through him as they sat together in the tub. His hands ran up with a wash cloth, along her back, as she was doing the same for him. "I won't let anyone hurt my family-...even if they hate me. I am who I am today because of them."

Arsynn Rage: With a grin Ashe slides her hand into the water and wraps her fingers around Jeff's shaft.. "Time to get out love, don't want you to turn into a prune." She giggled as she released him and moved to climb from the tub. "It's almost dawn and we haven't slept at all yet. You won't be much good to your mother today without just a few hours of rest at least"

Emmy (Brooke): -Letting out a chuckle at the moment, soon after they wernt the only ones. Figuring out the pieces of the puzzle, Curious as to who, and why.. The arrow that shot down near them gave her a startling growl, at first she thought it was the enemy, but, Kalandor calm she didnt see a reason to be hostile only that she put it together and it was the helpful dragons reason it was stuck in the ground. There wasnt much to it for Emmy, except for the scent, it was nothing less than horrid with the smell something she was used to smelling on the top. The conversation continued and she zoned out, that was until the word Rogen was brought up. She was quiet starring at those who talked about him, the prince, whom she had met brief before, he was the target. How is her Ex-husband even here? more less alive and kicking? The worry flooded her, Was he back simply because of her father, since he was the one that killed him in the first place is it a coincidence that BOTH of them are alive and creating havoc? Emmy didnt know, but her thought was broken when Kalandor talked to her, how he wanted her alone in his chambers, and the joke after. She gave a half chuckle, she was amused but, was lost in a thought. Emmy took his arm and followed him, the normal thing about her inhabiting a host was she had the touch of a mortal human. After a minutes time in walking with the Drow, she didnt say much but her worry was gone for the time being. Once she entered his chambers she turned to give a glare at the tall man, he was astoundingly taller than her 6 foot slender figure. She seemed less innocent now than she had before, more, normal.- What is it you wish to discuss?

He looked to the woman as the sun broke through the clouds he grimaced and pulled the curtain from the window the next day shown brightly as well as the next. He forgot the woman was sitting in his room and yawned and looked to her. “Well discuss… discuss.. I would not know I need some whine first in the early Morning darkness. “ He slowly walked nakedly to the cups by his bed and gripped a picture and poured himself a glass of whine and sat in his chair. “I was going to ask you about the men you saw it seems like you recognized the name and the nature of this man I am hearing about.” He took a sip and put on his normal leather clothing before looking to her. “I know what I saw it was recognition in those eyes and it seems as though his old name scared you.” He was looking to this as he smiled to the young demon. He would sit upon the chair and look to her with his red eyes clearly studying the woman in his chambers. He would question her about this man as he still his hand-felt cold he warmed it up with some and then blinked as he took another sip. “drink some if you wish I want to make you comfortable. “

Emmy (Brooke): -It was late yes, though she didnt really need sleep she did it as a habit to be 'normal'. Emmy chuckled shaking her head, rounding the bed post, she layed on top of the rather plush soft, bed. With a grin she shook her head no- .. Oh No fear, no no.. I have alot of questions though. Rogen is my.... well. let's say. family. Whom i thought killed my father, seems they are both back beyond the grave. -Her brow arched, Her hand held out reaching for Kalandor's drink rather than getting herself her own cup. Had he gave it up, she would take a swig of the drink. Coughing at the burning bitter after taste it left. With a sigh she laid back starring at the roof, a minute went without her talking until she confessed.- .. I Married him. Once. He left me. -she paused to remember a bit more- .. My father hated me, tortured him to get to me. But... he never gave me up, ever. He was gone for nearly a century, just gone. I had moved on with my life, i-i thought he just didnt need me anymore... Out of thin air he reappeared, telling me he killed my father, told me he had to do something. The last i heard of him, was when we had to rescue my daughter from the 4th hell... by that time our history had been tainted, i hoped he had died.. -She stopped herself, she didnt say much after, moving her hands move her head she looked over to the drow. Her red hair pushing out of the way, her blue gaze looked him over it was quite the .. sight. The most vulnerable Emmy has ever been, and a confession is what she does, the irony in this wasnt lost on her.- Do you mind if I sleep in here tonight? I cant deal with the terrors I have been having at this time of night..

Scarlet DeLaRose: -It was well into early morning as the light hit the forest, Scarlet had found a quiet place in her cave to sleep away from the castle and she was still sleeping with her winged animal by her side, it tried to nudge her to wake her up,but she was too far into dreamland to feel anything, The winged animal growled when it saw a familiar woman come out from behind a tree, she picked up Scarlet and took her out of the cave before she threw her into a still river to wake her, Scarlet gasped at the shock of the water and quickly crawled out with wide eyes “Hey what's the big idea?” She said pointing to the woman who happened to be her guardian, “You are. You shouldn't be sleeping out here.” The guardian said watching Scarlet ring out her cape, “I needed another place to sleep. That castle was too chaotic for me.” Scarlet felt her guardian pull her hood roughly over her head before she lifted it back, “That's being selfish. Your family could have been in need of your assistance.” The guardian said with her fist on Scarlet's head, “They are fine. They've always carried on during my absences.” Scarlet said swiping the guardian’s fist away, The guardian shook her head in disbelief, “You are the high healer and youngest Queen of that castle. This is not the way of a royal.” Scarlet scoffed at her words “I will go home.” She said climbing onto her winged animal, “You should know that I’m not a queen and I am not just a royal healer. I'm much more than that.” The winged animal gave a loud roar as it flew off to the castle with Scarlet on it's back-

JeffDeLaRose: He awoke the next morning to his love, sleeping sound beside him, his arm around her waist. "Hmmmmmmyawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn!" He stretched softly and silently apart from his morning grunt, and climbed his naked figure out of bed. He then found his way over to the wardrobe that held fresh polished armor, enchanted with shadow stone, to help his Shadow manipulation. He closed his baby blue eyes, still adjusting to seeing every aura as a person's outline. How would Anaya react? Would she blame him for the attack last night? The prince put the armor on and tied a scarf around his neck, and let it hang, followed by his Weapons, the usual Shadow Katana and the holy Claymore of Chaotic Smiting. Gifted was the blades from each one of his parents. The katana from... A man named Z and the Claymore from his mother. He then laced his lightweight grieves with hidden throwing knives and holstered the two Short sword daggers on each side of his hips. The prince wore a usual pair of black denims and a jacket. But recently, he felt like being lordly. Maybe it would help his moral. Maybe. He sighed, feeling his hair fall into place, as he glanced to the perfection sleeping in his bed. "She needs sleep." He thought to himself, before taking off down the hall at a usual stride. He nodded to all the guards as they saluted, and soon, Jeff made his way to his throne, where he sat, and placed his crown on top of his head. "Ashe-...really wants me." He thought to himself, once again. "Everyone I make love with tries to kill me-...the only thing I can do is love her with all my heart.  And pray to the gods that she doesn't kill me. would be an honor to die at her hand." He monologued to himself a bit longer, wondering where everyone was.

Arsynn Rage: With a yawn, and her eyes still closed Ashe turned over in the bed, and reached over arm out to touch him. Immediately she sat up, and opened her eyes, realizing he was probably already downstairs she plopped back against the pillows, and noticed the promise ring once again on her finger, with a smile. "He loves me" she murmured to herself before climbing out of the bed, and wrapping a sheet around her naked body. She peeked Into the hall to be sure no one was up and moving before she traipsed out and down to her room.. She hadn't moved any of her belongings yet and had no clothes in Jeff's room. As she got to her room Ashe opened the wardrobe and pulled Black leather pants, a loose fitting gray sweater, and her boots. Moving to the bath room she braided her hair into a braid down her back, it landed right above her derrière. She tied it off with a red piece of yarn, and headed off down the hall to see who was awake.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel turned in his sleep as his back leg hit the ground, he let out a grunt and opened one eye to watch it move back and forth back and forth and it did not hurt, healing was wonderful in wyverns it happened so fast a large gash was healed up in a matter of minuets, broken bones a matter of hours even limbs could be regrown in a couple days. he got up as he changed back into his human like self black hair falling over his shoulders as he lashed it back with a vine into a tight braid and then toss it to his back. he cleaned the dust and grit from his body  as the sun hit his eyes and made him squint at its beam "morning meeting or well afternoon it is morning so eating comes first" he muttered as he cleaned his bright green eyes and made his way to the stable opening the door to make sure everything was alright in there "ok no one is stabbing out eyes ok to the castle" he said with a chuckle as he walked over to the front doors and pushed them open "Milla!!!" he called out as she did not respond back, odd were could she be, he thought to himself as he wondered around the castle hunting that girl down mumbling the line here piggy piggy here piggy piggy.

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The dorw kept his hands together as she would take a sip from his cup he would raise a brow at this as she would cough from the whine he would smirk that she couldn’t really hold a drink. She continued this story it was indeed somewhat useful information, as he needed it this long history they had indeed with each other but then to take the north was a bold gesture. His eyes wondered about as he would take his cup back and looked at the woman that wanted to stay in his little drow get away and raised his brow. “Well of coarse it it would help you sleep you are more then welcome to it and well I believe some less powerful whine then be at your disposal. “ He chuckled some, as he looked around the room the light slightly breaking through the curtain as he sighed a bit. “I cannot believe it is morning already…. “ he took another drink from that and well it. He nodded to her request. “You may stay but it is a drows way in this room if you can already tell from the décor I hope you don’t mind so much it is well a nice room and very large indeed.” he looked out upon the vast chambers of the room as they had been very large indeed. he smiled to himself for he had never stayed in a castle above in the surface. Soon after he thought this woman was alright she just had something on her mind is all but as did he. The Scourge was always and impending threat now he didn’t know what to do. “Well I take it your old man he goes by the name of Lorgar for now. I do not know why but I believe that to be a the name of a wraith.” He would shrug as he poured another cup carrying on whatever topic.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was now in her room on her behind with her window wide open from her entrance, She was trying to climb through it before her winged animal accidentally bumped her with its nose, she tumbled through the window and fell on her behind with her hood flipping over her head, “Seriously. You didn't have to get impatient.” She said rising from the floor, the winged animal snorted at her as she took her hood off, then it flew back to the forest after she petted it's head, She watched it fly away then closed her window so she could change, she shedded her huntress clothing and opened up her closet, finding another blue dress and slid it over herself, The dress was long like the others and stopped at her ankles due to her size, She fixed her hair into a loose braid and walked over to her door to peek out at the hallway, She didn't see anyone and walked down to the main room where she saw a guard sleeping on the job and another flirting with a maid, the two stopped when they saw her and went back to their jobs, but the third still slept even after he was shaken by the other, Scarlet shook her head and turned to leave them before he woke from his sleep, “Must have been working the night shift” she thought to herself before she peeked in the dining room and stuck her tongue out at the maid that hit her hand with a spoon, then she heard a crash and an animal sound from the kitchen, She walked over to see what was going on when two chickens   ran out and went past her “Woah! Runaway chickens!!” She said chasing after one along with one cook and one maid, It ran into the main room and made Scarlet trip on herself in the process along with the maid that fell on the couch, “crazy breakfasts” Scarlet said watching the cook chase the chicken into the dining room with a butcher knife, the maid stumbled into the same room as Scarlet got up from the floor, She could still hear clanging noises and workers yelling to try and catch the two animals, she was starting to think that at least one of them were drunk from the way that maid was moving into the dinning room-

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy sat up, the moment was quiet and well. she really didnt want to talk about her past, her nose wrinkled and she cleared her throat only to pat the bed- .. Dont, come lay down please. i didnt mean to kick you out.. -A soft playful chuckle escaped her lips, usually she wasnt so friendly but this man didnt give her a reason to doubt her. Though she didnt say anything more on the matter, didnt mean she wasnt thinking about it. if he got up, she would start to make her way off the bed, she didnt want to impose or have anything improper happen.. not yet anyway.- .. I could go without sleep today really...i didnt mean to keep you up.

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JeffDeLaRose: He let out a large such as he looked down, before being approached by one of his guards. The man was nervous, yet tall and tan. He held a battle axe on his back, saluting. "My lord." Jeff looked forward, not really glancing to anyone around. "Aye?" "I request-...a date." "Oh? Well I am sorry sir, I do not swing that way." "-....with your handmaiden." Jeff blinked and tilted his head. "Sir-..." "Sir Guttle , My lord." "Guttle-...right. Guttle, you do realize what you are asking is ridiculous?" That is my-..." "Your wench?" Jeff growled low. "My mate." The guard took a step back. "I had no idea! Oh my! I'm so sorry!" "Guttle. This conversation never happened. Leave me." Guttle nodded and began to walk away, before turning back. "Everyone is in the chow hall. Join them sir." Jeff nodded and moved into the main area, spotting Ashe. He moved over to her and smirked. "Morning, beloved." He kissed her  cheek with his mask on playfully. "I don't like some of the guards mother has hired."

Arsynn Rage: An instant smile spread across Ashe's face as she saw Jeff come around the corner. Her face lit up with happiness as he kissed her cheek. "Good morning love. I missed you when i woke up." She stepped onto her tippy toes to reach his face, pulling down his mask to kiss him quickly, fixing it once more as she reached for his hand, only to stop herself and breath deeply. "I probably shouldn't do that, until you speak with your mother this morning. Let's go eat" she whispered and moved toward the dining hall.

JeffDeLaRose: He grunted and gripped her hand anyway, wrapping his fingers with hers. "Guide me?" He asked, blinking his glistening solid seas of swirling memory. A euphoric sigh came over him as he imagined being intimate with her, thinking of the waves of ecstasy crashing over them as the explored each other's very souls. She was his and no matter what. As she headed toward the hall, he followed, entering to the faces of hundreds of servants and guards eating, as well as family. Anaya surely did keep the food crispy and delicious. He credited her for that. He grunted to himself And whistled, holding Ashe to him. "Excuse me! This woman is not just my hand maiden. She is my mate. She is my love. You WILL treat her with respect!" Jeff then nodded, allowing the people to go back to eating. Half applauded. Others smiled and "awwed" while he led her to his seat, and a seat next to his. "Let's eat."

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel bumped milla in the backside as the girl grumbled and carried another pot of hot soup over to the table, soup made with only the best grown veggies and meat never more then three days old, some places liked to age there meat but Anaya hated doing it it gave it less fresh and more rot taste and some places even said that allowing fly's to eat the meat was better for the ageing proses, so many were happy Anaya did not believe in human ways. Samuel looked at Millas face and smiled not fully but mostly ignoring her as he picked up a wooden dish and sat at a table of guards and house workers, he would not sit with the rest of the royal family as what was the point he was no royal dragon he just needed food right now and that was the only thing on his mind. the guards grumbled and looked over there shoulders at the happy couple and then put there coins on the table in silence. he let out a laugh as some picked up the coins and put them in there pockes. Anaya trained every guard she had to be able to talk without thinking or speeking it helped when trying to hide in battle you could talk with your eyes and really they were placing bets on how long it would take for the queen to find out and make the happy couple not so happy. Samuel snaped up a bunch of coins as he put his own share in his pocket and went back to eating from his dish. "so boys you all have woman yet" some noded others said no and laughed and some said yes to having wives and familys of there own, and some even talked about the guards who were lost here having familys and how they must really be missed. people both royal and enemy had killed in the halls. it was well known that the royals here did almost as much killing to there own guards as the enemy's did, it made no sense and it made Anaya have to always want new members. Samuel spooned a good chunk of meat into his mouth as he grabed a chunk of bread from the table center and diped it in the broth and then put it in his chompers to, never was one to eat nicely but he did not spill a drop. "meeten tonight whats of it?" a guard barked at Sam as Samuel took another bite of his bread hunk and swallowed "about the fact we have some people up north making a problem some toxin turning people undead. when queen gets back she will surely send men up there to handle things" he said as he looked at each and everyone of them at the long table and then took another bite gulping it down like the last one with a spoon of soup. "but I am sure my life will be first to go up there, cheak things out before she sends the men" the guards noded and inside were already thinking on how Sam was a moron for being with a mate that did not care about his life. but Samuel new the ricks of being with Anaya, but the prize was going to be worth so much more, in a mere fifteen weeks there would be eggs here in the halls of the rose new baby dragons ready and set to be little torments on the castle.

 The drow would look at this woman and smile she was a very curious person as she well was just curious he smiled and made a open gesture. “What ever it is you would like I can offer it is most welcome since I had those questions I believe it is hard to figure this one out but Samuel I believe he said something about sending troops to investigate his presence.” The drow would nod as he looked to the woman and smiled. “Its ok we drow don’t really need sleep we can meditate and we assimilate anything of works. For now it would be best to keep you here shall we adorn to the main chambers we can speak more later on tonight miss emmy the dawn waits for no man.” He smirked as he let loose the latches to his door and opened it. “Come let us eat and drink more out here.” He walked and hoping she was not far behind as normal.

There was a dark and deep sense as the flayer would return from the town leaving nothing in its wake. It simled as it watched the dragon interact with all of the men down below to tell them to move north. It smiled as though the north was a cold place and shuttered because it was a place of frozen wastes and well.. Nurr cared not for the cold. It sat on a spire and simply finished up the rest of the human brains it had eaten.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was now peeking into the kitchen listening to the cook curse and swear loudly at his workers for letting the chickens run free, they only caught one chicken and the other was now hiding somewhere in the castle so it won't be eaten, The cook saw her watching them and shooed her back into the dinning room then started cursing at his workers again, one of the older maids saw her and took to go eat at the table with her nephew and another woman that she heard about already, the maid whispered in her ear and giggled to herself when she walked off to do some more work, Scarlet gave a welcoming smile to the two at the table as two maid spoke amounts themselves in a worried way, “So this is the woman I've been hearing about” Scarlet said with a raised eyebrow, she was more in her curious than protective mood since she is considered a new member, “it's too bad I couldn't meet you sooner miss…Ashe is it?” She asked since she only heard her name from a worker once-

Arsynn Rage: Caught off guard by Jeff, Ashe just shook her head and looked at him. "But... You should've waited until you told your mother first love. This isn't how she should find out. It might anger her a bit" she whispered to him as he pulled her along to the table. Taking their seats, Ashe smiles toward Samuel at the other table, acknowledging last night with a calm nod in his direction. And in the next moment Jeff's aunt sat across from them at the table and she smiled brightly hearing her voice. "Yes Miss Scarlet, Ashe it is. It's a pleasure to meet you."

JeffDeLaRose: He sighed softly, looking over to Ashe and Aunt Scarlet. He shook his head as Ashe told him he should have waited. He refused to repeatedly say the same thing. Anaya, his entire life had always put him down. Abused him, killed his family, damaged his sanity, hurt people he loved, and more. How could everyone just expect Jeff to forgive her? Because that was the old days? The old days seem to only matter when referring to anyone else who made a mistake. Not Anaya. How could Jeff honestly look for her approval when looking for a mate when she wants to do her best to send him off? Firedor? Mill Mire? Any place that he can control, Anaya would send him. Anaya would use his new found power to merge into her army. Thus gaining another alliance, and yet that wasn't what Jeff wanted. He has always trained to protect his family, and now that everything is done differently by Anaya, he has no idea what he is supposed to do. His entire life was melded into knowing how to run his mother's kingdom and now he was being called a pitiful Prince. Jeff furrowed his brow, and simply stated off into the distance, just letting Scarlet and Ashe meet and have talks with one another. He sighed to himself before thinking harder about this situation. Anaya would most likely disapprove in his decision to want to mate with a handmaiden but he didn't care. He loved Ashe with all his heart, and knew that if Anaya, ONCE AGAIN were to turn down his desires, he may leave. He would not be sent away to be someone else's toy. Some prize to be torn open and played with. He was not just some. Person to go do dirty work. Since he had come back to this empire, he had been treated as if he was a stupid child yet he got his jobs done. Granted, he had done them his way, so not everyone agreed with his methods but nonetheless, he still did what he was told. He didn't know if it was even worth it any longer. Ashe tried to run, Samuel was plotting, he believed, and his mother hated him, so how was he to go about acting normal when whenever he tried, someone yelled at him and told him that he wasn't a king every chance they got. Jeff didn't even care if he was king anymore, for he knew that Anaya and Samuel would most likely give the crown to their child, instead of...he, her child. He sighed sadly and sat back in his throne whilst the two ladies continued to talk. He just let the angst and thoughts eat away at him as he glared at the tiled floor.

Arsynn Rage: As Ashe spoke to Scarlet she smiled brightly. Noticing Jeff's face as she told him he needed to wait, the last thing she meant to do is upset her love, Wrinkling her nose as he got up from the table she politely "excuse me Miss Scarlet, I need to speak with a Jeff for a moment" Ashe stood and stepped away from the table, and walked toward The throne room,where he was sitting in his throne. She stopped in the hall and leans against the wall. Thinking about how he could be feeling, she felt horrible to keep telling him to wait. But other than what she had been told, Ashe didn't know about Anaya and Jeff's past. And she was just trying to diffuse an argument beginning. She wanted him to be happy, but how could he be if he was always worried about someone disapproving of him and his actions? She shook her head and looked down at the floor. She regretted trying to leave, knowing she may have caused doubt in her loyalty to him, but she was prepared to fix whatever she may have broken for the rest of her life if that's what it took. She loved him, And she wasn't going to run again, no matter what. Her eyes moving to the ring, she instantly smiled and raised her head. He wasn't getting rid of her so easily. Rounding the corner to the throne room she spotted him sitting sadly in his throne. She leaned against the doorway and tilted her head, "Why the long face my love? Should I run you a quick bath?" She said slightly suggestively. Just trying to cheer him up a bit.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet nodes as Ashe dismissed herself from the room to go talk to the prince, Scarlet was starting to think that something important was going to happen when her sister returns from her trip, and she knew it had something to do with the members of the family…and possibly something else, Scarlet thought it would be a good idea to remain in the castle for the rest of the day so she wouldn't miss anything as she took a sip of her red wine that was put on the table, She then heard another animal sound from the kitchen that appeared to be the sound of a duck trying to escape its demise-

 The spires of the ice citadel were one to behold each of the forces that crossed into the port. The ship rose out of the water as if being submerged into the ocean so that it could move undetected. Through it where covered in ice the steel structures stood tall as a iron fortress. Nothing would be made of stone but the hard cold steel took over. A twisted field of thrones lay across the borders as the constructs have become built through magic daily. The old keep that laid in runes has now become something to look at A giant tower of iron stood at the center to become the throne room of the new king of the wastes. Its outer walls where made of iron too fitted with spikes that jetted out from it as the keep began to freeze over the ice making it more deadly by supplying its own spikes to the mix. The Dark tower gave up a dark aura as it covered the land in darkness with fumes of toxic nature. The air became thick in nature as different structures rose from inside the keep. Each had their own twisted contraptions upon it and each Had wind Lances posted at almost every spire. Even the king himself oversaw these perimeters as he smiled down to the dead working day and night as they normally did. They needed no sleep as more and more ships began to pour into the city with newly infected people every day from all the corners of the lands. All races were effected among the dead there were elves, Dwarves, Drow, Giants, orks the list went on and on. He smiled, as he would gather with him any who wished to serve. The borders where complete as well a giant wall of iron began to stench forth form the borders This wall was a massive 700 feet high and began to stretched from one sea to the other. He posted men a top the walls as there were batteries that were placed inside the steel walls for protection. Each had the lances as well as more magical cannon that he had used for ships now he used for the wall. Spikes jutted out from the walls since it was cold the frost made good work and making even more defenses for the undead army that laid beyond in the wastes. The only thing that still lay in runes is the old church and the bone yard he knew the message had to get out to jeff sooner or later as he awaited the messengers from the town. The raven was finally there the undead bird squawked as it dropped off the letter to him and flew away. The entire message said was “We have made contact.” He did not know of any other place but the old kingdom and he smiled. “Good everything is going as I have foreseen…” his ghoulish voice rang out in the halls as it was followed by a laugh.   He thought for a minute he would like to see how more of the wall was progressing as he went to area it would take him all day at least to get to where he wanted. “Look after the keep lord Xelith.” He nodded to the dread lord before he took his undead steed forth to the main gate in the wall to oversee its completion as it was fast at hand all it needed was a few armaments. This land was for the dead and it turned so He was indeed pleased.

Kalandor would be pleased though if she did not follow him he would shrug as he would sit down upon the table and look out into the yard  something would be troubling him yet he did not know what. Everyone was there it was if he had been ignoring them or not noticing them even there as he were just staring out the window. The shadow of the threat of this he did not trust it as his thoughts grew deeper and darker it made his eyebrows furrow with this matter he was troubled at everything that had been so as if the prince blinding him was kinda uncertain though this threat in the north had become bother some he just needed a bite to eat as he began to stuff his face in silence to start with.

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Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy did follow, though he was a stubborn man that much she took into consideration. He was tired, that much she could tell. as she sat at the table the most she even touched was the wine, which, was more dialed down than what she was used too. It had a good flavor, as she gulped it down she licked her lips and watched the left stare in to .. nothing really. Her head tilted and a grin came across her lips- .. The worry in your eyes, tell me what is it that troubles you? .. -she put the goblet back on the table, resting back on the seat she crossed her leg one over the other and crossed her arms just below her chest. Some of her face was hidden well in her red hair, it curled in waves as she chuckled*

JeffDeLaRose: "A bath?" He blinked before hearing the sexual tone behind her words. A small brow raised as she asked with a smile. The only thing he could do was stand up, grip her hand and start to head back up the stairs. "Yes. We will go take a bath." He then started putting in orders for the servants to fill up the bath water  as the leisurely strolled up the stairs. "Are you sure? I don't want to rush you." Jeff whispered as they passed servants, his fingers locked with hers.

Arsynn Rage: With a light chuckle Ashe nodded her head, "Aye, I am sure.." Moving up the stairs she pulled a bit on his hand to slow him down near the door of her room. "I have no clothes in your room yet, I'll need to grab something" Reaching into her wardrobe she pulls out a light turquoise gown he had just bought her recently on their shopping trip. And a clip adorned with small blue stones and pearls, to pull her long red locks back once the bath was over. Nervous Ashe walked back into the hall and grabbed his hand again. And as soon and they made it inside the door of his room, her clothes fell to the floor..

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel finished his soup and got up from the table as he watched ashe and jeff leave taking about a bath. "you know for the amout of water they use I would think an army of men who had bin mud rolling all day lived in there rooms bathroom" he sould shake his head and get up and put a had on the shoulder of a guard "so did you pick up what I asked for?"  the guard looked up and swallowed hard on a spoonful of soup "Yes Sir had to get a little out of the way to pick it up but the vanishing tonic is here for you" he pulled a small vile from his leather vest pocket and gave it to Samuel as Samuel looked over it making sure it was what he wanted "good this will give us an edge against the undead, they cant shoot what they cant see"  he would nod to the guard and pat him on the shoulder and walked off looking up and yelling "meeting in five royal family to the meeting table!" his voice strong and demanding as he was showing his stature and place as king and over all he had to get all the info from everyone on everything that had happened so far. Samuel started to hum to himself and walk to the meeting room with the large golden and metal doors.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed as the naked Ashe sat there, longing, wanting, waiting, but also hearing the loud, booming voice of the Wyvern. He smirked as he noticed Samuel's tone. He didn't expect Samuel to be so open to claim leadership. He sighed once more and looked to the beauty. "My dear. It appears that this house does not want us to have any alone time. I must go attend the meeting. I assume Samuel would like you down there as well. Get dressed. We will have our time after. " his nearly blind eyes blinked as the glowing bright blue hue cut through the room. He leaned down to her and placed a delicate kiss on her lush lips that called his name. He then moved from the room and felt his way along down the walls to the meeting hall where Samuel was. "You called for a meeting in the afternoon. Is my mother home yet?" Jeff moved to sit in his large chair, identical to all the other chairs for the Royals around the table.

 Kalandor would look back to her and then look at the wall and then back to emmy then back to the wall. “You know what….We need to rebuild this entire port side because we are completely defenseless upon that edge of territory.. The undead have finally been cleared I recommend that we arm this area and prepare for something the drow my kin I know there is something wrong. They would not have attacked us or me in this matter unless something had been cohousing them to do so.” He slammed the cup down upon the table as it had troubled him so much he was at some form of breaking point. “I will handles this matter personally I believe it to be near… I just cannot my people would not touch me in fact they are ordered to be away from me and never hunt me just cast me aside I find this hard to believe that I believe this king is behind this it all points to the north.” He crossed his legs and looked to her but then stood up beside her. “Forgive me I must attend to matters something in the past caught up so far I must seek advice.” He went quickly down the halls and into his room and began to tear into books he remembered he saw passages of the old drowidic runes maybe they could have been there. He quickly would take his blades and prepared for combat and smiled to himself before slipping in some wards beneath him as he made his way back up to emmy fully prepared. “It was driving me nuts in me not bringing forth my ranger clothing.  Fear not my dear emmy a lot has happened and my mind is traveling at 10000 miles per hour and this is odd.” He smiled as he took her hand to plant a kiss upon it. A smile crept down his face as he would notice the dragon eating his soup the drow would look to the curious thing that the man handed the dragon and he smiled as he knew what it was only some certain vials as he crept closer to the dragon. “Hmmmm planning a journey to a place with black magic and entering with black magic.” He smirked. “ how amusing. He would whisper to himself as he only observed the thing as he turned his attention other wise into maps upon the table that he just now placed upon it he looked to emmy. “We must look to our defenses I am tired of us failing so miserably upon them. He was just outside the royal area as they where doing whatever it was inside and well he was planning something outside of the chamber.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel walked into the meeting room seeing jeff there as he kept humming to himself and he shut the door so the drow would not come in. or at least seeing the door could just be opened the man got the point. "Jeff is scarlet in?" he asked looking at the prince as Samuel sat down in the large throne that most of the time Anaya would sit in "and no she is not back as of yet but she did tell your woman that it may be a couple days"

Arsynn Rage: Ashe huffed and thought about pulled her clothes back on, but instead she stopped. She thought maybe she should just stay in the room, and wait on Jeff as he handles his family business. She would take advantage of that hot bath in the bathroom. She slid Into the bathtub and allowed herself to fully relax, no rush to finish. This is where she would stay until the water turned cold..

Emmy (Brooke): -She was riddled with the guilt, she needed to explain further she could tell it was bothering Kalandor. She kept herself quiet though she did agree to reinforce the outer side of whatever attacks, she came to a conclusion. Yet the bothersome family problems would come back to her mind once he left her sight down the hall. The drow was persistent, she knew that much. Once he came back, sweetly in a gesture of kissing her hand she chuckled. Quickly she snatched him by his arm, tugging at his large body down the hall, turning at a random adjacent hallway she pulled him in and pushed him up againced the stone wall. Her gaze could have been confused with lusty intent, but, that was opposite.- ... Kalandor, I know why they are after this place, It's me. I told you before, my father is back and he wants me to reside the rule. It HAS to be the reason they are attacking this place. It's my fault.... -She whispered all of this, simply because she didnt want the blame. Her demon father back for revenge, at least she thought this was the reason. She was breathing in a hard panic sigh, biting at her bottom lip she let go of her grasp she had on him, only to check around her once more- .. When they first attacked, my father told me a darkness is coming. It will stop at nothing... It was his threat...

JeffDeLaRose: "I do not know where Scarlet is. Perhaps she is on her way. So what is this about Samuel?" Jeff asked, feeling the indents if the large wooden table. "The undead army will come back. We already know this. We should be having our men guard all the openings Around. No one should be able to dock on our lands unannounced." Jeff blinked softly and cracked his knuckles. "But then again, I guess it is smart to get everyone on the same page. Are you-...alright from yesterday?"

Anaya DeLaRose: "i am fine, but thank you for asking, and lets be real here a lot of people can dock on our lands, we have no town seeing it had to be removed due to people docking and us not knowing, when the port was burned down we took a hit and due to guards dropping like flys be our own doings or other peoples doings we are low on men, but we do have your mothers privet force that is very useful and is kept mostly in other towns I can call upon or well she can. we have a problem and in truth the undead taken from our own town will now be used ageinst us. I know the north better then anyone the only thing that stupid wrath will do up there is have room to grow. we cant stop that as he is going to kill everything to do so and turn it into an undead army. and if you don't get your head out of your ass we are all going to die" he moved his hand to put his vile on the table "you have bin love sick and puppy drunk and when everyone has nicely congrats your back side I know the undead are just going to use it.  you spend most of your time in that darn bath tub with her and I have bin itching on turning on the cold water for shits and giggles, you go all protector like the lot of us needs it, I protect your mother or well she protects herself, the sister is most of the time gone and I am so going to kill that bird thing she has, it is weird. and I am sure your own woman can protect herself better then you or I know it. now this is a vanishing vile, we are going to use it tomorrow at midday to head up north to see what the undead are doing, this is not a blow up everything trip, this is a see what they are doing trip and we are doing it my way, not anyother way." "so now I need to know what you know on the matter of Rogen , what does he want with you anyway, you seem to be target number one under Anaya"

 He nodded as he heard the tale she told and would have smiled as he always would have done. Slowly he sat down and sighed. “A demon lord and now it seems your ex will have revenge but then why ask jeff of all people to join him? Somewhere I think your ex lacks there of a heart.” He would shrug as he kicked his feet back and took a drink. “Well a northern king do you think he could be in league. These things where well thought about since she knew the man he would look to her. “I believe if you show yourself something might happened I do not think he knows you are here.” He looked to her and smiled a bit. “that is my analysis anyways. “

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet had just got through eating when two strands of her hair stood up like she was alerted by something “I better go so I won't be late” She said before one of the maids walked over and pushed her out of the dining room so they could clean up “I'm going I'm going” she said as she was lead out, she saw that the chicken had already left the main room and possibly went outside when she walked past the room and made her way into the meeting room, She did a ballerina bow to the ones that were already there and took her seat “Wonder who else will be here by the time sister comes back” She said with a sigh-

JeffDeLaRose: "Samuel. I understand we butt heads but DO NOT say that me catching feelings is going to get people killed. When the Drow Attacked, I saved us. Yesterday, I looked outside to see a battle and jumped into action! The only thing I could do was to help you so do not act like I have done nothing but taken baths. I have taken a single bath...last night...after you went all Samuel Smash!" Jeff grunted but then sighed, looking at the table and feeling the trim along it. "As for what he wants with me, I don't know. But I am itching to find out. I need to go find that Shade. He said I have-...potential. Perhaps I should humor him and see what it is he wants." Jeff crossed his arms and looked up to Samuel with a blind eye. "If it will save the family. I didn't know our armies were so low...."

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy shook her head The damned drow was right on a few points- .. There is no telling what he will do, more so what my father will do... -she knew she could handle Rogen , he was wrong about him having lacking heart. If there was anything she knew about him, it was that he had more heart than any, he had emotions and she would always sense them in the past.- .. I will go, he needs to know, he needs to stop this madness I just need to know where he is exactly.. -Emmy looked down the hall to the door that was closed, she knew she seen the prince go in but she wasnt certain-

Anaya DeLaRose: "you just were in the bath... but it does not matter please watch the water output we don't live in a lake. and you did not know for you never asked. Anaya has bin gaining men everywhere she goes the people are not going to keep coming forever. hard to believe but your mother wants peace, and I am the one that wants to fight" he would look over seeing scarlet walking in "greetings miss Scarlet it is ice for you to join us, do you know anything about the undead problem we are faceing? or about the one we know  as Rogen ?"

 The drow nodded at the woman though to visit him he wouldn’t know what that would entitle if she did would she even come back? He paced around being at there new location as he looked upon her. “Well… if you know more then this person should about this man what if he tries to slay you or worse turn you?” he frowned a second as he pictured it all in his mind he did not know this man as well as anyone but it would seem that this was a pickle that the times where in but he would put the matter aside since he wasn’t even invited to this so called meeting how could he defend a castle if they where planning something he didn’t know about he smiled and looked back to her. “Of coarse my lady you are welcomed to do as you wish I feel as I have no power here but it seems you know this man more then I do I would suggest caution in this venture if you plan on well… going to see him if I were you I would prepare for anything. “ he gave a half smile if she was going to be leaving well maybe it would be her choice but he did not know what the male would do. “be careful m’lady” he nodded to her

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy took a moment to ponder, wondering what was really in store. She didnt have an edge with Rogen, unlike most her enemies he knew what she was and what she could do. As she stood there a moment with Kalandor, it did bother her as to what she didnt know, which was what would Rogen  do to her once she was in his grasp. One side thought of him as the old one, the one she enjoyed, the one she married. She liked to think that he wouldnt harm her, he would hurt other's that wronged her. but she wasnt sure in reality, she didnt know what he could do or what power he had absorbed to make this type of problem. The other side of Emmy, the more rational side would always tell her that he was a danger to her, the two posing great arguments along side her mind. Emmy knew one thing, she had to go find out. Her blue gaze took one long lingering stare at the drow before she gave a soft grin.- .. Try not to get your self killed, ok? .. -It was her goodbye in a way, she wasnt good at them..ever.. but it was the only thing that could come to mind, there was more, but she refused to voice it. With her words, she slipped out to the hallway and down, heading for the garden area she was quick to leave before another stopped her, if at all.*

JeffDeLaRose: "I was going to hop in the bath, yes. But I didn't because of your crackling voice." Jeff muttered under his breath, crossing his arms as he looked to the floor. "It's obvious what needs to be done. We need a litch jar and we need to go capture that sick bastard. He intends to hurt my family because we imprisoned him for his crimes against our house. If he wishes to go to war over that then we need to either go capture him-...or-...get another army." Jeff sighed. "And Firedor has the largest army next to us, and are willing to give command over to me if  I-..." Jeff looked up at Samuel and Scarlet. "So where are those litch Jars at?! I think we should capture him." Jeff blinked and smiled a cheeky smile. "Unless you have a better idea, Grand Master Sam The Puff Daddy." The prince crossed his arms and ad erred his blind eyes to the ground. "War will just get us killed and...sending me to see what he wants and to possibly capture him only puts myself in danger. If it saves the family, I have no problem going. I won't let anyone else die."

Anaya DeLaRose: "and if you go all puffed and wanting to kill him it will get you killed, I know you feel you can take on anything due to Anaya's training in you, and your life of taking on anything living and dead, but you cant do this alone, and this cant be done over night, for now we as said tomorrow will go to the north were I know the land best and you have never bin, you forget Jeff that is my home land and were I was dragged down from due to your mother.  we will go in stelth and see what is going on up there. we take take the air were the wrath holds no grounds in. you will ride my back even if I don't want you to and we will go together you and I and see what is going on. we cant jump in and fight blind" he rolled the small vile over to Jeff "look at it, that is what will give us the edge, this is not only your fight remember, this is all of ours"

JeffDeLaRose: "You act as if I plan on running in and fighting an Army by myself. I know that I can't just run in. YOU forget that I was an assassin and know stealth. I know we can't kill him. And I know this is all of our fight, I just don't want to get anyone else killed, Samuel." Jeff was sincere, and his blind eyes spoke true, even as they rolled due to Samuel saying "blind fight." "Hardy, fuckin' har." Jeff then blinked as Samuel mentioned being dragged off. " mother dragged you off I'm guessing she took away someone you loved and saw you as useful." Jeff sighed, picking up the vile. "If that's true, then we aren't that different. Now what exactly am I holding?" Jeff moved the vile around in his hand. "You plan on poisoning the invincible shade?" He joked, sighing and scooting the bottle back over to him. "No seriously. What am I looking at? I have no idea." Jeff blinked his bright dead baby hues. "If we need to go together then we will go in on drakes. I doubt that the undead's peripheral vision is not that horrible. They are sure to spot a giant Wyvern flying toward them. The Drakes blend in with the sky and are small and compact. Even your bald big ass can fit onto one in human form." Jeff smiled, before looking to the dragon in a respectable manner. "I'm sorry that we butt heads Samuel. But we need to work together if we are too pull this off. So I'm asking for a truce. We are partners as of tomorrow. So I'm done butting heads with you." Jeff then held his hand out to Samuel. "You've watched over my family for years. I respect that."

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel full avoided jeffs talk on why Samuel was brought here and what happened way back when  "that vile is as I said  it is an invisibility tonic, we both drink it and then our skin takes on a clear tint, we hide ourselves to view there out post. " he got up and walked over to the side of the table pulling up a large land map from a bucket that had many maps rolled up in it, he took the map and layed it down upon the table and rolled it out growing out a long claw and stabing it down on what looked like a small castle icon. "in the north there is only one place he even has hope of making a base, the old ruins here are without life, but one can use the rocks to build a make shift base, and if enough time is given you could even imagine a new castle to be built. I and... I ruled the lands before the life was sucked out of it due to a dramatic cold shift that killed everyone, now it is unable to hold living life but it can hold the dead but nights would be hard we have to make sure we are in and out by sundown, I can handle it but not much, and you still hold running blood in your veins so you would be frzen in a matter of moments after that sun went down".

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet listened to the two talk about their plan when a thought ran across her mind while she was looking at her right hand, “Wait a minute…” She thought to herself as she looked up then put both hands on the table “It sounds like you could use all the help you can get. Im going too”She knew that her powers were still working and they and her physical skills could be strong enough to help them if the battle gets tough, She hunted in extreme temperatures before and knows exactly how to move out before the frost could hit-

 He nodded to the woman and gave her a half smile she was sincere in her ways as he would smile. “Go north then do what you must but be careful of yourself m’lady there are dead and I bet you might even run into some of my kin down there something tells me that.” He let out a laugh as he would see her walk from him. “I will tell the others where you have gone after your departure m’lady do not worry I will keep it a secret for now. But be warned of my race we can be…..uncivilized when it comes to dealing with demons. “ he smiled as she left him there he would smile as though she had something to do but then he always wondered about the north. He must think it strange he had not been invited to any meeting of the guard yet he was lord commander of them. He shrugged and simply made his way to his chambers to plan something.

The frozen wastes looked lively now so much undead where roaming around forming cities even and living there well.. undead life they were governed militaristic each had troops stationed around inside the walls. Of coarse raids where carried out to the south daily to collect fresh new crops of people to corrupt. The newly made king smiled as he looked out from the wall to the south this was complete his dreams coming true. Finally the dead had a place of their own without these tormented living beings. The vast armys of his wastes littered through out the land his master alchemist would smile crazily as he addressed the king. “my- my my lord we have created it the abominations hosts are prepared. His frozen lips curled into a smile. “Excellent..” the voice was cold and unyielding as he looked to the almost. “bring it to me.” The creature did as he commanded and brought the creature before him. It was a giant abomination hulking in manor. Its basses was human but its body bubbled with other beings pocking out if it, other arms fingers sticking out of its side and even toes. A mass of races a giant wall of flesh is was standing over 50 feet high he looked up at it and smiled. “Does it understand my commands…” he looked over to the alchemist and gave a cold stare. The alchemist would look back and nod. “IT has fully conscious being the only thing it cannot do is harm the undead. But it can even speak. “ This intrigued him as he looked to the wall of hulking flesh. “Tell me your name tall one.” The creatures gut rumbled as it spoke back to the king. “I am Hothgar titan of his majesties might I will purge the living from our borders.” It looked down and nodded its head as to bow to the king. Rogen   smiled to the creature and looked upon it. “Make more I think uses of this creature will be helpful. As for me.. I have found something.” He brought back and old scroll one that had long been forgotten in the times of old. He smiled as he flipped open the passages. “What does this mean my lord ? “ the alchemist would turn to the figures on the page. “It is a bone yard alchemist and I know just the creature I will choose to resurrect.” He smiled as it showed the wings displayed on the page a great battle was here long ago as well as countless dead to bring back he snapped his fingers. “Go get me there bones it is time they breath again.”

JeffDeLaRose: "Samuel-...I'm a pyro. I can keep my body temperature normal even in below freezing levels. But I understand what you mean. I don't want to be there any longer than normal. And next time. Instead of being a dick, you could just say 'okay Jeff. That's cool. Truce' and shake my hand. Fine. I'm going to go upstairs now. Do I need to know anything else now that we can't go over tomorrow? Or would you like me to stay and listen to you insult me some more, my lord." .Jeff then bowed and without letting Samuel answer, walked out of the meeting hall in a bit of an angered state. He moved up the stairs and finally into his room. "Oh no! That's fine! I'll go to the frozen wasteland! I'll volunteer to risk my life for this family. That's fine! I'm totally fine!" Jeff then moved into the bathroom to wash his face, only to feel Ashe in the tub behind him. "Ah, my love." Jeff smirked. "Hello."

Arsynn Rage: Hearing footsteps in the hall, Ashe sat up quickly, eyes wide. "Frozen Wasteland?!? Air, what do yo I mean? Are you alright? It sounds like your meeting didn't go as you wished."  She took a deep breath and continued. "I'm sorry I stayed behind, but I didn't think me being there was appropriate." She turned to rest her chin on the edge of the tub looking up at him. "Talk to me." She asked with the tilt of her head. She started to climb out of the tub and grab her drying cloth.. The water already cold.

Anaya: Samuel turned around the doors to the meeting room slamming in front of Jeff “to insult you it would mean i hold some sort of disdain or hated upon you witch i don't, fire is only alive due to the oxygen in the air that fuels it, the north sucks that out of the air when the sun goes down we will not only die form the cold we will die form suffocating, the dead don't need air to live. Don't get angry and storm off when you have not know  most things about anyone, you think i am insulting you when i don't know or care to know you enough to insult you properly” he would allow the doors to open and allow Jeff to leave Samuel was not Anaya or Milla were you could storm off without giving him a chance to talk back “becoming blind was to allow you to see with less interference then your eyes, then see with your brain and not with your emotions, you wanted to be different then don't be the same be ready for tomorrow you myself and scarlet will be going up north. I hope you have winter attire more then your human clothing” and with that he turned his back to go back to surveying the map he had layed on the table having said everything he needed to to Jeff.

JeffDeLaRose: He sat there, taking the lecture of the oh so powerful asshole spouting off his all knowing bullshit into the ear's of the Prince. As Jeff made it out of the doors, he raised a middle finger all the way to the stairs.  Upstairs, he turned to face Ashe. "I am to go capture Rogen  tomorrow in the frozen wastes with Samuel and Scarlet tomorrow. Apparently, Samuel thinks he is some kind of King. I wish I could go downstairs and put him down. But I need to work with him. My family is in danger....and it's like all he cares about is power. I don't trust him." He sighed and began to pull off his armor and then his leather, and finally his under garments, before climbing into the tub with her. "I may not come back tomorrow. What if-...I don't make it? I don't want you to remember me as a hot head. I don't want to be remembered as a fuck up. I want to lay with you. Forever. I'm scared-..for the first time in a while."

Arsynn Rage: Ashe would sit back down in the water and frown.. "I understand.. " she whispered and watched him climb in with her. "We really should get out of here, the water is cold." She grinned and stood before him, naked. Reaching for his hand to follow her. "Come with me.. Let's make your fear disappear, at least for a little while.." Toweling herself dry she dropped her cloth and  headed to the bed pulling back to quilt, waiting for her love to join her.

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-----Far South in Firedor with Anaya-----

She had walked south  all day and evening was on the border line of the sky. The large foot came crashing down upon the red sand ground as she new she was in Fidorian lands now, they got the name Firedor due to there red sands and dark clay that were only found here and not anywhere else in Valaria.  Her red eyes looked up to the sky she held very little hope for this talk she was about to have due to the smashing disaster of the Firedor ships at the port and Jeff acting so irrational but she had to make his future somehow  and would be a way to do that, marry him into the Firedor kingdom making him have a land of his own and to be the future king when the old guy passed on. As well as anchoring her own name into the lands to the south. A sure fire way to get your name out there and take over everything in a peaceful manor, but with Jeffs actions as of late it was going to be harder then she would like but she was going to try anyway for she was a mother and mothers needed to try for there kids and after all the crap she put him through she had to do something right for him even if in the end he hated her for it. Her feet thumped with every foot fall as the hundred foot tall white scaled dragon walked into one of the smaller towns. She lowered her maw to look at a sign that hung from one of the buildings The Weeping Sow, Cufaerville, she was in it this was a Firedor town for sure the root tops were plastered with red clay and everything held that red dust this nation was known for.  She looked up the sand making her eyes water as she did not like this place as is, with a couple more steps and seeing the outline of the castle a foots walk away from here she took her steps and changed down into a less scary form. Anaya had no guards, no men with her and nothing but her body and the dress upon her shoulders, who would be stupid enough to attack her here anyway, she was the scariest thing for miles. A crimson red dress hung from her flawlessly figured body she was a head turner that was for sure she was as beautiful as she was dangerous and here in this broken down land scape it showed. But there was something Anaya did not expect here. Life, fruitful life and a massive population of people,  all smelled human but that was known Firedor was a fully human place. She kept walking as she got to the gates of the castle and the guards allowed her in “i am here to see the king we had a meeting i sent raven out last week to inform him, is he in” the guards nodded there red marked helmets covered in a fine layer of red dust and grit.. A Guard took the arm of the Empress and led her inside properly as she got to the main room to see the king upon the throne. She gave a bow to him as she smiled hoping she would not be shot down were she stood. “greetings king of Firedor i come to talk about our wordings about my son Jeff, i am sorry for what happened at the port with your men i assure you it was something no one saw coming, my son is very interested in being wed to one of your beautiful girls” in the end she was lieing Jeff wanted nothing to do with the girls here he wanted to be free but Anaya had to try even if this try was not at the best of times.

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The king sat up on his throne with his leg slumped over the arm of the throne as he rests his head on his hand, for a king in his 40s he didnt show it, with his red hair that burned like the sun and was styled to fit his face, his eyes a cosmic green as he stared off in to the distance as he waited exhausting for his guest or guests to arrive. He was dressed up in his armour for what it showed, what was covered showed his beyond belief muscular body, a body that built up his city again with his own bare hands, being the king of his own kingdom of in the nation of Firedor he was always in a foul mood for what was done to his people, but he knew how to run his kingdom with a smile and diligence. He thought to himself as he waited, one of his girls was meant to be getting married off to a prince, but it was sadly more then that, this was some sort of marriage as it was a peace treaty, he sighed to that thought for he knew the prince in which the king was well known of the princes mother. His head shot up to the door as he hear it open he got up standing tall and imposing due to his mere size, he crossed his muscular arms over his chest, thinking to himself how much he did not want to do this today, he had matters to attend to and peoples problems to deal with as well as there was a shipment of grain and iron workings to come tonight that he had to over see. His legs apart slightly as a slight smirk played on his lips that was faint to see behind his bushy beard.- greetings Empress Anaya DeLaRose, Ahh yes i have been expecting you, you toke your time getting here i take it as you are late to what we have agreed too” he slowly walked over to the Empress, as he looks at her his hands not moving.

Anaya's eyes looked at him as she tilted her head to the side, with anyone else she would have forced them to take her hand and kiss the top of it to show respect and loyalty, but he did not have her loyalty and she did not have his so it was a acquired moment till she gave in and took his hand in her clawed fingers in the form of a shake.  “i know i am late and i should have bin there earlier this day closer to afternoon sun rise but i had a pressing matter to the east of my lands a mill had broken down and i needed to oversee its rebuilding. I do hope you can forgive my being late” she would shake his hand tightly her claws being kept away from his skin to not harm him. Even if this man was a human and she was a dragon if she played her cards wrong she could be netted and killed here on his floor, numbers could bring down any beast no matter how big and strong and humans had that on there side, numbers sheer numbers and that was something Anaya hated about them, they were like locusts here and there was a part of her that wanted them all dead and smashed but there was also a larger part that new she needed them.   She let go of his hand and looked around “is there a table or place we may sit and discus the arrangements and what ever still holds value to you” she said softly and calmly as she cleaned the snow white hair from her shoulder and pushed it behind her ear. Anaya's bright red shimmering eyes locked with the ones of the king the black slits going down there centre made her very reptilian even in her human form she had a creepy feel to her .

The king made a scoffing short chuckle when she said rebuilding before moving his hand to show her the way to a sectioned off area where guards would be positioned outside as well as a few posted inside.  His face looked that of a man ready to rip this bitches head right off and chew on her heart, but he held back for the sake of his people. "yes, this way, and by all means...ladies first" he said as he once again motioned her to go in the room.

Anaya watched him with query eyes as she looked to the guards  and there armour clad body's. Her eyes looked at them as if she already new there plot and she did know there hate in there hearts for her, who would blame them her family ruined there legacy there past there time line was stained with her name and there blood. Even if they lived life times she was only on the one lifetime. So many human lives lost and she did not know a one of them here. All she saw and new was her son coming back to her castle saying job done as his clothing driped with the blood of the many and his voice said whats next.  She walked past the king her back to him as she walked into the room, it did flicker in her mind not to trust the man for a second but at the same time if she was to be struck down here she would take it with pride and a high head upon strong shoulders.  This deal had to go well her sons future depended on it, if this went well he would get a wife of proper blood and lands as well as he would be a king and have all he would want someday, maybe even a castle of his own. She took a chair there at a large table in the room and pushed her snow white hair behind her ear. “and i have to say i am utterly sorry for what happened to the ships at my port, it was fully unplaned for. It does not prove my son does not want this, it is for the both of both our lands for our plans to come into a reality”

The king shut the door tight before walking around the queen and sat down, the chair creaking to his massive size. He looked at her like she just slapped him in the face and laughed but he took a deep breath before he spoke. "save your apologies, for i find them a waste of breath. i know your sick family line and all that they did to mine and those of innocents. I'm doing this for the sake of my people, not your spawn of a demon child. If my people were not so afraid you'd burn down what the fucks left of their lives i would cut of your head, your sons and put them on spikes next to my throne, maybe use your sons a toilet maybe." he took a deep breath again "but i digress, besides putting your dragon brat on my throne by marrying my daughter, what else do you want?" he said resting his massive arms on the table.

Anaya's red eyes looked at him it took him long enough to show that hate, that anger and that pain, he had so much of it, Anaya was far from a small woman she stood 7 foot 2 in her human form and she enjoyed the larger style this place had as few chairs fit her backside anyway. “my demon spawn is the only thing i have left, and the only thing that stops our nations from war,  i am glad you stopped using the nice words and the bull crap as i was getting sick of it myself, but in the end you need this truths as much as i do, you are become an old man and have no heir to your throne and your lands and kingdom is not strong enough for another war. I have a son that likes to fuck fair girls and stable wenches more then he likes being a royal, he holds no lands no wealth other then what he gets from my hold and he does not earn many of the coins he gains. I have risked my own life many a time and i do it now here in your red sanded land for him and not for myself so do not take me for selfish or bitter i may be evil and cruel but i am doing this for my child and for his future” she pulled out a paper from her side and rolled it along the table over to the man. “it is our agreement, red it over it tells on how we will be bound together and have no more war and have no more problems, if my son does not do the wedding and the marriage the paper will be dust and all said will be for a loss and you can come claim my head like you have always wanted to do and we can have that war and see who is the last breathing you or i ”

The kings eyes squinted a bit as he looked at the woman, then at the paper. "This is bull crap." he said slamming his large hands onto the table "your spawn of a boy is a menace, a terror, a stain of life itself. To believe you hold value to that truly shows you are a vile and wicked being. I took it a-pon myself to hear what you had to say bitch, and you dare to just keep insulting me, to make me think that the thing before me has compassion and understanding. I would rather fight your kind till nothing was left, then to leave in the hands of your kind and damn my people to years of suffering!" he said standing up suddenly. "your son has no love for my land, and i none for him. I don't need your paper as permission to lobe of his head, i'll do it none the less, for i may be old, but I'll die with honour and pride before kissing the ass of your kind!" he said, his veins pulsing as he looked her in the eyes, not a sign of fear in them at all.

Anaya did not move, she did not anger oddly she was calm and collected as she moved her fingers the paper on the table floating up into the air and coming back to her. “so you want war? Well i know my son will be happy about that means he can fuck more bar wenches and thieves. We both know this war will have grave consequences on both sides, but in the end we both know your human numbers stand no chance against my own kinds forces. I alone will take out thousands of men before i fall and i am not the only scaled giant in my lands. You say i hold no compassion or understanding yet i was the one that came to you, i came to you in hopes of my own sons future, risking my own life to understand your side of it in that it's self proves you have not lived past the past and are still stuck in your great grandfathers hate. Your own grudge will ruin you old king of the south, human forces can not stand up to a dragon army” she kept siting in that chair not moving at all just looking at him, her, pricing red eyes glaring into his own, as not a vain on her face moved, not a hair was out of place, Anaya was flawless in every way and she would be till she died “i am the golden dragon that controls half this world, and i came to you to mend our pains and to act upon my wrong doings of the past, but it is clear your mind is still so fogged by your own hate and pain, i feel sorry for you, i truly do” she moved her fingers as the paper hovered in the air, her fingers glowing a light blue as the mind of a dragon was a weapon all on its own. “so is war your choice my good and honourable king” she asked sarcasm poisoning her words.

The king still looked furious as he suddenly sat down "i hated my grandfather...he raised me to be a fighting warrior for my people against your kind. forgive my words, it is the fear of my people i want to protect" he reached out and snatched the paper from the air "i may say harsh things, but i do not want to be the king that damned his people over a bloodline of bloodshed. Let us finally patch things...and mend old that maybe..we can all finally have some peace." the king said as he read the paper and sighed, it was now clear form the marks on his body he had been through a lot. From repairs to assaults on his land and people, he stood strong as long as he could, but not for his family line, but for the people who made him their king. "I will say this, if your boy does not straighten his act, I will make him, even if it kills me. The people need a fair king, not a brat who's head is far to stuffed in his own ass to see straight, no offence" he added suddenly for the first time of saying something harsh.

Anaya lifted a brow, and thought to herself well did not see that coming thought i would be leaving here in flame and taking half the castle with me on the way out, thank god for that not happening, she would smile, her white teeth poking out over her pink lower lip,  her fingers pushed the white silken strand of hair from her eyes as she looked to the king siting before her, he did care about his people, she new this and the things of the past had bin very harsh but in the end now in this day and age she regretted  telling her son to destroy this place back then, she was far form who she wanted to be then, but she had a chance to mend that now. “if you only new how much i wanted him to see clearly, i just hope he can drop his childish antics with the girl he has in his bed chamber and see somethings are needed, even if you did not like doing them, i did not like coming here but in times of need you have to make due” she would move her hand as the paper slipped out from him and came back to her signed and dated. She moved her hand as the paper split in two making a copy of the paper its self. “now we both hold a copy of our document and i do hope it holds true and i agree to the hope of him, as you said best, getting his head out of his own ass to see straight. There is nothing more that i could ever want then a future for him were he is happy and his life is fruitful. I know that he cares dearly for the stable girl he has as a hand maiden, but in the end it is what will give you a future. Sometimes ones first love is not in the cards, we must see past that to find a future i know i have to have a kingdom worth having. ” she moved and got up and walked half way around the side to the centre of the table and stood there holding out a clawed hand to shake. She went half and hoped he would go half to so both sides were seen as equals and not against each other any longer.

The king nodded to her words and chuckled as his own phrase was used, as he stood once again, this time much calmer, he took her hand and kissed it. "Hers to being legends, people who united what our forefathers and mothers started long ago." he said with a somewhat serene smile on his face. "It will take time, but if we work together, the people will love him as a king, though he better quickly if for the sake of my own little girl" he then kissed her hand once again and nodded, moving his hand to show her the door "i pray you make it home with fair travel madam"

She would shake his hand and nod her head softly as her claws ran lightly upon his skin, razor sharp ends that had killed his people and so many others. Her eyes looked into his eyes holding so much empyness, from a far one would have never seen but now her blacks were just black, were other beings had that light, that shimmer she held nothing. But even if her eyes were dark her words were truth. Anaya turned as she was walked to the door as she looked once more at him. “our forefathers? It would be better said your forefathers and I, sadly i am the only eyes of my bloodline other then my son that has seen the pain this has caused. My brood mother and father are long gone before your or even your ancestors time.  When you live a thousand years in a blink, it is like everything happened yesterday to me. I am 15,000 years old my king a human lifetime to me is mighty small in the mass of time and years” she looked out at the lands outside wind was raging and the sand was picking up “and i am sure i will be just fine no matter the weather, it just make take longer to get back to the castle, but it will be fine i a sure you. ”

He did not reply, instead waiting till she was gone "either kingdom is damned...but atleast they shall suffer no more...or at the very able to live on..and maybe..just maybe find..happiness" he smacked the wall with his hand. "this is...the only way"

Anaya simply walked out the door as the wind made her white hair looked like a white storm with red dust. “there is never only one way”  she then turned around and walked into the mass fog of dust and wind to find her way from here to the castle being happy that the alliance papers went well, she was joyful that she could tell her son she did something good for him, and she hoped that all was well back at the only place she called home.

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-------Back at the Castle------

Anaya: Samuel sat down at the table and looked over to scarlet "so what are your powers in truth I don't know much about you other then you have that flying thing as what seems like a friend and you are my mates youngest still living sister."

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet looked at Samuel and put a finger on her chin feeling some concern for her winged animal, “I was actually the high healer of this castle.” She looked at him with then looked at the map with a frown, She was starting to think that something was hidden from them within the map, “I'm also a hybrid huntress with some strange skills that are elemental Mage like” She was starting to think the last part didn't make sense since elements and spells probably don't mix to some people- "I was on my own for a while before I got here"

Anaya DeLaRose: "ok good then you will be a very helpful asset. you can use your eyes to be able to see clearly down to there base, so you are going to be in charge of counting there forces to give us a random number of their power. then we can figure out the number we will have to be able to top to bring it all down. As well as I will have Anaya send out a raven to there leader to see if a peaceful way around battle can be made but it is undead that is there so there is only one way around this, but I know your sister wants peace over war as so many forget so we will try every option before we have to spend the men to do this."

The air was thick as cold as it was Rogen put his blade into the earth and smiled as the graveyard was out before him. He would smile as it had been centuries these creatures were laid beneath the frozen wastes upon that he had taken his old friends bones and then stuck the blade of his cursed sword into the ground. “Selthus uthar nor kazem.” He began to chant as the bones rattled around. “Give them life….life eternal bring forth the dead so that they man never slumber. “ He smiled as the bones began to collect together His creations and magic where unending as the dark magic began to mire around the graveyard he smiled as the shape of a dragon began to come forth from the bones. The white brilliant dragon would began to form as it was foretold these did contain the bones of one long dead. The dragon was as white as snow it eyes glowed with the dead as its soul was being placed back into its body it flailed around as he completed the ritual he looked into the dragons eye and smiled some at his work. “Welcome back Dragon come froth from my ritual and serve me. “ the pact was to the death for service as the dragon would be bound to Ragnar he made it so that it would obey his commands as he began to chant more it seems as he could domesticate the creature. The dragon looked at him and roared a mighty roar before bowing before to him. He smiled as the dragon was brought back form dark magic. He spoke to it at last. “Do you recognize my voice.” The dragon nodded its head before speaking. “You have brought me back form the dead wraith… I am promised to serve you.” He nodded to him as he would smile he let out a laugh the litch dragon would be magnificent. It looked exactly brilliant for the snowy regions, It looked back to him yet again. “Wraith I have accepted your revival now… restore my flight as you have promised I wish to fly let me fly…” He nodded as he began chanting again as the skin and muscle began to form around her. This female dragon would serve him most admirable he gave her free will but always had that curse upon her that if she would betray him he would undo his spell letting her fall back into dust and bones. His forces where growing his threat was growing power unconditional power this is what he had wanted. This is what he craved the worship of the gods as he watched the massive dragon take flight it brought with a swirling mass of snow with her. “Let those who oppose me feel my wrath upon my cold sword I am…. Death.” He laughed as he stood upon the wall viewing the undead droves that lay sprawled out before him the white dragon would be flying around the spires as he kept in touch with her. “You are now my general.. make me proud.” He smiled as she landed she of corse could also become a humanoid but she nodded to him as he continued to observe the work of others A day of days this had become.

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Scarlet DeLaRose: "It's settled then” Scarlet rose from her seat with confidence, “I'll go with you all and put my skills to the test.” –Scarlet put a hand on her hip and looked at the floor hoping that she wasn't going over her head, “I better get my gear checked. There might be some shortcuts that will make a dangerous exit.”  She turned to walk out of the room, but stopped at the entrance, “You are right about what you said…this fight belongs to all of us.” She looked over her shoulder without making eye contact, then she walked out of the room to go get her gear that was hidden in her room upstairs-

Anaya DeLaRose: "we all are family, even if at times we don't get alone" he said as she left and then called out "don't forget to dress warm!" he called out as if anything was going to kill them it was going to be the cold.

Kalandor walked outside as the chill began, he smiled as he had not witnessed this before his dark hued eyes had no expression upon them. “Well my friends it seems as though…the effects of Fall be upon us.” He spoke aloud to himself as he simply would sit up as the evening began to hit. He smiled to himself as a lot had happened since he had come here the title he had received it seemed to have little weight as it came from the prince. He would shrug as he sat upon the ledge on the outside of the castle watching the people walk back and forth on the outside of the castle.  He would smile as he walked inside and sat down in his chambers. “Well no one tonight around me might as well sleep.” He turned out the little light there was and slowly got undressed and slipped inside the sheets. He looked up to the ceiling. Everything would be ok now. He slowly began to fall asleep for well it was beginning to get cold outside. He smiled as he slipped off into the dreams as the flayer would simply be in the library as usual.

-------5 Hours Later-------

Nyx: It had been a long morning having just awoken within the dark dimly lit forest tree, a young 14 year old girl by the name of Nyx Valdemar would slowly awaken hearing the bird's chirping along with her stomach rumbling to the sound's of hunger, slipping herself from the tree she yawned softly and glanced around fixing her short snow white hair rubbing her eye's as they slowly began focusing amongst her surrounding's seeing she had travelled too far after a previous night of hunting, the ruffle's of her dress where messed up as she patted them to straighten them out kneeling down after doing so to replace her black and grey laced boot's, looking around making sure she had everything she realized her dagger's where taken off her wrist after she had dosed off roaming around the one tree she dozed off in she found them behind a bush that rested near the tree grabbing the mythical blade's holding a demonic symbol engraving in them placing them back around her wrist, Nyx decided to roam a bit further into the land,

~~6 Hours Later After Travelling~~

Finally after coming across something the land seemed to have changed it was different seeing only one castle was strange looking up to the sky seeing it was clear as day not a cloud in sight the sun shined brightly as Nyx tail swayed side to side lashing through the breeze making her snow white hair blow along with the breeze as strand's of hair would hit against her black pointy oil slick demon horn's. standing in front of the castle spotting two guard's she muttered '' i go let's see if they let me in'' slowly walking up to the entrance the guard's would quickly rush over in front of the gate pointing there weapon's at the young girl, making Nyx stop in a sudden halt as she looked up to them both with her black & white optic's speaking ''Just here to speak to the ruler of the castle..wondering what this place is...'' she waited to see what they said if they would let her pass or not.

Anaya: One of the guards let out a angered grunt as he pulled his weapon down and looked to the other one with a nod “this one is not a threat let the girl in” he said with a scold like tone. He opened the door and looked to the girl “the queen is out and she may be back tonight we hope,if you wish to know more seek out Samuel he is the to be king the queens mate, he will be able to aid you in what ever you need.”  and with that the guard went silent as he simply stood at his post with the door open allowing the girl to enter the castle. Inside the castle maids bustled around and one stood out from the rest the maid telling the other ones what to do. Millas brown hair fell down her shoulders as the bright red dragon eyes made her stand out from everyone else as well as the girl was dressed better then all the other maids and workers here she had fine silks on her body in a nice sky blue they fell all the way to the floor and swayed around her little dainty feet. Milla paused for a moment and looked to the door “we get less and less guests anymore nice to see a new face” she smiled and walked over to another maid “so dinner is soon is the meat cooking and do we have enough fish it is the main course tonight” the maid made a funny face “something got into the fish stock last night we will have to add a bit more beef and get Samuel to go tonight to do another fish run at the sea, and tonight there are to be storms by the water” Milla nodded her head and said ok and then told the girl to add more beef to the dinner for tonight and that all would be well, she then simply turned and walked over to the throne were Anaya would be most of the time and the papers were piling up. She picked up a handful and flipped them looking for anything she could sign to get things out and the paper work down but sadly there was not much there that could be marked by her, everything was ruler only sort of marking, but she flipped the papers anyway getting what she needed.

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One of the guards let out a angered grunt as he pulled his weapon down and looked to the other one with a nod “this one is not a threat let the girl in” he said with a scold like tone. He opened the door and looked to the girl “the queen is out and she may be back tonight we hope,if you wish to know more seek out Samuel he is the to be king the queens mate, he will be able to aid you in what ever you need.”  and with that the guard went silent as he simply stood at his post with the door open allowing the girl to enter the castle. Inside the castle maids bustled around and one stood out from the rest the maid telling the other ones what to do. Millas brown hair fell down her shoulders as the bright red dragon eyes made her stand out from everyone else as well as the girl was dressed better then all the other maids and workers here she had fine silks on her body in a nice sky blue they fell all the way to the floor and swayed around her little dainty feet. Milla paused for a moment and looked to the door “we get less and less guests anymore nice to see a new face” she smiled and walked over to another maid “so dinner is soon is the meat cooking and do we have enough fish it is the main course tonight” the maid made a funny face “something got into the fish stock last night we will have to add a bit more beef and get Samuel to go tonight to do another fish run at the sea, and tonight there are to be storms by the water” Milla nodded her head and said ok and then told the girl to add more beef to the dinner for tonight and that all would be well, she then simply turned and walked over to the throne were Anaya would be most of the time and the papers were piling up. She picked up a handful and flipped them looking for anything she could sign to get things out and the paper work down but sadly there was not much there that could be marked by her, everything was ruler only sort of marking, but she flipped the papers anyway getting what she needed.

 Ha that was a easy accomplishment thought the flayer it was a simple task as he learned even more the quantum mechanics of these things where easy. He would be by himself and sensed a new presence into the castle. He smiled as the brain activity was vast and could even taste it. He simply smiled as he put the last book away Samuel was planning a trip for the royal peoples where all packing things it looked like warm things. He paid it no mind though for it did not involve him yet he didn’t care anyway. He began to float a bit into the main corridor and looked down upon the new comer. What a interesting but yet weird creature it looked as though he would never be alone or so he thought. The Pig was there as well as he stared at it being nice to the creature. If only she knew that she was not what she seemed. He simply would go abnormally close to woman and peered at her. He might not have realized that his tentacles would rest upon the Millas head as they moved around on top of  her he was in a thinking mood and didn’t quite notice. The tentacles moved up and down and produced a green colored substance as he touched on to his head trying to remember where he had put a book it seemed as though he was having what the humans where calling a brain fart. As he was deep in thought he thought about the people he ate upon the mill mire place and how much new creatures would be spawned from what he had done. As he pondered this moment he forgot he was staring at the weird woman

Nyx:  -After being allowed in by the guards, Nyx would look around the castle hallway as she entered after the guard's said she was allowed in, dazed at the beauty of the stone wall's and such sense she had never been around such place's before as her mate had told her that it was dangerous to enter place's with guard's and castle's but you know curiosity killed the cat, as Nyx was still young with a childlike mind who liked wondering off too see what new wonder's she could find, finally after hearing a voice looking toward's the woman that greeted her standing out from all the other worker's around the castle ground's as the smell of meat cooking and other various thing's roamed the air filling her nostril's made her tummy rumble as she gave off a slight shy smile hearing the woman speak ''Ughh..hello..i seem to of gotten lost and wondered too far from where i got lost from the forest and my mate....'' she looked around as she could sense another being was watching her but everyone seemed so busy that she couldn't tell where the presence that was watching her was coming from but it slowly began to make her uncomfortable as her hands where together twiddling her thumbs not knowing what else too she was too shy to even say another word as it felt like there was a big lump stuck in her throat.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet was now in her room getting her things ready for the journey she was about to take, she was feeling a little nervous about going into enemy territory for something that should have been avoided, she really wished something else could have been done long before this decision was made, she gave a sigh to herself as she stared at her armor and blade in the closet then took out the blade and waved it around as the light from the sky shined through the window, she began to spin the blade between her fingers and pointed it at a mirror, She walked over to the window and put her blade on the seal so it could be fixed up by the light then she found some night clothes and put them on her bed, she looked at her win down and began to kneel, “give us strength” she said as she looked up to the sky-

Emmy (Brooke): -It had been a day and a half of her journey since she left that compound, The thoughts flooded her mind of what would happen once she seen Rogen , once the two reunited, would he kill her? .. What kala---( whatever his name is) Said about turning her into the dead frozen walkers, which is odd, he wouldnt do that to her.. right? It was then she could feel the energy of another, some one was near, she was in the walker territory so there was a possibility it was one of those that are dead. Hiding behind the rather large Forrest tree, She wasnt safe, she knew this but she didnt have a plan in place just yet. The branch above her was large enough that she could do something with, but, what?.. Emmy looked around, waited, calculating the right time to catch the energy, this.. person if it was one.. Paranoia was apart of this in a slightest way, she was by herself, and the fear of the unknown always made her mind go overboard with thoughts-

Anaya: Milla looked up feeling the squid things tentacles on her head and moved her hands up to hit them off and snap him out of his daze “get your gross face things off my head! brain sucker!” she snarled as she let out a light grunt and cleaned the goober off her skin and out of her hair. She then looked to the girl and abruptly took the girls hand “come on lets get away from this thing i don't like him” she whispered the last part and then gave the mind flayer a glaring look as she pulled the girl inside the halls “i am sorry i was rude but had to get away form that thing i really don't like him at all.” she let go of the girls hand and cleaned off her hair some more as she looked around making sure everything was being done right as her other hand had crunched up the papers on acsedent “so how can i help you, looking for anything? Were the guards hard on you?  Everything fine” Milla talked very fast when happy and exited, new people did not happen much other then towns people farmers and dirty towns people so right now it was as if this girl was the centre of Millas world. “if you want the queen she is kinda gone or out or just off to other places but she will be abck today i can show you around if you like? Do you need a home? Place to stay? Food we have that food is great dinner is almost ready.” she smiled brightly as it was as if she was jumping for joy inside. From behind her came Samuel standing in his very large winter coat black fur trim and black with a red shimmer cloke down the back, his chest was bear with only a couple leather straps across it as he had bin trying on his old winter attire “Milla does this still fit?” he called out his voice deep and toned as he looked at her bright green eyes shimmering in the castles light. Milla turned around “um kinda but you got a bit border i can sow it for you if you like?” she asked as he nodded his head and walked over “so whos this?” he asked as he eyeballed the new girl up and down.

Nyx: -Meeping softly as she heard the girl's word's noticeing the tentacles atop the girl's head, Nyx would feel her hand being gripped as she heard the girl's word's following behind as this place felt very strange but slightly familar too her, as she looked up to the girl hearing her talk fast blinking to each word that was heard as Nyx mutterd ''Ughh...i...i don't know i just wondered into these land's thinking i knew where i was for it all seemed so familiar..'' hearing a man's voice coming from behind the girl Nyx stopped speaking as she seen the man coming over to her after he had asked the maid if his outfit he wore fit, seeing the man's eye's scanning her up and down Nyx would grip the girl's hand and slightly hide behind her as she stuttered ''H...hello..i'm ny..x''-

 Up north the abominations where putting the human people into the kennels rounding them up as they have dared to cross into his woods. More of the undead scattered through the sector as more patrols have began to filter around the mass of energy that protruded from one of the guard columns. The King set forth out of the walls to inspect these people that were captured just outside of his realm. “Humans you have been caught upon trying to enter my wall what motive is this that you would break the barrier between the dead and the living.” He looked down to one of the persons as it began to quake in fear of him. They did not speak they just say there and took his judgement. “Because I find you by my wall I will offer you a choice…Life or death will all depend upon you. The first choice is leave here now and forget you ever saw us you will be spared the dignity of… your meaningless existence. OOOOR RRrrrr you can join my kingdom but I assure you wont be living once you cross into my borders. You will gain an immortal status but you will give your soul in the process..” he looked back to the frightened individuals. “Do I make myself abundantly clear mortals.” The humans in the pens all shook their heads as if understanding him. He smiled as his skull clearly shown to them. “Gooooooddd now then who wishes to join and perhaps become more then worthy to sit upon my high council. Never bleeding or dying, Never having hunger again or the fear of death. If you join I can issue you power in your mortal lives granting you unimaginable power beyond the control of a human. “ he smirked as it was not so much power but it was enough to give them what they would want. Only ten stayed upon the request and smiled to him a bit before they spoke. “We have agreed to stay with you.” The king would smile in malice as he looked to them. “Gooooooodddddd.. I adore your choice you will be proud members of a elite organization. “ he looked to one of the abomination. “Gromm! Take them before the oracle and have them transformed new lives await these members. “ he smiled as he looked to the others. “Have their memories wiped and sent back into the forest.” the aberration nodded as it began to take the humans heading towards Emmys direction.

Back south the flayer would laugh as he would look at the woman she moved he shadowed her and herd what she said about him. Nurr would smirk as he floated a little by them and would smile. “Then run along little piglet I must be off. Excuse me wanderer. It appears I am not wanted.” He would smirk as he floated then out a window for he would let her stew of his words before she would go into the room with Samuel he it would go and find something else to do for he was board maybe another visit to eat things might clear his mind.

Anaya: Millas eyes flared as the flayer called her a piglet, she snarled and looked at Samuel, “do me a flavor when you get the change kill that stupid squid thing, it is discussing” she stopped dead in her words as Nyx cowered behind her from Samuel. Milla turned around and looked at Nyx “it is ok he is just a big lizard don't worry about him, he is the queens mate, the to be king” she would smile and put a hand behind Nyx and nicely push her foreword to being in front of her. Samuel looked at the girl his bright green reptilian eyes blinking as he smiled “so Nyx tell me about yourself” Samuel was tall so he moved down to a knee so he could be at her level and held  out a clawed hand “i am Sam, i will not harm you i promise”

Nyx: -Looking up to the man that had kneeled before her after Nyx had been pushed forward to see the man even more, She seen the man smile reaching a hand out toward's his clawed hand's hearing his word's softly speaing ''My name is Nyx Valdemar, i don't remember how i got here just woke up and wondered around as this place seemed familiar, what is this place sir?'' she spook glanceing around as her stomach rumbled with hunger distracting her as the smell of food roaming through the castle wasnt

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet heard footsteps coming from the hallway when she was about to leave her room for a while, the footsteps were of a maid that had snuck upstairs to bring Scarlet some new armor that would be perfect for the journey, she watched as the maid quickly ran off then she grabbed the armor and put it in the closet, “I'm guessing this is my new blizzard armor” she thought to herself as she closed her closet door and left out of her room, she made her way downstairs and saw some of the maids talking to each other about what was going on in the castle, she then turned her attention to some unknown vibe and walked to see there was a new face in the castle, “Oh. Good evening” Scarlet said as she bowed to the woman-

Emmy (Brooke): -Emmy was quiet, she was ready to strike her palms twitched as her ability left her to create a rather strong dagger. Her ice only took a mere milliseconds for it to be formed, about 6 inch of needle nosed sharp edge death awaited any creature that posed a threat. Seconds felt like hours as she waited out as best she could. though, a shadow about 7 foot tall caught her peripheral  vision, she stayed on it watching the other side too. With a quiet breath, she inched her way to stand behind the tree, relying mostly on it to keep her balance if she stood so slow. As the shadow was even with the tree branch from before, she lunged out and glared seeing the corpse in the hands of the .. walker she lunged again and moved to jump up and stab the thing with her dagger she had made. Her aim was perfect as she lodged it in the skull of the walker, though, he didnt collapse, he didnt do anything but stand there. With an uneventful result, emmy blinked, curious and confused at the outcome.- .. Hm, usually that works.... - her head tilted, waiting, still nothing. Regretfully she didnt check to see what would happen next. Rushing off past the walker, she ran deeper into the territory. The haze of the snowstorm was blinding her vision just a bit, but, she kept track. She knew where she needed to be, and where she was going. Emmy just needed to escape this side without being caught...

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel took her hand and lifted it up to his lips and softly kissed it as he put his other clawed hand on the top of her hand "this is the Iron Dynasty a castle ruled by Empress Anaya. come on lets get you some dinner I am sure it is done if anything we can go in the back and grab some" he smiled knowing she was only younger and there was a side of him that truly enjoyed the younger bloods and in enjoyed it would mean not to eat them but to taste them all the same. he smiled and took her hand and winked at Milla as Milla watched him with that don't you dare look, as he walked with the girl into the dining halls. tables of fish and beef and fresh fruits and veggies as well as the wonderful smell of bread and seasoned meat filled the air "go nuts pick what you want and fill your belly"

 The alarm was raised as the minion began to scream and chase after her the dead being was all hella pissed off. Several aberrations began to chase as she had slipped past their guard not on their watch! She had about half the people chasing after her it seemed as the king would raise a brow. He summoned the dragon with magic. “Come forth dragon…” the white dragon swooped down and looked to him. “what is your command…”  The white dragon said to him. “Let us fly” he would mount up on the dragon as he would nod to her. “you may apprehend” the dragon took flight in a giant swoop of its wings seeing the things chasing her he would raise a brow as all the creatures that she ran by immediately started to chase her. “SIEZE HER! TREEEESSSSPAASSSEERRRSSS!” the dead screamed as she ran past one or more then it seemed like a little army was after her. The dragon would swoop in front of her and landing harsh upon the snowy surface the king took out his cursed sword and would point it to her. “You have come far to spy on us mortal….what business do you have here.” The aberrations surrounded her huge hulking things of flesh as they all peered down to her and began to encompass her surroundings. The wraith would smile as this vessel would be ensnared as she was clearly in his domain. The winter nights harshness was setting in anyway as he stared upon the woman. “Speak woman…” he didn’t know who she was because a lot had happened so far as the dragon next to him snorted a bit he gave it a pet on the nose. “The dead do not suffer the living to pass… The way is shut it was made for those who are dead and the dead keep it the way to be shut.” The minions surrounding her would stare not to keep her out of sight as  The king stood to hear her response.

JeffDeLaRose: Hours had gone by since his first encounter of the beloved's flesh, and after a shower, a travel pack was being filled. Layers of fur lined clothes, a whet stone, a few daggers, and many different tomes and spell books. Jeff had learned some new facts that could be used to help Samuel and Scarlet on their journey. The Earth was filled with years worth of air around the atmosphere of the planet. Even if all the plant life on earth were to die, like it had in the north, then Jeff could steal oxygen from the outer lining of the planet to not only warm his core body temperature, but also keep Samuel and Scarlet breathing and warm if they didn't get out in time. Jeff needed the use of his spells just in case something acquired their attention and needed to be dealt with. It never hurt to be prepared. Then he began to load in his Medical supplies. "I may not make it back. And I want to help right all the wrong I've done to this noble house." The blind vampiric, draconic adoptee of a prince spoke as if he had foreseen his own demise. "Undead, frost Giants, ice spiders, unknown beasts...dangers to the north are bewildering. I don't know what to expect, but by the seven Hells, I will protect my family. I am the lord of this house, next to my mother. I made an oath to serve my throne with honor and I have not been doing so. My mother and I will have a meeting when and if she decides to return."  He looked over on the bed where Ashe sat. "I have watched my mother beat me senseless, And behead my family members. All I know is violence. But if living in the snow has  prepared me for this. My assassin work has prepared me for this. My thief work has prepared me for this. By the gods, I will return home to you, and we will not be apart again." Jeff looked away and closed his bag, seeing fit that he had everything he needed. His baby blues cut through the room with a soft glance on her aura, outlining her beautiful core with a small glow around her body. "I am prepared for this. Tomorrow I will   wear my armor with lining of fur and lining. It should keep me warm, protected, and light on my feet. That Shade will have justice delivered. Samuel and I need to put aside our anger for one another, even though he acts as if he is king. Mate to my mother or not, she is still the ruler, and I am the prince, with far more authority than a sniveling behemoth of a gold digging lizard who played butler. I care not the power he holds over her. I know he doesn't love her. I see him and Milla around. I see the way they look at each other. And their aura doesn't lie. They know more than they let on. I trust no one here but you and after all we have been through, the gods continue to shit on us." He looked down as he slid his jacket off, only having a sleeveless black tank on, and a pair of black, denims, skinny yet slightly lose, and lined in leather inside. His boots were iron plated with spikes on the ends, and his back held his katana, bow and Claymore, his his usual two daggers, one throwing axe, and two throwing knives on his belt. "I am not thrilled with this mission..."

Arsynn Rage: Sitting on the edge of the bed, running her fingers through her hair, while it lay messy around her shoulders. Ashe sighs and looks in her Princes direction.. "I will come with you, I think I could help. I'm getting much better with my powers and what better place to use them, then in a frozen wasteland? Please, I can help keep you.. I mean, everyone safe" she asks leaning forward her brows slightly raised. Standing, she quickly glides around the bed and moved near him, leaning against the wall, arms behind her back. "I don't want you to leave." She whispers just enough for his ears. "What if you don't come back? What if..." Her voice trails off, her eyes fall to look at the floor, and she shakes her head. "I don't want us to be apart."

JeffDeLaRose: "You are sure that you can use your powers to help us? Because if so, we will need the use of another pyrokenetic. I don't want to put you in any danger, but your years of sneaking about and living off the land will help as well. Yes, you could be useful. I want you to come, even if Samuel won't agree to it. There is really no choice but to agree however, for its clear enough that you are useful." He lifted her chin to gaze into his dead eyes. "I will need you to help heal if Scarlet needs the extra hand. I will need help keeping them warm and I will also need help keeping an eye on Samuel." His free arm moved to wrap around her waist , pulling the small, beauty into his embrace. His voice was stern, yet sympathetic. "You...or I won't lose each other or anyone else. We will not faulter. This house will succeed again. Starting with the capture of this being. I don't want you to get hurt however. Do you know how to use a blade?" He asked, pulled a short sword from his chest at the foot of the bed. "Did anyone teach you how to wield?"

Emmy (Brooke): -There was shouting, she was catching more speed with a grin on her lips she thought it was over with she was home free. That is until the dragon came down interfering her path. She slid to a halt in the grass, With a chuckle she stood again and brushed her hair from her face. With a grin she bowed to be sarcastic- ... I am in your waste.. you call a land, because i seek someone.. -Her body was the only thing different, though the mark he left on his wife way back when was there, on her wrist.. that wasnt visible due to her sleeve. She flipped her red hair and a grin draped on her lips- .. I seek someone of value, mostly to your barren land.. Rogen . -she breathed the word with a chuckle after, she felt too comfortably, she didnt feel as if she was going to be harmed, why? .. her soul would be the most value to him in a way. atleast that's what she banked on-

 He would raise a brow as the dead were as silent as the erm dead. He descended from the dragon and gave her a pat on the nose again. “You may go terry elsewhere my lady but do not stray to far.” He smiled to the dragon as it would lift off the ground yet again. “How is it you know my former name woman… I have traveled far that is a name for pirates I am Lorgar ruler of the north But you seem to know who I am woman.” He rose a eye brow as she would wear horns upon her head and then still his memory would escape him once she was not a threat he would take her into the keep. “Come then….if you know me I wish to know how….” A few of the plagueling  would only follow as most of the horde had backed off for now there were guards every were as he made his way to the throne the guards would have escorted the woman to his frozen lair. “Long has it been since I have seen a mark upon you… this is one that I know but I cannot remember..” The time spent captured long ago they had erased what he was but he hated the humans so. “If you are a human aristocrat I will not listen for there wrenched lives… they chose their fate and far worse I have done.” He looked down to her from his throne. “What are you doing in the north the living don’t belong in a harsh environment such as this. “

Arsynn Rage: "Ashe stood near him and shook her head, no, noone taught me to wield. I taught myself. Im pretty good with a dagger, and a short sword, and a pole, but mostly with just these." she held her hands out and spark flew from her fingertips. "I need to be with you." she swallows hard and bites nervously on her lip. "I would die inside if you were gone, and i could've saved you.. or a least been there with you." Moving to the door she looked back over her shoulder. "ill be right back, all of my things ares till in my room, and i must make my bag. I love you Jeff.. Thank you" with that being said she ran off down the hall, her bare feet padding along until she reached her room. "grabbing the large laather satchel, she packed clothes, her sword, a few potions she had traded for on the road, medical bag, and multiple small daggers, and chain mail she had stolen from an old drunk soldier. she then changed her clothes into leather tights under her black cotton pant, lined in fur, leather undergarments, a white cotton formfitting top, a leather corset atop  the shirt, and a long fur lined jacket, with an oversized hood. she stuffed her mask inside the bag, she knew she would need it as well, before pulling her black leather boots onto her feet and stepping into the hall back to Jeff's room, leaning inside the door jam. "I'm ready."

Emmy (Brooke): -The shock as she looked his appearance over, he wasnt the same. She said nothing, for her safety at the moment. soon after she was escorted in with him, to his barrings. As he sat on the throne she started to chuckle, the irony in this.. wasnt lost on her- .. I was married to you, funny you are alive, so is my father. -Her head tilted as she watched his relaxed state- .. I am Emmy, And i have lived in much worse things than this.. No worry.. Why do you attack the castle on the south end?.. who's commanded you?... -She refused to show the symbol, mostly because she knew she was telling the truth, but, did he trust her?- .. You are putting harm on innocent one's that only wish for peace, i am here on my own accord.. Mostly to see the ghostly shell of the husband i once knew....

 He would laugh at her words for they where humorous in him harming innocent people? The hilarity of it all sunk in as his ghostly laugh finally ended. “Mortals… They are nothing but Criminals in their own worlds they have stolen and killed each other and they kill others for the amusement even. Don’t be fooled by these people desired by their soft pity my love ended long ago with a woman she was a light that I had never have seen her since my mind is clear from that era but I do know who killed me…. Falsity humans turned me into what I am! Now you tell me to take pity. “ He let out a laugh. “I was a drow once a dark elf that Ruled the underdark until their kind came. Don’t tell me to take pity on them for I have created a realm for the dead A eternal realm where I can make sure the dead live in peace and prosperity. How do I even know your telling me these truths How do you say you know me?” He stepped down from his throne and looked to her. “I was taken by the darker powers and made a new I have no memory of you.” He looked closer at her as his head began to hurt as he walked back to his throne. “What do you want to the undead.” He rubbed his head for it began to throb of a pain as if trying to remember.

Anaya DeLaRose: Snapping and snarling cut the air as there dead white glowing eyes cut setting suns glow over the snow covered land. Night whoud fall here soon and they has moved from there own lands to this one due to weather and rain. No undead liked the wet it made everything rot faster and when you wet a body it was so very heavy. There manes shaggy and there teeth and ribs bared they had no lips and no eyelids simply dead wolves walking, about nine of them looking for the best thing here to eat. One wolf let out a howl as to rally any others around even if there were only a few, it would get them all together nine would multiply in no time. They could smell living flesh (emmy) and were headed in that direction.

Rose Has Thorns Part 1 - Page 2 SummonwerecreatureII

Emmy (Brooke): -As the two talked, Emmy had knew what she was into .. of sorts. Biting her bottom lip, she tried her charming approach, more so a test than anything- .. Well. The mortals as you call them, come from different creatures, Just so you know.. You wont win if something happens, Im sure you know that there is a drow within those castle walls, one who has the means to defeat your entire little ice army. -She smirked at this point, a light chuckle escaped her throat- .. Me however, i can do a number of things, i can be your best asset... Or your Nightmare. So, again, dont mock me and what i stand for, you will get the latter choice, i dont think you are ready for the level of insanity that i can bring, Dearest love. -She mocked his lack of memory on that last, she caught he was trying to remember this was an act she wasnt sure even she waned.- .. Now. Rogen . Call off the attacks, leave them free.. terrorize someone other than that land.....

Nyx: -After having her hand taken and kissed Nyx blushed abit shy and heard the man's word's about grabbing some food, as her stomach seemed like it was unable to stop rumbleing due to her being hungry and the smell of food wouldnt stop roaming through her nostrils, seeing the man directing her toward's the dining hall Nyx would see all the food as she heard the man say go nut's, running into the dining hall grabbing a plate and sitting in chair having grab tid bits of each morsel fruit,meat,and bread she sat at the table and began scarfing the food down like nothing having finished her first place in a matter of minute's, already heading for second's she looked back and around the castle having a piece of bread in her mouth as she chewed on it greatly just studying the castle's detail's and wondering why it was so silent-

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel watched her as he would chuckle to himself “looks like you have not eaten in weeks, has no one given you food? You eat like the queen does” he gave another chuckle as he picked up a hunk of bread and took a bite out of it as there was a bread dish in the centre of each table. “so were did you come from, there had to be a start to your wondering in the woods”he asked wondering about the girl and were she came from, not many little girls around here could eat like they were an animal. Samuel lifted a brow as he wondered about what race she was but being who he was a filter when thinking did not really happen “so what race are you my dear, you eat like a beast form the wood” he let out a chuckle once more and took another bite of his food.

Nyx: -Hearing the man chuckle she looked to the side seeing he had grabbed a piece of bread off the table, and took a big bite out of it as she finished the bread and gulped it down hearing the man asking about her, as she looked to the morsil of meat on her platter as her tail swayed side of side as she spoke ''I'm a shadow demon but half human, who can transform into a shadow demon the only one in my kind who was created by the one who took me in too be his mate '' She grabbed the morsil of meat and took a big chunk of meat into her mouth chewing the juicy morsil as she looked to the man while eating waiting to see what else he would ask-

Anaya DeLaRose: “i have seen shadow demons that can change shape, really it is not a uncommon thing only thing that is interesting is the part human. But then again there are beings known for making things that are not ment to exist, my dear we are going to keep you on a low profile, stick to shadow demon form now on when someone asks. Want to keep you healthy and not eaten” he moved a hand and messed up the girls hair as he watched a guard walk by, Samuel new Anaya hated hybrids and if she found out this girl would end up used in the night afters stew. Samuel wondered when his mate would come back to her home, there was a side of him that enjoyed her gone but there was also a side that missed her and wondered if she was alright this was day two that she was gone and his missing her side was on the edge of worrying about her. “i wonder when everyone else will be down from there rooms it is dinner time and there meal will be cold.” he said as his eyes looked over to the upper hall steps that you should just see out the dinnering hall doors.

Nyx: -Hearing the mans words of caution Nyx felt her hair being messed up as she nodded, and finished her plate of food slouching in her chair due to a full belly, she yawned softly as she sat up again seeing the man looking up as she looked up as well wondering who else was there, as she knew the maid's and all where about still doing there daily job, as she got up from her chair and walked around the dining room looking around like a child of curiosity would-

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel watched her with a smile it was kinda nice having a younger person around here, it gave a bit of life to the old halls, in a way it made him think of when Anaya would bring the life she was growing into the world, and it was clear on Sams face that he was pleased simply watching the girl walk around seeing this place seeing the walls the paintings seeing everything for the first time. But he did not know what else to talk about and when the bread ran out he simply picked up another bit and took a bite of it. Then a maid brought him over a plate of assorted meats and some fish and some fruits and veggies but over all the plate was filled mostly with meat. “thank you miss” he said nicely as she said a soft your welcome and walked away to do some more cooking. Sam watched the girl still and ate his meat.

 He rose from his seat and called forth. “Enough of your mockery! Why do you wish to see these mortals flee!” he began to ponder if this woman was truly one that she had loved to be it seemed a demon and love these stupid flashings was pitiful. There was a howl form the corridor as the wolves could be heard so close to his keep he raised a brow since a lot of them didn’t return until danger occurred he pulled his guard again. “Find the wolves I want their explanation for returning so soon If they do not respond to your magic kill them on sight.” He nodded once as to confirm his orders, as the guards would move out. They where now alone. “How have I loved you the very nature in my being I do not believe it but I cannot deny my subconscious thoughts on this matter are clear I feel a connection yet it is faint. Explain more to me that I may see your truth… But as for the mortals they are not so charming as you claim.”

Anaya DeLaRose: The yipping and growling and snarling got louder as they got around to the buildings walls, biteing and rushing the side of the walls and bitteing out stones, there hard skulls smashed on the stone wall stones and cracked some of them, but no damage was done. As they started to yip and bark like a pack of Rabid hyenas. As the leader gave another howl out into the air the sound of something in the snow started to creep up, more wolves and something else unknown still but there was for sure there was more wolves.  As the guards came out some were charged and ripped apart as sight others slayed some of the beasts but more came in behind them ripping off the body's and dragging the undead men off. But the alpha stayed back watching as it snarled and growled at the action.

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Scarlet watched the two walk off and leave her and an angry Mila behind, “You should focus on something else” Scarlet said looking to Mila, Scarlet was about to join the two in the dining room, but something else caught her attention as she rushed over to one of the guards, “I've got a bad feeling” She thought to herself as she approached one of the less grumpier one “Keep your guard up and be ready…I think something is approaching us.” The guard looked at Scarlet and nosed like he understood what she saying before she walked back upstairs to retire for the night-

JeffDeLaRose: He sighed as she left the room, and a glimmer of hope crashed into his eyes with a powerful message. "As long as we all work as a team." He whispered to himself as she had left to go pack for their journey. "Samuel doubts me and my skills. Milla doubts me as well. This is my chance to show him that I am not an imbecile." Her voice rang back out and he turned his head to face her. "I'm worried about how he will act. If I take you along, there is the chance Rogen  could use you against me. I don't want you to get hurt." Jeff spoke softly, moving to wrap his arms around her waist. "Only a fool would want to lose a perfect mate like you." He reached down to grip the back of her neck softly, pulling her into a soft embrace of their lips, after a removal of his mask. His hand moved to gently caressed cheek. "Smart, bold, strong, beautiful, and did I get so lucky?"

 “mmmmm cinnamon bunnnnnnssssssssss!!” Kalandor would smile as this was a very good treat. He would be stuffing his face in the royal dinning room unheard of any events since he was not invited to the room. Emmys departure was well on his mind but he didn’t care as he had food. He stuffed his face left and right. The crumbs going everywhere as he smiled to himself as the buns and all lot of food vanished he would let out a sigh and undo his belt buckle for it was a meal well fit for  king. He smiled as he would look to the others around him not really paying attention to anything but the flayer had been gone away for some time as this bothered him a bit.

Anaya: Samuel looked up as he watched his guest running around as the sun had gone down and the maids were running around and lighting the nights torches “it is getting late Nyx would you like a room to sleep in for the night?” he asked as he got up and let out a yawn starting to feel the nights sleepyness. “i know i could use a sleep even if the bed will be empty tonight. You may meet the queen tomorrow, remember to be proper and keep the half blood thing to just us, our little secret ok” he would smile and move to put his arm around Nyx and start to walk with her to the doors to the main hall and the upstairs steps.

The wolves barked and growled as another fighter was ripped apart and dragged off to the woods. The leader yet out a howl like call and the wolves grouped and vanished into the clearings. As they did the eyes of that leader glowed and vanished along with them into the dark dead woods and trees, the sounds of growling and yipping dogs filled the night and then the scream of a cat echoed into the forest sending shivers up spines. The undead were the only thing up here. But there were many kinds of undead and clearly not all of them got along

Nyx: -Hearing the mans words of sleep, Nyx stopped and yawned softly. as she felt her eyes where abit heavy due to running around and filling her belly up with food as she spoke ''That sounds lovely, and oh yes i will keep that between us'' she followed the man upstairs to one of the rooms she was being escorted to rest her weary little head-

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel walked up and helped the girl into one of the guest rooms to be able to sleep then nicely left and shit the door and walked over to Jeffs door taping on it “make sure you pack warm  we are heading out before dawn so be awake when i come and get you, and no weapons Jeff this is a scouting trip not having blades on my back ” he then let out a chuckle and walked to his chamber room and opened the door letting out a sigh “sound be used to am empty bed at this point” he walked inside to get to bed ready to leave super early.

Arsynn Rage: After Samuel moves down the hall Ashe begins undressing and pulling Jeff's clothes from his body as well... Tucking their bags near the chair on the other side of the room she closes the door and pulls him in the bed with her, kissing his lips softly before humming softly to herself... "Goodnight my love.. I will wait until morning for my answer. Please wake me before you leave, I wish to at least say goodbye if you leave me home." Laying her head on Jeff's cheat she continues humming and falls asleep..

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