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Rose Has Thorns Part 1

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Anaya: The sun had  just started to come up  as he was out of the chamber bed and already dressed, a large black coat  with black fur trim, a black leather chest cover with leather matching pants but the coat mostly covered it the cape out the back, he took the dagger from the pocket and put it on the table and then took the vile off his night stand and put it in his pocket. He looked out the window at the still dark sky as he let out a sigh and Anaya had not bin back yet and he missed her. Turning around he walked out his chamber door and over to Jeffs doors banging on it “time to get up, be down in five we will be going over the plan for the day so things can work out” he then walked away from the door and down to the main hall standing at the throne area looking at the new adding to the pile of papers on her arm rest. She will not like this he thought to himself as he stood there picking the vile out of his pocket wiggling it in his fingers waiting on Jeff. As Milla ran from the dinning hall as Jeff had come down a bit before Samuel and she ran over to him grabbing his hand and dragging him away to the dinning have “eat your food then talk” she said as she gave him a dish. Her face was worry for his trip with Samuel and how things could go, she new nothing about how things would go she she was thinking the worse right off the bat. Sam watched her drag Jeff away as he chuckled and sat down in Anaya's throne knowing it would be a bit longer then five that Jeff would be his to go over the trips plans.

JeffDeLaRose: "Whoa!" He exclaimed being dragged into the dining hall. His baby blues fixated on the dish that lay before him on the great oak table. He blinked. "Milla-...did you mean what you said? About me being a pitiful Prince?" Jeff sighed softly, picking up his fork and toying with the eggs and bacon. "Mother is busy fixing problems and I'm trying to fix things here too. But every time I try, I can't help but do everything wrong. I know that I'm only doing things on how I was taught to do them, but with mother's new body...she has become very gentle yet violent where as before-...she was violent and rarely gentle. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've tried to talk to her but I never see her. I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to get rid of me the first chance she gets." He sighed again, before picking up the fork and looking to Milla, a strip of bacon stabbed onto the silverware. "This didn't come from you, did it?" The prince asked with a smile before taking a large bite, after removing his mask and setting it next to his plate. "I fear my days are numbered here. I fear that those I love may turn on me."

Arsynn Rage: Ashe awoke with a large yawn, it was still very early the sun barely peeking over the horizon,  she had thought that Jeff and Samuel had to be gone by now. Samuel had been adamant about leaving as early as possible. Ashe climbed from the bed and dressed herself, white linen too, black waist cinch, and leather pants with her usual black boots. She entered the bathroom and braided her hair, brushed her tee, then she packed a small bag, of potions, clothes and weapons, and threw on her fur lined jacket. It would be pretty cold where she was going. Ashe left a note on the bed..

"My dearest Jeff. Where do I start..? Just a few short months ago, I was nothing but a thief stealing tobacco from a vendor at the faire, and bumped into an egotistical Prince that I had no idea I would fall in love with. He was demanding and rude, and has such a temper, but he showed me that not everyone is bad, bathtubs are my friend, and real, true, pure love exists. At first I doubted him and his love, and I for a split second thought of running away, but he cured my fears, and calmed my demons with just the sound of his voice. And for their reasons I can't let you go off alone, I can't let you get yourself hurt. And I need to go ahead and do this for you... I've left. And I've taken the black steed.. I will be at the ice lands before you. And this letter is in case I don't return. So you know how much I love you and how important to me you really are. Never forget me.. I can only hope the one night we spent together means more to me than any other day of my life.. I'll take you with me forever..
Forever yours, Ashlynn"

with that she slipped it of the room, her pack on her back, through the front doors without a trace. She would see what trouble they would face before they got there and hopefully warn them.. She hoped.

The drow would make his way from the dinning table he ate a lot for his stature as the flayer came back to accompany him he would not really notice the others already packed and things he wanted to see the queen she had been gone for a alarming amount of time days and weeks it seemed. It was hectic around   the lands but he drew himself away from the company of others and simply wanted his peace. The thought of this woman moving to another realm was a thing he couldn’t understand yet something turned within him something called to him from his dreams of late. Kalandor heard the voices of the dead as if he could not drowned them out. They kept telling him to go north but he would reject the idea maybe this is the trap the other drow had been enslaved to he shrugged for there was nothing up there anyway but ice snow and ruins. The tales of his homeland in books and songs speak of weaponry forged when drow and elves lived side by side once. It speaks of a tale of the god casting the drow into the darkness for disobeying him. This book would only stir questions as the flayer would be next to him reading along with him. he looked back to the thing and raised a brow. “These old books have knowledge maybe we would have to go north to figure this out?” he looked back to him with a eyebrow raised and smiled. “I must see the queen maybe she can give me insight of what lies out there nurr.. something has to be…” he put his index fingers to his forehead and rubbed the ridges of his nose.  “For the life of me I have had enough knowledge for one day…..”he began his decent into the main hall to look around at the artwork some more.

Anaya: Milla smiled and looked at Jeff as her bright and Innocent eyes looked at him with happiness and joy “no i was just angry cus you yelled at me for doing what Anaya told us to do with people , you want some pie?” she got up hoping over to the other counter top picking up some nice fresh baked pie and then bringing it over and putting it on the table in front of Jeff “and no the bacon is not form my back, um..i am not a pig, i am a boar demon, not swine that is in the stable. Please don't talk about it, i don't like to” she smiled a bit more as she turned her head watching Sam come into the dining hall to get his own plate of food and get his own spot at a table across the room alowing them to eat in peace as Sam believed that food and work were very different things so should be kept that way. Sam took his claw and piled things onto his plate and then just sat there calmly eating before the trip today his black coat flowing behind him.  

JeffDeLaRose: "I only did what I thought was necessary. I'm sorry I yelled, but if you ever lay a hand on me again Milla." Jeff leaned in close. "I will hurt your pretty little face." Jeff held a sarcastic tone, yet friendly in a small way. Then down came Samuel, as buffoonery as always, eating like a hog and not even chewing. What a monster, Jeff thought, repulsed by his unusual  aura that he, literally, brought to the table. He sighed softly and looked at the pie, accepting a piece. "Thank you Milla, and good morning Samuel." Something was off. There was one less aura in the iron and it appeared that someone had left. Someone whom Jeff knew well. Ashe." He growled and stood, marching up to his room to find no Ashe, but a note. He blinked as he read it before dropping it, and growling under his breath. " going to die out there and there is nothing I can do to stop it." Jeff dropped to his knees before yelling out. "Ashe! Where are you?!" He pulled himself to stand and rushed down the steps, and outside, but she was already gone. This most likely seemed strange to the others, but Jeff cared little. "After all we've been through, why do the gods continue to shit on me? Why?" He came back in with, for the first time since Lunaria left, a defeated posture. It was almost as if losing her all over again. Jeff walked into the main hall and stared at Samuel and Milla. "She's gone. Let's go." Jeff picked up his back, allowing Samuel to finish eating. Jeff was, scarily calm. Angered calm. As if-...tha prince had snapped. "We have a job to do." He crossed his arms and made back to his seat, to allow Samuel to finish.

Anaya: Milla looked at Jeff and smiled to his words and just walked behind him nicely patting him on the head without saying a thing at all if acthions could talk this one said a oat load. She walked out grabbing the empty dishes and heading to the kitchen looking back to see Jeff head up around the same time as she puttered back grabbing the pie dish with the left overs to put them in the kitchen as well. Sam saw Jeff leave, he took a bite of his meal, he saw Jeff come back, took another bite, could hear Jeff yelling for Ashe, he took another bite, watched Jeff head outside, took another bite, Jeff came back in and Sam took another one. “meals and battle are different things, we will eat relax and then go over plans and then leave. One step at a time” he could calmly take another bite of his meal only a little left on his plate. “so will you be alright upon my back for the trip up north Jeff ?”

JeffDeLaRose: "Indeed." Jeff slowly mentioned. Calm, and slowly he sat down. "I suddenly lost my apatite. I don't feel-.." Jeff shook his head and snapped his head in Samuel's direction. "The plan is what you said when we had the meeting, correct? We take the potion, and fly low, doing a sweep of the land. We get in and out before the sun goes down. Unless you have another option?" Jeff crossed his arms and allowed Samuel to finish his food before continuing. "Forgive me-..I fear that my brain may have just exploded." He twitched his left eye before slowly closing both of them. "Look, Samuel. I understand that we don't get along but we need to be a team here. So if we aren't, one of us may die. I'll be fine on your back so long as I have your word that you won't throw me off your back." He had a monotone, and was slightly shaking but other than those two things, he seemed rational.

Arsynn Rage: With a mild tooth chatter, Climbing further into the North Ashe started to think about what she was doing and for the first time doubt herself. She would turn at the waist and reach into the pack she had on the back of the horse and pull her fur lined coat back out and put it on tying it tightly around her waist, sliding the hood over her long red braid. "I don't know how these creatures live out here, it's fucking ridiculously cold." She said out loud to herself, still careful to stay quiet in case the Pirate had managed to get himself an army like the creepy ghost fella had mentioned the night he showed up in her and Jeff's room.   Pulling the glove from her right hand Ashe turned the ring on her finger and thought about her love.. "I miss you already Jeff..." Hoping he got the note by now, and understood why she was going this, she pulled the glove back on and sat up straight, cracking the reigns so her steed would hurry along a bit faster..

The frozen wastes the king regaining the memories of the woman named emmy he would have found her in the room. Against her will he smiled as he Froze her the ice slowly overtaking her body in place as he smiled to himself as he looked in the ice. “here you shall stay then safe and secure”  he moved through the halls and let forth a ghoulish laughter as he went back from her frozen stature.

Anaya: Samuel picked up his now finished plate and carried it over slowly to the area of witch all the dirty dishes went and he softly put the dish into the wash basin. Then he turned around looking at Jeff and simply walked past wiggling his fingers as if to say come with me. He walked past his chair picking back up his coat he put down and tossed it back over his shoulders as he was aimed for the door “Jeff you are the only one that holds a problem with the other, i hold no problems with you” he walked to the doors as he opened them up and started to walk outside looking to the east to see the tip of the sun coming up “the plan is you take this” he turned around and gave Jeff the vile from his coat pocket “when i let you know i wish you to climb up to my head and dump half and only half of this on my head that will cloak my body from both sight smell and i fly silently so they will not hear anything but the wind. Then drink the rest of the vile yourself it will taste like cat piss but it will be able to hide your aura as well as everything else if you ingest it. I don't need to as i can hide my own just like your mother can hers. If anything happens and we get spotted it will be a work on the fly thing but what ever we do we are not landing. If we land and hit ground the both of us will be toppled chained and killed or worse turned undead. Even together i feel we will not be able to beat this. And i will not lose you on the battle filed” as Samuel started to walk away his body started to bend and grow, at this point it would be clear he did not need the coat at all really it was for Jeff all along, it fell off as he changed into himself. 84 feet tall over a hundred feet long Samuel was smaller then his mate but in length he topped her and when her scales were white his were a deep red wings held high as he lowered his neck down to allow Jeff to get himself on.

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There was a look in his eyes as the bright green orbs watched Jeff as if to say do you trust me, Samuel did have a darkness within him but at the same time he cared very much for this place, and in truth he cared more for the lands and the building then he did his own mate so if anything he was protecting this place for his own selfish gain not for Anaya's sake, and in Samules heart and mind he new he needed Jeff on his side for this one, it was better to have the boy with you then against you anyway.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff calmly stood and walked with Samuel, listening to him blather on and on as a small ringing came into his ears. Was he in shock? Was Ashe dead? They couldn't land, Samuel wouldn't allow it and if they did, the horse would be left to freeze to death, which the kingdom couldn't allow as they were short on resources. He assumed she didn't leave on foot. His eyes drifted to the floor, as his hands instinctively caught the vile, being snapped back into reality. "Uh-...yeah. Okay. I got it. Let's go." Jeff moved to climb onto Samuel after watching him contort into his true form. Jeff was clearly not himself, yet was surprisingly following directions instead of attempting to fix the flaws that were so clearly in this plan. Jeff had stated this at the meeting but no one listened. The army will find them. And they will be captured. Ragnar sees potential in Jeff, and Jeff was curious to find out what he wanted. It was almost too much to put on him at the moment, but as a prince, he decided that it was only best to follow direction. Jeff held tight and looked at Samuel. "I guess I trust you. Don't brand me a fool for doing so." Jeff looked at his cigarette pack, pulling it from his jacket. He grunted, pulling one from the box.  Jeff was shaking violently and his only thought was to grip tighter into the scales of Samuel, his bag over his shoulder. "I'll be honest with you, I brought a short sword. I know you said no weapons but I am not walking into the mouth of the undead without at least one sword. I know that you expect this to go well, as do I but we need to be prepared." Jeff sighed. "Can't expect things to ever go the way you plan, you know?"

Anaya: Samuel bumped his back for fun to make sure Jeff was holding on tight “you are riding a fire breathing dragon and you believe a short sword will save us if needed.” he let out a grunt like snort as he was laughing “i don't want it to stab me that's all, the skin between the scales is tender ” Samule gave a grunt as he bent that neck back to look at Jeff one of Sams eyes larger then all of Jeffs self, a giant green eye just looking at him as the mouth started to move to speak unlike Anaya were it was all metal metal talk Sam had a voice.  “i know you are freaking out so care to share before we take off, if it is along the way we can make a stop it will be sort but if you need to breath you can and nothing goes to plan anyway reason we have a giant fire breathing dragon and I am not thoughtless like your mother can be and send you out alone to die”

JeffDeLaRose: As Samuel bucked, Jeff had already latched on, telekeneticly, and Samuel now acted like the base of a planet, allowing Jeff to use his new found 'gravity' to stay attached to the Wyvern. "I know a short sword isn't much but I don't plan on killing you. Undead though, I do, if need be. And Ashe is gone so if we find her, we are landing and bringing her home." Jeff sighed. "I didn't want her to follow me. And she should have checked the castle before assuming we ran off." He sighed once more, but retaining that small sense of insanity calmness. "We need to just be a team and get this job done-...thanks for looking out for me. It's nice not to feel like we are butting heads. I'm sorry I'm so defensive, I just-...I don't know why everything changed. I was taught to rule this way and now everything is different. She runs things differently and it scares me. Has she ever taken anything from you?"

Arsynn Rage: With a yawn Ashe jerked her eyes open, she had been riding for a few hours and was getting quite sleepy, and uncomfortably hungry. Her stomach made a low grumbling sound as she wrinkled her nose. pulling back on the reigns she stopped the horse and slid off of his back, her feet landing n the ground. "Maybe i bit off more than i can chew" she spoke aloud. "I got utterly spoiled in that big castle and forgot what it was like out here in that short amount of time." shaking her head Ashe sighed deeply, her fingers going to the ring on her finger. "He is going to be angry at me." she murmured and began walking along side the horse, tugging his reigns to follow her. As she began along a small stream, Ashe tied her friend to a tree and leaned over the edge cupping the water. She brought some along, but why not utilize the fresh water of the lands. Sitting back she crossed her legs and buried her face on her hands. "Maybe i should just go back"... She finally felt defeat.. Alone in the woods and missing her mate.

Anaya. With a giant push off the ground the Wyvern took off into the air his wings opening showing his true size. The sky's that is were a Wyvern belonged truly very bad at ground movement and amazing in the sky. He tucked his back legs up to his underside and with an open he evened out to glide more then flap using the air as his ally unlike Anaya were flapping was needed Wyverns were giant and wide enough to be able to fully support there thin frame on massive wings.  “Dragons take from everyone, that is just how they are in nature, they are greedy beasts that hoard and steal to gain what they hold, and then when they have it they claim it as there's and guard it with everything they have.”  his head turned back to look to make sure Jeff was still holding on, he thought to himself how he should have made a rope or something for the boy to grip onto to secure him not falling off but it was kinda late for that. “and for Ashe, this is what time number three she has tried to bolt? Does she not like it here? If it was me i would show her how scary the world was outside of the castle, give her a good shock back to the castle” he let out a grunt like laugh as he looked back a head as his nose picked up her sent. “the girl did not make it far she is stopped on the side of the stream. You wish to land Jeff or give her a good jolt?”

JeffDeLaRose: "As angry as I am, and as good as the scaring her idea is, I just want to get her back to the castle." He spoke in a calm tone, gripping onto his scales for support. "Land whenever you are ready. I would like to have a word with her. It seems like we need to be quick however, if we are to have plan fall into place."Jeff sighed softly and readied himself for the landing, with a low growl rumbling in his throat. "I told her to stay behind. I fucking told her. " his eyes flashed from a baby blue to a furious blood red, cutting through the sky with each glance. He was furious and it didn't take a philosopher to see that he was losing his mind.

Nyx: -Having wondered through the castle in what felt like hours of roaming, Nyx would suddenly get the urge to go outside of the castle walls to wonder around back in the forest til she felt it was time too return to the company that was so greatly given too her, as she slipped downstairs she quickly headed out toward's the castle door past the guard's in a rush as if she was running, dissapearing outta the guard's sight's in second's-

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel hovered and started to lower to land “i don't advise angering yourself Jeff, your aura needs to stay low, keep your head in this game, we are a team we look out for each-other” his voice stern yet soft as he landed about fifty or so feet from Ashe siting beside that river. His feet hit the ground with a bang  as he lowered his body down so his Belly touched the ground so Jeff could slid off the monster. “be fast, we have to get going” he lowered his head down in the standered dragon and rider pose, it was odd that Sam new how to act with having another on his back, no one could think a Wyvern like Samuel would even know what a saddle felt like.

JeffDeLaRose: "I know. I just said I can't take to long." He said, sliding off the beast and landing on his feet, as his boots touched the ground. "Ashe!" Jeff shouted. Walking over to her as the trees bent and snapped with each step he took. "I told you to stay behind! You would have died out here! Do you realize this?!" He was shaking, but his tone was calm. Loud but calm. "You never would have made it to us in time and-.." Jeff proceeded to sniff the air. "You didn't bring food! You would have starved to death! How could you be so careless! am I supposed to react to this?" Jeff asked, crossing his arms, his head turning down to look at the grass that he couldn't see.

Arsynn Rage: Hearing Sam hit the ground before she saw him, Ashe jumped up quickly... And turned to face.. Jeff, and boy was he angry. Before she could speak he began to pound her with his words, all she could do not to turn and run or cry was look down.. "I... I'm sorry" she studdered. "I was only trying to...." She stopped and just shook her head. He was angry, and she was to blame. "Alright.. I'm sorry. Just stop. I thought I was helping, and you're right, I should've stayed behind." She walked to the tree where her horse was reigned and untied him, mounting his back, she then looked at Jeff once more, as a fit of anger took over. "I was trying to help, I don't want to be home if anything happened to you, I couldn't live without you.. You don't understand, I've never had anyone... And I don't want to lose you now... I'll just... Ugh I'll go back.." Then she simply turned the horse around and rode away. "I seem to always fuck something up" she whispered to herself.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel put his head to the ground hearing Jeff yelling the whole forest would hear him as Sam just grumbled and waited till Jeff came back so they could get back on there way.

JeffDeLaRose: She turned to walk away and before he could even apologize, she had rode off. He didn't sound that harsh-..did he? How could he have been so crude to her? He gave a sigh and moved back to the giant dragon. "Let's go." He then pulled a vine off of a large tree and wrapped it around Samuel's neck softly, and pulled back, gripping his fists tightly for support. "" He knew the vines wouldn't choke or bother Samuel in the least, but that didn't stop Jeff from holding on tightly as if he WAS trying to kill someone his own size. "My mother won't be happy if this mission goes awry. We need to be a team, like you said. Let's go over the plan one more time. Tell me when and we both use the vile. Then we lower our auras, then we get a bird's eye view of the north, and go from there. In and out. Right?"

Anaya DeLaRose: He moved as Jeff had to go around the neck to lash him up for ridding, Samuel did not move as Jeff did so, it brought old memory's but they were not overly painful so it was no burden. He could hear everything Ashe had said to Jeff and everything he had said to her and for a moment there he wanted to say so want the whole world to hear you, but he kept his words to himself on that topic and changed it back to the task at hand. “when i tell you to you are to clime up to my head carefuly and dump half the vile on my head. Then it will be able to slide down my scales and over my body. It is magical liquad a small bit works a large amount of body. Then you drink the other half and put it inside of your body that will make your aura low as well. Unlike myself you cant drop your power to nothing you can lower it but not to the level as needed you have yet to learn that, that being if you can at all due to race. Dragons can make there auras and powers drop to nothing and run there body's on the flame in there hearts alone and not there magical powers it is how we hide from humans for hundred and thousands of years. So you and i will be hidden fully from what ever is down there, only thing that can give us away is sound and if we get found out i am sure the wrayth will target the castle head on and right now with guards on low we cant take a hit like that just yet. ” with a push off of his feet he gave hard flaps and lifted himself into the air like a rocket. His body spinning around as his wings opened and he leveleed out and started to glide the north still being a couple hours away. But the trip gave the both of them some needed getting to know each other and bounding time. “i am sorry about hos Ashe reacted, and i am sorry for how blunt i was in the meeting room, sometimes we, we don't think  before speaking to relise if it is the wrong choice of words”

Arsynn Rage: Ashe rode back the castle in silence. She was just trying to help. She only wanted to help keep him safe. She knew he would be angry, but thought maybe he would understand.. Shaking the thoughts from her head she sighed and continued home.. She felt defeated.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed softly, slowly nodding to him as he gave direction. "I understand." The prince tightened his rope and readied himself. "We have a long flight so we better talk about the layout. I've been to the north, once for an assassination mission. There is nothing but ruins out there. And dead bodies. A lot of dead bodies..." Jeff sighed. "That means a lot of soldiers for the shade. More than we even know. You are right. We can't take hit like that." Jeff then blinked as Samuel apologized. "I'm sorry too. I am not used to this type of struggle. I just-...hate feeling like the fuck up." He sighed and patted Samuel's neck. "That-...was weird. Sorry I did that." He then pulled his hand away and placed it firmly on his make shift reigns.

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel was fully flattened out as they were gliding more then flapping now, the ground and everything down there was ants. Sam was so different then Anaya in the air she was large and bulky and he was smooth and a joy to ride on. As Jeff talked and patted his neck there was a part of him that smiled inside knowing and being proud of being needed and useful for once other then fishing trips alone. “i was hatched in the north, and yes there is a lot of death there due to past wars with the natives killing each other off. There body's were under the snow and for what you saw on the top is just the tip of the iceberg there is much more death underground and not just human body's aether, the north is alive with undead wolves and large feral cats and some say even undead bears are up there but no one really comes back with many story's. ” he gave a flap and then looked back to make sure Jeff was alright back there, then moving his head back foreword he watched were they were going even if he new this path like the back of his claw. “it will only take a couple hours to get there the mountains will be the roughest part as it is a lot of turning. And mountain men like to shoot down dragons for sport if they see one” he let out a grunt of laughter as he started talking once more “but for the plan it is as it is said, we can keep it simple. There is much that could go wrong when we get up there and last thing we want to do is linger in the north. About a hundred years ago when the wars were in full swing someone messed something up by blowing things up in the sky and adding magic to the mix. It caused the air in the north at night to turn very toxic and instead of filling ones lungs with oxygen it draws it out turning the living  things into dead things. No matter how strong you are when the sun goes down things just fall with it.” he gave another flap gaining a bit more height at a slow rise pace “i was leaving the north when Anaya's men got me and my....  then i became your mothers top male and got out of the north anyway even if i hate the heat in the centre land”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff listened and hung his head as he heard of the dead underground. "I had a run in with an undead. We had a knife fight and he, unknowingly, let me to my target. When I walked on the land, I felt the dwindling auras beneath my feet and had never felt as much fear as I did that day. Women, men and children, all lacing the path I walked, just so I could add to the pile of bodies." He then listened as Samuel spoke about the mountain men. "If push comes to shove, I can conjure up my shadow bow, but it would raise my aura. That is a last resort however." Finally, Samuel mentioned how Anaya's men found him, and another. Reading his aura carefully, Jeff determined that it was indeed, Sam's mate, and the prince's heart dropped. He moved to place a sympathetic hand on his neck once more. "You have my condolences. I'm sorry about your wife." Jeff ignored the inching feeling that he felt overwhelming his energy. As if another draconian power lay dormant in the ice covered alps of the north. They were hours away, and each individual aura get brighter with time. "We will do this recon mission and head back to the Iron for Milla's famous soup. You deserve a few bowls of it." He hung is head still, thinking of Ashe. "She is gonna get herself killed, being so bold like that. She acts like me-..." He shook his head. "I understand loss too, Samuel. You aren't alone there. I'm glad you are on our side. Thank you for watching over my mother."

Anaya DeLaRose:  Sam looked back for a moment as Jeff said he was sorry for Samules loss there was a flicker of anger in that Wyverns heart as the thought came back of his ex mate and how Anaya was the reason she was dead, well that and other things lost with that long story. “it is not something i like to talk about Jeff and please do not be sorry for my past” with his words he lowered his aura so it was no longer able to be red, somethings Sam did not want others knowing about that linked to the loss of his mate. “and i now hope the mountain men come out to play be enjoyable to have you shoot them, they are very bad shots with there own bows and there arrows cant break my hide, they can hit small things but not me. Only thing that can bring down your mother and i are black arrows. Not many were made in the past but i know the wraith makes them now, they fired me with one at the burning of the town when they stole our people.” you could see the mountains in the distance there shadows there peeks they were comping up and they would be at them in meer moments

JeffDeLaRose: "Roger that." He then conjured his bow from out of thin air, using the inner power of his brother. He sighed softly and locked in close. 6 men, sitting back, shrouded in snow. Their auras were weak and their bones, brittle. Jeff pulled his bow back, conjuring two arrows on the string. "Be ready Samuel. " They appeared. And immediately the arrows flew, only to find targets in two of the men. Jeff replaced his arrows and pulled back, dispatching his enemies easily. Lather, Rinse repeat. After a few moments, each man had fallen with an arrow to the eye, through the frozen brain. All dead, again, before they could even pull an arrow. "Are you seeing any more?" Jeff asked, looking to each mountain, readying himself with more arrows. "I feel more energy. They are...everywhere. We aren't that far from our destination."

Anaya DeLaRose: Sam looked around as he looked back a head spotting all the men on the ledges and sides of the mountains. Samuel got a smile on his maw “hold on and don't let go of the rains lets test how well we can be a team, i hope you know how to fly a dragon, if you don't stear me well we will hit the mountain, the path is in your hands” and with that sam gave a large flap and started to speed up his body turning as he shoot into a crack in the mountain side fitting and tucking his wings in to fit then once it opened up again he opened his wings to give some drag but not much his body twisting and going like a small dragon would. He turned to view some men on a ledge and with pin point accuracy he shot out the spikes on his tail hitting four men and then turning in the air to fire another four at more on the other side. He straitened out and then let out a blast of green flame to the east wall of the mountain frying another dozen or so men and then flapping again to up the speed once more to get to the net area of the path. Then he stopped turning to allow Jeff control.

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AxlisofEvil: ~The Rain Fell Heavy, The Battlefield littered with the Fallen troops, Man laid in their own blood, faces buried in the Mud. Thousand's laid Dead, the War was over. And neither Side had Survived, As the rain poured heavy a sudden groan followed as a Man rolled over from the Mud, His hair muddy and stick upon his face. What few strains of Black hair hung dropping with the sweet mixture of Blood and Water. The Mans armor torn to pieces, metal shards hung out from the tattered Metal. As he lifted himself from the ground he stood to peer upon the smouldering grounds, still hot and smoking from the Catapults which had been fired at the beginning of the War. As the Man stood he unsheathed his blade slicing the straps to allow his armor to fall too the Ground. Each piece fell too the mud with a loud splash. The Man slid his Under jacket out the way bearing his chest to see a gash wound open and pouring. A grunt followed from the young man's lips as he reached to a pouch upon his side removing a Needle and thread, Making his way across the Battlefield he sat upon a broken catapult bringing the needle too the open gash wound. He growled lowly as he began to sew the wound close. Moment's afterwards he would lean down to a Fallen soldiers body laying nearby lifting up a flask. The Man would unscrew the Cap as he poured the alcoholic beverage upon the wound as he gritted his teeth tight and yelled across the War-zone. Slamming his fist into the wood next to him causing it to splinter and break, A twist brought him to stand as he panted speaking in a Low tone "War...Is...Hell...."he spoke as he made his way across the field his hand holding upon his wound. walking past a Man laying on the ground with a sword buried into his skull, The Man removed it pushing his foot into the man's chest as the sword broke free from the facial cavity as he "Gimme that back..." after removal he brought it too sheath upon his back as he continued across the battlefield into the Distance. Minutes turned to Hours, The Man continued down the road as he Spoke "Just a little bit Further Axl...You got this..." Speaking his name Axl continued down the road as he saw a Village in the distance. The Rain still pouring from the sky as he coughed spitting up blood and frowning "Shit..." his eyes peering forward seeing the Town. The Roads where flooded, People scrambling to get indoors as Axl made his way through the town. The Local's doors locking as Axl passed through. "Tough Crowd..." he spoke continuing his way up the Hill. As Minutes passed he found himself reaching the flooding water's before the Castle as he tilted his head "Well....shit..." exited his lips as he leaned against a nearby tree. Axl would press forward the water coming up to his waist as he fought the current's as the water flowed across the water his energy fading. Upon reaching the other end he would reach land falling too his knee's and panting only for a second or two. "Get up...Get over it..." he spoke in his head as he pressed onward walking his way up to the doors leaning against the Stone wall's as he extended his hand out to knock loudly.~

Anaya: She had just gotten home that night and the day did not seem better then the night before, walking into her bathroom she let out a yawn and moved her clawed fingers uyp over her head. Milla walked into the room and took a rob and wrapped it around Anaya's shoulders lingering a moment as she whispered “glad you are back my lady it was nuts without you, paper has piled up and the town will see” Anaya turned around as she looked at Milla and put her arms in the arms of the rob “yes i saw when i came in Milla what happened? The whole story don't leave anything out” Milla looked at her and gulped down the breath then started to talk very fast. “castle got a visit from the undead from north, Sam noticed, went flying out there burned down scared ships away they took what was left of the towns people we got nothing down there anymore, everything done or burned down....again. Jeff got some messenger in his room don't have a clue what happened there Jeff is a locked trap he will not say much, but Sam said something about him being upset. They both are gone was going to take scarlet to on a scouting trip they left this morning they will be back tonight before night fall” she took a deep breath “Sam said that if not back by night there would be death as the north is cold and sucks the air out of your lungs or something like that at night time only dead can live up there now. ” Anaya looked at her a tad of worry in her red eyes that soon vanished “ok then i am sure they will be fine, scarlet went?” “no miss Anaya could not find her this morning they left without her as they needed not to waist time” Anaya let out another yawn and covered her mouth with her hand and she took her claws and tied the lash around her waist. “ok so i guess i should head down to the main hall” “in..your...bath robe?” Anaya gave a smile and just turned to the door gave a wink and walked out, dragons never liked clothing she felt better with nothing on even if at times it made most think she was some harlot with no sanity or decency. She walked down to the main hall Milla on her heels rushing foreword and picking up the papers on the throne arm rest and handing them to Anaya “there is much to sign and go over miss Anaya there is even more on your desk i believe today will be long” she smiled trying to please Anaya but in the end Anaya just took the papers and flipped them, tax paper, water paper, pip plan, the response to her letter to the king in Mill mire about the broken grain silo and mill, another paper in response to one of her ravens about guard losses, and then the guard request form she sent to a town to the east coming back to her rejected, but then another one with saying she would have fifty new guards by the end of the week and the cost in gold for them, some more shipment papers and some other junk. She looked to Milla as she sat in her throne “guest at the door” she mumbled not even looking up as Millas ears and eyes popped up as she jumped to her feet “shit oh ok did not hear it sorry, sorry” she then ran as fast as she could slipping on the cleaned  and waxed floor almost falling into the door hitting it harder then planed with a thump that was loud enough to make Anaya across the main hall look up and chuckle at her hand maidens stupid action then without thought on her madis health she looked back down at her papers putting the ones she did not need to get back to at the left side of her throne and the other ones on her lap. Her legs were lightly crossed but if you looked you could see right up her robe. Milla opened the door “welcome to Iron, come in come in get out of the wet, please come on in” The guards at the door looked at Milla with a snort as she looked back at them and smiled all cute, there look did not change and she just glared back and then walked away. “why you out in the rain it is a mess out there, bin that way a couple days now, sorry for the mess, road washed out yet?” she said in a happy voice as she almost trotted into the main hall.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl standing at the doorway would peer to his Jacket covered in the remnant's of Blood and Muddy dirt. Axl stood at the doorway slipping off his jacket and hanging it outside upon one of the torch stands. His feet pressed forward as he moved in a slow pace. Upon his left side would be the sewn up gash, His body riddled with Scars and what once where visable tattoo's now reduced to nothing more but faint ink upon the skin. They where Egyptian decent Tattoo's however they had seen much damage and scarring. Axl's body was a roadmap of his past. Various Scars gave hint's of Mace Wounds, Axes, Countless Daggers. Even upon his back was the wound of a long healed Scythe. Upon his neck rested over 20 Dogtag's these jingled softly with each step he took. His pants however where not as drenched with Dirt as was his Jacket considering they where made from a PVC Material. As Axl made his way in he unsheathed his sword leaning it against the Entrance wall as he came to a stop resting against one of the Pillars as he spoke "Please too meet you...Name's Axl....Didn't mean to enter like this but well....I'm sure you can guess I was Involved in the Foothill Battles...This is the Closest place I could find Sanctuary from the Rain...I do not wish to Intrude...I was wandering if you could Offer me a Warm place and a Roof over my head til the storm passes....If you need me too Work to repay my stay...That can be arranged..." his voice filled with a low tone as he spoke peering to Milla and Anaya.~

NyxValdemar: -Having wondered off seeing that the man that had greeted her left along with a few other's, Nyx had felt abit restless as she had tried to rest her eye's for some time but was unable too as she felt another presence within the castle, she could tell by the voice it was possibly the queen of the castle she walked around the upstair's just looking around as she yawned softly trying to find a place to rest-

Anaya: Milla looked the man up and down he was atractive and in true terms a mess “well i know the battle was bad down there so come on in and we can get you some dry clothing and patched up, come in and eat and greet and have a good time, there is food, come get some food it will help i am sure the queen is busy and will more then likly ignore you and everyone else so lets eat first before thinking about work” Milla walked and opened up a side room door to the dining hall the small of fresh bread being the first thing to come out of that door drawing everyone and everything to it. “come on iam sure more will join soon it is meal time anyway guards” she said as she turned her head” ring the bell to allow others around to come down to the dining hall” she would smile, Milla was a very cute little thing dressed in pink silk like she enjoyed most of the time and then that brown hair with matching Anaya, bright red dragon eyes that just set the whole package off. “come come”

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl nodded softly as he spoke to Milla "Thank's....This may sound kinda Ironic...But if you happen to have a Shower Handy...That's would be great....As far as Patching my Clouths up..That will be fine." He spoke making his way into the Dining Room, Upon reaching the seat he would sit down slicking his hair back careful not too drip water across the table. Sitting in his chair he reached town tightening the threads upon his fresh wound before sitting back in his seat and resting his head. The Healing process taking effect as his Wound was slowly but surely closing up. From the Vibe he gave off was not hostile but yet wise and knowledgable, Judging from his scars it was apparent he had been around far longer than he looked. His apperance that of a 27 year old man, yet his spirit was felt centuries old. The necklaces upon his neck dated back 100's of years. His Sword which laid by the entrance was a Old Relic of a Weapon yet still after all these years appeared almost new. Axl sat at the table awaiting further instructions as he remained silent at the table waiting.~

Anaya: She moved as she watched him sit down at the table and picking up a large dry red cloth she took it and layed it along his back cleaning up some of the water, to some it was bold to touch another without asking first but Milla was just that way a long time of doing this it just came naturally to do it this way. She dabbed off his back then moved up to his shoulders her nails griping into his strong and brod shoulders. “you have a lot of scars, bin a fighter for a long time i am guessing? I dabble into military conduct every now and again but a hand madins job is not to plan the battles i clean tables and make meals and do the papers” she let out a soft chuckle as she moved down his arm.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl sat his eyes widened for a moment as he tilted his head at slight as she dried him off "I've been many things, Assassin, Bodyguard, Killer, Murderer, Hero and Villian..." he spoke as he peered over his shoulders his muscles tensing up upon another's touch as he raised a brow, from his reaction it was apparent that throughout the years the only contact he had felt was that of a weapon. His apperance and the way he carried himself bared "Lonewolf" from his Expressions and way of thinking. As he continued to dry him off he spoke "You didn't have too do that ya know..." he spoke his a low tone as he rolled his shoulders gently.~

Anaya: Her hands swayed over his shoulders as they rolled and she moved her fingers down to take his hand and dry off his hands taking the cloth and moving to dry off his waist line “well all the jobs there just say you have bin alone, but now you are here, big change” she could feel him tense but she did not stop cleaning and drying him off. Sometimes people had to simply deal with change and he had yet to inform her to stop so he must in someways liked it. “i know i don't have to do this, but in turn i want to do this and if i did not you would have some shy non talkative woman with a bulldog face drying you off, i say i am a bit better then that” she gave a smile and chuckled as her red eyes looked into his as he watched her.

AxlisofEvil: "No Complaints." he spoke simply as he exhaled softly before speaking "Once I get washed up and the Mud off me, I should be in lesss Tense Spirit." he spoke as he slide his gloves off placing them in his pocket. His hands where also riddled with scars, Bared upon his left and right hand where scars forming hat of holes. By the way they where scared it was apparent he had also been hung once by nails. Axl peered to his hands for a moment as he spoke "We are all made of Scars...It's what makes us what we are...Let's us not forget our Errors." he spoke as he peered to his hand in thought falling silent.~

Anaya: Milla watched him and watched him with his hands, she put down the cloth and did a bold action but to her it was simply a caring action, she picked up his hands in her own and kissed the tops of each of them as she looked at him brown hair falling into her eyes “and lets not forget our victory's” she would smile as she put his hands upon the table “come on i will take you to the bath house out back, it is for everyone, open soaking pool all warm and heated really a wonderful place” she moved and walked to the door way as she opened it and bowed her head “come my good sir let me guide your way to the pleasure of water”

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl tilted his head with slight confused look as he watched her kiss the top of his hands as he thought to himself "Odd..." it wasn't often Axl had this sort of Treatment. It almost confused him for a moment. Axl rose from his seat following her as he reached up grabbing ahold of the knot of Dogtag's and placing them into the pouch on his belt loop. His hand's moving to his belt as he unfasoned it placing his belt and pouch upon a neaby table for the time being, Upon following her to the Bath house when he had reached his hand's lingered down to unlace his toes pulling them free from his feet and placing them aside the only article remaining to his form was the Pants that he wore.~
Anaya: she moved to the door and opened it to the bathhouse the steam came out and the smell of lavender and rose bath salts came out with the warmth the room held “there is the towel room to the side there for when you are done and if you need oils there are some in the room along with more salts and  small cloths. If you need anything i am right outside the door”  she smiled and kept her eyes low as she watched him start taking his shoes off and then everything but his pants a bluesh came over her face as she kept her eyes on the floor. Milla was a very flirty girl in some cases she was kinda a slut, she was sleeping with the queens mate on the side and she watched every man that walked in with needy eyes, but in the end she had her own scars to and in this man she liked that not everyone had scares like they did here.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl spoke standing in the doorway "Thank you." were the only words that Passed his lips. As he stood there at the doorway without even a hint of shame or care, he reached to his waist band snapping it free as his pants fell too the floor below him. His body was atheletic yet slender, his skin now visable where tan. The scars seemed to cover every region of him except his respectable endowment's. Standing there for a moment he spoke to her "Thank you for your Kindness Milla." he spoke as he walked passed her, his body was tight his musk filled the air faintly, it did not smell fowl but rather oily and scented with a faint smell of heat and gunpowder and Soot. Axl made his way passed her reaching the Bath as he brough both his hand sup to meet with the edge lifting himself slowly with his upper arm strength before lowering himself into the Tub. Moment's passed as he dipped his head under the water, His hair swaying about as he held his head under for almost a minute before flipping his head back out the water as trickles of water splashed upward as he gritted his teeth almost primal-like as he panted for air and spoke "Much...Better..." as time passed he remained in the water washing his body free of the oils and mud, his Body lathered with soap which ran down his atheletic frame. Upon finishing he stepped free of the tub grabbing a Kilt-like robe and fasionig it too his bodt as he brought his hair back into a pony tail tieing it behind his head as he stepped free from the Bathhouse making his way back inside to Milla.~

Anaya: Milla looked up as the mans pants dropped.....she thought to her self as no words passed her lips, the guy just dropped his pants like it was just a normal thing said thank you then walked away as she shut the door behind him. As he started walking she put her eyes to the floor mumbling keep your eyes to the floor over and over and over again as she walked away her face as red as a tomato. She walked past Anaya as the queens eyes looked up “hey i know that face did you just see male reproductive parts?”  Milla stopped dead and looked at her “um NO NO I DID NOT!” She barked out as Anaya was laughing at her and Milla was embarrassed. “we have a very nice new guest he is....eccentric very nice he may be form out of town, he is in the bathhouse, i am just getting some new clothing for him”  “how about you bring them to him in the bathhouse, i know that face you so want to” Milla said nothing and rushed into the other room grabbing a pile of clean man clothing, black leather pants and then the mans belt and pouch from the dinning hall  and then picked up his shoes on the way back. She looked at them and then just kicked open a side door and tossed them in, to dirty we will get him new ones she thought to herself as she walked back to the bathhouse and taped on the door there was a side of her that wanted to just walk in and hope for the best but she was going to be respectful as a good maid and stranger would be and simply stand there and wait. “um i have soom clean cloths” she looked around and then saw him as she blushed bright "oh you are already out of the bath, sorry um here i have some clean and dry clothing for you i hope it is ok"

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl peered down at the Kilt for a moment and blinked, Apparently it had been left by one of the Previous Males that had been to the Bathhouse. Axl tilted his head breifly as he spoke "Very well...That beat's the hell out of wearing this...I'm not much on Men's Dresses...." he spoke pulling down the Kilt and placing it aside, his Bare body into veiw too her again as he took the clouths sliding them on to cover his lower region as he simply changed infront of her. It wasn't that Axl was trying to show off or be rude, it was the simple fact that he had lived so long he had reached the point that he didn't feel it was neccesary to hide anything, Bodys where just Bodies in his opinion, filled with organs and expendable. Axl had transfered his Soul into countless bodies over the years, the one belonging to him now was a Manfiestation of flesh he had crafted and molded for himself from the shadows. Giving it life and possessing it, that was what he did, take on Bodies when one became to damaged beyond repair. As Axl changed his cloths he spoke to Milla "Thank you...I feel much better now....No more Mud or Blood...." he spoke as he brought up a jacket sliding it over his bare chest as he spoke once more "You have been too Kind....Might I ask where is your Queen of this Establishment?"~

Anaya: Milla looked up to him as she watched him eyes so not on the floor get dressed. “your v very welcome S Sir she is in the main hall just walk a head and then exit second door to the left snow white hair siting in a bath robe on the throne reading papers, hottest thing in all the lands cant miss her ” she bowed her head and started to walk off leading the way back to Anaya as Anaya was there siting as she was smiling in a odd and unhappy sens reading a guard request document that had the print regected at the bottom.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl nodded to Milla as he passed by her patting her on the shoulder as he passed by her looking over his shoulder. He headed down the Main hall towards the Second door, Axl made his way towards the direction of the Queen. His boots thumping softly across the floor as he reached her he stood a respectable distance away as he spoke "It's my Displeasure to Bother you M'lady...I am Axl Santek Sikuma...Warrior, Assassin, Bodyguard and Soldier...I Respectfully say I appreciate the Hospitality...Upon entering your Domain I was upon deaths doorstep...Milla one of yours was Kind and Treated me wel in my time of Recovery here...Offering me Warm Water too Bathe and Fresh Clothing...If there is anything that you need done, or Work that needs to be carried out, I will not hesitate in doing so. I hold no Allegance to any Kingdoms nor to I work with any, If you are n need of my Services I am in your Debt." he spoke as he bowed his head Respectfully to her falling silent after he spoke.~

Anaya: Anaya looked to the man there and tilted her head. To the side then looked him up and down and then looked back up into his eyes and put the paper she had in her hand words up on her arm rest and uncrossed her legs “only thing i need right now is more men. I have a low count in guards for my own family members keep killing them and we have lost many in the burning and battles in our no longer standing town. If you want to help out and pay your way stick around and be here when i need you, give your loyalty to this crown and be a fighter in my name. I am sick of  my men dieing and my son being a nitwit and not doing as said. I need a guard captain that can tell my son how to act and someone he will do shit for.  and i over all need  more fighters to deal with my problem up north. Up for it Axl?” she asked bluntly in a cold and collected voice.  Her red eyes blinked as she crossed her legs the other one on top this time as she ran her clawed hand in her hair and fixed the crown on her head as she sat in her white bath robe on the throne.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl would nod "Combat, Battlefield Stratigy, Training both Melee Hand to Hand, And in my old Clan I was their Leader...They rose up against me due to one of my own Deciding to Take Power...He turned the others against me, I killed him and the 32 Others under his Command that betrayed me..So I can ensure that I can withstand anything thrown my way. And if I cannot, they will be easy to kill by the time they get too you they will have to be crawling on the ground. So as far as I see it any of your Guards get out of hand or decide to turn Loyalities I can deal with them as Ordered. I accept the Invitation if you will have me." he spoke as he bowed his head gently too her his eyes wandering up too meet with hers as he tilted his head slightly.~

Anaya: “i will have you but know if you betray me i will rip you apart myself, you are now under contract here, please inform me of anything you wish me to know and if you wish to know anything about myself or the lands and castle ask as there may not come another time i don't have others barking at my heels. Anaya relaxed resting her hands on her belly rubbing it softly as the paper fell to the floor and she did not care for it anymore. She leans back onto her throne getting her pillow nicely placed upon her back as Milla came to her flank and kneeld down beside her on her knees and put her head on Anaya's lap and shut her eyes “anything you need my lady Anaya?” Milla asked as Anaya took a hand and ran her claws in the girls brown hair “no no i am fine relaxing is all, so is this the man you” Milla bumped her head on Anaya's leg as Anaya chuckled and smiled and then looked back to Axl as Millas face was bright red and she shut up and did not say another word.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl would listen to her words as he would nod. Peering over to a nearby table where a handful of rolled Cigarettes laid he raised a brow and extended his hand out to lift one up running it underneath his nose to let his senses take in the fresh Tobbaco up to his lips leaning to a nearby candle and lighting the cigarette letting the smoke fill his lungs as he spoke "Sounds good by me...I betray you you kill me, We should have no problems so long as I'm treated well and respected, Can't promise I won't twist someones arm around if they Disrespect you. The Present Parties excluded however, But anyone else that comes in here off the dusty road...yeah, well not get into that."

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl peering to Milla for a moment as he tilted his head watching her bump the Queen he was slightly confused as too what was going on but paid it no mind as he drew from his smoke and exhaled the smoke from his nostrals as he sighed "Welp I'm yours do with as you wish...Just snap your Fingers when you want someone dead...I'll do it."

Anaya: Anaya looked down at Milla then looked up at Axl and with a smile upon her face she simply said one line "what if it is not wish someone dead, what if it is more a job that involves kindness" Milla looked up at anaya and her blush got brighter as she just shut her eyes and put her head back on Anayas lap as the Queen ran her claws in her hair.

AxlisofEvil: "Kindness can be done, However I'm not too acustom too it, But I will try in the best of my Abilities." he spoke drawing from his smoke once more as he whistled once and snapped his fingers the Sword at the entrance flying to land against his back and staying into place. Strange dark tendrils wrapped around the blade almost as if they had formed from the cloth itself. The eyes of the sword glowing faintly before fading away. Axl leaed against a nearby pillar as he peered to them both in silence.~

Anaya: “Milla here likes you, or at least she believes she does and that matters to me, if i don't have happy people i prove a old dragon cant run a kingdom very well, and she needs someone other then Samuel she can flirt with ” Anaya looked down at Millas closed eyes and dead silence and new she would not say a word and that blush on her face was clear Anaya had said truth. “not everything here is combat and war, just the things behind the nice doors of the place and for the matters of the north they are the ones i want dead right now and Samuel my mate and king here is gone with my son i am told on a scouting trip they will be back before night but then again that is a good wile from now. The sun came up only hours ago and they left very early. Much of the day we have to get to know one another i am sure.” Anaya ran her other hand that was not in Millas hair on her belly as her claws ran along her silken skin as she thought on how the child inside of her was growing nicely there was even a small bump under her bath robe that you could not notice yet but it was there.  she watched the blade fly to the mans back and attach its self there she simply payed it not much mind at all. she ran a castle with monsters and was a dragon, under the skin, a flying blade and shadows did not bug her much at all.

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl would draw from his smoke again as he spoke "I could tell, She's tried her hardest too keep her eyes off me since I first got here...I don't mind the flirting, My job has always been war, But as far as Company goes I'll welcome it, It's however hard for someone like me to get attached, I've been through hell and back...So It's going to take a little time before I start too feel...When your out on the Battlefield, You loose track of how to live..How to Love or even how too pleasure another...I've been alone for a While..." he spoke as he exhaled the smoke gently watching the smoke roll in the air.~

Anaya: She looked at him as she said very simply “we all have” she then moved her hand to brush Millas hair form her brow and poked her nose “see i am not all bad” Milla looked up opening up an eye  and looking into Anaya's “no not bad, evil yes, bad no” she said and then shut the eye once again and just went back to being silent. Anaya patted the girls head and looked back at Axl with a chuckle “so have you seen the castle yet? And the yards, would you like a tour?”

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl nodded softly "Show me around then." he spoke as he peered to Milla as he would wink gently too her and place his hands too clasp behind his back before peering back to Anaya.~

Anaya: Anaya getting up Millas eyes opened and she saw Axl standing there and wink at her, she would blush bright and stand up as well “i um will it is raining, in the other room mhmmm green house sun room in the back mhmmm by myself. ” she mumbled the last part and then skittered off as Anaya could not help herself but laugh. “she is a god girl i swear, loyal to the end that is for sure. She has bin with me since she was small, was blind i gave her back her eyes so she gave me her service. But come i will show you the inside i cant go out in the rain, i don't handle it so well” she moved and fixed her robe as she stood there a body that could make a man drop to his knees. She walked over past some old paintings and hangings on the wall. “i am sure you have bin to the dinning hall beside it is the lounge room it holds sofas made of the finest fabrics and pillows on the floor to rest upon as well as a large fireplace. It is a nice place to rest and talk to others i am in there sometimes when i have more paper work then i need. Down the hall to the left in a restroom then past that as i am sure you know at the end of the hall is the bathhouse.”

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl following behind her as he watched her compose herself, his eyes wandering across the Canvas of her frame as he raised a brow for a moment and spoke "Never knew Dragon's could be so Majestic with human bodies," he spoke as he followed beside her diverting his eyes as he peered about the areas she had shown him. Making his way he peered upon the portraits and took in the veiw. His eyes moving back to her as he spoke "Ah yes the Bathhouse...Was very relaxing." he spoke as he slide his hands within his pockets as he he peered about the area once more before drawing the last draw from his smoke, outting it in a nearby ashtray.~

Anaya: She turned and stopped and looked at him as her red eyes blinked “yes, dragons can be anything they wish, i enjoy looking my best this is the human form i have had for many human lifetimes, i guess i just found it to be more me that's all, but thank you for the complement” she walked a bit more as she moved her hand palm up to show the stairs “that is to the upper halls there are the chamber rooms my own is the red door it is a room i don't believe you will need to learn, then there is my sons room his...females room” she paused as she had no idea if she would call Ashe jeffs woman, the girl was a thief Jeff found at the fair long ago and took home now lived here on her sons wishes  but Anaya did not know or understand the truth behind it. “ then my sister scarlet's room, she is the only family i have left other then my son, past there are the guest rooms you may pick one to your liking and if you wish any decor for it please feel free to put it down upon parchment and give it to me, i will have it here within days of you wanting it. And if you do not know how to read or wright Milla can do it for you, i know some of my guards never learned, so Milla and some of the maids help out. But anything you need just ask. When it clears up we can go see outside. There is the stable, the underground stable and then the guards building and yards as well as the training area out back and tents for some of the army but a lot of them live in the town a bit from here seeing our town is pointless to have now”

AxlisofEvil: ~Axl nodded as he spoke "Writing, Read, Got that Covered, Shouldn't be much change needed, Everything is fine the way it is, But I must retire for now...My body still aches to some degree, Plus I could use a little stress relief." he spoke as he peered down the Hallway "Long as it has 4 walls and a Roof over my head, I should be fine Thank you." he spoke as he stood peering to the unclaimed room, Axl would bow his head gently as he spoke "So with that said, Once i've relaxed for a while, I will return downstairs, I need to be in top shape if I am to be Guarding here M'lady." Axl spoke as he made his way towards the door turning the knob as he peered to Anaya awaiting dismissal.~

Anaya: Anaya watched him go up to his chamber room as she smiled “i would not wish my fighters any other way, you go rest a wile and get your feet on the ground i will be down here i have some more paper work to do anyway. And oh, Axl if you need, anything, please feel free to let Milla know i am sure she would be very happy to help you with anything you wish ” a smile came over the woman's face as she walked to her throne and picked up the pile of papers walking over to the back room. As she got to her privet study but still in knowing view of Axles bed chamber door she moved her claw to as she let out a relaxing sigh cut her robe from her and let it fall to the floor her arms falling back to her sides as her hair fell over her back. She ran her claws over her waist line touching herself lightly as she let out another relaxing breath. Her body utter perfection curved hips and a hour glass waist as well as lush and full breasts that would put any other to shame. Turning around her eyes glanced up to Axles door were she new he could still be lingering and she gave him that same wink he gave Milla only a bit before. Her body shimmered in the torch light as she shut the door slowly and then vanished into her study to do the papers in peace.

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Anaya: She lay back in her arm chair the wood feeling very nice ageist her garment-less bottom. The rain on the windows getting harder as the day went on, it had just past a second meal time she had missed it but really did not care the papers on her desk was a high pile but each one deserved the same amount of attention as the last one.  Each paper looked over the guard request forms being her main point of observation this day she put the regected ones on her left and the agreed ones on her right, so far there were two on her right and over ten on her left. Anaya's hands came to her head, she may have war in the north and she had yet to inform her son about how things went well for him to have a castle and a wife in the future, maybe even a family and a home with lands guards and an army of his own, everything she ever wanted her royal blood son to have would be there for him, but she new in her gut it would be tossed back in her face.  So with that thought the risk of another Firedor war was at her door step as well one stick out of place and she would have to beg that king not to attack her nation and no dragon begged like a stable hand.  She got up runing her hands down her sides as she looked around the nicely empty room she adored her study and how silent it was it was nice truly and no one really bugged her here, well other then Milla but that was ok it was not like Milla had never seen her with nothing on before, hell half the castle new how she was to hardly ever have anything on and if she did it was light fabrics and things the wind picked up to let everyone see. A strap over her nipple or a bit of cloth over her under parts, she never had much on but people from out of the lands did not know this so to some it was a shock to see a ruler is nothing but a bath towel at times.  She looked to the doors and let out a sigh as she sat back at her desk wondering what Milla was doing out there on her own.

“one piggy two piggy three piggy four, how many piggys does it take to go to!” she called out as she painted her toes a bright red with some of Anaya's paints made of of dyes she had harvested from beetles and other small animals to get the pigment she liked she did not have much of this so it was not really a good thing that Milla was using it to paint her toes, if Anaya new it would not be a good thing for Milla. Milla hummed to herself not a care in the world as she thought about that man hunk of a fellow anaya had just gotten as a new guard, who new how this would turn out she was very happy for it and sat in Anaya's bit throne painting her toes all gitty and glee.

YumiAngelBlood: -Alana curses under her breath as her heels keep sinking into the wet ground. With a sigh she takes them off, simply tossing them aside as her dainty bare feet mover across the soaked earth. There would be a small block of ice floating above her head, acting as an umbrella, keeping the rain from soaking her body. Her clawed fingers grip her long black dress, holding it up to keep it from dragging through the mud. Finally, she sees a castle, a small smirk forming upon her lush black lips. She pushes open the door, stepping inside. As she steps into the castle, the block of ice that floated above her head would crash to the ground outside, a loud cracking sound filling the entryway. Her dainty bare feet track mud into the castle.- “Hello?” -She would call out in a soft, kind sounding tone as she ventures further in.-

LordAshrielZelet: A soft flash of brown caught the eye of the Archer. With the wind in his favor, he knew it wouldn't be long before the deer circled around enough to catch his scent. With a few rain droplets hitting the autumn leaves, he perked his brow as he finally realized that his hunt was hopeless. Grasping hold of the cedar base of his bow, he pulled an arrow from his quiver and placed it upon the twined string of horse hair. Taking an extra step, he would draw the bow back and aim it towards the shoulder of the deer. Before he could release his grip on the arrow, a loud crash of thunder caused the deer to jump and run farther off into the forest. "Are you FUCKING kidding me?" Joe was aggravated. Not only from the deer, but the storm finally making its way to him. Exhaling a yawn, he knew it would be at least another day before he would finally satisfy his hunger. Making his way back to his makeshift shack made of only sticks and broken branches, he would crawl back into the entrance. Leaning against the sturdy curved branches inside, he couldn't help but think about his old home. He could still smell the perfumed halls and fragrances that Anaya always had out along with the smell of rotten flesh from the morning kills. Thinking of such only caused him to smirk as he drifted off to sleep. A few hours had past and his eyes flew open only to the feeling of the cold water that had dripped inside of his shack upon the top of his head. "I have GOT to get something better then this... I deserve more then..." Another crash of thunder would roll in from the distant hills as he finally crawled back out from his hole. The rain had picked up heavily enough to where he couldn't see a few feet in front of him. Though, something inside of his mind was ticking. Almost as if it was calling him back. He remembered the seal Anaya had placed within his mind. He could remember it almost as if it was yesterday. He didn't know exactly how long he had been gone, but he figured it was time to return. Inhaling deeply, he began to run towards the last known location of the Empire. With several bumps and scrapes from the branches and barks of the tree, he finally made it to an opening with a soft flicker of candle light and stopped quickly. "This is it.." With a soft sigh he would make his way up the cobblestone steps and stare at the door. So much flickered into his mind.Would he be accepted again? Would anyone remember him? There was only one way to find out. Reaching out, he grasped hold of the obsidian handle and pulled it open only to step inside to allow his eyes to adjust to the lighting.

Anaya: Millas eyes shot up as she saw the dirty feet first but she was going to get up but her toes....she just painted them cant mess them up she thought to herself as she with her toes in the air oddly got up “oh new guest wonderful come on in, what brings you here little muddy feet and all” she said in that cute innocent voice as she hoped on her heels over to the door falling into it to close ti to stop the rain. “hard to believe doors used to swing, castle getting old”  she giggled as she turned around holding onto the door still  “i would clean your feet but just shake them like a dog and come on in we will clean the floor later ” she felt the door move oh crap she thought to herself as the door was opened and she fell face first into who or what ever was opening it bright red eyes matching the queens looking up as she had falling into a man “” she looked up and blinked a couple times not knowing what to say, her red eyes looking into his.  

Aeyir: Water droplets in excess of millions pattered chiming notes into the air once they had come into contact with the lustrous red scales of a nearly polished finish, laid in an overlapping armor across the robust snaking figure of the dragon. Every impact was deflected from their waterproof surface, guided to the leaves below which had been left warm yet void of any life what-so-ever. Evidence of having settled here before the rains could be seen as the charred remains of leaves had blackened a border in contrast to the surrounding others. This marked an outline around where he lay coiled, a diameter spanning twenty feet across and ten feet high. The onslaught of water had already been loud enough to deafen even those with an affinity for hearing although one could pick-up the sound of the scales tinkering away from quite a distance, perhaps even catch sight of the golden trimmings etched into every crevice between them. Azure eyes indiscriminately peered across the obscured horizon, the equivalent of staring at a cathode television set's static signals. As a redundancy, he lifted his long ears up to gather any signs of movement ahead. Nothing since it all was drowned out amidst the noise. Relatively short legs set themselves down into the muddied ground and it was only until the talons had anchored into the ground that he started to uncoil himself from his place; a full fifty feet long though only seven feet tall from foot to head. From the small opening at the front of his mouth came the flicker of a supple forked tongue to test the air. The refreshing scent of ozone was prominent, but there were traces of small mammalian life skittering around. It was all negligible for worry. Step-by-step, he carried his thick bulk across the murky lands, his every slow but drawn out breath brought forth clouds of condensation via the nostrils. He had not the slightest clue of where he was headed towards, however, this was remedied once a bellowing low-frequency call rippled for miles into the air. The reverberations that were carried back gave him a general direction or size of where things were as those who were in the wake probably could describe this as having their very bones rumbling. What caught his attention was the familiar castle with the she-dragon he had met long before. The massive displacement it had from all else in the lands was hard to miss. It was to this location that he altered his course, his pace coming to an odd gallop. One could attribute it to how a weasel or ferret might scurry about, but this manner of running shook the trees. Travel surprisingly took about fifteen minutes to get to the door. To use manners or simply walk in? Chances were it would make no difference with how Anaya treated any patrons. A simple snatching up of the ringed handles in his left paw enabled him to curl the digits and pull the door open, his form slithering right into the castle. From a distance, someone could catch how he used his stomach muscles to pull himself indoors like a basilisk.

YumiAngelBlood: -Alana’s glowing red eyes, pupils slit like a cat’s, look from behind her thin black lace veil at the seemingly cheerful woman who hopped over to her on the heels over her feet. She quirks an eyebrow slightly as she woman says to “shake them off like a dog,” then looks down at her own feet. She simply shrugs, shaking some mud from her feet before stepping forward into the castle a bit more and letting releasing her dress, letting the end of it drag the floor as those glowing red hues of her study her surroundings. A smirk plays its way onto the corner of her lush black lips as a small purr like sound seems to emit from her throat.- “This is a nice castle.. Could use a few games or something but it’s pretty.” -She acts less elegant than she appears as she stretches her arms over her head with a yawn. She stops as she looks back over her shoulder at the woman who greeted her, seeing she fell through the door and into a man. She tilts her head, wondering if she should go further into the castle or not.-

LordAshrielZelet: To his surprise, the moment he stepped inside his arms were quickly wrapped around a female as she began to fall. Pulling her up quickly, he would release her and look deep into her eyes. "Are you..." He stopped as he inhaled the familiar scent of polish that Anaya wore. "Okay?" Turning his gaze towards the insides of the castle, one again he felt as if he was home. Of course Anaya was no where in sight, so he would look back towards the female. "I am looking for a place to rest...Is there anywhere I may sit to relax a moment?"

Anaya: her eyes went up as she took in the small of another of her kind “interesting must be from one of the far lands, must have balls to come into my lands”  she muttered to herself as she stood up in her study nude there  with a grin on her face. “fun fun” she said as her neck cracked and her bright red eyes lit up bright as a  fresh flame “Milla inform the new guest he is to come to my study, alone , now” her voice was cold and harsh but that was her simply. Anaya stood there running her white claws down her body as she let out a moan knowing Milla could hear her all to well and even feel what she was feeling, it was always enjoyable to fuck with Milla as much as she could . Anaya ran her fingers over her lower area and cut one of her lower lips with a nail making it bleed. Anaya could not feel it but Milla could “be fast about it Milla will ya ”

Milla looked up at the man she had falling into as she blushed brightly “i am so sorry I did not mean to oh I am so sorry come in out of the rain shit how can we help you oh yes come in ” she muttered as she got on her feet her toes fully ruined as she no longer was thinking and walked normal not even remembering she did them as her bright red eyes lit up like a flame had bin lit inside them and she could hear Anaya in her head and feel the razor sharp claws on her body. Milla looked to the man she had falling into, did she mean that guy , the n she spotted the new beast crawling in “yup she means you so you, ummm queen wants you in her study like now, and can you shift like smaller um, you will not fit in her study doors or well you will but you long,  ya it is all you she wants right now ” Milla backed up running her toes more as she looked to the other male “yes sit were ever you  want rest all you wish. There are chairs up by the thrones and sofa room is first door to your left ” she turned and looked at the other female and this time just left the door wide open and just walked away “so how can we help you miss, what brings you to the castle, and ya shaking your feet is more fun then rubbing them on the floor”

XxXFreliaXxX: ::The deer, average in size but dawning a stunning white coat of fur with stunning chrome toned antlers, stood at the edge of the forest and observed while others entered the building. She had been watching it for a few days in the weather that never seemed to let up. As long as she change back into her human form before the 4th night, she would prevent herself from being stuck in her animal form completely; though she would always have the antlers from her shape shifting as a child and remaining in the form for half a moon. It was not such a normal gift for the Arctic Elves but as a Mage she held the power to shape shift into her companion animal as well as to cast glamors so as to hide her elven appearance while she traveled the world. She was quite beautiful within her home lands, but when she traveled to the grassy lands she came to find out that a woman with silver hair did not fit in too well. Couple that with her antlers it was easy to see why she had to use such glamors. Over her time of watching the castle she came to notice that those who entered were much more than what they appeared; though others were quite what they appeared. She knew that as long as she was not their preferred pallet that she would be accepted without too much trouble. With the rain far too thick for anyone to see she began to shift into her elven form, her fur morphing into her dress while her back hoofs turned into shoes. She seemed to be wearing lighter clothes considering the season, but that was because of her durability in cold climates; honestly she would be practically naked if it was accepted in by the townspeople. Soaked to the bone she stepped forward and rasped upon the door before entering, unsure if those that went before her would already be greeted within or if she would stand there alone:: “Hello” ::She began to call out softly while she forced the door open, hoping it would not end horribly for her as she more or less wanted to get out of the rain::

ArsynnRage: With her arms above her head Ashe stretches and slides from her bed, Jeff having already been gone, she moves to the closet and chooses one of those stuffy dresses Jeff insists his mother would like her to wear around the castle. Wrinkling her nose she rolls her eyes and pulls it over her naked body, tying it at the waist. Once she spots herself in the mirror she decides it isn't so bad, fitting tightly around her slim waist, she grins and pulls her red locks into a loose bun on the back of her head, keeping her feet bare, as she pads down the stairs toward the kitchen area. Passing Milla and the male in the doorway...

Anaya: Milla looked over  ”good afternoon miss Ashe you slept late today, there is first meal still in the dining room I am sure there is still some warm. And as you know always food on the table enjoy.”  she looked back to the girl as she nodded her head “”if you are hungry to we can go to the dinning hall and you to sir” she looked to the male there still at the door “you can have food to” then the door once again opened as it was swinging at this point open and closed flapping in the wind “i guess it is morning so people get up and come over full house” she will be very pleased”   come in miss you are all wet, so sorry for the rain hope the fires help with drying fast” she looked around at the wall torches as she started to walk to the dinning hall. Anaya stood there at her desk as she leaned foreword looking at the other dragon, she could smell him she new what he was who he was no but right now it did not matter she did not like other scaled ones on her land. “why are you on my grounds?” she asked cold and bluntly to him as she moved and hoped over the desk smooth and gracefully her snow white hair flowing in the air behind her as she looked at him her own body the same as him and as she jumped it adjusted to match his size anyway.  “i don't like others like me on my lands another large mouth to feed so it better be a nice good reason” she let out as her breath the sweet small of roses as bit of flowers even lingered in her hair from her last trip to the gardens this morning. She moved a claw to run it along his cheek as she saw him averting  his eyes form her nude figure “what don't like my human body? You look to the floor are you scared or just trying not to anger me? Please look and enjoy if you like that kind of thing” she was a flawless beauty with snow white hair and bright red eyes, that stellar body had brought many to there knees she new what she had and she had the pride  to pull it off.  

YumiAngelBlood: "Oh no, I'm not hungry but thank you." -She says with a smile, sitting back in her seat. She absentmindedly runs her clawed fingers through her long silky black hair. Her breathe would be visible, a cloud of cold frost on the air every time she exhales. Her red cat like eyes watch the people moving about the castle. She looks over at the large spikes on her right shoulder, frowning as she sees they're a bit dingy looking. She slips the spiked armband off, breathing on the silver spikes as she starts to wipe them against her dress, trying to make them shine.-

Aeyir: He was about to answer her, but his lips were only allowed to part before she had started to touch. His eyes immediately snapped to her form, but there wasn't fear there. Just lack of want for conflict unlike most draconic species. She had done something like this before and it was not hard to decipher, but she was never this close for his senses to take in. It was an peculiar sensation indeed. “I tend to explore or settle for a few days to relax, maybe learn something new...” He paused and had met her eyes for a moment. There was a blood curdling rage and disdain for everyone in her eyes, especially another of any kin at all. It was clear that she had not much contact with his sort. “Of which I have now...” His straight faced expression perked the corner of his lips back for a moment then resumed their lack of enthusiasm. There certainly wasn't much he had to do in order to set her off. “Also, you needn't worry about me eating whatever you might have here... My existence is based off of energies from another plane. If something is being eaten, then it is for enjoyment, but none of that shall be had.” His eyes narrowed slightly and he whispered, “Nice and good enough reason or is there more? ”

XxXFreliaXxX: “Sorry” ::she stated softly while her gentle blue orbs drifted tot he others that were waiting. She seemed to have arrived just in time while she watched the girl lead the way. She felt slightly odd and hopped that there was not too much attention upon her appearance; it was hard to mask her antlers and silver hair when they were wet; causing them to luster even under the glamor. She had to give up on it and follow in line with those that had accepted the invitation to eat. Though she was not hungry as she had been feeding on the grass and berries; it would show that she did not trust them if she did not accept such hospitality. If she was right about them then she wouldn't need to return to the forest this evening. It was not the weather that caused her to want to find a home; but the companionship that she longed for. She tried to fall back to last in place while her glamor slipped from her completely; the glowing stones from her land gently illuminating and dimming while they came in and out of focus for others. They were attached by strings but that only made them look more brilliant in the contrast of the lights from the torches. Finally reaching the dining hall she moved off to the side, her eyes looking over what meatless products may be available for her to pick at before she went to speak with the one that had told her to come inside; Frelia was simply unsure if the girl had other duties to attend to and did not wish to trouble anyone:: “perhaps just a small plate so that you may calm down a bit more” ::She said to herself though it was spoken softly as she approached the table::

Anaya: Milla's eyes flickered as she ran her hand in her brown hair she was still getting bits and parts of Anaya's feelings and body and she did not like this part with having the dragon queens eyes. “well is there anything I can get you, I would get the queen but she is dealing with...something at the moment” Milla let that smile leave her lips as she walked back to the throne area just leaving the doors to flap in the wind not caring if the floor got wet from the down pour of rain outside it would clean the mud and dirt off the floor if she left it open anyway.  Milla looked to the other female the one that was cold and had the nice blue eyes. “never got your name miss. And the dinning hall is the first door on your left please help yourself to as little or as lot as you want. There is dried meats of all kinda, pork, beef and fish and even chicken I think is left from  first meal this morning. There is fruits and vegetables and fresh baked bread every day, I hope you find it all to your likings. and then come back out if you like.  I would love to know more about you, them nice blue eyes ”

Anaya looked to the male as she eyed him up and down sizing him up as well as checking him out “only thing I really need is fighters and breeding stock but another dragon is not needed I don't need more males fighting ever other. “ she moved and picked up some papers holding them in her hands as she moved to the a shelf with some hooks and clothing on them and grabbed a golden dress off it and pulled it on grunting at the fact she hated having crap on her body. ” “well I don't need you seeking anything new or hanging around, remove yourself from this land and don't come back, I lay claim to the ground under your feet I am sure you know our customs when it comes to ownership of things ” her words cold  and blunt she was annoyed more so at her paper work then at anything else. Anaya walked back to the table picking up some more papers and guard requests she had yet to view and put them in her hand knowing it would take all bloody day to do this crap.    

Aeyir: The scarlet dragon had picked apart her words and found a loophole for himself to take advantage of; Fly through in this case. He nodded to her, crossed his arms with each hand under the opposing pit of his arm and made eye-contact with her. A grin literally tore across his face as his cheek's flesh fell away to reveal his teeth and he made a leap back upwards about a mere foot, suddenly there was a back draft of wind seemingly out of no where which carried him out the door. His body was engulfed in the same golden light which hid his transformation into an even smaller draconic form, two feet long. It was almost like an overly decorated threadsnake which had escaped into the air through the embers of gold. Anaya had said the ground under her feet was claimed, but that was no issue at all for the scarlet dragon would take refuge in the air around them. Anaya would probably not visually sense him because he had intentionally made it appear as if he dematerialized via the embers. He heard a disturbance nearby, but was sure to not reveal his being. It was then that he sought refuge on one of the ledges within the rotunda above.

Anaya:  Milla was just about to say something and then her head turned to the side she could feel something a miss but at the same time did not care for anything but what was going on right here and now.  She looked at the other females there were two of them then miss Ashe. Milla looked up as the girl with blue eyes had walked off to eat witch was fully alright and the one one was dazed off and soon falling a sleep. “must have bin a long trip” Milla said to herself helping the girl up, picking her up in her arms and walking out and up to the upper halls to put the girl in a guest room. And pulling the covers of the bed up over her. She took in the small of the air around her “it smells as if something other then the guards have bin up here, cam small its foot steps ”

Anaya walked out of the study fixing her dress and walking out to the main hall she looked up at the sky and new very well outside in the rain was not a option so she let the other dragon go “bloody thing comes back I will rip it in half” she muttered to herself as she looked over the room seeing guests all over and the place “seems we have a full room” she said calming herself as she walked to her throne and sat down putting her papers on her lap. Milla walked around the halls upstairs “hey I can small you shadow walker were are you hiding”

the boy the man was holding gave light whimpers “no sir I am sorry I have no idea what you are talking about I am a servants boy but I can take you to the queen she is down in the main hall I know she be there” he would start to cry as he talked.

LukatheBlind: ~he laughed at the boys whimpering cruelly, gripping the boys neck firmly. "then show me, and do not make a peep." he let the small child lead him out of the room and down the hall. he thought of what he was gonna do, planning ahead, then made a small symbol in the air and pressed it to the boys back, thinking to himself "for insurance" he pushed the boy along faster and quietly began praparing different things in case this wasnt as quick and clean as he he hoped for. Wondering what race the queen would be he thought of the perks should she be un-aging, he could rule with one body instead of many over the years. the boy lead up to the main hall doors letting the masked man know she is behind them, asking if he could go now. "no i'm afraid not, open the doors boy" he laughed insanely as he walked into the main hall "hello hello, ooooh queeeeny! i'm here to take you" his blade held firmly as in his other hand a black flame hovered just above. "i'd like to get this ku over with as quickly and as painlessly as i can, but i'm open to negotiation of who wants to die for her first!" he laughs again "of coarse the boy being the bavest of all, he'll die for her first wont he?" the laugh behind the mask was hollow, empty but also insane and would chill almost anyone to the bone.~

Anaya: Anaya turned around as she looked her red eyes shifting as her head tilted to the side and she slowly put the papers down “Milla get our guests to the dinning room and lock the doors no need for them to get hurt ” Milla hoped right to it taking the hand of that one man and that other woman with the blue eyes and then leading them away to the dinning room and out of the sight locking the doors behind her. “it is alright we will just stay in here a wile, does not happen often that miss Anaya gets an assassin here to off her head or try for her crown but does not seem  to scary” Milla said calmly to the guests as she walked over knowing things would be alright, who would be stupid enough to take on a dragon here, they were the top dogs in the lands there magic stronger then anything others could muster and this castle was filled with it it was like taking on a lion when all you had was sticks. Anaya looked at the man and at the boy as his eyes got large and Anaya lifted a brow. “so you wish what, gold, a crown, some trophy? Or is this simply a self quest to see what big bad monster you can bring down. I can small you, dirty and shadow and worthless, you hold a boy as hostage and think it matters here. Were you get him slave quarters? Cute kid” she moved a clawed hand into the air as a light blue glow came over her fingers and the boy started to struggle as she made a fist and the boy started to shake in the mans arms his body as well as any magic along with it turning to mud upon the floor. She had telegraphically crushed him into goo and drained life force magic and aura from him. “may his soul rest in the afterlife and may you know you are what caused his untimely death. ” anaya moved her hand up as a force like an invisible  train came smashing past not to hit the man but only hit his hand to crush bone and hit that weapon from his fingers across the floor.  

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LukatheBlind: ~he laughs as the other woman mentions dragon. "dragon! oh happy day, once i have you, my power, with your power, oh gods i'm drooling. I see this body wont survive, good, it'll clean up loose ends". he watched the boy get liquidated into a pile of goo and chuckled "yes, more death, bring more chaos, death and destruction, the world will burn like the village outside and only death shall inhabit the land" he cackled. he almost didn't even notice his arm get broken easily, the magic effecting him, but due to his wards, returning at double strength. "d-don't do that, you'll ruin your body!" he said abruptly, then ran for her, his broken arm gripping his mask as he ran for her, as if he didn't feel the broken bones in his arm, his other hand shooting forth a black flame at her aiming at her feet like he wasn't trying to hit her. He ran directly at her, hoping to get one good hit, if he could simply touch her it would be all over. His left hand became surrounded with black fire while his right arm the broken one began being covered in a blue flame of sorts, before puttering out. "fine, dont help, it'll kill you much faster this way" he said, almost as if he were speaking to himself. he closed in quickly, his aura seemed to be a light blue with an outer coat of black flame, strangely his aura seemed to be at odds with itself in a way. Once he got close enough he lunged at her, aiming for her throat, his right hand gripping the mask firmly.~

Anaya: Anaya looked at him and just started shaking her head, before he even for another foot closer to her she moved her hand as a glass like orb of telekinetic energy encased the man aura and all, she made it large enough to do so then made it smaller so it was a snug fit. “that is what you miss, death is not chaos, it is not destruction it is simply a new life,it is as good as it is heart breaking as bad as it is a joyful thing. So you come at me to claim a new body, you think you can get this body if you kill me or place yourself in me like I am a suit for you. But you are still young you cant posses a dragon if you did and I let you the power would simply destroy you like I did the boy” she let out a sigh and lifted that glass like ball off the ground with him inside of it and made it smaller starting to force him to sit down. Anaya's magic was as old as she was and this castle was built by it and she could see every stone, every person in it this was her home and if anyone had the home advantage it was her. She moved to her throne and sat down upon it as she moved her fingers to have the glass ball move over to be infrount of her, all magic, body, aura and soul trapped in it, a litch could not break free this force sure as hell this guy would not be able to or be able to do anything affecting outside of it as he was trapped inside “so lets talk now that we have each others attention if you are insane and unable for reasonable thinking I will just shrink the ball crushing you into a little ball and then toss you in a large jug in my cellar were everything with you body magic and soul will be trapped in there for good, So talk, properly. ”

LukatheBlind: ~he shakes his head~ you want me to speak dragon? you say i'm young? well i'm as young as your filthy race littered the land, i was locked away by your kind, you think you can kill me, no, at best, you could lock me away, this glass bubble, dragon magic if i'm not mistaken. Dragon magic is based on rules, rules that can rarely be broken. do you truly think i'd come in here, with nothing more than a hostage and a few spells, come now, how your race has fallen! taught not to underestimate your enemy. so prideful! you underestimate me, let.. me... show you! ~he began speaking in dragon tongue, pumping a large anount of energy into the bubble, instead of shattering the glass, he simply fell through landing on the ground and speaking in dragon tongue again "you thought i'd make this easy?" ~he dive rolls to the right, speaking the dragon tongue once more, an energy began pressing down on her, similar to her bubble as he lunged at her again, trying to get his hand close enough~

Anaya: Anaya let out a sigh and no longer cared about what he had to say she gave him a chance and he tossed it out the window. As he melded out of the bubble a clear liquid covered his body and even up to his eyes his whole body had to sink out of the glass bubble. “you blame race for there actions ageist you, funny we both hate the same race the same amount ” she waved her hand and the man was flung yet again by that invisible train tossing him over to a wall and into a pillar to break his legs on impact. She let out a sigh and walked to a cabinet opening up the  doors  and taking out a very small glass vile “i would have enjoyed a chat but evil needs to be removed from the world and I am sorry but it is not allowed here I hoped you would break free of my bubble as it coated you with the liquid needed to place you in this jar and trap you back, you should have stayed away from the race that made you go away the first time, naive of you to think they could not do the same thing again, revenge is no way to gain power”

LukatheBlind: ~after being tossed away like a ragdoll he stood, ignoring his broken legs as if he felt no pain, his light blue aura fading, the black growing. he looks himself over and laughs "this has been tried before, you're going to have to do a lot better, the last dragon threw me into a volcano then froze it over, just an idea for you to grasp" he chuckled "since i obviously cant get to you, i'll have you come to me, dragons do love music" he began singing in a strange dragon dialect, his voice cold calculating and haunting. the song made her leg go numb and tremble as if it was having a mind of its own. his voice became loud and consuming, hearing it in her head, starting to block out her thoughts. "another voice in her head rings out sadly, though its garbled and far off, two words were understood "the mask". He continued singing as his aura faded away to black, a small sliver of the light blue remained.

Anaya: Dragons magic held no power over dragons it was like a viper biting its self and believing it would die from something its own body made, this man really new nothing about her kind and that much was clear but he was not a dragon so dragon magic worked on him . She let out a yawn of bordum not sleepiness as she moved her hand over top the bottle as she picked up her other hand and lifted the man off the ground with her mind making it so he no longer could talk at all his mouth as if zipped right up. “glad I am not using dragon magic then” she moved her fingers to pull him forward and he due to the liquid covering his body  started to shrink smaller as her lips started to say not dragon tongue but a necromantic smell, a litch binding spell. “in this vile you  shall stay” were the last words that left her lips as the boy vanished and reformed inside of the bottle this one he was not able to get out of and she new he new it.  She looked in the vile a large red eye blinking “to bad you never got to understand who I even was, you would have figured out golden dragons do more good then they do evil, but when it needs to be done it is acted upon for the greater good. I lock you here to protect my people ”

LukatheBlind: ~he began shrinking, all of him except the mask. "stop you it you filthy creature" the black part of the aura weakening as the man grew smaller to the size of a vile, unable to hold on to the mask any longer the black aura sheds from the man as the mask clatters to the floor with an audible "no, i need a body, dammit dragon, i will hunt your race to extinction if... its... the" silence took over the room as the shrunken man was doubled over in pain due to his legs and arm and the mask lay there, a dark aura resided over it. the man, unable to speak due to the woman's spell held up his hand in a "i surrender" type motion.~

Anaya: she looked to the vile and walked back to the cabinet putting him on a shelf “dont worry my race is over all gone, not much more hunting left and you will stay in here for the rest of your days, best to keep the ones who hurt others locked away for the greater good” she shut the cabinet door and turned around walking to her thrones “ok Milla you guys can come out now we have more papers to go over” she called out as Milla opened the door “they have gone to guest rooms better safer there and get used to the layout, and get there rooms in order, they will be done when more settled I was told what happened unnerved the guests” Anaya nodded and moved to her throne and sat down picking back up the papers and flipping them handing Milla a couple of them “here Milla take this over to the ravens send them out it is a couple more guard request forms we need to get more fighters soon the castle is not safe that guy just walked right in and endangered everyone here I am glad I was the target and not anyone else. We lost a life that was loved by someone, today is no victory, but we will mend it the problem is gone and soon we will have more information on what is up north. I will be happy my mate and son will be home” Milla started to walk away looking to the cabinet shaking her head and then looking back to Anaya “i know in your heart there was a part that enjoyed doing that, you wanted to kill him I am glad you did not, you have come a long way Anaya. I will get this done right away” Anaya nodded and flipped some more pages of her paper work reading them siting simply. She was a tad drained but not much a short sit would let her recharge to bad there was no sun today it would have helped greatly.

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“to bad you never got to understand who I even was, you would have figured out golden dragons do more good then they do evil, but when it needs to be done it is acted upon for the greater good."

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Aurix: A short, rather pale female wandered around in the darkness. "Which one shall I pick?" Her thick Russian accent coated her words heavily, a slender digit pointing towards three swirling masses; one to her left, one to her right, and one in front of her. "Eenie, meanie, miney. Oh." The flicker of a small candle in the middle one caught her eye. It was bright, it was shiny, it was slightly moving. She should probably go investigate. She let out a soft sigh of content before her frame moved towards the swirl, feet shuffling her way across the darkness. It was then that she stepped into the swirl, which ultimately was a shadow, that lead to a..castle? Oh, how odd. She had never been here before. A hollow gaze scanned the area, and like a buffoon, she called out. "Hello?" Her voice echoed against the stone walls. And then her attention was averted. Oh, a pretty light. She'd move towards the candles that she had seen in the swirl, lifting a finger in means to poke its flame.

Aeyir: The Iron Dynasty was explicitly off-limits to the scarlet one, but it's owner did not consider how well to word her forbidden of being present for she only said the ground beneath their feet was hers; not the air and skies. As such, this fifty foot long bulk of a dragon lingered in the darkness of the rotunda looming above the chambers at the center of the castle. Being a Tian Long in species made him look like a guided, sanguine serpent with short legs; a crown of red horns decorated all the same with gold just like his body. Azure eyes beheld rounded pupils of an intelligent sort that would judge all which came across their gaze. Today, the grounds were very much empty and he had not caught sight of the resident dragoness Anaya whom held disdain for her own kind in her territory, but it this was no longer true once a foreign creature had come so curiously to the encircling ring of candles below him. Like a boa constrictor to a branch, his body lowered its uppermost half down below. Despite his immense thickness and size, she probably did not even hear the faintest rustle of his magnificent scales. What she might have heard instead was the flutter of his long forked tongue into the air to test her scent out. The dragon's head was a mere few feet from her body, after all.

Aurix: Her ears perked, eyes squinting slightly. Did she hear something? Her frame paused before she turned to face what seemed to be a- Well, she didn't know what it was. Her eyes widened, and the assumption might have been that she was frightened. But then her eyes lit up and a wide smile pulled at the corners of her lips. "Wow." Was all she said. She didn't seem bothered by the dragon's massive head, or the fact that it was standing over her like it was examining it's lunch. She was oblivious to that what-so-ever. Like a child, her hand lifted up in an attempt to touch the dragon's snout. Probably the worst possible thing that she could do with a creature ten times her size to whom she didn't know, but she was lacking when it came to that department of cognitive thinking. She was nothing special to look at herself, though. She stood merely five feet tall, a petite frame. She even looked as though she could use a hamburger or two, her ribs slightly sticking out of either side on her torso. Two horns protruded from her head, latex-like material and curled at the ends to a point. A matching tail swayed behind her in a content rhythm, much like an eight month old canine. It was then that she finally spoke once again while trying to touch the scales of the gigantic dragon. "You're a pretty one, aren't you?"

Aeyir: Skimpy, small, and frail. That was observation first handedly deduced by this hulking creature. By the way that she so earnestly came towards something of an apex predator the way she did, probably not very intelligent either. When she tried to touch, his head inched back a little then returned back in place once her hand retreated. At a pivot, his head angled left and his eyes continued to examine her. Obviously female with the pitch her voice was at, but the thing which he could not determine was her species. His two front paws opened and closed in thought, the talons scraping quietly as each digit flexed. What to do with this one? Tian Long were a peaceful sort by nature, but highly solitary. They only attacked when pursued first and she was far from looking for an opening. What did he do? He decided to communicate. "To my knowledge, yes." There was deep rooted calamity to his husky and deep voice, but his maw had not opened in the slightest. One could feel how the air vibrated when he was speaking.

Aurix: He was examining her, that was for sure. The way he looked at her, maybe feeling her out? Oh. He was the cautious kind, didn't like to be touched. She gathered that much when he denied her. He was giving her that look; the one she hated. The one where he probably thought she was stupid. She got that look often, and it made her head shrug a bit below her shoulders, as if she was being scolded. She took a step back, mostly because she didn't want to be in his personal space. She heard a voice. Her pointed ears perked once again, looking around before her gaze settled on him. Her brows furrowed in confusion. It took her a moment to catch on that it was actually him. The vibrations in the air made her tail recoil, slithering around her waist and gripping tightly. She didn't seem to even notice it though. She wanted to ask what he was, but she didn't want to be rude. She instead decided to give him a compliment. "I like your scales." She felt a bit awkward since she kind of felt like she was talking to herself. Her skittish behavior quickly deceased once the flicker of another candle caught her eye across the room. She didn't bother to go around the creature, instead ducking underneath it and over to the glowing light. The tips of her horns gently scratched the underside of the dragon's belly as she moved. Again, she didn't notice.

Aeyir: A step backward on her part leveled out the manner at which he was looking at her. His lids blinked across his eyes in a manner similar to some reptiles, coming from the front of the eye and towards the back. Her tail coiling around her waist was a sure sign that she found discomfort in his speech, something which was to be expected for a being of her size. Her compliment was welcomed, but there was a simplicity to her mannerisms that gave not too strong of a hint that she was going to prove him wrong on his observations. When she had ducked, his muscles drew his body into an arch over her horns to avoid as much contact as possible before he maneuvered his head around to take of glimpse of where she was going. It was not to his concern for this was far from his home at all, but he was a curious one to say in the least.

Aurix: "Are you some sort of a snake?" She spoke, though didn't turn to face the creature. She was too focused on the light of the candle. How foolish of her to leave her back to an unknown being, but she could sense that he was in no means going to harm her. We would have done it already. A forked, ebony tongue pushed passed her lips, much like the one that he had. It flicked into the air, though it was not in means of smelling or even tasting anything in particular. Her frame tensed, and she'd quickly turn around. Her eyes lit up once again as a grin spread across her lips. "You're not supposed to be in here, are you?" Her tail released its grasp from her waist, resuming it's leisurely sway behind her. No doubt was she excited by the fact that he was doing something that he shouldn't. Her tongue flicked outward again a second time. "You're supposed to be outside?" Her brows furrowed. She didn't like that very much. Why wouldn't he be allowed inside the castle? Surely it was large enough and he seemed well mannered. "I'll tell you what. You show me where the room of treasure and gold are, and I won't tell on you." She was trying to bribe him, of course. Whether it worked he would have another story. If not, she'd have to search for the room herself, and that would take time. She knew there had to be one in here.

Aeyir: A snake? What a lowly comparison, he thought. They barely had any concept of themselves; self-awareness. The only sign of disagreeance was how his pupils shrank a little, but they only got smaller and smaller with each inquiry she was making. The soft crackle of the candles filled the air before they danced with the air's movement again when he had spoke. "You would be no more if you were to personally tell, where as I would be fine more than likely. The odds are in my favor." With that, he drew himself back up into the darkness above them. If she were to come back and look straight up, she would only see his sapphires staring down at her along with the tangle of gold around his scales and horns. "Besides, there is more than just gold and treasure in the area it is kept..." Her bribery was foolery to the fullest extent. A small thing such as her going off to steal Anaya the Albino Dragon's treasure? Well, it might have been entertaining to watch, but he would prefer that Anaya were in sight to allow such a thing to occur. Right now, she was essentially trying to fulfill hopeless wishes.

Aurix: "What? You look like a snake. I don't get out much. Nothing else really to compare you to." If that wasn't obvious before, she then stated it as a fact. She'd frown when he retreated from her. She didn't mean to upset him that much. Oh, he threatened her. Her brows furrowed and she gave a soft sigh. "Please do not underestimate me, creature. I'm not as frail as I look." He was making assumptions. Oh lovely. Another assumption. Her voice then filled with a bit of irritation. "I know there's more than gold in there, that's why I want in." She'd kick at the stand of the candles in frustration, it rattling the iron support for a second or two. She wasn't after the gold or the jewels. She could care less about those. She had seen them a million times and still didn't know what they were for. Shiny things locked in a room. For what reason? Her head pulled back to stare up at him, or at least just his eyes. "Alright. I'll find it myself then. I thought you'd actually be helpful to me." She'd wave a dismissive hand and begin to wander around aimlessly, eventually falling out of his view, jiggling door handles in order to find the right one. She really thought she was going to get along with this creature. Now she wasn't so sure, knowing he'd either just sit there and go about what he was doing previously, or come find her and try to stop her. She really didn't want to fight to get what she wanted, but she would if she had to.

Aeyir: For her to assume that he wasn't going to stop her was completely true. There was also the added fact that she was snooping around in all of the wrong places. In fact, for her to think that it was kept in a massive room was wrong entirely. Just a bit ago, someone tried to kill Anaya and he was quite the able bodied sort. People amany tried exactly what she was up to with a sureness to their cause, but alas always failed. He was certain that she simply would not get close enough to her goal to succeed, chances were that she merely would not even get close to where it was hidden at all. His elongated ears found the tinkering and shudder of her efforts about the area. To no avail, she did not come near where he knew it was located.

Aurix: She was growing even more frustrated with the denial of every locked door. She'd stop moving. He hadn't come for her, which meant he knew where it was. It also meant that she was nowhere near it, and probably wouldn't find it without his help. Great, now she had to try and coax him out of his stubbornness. Her hand lifted up to slap her palm firmly into her forehead, letting out a light groan. This was going to take forever. She didn't have the time for this. She had two options; abort the 'mission' and go find what she seeked elsewhere, somewhere that she'd have to be sure of what she needed was present. Or to try and reason with the creature; to waste more time that was already ticking in a place that she was certain the seeked item was present. She'd move back into the opened room and look up at him, her arms crossing over her chest. "What do you want in exchange?" If he said he desired nothing, she'd be screwed. She'd have no choice but to move elsewhere and continue her search in another castle. Great.

Aeyir: It was not long before she came right back. Exactly as expected, she was hopeless in this endeavor without prior knowledge of the location. However, he was finding too much amusement in her willingness to chase an empty dream. Here she was asking for something in exchange. What to do with her? Give her a false matter to pursue or use her for something? The issue was that he had nothing to make use of for this little thing that stalked about the castle. "I could not gain anything from one such as yourself." This was the blatant response he gave her for he was here on his own scheme that required no outside assistance.

Aurix: "Oh." She spoke softly. What little hope that she had then faded into nothing. She'd stare up at him silently for a moment, expecting him to say something more. He didn't. She wasn't quite sure what he meant by his words. He knew nothing about her. How was he to know that she couldn't provide anything for him? That probably meant he had all that he needed. How fortunate he was. She gave a soft sigh, her hand lifting up to rub the back of her neck. Her plan A had broken at the seams, and she had no time to concoct a plan B. "Could you point me to the next castle?" Her tone lost it's pep, now engulfed in despondency. Her tail hung behind her, still and lifeless. Maybe if he sent her in the right direction, she'd have enough time to find the desired object.

Aeyir: With his response came dispair from her own mouth. Her body language lost all moxy and she was at a halt. His six long tendrils on his snout danced unseen swirls into the air while she asked even more questions. Another castle? That was not for miles on end, but he was willing to tell her something other than that. "Nearby, there is a completely burned out village down the hill. There you might find something of value as it is layed ruin from recent war. The next castle is not for miles, completely out of sight..." There was no change in the manner his speech delivered these words. It was like listening to omnipotent voice, neutrally giving input on matters he refused to get himself involved. He only gave her this information because there was no way he could get in any unwanted trouble for this.

Aurix: She shook her head. "That won't work. The war is based on rage, no greed. I need something that is associated with greed." There went her half-assed plan B. She'd look around the room, for any sign that there might be some form of greed. Anywhere, anything. A pebble, an old piece of paper. She saw nothing. "Well, thanks anyway creature. Make sure you get yourself out of here before the Lord and Lady return." She gave a small smile, though there were no feelings behind it. She was trying to lift her spirits, but it didn't work. She gave a small bow before her frame began to shuffle towards that shadow that she had entered from.

Aeyir: War soley based on rage? She was not aware of how things around these regions were run. Power hungry mongrels scoured the area and waged war based on wanting power or something in the possession of another. This was the very definition of greed, but he would say, "So you think. Very well then." When she had suggested that he leave, he could not help but fill the air with the low frequency resonance of his voice uttering chuckles. There was no Lord here, but there surely was a Lady who had a tendency to eat them, but what was the most amusing is that she suggested he leave. There was no protest to what she said. "I doubt that will be an issue."

Aurix: All she gave was a nod. She could tell that her presence wasn't exactly welcomed with opened arms in the castle, and she had no real reason to stay any longer. He refused to guide her in the right direction, thus far she refused to waste anymore of his time. Her frame quietly slipped into the shadow and out of the castle.

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it was the time he had spent in the chambers had fallen ill and bored . he was not going anywhere anyway . He took a piece of paper and wrote it on the pillow , there were instructions to the mind flayer . If he were in trouble , he would have shown it now . But the fact remains on the north they went there on such short notice , he had forgotten to give information on his own people . He shrugged his shoulders as he began to make his way to the library . It did not make sense now , but he wanted to make sure that he could feel the knowledge and he knew the Tentacle Monster had some information on this topic.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff held tight as Samuel did his tricks and disposed of their enemies that randomly fired at them with, really no hope of hitting them. As Samuel allowed Jeff to take control, he dug his feet into Sam's side, harmlessly and pulled to the side, dodging the mountains and spinning freely as He and Sam cut through the crevices of each large formation of land, avoiding arrows with no care. "Whoooooooohoooooooo!!!" Exclaimed the prince as he pulled up, sending them both flying straight into the sky, only to turn and dive bomb on the remaining of the mountain men, allowing Jeff to pull his bow and easily destroy the undead with his arrows, and put Samuel and himself on the right path. Jeff dodged each spear and arrow shot at them, gracefully twirling in the air as if he was the great dragon himself. Finally, they got passed the threat and sailed peacefully toward the ruins. "Are you hurt? Did they hit you at all?"

Anaya DeLaRose: Samuel turned and glided with Jeff as Sam shut his eyes trusting Jeff fully and showing Jeff that he did trust him. Samule's mind flickered back to the days were he had a rider once long ago, well over two thousand years ago  he was a beautiful man, Samule's rider, but then that man found a beautiful woman and told Samuel he no longer wanted him or needed him anymore and the dragon was sent out to walk without a rider to be a wild dragon, Samuel was not born in the wild he was hatched up north but it was not in the wild. He lied to many saying he was a wild Wyvern but in the end it was a front, a mask from the truth.  Samuel made sure to keep his aura low, almost to not existing, simple for he had now learned Jeff could see memory's in aura and now that would not happen again.  Samuel opened his eyes as he could view the mountain clearing up a head soon they would be out of here and up to the north and into the land were the sun set alone with the lives of the living. As Samuel gave a flap and settled out as he started to glide a path right to the north “a couple hit there mark but my hide is to thick they cant even get past the first layer of scales let alone the other seven under that. We are made to take damage the dragon race. But soon we will be in the north make sure you are warm up there unlike your mother i cant raise my body's heat i can blow flame and cover myself with it but i cant pump the heat into my skin or scales. And do not make yourself hotter, wyverns skin is very flammable we have a bad habit of setting ourselves on fire and running into combat in a blind flame driven rage. Bundle up i hope you grabbed the coat i had earlier it is very warm”

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff reached back and gripped the coat, sliding it into his body, before gripping hold of    His make shift reigns. The prince, steered the beast through the Mountains, dodging left and right before slowly careening to the left and back on their path. It had been a while since Jeff had flown, since Firedor, 121 years ago. He sighed, puffing on another cigarette. "Your wife-...she passed away in the north?" Jeff asked, feeling a great evil in the distance, toward there path. "As far as I know, my mother has killed most of the dragons in this area. That would include yours. I'm not trying to bring up any past hurt that you have suffered but I feel something dark and something to be feared. It's powerful. And as far as I know-...the only two dragons here were you and your wife. This power in a dragon." Jeff spoke sympathetically to Samuel,  trying his best to be direct yet light about it. He didn't want to talk about it but it needed to be said. " ready Sam. I don't want to lose you on the battle field either." Jeff kept his gaze forward and whispered under his breath. "And you said this is supposed to be a scouting mission. But if you want to put your wife-...out of her misery. Then I understand and I will help by any way possible. That's what-...friends do-...right? I'll keep the undead away or anything but I know you are still-...grieving, and I understand that. Let me help you if you need it."

Anaya DeLaRose: Sam looked a head knowing there was much up there knowing the land scape and knowing what was there from years of living there “she was beautiful when she was alive, her little girl, she had snow white scales and blue eyes, black hair when she took on human form and legs that went on for days. She was small in her scales but what she lost in size she made up in aptitude, i am sure she would take on your mother if she got the chance. She was a ice spitter white northern dragon, she had had a couple clutches of young before but it seemed this one was just the one she wanted to keep as long as she could, even when our little Nat was past yearling she was still with us running around with her mother and father as if it was normal for our kind to be good parents. Sometimes when i go down to the gold and the caves under the castle to be alone i hear her voice, how she used to sing, she had a oddly kind heart and she made me want to be kind, and i tryed very hard to keep my promises to her but i failed so many times. ” she gave another flap as he kept talking to Jeff his voice getting softer as there was pain in his words “when your mother sent her men out to round up the lot of us we got caught heading out of the north. She had no ice and she was weaker and her white scales made her stand out. The guards said Anaya would not want a dragon with the same scales as her, as it would outshine her greatness or some other vanity bull crap” he let out a snarl as he grit his teeth in his jaws “they killed her right there and our little girl to, right there on the rocks and left there body's to sink into the ground as i screamed and cried out for them to not. I guess the reason i care for your mother so much is cus she is so much like my Zathara, my beautiful temper filled little thing able to take on mountains with white scales and a heart that out beat so many others” he relaxed a bit “your mother has tried to change, she has gotten better but at the same time she is still the same woman who would kill another dragon for a reason like it had the same scales as her, kill a simple girl cus her voice was fast and her attitude was so happy it was annoying” he could now see the snow “get ready to dump the vile on me you will have to come up to my head i will keep steady, just be careful when you dump it and remember only dump half on my head and neck and drink the rest yourself”

The north was anything but wastes the huge walls made with dark magic stood tall. Giant spikes that jutted out of it were from the permafrost that came nightly. It was so cold there that any exposed flesh froze within a matter of second’s maybe even minutes. The new king called Rogen  honed his energy as he used the dark magic that had erupted so long ago to even intensify the area. As if to enter the lands where harsh enough it seemed all the while nothing would not be covered in snow and ice Large mountains surrounded the areas the wall even extended through the mountains chains making it a fortress. At the center was a spire that rose up towards the heavens this is where the dragon would like to perch upon and observe the clear valley that they where in. This wall extended for miles and miles it seemed there was no end to it since the dead where not tired no felt ill they just built to they collapsed and reassembled. The outer layer it seemed to be the breeding grounds the dead where rising left and right having necromancers rise the ancient beings that had died in the snow long ago the battles that where forged there now served his purpose as he began to have them rise. Each still had the will to fight one another but the king is what drew them all together for his power was absolute. New souls from the frozen harbors came in daily as the ships had huge picks built into them to dive through the ice and into port. The living vessels where then turned into a giant massive camp that was the turning point to the undead. The Living where given magic barriers to help from the extreme cold after they became undead they where cast off into the frozen waste to make way for more. Lots of the base extended into the mountains as well huge caverns and riches where being collected from them. The undead dwarves worked all day and night in service to the king. He smiled, as this dream became a reality. Upon the main keep half was built into the mountain as the other half was exposed into a dark fortress of death. As in the middle of the compound it was called the bone yonder. A place where all the living who had refused to be transformed to be frozen in time. Left to die in the frozen wastes in cages some that where just left there bodies filled by the thousands. As for the drow they where in a controlled environment to tunnel into their realm to connect once another to their own world. They seldom surfaced but when they did they had spell casters escort them. The black spires and palaces where erected for the lords as well each undead family par say had power. His keep was massive and contained cannon wind lances and farm more contraptions for he took the cannon off his ship and even put it upon his walls as well as the wind lance. Each section of a wall there was a wind lace and a cannon upon every spire that would reach up from the base of the different towers that where upon the wall all across the borders. Not only that but encased into the mountains as well. Nothing but the dead was to be allowed in all the living would die of the cold in due time anyway so he bothered less of it since only a few dared to cross into his lands. Normal life ensued with the dead as if they where still living towns began to form as well as lifestyle only. When the time came to serve their king they did so without hesitation. He had kept his promise to them as he kept them intact personality wise and every thing but when the time came he could use them for his purpose. Guardians roamed across the walls daily and made reports back to the keep with undead ravens as well as massage runners. He also dug into the earth and created a tunnel system that connected many passage ways few where known and it was easy to get lost in the labyrinth of such a place he made it so that if people would try to tunnel they could easily get cross checked by another intercepting tunnel.

The training areas where always active with willing soldiers that could partake even more glorious fashion he granted powers to all who wished to join as teleportation as well as a greater skill with a blade. The teleportation only lasted short distances but made for an effective fighting force. And of coarse the dragon that flew around the borders every day guarding the realm, she could do as she pleased.  She had free will up to the point where she actually liked to spend time with The King  they shared stories of long pasts and she grew fond of him and he accepted her frailty as well as he made it so she could never betray him but he never did tell her that. She was not a pawn to him in any way but she found it that she enjoyed the company of the long lost soldiers long ago. Each of the dead soldiers were told about the past and how they had fought and killed each other it made no difference to them now since they where nether living nor dead. Along the border countless patrols would go through day and night for the dead didn’t need to sleep each going in and out of  the castle keep. The entrance of the lands was heavily guarded. If you were not undead you simply didn’t enter the walls parted to the undead only as walls that spread apart to let companies come through it would close behind them almost as if it where living matter. Huge cauldrons where placed upon the walls as well as the swinging hooks that if any tried to climb it they would be murdered by the swinging pendulum blades of death.

There was not just one wall but also several. Seven walls that surrounded each other before getting to the main lands as each was for a different security. As you made your way inward the security grew tighter and tighter more weapons placed upon the inner walls as well as archers.  The undead dwarves made tools day and night since they loved their jobs to begin with they sold their souls for there work as well as the fine weapons they had created. Upon the dead cities many works where there as well as it being a devastating fortress many had a city they lived in. It was sort of a after life as you call it a dead amongst the dead only this time murder was irrelevant since non could truly die by the weapons they had made. There was fighting pits as well as gladiator matches that where daily carried out for the amusement of crowds As well as entertainment from the mortals who lived and died as well they where forced to take each others life the looser became undead and the winner went back to the pits to fight. Great stone statues where carved into the faces of the mountains of the king and other lords that followed him. the dead wastes where not so wastes anymore, Nazarack, It was now called as the whole north would be turning into one giant civilization of the dead. Those that did not pass on or wish to could go here and be turned some willing some unwilling at first but then turning to the alternative. Power was granted to the rising potential members who served their king as well as currency that were circulating. Each was given a fair wage as well as the riches of the mountains brought up endless amounts of riches. Of coarse the main treasury would be in the hold but the kings face became etched into every coin the undead used.

The tombs also had been roused for old weapons as well as enchantments began to be drugged up. The ancient undead wizards began to use their spells again to create even more powerful weapons then before. Different guilds arouse in the city and began to grow in community life in the dead realm began to feel as it where if they where living.  The sea was also boarding it the large body of water that stretched forth into the vastness of the great ice burgs that floated into it. He also had the tunnels rigged so that there where intruders he could just flood the network with bone chilling water from the sea. Regardless this was a force to be reckoned with and not simply toiled around. There were many things that he had put into place for he was very cautious. The mountains where also apart of his giant maze as he had them carved out as well. Making sure to have complete control over them and watch them carefully. Each had trips and turns and false endings within them each of them bound by the lords that watched over them carefully.

The dead wastes turned to Nazarak the crown jewel of the north he soon smiled as towns began to even push out of his borders some to the south where raids where conducted to overtake northern bordering towns but other settlers of the dead he let them go where ever they wanted including out of his keep he already controlled a vast army so it was ok to let the settlers live their undead human lives. He smiled as the race of people began to grow and expand so much plans he prepared so little time eternity felt.  Even the time passed it seemed as if it had no effect into crypts of the undead They had no concept of time not really of a future a past nor a present all the beings that where aside from the mortals where different in many ways. Some stronger, some weaker, some skilled in other things as if they had kept their individuality. In the events to come the lord prepared to lead his people he had built with them a new world one to function as the dead city this would be the first ever in the history of the world and he wanted it to be perfect. Each detail had to be maintained as he walked through the valleys of ice and snow slowly observing the workers daily upon labors they have been taken on by taskmasters.

The crimson woman who had came to him now frozen in ice that made apart of the throne In the throne room. The last upon the list he had met with the various minds of the Illithid race as he tunneled into the mountains and passage ways many of the clans where scattered and destroyed because they where not understood as much as normal humans where. Battles turned into skirmishes that turned into slavery over the hive elder minds that controlled the functioning society. Here they where made to be apart of his slave class or to be let go into the wild to roam the surface world until they could all find new homes to live in. Many of the urthilids and illithids cooperated with this and fled no longer attacking the encampments on the southern gates though above ground many have froze to death or where turned in a merciless display of power. Some where placed barriers over them to protect them from the cold so they could serve as slaves to other undead. But even somewhere free to do as they wish same went for the drow kin as they resisted they pulled back from their own lair seeking to find other places as they had. The new lord did not know of any other race that dwelt in the depths or the earth so the main forces of the Drow Empire had been saved this despair and soon surrendered to pledge their males to such subjugation if only it would serve the spider queen. He would soon spread across the land and the northern content. For the first time ever he had finally given the frozen waste a name of Uamedora here the dead lived and here the dead survived. The mainland’s where there but it would be awhile before he branched out to other lands of this new continent he named. The lord saw no purpose to call it a part of the other regions for he saw them as separate from others in fact he remembered firedor how it was named and smiled. he smiled and worte the name upon a map of it as the lands to be scouted. The days forth of Uamedora  where at hand. Rogen  then stood upon the platform to view the surrounding areas of his works. The view for him was breathtaking something he never dreamed upon having it seemed as all the world had belonged in this place and he would be dammed to give it up.  That is where the dark dwarves came into place Know as the dark dwarves because of their undead appearance they too served the king. They traded the vast knowledge with the king in order to be granted life a new.  Rogen  knowingly made this arrangement but like his dragon had put in fail safes he smiled as though each day that went buy more and more weapons began to pile on one another each crafted with the finest quality’s of ore. From raw gold to mitheral to copper to steel. There where minerals in the mountains that no one could even dream about rubies Safire riches and of coarse the cursed blades. All the blades of the from tombs once buried have been drugged up the magic from the blades reused and studied. Each time a new artifact was found it was given a through investigation by a few highest renown mages then passed to the king directly. Once its secrets and tests where figured out then the forges began to make swords spears and axes with the curses upon them. And then last but not lease was the skin sewers. he spawned the foot solders such more as massive hulking flesh figures that stood seven feet high even taller as eighty feet in height. Flesh giants where dumb but they where committed to be taken from the others it had once been apart of making life of these creatures very confusing. These where the workings of Rogen  In the Halls of Nazerack in the country and continent of Uamedora where he saw fit to rule this land and rule it for an eternity to come he smiled as the dragon had returned home he would go have dinner with her after assessing the builders progress.

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JeffDeLaRose: Jeff listened to the dragon talk of his past, finally opening up and now the prince had finally understood it all. Samuel was only looking to have a family to love and to hold but instead it had been taken from him by Jeff's mother. One moment, they were okay and laughing and the next, everything was destroyed and it was all because Anaya had to be the fairest dragon in all the lands. Jeff could feel himself shaking with disgust. He never hated his mother, but now he defiantly felt some sort of sick, and twisted pleasure in wanting to see her entrails strew across the castle walls whilst her head sat on a pike. Millions of people, dead at her hand. One flick of her wrist and she could wipe out a single continent and Jeff knew she had to be stopped. "She will never change. She will never be a good person. She killed all my brothers and sister. She beat me, my entire life to train me to be a king when she died. I know she is lying to me. I know it. But I didn't know she did that to you. I'm sorry for all those times I was rude to you. I'm sorry that I never saw it before. I just never had the time to read your aura. I should have asked and I'm sorry." Jeff looked down at the vile in his hands and slowly, he climbed up to the head of the beast, allowing each of his dainty fingers to pull him along as the wind tried to push him back. Rage built up inside the prince. Jeff, Samuel, Luna, Isis, Kale, Crome, And  so many more people she had hurt. Jeff couldn't even think as he poured half of the liquid on Samuel's head let it pour down his neck and onto his back. Jeff then looked at the vile and sighed. "Bottoms up." Jeff then tilted his head back and let the potion glob down his throat. He exhaled and cringed as the taste erupted onto his tongue. "Jesus, titty fucking Christ!" Jeff spat at the snow, and wiped his tongue. "It tastes like a rotten egg crawled into a sulfur mine and ripped it own bowels out inside my mouth!" Jeff climbed back down and gripped the reigns.

Anaya: Samuel looked back at Jeff as the Wyvern shock his body helping the liquid slide down turning the both of them clear in and out, for a second even Jeff would be freaked out seeing it now looked to him like he was riding on nothing. Sam brought down his aura to nothing at all and the flapping started as they were gaining height, at this point even light talking would not draw attention, fully out of ear shot of anything “they are gaining a large force, we will have to deploy everything we have all troops will mark the next dawn of us coming back, even undead cant do much more work in a couple nights. But everything he has can burn and melt, it will be hard but it is possible. Anaya may have to call upon the cave trolls to the south, but they will give there hands to her, she holds there loyalty” Sam new jeffs feelings him you could read like a book his feelings held on his arms and in his heart and even now with the cloaking tonic working his aura still was some what overpowering it. “you are a strong boy with a good heart Jeff and i understand why you disliked and do not trust me, i am not your kin i am just another one of your mothers mates i am just a part time thing till she finds something new the only reason i am still around is due to the young i have in your mothers gut, when it is born i will be killed off and she will take the child and raise it to be your replacement. But please i feel your anger inside, do not harm your mother when we get back she holds my child in her belly i cant have it harmed it will be all i will have” Sam looked back down to see the outline of a dragon on the wall of the like felt like her.....was it her? No it could not have bin her, she was dead and long gone, would the gods be so cruel to have her live a life of death, have her brought back in the one form to disrespect every other dragon alive just by existing. There was a tear in Samuels eye as he was not able to remove his eyes off her body, she was bone and broken and not even shiny anymore, she was owned now, she was tarnished now, she was dead, she was not her anymore, she was just a monster now. Sams heart Sank as he started to fly away and over to were the mountain was to get a nice closer look.  

In the depths of the hold he sprang forth from the tombs as the dragon connected with Rogen  straight to his consciousness he used the magic to survey her movements of coarse but she had done what was asked and made her way around the hold to observe to new recruits as well as the walls. She circled around in the air as her master watched from down below he spoke to her from the ground. “Report what is it that you wish to speak dragon long has it been since you reported anything.” His words here not harsh nor cruel but they had a naturalness to them as he asked any soldier for their reports. The dragon responded, “All is well there seems to be a high concentration to the south seems as though the people bordering your lands are moving away.” He smiled to himself as the report was made. “Good keep me updated you are my eyes and ears up there don’t let me down.” He moved forth from the well witch he had been able to see through the device that would project the images that she had reported in at. He would wish a trip outside maybe now a time in the bone yard where to view things. The king slowly made his way outside carrying with him a crown upon of his head to show his subjects who ruled these lands. All the dead where busy and all acknowledged his presence as he passed by them. The rock men as he called them needed a word with him as they where Titians made from stone and shale they where giants in their own time as they looked down upon the king they nodded their heads. “My lord you have taken our people in without hesitation how can we repay a debt to what you have done.” Rogen  looked to the towering stone giant and smiled. “The men who spited you and scorned your race have been cleansed from the village I now offer it to you to show that mortals do not belong in our era.” The rock stone Titians bowed their heads. “we are deeply grateful to your offer my lord but we wish to remain here… though we are few in number we too wish to raise our young here without human intervention.” The king paused as this would be a great deal these magical entities would be a great key to helping him rebuild and well helping him entirety. He smiled as he looked back up to them. “You shall do as you wish and select an ambassador from your people then they shall meet with me regularly to go through our business. But be warned if you cross me I shall see to it that I remove you from my lands as just as soon as I had accepted you to stay.” He nodded as the two hulking giants nodded in agreement. He allowed them to pass the gates that he was inspecting it was coded with words upon the door. The gate began to close the giant rock like face looked like it was shutting its mouth from the giant carved face. He returned to  a stair case in his halls and  walked up it going to now oversee the landscape atop of a high cliff he looked down to the multitude of magical creatures as well as anything strange to be made by humans cast out from existence he smiled. Mankind… what a foolish race he sat on top of the mountain as the dragon would land next to him bowing her head slightly. “My lord… you look pleased what has you so pleased today if I may ask.. “ Rogen  smiled as he stretched out his arms to the kingdom. “I have given life to new people brought in mans deepest fears as well as things they hate finally somewhere were the outcasts can live… And now I know what magic had brought you together but I will prefect it just one second.” He smiled as he took his staff into his hands slowly he spoke the magical incantations as he began to restore her even more. Little by little he put back organs he smiled as the muscles where coming together as well as the skin finally came on top of it finally she was whole and not all bone anymore he smiled as he observed her. “There…. The jewel of the skies has returned but my magic has limits for you still are not alive.” He nodded to her and graced her with this he was feeling extra kind today but he wanted to give her something besides just being bone. It was a sight that was too common and he had well gotten somewhat board of it. He gave her a pat on the snout as he looked to the ground where all the commotion was going on. “Does something bother you dragon?” he turned to see her face was quite grim but he saw something else loneliness and abandonment. He rose a brow to these figures. The dragon spoke freely, “Long before I passed I was with a dragon I wonder where he could be now….” The king would look up to the beast. “I could find him for you if you pleased… But you know of my conditions he must serve me if you where to ever be together…” the dragon nodded to him in understanding as she had looked with him down to the valley floor. “I understand this condition my lord and will obey it after all it was a long time ago..” He nodded to her as the two continued their conversation upon the spire.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes looked away as he spoke of Jeff's heart and how much of a good boy he was. His aura began to lower as Samuel mentioned why he was even around and what his purpose was now in the Iron. "Samuel-...I don't trust willingly. I don't trust my own mother and I don't trust half of the faces in the empire." His baby blues focuses on Samuel's eyes, glaring down at the dragon's energy that was by the walls. His aura was low and his energy was bare. He was a ghost in the sky and could feel the hatred that Samuel held for Anaya. "Now I see why you fuck the pig." Jeff joked, trying to get his eyes off of the dragon. " careful. We can't get to close." Jeff pulled up, allowing them to glide over the mountains. only to spot an army a massive army of decaying soldiers. "Gods forgive us." So many beasts and undead alike and only they could stop them. "We will have to get back before they spot us and shoot us down." He began to take note of all the soldiers and beasts that the Shade had at his disposal. "I am going to repeatedly kill that fucking Pirate. Taking our men, killing men, trying to kill my mother. If anyone is gonna kill her, it's gonna be me." He scoffed and began to sail over the undead, before taking more notes of the undead, loosely scribbling on some parchment paper as they flew. "Samuel. I got the numbers. We need to go. If the stuff you got wears off, I fear that it will be the end of us." Jeff then pulled back up and sailed away, heading back toward the south, where his home lay. Where his mate waited. Where his mother waited. His hate grew more and more whilst he looked back to feel all the energy, dark, and familiar. Just like Anaya, claiming to be a holy entity when all she did was act as a demon. One can only drive with the devil for so long before he decides to take the damned wheel. Jeff sighed softly and felt the sun start to set over the north. "And it's a good thing we left otherwise we would be joining that Army." Now, to fly home.

JeffDeLaRose: Hours had passed and they arrived back on the ground, Jeff landing with  a thud as the beast came to a stop in front of the Iron. Jeff slid down Samuel, and landed on his own feet as well. "That was successful..." He noted, before feeling the Aura of hate that he needed to snuff out. Jeff reached for his swords, only to remember he left them upstairs. It was a good thing as well, for Samuel's wishes were to see his child go unharmed, and Jeff would follow his word. The prince then made it back inside to see the Saluting soldiers that greeted him. "My lord, it is a pleasure to see you again! You're mother is in the back with Lady Milla, assisting with the dinner for your return." Jeff nodded. "Thank you." He then cracked his neck and his knuckles, pulling all of his anger from his aura and pulling the peice of paper with the numbers on them. "Mother, I have your numbers." Jeff sighed and tossed the paper on the table. He was angered and shaking. His every muscle wanted to lunge at her but the aura she held in her stomach was a bright and beautiful work of art. Untouched by the evil that craddled it in the womb. Samuel would have his child, and after, Jeff would have his revenge. "I have not seen you in a month. I suggest we have tea and talk. In my office."  He began to turn around before being tackled and cuddled by the handmaiden known as the beautful boar, Milla.  "Jeeeeeeeefffff!!!!!" Jeff grunted and gave a soft pat on her back. "Hello my friend. Can I-....get up please?" She obliged and helpped him up. "I have dinner under control, My Lady. Go talk with your son." Jeff was already off the ground and at the stairs by the time Anaya decided to follow. "Don't forget the numbers." He stated, coldly and in a shaking voice. "Milla, bring us up some tea when you get a minute." "Yes, My lord!" Jeff then walked up the stairs and into the Tax room that was turned into his office. He sat down in his throne and placed his short sword at the corner of the room. If Anaya sat down in the chair, opposite to his desk, Jeff began slowly. "We have a giant Army on our hands. But I am sure you have something to combat those numbers?"

Anaya DeLaRose: Sam landed as he watched Jeff slide off as before the trip back he had said nothing at all, the whole way he said nothing at all. He was in thought but what about, just thought. He moved as he looked back “remember Jeff don't hurt her or let her know your feelings, we need her still” he whispered as he turned around and started to walk over to the stable. “Nel are you there” he called out as he lowered his head and the worm keeper and one of the couple guard captains came out of the stable door “what is it you need Samuel?” “i need you to not feed the worms for a wile, we will be going to war we have a threat to remove and ready my own and Anaya's armour we will be needing it” the mans eyes got large as he nodded his head he had not taken that set of armour out for hundred of years something big was going to happen for the dragons to get suited up and go out with the troops. “would you like to get the foot men out to?” “yes please do and make them dress warm, in the days coming we will be marching to the north. We need 7 thousand foot troops, 3 worms and then we will be there as well make sure all are ready and have the mages be ready for casting there fire spells no matter what a wrayth can do, undead burn” his head went up as he held it high as battle always made Samuel prideful. He then shifted down to his human form his long black hair braiding its self and being tossed behind him he made his way into the castle from a back door. Anaya looked at her son with soft eyes she had gotten home a bit ago much had happened and now her son was back he looked angry, his office....he had a office? “you have a office” she asked as she gave a light chuckle and walked behind him fixing her robe and looking at him “so what news do we have from the north today, are the undead fucking like rabbits” she smiled softly as she waited for Milla to bring down the tea.

JeffDeLaRose: "Rogen  is planning on attacking us. Murdering us down to the babes in our beds. We are at full alert and he needs to attack us when we aren't expecting it for his plans to work. He is getting desperate and he knows it. He even....resurrected a dragon you killed belonging as Samuel's bride." Jeff stared his mother down and gritted his teeth with a small smile. "He has thousands of soldiers but all of them can burn. He has beasts and mages. He has things that we can fight easily but he has us outnumbered. I am thinking of going to Firedor to ask them to join back with us and issue a formal apology. If I do that, maybe they will listen and help us." Jeff sighed and looked over at his mother's tail, before Milla bursts through the door with a platter consisting of tea and cups, handing one to each of her masters. "There you are, your highnesses." Jeff nodded in thanks and Milla left the room. "Milla. Go find Samuel. Please. Make sure he is okay. I am sure after what he saw today, he could use a hug from someone he cares about." He then looked down at Anaya. "You know that I need to discuss this war with you you, correct? A lot of good men are going to die if we don't prepare for Rogen 's attack. He is growing more and more and he wishes to use me to destroy this place. That is what the undead soldier sent here told me. If we don't act...we will all be killed." Jeff sipped his tea and grunted as he looked away. "Now mother...tell me of your trip. What did you uncover? Anything that we can use to help in the upcoming war? If not, I fear we will be wiped out before we can even retaliate." Kalandor sat outside the room, already informed that his boss had returned from his scouting mission and was already happy to get back to protecting his friend. "Kalan." Said another guard. "Do you think we can win this?" "Aye, with enough teamwork, we can take down anyone and anything that stands in our way." "I just am worried about how Anaya will feel if someone gets hurt."

JeffDeLaRose: "I barely know her to be honest with you, Garrid. I was just hired by Jeff after we had fought an army of my people together. He saved my life, so in return I will save his own. If I can stop anyone from getting hurt, I will do so for that is my Job." Kalandor and Garrid exchanged no more words after that. Just a nod, as they both stood at their posts. Jeff and Anaya's tension could always be cut with a knife. All the prince wanted to do was take a blade and drive it straight into the beast's eyes but Samuel was correct about not causing her so much stress. If he did that, it could cost the unborn child it's life. Milla made her way out the doors to See Samuel talking to a guard. "Sam-..." Milla let out a squeaking little voice as to not alarm Samuel to much. " was your trip?" She held her arms out, trying her best to comfort her...lover?

Vile: The thunder of cannons boomed through the early morning air within the courtyard of the Inforosian lord. The revolt had been going strong for many months now as indicated by the armed masses baying for Abraxxis's head even though he had done nothing aside from order the execution of a corrupt man whom had tried to assassinate him in his sleep. It was with a heavy sigh that Abraxxis turned and walked from the ramparts he had been standing upon for the better part of that morning. As Abraxxis walked he would cast his serene blue hue's about the perimeter where the masses where assailing the gates made of steel. As Abraxxis walked from the ramparts he would allow his white wings with black tips to unfurl and thrash the air briefly sending him jetting forward a good fifty feet narrowly avoiding a cannonball that slammed into the earth where he once stood creating a decent sized explosion. Abraxxis would then look about silently before making his way into the citadel that loomed overhead which he called home. As Abraxxis walked into the citadel several of his faithful guardsmen would rush past him to continue their suppression efforts in trying to quell the uprising. Once Abraxxis had made his way into his bedchambers he would don his Chain Mail armor blessed by the blacksmithing priests of Hephaestus. The blessings allowed the chainmail armor to withstand a truly terrible beating and not fail the wearer. After pulling his blessed chainmail armor on Abraxxis would grab the cursed whip from his nightstand and fasten it to his left hip. This whip measured six feet in length while being viciously barbed and cursed to slowly sear the soul of the victim of it's kiss. Once armored and armed Abraxxis would slowly make his way to the royal stables where his Placerias was kept.  A placerias was a massive feline that was native to the Inforos realm. The feline measured a good four feet tall while weighing in at six hundred pounds of pure muscle. As he approached his trusty mount aptly named Bael Abraxxis would offer the first smile in many months since the start up the uprising. It took abraxxis mere moments to saddle up Bael and head out with a contingent of six royal guardsmen dressed in heavy plate armor though they wore it with a regal grace. Their choice weapon was a simple looking greatsword. As the seven men rode out away from the grand citadel under siege Abraxxis would cast one last look upon the citadel as he murmured softly. "The traitors will pay dearly when I return...." It took Abraxxis and his armored escort an hour to slip away from the citadel remaining unnoticed.  Those events had been several weeks earlier and now Abraxxis and his seven armored guardsmen where approaching the Grand Castle of the DeLaRose. As much as he loathed asking for help Abraxxis knew this was the right choice to make. His guardsmen where woefully inadequate and needed all the help they could get be it from DelaRose or somewhere else. As Abraxxis rode Bael into the castle courtyard before he dismounted the Placerias and raised his left hand in a silent signal for his guardsmen to dismount and follow him while their mounts remained where they where and layed down at the raised left hand. After dismounting the seven men would proceed silently to the doors of the grand castle before he knocked heavily upon the grand oak doors creating a loud cracking sound as his knuckles contacted the oaken doors before he stepped away to wait for an answer as he didn't want to provoke the DeLaRose family into open hostility when he least needed it.

Anaya: Anaya looked at her son his words and his face told her so much more then she wanted. “Samuel Ex mate? Yes i was told by my guards after they brought him here many years ago they killed another dragon that looked like me. I hope he was alright viewing that it is truly un-justful for one as us come back as an undead.” she picked up her tea and took a sip it was not to her likeing but Jeff enjoyed it so she did not say anything about it and just put the cup back down on the table “well my trip was fruitful, i mended our pact with Firedor, it was risky but it was good, but the future for you will hold much worth, there princess is still interested in being with you if you are” she smiled softly as she put her claws under the table flicking her fingers together as a guard came in and looked at her “there is someone at the door lady Anaya” “then why have you not gone and opened it guards man, go open it right away will you we are working in here but tell who ever it is there to wait unless it is important. Then they can be sent in here” the guards man nodded and left the room heading to the doors to do as the lady had asked. He walked to the door and opened it

“welcome to Iron Dynasty home of the DeLaRose family, please make yourself a spot there is food and warmth. Lady Anaya is in the study if it is urgent news i can inform her and see if you are able to join her and her son but if it is not then please find a chair and wait kindly.” the guards men said his words as he opened the door and looked outside “and oh please have your men place there weapons at there hip, it is not needed if you hold no ill intent here” he smiled as he fixed his helmet and wiggled his nose as it itched and then started to walk from the door leaving it open with a small wooden kick stop so he could lead the group inside.

Samuel looked at Milla as she had found in in the back room relaxing siting on a old dusty sofa. “Sam you alright Jeff told Anaya about the mate thing” she mumbled as she walked over to him putting a hand on his shoulder only to have him push it off in a rude gesture “i hope it makes him hate her” Milla stopped and looked at him “hate her but why?” Samuel turned around and looked at Milla his bright green eyes looking into her red ones “why do your own dirty work when someone else can do it for you, he learns the truth he will go off the rocker and he will try to kill her. She gets killed by her own hot headed son for actions she did do i will not even have to kill her after the baby is born, you and i can raise the child properly, Jeff can have that Firedor sluts hand and go there for ” he said in a mocking tone “the good of the kingdom” he gave a chuckle “and i can he king and have you as my queen with the child that will grow up to be our tyrant and rule the lands as we relax and watch things fall into place. And this Rogen  load of bullshit i will have Anaya call the Cave troll loyalty have them be part of the army and i will only have to waist seven thousand men and not the full ten. And then Jeff will come fight with me due to us being buddy's now and you know the bounding thing everything is going as planed. I may even get to use the spiders on this battle so it was be a lot of fun in the end, but i cant let the boy die there need him you know” Milla just stood there as Samuel was just blabering there was something broken in his head why was he even telling her this stuff “well the only thing i care about is the good of this kingdom and you know Anaya will not die even if she is a bad person she is getting better now. It is outrageous to want to kill her!” Milla was picked up by Samuel and put on his lap “you know Sam this is only for your own greed” “no Milla it is not it is for the good of the family i am going to have and you will be at my flank you will be my queen” he ran his fingers in her hair as she let her head rest upon his shoulder “ya i guess but i am not getting into this, i will not tell Anaya or Jeff or anyone but you are NOT pulling me in this i am not dirtying my hands with the blood of anyone unless i need to as if it endangers this kingdom or the ones i care about, and if i am there when Jeff trys to kill Anaya i will stand in the way no matter what you say” “yes yes Milla i know you are a loyal boar and she did give you your eyes back, but remember she took everything from me” Milla looked at Samuel as her eyes locked with his “i am NOT getting into this at all” and she got off his lap and walked away without even looking back “Sadly my little Milla, my little piggy if you get in the way i will skin you” he said softly as she left the room fully not being able to hear a word he said.

Rogen  looked to his troops as he looked to the sky wondering what was there he thought for a moment that he could feel something but in the end it was the wind or something else maybe the dragons words to him struck a nerve to make him remember a days long past. He put his hand utop the dragons head as he patted her “go do rounds and make sure everything is fine, the towns people are getting restless with the wolves in the snow drifts. If you find any kill them.” She nodded her head as she opened her wings and set to the sky the thin menbrains making it hard but she was able to fly fine. The dragon spotted something as she was flying over a area of land that was clear. Large hoove prints in the snow, way larger then some horse and to deep, it was heaver then a horse to but it was hove maybe a large pig or some cow that got away and somehow got way bigger. She ringed around looking and then spotted it. A massive undead rhino making its way snow blinding it to the castle walls. This animal would do damage and she was told to report back before acting so that is what needed to be done. She did not attack it and started to head back, it would get to the wall that night and she new there was much damage to be done to the town within.

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Arsynn Rage: Ashe finally made it back to the castle, tired and sore. That was a horribly long ride for her to just be reprimanded and practically sent home halfway through. But who we she to argue? Her love..  was Prince. And it wasn't her place to challenge his wishes.. After stopping in the stable long enough to see her horse home, she sat down on a bail of hay for just a moment... And before long woke up in the same spot some hours later. Yawning she turned over with barely enough energy to do so, and went right back to sleep, thinking about a bath once she finally awoke in the morning..

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff sighed and stared at the queen. "She-...does?" Jeff looked at the floor and slammed his fist on the table. "You told me that I would gain the crown." Jeff shook his head. "Don't give me the same bull shit about how everything I do brings me one step closer to the crown. I want the truth, mother. You never were going to give me the crown, were you? You used me to do your dirty work!" The aura began to rise deep within Jeff, the wall paper peeling from the walls with a sickening rip. His eyes turned blood red. "You lied to me! All my life! I don't want your fucking lies anymore! I am a fucking murderer because of you! I killed fucking children for you!" Jeff was slowly snapping. "Now you hold my damned brother in your stomach and you plan on making him the true king! I was supposed to rule the Iron! I was raised by you to rule the iron!" The windows began to slowly shatter one by one. The walls began be shake. "You fucking lied to me! You fucking lied!" Jeff screamed out and felt the door fly off the hinges. "I fucking protected you! I fucking cared for you! I gave you so many chances to change but you killed Samuel's fucking mate and his daughter! Due to your own vain nature! How in the bloody fuck do you expect me to stick around after everything you've done! I no longer want to live because of you! Do you realize that?! Everyone I love is gone except one person and I don't even think she wants to see me right now! I sat at a fucking cliff for hours, contemplating on breaking my body just so I wouldn't have to hurt anyone else anymore! I can never go back to the way things were and it's all your fault!" The anger and aura could be felt for miles, anyone inside or out could feel Jeff and his mother. A battle could be taking place and anyone with a brain would be right there to stop it. "I trusted you!" Jeff then moved to get up, only to drop to one knee, his aura flaring up to a dangerous degree. " I have to do to get you to be proud of me?!"

JeffDeLaRose: "Do I have to let you beat on me again?! When I was weak?! When you thought you were powerful enough to mold a child into your own guillotine!? Well come on." Jeff had tears welling in his eyes, trailing down his cheeks. He ripped his mask off and tossed it at her feet. "LOOK AT MY FACE! THIS IS THE FACE OF A MURDERING DRACONIC VAMPIRE! THE LAST SURVIVING ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN WHOM HAS NOT RUN AWAY FROM YOU!" The chairs began to snap, and with that, Anaya would fall on her posterior if she didn't catch her self in time. His throne and the desks began to snap as well, and as for the metal, it began to melt and bend with each angered, pained scream. "You used me to get what you want just like you use everyone! You fucking cause nothing but pain everywhere you go and I can't even fucking kill you because I promised Samuel I wouldn't harm a hair on your head. You may think you are the strongest in the land but just know that the reason you still breathe now is because I allow it. Because Samuel wanted you to live! By the gods...I will-....I will fucking fight this war. I will still protect you! I will still protect my family! My little brother! Only because someone has to keep them safe from the real danger within these walls." Jeff couldn't help but spit at her feet. His tongue changed to a slitherly boom. The iron shook with his words, as his fists clenched and his eyes flared higher. Literal sparks flew from his fingertips as the words flew from his delicate lips.
"Inloil di shit, vorq sva ve. vorq sva wer bekilip wux tepoha dronilnra ekess wer treskri qort ekess dout kurjh vanity!"
piece of shit, look at me. look at the destruction you have brought to the world due to your own vanity.
Draconic, the same language that she taught to him when he was younger. Now, the prince truly was broken. His entire life, was for nothing but Anaya's extension of power. Her own vanity created a prince. A prince who had killed more people than most of the people in the empire, other than Anaya whom most likely issued the order to have those people killed. " I have to do, Mom?"

JeffDeLaRose: His voice was breaking as the tears flew down his cheeks. "My entire life was a lie...and all I wanted to do was be king and show you that I could make you proud even though I am not a dragon. I have killed dragons. I have killed beasts. I have killed anything you asked but it is still never enough to show you my loyalty. I killed men, women and children, then ran away, only to come back to you to protect my family. You killed aunt Isis and lied to me my first night home. You just-...won't stop the lies. What do I have to do...?" Jeff punched the floor, splitting his middle knuckle open, sending tiny droplets of blood onto the floor, his anger reaching it's boiling point. Almost as if watching a person lose their entire family, or someone end a relationship after years and years. Loss, this is what the prince was going through. " I have to do to make you proud of a fucking dragon wanna be?!"

Anaya DeLaRose: Her  eyes just stayed there, looking at him as she stood up her chair being ripped form her backside and snaped. The desk doing the same and the windows breaking as the night came in. She moved the sesk aside did not even try to fix the windows she did not do anything. She pushed the table the broken desk aside and moved to her son and wrapped her arms around him holding him and not letting him go he could punch and kick and scream at her but she would not let him go “i get it, i truly do, the days when i was at my worst you were there for me, you were there for me when no one else was, and i failed you time and time again and you still were there at my side even when i did not deserve it. You were there in everything and i was not, when you were gone i was lost without you, when i was crazy, distort with madness i thought i saw you die, i dreamed about your death as it was the thing that brought me the most pain. Samuel's wife i did not give that order a guard gave the order on my behalf without my call i did not know and i killed that guard due to his actions against Samuel.  Now i know Sam only wants to see my head on a stick i know this but i need him as much as he needs me and he cant see it. I am sorry for what i did how much do i have to say it i am sorry Jeff, you are my son, you are my human boy that believes he is a vampire superman, and i love that vampire superman. What do i have to do to get him to love me as much as i love him ”  she moved to look into his eyes if she could cry she would be right now. “my crown is yours and you know it, but how can we have a empire when all we ever do is fight with each other and not know if we do love each other. You are my oldest son my crown goes to you no matter what is in my belly be you born of me or not you are my hair and you know that  when i die Iron goes to you and not this baby but i am not dead yet Jeff and i will not be for thousands of years if i play my cards right, i need you to be my hand, and to be a hand i can trust over there. If we work together we can do anything remember but if we fight each other that wrayth wins. I have risked my life for you and in doing it i new even if i died it was for the right reasons, i went to firedor to give you a future the future i would want for you and if it is not that future you want it is alright and you can pick the future you want even if it is with that hand made i don't care what color her blood is, if you want her be her yours.” Anaya's eyes were sad even if there was no tears in them sadness was filling them. “now we have a broken study jeff” she said as a cracking sad voice as she hugged her son putting her face in his shoulder. “i am not perfect Jeff but i am trying, i am trying for you” she mumbled into his shoulder.

Vile: Abraxxis did all he could to hold back the threatening snarl as the measely guard point blank told him that Anaya the one he had come to beseech for help was occupied. As he walked in he would literally be seething mad before he raised his left hand again signalling to his guardsmen for them to relax their clearly ready to do harm should they be provoked in even the slightest of ways.  The plate armor of the Inforosian guardsmen would appear to be black as night while seemingly radiating pure heat in the form of shimmering waves in the atmosphere. Though the guardsmen being inforosian natives where well accustomed to the heat radiated by their armor. Though their greatswords remained untouched for the time being as they looked about with their bone chilling obsidian hues. As soon as the seven men where within the castle Abraxxis would round on the guard who had welcomed them and hissed with a voice near full of rage yet his voice wasn't raised above a calm sedate tone. "Tell Anaya that the lord of Inforos is requesting an audience with her and her son....and it's a rather dire matter." After relaying his message Abraxxis would close his eyes and knead his bronzed forehead rather irately having been through hell in the last eight months in the vain attempts to suppress the traitorous rebellion. It was almost as if a second civil war had broken out within his realm and he was going to be damned sure he would emerge the victor. Even if it meant grovelling in front of the dragon queen herself as much as he despised her.

JeffDeLaRose: "Don't touch me!" Jeff yelled out as the mother simply hugged her breaking son. "Lies! All lies!" She held him tight and he growled but he couldn't attack. He didn't. He relaxed, instinct taking over his slender frame. " can I believe you? I don't know what Samuel wants, I don't know what Milla wants and I don't know what you want from me anymore.  I need to discuss marriage of the princess with-...Ashe. I need to discuss the crown with you...I need-...I need....I need to die. I've always needed to die. You have taken everything from me..." He was being held by his mother for the first time in forever and she was actually apologizing to him. "I-...I don't know what to think. I don't know what to do...I don't know what to fucking do. Ragnar is trying to take me away-....You are trying to send me to Firedor, again, and Samuel is trying to get me to destroy you after the baby is born but I don't want to kill anyone anymore." He just cried in his mother's arms, being so full of the teenage angst and mental pains after all these years of torture. "I just want a mother who doesn't kill anyone! Do you remember Lyric? She was around and she cradled me with the best of intentions. You cradled me only to give me a knife. Just-...give me one reason to trust you. One reason not to fucking Trust you." Just as he did that, the guard whom had answered the door nodded. "Aye." The guard began to move up the steps, only to see the door open and off its hinges. Jeff and Anaya sat on the ground, holding each other. "My Lord and Lady, the lord of Inforos is here-...he seeks council with the both of you." Jeff sighed and pulled from his mother, even though the feeling gave him a great warmth. Almost immediately, Jeff snapped back to normal and looked to his mother. "Friend of yours?" The guard then went downstairs and called to the men. "You can come in, your men stay outside the throne room. Wait in there." Jeff then nodded to the guard giving instruction before gripping his

JeffDeLaRose: mask from the ground and looking to his mother. "We can talk later-...Until then-..." Jeff wiped his eyes and placed mask onto his face, ready to talk to the stranger. He made his way down stairs and into the throne room, passing the armed guards that lay inside his homes. "Welcome to my home, If I can get you anything, let me know." Jeff bowed politely to the men and continued to his throne. He sat with a sigh and pulled himself together, as if he didn't just have a mental breakdown. "So how can we help you, sir?" Jeff spoke when the man  and his mother entered the throne room.

Arsynn Rage: With a loud bang Ashe woke quickly, rolling off of the hay bales onto the floor of the stable directly on her ass, before turning her head to notice the gate, of the horse she just returned slightly open, and the wind made it bang against the lock. With a quiet laugh she stood and closed the gate, turning to grab her things and head into the castle. A short time later, she walked through the front door of the castle and noticed a group of men muddling around the hall, and a few in the throne room. And as she passed she saw him.... Jeff atop his throne. Her heart raced, and all she wanted to do is run to him, but he was handling kingdom business, so she immediately looked to the floor and moved quickly to her room, dropping her bags and heading directly into the he bathroom to wash her face and hands... Exhaling deeply, she was so happy to see he was home.. Safe. She would face him after he was through...

Anaya DeLaRose: as Jeff was breaking in her arms she just held tighter. “you cant trust me i know this, and i will think of something i can do to prove to you i am worth your time agein. And yes i remember her she was a sweet heart i don't remember much about her other then i cared greatly for her. I belive she died long ago and we have a old tree in the front in her memory. I thank her for all the good in my life, i thank her for you as she is the reason i have you, the day she gave me you as a baby then i did not know how much i would care and love you now, then i held no idea how i would grow to treasure you beyond all other things.  If i have to give gold, treasure, lands, rights even blood i will if it will prove to you i am not a lier in my love for you my son”  Anaya held him tightly as the guard came in and she did not want to hear the words he said she wanted to slam the door in his face and tell him to shove off and leave them alone, she needed this time with her boy they both needed this but it was true a guest had come to there door “no he is not my friend, years ago before you ever came home the man and ruler of the land to our east, Abraxxes, he had a wife, they were in alliance with us then and she acused him of beding me witch never happened and i would not soil myself on fallen angel wings and i am sure he would not lower himself to a dragon like me. Angels and dragons are not known for getting alone but still he is here at our gates, so it is a puzzle on why he is here, i will get a dress on then meet you down there i am still in the bath robe” she gave a chuckle as she nodded her head and he went on his way. Very quickly she garbed a golden gown out of a side closet and put it on and then rushed herself down not bothering to put shoes on. Her snow white hair loss and hanging down behind her it swayed as she walked down the steps to the thorn area. “oh Abraxxis it is a pleasure to see you here, what brings you to the Iron Keep? ” she moved and sat beside her son on her large throne “ Abraxxis this is my Eldest son Jeff. Heir to the iron crown, i hope all is well in your lands” she said it proudly if anything she was trying hard to prove to Jeff that he was that heir and she was not lieing about it. Anaya watched Ashe come into the castle and her look on her face to Jeff was something she took into account, the care in the girls eyes was clear, she watched as Ashe let Jeff do what Jeff needed to do and head up to the upper hall rooms, Anaya was sure Jeff would join her when matters were handled.

Vile: Abraxxis left his trusted guards behind before speaking calmly and sedately as if he had all the time in the world which he KNEW he didn't if he wanted to save his realm from destruction and ruin once Anaya had arrived after returning the respectful bow to the heir and his mother. "Pleased to meet you Jeff and no all is not well within the lands of Inforos..the land is in an uproar over my order of execution against someone who had tried to assassinate me in my sleep eight months ago. I need the help of the DeLaRose to restore order as my guardsmen are sorely pressed in their efforts to suppress this revolt. When I left for the Iron Keep they where assailing my very citadel...Which by has more then likely fallen...I'm asking for the help of the DeLaRose in the retaking of my land. My men will be doing the bulk of the fighting but I know that even then they may not be enough to supress this revolt.....That is why I'm here..." After speaking Abraxxis would fall silent and look between the two waiting for their responses.  While Abraxxis waited his left hand would raise up and bind his lanky ebony hair back into a semblence of neatness while leaving a few strands to frame his face. The longer he waited the more he began to fidget clearly being worried he would be turned away.

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Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: The air was cool as the prince strolled back into his home with his hand on his short sword's hilt, his cloak hanging from the hook as it was taken by the servants of the iron with an easing grip. "Thank you." The prince casually mentioned to the one doing the honor and pulled a gold piece out of his jacket pocket and flipped it into the air. The servant caught it and looked to Jeff with a happy glance. "Thank you, My lord. I am humbly accepting of this gift that you have bestowed onto me." He dropped to one knee but Jeff stopped him and helped him stand. "Shush, my friend. We are all under one family. Just because you are a servant doesn't make you any less of a person. You serve this house with honor. As do the rest of the servants here." Jeff smiled and bowed his head. "As you were." The servant smiled and walked off, a coin richer, whilst Jeff made his way to his throne. Nel was sitting in the seat, trying on the crown with a jagged smile, not seeing the prince enter the throne room. "What is the meaning of this?!" Jeff growled, placing his hand on his hilt, even tighter around the handle. "My lord! I was just-..." Nel jumped from Jeff's throne and saluted. "I was awaiting your arrival." "In my throne?!" " sir. I wanted to make sure that it was-....comfortable enough and to your liking." "So you sat in it to find your comfort zone to see if it was to MY liking?" Jeff crossed his arms and shook his head. "I don't trust you to go to Inforos with the Lord Abraxxis." Nel smiled. "But sir, I must go. I have to reclaim a lost treasure." "And what would that be?" "Wenches, M'lord?" "You seek Inforos to find Wenches? Is the bath house in the back full of the northern girls not enough?" "Aye, they are sir, but I am looking for a specific wench. One whom daughter." Jeff blinked and tilted his head to the side. "You-...are from Inforos?" "Aye-...and I seek to take my daughter back home to see her married." Jeff sighed and looked upon him with uncertainties in his eyes. "I will have you know, it has been brought to my attention that you have killed a guard whom question your authority. If you dare even think of questioning MY authority again, I will break out the remainder of your teeth." The guard smiled to the prince and bowed with a doubled meaning in his tone. "I trust that you will believe me instead of the enemy of your mother?" Jeff shook his head. "I don't trust anyone here. Let alone a little fuck boy whom likes to kill our men like it is going out of style. You are to follow Abraxxis's orders when you lead the garrison. Daughter or not!" "Sir, you can't be that stupid to give my arm to Abraxxis! The man just got here!" Jeff then came up with a back hand, sending Nel to the floor, knocking out another of his already loose teeth. "I told you not to question me. Go prepare for your trip. Get the fuck back outside before I put you out. Permanently." Nel climbed to his feet, holding his face, and walking shamefully out of the throne room. That was when the prince turned and sat on his hind quarters. Jeff placed his crown on his head with a gentle motion before watching Nel leave. "He will regret this..." The stable guard snickered and snaked his way back to his post."The prince will see. When I find my daughter, I will bed with her and we will have our son. I will reclaim my job as captain of the Inforos Scourge. I will do my job and I will have my little tart back. No matter how many times she runs away." As Nel passed a guard outside, he saluted his captain and was promptly punched in the face by the angered guard. "Stay in your corner, worm!" Nel was indeed a dangerous stable boy, despite how others saw him. Some saw an innocent helping hand, others saw the true monster with the intentions he held. Jeff sighed softly and looked at his cigarette pack as he pulled it from his pocket. "I'm missing three...these are fucking rare to find. Who smoked my cigarettes?!"

Anaya: Anaya came into the throne room as she was dressed in really nothing, she was fully nude other then golden discs over her breasts and fabric over her lower side. She had nothing on in truth she was fully showing and loved it, dragons hated clothing and it was so nice to be up active and awake with nothing on other then little discs. She looked at Jeff and watched the whole thing of him and Nel go down “not bad i would have done the same if someone was in my throne” she said to herself but loud enough for Jeff to hear if he was paying attention. She started to walk forth her hips swaying the fabric swaying from side to side allowing everything just to be there. “good morning my son, sleep well? I sent out the message to the troll clan to send cave trolls here there should be about 5 of them here within the day they may even be here this night. They live in the centre of the lands underground so not to far from here.” she smiled softly and took her place in her own throne beside his, he got what was the kings throne as right now there was no crowned king and sam had yet to get crowned so he still got a little throne and he did not really like thrones anyway and right now he was in the hold swimming in gold to cool down like he did every morning.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "Nel can't be trusted. If I were you, I would have had him beheaded for his insubordination. We can't afford someone trying to screw over the crown. Especially one of our own guards." Jeff then listened to her mention the cave trolls. Jeff felt her aura. She was free, and nearly naked with all that she was. Her aura was showing fully, with bright and vibrant frantic patterns with each swaying step she took. "You know, Mother. I am almost glad I stabbed my eyes out." Jeff smiled and looked over at his mother and bowed before her. "Good job with securing the cave trolls. I have an idea. I was thinking that I could go to the north earlier than the others. I can do some scouting and see where the troops are. I see that you just secured a shipment of Drakes to be delivered here. I can fly one overhead and feel out the auras in the sky. I'll go high enough to where they can't even see me. If we want to know where to attack, you will need my...eyes in the sky. I will come back to report and ready myself for my position up front to lead the van onto the battlefeild. I will have all the fire weilders and mages up front. You and Samuel can come in from the sides and Ashe will be at my side." Jeff smoked a cigarette casually as he went back and forth on his plan. He wanted so badly to impress his mother and show her that he was ready to lead. Whether it be there, which would be eventually, or Firedor. Jeff knew that sooner or later, he would have to take his own home. Take his own lands. Father his own children. Make his own gold. But he also knew that his mother wouldn't abandon him. Whether or not she loved him, she needed him. He was her strongest asset to the iron. Her right hand, next to Samuel. The trust between the two dragons was growing thin, and the more and more Anaya was hurt over Samuel, and the more and more Samuel hated Anaya, the far more she trusted her son again. "I am willing to spy on our enemies and meet you before the march. We just need to know where the weak spots are to strike. And we can set them ablaze and let our troops go forth with bloodshed. I understand that you say we don't need the firedor troops but we should have men here guarding our home while we are away. Do you have enough men to hold down our fort?"

Anaya:“we have a nought men to hold down here if we bring seven thousand up there, we have 10thosand men in full so if we send out seven we will have the left over here to hold down the place in case things get hard over here. We also are going to be sending two of our larger worms out there to remove what ever he has for defence, remove the ground from under there feet and no more castle border. We could ise the men there but it would take even on drake back three days trip to get there and then over a week long trip back here from there with the man, and the longer we hold off going to the north the larger his undead army grows. And the more men we have that can die the more it will add, every man we lose adds it to the wraiths force. And if one of our dragons fall and become an undead walker it does not matter the foot men we have. In this battle our own force can be our own doom.“ she put her hand in her hair and ran it down her face itching the back of her ear. “we have to think hard in this sense the both of us., and Nel he may be an asshole but we cant lose anymore, i will have words with him and dish out his punishment, you think removeing a hand would be fitting? ”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "Not when he needs them both to weild a sword. I wish to seek battle with him. I want to see if he is ready to travel to Inforos. If he is not then we will find someone else fitting for the job. Send him back in here and we will get the entire castle watching. It will boost the moral off our troops. They haven't seen a good fight in a while and I'm sure it will pump them up. Seems both the vampire and the demon need to get some aggression out and I am sure Nel would love revenge on getting backhanded." Jeff smiled and moved his hands up to his straps on his shoulders that held his swords in place. The prince unlatched them and let them fall to the ground with a thud. "Send him in and see if he is worthy to hold the title of captain." Jeff had a stern look in his eyes. "I haven't seen combat in a while either. It would be nice to see my fists bloodied with the demon's life nectar dripping from my fingertips and his nose."

Anaya: “you will beat the crap out of him and you know it far from fair fight but i never was one for liking fairness anyway, but go out and get him if you want thew castle to watch and the troops to watch take him to the yard in the back to were the troop tents are yell out there will be a fight and people will come running, but be careful out there if you are not the troops are of all kinds and will pick your pockets. I pick men i will never care about to be our foot troops so a lot of them are out of the dungeons of other castles or just pulled from streets and trained.” she leaned back in her throne and let her body relax and let her aura turn a nice gold as inside it was what she was a golden dragon and it was really nice to relax and just be herself gold and shiny and calm and not evil at all, at least not in body or aura, in mind on the other hand was another story but her mind could not be seen at all in her aura.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff nodded and sent one of the guards at the door outside. "Go fetch Nel and tell him to meet in the combat ring." Jeff smiled to his mother and bowed his head. "Thank you. And it will be a fair fist fight. Nel is strong. I can sense it. I want a friendly spar, not a fight to the death. We need him." Jeff then rose and dropped his jacket onto his throne. "A fight! The lord is fighting!" The servants called to other servants. The house began to bussle and rumble with murmmers as the prince rose from his seat and began to walk out the doors. As the guard moved over to Nel, whom was at the stables, he spoke gently. "The prince wishes a spar with you. He says that is your punishment." Nel smiled and flared his energy up. "He said leave the weapons. It is just a hand to hand brawl." Nel slowly made his way from the stable and dropped his sword onto the ground, leaving it sticking out of the dirt. "So be it." Jeff sat in the middle of the ring outside, as all the soldiers and servants gathered around. Nel then came into the center of the ring as well. "My lord?" "Nel, I am punishing you for what you have done." "My lord, this is foolish. Clearly this will prove nothing." Jeff shook his head. "Show me your skill. I wish to see it." Nel smiled and raised his fists. "Only if your mother comes to watch me. I love it when she watches. I want her to hear her son scream when I am choking him with my foot on his throat." Jeff smiled and shook his head. "So be it." Jeff and Nel then slowly began to circle each other, both of their fists raised. One of Abraxxis's men came knocking onto his door. "Sir! Jeff and Nel are fighting outside! It is going to be good! Come my lord! Come see!" The guard then ran off to see the fight, before stopping to see Anaya and bowing. "My queen! Come see your son!" He again, ran off and made his way to the crowd. Jeff slowly planted his back foot, locking onto Nel's energy. "Swing first."

Anaya smiled as she watched Jeff head off to go do his fight, she picked up his coat tossing it over her arm and walking outside after the men of Abraxxis's guard came running in like a idiot yelling like it was the biggest sceptical of the year, in a sense it was it would be nice to see her son fight she had not seen it for a wile now ad it also would be nice to watch Nel get the shit kicked out of him. She walked outside the sun on her skin made her shimmer in the light she snapped her fingers a couple times and a maid came out with a parasol and she put it up over her head as Anaya walked over to a bench and sat down resting jeffs coat on her lap watching Jeff in the sand fighting ring as she pushed back the snow white hair from her face. The maid sat beside her “so it is Jeff fighting?” “yes that it is, Jeff my son and Nel one of the guard captains, i know my son will do well, fighting is in his blood it is what we do best” she smiled as she looked up at the sun allowing it to sink into her skin and adsorb the warmth “nice to get outside in the daytime miss anaya” the maid said as she removed the parasol from Anaya allowing the sun to shine right on her Anaya's slin turning a gold shine as it made Anaya stand out. (think gay twilight vampire shimmer XD)

Scarlet DeLaRose: -Out of the sky and towards the huntress window flew the winged beast that carried an injured Scarlet on its back, She had been gone from the castle for more than a week and she was bleeding from her leg due to her so called new armor failing to protect her from an attack, She left one afternoon was out in the forest training and hunting when something grabbed her and tried to drag her into the darker part of the forest, she had to fight off the criminal and got stabbed in three different places before she gave the fiend a slash on the back,A nomad woman found her hiding in a cave and took her to a nearby village where her wounds were tended to by a a medicine woman, she stayed there for at least two days and went off to find her winged friend, who had went missing hours before the attack, Scarlet had no idea he was missing until she went looking for him in the place where she found him, She ended up getting lost in the deep end of the forest during her search and set up camp in a tree so she wouldn't get attacked in her sleep by the creatures that were waiting for her to fall to the ground, She Managed to escape them and continued the search for two days until she found him in a trap that she knew all too well,they escaped to Scarlet's hideout before the captures came back and stayed hidden until today, “Stupid armor.” She said as rushed to the bathroom with a first aid kit, she quickly removed her armor and wrapped up the major wounds to keep herself from draining red on the floor, “I should learn not to wonder alone.” She said to herself as she put on a royal blue dress made of silk and walked down the halls, she made her way down the stairs grumbling to herself as she heard noises coming from the back of the castle “hmm…” She said as she peeked out the door “looks like some excitement is going on” She said before making a quick limp towards a door that lead to the roof “this I got to see” She thought to herself with a smirk as she climbed up to the roof and to get a good view of the whole field and got in a kneeling position-

Arsynn Rage: Ashe yawned as she opened her eyes and the sounds yells and cheering ringing in her ears. "What the fuck is going on?" She asked herself, slide into the floor and into the hallway quickly, looking around and not seeing anything that warrants arguing, turning quickly on her heel, she heads back toward the room, and out on the balcony. The crowd around a pair of men, quite apparent. Still not able to clearly see what was going on she ran down the hall in her white sheath gown, it's think white material not covering much, Ashe wasn't exactly paying close attention to her attire in this moment. She ran out the front doors and around the castle to find Jeff and Nel ready to fight. Pushing her way through the crowd she's stopped at the line of soldiers that formed the inner circle of this mixed crowd.. "Jeff.." She yelled, her worry falling on deaf ears, Ashe moves her way through the crowd to stand In a darker corner, and watches.

Anaya DeLaRose: She looked at Ashe there as she got up from her spot on that bench still holding jeffs coat on her arm and walking over to Ashe in her night gown. “come and sit ” she said softly as she put the coat over ashes shoulders and put her arm lightly around her “you are far from dressed properly to be seen by the woman starved solider force, they rip girls apart in the brothel and you make the girls in here look like trolls i would have nightmares thinking of what they would do to you and your body if they could.” she walked Ashe over to her bench and sat her down beside her to watch the match between the two men “don't be worried, remember here fighting is just a part of life, it is in his blood to win and i am sure Nel will give a good show but he will not overly harm Jeff as he is the prince, and he would be more foolish to do it when i am watching and it would be good for Jeff to get a couple good punches in warm him up for the battles a head of him, get him in the mood you know” she looked back as she wanted Sam to come out of the building or out from behind the castle, but he was not coming up still must have bin under the castle laying in cooling gold coins in the dark spider filled caves. She let out a sigh and looked back to the sandy dirt ring as the sun was making her shimmer and glow. She relaxed and lent back on the bench backing to watch the show.

Frelia imvu: She could hear the cheers echoing through the halls while she cleaned off one table after the other. The castle seemed rather quiet in its every day activities and she had easily made herself relatively invisible to the others that dwelled within. She had been there for a few weeks now, without incident, and was looking forward to what other treasures she could find as so many things were different from her home. On her journeys she had learned the wrong kind of behaviors, only knowing what she picked up from the animals and the occasional person she would meet on the road. The worst part of her bad habits was that she did not know that they were wrong, let alone that those she had seen stealing were selling their pillaged goods. It was not something that occurred at home so it was neither right nor wrong to her, so fallowing the lead of others she began to pick up things that others had taken an attraction to. Thinking that if she liked it then she was supposed to take it. Now that she had a home, a small room with the other servants, Frelia was able to hold a small collection of goods that she simply found interesting around the caste. Most of them held no glory and were items that would be tossed away so she had gone unnoticed thus far. The few items that she did find that actually held value were stolen from the ledge she had placed them within hours of them being placed. Being raised in the skill of magick, she only held on to items she could actually feel power resonating within. For some situations she could feel the essence of others within them and she would return them to the owners room when she came across it in her duties. This also meant that several objects stayed on her at all times as there were rooms she was not permitted to enter. On her person would remain a lost earring made of silver with carved Amethyst in the shape of a teardrop, one ruby which belonged in the hilt of a sword, and an azure scarf which remained bundled in her pocket; containing the other two items. Guards posted outside rooms and patrolling heard word of the fight and swiftly left their posts which meant that Frelia was free to explore the castle further. Her innocence was sure to get her in trouble if she was ever caught; especially with the items she held. Fighting held no interest to her so she ignored the others and continued o her duties, drifting further and further within while guards abandoned their post so she had no idea what parts of the castle were off limits to her.

Vile: The sounds of the cheering did nothing to wake Abraxxis Ixamat as he slept peacefully. Though it was mid afternoon already Abraxxis had yet to wake up that was until a lone maiden walked in after opening the door which creaked alerting the fallen angel to wake up with a growl as his left hand flew to the whip resting on the bedside table. Of course this was all pure instinctual as the whip cracked through the air before wrapping around the maid's forearm before Abraxxis came fully to his senses. Once Abraxxis was fully awake he would narrow his eyes slightly before walking over to the scared senseless maid and carefully removing the imbedded barbs from her forearm as he spoke softly in an effort to calm the women. "I'm terribly sorry....that was purely instinctual.." The maid would glare at him with soft blue eyes before Abraxxis sighed gently and went to grab a wet towel to dab away the blood that leaked from where the barbs had bitten into her skin. As Abraxxis worked he would hum softly to himself as he worked upon the shaking maid before shooing her off with a soft tender smile. "I'll be gone in a few moments feel free to return then to do your duties." As the maid scurried off out the door Abraxxis would stiffle a yawn before donning his blessed chainmail armor once again having stripped down to the leather lining underneath to sleep. After dressing himself he would rake a hand through his ebony hair to straighten it out and do it up into a pony tail to keep his hair from his face. Once that was done Abraxxis would allow his wings to flutter briefly before they stretched outwards to a span of thirteen feet before they folded back up against his spine for the time being as he grabbed his whip and recoiled it as he walked from the room he had been given. Silently Abraxxis would stalk the halls as he fastened the whip onto his left hip where he always kept it. It was in silence he would look around before making his way toward the door as his men finished placing their heavy plate armor upon their bodies. Slowly Abraxxis and his faithful bodyguards would walk past Frelia before he paused to raise a brow curiously at the young maiden before he paused to approach her as he spoke with that same kind tone as before. "What's your name?"

JeffDeLaRose: Once Jeff had stated that he had wanted Nel to make the first move, the captain did just that. He swung a rather weak and sloppy punch, causing Jeff to react by grabbing his wrist and twisting it behind his back, after steping to the left. "Weak! Is this how you want to be seen in front of your men?" Jeff kicked him in the arse and sent him stumbling forward a few steps before Nel turned to face him wit his fists up. "I will crush you prince!" Jeff tightened the straps on his mask and placed a cigarette in the drilled hole of the Resin mask. "Then come at me." Nel charged forward with a flying knee, which the prince blocked by raising his forearms in an X shape to stop the force of the attack. With a counter move, Jeff turned with a back kick and nailed Nel in his chin. The captain flew back and rolled onto his feet. "Is this what you want to see?!" Jeff shouted, raising his arms in the air, posing a question. The crowd cheered as Jeff circled around, looking at all the faces. Nel grew angry and drew a dagger. "I will gut you in front of all these people! This is a battle. correct?! I shall have your head in my hands in a few moments!" Then he charged, and Jeff simply sidestepped, and planted his back foot, feeling Nel's vibrations that he gave off. Each movement was obvious. "This is your captain!?" Jeff shouted as his came up with two hands, chopping opposite sides of Nel's dagger wielding hand, disarming him and sending the blade into the dirt. "Sloppy!" Jeff then dropped and spun with his foot out, sweeping Nel off the ground and onto his back, before rising and placing his foot on his throat. "You fight dirty-..." Jeff smiled as his aura flared up. "Are you entertained?!" Jeff screamed to the crowd, only to be met with delighted cheers and applause. "Is this how we will fight on the battle feild?!" Jeff shouted, causing a louder cheers and applause. Jeff was using Nel as an example in front of his own men, to pump the soldiers up for the war. The prince then let the captain up, and was greeted with a sucker punch to the face. "Yes! How do you like that?!" Nel asked, obviously full of himself. Jeff simply turned his head back toward Nel and spit a tad bit of blood onto the floor. "Thank you sir, may I have another?" Nel's eyes widened and he took a step back, while Jeff took a step forward. "I am going to break you down. I am going to stop you from whatever you think you have planned. You are a stable boy. Nothing else." Nel grunted and swung multiple times, with no avail as Jeff simple ducked and dodged each blow, only to finally throw a punch of his own and smash Nel in the nose, causing a loud sickening crunch to be heard all throughout the exclaiming crowd. "OOOH!" The crowd roared as Jeff then threw another punch, and cracked Nel in the stomach, keeling him over. As the captain bent, his teeth were met of one of Jeff's own knees, shattering the already broken porcilines that rested inside the demon's mouth. Nel fell to the ground and Jeff climbed on top, cracking the bastard in the face again. "What is to be done with him?" The crowd all cheered and hooted, while some yelled to kill him, others asked for mercy, and some even went as far to throw swords into the ring. "Seems they want you dead! Seems that these men don't need the mighty Nel!" Nel spat on Jeff's masked cheek and Jeff smiled under it. He slowly brought his hand up to light his cigarette, still Pinning Nel to the ground. "As punishment for sitting on my throne, and acts against the family of DeLaRose. I, Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose, charge you with defiling a royal member. I will choose your punishment...after you get up and fight some more." Jeff then got off of Nel, and tossed a sword at his feet as he too got up. Nel picked it up and Jeff picked up one as well, two of the same swords. This fight would be better as the two were both experienced swordsmen. Jeff took a calm puff off of the cigarette and yelled as he readied his stance. "IS this what you want to see?!" The crowd roared again, more pumped than before. "I wish to see fighting like this on the battlefield. Can you promise that?!" The men all cheered and tossed their fists in the air. Thousands of soldiers, all ready to fight for the rose, disregarding their fleet captain. He was nothing now. Nothing but a mocked stable boy. And Jeff had more punishment to come.

Frelia imvu: “Pardon....”, she saif softly while the guards passed her, they did not seem to care too much; only that she was clearly in their way while she was cleaning up the halls. One of the males stopping to speak to her forced her to look up to him while she held some torn fabric that she was using for a rag. Frelia looked to meet the males gaze and he was not one she had seen here before. He was taller than her and even with his kind voice caused her to take a step back, more so, so she could see him easier in the light that broke through the window slit. To those that lived in an offensive lifestyle, it could easily be misconstrued that she was backing away because she was up to no good. Protruding from her skull were chrome tone antlers that would forever remain upon her from the time she had spent to long shifted as a buck in the woods. She took the time to cast a spell over them so that they could match her platinum hair in the instances where she would want to wear her hair up to hide her oddity. Luckily, the oddities within this castle allowed her to not need to glamor this part of her; though it did sometimes catch the attention of others. “Fre... Frelia, Sire..... Frelia Gillivas of the Frostfang” she offered hesitantly while moving into a simple bow, grateful for the space she had taken from him so that she did not accidentally hit him with the antlers. Not aware of his position, if he did old one, she raised without being told to do so and looked past him to see if his friends had gone or if they would be waiting for him. "Perhaps I am not supposed to be this far in to the castle", she thought to herself while her cerulean hues returned to his eyes and she gripped the rag she had been cleaning with.

Arsynn Rage: Ashe sat close to the Queen and nodded. Just watching Jeff in his element, here is where he is at home. War, fighting, protecting his family.. "What do I really have to offer him?" She thought to herself. Leaning in toward Anaya's ear, Ashe whispered loud enough for her to hear her. "I think I'll return to my room now if you don't mind Anaya.. You're right about this not being proper attire for today" with a blush across her cheeks she began to stand and stopped once more, setting her hand on the Queens shoulder. "Thank you very much for your kindness, it is immeasurable. You deserve the world." Wrapping the coat around her tightly with one last glance to her Prince, and headed back inside and upstairs to change.

Anaya DeLaRose: Anaya took ashes hand and held it for a second her claws being careful not to damage the girls skin. You will never know what you have he wants, but he knows what you have and he wants you, that is what matters, no matter who he is with, no matter what happens or were he goes, you will be the one he holds tightest” she let go of ashes hand and then turned back to view her son acting like he was made to kicking the living shit out of one of her guards. For a moment there she saw him when he was only a little boy kicking his toys and playing with a big bright smile on his face, making a castle and then hitting it down. “jeff don't be to hard on him we need him remember! He heads out tomorrow!” she could not help but laugh as she watched him enjoying himself. She wondered why he took out all his anger about her training him on her but in the end he enjoyed fighting. She stayed siting on her bench watching her soon rally her troops and even if she new they followed him for his spirit she was the one that made out there pays to be here but spirit mattered just as much as the coin and the troops needed a good leader and someone to follow and Jeff fill the bill nicely. “please don't kill the man Jeff i need someone to work with the worms, and if you shatter his spirit they will kill him for you” she said softly to herself as she let out a light chuckle really inside not caring about Nel at this point Jeff had already put the man to the point he would be lucky if the worms would respect him enough to do what he told them to, she guessed that the worms would have the man for a meal next time he went to feed them.

JeffDeLaRose: Jeff too glanced over to spot Ashe going back inside, only to be cut with Nel's blade on his right shoulder. Jeff grunted in pain as Nel smiled and twirled his sword around. Not an expert in hand to hand, Nel made up for it with his superb skill in blades. Jeff smiled bightly as the blood leaked from the fresh wound. Jeff nodded and moved forward, listening to his mother yell to him over the roaring crowd. He could tell that she cared not of what happened, but knew it would take time for her to find a new replacement if Jeff were to kill the man. He wouldn't however. He seemed to have a mission he wanted to do and would be killed off later in life. Or he would just weasel his way through it like he always had. Jeff and Nel began to clash swords with swipes and dodges thrown left and right. The sound of clattering steel flew through the air, as Jeff looked into Nel's eyes and read his full aura. Rape. Murder. Cheap deaths. This man was evil and needed to be stopped. He knew that he was the one to put this stabled boy down. Jeff grew angry and clashed his sword to the side, disarming the worm and pointing his blade at his neck. "You raped your own daughter?!" Jeff walked forward, causing Nel to back up, only to be pushed forward, almost tripping into Jeff's blade, but not that lucky, it seemed. Nel stopped himself after the crowd stopped him, as did the cheering they emitted. Only silence and a few mumbles remained. "M'lord. Calm yourself-..." Jeff spat at his feet. "You come into my home, expect to rise through the ranks, and then insult me during a fair fight?" Jeff extended his hand, letting the sword poke him a tad on the skin, Nel giving a small gulp as Jeff did so. "You sick, and twisted bastard." Jeff growled, his eyes turning red, rethinking the incident between his adopted littling, Kila and the sick rapist known as Chaos. Jeff was having a flashback and he was about to murder the man whom brought it on. "Give me one reason not to kill you!" The some cheered Jeff to end the man's life. Others begged for mercy. "Please, M'lord! I was only trying to pump the crowd as well! Your mother needs me! Please sir! I don't wish to die!" "Neither did your wife!" "I had no choice!" The crowd fell silent again, before Nel looked at the prince in awe. "How-...did you know?" Jeff grunted and brought his sword up, cracking Nel in the eye, crushing his right orbital with the hilt. Enough to damage him for life but not enough to where he couldn't go out on his mission tomorrow. Nel fell to the ground unconsious, which he should have been lucky for, because the poor bastard would be screaming his head off at that very moment had he been awake. "Take him to his chambers. I want fighting like that when the war comes." Jeff dropped the practice sword and spat on the knocked out Nel before walking through the moving- away crowd whom made a path for him, before turning and looking at his mother. "I didn't kill him-...and I took his eye. Fair enough punishment." Jeff then walked into the kingdom doors and up the stairs, curving and bending until he reached the upstairs, where Ashe was, in his room. "It's done." He then slipped his shirt off, and undid the latch on his greaves. He then stepped out of the legging armor and undid the buckle of his pants. He kicked off the boots next and slowly landed on the bed with a thud. "I-...should have killed him, but orders are orders." He whispered, obviously effected greatly by his decision to not kill the evil man. Jeff sighed, looking out the window the guards slowly climbing back into their tents and the servants returning to the castle and their posts. Nel was picked up and carried off, being dragged by his two arms by two different guards, to the infirmary

Arsynn Rage: Dropping the coat on the chair near the hearth, Ashe dropped her gown to the floor and headed to the wardrobe in the nude, Turning quickly as she heard someone stomping down the hall, Ashe quick to grabbed at whatever near and the quilt from the bed was closest. Ashe jumped into the bed and covered herself as Jeff walked through the door. Her heart dropped as she saw the gash on his arm, she immediately jumped form the bed and wrinkled her brow, moving to the bathroom for towels and salve. "I'm sorry, I couldn't stay. I couldn't watch. You looked so.. at home out there." She said quietly... His mothers last words still ringing in her head. "What can I do to help? Can I tend your wound?"

Anaya: Anaya looked up as the fight ended as she layed on her bench and nodded at jeff as he headed inside. she saw Samuel coming out the back of the castle Milla in his hand as he kissed her cheek and walked away from her more then likely to find Anaya. she just moved and walked inside the castle to go sit upon her throne as she sat there picking up some papers, her feelings hardened as she flipped the papers and waited for the day to go on.

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ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet was just coming into the main room from the pouring rain outside after watching everyone come inside on the roof, she managed to walk down the stairs without limping and thought that her injuries must have healed themselves when the germs came out through the dark bile that came out of her mouth and possibly landed on someone “It had to be that way…” She said to herself before she heard a guard swearing to another about what happened to him, “Fuckin heathens!” He yelled as he wiped off the rain and black liquid from his armor, he started complaining about his pay and every royal in the castle…including her, the other guard tried to calm him down to no avail until a young servant came over to him and hit him on his head before she was pulled away by another, the servant swore at him and threw her shoe making him drop the rag that he was using and swear to himself, “That huntress is just like all the royals and you know it.” The other guard finally covered his mouth with another rag so they wouldn't get in trouble and went back to their jobs, an older servant saw Scarlet eased dropping and took her to the room where everyone else was located, the servant bowed to her and walked away before Scarlet leaned on the wall-

Anaya: Anaya looked up from her throne as she put down the pile of papers with a sigh and fixed her breasts in her outfit the chain linking the gold dicks clicking together “oh scarlet it is nice to see you are back, never see you around much” she said as she eye moved to the side to glance at her little sister. The red eyes scanned her sister up and down picking up very small details that her sister was hurt a bit ago but was healing nicely but she still smelled of outside and the mild tang of blood “were you getting yourself in trouble again?” she smiled softly as she patted the throne to her side for her sister to come sit and talk to her.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet giggled as she rubbed the back of her head and went to sit next to her sister, "heh. I wouldn't call it trouble" She started to think about the number of days she was gone from here home and sighed feeling relieved that she made it back, "It was just a long and rough trip." She was starting to wonder how those people were able find her so quickly in that part of the forest and attack her, "Why were they after me?" She thought to herself thinking it might have had something to do with what went on before she went out, "I was not expecting to be out that long...something isn't right." She could tell that something was about to happen soon, but she didn't know if she was right or not-

Anaya: Anaya was relaxed leaning back in her throne as she ran her fingers into her hair and pushed it behind her shoulder Milla running up to her and looking at her with big bright eyes “um, need me to take any papers miss Anaya” she asked as she picked up the pile from the arm rest as Anaya nodded to her “have the ravens send out the papers over to the east for our shipment of battle elephants, we have orders three for now, and do you want any war boars?” Millas eyes got big as she was a boar demon and she new the boars Anaya was going to order would be all up to her to look after, they were not like her a demon that could change out of what it was to something more fitting to what was around her, it was just a giant armour clad brown furred pig. Milla swayed her head to the side as she shut her eyes for a moment “no more then four miss Anaya we don't have room in the stable for much for swine.” Anaya nodded to her with a smile “alright then i will order them, sit with me here at my throne you can put the papers on the floor for now it is clean and do the papers later” Milla wondered to herself why Anaya wanted her to sit with her and she had a tingle up her spine as she sat down at the throne side on her knees and then plopping to her rump. Anaya ran her claws into Millas hair as she looked to scarlet “so were did you head out to anyway and what did you get up to, you are the one in the family that like to travle, i never get away it is nice to hear of the outside world” she gave a chuckle

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Nel shot up, gripping the throat of one of his men whom stood bedside, watching the, now one eyed captain recover. He stared into the eyes of the man and blinked softly. "What?! What happened?!" The man gasped and gripped Nel's hands, choking out an answer. "Lord Jeff defeated you in a spar, and punished you for insubordination." Nel reached up and touched the white patch that rested on his right eye. "He-..." "He crushed your orbital sir. You are lucky he didn't take your hand. The queen wished for it to happen. I was on duty when they were talking. Lord Jeff and Lady Anaya need you to go to Inforos. Jeff offered to go in your place, but Anaya needs him to help with the War when it happens. She said that you were needed!" Nel released his grip and dropped the man to the ground, leaving his fighting for breath whilst clutching his throat. Nel slowly stood up and stared at himself in the full body mirror that rested on door. Nel touched his wound again and smiled, before bursting into a large laugh. "Oh my, I'm beautiful. Jeff DeLaRose...will pay for this." Jeff slowly sat up in bed, Ashe having taken care of his wound previously. He grunted and rolled his shoulders, climbing out of the silk sheets and off of the bed with a thud. He stared to the stitching job done by the love of his life and a small sigh came to his lips as he looked around for her. She must have been out riding or out by the stables, and with those thoughts, Jeff blinked his tired eyes, before walking out of the bedroom and into the hall. The guards instantly saluted the prince as he began to make his way down the hall, and down the steps. Some cheered and hooted, as the fight obviously boosted their moral and spirit. Jeff was a model soldier to a few of them, and a pain in the ass to others. He started to walk down the spirals of steps before slowly sitting on the steps in the middle. His posterior landed on the stone and his hands caught his head, whilst his fingers massaged his temples. "I am not sure I understand why everyone in this place is a bastard..." He smirked, lightly touching one of the stitching. Jeff must had been out cold for hours, for the sun was still up, yet seeming as it was wanting to set within the hour. The clouds were strolling by without a care in the world, and Jeff, whom teased the fibre holding his flesh together, wished he could be with the clouds. Floating, free, and always moving. He was stuck in a place full of death and his depression rose every day, with every casualty. He only wanted happiness for his subjects but Anaya wanted war. It seemed like no one would be able to give the subjects what they deserved, for there was always something going wrong. The war. The assassins. The battles. The moral problem, that Jeff had fixed, unexpectedly, and most of all, the lying. Jeff still had no idea whom to trust, so he did what he did best. He sat on the steps, lit a cigarette, and waited. Sooner or later, someone worthy enough would be by to kill him, or he, them. Either way, twas a good day to hold a sword.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet ignored the thought in her head and looked at Milla before hearing her sister speak, "I was just exploring the forest as usual" She said leaning back and crossing her ankles to hide the red mark on her left one, "I ended up at a village, but I don't remember the name of it because I was knocked out when I was found." She had a thought of the medicine woman that tended to her and a house made of clay and stone that was the place Scarlet stayed at, "I don't even know if it's a village that was close by." She was starting to think that maybe she should bring another person with her the next time she decides to travel alone again-

Anaya: the queen put her head on her hands as she relaxed talking to her sister, they never got much time together just them and it was nice to have time to be able to talk the both of them. “only town is a ways away, Mill mire or something it is called we went there for a fair a while ago not a bad town the ruler is an ass hole but i have gotten a nice grain flow from there. And now that our town is on the ground we need some sort of food area or we will have to become rulers and farmers ” she let out a laugh as she messed up Milla's hair and looked over to the steps “oh you are out and about from your spar with Nel, you think he is doing alright Jeff? And how is yourself? You looked like you enjoyed fighting him” Anaya called out and asked her son as she crossed one leg over the other one.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose : A large ringing came to his ears, just a loud garble of words penetrating his skull but only bouncing around in the base of his head. Jeff had no idea he was being spoken to, No idea at all. He simply stared at the cigarette burning between his fingers. "Huh?" "You looked like you enjoyed fighting him." "Oh,-....I guess." Jeff shrugged and looked at his mother, before slowly sighing and getting up. He took a few drags, until the cigarette was halfway, before putting it out on his palm, and snuffing it fully. He then flicked it into a dustpan of a sweeping maid with great accuracy and a deep stare came forward to stand. He slowly made his way down the steps and walked over to his mother. "I am going to hold a meeting today. I feel we should go over our plans one last time before the war. We are going to lose men up the ass." Jeff looked at the floor and slowly bowed to his mother in respect. "Good morning." Jeff then looked to Milla and instantly thought of Samuel. "Where is he..." Jeff's voice was cold and narrow. Instantly thinking of what he saw last night. Jeff hated the fact that his mother was tortured by seeing Samuel's actions toward Milla. But she used her dragon pride and rules in a melting pot of a home with different rules. Jeff would not let this fly. Jeff then turned to spot Nel come out of the infirmiry, limping slightly. "Jeff DeLaRose." He began to walk closer, and Jeff raised a brow. "Greetings. How are you feeling?" Jeff was caught off guard by the sudden bowing of the man whom he destroyed. Nel was on his knees, bowing before his lord, and Jeff, was raising his brows in confusion at the whole event. "Forgive me for what I said M'lord. Thank you for not taking my hands. Thank you." Jeff nodded for him to stand and Nel did so. "Nel, you broke the law of the empire and I had no choice but to take action. I'm sorry. But you can not ever sit in a Royal's throne." Nel reached forward to take a hand of Jeff's and shake it. "I will never disappoint you again, M'lord. Please forgive me

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: A large ringing came to his ears, just a loud garble of words penetrating his skull but only bouncing around in the base of his head. Jeff had no idea he was being spoken to, No idea at all. He simply stared at the cigarette burning between his fingers. "Huh?" "You looked like you enjoyed fighting him." "Oh,-....I guess." Jeff shrugged and looked at his mother, before slowly sighing and getting up. He took a few drags, until the cigarette was halfway, before putting it out on his palm, and snuffing it fully. He then flicked it into a dustpan of a sweeping maid with great accuracy and a deep stare came forward to stand. He slowly made his way down the steps and walked over to his mother. "I am going to hold a meeting today. I feel we should go over our plans one last time before the war. We are going to lose men up the ass." Jeff looked at the floor and slowly bowed to his mother in respect. "Good morning." Jeff then looked to Milla and instantly thought of Samuel. "Where is he..." Jeff's voice was cold and narrow. Instantly thinking of what he saw last night. Jeff hated the fact that his mother was tortured by seeing Samuel's actions toward Milla. But she used her dragon pride and rules in a melting pot of a home with different rules. Jeff would not let this fly. Jeff then turned to spot Nel come out of the infirmiry, limping slightly. "Jeff DeLaRose." He began to walk closer, and Jeff raised a brow. "Greetings. How are you feeling?" Jeff was caught off guard by the sudden bowing of the man whom he destroyed. Nel was on his knees, bowing before his lord, and Jeff, was raising his brows in confusion at the whole event. "Forgive me for what I said M'lord. Thank you for not taking my hands. Thank you." Jeff nodded for him to stand and Nel did so. "Nel, you broke the law of the empire and I had no choice but to take action. I'm sorry. But you can not ever sit in a Royal's throne." Nel reached forward to take a hand of Jeff's and shake it. "I will never dissapoint you again, M'lord. Please forgive me." Jeff nodded and looked at the man. "I will." Nel then turned to the queen. "M'lady." Giving a bow, Nel walked out and changed his expression. The blood demon was going to get his revenge. After Inforos. After everything. Jeff simply shook his head and slowly sat next to his mother. "Oh my....Did I know a few screws loose?"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet put a finger on her own chin then thought about that town and how different it was from the one that had the fair "This one was ruled by a woman who help me out." Scarlet said feeling a small bump on her head, "I think I might have hit my head when I passed out." She then looked over to the other side of her sister trying not to fall out of her seat and saw her nephew taking a seat after his fight, "That guy didn't stand a chance." She thought to herself as she smiled at the prince and waved at him, she sort of smelled the cigarette smoke when he walked past, but she just ignored it since it didn't bother her-

Anaya: She looked at Jeff and smiled then her gaze changed and she looked to Nel no longer holding kind family loveing eyes but the red eyes of a dragon so many in the castle feared but still respected. “why are you not at your post in the stable?” Nels eyes got larger as he did not say a word to Anaya and then bolted for the doors as he new that was were she wanted him to be in the stable were he was to do the choars he was hardly ever alowed inside and when he did most of the time he got kicked out anyway. Anaya took a breath and her gaze changed back to the softer self and she looked back to her son “a meeting for the war? Yes that would be great i will get Samuel as he is the one that does that kind of thing i am just the one that gets in armor and burns things” if anyone new Anaya they new she was lieing Anaya was when younger a high general of a dragon army much larger then the one she had here. She new all battle plans and ways of action and even her troop formation and how to hit the target and have losses at a small amount. “so what is your plan my son, might as well talk now seeing we have time before the cave trolls get here, they should be here around evening to dark. I would much enjoy how you wish to attack the target and we can discus and go over troop placement. And you know the land layout much better then i do”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet got up from her seat and did a huntress bow to both her sister and her nephew after she felt some strange vibrations from the ground "At it again" She thought to herself as she looked towards the stairs, "I better go check to see what's going on upstairs." She decided to make her way upstairs and go into her room to see what made those vibrations-

RaynerSophrenRaynerSophren WhisperAdd Friend: -though the trip had been silent for the most part, that was no longer the case. Rayner and Mechet had halted their argument for a time. Rayner was trying to build up some comeback or argument that he could possibly make in the meantime. It was very difficult to argue with this male. He was... Difficult. The rain was making his fur cling everywhere he could think, and streams of water were dripping through the fur of his brow and down over his eyelashes. This day could not get any worse- "Vaa-shiden..." -he cursed under his breath as he jinxed himself with that thought. The village that was on the maps wasn't there anymore, either. The manor, however, was coming into view, and seemed intact enough. As he approached the door, he finally spoke up, although he leaned his head back over his shoulder as he spoke so that he could rush up the stairs ahead of his, 'companion.' His stern but exotic accent from the South was obvious now as it was raised to be heard clearly- "There might be people here. Possibly clients. Let us not deny things like wine and lodging. We are almost out of food, and I would like a place to sleep if offered. If you do not care about that, then think that it might offend them if you deny their hospitality." -once he had finished this, he knocked, his vulpine paws wrapping against the heavy doors before him. He waited, just knowing that his travelling partner would have some retort or another-

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Guest_W0lfBr0Guest_W0lfBr0 WhisperAdd Friend: Mechet had been walking along side this Rayner fellow for plenty of days as they had travelled together for more bounties or mercenary jobs, or just odd jobs at this point. his fur was absolutely drenched, all of the fur that usually sticks up naturally was flattened and his tail and hair was utterly straight down. his tail had actually been dragging the ground for a very long time, there wasnt even a dry spot on his back were two giant swords were sheathed. as the castle had come into view he had ignored rayner when he spoke in a language he did not know and then heard him saying something about not wanting to deny hospitality in order to not offend anyone that they may come across. "you want me to accept charity? good." he said and continued walking toward the castle despite saying this. "but i do want some jobs or something so i can finally get paid..." he looked to rayner as he knocked and just decided to turn around and make sure nothing came up behind them, even though there were guards at the door of this castle. he didnt honestly like looking at guards because mechet does not care for their insufferable sense of justice because there is no justice. "oh by the way, there are guards here, you might have wanted to ask them to knock before going in." he said while his back was turned, his swords were literally not even 1 foot from the ground at this point. he was enjoying the view of seeing the burned town being taken back by the grass. "looks like someone's doing a slash and burn tactic for an empire? or perhaps just war? meh, doesn't concern me."

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Anaya: Anaya looked at her sister as she got up and ran off to go get what ever was up stairs, more then likly some guard got into a mess with a maid and what was to be a nice night of fucking turned out to be a her bitching at her cus he made her spill her meal or what ever she had. Anaya looked over to her son as he sat on the steps and seems to be off in his own little world maybe thinking about the fight or something. He seemed out of it as he got up and walked off into a side room maybe to look for Ashe or maybe even go find Nel to beat him up some more or watch the bastered so he did not hurt anyone else cus he was in a pissy mood “well everyone left fast” she said as she looked down to Milla siting at her feet on her knees “yes miss Anaya it is only us now” there was a tingel in Millas spine as she wanted to say something, Anaya did walk in on Samuel and her snuggling together and it was clear how they held each other when Anaya walked in something was very much a miss. She looked up at Anaya as Anaya's red slitted eyes looked down into her own eyes a mirror image of Anaya's. “um...Anaya” “yes Milla” Anaya said softly running her claws in Millas hair as Milla took in a gulp of air and just spat it out bluntly as she figured it was best just to get something this sensitive out in the open and not hold it back to leave misunderstandings “you walked in on your mate and i, on Sam and i, and are you upset with me and Sam, you don't seem angry?” she shrunk feeling Anaya's claws pause and she waited for them just to dig into her head, but oddly they just stopped moving for a second then went back to playing with her hair “o i am not angry Milla, Dragon culture is not the same as human culture, a dragon can pick many females to lay and do as he wishes with. But he only picks one to lay and hold young with, and i know and understand our kind is hard to find in this world. And i only lay with him every now and again and now that i am with young he will not get me in the chamber till i am without young and even then it will be much less then before. It is good he can get release from you, but know you will never be able to bear his young it would not work anyway seeing you are a warm blood and we are not. ” Milla was flabbergasted as she looked at Anaya blinking, she was not killed on the spot... Sam fucked some other girl a couple years ago and the girl was skinned outside like lagitly skinned outside hung from her horns and skinned it was some goat legged girl, and Anaya did the skinning herself. Milla nodded her head as the was a thumping on the door “we have will go get that” Milla muttered as she got up form siting and kisses Anaya's hand “yes Milla go get that before the guards have what ever is out there for dinner” Anaya gave a chukle as she watched Milla run out to get the door. The girl was small only about five foot two her pink silks hung form her body as her brown hair swayed along her back it was down today it was very nice really and her pink silks matched Anaya's red ones with gold discs, And gold plateing and gems. Milla opened the door and taped a grumbling guard on the shoulder “Naya said be nice eh” she muttered as she looked to the guest the one had....fur? Milla blinked a couple times as it was clear the people were not from this neck of the woods.. Wet furr did not look or smell the best but she offered them inside anyway even the guy with the giant blade “come in please and please sheath your weapon is you can leave it be the door, come in and get dry, if you would like to talk to the owner of the lands here please come in ” she said her soft voice like a sweet song off her lips her steps more like a hop inside letting the man into the castle large red banners and brown banners all with the symbol of the Iron hammer hanging and waving in the wind as the door was open and the gusts of outside came roaring in.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner looked between the guards, his expression showing his thoughts quite thoroughly. How had he missed them?! He took a step back cautiously, his left paw crossing his stomach slightly as if to reach for his bow string, though the movement did not seem deliberate. Finally, the door opened to present a little female with a sweet disposition. His expression softened to its usual blankness, a slight grin perking to greet her. Once he was greeted, he bowed slightly with his bow held tightly against his stomach, a soldier's greeting- "A pleasure. Thank you... Although I do hope that you would not be put off if I kept my bow with me. It is more comfortable to simply set it by a seat. I can carry it on my back if you prefer." -before he received an answer, he slipped it over his head and let it rest. The string clung tightly to his chest as one end rested on his right shoulder, and the other hung rigidly by his left side. He took a step as forward, as if to follow this woman into the castle. His disposition was one of a cheerful calm, though it was obvious that this politeness, not sincerity-

Guest_W0lfBr0: Mechet turned around at the younger female and then to rayner who seemed a tad frazzled about what to do with his bow to please the others. he didnt bother saying anything or bowing as he walked into the castle swiftly to get out of the rain. "...hmm, oh hey a rug, hope you dont mind a sobbing wet rug due to our wet fur." he said sarcastically because he didnt care, he figured they would have taken these two to somewhere that was not capable of being ruined by water. "you're weapon is so light rayner, why is it that hard to carry for you? i would love to see you lift mine, actually i dont think you have tried to lift my weapons have you? no, you're back is still in one piece." he stated bluntly to rayner about his pitiful weapon size and weight and overall just mocking his inability to lift heavier objects. "so what exactly happened out there with the ruins being so old they are being covered by grass now? how long ago did that take place?"

Anaya: Milla looked to the man with the bow and nodded to him nicely “your bow is fine just please keep it to your back so it is out of the way and not threatening to anyone around you. ” she eyed him up and down red eyes looking reptilian flickered and blinked as she thought he was a kind man it seemed even if it was fur covered. She looked to the other one as she tilted her head and thought to herself as the two here must be two sides of the same coin one more kind the other more himself, she had to get to know them better before drawing judgement but for now it was simple get them to the queen kind of thing “about a month ago we had a problem with the undead up north of here we still do, and sadly the to be king here had to burn our own town to the ground to prevent the undead for claiming anymore living or dead body's and to kill the remanding infected ” Milla moved her hand to motion for the guard to shut the door once more and she started to walk inside to the main hall bringing them to Anaya “if you wish to know more about the coming battle of the north i am sure the queen could inform you and if you are looking for a place to be put to work she could use the man power right now anyway” Milla pointed to the Queen siting on her throne leaning back and relaxing, really if you had eyes you could never miss Anaya, a flawless woman not a dent in her beauty, lush and large ample breasts, legs that went on for days and sweet tan sun kissed skin but not overly tan just lightly. And on top of it all she had almost nothing on a bit of fabric and some golden discs on her nipples but that was about it. And Anaya was always like that so the guards and servants were good and used to it seeing there ruler walk around some days in nothing but a light bath robe.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner brightened his smile just for a moment in response to her kind explanation before following behind her swiftly. Once through the door, he positioned himself just left of the center of the door to allow Mechet in and allowed his head to crane around. His expression did not change. He simply observed his surroundings. Once Mechet had reached his side, he continued walking again. There was a certain regiment to his gait, though it was distant. He obviously had not been a part of any military quite some time, but it was more than obvious that at one time or another, he had been. His scale mail was about what might be afforded to a captain, though his bow seemed more ornamented than a footman's bow. It was short enough to be drawn from horseback, but the shape was obviously meant for infantry use. This was the most valuable thing on his person. Aside from that, he was wearing a pair of pants made from softened leather, a hare's hide wrapped around his waist and tucked through his belt. The leather that formed his pauldron and arm covering was a firm but fine leather that was pulled tight over the mail underneath. The bracer's he wore were of the same material. His boots were hardened leather, reinforced for the steady footwork and stance of an archer. Once inside, his tail swayed slowly, dripping on the rugs here and there. He listened intently, his ears angled toward their hostess. There was work. Once they reached the one shown to be the lady of the estate, he stood rigidly with wide eyes. Fur did not flush, but it would have if it were ever possible. Just once, his eyes flitted down to the rest of her, and the breath hitching in his chest showed that it was an obvious mistake. He kept his eyes locked on her face now, closing his eyes to bow again as he had at the door- "A pleasure to meet you, m'lady. It is most generous of you to invite us into your home like this." -his use of the word, "m'lady," as opposed to, "my lady," showed his common upbringing, but his annunciation and choice of words contradicted this vehemently-

Guest_W0lfBr0Guest_W0lfBr0 WhisperAdd Friend: Mechet had walked in with rayner and headed down by his side toward the center of the room and saw the queen apparently, she was wearing almost nothing at all for some odd reason....this struck him as extremely weird and unfit for combat situations of any kind. "that outift is not all that good for's very open." he said bluntly and looked at rayner who was trying to speak formally. "trying to be something you're not foxy boy?" he said teasingly as he was being stupid about how he was degrading himself. "so about that work that was offered, i heard something about man power, what exactly is that supposed to mean? lifting? fighting? what?" he asked in hopes that she would clarify this question as it was probably the only question he had at that moment because there was literally nothing else he was caring about right now, not even her choice of attire beyond that it was not a good thing to wear in combat. his yellow eyes were easily seen now and then as he fixed his hair as it got infront of his eyes now and again. he wore nothing on his upper body but that was merely because he knew he didnt need it in a battle because he has never been hit by anything from prior experiences, however this was because giant swords were also great shields when they were not breakable.

Anaya could not help but chuckle as she looked up and spotted two man, two...furry man.... she could not help but laugh more as she stood but then changed her mind and sat back down “well i did not know foxes and a wolf could talk or even hold a blade, one should not judge i am sure, here things with fur run on the ground and we cook them for meals” she crossed her other leg over the other one and let out a breath as Milla came back and sat at her feet once more on her knees with her head rested up against Anaya's leg. Milla looked up at Anaya “i told them if they needed work you were always wanting man power, for the war up north, think Jeff would train him if he is not good enough?” Milla asked as Anaya messed up her hair softly Anaya's eyes a mirror image of dear Millas “i am sure Jeff would not mind testing them or i would myself but i am not the testing type” she looked over at the men as she eyeballed the one who was very outspoken he was good at putting the spotlight on himself leaving the other one in his shadow. “i can always use more men in my forces, we have a war up north coming we are to be heading out in a day or so so you came on time i will have my son speek to you maybe today or tomorrow get you tested for battle and see were we are to put you in the troop formation, we have over ten thousand foot men we would not want you both in the wrong places and we are to have the cave trolls coming tonight” she then turned her head to the other one as for this male she took the time to stand up and walk over to him and walk around him her eyes looking him up and down as a clawed hand moved and ran into his furred tail as she smiled “a bow man, a very nice one, you are humble and you have manors, i do like that in my eyes you hold more worth then your friend, he is just a foot man but you could be worth more to me in other areas. ” Anaya when standing was a tall woman she stood a good 7 foot two as she bent over the discs on her breasts hardly covering as the chain connecting them together and around her neck jingled “so what are your skills? Not combat wise”

RaynerSophren: -though his expression remained the same, one could almost see the vein popping from his temples when Mechet spoke to him in that manner. His brow just slightly furrowed, enough to show that his companion’s statement had definitely broken the skin. He retained his decorum however, letting Mechet speak his piece. His rigid stare remained on the lady of the manor as she spoke to him. The vein only seemed to pulse harder when she mentioned that they would normally cook his kind for meals. His paws were mostly relaxed aside from his index finger on the right paw. That claw visibly dug into the leather of his pants with irritation. When the conversation got back around to work, his demeanour softened again. Any business was good business. When the lady stopped speaking to Mechet, he took a breath through his nose that was originally to carry an insult to Mechet, but he stopped and released it back through his nose when the lady began speaking to him. He did not move as she circled him, though his eyes showed his tension. The only movement was a jerk of his back when she touched him. She was about a foot taller than him, so when she stopped in front of him and asked her question, he had to look down, as if acting humbly, since her chest was at eye level- “Out of combat? *Hrrm!* I am an adequate fletcher. I can train others in archery, though it takes time to turn men into proper, combat archers. I cannot impress this enough. I can command troops in small numbers, but I prefer a more subtle approach to the raging bull that is my compatriot. I am an excellent scout… If you refer to skills of a more domestic sense, I would not know. I joined the local army when I had just come of age. Even after leaving, ‘domestic’ relations have been the last thing on my mind… M’lady.”

Guest_W0lfBr0: Mechet had listened to her say that he had more worth in out of combat capabilities and he just stilfled a small chuckle before stopping himself and just looking away and at the surrounding castle, he honestly didnt care for living in a place like this. to be frank, mechet would actually rather have lived in a house in the woods alone where he could train in the woods and no one could interrupt him, his training would usually involve him smashing rocks with his bare paws and letting the bleeding stop before he began again. he was not all that well brought up in terms of manners, sure, but he was also very well brought up in the way of fighting considering he started working for military and other things of that sort at a very early age. "so basically she wants to know if you can do other things outside of combat? well he can pitch a tent while i sit against my sword and laugh at him. does that count for anything?" he asked before pointing softly toward rayner before letting his hand drop back to his side. "hmm, let's see, he can start a fire....while i sit and laugh...and probably some other things that i also just sit and laugh." he smirked at rayner, it was painfully obvious mechet was not of nobility in any way, but at the very least he wasn't making fun of the royalty right now, so that's a plus for him.

Anaya: Anaya could see the mans unsteady posture, and to think they both held no idea who or what she was and they were unsteady already. She moved her hand to take his own in hers “i have been looking for an adviser in truth, my own men are wonderful but it is always a good thing to get another view, and if you are from far form here your view on things will not be the same as there's as they have grown in my lands and under my rule. I sense a man that can talk his mind when needed but also knows how to curve words to make harsh words seem much more appealing to say an alliance or enemy nation. A try adviser can make a man walk to his death and believe it is to his party” her eyes turned to the other male as he laughed and made fun of his friend “fighters go outside you can go to the back of the castle in the rain and hope there is a free tent out there or that someone is willing to allow you to bunk with them, . But be careful wolves here are hunted and eaten be them walking on two or four legs, and yes i may have some human foot men but a lot of them are far from it. And you piss one of them off you will have the whole camp wanting your head for there dinner. But go on i am sure the rain is warm” she gave a coked grin as she looked back to the other male “you can sleep inside there is a guest room in the upper halls, if you would like to go see it and if you would like anything it does not have or a different look be sure to let me know and i can have it set up for you within twenty four hours. Think about my offer if you do not wish it just yet. I holds much more perks then a bowman would. And i am sure my men outside would rip you apart” Anaya turned and walked to her throne as Milla sat on the floor and looked at the fox man and gave a rawr face and Anaya messed up the girls hair as Milla nuzzled into her rulers leg once more putting her head on Anaya's lap after she had sat down.

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RaynerSophren: -the tension in Rayner’s mind was split by Mechet’s continued taunting. He would not let this man get the better of him. He had been on too many jobs to let one man who could not count unless it was coin get under his skin. This time one brow visibly twitched, though. He began to open his mouth now to respond before the lady of the manor once again interrupted. He gently closed his mouth, though his lips did not pull into the slight smile that had been painted on before. His eyes rose to match her gaze, having to angle his head to face her chest to be able to see her without angling it upward. Despite the overall calm look, the raise fur on the back of his neck showed his surprise at this development. When she was finally finished, he spoke, though his tone was far less formal now- “You could not possibly… We have only just met, and you offer to raise someone of my birth to a position of nobility….. Disregarding trust, you know that this could be political suicide.” –he paused for a brief moment before remembering what had been said to Mechet. Despite his irritation, he couldn’t help but feel for the man. He spoke again, taking on a certain amount of formality, although not all of it so that his last statement was still relevant- “M’lady… Mechet here is a fine warrior, hardly fit for rank and file. Not only would he be wasted there, but his powerful swings would kill as many of your own men as the enemies. You may not think so with your more… Exotic soldiers, but the way that I met this man was watching him fight off guards in the town that I was contracted to train a militia in after beating a man on contract. I would say that he fights like a man possessed, but a man possessed can’t crumple a reinforced steel shield like parchment with his fist. I would urge you to reconsider… If you would be considering me as an adviser that is, m’lady.”

Guest_W0lfBr0: Mechet was merely watching on as this women denounced him infront of rayner and merely brushed it off as if it was nothing more than a petty noble hiding behind their influence rather than their actual combat capabilities. although mechet was not one to underestiamte and opponent for however they looked because he obviously didnt even look like he could lift his own swords, let alone swing them as easily as a normal human can swing a longsword. "that thing was reinforced?" he said to rayner as he had listened to him speaking about how he had met mechet while he was fighting a town guard. "oh, yea that town...i'm not aloud to go back to that town anymore." he said and waved his hand in such a way that the subject was a mere occurrence, like buttering your bread. he decided not to continue speaking for now because he wasn't really all that into speaking to royalty because they were always stuck up and arrogant, at least mechet knew his limits and capabilities and he would even boast of these capabilities but they were never more than what he could actually do, because that would be lying. mechet had usually made it a point to not lie about things as there was no reason to hide behind a lie that would cause people to hate him when he could just break their spines and avoid the issue as a whole. he took this time of silence that he was giving to look himself over and try his best to push off as much water as possible that he could get off without shaking his body and letting it fly everywhere. "calling me unfit, im plenty fit, i can run miles without becoming exhausted, oh, never mind i just figured out what you meant..." he muttered and rubbed the back of his head before letting it drop to his side once more.

Anaya: Anaya leaned back in her throne as she ran her claws into Millas hair softly and Milla kept quiet resting her head on Anaya's leg “you both have come from a very different land then here, tell me have you ever seen a Azuran boar demon? Or an Alaskan Tunnel Worm? Giant animals the worms are, body's made to dig into mountain and take the beating the mountain can give it. The boar demon, a  giant tusked animal made for ramming stone walls and gates down, and when the target is not good for ramming they can resort to magic use and they have the thought to be able to think there way out or around a problem by not just using force. Have you ever had combat with a Dragon kin, some people call them dragon men a odd looking thing and really there is no man in it, a sub type of the dragon race were someplace along the way of mating some of the DNAs got bent and it resulted in something that just came out wrong, they are tossed out by there brood mothers to die. But at some point they started breeding. Looking like half dragon half man but all dragon in personality. Or worse have you ever seen a pure blood dragon, eyes as red as fire and scales so hard a cannon ball cant leave much of a dent.  Fire so hot it can melt stone, and magic that would put the greatest mages to shame. I can a sure you if he made up his mind he was going to start smashing my men they would not pause to start smashing back. Both of you hold no idea what lays within the walls here. And for not knowing you and making you at a place other sometimes spend there wholes lives trying to get at. Maybe call me stupid or i may have a death wish, or i just know you cant do much of a dent on me, call it arrogance if you may. Or simple call it blind trust and faith, and if you don't fit the placement you can pick another in due time or if you prove i should not trust you i will have my men or i will kill you myself, the choice on what happens to you in this land is fully on your shoulders.” Anaya's voice was clear and blunt as it always was and in her words was her stern self but she was relaxed and calm enough the whole time to let her claws run nicely in Millas hair “but if you feel he is to be inside of the castle and not outside in the rain it is fine. And for your jobs under my crown you fox will gain sixty gold coins every seventh sun set and your friend will gain twenty at the same time. And i will expect you both do your jobs well, the sun rises early here and depending if your friend...Mechet, the wolf wants to be a army man or a castle guard, his jobs will differ. Army troops stay outside the castle walls and castle guards stay inside. If you want details of your jobs talk to Milla or when you meet Samuel he handles most of the fighting.” Milla looked up as she looked at Anaya and then put her head down, if they wanted to know it would be later she would talk to them right now the head rubbing was to good to give up.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner imagined the scene that had passed when he had first met Mechet. The only response he could think of was, “Yes, but that did not stop you from stopping by the tavern on the way out,” but now was not the proper time for such jovial statements. As then lady of the manor walked back to her throne, he could see the sternness overcoming her presence. His stature and expression relaxed to a formal confidence, his lips neither rising nor lowering. He stood tall as he listened, his ears pointed towards her. His tail remained low and still, though not timidly between his legs. It hung there calmly. His stature now was nothing less than military, so regimented and natural that one might think he was delivering a report from the front. His eyes did not move from hers. The only movement visible was when he blinked. They would flit down, almost entirely hidden by his opening eyes and back up by the time they were full visible. The untrained eye would just think it was a part of his blinking. They did not drop low. Only as low as her lips mostly, though it could be just slightly lower. When she finally finished speaking, he nodding, lowering his shoulders in a more shallow bow than before. In the military, this was an apology. His voice rang out calmly, his previously kind tone now rung with a firmness that was respectful but would not give way- “Pardon if I overstepped, m’lady. I did not mean to offend. When I remarked about Mechet, I was simply trying to say that he would serve better in a more autonomous capacity. For all of his flaws, he is a very capable warrior. I have not seen these creatures you speak of, and some it seems I am glad that I have not. I grew up in a plains village. We would see raiding parties. Occasionally ogres or trolls would accompany them, but never something so monstrous. As far as dragons, I have heard fantastic tales. I would not know the truth, but they were the subject of tales involving shapeshifting and seduction or intrigue and puzzle more often than those of slaughter and fear. If you would still have it, I would like to consider the position you have offered. An advisor. I simply need to think on it. I do not possess the attire that I would need, and I would not know how to speak to those of proper nobility, m’lady. I leave the decision of Mechet’s assignment to you. Despite his appearance and… Actions, as off-putting as they are, he has talent. I would like to extend a final apology for my words earlier or if I have offended you at all during these words, m’lady.” –he bowed apologetically once more before continuing- “If my head is taken for speaking my mind, I would be most remiss.”

She noded her head and looked at the man before he, how he stood how he talked the way he woreded things even in how he was to breath “well now you have seen one of the beasts i said and i am sure you will see the others as we house them here. Most of the guards inside are human but that is only cus most of my family likes to randomly kill things so guards that are human fill the slot and hep there need . And it saves them for harming themselves killing or fighting something to large and it means i don't have to replace things less many as humans. And you do know how to talk to royals as a royal is no more or less then anyone else, in the end you and they bleed the same color. I was no royal when i first came to power, i hold no royal born blood, my blood is the same as every other one of my race” Anaya was nicely avoiding what she was and what lay hidden under the nice tan skin that was on the outside. The snow white hair and the soft skin lightly marked by the sun, but in the end her eyes were far from flawless, no matter what form she was in she could never change her eyes.  “and you hace not offended me, if i got offended by everyone who viewed my words as harsh or crude i would be no ruler i would simpley be a tyrent holding no meaning of life. You are fine and if you hold faith in your friend then he will have your blessing and he can stay in and hold a room up in the upper halls, what would you say he would be best at, Castle guard? ”

RaynerSophren: -though her words did not change, Rayner felt as though the words were softening. As her words continued to soften, so did his determination. This no longer felt like the military. His expression was always at least one of a harrowed sternness, but his eyes began to wander now. They kept snapping back to the lady’s face, but ever did they wander. He listened to every word, occasionally nodding with closed eyes. The fur on the back of his neck began to prick up again slightly, though it was not standing on end like before. Once she finished speaking, he responded with his semi-jovial tone once more- “Thank you much for your kindness, m’lady. You flatter me with your gracious humility. As far as my companion… It would be quite an overstatement to call him my friend, m’lady, but thank you for granting him this. I feel as though he would make a better bodyguard than anything else. I could not say for whom, but you are obviously well taken care of. Perhaps a bodyguard to a travelling emissary? Or to the governor of a newly conquered land?...” –he paused as his eyes glazed over for a moment, as if something had just dawned on him- “I do not quite understand, m’lady. Which of those creatures have I met?...” –the look in his eyes and the way his brows raised betrayed that he understood that whatever it was, he was considering the possibility that he might be speaking to that creature-

Guest_W0lfBr0: Mechet stood idle as they spoke, he didnt want to speak because he didnt care about the conversation at this point because there was nothing of intrigue until he heard bodyguard, sure it made alot more sense than in an army because that way he couldn't kill his own allies because he would be protecting someone else at a distance that was farther than the military march distance. it's very bad to stand next to mechet when he swings his swords, as they are indeed very sharp, they are also stronger than a diamond as he has tested this theory himself upon a merchants stand who was selling a diamond and he made a bet that his sword would not break while hitting the diamond. though the story did not end very well, but it proved his point in the end goal and that was all that mattered at that time. "bodyguard? yea, i can see that, it's better than a military line up as when fighting in a military, you are often alot closer to your allies for protection. but when i fight in an army it's not protection most people expect to find, infact the last army i was in i fraught at the front with quite the distance between me and the others. they were easily my entire body length away, more so actually otherwise they would have still been killed. though, i do not underestimate the abilities of others, i simply wish for others to not simply spit at me as if i was nothing more than a beggar asking for a job, or money." he expressed how he felt to her constant insults, regardless of if she was aware of them or not simply out of ignorance or some other reason that didnt bother crossing mechet's mind. "newly conquered though? that sounds like fun, i might actually be able to have some fights." he was not entirely obsessed with fights but he was quite obsessed simply with getting stronger and stronger as no strength that he wielded was enough for him because he still fell upon more enemies he could not fight and he would have to train harder afterwards or learn from the battle. seeing as battles were the easiest way for mechet to learn alot about an opponent, from bias natures to habits that carry out of the battle.

Anaya: “i am sure you will learn in due time on what beast here you have already meet, you may even learn you have met more then one here, and you stand up for him even when he hits you down or makes fun i would say you are his friend even if it is just slightly” she got up a bit and looked at both males”do you both wish a walk of the castle, i would take you outside but i am not a large fan of the rain at all” she looked around it was so silent it was never this silent it was kinda nice having some peace now that it was growing into evening. “and i am sorry for the silence to me it is nice to have but to you both it must be dull and boring”  Anaya's gaze turned to the wolf like one “sadly for shiping you off to another nation that may take time but there is a leader of one of the nations in the upper halls he has i guess bin busy alot of the day or one of the girls may be keeping him company, they are good at that” she gave a snicker as she payed her leg and Milla jumped up and hoped to her flank “for body guards in truth not many of the royals around here need one, i do need someone to keep an eye on my young sister she is never home and i worry about her. But my son and myself as well as my mate do not need protectors we are very skilled at combat even if looks can lie to you. And are you hungry dinner is being made i am sure there is alot of food and more then enough for what ever amount you wish to eat. ” Anaya moved her silk swaying along her backside showing her hips legs and rump nicely but just hiding enough to say she was not fully nude to her guests.  “and please both of you tell me about yourselves, and if you truly wish to know anything about me or this place ask as you eat and fill your bellys”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner watched her too intently to just be looking at her as she stood. He did listen to her words intently, though his expression held suspicion. He let it go as she offered a tour of the castle. He made sure to hold off on speaking with her track record so far, and he was correct that she was going to continue. His posture relaxed a bit now as the demeanor of his hostess did the same. One could still see the regimented stance, and it was hard to see exactly what changed, but he seemed far more approachable to the average man. He was still a bit rigid, but his stance made him seem ready to move. His response was clear, and this time his slight grin returned, the jovial tone fitting his expression- “I would love a tour of the castle, m’lady. The silence does not bother me much. It is better than the clanking of swords all day that would hear at a barracks. My companion may disagree with me, but to each his own. I appreciate your gracious offer. I think that we will both take you up on that offer, though I do hope that you will be eating dinner with us… So that we can discuss the state of things of course, m’lady.” –his eyes continued to wander, though he was maintaining his composure. The fur on the back of his neck visibly stood when she mentioned that dignitary might be with, “one of the girls.” One of? The thought hung in the back of his mind, and the word, “perks,” that the lady had spoken before kept echoing in his mind- “I may ask a few questions during the tour, m’lady, but for now I would prefer if would begin. That is, if it pleases you.”

Guest_W0lfBr0: at hearing the invitation of a tour he simply nodded to this woman and began to follow behind. though he ignored rayner's comment of accepting the tour on his behalf without his own input. though the castle didnt really intrest him all too much since it was probably just the run of the mill castle, long halls, tall towers, big doors, lots of guards, maids, and so on. though what did catch his intrigue and he was probably not going to admit it, but it was simply how this woman did not fear a man who she had just heard a story about how he had crumpled a shield like it was made of parchment. 'she's either really cocky or actually quite strong.......heh, cocky' he thought to himself as he walked along, though this comment in his mind didnt transfer to his facial features because he was very well trained into not showing how distressed or how worried one may be about a situation. during this thought process of his, he couldn't help but begin to analyze this woman because it was interesting how she didnt seem to care that a man with two giant swords that weighed more than he did by at least five times. these exotic creatures she spoke of, she mentioned how they could be strong but he was pretty sure that just because a bigger creature was made to break down a castles gates. mechet could easily do the same thing that they could because he has tested how much he can lift, but besides that it was still quite odd how she could turn her back to a man like himself without so much as a blade by her side. this little thing that he noticed had earned her a little respect from him, not much but a little.

Anaya: She walked over to one of the doors the nice small of bread and meat lingering in its wood and creeping out the bottom of it, then when opened the blast of food just came to the nose to make the heart rejoice in happiness. “i believe last night wall we slept a nice boar was hunted down for the meal tonight, some nights it is deer some it is boar and others it is shark or fish, sometimes when we are lucky the larger flying beasts we have here will be able to ring up whale.  The cooks do make it into a splendid stew, but it is a very rare treat. There is also bread fresh fruits and steamed vegetables, and i believe there may even be cheese and butter” she walked inside the room as maids and cooks worked hard in the background tables all layed out with breads and silver plates and platters all placed out as if to feed an army. There siting at one of the tables was a group of guards and then another group and another at another table, then all alone there was a man siting all by himself eating his meat uncooked and drinking his water from a bull horn. Long black hair tied back slung long down his back his frount was muscled and firm. (image kal-drogo from GoT) Anaya looked at him and then cast her gaze away form him and back to the tables of foods and the giant boar on a roasting spit with a nice red apple in its mouth under it a bed of greens and many nice ripe fruits and vegetables all layed out around it. Everything truly looked mouth water worthy, well what did you expect from a castle that owed half of this side of the world. “we can eat first then talk at the table, nothing pleases an old woman more then filling her gut. ” she took a platter and simply walked the table line picking up different things and putting them on her plate, then she moved to the side of the table were the boar was and picked up a nice slice of boar meat on the rare side but a little bit cooked not fully raw. She moved and sat down at a table alone and Milla ran off to get things leaving Anaya alone with the man. Anaya pated the table offering them both a place at it to eat there food. She was calm and collected no matter what the occasion “what are the both of you interested in here? Fighting pits? The study and the books? Would you like a spar with a fighting of your choice, test out this grounds skill? Or do you wish knowledge?”

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RaynerSophren: -he followed the lady of the manor, his steps making little noise against the stone due to his heavily worn boots. The leather on the bottoms had begun to soften from excess use, and the sides and toes had quite apparently been mended countless times. The reinforcement did not seem to be an original part of the boots, but rather an addition made out of necessity. The thick rawhide that stood as reinforcement was nicked and gouged here and there where they had apparently saved his feet and calves. He followed in behind his hostess, mimicking her as she pulled from the feast table. The slice of boar that he had grabbed was medium rare with a small bit of blood still in the middle. He held the plate away from himself, his arms stiff to support the weight of the heft amount of food he had gathered. Occasionally, he glanced down to the bow string that clung tightly to his chest with a worried expression. Before sitting, he set his platter down, removed his bow from his back, and set it beside himself leaned up against the table. Once there, he adjusted in the seat for comfort and responded- “I had not put much thought into it. I am sure that Mechet here will have his own answer, but I had not intended on staying. We were both travelling in search of work, and apparently we found it. However, we found it in a very steady way, it seems. My interest was in coin, to be frank. In truth, I had not even put much thought into what else I would want to do in life. I have not had the freedom of wealth to do much.”

Guest_W0lfBr0: Mechet had grabbed a piece of boar that was purely raw as he never really cooked his meat, though he unstrapped his swords and laid them on the ground, he figured it may have broken the table for about a thousand pounds just weighing down on it. after grabbing almost nothing but raw boar meat, he sat down at the table and began to eat before hearing anaya's question about sparring and of the like. "i would very much enjoy a sparring match of someone who is quite strong, if you wish to know the extend of my capabilities, i could probably tell you that i can lift close to 2 tons of weight, or at the very least more or less that range. i wont boast more than that because if i did i would simply be lying and i would rather avoid lying to anyone as it does not help me in anyway so i avoid it as a whole." this was true but then again she does not know him so that could have easily been a lie in her eyes unless she chose to blindly accept what he said as truth. "so who do you think is one of your stronger people in your army? actually if you want the utter truth, im more intrested in figuring out what you are." that may be seen as though he knows what she is, but he honestly doesnt, it was more of a question of what she used to do before she became royalty and how strong that said occupation would have made her. "that is if you dont mind my asking, even though i was going to ask even if you didnt want me to." he said and bit into another portion of the boar meat he had taken for himself and drank it quickly down with some mead. he could very easily hold his own with liquor because he had drank so much of it when he was in the army that he had become all but immune. he could drink close to near death for a normal person and not even be tipsy

Anaya: taking a bite of her meat a bit of blood dripped down her lip and a long snake like tongue flicked out and grabbed it in a flash. She smiled softly as she swallowed her meat down hardly even chowing it . “well then it is about time you start thinking of your choices as i don't really have any short time work here, the only short time anything are the sales men that coming here to sell us things we don't need and then leave” her attention moved to the other man as he asked her very bounty who and what she was. “me, i am Anaya DeLaRose pure blood albino golden dragon and owner of half the land mass we all walk on. Is there anything more you wish to know?” she took another bite of her meal in truth she did not hide a thing about herself she just never cared to talk about it, but if you asked the right things you got told anything you ever needed to know “oh and our strongest fighters would be myself my mate Samuel as well as Milla and my son Jeff, we also have some lesser beasts able to fight you if you do wish to fight them things like dragonkin, the rhinos and our spiders but the choice is fully up to you  on who you wish to spar but keep in mind some of us don't do the let you live part of sparing, so i would advise you pick your sparing partner very wisely” She took her claw and stabbed a nice round potato and poped it in her mouth as she crunched down twice and then swallowed. Her red eyes gaze turned to look at the fox, a part of her wanted just to call the one fox and the other one wolf it was almost cute when you let it ring off your lips fox and wolf on there adventures.

RaynerSophren: -he snapped his head to look at her when he saw a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. By that time, she was just happily licking her lips and then taking another bite. He had been eating hungrily, and his use of utensils was… limited. When he did used a fork, he gripped it in a fist and stabbed the food only to steady it while cutting. The fur around his lips were mottled with the blood from the meat on his plate. He seemed perfectly fine with everything that she was saying until she stated that she was a golden dragon. Rayner coughed and began choking, hacking on the piece of boar he had been chewing on for an uncomfortable long time before he finally got it loose and down his throat- “I-I’m sorry. What?!.....” –he paused for a long moment as it dawned on him that he had just shouted at a noble woman in her own castle while surrounded by castle guards, and to top all of that off, she was a golden dragon that could kill with the batting of an eyelash- “*hrrm* Pardon me. Could you please repeat that, m’lady?” –he made sure not to take a bite now as she spoke so that he didn’t choke like that again-

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Anaya: She looked up taking her last bite of meat from her plate as she blinked and looked at Rayner “I am a pure blood albino golden dragon, some people call my scales white gold but I am fair to albino golden dragon it is the proper name. I am ruler of all the main land on this land mass and some of the other areas hold my banner. I aim to own all of it and I am sure it will happen within good time.” She took her claw and stabbed a bit of potato as wolf on the other side of the table gave a snort saying something she did not catch and then getting up form the table and heading out the door. You could hear the castle main doors open and then shut as it seemed he was no longer there. “I guess he did not like it here for some reason” she said to herself as she picked up her plate and then put it to the side of the table a maid coming over right away to take them away “do you wish to go after him? Or is there anything you wish to know about myself or this place”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner had stopped in the midst of chewing to listen to her. He finally swallowed when he heard Mechet say something along the lines of, “This ain’t worth it,” before walking away. He stared after the male stiffly until he jumped slightly at the sound of the doors slamming shut. He mumbled under his breath- “I am surprised the doors stayed on their hinges…” –upon hearing the lady of the manor speaking up again, he turned his head back to face her, his ears reaching her direction before the rest of his head did. At this point, his tail was lazily wagging back and forth behind him. It was most likely due to the food. The wagging had a certain wary stiffness to it, though. His response was rather frank and quick, somewhat uncharacteristic so far- “Not at all. I’m not leaving this meal. He can go…” –he then lowered his head and closed his eyes, a commoner’s apology this time. Probably due to the fact that he was sitting, and therefore could not perform a military gesture- “… M’lady. My only question would be about what responsibilities I would be expected to fulfill as your advisor. Aside from that?... I would not know. I might be curious about the prospects of advancement, but I do not such things in the courts of nobles, m’lady. I know my place, as all men of arms do.”

Anaya: Anaya soon bypassed the whole man leaving thing and chuckled at the thought of the door’s falling off “we have taken time and put so much reinforcement into the doors here I don’t think a dragon could smash them. I have slammed them so hard I thought the walls would break yet there they are still fine, we have replaced them a couple of times due to being burned down but nothing to big. ” she put one of the last hunks of veggie in her mouth and chewed about twice and then swallowed “for what you are to do well no fighting for you not unless needed. to be good at your job you must aid me in anything I need and give advice on matters partaking to war, peace, alliances and anything else that comes up needing a second eye, you may also have to advise my son Jeff but more than likely he will not take your advice he is….strong willed ” there was a part of her that big time wanted to say pig headed but she did not say that just yet she was sure he would figure that out himself in due time. “you will find the trips enjoyable I am sure. The one up north in the coming days none of us will like but it is needed we need to remove the threat up there. ”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner nodded and listened, though it did not seem as though he were taking her statements that seriously. His unimpressed expression alone shouted the old, soldier’s saying, “No walls can be relied upon so long as men exist to destroy them.” He seemed markedly more interested as she spoke about his duties, perking both ears toward her. Both ears lowered a bit, however, when she mentioned that he would not be doing any fighting. His entire demeanor as he ate was one of calm deliberation aside from the very moment that she mentioned that. Once she was done speaking, he took a moment to finish eating and swallow before speaking in a serious tone, not looking up from his meal- “I will do as I am payed to do, as always. As long as the pay is worth the work.” –he continued eating the last bits of food that covered his plate, some green beans and potatoes with a scrap or two of boar, once he had finished. By the time that he was done eating, he had completely cleaned his plate to an extent that it was hard to tell there was food on it to begin with. The only signs were the bits of grease where the boar had sat-

Anaya: “the pay you will get is whatever you believe it to be set at, if you want the number of gold to go up, it can if it is to go down then it can, you are to be a honest person here, even if so many others do not even come close to holding this trait. ” she leaned in her elbows on the table as she then looked over to a window “it is getting to be night would you like me to show you the upper halls”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner let out a heavy breath after his hearty meal. Without raising his arms, he stretched his shoulders a bit, the fur standing on his neck for a few moments until he finished. He followed her eyes to the window and stared in the same place while he listened and responded. He got a sort of thousand yard stare, and his ears twitched idly every now and then. When he replied to her, his voice was flat and almost bored, “I think that the gold you have offered is more than sufficient so far. I appreciate it. And yes, I think that I would like that. It is getting late.” –he stood curtly and pulled himself to the side to give her ample room to stand. His eyes rested on her, but by how distant they were, he could either be staring at her shoulder, not really looking at her at all, or looking at all of her at once. Perhaps even a combination of these. He waited patiently for her to stand and lead him-

Anaya: She got up from the table and put her arms over her head her breasts bouncing as she let out a stretch and cracked her jaw that snake tongue flicking to the side of her lips to clean up anything that dripped. Once you took the time to watch her movements you could figure out she was a reptile no problem you just had to look. She then started to walk as a guard opened the door for her and her new advisor.  “thank you” she said politely as she walked past and made her way past the throne room to the steps, just under the steps was a door “that is the door to the hold, dungeon and the catacombs, do not go down there without an escort, it is forbidden you are allowed anywhere else in the castle but not there, I hope this is understood, if you were to go down there I could not guaranty your safety”  she softly moved from that door and started walking over to the steps to the upper halls one step at a time she went up her hips swaying as she walked that one silken fabric covering her backside swaying back and forth.
RaynerSophren: -Rayner’s eyes locked onto her chest as she stretched, though his calm expression masked it a bit this time around. He stepped out of her way when she began to walk and followed roughly two steps behind, a gesture a bit too familiar by noble standards but mostly unknown to a soldier. He stopped abruptly when she did, and he would have bumped into her if it were not for his unique gait. He stared at the door while she spoke about it, one ear twitching while she spoke and only responding when she was entirely finished- “After hearing about the creatures in your employ, m’lady, I will believe you.” –he followed her up the stairs, though his eyes remained mostly on the stairs. Only when he looked up to see the staircase ahead of him did he truly notice what was in front of him. Aside from his intense stare, his expression remained calm. However, his breathing did become quite heavy, and the steps he took ascending the stairs were a bit more clunky. He let out a sigh of relief upon reaching the top of the stairs, though he tried to mask this a bit by laying a paw on his stomach-

Anaya: Anaya pointed down the halls as it was lined with rooms a bit in before it started on both sides as the inside was a loop with the banister and the opening to view the lower halls. “The upper area is over all bedrooms guest rooms’ bath rooms and other evening things there is a large bath house downstairs but that is the only one other than that everything evening wise is in the upper area. My chamber is the first room at the top of the stairs my sons and his maids ashe is down the hall and yours is on the other hallways over here” she turned and walked down the other side “you can be in the west wing there are some guards chambers and Millas room but that is about it on this side other than baths and changing rooms. And if you need anything and would like changes done on your room let myself or Milla know and it will be done any way you want, right now I believe it is rather bland and white. It is up to you on how you wish your room to look” she walked down to where his door was and opened it for him “we will supply all food needs and if you want anything picked up or hunted for you let Samuel know he does evening hunts and he can take down almost anything you can think up. Or let me know and I will let the men know. We have fish, beef, boar, deer, bear, anything you can name we can get it”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner listened closely, his eyes flitting around as though he were taking notes in the air of what she was saying, or something to that effect. Every time that she mentioned bath houses or changing rooms, one of his ears twitched to the point that it was on the verge of smacking the side of his head. He did not respond the entire time aside from the occasional ear twitch, and he followed her two steps behind still, remaining exactly that distance. Once they had reached his room, he looked her dead in the eyes until she had finished. This stern eye contact seemed more like a self-control mechanism than anything else in the end. His response at the end was accompanied by a grin and a bit of a snide tone- “I think that I should be good. I would not turn down a bit of feminine company, but that is hardly required.” –he paused after this with a hand on the doorknob, as though waiting for her response. His posture as he held the doorknob was not welcoming, though. More of a neutral stance, as though someone were just getting ready to go into their room at an in-

Anaya: “if you want a female to rest with you in the night be it at your feet like a dog or in your bed as your chamber whore it can be done for you. We have the finest girls in all the lands, and if you hold exotic tastes any race can be found for you to lay with ” the best part of that is the underline saying of we will kidnap them if you want them. Anaya had ordered much worse in her time on this earth then kidnaping bar whores and chamber maids so she could toss them in her castle pot of races. She loved to get interesting things all dragons were hoarders Anaya had very odd tastes in what she liked to hoard. This man she picked as her adviser was a fox that could talk and stand on two legs, her son was a human that believed he was a undead, her mate a red wyvern with a poison tail, in the stable she had dragonkin, death worms, horses and her one stable guard was a chimera that was scared of the moon, her servant and maid Milla was a giant boar demon who liked to look fifteen and fuck men for fun,  Even her herself was a mess up being an albino, maybe that was the true reason she enjoyed collecting things like cyclops, manticors and giant spiders the size of rhinos, at one part she had a undead rhino but it broke out and ran up north were it belonged or at least that is what she thought. She even had undead wolves guarding the grounds at one point. She smiled and looked at him and her eyes looked him up and down very noticeable if he was looking at her, she did not hide anything dragons were far to blunt to hide junk if you asked the right things they would tell you anything. “if you need anything just ask” she said once again as she turned around and started to walk back to the steps but slow so if he said anything else she would hear him.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner stopped in his tracks as she offered him actual concubines. His eyes went just a bit wide, though one would have to be close or observant to tell. Both his tail and his ears stopped moving immediately, frozen where they were. His fur stood on end as though he had been hit with static electricity. He did not actually move until she began to walk away, although even then, he only straightened out to be standing in front of his door. He looked over as she walked away, looking her over a few times before speaking softly, a great deal of gratitude in his voice- “Goodnight, m’lady.” –after this, he simply stepped into his bedroom and laid down on top of the blankets, falling asleep in his armor before he could even remark to himself how comfortable the bed was-

Anaya: She walked down the steps and said a simple good night as her foot falls went silent and she just jumped over the banister landing as if on air but in truth it was her own mind holding her body to a graceful landing. She smiled as she moved her fingers and the study door opened and she made her way in to hunker down for the night with a nice book and get some paper work done. “Milla can you bring me a glad of chilled whine” Milla was never far at this time of night and ran off to get that. Only a couple moments later she walked into the study to see a fully nude Anaya standing there books floating around her as she was flipping pages and reading and on the desk a quill was marking all on its own her name on documents she had already gone over “multitasking miss Anaya” Milla asked as she smiled and held out the ladd to Anaya and she took it sipping it lightly “it will be a calm night I hope I will go to my chamber after this is done, be sure to have the bed ready for me and is Samuel up?” “he left to do the fish hunt my lady, may even bring in a bear, it is the end of summer they are getting nice and far for fall and winter coming” “wonderful thank you Milla that is all” she said sternly and went back to her reading three books at a time.

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-The Next Day-

Anaya: The rain was still coming down and it picked up as the night went on. It was still dark the sun had not even peeked yet with the sound of smashing came from outside as the thudding of feet smashed into the ground ripping earth and crushing trees and everything else. Grudged faces and broken teeth the snorts and grumbles of the group made the air as noisy as they made it stinky. The stench  of one in the back killed the grass and  wilted the tops of trees. There were seven all together massive hulking giant trolls all hunched over and each dragging some deformed metal bashing weapon. Some had dead mans heads on them hanging from rope others had bones and branches for decor as if it made them ay nicer to the eyes. Each trolls face had tucks with meal bracers around them as they all had large breaks and the one in the back that smelled so very bad had only one tusk the other was snapped off a part of it was still hanging there as the metal ring around it held what was left together. The lead troll gave a grumble and a grunt as he huffed and spat on the ground the green glob of what ever was in his black teeth hitting a rock and dripping off the side as it hit a snail and gave a simple intent crackling death. “Gruc Acraya!” it screamed out as the tar like green glop spat from its mouth and splattered onto one of the castle walls dripping down. The door guards backed up not fearing them but just not wanting to get near them, trolls were not known for being clean and they carried as much illness as they carried death. and the small alone was gut turning. “were in the hell is she keeping them” a guard muttered as he shook his head and looked at the other one “you stay here, watch them” the guard looked at the one telling him to stay put “fuck that worthless shit you do it i will go get her” and before the other one could say anything he was already gone and running into the castle “they are here they are here!” he yelled as he ran into the castle looking frantic for the queen. Anaya fell out of her bed and smashed into the floor “fucking hell....who is screaming.....they are here” she got large eyes as she got up from the floor and made her way to the window seeing the seven honking monsters outside all snorting and one had ripped up a tree and was eating it. “JEFFF!” she called out as she was nude and tossed on a  partly clear robe and lashed it around herself as she opened her door and moved to his and starting to bang on his chamber room “Jeff!”

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RaynerSophren: -Rayner awoke suddenly at the scream echoing through the halls of the castle. He reached for his forehead, grimacing and halfway doubling over in the bed. The pounding soon subsided mostly, and he ran his paws through his hair. It became obvious why his head was pounding so. Upon hearing the shouting outside, he grabbed one of the excessively soft pillows and lobbed it across the room. His heels tomped slightly on the floor as his worn boots hit. He made his way to the door and yanked it open, stepping out and looking around with narrowed eyes. There was a figure down the hall, but his eyes were still too blurry to see it clearly. Was that?... As he forced his eyes into focus, they shot wide at the sight. His normally restrained expression turned to one of complete shot as he saw his hostess once again. He stood there, frozen, and stared at her with these widened eyes-

Anaya: Anaya turned around, Jeff out cold like a fucking rock or just not home she had no idea were he was but clearly he was not there. She turned around seeing and face Rayner and her red eyes bright as she looked frantic “it is not even dawn yet and the trolls are here, go down there and talk to them, my son is a dimwit and sleeping or not home, go talk to them and make sure they don't leave i don't care if you dance for them” she rushed into her chamber room slamming the door without even touching it as things in her room started to fly out of drawers as she stood there in the centre of her room her mind doing the work for her to find a outfit that was not to showing Trolls were disgusted at human body's so this was one of the few times she had to suck it up and wear a turtle neck dress. The trolls picked up a torch post and started eating it the crunching of metal and teeth making that guard that was outside feel sick. He walked up to it as he looked at it and tried not to breath in there stench “you should not eat that it is the queens and they are not cheap, and um, bad for your teeth sir” the Cave troll dropped it and without even a pause it picked up the guard as he started to scream and the troll started walking away to the back of the group and started smashing him agents the ground like a large ape with a rock.  The leader of the group of seven turned around and let out a grunted yell “NOOO Bad No Smashg Araya thing!” he moved and smashed the troll over the head with his club and the troll gave out a yelp like cry tossing the guard out into the forest without a care in the world. It yelped more holding its head and moved away from its leader.

RaynerSophrenRaynerSophren Whisper: -Rayner listened, and his head followed her until she reached her door. This whole time he was still in the stance from exiting his door. Only when she disappeared behind her closed door did he snap out of it, speaking softly- “Of course, m’lady… Wait, trolls?” –knowing that a response was not coming, he began walking, taking brisk steps down the stairs. His pace was swift, and he half jogged on the ends of his paws across the hall. His near silent steps seemed surreal in this bouncing gait. When he was almost to the door, he came to a stop in front of the guard that was making his way inward. The smell had already hit him, and he grimaced slightly, but he did not shy away- “Where are the trolls? I have been sent to stall for time.” –he glanced over the man’s shoulders to see the half-opened door behind him, his ears pricking at the screams from outside. In a brisk walk now, he made his way out the door and immediately looked almost straight up to see the massive creatures. He gulped, fearing that he might suffer the same fate as the one those screams had no doubt come from. He cleared his voice and spoke up, almost shouting, to get their attention. He did not sound aggressive, but timid was in no way a word that would describe the tone- “Hoy! Misseres! If I may have your attention! M’lady Anaya has sent me to say that she will be right with you! Thank you for coming, mighty trolls!” –the attempt at flattery was more for self-preservation than anything, and he hoped that it accomplished this-

Anaya:The leader of the group looked down at the little fured thing it saw, its beedy eyes not able to see well but it did see the fur and the tail “tail thing fom Araya, no smash this ladys man” he grunted as he turned smashing one of his conrads in the face with his club, “owth Logar no smash face no face” he almost was whimpers a sensitive troll well this was new. As he turned held his face the one behind him let out a grunt spiting all over the back of his head, that did not seem to bother him at all as the glop dripped down his head splashing on the ground. Then there was that one in the back who was the fattest and stinkiest of the lot, siting on his ass eating a tree or well more like gumming it it did not seem to have teeth of any kind just gums witch were bloody and broken and frothing, clearly that one was so stupid it had bashed out its own teeth and then just kept on going with eating shit it should not eat, even if it was causing it to bleed it did not have a big enough brain to know what hurt and what did not.  The leader turned back around after viewing the ground to look back at the little fox man as he moved his hand to rudely go for garbing the little fox man by the tail, even if one hand would grab the whole body and lift it up he was aiming for the tail, kinda.   Anaya tossed on some tight fitting long necked dress as she grumbled hating the feel of this dress hating even more the feel of this fabric hating the gems and hating the gold and hating everything to do with it. She walked with it wiggling it over her hips moving as fast as she could, took a wooden brush and did her hair as she grabbed the crown and put it on her head right after lashing her hair up in a tight bun.  “almost done almost done were are my shoes?” she muttered as she started tossing things all over in hunt for them.

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with white hair not brown but that is the dress she has on

RaynerSophren: -Rayner pressed off with left foot, nimbly launching himself several feet to the left. He only barely dodged the hand reaching for him, but he managed it. He reached down to grab his bow string for a threat, but his paws grasped at air. No bow. He let his arms hang by his side, his tail stiff behind him for balance if he needed to move quickly. His fur stood on end, but he made sure to stand very still at this moment. He spoke again, making sure to use simpler words for this creature- “Please, great warrior, do not grab me! People of my size break easily! You would not want to anger M’lady Anaya! Your strength is quite impressive, though, sir!” –he kept on the ends of his paws in case he had to leap again, but his finger with which he pulled his bow string twitched repeatedly. He was not prepared for this-

Anaya: Anaya struggled kicking on a shoe and running the grab the other one hoping and runing down the steps almost falling but then running to the door she could smell them already and her face curled but she regained herself and stood up tall and firm fixed her hair and let out a large breath. Shye opened the doors standing there looking up at the massive beasts there on her front yard ripping things up and the one in the back eating trees and bleeding down his own chest.  She saw the largest one infrount trying to go for her adviser with his tree fingers and she held up her hands his arm glowing blue as it stoped in mid air. “you will NOT TOUCH things of mine!” she yelled out as the troll started to scream pulling at his arm as it was stuck in Anaya's metal grip. It was yelping and scampering trying with all it had to pull out but its arm did not budge. She then let it go the troll tromping back and rolling over one of its group. “is this all your lord could send seven lumbering buffoons who eat trees till there gums bleed. All of you are to go to the stable you have been sold to me now and i want you to get armour fitted for you and make sure your weapons are sharp and ready and wash that one in the back down” she had her upper lip curled as her red eyes flickered that smell was revolting. She turned to her adviser “you have done good with them, thank you for coming down and my apology's for being so snappy and not coming down faster, are you alright fox?” she liked calling him fox it was nice and it had a nice ring to it, a nick name had been made. “Araya no go stable, in castle we go” Anaya's eyes snapped back to the troll who had the mouth “no you will go to the stable or outback ” she took a step foreword and the rain hit her face as she cringing the rain burning into her face as she took back that step, white scales under the burned flesh on her face the troll reacting to her and grunting and smashing the ground with his hands “dragon trolls don't get long” Anaya snarled as she lifted a hand the trolls neck glowing blue as she started to break his wind pipe “what was that troll we don't get a what?” she asked as the troll said nothing and clawed at his own neck and she let him go as he scampered and crawled back “you are all owned now go to the stable and Nel will see to it you are taken care of and washed” Anaya moved a hand to cover her face as she opened the door “come in my Fox inside out of the rain i can explain why they are even here inside”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner turned his head back swiftly to look at the door opening. It was sure as hells loud enough. Then blue out of the corner of his eye. He looked back at the troll and saw it clawing and panicking. Backing away slowly to avoid the flailing, he simply observed the spectacle. He could not have imagined that level of strength before now, much less through magic. In fairness, he had only seen magic a handful of times in his life. Wannabe mages damned near burned the entirety of the fields. He stopped halfway up the stairs, still in the rain, and watched the situation unfold. He looked back to respond, though he could only nod in this moment watch what she was doing. Such simple motions. When he saw her recoil away from the rain, he took one, long, loping step to reach her. He paused as she continued to torment he trolls, but instead of answering her last statement, he untied the rabbit hide and wiped the remaining water from her face. Once it was gone, his paw froze, and he pull it away tenderly- “Pardon, m’lady. I should not have touched nobility without permission. Forgive me.” –he tied the rabbit’s hide around his hips again, his eyes resting on the scales shining through- “I wanted to prevent that from spreading.”

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as the trolls lumbered off a guard leading there way to the stable the one in the back just siting there and watching Anaya and even if he did not have much of a brain he new what he did not like, later in life he would play with dragon lady he thought to himself getting up and walking to the stable with his group. Anaya touched her face some of the skin falling off as it was burned her white scales under the skin hard and cold to the touch. “it is alright i thank you for caring, due to a curse pure bloods of my race do not fair well in water. I can crush a mountain with a hand but i cant splash in the puddles” she walked inside the castle looking back over the what and washed out land scape the ripped out trees and the ripped out torch stand. “they do a lot of damage don't they”  she chuckled a bit as she got inside with Rayner and she looked to a side room “come with me getting this dress on was one thing, but getting it off i would need a hand do you mind helping?”

DayaAutum: -Breathing heavy the man part of the group that called themselves "The Light of Day" but known among the Autums as simply the Zealots ran across the washout of red sand in a wasteland of Firedor, his mind reeling that he had been discovered by so trivial a matter as the scent of a dried pungent meat of rodent known only in the Black kingdoms. His racing mind could only come up with aside from his pandemonium of being found, of destroying the incriminating parchment he held. His thick trembling fingers manically searching beneath rusting chain mail as his worn leather boots hit hard upon the surface the water running over the sand from the downpour. His fingers found the parchment and ripped it out as he stuffed it violently into his mouth and desperately chewed it into a pulp and swallowed. From behind the flat side of a claymore sword of mithral struck his shoulder hard shattering his collarbone and throwing him off balance he fell sideways into the wet muddy sand. A fine leather black boot came to rest upon his neck and pressed hard to pin him down. His wet hands grasped upon Dayas wet boots in vain- Now what would bring you so far north Zealot? You are not running from your band of demon slaves and murderers or you wouldn't have swallowed that parchment! - The tip of her four and half foot blade thrusting down upon his other shoulder piercing just beneath the collar bone to inflict a flesh wound not to kill but to emphasis his futility. He grunted from the pain and swallowing hard his fingers wrapped around the hilt of dagger to his stomach, his fear greater than the pain as he with two quick motions unsheathe the blade and pushed the nine inch blade under his ribs slicing through the diaphragm and into his heart. His vocalizations stacato and intelligible as he died within moments. Dyas thoughts were that perhaps fear of the torture and fate worse than death that awaited him had had an undesirable side effect this time and did not look forward to Sables jests regarding the matter once she returned. She stood in the rain disgusted with the corpse she saw. She had recently fed from a hapless farm girl and was satisfied of blood, her skin showing the light peach hues as the blood refreshed her tissues. Sheathing her sword she stood five feet and nine inches tall, but her heels made her over six feet in stature. She wore a dress of black lace, painstakingly made by hand with much embroidery and difficult not to notice that such fabric would not be costly to have made, it came across her bosoms and up around her neck, and also over her pelvis and arms. It had a skirt that only covered her hind quarters and went to the rain beaten earth of red sand. Her hir was ong black and loosely curled and cascaded from a silvery crown of a nickle, iron, and platinum allow and set with black onyx that protected against magic in various ways. It would also absorb her soul, were it within her. But her souls was with the goddess who raised her and all Autums as her own brand of undead vampires, of which, she was the chosen monarch. Her neck was encircled with a necklace of the same metal and set with more black onyx, her forehead was graced with a circlet that was made in a curious pattern that protected from any physical brainwaves that might alter her thoughts in any way, also made with the sme metal but inside wires of pure iron. Upon her hand were rings, all made with the same metal and stone as the rest of her jewelry except one. Made of a silvery metal alloy but with less platinum. it was of lesser quality having not been made by the Autums but by and enchantress. It was set with a lapis luzi stone and enchanted to protect her from the suns harfull rays. Across her stomach was the Autum mark, burned with black fire from her goddess, Noapte's, shrine. It protected from holy damage of any sort as well as fire. The wind blew in from the north her, and admits the rain Daya smelled dragon, and not just dragon, but the scent of dragons that had stayed in a dwelling. Her mind curious if the Zealot had meant to go to this dwelling, perhaps turn them against the Autums overwhelmed her. Pushing the corpse away with her foot she raised her hands and mist rolled from her body till she was concealed within a thick silvery and white cloud. The cloud spiralled up into the sky to the north, the direction of the scent she had discovered and travelled through the sky in a spiralling ribbing through the raining clouds. Once over the Iron castle Daya detected the stench and mind numbing sounds of the trolls but was sure of the source of the scent of dragon quarters, and possibly the destination of the murderous Zealot. Her mist form descended abruptly and sped downward through the heavy raindrops to plunge against the pavement before the entrance to the castle. The mist pluming from striking against the stone it would look like an explosion behind the hideous trolls but do no damage or make any force of air, the scent of roses and lilacs from her perfume rising through the rain and air as well as the stench of undeath and blood the perfume could not quite mask. From this mist Daya emerged clasping a piece of a dragon scale carefully laminated to conceal any scent of it. Her ghostly white hands tipped in long black nails translucent in the ends placed the scale in fold of her lace dress and prepared her abilities as she was yet uncertain of the trolls intentions towards the castle and inhabitants she very much wished to visit and see for herself. Folding her slender and whites arms across her chest She spoke clearly with her usual perfect articulation and smooth confident voice, perhaps only sightly smokey in tone - It seems that you are eager to visit the same place as I, do you mean them any harm? - She stood confidently about twenty feet from them as her soft voice cut through the mayhem with it's smooth clarity by contrast against the guttural sounds if nothing else. Her pale white eyes glanced to and winked once before refocusing upon the trolls. She did not know him, and she doubted he knew of her this far from the Black Kingdoms but she wished to acknowledge his presence in some fashion in what she was certain an unusual occasion at the castle without disrupting her communication with the trolls-

RaynerSophren: -Rayner nodded to her after each sentence, listening and hardly believing. He was sure that the bit about crushing a mountain was exaggeration, but the bit about water sounded very spot on. The only thing that he could think to say was, “And yet you live in such a rainy place.” This was not the most tactful thing to say. He valued his throat, and he would rather keep it. After that spectacle, he would not put it past her. He continued to listen to her, and his outward expression remained composed, but inwardly his eyes might as well have popped out of his head as she asked him this. His demeanor became very rigid as it had before, and nodded stiffly- “Of course, m’lady. If she wishes it.” –he followed her inside and looked about before continuing- “Are we returning to your chambers for this?” –his nose twitched a bit as there was a sudden shift in the air. The stench of the trolls had subsided, and though it still lingered in a weak way, it had been overcome by flowery scents. He perked his ears toward the doors and continued- “And I believe that you have company, m’lady. Are you expecting someone? They smell most pleasant.” –he refrained from comparing it to her scent, deeming that to be overly familiar-

Anaya: The trolls grumbled as they really payed no mind to the new thing that had landed and they made there way off to were the dragon had instructed them to go. One hit the other one with its shoulder as it kinda played and they went lumbering off and down into the cave in the ground that took you to the larger under area of the stable were the trolls would live along side the giant death worms Anaya kept.  Anaya turned around as her clawed fingers moved and ran along the side of her advisers maw running into his fur softly “i have a spar room will have to wait i guess what ever is here is undead. ” she grumbled and her upper lip curled Anaya hated the undead to a dragon being undead was one of the largest insult you could give your living race, even worse when the being had the choice and took death over life. “i hope it is at least a kind undead” she snarled under her breath as she made her way to her throne “guess i will be stuck in this dredfull dress a bit longer ” she moved to sit in her thrones “i don't want to open the door for it, you think if i leave the door shut it will go away or a troll will eat it?” she smiled and looked to Rayner.

DayaAutum: -As Rayner entered the castle and the door shut a brow over her left eye raised in some wonder. Obviously the trolls were here on some business and while she had at least acknowledged the furry being he had not done so for her but left her outside with the trolls who were grumbling and ignoring her. She thought upon what she would do in her homeland, but quickly dismissed the idea as it would hardly be polite or diplomatic to those she greatly wished to see, that is, the inhabitants of this place. She breathed in heavily swelling the necrotic flesh of her chest and get out a long sigh and walked elegantly to the door and curled her slender white fingers into a fist and rapped had upon the planks of the door and clasped her hands behind her back and took three steps back clicking her heels upon the stone pavement and waited patiently for someone to answer-

RaynerSophren: -Rayner’s nose twitched again as she scratched his muzzle softly. He did not move or flinch, and he almost exuded a feeling of enjoyment. He nodded to her first statement, but then tilted his head at the second- “Pardon? Undead?... It does not smell like rotting flesh or death on a battlefield. Are you sure?” –he followed behind her to the throne. He hoped beyond hope that none of the guards noticed him staring down his muzzle at her ass. It was a pleasantly long way back to the thrones, but it came too quickly for his taste. He could not be sure if she noticed him as she turned around, but he snapped his eyes back to her face the second he saw her start to pivot for this motion. His response carried a certain formality, but it was rather matter of fact, as if he were responding to a bad joke- “No, m’lady. I do not believe that would work. It would be wiser to allow them in and hear them out. If you do not like it, you can ask them to leave. Surely it could not be that large of an issue with the way that you handled the trolls.” –he shifted uncomfortable in the attempt to move his armor. It had been wet twice now. Leather did not react well to wet weather, and neither did the poor cloth that acted as padding underneath. It was binding and scratching everywhere he could imagine now. Still, he tried to play it off as a stretch and a simple readjustment of the arms- “Besides. The trolls were impressive, but a small group of trained men would have been able to bind their legs at the ankles. A ballista would be just as effective. A wooden stake in the torso of a creature even that large would cause considerable damage. There were so few and not very bright. I would not rely on them without foot soldiers to back them up.” –a moment after speaking, he remembered himself and bowed apologetically- “… M’lady.”

Anaya: She smiled as she let him talk, it was nice in a way to have someone to simply talk to about matters that were not her son bitching at her or Milla sucking up to her or even worse her mate trying to get in her pants again even if he already had and she was now holding the result of it. Anaya put her hands on her belly and in this dress as she sat there was a very small bump there that she put her hands on “oh i know an undead no matter what it try's to hide its smell with, roses, peaches and fruits, in the end they all smell the sam and see  you are a very good adviser if you were not here i would have just killed it. But seeing you said i will allow it to enter” Anaya waved a hand as a guard ran to the door to allow the being outside and out of the rain. Opening the door the cold chill and the rain came in the wind strong and the storm rageing as Anaya watched her upper lip still curling in annoyance of this dress and the undead thing and the trolls and the everything, mainly the dress and having something tight fitting around her neck. She itched and clawed at the top of it showing her mild annoyance with the worthless itchy fabric.  

DayaAutum: -Watching the door swing open she held her pose until the door stilled. She expected to be at least be asked who she was or what she was doing there and found the matter odd. She quickly resolved to step inside with a graceful gait, her hands swinging about her hips loosely and with elegantly. Her face pleasant and confident she went to pass by the guards who had opened he doors and trod on to the red rugs ending at the end of the hall before the columns and crossed her ankles and let her hands palms face outwards in a stiff but graceful gesture. Her bare and porcelain colored knees bending she lowered herself in a perfect curtsey even with her claymore named "Moonlights Oblivion" sheathed upon her back. She was accustomed to allowing weapons into her own castle and thought nothing of setting her own beside the door. Her face straight forward as she viewed Anaya upon the throne - I am Daya Autum, Queen of the Black Kingdoms far to the south. I came far tracking a murderous criminal from my lands and saw your Kingdom and thought I should see it for myself. May I enter? - Dayas lips pulled into a pleasant smile, her voice was smooth as silk and her words perfectly pronounced .-

RaynerSophren: “I will have to take your word for it, m’lady. I would assume that a dragon’s nose is much more acute than my own, regardless of my breed.” –his right eye twitched a bit at her statement. More and more he was afraid to take this position for the chance that one day he would disappoint her. He could imagine what might happen, and it made him want to rub his throat to remove the feeling of a blade being there. He did not move his arms, though. He watched on as the guard jogged off but took mental note of the lady touching her stomach. There was something about that, even if it was just the fact that she had eaten the boar almost raw the night before. The breeze from the door reached all the way down the hall, making his fur wave and sway. He very much wished that he had his bow right now. He could smell her from here. He could feel that scent in his bones. He remained still, training his eyes on the visitor at the end of the hall. As the visitor neared, the alert countenance he had taken on melted to the same, rigid stance he had greeted Anaya with. This woman was wearing even less than Anaya had been when he had met her. Did all noblewomen dress like this? He worked to keep his expression hard, but his eyes betrayed him, as they often did. He simply waited for Anaya to speak before choosing his own words. ‘Patience befits action,’ as they say-

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: The prince smiled as the beings began to pile in and toss the trees and rocks around. Such power in such a dull, imbecelic body. Such power only to be used to kill thousands of undead soldiers fighting for a mad king whom only wants to conquer his family. How was he to cope with all this responsibility and so many dull beings such as trolls and worms to fight for him? Yes he had soldiers, but they only wanted blood, as did the other creatures. No one knew ideas. No one knew strategy. No one knew what to do if brute force didn't work. They couldn't just hope that flames and brute force would be enough. The king of the Northern Dead had already shown he was smart, and loyal. Jeff did him a favor by letting him run free, and only now had to prove himself to the family again by capturing and killing the Shade once and for all. He was going to be sent through his own hell. Jeff's personal oblivion. The prince sat in the tree of Solitude, out in the garden as the Trolls stomped and shouted, his dainty fingers clutching a single white rose, The family crest. He sat there, pondering what he could do to help the family even further, as his mother had singlehandedly turned down his every single idea to help. Get more troops, she says they wouldn't need them. Get more support from the drakes, and she says that they would just get in the way and she wants to EAT THEIR ONLY SOURCE OF FLIGHT FOR SOME OF THEIR SOLDIERS. Jeff was growing tired of her constant foolish mistakes. However, she was in charge and she was his mother, despite their long and battered relationship with one another. The masked prince, pale skin, blond strands falling upon his crystalized baby blue hues, pushed himself from the tree and landed with a thud, walking around the Stables. Nel shouted as the Trolls kicked the large oak stable in a tapping manor and covered his head as they all laughed with stupidity. "For the love of the seven Hells! Please Get these oafs away!" Jeff smirked and shook his head. "You'll be fine!" His velvet voice rang out, hitting the ears of the Trolls, whom Jeff had previously spotted. Jeff nodded to one, almost hypnotizing it's tiny brain with his dead eyes. "Sit." The Giant did so, mostly on his own, for they were all lazy. The others followed the first direction and sat of the floor with him. They were easily swayed, for now but would not be so calmed in battle. Nel shouted through the stables. "Thank you!" Jeff had already walked off, however and inside the Iron, to the usual saluting guards whom stayed inside and out. Rain stained his clothes and water rushed down his fingertips. The auras around him were many. New and old. He came into his home, on guard and ready for anything. He simply made his way into the great hall, his power easily felt from anyone sitting inside the large Castle, and stood in the corner, tightening the straps of his mask as his Pyrokenetic and Telekentic energies misted around his frame, glowing ever so beautiful and bright. Jeff emited energy wherever he went, which to others was bright and vibrant, but to Jeff was simply annoying. He listened and to them speak and Jeff simply shook his head, butting in. "This place is full of criminals. If you are looking for one, chances are they are in our army. Every soldier is needed. You will have to wait until the war is over."

Anaya: Anaya thought to herself on how hey at least it was proper and maybe when it found out what it was looking for it would go away and she could rip off this stupid gown and lay on a sofa in nothing or do  something like that. Her eyes bright as she sat up strait holding a rulers posture and keeping her i want to eat you comments to herself.   “come in and be seated, i am Anaya DeLaRose golden dragon of the Valaria ruler of all centre and main lands of this continent, your target is not here as we have had no news of anyone new  around the grounds and i would have seen anything as i was out this morning myself. Is there anything we can get you undead?” Anaya used that word and to many it was a slander word it was to her like calling a dark skinned man the N word humans used.  She itched more at her dress and then at her leg god she hated this thing, why could Jeff not wake the hell up so she could rip it off faster. She let out a breath  calming herself down as she could feel the ground under her feet squeeze together. She was doing her best to relax and just could not seem to handle that right now. She looked back up her eyes bright there red hues spinning as she moved her head to look at fox. She could see were his eyes were on the undead woman and a smile came over Anaya's lips as she looked up feeling and hearing her son “good to see you are back, we have reseeved  seven Cave trolls for the trip up north i am sure we can start the march tomorrow, we can discus it later today when it is more just us. And Jeff meet fox he will be a new adviser, he is new but i believe he will fit the placement as time goes on and it will be nice to have another voice, your thoughts?”  she was relaxing a bit more now knowing her son was up and with them and knowing if she really wanted to and this undead was not really much of something she had to deal with she could walk away and allow her son to take over dealings with it, she new he was more then able to handle her jobs if he needed to.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner listened to the discourse between the undead woman and Anaya. He was uncertain of the entire situation that there might be, but he could practically taste Anaya’s disdain in the air. She drew his eye as she fidgeted in her throne, coaxing a slight grin from him. Despite her attempts to sit so majestically, she still hated the dress so much that she had to scratch and claw at it. Not much for the image. The man walking through the hall caught his attention quickly. The energy swirling through the air was more than a small worry for him. He could feel the man before he heard the shouting start. His fur stood fully on end like an animal backed into a corner. His feet grew light on the ground as though he were ready move if he had to. When the man drew close, he took a step back, and then a second before holding. He could always feel it in his back first. He just wished to keep a healthy distance between himself and this man-

DayaAutum: -Bowing her head and lowering her pale eyes as Anaya announced herself Daya began to straighten her limbs and raised her face and eyes once more. Her eyes reflecting the lights of the flicking flames to most erie effect upon her paled face though pleasant her expression was. Her expressions were most articulate, much more so than other undead. She was raised under a goddess who had quite different thoughts about what a vampire should be like. “Thank you Anaya Dela Rose, I am, delighted to meet you. Do not trouble yourself over the criminal, he is quite dead I assure you. It seems he preferred to kill himself quickly either to avoid the punishment he so very deserved or to hide the purpose of his mission from me.” Resuming her elegant and catlike walk she came to a seat before the circular row of thrones and grasping the edges of her skirt which only went behind her she sat down and released the luxurious fabric crossing her knees and lacing her slender fingers tipped in long black nails together upon her thigh. Her pale face turned to Anaya again and to Jeff with her two unusually long teeth protruding from her black and blue lips to extend down almost to her chin. “I am however, most uncertain as to why he would travel so far north to your Kingdom. I fear the outlaws he is joined with are a most, Zealotous and deceitful bunch. If were on a mission here it would certainly be, shall we say, with ill intent. This is why I came here, to learn more of why he might have been travelling. “ Leaning back into the chair Dayas elbows straightened to allow for he change in distance between her thigh and shoulders, her smile lessened and her eyes tensed but only slightly emphasizing the nature of her concern and future questions she hoped might be answered “You are about to engage in war? May I ask against whom? It might be the Zealots seek some sort of alliance with them seeing that they dare to battle dragons.” Daya continued to gaze back and forth between Jeff and Anaya, her expressions were genuine concern,mainly for her own lands but, being what she was she did not wish harm to come to any continent or land actually, despite her rather bloodhirsty and savage tactics she could employ-

Anaya: She  gave a twitch and put her hand to her belly as her gut let out a grown and she leaned back in her throne, maybe it was the meal she had last night not siting well or it was simply her body working to make the egg inside of her. She was very uncomfortable in human form wall growing a egg inside of a make shift reptilian inside and a human outside to hide it all. She wiggled her face as that burn on her forehead and cheek started to heal up her face reforming to remove any trace of imperfection. She looked to the undead that was called Daya as Anaya took in a breath and then let it out slowly “anything you are seeking is not here, and for our battles it is to do with a matter that does not pertain to you, you are not from this land, and you do not have to worry or deal with matters of its soils” her words were stern and rude but in the end it was true words the matter was they were going war with the undead, and there was a undead in there hall trying to make small talk and act like it had a beating heart in its chest. The living were not kind to the dead, the dead are meant to rest in peace and not get up and walk again, it went against the very morals of life and as a  holy golden dragon she was here on this world to uphold the balance so if she was one to do her job well she would have killed it already, but she was not very good at her job. As she got up she gave a grown as her hand stayed on her Stomach “my dear son the meat i ate the other night is not siting well can you handle things my aggravation of this dreadful gown is putting my insides in a twist. I need to take it off” she turned to fox as her eyes looked at him and she could see he was unsteady with Jeff around.   But then Jeff just started to walk away he just did not even talk to her and walked off. she let out a sigh and looked over “Milla!” she called out not really a yell but just a louder call, and there Milla came “Milla please see to Dayas needs i need to go get this gown off, Fox will be joining me to aid in removing it” Milla nodded and walked over to Daya “Greetings Miss Daya i am Milla servant to lady Anaya do you wish meal or drink?”

RaynerSophren: -as the supposed undead began to speak, his eyes fell on her again. He remained rigid as he had before, and listened intently. Even if he wanted to speak right now, he was unsure if he could. Between Anaya’s request still echoing in the back of his mind and the attire of this new woman, he was not at all sure how to take it. His mind was in places that it had no right being. Every time he inhaled this new woman’s scent, he wanted to shudder. It was, however, a relief that the other man had left. As he continued to inhale, one could see his breath as though it were frigid inside. The pain in his back began to ebb away until it finally disappeared. What a relief. Once Anaya stood, his head snapped to look at her, and he stood ready to follow her, though this thought still plagued his mind. He followed her with his light steps, trying his hardest not to look back. That was not professional. Not the sort of things that nobility did. He was an ‘advisor’ now, and he had to act the part-

DayaAutum: -Tilting her head of cascading long black and loosely curled hair Daya bent her elbow under the form fitting black sleeve and curled the slender fingers of her hand, all but the index finger and rested her cheek upon it with her finger extending up the side of her pale face. Her white eyes still eerily illuminated from the reflections of the flickering flames within the throne room turned to behold Milla. Her full black and blue lips stretching upon her face over her protruding teeth curled pleasantly - “Thank you for the offer Milla, but I fear My, condition, does not hold well to food and drink. I ingest nought but fresh blood” Her shoulders turn slightly towards Milla turning over the claymore in it's sheath as she leaned against it and the back of the chair  “was merely curious about the land especially with a zealot seemingly desperate to come here and swallowing the parchment containing his orders. He committed suicide once I subdued him you know, and I find this land preparing for a war and all, I know not what to think now.” Dayas words were smooth, she was in fact fishing for information about who they might be fighting against hoping for a clue to her mystery believing now, though incorrectly, that it was not merely to try and cause conflict between Anayas Kingdom and her own “I am not of demonic origin you know, and sworn to keep a balance between life and undeath. These zealots secretly want to subdue all things living, brainwashed fools they are!” Dayas eyes watch Milla closely for any reaction to her words, hoping for some clue as to where she might look next for clues albeit not here-

Anaya:  Anaya walked into a back room enjoying getting away form the undead stink covered up with other crap that made the small to her even worse. It was like taking trash and putting roses on it did not make the trash smell go away just made it smell of shit and flowers. She looked back over her shoulder to the woman “what ever you need talk to Milla” and with that she walked with her Fox to a side room as she opened the door to allow him in to the side room first, for a small side room it was still large sofas and soft areas pillows on the floor and nice velvet curtains covered the windows and the room smelled of roses and nice burning candles. She let out a light sigh as she turned around her slender figure her arms so smooth it was as if her body was just calling out for someone to touch it. “there are strings can you just untie them and it will just fall off, i just cant stand it anymore i have no idea why humans were this garbage on there body's, it itches i hate it so much” she grumbled and held her belly as it turned tonight she would have to toss this human form and be herself for a while to let things grow like they should as she needed to not have the egg inside of her hindered in anyway, if it was harmed Samuel would have her head for killing his hatchling. “please the faster the better i don't care if you cut the stupid thing off i hate this trash of coverings” Milla looked at Daya and tilted her head eyes matching Anaya's shimmering in the light of the castle “the battle and what is to go on up north as Miss Anaya said you do not need to worry about what ever you were looking for is good and dead and a bad person here is very easy to come by, everyone here has evil in there heart and Anaya governs the balance here, she is not a large fan of your kind as to her it is an insult you even exist, it may be an idea to leave before she comes back from what ever she is doing in the other room. But the choice is up to you miss Daya”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner followed closely behind Anaya, and he only passed through the door first due to her short temperament at the moment. She said this was a sparring room, but it looked more like the kind of place one might keep a harem. Honestly, what sparring could be done here? It was not open in the slightest, and soft pillows did not replicate any sort of terrain. He turned around, intent on asking this and saw her again. Her back was already turned to him, and she was asking him very urgently to take it off. There was no way to turn back now. He responded in a slightly softer tone than he usually spoke, untying the strings on the back of her dress with tender movements, his claws just gently scraping her back through the dress- “M’lady, I would not ruin this dress. Whether it is liked or not, it serves its purposes. This is not even mentioning that it probably costs more than I have ever seen in my life.” –he was slightly ashamed to admit this, but that worry sank from his mind as the second he finished untying her dress, it just simply fell off and to the ground as she had said it would. He stood there, stunned again. He was so close behind her that he would not even have to stretch his arm. Still, he wished to keep that arm- “Th-there, m’lady. It is off… I hope that you are glad to be rid of it. I-is there anything else you need?”

Anaya: she let out a giant sigh of release as the dress fell to the floor and she stepped out of it and kicked it a side “oh god it feels so good to be out of that you have no idea how much i hate human things” she turned around facing him her bear body there for him to view. She moved her claw to simply cut the hair tie and let her snow white hair fall around her face her red eyes being partly covered up by hair “what else do i need? I do not know” she said softly as she looked at him studying his reaction his voice how he held himself in this moment and simply how he was “i saw you looking at the undead woman, do you enjoy looking at me?” she asked him bluntly her voice holding odd tenderness by it a coy trick or truth one may never know.

DayaAutum: -Her pale eyes remain casualty gazing upon Milla, her lips still holding the soft curl of a pleasant smile upon horribly discoloured soft lips. Raising her head she let her ghostly hand slide from her face to fall softly upon the surface of the chair she was offered. She inhaled deeply for her next words disappointed at Milla's reluctance to offer any information helpful to her. “I am quite satisfied the man is dead and gone, his mission however could very well be picked up by another however and thus why it concerns me so.” She pauses letting the last of her breath escape and stares upon Milla “ I understand Anaya rules and keeps these lands dear. I was merely hopping for, mutual benefit in discovering what this man was up to. I understand also that Anaya, does not care for undead. She is not alone in this sadly. But, if I am unable to further my cause I see no reason to torment her with my presence” Pressing her pale hands upon the ends of the arms of the chair her fingertips remained a constant white having not the flow of living blood in them as she raised herself up, her half skirt falling about her pale and cold but smooth and even coloured legs and she let her slender hands fold in front of her  “Will you please extend my thanks to Anaya for allowing my visit?” Turning towards the door she took the same catlike and graceful walk she had entered with letting her hands sway about her feminine form “I should be going and return to be chidded by my chief guard trainer for allowing any useful information slip from my fingers. Rather humiliating really but I will suffer through it. Good luck to you and your Kingdom in the struggles ahead, may you far well.” Daya spoke politely as she crossed the room and stepped upon the red carpet before the door-

RaynerSophren: -Rayner could not help but look her over when she turned around. His composure had ceased to exist in such a way that one might as well have stabbed it thirty-seven times and thrown it into a well to be doubly sure. His eyes were wide, and his mouth hung just slightly open. He was so enthralled in that moment that he had not even heard the first sentence that had passed through her lips. The rest he managed to pick out as he forced himself to focus at least that much through the images swirling in his mind. There was a solid moment of silence after her question. He could not think. He could not even let the first thing that came to his mind come out. There was just nothing. Then, and quite startlingly so, his mouth began moving on its own accord, though to his relief, it said roughly what he was wanting to say- “I do not know what to say. You are the most… I cannot even.”

Anaya: All Anaya could do is smile as she took a clawed hand and ran her finger tips along his maw, her touch was very cold and to a warm blood it sent shivers down the spine, softly and tenderly she ran her razer edged nails under his chin and then away back to herself “i do believe i am doing to sit on the sofa. It is nice not being in human garments, i don't know how you can stand it, they itch and pull and they are just not me but if my human body distracts you or you have to shy your eyes i can change it if you want” she walked over to the sofa her backside swaying with every step snow white hair falling over her curves as she sat down on the sofa hair long enough almost to touch the fabric of the pillows. “Rayner tell me about yourself, something i don't yet know” she said softly as she bent forward facing him her elbows on her knees as she rested her chin in them her arms unknowingly pushing her breasts together as she sat there , simple, like it was normal just to be fully nude in fount of your workers here, it for sure was not a run of the mill castle when it was ruled by a dragon. “you tell me more about you and if you want i can tell you more about me”

RaynerSophren: -Rayner could feel his entire body jerk as Anaya’s first, lightest touch grazed his fur. It was as if his entire body had just come to life. The fur all over his body stood on end as his mind began flooding with thought, both imagery and speech. He was unable to speak at first as she continued touching him so tenderly. Then she pulled away. She pulled away, and his paw lifted as if to reach for her without ever finding its destination. He began speaking in a flourish of speech that panicked him as he had no control over how far he was going- “M’lady, wait. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Your skin is like the finest, Southern leather, so soft as to stop a babe’s crying and tanned as if kissed every inch by the sun. Your hair is the winter morning, the waking sun washing the fields of the purest white with its liquid light and making it softer for the touch. The very sight of you like this could melt the heart of even a grizzled warrior who had seen so much war and blood he might not see beauty in any other thing. My words do no justice, m’lady, but I hope that I could pay some measure of compliment…” –upon finishing this series of statements and compliments, he stood there with a look of panic upon his face. His fiery eyes almost burned the air as they stood so open. After a few moments, he rushed to the couch beside her and tried to avoid eye contact, feeling as though his face might catch fire if he saw her glances. His voice was much softer when he finally responded- “There is little else to tell. I work from town to town for coin. I can only stand this armor because it keeps me alive. I could not say the same about most people. My armor and my bow are safer. There is only one thing that I could say that you do not already know. Rather, show. Not say.”

Anaya: Anaya blinked a couple times a single touch opened him up like a very nicely made book there was a side of her mind that wondered what another touch would do but there was also the other side of her in pain from what was growing in her gut.  she put a hand on her belly as she watched him move to sit beside her she turned and looked at him as he kept his eyes low she new he was a flush under all that fur. “you know i have never seen a furred biped in the lands here for as long as my legs have walked on this land mass, you must have come a very far way” she was trying to make small talk for in truth the dragon a full sucker for one who could swoon her and lavish her in words of praise did not know much on how to react to them.  She had spent so long getting backlash on how mean and cruel she was even her own son giving her gripe on how evil and twisted she could be she had not had anyone tell her she looked nice in a long time. The last thing she was told about looks was how Jeff was happy he stabbed his own eyes out when she was in a bath robe. Even her mate did not say nice tings dragons did not say nice things her mate wanted the child and her power and yes he may say that he loved her but in the end it was as much of a mask as her nice face was.  She leaned back on the sofa and relaxed bit leaving her hand to run her claw tips over her belly and up into the cleavage of her breasts.  It was truly ice to be out of that dress , out of everything really and she thought on how to be nice back to Rayner he was humanoid maybe if she acted like humans did when things like this happens it would make him happy. She may not have the feeling humans did or the meaning behind it but an action was an action. She would think about it and see what she came up with. “and you will enjoy the hold if you like coin, you are my adviser so you can go down there ONLY when escorted if Samuel finds you down there you will end up dead”

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RaynerSophren: -Rayner nodded to her statement, though his demeanor lowered a bit as she seemingly ignored his compliments. He looked out of the corner or her eye as she touched her belly again. She had said before that last night’s meal had not sat well, but it seemed like there was more. She was touching her stomach much too tenderly for it to be stomach ache. His response was flat as he figured his moment was over- “Yes, m’lady. I came from very far south. I make the most coin from small, unguarded settlements that need training or help taking care of some bandits. Large cities do not need men like me. They already have hundreds. I am just one male. There are only so many of these settlements, and so I travel far for my coin. I miss the warmth of my home, but there is little for me there. When you walk under the banner of the losing king, there is little left for you in your own lands. If I went back there now with these colors, I would likely be drawn and quartered by the town guards.” –his eyes were drawn to the movement of her hand now. Her claws moving up and down her body like that made those feelings return, even if he was still disheartened by the rejection- “I am sorry, m’lady… Down where?” –as he asked this question, his eyes lingered between her legs. She couldn’t be saying…-

Anaya: “down in the hold. Under this castle is a very large cavern system. It is were we keep the castles gold and it is under strict guarding from Samuel my mate and the king here” she tilted her head at were his eyes were lingering and she could not help but smile and let out a chuckle “you have not had younge or lay with one much have you. Or have you not ever done the act of mating” dragons were blunt beings and if they thought something they said it, there was no filter here at all. Anaya moved her clawed hand to rest on her lap letting her belly relax a bit and letting her body breath. “tell me, do you think the 60 gold coins is enough for your work here as my aid, if you wish more it can be done”
RaynerSophren: -Rayner paws had been resting on his legs, and the same, right, index claw began digging into his thigh as he heard about all of that coin. His eyes remained between her legs, but they became distant, as though he were staring one thousand yards into the distance. He looked up at her face curiously, though, when she asked the questions that she did. He looked down to the ground in front of the couch then, turning one paw up and then back down, a motion with the same meaning as shrugging. His voice was slightly nervous in this answer- "It has not been important. I worked for coin to live, and that coin went to travelling so that I could earn more coin. My species mates for life, and humans do not see my people in a sexual way. Not most of them, at least..." -he paused to hear her again and looked over to her, though his eyes rested on her knees so that he could think- "This job has turned out to be more dangerous than I had expected. I do not know what else to ask. Sixty gold coins is a lot, especially when it is weekly-

Anaya: “well you get whatever you wish it does not have to be gold if you want more things gold can only get you so much when we prove you with everything else, if you want rare meats or clothing of silk or gold threads, new armor without a dent in it, a new blade or bow anything you wish can be made and hand crafted for you.” Anaya got up from the sofa and walked over to a large standing wardrobe and open it inside was lined with simple dresses and silks, she took one out that had criss crossing fabric in the front that held and covered her breasts nicely but left some of them hanging out the bottom as it was not a tight fit and it was so nice as it was not around her neck at all it nicely hung to her hips leaving her tummy fully free and relaxed “much better do you think it looks fine?” she turned around the base of the dress going just past her bum as it lifted up as she spun around enjoying the feel of it on her body. She smiled as she blinked sideways clear eyelids cleaning her eyes as she looked that little bit more creepy.

DayaAutum: -Casting her pale eyes upon the castle once again Daya stood as the rain beat down upon her soaking the lace and fabric of her dress and rolling from the silvery metal and black obsidian of her jewelry and scabbard of her sword. She had spent her time wandering in mist form for any sign of who or what the zealot was seeking. The inhabitants had been most uninformative and being unfamiliar with the lands she found nothing at all. Fishing for more information was needed, perhaps simply ask for the location of an Inn, they would believe such a thing as they knew not of her abilities and how they were different. Her ghostly hand resting upon her chin she thought, she did not wish to seem most, shall we say, obsessed with the matter but she truly wished to know what that Zealot was up to. She let her hand fall from her chin and she approached the castle, her sword swaying upon her back with her catlike walk. The scents of many races and beings came to her through the downpour and she wondered what purpose Anaya had for so many, and jeffs description of them being comprised of every criminal in the land! She wondered if it were an expendable force, a simple diversion for the real attack and plan of attack. Her leather boots struck into the mud pulling the dirt up with her steps to be washed away in the down pour. Upon reaching the castle doors she raised a fist of ghostly cold fingers and rapped upon the heavy wooden planks-

RaynerSophren: -Rayner watched her as she walked over and got dressed. She had not put anything on underneath that dress. He wished to think of that as curious, but curious was the last thing on his mind. Everything about his demeanor was rigid and stiff. As a whole, he seemed to be getting to the point of closing up. It was quite apparent that she had not cared in the slightest for his compliments. His voice was very flat and almost professional when he responded to her first statement- “There is very little that I wish for in this world, m’lady. As I have said, I have not had much time or freedom to think on such things. I am no longer a soldier, but… I would guess that you know the adage.” –when she asked how she looked in her dress, he looked up to her again and gave a melancholy smile. After looking her over several times, his eyes lingering on certain places, he finally responded with some attempt at sounding pleased- “Absolutely radiant, m’lady. I am very sure that your husband will be thrilled to see you in it. It is not what I am used to, but I am going to have to become accustomed to it, will I not?” –he stood, taking on his pseudo-military posture and bowed to her respectfully, awaiting her next words-

Anaya: Anaya walked over to him and moved her hand to hold his cheek softly as her red eyes looked into his. “he does not look at me, our kind does not view looks, not with each other only with ourselves due to vanity, the only thing he views me for is power house and an incubator. To a dragon it is only skin on a shell that hides what’s inside it is not attractive to him and it never will be” she moved and layed a simple kiss to his cheek as she ran her clawed fingers along his under jaw. She could hear taping on the doors but wanted badly to ignore it but maybe it was a sale man or someone brining around the paper work for the cave trolls for ownership she had not gotten them yet and she wondered if it would be raven or carrier to bring them here. “come with me I hear a taping on the door. And I thank you very much for all you have said, I do not know how to repay you for such tender words. And I do hope you find happiness in your life here even if it is not a army or battle ground” she took his paw in her hand as a guard came to the door and covered his eyes not to look at her in worry of her being nude or something “umm..anaya, guest at the door in the rain, we open it?” “yes go open it and get them to wait at the thrones I will be there in a moment” the guard noded and went to open the doors without a word said as he smiled to the guest and pointed in to the thrones “come in out fo the rain miss, the queen will see you in a moment she is getting changed. And be careful miss, there is a touch post out”a troll had riped a post out of the ground and it had green goo all over it and was in front of the doors you would have to step over it to get inside “watch your step” in the distance a loud trumpet of a roar sounded as in the back Anayas ears stood up “they are back from the nights hunt hope he brought more then fish this time” she said in a almost playful sense.

RaynerSophren: -Rayner shuttered as she touched him, though he made his best effort to act as though nothing had happened. As he listened to her words, his ears drooped, and he looked away from here without turning his head. The more she said about how little her husband cared, the more he seemed to become melancholy. When she kissed him, however, his ears perked up, and he gave her a curious, mostly confused, look. The thanks for his compliments did not fall on deaf ears, but he seemed far more confused about the gesture that had just been given than anything. He looked away fully when she mentioned the tapping at the door, however, and to look at the entrance to the room they were in. When the guard came in covering his eyes, Rayner began to wonder what sort of sparring room this actually was. There was little more than a nod in response to the situation, and his words felt like a chill upon the air- “I thank you for your words, m’lady. As I said, there is little more that I can ask. You have a mate, regardless of quality. I am your advisor. I follow your lead, m’lady.” After this, he stepped aside and awaited her first two steps so that, as usual, he could stay two steps behind.

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