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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Tumblr_nrzwu1XQAQ1sh566ao1_1280
“I will Do as an Empress should do, I will Rule.”

The north now gone and her son shipped off to his new content to get settled in she looked to the new days dawn with a bit more hope in her eyes.  Really in truth there was not much in her eyes other than oh it was nice to have peace for once, no Jeff barking down her neck on who to not lie to what to not do what to do, Anaya could at last just rule and get the place back to where she wanted it to be.

It was now in story’s how the fire rained upon the sky’s in the north and how it seemed like one day the place was white and the next it had all come crashing down and just ash lay there, it was clear how much damage the dragon rulers rage could do and fear and strife ran rampant in the lands, some places were to scared of her and they packed up and left and others had made it their job to go against her making small but growing cultist groups hidden within their own people to one day rile up against her and bring the dragon to her knees.  A couple stood out more than others,  a large scale Christian group that saw themselves as people of the lord they called themselves the holy temple and saw the dragon as a devil’s advocate sent here to ruin them, they voiced their hate now but never acted on it so the crown ignored them over all.

A not as large but growing group witch helped its head up high and did a lot of yelling and small acts of violence and vandalism was a group called The Church of Bible Understanding it was a human group that had gotten way out of hand and allowed to grow due to their targeting small children and brain washing them to go against the crown, in their eyes the human book that was made by other humans was the word of the lord and nothing not even the crown should be above it. But in the end they did not pose a threat in anyway as of yet so most of the time they went ignored.

The one that really is standing out for its actions of abducting children men and woman and using them as human blood pools or sacrificing them to their god is the worshipers of Nerull. The god is the Flan god of death, darkness, murder, and the underworld. He is known as the Reaper, the Foe of All Good, the Hater of Life, and the Bringer of Darkness. His symbol is a skull and scythe and is sometimes painted or marked around the lower towns and once it was even painted on the wall of the castle as the painter killed himself by setting himself on fire screaming “long live darkness bring down the gold one” many say they are the largest problem as of right now and Anaya has put her mind to it to have the crown rid themselves of this pest. But the hard part is no one knows where they are or how many are in there ranks so to find them is a challenge on its self.

But the castle has stood no matter what has come against it and in this world of darkness good and fighters, everything seems to work out in the end, but now with Anaya the great golden dragon of white scale siting upon her throne and her mate Samuel at her flank and bun in the oven, things can at long last get back to normal and days can go on, it will be only a couple weeks now before it is time to lay this egg and bring the new life into the world.  Now the doors are open to the castle and Anaya is expecting new people to walk in and new faces, maybe even gain a family over the coming months who knows, last family did not turn out good, one would never know how many body’s the dragon hid in her basement.


It had been a few weeks that the prince had been gone from his home, having been taken against his will. He was one of the best fighters in all the kingdoms but the many men whom stormed the Iron in the middle of the night, almost silently, took him in his slumber. Now, Jeff DeLaRose sat strapped down to a chair, as a masked man paced back and forth. "You are Jeff DeLaRose. Yes-... We know all about you. You killed your own brother. Many Brothers in fact. You did your mother's work when it came to dispatching her enemies. You were brought into a home made for dragons and rose through the ranks to become accepted by them. Some say-..." He picked a small dagger from a table that sat across from Jeff, having many small instruments on it, and started walking toward him. "...that you can't be broken." Jeff smirked and the man continued. "I am going to change that." "Then you are going to need a bigger knife." Jeff spat at the man's feet, already beated and bloodied by the other men. "You kill because you are ordered to kill, no? Well I torture because I am ordered to. It's just buisness." The prince grunted and struggled, as the man came by and tightened his straps on the chair. "Don't move. I don't want to miss." He brought the small blade to Jeff's cheek and sliced horizontally across, the nectar trickled from the velvet flesh and dripped on the cold stone ground. Jeff grunted, gritting his teeth in pain while then man laughed. "I'm already broken!" Jeff shouted, clenching his hands against the arms of the chair. "I don't care who sent you! I don't care what you think you know about me!" The man leaned close to Jeff. "And why is that?" "Because when I get out of this chair, I am going to take that knife, and heat it to a red hot iron, and I'm going to slide it up your perky little a-...." The man hauled off and back handed Jeff, causing him to spit some blood onto the floor. "Ass..." He finished, before the man smirked with amusement. "So? If I let you out of this chair, and you kill me...what will you do next?" The prince paused and lowered his brow. "I-...I will kill all the men who kidnapped me." The large torturer bellowed and got an inch away from Jeff's face again. "You are going to kill all 50 men, with no weapon in your weakened state? You have not trained and your power is almost gone. They would wipe the floor with you." Jeff grunted again and tilted his head back before reeling forward and smacking his skull into the man's nose. "Gods-... you are a bastard!" The man's hands flew up to his bloodied, crooked nose and he set his knife down on the table, starting to get annoyed with Jeff and his retaliation. "I'll just send in another man to take care of you." The man started to walk away and Jeff shouted. "Wait! What is your name?!" The man stopped, turned around and raised a brow after furrowing it. "My name is Yvern... why do you ask?" "Because, I made you a promise, and I intend to keep it." Yvern smiled and continued to walk out of the room whilst a fat pig of a man walked through the doors. He had himself a large axe and he spoke in broken english. "I Gort. Gort smash you." Jeff teased. "I Jeff, Jeff no care." Gort smiled and raised an axe over his head, before hearing Yvern's voice. "Nah ah ah! Gort! We need Lord DeLaRose alive. He is to tell us all the secrets that Anaya has to offer. Then you may kill him." Jeff spat at Gort's feet and coaxed the man. "Come on! Do it! Make my fuckin' day!" Jeff had no idea why he was the one to be kid napped but he knew that he needed to get home. They had hung him from hooks, beaten him within an inch of his life, cut him, hit him with rubber mallets, and even began to carve their symbols into his back, so he would never forget this incident. The defeated Jeff looked to the oaf whom still raised an axe and smirked. "Come on! Don't just stand there! Hurt me! I'm beginning to enjoy it!" Gort lowered the Axe and started to move closer toward Jeff, whom waited for his opportunity. He had planned this for a week now. He would wait for the main man, Yvern to leave, and would use one of his lackys to his advantage. Gort began to speak more nonesence. "Our house strong. You weak. We break you. You bones no strong nuff for Gort mouth." "Say that to my face..." Jeff waited, and Gort followed with his plans, as this was almost to easy, however Yvern was right. Jeff was weaker than he had been before and was almost like a human again, with how drained he was from not feeding and being beaten beyond his own comfort level. Gort leaned in close. "Gort want eat pretty man's eyes." Jeff then kicked his feet off the ground and used the legs of the chair to bash the behemoth of a man in the chin, knocking him unconsious. Jeff then used his momentum to roll over and onto his feet. The prince then ran backward into the stone wall multiple times until the large redwood chair broke, leaving Jeff with just the straps around his wrists. Jeff smiled in his small victory and removed them, before taking no time to regain himself. He reached for Gort's axe and Yvern's knife that he had left on the table and crouched as he made his way out of the door. He needed to rely on stealth to see him home. He was going to make it out of Was Gort saying that he was taken by another noble family? Jeff spotted two men, dressed in golden Armor, standing watch a few feet from him with their backs turned.  With the knife in one hand, Jeff moved in close, readying himself, before Yvern came up to them. "The Princess wants to see the prisoner. She says to leave him intact. She want's their wedding to be-...respectable." Wedding? "Yes Lord Firedor." Jeff's jaw dropped as he backed up into the shadows. Waiting for the perfect time to spring his escaped. "Let Gort finish with him and she will see to it that they have their conversation tonight." Jeff gave a small gasp before slowly making his way from the shadows and into a back room, off of the room he was held in. He limpped softly and grunted with each step. He had been injured before but nothing like this. No. This was different and something he was not use to feeling. He was now walking down a long hall, with many rooms to either side of him with their doors shut. He quickly planted his back against the wall when he spotted a door opening down the hall and opened up a random door, which was a chamber pot room, and huddled inside. The foot steps passed and he continued his journey down the corridor. He opened two large doors at the end of the hall and limped into what looked like a throne room. The prince looked around, as blood leaked onto the floor from his cheek and lips, his gaze stumbling across a figure sitting in the throne. She was a blonde haired beauty, wearing a crown, staring  back at Jeff. "Oh my." Jeff growled under his breath. "You-...did this to me?" She rebuttled right back. "No! I had no clue! I was told that you'd be brought here and-..." Jeff moved forward, to the throne. "You knew-...Don't lie to me." Her scared tone became chilled and emotionless. "Aye...I did. I ordered it. I knew that you wouldn't come willingly. I knew you had to be-...broken. Think about it, my Lord. You and I-...Ruler of DeLaRose and Ruler of Firedor, easily forming our Armies together. We would be absolutely invincible. We would rul-.." Jeff took another step forward, clutching his hand around the axe. "I wish no such thing. My heart has belonged to another and always will." She smiled softly. "It doesn't matter whom we love, my prince." "Aye, It does! Do you realize what you put me through?!" Jeff took another step and she simply sat back. "Any moment, I could have men flood this room and take you down." She spoke low. "No, you wont risk getting me killed. You know that each second I stand, I regain my energy. Send your men and see how it ends for them." Jeff spoke in a soft voice, taking another single step. She began to grow worried. "I didn't mean for them to go this over board, Jeff. I just wanted to see us wed." Jeff shook his head and looked at the ground. "You sent your men to my home. You murdered men of ours in their sleep. You tortured me in order to turn me into some broken slave. Some fake figure of authority whom knows not of what he is ordering his men to do without the word of his queen?" Jeff gripped the knife firmly in the other hand. "No-...the things they did to me while I was locked up here-... how long has it been? Weeks? Months?" She answered softly. "4 month." made it to the bottom of her throne. "You locked me up for a month. In that time, they cut your sigels into my back. Forever carved into my skin like some kind of animal hide that holds a damned symbol! They smashed my face with their fists while I had no way to defend myself! They slit my skin just for laughs! They beat me and destroyed my power! You wanted this!" Jeff grew angry, but began to take a step back ."Aye...I did. But I did not know my men would go this far. Yvern did this to you. He is my right hand, and sociopath. He takes joy in-... torturing the prisoners-..." "So that is what I was?! A prisoner to you? You just wanted to marry me for an army. For power." Jeff smiled and slowly began to back up. "You sound just like my mother." "No-...Ever since I was a little girl, I've heard of your valor on the battlefeild. The countless towns and taverns you'd visited, bringing peace and coin to. The many men you'd kill just to bring honor to your family. Everyone in the land of Firedor knew of your adventures. They heard of the time you fought a Zarot. They heard of the time you killed your brother. They heard of the murdered our village. Everyone around here knows you. Everyone around Mill Mire knows you. Everyone knows you. That's how I heard of you-...and fell in love with you." Jeff growled. "Fell in love with me?! You want to use me to do your dirty work! I am done being used! I've killed and almost been killed just for some honor that doesn't even belong to me!" She sighed some. "So what are you going to do to me then?" Jeff shook his head. "That-...really isn't up to me. Is it?" He looked up to her and she shook her head as well. " isn't. I guess it's an honor to die by your hand. I've always wanted to meet you. I've always wanted to see how beautiful you were." Jeff slowly began to make his way up the steps to her throne, where she still sat, waiting. Her words were sweet and innocent, which she was not. His hands slowly let go of his weapons and he slid his hands up to her cheeks, getting a few inches away from her face. "We can be together, my love. Forever." Jeff's eyes began to tear up as he caressed her cheeks, before moving to grip around her windpipe. "I'm not your love." He then watched as she gained a surprised look as he squeezed. Her eyes began to glaze over with each passing second. Each little bit of life she had left was slowly going away and within minutes, she was gone. Nothing but a lifeless husk of a woman left, slumped in a throne. He held his hands loosely there for a few minutes before gently letting go and picking up the axe and knife from the ground, before turning and making his way to the main doors that led outside. He was free at last, and one day. He would return, and slam his blade into Yvern's heart. Until that day were to come. He would sail home, on a stolen ship that rested in the Firedor port. He was going home.

"35 days." She spoke, standing in front of the mirror, naked. It had been 35 days since Jeff had left her. Perhaps for a princess. She had yet to move any of his clothes from her room, and still wore his ring around her neck. He even left his beloved mask behind which she took to wearing until his return, if he was ever to return. "Where is he?" She muttered, as the gaze she gave off stared out the window, overlooking the passing ships out on the sea. "Maybe he will come back. Maybe he is dead..." She went over the many different senarios that could have taken place in the last month of his venture, yet there were still some things that didn't make sence. He left his mask, and didn't tell her where he was going. He didn't take his weapons, that sat in the corner of their room, and he didn't even make the bed as he did every single morning. Her ample body stood in the shadows of the room whilst her fingers moved to pick the mask up, and place it on her cheeks, doing the straps over her ears. She dressed herself in a black, leather top, skin tight, and a pair of leather pants to match. Her fingers slipped into the fingerless gloves that she found lying around the room and with that, she turned to leave. As she exited their room, she turned to face the guards at the door. "Mark, Lev, did you hear any rumors of Jeff's return?" "No, my Lady. We only heard what the others have heard. Anaya says that he left on his own accord but there is no evidence to support such a claim. We don't know any more of the truth than you do." "Aye...thank you." They saluted the hand maiden and began to continue their post. She made her way into the main hall, where she spotted Samuel, drinking his usual cup of tea. Or Orphan tears, as he took to calling it. "Hello Samuel..." "You look ridiculous..." He said, raising a brow." Her smile fadded from behind the mask. "He is probably dead. Or he ran away again..." "You have no idea what you are talking about!" She grunted, begining to turn to walk away, before hearing more of the butler's words. "You think you are enough to make him stay? He left after slaughtering a village the last time. This time, I doubt it will be any different. When power comes into play for this family, the DeLaRose tend to chase it." Samuel took a long sip before Ashe turned to face him once again. "I love that man, no matter how much you want him gone." "Who said I wanted him gone. It's actually rather...quiet without him here. I do miss his anger." "As do I-...where do you think he is?" She asked, tightening his mask. "If my caculations are correct, probably in Firedor, sipping on some blood." Ashe sighed more and looked to the floor. "What if he isn't though-...I keep having this dream that he is trapped in some dark room, in mass amounts of pain." "Don't worry much my dear-...If we both know Jeff, he is alive and well. It takes much to take down that bastard." She sighed once more. "What happened between Jeff and Jaurl? He refused to talk about it." Samuel took a sip of his tea before dropping it onto the coaster on the table. "Jaurl attacked Jeff to get Jeff to mercy kill him. He said he didn't want to be on this planet anymore, and Jeff had no choice but to defend himself. It was quite upsetting for him. He hasn't been the same. He Just got angrier and began to shy away, until he met you." Ashe sighed for a third time. "Will you stop that-...I'm sure he is fine. He has you, doesn't he?" She shook her head and continued to walk away, toward the throne room. "We will just have to wait and see." The doors closed behind her as she began to go to her post. Where Anaya was. While Jeff was Away, Ashe took it upon herself to be a hand maiden for Anaya, and a good one at that. Anaya had taken a large liking to her and Ashe did her best to keep the queen happy. She strolled into the kitchen and poured Anaya's favorite fruit juice into a pitcher for the queen and made her way back out to where the queen was sitting and reading over paper work. "Good morning, Ashe!" "Good morning, your grace." She mumbled, pouring the glass that Anaya was using. "Why do you seem so down?" "Why aren't you, your grace? Jeff is gone and I don't know if he will ever return." "Are you still going on about that? He is fine. He is happily sitting on his own throne. I'm sure he will come to visit soon. And if not, well then we will visit him!" Anaya's eyes moved to Ashe's mask. "So, he left that old thing behind for good, aye?" "I'm not sure he did it intentionally. He left his weapons behind as well-..." Anaya narrowed her eyes. "I've got a lot of work to do. If I need anything else, I will call for you, my dear. Go rest, or go take a walk. I'm sure that will clear your head." She bowed before the queen before turning to walk out the back. "Yes, your grace." Anaya was being suspicious and was certainly behind something that had to do with Jeff's  vanishing act. She began to walk down to the beach, before reaching down to pick up a rock before skipping it across for about three bumps. "He survived the War of the North...He survived countless fights...and he survived so many more things than just that. He has to be fine." She sighed and looked down, remembering Jeff's eyes as he finished the king of the north. Completely destroying whatever was left of the decaying authority figure caused Jeff to finally sleep well for that night, in her arms. She smiled from behind the mask, before tossing another rock. "Come home, Jeff." She whispered, remembering the countless months they shared together at his home. Little did she know, the broken prince was already on his way.

Anaya walked to Samuel as he lay in his chair with his feet up, her belly round as she leaned over him and crawled up to his lap. "She still talks about it you know, wonders where he went and what happened to him" Samuel wrapped his arms around her waist “you know I find it sexy when you are all tyrant like you used to be, did the war the combat change you?” Anaya let out a breath and she ran her hand down his shoulder taking his hand in hers and putting it to her belly so he could feel the growing egg within her body. “In another 4 months I will almost be ready to lay. And to be able to be a dragon I well need to be more a dragon, teach it the right way our way and the old way, we can teach it to fight and to want power, to rule. And with Jeff out of the picture we can at last not have to worry about him getting in the way and the whole crying thing with his brother, I can’t stand Ash with her bringing it up all the time, it has been over 6 months now that he has been gone” Samuel moved a hand and ran it along his woman’s cheek as he ran claws into her hair, his long hair back in a braid like he liked it as his upper body was without garments on his muscles and shoulders strong and broad “it is fine and you have been doing fine with dealing with it, I remember how hard you took it when Drax left and never came back. So just know she needs time Jeff is not coming back anyway. We both saw to the orders to remove him, Ash will get over it all in due time when she at last comes to the understanding that he is never coming back” Samuel did not allow Anaya to have the last word witch he knew she would want, as he leaned in wrapping his clawed fingers around her waist line and deeply kissing her to well in lemans words shut her the fuck up.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Khal_drogo_and_daenerys_targaryen_by_angeliccorpse-d4zwh4e

her eyes lit up as he did and she was happy with him holding her happy simply to be allowed to be herself when it just seemed others wanted her to be different, she could kill, rape, pillage and do whatever she wanted with Samuel and over all she could rule, her way and she would raise this dragon youngling her way and in the image of the dragon it was meant to be.  

Anaya ran her fingers along his chain as she pushed him against the back of the chair toppling it over as she laughed and he fell to his back with her on top of him “so what is the plan for the remainder of the day my dear king of the Iron Rose” Samuel rolled her over onto her back as his foot kicked the chair sending it tumbling away from them both leaving them both on the floor there laying on the rug “I don’t know my beloved queen of the Iron Rose, we can lay here all day?” Anaya could not help but smile as she lay there on her back looking up at him with her giant red eyes. “I am fully alright with that, no one to bother us. And we can bring this kingdom back to life. The town is re-built, the waterways clear, and the people are coming and in the coming weeks the town will be full and booming once more, shops and venders and meals and foods from all over this world, it will be so nice and if we see a lich or wraith it dies, no undead here god never again” Samuel could not help but chuckle as he kissed her and pushed her up against the floor grinding his body against hers, that shut the Queen up that is for sure.

~~~~~~~4 months Later~~~~~~~


Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Frozen_rose_by_barous-d4hnpfu
Winter is coming to the Rose, Ice will Frost over and we will see who is left standing

Anaya: Snow was falling, the first day of snow, water frozen from the sky falling down to earth and staying on the ground. It was the worst nightmare for Anaya and she was angry due to it. She had ordered all the guards to bolt the windows and place a rubber and fabric lining under and between the wooden doors so no snow got in. but regardless the door had to be opened still a hundred times a day so the fact of the matter was Anaya was not going to the door no matter the reason. Last year when the snow came she went to the doors to open it for a guard group and got a windblown gust of snow in the face and front of her body, the burns put her out of condition for over a weak so she was able to heal. She looked out the window of the kitchen hall as the sun had come up and it was pushing late afternoon, there were trolls outside playing in the piles of snow and beating each other up and she was glad she could not hear their words. The guard camps in the back were about half full as winter guard numbers and fighters always seemed to drop here due to the fact the castle did not really give a shit about its fighters. But in the end they were all loyal and ready to spring at a moment’s notice if they needed to, and hell any reason to go into the castle were it was nice and warm was a good reason.  The dragon woman ran her fingers over her belly as it had grown round and painful, she almost walked like a duck and not a lady at this point. One of the girls she hired as an almost sitter to herself was at her flank helping her do what she needed to. Clare was a good kid, but in the end a kid was what she was, no older then 16 the girl was a wee thing right off her mother’s breast. “Clare can you please get me a glass of milk I am going to go to my throne to oversee some more papers and after you bring me my drink please fetch Samuel I want to make sure he clears out some of the dreadful snow that is building up on the walls” “miss Anaya I believe Samuel is out back or down in the place you told me not to go, do I wait for him to come up?” “Yes girl just wait for him to come up and then go get him, he spends every day outside now, and him with the cold weather just makes him gitty like a young pup getting its food. You would never think he was an adult seeing how he plays like a fool in the drifts out there, it is discussing” Clare gave a small chuckle and then started to walk to get that milk for Lady Anaya, as Anaya walked over to her throne sitting down on a silk pillow that at this point had a nice imprint of her butt in it. Anaya picked up the leather book to the side of the throne the black leather book she always had as she opened it and went over the notes for the day waiting for that stupid moment where the door would open and snow would rush in like a virus invading the host.

blaze7115: The snow was both a blessing, and a curse. At least, Eli thought so. The flurries covered his tracks, and the wind kept his smell from being easily tracked, but the cold was draining. He could practically feel the strength leaving his body as he traveled. To be quite honest with himself, he expected to die out here. Alone, exhausted, and moving without real reason. He had been away during the tragedy, a treaty signing simply a ruse for him to leave his land. It was funny. He was powerful surely, and the land he owned was rich in resources and stretched beyond what one could see from the top peaks of that castle. However, he yearned for simple peace, and that yearning had made him predictable. When a rival of his had offered a peace treaty, Eli had left to sign it. Upon arriving home, his family, including wife and son, as well as the village around the castle, had been killed or burned. There were no survivors. In rage, Eli had left once again, returning to the other city. He payed the favor back in spades, storming first the royal castle, then the barracks. Every person he came across, he killed, then prostrated upon a wooden spike in the castle courtyard. The only thing that grew there now, were bodies. However, he gained no real satisfaction from the killings, and revenge was empty. So he left his home, and began to wonder. Months passed, and winter came. Surely he would die here? And yet, before him was a castle, just coming into view. The sound of trolls also made its way to him, and he hefted the black axe from his back, resting it on his shoulder as he decided to approach the castle and knock upon the door. If allowed entry, he would bow. "Greetings, I am Du.... I am Eli. Eli Auduvelt."

Guest_MandalorianKing: Cole was always silent even when he was a child his parents would often brag how soon he could walk or even how silently he crawled. Growing up Cole was a high-borne fed silver spoon and all until his family was killed by means he knows naught, thrust out into the world he was left to fend with himself until he fell in with a thieves guild. After he fell in no-one knows what happened to Cole other than his guild was wiped out completely on the black day of argus, no-one has seen Cole sense. Cole would slowly breathe outwards his multi-colored eyes set upon the castle ahead of him. He wore a typical thief’s guild garb complete with a bow which rested upon his back a claw for climbing long jumps a rope dart a grappling hook and lock picks. Cole would stick to the shadows creeping every forward each step silent and slow as he's done this over a million times. He'd reach the castle wall and he'd look up spotting a window he'd pull his grappling hook from his belt throwing the dart up it' connect on the sill giving it a taunt yank he'd ensure he wouldn't fall. The grappling hook made little sound when it settled ad Cole would begin climbing slowly upwards towards the window once reaching the sill he'd plant a foot on the sill and another on the side so he would not fall. His blue and brown eyes would watch the window running his fingers across the edge of the window he'd see several bolts holding the window in place he'd slowly shake his head. "Still easy if not easier" He'd think in his head as he'd slowly wedge a chisel under the window right where it was bolted yet his chisel was longer than the normal chisel leaving even more leverage. Placing his hand on the very end of the chisel he'd push down with all his might and since it was only bolted into wood the bolt easily slide upwards he'd repeat this process for any bolts holding the door until they were barely in the wood then he'd easily place the chisel in the middle of the window he'd just push down lightly finishing the bolts so that they disconnected from the wood he'd then slowly slide the window upwards. Slipping inside Cole’s feet hit the ground silently as he found he was in a bedroom, more importantly a woman’s bedroom. He'd slowly start going through the drawrs as silently as he could and began to pocket any valuables he came across.

Anaya: The man at the door was stopped by a guard with a large axe held up and rested upon his shoulder “be fast the queen does not like the doors open for long” he muttered out his deep voice being muffled by the steal mask he had on his helmet.  The guards at the doors outside rotated so every couple hours it was a different set but in roots they were all brain washed the same, do the job, get it done right , get it done fast, don’t piss off the queen or the king. The guard opened the door and then took his axe to almost usher and push the man in slamming the door behind him to prevent as much snow as possible from getting inside. And as soon as some did some maids came in with dust pans and small brooms to clean it up, yes it was clear winter was a virus here and who ever ruled over this place did not want it even to touch the floor. From her throne Anaya could see the doors and could see the person over there at it looking around and saying greetings to the guards. Funny little people they were here, but she did not mind it at all. As Clare came over with the horn of milk Anaya smiled and said thank you to the girl as the girl moved and sat down on a pillow beside Anaya’s feet. One thing the queen did enjoy was her slave girls siting on pillows, they never did get to sit on a throne and so many came and went it was really pointless to make them sit on a throne.  Anaya looked up as she took a drink and enjoyed every drop of it, ever since she became gravid (prego in lizard terms, meaning with egg/eggs) she enjoyed odd things like chicken meat and milk served cold. She did not even like the cold but this was so good it was liquid gold to her at this point. She put the horn down and made the girl be a table and hold it for her as she rested her clawed hand on her belly bump as she waited for the man to come in and get a bit warmer.  Anaya looked up hearing a bang, some fool was getting into her home by breaking the windows. Well they would not be able to get in any other way seeing the windows were all bolted up last night to the point you could not dream of opening them other than to smash the crap out of them. “Guards may two of you go up to my chamber room or at least I do believe it is my room, it may be my sisters I am unsure but go down that end of the hall and check to see if anyone is up there, there should not be maids up there this time of day they are all cooking. If you find someone please just let them keep what they have but bring them down here so I can have words with them” One of the guards nodded and then another joined him as they went up to the bed rooms and started tossing open doors and looking inside, there keep noses picking up smells and all kinds of things some would not want to smell. Anaya had to replace some of the human guards after the war seeing a lot of them died so she had bin favoring the lycans for nice in building guards and they fit well with the needs of the castle. As they tossed open Anayas sisters room there was the fellow in there and form his choice of garb it was clear where he had come from “Good Sir from the thieves guild, we are informed not to harm you but inform you to take what you have and come down to the main hall, the queen wishes words with the one to come into her windows and upper halls”

blaze7115: Eli had snow covering him from head to toe, sticking to the thick black cloak he wore as well. The maids were actually trying to brush it off him, and he shoed them away. "I shall take care of it!" He growled, angry at the contact. He really disliked being touched. He shook himself, and his green eyes glowed bright. A gust of air swept through the room, gathering all the snow he had brought it and turning it into a ball of ice. There was nary a spec left on the floor or on his body. "Here..." He said, handing it to one of the maids. "And my apologies. I didn't mean to snap at you." More like, Sorry, I almost snapped your neck so don't fucking touch me again. Then he was back to himself, and he approached the queen. His axe was still lightly in his hand, resting over his shouler, and he moved it back into its sling. "Greetings. I am Eli. I'm... actually not sure where I am, to be honest." He paused, then figured he would fully introduce himself. "I have no position, nor do I have any money to speak of. I am simply a traveller" Lies. All lies. "Might I ask where I am this night?"

Anaya: Anaya looked up as she could hear the guards having some problems upstairs and then could hear the thumping of doors and the pulling the man down the stairs by what looked like the hair. The guards brought the man down the steps and waited by the side of the steps holding the man firmly waiting for the queen to call him over when she got done with the guest. Anaya looked at the new comer cute for a little thing with a temper she thought to herself. “You are at the Iron Castle ruled by the Rose family, you must have walked a long way, and you are blessed the maids and cooks will have lunch made within the hour. You can drink and eat to your hearts content” Anaya was nice on the outside but on the inside was a whole other story. In her mind she had talked about eating and the one thing that popped up was what it would be like to eat this new traveller and see if anyone would come looking for him. Clare looked up from her pillow and looked at Anaya, she had known Anaya long enough to know there was far from nice thoughts running in her mind but in the end a dragon was a dragon after all and this boy must had bin from far away to not have a clue where he was. Clare put her head on Anaya’s lap as she shut her eyes and rested a moment, Anaya’s claws going down and running into the girls hair.

blaze7115: "I see..." He nodded. The glint in her eye was disconcerting, and he wondered what kind of creature had such long claws. He glanced at his own armor, a special metal that brought out the ability for someone to use their own energy to prevent damage. It was a very interesting armor, and let him take many a hit without taking a scratch. "odd..." H wasn't really sure why that train of thought had gone through his mind. "I thank you for your generosity." He said simply, eyes heading up towards the stairs. What the hell? He wiped at his face with his right hand in a gesture of exhaustion and glanced at one of the chairs facing the throne. "Might I take a seat, Milady?"

Anaya nodded to him and in a simple voice she responded “yes please do, the chairs are for your siting pleasures” Anaya moved a finger up to usher forth the guards that were standing there with the man from the thieves guild. They dragged him up to stand before her then kicked the back of his knees to make him drop. “This is the one that had broken the window upstairs to get in my lady, he was in your sister scarlets room” Anaya moved and leaned back in her chair her claws running over her belly to calm herself. “So little burglar what did you fill your pack with” she said in a cold and harsh tone as the guard kneed the man’s shoulder to get him to fess up. “I just grabbed what was there, a candle stick made of silver and some coins off the desk I swear I did not have time for more” he was being strong and it seemed he had been around a couple times as he was not shaking or the last one even peeded himself but this one was stern and was acting strong at least. “Alright then, seeing you only were able to grab a couple things I will simply take four fingers and then kick you out the door to be on your way. And you can keep what you grabbed as I will be happy to keep what I will be taking as well. Guards take him to the back so I don’t hear him, cut off and burn four fingers and then bring him to town and toss him in a back ally or something I am sure he will do fine and be able to get himself some food with the coin he stole.” Anaya said everything so….presently almost like she was doing the thieve a favor with only taking a couple fingers, in truth she could have taken so much more and no one would have bated a lash at it.  AS the guards dragged the boy off as he kicked and struggled into the back and out of sight Anaya moved her eyes back on their guest “so where are you from anyway?”

blaze7115: Eli stood suddenly, inhaling deeply. They were here. Already? "I am sorry Milady. I must leave. There is a situation, and should I stay, you, nor anyone in this castle would be safe." Even dragons might have a hard time dealing with the incorporeal, especially those that would rip out a child's soul for fun. Eli ran out the door and disappeared into the blizzard, making sure to drag the snow out the door with him
Anaya: Anaya looked out as it had gotten so silent so fast, everyone was here and then everyone was gone. She looked at Clare “you think you can go fetch Samuel now, I do believe he will be done playing in the snow” Clare got up putting her arms over her head and giving a nice big stretch “yes Lady Anaya I can go do that” and she walked off and out a back door her small silks Anaya forced all the girl to were clinging to her as the wind brushed her body, her teeth chattered as she could see Samuel playing with a troll in the snow. Ever seen a dragon have a snow ball fight, well there was a first for everything. “Samuel! Sam! Anaya wants you!” she screamed out as the troll came running over and Samuels tail lashed out and smashed into its hip breaking bone and brining the troll down to the ground screaming as Samuel like a coyote jumped high into the air and landed hard on its back breaking the spine and digging his claws into its body the troll only giving a gasping sound and then wheeling into nothing but silence “it was going to kill you, I saved you, say nothing to Anaya or I kill you and feet you to the other trolls” he snarled as he got off the troll kicking up snow to kinda hide the trolls face. He then snorted shifting back into his human self and picking up the pants he left at the door and putting them on as he gave a glare at the slave girl to make sure she was not cheeking out his junk. The girl put her eyes to the floor as Samuel walked inside looking for Anaya.

TakisItzal: -he smiled as he ran through the forest as he swung from the trees with his tail. He was a young child, He has on shorts, a tank top that is somewhat tattered, no shoes and a collar that gave off a strong magical aura. He had two sets of horns on his head and a long black tail, like a demons, but more flexible. He would run through the forest before coming upon a large castle as he paused to look at it, him being such a small creature, he was amazed by the castle. He just stood there as he gentle knocked as he didn’t know what to do.- hello -he whispered softly slightly scared-

Anaya: Samuel walked into the dining hall there were cooks baking and readying lunch it was almost done and it smelled so good. “Meal fit for the king Sir” one of the cooks said as Samuel gave a respectful nod and a smile he would inhale the food later and leave almost nothing for the dogs off his plate. He could hear Clare coming in from outside as her teeth were chittering and he could hear it a mile away. Opening the dining room door to let her take in the small then rudely shutting it once more Clare gave that look as to say what the fuck man, with no words said they stared at one another the tension you could cut with a blade. Then Clare bowed her head with a sigh put her hand to her chest and the other one out front “my king, Anaya is in the main hall, may you walk out before a slave girl such as myself” it was clear as day the both of them did not get along but what could the bound human girl even think of doing, and on top of it she had only been here for a couple months hell she had just learned the basement for the first time last week. Samuel smiled and walked past her with a huff and not a word said. He walked out to Anaya at the throne as she turned her head to look up at him “my love it is good to see you in from outside did you have fun?” Samuel kneeled down took her clawed hand in his own and kissed the top of it “much, winter is my season, but do not worry I left winter out beyond the walls this day my beloved” Samuels head turned as he could hear taping on the doors, it was not a strong taping so he guessed it was a weak woman or a kid “there be something at the door my love, you sit and relax and I will see to it” Samuel kissed her hand once more and walked over to the doors his long braided hair hanging on his back as he opened the doors seeing the guards there and a small kid like being with a little black tail. “Little thing like you will be eaten here, but if you don’t come in you will surely freeze and die. So the choice is yours” he left the door open and stood to the side as Anaya watched from a far as she almost snarled seeing she was watching the snow come in.

AlexanderValdemar: Coming in through the thick snow, the Shadow demon Prince, Alexander looks about talking to himself. “This must be the right place. The DeLaRose family. I heard so much about you. All of you. I do hope I am not wasting my time. Dragons. Why did it have to be dragons, the only thing of this realm, to be as strong as our kind? Father warned me of dragons. Said their nothing like humans, though they can take human forms. Much of a demon. “He looks up to see the castle before him. Such a mighty sight, worthy of the strongest of beings he thinks. “Such power, I smell it. Also, I am sure they can smell mine as well. Dragons, most of them anyway, dislike a threat. I must keep to myself, I am not strong enough yet. This must be done” the Shadow demon thought to himself, as he walks up to the front gates. He lifts his hand up to knock on the front gates/doors. His knocking most likely wasn't even needed, for they most likely knew he was there. But he always one of manners. Such a strong demonic shadow like aura. Even the weakest of dragon could smell such a dark thing. But he had the hint of a Jester, or fool type personality that shows in his Aura. A trickster of sorts. 8 foot tall, wearing black and red diamond pandered shirt, with long black sleeves over his arms, fingerless gloves, to let his sharp black claws free, Jester like black and red pants, and boots to match. Short black hair, that casts a shadow over his eyes, though most of the shadow is made by his aura, to hide any being, even other demons from seeing his trickster eyes of the void from which he spawn. His skin a pale white, lips black as his soul, horns long and like that of a ram but formed close to that of a Jester's hat. , thin black tail, with an arrow head shaped tip. “Hello. “ His voice, low, but tones of high pitched other voices echo under the low beast like voice.

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Anaya: Samuel looked back out the doors there was a second body there, that was knocking on the air as the door was there a second ago but now it was open allowing them in “greetings come in and stop letting the snow in” he said sternly as bright green eyes with a black slit down the center looked out at the both of them standing in the door way. The one was kind of big and he smelled so bad, oh god Anaya would have a hay day with this one, but maybe it could be useful Samuel thought maybe it could hold the spit as they roasted the small thing over the fire, they were to have a large figure in the back this evening to burn up some nice ask to make the egg next for the coming weeks so if this little thing hung around long enough it would make some nice snakes for some of the fighters. But was the guy talking to himself? It was kind of funny Samuel could hear him coming up but no one but guards were outside but then again Sam talked to himself at times to.

AlexanderValdemar: "Hello. I am Alexander. “The tall being said, as he walked in, after the greeting, he got from the green eyed one. He looked forward to the female on the throne, and made his way inside. “I come from the dark lands. I'm sure this place is known in local folk lore. “He bows in a greeting way, and if he had a hat, it would be tipped, by how he bowed before them. Much like the Jester he is dressed as. “I am here on business. As you might can tell about my aura. I am indeed a demon. But I am not here for trouble, or chaos as my brethren are known for. Have you had any trouble with family members lately? Attacks? Slaughter? Something dragons are held down by law of other kingdoms? I am here to help. Make a deal, if you will. “His tone was true, no sense of lie was found of his lips.

Anaya: Samuel grabbed the little runt thing and picked it up tossing it inside so he could shut the door without slamming it in the little things face witch in truth he would not care if he did not but regardless the thing was inside now. Anaya looked out at the one talking to her as she relaxed in her chair and ran her claws along her belly witch held her single egg she would lay in the coming weeks, in the end in human form she was very unsteady and did not like the feeling this inside of her gave her, in this shifted from all her organs were in the wrong places and she was just unhappy all together. “Problem’s with family members, no, problem’s with things as in living things, also no, problem with undead handled, we have some pips that are clogged you can help with that if you need something to do. And for being held down by the law of other kingdoms, here, we are the law, the only thing over us here is that stupid human’s church of the invisible god” Anaya ran her hand along her belly as she moved her braided snow white hair over her shoulder and tried to move herself on her pillow her bright red eyes shimmering in the light of the castle. Her eyes scanned the man up and down “you look more like a castle fool then a demon, only reason I can tell what you are is the dreadful stench you give off, would you dance for me or juggle apples and fruits?” she gave a coy smile as the side of her lip curled and her sideways cutting eyelids blinked over making it that much more creepy.

TakisItzal: He played on the balls of his feet as he waited, maybe no one was even here. After just a few seconds he started to frown, maybe they were hiding from him or maybe just didn’t want visitors. As he started to turn around the door had opened and stopped in his tracks. There was a big man standing in the door way now, a very very big man, compared to the small body of his, this man was giant. He tilted his head back and looked at the man, as he spoke about being eaten or dying in the cold.- I.... I.... Don’t... ea…-before he could even finish talking, the man grabbed him and tossed him inside quickly and shutting the door. He landed on his butt as he was thrown but quickly sprung up as he stood to look at the man- You will not eat me -he growls softly but also rather timid as the man was such a large creature. He put up his fist in a fighting stance, which he really didn’t know, he was full of openings but he learned from another slave, that if you’re going to die, you die fighting, it’s the honorable way. He growled with a little less timid as he still stared at the man, his tail flicked back and forth, allowing him to hold his balance much better and he showing his sharpened teeth- I’m ready to fight.
AlexanderValdemar: “Pipes? Fool? “She would see a bright red glow, from where his left eye should be as he stood up, no longer bowed. His lips form into a friendly smile but his glowing red eye, was having trouble hiding itself. A sense of malice filled his aura thick, but it was clear he was trying his best to hide it, but failing. As it flashes every now, trying to be controlled. But the malice was now thick, due to her little comment. “Your highness. Please. I mean no disrespect to your castle or name. Please don't to mine. I know Dragons are a very prideful race indeed. But I am here to help. Not to be a maid. Surely there must be some form of trouble, you cannot handle yourself? “He was trying very much to keep it together. The tall demon, didn't even look at the yipping smaller being.
Anaya: Samuel looked to the boy as he tilted his head. “You come up to my boy, don’t pick a fight with something you hold no chance in killing, it would be a fools death you could take. And be I not kill you I would chain our hide to a pillar and let the hounds eat you” Samuel did not even care for the little thing ready to fight and get killed, one so foolish just to waist his life picking fights with larger beings, and as well something of a bit more importance came to mind. Samuel held himself high as always and walked over to the man there standing in front of Anaya. “There is not much here we can’t handle my good Sir, but really, it be truth, the only problem we have here be our pipes. It is not out of disrespect we say it it be only the only problem we have” he walked over to Anaya taking her hand in his own as he stood at his queens flank. Anaya was more then I rip and tare kind of being when Samuel was more the smooth talker to settle and cool down fires then have the being killed in the shadows wall Anaya slept so as he would put it, she never had to messy her claws or bat a lash.  “the only thing we could truly want would be people, as you can see the bodies are low here.  We need more warm blood to fill the halls and our fighter count is low.” Anaya looked up at Samuel her mate taking charge, she did like it and she could relax a bit more her one hand in his own and her other hand on her belly running white claws along her skin.

TakisItzal: -he stopped in his traces as the man spoke about not fighting but chaining him to a pillar and letting hounds get to him. He put his fist down as the man started to walk away- Sorry -he frown and said in a small child’s voice, that was sweet- even if i die, its more honorable to die fighting then to die doing nothing. -he looked at the man as he walked away and to a woman setting in a throne, then followed him to the woman and another man- Hello -he spoke softly- I am.... -he would stop and think for a moment- Sheptin -he said killing the name Stephen. He looked at them all, the fear could be sensed heavy with him as he didn’t make eye contact-

AlexanderValdemar: “Sir. I know your family are strong. And you might not have something at this time, but here. I would like to give you my offer, so you can keep it. I call it a card, for it matches that of a playing card, I seen around other kingdoms. I make my own though. I rather have made my own, then hire a card maker to make my cards. Here is mine “He does some form of slide of hand, with his sleeves like a Jester would, doing a trick, and drew a paper card, with something that looks like a fool, or Joker on it, but this one, seems to be smiling a little harder than any human should, it's grin stretches over the painted white face, to its ears, that pointed out like Alex's. On the Fool's forehead, a demonic symbol in the Dragon's tongue, as Alex's true name. “Just read my name, out loud, and it will summon me. “ He holds the card out.

Anaya wanted to be a smart ass and say if we need someone to juggle should we call you, but she kept her trap shut and just let Samuel do the talking. Samuel stayed standing there beside Anaya as he put one of his feet behind the other to relax standing on one leg a habit most four lagged animals did. “We will take your card and if you are needed we can call upon you, the crown thanks you for your service. As well as if you need anything we are here as well. It never hurts to have friends in high places” a bit of his own pride and ego pocked forth in his words, but that was a trait of dragons they all were the same in that sense. Anaya looked down bright red eyes looking at the little thing there on the ground it looked like nothing more than a child “and who may you be, the one that held fists to my mate, brave you must be” Samuel looked at her calling the kid brave “or foolish” he poped in as he gave a laugh.

AlexanderValdemar: "Very well Dragons.” He said handing them his card. “I do hope nothing happens, where you need my help. Nothing at all. Oh it would be a shame, if you was to be attacked by a far off land is not under your rule. Such a shame indeed. “He said this in a smart ass threatening tone, but a friendly smile to hide the proof of said threat. He then turned in a full 180 to the door, placing his hands behind his back, and began to walk off to the doors, as he hummed a marry tune of Jesters. His tail sways side to side slowly making his way to the door as he says without facing them. “Good night, your highness and my lord. “

TakisItzal: -he looked at the woman who was bright eyed- I am...... I am..... -he thought a moment before speaking again- Chrisptpeher -he would butcher the name Christopher as he smiled at her.- I was running through your forest. Is it your forest? i mean, i was running through the forest..... -he was very timid by them both, mostly by the very large man, his ears twitched as the man said Foolish- I’m not foolish, I just don’t want to die not fighting. -he glared at the man- more honor to die i nfight then die not. -he spoke with a very cute children’s voice and sometimes messed up the words. He flickered his tail some behind him, as it touched his collar which gave off strong magical energy for those who could tell magical items. He flopped to the floor and looked at them, just setting crisscrossed-

Anaya: Samuel looked up as bright green eyes shimmered in the light “yes jester it would be a shame a utter shame” Samuel could not help but smile a light in the evil beings eyes as he liked this one. Samuel was one to enjoy a good game and if this man was playing with blades be would finds out his words were always laced with falsity’s and double meaning. Samuel looked to his wife “I believe the little thing said his name was Sabastian maybe?” Anaya looked back to the little one as the little one did not say the name Samuel did “more than one name then I see or are you trying to figure out what fake name you want to stick with little one” Anaya sat back up “this place is no good for children, you can stay the night but in morning Samuel or one of the servant girls will take you down to the orphanage to find you a home. You are lucky you even made it out of the woods” she leaned back as Samuel sat down in the throne to her flank and he relaxed a bit as he picked up the record book as well and flipped pages of it. “Lunch should be ready soon my dear?” “Yes it should be ready you can go stuff your face if you wish” Samuel smiled she knew him to well “no I will wait till you wish to eat”

AlexanderValdemar: Once outside the castle, he walks slowly into the woods, heading to another kingdom. He took his sweet time though, all the time in the world to get his plan rolling. He is a very clever Jester. A Very clever Jester indeed. He wasn't even that far from the doors, but far enough to not be seen by the ones inside, through the windows if any. He humming the Jester like song, of marry warriors of lore, one that might be sung in a mead hall, of a great battle, by a bard. He had so much work to do. So many kingdoms to visit. “Oh there was a mighty man, named Krathor The Berserker, slayer of elves was he.” He sings the first part of the song.

Anaya: my love I have changed my mind I am going to go eat, please relax and care for our young in your belly I know how much discomphort you are in, I will bring you over a plate I promise you” “thank you my love you are to thoughtful I would like meat and bread if it is there and if there are sweet breads please bring some I have bin craving milk as well, thank you once more” “all you want my love I will get for you” he said as he kissed her forehead and then walked off to the kitchen but after he had gone into the kitchen he made a detour and gone to the second hall and out the door to go outside into the snow. The snow hit his head as he looked up and enjoyed it. He wanted to change to be himself to not deal with the thruggeing in the snow that was up to his waist line “demon?” he called out to gain the demons attention as he kicked some snow kinda playing with it. As Anaya stayed inside she watched the child nod to her and then she pointed to a maid that came and took him to the sofa room to relax the rest of the night were when morning would come he would be taken away to the orphanage.

dallo5013: ~ the wind howls and blew up a terrible, frightful breath of death, calling out the lost and dying souls to come out and dance among the heavy flakes. The snow being well over head and up to the windows of the nearby castle it should be rather hard for any of them with in the castle to hear a nothing more then a whistle coming from outside . However with in the snow there would be brought with it a soft seemingly white looking creature with what would look to be 9 tails. This creature would stand about 5 feet and would look almost pale in color for in fact it was the ghostly kitsune spirit.  She having no powers or form would wonder the world without a care for her life was over and there was not a thing for him to do. The wind blows harder now. Seemingly blowing the fox towards the castle. Upon her tails would be 9 chimes which would chime out with every movement and breathe of the wind. The ghostly kitsune spirit now stands at the door waiting to enter in.
Anaya: Guards stood there as they blinked a couple times as the shape of something with waving tails stood there. For a second there the guard wanted to put his hands up in the air and scream the dead has risen the dead has risen but then he stopped and thought oh ya this world is fucked up, and he opened the door for the dead thing “guess I can’t tell you to do much, just go in” he said under his breath as the snow pushed open the doors and a large amount of snow came flying into the castle. As Anaya stayed on her throne and grumbled as she held her belly. “Stupid snow stupid winter stupid everything” she grumbled more as her red eyes got darker and she heated up the air around her.

AlexanderValdemar: The tall Demonic Jester, turned hearing a voice behind him. “Oh? So you do need my help after all? I guess I could stick around a while. What is it you needed? “Alexander steps closer to the one called Samuel, leaning forward to the male before him, as shadow coated his eyes with the thickest of shadow demon spells that not even the dragon eyes can see through. He the titled his head to the left slowly giving a sharp fanged grin, his fangs like that of very thin but sharp needles, has to be at 100 of them that can be seen, from him just grinning. Who knows how many altogether he had? The grin was as if a friendly threat, without a words of any form of harm being spoken. The evil was thick in his smile, it would make even the most twisted being sick to their stomach from how ill-willed that smirk was.


JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Four long months at sea on the stolen ships with no one around to keep him company. The now bearded DeLaRose prince, long since scarred by the one known as Yvern, with the tools of his leisure. Jeff had his hands clutched firmly against the ship's wheel, breaking through the thin layer of ice that lay dormant on the top of the ocean. "No! Don't be stupid!" He muttered to himself, having a rather interesting conversation. "It's obvious that these are raspberries!" "NO BLUEBERRIES!" Jeff couldn't see straight, having not fed in so long, and kept trying to figure out the distinct flavor. "Ew...Maybe-...strawberry?" "NO YOU IMBECILE!" Jeff kept jerking his head from left to right, having to figure out where he was and what this damned flavor was. "AH! I GOT IT! IT IS A DRAGON BERRY!" "AH! BINGO!" He answered to himself, stroking his new found beard as the snow began to cake over his shoulders and long blond hair. Jeff slowly spotted the castle peeking over the hill and the prince shouted to the vacant people at the port, as he started to turn his ship to the side. "TALLY HO, YE SCURVY DOGS!" "SHUT UP JEFF!" "NO YOU SHUT UP JEFF!" "NO YOU SHUT UP JEFF!" Jeff couldn't think straight at the moment, and spat at the ground. "How about you all shut up!" He yelled to no one in particular, slowly starting to dock. He climbed off the ship and roped it into the bay, before slowly making his way off of the port and into the new town. "It's the prince!" One person yelled as the entire town's people started crowding him. "Excuse me-..." Jeff muttered, pushing through them, and feeling the patting on his back from the greatful civilians that were happy to have their kind and loving prince back home. "Welcome home, your grace!" Jeff heard. "My lord! Over here!" Another yelled, waving their arms with delight. "Jeff! My prince!" He heard over and over again. They all began to chant. "Salvation! Long live the prince." As he began to make his way through the fresh town and up the stairs to the castle. "Salvation! Long live the prince." The voices in his head began to ring out as he muttered and grunted, limping up the large steps and to the door./ Meanwhile, a butler of the Iron heard the commotion and looked out the doors, spotting Jeff and the cheering crowd. He quickly widened his eyes and made a B line right for the throne, and his queen. "Your grace! The prince has returned! He seems badly injured! I shall run a bath and fetch him some fresh clothes! Rejoice! My queen! Rejoice!" He then ran down to the bathroom, and started ordering the other servants to fetch hot water. "Get the lead out! The prince is home! Fetch the master! He has wounds!"/ Jeff, finally pushed the doors open, coughing as the guards caught Jeff in their arms. "Easy, my prince!" One exclaimed, helping him fully stand. "You look like shit, my lord." Jeff simply looked up at the guards. "Cigarette. Blood wine. Now. Please." The guard took a second to blink before nodding and letting go of him. "Right away!" Jeff then pulled away from the other guard and slowly started to walk to the throne room, where his mother was, spotting her looking, most likely surprised at his appearance. "Mother..." Jeff coughed again, gripping his right shoulder. "I'm home."

dallo5013: ~the ghostly figure would sweep on into the castle as the snow pushed the door open. She looking at the guard would giggle slightly before without warning would dance out around the guard as if trying to scare him more . However she does not spend too much time hunting the guard for she would notice that he seemingly had no attention for her after all she merely let her in. Meaning he must have seen things like this before. With a slight pout her 9 tails would spread out and tan the snow back out the door as if thanking the guard for the welcome in. She then would slide down the hallways to what would seem to be two large standing stone dogs she nosey as always would place her hand up on the left stone to see if it wear one of the stones that worded off spirits. as her paw would pass through it she heard speaking with in the hall seemingly coming from what would seem to be the center of the castle near what would look to be a throne to . She pauses and lesions to what looks like a rather large standing jester and would then look to the one he spoke to. her eyes wondered about the place spying what it is she might look up on .jsut then a slight breast would blow past her causing her chimes to sound out . She eeps and would hide hoping none here is a spell caster that could get rid of her ~

Anaya: Samuel did not flinch his eyes bright green and bright in the sunshine of this afternoon “I don’t have long as Anaya need not know of this and after I am done talking to you, you are to forget that I am the one that ordered this.”  Samuel leaned up against the stone wall as one of his claws taped on it “over the past couple months the queen and myself have bin annoyed with one of our hand maidens, she is a good girl but she keeps brining up our son, he is to be gone and dead now but the girl needs to be silenced, I just want her gone, for the topic never to be brought up again and if Jeff does come back somehow there has to be a way to remove hi…m….………” Samuels eyes flickered “just kill the girl that is all we pay in gold and whatever you want” he did not even wait for the guy to talk back, ok he paused for a moment then started to walk back inside. Anaya stay on her throne as the buttler came to her with news that…jeff…..was alive, god what the hell, there had to be a way to kill him, fucking hell she thought to herself as she wanted to just drown her face in her milk horn. “oh my son is alive? What a joyful thought please bring him in to see him I have missed him so I hope all is well and he had fun with his princess” She say him come into the castle as he said he was home “you are home and you look……you need a bath my son, I am so happy you are home, did you have fun with the princess I am sure it is all good things, did the marriage go well?” she ran her hand along her belly as she looked closer at her son, there were marks all over him as he was over all staggering in “did something happen my dear son?”  Samuel stayed at a distance as he hit his head on a pillar seeing jeff. Fucking hell what does it take to get that fucking kid killed? 

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff reached forward, extending his hand and striking downward with a loud "CRACK!" against her jaw line. "They-....tied me up. They burnt me. They beat me with mallets. They carved their sigils into my back!" His hand connected with a back hand against her, which was enough to even send a humanoid dragon flinching in pain. "They broke my bones. They tried to extract information. They tried to hide the truth. The princess spilled all the truth....Before I strangled her in her throne." Jeff brought his hand back to his side and glared his mother down. "You sent me to Firedor in hopes that I would be killed, or married off. Don't lie to me. You know why I came back." Jeff then cracked his neck as the butler rushed down the steps with his swords and jacket. "My lord!" Jeff nodded in thanks. "Thank you, Bitterman. I shall speak to you when I am done here with my mother." Bitterman nodded and Jeff placed the swords on his back, never breaking eye contact with his mother. "All you needed to say was that the rose didn't need me anymore. But no, the old Anaya never went away. She wants someone gone, she gets someone gone. She doesn't ever want to see their face amount of new bodies is ever going to change that." He spat at her feet. "You tried to have me killed the first time I ever met you. You tried to have me killed now, and I wouldn't be surprised if you are trying to have me killed at this very moment." He rolled his shoulders, sending cracks down his spine and through his neck. "I want the truth now. Why?" He glared forward. "All you need to say, is why you want me gone, and I will leave. No questions after that. I just want answers." Jeff then looked to Samuel, obviously disgruntled. "Hello my old friend. Are you in on this too? It would be a shame to have to kill two snivelling little bitches in one day. Now that the war is over, and the undead king of the north is dead, by my hand by the way, there is no use for the prince. All the years of training to be king, for nothing. All for some false glory." Jeff began to laugh, cracking his neck a bit more. "I may have been away for a while but I promise you, my power is far from diminished now." He locked onto the two auras and spotted the tenseness between the two of them. "It's obvious what happened. You ordered me to get kidnapped after the dirty work had been taken care of, so your child could grow and take over when he came of age, and not me." Jeff looked to the crown on her head. "Keep it. I wish to father no children and hold no lands. I am not a noble lord. I am a killing machine. Your killing machine and your son. So here is what is going to happen. You are going to start explaining, or by god, I will start taking this place apart, brick by brick."

AlexanderValdemar: “Girl? Kill a girl? “He was talking to himself by now, for Samuel didn't even give him time to reply, for the man had walked away, saying something about a person called “Jeff” Could he be speaking of the well-known prince of this kingdom? He had to be, for him to act that way. “I wonder how fun the prince really is. I heard so much about him. This should be fun, a Prince returned, orders to kill a maid. I wonder if I could kill both. This prince is a threat to my plans. No matter. I'm sure I can work around him. “ He said as he too returns to the castle, but before stepping in, he began to snoop around the place, looking for other ways in, if he is to kill this girl, he will need to know a fast way out, and someone to blame it one. “A royal chef maybe? Or can I kill her, by making her look bad in front of the Queen, and have the family do my job for me. Hehehe. I will try to join their family. As the new Jester. “He thought to himself, for he never rushes a job, he will take months, years even, just to pull off his plan. He knocks at the doors once again.

dallo5013dallo5013 Whisper: ~wind seems to whisper to the kitsune spirit not to go further. Yet the conversation going on would seemingly just call other. Kitsune spirits being very nosy by nature would never lesion to warnings of impending doom but would press on to see just what was going on. The wind would blow hard this time causing her chimes to ring out once more. This would not be that best time for her chimes to be ringing for the stone dogs she stood by would almost instantly turn or would seem to turn to face her. She would be the only one to be able to see the ghost like dogs turn to pear up on her. The kitsune spirit backs up to the wall and would whimper slightly for the dogs seemed to be trapped. The look at her but make no movement towards her. The kitsune spirit mustering up some courage would place her paw back up on the stone dog and would hear it barking at her trapped there by the markings on it. She then would stick out her tongue at it and would then turn her head back to what was going on. She slides now among the shadows till she is in the throne rooms and would sneak along the tiles till she was close to the queen. Just then the dogs bark loudly with in the kitsune spirit’s head making her stop. Within 17 feet of the queen. The kitsune spirit looks around and would wonder about this woman that is to be killed and would wonder more about wear the young prince had been. He had up on him the heavy sent of the sea and blood. Madness seemed to sweep over the walls of the castle. She making no sound just watches more. 

Anaya: Anaya was unable to pay much attention to anything else her son was alive….after she sent for him to get killed….he was still alive and she had to smile and be all happy about it and not let anything show. As Jeff raised his hand and brought it down upon her face as she smiled happily at him the force of the hit kinda hurt as the skin over top of her scales ripped and peeled off the white scales under them rattling slightly to show distain and a flux of anger “that hurt my son…if I was not with child I would have reacted badly to that. But please my boy do not be angry you are safe and home now what ever happened there we will call forth the army and be rid of them for good” she got up and even if he was fuming mad she still did it regardless, she wrapped her arms around him and held him her bulge of a belly rubbing against him as she could not help that. She held him tightly so even if he struggled he would not be able to leave her embrace “I am just glad you are home you are my baby Jeff my eldest son I would never want you to leave.” She held him tighter “we were not part of whatever your mind has led you to believe, I know you are weak and in need of food, please my beloved son just go up to your room, eat and be well, if you want to fight me truly we can do in properly in an arena when you are better no need for you to fight when you are not well and not thinking correctly. I will have a maid go to your chamber room to feed you. ” Samuel walked out from behind that pillar, at a moment’s notice if anything, ANYTHING happened Samuel would step in, his mate was not fighting for any reason she was with his child and there was nothing not even the price to come between that and threaten the life od Samuels unborn boy. This baby in Anayas belly was his only blood line anymore, his own young dead and gone same with his last mate Anaya was lagitly the only thing he had. “Anaya don…t” as he watched her hug her son, was Anaya so very stupid to hug the son she ordered to be killed, did he really know she ordered it, did he really know Sam was the one that seeked out the assassin to kidnap the price and then plan it all on the firedor nation. But in truth was Anaya really in her state going to fight her son wall he was healed fully and she was wreaked by the child in her belly and the fact she was weighed down by the egg. 

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff simply stood still as Anaya wrapped her arms around him. "I've heard this all before." He simply let her flaunt her acting skills to seem all bright and bubbly around the Iron. "I will go to my chambers. But I will not rest. Sleep is for the weak." Jeff simply stared at Samuel as he came out from behind the pillar, locked onto both of their auras. Bitterman watched from the sidelines as well, on guard, and on the prince's side, as he did his payroll and would always gift him with grateful tax returns. "Sir-...please this way." Jeff kept his eyes on the both of them but slowly nodded. / The guards opened the doors to let the Jester back into the Iron, with a suspicious glares surrounding him. "Stay on your guard." One guard spoke to the other, placing their hands on the hilt of their blades, not recognizing the stranger./ Jeff slowly pushed from Anaya after the hug was complete and walked with Bitterman, out of the throne room and up the long, winding stairs. Bitterman's worried look faded as Jeff began to limp next to him. "We have placed a blood wine and a pack of your favorite nicotine tobacco sticks on the end table in your chambers. On your desk, there is a royal decree from Firedor, wondering if you consented to the-...betrothal." Jeff smiled and shook his head. "I will get them for this, Bitterman." Bitterman slowly nodded and turned, wrapping his arms lightly around Jeff's neck. "I've missed you my friend." Jeff nodded and pushed Bitterman away softly. "Focus on the job at hand. I want guards at my doors at all times and I want you to find Ashe. Make sure she is safe. I don't trust any of them down there." Jeff sighed and looked out back, spotting Milla's rather large grave stone. "Not after the war, do I trust them..." He sighed elongated and moved through the doors to his chambers, before reaching down to pick up his chalice. His lips wrapped around the top of the iron cup and he tilted his head back as his grey eyes turned to a shimmering baby blue, as they normally were. He chugged the liquid down and smiled brightly, as his aura began to fully charge again, sending visible spectrums of light dancing around his slender frame. Lights of Blue, Red and Purple all representing his power could be felt, and seen, as he slammed the cup down. "Hail to the prince." He muttered, hearing the voices in his head finally fade, and his mind slowly piece itself back together. "It's going to be a long night." Bitterman looked to the fully charged prince. " lord. We ran you a bath." Jeff nodded. "Find Ashe, and have her bathe with me." Bitterman nodded and began to head out the door. "Must find the hand maiden!" He repeated down the long corridor. Jeff simply smiled as he looked at himself in the mirror, before slowly slamming his fist into the reflective glass, and shattering it. His gaze peeked down to see a shard of glass, with himself staring back. His boot slid over it, and he ground his heel over it, listening to the cracking and breaking of the shard. "Welcome home Jeff DeLaRose. You will have your vengeance."

dallo5013:  a ghostly chime now could be heard dancing and echoing about the walls of the castle. The ghostly hairs standing up on the back of the kitsune spirit, the stone Dogs not able to attack her do what it is they are there for they evil the ghostly figure standing within 17 feet of the queen. Slowly at first only the chimes are seen and heard. Then one of her tails and ears would become visible. Shortly thereafter the dogs would howl out and her whole body would be seen standing there is a ghostly frozen almost starkest like form. Without any sort of movement. She seemingly only to be staring right at the stone Dogs .her gaze locked up on their Stoney eyes. What would look like stone eyes to mortals yet to her would be the gaze of the undead freezing her right in place till all about the room would see her and would hear her chimes. 

ArsynnRage: A soft tongue lap at Ashe's forehead, having set aside the mask she wore, Jeff's mask, she quickly sat up, and pushed away the furry face who was in her space. A small red fox, no bigger than a house cat, sat near her tilting its head curiously before running off Into the woods. With a grin Ashe straightened her mask and stood, filing the blankets and pillows into the satchel she had attached to her horse, before mounting and heading back to her room in the castle. The gloves a bit big on her fingers she would smile to herself and remove them, tucking them in her inside pocket and continued on..

AlexanderValdemar: The Shadow demon Prince, dressed as a Jester, stood outside in the cold. He didn't mind, he will wait for all time, until one answers the door, he has all the time in the world. Until they do, he reads their aura like books. “So fussy, so angry. All of them. I wonder what has been going on, in this kingdom. “He thought to himself, also wondering, why they ignore his aura. It's demonic after all. No matter, he rather remain unnoticed by them. All of them. He will watch their auras, and listen to their words through the doors. “Such an unhappy family this is. Did I waste my time talking to them? Before the day is out, they all be killed each other. Hehehe. Such fun, a funny game this is. “His thoughts ring through his head, of all the ways this could work in his favor. Just then the doors open, guards with hands on their swords ready to kill, as soon as he made a small mistake, the Jester knew better then to make one, though, he lifted his arms, in a surrender like matter, as he said. “Going to search me boys? Or let me in? “His voices low darkly toned, but backed by high pitched voices. Normal for a Shadow demon, but something was off about this one. His aura seems very well hidden, even the small amount that was felt, seemed controlled. He must be hiding most his aura, for his eyes cannot be seen. The thick shadow spell, very strong, stronger then the aura felt from him. This being must be very old, and thus knows how to hide most its aura. Even from the eyes of dragons.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Bitterman noticed Ashe coming up the stairs and stopped, looking over her. "Ashe! My dear! The prince is back! He is rather damaged so please, be careful but he is calling for you to come join him." Jeff sighed as he started to move to the bathroom, and with one single motion, unlatched his belt, and allowed his pants to fall to the floor, along with his boots. Next came his shirt, as he grunted in agony, yet he stayed quiet, peeling the cloth from his wounds, that resembled the Sigel of Firedor, all down his back. Jeff sighed softly and, fully naked, climbed into the bath, letting his slender, muscular body soak in the tub. The dirt slowly cascaded from his body he brought a bucket, filled with hot water, and poured it over it head, allowing his long locks to flow in front of his face./ Bitterman sighed softly. "Oh my dear, he is a mess. He is such a mess. SO filthy and damaged. They did a number on him, but I'd hate to see the others." Bitterman was a man who loved the company of other men, including Jeff. Ever since Jeff was a teenager, Bitterman had loved him, and had waited for him to even notice him, but he knew Jeff did not inquire with the same taste he did, and his hopes of bedding the prince were dashed instantly. So Bitterman did what anyone else whom was in love would do, he just helped the prince in whatever he needed. "He is so hurt, but he refused to show it. He even smacked the queen with a hard backhand upon returning. I hope you will help him through this, my dear." Bitterman said as they walked to the room where Jeff was. If she were to walk in the room, she would notice mirror shards all over the floor, and Jeff's back in the tub. His eyes looked at his naked body, submerged in water. "Humph.." He grunted, while hearing Bitterman open the door. "Hello?"/ The guards stared to the large Jester. "Sorry sir, no need for violence. We just need to be sure you are not here to cause trouble." The guards knew of Demons and were quite familiar with them, as some were demons themselves. The guard’s eyes knew that this demon was a sneaky man, and simply let him pass. "Please enjoy yourself, sir. We will be here if you need anything." He spoke in a low, monotone, as if he were wondering about the Jester./ Bitterman looked at Ashe with a small sigh. "Take care of him my dear. He needs it."

ArsynnRage: Her mind reeling at the sound of Bitterman's voice, Ashe simply followed him toward the room she shared with her Prince and slowly stepped inside. She has waited for so long, but was ill prepared for him actually being here in person.. What if he were gone with the princess? What if he were only here to say goodbye? What if..? She only drove herself crazy thinking of the possibilities. Walking ingot he room, shards of glass covered the floor. Moving closer to the bathroom she would notice his back in the bathtub and smile beneath the mask.. "Jeff..." She whispered softly, still in total disbelief that he were there, in the flesh.

AlexanderValdemar: “Thank you gentlemen. I understand. I was hired as the new Jester. At least this is what I believe. I will want a word with the Queen or King over such a thing, if you don't mind. Though, I will wait as long as I need to. Paper work, royal orders, basic go through. Whatever is needed before I can talk about my new job, I can wait. Even outside the country, or in your jail. I don't mind. I am at your mercy gentlemen. “The Jester noticed some of the guards was demon as well, keeping his aura as low as he could from the other demons about, not wanting to come off as a threat of any kind. He has all the time in the world. To wait. He does walk in slowly though, going no further then he needs to. Just enough to be 'Inside' the building, for he had that much permission at least. “Thank you for allowing me in. I will try to be at my best behavior. “

dallo5013:  this kitsune spirit still locked in place by the stone dogs, her body now fully visible would wait till the Dogs ran out of power before making herself once again ghostly and un-noticeable once more. Her tails shake and quiver as she takes notice of the demon masking his powers there in the hallways. She smirks not even carrying for she is already dead and nothing can be done about her being there other than making her visible again. She giggles then would slink away once the stone Dog's power faded. She slides back down the hallway to the demon and would look him over before running off upstairs. Not even saying a word only sliding past all the tapestry’s draping the walls moving at a steady speed making the drapes blow ever so gently in the breeze that followed her 

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff turned and spotted Ashe, fully standing, showing off his manhood with nearly no shame at all. His eyes locked onto her form and a smile spread over his scruffy maw. "I've-...missed you." He stepped from the bath, water dripping from his form, gracefully with each step. "Each day, I kept thinking of you. How I would greet you. What we would say to each other...Even as I strangled the princess, I thought of you. I couldn't imagine my life without you. They tortured me-...and I escaped because I couldn't handle my life if I didn't even say goodbye to you." He took a few more steps forward, pressing his hand to her masked cheek. "You kept it safe-..." He smiled brightly and let his wet strands of yellow clump beautifully to the front of his head and the side of his temples. "I wish I could have written you...I was lost at sea after I escaped and could only think of you-...All I could think of was you." Jeff looked down, dripping all over the tile floor. "I would never leave you without knowing my fate. I'm here to stay." His lips trembled at the sight of her. "I'd rather fight with you then laugh with another." He quoted. "I'd rather freeze outside in the cold than be warm under sheets...I'd rather choke than to breathe in your absence...I'd rather feel your fists than to feel some princess's passion." He whispered. Naked, and finally at peace. / Bitterman walked down the steps, sighing as he noticed that his love was back and up the stairs, naked with his love. Why didn't Jeff love him? Why couldn't the prince defile his own sexual preference? Why couldn't the prince Just love Bitterman? The butler sighed and stood at the foot of the stairs, spotting the rather large Demon and a smile came to his lips with a small bite along the bottom of it. "Hello, My lord." He whispered, bowing before the man and the two guards. The main guard, standing post at the door looked to the Jester. I am Mark and the guard to my left is Leverix. We are the elites around here and will stay here if you need something. If you need anything else, Bitterman will be there to help you as well." "Yes, sir, I will be." Bitterman said, with a light blush over his cheeks. "Might I get you some tea, Mr-...?" He asked the demon, with a soft, yet suggestive tone. "I am Dervin Bitterman! Butler to the Iron Rose, and assistant to the Prince!" Bitterman was also a demon, guised as a human. A blood demon, able to use blood magic and iron manipulation to his advantage, only when he needed. He may have seemed feminine and frail, but Bitterman was not to be underestimated. Mark saluted Bitterman, as did Lev, before turning to the Jester. "You are more than welcome to stay upstairs in the guest room, before we are able to get you, your own room." Mark cut Bitterman off, before pointing up the steps, and speaking softly. "Last door on the right, next to the Prince's room." Bitterman waited for the Jester to pay attention to him as well, but allowed Mark to distract him a bit longer. / Jeff sighed softly. "Just-...thank you for waiting for me..."

Alexander:  The Shadow demon, dresses as a Jester, smells a blood demon's blood. Their scent was unmistakable. He looked to the guards, then to the man dressed as a butler “There he is. A blood demon. The help? A blood demon? Well I be damned. Oh wait, I am. “He thought to himself, as he said out loud. “It's nice to meet you, Bitterman, Mark, and Leverix. I am Alexander. Thank you for your kindness gentlemen. “He said, as he looked to the one called Bitterman. “I wonder if he will be trouble. I must not let his looks fool me. I have dwelt with blood demons before. Their stronger then they make their body look. “He thought to himself again. He was one to pay close attention to all being about him. Even the ghost about the place. He noticed her long ago, but found it pointless to speak with the long dead being. She most likely just wants to pull pranks and chaos. He knows her type of soul, such little imps they are. He won't ruin her fun. Even if she can see his Prince Demon aura. As long as she wasn't going to give him away, he ignored her, and focused on the beings still alive. He bowed in respect to the guards and butler, before walking to the butler, to have him lead him upstairs to the guest room, for he knew if he went alone on his own, that would be a sign of disrespect, and he didn't want that.



ArsynnRage: -a soft exhale left Ashe's lips as she reached up and removed the mask slowly, tossing it aside in the bed, the gloves followed, his naked body just inches from her, - "Ive been waiting for you for months... i.. sat near the water daily, and waited for you to come home to me. I knew you hadnt left me for.." -her voice trails off as a frown spreads across her face, her eyes fall to the floor- "....that bitch princess.. the one your mother tried to marry you off too." -moving forward quickly she wrapped both arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder and inhaling his scent, kissing his neck softly, squeezing him against her tightly- "I have missed you so much my love.. You are hurt, and there is glass all over the room. Would you like to tell me what happened in here?”

Anaya: Anaya got up from her spot and her throne as she watched her son walk away to go to his room at least he was not going to go without food, he would get his strength back and in hopes she wanted him to gain his sense back. She walked over to Samuel and he put his arm around her helping her to the dining hall. “Sam after I eat I am going to turn into myself and go for a flight can’t stay in this human form anymore and ” she took a finger and flapped the skin on the side of her face that had come off were Jeff had hit her “he did a good chunk of damage to my cheek bone i believe it is broken and the skin is not going to heal seeing I am putting all my energy into holding the child within me” “Anaya you know you can’t fight him, in arena, you will not be able to fight in your state” Anaya opened the door as they walked into the dining hall were lunch was made and placed on the tables, Anaya’s spot already made by the maids . “Then he will kick my ass, I will not even change to myself in truth I don’t want to fight him, I just don’t know other ways to deal with him, how else do you deal with someone you made a monster?” Sam looked at her “you talk to him he does not believe it anyway and you tell him the truth he will just stab you in the chest, you have a mighty fine point” He sat her down at the table and picked up a silver platter and looked at her “so what do we do with him, we both know you can’t fight him” Anaya picked up a meat chunk and ate it down “I have no idea my love, but if I die make sure you take care of the child, it will be the only thing I have left in the world, but know if he wants to fight me he can, no matter what state I am, I am a golden dragon Samuel, I can fight. He is a human being with vampire powers, I can null his powers turn him human and then see what he does, I will ready a spell tonight if that is needed” “alright my dear you eat I will get a plate” he then walked over to the dining table and started shoving junk on his late a bit of everything.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He shook his head as she mentioned the princess and how long she had waited for him. "Has it been that long?" He spoke in a velvet, scratchy twang, bringing his hands to caress the back of her head whilst his fingers ran through her auburn locks of mystery and rebirth. The prince sighed softly and looked to the floor. "She tortured me. So I got rid of her." He said bluntly, looking down to her glorious figure as his baby blues burned a hole through to her gaze with the light of a million lone fireflies. He was finally home, but he felt his life would soon change forever, with his mother doing her best to see to it that he taken care of. How could his own mother try something like this? He knew she hadn't changed from that mad dragon whom had killed all of her young. She swore an oath to protect those she had adopted, however most of them became her next meal. Jevera, Kale-...All the others...The only one he hadn't had a clue about was Talon but he was sure his brother was to suffer the same fate. He smiled as she inhaled his sweet scent, even after months of being on a boat, he still smelled intoxicating. "I can't smell to good right now. You might not want to do that, my dear." His arms wrapped around her back, as he leaned down and pressed his lips to her in a passionite embrace. "Thank you for waiting for me. I didn't think you would. There are plenty of guards willing to jump at a chance to court you." He muttered, before slowly leading her over to the bath tub and climbing back in, while still holding her hand, as to not get her wet but to keep her close. He settled into the hot water and closed his baby blue eyes. "I just don't know why Anaya would have me kidnapped. We need to be careful Ashe. Or it could spell doom for us both. If need be, I'll burn this place to the ground. I'll kill my own mother if she tries to hurt anyone else." He whispered softly, and sank deeper into the steaming liquid. "I'll see to it that everyone is safe."/ Bitterman took the demon by the arm and began to stroll up the stairs with him. "Hello, Alex, and welcome to the rose. Breakfast is served at 8:00 in the marrow. There is a lot to do in town if you are unfamiliar with the activates of the royals and wish to do some rather-...mundane things." He made it to the top of the winding stairs with the rather strapping young lad and smiled with a bright sharp grin. "You are a beautiful little thing. Aren't you?" He bit down again on his lower lip before finally leading him to the end of the corridor. "This room right here, next to mine and the prince's. If you need anything-....Anything! Please give me a knock.-...on the door.-...not-...anywhere else." He smiled before turning and walking away with a satisfied smile, to get back to his duties

AlexanderValdemar: The tall Jester, was lead up by the arm, to the upstairs by the demonic butler known as Bitterman. Alex didn't know what was up with this help, but he could sense something about him. On the way up, he heard Bitterman, and said in reply. “Am I now? Well thank you Bittterman is it? That's very kind of you. “ He said in a truthful and kind tone of his voice, though he was put off by the words, and the fact this old demon had bit his own lip shortly after the statement. 'Very strange, I do believe he likes me.” Alex thought. Once up to the rooms. He turned to Bitterman, as the butler began to speak of what room, belongs to whom, and all. The the statement about the “Knocking” he found rather cute. In a charming way, that is. “Of course Bitterman, thank you. “ he said opening his room door, and walking in. Closing the door slowly; He listens hard, using his dark aura to make it easier to listen to all of the castle. As he waits in his room.

ArsynnRage: -leaning down next to the tub she would kneel on her knees and relese his hand long enough to take off her jacket and toss it on the floor- "Your mother has been pretty quiet in the castle, keeping to herself and spends most of her time in the bed chambers with Samuel. I only see her when she needed food. Samuel doesn’t like me much, he sent me away more often than not, and i got a bad vibe from him. Maybe it’s just me though." -she shrugged and laid her head on the side of the tub smiling at her Prince- "Tell me what you need me to do to help you feel better? And you still haven’t answered me about the glass on the floor?" -she whispered to him, her fingers trailing along his arms and chest playfully. Noticing all of the fresh wounds he wore.- "I am sorry i thought you would go off with that princess... It made me very angry, but.. Mark kept me company most of the time you were gone, and wouldn’t leave my side. He is a very kind guard." -her thoughts on earlier this morning when Mark came to her at the water’s edge- I think he thought me crazy for waiting for you. As well as most of the others." -grabbing a piece of the cheese cloth laying near the tub she moved alongside the tub and began washing his back and hair-

Anaya: Sam brought the plate over to the table were Anaya was siting as his plate just was a mound of food and other crap, there was a spoon in there, some were and a fork, he would not use. He let out a sigh and sat at the table and relaxed a little as he shovelled in his food and looked at Anaya with a metal fork sticking out the side. He pulled the eating utensil out and swallowed his food down. “You know we can just poison the girl, maybe the heart crushing will make jeff leave?” Sam shoved another mouthful in like he did not even care enough to pause as Anaya did and looked at him “no I don’t think I want to kill anything anymore, maybe I should just let him do what he wants be truthful to the boy and tell him the baby gets the crown” “ya and have him go ape shit and kill you and the unborn then kill me and what would he have left, a castle he could walk away from?” Anaya motioned for a guard to come over to her as it did and she looked to it “before I forget please go up and start on fixing that window in sister scarlets room and go get Bitterman I need to have a word with him” she then waved her hand to make him go on his way as he did just that and started on his way up to the steps to get the butler. Anaya looked to Samuel “I know you are right on that, if he figures out the truth he will surely be the death of me but really what am I to do, he is my son. If his mother was still alive she would have killed me a hundred times over with the crap I have done to him. And we can’t just send him off to fight some other war we make up or don’t want to fight ourselves. I will try to talk to the boy later today maybe when his head is clear, but hell it was be the same shit just a different day ” Anaya was getting stressed as she bent over holding her belly in pain and letting out a wheezing sound “maid get a warm cloth and some milk now” Sam called out as he picked up Anaya and walked over to the sofa “I believe that hit to the face did a bit to your healing process, we need to get you outside” “snow is water I will fucking burn out there” “ok then rest on the sofa I will take you down to the gold hold, the catacombs can fit me they will fit you to the point you can change to yourself. ”

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff smiled and shook his head. "Mark has been loyal for years. He would never do anything to hurt you. He is a good friend and I am glad he was here with you in your time of need. The glass-..." He looked out of the room and sighed. "Sorry about that. I guess I just wasn't in my right mind. I need to be able to control myself. "He looked at the floor and sighed softly as she began to wash his hair and back. "Samuel and Anaya are weird creatures. They seem to only be driven by power, as most dragon's are, but it seems Samuel only wants so ensure that his child is born, nothing else. Before Anaya got pregnant, he could care less how they ended up mating, so long as it happened. Now that they are with child, he acts as if the child in her belly is the only priority. He doesn't care much for my mother and I fear, more often than not, that as soon as he is born, he will do his best to render my mother useless. We need to be ready. As soon as the child is born, he need to be gone. If we aren't, we may not survive." Jeff smiled as she gave herself a caring persona and he gripped his razor off of the tub side, that never seemed to be picked up and began to shave his scruff with simple, wasy motions. He blinked lightly as hair fell from his skin, onto the floor and the side of the tub. "I love you, Ashe. Don't ever assume I will leave you. I promise I wont. I need to shave I'f I'm gonna be able to fit into my mask again." A few swipes later and the prince was clean shaven, for the first time in a while. "Be easy, my love. I am still in pain." He said as the wash cloth ran over the scars of the Firedor Emblem. "They did a number on me."/ Bitterman sighed as he flushed with delight. "HE LIKES ME!" He spun around as he exited the corridor, spinning like a graceful ballerina. "I am such a lucky, handsom butler. So dashing." He muttered to himself, clearing his throat, as he continued spinning, only to stop when he spotted a guard staring him down. "Bitterman?" "Oh! uh-...Jericho! What is it?" Jericho sighed softly and shook his head to the embarrassed blushing butler. "The queen wants a word with you, don't keep her waiting." Bitterman nodded and straightened his vest and popped his jacket, brushing the dust off of it. "Indeed. Brilliant." He then made his way down the steps to see Anaya and Samuel in the dining room. He bowed respectfully in front of the queen and-...Samuel. "You’re Grace, and-...Sir." He stood softly, placing his hands behind his back and speaking in his rather England twang. "What can I help you with today Ma'am?" He tilted his head to the side. "I already watered the flowers at Lady Milla's grave, and I ran your son a bath. If there is anything else I can do, please do not hesitate to ask." He smiled brightly and glared to Samuel, but doing his best to not make it known. "I hope I have not upset you, my queen."
Anaya: the queen looked at the butler “can you heal without magic use, do you know medical aid? How to stitch human flesh my sons slap to my face has broken my jaw and I need the skin on my face stitched back together it is not healing due to my energy being used to keep this child inside of me alive and healthy. I don’t know who has medical skill anymore and Milla used to patch me up when needed. Samuel cant stich fabric I don’t want him stitching my face back together” Samuel looked not impressed but he knew it was the truth so he shut up “it is only till the snow stops falling and we can get Anaya outside to change to herself or get her down to the hold so she can be in a large enough area to change” Samuel ran his hand along Anayas belly as she lay on a sofa in the dining hall her breaths raspy as in truth her jaw was hurting a bit more than her stone cold outside would let on.

AlexanderValdemar: The Jester tries his best to listen in without showing too much of his aura, off to the other demons about. And he sure as hell, didn't want the Dragon finding him threat. But he risks a little bit of aura to be felt, to listen in. “Maybe they will just assume the level of aura is me sleeping” He thought as he only let a small amount out, to strengthen his hearing, about the castle. Hearing, everything he needed, he grins wide. “The king wants heir? The child is his only care? , I see. I could use that. He will be a heavy plotter, if this is his goal. It's good to know, I'm not the only evil mastermind here. Maybe I can use his own plot against him. No. No. I'll use him as my pawn. Haha, a funny joke. A King is a pawn of the Court Jester. I must follow their order to the T. I wish to not lose my head in all this. Wait. What is this? The Butler. Is he talking about me? Oh. OH. I see. I could use this as well. Though, I must assume I'm not the only one. What other secrets you hold castle. The walls have ears. The Prince, he may be my greatest weapon in all this. He could end up in my favor. I will make sure with Lord Samuel, that I am really hired. Tell him that is the only way I can kill the girl. I will have to speak to him in private but how. The prince? No, he needs not to know now. Not yet. Soon, but not now. The Butler? Maybe. If I can get into his heart thicker then now. The guards? Hmm. He already is getting me to do something I assume, is not of his queen's knowing ,but even if so, to get him to talk with me alone again, is going to be hard without making a scene. I'll see what is new tomorrow. This Fool needs his rest.” He laid down in the bed, lowering his aura back down. Hearing all he needed for now.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Bitterman looked at the wound and raised a brow. "Your son did this?" He blinked before looking to the ground. "He has never struck you like this before. Firedor must have really gotten to his head." He moved forward and gripped the queen's cheek lightly, as to not hurt it. "Let me see-...Aye. I can. Samuel, quit being useless, dear and go fetch me some fresh long bottom leaf. As well as a hot towel and a bowl of hot water. And a glass of wine whilst you are about, I am parched. Thank you dear." He then looked closely at the wound. "He could have done worse, miss, we both know that." He then did his best to kiss the wound gently, in a caring manner as Bitterman was even around in the days of Manwe. He sighed softly as he thought of his old friend and gently moved to pick up a small wash cloth that had been dipped in hot water. He dabbed it against her cheek and waited for Samuel to return with his items.

Anaya: Samuel looked up he could feel it, that demon thing was poking around he could not know for sure but he could feel it in his bones, a snake new another snake that is just how things worked. Samuel shut his eyes for a moment as he let his own aura flow up to the room were the jester was sleeping, the shadow of a dragon, a black dragon with no front arms, all wings all body and back legs crept over the wall as a smile came over its face as the candle beside the jesters bed went out and the room was dark and the shadow vanished. It was as if Samuel said tisk tisk and shut out the lights as to say don’t snoop and that he was watching. Green eyes lit up as he opened them and looked back to his love laying there on the sofa, he ran his hand over her forehead, keeping her calm as she rested “the snow will stop soon my dear and then we both can go outside” Anaya looked up at him as she gave a smile and then nodded to the butler and Samuel growled under his breath "i am not getting you a drink i will get the water and cloth and she will not need the leaf our kind does not feel pain like the rest of you. And if it is for you, you can get it yourself, you are the butler" he got up as he walked out to grab the things said to grab and came back with the swiftly they were only on the other side of the room after all. He put the dish down with the cloth in the warm water. Anaya looked at them both and then her red eyes locked onto the butler "when you piss someone off enough they tend to hit you, and even more so when they have been turned against you by their captive. I only wish Jeff to be seeing clearly, and talk to your kind as he is your king nothing less. Get a maid for your tasks it is why we have them butler. now please mend my face and fix my jaw, i will not move as you are doing things" she turned her face so the man had full access to the flap of skin that had come off form the cornor of her eye down to past her cheek.


AlexanderValdemar: The Jester looks up, and with his arms crossed under his head, and legs crossed in a relaxed state, he looked up to see the aura of the male dragon forming a shadow in the room, he grins at the shadow, knowing he almost been caught. The green eyes hint at not snooping around, but the Jester replies to the aura shadow before it disappeared with a smile, a sly grin as to say. “SorryNotSorry” smirk of an evil being playing it off as “innocent” He was close, too close, to being caught. He knew Samuel wouldn't fully know, but he might be on to him now. He will have to be twice as careful or get Samuel as an Ally. That's it, he needs Samuel on his side, really soon. The info he got might help. Samuel wants something, and badly. He can use this, their both sneaky snakes. But he will eat the other snake. He needs to act like Samuel's pawn, to only be the one pulling the strings. Even if he has to make himself look weak and helpless but useful to Samuel. “I need to talk with him. But in the morning. I know. I'll make a joke, as my new role as court Jester, hinting at a private chat with him. He hehe I'll “”Court”” with him tomorrow. “ He said before closing his unseen eyes, to rest until morning.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Bitterman sighed as he shook his own head. "If you remember, your grace, I have been with this family shortly after the rather tragic death of Manwe. I have stayed to myself and have done nothing but try to get on your good graces. I understand that you two are together but I was around in the days of Magnus, in the days of Crome and now I am around now. I refuse to call that man, my king. I shall tend to his needs, and I shall do what needs to be done but the only thing I will not do is bow. I shall only bow to you." He dabbed the cloth in a bit of the longbottom leaf that had been soaking in the water. He knew Anaya couldn't stand the water but he knew the longbottom leaf would subside the pain and would stop the flesh and scales from peeling off. "I mean no disrespect, M'lady but He is a bit of a sneaky fish, not in the way that Crome was. He is always-...plotting something." He then brought his hand to the cheek, gripping her chin softly to bring it to his gaze for a better look. "Ah-...I see. Your son knocked a few scales off, but other than that, all we can do is dab it with some medicine and hope that it does not get infected. It will heal in no time." He smiled brightly before standing. "ROSE!" He yelled to one of the maids. "The queen requires some Ruby Red Wine!" The maid stood, bowed and ran quickly to the kitchen to fetch her a glass, before hastly running over and placing it on the table next to the throne. As she left, Bitterman smiled and picked the glass up, downing the wine and setting the glass back down. "Ahhh. That is delicate. So gentle to the tongue. You know, My queen. When I first laid eyes on this place, I thought you were going to kill me. Like you did with your son, Jeff. How he ran and ran. How you chased so close behind. How easily you could have caught him. He was so young. I thought the same would happen to me, but you did not kill me. You took me in, and gave me a room to call my own. You gave me the task of being your personal butler, before you hired-..."My king." He said in finger quotes. "You made me feel so-...welcome like I have never felt begfore. So I must ask. " He took a pause and straightend his tie. "Why do you want your son out of the picture? I understand you have been hiding your true intentions but being a butler in this place, you begin to hear the walls speak to you. You see everything when the world does not see you." He took a step back from her, setting the rag down. "And I mean no disrespect but-...he is my friend and if you need him gone, then tell him. He may be a hot head and may be-...violent at times but you are his mother and he would never kill you. As much as he may want to. He killed Jaurl and doesn't even speak about him anymore, for fear of making himself upset. You are his mother, and I know you may not feel like it anymore, but he would never be able to swing a sword through your neck, even if you offered it to him. Speak to him, your grace. I guarentee your saftey and your plan to work." He then grabbed the glass off of the table and stood, awaiting her response, hoping he didn't strike a foul nerve.

Anaya cringed as the butler went on his way mending her face as it would take most of the night to do. she knew it would take a while and she allowed him to blaber on how he would not hear her mate and how he was not a king, it overall went in one ear and out the other as she grumbled having her face fixed then later would go to her chamber to rest the remainder of the night away.


~~~~~~The next morning, jeff left in the night to places unknown, snow has started to fall once again and a nice layer is upon the ground, there has been word in the town that there is to be a snow storm as some of the elders have foreseen and have bad bones. when the knee twitches be there snow to come. Anaya is stuck in the castle till the snow ends and is not pleased at all~~~~~

SahlielXInteritio: "Sah, you silly old thing. How long will you hide for the light?" spoke a soft voice in the dimly lit room. Within the squelching darkness a figure was able to be made out his frame was rough and racked with age. He spoke to himself within the mirror his reflection not matching the shape the old man was in yet seemed younger full of vigor and life. What caused this old man to forgo a lifetime of eternal youth? But from the looks he was suffering from a split in personalities. For the old man spoke back with a deep and scratching voice. "And I will keep hiding, forever how long to prevent me from ever seeing the light." The face in the mirror changed looking almost malevolent. "So you plan to spend the rest of you dying years locked away and caged like some animal!!" It yelled loudly cause the mirror to splinter. "Bah it is no point in talking to you for you and I are one in the same." He said as he massaged is wrinkled brow. "Come-on lets just go for a walk what harm would ever come from a small walk." the voice in the mirror sounded like velvet soft and enticing to the ear almost devilish. "Fine a walk we shall have if it means the end of your bickering." the old man yelled back as he reached for his overcoat. The old man could have been no more than five foot twelve. His face was wrinkled scarring his face with age. His eye were dim crimson the fire and passion he once held were but small embers clinging to whatever he had left. His hair was short and scruffy and greyed almost beshevled as if he did not take pride in his dashing good looks. A bristly beard grey with age marred is mouth almost seemed as it fit and looked good upon him. His clothes we simple almost seemed homeless in design. With a knitted scarf around his neck. His boot were brown and had seen better days. "This day will be the death of me." he said without the slightest bit of worry as he approached the door. This door was no ordinary door it was a door that took you to places beyond your wildest imagination. The door would often than not let you choose where to go. But in very rare instances it would take you to random places, but nothing was ever random there was a reason for everything. and for some reason on this day the door decided..... "Snow.. damnit.. Snow of all places snow!!" he yelled out as he kicked the door stubbing his foot in the process. The door opened up between two evergreen trees. "I knew I should have just stayed home." he muttered underneath his breath. "Yes but that would have been boring you old coo--." he spoke aloud. The voice was the same from the mirror. " ohhh hush you." he said quickly cutting him off at the word "Coot." The snow was deep and the purest of white. Some strange fate brought him here. Whatever it was he must see it to the end.

CorruptedDoll: Anarial was skirting her Mothers land, heading off to another land she had recently heard of, granted it was probably on a map had she bothered to look at one but she never bothered, she'd rather just explore. After all that's the reason she disappeared in the first place. She was resting her horse in the stables of the Inn she was in. Eating a bit of stew, which she had no idea what was in it, it was bland but had subsistence it in as far as she was concerned, as she heard a traveler speaking. Her small elven ears flicker as she catches the name Jeff DeLaRose, granted the flicker was hidden by the heavy black cloak she was wrapped in. She listens in, hearing something about him being missing for several weeks and reappearing crazed. She was sudden worried about her family and had a feeling she should head towards home. She quickly throws down several piece of gold onto the table she had been resting out, she knew it was a lot more then it would cost for the stew and resting her horse but it normally kept people from speaking of her keeping it like she didn't exist, disappearing out the door of the Inn she fetches her horse and quickly darts out of the town. She left the people who had seen her speechless, they weren't used to seeing someone dart off this late at night, the silence only lasted a bit before the returned to their rumor talks. She knew the forests in this area, so rather than dealing with the roads and the thefts that tend to be on them this late at night she went through the forest and swamps, granted taking this route would be dangers due to the snow and ice, she and the horse had trust in each other and had no issues making their way through it. She would make it to her Mothers castle within a few hours, not even before dawn was threatening to break. She puts her horse in the stable, mentally cursing her mother’s men, it seemed no one was awake at this hour, the men who were supposed to be handling the horses and then men supposed to be guarding them passed out. She walks up to where they slept once the black horse was placed in the stall she had claimed a long time back, before she had disappeared. She rolls her eyes at them, it would be way too easy for someone to slip in and steal the horses, she thought. She quickly gathers some oat and water for her horse, staying with him a few moments longer before she moves towards the castle, making sure he was settling in and calm before she left. She pauses for a moment, glancing at the main entrance and starts to think aloud in a hushed tone, “If I go through there, I'm sure to cause people to stir and Mother will be woken up in the middle of the night and be upset, perhaps its best I sneak in.” With that being said she moves to the side of the castle, glancing out to the side she sees the sleeping trolls and freezes in place, the snow not bothering her as she simply stares, “Where.... Did those come from.. And why.. Does mother need them…” Was all she could say, She shakes her head to clear it before she makes her way to the window she use to sneak in and out. It was a window on the stairs leading to the second floor. With easy she was able to pull the window open. Climbing through it she closes the window, making sure it was securely closed, more so then when she came through it. The castle was dark, seeing as it was roughly three in the morning she expected nothing less. She slides the heavy black cloak from her frame, it was soon to be drenched from the amount of snow on it, riding as hard as she did has its down falls, she was soon going to be soaked from head to toe, and if she let that happen she'd be shivering and most likely cursing aloud. Muttering below her breath she moves to climb the stairs up towards where her room once was. She wasn't sure if it would even still be there but it was worth the chance, leaving as little water behind her on the floor as she possibly could however she was failing horribly. There was a trail from the window to where her room was. As she gets close she takes one of the torches from the wall and opens the door to her room. She smiles as she sees it was still there. Her bed made was a mess and she rolls her eyes, annoyed that it was clearly touched. She didn't want to know what had happen in her room well she was gone, she starts to grumble about it and doesn't even bother touching it. She moves to strip her clothing away and dawns on a fresh set of leather clothing, again she glances at the bedding, muttering below her breath, “Humans... I'd almost bet it was the filthy human males that did it.” She moves to the corner of the room to lay down, using her wet cloak as a pillow. She lets out a soft yawn, glancing out one of the windows to her room, “If I fall asleep now, I might get a few hours of sleep before the staff wakes up to realize someone’s here and wakes mother. Guess that's better than none.” After she speaks she closes her eyes, sleep quickly taking her, her body and mind worn out from the ride to the castle. She sleep almost silently. Besides the trail of water to her door, no one but her mother and her mother’s mate would be able to detect her with in the walls.

Anaya: Anaya looked up at the sky as she saw the snow coming down, she looked up with a grumble and sat up in bed leaning on the side of the bed hanging her feet down off the side of the bed. She let out a sigh and walked over to the closet and picked out a gown tossing it over her shoulders and not caring really about it, it was shiny and loss and just kinda drab next to what she had on most days, she was in pain her gut was turning due to the egg inside her. She walked to the door as she let out another sigh and the door open “oh Samuel you are up early, and…at the door” Sam looked at her taking a hand and helping her to the steps getting a maid to close the door behind her “well for the mother of my unborn child, our unborn child, it will be a beautiful baby I know it, our son” Anaya looked at him with a soft smile but she was clearly not in the best of moods “alright my dear mate, please head down to the thrones I will be alright” Samuel did not leave her side as they walked down the steps clearly ignoring what she said about being fine. They walked to the thrones as she sat down and fixed her dress “Sam please can you get me some sweet tea I am parched. And do you know if Jeff is alright I slept like a stone last night did not hear anything” “yes I will get your tea, and I am sure he will be fine” he walked away and mumbled under his breath something about he did not want the boy to be fine.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed as he slowly opened his eyes, being re-blinded by the white blanket of fresh cold annoyance outside his window. He climbed from the large feather bed and shut the curtains with a large grunt cascading from his lips and, one turn later, flopped back into the bed. His blond, white locks fell in front of his baby blue hues, mumbling to himself. "Snow-...fucking-...falls everyday..." He turned in bed, falling onto his back and reached over to pick up his pack of rolled tobacco sticks. "Loud ass winds-...every morning." The grump of a prince sat up as he placed the cigarette betwixt his lips, and pulled himself off of the comfort zone that he had been requesting for months. "Though it does feel nice to wake up in my own domain." Jeff looked at the mirror, his back to it and noticed the constant pattern of frantic scars and healing burns that occurred from the torture that befell the prince just a few short months ago. Lighting the cancerous stick of pleasure, he turned to his wardrobe, just as a knock came to his door. "Lord Jeff?" Bitterman came from the other side. "I have your bath ready for you if you wish. And then there is a breakfast coming to the mess hall. Come down when you feel fit." Bitterman, having massive feelings for the prince, looked at the floor. "Oh-...and good morning, my lord." Bitterman moved over to the door down the hall and spotted Alex's door at the end of the hall, and blushed hard, with a little shake at the end of his swooning. "No. Focus Raynard Bitterman, first of his name. You must do your job and not let feelings get in the way of your duties." He sighed again. "Whatever feelings they may be for." He looked between the doors and moved to the newly occupied bedroom. "Miss? It's the help. Please open up." He moved his five fingers into a fist, balling it and knocking on the steel oak door that housed the long lost sister. Jeff slowly moved from the wardrobe after selecting his outfit, and began to slide on his leather pants, boiled and dyed black, as was his shirt, buckled tight and easily designed for his chainmail to fit over it with simple effort. His black steel, light greaves fit over his leather leggings and his steel boots came on after. If Jeff was going to be forced to fight for his life in his own damn House of DeLaRose, then he was going to be prepared. The DeLaRose warrior moved to place his scarf around his neck and his mask around his face, then finally slipping his fingerless gauntlets on. He ignored Bitterman, and moved to open the door. "Hmph." He grunted, placing his katana, great sword and bow and quiver of 30 arrows on his back, in their corresponding sheaths. He took a few steps forward, before slipping on a large straight line of water that lead up the stairs and down the hall. "Fuck me!" Jeff exclaimed, rolling back onto his feet. His baby blue orbs moved to Bitterman at the end, where he stood, ignoring the water, for it was not his job to clean up the water, so he did not acknowledge it. "Bitterman. Who is this?" He muttered, noticing the aura on the other side of it. "Female?" "Yes, Sir Jeff. It is. She came in last night, trying to be all quiet, but I um-...well spied on her for a while. She seems to share an aura similar to yours." Bitterman knocked again. "Stay here with me sir, and perhaps we can meet her together." Jeff nodded. "Quite."

SahlielXInteritio: The snow kept falling towards no end. His knees slowly hurt as the chill went to his bone causing it to ache. "You got me traversing this stupid terrain all because you want to live you stupid former glory." he said as he sloshed along in the snow. "Well you were going to live as a hermit for the rest of your life growing old not having adventures." Said the other voice. "Shut up enough of you." he said swatting around in the air at an unseen force. "Ohh the must be a town somewhere not like the door brought us to a barren land." he muttered as he trudged along. Hours went by and it seemed like he had not made any distance at all. The mountains became hills and the thick trees went on for miles with no end in sight. "That stupid door must be broken." the old man grumbled as he kept pushing along he had already traveled so far he was not about to turn back now. "That’s the spirit of adventure we shared when we were younger." The voice chimed out. "When we were younger.." the old man echoed back as if reflecting upon his life he forsake for this path. Beyond in the distance a foreboding stone structure loomed in the distance the lights of what seemed like breath of life. This stroke of luck brought encouragement to the old man as he moved somewhat faster dragging his legs in the snow. "See the door is never wrong you old geezer." the voice chuckled. "You know you are truly getting on my last nerve." the old man replied. Before long sah breath became ragged and heavy. He was not in his prime and dragging through this snow was no easy task. Snow clung to the grey hairs making him white as his check flushed rose in color. "Now I wonder whom or what lives here?" He asked as two large door stood before him. The castle was well maintained and had truly seen some better years. There were scorch marks here and there and it seemed like some fighting had occurred long ago in the past but the castle seemed well off. "Well Are you going to knock?" the childlike voice quipped. "Yes I am getting to that geez I am old give me a break." he huffed as he wrapped his boney knuckles against the wood. The sound reverberated loudly. "You stupid fool the owners are most likely sleeping or not home." he argued with himself awaiting an answer from his knocks.

CorruptedDoll: As the knock on her door wakes her she starts grumble. Her soft gray eyes opening as she glances out the window, the snow falling again she groans, “Fucking snow.. Makes it hard to slip about unnoticed.” She gets up, her hair plastered to the side of her face from sleeping on the soaked cloak. She ignores the knocks on the door for a bit longer. She sighs, “Well, this should be a wonderful day, wonder how mother will take it.” She moves to swing the door open, her long oak bow already on her back with her quiver of fifty arrows, most of which were already coated in dry blood, her snow white hair hiding her face for the most part, and her black leather-ed clothing hiding her pale white frame. She glances at the two males before her, speaking out a quick hello before she makes attempt to shove past them, not carrying if she knocked either of them over, and head down the hall and stairs, not wanting to bother with small talk, she had a mother to greet. She moves to avoid the water muttering, “Clearly people have turned lazy in this castle, has mother become soft on the help?” She moves towards the throne room, making no stops, wondering if mother had picked up on her yet. She moves to walk strait up towards her mother as soon as she enters, completely ignoring the knock on the door, a smile spreading over her lips before she speaks out, “Hello Mother, it has been quite some time has it not? Oh and should I mention that your help is slacking today? The trail of water is still in the hall from when I snuck through the window. And how was it so easy for me to get in without any of the guard noticing?” She expects people to fall silent at the sight of her, most probably wouldn't remember her and those that do would probably just stare. She knew it may take her mother a moment or two before she found her voice to respond. She had kept her existence unknown after she disappeared. Complete vanishing after that night she disappeared, making sure that no one spoke of her and no rumors started, gold coming in handy for that. She simply stands there, half expecting the two males had followed her down and weren't far off, waiting for her mother to speak.

Anaya: Anaya looked up as she could hear people upstairs bustling around and moving and getting into things and just being well themselves. She let out a sigh as Sam brought her tea and a maid trotted beside him as if in puppy dog lul at how hansom the man was, she glared at the maid as the maid stopped gave a giggle and then ran away “Samuel I believe with my being egg filled and not really up to my fighting standard, the maids are following your ass like dogs” Samuel gave a chuckle and gave his mate her tea as he moved to stand at her flank “maids are maids my love, you are my mate they do not compare to you” “you fucked my last maid” “she….was different” “so are a lot of them” “you know I care very deeply about you please do not stress yourself it I bad for the child” Anaya let out a grunt as she sat in her throne hearing foot falls then a voice in her ear she almost ignored. “Mother Jeff? No that is a girl voice….” She said as she turned her head to look over as red eyes got a tad brighter but she still did not move from her throne, oh great more kids are home hope this one stays out of my way and shuts up. She muttered as she looked to the door hearing the taping then just ignored it knowing a butler or something would grab that as she looked back to her back home little girl “my guards are worthless and will have their hands removed so they stop using them as pillows to fall asleep at their posts. It is good to see you home my dear please come on over so I can see you better, sorry for the ness the maids have not been following orders as well due to my not being able to boss them around” she looked at Samuel and new in his brain he was wondering how to keep that kid away from Anaya and the young to just like he would if Jeff was there, keep away from the baby and the mate and kill anything to close, the go to for a male dragon with a young to think about. She took his hand in her own to relax him as he stayed silent standing at her right flank.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed some as Bitterman stood there, with that happy expression. "What do you have to be happy about?" "Huh? Well Sir Jeff. You are alive, the snow is falling ever so gracefully and there is a lot of faces in our flourishing home. We should be happy that so many people have graced the DeLaRose house. Remember our words. "Only the Strong Survive." Jeff whispered before Bitterman could finish. "Well-...I believe Anaya wants me dead and I believe that Samuel is going to plot to destroy the people I care about. They are both dragons with their own selfish gain. So-...only the evil survive in this house. The ones who are evil and stron-..." Just then, the door opened and a quick greeting was exchanged, before a shove past Jeff was present to the situation and Jeff was pushed away so the woman could escape the doorway. "Woah. Excuse you." Jeff grunted to the blonde-...DeLaRose holding aura. His eyes lit up with a dead pool of ocean blue hues, guiding his feet to follow the girl. "Hey!" He grunted, following the aura, as Bitterman followed Jeff, grabbing his arm. "Wait!" "What?!" Jeff looked back at the butler. "Be careful. She holds an elven figure. She is quick. Don't get anyone hurt." Jeff jerked his arm away and nodded. "Fine." He then continued his path toward her. Then came the knock, where then Bitterman brushed himself off and moved down the steps, quickly, passed Jeff. "Oh my! There is another guest! My my my. The house is busy today. So so busy." He flustered himself, swaying from side to side as he stepped over cracks in the floor boards, as he was superstitious and didn't want to break anyone's back. Jeff moved into the hall, where, the woman, and Anaya were. "Mother..." was all he heard and Jeff stayed in the shadows. “What-.." He muttered under his breath. "A sister...?" The prince was confused, delighted, and angered all at the same time. "This isn't" Jeff blinked to himself and sighed softly. Shutting up, he glared between the two of them, before spotting Bitterman going to the great doors. "Hello?" He said, opening the door, seeing the old man standing in the doorway. "OH! Hello, Sir! Do come in!" The polite butler moved to hold the old man softly by the arm and help him inside, through the snow on the steps of the Iron. "I'm so sorry you had to come all this way in a blizzard like this. Can I get you anything sir?" Bitterman said to the guest. Jeff looked back between the two, glaring intently at the both of them. Anaya had that look about her aura. She was also caught off guard, more than Jeff and angered, more than Jeff. There was no hiding it. Her children were nothing more to her than liabilities and she wanted them extinguished from her life. "Bitch." He thought to himself. She destroyed his life and he would never forgive her, but this girl...his...sister could be potential family. Someone who actually gave a rat's ass about someone other than herself. Jeff stepped out of the shadows. "Mother?" Jeff spoke out, looking to both of them. "Someone want to explain who the hell she is?" He folded his arms, standing about 9 feet from the girl and 10 feet from the thrones. "This place has changed in the last few months..."

CorruptedDoll: As her mother greets her she moves to step forward, noticing the tense male by her mother she moves to a side chair, removing her bow and all blades she had on her, leaving them in a pile before she walks to her mother. Moving to flip some of her pale hair over her shoulder, her heavily pierced elven ear shining in the light. She would lean in to hug her mother light and press a soft kiss to her cheek. After the hug she would look up towards the male beside her mother before she speaks to him, her voice was soft and easily slipped from her lips as if attempting to convince him, “I am of no threat to my mother. You can lower your guard near me, if I wished to harm her I'd have done it last night when every person in this house was of guard and not bothering to look after her. And you look faintly familiar to me, perhaps you were here before I vanished.” After her brief moment with her mother she would straiten her frame up before she straitens her clothing, glancing back towards the male that had been at her door, raising a brow as he speaks. Moments later she would speak out, “I take it this is the brother I have heard about on my travels? The one who has rumors flying about him?” She then falls quiet, staying by her mother’s side and unarmed. She knew she could easily defend herself with what magic she knew, she had no need for weapons, and half of her wanted someone to charge at her just so she could prove the point. As she notices the guest she speaks again, “Mm.. Mother you have company shall I make myself disappear until you have time later? I'm sure I could go and speak with your help, perhaps make them realize there place after all, it is where I started in this castle?” Her fingers raising to do quotas around speak with. She waits in silence for her mother’s response, she disliked being in her mother’s way, it’s probably why she was still alive.

SahlielXInteritio: The door opened as he looked at the person. The man looked clean and properly dressed "Butler or servant I presume" he muttered as he studied his surrounding quickly as he was grasped and pulled inside. "It is no problem the weather is nice not sure if it constitutes as a blizzard but I have been through rougher wears." he chuckled as he allowed him to be pulled along. "Ahhh so pretty what I quaint place this is see I knew I was right to get you out of the decrepit home of yours." spoke the other voice. "You need to shush. People might think I am crazy." Sah barked back softly. "Haha well you are the one talking to yourself." he chuckled softly. In the distance a group of voices echoed. "That must be the owners of this establishment. I would very much like to greet them." he said towards the butler as her turned towards the sounds. Curiosity was a weakness of his. He studied the walls decorated with large portraits of roses and fanciful dragons everywhere. "Hmm must be some sort of family crest." he muttered. As they walked past what seemed to be a hall. At the end stood the people that were talking. A young elven looking woman. A tall young man who has seen better days "War wounds? I wonder?" he thought to himself. The finally upon the woman she looked worse for wear but one could imagine what kind of hell she unleashed upon her opponent. "Ahh yes mister butler you asked if you could get me something. Indeed you can I would love a glass of water. That walk truly took a lot out of me plus a nice warm spot to rest my weary legs." he asked kindly.

Anaya: Anaya looked over to the door an elderly man, oh great more things that were senile, wonderful, fucking wonderful she thought to herself as the grumpiness of the day of the pregnant dragon queen had just started. She looked back to her son as he questioned who the girl was that was his sister. “Before you came back home my son the first time I had adopted a little girl who was a former slave here, she did wall and so earned her place among us here just like you did so long ago. She has become a child of mine so your sister, I am sure you both will get along well” she moved and leaned back in the throne as she looked at Samuel “be calm you it is fine” she held his hand tighter as he did not say a word and just stood there his hand moving to Anaya’s belly holding her safe and more so holding the child he cared about so much more than he did her. Anaya looked back at Jeff and then back to Ana and then to the door and the elderly man “Welcome to Iron” was all she said as she took a swig of her tea and then looked at Samuel “can you please go to get me some food, I promise I will be fine you watch over me like an old woman watching her kid, please stop that” he was over all ignoring her last part as he nodded “I will get you a meal I will be fast” he muttered as his green eyes glared at the girl and then turned and walked away to get her a meal. She looked back to the door as she watched the old man allowing the siblings to get to know each other better. She stood up as she just walked away, she was rude about it and just in truth had made up her mind rather fast she did not want to deal with an old useless man right now “Samuel I will join you we can eat in the dining hall and allow the kids to get to know each other” Sam paused and held out his arm and she took hold and they walked into the dining hall.

Jeff DeLaRose: Jeff grunted as Anaya slipped from the room. His eyes attached to her every step until her figure left his sight. He then turned to watch Ana's aura bounce around her frame, as if toying unnoticeably with him. "Well good. She is gone." He sighed. "I don't know you. And you just randomly come back from wherever the hell you were gone too and just show up in my life. I don't know whether to welcome you into my life with open arms or feel on guard with you all the time." He sighed and reached down to grip her bow, and extended it out to her. "I know you were disarming yourself as a show of good faith but you can never be too careful around here. Always stay armed. Things have changed. With you back home, that is another child that Anaya has to worry about. Just be careful." Jeff sighed and sat down in his throne, next to Anaya." He smirked from behind his mask. "Well I say that we should get to know each other." He then reached down and picked up her quiver, handing it to her as well. "The food in the house will not hunt itself. Perhaps we should do that." He smiled brightly, but didn't show it due to the Polynesian mask. "My name is Jeff. It's nice to meet you. Sister-..." He felt awkward saying that. He took out his bow as well, gripping the handled arch, made from the best spider silken string and the Steel oak wood crafted with perfection. Bitterman nodded to himself and the old man. "Yes sir! There is a chair over there in the main area. Master Jeff and Miss Ana are in the throne room. You may go sit in any room you please. I will find you with some water! Just find a spot to sit!" Bitterman ran to the kitchen to fetch a tankard for some water. He didn't want his guests to be famished. He grasped one and ran it through the purified water bucket and shuffled his feet back toward the main area, hoping to find the old man. He was gone for a few minutes, which should have given the man enough time to find a spot and wherever he would be, Bitterman would feel his aura out and bring him his requested drink. "Here you are, Sir! Can I get you anything else? Perhaps a room to spend the night in? It is storming quite badly out there." Bitterman moved to grasp a plate of salted jerked pork and some long bottom leaf bread and salt, that was at every table in the iron. "Here is some food. Regain your strength. I am Raynard Bitterman, First of his name, Servant to House DeLaRose, Largest Family in the Isles. Most noble of Houses." Bitterman bowed respectfully. "And you...?" Jeff looked back to the girl and sighed softly. "If not, I would like to show you around if you'd like. Or we could go get some blooded wine. Or we could hunt and drink blooded wine in the snow. Up to you." He took a hit of his cigarette and grunted, kneeling down again, feeling his wounds get a little bit of the better of him. "Shi-...blasted wounds."

CorruptedDoll: Anarial would take her weapons as he handed to them, placing them in their rightful place. Making sure they were strapped into place. Once mother was out of sight she un- straitens herself, not standing so stiffly strait, muttering softly below her breath, “I know that man.. and I swear once he was at a much lower position.” As Jeff speaks to her she turns her attention to him. As he speaks of not being unguarded she quickly cuts him off. “Trust me, even without my bow and blades I am never unarmed. It would take a lot to be able to take me out without them. And even traveling I still hear the rumors of this place and what goes on.” She then waves her hand letting him continue. She nearly bursts out in laughter as he mentions showing her about but keeps her face strait, not giving off the fact she found it humors. But once he finished she does speak again, “If you wish to do something, hunting would be the best option, you’re more than welcome to drink but I do not drink.” As he kneels down and speaks out about the wound she raises a brow speaking again, “If you'd like I can take a look at the wound and perhaps heal it. I don't know a lot of healing but enough to keep myself and a lot of others alive.” She still stands in place, her eyes drifting over her brother studying him and his movements, she half said hunting so she could see if all the hype about his fighting was worth it, if he would live up to what she had heard about him. She flips her snow white hair over her shoulder again, her hands reaching up to redo the buttons of her top, “Oh but before we go, someone needs to go up to my room and clean it. Not sure who but someone’s been using my bed for things other than sleeping, and the floor won’t become my new bed.” She waits for his response, half expecting him to ignore her offer to look at the wounds. She keep herself neutral making it hard for him to read her or her intents.

SahlielXInteritio: Sah looked around absorbing himself in the history of the castle. It was severely noticeable the largest aura left the room adjacent to the main foyer. "Hmmm this truly is a historic place, but it still raises the question. Why did the door bring me here?" he muttered as he peeked into the throne room. He could not keep to himself if only to steal a glance. "Indeed a brother and sister pair. How interesting." the other voice spoke softly as he moved back into the main room. The butler was quickly moving about was not hard to track but he was expertly moving about." of course you must know your own home I hope it was not a big deal for some water." he chuckled as he looked around the main room. There was plenty of places to sit. " Ahhh my back I do need to sit." he chuckled. "Yeah see you old geezer why don't you just embrace me again. You had everything power, youth, more power." the voice spoke sweet cruel words. Alas however true they might have been. “No I will serve penance for my crimes and this is such." the old man said to himself as he found himself a seat. He slumped into it relieving the pressure in his knees within one go. His wrinkled hands massaged his forehead as his head ached softly. "I am getting too old for this. I think this is the last adventure i will have. And you will never talk me-" he cut off quickly as the butler returned. The nice man introduced himself and handed sah the cool refreshing water as well as introduced the location he was in. "The isles? DeLaRose? Cannot say I have ever been here before or at least to this old mans memory. You know age is never forgiving upon ones memory." he chuckled as he sipped at the water. it clung like ice yet was somehow welcoming th the bones. "Ahh my name is umm--" the old man stopped for a moment debating on giving out his true name. For whatever intents and purposes. "Sahliel Interitio." a younger voice spoke out from the old man. "You need to hush we do not know these people!?!" he had somewhat a quarrel with his own mind. "Aww if it comes to worse you will have to embrace me or die." the other chuckled aloud. "Yes my name is sahliel or sah for short." the voice took on its older rough scratchy tone. "It is a pleasure to meet you. I would love to extend my greetings to the master or mistresses of the house. your hospitality has been most welcoming." he spoke as he took in some more of the water as the butler continued on with welcoming him to stay and regain his strength. "Ahh I must not impose upon you house. Besides what kind of guest would I be if I did not seek permission of the lord or lady first." he chuckled.



Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff, standing from his throne smiled at his sister, looking back down at her as he recovered from his stinging pain. "It's fine. It's just a few flesh wounds. They will heal in time. The only thing I am worried about is not being strong enough to handle myself when it comes to Samuel." He muttered, shifting to adjust his dark facemask, that covered the lower part of his face, and weaved his fingers together and cracking them at the tip of a stretch of his arms, outward. He smirked to her and began to eye her aura up and down. "So, you are my last surviving sibling. Why did you come back? Everyone here on the Snake Isles has some kind of motive. What's yours? I know damn well it couldn't be to reconnect with our dear old mother." He crossed his arms over his chest and looked over to Bitterman, whom was having a conversation with the old man. Bitterman, the blood demon, in the shape of a simple human, no more than the age of 28, had his hands folded behind his back, politely listening to the man introduce himself. He was holding something else within him, as simple to tell, by the way he said his name. "Sah! It is nice to meet you. I am the head butler, in charge of overseeing all other servants in our most noble house. If you need anything at all, I am a simple call away, or one of the others can help you." He looked back at Jeff as Sah talked of wanting to have a conversation with the one in charge. Anaya was busy and Samuel was not king, so it fell to the next one to run the house. Jeff. "The Royal Prince can help you. He is in the next room there, with his Sister, Ana." Bitterman then heard Ana speak of her bed being used for fornication. "Oh my!" He jittered over to the two of them and bowed respectfully. "I'm sorry, My Lady. I shall have that taken care of right away. I did not expect you to-...come home so soon and so unannounced. Please allow me to change your mattress and get you fresh linin from out maids." Bitterman clapped his hands and just like that, the surrounding maids went to work, fetching the right materials to make her living space to her liking. "My lord, there is a man here to speak with you." Jeff raised a brow before knitting them back together. "Oh? What does he want?" "I know not Sir. But it seems that he has come a long way." Jeff nodded. "Send him in." He then turned to Ana. "I'm sorry. We will hunt in a few minutes. I need to take care of this right now. You'll get into the swing of being a royal. I guess that makes you a princess again. Now that you are home." Bitterman had walked away to fetch Sah and bring him to where he requested as the maids, 5 of them, carried a large, queen sized feather bed up the spiraling stairs. "The Prince would like to see you! Please, Sah, Right this way, sir!" Bitterman then took the time to apologize. "I'm sorry I just ran off for a minute, but the princess required something. It's never dull around here." He chuckled to himself, folding his arms behind his back, as he led, whom he hoped was following him, Sah down the hall, into the open throne room. Jeff sat down in the throne and smiled as his Red, and blue aura flooded the home to anyone who could sense energy. Jeff was certainly powerful, and anyone with a mind could tell, but never did Jeff flaunt his power as much as when there was a guest in the house. Not to show off, but to let the person know that he would not be threatened in his own house. Assassins and the like had broken in before to try and kill his family, so he could never be too careful. "Hello! Bitterman tells me you have come a long way." Jeff motioned to the chairs in front of the thrones, then motioned to Ana to sit in the throne next to his, which was where the princess would have sat anyway. "What brings you to House DeLaRose. The iron..."

CorruptedDoll: -Anarial keeps her eyes on her brother as he straitens himself again, as he mention handling himself against Samuel she glances off in the direction her mother and the male had left off in, making a mental note to keep an eye on him. Her small ears flicker below her hair as he speaks towards her again, tugging her attention back to him. Listening to what he says fully before she speaks, “I rode back last night due to hearing things where stirring here. My dear old brother returning crazed, and yes that rumors has already spread to the edge of the land, I was on the other side of the swamps last night. Seems I knew of you but you knew nothing of me. I have no other reason to be around other than to make sure things are semi functional around here before I possibly vanish again, haven't decided if I should stick around.” As the butler came in she turns her head to look at him, rising a brow as he seemed to be aware of what had happen in her room well she was away. She nods slightly as he sends the maids off to fix her room, slightly happy that she wouldn't have to sleep on the floor again. She waits a moment before she response to him, “Thank you for getting that fixed, and no one ever seemed to expect me to return. I tend to not make myself known, its best to stay under the radar so you don't get yanked home.” As he turned to fetch the guest she cringes as he speaks the name princess, grumbling below her breath, clearly not liking the title. She looks over the guest as he comes into the room, retreating to silence to allow her brother to handle the situation, She moves to the chair he motioned to and sits down, slouching slightly to make it so she wouldn't need to remove her bow. As he greets the guest she glances back and forth between the two. -

SahlielXInteritio: The old man sat for a while longer as the aura enveloped the room. He head the welcome but was too enthralled with an argument with himself to pay any attention. "This is a dumb idea. We could just go back home and play cards or something." he said throwing his hands in the air in a fruitless effort. "No that is not the point. The whole idea is for you to regain that which was forsaken." whispered the voice in his ear. “Fine let’s get this over with." said the old man as he arose from the chair his bones creaking and popping from the abscess of built up fluids in his knees. "Ahhh I am getting too old for this." he groaned as he reached for his back. "Ahhh but that can easily be remedied." the other voice quipped. "Smartass." he mumbled as he slowly made his way towards the room he spied in on earlier. His hands traced along the stones using them for support. Never had he felt so tired and achy all over. "Finally seemed like forever to get to this damn door. Way too many doors in this place. Just need one to take you from here to there. Why can't people be simple." he muttered as he walked into the throne room. His eyebrows perked as he studied the man seated in one of the thrones. Sah was not worried about this aura yet the old man in him did take it as a sense of warning. "Hello sonny." He chuckled Sonny? Did he just use that word in any case he surely meant no harm in doing so. "Come-on let me have some fun please?" whispered the voice as it clawed along his brain. "No you shall not!" he yelled out to his own surprise. Having a metal battle was nothing less than amusing yet it was a battle the old man was slowly losing every day. "You are losing your touch old man...” the voice chuckled as the old man's aura spread about it was pitch black as the midnight sky. It held no malcontent yet for anyone that reached out and touched this would be touching the mind of something far worse than one could imagine. Sah face twitched slightly as his eyes dulled. "I do apologize not been myself as of late. You know old age and such." he quickly gave forth an apology.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff blinked some at Ana, as she mentioned that Jeff was crazed when he returned. He was not crazed, just had been focusing on getting home to exact his revenge but that didn't happen. Instead he had just gone back to his regular duties. She was obviously uncomfortable with the royal life, so Jeff did his best to not refer to her as a princess. Bitterman looked between Jeff and the guest, before returning to his post at the side of the thrones. His dark red eyes looked from face to face as the old man finally came into the room, before screaming out loud. Jeff didn't jump, but he was startled by the random outburst and a slow sigh left his lips. "I see. Old age and that. Well, I ask again. What brings you here to our home?" He was slightly annoyed with the current situation befalling everyone at his home. He was trying to be killed by his own mother and replaced by a child whom Anaya could be proud of. Why didn't she want him? Why didn't she want to say she was proud of him? Why couldn't she just admit that he was a good member of her family? He had done her dirty work all his life and finally she had seen him as not so useful anymore. She used to love her children but now, she couldn't care at all. Only power and her own kin mattered. No amount love would make up for what she has done now. She had dug herself a grave and he was going to make her pay with her life, when it came time. He sighed to himself and looked between everyone. "I'm sorry. I just-...We are very busy recovering from some crippling times in our house. What can I help you with Mr...?" "Sah." Bitterman spoke out, helping Jeff finish his sentence. Jeff nodded and crossed his arms. "Bitterman. Fetch some Bread and Salt and some wine for everyone...Water for Ana." Bitterman nodded and quickly ran off to please his masters and guests. "Absolutely My lord!" Jeff then turned back to Sah. "So, Mr. Sah. What can I do to help you? I am sure that you are tired, so feel free to take a room upstairs for however long you need, but I must know what brings you to my lands." Bitterman flustered around the kitchen and quickly placed glasses, a wine bottle, and a glass of water on a tray. Then he quickly ran to grab some bread and a small bowl of salt. After gathering all that he wanted, he ran back into the throne room. "Here my lord!" Jeff took a glass of blooded wine, then placed the water on the table next to Ana. He then brought the bread and salt, as well as the other glass of wine in front of Sah, then stood back in the corner, while Jeff waited for Sah to answer his questions.

Apocryphon: As the sun warmed his face Wraythe slowly awoke from his slumber, letting out a slow sigh he stretched his body upwards towards the sky and started pulling on his usual garments of clothing, since it was so cold and the snow had covered the ground the frost demon spent much of his time outside, it was either sit down and do nothing or travel with Wraythe, seeing as how the last place he called home for a time turned on him, leading him to tear it to the ground in a fit of rage. Wraythe's usual ensemble as of late was black for the most part, various chains and small knives littering his clothing, his hair was the snow white color it had always been, making him stand out like a sore thumb in some areas of the world, and if that didn't his stature certainly would, standing above most he met he was treated like some kind of freak and they were right for the most part, he couldn't blame anyone for feeling that way around him for he felt that way most times. Wraythe's primary weapon of choice was the large blade strapped to his back, seeming as a normal katana, but forged with himself in mind, it had a lovely reach and if infused with some of his own power had some rather....interesting results. As he started out for the day he was fairly relaxed, letting the cool air run over the skin of his face as he leisurely strolled about the lands in search of something to do mostly, when he arrived he didn't come across the usual welcoming parties those being that of assassins, guards of the nearby kingdoms, or even someone who just wanted to have a fight for the hell of it. In the distance Wraythe's dead white eyes spotted a large manor, or rather a castle perhaps perched upon a hill, and with a small shrug of his shoulders he began to make his way towards it, a small tune escaping his throat in the sound of a low hum, for a large man he was rather light on his feet, making a small imprint on the large amount of snow on the ground, though not sinking all the way into it. Soon enough the large man was making his way up the hill, though his stance was semi-relaxed he was always ready for an attack, or attempt on his life, call him paranoid and he would probably agree with it, and soon enough he was at the large doors of the castle, though something seemed rather familiar about the place, it wasn't the location, though perhaps one of the creatures within, in any case he raised a lazily bandaged hand and knocked heavily upon the large doors three times, waiting for someone to invite him in, answer the door, or perhaps both.

CorruptedDoll: -Anarial remains silent still, continuing to simply watch what was happening about the room. As the guest screams out she tilts her head to the side, slightly wondering what was going on in the old man’s mind to make him do so. As her brother sends the butler off to fetch drinks a small smile tugs at the corner of her lips as he makes sure to mention water for her. Once the water was brought back she sips on it, deciding she wasn't comfortable she moves to slide the bow from her back, setting it beside where she sat but where she could still easily get to it before she leans back in the seat. She quickly starts to space off, losing herself in her own mind as she starts to pick at her nails. Starting to question as to why she was even here, everyone thought she was dead and gone and her poping back up could cause her some issues. She doubted she'd get a chance anytime soon to slip away again so for now she figured she must at least make the most of it, it would give her horse time to rest and perhaps herself as well. After several moments past she comes back glancing about the room again towards everyone. Attempting to re grasp what was happening about her. Trying her best to keep her attention to the room now, granted sitting around and talking clearly bored her to near death, most likely the reason she ran off the first time. She then moves to pick up the glass again, finishing off the glass of water before gently setting the glass back on the table, trying to keep herself from sighing. As there was yet another knock on the door she rolls her eyes, biting on her tongue to keep herself from grumbling about being distracted to much and wanting to simply go out into the forest where she felt at home. She glances towards her brother again, moving to stop fiddling with her fingers she starts to tap her left hand against her thigh, doing her best to be as proper as she could.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Bitterman looked over to Sah, whom had fallen asleep, it seemed on the couch while Jeff was talking to him. Jeff brought an index finger and thumb to pinch the bridge of his nose before speaking out. "Bitterman, for the love of the many gods, just go bring him up the stairs and put him in one of the guest rooms." Bitterman nodded and began to slowly carry the old man, on his back, up the stairs, having remarkable strength deep within his core. "Sorry for that. Business must always come first. But I guess what Sah had to say was not very important." Jeff looked over at his sister as Bitterman opened the door upstairs and slowly set Sah on his bed, to take his apparently much needed nap. Bitterman then came down the stairs and listened to the door. "" He spoke, feeling the dark energy from behind the mighty steel oak doors. Familiar, from times that had long past. Something that pushed the prince so many years ago. Bitterman's hands reached for the doorknob and he slowly pulled it open to see Wraythe and his mouth dropped and sweat began to form at his brow. Bitterman was a powerful blood demon but he knew at his power right now, that he was not a match for Jeff's old rival. "Mr...Wraythe?" Bitterman took a few steps back and bowed respectfully. "Oh my. It has been a long time. Welcome to House DeLaRose. It seems that tonight’s has brought many visitors. Urm....The prince and princess are in the throne room. Ready to go off on a hunt it seems, and Queen Anaya is off in her room napping. I'm sorry you've come at such a tiresome time. Is there anything I can get you?" The butler knew the routine, especially when it came to old guests. Respect and patience. That is what it took. "Let me fetch you some bread and salt and some wine." Bitterman, without waiting to see if Wraythe wanted any to begin with, rushed off to the kitchen. He closed the doors behind him and let out a loud puff of air, sliding his back against the door and sitting on the floor. "Oh my. Oh no. Why him? Why now?" He remembered when Wraythe had challenged Jeff at every corner, nearly destroying the entire castle in the process. The fight between the two was amazing, no doubt but the mess it left was nightmarish. Jeff felt the aura from across the castle and his teeth grinded together from behind his mask. He tightened the strap that held his aura pulsing shadow katana and his dragon bane claymore. Then he tightened his other strap that held his bow and quiver in place on his back as well, looking to Ana. "Shall we go hunt? I think Bitterman can take care of the guests." Bitterman stood back up and slowly made his way back to Wraythe, whom he led to the main sitting room before running off to grab Wraythe some food and drink. Jeff looked to his sister and began walking to the door that led to the stables out back. "This way. Follow me." Bitterman smiled to Wraythe. "Oh has been a while." He bowed respectfully. "I don't think you remember me. I was Master Jeff's person assistant. Raynard Bitterman."

CorruptedDoll: Ana notices the sudden change in her brothers mood, she may not know him well but she knew well enough how to read people, she had a made a sport out of it. As he speaks of finally going hunting she quickly raises up to her feet, snatching her bow and quiver off the floor, she moves to quickly walk past him, half in a hurry because she wished to go check on her horse, worried someone may have already screwed up with him, and also because she felt the need to get out of the castle, the formality felt like it was slowly killing her. As she gets to the stables she rushes to the back, nearly knocking over anyone in her way. She throws open the gate to where she placed her horse the night before, smiling as he was still calm and everything was how she left it, besides the fact he had already eaten through all of the oats she'd given him the night before. After a moment of purring and whispering to her horse she moved to step out of the stable, the horse less than a foot behind her. He bore no riding equipment on him and he towered over her. She called him a horse, which he was but he was a Clydesdale. He was black as night from head to toe, he was the reason that she could move at night and still blend in. The bond between her and this horse was strong, they were nearly inseparable and she'd fight tooth and nail to keep him at her side. She would stop as she got close to her brother, the horse stopping and resting its head on her shoulder like a dog rests its head on its Master knee as the horses tail swung around like a puppies, beating anyone near its rear and most likely severely bruising them. She looks at him, like it was completely normal. Waiting for him to speak as she reaches up and starts to scratch behind his ear. Smiling from ear to ear, and clearly happy.

Apocryphon: As Wraythe heard the doorknob turn he cocked his brow, seeing the old man who he knew, though didn't really care for, he let out a small sigh as he ran off, taking a few steps inside before shutting the door and shaking out his hair, knowing the name DeLaRose he swallowed a bit of bile that rose in his throat before the old man returned with refreshments, taking the glass of water from the tray, letting the liquid frost over before lifting it out of the glass as a solid spike of ice, the free hand moving to pull the cloth down away from his face before taking a chunk off of the spike, letting the crunching sound echo through the large room as he stepped past Bitterman "I do remember you Bitterman, you were always there when Jeff and I got into it, though i never really spoke to you" His voice was its usual deep tone, though something changed with him and he was sure people would notice it, the usual craziness that would radiate from him was gone, at least for the moment anyway. "And I’m assuming since you are the one to greet me at the door, Jeff is otherwise unavailable, seeing as how you definitely aren't the one able bodied enough to stop me should i want to do anything" He turned his eye to the old man and let out a small chuckle, moving to take a seat nearby "You have nothing to worry about right now Bitterman, what was once the Wraythe Valkiri of old is locked away in here" He tapped his forehead with a slight devilish smile and let himself relax a bit "Though if it wouldn't be too much of a bother, i would like some more water, perhaps a larger quantity"

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff blinked softly, feeling Wraythe's aura and a hint old friend. Jeff slowly looked at the horse before grunting and turning on his heel. "I'm sorry. There is something I have to do. Forgive me. But this is about to get hectic." He muttered and headed back into the castle with haste before placing his hand on the handle of his blade, on his back. "Bitterman." Jeff said, slowly moving through the throne room, then the main hall where Wraythe and Bitterman were standing. "You-...bastard." Jeff muttered to himself as he stared to the longtime rival with great anger. The maids opened the back doors and called to Ana whilst Jeff, Bitterman, and Wraythe sat in their meeting. "Bring your animal inside! Miss!" The ladies were all in sync allowing the giant horse inside. Bitterman and Jeff looked between each other while Wraythe sat there, asking for more water. Bitterman slowly took a few steps back and ran into the kitchen to fetch more water. "I'll be back! Talk you two kids! Oh my, oh my, oh my..." He muttered and slammed the door behind him to the kitchen, locking it tightly. Jeff's hand on his blade tightened. "You killed Cry-..." Jeff took a step forward, allowing his large aura to peak. Colors of euphoric hue swirled around his figure, of black, red, blue, and purple. He was a walking powerhouse of anger, but he still did not draw his sword. "Cry wasn't the smartest but he didn't deserve to die the way he did. He had honor but you had none." Jeff slowly glared to Wraythe, his long term adversary whom had pushed him to gain power so many years ago, and now, after the battle of Cry, Wraythe and Midnight, they both stood, more powerful than ever before. "You fucking-...killed him. And that was the last time I ever saw you." Jeff smiled from under his mask. "I told myself that I didn't want to see you again. Now here you are." Jeff slowly closed his eyes and exhaled. "What do you want from us? Why the fuck are you here in my house? What has brought you to the Snake Isles?" The prince's blade stayed sheathed for now, allowing Wraythe to speak. Bitterman poured himself a glass of wine whilst he stayed locked in the kitchen. "Please for the love of god. Get out."

Anaya: Anaya had eaten her fill and walked to the window wanting to go outside, but a loss she still could not go outside, and the stress was really getting on her. “Samuel if I don’t get to go outside soon I am going to explode, I need my freedom I am stuck in here with no two children, if I don’t go outside and away I am going to kill everything” Samuel looked at her and there was a side of him that very much believed her statement but there was a side of him that also did not believe the statement as he knew her better than that, she would not openly kill her own children, she would plot to kill her children and not really care if they died but right now she would not kill them herself far too much was at rick for that. But he also knew she wanted to do something and not something like sitting around doing paperwork or old woman knitting. “How about you go talk to Jeff and the rest of the lot, see what they are doing” “ya and get hit in the face once more, I am still healing from that” she took a claw and wiggled it on the flap of skin that was stitched on her face but not healed, it was a flap of skin that was just stitched in place, she looked over all dreadful and she knew it. “See, he hates me and I don’t think he would even care if I did go outside” “even if he would not care I would, it would harm you and our child” she let out a sigh “I don’t want to be inside anymore Samuel, if the show does not stop within the next hour I am going outside” she turned around before he could say anything to her as she walked to the doors and out into the main hall, she just looked so unhappy it was clear she was getting to the end of her rope. She stopped and saw some random person sitting in a chair and she paused by a pillar resting her hands on her belly running her claws along the groves of her belly. Samuel walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her as he watched everything fall out “well there is Jeff, and there is Jeff not happy, just another hour be it my love” he looked at her and wiggled his claws on her belly playing with the skin on it. “go tell them to move outside, they can do there bullshit in the show” Anaya said as her red eyes looked on her home “I just had the floor waxed I don’t need blood on it all over again” she hissed as she did not move and she pated Samuels hand on her belly. “yes yes I will go tell them, don’t move from here my love” Samuel walked over with a not caring swagger to each step as he looked at them both. “as order of the queen” he looked to Jeff “your mother” he looked back to the stranger and Jeff at the same time “take any anger or bullshit outside, you can fight in the snow if you please and not mess up the floor” he looked to Jeff “don’t piss off your mother anymore then she is, I deal with her more than you do”

Apocryphon: Wraythe didn't even make a move as he saw Jeff enter the room, though the older gentleman ran off in a huff. Wraythe let Jeff get his words out into the air, though he seemed rather indifferent about the subject at hand "Now now Jeff, Cry may have been an honorable man, I will give him that, but i had the honor to not try and stab him in the back" Wraythe then slowly stood and stretched his body upwards a bit at the new man's words, stepping next to Jeff and speaking to him with a small sigh before speaking "Cry died in a way befitting the dishonorable way of trying to stab me in the back during a fight, and for you to find them in the state they were in I apologize" He then reached into the coat pocket of his garb and retrieved a piece of fabric from it, handing it to Jeff as he stepped towards the large main doors "That piece of cloth is from Cry's coat, it holds his sigil, I would have returned it to his family, but they wanted nothing to do with him" He gave a small shrug and pushed open the main doors, letting the cold air brush across his skin "Now, if you have anything to say to me say it now, otherwise get that hand off of your sword before something regrettable happens" As he spoke he knelt down and scooped up a bit of snow in his hand, freezing the melting snow solid before biting into it with a loud crunch

CorruptedDoll: Ana pouts as her brother sudden turned and walked back inside, grunting loudly she moves to follow, as soon as she hears that her horse was allowed inside she quickly giggles in pleasure. As she moves towards the door the massive Clydesdale straitens itself and quickly follows Ana inside. He easily makes his way around on the floor of the castle. She moves to slip towards where her brother was stopping a few feet away as she tilts her head to the side, the tension in the room making her want to smile. It seemed as if there was going to be entertainment today in the castle. After a moment there was a loud thump, the large horse having flopped down onto the floor like a dog, taking a chair out into splinters. She puffs her cheeks and glares at the horse a moment before she turns back to the two. As her mother and Samuel walk back into the room her elven ears flicker, glancing over towards them. Her face turning to stone as she watches her mother stroke her fingers over her own stomach, “Could she possibly... Be with child..?” was all she could think for the moment. She had heard a rumor or two of it but she never really gave them much thought. As Samuel walks over to speak to the two she listens into them, considering turning and heading out into the forest for the day to simply distract herself. If her mother was pregnant it would be wise to stay as far out of her way as possible, least until the child was born, and then still. Ana starts to simply pet the horse, murring to herself as she considers her options. Clearly having an issue with staying focused when she was inside. Her mind keep returning to the fact she thought her mother pregnant and that completely through her off, its one way she doesn't ever remember seeing her. After a moment of Samuel being over by her brother she moves to walk towards her mother, the horse staying behind on the floor, once she reached her mother she would smile before she speaks in a hushed tone, “Can I get you anything Mother? Help you to your throne? Anything at all Mother?” She flushes some, wanting her mother comfortable and not as upset if that was possible.

Guest_JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff listened to Samuel come barreling into the room and Wraythe say what he would say. Both of them making him feel so much anger. Wraythe due to what had conspired so many years ago in his fortress, and Samuel because of what he had plotted to do for months to Jeff. "I don't take orders from either of you. Samuel. Take your words and shove them up your ass. I don't care what my mother does to you. And as for you..." He said turning to Wraythe. "Get the hell out of my home." He looked to the stairs and then to His mother whom was standing in the back, out of the way. "All of you are, in your own ways, fucked up. Anaya has killed more children than she can count. You honestly think this one will be different? You dragons are just as bad as all the other evils in the world. Worse than Firedor. Worse than Wraythe. I've done some evil things in this world but you both take the damn cake and I will be happy the day my blade finds its way into your velvet flesh." Jeff then locked eyes with Anaya. "And as for this kingdom. I'll be happy when your men find the right leader to fall behind." Jeff then turned and moved up the stairs, away from the rest of them, saying his peace. Bitterman poked his head out from the kitchen window and unlocked the door, stepping into the main hall to see the large horse standing in his way. "OH MY GOSH THERE IS A HORSE IN THE HOUSE! OH MY! THOSE SHOES ARE LEAVING SCUFFS ON THE FLOOR!" He then proceeded to follow the horse around and scrub vigorously in hopes of getting the scuffs out of the floor. "Oh no no no!" He was on his hands and knees, scrubbing intently, listening to the words being thrown around by Jeff before watching him being stopped by a guard at the stairs. "Sir, maybe you should just wait down her-..." Jeff then headbutted the guard's helmet, watching him grip his head and listened to the loud ringing caused by the metal. "Ding." Jeff said, full of anger as he slowly made his way past the guard and up the stairs. Bitterman then made his way by Anaya's side. "Hello Your Grace. I hope you slept well. Can I get you any food or such?" He was still on his hands and knees, scrubbing the scuff marks out of the floor.

Anaya: “I guess him leaving was better than just standing there, stupid boy he still is” Samuel said as he looked to Anaya and everyone around her. He knew Anaya was not in the best of moods so people asking if she needed anything was a good thing he knew she would like it as it showed her that some people cared. Anaya looked to her daughter and out of the blue hugged her tightly “I am alright Hun thank you for asking” she said softly as she started to walk back to the thrones “all I could really want right now is the snow to stop falling so I could be myself and go outside” she sat in her throne as she let out a sigh and pushed her snow white hair behind her shoulders. Looking to Bitterman she nodded her head softly “yes I had a good sleep, and it was very needed and thank you once more for mending my face, can you please go check on Jeff for me, I can’t so it would be best if you did” she then looked to their guest there stranger “I am sorry for my sons reactions I guess you killed someone close to him, he hates you almost as much as he does me, but nowadays I am starting to think he just hates everyone. So who are you anyway?” she asked as she placed her claws on her belly and looked over to were Samuel was, he was not far as normal and was standing in the shadows watching the horse tromp around and rubbing his head. “um Anaya…we have a horse inside?” he said as he looked at her and she said nothing to him, he wondered if he could eat it when no one was looking it was nice and big and meaty.

Apocryphon: As Jeff had his little temper tantrum and tromped his way up the stairs Wraythe slowly turned and made his way back inside, closing the door with a small sigh as he stepped inside, though hearing the queen speak he let out another sigh "He does hate me, he has good reason, after all I killed one of his best friends in this world, left him there for Jeff to find, all while I was having bouts of madness and insanity" He gave a small shrug and pulled up a chair before taking a seat "My name is Wraythe Valkiri, I already know who you are, as do many of the people around here know who I am, I’m guessing you lost your memories so I’ll say this, me and you knew each other many many years ago, we were once close, but then I left, and when I came back the old place was gone, so I traveled and once again have found the DeLaRose castle" He gave a polite smile and crossed one of his legs over the other "I would shake your hand, but my temperature and your kind don't really mix all that well" He eluded to the fact that he was of the cold, the air around him showing that as the moisture in the air froze around him

CorruptedDoll: Ana watches her brother through a fit, rolling her eyes before she mutters to herself, “I think I understand why there's tension between them all now.” Losing herself in thought as she starts to try and figure out why her brother would act so uncivilized though when moments before he had carried himself correctly with the last guest, wondering how her mother wasn't snapping and yelling at them all. She keep rolling the idea in her head only to get caught off guard as her Mother embraces her in a hug, a soft smile on her lips again and a flush softly covers her cheeks as she hugs her Mother back before she speaks again, “Of course Mother, if you do need anything I will happily fetch it for you, however at the moment I think it best I take my beast back outside before the butler has a heart attack.” She kisses her Mothers cheek gently before she turns to head back off towards her horse, ignoring the new guest since everyone else seemed to have that under control and seemed to know who he was. And also not wanting to have to handle any of the guests coming in, even when she was present in the castle years ago she avoid having to deal with the guest, hating to be around to many people. She quickly gets the attention of her horse who quickly climbs back up to his feet and leads him back outside, nearly getting pushed over by him as they get to the door, aiming to take him out for a run to calm him down so that she could get him to stay in stables again without getting restless as well as to get out of the castle for a while, letting the rest of them handle the issues in the castle and hoping by the time she got back it would calm down. She easily swings up onto him and the horse quickly takes off towards the forest, disappearing into the depths of it with next to no sound.



JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff grunted, slowly reaching down to grip his door knob, pushing the steeloak door open with a growl fighting in his throat. How dare his family. No one understood his anger, and saw his as some kind of teenager whom was throwing a fit, but why? Why was he being the one to be put on the spot? Jeff's eyes locked to his window, slowly making his way over to it as he stepped into the room, spotting a giant black clydesdale pattering through the snow in the distance before breaking off into a full trot into the forrest. Jeff's eyebrow's raised as he looked down at the tracks that were being left in the snow by the large beast of an animal and he slowly smiled from behind his mask. His black armor boots clanged against the floor boards with each step, as he stepped closer to the window and undid the latches that kept it closed. His dainty gloved fingers lifted the window pane and the prince climbed out after his sister. He jumped from the third story of the castle and landed with a POOF into the giant snow bank below, instantly climbing out of it and back onto his feet. Jeff's eyes locked back onto the tracks, He began to walk after the two into the woods, sticking his hands into his pockets of his jacket that draped over his armor, whilst thinking of Ashe and the others in his home. Anaya wanted him dead, Samuel followed her orders. Bitterman did what he could to please everyone. Wraythe was only there something evil, he supposed. Ashe was there for Jeff and was always there for Jeff, but since the war, their relationship had gone downhill and it was obvious but he still did his best to show affection, whenever he had seen her. Ana was there to oversee the Iron to make sure everything was going well. So it seemed. Jeff was there first, collect his crown, but now, he was there to ensure the safety of all the subjects and soldiers that fought and supported the House of DeLaRose. What was the cost? Humans, demons, men, women, children, all food for Anaya whenever she saw fit, but not anymore. That is why Jeff constantly put his own life for every other soul around him. Some looked at the beast of a prince like a monster, others like a savior, and most around the iron, like the rightful king. Anaya would never allow it, however. His boots crunched beneith the snow, walking in the way of the tracks left by the horse. He spoke out loud, sighing to himself. "Why am I here?" He muttered, mostly to himself. "What drives me to keep trying to secure my place in this damned house..." Jeff knew what it was however. It was the idea that his family had fallen before and he wouldn't live with himself if it happened again. He swore an oath to protect his family and with each year of the hundred and twenty years that he spent away from his home, he never felt like he had a goal. No matter the pain that his family caused him, he kept coming back. At first, to protect his family, then to claim his crown. Then it was to get revenge. was to protect the people around his home. Either by killing his family, or claiming the crown. The people at his home followed him to the grave. He was merciful and for the people, while Anaya looked at every DeLaRose subject like a giant snack. This wouldn't stand for him. No one understood his motivation. Though one thing was for sure. Before he claimed his spot on the throne, he would take Samuel out of the equation. Jeff wanted to protect everyone and the only way to do that was to kill Samuel, then Firedor, and if need be, Anaya. He finally surrounded himself by trees, looking from left to right, before slowly hearing a low growling sound. He turned around, about half a mile away from the Iron, to see 4 black bears, creeping up to him. Possibly a mother and her 3 grown children? He took a few steps back and drew his katana, holding the blade in both hands tightly. "Shit..." He muttered, his breath visible in the air. "Ana?!" He yelled out, not for help, but to see if she was around the area, as the snow was blocking out her aura. Snow caked onto his shoulders as he pointed his blade at the giant behemoths. "Stay on guard!"

CorruptedDoll: Ana had stayed lost in thought as she rid out into the forest, not going off to far. She was trying to figure out the misfit of a family she had. She couldn't remember her family, her blood family they where long gone, killed by the humans that she had come to greatly hate. She lets the horse do as he wants, prancing about in the snow but careful to not knock her off. They found a small stream and the horse started to run up and down the side of it, occasionally using the ice to slide about. She rolls her eyes before muttering to him, “Ya know your horse not a dog right?” She partly blamed herself for the way he was, she'd treated him like a child, babying him, teaching him how to play fetch and over time he just acted like a dog. After a bit longer she hears her name called in the direction back towards the castle. She clicks her tongue at the horse and he freezes into place, she moves to quickly ride back towards the voice, her elven ears flickering as she starts to listen for more noises. As she grows closer to where her brother was she lightly kicks the horse side and he slows down, hidden by the trees still she slides off the horse, drawing her bow as soon as she hears the growls. She quickly slips an arrow into her bow and crouches down, she takes aim and momentarily considers letting them live, she hated killing anything but sometimes it just had to be done. She releases the arrow letting it fly at easily fifty yards per second, granted she was a lot more closer then that to her brother and the bears. She hoped the amount of force she had put through the arrow would cleanly pierce through the first bears chest, strait through the heart before it would even have a chance to respond or react. She would quickly snatch another arrow, getting into place before she aims and fires at the second bears chest. Most wouldn't have responded by the time she sent the second arrow how ever she figured Jeff wasn't like most people and would take the opportunity of the confusion by her first arrow to make his move. At least, she hoped, by the time the second arrow would hit the second bear her spot was sure to be revealed and her black leather making her stand out against the snow.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: FROOOOOM! The arrow came soaring through the trees and into the chest of the first bear, causing it to just stand there for a moment before falling over. It was a clean kill, but as soon as Jeff saw this, he took action. The second bear had been shot, but was already moving when the second arrow had been fired, causing the arrow head to lodge into it's shoulder, causing it to roar as the three bears began to charge toward Jeff. The one that had been shot stood on it's hind legs and roars out loud, causing the forrest to echo and such while the other two ran toward the prince. He was not fully healed from his journey back from Firedor, whom he was sure would be banging down his door soon due to the death of the princess. If anything, Jeff might have sent his family to war. He knew the soldiers would be behind him when it came to fighting, but there were still some still loyal to Anaya. And even if Jeff took all of her soldiers from her, her spiders, her drakes, her trolls, and her other creatures would be trouble for him. He could not handle a war between the family and between Firedor all at once, but that would not matter if he died here and now in the forrest. His mother would get what she wanted with him. She would get to see her children die, and it would be all for nothing. The prince turned and ran, ducking through the trees as to make the bears follow him and split up, before returning to his same spot, where the bear whom had been standing on his hind legs still stood. Jeff had lost the two bears, whom had taken to walking calmly, sniffing around the trees for the prince. Jeff grunted, holding his blade back out at the bear whom had the arrow sticking out of it's shoulder, standing tall over the prince. "Oh shit-..." He then braced himself as the bear came close, smashing into the prince with a dead sprint, head first. He was sent crashing into the ground, holding his blade out horizontally, catching the jaws of the bear before they could bite down on Jeff's face. Rather, the bear's teeth and mouth chomped repeatedly down on the metal of Jeff's blade, while it swung it's claws at Jeff's face. Jeff turned his head to the side, spotting the arrow in it's shoulder, an idea peeking through Jeff's mind, and coming to fruition. The prince knew that this could result in him getting gravely injured but he took the risk, just as the giant claws of the bear came down, slicing his cheek with it's middle razor edge of it's claw, and smashed his mask off his face, sending it sailing over to the feet of Ana, whom stayed hidden in the trees with her bow, most likely watching the struggle given off by Jeff. Jeff's right hand held the blade out, stopping the bear from biting him and holding the bear slightly off the ground, to where it's claws were an inch away from his face, every time it swung down. Jeff had only a little magic left due to his injuries and did his best to not use them, until he was 100 percent again but he knew that would be a while, and the arrow was lodged deep in it's shoulder, just out of arms reach. Jeff used his left hand, reaching out while holding the bear at bay on the ground, and used his telekentic aura to slowly unlodge the arrow, watching blood drip from the animal's wound as the arrow became loose. With as quick of a motion as he could muster, blood oozing from his cheek, Jeff gripped the arrow and tightly held it in his hand, before pulling his blade away from the bear's mouth and jamming the arrow through the roof of it's mouth, into it's brain, just as the other two bears found their way back to the prince. Growling as they spotted the dead bear, obviously being the alpha of the other bears, and turned on their heels, running off into the forrest. Jeff laid under the dead bear, blood dripping next to him on the snow whilst his own cheek blood mixed into the snow as well. The blood dripped onto Jeff's hair, coating his blond locks with silken red, while his cheek dripped onto his armor, showing his face to the world, which he usually kept hidden under the mask. He gave a gentle shove, using his upgraded strength to push the bear from him, to the side. Jeff climbed to his feet, looking off into the distance, where Ana's aura stood. He grunted, rolling his shoulders and slamming his blade into the ground, and leaned on it, catching his breath. Jeff, fully healed and energy full could have easily, without much effort at all, taken an entire cave of 30 bears but this weakness was different, and he needed to conserve his energy as best as he could, if he wanted to succeed in his plans to save everyone in his home. "Ana?" He said, leaning forward, looking up. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you in danger." He looked over at the two dead bears on the ground. " least we got food for the House." Jeff then wiped his cheek, reveiling a single, long, semi deep slash down his cheek. "Shit-..."

CorruptedDoll: Ana refrains from firing at the bear again, Jeff was to close and she didn't want to strike him on accident. She keeps a third arrow at the ready, just in case, following their moments. As the bear and Jeff fall to the ground she bite her lower lip, holding her breath until he shoves the bear off of him. She moves to climb from behind the tree after the other two bears darted back off into the woods half tempted to run after them but figures it for the best she lets them go. She smirks a bit as he speaks before responding, “I don't think I was the one in danger here, and yes I suppose its a good thing we got two of them, perhaps bear stew for supper. However I do think someone needs to hunt the other two down at some point, who knows who they'll attack next. They're a danger to anyone hunting or trying to travel.” As he wipes his cheek and reveals the slash she moves to step forward, moving in closer to him, sliding her arrow and bow back onto her back. She then raises a hand up towards his cheek, pausing mid motion, “Would you object to me healing it?” She looks up to him, her soft grey eyes looking up towards him as her cheeks turn a soft pink just as a breeze would blow through, sending some of her pale snow white hair into her face to hide the flush. She tend to try and keep a hard cold exterior but she sometimes failed when it came to people she cared about, mainly her family. Had Jeff been anyone else she would have probably ignore the wound and just went back to her horse. She stays there, her hand raised up waiting for an answer from him. The horse had joined them, sniffing at the dead bears, kicking the one farthest from then with its hoof as if to see if it was playing dead. After a moment the horse walks towards a bit of melted snow and starts to lap at it ignoring the two.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff looked down at the bear's body with a raised brow before looking back up to her, her hand on his cheek. Jeff, not really trusting anyone else's touch, nor their magic, pulled away. "It will heal in time. Perks of being a vampire-...person I guess." He smiled and bowed his head respectfully. "Thank you though. It is nice to know that I can trust you to actually care enough about me to want to heal a simple wound. It means a lot." His words were genuine but his aura was afraid. Not of her, by far but of what might become of his home. Everyone was working against everyone to get the crown. Jeff against Anaya. Anaya against Jeff. Samuel against Both of them. And Wraythe...maybe, maybe not, against everyone. Who knew? Not Jeff. He knew not what the world would hold. But he had hoped that it didn't split the house any more than it already was. He looked to the ground and gripped the arrow from the jaws of the bear and pulled it out with a sickening ripping sound, before handing the arrow back toward her, fletching first, as to not poke her with the arrow head. "It's undamaged. If you want it back. Sorry about using it for another use than the bow." He had his own quiver on his back, full of 30 arrows, ready to be fired at any moment, but for now, they stayed at their post on his back. Jeff's eyes flickered to the bear, before looking back up to his sister. "We need to get these bears back to the Iron. I think Bear Stew sounds great. I'm sorry that hunting wasn't more-...eventful." Jeff rolled his shoulders once more. Then looked down at the dead bear at his feet, gripping the back leg of the bear, and dragging it behind him, after she had taken the arrow, if she did at all. If she didn't want the arrow, Jeff would simply stick it in his own quiver. Jeff looked back to her as he began to drag one of the bears, before reaching down and picking up the other's foot in his free hand and dragging both of them. He left tracks in the snow, as he trudged forward. "You can bring your horse back home. I won't let Samuel touch him." He smiled and kept walking, toward his home, with two 800 pound bears behind him.

CorruptedDoll: As Jeff pulled away from her hand she drops her hand back to her side, nodding softly as he speaks. As he takes her arrow out of the bear she takes it, flicking it to get some of the blood from it before she would slide it back onto her back with the rest of her arrows. “Its fine, we both lived with minimum injuries. I'd call it a win. And bear stew does sound good, so long as its cooked correctly and I still question the help...” As he moves to grip the bears and start dragging them she whistles out, the horse coming out of the trees and over to them before she speaks up again, “You know you could easily put one of those on the back of the horse? His use to heavy loads. And I'm not worried of Samuel touching him, I'd rather just keep temptation away from him, I'd rather not have to start a fight up between people if I can avoid it.” She would keep moving after him as he drug them, waiting to see if he choice to use the horses back to carry one of them, if not she would keep her pace behind him, the horse a few feet behind her. The horse prancing about, knocking into the trees and brush they pasted as if it was having the time of its life. She rolls her eyes as she starts to get lost in thought again, pondering over all the changes that seemed to have happen. The fighting that seemed to be happening in her family, even if most of it was passive. She was worried about what was happening and if she should perhaps just disappear again, she doubted anyone would notice again, she'd come back, everyone was back home, they seemed fine, for now. Clearly they had no need for her, she avoided fighting, she tried to stay neutral. She looks up, glancing towards Jeff before she lets out a soft sigh below her breath, but he seems like he needs someone, at least to distract him at times. Go out and do things to take his mind off his stress. She decides that its for the best she stays, at least for now, to try and help them. However she would refuse to get into any fights and stay as neutral as she possibly could.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff and Ana walked back home, whilst Jeff kept his pace. "No. Your horse is having to much fun prancing around in the snow to have to carry such a heavy weight. I got this." He said with a smile from behind his mask. The snow caked his shoulders with a fluffy blanket of egg shelled hue, his hair almost as bright as the frozen water particles that had multiplied and settled itself onto the ground for miles around them and so many feet high. "Besides. When we get home, I wish to talk to a few guards around the kingdom. Mother has been planning something big and I fear that she wants us out of the question. If that is the case, maybe you should have stayed away all this time. Like I should have. Why did you come back, Ana?" Jeff said bluntly, pulling his left arm forward, then his right, keeping his same motion as he trudged through the snow that was getting back up to their knees. "I mean-...I know I asked before but you really came back to confirm rumors about me? Well I can tell you right now that there is a lot of stupid shite going on inside the walls of House DeLaRose. Guards go missing, injustice gets handed out left and right. Anaya uses anything and everything with flesh as a snack when she feels like it, and she has once again gone hungry with power, as most dragons do. I didn't know I had a sister until just last night that I know, I feel it is my duty to protect you. If you are, indeed, my last remaining sibling then I cannot let Mother kill her last two children. We need to stick together, or I fear we will both have our heads on pikes." Jeff's voice was cold as he gave his soft, yet stern speech. "So we cook dinner together, we practice with our swords together, we hunt together. I will teach you how to fight-...because this is DeLaRose. And it's worse than hell. I should know. I've been there before." Jeff remembered his brother, Jaurl whom had taken him through hell to fight countless Fallen, and waged the war on the dark lord of the 4th circle of hell. He smiled before remembering his brother's fate oh so many months ago. His voice fell low, as his velvet voice rang out and a single dainty finger ran up to flick some of his snow white bangs from his desolate baby blue orbs of power and emotion. "If you are uncomfortable with this, then I urge you, dear sister to leave the Iron as soon as you can. If you do accept, then we will begin in the morning." Jeff and Ana finally reached the back steps of the castle, near the Stables. "You say you want to avoid fighting, but in these walls, there is always fighting. Servants trying to fight to stay alive each day, the townspeople forging through the tough winters with their trinkets to sell at the market, the guards whom have to fight for us Royals each day, or the guests that pass through our woods and find their end due to the giant idiotic dragons and beasts that we have lurking around. These times at the Iron are full of fights. Either for glory, coin or what have you,. But always for survival." Jeff turned to look over his shoulder at her, his breath visible through his mask, in the air. "Do you understand?"

CorruptedDoll: Anarial follows behind her broth listening, his voice had snapped her back to the world, no longer wondering in her thoughts. She nods some pausing a moment before she speaks, “I came back, partly to see if you had returned crazed and partly because I felt the need to come see how the family that claimed me was at least semi alright. As for working together, I am fine with that. I wouldn't mind actually being close to someone for a bit, years of travel tends to make someone go a bit crazy... Granted I am sure you know that.. I wouldn't mind practicing with you, however I will state this, and I do not fight for no reason. I do not harm for no reason, I have to be pushed for me to push back. I won’t take part in small disagreements. I do plan on sticking around, at least for now. If need be I can vanish overnight again and I doubt anyone would notice.” As he stops at the door and looks back at her she smirks up at him, flipping some of her snow white hair over her shoulder, causing some of the snow that had built up on it to fall off of her. She lets out a giggle, just like that of a small child before she moves to turn and get her horses attention. As she spun away from him her cloak would spin out like a fancy dresses skirt, causing a half circle to appear in the snow she had been standing over. She moves to skip through the snow and head towards the stable to put her horse away. At times she tended to act like the child she really was, skipping, giggling, hell even at times she stills enjoyed skipping rope even though she would never admit to it. She heads to the back stable again and puts her horse into it, giving him an entire bucket off oats and refilling his water. She brushes out his coat and kisses him on the head before she turns to head back out. She makes sure that the door to the stable was firmly in place before she turns to the men posted in there, threatening death on them if anyone was to go near her horse, flat out telling them to come find her if he needed anything. After she seemed to get her point across she would move to skip towards the back door again, heading straight into the kitchen to see if her brother was there yet, pausing on the way to hang her cloak up near the back door and sliding off her boots to keep from tracking snow into the castle.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He listened to her and nodded. "Bitterman will watch over you for now. He may be a butler but he is one of the most powerful allies I have. If anything, I should be able to get him to protect you when I cannot. He is fond of your return." Jeff's eyes glimmered in the sun, turning a slight grey as he looked up at it, as the ball of fire passed behind some clouds. "Hm. I doubt that anyone of us will survive the winter if she keeps up her ruling as she does." Jeff said to himself, noticing she had skipped away to the stables. Jeff then took this time to go inside, and spot Bitterman whom was dusting off a shelf, with a dirty rag. "Hello, My lord. How did the hunt fair?" "We got two bears. Have the guards haul it to the mess hall to be skinned and cut up for meat. I want the skin of the big one." Bitterman nodded and made a mental note of that for later, and noticed Jeff's eager look. "Something troubles you, my lord?" "Aye. Each day, I feel my final battle is rearing closer and closer. I feel like no matter what I do. No matter where I go. She will never stop until I am dead. She knows I love this House, and I will not let it fall. Even to the person who created it. She has been ruling for centuries, but there were others before her whom created our sigil and I will be damned if I let the bleeding Stag burn with the rest of the banners on the bloody battlefield." Jeff grunted, and Bitterman sighed, not looking impressed. "Anaya is your queen. Like it or not. I do not want you to get home after all of this hardship you went through just to come back and be killed by her like all the other children. “Jeff growled under his breath then raised his voice. "Why do you care anyway, Bitterman?!" "Because I have watched every child of hers that she has had, Gutted, Beheaded, Eaten whole, Blown up, Devoured by spiders, Disinigrated. Not to mentioned, Starved!" Jeff took a step back, caught off guard by Bitterman's sudden outburst. He had been with the family a long time and the fact that Jeff and Ana where the only two he could protect hurt him deeply, to the point that the only thing he could do was stay on Anaya's good side. He wanted to convince Anaya to spare Jeff but she ignored him. Left him standing there with his jaw open. She knew Bitterman was a problem and now the only thing left Bitterman could do was stay Neutral. "Just stay out of her way and you will be fine." The prince took this time to grunt, and cross his arms, before spotting a black case behind bitterman on the table. "What is that?" "Your crown." Jeff raised a brow. "Excuse me?" "The townspeople thought you should have a crown, so they made you one out of Ebony Dragonbone." IT was fine, Jet black, almost ying yanged by Jeff's white hair. It had a large red jewel in the front of it, fit for any draconic prince. "I will write a thank you speech to and address it to the town. In this cold winter, the people down the hill in the town need our Guidance." Bitterman nodded in agreement. "Perhaps you should." "And perhaps you should go give that order to the guards." Bitterman then nodded as Jeff slipped the crown onto his head, felling it fit snug to his melon. "Aye...beautiful." Jeff's baby blues attracted the ruby, bringing out the color of his eyes, and making him, for the first time in a while, look like the king the people needed him to be. Bitterman shuffled off to go get the bear cut up, while Jeff, simply moved over to his throne, with a smile across his maw, behind his mask.

CorruptedDoll: Ana skipped into the kitchen, frowning as she noticed her brother wasn't there. She moves to snag an apple out of a basket near here before she would move to walk out of the kitchen. She pauses in the hall, braiding her long white hair into a simple braid, pulling a bit of string from her pocket she ties it in place. She then starts to wonder about the halls, taking her time as she looks over everything to see what had changed and what was still the same, wondering why her brother thought she needed someone to look after her, saying Bitterman would watch after her. Did he really see her as someone that weak? She started to wonder if he thought she would get in his way. After awhile of pondering and wondering she moves to head towards the main room she had been in earlier with her Mother and brother. Just as she moves to come around the corner she trips over her own feet, falling flat onto her face and drops her half eaten apple. She curse at herself, she had to much of a habit of getting lost in her mind and making mistakes like that when she let her guard down. This place brought back a lot of memories to her. She remember what it like to be a slave to her mother. What she use to do to make sure everything was perfect, to make sure everything was to Anaya's liking. Biting her tongue. Keeping her head down. Staying out of site. She wonder if her brother realized she had lived through that. She wasn't as weak as a lot of people seemed to think she was, she just figured out the best way to handle a situation and went with it. She rarely had a plan, she did things on a whim, when ever she wanted to. She preferred her freedom. Not answering to anyone. She sighs and picks herself up off the floor, hissing if anyone tried to help her up. She wasn't helpless and she sure as hell wasn't going to let people start to treat her like she was. She dusted herself off, grumbling below her breath again before she would finally come around the corner, a smile back on her lips as if she hadn't just fallen on her face and embraced the crap out of herself. She would skip up to where her brother sat flopping onto the floor near him she sat cross legged, thankful that she was in leather pants, not those stupid dresses most girls wore. She never saw the point of them. She would tilt her head up, smiling up to her brother, her gray eyes soft again, like before in the forest, “I thought you'd be in the kitchen, you did say we were going to cook the stew together you know.” She then tilts her head simply looking up at him.

Anaya: “I am going outside!” she yelled as Samuel backed up a good 4 paces “you are not it is gong to burn you and you know it, it will harm the child” “if I don’t the child will die due to over stress and me ripping it out, I am going outside and you are going to move” Samuel was shaking as Anaya’s red eyes were stabbing into him, she could rip him in half if she really wanted to but the need for his child to not be harmed was a deep driving power “Samuel move” he stay3ed there as he looked at her and even tried to butter up the beast with flattery to make her not want to go outside “Anaya you know I love and adore you I just don’t want to see you hurt with your lowered healing rate, jiffs small hit made you cripple the effect of water will be a scar on your beautiful hide” “I said move, I will not be saying it again Samuel De Nure” she used his last name, better then using the center one to but it was clear she meant business. He let out a sign putting his head down in submission to his mate and then stepped to the side “do you wish me to go with you” “no” she said in a cold feeling less tone as she pushed past him with a snarl and a lift of her upper lip, he kept his head low and she walked outside. The snow had stopped thank god and she moved her foot forward lifting her body heat to a level were the snow melted and washed away from her to try her best to stop it from touching her. But the amount of water in the air its self was going into her lungs as she was breathing. Samuel walked back into the house “she is going to come back in half dead, but it is not like we can keep her caged in here” he had a very good point as he walked to the main hall looking out a window to watch her just stand there breathing for a second, a minuet then two, she was just taking in the outside and looking out, enjoying the outside for a little while.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Bitterman, sadly looking at the floor, trudged forward, his boots clicking against the tiles as the small, powerful butler bumped into Samuel as he made his way to the back door. "Oh my! Sir Samuel! Excuse me. I didn't mean to run into you. I should be watching where I am going. Forgive me. I haven't been myself in a fort night." Bitterman laughed dryly. Looking out the window, he spotted Anaya and raised a brow. "" He spoke softly. "So-...the queen finally went outside despite knowing the outcome." He said, folding his arms behind his back. Bitterman spoke mostly to himself. "Perhaps that is why you are angry, Samuel. Because you only want to keep your child safe." Jeff sighed, sitting in his throne, before looking down and spotting his sister on the floor. "So, uh-...where did you come from?" The prince blinked, knitting his brows together, before looking off out the window as well. "Oh. What a dumb ass." He said in his own mind, spotting his mother sitting in the snow. "She is gonna hurt herself." Jeff's lips folded into a smile before catching it and sending his lips back into a default fold. "What were you doing before you came back?"
CorruptedDoll: Ana stays seated at her brother’s feet, pouting slightly as he ignores what she stated. She waits a moment, reaching up she rubs her temple, wincing some as her forehead was tender from hitting the floor. She then huffs and then speaks, “I went to the kitchen to see if you were there and then wondered about for a while. Figured I'd give myself time to wonder about and warm up. “She glances back over her shoulder looking back towards the door. She waits a moment and then pulls her bow and arrows off her back setting them to the side before she moves to start rolling about on the floor. Clearly bored again. She bumps into his feet a few times as she starts to hum to herself. Ignoring what her mother was doing, she'd learned when she was younger to stay the hell out of the way, thus why she seemed to be gluing herself to her brothers side today. She lets out a huff after a bit, flopping onto her brother’s feet and just lays there, swaying her feet back and forth.

Anaya: Anaya looked out to her land, the town was all covered with snow everything just seemed so clean and new she took a step her heels catching a bit of snow as it burned into her skin and she let out a hiss, she looked up at the sky, it was clear so did not look like it was going to snow for a while. She let out a sigh once more and then took another step shutting her eyes as she started to bend brake and get larger her red dress ripping off and falling in bits to the ground as she let out a massive breath god it felt so good to be herself she did not want to change back. She just wanted to be there, she wanted to lay down roll in the grass like a giant horse just enjoying herself. But she could not do that she had to get aloft as soon as able. Opening massive wings that put the castle in a shadow. She looked up to the sky and flexed her wings for a while as she had to get them back to being active, she was so stiff her take off she knew was going to be far from graceful that was saying she could even get up on the first try. She pushed her neck out far as she moved a bit and took a step her foot falling into a snow pile that burned the pads of her feet and made her let out a screech and hiss like snarl. She flapped and took off a bit going up and then landing once more with a thud once more landing in a patch of snow and then letting out another snarl she kicked off hard and flapped the wind shaking the ground as she shoot up into the air, it was a floppy lift off but it worked and she was in the air. She flapped more as she moved up into the cold air and enjoyed taking large breaths in even if it burned slightly, she knew she could only be up here for a couple hours at most due to the water in the air eating her lungs away. Samuel looked out the window as he watched her be a cluts then the butler ran into him and he gave a snarl at first but it soon away when the butler said he was sorry for it and seemed truly upset and in knowing of his not seeing where he was going “it is alright Bitterman, and yes she will harm herself but sometimes an animal locked up for so long can’t take the walls anymore it just has to leave no matter the cost to its own health, I would highly advise having a breathing kit as well as bandages and save to be able to put on her when she gets in, she will be needing it” Samuel turned and started to walk to the throne. He looked at Jeff “nice crown of the people Jeff, makes you a price of poor, did they make it for you out of macaroni to” he smiled as he sat down in the kings place as he taped the throne arm and a maid came over with a nice cup of some sort of hot tea or drink. “Thank you Debby, now can you please get dinner started there is bear I can smell” she nodded “yes my king.” And with that she hurried away and he smiled and took a drink of his beverage.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes looked down at the sibling that had just come back into his life. How was he supposed to feel? Jeff looked at his hands, covered in bear blood from being trapped under the behemoth. His baby blues locked onto Samuel as he sat down in the throne, as a slow anger rose in him. "Prince of the poor?" Jeff blinked. "You can insult me all you wish, you begger king. You plot and plot behind your game of lies. I see right through you. I killed your wife just like Anaya did, at the war of the North and I killed the Wraith. I will kill you too if I get the chance. Yet here you remain. You think fucking my Mother will make me respect you like a king? Eat a bowl of dicks." Jeff then stood. Turning to the maid. "I hunted and killed the damn bears and so did my sister. We will prepare the damn meal." Debby nodded and spoke softly. "Yes my Prince." She then moved back to the kitchen and Jeff followed. "Follow me, Ana." Jeff's voice was shaking. He knew he wasn't powerful enough to face Samuel. He could still post a threat, but he couldn't match him. Not yet. Just another day. Jeff spotted the bear meat, finally being brought back from the skinning station, thrown into the pots and heated under the fire, in a deep broth. "First thing is first." He said slowly. "Get me some spices and more broth." Jeff looked to Debby, whom most nodded and ran off to go get what Jeff had asked for. Bitterman watched the whole ordeal go down between Jeff and Samuel and grunted. He too did not look at Samuel as a true king but he still held some respect for those above him. "Oh my..." His accent more heard in those two words than ever before, giving off a British twang. "Those two are going to come to blows one day." He looked down. "And one of them are going to die. I only wish I could stop them." He walked off, toward the thrones where Samuel was. "He can be a bit much, but he does his best to stay sane, despite all this house throws at your family." He looked into the "kings" eyes and spoke true. "Do you think you can lead this house to victory should it ever come to it? Because if not, sir, then be careful when you place yourself in a king's seat. I know you will keep Anaya safe. You always will. But as a king, you must do your all to keep the people safe." Bitterman stood by the thrones, at his post, in case anyone needed anything." Jeff's eyes locked onto the stew that was brewing, as Debby ran back with many different containers of herbs and spices, looking rather frazzled. "Is this enough?" "More than enough..."

Apocryphon: Wraythe let out a small yawn as he opened his eyes, unsure exactly what time of the day or next day it might be, though he scratched the back of his head, his hair somewhat unruly and falling into his face though he didn't seem to mind it at all, Wraythe was away from the castle grounds at the moment in a tree, he enjoyed the cold air of this place, it suited him more than most places given his frosty disposition. As Wraythe lowered himself down from the tree he hummed a light tune to himself, as time passed on he learned a few more tricks, allowing himself to use his body's movements to the fullest. His arms stretched upwards towards the sky before scratching the back of his head, the air around him cooling to the point where the moisture in the air started clinging to him in such a way it formed a protective barrier around his body, though not for protection, it acted more like a small metamorphosis, his posture moved low to the ground and he got onto all fours, around his fingers the ice was spiked like claws and before long he was off, leaping through the wilds like an animal, similar to how he would when he had lost his mind, though he got the hang of doing it on his own, he was quite quick on his feet while like this, easily weaving to and fro through the trees before the castle on the hill came into view, the townspeople getting a bit of a look as he barreled through the village on his way. Within minutes he was at the large doors of the castle and he stood up on his feet, pushing them open while walking through, the sheets of ice that covered his body slowly falling off and melting in the heat of the room while he brought his hands near his face and snapped off the makeshift claws with his teeth, the loud crunching noise announcing his arrival in a way, even though he had a room he could use in the castle he chose against it for the cold air outside. Looking about he cocked an eye and slid his hands into the pockets of his coat, not really saying anything, though slowly making his way around the great hall.

CorruptedDoll: Ana does her best to bite her tongue and hide the giggles that where building up in her as her brother spoke. She figured it would be best to not encourage the situation or make it worse. As her brother speaks down to her she raises her head up, her gray eyes showing how bad she wanted to burst out in a giggle fit but was still doing her best to retrain it. As he turns she quickly jumps up to her feet, nearly falling right back over onto her arse after she lands on her feet. After she regains her balance she moves to snatch her bow and arrows off the floor and slip them back onto her back before she glances over at Samuel, a smile spreading across her lips before a soft giggle leaves her lips, “Take care Mister, you should probably check on Mother, make sure she isn't getting herself to hurt. And don't worry about the bear, I'm sure the stew will be great so don't stress yourself there.” She moves to turn and skip after her brother before Samuel had a chance to respond to her, her braid starting to fall apart and spread out over her back. Her snow white pale hair standing out against her black leather of her top. As her brother gets the meat into the pot she moves to bounce up, a rather high bounce at that and slams down onto the counter flushing some because she didn't mean to land as hard as she did, sitting there. Her fingers coil around the edge of the counter, her feet swing back and forth as she watches him, she stays quiet, watching his movements, his face, trying to read him, wishing she could just read his mind to make it all the easier to know what to say. After a few moments her elven ears flicker causing the chains hanging from them to sparkle, dancing in the light of the kitchen, the sound of the crunch making its way to her ears, granted humans probable wouldn't have caught the sound. She turns her head glancing towards the kitchen door as she stops kicking her feet in the air, “Jeff.. I think someone’s here.. I just heard a weird crunch noise...” She looks up at her brother again before she glances at the stew in progress waiting to see what he planned to do or if he would just ignore her comment.

Anaya: Samuel looked to Jeff as all he did to Jeff’s stupid boyish comment was smile, he said nothing back as Jeff walked away “what Jeff killed was not my wife, it may have been her head body but the ONLY person who gets the honor of killing my true wife is and always will be Anaya, and that will be something I never forget.” he looked to butler as bright green eyes looked into his own “my job is to protect Anaya, even if she could rip me in half at a moment’s notice I am here for one reason, as I am the one thing Jeff’s powers can do very little to. His threats hold no grip with me. But I know when the time comes he will remember the day he sat upon my back and felt the air in his hair and laughed and told me he was my friend. But that was long ago now it seems” Samuel looked out to the kingdom room as he took another drink from his tea “the people will be something I will put much effort into, I assure you that, the one thing Anaya does right that her son gives her no credit for is keep her people safe, she has yet to kill a single one of them without good reason and she had done all she can to keep the losses here to a minimum, even if at times the loss was high and we felt the struggle of being low on supply’s or men she found ways to work around it, he forgets the good she has done for this place, she brought trolls when this place needed more fighters, she moved out to try to gain an alliance with firedor even if it turned out badly she started with the right intent, she took hundreds of people into her own home when this place was under attack and the town was turned toxic by order of the owl and terra up in the north was coming against us. And even Jeff she adopted him but him under her wing and even if she did so much bad it made him into the strong man he is today, he would be a weak child rocking in a corner if it had not been for her molding him. He is so much like her he holds no grip of it and if anyone was to tell him if he would view it as an insult when in truth it is a good thing to be alike to, she has her flaws but he has them to. He is resentful, ego filled, cocky and overall he is simply the human word for it, whiny and living in the past” Samuel put his cup down on the arm rest and clicked his claws along it “why fix one’s self on another’s flaws when you have so many of your own” Samuel was really having a conversation with the butler, he did not talk much other than to Anaya so when he did it was kinda a once in a blue moon kind of deal.

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CorruptedDoll: Ana does her best to bite her tongue and hide the giggles that where building up in her as her brother spoke. She figured it would be best to not encourage the situation or make it worse. As her brother speaks down to her she raises her head up, her gray eyes showing how bad she wanted to burst out in a giggle fit but was still doing her best to retrain it. As he turns she quickly jumps up to her feet, nearly falling right back over onto her arse after she lands on her feet. After she regains her balance she moves to snatch her bow and arrows off the floor and slip them back onto her back before she glances over at Samuel, a smile spreading across her lips before a soft giggle leaves her lips, “Take care Mister, you should probably check on Mother, make sure she isn't getting herself to hurt. And don't worry about the bear, I'm sure the stew will be great so don't stress yourself there.” She moves to turn and skip after her brother before Samuel had a chance to respond to her, her braid starting to fall apart and spread out over her back. Her snow white pale hair standing out against her black leather of her top. As her brother gets the meat into the pot she moves to bounce up, a rather high bounce at that and slams down onto the counter flushing some because she didn't mean to land as hard as she did, sitting there. Her fingers coil around the edge of the counter, her feet swing back and forth as she watches him, she stays quiet, watching his movements, his face, trying to read him, wishing she could just read his mind to make it all the easier to know what to say. After a few moments her elven ears flicker causing the chains hanging from them to sparkle, dancing in the light of the kitchen, the sound of the crunch making its way to her ears, granted humans probable wouldn't have caught the sound. She turns her head glancing towards the kitchen door as she stops kicking her feet in the air, “Jeff.. I think someone’s here. I just heard a weird crunch noise..” She looks up at her brother again before she glances at the stew in progress waiting to see what he planned to do or if he would just ignore her comment.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff was enjoying himself. He had told off Samuel, again. He had been home, met a sibling, formed a quick bond with said sibling and was now cooking dinner for the entire house. Life was good in his eyes. He had a lot to be thankful for. He had seen countless deaths in his few years but nothing ever made him more thankful than him having his life right now. He used to want to die and would fight anyone and thing to see if anyone was worthy enough to kill him but now, right now, he was in his prime. A perfect warrior created by his own mother, whom was now trying to snuff him out like some kind of candle flame, flickering in the dark. Jeff smiled as he stirred the stew before hearing a random sound. Crunching. Teeth, grinding against ice chunks before being crushed under the pressure of the percaline whites. The familiar aura walked through his home, just simply moving about like he was owed the pleasure of being a royal. Why was he here? What could he gain from coming back after all this time? He knew where he was and knew there was nothing here for him, so why stay? To make Jeff's life miserable? To kill Anaya? To just visit? What was his end goal? Jeff rotated his arms around the pot, bring the spoon in a full circle. "Why?" He muttered, turning to walk out the door. "Take over Ana. Or have the Servants do it. I will be back." Jeff made his way through the rest of the kitchen and through the hallway, into the main hall. He leaned against a large pillar and folded his arms. "Hmph." He was supposed to be a king and he couldn't be a bastard and show rage to his people. IT was not needed. Perhaps he should talk to the old face and see if that gets him anywhere. But at what cost? Would Wraythe be civilized? Was it even worth it? Jeff thought these questions over and over again, asking left and right what to do. Each crunch was just sending a large ringing to his ears and his every movement made his sick to his stomach, just like how he felt when he found Cry's body. Torn apart at the face with his skeleton of a face, covered in muscle stared at him with vacant eyes. His sigil torn from his back, which was now in Jeff's care. The scent of blood and rage in the air tickled his nose just like it did now of greed and betrayal. "Damn him." Jeff muttered again before stepping forward. "Wraythe. Why did Cry try and stab you in the back? Forgive me for my harsh words last night. It's just been-..a while." He looked down. "I just don't know what to do when it comes to old rivals popping up. I have been on edge with a bunch recently." He then looked back up. "When we last spoke, you were angry, and just-..destructive. You seem more calm and collected. Is that why Cry tried to kill you? Your anger?" Jeff was genuine. Not wanting to fight but not wanting to fully show his real disgust for the man in front of him.

Apocryphon: Wraythe was leaning himself up against a nearby pillar enjoying his snack of the frozen water in his hand, not really bothering anyone for the moment, and many just looked at him with either disdain, slight fear, or absolute hatred for his mere being desecrating the halls of the DeLaRose once more. He had his eyes closed for the most part, enjoying himself as much as he could for the moment, many things were running through his mind, what he would find here, what he planned to do, what he would eat for dinner..(probably some more ice)... Though he could sense familiar presences in the immediate vicinity, one of which seemed to be watching him form a distance, still, he didn't really pay Jeff any mind, he knew he was hated by him, he had his reasons, hell, everyone here had at least one reason to hate him. Wraythe was however caught off guard by the sudden change of heart with Jeff, noticing him coming to converse, something that wouldn't normally happen under the circumstances. After Jeff had spoken he let out a small sigh, nodding to the words before giving a retort "Well, Midnight and Cry had come into the fortress i made to keep myself under wraps, to keep myself from destroying most of the places around me" He bit off another chunk of ice that he had in his hand before swallowing it and speaking once again "Midnight, Cry, and Myself had a battle, they had swords that were of a pair, i had Zephyr, the scythe i am so very fond of, as we fought me and Midnight were locked in a stalemate, he believed the only way to defeat me was to attack me from behind, however he was wrong, i knocked Midnight away and turned to catch him, my fingers rammed through his throat and he was dying, in my insane fit of rage i did much to him, seriously injuring Midnight as well before taking Cry's sword and the crest off his back, then left to try and find myself again, to keep myself calm." Another bite off of the chunk he had "To do so i put mental blocks on myself, i like to call it more of a vault inside my head, when angered the vault starts to open and i begin to revert, after the battle is done i close it back up again and deal with it as it goes."

CorruptedDoll: As her brother walked away and left the stew in her hands she hops down off the counter, the heels to her boots clinking rather loudly. She frowns a bit, watching him walk out of the room, having enjoyed him being around without all the fighting. She sighs softly and turns her attention to the pot, waving off any of the help that comes close, a slightly growl leaving her lips. She still didn't care for the help, she hadn't forgotten about her bed yet and it was rather insulting, she'd love to know who did it just so she could make them disappear. She keeps rolling the idea around in her head, wondering if she could pay someone off to find out who did it. She had enough money she could do it with ease that was the joy of traveling, collecting bounties and just sitting on the money. She sighs, getting lost in the stirring of the pot and her thoughts. After a while she leans in, tasting the stew before she throws in more seasonings to correct the flavor. She keeps her attention to the stew, not wanting to bother with anything else going on inside the castle at the moment. She figured Jeff could handle himself and if he couldn't she probably had no chance with them so it was best to stay out of the way. After a while she would figure the soup was as good as it was going to get, lowering the heat to simply keep the stew warm, threatening to beat anyone who messed the stew up as she moves to turn and head out of the kitchen in search of her brother. She walks up one her brother and the other male, almost silently, not on purpose, she was just use to moving and keeping herself quieted down and harder for humans to hear her. She gets behind Jeff as he speaks, tapping on his shoulder lightly before she speak out, her cheeks flushing a bit, “Jeff. The stew is done.. I think, it taste fine to me and it’s cooked through.” She then, tilts herself over some, smiling at the male and waves at him before looking back up towards her brother.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes looked at the floor as the words came to his ears. Such disappointment. "I apologize when I said you didn't have honor. Anaya killed all of her children due to a dragon's madness. I understand. I guess I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Its just-..Cry all those years ago, was my best friend. And I can't get Cry out of my head. Seeing his faceless maw staring at me-..I hated you for many years and I don't even know if I hate you now. It has been a century and a half..I don't know if I should feel angry. Or if I should start fresh. So I am going with the Latter." His eyes shifted upward. "We fought many years ago and you always treated me with respect..even though you always topped me at every turn. I tried my hardest to best you-..Only ever being just as good. Never better." He looked down and took a step back. "I guess-..we should start over." He shook his head and listened to the servants bustle back and forth to their posts, as well as the guards, whom clanked in their armor. What was the point if it all? Why did they stick around? Anaya looked at them like canned food. Jeff's eyes then turned and snapped to his sister's voice. "The stew is done." He repeated and looked at Wraythe. "I see you have food. But perhaps we could finish this conversation in the mess hall." The prince's eyes stared at the floor, listening to the clamoring of the bowls and delightful foods being set at the large table. Bitterman's gaze was placed at the wall. He wouldn't stop staring at the chipped spot, about one centimeter small, not even hardly noticeable. "So this is our home? So tacky." He grunted. "Someone come paint this damn wall?" He then heard the dinging of the dinner bell. DING DING DING DING DING. The five rings of the bell. Signifying that the guards, servants, and members of the house meet in the hall for everyone's meal. Jeff and, most likely Ana and Wraythe, when seated at the Royal table, while the bear stew and fine wine was placed in front of them with a golden goblet set in front of each of them. "It does look good. I'm glad we went out to hunt today." Jeff muttered to his sister, looking deeply at the bowl of contents. Anaya was on his mind. Why did she want him dead? Her flesh and blood. OR so it seemed. She trained him since he was a boy. Took him in and cared for him when his father left him. He knew nothing of love from anyone else except her, until his teenage years. When she turned into a monster. Now, hundreds of years later, here they were, on the brink of a civil war in House DeLaRose. Would he be dead by winter fall? Only time would tell. Until then, he could only live one day at a time. The house was filled with over lapping speeches from the servants and guards to their friends. The two bears made more than enough for everyone. Tonight, everyone ate well. "Ana, this is amazing. We did quite well." He smiled from behind his mask, dryly but almost immediately went back to deep thought. Why would anyone wish this on themselves? No home to truly call your own? Everyone you love, dead, in front of your own eyes. Your own mother, life bringer, wanting to murder you in cold blood for her own selfish gain, and now, everything he had trained for seemed for nothing. Each second brought more agony, but he was still happy to be alive. And that was surely something.

Apocryphon: Wraythe heard Jeff's words and he gave a small shrug "In all honesty i don't have much honor left, i've done many things that I’m not too proud of and there's no way that i can make up for that" He let out a slow sigh, the air around him growing much colder than the rest of the room, moisture slowly accumulating on his being before he heard the invitation to the mess hall "As it stands i'd rather eat here, i don't really like large gatherings of people close to me" He gave another shrug, placing his hand on Jeff's shoulder as he moved to walk past him "And as for hating me, you don't have to hate me, but hate helps one become stronger, it gives them a reason to strive to be better than the one they hate." He gave a small smile from behind his mask, stepping past him slowly before patting the smaller DeLaRose lightly on the head, taking a seat on a small chair as he continued to munch on his chunk of ice, getting once again lost in his thoughts, though speaking once more before growing completely silent "Do enjoy your dinner, both of you, though if it wouldn't be too much trouble for either of you i could use a large glass of water" He knew Jeff would understand that water was in and of itself a way for Wraythe to have sustenance on his own, after all being of the cold he could survive on ice and water for long periods of time

CorruptedDoll: Ana squeaks out as the male pats her on the head, slightly shocked at the touch and causes her to freeze into place before she follows her brother to the mess hall and takes a seat near her brother. She picks at her stew, slowly eating it. She stayed silent, clearly her brother was troubled and she didn't care to speak to anyone else. As he speaks to her about the hunt she nods and mutters back, “I agree.” Once she had finished her bowl of stew she gets up and moves to disappear from the room, use to eating the bare minimum to get by. Leaving her bowl on the table and the chair out, leaving before the male had a chance to speak towards her and her brother, leaving Jeff to deal with things. She moves to leave out through the kitchen, heading out the back door she heads to the stable. Quickly moving to her horse she opens up the stall he was in and lets him out. She leads him outside and quickly climbs onto his back. She glances up towards the sky and sighs, the sun would go down soon and she wanted a chance to get out for a bit again. She figured Jeff and the rest of them would stay inside. She clicks down at her horse and he takes off into the forest again. She keeps herself on alert, completely aware the two bears where most likely still in the area. She and her horse move as if one. They had been together so long that there bound let them read each other with little effort. She and the horse move rather deep into the woods before they stop in a small clearing. She leans back on the horse back, inhaling deeply, letting the fresh frozen air fill her lungs causing her to shiver lightly. She closes her eyes and just sits there for a moment, letting herself relax and go to peace. She reaches her hand down, stroking through the horses main. She waits a bit and lets out a soft sigh before she speaks, “Lets head back to the castle boy.” She clicks at the horse, tugging the horses main and heads towards the castle, back towards where her brother and everyone was. Wondering if it was still calm or if shit had hit the fan again. Once she had come back she moves to put her horse back in the stable, feeding and watering him again before she heads back into the castle. She doesn't bother to look for Jeff or anyone else, she just moves to climb the back stairs to the second floor and moves into her room. Trying to keep silent so no one notices her. She'd lock herself into her room, pulling off her bow and daggers and sets them on her dresser. She tugs her cloak off and tosses it to the corner before she would flop herself into the clean bed. Staring at the ceiling. Jeff had asked her a question that not even she knew the answer too. Why had she come back? Why was she here? Was she that desperate for contact with people that she returned home to the place she once was a slave to? She doubted any of them wanted here even though Jeff had taken what seemed to be a liking to her. She toss around on her bed. Eventual she would slide into an unsettling sleep, tossing and turning so long as no one came up to knock on the door and bothered her.

-----The next morning ----

Apocryphon: Wraythe had made it an early night, finding his way outside to his small encampment on the hill where he kept his usual implements of survival and entertainment, he spent the early and part of the late hours of the night sitting on a lone stump of a tree, one of his instruments of choice, the violin tucked underneath his chin while a light sorrowful tune echoed through the land, yet that soon turned to silence as he turned in for a bit of sleep. The next morning he was greeted with a light snowfall, smiling to the cold embrace of the world around him while he slowly stood up and stretched his body towards the sky, tucking his things into a pack before burying them underneath the snow, knowing that they would be safe for the most part, and anything that was hidden there could be easily replaced, or built if he saw fit. The view was lovely, looking over a small village which had already started to bustle with activity, nothing too surprising, he expected the castle to be the same way if anything. Wraythe's usual morning ritual was just finding something to eat, being a demon of ice and water he easily found sustinence due to a nearby flowing stream, freezing a part of it as he dipped his hand down into it before retrieving the pieces, pulling the cloth mask down off of his face and taking a bite out of a large chunk, the crunching noise was loud, though he headed for the castle either way, a small tune espcaping his lips while travelling, the same tune that had echoed through the night sky the night before as a matter of fact. Wraythe pushed open the large doors to the castle when he reached them, a few servants and maids moving quickly to avoid him, seeming as if someone had been blabering on about him, most likely Bitterman, in honesty he held no animosity towards him, though people who acted in fear of him he didn't really enjoy being around, it made him feel off, like they expected him to go on a rampage at any moment, but Wraythe still pushed these thoughts from his head and took a seat on one of the many chairs that adorned the main hall, still taking chunks off of his small block of ice as he waited for something of interest to happen.

VarusDarcy: The giant wings beat against the trees as he was far from the town after his amazing bath. He really needed it after being into his human form for so long he wondered what his shop was doing since it had a very important delivery for the kingdom. He quickly turned into his human form hopeful-ly no one had seen him since he was a giant black dragon after all. His human form was pale his yellow eyes showed through in the breaking of the dawn. Night had fled as he walked quickly upon the snow to his shop. “Damn you dwarf where ye be! “ he flipped over tables and such looking for the shipment records. He cursed under his breath as this was very very bad for business. The horses were at least ready and knowing what he mostly had made he would laugh to himself. “that stupid dwarf of mine….” He smirked as he found him out cold with a crack of his whip he snapped the reigns of his couch and began with the trek to the castle. The road was slippery and filled with ice as he cursed as he almost went off the road a bit as he would make his way to the castle he jumped down from the coach his black like figure stood about six feet and seven inches for he liked still to be tall in his human form. A guard then began to stop his path as normal the dragon slightly smiled. “What business do you have with the castle.” The guard looked at the strange man as he cocked his head to one side as Varus re-sponded. “Good sir the weapons your guards have called for have arrived.” He threw the order sheet to the man with the giant long list of armaments but he forgot one thing he smelled like a swamp. Cursing under his breath his natural dragon oder began to fill his nostrils and sighed a bit before he took a swig from his flask he just hoped there where not any others around. “This way…. “ the guard then open the doors as Varus then stood in the halls of the giant room the weapons where around him as he looked at all the nice fancy stuff in the room. He noticed a person sitting on the chair and simply cocked his head to stare at him. "Have you knowlage where the queen is. "

Anaya: Anaya crash landed right into the front lawn, she had stayed out all night and flawn to other areas of the land to see and just be free and out of the castle, as she landed she hit a snow bank sending snow all over her side and face, her legs burnet down to the muscles as she let out screams in pain and smashed her face into the doors smashing them open but not apart and shifting down and getting inside out of the cold “was so worth it!” she screamed as she got up off the marble floor and tried to brush the snow away with bleeding hands. “you are a moron” Sam said as he rushed over to her with a rob wrapping it around her nude burnt figure, she was burned on over 3 quarters of her body as Samuel wrapped her tightly in the blanket like robe “come on my dear we have to get you dressed and we had a medic waiting, did you at least enjoy yourself” Anaya looked at him her red eyes bright and burning as if someone just lit a fire inside of them “I am in a rip apart anything I see mood, that was more needed then I even knew, and my dear the egg will be laid this night, and I can’t stay in human form long, I will be going into the catacombs later this evening. ” “just be careful of the spiders my love, they are still a problem down there” “if anything I will burn them to make them fear me and it will be over” she started to walk one leg more burnt then the other one as she had a limp “just get me to the throne” she said softly as she put a hand to her face half her face was burnt down to almost the bone as a part of her cheek hung there. “get the medic right away” Samuel nodded and helped her over to the throne, he looked to the one known as wraith he had yet to really meet him but at the same time he did not like him. And then there was another dragon walk into the hall and then ask for the queen. “Maid go get the medic and bring him here.” Samuel did not leave Anaya’s side not now, not as she needed him and not when there was another of their kind here, if the other wanted to act out or even Anaya being in the mood and full of beans and spunk she was in she would not be able to keep herself from wanting to kill it witch in the end would put her in worse shape. “why do you wish to speak to the queen dragon” Samuel snapped as he looked right past wrathe and Anaya stayed silent siting down in her throne breathing heavily as it was the first time she had relaxed.

Anaya: ((kk take all the time you need hun :D))
Apocryphon: Wraythe let out a slow yawn as he sat and ate, though as the stench of a swamp wafted into his nostrils he let out a slow sigh, taking another bite of his "food" before he turned to the being who had spoken to him, only to hear a thud outside the castle "Give her time, she'll be here any moment i'm sure" He said this with a small laugh as the servants ran about here and there before the doors slammed open, his dead eyes turning slightly to the sound of the disturbance "I'm assuming that would be her now, might want to catch her while she's in a good mood then, otherwise she might rip you to shreds" He said this with a small laugh as he noticed the now covered form of the queen herself being hurried along, watching her as she took a sear in the throne as she caught his eye, noticing the look of disdain he had gotten from the male who stood beside her, giving him a wink as if to say he didn't give a rat's ass what he thought, though as he sat there he watched the theatre show unfold in front of him he was entranced, kind of wanting a fight to break out here and now, something to watch and perhaps join in on to help him with his boredom "Well now's your chance mate" He spoke once again to the male who had given him a slight bit of conversation, though sat back and enjoyed himself nonetheless, a sly smile creeping across his features as time passed, thoughts of what had happened years ago be-tween himself and many of the creatures that called DeLaRose home, yet at the mention of spiders a small chill ran up his spine, he hated the beings ever since he was little, seeing as how the ones in his homelands ravaged and rampaged through his village almost every week like clockwork, perhaps he would go and see these creatures, tear them apart or something of the like, after all he had no specific job in the castle anymore, he had been freelance for much of the many years that had passed. Wraythe decided it would be a good time to leave the room, at least for the moment anyway and make his way towards the kitchen in hopes of finding something that perhaps had flesh.

Ordained: A dense tenebrosity caressed the terrain of the Iron Dynasty as a rather large manifestation would appear in the shadows. A frame standing 13 feet and 9 inches tall, built like a male though no flesh. No bone. Merely shadow. A massive crown of horns cracked from where His skull would have been, a dark hood placed over His head, the only bit that could be seen was a metal mask, and through the mask held a face of sheer terror. The male had one silver eye, one red, and with good reason. Bring-ing His long spined tail over His shoulder sticking it deeply into the earth His head would tilt as He pulled out the blade for a tail He would smirk beneath His mask. It seemed to be morning.. Something the Sinner was not used to. Infact, sunlight was not particularly kind to the Sinn. His umbra shuddered as He stepped into the shadows once more. His talons digging into the bark of a tree, leaving rather large claw marks. As He walked toward the strange castle He felt like He has been here before.. Though He didn't really recognize it. It just felt as if He has been here before, couldn't really explain it. His heavy hooved umbra dragged with each stride with a thud, His slouched figure was clearly intimidating. He was one of the harsher looking Sinners, as most were created in beauty. Him? He was created in chaos. Destruction, the evil within the one He called 'Mother'. Harmful whispers echoed within His umbra, the souls tortured. Murdered, and harvested by the Sinner Himself. Some were more ancient than himself. A gift from the 'Mother'. A heavy metal sheeted skirting draped from His hips, shiming along with the jewels that caressed His horns. The scent of vanilla filled the room as He entered the cas-tle, a drastic shange in temperature as it dropped in His presence. Stepping further in His hooves dragged, the skirting against the stone left a horrid sound. This male was the true image of Death, a symbolic disaster of a perfect Nightmare. His tones as He spoke were truly bone chilling, echoing with-in His manifestation. "A good morning to the souls within." He stated closing the doors behind Him to get away from the morning sun. Sensing presences within He would step in further, His forearms were captured by a metal gauntlet. He was armored that was for sure. A metalized ribcage wrapped securely around where His 'torso' should have been. A slight crimson hue caressed His massive frame.

VarusDarcyVarusDarcy Whisper: he would smirk at the persons words he knew not this man but it was quite the commotion that the burst of a sudden sort of events that transpired. It seemed as these two where also of the dragon nature his eyes flared yellow again as if he were found out. The one male who spoke with him he nodded to. “Aye thank ye….” As he was already off to some form of venue in the kitchen he would finally address the red Wyvern. “Your weekly round of supplies is here from my ar-mory in town….. Since your guards like to purchase my wears…. I do business from here to there.” He would notice something was wrong, as it seemed something was weakening the other dragon. He felt a surge of power as if he could take advantage of this weakness but he resisted. “You have a wise nose…. To follow if you can find that I am indeed A Grand drake… but you of coarse do business with me for some years if you have looked at the books the blacksmith witch is I that comes to town…” He removed the wears from the rack they were all samples of his work. “Jeweled daggers and more my lord… fine enchantments I have personally placed…” he touched the hilt as the acid came from his hand to coat the tip. The blade would emanate power from it as if not created by normal hu-mans he smiled a half cocky smile as he approached slowly. “It seems many things have happened late in here…. And my ears have heard of a medical call… has something the matter with this one.” He looked to Samuel his bright yellow eyes glinting in the early morning light. “my apprentice is normally a dwarf if you’re wondering why…. I have to finally make my appearance I did not know others like me existed beyond this realm. Though it is quite a wonder that I have finally found some of my own its quite…. Intriguing.” He smiled as he smelled the air it smelt as the blood was thick and he could smell it from miles away. “Such a sweet scent of blood… I do apologize I could offer a remedy if you wish I have brought many of cures as well as poisons.. as well.” It was like he was offering a sales pitch he procured a vile from his hand and set it upon a table in front of him. “It will dull some pain… and heal some wounds since your men have paid I offer this free of charge.” He heard a figure from the back of him speak and turned to see yet another person he would chuckle a bit. “My what traffic we have here…”

Anaya: Samuel moved to sit down in front of Anaya as she rested her head silently on his shoulder and back as they waited for the medic, it may be a while before the medic was to show up and till that time Samuel would protect his nude mate with every ounce of himself and with his very life. “we do seem to be busy this day but most days we tend to be, but black smith I will check the books later to be sure you are who you deem you are, leave your name with the guards and please bring your wears you have for sale to the room to your right, we will take any long blade and daggers you have, as well as bows, and we will order 50 long bows for our rangers as well. Oh and I would personally like an acid enhanced long bow, it is for the prince. I would like you to get on that right away.” Anaya’s bright red eyes looked out from over her mates shoulder as a grin came over her lips and her claws dug into her mates back as her eyes locked onto the one that stunk like her kind. She wanted to rip it apart and bath herself in the blood that would heal her. She moved to sams ear and whispered to him very softly to be sure no one would hear her “don’t let him go far, his blood and meat will feed our young one once it hatches” Samuel looked up “but do not leave the grounds, miss Anaya would like to have words with you tomorrows dawn when she is feeling a bit better, she does not get along well with winter” He looked up once more taking a claw and holding his loves hand as he spotted a new comer, Anaya griped his hand tightly as she spotted the new comer as well, she tilted her head and said nothing but she was interested in that one, and her pressure on her mates hand said she was interested. “Welcome to iron new one, come in and find yourself a chair, what brings you to the iron capital this day?” Samuel was oddly a better talker then Anaya was she did not really give a shit about people but just blabbered with them Sam was the one that cared and payed actual attention and studied there guests, as if he needed to take them down then he knew about them. In truth all together he was a better ruler then there ruler was and he knew it.

CorruptedDoll: Ana lets out a soft yawn as she awakens, it had been a restless night which she had tossed and turned throughout. She looks out her window, the sun had been up for a while. She normal-ly didn't stay in bed this long but for some reason today she did. She moves to get to her feet, getting the maids to draw her a hot bath. She shoos them away afterward and cleans herself with the flowery soap she had. After her bath she dries herself off, moving to the window and looks out it. The snow was still everywhere, she wished it would go away but for now it was still here. She moves to dig through the draws of her dresser and closet. She looks over everything before she starts to think aloud, “Perhaps I should wear something other than my hunting gear today.. Perhaps a dress would do.” She grabs one of her older dresses, it had no sleeves, simple straps over her shoulders and a large V dip be-tween her chests, Showing her chest off. The dress was short, it stopped at her knees, however to cover her legs she grabs a pair of black leggings, tugging them on before she slips on her boots. She moves to brush her long snow white hair letting it hang behind her shoulders. She looks over herself in the small mirror she had. Making sure she looked decent before she slips her bow onto her back and moves to leave her room. She makes her way down stairs, moving into the kitchen she grabs an apple, quickly eating through it before she makes her way towards the throne room where she heard the voice coming from. Once she gets to the throne room she moves to walk pass the guest, right up to her mother, ignor-ing Samuel at her side. She notices the wounds on her mother and refrains from touching her, giving her a gentle smile before she turns and stands at her mother’s thrones side. Remaining quiet unless someone spoke directly to her. Not wishing to disrupt the room to much, but wanting to be close enough that if her mother needed something she could fetch it.

Apocryphon: Wraythe had wandered a bit at first, taking in the new castle the dragon queen was living in, it was slightly different than the old one, but some things would never change after all, after his small excursion he made his way into the kitchen where he cocked his brow to find Bitterman bustling about with some of the servants, though that wouldn't stop the stomach of Wraythe, he was soon look-ing about in the stores and smiled to the sight of a slab of meat, salted to maintain it for a longer period, though uncooked he took a small knife from his belt and cut off a bit, tasting it before cutting off a bigger hunk, leaving the stores with it as he chewed on the piece he still had in his mouth, the looks he was getting not bothering him in the slightest, the only thing he was interested in at the moment was food, his more sadistic and crazy side would have just left the castle and slaughtered a few animals, perhaps a villager or two, though he was attempting at least to make himself seem a bit more civilized. Bitterman however apparently would not have it, making his way to the large man and speaking to-wards him, something about it not being civilized, rude, something of that sort Wraythe was sure, the only words he spoke in retort being "Look, would you really want to get in the way of a hungry demon Bitterman?" The words came out a bit colder than he expected, retreating from the kitchen with meat in hand before making his way towards the main hall, his ears flicking lightly to the sound of whispering, really just the small hisses of air, though no actual words, Wraythe knew if worst came to worst he could hold his own, be it against a dragon, demon, really anything that he knew of at the time "Well well, lively this morning aren't we?" He spoke the words between bites of meat, the bones that were housed inside not stopping him in the slightest as he stepped towards the larger creature in the room "Well hello there, didn't see you enter, apologies for that, for the sake of niceties you can call me Wray-the, should you need anything of me of course, that goes for everyone else as well" He gave a polite smile and tucked himself away in a corner not long after, working on finishing his meal he had procured from the stores

Ordained: It was strange.. So many people in one area.. Clearly Morbus was not used to this as where He tends to reside is not very... Lively.. Just the ruins of the once great Unholy Nation.. He would watch every form closely, almost as if He was studying them.. As His massive frame grew closer He would hear a voice ask Him as to what brought Him here.. He was unsure on how to answer such a question as He himself didn't really know the answer.. His gaze would meet the male who asked Him as His echo'd tones would caress the mask, "This .. Is something.. I'd love.. To figure out myself.. To tell you the truth.. I guess you could say... I'm just wandering.." Turning His gaze back to the other two males He watched how each and every one of them interacted with each other.. With a unnoticeable shake of His 'head' His slouched figure would step forward once more, something was drawing Him here, He had no idea as to why. It wasn't very amusing in the very least.. He caught the scent of blood as He listened faintly to the others mentioning on how many people are entering this morning.. Though His attention was brought to the female who had the scent of blood.. He would just stand there, still, taking everything in as everything was new to Him.. Though this female in particular had grabbed His attention.. Almost as if He knew her in some strange way.. Though it deemed to Him impossible.. Un-less.. Unless the Mother was here, then everything would make so much more sense.. He could sense that the female was in a hostile mood.. So Morbus spoke to the male once more.. "Does.. She know.. A Grand ruler by the name Nephthys Sinn...?" He asked, He really couldn't help Himself He was really wondering as to why He was drawn to this place, of all places.. Exposed to both light and fire..

VarusDarcy: he would nod to the dragon man as he made a gesture to the guards for him to take the supplies out of the hall so it would provide some more room. He heard the long list as well and smiled a bit.~ “I can procure some items for ye aye.. a nice profit I can add an enchantment to some as well. But I will work yet on it. “ he turned to leave but then heard him say that he was to be here tomorrow as well. “hmm… tomorrow as well you say. Well I suppose I could work something out but it would put a wrench on your product I would think.” He slowly found this odd that they would want him around even knowing of what he was. His dark robes around him he smelt the air of the more blood it felt as though that healer would never come for how slow they were Slowly he would look to Samuel and the queen and approach further. “If I may address the matter of the blood…. There seems to be much.. Are you sure you wish to wait.. this it seems rather dire… and I believe I could help it would cost free of any gold.. “ he blinked as though they had some sort of mistrust his guard had to be up as he slowly would place it in front of them. “Ill be around if you need assistance if there is anything else I am here to smith..” he chuckled a bit as the room started to fill he smiled as he looked back to them. “I will be around.” He had stayed into his human form long enough and it was time to take his leave to get some-thing to eat. His large being finally emerged as he then flew out of the castle to the skies.

Anaya: Anaya looked out her bright red eyes looking into the ones of the being that was there, she moved and whispered into Samuel’s ear “inform him of my lungs and all you know of the person he talks of it is alright” Samuel nodded as he turned back to face the male there, or at least it looks like a male. “the name of witch you spoke, it was said long ago Anaya shared some blood line with the being even if they only met once due to a unsteady nature and Anaya being one of flame and that was not a stable thing in the lands of the ruler. She would have words with you herself but due to her not doing well with winter the cold snow has eaten into her lungs and it pains her to talk but after this night once the hair to the throne is laid she will be able to heal and hunt. So we do hope you do not mind my talking on her behalf this day.” Anaya stayed resting her cheek on Samuels back as she looked to her little girl and leaned over to put her forehead on Ana’s shoulder a form of hug but one of a weak nature, she moved and whispered “water, can you please get water” she then leaned her head back on Sam and she allowed a bright red eye to look out at the new comer. Samuel watched the dragon lad leave and he could feel Anaya relax a bit as he said softly “glad that one is gone” he gave a chuckle and ran his finger along Anaya’s burnt cheek.

CorruptedDoll: Ana watches the other male leave the room, keeping herself at her mothers side. As her mother speaks to her she nod gently, spinning herself she quickly disappears out of the room, heading off towards the kitchen where she fetches the coolest glass of water she can. She moves to crush a bit of mint leaves, slipping them into the water, hoping the mint would help to calm her mother more. She fetches a bit of stew as well, the bear stew from the night before that she and Jeff had made, setting it and the glass of water on a tray, adding a large pitcher of water to it as well. She adds a few fresh lem-on wedges, some bread, and some of the bear meat slightly cooked and still tender, she pauses a mo-ment and huffs, adding a second bowl of stew and more of the bread to the tray in-case Samuel decide he was hungry as well. After several moments passed and she was pleased with the way the tray looked she makes her way back to the throne room, setting the tray as close to her mother as she can. Making it so her mother can eat and drink as she wishes, and Samuel as well should he choose to. She then moves back to her mothers side, gently straitening her dress around her thighs again, glancing over the people in the room, before she looks down to her mother and Samuel before she gets lost in her thoughts, wait-ing until she was needed again.

Apocryphon: Wraythe was just about done with his food, swallowing the last bit before letting out a slow sigh, the air around him growing considerably colder than the rest of the room while he stood up, looking about to the others in the room he smiled, his body stretching upwards before he stepped up towards the thrones a bit, humming his sorrowful tune to himself before running a hand through his hair, stepping forward a bit to speak "Good morning Lady Ana" He looked to the young creature then to Samuel, a slight cock of his brow growing before he turned his gaze to Anaya, crouching a bit so he was almost at eye level with her "And hello to you Anaya, my name is Wraythe Teslanar Valkiri the second, once upon a time long ago i called your castle my home, not that the past matters at this point, as you probably have noticed many of the people here do not enjoy my presence, present company included" His hand motioned towards the male sitting near atop her before speaking again "Your son Jeff and Miss Ana here are acquainted with me at this point, as it Bitterman to a lesser extent" He then cleared his throat and extended a hand towards the dragon queen "As it stands, i am not here to cause you trouble in any way, you see from my older self i have grown much calmer, though that side of me is still locked away for....special occasions..." A light laugh escaped the lips of the demon now, leaning himself in a bit before retracting his hand "I can only assume the memories of our time knowing each other are hazy, if not gone altogether, but let it be known you have wounded me" The hand he retracted moved to pull his coat aside a bit, showing a few scars along his shoulders "Quite gravely actually, but as I said, past is behind us, I figured i should let myself and my intentions be known, and if you have any need of me for anything you may ask, though I may be lackadaisical in granting the request it would most likely be fulfilled" His dead white eyes never really showed much emotion, but the devilish smile that crept along his features spoke volumes "However, i would only grant requests on your behalf, and perhaps Jeff and Lady Ana, Samuel on the other hand is someone who would have to earn the privilege" Wraythe cared not if he spoke down to higher ups, he spoke his mind if nothing else, and was always brutally honest "Also, i would refrain from trying to touch me if the dragon blood runs in you, seeing as how my kind and yours tend not to get along" The air around him grew colder once more as he stood and stepped back a bit, the metal claw on his right forefinger tapping the small pitcher of water, causing the first inch of water to freeze before he plucked it out with the same claw, he then gestured with the chunk of ice and stepped back, taking a chunk off of it with his teeth while making his way to his seat.
Ordained: Although they spoke of Nephthys, the female unable to speak Morbus would nod. He could sense that she was not at her greatest performance.. "Nephthys was a grand ruler... Though her disappearance.. We have no idea... On as to why she up and vanished... However... She is the Sinn I call Mother.. And yes.. She once was flesh in which shared a mother with you M'lady.. However.. I must be on my way.." He glanced over His shoulder.. "They are calling.." Turning around the male dragged His metalized hooves toward the doors, His tail dragging behind him as the slouched creature would then make His disappearance into the shadows into the umbral world of the Sinn once more..

Anaya: Anaya looked out watching that one leave as well, so he was her nephew she guessed seeing her was child of her lost and unknown sister or kin to her somehow who she did not really care about. She spotted the food and her eyes bright and pleased picked up the water as she took her finger and bit the tip a drop her blood dripping down as she mashed it into the water making it drinkable for her. She chugged that back as she picked up the stew and started to eat it picking up the bits with a claw and popping them in her mouth as she was just nice and happy silently eating. Samuel picked up some bread and took a bite of it. He looked over to the one known as wraythe and took another bite of the bread “so you are wraythe am I right the one the prince Jeff does not take fondly to” Anaya looked up as she was eating after the man has talked to her about who he was and all that information. She said nothing but tried to remember the past but was drawing a blank, she moved back to eating her food and over all paying more attention to it than she did the people talking to her. Samuel smiled as he knew she did not care about people right now “sir Wraythe pardon Miss Anaya she can’t really talk all that much as said before to the late guest, her lungs were badly burned outside, talking for her right now is painful but I am sure she will be able to talk to you tomorrow.”

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Apocryphon: Wraythe cocked his brow at the question that Samuel had asked him, a small smirk coming across his features as he continued to munch on his small snack, clearing his throat as he and Anaya had gotten up and started off towards the dining hall, letting Anaya pass him before speaking to Samuel in passing "Me and Jeff have a love hate relationship as it stands, though i suppose me and you already do considering i almost killed your lover single handedly, along with most of the familiars that hun about this place once upon a time" At that Samuel turned his gaze to the large man, the same smile coming across his face as it did back then, the sparkling white teeth glinting in the light before he pulled the mask upwards across his face, turning to walk away towards a set of doors that led into the deeper parts of the castle, looking for a possible way into the catacombs to cure his boredom, perhaps handle a spider issue, and perhaps find a place to do a bit of meditation to keep himself sane and not let the vault open up in his mind. On his way he walked slowly, familiarizing himself with the various faces and rooms he passed, letting his mind wander a bit while having a small conversation with the madman in his head 'What the hell are we doing back here? I thought we gave this place up years ago when we almost died you dumbass' This of course was the crazy side speaking 'I thought we did too, it's not like i came across this place on purpose, you can see what i do, I’ve been wandering about getting rides on various ships and boats to different islands. I found that the winter here would suit us' 'Yea? Well i think you were dead fucking wrong Wraythe, a proper winter would be you letting me out so i can turn this place into a proper winter wonderland' Wraythe let out a slow sigh and continued on his way, shutting off the man in his head while doing so

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Was there a point to it all? Jeff sat on the roof of the castle and stared out over the bustling city below the Iron that stood tall on "Death Grove Hill." The townspeople ran to their buisness, some at their small market shacks, and others to their farms. Some just walking to other locations, like the church, the market, and the pier. Jeff's baby blues stared out farther, spotting a single mother, and her child, his hearing adjusting onto the two of them. "And what of the prince?" The mother asked her child. "He is kind, and caring but also can be a monster." "And how do we know this?" She held up a book. "My school is teaching me the history of the DeLaRose. Right now we are learning about the prince and the time that he fought the Metalwolf family all by himself." "And what does it say?" The little girl, no more than 11, opened the book and ran her fingers across the page, reading at a steady level, stuttering on a few words every now and again. "The DeLaRose prince moved through the Metalwolf home, tearing down the sigils and waving his mighty gilded sword with each step he took. He took down the king, his wife, his two brothers, and the guards, only letting the townspeople live. The prince, though young at the time, moved with the precision of a warrior. It was truly a sight to behold." "Why did the prince kill those people?" The little girl looked down and kept reading in a slow tone. "Uh-...because Chaos Metalwolf hurt people he cared about under the order of his brother, Relik, and his wife, Milta." Jeff sighed, and took a large drag of his cigarette, closing his eyes, and continued listening. "Mother?" The girl asked. "Why do the prince and Queen still live?" The mother smiled. "Because the royals of the DeLaRose can only be killed by skilled warriors. The DeLaRose are mostly made up of immortal, unless killed in battle, and very old members. Jeff happens to be one of them." Jeff's eyes tightened harder, as if trying to will time itself to stop. "And what does your book say about Anaya?" The little girl's face became pale. "Some say that she is a monster. Others say that she is a great queen. The book says that she is just the dragon queen and has always been. Nothing more, nothing less." The mother's eyes became worried. "And? What of the other members of the Iron?" Each character in the iron had a biography, and a history, in great detail, as they have been around for years and had many authors put their history into writings. Every battle, death, war, and small moment was in the books. All the way back to the start of the family, and how the sigil's were made. Jeff finally stopped listening at this point and let the two go back to their school recap without interruption. His baby blues opened and he took another drag, before exhaling. "Those were easy days." He said out loud, to no one in particular. His love life was falling apart, due to he and Ashe never seeing each other, since he had been back. His family, most of them, wanted him dead, and the rose was his only comfort, as well as his darkest prison. He knew not of what to do next, and for the first time in a few years, Jeff DeLaRose was afraid. He usually was fearless in the heart of battle, and kept a level head when it came to his adversary’s but he was never afraid. Usually the prince was just angry. Anger is what caused him to kill the Metalwolf family. Anger is what drove him to kill his enemies. Yet, Fear, or lack thereof, is the reason that he stayed around his home. He wasn't afraid of death, for he had learned how to die, long ago, but he was afraid of anyone he cared for feeling Anaya's wrath. Jeff's fingers clenched around his cigarette as he whispered to himself. "Hell with it all." He then flicked the butt down, watching the embers burn all the way into the snow, before snuffing out. "I will not let anyone else die tonight, tomorrow, or the next day." Bitterman smiled softly to himself, having been behind Jeff for quite a while now. "My lord..." Jeff turned around and blinked softly. "Uh-..what?" "I was worried about you. I followed your scent and it led me up here." Jeff sighed. "You should mind your own business sometimes, Bitterman. " Bitterman's eyes stayed fixated on Jeff and he stepped forward. "Jeff..." Jeff blinked softly. "Bitterman. Let me ask you something. " "Aye..." Jeff blinked softly. "Why do we fear death? Just because the song ends-...does that mean we shouldn't listen to it?" Bitterman blinked as well. "Uh-...I'm not really sure." Jeff shook his head. "Why did you really come up here anyway?" "Nel, the stable hand and commander of the guard is looking for you. He says that he wants to talk to you." Jeff nodded. "Then lets get off the damn roof..."

CorruptedDoll: Ana remains at the throne, watching her mother and Samuel walk off towards the dinning a hall, a soft sigh escaping her lips as she moves her eyes to look at the male. Her eyes roamed over his body a moment well he was distracted with speaking to Samuel. After Anaya and Samuel had left the room she moves to make eye contact with him, quickly speaking out, “Forgive me but I feel the need to go out at the moment, I'm sure the help can get you anything you need to make yourself comfortable.” She does a slight bow of her head before she moves to walk past him rather quickly, again heading out towards the stable. She had the urge to go check on her horse, to see how he was and to see if he needed anything, debating on if she wanted to go out for a long ride or not today. As she walks out she forgets that she was in a dress the cold air bursting against her legs, She lets out a gasp going wide eyed, a string of elven curses leave her lips. Goose bumps quickly raise up on her flesh but she makes her way out towards the stable, still cursing below her breath. As she gets into the barn she moves to the back stable, opening it up she wraps her arms around her horse neck nuzzling her nose against the side of his face. She waits a few moments, forgetting how cold she was before she turns around moving off to go get oats, hay, and water for the horse, deciding to not ride at the moment, lest not tell she had better clothing on for the weather. She goes back, putting the food in its place before she fills his water up. She sighs a bit, leaning against the wall of the stable, hiding in it from the world for the time being, expecting everyone else to busy with their own thing.

Apocryphon: To put his mind at ease Wraythe let out a slow sigh, humming a sorrowful tune, loud enough that it might reach the ears of many if they listened hard enough, though it would have to be over the various speech and conversations being led on by the servants, guards, patrons of the house and their guests, either way Wraythe continued wandering about the halls like a specter, seeming to glide along the stone floor instead of walk, his pace his own, calm, yet with purpose, Wraythe always did carry himself with dignity, even while having hat bout with madness he still walked with pride, but even then there was a voice in the back of his mind, less of a voice and more of an animalistic growl. Once upon a time Wraythe had actually been as one with the mad side of him, letting it take him over in certain circumstances, but with every inch he gave the being inside would take a mile until eventually he demanded to be the one in charge. Wraythe had relented for a time, biding time until he decided to once again take over, keeping the other locked away in a cage, a vault in his mind, the only one with the key being Wraythe himself. Somewhere along the way, while lost in his thoughts he had taken a wrong turn, found himself going up instead of down, but it mattered little after all, if anything he might even take a servant with him to guide him where he needed, no, Wanted to go, after all he wanted a quiet place to be on his own for a time, to be able to sit in silence and commune with himself in a way, yet to also commune with the blade he had taken from Jeff's dear friend so many years ago, after all he usual had it on his person, just hidden away underneath his coat until the demand for such a weapon was needed. The dark blade known as Zabamashiru, a blade coated in the darkness in which it was forged, one of the key ways to open the vault in his mind, difficult to control, though at times control isn't what is needed, madness, insanity, the inability to read what will happen next, THAT is the way of the world, and that is exactly what fills the blade with power.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff and Bitterman came down from the roof, through the window on the top floor. "So what does the prince plan to do?" Jeff's eyes locked to his friend. "About what?" "Your mother wants you dead. So there is a start..." Bitterman smiled that snide smile and shook his head. "And? What do you expect me to do about that?" Jeff said with a smirk from behind his mask. "If it were up to me, I would leave this place. I would run. But you aren't me. And we wouldn't ever come to the same outcome." Jeff shook his head, looking down at the floor. "So what should I do?" Bitterman shrugged his shoulders and looked at the floor as well. "Perhaps you should kill your mother." Bitterman's eyes were serious, and he slowly looked back up to Jeff. "Perhaps, you should fight this battle to the end. Either you, or her will die or I really don't want it to be you, Jeff." Jeff raised a brow and stopped, turning to him and leaned against the wall. "Why?" "Because I-.." Nel then walked through the hall, his jagged teeth and crooked smile filled the air with a repugnant scent, smelling of dried fish and rotting snails. Why did he come to seek Jeff? They hadn't talked since the spar before the War of the North. Jeff broke out Nel's teeth and embarrassed him in front of his friends. "I heard that you had returned." Jeff nodded and crossed his arms. "I wanted to let you know that I and my men have been-...waiting for your return. Come down to the stables in a few hours. We have something we want to show you." Jeff grunted. "What is it?" "Nah ah ah! IT's a surprise!" Nel cackled, his expression leaked pure evil. "It's something you've asked for a while." Jeff nodded. "Fine, I will be down soon. Just leave us." Jeff stood against the wall and Bitterman walked forward. "No-...I don't like this. Jeff will not be joining you." Nel's face then grew sour and he stepped forward as well. "Excuse me?" Nel's teeth, or what was left of them, gritted together and his eyes narrowed. "Get out of my way, butler." Bitterman grunted as well. "No-..You get out of my way." Jeff then stepped between the two. "Stop. Bitterman and I will meet you at the stables soon. Just get whatever it is that you need to show me, ready and I will be there soon." Nel stared at Bitterman and nodded, before turning, his hand on his sword, and walking away. Bitterman looked at Jeff, staring at him with a smile. "He is quite the prude.." Jeff shook his head. "You need to lighten up. He is nothing to me. He can't hurt me." Bitterman nodded. "Alright. Fine. What do we do now?" Jeff sighed. "We go downstairs and wait for stuff to happen." Nel made his way through the main hall, spotting Ava, and his feet shuffled toward her. "Hello beautiful!" Nel's voice was hoarse and sounded of sandpaper on a chalkboard. "Who is this little tart?" He said out loud to himself, stepping a few feet from her. "I am the captain of the guard. And you, are my next date! Come, poppet, let us drink the finest of wine and I will show you my collection of swords...and you can even polish a few of them." Nel was a sexist bastard, and only cared of fighting, looking superior, and drinking, as well as fucking whomever looked his way...forcefully if he needed. He never met Ava and knew not of her position in the Iron. "Guards! Bring this girl up to my room!" The guards didn't move. "Erm-...sir." "I said now!" The guards shook their heads, and Nel just stared at Ava with a snaked tongue, and a sickening curve in his lips. "I just want her upstairs! Grab the wench and get her up the stairs or I swear, I will have yer heads!"

CorruptedDoll: Ana would glare at the male as he introduced himself. She decided to give him a moment as she thought over her next move. Trying to decide on simply walking off or slamming her fist into the males face. It wasn't lady like but it might get him to leave her alone for good or simply aggravate him into striking her. As he orders the guards to take her up to his chambers she looks towards them smirking as if daring them to touch her. As they hesitated she smirks at the Nel before she speaks, “I think you have your answer. I think it best you move off to something else to busy yourself with. Now, if you don't mind I have other things to handle.” She didn't bother speaking her name or her place within the castle, leaving him to figure that out. She makes a move to turn about, the skirt of her dress flying up slightly, her hair flying about. She would move to walk away, smirking to herself. She was still a maiden and she'd be damned if it was a guard that would take that away from her. If he laid a hand on her she was likely to lose her temper and become rather unladylike like and most likely make a fool out of the man. She moves to walk off towards the kitchen, sudden having the urge for an apple, and considering heading up to her room to change into a riding outfit to take the horse out for a run.

Apocryphon: At this point Wraythe was atop the roof of the castle, crouched onto the edge before letting out a small yawn, contemplating a nap before he heard a small commotion coming from the stable area, he then let out a small laugh and stood slowly, reaching his arms towards the sky as he stretched out his body, a small sigh escaping his lips afterwards as he extended his leg, taking a step off of the edge to allow himself to fall, though as he did so he extended his arm towards the ground, the snow and ice particles whipping up into a frenzy before shifting into a type of slide, the end of which curved upwards, and without the slightest hesitation Wraythe maneuvered himself in the air, coming to rest on the slide though his force from coming down caused him to slide along it, hitting the curve at the end before flying into the air only to land on his feet and step towards the stable "Christ on ice skates people, can't you keep it down for two seconds around here?" The guards turned in the direction of the voice and caught Wraythe's visage just standing there, his garments flowing lightly in the wind before speaking again, this time training his eyes on Nel "Well well, you must think you're rather important around here friend, so much so you would go about putting a hand on the princess of this lovely castle" His voice had gotten considerably colder, less inviting at this point, the features on his face looking rather grim as he stepped towards the man, opening his hand before the nearby ice and snow swirled about once more, condensing in his hand in the form of a spear, the tip of which was aimed at the man's throat "Now, before sudden repercussions were to arise from the prince and the queen, I would suggest going and making a formal apology as soon as possible, unless you wish to test your luck against myself" Wraythe made it quite clear to everyone, even Samuel that he didn't really care for the hierarchy around the place, he had once been a part of it and even then he didn't enjoy it per se "So? What'll it be then?"

Anaya: Samuel had taken the burnt Anaya over to the dining hall to get a meal in her gullet. She moved along her feet dragging along the ground as she took a bite of bread and a sip of tainted water. She looked at him as she walked wrapped in a blanket like robe and nothing else and looked around the main hall, there was that man from before that Sam had tried to talk to he was wondering around, the normal thing for people to do when they were board, then he just left to go outside were she guessed others were, it was still normal and an everyday kind of thing. Jeff was no were to be found and Ana seemed to be the same, she guessed the girl had gone to see her horse witch she guessed due to the affection some had with animals, they could not leave them for long and the elven kind were linked to nature after all. Anaya let out a sigh as she moved to her throne to sit and hold her belly as she waved to Samuel “you know you can leave me to be by my own I am not a child needing to be baby say, go see were Ana and Jeff may be, I would like to talk to my children if I can. I want their thoughts about the child being laid this night, even if hatching will still take a couple weeks I would like their input regardless to if it is happening or not. Nice to know what they think of the changes” Samuel nodded his head, he did agree with her it was a good idea to get everything out of the way and in truth Anaya never talked to her kids so when she wanted to do it, it kind of mattered a bit more than the everyday follow her around don’t let her get hurt bullshit he did. “But what if they do not wish it to be born, it will be your truth born child, your real blood my dear, Jeff may not take kindly to it, if he tries to harm the child?” “if he tried you would kill him and I would be behind you on that, no matter how strong the boy has come and even if he knows my weaknesses he does not know yours, I brought you down here for a reason so many years ago, you are my bull and if our child is sot to be destroyed I am sure you can handle Jeff” Samuel looked at her and in truth yes he would be able to handle Jeff, Jeffs holy anything did no damage to Samuel, Sams hide was reinforced years ago and in the end Anaya had over all built Samuel over the hundreds of years they had been together so if the same came to take down her strongest kid she had a weapon to do so that could take more of the hits then others could. And if anything went wrong she had other things on her scaled arm to handle more than one problem and with laying her child in the catacombs the spiders would guard that egg just like they did the gold and it was more than hot enough down there to help the baby dragon grow up strong. “yes miss Anaya I will go get the mongrel kids you have, other than that girl, I like that one, she is ….very nice” Anaya looked at Samuel and let out a rasp like chuckle and waved her head sending him off to go get the kids, he smiled and started to head out the doors as he looked to one of the door guards “go stand beside the queen don’t allow her to go anywhere…if you can anyway don’t allow her to go anywhere, just keep her safe” the guard nodded his head and moved on over to an Anayas side as she looked very irritated at her mate as he left to go fetch the royal family from outside were it was, woopy snowing. Sam jumped and kicked the snow as he went acting like a young one again, god did he love the snow.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Nel grunted as Ana dissed him and moved away from him, just before Wraythe walked up to him. The cowardly commander looked at the floor. "'t command me!" Jeff heard the altercation between Wraythe and Nel. His eyes turned toward the back door, that led out to the stables and he ran down the steps and out the door, with Bitterman closely behind. He opened the door and spotted Wraythe stepping up to Nel and Nel looking down at the ground, as to not look at Wraythe. "What is going on here?" Jeff spoke out loud, staring at the both of them with a glare. Nel stepped away from Wraythe and over to Jeff. "Nothing sir. I was just mistaken by the situation at hand. I thought that the woman by the stables was a common whore and he had reassured me that it was just-..." Jeff's fist then flew up, hitting him with the back of his knuckles as to embarrass him. Nel went to the ground. "My sister?" Jeff then looked at Wraythe with a thankful nod and back down at Nel. "What is it you wanted from me?" Nel was angered at this point and rose to stand at his feet, his nose, bloodied by Jeff. As Jeff was royal, Nel could not lay a hand on him. His men moved to stand by Nel and Jeff, should anything happen and Jeff's eyes narrowed. "Nothing sir... I was just going to show you, your horse." Jeff raised a brow. "My horse? I don't have a horse. There are only three in there, and I hope that you didn't touch the Clydesdale..." Nel froze and Jeff's eyes narrowed tighter. "No-.." Jeff pushed passed Nel, and Bitterman followed behind, only to have Nel step behind them. Inside the stables, the horses were nowhere to be found, having been moved to the secondary stables, a few feet from the current building. However, inside, were 4 guards, waiting for Jeff, and before he could even react, Bitterman turned to reach for Jeff's arm. "Sir-...Get out!" Jeff then blinked, turning to spot Nel, with a double edged dagger, his eyes filled with rage. His jagged smile widened as he thrusted his arm forward, toward Jeff's direction. Jeff closed his eyes, knowing Wraythe was most likely watching the entire thing and would react after Jeff had been stabbed, and would take care of the situation, but instead, Jeff felt hands on his shoulder, and heard a large grunt. He opened his eyes, to find Bitterman, standing in front of him, with widened eyes. The knife had been slid into his back, and as soon as Nel noticed this mistake, he screamed and pulled the knife out, before slamming it in again, and again, and then one final time. "NO! NO NO NO NO! I WANT TO WIN!" Bitterman did not scream, but just looked surprised, as if, he didn't expect to die this way. Jeff's eyes flashed a bright red, before he felt his hands glide over to the hilt of his sword and draw the katana from his back, just as Bitterman fell. The knife pulled from his back, and within a flash, Nel had vanished, before any person could even react, including Wraythe. Nel was always good at running away, even when it came to teleportation. He was away from the Snake Isles, having knowing his plan failed. He was going to ambush Jeff but the anger that he felt, and the people around him at the time had stopped it from going smoothly. Jeff's eyes began to slowly flicker to a bright red, then blue, then red, then for the first time in forever, a solid, milky white. Jeff yelled out. "Fetch the Maesters! Get the healers!" Jeff had his back to Wraythe, slowly walking out of the stables, backward, his sword to the 4, rather strong men inside. He knew that he could take them, but not alone. They were all some kind of strong demon and he knew that if Wraythe didn't stick around to help him, he might as well be just like Bitterman. Bitterman's eyes flickered between the men whom stepped over him as if he were nothing, while blood trickled down his lips and chin. "J-...Jeff." He whispered, but became too weak to do anything about it. He rolled onto his stomach and began to crawl toward Wraythe and Jeff with all of his strength but ended up passing out before reaching them. The 4 traitor soldiers inched forward, their swords drawn as well, knowing that all of them were some kind of demon, which meant a battle was about to take place. For the first time in forever, Wraythe and Jeff perhaps would fight side by side again.

CorruptedDoll: Ana was half way to the kitchen as she hears yelling quickly moving to turn herself back around. She moves to run back out the door, pulling the bow from her back and slip an arrow into place. As she gets back out of the door she would be behind the guards her brother was facing. She glances to her brother and then at Wraythe before her eyes fall down onto Bitterman. She inhales deeply as she takes in the situation going on around the stables. She had not felt any harm to her horse so she didn't dart off in that direction. She keeps her bow taunt before she speaks out, making her presents know behind the guards, “Jeff.. I think this ones would be better fit to make a meal for Mother.. Rather than death now.. Perhaps.. Take them to the dungeons and torture them until after Mother lays her egg, they can be used to feed her and if any of them live long enough, the child. She keeps herself ready to fire if she needed, waiting for her brother to decide, her eyes moving over the guards, taking in how heavily they were armed. Her horse would feel her tension and his whinny would be heard, followed by the sound of the stable door being broken through. The horse would quickly make its way to Ana, stopping a few feet away from her, casting a large shadow over the guards before he stomps his foot against the snow, clearly upset.

Apocryphon: Not at all surprised by Nel's reaction to his words he just stared, not even moving an inch as Jeff entered the scene, though he was quite stoic at the time he let out a small laugh as Nel went to the floor, then hearing his words he let out a small sigh, an obvious trap, which Wraythe was surprised Jeff had fallen for, though he had forgotten that in some cases he was still just a boy, naive as all creation, his dead white eyes taking it all in, a five on one confrontation, something a coward, or someone who wasn't powerful enough would take on. Wraythe merely stood by and watched the scene in front of him unfold, he always was a fan of the performing arts and took every battle as a style of stage play, the specific strategies used by opposing sides fascinated him fully, though he let out a small sigh as Bitterman stepped in front of Jeff, hearing the sound of a blade entering flesh over and over again until he fell to the ground, the man finally moving at this point while Jeff began to lose his cool, something expected from the young man who hadn't had his emotions checked for some time, unbeknownst to him though Wraythe had been doing his own style of healing, something that to him would be nothing more than child's play at best, as he concentrated the wound's in Bitterman's back slowly froze over to keep the blood loss to a minimum while the healers and maesters were fetched by the guards who were still loyal to their prince and queen. Jeff seemed to be in a state, and Wraythe witnessed the brandishing of his katana, causing him to speak for the first time "Now now Jeff, fighting while too emotionally invested in it causes one to lose sight of certain things and mistakes can be made" Wraythe then let his coat fall from his shoulders, the muscular physique of the man coming into view as did the large blade that laid against the length of his leg, making it known that he had drawn it by the sound it made coming from its sheath, Wraythe then stepped in front of Jeff and let out a small sigh as the monster in his head began to rattle the cage, the evidence of it was the temperature around him growing much colder than the ambient temperature it really was, hearing the princess speak he let out a small laugh that slowly turned to a low cackle "if i were you Missy i would get out of the way, You see Jeff is going to look after Bitterman, and i will take these four, i could use a good bloodbath as it is "He knew that Jeff would sense the old Wraythe slowly coming to the light of day, his hair standing on end now as to keep it out of his face while a deep red hue began to overtake the usual dead white eyes he usually held "You hear that Jeff? Keep Bitterman alive for now, and take your sister and the horse away before things get too interesting...."

Anaya: Samuel walked out as he rolled up some snow in his claws and tossed it at the stable wall “anything going on in there cut it out, your mother wants you darn kids inside” he picked up another ball of snow and tossed it once more at the wall as he stood there and waited. He looked up as snow hit his face and he stuck out his black tongue and he wiggled it in the air. “don’t be slow!” he called out as overall whatever was going on in there he did not care much about, some maids and medics ran past him as he watched them go and wondered if Jeff was dead, less for him to deal with he thought to himself as he smiled and started to walk back to the castle. Wonder were that creepy jester went to, he did not mind that one. “oh” he said to himself as he turned around and walked back “Ana” he said softly what if that kid got hurt and that was why the medics were running back and forth. He walked over to the stable and looked inside a window “annna you alright in there?” he turned around hearing the horse and seeing Ana and her massive steed “well at least you are alright” he walked over to her running his hand slowly along the horses side to let it know he was there “make sure you go see your mother, she wants to have words with the kids, glad to see you are alright, someone die?”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff stared at the 4 men, hate filling his aura as he stepped forward, only to be stopped by Wraythe whom seemed to show some sort of compassion toward the pair. He listened to his sister's words and nodded, sheathing his swords. "That decision is up to Wraythe. I don't care about this damned place anymore." He said out loud, even as Samuel had come outside and tried to get on Ana's good side. Jeff's eyes then locked onto Bitterman, his feet moving to step forward, before the largest guard of the 4 stepped forward and placed his sword to Jeff's chest. His smile growing wider. "Now now, Prince..." His tone was sarcastic and cut like a knife. "Get back in -..." Jeff glared to the man, locking onto him as his telekinetic aura rose, for the first time, to it's full potential since he came back home. His hand reached out, and suddenly, the man began to shake violently, causing the other three guards to step back. Jeff's fingers twitched and before anyone could react, the man's fingers bent backward, before the same thing happened to both of his arms, then his shoulders. Sickening cracks and snaps came through the air and into the people's ears whom were present for the situation. Then the same thing happened to the man's toes, legs and thighs, bending backward and snapping ever so grotesquely. His hate was reaching the brim and Jeff's power was back. He didn't need to remain cautious any longer. He just needed to kill one of these men to feel like he was still humanized. He was not a monster, but for the first time in his life, he wished he was. He wished he could be the beast that so many people saw him as. The prince's eyes turned back to a blood red, while the man's screams filled the air, each bone breaking as he writhed on the ground in pain, the other guards just watching the scene happen. Then came the snapping of the bones inside the man's chest. Rips shot through his stomach, blood pooling into the snow around them and just as he reached his peak of loudness for his screams, Jeff closed his fist, causing his head to cave in, his eyes popping from the skull and squishing inside the caving cranium. The sound of a splitting watermelon filled the air as his skull cracked wide open, leaving only a shell, a broken shell, of a man whom had just taken his last breath before having his body completely destroyed. Jeff didn't stop walking the entire time he did this, only after he closed his fist, did he reach down to pick Bitterman up into his arms. "Thank you-..." Jeff spoke quietly, to Wraythe, his voice shaking with anger, sadness, and gratitude. He passed Ana, the horse, and Samuel. "Inside..." He spoke quietly. Looking to the ground, Bitterman spoke lightly. "Jeff-...don't-...worry about me.." Jeff was already passed Ana and Samuel, and inside, while 6 healers ran toward him, taking Bitterman into their arms and to the infirmary, where Jeff followed. The carcass of the man bled on the ground, his mouth hanging sickly open for all to see. Blood, pus and even his eye juices rolled into the snow, and around the feet of the 3 men now whom were about to fight Wraythe. The three guards took a few steps back, obviously afraid of the power that wraythe and Jeff both were displaying, knowing that Nel didn't do a very good job of explaining what the guards would be up against. "Can't we talk about this?" One guard said to Wraythe, stepping over their dead comrade and closer to Wraythe.

CorruptedDoll: Ana lowers her bow her head turning away as the man’s bones start to break, the sound of it causing her to start feeling ill. She leans against her horse, the horse setting his head against her own as if trying to block the sounds out for her. Her small frame has a shiver running through it. As Samuel spoke up to her she tries to recollect herself, letting out several shaky breaths, “I'm fine.. Just a calm day turned into a bloody one..” As Jeff moves past her she and the horse move out of his way letting him and Bitterman pass. After Samuel spoke of her mother she nods softly, “I will go to mother as soon as I put the horse up, I'd rather not stress mother and Bitterman out more with him in the castle.” Ana moves to turn away, leading the horse to the back stable she sets food in it for him, watering him before she pats him, reassuring him that she was fine before she turns to head into the castle. She still felt sick from the sounds of the man being killed by her brother, she wasn't use to slow deaths like that, the pain of them. Even when she killed she would kill them as quickly as she could to limit the amount of pain. She leans against the stable for a moment before she moves to head back into the castle, the bow replaced on her back as she steps inside. Moving her way towards the throne room, assuming that is where her mother would be resting. Making her way to her mother once she found her. She would bow slightly to her before she steps up, “You wished to see me mother? Unfortunately, I believe Jeff won’t be joining us. There was.. a bit of an accident.. And he has taken Bitterman off to be tended to by the healers.” She frowns softly, doing her best to push the thought of the death she just heard from her mind.

Apocryphon: "No need for thanks boy, in fact save your thanks for later, when you see what i do" His mask slowly slipped from his face, revealing that sadistic, crazy smile he had so many years ago, the blade he held in his hand trembling as he looked over the men left in the stable, smiling as the one spoke, Wraythe then shook his head slowly as he was right in front of the man within the blink of an eye, the clawed glove on his right hand buried into the man's gut, bleeding profusely onto the snow while the other two looked shocked, to prevent an escape he raised the blade he held, creating walls of ice on the inside of the stables, blocking all exits so they would be trapped with the beast that lay dormant for the moment, though Wraythe still slowly leaned his head in a bit to speak into the man's ear "The time for talk is over, you see you three are going to be my entertainment, it's been so very long since i've been let out of my cage, and now that i'm out i've been given free rein to do whatever i like to you" With those words he gripped a few of the man's internal organs and ripped them from his gut, leaving him dead where he stood before dropping to the floor. Looking to the other two he waited a moment "You'll have a better chance if you both come at me at once.." He even went as far as letting the men brandish their swords and come at him, though it was over almost as quickly as it started, the blade he held not even coming into play as Wraythe dropped it to the floor of the stable, using the makeshift claws he had instead, plucking out eyes, ripping out tongues, tearing each man apart in any way he saw fit, though one wouldn't see what went on they would definitely hear it, the screams of agony were like music to his ears, and when they stopped Wraythe went as far as decorating the area with the entrails of the dead, surely someone would appreciate the work he put in at least. After a bit of sitting there, basking in the gore, the animal slowly retreated back into his cage leaving the much calmer Wraythe behind, and soon after that he let down the walls of ice, placing his sword into the scabbard and slipping his coat back onto his body, though the bloody gloves remained on, the blood freezing onto them so it wouldn't drip onto the floor "My my, that was.....invigorating..." He then let out a bit of a cackle, looking back at his work before stepping through the castle always to find Jeff and the healers, speaking into Jeff's ear as he came close "When you get a chance, you should look in the stables, i left a bit of a gift for you" And with that he was gone, surely to find a quiet place to meditate

Anaya: Samuel looked at Jeff then looked at the mess and looked at the stable and looked at Anna as she walked away to put the horse away, she looks truly upset by it all, it was kinda nice she was not out for blood like everyone else seemed to be “when she gets back to her health I am sure she is going to be making some changes around here, things are a bit to nuts” he turned and started to make his way back to the castle building and then inside. He walked over to Anaya and looked at her and then at Ana. “I got them inside but outside is a tad. Messy” Anaya looked at him and then at Ana as she said Jeff would not be joining them. “When does he ever join when I want to talk about anything that is not killing someone or a plot for war? Ana dear please relax a bit and settle your stomach, you look as pale as the dead I am sure we can talk later” she got up and looked at Samuel and then at Ana and then simply started to walk off to her study as she walked in and shut the door and the click of the lock behind her. Samuel looked at Ana “want to get some air? You looked like you really did not enjoy any of that, and from the smell of the outside it has not gotten any better, I am going to get a guard get your horse so you don’t have to go in there and burn the stable to the ground. What you think?”

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Apocryphon: Wraythe left the healers with a smile on his face, wandering about to find the leading familial roles before hearing Samuel speak, he followed the voice and saw the young lady with him as well, giving a polite nod and smile, some blood still streaked across his face "You know, I really want you to see what I did in there, I think I really added some flair to it, in any case, it needs to be cleaned up I guess, I just really want someone to enjoy what i did to the men that almost hurt Jeff, and I’ll attempt to track down the one who thought he would get with you Milady" he gave a polite bow and stepped off, speaking as he did so "If you'll excuse me, I have some contacts to get into contact with, to aid in finding him of course, so I’ll speak with you all soon I’m sure" And with that he was gone, out of the castle and out into the wilds to his small encampment, though he would see them all quite soon

CorruptedDoll: Ana looks up towards Samuel as he speaks to her, her stomach still churning even though she attempts to keep herself together. She swallows rather hard before she speaks, “I don't need a ride at the moment, I think I just need to eat something. The horse needs to calm himself. She moves to turn towards the kitchen, turning back a moment as Wraythe came in and spoke, nodding softly before she looks back to Samuel, “It probably best that it is cleaned up, however, burning it seems like a waist of space, perhaps just put fear into the help and make them scrub it up, I still stand by the fact they are too relaxed as of late.” She then moves to walk off towards the kitchen, aiming to get a bit of bread and an apple down, doing her best to keep it down. She owed Wraythe now, he had gotten Nel away from her without her having to raise a hand. She did not feel the need to bring the matter up to her mother or Samuel, Nel seemed to be gone and couldn't get to her for now. She rolls around in her head at how close she had gotten to being ruined by a male, something she had fought for years upon years to keep intact. She was confused with the way Samuel now treated her, at first he had been cold and short with her and now he seemed to care. She wondered what it was that her mother wished to speak of with her and Jeff. Her brother was no distracted with the butler that was hurt, her Mother now locked away in her office. She started to wonder what she should do with herself for the time being, her stomach slowly getting better as she distracts herself, the soft pink slowly returning to her cheeks.

Anaya: Samuel looked to the office, she was safe in there and knowing Anaya she would be locked in there for a couple hours doing paper work to stop herself form being well herself. He let out a sigh and followed behind Ana “I do believe a meal would be a good idea, so, what happened in the stable anyway?” He picked up a readymade plater of fruit and assorted dried meats as he moved and sat down at the table across from Ana “I was unable to get the details of it, all I saw was Bitterman hurt and a lot of blood and gore, and I believe the stains will not come out of the walls in there, burning will be one way to do it peace, then I will make the workers rebuild it from the ground up, make it larger than before. Just make sure they keep the path to the underground part open” he took a bite of meat “and I am sorry for how I have been acting, I feel some of Anayas hormones may be rubbing off on me, the stress of a new mouth is getting to me as much as her”

CorruptedDoll: Ana picks at her bread and apple, glancing up towards Samuel as he speaks before she looks back down eating a bit more, “The head guard start issues and attempted to kill Jeff, Bitterman took the blow for him. And if you do have it rebuilt I think it best that it is better reinforced then before, the old barn seems to be falling apart anyway.” She purposely leave out the part of Nel attempting to get her to his chambers. Part of her figured he and Anaya would hear of it soon enough from the guards speaking, she would handle it then. She slowly eats the bit of food she had taken, half of what she really should eat however she keep her frame small, made it easier to squirm her way out of tight spots and lighter on her feet. “As for the moods it is understandable, there is soon to be a new child about, the safety of the child and making sure he is raised right must come first. As for another mouth to feed I see no issue with that, there seems to be plenty of people and animals about to feed both Mother and the Child, perhaps the people convicted of harsher crimes should be set in the dungeons to become food for them, instead of hanging and be headings.” She was aware of how much it took to feed the dragon, most would forget Ana had once held the title of nothing more then a slave to her. She seems to lose herself in though after speaking to him, only to be brought back to attention when he speaks again.

Anaya: “You know much about dragons don’t you, and yes it does take a lot to feed us, humans say it takes an army to feed a dragon, and it is truth, when the child is hatched in the coming weeks after it is laid both your mother and I will be doing nightly hunting’s nonstop, she will be moody form no sleep and not eating herself as most of her food will be given to the hatchling, but we worry about one thing more so then feeding the young one, in truth I worry more about your brother plotting to kill the child out from under us. His mind seems to be made up about everything, and one way to truly hurt his mother would be kill her hatchling that is truly from her breast” he took another bite of the meat on his plate and chewed it slowly in his mouth. As he thought about how the new barn would look “I do belive we can also have a larger area made for your horse and him alone, I do believe he would enjoy it, and much more room it must be cramped in there for him. ”

CorruptedDoll: Ana nods softly as he speaks, “I can understand my brother’s thoughts on this, he was supposed to gain the crown and now there is a bloodline that both my brother and I are out of.  The child will come before us in all aspects. In given time my perhaps Jeff will learn to like the child or he will do as I did and leave for several years. It is why most around here do not remember me. As for a big area for the beast he would I'm sure enjoy it, it would mean we wouldn't have to go for long daily rides. “She turns back to her food, finishing it off before she pushes the plate away and sips on a bit of water. Letting what she says sink into Samuel's head. She figures she must wait for now for her mother to call on her to speak with her. Her fingers moving to roll about on the table attempting to keep her head away from the things that had happen earlier. Wondering if her brother was alright.

Anaya: “I do hope Jeff understands how things are to work, Anaya did aim for his good favor in trying to find him a princess in Firedor, what transpired there was beyond our knowing and we did not plan it, even if he blames us for it I have found on paper tail of it or anything in the books to deem Anaya s the one paying anyone to have her son killed. And there is paper work on how she made an alliance there and things were to be peaceful so that paper trail was found, but there is no point in putting more in his head for him to get angered at her he did enough damage to her the first night he came back anyway, but after the baby is laid and she gets her strength back I do believe there will be heads rolling, she is far from a happy woman. Talk of Jeff being tossed out, as well as half the maids and tenders to the empire have been in the wind” Samuel let out a sigh like snort as he took another bite of his meal.

CorruptedDoll: Ana nods gently as he speaks sighing softly, “Not all children know their place. Not all children know to obey their parent’s demands. Like most of the girls in this area who give away the innocents before they marry. It’s a disgrace. Things seem to have fallen apart since I left so many years ago, the help is slacking, the guards are lazy, and no one seems to know what respect and obedience is anymore.” She inhales sharply after she speaks, clearly annoyed with how things where and doing her best to bite her tongue about it, attempting to remember her place. She moves to sip on a bit more of her water, considering getting up as her hands reach down and she starts to pick and tug at the edge of her short dress. She chews on the inside of her lower lip, really starting to wonder if she had over spoke. It had been to long since she had held her position and it tended to show at times even though she attempted to remind herself of her place.

Anaya: Samuel leaned on the table his bright green eyes looking into her elven hues, “you are a beautiful young elven princess here, I can read that you have much to say then say it, who am I to judge, am the one who was placed here just like you were, we are on the same side and our place is the same, and I know things re pathetic here, no one knows what way to turn when Anaya is unable to control her home, and things are going to explode once she is better, right now I am sure she is sitting in her study tossing things around angered and frustrated as well as hurting inside for everything she feels for Jeff” Sams eyes looked at her fiddle with her dress as he looked at her “you seem as much at home in a dress as Anaya does in the rain, want to get into something a bit more your taste? I am sure there are leathers and cloths in one of the rooms here. ” he smiled a bit as he looked at her "you know it is shockling how much you remind me for her"

CorruptedDoll: Ana raises her head as he speaks, nodding softly as he mentions changing. “I have other clothing locked away in my room, most likely dusty but all the same they would better suit me. I'm afraid that my traveling has caused me to start to hate dresses. If you'll forgive me I believe I will depart to my chambers to freshen up and changing into something a bit more my taste before Mother calls again to speak to us again.” After she spoke she moves to raise to her feet, ignoring the comments about her being beautiful, and take her leave from the room, making next to no noise as she climb the stairs to her room, locking the door behind her out of habit. She quickly finds one of her light leather arm outfits, covering her petite frame in the black leather, it clung to her, showing off her curves and hiding her so she could better keep to the shadows. She sighs and starts to wonder if she got the habit of hating dresses from Anaya. She moves to brush her hair out, humming an old elven lullaby as she does so. She lets out a soft sigh, nearly an hour later she would move to make her way back down the stairs glancing toward her mother’s office she would move to walk past, heading to the throne room she would move to sit on her own, wondering if her mother would be coming out soon.

Anaya: Samuel watched her go it would be lying if someone asked him if his eyes were on the back of her head, he smiled as she went up the steps to change and a part of him wanted to join her, run his hands up and down her body and make her feel alive and make him feel alive with someone who would really touch him. He got up brining the plates back to the table and putting them in the skin it was a maid’s job but he did it out of habit. Walking to the study door he taped on it “Anaya?” he taped on the door as he moved a claw into the crack and unlocked the door and walked inside seeing here there the room a mess as she has a tree growing out of the floor, dragon tears made things come to life “Anaya…” he said as he walked over to her as she sobbed her body nude and he shut the door behind him “you know if you keep it up the study will be a garden” he said as he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her “he hates me, and when I get better I am kicking his ass out of here, I am done with it, I am having my child be he like it or not and it will fucking replace his worthless ass” Samuel ran his claws in her hair as he looked at her and put his chin on her shoulder “you know Ana is worried about you she asked if you are alright” he moved and turned her around to face him as long tears ran down her face and hit the ground a flower growing at her feet. “come on no more reptile tears alright, only you on drugs or Prego would allow yourself to cry this is not Anaya, be you” “you don’t even know the real me, I want to be the me I used to be, the fighter, the guards I used to be ” “it will be ok my big teddy bear everyone is scared of, when you get back to yourself you can lay down the law and do whatever you want to, if you want him gone I stand behind you, and he is the only one to blame for it, not you” “how should I do it?” she looked at him as she put her for head on his chest “just be simple, just tell him to remove himself from your lands, simple as that he can have till the night to pack his things then be gone before the child is hatched. Then after he is gone we will reinforce the guard posts and trolls to the found back and sides to be sure he will not be back to harm you or the child I will protect you with my life, you and our child is all I have” “alright is Ana alright” “she went to change she hates the gowns as much as you do, you know for being adopted she is much like you. And the best part, she stays out of your way” Anaya gave a laugh and smiled as she gave him a soft thump to the chest “sush you and get me a dress or something I am naked” “in a moment my dear I don’t mind you naked”

CorruptedDoll: Ana remains resting in her throne, lost in her own thoughts as she waits for her mother. She lets out a soft sigh. After the small one was hatched she had a feeling a large change was to come, one most were not ready for. It seem everyone had thought her mother would grow slacker with her rules after the child, little did they know that most of them where screwed in the days to come. She starts to let her mind wonder, thinking over the things that had happen in the day and she shakes her head. She was scared for those that where now on her Mothers bad side, and she knew both she and Samuel would most likely stay out of the way when her punishments came down. After a while she calls over one of the younger servants, sending her off to fetch a cool glass of water. Her eyes raise towards her mother’s office, it had easily been two hours yet still nothing from her mother. She worried about her mother even if she didn't make it public, the egg was taking its toll on her as was the weather, hopefully spring would come soon and her mother would be able to go out and be her true self, that always helped her. She promised herself, and silently to her mother to do what it took to help her fix this castle and make it run correctly again, even if she would have to kill off a few people.

Anaya: Anaya got up as she hit that one leg a bit harder then she wanted and it gave a crunch and she gave a hiss. Sam turned around hearing her “I am alright I am alright” she let out a laugh “just get the gown alright something that will cover up most of me” he nodded and grabbed a long sleeve gown from the cabinet and walked over to her helping her slip it on “it will hide your arms my love and legs as well but the neck line as you like is loss fitting and same with waist, and it does not cover your face, a gown not a body suit I am sure is what you wanted” she nodded as she moved and garbed a hold of a long staff to aid her walking as she put a hand to her belly “can’t wait till it is out, hard and uggg, I just can’t wait for it out of my body” she cleaned her face of the wet marks as she turned around. Moving her hand up she tried to conger a flame to her finger tips but nothing came. “fucking hell I can’t even burn things, please my dear make the garden die for me” Sam was almost laughing but he held it back not to anger her, “I will do then we can go see Ana and get you down to the catacombs to make a nest out of the cold and get rid of the egg in your body” “god yes, it will be out of me and I can go hunting and be able to heal this body of mine ” she took her staff and started to walk out of her study and over to Ana siting in her throne “I am sorry if I worried you I just needed to get paper work done, just needed a breath that’s all” she was talking a bit better but her voice was still rasped. Samuel came out of the study next as the study door swung if you were looking you would be able to see that tree burning down as well as a tone of flowers and green plant life then some guards fumbling to crush the flames.

CorruptedDoll: Ana quickly straitens herself in the throne as she sees her mother come out of her study, a soft smile spreading on her lips. She smelled what seemed to be burning but didn't want to ask. As her mother gets closer she moves to stand up and get out of the way of her mother before she speaks, “Its alright Mother, I was worried because of the stress you seem to be under, and as of late it seems very few attempt to ease that stress. I'm relieved to hear that you are ok and you seem to be getting your strength back. If you need anything please let me know I will fetch it for you. However.. you did ask to speak with me and Jeff earlier, he is indisposed at the moment and I'm not sure when he'll break away from the issue, however is everything ok? What is it you wished to speak of?” A genuine look of worry would spread over her face as she speaks to her mother. She normally didn't show emotion when she spoke, keeping her face strait but when it came to Anaya she couldn't. She owed her more then she could ever repay, and she would never forget that. Anaya gave her a chance to prove herself, broke her free of the slave chains that could have easily kept her for life. She glances towards Samuel and back to her Mother waiting for one of the two of them to speak.

Anaya: Anaya sat down in her throne as she put the staff to rest and Samuel watched form a pillar he enjoyed leaning and relaxing on. “in truth I just wanted to know your and Jeffs feeling on the coming new baby, I know it is a large change for the both of you and I wanted to get your thoughts on things and maybe get thoughts from you both on how you are going to handle your new brother, a baby dragon is a handful no matter the age” she put her fingers on her very round belly as she sat there and wanted badly to avoid the part where there was much stress but in the end it was truth “well in truth things will change when I gain myself back, and sadly if your brother can’t handle the change he will be banished from the grounds, I will not have him being a risk to your my mate my own or my child’s health and wellbeing, he may be prince but in the end he is no ruler, and I am sorry if it upsets you on this. And in truth I don’t want it to come to pass, but in the end, I do believe Jeff and I just now have to much past, and it is getting to be about the time he leaves this nest and makes his own. ” she took the crown off the top of her throne were it hung on a small horn at the top. “he was promised this crown but in the end he is so imagined on it being made of iron and gem he forgets both him and you have it already, it is within you both and when you leave this nest to make your own castle with gold and stone that crown is with you even if it is not upon the head, it is in the heart” she took the crown and put it back up on the small horn up at the top of the throne hell she hardly had it on her head most days, she did not feel she needed it or even wanted it, she had smashed more than one crown in her term ruling this place. To her a crown of metal was a human thing, for human kings and other beings who just could not rise to go above the material things. “And it is alright I will be just fine, just make sure you keep yourself happy, and I am sure you would not mind smacking a maid or two around”

CorruptedDoll: Ana lets out a soft sigh as her mother speaks, “Jeff was set on gaining your crown yes however things change. Unfortunately for both him and me we both come after any blood child you have. Sometimes people forget where they come from and that without certain things they would still be where they were or dead. As for the child, it is to be my adopted brother and will be treated with the respect that comes with being the prince. I plan to do what I can to help this castle and you, Mother. Jeff may be my brother as well however we all need to remember our places or risk losing them. I understand that a lot will be changing once the child is hatched, but please remember I have been here longer than most care to remember I am not new to this household being crazy busy with changes. I trust in the near future all the adjustments this household needs will be set into motion. And you right, I wouldn't mind smacking a few of them around seeing as they seem to think they can get away with anything, I half wish they had been here when I was in service to you.” She flushes softly as she speaks, shortly after biting on the inside of her lower lip again, her eyes falling to her mother’s stomach, smiling a bit more before she looks back up to her mother. -

Anaya: “Yes, the blood born child is the hair to this kingdom that is in its blood weather Jeff likes it or not, it is just how everything will go. Jeff was born child to my late sister lyric, she birthed him then gave him to me as she could now care for him herself then she left him alone with me her sister who she knew at the time was not good or fitting to raise a child. I am a fighter before I ever was a ruler, I came from blood and fire and I will die in blood and fire, so when Jeff was a boy he was trained that way and many times he was placed close to death by my own hand. He gained hair ranking to the crown when I believed I could not bear children of my own in the time I was to be alive, but due t time and its way I was given a new body and able to have young of my own. But Jeff having in the past gained part of my blood due to making him more one with this family in the past with magic and alchemy he has part of me in him, but the baby holds all of me in it, and is my blood and my bone child so over him. But we will see how everything happens, and I asure you nothing will happen to you in the change you have given me no reason to wish you to change at all, you have done well in service to this family and one day you will gain land and a castle of your own from it be you blood born or not”

CorruptedDoll: She nods softly as her mother speaks to her. She remember well the stores of Jeff growing up, of her mother in her earlier years. She knew that Jeff had made a name for himself and was not taking being knocked down from the crown well however she also knew that just because this child was of blood meant he would gain the crown, first of all Anaya would have to die and she doubted that would happen any time soon and the child would have to live until the point in time that Anaya passed, there where so many factors into who gained the crown that no one could predict what would happen in the years to come. She glances towards Samuel for a moment before she looks back to her mother, “On the topic of the little one, isn't in nearly time for him to be laid? You look almost ready to burst and you seem to be rather uncomfortable as of late.” She rolls her shoulders lightly as she had gone stiff from not moving like she was used to, a slight popping noise being made from her movements, being inside was not something she was use to anymore but at the moment she didn't want to be near the stables and she would not go wondering without her horse who still needed to calm down from earlier in the day.

Anaya: “Yes that I do, about time I get this egg out of my body, it is so confined in my human form it has almost ripped the skin open. As well as it is getting late and night has almost made its way here, be sure to get dinner before you head in I don’t know what is made I do believe we have fish, I will eat in the morning and will be in a much better mood, and if you see your brother, tell him nothing of what was said tonight my dear, he has to shape up on his own, or simply face what comes to him” she slowly got up as Sam came over to aid her and give her the staff and help her to the basement doors , the one set of doors were no one was ever allowed to go and the only room in all the castle that could hold Anaya in her true form comfortably. She would be able to rest down there and make a nest and overall it would be kept warm there and very well protected she would even be able to come up and leave it there alone and not have to worry, the spiders would not be able to break the shell without hours of work anyway and in that time she would be back at it not leaving it for to long but long enough to make sure the castle was properly running. Samuel walked her down to the large iron clad door with a dragon wrapping around it as he kissed her cheek “rest well and I will be sure no one bothers you, you can have the baby in peace” “thank you my mate, watch over Ana and the castle for the night, do not leave it. In morning I will be healed and much better i promise you” she sailed as she took her gown and let it drop to the floor her whole nude burned body standing there before him still red and charred flesh “and handle that stable thing tonight” “will do my Lady” he said softly as she kissed him back and went in to be herself the sound of her roar form the Catacombs making the castle walls shake as he walked up the steps with a smile bright on his face and into the main hall all smiles and even humming to himself.

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CorruptedDoll: Ana watches as her mother went off toward the basement, a small content sigh leaving her lips, after the egg was hatched perhaps her mother would return to the fearful being she was before and the castle would be back in order. After her mother disappeared from her sight she moves to turn and heads towards the stairs to the second floor, she knew not to speak a word of her conversation with her mother. She knew she probably should eat but she had no appetite at the moment. The thoughts of earlier still haunting her. She knew she most likely would not sleep well tonight but she did not feel like being around people. She locks the door to her room before she flops onto the top of her bed, laying there she stares at the floor lost in thought, a few moments later the maids would come in through the back door into her chambers, drawing her a steaming hot bath and then disappearing. She would strip herself, slipping into the water that had the aroma of roses and she sits in the water, closing her eyes, remaining in the water until it turned fridge cooled and she shivered yet still stayed in the water, lost in her own thoughts.

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JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Darkness. That was all he could see. Nothingness. Blackness. Just an ebony emptiness that could never be filled, even with all the objects and people in the universe. Was Bitterman feeling death? Was this it for him? He was turned onto his stomach, as to have his back to the healers that had worked on the prince and the others previously. Bitterman was a different case. He being a blood demon, could not heal unless it came from the blood of another. Not just a small drop or a normal feeding, but all the blood in a person's body. He needed to drain them, and that would mean death for the other person. He couldn't bear to have the thought on his mind of someone he cared for, anyone one from the Iron, dying for him. Every soldier, guard, maid, butler, and handmaiden knew him. He knew them quite well too, and that put a damper on this whole situation. Bitterman felt the sheet that had covered his body slowly being lifted from his back, a sting coming to him as the fabric rubbed against his fresh wounds. There, sitting in the chair, unmoving for several hours, was Jeff. He looked up to see a tired Bitterman staring back. "Jeff-..." Jeff shook his head. "Don't speak, my friend. Save your strength..." He walked over and knelt down. "Bitterman. You sacrificed yourself to save me from Nel. Wraythe stepped in and helped me save you." Bitterman shook his head, looking behind him, and spotting his deep gashes. "He stabbed me 4 times, and just vanished without any trace. He wants to kill us all. He was leading you into a trap. "I was obvious but, Ana's horse means the world to her and if he had done something to hurt the damned thing then-...I couldn't forgiv-..." Bitterman cut him off. "No-..Jeff. Listen to me because I don't have much time. I feel my life slowly draining away. I feel everything I am and ever was becoming nothing but void. I remember the void. Nothing. I don't want to go back. But I feel it is my time, and I cannot argue with the great creator whom put us here in this clashing of swords and the battle for crowns. I am nothing but a humble servent and loyal friend. And no matter what happens to me. I was loyal. That is all that matters." Jeff nodded. "But-.." Bitterman smiled. "I've been in love with you since I first met you. You were a stupid thing. Just running around, clashing your swords with anyone and thing that looked at you funny. But you always protected your family. That is why I did what I did. I know you can heal, but I knew Nel. I always fetched his swords and daggers which I had to dip in a nerve poisin. Right now...All my magic is fading. All my nerves and organs are shutting down. I am not going to survive the night. That is why I jumped in front of you. No matter how strong you, or Anaya are...You are both holy and would sucumb to poisin. You have always been my friend and treated me with respect. You kept me and the others safe, even after the war. This is me repaying that debt." Jeff was speechless and with that, Bitterman looked to the healers whom stopped working on him before the sheet came off. He turned over onto his back, giving out a loud, pain filled scream, blood dripping from his stiched up wounds. "Damned it may be!" He screamed out before relaxing and grunting as he fell into place. Jeff moved to his bed side. "I'm sorry-..." was all that came from the covered lips of the prince, due to the mask. "Just-..find the bastard, and kill him for me, will you old chap?" Jeff nodded, his eyes filling with tears and determination. "I will. His head will stay out side of the DeLaRose walls on a spike." Bitterman nodded. "Good. Not because he stabbed me, do I want him dead, but because Queen Anaya would have you ordered to do it anyway...and I know you won't listen to her." Jeff smirked, but then it fell flat. "And?" Bitterman coughed, spitting forward a bit of blood, onto the ground to the left of him. "Damn it be!" He looked at the ceiling. "Try to get along with her...She might want to kill you. She might even hate you. But you are still her son. Talk to you should have many years ago." And with that, he was ready. Jeff held his hand as he drew in a breath. "Jeff-...Remember our words?" "Only the strong survive." Jeff whispered, his voice breaking slowly. Bitterman nodded. "Was I strong?" Bitterman asked, as Jeff couldn't fight the tears. "The strongest..." Bitterman smiled at the words and whispered. " long as we have that covered." Bitterman turned his head toward the window, spotting the stars starting to shine in the sky. "Only the strong survive." He whispered the house DeLaRose words one last time, as his life played in front of him one last time. He saw himself, a boy, resting on his mother's knee, as she craddled him in her arms. She was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, nuzzling him as dear as one person could be to another. The next memory was that of a man coming into their home, brandishing a sword, before cutting his mother's throat. Raynard Bitterman walked through the house to spot this and with his powers, killed the man, whom happened to be his drunkard of a father whom found out that she was spending money to keep Bitterman safe. Bitterman used the blood inside the man expand his blood cells, and explode the man whom had been his father, right in front of him at the age of two. He was a powerful being, and his life changed when he met Anaya all those years ago. He was a young boy, no more than 23 when Anaya chose him to be her person butler. She tossed him in with all the others and he trained under Manwe. He was the best at what he did, for even Manwe had told him this, and complimented his every move. The two drifted apart after Manwe was burned at the stake for Firedor, which he was present for. He walked back, it taking a few months to do so, all the way to the old DeLaRose home, where Anaya took him back with open arms as the head Butler, in charge of all the other servents. He had a hard life, it was true but he stuck it out and did the best for everyone he could. He stayed loyal all through his life and never wanted to hurt anyone. Bitterman knew this to be true, and having seen his entire life go through his vision, whispered one last time. "Long live our House." His voice was flat, but full of emotion at the same time. And in his hands, Jeff's hands, fell a limp grasp from Bitterman. Bitterman exhaled, and his eyes slowly closed, and just like that. He was gone. He died a hero of the House and Jeff would be sure to give him a proper funeral. Jeff stood from the bed, letting go of Bitterman's hand, laying it across his own chest before moving away from the bed. "Prepare him." Jeff said, his heart heavy. He then opened the door, turned down the hall and slowly made his way down the hall to be stopped by a guard. "My lord! The queen is having her child!" Jeff simply shoved the guard aside softly, moving him slightly out of his way. "She will be fine." His words having a monotone to them. Jeff then slowly sat in his throne, placing his crown on his head. The prince was going to wait until after the child was born to speak to his mother. He felt it was about time they had a civil conversation.

CorruptedDoll: Ana moves to finally remove herself from the tub. The water had turned to ice hours ago. Her candles had burned out awhile ago. She steps out of the tub and nearly instantly slips, her legs had gone numb from the cold. She slams into the floor with a yelp, praying no one had heard her. She waits a moment and sighs. In her few days back she had seen more then she cared to in a life time. Her head raced, she had an older brother now, one that her mother said she may make leave if he did anything. Her mother was currently laying an egg. Her mothers mate who didn't care for anyone had been trying to be nice to her just hours before. This house felt torn and she realized there was nothing she could do to try and pull it back together. She stays on he floor to her bath, trembling from how cold she was, the room nearly black. She drags a towel over and wraps herself in it, staying there. Both doors to her room where locked so no one could get in easily and she didn't plan on moving for a long while. She leans back against the tub as her mind races to an area she didn't want it in. If Nel had been able to run so easily, teleported away as it seemed, what would keep him from coming back. Would he ever come back and try to hurt her brother again? Would he come back around her? She didn't care for the male and she was thankful that everyone showed up when they did. If Nel showed up and night and took Jeff or her away would anyone even notice? Since they both had a habit of sneaking off in the middle of the night. Ana ends up slipping off into a deep sleep on the floor to her bath, staying wrapped in her towel as she rested, her dreams turning to terrors as her mind rushes through what had happen earlier in the day. Staying passed out on the floor for hours, her body both emotionally and physically drained from the day, almost in a comatose state.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sat in a daze, staring off into space as a loud ringing came to his ears. His eyes focused on a fly that had been crawling in the same spot on the wall for quite some time, his head loud and getting louder with each passing second. He had the chance to give his life for Bitterman but he didn't. And that ate at him. Another friend was gone and he felt like it was his fault. It seemed only Ana and Jeff were the only two who cared, other than maybe Wraythe, whom took care of the traitors of the House. Jeff blinked, snapping himself into reality, he slowly rose from his throne. "Ana." He spoke in a quiet, whispering tone. He felt her aura, exhausted, naked on the bathroom floor. He needed to help her. She was dead asleep and needed to be cared for. Someone he cared for was in an uncomfortable state and he needed to help. Luckily he was blind, and could feel her, not see her. He felt everything, as if it were there in front of him, through vibration in the ground. He stomped his back foot, slowly making his to the upstairs, where the bathroom was. He knew that the vibrations would lead him to her, as they had led him through battle, through every journey. Everything was led by the vibrations, acting like sonar waves leading him through his life. Jeff made his way up the winding steps and into the bathroom, where he felt Ana, saw her silouette on the ground and scooped her towel covered body up into his arms. She was light and tiny compared to him, where as he was a tall, slender yet muscular built person. It was amazing how much they had looked alike, with their colored hair, and colored eyes. They were cut from the same cloth and that meant that Jeff had to protect her, no matter the cost. That is what Bitterman would have done. Jeff sighed, softly making his way back out of the bathroom, after using his telekenisis to drain the tub, with ease. He knew that she was exhausted, as her aura had the expression written all over it. Thye made their way to her door, which he opened easily, and walked inside. There was the bed that Bitterman had fetched for Ana just last night. It was there, as if it had been for years, and just like that, Jeff broke. He slowly set his sister down on her feather bed, and pulled the covers over her body, silent tears streaming down his masked cheeks. His best friend was gone, and Ana was all he had left. Until he talked to Anaya and made her his mother again. They couldn't remain enemies. Jeff looked down at her and moved over to a chair in the corner of her room and just waited, with his head in his hands. Tears dropped to the floor as look slowly looked up to the ceiling, as if questioning the Gods themselves. "Why?" He whispered, almost unaudible. "Why him.."

CorruptedDoll: Ana wouldn't even stir as her brother came and picked her small frame up from the floor. Her small frame simply shivers due to the cold of the winter on her damp pale flesh. As he carried her over to her bed and covered her with the blanket the sudden warmth of her bed would cause her to stir some, pushing herself up a bit from the blankets she looks towards her brother in the chair, she figured she had only seconds before her brother would realize she was no longer resting. She lets out a soft yawn before she speaks, “Jeff.. whats wrong..” She figured that it wasn't like him to show emotions like this. She realizes that she still wasn't clothed after a moment and her face quickly flushes and she moves to dart out of the bed, tripping over her feet yet again, when she was tiered she had no balance at all, she cracks her head off the dress and she starts to curse in elven as she quickly climbs to her feet. She finds one of her white night gowns in a drawer, quickly tugging it over herself before she moves to touch the spot on her fore head she hit, wincing slightly before she looks towards Jeff. Her face remaining flushed before she speaks again, “I'm fine, I swear, its just a little bump.” She moves to climb back up on the bed after she speaks, patting the side of it she wasn't on and sighs, “Why don't you come at least lay down... It'll be awhile until morning and you seem like you've been through hell..” She wondered if he would accept her offer, she wanted to know what was wrong but she didn't want to push him to find out, not wanting to upset him, figuring if he wished to speak he would other wise she'd let it go.

ArsynnRage: Ashe moved slowly through the woods toward her old home, a sharp pain in her chest the closer she got. "What if he is there?" she whispered aloud, the color draining from her face. She stopped for a moment to lean against the nearest tree. She had been walking for hours it seemed, her favorite horse followed along behind her sluggishly. "I wonder if ill get in trouble for taking you without permission Darwin" she said aloof to the black horse. Quite some time ago, after Jeff's return to the castle, things had gotten so awkward between everyone, The Queen kept to herself in that dungeon of a room with Sam, and Jeff barely looked at her. She felt like she was losing him and she just couldnt handle the rejection, so she packed a bag, of her old clothes, the red threaded leaves and a few articles of food to survive until she found her next.... place to rest. Pushing herself off of the tree she continued on to the castle and it wasnt long before she reached the stable, once inside she returned Darwin to his stall, which was still empty, and climbed onto the loft in the barn, resting against the large piles of hay, and decided to close her eyes for a while. Unsure if he would still be able to sense her or not, she was just a bit too tired too care..

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed not moving from the chair, even as she smacked her head and crawled back into bed. He was unfazed by any of the nudity and was even less fazed by her hurting herself. He noticed how she said she was fine and rather believed it. He listened to the proposal and sighed softly. "Bitterman-...passed. He isn't with us anymore." Jeff was tired and just did go through hell but he couldn't rest now. Not with Nel still lurking around the corners. Not with him still out there. Jeff sighed softly and shook his head. "I can't. I need to protect everyone from Nel. He could come back and we need to make sure that he doesn't leave if he does come back." Just at that moment, he thought of Ashe and what she could possibly be doing at this moment. She had been gone for weeks, and himself, months before that. Were they even still together? They didn't talk to each other, and after the war, they barely spoke. Was she ashamed of what a monster he was on the battlefeild? She watched him tear people apart. Watched him behead the king of the dead, and burn it infront of the undead army. She watched him beat Nel within an inch of his life before too, when Jeff broke out his teeth to prove a point. Jeff sighed and stood. "I need to take a walk. Just get some rest." He began walking to the door. "Mother should be done giving birth soon, and then we should all go meet our new brother. You know-...she thinks I want her dead. But she doesn't truly know me at all. All I've ever wanted was a mother whom loved me. Both mothers I ever knew gave up on me. We should be glad we have a roof over our heads at least-..." Jeff sighed and opened the door, moving out into the hallway, without letting her react to Bitterman's death, or his words. He just needed to make his rounds. Suddenly, he felt her. She was back, and was here with him. Ashe? Yes. Ashe. Jeff felt his feet begin to shuffle toward the steps and down them as quick as he could without breaking into a run. Then toward the back door once he reached the ground level. Was she truly home? She had to be. Jeff moved to the stables, in the barn and slowly opened the large, red wooden doors. "Ashe-.." Jeff whispered under his breath, his voice shaking. She had met him the day after his brother died, and now she was returning the hour his best friend passed away. "Ash-..." Jeff spotted her, eyes closed against a hay bail. His eyes still watering. "Ashe-..." He repeated, slowly climbing up onto the loft, where she lay, and just layed against her lighty, as if to not disturb her. He rested his head on her lap and felt the tears drip straight down, to the floor. "Don't leave me again." He said out loud, knowing she was sleeping and would not hear it, but he smiled anyway. "Don't leave DeLaRose." Jeff's hand gripped her thigh lightly, in a loving manner before wrapping his arms around her waist, and pulling her sleeping figure into his arms. "I love you." He said out loud, knowing it would sail passed her ears, but he cared not. He climbed down with her in his arms and left her bags in the barn, as he would be back for them soon. Perhaps he would send Bitterman for them-...but then he remembered all to well. Jeff blinked as he made his way back inside with her, curled up into his arms. It was time he returned her to their bed.

Ana goes to speak as her brother walks from the room, frowning some as she tries to process what he had just told her. The person her brother seemed to care for was dead, her mother giving birth at the moment to what was apparently going to be the heir, and her brother had a soft side, one she hadn't seen since the she got her two days ago, almost three. And right now he was hurt. She starts to try and think of a way to help her brother as she curls up into a small ball on top of the bed. Letting her mind wander as she falls asleep again, tossing around on the top of the bed due to her dreams. She planned to stay in bed until someone came to fetch her for her mother or her brother. She didn't want tomorrow to come, her head running through everything that had happen that day and all off her fears rushing through her head, tainting her dreams. She would toss and turn, knocking the pillows and blankets from her bed and around the room. No noise being able to wake her until someone would actually shake her.

ArsynnRage: Stirring slightly, she barely wakes feeling her body be lifted from the hay and carried off. A deep breath later, she instantly knows whose arms she is in.. His. Her Prince. The only man to have ever made her feel.. The words he spoke only moments ago, having slid past her ears, unheard. The heaviness of her eyelids cutting her racing heart short, leaning closer to him, his scent filling her nose, her senses, all of her.. "I'm so sorry i left.. " she whispered knowing he could hear her, although her voice small and weak. Weeks on the road had taken a toll on her.. She stayed hidden most of the time, only came out long enough to eat. "I wanted to come back so many times.. But, i was scared." Her voice trailing off with a yawn. Having not slept in days, Ashe couldnt take it anymore, her eyes closed and the weight of her body shifted into his quietly. So much more she wanted to say to him, so much more to tell him...

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His eyes looked down at her, blinking, with much heartache behind them. He smiled softly however. She was back, yes, but now this was another person he had to keep Nel from hurting. Ana, Ashe, Anaya...all these people would need to be protected for they were all somewhat weak to some sides of Nel. Ana didn't like to fight and would do her best to avoid it. Ashe couldn't control herself and might hurt herself if she tried to stop Nel and Anaya is weak due to the pregnacy. IT fell on Jeff to keep this home safe while Samuel was off doing his own thing and Anaya was giving birth. What was he to do if Nel did come back? Kill the bastard? Yes...but it wouldn't be easy.Nel had trained to kill Jeff every day since before the war. 7 long months since the war had passed, had Nel trained and now that Bitterman was dead, Jeff had no reason to keep him alive. He hoped, for some reason, that Nel would come back so he could drive his sword clean through his neck. But that wouldn't happen so easily. First, he had to put Ashe upstairs into their bed, which his feet shuffled back up the stairs to do. He knew that she was tired just by the way her aura worked around his. He held her close and whispered. "Save your strength, dear. a new day." His eyes were full of the fire that kept the DeLaRose warm for years. He knew that in his heart, no matter how much Anaya wanted him dead. He would die for the DeLaRose, just as Bitterman had. Just as Jaurl had. Just how Manwe had. He would protect this noble house and the ones inside of it for as long as he lived. Even if it was just for one more day. "Sleep my dear." He said in his velvet twang, placing her onto their large bed, and throwing the white large feather blanket ontop of her, allowing it to cover up to her shoulders. Jeff then sat at the edge of the bed, Guarding her, and placing his Aura over the castle, as if to feel out every member. Anaya, Samuel, Wraythe, Ashe, Ana, the healers, Nel... Jeff jumped to his feet. "Nel.." He whispered. "Yes?" He heard slowly from behind him. Jeff turned around, his sword already drawn, yet no one was there. He felt him, heard him...he had to be on high alert. He slowly walked out of the room and into the hall, so he wouldn't be cornered, knowing Nel would follow. "Show yourself." Nel did just that, delivering a hard punch to Jeff's left cheek, sending the prince stumbling back, catching himself on the wall, before readying himself. "I killed your friend. I will kill you, your mother, your sister, your lover, and your infant brother if it means destroying you and all this house has done to me. I am going to bring my sister home and we are going to birth our child on this sacred ground. This home is mine. I want the crown. " Jeff readied his sword. "You'll have to go through me..." He said, his eyes full of rage, and desperation. Nel pulled his long sword and held it loosely in one hand, pointing it at Jeff whom was about 13 feet away. "Shh... You'll wake the entire house."

Ana keeps tossing about in her bed, actually resting deeply even through her troubled sleep. Subconsciously she figured she was safe, her brother was here and he wouldn't let anything happen to her. She kept resting letting everything in the area keep going by, her weapons no where near her and when she was tiered she was weak with magic. She eventually settles down into sleep, laying still, no longer covered by the blankets as they where on the floor with her pillows. She laid so still she seemed dead besides her soft breaths and occasional whimpers that leave her lips. Laying on her stomach her hair covers her face to keep any possible light away from her face so she could rest in peace.

ArsynnRage: Hearing a comotion in the hall Ashe sits up quickly in the bed and looks around the room, noticing she was in she and Jeff's room, in the bed, her first thought that she was dreaming. until she remembered his voice falling upon her ears. She would smile. Softly. Making her way to the egde of the bed, swinging her legs over the side, her fingers on the nape of her neck, squeezing nerously. Ashe stood and moved toward the doorway and stepped into the hall. Her eyes widen as she notices Jeff, sword drawn. The blood rushes to her head, and her body falls back against the doorway, Ashe instantly dizzy, as she slides down the doorjam and sits on the floor, trying to speak, but only grunts came out. "Jeff.. Let me help." Was all she could muster before she lifted her hands, squeezing her fists to try to stop the heat, both already aglow. "No. I'll burn the castle to the ground".. whispers from her lips, she closed her eyes and began to count.. 1..2..

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff turned his head toward Ashe whom stood in the doorway. "Ashe, I need you to run down the hall, into the last door on the left. That is where my sister is. I need you to protect her." Jeff turned his head, but never took his aura off of Nel. Nel stood still, sword pointed toward Jeff, Jeff's sword pointed at Jeff. "I know that you are worried about your family, Jeff." Nel began. "I didn't mean to kill your butler. It was simply a hiccup in my plan." Jeff took a step forward, Nel quickly taking a step back. "Uh-..." He stammered. "Now wait!" Jeff didn't. "You killed my best friend. His body is not even cold and you are back in my home! Give me one good reason not to skin you alive!" Jeff's voice rose, obviously loud enough to wake up Ana, for he was trying to do this, as to alert her to the precense of Nel. Jeff then realized a flaw in his plan. If Ashe were to run down the hall, into Ana's room, then that would be another person that he could get killed if he failed to stop Nel. "No! I take that back Ashe. I want you to get in our room...and lock the door. I will be in soon. There is a dagger in my wardrobe. If I don't return, use it to defend yourself." Jeff didn't give her a chance to argue, his hand thrusted outward, toward Ashe, pushing her out of the doorway. He knew she was struggling with her power, and couldn't control it, but if she saw Jeff fight, she wouldn't be able to help herself. She would want to be by his side. His telekentic blast from his hand shoved Ashe inside the room, and another blast came outward from inside the room, slamming the door. He knew Ashe would listen to him, however he did feel terrible, for this was the first day she had been back, and already, there was a man trying to hurt her love. Jeff kept his gaze at Nel's figure. Nel opened his mouth, his snaked tongue licking over his broken, jagged teeth. "I will kill you, and display your head to your mother. Who knows...she might even promote me. She wants you dead, you know. Everyone hears the rumors." Nel yammered on, talking up a storm for no reasons. Jeff took another step, watching Nel's expresion change once more. "You are afraid of me..." Jeff spoke. "You hold much power, but I know that you are angry..and will slip up." Jeff grunted and took another step, as Nel took a step back. "You are running out of hallway." Jeff spoke, knowing Ashe and Ana were safe in their rooms. Nel grunted, knowing Jeff saw through his bluff. "You thought the only way you were going to be able to successfully kill me, was to lure me into a corner...and with 4 other people..." Jeff's lip twitched before he took another step. "No-...They were just there to ensure that I would kill you." Jeff shook his head. "You are are nothing. You are a little rat, and I'm going to enjoy killing you." Jeff tossed his sword to the ground, and Nel's smile grew. "Go on...All I have to do, is cut you once." Jeff grunted and stepped forward one more time, ready to take on the damned demon. Jeff watched as Nel's sword came overhead, quickly bending backward to avoid the blow, and before Nel could react, Jeff was there, gripping his arm and snapping it back. "No!" Screamed the demon in pain, as Jeff listened to the sound of the sword clanking loudly on ground, most likely waking everyone up. Jeff then pushed Nel to the ground and climbing on top of him, thrusting his left balled fist into his nose. Jeff heard the cartalage crack under the pressure he bestowed onto Nel, but before the demon could react to it, Jeff let another fist fly, and another, and another. Jeff wouldn't stop. A gutteral gargling came from Nel as his mouth filled with blood. Some from his nose, some from the rest of his teeth, and some from his forhead, that began to split open. Jeff wouldn't let up, not until Nel was lifeless, which he was not. Jeff's knuckles began to split open, getting cut on the broken teeth and bones that stuck out from Nel's cheeks. Jeff's rage was shaking the entire castle with every punch, causing Nel to twitch and spasm with each blow. Finally Jeff reached for his throat and pulled him close. Nel's eyes were both blackend and shut, and his teeth were all gone. His cheek bones shattered and some stuck through the skin, and now that Nel was up, sitting right, he could spit out the blood he had been choking on. "No more...please." Nel slurred, trying to bring his limp, broken arm up to protect himself. Jeff reached his fist back, and slammed it forward, only to feel Nel's head completely smash against his fist, sending the caved in head to the floor. Nel still was not dead, as the demon could take a beating and he finally had a moment where Jeff wasn't beating him to focus his energy. He just needed to vanish again, but before he could do that, Jeff gripped Nel's sword, a golden carved, nerve poison dipped blade, about a simple 3 feet long, and jammed it through Nel's gaping mouth, silencing the demon once and for all. Jeff let the handle go, as it stuck clean through the skin, and tile on the other side, pinning Nel's body to the floor. Jeff was breathing hard, before dropping to his knees by the dead body and looking at his brutally bloodied fists with surprise. "I-..." He whispered before looking back at the body. "I'm sorry..." He whispered out loud.

ArsynnRage: Instantly on her feet Ashe hurried toward the door he mentioned that his.. sister? Wait? Stopping in her tracks she tilted her head curiously. Sister? When the hell did he..? Shaking off her questions she continued to the door, until she heard him yell her name once more, Making haste to their room she grabbed for the door to close it behind and realized he had already shut it himself. Leaning her back against the wall near the doorway Ashe sighed and slid to her derriere, her knees bent, her forehead against her knees, she wrapped both arms around them and closed her eyes. Things sure havent changed much, she ran away for this place weeks ago and came back to more chaos. She hadnt even had the chance to tell him why she left and now she may not even get the chance to do so at all. The hall ablaze with the two men fighting sent her heart racing. She had faith he would be in soon, she covered her ears with her hands and waited.

Apocryphon: Wraythe was actually using the room he had in the castle for once, though it seemed to be a bad night to do so, he was still fending off the small throes of madness that slipped this way and that through his head, and the constant yammering and noise coming from the hall didn't help in the slightest, before long Wraythe had opened his eyes, the dead white, pupilless orbs shining in the dim light that came from his bedside table, a low growl escaping his lips while the air grew colder, a bit of fog rolling out from under his door when ice began to form along the walls and doorway to his room, the door itself freezing over before he let out a sigh and planted his head into the frozen door, letting it fall to pieces before stepping out into the hall, looking this way and that before spotting Jeff and the body before stepping over and speaking to him "Jeff, next time you pull this shit, or someone else wants to pull this shit, you take it outside, night time is a stressful time for some of us. Wraythe then looked over the body and knelt down, his hand placed onto the leg of it before it froze over quickly, the blood on the floor freezing as well for easy clean up "As it stands, i can see how someone like you would be emotional with this man, but you need to learn to curb emotions, at least until you make it outside" He then stood and placed his boot to the caved in skull of the corpse and pressed down, feeling it give quickly and shatter before stepping off to head downstairs "From you being here i assume Bitterman is dead, you will enjoy what i did to the other men in the stables, i will go and open a grave for the man, bring his body upon your leisure i suppose" He let out a small sigh, the usual pushed back hair falling in his face to give him a slight weary, sorrowful look as he walked, his garments hanging along his body without movement, aside from the slight jingle of the chains that were strewn about here and there

Ana would only roll some in her bed to the commotion in the hall for a bit, a few more moments passing she would wake up, stirring slightly in her head. As she hears the commotion in the hall she jumps to her feet and darts to her door, throwing it open she would step out just as her brother dropped to his knees by the body. She stands in her door way, watching as Wraythe stepped out of his room. She stays quiet as she watches them speak, her eyes falling down to the body on the floor, her pale hair falling into her face as she leans against the door frame, her eyes fall to the floor and she considers slipping back into her room before they noticed her in the hall. Her mind racing, she was worried about her mother and no her brother. With Nel now gone she figured that was one less problem to trouble her brother. After a few more moments she moves to turn and slip back into her room and quietly close the door behind her before she would move to throw her blankets and pillows back on the bed before she climbs onto it, sitting in the middle of it and staring out her window. -

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff watched as Wraythe entered the hall and kept his mouth shut. "He attacked me..I should have taken it outside." Jeff nodded. He didn't want to argue. He didn't care for any more violence. "Thank you for your help earlier. I am glad you did what you did to the traitors." Jeff spoke softly, that usual ringing coming to his ears, as it had when Jaurl, and Bitterman both died. Everyone's voice was mostly drowned out by it, but he heard Wraythe clearly. He felt terrible about waking him, but at the same time, it seemed he had an understanding about him. As he spoke about opening a grave before heading downstairs. Jeff nodded and hoped that the healers were preparing Bitterman's body in a nice way. Jeff knew that the DeLaRose usually burned their own but Bitterman always said he wished to have a grave stone in the yard should he pass. Jeff wanted that very much so. Jeff sighed softly and stood, opening the door to his room, having blood covered on his clothes and fists. Ashe sat on the floor, and Jeff just stared at her. "It's over." He spoke softly, before sitting on the bed with a huff, his gaze fixated on the wall. No one cared for Nel. And Jeff knew that much. No one would miss him, but he still felt terrible. He let his rage get the better of him, again and would not make the same mistake. Jeff didn't want to hurt anyone any longer. He just wanted to live a long, happy life with his family. This was clear now.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Dragon_egg_small

Anaya: Anaya had laid her egg in the night and now she was overly excused. But at the same time she was pumped with energy and needed to eat, eat a lot, she unwrapped her long body from around her egg as she had made a nest in the gold were the baby would be warm down here underground and safe being guarded by the spiders and it was not like she would ever be gone to to long. She nuzzled her egg, her only born child this was her bloodline her life her baby. She had made sure everything was right, nest, temperature and everything to be sure this would hatch out a male and not a female, Samuel would maybe kill it if it was female so it had to be meal like he wanted. And a male would be best anyway as it would be a king for this empire and a stronger healthy baby. Anaya looked out at the path to lead up to the main hall, she then looked back to her egg, she did not want to leave, did not want to go up there were it was more dangerous then down here. Anaya let out a sign and put her giant head down beside the egg she had pushed out of her body. “why can’t they all just be like you will be, love me like we should, do as you are made to do, don’t ask questions, and just at times be no were to be seen and silent, be peaceful” she looked to her egg her to be born child “you do know once you get of age your father will aim to kill me, that is saying he is not already planning it” she licked the side of her egg cleaning it as she lifted her head back up “I will be back I do promise you will be safe here” she nuzzled her egg and unborn hatchling as she moved in the coin her bulk shifting and turning the coins like dunes of sand flowing back and forth under her feet. Each foot smashed down on the coins as she moved her head under them enjoying the feel of her wealth a bit too much. She moved up as she shock away the coins from under her scales as she lifted her head, down here she could be the size she was made to be this pit under the castle was over two hundred feet tall so a hundred foot tall dragon could walk around under here no problem just had to watch out for the pillars and the giant spiders. She made it over to the very small door to get up to the main level as she looked back once more to her baby there in the coin, it would be safe she knew that much. She shifted down to her human like form nude and warm, healed up, no more burns no more weakness and no more egg belly bump or thing sucking her energy out of her, and she was starving. Anaya opened the door and walked out and up the steps letting out a breath as it felt good to be herself for the first time in months. Thin that was true but it was just a result of the fact she had over all starved for the past weeks. Walking into the main hall a maid ran over with a robe and she smiled to the maid “were Is Jeff? And…..what is that stink” the maid had large eyes as she looked at Anaya and the bright red eyes “it is the death of Nel and Bitterman my lady DeLaRose. Jeff….they were killed by the prince my lady” Anaya stood there silent as she took another breath, anger was clear and at the time she was no longer weak or watching herself. “Make sure once you find my son, you inform him his mother needs to have words with him, immediately” She moved her upper lip as she let out a very muffled hiss as she started walking to her study to get some clothing “and get me meat, rare, I don’t care what, make sure the dish is piled with it maid” Anayas voice was harsh and fitting herself as she walked to the study and grabbed a dress and tossed it on, something red with gold it fitted nice anyway she did not care much what it looked like it covered her body that is what mattered right now. “SAMULE!” she screamed out as the males ears picked it up as he was outside overseeing the destruction of the stable by the cave trolls “well seems she is up and sounds like she is back to normal. Get this done fast before she sees the mess, may end up saving Jeffs ass, still have use for that shit you know.” One of the trolls grunted as he smashed a club into the roof making another hole in the already falling stable building. Samuel started his way back to the empire doors “I will make up some bullshit lie to tell her why things are kind of shit, she is going to rip him in half for killing more guards, or worse humanize him” he gave a laugh as he moved to the door and opened it up snakeing inside walking to the throne were Anaya was.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes locked onto the floor, blood dripping from his fingers as he made his way down the steps, trying to find his mother before being stopped by one of the major guards. "Hello, My lord! Your mother is looking for you! She said it is urgent." Jeff nodded, his voice was in a mono-tone. "Aye. I was looking for her...In the throne room?" "Yes, my lord!" Jeff nodded and the guard sa-luted, and returned to his post. Jeff's eyes lit up as he pushed open the doors to the main hall to spot his mother, and instantly, a smile came behind his mask. She had given birth to the egg and she seemed, a little different. He had a new brother, but knowing how Dragons were with their eggs, he kept his dis-tance. He walked before his mother, kneeling gently at her throne, as the first sign of respect he had given her in a long time. "Mother. We have been at each other's throats for as long as I can remember and I wish to apologize. I have heard rumors of you asking me to leave..and you thinking I want to kill your children. I killed Nel minutes ago and he killed Bitterman...I am done with death in this empire. If we are constantly trying to kill eachother, and not just you or I, but everyone..then we will fall and the only reason I am still here is because I only want to have the best interest in our house. My entire life...all I have ever wanted was you to tell me that you are proud of me...I've killed for you. I've ruled for you. I've helpped people for you...I'll do anything for you because no matter how many times we hold a sword to each other's are still my mother and I love you. No matter how hard you ever hit me, or I hit you...I will always be your son. I've always wanted to be a dragon and I've always wanted your approval, and I'm sorry if you think I'm a threat. I know this child will take my spot as the heir to DeLaRose but all I have ever wanted was to make you proud. I've killed for this house, and I've killed members of this house for you. And I will always do that. Whether I am king or not. You are my mother-...and I just want my damn family back." Jeff's voice was shaking, as he was still in shock from the entire night. "I know you may have reason to distrust me and I know that we argue all the time but even if I am killed by you or Samuel, I will always be a loyal DeLaRose. I ran and ran but I came back because I will not let this house fall..because out of everything you have ever taught me-...that was al-ways the most important." Jeff finally looked up into her eyes. "If you want to kill me, or send me away...fine. But all I want is to make you proud." Jeff rose to his feet, and locked his eyes onto Samuel. "I don't want to be a threat. All I want is to make you proud, Mother. And by the Gods, I will do that, even if it kills me. I love you, Mother. No matter how many times I may say that I hate you." Jeff sighed and ripped the DeLaRose Sigil necklace from his neck and held it out. "If you want me to leave, take my necklace that you gave me when I was a boy...I've never taken it off, no matter how hard you hit me...with words, or claws, or fists, or a blade. I have always remained loyal...and I wish to stay that way...but if you want me to leave, then take my necklace and I will leave with no questions asked. I just want to make you proud mother." His words were genuine. He was done hurting the house and just wanted to do his best to be the best prince he could be. "Nel killed Bitterman-...and he came back to attack the house. I just wanted to do my best to protect us and I did. Thank you for letting me do that, all these years. I am powerful because of my mother-...and I owe you so much. I'm sorry for hitting you...and I'm sorry for everything." Jeff looked back down and closed his eyes, holding out his neck-lace to her. "Do you want me to leave, mother?"

Anaya: Anaya looked at him and stood up grabbing Jeff by the shoulders and picking him up to stand in front of her, in her eyes was anger, so much anger and rage but at the same time she was his mother “I have not hit you once since you have come home, I have not done one thing badly to you, I have not put you anywhere I have not sent you away to be punished I have done nothing and you have blamed me for everything. You have hit me, crippled me and plotted to kill me, the guards talk and I know bet-terment told you that you should kill me, the walls have eyes and ears you know this. Over all of this all your hate to me what have I done to you since you have bin home, since you met me the only thing I have bin to you is the enemy of your scorn. Everyone here is a mess no one knows what to do and this place is in shambles hell I have rebuilt the town twice, the barn the stable parts of the castle its self and all due to an action you did, even with good intent the action is still an action. I NEVER want you to lay a hand on ANYTHING or anyone ever again, if you do, even one hand you will be banished from the land you call home and will never allowed to be welcomed back” she let go of his shoulders and hugged him tightly in her arms. “Stop making me your enemy and I will stop making you mine. And for love of the gods stop killing our men I will be doing enough of that myself later” she looked at him as she broke there hugging embrace “we have to get this place back in order so others show up here and we can have a empire once more, we need more body’s to fill this hall with life and enjoyment, and right now it is no fun at all here as we all want to kill each other. If you want me to be proud of you” she moved and grabbed the blade off his back holding it in front of him “stop using this, and start using this” she put it on the ground and put her hands to his chest. “you have this idea were you have to be strong and big and bad and fighting, but in the end you don’t need anything but your heart and your voice, you don’t need to be a dragon Jeff you don’t need to have scales and be a tyrant, you just need to be yourself, I should have never wanted you as a dragon as I was and still am selfish and vain, but you need to be you and stop trying to be me. Never hurt anything ever again Jeff, no killing, no eating anything but livestock and the whores I give you, or that the castle has for you, I have much cleaning up to do here, please jeff don’t make me have to clean you up aswell as that will pain me more than an-ything”

ArsynnRage: Ashe took her hands from her ears after some time and listened carefully for the chaos in the hall. The silence deafening she stood and moved to the door, pulling it open to look into the hall, in time to see Jeffs back as he moved downstairs, she followed behind him, wanting to yell his name, wanting to stop him but choosing the latter and just stayed back, still following. As Jeff had words with the guard she watched him walk into the throne room and face to face with his mother. Watching the exchange, Ashe couldnt help but smile, hoping maybe this is exactly what he needed. Peace, and understanding from the most important woman in his life, her face slightly cinged at the Queens comment of whores, but she shook it off. Her figers instantly to the ring hanging from the thin gold chain around her neck. Then turning on her heel she sped back up the stairs and began unpacking her bag.. "I'm home. For as long as they want me i guess." She said aloud to herself, her voice filling the room she shared with him.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes knitted together. His hand slowly gripped his blade back that she took from him. "All I know how to do is fight!" Jeff grunted softly before sheathing his sword and gathering himself. "Fine-...If that is what I must do. You beat me until I was a teenager-...forced me into being the killing machine I am-...and now I am to stop?" Jeff shook his head and sighed, before being wrapped into a hug. The first hug she had ever given him in forever. "I am a DeLaRose. Only the strong suvive." Jeff whispered before sighing. "I am strong. I am smart, but when it comes down to protecting this house or leaving this house-...I don't know what to do." He sighed, tieing his necklace back around his neck. "If you wish me to hang up my swords, then fine, but I shall still carry the golden armor and golden sword that I was given when I first became a prince. You want me to stop killing? Fine. I shall do what a prince is meant to do. Rule when you are not around. Do the royal taxes, deal with the townspeoples problems and make sure the house stays in order. I will make you proud. I will." Jeff's eyes were full of confusion, anger, and determination but he would do what his mother asked, even if he hated every single fiber of it. "One day-...when all is said and done-..we will be remembered as the most powerful family on this planet." Jeff smiled from behind his mask to his mother before, taking a few steps back, his aura locking on to that of the egg that rested elsewhere. "Oh sib-ling?" He whispered to himself, before feeling Ashe behind him. He sighed before looking up to his mother. "I am a warrior-...and you asking me to not kill is not right. But if that is what you want-..then fine." He turned and sighed, passing Ashe, almost ashamed to look at her. He couldn't be a warrior any longer, not while this was placed on his shoulders. It seemed like all Jeff was seemed to fade away. He moved out of the ain hall and back up the stairs, into the bathroom to clean up.

Anaya: “in the past you were a fighter, but that was when you were younger, now you are a prince, princes don’t fight, and kings don’t fight, we all have had to put away our blades from the past, it is time you put away yours my son” as he left and walked up the steps she hoped that he got her words and she hoped they sank in. Samuel came over and looked at her “you called and seems he took it. Alright…” “Yes I guess he did but he has a lot to learn still and far to go to be the prince he is ment to be. Even you have put away a blade once or twice. Since the north you have not had combat since” “no my dear I just end up cleaning everything up after” Anaya gave a chuckle as she looked at him “our to be son is in the catacombs resting safe and warm, please go let the guards not to let ANYONE not even the kids in there, no one other than myself or you are to go near our egg” Samuel nodded his head as he moved and started to walk to the guards to do just that as Anaya sat in her chair and the maid came over and gave her her meal. She started eating and relaxed a bit filling her empty gut before doing the house clean up.

ArsynnRage: Hearing footsteps behind her Ashe turned around and watched him walk through the door and right past her without looking at her or saying a word. "Jeff.. What’s wrong? I thought you would be happy with what just happened. Why do you look so upset?" she asked him quickly, following him into the bathroom while he cleans himself up. Grabbing a cloth she reached around him and wet it, aware that there was a chance he may not want her to touch him, or her help, she did it anyway and began washing his neck, his hands, his face.. "Please look at me" She asked softly. "I know you're upset with me, don’t ignore me, go on and let me have it. Yell at me... something" she whispered and backed up, dropping the rag on the countertop before doing so.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed, feeling the rag start to press itself against his skin. He turned to look up at her as she questioned him. "I am not mad at you. I am angry at the fact that no matter how hard I try in this damned house, someone has a problem with the way I do things. I saved this house last night from that snake and I caved his head in with my bare hands, and I lost my best friend all within an hour and I am punished for it! I am sick of being the villain when all I've wanted to do was help!" Jeff sighed, turned to her completely. "I am not upset at you. I am upset at this damned house and the damned people in it. At least now I don't have to worry about my mother trying to stick me with a knife every few minutes." Jeff muttered before looked down that the bathroom floor. "Sometimes I feel like running away from this place would be the only option that would make everyone happy. I don't deserve to be a prince. I don't deserve to be a Royal." Jeff grunted before gripping his sword by the hilt and unsheathing it. With anger he tossed it to the ground, hard enough to crack the tile. "I am a damn warrior and I am being downgraded to a pansy of a prince! That is not who I trained my entire life to be!" Jeff's bloodied hands were shaking. "I could have saved Bitterman but instead he died and I am the one being punished! He didn't deserve to die and saved my life and now he is being prepared for his funeral and no one could care less! This house is losing it's touch and will soon crumble if it stays on the same path." Jeff moved to unlatch his armor on his left side, then his right, sending the chest plate to slam on the ground in front of him. "I am a DeLaRose, not a Firedorian. I do not fight my battles with the hands of others. Only the strong survive. How can she ask me to not kill, after training me my entire life to do that exact thing! That is like telling a lion not to hunt, or telling a horse not to run, or telling a dog not to be a damn dog! I am a warrior! I am a DeLaRose! I am not a weakling!" Jeff's eye brows knitted together and his eyes narrowed. "What would you have me do Ashe? Leave, or stay?"

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~~~~4 days later~~~~

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His eyes watched the laterns burn away, flickering and dimming, only to catch a bit of the oil and light again. He stayed planted on his throne, his hues drifting from one lantern to the next, as the usual, loud, angering ring came to his ears. Only clanking sounds of muffled armor came to his ears. "My lord?" A guard came up to the prince, looking up at him. "Prince Jeff?" The prince stared at the nearest laterns, watching the flames dance and wave in the wind whenever someone either walked by, or opened the doors. "My lord!" The knight waved his hand. Jeff slowly turned. "Hm? Oh-...I apologize. How can I help you?" The guard bowed respectfully. "I just noticed that you were having a rough time coping with the loss of your-...friend and that we no longer have a captian of the guard, since you-...erm.." Jeff looked down at him, slightly annoyed. "Killed him?" "Yes sir. I was wondering if there had been any talk about picking a new captian." "Ser-...?" Jeff asked. "Ser Andros." The guard replied. "Ser Andros, Okay. I would just like to make it known that I have no idea the outcome of what the queen decides. So asking me is pointless. Second. I would like to point out that you asked me. Knowing full well that it was the queen's duty to select a fighter that she deemed capable of training whelps like yourself, Ser Andros." Andros took a step back. "Sir?" "What I am saying, Ser Andros is that asking me to give my opinion to my mother about who should train everyone does nothing. She will not listen. She will not pick you. She will take one look at you and bite down on you, or feed you to her younglings. So I suggest you stop muttering like school girls around the damned Iron about whom is gonna be replacing Captian Nel, and do your god damned jobs, or we will find soldiers whom can." Andros nodded slowly and took a few steps back before turning on his heel and walking back to take his position at the doors. Jeff was not going to act the same anymore. If Anaya wanted him to act different, then maybe he should. Jeff sighed softly as Andros peered at the floor in a bit of anger. "Andros..." He perked his head up. "Yes sir?" "Go find a new post to stand at." Which he did. Jeff exhaled and tightened his mask, before looking back at the lanterns. His mind raced, and his anger grew with each passing moment that he sat in his blasted throne. "I need to go take a walk. This place smells like cowards." Jeff sneered through his teeth before picking up his staff and setting it on his back. His orbs of blue swirling emptiness walked toward the back door, and pulled it open, before walking out into the white harsh snow storm. He was only in the back yard, but to him, that was far enough away. He didn't care for anyone else anymore. Not his mother. Not Samuel. Not Ashe. He only ever loved one person and she was gone. He loved his siblings but they were gone. He loved Jaurl, and he was gone. He loved his friend, Bitterman, and he was gone. He only cared now, for Ana, and his baby brother that was inside the egg. OR baby sister, depending on whatever it was. But judging how Anaya had kept the conditions of her pregnancy, it seemed almost clear that there was a male in that egg. Jeff knew however, that if it was female, Samuel would try and dispose of it. And Jeff would not allow that. He didn't care if he died, was banished, or was serverly injured. He would not let anyone, not even the father of the egg, hurt it. Jeff was it's brother, reguardless, and it was a DeLaRose. A job as brother is to keep your siblings close and safe. Jeff sat in the snow, and closed his eyes, ignoring the cold that bit at his covered face. Jeff crossed his legs and stuck out, as a prince in all black, surrounded by a sea of white blankets that pounded the earth each minute with more and more centemetres. Jeff smiled lightly as he thought back to his life before coming back home. He was free. He made his own rules. He felt like he was somone. But here? He was a pawn in someone elses game. And he would soon change that. As for now, Meditation.

Soprano: The beaded moisture collecting along the carriage window caught the attention of Rowena as she sat, expression bored, while glaring out to the clouded nothing. Fingertip rising up above her as she leant against the pane, she dragged its tip down along the cold glass, expression souring as the water trickled downwards and dripped to her skin, peppering the pale with frigid perspiration. She sat up, sulking petulantly as the carriage shifted over the ground, morning light only beginning to peer over the horizon as she returned to the windowsill, letting out a sigh. Her long hair was trapped in a tight ponytail, bangs drifted into the blood red stare of her eyes. The interior of the carriage was warm, comfortably so, so that she was curled into herself, knees up on the seat and feet impatiently kicking her heels out against the wooden barrier containing her carpet bag. The leather strips that were cut casually along her legs bunched and twisted uncomfortably as she shifted uneasily to and fro in her seat, her belly in knots. It was her mother who spoke out from the other side of the carriage, her eyes glittering in the darkness as her hair, as white as her daughters, reflected in the dim light of morning. “Rest, we’re almost there.” Her voice was cool and even, eyes stunting their glow in the dark as she closed them once more and returned to silence. Rowena huffed with annoyance, sitting back and returning to kick the barrier again, satisfying her boredom with every ‘thud’. This carried on for another minute or so before she grew bored again, shifting on the seat, and plucking at the cheek of her sleeping sister, awaking her after a few painful tweaks. “Rowena…” her sister complained, shifting to roll over, cloak pulled over herself to block out sound, light and her younger sister’s annoyances. Rowena was relentless and tweaked her hair again, a small devilish smile on her face before her sisters tail was whipping back and forth with anger. “Enough,” Barked their mother; Rowena shrinking back into the seat with a loud angry huff. It was a long ride, to be assured, now nearly a month by carriage, only having transferred over a week previous, to sell wares and gather provisions, always under the cover of cloaks and night before returning to the shoddy carriage on their way home to Iron; or so Lunaria had promised time and time again, as the days grew longer and longer. Snow melted on the windows continuously, as the rock grew rocky, and Delilah was awoken completely from her drowsy state, lips pulled down with upset, marring the pock marked scar on her face all the clearer, as she ran her fingers restlessly through her hair. Morning had arisen, and it was the first time in days that Lunaria’s eyes were open during the daylight hours, even as the sun was peeking through the clouds, she had the curtains draped over the window while she slept, or read or knit. Now she was anxiously peeking through, examining the surroundings of the carriage, to ensure she knew where she was. And normally, this trip would have taken less time, while she was up and about without three tagalongs, she was at her best, but now there was no safety in keeping her children away. After the death of the Princess of Firedor, the necessity to travel in groups had grown all the more serious. After fleeing Iron so many years previous she had settled into the lands surrounding, Cinna joining her, and together they raised the children she sired from the Prince of Iron, Jeff. The twins, Rowena and Atreyu were together an unstoppable force, the two of them hybrids, but none the less, loved by their mother, less so from their step father. But now, Atreyu had matured enough to be trained it the arts of an Incubus. And after losing one son, Luna was not in the position to lose another. Off with Cinna he went, and together Luna took her daughters, Delilah and Rowena back on a trip in search of both work, and sanctuary. The only viable place to return to, the only place which was ever an option, was the Iron Castle home of the Dragon Queen, Anaya. Rowena had put two and two together quickly, as she was a inquisitive and intelligent child, and soon questioned if this was the home of her father, but she never received an answer. Lunaria was tired, too tired to spend time explaining things such as her actions in Iron years before, particularly to the evidence of her actions… Now they sat in cramped quarters on the way to a castle long since having forgotten her. Rowena groaned, capturing her focused attentions as she adjusted on the seat again. “Mother…. This is taking FOREVER.” Delilah nodded in quiet agreement, expression turned downward. “I’m so bored, and my legs are cramping up and I’m hungry…” she griped noisily, eyes closing as she noted her complaints going nowhere. She stuffed her hands under her armpits, turning to the window again, and expression acerbic. “Never mind, it doesn’t matter.” Lunaria frowned to herself glaring out the window herself,
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Soprano: “The sooner we get there, the sooner you can stretch your legs and we can find you something to eat.” Her daughter was required to consume food, and often times it was a strain for her to remember her daughters needs. Rowena refused to respond, expression remaining dark as Luna huffed to herself, ‘The sooner we get out of here you can get out of my hair, and fix your attitude, so really it’s a win/win.’ Closing her eyes, she opened them as through the foggy snow, the castle appeared in the far distance, and she sat up with enough ferocity to shake the carriage. “We’re almost there. We’ll exit before the nearest town, and travel the rest of the way on foot.” Delilah raised her hands in a cheer while Rowena groaned, “WALK there… Why can’t we just go by the carriage…” Obviously she couldn’t win. Sometimes she was so much like her father. Soon though; her expression hardened as she looked out at the disappearing castle. Soon I’ll be back and I’ll have to explain everything-… Or maybe not… It took her a long moment before she settled back, heart thumping anxiously. Soon.

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Anaya: Coming in from outside Anaya was dragging a large frozen stag by the horn feet burnt and healing up and body burnt and healing up she did not flitch much at all about it. She kicked the snow off her legs as she moved inside dropping the dead stag on the floor with a thud. She looked out and saw her home getting back to normal maids cleaning things snapping back in place in here, workers being workers and no one was dead, it was kind of nice she got to leave the building and not come back to blood on the floor. She moved and went to a guard “please bring this stag to the cold locker, it will be for the child when it hatches, there will be more coming as I am able to hunt more. I want you to go to the town and pick up a guard request form from the cryer and bring it back, I need to get more guards here more people seeing we have lost a fine chunk and will be losing more, if you do this correctly it will save your hide” she turned and cracked her neck as she walked out looking at her study door and letting out a yawn, it was still close to morning but she had not gotten any sleep the night before. She turned around and let out a sigh but it was more of relaxing sense and nothing more. Walking to her study she pulled out an old leather book “have not opened you in a while” she said to herself having it not have bin opened since the day Millas blood stained the cover of it. she moved and sat at her desk as she flipped the pages and thought about the past.

VarusDarcy: The guard moved away from the male as he would push open the doors he had his wears as the king commanded and didn’t really go much of anywhere as he soon where to be his boots where wet from the snow as he dressed in his robes that where more of a simple material. He was not dressed in royal robes or any of that fancy crap. He was plane, as he simply would stand in the halls with the goods that he had created. The weapons where magical and they also had contained the power that he had required. The various things he had upon him was his trusty sword enchanted with poison and much more then just that it was a great sword that could be used by one hand or two that simply would swing at his hip. He wore the leather armor normally but it was all black pushing past more guards he arrived he would present himself as he normally did it seemed as if he was more impatient for the queen looked at her the last time with a uneasiness the male he would not care for as well but it seemed as though he loved doing business as usual. Business was business. He would look to the empty area and would only frown. No one home but maids and random houseguests. He would get a little vexed upon this for it was something that he did admire was punctuality but it seemed his apprentice didn’t have it so he scorned them with punishments he had already been out hunting today is. He would look to a guard and sneer as he spoke to a low life human. “Where is the royal members if you run to tell them that I have come to deliver their weapons to them.. I wish you to do this urgently pray I do not wait on your candor and whims.” His magic was dark as he would press it to the guards breast plate it would disintegrate the armor piece before the heart of the male as his clothing was exposed the guard would quake with a somewhat fear. “As you wish…..” he ran off somewhere to find the queen in a quick hurry as the guard came to realize she was in her study he would retrieve to get her out of fear. “There is a man dressed in black erm… to see you….your majesty.” The figure waited downstairs with the weapons trove that he had created and made for the dragons.
JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff listened to the sound of the horses pulling the cart behind them, coming down through the city. His heart stopped for a brief moment. His eyes widened and his anger ceased. He blinked and stood as his aura followed those in the Cart. A woman, with a familiar aura, and two young ones. One of them was similar to Jeff, in almost every way. So much so that he stood and stopped his meditation, right as Andros came outside to greet the prince. "Sir." Jeff turned, his eyes full of terror. "What?!" "Uh-...Well. I was wondering what is going on with the carriage out front." Jeff raised a brow. "So it is there. I am not going mad." He muttered. "Sir-...are you okay?" "Ser Andros, as I have stated before, you must go and find your own post to stand at. Why do you keep following me?" "Because Sir. I am worried about you and how you are reacting." Jeff turned. "Reacting to what?" "The death of your friend." And Just like that, Jeff has taken his staff from his back and spun, sending the staff to strike the leg of Andros, sending the knight to the ground, before placing the butt of his staff to his neck. "I may not be allowed to kill but do not think for one second that I need some sort of guidence from a guard whom couldn't even save Bitterman!" Andros looked up at Jeff. "Sir-..please remove your staff from my neck." Jeff stared him down. "Andros, get out of my sight or by the gods, I will have your head." Andros backed up to his feet as Jeff, blond hair dangling in front of his right baby blue, grunted, keeping his staff pointed toward Andros. Andros was in the usual DeLaRose issued Armor. Fake Dragon Scale, placed over standered iron sets of armor, with the DeLaRose sigil in the middle of his chest. He placed his hands up and backed away, his bleeding stag sigil practiclly glowing in the harsh white outside. As Andros went inside, Jeff focused back on the aura's that came about the area, and for the first time in a long time, Jeff was terrified.

Soprano: Exiting the carriage and tasting the air had never been so sweet, and it took Rowena a moment to absorb the goings on around her. The earth was hard, and scarred, and luckily the moment they exited the carriage, Delilah located a large patch of kings foil for later use, clipping it evenly before popping it into her pouch, cloak tucked around her tight as the cool air nipped at her skin. But Rowena was excited and leapt with little difficulty onto the nearest rock her clothing not made for the environment, and puckered with goose bumps as she gazed around the land surrounding. Lunaria spoke to the carriage driver, handing over a pouch of gold coins after her unloaded their belongings in a small cart. As he left, Lunaria gazed around equally, staring out at the horizon, her cloak billowing out behind her in the wind, her hand rising to collect a small curl undone from the matronly bun she had organized her hair into. The rebel strands smoothed, he drew attention from her girls, speaking brusquely over the wind “We should arrive by midday if we pick up the pace-… We can’t drag unnecessary attention, so Rowena cover up, for all everyone knows, we could be any number of creatures, but by drawing attention as what we ARE, no doubt we will face a good deal of issues, so Delilah, keep your face masked until we arrive. We’ll stop at the nearest inn to get something warm, and replenish some supplies, but until then, we walk.” She lifted the arm of the cart, as Rowena tucked herself into a warm cloak, not complaining for joy of being free from the carriage, aiding her mother albeit unnecessarily on the long uneven road to the distant, foreboding castle through the drifting snow. Far from DeLaRose and Iron as they were, the carriage headed forward into town with the bulk of their heavy items, and some clothing, for now, Lunaria and her girls headed on foot, nearly an hour away as was necessary in her mind. Soon.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the guard that came into her study as she ran her fingers along the back of the leather book. “alright I will be out in a moment, go fetch me some tea will you” she fixed her gown as the guard left placing her top on properly as the red and gold outfit shimmered in the light form a window. Walking out into the hall way she looked around as the morning light came in from the sun roof that the wooden plates covering it were being lifted to let the morning heat inside, oh how she loved that feeling upon her back. She almost glowed under the sunlight even if snow was building on the glass roof but that is why she had guards. “hey, guards man, go up to the sun window and clear off that show with a broom or something, I am sure the maids have some, be fast with it before snow builds” she moved and walked out to the main room spotting the blacksmith with his weapons as she looked at it and smiled “back with what was requested I see.” She said in a smart ass tone as she walked up to one and took a gagger from the cart holding it be the hilt and looking at it “not bad but tell me about them and did you get the poison dagger I requested. This one is not it, to, dull looking” she smiled as she looked at him her golden crown a top her head shimmering in the light.

Venene: Ana sighs softly, she had disappeared into the woods for a few days to breath and try to clear her head. She doubted anyone had noticed her and the monster she called her stead disappearing. She shakes her head and puffs her cheeks, figuring it was time she returned to the castle before someone went to try and find her. She beckons to her large Clydesdale, hiding in the shadows to rest. He moves to walk over to Ana before she throw several large sacks over the horses back before she climbed up onto his back. She wouldn't return home empty handed, she had several pounds of meat, from bear to deer and a few wild birds. The larger animals she had butchered herself to make it easier to carry back. She gets back to the castle within an hour, the horse now tiered she takes him to the stables, quickly brushing him out before fetching him food and water. Her black leather pants and boots coated in mud causing her to huff. She wasn't like most royal girls she'd met, she didn't care if she got dirty, she wasn't a fan of fancy dresses and shoes. She moves to kick her boots off at the back door closes to the stair way, she didn't want to be noticed as she makes her way up to her room. She wanted to just go get cleaned up once she handed the meat she had brought back to the kitchen staff. She figured her mother would be told soon about the sudden increase in the amount of meat in the kitchen and what they should do with it. Ana gets upstairs to her room, locking the door behind out of habit she moves to strips and get herself into a warm bath. Once she was in it and relaxing she simply listens to the sounds of the castle moving about around her, dazing off.

VarusDarcy: He would notice this woman again as she would examine his wears. She would only pick up and it was one of his ones he meant for a guard really he cared not for them. As he would finally speak. “The one you request is not in this chest but more so on hand.” He would present the handcrafted dagger, as it was sharp as a dragon’s talon and enchanted fully to the hilt. It shined more then the others as it simply gave off a unnatural hue but this was more of a darkened blade for it had been used in different alchemical substances” he would give a half smile as he would look upon her trying to offend him it didn’t really work as well as she would think since well. “The blade is here as well as a bows arrows axes and more for the guard folk… Armor made to fit as well as any other. Some more armor can be made but we are in the process of gathering materials and buying is in my trade.” His voice was more dark as he slowly would open the chest to expose more of the goods. “The carriage outside contains more of magic enhanced items as well as bows… arrows and such could be bought more in bulk or any other.” He would smirk some, as he then would shut the cask. “My blades don’t dull unless I make them for people I do not wish to have an advantage over.” He chuckled a bit as he kept on his guard. He removed his hood to show his face the yellow eyes looking down to her from where he stood as he was a black grand dragon he presented a sword even that was constructed in the very same manor as the dagger. “The two are a pair if I might add they are sharp but be warned it will melt the skin for it is filled with my acidic touch.”

Soprano: The road to Iron was long, and no doubt the carriage had already arrived. The necessity for gathering wares for her daughter’s alchemical solutions was a necessary step on the journey. Shedding some weight in the cart was important as well, and soon an inn on the road came into view. Delilah and Rowena were unaware of the anxiety peering through the confines of Lunaria’s cloak. Her normally smooth expression was wearing one of anxiety, a soft sigh left her lips as she shifted through the snow, her daughters playing behind her, dashing snow at one another with excited giggles back and forth as they travelled, felling her anxiety as a large ball of snow, thrown by Delilah at the wrong place and time pegged her in the back of the head. She had dusted the snow off her hood before yanking the cart behind her, her girls obediently following behind her now in silence before they reached an inn. Before they reached the inn, she doled out a small amount of silvers for them to gather food for the three of them; two extra gold coins were given as extra to Delilah, for selling and buying goods. While they entered the warm looking farmhouse of a tavern, Lunaria comfortably waited outdoors in the snow, perched against her cart, looking out at the roads, the stables and back and forth conversations between the locals. The landscape had changed; the people had too, their faces plagued with evidence of a war long since fought. She pulled her hood down further as a group of guards bearing the Iron Insignia walked through the small village to the wide berth of the left; this tavern clearly was the place for travelers on the outskirts to rest. They would travel through this village to meet the road to the castle, with the horizon clear on sight. It was a long while before Delilah came out her arms filled with vials, clear and full, and several bushels of ingredients. “The prices here are amazing, I doubled the money you gave me before purchasing all these, I got a discount-…” Her cheeks flushed, “For being a pretty girl.” Her scarred cheek was a blessed pink, and Lunaria tucked her eldest girl close, kissing the cheek, and ignoring its crease as the scar brushed against her lips. “That you are; A beautiful young lady. Now lets gather your sister, and continue off.”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed, slowly walking into the back doors, just as quick as he went out, only to spot Anaya and the man with the large rack of weapons talking. Jeff immediately was on guard until he spotted the large golden sword on the rack. He smiled brightly from behind his mask. Jeff always admired good weaponry and couldn't help but be like a child with a toy. "Oh my goodness! Look at this!" He picked it up from the rack, interrupting their conversation. "It has a nice cross guard so I can't get my hand chopped off! And look at that steel! That is fine crafted Gold infused with steel! This is a real Ruby in the center of it. This sword is a ceremony sword. Yet we can still fight with it. This is such an amazing sword." He turned to the blacksmith, talking to his mother. "Did you craft this, Sir?" The prince smiled brightly from behind his mask. "This is a fine weapon. I must say." He nodded in respect. "I know when to appreciate a fine art." Jeff smiled and then looked at a small Axe. "AND THIS ONE! LOOK AT THAT HANDEL!" Jeff felt the handle. "So smooth. That is a fine oak. And the steel is obviously forged by a man with fine skill." He scanned every one of them. "I can't believe that someone could make such fine weaponry." Jeff crossed his arms and looked between the two of them. "Oh-...I'm sorry. I interuptted. Forgive me. It's just that-..these are amazing tools." Jeff smirked, before once again feeling the chill of the auras that seemed to get closer with each minute. He knew that they would have to stop eventually. Hopefully at the Inn to get some rest. They all seemed slightly annoyed. But each moment that passed, Jeff could feel a familiar vibe from the oldest aura. It was a beautiful energy. He smiled and sighed to himself before turning back to the two of them. "I am the prince. My name is Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose, First of his name. Prince of the Iron, and protector of the poor." He bowed respectfully to the blacksmith and his mother. "And may the day bring you good luck. These weapons are amazing, and someone with your skill-...could really do a lot for this house." Jeff turned to his mother. "These are some of the finest weapons I have ever seen, and I think we should take him on as the head Blacksmith. Even if he didn't make them all, he still aquired them and he has them. We need weapons like these, Mother. Our soldiers and guards would be pleased. Most of them have standard issued iron swords. We don't even have enough whet stones to sharpen all of the swords in the armory. What do you think?"

Anaya: “Put the daggers in a box and we will take them for sure, other magic items I can have my children make their choices on what they want to have, for our bulk needs we will be getting the standard armor wears. Nothing to over the handle but do not go half assed with the quality I don’t want my men falling in battle, after our last war we need more anyway. A lot of the armor we had got lost in the snows. And I will be personally wanting you to do a one of a kind workers job, I need a armor set for myself. Have you ever made golden dragon armor” she asked as she looked at him and her face turned form that smart ass smile to a 100% serious gaze. “I need something light and mobile as I do fly, but I need it hard and strong to not have the black arrows cant rip into it. I want you to not spare a single thing and I don’t care about the expense I wantit to be done right and if you do it right there will be a second set you will be asked to make for my mate, you will be payed like a king” she put the dagger in her hands back down ont eh rack as she looked at the rest of everything and saw her son coming in and just going crazy over the weaponry, she wanted to burst out laughing at his just happy go lucky self-witch she enjoyed more than his I am price self for sure. Anaya looked around and looked at jeff and gave a smile and pated him on the shoulder “I am sure you can handle everything weapons my son, and yes I have made plans to get this male here to make the guards armor as well as things for us. He will do a good job on the guards new fits with our new crest upon them, they will not be super priced but they will do” she turned around and walked over to her throne to sit down, her legs were still a bit sour from her fun run in the snow last night.

VarusDarcy: The young prince had come in from where he didn’t know. It was if someone were in his store gawking over the different areas as he began to touch all of his wears. He didn’t care but the fact is that he could make it and put it for sale made his wears look ten times more valuable since the prince obviously liked his wears. He would smirk as it would issue in a new happy tone rather then this woman who had indeed called one of his own daggers dull to the fact that she might have been not on the same page as this prince jeff. He would bow his head out of respect for he nodded to the young prince. “I have been here since the festival it would seem my wears I do with real gems as well as more synthetic ones made from the very sources of alchemy.” He would raise a brow as he looked upon the sword that was made for slaying and death and it only brought a smile to him. “That sword could be yours if you wish it.. for you have offered a generous offer to me indeed by your works. “ he would chuckle as the old dragon mused looking back and forth to them. Finally he would turn his attention back to the woman, as she would hammer all of what he would have to make new swords and new axes and bows but then her request for the dragon armor would be made. A thin smile crept down his lips, as he would nod answering her question. “With the right composition and the right materials and a good working space I can hammer these things with my crafters look upon these wears and begin laboring as well as I will personally make more weapons for the hold.” He heard the term paid as a king and liked the sound of it. He put his hands together for he loved the scent of gold that he could feel coming, as he simply would look to them both. “Dragon armor I can make a grand set…” he then would reveal of coarse himself, as he is a dragon as well. “My armor is of a similar make and could even build it to shrink with your form as well but that is only if you desire it to.” He would scratch the scuffle that was upon his face as he would nods about her accepting these things. “That is of good use that dagger just be careful an enemy could easily take it and danger could become inflected.” He would smile as the prince held up his fine work of a sword. “You can keep that one I can always make more.. And a battle in the snow eh… the northern terrain is not to be treaded lightly I heard there were some things a foot but more then likely dealt with.” His yellow eyes shimmered, as the decaying aura he gave off would not sicken these light creatures he would shrug but he knew that the woman knew he was a dragon anyway. “Your orders will be carried out.”

Apocryphon: Wraythe had been resting for quite a long while, keeping himself busy with fixing some of the homes in the poorer parts of the village that lay between him and the castle itself, Wraythe always had a soft spot for people in terrible conditions since that's how he himself was raised. He finally decided to slowly gather some things and ready to shut the camp down for now, his face growing a bit scruffy so before anything he took one of his knives and trimmed himself up, cutting much of his hair off as well before styling it in a way that only a small bit fell into his face, he also dragged out his lighter coat and trousers, along with a pair of knee high boots that had knee braces built into them for added support since he'd been working fairly hard these past few days. Wraythe then made his way towards the castle, stopping by a few shops on the way to gather a few supplies, in honesty he didn't know how long he would be staying here in the DeLaRose lands, he actually didn't know who the castle belonged to when he came across the water to this place, all he knew was that it was cold and that he enjoyed the time he spent killing for his food, and a few small bugs that called themselves warriors. Wraythe soon came across a small tavern and let out a small sigh as he entered, taking out his coin to pay for a bit of food and drink before taking a small corner seat away from most of the rabble, a few less fortunate should came by and thanked him for his work on their homes, which Wraythe took with a smile, wasn't every day that he was thanked for doing something that he didn't get paid to do, but either way after he had eaten he let out a small sigh and stood up, grasping his coat before heading out the door and towards the road that led to the castle on the hill.
JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff smiled brightly and nodded slowly to the both of them. "Good. As long as we are both on the same page." He then motioned to the golden sword. "Mine? Well-...I mean. I would love such a beautiful sword but I have taken an oath to not take another life. Perhaps Samuel would like such a fine weapon. He being the king, and all." Jeff spoke in a passive aggressive tone and looked at the ground. "I have other matters to attend to. Excuse me. It was very nice to meet you, Sir." He motioned to the black smith before walking off in the distance. He decided to go for a walk. He needed to find out what the auras were that came closer. He needed to make sure they weren't a threat and with that, headed out the front doors. He stood on the steps and slowly, made his way down the ice covered stairs, his hand firmly wrapped around his staff, which he used as a walking stick. Jeff had on a regular black Jacket with a scarf draping down his neck, his sleeves rolled up. He then had on a small stripped shirt, a V'd collar on it, and a pair of metal greaves that matched his long metal arm, with clawed finger tips at the end of it. It was to help Jeff with melee attacks and the like, Making his punches harder and longer lasting effects of pain would take over. Jeff also had on his large black, spiked boots which crunched through the snow. The storm would hide his figure until he got up close, to which, the black he wore would stick out in the snow. His baby blues cut through the white like a bright light, shining on anyone who met his gaze. He blinked softly and moved toward the Auras. "Hello?"

Soprano: Delilah was in a good mood, and stood next to her mother, as she aided in dragging the cart along, chatting idly about the plans she had for the garden back home, as well as the potions and salves she planned to make. Delilah was a quiet girl and seeing her excited about something was more than enough to have Lunaria’s spirits lifted. In truth, she had missed her daughter in the time she was away, and it felt right to have the three of them together, even if she missed Atreyu with a fierce desperation. In some ways he reminded her of Xander, but he was entirely unique, and an incredibly unique, thoughtful boy, where his sister was rambunctious and rowdy, always looking to pick a fight. She was now sitting in the back of the cart, being tugged along quiet for once as she examined the roads, her ponytail loose from its hood. She was very much like her father in a lot of ways, and raising her with Cinna had been tough, as the stubborn nature of her lineage seemed to shine through her directly. There were days she was amazed that she didn’t grow horns and a bullring. Rowena was stubborn as an ox, and just as temperamental while her sister was as gentle as a butterfly’s wing, much like Cinna when he wanted to be. Gentle, but damn crafty, and venomous when she needed to be, both literally and figuratively. The girl was a master alchemist, and it showed in everything she did, always scheming and idling. Lunaria had mastered her craft a long time ago, and was not only a deadly swordsman, but also a caster and a weaver. Those who knew her craft knew what she was capable of, and her gloved hands shivered with cold as her threadbare leather gloves clung to her iron soaked skin. Rowena sighed noisily drawing her attentions from Delilah to hers not changing the stagnant position of her head from being pressed forward, like the light at the end of a dock guiding her home towards the castle. “Do you think the Empress will have uses for us?” Her question was curious, but truthfully, Luna had no idea. There was no doubt that Delilah would be an asset to the hold, her skills matched no other. She of course might be turned away at the door for abandoning her post so many years earlier. She knew, in her heart of hearts that if she arrived, and was slaughtered, Jeff would do what was in his power to keep the girls safe. That was what mattered to her now, more than ever in these times of war. One day, he would meet Atreyu, his son. But now was not that day. She had no desire to play off the absent sympathies of the queen, but she intended to make good on her offer of always having a home in the walls of Iron. Somehow she would find a way to make it work, each step increasing her wavering anxieties, not only for herself, but for the uncertain future she continued trudging towards with each step on the ice burned ground.

Anayua: Anaya looked out from her throne “the northern lands are gone now, the ground does not even exist anymore, it has been turned to nothing but scattered floating islands, I made sure of this myself” she put her feet up on the throne as she relaxed a tad looking around and wondering were Samuel was at, he was not to be off hunting now maybe he was sleeping or something. She thought to herself as she ran her fingers into her snow white locks “as long as you can do the tasks at hand, and that golden weapon put it in the same box with the daggers will you. How much is it you want for it all? The daggers and the blade?”

VarusDarcy: He would look to the things and well he made a lot but then again he toiled from then for hours. He would smile as he would place the price upon the cargo. “The price I could take is a good thirty five thousand…. But no need to worry I will go make the rest of what you need as soon as possible…” his price was a as iron because it was a fair price no need to bullshit the queen who now gave him a better job and the fact that he had access to the royal smeltery it would indeed be a great thing to have he would smile before paying his respect on last more time. “if you will excuse me I have to go see the preparations that will come in order.” He shut the chest as he began to walk out into the snow before hopping on the cart that would send him on his way.
Apocryphon: Wraythe looked about as he walked, his ears flicking a bit to the various conversations going on around him, though one did catch his attention for a moment as he continued on, stopping at the crossroads to slip his coat back onto his body, smoothing it out after he had done so before turning his head with a cock of his brow, knowing the figure coming through the snow, yet not saying anything as he drew closer, until he was almost upon him which was when he raised his hand and spoke one word "Yo" He then let a smile creep across his masked face before stretching his arms above his head "What brings the "Prince of Iron" out here at this time of day?" He said the words with such sarcasm that it practically dripped from his lips, always wishing to antagonize the man to a point, after all it's what he does best "Apologies for not being in the castle as of late, i've been working on some things for the people here in the poorer places, patching roofs and walls and such, figured i'd keep myself busy" He gave a small shrug and took a small step forward before stopping and reaching into his coat to pull out a small envelope and press it to Jeff's chest "This contains my thoughts and possible plans for the poor parts of town, and also my thoughts on how long i might stay in the lands here, i'm not sure how long it'll be so get your fill while you can" And without another word he stepped off into the storm, not caring in the slightest while he made his way up the winding road to the castle, upon reaching it he pressed his right hand against the heavy door and pushed it open, the sudden feeling of heat making him abit uncomfortable yet he still wandered inside, knocking off some of the snow before proceeding too far inside towards the kitchen area, always looking for something to snack on while he visited, since he wasn't on job he could take it easy and mooch here and there from the private stores as long as it wasn't too noticable. Wraythe had decided after looking through the stores on water, though as he held the small goblet it grew ever colder until finally freezing over the top. Wraythe then picked the small bits of ice from the drink and chewed on them, waiting for something, anything exciting to happen that might cure him of his boredom

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff blinked softly and kept trudging through the snow. Before he had stopped to spot Wraythe. His eyes adjusted to the form of his-...friend? His body stood on guard. "Hello Wraythe. I am out here because I felt a strange pair of Auras...It just doesn't make any sense. These things feel...familiar-..." Jeff was mostly talking to himself before having a paper pressed to his chest. He blinked and nodded. "If you have some plans for what to do with the poor, then I will give it a look. Thank you Wraythe." Jeff blinked, caught by surprise at Wraythe's sudden care for the townspeople. Jeff then turned on his heel and began to walk back up the steps. "I'll give it a looksy when I get to my desk." Jeff smirked from behind his mask and moved back through the door, before stopping in place. His eyes twitched. "There is that burst of Aura again...Who the hell is coming here?" He whispered, Jeff's baby blues blinked as he kicked the snow from his boots at the door, and slowly started heading up the stairs, to his office, to look over the plans.

Soprano: As they approached the castle, Lunaria’s belly suffered in knots, Rowena and Delilah now at her sides while they walked up the road, calves beginning to ache on the way up the incline. There was no change in the challenge of carrying the cart, but they made it look that way as best as possible. Several times they were stopped by men and women who offered to lessen the load, only to be gracefully put down. They rested at a plateau, Rowena indulging in a warm bottle of milk they had kept bundled in the cart from their stop at the inn, honey bread and blueberries were the flavored chaser, which Delilah partook in, choosing to stay away from the milk as she didn’t enjoy the mucousy reside it left in its wake. Lunaria was unable to eat, thinking deeper as the lights of the castle grew closer. She was startled, bumping into the back of an older man, who scooped snow from the main road with a bronzed shovel. Rowena and Delilah had stopped moments before, but Luna, so caught in her thoughts had bumbled forwards. “My apologies good sir, I was miles away.” In practiced human manner, she brushed her collarbone with her fingertips, the figure of an embarrassed maiden. The older man smiled, his eyes a soft blue as blindness seized him, teeth yellowed with age. “No worries my dear, I’m rather small, and you’re very tall, I can’t say I blame you for missing me. You look like you’re on a mission, anyway I can aid you?” His hobbled frame leaned into the shovel, hands bare and fingers blackened with age and dirt. Several nails were chewed to the nib, one black from some kind of impact. She looked at his face with a smile, “Only with how long the journey to the castle is-… And if you happen to have some kind of wine at your disposal for purchase, I’m afraid my nerves are getting the best of me.” Her tone was cordial, and the man mulled over his words for a few minutes before he understood, head cocked forward for better hearing. “Ahh, yes yes, I do so happen to have a small store of spiced wine, left over from the festival several months past, when Lord Jeff was to marry the Princess of Firedor.” Rowena perked up and jumped forwards, “Lord Jeff? The Prince of Iron?” The man stumbled back a small amount with surprise before nodding, “Oh aye. Married to that Princess ooh… who knows how long ago it was.” Lunaria’s brow creased for a moment before the man continued on, “There was an accident though, poor lass passed away, and his lordship was shipped back to his handmaiden.” Rowena frowned looking at her pensive mother, “A hand maiden?” “A pretty little thing, named Ashe, lovely girl, very kindly. They are sweet together.” Rowena bit back a snarl as Lunaria’s resolve shifted. If there was someone new, who would know whether Jeff would care if her children lived or died upon her own passing at entrance? The old man was unaware of this biting change, and with Delilah’s aid, returned to his home to gather the necessary bottles she required. Rowena pressed her hand against her mother’s arm, only to have her pull away. A sure sign she was hurting in some way. Luna was still upset at Jeff for how things ended, the day Jarul died. But she had thought… She had thought SOMETHING, maybe even a little foolishly she had allowed herself a petite sliver of hope for whatever foreign emotion littered her heavy heart, and now what was left? It took her a long moment of thought before the man came back, and she held out the money with numb fingers, though her hand remained warm. What had been uncertain now became an uncharted territory. Who was to know where she stood now and so close to her destination it felt like the only thing she could do was press forward, a bottle haphazardly opened and absconded from before continuing forward, only serving to chew with an acerbic intensity on the weakened surface of her knotted stomach.

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Anaya: Anaya spotted wraythe right away as he walked inside out of the cold and to the kitchen “guard bring that man over here so I don’t have to yell for him” the guards men nodded as he ran over to the man right after her had entered the kitchen ”you Sir, the queen requests to see you, right away” the guard talked out of his helmet as his voice came out deeper than it really was due to the metal helmet and other junk in there the guards man stood post waiting for the man to say something or just go to the throne were Anaya had parked her backside siting all nice and pretty in her chair.

Apocryphon: Wraythe let his form rest in the cushions of a chair while slowly dozing off, his boredom was something that he never really enjoyed, it left a slightly bad taste in his mouth like he was doing something wrong, but in any case he could always wander about, which is what he was about to do before a guard came and beckoned him, though he told the guard he would see Anaya when he returned, he felt like going on a small walk at the moment, he made his way out of the castle and back to his small camp to pick up a pack of supplies, food, water, things of that nature, along with his single large blade that he strapped around his shoulder before starting odd once more, he wouldn't be gone for too long, though he needed to find something to do, something to put his mind at ease at least for awhile so he wouldn't be called a moocher. Wraythe wandered for some time, a small yawn leaving his lips while taking a small shortcut through a wooded area, a small tune in the form of a whistle leaving his lips soon after since he had since removed the cloth mask that covered his face, the only thing making his stand out in the storm was the dark grey of his clothing and the various marking across his face, though as he stepped back onto a road he heard a slight conversation happening, one of castles, and Jeff, this drew his attention a bit as he wandered towards it only to see a woman with a batch of younglings close at hand, and soon after the tune he whistled stopped and he spoke "Well hello there Miss, you've come searching for something at one hell of a time haven't you?" He let out a small laugh and looked to the cart, then to her and the young ones "I'd offer to help you to the castle but i think you'd tell me you weren't interested" He cocked his brow a bit and gave a light shrug, stepping off the road towards the old man's abode before knocking and giving him a bit of his food, as he always did when going by this way, Wraythe then made his way back up to the road and spoke to the lady "If you're looking for the castle with the crazy dragon lady, it's about an hour that way, just follow the road and you'll get there, though i don't know how hospitable of a mood she would be in, never can tell with her" Another small laugh escaped him as he pulled his pack from his shoulders and opened it, retrieving a few sweets before offering them to the lady "These are for the children if you would like, i don't really eat sweet things as it is, and seeing a smile on a child’s face always seems to brighten the day" He then stepped off and continued on, turning his head to speak once more as he backed away "And don't stray from the road, it's a good way to get lost, if you'd like a guide i can help, it'd give me something to do as it were, and in any case i need to head back anyway, apparently she wishes to speak with me about something" He offered it on good faith, he was feeling rather generous lately, not sure why exactly, but he was.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff finally made it up the stairs to his office and opened the door, before shutting softly behind him. He placed his back against the door before sliding down to sit on the floor in front of the oak. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling, before remembering months back.
He was standing in the Firedor throne room, watching the princess stair back at him. She wanted him, but not in the way that most people wanted another. He remembered what she said to him, as her words still buzzed loudly in his brain. "My sweet. We were meant to be. Not that whore you have now. No one but I deserves you." Jeff sighed and remembered his own words. How he said he loved another and could never love the Princess. He wasn't referring to Ashe. Jeff always had loved Luna, from day one, and always wanted her back. But after she had left, he assumed he would never see her again and settled for someone to hold. Someone to carress. Someone who filled his life with joy. Ashe was not that person. He cared for her, but not as a lover. He had only ever attempted to make love to Ashe once and it was less than romantic. She was gone every other month, and always said that she felt running away, thus they never really got the chance to connect. Not as Jeff and Luna had so many years ago. Jeff closed his eyes before remembering his look to the princess. "You are mine..." Jeff walked up to her, placed a strand of hair behind her ear, and began to strangle her. He remembered the look of her eyes, as the life faded from them. The soft skin, slowly turning into a sickening pale blue, as her oxygen was cut off. His hands snapping her neck like a twig with no effort after losing all of his strength after a month of long, agonizing torture. Every night, he imagined her, slowly dying in his hands all while he thought about Luna and getting back home. He hoped, almost selfishly that they would both die at an old age, content with their lives and would spend forever together in the afterlife. But most of the time, happy ending didn't happen. Jeff, still sitting on the ground, took the envelope out of his pocket and tore it open, only to read the letter and raise a brow. "Hm. I will look this over with the queen." He muttered to himself, before looking back at the ceiling. "I wish Luna was here." He spoke out to no one in particular. "I know I don't pray to the gods often anymore but-...I could wash the dirt off my hands. I keep digging what I can't bury. I keep my burdens locked up. I keep wanting to wake up in my own castle, lazy, with Luna, my summer goddess by my side. Instead, I am here. I hate my life and am not content with the life I live. Please-...if any of you are out there. If any of you are listening. Please-...Just let me see her face one last time before, by your good graces, I am eventually run through with a sword.."

Soprano: As the gates approached, Rowena grew restless, all but dancing in circles around the cart. Delilah has reclosed on herself. Once chatty, now picking up on her mother’s darkened state of mind she let her head down, trying to ignore her stir crazy sister as she pirouetted through the snow, rolling into a graceful cartwheel. Landing in a pile, the gate less than thirty yards from the cart, Lunaria stopped and the operation was paused. Delilah looked over her mother as Luna’s fists clenched at her sides, looking around her as a severance of memories flooded into her psyche. From her first approach, threatening to spring on the prince with bow and arrow, to the last time, leaving in the dead of night with the clothes on her back and a pack of things she arrived with, belly tighter than now with the dreadful secret beneath her smock. “Mother-…” Rowena spoke, her tone for once even and thoughtful, “If you can’t do this, if you can’t handle it, we can turn around and go home.” The simple sentence was almost enough to topple Lunaria’s resolve. “If seeing my father is too much to handle-…” She was interrupted by Luna’s hand rising up, “The last time I was here, I was looking at the towering gates and seeing a future where I was stuck bowing and scraping, being the mother of the crown prince’s child for the rest of my life. I wanted better for myself, for you. I saw what he went through and I couldn’t bear to let my child be in a position as such, where they would be stuck in an ornate chair, rather than picking daisies and dancing in the sunshine of home. I left for reasons entirely selfish…” The truth in some ways was harder than fiction, Jarul, killing the guard, loving moving in the rain-… Everything was far too complicated to explain to a child, this was easier… It wasn’t until an unnecessary stranger popped up interrupting her discussion that she went quiet. Her pleasant expression soured as she raised her eyebrow, his offer of sweets were met by her carefully removing her gloves, blades of iron shooting from her fingers and spearing the treats soundly, exploding outwards scattering the morsels to the fallen snow before she ended her discussion and with fresh vigor walked by the nameless man, tugging her gloves on for good measure, the cart falling behind as Rowena and Delilah helped to tug it, the twelve year old looking up to the man, her ponytail swinging with disdain before she spoke in a low tone, reminiscent of her fathers, “Don’t talk to strangers.” Before they in turned in the direction of the castle, blood smearing against her gloves as she replaced them on her hands, catching on the crisp air as she rubbed her hands together in a smooth motion. “I am not afraid of what I will find in that castle. I am not foolish to think that you father has not moved on. I am reluctant to think he has found someone who will be what he deserves as a prince, and I hold no qualms in exercising my right as the one who was his fiancée once upon a time, in requisitioning the position for someone who is more deserving if she proves to be a damsel in distress.” There was a sharpness in her voice, reminiscent of who she once was as she approached the gate now, releasing her hair from her hood as the men at the gate held their spears in a crossed position before requesting to know her business. She pulled her cloak aside, pulling into a tight salute, and one fist to her heart, the other to her back, in mirrored position. “I am Lunaria Zorander, Captain of the Guard, and Personal Guard to Lord Jeff DeLaRose.” One of the guards looked her over, his mouth opening wide, “But-… you’re dead.” Delilah smiled, hand rising to her mouth, before Luna smirked herself, dropping her salute. “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I wish to have counsel with the Queen.”

Anaya: The guard came back to Anaya saying that the man had left saying he would get back to her request later, Anaya did not take kindly to his as she sat there looking at the guard as the muffle of something going on in his helmet made her pause. She moved and got up picking up the helmet and lifting it from the man’s head to show black shaggy hair and a stick of meat hanging out of his mouth as he gave a smile to her as he took another bite then took it and handed her a piece “I will not tell if you don’t miss Anaya” Anaya gave a smile taking it and popping it back in her mouth as she popped the helmet back on his head. “Stop stealing meat from the cooks and go to the door and when that man gets back here tell him to turn around. If he can’t respect order and place he holds none here” Anaya pated the guards man on the shoulder as another on rushed over to her with a shocked look upon his face “there is some woman at the door my lady saying she is the dead guard for the prince, I believe she is a lier but has 2 children with her what do I do?” “let the woman in I am sure she is nothing more than a towns person hearing a story and wanting it to be real, and if she has young ones I am sure a meal in her belly will shut her up and then we can send her out on her way back to the goats and pigs were she be from. And if she is the real thing I am sure jeff will feel her a mile away run down her and then I will be able to watch a show wall I eat some bosc, did the import come in from the south as of yet?”  the guard stood there as she said it all as he did not really know what to say about it other than the simple “yes the Bosc is in from the south a maid will bring some to you my lady I will go let the woman in” the guard moved back to the door as Anaya crossed one leg over the other one watching him fumble around and then watching as the other one with the stolen meat hidden away left to go do what was asked of him, stand at the door and tell the man that ruined her stable to go away if he did come back. Samuel’s walked out form the sofa room as he fixed his hair and walked over to his mate “Samuel bin fucking the maids once more I see, you have her smell on you” “no no my dear just having a tad fun” “yes I am sure you have bin it is fine regardless, you are on hunting duty tonight I want the stocks full I brought in a stag this morning I would like you to go east and bring in carrion bird I hear they are good for our young one even if hard to take down. I am sure you will do fine” Sam moved as he gave that look as if to say oh great another thing that will bite me, but he nodded his head knowing he did not really have a say in this matter and took his spot at her flank in the kings throne “our baby is doing well in the hold?” he asked as he looked at her and took her white nailed hand “yes it is growing nicely and the baby within will be due in a couple weeks’ time, I am sure it will go fast, much why we need to make our meal stocks high and get the guards ranks back before it hatches, when it is hatched I want this place locked up and well-guarded. Keep our child safe and keep others safe from it”
Apocryphon: At the woman's actions he gave a slight shrug and continued on his way, continuing to hum his small tune before trapsing back off into the woods, knowing the way be heart, even with snow covering his tracks as he went, some more time went by while he made his way back to the castle, taking his sweet time before eventually making his way back into the courtyard, seeing the woman speaking with the guard he let out a sigh and stepped up to them all, placing his hand to the guards chin, forcefully closing his mouth "You'll catch flies if you keep that open" He then bypassed them all on the way to the castle doors, turning to speak as he did so "You want to see the queen then come on, she's probably not to happy with me at the moment, so at least you'll get to see something humorous" He then pushed the door open and as the guard moved to speak to him he hit the top of the man's helmet, wagging his finger in front of him as he passed before looking towards the main hall, his footsteps heavy as to pronounce his arrival while passing by the guards and servants on his way to stand before the queen "Lady Anaya, Wraythe Valkiri, i believe you called on me, though i had a few things to take care of as it were, caught me at a terrible time" He seemed a bit more formal than he usually would otherwise "Deepest apologies, though after me it seems you have someone calling on you, now how may i help you on this lovely cold day in your lands?" He body being in the near vicinity caused the air to cool a bit around him, looking to the male at her side with a small nod in acknowledgment before turning his dead hues towards the queen once more
JeffLyvixDeLaRoseJeffLyvixDeLaRose Whisper: Jeff's eyes lit up has he felt the aura at his very door step, before quickly opening the door and rushing down the long spiral steps. His orbs franticly jumped about the room. "Who is here?!" Jeff grumbled. "It's driving me crazy!" Jeff was ready for whatever was on it's way into his home and grunted as he crossed his arms. Whoever it was, better be prepared, he thought. No one would harm his brother, or sister, including whatever was in the egg, and Ana. No one would hurt his mother, or even Samuel. Jeff would stand tall, ready to see whoever was behind the door. He would greet them with a soft smile. Maybe give them a room for the night, but if any of them tried anything, he would be right there to stop the situation for escalating. He was sure Wraythe was too, but he didn't feel like he could truly rely on anyone around the house to do anything to aid anyone else. Wraythe, did however want to help the poor, and that did make Jeff take that thought back. Jeff moved over to his throne, that rested right next to his mother's but decided rather quickly, that he didn't feel like sitting there. He didn't want to be in sight for whoever it was. He changed his mind in a split second and quickly moved back to where the small library was, still in the main hall. He simply opened up a spell tome and acted like he was reading, as to not draw attention to himself, yet anyone whom even looked his way could tell that the prince was nervous. He knew the aura was familiar, but he still couldn't place a face to it. He was nervous that it could be anyone from his past. Friend or enemy. He was ready for whatever came through. He peered over the edge of his book and waited.
Soprano: The guard returned, allowing her entrance into the hold, her body tensing… All was well and good to be cocky, and demand to see the empress as was, but now, she was about as deadly as they could come. Wired like a spring with her iron shaking like a brittle bar in the winter wind. Delilah was afraid now, her fear imprinted in Luna’s nose as Rowena was just as anxious, her foot just a step before her mothers, as like a bear her mother gathered the two of them behind her, or at least as her flanks as she entered the hold. All the familiar scents reentering her nose and throwing her into a spiral of memories both good and bad; the fresh scents stole a story of their own, and the looks surrounding her told her more than one would have expected. Her cart was offered to be held at the gate, a skeptical new guard stood at ease, looking over her as she nodded to allow the cart to remain, beckoning for her girls to remove their cloaks as well the man’s offer ignored, as a guard should be. Her orders coming directly from her charge regardless of the age. She would wait until called upon, no longer in a position to be cocky, and for once she prayed Rowena knew how to hold her tongue. One important job she would have upon arrival would be to request mercy from the queen, surrendering her daughter’s position in whatever hierarchy of royalty there was in the process. She sought nothing but safety and work... A purpose beyond raising her children in a civil war ridden land, fire blazing at the horizon and rationing of their hard worked lands coming only days away. Safety and prosperity. Honest pay for honest work. She trusted in the Empress’ sense of honor for the promise she made so many years ago. Her son and daughter would have no place in the royal family if she had a choice in the matter. Her cloak fell from its tightly buttoned position, to hang loose behind her, long skirts tucked at her feet, and neatly buttoned at her bust; the matronly appearance was a shock to the scarcity the first time she arrived in the Iron Castle. Along her shoulders, feathered epaulettes whispered in the air from the disorganized stone of the walls, its tight collar leading up to her chin, her tail catching on the stone as she walked. Rowena was close behind, her clothing in mirror to that of her mother, cloak abandoned and snowy ponytail straightened behind her. Her slim hips and belly exposed to the air, freckled skin and the subtle tan from the summer light of her home the only show to her hybrid nature, otherwise her tailbone was greeted by the subtle licks of her ponytail dancing behind her as she caught up before her mother, and glanced around the halls both familiar and entirely new. Delilah politely followed, her peasant clothing bunched and mussed, but charming in their own way. Her hair as pale as her mother and sisters, tightly cut across her brows, two long strands of hair locked down her face, and were met by a twin tail of curls over her shoulders. Her peasant sleeves released from the cloaks arms, leaves of sage and kingsfoil dropping to the ground in a harmless rain. Her face, terribly scarred with burns exposed to the light as she tailed after Lunaria, as her mother made her way into the main foyer of DeLaRose.
JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff shut the doors to the library
Anaya looked up to see wraythe first she had some hard words in mind for him about his fun painting the stable red, it did not need a new paint job and now they did not have a stable. Samule put a hand on Anayas shoulder as he looked out “you have more pressing matters that walked in the door my dear, I will handle the fighter ” Anaya already new the smell of metal and the smell of luna had already come into her nose “I guess they were not liars after all, and yes my dear you handle him” Samuel got up putting a hand on wraythes shoulder to lead him over to the side Anaya from Anaya and the guest known as Luna to a select few that had been around that long. “now you painted the stable red, even if I did not mind it at all, really I thought you could have plastered the guts a bit farther apart but it was your artwork bit so you in my eyes I did not care, but I am not monarch here and she scolded Jeff upon his action so I guess I get to do it to you” Samuel picked up wraythe hand and kinda slapped the top of it “don’t kill in this house, at least not others who live in it no matter what they do, you are to hit them to knock them out then drag them down to the celler and lock them in a cell to starve, if you do it again you will get your ass banished. I hope this is understood last one you want talking to you is Anaya, you only got it half as bad as she gave to her kid.” Anaya siting in her throne looked over to the door way as she saw the 3 body’s walking inside. There was three not one as she tilted her head looking at them, she wondered for a second as she closed her bright red eyes and took in the air around them “come in Lunaria, we thought you were long dead, but then again we never did find the body of you so I guess now it is clear you are alive. And who is it you have there?” Anayas red eyes looked to the children, red stabbing eyes as she blinked and wondered things to herself.

Apocryphon: Wraythe eyed Samuel and nodded to his words "The fourth man got away, i would have had more to work with, but you know, artist block i guess" He let out a small laugh and allowed the back of his hand to be smacked like a small child "As for Jeff and his scolding, he's gotten worse from me i'm sure, you see you may not know this, not many in this castle do, but back in the day i was actually your woman's personal guard, i made sure things didn't get too out of hand with the day to day life, but every now and again i would indulge myself with a fight or two, just to keep the spirits high and the blood flowing, you know, that old shtick" He let out a small laugh and nodded once more "Oh, and if you so wish, i'm very good at building things with my hands, if you and Anaya would like me to i can build a new stable, it'd give me something to do other than sitting around antagonizing the prince all day, all i'd require is tools and lumber, do talk it over with her, but if you don't mind, i'm gonna go and take a seat, watch all of this unfold, maybe learn who people are" He gave the male two thumbs up and slithered off, taking a seat near the back of the great hall so perhaps he wouldn't be too bothered, though he did ask for some water from one of the servants, which was brought post haste, with a thank you she left, and Wraythe was left there to do as he pleased, as long as he didn't kill in the castle anyway
Anaya: Samuel looked at him and smiled the man took it well “well she is not the same Anaya you knew, maybe like it but not the same time changes beasts you know. Any tools and lumber you need can be gotten for you start making up your plans on how it looks like it has to be large enough to hold the horses as well as everything else and the 6 cave trolls they have been stuck in the snow since we pulled down the old stable, the small horse hut we have up is not place for them,  so the faster you can get something up for at least them it would be great. ” he watched the man walk off to have a sit and watch everything that was going to unfold as Samuel leaned against a pillar to do the same.
Soprano: The cloying voice of the Empress settled through Lunaria’s bones as she was invited in. The man from easily forgotten as Rowena stuck out beside her mother with a defensive glare, one reminiscent of Jeff’s own as he scuttled like a skeever into the library to spy and shut the door. His aura only enclosed around Luna’s senses for a moment before her attention was snapped towards Anaya. Now it was the moment she would find out if she was to live or die. Her hand brushed to Delilah’s shoulder, her other to Rowena’s center back as she pushed forward, these holds reassuring as she left them behind her walking towards her Queen and sinking to her knee. “My lady… Yes, I hadn’t expected to leave for as long as I did, but pressing issues kept me from returning, and I come to rectify the wrong that I left in my stead.” She rose again, her eyes searching up to the red pair of the Dragon before respectfully pointing downwards again. Her voice echoed in the hall, but her heartbeat drowned out the mirrored call of her voice. One hand back she looked towards her eldest daughter, the girl walked timidly forward, gripping her skirts in a curtsey, bumbled of course but none the less what she could do in her state of true fear, eyes boring into her mother after staring to the ground when address the queen. “This is my eldest daughter, Delilah Noire Zorander, daughter of Cinna Drujah.” She looked back towards Rowena who came forward now to her mother’s side, she bowed stiffly from the waist at her introduction, “This is my second daughter, Rowena Moira Zorander, daughter of Jeff DeLaRose, as you have likely already learned.” That was an assumption, but it wasn’t a lost conclusion as she looked up again, the truth of her words flowing from herself to the dragon Queen. “Our son, Atreyu Caspian Zorander rests with my partner, by laws of nature, Cinna, who is within Firedor training him until his maturity.” The girls backed away again and let their mother stand before the queen, hands at her sides, as she spoke, expression reflected in the red of the blood stag of Iron. “I come seeking the gift you bestowed upon me, so many years past. I seek honest pay for honest work, with my children, away from the Civil War, and to repay my debt for leaving prematurely before my delivery of Rowena…” She stopped for a moment, allowing for a moment of speech between before speaking again, “I am not here to seek to claim whatever right my daughter has in her blood… Only to serve… My bastard has no desire to seek positioning at the stead of the royal house… We seek to make good on the bargain struck and have you make use of our services once more.”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes locked onto the Auras that came into the room, now close enough for him to feel. He opened the doors to spot Rowena, whom was being introduced. Jeff's jaw dropped at the sight of his daughter. She was beautiful. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her, that she was his blood. He was in the corner, slowly making his way out into the main room, whilst Luna finished speaking. He slowly stepped forward and spoke in a quiet tone, fighting his lungs to choke out the words. "Lunaria-..." He slowly lifted his hand up to his face, and pulled his mask off, before looking between them. "Lun-..." Jeff's eyes slowly watered, yet he quickly stopped himself, and looked to Rowena. "Blood of mine." He whispered. Jeff had never had a child before and this was new to him. He slowly stepped a bit closer. "Rowena-...Lunaria..." Jeff looked between the two of them, before spotting Delilah, and again, a small smile spread into a large one. "I prayed to the Gods. I asked them that even if you hated me, that they would bless me with the image of your face. But they never told me that they would bring me a daughter." Jeff was taken back. He dropped his mask to the ground, the thud echoing across the hall. He felt his blond strands fall infront of his eyes, covering most of his face, as he was too ashamed to even look at the three of them. "I am-...a father?" Everything was coming to him all at once and his mind began to race. He slowly backed up and looked down at Rowena. "He-...Hello. I am-...Jeff DeLaRose. I am your father-...It wonderful to meet you." Jeff couldn't help but keep smiling despite the fact that Lunaria most likely hated ever fiber in his body. "I-..I am so glad that I can finally lay my eyes on my kin. I never thought I would have a child-...but-...Here you are." Jeff smiled brighter before turning to look at Lunaria. "And here you beautiful as the day I last laid my dying eyes on you. The last day I saw you, was the last good day I've had since. Lunaria-...I-...I missed you." He stepped a bit closer, about 8 feet from them, trying to keep his distance. "Luna-..." He whispered under his breath, before slowly frowning, and remembering all that he had done to her. "Lunaria-...Oh my. I sorry." Jeff didn't know what to say to this situation, and just talked out loud, trying to ackowledge the situation as best as he could. "I-...Thank you for coming back to let me lay my eyes on you and my child. That is all I've asked the gods for. That is all I've ever wanted.. I' happy to see you and yet-...I can't even describe what else I am feeling." He slowly looked up to lock eyes with her, getting lost in her gaze. She was beautiful... They both were. Delilah was a small young thing, obviously not his, but was still welcome with open arms, although she looked the type to not like embraces from those she didn't know.

Anaya:  Anayas eyes moved to the children, one the child of her son the other a child her son would still treasure like his own and as she knew there Jeff was right away as he felt them come in. “you are welcome to serve here, my offer I gave of shelter still remains and you were one of my best guards so long ago. I am sure there is a room in the upper halls fitting a mother and 2 children it may not even be far from Jeff’s, I will have a maid clean and ready it for you and the guards can bring in your goods from outside and bring them up to your new sted.  It will be nice to have more children in the halls, but I do say we don’t have much for them, have not had children in the halls here for hundreds of years, since Jeff was a young boy and his brothers and sisters were alive” she moved to look over to Samuel as he gave a smile and nodded his head just watching the show of Jeff being well Jeff. Anaya moved her hand to wave to him as he came over “please go to the hold and check on our egg, if it needs warming let me know” she said softly as he kissed her cheek and went on his way knowing she could fully take care of herself and everything on her own.  Anaya watched her son and her grandchildren, well Anaya had grandchildren this was a new thing.

Soprano: Luna’s face fell as Jeff approached, and it took all of her effort not to turn and leave. Her two girls had yet to notice him before he spoke, but she felt his eyes on her, the familiar insecure pull of his gaze caught her surprisingly unawares as a flood of emotion yanked through her and froze her in place. Rowena felt the response immediately and turned towards Jeff, her eyes widening with a variety of emotions of her own, and a soft fulfillment filled her eyes as she turned, Luna in tow, unable to take a step forward. The world fell into subtle stillness, deafening her as the voice of those around her fell in tune with the rushing of her blood through her veins. A terse whine of silence filled the air as she met eyes with him, the emotional hold of joy, through to regret collecting over his expression as his mask collapsed to the floor. She felt herself inhaling deeply, back straightening before her eyes left his, and she bent forwards, “My deepest thanks for your kindness my lady. We have travelled long, but are eager to begin.” Her turn away was cold as Rowena continued staring at her father, caught in the middle, with her eyes on him, but her hand clutching her mother’s skirts in a reflexively childlike motion. The sinking feeling in the young girl’s chest told her that there was more to her parents separation that met the eye. She looked to her paternal grandmother, fear of what was unfolding before her overwhelming the anxiety of the dragon before her. There was a small part of her which wished she would take over and make her parents make up to cleanse the silence. A silence Delilah was keenly in tune with, and decidedly aware of all the circumstances Rowena was not. She thought for a moment how she pitied her mother more than anything in this moment as Lunaria rose from her bow and turned on her heel. Her expression dark, and eyes listless in a way she remembered from the death of her brother, in Firedor. It was then she was reminded, that her beloved older brother was murdered by the very man before her, not by his hand but his word, and those wide red eyes slowly filled with malice. She tailed behind her mother, Rowena in close following, bowing forwards, as her mother went to aid in bringing her things to the allotted chambers. The girls went ahead to the maid leaning forward in a kindly gesture towards the stairwell, but Lunaria paused beside Jeff, her lips parting with words, not able to look down at him. She couldn’t speak for a moment-... In her head it had all seemed picturesque, that she would return and things would be as they were, but she knew now that everything had changed. In her, in him. In the hold. She opened her mouth to speak, but the only sound which erupted was a soft croak, dampened as she swallowed. Her voice escaped in a hollow threadbare hush, still not looking down at him, her fists tightened and her voice, quiet finally came free. “I hope that your Ashe makes you very happy.” She paused, and continued forward up the stairs without looking back, refusing to acknowledge the tears which silently trickled down her cheeks.

Apocryphon: Wraythe let out a small laugh to the events unfolding before him and he nodded, standing and slowly making his way out of the great hall and then towards the supply area, going to ask for various tools for wood working and fastening, to have it all ready for when he had plans drawn out for the new stable, soon he was returning to a seat with a small table in front of him, along with a roll of paper and a quill with an inkpot. Wraythe began scribbling away in his slightly messy scrawl, though if one looked he was quite good at making plans out, writing out measurements, what woods to use where, where to fasten it all together, all in all it was slightly messy, but would be more than large enough to fit the horses and trolls that the dragons kept. Wraythe then rolled up the paper and looked to Samuel with a small nod as he stood and walked away towards the large doors of the castle, closing them behind him as he took a seat on the step right outside to enjoy the cold air, letting his hair become messy due to it as he relaxed and enjoyed some nice quiet, sure that if anyone needed, or wanted his help that they would fetch him, but before that happened he laid himself down onto the snow, his body sinking into the cold powder while he grew most relaxed and just a bit weary before finally dozing off, his body at home in the cold elements, but come morning this would be an excellent spot to build a new stable

Anaya: Anaya let out a breath seeing everything unfold, she did not expect her son and his last mate to have a happy ending there was going to be harsh words no matter what way it went. Samuel came up behind her and kissed her cheek as Anaya smiled and he took her hand “come with me the snow has stopped and I want you outside with me in the air of today. please” she looked at him as he had the eyes she did care for “alright but I have much to do you know” Samuel nodded as he pulled her hand and yanked her to the door way pushing open the door  and walked outside stepping into the new snow. Anaya was a tad hesitant as she did step into it as well the skin on her feet bubbled but did not burn to badly as she had much more strength then before. Samuel made a snow ball with his hand and tossed it at her it hit her arm and he smiled as she gave that look at him. “Come on Anaya, big bad golden dragon of white scale were a snow ball does more damage than a cannon shot” he backed up and looked out to the lands “what good is a ruler that can’t have fun” she looked at him picking up a snow ball as it burned her hand and she tossed it at him before it was even able to draw blood “I can so have fun” he side stepped as she yelled at him and he looked at her “you have shit aim my love”  Anaya started laughing as she walked down the steps in the snow past wraythe as she started to walk to her mate “so were be our quest go, and are we walking in human footsteps or our own” Samuel looked at her as she came over to him and he wrapped his arms around her waist “just to the stream or the town we can’t be gone long I promise, and our baby is in good hands, the spiders will watch our youngling” Anaya looked at him then looked back at the castle and saw Wraythe “if we come home to you covered in blood, there will be heads rolling” Sam took a finger and covered her lips before she said more “I am sure he will watch the castle well, and why don’t we get the small children to come with us, it will be fun I am sure, you have grandbaby’s now as the humans call it” “then go get them and I will wait here” Sam nodded his head as he botted inside and to the steps were luna had gone “Miss Luna! Want to go on a quest!” he called up the steps

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JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He knew that wanting Lunaria back after all this time wouldn't be healthy. He knew the risks. He also knew that it was a fantasy. Jeff sat at his desk, fumbling with his quill, writing down on a peice of parchment. "Dearest Lady Evergreen, of House Evergreen. Please note that our treaty for your gardeners for some of our soldiers has not yet been signed. Please rethink your decisions to not go through with this deal and realise that the DeLaRose house is trying to be kind. You know our town is in need of crop as it will not grow in our snow covered lands. Our people are dying. Please." Jeff then signed his name with a small frown from under his mask that one of the servants had picked up off the floor and brought to him. Jeff decided that his mother was right. Killing was harsh. He was a warrior at heart, yes, but he felt like he deserved a better life than the broken and reckless one he was living now. Jeff sealed the letter with the DeLaRose Sigil. Jeff sighed, watching the wax dry, before setting back into his chair. He thought quietly to himself as he dropped the letter and the quill back onto the oak. I am a father. I can't keep being the same deadbeat that I've always been. I need to at least let my daughter know that I am happy to have her in my life, and that I am sorry for being away for so long. I had no idea she even existed. I suspected Lunaria was pregnant when she left, but I never would have thought that she would return. I never fully came to a conclusion of if she was pregnant or not. I should have followed her. I should have waited for her. - Jeff was quite upset with himself all at once for everything that had happened in his past, to now. The situation with Lunaria. Pulling a sword on his mother. Killing Jaurl. He thought harder on all the actions he had taken, such as his battle with the king of the undead, or his fight with Nel. Watching Bitterman die. Ashe. Everything felt wrong all at the same moment in time and Jeff, not knowing what direction to take, just let out a calm breath. "If I am to make anything right-..." He said out loud. "I need to be there for my daughter. That is all that matters now." Jeff lowered his head, and stood from his desk, pushing his chair back in as he stepped back, and headed toward the door. Jeff, having most likely been gone for an hour or so, came back down to see what the others were doing with the day. Hopefully, this was a dawning of a new day for Jeff.

Soprano: What more was there for her to say? There were a millions things that Lunaria could have done, but the coulda, woulda, shoulda of her words were drowned up by the silent pleas of her subconscious, dragging her towards the end goal of what exactly? What was there? It only hit her t the top of the steps that she had tears running down her cheeks. The red tinted water lines appearing like rubies on snow as Delilah came close to her mother and ran her thumbs beneath the older woman’s eyes, smearing her makeup back in place at it had begun to run. Rowena had paused at the banister and stared down intently at the back of the head of her father with confusion rippling through her at varying intensities. Their auras a swatch of colors as they ascended via order, a maid leading the familiar way as Delilah’s hand, knuckles white clutched her others hand, greeted with an unfamiliarity to the hold of Iron. Between sloping ceilings and art of ages past hanging on the walls, the intimidating hold was more than she, as a mere youngling in comparison to her mother, had endured. She looked around in dazed silence, while Lunaria wrote a silent litany to memories all across the walls, memories of words spoken and enacted, and who was to know what she would do at this point… But one fact was very clear in mind, as she slowly walked with the limp of a wounded animal, that now, she was among the people she had no possibility or opportunity to disappoint. She and her daughters were in the hands of the Empress and nothing else here mattered beyond ensuring their safety, and knowing their training was aiding in having them rely on no one but themselves. Lunaria had come to realize that false promises got you nowhere. She had disappeared once, and with the familiar of fickle man, her promises had been forgotten with the passing of age, and time. Only the ancient remember the promises whispered in the dark. Given access to a set of rooms, interconnected like her own and Jeff’s were years ago, she eyed down the hall to set eyes upon the scarring of wood from where she had dashed it in a rage. The subtle fragrance of flowers long since wilted clung like a scar to the stone. There were two things she knew for sure, as she turned around, Rowena on her tail, called down by the lord of the hood: Men are always willing to believe two things about a woman. One, that she’s weak, and two, that she is willing to drop everything for his favor. Luna was unwilling to believe either of herself, or her daughters. The sentiments would hold true for both girls, bastards in their own ways. Lunaria was a weakened woman, her heart broken once and cleansed anew. The lone wolf had died, though the pack survived, and were now ravenous for blood.

VarusDarcy: The hammer of the anvil was much for him as he began to need more of a break down in the town people suspected him and looked at him funnier for it would seem he was more of a stranger in the town. He would shrug. As he had been in human form for to long. It was time to stretch his wings he didn’t care what anyone would thing about anymore. Long it was since he transformed as the process began he would smile, as he would show forth his true form. His body grew in size and his mass His enchanted armor twisted with his figure growing ever more as he would become. The massive black dragon stood upon the town square his wings stretched out in a stretching motion he would only yawn as if coming out of some very uncomfortable position as the black armor upon him would glint in the sun. He shook his head as if shaking off some form of fatigue before him stood his assistance the dwarves gawked up to him and he simply would stare back down to them. “What….why are you not working on my forges!” The dwarf dropped a hammer, as outside the shop was a giant black Grand dragon. One of the dwarves instantly would run back inside and began to work faster as Olaf the dwarf would question him. “You you you…. You’re a dra dragon?” Varus Snorted to the stammering dwarf and smiled plainly to him. “Yes I am… now back to my forge dear dwarf.” The most where the towns people as they looked up to this giant black beast they were a bit frightened by his appearance but he didn’t really care he needed to get out of that form as straight as possible. It was beginning to finally catch up with him. He then took off from the ground leavening his shop in town and began to fly high around the village swooping over the hills it was good to fly again it was good to breath as he let out a mighty roar that he had been dying to do for ages. He made his way around in a circle flying past the fisher men the boats gathering small quantities of fish from the river as there were more than likely eyes looking towards the sky He was not alone anymore and did not need to hide. He felt a deep happiness wash over him as he flew in the air the swift wind upon his back as well as the great sky above Happiness was finally his as he gave another mighty roar to the sky.

Anaya: Samule looked up seeing miss Luna and the girls coming down the steps as he gave a bow “we are heading into town my lady’s, I plan on picking up sweet ice for the children if they are interested in something as well as we have other shopping to do. And well anything you would want miss Luna” he said it all as he gave that bow and then stood up his hand behind his back for his bow, years of being the house butler, habits were a challenge to break. “If the children need coats we have extras, the same goes for you as well” he moved on the balls of his feet and walked over to the coat rack and picked up his own as well as Anaya’s large black winter coats. ((Think of the crow coats and capes from GoT)) and a coin sack as he moved and turned the rack around to show the extra coats they were clean and nice hanging there. He stood for a moment so they could collect there things “pick up anything you need, anaya and I will wait for you out just at the steps, please join whenever ready, I don’t want to leave her out there shivering in the cold, don’t want the old woman grumpy” he gave a deep chuckle as he trotted over to the door down the steps to the woman who waited there for him “did she respond?” Anaya asked as she moved her hands to push her white hair over her shoulder as she wrapped her arms around herself and Samuel handed her a matching black cape like coat as he tossed on his own “yes she will be down in a moment, getting coats and whatever she needs I am sure” Anaya moved and put her arm around his waist as they stood there waiting “this will be a fun outing right, you may even get to play with the children a tad, will be good for you to be a bit softer, if we end up with children in the hall it will be good for all of us” she looked up her ears picking up a roar in the sky’s overhead and a smile came to her face as Sam looked at her “I know that smile, and I can hear it to, it is the blacksmith he is the only thing we have allowed here, let him have what he wants for now, we will deal with him after we get what he is making my love” Anaya nodded her head to him, Sam was coming so far from butler, he was becoming a true king, and in time he would be a good father to their son or at least she hoped anyway. Anaya looked at Sam “oh did you talk to Jeff, do you think he will be alright?” Sam looked at Anaya “he will be fine, find some woman in a tavern some place and bone her, maybe I can bring him home a slave wrench, hey can we pick some slaves up for the castle in town I got news there was a nice cart coming in.” Anaya gave a laugh as she took another step into the snow her feet burning slightly but they healed fast enough for not much really to affect her. “Yes I guess we can. ”

Apocryphon: Wraythe had been laying in the snow outside the castle though her began to grow a bit uneasy, the feeling of tension in the castle was at an all-time high, so thick he could almost cut it open with a knife, but he had other things on his mind as well, after he had lost most of his memories he attempted to gain them back, and in time a few came back to him, such as the place he was born, a place of ice and snow much like this, though much more desolate, he remembered his parents who were long dead by this point, and he remembered a woman who he used to be close with, though not much other than that, in any case the materials he had requisitioned had finally been taken out to the jobsite he had laid out to build the new stable, and instead of leaving it until the next day he began, starting with the foundation, and soon becoming lost in his work, tools hanging from the belts and chains that lay suspended from his garb, the carpentry nails being gripped in-between his lips as he hammered them in one by one. The racket that he was making would be heard inside he was sure, and the guards outside the main doors eyed the man with a certain curiosity, though they did find it somewhat humorous as he worked, the crazed swordsman who had killed several guards which caused the stable to be torn down was now rebuilding it from the ground up, using more solid pieces of wood, something that would hopefully stand for generations to come. Once Wraythe had gotten the outline done he began to work at the siding and coverings to the building, using hand tools instead of his typical magical uses to cut and straighten out boards, and as he hammered one in he slipped a bit and hit his index finger instead, a slight crunching noise heard from it as it began to bleed, though it didn't bother him too much "Looks like I’ve gone and hurt myself, oh bother" The sound was almost sarcastic as it came from him, merely wrapping it in a piece of black cloth he retrieved from his pocket before continuing on with the monotonous work.

KayleeAnnaluvsu: The sounds of coins filled the airs as the band of wagons made its way through the town, Songs joining in here and there along with the creaking of the old gypsy wagons. They needed to get a bit farther into town before setting up shop, selling what they could before going to the next town. They had it all, stones, furs, stolen jewels and such, Oh yes they had a lot, the back two wagons so full they were ready to explode. The very back Wagon was the worst of them all, falling apart and stuffed to the brim, the old woman on the front starting to fall apart herself. The woman’s grey hair looked unkempt, her teeth mostly gone, as well as the hair on her lip made her show more age and mess. On the back of the wagon, there was a small round bird cage shoved into a nook, just barley holding on due to the bumpy ride, Within it a shivering feline. The small creature was curled into a tiny ball, her nine tails wrapped around her self-trying to keep warm in the light snowfall. She had no blankets, no water food or cover. Honestly the cage looked far too small even for a tiny cat like her. It wasn’t till the tavern did they hit a rather large bump, sending the cage and feline flying into the air and slamming into the ground. The cage rolling sending her tumbling around in the cold. The cage continued to roll till it hit an alley, her poor little body thrown about, In the dark, The poor thing was blind and that could be seem once her big eyes opened and showed completely white. "mmmm..." The small creature seemed to moan, shaking and weak she tried to feel her paw around to find a way out, She felt so sick, Worst ride ever! Oddly the little thing had some kind of small headdress on her head, cute but maybe something the gypsys made her wear? Either way she had to get out of this cage or she would freeze out there in that Alley way she landed in. The worst luck always seemed to fallow this little Kitten.

Guest_punymaize: The boots clicked on the ground, as she moved through the market. Her eyes looking left and right with interested and curiosity, her hands holding the umbrella over her head. The snow softly fell on it, and gathered there as she moved. It was cold outside, but she didn't mind that it felt good actually. She did not have any weapons or anything, but she had her demon strength. The umbrella was over her head, as she moved to one of the sellers and bought herself an apple, as she eats the apple. Before sighing and scratching her head, she was a bit naïve, and innocent. She moved her hands out to pay the man and started to walks again, eating the apple in as she went. As she moved through the snow coated ground, before stretching and shakes her head gently. Her hands grip the umbrella as she looks around at all the sights, and sounds of everything. Scarlet eyes scan as she moved through the streets and the people. She patted her dress as she just walked along the streets, moving along the path. As she set her eyes on the castle before her, as she moved to it she finished the apple and threw it on the ground. She sighs happily as she adjust her dress, hair and bow. As she moved to the castle doors and then smiles as he looks around at the banners that greeted her. Moving to the door, she smiles as she knocks on it gently.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes locked onto the banners as he slowly made his way to his throne, passing saluting soldiers as they spotted the prince. Jeff had on his town made crown that the townspeople had given to him. The ruby in the middle sparkled as he hit the candle light, as he entered the throne room. Immediately, the prince felt like today could do him well. Today could change his outlook on his boring, sad life. Perhaps the prince needed to go out and explore a bit, or maybe he should take his daughter hunting to get to know her. The ideas raced through his mind, thinking about what to do, even as he sat down, pulling his staff from his back and setting it by the throne. Jeff's baby blue eyes scanned the area, before slowly pulling off his mask. His face felt nice with the breeze, resting on his 5'oclock shadow. The prince let out a soft sigh, before sitting back. Andros the knight then walked up to him, before talking softly. "My lord?" Jeff opened his eyes and looked down from his throne. "Hmm?" "We uh-...we need to speak." Jeff raised a brow. "We are speaking. What do you need?" "Well I've noticed that your old flame has come back into your life." Jeff snapped up. "What of it to you?" Andros took a step back. "No! I didn't mean to offend. Just that I see how much it pains you." Jeff shook his head. "It doesn't pain me. IT hurts me that I wasn't a better father." Andros blinked, unmoving. "Well it isn't to late." Jeff growled under his breath. "What is it you want, Ser Andros? I told you, I am not selecting a new captian yet. That is up to my mother." The knight sighed. "Just consiter me-..." Jeff shook his head. "I don't like you." Andros grunted lowly and saluted. "Yes sir. I am off to my post." "Where you should have been." Jeff then crossed his arms, to watch Andros walk away. He shook his head once more. "Asshole." Jeff then moved and walked to a back door to go hunting.
Soprano: There was a new energy as Rowena dashed out of the hold and into the square where her grandparents were waiting. Samuel having spoken to Luna moments before meant nothing as the twelve year old ran out into the snow and spun around in lazy circles with her tongue stretched out to catch snowflakes. Rowena didn’t mind the cold, even as one of the maids rushed out with their cloaks, the young girl continued to frolic with excitement out in the snow for a moment, all else forgotten as the gentle flakes carried down from the sky in a blissful frost. Delilah was happy to stay in the rooms upstairs unpacking and creating a list of things they needed to gather from the village. Lunaria let out a huff of annoyance as she caught up with her daughter, cheeks flustered from the tears ten minutes earlier. Rowena paused for a moment, world twisting and turning around her as she grinned, having her mother manage a smile of her own, grateful in her child’s forgetful nature as her cloak was clasped at her throat, and her ponytail was placed outside of the hood, the gentle bow of her ears exposed to the air as she spun once again, Lunaria tucking her cloak around her shoulders and bowing with respect to the lord of the castle, “Forgive my daughter, she has been stuck in a carriage for far too long, and is just a tad overexcited to be out of her ‘cage’ as it were.” Her smile was apologetic as she approached the lady and her lord, bowing low. Rowena soon was at her mother’s side, cheeks red and flushed with blood much unlike that of her kind, the rosy cheeks flushed even deeper as she realized her dancing display had been there for all to see, and she bowed much like her mother forward in apology, her panting breaths smoking the air. “Shall we be off, my lady?” Rowena spoke to Anaya in a soft voice, expression serious as her arms returned to her sides. Lunaria smiled, and clasped the girls shoulder, bottling her emotions for the time being.

Anaya: As Samuel looked over to the stable out to their east side he gave a grin “seems that one guard is building the stable up nicely” he would look down to see one of the 6 cave trolls that wondered the grounds making its way over dragging a tree it was half biting on with its looked about four teeth in full. “He may get company” he gave a laugh as he stood there a moment watching. The troll came over to the stable as it put its tree down dropping it right beside wraythe with a bang almost falling on him “Dis de new Shome” it grunted as a glob of green snot like gunk fell from its nose and mouth and it gave a loud snort sucking the glop back inside as it gave a four toothed smile. “harph harph harph” it laughed as it almost fell over like a drunk man. Cave trolls were far from smart and graceful, they were very dimwitted beasts made to smash down gates and haul things but nothing else really. It moved as it picked up a plank and was trying aimlessly to help but in the workings pushed down one of the beams he had already put up, it gave a awwww sound as the beam dropped and fell in the heap with a bang and the troll got scared and tossed the plank in the air it falling down and hitting its self in the head as it gave a squeal sound and then fell on the ground in the snow on its backside rubbing its head. Sam was almost falling over laughing as Anaya stood there watching the show take place “you know my dear when we have another fair I believe we are going to skip it and force that fighter to make another stable and then just sit in chairs and watch him” Anaya gave a laugh as she turned to her dear Samuel and kissed his cheek watching as a random stranger girl walked right past them and up to the door “I believe we have a blind woman miss Anaya” Samuel said with a smile as he walked up behind her taping her on the shoulder “so rude you walk right past the king and queen, pay better attention girl and pay respect to the rulers” he said it in a stern voice as Anaya watched him being all kingly, a bit harsh asshole kingly but kingly all the same. He turned around as the one little rugrat ran out the doors and into the snow, it was instant like as Samuels whole persona changed and he picked up a snow ball and lightly tossed it at her with a chuckle as he hoped down the steps not caring about whoever was at the door now, short attention span he did have and maybe Jeff could handle people at the castle today, today the king and queen were out to town to get sweet ice and maybe some new slaves. Samuel walked back over to Anaya keeping a proper back as he looked to the little girl and gave a wink. He moved beside Anaya and Anaya gave a chuckle “yes yes lets get going it is not a far walk” she pushed sam a bit as he kicked up some snow and it hit the side of Anayas leg giving a burning sizzle and then healing up.
Apocryphon: Wraythe looked up to the sound of conversation and let out a small laugh as he gazed at the small child running around in the snow, his index finger bleeding through the piece of cloth he had wrapped around it which caused a low sigh to escape his lips before he unwrapped the cloth and placed his other hand over it, freezing the wound so it wouldn't seep and cause a mess as he continued his work, every few moments the sound of a hammer ringing off of a piece of solid wood would be heard, though soon enough he heard the inklings of a large visitor, along with bits and pieces of a nearby conversation, though right before the tree the troll dropped near him he stepped to the side and threw a board towards Samuel, letting it stick in the ground as he shouted at them all "I'm not a guard damnit, get it right, you call me that again and you won't get a stable" He then turned to the troll with a polite smile "it will be big one, once I'm done with it completely, i'll make sure you all have a large space to live in too, just for you" But it was right after he spoke that he knew tragedy was going to strike, and soon one of the foundation beams was on the ground, the humorous show put on by the troll not really helping the situation before he stepped over to the beast and spoke "If you'd like to help me you can go to requisitions and pick me up some more wood for the build, if it isn't too much trouble" The beast seemed more than happy to help and wandered off, in the complete wrong direction, but at least he wouldn't be bothered as he attempted to put the beam back in place, a bit of a tight fit, but with one good solid punch to it he put it back into place, enough force that it cracked the wood down the middle, but he would fix that later on. Wraythe grumbled to himself as he let out a sigh and took a seat in the snow, letting himself lay back and become engulfed in the cold "Hey Queenie, you mind if i show the troll a few sword lessons?" He shouted the words, knowing what the answer would be, yet he waited for the answer anyway, holding onto some hope that she would say yes

KayleeAnnaluvsu: The little feline pawed at the metal bars, Meowing the whole time, Yea she could call for help in English but then she would give away she was more than a common cat....However what probably gave that away was the 9 tails and head dress. It took her a bit, but she finally found the latch and pawed at it till it popped open. “Finally..." She mumbled below her breath before squeezing herself threw the tiny door, She was very thin and her fur less shine than normal, She was clearly much neglected in that cage. Blind but alert as she could be the female started navigating herself threw the town based on sounds echoing off of the walls and people, leading her closer and closer to the place. "Meeeoooww." She let out a few meows now and then hoping to catch someone’s attention, for food water, maybe even a blanket. It would take her a while but she soon found herself at the kingdoms garden, she could smell a barn and that meant warm hay to lay in, OH she would never be so happy to feel hay. With near frozen paws she made her way towards the smell of horses, still meowing onward then to let the sound waves bounce back to her ears, who said only bats could use echo location? Smart kitty.

Soprano: Her guard down, Lunaria tucked her girl against her, leaning against her small frame for a moment as the large snowball lopped off Rowena’s shoulder heaving her small frame sideways where she collapsed into the snow, rising, her eyes shifting from their formidable red to the periwinkle blue, a gift from her father before they crinkled into a smile. She wasn’t normally the kind of youngling to take off and play before others, when work was ahead of her, but for once, Lunaria didn’t chastise the girl. For once, Luna, as she walked down the road, her feet careful as the tread along the ground, didn’t feel the need to look over her shoulder. In her heart, she felt home-… In this moment she imagined what life could have been like had she stayed. Small flashes of thought threaded in and out of consciousness as she watched her daughter leap, high into the air well above human heights to catch a large snowflake between her lips. From telling Jeff she had been expecting, to their joys of life after their birth. Moments of family and warm spread through her as she glanced to the ground and closed her eyes tightly, a thickness in her throat causing her to swallow once or twice with resolve. What would it have been like if Lunaria had stayed, and Rowena had grown with her brother, and father, rather than in the woods? Perhaps she had been wrong to assume that all was black and white as it had been. Her arms crossed over themselves as Rowena glanced back at her, smile lighting those eyes she had grown to love so much. Staring into the eyes of Jeff after all that time was like looking into those belonging to a wounded puppy. She needed to remember who and what he was, and what she wanted for herself in her lifetime. Lunaria had to yank herself from her reverie, Rowena laughing with delight as she leapt up again and flipped into a graceful somersault in the air. “My liege,” Luna began, speaking to the two Dragons before her in no particular way, “I have a great many talents to offer you as now, and I hope that my sword can be of use to you once again.” Her hand tucked a rebel strand of hair behind her ear, “My daughter, Delilah, is seeking to offer her services as an alchemist-.. her skills are unmatched by any I have seen in all my long years. As for Rowena.” She looked up at Rowena who had found herself a tree, several feet away, and was scrambling careless up, with the ease of a wildcat. “She is of the crown-… and her usefulness falls under your desires. I wish to know what would please you, so I know where to direct their attentions.”

Anaya: Sam looked at Luna with a smile picked up a ball of snow in his clawed hands and took it as she was in the center of her sentence and dropped it on her head with a thump. He could not help but chuckle as he looked at her “we are not in the castle, and if you hit Anaya with a snow ball I will give you a silver coin” he gave a chuckle as Anaya stood there being under a foot from him as he started to trot off and she picked up some snow in her hands the cool wet substance burning her fingers as she chucked it at him, it missed skimming over his shoulder as he moved and bolted to the tree were the little one had rushed to. He picked her up out of a branch as he held her in his arms and tossed her over his shoulder like one would a bag of potatoes. “Miss Anaya, I got the monster that be ripping up all them trees but oh no it gots me to I am doomed be me out numbered aaaaah” he fell on his back in the snow the girl being plopped on his chest as he let himself be pinned by the girl. “Well now I seem to be in a sticky situation eh” he took a clawed hand and messed up her hair as he lay there looking at her with his green and black slited reptile eyes. Anaya looked to Luna with a laugh as she watched them over there play. “I hope he will be that good when our egg hatches, have had my doubts about his fathering skills that is for sure” she gave a laugh as she kept walking town being in the horizon and she knew Sam would rather die than let anything happen to a child. “and Lunaria, don’t worry about service, you are part of the family and a mother, when you are needed we will let you know but till then enjoy being here, and the kids, let them play, I have learned a lot and training kids to be fighters like we were sometimes is not the best way to raise them. I wish I knew that years before now” she was telling the truth hell look how her son turned out, he was a fighter a darn good one and now she worried about the day he would lop her head off or kill everyone in the castle as well as his own brother once it was hatched. In the town a small child ran up to the kitten and picked it up abruptly running into his home with it screaming “mommy mommy I found a kitty I found a kitty!” the home was warm and nice feeling as the fire in the side room burned brightly. The mother looking not pleased “you don’t even know where it belongs, put it back outside it may have fleas or ticks” she scolded her son as he held the kitty tightly in his arms “no I want to keep it!” he yelled as he ran into a side room slamming the door behind him as his mother let out a sigh “one day boy then it goes back outside if you get a tick you get to yank the bugger out on your darn own!”

Apocryphon: "Or ignore my question, that works too" He sighed and scratched the back of his head as he stood, brushing off the loose snow while moving away from the stable and out into the open courtyard, moving the large blade he kept strapped to his back to his side so he could rest his arm on it as he walked, soon catching up with the rest of the group who seemed to be having a grand time, he gave a slight smile and then tied the cloth mask he usually wore around his face to hide it, he didn't like people to see his entire face, and he felt rather naked without it "Well hello everyone, glad to see you're all having fun" He leaned back a bit to dodge a rouge snow ball that was thrown his way, speaking again after the fact "If it isn't too much trouble could i join you? I'm heading into town for some supplies and i figured you were all going anyway" He smiled from behind his mask politely and looked to the queen herself, his deep blue hues flashing a slight red for a moment "And do try to keep your trolls rounded up, otherwise you might not get a stable to start with, I can't keep rebuilding what they knock down"

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Soprano: The heavy clump of snow fell into Luna's eyes as she blinked with surprise, as the king took off after her daughter up the tree. Plucking several pieces of snow from her eyes, she watched as the empress looked on with a fond smile, and couldn't help but be overwhelmed with a feeling of-... remorse. Rowena wasn't used to these games, and the moment she was plucked out of the tree, and above the King, she looked to her mother with a state of confusion, and almost fright. Lunaria listened in on the queen, as she spoke and allowed herself to nod, not smiling, as the goings on of the moments before had shook her straight to her core. Rowena on the other hand had rocketed up from Samuel's grasp, and was back up the tree holding on with one hand before flipping herself up into the dead branches again and scrambling up the branches, casting dead leaves everywhere in her wake as she sought to seek out the village in the distance the opposite direction of where they had come. Lunaria didn't speak, as the Queen did, of course history had taught her of the queen’s wrath, but she had also learned of her own in that day, the copper of the hold responding to her as she flew into a rage, and drew the metal up from the ground beneath her. She had left days afterwards, and now, Rowena was here, and an uncertain future lay before her. "I thank you, for your kindness, my lady... But I would feel wrong, allowing myself to stay in your home, without paying my dues. I must insist on at least myself paying for my stay and that of my children..." Her voice was low, but her intent even, as it always was. She walked with grace, the snow not registering her steps as she settled beside the Queen, desperate to make up the difference, her space made within her home. Rowena on the other hand was blissfully unaware, and dropped from the tree right in front of her mother with a thick crunch, the ice and snow breaking beneath her as she presented the queen with a gathering of twigs and leaves. Lunaria recognised the ingredients and swelled with pride, as Rowena's blue eyes glistened with excitement, her white hair coated with twigs and refuse from the tree. The dead leaves had a grouping of berries along them, and Rowena spoke quickly. "They can be mixed, into a salve, for your burns, on your hands." The girl pocketed the ingredients. The familiar bright eyes fixed on her grandmother with a lip biting grin before she took to her mother’s side. "I'll make sure Delilah pulls a poultice together for you, when we return to your hold, my lady."

Anaya: Anaya watched as Samuel played with the child and then the child moved back to her mother leaving Sam laying in the snow like a slob. She could not help but chuckle as they could now see the town at the base of the hill. It looked to be in great shape as they made their way to it to get what was needed for the day, and for Sam to get the kids there chilled and flavored ice. “You really don’t need to pay, coin holds very little value when you have enough of it, it just seems like the amount does not shrink. If anything and you want to pay do it in service I lost a good chunk of my men wall I was with egg due to others taking the time I was weak to kill them, And the new troops have not come in so at the moment the castle is mildly at a loss, and I know you are skilled at what you do” she gave a smile as Sam was on his way back over and picked up a snow ball and tossed it at Anaya it missing her by a mile. She looked at him as he walked over and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek as he fixed her coat on her shoulders and they nicely walked together. Sam looked to Luna “you know you have a grand little monster there, full of energy” he took Anaya’s claws in his own and she looked at him, when was he so caring to her, surely he wanted something later, this was ass kissing so he could get a slave or two at town she was sure. But Anaya just held his hand and pushed the thoughts into the back of her mind. she watched Wraythe come over to the group as she nodded as he was allowed to join it and join them on their trip to town, be nice to have a group to head to town she hardly got company. Sam’s gave was a little more judgmental on the one known as Wraythe but that was just how he was. Back at the castle servants muttered around and cleaned the place and some scrubbed the walls making sure things were nice One of the new slave girls, a elven woman sat at the foot of the thrones and fixed the pillows, she was in charge even if she was bran new gotten form some slavers cart that came in the night, a guard let her in thinking Anaya would like it but Anaya had not even seen the new girl yet. But if anyone shows up she would respond to the door and inform guards if things went astray.
Apocryphon: Wraythe noticed the looks from the Queen and her mate, not giving them too much thought as they made their way to the town at the bottom of the hill, the sound of children running around was a welcome change though, and soon after they arrived in town he bid adieu to the group and wandered off on his own, looking through various shops for goods and necessities that he might need sooner or later, but in complete honesty he didn't find anything of interest, he had many ideas of things he could do to occupy his time since he didn't have a set job description within the castle, mostly mooching off of them at this point. Wraythe happened around for a while, but wandered into an oddity shop, looking about he cocked his brow to a ring he believed he had seen once before, It was a silver band with a red gen in the middle, set into a relief that looked like a demon skull, it was then that a shot of pain ran through his head, a memory of his life before madness coming back into view which revealed that the ring once belonged to Midnight, the former traveling companion of Wraythe. he stepped out of the shop with the ring in hand, slipping it onto his right ring finger as he let out a small sigh, figuring he would attempt to find the rest of the group once again "Seems that this trip was a bust, nothing to do around here but run around in the snow and fix things”, and he could only fix so many things before growing bored of that as well. After wandering about he eyed the rest of the group and wandered over, standing behind them all in silence, not really because he had nothing to say, but he kind of wanted to know what was going on at the same time

Soprano: Even Luna could see he was ass-kissing though she said nothing, Rowena was staring off into the distance for a town she couldn't see, her eye sight not quite as pronounced as her mothers, as she stared off, flinging her sap soaked hand into her eyes to absorb the glare from the sun. It was in the light that Luna caught her child's arm and shoulder scars, causing her to sigh, almost missing what she had been told by the queen before catching herself distracted. "I would only imagine paying in service." She held tight, like a string bound too tight on an instrument. It went without saying, that she was nervous about the idea of being in the same hold as Jeff. As guarding him again-... in her mind at least, would not be in his best interest. She swallowed hard, as Rowena turned to look at her with the haunting blue eyes of her father, but smiled in a way that spoke more to the world than her voice ever could. No, Luna stared expectantly after her daughter, before speaking to the queen as they approached the town. "I would have no problem with wherever job or service you would have me provide, just point me in the right direction." Upon approaching she tugged her hood up reflexively, eyes glowing in a pale manner beneath the darkness of her hood as she stood by the cart and watched the world around her, Rowena in turn joined obediently at her side, and clutched her hood up as well, sitting at the edge of the cart and awaiting further instruction.

Anaya: Anaya pated Sam’s backside as they got to the town and she gave him a kiss on the cheek “go to the slavers hut and pick out three girls for us, I want them to have class some nice looking girls nothing to dirty, and make sure the slaver has bathed them. Sometimes the girls can be as dirty as the men. Just be picky with them, you are not the only one that will get use out of them” Sam lit up like a lantern as he nodded his head as if he was a solider to her “will find good slu…girls my lady” there was children around no bad words form his lips, he thought to himself as he turned off to go out on his own to find the slavers cart. Anaya oved into town as she eyed the shops and stalls. “Lunaria you can go pick out whatever you wish, just inform the dealers to bill the castle, this trip is fully on us” she gave a slight smile “and I can tell you now, the jobs you will be doing will never be serving my son unless you make the choice to” she looked around that flavored ice booth had to be here some were but she had to pick up Ale, grain and other supply’s first before going over there to get the ice treats. Her first stop would be a meat booth were they had everything out hanging and on tables placed on ice in the cold, at least she knew the meat would not be bad it was cold enough out. she looked at the meats on the table as the market booth man looked at her eyeing his wares “good afternoon your highness, it be a pleasure seeing you out of the castle” he gave a bow as he started to blabber on about how his meats were the best in the land, even if Anaya new this was a lie and she had seen better she let rant to her trying to convince her to buy everything he owned.
Apocryphon: Wraythe looked about as people went this way and that, cocking his brow a bit before stepping away from the departing Queen and mate "Well, seems everyone is going to go off and do their own thing, suppose i should follow suit" He was speaking to himself, but the voice in his head answered back 'Maybe you should go and find something to waste your time on like usual' Wraythe let out a sigh, finding a nearby bench before taking a seat, not paying the nagging voice any mind as he toyed with one of the various small blades that adorned his garb, taking a throwing knife to run it in-between his fingers while he waited, figuring he should probably introduce himself to the lady he had seem a few times beforehand, though never really "met" in the usual way. Wraythe stood slowly, his blade being placed back into the small scabbard as he stepped over towards the cart they all seemed to be standing around, stepping in next to the lady as he spoke "As it stands i don't believe we've been properly introduced, my name is Wraythe Valkiri, it's a pleasure, seeing as how it seems you'll be around for a while I figured we should know each other's names at least, so we may speak at least in passing" He pulled the mask down off of his face and offered a polite smile to her, and to the small ones that were around her "If you happen to need anything, don't hesitate to ask either, i'll pretty much do anything if it keeps me busy"

Soprano: Lunaria had bowed with thanks as Rowena was left to tag along with her Grandmother, eyes watching her movements curiously as she shyly, but at the same time with a strong degree of faith, took the dragoness' hand in her own, as a sign of anxieties fleeing, before Lunaria turned her back, guaranteed her girls safety, to go and gather anything she needed, the small sack of coins within her breasts enough to cover anything she needed if necessary... The male who spoke to her as she began to depart caught her attention immediately as he addressed her, and without even a moment’s notice, she turned her back on him, glancing absently over her shoulder, her lips and chin visible as she spoke. "Lunaria Zorander-... my daughter Rowena is with the Queen as we speak. I need an escort, to guide me through this village so as not to draw too much unwanted attention to myself..." She didn't give him a moment to argue, or say yet to her request, before sh cast a spare glance to Rowena, and then took with self-assured steps away from Wraythe, and the cart, following her nose to the scents of items she needed.

Anaya: Anaya felt the small hand grab her own, it was a odd feeling to have a child around but at the same time Anaya kind of liked it, it was new and fresh and soon she would have a little monster of her own to try to handle, let alone trying to handle her son, but he did not hold her hand anymore or even act like he cared so in truth most of the time she really payed him no mind. she looked down at the little one bright red eyes looking into the hunter blues and for a moment she saw Jeff in the girl from when he was only a boy the height of his mother’s knees, it put a smile on her face, this little one was surely her grandbaby and she would care and treat her as such and try best she could to be a loving grandmother. “So what kinds of meat should we stock the tables with, we have deer and boar and bear and pig and even beef” she noticed how the table was a bit high for the girl but she was sure if the little one needed to be lifted up to see she would hold no worry in asking. Anaya in truth had very little knowhow for children but she was doing her best to be caring and soft. “We have much to pick up, this is just the first stop, I think we will have to go to four more carts after this one”

Apocryphon: Wraythe had a name to put with the face now, better than nothing he supposed, and at the request he gave a simple nod, allowing her to get a few paces ahead of him before turning on his heel to follow, placing his hands into the pockets of his coat "So the young ones are yours, I had figured as much, but I didn't want to assume" He was attempting small talk, though he was never very good at it, even when he was much younger than he was now "Though I tend to pry into matters I shouldn't at times, it's fairly easy to see that you and the one who insists on causing me grief at times have history, take a fair guess at that, but I’ll save that for another time" He brought his hand up to his mouth, covering it as he cleared his throat, not even sure if she'd answer any of this, but it wouldn't hurt to try either way "As for Rowena, is she the one who acts like she wants to go against the world, or the one who smells of alchemical ingredients?"

Soprano: Rowena pondered for a minute, her small mind working as she ran her free hand up to her nose, her fingertips blackened, but leaving behind no residue as they scratched at the bridge of her nose. She looked over the meat, noticing several healthy looking areas in the flesh and once again scratched at her nose to get the unsightly scent away. Too acute for mortals, but obviously kept fresh from snow, for longer than it really had to be... She glanced over behind his cart, and found a fresh scented pile of meat, wrapped in thick brown paper. Swathes of bacon bleeding into the snow, and some already treated with salt to keep. She looked over it all, and commented finally, so as not to appear rude. "The meat on this table is fetid, and will rot when brought into the hold, due to the warmth... It has worms in it... You can see he tried to cover it with frost..." She made note of the shop keeps expression before continuing, "The war has been hard on everyone-... but it’s no reason to present foul meat to the empress." Her small face was a mirror of Jeff's as she sullenly frowned, knowing that some, but not all dragons, PREFERRED foul meat, over fresh, but this to her was something she felt necessary to express. "He has a fresh assortment of hares, and salt pork in the barrels..." Her nose was wrinkled as she glanced up, proud of her speech before nodding to her Grandmother. "Rabbit will aid in you regaining your strength." Lunaria however was being tagged by Wraythe, who prattled as she entered into the market district he had just left, she responded as she always did, in quiet curt fashion, only showing politeness when necessary, and now, with her back to hi, she had no need to force the semblance of a smile that she attempted with others. "My youngest girl, Rowena, is twelve... And my other daughter, Delilah is 56." Due to the girl’s appearance, this would likely come as a shock to anyone who asked, and there was a lingering in the air, daring him to inquire about her age. 'I have another son, Atreyu. He is off with his step-father... He is Rowena's twin brother." Upon mentioning Jeff, she felt herself chuff with amusement, coming towards a flask dealer, who carried a wide variety of vials to which Lunaria ran her fingers over each in turn. "Yes, Jeff is Rowena's father... Our history was brief. I was a guard, he was a prince, he found his mortal woman and now that is all that matters. Make no mistake that his intentions for welcoming me were good, however one does not move on from the one you call mate with the ease he did, so call it what you will, I have no intentions of forgetting something as such, no matter who accompanies me back to him." She plucked a series of vials from the fray and placed them in her satchel, doling out a small amount of copper before turning to Wraythe with a cock of her head, "Rowena is the girl with the blue eyes, and Delilah is the one with the scar, yes." Pulling her eyes from his with an exasperated expression, she turned to another stall and gathered several common ingredients in silence.

Anaya: Looking to the girl she smiled and gave a light laugh. “You have a much better nose then I do, I don’t mind meat that be gone bad but I do know that your mother and our other people like there meats fresh. I will surely have to take you along more often when I go out shopping. I am an old woman now, I can’t even see like I used to” she was playing fun in truth she had amazing eyes, all dragons had flawless vision but it was fun to be old and it was truth that she was very old now and her sense of smell was extremely bad. She looked to the shop keeper that had a nasty look on his face the little child had spotted his tricks on trying to sell out the old stock. “Yes it is not the newest catch of the day but most be still good. Be good for dogs for sure, many soup bones in the back” he said as he dipped his head “we will take all the rabbit you have as well as a quarter of the rotten stock for our mutts and for the trolls at the castle, we will also take all the salted pork and beef you have. And if you have a fresh beef that has not been chopped, have it all shipped to the castle before nightfall if it is late we will have your head for the meals instead” she took very carefully her grandbaby’s hand in her own clawed fingers careful not to prick her as Anaya’s white hair fell over her face and she puffed it out of her eyes. “ok so do we head to the Ale and spirits building and out of the cold for a bit or the veggies and fruits, we have to have a lot of grains shipped to the castle as we are running low”
Apocryphon: "So the spitfire, that's fair enough." He kept his eyes on the people around him, cocking his brow to a few, yet still walking a few paces behind her "I have to say, i didn't expect you to be so open, it's a welcome change from most of the people in the castle, and as for Jeff i wouldn't worry too much about him, he may be a prince but i've still shut him down more times than i can count, in both conversation and battle" He continued through the market district with her at a leisurely pace, a few of the faces in the crowd recognizing him, though knowing how he could be when approached, Wraythe was an oddity of sorts, he was usually cordial, polite, even helpful when the mood struck, and at times he was harsh, cold, distant. "I've only recently come back to the DeLaRose myself, though I’ve already caused a stable to be torn down, so i suppose i haven't lost my touch just yet, while at the castle should you need anything you'll likely find me outside, being a creature of the cold i feel most comfortable there, the fact i have a stable to rebuild also takes some of my time, though if the Queen doesn't keep the trolls in check she's likely to find one cut up into small bits in the kitchen" He let out a slow sigh, pushing his hair back away from his face "As it stands when i get back i'll be surprised if even the foundation for it is left standing thanks to those dimwitted creatures" His voice grew colder as he spoke on the subject, and as a man bumped into him he cocked his brow, noticing a slight change in the weight he had on him he grabbed the man by the back of the neck and drew him back, taking the coin purse back before continuing "They're much like humans in a way, they try to be helpful, or try to be sneaky, and they fail miserably most of the time, suppose that's why i travel more than stay in one place" He gave a shrug and tucked his coin back into his coat pocket, following her lead as she wound her way through the market
Soprano: Rowena noted her gentle actions and was surprised, after all, her step father, Cinna, never took the time to be gentle, and her mother-... Well... Luna was never meant for motherhood, and the fact that she loved her children so deeply was not reflected in how she treated her girls... Not of course that it seemed to bother either of them in any capacity. Though the dragon queen was a terrible liar, and Rowena smiled to herself, before asking in a small peculiarly small voice. "Tell me about Jeff... Please." She took a moment before regretting the question, her cheeks flooding with color, as she spoke quickly, keeping up with the Queen's pace. "My mother never told me what he is like... and judging by the way she looked the moment he and she saw each other, I don't think I am going to get the chance." In the meantime Lunaria had listened to Wraythe prattle on as she bought things, her coin safe between her breasts as they walked. It was only as they meandered past the tavern that they were met with trouble as someone stepped on the back of her cloak, choking her for an instance and pausing her gait, as her cloak fell off her shoulders, the clasp ripping at her neck as she walked. With garbled apology, a man, possibly elvish had apologized and tried to placed her muddy hand back over her shoulders. He belched, a long dribble of vomit soaked drool landing on her dropped cloak, as he was all hands, she stumbled to get away from him, and he landed in the muddy snow before her, coating her with the muck, and refuse. With an angry huff, she dragged her skirts from his apologetic hands, his friends pulling him away as she took a moment of walking to find a barrel to sit on a few feet away, shaking the woolen material with an annoyed clap, her cloak coated in vomit, and muck as she plucked her hand angrily into her hair. "I speak because silence is for the ignorant and the rude. I have nothing I feel I need to hide."
Anaya: As they walked hand in hand she looked down to the little one and then onward to the people around them “about my son Jeff, your fath..Father, Well I never thought he would have children that is for sure. But he is a good man at heart, very strong and tender at times, he is good to the people of this town, much of this town was helped building by him, good man, sometimes foolish, and I am sure you will be able to meet him yourself my dear” as they walked the towns people bowed to their empress and to the one that kept food in there belly’s and kept the lights on sort of speak. Anaya nodded back with smiles and a happy face but really now her mind was on her son, she was asked how he was and in truth he was not what she wanted him to be, she wanted him to be better to be a grand prince and king someday in a land she could be proud of, but he was stuck in this castle on chains he made for himself and was unwilling to let go. She gave a smile and she knew the child could feel the wait on her heart it was true when Anaya was not trying she was a shit liar, all dragon were shit liars they were to blunt of a race to lie about things and in truth she did not like to. But what would she say your father is a egotistical full of himself stick up his ass do gooder moron, no she had to be nice about the girl’s father and her son even if at times she did not want him as her kid and she was still highly disappointed in him and trusted him as much as she trusted the man building the stable, so not at all. They at last made there way to the Ale and spirits building and opening the doors the strong smell of brewing ale filled the nose. “Ok then we need ale and wine, and some of the factory’s more interesting spirits, I hear mead from the north is a fine drink maybe some of that” as they walked along inside out of the cold it was mighty hot in here and Anaya took off her black cape like coat and out it over her arm to hold it, her pale pink dress hung to her hips as she walked, it was long sleeved and shiny the way she liked it. Tight to the body but not around the neck.
Apocryphon: Wraythe watched as the whole show played out in front of him, stifling a few rouge laughs as he looked between Lunaria and the man, and as the man was pulled away he stepped forward, taking his hand and shaking it off for a moment before moving to wave it over the soiled areas of her skirts and cloak, the liquid and much beading up before falling away from the woolen material "Perks of being one with the ice, it allows me the ability to control most liquids and things within those liquids as well" After the muck had left the woolen material he stretched his body upwards, stepping off to the side to allow her to continue on "And I agree, silence is for the ignorant and rude, I myself talk as much as I do because it takes my mind off of him" He pointed to his temple at the words, figuring he should give some explanation to clear up any confusion "I have a second personality you could say, it's the madness that lies dormant, until I let it out of its cage, when that happens things tend to get a little hectic" The words were an understatement and the small laugh that escaped his lips did nothing but cement that fact "So much so that i almost brought down the entirety of the DeLaRose I left before i finished, tried to get my wits about me for a while, then ended up freezing myself in a cryo-stasis know this is all probably best for another time, shall we continue on Milady?"

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Soprano: In a way, the honest truth was what the girl needed, but the discretion was an appreciated facet. Rowena let herself absorb the words and pictured what could have been, though still she only allowed herself the strength to believe in a future where maybe her mother could have smiled more... But then of course, there was the truth of what happened to Firedor and her eldest brother in the way... Who was to say that Jeff wasn't what the queen said, and more? Who was to say he couldn't be a good person, and also every negative thing that flashed through the eyes of her grandmother. Most certainly it was possible-... But the discretion was advised, as the girl grew quiet and thoughtful, heading with practised grace along the snowy pathway with her head locked into a present which never was, or could ever be. Lunaria was anything but impressed by Wraythe's actions, and it showed in her impatient acceptance of her cloak. Yes, of course it was convenient, that with a shake of her clothes the refuse cracked off her clothes, and yet, not moments earlier, a drunkard had deemed it necessary to spit up all over her, and the memory was no sooner cleansed from her pallets he had all but clapped his hands and abracabadra'd the evidence, while leaving the mess staining her brain space. "Thats not fixing anything than the mess... Perhaps you would do well to realize that just because you remove what you can see, it doesn't mean that there isn't something waiting under the surface.. Like with how things where Jeff are concerned lie." She looked up at hi, brushed the spittle off from her skirts, though the beads had long since collapsed to the ground. "If you ever so choose to bring him up in a mocking manner around me again, I will take great pleasure in splitting that psyche in two, and watching you rip yourself to pieces, are we clear?"

Apocryphon: "And the mess was the immediate issue" He gave a small smile from behind his mask, not really bothering with many things in his day to day life he had grown to accept threats, condescension, though when she spoke of him mocking Jeff as he had before he let out a small laugh, the threat brushed off easily as he spoke "Miss Lunaria, if it were that easy to split my psyche apart I would have done it long ago, you're welcome to if you can, if anything it would be a weight lifted from my shoulders, living in harmony with the madness inside is rough, and takes more mental fortitude than one would think, but me and him do agree on a couple of things. I've allowed him to stay there because he is useful in some cases, in battle, certain social situations, and he is someone to talk to when everyone else is cozy in bed, we agree on the fact that should we be separated by anything we would still act on each other's wills, not turn on each other in a way" He then cleared his throat and stepped away from her, stopping to speak once more "As for mocking him, I do it only when he causes me grief, and at times on his battle capacity, I’ve noticed he's gotten a bit sloppy in the time I was gone and not there to keep him trained and taught properly, something that I hope will be rectified soon, other than that he is his own man as i am, understood?" He didn't give her the chance to speak as he began walking once more "Good talk"

Anaya looked to the girl she had drawn into thought, she did it the same way jeff did and even had that same look even herself held. “Don’t worry I am sure in time you will draw your own thoughts of your father. He has good intent in his actions that much is truth. He just gets a bit carried away at times thinking what is good when really it is not right at all to do. A while ago I tried to find him a land of his own so I called forth an alliance witch held great promises for him, he did not want to go so he burnt all there ships down at the port and sent everyone else away running it was a mess I was to clean up for him. He thought it was a good thing of what he did, but in the end even if he did not want to go, he only caused more pain and a large scale mess. ” as she walked in the building they both went up to the large booth were the vender was stationed a fat man with a nice gut hanging over the leather pants she gave a chuckle as she taped on the table seeming to be wakening him from a sort of sleep “I would like to place a order, should you be sleeping on the job?” she lifted a brow as she looked at him “oh no me lady Anaya so sorry your majesty was not sleeping just taken a break bin a lazy day me assure you” she could smell the beer on him and the dirt as well even her old crap nose could smell that she wondered how the little one would take it. “I need to order twenty four of your largest drums of mead, ale and an assortment of spirits, it will be billed to the castle as always and we will pay once it arrives. I want this at the castle before the dawn of tomorrows sun” he nodded his head as he pulled himself from the chair and picked up the quill to jot down the order record handing it over to Anaya so she could sign and give the royal seal. She took it and started doing just that.
Apocryphon: Wraythe had walked away from Lunaria, staying near though, as to keep the rabble from getting too out of hand as she went about her business, the whole escorting thing wasn't his strong suit, but once again, it gave him something to do, and while he waited for her to pass by he and the voice in his head began to have a conversation 'Wow Wraythe, i haven't seen you be so serious in a long time, you must see something you want' 'The only thing i want at the moment is for you to shut your trap and let me think' 'Oh come now, that's not the only thing is it?' 'I swear to whatever higher power there may be that if you don't shut it i'll come in there and shut it for you' 'Ooooooo, big scary man coming to kick his own ass, how frightening' Wraythe let out a small sigh and added onto the mental blocks he had set in place, the usual cage he let the other side of him inhabit becoming encased, just to drown out the voice for a while, letting him look over the ring he had bought earlier that day, shifting the large blade on his back into a more comfortable position while he did so, wondering what might have happened to the man he once knew that would bring his favored piece of jewellery this far north.

Anaya: The little one seemed to be still in thought as Anaya finished signing the documents and sliding them along the table “there you are my fellow, don’t get caught sleeping on the job again” she said as she picked up the little one and put her on her back to hold on, there was much walking to do and small feet did not need to do it, at least to a dragon they did not. Dragon spent a lot of time with their own baby’s on their back or held by the back of the neck in the mouth, or fully in the mouth depending on where they were, that was mostly for safety matters. She held the little one on her back safe and comfortable, there be no safer place for her grandbaby. She tossed her coat on the little one to keep her warm as they headed outside. Anaya hardly felt the cold as is and her body temp was raising up as she hated herself so there was no worry. Walking out into the snow there was the gran cart with small samples on the counter but nothing around it “greetings there Franklin, I would like to place the monthly order down for graining supply’s, corn, flower, wheat, the standard I always get. A ton of each. Have it delivered in a day’s time” “ahh yes Lady Anaya it will be there in no time at all. You look Radiant today by the way and oh you have a little button on your back” “yes it is my grandchild Rowena, daughter to jeff” “well she must be a spit fire then if she be a child of your house” “I have as much to learn of her as she does of us. You have a pleasant day Franklin I have still some sweet flavored ice to pick up for the little one. ” “day be ever pleasant with you stopping by Miss Anaya” she gave a chuckle as he headed out and aimed for the direction of the slavers area to pick up Sam. Meanwhile over in the slavers tents Sam was a kid in a candy shop. There was black haired ones black skinned ones, blue skinned ones demon ones red headed ones, brown, colors, pale, tan, he has so much to pick from. Walking over he grabbed the chain of 3 girls and pulled them forth a red head dressed in gold and silks, and then a brown skinned and a black haired one all dressed in mimic. “Got names?” all of them shock their heads no and looked upon the ground “good clean slates, we can work with that.” He walked over to the slaver tossing a coin bag down and not even saying a word as he went out dragging them behind him and almost as if he was skipping, he knew what he was doing tonight, fucking each one at the same time. He spotted Anaya and hoped over “look what I got us!” he said as he yanked the teeth chattering three girls forward and Anaya looked at them “go get them coats or they will freeze before we bring them back to the castle I don’t need dead beasts body’s to lay in the hall. ” Sam looked sad for a moment then looked at the girls and thought yes they would die. He moved and took a couple steps to the closest cart that looked like it had coats in it.

Apocryphon: Wraythe pushed off from the wall he was leaning against, winding through the market district and towards the castle once again, once there he moved straight into his designated room and bolted the door, wanting to not be disturbed as he slept.

Anaya: Anaya moved and wrapped the coat around her as she called over to Samuel “grab some of the ice and bring it back to the castle, the little one be falling asleep on my back, and getting cold so we will be heading back, maybe we can have some fun tonight at the castle with them.” sam nodded his head and did not even look over but he did hear her, and the only fun he wanted to have tonight was with the new slave girls he picked up. Anaya turned and started on her way back to the castle with grandbaby in tow on her back safe and sound and almost a sleep, well it was getting late for the kids anyway but she will still be up for hours and had much to do before heading in herself. About an hour later she got back to the castle doors and pushed her way inside walking to the steps to pop the little one to bed. Taking off the little ones warm clothing and helping her up into bed she covered her up kissed her cheek and clicked out the lights as she shut the door heading back downstairs. It was still odd having children around the castle but it was a good kind of odd and new. Walking down the steps she walked to her throne and plopped her backside down it taking her claws to cut the string that was holding back the most of her hair letting the silken white locks fall into her face the way she liked it. no more prim and proper as she called over a guard and told him to get her a plate of meat and only meat she was starving. She waited as he went and did what was needed. That new slave girl came over as Anaya only pointed to the floor and the girl became a nice foot stool, the queen let out a relaxing sigh as she picked up the leather bound book from the side of her throne and started reading.
JaydenDrogamir: -As the young prince strode from his home, walking along the well-kept path that led further from his natural scenery, his snow white hair laid still upon his shoulders, as fire and brim stone swam in his pupils as his eyes were trimmed elegantly with black, his council hat laid center of his head, the tendril that hung from the hat swade as the wind danced throughout them, his pale peach skin tattooed with his life story, his kimono which was stitched with gray at the seeming, he was barefoot for maximum grip, he made a immediate left from the well-known path, as he spoke to himself “Hmmm, a path so known walked everyday it’s nice to go on an adventure an make your own path” he chuckled lightly as the base in his voice echoed throughout his ears, leaping over fallen trees ducking under the lowing hanging canopies that were held within the forest, he walked about a mile before he reached the town the climate changed dramatically as he was thriving in hell, goose bumps ravaged his skin, as he went numb from the cold still walking in a slow pace as the cold never bothered him anyway, he narrowed towards the well-kept town below the people watched how, carefully as if he had three heads he smiled towards them as his k9's slithered from my mouth towards them, gasping could be heard as everyone seemed to know who he was, as they ran back inside there nestled homes, door slams, locks, and windows were shut, as he was now alone in the town, walking to a well cut path once more, the led to seemingly a castle on the hill, as he held up his kimono fluttered in the wind, his foot steps werent herd as he was only applying little to no pressure behind them, as it was nothing but silence, a smile danced across his lips as he became closer to the castle, as he slowed his speed to a normal walking pace, he then went to the side of the building were the foundation met the ground, as he wove his hand along the ground his eyes turned green with envy, as vine slithered along the walls of the castle, stone fell from the vine as the peddles of the flowers opened like a fan, the peddles of purple lined with black, signifying that there were more than one being/race in the castle's walls. He snapped his wrist the bone clanked to another the vine withering away back into the ground as he kept the flower as a present who should ever open the door for him, walked up the brick steps the led to the twin French doors, he balled his fist swing it cock eyed towards one of the doors, apply enough pressure that the sound echoed throughout the castle, as it bent the framing of the door itself, he pulled back his fist an waited for the door to be opened a smirk stayed planted on his Rosie red lips.

Anaya: The maid came over “your daughter is home form her trip, do you wish for me to fetch her my lady, I am sure dinner is still warm” Anaya was never one to dote on her older children, or call them forth at any time as she did think if they wanted to come down they would. But she had not seen her adoptive daughter for some time now and she did want to see her “yes tell her to come down for a meal, I am sure she will like that. And will you put more coal in the stoves down in the cellar it be getting cold in the castle and that can’t be allowed” Anaya had her egg in the catacombs gold hold so she could not allow this place to get cold in anyway. She looked up as she could hear the door being knocked upon and she moved to get up from the throne but then just kicked that slave girl over “go get the door girl and make it fast” “yes yes lady Anaya will do” she got up after being kicked over it was not a hard kick but hard enough to make her fall to the side. The girl held her ribs and gave a grunt as she opened the doors and looked out to see the new face “welcome to iron stranger come in” she said softly as she opened the door hiding behind it to not get to much a chill.
Venene: After the girl had come to tell her about the meal she raises to her feet, pausing for a moment to look over herself in the mirror. She runs her fingers through her snow white hair again and straitening the dress over her small curves before she moves to walk towards the throne room, to greet her Mother. She had long ago taken her boots off, leaving herself in just stalkings so she slides across the floor every so often. She silently walks into the throne room from a side door, moving to her Mothers side she would lean towards her mother, to kiss her mothers cheek softly in a silent greeting before she glances around to the others but doesn't speak, having returned to her silent side, only speaking when she was spoken too.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come I%2Fuserdata%2F16%2F41%2F64%2F82%2Fuserpics%2FSnap_JZtSpihT0H39009813

The cold northern wind swept the barely frozen trees of the hilltop with flurries of white snow like a cruel white tempest upon tortured black fingers. Under the blasted branches and limbs standing firm in the winters, white tempest stood thirteen forms in black metal armor, their feet buried by the pure untainted snow as they overlooked the village about Iron Castle. Twelve Blackwoods Lycans gazed calmly at the village, their gray-green eyes still as they took in the sights as if they could see through the buildings and crowds that wandered the streets to spot any sign of their quarry that they traveled so far from their homelands to the south to hunt. Their black plate armor dull and crude looking but good strong and practical armor and well fitted to each of them. Runes were not lacking under their breast plates, and each had their own preferences for protection, some from acid, some from magic, some fire or other perils, but mostly from magical harm. Each bore a heavy halberd, some notched along the cutting edge forming a most intimidating and cruel looking serration to commemorate the Battle of Brengulch and count the enemies they slew that day. Slung over their shoulders was a steel crossbow of simple yet ingenious design, it would fire off three shots with the cocking off a handle beneath before needing to reload. Lacking graceful curves and crude looking without style or elegance the design was honed for tens of thousands of years, they were, in reality, the epitome of ruggedness and reliability and a masterpiece in design and craftsmanship. Each had their own styles of daggers thrust into belts and boots and under plates of armor in various places. Each also bore various charms to ward against the effects of magic. The thirteenth form, however, was no lycan, but was a vampiress raised an undead by the same goddesses of the lycans creation, and so was considered kin by the Blackwoods Lycans. She was also in full battle armor minus the helm. The black onyx gleaming it’s magic defeating surface upon plates and scales of adamantium and beneath, the rune protecting from acid etched under the breastplate according to the work laid out by her ancestor according to Autumn lineage, the ancient golden dragon Dacia herself . Her armor was exquisite work, the etching and form both sublime and dramatic, elaborate in ornamentation, practical and outstanding performance in function. Plate and scale all interconnected by riveted rings tight enough to not allow a blade point to pass beneath the scales but carefully and cleverly crafted to amazing articulation. She stood in the winters sun and yet she did not burn, she had two protections from the sun.

One was a mark burned upon her at the shrine of her goddess afforded most excellent protection from fire and light, the combination of the two also afforded her the aforementioned protection from the sun, but choosing to hide the source of such protection she wore a ring of lapis luzi specially enchanted for such protection from the sun. Her crown gleamed upon her head with a silvery radiance and under her armor was other silvery jewelry set with black onyx and a laminated black and gold dragon scale she used for transformation into the massive form of a black and gold dragon, a descendant of Dacia herself and by far the strongest dragon alive in the areas surrounding the Black Kingdoms. The scale piece was carefully laminated to allow no scent of the dragon emerges, it’s appearance like a simple shell fragment that might be used in any ordinary jewelry, nothing to hint at the mighty form she might take or give away the power she might use. Daya following the ways of Autums before her hid her true strengths as a matter of carefully planed tactics. On her back was her claymore sword named Lumina Lunii Uitare, meaning moonlight oblivion in the common tongue. While long enough for ceremonial uses it was in fact perfectly formed and balanced for heavy combat not show. It’s blade was four feet and one inch long, a perfect match for Dayas height of five feet and nine inches for a claymore. The weapon was like the armor was of adamantium and set with stones of black onyx on either side of the hilt. Also, upon her back was her bow of elven design, but made of tempered steel it was far more powerful with the arrows modified to work well with the increased power and speed produced by the strength of the bow. Elegant looking with graceful curves it was a masterpiece of balance and precision. A human would not be able to draw it so hard was the pull, for Daya however it was easy and simple and with her increased senses send it’s arrows with speed power distance and accuracy unknown to humans. Under the armor along her wrists and forearms were wrist blades of the same metal and extended back beyond the elbows for an added length of two feet when extended. Both the blades and claymore were sharpened using a rod of the same metal and honed to a sharpness unobtainable by steel. One could almost sense the fine edge when held close, the subtle indications of the faint drafts along the sharpened edge gave away the reality of just how fine it’s edge was and imagine what damage an edge like that could do along a weapon like those. The wind tugged upon her long black mane of hair with large curls and waves pulling it back behind her to wave and fall with the flurries of white snow like a plague of long stretching strands of undeath in a world of pure natural white. Her face was a ghastly white stretching with intent around sunken eyes of colorless retinas and shapely lips of black and blue pulling over two thin and long protruding teeth that lowered over her bottom lip even down to her chin. Her features were strong and feminine, taunt and unyielding in the frozen gusts of wind as she stood looking down upon the town with her gauntleted hands resting upon her hips. Yuri a younger female of the lycans and renowned for her precision and timing in attacks was standing just to her left and behind gripping the handle of her halberd with both hands as the blade rested in the snow. She looked away from the town to Daya with her green eyes and spoke in almost a whisper “The Zealots message spoke of Nerull’s cult being here, we doubtless will find one of the Zealot spies here as well.

How are we to find this spy before they find the Cult of Nurell? -Daya stood still gazing upon the town, her lips drew back and twisted into a sinister smile as she revealed her actual plan - We do not. We let the spy find the cult and intercept their messages back home. We will let this zealot find this cult for us, and then kill them and all Zealots who know of Nerull. -A male voice booms from behind Daya, it was the voice of Sebastian, the lycan was chief of the hunter packs. Now well aged and grayed but still quick and strong. “That is your plan then Daya? It is a dangerous one. If the messenger sends notice to more than the Zealot hideout we have been watching the Zealots will come here in mass. We will have to lay traps for them as they migrate north to eliminate them. Or is that your plan as well? To use this as lure to massacre the last of the Zealots? -Sebastian steps up closer to Daya tracking the heavy leather boots lined with furs for the winter of the lands through the snow and stands next to her folding his arms with halberd trapped under his elbow. He stood strong and after having spoken set his green eyes to the village. Daya turns her head to him with a tilt as the wind continued to blow her hair back. - That would be how we shall deal with them should we fail to contain the spread of the news yes Sebastian, a plan only to fall back upon but not my intention or first choice. -Sebastian exhaled with a breath almost like a grunt and kept his eyes upon the village - Risky, but well prioritized. The Zealots are nothing more than bands of cut throats and robbers now, the real threat we must deal with is Nerull. So what is the plan for now? How shall we begin our business here? -Sebastian often had doubts about Dayas plans, seeing the dangers and flaws. He did so not to rebel but rather prepare for any outcome as a professional warrior. -The plan is to simply spy upon the village first, perhaps visit the ruler. She has such a delightful disdain of the undead you know, but our visit will not be for entertainment, we shall see what she knows of this cult. The message we intercepted did indicate that there was some threat made against them so I am hoping to find a common cause with her, but for now, we hide our identities and seek an opportune moment to reveal ourselves and gain her favor in our hunt. Vester, the chief of the artillery was next to voice his questions. Short and round, but a solid figure his hair and beard was auburn red. He dropped the handle of his halberd in the snow and set his elbows upon the head and spit upon the snow “Well that’s all well and good now, but does anyone know exactly what or who we are looking for? We need to keep up the search to push this spy to this cult, but how exactly are we to go about looking for them until we get word from the Black Kingdoms where they are?”

Turning to face Vester her black gauntlets slide from the matching armor plating upon her hips and come together, her fingers wrap about her wrists in heavy bracers behind her lower back as her her long strands of hair drift along the sides of her face as she shakes her head. -No Vester, we know little of Nerull’s cult and less about exactly where they might be or their purposes here. Our histories only make mention of them kidnapping for, and I quote, rather nefarious purposes. So we start our search with news of kidnappings. It may be that they have donned a more righteous front as was done with the Zealots. Doubtless they would take advantage of the confusion made by self righteous groups to mask their movements. -“Well then! A Queen who hates us already and more likely to try and kill us than try and help us, our enemies finding more enemies for us, find something when we have no clue what it is, poke around people’s churches looking for demons, our query will likely find us before we find them, all with our best chances of having any advantage at all depending on the actions of a few dimwitted zealots! Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going! “ Vester’s face beamed with anticipation of the challenges set before them as he lifted his halberd from the snow and griped it in it’s center letting it balance in his hand. -Letting loose of her wrist Daya raises her arms extending the black gauntlets into the air above her head and closes her pale white eyes beneath the dark and discolored sunken eyelids and lifts her face to the snowy tempest that loosed from above them in gusts as flurries came down from above the dead branches of the surrounding trees as she cast an illusion upon them and herself that they should only appear to be traveling human merchants, the halberds to be naught but polished and lacquered wooden walking sticks. When there appearance had flashed from that of the armor they wore and weapons they carried to the garb of fairly well off merchants Daya opened her eyes and looked about them and nodded -Let us see what we can find then- Leading the way down the hill followed by her “kin” of lycans Dayas feet trod upon undisturbed snow appearing to be soft hides with rabbit fur lining while the appearance of her grab fine and tightly woven wool and tailored well. The lycans followed her walking sticks in hand and appearing to be dressed in similar fashions well suited to the winters chill through the gusts of wind and fallen snow. They strode down the hill and into the streets of the village passing all manor of vendors and shops luring people inside their store fronts not only with the sale of goods but the promise of shelter and warm fires. Disgruntled whispers about what was rumored about Anaya and her court were not uncommon in the crowds as Daya and the Blackwoods passed on pretending to gaze at displays of textiles and food stuffs on display in various shops -I think Sebastian, that our, work, here is most confused indeed - Daya told Sebastian inside of a textile vendors shop as she ran her fingers along a maze colored broad cloth set out for display. Turning her head to face to face him her face appearing to be that of the radiant woman she was before her death and resurrection as an undead. Her brown eyes squinting with intent looked to him as he pretended to be evaluating the cloth she let slip between her fingers “potential buyers are preoccupied with the, shall we say the winter wind? Perhaps if we follow the street further we will discover where the wind is let through the town? “ Sebastian lets his eyes drift to meet Dayas under a raised brow that affirmed he understood her meaning and suggested a destination as the voices of a gathering outside had started and could be heard by them and while distant enough to not be heard by humans the voices must be at the source, loud, and accusatory, and seemed to address disturbing occurrences. Casually Daya dropped the cloth letting it rest upon it’s hanger for display and strode outside back into the winter chill and walked the street to the sources of the outcry followed by the twelve Blackwoods. There was a gathering of those who seemed inspired and of those who seemed resentful braving the cold winter flurries beside a Church building of large timbers with a high roof and large doors. Much more impressive and important looking than any of the shops or dwelling they had passed at first glance, but upon closer inspection it was in fact hastily and poorly built despite it’s dimensions meant to impress grandeur upon onlookers. The crowds were huddled together outside wearing thick and heavy cloaks hiding their faces from the biting wind. Off to the side of the building a stage of crates was set, upon which a man wearing a long brown hooded cloak that covered his entire body only revealing a broad and bony face with dark brown eyes and long pointed nose. His cloak was bound about his waist with a braided cord. He stood upon the crates above the crowds that had gathered ignoring the frigid gusts holding a bible and giving a vehement speech “How long have our rulers lived in utter debauchery and tricked us? Is it not time for righteousness to prevail and deliver us from tyranny? “ The man was most animated, his voice strong and sounded most authoritative. While many cheered many also hissed, his words while not unanimously accepted seemed to have great effect, but not so much that it went unchallenged. A tiny woman with a face that popped from under her thick winters hood with distraught challenged him passionately from among the crowd as Daya and the Blackwoods came alongside the crowd next to the steps of the church. Her voice was desperate almost a sob “Rather it would be righteousness for us to be delivered from your tyranny! Our children have disappeared, been kidnapped. Are they not being held somewhere in your church even now! They need to be home with us, with their families who love them. They do not belong locked away while listening to things like this! Who are you to take our children from us?” The words caught the attentions of Daya and her hunting party instantly hitting them as if they were struck by lightening. It was exactly as they had discussed upon the hilltop.

Yuri who standing closest to the doors of the church sniffed about the cold freezing air and stopped suddenly and looked turning from the doors to Daya nodding to indicate the woman's words were true, she had detected human scents beyond the doors of cut timbers, ones rife with fear, and more importantly, lacking the scents of mature adult pheromones. Yuri’s green eyes squinted and shined as Daya gazed upon her glances towards her and Daya nodded in acknowledgment as the man answered the accusation with sweet sounding and reassuring words “My dear young woman, we hold no children here, our church has been thoroughly searched and no child was found. We are a holy organization of adults fighting for the future. We are the Church of Bible Understanding and have no need to kidnap young children. “ Sebastian’s face lost all expression. He knew Daya too well, and where as he would prefer to move slowly and spy upon them to gain much needed intelligence, perhaps meet with the proper authorities on the issue, Daya was unpredictable and had a knack and preference for keeping her query and adversaries off balance and even sometimes, brashly, like she was about to do now, he just knew it. Instead of trying to pull her back he simply caught the attention of his fellows with a kick to the feet of those stood by him and a clearing of his throat and pointed to the door showing a flash of two fingers twice to signal a particular strategy. Daya mean while stepped to the platform of crates with her head held high and ceremoniously exaggerated steps gently guiding those in front of her aside with a soft touch of her hand and a nod with a smile as they turned to see whom had so gently pressed upon their shoulders. Her timing manners were perfect, she had caught and held the attention of all who saw her, and they all wondered what the fancy merchant woman was about to say or do, the man also was struck by her advancing upon the stage and wishing to turn the attentions of the crowd quickly from the accusations to his regular propaganda Waved his Bible ceremoniously towards the graciously approaching Daya as she stepped up the platform of crates as the gusts of snow howled about them. completely unaware of whom exactly she was. “Have you come for understanding my lady? To stand against the demons of hell?” The man asked Daya as he waved his bible before her. Daya stepped gracefully up the crates with a subtle smile -Oh I have fought, many, demons. Some from hell yes. Is this the book you teach from? May I see it I believe that I have seen it before perhaps. - Before the man could answer Daya reached forth and snatched the bible from his hands as they waved it in stage crafted gestures with a speed he being human could hardly fathom let alone counter. As Daya flipped open the bible the man was surprised, how could a young merchant woman have battled demons? Her quick actions were rather odd. By chance Daya had opened to a portion that outlined punishments for kidnapping -Man stealers are to be put to death - Nodding as she read she gazed up to him -Is this so holy man? Your book seems to condemn you, the accusations made against you are of course, quite true. The children are indeed inside your church now as we speak. “ Holding the bible open at the page she had found her lips twist and she began to rock upon the balls of her feet as the holy man attempted to regain his composure from the onslaught of surprises Daya had given him. She had succeeded in gaining the crowds attention and caught him off guard not only by her claims of battling demons but also by taking his book and using it to reassert the accusations made against him and his organization. He had lost control and his face was going pale as he knew that those accusations were true and desperately wished to cover the truth that threatening to be uncovered. “My lady you are most confused, as I have said before, there are no children at all in our church” Seeking an opportunity to discredit Daya he questioned her first statement ‘Pray tell me dear lady, how is it that one such as yourself has fought with demons? Such could not have happened, but join us and we shall stand against real demons, those who even now hold sway over this good village” -Extending a slender finger to the doors of church and tightening her hand Daya signaled to Sebastian. -If we are to join you, perhaps we should see what is inside your church?- Dayas lips twisted yet more and she stopped her rocking back and forth upon the balls of her feet and steadily gazed at the holy man of the Church of Bible Understanding. Below the Blackwoods stepped up to the doors of the church and pushed fiercely upon the timbers of the doors and despite the woods crackles they held firm, shoddy workmanship though it was. Vester took took his halberd in hand still appearing to be a mere walking stick and after calling to his fellows to stand aside raised it above head and brought it down in between the gap between the doors to chop at the crossbar keeping the doors locked and nearly breaking it asunder revealing the freshness of the wood and the natural scents of the sap and oils. With the bar so fractured the space between the doors widened and seeing the cross bar almost broken the Blackwoods hurled themselves upon it once more breaking them open. Hearing the noise of the intrusion Daya moved swiftly to avert attention. -Do you wish to know how it is that I have battled demons holy man? -Her hands were swift and moved faster that the holy man could avoid. The bible came to strike the crown of his head enough to daze and bewilder him. He staggered back from the blow with short back steps ruffling the heavy brown cloak and waving his bony hands about from the ends of the loose sleeves. From among the crowd came a variety of responses to Dayas behavior, Some gasped beneath their heavy hoods as the frigid snow flurries tugged at the edges, some made a varied response of exclamations, some of disgust while others of excitement as this was perhaps the best entertainment they had seen all week while others were hopeful that perhaps the criminal actions of the cult might be earning greater and greater opposition and that this was the tipping point of backlash that might bring about it’s end. Realizing that he was loosing control by the moment and his mind raced to seek what cause he had to take more physical actions and regain some of that control and dismiss the crowd and deal with the aftermath another day. Daya however, continuing the barrage of surprises to keep her prey constantly off guard dispelled the illusion with a flourish of her hand. Where once stood the image of a human woman in the attire of a merchant was now a most primal looking vampress, extraordinarily pale and sunken eyes with rather long thin fangs in fancy black battle armor, and upon her head was her silvery crown gleaming in the winter sun, unmistakably that of a ruler. “Demons! She has come to deceive us!” He cried pointing thick and long bony finger towards her, his eyes widened and while his words were strong his lips trembled and he stepped back from her over the crates, until he took one too many steps back and lost his footing. His cloak waved in the air as he fell upon his back. Wasting no time Dayas arm pivoted upon her shoulder swinging straight upwards and bent at the elbow, her hand gripping the hilt of her claymore pulled it from it’s scabbard smoothly as she stepped forward and swung the sword downward till it’s point rested at the mans right hip, if one followed from edge to edge of the blade it would lead across his midsection at downward slant. An insidious detail for one to notice as the cut would not kill him immediately but rather remove his legs at the hips leaving him to wallow in half form leaving his entrails behind. “The devil has come to destroy our truths with rumors and our peace with butchery!” -The devil, is none other than yourself. But today you shall see justice. If you were wise you would tell me all, for only by renouncing the demons you serve shall you live- The crowd murmured among themselves noisily, some even screamed in horror at the sight. Daya had surprised the holy man, but the crowd was quite stunned at the progression towards becoming a sword wielding undead ruler of a distant land, and growing dangerously close to a mob scene.

Inside the church three husky and large men in similar robes to what the holy man outside wore, but by no means clean or well fitting, had rushed to the intruders to force them back out lest they do another search and find the two missing children inside. They stretched dirty and sweaty hands out in front of them, desperation making them more aggressive than they should have been. They ran for them hands extended in an attempt to push them back outside at all costs. As they neared the lycans the two in front gave way, rolling off to either side to reveal Vester Yuri and another behind with with the handles of their halberds raised with the heads of the weapons back behind. They crouched down with their feet shoulder width apart, their feet facing the sides and one in front of the other as their heads faced the on rushers. Slamming the handles of their halberds into the stomachs and up into the rib cage of the assailing men with no small effort as the held their ground in the surprise collision. The stance of the handle pushing lycans was low to the ground and they set the heads of the halberds into the wooden floor as the men collided with their handles, the pikes splintering the dirty floor and catching hold. The move was perfect, and knocked the wind out of the onrushing men as they fell to the floor with their faces turning a bright red in their anguish. Vester Yuri and the other wasted no time in swinging their halberds about pulling the blades from the floor and holding the pikes upon the men “I would sit still if I were you lads, you wouldn’t survive the next little poke” was Vesters warning to them. It did not take long to identify the location of the children for the lycans, the childrens scent guided them to a wall. Unlike the other walls in the church the cracks were backed by other boards so that one could not see what was beyond between them. Rather than search for a hidden mechanism they raised their halberds high and swung them down upon the wall in a relentless barrage till the planks gave way revealing a crude passage way, and at the end of the passageway, two young children, one girl and one boy of similar age. Dirt smeared their faces and torn cloths and they looked to the Lycans with large eyes and trembling forms. They lowered their halberds and one lycan, a young female approached the children setting her own weapon aside. She smiled at them and kneeled down and looked upon their scared dirty faces faces “You must be the missing children we have heard of. Do not be afraid, we will find your families and return you home” Ropes about their wrists caught her eyes and she suppressed disgust and smiled all the more at them as she loosened their bonds and coiled the rope. “Would you like to come with us and find your families young ones?” Her voice was naturally rough but she spoke softly and kindly. As she extended her hand the children hesitated but took her hand and she led them out, tossing the ropes to Vester who Bound the three men, rather tightly and purposely uncomfortably as they began to recover their breaths and the redness left their faces. “On yer feet!” Vester said roughly as he harshly kicked the hip of the nearest man with a foot clad in black tempered steel. The young lycan led the children out side. The sun burned their tender eyes yet still they gazed about hardy believing that they had been freed. ‘Mathew!” The same woman who had first accused the holy man of being a kidnapping tyrant shouted and ran to him leaving her hood to fly from her face hugging him. The bitter cold at this point had little effect upon her other than trying to cover her son and his companion from it’s bitter bite. “Claire! I know your grandfather will be so happy to see you safe and sound! -Letting one arm free she pulled her into the embrace. If what hostility the crowd had towards Daya was held at bay by sheer confusion before, the sight of the emerging children put the threat of being mobbed now turned the tables in her favor. Sebastian Yuri and Vester emerged from the church with their assailants bound and in tow.

“Lumber isn’t good for building but lots of well seasoned fire wood in there” Was Vesters response to the crowds who had started a mixed response of murmurs reviles and cheers. He left Yuri and Sebastian who met with the woman asking her to come and bear witness to the events at Iron Castle, and after much praises and thanks and offerings agreed to bear witness for them after taking her son to his father and the girl to her grandfather. As the holy man considered his option his muscles tightened as if seeing how well he might be able to attempt an escape. Daya however felling his subtle movements warned him to remain still, not with words but the slightest and easiest movement of the tip of her blade. It sliced through his braided belt with such ease he never felt a tug, only the belts coming undone. Dayas black and blue lips curled and twisted evilly as her eyes narrowed upon him. He took the warning well, it’s meaning was quite clear. He made no protest as Vester came with the remaining rope and bound his hands and wrists as had done with others and hauled him roughly to his feet. In truth, the holy man was only quite glad to be away from that long fiendish blade. They gathered the four and led them away towards Iron Castle alongside Daya still brandishing the preachers Bible and beating him about the head with it. They marched triumphantly through the street among whispers and pointing fingers, some in admiration and praise, and some in accusation and ridicule while dragging their captives in tow. Whatever authority the captors had over stepped, whatever crimes the cultists may have committed, it was apparent both captives and captors would soon either find reward for well doing or meet their fate for wrong doing. Thus they approached Iron Castle. Tucking the Bible under her arm Daya curled her slender white fingers within her gauntlet of fine and elaborate craftsmanship and rasped upon the door. She looked to her companions and stepped back in the falling snow awaiting a response as the three cultists squirmed and made all manor of excuses, pleas and warnings about why they should not be brought inside and wiggling their hands in vain to attempt to free them selves from the bonds -Stop squirming, or we’ll take to our own castle instead where a far worse fate you would find! -Sebastian roared to them. He had no intention of actually taking them to Trandafiri as it was far too distant. But his harsh words and a quick slap to their heads with a hand covered in iron at least seemed to confuse them enough to halt their moaning and squirming. Behind them, the teary eyed mother of Mathew the abducted child approached making her way though the falling snow having left her son with her husband the father of her child. Yuri gazed upon her as she approached in her long cloak and boots of fur and nodded with approval at her keeping her word-

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Anaya: the Slave girl looked out as no one was there anymore and she shrugged and shut the doors and then walked back to Anaya "person who was there vanished my lady" Anaya nodded s her little girl came down and kissed her cheek "i am glad you are back, did you have a nice trip my dear?"

Venene: Ana nods softly after her mother speaks, “Yes Mother, the trip was nice, gave me a chance to clear my head again. How was your day out? How are you feeling? I'd hug you but my hands are covered in charcoal from sketching.” She keeps herself close to her mother as she speaks with her. She runs over the trip in her head, going over how much the fresh air had helped her and the sound of nothing but the forest at nights had helped her sleep and relax. She moves to slide behind her mother chewing on her lower lip she keeps herself quiet as the slave girl comes back to her mother, letting her mother handle the girl and anything or anyone else that would come up, fading into the shadows of the room

Anaya pointed down to her feet as the slave girl once again made a nice foot rest for her. she put her feet up on the girls back as she relaxed a bit. “The days out were good, we spent time with the new grandchildren turns out to our surprise your brother is a father now, the little girl is a good child she should fill the halls with a bit more life. I put her to bed a while ago along with her half-sister.” Running her claws into her hair she let out a slight yawn as the day had been long “Samuel should be back shortly he went to pick up some more slave girls to have fun with, and they will be good to work around the castle. He needed something to make him happy so I allowed him to pick up three new girls. And we did all the gran orders and I noticed we are out of ale so I made that order along with some meats to be delivered very very soon”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: What was he to do in a situation like this? He knew nothing would be the same. He was nothing in anyone's eyes anymore except a hotheaded beggar king. He didn't even want the throne any longer. He just wanted to keep his family safe, despite how they felt about him. He hoped his mother watched out for Samuel, as in Jeff's eyes, he was not to be trusted. His whole scent was nothing but a damned stink on the house. He didn't care for anyone except his own selfish need to want an heir. An Heir to the throne that he did not deserve. Jeff however, wanted his family, including his children to be safe. He just became a father-... days ago. He ran at first, just to go hunting, but he felt himself not ready to face his family, or his children-...or Lunaria. He was always going to love her, despite how bad she loathed the prince. Prince was a pitiful title for Jeff, in his heart. He hated it. He wanted to fight. To lead an army. To help his family. Now he was a pacifist whom only subdued his enemies and let them escape. The only thing he killed were animals, and took their blood for his own gain. He opened his baby blue eyes and shuddered the snow off of his shoulders. He was wearing his usual jacket, and his metal, clawed finger-tipped arm, with his 5'5 staff made of oaksteel, that hung from his back. The ebony fabric kept him warm with a lining of wool that sewed on the inside. Jeff's metal grieves, light and easy to move around in, rested over his pants, and his boots, made of the same steel his grieves were. His baby blues scanned the area, only to realize he was right on the outskirts of the castle. He must have stumbled back to the castle earlier that morning. His mind hazy, and his courage swallowed, he made his way toward the back doors of the castle and walked by two of the guards. "Oh, my lord! Where have you been?" "Hunting." Jeff said, his eyes focused on the floor, as if ashamed to admit it. He walked inside, and was intently blasted by heat that he never thought he would miss this much since the war of the north. He closed the door behind him, kicking his boots so the snow would fall off, and whispered. "I'm home." He looked around and asked a nearby maid. "Excuse me, where is my mother?" She didn't hear him and quickly rushed off, to finish her tasks for the day. Jeff grunted and adjusted his mask, before looking back and forth between the halls. Finally giving up, he made it to the throne room, which is where he felt his sister, and mother, close by. He ignored it and decided to let them finish their conversation before sitting in his throne, which, even though the seat was uncomfortable, he missed it. Jeff from there simply crossed his arms, leaned back, and tucked his head down to look at the floor.

DayaAutum: -The winds wiped through the party as they waited for a response, Vester occasionaly tightening the ropes with unnecessary roughness as he tugged them to remind the four captives to remain still, and quite. The sound of crunching snow came up behind them as the mother of the freed child drew close and stopped behind them, covering her face with her hood from the cold with mittened hand of knitted wool admist breaths of steamy air from her small form. Happiness but nervousness gleaming from her eyes that poked through the edges of her hooded cloak. Breathing a sigh Yuri turned and gazed to Daya with eyes of questioning “The doors are guarded are they not? Surely she can’t be letting her own doors unguarded as this cult is plotting against her? We are only Twelve Daya, and can’t guard her while we hunt them” Days turns to the door watching it with her dead white eyes and listening for clues as to whether guards actualy were there or not, she Shakes her head - I do not know Yuri, last time I was here there were guards aplenty. -Her breath lacked the steamy mist the others had emitted as they spoke. The party looked to the door and waited for a response-

Anaya: Anaya over all ignored her eldest child as this time she got up herself in response to the door and walked over taking a breath, there was a part of her that loved her son but there was another part of her that just wanted him gone to get lands of his own some were other than here, to leave this nest. She walked over to the door doing her job as she wondered if it was Sam there or maybe even Lunaria back form town. As she walked up the new guards on shift were taking their place and they greeted her on the way of “evening shift my lady, all is well in the back as normal, how be you getting the door like a common foke, we get it for you my lady go back and sit. Be hot meal in the dining hall” Anaya smiled her guards at times were too good to her and she shook her head no as she went and open the door for them allowing them out and whoever was there in “sometimes even a queen has to treat her guards. Now can you make sure the trolls have meal tonight and are taken care of seeing the Captain of the guard is dead and we have no one to replace him with they have not gotten the care they need, same with the stable. Go do that and make sure it is done don’t pass it off to another” she told the guard as she looked outside seeing a group there with people bound “and who may this all be? And you, you are that undead i sent away long days ago, why do you come back here?” she had a ok memory and she did not like undead so she would not forget the ones that showed up at her gates, she did not move not allowing entrance until they explained themselves. Both guards that had now taken their posts are each of her sides placed their hands on their blades just in case.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff watched as his mother had ignored him, and he let out a sigh. He knew he wasn't wanted in the empire. He knew that no one wanted him around. Ashe left, Lunaria hated him. He knew his children most likely hated him. He knew that his mother wanted him gone. Jeff simply got up and sighed elongatedly, before going up the stairs to his room, which he hadn't been in for a few days. He noticed Ashe's stuff all over his room and he simply raised a brow as anger filled his core. He opened the window, letting a few flakes and a burst of cold into his room as he began tossing them out the window, onto the cold ground below. He didn't want to look at them. He didn't want to even see her at that moment. He didn't want to see anyone. It was clear that he should have accepted the princess's offer and ruled with her. He shook his head, quickly taking that thought back before continuing his raid of throwing out her fabrics and dresses. He then tossed her boots and shoes, as well as he back pack. She left without a trace and it was high time she stayed gone. Jeff knew that she wanted to leave, but never told him anything. He didn't love her anymore, and infact, hated her for what she was doing to him. He shook his head and moved to sit on the bed. "I should leave." He whispered. "I'm not wanted here." He looked out the window, and gave everyone their space, having grown used to the cold outside. It matched his interior at the moment.

Soprano: Lunaria felt incredibly irresponsible, allowing the queen to bring her daughter back, but there was a part of her, when she scented them returning towards the castle that knew she and Rowena were gone, and her escort had followed. She had had the gall to find herself something to wear in the meaning, and found the means to change by entering a tavern and requesting the back room as privacy to change properly. Her gown was a simple make, of a satin fabric, luxurious to the touch, and undeniably soft unlike the rough wool she was used to wearing. The bodice was tight, and accented down her frame as she tugged the strings tight, and donned a fresh cape, taking what money she had left to her money purse between her breasts and letting her long hair tumble down her shoulders, shamelessly exited the backroom of the tavern, with her cowl pulled tight around her. She let herself to the back of the bar, a tavern wench soon to follow, as she tapped her knuckles twice on the wooden bench of her table and summoned the woman off with a glance towards the bar for a thick tankard of ale. Who was to care whay she drank? Tonight she wasn't here to forget, she was here to replenish, and if it meant playing the dipsy girl? She would have zero problem doing so. Rowena had ben tired when she had returned to the hold, but now, as she heard a window loudly opening, she was awoken from her small nap with Delilah staring out her window with opened mouth gape. The girl crawled out of the bed, and stared with her as Jeff tossed clothing out the window, the pretty fabrics flying to the wind as they cascaded out. "Obviously he's gone mad." Delilah chuffed, returning to her book, where she was sketching out the kings foil she had found. "Don't talk about him like that." Rowena growled, rising to her feet as she headed towards the door, stopped by Delilah's snort. "Going to be all noble because he's your Dad, just like Cinna?" She let out another laugh but was silenced when a large jug of water went flying at her head and crashed against the stone wall, as Rowena slammed the door and exited her quarters in a true teenage huff. If Luna had a clue what she was doing, she would be punished but at this moment, she didn't care. Her hand tentatively reached out and tapped the door of Jeff's chambers where he sounded like a man possessed, throwing things out the window, waiting for a response, her eyes blue eyes swirling with anxiety as she kept to the shadows to keep her curiosity, and actions a secret from all but the two of them.

DayaAutum: -As the doors open Daya and the Black woods readjusted their sights upon her. The townswoman Curtsied low while the prisoners looked to Anaya opening their mouths as if either to plead or make a sorry excuse, but remained silent as Vester made quick jerk upon the ropes. Daya was first to Curtsie, or rather a half cursty and half bow as was customary for Autum females wearing full armour, and it was her lands, not Dayas. Her caps slowly swaying in the chill gusts of air, she rose and greeted her. Her lips tightening slightly as she resisted a smile of plaeasure at her outburst. - I have returned Queen Anaya, we have much discuss as a present danger threatens to grow and spead like a plague to consume you, and threaten both your lands and our own. Yes I am an undead, and have grown into this state. But we are here to ensure a similar fate does fall upon yourself, as has happened in our ancient past concerning Nerull and his allies of damned. - She raises her gauntleted hand and gently sweeps over the captives they had taken in a gesture towards them -These wayward fellows have seen it fit to engaging in the kidnapping of the children of your village, we happened to stumble upon them in our search for members of this cult of Nerull, and think that perhaps they be connected or at the very least a confusion that masks their activities with their own crimes. They also have a most, rebellious attitude and message concerning your ruler ship and urge the townspeople against you, and we have brought a witness, the very mother of one of the children they had kidnapped -Her arm then sweeps backwards towards the towns woman, turning her head to her and assuring that she had spread her hand sufficiently to her before looking again to Anaya with her pale white eyes catching rays of light and refracting them form her pupils to most eerie effect with her dark sunken eyes. The woman shakes her head still in her crusty. "It is true Mi'lady! They do speak much against you, I went there to question them about my son! These people and this undead sovergn from a foreign land brought him out from their church back to me again" Her words were almost a sob. The Blackwoods remained in a bow and Daya lowered her hand and looked towards Anaya waiting a response-

Anaya: “well then I guess you better come in out of the cold, we have much to talk about this night but it is late so if needed you and your people can stay the night in the halls and toss the captives in the catacombs in the cells, the guards can bring them down as guests are not able to tread down there.” Samuel was coming up behind everyone at the door way and looked upon everyone there “I am heading down there myself I can bring them down if needed, have to place this shaved ice in the cold cellar and go down to the hold to check on things” he was not going to mention there child, no stranger let alone a undead need know about what they held most care for. Anaya ushered everyone in as she could hear the slamming up in the upper halls, children would be children and Jeff was up there sulking she was sure could help them if needed the one was his child anyway. She walked into the hall as the guards shut the door behind everyone and Samuel moved to ask to take the lead of the captives to bring them down to the cells. Anaya walked over to her thrones as she watched the undead come into the warm halls of Iron. “I just came back from town, everything is peaceful there and no news of any cults or stolen children, we were able to do the castle orders with no problems at all. So tell me all you have to tell me”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff then felt something. His daughter. His blood. Just a few rooms away. He knew it was late, so he did what he could. He laid on his bed and closed his eyes. He felt his aura floating around him, before feeling himself become one with the energy around. He felt his telekenetic aura leak into the aura of Rowena a few rooms away. "Rowena? It is your Father, Jeff. I know this may seem strange but I am speaking to you through telepathy. You don't have to respond." He took a deep breath and projected his voice into his daughter's head, his tone, full of happiness, sadness, and empathy all at once. "Rowena. I know that I haven't been around and I haven't given you a great impression of me. But I want that to change. If you want no part of me, I understand. But I would love to meet tomorrow and talk. I would love to see my blood, face to face. You deserve that. You deserve more than thinking of yourself as a bastard. I never knew you were even on this earth until a few days prior and I was scared. Because I had no idea how to be a father. I still don't. But I need you to know that, I am always going to be here for you. I am a few rooms down the hall from yours. If you ever need a thing from me, I won't be far. I know it may have never seemed like it, but seeing you, and knowing I have brought someone into this world, especially someone like you, fills me with great pride knowing that you are going to do great things for this world. I love you Rowena. I am so glad I got to lay my eyes on you before death's cold bite takes me away. You look so much like your mother. It's uncanny." He paused and smiled, before continuing. "Never think I didn't want you. I always would. I just never knew-...No one told me but I should have known. I'm so sorry, Rowena. I hope in the future, you can forgive me for every little moment I missed in your life..." He sighed and looked down. "I know it is late, but-...Tomorrow, we shall meet in the great hall and feast, and hopefully, catch up. If that is what you wish. Goodnight Rowena. Sleep well." And with that, Jeff rolled over, hoping to himself, that his daughter heard his message, and wanted to at least speak with him in the morning.

DayaAutum: -Vester gave a last pull upon the ropes to the agonizing grunts of the captives and spoke harshly to them “Better not give Ole Samuel here any trouble or I’ll find you myself and give yourself that poke I mentioned earlier someplace you want it least!” With that said and nodded with a quick jerk to Samuel and handed him the rope. Daya followed Anaya inside followed by the scents of lilacs and roses, the winter’s cold did much to remove the faint stench of undeath at present. They Lycans having been relieved of their captives followed suite, only Yuri lagged behind and quietly thanked the Townswoman for keeping her word. Having thus been released from her promise she hurried back down to the town and own home, almost in a run. The sounds of their Armored feet echoed in the halls as they followed Anaya, Yuri pausing at the door as she eyed a particularly large cobweb, it was familiar to her, and seemed a reminder of home to her. “The enemies of Noapte are well accustomed to more subtle tactics, it comes as no surprise that they would encourage malcontent in an attempt to weaken your rule. Unfortunately we know very little of Nerull. This wayward godling is little mentioned in our history. What we do know is that he had a cult in ancient times, and a gold dragon who ruled the land at the time was ill prepared for what was to come. They and their allies raised many lesser dragons as undead slaves to overcome her. We”- Daya paused not knowing what this dragon queen knew or did not know, Dacia was after all a gold dragon. “did manage to ensure that she would never become one of their slaves, although at a terrible cost. Perhaps you have heard of her Anaya? She was known as Dacia. This army of undead dragons neutralized her power allowing their armies to invade unhindered her power. But, together the Autums of ancient times combined with Dacia eventually overcame. As near as I can tell, all of this started with simple cults to these damned gods, and grew to thousands of demons and wraths, lichens and shades, who raised an army of hundreds of thousands. Such a power must never be allowed to accumulate, we have come to stop a threat before it comes to what it did in those times.” Daya shook her head and sighed as Anaya sat upon her throne and stood before her ceasing her walking. The Blackwoods stopped behind Daya and let their halberd down so that the heads came to meet the stone floor lightly and rested their hands upon the ends of the handles “It makes mention of them kidnapping people, for and I quote, nefarious purposes. Word has come to us about them making threats to you, and while we may soon have intelligence as to their where abouts, we were hoping that perhaps you might know more for we do not even know if they are human elven or some dark creature, what power they might have or anything. We are hoping that perhaps you might aid as we hunt them down and destroy them to preserve all life and prosperity in both your lands, and ours.”

Anaya: A guard walked around the side of the castle seeing a bunch of clothing and things in the snow, as he looked up and looked at Jeff’s window, he thought for a moment that he was going to pick everything up, no this was the princes death wish, did he really think Anaya was going to put up with the shit anymore now that she was not a weak ass pregnant dragon who could not use her power or energy. The guard just shakes his head and walked out back “what’s going on over there, was a bunch of noise shits flying out windows” another guard at his tent asked “prince tossing a fit yet again, dude does the same shit glad we got a great view form down here. Wonder if he will get a new whore, that last one was nice to watch when she striped in front of the window. ” the guard gave a laugh as they split there meal “can’t wait till spring, be warm out here” “we have fire we will be fine, aren’t you used to it by now.” the guards talked with each other as they looked form their tents to the castle. Anaya let the undead tell her about everything going on in the town and she watched as Sam took the captives down to the cell to lock them away till they died as no one fed anyone down there getting locked in a Iron cell was a known death sentence. Anaya leaned back in her throne as she fixed her silk pillow. “There are no dragon gods, only dragons that believe themselves as gods, due to their pride behind more then there wisdom. And yes I know of the dragon you speak of but not much as we don’t dabble into the affairs of others of our kin let alone get along with one another. The cult you speak of send death threats to this castle and the family all the time I get them at the door or painted with dyes on the castle stone, some cases it is even found in the blood of pigs or goats. But we never cared for them much, they are all human but they have numbers so it makes them a danger. They believe that dragons should not rule and that the dark should overcome it. It is a shock to me that a undead is against them I would believe they would have ones of your race in their ranks along with other things that go bump in the night” Anaya’s voice was very I am better then you in every word she spoke, she really hated undead and she had her reasons “seems even if I take out a whole area of land the undead and the ones that worship them still seem to pop back up” that servant at long last came to her throne with her dish of meat as the girl bowed saying sorry over and over again for being late. “it is fine girl now be gone with you” the girl rushed away as Anaya ate her meal.

Soprano: Jeff's voice permeated her thoughts as Rowena brushed her knuckles against his door. Feeling defeated and pushed way, like he would rather wait until another time, she retreated from the door, and instead went to sit to the other side of the hallway. Staring wth a confused expression at door, almost feeling scorched where her hand touched the door. She crouched at the doorway to the other door across the hall, viewing the splinters in the door from a time long previous, unknown to her. She felt herslf beginning to swell with anger, her heart throbbing in her chest that after so long, he had her, and he wished to instead wait. Thick anger tears drew into the Allurin's eyes as she replayed his words in her head, unable to summon the ability herself, and with a single motion, drew from her heels as across the room, summoning as much kinetic energy as she could. The hairs on her arms rose, bangs growing static as her hands flickered with energy, sparks catching in her palms, biting into her hands, and before she had a chance to notice, Lichtenberg figures exploded painfully up her arms, and down her right leg, as a massive bolt of electricity powered through her father’s door, with a crash that shook the entire hold. Thunder crashed through the hold as all the windows on the floor exploded from the impact of the lightning strike, black soot spread from Jeff's door in a shock pattern, its smitherines smouldering as one her cheeks the ear marks left angry blisters from the impact of her blast. "I WILL NOT BE IGNORED."

Apocryphon: Wraythe opened an eye and let out a sigh, being awoken by the various people walking to and fro in the hall outside his room, carrying on conversations and the like, causing a low growl to escape his lips as he moved from the bed to his window, the shift from sleeping outside to in a crowded castle was one he wasn't quite ready to make it seems, to keep people from noticing his absence he opened the window and leapt out, landing with a small thud before stepping off towards the town at the bottom of the hill, for his small encampment lay beyond that. As he walked he gathered his hair and pulled it back as it usually was, a small bit falling into his face as he entered the outskirts of the town, the various people around him paying him no mind as he stepped through the crowd, though his large stature placed him a head or two above the rest of them. His pace was relaxed, still not having woken up fully from his small nap, and deciding that perhaps a bit of drink would set him at ease, it had worked all the other times before after all, and as he ducked into his usual choice or bar he was greeted by a few smiling faces, the barkeeper placing a mug on the bar and poured the usual for him. Wraythe reached into the coin purse he had in his pocket and placed a few gold pieces down with a smile as he pulled down his mask and spoke "Keep it coming', that is if you feel like trying your luck at drinking me under the table again" They all shared a laugh before Wraythe took his mug and found a seat off in the corner, unclipping his cloak and shrugging his coat from his shoulders to reveal the pale skin underneath, and hearing a crash at the castle he laughed, glad to have gotten out of there when he did before he took a drink and rested back in his seat, the barkeeper bringing another three mugs to his table before nodding as he stepped away to leave Wraythe to drink in peace

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff sighed, waiting for Rowena to either say something back or at least acknowledge that she heard him, but instead, there was nothing. He sighed softly and shook his head before feeling a dark energy from behind his oak door, and before he could react, it exploded, causing Jeff to hop to his feet, and brandishing his staff. He growled before watching the smoke clear, to see his daughter, angry, yelling that she wouldn't be ignored. "I-...uh...wasn't ignoring you, little one, I simply thought you wanted to rest. Do come in please." He smiled, not even remotely mad about the mess that was now all around his room and the hall. "It is good to see you have my anger and your mother's strength." He muttered before pulling a seat out at his table. "Perhaps we should have some tea and have a long conversation. I want to know everything about you Rowena. I want to know everything about my daughter. Please. Come sit with me." He smirked and looked to the gaping hole in his door frame. "We can get that fixed tomorrow. But-..Perhaps you could have just came in. When I upset your mother one time, she kicked my door in and dragged me out into the hall by my collar." He looked down, and chuckled. "You really are just like her."

Anaya: Within moments Anaya had fully left the room with the undead woman in it with simple saying “I will be back stay here” and the woman was upstairs standing in the hall way looking at Rowena, she was just like both her mother and father popped together, this girl would have a hell of a temper when she got older. “Rowena are you alright” she asked in a concerned voice as she stood there waiting on the girls response. she chould hear jeff talking on the other side of the blown up door, she chould not see him there was a wall in the way but she new he was there she chould hear him. the kid had blown up the door, guess we had to get a new one sometime or another.

DayaAutum: -Daya seemed relieved to as her face lost some of the tension in her cheeks as ANaya described the cult being humans, but her brows stiffened. Her whole face was one of some relief, but of careful thought. Crossing her arms She tilted her head letting the long black hair of loose curls slide upon the etched black obsidian surface of her armor her white dead eyes locked upon Anaya with their eerie glow. -It is known if this cult has any magical powers of any significance? I would suspect necromacy to foremost among them. -Daya paused a moment as Anaya chewed upon the meat brought to her letting her lower facail muscles relax and her lower black and blue lip press upon her protruding thin teeth. - As for joining them hardly. We Autums are not a common creation of inferior work of Lichens and Wrathes, those yes I would suspect to gravitate towards those who would see the world die. We however have long defended a land that seems to be the main target of many of such things however. If you have done so as well, then we have common enemies you and I. We may be some service to you - Daya raises her hand from the embrace of Onyx and adamantium towards the Blackwoods -These are Lycans of the same creation of our goddess, my kin and most trusted allies and guards - The sound of the strike reverberates through the castle and the lycans and Daya gaze above them as Anaya excuses herself to attend to the matter “Doesn’t seem interested at, even when mentioning keeping her from winding up an undead herself” Sabastian leaning in whispered in Daya’s ear. She turned to him and a nodded before again looking about in wonder of the source of the blast.-

Soprano: Skin physically smoking, when the Queen called to her, Jeff staring her down, she felt wholly embarrassed with herself as her skin ws literally on fire in her veins ripping through her painfully. She took a long low sigh and responded immediately to the Queen with a, "yes Grandmother, I am fine." Feigning innocence in her voice as she stared at her father, walking into the room, her reddened skin, freshly scarred to the eyes as she came forwards where he stood and sat with a huff on the bed, letting out her messy hair, still caught with refuse fromt he tree, and static-y from the electronic burst she had just released. "My mother told me that you were a handsome prince she loved more than her heart... And that she loved you enough to give up on everything to be with you..." She blue eyes searched his, a mirror of his own as she stared at him, not daring to let him see her cry as the blisters on her face had already begun to heal. "I grew up in a small hut, with my mother struggling to feed us, alone until Cinna returned. But he wasn't my father... I remember when I was very small, mother holding us for hours, Atreyu and I, and just... rocking... for hours." It was Rowena who revealed the truth of the second born, her twin brother as she sat there. "I know you say you wish we had been there with you... But my brother and I... We wish you had been there with us." She sniffled and stared into her lap. Then... Then you had someone else... And mother-... Didn't you love mother anymore?" She ran her hand over her sore cheeks, fiercely rubbing the tears aside before they could fall. "Didn't you want her anymore?"

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: "Ro-...Honestly?" He took a breath and moved over to the bed, sitting next to her. He spotted her pained aura and spoke softly. "I loved your mother with all my heart. When she left, I felt a peice of me leave with her. I was lonely and was looking for something to fill the void. That was when I met someone whom kept me company. But I realized I didn't love this person. I just thought I did. I was hurt by what I did to your mother...and why she left." He looked down. "I-..have another?" He smiled brighter. "Atreyu..." He whispered softly. "A son-..." He then looked back to her. "I love your mother to this day. I should have followed her. I just-..thought she hated me. She had every right to. that she is back, and she brought you here. I feel as if I should at least try to tell her I am sorry. I need to connect with you. I want to be in your life, Rowena." He lowered his gaze to meet hers. "I swear on my life. I am your father, and I am going to act like a father. My father beat me as a kid." He spoke out. He had never told anyone about his real family before finding the iron, but with his own daughter-...he felt it was time someone knew. "I grew up in a small town. Everyone knew me as "Jeff the stubborn." I would steal cookies from the local bake sales and would smoke cigarettes in alleys. I was a trouble maker. day. I came home, to find my father beating a woman in our house. He was just choking her and smacking her. I pulled her away from him and he grabbed me and tossed me out of the house. I-..ran into town and was-...turned into what I am today, many centuries ago. I promised myself that day, that when I had children of my own, I would be a better father than he could ever be. I don't know what happened to him. I don't know why he was the way he was...but I'm glad he isn't here anymore." He looked at Rowena. "I love you, Rowena. I love my son. I don't know my children, but my love is uncontional and unlimited. I will always be here for you. I will always be here for Lunaria. I don't ever expect her to love me the same way, but that doesn't mean I will ever love my children any differently." He leaned forward and took his mask off, hoping she wouldn't move away, or find this awkward. He placed a kiss on the top of her head, yet, it didn't burn her. He knew she was scarred but he didn't hurt her. He was as gentle as he could be. "I'm so glad you are here. As for your sister, I will treat her like my own as well. I can't wait to meet my son, either. I just want to be in your life as much as possible. I will always love your mother. I will always love my matter what happens. That will never change. Please believe that, even though I have given you no reason to do so." He moved his finger to wipe away one of her tears. "You are strong-...And I am so blessed by the gods to have strong children."

Anaya: Anaya nodded “just be careful Rowena” she said softly as the girl walked into Jeff’s room, was it a bad thing she had very little trust from her own child. She walked back down to the main hall and back into the room with the undead woman “so sorry for heading out so fast, matters called for my attention. But I cannot be turned undead myself ” she said as even if she headed out of the room she could still hear the tail end of what the others said. “Golden dragons can’t be turned undead at all seeing we are holy, so when we die we die or just go to a different place or so I am told” she said softly as she sat back down in her throne. “to my knowing they are nothing more than humans but I do not know much about them as I have lacked the need to look into them till now, I will send scouts down to the towns around and see what’s going on as well as if you wish to know more about them yourself you are welcome to look into it” Anaya was getting sleepy and her eyes were getting heavy but she would not sleep till she knew the children were back in bed.

DayaAutum: -As Anaya returns the entire party of Blackwoods looks to her and bows their heads. Daya listens carefully to her words. The information about it being impossible to raise a golden dragon from the dead as an undead she quite frankly doubted. Or perhaps it was only partially true. She raised her hand and placed her forefinger over her blue lips in thought. Whether she was referring to a mere difficulty in raising such a corpse as hers would be or a mere myth one thing was true. If she believed herself unraiseable then her corpse would be potentially a serious danger she reasoned as she would take no means to secure herself from such a fate. The cult obviously knew of her existence, and if Nerull and his allies knew of her Constance she would be a likely target -Dayas eyes quickly shifted to catch Sebastian's gaze and back again to Anaya. She lowered her hand and nodded to the Queen of the Iron Lands. - We indeed will hunt this cult, as I have said before, we have a possible way that I think we might gain knowledge of their whereabouts, to push my plan forward we need to put pressure upon one whom we know to be seeking them out, this will be the clue we need, for when they know, we shall also. But- Daya lets her arms fall behind her and she grips her wrist within her other gauntleted hand - I have a major weakness. While my kin are most capable guards, it is best if we have a secure place where I might rest when I am vulnerable. I assure you that once this cult discovers who exactly I am, my destruction if at all possible will be at the for front of their minds. -She pauses and breaths into her corpse chest deeply and pauses looking to Anaya -Is there somewhere where I might gain a secure place for my death rest? Where my guards have the advantage and can easily defend?

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Anaya: Moving back to her chair at the table side were all discussions were made she took a moment to watch the snow fall from a window hoping all was going well in the upper chambers now that it has gone silent up there. She guessed the child and her father were talking so did not take any need to worry, even if she was inside as it was sad that Anaya did not trust her own son. Samuel walked into the doors to the discussion and round table chambers as he posted himself at the door way, which gave the queen a slight peace of mind as she did not enjoy or trust undead in the slightest, in fact she would rather leave this party to go find a inn that was fully able to be broken into and even help the cult rip them apart before destroying the cult herself, but that would get her hands dirty, and she did not want that. She looked over to her mate at the doors and took a breath and relaxed a bit pushing out the worry she was holding onto. “You can stay in the castle for the night, there are sleeping chambers here. They are fitting to both day and night sleep witch ever you prefer, the basement underground and catacombs are off limits to anyone other than the king and myself so do not be found there or you and your men will be tossed in the starvation pits” Anaya took her spot in the chair siting down and crossing one foot over the other as she watched the vampire and its comrades, the burning in her gut on how much she hated everything about their dead body’s just itched at her, why did vampires even have to exist they were the scum of the lands and a disrespect to everything living. “and what is your plan, due explain it, much is unknown about the cultists as they have never done much till now to even show there retched selves, most of the time I simply find or the guards find there paintings in dyes and even in blood of the farm animals to mark up the outside stone walls or even the door with there be gone dragon, or how dragons are the devil. But in truth we just wash it off and be on with our day, I am guessing they are striking now due to a new leader changing their ways or some sort of grow in numbers. But I would like to know what you want to do about it”

DayaAutum: -Her brows raise at the final question pulling her eyelids from her white eyes as they shined from deep within her pupils reflecting the torch lights of the castle to most eerie, and obviously undead effect.. Her black and blue lips lose all tension and draw back revealing a slight bit more of her long and thin fangs, unusually long even for a vampress. Her head tilted with her jaw slightly dropping “Empress the cult we are speaking of preceded the greatest known invasion of dark creatures and undead in known history, in those ancient times it almost destroyed all living things! I plan to utterly wipe them out!” She straightened her head and griped her wrist in her fine black onyx gauntlet “We have intercepted a message from this agent now here in your lands, they plan to make contact with this cult, and when they do they will send word back to a hold in my own lands. We have this hold spied upon and when the message comes, we shall take this hold and slaughter them all and take the message and hopefully learn the whereabouts of this cult of Nerull and likewise slaughter every last one of them!”  Daya white and eerie gleaming eyes stare wide into Anaya’s eyes for a moment “I do not know why you believe that you are immune to the threat they pose Empress, but whether you believe yourself untouchable or not, surely you can’t simply take them lightly? To allow them to invite all manner of wraiths and lichens and demons to devour the land surely must not bode well with you?” The Blackwoods slightly raise their heads glimpsing to one another seeking a sign of whether or not they should stand as normal, and seeing no one object they look to Daya and Anaya hesitantly raising their heads.  “Staying in the Castle for a night is a fine offer Empress, and it is far from us to wander where we are not welcome you need not worry. But!”  Raising her right hand Daya extends her forefinger with her hand curled “I will need authority to carry out this hunt within your lands, and once I find these wayward souls that authority must extend to disposing with them as I see fit. I mean to give them something to fear even above their precious godling Nerull by means of cruel and grotesque displays of their dying carnage.” Her hand lowers and her onyx gauntlet grips her wrist again, armor squeezing upon armor as her eyes retract and set upon Anaya “I will find them Empress, and when I do they shall curse their own existence and shun the enemies of Noapte and be ashamed of their foulness.”
OrderOfGashes: He Stands there rocking as the flow of warm liquids spread life through his veins. The ever stabbing hunger upon his mind simply alleviated on a temporal scale. His mind began its quick passing through the thoughts and mind of his prey. One moment he was standing there; fangs pierced within the pale fair flesh of a maiden. The next, thrown through her mind, seeing things as she saw; feeling as she felt. He held no emotion of his own and it was the ways of his kind; to take emotion, souls, and vitality from the elixir of life that so presently flowed through them a pulsation of her beat began to fade as he pulled more and more of her life into him. In a moment he was in her mind, ever present of her life's accomplishments, and horrors only to feel her slowly fade as the very last drop of her trickled down the back of his hungering throat. His eyes open and adjust, At first they held the color of her eyes only to quickly blacken as just as quickly as he felt her being they faded back into the cold dark substance they were ever before. A tinge of her mind twisted his perceptions to which he began chuckling. He discards her corpse, fang marks now present upon her inner thigh. He had committed an action of hunger, both carnal and physical. A slow laugh leaves his mouth as his inner vision completes itself and falls back into his mind. “Beware little angel your wings have been shred. Your mind has been claimed, your body caste as dead. A vision of life, dread, and night. all claimed with a bite, no fight. No delight, now sleep and die tonight.” He wipes his mouth off and throws the handkerchief over her chilling dead cadaver. Like a puppeteer pulling the strings her body begins to curl upon itself withering inward into a pile of rotting flesh. “Oh, if i knew you were going to freshen up I would have claimed your rotten flesh again, the time is late.” He reaches to place his pants back on only to finish himself off leaving a trail of his fluids across the festering mass of her stomach. There was things to do, fangs to claim, and beings to please. And with that he was off, heading toward a castle close by in which he heard rumor of those similar to his mind's views. He reaches said place rather swiftly and bangs upon the door as it was customary for his kin to get invited before entering one’s property.

Anaya: The woman’s out bursts put the dragon ruler on edge and it made Samuel at the door way step forward as his bright green eyes looked to his mate as she lifted a hand telling him it was alright as he moved back to stand on the wall. Anaya leaned onto the table red eyes with a black slit running down there centers looked to the woman “I am the Golden dragon of the North, I rule half this world and hold most of the other half in my claws, and I don’t fear. What happened in the past of this cult I do see you hold much feelings for so you have my blessing to do whatever you need to to rid them of the lands and of mine, and if you need aid in men you can have it, even if you need aid from my kin it is also able to be granted, myself or mate can aid you in this cause but only one at a time as we have matters here to deal with as well. I do not take the threat lightly as I have taken he time to talk with you on it as well as allowed you to use my lands as you please to remove it, if I did take it lightly I would have placed you back out the door as I did our first meeting” she leaned back in her chair as she looked out the window once more seeing it was growing late. “I am sure the plan you have set in mind can be discussed more tomorrows evening, as it is late and I do sleep from time to time, Samuel can show you to the guest chambers in the upper halls, any door on the left side are free to use for you and your men” she stayed siting as a guard came over whispering her ear that there was a hitting on the door “we’ll let the stray thing out there in, I am sure it is frozen at this point” she got up and started to walk around the table as she gave a nod to the vampiress and her men. In a way it was a very rude goodbye to them but in truth the talk she had with them already was longer then the standard normal amount she would spend with a undead she hated there smell, how they talked, and everything about them.  she turned around and her eyes met with the vampires “the last undead army we faced I burned down the continent, ruler was a wraith some man out to destroy the world and steal my towns people, I lost many good man as well as a beloved maid I saw as more family then worker. If needed I can burn down there force to, undead make wonderful fire pit stock” in that line there was a good slash against the one known as Daya as well as against her men, if it was not clear before this point it was surely clear now. Anaya walked out to her throne in the main hall as she sat down pulling her leather bound book from the side and picking up a nice set of reading glasses. The guards opened the door and looked at the chap outside “you can come in out of the cold boy, there is a fire and it is hot, if you need to see the queen she is in the main chamber and if not she will be out any moment as she is in a meeting, if it is urgent we can fetch her for you” the guard turned around to look down the hallway to see Anaya siting in her throne and Samuel moving to his own at her flank “good news boy meeting be over, she is in the main hall if she be the one you seek” he opened the door and stepped out of the way “Anaya why do you even let them in?” Samuel asked as he grumbled under his breath, most dragons as a whole hated the undead, there pride was so high to see something disgrace death so rudely just made them lose it. “they are here for a matter, I tossed the female out once already it had to be something she felt strongly about this time to come back, you are the one that said for me to be more ruler and less push over” “I said for you to be more dragon and less human, letting them in is human of you, letting them stay is downright mercy giving” “I am not tossing her out in the snow when she is useful to me for the time being, if you want to have something dead go kill that dragon that wondered in and is sleeping still in the town center I believe the bastered is hibernating it is not like the black thing will be hard to remove, we got what we needed from it anything else steal from his home” Anaya looked at her mate from under her glasses and gave that look that over all say shut up and stop talking. “I will have him killed in the coming days, something so stupid will not wake for a while” “good now please I am working” when in truth she was doing very little work and just jotting things down in her leather bound book with a quill.
DayaAutum: “Thank you for your hospitality Empress, we shall speak again if need be and until then put pressure on this agent to do their work quickly” half bowing and half curtsy Daya made the gestor flawlessly, a polite response in stark contrast to Anayas demeanor. Her lips stretched into a twisted smile at her quick nod and exit, taking note of Dayas subtleness, he tilted his head as the Blackwoods bowed at Anayas exit with brows firming lower upon is face as he wondered if Dayas gesture was diplomatic or sarcastic, if her twisted smile was towards her distain or pleasure at the carnage they were to do on visiting the cult they planned on making extinct. Once Anaya had left they all rose once again with Sebastian having a knot in his stomach. Daya had indeed brought them to a most dangerous situation. “Samuel, would you guide us to a suitable room on the left side of the hallway the Empress mentioned? One without windows and large enough for us all if such a room is available? We should make ourselves ready for our stay” Sebastian looked to Daya and shook his greyed head slightly with a stern look in his green and gray eyes. Daya simply nodded to him curtly lowering her gaze in acknowledgement of his concerns. “Sabastian, take Yuri and two others and prowl the village in secret and spy what you can. Vester take three others and spy the walls of this castle, if the cult again makes marks upon its walls see what you can, and capture the culprits alive if possible” Her voice almost a whisper as she awaited reply

OrderOfGashes: The warm blood spread through him rather quickly. First the taste of it faded from his lips only for him to feel the warm sensation leaving his body sliding down his front. A pooling off blood collects at his feet just before the door, the snow upon the ground begans furiously feasting up the life fluids leaking his body. A sharp prick he felt just at his sternum. His blouse quickly froze as blood drenched it only to solidify in the cold climate. He rips open the fine silk of his shirt only to see a thirteen inch Sqa'ar ( a hollow metal piercing tool used to drain blood from the heart)HE swears rather violently as more and more of his blood pulsates through the tool. Whence the last drop fell his life was spent reclaimed by the dirt of the plent it lived, IT energy turned to nutrience its blood to the seeds, under the snow the spores take, their frosted wonderland only a heat wave away from becoming a floral bloom. His features begin to age rapidly as he become little less than a bag of bones before he falls to his knees only to fall backwards collapsing into a dead near freezing pool of gelatinous bone soup.

Anaya: Samuel looked at Daya and then to his mate as he nodded as Anaya did ask it of him before he walked away and tried to get out of it. as he walked with the group a bit away from Anaya before the group disported he looked at the men of it “do not kill anything in the town that you can’t fake being a cult member, you do she will find out and you will all end up dead” in truth Sam almost regretted saying it after he did as he would not have minded a few less of their kind in this world. But he kept to his words as said get on their good side and they will never know you hate their guts. As the group went there ways and both Anaya and Samuel watched them dead out making sure they at least left the doors as instructed Sam took daya up to her room and opened the door to find one with no windows as he did he moved his hand to half bow to her as he ushed her in “I do hope it is to your likings miss” the habit of being nice on the outside was heavy on him from years of being Anaya’s foot stood and a butler before she allowed him to not hide anymore. Looking up Anaya watched the doors open as she jotted her notes down in her book witch held the empires records, everything in a simple leather bound book that was locked in the safe in the evenings. As that elven woman came over to them she held out her hands as she kneeled at Anaya’s feet. Anaya gave the girl the book “bring it to the lock and I will have it when I rise in the dawn, be swift girl and come back here then we can go to my chambers for the evening and you can bed on the floor” A guard came over to Anaya as the doors swung shut “Anaya my Lady the man at the door…just died…..and we just…shut the door on it” Anaya looked at the guard and just stood up “well then, I guess it is bed for me then, that was fast.” She got up and simply went out to head to bed, it was night now and she needed to sleep.

Ana sighs softly as she fetches her back pack. She stuffs in a bit of her clothing, some dry meats and bread she had grabbed from the kitchen. She glances outside, it was pitch black and she knew most of the people around would be passed out. Hopefully her Mother and brother were both asleep by now so she could slip away with little to no issues. She slips the back pack onto her back and moves to slip her bow and her arrows on top of it so she could easily get to them. She had hit a point, she needed to go for awhile, she needed breathing room. She had forgotten what it was like being around people and actually seeing the same people every day. She moves to blow the candles of her room out and move to slip out into the dark hallway, tugging the hood of her cloak over her head and moves to slip down the stair way. She slides out the window, just like how she'd come home, making sure the window was good and closed before she turns to slip off to the stable to fetch her horse. Once she had gotten the horse she would quickly climb onto him and head out, moving to quickly disappear into the forest and night. She wasn't sure where she was heading or what she was going to do, she just needed time and spaced and hoped the they would understand that.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Noreaster-snow-storm-power-lines-Halloween-snow-storm-power-outages-13-600x337
-----The Next Afternoon----

Guest_Aenlu: -A man wandering through the snow covered woods wearing what seems like old tattered clothes that looked of a privateer, wearing a black captain's jacket with a white ruffled shirt underneath which was stained with dirt and blood and scorch marks , the shirt was tucked into his black pants that were tattered at where the boots started and seen around his waist was a red sash with a long barrel small hand cannon tucked in the sash on his right side and a brown belt that wrapped around his waist with a cutlass that hung sheathed on left side. He would be walking up to the castle doors tilting side to side front to back crushing the snow under his old boots and holding what seems to be a bottle in his left hand , he would be singing a sea chanty to his best only getting out the words "Drink up me hearties yo ho!". He would be almost to the door as what seems to be a small monkey would swing down from the tree in front of him as he would scream as the monkey screamed back, as this happened he would draw his pistol and fire hitting the monkey in the chest as it would scream again and swing away like if it wasn't hurt.- I hate that bloody monkey. -He would stand there for a moment then say to himself "Oh Right." As he tucked his small hand cannon back in the sash and walk up to the guards to the front door, he would brush some of the snow from his shoulders and head. He would smile as the smell of rum could be found in the air .-

Anaya: The snow was coming down harder as the day moved forth, the bang of the small hand cannon sent vibrations into the air as it hit the sensitive eardrum of one of the cave trolls. The troll started to scream and grumble as he held his head and picking up his giant tree for a club he started to drag it around as his glazed over eyes looked for the source of the bang and sound that made his head spin in ways he did not like. “grunt grunt noooo like!!” he screamed out in a gruntled tone. He smashed his club into the ground as he spotted the What seemed to be seaman, he looked at him as he picked up his club “you make BANG, bad man if you did crush crush” he blinked a couple times as a man stood at the side of the castle siting in the snow bank watching his dark hair braded and hung over his back. This man was, sure enough, the king of the castle but if anything he was going to watch one of their trolls so fat and round not much could stab past their the hunk of a body. And if it did all it would really do is piss the beast off. Sam say and licked the clean snow off his fingers as he let out a yawn and watched everything with his bright green eyes. “Careful mate, what you say to that hunk of stupid will end up getting you crushed, why we don’t allow weapons from the Far East, a stupid sailor” the last part he said so the man would not hear him as he laughed and leaned against the wall watching wondering if Anaya was somewhere in a room watching to.

Guest_Aenlu: -The man would look around abit as the sounds of the troll would make him turn to it as he would look at it as he would take his step to keep him up and balanced , He would turn to the man who spoke to him but he would put up both hands one still grasping the green bottle of rum that stunk the air. He would go to open his mouth as he would stop for a moment as he shook his head then smiled as he would show his teeth a bit as one of his front teeth are gold and a bottom front tooth was silver as it seemed he spoke while moving his hands and fingers.-First of all mate i dont go to the east anymore ever since the drinking with fire mishap, And second mate im not just a sailor im a Captian of a crew of sailors, And third of all that as you call it "Hunk of stupid" can try to crush me but there is one little thing about that, cant crush what it cant touch , Savy?.- He would smile a bit as the jewlery around his neck would clang and chatter together.- Now insted of standing outside in the snow like a bunch of monkeys or can we take this talk inside. you know where its warm mate. -He would have a smirk formed acrossed his face as he would pull the open bottle to his lips and tilt it back taking a long drink letting the warm feeling liquid rush .-

Anaya: The troll looked at it as the little man never moved as the troll was holding his club at him, as he did the troll took the club and moved to swing it hard down to hit the little pest that was talking too much “bug talk to mush!!” he yelled as it swung its club around randomly smashing into the ground, left right left left smash into the ground it did over and over as Sam sat there along the wall “you don’t move much “mate” for something a dimwitted troll can touch. And no you are going to stay out in the bloody cold till you fix the troll you pissed off with your stupid stick loaded with gun powder. Don’t want you bringing what’s outside inside now do we. I advise you to run, may get it sleepy or with luck it will fall over and hit its self-silly. But start, ye the running mate” Sam started to laugh as he watched the troll scream and yowl as it smashed its club around aiming to hit the seaman that was so far from water as their land mass was miles and days trips from anything even close to wet, other than a very small drinking river that could never support a boat.

Guest_Aenlu: -The man would smile as he was told to run, as he would look to the man as his green eyes slowly turned a golden color as he would shrug his shoulders and pivet off his right foot and turn to the troll with a drunken smile. He would start walking towards the ugly looking giant of a man as he would speak to the man not turning his head.- The name is Captain Ark to you. -He would say in a sturn manner though he didnt have place to talk like that he didnt care, as he would near the troll he would chuckle a bit as he would watch every movement of the troll not moving his head or eyes and not showing any sign of fearn nor anger, seems he is emotionless for some reason even though the smile on his face said otherwise.- Aww Did the sound hurt your ears or feelings big fella. -He would stand there waiting for the right swing that would come his way seeing he was nearly blindly swinging earlier, if the swing would come down from above he would side step with a great speed to it, or if the troll swang from the side He would attempt to jump over the club to land on it and go to jump on the head of it.-

Anaya: As the troll smashed his club into the ground the man side stepping form it as it hit ground he smashed his backside into the snow and tears started rolling down its face as it could hear the man’s words “yesss yesss the sound did hurt ears, you hurt crush crush’s fweelings, crush crush has them tooo ya knows” he muffled as tears stained his cheeks and landed hard in the snow the warmth of the tears melting the snow and making large puddles as the giant lumbering baboon of a caged troll could not keep its bareings at all. Samuel walked over to the blasted thing and looked at it “alright we got the point ya big lug, go back to the huts out back I am sure there will be deer there in a couple hours for ya, it is alright.” The troll looked at sam as he took a giant meaty finger and pointed to the sailor “TELL BUG MAN TO SMAY SWORRY TO CRUSH CRUSH!” it yelled as spit flung from its mouth and Sam gave a gruntled low sigh. “you could hear that fish boy, say sorry to the stupid lump so he can go back to his bed and eat his food and itch his ass” sam moved a hand to rub a small part of the trolls back as he humed to it to keep it calm his green silted eyes looking at the drunken fool he already did not like.
Guest_Aenlu: -He would tilt his head a bit as the sound of cracking bone is heard as he would turnhis body to the man and the troll as it seemed the drunken man snapped to a man in fight mode, He would chuckle a bit as he would shake his head and speak to the troll.-Crush crush must think a little before trying to crush bug man or any other, should talk to people instead of trying to you know crush them. -He would walk over to the troll as he would reach into his satchel and pull out a chunk of what seems to be cow as he would set it on the ground next to the troll as he would look up to it.- I will not say sorry and not mean it but I will give you a gift to eat. -He would turn to the man once again as his drunkin self would have seemed to come back.-And ill say again mate..The name is Captain Ark . is that a clear statement or am I slurring my words in that case I would spell it for you.

Anaya: Sam looked to the man as he talked about not crushing things and put the meat down right away sam grabbed the meat, picked it up gave it to the troll and before anymore words from the both of them could be said Sam pushed the troll up pushing it off “you go crush whatever you want out back crushing is good crush crush why we gave ya the name but don’t break the shed” he turned back around and walked to the drunken sailor “last one we told that breaking things was bad ran into the army of the undead with flowers wanting peace and that is how we lost our only female troll. I like them staying useful and stupid not peaceful and stupid. And no I don’t care about your name, get in the castle and see the queen if you want anything I have to make sure I don’t have a worthless peace loving troll to fix” Sam turned around as he walked over to the door and opened it for the man “be in ya go drunken fish man. The great dragon is seeing ya now, don’t piss her off, if you want to walk out the same doors ya came in savvy” he said to mock the man as he gave a laugh leaving the door open and walked away to tend to the troll.

Guest_Aenlu: -He would watch as he would laugh at the mans words nearly taking every word from him as a joke and nothing more. As the man would open the door and mock him he would walk up with a smile and nothing more as he would reach behind his sash and take out a dagger and throw it at the mans feet without looking, the blade would stick in the ground between the mans feet.- And if I leave through these doors with the same drunken happy tune you're gonna need that...and more, savvy.-He would continue to walk in not caring what the man would do or say. As he would make his own way into fine the queen, he would sniff the air as he would pick up a females scent as he would fallow it humming a sea chanty and nearly bumpping into a table. He would walk through the hallways until he would find what seems to be the main room.-

Anaya: Sam looked to the dagger as he picked it up “sweet I get a toothpick for later mate, moron” he muttered as he walked out back to find crush crush still crying from hurt feelings and debating on how he would never crush again, sam had a lot to fix it was sure and that one fellow Wraythe may have more jobs on his hands and more broken stables. Anaya sat in her throne silently drinking a nice horn of ale and flipping pages in her leather bound book. She looked up to see the man stumble and fall into a table as she leaned forward her rather large breasts falling in her gown as when in her home she never did have to to much on “may I aid you? And are you drunk?” she could not help herself but smile as the man looked like he had rolled out of a pig pen and smelled about the same. She leaned back in her throne once more as she shut her book and put it down between herself and the arm rest. “so what can we here do to help you my good Sir, most of the time I don’t offer baths but I do think it will be good for your health.”

Guest_Aenlu: -He would hear a woman's voice as his attention would snap to her, He would see royalty that was well fit for her and she had a kind manner, he would then bow to her as he would stand straight up looking to her as his golden eyes would shimmer, and his voice would sound very much clear than seconds ago.- Hello, I am Captain Ark. Im sorry for any odor and filth. -He was taught at a young age treat others as you see fit to treat them. He would think of the bath that was offered as he would think about the cut on his back, he didnt want to show injury in front of new others, He would smile as he would bow his head.-I thank you for your kindness and ill take one if you so ask of me too.

Anaya: Anaya gave a chuckle he had just run into her table and now he was bowing and saying on if she wished him to “in truth I have smelled worse we do keep unclean things here anyway so I am sure I can get used to the smell” she leaned forward again as she was one to keep moving her arms resting on her knees as she looked at him bright red silted eyes looking into his own yellow ones “so captain, what brings a man of water so very far inland, it is weeks I am sure before even being able to smell the sea from here. It is strange I see one dressed like you so far this way anyway, see a lot of men dressed like that fucking whores in brothels and stealing coin sacks from rich fools that don’t bind them tight enough. ” snow white hair fell in her face as she gave an oddly present grin “so what brings you here mister Ark, I am sure it is not for this places well-known good nature. Did you know there is a woman around this part that is said to eat her guests, ruthless people are here I assure you” she gave a laugh as she leaned back in the throne.

Guest_Aenlu: -Ark would smile lightly nearly smiling ear to ear..-Well I'm dressed to sail a sea not to take your coin nor to find any woman and do what men would get slapped for saying. -He would set the green bottle on the table as he would move closer to her as his eyes had a bright flash for a moment as he would tilt his head still smiling.-And if I were in that woman presents I think she would be feeding me to fatten me or would have eaten me when I walk into the room And seeing you offer a bath and said hello I dont think you're going to eat me if you are said, woman. -He would talk with a happy tone, he would move to a nearby chair and take a seat.- And im here under nothing, im here because I walked around for months now. found myself here.

Anaya: She gave a grin and looked back into his eyes, red slits with hollow insides looking into his, reptile eyes she had “I hear the dragon of the parts here is much keener than simply to give her meal the chance to slip away, why not be kind to get you in good graces, clean you up so you taste a bit better than offer the meal and wine. You make her out to be as stupid as the trolls my good Sir” Anaya could not help but laugh as she got up from her chair and grabbed the rum bottle from the table as she held it to her nose “and you have very bad taste in rum” she took the bottle and gave it to a passing maid “take that to the back and dump it, I am sure we can find better for the good man, he has swaggered all this way why let him sober up now” she turned back to the man sitting at the table “so you wondered, all the way here, and you are a sailor, all the way inland, with no ship, boy you are worse than me stuck in the center of the sea” Samuel came in from outside as he walked over to Anaya and the sailor “had to smash a barn, fish legs made a mess with one of the trolls, dork just had to go insult crush crush then tell the stupid lump crushing was bad, almost had a flower lover troll on our hands poor stupid beasts they are, I really want you to send them back to where they came from my dear” he said as he walked to her and nuzzled her cheek against the side of his nose “it is fine we will get that man to fix it or something. And I am sure you had fun watching whatever you were doing, go run a bath for our guest he smells worse than you do most days” “will do my love, my beloved dragon tyrant queen of the Iron Rose” Samuel said the words clearly as he smiled at the sailor and headed out to the bath house to run a nice hot steam bath.

AishaRedmoon: the man got to the door of the castle after a long walk a couple feet from the door, enough for them to step out and still be able to walk a bit to the door. They started to walk as Nilex spoke: “A snow storm, of course, there had to be one where we came.” Castiel chuckled and spoke "Way to go, brother." A third voice is heard coming from Nilex, his weapon Gravemaker emitted a voice "I hope it is warmer ahead, maybe some hot girls in a nice castle" Nilex pinched his nose "Gravemaker, shut up, please. While a warm place would be nice, you will never get a woman you are a weapon." Nilex had already gathered his energy back for a quick reaction to an attack if one were to happen. It was a safety thing he had, also if one tried to remove their weapons they would find out they can't. The enchanted crossbows they both had been bound to them but that was only one enchantment, They also were self-reloading, as well as Nilex's could see and talk. Nilex also had use of arcane magic which was his preferred weapon of choice while Castiel preferred the crossbow, and could use magic to heal them. They were not only elven but had a Vampiric embrace which made them stronger, faster and made their senses stronger. They moved forward while they could see slightly father than a human in this snow, it was not enough to matter so they almost bumped into the guard. "Oh, sorry guys, can not see a thing out here. May we come inside out of the cold?"

Guest_Aenlu: -Ark would nod to where she was going with what she saying, As he would get up from his chair after seeing his bottle being taken to be thrown away. He would turn to the queen And softly smile as the other guard would come through his smile would start to grow wicked, listened to every word as soon as he heard the words "Dragon Tyrant Queen" He would have a long smile across his face chuckling a bit, As the man got up and walked out he would walk up to the queen . “Queen, didn't say the dragon wanst keen. A smart dragon would have eaten me at my weakest.” He would look her in her eyes seeing the red slits knowingly.-And I'm at my weakest now, only help to bath, feed, or give me a drink would bring me strength no weakness.-He would spin on his right foot and turned as its seen blood is bleeding through his coat, he would go back to his chair and propped his head with his arm on the table.-

Anaya: Anaya looked up at the doors she could hear taping and the guards muttering things under their breath, “open the doors to guests will you let them into not die in the cold, better they die in here than out there” she called out as she sat back down in her throne and looked back at the Captain  “no true dragon would eat a man at his weakest state as they hold no honour in their bones, why not enjoy a fight at the same time of getting  a meal, I would rather eat you at full strength then eat you are your weakest when I would be nothing but a animal picking off the dead and not knowing, I am no vulture and I never shall be. Come and we will get a fire ready and feed you, then after if you dull me I will debate on eating you and picking my teeth with your bones, sound like a good plan” she held out a hand as she got up, Anaya was no crawling dragon she was a golden dragon a honourable one if anything, evil and a tyrant but a honour bound one with some kinks. “so tell me about the sea, I have never been” she said as she tried to dawn on light conversation. As she walked along she moved into a room opening the door and leaving it open for whoever the guards were allowing into the castle and out of the cold. The sweet smell of breads and stew made with meats and veggies freshly made that morning and afternoon. “and we have much foods I am sure you can find anything you would be liking, as well as fine aged ale and rums, they are in the drums and please use a horn I am fine with drinking right form the spigot but much is wasted I find” she moved her way her hips swaying side to side as her red silks flumped along and she moved to the table and picked up a silver platter and started taking meat and putting it on it with her claws. Samuel came around the side corner with the elven whore on his hip, Anaya gave that look saying took you long enough she guessed he was off fucking the whore in the bath house yet again. Sam walked over to the sailor “your bath would be ready Sir fish legs, and oh that dagger is nice tossed it out back in a shit pile” Sam said this but the drunken rum logged sailor had face planted on the table out cold. “Pick the boy up Sam and bring him to the sofa room to be cared for, least we can do, he is passed out at the table.” “I bet we can eat the drunk, I bet we can get drunk from him” ”now Samuel” he did as told picking up the male and brining him to a side room to relax and rest as Anaya ate her food peacefully in the dining hall with guards at her flanks, men were far to over protective she thought to herself as she shooed them away to go get there meals.

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Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As Nimphila gazed out of the wagon's window she mumbled “I don't like the snow” A warm bubbly voice drew her attention away from the falling crystal’s outside to her companion's “Lady if you require warmth I would suggest that you drape you self in this” as he presented her with a silver cloak a voice from his side could be heard “I will help you my queen”, as the guard gazed over at his partner and spoke in a quick hushed voice “No, Torn you cannot help her put it on” the second guard sigh, turning away looking out of the second window looking almost sad as he spoke to his companion “It would be easier for her to be draped by someone else” The octopus man then stated in a playful tone “This coming from the guy who take's half an hour to put on a shirt” to witch a snort was heard in response. Nimphila giggled as she found the banter of her two royal guard's quite fun to listen to as a hand lowers on her right shoulder. A deep smooth voice echo's in her mind “My lady we will arrive in just a few moment's” turning her head towards the owner of said voice her eye's land on the fungal man sitting alone in the back of the wagon as she spoke “I know Augustus I just hope that the lady of the house is as honorable as her subjects suggest”. A sigh escaped her lip's as she looked sadly at the octopus man's cloak, stitched together of his fallen enemy's cloth, a grim reminder that the land down south hold's nothing but resentment for those different than them .Noticing her distress Torn nudged Bob with one of his head's trying to make him look over at him, but Bob ignored his companion and keep's holding out the cloak for the lady to take until she answer “Thank you for the though Bob I know you meant well but I don’t think I can take it even if I am cold”. Withdrawing the makeshift cloak in understanding Bob look's over at their quiet friend with a wave of a tentacle in front of his face drawing his attention. The old fungal man turn's slowly toward him and patiently waits the incoming question about their eventual arrival at the castle grounds. Without missing a beat the question reaches his mind “How much longer Augustus”, if he could smile he would ask that question has already been asked no more than a dozen time's in the past 2 days of travel. A simple nod was given as his answer as the octopus man turn's to the queen and speaks “Nimphila we are about to arrive and I would suggest that we prepare you for the cold”, quickly turning to his companion he state's “No you can't” in an authoritative way before the man even has a chance to say anything. Internally the Torn was having a debate if he should even bother to respond to Bob's statement. Sighing he just closed his deep purple eye's and spoke “My lady there are warm clothes in the back Bob can help you put them on if I make you feel uncomfortable” as a smile grew on his face knowing that she would now ask of him to perform the task, Bob rolled his eyes as the smile on his partner's lip's grew as the lady started to speak “Well thank you for the suggestion Torn but I would very much like you to be the one to assist me in this task”, Bob would sigh but he has grown to use to this as the queen could never treat one of them better than the other. Soon it felt very cramped as the hydra stood and pulled out a large black coat made from panda fur and draped it around Nimphila trying not to look to happy while doing it as this was being done Bob lowered himself relaxing his muscle's as to not take up more space in the small wagon. Moments later Nimphila was positively glowing from the heat that the panda skin coat provided, as she thanks Torn for the help it was always a problem to put clothes on because of her large wings. At this point the wagon grind's to a halt actually launching Bob from his seat as he had no arm's attached hitting the back of the wagon with a thud as a grown could be heard. Eventually leaving the wagon and stepping out of it they saw a large oak door that had 2 human guard's at their post's as they started to approach the door n a calm demeanor .The guard's visibly tensed at the sight before them as the 4 figure's emerged from the white of the snow storm walking toward them. As they approached Bob spoke to his friend “Don't cause a seen I know how you feel about them but don’t lose your head's to fear like last time I would not like to fight a small war again because you had a panic attack”, huffing Torn exclaimed “That was a 1 time thing and I said I was sorry about that what more do you want”, as the banter between them continued the group finally stood in front of the guard's as Nimphila spoke “Greeting's I’m the queen of Inferos and am here to seek an audience with the lady of the kingdom to discuss about improving the relationship between our kingdoms”

Anaya: Anaya got up from the chair and took her plate and walked over to the desk were everything was set out. As she placed it down she let out a sigh, her son had yet to show his face, was she too hard on him before with the you shall not kill speech, maybe he really left, she would check later in the day if his room was empty and find out but for now she had to keep her hopes up about it, she had grandbaby’s now and things were going well, other than the now threat of cultists she would surely talk to that vile undead about more tonight. She put her plate there on the top and walked off a maid grabbing it up and putting it in the dish basin as she walked over to the main room hearing the guards mumbling outside as one opened the door “Lady Anaya is in the castle I if she is not within the main hall she will be there soon, please wait in a chair and be respectful to her highness” the guard said in that gruntled tone. 0Anaya looked up and blinked, there was….a man….with a squid face…standing were she could see him when the door was partly opened, and one. No three hydra heads on a man? What the hell was going on here, did the fair come to town and coming to see the castle, did they bring the animals and the fun. No it was winter fairs did not come here in winters it was far too cold. “Guards let them in I like the fair!” she called out as she watched what else was going to pop out the door.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As the guard's started to open the door Nimphila heard the voice of what sounded to be a woman instructing the guard's to let them in. She was exited to meet this so called “Dragon of the North” she sounded like a nice person and was seemingly radiating joy by the sound of her voice. Bob on the other hand had just locked eye's with the lady inside, hearing her word's he decided to humor her as he moved two of his tentacle's to form a makeshift mouth that resembled a smile as a sudden burst of laughter could be heard from his left as 9 of Torn's head’s started laughing in unison as his 10th head witch had a long purple sharp glowing horn moved over to peer through the open door to see this potential allies and threat. At this point even the queen Nimphila was having a hard time trying to keep her laughter in as the guard's besides her burst in to laughter as Bob spoke in his bubbly voice in a serious tone still keeping his improvised smile “Ah,you must be the lady of the house, Greeting's I am Bob the royal guard of queen Nimphila of Inferos” ,kicking the laughing hydra with one of his tentacle's he continued “And this is Torn my partner”. Still laughing Torn tried to mutter a greeting
“Hellloooo.......aahahhah im so...ha sorry I can't breathe.. ahah”.Augustus having enough of the awkward introduction that Bob had caused stepped through the door and locked eye's with the white haired woman he saw, tapping his head with the stick twice to try and communicate with her as he wished to talk inside the maiden's mind patiently awaiting approval. Nimphila passing by the now annoyed Bob who was attempting to pry the hydra from the ground using one of his many tentacle's she spoke to the lady still with a slightly giggle “My apology Miss but im afraid we are no Fair even though sometimes it feels like we are” she looks back at her companion's as a smile graces her face, before she continues “I am Queen Nimphila of Inferos and have come here to improve relations between our kingdoms”. Finally standing up as most of his heads have stopped laughing Torn walk's over next to his queen and attempts to wrap one of his head's around her protectively only to be smacked by a wooden holster of Bob's sword who was now in a much more annoyed mood. “You could have just said something” Torn points out as Bob chuckle's “Now where would the fun in that be”. Suddenly a loud echo of a voice burst from Augustus that could not stand this anymore “Enough, you two have had your fun and introduction but now it is time to let the lady and the soul speak. “Promptly both of them stopped their blabber but exchanged knowing glance's signaling that they can continue with their talk later.

Anaya: Anaya could not take her eyes off the group, and Samuel was behind the thrones trying so hard to make his laughing less, there, about a moment later he was able to get up and walk back to Anaya’s side as she looked at him “did you take the pirate man to his bath?” she asked as she only moved one eye to look at him the other still stuck on the group “yes my lady I did, he is resting and I am sure after his bath he will be heading to the chamber I showed him to get proper rest he said he would be leaving in the morning” Sam looked over to their group of guests “so did the Valarian Fair come into town, I hear they had a waggon that kind of fit this description” Anaya looked at him “no no don’t be rude, this is the queen from Inferos” Sam looked at the group and then back to Anaya as if his mind just got tossed a curve ball “I did not know the valerian fair had a queen in it, or came from Inferos” if they were alone she would have hit him, but instead she grabbed his hand and pulled him down to the kings chair “just sit and be silent will you, we have matters to talk about with her, and you can keep your sweet lips shut” in truth she wanted to say trap shut but she changed her tone acting the part of kind for their guests. “so miss of Inferos, what matters must we discus, there was word that came that the late king Abraxxes was removed from throne, I do not know much on that, I met the fallen once, he was a very standoff kind of man we never got along due to past relations it would be good to meet the new ruling party’s” she sat in her throne as she took Samuels hand in hers holding it tightly her white claws on the outside of his hand. Sams eyes met the eyes of the squid faced one known as Bob, Sam would slowly lean over and talk to Anaya without taking his bright green slited eyes off Bob “Anaya, I hear fish is really tender this time of year, if this does not work out I want to eat that one” Anaya wanted to put her head in her hands as she blinked a couple times, he was being so rude, like how much more rude could one get, over all it was saying the man in front of us looked yummy and wanted to eat him later. “Shut your trap my beloved Samuel” she said from the side of her mouth as she tried to fake a smile in the direction of bob. “it is a pleasure to meet all of you I do say, and you are welcome to stay as long as you wish, and there is food in the dining hall if you are hungry, I am…I am sure there is enough” she really had no idea of she did have enough for this amount of people now in her home, she was sure the ten headed hydra man could eat her out of house and home.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Augustus would at this point attempt to mentally contact the lady and ask for access to her mind to speak since he is not capable of speaking for long conversations otherwise. Nimphila smiled at the lady hearing her response “Well my husband would have come here as well but alas he is needed at the dwarven capital in regards to the recent Crissalid population boom” a sigh escaped her mouth “but yes I am aware of the old kings displeasure in regard to you lady Anaya, dont threat as we have no ill will towards you or your land for the time being since unlike those of the Firedor you did not attempt to have us killed on sight” looking over at her guard's “we had no need for Bob to fight a small war again, as he say's,” To witch Torn interjected “Oh please I’m the one who ate two whole legions of men while he just flails wildly slicing with his arm’s”. Bob would chuckle “Well you did eat a lot but who here killed the leaders of the legion's and sliced through 5 legions worth of solder's while flailing as you say” he emphasised the last few word's making Torn look annoyed. Bob then turned to the male and spoke “Once my due has been done and I have fallen valiantly in battle it would be my honor to have one of such stature be a person to return me to the land, I have honored a lot of my fallen brethren as it is tradition to be consumed after passing. the taste is quite exquisite, it would be best described like a fresh side of lamb with a dash of exotic spices and herbs and some sweet paprika and rosemary, with a side of citrus fruits like orange and cherry finely cooked in a oven and left to simmer for 2 hours .” wall everyone talked Nimphila simply smiled at Anaya.

Anaya: Samuel over all forget everyone else’s lines and just imaged that side of lamb as he looked out absent minded to everything else around him. “Anaya….we have to keep him now, and I will start some sort of combat at some time and he will be killed upon and then we will…honorably send him home” Sam really wanted to add, send him home to my gut, but he did not speak that part as he looked at bob with that green glimmer to his gaze. Anaya looked at him and right then she wanted to hit him on the back of the head “Samuel can you be a dear and go to the other room and fetch some ale and make sure you don’t rush I would not want you to strain yourself” it was a nice way to say get lost, at least she thought so. Looking back upon the group “well if you need anything be free to ask, and for the relations of our nations I am sure things can be worked out with due time. And the bests you say that have been a problem I have never known of something by that name over here, they must only be on your lands as I don’t really go there much, my scales don’t like your sands, and your sky’s have far too much dust and ash in them for me to breath. But I will get the paper work for you to alliance our nations in a peace treedy at a later date but till then be free to make the empire your home, and oh watch out for the trolls if you go outside they tend to fond over guests” she wondered how the trolls would be as she felt the bug in her mind of the mushroom man trying to get into her mind, she allowed it in so he would be able to have words seeing it was clear he had no mouth or lip parts anywhere but she made her mind a mental fortress as he entered it the only thing he would eb able to do is talk, and all around him if he took the time to look into her thoughts all he would see is golden walls and the shadow of a black dragon moving around the walls.

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Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Augustus felt the mind of the lady open for his entry witch pleased him as he would no longer be silent, Entering in to the lady's mind he spoke “Hello there lady Anaya it is nice to finally meet a dragon after so long, the last time I have seen a dragon was a youngling crystal one that went north after its first flight. You appear like a white dragon but act like a golden one may you have been cursed as a youngling or have been blessed with the soul of a fallen gold one? ”Nimphila smiled and looked toward Bob who was trying to sneak off out of the room towards where he thought the trolls were being kept, he always did like to meet new race's she though. Calling out to him Nimphila spoke “Bob don’t think I didn’t notice you trying to sneak out again remember last time”. Bob at that point looked like a rainbow as his skin shifted color to match his embarrassment, just as he was going to retort a familiar voice spoke as two hydra heads started to snicker ”Oh yea Bob we wouldn’t want you getting lost again and finding you on top of the towers chandelier again”. Bobs colors shifted from rainbow to beet red as he spoke in a hushed bubbly voice “I thought we agreed not to bring that up again”. A giggle escaped Nimphila's mouth as she turned to her advisor noticing his closed eyes she assumed that he must be speaking with the matron of the house. Nimphila called out to her guards “Hey you two we should go to a guest room if your done hitting on each other” causing both of them to quickly leave the room insisting that they needed to make sure the area was safe for her, A smile played on her lip's as she waved to their patron as she departed the room following the path of her two guard's.

Anaya: Anaya watched the group depart and head up to the guest rooms as Anaya nodded to them all as they went on their way and then her red eyes switched and her gaze turned to look on the giant mushroom. Her mind flowed as she looked at him and it was as if she smiled inside a part of her enjoying mental contact as the lack of mental ability with her own men was very low and she liked having a bit more of a privet talk with most, and this way the one known as Augustus could see the real her, if she allowed it. Within Anaya’s mind one of the blood walls came crashing down as the white scaled foot came down from them the image of Anaya in her true form towering in her mental images, but there between her own legs stood her human self-looking at Augustus. The dragon head came down to her body’s flank as its bright red eyes looking into the ones of the mushrooms into his mind for as far as he would allow her hunting seeking learning, a dragon was always one to snoop and try to gain as much information as it was able. “I was not cursed with the white scales it was simply a birth defect, I am known among my kin as White gold, an albino with no pigment as the human kind calls me, gold dragon all the same but with white scales and red eyes. Dragons are mostly dead and gone now, we have been killed off by others here as well as by each other as I am sure you know, as your mental ability’s give away part of your age” she wondered what was within the walls of his mind his memory’s his secrets what he would allow her eyes to see, if anything at all. On the outside it was as if Anaya was simply staring, lost in the depts. Of looking around but she was able to multi task if things needed to be done she was more than old enough to be able to do more than one task at a time and not shut down when in another’s mind.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Albino_dragon_by_lauuw_w-d6oz8gy

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: They young one spoke to him and showed him her true form which he found quite exotic compared to most other dragon's its quite rare to be of white and gold at the same time. As she has entrusted him with her for so shall he do the same, a large canopy formed behind him from witch emerged a 90 ft tall browner looking Augustus standing next to what appeared like a dry old wooden stump. The larger version of his self-looked not upward as not to intimidate of form a challenge but looked onward to her chest as a show of respect, Augustus walked over to a servant in the room and plucked a few water pitures from her and then promptly spilling them on the stone floor and then moving over the puddle that had formed as he started to glow slightly green as he started to absorb it. ”Young one you seem at ease now that we are alone that pleases me as I to have trouble with hiding my true self from others but I must speak to you about the land and the absence of the soul that should be, but that will be for another time. Right now I am here as the soul's advisor to insure that no corruption fall upon her. I hope that you will treat her well until we depart. ”It was nice to talk like this he has missed being able to speak so openly. A warmth that he had been missing has returned as he watched how the young one acted and how she studied him as if he was a book that was lost for countless millennia.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Mushroom_men_sage_3

Anaya: The dragon that was Anaya’s image looked on the giant mushroom man as the red eyes looked it over, studying its body make up and learning about all of it how it was plant matter how it was large and how its skin was covered in other plant life. Anaya was learning, and she was learning ways to destroy something of this matter if she really needed to one day. “The girl is safe here as long as she causes no harm to others or causes backlash upon herself, she holds her fate not us. But the other members of your party hold very little safety here if they do not care for themselves and act accordingly, I already know my mate wishes to make lunch out of the squid, and if he is not careful he will end up on the table for my children’s meals”  Anaya’s small self the human body with scales and the white tail shifted as it paced back and forth its red eyes glaring at him almost as she flicked a forked tongue to show a bit of aggression at his words about the soul of the land “explain this soul of the land fungus, what is it you know of the soul of my land” Anaya new her own soul was the soul of their lands, it is what made there grass grow and what kept this world alive and kept the crops from dieing, and to her knowing it was in tact and in the grove out in the back beyond the maze that reached into the mountains. As she was feeling tense her larger self-reacted the same its upper lip curling to show the giant plow horse sized teeth as a vile hiss came from its scaled lips.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Looking at her smaller form he would speak just before a harsh loud wind would blow his large form in to millions of light green spore's as he himself was blown away as if he was lighter than a feather “A soul is needed for the spirit to be strong and you spirit lacks that strength”. Opening his eye's Augustus turned toward the seated dragon and spoke with great strain “Our chat was nice, Talk again later “as he started to depart from the room only to stop at the door and pick up a small mop that has been set aside returning to the place where he drank from.  He moped up the floor and presented the mop to a passing servant who took it and ran out of the room to not upset the queen so she could return to her duties as fast as she could. Augustus then leave's the young lady alone and head's down one of the many corridor’s towards where the soul of Inferos lay dormant. Reaching a large banquet hall he spotted Nimphila eating some dried meat as well as Torn who was gulfing down most of the food presented to him as the servants and cooks could only describe the sight as a ravenous animal butchering everything it spot's or as their queen while on a hunt. On the other hand Bob was attempting to eat a slice of cheese but it kept coming free from his tentacle’s as he gave up on trying to take a single slice and grabs the entire cheese wheel and pull's it to his beak making quick work of it. Making a note to ask about this item later.

Anaya: As Anaya could hear the words and see the man leaving her mind the massive dragon lowered its head stomping a foot and letting out a roar Anaya new could echo into his mind as it did in hers. It was a anger flare and she knew that the one known as Augustus would know his words hit a nerve in the golden dragon. As she looked at him as his eyes opened and he said with his voice that there chat was nice, she smiled at his struggle, he may have now unknowingly made himself a target for the dragon but this was still unknown and would all depend on how things went.  “our chat was peachy” she commented in a sarcastic tone as she got up from her throne “guards” she called out “inform my mate I will be down in the hold, I have a child to check in on” the last part she made a whisper so no one but the guard would hear it as she slunk off into the back door that was guarded by the only non-human guards in the whole castle, there races were fully unknown as they hid under full body suits of armor. The guard she had words with spotted Samuel walking down some steps “my king Anaya is in the hold, she wished you to be informed” “were are the guests?” Samuel barked back to the guard a bright green glow to his eyes. “in the dining hall I hear they are eating the castle out of food, or at least the one is” Samuel put a hand to his forehead as he let out a sigh then pushed his hair over his shoulder “uggg Anaya will have that ten headed thing kicked out, more mouths to feed is something she hates and I am sure it eats a boat load” Sam walked away from the guard and walked over to the dining hall as he leaned upon the wall next to the doors watching the group and keeping an eye on the one known as Bob and that ten headed thing just eating out there food stock. Sam stopped a passing maid with a tray of more meat “no, it gets no more, I am not allowing them to eat our winter stock we need that and I am not hunting till next week, it can eat what is set out then it can wait till the next serving” “as you wish my lord” the maid mentioned as it turned around and brought the tray back to the cold storage were the rest of the salted pork was being held.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Looking over to Torn who was now looking confusedly at the empty table in front of him Bob spoke “Are you really still hungry, I mean I know how much you can eat but really?” There was a moment of silence as one of Torn's heads turned to his companion and spoke “Yes and yes to the second one also“ The scene that followed could only be described as funny with Bob promptly face palming with all of his arm's at once and Nimphila laughing while Torn started looking around confused. Augustus approached the soul and spoke within their mind's “The dragon does not wish us any direct harm, however “he would glare at Torn “If you keep this up she will most likely kick you out, and I would rather have two guard's at the queen's side then one”. Torn looked over and spoke “Now come on Augustus I’m not even eating like I usually do“ as a hand clasped his mouth Nimphila interrupted “Yes we know Torn but if you really should remember that others here have to eat too. If you’re still hungry you can always go hunting or something just don’t end up killing something that belongs to the queen go ask permission or something”. Torn rolled his eyes before speaking ”Nim why do I need to ask I can probably just walk out, grab about 12 cow's or so and be done with it and walk back in without any problem’s“ A sigh escaped her lip's as she continued after being interrupted “That may be true but I must remind you that we are here to improve relations not tarnish them even more”. Lowering 9 of his head's the one with the horn remained alert and defiant speaking on its own “Food is needed”. Bob poked one of the lowered head's witch made them all perk up and the horned one lower a little. “Understood Nim I’ll go speak with one of our lovely host's about being able to replace all of the food I ate”.

Anaya: Sam was watching from a far at the people bickering at the table. One thing all dragons did and Samuel had picked up was studying one thing they did here was learn, and learning was wonderful thing when one was only thinking about their gut. Sam walked over as he smiled to the group “oh I am sure, your name was thorn right, yes, I am sure Anaya would not mind at all if you just went out and grabbed some cattle, there is a wonderful farmer to the side of the town with a large bosc crop, we pick off it from time to time ourselves. I am sure she would not mind if you are famished”  he walked over to the large long table were the sprigs of meat were left over as he picked up a couple bits of salted pork and chomped them down as he smiled and bowed his head to Nimphila “I do hope your time in the capital has been fine, have you been to town as if yet there is a wonderful market here and the day is still new so I am sure you can be there and back before nightfall.”  There was nothing about Samuel that was pure and kind but he kept his aura down and any feeling about himself that was evil, but really all dragons held evil in them so they were clad as evil beings, it all depended if they used that evil or not.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Torn got up from his chair as the man finished addressing him and gave a small wave to the group as he made his way toward the front door of the caste. Stepping out in front of the door he took a deep breath as cool air filled his lung's before he spoke to the two guards stationed there “I will be back in 1 days’ time with food for the my lady and your queen. If you know of any particular type of food does your queen like it would be most helpful?” the guards looked at him as they simply said fish” thorn gave a nod as he simply thanked them and went on his way into the snow. As Torn departed from the dining hall Nimphila would look to one of her host and smile as she spoke in a sweet silken voice “I have not been to the town market as of yet t would be most delightful if you have free time to show me around the place since I am not familiar with your land.” Augustus looked over at the man with brown hair as he eyed him feeling uncomfortable about the way he was interacting with the soul, something just did not seem right so he left the room just out of sight of everyone and shrunk to the size of a single spore as he let a slight breeze carry him over to the shoulder of the soul as he did not plan on leaving her alone with this man until he was knowing that no corruption will befall her with him. Bob on the other hand looked over at the man and said “And I will join like to join you to this market.” Bob was interested in the kind of food and things they would have in this far land as well as the people that dwelled here.

Anaya: Samuel looked to bob “it is custom here for two to go alone, no need for a guard to come with us, I am sure you would enjoy hanging out there at the castle till we return we have all the meals and drink you could ask for, I would much enjoy spending time with your queen, a royal outing it will be for sure” he took his hand and nicely placed it upon her shoulder as he rubbed her shoulder lightly “I am sure we will have a fun time miss, there is much to show you of the iron capital” he held out his elbow to her as he waited for her to grab onto it, if she so did he would head out before the one known as bob could say a word or follow them and take her out to were coats hung upon the wall next to the door and he grabbed his black coat and slung it around his shoulders his brown hair tucked under it as his bright green eyes cut the light in the air “so what is it you wish to see first, the market or I can show you around the castle?”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Bob would address the man that spoke to him “I apologize, I was not aware of this I agree that it would be a pleasant outing for my lady so I shall leave you to go sharpen King Tekaru ”with his thought said Bob left the room and headed to the training ground. As he left Nimphila spoke to the dashing young man in front of her “Well I would be fine with you giving me a tour of the castle once we return from the market place if that is fine with you Samuel “She would smile warmly at him taking in every detail of his well-toned body as she reaches up and take's his arm by the elbow that was offered. Augustus on the other hand was growing more and wearier of this brown haired man as he had the vibe of wanting to get with the queen witch he will most certainly not stand for even if she was in a open relationship, with the threat of the soul growing corrupt. He moved to a position that would be better to observe her from as her large wing's proved a excellent vantage point to act from if the time comes.

Anaya: JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His boots crunched the snow as his clothes dripped blood that did not belong to him. The tail that belonged to Luna hung over his shoulder, the barbs digging into his skin, yet not breaking the skin on his silken body. His eyes lowered to the cobblestone, listening to the sounds of the clacks and crunch that came from his feet to the earth. He held Lunaria close to his chest, before whispering. "We are almost home, just relax." He knew she was drugged and most likely passed out in his arms but he knew it was better for her to save her strength. His red hues slowly turned back to their regular shade of sky blue, right before reaching the doors of the Iron. "Open the gates!" He yelled, blood running off of his fingertips from the stump of Lunaria's tail. "Right away!" cried the guards before opening the ironwood doors. "Maesters!" Jeff yelled out, watching the three of them running down the long curving steps of the iron. "Take her to the infirmary! Reattach her tail! She has been drugged. Use the milk of the poppy if need be, just make sure she is okay." Jeff then handed over her tail to the male Maester. "If she dies, I will not be pleased." "Aye Aye. Please give us time, M'lord." Jeff nodded before looking to the floor with anger and confusion. "Why would they even try to harm her?" He whispered under his breath before watching one of the maids come up to him. "My lord?! What happened?" She exclaimed as she began to remove his coat, to which Jeff, caught off guard, jerked away from her. "I felt her aura in danger. 4 men drugged her, and lured her into the alley. They tried to-...They were going to..." She stopped him. "I understand my lord. Are these men-...still with us?" Jeff nodded. "I wanted to kill them. I really did. But-...I have my orders and I just want my family to realize that I will do what they ask of me. I promise that." The maid nodded. "I am Mira. You can call upon me if you need anything at all." As Mira began to walk away, Jeff called back. "I do have one request. Have the guards go out and search for 3 men, broken nose and jaw on one, a fractured spine on another, and a broken hand on the third. They shouldn't be that hard to track down. Bring them to me. That is an order." Mira nodded and quickly raised her dress a tad before running off, as to not trip and relay the message to a knight. Jeff raised his brow before moving lightly on his feet to the throne room, spotting his mother, whom obviously heard the scene unfold, and spotted the maids, maesters and guards running to his direction. "Mother-..." He bowed his head respectively and dropped to one knee, which he hadn't done since he first returned. "I-...did what you asked. I saved Lunaria from 4 rapists but I did not take a life. I sent the guards out to search for the men so you can deliver a punishment fitting the crime. I just want to show you that I am for this family and not my own selfish gain. I don't want to kill anymore. I just want to help my family." Jeff stayed kneeling, before reaching for his staff, holstered on his back, before placing it in front of himself. "You have my weapons at your disposal. You are my mother, and you forever have my respect and devotion to this family and I am sorry that I have taken this long to give it to you. I hope you can forgive me for impeding the success of this family. From this moment onward. I will do what is best for the Iron. I promise this." He then rose to his feet and took a rag from his back pocket and began to wipe the blood from his staff. "I wanted to kill them-...I truly did. But-...I didn't want to disobey you. Not again-..."

Anaya: Samuel looked over to her as his brown locks fell down over his shoulder as he put his own coat over the woman’s shoulders to keep her extra warm even if she had her own garments for sure “it is a fair walk to the market, will take about an hour in the cold be sure you are very warm, or we can take a cart if you would rather it” Samuel watched Jeff come inside and his eyes went to a oh god there is the kid, kind of glare as he helped Nimphila out the door and they were to go on their way. Anaya sat on the throne and looked at her son come in, blood on him let along more blood that was not his, but as she saw that he had the woman Luna holding her to his shoulder as he walked inside and then called for the maids and misters, Anaya wanted to put her hand to her forehead and just dig her claws inside her face, what could that girl have gotten herself into now. Anaya looked to her son as the maids and servants took the girl way to fix her as Jeff came over to her and got down on one knee, the last time he was like this he ended up slapping her in the face. She put her hand to her cheek remembering that moment as her red eyes looked into his baby blues. “It is alright, what happened to the girl?” Anaya said bluntly as in truth she did not want to hear his heart felt anything’s at the moment. But it was good that he was not killing people like she told him so she knew she had to say something kind to it “I am proud of you my son, it is good that you have done as asked and of this family, I am very happy that you are my son, and I am very happy that you are being a price to the castle.” She had to almost force the words out to be nice at the time being as she had much on her mind about her baby. Later she had to go down to check up on her young, but that would be later.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: In the training area Bob has just finished sharpening his weapon and decided that it would be a good time as any to explore the castle and find the troll's that were mentioned by their host’s. Walking down a long hallway Bob ended up back in the main room of the castle where he was greeted with a sight of what appeared to be a young man bowing to the queen. Bob then took a spot near one of the pillar's and waited for the man and their host to finish their chat, as he wanted to give him a proper greeting much like the one that was given to him earlier in this place,

----Samuel and Nimphilas Trip----

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila felt something light being pressed over her wings as she would shift uncomfortably trying to lower them so that the material would not cause any damage. “Thank you Samuel, it would be much easier to take the wagon to our destination “As she did not like the cold it would be best to not spend any more time then it is needed. “But if you would like we could walk there and get to know each other a bit more since we will be spending time together “she would smile at him thinking that he was the perfect gentleman. Augustus that has been covered by a cloak of pelt felt quite irritated as he now had to climb his way from the tip of the wing to the soul's hair to be able to keep a eye on the situation, While he was not the best climber him being light allowed him to navi-gate the feathers of Nimphilas wings with ease as he passed through them , Finally reaching a strand of hair that Nimphila had a tenancy to pull back behind her ear he grasped on to it lightly and started to climb upward with his goal being the tip of her right ear.

Anaya: Samuel looked at her his bright green eyes shimmering in the suns light, it was nice on how bright the day was. He nodded his head as he looked at her and moved his hands to fix the coat on her shoulders softly running his fingers along the side of her wing. He took his hands away taking his own coat off his shoulders as his eyes looked into hers “if you would like miss Nimphilla we can get to know each other a different way, I will change to my true self and you may get upon my back, I will keep you warm and we can even go to the further markets and towns as it is a faster form of travel, I do have a saddle but it is in the back shed and is not really used so you will just have to hold on, but we will walk not fly it will not be to much of a rough ride, I will walk carefully.” He started to back up as he needed a bit of distance between them to be able to change properly.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: His offer was really tempting as the feeling of cold wet snow on her abdomen was not appealing in any way .Looking over to him she stopped slithering and spoke “Oh I would not wish to be a burden but since you look like this would not be any trouble I guess I can wrap my self around you instead of using a saddle, as only animal's should be ridden with one and you are no animal “she breathed out as a small puff of white smoke escape's her mouth. “I can also change form's but I don’t think mine will compare to yours but I might show it to you at a later date but for now it would have been nice to experience true flight since I can’t really fly much with my wing's but since you would rather walk il just have to ask you later “she would sigh and look at him expectantly as she swiped some of her hair back behind her right ear, Augustus has by now reached the top of her strand was forced to jump and grappled on to her ear as to not fall off as her hand passed next to him, making a quick mental note to keep the shampoo as is so that her hair remains filled with leverage points that he can use to ascend.

Anaya: Sam smiled as he looked upon her, she was a beautiful thing to look upon and he did like how she was so different, it would be a fine prize once he did win the heart of the beast, and even if he never won it the body was fore sure going to be a prize as well. “Do not worry I will take you into the air at a later date when we can get you a proper strap to hold onto to be sure you do not slip off, the risk of falling is far to high to go up without something.” And with the words he had now backed up about twenty or so feet from her as his body started to bend and break and crack, the sounds of breaking bones made the stomach curl as he arched over and the large spikes jutted out of his back and spine, he let out some grunted words in a tongue not known as his body snapped and got larger his hands becoming claws and his skin flopping off onto the ground in a heated piles all around him as large wings soon were his arms and his neck had lengthened to look so very snake like, within minutes he was a towering 80 foot tall dragon. But his high was not his strong point, his body was all neck and tail it seemed his length had never bin recorded but for sure it was over a hundred feet long.  Moving his long head and nose he moved forward and presented his neck to her, allowing her to get up from his side be any way she could. And there she would be able to sit on his neck back or even his head the choice was fully hers “be careful the spikes on my back are sharp, but I will keep you warm and we will be on our way. To the town of Izan Hort it is much larger than our city here, there will be much for you to do and explore their”

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come Latest?cb=20150401213926

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: She giggled and looked him in the eye as she spoke “Oh why thank you for the seat I’ll be on it in mere second's” and with that she moved over to his arm gently touching his scales and reveling in the heat they produced as she began to slither upwards across it enjoying the warmth that spread across her abdomen taking care to not get to close to his spike's. Reaching the base of his neck she started to ascend while taking the time to wrap herself around it as she slithered over it moaning slightly from the heat as her cold abdomen was warmed by the red scales of the mighty wy-vern while she relished in the contact .Soon she reached the top and perched herself on his head wrap-ping her tail around his lower jaw speaking “This was a much more fun way of getting to my seat wouldn’t you agree Samuel “she playfully moved her finger over one of his scales as a slight giggle es-caped her lip's .If Augustus didn’t know any better he could have sworn that the Nimphila was at-tempting to earn Samuels attention in more way's then one, but keeping in mind about her race's huge sexual appetite she probably was. Sighing he made sure to keep a steady grip as she made her way up in the most slow manor she could muster. “This is going to be tougher than I thought “He mused to him-self.

Anaya: Samuel made a make shift purr as her belly scales moved over his own neck scales and his back foot clawed at the ground his claws digging in and his tongue slapping the side of his jaws in pleasure, darn sensitive scales why did she have to crawl up that way, now he was more interested in the feeling and less in the trip but he had to be proper. As he regained himself he lifted his head up the length of his neck, she could see for miles all over the land, eyes on the world like the eyes of a dragon, he was able to show her how he saw the world, saw it so very small and so very insignificant. He would move a front leg as he walked his back legs moving along as his head rocked slightly back and forth, it was a very bumpy way to go as his front legs were longer due to the fact they were wings then his back legs witch were all muscle made to lift off and not run walk or do really anything else, but there trip would go fast as he would be able to take long strides and cover much ground in very little time. But keeping his head as steady as he could it was not as bad as it could be if they had bin running “so what is your lands like, I have never been there, I am oddly not liking in heat miss Nimphila, the winter is the best for me the snow keeps me cool when in the summer days in this land I over heat easily” he was trying to make small talk as he did his best not to nick her tail wrapped around his jaw with the teeth that pocked out the sides and slid into the groves in his lower and upper jaw.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: She gazed at the sight of the land from his head and was mesmerised by its beauty, there were trees and large plains, and large river's that ended in a large purple glowing lake in the distance. “This is a sight to behold, your land is far more lush then mine, “she sigh's “You would not like it there it is quite warm as it is covered by sand and tectonic formations that have risen from our active volcano's from witch lava spew's making most of our “river's” ”.Nimphila started to shiver as a light squeak could be heard as she sneezed from the cold wrapping herself more with the fur coat she was given and press-ing her body more on to his to absorb as much heat as she could, as the height at witch they were made it much colder than on the ground. “I would love for you to visit someday preferably during fall as it is the coolest then”. If Augustus wanted to stay concealed he had do bear with holding on for dear life as the shivering of the soul made it quite a challenge. At least he thought the mood that she was going for at the start was ruined due to her body temperature dropping, but that also made it clear that he would have to reveal himself if the lady needed medical attention, “This just is not my day” he thought to himself.

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