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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come

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Anaya: Sam could feel her shivering so within his body his made the heat rise up as the fire within him burned brightly, even if he hated heat he was still made of it all dragons were, beasts of fire and destruction it was simply in their blood to be extremely hot. “The lands of Iron are Anaya’s I am not a stand in I a sure you till she finds something better. But the lands here are very rich in foods and grains, and even if the castle its self never uses it this place has a lot of water capabilities, but the crown will never own ships”  he kept on walking as he took a large stride over a river his wings opening up for a moment as they gently glided over it the flight was much smoother than his tromping but it was just a simple glide and he landed on the other side of the river with a thump and kept on walking letting out a roar knowing that if he did not do so they could be ambushed out here by god knows what. His roar echoed and rang the ears as he let out a snarl at the end of it as his teeth were grinding together and thick strands of saliva dripped from his maw. In the truth of it Samuel was an ugly but at the same time a beautiful Wyvern, but then again they did not really come in a cute or nice look, jaws with teeth sticking out, eyes that seemed to glow and scales darker and more slick than that of an eastern or western dragon. Samuel was a whole other look then Anaya was. But then again Anaya hardly ever showed who she really was under it all, Samuel always thought himself having more pride then his mate did. As he let out that last snarl his long black forced tongue slapped the side of his jaw to grab the strands of drool that was dripping down “I am sorry for the loudness of my voice, but if I do not give notice things will not move out of the way or we could be ambushed, now anything out there will know to run. Your land sounds very violent and hot, there must be beasts there very different than here”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: The sudden roar that Samuel let lose woke Nimphila up as the cold had put her to sleep just a bit earlier looking around in a panic she finally noticed where she was and blushed feeling a bit childish for falling asleep in from the warmth of the scale's. Composing herself she spoke to the magnificent red wyvern “Yes there are many beast's there that you would not know of as well as many other race's for our land is home to more humanoid monsters and beasts then this land” remembering that the castle was filled with human's she continued “While this land has much simpler creatures, those that have had no real trial's besides you and your” choosing her words carefully she continued “mate, which reminds me have you ever had previous mate that you actually cared for since it is quite obvious that you do not get that well along with miss Anaya “quickly correcting herself as to not come off rude “I mean you don’t have to answer me if it is a touchy subject “with that she went silent hoping that she did not bring him any pain. Augustus could not believe what the lady just said, she was here to IMPROVE relations not crash them into the ground at the speed of a silver serpent. Sighing he hoped that he did not have to teleport himself and the soul to safety but he prepared the incantation just in case.

Anaya: Sam paused for a moment as he looked onward and then got back to walking as his thoughts passed “it is alright, and yes there was one I once loved, before Anaya and in my homeland I had a mate who gave me a child, a little girl who I loved with all I had, but she was killed both were taken from me when I became mate to Anaya, but that was a very long time ago now.” The pain of it all still stung him inside, once a dragon no matter the scale color or subspecies picked a mate some bounds just never could be truly broken. But he knew someday he would see his true mate ageing and his little girl “but Anaya is not all that bad she does have a heart in there, she just has a hard past like most of us do, just like this land, there are bones in the ground but trees and flowers still grow on top, a covering for the cripple it once faced but is trying to heal from. We do the same, we heal, or try to” in truth Anaya never healed and Sam knew it, she held onto her pain held onto her anger and if she was allowed to let it all go she would burn the world to the ground if people let her, things that held her to the ground here were her castle over all over things it was her anchor, and Sam knew all about their struggles and the past and he did not mind if this Nimphila new about them or at least what he was willing to talk about.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila felt bad for bringing old memories back much like the ones she has herself, but since Samuel was kind and willing to share the so was she. Taking a deep breath she started to speak “I know your pain, I lost a lot a long time ago. “she was never really comfortable talking about this subject but if he was willing to listen she would “Inforos was not the only nation on that land once, a long time ago there was the land I called home ” the pain in her voice was evident as she would keep her tear's to herself “Celtia the land of Lilend it was wonderful with large crystals covering the land” her voice went from sad and pained to one full of venom “but then Inforos wanted those crystals for themselves and brought the first union of multiple dragon lords which ravaged my homeland.” “I do not have anything against you or your mate as you were not in any way responsible for the slaughter. To my knowledge I am the last living Lillend but I always hope there is at least one more so that we can return one day and help others like we always did” She went dead silent and lowered herself down on his scales and spoke one last time in a very quiet voice “If it is fine with you I will take a small nap my tail should keep me fastened to you ”closing her eyes wishing that the memories will not come this night.

Anaya: Sam wanted to ask why in the hell she would now be ruler of the land that killed her own, but then again he had no room to talk he was now mate and king to a crown that killed his own mate and child. So he moved an eye to look up a bit and he nodded “sleep well and we will be there when you wake, I will keep you safe Miss Nimphilla” and he kept walking trying to steady his head so the ride would not be as bumpy for her wall she was sleeping.

----Back with Jeff and Bob at the Castle----

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: His mother seemed to not want any part of Jeff's conversation as her mind was elsewhere, but he knew that was to be expected. She had a lot on her mind as far as the egg was concerned and Samuel wanting to eat the damned thing. He sighed softly and rose. "Thank you, mother. I am glad I am here too." He then watched as the man entered the room, and his aura was definitely a strange one. His blind baby blues latched onto the power that harnessed behind the body that leaned against the pillar. Jeff found his feet slowly making his way over to him. "Prince Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose, first of his name. First born son of Anaya DeLaRose, queen of the Iron and house DeLaRose. Ruler of the Snake Isles and protector of the city." Jeff bowed his head. "I'm sorry for the formalities it's just that I've never seen you before. I was out-...helping a friend." Jeff reached his hand forward. "You hold a mighty aura and I wish to know more about you." He was hoping that the man would shake his hand, yet Jeff, being the blind warrior that he was, did not know if he even had hands, but he knew he had the power that had yet to be unlocked to it's full potential. Jeff's lips curled into a sincere smile from behind his mask. "Excuse the blood on my clothes. I just returned from the outside. What is your name?"

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As the man approached and greeted him, Bob noticed the man was not looking at him as others do, it was not a look of confusion or disgust it was one of honest goodwill.The man that introduced himself as Jeff was holding out his hand expectantly awaiting to be greeted, a single tentacle slowly grasped the man's hand lightly so that it would not stick him as Bob spoke in a bubble voice “Greeting's Jeff my name is Bob it is nice to meet someone with a simple name in this land.” Hopeing he was making a good impression he continued “I am here as a guard of my lady Nimphila of Inferos who is the queen as well as the partner of one really annoying Hydronian by the name of Torn” a small sigh escaped his beak “Hope he doesn't end up eating all of your food store's again, I think he left to gather food to replace what he ate”.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff felt the grasp of his hand, but did not pull away. He had killed so many beasts and met so many creatures that it did not phase him. "Bob," He repeated with a small smile. "Torn, Nimphila and Bob." He pulled his hand away after a firm shake and listened to him speak. "We have more than enough food rations for your lot and more. You all must be a strange pair." He teased. "In all seriousness, it is nice that he is, at least, trying to replace what he ate. Others will come, eat and leave, so it seems like a nice change of pace." He raised a brow. "You are an octopi of a man. That is a new one." His dead eyes scanned his aura. "No matter. It is nice to meet you, Bob. Please. Walk with me. I will show you around." He began to walk away from the pillar, hoping Bob would follow. "This is our throne room, which I'm sure you've seen. We gather our subjects in here and do what is best for our people. I have been taking care of that due to my mother' motherly duties with her new egg." He smiled softly from behind his mask before making his way to the main hall. "This is our main hall, where we gather to sit and relax after a long day. Many of our guests and guards rest in here after and before meeting with us." He then pointed to the stairs. "Up there is our upper hall, where our bed chambers and my office is. You can find me at the end of the hall on either side. One side is my room, and the other is my office where I do the taxes and paperwork for the town. That is where your people and yourself will be staying. You can find a room at the start of the hall, with the second open door on the left. If you need anything, ask our maids and they will do their best to make you comfy." Jeff then kept walking to the dining hall, off of the kitchen. "Here is where we gather for our meals. I'm sure Torn has made himself familiar with this room." He chuckled lightly. "And there is the kitchen where the chefs work hard to prepare our meals. Obviously." He smirked. "There is a door to the back where you will find the stables and our sheds, as well as our tranquil gardens and our hot spring." Jeff then sat on a bench in the dining hall and looked at Bob. "Any questions?"

Guest_NimphilaLucaria:  Following the young man Bob took in the site's of the castle as Jeff continued to share information about each and every room. Wanting to learn more about the custom's of this kingdom he spoke up“Why yes I do have a few question's regarding your custom's since we are not too familiar with them”.Remembering his screw up earlier he spoke“I must apologize for earlier I did not know that it was a custom to explore in a party of two as your father has gracefully enlightened me,when he escorted my lady toward town”remembering that he has not seen Augustus he figured his new friend Jeff should know “Oh and there is one more person in our party a large old Mushroom by the name of Augustus,he sort of joined us one day and became the royal advisor to the queen on a whim”taking a small glass of water from one of the servant's that were passing by he pulled it under his tentacles and drank deeply refilling his lung's. Patiently awaiting his host's word's about other traditions that he was not aware of his skin change's color to a lighter shade of green,

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes listened to Bob speak but his face quickly turned sour as he mentioned Jeff's Father. "Samuel is not my Father. He is a beggar king." He looked down at the tiles on the floor, yet he could not see them. "I know very well that you couldn't have known that, but I urge you. Steer clear of Samuel. He has taken the throne only because he feels like he can. He gives no care for how he have done things for years. He feels like he can come in and change all of our rules. I was supposed to have the crown but I gave that dream up. If it means that I must stick around my family in order to save the lives of many, then so be it. Crown or no crown." Jeff then looked around. "But as for you apologizing. You have nothing to apologize for, seeing as you have not offended me in any way. I look forward to meeting this-...uhm...Mushroom." Jeff then smirked softly to Bob. "Forgive me. I don't mean to blabber on and on about my life and our castle. I will do my best to teach you about our customs, the longer you live here. And if you ever need a sparring partner or anything, just let me know. I am one of the best this kingdom has to offer in the way of fighters. I would like to see your skill if you would ever like to show me." Jeff bowed his head respectfully. "It's nice to have a new-...friend. I don't have any." At that moment, Mira ran up to the both of them. "Sir Jeff! We have found Lunaria's attackers! The royal knights are bringing them to the throne room! Please! Hurry!" Jeff looked to Bob and nodded. "Would you like to follow me? I might need an extra hand."

Guest_NimphilaLucaria:  This man reminded Bob so much of the shotgun that ran the province in which he resided many years's ago, Jeff acted noble and his reasoning was family, this pleased Bob as the family comes before anything else.”You remind me of a noble young leader I once knew.You hold your head high but always looking down as to show that you are no different from any of us”. Thinking to himself Bob decided to keep a more watchful eye on this so-called beggar king that he trusted to keep his lady safe, as Nimphila was known for her urge's he might have to step in and remove her from the beggar's grip.Bob had found if quite humorous that he was asking for a hand since Bob did not have any, looking over to his new friend he spoke  “I shale assist you Jeff in this predicament and humbly offer my tentacles as I do not have any hand's” as a small chuckle passed through his beak.Looking over to him his skin color shifted to that of a deep green with a hint of blue as his red eye's started to gleam with the wish for glory in combat.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose:  Jeff smirked softly and knew Bob would follow him into the throne room, where the perps were kneeled down by the throne, their hands tied behind their backs, which was rather uncomfortable to one of the men, who had his hand broken by Jeff just an hour and a half prior. He grunted and trembled, as did the others as Jeff and Bob entered the room. "Oh no! Let us go! Please No! Not him!" Jeff shook his head and lowered his gaze to the men. "The three of you are accused of not just attempted Rape, but the assault on the member of this royal house." "We didn't know!" A guard smashed his hilt into the back of one of the men. "Shut up! Let the prince speak!" Jeff grunted. "Enough, Ser Gaspy. Back off." Jeff then looked from side to side, noting that his mother was not in the room and therefore it legally fell onto Jeff to give the verdict and their punishment. He slowly made his way to the great throne and sat down, before looking to the first man who had a broken Jaw, and was the first to try and enter Lunaria without her permission. "You three were found outside the Luck Dragon Tavern, trying to rape one of the members of this house and the punishment for this is death. I don't need to tell you how serious that is." He cocked his head to the left and looked to the man with the fractured spine who had tried to run away from him. "I want a reason from each of you, on why I shouldn't have you all put on the chopping block right now." The man with the broken hand blurted out. "Please! Listen to me!" Gaspy moved to lean forward to silence him, but Jeff put his hand up and instantly, Gaspy stopped. "Go on." "We were paid by the man who drugged her! We don't know where he went, but we had the devil's drink in us, M'lord! Please, show Mercy!" Jeff, who had already been in love with Lunaria before, narrowed his eyes. "You weren't going to show Lunaria mercy. You cut off her tail and she is upstairs right now, resting and recovering. She is going to need to undergo surgery to have it put back. You were going to rape her, and kill her. That isn't a good enough reason." Jeff glared down at them from atop his throne. "But-...He didn't want her dead! He just wanted her traumatized. He handed us each a coin purse filled to the brim with coin! How could we resist? We get the coin and get to have our cocks taken care of!" Jeff looked to Gaspy, whom then nodded and backhanded the prisoner. "Alright. Shut up. Take him to the dungeons. Let's see if the other two have any insight into this situation." Gaspy moved to drag the man away from the room and began to take him to the chambers below. The next man, with the fractured spine, spoke up. "You single-handedly stopped us and let us go! Why are you doing this?" Jeff raised a brow. "Because I believe in justice and you all broke our rules." The prince crossed his arms and sighed. "What is your reason for me letting you live?" "Because-...I can be an asset to the Iron! Please! Let me be a butler?" Jeff smirked. "You try to rape a woman and now you want a job?" He shook his head. "To the dungeon." The knight obliged to his orders and dragged the man away, which caused Jeff to watch the last man, whom couldn't speak due to his injury. He looked to be the most dangerous. "You-...I know you. You are a sellsword. You have killed men, woman, and children for no reason other than gold. I should have killed you-...Take him to the block." The fear in his eyes was real. He knew that this was the end. He grunted and looked at the floor. "Yew after. Yew new hoo I wes. Tis is how I tweeted? I hope yer hows fells." Jeff listened to his garbled words and nodded. Before looking at Bob. "Bob-...would you like to execute this man?

Guest_NimphilaLucaria:  Looking over at the knelling man Bob's narrowed his gaze as his eye's glistened a deep shade of dark red. Chills ran down the man's spine as the weird creature turned to look at him,a feeling of dread at his impending demise grew with each passing second those eye's were locked with his yet he could not look away almost as if they were holding him in place.”If it is not to much bother friend Jeff I will execute this impudent fool in my cultures traditional way,you will find that the other two will be much more grateful about their imprisonment this way”.Bob started to slowly approach the man was not bothering to brandish his weapon as the distance between them grew smaller and smaller, the man started shaking as Bob drew closer with each step the shaking got worse to the point where the guard that was holding him was straining to keep him on his feet.Bob stopped in front of the man and spoke looking down at him with eye's full of sadness“It is sad that you have made your path such as it is,in your last moments I shall grant you a single word that I will remember you by” bending down Bob plucked a single thread of cloth from the man's garb's and sat next to him without dropping his gaze.”Yew remember the ash Lishrim” was the only words the man was able to speak out before six tentacles's wrapped themselves around his head, his eye's bulged as the sudden action of the creature as the feeling of dread and the unknown returned. Bob started to lean in closer as his top was now over the man's then spoke “I shall remember Lishrim” and with that a scream echoed out in the room as the man's body started to violently contort as Bob's large beak opened and engulfed the man's head out of sight of everyone who could not see under his tentacle's. with a crunch and a spray of blood, it was over as Bob moved away from the now headless body.The other two stopped their struggle after seeing what has become of third going limb as the red eye's shifted to their direction not daring to make a move in the fear that they will be next.The guard that was holding the now dead man was disturbed even with seeing much of the queen's action's this was high on the list,leaving him quite queasy.Bob turned to his friend and said in a warm bubbly voice“You have now seen the old passing ritual I hope that it was pleasing to watch for it is a part of us now until our passing.”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff watched the scene unfold as the knight dropped the headless body onto the ground, blood spewing from the open neck hold. Jeff raised his brows and had a bit of a surprised look on his face. "I meant like-...maybe just-...take him to the block outside so blood wouldn't get all over the place harm done." Jeff watched as many maids came running down the stairs with towels and cleaner to fix the giant puddle of blood on the floor. "Take the body to Anaya's hold so she may feast on it. She needs her strength." Jeff nodded to Bob. "That was very dark, sir, but I guess men like that deserve a death like this. It's only fair." He crossed his arms and stood. "Take the other two to the dungeon, now," Jeff grunted, as the guards hauled the two, very traumatized men off to await their punishments. Jeff knew that they only watched and waited for their turns to rape Lunaria, but the man who had been killed. He was the one with his pants down. He simply sighed softly and patted Bob softly on the back, whilst wiping a bit of blood from his own masked cheek. "That certainly was a sight to behold. You hold much power in your core. How would you like to be one of our new guards? I will speak to mother about it, but a royal guard seems like it would suit you. You will have free meals and a place to live, and gold in your pocket. but I am sure she would like the idea. We need men who aren't afraid to die, and I can see it in your aura. You aren't afraid."

Guest_NimphilaLucaria:  If Bob could smile he would but seeing as that was not the case he settled on lifting two of his tentacles to his face and wrapped them in a way that they looked like a smile as a few droplet's of blood made their way down to the floor“Friend Jeff I would gladly join the guard if it was not for the fact that I already am a royal guard to the lady Nimphila” his bubbly voice would echo slightly. Bob's eye color has returned to its normal shade of red as his skin also return's to the dark green color it once was as he keep's talking “And my friend I would like to formally offer you the right's to my 4th tentacle for once I pass this mortal plane in glorious combat as per tradition of my people I shall be served as food for those that have honored me in the past,I'm sure if your mother's and beggar king's reaction to our tradition is anything to go by you shall partake with me that day”he would bow his head “It would be my honor to have an ally of such stature return me to the earth but until then I shall be with my lady serving her unconditionally as well as keeping her from jumping everything with a penis which includes you, my friend," "A small bit of advice if you do not hit on her she will treat you with respect and self-control but if you make advance's at her she will jump you as her race is quite rare with a very peculiar trait, if you wish to know more about it, my friend, I would gladly share more information with you”.Suddenly remembering what the beggar king had spoken about earlier to his partner he suddenly turn's to Jeff and ask's “The beggar king you spoke of gave Torn permission to feed on a small farm near the castle without the presence of your mother, were his word's true?”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose:  Jeff smiled jokingly before realizing he was completely serious. " want me to eat you when you die?" Jeff shrugged. "I-..uh..don't really like seafood but I suppose if it is a great honor to you than I shall uphold your tradition." Jeff smiled brightly before listening to his words. "Samuel-...The beggar king will fuck anything that he can. He wants to fuck my daughter. My old lover...anything he can get his hands on. I will do my best to protect your charge. If she is yours to protect, then as your friend, I must help you in any way that I can. And do not worry about me trying anything with her-...My heart belongs to another. She may not see me the same as I see her, but I am loyal to my feelings and respect people as individuals, and not just as people who can keep my bed warm." Jeff sighed softly while listening to him. "He said that?! No! Those are where our crops are grown! Our livestock is shipped from! He is going against my mother's word!" Jeff growled under his breath and rose to his feet, his telekinetic aura rose with each step. "Will you accompany me down to the farm so we can stop your friend from devouring all of our precious resources? We have more than enough food at the Iron for him but the farm is not to be touched! We need each crop we can get for the upcoming storm that is going to hit soon! We still have a few months of winter left and if he gets into that greenhouse, he will be killing many people without meaning to do so!" Jeff had quite enough of Samuel, from breaking his mother's heart. Toying with his head. Sending him away to be captured. Trying his best to get his out of the way. This beggar king would not get away with this much longer. 4 long years had he toyed with Jeff. Not any longer. "Bob. Please. I need your help." Jeff's blind eyes were full of panic. "We need to get down there before he devours everything the farmers have worked so hard to grow!" Jeff began to walk toward the main hall, and then out the door into the Snow, hoping that Bob would follow.

---- back with Nimphilla and Samuel at the town of Izan Hort----

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As they drew closer to the town of Izan Hort Nimphila started to stir from her slumber as her beautiful blue eye's slowly open. Still a bit sleepy she remains motionless while watching the scene before, where once there were great planes rivers and trees now she saw mountains in the distance and the great view of the ocean. She smiled to herself as the calm still water of the ocean reminded her of the sky that she loved to watch pass as a child. As they kept going she soon noticed that they were approaching a large town that seemed to be glistening with life even from this distance. Keeping quiet she enjoyed the trip glad that Samuel was here with her not only for the warmth that his scales and body provided but also for the company. Augustus was quietly sitting atop of Nimphila's hair and was looking in the direction of the town focusing his energy to determine if there were any threats in the area It seemed quite peaceful and even though it pains for him to think this Samuel might be useful to the soul at this time. Gazing over the water that formed so long ago he could sense his old land as well as the sanctuary in which he spent most of his time, still safe from prying eyes and hands. He shifted his gaze back toward the town and silently awaited their arrival.

Anaya: Sam stopped as they got up to the boundary of the town as he moved and lowered his head to allow Nimphila to slither off. Once that was handled he lifted his head back up as his chest glowed a bright orange and he let not flame but a blast of heat flow from his mouth to melt the snow to make a wet but snowless path that was oddly kind of warm.  He moved to take a couple steps as he took his nose and cleared some more of the snow away being overly kind for Nimphila, there was a soft spot to the wyvern but no one ever really saw it and when they did most just assumed he did things for his own personal gain which in most cases he was. And in this case, really one would never know if this was done out of kindness or simply to make the girl like him so he could bone her. he dug his face into the snow and shoveled it out of the way all the way up to the cleared out roadway for horses and carts. Samuel then turned his head back as his bright green eyes blinked a bit if one was looking close enough there was a shimmer of nice in that evil face of his. Then within moments his giant body crushed its self down into that of the man Nimphila saw before as he held out an arm for her “the way is clear, let’s see what we can find in town shall we my lady” he gave a smile as he as if magic had a whole new outfit on, rather than the standard leather outfit he had on most days he was in a suit and his black cape like pull over his hair was now short and black and he looked rather charming.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 2 1_5

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila smiled at Samuel, he appeared to be a very considerate and caring individual which made her feel like the first time she meets Kain in the harsh desert when he saved her from a pack of Crysalids. She slowly reached for the extended hand grasping it and wrapping her fingers with his as the warmth from his hands reminded her that he was hot in more way's then one. “Well Mr. Hot Stuff lead the way” she would say as her beautiful blue eye's meet green one's as a cheeky smile played on her lip’s, Augustus actually groaned from the display that he was witnessing as he was used to the soul's open personality and outgoing nature but sometimes he would like to just smack her so that she would stop but then he risked corrupting her soul for if I does not do what it naturally does it starts to fester and die. Remembering his talk with queen Anaya he looks's over Nimphila's locks of hair which resembled a jungle from his point of view and gazed toward the castle from which they came trying to see if the soul of this land was near it.

Anaya: The town was massive, hundreds of shops and buildings and homes mixed in among shops and guards on every side as they made their way to the gate. A guard stopped them and asked who they were which Samuel looked to the guard “Samuel Tiberius DeNure King of The Iron Castle, we are only visiting we have come to do a bit of shopping” “sorry my Lord I did not recognize you, you are here with guest please make yourself at home” Sam always wondered were the guards so nice to him due to Anaya being the tyrant ruler who in all truth still owned this town along with everything else they walked on or was it just due to him being himself, he always thought it was due to Anaya personally. “so what do you want to buy first, there are sweets, gowns, foods, drink, the world is your oyster and everything goes on the castles bill and we will get the bill by raven later in the days” it was an all out spend how much you want kind of trip to be it a single gold coin or a thousand gold coins Sam did not care right now, his greed seemed to not be there at the moment and he just wanted to make this outing fun for Nimphilla. As they walked small kids ran past bumping into them but san moved his hand to his coin pouch before they had the chance to grab it “just be careful the poor family’s here will snap up whatever you have on your body if they are able, and I do not think you have pockets to pick on that tail of yours. ” some people were giving odd looks at the couple as most here as everywhere were human and the every now and again lycan or other beast. Some looked so messed up there breeding was unsure, Sam made sure Nimphilla did not get close to the ones he did not know the race of due to massive amounts of mix breeding.  “Just do not stray far, the mix bred races here have been known to have bad temperaments”

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Guest_NimphilaLucaria: “Bad temperaments, you have not seen a bad temper until you visit the capital and try and get the chief smelter to do anything besides his job I think that he has a bigger kill count then most assassin’s and some think that the old man rival's Behemoth in that department”. She started to look around the plaza that they just entered and her eyes focused on a small vendor at the side that appeared to be selling some sort of blue honey like cream as well as weird red orbs with a green leaf on them. ”Um... Samuel what is that strange orb over there? “she would point in the general direction of the vendor witch noticing the interest of the weird snake like woman who looked like she was about to spend some coin she encouraged her by calling her over in a friendly voice “You there miss are you in-terested in some fresh apple's or some of this blueberry jam ”.Augustus watched from within her hair and gagged the man that was calling the soul to him, he appeared to be dressed in upper commoner cloth's and had a large white beard as well as a striped leather hat.

Anaya: “hmm” he said softly as he looked over to that stall and picked up that orb rom the table top as the shop keeper moved to almost wave a no but then stopped and was silent “it seems very nice but I am not sure what it is, I am guessing just a ornaments of sorts they hand make there glass trinkets here, a bobble or something, it is nothing but something that looks nice, but if you like it we can pick it up” he said softly handing the glass orb to her. He looked over the shop stall as he picked up some small glass flowers that were on the carts table and looked at them “flowers that will live as long as we do, long as you don’t break them” he gave a chuckle as he picked up a blue glass rose “Anaya will like this one. I will take it” he said with a grin as he took it and put it in a small satchel that was lashed to his hip. There was a part that had grown to care for Anaya after the last three hundred years of being with her, maybe so many years of faking it at last were making it real in some sort of way.  “And yes do you have raspberry Jam?” Sam asked the vendor as the man shock his head no “be a rare Jam we don’t stock at this booth but I got wind that there was some in the town over if you want to take a peek before the sun goes down, you are a dragon yes, would not take ya long to get there” Sam wanted to just put a finger before the fact he was a dragon slipped out, well that would draw unneeded attention later. “yes but I will do that on a later date right now we are simply here for a couple hours for shopping then we must be on our way as it takes time to get from here to the castle and we can’t take too long, nights are colder then we would want this time of year” “very true good Sir, can’t just camp out half way have to make it back to the fires and to home. Well hope ye like ye rose”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: “Im sure she will love it ”Nimphila spoke in a warm gentle voice “You really are quite a nice and caring person Samuel “he reminds me so much of Kain. She thought but as he gave her the red orb of glass A look of genuine confusion graced her face as she held the red glass orb that was given to her by Samuel. She placed the orb back on to the vendor's table top and picked up a single red apple and just looked at it before showing it to Samuels as she spoke “Silly I know what a glass or-nament is I meant this weird looking vegetable, I have never seen one of this shape” she brought the red vegetable to her nose and sniffed it “or of this smell what is this called? “She looked at his reaction witch screamed confusion as well to which she didn’t know how to respond besides waiting for him to speak up, Augustus had fallen asleep him the depths of Nimphilas hair after a vicious battle against a large flake of dandruff that had fallen atop of him.

Anaya: Sam looked at her as she called him a caring person, god if she only knew, “I guess I do care don’t I, and take a bite of it, it is called an apple, they are very common here, people grow them for sale the castle gets a lot of them in the store rooms we make them into pies and tarts, they are very nice to eat, and it is a fruit not a vegetable” he was in mid chuckle as he could feel eyes in the back fo his neck, there was a nice sized mutt blood behind them that was giving that look. But Sam smiled as he put his arm around Nimphila pulling her close to him as he watched over her like one would tenderly watch over a lover. He could feel the eyes in the back of his neck sway off as he did his action, it was surely watching Nimphila and thinking on how it could pick off the rare beauty but when it found out that Sam was in charge of this show it clearly backed down. But it may come back with more then its self and they may still have to deal with the worthless mutt bloods that were the worst thing for miles for sure and there was very VERY good reason they hated the crown.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Taking a bite out of this fruit that Sam had called an apple she did not expect the sudden rush of sweet flavor in her mouth. The only sweet thing's that they had on Inferos were honey and the Walabusk seed's from the mountain’s this fruit was something she has never though could exist. Quickly finishing off the apple she felt an arm wrap around her protectively, she looked at Sam who was watching someone with the aura of malicious intent. She should have known that evil is hidden everywhere and that it has spread to every kingdom. Wanting to get Samuel's attention from whatever has caused him to become protective she spoke” So since you know more about the fruit as you called them would you mind telling me more about different kinds of them and maybe sharing some of your local desert's with me “she nuzzled closer to him intertwining her finger's with his again.

Anaya: Holding her hand in his free hand he kept his arm around her shoulder “well then. We must go to a bakery, our most popular by far treat around here is the hickory sweet breads, it is a puff pastry with sweet cream in the center and it is dipped in chocolate and then served on a platter with a drizzle of fruit jam on the side of it, some places even serve it with fresh berries, I am a large fan of anything with raspberry’s” and with his words he led Nimphilla over to a large door and on the side that mutt blood had sunk into an ally way, he was a ugly thing with a aura of hate and anger. “let’s go inside be-fore the scary things out here get you” he gave a smile trying to make light on everything as he opened the door and bowed her to go inside, the intense smell of everything sugar and good coming outside to hit them in the face as Sam could smell the berries he adored.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: He truly acted like a gentleman but his comment about the “scary things that wanted to get her” annoyed her a bit. As she was entering the bakery she said to him in passing “Do not treat me as a fragile flower as I could gut anything that tries to threaten me” as her eye's shift to a slightly darker shade of blue. The sweet scent of fresh pastry's and fruit filled with different sweet's made her mouth slightly water as she has never smelled something as unique as this. She slithered over to a empty table and wrapped most of her tail around the chair so that it dose not break under the weight of her tail as almost everyone in the shop looked over to her not really knowing what to do. She called out to her caretaker “Samuel if you would be so kind to pick what ever treat you like most so that we can share it ”she said with a smile. Augustus has been watching everything unfold from her hair and was not to trilled about the hound that was stalking the soul, he would prepare a magical barrier around her for protection that would not be sensed or seen by anyone witch tired him out,causing him to fall asleep as he was enveloped in a sweet aroma of fresh berries.

Anaya: Sam smiled as he walked inside and stood up for herself, he let out a chuckle as he walked over to the shop desk and pointed at some assortments of jelly filled breads some half and some full covered in sweet chocolate and sugars as they were all placed in a bag and Sam handed over two gold coins to the shop man as he smiled and put the coin in the box on his counter. Sam walked back over to the tabl as he popped the bag on the table and ripped the side of it open as the pile of breads fell out upon the table top, some dripping jelly out there sides, sticky wonderful sweet foods still warm out of the oven “it is just here we don't really know what they are. Many years ago Anaya outlawed mix breeding and took away every right that what is deemed a mutt blood gets, they have no rights they cant talk to the crown and they get no say and over all they just end up in the gutters all over the lands here. And it is one law that in place it is useful but at the same time causes problems. They races never stopped mixing there genetics despite the law set in place and guards and fighters being told to kill mix breeds on sight, there was much blood on the streets when it all came down and it made a hell of a stain on the crowns name. But now everything on that is over and the law still exists so us being royal blood and coming from the capital we are not liked by some, and sadly we no longer have any idea what they are even mixed with anymore. So i don't know if we could handle what comes at us. I would much rather keeping you safe and be a tad over protective then end up in a fight were we are both deemed blind” Witch how Sam talked it was clear he was a fighter born, he new much of the combat world as that was one of the traits Anaya beat into him when long ago he was more a nomad then a fighter by far. He picked up a bread with red jelly dripping out the side as he took a bite all his sharp pointed teeth biting into it as it was as if his greed eyes rolled into his head in delight as he shut his eyes and enjoyed this desert that was like a drug. “the castle has nothing on the fresh made ones here, mmmm so good”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: This was news to her she did not know that there can be cross breed race's as there were none on her land,while you could be in a relationship with other race's and even marry them it was widely consider that it weakens the child.”Samuel don't you have a surrogate law here?We have one and it allows for safe relationship's as it is believed that cross breading weakens the child that is born. Usually everyone want's a Lillend for the job since we are the only race that can produce a pure blooded child of the race that impregnated them”she would pick up a small puffy looking pastry and bit in to it as a sweet white cream spilled from it,dripping a bit on the side of her mouth witch she quickly licked up using her large snakelike tongue. Picking up one that was covered with chocolate she nibbled on it eating all of the chocolate covering first and then started to eat the rest of it normally as the taste of sweet apple filled her mouth making her shiver from enjoyment,”This is really good” she exclaimed with vigor ”I might have to make a trade request later with your mate as this would be amazing for a end to the yearly feast.,you know something special to suprize everyone. ”Looking at him with a sly little glint in her eye's hoping that he might bring it up to Anaya later.

Anaya: Sam opened his eyes and saw that glimmer in the woman's eyes as the licked her lips and he could not help but grin but then her other words sunk in, she was a race able to breed a pure blood race no matter her own race. His eyes looked at her “NEVER let Anaya know that Nimphila, if you let her know you can give pure blooded dragons to her she will chain you to a stock till you gave her young. You will have males all over you for as long as she deems it and if you end up not giving her young she will kill you” he gulped back a chunk of his bread as it went down a bit harder then he wanted and his neck muscles moved to force the lob down. “and no, here if you are found with a mix race you can be in for as much trouble as the mutt blood its self. Two pure bloods can be together and be in love but if they have a young together it is to be killed and both of them are tossed in the castle cells to rot” -he picked up another bun and took a bite eating it slowly and carefully this time so it would get swallowed smoother. “to us, dragons, mutt bloods are the utmost disrespect to our bloodlines be them strong or weak it does not matter. Most mutt bloods are very diluted being toss outs at birth, weak lumps of weakness and no power, but we have had a couple here that came out the other way all powers and no weakness and that is what set the law in flow. But now, we have no idea what the breeding pool is, or what they are weak or strong.”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: A bit shocked at his sudden outburst about what would happen if Anaya were to find out about her unique physiology she could see the he was afraid for her in his own way. She made a mental note to tell Augustus to warn the others about it as well so they don't randomly let it out while Anaya is within hearing range.”I will make sure that she does not find out Samuel, also I think you might have misunderstood me about the law it is indeed forbidden to have a half breed child in our land that is why we have a surrogate law for every race so that if a cross couple wants a child one of them can find a surrogate of the same race and breed with them. Since we all think half breeds grow weaker then full blood's,the only exception are Lillend that why the old dragons that once lived and ruled our land got Lillend as their concubines.” She looked at him with slight worry in her eye's only for a second that worry was replaced with emptiness almost as if there was no one inside of her but as the moment passed they were back to normal .She carefully picked up a small round pastry with a hole in the middle of it and took a small bite before she said “Thank you for the warning” she looked over at his “I really appreciate it Samuel ”she slowly keep's eating the treat her positive energy seemingly gone.

Anaya: There was a side of him that did want to say i will protect you but at the same time Sam new if worse came down to worse he could do nothing to help her ageist Anaya, hell Anaya could crush him if she wanted to in only moments, Anaya had thousands of pounds on him all he had was wings to fly away form her and he was faster in the air. “yes if a mix race couple wishes a child they do have to look else were to be able to find a host body to hold it for them. We don't have a law on that or at least one not stated and i don't think the crown will care much if it is brought up: he paused a moment “witch it will not be brought up, if you are found peeking into things she will start to wonder, and when Anaya starts to wonder things end up broken” he finished up his bun as he enjoyed every last bite but he chould feel her “something has changed in you? You are less bubbles” he said as he tilted his head his bright green eyes looking into hers with that dragons wonder. He was so much like any in so many ways but at the same time so very different.  

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Her eye's glance in his direction confused “What do you mean im well,and am having a wonderful time here with you”.Thinking of what might have caused him to feel like that she decided to give him a bright smile and handed him a pastry that had berries in it in hope's of fixing what ever mistake she made to cause him discomfort.”This has those berries you said you liked so I think that this one should go to you ”.She really did enjoy this little outing with Samuel he really act's like he is a big softy towards her maybe she could find a way of thanking him later.”So Samuel is there anything else that you would like to show me before we head back?”Her gentle smile not disappearing even for a moment as her blue eye's lock with his green one's.

Anaya: “i don't know, i just noticed a change in your aura is all, small, it must have bin my own feelings or something” he said as he took it and ate it down in a single bite oh god it was so good he was almost purring he loved raspberry like a drug.  Getting up from the table he held out a arm “hmmm i believe the only stops left here if you want to see them is the clothing, i am sure we can get you a nice gown or something so you remember your trip to the main land. Now whats your favourite colour?” he asked with a slight chuckle as they made there way to the doors and out into the market walking along the stone walk ways under flam lit lamps. It had gone fast to evening it was like the whole day faded away so very fast “night comes fast this time of year” he said as his bright green eyes looked up “but i do believe we have time still for the market and the clothing, i will just make sure my body is very hot for the trip home so you don't get a chill miss Nimphilla ” many of the streets were growing empty and everything was coming to a close as some shops were packing things away but Sam new clothing shops stayed open longer then food stalls as food went bad when night came around. Tossing his coat over his shoulder it was nice that there was hardly anyone out and no prying eyes on them, eyes that wanted the castle dead and gone and the world to be more fight and fend for yourselves. “it is nice don't you think, the silence, i don't get it much almost forgot what silence feels like”

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As she followed him down the street looking over at the shop's that were closeing, she listened to him as he offered to get her a dress to remember this outing she giggled as it would probably end up as a tattered rag by the end of the week or If by some miracle she could keep it safe till they returned to Inferos it would get destroyed by the sand.”I think it would be better to get a coat or maybe a small skirt so that I dont destroy it when I move.” Hoping that he would understand she playfully poked her fingers together as they kept walking. Looking at how empty the street has become was a bit un-nearveing to say the least,compared to the constant busyness of the capital that she had grown accustomed to. Now that it was darker and the cold started to return she took a deep breath of the now quite cool air as she remembered her talk with him earlier her eye's hidden in the dark turned empty soulless yet again, Augustus has finally wakened and was enjoying the now cool breeze coming through her hair as he felt a sudden shift of the soul as if she was not their, in a panic he entered her mind hoping to find the source of the problem and as soon as he entered it was all back to normal like nothing ever happened. This was troubling the soul should not be able to just leave existence at a moment's notice.”Maybe I should discus this with Miss Anaya for she is missing her soul she might be able to explain this to me in greater detail,even tho im sure she will want to trade answers for answers”he thought to him self. As Nimphilas eye's regain their normal happy glint she keeps following Samuel to their destination.

Anaya: Sam looked over at her as he could feel that thing again, he had spent so long with Anaya that it was hard to pick up on but he new the emptiness of things missing and it was worrying him. He could feel the cold maybe that was what was making her change and then come back, but he had no idea “maybe it is to cold to be out, i am sure we can pick up something another time, we should head back to the castle before it gets to to late miss Nimphilla” he said sharply as moving along the streets he walked with her down the path that was to lead back out to the yards were he would have enough room to be himself. “i can feel something the matter in you miss Nimphilla, i don't know what it is, are you to cold?” he said as he looked at him pausing there walk for a moment just so he could cheek on her.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Her gaze slowly wondered to him as the cold had started to slow down her movements as well as her brains prosesing power witch made her take a few extra seconds to understand what he was saying. Stopping mid slither she spoke in a calm and a bit sleepy voice “Im fine Samuel its probably just the cold telling me that I should go to sleep “ she continued to slither towards him at a much slower pace as she felt her tail start to get much heavier then it was,she struggled a bit but kept going trying to look like she was fine as not to worry Samuel. As she reached him she her gaze wondered towards the door that lead out of town where he would no doubt transform in to his true form and take her in to his warm embrace. Not paying attention her mind started to wander as the cold impacted her more she started to slither toward the gate as a single feather from one of her wings fell off without her even noticing only one thought was passing through her mind now and that was to sleep or feed. Augustus was very concerned as she did not stand the cold well especially since she was a cold blooded creature,considering for a brief moment about revealing him self he wanted to see things play out for if this Samuel turn's out to be trustworthy this might still be a salvageable situation.

Anaya: Sam looked at her and saw the feather drop, that was it, the being was not going to die here, be it selfish reasons or not he could not allow her just to fall a sleep and wither away. Not giving a shit about the town, they would pay for repairs later he within moments changed to himself garbing Nimphilla up in his back feets claws and turning on the heat and rocketing up into the air, his claws all fitting together so the cold up here would not get in to the bubble of warm he had made for her as they were up in the air the ride was so much smoother it was shocking, and the old three hour would now be an hour tops to get back to the iron castle were the fires were always on. He looked down to his feet were he held her all tight and warm in his cocoon of claws as he felt a little bad for making her have to deal with this it had bin so long since he was around others with scales it was like he forgot that cold and reptiles don't match, yes dragons were reptiles but they were oddly warm blooded.  She tried so hard to be this strong being but yet she was so simple and frail, like a flowered a beautiful winged and scaled flower. Shaking his head he looked back a head, for a moment there he almost let the nice in him out for more then his own greed, this was a gig Samuel remember that, he thought to himself as he let out a snort remembering the plan he had made with himself on what he wanted, get the others away from the queen, get the queen to trust you and think you are the best and if you can get the other ones killed, and eat bob, yes have to eat bob. Then after that the plot to make more wyverns could be done now, and it was even better knowing there was a Ace right in his claws.

The flight to the castle was quite un-eventful Samuel was thinking over how to keep wining Nimphila over and more importantly how to keep Anaya from finding out about her unique nature. As the air grew colder he instinctively closed his claw's more to shield her more from the wind keeping her warm as his gaze was drawn toward the castle that he could now see in the distance. Augustus was starting to worry this was quite new to him, as he has never in all his time on this plane of existence seen a Lillend lose a feather even in much colder place's then this. ”Strange,very strange indeed” he thought as he observed her sleeping form as the tail started to wrap it self around her on its own. His plan for talking to the queen about this would now lead to no new information as far as he could tell, Anaya has never encountered a Lillend before or she would have said so earlier during their introduction. How ever he could still talk to her about her soul missing for it was needed to understand how she kept it safe from those who had the power to corrupt them and absorb them.  He was brought out of his mussing when Nimphila started to stir, the warmth from Samuel and her tali must have finally restarted her system as she started to try and stand with a groggy motion. Trying to remember what happened Nimphila looked around and noticed that she was inside some large claw's witch promptly caused her to freak the fuck out as a thousand thoughts rushed through her head as to what had taken her and why it wanted her before she recognized the red scale's at the base of the claw as Samuel. A sigh of relief could be heard exiting her lip's knowing that she is now safe. Enjoying the heat that had engulfed her,she returned to thinking as to why she was even in his claw's to begin with as she felt a sudden cold breeze come from the direction to her left. Peeking out of the crack in between his claw's she saw everything,the tree's under them the cloud's next to them the castle in the distance it was all so breathtaking as a large grin was plastered to her face. Then she remembered her plan and giggled, finally aware that it had indeed worked she was in the sky. She felt a bit of guilt for worrying Samuel but it was worth it she thought as her gaze kept looking out from the hole in between his claw's after all she dident lie about anything to him she just let her body naturally shut down from the could and go in to a hibernation state hoping that the heat from when he “rescued her” from the cold would awake her in the air. Enjoying the view she remained motionless so that she would not worry him any further.

----Back with Bob and Jeff----

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: As Bob followed Jeff outside him stopped next to the guards and in a rushed voice asked if his friend the hydra asked for directions. ”He didn’t ask for directions but he asked what Anaya's favorite food was, we told him it was fish soon after he left towards a large lake in that direc-tion” the guard would point to his left. With this new information Bob turned to his panicked friend and spoke in a calming tone of voice trying to ease Jeff to relax a bit “Jeff looks like there is no need to rush, according to your guards Torn seems to have ignored the farm for now and took to the large lake to bring your mother rare fish to make amends for eating so much “Bob calmly placed one of his tenta-cle's on Jeff's shoulder “Knowing him he is at the bottom of the lake using his horn as a lure, that man can be very patient so I’d give us at least 2 hours before he gets the amount that he wanted to bring”. Hoping that this news would calm Jeff at least a little.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff nodded softly and closed his eyes. "I'm sorry-...I just-.. Samuel knows those are our suppliers, so why on Valeria would he tell your friend to eat all of our food? I don't trust him. This isn't right." Jeff crossed his arms and looked down at the lake to see the aura that lurked" Jeff sighed low, and breathed deeply, letting the cold air leak into his lungs before puffing out a low mist cloud. "I know I shouldn't fret this much but I'm afraid of letting this castle go to ruin. We are low on men and supplies, due to the harsh winters and us recovering from the war of the North. Some mad Lich king rose an army of the dead and we lost so many men, but we still won by the skin of our teeth. It's so hard to grow things in the winter and we can't afford to lose product. If we do-..people die, and I already have too many deaths on my head, and weighing my shoulders." He then turned to look at Bob with a sincere look. "I apologize for my brashness, it's just been hard dealing with this all. Samuel is plotting against me and my children just came home. I didn't even know they existed. The woman I love has come back into my life-...and she hates me. She has good reason. But she brought me back my daughter-...and I am feeling so happy and so confused at the same time. I don't want to let anyone else down." He then looked out to the lake with a small exhale. "I suppose we should at least tell you that the farm is off limits?" He spoke with a small smile from under his mask, his blind baby blues looking passed the creature he now called "Friend." "Only if you want to do that-...I will follow your lead, my friend."

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Ah war the thrill of battle for what you believe in, how he missed the rush that he felt as he faced off against a rival or a neighbouring province “The war you speak of has left this land damaged and weak but it will get stronger with its new scar's just like you have and will, now that you have something to protect that means a lot to you make sure your stronger for them not for your-self” pausing for a brief moment he grabbed a pile of snow with his tentacle and stuffed it in to his beak drinking it and filling his lung's continuing “Even when you think you are strong enough to pro-tect them you need to be stronger” Bob wanted to start to move toward the lake but waited for his friend Jeff to lead since Bob knew that if he were to leave alone he would be more likely to find a nest of Flameing serpent hatchling's then his way to where he wanted to go since his sense of direction was so bad that it would take him more than half a day to find his own room without someone helping him.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff moved forward, placing a hand on his staff that hung from the back holster of his armor. Jeff had dressed in his golden dragonscale armor that was made of the strongest material in the lands. Anaya's Scales. Jeff had used this armor in almost every battle but now that he was to not kill things, he felt he would need it more, as he wouldn't be ending the lives of things so quickly, and would more likely have to fight longer and better. He sighed, looking at his golden greaves and that fastened at his boots, also made from the same material. It was obvious that Jeff had been adopted by dragons, as he always tried to fit in. And with his overwhelming power matching a dragon, Jeff could roar for miles without even making a sound or opening his mouth. His power spoke for him. He had the true spirit of a dragon. That is all that mattered. Jeff's eyes lit up as he walked forward, hitting the sun-light that came to play away from the clouds. His glistening baby blues could tell the stories of oceans. War. Romance. Tragedy. All the ingredients to make a 15 book series. He had lived 3 life times and faced the possible thought of suicide often, but not now. Now, he wore his armor like a badge. Loud and proud. He was a DeLaRose through and through, even if the new age of DeLaRose was politics and stabbing backs. He was a true DeLaRose, as Anaya had been in earlier years. Something Samuel, no matter how hard he tried, could never be. He could growl the name DeLaRose while even when mad he roared it for miles to hear. DeLaRose was earned, and grown with respect, and Samuel didn't earn anything. Let Alone Respect. He had a gilded dagger to his side, in case the situation was so dire, he needed to take a life. For once in a long time, Jeff looked like a warrior. His large metal arm hung down his left side, encasing his real arm in a solid titanium, that when he punched or hit anything, his strength sent a shockwave of telekinetic energy through the already imposing force of his arm, and could shatter buildings, giants, and boulders. He was not one to be reckoned with, that was for sure, but yet, now a days, he didn't use his powers unless he needed to. He was-...Noble. Which was some-thing he never felt he was before, until this moment. They made it to the river and Jeff slowly looked to the creature whom was fishing. "Hello?" He couldn't see the creature, but he felt him. His fingers dragged up the side of his scar that ran down from his eye brow to the bottom of his eye. "Uh-...I am Prince Jeff DeLaRose. First of his name. Protector of the Snake Isles. Can I ask your name?"

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: The sight that Bob was watching could only be described as a flailing man in golden armor asking the air at the beach for its name, Bob was quite confused by this as Jeff just looked plain funny the golden armor adding to the look even more. “Jeff I think that Torn might be at the bottom of the Lake so I don’t think he will be able to hear you “a bubbly laugh could be heard as Bob couldn’t hold it in any longer “hahaha I’m so sorry that was just too funny, I just want you to pic-ture what I just saw “as Bob started to describe how the event looked through his eye’s. After calming down from his fit of laughter Bob started to move toward the water and as he passed his friend he spoke “Jeff I’ll go get him you wait here since I don’t believe that you can breathe water” Bob started to enter the water and promptly fall over the edge of a underwater chasm that seemed to be only a few short feet from shore. Eventually in the deep he found what he was looking for a large purple glowing spike was just a few hundred feet deeper from him. Now he just needed to figure out a way to make Torn notice him without getting to close to the spike or he would be inside Torn's mouth for the next two hour's witch he did not want to repeat again,

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's eyes moved to Bob before looking down. "He-...isn't right in front of me?" Jeff placed his hands out and started to feel around. "Oh-...okay...." Jeff blinked lightly before speaking softly. "I'm blind-...I can't see. It's uh-...not easy to live with." Jeff smirked as Bob laughed and laughed. At least he was having fun. He then looked down and shook his head. "I'll wait here. Just go ahead and talk to your friend." He smirked softly and looked off to the distance. While Bob went un-der the water to fetch his friend-...who was not in front of him?  He shook his head and took out his staff and began to spin it around accordingly. When it came to his blindness, he was a bit self-conscious, which is why he fought so hard to be a great warrior. To fight passed the disability, which he turned into his alley. He smirked softly and closed his baby blues. He was happy that he made Bob laugh, for it didn't really bother him in the long run. He had been called the "Blind King." The "Unsee-ing One"

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: After a good 10 minutes of searching Bob finally found a head it was pretend-ing to be a coral bead witch confused him since they were in a fucking lake did Torn really think this through he was never going to catch anything like this thought. “Wait is he sleeping!!!”Bob was angry to say the least he thought that Torn came here to hunt not to sleep .Frustrated and mad he reached the hearing hole of the head and yelled at the top of his lung's “Torn wake the fuck up”. Causing the large hydra and all of the head's to suddenly contort smashing in to each other as all of them start looking around confused until the settle on bob's floating form. “What the actual hell is wrong with you” a an-noyed Torn spoke was just about to catch that weird shark thing and now I missed it, to Bob's surprise Torn was only talking with one head witch mean's that he must have actually trapped a good amount of fish. “Well you were sleeping and...” he was interrupted by a mad Torn “I was using my lure,what are you doing here anyway did you get lost again” “No nothing of the sort I am here with prince Jeff to inform you that the farm is off limits as Samuel has miss informed you.””Oh well I have a good amount of fish for the castle so I guess I can leave and meet this Jeff but you go ahead and tell him so he does not freak out at the sight of a 80ft hydra ”Bob left within the minute and reached the beach in 4 swim-ming at full speed. Leaving the water he spotted his friend there waiting. He approached and spoke “Jeff my friend has finished fishing and should be out any mome...”.A large 10 headed dark purple hy-dra burst out of the water as the head's scanned the area until all the heads focused on the bright glow-ing figure next to Bob. One of the head's spoke in a deep animalistic voice “You must be Jeff nice to meet you” witch was followed by a growl from the horned head.

--Hole to Fill--

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----The Next Day Sun Rise----

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 2 Sunny-winter-day-at-the-mountains-HD-wallpaper_2560x1600-915x515

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila was sleeping quietly in the bed Samuel had put her in once they had returned from their visit to the city ,her chest raising slightly with every breath as Augustus was now leaning next to the window taking in the warm sunshine that was hitting his mossy brown body. Thinking over what had happened over the course of the last day he desired he must talk with Anaya today about her soul as it may be causing Nimphila's soul to weaken. Looking over at her sleeping form he quietly left the room closing the door as not to wake her, making his way through the early hours of the morning to the main chamber where he will await the eventual arrival of Anaya, After yesterday Bob was feeling quite annoyed at Torn for the calling his new fiend Jeff a gold plated chew toy that has lost his will to do what is needed to protect those he care's for. Looking over at Torn sleeping while his 10th head looked eyes with him with a predatory glare showed its razor sharp teeth as a warning to drop the issue about yesterday. Bob took it as a challenge to keep eye contact with the fierce beast as neather dared to blink and show weakness,Eventually Bob got up and went to get some water still not breaking line of sight with the head as a growl escaped the mouth of the beast as its deep purple eye's were telling him that if he leave's he admits defeat. Bob broke eye contact and bowed before leaving the room and heading to the kitchen to drink some much needed water.

Anaya: A night of sleeping in the gold piles under the castle left her feeling good, she loved sleeping down there and when she was able she took the chance and even more so enjoyed it now as she was able to spend needed bounding time with her unhatched young-ling as bounding from a parent to there egg did not start with hatching.  Walking up the steps from the basement she opened the large guarded door that led down to the catacombs and was highly off limits to anyone but Anaya and Samuel. She nodded to the guards at post who never said a word and were the only guards in the whole castle inside that were not human grunts.  Taking in a breath she walked out picking a gold coin from her snow white hair and flicking it into a plant pot for some lucky cleaner to find and surely pick pocket. Anaya walking by one of the maids carts picked up an apple and took a bite as she made her way to the throne room. Spotting Augustus she looked at him as he was walking along “up early i see” she said sharply as she took another bite of her apple her bright red eyes looking at him as a snow white lock fell in her face.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: He looked over at her and noticed that she seemed to be in a good mood,remembering that the last time they spoke on the subject he intended to bring up had made her angry, so he thought it would be better to let her find her own way of starting that conversation when she was ready. A deep echo filled the room as Augustus spoke with some strain “I do not sleep,only rest and enjoy the sun its warmth is quite relaxing would you not agree lady Anaya” he would move to a spot in the room that was covered with sunlight and just stand there soaking it in awaiting her reply.In the private quarter's Nimphila started to stir as a beam of light made its way to her face,she tossed and turned before finding a position from witch the light did not bother her as she tried to stay asleep only to be woken up by a light knock on the door as a familiar warm and friendly voice spoke yo her through the door.

Anaya: “Nimphilla are you up” Sam said softly from the other side of the door as he gave another tap then waited at the side of the door for a responce or not. Anaya looked to the mushroom man as she gave a grin “yes i much enjoy the sun myself, but unlike you i do need rest even if the amount is limited” she walked into the main hall as she looked up at the large sun roof windows as she lifted her fingers up over her head as they started to glow a light blue and the windows opened with assist of her mental ability's. “and it is not snowing so it will be nice to a low the windows  to open”  she put her fingers down as the blue glow faded as fast as it came and she moved to sit upon her throne picking up the leather bound book that was always seeming to be there in the morning but never there in the night. “so what brings you down so early, or alone i thought the rest of the troop would be on your heels for sure” picking up her book she opened it and flipped some pages a claw moving along the words as she skimmed the nights notes made by the maids and guards.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila would rise from her bed and start to slowly slither towards the door stopping a little bit in front of it she reached for the handle in a half asleep daze. She opened the door to Samuel with a small smile gracing her face, her hair was a bit messy as she just woke up but she still looked amazing as she spoke in a sleepy tone “Good morning ” as she yawn's she makes an attempt to cover her mouth but from still being sleepy she only does it partially “Thank you for yesterday I t was a most wonderful experience even if I don't remember when we started to return”.She looked at him and her light blue eye's shined as she looked very happy gazing into his green one's. In the throne room Augustus was looking at Anaya who was now reading or skimming though a book by what he could tell Mentally he started to speak to her knowing that she would not forbid him entrance for talking “I see you are quite happy right now and I do not believe that its because of your mate so is It maybe from releasing stress or from actually being near your own soul”.He looked expectantly at her wanting her to react to his nudge to the conversation.

Anaya: Anaya looked up at the mushroom man as she gave a chuckle and then looked back down to her book reading one last line, waiting in a moment of silence then shutting the book with a flap. “you talk a lot about souls, just get it over with and spit out the words.” she wondered how the mushroom would take her simple snap, would it react harshly and with snapped words back or would it get to the point and keep its cool with her red eyes looking down at it like bullets down a flint lock barrel.  “i hate it when people don't get to the point it is almost like they fear something, but you are a mushroom, a plant based life form and oh yes, i guess a open flame would cause worry. But yes i am in fine mood as it is sunny and the snow has stopped heed for now, but that is all” Anaya's head tilted as her red eyes got that glimmer many new as wonder, learning, figuring things out as she waited for the mushrooms response.  Up the hall Sam was messy fixing Nimphillas hair as he gave a chuckle and looked at her “glad to see you are up and rested  miss Nimphilla, you had me worried much the other night” he moved around to pick up one of her wings and looking at it “you sure you are alright since the night?” he asked his voice mildly worried or at least sounding the part.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Augustus's gaze moved from the floor to her as he mentally kept speaking “Just as I have stated before leaving you to enjoy your self yesterday. You do not feel as you should and I can see that you dont like my approach to this subject so ill be a bit more clear” leaving her mind he spoke in his loud echoing voice “You have no soul. Take that as you will.”His gaze shifted back to the sky as he enjoyed the feeling of sunlight while awaiting her response.
In the upper halls just standing outside her bedroom Nimphila would smile as she enjoyed the feeling of his finger's passing through her hair,before stiffening and as she felt his hand grasp her wing. As her wing's were really still really sensitive from the cold the pressure he was putting on them even light as it is was making it hard for her to not start shivering .She spoke with a frail and timid voice “Would you please let go of my wing” looking down at the floor her happy smile faded replaced with a almost pained fake one as she tried to keep looking fine for his sake seeing the worry in his beautiful green eye's.

Anaya: Sam looked at her seeing the worry in her gaze and right away let go of the wing “so sorry miss Nimphilla i was only looking to be sure your wings were alright, did not mean to harm or scar, i will not touch them again” he looked a bit worried himself in hopes she would not dislike him as he backed up a step and put his fingers behind his back “ hungry?” he said with a smile upon his face trying so desperately to change the topic at hand. He smiled as he wiggled his hands behind his back as as he acted the bashful part as he was worried about her opinion. Anaya sat at her throne in the lower hall as she looked at the mushroom fellow as she started to laugh and almost dropped her book to the ground “Anaya you don't have a soul, you say it like i don't already know this, i ripped it out myself and placed it into a tree, it is to prevent people form taking it from me as it is highly guarded in a location i do not give out. So why is it you care to know why there is a gaping hole in my spirit as there is no soul, why does it mean so much to a plate like yourself” her words laced with venom as she spar them out even if she had a smile on her pale skinned face white hair falling in her red eyes as they did not break there devilish glare. “why does such a being wish to know about a dragons soul” her very words held so much meaning, did he want to know more about it so he could steal it as dragon souls were very very valuable to the right dealers and even more so dangerous in the right hands as to hold the soul you held the dragon.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Augustus sigh's she did indeed misunderstand his goal as her word's were filled to the brim with hate and venom even while her smile stayed the same welcoming one from earlier. He once again spoke mentally to her with the vain hope of ensureing her that he meant her no harm as well as having no ill intentions about her soul “Your words give me the impression that you misunderstood my enquiry about the subject. I do not like having a land's very essence unguarded for If someone were to claim it a large problem would arise. If you are completely sure that your soul is indeed safe in this so called tree then I have no need to seek it out as you give out a aura of understanding of its importance.” he slowly started to leave the room stopping just before the exit before he spoke “I know that dragons are curious by nature and like knowledge o if you ever desire to speak of different matter's feel free to call for me in the mean time I shall make my way to your dining hall” as he passed through the door he once again spoke in her mind “And I hope you have a pleasant day lady Anaya.”
Nimphila looked over at Samuel in panic thinking that she might have made a mistake by asking him to remove his hand,quickly she spoke “I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound cross with you it's just that my wing's can get sensitive after being in the cold for a while so ...” blushing she blurted out the next part in a very low and hushed voice “it was quite nice actually....”She looked at his her smile now warm and friendly again and spoke “Why yes I am hungry....” she stopped talking as she just now realized that she was not wearing her shirt as her blush got worse she covered her breast's with one of her hand and turned around speaking “Can you please leave while I get dressed,” in a somewhat angry voice since he did not bother to mention this detail earlier.

ViktorRolanov: He had given a mental scream as his body was ripped back together, he could see, but no eyes he could move, he felt his soul being ripped back into reality, it was agonizing, he knew not where or what was happening, he felt like he awoke from a deep sleep, the golden colours, with white blotches mixed in. He felt his body being ripped back and forth together as his soul was shoved into his body, the pain he felt, was agonizing. He felt his skin burning and bubbling from the literal feeling of sinew and marrow being reformed in his body, the tunnel got darker as his body slipped through it. His eyes returned, his mouth unleashing an agonizing scream as he felt molten metal over his skin forming into armour around his body. Then suddenly it all went black, he was laying on the floor, the he felt wet, soft spikes against his face around his eyes, his eyes opened slowly. The hearing came back to his ears; he could hear the faint sounds of voices, muffled, as if he had been wearing something over his ears. He moved his fingers, slowly, curling and gripping two items, they were pole like, but he knew they were two different objects in his hands. His head moved as he crawled on to his knees, know kneeling and having his hands hold him up, being on all fours. He let out a wretch of a cough from his mouth as air filled his lungs, his body having been pieced back together. He then, moved his arms giving him a push so that he could sit on his heels, his eyes looking over the place, seeing trees, they were tall and pointy, but covered by foliage from surrounding the trees, and his eyes tracked them. He had looked down slowly, his eyes falling on the darkness made by the trees. It was nearly pitch black, but his eyes could see the details quite well. His hearing came back to him, hearing the words of what he could tell, was from four men, he picked up one of the voices specifically, and it was harsh and cold. “Let’s kill this thing he summoned… Pathetic creature cannot even stand properly.” He heard this, he knew the man was talking about him and he looked down to the objects in his hand. One was a silver looking sword, which is mithril; it was about thirty-six inches in length and was quite the large weapon. It glowed around the hilt and was lighter than he anticipated it was quite nice. He had hoisted the blade and put the sharp of the blade into the ground, it dug in by an inch and he lifted himself up. His armour, which covered his body including his head. He stood at a near seven foot tall, being six foot and several inches in height, his body standing tall and soaring above the figures around him. He breathed out, letting the cold air hit his breath, being caught in his neck guard, he moved his armour moved as well, it felt very light against his muscles, lighter also than he anticipated. He had slammed down the weapon in his right hand, it was a halberd, he moved the halberd slightly, checking its weight, weighing the same as the sword, and he felt this was the perfect set of weapons for him. He had heard a voice behind him; it was softer than the other three voices, also it was scared, a man’s voice, his ear flicked inside the lion looking helmet he wore. The voice cried out, his words were plain. “Please, help me! They are trying to kill me… Please!” The way this man begged to him infuriated, it gave him an angered look in his eyes. His head turning back to one of the cultists. Who had already started sprinting at him, he was robed, his face could not be seen, but the man was smaller than he was. His concentration slowing as his nature kicked in, he felt his eyes concentrating, he looked at them, as everything seemed to slow down in his mind, his mind ticking with ideas on how to outwit his fast moving opponent.

Anaya: As Augustus left she said nothing in response with him as she new her soul was insanely well guarded and only a true fool would go up to get it as not only would they be facing the guard who was a pure blood hydra that spit super cooled water that freeze things intently upon contact, the tree when in distress let out the call that Anaya picked up on internally so she went to the call of her souls need. Not only would the thief be facing the wrath of the hydra but also the raged wrath of Anaya.  She got up and moved her finger to call out one of the maids “go get Sam i need him right away, he is needed to go to the town to remove the eye sour that is still laying there a sleep, that black dragon that lay in the town needs to be removed” the maid ran off with a simple nod and ran out to look for Sam “saaaamuel!” the maid called out as it ran around. Sam looked at  Nimphilla as she was topless and for a moment he was speechless how did he not notice this earlier, he was looking more at her face then he was her body he was being....nice.....his face went a blush as he looked at her exposed self and then hearing his name he looked at her “um i am needed i will see you in the dinning hall miss Nimphilla i will leave you to dress...even if um you look amazing without anything on” he said softly as he hurried off before she could reply to him going off to find the maid that was calling for him frantic.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila was beyond the point of being ashamed, not only did she snap at Samuel for her mistake of forgetting to put her own clothes but she was also flattered by his word's as he left her there.”Why did he have to say it like that” she thought as her mind raced thinking that he picked up that her shiver from earlier was from a mix of surprise and pleasure when he grabbed on her wing as they are sensitive to more then just the cold. Calming down after she realized that he must have not known about the unique nature of Lillend wing's she dressed her self and took some time to comb her hair as well as check her scales for any scratches. After a few minutes she left her room and slithered down the hall towards the stairs making her way to the dinning room as she planed on making it up to Samuel for snapping at him earlier.”Maybe I can try and get the cook's to teach me how to make one of those sweet berried deserts he like's so much” she thought to her self .
Augustus entered the dinning hall and made his way to a open spot in the room before stopping dead in his track's looking at the table at one particular bowl. He never liked herbivore but seeing a bowl of mushroom's just made him feel uncomfortable walking over he picked up the bowl feeling quite sick as he promptly dumped all of them out the open window in the dining hall earning a glare from a few servant's that were rushing past him to set up the table as one mumbled under his breath “What a waste of good food.”

ViktorRolanov: He had felt his body react instantly to the enemy, as the man launched a dagger at his belly, his armour plating was strong, but he felt, he’d let the dagger hit his armour. The dagger moved fast into his body, the daggers sharp hit the man’s armour and the tip of the dagger chipped off, the sharp metal flicking off and hitting the wet glades beneath the men. The armoured figure reacted to this quite aggressively, to the man’s attempt of stabbing his belly, he had moved toward the cloaked figure, the figure moved back quickly and fell to the floor. Landing on his tailbone with a crunch on a rock, breaking it on impact, the man let out a shriek of pain as he did so, before trying to get to his knees and scurry off. The armoured figure, moved behind the male, as he crawled away from him, his feet pressing and crushing the grass into the floor. His left arm moved back, causing his armour to glint and the words on one of his armoured shoulder plates could be seen, it said Naavin. Naavin moved his arm down on to the man’s back, the tip of the sword making instant contact with the spine of the man and severing it, from the was down, causing the man’s legs to spasm and go limp. He crawled further toward the other two, who just looked upon the situation with horror and disgust. His right arm moved up and he slammed the butt of the halberd into the back of the mans’ head, causing a loud crunch as the back of the cranium burst out in a display of blood, acting like a macabre fountain on the floor, as the red, hot blood spit out across the glades. The head was caved in, and the halberd was deep in to squidgy muscle with shattered bone mixed in. He moved the halberd, feeling his halberd had actually ripped into the floor past the limp head. He had given a smirk behind his helmet, he knew this was natural for him, but he was also confused. What was his name? Why was he here? He asked himself who he was over and over as he looked at the blood curdling display beneath him. His head turned from the dead man on the floor and looked to the other two in front of him, who were making small pleads for their lives as he thought they would. He did not listen to the pleading, as they were both evil men, he felt, compassion to killing the evil beings.

Anaya: As Sam moved down the steps and ran over to the maid “Mister Sam, Anaya requests you at her flank, something about needing to handle something sleeping in the town” “took her long enough to get me to handle that crap fest down there, lump of worthless scum” the maid was a bit in shock as she just crept away from him as he walked right past her. As Anaya moved her arms over her head Sam swooped in under her arm and smiled at her warmly “well hi there my dear beloved, and what is it you called for me” he said in a sort of kiss ass fashion as he normally did. Anaya put her arms around him as her red eyes looked into his and her golden gown swayed in the air as he put his arms around her hip line “i need you to go down and kill the lump wall it is sleeping in the town, that blacksmith did its job for us it needs to be removed as it has now become worthless to this crown. Wall you get that handled i need to get the trolls out of the river one passed out and it has drowned down there, so its body is in the way and we are starting to flood, they do not have a stable and that fellow from before name  of Wreathe has seemed to flown the coop with it being half done, you really cant get good work anymore. We have to fix the loss ends here” “i can take care of the troll after i kill the sleeping bag of shit in the town my love, you get the guards and servants to make the stable so the trolls don't lose more numbers as we do need them and they are good guards on the grounds. We will get right on it my dear today we will clean out this castle from the ground up. You clean out the guards as well dear Lady Anaya i am sure you could use to get off some steam” Anaya kissed his cheek he new her to well and she did truly care about her mate, over the years he had put himself in her heart for sure “alright my dear, please be on your way to town as soon as you are able, but lets eat first it is morning” he nodded to her words as they walked hand in hand to the dinning hall. Sam just stopping to pause with her to kiss her deeply behind a pillar. Anaya looked at him as she wondered why he was being so tender to her and she smiled and they walked into the dinning hall his arm around her shoulders “do you know what they are cooking today Sam?” “i believe they dragged in a boar last night so we may have it on the menu for the evening but i believe the normal flat breads with cream and juice from fruit is the morning meal this day.” she gave a nod as she looked to him “go sit, i will bring you your platter my dear” Sam was a bit shocked at how nice she was being but he would take this as a good mood day for Anaya and well later she would be able to kill a lot of guards so that was for sure putting her in good spirits. He took a sit down at one of the side tables as he looked to the mushroom man over at his table god that guy is odd he thought to himself. But then his eyes fell upon Nimphilla as he smiled and licked over his lips at her beauty that for sure he would be able to even taste at a later days. But for now, he had to keep his eyes mostly on Anaya so nothing would be known.

ViktorRolanov: He had moved his sword out of the body, making a loud slipping sound as he pulled the blade out, as he pulled the blade, the blood bubbled out around the blade, making small blood spots on the blade he pulled the blade out. He moved his right arm pulling the large pole from the males crushed cranium, with a horrid squelching noise. This made a horrid sound and the two weapons were dripping with mulched muscle and blood. Once finished, he began moved towards the other two cultists with a dark grin across his lips, making him more vicious looking, but the sight of his armour is just scary enough. He had pressed his feet harshly into the ground as he moved toward the two in front of him, and just as quick as he begun had moving toward them. He had brought his sword ready to kill. However, before he could make his initial attack, they both ran, they were running north, but he did not know that, and they were running fast. He took chase, his boots hitting the ground behind him hard into the floor, causing his armour to make a light jingling sound. However, he ran as fast as if he were in light armour, his armour nearly weighing nothing to him as he ran at the foes in front of him. One of the cultists looked behind for a short few seconds and they had seen him raise his sword. Naavin, had done so quite high with his left arm, and then launched the sword toward the back of the males’ body, throwing it toward the man’s left side of his chest. The sword struck the area he was throwing the sword towards the man. It lodged through his heart and caused the man to chuck up blood as he tripped and fell to the floor in front of Naavin. He had ran towards the male that was running, but as he ran past the body, his hand shot out and grabbed the blade, severing the heart from all of its major arteries as he ran. The cultist made it to the fringe of the woods and was about half a minute in front of Naavin. The cultist ran to his horse that was tied to a tree and got on to it, before cutting the piece of leather that held the horse in place allowing him to ride off north. Naavin got there just as he was riding off and gave a huff. He then looked to his right, seeing another two horses, he cut both of their ropes holding them and grabbed the reigns of one of the black horses and hopped on to the saddle of the horse. Kicking his feet he set off in a high-speed chase after the cultist, they covered hundreds of metres in minutes. Naavins eyes were set on the man, and he could see a large black stoned keep; he had looked upon the large grey stone keep in front of him, they were about five hundred meters from it, and the man would obviously try to run into it.

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Guest_NimphilaLucaria: Nimphila noticed Anaya walk in with Samuel while she was thinking of how to prepare the dessert for him as she had a wonderful idea, she could ask Anaya if she knew how to make a dessert of sweet berries, as she must do it for her husband. As Anaya left Samuel's side Nimphila through this would be the perfect time to ask, standing from her chair she slithered close to the queen and spoke “Good morning miss Anaya, i hope you had a nice night of rest.”.Thinking how to word this so not to sound to exited she continued ”I believe I might have offended your mate when he came to check on me this morning so I would like to make it up to him” a small smile graced her lip's “and I was wondering if you have by chance ever made him one of this sweet dessert's with berries” “and if you might be willing to help me make one later today if your not to busy that is.” she would say in a bit lower voice trying to not sound to exited at the thought of actually cooking a pastry. Augustus was watching the servant's bring in more food on patter's and as one passed near him he spoke to her mentally ”Can you bring me a bucket of water ,please”spooking her making her almost drop the plate that she was carrying. She looked around frantically until she noticed him and in a timid voice said “Yes,right away” as she hurried away.

ViktorRolanov: The horse below him moved fast against the ground, causing the hooves to dig into the ground and dirt to flick up into the air. The man’s horse died below him, the horse dropped its front legs and the man went with it. The horse flipped and broke its neck on contact with the floor, killing it instantly and the man slid into the large doors of the keep they road towards, causing it to smash into the door. The man hit the door, his back breaking on contact with the door, his back splitting his active ability in his legs. His lower limbs becoming inactive and the man lost all control of his muscles in his lower body. Causing a stench around the man, it would make the man look pathetic though. Naavin hopped off the horse and landed his heels on to the floor, the bottom of his boots dragging along the floor as he felt himself moving along the ground, causing slight bits of stone and muck to flick on to the immobilized figure in front of him. He had stayed in place after a few feet of sliding, his body staying in place, now looking down upon the quite putrid figure in front of him. He had moved forward to the man, he had made loud shouts and pleas’ for mercy. However, they fell deaf upon the armoured figures ears, taking no heed upon them and being merciless. He had in retaliation to the figures plea, a small laugh from his quite refined and soft-featured lips behind the dragon like helmet. The gold glisten the armour made in the light making him look like a holy warrior of sorts. The creature below the horse shouted at him. “You work for the Dragon of the north! Your scum… You will not conquer us!” Naavin would make these the last words the cultist spoke to him. He pulled his right arm back with the halberd in grip, his fingers tightening on the very light weapon, when he forced the spear of the blade forward, straight toward the eye of the cultist. The blade made contact with the god worshippers’ eye and popped it. The blade stuck all the way through the head and dug into the oaken doors behind the cultists head, piercing the rebels head into the door. Before Naavin uttered a few words to the dead body. “You will die, in this barren place.”

Anaya: Anaya looked to Nimphilla as her red eyes looked into hers as they held a hollow glow. “the raspberry ones he is addicted to yes, if you wish i can get a cook to aid you in learning to make them but today i must cull the guard forces to pick off the weak and needy, so i will be covered in blood when the clock hits high noon so not be fit for cooking by far. But yes i will be sure to get a cook to be able to make the food with you.” Anaya picked up some flat breads and plopped them on the platter she grabbed and walked back to her mate at the table. “seems the one known as Nimphilla has a favouring in you my dear” Sam looked to her and grabbed the platter and ate one of the bibs of fruit she had put on it with a claw and put it in his mouth. “the food is amazing my dear we have to make sure to keep the cooks we have, the morning meals are great” with his words there was a bang out in the main hall and then another one right after “what the fuc...” Anaya turned around and her bright red eyes got brighter “guards to the doors right away” and with that two large guards started to trope down to the doors to open them to see what was going on, at the view of the massive mess of the dead horse and the dead man and a man alive standing there “and who may you be?” one guard said to the man as he stood there and crossed his arms his blade not even leaving its holster as the other guard held a spear out at the new comer “you have come to the crown state what you want”

ViktorRolanov: He had looked up to the two guards in front of him; they were large and looked very powerful. He had taken in his current disposition, they looked rather skilled but he was quite powerful but he was heavily armoured and he could easily have beaten them if he had originally attacked him. However, he was in the wrong here, and he felt little threat by these men. He could see inside, it looked rather lavish, but he did not peer too long without a response from himself. He instead of attacking had spoken to the men. “I was attacked by three men, this one tried running away… I pursued. I am not here to because you harm… I do not know who I am, or why I am here. This place is very alien to me.” He had stated as if he came from a foreign land and had just been dropped into this place and hit his head. He had moved his right arm backwards, causing the halberd to rip from the males’ chest and pulled back to his side. The armoured figures polearm, once full removed from the eye socket, had been moved to lean against his shoulder plating, leaning it there for him to hold it comfortably. While his sword moved to be placed sharp down in front of him, laying his palm along the top of the weapons making himself look incredibly comfortable in the situation. Before he uttered a few words quietly. “I apologies for the mess.” His head looked around the macabre sight around him, obviously, not having meant to make the mess it literally had just happened, he had reacted to the situation the he was put in. Naavin knew deep down, this would sound suspicious. However, his voice obviously stated he was not telling untruths about the scene.

Guest_NimphilaLucaria: A bit disappointed that Anaya will be busy today she settled for what she was offered and slithered to a wooden door witch she assumed lead to the kitchen since the servant's were carrying plates from here. She slowly opened the door and slithered in trying to keep her tail out of the way so that no one trips over it.She looked at one of the passing servants and spoke “Can you take me to the dessert cook,Lady Anaya told me to find him and have him help me make a raspberry dessert” she said smiling at them.The servant looked at this weird creature and made a hand motion toward a man with a white chef hat to Nimphila's left after witch he left carrying what looked like fresh bread.Nimphila slithered over to the man that was pointed out to her and said in a exited voice “Hello there,I'm Nimphila and lady Anaya told me to ask you to help me in making a raspberry dessert” she smiled at him warmly. The cook was taken aback since no one usually wanted to make something like that but he believed there were still ingredient's so that it could be done,after all Samuel could not have eaten all of their berry's already.”Oh lady Anaya sent you,i will assist you then I just have to go get the supply's so that we can make them” .As he left to go find what he needed he thought to him self “Oh who am I kidding it will be a miracle if I even find a single berry left”.Augustus has gotten his water and seeing that there was a disturbance he drenched him self with the bucket and started to leave going the opposite way from the drama not wanting to do anything until he made sure Torn and Bob were not still sleeping.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff had gone MIA for the night. He didn't really care about the time. Lunaria was in the infirmiry, healing as best she could. He couldn't find his daughter anywhere, and he really didn't want to see Samuel's stupid maw. Jeff moved his clawed gloved hand in the shape of a mouth puppet. "I'm Samuel! I like to break my mate's heart by fucking everything with a vagina. I like to eat everything and swim in coins even though it's almost impossible to swim in a pile of metal. Oh look! I cooked pig! Better stick my 3 inch dragon dick in the meat before I eat it! OM NOM NOM!" He mocked before looking up at the snow covered oak tree that he sat under. No one would care if he was gone, especially his mother whom didn't care if he lived or died. Her tone with him was always fake, but as much as he wanted to go farm his own lands, he couldn't, for he knew that if he left, he would let the Iron fall into chaos. Samuel would run it into the ground with no chance of rebirth. No. Not this time. He gripped his staff and sighed slightly, pulling himself to his feet before listening to the sound of his boots crunch the snow beneath his weight as he made his way back to his home with the intent to hopefully speak to his daughter, or at least, check in with the members of the family whom were actually happy to see him. He holstered his staff on his back and felt the aura of all life in the castle, before feeling a sinister, powerful energy from deep inside. His baby blue's flashed a bright, blood maroon. His walking pace broke into a full sprint before catching himself finally, a few moments later, at the door. The smell of blood leaked through his mask and a low growl eminated from his throat. The prince slowly pulled back out his staff and opened the door to find the aura standing there, with two guards holding him at bay. Jeff, being behind the creature pointed his staff at the thing and slowly spoke out, in a deep, quiet tone. "Listen to me. I do not know why you are here. I don't know who you are, but if for any reason, you are here to cause harm to my family, then by the name of my people, and this noble house. I will put you down. I will not end your life, but I will make sure you never walk or use your arms again. Stand down. This is your only warning." Jeff stood a few feet away, as to easily dodge any attack that came his way, but to attack if provoked. The prince was always ready, and ever so deadly with any weapon that befell his hands. The smell of the horse was sickening, as he hated feeding from animals, except deer and bear, and the horse was always the most disgusting. "Please-...don't make me fight right now. Just tell me what you are here for, and you will access to our home, but if you continue to go down this path, you are going to have a bad time, sir. I am Jeff DeLaRose. Prince of this castle. Stand down and tell me what it is you want."

Anaya: Anaya could hear the rattle at the door as Sam nodded to her “go on and handle it i am sure you are needed as always ” Anaya nodded her head “come with and you can get ready to head to town to handle what needs to be handled” Sam got up as he popped another flat bread in his mouth and ate it down as he got up tossing his plate over to a dog that lay at the doors as it finished what he did not. Anaya and Sam walked to the door to see the guards lowering there spears and allowing the man there entrance and Jeff standing at the doors like hell had blown over being well...Jeff when blood even so dropped on the floor. Anaya lifted a brow as she stood there watching it all fall into place and she wondered if the person at the door would just attack her jump happy son and his stick. But before anyone could do anything Samuel walked to the door and opened it looking at there guest “he said he is just a wanderer” the guard said to Sam as Sam left the door wide open “well then let the guy in, the guards can clean his mess i am sure, and oh Jeff how wonderful of you flawless timing my good boy, here have this ” Samuel grabbed a hammer from a side table beside the inside of the doors and handed it to him “that man Wraythe is long gone and he left the stable half made we would get a guard to do the finish of the rebuild but i am sure you could do it better, and oh watch for the trolls yes, and make sure the stable is a large one has to fit the five we have left one is dead it drowned its self in the river, you are such a good boy i do say” he said as he stepped outside and ushered the new comer inside and simply shut the door over all in Jeff face before he could get a word out. Sam got there guest inside as he turned around and locked the front doors putting the beam across them “cant afford to let the wolves get in”he said as he smiled when really he was just nicely preventing Jeff from back talking and opening up the door. “so you go talk to the queen, i am sure she can help ya i got to get ready to handle some things.”

ViktorRolanov: He had heard the voice behind him, which made his skin crawl with the fact he was quite outnumbered in this situation, the voice was full of anger, and it made him quite anxious about his current standing. When he heard the people around him speaking quite cynically to each other, he just stood, confused as to what was going on, his hand tightened on the halberd, as he was waiting for them to finish speaking. Before uttering a few words to them, as if to ask what was going on in this place, but he did not know if they would reply or just simply leave him to get on with what he was doing. “Er, could you tell me what’s going on?” He looked around confused, his eyes viewing everything, and having the threats pushed at him, he just simply froze in place. He took a few seconds to reignite his thoughts and stepped inside past the guards. His eyes looking over the room and then to a rather strange, but quite regal looking woman. He looked at her from head to toe, though not staring, or appearing to be, as his dragon-like armour and its’ beautiful decorations jingled. He stopped a few metres from the woman, before bowing his head instinctively and showing his respects to her, not realising he intruded on the females home. He then spoke once more. “I am sorry, M'lady. I am called…” He paused for a second, before he remembered he forgot his name, his eyes looking at the floor as he tried not to stammer or speak incorrectly. “I forgot my name… I am sorry. I do not know where I am, or who I am. I was attacked in some woods to the south earlier. I am sorry for intruding.” He stopped speaking, waiting for the woman to speak, trying to act respectful. However, he seemed to have been extremely confused by his current situation, obviously, having no idea who he is, or where.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff was doing his best to protect his home, but instead was looked at like some kind of fool with everything he did. He looked at the floor as the hammer was handed to him and the door was shut in his face. He didn't even have a chance to say anything before he felt the gust of wind push passed his hair. Jeff felt his anger rising but instead of going inside and sticking his dagger right into Samuel's dick hole, Jeff took a breath, and slowly but surely, the tears began to flow. He didn't make a sound, he didn't even realize he was crying, but he knew he was sad. He just wanted so much to be loved by his mother and respected by his people, but how could he do that with Samuel making him look like a fool. Jeff slowly turned and sat on the icy steps, ignoring the cold chill crawling up his spine. He dropped the hammer and his staff beside him and held his head in his hands. He had not been seen in a night and the only thing people had to say to him was "Build a stable, get the fuck out." He knew he was unwanted. He knew his mother didn't love him, and he knew that for as long as he stayed there, Samuel would take advantage of him. Jeff felt the cold, wet salty tears pool into his hands and before he could even react, he felt a large hand pick him up. "Why cry?" Jeff looked behind him to feel the aura of the troll named Gremblestark. Gremblestark looked at Jeff with a confused look. "I-...I'm not." Jeff protested before Gremblestark, the most intelligent of the trolls picked up the tiny hammer in his small hand. "Grem Help. Grem smart. Not like others." Jeff smiled. "Grem-...thank you." Grem smiled softly before placing Jeff on his shoulders. "Grem need wood. Trees?" Jeff smiled. "We already have wood by the already destroyed stable. Can you work with that?" "Grem not like wood. It sit in snow and rain. It rot. Grem need fresh wood. Grem use Steeloak." Jeff raised a brow and nodded. "Okay Grem. Will you help me build?" Gremblestark nodded, his short, shaggy hair bouncing with each large step that shook the trees as they made their way to the stable. "Grem use this tree." He stated before setting Jeff down, and running full speed into the trunk, using his shoulder, as if one was knocking down a door. The tree fell and Jeff slowly gripped the hammer, and axe in each hand accordingly, resting his staff in the holster on his back. "Alright then....let's get this over with I guess." Grem smiled. "Yes. We make tiny horse house for fake king." And with that, Jeff had made a new friend.

Anaya: Anaya watched everything and watched her mate slam the door in her sons face. Anaya looked at Sam as Sam made his hand a finger puppet shape “i am Jeff, i kiss my mothers ass non-stop to get attention, i fuck maids and stupid whores get them knocked up just for them to hate me and even try to kill me later in life, i am the candy corn boy of the castle with my flowing hair and charmers smile. I will eat off my silver spoon i never appreciated in the first place, you know because my mother tried to kill me and train me and rawer i am a monster and i suck my thumb when i get hurt” Sam walked over to his love as moved the puppet hand to her cheek as he kissed it with it “oh mother of mine can i have your crown so i can stab you in the chest for loving me later” Anaya grabbed his hand and put it down looking at him “enough of that Samuel” “sorry lady Anaya, i guess i cant stand the boy someday is all, but we can get the stable made if he does not fall a sleep or break more shit cus he is angry” “just do not ruin my good mood and we have a guest, get going to get your gear to ready yourself to kill the dragon in the town, use stealth and make it fast” Sam nodded to her as he started to walk off to the other hall Ashe muttered more insults about his step son under his breath. It was shocking to say that had a bound once but that was long gone as Jeff's mood swings and his own mood swings ruined that. Anaya looked at there guest “so sorry about that young elf, they are just so alike it seems scary, but that is what you get a son with a he is not my daddy complex and a man with a he is not my boy complex. But come in we will get you cleaned, so you cant remember your name? Well then what do you wish to be called then, we can figure something out” Anaya was in her good mood as she walked with the man at her flank her body standing at a nice seven foot two and her golden gown dragging along the floor.

NovaBlackbourne: Ellie would be laying on the snowy ground, bleeding out. The creature that had stabbed and slashed her abdomen was walking away now. "Go down to Earth, the holy one says, it shall be fun, the holy one says." Ellie says weakly, her Russian accent heavy as she felt the warm blood pool out of her. She coughed slightly. "I am stronger than this." She murmured softly, sitting up carefully. 'You shall not win this, little Ellie... you are still the demon you once were.' the dark voice in her head said. "Shut up before I come in there and make you.." She murmured, getting up slowly as she listened around her. Ellie was blind folded, she hadn't seen the world since she was a baby, it apparently helped her training.. Of course, she wasn't physically blind. She could still see things, she just had to feel them with her hands. As she stood up, she placed her hands in front of her slightly and moved straight, her feet slugging in the snow. Her clothes were dirty and ripped. As she made her way straight for maybe a mile, she finally tripped over some stairs, falling with an "oof." Her hands felt around...stairs. She crawled up them, feeling very weak now. "I hope this man is actually here, I don't feel enough strength to go on much further.." She murmured to herself, sensing bodies around her but ignored them. She felt around until she found a door and knocked gently on it.

ViktorRolanov: He had watched the male figure mocking the one outside, when in his mind; he had a simple word pop into his head when he thought of the one who came up behind him. He thought the word, dick. He thought the other person was a bit of a dick, he raised an eyebrow behind the helmet as he was quite confused, but he knew the one named Samuel was a bit of a dick. He heard the person’s name was Anaya, and he took the name into mind, making sure, he remembered it, but how could he remember their names when he could not remember his own? Once realising he was frozen in place. He had given a cough of awkwardness and followed the woman along, listening to her words as she spoke. He noticed he was shorter; his helmet reached her height nearly, by a near two inches difference. He had followed with his sword on his left shoulder, moving with a slow and steady step behind her, his eyes travelled the rooms amazing decorations, he had not seen a place like it, or could not remember if he had. He then spoke to the woman, his words in between the audible clicks of his halberds mace like pommel as he walked, though it should be noted an elf using these weapons and armour could not reasonably walk. However, the hidden runes in the armour allowed him to walk in such a way. “I wouldn’t know, sorry. I do not know my name or what I should be called, I am so confused… All I remember was pain, bright flashes of gold and silver, and then I was in the forest. I was attacked and I retaliated.” His left shoulder plate moved forward, with an ancient elven encryption, he was defiantly older than some would think, as the encryption was Naavin, ancient elven language. It said ancient storm in elven, but he did not know what it actually meant. Neither had he seen it.

Anaya: The guards at the doors were cleaning the mess nicely as they moved and saw the girl crawling up the steps hurt and bleeding. One of the guards helped her up as he had a soft spot the girls “come on miss lets get you inside” he said with a softer voice as he aided her up taping on the doors getting someone from the inside to open them up for him and helping her into the castle to get her to a sofa or to the medical hall. Anaya walked with the male over to her throne as she offered him sit in a chair so she could look at him better. “Your armour reads storm in even so we can call you Storm, or Naavin it is your choice on your name, and you smell of light and dust so by the sounds of it you were called forth here by holy means, you over all smell like the ground after i use my own holy powers so you are from places unknown and called forth here for some reason unknown. What are you good at? And how can you be of use for me? Or do you even know, if you don't i will toss you in the guard and see how far you get with your weapon. you have made a mess of my doors be you mean to or not, you will have to make up for your actions in service as i am sure you cant pay for the cleaning of the mess you made” she looked at him stabbing red eyes and all as she looked up seeing the guards bringing in a hurt maiden of sorts, the halls were getting busy and she wondered who everyone here was. And she wondered in the back of her mind were her son was and hoped he was fine with sam being well Sam but he was off doing unknown junk now getting ready to go on his little trip to kill the black dragon sleeping in the centre of her town.

ViktorRolanov: He slowly sat down on to the seat he was offered, doing as he was directed to do so, he sat down and laid his weapons between his legs, as the ornamental armour he wore glistened in the small lighting around the inside of the keep, his eyes watching as she spoke, not wanting to interrupt but waiting till it was his turn to speak. He had given a look behind his mask of confusion as she spoke. When she was finished, he had prepared to speak, obviously not knowing what the extent of what he had done, he had made sure he was well heard and would speak truthfully. “I can fight, I butchered the three men that attacked me, as you had seen, but they were very unfortunate fighting me.” He gave a slight sigh of annoyance; it was self-annoyance, obviously, quite unhappy with the situation he had himself in at the current time. He should have just ran maybe, or simply not fought back. He spoke quickly on impulse, without even realising what he said, but the words just flowed out from his lips. “I will serve in your guard and earn back the debt for the damage I had caused you. I am deeply sorry; I did not wish to insult Mi’lady. If service for me is what you want, service I shall provide. If it means I can help.” He realised what he said and his shoulders tightened as he thought one word to himself, idiot. He had then sat up in the seating, allowing his large amount of armour to be more comfortable on his body. While he kept himself in place. He then continued speaking, trying to tell of his skills, or what little he knew from his display earlier. “I am good at using a spear and halberd; I am very good at running and quite agile. I have a knack for hearing things from long distances, and can see quite far away. I can use this armour without a large impact to my agility.” He stopped speaking, allowing the woman to assess him, when he had seen a woman being taken inside. His eyes looking over the creature, before turning his eyes back to the female figure in front of him. He felt quite obedient in this sense.

Anaya: Sam came in from a back room to see the girl taken to the medical hall and saw the hall was nicely lowering down and the best part, Jeff was still outside doing there job told to him, dirty little price had to learn to do hard work not just bitch and complain and attack guests because there was a drop of blood on there floor. Sam walked over to Anaya as he sported his poison tipped daggers on his hips, poison made from his own toxin so it was sure to kill the beast in town with a single stab no matter were it was placed and his black coat like cape thing that just made him look amazing, or at least he thought so. Anaya looked at him as she nodded and then looked to the boy before here “well Storm then, we will have you head out with Samuel and handle a problem i have in the town square, there is a sleeping black dragon there he is not overly large but he has to be removed as he has become worthless to me and the crown, once worth is no longer held here things are removed, so always keep your worth here. Go help my mate, your king remove it, but use stealth and silence and don't make it a big deal. You make it a big deal and the town will have an out cry at us killing our own kind” Sam looked the boy over as he lifted a brow he did not plan on bringing a guest but maybe this little thing would come in handy “even if we kill our own kind all the time and they are just to stupid to understand us” Sam barked in as Anaya let out a light chuckle “i will stay behind here and do our guard cull wall you are gone, then i can also get time to clean up my mess” she said with a unnerving smile on her face.

ViktorRolanov: He rose from the seating slowly as he was told what he had to do by the royals in the hall. He then gave a nod as he was told. He had looked over the two listening them speaking to each other, his ears behind his helmet flicking at the two’s voices, taking them in. One sounded fitting of position, in his ears, while the other seemed to be filling in the role, the female seemed quite fitting, but in his mind, he thought the man was quite annoying, finding his speech quite aggressive to the son of the woman. He had then spoke up to the two of them, his voice was calm and he was asking a question about what he would be doing exactly. He knew what a dragon was, but he does not remember fighting one, he had seen one, he had thought, he does not remember, really but he just went with it. “Okay, so this dragon. Where am I aiming for? Are its scales especially strong? I have never heard of many breeds of dragons and well, I cannot remember ever fighting one.” He paused for a few short seconds, before putting his mithril halberd forward toward the two people. “What if I went for its eyes? Alternatively, the belly of the dragon? That’s gotta be weak right?”

Anaya: Sam gave a grin as he put a hand up just to push the weapon away from pointing at them “if you need to you can leave that here, i will give you a dagger you can use as it is typed in a toxin that will make this kill very fast” he got up and started walking to the doors “come and we will talk. So you are a blank slate that is a great thing” Samuel said as he opened the doors of the castle allowing the man to walk past them and into the cold “alright, so the dragon will be sleeping on its belly and its eyes are closed, so the area you want to strike at is the thin cracks in the scales of the neck, be very fast with it, stab and then fall back so the body just dies in its sleep and no one even saw you do it, then the town will think the dragon died of normal causes and clean up the mess for us and the crown will not be blamed for the death of there own kin. If the town knows we kill dragons they will lose trust in us as the belief of us killing our own kind leaves us open to, if we will kill our own what stops us from killing them. Lady Anaya and myself are of dragon blood her more so then i as i am a Wyvern so a subspecies of her but she is of the same as the dragon sleeping in town a eastern dragon. but it is of black scale and she is of gold. And she is much stronger then the wee thing we will take down today” as they walked in the snow Sam enjoyed the cold and picked up some snow to rub on the back of his neck under his black hair as there was a bang in the castle behind them and the screams of men echoed in the air. “well she is doing the guard cull, try to drown it out, well if you can by the town we get down the hill you will no longer hear there screaming” Sam said softly as they walked down the snowy side of the hills the town in view down at the bottom and a bit away. “so do you have any questions?”

ViktorRolanov: He had been following the man, his armour plating, like camouflage on the snow, causing him to meld quite well in the scene with the silver and such armour reflecting the white of the snow off his armour. His body did not get cold thanks to the fur under his armour, but the armour reacted well to any conditions, being cool at one moment, or hot at another, depending on the environment he was in. His metal suit quietly clanked as his ears listened to the man, dropping the weapons he carried into two holsters on his back, that were actually imbedded into the armour. He had looked over the ground and thought to himself as the man named Samuel spoke to him. His thought went to how he explained how to kill the dragon and he thought of his mithril armour, being modified with some dragon scale pieces. He had then looked at Samuel and spoke with his rather soft and calm Elven voice. In mere wonder if he was allowed to do what he thought of or not. “Is it possible to have the dragon scales as armour? Like a cloak and some tassels, maybe we could cut it from parts of the dragon no one would be able to see. I could do it, being with my agility and light movement speed. No one would realize either.” He had then stopped to think before speaking, his body was still moving as he carried on moving toward the town where the dragon was. His eyes were set upon it now, he could see it in the distance, noting the white around him, it was already hard to see, but his elven sight allowed it. “What if we caused a distraction in the town, say…? A fire? Alternatively, some form of explosion… Just a thought is all. Considering the time it is now and what is down there, it would make it easier to kill the dragon without anyone looking either. We pay someone, someone runs in, tells of a troll approaching… Everyone hides and locks their doors in silence.”

Anaya: Sam looked to the elven boy, guy had a point “i can make a fire in the east end wall you go in and do what you need to” Sam handed out one of the daggers that were wrapped in black cloth “do not in anyway even touch the tips of this, the poison will seep into your skin and you will be a goner. This is from my own hide and my own spike, do not get it on your skin or worse cut yourself with it, just stab the thing in the neck and it will die in its sleep within minuets . And you can cut off a couple scales for yourself, back scales are much harder then others, and under belly scales are shinny, so pick were you want to cut them off from but remember the harder the scale the harder it will be to cut off and more time it will take to do it” Sam looked over to the east end it would be very easy to make a fire there without even getting close to the town “alright” they stopped and were about 20 or so feet from the start of town “so go on your way and i will start the fire, make shit fast you mess this up she will have your head and shave some scales from my hide” and with that sam moved his arm and a fireball shot out of the magic on his palm and went flying over into a old grain barn setting it a blaze, as the towns sirens went off and within moments Sam was gone under a snow bang like a worm digging under the snow.

ViktorRolanov: He had held the dagger in his right hand and listened to the words, before he had seen the male dig into the snow, and leaving him after launching the ball of fire at the barn. His eyes furrowed as he had one word pop into his mind. “Coward.” He had seen the barn set ablaze almost as soon as the ball hit, it made the fire plume into the air in a fiery rage. He knew he had to quick haul his rear over to the dragon as soon as possible. He had turned on his right leg and set off into a sprint towards the dragon in the middle of the town, his body moving fast across the ground. While his feet hit the floor with loud pelts into the snow, his armour made him hard to see by the town’s people, so it would be quite good camouflage for him, until he got to the dragon anyway. His eyes looking at the black mound, taking the large details of the dragon, it was not as big as he thought it was, but he was sure he would get quite a bit from the dragon before he had to go. He had the dagger in his right hand and moved fast toward the dragon with haste, nearing the dragon in moments. Naavin could see the eyes flickering open on the beast, and he grinned a dark grin behind his lion like mask. He then with his momentum, jumped into the air, his left arm landing on the ridges of the dragons back and his right arm with the dagger in a reverse hold, had begun moving down toward the back of the neck, toward the main artery in the neck, which also would sever some veins. The dagger slid into the dragons’ neck, coating the wound with the deadly poison the sharp small blade was coated with the horrid poison from the man named Samuel. Once the blade was pushed in, he had held on to it the hilt, causing the blade to cut into and angle to severe more vital veins and arteries. He then landed on his feet on the other side, the dragons’ eyes stopped moving quickly. Obviously falling unconscious. He then quickly hid under one of the wings and took out his mithril sword, slotting the dagger into his back belt of his armour, hiding himself under the dragon as he pushed the sword hard into the upper row of scales.

Anaya: Sam put his head out of the snow bank as now it was clear the towns people would not know the fire ball came from this direction. But now it was time to play dirty, very dirty and in a way that elf would never know it was him. Within moments Samuel was at the middle of the hill that the castle sit on. As he took his fingers he put his hands to the ground pumping out heat into the earth. As the snow melted some let go of the hill side, and then more and then more as the snow came crashing down in a avalanche “Avalanche!” he called out as he watched the snow tumble down the hill side and crash into some building in the town and head right for that if not already soon to be dead dragon to cover it and that elven brat in snow. We don't need more guards he muttered under his breath. If they got more guards more would guard people he wanted dead, and well it was true that the guard had to take care of himself. Sam was more like Anaya then many new he was a charmer on the outside and then evil on the inside but when it came to other males around he was evil and if he could get a castle full of females he could mate with he would in a heart beat. And if the flood of snow did not drown this male then something else would be thought up to have the guys head roll in the snow. Sam started to walk his way along a simple path to the river were he had to pull out that dead troll body.

ViktorRolanov: He had seen the avalanche moving towards him at extreme high speeds, he had given a groan as he looked at the dragon next to him, his eyes closing as he would give a sigh. He had cut more of the scales open enough that he could crawl into the ribcage; his hand pulled down the scales under the wing and pulled the large scales down to the ground. The stench what came out filled his nose and it made his stomach flip as he thought of the horrible smell. He then put one of his armoured boots inside and slowly crawled into the ribcage, laying inside the warm body. He had moved his left arm out and grabbed the large scales he cut away with a lot of strain. Pulling them close as the avalanche grew close now, his eyes closing as he waited for it, to be over. His breaths hitting the inside of the body as he let out a few words from his lips. “That fucker… He didn’t even come back to help me out of this avalanche, fucking coward.” He growled to himself as he closed his eyes, hearing the rumbling from outside the large body of the dragon. His was able to breath, but he knew he could not stay inside the dragon for long.

Anaya: Sam walked over to the river to see the giant dead body of the troll laying in the river, he was haply humming a tune to himself as he grabbed the beast by the leg and dragged it out of the river to stop the flood from happening more, the ground was so smushy he hated the feel of mud on his boots and skin but it was not to bad. Looking down at the town he saw that snow had fully covered the body of that dragon and he could not help himself but smile as he went back to pulling the large dead body from the river. “stupid other people, get in the way, dead troll drowned it self looking at a darn rock i am sure” he muttered as he yanked it to the other side of the river.

ViktorRolanov: He had opened his eyes as he felt colder than usual, but the body was warming him up, he looked around in the pitch-black darkness and he knew he could hear something odd, as if he heard dripping, it was the snow. The dragons’ body own heat was melting the snow nearest to the dead body, causing it to allow the elf to literally crawl out of the body and retrieve the scales. He crawled out and used his current cuts he made to hook under the muscle of the dragon, causing the skin to peel right off the dragon as he went about cutting it. His hands moving as he made his way around the wound he initially made. He cut off enough to literally cover his whole body, make a skirt, cloak and robes, he had more than enough, even a bit too much. Once he was finished cutting the scales off, he had given a cough and a sniffle, he felt like he had caught a cold from these temperatures. He had then, rolled the scales up and begun walking out of the village, he could walk out as the avalanche left a small snow storm behind it, he moved toward the iron keep with a slow trudging step. Mumbling in annoyance as he moved quite fast along the ground, travelling toward the iron keep in a short amount of time and leaving the whole dragon decimated behind him.

Anaya: Sam was humming to himself when he saw the elf, stupid thing was still alive must have gotten out of the way of the snow....oh that smell that stink oh god. He could not help but giggle as he walked up beside the elf “oh you made it, thought we lost ya there, was just about to go get the dogs to sniff out your body from that snow. Can never trust the hillsides up here they just peal away and fall at a moments notice, it must have bin our foot steps that set it all off, i am sure, and god you smell smell like a dead dragon, did do did not” he could hardly hold back laughing at the boy, god he was covered in it, dead dragon insides and heated blood “well thank god we have a bath house at the castle” he could not help laughing as he walked on past the boy up to the castle turning around for a moment “oh boy you got me dagger still?”

ViktorRolanov: He had looked at the man enraged, he did not even know what to say for the first few short moments of laughter, then, it hit him, he had asked for his weapon. The elves actions would show a true bitterness toward the dragon. He had given a quick thought and looked behind him, patting the back of his belt and pulling the dagger. He had then looked at the man in front of him and spoke very plainly and quite coldly towards him. “You speak ill of your ladies children, you leave a man to die an avalanche? I should stick this in your neck and get it finished. I will go back to your Anaya, and tell her that your job is done. I suggest you learn how to look after your men. When your frail, and in your death bed, you will have no loyal soldiers.” He throw the blade to the side, about six metres to his right, his eyes looked almost hateful behind the helmet, showing complete compassion for what had just happened. He then moved to the doors and opened them in front of them. He then called out loudly. “Your lady Anaya, I have returned and done of what you have asked me.” He had then walked in further toward the iron keep. His eyes were low, as he smelt his own body, he smelt in his mind, of victory. Not of stench or guts.

Anaya: As soon as the boy entered the hall Sam acting not as he would most days grabbed the elf abruptly with the force of a dragon and dragged him into a side room grabbing the back of the males armour neck guard and pining him to a wall looking at him ”i am ill to the little shit i have no choice but to call family due to the fact he wants to spear me in my sleep, the worthless hunk of flesh does nothing but bring his own mother worry and act like a ignorant child to this family, i have no reason to like the little shit and we also have no reason to keep your little blank mind around” as he looked into the elf's eyes the green eyes of poison and death looked back. “you are a guest here remember that you hold no title no worth other then your blade and by i have no loyal men i do have my claws and my teeth witch can turn you to ribbon and no one will stop me if i made the choice” with a firm hand he dropped the boy down the wall and let the male stand. “don't count your chickens it is my words that can deem if you live or die here, and i may not have many loyal men, but i do have Anaya and she is loyal to me and will always be as i am the one who can give her children” he snarled as his upper lip curled and his clicked his claws together as he was agitated, he hated Jeff and talking about how he treated the little shit did hit a nerve with the great Wyvern.

ViktorRolanov: Feeling his back hit the wall, he had felt himself soon winded, and he had choked on his own breath, before taking in a heavy gulp of air to refill his nearly empty lungs. He had listened to royal figure and took in the words, one by one, obviously not caring what was going on. He listened calmly. He had smirked as he looked at him, his eyes were calm and his breathing had not stopped, though he was hit into the wall, as if any other person would be. His eyes looked at the man who pinned him to a wall, he could not do much, though hearing the man’s words, made it obvious the situation he was in he could easily die. He had then simply chuckled and grabbed the arm holding him in place, not moving it but holding it in place for the moment. He then let out his own words to the man holding him against the wall. “You think I would respect you after that, I respect you lady. She made sure I was safe. Blank mind? No, you are the one with the blank mind. How about you stop insulting the boy, sit down, and talk with him? You can kill me, however, what will it accomplish? Nothing, I mean nothing to anyone, I do not fear death, and you seem to. So, dragon, if you’re going to do it, do it.” He gave a short smile behind his helmet, his eyes were calm and he just simply did not resist back to the dragon-like strength he was held by, he was not sure if he was going to die, he merely chanced the fact he might not in this situation from his reaction.

Anaya: Sam could kill him without a second thought but the boy was right it would accomplish nothing, but something else would. With his hand he grabbed the boys arm and simply stabbing into the cracks of the armour he crushed them into the boys arm, there was no were for him to run nothing for him to do hell he was pined against a wall he could not even go for his weapon. And if he did the guards would be notified and Sam would play it and get the guy killed for attacking the king. Crushing the mans armour into his arm a devilish grin came over Samuel's face as he did such things, his own claws breaking into the mans arm along with the armour. “every part of my body is highly toxic, now you have my claws nicely imbedded into your arm, and your own metal guard crushed on top of it. By the time you get it off it will be to late anyway and your fate is sealed, i would advise you to do much in your next night here as when the night is over you will be nothing but a mindless slave to this castle, brain dead and coherent and nothing but a slave. If you let Anaya know i will have it so in the end you will get a worse job then cleaning the cellar shitter” he ripped his hand from the boys arm as he took his hand and noticed he had broken a finger crushing that armour and garbing that finger he cracked it back so it would heal right. “your armour was broken in the avalanche, i would advise you go to the guest room to get that fixed” he said with that twisted grin knowing full well if the man did not do what he said it would have dire consequences.

ViktorRolanov: He felt his arm bruised heavily, the flesh under his armoured plates along his arms his eyes were closed as he felt his teeth grind in his mouth. However, the pain was not as bad as he thought it would be, the poison was bad news to him, and when he had seen Samuel mocking him and he merely smirked at the attempts. He had given a soft growl as he had thought of ways to get to Anaya without being known, he had then thought of something. His eyes opened and he gave a grin. He then walked out of the room and begun to look for Anaya. He had not sorted the wound out yet, as he would play it off cool. He had then called out. “Lady Anaya! I have great news… My memory has suddenly returned! I need your help. I have done your job.” He shouted, his voice filled with excitement, as he would look around with stern, but cool eyes. His mind racing as he thought of ideas to do what he needed. He had grabbed a piece of parchment and began writing down some words; it was fake, but believably fake. To a loved one the letter was signed as he wrote it in haste. Hoping she would find it in time. However, there was a cypher in the lines, and when read straight down for every first letter, which he put a small little mark on, that was supposed to look like a mistaken blotch. He did this with his left hand. “P.O.I.S.O.N.E.D.” He ended the first paragraph. Then continued to write quickly. “S.E.L.F.W.I.T.H.” He then ended that paragraph. Beginning the last two quickly. “D.A.G.G.E.R P.L.E.A.S.E.D.O.N.T T.E.L.L. A.Y.O.N.E.” Once he was finished his eyes closed and he waited for her to get to him. He then walked toward one of the offices, that was labelled with a sign for do not disturb, and he gave a sigh. Before raising his knuckle to knock on the door.

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Anaya: The door opened on its own as he taped it And Sam watched him like a hawk from a far pillar leaning up against it as he clicked his claws and the broken ones together. As the door to Anaya's study opened there she was, naked pulling on a robe as her body dripped red and there was a struggling guard on the floor with a leg and arm ripped off. As she brought up her hand to clean the red from her lips, snow white hair marked with bloody tips fell down her face as eyes like fire and cold looked at him standing in her doorway “what brings you to tap on my study door” she said coldly as she rolled her black forked tongue over her lips and looked at him. Walking to the side of her desk she picked up a robe and put it around her flawless female body. A body that dropped the best men to their knees, not a mark on her skin and everything made like that of a porcelain doll. “you got the job done and things handled in town?” she said as she picked up some papers on the desk and pushed the dead body of the guard behind it. She flipped the papers in her claws as drops of blood stained their righting.

ViktorRolanov: He had looked at the female, and his eyes closed, as he did not make a move into the room, the sight was not pretty but he was not affected by it, he had done and seen worse in the last couple of hours. He gave a short thought as he opened his eyes, looking at the paper in his hand, before he would make another choice; his left hand trembled as he held the paper, very slightly. He continued to look at the paper in his hand and crumpled it under his grip, the armour around his body though light, was damaged on his right arm, his arm moved slightly and he could feel the pain shooting into his body. He then gave a soft nod to her question before words came softly from his mouth. “The job is done; I need to get cleaned up from the occurrence. I had a piece of bone wedged in my arm, from cutting into the beast and crawling inside, to survive an avalanche.” He put his damaged right arm forcefully up to his left lapel over his heart, and then gave a bow to her as the gauntlet hit the armour. His back still had the scales rolled up into a large tube, across his backside, on one of the buckles for his armour plating. Before he moved his arm back down, and pulled the door to a close and walked away from the Anaya’s study. He had walked over toward Samuel and closed his eyes carefully as he walked with a slow bounding step towards him. His voice was quiet and careful as he spoke. “You won. So, what do you want?”

Anaya: Anaya watched the boy come in say he did the job then say how he got hurt and then head out and she went back to her paperwork to get the new guards in order as she had cleaned out the rubbish ones she already had. Sam looked at the man as he gave a grin “you already said what I want, loyal fighters. So will you live by my flank and do as told and be in full service to the king?, or will you die by the hand of the king?” the choice was a hard one, live your life in service to someone you knew was bad to the core or die due to that same person. Sam moved and started walked to a large side door “so what's your choice elf?”

ViktorRolanov: He had closed his eyes slowly and made his choice, hopefully, he would not be here forever, or end up fighting for the queen. He would have hoped, but then, she was just as ruthless, he would have thought, maybe he would have been better just not have chasing that cultist here? He had given a soft sigh as he looked down to the ground, he felt defeated but he knew he could get one thing out of this. His voice opened up and he was quite apparent that he was not happy to make the choice, which he was forced to make. “I will serve by your side as a loyal and trustworthy guard. I feel that making this pledge, makes me bound to your service. However, my armour on my arm is destroyed, the plating needs to be fixed or the suit is useless.” He had an odd feeling about the suit and felt something resonate in the suit. “I feel that this suit has something to do with my past, of who I was or what I was. I need it to be fixed. You will have a loyal soldier, and a soldier that human weapons would not be able to break through usually, I would be a shield as well. If there is more to my past, then maybe, if I can remember it I will become more able…” He gave another short and slow sigh as he raised his head to look at the man. “You have my word… My name is Storm. If you turn me into the docile creature you wish me to become, then how will I fight to my full potential in your service? The scales I collected can also help to make more armour for me.”

Anaya: Sam opened the large door as the guards to the side of it made no words and just moved to the sides. “we will get your gear fixed for you. now I do have a task for you” he walked into the door and the steps to the lower areas of the castle were no one was allowed other than the king and queen ringed around. As he brought the boy down there he came to another large door with a rather large lock on it. with his fingers he slipped a claw into the lock as it crunched down breaking his finger and claw and he gave a cringe as his blood dripped into the lock opening the door. “the castles records and your cure is I this room, only my own or the blood of Anaya can open this lock ” as the door cracked open Sam pulled his now crushed finger from the lock hole and pulled open the iron door. There across the room was a small vile “go grab it and drink it all, make sure not one drop is left in that vile.. then bring me the vile, we have a couple things to handle” as Sam walked inside of the room there laying on the wall was a dead body that he looked at, he remembered who it was Ashe, he had killed her weeks ago and dragged her body down here to hide it from everyone else most of all from Jeff. It was almost nice seeing her dead body with eyes gone and half eaten by the rats of the cellar halls. He wanted another body to add to this pile, and there was another one in the upper halls weak and ready to be tossed in here, and it would be a wonderful way to test the boys loyalty.

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ViktorRolanov: Naavin walked in with a slow, cautious step, looking around the surroundings with his eyes behind the helmet as he took a few slow thoughts. His head turned to the right, seeing the destroyed female body and he looked down to it, pity ran through his eyes as he thought for a few moments. Before he gave a few shorts words, he felt were needed to the decayed body on the ground, his voice careful and quiet, though he was not sure if he was heard or cared when he spoke. “May the maker take you into his arms and accept you.” He tilted his head when he spoke, the name in his mind was, he felt like he said a small prayer to the ruined being, but he was not sure. Who was this maker? He simply shook his head as he walked away from the body, his eyes closing as he opened them, looking through the room, searching for the vial, before seeing it on a small ornate pedestal. His head quirked slightly, it looked like the last one in creation, mainly because of how delicately it was kept, or it must have been extremely valuable and rare. He walked forward with his gauntleted fingers extending, his arm reached out hesitantly to take hold of the neck of the vial, the vial was also ornate, with a silver base and ornate gold up and around the vial, and it fascinated him with how it was created. He knew it was fashioned in the way of a decanter, he found that even more interesting. He leaned forward more with his hand and softly grasped the neck of the vial, and lifted it, he looked to the glass lid that was on top of it, fashioned like crystal, and his left hand went to the buckles of his helmet. However, avoided at all costs of showing the neck guards buckles, turning to the side, to hide his neck from the dragon as he took the helmet off, using the pauldrons to hide his armour. He then put the helmet on the pedestal and begun to lift the lid of the vial off, the scent of it was strangely sweet, the liquid purple inside, and it gave off an almost honey like smell. He had removed the lid and lifted the lip of the vial to his own; putting them between his lips, he had begun to drink the liquid back into his mouth, swallowing the liquid with large, heavy gulps. The tastes that hit his tongue were a mixture of sour and sweet, giving him an amazing taste of the liquids. He had finally finished off the liquid and pulled the vial from his lips, then leaned his head to a levelled position, looking at the wall now, as his eyes narrowed. He had then put the lid back onto the vial and picked his helmet on. Slipping the helmet on, he had pulled the buckles in place, still hiding them from Sam.

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Anaya: The green eyes of Samuel watched the elf do as instructed, he drank it down good and with no faults and no complaints, the next morning he may be feeling a bit woozy but he would figure that out tomorrow for sure. “good, and that girl, pay her no mind, she will rot here and her body can be eaten by the rats, she was on the way so had to be disposed of. Now bring me the vile and we can get on to the next task I wish of you as now you are mine” a smile came over his face as he watched from the doorway picking a book off the shelf and putting it under his arm holding it snug. He would read the book later and give it to Anaya to read the cover had erotic images on it and it said something about slave something but it was ripped and under his arm. His green eyes looked to the boy scanning him up and down as he wondered things to himself and then gazed at the body remembering the girl to very well, stupid whore she was, the prince took her in from some bar tavern and turned her into a royal in the eyes of him and some people but she was no royal she was just a paper wait and nothing more, a worthless pig to get in the way of plans and now there was another thing in the way that needed to be removed.

ViktorRolanov: He took in the words, hearing of how he viewed the corpse on the ground, but the compliments hit his ears worse, and how could something so evil be complimenting him so well? He felt his skin crawl under his armour and began to walk up toward Samuel with a soft and slow step, being that he would feel like he had given a dark task means, it made him feel slightly sick inside of his gut. He had closed his eyes as he walked, his right hand still holding the vial as he held it out toward Samuel, waiting for him to take it from his grasp, he had not been rude and merely accepted his fate. Though the words, “You are mine” stung his ears, with a slight annoyance, it made him feel like he was owned, though the concept on his deeper side, felt almost inclined to be owned, it made him worry deeply as he did not wish to be this creatures pet. He had then given a sigh as he replied, his words soft, kind to the ears, trying to be as civil as possible, the held back emotions in his voice, a mixture of anger and despair though slight submission in his voice could be heard quite easily. “If I am a holy man, then I am a holy man to be used by kings and queens. Though this was an interesting encounter, the acceptance of death, at this time, is a comforting thought.” He had given meaning on the last part, it was meant to say he felt his honour was shaken and his morality had been completely obliterated in these shorts moments. Before he had placed the vial in his clawed grasp, and bowed his head to the man slowly, his head moved in such a way that the large tufts of red fur on his lion-like fully enclosed helmet bounced forward, brushing over the chest of Sam accidentally. Before he lifted his head and walked up the stairs. “I am finding somewhere to rest for the night, thank you for curing me… My lord.” He disappeared up the stairs and toward where the oaken doors of the castle were.

Anaya: Sam watched him go as he stayed in the room for a while, looking at books and thinking to himself on the day’s events, he would come up later without others knowing and handling the everyday tasks around the castle in the evening, but right now he enjoyed the peace.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: The pair kept themselves busy with the building of the new and improved stable, whilst talking to one another. Jeff, who was breaking a sweat, even in the snowy tundra that was the backyard of the castle smiled as he nailed in another peg for the first wall. "Gremblestark?" He asked with a raised, perfectly postured brow. "Why do you work for Samuel if you hate him?" Grem set down his large piece of log and shook his head, sitting on it with a low huff from his bearded lips. "I not work for fake king. I work for dragon lady. She feed us after great war. She get me through loss of big brothers. I owe dragon lady all Grem have." Jeff nodded and sat beside him. They had been working for an hour and were to the point of exhaustion. "So why do you do what Samuel tells you?" Grem grunted. "Because Dragon lady tells us to. We not want to do that. We want eat rocks and mushrooms and make our huts back in homelands, but we are ordered to stay. Grem not like it, but respect dragon lady." Jeff nodded once more. "I understand that." Grem then set a large hand on Jeff's shoulder, only really setting the tip of his index finger on him, for that is all that would fit. "Why Jeff stay?" The prince opened his mouth to say something but slowly closed it. "Samuel think he understand Jeff. Jeff smarter than Samuel think. Samuel knows this soon." Jeff slowly turned to face him. "Why do you say that?" "Because Grem watches you fight in great war. Me watch you give all to protect your people and Grem clan too. Grem watch Jeff be pushed around though Jeff much stronger than Jeff let on. Jeff crush Samuel easily." Jeff shook his head. "No. Not easily. Samuel is strong, but I am smarter. I know this, but Samuel thinks he is invincible because he has claimed his spot on the throne. This castle has gone downhill since we abandoned the old laws in place for the Dragon's law. Everything is run how a dragon lives, and not how we used to do things. Everything is now messed up and no amount of pleading or violence will make that change. I want to kill Samuel. Truly I do, but what is best for the empire is to keep my mother sane. Even if it means dealing with Samuel, and my mother both hating and humiliating me." Grem looked down before placing a soft poke to Jeff's chest, knocking him off the log. "Grem know how stop the fake king." Jeff grunted and coughed, wheezing out a bit of dirt that he took in with his fall. "Oh yeah?" Cough cough. "And how is that?" "Grem kill him." Jeff knew that Grem didn't know the power Samuel had and shook his head. "No-...he will destroy you, and your clan. Samuel isn't just a dragon. He is a Wyvern, that has a deep magical root that even I can't comprehend yet. Once I find out more on the snake, then I may take action, but that could be years from now and I am not sure if that is what the castle needs." Grem huffed. "You keep talking about what castle need. Castle need leader. Dragon lady too worried about egg. Samuel worried about warmth of ladies and coin. Jeff worried about people. That is leader. Grem see potential." Jeff smiled from behind his mask and shook his head. "As much as I would love to rule, my only job now is to make sure that the castle stays safe and my mother, despite how much she may want me either dead or gone, as well. I could care less about Samuel, but the minute he tries to hurt my family, or me, is the day that I will fight back. Until then-...we need to get back to work." Gremblestark nodded and stood from his log, which buried itself in the earth a tad from the weight that the troll gave off. Jeff continued to nail the walls together, before eventually, he created the outer foundation of the Stable, about 15 feet tall, and 8 feet wide on each side. "Now, Grem. All we need is a roof and some more nails." Grem, however, didn't look satisfied. The stable to him was fine, but what Jeff had said echoed in his intelligent, yet simple mind. "He will destroy you." Grem always did like a challenge but he wanted to do his best to listen to Jeff whom he had quickly taken a liking too. He watched him silently since the great war after Jeff had rescued the captured trolls from the Lich king's cages and was grateful that no one just left them behind, even though they could have. Many people thought trolls were nothing but monsters with a humanoid shape, but Grem proved that they had brains and some could actually use them. Hopefully, Grem would show his worth soon, and would also show how smart he could be. Not just to Jeff, but Anaya too.

ViktorRolanov: He had stayed still as he watched his hands with his eyes. His hands were clenched softly as he tried to remember what he was before, but all of his attempts were in vain, this made him deeply confused to the point where he had then simply moved his right hand up and clenched it, the arm was wounded and bruised from the claw that was stuck in his arm. He had felt his form move forward toward the main hall, his feet moving with the clicking of his armoured boots. His body was covered in plate, but the armour on his right arm was completely buckled on the upper facing forearm plate. His arm fell to his right as he grabbed his mithril sword and his large halberd, which was eight foot or so. His left arm with the mithril sword pushed to the armour plate, his eyes were calm behind the helmet, and even though he had faced much, he was not going to remain troubled. He had then pressed his arm to the door, shunting it open and stepping outside. He then carried on walking, his armour covered in the runes underneath his plating. He had brought his arm with the sword down to his side. He had continued walking down the steps, his body slowly making its way to the side of the castle and out to the back of the castle. His eyes were calm and careful as he looked at the troll around the side, and he stopped in his tracks, dropping his weapons to the sides, as he wouldn’t want to seem like a threat, knowing this troll was what the two rulers speaking about earlier. He had then looked over carefully, spotting a man, speaking to the troll, he knew that the man was the one from earlier, but he did not know whether he was a man who was still willing to attack him or not. However, he would seem defenceless, to show loyalty, knowing this was the Prince.

JeffLyvixDeLaRoseJeffLyvixDeLaRose : "Grem hungry..." The troll said with a low growl coming from his stomach. Jeff turned to answer his complaint with an answer to go get some food, but Jeff was stopped, biting back his words as the man from earlier appeared hurt in front of him. Jeff dropped his hammer and ran right over, seeing that he was unarmed. "Oh, my!" Jeff said, bowing his head lightly. "You are the one from earlier." Before even asking permission, Jeff gripped his arm lightly and felt the poison still sealed deep within his veins, being taken down by the antidote that had been given. Each pump of his heart was healing the elf, but the pain from the wound wouldn't go away. Not without help. Jeff looked up at him, with his blind eyes. "I'm sorry about earlier. I have been informed that you were attacked by cultists that tried to murder you in cold blood. We won't let that happen on our lands. Or at least, I won't. I promise." Jeff still stayed on the edge but, this man seemed like he didn't want any trouble. That, however, didn't mean Jeff saw him as harmless. "Come. Sit." Jeff led him over to the stump of the tree that they had cleanly knocked down and sat him down. "Let me see." He ran his fingertips over the wound and raised a brow lightly. " Samuel's aura within your bones. Did he-..." He then noted the poison that was being destroyed. It's aura sang for miles to him. "Of course, he did. I should have told you to not trust the coward of a dragon." Jeff then looked to Grem, who seemed very displeased with the elf. "Grem not like small man. Grem not like small man armor. It seem fake." Jeff grunted lightly. "Grem. Go find some rocks to eat. I'll take care of this." Grem huffed and nodded. "Yes, Jeff. Grem do this." He then trotted off into the woods to find something to snack on. "He attacked you and tried to kill you. Yes. I can feel that." He pulled his fingertips away from the wound. "Forgive me for being so forward, but may I try to seal your wound as to stop the infection from spreading. These lands are filthy and I can't have anyone else getting sick. Especially because of Samuel and his need to be right all the goddamned time." Jeff pulled a rare Longbottom leaf from his satchel that hung on his back, below his staff and pressed it to the Elf's wound. "What is your name? You said earlier that you couldn't remember anything but surely you have a name..."

ViktorRolanov: He had grunted at the pulling and touching of the wound in his arm, his fingers clenched at the poking and touching of the wound on his arm, it made him feel the pain of the wound much quicker than he usually would feel the pain. His eyes were calm as he watched the man, but the wound was not that severe, he could handle the constant stinging from the wound, it was sure to grow infectious if not healed in time. He had kept calm as he let the man continue speaking before he would say anything in return to the apparently blind man. He had then spoke softly, to the male, as he was sat on the log, which the troll apparently had knocked down. “I am sorry for worrying you earlier. I can understand how that scene would make someone worry.” He had given a sigh as his fingers on his right arm barely moved, as the cut lacerated a muscle, causing his arm to be very hard to manoeuvre, but he could do so lightly. He had looked at the young man and smirked at the words he spoke. “I don’t trust him either; he’s a coward, more serpent than dragon…” He had given a sigh as he felt a small bolt of pain shoot up into his arm and give him a nice wake-up call from what had happened to him originally. Before he answered the question of the name. “My name, its storm apparently to Anaya. I do not really have a name, though… I guess you could say I am a man whose been left in the deep end.” He gave a light-hearted chuckle to his own comment, trying to find his situation humorous somehow, but he did not think the situation would get better for him at this point. He had given a soft smile behind his helmeted face before he had given a short thought to himself; his thoughts were troubling as he felt the thoughts drive him wild. He wondered if he would ever get away.

NovaBlackbourne: Ellie's eyes fluttered open slowly, her sight blurry slightly. She groaned softly, looking around as she sat up, then rubbed her head. "What a headache." she murmured softly to herself, looking around. She then remembered one of the maids had given her a dress to wear; Ellie thought it was very pretty, it made her look like an actual Angel like she was. Ellie stood up slowly and looked around. Her vision was clear now. As she gazed around, she got her first actual good glance of the castle; it was beautiful. but she couldn't get side tracked, she was sent here for a reason. Being a Guardian Angel, the angel had to seek out the person or creature they’re guarding by themselves with no help and Ellie had finally got to the place where her "person" that she was being a guardian angel to was. She slowly started to make her way in a direction of the castle. "Hello?" She called out softly, not loud enough for it to echo, though. As she made her way through the castle, she found her way into the kitchen. She thought she heard voices outback, so she slowly made her way to the back door and slipped out unnoticed.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: He smirked at the soft, remark of the deepened. "I know how you feel. I know your kind. Elf. You are tough. I'm glad you survived the wound. You seem like you have had worse than this." He peeled the leaf from his wound and rubbed his hands together, fueling his telekinetic energy to flair, and his aura to rise brightly, shining for miles, like a beacon of hope in the desolate world that was Valeria. The planet was bleak to him, but to others, the colors bloomed with each color his aura gave off. Red, as bright and shimming as the rage of 1000 fires. Blue, as bright as the day sky, with no clouds of color halting, covers. Purple, as bright as the blood from a goblin mage. Each flared with a splendor of bursts, as he covered his hands over the wound, and pressed down. Each little strand of muscle fused back and knotted together seamlessly. Each and every little cell of skin formed together again, and Jeff tilted his head back and fell backward onto his arse, feeling the wound close completely with a small scar on the skin. "I-...I'm sorry." Jeff pulled himself to his feet, feeling around before pressing his hand on his new-...friend's shoulder. "I will give you a name. Storm sounds like a demeaning name. I will call you Cross. Because it seems like any man who comes your way dies, have a holy aura about you. I respect that. Please-... Toss this knife into that tree over there." He then pulled out a throwing dagger by the blade and with two fingers and handed it to him by the hilt. "I want to see if your arm has fully healed." But as his friend took the blade, and hopefully the nickname, he turned to spot the angelic aura walking through the back door and down the steps toward them. "Oh me. Hello, M'lady. What brings you to my home? You have been resting for a while."

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NovaBlackbourne: As she slowly walked down the steps and looked around, a voice suddenly spoke to her. Male. She let out a small, quiet gasp as she quickly hid behind a nearby tree, and once she figured there was no danger and that she was being silly paranoid was more, she poked her head out from behind the tree. "I.." She gulped slightly. "I came here wounded. some creatures healed me and I had just woken up on the couch and---" She froze slightly, then huffed. "I have come here to search for someone that I am supposed to be the Guardian Angel of. Perhaps you know where I could find him?" She asked, peeking out from behind the tree slightly more as she observed the two men. She had long, silky red hair, not common Angels, and bright green eyes. Her sky was flawless ivy. She kept observing the two carefully.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff smirked brightly and nodded. "Of course ma'am. Whoever they are, I'm sure they are around here, if the heaven's have sent you to us." He had no doubt that she was, in fact, an angel, due to her aura giving that away, only to him, however. "Do you know his name? Maybe I can be of some service to you if you think so. I'm Jeff and this-...." He thought for a moment at his new name for his friend and nodded. "Cross. He is my new friend. I'm sure I could point you in the right direction." He then bowed his head. "I am the prince of these lands. This is the Iron, home of house DeLaRose. Proud, true name to all dragons. We are the forked tongue. The bleeding stag. We are the noble kingdom on these lands. How can I be of service?" His blind eyes gleamed forward with a polite smile resting behind his mask. "That dress by the way-...look wonderful, m'lady. I'm glad the maids have put some use to it. What is your name?"

ViktorRolanov: He felt the sensations and the lights that came around were quite amazing, he found this all new to him and it made him quite amazed at the sight, he had never seen something like this, well he had not remembered if he had ever seen this before. When the wound was fully healed, he had felt the sinew and muscle grow back, and the named Jeff finally healed his arm. He lifted himself from the floor, and stood up slowly, now looking at the man from his elevated, six foot eight height. His arm moved and clenched as he was offered the knife and he had lifted his right gauntleted hand up, taking the knife into his fingers and twirling it around between his fingers slowly. While he looked at the tree that was pointed out to him, he smiled as he found the name pleasing to him. “Cross… I like it, sounds good.” He had chuckled as he stopped speaking, before he lifted his right arm, his eyes focusing on their full eleven potential, his mind tracking how the blade would land, and how it would lodge into the tree. “My position of aim is the knot.” He spoke about the only not visible to his angle, and he readied to throw the weapon. His arm extended as he twirled the knife along his knuckle, the weapon flicked over knuckle after knuckle, until it launched from his fingertips at high speeds toward the tree. The dagger flew through the air with a quiet screech; making it known, the blade was thrown fast toward the tree. When it hit the knot of the tree, it fed itself in until it reached the guard of the dagger, making it stick in the tree all the way up to the hilt of the blade. With a satisfied grin, he had turned away, and looked toward them all with a smile, seeing the woman; he had given a slight change of stance from his position.

NovaBlackbourne: She watched the two carefully for a few moments, listening to the one male talk. She couldn’t really get control of their aura's and knowing what the felt like to her. Once she heard the one male say his name, she hesitated slightly, moving fully out from behind the tree. "His name is Jeff as well. Jeff DeLaRose." She said softly, brushing loose strands of red hair from her face to behind her ear. "He is supposed to live here, and guessing by the name of this castle, he does." She would say, looking up to the two men, for she was only about 5'3. "I am Ellie, daughter of the... well, main Guardian Angel." She said softly. She froze once the man who introduced himself as Jeff said the dress was beautiful. "Yes, it is... it really brings out my Angel side, yes?" Her accent was Russian sounding, even though she was born up in the holy world. "I usually do not dress so fancy unless I have a meeting with my father and mother up in the holy world." She murmured softly.

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff's smile turned sour. "Oh-...That’s me. the gods want with me? Was I chosen to buy them? What do they need from me?" Jeff felt Cross throw the knife through the tree before turning to the both and both brows raised. "Im....confused. Ellie. Do you know why they sent you to guard me?" Jeff placed his hands at his sides and closed his baby blues. "I'm....very confused." Jeff turned and sat on the log. "This doesn't make any sense...After all the things I have done in this world...why an angel?" He looked down. "Killing my brother...all those people...every horrid thing...why do the gods want me now?" He looked up at Ellie with soft eyes. "I'm sorry...this is just-...I would never have guessed the gods were real..." He gave a low sigh and looked back to Cross. "Your arm has healed stronger than ever. It seems my magic was a complete success. I hope that I helped you in some way. Cross." Jeff's voice sounded like one who was in shock. "I... just-..donot...understand."

NovaBlackbourne: She listened to his words carefully, making her way over to him fully now. He was confused, she understood that she had been confused many times in situations like these. :'Your a guardian, child.' The fates would say. 'A guardian? But I don't understand! I've been banned to being a demon for so long... why would they make me a guardian Angel? ‘:: The memory flashed in her head, each and every word echoed through the inside of her head like the scene was a scene from a movie, and the memory was playing on a large movie theatre screen. "People do not get Guardian Angels to be guarded, that is a myth, Mr DeLaRose. People get Guardian Angels to be guided through life safely." She said softly, looking down to him as he sat on a log. "It is normal to be confused, so let me try and explain to you..." She started. "Everyone has a Guardian Angel since they take their very first breath. It's kind of like levels. If you do more than average on each level, your guardian angel will not be shown to you. If you fail at some parts of life or make mistakes, at a certain moment of your life, your Guardian Angel which is being assigned and given to you."

ViktorRolanov: He had allowed the two people to speak as his smile went down a little, the comment was nice, but his armour was still quite damaged. He looked at the plating with a sigh as he sat back down on the log, his left hand softly touching the bent and ruined plating. He had also felt the dragon scales on his backside press into him. He then gave a soft sigh, as he did not know whether the plating could be fixed at all. His armour felt very broken, he would feel like he was too open and vulnerable without the armour, he would place the scales over the armour, but he needed to have the armour fixed first. He had looked away from the plating and pulled out the large roll of the dark dragon scales, which were incredibly strong on their own. He then unravelled them; he had one part already cut for a cloak. He could feel the armour he was wearing was beginning to feel weaker in this environment, the scales would help, but he had an idea, he had enough to place two rows of scales on his armour, but he knew a way he could do that without leaving gaps. He looked to Jeff and spoke. “My armour plating is still ruined on the arm you healed, can you fix that too?”

JeffLyvixDeLaRose: Jeff smiled before closing his eyes. "I understand..." He then shook his head and scoffed under his breath. "I've made a lot of mistakes. I've killed so many people who have hurt my family, and now I am to be guided through life. Seems like this is a blessing but at the same time, perhaps I deserve to die in some way." He muttered. "I am glad to meet you, Ellie, forgive my outburst. I'm just-...confused still. I've been trying to do right by my family every which way, but many have fallen at my feet due to their constant deeds of trying to hurt the ones I love. Thank you for finally showing yourself." Jeff looked to her aura and smiled. "It's good to have a new group of people who are here for me." He smirked to Cross, then back to Ellie before standing. "I'm sorry for my outbursts...I just don't really know how I am supposed-..." He then heard Cross speak. "Oh-...Ha! I can try, Cross. Perhaps, but I will need to get out my work bench. It may take a day or so-...but as for magic, well...I am afraid I don't have some magic spell to fix broken armour." Jeff smirked before looking between the two before Grem stopped back. "Jeff make friends?! Grem new friends?" Jeff smirked and nodded. "Ellie. This is Gremblestark. The troll." Gremble was 15 feet tall and full of muscle, towering over all of them. "Hi! Grem like to dress! Dress pretty!"

ViktorRolanov: He had slowly gives a nod, before beginning to take off the plates from the armour, the whole armour came off in chunks, not singular pieces of armour, showing it was one huge thick suit of armour, even the joints were plated, but only plated in a way that they were riveted together for movement, which thanks to the elven smiting, was flawless. He gave a soft sigh as he begun to take off all the armour pieces and what was under was quite surprising, he was smaller, frail, but well built, not a tank, but quite strong, only the outside of the armour could be seen still, and it would look impossible for the elf to move in the plating on his own without aid. This brought a lot of questions up about his armour and how he worked underneath the suit. This is what made him so interesting, but what was under, was elf coated in more mithril, it was mithril shirts, which were silk-like, but incredibly strong, it was only to his elbow, and his hands had also had the same type of mithril but glove like. Making him a very armoured foe just without the armour on his body. His form moved slowly, as he stepped out, his legs covered in leather and mithril as well, his feet had leather wraps with more mithril, and the elf was literally covered in the stuff. He had long, pointy ears; each ear was six inch, from the tip of his ear to his head. His hair was black and his skin tone was well coloured, almost a healthy tone as if he was used to the sun. His aura seemed to grow insanely magical at this point, once out of the armour, like there was a ward on his suit that trapped his magical energies under his armour, but he did not directly know how to use the magic himself, nor did he know he had it. He then spoke to Jeff before he would leave the armour in his hands trustfully. “I want the armour fixed if possible, and the scales placed on, I want the scales to still make the armour look beautiful. In addition, if you have it, I would like some large mithril plated skirts added to the side with plenty more mithril chainmail added on to it. The king said he would do it. However, ignored my request… The scales are to be placed in two rows, on every single bit of plating, one set of scales going upwards, one downwards. I would like the skirting ankle height, but only down the sides of my legs, the joints only have one covering of scales, a cloak of scales with scales around the eyes of the armour to be thicker. Use some of the clear sinews, to make a sort of protective screen over the eyes. The armour will be very powerful by the time it is made. You will have a loyal guard, and you will have my word. If you would not mind… Meanwhile. I am going to find somewhere in the mountains to sleep, away from the castle. I don’t feel safe here.” He had given a bow, to the young prince. Before he walked over to his sword and halberd, before turning back to the Prince, holding the two weapons with relative ease, disregarding. He had then smiled as he walked off. His plan to find somewhere to sleep for the night, as he was quite tired and his eyes were growing heavy. He would first go somewhere, where he knew he would be safe, and the place he thought of, was somewhere secluded and out of the way. He walked up to the mountains, hopefully, to find somewhere, before finding a very small shelter, that had been abandoned for years, it had furs and wolf skin over the settlement and nothing could have lived inside. As there were no tracks, no visible signs of life and it was hidden away from the kingdom, so he could sleep peacefully for the night.

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----The Next Day----
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CastAsideYourFear: -Madison shook her head softly at the Ebony stallion at her side, even for as large as he was he was a wussy. Patting his strong muscled side, she waded through the nearly thigh high snow, on a non-vertically challenged individual it might have been to the knee. She was short she could admit to that, the bow on her back was made specifically for her. The draw strength in the string was perfect and the arrows fitted to her delicate hands, the Dark wood stained black to suit her habits of running around in the dark unseen. Her leather pants were starting to stick to her legs as they got cold and wet. - You know Oddysee I think you should man up and walk through the snow on your own…. This is getting tiresome. -Scanning the horizon with keen eyes a shape came into view, large and lumbering, the hunched figure seemed to wobble about like a large ape. Aimlessly walking a few feet then turning and running in another, there was no doubt in Madison's mind as to what this was…. Cave troll. Madison paused and looked over at the stallion. - You oafish brute, we could just run right around him when his back is turned if you weren't so damned prissy. -Sighing she pulled the steed to the side heading in the opposite direction hoping that maybe the brute wouldn’t catch wind of her or her faithful mount. It was several moments before a large building came into view, this was either a great relief or an obstacle she would have to over come…. Again. Stupid stallion. Trudging through the cold yet almost fluffy snow she shivered a little pressing against the side of Oddysee Madison used him for warmth. Stepping up the stairs she would tie the reigns of her favorite animal to the post outside, if he got startled there was no guarantee he would stay where she put him, he would eventually come back….. He usually did. Madison flicked the light oak hair from her face, frowning as the shoulder length strands just fell right back into place. Pale blue-grey eyes studied the guards posted at each side of the heavy wooden doors, from the tips of their armored feet to the helmeted tips of their heads, after a quick glance she deduced the one on the right carried a great sword nearly as tall as herself, and the one on the right a spear still almost as tall as herself. Good Morning Gentlemen. -she smiled lightly as she spoke her hands at her sides palms facing the guards as to keep them visible. - What is your business here? -the one on the right asked his hand falling over his shoulder to the hilt of his sword, the left brandished his spear, blocking her path to the door.- Well gentlemen, I am cold and in need of a place to warm up. -she pointed to the nearly solid leather of her pants. - My steed refuses to be ridden in the snow so we walked, there is a cave troll blocking my needed course and I would like to wait him out. -the guards looked her from head to toe, their eyes lingering on her bow then on her relaxed posture. - Fine, go on in but should you cause any trouble, your life will be forfeit. - Madison stepped forward as each guard took a door and pulled it open, warmth swept over her as she walked through the entry, her hair swaying slightly about her face as she moved, glaring up at the offending strand she would tuck it into the hammered iron disks tied together with leather strips that served as her head band… it didn’t work all that well. -

Anaya: Spending all night in the catacombs of the empire had put a crick in her back as she got up the steps her pale skin still showing the remanence of the white scales as she had changed on the way up form the basement. Opening the large doors, the woman flumped out of the doors “god it is so hot down there now, I think my ass is sweating” she grumbled her forced tongue fell from her pale lips and the guards at the doors stood there, one muttered something as Anaya’s red eye looked over at him then he went silent again. The only area of this whole castle that had really bloody tall guards, everywhere else there were simple human guards but here, unknown what they were what they were not was human. “I need clothing,” she said as she stood up her snow white hair falling on her face as she started to walk out of the room to a side chamber to nicely get dressed. Sam watched her every move and just stood there, she never noticed him anyway when she had other things on her mind. He ran his fingers through his dark hair and itched behind his ear “odd one she is” he said softly as one of the guards gave a gruff chuckle from under the full plate suit he had on. Sam walked behind Anaya and into the side room sneaking up behind her as she was putting on a nice long red dress that hugged and showed her hips and legs. He wrapped his arms around her and held out a simple book to her bound in leather with sexual images on the cover “and what is this for” Anaya said as she looked at him her dress only half on and her upper torso showing as his eyes were scanning it lustfully “a book on the training of slaves I thought we could get more, um…the two we had ran away and the other one is kinda sickly” “you broke the slave?” she said as she held the book and flipped a couple pages pulling up her dress over her chest and over a shoulder “no I just…I need something more hardy, maybe a male one this time, they are stronger right” Anaya rolled her eyes at her mate as her fingers flipped another page and then shut the book tossing it to a sofa “I don’t care who you dabble with anymore, if you want a male to break you can have one, if you want two you can have two, but they are to be cheap and worth little coin, I am not going to be the gold to your hobbit of breaking your toys” Sam looked at her a part of him was happy she over all let him fuck what ever he wanted to fuck but a side of him just wished she cared more, she used to care, back when Milla was around, back before Milla died now she was more distant to him. Anaya kissed her love softly and then left the hall leaving him standing there alone. Walking out to the main hall that one slave girl got brought her the leather bound black record book like they always did in the morning the duties of the night and all the workings. Anaya sat upon her throne and flipped the pages not even looking up till she could hear small foot steps and a red eye looked up to spot a girl in the hall coming in the doors, but she said not a word, just waited.

ViktorRolanov: Naavin laid along the large fur skin of his newly found cabin, it was in a small mountain just above the Dynasty, it was warm, cozy even, it had large fire pits and was well cleaned, thanks to Naavin, and he had cleared out the abandoned cabin that he found. It was oaken, and large, with stone floor and six fires inside, one in the middle of the cabin, one under the floors, each powered by logs, shoved into them, the floor around the fires were covered in recovered great bear pelts, that had easily four inches of fur for the pelts. The cabin was a decent hold for an elf or anyone of that matter, he would use it to retreat from the kingdom, but he felt he could not leave, as he felt he would be betraying his own morality, even though Sam, had already made him question much about himself in that short encounter of a day. He felt woozy and sick, from the potion, though his head clear with thoughts, his body laid back as he enjoyed the heat, it felt like a sauna, which was good for him. He lay with nothing but his loincloth, which was held together by two bits of string that went over his chiselled hips, the strong features of his body, the scars and damage from years of forgotten fighting over his body. Two long parts of mithril silk went down his body, hiding his crotch, and it danced around his ankles, it made for a nice look for him. He moved his arm to lay on his side, his hand going to his long, curled hair, putting his palm into it and stroking the hair on his head. He yawned softly as he had only recently awoken from his slumber and he was feeling quite groggy. He was well tanned and tall, he was looking at the window, with a door next to it, he could see everything from that window that the past from the kingdom, he softly dreaded the idea of Sam appearing at the window. He hoped Jeff would have finished his armour by now, he had a full day to do it, and the materials were all there, the adaptations would have merely been refitting and replacement of plates, the runes mainly undamaged on the armour, meaning he could wear it with the same powers as before. He had given a sigh as he remembered the encounter with the cultists, it made his skin crawl as he was trying to forget those memories from the day before, and he wished his old memories were back and those ones from yesterday were gone, but he would never be that lucky.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison's little form made its way slowly through she shadows between candle holders, her hair falling into her face and making her have to pause and blow it out of her face yet again, for some one skilled in archery she wasn’t good at much else, she was nearly flat chested and had barely any feminine shape to her at all, except maybe her abdomen. No matter how hard she tried she couldn’t get a single ab just a lean flat stomach, her top covered most of her flesh from the underside of her jaw to the end of her rib cage, the pliant leather buckled at both the beginning swell of her bare boobs and at the lower swell as well, under the arms of her top a silk bit of fabric was sewn into the design so that when she drew her bow the leather didn’t pinch or chafe and, in turn, hinder her movement, the same was the case of her pants, between her thighs little silk vents were sewn so that she could crouch without having to do too much adjusting. Three buckled straps of leather held a small empty dagger sheath against her thigh, she never carried daggers but it looked cool to her. A woman came into view just as she passed the third candle holder, she couldn’t stop and turn tail now, even though her pants were starting to feel less like hard tack and more like the second skin she was so used to, her bow bumped against her rump as she moved. Taking a deep breath, she approached the woman and paused. - Hello, my name is Madison, your guards let me in. -she wasn’t quite sure how to approach the situation, so she kept it as simple as possible. Straight to the point… Kind of. Did Madison dare speak more? The woman scared the tar out of her and she hadn’t even spoken yet… way to go Mads you coward. -

Guest_victoriacrowngua: The lady wearing the big red hoop dress, dark skin, and expensive jewelry was the last person you would see wondering a forest alone. She wasn't wondering she was escaping from her enemies. An enemy she had made personally. Like all humans, she was greedy for power and wanted it all. A powerful queen she was who ruled the Crown guard empire until it was ambushed. When hearing of an ancient legend of a locked away power she had to have it and what better way to get it than to steal it. This was her mistake for the kingdom she stole it from a launched an army upon her and killed everyone. The last thing she remembered was running and seeing her citizens running as well but none of them escaped like she did. She walked forward to never look back for it would remind her of her guilty past. She looked to the ground thinking about life not known where she was headed but forward. She looked up and into view came a castle. A magnificent one at that. Walking to the doors she knocked not to hard not to soft and waited.
Anaya: Anaya looked from her book, a red stabbing eye under white hair that fell in her face, the eye standing out like blood in the snow. She moved her hand and shut her book as she would read the rest of it later “guards open the doors there is another blood at it, smalls good so let it in” she gave a smile as the cold winter air brought in all the smalls from outside, it was nice really one of the few good quality’s of winter. Anaya’s eyes looked back to the girl standing there before her as she put her leather book down at her side and gave a pleasant smile her black tongue slicking into the air as she fixed her dress slightly “well, welcome then and what brings you here Madison you said your name was, and yes the guards at the doors are not overly bad, slow but not overly bad, I do hope they were not harsh on you, they can be very gruff” she tried to be nice but in the end the mask Anaya put on to the world was nothing more then that a lie to hide the fact there were scales under the skin but if anyone did look enough the red eyes screamed evil. Sam walked over behind his love as he had put his long black hair in a tight braded and flung it over his shoulder to hang on his back and oh he got dressed to…partly, his chest was showing as leather pants hung form his hips and he watched everything as the guards did not move. He gave a grunt and made his way to the doors to open them up for the new comer or comer’s. Sam pushed the doors open to see the guards the one half a sleep and the other one just paying no attention. “welcome to iron” he said as he looked down to the one in a dress, a bright red dress “well you look out of place in the snow, come in and what brings you here”
Guest_victoriacrowngua: She would smile and nod before she curtsied to him like she did to all people she met for the first time. She looked up and examined his appearance making sure to remember it if they ever met again. "Yes I guess you could say I look quite out, of place" she said with a British accent in her tone. she entered the castle and faced the man to make eye contact to show she was paying him her full attention. "Well my dear I was traveling and I came upon this place. My body would freeze to death if I stayed out there a second later so you have my thanks" she looked around seeing it was a tad bit dark for her style but it was only temporary perhaps but the future was not unfolded yet. She looked at the other woman with white hair a black tongue. She would be shocked to see a creature such as that. She honestly didn't know what it was but no matter if it tried to kill her she would have to reveal her secret power but she hoped it would never come to that. "Who might the lady over there be?" She asked Sam as she pointed.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison looked up at the woman, gosh being short sucked, the woman appeared to be nice enough even if the air of kindness was forced, the woman’s eyes were like nothing Madison had ever seen before and she seemed a little more, strict wasn’t the right word at all, nor was haughty…. She would figure it out later, but the woman didn’t seem to be the kind to be well kind.- They were fair enough as far as guards go, -Madison smiled lightly and shifted her weight from her left to her right. Weighing no more than ninety-five pounds there wasn’t much to shift. Taking in the woman’s appearance Madison figured she had to be some kind of royalty. Thinking about how to answer Madison continued. - Well Oddysee doesn’t like snow and as such I was forced to turn tail and go the long way around…. Cave trolls are hard to get around without being noticed on foot with nearly a twenty-four hundred pounds of fresh stallion trailing behind. So I ended up here, I needed a little warmth so that my pants would thaw out again. - she let a light maybe even strained laugh escape her delicate shell pink lips as she tucked her light oak hair behind her tiny ear.-

ViktorRolanov: Naavin rubbed his fingers along the fur of the pelt before he stood up slowly, standing at his full height as he finally had gotten rid of the laziness to stand up, he would head down to the castle for a few short moments, before he would come back here to begin some little endurance training. He had sighed as he walked to the dresser that was left in the place; it had his only clothes inside. His hands went to the handles of the wardrobe and opened it slowly, the oaken doors opened to a point that he could see inside and grab his clothing. He had grabbed his trousers first, pulled them over the loincloth, and sat snuggly in the mithril silk, the silk hugged his legs softly, but allowed perfect movement, as it had plenty of lengths to stretch. He had then grabbed the shirt and some other little things, like his mithril gloves and the mithril plated under boots for his armour. He pulled the mithril shirt and slipped the gloves over his fingers. Before stepping into the boots and walking toward the door of his small little cabin. The elf walked out of the cabin and slowly walked down the side of the mountain that was easy to scale, his footing impeccably accurate as he quickly scaled the mountains face and finally ended up in front of the kingdoms doors. Before walking toward them and seeing Sam, standing there his eyes tracked him harshly, but he tried to keep a normal posture. He had walked over toward the doors slowly as he would begin to rub his neck softly with his fingers, the fingerless mithril gloves touched his skin softly, they gave off enough warmth to survive in the cold, thanks to the wolf hide inlaid under the clothing, making them heated, but they would not overheat him in hot weather. He then spoke out to Samuel. “My lord, how are you this morn’?” He asked in general a question, his voice was soft and calm as he spoke out to the man in the doorway, seeming to be staring down a female and some guards.

Anaya: Samuel looked to the girl as she called him dear, his bright green snake like eyes twinkled at the pet name he did not like. But he ignored it she seemed nice enough, maybe to nice for this harsh place but they would find out in no time for sure. “she, that is Anaya, she is the ruler of here and all lands on this side of the world, there are a couple scattered areas she has yet to take over but they have given here power over them non the less. She is the one we all bow to, she is my Mate” he looked over to Anaya his frame standing tall as his dark hair hung down his back he was a very nice man to look at and did not seem to have the standard human flaws as the fact was he was not human after all. “so simply walking brought you to this cold place I see, you must be frozen it is good it is always warm here” he was being oddly kind, to kind. Pushing her hair behind her ear she sat there leaning on her elbows propped on her knees, she was slouching as mornings were annoying and she did not like them as they left a hole in her gut and a bad taste in the mouth. As the girl talked to her she smiled, it was a real one, it was good the trolls were doing the rounds and it was good the girl was able to get warm. “well the trolls work for me so I am sorry if they scared or made you change your rout any. They wonder the grounds keeping order and well breaking things.” she gave a slight laugh as she looked up seeing the elven male come in she did not pay much mind to him as he had gone right to Samuel witch she for sure did not mind, she wondered if Sam had sunk his claws into that poor guy yet. Anaya looked back to the girl “well you are more then welcome to stay and if you need a bed for the night we do have them, guest rooms are far from short supply many come and go here, I guess it is part of having a castle, just be careful you are mighty small, some of my guards do like small woman” she new Sam would like the girl if he could get his claws on her, he was one to lustfully trail after over all anything with legs and seeing he had already killed and broken his slave girls he would for sure be looking for more things to drag into a harem. “just be careful” she said softly as she looked back up to her Mate over in the Hall. Sam looked to the elf as he gave a grin “very well Storm, or was it Cross there was word on the wind that Jeff nick named you, poor boy. ” he said with a chuckle “maybe I should just call you poppet, fitting yes” he gave a toothed smile as the sides of his teeth the back teeth all shimmered with a point.

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ViktorRolanov: Hearing the nicknames’ he just shook his head, his long, elven ears flicked side to side, as they lowered at the names they gave him, he felt like the family dog at this rate, he might as well be one to these people he felt. He had given a soft sigh as he shook his head, his sigh was long and heavy, it was a bad time for him, being that he did not have his armour and Sam, seemed to be hammering down on him early. He had looked up to the draconic male with his soft and quite a vulnerable feeling complexion. He quickly bowed toward the king, his head moved down to look at the snowy floor as he raised his head, his body now turned to look at him. He had opened his lips to speak to the man with his soft and calmed tone escape his lips, giving off his words to the dragon king. Though his face and ears were cold from the weather and he let, his words come out with a shiver. “I just quickly came to get my armour, then refit it to my body in my new little home I found. I was checking to see if it had been completed. Do you know, my lord?” He spoke a lot more submissively as his temper had cooled off over night, and he did not feel too great himself, being how he was still recovering from the potion. He walked inside past the king, his footing quiet as he walked. While his hands came up to his own stomach and he rubbed his cold fingers with his hands, heating them up so he did not feel too cold from the snow outside, his feet, legs, arms and torso were fine, it was more his face, hands and ears. He had stopped a mere few feet from the man and looked over toward the Queen, not sure if he could see him or not, he had given her a short bow of respect, being he was far away, he did not know if she would see his humble respect towards her. He had then lifted from the bow and he turned back to Sam, Naavin looking at him quietly as he awaited a reply.

Guest_victoriacrowngua: She smiled at him "well I'm very happy for you and I hope you start a family that you will love and protect" thinking about what he said about being a powerful ruler reminded her of how she was a powerful ruler but that was in he past. A frown appeared on her face and she thought of crying but she had to remain strong and not show signs of weakness for showing a sign of weakness could make her seem and weak and they would try to kill her is how she perceived it. "Would you mind if I said hello to her?" He asked Sam. She didn't need a reply before she already started to walk elegantly to the woman named Anya. She was beautiful she had to admit that and looked as if she fit the role as well. Again she curtsied to her as her greeting "hello my name is Victoria Crown guard at your presence, former queen of the Crown guard empire" she said to her seeing that she was also busy with another woman but to her she knew herself was far more important. Victoria would sometimes think high of herself.

DayaAutum: -Sebastian, the Blackwoods lycan led the two parties through the castle. All were tired and in need of sleep, there green eyes weary, they had been out all night and day seeking for clues as to the whereabouts of kidnappers and followers of Nerull might be and now it was high time for the rest to take up the work and let them sleep. Their walk was still sell disciplined and their movements sharp. All wore the crude black steel armor of the Guards of the Blackwoods. It was not refined in appearance, but extremely well fitted and forged, and tempered. Good strong plate, and cleverly made in form and function if not the most stylish of armor ever made. Halberds in hand with a curious steel crossbow slung over their shoulders they traveled the halls to a room without windows were Daya Autum and the Blackwoods would be. The no windows, was, upon the request of Daya, one way in, one way out. They all stopped before the door, a few sniffed strongly at it, they had only been there once and wanted to certain it was in fact, where the others of their party were, especially after a long night and part of the day. Yuri being one of the ones who had been uncertain and sniffed about then raised her gauntleted hand and rapped upon the door, and noticing Sebastian gazing down about her she tilted her head but Sebastian grinned and only shook his head. He was tired too, and while he needed not to smell about so to know it was the right room understood her and others. His grin was in agreement with her need to sleep. The door opened and Sable waved them in to the room, the rest of the lycans in wolven form were stretching them selves by the hearth, having heard them knock knew the time had come for their turn at roaming the village and lands, finding what they may of this cult and the spy from their own lands, or at least, they thought the spy was still about. Daya herself standing by the fire warming her hands by it stretching her alabaster fingers tipped in long black nails that gradually turned to translucence at the ends of the long thick nail turned to view them from pale eyes with an eerie glow set in darkly sunken sockets upon her ghostly white face. Her lips stretched across her thin and very, very long protruding fangs in friendly smile -You have all been gone for some time, I trust that you have hunted your fill? - The scent of the kill of small wild animals was upon them, and perceptible to her - She nods at their conforming glances “Daya, we found nothing of the cult, nor is anyone yet willing to tell us of those who have been kidnapped, the woman who’s child we rescued was certainly helpful, while she was unable to persuade others about more kidnappings, she knew who the spy was. But they fled, Vester is one his trail now, but we dare not interfere with her as we need her to send that message back. But apparently she skipped town the moment she caught wind we were here. The room she rented was cleaned and empty, but we have her scent. It won’t be long till Vester trails her to where ever she is going. -Dayas smile broadened and she nodded as her black and blue lips twisted evilly - She will run to warn the cult no doubt that we are here. Our plan thus far while fruitless in other areas, is going perfectly in this. -She gazes upon Yuri who had swayed while she stood. And shifted her eerie eyes back to Sebastian and the others -Get some rest all of you, and send someone to relieve Vester and send him back for rest as well, we must keep ourselves fresh and alert now, for we might soon learn the powers that this cult might have obtained if they have grown beyond what is expected by our Royal Dragon Hostess. - She waved them good bye and left the room going down the hall. They had made no bows or curtsies to one another, the Blackwoods were lycans, such was not their custom, at least not amongst each other, such things were for show for outsiders. Her black clap flowed behind Daya in menacing swirls as if it were a shadow seeking to corrupt and consume what it might grasp as quick steps bore her to the throne room. -Queen Anaya- She half Bows and half curtsies to her, not too low, and keeping her eyes on her. Daya herself being considered Royalty, but making the gesture to her in acknowledgment that it was her castle and her Kingdom- I have some news of our search. –

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison blinked a little at the woman’s smile, this one seemed genuine, she was usually so good at reading people. Perhaps she was losing practice as she kept more and more away from people. - I do appreciate your hospitality; I may be small but I assure you I can take care of myself for the most part. Vertically challenged and swift as a rabbit… At least, that’s what the trader back in my home town used to say. Would you require payment for a room? -Madison asked as she reached for the small pouch at her side, granted there wasn’t much left after she had fed Oddysee and herself earlier in the morning, as two more beings joined them at the mouth of the entrance Madison slunk back so that she was at the back of the small gathering, the farther she was out of the way the less trouble she could talk herself into. Thinking back to the night before, she mourned her cloak, Oddysee had eaten a hole right in the back of it, a perfectly good cloak killed in action, she pouted a little inside and wished that he didn’t like the taste of cotton and silk. That horse really was dumb as a post and about as courageous as a rat. Madison watched quietly as an elven male approached then distanced himself, he didn’t look to well but that wasn’t her concern. A woman in red made herself known to the Woman from before, she seemed haughty and full of herself, another royal perhaps, maybe her ego was simply too large, she paid no attention to the woman in red as she watched the Queen and her mate all the while keeping the elf in her peripheral. Pulling herself from attention was her way of making herself a little safer, if she could disappear from the minds of the people present then she was safer than being present. -

Anaya: Lifting her head, the ruler looked up seeing some random girl come on over wall she was in mid talk with another. “take a chair I will get with you in a moment one in the red” Anaya was heartlessly cold, strong and cold, red eyes looked to the girl in red as Anayas face was empty, she had no expression other then moving her lips as she looked back to the one known as Madison as the girl was backing up Anaya’s one hand started to glow a slight blue and her fingers moved as if to give the gesture of come here with her fingers as one of the chairs behind moved across the floor right behind her to abruptly sweep her off her feet and place her right in front of Anaya’s throne “I was talking to you first, you are the most important right now, you need not pay for any room, and your steed can be kept in the stable as well as they have bin made new and larger then they used to be, but be careful the trolls are out there if you need aid I am sure Samuel or a guard can walk you out to be able to stable your trusted companion ” the red eyes of the ruler looked into the girls as the flames of the torches got oddly brighter, it may have bin the dragons temper but no one really could tell as Anaya did not show her feelings at all. Samuel watched the girl in red leave and just walk up to Anaya, oh boy would the girl be in for a shocker, Anaya hated royalty, found them to stuck up but he would be sure the girl would find out for sure. Samuel looked over to the elf and nodded his head “yes it is done, you can go get it but I wish you to do a task for me later, it is important and just between us, were is your resting place and I will seek you out later in the day” As Anaya payed attention to the girls The undead came into view, she smelled her a mile away, undead smelled of dirt even if they were clean. “we can talk on the matters of the cult in a moment, others matters come first, please take a chair Miss Daya” Anaya did not even turn her head to look at the undead, her mind was on the girl before her and of that royal she would handle next.

Guest_victoriacrowngua: Being surprised by her nature she quickly turned around as her heels clicked against the floor, with each step. She slumped down in disbelief. How could someone just ignore a royal like that? It made her frustrated but she could not show it too clearly. She sat up straight with legs crossed as well. Everything she did had to be perfect from the way she moved, talked, and looked. Not a single mistake for the slightest mess up could ruin her ego. She sat patiently as she stared at her nails with her bright yellow eyes which were once brown before but was now corrupted by magic. She glared at the girl Madison at the perfect time where only she could see her reaction.
CastAsideYourFear: -Madison let out a light shriek as a chair swept her feet out from under her, she held onto the seat of the chair as it slid across the floor, tucking her feet around the legs she held on for dear life. Halting before the queen in her throne Madison nearly fell off the chair as it stopped moving suddenly, she looked a little shocked as she blew the hair from her face, her eyes wide as she met the woman's, though she was scared shitless and a little confused Madison spoke calmly, though it took all she had in her not to studded- I thank you kindly, I’m sure if the stable is close I can find it on my own no real need for help. -Madison's knuckles had gone white from the force of her holding the seat of the chair, she attempted to look as calm as possible even as her hands refused to let go, well she could mark this off of the list of things she never wanted to happen again. She liked the lady well enough, she was kind of awesome in an odd scary kind of way, but scary magically propelled chairs…. She would remember never to do something to make it happen again, Madison noticed the lights but thought that maybe perhaps the flame had found a fresh place to burn and just went with it, she need not dwell on what could possibly be magic unless it was affecting her directly…. Like the chair. Way to go Mads you got swept off your feet… Literally.-

ViktorRolanov: He had looked at Sam, his eyes closing softly as he gave a soft nod towards the dragon king, his head tilting to the side as he walked further inside and looked to the right, seeing his armour. The new improvements of scale and large long new faulders, the metal was all shaven off and reformed to make, thinner, inch plates. The whole suit was given a thin coat of mithril-gold alloy, which made it shine, this was a nice look to him, and it was golden looking, making it look beautiful, epically on top of the black dragon scales. The helmet was lion-like and all pieces were double coated in dragon scales, giving it a brilliant look. He had given a soft sigh as he picked up the armour in his arms, it was extremely heavy, but luckily, he could awkwardly carry all the pieces of the armour. He could see the dragon leather and mithril chainmail, and the under plates being thick mithril too. He had given a slight nod toward the dragon king. Before speaking toward, him softly, his words careful as he told him of his current holdings, though very hesitantly, he did not honestly want him to know his resting place. However, he owed this man his life, and he owed him the reconstructing of the armour, even though Jeff was supposed to make it for him, Jeff had not really gone through with it. He looked at the dragon male, staring almost softly, his eyes captivated by the dragon; he hated him though a strange feeling in his gut arose. “I live on the mountain up there. If you come up, please, be careful, I would hate for to slip, my lord.” He had realised he was overly nice to the dragon king, his tone had gone from harsh and collected, to soft and gentle, it made him angry with himself deep inside. He had closed his eyes and waited for the dragon’s reply before he scaled back up.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison raised a delicate brow at the woman in red then mouthed slowly so that the woman could understand- You have a stain on your dress just there. - she made no motion as to where hoping the woman would search for a good long while, Madison gave a little smile before turning back and slumping into the chair, her full attention back on the queen. -

Anaya: Anaya could not help but smile as the girl’s reactions seemed to calm her tempered heart and the lights of the castle seemed to go back to normal. The girl made Anaya smile on the inside as well witch was very nice to have as it did not happen often and the best part was Anaya did not even know why. Maybe it was the newness in the girl as it was like the world just seemed new and big, it reminded her of her son so long ago when she first took him in under her wing. “Sam can go with you, it is not worry of you getting lost it is the trolls out there, they may wish to play with the new girl, so he will accompany you when ever you wish him to now to handle other matters” she looked over to the other royal and she would not offer the aid of moving the woman’s chair but simply moved her fingers to usher her forward “you may come up now and introduce yourself properly” as Anaya said what she did the girl got up with a turn of her dress she walked out the same way she came in as Anaya looked and blinked then could not help herself as she started to laugh as she moved her hand and cleaned the hair from her face, the first show of real emotion other then a simple smile, Anaya did have a heart, after all, it just was very cold and collected. Samuel looked to the laughing Anaya and could not help but smile as he turned his attention to the elf. “I will be careful do not worry” Sam could hear the softness to the elf’s voice, so harsh was he the other day, was he starting to fond for Sam? He had no idea but the action was the same. “I will seek you out later in the day, right now I am being called forth” he started to walk up to Anaya as he leaned down and bright green silted reptile like eyes looked at the girl still griping that chair like it was her life line. “lets replace the chair arm rest with my arm shall we miss, and we can go hitch your horse in a stall with some fresh hay and bedding. Let miss Anaya and the undead talk” he said in a charming like voice. Anaya looked over to the undead “Alright, matters of the problem in the town with the cult, there has bin a panting reported upon the wall with the blood of life stalk it was there yesterdays dawn and was cleaned, but other then that no reports have come to my desk, what have you found?” Anaya got right to the point, faster then talked and faster the undead was gone the better.

ViktorRolanov: He held the armour in his arms uncomfortably. His eyes were closed as he found his new set of armour to be quite pleasing to his eyes. This gave him much hope in the armour, especially as the suit was quite well made and had been given the enhancements he had wished for. This was a new start for him maybe; hopefully, this start would be his best chance of turning to a new life and finding his long lost memories of ages past. But maybe he should try and forget about finding his past for now, and more focus on getting a decent name in this holding as it would be quite a a helpful doe him to have allies at present. But Samuel seemed an ally enough for the time being, until the dragon was either tired of him or wanted him dead, he found the thought of being under the dragon oddly comforting to his senses, as he had rare on recent occasions had a reason to feel comforted about days past. Hearing Samuel speak, he simply bowed his head, beginning his quick and hopefully short journey up toward the cabin he had called home for now. His footing was again, precise as he travelled the mountain quickly, even though the armour weighed him down quite heavily, it would be an issue if he dropped a piece or slipped so he took it slow. However, once he was on the top of the mountain, he had walked to his oaken cabin and bumped the door open with his backside, opening it and allowing him to enter. He had moved inside slowly and carefully, putting the metal plate down in the middle of the room. He would begin to assemble the suit out on the ground and await Samuels arrival, he was worried about Samuel turning up, but he would make sure not to do so hungry. So he had begun to cook a meal, for two, he had begun gathering random little ingredients he found, dried fruit, salted meat and the left over flour and such, making some nice meals for himself for the morning and hopefully for when Samuel turned up, he would be able to greet him properly.
CastAsideYourFear: -Looking up still a little startled, Madison forced her fingers to release the chair. Faint pain lanced up her arm as her fingers cramped instantly at the release of tense muscles, hiding her discomfort she stood slowly unsure as to whether or not she was willing to go with a strange man out into the thigh-high snow, granted she would soon be with her beloved stupid stallion and she could use him as a shield if need be. She took the arm offered, her delicate hand resting on his forearm and making her feel even smaller in comparison. Her hand didn’t even come close to fitting over half his wrist, some times she wished she was taller or more filled out but then again what large breasted woman heavier than a large dog could stand in the trees on a thin branch and remain undetected? Probably some but it would be hard without some kind of magic. Madison fidgeted nervously biting her lip and flicking glances around the room, Men of any kind made her nervous, they were large and their strength could easily snap her in half like a twig, as a rule, she usually avoided giving them the temptation. - Lead the way Sir… -she squeaked softly as she waited to be led to the stables-

Anaya: Sam gave a smile as he looked at Anaya and she gave him that look, the girl was sweet she wanted her not to be broken or claimed in anyway by him and she made sure her eyes screamed touch her I rip your limbs off. Sam gave his Mate a nod as he looked down to the girl at his flank allowing her to hold his arm/wrist. “you are very small; the snow may be deep for you off the path parts come up to my waist” he was charming about it but not over doing it and laying on the sass, he was not allowed to lay that on thick as Anaya had made the look very clear to him this one was off limits and the last thing he wanted to do was anger her. “I hope the chair did not startle you much” he said as he opened the doors to the cold outside. “oh do you have a coat?”
DayaAutum: -Meeting Anaya’s red eyes with her own white eyes and their reflections from deep within her pupils, a result of the optic gel separating from the back of the eyes forming a reflective surface. Some Autumns had this, others did not, but it neither improved vision nor lessened it. Her ghostly hands rested upon the arms of the chair on either side, she lifted them almost idly and brought them together to rest in her lap as she started to speak - We have found no trace of the cult, but we have found the spy from our lands. It was a she, and she cleared her rented room and left as soon as I appeared, possibly out of fright -At those last words Daya’s eerie eyes set more strongly upon Anaya and her black and blue lips puled back and twisted in a most sinister broad smile upon deathly white skin of her face. - She knows what will happen should we find her, but find her we have. One of the Lycans is on her trail even now as we speak and will follow her to wherever she might roam to. I suspect straight to the cultists. If that is so we shall wait for no doubt a message will be arriving back in my own Lands soon, and if that is so, we shall seize upon the messenger and know all within the week and- Daya pauses her and lowers her face keeping her eyes to Anaya’s with a most unusual expression, and one of the most evil intent, but not towards Anaya- meet with them properly. But - Raising her hand Daya extends her forefinger in the air with warning - If the cultists have spies, or powers, or henchmen we know not of, my guess is that they will strike, for they will be afraid I think with what this zealot spies tells them. Be secure Anaya, and let not your guard down, not for a moment, and trust only those you know that you can. I need you here in the north, more than you know. You must keep these lands free of the evil nasties.
CastAsideYourFear: -Madison observed the silent exchange between mates, then tilted her head at him, everyone just had to mention her vertical challenge. - I am small, yes but all the better to take up less space, the less space an object takes the less it will be noticed, the deadlier the object the larger the mistake to ignore it. -Madison used her bow with deadly precision. In the last city she called home she was employed by the King to take care of those who would cause problems, she had to be discrete and she had to remain unseen. No one questioned if a low life died in his own home. Her arrows were small enough that they nearly went unnoticed if she broke the arrow at the tip and left the head inside, it would look like a scratched pimple as long as no one dug inside. - The chair was quite frightening…. Never been swept off my feet like that, would love for it to never happen again -she laughed a little even as the laugh was tinged with slight fear- Oddysee ate my coat -she frowned remembering the horror of finding it in his mouth and the stupid look on his face as she took it away- Stupid horse…. My favorite cloak too.

Anaya: Samuel grabbed his own coat off the rack at the side of the door before they headed out and gave it to the girl it was big and black and fur lined. “it may be big for you but it is warm as hell, and if you need it you can keep it, or I can have one made for you the tailors here are very skilled” ((think of game of thrones crow cape/coat)) he started to walk out the door the stable being to the left of the castle doors and a bit in the distance the snow just tinkling down as they walked. “and yes, Anaya is very freighting, but she seems to have taken a liking to you, I am guessing it is due to you being small and polite and you take her as something to be worried about, she likes that to her it shows you have your wits about you and you are not one of the people she can’t stand like that other brod, take on the world I am better then it all nothing scares me, keep it up and you will have a wonderful say in her lands, she will be sure of it” Anaya looked to Daya as the woman talked and jabbered on with the hate in her emotions, but Anaya stayed cold looking at her as she pushed her white hair behind her eyes “there is nothing that can brake the walls of iron, even if rats get in they get killed within the walls before they can truly do much damage. I will keep the pests down here and send out word so the trolls and guards know, I will also send fighters to town to walk the streets to pick up anything out of the norm. when you find the leader of the cultists or any head figure bring them here as I wish words with them myself, they will be locked in the starving pits here and meet their fate slowly. I do hope I am clear in my words” Anaya’s red eyes looked into Daya’s dead white orbs as she hated looking at them but did not break contact, even if the undead was needed here she still hated having it in here halls.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison pulled the cloak around her shoulders watching it pool about her feet like a puddle of black ink. - I would hate to rob you of a cloak, It could be because I have given her no reason to dislike me…. The woman in red…. - Madison cringed as she grabbed the reigns of her lovingly stupid horse, he knickered happily and nudged her shoulder with the tip of his nose nearly knocking her on her face- Damned it Oddysee I love you too but do you have to be so rough? -she asked chastising the horse though her tone was soft and tipped with the love she had grown for the massive idiot- I like it here despite the scary chairs, it's safe even though Cave Trolls roam about…. I doubt they would even notice if they stepped on me. -she shivered a little at the thought of being paste at the bottom of a troll foot- Yack, horrible thought, -Madison removed her arm from his and placed it on Oddysees nose as he laid it on her shoulder-

DayaAutum: -Leaning back Daya leans to one side and swings her hand to her face placing her index finger to her chin and gazes to Anaya, her brows relaxed now and her eyes although still eerie, questioning almost like a puppy - I have gathered that these cultists are a bit, suicidal Anaya. It may be hard to capture one alive. -Raising both hands to the side, her palms inward she exhales and lets them fall upon the arms the chair - Nonetheless I will make capture of a leader a priority and try to bring them to you, however, I will not leave them in a dungeon, it is my request that none live before I leave. They need complete and utter extermination Anaya. It was these cults of the fallen gods that preceded the greatest invasion of dark creatures and a rise of demonic undead the world has ever known. Anything less than utter extermination is most unwise – Daya’s voice was much calmer as if the swatch to her lusting for the cultists carnage had been shut off. Her emphasis was on the word most. She was now hoping to appeal to Anaya’s better judgement in the matter. -

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Guest_victoriacrowngua: Slamming the doors open Victoria marched in with a huff not owing attention to anyone walked bye. The only person she paid attention to was Madison by giving her a death glare making sure her yellow eyes burned into her soul somehow. She plopped down on a nearby seat far away from Madison with her arms crossed and chin raised to the sky. The stain was almost gone but you could still se it very faintly. "Hello everyone" she said as a devious smile spread across her face and she looked at Madison longer than anyone else. "It's great to return to your humble abode" she said to Anaya. She continued to smile suspiciously as she examined her nails making sure each one didn't have any jagged edges and were all the exact same length then the other. Raising her hand, she snapped "Servants!" She called out. "My dear do you not have any servant to do your work for you?" She asked shocked.

Anaya: Sam gave a laugh as he picked up the girl abruptly and popped her on the back of her house as he took the rains from her simply so she could get out of the snow that would be over her waist line. “sorry if I am being rude in this just handling you like a doll, but better to keep you dry and the trolls are out” Sam’s hand pointed over to there left side about 20 feet form there position a lombering scared faced cave troll dragging his feet walked over across there path his feet smashing into the ground as his eyes locked with Samuels and Sam’s eyes flashed bright green for a moment as the troll gave a grunt and thumped his foot harder into the ground but kept walking as Sam’s upper lip curled showing the pointed teeth inside. As the troll grunted and walked off Sams eyes dimed and his mouth went back to normal “they are stupid things but they know order and that is what is needed of them, Anaya keeps them for muscle on the grounds, tell them to kill or smash something and it gets done in a rush, there is one of them that is said to have some sort of brain in its thick skull but it has yet to show it to any of us, but there has bin word it really talks and thinks.  And for Anaya, she is really simple in truth, you are nice and polite to her, she is the same back and may even protect you, if you are a rude shit you end up dead someplace. But that is what you get with us dragons” it was the first time Anyone had said what they really were and dragons being a race not many even new were still around it was almost shocking to see one.  Anaya looking at Daya sat up strait and her nose crunched a bit making her over all facial expression look over all in disgust, but it went back to normal as she flicked her forced black tounge in the air “once you bring it here it will go in the pit, with walls 20 feet high I am sure it will die in no time, we can shove one of the dogs down there to kill it so it will be dead before you depart to return back to your lands. It will die as well as the reminder of the cultists will. as well, it will be best when we gain more information…” Anaya paused as the girl from earlier that had left stormed in the doors clanking as she left them swinging, Anaya’s brow lifted as the girl was looking at a servant who had her back turned in a chair (Madison left to go outside to the stable with Sam, so what you thought was her was a servant girl siting in a chair XD) the servant girl could feel the glare as she turned around shocked and then ran away to do her duties. Anaya’s eyes looked to the royal as her attention was off Daya for a moment. Anaya picking up some of her gown from the floor ripped off a hunk of dirty cloth and dunked it in a day or so old horn of water that had bin siting on the arm rest of her throne from the other night.. she took it rung it out back into the horn then tossed it to the girl as Anaya’s red eyes got brighter. “I have thousands of servants girl, but none of them will serve your needs till you give them reason to go against my will of them” Anaya moved her white claws as the darks of her eyes shimmered and flickered a faint gold as she watched the girl siting there.

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DayaAutum: -Nodding Daya raises her naked ghostly hand upon her forearm gently arching it to her face where she rests her forefinger with it’s long black thick nail upon her chin resting it there almost hyper extending it. Her gauntlets being left back in her room. - Yes interrogations are wise Anaya, I will bring as many as I can back to you that might have knowledge that might be of any use, would you prefer one or two others so the useful ones might see horror of the fate of those lacking any knowledge useful to us? -Her thin black brow raises calmly, only a little and in a manner of polite questioning, her eyes were soft, and helplessly eerie as she politely waited for her answer. -I will of course show you what messages are intercepted back in the Black Kingdoms, it will be copies only, written on rune parchment. The runes will reproduce whatever is written upon parchment that we brought with us. -she lets her thin forefinger slide from her chin and her white hand fell softly to her lap of black onyx plates and she tilted her head of wild and soft black hair- I imagine that those messages will likely be our best source of information Queen Anaya. What I am most interested in however is how exactly this cult arose, Nerull is not exactly one that has a following in most parts. The cults of old were completely destroyed. Perhaps it’s source is other worldly? If so this too must be hunted down.  -The swinging doors slamming open caught Daya’s attention, she swung her pale face with it’s sunken eyes to the woman entering and raised her brow firmly at her words. Her black and blue lips twisting pleasantly at Anaya’s rebuttal. She did not answer, it was not her house and the damsel was not her problem. She did however raise her hopes that just maybe she might find herself on the dinner menu. Her lips trembled slightly at the thought and the corner of her eyes drew back widening her eerie gaze-
Guest_victoriacrowngua: Again in a huff she stormed out to search for Madison. She completely didn't understand why anyone would not listen to her, a queen for goodness sakes. It was chilly and she held her arms as she felt the goosebumps rise upon them. Icicles hang from the tree limps which twinned in the chill of the breeze. While wondering she finally spotted her in the stable after trudging in the deep snow. "There she is" she said as she marched to her in her heals. She didn't grab boots, or a coat or anything just whatever she was wearing which was probably not smart to be honest. She continued to March until she was only a few feet away from her and she pointed to the faint stain on her dress "look what you did! This is your fault my favorite dress is ruined!" She started to raise her hand as of to work her magic but then realized she wasn't worth it and she would regret it. She closed her eyes and took a long deep breath. She slowly lowered her palm and closed it. "Just a, ways watch your back darling" she said to her.

FiliaSaton: Born of a litter of four mystic was the only female of the group her mother did not take long to ween her and her brothers of white and orange, and it was not hard for them to find adopted families of their own. But no one had wanted a kitten of all black. She was pushed away for her color and often abused. This worn the poor kitty down and broke her heart many times. she new what other creatures called her when they say cursed, bad luck, and so on. It was not true she never brought bad thing to others, but superstitious always wins. When her brother was gone she was finally pushed from the only home she new and now but a young little kitten she was to wonder the streets alone. It was the smell of food that lead her to this castle with her building soo big she did not think she would be notice. As she looked about to fine a small hole where she could sneak in. Her little blue glowing eyes caught sight of a large rat. It was only instinct now for the small kitten to give chase. This gave the rat reason to run and it did so throw a small hole in the base of the castle. This was a hole that the rat had made its self as all rats do to gain entrance into the castle. The rat ran straight to this hole and then as mystic fallowed. Mystic was now in the castle and soon popped out of the castle walls still chasing the large fat brown rat. Mystic now in full huntress mood did not notice she and the rat were heading straight in to the throne room. She did not even notice her little body chasing the big rat around the throne and under the feet of the ladies who were sitting there.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the girl that left to go outside not grabbing a thing “that stupid girl will freeze to death, I am sure my mate can handle that amount if arrogance” Anaya let out her breath as her body calmed down, that girl was going to be luckier going up against Samuel then she would be going up against Anaya that was for sure. “there were story’s that this cult was made after the god worshipers converted for some reason finding more action being done in the blood god then their holy lord was giving them. There were words in the wind that they prayed for action and then we had a castle water pipe breaking that flooded all the lower chambers long ago, it gave them some sort of ill placed faith in the blood god so then the vandalism to the castle walls started and just have not stopped, they wish the blood of dragons to do some sort of right to bring there god back from the other side. But that is all just story’s and no one has known enough about them to be able to pit the bits together. But we do know before now they worshiped the human god, they did no wrongs and loved the lord of light, all they did was stick up pickets and sing to get him to release them from the rain of the tyrant dragon, being myself, even if it is my coin that feeds them and keeps the shops running I am sure they have forgotten that part of it all” Anaya could not hold back her chuckle as she leaned back in her throne putting her fingers on her flat belly a part of her missing the bump that was once so large she used to rest a plate on it. She looked down as she saw a cat running around under her feet and she lifted a foot so it would not run right into her, funny little thing it was, she did not even know the castle had cats it must have bin a stray but she did not mind it at all being here, would for sure keep the rats down. Meanwhile outside Samuel was walking the horse over to the stable and just opening the stable door with miss Madison on the back of it walking along nicely. That girl from before walking up to there side made Sam stop and look she looked so angry it was funny “you worthless snobby brat, so entitled you place yourself when you are on others lands, you are lucky you don’t get collared here and forced to live in the pig pens, I would not pet my dick in something as ugly as you. Now if you raise a hand to this girl again I will rip it from the socket and force it down the same mouth you will not close. Now go back in the castle you repugnant girl and get the queen to nicely give you a gown to wear, something that is fitting you and in hopes not your attitude as you would be best fit in a slaves rag. You have made that dress wet and worse then it ever was and you will kill yourself due to your own need to be on top.” Sam’s upper lip curled as he would in no way handle disrespect from one that believed she owned the place when she owned nothing but the garments on her back. He turned his back to her as he opened the door and allowed the horse to make its way inside.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison let her jaw drop for just a moment as Sam came to her defense, she had to fight back a giggle at his words, then she turned herself and let the inner bitch out even as her voice was as calm and soothing as warm milk to a cold kitten. - How is it my fault that gaping hole in that sloppy slab of flesh you call a face cant hold the garbage you slop in there? I simply pointed out on of your many flaws. -She smiled warmly as she tugged her coat about herself noting that the woman had run out in the cold without even boots to cover her feet, she really was a snotty royal then, this place may have just gotten a little more dangerous for her.- Ill watch my back while you watch your front… Perhaps chew with your mouth shut? - Tilting her head she watched the woman open then close her mouth several times, her face pink with cold or perhaps anger, then turn away and storm off towards the castle disappearing into the doors. Madison shook her head and turned to Sam her head bent towards the ground and her hands held in front of her- Thank you kindly for sticking up for me…. You really didn’t have to. I apologize if my words were harsh and out of place but that woman really brings out the worst. -she slid down to the dry grounds of the stables, her boots slightly coated in mud now. She adjusted her pants around her legs then smiled lightly as Oddysee did the rest walking right into a pen and finding the food. - Safe rest for you my friend - She smiled brightly and giggled a little-

DayaAutum: -Daya inhales deeply and closes her eerie eyes under sunken eyelids. It did little to take away from the overall effect of being undead as her eyelids were disscolored upon a ghostly deathlike face with those black and blue lips stretched over the thin and monstrously long fangs of hers. She pauses remaining in deep thought. SHe speaks with eyes still closed as if in mental anguish -Anaya, with this information, their plan is ever so obvious. Who’s blood do you suppose they wish to use? With this god they could raise even you from the dead. Do you not see what they have in mind? -Slowly Daya opened her eyes looking towards Anaya, her demeanor had changed. She trembled and was clearly nervous. -If they know how to bring forth Nerull into this world, wouldn’t they also be able to summon forth other monstrosities? - She exhales and lets her hand drop upon the arm of her chair, not lightly but not enough for it to damage anything either. She lowers her head and shakes it before looking up again at Anaya - I fear they have grown more powerful than I had imagined Anaya. -She looked down as the cat scurried across the floor, the sight giving her some relief from her thoughts as a soft weak smile ran across her grotesque lips only to vanish-

Anaya: Samuel could not hold back a laugh as the girl had rushed off into the castle doors and vanished more then likely anger filled at there rude statements to her, but the girl earned it and Sam smiled looking at the girl as she put the horse in the stall “we will be sure to have hay given and feed as well, all the horses are well cared for. And it is good you have a fighter inside of you, if you were soft here you would get eaten, you need a fighter’s heart to be able to last in this place dragons don’t like weakness” Sam was right, Anaya as well as himself would not handle weakness when it came to matters and in truth if the girl would have rolled over and took the girls comments to her Sam would have more then likely had the girl shipped off in the morning, but now she was earning her stripes here and Sam would be sure to bring it up to Anaya that the girl could handle herself when needed.  “so alright let’s head back and out of this cold before you turn into a icicle” he gave a chuckle. Anaya looked at Daya and at the cat and then back to Daya as she talked and it was clear that Daya was thinking things over and trying to control her anger as well as worry for her own lands. But Anaya had no worry “the words they give are just words in the wind there is no backing up facts to it all till we gain a spy from there keep or a leader of some sort to interrogate and gain information from, no need to get a head of our selves, I am fully knowing in the fact they wish my head but I am also fully knowing that they can’t get it. I hardly ever leave my walls, I don’t even tred out of the halls to see my alliances, the only time I leave is to public events were it would be to much a risk to try to kill me. As well as the fall out of trying such a feet would be destruction upon the town they call home, it would be stupid to do things such as that on there part.” Anaya wanted to say something about the fact she was brining a child into the world that no one new about but she kept her mind off that and did not allow the undead to be able to know that. “and for killing my mate he is not a true dragon, a Wyvern would not grant the blood needed to allow there task to succeed and I have killed every dragon in the lands here, there has only bin a black dragon witch was killed not long ago and it was burned in the town center a couple nights ago, and dragon blood goes sail when the dragon does and the magic is gone, they would need to take it wall the dragon is still breathing. ” she wiggled her foot taping the cat in the backside as she gave a light smile.

FiliaSaton: The rat was now backed against the back of the throne chairs leg mystics fuzzy black ears could hear the fearful beat of its heart as she growled and drew closer to the now screeching rat. Her mouth would open and the rat would see her bright white teeth, which against her pure black fur the teeth seem to glow brightly. The rodent trembled and search as she slowing and confidently creeped up on it. Mystic love the end of the chase best. Rats were the one creature that feared her and she loved to watch as it trembled before her. Mystic then lunged forward as her mouth aimed for the poor rat’s brown furry throat. As she landed her teeth griped tight on his neck as it would kick and scream, while mystic slowly choke the life from its body. Soon its heart would take its last beat and the lungs stop taking in air. The rat was not more then a corps in mystic’s mouth. She felt such pride as she drug out this dead beast in front of the throne. It was then she notices she was not alone. She also notice they had not smack her rear with a broom ether. Hmmm she thought maybe they think I’m cute. “meow” she called out as she turn to see the woman sitting in the throne. “meow” she cries out again as her teeth grips tighter on the rodent. The kitten turn to see a woman of pale white skin and hair as black as mystics own fur. Mystic did not understand much of what was spoken as her tilted head would show this.

CastAsideYourFear: -Smiling as Oddysee nuzzled her shoulder over the gate she rubbed his ears and stepped back offering a comforting- Good boy -before she turned to Sam and smiled brightly- I wont take such rudeness, first the glaring when Lady Anaya set her aside to sweep me off my feet with the chair and now the blame for her sloppiness…. I don’t like her kind not in the least. -sighing she pulled the cloak close and prepared to step out into the cold, this event however made her feel like maybe she would be alright here, she wouldn’t rely on Sam or Anaya to defend her but she appreciated that he would stick up for her. The first step back into the cold was alright it was when she got to the deeper snow that she worried that maybe she was too small to be making ventures out into the cold all the time…. Maybe she would visit the tailors in the evening to better suit herself for the winter months. –

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DayaAutum: -The faint smile Daya had a moment ago reappeared a bit broader as the rat screamed it’s last, she watched as the cat drug it’s prize out from under Anaya’s throne and presented it. Anaya’s words did little to comfort Daya, but she nodded to her appreciating her logic in the matter, not to jump to conclusions. But Daya knew all too well, the zealots had their own ways of finding her enemies that might have power, and their spy was indeed seeking this cult out. The rumors fit perfectly with what little she knew of them. -It may be this cult started those rumors out of their hopes, and not on sound knowledge. But the examples I have from our history warrant caution regarding them. If there is no other dragon than yourself then works to our advantage as they must both kill you and take your blood for the ceremony in a single night, a simple assassination will not do for them. It may be a more careful examination of their vandalism is in order, has it been tested for magic? The strength and sophistication of any magic may give us some clue as to their progress in their powers of their dark arts and shed light on whether they would have the true knowledge to whether they actually can call forth this fallen god - As the cat looks upon Daya with its blue eyes she takes notice of it and slowly reaches down as if she might pet the animal but turns her wrist offering her to smell her fingers, undead though she might smell, many animals shunned undead, but some, particularly those of black color did not she waited to see the animals reaction-

Anaya: Sam looked to the girl and as they walked he picked her up and put her on his shoulders helping her get back to the castle his cloak capeing over his back as he sat her on his shoulders “that girl, if she comes back, will last a week here max and that is if she keeps her tongue in her mouth. Last rude person that was here that would not be silent Anaya took their tongue and cut it off then had the tailor sew it to their face made sure they were taken care of properly so they would not die or bleed to death then forced them to walk the kingdom halls as the court jester for two weeks before she killed them with a rusted spear one of the guards left behind. If that girl, that snob royal keeps it up she is going to get killed before the night’s end, well that is if she comes back” he stepped high in the snow as it came up to about his knees and with broad muscular shoulders the girl had a nice strong base to sit on. Anaya leaned back in her throne moving her back from side to side as she had an itch, it was fully unladylike but when you had to itch you just had to, she stopped and then relaxed in her throne as she pulled out the leather bound black book from her side and placed it on her lap running her fingers over the cover and spine. Anaya looked over to Daya and to the cat and the last calls of the Rat, it was nice the rat problem was being kept under wraps “so far the only thing upon the walls has been simple blood, cow and goat and some human remains have been found under the blood words but there has been no symbols of the sort and everything was able to be simply washed off with soap and water. And it is true that myself being the only dragon for a very long while makes me a target larger than most, so at least we will know where they will be. Now it is meal time I do think, so please if you are hungry head to the meal wing, I believe it is stew this morning with boiled eggs and salted pork” Sam walked in the doors with the girl on his shoulders as he did not put her down “lady said there were eggs and pork to the food” his ears could pick up food a mile away and he liked pork as he gave a chuckle and brought her even if she did not want to go to the dining hall.

CastAsideYourFear: -Wriggling a little to settle herself between the curve of his neck and his shoulder joint Madison put her arm behind his neck and held onto the material of his shirt on the other side, she looked down at the snow coming up to his knees and realize she would probably be up to her waist now. In which case she might as well have thrown on a swimming suit and just swam through it back to the castle, she smiled a little more now feeling a little more comfortable around the massive mate to the intriguing and terrifying woman who ruled the land. She had only made one enemy so far and her faithful friend was warm and well-taken care of… Maybe later today she would come back and brush the road dust from his shiny black coat. - I can't say that she wouldn’t deserve to have her tongue cut out…. I just hope if something happens I won't have to witness. I wouldn’t want to get royal ooze all over my pants, that stuff doesn’t come out you know -she giggled a little, she didn’t want to see the woman hurt but if she didn’t cut the crap it was really likely it would happen. Madison wasn’t going to push or stop it, whatever happened was on the Queen and her Mates orders and theirs alone…. Madison would shed no more blood unless she absolutely had to.- Oh, food -Madison chirped as she contentedly sat on the man's shoulders, she hadn’t even realized they had entered the castle until they were heading to the dining hall.- I could eat a moose. -she laughed as she perched on the shoulders of the large man-.

FiliaSaton: The little kitten was feeling pretty good right now as she had not been thrown off the lap of the lady with the black hair. As she looked to see the lady lower her hand to her in such a soft manner. The black kitten purred softly and reached up to nuzzle her muzzle against the black haired lady’s hand. The hand was cold, but it was not being curl to her, nor was it trying to toss her aside. Cold or not the kitten was loving the attention and soon she would test the grounds of the lady on the bigger chair. Her mind would wonder if this pale lady would pet her would that lady do the same. Mystic would rub against the lady with the black hair’s hand first before jumping down. As she jumped down mystic left the dead rat in the black haired lady’s lap. Her tiny paws hit softly on the ground and she made her way to the bigger chair. But then she heard a word she knew all too well what it meant. “meow meow” she would call out and watched as others headed to the dining room her ears twitched as she tilted her head and again heard the word food. Mm.. Thought the kitten as she wondered what the other words meant she did seem to feel that the black hairs lady was Daya and the other that had the rat under her chair must be Anaya and the kitten seem to think it might be Anaya castle. Oh how mystic was enjoying herself. Mystic tried to show this the best was she knew how by purring as loud as possible and rubbing against anyone near her feet -

DayaAutum: -Allowing the cat to pet herself against her she softly cups her hand and strokes it’s ears feeling it’s warm body heat warm the skin of her fingers. It was a treat to her, feeling the warmth within her flesh until it had jumped down. Rising from her seat she stepped away dragging her black cape behind her letting it flow from the chair like a dark shadow lingering behind her until it fell about her black armor. -Unfortunately, Anaya, my, diet is somewhat different than that of soup and ham and eggs. I have brought stores of what I need and don’t worry, I am certain it will last till those cultists provide more for me. I won’t be offending good citizens during my stay -She stops and gazes towards Anaya setting her bare hand upon the plate hanging from her hip tilting her head, her lips stretching devilishly tightening across her teeth with soft supple bands of hideous black and blue -Although I must admit _Daya added deliciously- that one childish woman in the red dress was, most tempting. Elven is a rare treat.

Anaya: Sam wondered to himself what it would be like to fly with this little one on his back, would he even feel her there, would it be to dangerous to go on a trip with her, he did enjoy others on his back as many many years ago he did have a rider and Wyverns were made to be ridden but no one had dare put a saddle on his back ever since then. But it was still a nice thought on how it would turn out. As Sam walked into the dining hall he paused looking back at Anaya as she got up from her chair and started to walk over to the dining hall her gut talking much louder than she was. “if the girl comes back you can eat her, I hold no need for people who don’t know how to hold their tongue and be respectful to one's higher than their elven backsides” she paused for a moment “unless she wishes to repent for her wrong doings then she can be brought to me” then Anaya moved from her throne which such grace, her long legs carried her with poise as she held the image of a woman. Sam smiled as he watched her and held open the door for Anaya as she went in the sweet smell of the meal cooking filling the air. As Anaya walked past them and Sam joined at her side holding the little Madison on his shoulders Anaya gave a smile and looked at her “I hope Samuel was not to hard to you and did not do anything foolish” she gave a grin knowing full well how much a horn dog her mate was and would not be shocked if he tried to get in Madison’s pants even on the first day of knowing her. Anaya moved over with Sam at her flank to the tables laid out to the side as she let out a long breath like sigh, it was the same thing every day and in truth most of the time got rather dull, she wished to go to other lands sometime and maybe one day she would but for now, it was eggs and pork. She took some slabs of pork from the table and put it onto her tray and then grabbed two eggs and did the same. Sam grabbed a dish filling it with stew an egg and a chunk of salt pork and handed it up to Madison on his shoulders, thinking of her before he did himself. He paused holding the dish for her as Anaya gave him the look or really, I thought your gut always cam first she then gave a light chuckle.

FiliaSaton: Mystic followed Anaya and the others she was with. Her little paws would tap on their leg as she stood on her hind legs to try and see what her little black nose was smelling in the air. Walking on her back legs as she tried to get a good look. She was not able to stand too long on her back legs and she feel back. It was hard being so small but mystic did not give up so easy. She looked around for a higher advantage point. She sat down and licked her little black paw as she looked around. The smell of the food was drawing her in as she so wanted to get up on the table and eat too. This would be pushing it she thought but maybe if she sat on a chair no one would notice her there. it took a bit for the small little kitten to climb her way up on the chair and she first sat quietly on the chair then she would slowly peak her head up. Then she would place one paw on the table and wait to see if she notices. Soon she would be put both paws on the table and again wait to see if she would notice. The food was truly smelling wonderful it was also tempting the cute kitten as the sweet smell keep drawing her in. She arched her body a bit higher on the table and waited to be noticed.

Guest_victoriacrowngua: After sitting and thinking about her situation she decided to head back inside and maybe apologize. She didn't want any enemies for she experienced what having enemies did. She lifted up her dress and walked to the dining room to avoid tripping over it and spotted everyone in the dining hall. She pulled up a chair right next to Madison to see if she would accept her kind approach. "You mind if I sit here darling?" She asked kindly. She didn't wait for a response for she already sat there. "My behavior was quite uncalled for earlier but so was yours too. We both need to learn to be more respectful toward each other especially you my dear" she said to her trying not feel guilty herself. She watched everyone munch down and waited for food herself if Anaya would allow her servants to feed her. Once thinking about food her stomach roared and she realized she hasn't been in hours after escaping from her burnt kingdom. She held her stomach as if it would silence it "goodness me my apologies" she said.

DayaAutum: -Daya stayed in the Throne room as the others gathered to dine. She had felt something fall to the floor as she stood and gazed down towards her feet. She bent down and picked up the tail of the dead rat between her forefinger and thumb and standing lifted it up before her face. The scents of elven flesh swept before her and lowering the rat she turned her gaze to the dining area. Her black lips trembled slightly as Victoria entered the room and her pale white followed her luminescent with the reflections of the castles torches upon the walls. As she made her attempt an apology, her lips stilled in their trembling. She stood there in her surprise and then slowly went on her way, her cape swirling to match her swaying hips and rippling as her armored feet landed upon the hard stone floor on her way back to her room where most of the Blackwoods would no doubt, be resting. She handed the dead rat to a guard who in surprise and curiosity took the rat before he realized what is was and headed up the stairs to send the rested lycans out to town to further the investigations. -

They all had gotten to the table and sat and Sam had made himself a dish of stew as well and brought it over sitting down along with Madison. As Anaya sat there the small cat was being, well a cat and she could not help but smile taking an egg from her plate with a claw and putting it on the chair for the little thing to eat. As the woman from before came over to the table and confronted Madison Anaya could feel the tension and Sam had already put his arm around the small girl’s waistline protectively. Anaya wondered if he did so due to his own secret wants or if he did so due to some feeling he had, some need to protect the small. Anaya watched the girl sit there as her gut turned “no one will serve you your meal, even I get my own meals, you have legs, learn to use them, then if you wish we can dress you a bit better then you are” She said with a hiss to her words as she put a chunk of pork in her mouth.

CastAsideYourFear: -Madison paused the silver fork at her lips and raised a delicate brow, Sam’s arm found its way around her waist and she took comfort in this. Madison mulled over the woman’s still egotistical apology, it was still an apology but it sucked, like a carp in a scum pond. Madison opened her mouth and let the words flow. - As I remember it was you who attacked first, though I do accept your apology, I will myself not apologize for defending myself. -with that Madison finally took the third bite of food savoring the feeling that bloomed in her stomach, looking over at the little black kitten she would tear off a bit of pork and set it beside the egg on the seat of the chair, continuing her meal soon the plate was empty and her stomach quieted its insistent roaring, for a little person she could pack away a lot of food, tucking a bit of oaken hair behind her tiny shell of an ear she sat quietly contemplating the change in the woman’s attitude. Would there be more insults? Perhaps she regretted the butt chewing Sam had given her…. On your way Mads just keep you to yourself, she reminded herself inwardly-

Guest_victoriacrowngua: It wasn't what she wanted from Madison but it was good enough she thought "thank you" she said to Madison before getting up and getting her food. She picked small portions so she could watch her figure. She sat back down picked up a fork and ate it piece by piece cutting everything up evenly. Chewing with mouth closed she focused on the meal before her. Occasionally she would pour herself some tea and drink it carefully with a pinky raised in the air. Once finished she turned to Anaya and thank her for the food "thank you, my dear, the food was delicious" even though she still didn't understand why she was so disrespected here it was all she had for now and where else would she go at that?

FiliaSaton: Her little blue eyes would fallow the claw with the egg and mystic would sniff it as the claw laid the egg on the seat. As her paw no longer rest on the table mystic laid down on the seat as she ate her egg it was not long before another meat was set on her seat she began to purr a sweet song as she eats. This kitten was happy and very content in this castle. She had long forgotten about the rat and was now gnawing on the meat set before her. She finishes she licked her paw then stroked it along her fur softly as she listens to the sounds around her. When finished grooming mystic would stretch out and rub her soft fur along the chairs back as she let out a sweet “meow” in a thankful way her purrs would rumble from under the table as she curled up into a little black fluffy ball of fur on the chair she had been eating on. As she curled up her blue eyes would grow tired and her little head would seem to weight her down. She would soon loose the battle and her little kitten body would drift off to sleep. This would have lasted but as she stretched out and dozed deeper into dream land she rolled off the chair and landed on the floor. But still tired she curled around the leg of the chair and this time made her way to dream land -

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JeffLynixDeLaRose: Jeff sat up in his room, staring at the knapsack that he had packed a few nights prior to tonight. The baby blue crystalline hues ran along the edge of the bed before catching the outer line of a shirt. The scent that lingered to the fabric reminded him of when he first entered the home, all those years ago. He was so young and so frail. Worried about all that surrounded him, the young boy turned into a stronger man than he or anyone of his siblings ever thought he could become. He knew that this castle had made him into the person he hated. He needed to know that his family was better off without him and that they were going to all kill themselves one way or another. He didn't want to be around for that. Not this time. He slowly began to fold clothes as one of the maids passed his open door. "M'lord? What are you doing." "Inform the queen that I am needed elsewhere. She will probably be pleased with my decision but it is about time that her son left home." The maid raised a brow. "But we need you here, sire." Jeff simply shook his head. "No. I have been battered, broken, bastardized, belittled and bloodied so many times since I have been home and it has all been for nothing. I hold no children who love me. I hold no lover to love me. I hold no family that loves me. If I don't get out now, I never will unless I'm on a pyre out in the middle of the ocean. That isn't how I want to go out." Jeff sighed softly and nodded to the maid. "Fetch the horse from the stable, the one that just arrived from my deal with Brakerback Farm. The black Clydesdale. Gold Saddle." The maid nodded and began to strut back down the stairs, hiking up her dress a tad as to not trip on her outfit. He listened to the heels of the maid clack against the floor until it became distant and kept folding clothes and materials that he would need. He reached over and picked up his brother, Jaurl's knife. It was sleek, black, and ready to kill in a tri-blade fold, and for one moment, he felt like a piece of his brother was leaving with him, as his brother had entered the same way. He finished packing so he had enough food, water, clothes, Firestarter, and a whetstone. Hanging on the side was a hatchet, as to chop down trees and make a shelter once he found a nice spot away from the Iron. He slowly slung the bag over his shoulder and placed his regular weapons on his back, only leaving behind empty drawers and boxes from his arrival. He had his golden armor on as he walked toward the back door, and out to the stables. The prince, whom would stick a cigarette between his lips as he did so, climbed onto the horse and nodded to himself, as he looked at the iron. "Goodbye-...Until we meet again." He whispered in draconic, before planting his foot into the side of the horse, spurring it into a gallop down the trail and away from the iron within minutes. He passed through the town, as the townspeople started to clap and cheer as he rode off. He waved with a form behind his mask, plastered onto his lips. He knew that the majority of these people would die in the summer, but he thanked the gods he wouldn't be around to see it. After he made it to the edge of town, he broke into a full sprint on the horse and made his way, straight into the sunset, off to better adventures, and to finally give his mother what she wanted. He would be back, eventually. But if he wasn't, then it was for the better. He loved his family, and he knew his travels would eventually benefit them all. Once away from the iron by a few miles, he broke off, away from the other direction he arrived on, going down not only a new path he had never been on before but a new path in life. Maybe this would be his greatest adventure. Only time would tell.
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Anaya: Anaya looked over to Victoria as she ate her food and Anaya gave a almost stupid look on her face, the other girl beside Samuel had seemed to simply eat her food and drown the world out of her head going into her own little world and almost falling asleep “Samuel my dear please take the girl there to a guest room to bed and allow her to relax comfortably, then I will get Victoria dressed p[properly and see to it she is well take c are of. Victoria takes your plate as well as mine to the counter and I will get you a gown better than the rags you have on” Anaya getting up from her chair as Sam hoisted the other girl up onto his shoulder carefully leaving their dishes there on the table, a maid would get them later, he left to the other room so he could bring the girl to a guest room to rest softly as he was sure it had been a long day for her.  Anaya brought Victoria over to the dressing chambers to the side as she eyed the girl up and down her eyes scanning the girl carefully the girl had a alright body for a dress made for Anaya but she chould never truly pull it off like the queen chould.

ViktorRolanov: Naavin had given a slight sigh as he looked around his empty cabin; the cushiony floor under his feet gave him a nice and quite happy bounce to his step as he walked around the cabin, wondering what he could do while he waited for Sam. He had walked over to his little food preparation point. He was trying to figure out what he would have for his own breakfast, as he was too giddy feeling to eat in the morning, meaning he would need to eat something now or go hungry for the night. Earlier, before he had gone to the castle, he had been walking around the village and buying food with trade of stuff he had, so he had well-stocked stores to eat from for himself, and as that, he did not eat that much really. He had cocked his head to the right as he looked around his food area, seeing the various slices of meat he had and such, being he was not a big eater, he would also be making food for Sam, he thought it would be a good gesture to make to the dragon. He had smiled widely as he walked toward the side cupboards of his kitchen and grabbed two pieces of cured, salted meat from it, the meat could last for days without going bad, so this is what he stocked his cupboards with, and he had enough to last him a good three or four days of eating. He had given a light tut as he looked around for more food, then his eyes fell to see two rolls of bread he would use to make something nice to eat with. He had grabbed the rolls, pulled them from the cupboard, and put them out in front of him. He had taken a little knife with his right hand, and pressed his fingers on top of the wheat rolls, his hand took the knife and cut the bread in half diagonally and separated it into two equal half’s, on each roll. He had then changed over to grab the pieces of meat and put them between the rolls, now sliding them inside the cut rolls so that it made two nice meals for Sam and himself. He hoped Sam liked this style of food. He had grabbed two plates from beside him, they were wooden and could fit the food on them with plenty of space left over, and he had placed the plates down on to the worktop, and then placed the rolls on top of the plates slowly. Once he was done with this, he had moved on to picking up the plates and walking to his side. He had opened up a small wooden chest, filled with snow, it was horridly cold inside, but it would keep the food fresh for when Sam arrived, he leaned down, placed the plates next to each other in the snow-filled box, and left them in there, pulling down the lid and closing the box.

ViktorRolanov: He had walked back from his food preparation area, he was walking to the centre of the room, his eyes watching around, he had plenty of space, it was not a very small cabin, and it was quite decent and could hold quite a lot inside. He had begun to place himself in the middle of the room and stood there quietly. Watching around him, as his loincloth danced around his crotch and backside, showing off his curves and sweet tones, his crotch made the loincloth press out a little, and his rear, made the loincloth curve over his round cheeks but showing the divide between his cheeks quite well. He had looked around the room with a light sigh; his sigh passed his lips, rolling off his tongue, in a slightly calm fashion, that showed he was quite happy with the solitude he was faced with currently. He had then begun to stretch out his body, his arms coming above him and pointing to the ceiling, before falling to his sides slowly, pointing to the ground. He had then begun to vision a lightly armoured, hand to hand, scenario, the opponent was human and stood at about six foot tall. He had raised his right arm as if to punch, his fist tightened into a ball and he readied to release. However, his right foot bounced off the ground, and his upper and lower body flicked to the right, his left leg coming out, and hitting his imaginary opponent in the arm before he landed and pressed his toes into the floor with his left foot. His whole body twisted round again as his right foot came up, and was aimed to hit his opponent in the jaw with his heel, his foot flew through the air, with a loud whoosh with the air it left behind with the speed of the movement. Once he had done that kick, his right foot landed in front of him, as his arm spat out like a viper, aiming for the imaginary opponents’ throat and hitting it square in the neck, aiming to break the windpipe of his opponent. He had then grabbed his opponent's head, his knee had hit up. He had then begun to move his right knee up and smacking his knee into the forehead, of his opponent, this would be the knockout, but he had one final hit he would try if he could pull it off. He had moved his right foot up further, into his imaginary, back stepping opponent, his back facing the window now, as he hopped off the ground with his right foot, and wheel kicked his opponent, but he also flipped into the air at the same time. He landed on his feet and hands now, his hands pressing into the ground as he was bent over, on all fours. His rear perked up into the air, facing the window, and showing off his hairless behind, it almost looked too perfect, the loincloth, was over his right leg, allowing his rear to be seen on full, he was still waiting, but he had, had fun.

Anaya: Samuel moved up the mountainside to get to the cabin at the top, the hour long hike had made him pant slightly but really it was not overly bad he had for sure dwelt with worse, the hard part was simply the snow that was up to his waist and he was grudging in. getting to the cabin he tapped upon the door but paused just before he taped on the door leaning to the side seeing the elf walking around in the loin cloth… Sam watched for a moment the elf fighting around in this cabin as he tilted his head but then pulled back before he could see him being a peeking tom. The stood upright and taped on the door hard to make sure he could be heard. Anaya looked to the girl as she flipped dresses and pulled out a long black and red one “do you like this one? It has a plated top corset so it will also shape your hips and keep you mildly protected” she held the dress out to the girl as she looked to her red eyes matching the hues of the gown and that cold expression.

Victoria looked at her a sense of astonishment on her face as her eyes lit up like a bright summers day. The glow upon her face would put the torches’ to shame as she took the Steller gown into her arms and spun around with it in a gitty show of excitement. “oh miss Anaya this gown is spectacular; it is utterly amazing I am so happy, thank you, I will do anything you wish of me, I am at your beck and call my lady” she right away dropped her gown not caring if any saw her as she kicked the old dirty red drape to the floor and kicking it to the side with her small feet, slipping into the tight fitting red gown. she smiled and spun around happily in this dress that hugged her curves and showed her feminine beauty that the other large dress just hid. Brown hair wrapped up tightly she moved her hands to let it out as it fell over her shoulders.

Anaya looked at her and a brow lifted as the girl overall striped right there not seeming to care and being engulfed in her own bubble of bliss. “it looks wonderful on you, now I am going to get some things down, pick out another one you like then meet me down in the main hall and we can go over your new found place here.” Anaya did not wait for a response from the girl as she walked out of the side room and let out a breath as she walked into a silent hall.

The emptiness made her heart beat a bit softer as the silence was just wonderful. Walking her feet touched the floor and each step was met with light breathing as she just seemed to take simple pleasure in the moments she had to herself, no Samuel, no son, no people no present’s just empty halls and servants working for her, the guards there silent as she ordered them and empty minded not having a judgment of her actions as they feared her and respect her more then anything else.  Anaya walked into her study as she picked up a large pile of paperwork as she flipped the pages, damage reports, robberies and thefts in the town that would all be sent out to the town guard to handle.  She stopped as she looked upon a image that one of the townspeople had drawn and sent to the crown, some dorky drawn image of what they imagined her and Sam were like human and dragon.

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Anaya smiled as she held it in her fingers, and for a moment, she truly missed him, missed his hands in her hair and missed his arms around her. She missed everything about him, how he was always there beside her even his stupid need to keep her safe and make her life easier even if the point of it all was useless and she did not fully understand why he just had to keep her safe when she could kill him without trying. Giving a light laugh she took the paper and folded it softly putting it in a drawer of her desk were there were all the drawings from the townspeople, drawings of Jeff, of her on a grand white steed, of her lost children….. letting out a breath she sat in her chair taking all the papers from that drawer and flipping them.
Kiara, a beautiful girl with a fighter’s heart, black hair fallen down her shoulders and a blue gown she just adored, her little adopted Draco itch, turned loose to run rampant from its master till Anaya found it broken and hurting. She calmed the beast and took it under her wing freeing the mind of the poor beast and blessing it to give it the gift of sanity and intelligence.  Over time it was allowed to walk the halls and soon became a honorary member of the family.

Kuro, a young pup found far from home found its way into the swings of a dragon sleeping in the forest, it curled its self in the warm wings of the beast and slept safely for the first time in its life. When the dragon woke it turned its head to look upon its wing, the sleeping baby wolf simply melted the beasts heart and she could not dare to wake it. Later named Kuroki DeLaRose the dragon adopted the small wolf taking him into later learn he would grow to be a fighter, a loyal head to her family and a dear treasure in her heart.

Talon, A Raven cawed as the sun had grown dim over the day and she walked along in the forest tears welling in her eyes, the bird came to her and landed upon her shoulder bringing an aura of peace to the white haired woman Anaya.  The Raven was told to not leave and that for giving the pleasure of peace to the heart of a monster and not finding fear in her, it was wanted and loved. The raven later showed it was not only a raven but a man and soon as time went on that man was adopted as the dragons second oldest child and given the crown of the Rose.

Elena, a sweet girl brought to the castle by her eldest son, the girl with fire in her heat and a rebellious spirit. Loved as a child of the rose since she melted the heart of the eldest price, Anaya allowed her son to take the girl in and she soon became a princess under the crown upon her son’s request.

Jev, a sweet devilish child of her adopted sister Lyric, her sister not being able to care for the child the child spending more of its time with its aunt and at the castle then she did at her own home and birthplace. The devilish nature of the girl digging deep into Anaya’s heart she reminded her of herself when she was only a yearling and soon the child was adopted in as a child of Anaya.

Anna, a sweet girl taken as a slave from a slaver selling his goods, new to the family name but loved all the same by the people. Taken in as Anaya’s only left living daughter she soon became a icon for the people of the castle, a woman both strong yet sweet and knowing the world of the poor.

Then Jeff, her eldest son, heir to her throne if no blood child had been born before her time of passing, her beloved adopted brat. So sweet hearted so soft trained under the dragon sun and beaten to be stronger, to be harder as his heart was simply to pure for this world. A boy born to her sister Jeff was sister to Jev, but he was the other side of her, he was the innocence, and she was the darkness. Jeff riding his black steed into battle a blade that had seen much blood and eyes that prayed to be done with it all, a heart not made for this world it was tossed in.  

All children lost, all children killed or made to hate their own mother in the time Anaya had been alive. The past had been so cruel madness infecting her body causing her to kill and starve her own children and kill her own family for sport. Kiara killed as she did not heed warnings, the girl simply hugged her beloved mother crying and wishing to be loved as her mother burned her to a crisp. Kuro, killed by the townspeople by lashing and burning after his mother scorned him from the castle forbidding him from ever returning as she beloved the voices within her mind that he was trying to kill her. Talon, forced to flee the castle when his mother tried to consume him. Elena tossed down the starving pit for the punishment of going against the words of her mother, the girl died within the pit after three days no food or water. Anna new and young and still living at the castle but spends more time away then home as the fear of her own mother and her mother's anger and destructive nature is too great. Jeff, holds a hate for his own mother that goes back years of punishment, torment and beatings to force him to be strong and not be weak, forced to kill all kinds to fill his mother's hunger.

Anaya held the papers in her hands as she looked upon them with sad red eyes, the past she would never get over and a past she shoved in a drawer in her study to force herself to not pay attention to let on she had a heart. Putting the papers back in the drawer she shut it slowly as she took the key from the top of the desk and locked the simple wooden drawer putting the chain back in a small can on the desk. She let out a sigh as she picked up a stack of parchment and flipped them passing the time and enjoying the peace she was given just for a while more.

---One Hour Later---

Anaya: Walking out of her study her eyes glazed as the reading was simply dull but the same needed. She held the pile of papers as she walked over to a small pedestal with a basket on the top and placed the files into the basket to be sent out later in the afternoon. Anaya let out a sigh as the silence in the kingdom was gone and her small window of peace and quiet was over, you go in a room to peace and when you come out you gain noise, simple noise could be so unsettling and such a hindrance.  She wiggled the basket so all the papers layer flat then made her way to her throne to yet go over more records as the job of paperwork never seemed to be done. A maid came over and bowed as it went to its knees at the queen’s flank “Mistress can I get you anything, mint tea like you enjoy or honey water and lemon?” Anaya moved her claws to run into her hair as she nodded “yes honey water with ice and lemon would be good thank you Clare run along now and fetch that” Clare did as told and got up “oh Clare, and come back and stay here, there are townspeople to come today and you will give them service wall they stay so bring out the water jug with ice for any guests we have, if they are more then peasants we can crack out the wine but I don’t think we will be so the water jug will do” Clare said not a word and nodded her head and ran off into the dining hall to do as instructed. As Anaya sat calmly on her throne picking up her leather bound book looking over it to see if any record had been made of the broken pipes being fixed in the basement.

FiliaSaton: After she was feed by some stranger then brushed and washed up . The little kitten wondered about the castle. There was soo many curtains to climb and people to pester and some wore the strange metal suit. Hmm... Thought the kitten I have to check this out as she ran over to then and jumped up to climb up the metal fits At first the little kitten slipped off the slick shinny metal and fell down a few times as she would time after time fall to the ground. But it took more then that to make this little cat give up. Finally, she was able to get a grip and land her claws between the metal but the next leap up was a bit harder as this to make her fall a few times to the ground. Her little blue eyes would gaze up at the tall creature with the metal skin and she sat a bit meowing at her loudest tone to get its action. But there was no responses to her little cries and again she tried to climb up and see the metal creature her little claws cling to the each part of where the metal meets more metal and soon she was almost fully up the metal suited creatures back. And with a joyful meow, she announced her achievement even though the guard did not seem to move she was closer to seeing what was behind the metal fit. She little tail wiggled as she batted at the metal hat the creature wore her back claws digging in deep between the metal of the creatures suit.She hear a gruff sound as a metal hand grip the back of her neck and lifted her into the air. Mystic sung her little paw at the hand that grip her neck and held her out. This was done in a playful manor and mystic let out a cute /mew as she sung her paw out. The metal laughed as its hand gently set her down on the ground then gave her butt a bit of a pat as she stared up at him. Looking around and seeing more to get into mystic started to run off. She would start darting as fast as possible in circles around the room. She would climb up the back of the chairs then with a wiggle of her butt and black fluffy tail she leaped off the chair. As she did the chair feel back, this giving the kitten a good spoke and cause her to now run and hide under a piano stool, but it was not long she would gain her courage back mystic would climb up on the stool. Then she placed her paws up on the piano it made a sound as she did. This amused the kitten and she taps her little black paws on the keys again. The sounds would vibrate through to room as she little black kitten tapped on the keys over and over again. The little black kitten had fun tapping on the keys till she was once again lifted and placed on the ground. She did not mind as her little blue eyes were starting to weigh heavy on her. She wanted to look for that person that feed her eggs on the chair. She wanted Anaya and was now looking for her. The fluffy black ball of fur was now walking from one room to the other /mew /in every room, she would stand up on her hind legs and look around. In her mind, she was going to find the Anaya no matter what. This was a undertaking as she was such a small kitten and this was such a large castle with all the others people walking around the kitten was having trouble hunting that special one she was looking for that Anaya she had found soo cozy in her arms. She had almost given up, till she heard that voice of Anaya the kitten ran as fast as her little back paws could take her. Soon she caught sight of the Anaya she had been held soo softly in. With a soft mew that leads into a purr the kitten walked up to the Anaya and leaped onto her lap then laid there in a soft purr, mystic was happy again to find Anaya and her purrs would tell all this.

OwinKaneDragonFey  It's been quite a while since he last took a moment for himself and just enjoy the nature surrounding him. He traveled alone with out a companion. But who could blame him? He has been betrayed in the past and has left him with nothing but the clothes he carried with him on his back. And there fore- he found it hard to built trust upon anyone who runs into. In fact, not many have seen him in his human form due to avoiding confrontation. He was laying around like a lazy fat cat under a tree, enjoy the breeze that blew through his dirty blonde fur surrounding his entire body. The shaded from the tree branches kept him cool from this temperature early in the morning. He gave his legs a little stretch before letting out a soft yawn, revealing sharp well-kept canines. With out warning a small purple butterfly flew over to rest upon his muzzle, resting at his nose causing his eyes to pop open and those ears resting against the top of his head perk up in alert, only to lower down as he crossed his eyes in front of him, staring now at the small yet beautiful creature of nature. He tried his best not harm it as he began to blow air upwards, his nose wiggling some to get the damn thing off him. Small creatures watched him from safety, hiding behind trees and bushes near by. Eventually, the butterfly flew away and went on with whatever butterflies do with their time. With out a second thought, the creature would pull himself up on all fours. He shook his entire body from the top of his head to the tip of his nail, fluffing for what seemed a second or so before his fur settled down once more. He took a moment to glance around with his blue orbs before moving forward, reaching for the small river that seemed to be connected to a castle just ahead. As he lowered his upper body to bend and have a drink, flicking his tongue in the water while those eyes focus on the castle. Wondering, who lives there and if they are willing to spare a piece of bread or something to tame his hunger. With out a second thought he pulled away from the small river and flicked his tongue over his muzzle and began to walk again. As he walked he took notice of a sign that read "Iron Town". He tilted his head side to side, with his ears flat against his head. "Iron Town?" He parted his lips to speak, his voice deep yet raspy like. He shook his head, perhaps later he would adventure out to this town. For now, the castle has his attention. And with that, he began to walk towards the castle with his ears twitching and his tail shifting side to side behind him. On his back, however, he carried an old sack with his belongings. Once he made it to the castle, he stopped in his tracks. He lifted his head take a good whiff at the place and realized breakfast is being cooked and possibly given. He sat there staring at the large doors quietly, unsure if to knock as a human or scratch the door as a wolf.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 2 Tumblr_inline_ny0joz6bfN1sj2fx7_500

Anaya: “oh my you found me again” Anaya said softly as she was ambushed by the little black ball or fluff. Anaya smiled a bit as she ran her claws along the small back of the baby animal. She had never really owned a pet that did not eat things or was not the dogs that were used to chase bigots out of the castle. She puts the small thing softly being careful not to go to hard with claws that had seen their share of blood, but she was happy that this cat did not seem to mind that fact as it did not run away and seemed to enjoy her company and the attention. When the made would come back whenever that was Anaya was going to be sure to get the maid to bring out some meat to feed the little animal and some water for it to drink. The guards standing at the doors pointed their spears to the animal. “what say you wolf” one muttered as the blade was pointed at the animal and held waiting for the animal’s response, they had seen animals change into people so it was not overly shocking here that they would talk to a simple beast even if at times it just turned around and walked away from them.

OwinKaneDragonFey  The Wolf simply sat there like a frog staring a the large doors a bit longer before he realized he wasn't alone, in fact he, was watched by guards. With a few blinks from his eyes he, noticed the sharp pointy object held directly at him at first he thought he was dreaming but then as the other muttered something under his breath, instantly he woke up to reality. He gulped slightly at the weapons in hand and lifted himself back up on all fours stepping backwards slowly, one paw at a time. With his head low and ears flat against his head he parted his lips to speak. "I'm hungry." That was all he could come up really, in all honesty that was his intentions for coming here in the first place. His tail creep between his legs indicating his submission to this situation. He was outnumbered even if he wanted to strike and aside from that these two had weapons.

FiliaSaton: - she purred loudly as the Anaya’s hand stroked along her soft furry back. Mystic was very happy indeed as she had someone who gave her the affectation that was denied her for so long Mystic would nuzzle Anaya’s hand from time to time as she rolled her head back and let out a “murraaa “ and gently needed her paws into Anaya’s lap carefully and making sure not to get Anaya with her claws. In this kitty bliss the kitten had almost fallen asleep, that is almost. She lifted her little head and her ears would fold back as she would back up deeper into Anaya’s arms with a bit of a “hisss” and a low tone growl. She smell a dog. Yeash a dog or dog like anyway, to mystic a wofl fox or anything of that manner was a DOG. And mystic was chased by more than enough to no she did not like them./ to her they all were mean beast that would chase a cat as soon as they see them. This little kitten was not about to be chased from her happy home. She had also seen dogs eat cats as well and this day was not about to be her last, she thought as she back arched up and back against Anaya.-

Anaya: The guards looked to the wolf at the door as it opened its mouth and said it was hungry “we have not only a wolf but one that can talk at the door, well I guess go in there is good in there I am sure you can…sniff it out” he gave a laugh talking dog at the door was not a new one but was still funny all the same. The guards lifted their spears and kicked the doors open slightly so the wolf could get in before they closed behind him. Anaya sitting on her throne used one hand to flip the pages of her book and the other hand to pet the cat, but the cat was on her lap and moving around so it made things difficult but in due knowing that if she put the cat down it would hop back up she simply managed and dwelt with it. She saw in her book that the pip had been fixed but there were three servants that had been put in the medical hall due to burns from the hot steam.  She flipped a page and gave a light chuckle as she noticed that the Wraythe men had made a note himself in the pages of her book. ‘don’t want to do this again’ was all that was put down in the worst of lighting, you would think a child jotted it down in bold big red print. She shook her head and flipped the page not even looking up from what she was doing.

ViktorRolanov: A crackling, almost horrid sound ripped through the air, it was powerful sounding, it gave off a sonic boom as a large hole tore into the sky, it released a horrible purple darkness, that seemed to cover a good five hundred metres of land. It screamed, it screamed like a banshee, but horribly loud, it was horrifying to hear and watch, but it was only ten miles from the Iron Keep, it could easily be seen from the windows of the castle. Then what lurched forth, was even more horrifying, at first, it was one, fully metallic ship, that was black, it was made from black mithril, it was only eight metres long. However, what sat atop was ten warriors, each one armoured in a suit of corrupted dark mithril and woven armour, the woven metal, many strands of dark mithril, which could condense into a plate if stabbed and loosen to give the full ability to walk and run. All of this was quite light too, but heavier than it would be if made from standard mithril. Then, another ship seemed to slip out. Then about eight more, then two frigates sized floating ships, with each having cannons, which had an odd crystal attached to the back of them, which could fire eldritch lightning. The ships seemed to keep spewing out, till there were thirty ships, a mixture of big and small ships. Then, the portal began to scream louder as the ships moved forward as if something was ripping from it, the portal gave out wails, as if it was a living creature pained. Then, a huge ship erupted from the portal, it’s large black creations, it was at least, two hundred and sixty metres in length, and in width, it was about fifty metres near the back, where it thinned out into a blade shaped ram at the front, the ram connected to many cannons of the same type. The warriors all stood seven to eight feet in height, their bodies full covered, having almost alien looking swords and spears in grips, the ships powered by some form of magic to float and soar in the air. As the last ship exited, the portal, begun to expand, then collapsed, the screaming stopping, almost eerily fast, as if it was a creature silenced by a weapon. The ships lurched forward toward the Iron Keep, soaring over the Iron Town as they made their slow approach toward the stronghold, travelling at thirty knots in the air. The ships were at least eighty metres off the ground, raising over hills, keeping the same height between them and the ground, making the ships seem to be flying. The larger ship, had a large building at the far back, a large almost gothic cathedral, looking building, covered in horrific spikes and made out of dark mithril, black marble and tarnished gold. Inside, was a whole group of figures and a throne could be seen at the far back, showing a figure sitting at the far back. He could not be seen from the ground. Venurix leaned back on his throne with a soft smile on his lips, he could see the Iron Keep in his sights, and it made him feel very happy, that he was going to be finally able to do what his father could not, the tall, eight foot and three inches tall elf, slowly moved in his throne. He was a high archon, a god of his people, the witch king, they called him, and they gave him praise, killing his foes at a moment’s notice. He had slowly leant forward in his throne, the huge armoured figure, his eyes looked over his people, watching their faces, the anxiety of betrayal was harsh, but he knew where it came from. He turned his head to his head guard with a smile behind his fully enclosed helmet, the people around him, all wearing fully enclosed armour, but none wore armour like his, his armour being much more refined, much more effective. Thicker but, formed over his body, to give him perfect movement, but at the same time, as much protection as he would ever need. His tattooed body in the ship, gave off a shadowy smoke, while he was in the shadows the aura appeared, it was not a dark aura, not evil, neutral, but with the effects of darkness, giving him a very shadowy and hard to track appearance in the dark. The under suit, was made of the same threads, but his suit was a tiny bit thicker, and allowed him just as much speed. Considering he could lift a good fifteen hundred pounds of weight. He had stood up from his throne, the thin body of the male, it was not thin as such, muscled, but thin for his people's height, he was beautiful looking, and very immaculate under the armour, but no one could see that, he would not allow it. As he stood, the court fell silent and he turned his head to one of the mages that powered the ship, his clawed gauntlets came up and pressed against his scabbard and sword. The sword made of the dark mithril, with tarnished gold furnishings on the hilt, and a glass vial, containing green liquid that constantly covered the blade like saliva on a tooth. It could cut through mithril, very quickly, and the poison caused high rate necrosis in the living, and it was extremely viral on the body, it could spread quickly in the body of the infected. He had pulled the sword from its scabbard and pointed it to one of the mages, his clawed gauntlets’ wrapped around the blade. The poison dripped already down the claws of his gauntlets’; he had spoken in a commanding voice. “Find somewhere to land, approach slow, or I will slice you up and feed you to your fellow mages, scum!” He had shouted, his words vicious, like a snakes venom, his eyes full of hate behind the helmet as his head turned back toward the iron keep. They were not going fast, in fact, any being could see they were travelling at cruise speed. He had begun to walk down the steps of his throne as he watched the keep slowly become closer, now only five miles away, he had seen where the mages were taking him. He had given a smirk, as his chest, armour and leg armour all jingled quietly as he walked. His gorget tight under his helmet, and his pauldrons knocked on his rerebraces, while his vembraces pressed on his sharp, clawed gauntlets. His tassets, were made of the same material as his under suit, giving it a skirt like appearance, while his back had a large, scale cloak, that shimmered with crystals, they were black and the scent of a deceased demonic dragon could be scented off them, it was possible he had warred against the demonic. The legs were covered thigh and down in armour too, all flexible, not needing joints to be armoured all the way around, but only on the front, spiked sabatons covered his feet. He had walked to the bow of his ship and stood there, looking over as he put the tip of his sword on to the deck of the ship and he waited for it to approach, he could be seen, but was out of harms way.

OwinKaneDragonFey  He narrowed his eyes, almost glaring at the two laughing at him for speaking. He snorts under his breath at the two before slowly, walking right past them only to stop at his tracks feeling the sudden change of the environment. The weather was calm and now suddenly the sky has darkened some and the wind began to blow harshly through his furr. He tried to turn around to see but the two guards already closed the doors in front of him. He parted his lips once more to exhale slowly, before shaking his head. "Perhaps, it nothing." He muttered, turning away from the doors giving it his back and facing the hall. As he began to walk again his bag strapped over his shoulders wiggle with his moments but has remained in place this long. He walked past a few windows before seeing a shadow on the floor. The ship that was floating about it the sky from its portal was rather small from the distance but has caught the attention of this Wolf. He moved to face the large window, lifting his upper body to place his front paws against the glass. His ears perked up as he watched the many ships floating about through the clouds of many shapes and sizes. "Strange." He muttered, though the scent of the feline just nearby distracted him and he growled under his breath only to stop and tried to remind himself he is after all not entirely 'dog'. He had some self-control, he was still half human. "Now, where was I?" He muttered, pushing himself away from the window and began to sniff the ground as he walked following the scent to the kitchen and walking right pass the entrance of the room with the woman and her feline friend.

Anaya: The guards looked up as the sky got darker, there it was this massive thing coming out of a hole in the sky. One of the guards dropped his spear and the other stood frozen in shock as they could not remove their eyes from the craft “what the fuck is that” the one muttered as he opened the door backing up and going inside then turning around and running forward to the throne room his armour clunking the full way as he made it lose fitting this day was not expecting all that much. “Anaya, a ship has broken the sky, it looks to be a water vessel but it is in the air” Anaya closed her book and looked up “what?” she said as she got up putting the book in the crack between the arm and the pillow and holding the cat in her arms and walking to a window looking out “put double guards at the doors, it looks to be landing, so someone or thing is walking out of it. Whatever it is it should come to the front doors but it may not, so lock every other door and keep guards on them, whatever it is inside of that thing, if it comes to the doors it comes inside unarmed no weapons from that in my halls and we want it here and gone as fast as able….and I smell dog” she looked out the window as the shops shadow made the snow on the ground go gray and she pondered at it wondering if everything would be peaceful after this. “well I guess I did want more action in this dull castle life anyway. Well guard GET GOING” she snapped as she turned and walked back to her throne with a snarl. The last thing she wanted was the enemy if it was such to know she had really no clue what it even was. The guard had bolted off to do what was told and two others joined him rushing to the doors as others ran off to lock the other doors to the castle as well as the larger windows. Anaya sat back down on her throne as she put the cat back on her lap “I think we have a big day planned for us kitten” she said softly as a small voice came in from behind her “Greetings miss Anaya, I have come in the new dress do you like it?” it was that twat Victoria Anaya let out a breath as her red eyes turned to her “yes it is fine you look wonderful, now sit in a chair and don’t move at all, we are about to have guests” Victoria being snapped at rudely moved and sat down on the throne with a sigh like breath, they were always so rude and abrupt with her here and she had yet to know why.

ViktorRolanov: He had looked at the approaching ground, they were coming in on some woods, and fairly fast too, the all the people in the ship braced, and the ships ahead of it had already descended to a nearby opening, about five hundred metres from the castle from its nearest edge. The ship descended fast, as it hit the knife-like point into the ground, the ship dug up trees, spitting them to the sides of the ship as it went through the land, leaving a large trench in its wake. He had then given a slight groan as he had watched a scratch appear on the metal; his eyes were eyeing the scratch with a slight annoyance to him. He had not even moved when the ship had collided on the ground, causing all the soil and rocks of the ground to spit up the sides, as the ship dug into the ground firmly, that mages could easily pull it out of the ground. He had given a grumble, a louder one as the ship stopped moving; it was now in the circle opening, surrounded by ships of all kinds he had brought, the men had formed lines with their weapons and rifles, the rifles being a flintlock styled creation, what fired crystals. They were aiming around, protecting their lord archon. He had given a sigh as the honour guard he had brought, including the one who he would have a reason to kill, he would not bow, and the meeting was a means to an end, in two ways, kill two birds with one stone. He had walked down the edge of the ship as his incubi followed him, all six of them followed him, and they were walking toward the hill, their steps slow. They had not reached the castle, but they were all in view, the incubi all stood at seven foot and three inches, a foot smaller than Venurix, he walked in the middle of them. The incubi carried large great sword styled weapons, they carried them in both hands as if they weighed nothing and looked horribly skilled, Venurix himself was ancient, horribly ancient. He had eventually reached outskirts, the iron keep was about sixty metres away, and he could see the trembling guards.

OwinKaneDragonFey  And just like that- the weather completely changed, it almost seemed like night time from the way it looked. The wind blew harshly through the trees knocking off snow and ice on to the ground from its branches. The clouds would gather creating a mighty roar that soon followed. The sky remained dark as the shifts continue to travel through. The Wolf slowly stopped in the middle of the hallway, seeing the guards rushing right past him with their weapons ready almost knocking him out of his feet. He turned his head to the side, glancing over his shoulder and blink a few times. "What's going on?" He wondered though he could smell something powerful on that ship he saw earlier and it seemed to be approaching and fast. The way the guards gather outside of the castle gave the indication perhaps a fight would start. He frowned slightly letting out a heavy sigh as he realized if any harm would come to this castle he would never get a descent meal out of it. He began to walk again, his paws hurrying over to an empty room. He pushed himself through the door and stepped inside, closing it behind him with a kick from his back paw. He sniffed around for a moment, making sure no one was in here other than the many books surrounding the room. "Whoa." His eyes widen amazed by the many books, his tail instantly wagged behind him. "So many books in one place." He then added, walking around a little but then realized he wasn't here to read but to shift into his human form. He reached around for his pack bag that rested on his back and with a tug from his jaws he pulled it off him and tossed on to the floor. With a loud scream and his entire body shifting, he began to change into a more human-like structure. His bones popping out of place and reconstructing it self. His paws turning into human hands, claws into finger nails and so on. The Wolf soon enough was standing nude in the middle of the room, panting heavily as if he ran for hours with out stopping for breaks and bend at the waist to grab his bag in which had his clothes. He opened the bag and began to dig inside, pulling out his clothes to put on so he would be more presentable for this pirate persona who soon would be here. Once fully dressed he adjusted the jacket he wore with his hands and turned to face a window, peeking outside to see if the ship has landed or not. His blonde hair was messy as if he just rolled out of bed with a few strands that dangled over his face covering a blue orb more than the other. His lips parted, trying to catch his breath feeling nervous for whatever was going to happen. But, he had to remain calm and above all assist in any way he can. It wasn't his place to fight but perhaps, he would be rewarded with a good meal. Seeing as the shift crashed harshly against the ground he gasped lightly as the fog that was created soon faded revealing a rather large and tall male followed by many who seem to be following its leader.

FiliaSaton: Still a bit nervous about the dog the kitten felt calm by her Anaya. When she lay in Anaya arms its was calming feeling the soft and gentle petting on her silky black fur. As they looked out the window and saw the big ship Mystic nuzzled Anaya hand she listen to Anaya tell the guards what to do. The kitten felt safe knowing that her master was soo strong and bright. the dog smell was still in the air but this seem less important to the kitten as she felt snug in the Anaya’s arms. One could not think of a happier place to be nor did this kitten want to be anywhere else. Her purrs would vibrate through the room as she felt the genital claw stroke along her back. And as they sat again the kitten would nuzzle against the Anaya’s hand. Letting out a light “ meow “ each time Anaya spoke to her. Though the kitten was sure she would not understand what she said, she thought it polite to answer back. But her mind would wonder what Anaya meant by plan .. Her mind would drift as she wondered if this meant more catnip a big fish or something really good. Or could it be a bath brushing or is it bad like the dog ...the dog.... She had almost forgot about the horrid dog.

Anaya: Moving her hand down to get the book from stabbing into her backside she wiggled in her throne to get a bit more comfortable, there was a scream in the ball hall “guards who is screaming, bring whatever it is here I don’t need loss ends right now”. Anaya moved herself on her throne as the maid came back to her with that honey water and lemon, it took long enough she wanted to say but she nodded to Clare as Clare took the pillow beside her on the ground were the slave girl belonged and placed the ice filled water jug onto the floor in front of her her eyes staying nicely upon the tilted stone floor. One of the larger and taller guards built very hard and strong and in a full suit of heavy plate mail. Walking out he spotted the man standing there as he looked to the man “did you scream?” he said sternly as he put his hand on his hip just in case the man he had never seen before now wished to do anything unwise.

ViktorRolanov: He had looked over the guards, seeing them all in positions, he knew, for a fact, the guns on the ships would have enough range to reach the keep, but from a safe distance, he did not know their defences, so the safe distance margin was unknown, he was sure he would come under resistance from them. He had begun walking further toward the doors; the guards were standing there, looking him down as if they were threatened, he simply shook his head as they approached him and his guards. The first one sticking a spear toward Venurix, the honour guards of Venurix all put their weapons to each of the guards, all of them pointing their weapons to them. The guards spoke as if still having control, with stout and perilous voices. “Put down you weapons, and then you may enter.” Venurix looked to his guards as he heard the voices spoken, he then raised his right hand and flicked two his fingers up, telling his men to put his weapons down. The guards all stabbed their swords into the floor. However, Venurix had simply sheathed his sword, his hand leaving it in the sheath as he walked past the guards, they had tried to stop him walking in, but he ignored them, they would not attack him, as the others walked with him toward the entrance. Venurix lifted his gauntleted hands and pushed open the large doors, forcing them open with his clawed fingers and allowing himself entrance. He had then put the weapon down inside of the halls, he did not want his weapon dirtied or damaged, and he had simply left it on the floor just inside the entrance, after disconnecting the scabbard from his tasset. He then walked further in and presented himself to the people seeing a female on a throne, bearing a cat. Then a figure in a throne beside her, then the male standing up. He had looked around at the guards; they all eyed him, like hawks. He had simply smiled behind his fully enclosed helm.

OwinKaneDragonFey  He could smell the scent of the feline who seemed to be frightened by what was happening. And, then he caught the scent of the woman who held the feline as he began to walk down the hallway with his pack bag tossed over a shoulder and held in place by a closed fist intertwined by the straps. His footsteps were calm and collective as he continues to walk stopping at his tracks as the main doors were pushed open and the tall figure he spotted earlier stepped into the castle making his approach. Quickly, the Wolf stepped away from sight and pressed his back against a pillar in the hallway, trying to keep quiet as he observes what was about to happen. His grip on the pack bag straps tighten as he snarled under his breath, who's this guy just busting into a castle like that? He narrowed his eyes and watched from the reflection from a window. The dark clouds continue to gather, crashing against each other creating thunder. Just before he thought he was hiding a guard seemed to have approached him and he blink startled by him and turned his head to face him. "Scream?" He muttered, unsure what he ment by that at first but his cheeks then slightly darken in the shade of pink. "Oh." He muttered, trying to figure out the best way to answer. "Nope, I didn't scream at all." He grinned, ear to ear nervously, letting out a soft chuckle and lifting his free hand to stretch behind his head. "Which way is the main room my good sir?" He wanted to change the subject.

Anaya: Anaya kept her cool as she sat in the throne and looked up from petting her cat who was nicely resting on her lap. Her red eyes with there stabbing glow looked at her guest in truth she had no idea what to make of him “welcome to my home” she really did not know what else to say, she wanted to say get the ships off her grass and out of her trees as they were an eyesore and she wanted nothing to do with flying ships from god knows were. But she kept her thoughts to herself and would try to stay present till she had a better understanding of if this was friend or foe. Victoria sat there watching silently in the throne beside Anaya as her eyes were large and in a wonder of who ever the guests were, she did not like them all the same to tall and too dark for her own personal royal preference. But none the less they were Anaya’s guests, not her own and Anaya would surely deal with them as she needed to. Anaya turned her head to see her guards being unsteady as their guest was here and the fact they came in on a flying ship made everyone other then seemingly the queen unsteady. The guard talking to the unknown man in the back pointed out to a door that led to the throne room ”be on your way, and talk to the queen if you know anything about a scream”

OwinKaneDragonFey  The wolf followed the finger as the other pointed towards the right direction to the main room. He nod firmly at him before bowing his head out of graditude. "Thank you sir." He simply said, adjusting the pack bag over his shoulder with a jerk from his hand and smirked, moving away from the pillar and making his way towards the main room but stopped when he spotted the maid with a tray as she was making her way to the kitchen. "On second thought-" His words trailed off as he followed after the maid to the kitchen, heaven.

ViktorRolanov: Hearing the woman speak, he had given a nod, before he changed his position of footing, allowing him; he had given a light smile as he had walked further toward her, his voice erupting from his lips as he approached the female on her throne. His voice was less venomous this time, not like it with his troops, this time, horribly friendly, but in a way that was going to make them at least tell they are stable. “I am Venurix, my lady. I am here to make a formal greeting. You buy our spiders, as such, for what I do not know. However, I would like to offer you trade, so that you may have plenty of our troops and spiders for use in your armies.” He had then given a bow, all of his men, but one of them, on his left had not bowed to her. He had just had his arms crossed and stood up high as if he was a king, he did not care for the mortals or such. He had given a slight smirk as he looked to his left, seeing the figure not bowing, giving him plenty of reason to act, and he would in that moment, extremely quickly to kill the man, but he would wait while he is not concentrating.

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ViktorRolanov: Hearing the woman speak, he had given a nod, before he changed his position of footing, allowing him; he had given a light smile as he had walked further toward her, his voice erupting from his lips as he approached the female on her throne. His voice was less venomous this time, not like it with his troops, this time, horribly friendly, but in a way that was going to make them at least tell they are stable. “I am Venurix, my lady. I am here to make a formal greeting. You buy our spiders, as such, for what I do not know. However, I would like to offer you trade, so that you may have plenty of our troops and spiders for use in your armies.” He had then given a bow, all of his men, but one of them, on his left had not bowed to her. He had just had his arms crossed and stood up high as if he was a king, he did not care for the mortals or such. He had given a slight smirk as he looked to his left, seeing the figure not bowing, giving him plenty of reason to act, and he would in that moment, extremely quickly to kill the man, but he would wait while he is not concentrating.

Anaya: The small of the dog in the halls had faded and guards were getting back in their places, maybe they killed the dog or it just lumbered off. Anaya sat in her throne as she moved her fingers into her snow white hair and brushed away the day’s dullness.  Her heart was starting to want her in the basement into the hold under the castle to check on her growing child to ensure its safety, but she knew it was well guarded and she would handle matters here before she removed herself to there. Or when Samuel did return she would send him to go do the watch as him and herself were the only ones allowed to go down there at any point. Her red eyes looked to their guest as she had a dislike for him, anything she did not understand she took a distrust for right off the bat, but she was sure that was normal with most beings.  “yes the spiders my mate uses to guard our lower holds, there has been a boom in their breeding so we are not in need of more but what soldiers do you offer? I only wish things I can trust and whatever you used to get here I do not want in my lands at all. They are not needed here, the guards were shocked to the point of soiling their armors and I do not need your workings in the lands here for others to get their claws on, so if the fighters come with their vessels I will not be of need of them” Victoria looked to Anaya as she looked back to the person there as she moved closer to Anaya putting her lips closer to Anaya and whispering softly into her ear “keep your friends close and your enemies closer my dear”

FiliaSaton: - Cozy in her Anaya’s lap Mystic purred softly only looking up a bit to notice the new creatures step in . Anaya, at least to this kitten, seems to be her normal strong and noble woman. She no long smelled the horrid beast that invaded her home. “dogs yuck “ she thought . Why would anyone want something soo unrefined around? To her, anything that will drool and drink in its own water bowl can not be that smart. This thought left a smile on her back fuzzy lips. And as she relaxed knowing she did not smell the beast anymore, she would stretch out her paws and widen the padding of her feet revealing her 6 claws on each front paw. Her but raising up slightly as she tail stretches out. I loud yawning meow would then flow out her little mouth as she lowered her but again, and curl her tail around her black fluffy body. She then laid her head on her paw as her tail brushed gently up against her cheek. Mmm live is good now she thought no nasty dog around and the best lap in the castle to lay on. She purred out “ what better life could a kitten like me ask for.” she laid calm and quiet in Anaya’s lap just listening to the man that spoke to her Anaya and it amused her to see the bowing of all the men but as she lifted her head to see all of them that bowed . Her little ears went back when she saw one not bow at all, and look up at her Anaya to see what Anaya would do about such rudeness.-

AlyChes: -Having left the main room about half an hour ago, Chesmay the new slave girl started to explore the castle a little. If she was to stay here, she had to find her way around. Her hands folded together behind her back she slowly moves around in the castle, placing one bare foot in front of the other as she walked. Though she couldn't help but to feel rather uncomfortable with the clothes she was wearing. In her taste, she was showing too much skin. It was only when she passed a guard, she turned around and raised her hand to him- Erm... S...Sir? -She asked as she kept her eyes lowered to the floor. She didn't know the house rules yet and so she played safe for now.- Yes? -The guard answers as he looks her up and down and raises a brow before licking his lips- Cou...Could you tell me where I can find the kitchen, please? -Chesmay asks him carefully, not aware of the impure thoughts the guard was thinking. He smirked and reached his right hand out to her chin and slowly lifted her face so she'd look at him- Follow me -He said with a low voice and grabbed her arm and almost dragged her through the castle by her right upper arm and took her to the kitchen- Here it is... But.. -He said with a perked brow and looks her up and down again. But before she can move, the guard moves his hand to her throat and pushes her against the wall.- Before you get a bite at all. I want a piece of you.. -He grins dark to her and moves his other hand to her breasts and lowers the top of her silks, exposing them completely and starts groping them while he moves in and forces a kiss on her lips. As he keeps on kissing her, he moves his foot between hers and forces them apart as his hand starts to lower down her body until he reaches her untouched flower. Chesmay turns her head away and places her hands on his chest and tries to push him off, but with her 5 foot 5 there isn't much she can do.- No! Stop! -She yells as she keeps pushing against his chest.- Help! -She screams again before the guard grabs her throat tighter, cutting her off from air- Shut up! -He snarls at her- Scream again and I won't be gentle at all... -He glares down at him and forces her fingers between the lips of her untouched flower and starts to explore as he was hardening in his pants-

ViktorRolanov: Venurix gave a slight nod, his helmet moved and the armour weave underneath glided over his skin softly. He watched her as she spoke to him, finding her words almost to his expectation, his eyes closed behind his helmet for a moment, then his ears flicked inside of the helm, he had heard the whispers of the female, not clearly but he had heard them. He found it rather settling, it was like his fortress, though not as small as this place, he did wonder if it spanned under the soil, he would not pry on such thoughts, though. He had moved his right clawed hand up as he looked to the honour guard of his, his eyes looked over the figure, feeling his plan fall into place very quickly. Everything to him was a means to an end, this meeting was killing two birds with one stone, the armoured guard looked at him, with a slight bow down to his lord. Venurix stood up and turned to his left, his hand extending to the face of the figure in front of him, the full covering helmet of the guard reached Venurix’s fingers as if to give them a kiss as if a man would to a prestigious woman. Venurix, with a chuckle, had raised two fingers, the claws, gliding through the still; warm air quick, he did not bow to the leader of this place. As his fingers went up, the claws slid through the eye slits of the honour guards helmet, and stabbed into the eyes of the black clad guard, causing him to make a wail of pain as the Dread King dug his claws on his gauntlets’ in deeper. His arm raised up, picking the guard up, the black armoured guard flinched a few times, while Venurix spoke cold and harsh. “You plot to kill me, this is what happens, and this is why I have kept my throne for ten millennia. You are pathetic, you are scum, like all of your petty assassins of your family’s house, I crush you like an insect.” The guard, began to glow and pulse with light, as the body begun to turn to mist, the blood too, this was his soul, it began to seep up into the air, the mess of the encounter was quickly gone, and the figure was no more, even the armour, seemed to disappear, as if the man was nothing but mist. The dread king put his hand down and turned his head to Anaya and he spoke very softly, toward her. “I am sure, we can come to an agreement. I mean, we are just as good foot soldiers as we are a navy…” He gave a soft chuckle, his hidden, helmeted head and face, looking eerily around the room.

Anaya: Anaya watched the man before her kill one of his own fighters, his own guards but it was with reason and she guessed he knew what he was doing so in truth she did not react much to it other than the simple watching. But the words that went in her ear, dear, god how she hated that word and enough was about enough. As Victoria kept her mouth to Anaya’s ear Anaya without even turning her head placed a claw at the center of the girl’s throat and in a simple fast movement the girl started coughing up blood and fell to the floor. The woman’s claw had grown out three feet stabbing into the girls jugular and out the other then-then retracted all in a blink. It was messy once the girl fell to the floor bleeding to death and choking on her own tongue, flopping around like a land fish. Anaya said not a word as she took a cloth off the side of her throne and cleaned her hand from the drops of blood that covered her nail. Heartless and fast that was one way to set a mood, that other man said a bunch of things and had pride to a ton for, was talkative but Anaya was something else, she was hard cold and new her standing and did not have to voice it. “do you eat human bodies? Would you like that one?” she said as she moved her claw now cleaned to the armrest as she leaned back in her chair watching the girl flop around life leaving her. There was a kafuffle in the kitchen room as Anaya pointed a finger to a large door guard to go handle the problem. The door guard walked into the kitchen to see the one guard trying to gain his way with the new slave. He had to admit it was a fine chunk of ass to have one's way with but it was not the guards place to try to take things that were not there’s. “Guard!” he called out as he walked over standing there as the guard was manhandling the woman up against the cold stone wall. “get your hands off the slave girl, she is property of the queen and not of the castle, personal girls are not for you to stick your dick in, find the castle whores and wet them”

FiliaSaton: - the little kitten was learning a few things as she sat on her Anaya’s lap. She knew that her Anaya often was frustrated by the one called Victoria. She has felt the tension between her and Anaya a many of times. It is not uncommon for animals like cats and even dogs to sense how one really feels, whether sick or sick of someone, you can not fool an animal. But in this the kitten knew she was safe in her Anaya’s lap, her Anaya's had such a manner that showed she was in control. In fact, Mystic never could think of a time the Anaya was frightened. To her Anaya must never have known fear, anger  yes but fear never. This was a secure feeling to the little kitten.she noted the anger rising in her Anaya and soon the scent of blood caught the tip of her nose , she open her mouth and allowed the sent to come deeper into her sense. Lifting her head to see where such a bloody sent came from the kitten saw the one called victoria fall to the ground and gurgles out blood and air, as her body trembled almost lifelessly on the floor. This seems to be something to investigate as the kitten hopped onto the floor and started to bite on the finger of the trembling corps. She was not above eating that which was now helpless and doing. The corps could not fight back as the little kitten eat through the finger and was gnawing on the bone as she did a low tone growl

AlyChes: -As the door guard approached them, the guard who had the Chesmay by her throat, ignored him at first. It was only when he was standing closer to them he sighed and threw his head back and loosened her grip on Chesmay.- Those whores have had every dick in the castle. I desire something.. new and fresh -He said with a grin- Join me. -He spoke. As Chesmay heard that, she knew she had to find a way to get away from them. Looking around, she suddenly realized one of her legs was in between his. She only hoped she was strong enough to make this move work, otherwise, she's in trouble. Big time. Taking a deep breath she slowly moves her right foot on her toes before quickly and with everything she had, she moved her knee up right to the guards family jewels. Growing and grabbing his crotch he let go of her and fell to the ground. Chesmay fell to the floor and crawled between the other guards legs before quickly getting on her feet again and taking off in a sprint. *I have to get out of here..* She thinks to herself and runs through the halls as fast as she could. Running through the main hall she starts to make way towards the door, only hoping she could get far away from this place. If the guards saw her as a prey of a prize, what would the rulers think of her? Tears started to stream down her face as she made her way towards the door. She heard rapid footsteps behind her and she knew she either had to speed up or risk getting caught. And the last thing was what happened. Grabbed from behind the taller guard wrapped his arms around her waist with her arms caught between his arms and her sides- No.. Let me go! -She yelled as she tried to get away and free from him. The guard grinned and turned around with her in his arms and started to walk back into the main hall to Anaya. Once he reached her he holds the girl in place while two other guards drag the guard to put his hands on her to them aswell.- My lady, excuse me for disturbing you. This girl tried to get away and this fallen person of a guard tried to make her his prize... He had his hands and mouth all over her. The girl was brave enough to give him a hard knee in his crotch and take off. But she tried to flee out of the door. -the guards said. Chesmays breasts were still barred to the public and her cheeks wet with tears as she kept her eyes on the floor.- She asked for it! -The guard who put his hands on her screamed- she asked me to have my way with her... She wanted it.. -He grins and tilts his head up a little. Chesmay only shook her head and whispered between her tears.- That's not true Ma'am... -Closing her eyes stiff she turns her head away. She knew no one would believe a new slave over a guard who had been here far longer than she has.-

OwinKaneDragonFey  Beast, slowly blinked into wakefulness, the sounds around him insisting he had been out long enough. His neck hurt and his back were stiff, but that was to be expected when one slept huddled in a corner injured. He lifted his head from his arms a bit and took in the sights around him, the grass still green despite some of it was covered in his own blood. The bird was nearby singing as the clouds began to gather. He groans softly, pulling himself to stand on his own feet as he straightens his spine. "Man, I have to take it easy." He muttered, to himself as he lifted his features to glance over at the castle. He exhales deeply, staring at its structure for a moment as the wind cast around him causing a few strands of dirty blonde hair to wave across his cheeks. His blue orbs then moved over to the small river in front of him walking towards it to squat and cup some water on to his palm to have a drink. Soon after, he wet his face with water using his hands and stood up to make his way back to the castle. He was out and about lately, training and building up his strength. However, one wrong move and he ended up like this wrapped in bandages across his abdomen and over a wide shoulder. The bandages were decorated with some of his blood that seemed to have dried out overnight on it. He didn't seem to mind at the moment, however, he was more hungry than usual. And, what better place to have a good meal than the castle he ran into days ago. Without a second thought, he made his way inside the castle, barefoot walking down the hallway and bowing his head to some of the guards that he ran into in the halls. He paused, however, hearing voices coming from the main room. He turned half way as he stood by the entrance visible to anyone who may have to look his way. His hands hung by his side also wrapped in bandages. His blue eyes widen slightly at the sight of Anaya killing one of her castle employees without remorse. "What's happening?" He whispered, feeling his stomach tighten at this site of her. Then his eyes shift to the slave girl who desperately almost ran into him but was held back by one of the guards. He listens carefully to his words. "A slave?" His breathing became slightly heavy at the thought of slavery. He once was a slave himself.

OwinKaneDragonFey  However just when he thought this scene was horrifying, the sight of the feline leaping off Anaya's lap to feed of the motionless body now laying there made him sick to his stomach.  

ViktorRolanov: He looked to the dead body and smirked widely, offered it, he found it tasteful, but at the same time, he looked at the dead figure, his tastes were starting to fade on this form. However, the soul would go to waste and, he would not have that, but at the same time, why would he eat a wretch like that. He lifted his right gauntlet, and looked to the man on his right, before he pointed to the corpse that the ruler of this place had just created, Venurix, gave the order for his guard to feast, and so the guard did so. The guard moved slowly, and went to the dead form on the ground, his arm reached out, and begun to drain the soul of the nearly dead girl, the body, and blood fading slowly from existence as the soul ran into the black played honour guards’ body. Venurix gave a light sigh as he turned his head to the commotion that had just happened, his eyes watching the guard, who seemed to have taken a blow to the testicles, and the guard that held the girl, his eyes went back between the two, hearing them shout and the girl told she was a liar. He found it quite a show, but he felt he needed to say something at least, to make sure, the wretch of a human, got what was coming to him. “By my analysis, the guard seems to be raping your toys. She is telling the truth.” He was an extremely good reader of character, he had to be, his people, quite hateful, his men, constantly plotting for the throne, he stayed one step ahead of all of his people, and somehow, he managed it flawlessly. He had given a slight smile as he lifted his hands, putting them on his hips as he left the claws over the plating of his crotch; he was quietly watching to see what the reactions of the people were to this scene. While the guard, begun to walk back to him, standing beside him, after his decent meal.

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Anaya: Anayas eyes moved over the room as she waved a hand for the dark guest they had to head out to another room “please my good Sir I have some matters to tend to, see your self to our lounge there are leather chairs and a sofa for you to relax in, we can talk more in the evening or tomorrows dawn, make the castle home” she had to be nice as she knew so little of her guests and in truth she really did not want them here and later she would be sure to voice this concern. As the man nodded and headed off with little to no words said in response Anaya looked to the guard who had brought everything over to her, the slave girl flustered and in tears and the other guard. Anaya was not stupid any girl that had tears like that was not lying about what had happened to her, slaves most of the time unless made for it would not go out seeking sex from ones they know were free and not in chain like they were and Anaya had bin on this earth long enough to know when stupid human people were lying. “have his hands cut off and his tongue along with them, after that place the scraps in a bucket and have him with his blooded teeth bring his own parts out to the hounds to eat, teach them all not to touch what is mine” Anaya moved and took the girl by the collar and neck and dragged her over to her as she pulled the girl to a stand and let out a breath “I have a feeling you will be a handful here, you have fight I like that, but if you keep running for the doors I will have to chain you to the floor. And the last thing I want is to break that fight you have my girl. The sooner you come to understand and accept were you are and the fact you will not be able to leave here the sooner we can advance you and maybe train you to be more then just a nice set of breasts” Anaya moved her claws and softly cleaned the tears from her face, a tender move from a tyrant queen.

AlyChes: -Chesmay's eyes opened wide as she heard the strange man say he believed her. She blinks a few times before slowly looking up to him. Even though she was scared, she knew one person believed her. For a slight moment she wasn't so worried anymore. She then slowly looks over to the woman who saved her and blinks a few times before looking back at the man. Only then she realized there was someone else in the room with them, though she couldn't see the person. She didn't want to make any sudden movements since she could already feel the guards grip tighting around her waist. She groans a little and closes her eyes before looking back at the man who believed her.- Thank you... Sir.. -Chesmay whispers to him before looking down at the floor again, awaiting the woman's rule on the situation. As the woman in front of her gave her order about the man who attacked her, her eyes grew wide. She wanted to speak up and try to spare him but she knew there would be consequences to it. As the woman grabbed her collar and pulled her close to her, she closed her eyes stiff and whimpers softly as her tears kept on streaming down her face. She listened to the woman speak and only got more scared with every word. She blinks a few times until she feels the woman's claws on her cheeks. Her breath stopped for a moment until she released it again. She had to admit, there and if only for a brief moment, she felt somewhat of a tingle in her skin as the woman touched her.- I didn't mean to run Madam, I just thought you'd never believe me over a man who had been in your employment longer then i have.. -She lowers her eyes and sighs- I know i'll never be able to get out of here Madam, at least not alive nor in one piece. -Chesmay swallows as she looks up to the woman from behind her lashes before quickly lowering her eyes again. Chesmay did have some fight in her, but only when needed or when she felt endangered. And this had been one of those times. She acted out of instinct and she only hoped she had done right.- I was scared you'd be angry with me because of what that man did, you thinking i indeed asked for it. I thought you'd want me dead instead of him.. -She said softly, almost in whisper and awaits for the woman to speak again.-

Anaya: Anaya cleaned the tears from the girls face softly with her hand and then started in fixing the girls silks so she was back to normal and was not fully showing everything she had to the worlds eyes. “I get all my guards from the lands prisons, inmates on death row for crimes against everyone and everything, the man that tried to have his way with you was charged with acts of sexuality on animals and live stock, the man that saved you, murder and treason to his family, killed his wife and child” fixing her silks she gave a smile as she looked upon the very nice looking woman “I take men, woman and beasts to be my fighters who have no live left in this world or are deemed unfit to be out in the world for more then one reason, the largest one is it gives them a job when if they were left out in the public they could be a danger or scorned for there actions, and if they do mess up here I can kill them or give them just punishment with no negative reproductions to the crown or this empire ” Anaya looked up as the other guard dragged the other one away kicking and yelling out harsh profanity’s at all around them. She gave a laugh as her red eyes looked back to the girl, a red empty eye that had really no feeling to it other then spinning colors of red and black, with the empty black slit right down its center. Snow white hair fell in her face as she pushed it back with one of her painted white claws. “if you tell the truth others will believe you here, if you don’t then we will doubt you, if you do your job right and well you will gain much and even as time goers on gain better clothing and even have a chance to gain freedom. You get what is given, you give good work and prove you are useful you will remain useful and used, you prove yourself untrustworthy and unneeded and you will be given to the dogs. It is a hard life but a fair life”

AlyChes: -Listening and watching the woman closely, Chesmay knew she had to really earn everything here. Even more then she did before with that man. Keeping her eyes low and nods slowly once the woman finishes speaking.- Yes Madam. -She saids softly and sucks her lower lip between her teeth and softly starts to nibble on it, nervous on what it was she would have to do. Now that she knew the truth about the men who worked for the woman, she got only more afraid of them and made it her personal mission to stay clear of them as much as possible. She was a target now and she figured it was only a matter of time before the next one would try. Even though this man was punished, men would always be men and try to take as they please. She decided there and then, she would lock her sleeping chambers every night when she was alone in there. It would be the only way she'd be safe and she wouldn't be so afraid anymore. She sighs softly and looks up at the woman through her lashes as she still bites on her lip, not really knowing what else to say or do now. This woman made it pretty clear, she was to be a slave for as long as the woman wanted her. But god knows what it would be she'd become after that. -

Anaya: Anaya pushed the girl’s hair behind her ear and out of her face as she looked at her “so tell me, how did you end up in chains, if does not seem the color of metal suits your skin, and you don’t see many elves in chain, mostly human girls with worthless familys that sold them for coin, or human boys to.” Anaya and the kingdom had seen there share of slaves it was one of there larger imports and she had to go out and about to find places that had them, it was a fore sure on the ta do list for her. Her gown hung from her hips as she moved on her chair fixing it to get more comfortable as she pushed her own snow white hair from her face. She was growing sleepy and it was only past afternoon she still had a long day to partake in but that is what you get when you hardly slept. As she sat there a maid dressed in white and gold walked over holding out a dish of sweets as Anaya took the glass of water from the side and then looked to Chesmay “go on dear help yourself you earned a treat”

AlyChes: -As the woman pushed her hairs behind her elven ears, her eyes grew wide and she had to suppress a moan. Her elven ears were very sensitive to touch. It was only when the woman asked her to tell her Chesmay's story, she looks up to her and blinks a few times. She had no idea where to start. She watched the woman get comfortable and slowly lowered herself to the floor as her legs started to feel like jelly. It was only when a maid came over with sweet and water and she got permission to get something as well, she slowly sat up and took a glass of water aswell and a few grapes. Putting the first grape into her mouth she closed her eyes to the taste. It was just simply delicious and made her lips curl into a smile. It had been such a long time since she had something this good. Only after swallowing she took a few sips of water and licked her lips before giggling as she looks at the woman. - Thank You Madam. -She said softly and smiles. It was only then when she started to think back about her time in chains. - My birthparents were high ranked Elven or so it seems. They already had two children and gave me away to the man you freed me from. The first few years he treaded me like princess but some day everything changed and locked me up. He started to train me in everything a good wife or maid or slave should know and kept me in the dark for years. He only let me out, never the less on chains, when he had people over whom I had to serve. I don't know his reasons and I can't tell you more then I already told you just now. -She said as she lowers her eyes again and plays with the glass between her hands as she sits on the floor.

Anaya: Anaya sat there hearing the girl and thought about it all, a high rank elf being so selfish to just toss a child of its own out into the cold for no reason other then we have to many already, hell she had one child now and she wanted more, hell she wanted more then family Anaya craved a companion more then Sam she wanted her Milla back and it had bin eating her ever since Mill had died, maybe this slave girl could do the trick and fill the hole in the dragons heart that was the shape of a boar. “that is a heart breaking start, a family so foolish to toss away there blood to a slaver that will only ever think of themselves, that is how all slaver are, coin matters most they would sell there kin for the right price. I will make you a deal my little one, if you earn your place in a week’s time I will replace that steel ring around your neck with something lighter, something a lot less clashing with your fine skin. But if you are hungry please go to the dinning room and help yourself, the message and the screams of that guard with the removing of his hands and tongue should show others not to touch you”

FiliaSaton: Being little meant she could fit about anywhere and get in to all sorts of trouble, this she excelled at too. And being free to wonder the castle meant there was much to get into. Her little kitty paws could explore all sorts of possibilities as she wondered about and soo many rooms to play into. She sat in the hall and bats at the feet that would walk by for a bit most this did not effect one or two would leap over her paw and a few just walked around her. The one that was carrying a heavy load of book though that person did not see her at all and he tripped of the kitty landing face forward with a big THUD. “ooo umm i best run “thought the little kitten as she flew past the man and all the books that were now scattered about the hall. She had darted in to a room not far from the hall, it had soft fabrics and odd human like forms with no heads. “ hmm these are odd” thought the kitten as she pawed at the draping fabric that hang from them. Soon one her claw would get stuck on the fabric of one of these figures and as she would pull her little paw out the figure would start to tip. The kitten cried out as the figure started to fall on her. She quickly leaped in to a box and got out of the way, her paw freeing from the fabric as the figure hit the ground with a loud CRASH. In the box was lots of yarn and ribbons these were fun to roll in and get all tangle up in and were cozy to take a little nap in as well. She did not sleep long before a another sound was heard this one she not make. So she had to go investigate this strange, sound it was a scream from another room. When Mystic got there she saw a maid standing on a chair screaming at the rat who was eating bread the maid had dropped out of fear from seeing the rat “ not on my watch” thought the little kitten as she leaping in the air and pounces on the distracted rat. Her white fangs landed and dug deep into the rat neck, breaking it instantly as mystic claimed down on the rats. She hear the maid say “ ooo what a good kitty you are “ as she carried the rat away pieces of bright colored yarn still dragging behind the kitten as she made her way back to the throne room. She jumped up on the throne climbed up in the arm rest and chewed on the rat. The random bright colored yarn still tangled in her black silky fur-

AlyChesAlyChes Whisper: -As the woman replayed to her story, Chesmay only nodded. The idea of getting a chance in a weeks time, was something she'd love to hear. Looking up to the woman, Chesmay smiles brightly and bows her head- Thank you Madam -She saids softly. As the woman offered her to go to the kitchen and get something to eat and told her not to worry about the guards anymore with the message she was now sending due to his punishment, she felt a little more safe.- Thank you Madam, can i bring you something aswell when i return? -Chesmay asks softly as she stands on her feet. She waits a few moments on her answer before turning in her stop and running on the tip of her toes to the dinning room. THe whole table was filled with all kind of treads. Chesmay, as hungry as she was sat down near the middle of the table and started filling her plate with everything she could lay her hands on before she started eating to get her empty stomach filled once more. It had been days and it felt so good to have all this food. What felt even better was knowing she would never have to be hungry again.-

Anaya: Anaya picked up the cat and unwrapped it form what ever thing it got its self tangled up in and then put it back on the throne arm rest with its catch. she looked to Chesmay and shock her head no “I am alright I do not need food right now I will go out on a hunt later in the night, I have a coupe matters to handle in the catacombs so due make yourself at home and even if some of the guards are fools others are not so if one try’s to hurt you reach out and get aid from another one, they know the rules” and with that she pet the cat on the head and headed off to handle matters of checking on her egg in the catacombs of the castle making sure it was safe and sound.

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6 hours Later

FiliaSaton: - her soft purrs rumbled through the room as her white teeth shimmered through her black lips and fur. It pleased her much to be praised by her Anaya and she purred louder to show her happiness. Seeing how this made her Anaya so very happy. The kitten thought it might be great to bring more to her Anaya. So again the kitten leaped down and walk out the room. This time, as she came back in she was dragging in a book, the kitten had seen Anaya looking at these a many of times. The book was heavier and harder to drag, but the little kitten was able to make it to the large throne Anaya sat in. She leaped up in Anaya lap and tried to lean down and drag up the book, but this did not work and Mystic had to try something else. The book was too heavy to leap up with as she had done with the pen moments before. The little kitten would sit by the book and try her best to drag the book up the throne and on to Anaya’s lap, but all she tried did not work so the little kitten sat and cried at the base of the throne while her little mouth held on to the book. -

Anaya: She had brought Anaya a pen already and now there was a book being dragged across the floor Anaya looked to the cat and could not help but smile it had been many years since the castle had a pet it was almost a new thing to get used to. Anaya picked up the book with one hand and the cat with the other placing both on her lap as she looked at the book. ‘olden age eastern mythology’ the cover had in print it was a good sized book. As Anaya looked upon the cat she thought to herself if there any magic to turn it into a human or at least make it talk more then the slandered meow she knew would get annoying fast or what if she could turn it into some sort of larger cat, a panther or something. She thought things to herself as she put the book beside her and ran her claws into the kittens fur gently. “I wonder what it would be like if you were the size of a panther, could not have you on my lap anymore if you were changed to be that large for sure. but you would be so much more useful other than a lap warmer”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet had just gotten out of the bath after a long day of training for a big tournament that was coming up, She had just got assigned to hunt and capture a participant that had wronged a very important leader of a town that was not to far from her home, She has not told any of the royals about her mission nor has she told about the event that she was participating in, She dressed herself in a royal blue dress and made her way downstairs “Man what a workout” She said as she made her way to the main room moving her left arm in a circular motion, she finds her seat and fixes her bronze colored hair-

FiliaSaton: Mystic listen to her Anaya talk and let out a soft meow to her as an answer back. To talk like them would be interesting and even a bit fun mystic thought. Then she could tell all dogs how horrid they really are. But to be too big to sit in her Anaya’s lap made her a bit sad as Mystic loved to sit in her Anaya’s lap. Anaya’s lap was the warmest and safest lap in the castle. It would be fun to be as big as a dog though then she would have large frightful claws that could slash any nasty mutt. With that thought she grinned pleasingly, “those poor beasts would not know what hit them” she thought. If a cat could laugh she would be about now when her evil laughs would echo the room. but being a cute kitten all the others around her would hear is soft cuffing

Anaya: As Anaya ran her fingers along her cat softly “well if only you could understand me, or at least talk back, we will do something about it later maybe I can figure out a way to talk with you before doing anything overly drastic to you” she said softly as she itched the kittens ear softly just in that spot right behind. Seeing her sister show up after behind gone to god knows were “so what distant place did you go to, this time, Scarlet. I don’t like when you leave the castle it is dangerous out there for you, do you even bring a guard?” red eyes looked to her sister in almost a scolding tone as she let out a breath to relax, for some reason she was on edge maybe it was before when that unknown man was around that set her off for sure. she took another breath as she could hear footfalls outside and the guards muttering things to someone out there then a troll making sounds and grunting like normal when they saw things they did not know. Outside the guards pointed their spears at the newcomer coming to the doors “state your business to the crown” they barked out as there gruff voices ringing in their helmets making them sound more clanged then normal. The troll stood there watching like a lug as normal sitting down with a thump in the snow and making a snowman as his broken-toothed smile showed and he gave a joyful stupid grunt as he pointed to the newcomer “look look nuff man” he grunted out as he gave a laugh, his voice sounding a lot like a dimwitted child (think of a kid with down syndrome, that type of voice I really don’t know how else to explain it XD)

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet looked to her sister who seemed to be a bit more protective than usual over her tonight, She rubbed the back of her head feeling sort of sheepish about wondering again, “I just went to a town not too far from here. I have watchers in high places and I know I can handle myself.” She was trying to let her sister know that she does not have to be too concerned about her when she travels away from the castle and she knows that it can be rough in the outlands surrounding the castle “I am a huntress that depended on herself before she even became a royal.” She thought about her old days before she was taken in by Anaya and the rest of the empire and sighed to herself about the number of times she has fended for herself- “I do admit that some of those times were a bit tough.” She put a hand on her right arm and looked at it-

Anaya: “there are dark people in the towns now, cultist activity has been found in the towns around the area and it is a sure thing they want our family dead, I have no other family then you anymore, Jeff seems to have flown from the next or maybe at long last Samuel had chased him off but he is gone now, I went to his room earlier and all his things are gone, so you are all that is left of this family at the castle ” Anaya let out a breath “I have been thinking of letting the word out we are to adopt from family members seeing many of our own have died we need to be strong again, but I don’t know how to go about it, do you have thoughts on this matter, my sister” Anaya wanted a family, even if she could not just make them blood it would be nice to have adopted children or family she could count on yet again seeing the past had been so hard on them all, she needed to make up for it, she needed to keep her home strong.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: “Maybe we should check in the orphanages around the towns. I’m sure they or the peasants will have some worthy people.” She was also wondering about the lower class royals of the other kingdoms, especially the two low ranks that she met a few days ago, “Oh yes. Those two might be of real use.” She thought to herself as she wondered about the amount of strong people who will be participating in the tournament- “wait a minute...I know an even better place to find members.” She was very questionable about telling her sister about the event that was coming up due to the fact that she might find out about her important mission that will have to be completed soon

Anaya: “I will go around in the next couple days to lands abroad and you go see who you can find and bring back, get the word out we are looking for new family members as well as members of this kingdom, but for now it is late and night is upon us, and I should be heading down into the catacombs to handle matters and rest. ” as she got up she popped the kitten down on the floor and paused so she could hear her sisters input and not just leave her with no words to say in response.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "I'll do what I can sister. Goodnight." Scarlet let out a yawn and got up from her seat to go back to her upstairs room, She was a bit tired from working herself all day today in the wooded area of the outlands and she sure needed her energy if she was to find the person that made a bad move with a royal, "hope I don't have to do this for this empire" She thought to herself as she entered her room for the night-

Anaya: Anaya turned around as her eyes looked sad and she was not moving to the basement steps watched her sister head out to go to bed. The woman walked to the main hall as the castle had gone silent, only the sounds of the cat making distant plays with unknown things or killing a rat. She let out a breath as she looked around the empty castle. Everything, everyone was gone….all gone everything was so empty. She turned as she walked up the steps to the upper halls her gown flowing behind her as she walked down the hallway past her chamber room and to her son’s room. She walked into the door as it creaked open with a hollow empty sound and she looked upon the room his things gone. She let out a breath as she walked over to his bed and sat on it, then laying down upon his sheets she laid there in the spot he used to, she knew he had been too hard on him but had she over done it, this time, would he ever truly be back, was he really…gone. A tear fell from her eye and wet the pillow as she took it in her hands hugging the sweet smell of her boy, her oldest boy. Tears ran down her cold face as she let out soft weeps laying there holding that simple pillow, all she had left, as she sat up cleaning the water from her face and holding the pillow in her hands. She took a breath as she got up her knees week a guard coming to the door hearing the sound of sadness only to see what he thought was a hallucination, Anaya there, in tears, clinging to her son’s pillow standing almost to fall over “Anaya what happened do you need anything?” he said as he came over to her flank to aid her if he could. “no…it is to late now, clean this room out it will be repainted and turned into a guest room, all I need is this….he is gone now, he will not be back this time, not again” she held that pillow as she walked out the door to go to her room, to put that pillow away upon her bed as nothing more than a memory that may sting less with the soft embrace of time. Softly her hands moved to cascade over the sweet silken pillow and she was gone as the guards did their work upon her request and the castle turned back to its silent ways.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 2 Background_winter-morning

Waking up in the morning it just felt so empty, a part of her was gone, but it was ok, it was all ok and she would move on from this it would be ok as long as nothing else happened, she wanted to go back to the filling halls and the action and her playing with her children playing with her family, but now, she had her little sister, her mate, her unborn children she hid away from the world's gaze. Looking upon her eye with her big red eyes the white scales her of hid glimmered beside the ivory shell which held her future inside. She put her head against the shell hearing the sound of the growth inside and having it hear her thoughts her love her devotion to everything it was, to feel a mother’s love even if it was a mother that had done so much wrong, her children would bring good into the world, be so much good in this world, it is innocent. “I want you to remember, when times get hard, even if you are drowning in it all, stay strong and in time we all learn to swim” her mind rang into her baby as she lifted her head from her egg and walked over it to shift back to her human-like form nude and weak as she walked up the steps cleaning her face from the sadness she showed, a dragon could not show weakness, a dragon could not show sorrow, a leader could not show this pain, all this pain. She walked up the steps grabbing a robe from the hook in the hallway and into the main hall she walked and there he was. Sam, standing there talking to some peasant Farmer.

Why did he have to be there, he now had what he wanted Jeff was gone, Jeff would always be gone now, but all she had was him, she was losing everything she loved and in that moment the pain sunk in deeper as she stood there and he looked over at her just standing there in a white robe the look of so much pain on her face. “Anaya?” he said as he moved nodding off the Farmer and walking over to her. “what, happened?”

“you now have what you wanted, he is gone, Jeff cleaned out his room and now he is gone, and he will not come back, this time, you chased him away and now he is gone” the pain in her voice was clear, no spring rain could wash this hurt away no summer sunshine would make this hurt less. Her red eyes looked back at him as the sadness looked into his eyes “why did they all have to go, we have nothing left but rocks and stone. Why did they all have to leave me here ALONE!” she screamed as she dug her nails into her robe and the flames on the torches flickered. “I killed my own sister in the halls here, I starved children that I took in out of the cold, I ripped apart my own men my own people for what, a crown for a name for a title, a message what does it all even mean!” she wanted to fall to her knees as they were shaking. but his arms were there to pick her up as tears ran down her face. She looked at him as her red eyes quivered their wet sides pooling and running down her cheeks rosed and stained “why do I even do it, what’s the point anymore, I sit in my own halls and watch the losers come in the doors and come out the same doors, I watch you find people you want to keep and I pet that stupid cat, why can't I just leave here go see the world wonder this world, just be a dragon and fly, I am a caged bird, Samuel, I can never be free and I don’t even know why I am anymore, this can't be it, this can't be all I have in this world, why is this, why is this love for the lands here my weakness”

“Anaya, the people here need you, they need you to be strong and look out for them, it is ok to be broken to weep and show the feelings but we can’t, we are to be here for our people. when our child, the one that grows in the chambers underground is old enough he can take our place our little beautiful baby boy, our baby boy Anaya” Sam held her tightly as she hit his shoulder with a weak fist and broke his shoulder wetting his garments with her tears. All beings cried, all beings even the strongest being. Even if in him he knew she blamed him, it was understandable him and Jeff never got along and it was true there was a part of him that was happy the ill-gotten ass kissing price of the rose was gone. But what he did not want was this pain, he thought she would handle it better, he was sure she thought she would handle it better maybe it was all of it, all of the walls breaking down all for it happening all at once, just causing all the pain in the world and breaking even something as large as a dragon. “Anaya it will be ok, we can handle this, we can do it together”

Anaya looked up at him her big wet eyes so dark and broken, filled with sadness and hurt as her small voice gave response as she softly nodded “ok, as long as you are with me in it all, as long as you don’t leave me ok, I can do this, as long as you are with me, right”

“right, because I love you, after everything we have done to each other I love you”
“and I love you too, and I am sorry Samuel, I am so sorry for the past, if I only knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently”

“no, I am glad you did them as you did, as my enemy has become my best friend. So go get dressed you have a day to rule and a throne to sit on, and the farmer from before will be back he had some problems in town from them cult members, killed some of his cattle”

“ok…thank you” Anaya let him go as she looked at him and backed up then turning around she walked still hurting up to her room to dress leaving Sam standing in the hall.

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ViktorRolanov: Naavin gave a gruff, strained breath, rubbing his own throat, lower back, his right hand stroking his own throat. While his left hand was placed on his armoured backside, rubbing both of the places, while his helmet hanged on his hips, clattering against his side. He did not feel great, but much better than he felt about an hour ago, he wished a little he did not do that for Samuel, but then, he could not say no, not by his own powers, he was too caught up in the situation. He was in his full plating, wearing the mithril, black dragon scale, golden mithril plating that he had only just had made for him a day ago, the plates were a little heavier, but only slightly, not noticeable to himself. He had been stopped in the snow, his greaves and sabatons hidden by the snow he stood in. While he stood there, in his completely covered form, he begun to bend down and grab the halberd and sword, extending his right hand to the middle of the staff of the halberd, his left hand gripped the longsword by its hilt, he then lifted both and begun walking back toward the Iron Keep. He had given a loud sigh as he put the sword in his right hand, holding both the halberd and the sword in his right, while his hand went down to the plated helmet, and lifted it from where it was, he placed the helmet on to his head, hiding his hair and face under the armour. The enchantments were working on his armour making the whole suit weigh less than ten pounds of weight. His golden plating was lit up by the snow, giving him a slight glow as he walked up toward the Iron Keeps main doors.

Venurix looked around the room he was inside of, he was in his full plating, not a bit of his flesh could be seen, the corrupted mithril woven jumpsuit and the wickedly shaped corrupted mithril plating sat on his skin, showing his curves and form well. He had his sword with him now, his fingers clasped around the wickedly shaped, single edged blade, which had poison glazing it constantly from a small vial in the hilt that held a venomous spider that could kill a troll. He had begun to stand from where he was sat, he had not slept, he could not sleep, he was merely thinking all of this time, thinking about a myriad of subjects he needed to consider. He had begun walking to the main hall, where he had been previously, knowing partly his way around the keep, his ship was still positioned a mile away from the keep. He stood at his full height of eight foot. The dread lord stood inside of the throne room silently, staying quiet and calm as he waited for Anaya to come back, he hoped to discuss with her.

Anaya: Samuel had been standing at a Pillar watching this guest he already did not like stand in the main hall, dress as he was it must be the owner of that thing siting out in the snow about a mile away. Sam started to walk forth as he looked to the main Sam’s bright green eyes looking the fellow over “so who may you be?” he said in a cold and cruel tone as he tilted his head looking at the man there. “if ye wanting for lady Anaya she is getting dressed and soon will be down here I am sure.” Sam looked up at the steps to the upper hallways were he new Anaya would be getting dressed and putting her self in some lacy thing she thought made her look better then she was even if he new she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Anaya stood in front of her mirror looking at herself her clawed nails running along her skin as she walked to a closet and grabbed a golden gown, bright things made her feel better to be gold like she was meant to be made her feel almost normal. A nice golden gown with black onyx trim that hugged her body as always in that hourglass shape. “better I guess” she said softly as she moved to take her brush and work it into her snow white locks she would leave down and hanging over her shoulders. Looking over to her hard bed there was that pillow sitting on the sheets that were unmade and tossed around. She let out a sigh and just turned around to look back in the mirror, today would be a normal day, today would be the same as every other day, or at least she hoped so, as she did not know if she could handle anything to out of the norm.

ViktorRolanov: Seeing the man who seemed to act like his normal people would be on a daily basis, he had given a smile behind his helmet, the questions, the distrust, all usual for him, like the norm, he felt quite at home already. This man seemed to look like he owned the place, so he would have guessed it was the partner, of the woman, the one who bought his spiders, he was quick to think, he really did not know, but he would guess, if he were right then tops for him. He had given a little sigh as he held the sword down, using it as a walking cane more or less, as it left its deadly spots on the floor, a person would be unlucky to step on one, as their flesh would melt from the bone and turn to goo, if they had open wounds on their feet. Alternatively, if someone scrubbed it by hand and had a blister, he found the use of such poison to the most of his liking and it caused the best effects for his needs. He retorted in a venomous, trusting tone to the man that spoke to him, his voice was cold and deceitful with every word. “I believe you would be the one purchasing my peoples spiders…” He paused for a short few moments. Pondering whether this man was or was not the person who had purchased the brood of spiders. He continued quickly after his thoughts. “Considering what the queen of this place told me.” He spoke to the man, giving a short sigh once he was finished. Meanwhile, Naavin was near the castle now, his feet had come to a halt at the gates, waiting for the two guards to open it, and one of them spoke to Naavin harshly. “So, why should we let you back in?” The other one piped up and agreed with the first guard, speaking in a tone, which hid by chattering teeth. “Yeah, why should we?” Naavin gave a short and heavy sigh, his sigh was long and gave wind of his annoyed impression. The knightly elf, spoke back to them, his voice slightly muffled by the full helm he wore. “If you don’t let me in, I am going to ram this halberd, so far up your arse, that your friend here, will have to fish it out with his hand. Then I will have a crippled guard, who will let me in the gates…” He spoke coldly; his threats were more promises to the two cold guards outside of the gates. He found their demeanour insulting and annoying.

Anaya: The guards at the games took that intent as a threat but that was normal and they opened the doors for Navvin giving a last grunt and stepping a side, the guards of the castle were not known for being very pleasant but hey they in the end were to keep others safe not be kind and smell of roses. But they did their job well even if at times they annoyed the crap out of everyone around them. After the man went in the guards shut the doors once again and started jabbering to one another about the war of the north and the lives lost. Sam looked to the man standing there “so your name must be Ven something. It is always on the bottom of the order forms I get back from your lands, but I have not needed to buy any as of late, they have breed and we are sustaining a very nice brood from them and they follow orders wonderfully keep people away form what we don’t want anyone near. But why are you here anyway we don’t need anymore spiders” Sam was interested in why the man was here, why come all this way to what talk about spiders, sounded pointless in his mind as he taped his foot on the ground impatiently. Anaya waited at the top of the steps holding her brush in her hand as she had left her chamber room and was watching from the banister enjoying her time by herself holding her simple hair brush. She smiled seeing Sam talking like he rules as in the end he did when she was not around, but it was nice he new his place and could hold the crown better then most, and it was really nice not to be alone for once siting on the throne that some days just seemed like a world on her shoulders. She gave her brush to a maid passing buy and saying not a word walked over to the steps to make her way down to the chamber hall her golden black trimmed dress flowing behind her and pooling around her feet that never held anything on them. Walking up to the throne she took in a small into the air as she turned her head to look at the man in black that no one seemed to enjoy the company of “is it my mate or you that smells of toxin, hard to tell some days, be sure you clean up the mess you leave behind I have any men die one of you will get the blame” she said softly as she sat in her throne giving out a sigh relaxing siting down “guard may I get herbal tea with ice in it, I like it chilled, I don’t need to heat up anymore this morning thank you” the guard gave a nod “yes me Lady, will also get Ye the book from Clare, she be out today but said she be back later, will hurry my Lady for ye Tea” and with that the men was gone walking down the hall to the dinning hall to get what was asked of him.

88HoloTheWiseWolf88: -Aika takes a deep breath in the cold air filling her lungs looking up at the clear sky. - "god I love weather like this" -she said to herself enjoying the sweet tones of her own voice. her gaze turns upon the castle in the distance her child like nature taking hold and wondering what it looked like inside. she began to push through the snow climbing on top and running across the more condensed parts her body being so small. as she climbed up on top of a bit of the frozen snow starting to near the castle. taking a sniff smelling the fresh food being cooked inside the castle, her speed hastened. as she started up the stairs she would see the two guards stopping in front of them. - "i-i smell food, may I go inside" -her tail flicking back and fourth lightly-

ViktorRolanov: He had given a shake of his head, Venurix felt slightly hexed with this visit, maybe, he should have just bombarded this place, but he wanted allies, needed allies, he was starting to become annoyed and impatient himself with how they spoke with him, but he kept a still appearance. While he had giving a light sigh, his blade coming up and slipping into the sheath on his side, causing the toxins to stop dripping upon the floor. Venurix turned his head back toward Samuel, his eyes searching over the male, poisons; he did not know what the fair woman meant. He spoke rather calmly, now his voice was not as venomous, he forced his old tone to come back, struggling to do so in most parts. “I am here to lend aid, if it’s ever needed, however, it’s obviously not needed, and war is such a shame to be in. However, I am looking for allies, which is the bottom line in this visit…” He stopped speaking, when Naavin entered. Naavin looked over to the tall form, then suddenly something flashed in his mind, like an old event, it was like, he knew the person who was speaking to Samuel. When the memory flashed in his mind, he tripped over in the hall, his legs colliding together and causing him to fly forward and land on to his chest. When that happened, Naavin had given a groan, at his less than graceful entry back into the Keep. Venurix looked over at the being that tripped over and he made a very quiet, very short chuckle. His head looking at the being now lifting itself from the floor, he did not know who it was but, something about him, made Venurix feel, like it needed to die. Naavin gave a grumble as he picked himself up, standing up slowly from where he tripped; he had looked around, seeing Lady Anaya and some of the house cleaners. One of the Maids had stopped to giggle at the clumsy display.

Anaya: “you a beggar girl? Needing food for you have none, ye cute, toss that hide down upon the blacks and have some fun with it,” the guard on the left of the door gave a grunted laugh as he opened the door for the female standing there in need of a meal “go on ya cute little sip of cool water, be ya inside were the monsters be worse then out here” the other guard on the other side of the door looked to his partner “when be shift over ya” “don’t know, we ne here since dark moon rises, but be time to get the food for the dogs, go feed the hounds will ya and we see ya later in days time ya” both guards were abnormally tall, men from the army out back filling in placement of door guards so when most days it would have bin mildly mannered human guards today it was the useless fighter slop with no brains that killed before thinking. The guard toped his helmet and walked off to go get work done as the other one kept holding the door open for the girl to hop inside out of the cold, even if it was still chilled inside the castle. Anaya moved her hand as a chair turned around all on its own offering the man there a chair to sit “sit and we shall talk of allies. ” she said calmly as she relaxed in her throne fixing the pillow behind her back. Sam gave a nod to his mate and walked past Venurix and over to Navvin, standing at his side “we will let them talk, come” he said sternly as he walked over to a side Pillar out of ear shot “so how are you feeling this morning?”

ViktorRolanov: Venurix turned his head to the chair and begun to walk toward it slowly, his footing was careful and he felt uneased by the request, seeing the chair turn on its own, he did not trust these people, considering their great distrust for him already, it made him extremely uneasy. He had given a sigh as he walked over to the throne and looked it over. He had taken his hands to the sword, and taken it off his belt, his left hand holding the neck of the sheath, while his right hand held the hilt of the sword and this was his usual stance. He knew while he was here alone, he could be killed, but he would not make it easy for anyone if that were the case. The dread lord sat down on the chair quietly, before his voice piped up, his tone was calm and it was still in the tone he hated to use. “Thank you, Anaya. Now, to business, correct?” He had leaned back in the seating, comfortably, his hands still holding on to the sword, his right hand tightening on the blade harshly, but this was natural for him. Naavin, meanwhile, walked with Samuel, his footing was careful, and he had indeed not made himself feel any better after his fall. He took the sword from his right hand and held it in his left calmly. He had stood with Samuel quietly, looking him over, as he listened to him talking, waiting for himself to find the right moment to speak. His voice was softer than Venurixs’ calmer, much less hateful, it was respectful and noble. “I feel okay, though I would ask for a lotus paste, for my back and throat… Which is a numbing agent… However, let’s leave that subject alone.” He stopped speaking as he looked down at the floor. “I do not know why, but I remember that creature talking with Lady Anaya, I do not know how or why though, it all came over me in such a flash, like it just appeared in my mind…” He stopped speaking, pondering on who that creature was or what he was.

88HoloTheWiseWolf88: -Aika wagged her tail weaving back and fourth as the man began to talk to her. she tilted her head stirring at him with her black speckled eyes giving a slight giggle as he said she was cute wondering how a creature as odd as herself could be considered cute. her expression changing when he mentioned monsters inside of the castle. - "well that’s interesting" -she smiled her fangs showing on her face as her tail begins to wag her excitement evident. as she watched the man open the door. she would run inside her paws keeping her quiet as she ran though the castles halls looking into each room she passes. her attention to the food would come back as the smell would begin to get stronger. she bounced into the room where the food was the smell rushing over her like a cool breeze. she scanned the room for the food running to it picking up a random piece of meat before looking up and around at everyone else in the room- "umm ... your food tastes good ..."- she stated not quite knowing what to say as she had jumped the gun on the food being hungry-

Anaya: Sam looked to Navvin and nodded his head looking back at that other person talking to Anaya “I am sure Anaya can handle matters with who ever it is, but I want it gone and I am sure she does as well, unknown things here don’t last long or they get pushed out and he has a massive ship thing outside that has everyone on edge. After dealings are made with Anaya she will for sure send him on his way and inform him that we want him gone, as well as his ships” Sam looked back to the elf, he said he was fine, he was not feeling overly sick even after the events of the other night. Sam lifted a brow in thought but and smiled, he was for sure keeping this one for as long as he was able, a male that did not get overly sick and did not die in the night, yes this one he had to keep now. Anayas maid came over with a book on the platter and her tea with an ice round floating in the center of it. “yes matters of as you said alliance, due tell me what you wish of my home in terms for our alliance, and what you offer us, we are in no need of anymore spiders or fighters and we wish not your weapons. So what do you have to offer other then such and what is it you wish in return” she moved a white clawed hand up to take her tea cup and the book in her other hand and placed the leather bound book down at the side of her chair and then put the tea cup on the arm rest after taking a needed sip. She saw the wolf or dog like being run into her hall and grab food, was the smell of meat attracting animals now, this was the second wolf that seemed to wonder around. But at least this one could talk “um, hi there I guess, and yes the food is gone” Anaya gave with a what the hell kind of look on her face as she debated on having the guards drag the animal out.

ViktorRolanov: Venurix gave a short thought on what he could offer, he gave a grumble as he did not like others having his metals, and he would not allow people to have them, but he knew sacrifices needed to be made, but then a second thought came to his mind, a grin came over his face. He had perked up his thoughts and leaned forward, as he begun to speak to the woman across from him, his voice was very much proud of his people’s advancements and powers over things. “We could teach your people how to make ships like ours, obviously, it will take some doing, but we can do it, we can also train your people in using them as well as we do. However, that’s all I am willing to offer in such areas, it’s a peaceful and strategic offer for you.” He paused for a few moments as he looked at the ceiling, he knew these things could be used for more than that, however, he would bring up suggestions for her. “You could get resources, troops, valuable items and such to places much quicker. They would be a boon for your people to have, they do not require dark magic, and however, we will have to help you make the ships first. Just an offer. We would also offer our troops, and other things, but well, there is nothing else we could give you, which would not fall under the category of what you mentioned, so that’s all.” He stopped speaking and he awaited her response to his offer. Though she did not want him here, this he knew, he was starting to become agitated by that fact, but he would try. Meanwhile, Naavin listened to Samuel, he took in his words, while listening to the creature speak, he gave a grumble as the words seemed desperate and sickening, he wanted to attack him. This was visible also, as Naavins hands, with every look of the creature, tightened and the thoughts of killing it were harsh, he wanted it gone, he wanted it to die. His eyes came away from the creature as he looked back to Samuel; his voice went from kind to venomous. “I want to kill it, it needs to die.”

Anaya: Anaya looked over to Sam as Sam put his hand over on Navvins shoulder and looked at him “killing it will not get us good things, last thing we want is more of its kind here and killing it will bring them to our doors calm yourself and it will leave on its own.” As he said his words Anaya could read Sam like a book and clearly there was a sort of strain over with the elf. Looking back to her to be alliance she nodded her head “we don’t need to learn to make ships that can fly, putting that power that know how into the lands here would only be putting the information into the hands of my enemies and I don’t need that. No matter how many mouths you sew shut they always end up talking and the information always gets out. If that is all you can offer then I am sorry but I don’t need your alliance this day, but you are welcome to still call the lands here safe and stay as long as you like, but please, if you wish to return from your land to mine leave the ships behind if you are able, they are not a good omen to my people and everyone is put on edge by them. But please there is food made in the halls due help yourself wall you are here” she would try to be as kind as she was able and she moved waving a guard over “toss that dog thing out of here that is snapping at food over there. If you want, you can enjoy it wall it is here it seems to be part human anyway” the guard nodded as he moved grabbing the wolf like woman by the arms as she snapped and kicked and she was dragged out side were the guards would more then likely rape and enjoy their time with her one after another till she could take no more. The one guard that was standing at the door gave no words and just opened it for any future guest witch in his mind would walk in as they pleased anyway, not feeling the talking bug at the moment he did not really give a shit about anything other then what was on his mind. He left the door open as he kicked a rock under it and just aimlessly walked off to go to the stable were about 4 other guards were having their way with the screaming wolf girl. Some things in life were a bit more needed then being a door stop. The cold air flowed into the castle as Anaya gave a snarl looking to the door and moving her hand to slam it shut “I want winter to end” she said softly as she ran her hands along her arms warming her body up form the inside and rubbing it around the outside.

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AlyChes: -Chesmay had been stuffing her stomach in the kitchen and had honestly no idea what else was going on in the castle. After she had enough to eat, she cleaned her mess up a little, cleaned the dishes she made dirty and cleaned herself for a little while. She washed her hands and her face before making sure she didn't spill anything on her gown, well if it even was a gown. As she was leaving the kitchen, she wiggled her fingers in a wave to the maid in the kitchen and smiled to her- Thank you again -Chesmay said and started to make her way back to where she last saw the woman who now owned her. She sighs a little and places one foot after another. She only hoped she wouldn't get harassed by any filthy guards anymore. As her thoughts take her away her feet were carrying her towards the throne room, where a cold wind made her hair and gown dance a little around her. Immediately a cold shiver ran over her body. She wraps her arms around her tightly and keeps on walking, not wanting to look at anyone she might pass. She keeps her hazel eyes lowered to the floor as she heard the woman's voice in the distance. Slowly she looked up through her lashes and sees her sitting in the distance. - It's so cold...-She whispers more to herself then anyone else as she keeps on placing her bare feet over the cold tile floor. Before standing still near the woman's throne as she rubs her feet against her legs one at a time. - I'm back M...M... Madam. -She said trying really hard not to show how cold she was right now.

Anaya: Sam’s eyes got large seeing the half nude girl walking out into the main hall as he stood at his pillar beside Navvin, them were slave silks he thought as he licked over his lips and leaving Navvin there he made his way over to Anaya and stood behind the girl looking down at her “did you oder new slaves for me my dear” he said as he was almost drooling with glazed over lustful eyes. Anaya looked up from her throne as she moved her hands the torches in the halls getting larger and thrashing around to try to warm the place when it seemed like that open door had just stolen all the heat. “no this one came with a slaver, and she is mine not yours, you will not be enjoying her body as I know you are thinking of, I don’t want this one dead or sick from you bedding her” Anaya’s words were cold and harsh as she new if Sam was able he would snap up the little flower and break her in half given the chance. He cared very little about the lives of slaves, fuck them and toss them was what he lived by, his sleeping with them sickened them anyway and they died only days after his bedding of them. Anaya’s red eyes looked to the girl as she gave a smile “you are cold, I know, winter in a stone castle is harsh for sure, I hate it as much as everyone else does. And I know having so little on it can be hard for you. Sam go get the cloak from the door, the black one with the fur trim, she could use it” Samuel gave a curl of his upper lip and a light snarl then turned and did his job, go get this Sam go get that Sam don’t fuck the slaves Sam, he grumbled under his breath as he walked over to the coat hook grabbing the cloak from it and walking back to them taking it as he gave a smile and put it over the girls shoulders wrapping it around her and holding her in his arms for a moment. The small of acid on his breath like a strong sulfur smell as his forked tongue flicked over his lips and bright green eyes shimmered in the thrashing firelight. Anaya’s eyes stayed on him as if he licked her she would rip his tonged off, he new that so he did not touch her skin with that saliva that could melt her fair face. “she is a mighty fine trinket Anaya that is for sure” “yes she is and she is MINE” Anaya scolded as she gave a show of her upper teeth with a flick of her upper lip. “Yes Anaya she is yours, do not worry she will be fine and now she is warm” he gave a chuckle as he took his arms from her but kept standing looming over her from behind.

AlyChes: -As she stood there and the man near Anaya was nearly drooling over her and the two of them were talking, well more arguing, Chesmay just stayed quiet and lowered her eyes to the floor. It was only when Anaya spoke directly to her, she looked up again and nodded to her.- It is cold Madam. -But as Anaya send the man to get a cloak she blinks a few times as she follows the man with her eyes before looking back at Anaya.- But Madam.. I have not earned such a privilege. Have I? -She asks as her blinks a few times. It was only when she finished speaking, the man came back and put the cloak over her shoulders. Immediately she wasn't just as cold anymore. The cloak felt amazingly warm over her body. But she froze completely as the man put his arms around her. She blinks a few times and just looks at Anaya. When the man's breath reaches her nose, Chesmay couldn't help but to gag a little and she quickly turns her head away and burries her nose in the cloak. She couldn't move as long as the man's arms were around her but she looked at Anaya, letting her eyes almost plead for help. She blinks a few times and only took a deep breath as the man let go of her and stepped a step back even though he was still behind her. - Thank you Madam.. -Chesmay said softly and curtsies a little as she takes hold of the cloak and wraps it around her small body more. Somewhere deep inside Chesmay was rather glad the woman was so protective of her. She didn't even want to imagen what a man with such a nasty breath could do or even would do. The though alone made her shiver a little only making her pull the cloak tighter around her.-

Anaya: Anaya watched everything as she looked at Sam “why don’t you go stick your dick into the wolf female whore outside, a lycan is something you like yes?” Sam gave a grossed out face as even now he could hear faintly the screaming of the girl out in the stable being pile driven by a mass of 5 guards or more, the ending result would be more blood puddle then sustainable body. “no, that female would be slush by the time I got out to her, and I do not wish to touch anything the discussing guards have stuck their parts in, I don’t need that” “so you have class now after last night you ate a half rotten leg off the ground of the cold storage, yes I saw the blood drops leading to the main hall. Your sense of self privilege is only due to the crown I put on your head” Anaya gave a laugh as she looked back to the girl, the poor thing stuck in the middle of a man that wanted to fuck her and a woman that could snap her neck if she messed up, or worse. Anaya gave a smile trying to soften her features “being gold and given warmth is a privlage given to all be it slave or royal your health matters and we do not wish our workers even the slaves to die, or get sick from the cold chill of this winter. When you are cold get a cloak on and wrap yourself in it. Just make sure around men woman and guests you are pleasing for the eye. Slaves are not only for there jobs but also for others to look at, you show others how wealthy this house is, so you have to look very nice for everyone that comes in it. but now Girl can you get us a cup of mint tea with ice and a horn of ale for the king, there are silver platters and wooden ones in the dinning hall in the cook’s area, go fetch them from there and bring them here. Then I wish to go over with you your day to day jobs so you know them and can do your job properly” Anaya tried to be as soft and almost sweet as she could as she looked at Sam who just could not seem to take his eyes off the feminine chunk of meat that was in front of him.

AlyChesAlyChes : -She kept on looking at Anaya and listened to the man and woman talking. It was only when Anaya looked at her, she straightened herself up a little. She nods a few times to show she was listening closely. It was only when she was asked to fetch some tea, the girl turns around. Only to stop half way and turn back to Anaya.- Madam... If i may make a suggestion..- Chesmay saids bravely.- Wouldn't it be an idea for me to wear a simple, yet warmer and tight fitting dress instead of these silks and cover myself up even more with a cloak for the cold. Because men, nor guests could propperly look at me like this.. -She saids before blinking a few times- I'll go get your tea madem and some ale for the king..-With that the girl turns around and walks over to the room Anaya directed her too. It was the same room where she just came from so she knew where to find it. Once there she asks one of the maids to help her. And soon she's be standing there with a silver platter in her hand with a cup of mint tea with ice and a horn in a special stand filled with ale for both the king and queen. Holding the platter with both hands she carefully walks back to the throne room. She could feel the cloak moving behind her as she walked. Careful with every step so she doesn't spill anything. Once she reaches them both again she carefully hands the horn to the king- Sir.. -She said as she hands him the horn before going to Anaya and handing her the cup of mint tea with ice.- Madam.. -With that she turns around again to return the platter to the kitchen. Once it was back in place she once again returned to the king and queen as she wraps herself in the cloak again and stands there with her eyes lowered to the floor. She was slightly afraid of what Anaya would say to her suggestion but only hoped she would approve. And give her something to wear.-

Anaya: Wall Chesmay was out Anaya looked to Sam “I mean it, the girl is off limits, I don’t want this one dead like the other 3, the other girl died this morning one of the servants found her on the floor coughing up her own insides” Sam was laughing at this thought, but on the inside, laughing on the outside may be bad for his health with Anaya there. “alright I will only toy with the girl but I will not enjoy the girl, but we need more slaves, that new man, Navvin has my attention at the moment for my enjoyment and pleasure he seems to fit well and I don’t mind them male. And from the looks of it he is growing a immunity to my toxin witch I have to say is very much so an added bonus. If I cant have the girl you cant have my boy” “what you want holds no say and you know that, if I wish to enjoy your male I can do so. And if you wish to challenge my right to you may Samuel Tiberius DaNure” Anaya gave a grin as she looked up bright red eyes shimmering past her snow white hair as Sam was shrinking with her glare and lowering his head but still lightly snarling “no I do not wish to Lady Anaya I know my place, it is fine, I will not touch the girl, I give my word” Anaya nodded her head and picked up the leather bound book from the side of her throne as she took her eyes from him and he started to go back to the normal stand. Sam new his place with the Queen and over all he new she could rip him in half if he tried anything about his rank in this empire, make Anaya submit to him well that was a dream never to come true. Anaya opened the book as she waited for Chesmay to come back out as she flipped the pages hearing the girl come out and she shut the book getting no time to look at it. “wonderful girl” she said softly as she took the cup in hand and the ale was given to Sam “have you wrap up? There are more covering slave silks and a shawl if you wish it but you can’t not be in your silks as that is custom. If you don’t have them on no one will know you are a slave in the first place. I will get you come silks that cover a bit more as well as a shawl you can place on your shoulders, the castle will warm in no time it is only cold this day due to the open door done by a stupid guard. And for now not many are here so you can keep yourself wrapped in that cloak. Just be sure to open it a tad when guest come in, even more so when males come in, your body is much pleasing to the eye, you are a slave, so that is good to show” Sam nodded his head as he took a drink from his Ale horn and moves to sit in the kings throne relaxing and drinking.

firedupDJ: Like most days in the small village he grew up in, he would sit on the tallest roof and watch the sun rise, the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, a wonderful way for himself to be happy and have a wonderful day for as long as possible. That was where he was now, had already been up to see the very beginning of the sun rising, his small pouch still to his side. He wore his simple black trench coat with no shirt, even though it was a bit cold, his black tight jeans that seemed slightly too small for him and his bare feet, darkened from the dirt of roaming the earth itself. His hair was once again a mess, as most kids around his age seemed to have it, not caring to groom it. He never thought how the morning would go, being here than being in the village, wondering what he was to do. So he stayed there, his eyes closing slowly as he laid back, staring now into the sky, not giving a single care at the moment. Most people rarely ever saw him sleep, always awake and active. Most couldn’t figure how he did it, but he seemed to do it quite well. The truth was, he learned to live off small amounts of sleep, not knowing when someone was going to attack him. It was different that night before though, the quiet of the tavern he snuck into, the calmness of the air, allowing him to get a full night’s rest, not waking up till nearly after the sun was high in the sky. Noonish it seemed. from a small sound, a slight commotion downstairs. After thinking about the new life he had to make here, he sat up slowly, moving to the window before sliding out, climbing up to the roof. Making sure nobody saw him up top, he let out a slight yawn, watching the birds fly above, a needle in hand. Out of habit, he threw the needle into the air, hitting a bird through the neck before yanking the bird to the spot in front of him, giving off a soft thud, easily loud enough for anyone awake to hear. He pulled the needle from the bird's neck, seeing it still struggle. "Dont worry birdie, you will have the honor of being eaten." He smiled slightly, taking a scalpel from his pouch and slowly slicing the still alive bird's stomach, watching the blood flow down the roof, forgetting the he didn’t put a seal down. It was too late now, he thought as he cut deeper, the bird's stomach and intestines slowly coming out as he took the dull side of the scalpel, pulling at the intestines till they dangled there. "Bottoms up." He said to himself as he let the intestines fall into his mouth, the blood still fresh. He didn’t think twice about cooking it, eating this way was how he was used to, even though he got sick after a few days of eating like this. He gently swallowed the intestines, pulling a small white napkin from his pouch, wiping his lips, a small drop slowly falling from the corner of his lips. "Oh dear, i made a mess...." He said softly as he shook his head, pulling out a hooked needle and a metallic thread used for stitching, a permanent stitching thread of sorts. He nodded softly as he slowly pierced the edge of the cut down the bird's chest, making sure the heart was still bleeding. He pulled the thread through before cross stitching across the wound, making sure the thread was tight. As he slowly came to the center of the wound, he switched to a corset stitching, backing over the stitched thread, continuing the opposite direction to finish the stitching of the wound, the wound slowly closing from the pressure of the switch stitch. As he pierced the skin for the last stitch, he pulled the thread tight and did a horizontal stitch, stopping halfway as he backed towards the start, wrapping around and running straight vertical down the stitches, weaving in and out of them. Once he finished, he let the bird fly away, pressing the needle into a pressure point on the bird’s neck, allowing it to fly away far enough until the lack of organs catch up to it. "Much better." He watched the village in front of him unfold slowly, smiling slightly. "Yes this village can work."

AlyChes: -Chesmay just stands there infrornt of Anaya and nods to her words. She didn't really like it, she had to be some piece of eye candy for men to drool over. The thought made her shiver and sick to her stomach. But it was her job, she only hoped Anaya's position and power was enough to ensure no one but she touches her.- I understand Madam -She said softly and lowers her eyes to the floor again. She honestly had no idea where life here would take her, but she knew, if she did as tell she would have life yet another day. If she did as told, she wouldn't get killed and stay safe under Anaya's protection. Sucking her bottom lip between her teeth she carefully starts to chew on it as her right hand moves up to her hair and starts to play with it, only then to notice her bread was letting lose, making her look sloppy. She blinks a few times and starts to take the bread apart. Her long blond hair fell over her shoulders and reached half way to her back as she starts to brush her fingers through it. She then uses her other hand as well and divides her hair in three sections. Carefully she places one over the other and starts breading it again. But not having a mirror to see what she was doing was rather hard, but she figured she had to learn it this way. -

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Anaya: Anaya watched the girl as Sam did not seem to care. Anaya smiled softly as she watched the girl fix herself and make herself look appealing, it was true the dragon queen liked both hair down and hair up but in both ways this girl just made her happy to be around and she liked it, it was like there was a bit of beauty left in this dark castle and Anaya just had to make sure it did not get darkened by this place. “you have much on your mind don’t you” she said softly taking her hand and pulling out a pillow from behind her and placing it upon the floor for the girl to sit on or kneel on it was fully up to her, would help her not to stand all day and strain her wonderful legs. “you can always ask things, I will not get angered at you or harm you unless you do a action you know is wrong or not true. But as long as you are honorable in your ways and don’t do something foolish you will be fine and can speak all you want unless told to stop” Anaya’s eyes had grown softer as Sam seemed to have fallen a sleep in his throne, a typical male drink and sleep.  Anaya pulled out her leather book and flipped a page in it looking down to read what the maids and servants had put in it, this book would be one of the girls tasks but Anaya would explain that later.

firedupDJ: Watching the sky for a while, he let out a sigh, his ears sensing the vibrations of movement in the structure underneath him. "Well, i guess its time." He moves his body off the ledge, dropping from the very top of the structure, landing in the snow, softening his landing. Pulling the trench closer around himself, he would button it up, covering up the markings and stitched lines on his body. He shook his head slightly, knowing his neck scar would still be visible, the line showing his head had been reattached, along with the rest of has body. Running a gloved hand through his hair, he would brush himself off, heading towards the door of the structure, which seemed to be a castle. His gloved hand would move to the door as he knocked firmly three times before leaning against the wall next to the door. With a needle in his hand, he pierced the skin of his arm, seeing that he had an open gash just under his sleeve. "Oh, this is a fun day." He chuckles, subconsciously continuing his stitching, letting the blood drip down his arm and stain the snow underneath his feet.

AlyChes: -Chesmay looks up as she was spoken to, with her bread only partly finished. She blinks a few times and looks at Anaya pulling a pillow out for her. Onçe the pillow is on the floor Chesmay carefully moves closer and sits down on it with both her legs gracefully on her left. She looks up to Anaya and smiles a little shyly- It's just... So many new things Madam. I will have to get used to it all. It's not like... -She blinks a few times as she tries to find the right words to put her thoughts- ..I had much experience with serving or... pleasing -SHe saids but struggles to put it out there- anyone Madam.. -She blinks a few times as she looks at Anaya. THe way she was being threated here was completely different from what she was used too.- But you wanted to discuses my jobs? -She blinks a few times and keeps on looking up to her, letting go of her bread so it falls loose again over the cloak which was still covering her skinny little shoulders-

Anaya: As Anaya was about to talk there was a knocking on the door and the woman moved a hand to take the horn of Ale from her mate “go get the door before you pass out” Sam opened his eyes as he gave a grunt and got up to walk to the door to open it for what or who was out there. But he did not talk like a good door man and the nice sounds of screaming in the stable seemed to have stopped. He gave a chuckle as he smiled “seems the dog got killed” he said in a grunted tone as he gave another brisk chuckle. Bright green eyes fell upon there guest at the door and the fact their guest was bleeding and making a mess at the door way “glad I have people to clean up after messy guests, do patch that up or wrap it in your shirt before coming in and making a mess on the floor. Polishing costs gold, you know, unless you wish to work off the dept.” he gave a smile as he pulled the door open wide as the wind came in with a bit of snow that melted at the doorway. Anaya looked up seeing Sam all the way over there and then turned her head not giving it much mind till it got closer. “anything you wish to talk about you can, and yes I know it is a change here, to all a new place holds no customs and new things and it is something all must adapt to. But do not worry you will not be pleasing anyone with anything but your looks alone. You are for the eyes to view not the hands to grab at. I am the only one able to touch you. And yes your jobs. Every day you will clean as much as you are able even if no one is around to see you, help out with who ever needs it cooking and cleaning as much as you are able to do and learning all the time so in the future you can cook meals alone. You are not to use any blades and I never want to see a blade in your hands, get another maid to do cutting for you, you have to gain the privilege of a knife before being able to use them. Then the most important thing” she looked to the girl and held out the leather bound book in her hands “this is the castle records it holds every bit of information we have, pass codes, gold counts and treasure counts as well as all towns people tax information. This book is one of the most important things the castle holds and it will be your job to carry it around with your person at all times. It is a large job but if you do it well it will have great rewards” Anaya moved the book and handed it to Chesmay and it folded open on the tax report page with all markings from guards and mads as people took down numbers and gave reports.  

AlyChes: -Chesmay listens to Anaya as she ignored everything else for now. She nods to her as she listens carefully. Basically she was told she was going to be a bit of everything. A maid, a servant, anything which was needed. She nodded and wanted to open her mouth to speak but she figured it was only polite to let Anaya finish. Once Anaya explained the book and gave it to her she blinks a few times before looking down to it. All those numbers, she recognized them but she didn't know what they were or what they stood for. She then looks up to Anaya and blinks a few times before blushing as red as a tomato.- Madam... I can't read or write.. The books i read held pictures. That's the only thing i was thought.- She blinks a few times more and looks down to the book again. It was so confusing. She then looks back at Anaya and smiles a little- I can prepare meals, Madam. I can clean nearly anything, i can wash, iron... Anything but fight really.. They only fighting i know is mearly to defend myself from unwanted... touching. -Her face was still as red as a tomato and it would take a moment or two more before that would fade again.- But you mean... I won't have to be touched or... sleep with anyone? Anyone beside from you i mean, Madam.. -She asks. If it was possible to turn even more red, this was surely the moment she would do so.-

Anaya: “you never have to sleep or lay bed with anyone my girl, you are mine and only mine and I will not have men sticking things into you that don’t need to be stuck into you. That is a promise that no one but I will touch you, and if they do they will no longer have hands” Anaya took a clawed hand and softly ran her fingers into the girls hair taking her fingers and flicking the brad to make it fall out fully as she smiled and brushed it back form her eyes ever so carefully and with tender movements. “for the book you never need to read it, in truth that is a good quality that you cant read it, but you can look at it and aim to learn a bit and if you wish I can teach you to read in the coming moons, but what you need to do with it is every morning when I come down you bring the book to me and every evening you are to take the book and go around the castle with it held to your chest so others see it, guards, maids, cooks, fighters anyone will come up to you and put in there markings in its pages, notes on the pipes, problems, concerns people want addressed to the crown, anything they wish my eyes or Samuels eyes to see. We use this book in most cases like a queen would use her time for seeing farms people and towns people and guards to talk to her and ask things as she sat on the throne for hours hearing everyone one at a time. We do not have time for this for everyone so only towns people get to speak there concerns to me personally when ever they wish they can come to the castle and come in to talk. So guard’s fighter’s servants and castle foke get to put there concerns and counts in that book.” She moved leaning over as her Snow white hair fell in her face a bit as she took a claw and flipped a page to a large page with a bunch of names some with lines in them “these pages are death counts, so everyone we have had killed or have bin found here and have bin killed are marked down, dead people have lines, people in the cells in the dungeon are still living so don’t have lines over them” she flipped some more pages to the back of the book were lines of numbers and words were across the pages from side to side. “lock codes and key locations for all doors in the castle. As well as treasure counts and gem counts as well as coin in the hold down under the castle. They are large numbers here so I never expect you to read it but you are to protect it, if this book gets in the wrong hands we will be at a grand loss, it is why this book looks so dull and simple like any other book it gives no reason on its own for another to steal it. You protect this book and if things happen were you can’t, burn it by tossing it into any fire you can get near. It is better to burn it then to let it get in the hands of an enemy. And every three months we have a back up made and recorded. So if anything we will not be to far at a loss if it gets destroyed” Anaya had said so much as her red eyes looked into the girls eyes, her face was only inches away and Anaya unlike Sam smelled very sweet to the nose. Sam stood at the door, no one was there, stupid thing made him get up and open a door to nothing but the wind, he shut the door and started to walk back to the castle.

CardinalSinn: It was such a bright day, mid winter judging by the snow fall, deep enough to be cumbersome to most. It wasn't the snow that would bother this thing though, at least not the way one might imagine. Sinn are creatures of darkness, this land however at the moment was far from dark. The castle perched atop a hill, which of course meant the place would be quite bright. The fact that the snow reflected light everywhere meant that forming for this being would take time. Time would be precious, this creature would most likely be served best by waiting for nightfall. However patience was not a virtue this thing possessed, it was rather short on virtues. That would be obvious to anyone who came near the creature, its nature made all the more apparent by its countenance. It would be noticeable to any creatures which could sense energy that something wicked was on its way here. This creature would first appear as a small bit of dancing smoke, a black myst, waltzing on the breeze. This of course happened in the shadow of the castle, it was an area where shadows were abundant. It would grow in size and shape fairly rapidly, as it did things a rather ominous feeling would have crept into the air. This was accompanied by a scent, which radiated off the being, the bittersweet smell of clove and vanilla. thirteen feet in height though his lower torso is often not visible. Atop Fides head, crossing his brow is an impressive crown of horns, much resembling those seen on a dragon though more formed in the fashion of a stag. From the center of his horn crest emerge two ram horns which circle around and beside his head, their points forming a few inches from his center pair of eyes. Atop the main horns hovering over his head is a silver barbed halo, made as a clear mockery of the infamous “crown of thorns” mentioned in the bible. upon his face are six eyes, three to either side, the middle being slightly larger than the top and bottom pair. All of the eyes being an intensely dark purple in color, indeed they are a feature hard to make out at first glance. His head is covered in a massive amount of the purest of silver hair, the reality being that his manifested hair is actually innumerable sharp cords of silver. His visible physique is quite muscular and definitively male possessing a semi alluring quality despite its umbral nature. His hair covers the majority of his lower body, completely enshrouding his legs. His left arm has a massive dark red sleeve which is belled, this sleeve emerging from a massive pauldron which bears the crest of the sinn, upon this arm hanging off his wrist is his primary rosary, which is a thing of awe. The Rosary of Fides actually has no true physical form but rather manifests as the most beautiful inverted cross any beholder can imagine, and will appear different to every individual that lays eyes upon it. His right arm bears a spaulder, which is also ornate, though it is also more than combat practical. This is formed from a solidified Umbra which is about twice as hard as a diamond capable of repelling both physical and magical attacks. The most notable thing about Fides physical appearance would be that he always seems to look as if he were suspended in a liquid that does not affect any aside from himself, only his form subject to the invisible currents from only the gods know what. This visage of dark glory stood fully formed after a few minutes, its gaze affixed to the castle wall, sensing something which to this being was “profane”. As it stood there gazing with scrutiny at the castle it would come closer to the place, remaining in the shadows. There was something that called out to this creature as it drew more near, a fresh trauma of sorts, and a healthy bit of lust, though it was drawing down. This mattered little to the Visser though, Fides would wind his way through the castle, attempting to find the sight of what was a bitter sweet sin from only moments ago it would seem.

AlyChes: -Chesmay gasps a little as Anaya touches her hair before looking up to her. She blinks a few times before her hazel eyes stare right into Anaya's red ones. She smiles up to Anaya, a brighter smile then she had smiled ever since she had been here. Anaya's promise ment the world to her. After what her so called father did to her, Chesmay had a strong dislike for men. Women she didn't know, so she couldn't really judge over them. But for now, she was really starting to like Anaya. Well at least as long as she stayed on good terms with her. As Anaya started to talk, Chesmay simply nods to her and looks into the book as Anaya showed it to her. She blinks every time Anaya flips a page and something new came to her attention. She nods every time and stays very quiet as she starts to bite on the inside of her lip. For some reason she was given this great responsibility and she was very much afraid she would do something to screw it all up. She takes a deep breath and looks down to the book once more before looking at Anaya. Though unlike the horrible smelling man, Anaya smelled sweet. Almost hypnotising and for some reason Chesmay wanted to stay as close as possible to Anaya. She then swallows hard and whispers as she keeps on staring at Anaya- So, protect the book. Let the castle staff write it in when night falls. If in danger toss it into fire when no other possible way out. -She blinks a few times- Yes Madam. I underst..-The more Chesmay stared at Anaya, the harder it got for her to speak and right now she completely forgot what she was saying or wanted to say. Chesmay suddenly realized Anaya was quite beautiful and there was just something about her. Something Chesmay wanted to know more about. She wanted to know every about this woman. Though she had no idea why, but she wanted to with all her pure little heart. -

Anaya: Sam walked to a window looking outside, wall the guards dragged the dead beaten and raped body of that wolf girl out back to toss in the pit to be burned when snow melted, ever year that fire got bigger it just seemed they added more bodys to it now, but over the winter it would freeze get snowed over and then in summer they would burn it before the dead started to stink. Sam gave a grunt as the girl’s body looked horrendous, it had holes in it from blades and god knows what else, he new some of the guards were twisted so the whole fuck the whole you make fully was a reality. It seemed like the girl’s jaw was broken, her hips were out of shape and even the back of her skull was caved in, and that was not counting the fact he thought one leg was hanging a bit out of socket. He had to turn away from the window as a troll lombered by looking into the castle and he gave a snarl to make the troll move on as it slammed its club on the ground, stupid things he thought to himself as he looked back at Anaya and that slave girl. Lustful thoughts filled the mans head as he thought of the fun he could watch if only she would allow it, and he new that was out of the question, anything sexual Anaya partook in was highly privet or just did not happen. That girl there would have the best live available if she stuck close to the queen, and kept doing what was needed of her. Sam was almost jealous of the girl and how they both looked flipping pages in that book and learning about it, but mostly he was just pissed he did not get to bang the cute blonde. Anaya looked at Chesmay and her eyes blinked once and stayed nice and soft, so different then the normal hard cruel eyes she always had when dealing with guests or strangers.  The wind came around and a nice brisk chill went into the castle as slightly the wind brought down with it the smell of Vanilla, they must be burning candles in the upper halls she thought it smelled rather nice. “I know it is a lot to take in my girl, and it is a large job with much responsibility but if you stay strong and keep your head up I know you will make everyone here proud of you. So is there any wonders you have, anything at all about the castle book or jobs?” she said softly as she sat back up in her chair fixing her dress and leaning her elbows on her legs as she looked over to see were Sam was and saw he had gone back to gander out the window.

CardinalSinn: The Visser Fides had a powerful presence, it was not likely it would go long without drawing some attention, his presence alone tainted all that was near this beast. The innumerably umbral souls flowing from his skirt covering the floor beneath him. The figure let out a sigh of discontent as that life which had endured such sweet savagery was snuffed out, her form no longer attracting Fides, it was not long however before a powerful lust came to its attention, its gaze drifting to the man despite the distance between the two. He would need to ascend a few floors to reach the man, that might prove problematic as Fides became even more aware of that profane energy, that too was within the castle. It was not likely Fides would go much longer without some form of confrontation. The Visser seemed unsawed by this however, continually looking for that lustful man, his thoughts...his sins, they seemed a nice snack for the time being. There were likely a number of things the Visser could get itself into here, for the moment though this man seemed most appealing, his sin called out to Fides, a dark prayer begging to be heard, who was Fides to ignore such a plea.

AlyChes: -Chesmay was so lost in Anaya's eyes, she didn't notice anything else around her anymore. She had no idea the king was staring at her nor was she aware of the fact of the things he was thinking. How could she? She couldn't read minds and right now she was too occupied to even care about it. It was only when Anaya moved back, Chesmay blinks a few times as if she snapped back to reality. She shakes her head to clear it again, before looking up at Anaya again. She shakes her head in response to her question- No Madam. Everything is very clear -She said softly as suddenly some other questions come to mind- But i have some other questions... -She adds to it and blinks a few times. She looks down to her lap and closes the book before putting it underneath a corner of the pillow she was sitting on. That way she still had it with her but it was out of sight from strangers or staff members who had ill wishes. She then looks back at Anaya and reseats a little so she can look at her a little better. - I was wondering... Am i allowed to go outside? I love it so much... And where do I sleep? In the chamber which was given to me the last night or somewhere else? And my clothing... Do you have more or do i need to buy them in town since i don't have anything? And how about... well... you know... when it's girl time? -Chesmay blinks, she hoped Anaya understood what she meant by girl time. Because she really didn't want to say it out loud. She blinks a few times and rests her right elbow on the seat of Anaya's throne and leans on it a little. - And how about food? Can i eat when I’m hungry and drink when I’m thirsty? Or do I have to wait until you tell me i can? And what should i address everyone as? And with that i mean yourself, the king, castle staff, guests... And am i allowed to look anyone directly in the eye? And... -She blinks a few times as she catching herself babbling. Once again she was talking to much. She sighs, this would cost her her tongue some time. Chesmay keeps quiet for now and looks up to Anaya as she uses her left hand to move some hair out of her face and put it behind her elven ear-

Anaya:  Anaya could feel something off within the castle, something was watching, something was hungry it had an aura a pure holy being could pick up on, darkness was such a stand out for her to notice nowadays it was like it just crept in under the rug and nessled its self in when she was not looking but as soon as her minds eye opened she could see the exact location of it. “I will explain everything to you in a little while but for now Chesmay my dear please take the book and head into the dinning hall, lock the doors and don’t leave till I come and get you”  As she took her eyes off Chesmay they changed to something brighter something interested in things and all the castle torches turned white with no warning at all. “Sam, come here” she called out as he made his way over  “ok stop there right dead center, now, seems we have a guest in the hall with a dark aura around it, demon maybe but regardless, demons like bad thoughts. Look at me and think of all the dirty things you wish to do to me, everything unholy you can think of, make them as nasty as you can you are the most sexual being I know so get to it” Sam was a tad shocked, he did not feel a thing at the moment but maybe that was due to him not being on the ball today, but Anaya was always on the ball she new everything going on as it was going on, like she had a hundred eyes in the castle that only she new about. “ok I guess” he said softly as he looked at her and it was like the sex switch turned on, in his mind eye she was nude and standing there touching herself as he was almost drooling his glazed over look as the want for his lady just flooded everything. Anaya watched him with a smile as she hummed to herself waiting and taping her arm rest.

CardinalSinn: As Fides was hunting down the lust it grew immensely, what a wonderful bonus. “The more the merrier” the Sinn mused to itself. As it drew more near though that damn glowing purity was right where it wanted to go. Fides was not so shy that he would not show himself in the least. He would draw to the threshold of the throne room, where the man was standing with his wonderful lust. There next to him was the thing Fides was weary of, it was “holy”, “pure” its radiance a thing which nearly disgusted Fides. It stood there in the arch of the door, its gaze affixed to the woman now, the man would prove tasty...useful. But that woman, she warranted much more attention for the moment. Fides would slowly draw his left arm up over his face, the massive billowing sleeve hiding the majority of the figure behind it. Hair flowing gracefully, purple eyes staring intently at the woman, they would squint, a scrutiny obvious in them as the Visser pondered the next move it should make. It had come for the man, but there was nothing saying this man held any position or sway. With the Sinn so close now though its aura could likely be felt, its profane presence leaking into the minds of those nearest to it, a small black need, the want for sin, what kind it did not matter, inhibitions would ebb away from most slowly, bringing forth a truer and dark nature, the core of things, the darkness within us all.

AlyChes: -As Anaya shifted in her seat, Chesmay sits up and blinks a few times. Only to nod to her words without thinking twice about it. Taking the book from underneath her pillow, she holds it infront of her chest with both her arms wrapped around it and stands up before running off towards the dining room as fast as her dainty feet could carry her. Once she reaches the dining room, she closes the door behind her and locks it before doing the same to the other doors one by one. Each one she locked before closing the curtains by the windows. She then quickly moves underneath the table and pulls her knees to her chest. The book caught in the middle. She closes her eyes and lays her forehead on her knees as the only thing she can think of right now, is nothing happening to her or Anaya. She didn't care about the others. She sighs and tries to relax as much as possible and soon she would be all alone in the darkness of the dinning room and the only thing she could hear was her own heartbeat and her breath. -

Anaya:  Anaya watched Chesmay go and was happy after the door for the dinning hall closed and locked, her eyes now back on Sam as she could feel the dark being of some sort get drawn out. So lust worked for it, must be some sort of demon or something that fed from it or at least was drawn to it. “I have smelt that once before here, little dark thing that called its self a Sin, or well something like that, and for sure I know we don’t have moving vanilla candles... you have a choice go after my mate the one with the lustful thoughts, fail and die. Or we can have a chat you and I, if you can talk anyway, or think” Anayas voice was cold and to the point as she sat there taping her fingers together the flames on the lights all around the throne room getting brighter as all the doors started to slam shut one after another leaving no place to go and nothing to hide into. With the thing drawn out she looked at it standing there in the door way as the door slammed shut behind it with a loud bang and enough force to make it be pushed forward. She wondered about it and she tilted her head the other one she saw was much smaller then this one, she wondered what other breeds of this thing there was, regardless it would not last long here dark things in Anaya’s home got snuffed out, she wanted more light in her home not more droll darkness.

CardinalSinnCardinalSinn WhisperAdd Friend: The Visser was glaring at the woman from just over its wrist, the bellowed sleeve still draping over the figure. This had been done intentionally it hid the creature's body from view, just incase she would be quick to attack. Surely, hostility, wrath...those things were welcomed always. This woman however seemed to be quite capable of inflicting grievous harm on Fides, hence, this nonchalant defensive stance. Fides could hear a woman locking doors somewhere, perhaps he had interrupted something? Still it did not matter, the man, he wanted the man. That man, who had the pure one so close. It became apparent in moments the man had acted as bait, or at least it seemed more than plausible. Apparently this woman had seen a Sinn before, or at least something that claimed it was. The candles would grow brighter this didn't seem to bother this one too much, though it would change the tone of its squint, the light may not have been hurting this one, but it certainly was offending its eyes. She asked if it could talk to which Fides would nod solemnly, he had yet to speak, preferring for the moment not to be heard. Fides was more than capable of speech as well. Perhaps he could come to some understanding with this pure thing...if it was pure, Fides might have to put that claim to the test, though her radiance certainly seemed to speak her ways. Fides did want the man...apparently it was her mate. And yet such a pure creature...would lay with a person capable of such a delectable sin...perhaps there were other chinks in the woman armour. Fides would lower the sleeve, his arm parales to the ground now at his waist as he began to thumb the beads of his rosary, he was very interested now to hear this being's words.

AlyChes: -As Chesmay was sitting there in the dark, all alone, she started to get cold again so she crawled over to the fireplace. Making sure she made as little sounds as possible. Once she reaches the fireplace she lays next to it with the book still against her chest and her arms around it. She only tugs on the cloak to make sure it covers her whole body. It was nice and warm near the fire place. And slowly, very slowly she started to fall asleep. She was taken away to a land outside where it was nice and warm. She was still wearing her silks, her feet were bare and her blond hair was hanging down over her back. She smiled and giggled before she started to run down a hill. She only stops half way down the hill, there, in the distance. Someone was standing there. Slowly Chesmay walked closer and closer until she could see who it was. Her smile grew bright once she saw Anaya standing there with her white hair waving in the wind, her body covered in the finest white silk and her red eyes glowing bright. She opens her arms for Chesmay, who immediately starts to run towards her. But somehow Anaya stays at a distance. Chesmay kept on running and running but it was like she was unable to come any closer to Anaya. Her dream went on like this as Chesmay drifted off in her sleep, warm and cozy near the fireplace with the book safely guarded in her arms underneath the cloak. -

Anaya: Anaya’s eyes stayed bright and firm as she looked to her mate “alright no more, turn off that brain and come sit” Sam snapped out of it even if the thoughts lingered the larger part of it turned its self off, lust replaced by larger thoughts like there child growing in the basement hold in its egg and to turn off the lust he just thought on the fact Anaya would not lay with him for another five hundred years, maybe longer depending on the child and how it was to grow. “yes my Lady” he did not even call her the standard lover pet names if anything she was more his mistress at times then his mate. Sam looked over his bright green eyes shimmering and looking over to the thing trying to hide its self, it did a good job for Sam but at the same time he new Anaya was seeing it in a different level, like a snake seeing heat but she was seeing its darkness aura sticking out like a sour thumb.  As Sam sat down he looked to Anaya and how calm she was, it was almost creepy seeing how calm she could be in times were she should be freaking out. Anaya just relaxed and ready if things happened all doors locked, flames at the ready and burning white, not orange, she could flood this room with holy flames at any given moment and not harm herself or sam and she did not really care about guards that got stuck in the cross fire “so are you going to talk, walk forward or just stand there and wait around till I get sick of you” as Anaya said her words there were people grabing paintings and items around the room and hauling them away guessing about the incomeing doom.

CardinalSinnCardinalSinn : Fides was disappointed to say the least as the man’s lust faded, as with most pleasurable things, it was over all too soon. Fides would step further now, evading the door into plain view, despite this though most of his form remained devoid of any true detail. A muscular frame, crown of horns, with a silver halo floating among the horns, deep piercing purple eyes, all this wrapped in a ludicrous amount of hair. The entirety of his form still seeming to be submerged in some unseen liquid, only his form subject to its currents. He would lower his arms allowing the white flames light to touch his flesh, it sizzled though only slightly. This at first was very out of sorts for the Sinn. most of them were incredibly weak where holy energy was concerned, this however was the head Visser Fides, his souls were from a primarily supposedly pious background, many pope’s bishops and monks resided under Fides yolk. This had the curious side effect of his incredible resistance to holy, it bordered on immunity in fact. His darkness was so pure that even the light of the lord seemed to dim in his presence. This immense figure now standing at its full height would glide into the room gracefully, though the figure was absent effort the plethora of souls in the shadow it cast were not so lucky. The current which affected h only the Visser reflected the movement, as if the figure of Fides were traveling through water. The shadows that composed Fides however were doing heavy labor, the astute might have noticed that mass of shadows pulling and pushing the manifestation further into the hall, closer to the woman now. The voice of Fides would answer her now finally, a massive choir of shadows, the voices nither young or old, male nor female. All of these voices whispering in a hushed chorus of near perfect unison there hissing words spoke “we are known commonly as Fides, a minister of Caliga, bringer of darkness and glorious sin...what would you have us say miss….what is it you desire to is it we may be of service to yourself? We had come for a rape victim, though she expired prior….then came the man…..and now you, you ask for our attentions...we are inclined to give them to you...for a time”

Anaya: Anaya’s red eyes looked up as she sat calm and seemingly without feeling, care or sin of any sort she stayed a void as she always did a box of things others could not even attempt to open “I seek nothing from you, and if you have come for sin and that is all it is gone so you may leave with it and not come back, I hold no place in my halls for a being that holds no meaning other then to eat the sins of others or corrupt my people” Anaya moved a single finger and only the front door opened As Sam took his throne at her flank. “one door has opened for you to leave here and not come back, once you leave it will shut, if you come back in I will snuff you from my halls” Anaya was never one to beat around the bush she wanted something gone it was told to leave or removed ”the house of the dragon needs not your kind” she said sternly and the lights around got brighter, there were about sixteen of them up on the pillars each one had lights brightly burning her own holy invisibly pumped into there flames as she manipulated the fire and holy at will. Dragons held immense power and Anaya on top of that was a golden dragon even if she was an albino her power was all the same under the red eyes and pale skin. But she seemed not swayed by what ever this was, she was not rattled or tempered she was surprisingly calm and Sam was the one a bit rattled but not at the being in their halls but at Anaya being so shockingly calm. Sam stayed silent and would only act if needed he was fully immune to Anaya’s holy and her fire so if he needed to step in he would and the room had bin fully cleaned out from guards maids and over all everyone but the three so there was no worry in casualty’s if Anaya did intend to go all out.

CardinalSinn: Fides had noted the room being emptied, and now, with the woman pumping more holy into the place it seemed nothing less than an attack, albeit a small one. It was more to Fides grandiose posturing, holy did not bother him so much, its was only a slight sizzle, almost not worth noting, and the flames, well such a highly ranked Sinn would require the light source to actually touch himself. The holy would be of little help against Fides, at least for the time being, he would turn his head to look at the door confirming that it was infact open, and given the ambiance of the place for a moment he was inclined to leave. It was obvious that he was not wanted here, but, there was something that Fides wanted. Originally it had been the man, and his sweet sweet sin of lust, but now a much more tempting platter had been offered, the wrath of a dragon. It was at this point that Fides would mock clearing his throat as he stood more upright, the current around his form stopping for a moment. It was almost as if a sudden silence fell over the room, you could almost cut the tension with a knife. Till now Fides had reigned in his presence and form, surely this woman knew that, though it was possible with how casually she had addressed this Sinn that perhaps she was unaware. Fides would choose now to rectify that, exerting a force of will that was considerable, his own darkness ebbing out, accompanied with a much more predominant arua of sin. It was an exertion that could be felt by even the most inept of beings, there was so much metaphysical force involved in Fides exertion infact that a small breeze would have likely resulted from it. Fides was ready for battle if that was the wish of this dragon Fides had never fought a dragon before...perhaps its skull would look nice in the Veritas temple. The presence of Fide was not superior to the dragon, it was not even on par to be honest, though it was not far off either, his aura would push back against her own now, a battle of sorts for show. The Visser lowered its head looking to the woman from under its brow, taking on a far more menacing demeanor, the shadows spreading out further from the figure then before, pushing harder against her force of will now with a ferocity that could not be ignored, if left unchecked they might well consume the entirety of the floor in this room.

Anaya: Anaya let out a sigh but kept that door open, she could feel it his push, his egging her on, but in the end she stayed calm, she had learned a nice chunk about the sins from the last one that was here and this one had to be shown nothing for it was to be offered. Sam stayed numb almost in a trance, a mental block Anaya had put on him, there bound went further then most as most dragon bounded mates do they were one and when one needed to be almost, turned off they could be, in it all the only people here were Anaya and this sinn. Anaya stood up from her throne as she said nothing and started to glow white, her white dress swayed from the wind coming in and seemingly picking up from outside as she started to walk up to the sinn. Her light was brining everything dark to a gray, she was shinning over him and each step she was getting taller and now she was standing at his eye level, her red glowing hues had taken on another light, gold, white gold light was just beaming from her body as she just looked at him “there is no sin in this hall to feed your need, no being here you can have as they are mine and no one else’s, this room, this building is my home, I made it with my own hands I harvest the ground with my own claws and everything here belongs to me, I am giving you your last chance to go. I hold no hate, no anger to you or your kind I hold no anger to anything, but acting in protection of my people is something I do have” the light around her got brighter, higher as she almost sparked in divine beauty, divine holy, a pure untainted being in body and soul. Anaya’s body was now shiny, her skin taking a white gleam as the scales under that skin could be seen slightly. “you see the flames around us, see how they glow, they are a part of me, I can make them larger or smaller at will, now if you don’t take that out, that door there I flood with room with flames you will not be able to handle, but I will, if you walk out thart door you will live, if you don’t, you will burn in this room with no way out other then the door you should have taken, every other door is holy locked, sealed from the other side unable to be touched by darkness. You have your choice to make mister Sinn, please pick wisely, I do not like ending lives I do not have to”

CardinalSinn: Fides paused to contemplate the woman's offer, no fight had been started of yet, she spoke the truth. Fides would not be seen as retreating from combat, and her sway over the man, it made him less important somehow. Though it also spoke of a value for the man, there was a bond between them that Fides may well use to its advantage some how. Though it would likely involve some form of physical contact, the woman obviously held superior sway over the man's mind, such things were beyond Fides influence here. This woman and her presence, it was holy, though it was not so pure perhaps, there was always darkness. Even here as she stood claiming purity there stood her mate, they had mated, the had laid together, some would call that an abomination in and of itself, a grievous sin to some, though her purity in that aspect was blinding, rendering that perception moot perhaps. Was the man really worth this effort? No not really, at this point it was more Fides deciding how to deal with the woman's hubris. It was vexing him, though, at the same time it was also amusing, Fides was not accustomed to being addressed in such a fashion. Fides would squint as he took it upon himself to react hastily to an aforementioned threat. Surely she was capable of flooding the room with a holy fire, were it any other Sinn the Fides this would have been more than deterring, Fides though would not be bothered much, at least not in the form he would take. It would be noticeable immediately infact, though the purpose of it went unspoken for now. His “flesh” had suddenly gone from the null black color to actually reflecting a great deal of it. His skin taking on a sheen of sorts, it was reflective now, but the presence it exuded was much much more reigned in, the aura and power brought into a small contained mass. There was one large issue with this form infact, it was a thing to be damned, in taking a solid form larger Sinn, such as Fides would become incredibly dence, which was wonderful for the defensive capabilities, however, the mass was so large and dense that it actually had a slight gravimetric pull, nothing large, though it would be noticeable, the way this manifestation of FIdes now had a definitive pull towards it, though the true reason would go unspoken. Fides still glared at the woman from under his brow, waiting for that first attack which would release him from the code which he upheld with ferocious zeal. Fides was forbidden by Caliga himself to attack, when it came to defending himself was quite a different story.

Anaya: Anaya did not want to give the first blow, she wanted him to leave, go out the doors here so she would not have to over all gut her castle even worse change in the center of it and destroy everything on the inside. She looked at him and she wanted him gone, but at the same time she did not want to be the person who swung first, if she did not swing Sam was in danger and under no means would she allow him hurt, even if he was what had bin used to draw this being in to the trap, even if she had over all used her own mate to get to this point, but it was needed and he new everything she did was for grand reason. Looking at the sinn “you gave me no choice, but I would rather be the first to swing then be the last to see my mate be consumed due to who he is” Anayas red eyes rolled back into her head as in her vision was white, pure white as she looked at the Sinn, seeing the world in a different view, she saw the darkness and only that, a pin point view blocking out other things but the target and other beings of bad choices. This room other then that door was a holy lock, there was no way out other then that door if the being bolted and made choice to assault the castle Anaya would protect her home, if it made choice to stand and take the flames it would burn, if it lived past them she would crushed it out and turn this place up in so much heat the rocks would melt and water would evaporate. Everything would turn stale once the cap had come off this bottle. As she let her power and aura rose the silhouette of a white dragon not made of shadow but of light started to walk across the walls as the flame torches were set free and the flames exploded engulfing the room with everything in it, the thrones and banners started to burn, the curtains did the same, and the pillows on the thrones were set a blaze as Sam sat there in his trance stirring at the wall his clothing being set a blaze on him but his body being left fully alright as he was immune to Anayas power even this only tip of it. As she did not break eye contact the flames spinning around her like a vortex of heat her words recanted words from the holy scripture of man, words from the holy book of her kin of her ancient bloodline of all she was made of. This was an ancient power placed on this world by the gods to keep order, and even the tip of it showing its face was so very destructive it was unreal. And the whole time, she was still as stone and calm, not feeling, not wavering.

CardinalSinn: Fides stood there blinking in near disbelief as the entirety of the room was engulfed in her flames. Particularly odd was the man, her mate, sitting there untouched by her power, though his clothes were not so lucky. Fides would've chuckled quietly to himself as the heat grew, the fires here despite their holy essence did not bother him in the slightest, nor verse being chanted, Fides was old as well, redating the concept of most religions, and composed primarily of pios beings, he chuckled as the holy presence grew, it was not so glorious or blinding to those as dark as the Sinn, certainly not to the Visser Fides. Holy would be of little use against him of all Sinn, like taunting a bully really. Her essence was potent indeed, Fides had remained nearly careless of it till the aura manifested, such skill were incredibly rare and spoke of power few could comprehend. The flames continued to burn here in the throne room, possibly the other rooms may have ignited as well the heat was a thing to be reckoned with. At this point Fides barely cast a shadow at all, and most of his essence had been put into solidifying his form so that he could remain here. It was the fact that the flesh reflected light at this point which made this more possible, as the light was reflected from his darkness, though were she to somehow breach the skin of this form, the manifestation of Fides would be short lived, exiled into the umbra, forbidden to return to such places, and likely punished for failure. The only light that remained here yet was this woman's willingness to not strike first, she was hesitant to do so, which made quite a good deal of sense to those who were aware of the more philosophical battle being fought here. Fides could not attack her, unless he was attacked, and she was reluctant to do so, though Fides was not sure her reasoning. He was however much enjoying how much more she would try to persuade him to leave of his own volition. It was not entirely like, if at all. Fides would not leave empty handed, not now. The woman, she had not directly attacked him as of yet, but her hubris had insulted him. Sinn had been killing holy beings since they had come into existence, “pullum dae” meant nothing to fides, infect the beads of his rosary contained the souls of angels he had fell. In truth it was one of the reasons Fides had such a resistance to holy, that in concert with the souls he was composed of as well as his halo, these things all bolstered immunity to holy, though even all three in concert could not grant true immunity, not from higher level attacks. This fire though, it was nothing more then that to fides at the moment fire, and it was not capable of inflicting damage on the crystalline sort of skin which coated the Visser now. To inflict damage, she would need to strike, in doing so though Fides would be able to attack as well. And not only just her, but her mate was still within the room as well, though at this point Fides was more irritated with that man, it was his fault Fides had to exert this much force and effort. It was amusing though, a quickening of sorts, it had been so long since anything had dared to stand before the Sinn, let alone Fides himself, even the majority of the Sinn bowed to his will. This woman, with her holy presence, might soon add herself to those who were bowed and broken, dominated by the Sinn and the darkness they commanded.

Anaya: Anaya had to make this thing leave, she had to much at stake here, her mate her child growing in the basement, it had to go, she had a family to protect a mother guarding her unhatched young that was really all this was and if needed she would put this castle to the ground to keep her baby safe, but she prayed it would not come to that not here, not now, but she needed this being gone, she needed this darkness gone. “I need you to LEAVE” her voice was cracking as it was getting deeper, but she could not change not here not now she had to keep her mind on this her mind on all of this, it was dead it had to be so much holy pumped into this room would kill any dark thing or at least make it flee. She was stronger then angels, if she was in her home land she would have rules over it all, beings with wings and not she would have governed it all. But she was sent to govern this world and doing that she would. It was still there….that thing was still standing right there in this shell of hard what ever the flames died down, she stood there looking at it her white eyes changing back to red. Everything melts, but she had an idea why make it leave when you could just trap it, the substance that the being was in almost was like glass, a hard shell or skin that covered it. Could she heat it up to prevent it from coming out of it and trap it in a magical prison? As Anaya stood there her body started to shake as the heat in this room went up the fire its self had already made the room so a human would melt but Anaya was going to bring it up so the windows would melt and the floor would crack. As the heat went up the room turned into a cooker as the outer areas were sealed with her holy lock down to prevent anything even power from getting out. She looked at the bring as red eyes had turned more orange then red anymore and the skin she had was pealing off her face, melting, falling to the ground white scales under it. The white dragon of the North, the golden dragon of white scales. Governing force of Valaria and seen as a god in the eyes of her people, not many got to see the skin, but she was still in her human body even if it was falling apart. If this being came out of its little shell like safety net it would roast. And if it did not she would bind it into a jar forever. Anayas fingers glowed a light blue as she muttered words under her breath words not able to be understood as they were from a land not of this earth her home in sky garden, a ancient draconian tongue, a spell of binding.

CardinalSinn: Fides stood defiantly among the light, each attempt to make him leave only amused him that much farther, he was in truth apprehensive of this woman's power. Her holy essence was beginning to put a strain on Fides, the shell which was holding his form at the moment would not sizzle with the heat, no, this time it actually made copious amounts of steam. Fides however had a hard choice now as she began her silent chant, Fides could not hear the words, and even if he could draconic tongue was not a strong suit, nor did he know enough incantations to thwart the binding, he could feel it beginning to take place. Fides could drop the shell, if he did her binding would possibly backfire, but the damage to Fides would be reprehensible. As she was trying to bind it Fides had made a choice, perhaps the woman was unaware that FIdes, literally was darkness, to bind him here, would likely not go as planned, it would anchor him, and likely bring a flood of the Sinn to her realm. He could tell her that...though he wouldn't, not as of yet. If it came to that truth it would be a hard learned one. Though if she got the spell off whilst he was stuck in this crystalis it would bind him to that, and that would be almost impossible to well as enrage Fides. There was a chance that he might best her in physical combat, though the pride and defiance of a dragon, it was not likely something Fides could contend with, he would be forced to kill her, if he was able to. Or, her words. They had given him a chance at something else. She needed him to leave….need, a strong word. And one that caught his attention, just as she had begun her chanting and fides could feel its pull he would set a trap for the woman. He could not stop the binding, that was beyond his abilities here...however he could drop his crystalis and force himself into the darkness here as he would be sealed. Before this happened though Fides presented an ultimatum with his shushed chorus of a voce, despite the crackling of fire and heat his words, hissing whispers that they were, were completely audible over the racket of the burning. “Profane and as insulting as you are, we can leave...albeit not empty handed. You must give us some recompense, a reason to leave, your threats are empty so those such as yourself, your “righteous wrath” still wrath. Should you fathom to smite one such as we….well, it will be no easy task. Recompense would likely be of the least effort for yourself….a token, a thing…” here fides would murr as he contemplated this next possibility, and it would seem oh so mundane, the words camp out in what almost sounded like a purr “apologize”.

Anaya: Anaya’s eyes snapped at his words as she stopped changing and it was like the heater was turned off. She hissed at the word what did she had to say sorry for, defending her home from the thing that was going to eat and consume her people, how could it be so cruel to make her drop down so low and say sorry and apologize on her knees for protecting her home…but would it make it leave here and not come back, would saying a simple word make it walk away from here and leave her baby, leave her mate in peace. “why say sorry to the being that threatens the lives of the others for no reason, why do you wish something as simple as a word, what else is it you wish, what life will I have to give you to make you leave my home and my lands and not come back” she new it was not all as simple as say sorry and it walks out the doors. Life was never that simple. Some of the walls around them the corners of the stones had turned to a dirty glass and some of the windows had cracks up them but did not shatter. she stood looking at it, as she could turn that heat back on and finish what she started at any point. But if it wanted to talk she would let it, even if it was playing some sick game of make the dragon bend the knee, witch would never happen.

CardinalSinn: Fides would lean back a bit, almost as if slouching now, his arms resting gracefully out to the sides. A resting stance to be sure, the whispers hissing forth once more. “ you are imagining we take lives...consume lands....for no reason? This is not at all true, indeed it is quite ignorant. Please...allow ourself a moment of your time...entertain a notion if you will?” here he motioned to the side for a moment with a tilt of its head and an opening further of the massive belled sleeve. What might have enraged her, given a holy stature was the impossible beauty of Fides rosary, it was perfect in every way to her but one. It was inverted, upside down, and certainly not in the name of peter. This hiss came forth once more “we do not take lives, life is of little concern to us, we could care less for the filth that is flesh, we take only that which is ours...that which is wicked. The righteous are repugnant to those such as ourself. Their faith blinding to the freedom of which we preach. You will not find ones such as ourself in your well lit and hallowed, it is in the darkness that you find Sinn...we offer something, a service, which would of course be free to yourself...possibly beneficial, we wish not your bright shining, they are yours...we wish only what is ours, only that a price be paid by those whom owe it…...

Anaya: “what is here is not yours be it an action a will or thought it is not yours it lays to the being to do it, it is there choice under the gods over head not you, you do not live in my lands you come from the dark side of this world were we don’t go. And there is nothing here you will get from me, and nothing you get from my lands, now get out” Anaya looked back at Sam siting there as in her mind she smiled and as if turning on a switch he came to blinking and covering himself snapping out of it and falling from the chair. Anaya turned her back to the sinn as she walked over to Sam picking up his arm and helping him up “no one here owes you a thing be it they have done a sin or not. We all sin it is in us all, everything born of this world lives in the sin of the past before it, even children are a mass of sin and torment, I was not born of this world so I am not of its grass.” Anaya held Sams arm as she took a half charred cover from the back of her throne and wrapped it around him helping him come to and come back into the reality of the castle and everything around it “you lost it a bit didn’t you” he said with a chuckle still keeping glad to it all and being a little oddly happy “I guess I did didn’t I, but everything will be replaced and the guards and maids took out our paintings. Go out to the sofa room for me check on Chesmay in the dinning hall. Just make sure everyone is ok” Anaya said it so softly, she was glowing as she looked at him and watched him get up on shaking knees as she opened a door out to the dinning hall for him to slip away from them all. Anaya gave a smile with softened eyes as she looked back to the sinn that was looking at her like she owed it when she new she did not owe it. “I owe you nothing, my people owe you nothing, we don’t fall under your rules, under your sinful needs and wanted, we fall under the grace of what is holy and good, not your rules not your demands, not your trying to force me to bend to your will. Now that door is still open and I have not even touched what I can do and I have learned about you much already but you still no not what I can do or even have a blink at what can be done. You will not take the sins of my people, as even they, don’t belong to you or your kind, they belong to us and they belong to our god, as my people are good, even do to their choices and some being not of grand light, the people here are good. So this will be the last time I ask, you are to leave my home and my people alone”

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CardinalSinn: Fides listen to the woman, his eyes portrayed a growing disbelief. You do not live in my lands, a dark side of their world which they did not go, nothing here that he would get from her?....and then...then she turned her back on him, she may as well have slapped the Visser. He blinked now in a rapid disbelief, which was an odd thing to see to say the least. She addressed him again, ADMITTING all things live in sin, that alone was all the claim a Visser would need. It would seem that the Sinn had been gone from the realms for so long that their domain, that which unquestionably is their dominion, had been forgotten. Perhaps it was no surprise then that it had been Fides whom encountered this woman by chance. Who better bring “Veritas” to these lands, it was simply what it was...the truth, the beginning and end of all things. Fides would slowly raise his hand, the finger extended as if to both note he was going to address her, as well as make sure he was pointing directly at her as Fides spoke. As he began to address her a dark smog would slowly leak in front of the hand, small in size and stature here, no larger then a few feet in any given direction, a perfect orb of darkness, and only that, the woman would have known this by the fact that it took virtually no effort...a parlour trick really. His words came forth, “this...surely you know what this is? This...this is darkness, all things no darkness….this fact alone stands testament to the glory...which are we. but come shining light...let us show you what your precious illumination brings” the word illumination was dripping with sarcasm and contempt. Within this darkness small little orbs of light would begin to form, the thing as a whole began to look quite striking, and beautiful. As a matter of fact, if one paused for thought...and looked hard enough, there were familiar formations of these lights, scattered throughout this inky darkness. Fides would spread his hand at just that moment, still remaining silent, allowing this visual aid full volume, after all a picture was worth a tounsand words, this one, happened to move. “As you can see miss...the light...and the beauty it holds….marvelous, in its way” his head would bob as he said this rolling his hand over now palm up under the darkness, it had closed in on light so much so that it would wait, yes, it was this solar system, this planet infact, viewed from far far above. “You speak of god's overhead, and their decisions…. miss...we speak of god….goddess...father,, is all things. It is everywhere and nowhere, as common as the air one breathes…...arguably more so.” at that point his hand would roll over and he would point at the woman. The view of the planet then would zoom back out, the globes floating in their respective orbits, there was that squint again, he had done it before, now there was no question, the bastard was smiling. The point it was making though was infinitely clear now, and only grew in point as the view given continued to zoom back out, as it had been originally. A massive amount of darkness, tiny stars peppered throughout its all encompassing magnitude. “You see miss….no matter what it is that you hold matter how sacred your text….we have gone forgotten, you think you know what it is that we are...then we ask where is your humility before such divinity as, who are likely ignorant the name, perhaps unworthy to know such a thing….REGARDLESS, you know that truth. And you for one moment imagine something so immense, so all dot devine? jest? That which was in the beginning, shall come to pass once more. It is by that merciful glory we take your dark….your deprived, those smudges upon society, those...sinners. We take what is dark...what is ours. We make no grandiose claims of being such a thing as a deity, though there are those among us, who could certainly make such a claim….you see miss, were you to somehow smite, one such as i...were you to...extinguish our life….those we speak for...may well come and reign down a retribution the likes of which has never been witnessed...or, perhaps they would allow such a transgression to go unpunished, perhaps we are worthy of being smited….that decision, is yours to make...we will not leave empty handed.”

Ordained: Seamlessly the darkness shrouded the Unholy Nation as Nephthys grew impatient. She was not used to waiting.. Especially since her newly born Sinner had wandered off somewhere.. Raising her "brow" a long sigh would follow, the chilled mists escaped her lips as she did so.. Though it was strange.. Glancing over her shoulder a low snarl would stir within her chest as she could feel the darkest of pulls.. It was a disturbance of sorts on a land she new very much about.. The Iron dynasty.. But what was it.. "Oh for fuck sakes.." She muttered to herself as the Mother shifted herself, her manifestation elegantly followed suit as she stepped forward away from the lands of the ruined Unholy Nation.. An umbral disturbance vibrated the terrain of the Iron Dynasty.. The lands would instantly be shuttered with a chilling presence, her grace flowed within the air.. A satisfied growl curdled in her throat as the Mother stood tall.. A blackened gown caressing her 'Motherly frame', complimenting her manifested hips, her every curve as the sterling silver tightly lined her ample bosom.. Long shadowed tendrils freely roamed from her 'skull', trailing down along her shoulders and back.. Rather large chains wrapped firmly around her for arms as if it were a shawl of sorts.. Rolling her head upon her shoulders her vibrant royal purple hues would look toward the home in which her adoptive sister had remained.. She knew she shouldn't be here.. She knew that the darkness especially of a Prime would be overwhelming to Anaya.. Though Nephthys could hear the whispers of Veritas.. It was drawing to her.. She felt that pull.. It must be Fides.. What was he doing here? With a soft snort the Mother proceeded forward.. With each step the ground instantly froze beneath her presence.. Leaving a trail of chilled frost.. Her massive crown of horns sang as the silver jewels chimed with each guided step.. The groans of the many tortured agonized souls within her echo'd throughout.. As she reached the entrance she was gazed upon by those who had guarded the doors to the Iron Dynasty.. Though the Mother was not a small being... Currently she stood a devastating 16 feet.. Towering over the Mortals that gazed upon her presence.. A chuckle would escape her lips as she would slip inside the Iron dynasty.. The doors remained shut as she stepped through.. The Mortals couldn't believe their eyes as they now knew who exactly had just entered the halls of the Dynasty.. Raising her palm, carefully caressing the inverted rosary within her palm her orbs instantly took to Fides as she seen what was taking place.. Loudly Nephthys spoke, her voice rumbled the halls, her echo'd tones carried with multiple other voices of the grim tones of the tortured souls.. "Fides... The voice of Veritas.. We are not welcomed here.. Is she threatening you.... Perhaps.. Though we have no rights to be in a land of the pure... It is said they are our enemy.. Though I cannot allow this... I have protected the Iron Dynasty along side... Of Their Queen.. Do you not think that they would be a everlasting.. Asset to our realm...? Think about it... My dear.. Having them along our side... And even though now we are already unstoppable... Even more so having both light and darkness... The beauty of both is completely outstanding.... Our darkness caresses their light.. There cannot be one without the other... Step down my dear... " The Mother stood next to the Visser.. Tilting her head she would place a single obsidian claw beneath it's chin as she watched him closely... Just before her toxic whispers would be directed to the Queen.. "Anaya... Do not take him as a threat... We will leave peacefully.. As we always have.." The smell of vanilla was overwhelming as the Prime stood proudly next to the Priest Fides.. "We are all essential.." Her echo'd whispers bounded throughout the halls..

Anaya: Anaya watched the Sin as he said everything he was going to, she hated hurting anything it was against her morals but she needed it gone, as her body was leaking holy in such a pure form it was in a mist. Her fingers danced along as in the air was a mark hovering, a symbol of a cross with a serpent wrapping around it. But then the smell of over powering vanilla came into the place, that open door that was shutting its self then opening had bin breached by another….but this one she new from an age before this castle was even reformed. “it has bin a very long time” she said softly as she put her hand down and the symbol in the air broke apart and fell like dust to the floor and vanished. “I do not see him as a threat, not at all, as I also did not know he came from you, or I would not have bin so harsh, so I do give my apologies to you” Anayas voice had become softer as she watched them both, but inside her mind god she wanted the darkness out of here, out of what was pure and good and what even if they were both bound together did not want them. “yes, we both need to be a part of each other, we wish no harm on the other and ask nothing of you as we never will, but it is good to see you are still around, mother of sin, much has changed in us both I see” she gave a smile as she stood there dressed only in white her red eyes glimmering as the holy lock around her castles doors lowered its self, she no longer had to worry anymore and that was clear as doors around were unlocked, windows unlatched and things seemed to go back to almost normal but still empty as to many guards and servants feared entering the main hall. “we should talk once more and go over terms seeing things have changed….see…if we can acsept one another…a bit more” her words seemed a bit forced but it would be expected, over all there words to each other were the same as god and the devil talking about being friends.

CardinalSinn: The very moment the all mother had made herself known here fides illusion would fade from view. Instantly a version which was originally quite opaque faced her, bowing low in the presence of such a glorious being. It was for the Primes fides toiled, it was their glory which he represented. Though fides could have questioned the mother, or chastised her perhaps on the necessity of something which was only temporary. He made no such effort though, true he worked for the entirety of the primes it would be unthinkable to question her motives here, now, in the presence of others. Regardless the points he could make, she would be well within her authority to erase Fides, right or wrong. For him to question a prime in the presence of others, for him to question her at all was forbidden, even if he would want to take that action, his form, his voices, his will...was incapable of doing such a thing. It was also her arrival that had brought the woman to bearing. Now she understood the Sinn were not to be taken as anything so common as she may have presumed. For Fides it was oh so pleasing to see the apprehension the woman now displayed, and he was elated, that despite the mother having dismissed him, he had infact gotten one of the things which he had asked, the most valued infact. An apology, those simple words resolving all hostility from his form, she had realised the error of her words, and now stood in front of a far greater darkness than Fides. Fides had remained facing the mother till she came to lift his gaze. The touch of a prime, to even the Visser brought on a euphoria most could never now. His form actually shuddering for a moment as she had touched him. Her words echoing in his mind, the apology had snapped his attentions back to holy woman. Fides had ultimately received what he had come for, he was vindicated. Though the words of the mother, they brought wonder, which she would know of course, and be aware that fides would not dare question one such as she, it was not his place...his place was to preach, to repeat the will of the Primes, he was theirs, their hands, their eyes, their words, their will. He slowly and reluctantly drew his form back from her talon, his form longing the nirvana brought by its caress. “You wish, our desire mother, sic narro nos tottus”. The last words, a closing of sorts “sic narro nos tottus”, or “so say we all” a well known quote among the Sinn. Fides might have well have ended his presence here with the word amen. As the hissing whispers faded so to did the form of Fides, his presence quickly ebbing away from this realm.

Ordained: Nephthys would watch Anaya closely.. Although her umbra was very overwhelming to Anaya.. Anaya had the same efect on her.. The holy surroundings caused the Mother to squint though watching as Fides had left she would mutter softly.. "Bene occurrit.." With the disappearance of Fides Nephthys would sigh heavily as she was relieved that nothing broke out even further before one or the other or even both have destroyed each other.. Nodding slightly she would clasp her hands together in front of her just as her echo'd whispers would once more fill the halls.. "A lot has changed Anaya.. I do not wish to stay any longer than I have to.. For both our benefit.. Now.. I'm likely being questioned. I can feel it pour off of Fides.. As we are taught to not attack unless there is motive. We are taught to destroy the weak and uphold the great.. And that the Holy are our enemy.. Now.. I will not allow anyone to hunt you down etc.. Not saying there will be.. I have my own reasons as to why I have asked Fides to take his leave.. Am I going to recite them? No.. I am not.." A light shutter would caress her umbra as the moans of the souls grew louder.. "I will be taking my leave now.. As my presence is no longer needed.. Soon we will speak in a more neutral zone.. Not my home.. Or yours.. I will let you know what changes have taken place.." Nephthys knew that Fides would be wondering as to why the Mother had told him to leave and not proceed to terminate these creatures. She knew her motive and that's all that mattered to her.. Growling softly she would slip her massive claws through her loose tendrils.. "Again we will speak on a later basis.. Staying here is making my 'skin' crawl... " Smirking brightly Nephthys would step back.. Her manifestation would prceed to vanish into the darkness as she slithered back.. "We will speak soon Anaya... I can guarentee you that.. And if not me my new Sinner will pay you a visit.. His presence won't make you feel so... Crowded.. " A low chuckle would rumble in her chest as the chilled air would begin to warm.. The scent of the Mother would now disperse as she would make her way back to the Umbral realm.. More importantly to go seek Fides within the Veritas Temple..

Anaya: Her red eyes watched him go as she moved along the floor turning around and walking back to her throne she had hardly given any bit of her power but she still wanted to sit as she no longer felt the need to be all ruler and threatening to uphold her rank in the world, the smaller one was gone and now the larger sinn was among her and Anaya was sure her alliance would already know who things had changed here. As she sat down and watched she relaxed a bit hearing the words that non of them would be back and that the one still here would leave as well. As she nodded her head her response was simple “be safe…sister of mine” she said softly as she nodded her head once more and tipped her crown in response. Not only was Anaya being here making the sins skin crawl but the sin here here was making Anaya extremely unstable. But as she left Anaya called forth the guards to clean up the mess that had bin put in place from the actions that happened before now when things were heated. And she calmed herself wall watching them work smoothly. After about five or so moments she got up from her throne and walked over to go into the dinning hall to find Chesmay there sleeping out cold by the fireplace. She gave \ smile and picked up her simple little slave girl cradling her in her arms and walking her up to her chamber room and putting her down into the bed leaving the book beside her under the covers as well as removing the dirty clothing she had on and leaving new clothing in the room. All was back to normal, and it was a good thing as if things went a stray here things could have gotten very out of hand very fast. she put her hands at her side and walked back down to the main hall walking to relax in her study and finish up some late day paper work.

---- An hour Later----

AlitaFray: The cold was something she could withstand easy enough, however getting through the now was a bother in her eyes. She walked pushing through in her bare feet her eyes ahead of her. Being sent front the kitchens to gather things at market didn’t bother her all that much though to be honest. She was after all a winter elf; this weather was not something that would tend to effect her very much. Her short body of five foot four inches made its way slowly through the snow and only stopped for a moment Pressing those lips as one she would think for a moment and gaze once more at the doors to the kitchen, to safety. Closing her eyes she would block out the sounds around her. The Mistress was very strict. Go to the market get the cheese and come right back. She pushed ahead as to be sure to remain unseen by the guards getting their jollys wet and sticky and slid into the door she pulled open. stopping her feet off she cleaned the snow and walked in her feet making a small slapping sound on the floors as she went. only to stop at a counter and start to put things away. The normal sounds of the kitchen was going on and soon orders to bring cheese and wine to the Mistress were yelled at her. She nodded and made her way to the wash bin and washed her hands not once but twice and making sure her nails where perfectly clean. drying then quickly with a rep cloth she made her way to the wine and popped it open as to allow it to breath as wine should, only to find the logiest glass she could fined. A small smile played in her brown eyes as she ran the rim across her clean wrist. happy it made no snags she moved to the wash bin and once more cleaned the said wine glass. Happy with this she moved to the table and pour the wine to the lovely crystal glass and set to cutting up the sharp cheese into biteable sizes. A platter was taken down from the high racks and washed as well so its silver sparkled in the lights of the castle. At once she set her offerings on the tray and was sent out at once. She was new and the kitchen was happy with her so far, the true test came now. Walking with almost no sounds she moved around the outer most part of the room as to prevent bothering any whom might be in its halls only to show up a few feet from the Mistress. Slowly she lowered herself to her knees and looked down. The tray held above her head she murmured a soft yet musical tone. "may this girl approach Mistress?"

Anaya: Anaya had bin happy with the day’s events she had dwelt with that sinful thing that came in earlier and everything seemed to be calm and collected again. Sam was siting in the throne beside her as she leaned over and looked at her. But then he saw the slave girl coming out from the kitchen and his eyes got large “did you get another one when I was not looking, oh Anaya can I touch that one” “yes I got this one a moon ago from a slaver in town but she was running errands for me all morning, it is good to see she is back from the market in town. And she is a good one I do think well trained already” Anaya nodded to the girl “come here girl, I never got much of a look at you the other day. Bring the drink and show me what you look like” Red eyes with a large black slit down their centers shimmered in the flashing light of the house and she had this grin that just screamed bad things but yet at the same time had a face of calmness and understanding. The white silks that hugged Anaya’s body and her flowing gown laced in gold metal segments jointed with clasped made her stand out among the stone and fire of her home, she wanted to fill her halls with beauty and to do it she needed girls, nice looking girls and she enjoyed elves very much and winter elves were much hardier then the normal woodland kind so they lasted longer here, as long as Sam did not touch them. Sam was fully eyeballing the poor girl there as he smiled and licked over his lips his black fork tongue and that glaze in his eyes, he was the full opposite of Anaya and he gave no feeling of security at all. At least not right now he did not. “Anaya is this one to be a Castle slut? Or will you claim her to I want to know” “we will find out in due time if she is good at things I am keeping her as mine so you don’t end up killing her, her and Chesmay will be mine then when we get more I will have them as castle whores and you can have fun with them but not kill them” Sam nodded and in the back of his mind he was hoping this girl sucked then he could take her as his own and bed her after her first night here.

AlitaFray: her head still bent down she lifted one foot to press fully on the ground and rose with ease in one smooth motion. All the while the tray never left the same level spot it had been in. while she moved her snowy hair played across her shoulders and the simple but lovely white silks echoed the lovely set the Mistress wore. Stepping forward was permitted the girl did as she was told. Stepping with quick sure feet on the balls of her toes as to be sure to make little sound as to not bother those whom where free about her. She moved to the lovely Mistresses and knelt once more before her the tray never leaving the level height it had once been. Her head ducked and then she spoke. "Your red wine and cheese Mistress. I hope it pleases you as it pleased me to serve you." Her voice clear as she spoke though careful of shouting. As she was to be merely that of a decoration of sound, not the center of attention. though mentally she shivered though at the thought of being used as a common whore in the castle itself. This idea thrilled her little, however she was a slave. And she had not come cheap due to she was a good girl and didn’t speak back. And such she made no show of reply to the words spoken about her and merely held the offering with stern strong arms.

Anaya: Anaya looked at the girl and was happy with her over all appearance, she seemed so sweet and innocent, like she almost did not belong in the hall of gray and rock. An elven girl that seemed so far from home locked up here under chain and key, but it was so very nice having girls around and she did want to keep it up, give her something more then maids and butlers and the worthless fighters she had to talk to. She took the wine with a light smile “thank your girl, it is fight right and a well cleaned goblet as well. So tell me about you, I like to know about what is mine, then we can go over your other tasks here other then fetching things for me at market” Anaya took a sip of her wine and relaxed in her throne softly running her fingers in her hair that matched the girls, snow white, as Anaya was an albino woman, white hair and blue red eyes with that big black slit down their centers. “and if you wish to know more about the place you now call home, please ask it, we can handle everything as we go” Anaya seemed soft but her voice was stern as always and cold, feelingless but calm and she was sweet smelling. Samuel sat there almost drooling and thinking of the things he could do but then grabbed his almost empty horn of Ale and drank a bit from it.

AlitaFray: The girl lowered her arms now keeping her head down as she heard the Mistress speak of wanting to know more of her. she thought for a moment what was there to know, girl was a slave, and that was all that was to girl. Who girl was on the inside didn’t matter much to those who placed decretive chains around another’s throats. She would murmur softly to the Mistress "Girl isnt sure of what girl should ask of Mistress. Girl knows she’s to do as girl is told, and girl is good at what girl does. This girl knows that it is important that girl is quiet and well behaved and so girl is. Is there things that Mistress feels girl should know?" She asks now not living her head but instead looking at the floor before her. As one as she was never looked one of the free in the face.

Anaya: Anaya new this one was very well trained but sometimes even the best trained had to relax a little and have more life to them and less training. Anaya leaned over to the girl as she rested her elbows on her knees. A clawed finger came out as she put it under the girl’s chin lifting her head up to look right into Anaya’s large red eyes. “it is alright to talk, and we shall give you a name. Winter sounds fitting you as you are an Elf of the snow and ice, so Winter it shall be, do you like it?” the holes in Anaya’s skull that held her eyes just seemed so red and empty inside of them, but there was feeling in there it just did not show its self often. Sam got up from his Chair as he did not want to sit for long “I am going to go find a maid, get her to make a new batch of Ale, this crap is getting old, it is starting to taste like bull piss” he scoffed as he gave the girl a smile and then eyed her up and down before heading off to the other room leaving Anaya to her new bit of property “Samuel before you go can you head to the study, fill out the papers and sign them to send the payment for this girl to the slaver, I believe we will be keeping her for sure” Sam nodded his head as he went on his way pivoting on the spot and walking off to the study to do the forums before it slipped his mind. Anaya looked back to the girl and into her eyes once more “all you really need to know about this place is don’t stray to far at first, the guards here are dirty men and many will aim to lay with you before I allow it, and I have yet to figure out if you are to be a castle girl or my own personal one, tell me, and think about it, witch would you like more, and I do know many girls don’t get choices. But I am sure our place will be a bit different then what you are a custom to” Anaya was right about it, the girls she got she got from far away in areas were it was much diffrent then here, slave girls shiped to her aswell as trained in other places and brought here. so it was true this place whould take a bit of geting used to.

AlitaFray: The girl felt the press under her chin and for it she flicked her chocolate brown eyes up and gazed at the air above the Mistresses head. "Where Winter is from Winter was not allowed to relax Mistress. Winter had to work hard to prove herself worth the food she ate, if gir- Winter didn’t do so she would go with out meals." She stated simply. She bit her bottom lip when he spoke of the ale and then said simply in reply "Girl saw they do not cover the ale while stored and Winter saw that the ale was not stored in cedar but instead birch. Winter wonders why this is? Cedar would hold the flavor of the ale much longer and provide a richer taste to the Master." She says softly only to realized she spoke out of turn and her eyes go wide for it and snap her lips shut at once. Only to then reply when asked what she preferred. "Gir- Winter wears white as to show what winter is not trained in Mistress." She says as if to explain which she preferred. "winter has little interest in being a common slave, which is why winter works so hard, if it please the Mistress would be happy to serve her and her alone." its then she closed her lips and spoke not again.

Anaya: She gave a laugh at the part were she spoke out of turn, it was nice the girl did have a voice and did know how to use it, and Anaya knew very well this place needed work, it needed life and most of all it needed better servants. “the only reason they are the way they are is due to how stupid some of my servants are They don’t know how to cook or clean most of the time, witch is why I have bin looking in and putting out word to get new aid, witch is what your jobs will be, you have a voice and I want you to use it, if you wish to be just a castle or city slave then don’t worry about that voice but to be my personal girl you will have larger jobs along side my other girl Chesmay. She is my first girl here and is learning her jobs but she is a good girl and I very much so enjoy her company. As my personal girl I will break you once as it was in your papers you are without being opened up as of yet, so I will do that for you but I will do it once and once alone not more, so if you crave more I will allow you to pick a guard you like or they can pick you, but you do have choice and no one will just take you without my say so. And if they do try you can inform me of this and they will be strictly punished.” She leaned back in her chair as she ran a claw along the girl’s cheek for a second before leaning back and removing her hand “no one will harm you under my watch, and if I am not around there are some guards that respect me more then others and if some try to harm you just call out for them and they will come. if you see something here that is not right or you feel things should be changed as my slave  I wish you to voice it to me, if you bring it up we will get word to fix it, making this place better is part of why you are here in the first place, you being here, giving life and light to the dark stone is why I need you here in my halls. You are what gets the dust out my dear Winter Flower ” Anaya smiled she really did enjoy the name Winter and it fit the elf well Anaya would get underway in the coming days to have a collar made, she wondered if it would b best to make them out of leather or metal.

AlitaFray: She nodded as the Mistress spoke now and then gave large eyes when she spoke of opening her. She had hoped she would never be so though its not hers to say. She would look down once more and then replied. "As my Mistress commands." She says simply in reply. "Girl thinks the slave girls would be a little more behaved if the girls had not had to worry about being raped, like the girl in the barn. winter knows how to protect herself if it is needed though if winter is not allowed to winter will not do so." She says in a calm even tone. "Girl can cook clean and she is also educated in reading and writting. winter was not turned more than white silk as Master had said she would never be craved as such." She ays to him now. She looked fo a moment at the Mistress as she ran her claw on her face, though she didnt shy away. "Winter will do all she must to make this place as Mistress dreams." She says and then bows low as to show respect. "Girl must do as Master wished, Winter will have new ale for master started by end of night." She says simply. Then waited for her to be dismissed.

Anaya: “the girl in the bark got what she earned, it is what happens to the ones that don’t do as they are told or are rude to the crown, this place can be a dream land or one of most horrid nightmares my dear flower. But yes go get the ale made and set up there should be birch drums out back they may be under snow so ask a guard to help you, and be careful of the trolls they can forget were they are walking sometimes.”  Anaya sat back in her throne as she relaxed and shut her eyes for only a moment it had bin a long day she still had much to get done.

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Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *I walk along the snow, holding my arms tightly to myself trying to conserve as much body heat as I could in the deathly cold weather. I shake the snow that has covered my long pink hair, and continue to drag my cold feet along the path, leaving foot prints of my small feet in the snow behind me. I look ahead, the wind and snow blasting into my eyes, and notice a large town. I push myself forward, and head towards the town, eager to find any form of shelter. Shivering, cold and wet due to the weather and my lack of clothing and money, I enter the town in hopes of finding anywhere warm to sleep, or even a coat I can wear. I wander throughout the town, the aromas of the food people are cooking in their homes engluf into my nose. I hear my stomach groan in hunger as this happens. I look around and notice a stand selling freshly baked, warm bread. I weakly make my way over to the stand where I see a big looking creature taking a batch of freash bread out of the oven. I inhale the scent as I approach him. "H-hello kind sir" I say with shattering teeth "M-may you be able to spare a piece of bread. I'm terribly hungry and have no form of money whatsoever." the creature looked over to me with a mean glare and let out a terrifying growl. I quickly run in the opposite direction, heading deeper into the town. After what seemed like hours of wandering, my eyes begin to shut due to tiredness and hunger, my skin, feeling extremley numb from the cold, I knew I had little time to find shelter. As search for places to rest, I notice a large castle ontop of a hill, it's blood red insignia attracts my attention for an unknown reason, cold, tired, hungry and hopless I begin to make my way up the slippery steps, slowly, step by step. As I get higher I notice there are less townspeople roaming about, which piked my curiosity but I continued on anyway. When I'm about three quarters up the hill, I slip on the icy step and bash my head on a stair. I lay groaning on the floor, putting a hand to my pale forehead only to reveal it all bloody and painful. I attempt to get up but am too weak and dizzy at this point, and just lay on the floor, as the snow from the sky hits me. Just as I feel myself beginning to pass out, two ginormous creatures approach my vision. Unable to speak I just lay there watching, and after some time, with a grunt they both lift me up, each of them carrying an arm, and beginning dragging me up the stairs towards the castle for the fate that awaits me...*

The sky had grown dark as her red hues skimmed out the window watching a troll walk by as her Mate Samuel yelled at it forcing it to do what he wanted it to do, they both looked unhappy as she shook her head at there struggles and the cave trolls rebuttal of smashing his club in the cold ground and kicking up a fuss. “you think he would learn you know” she muttered to a guard who stood at her flank and he gave a grunted chuckle itching the back of his helmet “the good news my lady is he is trying to work with them, most of the other guards fear the bruits so no one gives them the time since the old captain died” “yes for sure, we need to get a new captain of the guard as well as the new slaves and guards, we are running low on stock nowadays as winter is in its peek, even the foods will run short when winter comes to a end, but I will get on the order forums and Samuel has sent out the payments to our new slave girl and some notices as we are seeking mor...” a bang on the doors made her turn and cut off her sentence as the guards walked in dragging a pink haired girl covered in snow and seeming to be bleeding “do we drag anything that lays on the ground in?” she said with a grin as she walked over to the girl and the guards as they laid her on the rug. “she was bleeding my lady and we did not wish her body to freeze on the steps so we thought you would like her brought in, was this alright with you Lady Anaya?” the one guard shuddered as he laid the girl on the rug and Anaya eyeballed him and his movements “yes it is fine, do you know what caused the bleeding?” “seems to have fallen me Lady, steps be slippery from the ice,” the second one said just before heading back to the doors to close them and go back outside. The one stayed by the girl’s side almost like he cared but then as Anaya waved him off he was forced to go, looking back to see if the girl would be alright. Anaya lifted the girls head with her clawed hand as Anaya’s snow white hair fell into her face her bright red eyes shimmering past the strands. “do you have a name girl?” she said softly as she cleaned some of the snow off the girl’s face “can you speak” she said calmly as she held the girls face in warm hands.

Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *Barley conscious she struggles to keep her eyes open as she is dragged up the steps, getting closer and closer to the castle she saw from afar a few moments ago. Her mind raced with all the possible outcomes of her situation. What would she find when inside the castle? Would they treat her nicely, or will they merely show her off as did the bread maker? She would soon find out she thought as the doors opened and she was brought into a large room. The warmth of the room immodestly hit her and she began shaking, welcoming the warmth into her almost frozen body. She notices many shiny blood red rubies scattered across the floor, her vision still a blur from her fall. All of a sudden, an unfamiliar fabric engulfed her body, she was so preoccupied with where she was, she didn't notice her frail body being set down onto a rug. She laid there motionless, to weak to do anything and waited for the next outcome of events. She heard voices then footsteps as a door shut behind her. Moments later a beautiful woman, with long, ice white silky hair filled her vision. She felt the warm hands of this mysterious woman touch her face, and she let out almost a sigh of relief. feeling the warmth of someone greatly improved her frozen condition. She squinted her eyes as the woman looked at her, wiping off some of the snow from her face, she heard her speak. "Do you have a name girl... can you speak?", were the words that escaped her lips ever so calmly. She attempted to open her mouth to speak, but finding herself too weak, she slightly shook her head no, the small action obviously taking a huge toll on the girl in her terrible condition. *

The castle walls held that warm glow as the flames burned brightly and just lit up the building. Anaya stood out like a sour thumb dressed in all white and with white hair that made her seem more like some princess that should be locked away from onlookers then the queen she was. She was a very tall woman but not thin or plump she was just the right amount of meat to body and some parts of her just seemed to good like no human could look that fine, or be made that way. She had no rolls just curves and bends but no flab no sagging everything was just right as if she was almost made of something fake. Seeing the girl unable to talk she just made action to move things along “well let’s get you up” she said as he moved her arms putting them under the girl and picking the girl up and cradling her in her arms. Sam walked in the doors as Anaya stood there holding the frail girl “you know the trolls are assholes Anaya, we need to chain them or something they keep smashing shit, three dead horses today, I am sick of i… is that another girl? Is she human? She looks human, how does it have pink hair?” he said as he walked over to her and Anaya looking at the girl as his bright green eyes shimmered a bit brighter then Anaya’s did. “are we getting more girls? Can we make her a slave, she is cute” he said as he picked up one of the girls weak little limp arms and looked at it. The girl had odd garments on but hell he new Anaya would dress the girl later and if it ended up a slave it would be dressed in things that showed it off. “Samuel I need to take her to the medical hall, watch over the throne room for me wall I am there, I will be back and I do not know what she is slave or peasant we will find that out once she is better and warmed up” Anaya said her words sternly as she always did to even her mate and then turned around and started walking to the medical hall with the girl in toe. All the rooms were warm as Anaya walked down the hallways the warm air being socked in to both Anaya and for sure the girl, and Anaya herself was strangely warm like out of the norm for anything or one so not only did the girl be in a warm room but nice warm arms and embrace. “we will get that head healed but if you are not able to talk then it may be the needle and thread for you, I don’t know how magic will affect you if surely you are human after all”

Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *As the woman picks her up, she begins shaking as she feels more much needed warmth entering her body. She curled up further as much as she could and cuddled herself as close as possible to the stranger who held her. She was nervous of her unfamiliar surroundings but at this point she didn't care. The warmth was far too inviting to be turned down. After a short while he heard another voice , a male voice entering the room sounding irrtated by something. She did not bother to listen as she was too preocciupied with warming up. She barley noticed a second pair of eyes examining her, the bright green eyes looking her up and down. She felt her arm being lifted, and tried to recoil and bring it back with no success. She just lay in the womans arms, unable to move and not listening to their conversation. She almost drifted off to sleep when suddenly she felt herself being lifted and moving. She observed the many statues and items as they passed, amazed and curious as to what they were. She heard the woman speaking, something about her bleeding head she could make out, but the rest was unclear. She just remained still and curled up as much as she could.*

Anaya kept walking and went into two large white doors with words marked Medical wing, there were medical beds laid out all with green bars and legs marking them as medical. Anaya moved to a side chamber bed and laid the girl down to rest as she watched the girl for a moment, Sam was right how did she get pink hair. Anaya gave a shrug and walked over to the small table at the foot of the bed and picked up a needle and thread dipping the thread in chilled water to clean it she walked back over to the girl putting a hand on the girl’s forehead. “this is going to string a bit, but don’t scream to much, unless you can tell me right now that you are ok with magic use on your body” Anayas bright red eyes with that big black slit down the centers looked into the girl’s own eyes even if they were not overly large due to the girl being weak. She put the pillow better under the girl’s head and as she sat on the side of the bed she wondered if Sam had a point the girl was cute she would make a nice property bit here in the castle, but that was a thought for later and she new it. She reached over as she grabed a cloth from the other side of the bed that was diped in chilled water, ringing it out she held it in her hand for after the girl was to talk if she was “even if you nod your head yes or no it will be fine, are you a human girl?” Anaya asked as she looked to the girl and a medical nurse came over “is she alright lady Anaya we don’t see you in here much” “she will be fine, just a stranger the guards dragged in seems she slipped on ice but cant seem to get a word from her she is to weak from blood loss and cold, the warmth should help her be able to talk but if she does not talk I am going to have to stitch her, it would be a lot softer on her to just be healed but if she is human my healing will be to much and I will do more damage then good to the poor girl” “that does make sense Lady Anaya just give her time, she will warm up and her lips will loosen for sure, and if she is human we have a healer in the back I can go get, just yell for us if she so is” then the nurse walked off as Anaya nodded in response and looked back to the girl laying in the bed hoping she would talk so Anaya could use her own magic or get another healer to do it so she would not harm the girl more.

Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *As she was being carried down the corridors, she began feeling the heat loosening up her cold body. Although still greatly weak, she was beginning to feel her fingers and toes again after they numbed up from the cold. She was able to make the letters marked on two large doors, as medical wing. Hope rushed into her head, thinking that perhaps she was in good hands after all and could relax. She was set down onto a bed and she let out a strange sound, one that portrayed relief of finally being able to rest in a bed. She laid there, the warmth slowly bringing her senses back into order. She noticed the woman was staring at her, her red eyes and black slits watching her. She had never seen anything like this before, first the creatures now these weird eyes she thought, something weird was happening for sure, but she would figure it out later as her thoughts were inturppted by the womans soft voice. "Are you human?" she asked. She thought to herself, what kind of question was this? This confirmed her doubts for sure that she was indeed no where near her home, but her thoughts were once again stopped when another woman came to speak with the woman. She seemed to be a nurse of some sort and referred to the lady in white as 'Lady Anaya'. So the lady in white has a name she thought. The two ladies spoke for a while before one of them broke away. She looked back up at the lady named Anaya, and managed to creak out one word "Yes"

Anaya nodded her head glad the girl could speak but the fact she was human meant this was going to hurt a fair bit, unless “Nurse the girl is a human, bring the healer over” she called out as the nurse had not gone far and walked over with a old man at her side dressed in this gross yellowish robe. He leaned down at the side of the bed shut his eyes and started to hum, as he did the cut on the girl’s head slowly started to close and a nice feeling of lightness came over her. It was a nice soft healing session for the girl as she was a human, and it would add some energy into her as well “how are you feeling?” Anaya asked as the man kept on humming away blocking out the world and doing his job without saying a word. With her hand she brushed the white hair from her fair skinned face as a strand fell back to were it wanted to be as always and she pushed it back leaning over and putting the cloth that was now unneeded on the side table once again back in its chilled bowl. “feeling better, the energy should be coming back to you now. But don’t worry healing does not hurt it helps” she tried to keep her voice soft but in the end it still came out harsh sounding, she did not mean it to it was just the way she always was.

Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *She watched as the nurse came back, but this time with an old man, dressed is some magical robe. As he leaned down at the side of the bed, she felt his breath on her face as he begin humming. A first she was scared and nervous, having no clue what he was doing, and with three people watching her. But after a short moment, she began feeling much better... enlightened. All of a sudden she had much more energy and a nice soothing feeling on her head where she hit it. She put a hand on the spot and to her surprise, felt the huge cut on her head disappeared. She looked at Anaya in amazement, wondering if she was as shocked as her, but clearly these things are normal in this world. Afterwards Anaya spoke, "are you feeling better?". She nodded her head yes, she figured that she could speak but voted against it as she still didn't know where she was or who these people were, still nervous, but warming up towards them as they saved her from disaster. Anaya then began to speak, reassuring her that everything should be healing soon. Nervous at her harsh sounding voice, she merely nodded and whispered out a thank you, while lowering her gaze as the healer finished off*

“you are able to talk, it must be strange for you, humans don’t come here often, so to some you would be as strange to them as they are to you” Anaya gave a chuckle as the healer stopped his humming and Anaya looked to him “alright Viceroy be on your way” he gave a nod but still oddly the whole time he never said a word and just wondered off like his mind was in other places and the nurse went with him to guide him like you would an old man. “we do need new healers that guy seems to old now to keep his mind in order, and he has no tongue so talking to him can’t be done” She stood up and held out a hand “can you walk yet, you should have feeling in your legs but be careful you may be a bit heal drunk” she said with a sort of smile as her claws turned on their flat sides so not to stab the girl if she so took her hand. “we will take you to the main room and see how you got here, and what you are after all, and most of all what we will do with you” Anaya did have planes to enslave the human girl just put the girl to work like normal as a castle girl but Anaya wondered if she would end up being favored by Samuel, if so the girl may be in for more then just work from him.

Guest_SolitudeHeelPuppy: *She listened patiently as Anaya spoke, wondering what she meant about humans not coming here often. She wondered where she was, but she was sure that would be revealed later on. She watched as the healer was sent on his way and was led off by the nurse. She didn't know if she should thank him or not but in her nervousness, she remained silent. She looked to Anaya as she spoke. She let out a small smile and took her hand, standing up slowly, stumbling just a bit. The girl thought that Anaya was going to help her, maybe give her some food and clothing and let her leave. How will I repay her for her kindess she thought to herself. She decided that she would think of something soon enough, and began walking with Anaya to the main room.*

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---Morning in winter sucks no matter how strong you are---

AlyChes: -Groaning and moaning Chesmay stretches herself out as she blinks a few times before opening her eyes. Confused to where she is, she looks around. She was in a room, but which room. She blinks a few times before realizing she was naked. How did she get here and were are her clothes? Quickly scanning the room she sees a new piece of fabric hanging over a chair.- The book! -She then yells. And starts to search the bed. Underneath the pillows, underneath the seats, on the nightstand, everywhere- Where is that damned book? Oh.... Anaya will kill me.. -She saids to herself and in her panic she misses the book laying on the bed. She jumps out of bed and searches the rest of the room. After about 20 minutes of searching she stands naked in the middle of the room with her hands in her hair and looks around- Oh no.... My second day and i already screw up.. -Her eyes start to tear up just as she looks back at the bed.- There it is! -She giggles and jumps back on the bed and grabs the book before pressing it to her chest with both hands. She sighs and smiles a little before getting up and out of bed once more. Walking over to the chair she puts the book down on the chair before she goes over to the bowl with water and starts to wash herself a little. Taking the cloth to start with her face. She then washes her arms and armpits before washing her stomach and back before moving to her legs. She then washes her behind and her womanhood. She then puts the cloth into the water again and cleans it before she washes her feet. Once done she leaves the dirty cloth to dry a little before she takes it to get washed. Taking the brush from the nightstand she stands infront of the mirror naked and starts to brush her long blond hair. She smiles to herself and brushes her hair for the next 10 minutes. Once done she places the brush back on the nightstand and walks over to the fabric on the chair. She blinks a few times as she picks it up- Lace... -She saids to herself and puts the skirt on first. It hangs loosely on her hip and fits perfectly before putting the top on. Again it fits perfectly around her round c-cup breasts. Chesmay walks over to the mirror and looks at herself. She looked different then before, she didn't know what it was but she did. She sighs and walks back to the chair only to pick the book up and hold it to her chest with her left arm as her right hand takes her old dirty outfit and the cloth she just used to wash herself with before heading out of her room. She closes the door behind her and starts walking down the hall. The guards, the maids, everyone seemed to stare at her. Or where they staring at the book? Eitherway, they were staring at her. Once she reaches the laundry room, and drops off what she needed to drop off, she starts making her way towards the kitchen as suddenly maids and guards came rushing her way. They all needed to write something in the book as they didn't the night before since she was asleep and she was sure Anaya made sure they wouldn't bother her while sleeping. And so Chesmay held it open and let everyone write in it what ever they needed to write. It wouldn't matter if she saw it, since it didn't make sence to her. At all. But as a guard starts to cross two names in the back of the book she blinks a few times. She remember's Anaya saying "the names which have been crossed, are the beings who died within these walls. Rather it's by our hand or not.". Chesmay shivers a little and after 53 minutes everyone was done writing in it  and Chesmay closed the book and headed towards the kitchen once more. Once she reaches the kitchen, Chesmay wiggles her fingers in a wave to the maid she had seen there the preveious day aswell.- I'm Chesmay. -She saids softly.- Oh yes, the apple of the Empress's eye. I'm Diamall. -The maid said and the girls shake hands- Say Chesmay, do you know how to make a beef stew? -The maid ask and Chesmay nods- I do, but you'll have to do the cutting. Anaya doesn't allow me to have knifes in my hands just yet.. -She two girls giggle and get to work to making a beef stew for the dinner serving. In all this time, Chesmay made sure the book doesn't get dirty and that it's close to her at all times. The two girls have a lot of fun makes the stew together and spend their time cooking together filled with laughter.-

Anaya: It was almost time, she thought to herself as her nude body trudged up the basement steps dragging her feet, almost time for her child to hatch and come free from its egg shell embrace and be a bigger pain then it was already. Today it just seemed like she had no energy at all like she had bin running all night non stop, it was draining for sure. her white hair a mess as she walked out the large heavily guarded doors and into the main hall as, as always the one guard gave her a robe to put over her nudity “thank you as always, it does help” she muttered as her skin was still half scaled and half flesh, for some reason getting everything right the change everything was just a bit harder today.  But looking around the castle seemed brighter already and that made her happy, there was more life in it and it was even to the eyes view anyway getting cleaner. She could hear the faint giggles and comings of Chesmay in the dinning hall having what seemed to be fun with some of the maids. This made the queen smile as she wrapped her robe around herself and started her way to the study. “I just have some papers to finish and have sent out this morning, guard the doors don’t let strangers in, I don’t want to be buged by the towns people right now, only castle staff may enter wall I am inside” she ordered to the guard at the door of the study as he tipped his helmet in response. As Anaya made her way in and shut the doors behind her she dropped that robe as she always did enjoying the flesh she had on more then the garments she put over it. Moving to the desk she stood instead of siting as her legs were not bending right in her forum so standing would suffice for now. Leaning over she flipped the papers on the desk, guard request forms slavers forums all to different tribes and groups, she looked at that paper and moved her finger along it, “we had the new girl from last night that pink haired one I could make a  human slave, I do not know how long she will last, but still, I have Chesmay who is my own girl, as well as winter who was purchased a couple days ago, so I have three girls as of right now, I could use two more” she pulls out a paper for red wagon bang and for The silver eyed slavers and picked up the quill and started marking them down her requests.

AlyChes: -While they were making dinner, the girls had so much fun. Chesmay's stomach started to hurt from all the laughing. It had been such a long time since she had this much fun. She picks up a spoon and tastes just a little bit of the beef stew. - Mmm... -She moans as she swallows the small bite. - Add just a little pepper and some chili and it will be just perfect -Chesmay smiles and places the spoon back down before sitting down on one of the stools in the kitchen herself. - Diamall, can I ask you a question? -Chesmay asks the maid as she tilts her head a little. The turns around to her and smiles before placing her hands in front of her as she leans against the stove- Of course, ask away.. -She said. Chesmay lowers her eyes and takes a deep breath- Well.... I can't read or write. And I would like to read even if it's just a little bit. So I can surprise Anaya and read to her what was written in this book..-She said while patting on the book she was to guard and take care of. The maid looks at her with a raised before pulling a stool closer to Chesmay and smiling to her- Of course I will help you. We're friends now and that's what friends are for. Helping echother... But you really don't know how to read? -The maid asks. Chesmay shakes her head and keeps her eyes lowered. The maid reaches her left hand out and gently places her fingers under Chesmay's chin before lifting it a little- Chesmay.. It's alright. I'll help you. Here.. -She said as she takes a children’s book out.- It's for my daughter back home. I was to send it to her tomorrow, but we can use it for now to practice your reading. -Chesmay smiles brightly- Are you sure? -The maid nods- Yes, I'm sure. -The maid opens the book and looks at the first page and starts reading. - Once upon a time, in a far away land a prince was turned into a frog. -She then looks at Chesmay before giggling.- You know what... We'll start with the alphabet. That way you might recognize the letters later on and then you might be able to spell words with them. -Chesmay giggles and nods. The maid then takes out a piece of paper and a quill and starts writing down the alphabet.-

Anaya: Sam moved and popped his head in the door seeing the beauty of Anayas naked body leaning over the desk, but half her body was still covered in scales and it was very slow on the each scale was turning into skin “seems someone is lacking energy, long night my dear?” he said with a smile on his face “yes it just feels like I was running all night, dreaming maybe and tossing in my sleep but the baby is alright I did not kick or move it so all is fine and I will get my energy back as the day moves forth” she said softly as she picked up the paper and put it in a pile with another one. “I have the guard request forms left to do but other then that everything is in order there will not be much to do today, but you need to go hunting for me, we need fish and a load of grain picked up from town.” Sam walked in shutting the door snugly and then walked over to Anaya running his hands down her sides as she gave a nice moan as it felt good “you know Anaya I like it when you have scales, have not seen the real you and some time, maybe that is the problem you need to change and your body is telling you it, it is not snowing anymore seems to be clear you can leave the castle if you are careful. Or I can come with you and we can fly together, maybe go to a new place, I here there is a castle some ways from here looking for alliances.” Sam had not gone out on an alliance hunt with Anaya for a very long time , she never left and when she did she was so off her game and not like herself, so shaky and unstable “yes it would be nice to go out for sure, we can leave this afternoon to go there. It will be fun and we don’t have many banner men anymore do we” “most are lost to time and it will be good for us I know it” Anaya nodded as she turned around now faceing him her breasts there right infrount of him as he leaned down and kissed one of the mounds of them. “maybe…we…can have a bit of fun outside in the forest, I can find a patch that has no snow I am sure” Anaya gave a chuckle as she looked at him, it had bin so long since she allowed him to even touch her at all, so she nodded her head and moved her hair from her neck to alow him to do what she new he wanted to. Softly he kissed along the side of her neck as his clawed fingers moved down to run along her womanhood even now if he did not just lift her and take her on the study desk he was going to enjoy what she would allow him to.

AlyChesAlyChes : -As the maid was writing down the Alphabet, Chesmay looked at the piece of paper and raised a brow. None of it made sense to her. When the maid was done she looked at Chesmay- You ready? -She asked. Chesmay only lifted her shoulders a little and smiles a bit nervous. The maid then places her right pointer finger on the letter A and spoke it out loud. Chesmay followed her example with each letter. They did it over and over again. Every now and again Chesmay stood up to ster in the stew before sitting down again. They went over the alphabet 4 times before the maid gave Chesmay a piece of paper and the quill.- Now you try to write them down - Chesmay blinks a few times and takes the quill and with a shaking hand she starts to write down every letter the maid told her to write down. When the maid was done letting her the 7 letters she had to write down, Chesmay looked up and tilts her head for a moment and blinks before speaking- Chesmay... -She gasps and smiles brightly- I just wrote Chesmay! -She laughs and embraces the maid, who embraces her back. After that they start to write down a couple of words more. Words like Anaya, maid, guard, tree, sky, Chesmay again and again, Anaya again, maid again. Every time Chesmay's hand got a little more steady and before she knew it she was able to write a few words without peeking at what she wrote before. She giggles and puts the quill down.- I think that's enough for today. Diamall, I don't know how to thank you.. -Chesmay spoke to the maid as she lays her hands in her lap and smiles to her. The maid smiles back and waves her hand as if she was waving what Chesmay said away- It's no problem. You can repay me by helping me cook when you have time on your hands. That stew smells better then ever before. You're gifted when it comes to cooking Chesmay -That made Chesmay blush.- I wonder what Anaya would say.. -Chesmay wonders out loud before folding the paper and putting it in the book so she could show Anaya later. She then looks at the maid and points to the stew- Ster it every 10 minutes and in about an hour you have to take it off the heat. Then right before serving, place it in the over for half an hour and i'm sure everyone who eats it will adore you.. -With that said Chesmay gave the maid once last hug- Thank you again. Tomorrow same time? -Chesmay asks after letting go of the maid. The maid nods and smiles- Tomorrow same time. We'll be making pulled pork -Chesmay nods and with that she holds the book to her chest and leaves the kitchen-

Anaya: his  hands were free to roam her body as he enjoyed the sensual smell of the woman he was bound to, the most beautiful woman in the land and most powerful woman known here was his and bound to his side just like he was bound to hers. He loved the smell of plum that came from her skin as the scales on her body folded and some turned to skin her head arched back as she pushed her back against the table it slightly squeaking along the floor tiles. Her body wanted him but he was unsure if he was allowed to proceed to do what he wanted to, take her up onto the table top and plunge his steel into her sweet folds, he had not done anything with her since before their egg started growing so the need was growing stronger with every heated breath. His hand along her sweet folds playing with the lips of her human figures womanhood and twisting them softly in his claws toying with her sensual bead. Anaya gave a soft moan as she leaned on the table her hands wrapping around him and pulling his hips to her body. She gave a smile as her node body rubbed into his leather pants “you know I have much to do Sam” she said softly as she gave a smile “and I am lacking energy so I would not be able to do much” he leaned in and kissed the side of his neck as he teeth ran along his skin to drive him wild “go get me my mint tea Sam” Sam paused as her words drifted into his ears as his grip on the table and on her got tighter and he grabbed a hold of her sweet woman flower firmly holding her pelvises “this is mine, it will always be mine, even if I am doing what you want , you are mine” his voice so possessive she was his and she gave a smile as part of her was surely submitting and here behind closed doors she was able to do this “yes my Male I am yours and yours alone” Sam gave a snort as he kissed her deeply letting her go and holding the back of her head in his hand her snow white hair flowing into his fingers as she kissed him back as he broke it and left the room grumbling the whole way to the dinning hall and his pants having a rather large bulge he did not care to hide. Anaya sat on the desk as she looked over seeing the papers every wear, she would be lying if she said she was not wanting to, but in the end she loved bothering Sam  and making him work for it. She started moving the papers back to were they were to go as she stayed siting on the desk half nude rubbing her side were the white scales were still on the outside of her skin.

AlyChes: -As Chesmay left the dinning hall she nearly bumbed into Sam. She gasps and as soon as she realizes who he is she quickly lowers her eyes and steps out of his way- Sir.. -She said softly and keeps her eyes lowered to the floor. Chesmay must have been so lost in thoughts she didn't see him coming. She was still holding the book in front of her chest with both arms wrapped around it. She only hoped Sam was in a good mood, she didn't feel like screaming for help or offending her King by defending herself. She only hoped she would be invisible to him long enough for him to pass her so she could get away and away from him. And maybe, just maybe find away to show her what everyone wrote inside of the book and what she was just thought. Oh how she hoped Anaya would be proud. But instead, she stands there froozen, hoping, no begging to be invisible to Sam for as long as it took to get away. She blinks to the floor and scans the floor around her to see if he was coming closer to her or just simply ignoring her. But for now she just stood there until she was sure she could get away without offending him.-

Anaya: Sams eyes fell upon that girl, there she was standing there in the fine silks he was sure Anaya had left for her, Sam licked his lips and how could he ignore such a little trinket but he remembered the words, don’t touch the girl never touch the girl oh how cruel Anaya truly could be, first she denies him her body to fet her a task a slave could do and how she just waves this tender plump of girl in front of him hoping he did not slip up and take it as his own resulting sadly in its death. “well well what little flower do we have here” he said softly as he lowered himself so him and the girl were on eye level, bright green eyes looking into hers as his face held that devilish grin “so what has the little ticker bell to the queen bin up to lately, you smell like..” he moved closer to her as he took in the air around her his face only inches from her body “meat, the dinning hall you must have bin cooking I am sure it will taste scrupthus, as flavorful as I am sure you are” he gave a smile as that black forced tongue slid over his lips as he looked at her his bright green eyes so stabbing so just bad looking.

AlyChes: -As Sam spoke to her and lowered himself to where she could see him, she blinks a few times. She had to come up with an excuse to get away from him. Chesmay didn't like this man, especially with the way he looked at her. A look many men have had looking at her. As he spoke once more, his horrible phosphate breath dances around her nostrils. It almost made her gag again and she wanted to turn her face away from him but something stopped her.- I was helping in the kitchen yes, Sir. -She spoke softly- But now I am on my way to see Madam to show her what the maids and guards wrote in the castle book. -She said as she taps her fingers on the book. Tilting her head up a little she smiles to him- You'll be having beef stew for supper, Sir. I hope you will enjoy it greatly. Now please excuse me, I really have to go see Madam. -With that said with all the bravery she had in her, she turned on the ball of her feet and started to walk away from him. She takes a deep breath before slowly letting it go again. For the first time in, well.., ever, she spoke up for herself even though it was by letting the truth in the most kind way possible and hopefully without offending him. She only hoped he wouldn't come after her and if she would, she begged Anaya in her mind to come out of her hiding spot and help her because she was sure she wouldn't be able to do this again. And so she was determent to be on her way to find Anaya-

Anaya: Sam watched her have the power inside of her to turn from him and almost in a nice way tell him how it would be, he smiled, it made him only want that bite of her more “be on your way girl Anaya is in the study but be careful, she may not be that beautiful thing you saw the other day” Sam turned around and started to make his wat to the dinning hall to get Anaya her morning mint tea with two cubes of ice.

AlyChes: -Letting go of another breath as Sam didn't follow her but instead gave her directions to where she could find Anaya. She blinks a few times. The study. Now where the hell was that? She sighs and decided to be brave one more time today and so she approaches a guard.- Excuse me sir... Where can i find the study? -She asks- I'll walk you, young lady. -The guard spoke to her as he places a hand between her shoulders and directs her to the study. While they walk, the two don't speak a word to one another. Not untill they reach the study.- Here we are, little miss. -Chesmay smiles and nods her head to the guard who then walks back to his post again. She then turns to the door and takes a deep breath before knocking three times. She then slowly takes the door Handel in her hand and pushes it down- Madam? -Chesmay said softly as she peeks her head around the door. Slowly she steps inside and closes the door behind her and folds her arms around the book once more. Looking over to Anaya who was at the desk, Chesmay tilts her head a little. There was something different about her but she wasn't sure what it was just yet. Not that it mattered to her, Chesmay still would give anything to around Anaya for the rest of her days.- I have two things to show you Madam. One being the book.. The other -She giggles softly and lowers her eyes before looking back up to her with a smile- ..The other it's a surprise -To know Anaya's surprise, made her more excited to show her. Chesmay was nearly jumping out of her own skin with excitement. And it was only getting harder to hide it from Anaya with every moment which passed. Slowly and with grace she starts to move closer to Anaya and quickly takes the piece of paper out of the book before placing the book on the table the right way for her to just open it and read it. She stands at the opposite side of the desk with her hands behind her back aswell as her surprise for Anaya.-

Anaya: Anaya at first had her back to Ches, half her back normal fine skin and the other half was scales over top of skin, as Anaya turned around she was fully nude standing there half skin and half covered with white scales and pricing red eyes. “Oh Chesmay, yes the book, and a surprise” she said softly in wonder as she picked up her robe from a arm rest of a chair that was there and put it on her self covering up slightly. Still under the robe the scales made a imprint from under giving half of her body a almost pointy impression from under the draping fabric. She walked over to ches and ran a clawed finger over the girl’s skin, her finger was not as smooth as it normally was it was hard and a bit ruff and oddly curved it was not a normal human finger just covered in human skin but a claw under it. Anaya took her hand away in worry of harming the girls fine skin and she put her hand within h4r other one “I am sorry it just seems I don’t have much energy this morning, the change from what I am…and what I show the world is just slow back, is all, I am sorry if I harmed your skin with my…hand” you could rip the girl apart with that hand Anaya, cut her in half and it would be as simple as one move and yet you say you are sorry, she thought to herself as she blinked a couple times and looked at Chesmay, “so what’s this surprise” she said trying to make her voice sound happier and more lifeful to hide the fact she felt so weak right now due to lack of energy but she hide it alright she guessed. “I would love to see it”

AlyChes: -Chesmay looked out at Anaya's back and now up close, she could see her skin wasn't the way it was the day before. But yet, to Chesmay she was still as beautiful. As Anaya turned around and exposed herself to Chesmay, Chesmay quickly lowers her eyes and starts to blush. Of course she had seen her own body naked, but to see that of another woman especially one who made her heart beat faster, was something else. As she saw her taking a robe and cover herself up for the most part, Chesmay allowed herself to look up again. Only then to see Anaya move next to her as she speaks- Madam it's.. -Chesmay said as she wanted to speak, but Anaya's touch on her arm felt different. It stung a little. She hissed a little before looking at her arm, it was only a scratch, something which would heal in time and wouldn't show once it was healed. And it wasn't bleeding so that was good. As Anaya brought up the surprise, Chesmay smiled brightly and turns her body towards Anaya. She giggles and slowly brings her hands out in front of her with the piece of paper still in them.- Here... -She said and hands the piece of paper to Anaya. If Anaya would open it, she would see Chesmay written down 6 times, Anaya 6 times as well, sky 6 times, tree 6 times, maid 6 times. Every word on there was written 6 times. If Anaya would take the paper Chesmay would fold her hands behind her back again with a bright smile blessing her naturally pink lips. Quietly she waited for Anaya's respond as she impatiently wiggles her fingers behind her back and chews on the inside of her lower lip-

Anaya: Anaya looked at the scratch on the girls face and she shrunk inside but did not let it show, it was like she had hurt the girl with a simple touch and now she just did not want to repeat it, it had bin so long that Anaya had had elves or humans in her home everything else, all it took was one touch and it stung them and hurt them. “I am sorry i….cut you Chesmay I just..i am sorry” she meant it, she really did as she put her hands together but then oved them as the paper was handed to her and the book was put on the table. “what’s this” she said softly as she opened the paper and looked at it, the words were a bit sloppy but she gave a chuckle as she looked at it having a smile on her face “did you do this? Righting? You are learning how to read?” she smiled as she looked over all the words put down on the paper as she skimmed it, and picked up the book with the other hand putting the paper in the back of the book for safe keeping. “a place I can see it every day, every time you do something right reading or righting put it here and I will see it for sure” she looked to the pages of the book as well flipping the pages seeing marked off names there was another sprung leak for piping. She smiled and put her finger under the words sprung leak, and then looked over to Chesmay “here try to read this my old eyes are not as good as they could be, give it a try for me, I know you can do it” Anaya was lying she saw everything extremely clearly but she wanted to see how Chesmay would do all by herself.

AlyChes: -As Anaya apologized to her, Chesmay shakes her head- Madam, it's fine. It doesn't hurt anymore and it won't be visible anymore in a couple of hours maybe. -She lifts her shoulders and smiles. It was only when Anaya took the paper and read it and commented on it, Chesmay smiled brightly. - Diamall from the kitchen is teaching me... I figured i'd help her make meals and she could help me learn to read and write so i could possibly take time off your hands by reading the book to you instead of letting you read it.. -Chesmay's intentions were pure and good. She did want to help in every little way possible. She nodded as Anaya told her to put her writings in there as she practiced more and more so she would see it. When Anaya asked her to read something, Chesmay blinked a few times and took a few steps closer so she could see as well. Looking at the letters she tried to put them in to words.- S...p....r....u...n...g....l....e....a...k.....sp....srun...Spru... Sprung... Leka... Lake... Leak.. Sprung leak? -She then said after puzzling it together for a moment before looking back up at Anaya with an unsure look on her face. She only hoped she got it right. She kept looking up to Anaya and waited calmly but secretly impatient for her to respond to her.-

Anaya: Anaya gave a light laugh as she nodded her head “yes yes, the pipes in the basement have sprung a leak you have done very well and helped the old eyes of mine read a bit clearer, you will do very well” Anaya smiled softly as she shut the book with a slow movement, her skin moving around as she did and the scales popping back up and some tucking back under the skin like a blade poking in and out of a plastic sheet. Moved as she put a arm around Chesmay not fully touching her but more hovering her arm over her so she would not harm her “alright lets go into the main room and I have to get some real clothing on for the day. There is a lot to do and this afternoon Sam and I will be going out, put some air under my win…” she just realized Chesmay had no idea her and Sam were giant flying scaled monsters, well the half scaled body gave an idea of it all but in the end did she figure it out, could she really figure it out. Anaya smiled “we will just be going out, he said there is another castle off to the east it is seeking alliances and I have not left the castle for most of the winter, it will be good to go out, so you will be in charge. And there are a couple new girls in the castle so if you do see them you are the boss ok” moving with Chesmay out the study doors Anaya kept her arm hovering over her shoulders as Anaya towered over the small little thing. But anayas knees were shaking, she had no idea why it must have bin the lack of energy but she was dealing with it rather well.

AlyChesAlyChes : -Chesamy stood up straight with a bright smile and eyes filled with sparkle as Anaya told her she did well. As Anaya closed the book she just looked at it before looking at Anaya's hand. She blinks a few times. For a moment it seemed like scales of some sort pulled into Anaya's skin. She must have seen it wrong and shakes it away. Only when Anaya placed an arm around her and led her out the door as she talked about the day she had ahead of her. It was only when Anaya told her she would be in charge, she's blinks a few times.- But Madam.. I've only been here about two days myself.-She blinks a few times more, feeling unsure about the task just given to her. She sighs softly before looking up to Anaya. She said she needed some real clothing. That was what Chesmay would do. Fetch Anaya a gown to wear while she rests on her throne.- Madam, let's seat you on your throne while i fetch you a gown. Anything in perticulair you would like? -She asks sweetly and helps Anaya get to her throne as she gently and carefully places her own small hand around Anaya's waist to help support her.- It's quite alright Madam, you can lean on me.. I'm sure someone can patch me up before anyone else sees it. -She looks up to Anaya and smiles sweetly. Chesmay was very sure about this and she wanted to help Anaya as best as she could, but she knew it wouldn't be easy for an elven girl as small as her and Anaya with, what ever she was. Something she had to figure out aswell. And she would, once she had a moment alone.-

Anaya: The red eyes of the woman looked at the little elf, so strong this one was and always willing to just help even if the task its self seemed so large, if only Chesmay new how large Anaya really was under all this human skin. She wondered to herself if it would change the girls over all thought of once she did find out it was not like the fact this castle was ruled by dragons was really hidden, one just have to put the puzzle together in their own time. The castle had so many hints to dragons existing one just had to figure it all out, paintings all on the walls and one large one of a big white dragon with blue red eyes burning the north to the ground and it was a newer painting in a frame as Anaya had it done a while ago after they took out the north lands. There symbols ere the stag and the dragon and they were hanging on the walls all over the place. Really all one had to do was look around and put it all together but it was hard to put together that Anaya was in fact that dragon with the white scales and the red eyes. As Chesmay allowed her to learn on her Anaya looked at her with a smile. Anaya towered over the girl and surely if she did lean on her the girl could not support her, but it made Anaya happy and pleased that the girl would try all the same. Anaya paused as she looked to Chesmay “in my chamber room there is a gown hanging on the end of my stone bed, I hardly use it anymore so don’t mind the mess, bring that to me and my crown is on the nightstand next to a golden necklace bring both things and a hair brush as well as some pins for my hair. I think I will put it up today, keep it out of my face” Anaya helped herself up letting Chesmay have the ability to go get what was needed for her. Anaya walked slowly to her throne and sat down with a thump, god this body needed to go away, she needed to change be herself get her energy back and stop fighting with this forum that was a lie.  

AlyChes: -As Anaya didn't lean on her but instead broke herself free of Chesmay's embrance and told her what she needed to get from her chambers. Sighing inside Chesmay puts on a smile and nods to Anaya- Yes Madam.. -With that Chesmay walks off to where she knew Anaya's chambers where. Before disapearing into the mase of hallways she looks back over her shoulder to Anaya and sighs again. She knew Anaya was hiding something from her and she was going to find out what exactly one way or another. Chesmay never noticed any of the hints around the castle and thought it was a mare story of what once was. Turning back she headed down the hallway towards Anaya's chamber before opening the door. The room was indeed a mess and Chesmay made a promise to herself to clean the place up and make it fit Anaya again when she had the chance for it. As she was told, there was a beautiful whithe dress with a silver collar laying over the end of her bed. Carefully she picks it up before turning her head to the nightstand. There indeed was Anaya's crown and neckless. But how was she to carry all of it? She blinks a few times before looking around. There in the corner, a small but luckyly large enough basket was just just sitting there. Carefully stepping over the things in her way, she bends over and picks it up before carefully moving back to the nightstand. Carefully she places the basket down on the bed and takes the neckless first and places it in the basket before taking the crown and putting it in the basket aswell. There on the dressing table was a brush with a golden handle and again the white dragon on the back of it. Walking over there she picks it up along with a few white pins and walks back to the basket as she keeps on staring at the brush. What was it with Anaya and dragons? Chesmay sighs again places the items in the basket. She then picks the basket up and brings the handle over her right arm and rests it in her elbow. Laying the dress over her left arm, she makes sure it doesn't drag over the floor before she carefully makes her way out of the room again. She closes the door behind her and starts to make her way back to the main room where she left Anaya. It took her just a little while before getting there. Once there she walks over to the throne where Anaya was still sitting and places the basket on the large stone armrest of Anaya's throne before holding the dress in a way there Anaya only had to move her body in and let it fall over her body. If Anaya was to do so, Chesmay would make sure it was covering her in all the right places before lending her a hand to sit back down. Once Anaya sat back down, if she was to allow it all. Chesmay takes the necklace and hangs it around Anaya's neck and shackles it together. She then takes the brush and moves behind Anaya and carefully starts to brush her hair. If it was to be Anaya didn't allow any of it and wanted to do it all herself, Chesmay would hang the dress over the other armrest and take a few steps back before resting her hands on her back.-

Anaya: Anaya allowed her to do all of it, she was weak so today she really did not mind the help in the morning, god it was going to be a long day over all with this egging drull she had in her mind about the lack of energy, what did she do all night wall she slept, run a mile in a dream she can’t remember. Softly she let the dress fall over her as she took her claws and fixed it around her waist and hip line then siting back down in her throne she allowed Chesmay to climb up the back of the throne as Anaya sat on the edge so Chesmay could brush out Anaya’s white silken hair. “thank you much my dear girl, I do say you are coming to like it here, you are much happier now then you were before” there was no one here, not even guards, most were more then likely still sleeping the day away, the door guards were outside and the trolls were up so the light sounds of them walking around and arguing with one another could be known through the walls. You could not really make out their angry talk but there was grunting and nonsense out there for sure. relaxing she let out a light sigh and moved a clawed and bent hand to her face as she ran her nail along her eyebrow. She looked at her bent held half deformed claw hand half human hand from the change back and forth. But she put the hand back on her lap and put her other normal human like one over top of it.

AlyChes: -As Chesmay was brushing Anaya's hair, she heard Anaya thank her. That alone made her smile for a moment. - Of course Madam, it is my job. Is it not? -She said sweetly as she stil smiles a little.- As for me being happier Madam, I surely have my reason. -She giggles softly and carefully starts to pin strings of her hair down in perfect loops which shined like silver. Pin by pin and string by string, Chesmay was fixing Anaya's hair. It took her about 15 minutes to get it done. Once done she carefully and without touching Anaya she steps off of the throne again and places the brush in the basket before carefully taking the crown out and very gently places it on Anaya's head. Chesmay then takes a step back and smiles at her- Beautiful as always, Madam. -She then tilts her head a little before stepping closer to Anaya again and very carefully and with her gentle touch of her soft fingers, she goes over Anaya face to fix any piece of make-up Anaya had on already. She then takes another step back and folds her hands behind her back before cutzising.- Is there anything else i can do for you Madam? -She then asks as she stands back up on her feet and looks at Anaya, only this time not directly into her eyes, but a little below them, Chesmay was looking at her lips. For a brief moment the urge came to her to press her own lips against them. But with a deep breath and blinking the image away, Chesmay looks at Anaya with a soft smile. –

Anaya: The woman’s eyes got brighter, as she looked at Chesmay, that red glow within them and the erry black slit down there center looked at Chesmay not to just see her but as if to see into her, into her mind into her thoughts into things Chesmay would not understand. Anaya did not say a word about that but helped out a hand “may I see the book my dear, and tell me, what are your reasons for being so happy” she had that smile, that grin that to most made them on edge the grin of the want to learn and in many cases it was a evil grin but in this one it was soft and simple, she just wanted to learn about the girl that was growing on her and it was nice to talk seeing everything was so still and quiet. As Chesmay fixed her face Anaya gave a chuckle. “be careful of the scales, you may cut a finger, I have sharp edges this morning”  she was happy with her hair and she nodded to the girl as she waited for the book to be handed to her.
AlyChes: -As Anaya asked for the book, Chesmay blinks and realizes it was still in the study. With that thought she turns on the balls of her feet and starts to run back to office as fast as her little feet can carry her. While she was running she holds her long skirt up a little so she wouldn't trip over it. Once she reaches the study, she quickly opens the door and takes the book off the desk as fast as possible before leaving the room again and closing the door behind her. With the book in her left hand and her skirt being lifted with her right hand, she runs back to Anaya. Slightly out of breath Chesmay reaches her and hands her the book.- There you go Madam.. -She saids softly with a smile as she catches her breath for a minute or two. She then stands straight again with her hands behind her back again as she thinks of the best way to answer Anaya's question on why she was so happy. Lowering her eyes to the floor she couldn't help but to blush a little- Well Madam.. If you insist of knowing why.. -Chesmay starts as she feels herself getting more red with every word she speaks- .. There is this person I can't get out of my mind. I dream about the person, I want to do everything for the person to make her happy, i don't have an appetite anymore, I feel alive and awake all the time, when I see her my heart skips a beat and just... -Chesmay smiles before biting on the inside of her bottom lip- .. I don't know what this is as i have never felt this way about anyone before..-Now being as red as a tomato, she keeps her eyes locked on the floor. She was terrified of Anaya finding out that person, the her, was infact Anaya.-

Anaya: As Chesmay scampered off to get the book she forgot Anaya gave a chuckle but new that the forgetting it could not happen again, but minds always forgot and Chesmay was learning and she understood that and had dwelt with it before. As Chesmay came back and handed her the book Anaya took it and opened it softly “we will get you a leather strap to go around your hip with a bag on the end for the book, then you can put it and hold it in there at all times and not forget it, do not forget it again” she said softly but sternly. But when Chesmay stated talking about this person who from the sounds of it she was in love with Anaya pondered at it, the girl said her when she was talking about the woman, what woman in the castle had ches known, more then likely it was a slave or that maid she talked about before that was helping her read so Anaya simply thought on that maid “sounds like you are in love, a normal feeling of attachment and attraction to another living being. You are lucky for sure my dear some never get that feeling at all in their life times, and some beings don’t hold that feeling at all” Anaya was one of them dragon did not feel the human worlds love, the butterfly’s so many talked about the job Chesmay felt for this unknown female. But Anaya had feelings she just never had the human standard of love, she just had the dragon standard of acceptance and even caring for someone, even if it hardly ever happened and was truly a rare thing in a dragon to truly and whole heartedly care for another living thing. But Anaya did care, she cared about Sam and she cared about Chesmay, to a point anyway, to a point she would not go out of her way to harm them and she whould make there lives comfortable and easy.

AlyChes: -As Anaya spoke of the leather belt with a bag on it, Chesmay only nodded to her. She knew very well she made a slipper by forgetting the book in the study. And she would make sure it would not happen again. She would either indeed carry it with her, or hide it in a place close to the throne so she would have access to it at all times. It was only when Anaya spoke to her again about being in love, Chesmay blinks a few times before slowly looking up to her through her lashes.- In love? -She asked out loud. Before she pondered over it a few times in her head. Would she indeed be in love? She blinks a few times more before looking up at Anaya with wide open eyes. Could it be she was in love with the woman who saved her, enslaved her and whom she had only known for a couple of days. She just stares at Anaya. Was she to tell her the woman was her? Was she to confess about her adoration for her? Chesmay just stands there with wide open eyes and she would never have thought she would know this. But it scared her as well. It made her wonder if Anaya would ever feel or think the same about her. If she would ever look at her more then a simple slave. Gasping for her breath ever so softly she just stands there, frozen and unable to move as she just stares.-

Anaya: Anaya had started looking down at the book as her long black lashes shadowed her red hues. There was a couple more names in here seemed that some presents had come to help and one had died , and for sure there was the pipe leak in the basement that would need to be fixed, and then there was this 2 ravens had died…the ravens never died, but hey everything died from old age some of them ravens were very old, they even had a 60 year old retired raven that was water of the tower, she wondered if that one had died. She looked up seeing Chesmay aww struck like stuck in her own mind “love is not a bad thing, it is the Maid right that helped you the other day to read, or was it a person from your past?” Anaya asked and wondered wall a door slammed in the background. Sam was making his way to the throne room walking over and putting there coats on pillars “you want to get going!” he called out as Anaya gave that look of I have not even had morning tea yet. She said nothing to him as she did not want to just yell it out, she waited till he came over to the thrones to deal with his rush.

AlyChes: -As Anaya spoke to her again, Chesmay only blinked a couple of times and she was brought back to the there and then. She parts her lips to speak when Sam's voice buldered through the main hall. Chesmay quickly moves the side of the throne and lowers her eyes to the floor once again. How could she possibly speak her mind now? How could she possibly tell it wasn't the maid or someone of her past but it was Anaya herself? How could she tell her infront of her King? She blinks a few times as she looks at the floor and pounders over it more and more. Chesmay wanted to speak up and tell him off as he was interrupting a conversation, but she feared standing up to Sam wouldn't end well. And so she stays still and holds her breath for as long as it took for her to become invisible once more. But she also knew, this conversation with Anaya would be far from over and she would certainly get back on it once she returned. Folding her hands in front of her she starts to mess with her fingers and runs then along each other and over each other. She didn't want to mingle in something which was between them and so she bit her tongue and kept it to herself-

Anaya: Sam came over to the throne as he looked to the slave girl and then looked to Anaya “alright I have your coat lets go, best to get the morning air under our wings wall we can, and before this place makes it so you can’t leave it for the day” Sam needed to go he was an impatient man and in truth he was highly looking forward to there outing. “alright, my legs are still not good but I will do my best, once I have become my true self I can move better for sure, this form has bottled me up and has become a strain. Head out and I will meet you outside shortly my dear” she said it so sweetly and calmly it was almost not like her, but she was in a mild good mood so that was a bonus. Anaya looked to Chesmay as she gave the book back to her “remember guard this with your life Chesmay, I will be gone the whole day you are in charge we will be back tonight I a sure you, when I get back we can talk about anything you want, if you are still wake and if not we can in the morning” Anaya got up from her throne as she fixed her dress softly and with still weak knees and a half scaled face and upper body she started her way to the large doors as Sam had already headed out. She turned around looking at Chesmay “oh and be sure to tell the person you love them. Love is a strong thing, never know if that person will hold feelings for you as well.”

AlyChes: -As Sam and Anaya spoke, Chesmay remained still and just stared at the floor while her fingers played. Wings? True self? Chesmay blinked towards the floor as she suddenly started to piece things together. Anaya was upsest with dragons, she was one. Her eyes grew wide as she looks at the floor before looking at Anaya from the corner of her eyes. It was only when Anaya handed her the book, Chesmay nodded- Yes Madam.. -She brings out very softly and directs her eyes on the floor again. As she heared the footsteps and heared them fading, Chesmay slowly looks up again. It was only then when she saw Anaya turn around to her and tell her she needed to tell the person in the matter she loved them. Chesmay takes a sharp breath and just nods to her- I will..-She said back to her. Holding the book against her chest with both arms embracing it, she looks at Anaya. She then takes one single step forward- Madam.. -She said as she stops again and moves her left hand up to move her hair behind her elven ears- I just... um... Thank you for trusting me with this chance. -She wanted to tell Anaya she was the one who she was in love with but she couldn't just now. And nothing hse just learned would change that. Not the fact of her being a mighty dragon. Not the fact of her being a beast. Nothing would, unless Anaya would ever intentionally hurt her, Chesmay would never think any differently about Anaya. Maybe in time Anaya would even show her true beauty to her and perhaps teach her about it all. Or even better, take her for a flight. That thought made her giggle softly for a moment before she looks back to Anaya with a bright smile- Be safe Madam..-She then saids and smiles some more before turning away and starts to walk in none perticulair direction just yet. She had to make a plan of what she was to do the rest of the day and give directions to anyone who needed them. And then she got an idea.-

Anaya: Anaya headed out the door after she nodded to Chesmay and gave a smile. As she opened the door a giant green evil eye was right there as a nose pushed in the door way letting out a gust of air “stop being stupid and get on your way” she scolded as she looked at Sam being Sam and she pushed his nose out the door as he removed it and let out a roar as his massive red head and neck swayed over top of the castle. This was something no one would be able to ignore but the guards were used to it at this point. As Anaya walked out the door she let it swing as the snow burned her feet and the scream she let out within moments turned into a matching roar with the sound of wings from Samuel lifting off and going up and taking flight. A large flash of pure white scales moved across a window as the shutters clapped together, Windows rattled as the pear of them left the castle to go on there way Anaya feeling so good she let out a second roar into the air. The sound of guards bickering with each other from inside of the castle about how they could do it all, some supported the fact they were monster’s others rebutted with how monsters should not be rulers and how Sam and Anaya are to unstable. But then things went silent and back to the norm.

AlyChes: -As Anaya left with her last smile for today towards her, Chesmay started to gather every maid and slave in the castle before sharing her plan with them. It was only when she heared the screams and later the roars, she stood there looking around for a moment or two. A part of her wanted to run outside and look at them, but another part knew she had to settle things within the castle. She sighs and turns back to the maids and slaves- Anaya left me in charge.. All kitchen maids are to clean the kitchen and dinning hall spotless. Slaves will clean the halls as every other maid will clean her directed era. I want this done before sunset so both Anaya and Sam come home to a clean and organized castle. Clean every room, every quarter, ever corner. Clean everything and I will do a checkup before the sun sets. Now get to work..-With that said Chesmay went to the room she woke up in and started to clean in there as she was humming a made up song. Once she was done with that room, she went to Anaya's chambers and placed the book on the nightstand before she started to sort the place out and started to clean it all once the sorting was done.

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----Far East Of The Castle In An Unknown Land----

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 2 Old_castle_by_postapocalypsia-d55s8un

xDutchx: Empress Haruke was just roaming around her home as the soft sounds of talking and scrubbing of the floors would be heard throughout, her blue eyes were just gazing around as she passed by each window near the main eating area and noticing the woods seemed a bit cold as well today. The cold stoned ground made her bare feet get slightly chilled but the harsh fire made her warm and it was just right, her pale skin would shimmer a bit from the light color of the sun just rising from the tree’s but the soft cold of the air made her pull the fluffy robe closer to her body due to her white dress being of a thin silk. Her breath came out in a soft mist from the chill which made her walk past the window to the fire place just for a few moments as she was warming herself up and as her body became of normal temp her eyes shifted to a more darker blue with small light blue sparks swirling about. She wondered if she might get anyone to visit her today but this could be another day and night alone once again but she didn’t really care either way, being pulled from her thoughts she heard a women’s voice speak to her “ My Empress, your meal is ready.. “ Spoke a young female that worked in the Empress’s home, Haru nodding then spinning on her heels she walked towards the Throne room and took a seat while her rob opened up and her white dress with long legs would be showing a lot more, folding her right leg over her left she looked to the gold plat that sat on a small wood table to the left of her throne and she reached to grab some bread to bite into. After a few moments she grabbed the cup of sweet wine and took a few sips as well. She was hoping her day would not be dull but she could always go visit the dragons she kept too if it got to be too much to handle “ Ugh.. “ Fell from her lips softly as her long white hair fell just over her face

IIBunrakuII: From within the stone castle would sit two fireplaces, one on either side of the thrones. These fireplaces had been well lit and did well in keeping the cold stone castle warm. The orange and yellow flame of the fireplace to the right of the thrones would begin crackling loudly. The once orange flames now began to turn a translucent emerald color. The flames roared echoing throughout the castle, the once warm presence filled the room with a very temporary heat. Within moments the flames would cease to exist all together, emerald or otherwise and in their place would stand a tall caucasion male. This male was rather well dressed, wearing a suit made out of some of the kingdoms finest materials and was black in color. His shirt was made out of spiders silk, white in color, and the top two buttons had been buttoned down, partially revealing some tattoo's upon his chest resembling alechmic circles and script. His hair was black in color and tied back into a pony tail. Smoke slowly rose around him as he composed himself and let his eyes wander around the room. It only took a few seconds for him to step out from the inside of the large stone fireplace and as soon as his feet touched the castles floors, the fireplace would erupt in its beautiful orange flame once more. The man who was now within the castles walls was well known around the area as Shiro, the empires military general. The man would slowly begin walking towards the throne room, his posture remaining perfect. Servants all around would look to the floor as he came near for they all respected him for both his seemingly imortal age, and his rage as a warmonger. He may not have looked it, with his posture and suit, but he was surely a force to be reckoned with. He would make his way towards the queen, nodding towards her and would take a seat directly next to her folding one leg upon the other. He now awaited, sitting upon the throne to see what the days activities would bring...

Falthos: -The Aether was indeed a fickle place to travel, were realities both came to life, only to be sundered away in the flash of an instance, but it was the fastest known route to travel other realms and realities without much effort. In the instance that it took to inhale a breath, only mere micro-seconds before there had been nothing, now stood a black robed individual, bearing a large staff, with which seemed to be made of a metal. Atop this staff, inside of what seemed to be a hedron prison, shone a blue light from a crystal that could be mistaken for containing a small galaxy within itself. The being in question, stood roughly at six-feet, bearing tattoos that bore their own intricacy, arranging and swirling around his eyes, only to slip like rivers beneath his otherwise tattered monkish robes. His presence made no sound, except for the small shift of matter that would play upon the ears of those within range of earshot. His icy blue eyes stared around, wondering where he was, the stone floor beneath him felt comforting for the moment he materialized. He ran a bandaged hand through his raven-black hair, whilst in perplexment of where exactly WAS here.-

Guest_LegionOsiris: ~ He walks in a dark howling forest as the fog moves against his dark red boots, moves his red cape to the side, holding his trident as it glows with a dark arua.The souls of the dead flying around him, he continues to walk listening to the wind as it wistled off the trees surrounding him,his silver crown holding his long red hair out of his face, continues to walk holding his trident over his shoulder ready to strike anything down that poses a threat. ~He breaths deeply as his twin swords upon his back shine from the moonlight,the souls that floated around him started to move with a pace as a wild dragon landed before him,his black scales shining with brightness.~He laughs at the site knowing the dragon would be no problem for him, his eyes start to glow a dark red as if he wasnt going to play any games,''He lifts his trident with his right hand,then summons a massive lightning ball with the other, he looks at the massive beast he launches at him throwing the lightning at him, teleporting at the same time,the dragon moves away from it only to see me in front off his eyes, as i swing my swords across his neck he tumbles to the grown as if he never stood, smiling as he needed the excercise he lands on the grown and lays his trident over his shoulders,the ora around him going to a dark evil red he turns around and keeps on his journey, he walks upon a cliff the rocks on the edge looking weak but sharp, he see's a kingdom and smiles , very happy to see something different then what he has seen in the last couple of days. ~He launches in the air his massive wings breaking the edge of the mountian by the force, flying with a certain speed as the flames continue to burn from his wings, his hair moving threw the wind as he comes before the kindgom he lands with a force that shook the tress. ~He brushes his long red coat making sure everything was in place then walks in the kingdom before him, looking at everyone before him with a smile upon his face admiring the place~He bows with respect.~ “Greetings everyone.”

Anaya: The cart they had picked to keep things on the low about who and what they were after flying into town picked up speed and then hit a bump as she smashed the top of her head onto the rood of the carriage “stupid driver can’t avoid a simple pot hole” she cussed softly under her breath as she fixed her gown witch hung from her hips and gave the woman a nice allure. Inside the Cart sat a man dressed in a fine black suit, but he seemed a bit bulky under it, but that could have just bin the forum of his body. “your head alright my dear?” “yes it is fine Samuel, I want to go back already and we have yet to even get there, it is nicer here warmer then our winter locked hell hole but still why did you have to drag me out here with you when you are the king you could have done it all yourself and left me at the castle” Anaya sounded more like a spoiled child right now then a ruler witch right and lands to call her own, she was a child wanting to turn the cart around and go home. “no my dear we need more alliances then we have enemies it is good for you to get out anyway at least it is now snowing here” he said back as Anaya folded her arms and fiddled with her gown looking out the window. “we are almost their Miss Anaya” Sam said softly as he took one of her clear clawed hands into his “you did not paint your nails this morning my dear? You look more albino today then the norm” Anaya’s red eyes looked at him as her snow white hair fell over her shoulders “I just did not have time, we had to go and you were in a rush, I even picked the dress in a rush” “well everything looks good on your body, other then short dresses I hate it when you have them on, you just look all legs” Sam gave a laugh as Anaya did not look impressed but that was the normal he was the niceness and she was the Iron fist, it was the way everything worked he was good at talking and she was good at burning everything to the ground, each couple had to have there two half’s to a whole. “alright is that the place” Anaya said as she looked out the window spotting a building in the woods, it looked nice a bit elvish but nice all around kind of like home. She was sure there was more she chould not see right not but there was no need to poke and snoop, even if she liked to from time to time. “yes I guess it is, looks like the place and this is the right location, the Raven came in the other night about this place so we got word this morning and headed out, it is good to show interest right away you know, good on our part” their cart came up to the door way as she opened the door to get out, it was truth she was all legs but when the gown fell back down her legs hidden under it it was not overly bad. Anaya let out a breath enjoying being out of the god knows how long cart ride that seemed to flow on forever. She turned around looking at Sam and the Cart driver as Sam talked to the fellow and told him to go on his way to wait for them around side. “Alright my love time to go in shall we or at least make it to the door” he said as he walked to Anayas flank and held out his arm as she laced her own into his “alright” she said softly and they started making there way up to the doors. She looked up not liking the feel of some of the things here “Sam just don’t go far alright, I don’t like leaving the castle you know this, just don’t go far” “I never do my Empress I never do”

xDutchx: As the fire place did its magic dance that she knew of oh to well it came to no shock that he came from it, her General which made her smile more knowing he came to spend some time with her although she did question the reason he did sometimes since he never had spoken to her to much over the time he had been around, the thought made her sigh softy as she let herself get lost in her own thoughts for the time being while it got so bad she almost dropped her cup on the ground which would have ruined her white dress “ Shit.. “ Coming from such a soft and light voice it would have the women who worked in the Empire look at her a bit funny and she bit on her lower lush pink lip just catching her cup in time for it not to spill as she looked up to see if anyone noticed but before she looked around all the women looked away and went about their jobs, she sighed again and looked to the open space in her home where now stood a man who seemed to just appear, making her blue eyes blink a few times and one of the workers who had only been a foot from him holding a tray would yelp out and drop the rags and cups of water everywhere. Haru rubbed her forehead as if she was ashamed to even have women who spook so easily but then again she cant expect everyone to have a past such as her own, full of war and killing but that though she brushed away fast as to not dwell. Another women walked up to the male and told him the Empress was just there in the Throne room while then giving him a bow afterwards and the same young women then walking to the large wood doors and opening them for the other two new guests who just arrived as she waved them in as well to the throne room explain how there was a guest that just came before them.

HgAzeralBanpaiyo: walks in and notices others and walks over with his hand upon the hilt of his blade lazyly not to make one they where in danger he was just resting it there like he always did when he would think about his training so he walks up about a few feet away from them " excuse my name is Azeral and you are " his head slightly tilted to the left side and he would smirk abit -

Falthos: -He blinked a moment only to jump in fright at being startled by the other person being startled, almost as if he himself was startled to see another person here were he was, making an audible 'Ahh!' suddenly in fright before calming down only to look down at his robes that had been splashed with water, another addition to his startlement. He came to his senses, laughing apologetically to the being before him, before offering a hand to help the woman up, but as he saw she got up on her own, and then was informed that the Empress was just there at the thrones. He blinked in amazement, almost startled again by this manner of information. He raised his free hand in question- "Wait wait wait...You talk, common..And, you say, an Empress? Well..That certainly complicates things.." -his voice was warming to the ears, the tones hinting at traces of humbleness and optimism. After the woman bowed he was then again startled, turning on heel to look at the noises origin, only to behold a doorway, with two occupants entering and being given the same courtesy. He looked around once more, for any guards or armored individuals, to see none to speak of, he began his cautious approach to the thrones, his icy eyes never leaving the gazes of those infront of him, almost as if franticly seeking out answers from a distance, so as to not imminently become obliterated for merely popping out of thin air in the wrong room.-

IIBunrakuII: It would take a few moments of him sitting there before shiro had leaned back comfortably upon the throne. True it was strange that a man who was not the emporer would just let himself up upon the empires main throne but within these countries he was a feared elder so no one ever mentioned it. It wouldnt take long until a new presence would fill the room. A man now appeared straight within the center of the room, no request, no warning. This had gotten the guards surrounding them ready for battle as they lowered their spears and readied their shields. Shiro himself stood to his feet for a moment as he pulled out two small pieces of paper from beneath his suits sleeve. Upon closer examination one could see these pieces of paper had uniquely designed summoning circles draw upon them. These two pieces of paper would erupt into an emerald flame as two large summoning circles made of the same design started to smolder in the form of hot emerald embers upon the ground before them. Two large flames would erupt towards the ceiling, not large enough to burn any of the furnature, and from within them would be standing two large beasts. These beasts resembled two starved and decaying german shephards with smoldering fur. Smoke rose from their dark demonic looking coats as they growled at the man before them. These were Shiro's famed hell hounds, known for being his prefered method of tracking and cornering enemies. "Halt... State your purpose." He said, his voice deep and ominous. He now looked towards the man who had entered by surprise, a bit annoyed by his rude entrance ready for an explanation.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the girl so small everyone always was to her and Sam, Anaya standing seven foot three and Sam just an inch under her. But that is what you got when you put a dragon inside of a human body, a rather tall human looking person that just seemed to good to be real. Anaya nodded her head as she walked inside Sam right at her flank “place seems warm” Sam said as he pulled on her arm slightly to try to get a smile on that bunched up nosed face Anaya always seemed to have “ya it is nice, warmer inside then outside for sure, don’t pull on my arm. You do the talking I will just keep silent I feel uneasy and I don’t know why Sam” “that is fine I like talking, and I am good at it, so just stay at my side my love and nothing can harm us, and why feel unsteady only a true fool would go out of there way to harm us, even when not in our own lands we are still strong. And hell maybe I can even get a part time job, get rid of some of my anger, just think me as a guard, I bet I will have a flashy helmet” he said with that smile that just made Anaya smile in response “ya so I can hit you on the head and make it clang” she moved her hand and ran her claws in his hair as she and him walked into the main hall. One thing about dragons is they cared very little for other races, pure dragons like they were thought little of most things but they both new here they did not own, so they would show as much respect as was given to them and so far it seemed like a warm place. Anaya’s red eyes and Samuels green eyes looked to the man that was standing in the center of the room, he had an interesting Aura about him a different feel in the air, like he just popped in and now the air was charged. They stood and waited there turn watching to see what would happen with everything, so many people were moving around past them around them it made Anaya very off balance and move closer to Sam’s flank as he put his hand around her waist holding her steady. “hey it is alright, remember I am the rock” he whispered softly to her “and with you I am grounded” she let out a breath as she blinked a couple times, Anaya hated being outside of her castle but she was glad he was here to make her more steady and not hot headed and high charged. As the flames came from the other Anaya backed up her eyes got brighter as her skin on her face moved the faint outline of white scales under them showed and Sam moved turning his back to everyone grabbing her hands and looking at her “shows of force do not sway us, don’t let your temper get the best of you, if you change this whole place gets ripped apart, they lose a castle and people we lose friends we need” his hands held hers as her eyes seemed to flip every witch way she was so on edge it was scary like a time bomb were you dropped a pin wrong it went boom. “alright, I just…I will be fine I am stable, controlled” “yes you are, it is fine here, they will not use anything against us, it is fine, they are as unstable as you are I am sure” Anaya gave a nod as Sam kept his hands on hers and his back to everyone else to keep her grounded.

HgAzeralBanpaiyo: - azeral looked around and notice the change in the energy around him as his true form should. Azeral was the Guardian of chaos that was trained to protect all realms and he wasnt seeking trouble merely to learn more about all that was around in every realms "i see i have you alarmed but i mean no harm i am sorry if i may have disturbed you my name is Azeral i am the guardian of chaos and i am not here to harm anyone " takes his sword from his side and drops it on the floor then looks back at the one with the hell hounds out " i have hell hounds like those but mine are chaotic " his eyes flash vibrantky as the wind begain to blow abit more and then it would form a chair for him, azeral stood 7ft 2 and was 290lbs of all muscle and he watches as he notices the other 2 and then he looks around once more then he sits down upon the chair the wind had made for him-

xDutchx: When Shiro let the hounds out she knew this might end up badly but he was doing his job as he always did to protect the Empress which made her stomach get a bit of flutters to it, taking a breath she would stay seating and just watch as this unfolded, the hounds looked angry and more on the Oh shit side of the scale of pixies to hell which her joke made her laugh a bit and she bit on her lower lip softly to herself while the women who worked at the Empire ran off into a small side room where the kitchen was hidden and bricked off she only rubbed her head once again but this time she brushed back her long white hair and her legs unfolded themselves so she was able to stand for a moment to get a better view of the area, noticing two others what seemed to be dragon like beings it sparked her interest to it as her lips pulled to a soft smile. She really hoped this would not give a bad impression as she liked having new friends and more people or beings to be around her although she didn’t like being very social she still managed to act like she was all for more people which threw people off at times, hearing another male voice ring out she gazed towards him and seeming to be his name being Azeral but she waved her hand and a women came rushing to the Empress’s side then speaking into the womens ear. The women then hurried off around all the hounds and the whole mess that was going on in the middle towards the two dragon like beings, she bowed to both of them and expressed the Empress’s sorry for the whole thing as she didn’t wish to have them frighten at all, that if they had the time to wait she would show them to the dining room for some food and drinks if they would allow. This young women had golden hair pulled back from her face with a maid’s gown on and her green kind eyes she had made the women a perfect subject to relay messages and or even calm the are at times. Haruke then sitting back down she brushed her white dress a bit and allowed Shiro to handle the male that came in out of nowhere, folding her right leg then back over her left one.

Falthos: -He halted in his tracks as armed guards surrounded him, shields and spears set upon him. He stopped short, darting his eyes left and right only to stare up at another approaching being, bearing his own summoning circles, his brow furrowed only to see him spawn to unique hellhounds. He raised his staff upward, only for eighteen orbs of light to appear in a haloed formation around him. Upon closer inspection, especially one of a summoner class, these would be known to be Lantern Archons, a Lawful Good outsider being that has the ability to shoot two beams of light that ignore any special damage reductions that would otherwise hinder their light rays. He spoke in a urgent tone- "I do not mean harm, I am just as confused as where I am as you are, please, refrain from attacking me if possible." -The urgency in his voice showed he was a man of reason, that he meant no harm and was willing to adhere to the wills of whoevers keep he stumbled upon- "I am Xietheron. Human, if you couldnt tell, and a spellcaster of sorts. A summoner, to be precise." -He kept his staff raised, the gem in the middle burning brightly whilst the light produced by the archons mirrored that of the staff-

IIBunrakuII: Shiro would watch as the empress removed herself from the scene and made her way to meeting their actual guests. Keeping his gaze upon the man before him he would watch his actions and listen to his words. He took a good look at the man, seeing as how he was only human which was rare for their country he would snap his fingers, releasing the summons he had put upon his beasts. They would fall into two glowing piles of ash and ember and some of the servants would immediately move to sweep the mess up. "Human..." He said, his voice as deep as ever, yet slightly annoyed. "If you cannot accurately use your abilities the outcome will be fatal next time." This was not a threat but a warning, being a practitioner in many arts for thousands of years he had time and time against seen those who could not contain their abilities become their own downfall. Shiro held his hand out, palm towards the man and gave him a subtle glare. "Hand your staff to a guard, release your magic, and join us in eating before you leave." Shiro's words were unusually kind for a man in his possition but he knew the empress was just going to make the same offer reguardless of what he had to say about it.

Anaya: Sam still holding Anaya’s hands in his own he looked to the girl who ran over to him making Anaya’s feet move on the spot unnerved “yes it would be good for her to get out of this room, but what food do you have” He looked back to Anaya as her fingers and body was heating up dramatically, as well as on the tips of her fingers a golden light was flicking from her. “who the fuck is causing shit now” he turned around looking at exactly what Anaya was looking at, chaotic being, yup that did it. Now he knew who the first target would be if shit hit the fan, he really hoped it would not, but things needed to calm to make her calm even if everyone was just doing their jobs sometimes doing your job had a ripple affect that could result in bad things if you never noticed them. “Anaya, do you remember the time we walked in the garden, how nice the sun was back last summer before the snow came, how your hair fell so beautifully over your shoulders back home, in our home” Anaya broke her glare that was pointed at the chaotic being and she looked at Sam and part of her calmed remembering the bliss they shared “yes I remember, you had your hair down and it was just us before the snow chilled the ground and things got crazy” she walk no longer sparking and was getting to the level he wanted as long as nothing else started up and no one kicked dirt in anyone’s eyes. Anaya’s ears as well as Sam’s picked up everything as they stood there watching each other but hearing everything. Her small bear feet wiggled on the ground as she could feel everything from the ground it was like the air its self was charged to them, beings highly sensitive to magic and so much of it was flooding around it was like they were swimming in things they just wanted to eat, absorb the magic in the air. Sam looked down to the girl “it is fine she will be fine, I got her, if you have them bring out water and polished rocks and pearls, it does not have to be classy only if you have them if you don’t it is alright fish will do” the thing was Anaya was not tempered, in truth she was overly charged not in a angry way but in a I want to eat everything way no one had angered her here, if they did she would have no control over it but this was like she was biting at the bit and wanting to run. Anaya looked at sam as the hounds were put out and she was calming down as things were going back to a stedy level but she still did not like the chaotic one, no holy devine being liked anything made of chaos, she let out a breath "tell me about that time" She said softly as her red eyes looked into his green ones and she gave a smile "well, the sun was high and you were dressed in pink, only time i have seen you in pink in many a moon, i want to see you in pink agein, maybe when we get back home?" "ya i think i can do that when we get home, oh do you have the papers?" Sam nodded his head "ya i do, we will give them out later, just wait our turn "

HgAzeralBanpaiyo: - azeral merely shifts form in to his human form and picks up his sword and hands it over to them but he realizes his sword would mere get heavy and it would drop to the floor as soon as they touch it and it wont budge from there because of his blood and he looks at them " cause of the sword being infused with my blood my sword would merely stick into the ground if you wish i can put my sword away in the realm of chaos " he looked at them to further intoduce himself " my name is azeral and i am the king of the Wraith family and also leader of the guardians " he said as he sat upon his wind made seat and then stood up nd touched the seat and it vanished insantly and the wind became such soft swift breeze. the rooms energy felt as if it was stablizing around him causing him to feel at ease a bit so he stood there and looked about -

xDutchx: She noticed the man that was surrounded didn’t wish to fight or anything as if he was even confused of what had been going on but her nose started to wiggle slightly as to smelling someone, it was different not the kind that would normally show up around here. Human which was a rare thing now a days more so in her home due to the facet there are a lot of creatures here that would love to get a nice bite off of a human as her being one of them but she learned long ago that human was not always the best thing since they didn’t really have the whole Umphf she liked to have in her meals even though she avoided doing that she still had no choice seeing as if she didn’t she would well.. die, but then once everything cleared away and it seemed like the tense of a almost fight happened made her sigh in a goof way, and once hearing his offer for food it made her smile knowing Shiro knew her well as she stood up a sweet smell of cooking meats and all types of wonderful food was being made for all the guests that came into the home now all of the subjects went off into the kitchen to finish the cooking and prep of the meals, they would have found the stones and fish and even the pearls too. Haru was happy that the room calmed down and she made her way from the throne down past Shiro while she placed a hand softly on his shoulder “ Now if you all would like to join us for some dinner and we can all talk as well, if you would show them the way Shiro“ A women called for the Empress in the kitchen and she gave a warm smile to all her guests, she walked off with no sound to her footsteps even while being bare foot and her walk way more like she was gliding never a bounce in her step just very smooth and calming. Disappearing into the kitchen there was a few knocks and sounds while some loud bangs too and a women came rushing out with golden plats then another with jugs of water and wine as they set up the dining area with everything needed, the Empress liked to handle her subjects on a more personal level since they do for her so much she liked to also do for them that’s why they are so loyal to her. When she came out from the Kitchen it made her kind of laugh some that she left poor Shiro to handle the guests but she wanted to see where everyone was now

Falthos: "I know how to use my abilities. I didnt simply use a teleport spell to be here. There are things at work which I have seen but you have yet to witness, the particular scenario in which I had tested a certain theory proved me right, at the behest and expense of your realm. Unless you are a Lich, and one of considerable power, there is no way you will catch me. I will remain with my staff, and will dispel my magic, with you withdrawing the cadre you have before me. OR. I can fetch Blink dogs on you. Those, my good sir, are going to be more of a pain than I will ever begin to tell you." -He said flatly- "I mean, trying to catch one, is a pain in itself, have you ever seen what a pack of them can do?" -he mused whilst raising his staff at the rabble that surrounded him- "Im willing to compromise however...Just...throwing that out there...Oh...wait...You think I need my staff for power?" -he frightfully giggled only to laugh, like it had been the best joke in the entire multi-verse. This proceeded for a good ten minutes before he said after calming down- "No no no...Not at all, but see, this staff, is in fact, what brought me here to begin with. This is the reason why I stand before you."

Anaya: Sam took her hand is his own hand and put the other arm around her waist “they are offering food and drink and I will not turn down meat and wine, and you have to be beside me so by default you have to have meat and wine to ” Anaya gave that sour face as she looked at her mate and nibbled her lower lip “do they have fish” she snapped at him a lot like a spoiled brat. “I don’t know walk into the room to find out and do not go out of your way to poke at the thing you don’t like, that chaos what ever the hell it is, is not of our need we want an alliance with the house not with anyone else right now” “I know, I will eat fish and stones like normal” Anaya still had that sour face as she was still very unsteady but for sure better seeing the tempers and tension had dropped. They both made their way side by side into the dinning room taking a table at the side. Anaya being left there alone as Sam went to fetch a platter for the both of them on what they would be eating. Sam never far from her and she was always in view, he acted like he was the strong one witch was so far from the truth of everything, she was the one that could kill him in a block his job was to prevent her from doing this when they left the castle, Anaya did not need protecting, everyone else needed protecting from her, and in the end, Sam’s job was not to protect Anaya but to protect the people from what Anaya could do if allowed.

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------Rest of Alliance log-----

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AlyChes: Around dinner time, Chesmay was almost done. She just had a few things to take care off in this room. Walking back to the nightstand, she picks up the book and wraps her arms around it before heading to the dinning hall. food was served and everyone was already eating. Chesmay too found a seat and started eating her meal, although she wasn't hungry at all. Once she finished her meal, everyone who needed to write something in the book came to her and wrote something in it. It took close to two hours for them to get done and it was nearly sunset. Once that part of her job was done, Chesmay closes the book and wraps it in her arms again and holds it to her chest as she makes her round around the castle. Everything was spotless and she only hoped Anaya liked it. Once she finished her round she went back to Anaya's chambers. Once there she places the book once again on the night stand and starts to do the few last things she wanted to do. She changed the sheets of the bed with the finest white silk she could find and opened the windows to let some fresh air in. It was getting late and the sun had set and Chesmay was getting tired. She sat down on the bed and stretched out before placing a hand over her mouth as she yawns. It had been a long and busy day and it sure took alot of energy. She stands up from the bed and takes the quill on the small desk in the room and a piece of paper and starts to put letters together. She tried to write a note to Anaya but it didn't look like anything and none of it made sence to her. She sighs and sits down on the stool near the desk and lays her head on it before she groans. She only hoped she did a good job today and Anaya would entrust her more in the future. She yawns again and closes her eyes- 5 minutes... Just 5 minutes..-She mumbels to herself before slowly and unintentionally started to drif off to sleep as she waited for Anaya to come home.-

Anaya: Foot hitting hard on a step she almost fell hard on her face on the steps as his arms wrapped around her a bit of snow hitting her nose as it burned into her face but then everything healed over as she hissed lightly. Anaya’s red eyes looked up at her Sam as she gave a smile “oh my hero saves me from my own cults moments” Sam gave a laugh as he picked her up and kissed her forehead softly paying her backside and helping her up the steps “I blame them old woman feet, you have bunions yet” she gave him a snarling face as she kicked up snow and ran for the castle door Sam right behind her. As he grabbed a hold of her and pined her up against the doors the guard right there as they both hit the doors with a thud “guards guards I have a prisoner bring her to the pit, she needs to be punished” Sam laughed as he smiled and looked at Anaya her nipping at his lip as his last word drifted from his lips. “you are on hoard duty tonight my love, you go down there I am going to my chamber to sleep tonight I am just fully out of it, ” “but cant i….” “nope,” she said softly as she put a claw to his lips opening the doors and slipping inside before he could grab her and hold her back or make her change her mind. Anaya dragging her feet kicked off her heels and walked up the steps lazily to her chamber room to collapse on the bed to sleep out the night, she would sleep well tonight for sure, she did not even take the time to take her dress off or cover up, just hit the bed and sleep she went grabbing her pillow and getting comfortable.

-------7 hours later an hour before dawn--------

DayaAutum: - A guard of the Iron Castle at the back entrance looking nervously and breathing heavily in the frigid air stood with his boots buried in the snow and wide blue eyes upon a lonely watchtower as a lantern waves it’s light behind the softly falling snow, four times back and forth with a long purposeful arching motion, then still for a moment, and back and forth four more times. It was the signal from a follow conspirator that all was according to plan and that the way was clear, he breathed heavily in the night’s winter chill and he did not even notice the biting cold. He could hear his racing heart pound and the surge of blood through his veins in his ears. The snow was beginning to stick to his blonde hair and Iron tabbard, even his standard issue polished armor had a thin layer of icy white frost upon it. He gazed anxiously through the winter night and falling snow. Through the dark cold night and haze of white snow came a motley crew, his gut wrenched as his last chance to remain a loyal guard began to vanish with their approach, in his fear he thought of sounding the alarm, his actions would be rewarded, he could yet back out, but he feared also this group. They had others on the inside, no one could be safe from them, they could strike anyone even the undead woman and her lycans who hunted them, even Anaya herself. His betrayal of them would lead to his demise he was certain of it. If they were successful however, he would need not fear Anaya’s vengeance. He swallowed hard with a dry throat as they came close. One tall wraith in a long dark cloak of course and shoddy cloth lead four reavers in strappy outfits of heavy black leather and a dozen low brutish demons of no particular power apart from there brute strength dressed in similar outfits as the reavers. Following the ghastly entourage was a cultist who seemed calm and serene in a weird and other worldly way having been brainwashed, dressed much like the wraith itself in a long black cloak, but his was in a much better state of repair and cleanliness. It was also heavy, unlike any of the group in that it was made to keep one warm in the cold weather. The wraith was armed with a long narrow sword hung from a decaying leather belt about it’s waist just under the swirling rot of it’s garments, the reavers with duel machetes crossed upon their backs and the demons with axes, and bludgeons of some substance the guard could not fathom at all, it looked like volcanic rock. They were in fact raw iron, black and pitted from air pockets they were made simply by pouring molten iron ore into holes. As they came close the stench of sulphur and burning flesh poisoned the wind and drafts of air almost making the guard vomit. All had been recently summoned save the cultist who seemed elated rather than nervous about the mission. The guard quickly waved them inside without a word and anxiously looked back upon the watchtower, four waves of the lantern, all was well still. Shutting the castle door he almost shook as he looked upon those he had helped smuggle into Iron Castle and swallowed hard. The sword of the reaper did not look normal, they were solid and seemed real, unlike the wraiths themselves, but shadows danced about them in a sickening swirl of black mist. Looking upon that sword filled him with such dread as he had never known! It was a cured blade with a darkness from Nerull the god himself, such a darkness that would corrupt even the greatest and strongest holiness over time, not overpowering it, but seducing it, turning it to the darkness and binding it to the fallen gods will. No mortal power could withstand it’s taint. The hood of the wraith turned to the guard concealing it’s face in utter darkness and his hissing ethereal voice spoke in a menacing whisper that penetrated the guard to the bone “Autum, Blackwoods, Anaya!” Slightly trembling the guard nodded and swallowed again pointing down a hall “This hall, will lead to the throne room, and there is a spiral staircase that leads up to the bedchambers.” The guard whispered to the wraith, his voice weak and his face becoming pale. Soon the night would be over, he would have his reward and run to a far away land where neither any still loyal to Anaya nor these dark creatures or weird cultists could bother him. “Anaya, and the undead woman with her Lycans you will find in them taking their rest” The wraith known as the “Night Crawler” stretched out his arm with the tattered dark cloak hanging from it. A hand of ethereal bones uncurled slowly, and between his fingers coiled the creatures from where he got his name, motioning that the guard was to lead them there to the bedchambers.

DayaAutum: Regretting his part had not ended yet and that even now he could not flee this castle to a port and take the first ship to a distant land the guard reluctantly nodded and waved a gesture to follow him. He walked on nervously up flights of stairs and down hallways towards the bedrooms. Along the way, one of the demons began to drag his crude iron bludgeon on the stone floor and for a moment, the resulting long painful scrap sounded against the stone of the floor threatening to draw unwanted attention. The wraith calling itself the night crawler flew back, it’s long tattered cloak or decayed cloth swirling silently from it’s ethereal limbs and seized the demon by the throat lifting him easily from the ground with a dark translucent bone hand writhing with night crawler worms. The demon choked till he opened his mouth trying in vain to exhale and take a breath. The demons eyes opening wide look to the wraith in fear. The hideous hissing whisper came from the wraith, his order was one word and while but a hissing whisper, felt to the core by all within the company, “silence”. The shortest of moments passed as all remained still, then lowering the demon slowly to the ground the wraith let the demon loose to recover his breath and the company continued, the demons now holding their weapons in both hands well away from the stone floors and walls to ensure their silence. After slowly, and ever so silently passing up the stairs they came to the hall where the doors of the bedchambers of the favored, and in some cases merely useful and perhaps even loathed, lined the walls. At the entrance of the hall a wraith motioned with an arm draped in flowing tattered dark broadcloth to two of the reavers towards it end “Guard our doings” came his hissing whispered order to them and they slowly slide their machetes from the leather scabbards upon their backs without so much a whisper and went to the end of the hall and stood at the wall, watching the length of the hall. The guard at this point had become overwhelm with the dread of what he was doing and the risk of his consequences. His strength left him and he fell to the side leaning upon the wall, and let himself slide down to the floor, sick to his stomach. No one seemed to take notice or care, his part in the conspiracy was done, and being under the eyes of the guarding reavers, his silence was guaranteed should he reconsider his loyalties. The rest the wraith waved on, and they proceeded down the hall till they came to a door that led to a room that would have no windows, from it’s door one could smell the odors of undeath and what might be confused with wolf. There was no doubts that this was the chamber of Daya Autum and the Blackwoods. The demons eyes, black within their sockets seemed to shine like obsidian. No one needed to be told what came next, the plan was clear. The wraith raised it’s arm to the door, casting a shadow upon it. No light would pass, and from within this shadow no sound would come. Harmless the shadow was, but the danger that would pass through it! The door concealed in shadow wraith let it’s arm down and continued on towards the chamber of Anaya herself. The demons meanwhile tightened their faces, their brows slanted inwards and their lips half scowled and half smiled as they opened the door within the wraith's shadow. They would soon so easily succeed where many of their kind had failed, to rid the Autums of their monarch. Slipping through the shadow and into the chamber they went. On either side it appeared Daya had hung her banners, and before the banners sleeping Blackwoods confident in their security and worn from their relentless search the zealot feared so much. Before them at the end of the chamber a simple white death shroud draped over a table, and on the table and under the shroud a form of a feminine figure just beneath the shroud with it’s arms crossed lying still as death. The demons all took positions about the resting company, the strongest taking his place before the shroud and produced a heavy wooden stake taking it firmly in his muscular grip and gazed behind him nodding with an eager grin and sadistic black shinning eyes. He turned and raised his stake high above his head. The others taking his lead turned and raised their weapons of axes and clubs, each above a peacefully sleeping Blackwoods. The grip of the strongest demon tightened around the heavy and long wooden stake, so much so his knuckles paled and with a heave thrust it upon the chest that lay within the death shroud. The others needed no other urging, each swung their weapons to strike upon the Lycans with blows most certainly to kill them with a single blow casting swift merciless shadows of demonic weaponry upon the apparent banners of the Autums. In the hall the two reavers kept silent vigil as the wraith cast his shadow upon another door.

DayaAutum: Behind him the last two reavers of the company waited as the cultist stood on the other side of the hall, his part was to but witness the assassinations, and to accompany the stealing of Anaya's dead body back to the hideout of the cult. He stood still in melancholy as the wraith drew his terrible sword and entered Anaya's chamber in silence followed closely by the two reavers. Within Dayas chamber the stake stuck deep with a sound like a pole passing through a basket and stopped hard with a crash upon the stone tabletop splintering in the demons tight grasp. Likewise the clubs and axes stuck heavily upon the stone floor. The body under the death shroud made no scream, no ash or dust leapt into the air nor did a fountain of blood steam from the body. It did not feel nor sound like the stake went through a body at all. Snatching the death shroud the demon ripped it away to reveal naught but a wicker form demolished by the plunge and the resulting splinters of wood. The other demons likewise saw no blood nor felt the weapons strike flesh. Their weapons chipped and rebounded from the stone floor only. All was an illusion! The tales told among the foul places they called home all came to mind, of Autum trickery leading to the demise of so many, their true forms captured, drawn from the corporal and imprisoned screaming in hideous torment of Noaptes Holy Light. Their hearts skipped a beat as they realized that they were not the hunters but the prey, that they in fact, had been caught in a trap. From behind the banners sprang the Blackwoods, The banners themselves vanishing, mere illusions cast by Daya herself along with the images of sleeping Blackwoods. Their black savage jaws gaping open and their fangs glistening from large and muscular and wolven mouths. In an instant each demons throat was seized between the powerful jaws of the lycans. Their heads torn from the neck with a single snap of their jaws leaving their headless forms to spew foul black blood to spurt with each heartbeat painting the ceiling and walls of the room with the gory liquid. Daya herself did not partake in the assault. No demon would be left alive nor have a chance at reprisal, and having a full understanding that the forces of Nerull would not attempt such a thing without further damage, she instead sprang past the shadowed doorway into the hall in full armor and her claymore, known in the common tongue as Moonlight Oblivion drawn from it’s scabbard. The lycans soon would follow after ensuring the would be assassins in her chamber had been dispensed. In this moment, she must secure Anaya herself and rushed towards her door. The reavers at the end of the hall were before her, and seeing a lone vampress dart from the door charged, assuming she had merely escaped the onslaught and sought to finish the work the demons had missed. They were twice as fast as Daya herself, and intended to overtake her quickly, cutting her to pieces before even she, though quick though she was, could defend herself. But they were young, and knew nothing of the Autums. While certainly faster than she, they could not break the simple laws of nature. Their bodies had weight, and were traveling at such a speed they could not easily alter their projectory. Daya however was mystically hollow, her weight was less than air, held down only by the weight of her armor. While unable to match the reavers speed she could do what they could not, change direction and even stop instantly even at high speeds. Daya’s boot slammed into the stone floor and she leaned hard to her left pushing herself into the wall. The shoulder of her armor scraping hard upon the stone. Her arms swung right and her hands held tightly onto her claymore dragging it’s point along the opposite wall, the point even cutting into it with it’s insanely sharp and uncompromisingly hard point. The first reaver shrieked as it tried to respond, with it’s last step trying to match Daya’s turn to run into her and not her blade, but could not. It’s foot skidding on the floor as it pressed left in a panic. It’s body striking against the adamantium edge at full speed, slicing itself in two at the pelvic bone. Daya’s face had turned livid, the demons and reavers had fully awoken her evil nature and she had raised her sword at such a height purposefully for sadistic purposes. The legs went skidding across the floor and it’s upper half flew past to bounce behind leaving it’s entrails to fling upon the walls and smear along the floor as it’s blood splattered about. The reavers upper half flailing it’s arms helplessly and dropping the machetes as it shrieked wildly while bouncing with sickening crunches as it’s cranium stuck upon the stone surfaces. Bouncing from the wall Daya went low and skidded along the floor. The second reaver seeing the first leapt into the air to keep it’s feet intact upon it’s ankles seeing her sword lower in height.

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DayaAutum: It was such a simple thing at this point, to let loose her arm blades. She let her right one loose to sliding along it’s track in her bracers upwards before the rising path of the reaver who was now airborne, but not very high. Only enough to hopefully clear her now low blade. The two foot arm blade cut between the reavers legs up to it’s diaphragm as it leapt over her. It could not change it’s trajectory so suddenly without contact with the ground. It landed upon it’s feet, it’s legs no longer able to support nor run fell limp beneath it and parted. It slide down the hallways stone floor leaving severed entrails and smear of blood along it’s path. The reavers had made a fatal error in their inexperience and arrogance trusting on assumed superiority, and within a second they had been undone and left screaming carnage strewn in a hall in Iron Castle, and unable to stand, to either be dispensed with by the weakest of guards who might come or left to die. Daya quickly came to her feet, lifting herself up by pressing her feet into the stone floor even as she skidded and ran to Anaya’s chamber. The whole time from when she left her own chamber till now but a few seconds. The wraith and two reavers had but just passed the shadow shrouded door. Inside Anaya’s chamber the Wraith had entered, ever so silently followed by the remaining two reavers. The door having the shadow of the wraith upon it made no sound as it had been opened, nor did light pass through it. The wraith, who called himself the night crawler, had enchanted it, and now stood over Anaya herself holding his terrible sword above her with it’s point straight down. With a single thrust he might impale her with it. One reaver had managed to step to his left and watched the scene while the other stood behind him, its attention totally absorbed on the death of the dragoness to come. The sounds of the fighting outside passed not through the door but resonated from the stone walls, muffled to but the softest of sounds. The assassins if they heard cared not. From the sound of it they would be fairly sure that their rear guard had finished any lycans who might have somehow escaped, and the most dangerous creature lay before them, and all wished to make certain she was dead. The rest of the castles inhabitants could be dealt with after. The wraith adjusted his grotesk grip and tensed for the lethal blow. They knew not that Daya survived, nor that she had dispensed with the guards they left, nor did they how fast Daya had moved, having not wasted time. She emerged from the shadowed door with her claymore before her behind the Wraith and one reaver. The other reaver, being at the foot of Anaya's bed saw her enter, but could not react fast enough. She did not expect her comrades to have been defeated by the vampress, let alone so quickly. They were after all constructs of demonic flesh, made especaily to defeat them! How could it be they had been undone and so quickly! Daya however lost no time evaluating the situation having fully expected the attempt at assassination, and charging in drove the point of her claymore through the heart of the first reaver easily, it’s four foot blade passing effortlessly through it’s body to penetrate the long course and dark cloak of the wraith, slicing the rotting fabric easily. The black onyx set within it’s hilt did it’s work instantly, absorbing and dispelling the magic binding the wraith to this world. The wraith while not destroyed was undone and sent back to it’s own forsaken world. With a deafening high pitched wail the wraith shrieked with a wail and evaporated, leaving the cloak to float to the floor of the bed chamber and a shock went out as his existence in this world ended. The terrible shadowed sword fell upon Anaya’s bed point down beside her, piercing the mattress even to half the length of the blade.

ThorAutum: -Meanwhile, Thor was working in his shop at Trandafiri Castle. He had been finalizing orders of armour to be given to Garrik, a free lance merchant that often traded with the Autums. He was to arrive soon, and so Thor worked tirelessly on ensuring a good and sturdy set. As he finished them, he would set them into the alcove that held his stores of minerals to keep them out of the way. He was not often interrupted when working, closing the door when he was in order to state that fact, and only under dire circumstances would he forgive such intrusions by anyone other than family. And as he worked to afix straps onto a buckler, the door opened wide. Thor, upon looking upward, his brows furrowing deep, pulling the necrotic flesh of his forehead down and pulling at his hair saw that the one who had just entered was the Blackwoods lycan known as Philip. The lycan seemed to be in a rush, and as he walked inside, Thor noticed that he held in his hand a scrap of paper. Thor stood, remaining silent and grabbed at the paper even as Philip raised his hand to him. The lycan attempted to make appologies for the intrusion, but Thor raised a hand up to silence him as he read, knowing that the reason the message had come to him was because the upper echelon of the Blackwoods Lycans and his mother were currently indisposed in the lands of the Iron Dynasty. As he read over the note, Thor's pale eyes widened as the message stated that the fallen god Nerull was once more making a play, and even stated as to where the hideout was. As he finishes it, he looks back to Philip, his eyes almost aflame with this knowledge. - "Philip, see to it that the castle is well guarded, I must leave immediately." -Without waiting for the acknowledgement, he turned for his chambers here in the shop where his coat of arms was placed, and began changing, but as he was only wearing his leather trousers for working it did not take him long to don the leathers and armour before fixing his hammer to his back. Once dressed he quickly made his way up the castle to the balista level. He opened the heavy wooden door and even as mist billowed out from under the armour on his forearms, and before long, had transformed into a cloud of dark mist, beginning the long journey to the Iron Dynasty as quickly as he could. Even at his rate of speed, it took him the entire day before he reached the far away lands of the Iron Dynasty. Once there, it did not take him long to reach the castle. He arched downward then toward the landing in front of the main doors of the castle, the mist billowing out along the snow covered ground, and as it hit, he transformed back into his normal state, the mist drawing back into him. As the last traces of the mist drew back up under the armour at his wrists, he raised his left hand clenched and knocked loudly upon the door, anxiously waiting his admittance. -

Anaya: Red eyes shot over as she laid on her back on her bed and if the world started to go in slow motion the blade dug into the bed just as it was sent flying out of the bed and flung into a stone wall six inches deep into the stone with a bang. She was awake now and with bright glowing eyes as the world moved slow and as the blade was flying to the wall she was already upright as her hands traced sigils into the air light dancing on the edge of her fingers and large walls of holy essence formed around her on each side moving out. As the dagger struck that wall everything shot into speed and the walls of light pushed everything around her burning dark beings and pushing everything back and out and burning the body’s and cleansing them with holy essence and turning them into nothing but dust like sand. Siting upright in her chamber bed her gown ripped as she blinked a couple time letting it all sink in, someone just tried to kill her, and the undead…. saved…her…. life…..and she may have just killed it. Anaya looked around the room to see if the vampire woman was alive after the wall had surcingle pushed her clean out of the room before it retracted again.

DayaAutum: -Outside of Anayas chambers, in the hall, the Blackwoods emerged from theirs and Daya's chambers still in their massive wolven forms. Yuri clenching a severed head in her jaws by the remains of the demons esophagus. Her eyes dart to the guard who had betrayed his trust. His pale sickened face left no doubt why he was there. She flicked her head and caught the head, crushing it between her white glistening teeth streaked with the demon’s black blood with a sickening crunch and she let the remains spill upon the stone floor. Her green eyes lock upon him as she bared her teeth and growled. Behind her the other lycans also appeared and turned towards him. In his fear he leapt up and started for the exit. The lycans were upon him in a moment, not tearing his flesh but secruing him with their strong jaws. Each limb held by a lycan so he was suspended from the floor as he was to valuable with what he might know of fellow conspirators to kill just yet.

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In his attempt to flee he had turned his back to them, he had no means of resisting. The cultist immediately produced a poisoned dagger and went to plunge it into his stomach. In his attempt he did not attempt to avoid those coming upon him hoping to end his life before they were upon him. His hand was ripped from his arm by a single snap of Sables jaws and he likewise was gripped and held fast as was the guard. The wall of light in Anayas room struck Daya full force and thrust her from the room into the hallway, she was protected by Noapte's mark. Noapte was herself before becoming dark, a goddess of the purest holiness. Her armour was encoated with black onyx, it did well in absorbing Anayas holy magic and, since it was directed not at Daya, simply dissipated what it absorbed. Her armor glowing white beneath the black stone coating for a few moments before fading away. The experience while not fatal or injurious was not pleasant to the vampress She shrieked with outrage as she struck the wall, but ceased and recomposed herself adjusting her grip upon her sword and shook her head. The reaver was not so fortunate. It shrieked as the wall hit him full force, the light burning him in torments the reaver could before never have imagined. He was incinerated and turned to ash that flew about the room in a wave following the Anaya’s wall of light. The remains of the Nightcrawler, the cloak and the worms that had gathered upon his form were similarly burned and reduced to ashes –

Anaya: She sat there in shock for a few moments, not till now had anyone grown the balls to walk inside this castle and try to kill her within her own walls, not till now had anything ever happened within her own walls, to her, not till now was anything that stupid, and now till now was anything that close to her bedside “no one…. has ever come…to my room before, is there any of them left alive” she was almost in stutters griping a pillow as she got up from the bed, she had bin so worn out from her outing to handle that alliance it was like she had slept like a rock for the first time in many moons. “if there is one alive I want to see its eyes, see if it is willing to wag its tongue and speak to save its worthless skin” she snapped as her black tongue snaked over showing teeth as they were getting longer and growing pointed but then retracting, she was angering but she had no need right now, get a hold of yourself she thought inside her mind as she took a breath and her red eyes still a glow looked to the vampire woman “you saved my hide and now I owe you. Do you know how they got in, did any talk before death, is there any alive?” taking her one hand in the other hand her fingers were shifting to claws then back then back to claws as her anger inside was being controlled but still very visible was the struggle of it all. “we can not let word out about this break in, if they find word of this, if others find word of this they will see it as weakness and the crown will be over runned by them in a forth night. We will keep this mess between us as much as we are able. I guess we cant ignore it anymore now can we” now she was being forced to pay attention forced to find out what the matter was behind all of this, and forced to seek out this cult that till today did nothing but slather the walls with pigs or sheep blood and toss stones at windows.

DayaAutum: -At times Daya breathed, not from need, but of habit. She was doing so now deeply and slowly. Her cold alabaster skin while unharmed tingled with sensations of fire. She looked at the carnage in the hall. The lycans still snarling and pulling at the limbs of the cultist and the guard. Daya nodded toward them and turned to look at Anaya, her white eyes aglow from the reflections of the fires of the torches behind the bars that covered them of her helm - There are two alive that we have, the Blackwoods have them, secured in their jaws. Anaya, one is of guards. You were betrayed from within.” She glances again down the hall and her brows harden as her lips curl into an evil smile stretching tight over her protruding teeth – “The other is a cultist or most of a cultist as his hand was bitten off. We were rather fortunate, and have them for, questioning.”

Anaya: “we can have the guard tossed into the hold right now, if I see him he will end up dead, and I want the fucker to talk before he meets my claws personally. The other you can drag to were ever you wish to question him, but dawn is coming so if you need to toss him in the hold that is fine as well for now. Morning will be upon us and there is a massive mess I am sure to clean in more then one room and down the halls. I will have the maids get to it and will close off the upper halls till it is done, renovations I am sure will sound like a good long tail.” She moved her hand to push her snow white mass of hair behind her ears as a guard ran up the steps barging past everyone “what in gods name happened here” he yelled out as Anaya hurried to shush him “have the maids clean up this mess, we had a rather unpleasant accident it was not intended and it needs to be cleaned up right away. Place red tape across the steps wall it is all being handled. And there are men in the hallway have them dragged down to the hold, you can bring the lycans with you as they have the men in there clutches already” the guard nodded as Anaya’s clawed hand was firmly over his mouth leaving his face white from the pressure, she did not mean to be so harsh it just happened. The guard rushed down to the main hall to get the maids and the mop buckets and allowed the lycans to follow him to bring who needed to be brought to holding to holding. She let out a sigh “after all the work is done I will talk with each guard and figure things out but for now matters have to be handled like it is a normal day” she picked up a brush with her clawed hand as she without meaning smashed it in her grip, then without anything said or any movement the stand mirrors exploding shards flying into the air but stopping dead in mid air and falling to the ground. “I need….a new ..mirror as well…” she muttered as she moved her hand into her hair her claws turning back to fingers, she would not be sleeping in her chambers for a while that much was for sure.

DayaAutum: -Stopping her breaths watches as the guard sets about to his tasks, the lycans in a most irregular manner carry the cultist and guard in their jaws towards the end of the hall to be taken by whatever guards might come to receive them. Sebastian came from the room as the guard was carried. In a flash of rage, he raised his steel clad fist and struck the guard in the face. His green eyes flashing wildly. There could be no greater contrast between the two, Sebastian was a veteran of a battle where few survived, one he and his follows had battled desperately to defeat the same forces this guard had betrayed his trust with. Without looking at the damage to the guard he strode on to Dayas side "If Anaya wishes this to be kept quite, we will of course do our part. But, there may be a better alternative. The attempt was a complete humiliating failure after all, properly portrayed it might be used to great effect in striking fear among those who wish to subvert the queen" Shifting her eerie eyes to Sebastian she nods and answers -Perhaps, I will suggest the possibility to her after the shock has settled in her heart. For now, until she agrees to using this to her advantage, if she ever does, keep it as secret as possible - Sebastian nods and begins sniffing the Air about him, Daya likewise sensing something turns her body in the direction of the front gate. She quickly removes her helm and faces Anaya -Anaya, my son has come! He is here! He may even be carrying the message sent from the spy and has most needed information about this cult.

Anaya: Anaya let out a held breath “once it is all over and done with and the information that is needed is gained from them we will publicly execute them in the town square to show that we do not deal with this kind of thing well and how much of a failure this was” she walked to her closet grabbing a golden dress from the wooden hanger “if your boy is here please go to him and get what needs be, I need to calm myself before I am able to come down but I will be down shortly for sure, if he needs a guest room he may have one unless he wishes not to stay, the paper work can be brought up and we will handle all matters in the evening after dinner as we would on a normal day. But for now I do need to dress, wash and collect myself”

DayaAutum: -Sweeping past Anaya Daya rushes through the hall and down the stairs. Some of guards looked anxiously at her as she passed. Doubtless they had many questions. Ignoring them and their gazes she followed the scent of undeath to the main door and quickly worked the latches and pulled the door open. At the entrance stood Thor in full armour as she herself was -Greetings son, to Iron Castle. We have much to discuss, much has happened this night that while distressing to the Queen here will in the end, work to bring an end to both our enemies here in this land. Come, follow me. -She leads him through the castle past the anxious guards and sped past a crew of women bearing mops and buckets. She stops and pauses gazing upon them. They likewise pause and look to her curtsying. - Oh you will need more than those buckets, you will need wheel barrels my dearies to clean the mess I have made! -Daya turns and heads down the hall cackling and laughing loudly- At the door to her and the Black woods room, the room without windows, the shadow cast by the wraith remained. -DO not fear it Thor, the one who cast this is gone, for now. SHe enters the chamber through the shadow to debrief her son. They had much to plan.-

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