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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come

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~~~~~Dawns Rise~~~~
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Dragonspirit: - Osirius lands just outside of the large cavity and listens to the hustle and bustle of the city the peasants moving about there daily lives. He walks thought them and they make way for him noticing the crown on his head recognising him as a royal he walks through the streets of the town looking up to the bright sun and covers his eyes for a moment- " So bright out here " - he continues walking about the streets making his way to the front gate showing the paper to the guards that the massager had gave him about the alliance , he continues on his way up to the palace walking about the bumpy gravel road his boots of his heavy plate armour clanking about on the ground. He reaches the front gate of the castle and shouts up to the guards on the wall - " Im here to see the ruler of a possible alliance i am King Osirius of the fallen kind kingdom, I seek council with her to speak of what her messenger sent me " - after a brief wait the guards nod and he enters the main room and stands at the entrance awaiting to be noticed -

Anaya: Grabbing a hold of the straps at the back of the gown the maid gave a tug as she made it tight and Anaya let out a hiss, why did she have to get dressed at all like this, so much fuss for such a small task and after earlier thie morning she wanted non of it, after the gown was laced and her snow white hair brushed with the broken brush put back and pined walking to the badly put back together mirror she gave a turn liking this blue dress one of her slave girls had picked out for her this morning, instead of putting on the gold one she had picked out first. She liked their style and that one girl Chesmay and the winter girl were fitting in here well, it was nice she did not see them much it ment they were doing there jobs and working hard.  She moved to look at the heels set out and with a gruff she kicked them aside and enjoyed a bit of freedom on her feet, toes able to wiggle if she wanted. Walking out of her room she shut the door softly and then made her way to the steps leading to the lower halls, a guard coming to her as he looked to her and smiled handing her a black shawl and nodding “you will freeze in no sleeves my lady here a shall befitting your beauty” Anaya gave a smile as her bright red eyes shimmered in the touch glow as she let him help her get her arms into it “how kind of you, it is wonderful and yes the castle is very chilly this morn , be sure to have the fires stocked so it warms up during the day” she said with a smile as she was in a oddly good mood for today, it would be a good day, a busy day but a good day. As she walked down the steps her gown dragging behind her. her eyes met the eyes of a guest as she looked at him her stabbing red eyes seeming to not fit among that soft fair face of hers, she looked in her late twenty’s and stood a nice seven foot two a rather tall woman but nice and slender with as the humans would say birthing hips. “and who may our guest be” she said in a soft yet strong tone as she walked down the rest of the steps making her way to her throne to pick her golden crown off the arm rest and place it a top her head snuggly.

Dragonspirit: - Osirius looks to the tall womanly figure taking in all of her beauty as he looks at her looking her up and down with a warm happy look on his face as his eyes glow a very low crimson. He strides towards the main throne at a slow and lazy pace his heavy plate armour clanking about on the stone looking forward with a respectful look on his face from one ruler to another. He looks to the maid as she walks away and then he looks to the ruler once more and walks up to the steps slowly but surely keeping his head low. He brings his right hand up to his chest and his left out straight as he gives a respectful and royal bow to her - " Hello Lady Anaya your messenger sent to me that you are looking for alliances and I was ever so grateful to reply to your request personally. From one ruler to another i must say that you have quite the beautiful castle here, i am quite impressed by it " - he said with a smile on his face and a warm look he stands back up to his full 9ft statue looking down to her and he relaxes resting his hand on the head of his sword Horthang for comfort - " So may we discuss this Milady? I am ever grateful to seek more friends in these troubling times and I’m sure you are the same " - he gets a puzzled look on his face as he thinks to the encounter with her messenger - " Ah I forget I apologize for my actions towards your messenger I was quite on edge that day, had many people come in and cause me issues for me and my subjects. So i thought it best to come here and answer your request and apologize for my rudeness" - he bows again and stands back up to his full stature looking down to her with soft eyes –

FiliaSaton: Chewing on a rat she looked about the room a low tone growl came from her mouth as she gnawed on the rats limbs. the crunching sound echo’s the room as she gnawed and chewed on her rat. Little by little the rat was becoming just a pile of guts, ahead and blood that dripped over the arm of the chair. The kitten cranked down on this too as she finished the guts and licked up the blood of the stone of the throne. She left the head on the arm rest. That was her Anaya ‘s part she thought and grinned. Then she jumped off the throne chair and walked over to the piano. As she walks up to the piano she leaped up on the stool and then on the white ivories of the piano keys her bloody feet leaving their prints across the keys. After making lots of noise from the piano keys and leaving a bloody mess all over them. She jumped inside the piano where it's wired was there she would start cleaning her black silky fur. As she was finishing her bath she started to bat at the long wires that went to the piano keys this made a spoke noise and to anyone walking by it would seem that the piano was playing its self

Anaya: It was really nice to have someone who has manors walk into her home and it took some of the stress away from the morning. She looked back for just a second as the guards were putting up the red tape and work signs on the stairway. Looking back to the man she smiled softly and thought on how this was way better then the stinking farmers who did not know class from a hall in the floor. He was taller then she was, she wondered who and what he was at first, then she remembered yes the alliance dolls she sent out magically enchanted blocks of sand made to go do a task then fall apart when done. “it is a pleasure to meet you personally my good Sir, and actions to my massagers are no bother on me, they never come back, magical sand totems and nothing more, they hold no feelings and only do as instructed then fall apart once done. But I am glad you did come, not many due anymore it seems” she gave a smile and walked past him giving a light nod in return to his bow. “come it is morning, the cooks have made fresh sweet breads and plum jam, plums shipped from the far south were the cold does not touch, here we can talk over a nice hot meal, you must have come a farways, I believe if I am right you are from the south a ways, it is not yet winter were you are” she fixed her gown as she walked pulling her shawl a bit more over her shoulders as the castle was cold but the dinning hall would be warm once they got there. A maid ran up to Anaya and leaned in whispering something in her ear and then hurrying off as she started to laugh to herself “some of the maid’s place bets it seems, you are rather attractive, outsiders come and go but most of the time we don’t get other royals so please don’t mind them” she looked over to the side wall as three female maids all scampered away giggling to themselves on not to get caught creaking out the new hunk of man meat.

Dragonspirit: -Osirius laughs to himself at the flattery and looks to her tracing the scar on his face. - " I’m not that attractive in my current form it seems that war has caught up with me having this scar. " - he Cleary points it out and looks down at her once more and then relaxes loosely handling his blade at the tip of the hilt walking with her to the dinning hall at a slow and lazy pace looking to the maids as they giggled - " Quite the giggly bunch aren’t they? " - he followed continuously and walked about thinking about the alliance and what this kingdom could bring him in terms of a friendly alliance as more friends in the dark days that he has seen it is good to have more friends about. He rests his hand at his side once more relaxing totally as he trusts this person fully as she has shown she is a trustworthy figure- " So why is it you don’t get most royals in your halls do they not go away from there kingdoms to see you personally? I would see it as a slight insult I don’t know about you but I like it if they come personally to talk such things out. " - he looks at her inquisitively wondering to what she would say - " Sure that is what messengers are for but I feel some things must be done personally, especially since i had talked and acted the way I did at your messenger doll. For that was my fault at first looking her down as if she was meat. Again that was my fault it had been quite a long day and my crown quite heavy upon my head, you know what those kind of days are like. "

Anaya: Anaya gave a chuckle as she opened up the doors to the dinning hall and the very strong smell of everything sweet just came with the air from inside. Large long tables covered in gold and red table cloths, golden cups and goblets lining them as if it was some event every day, red pedals like everywhere in the castle lined the floors and drifted with each step. “the girls here are very…. used, so they have become very lustful in their ways being treated how they are, but the men have needs and the girls fill them and keep the men happy, when our fighters are happy the castle is happy and well guarded. And be careful if you get to close to them, they may grab your…. steel if you know what I mean” she gave a chuckle as she walked over to a very long table that had all sorts of foods on it and silver platters lined with gold markings and small dragons all around their rims. There were fruits and wine and cheese, breads and in the center of the long table there was trays and trays of cream filled sweet tarts and breads backed every morning, and this early no one was even up yet. “yes, we don’t get many royals here, you see when winter is upon us I am castle bound as snow and I don’t get along well, well anything wet and I don’t get along well, why I sent my messenger to you as I can’t leave my home this time or year so I do hope you did not mind to much, and seeing the dolls as meat is fine most of there actions feelings and words are hollow non the less, they are not real people so in truth even if you killed the thing it would not have mattered. And royals don’t come here due to our…. interesting, reputation, many don’t like a dragon like myself ruling over a castle we are seen as unsteady beasts that need to be locked in chains and ridden for sport, pleasure or work, but I can understand the workers and royals mannerisms, it is hard to trust a beast regardless to what It holds under its claw. This castle has had a shady past but I am sure we all have, and I am sure you understand how some royals just cant seem to forget that past. As well as beings of darkness are not favored in my lands so we have done things to them to put blood in the snow” she left out the fact that most royals in her lands were rude insensible cunts that ended up dead or strung up here, ya that was the main deterrent for people sending there princesses and kings here, you talked back you got hung and no one was brave enough to stand against the dragon  of old and myth.

FiliaSaton: Her soft tail waved gently as she tapped on the wires that lead to the piano keys. The sound still rumbling and echoing the room it was then when a sound outside of the poorly played piano, that sound mystic knew was her doing. This made hitting the wires all the more fun, cause she figured out she was making noise. But she head a reference to her buy her Anaya.listening in she perk her ears up and tilted them forward. Her head peaked above the edge of the piano’s hard wood. A small meow would come from the piano as she looked out to find her Anaya. She was about to jump out and run to her Anaya. But as she stepped to the edge as leap out of the piano. Mystic felt a pull on her little black silky fluffy tail. She pulled and pull trying to get loose from the wires that trapped her tail. the poor little kitten started to freak out as she screeched and cried out . Her little cries echo the room as she pull on the wires of the piano with her little paws as she tried to claw her way out with no use .

Dragonspirit: - Osirius has a seat at the table and chuckles at her comment - " Grab my steel? Ha I’m sure they would but i don’t think my wife back at home wont like that. Anyhow its good to finally meet someone of such respect and favor. So many are disrespectful fools. " - he thinks to the many that are strung outside his castle the fools who where so called kings or queen who run a week kingdom - " I am sad to hear that dark beings arnt welcome in your halls, i regret ot inform you that i am a fallen angel as well as one of the kings of Dark world. I hope Milady that hearing this doesn’t change your mind on what I may show you " - he gives her a soft and warm smile to show her that he may be of demon and angel blood that he seeks to change the common norm of what was thought of his people. He looked to the maids again and shook his head hoping they would be away so he could eat in peace and conversant with the kind ruler. He makes himself a plate and serves himself as he did most times taking a piece of bread and pouring himself a goblet of wine looking to her as he then takes a slice of cheese for himself and fills the plate in front of him looking into the glass of the fine wine taking in its sent - " Quite the fine product you have here to have such quality is a nice thing to see and a great welcoming party for one such as myself for that I thank you for this meal and the bountiful table that you have displayed milady " -he swirls the liquid in his glass before taking a slight sip and lifts the glass in a cheers to her -

Anaya: Anaya looked to the girls over there and with a lift of her upper lip and light hiss they scampered off as they giggled and she did as well covering her mouth then reaching down to the table and putting a small green clay dish of pearls on her plate, she took that as well as a couple slabs of dried meats and a cream filled bread walking with the man over to a table and siting down fixing her gown and taking off her shawl laying it behind her softly. “there has been fallen here in the past, we had at one point I do not know if the rights still hold but we had trades rights with a fallen who was once a ruler of the far lands to the east, he may be dead and gone now it is unknown to us. Every fallen was once high enough to fall.” She gave a nod and then took a claw grabbing a pearl from her dish and popping it into her mouth as she sulked on it for a moment then with a nice crunch it fell to bits in her jaws as she melted with the pleasure of eating her favored food. Shutting her eyes for a moment she enjoyed the rich flavor of this sweet stone of a pearl. Looking back to the man at her side “but if you can forgo the fact of this place killing beings of your kind, we can forgo you being on the unwelcome side. There must be balance in all things and even if we don’t enjoy darkness being in the half of light we know it is needed and respect that aspect of it. Now, was there anything you wished to go over at the table, what brought you here I don’t recall you saying? You are a ruler of another land was it an alliance with the crown you seek? Or sort of trade agreement for goods or fighters? And you stated you are wed so I am sure you wish no marriage agreements here” she gave a grin as she put another pearl in her mouth.

Dragons name changes to Guest_thordail1 same player diffrent name
Guest_thordail1: - Osirius gave a slight chuckle as he looks to the girls scampering off in whatever direction that they may be going. He then addresses her motion and reference to another of his kind - " So im guessing by what you say you have dealt with the darker side of my kin? The ones that are hell bent quite literally on destroying those around them or a mass genocide? " - he relaxes against his chair and traces the runes on his gauntlets looking to his old fallen brother - " As for what brought me here was the very fact that you mentioned dear Ruler of these lands. Was the fact that i seek an alliance with the crown. Being of the crown myself i prefer to handle these things personally as most of the time my messengers get the wrong message across. So i dealt away with this system and decided to start making the journeys on my own from here on out " - He looks back down at his plate not even half finished he takes another munch from the cheese followed by a gulp from his goblet of wine. Letting the flavorful and savory liquid sit on his tongue enjoying every bit of taste he was receiving from the liquid and finally swallows looking back at her with his own puzzled eyes. A bit intrigued by what she meant of balance and that of if he was a peace going type if she would be the same in these negotiations - " As for these supposed marriage agreements? No That will not be necessary as i nor my sons do not seek a wife at this current time but do intrigue me when you say that you don’t like dark beings. With that said you didn’t attack me upon entering your halls. Witch i appreciate cause i dont wish to cause unnecessary blood shed "

Anaya: “I have always had a hate for anything dark in my halls, the undead being at the top of that list, I got sick of the consent wish to destroy things so over all I have grown tiered of there moronic stupidity and wish to be all powerful” she picked up her glass of chilled wine and took a sip of it out of the silver plated goblet that a slave had just put on her table side. “but I am not one to rush out and attack anyone that enters the halls, some beings are evil and bad from birth, others have to grow to be such and some no matter the color of there eyes are not what we expect. So I give chance to all, and the only thing I do not in anyway allow in my halls are ones of my own race. As I feel another scaled monster is not needed in my halls and I do not wish to feed another mouth as large as my own at my table” she put her goblet down as she looked to the slave girl standing beside her as the girl got to her knees beside the queen and Anaya leaned back in her chair as she took her claws and ran them in the girls hair as it was like the girl just melted in the palm of her owner as Anaya gave a light smile, she did enjoy the company of the girls and it was nice to have them so upbeat and always willing to serve in what ever way was needed. The girl lifted her eyes up from the floor the bright baby blues shimmering in the girls face as she gave a smile to the man and her hand went down to rub just under her full breasts. Anaya new what the girl was doing but did not take the time to stop her as she kept on playing with the girls hair. “and for the alliance dealings, we can go to the council room were all the appropriate papers are stored after you are done your meal, it would be faster then getting one of the girls to get the papers they can be slow with getting papers, many can not read so paper fetching is not one of there strong suits.”

Guest_thordail1: - He nods at her words and looks at the female for a second the temptations of flesh staring him in the face. He just licked his lips with his demonic tongue and shook his head. He may be demon like but he must not follow in with his urges - " So i see that you at least give my kind a chance before beheading them and just putting there head on a pike. Lovely then we can at least see a commonality there. As for your own kind i knew that dragons where of a greedy type and demand respect but to kill your own brethren? I mean im sorry if i see that as a bit cold. I thought most dragons are alone or pack together like buzzards on a dead carcass? " - he winces a bit and shakes his head realizing what he had just said to her - " Forgive me i didnt mean to make such an accusation milady. I didnt mean to offend all i am here for is of peace talk and nothing more " - he leans back again and stares at the female once more before shaking his head again and grips his head fighting his urges -" As what you have said about all powerful? I only seek to equal with the other kingdoms around me. Most rulers seek to rise above and rule them all for themselves and nothing more. I only seek peace and tranquility, im not of my kind who seeks to kill everyone and everything around them just cause its " Fun" as for that i will leave my statement there " - he looks back at the Female ruler with his own crimson eyes low and a sort of caring look in his eyes - " So what is the story on the girl next to you? Just another slave to pleasure you when you wish it? Or just for the sheer company that she may bring to you? "

Anaya: Anaya could not help but laugh at the mans outburst then sudden notice of what he had in fact said. She gave a smile then collected herself as she could not take the smile from her pale lips. “yes killing my own kin is cold of me for sure, but as many know dragons are not really the tender type, but only the younglings flock to dead things for food then they fight with each other over who gets the largest chunk. As they age they learn that they no longer need to fear the world and males go on there way seeking females heads held high and pride bubbling from there hides, and the females go on to gain lands or ground so they can live in peace. Wisdom for us comes with age but one thing that we are known for is not playing well with most, and if another of my kin comes here they know that it will not end in a peaceful fashion, so in the end it is I kill them or they kill me or chance me and my family off to take over my lands. So it is safer for me to off them before they get the chance to ruin what I have worked so hard to gain” she moved her eyes down and pulled on the girls hair a little as the girl gave a giggle and stopped being a tease for the poor man, even if the human female was rather nice on the eyes she new better then to try to toy with there guests. “most of the girls here like this one don’t have names, we took on slaves for my mate as he does enjoy them I find no need for sexual activity unless it is with my mate but he enjoys other flavors from time to time so I allowed him to get slave girls and boys from the traveling slaver carts and I have grown on some witch I do enjoy the company of and they keep the castle clean and looking presentable, and we only do take the best from the carts and they are free for others to use as one as others ask first, if you ever wish to use this one or another by all means take your pick we will dress them to your liking and send them to your guest room if you wish to spend the night in the castle after your long trip.” she gave a smile as she taped the girl on the head softly as she looked up “and do not worry, we don’t tell what goes on here, as we expect the same from others. Most know that dragons have a very hidden lifestyle, the iron walls tell nothing”

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--hole add in log with Dragon--

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AlyChes: -Stretching herself out before rubbing her eyes, Chesmay slowly wakes up after passing out on Anaya's desk in her private chambers. Looking around a few times, it looked like Anaya hadn't been in here. Which made her wonder if she even got home. She quickly gets up and takes the piece of paper which she was writing on and puts the quill back before closing the ink jar. She then moves around and walks over to the nightstand where she placed the book and puts the piece of paper in there. Giving one last glace around the room, she nods to herself as everything looked just perfect before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. She then quickly makes her way to her room. Once she gets there she places the book on her bed and starts to take her lace top off over her head and tosses it on the bed before taking the lace skirt off and tossing it onto the bed aswell. She then runs over to her closeth and pick a fine golden looking silks. The top covered her nipples, but only just as a thin golden string runs around her neck and over her stomach to her hips. There the string devides into more strings. Onto those strings a long skirt was attached which reaches untill the ground. Once she had it on, Chesmay turns to the mirror and smiles at herself as she quickly brushes her fingers through her hair. She then nods to herself and runs back to her bed before taking the book into her hands and taking her dirty silks and leaves her room behind her and closes the door. She quickly makes her way down to the laundyroom and dumps her dirty silks wiht the slaves in there to get it washed. She smiles to the girls before making her way to the kitchen to grab a quick breakfast. Once there she offers a smile to Biamall and nods her head to her before grasping an apple which she tosses up in the air before catching it again. While turning around she takes a bite out of the apple and walks over to the main hall and over to Anaya's throne to wait there for her. So far everything went smoothly in the castle and everything which needed to be done was done. Chesmay was proud of herself. The castle was clean and tidy, the book was written in before she passed out in Anaya's chambers and the kitchen was already starts on lunch and dinner as breakfast was being served as it was. Taking a deep breath to calm her breathing, Chesmay smiles a little before taking another bite of her apple and starts to chew on it as she waits patiently with the book held against her chest with her left arm wrapped around it while she still held her apple in her right hand.-

Anaya: Sam walked out of the room first as he let the big basement doors swing and snuffed at the guards, he was on egg duty that night and morning and it had put a kink in his back, he loved his to be hatchling but god sleeping on gold made the neck bend all wrong. Softly he ran his fingers into his jet black hair and looked around “she is not up yet” he said softly as he grabbed some pants off a coat hook and put them on as he hoped on one foot out to the throne room struggling into his pants. His eyes looked up seeing that slave girl at the throne area and he started to make his way over to see her “have you seen the queen girl?” he called out harshly “I don’t think she is up yet, and I need the book I have to put a note into it, we have presents showing up today to talk to her something about there crops not growing and they want her favor for good harvest, I think they are brining gold”

AlyChes: -Chesmay was too busy eating her apple and listening to the sound of her own chewing, where she didn't even notice Sam came into the main hall. It was only when she heard his voice, she nearly chokes in her apple. She drops it to the floor and starts to cough before swallowing and looking at him with wide open eyes- S.. Sir..-She brings out stuttering and blinks a few times. She then shakes her head to him- No Sir, i haven't seen the Queen just yet. I didn't even realize the both of you came home. -She blushes bright red and lowers her eyes for a moment before looking up to him through her lashes as he requested for the book. Carefully she takes the book with both of her hands and holds it out for him to take.- Ofcourse Sir, that is surely something she must know about. -She said softly. If he was to take the book from her, Chesmay would take a step back and fold her hands behind her back as she lowers her eyes to the floor. Oh how she hated to be around this man alone. He gave her an uneasy feeling and even though she didn't know what it was, she didn't want to be near her as he could look at her as if she was some kind of prey. Biting the inside of her lip she only hoped Anaya would come soon so they could either finish their conversation or for the both of them to get to work-

Anaya: Sam took the book from the girl as he moved it and opened the cover up flipping the pages to the back crossing off yet another name from the bottom “a girl died in the sick bay the other night and the body of that angel woman was found by the stream” he said as he crossed the other name off, he had killed the angel girl a couple nights ago but that part he would leave out and not tell her about. Looking up he saw the apple roll along the floor as he reached down picking it up as he held it and the skin started to turn black, crap he touched it with his claws, he should not have touched it with his claws, crap he thought to himself as he gave a half smile “you should not eat this now” he said calmly as he took the apple that was still turning black and tossed it in a small bin over by the wall “yes we came back last night the alliance went well, we had a bit of a scare at the start but it sorted its self out, the queen is very unstable when she is away from the castle. But she was kept calm and I am glad I would not enjoy the clean up of she snapped when she was away from home. But was there anything new wall we were out?” he flipped some more pages forward as he took a claw and as if he was righting with ink he put down that towns people were to be coming to the castle to figure things out. And that they were brining gold. "and please call me Sam Sir is a bit much, i am not used to it "

AlyChes: -While Sam took the book from her, Chesmay kept her eyes lowered to the floor. This man scared her and she didn't even want to look at him until she was brave enough to face him. But who knows when that will be. As he spoke to her she only nodded and replayed with a simple "Mhm" every now and again to let him know she was listening. It was only when he picked the apple up, which immedietly started to turn back, Chesmay felt a slight pinch in her skin at her lower right arm at about wrist height. She hissed very softly and rubbed over her arm before looking over to Sam. It saddened her what happened to the apple, though she knew somewhere deep down inside it had to do with some kind of magic. Carefully looking him over, she thought about the possibility of him being a dragon too, which she only learned last night Anaya was too. Taking a deep breath, she quickly lowers her eyes again before letting go of the breath again ever so calmly. The pinch in her skin lingered for a moment untill Sam threw the apple in a bin. When he spoke again, Chesmay only nodded. But as he asked her if anything happened while they were out she blinked a few times. She left the guards to deal with that while her and the other maids and slaves cleaned the castle. She sighs and looks up to him to answer but before she could, Sam spoke again while he was writing in the book. Once he was done speaking Chesmay takes a breath and decides to try to be brave again. - Not that i recall Sam.. -It felt awkward to her calling her master by his name. She blinks a few times before continuing- All the maids and slaves and myself send our time cleaning the castle. The guards, i had asked them to deal with anything else. If something happened they wrote it in the book, i honestly couldn't tell you Si... Sam.. -She takes another breath before letting it go again as she looks back to the floor. Calling him by his name would surely take some getting used too and it wasn't going to be easy on her.-

Anaya: Sam flipped a couple more pages as he looked over the book to see if others had marked anything, it was over all a smooth day and nothing else seemed to be new “well there is not many new things other then the pips have yet to be fixed but that is about it” he looked at her his bright green eyes looking into hers “you don’t like me, it is fine, not many do, but I will not harm you even if you harm me, I am not allowed and over all I aim to not break my mates words” Sam moved his hand to itch the back of his head “she chould kill me and not even think twice” the funny part was he was right, he was sure this girl saw the world in her ruler but in the end Anaya was a dragon after all and did have a mean streak and was very powerful. “I am sure you have figured it out at this point that dragons rule this castle, she is on the top of the ranking order for sure”

AlyChes: -As Sam spoke, Chesmay only looked to the ground and nodded a few times. It was only when he spoke of not liking him, she wanted to speak to him. But per usual he continued to speak, which left her to nothing else but to listen again. It was only when he was done speaking she blinks a few times before looking his way with a gentle smile on her lips- Yes, i have figured out this place is ruled by dragons, it doesn't bother me. Not even a little. -Tilting her head up a little she wanted to show she was sure of what she said and to show she might be braver then she looked.- And Sir..-This time she said it on purpose- I can assure you, it has nothing to do with not liking you. You scare me. The way you look at me, the way i can see your hands are itching to touch me in any way your foul mind works. You look at me like a prey. And if there is one thing i can assure you Sir, for a beast like yourself, i will not become a prey of any sort. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever. -With that said Chesmay reached her right hand out for the book and waits for him to hand it to her. She wanted to let Anaya read it. Not him and she had her job to fulfill and she needed the book for it since she didn't want to get in trouble for it. She only hoped she wouldn't get in trouble for speaking up to Sam in the way she did.-

Anaya: Sam was interested in her she had spirit he would give her that “about four days or so I was sent hunting. On the way out I met a small elven girl, all of your kind is so small. But I met her, spent a while talking to her and hearing her life, she had a child she left back in Elvenkind, the place she came from, got married last year to some human male who she stated she loved and had a job at a local tavern. I invited her to come with me out behind the tavern as I stated I had a hound that had a bad leg and she came out back to help me. One touch and her life ended, I watched the shimmer fade from her eyes as I finished with eating the body before it fully turned to a pile of rancid slop. She kind of looked like you, just a bit dirtier clothing” he said it all with no feeling on his face and just flipped a page of the book. He then shut the book and held it out to her his bright green eyes looking at you “you are pray, even when you think you are not, elves and humans are pray to dragons, you are live stock, do you know that there is a small far amount 3 days trip from her that raises human baby’s to grow and sell like cattle to other beings that eat or enslave them, the slaver that brought you here more then likely has done the same with others of your kind, sold them only knowing they would end up dead and eaten by something else. If you are not pray then please inform me what you are” Sam gave a grin as he looked at her and looked at his claws “oh be careful touching my fingers will turn you into that apple”

AlyChes: -As Sam held the book out to her, Chesmay snatched it out of his claw without touching him and held it to her chest with two arm wrapped around it. As he spoke to her about the girl of her kind, something she didn't fully know started to boil in her. Rage. Tilting her head up even more, she took a step towards him as he sat on his throne. She narrows her eyes a little as started to speak in a tone far softer then her usual voice- My kind, as you say it, might be a pray in your eyes. But that doesn't mean i will be. -She then leans over a little and tilts her head to the right.- For i will not give up on what i'm starting to developed for your beloved mate. And unless you have a death wish, i suggest you stay clear of me for it might just slip my lips you attempted to threaten me. -While she spoke to her, her lips curled into a little smile. She then tilts her head back-Because you.. Sir.. -She spoke the word Sir as if it was a curse- .. You are nothing more, then a murderess, self-centred beast who doesn't give one little thing about any other living being other then himself and the one person he desires most, his Queen. -While she spoke to him she wrinkled her nose in discustment. She then slowly stands straight again and smiles to him.- If you will excuse me, i have a job to do..-With that Chesmay turns around and starts to head for the kitchen. Intentionally she placed her feet in front of the other on the cold tile floor, making her hips sway a little more then usual. Normally Chesmay would ask him if she could get him anything, but right now, she simply refused to do so. With a slight grin on her lips she starts to head towards the kitchen. This would surely be something she had to report back to Anaya once she would see her. And just the thought of seeing her again, made her grin fade for a rather bright smile and push all the harsh words which Sam just said, fade away like snow to the sun. Chesmay didn't know why she suddenly had the courage to stand up to Sam, but she surely did. Maybe it had something to do with the feelings she started to developed for Anaya and knowing Sam was her lawful mate, made her slightly jealous.-

Anaya: Once Chesmay was gone “she loves you you know” he said softly as Anaya walked around the side corner dressed in that blue gown that dragged along the ground “she has a lot of fight this girl you cling to, you do know her love for you will end in heart break, can you really give her what she needs? Or would you lie to her in hopes of making her days brighter” Anaya looked at Sam as she walked over to him and put a simple hand to his cheek “you don’t have to be so hard on her scaring her that way, why do you even bother doing it, she holds no ill will to you, and she does not threaten what you have” Sam rested his cheek into her soft pam as he shut his eyes and took a breath “no but I guess I just don’t like it when I cant touch them, and she holds a place within you already and she is so new, you have given her hope that she will be more but all you are doing is replacing what we both lost” Anaya looked at him as Sam stood up “I lost her to Anaya and there is nothing that can bring her back, she died to keep us safe. Our little Milla ran into the fray to fight everything in front of us and you sit here trying to what grow a replacement!” Sams eyes dug into Anaya as she removed her hand from him “I know she is not our boar demon Samuel, I know that, and I know she will never be that but we need a new top girl here and a new person at my side, I sit here alone and now with her here it just feels less empty. And even if she loves me and I cant love her back at least she will have the peace in her heart and the happiness and that is not wrong of me” “in the end Anaya you are going to leave that girl in a pile when she tells you her feelings, you think I would be the one to kill her but no I will just clean up the mess you jump on the ground” Sam gave a snarl turning around and leaving storming out the doors to outside to do what he wanted play in the snow and go down to town to sit in a tavern and maybe have some fun with a bar maid “Sam I…” Anaya said as he left and did not even turn around “wanted to know how the egg was doing…” she said softly as she let out a sigh. “Maid, go fetch a plate from the cook of this mornings foods and have Chesmay bring me the morning mint tea and ice round. Thank you” the maid turned from were she was standing and went to do as ordered as Anaya moved and sat in her throne with a sigh thinking about everything.

AlyChes: -As Chesmay reached the dinninghall, she quickly turned around against the wall near the door and slowly lowers herself to the floor as she holds her right hand to her chest. She never knew she had that in her. It even scared her a little, especially standing up to Sam. Vaguely she heard what was being said in the main hall but she couldn't quite understand it. Leaning her head back against the wall she sighs and closes her eyes for a moment before a maid came rushing in.- Oh Chesmay, the Queen needs you to bring her her morning round of mint tea with ice and her breakfast. Are... -The maid blinks a few times.- Are you alright? -The maid then asked. Chesmay rolled her eyes a little and nods as she sighs- Yes, i'm fine. I'll go and grab breakfast for the queen and her tea. You go do... I don't know. Don't you have some cleaning to do? -With that said the maid scatters off while Chesmay pushes herself up. The thing with Sam got to her a little more then she was willing to admit. Once she stood on her feet again she ran her hands over her silks to straighten them before heading to the kitchen where she collected Anaya's breakfast and her mint tea with ice. She then sees a white rose in the window. It was mid winter and so it was odd to see a rose in this cold. Walking over to the window, she carefully opens it before picking the rose. She smiles a little and decides to place it on to Anaya's platter. She closes the window again and does as decided. After placing everything on a silver platter, she places the book on it as well and picks the platter up with both hands before turning around. While she made her way to the main hall, she went over the past events. Surely Anaya must know already and she was either going to get in big trouble for it or she would simply talk about it with Anaya. Either way, Chesmay had to open up to her, something she didn't like doing so much. There on her throne sat the white haired woman Chesmay started to adore so much. It made her smile a little to see her. Gracefully and with the platter steady in both hands, she reaches Anaya.- Good morning Madam -Chesmay said as friendly as possible and places the platter on the right armrest of Anaya's throne. After doing that, Chesmay takes a few steps back and folds her hands in front of her as she lowers her eyes to the floor-

Anaya: Anaya looked up at Chesmay as the doors behind them swung softly and she moved a hand as they shut with a thunk. “good morning Chesmay, I hope you are well this morning” she said softly as she ran her fingers over to the platter and with a claw she picked up some of the meat on the side and put it in her mouth. God food was so good and the maids even set aside a small dish of pearls for her this morning, she needed it, she really did it had bin a long day and Sams attitude was far from helping at all and she new right now or moments from now he was going to be bedding another woman down in some tavern in town and not caring about anything at the castle, then it would just be another dead body to clean up. He had needs she new that, he had a lot of needs and had a dragon sized want for anything with legs and she just could not give him what he wanted all the time. And she new he missed Milla they were a pare them two, always running around together she had never seen her mate happier then when Milla was around but now Sam just seemed to grow more distant, this place was more his job then his home. Anaya put another chunk of meat into her mouth but it was clear she had a lot on her mind.

AlyChes: -As Anaya spoke to her, Chesmay looks up to her and tilts her head a little- Yes, all is well Madam. I do hope you enjoy the clean castle the maids, slaves and myself have made sure off. Including your private chambers -Chesmay slimed a little more to her and tilts her head back up. Looking over the platter, Chesmay just now notices the pearls. It made her wonder what they were for, but she didn't want to ask.- How are you this morning Madam? I hope you had a nice sleep -While Chesmay asks, she wonder where Anaya slept since her bed was empty. She blinks for a moment before looking around. She had explored every inch of the castle and yet she didn't find anything which looked like a place where Anaya could be sleeping. Biting the inside of her lower lip for a moment before lowring her eyes again. She had a hunderd questions for Anaya. Going from who she is, to when Chesmay was allowed to go outside, to what she was and wasn't allowed to do. Looking through her lashes at Anaya, she bites her lip a little more before quickly lowering her eyes again.-

Anaya: Softly Anaya moved a hand and ran her claws in Chesmay’s hair “go off to the other room and start cleaning the library it is a mess in there and some books need putting back on the shelves.  And when you are done I am sure lunch will need some help being maid, the meat racks need refilling and it is warm out so it is a good day for it.” As Anaya looked at her Chesmay looked almost sad she did not get to ask what she wanted but then nodded with a simple yes man and went on her way. Watching her go Anaya gave a nice smile as the doors to the castle flung open “I am to mad to go out!” he called out as he walked back inside and stormed over siting with a humph in his throne. Sam crossed his arms and sat there “how is the egg doing Samuel” Anaya said with a cheeky grin on her face as if she had won something, bugger could not leave and did not go to bed the whores in town, to mad, liar he just did not want to walk out angary. “we should have hatching starting in a view days’ time, the baby is growing well and fast my …my love” he said as he grumbled the last bit. “I am glad then we will have a little one running around it will be nice. ” Sam nodded but said nothing as he sat in his chair pulling a hat he had grabbed over his eyes trying to be as much of a dick as he could be and block out the world.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: Kylleene was riding her horse through the woods She had been found wanting and had caught by the village. At this time she was the last surviving member of her family and was in desperate search for shelter. The villagers were going to kill her for being a vampire. Being a rouge and without a form of safety she fled into the woods she ran as fast her horse could carry her for the townspeople were already after her. She had stumbled upon the castle avoiding the trolls she tied her horse to the fence and walked up to the entrance and knocked on the door.

Venene: Ana sighs softly as she looks towards the horizon. Her mother’s home was in sight, just another half an hour at most of riding and she’d be home. She wondered what was waiting for her this time when she returns. Last time she came home she was nearly raped by a guard who latter was latter killed, and there where multiple people killed right in front of her. Death was nothing new to her; she was a killer for higher herself. It’s how she kept money in her pocket as she traveled. She looks down at herself and nearly laughs, for once she looked like a female. She wore a dress that stopped just above her knees with a highly poofy layered skirt. She wore black stockings below it to cover her pale legs. She quickly braids her silky blond hair so she can throw it over her shoulder. She takes a deep breath before she slowly exhales. She then clicks her tongue at her black horse, they looked funny together she was pale as snow and he was black as night; he starts to slowly trout towards the home causing the braid to bounce up and down on her back. She wondered what her mother would say to her returning home again. She hadn’t lasted long last time she came home but her gut had started to tell her she was needed at home and she was finally listening to it. Her bow and arrows where strapped to the horse but below her skirt was still a dagger. After about twenty five minutes she makes it through the gates to her mother’s home, heading straight for the stable. She puts him in the biggest stall that was available, quickly filling up the water and the food for him, throwing down some fresh hay on the ground for him to lay on. She takes her bag of clothing and food as well as her weapons before she leaves the stall. She pauses to speak with the help that was in charge of the stable, threating death on them if anyone so much as went near her horse. Last time she came home she snuck through a window and kept her presents hidden until morning, this time was different. She could feel a change in the energy and it worried her. She throws the bag over her shoulder and heads to the front door. She quickly adjusts her dress and lets her messy braid fall over her shoulder. Her hair frizzy and had some twigs and leafs in it but either way she walks through the already open doors, walking strait in several steps before she speaks out, “Mother I’m home.” She doubted her Mother could hear her but she knew her presents would be felt from the moment she stepped foot onto the property. After another moment she walks off towards the throne room, glancing about to see if the help had started to clean properly again or if they were being lazy as hell again.

Anaya: “it feels good when the kids come home” she said softly as she looked at Sam siting there “come on Samuel get up our favorite adopted daughter has come home I can feel her within the walls, that elven one you liked”  Sam looked out from under his hat “we only have one adopted girl child…we only have one adopted kid now” he gave a chuckle happy Jeff was at long last gone and not coming back this time, maybe he would die out there in the world make Sam one happy man. He looked over to Anaya taking his hat from his head and putting it on the back of the throne right on the top hanging it there. “so Ana is back then?” “just give her a moment and I am sure she will pop into a door, you can be the first to greet her I am sure she missed you” Sam new Anaya was sugar coating shit but he did not care be nice to see some more girls in here, always was nice to see more girls in here. The taping on the door made louder by the castle as a guard move and opened the chamber doors there creaking sounding like death, they needed some oil that was for sure. “oh miss…” a guard said as he looked past the girl at the gates to beyond were a troll had grabbed the horse and picked it up as it thrashed and kicked violently “Horthy!” it called out as it turned around grabbing the animal by the back end and dragging it along the ground. The swift hits on the poor things head knocking it cold so it flopped along the ground behind the massive troll.  “eh I don’t think ye gona get you animal back eh, they eat it before you get to it, trolls be stupid ya know” the guard said as he moved his hand in ushering in the girl if she so pleased to come inside out of this odd weather.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: As the door opened up she smiled seeing a guard. "Oh thank you so much." She turned around and saw the troll with her horse. She let out a growl. "Well, it was one I stole from the villagers. They won't miss it one bit. It was an old horse anyway he had health issues. So he’s out of his misery now. Poor thing” She chuckled lightly with an evil smirk on her face. “Plus i don’t think they will follow me this far.” Stepping indoors she looked around at the interior and saw the hustle and bustle of the castle. “Thank you. Is the queen here. It's kind of urgent." She was playing with her fingers out of nervousness. Her hair was blond and braided in the front and around the side. Her dress was long and black she wore a fur pelt on her shoulders and a cloak that was the same length as her dress. It was a nice feeling not to be hunted. She felt at peace within the first steps of being here. She hoped that the queen would grant her sanctuary by letting her live here or better yet even adopt her. Kylleene was always seen as the outcast and she longed to be apart of something bigger, a family. She sat in the foyer patiently waiting for the Queen to address her.

Venene: Ana walks strait into the throne room. The heels of her boots clicking loudly off the floor. She gets half way through the throne room before she stops, a small smile spreading over her face as she looks up towards her mother first and then her eyes drift over to Samuel for a moment before going back to her mother just before she speaks, “I hope I wasn’t missed to much Mother. Hello to you as well Samuel. I see someone’s been cracking a whip with the help to make sure it’s clean again. But.. I think someone needs to rebuild the stable it seems to be a bit… of balance.” She fondles with the bag strapped to her, her hands quickly reaching down to adjust the skirt of her dress, the white of the skirt slightly dirty from her ride not to mention the bit of dirt on her face and the sight of her hair filled with twigs and leafs. At this point she just prayed that she didn’t smell like she’d been on the road for awhile. Silently cursing herself for how dirty she had gotten and started to think she should have snuck in and cleaned up before she came to see her mother but it was too late for that now. She knew her mother would have a distraction soon and she’d be able to sneak off and clean up.

Anaya: Sam got up as he could hear Ana and out of the blue he got up as she stopped and in the mist of her talking he moved hugging her tightly wrapping his arms around her in a snug grip. “glad to have you home, home for good?” his green eyes flickered as he looked at her and then let her go so he would not harm her. Anaya looked up and looked at Sam, at least he was in a good mood now “he missed you more then I thought” he gave a chuckle as she looked to them both “it is good to see you home my dear girl, and yes we got new slaves they have bin working hard one I am sure you will like Chesmay is her name, top of the bunch reminds me a lot like you when you first came here. And yes your brother finished building it with a troll helper, what you get with troll work, he finished in a rush as he left the night after it was done.” Anaya looked out as red eyes looked over seeing the doors open and a guest walk in. “come forth to the iron” she called out as she moved her hands to rest upon her knees as she watched the new comer, smelled like vampire, undead, she did not like undead, most new this about her, but she would not just toss it out, hell a undead saved her backside only the night last so she had a bit more tolerance for them even if they smelled of dirt and dead things. “What brings you to the Iron new one” she called out as there guest would soon be approaching.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: Hearing the Queen address her. She stood up and walked forward to greet her. Kylleene bowed gracefully before her. “My name is Kylleene your majesty. I’m a runaway. My family has been killed by the villagers to the far east from here. I have no where else to go. I’m in search for sanctuary and hopefully a family. I traveled here through the woods in order to escape.” She was only about 16 years of age. Her eyes were filled with tears for she had never asked this of anyone before. She lived her life in the shadows and was exhausted of it. Her skin was starting to look pale from not drinking and her eyes turning red. She noticed a male out of the corner of her eye and another female. She placed her attention back to the queen. “Forgive If I’m intruding, this is unlike me.” She sat back down on the sofa and pulled out a small vile of blood and drank it. The vial was usually her emergency supply in case she started to feel sick like she was now. After drinking it her skin started to go back to its original color and her eyes were turning back to a green. “That’s better. I must say your majesty this is a beautiful place.” Smiling at her without showing her fangs. It wasn’t often she bared her fangs unless she felt threatened, upset or angry.

Venene: As Samuel wraps her in a hug she squeaks out softly, almost like that of a small mouse, her arms wrapping back around him lightly. She nods softly at his question before she speaks to both of them, “Yes as far as I can tell I am home for good, and yes Momma it seems he did miss me. Who would use a troll for repairs?” She steps back slightly, brushing herself off again. It takes a moment for the comment of Jeff leaving to hit her. Just as she goes to ask about it her mother was addressing the new comer so she figures she will pester her mother about it later. After the new comer had her mother’s attention she moves to attempt to sneak off towards the stairs, hoping her room was still in the same place and this time it wasn’t a mess. All she could think of at the moment was taking a nice hot bath and scrubbing her trip away. Granted she was liable to make her appearance to lunch in yet another dress. She found dresses where comfortable when she wasn’t on a job and she had a feeling she wouldn’t be doing another job for a very long time.

Anaya: Anaya watched the girl as Sam moved and looked away from his adopted daughter as he nodded to her to go clean up giving her a sly wink and chuckling at her comment of who uses trolls to fix something she was so much smarter then Jeff, he was glad she was home and Jeff was gone, it would be a good day. Turning around as his bright green slit eyes looked at the vampire girl and then he looked at Anaya knowing full well how much Anaya disliked the undead, this girl would be walking thin ice with the queen. “blood sucker eh” Sam barked up as his black tongue flicked over his lips and he took his throne beside his mate. Anaya smiled as she lightly took his hand still looking at the girl “she wants a family; I am guessing she wishes to be adopted under the crown. But being an undead is not of this empire, but if she is willing to earn her stripes it can be done. You will be made a slave for the time being, work to earn your place and prove your worth, be it slave or maid you pick, we also could use a door girl. The guards hate opening the door for everyone” Anaya leaned back in her chair as her snow white hair fell over her face and her gown moved a bit as a slight breeze picked up from a window that a maid had opened to let in some warm air from outside. It held a slight chill but it was a odd feeling warm air and cold ground.  “other then being undead what skills do you have girl, are you a good cook or worker?” Anayas red eyes shimmered as Sam leaned his head on the back of his throne holding her hand softly letting his black claws rest upon her clear ones and pale skinned hand.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: She didn’t like being called a blood sucker but she kept her cool and hid her temper well. “If being adopted isn’t an issue your majesties. I’m from the next village away from here.” Listening to their questions about her abilities, she answered and explained in detail without being too demanding. “I’m able to use empathy as a means to tell if someone is lying.” She looked over at the King and noticed that he wasn’t fond of her. “I can cook. I’m not much a fighter but I know how to use a weapon. I can help around where need be. I’m also very good at healing and creating spells and potions.” Being what she was she able to learn from witches within her village before the townsfolk attacked. She looked towards Sam. “I understand and that is fine. Perhaps a door girl would be a good way to start. If I may? I have no intention of hurting anyone within your family. But I will protect them if they are being harmed.” She said this with confidence and a warm smile. She folded her hands while she stood straight. To show them that she was capable of learning their ways.

Venene: Once Ana had made it to her room she was quickly stripped down, tossing her belongings on the bed and leaving the dirt clothing tossed around on the floor. It was one of the few moments she was happy to have a bathroom attached to her room, it let her roam between the two, bare fleshed and let her skin breath. She draws the water, leaving it ice cold. She was use to the icy water now; she had bathed in too many streams to get use to the hot water. She takes her sweet time in the bath, letting herself clean away her trip, using the sweet scented soaps she keeps there to refresh her scent. The soaps where laced with mint, causing a bit of a cooling effect. After a while she stands, the water had turned black from all the dirt, but her skin was back to being pale and her hair was untangled and dangling down over her shoulders. She goes to her room, slipping into a tight fitting black laced dress. It perfectly clung to her curves. She decides to go bare foot, leaving her long muscled legs exposed. She then moves to walk back to the throne room to take her place at her mother’s side, leaving her room a mess and figured that someone would have warned the new maids about going into her room and how ill-advised it was. She left herself un-armed to an extent, granted she could still use magic if she got into a sticky situation.

AlyChes: When she was out of ears reach she sighs softly. Instead of doing more cleaning, Chesmay would really just have a sit down with Anaya and talk about a few things which were on her mind. But for now she had to so as told. It had been half an hour, give or take a few minutes, when Anaya told her to go clean and help where she could. Chesmay and 5 other maids or slaves had just cleaned the library and put all the books back where they belonged. Once done she leans against one of the bookshelves and closes her eyes for a moment.- Chesmay, are you alright? -One of the maids asked her. Slowly Chesmay opens her eyes and looks at the girl before smiling softly and giving her a nod.- I'm fine. Just thinking and wanting to go outside again. I've been inside for so long now.. I hate it.. -She lowers her eyes for a moment before pushing herself off the bookcase and lifting her shoulders.- But i guess that will never happen.. -With that Chesmay starts to head towards the library door before placing her right hand on the handle and opening the door before stepping outside and closing the door behind her. She left the book with Anaya to read it. Though as she heard voices ringing through the halls, she figured Anaya had company. She only hoped Anaya wouldn't be mad for leaving the book with her. Afterall, Anaya did need to read it sooner or later. As she walked through the halls on her bare feet, one of the guards stopped her.- Chesmay... There is something you need to see -Crimson smiled at her. Chesmay had met Crimson the other night and they talked for hours. She knew about the horrible things he had done, but she didn't care. In fact, she forgave him. That was enough for the man to like her and make sure she wouldn't get harmed while he was on the job. Chesmay nods to him and follows him as he turns around. As he stepped outside through one of the doors the guards used, Chesmay stopped in the door opening. Taking a deep breath, fresh clean air filled her lungs. Immediately making her feel more alive. Being inside in the damp air, made her tired and she needed some time to charge herself up again and she knew a way to do that was to for outside. But she wasn't sure if she was allowed to go outside and so she looked at Crimson.- I don't know if i can...-She said softly. Crimson raised a brow and tilts his head for a moment- Oh come on, Ches... No one will tell on you and if Anaya asks, you had to help me with something.. -Chesmay sighs and looks at him before shaking her head- I rather not. I don't want to get in trouble.. Some other time maybe..-With that Chesmay turns around leaving the smell of fresh air behind and walks back into the castle as she makes her way towards the kitchen to see if she could be of any use there, not knowing Crimson was coming back inside and coming after her. He was determined to win her over to come outside with him.-

Anaya: Anaya watched the girl, cute thing she was, but undead were over all a disgrace in the lands here, this girl was not going to have a smooth ride in the castle life but if she was willing to ride this storm there would be rewards out of it. “alright then, you will be a slave here and be a door girl, so your job, to look nice and open the door when people come to it, you are to stay in the main hall” ((try oocly to be in the room as much as you are able even if parking that is ok)) “you will show the worth of the crown as a slave of chain to here, it will not be a smooth ride for you being undead but you will live fine. Now we will strip you and dress you properly as well as give you a nice collar of iron to go around that nice neck of yours” Anaya could be just as harsh and cold as Sam was and all he could do was smile siting three in his chair, slaves were fun to play with as long as he did not kill them. Anaya looked to Sam and then back to the girl “a maid will take you to the bath house there they will strip you of what you own and you will be given new garments that you will be expected to keep clean and washed, over time if you are good in your every day tasks and even go beyond more will be given to you” (as well as after this post I will call you to shop together pick out some nice red silks for you and get you all dressed up for here. Even if Anaya can be harsh she treats her girls good. And got to start at the bottom of the ladder and work ones way up) Sam could smell the mint in the air, he took a breath and closed his eyes, everything in this castle was linked in some way to him or Anaya, the sound of flowing water in the pipes the faint smell of mint and bath soaps, the pungent smell of the trolls and the under dwellings of the castle it was all linked and in moments when they both wanted to it was as of the dragons could see it all. Sam opened his eyes back up and looked to there new slave girl “you know we have never had a undead slave girl” he looked to Anaya and then back to the girl “just make sure you when feeding don’t eat the maids or other servants if you need blood to sustain yourself we can get you live stock or towns people from not our town, just be sure to inform us of when you need and what you need”

PhoenixMystRedBlood: Kylleene nodded. “I completely understand.” She knew that earning trust would take time. She knew that this wasn’t going to be easy and was going to take time. She had never been treated like this before and was willing to do anything to her earn her stripes here. “Thank you your Majesties.” She said with a smile. “In regards to my feeding. I can last for awhile; I drink blood as a result of hunting. I go into the woods and drink mainly deer. I use their carcasses for meat. That way the entire being doesn’t go to waste. I was taught this ever since I was turned.” As she finished her sentence a maid entered the room and motioned Kylleene to follow her, which she did. While in the bathhouse she was stripped naked and her clothes torn. Her body was beautiful even though she was undead and her fangs remained hidden as the others tended to her. Those that tended to her washed her thoroughly. The water smelled like mint and lavender. Her hair was washed and braided. Once dried she was dressed in red slave garments. Even though she was a slave to the King and Queen, to her this was more than she could asked for.

Venene: She makes her way to her mother’s side. Her bare feet made it harder to tracker her around the castle. Her elven side still showed at times, she was stealthy and after her bath her elven beauty shown through too now. She stops at the side of her mother throne, gently setting her hand against her mother’s shoulders. Staying silent, making the assumption that the short skirt of her dress would simply rest against her thighs. She leans over after a moment, pressing a soft kiss to her mother cheek. She was hopeful the mint oil wasn’t overwhelming in scent. She straitens herself again, standing up with a strait spine, almost as if she was a guard and not the adopted child. She was protective of the ones she now considered family, god knows she had earned her station. She had earned her respect. She let her mind wonder as she stood there, wondering if there had been any other changes during her time away. Mother had already spoken of the help and now it seemed her mother had a new one to add to the mix. She keeps her face strait well she thinks but still there enough to be brought back if addressed.

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AlyChes: Chesmay, wait up! -Crimson yelled out for her. With a sigh Chesmay turns around to him and smiles. She knew she was now within Anaya's and Sam's great hearing and so she couldn't tell him off in a rude manner.- Yes sir? -She answers to him. Crimson only raised a brow and tilts her head to her- What's with the sir? Ches.. It's me.. -He then holds his hand out to her and waits for her to take it- Come on Ches.. It will be fun outside. It will just be for a little bit. Anaya won't even notice. -Chesmay looks at his hand for a moment before looking up to him with a soft smile- I'm sorry, but I can't. I'm needed in the kitchen -With that Chesmay turns around again and makes her way to the kitchen, leaving Crimson behind. He sighs softly and turns his head to look into the main hall towards Anaya. She had to give the girl some freedom to go outside. He thought it wasn't right to keep a woodland elf inside at all times. With that thought he turned around and went back to the hoards office. In the mean time Chesmay had reached the kitchen where lunch was being prepared. Grabbing an apple, she sits down on one of the stools for a moment and starts eating the apple with her right hand while she moves her right foot over her left knee and starts to rub it with her left hand. After a while she switched foot and hand before tossen the heart of the apple in a bin and standing back up again. For the first time since she had been here, Chesmay didn't really feel like doing anything. Walking over to Desmall before sitting back on a stool near her and smiles up to her.- Can i hide here for a moment or two? -Desmall nodded and laughed- Of course silly. Taste this..-With that Desmall pressed a spoon full of soup in Chesmay's mouth before pulling it back- Well? -She blinks a few times. Chesmays swirls the soup around in her mouth and blinks a few times before making a sour face- Little salty... Put some pepper and some water in it.. Oh and some oregano and it'll be perfect. -Chesmay said before smiling up to her. She then places her elbow on the table and leans in her chin in her hand as her other hand starts to toy with a carrot. Desmall looks at her with a raised brow- Bored? -She asks. Chesmay giggles and shakes her head- No, just a little blah today, that's all.. -Desmall nods and goes back to cooking as Chesmay stares out of the window where she plucked the white rose from earlier. Which reminded her. How did a rose grow this time of year? That was something she had to look into, but some other time. For now, Chesmay just wanted to hide for a little.-

FiliaSaton: The tugging on her tail as she did her best to break free hurt as the tight metal cored tighten in to her tail and her sweet cries seem to fall on deaths ear. Her little furry body was becoming tired now and he big blue kitten eyes began to feel heavy. The little black lips started to close and her head started to bob lower and lower as the little kitten began to doze off . Her poor little black fluffy head finally gave and she drop in to a black fluffy ball. Her paws would rest over her head as she made muffle snoring purrs. She dream softly of rolling in cat nip and mice and rats serving them up in from dinner . As she dream her tail loosen and was no long stuck in the piano wire, with out noticing thing she curl her tail around her fluffy silk fur. She would not rest long as it seem kittens never do. As she woke she found her tail lose and free she would take a minute to lick her soft cuddly tail, smoothing the fur . Finishing up and making her tail nice and clean as if she had never got it caught, she looked out from the edge of the piano. She would watch all around her. Tucking her into the piano so she could see out but no one could see her she lay there and waited for some one to pass her by as she plan to pounce on the first victim that did , her hole rear t wicked back and forth as she waited and her tail waving wildly in the air as she waited with a grin .

Anaya: As Anaya took a breath the new girl gone and things back to being partly peaceful she looked at Sam with a grin “you not going to break the new vampire right” Sam gave a chuckle as he put his arm around her and she leaned on his shoulder a moment as she moved seeing her daughter all dressed up she gave a smile “well don’t you look lovely, now tell me about your travels” Anaya said as she leaned over and put her elbows on the arm rests. Relaxing a tad in her throne she took a breath as she called out to a maid “bring me my mint tea with ice round in the center of it please maid” she ordered as the maid said nothing but smiled and hurried away to the dinning hall to do as instructed.

Venene: Ana snaps back to attention the moment her mother spoke towards her, her attention snapping back to them. A soft smile spreads over her lips before she speaks, “I took off north, staying in the forests mostly Mother. Making sure my old areas where still untainted by the humans. I did a couple of kills, mainly when I needed money. Of course they were only on people who deserved it. No needless kills. And the bodies will never be found.” She smirked a bit at that comment. She knew how to kill cleanly and make sure her bodies where never found. No one ever knew exactly how many bodies she had on her, it was her own little secret. “I came across a small town in the mountains. They had mentioned troubles with people disappearing. I looked into it but found nothing.” She figured it was worth mentioning, perhaps mother knew something about it that she hadn’t been able to pick up or she’d send one of the younger egger guards out there to look into it. There wasn’t much to tell of her trip, she avoided people for the most part, staying to the wild animals instead. She figured there would be questions to follow so she’d give Mother and Samuel time to ask them.

Anaya: “we have bin having problems with cultists here as well and our own towns people vanishing as well as other matters I will talk to you about in privet” Sam looked to Anaya, what was she talking about she had not said anything to him, but then again they had not really had together alone time today and maybe that was what she was waiting for. Sam leaned back in his throne as he relaxed a bit more hearing both Anaya and Ana talk amongst one another. “your trip sounds most enjoyable, is there anything on your mind now that you are home my dear” Anaya said softly as she moved her fingers to fiddle with her gown fixing out the wrinkles and lisoning to the grunting outside from the crazy trolls doing god knows what but for sure making a mess wall doing it.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: Kylleene had returned from the bathhouse all clean and washed and smelling sweet of mint and soap. She had on a black skirt and red top with gold jewels that had bin given to her by the maid who aided her in washing. She had found the King and Queen in the same room as before but this time there was someone else present. The maid who guided her brought her back as she gave a respectful bow of her head. “M’ladies and M’lord. Your new slave is ready. I hope you approve of her appearance.” She bowed once more to them upon her entrance and gave them all a soft smile. She stood in the middle of the room waiting for the Queen to examine her to see if the others did a good job.

Venene: She shakes her head as her mother starts to talk to her again. She nods softly before she speaks, “I do have a question but I think it best left unspoken until were able to move to a more private area.” Just as she finished speaking the new slave to her mother walked in and she returns to her silent, stone like statute. She knew her mother would call her off to private in due time. She inspected her mother’s new slave herself as she was brought forth. She was picky with the help, and she knew her mother knew this of her. She spent a long time herself at her now Mothers feet granted no one really remembered this other than her mother and herself and perhaps Samuel if he thought back far enough. She was elven so she didn’t age like the humans. She did her best to avoid the undead, she had heard a rumor once or twice that they loved elven blood, it was a treat to them. She made a note to keep an eye on the new girl for now. She wasn’t sure if it was just a story to scare elven kids or the truth but she wasn’t going to speak out about it either way. She couldn’t help but feel like there was a pair of eyes on her, she didn’t want to look about and act nervous so she ignored it.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was just coming out of her room after a long stay in homeland territory, She decided to stay in the castle for the day after finishing up her mission not too long ago, She had actually participated in a three day tournament and defeated her target during the finals with many close calls in the process, She took her target to another Kingdom and left him at the gates before she made a journey that went on through that night, She didn’t get home until late and now she is glad to finally be done, “sheesh. I really need to watch myself,” Scarlet moved her shoulder in a circle motion to rid herself of the soreness she was feeling as she went to her closet to dress herself in one of her silk dresses, “wait just a…” Scarlet screamed and fell on her backside to the sight of an unpleasant looking dress in her closet, she dressed herself in the purple dress she had already taken and hurried out of her room, “That is not suppose to be there.” She said to herself as she quickly walked down the stairs “oof...ouch...eek…” She had actually tripped and slid half way down the steps during her rush, “ah dang it...I hope no one saw that” she thought to herself as she walked the rest of the way down the stairs-

DayaAutum: -From behind the shadows cast upon her door by the Wraith Nightcrawler nothing was seen or heard yet. The shadows consumed all light and all sound. No complaint was made by Daya or the Blackwoods, in fact it was Dayas intensions to request that the shadow remained lest any wayward guards make it their mission to listen upon any conversations and report it too the cult. Behind the door Sable joked about how considerate and usefull the Wraith had been, Daya and Sebastian however, while they agreed the shadow was useful did not appreciate the humor finding the threat of the possible return of the Nightcrawler a most sobering thought. The scent of roses and lilacs became stronger as heavily embroidered black fabric or spiders silk, heavily and intricately woven from the silk of several different species of spiders parted the shadow first followed by the rest of the form of Daya. She was no longer in her armor but had changed into one of her dresses. One of such workmanship that it took a full year to complete. Her jewelry was as she accustomed, gaudy and far to much for good taste. Her head was covered by her long black hair of large curls falling from the large silvery crown. All the silvery jewelry was set stones of black onyx save one enchanted ring of lapis luzi and a piar of bracers of some unknown gem. They were in fact magical swords which would extend upon her wrists, strong as steel and sharp as freshly napped obsidian. If broken they would simply grow again. She smiled pleasantly and nodded to a maid as she became sick in one of her cleaning buckets having started upon a long and particularly repulsive set of reaver entrails. She passed and lifted the hem of her dress as she elegantly decended the stone stairs and came to the Throne room. Her knees bent as she lifted upon her toes and lowered herself down keeping her beack straight. Her plams faced outwards with the forefinger and thumb tips touching and her elbows straight. In her cursy she did not bow her head or lower her eyes as was the custom in her land for one of her station to curtsy to another ruler. - Good day Queen Anaya - Her voice the usual smooth voice of perfectly pronounced words. As usual the sound though smooth and delcate had the effect of a polite and elegant menacing hiss. - we have much to discus - She rose from her cursty setting her pale white eyes, reflective of the castles flames from deep within her pupils -it was indeed my son who came last late, and did indeed bring information of much use to us.

Anaya: Anaya could hear her sister drop and fall down the steps as she could not help but laugh to herself “we have to get that girl into how to walk like a royal classes or something” Sam could not help but chuckle the sister to the queen was kind of a dork. But he did not mind her and she was also one of the very few women he was not interested in, for good reason Anaya would have his neck on a plate if he even eyeballed her youngest and only known to be living sister. Sams eyes soon turned to the vampire girl before them, my my did she change when you put a nice silk on her and put her hair back, the girl was cleaned up and would suit the castle well and make it proud. “you clean up very nice” Sam said as he put his hands on his lap as he would deal with the matters of the girl wall Anaya was going to soon be handling other things as he new the whole talk in privet thing would happen soon now that the lycans and that Autum had shown up. Sam leaned forword as his claws reached out gently grabing a hold of the girls hips not not to place his claws upon her skin but only ue the palms of his hands to guide her over to him. “now, you are to be lustful and sexual, show the men here you are a woman” he gave a smile as he moved his fingers as he gently pushed her breasts up and pulled her top down slightly but not all the way to just show a bit more skin and almost a nipple. “be a tease, shows our wealth that we have you, even if we never did pay coin for you, we don’t want others to know that. Some people really like vampires and what is not to like that pale skin the plump fresh look your ever lasting youth, use it all to your advantage, you are to be a good girl for all the guys that come in here, if you are not opening the door for more people, you give them service, see if they want food or drink, ale or wine, we will have one of the other girls show you how to act and how to be for the men and woman that come into the halls” Sam put his hands on the girls hips in thought of how she would react to him and his touch, would she shy away or move closer he wondered. Anaya looked over to Sam and the girl and gave a smile he handled her well as long as he did not aim to fuck and kill her all would be kept on a stable level. She looked to her daughter and saw miss Daya coming down to greet them all “glad to see you are up and about miss Daya and yes we can handle things but not in the main hall, please your self my daughter and I can go to the council room and talk at the meeting table it is more privet, Sam can handle all matters out here for sure and you can brief us on what your son has brought to our attention” Anaya was now handling matters of this with a bit more stern sense, she could not ignore it anymore and the members of the house would be informed when they needed to be, but first the royal family was going to be kept in the loop. She got up from her throne and nodded to the new girl as she left Sam to handle all matters castle and king as she started to walk over to the large doors on the side witch led to the hallway to the council room.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: She could feel Sams hands run over her body. “Thank you M’lord.” Feeling his hands on her caused her not to shy away but accept. For the others who had cleaned her up touched her body in such a way that was never done before, this did not phase her. After all he was the king and she could not resist in this manner him even if she wanted to. Who knows what he would have done to her even if she tried to resist him. Would he try kill her or not? So she let him move her closer to him. A smile grew across her face. “That’ll be easy being what i am makes me very seductive.” She wasn’t being to confident or seductive, just stating fact of her nature. “I won’t fail you, m’lord.” She allowed him to touch her body in order to show more skin. “If you wish, I can change into a different top that’s a bit more revealing.” She nods and smiling how he pin pointed her sexuality for what she was. “I understand my role and I will go above and beyond what is required of me.” She assumed that this girl would come around a later time and she was in no rush to start. She wanted to observe their customs and learn, study who came in and out of this place. Feeling his touch, she moved closer but kept her guard up for she was unsure of what he would do next. She could feel the Queen watching her for a tad bit before she left the room. Kylleene was now in the hands of Sam.

Venene: Ana snaps to again as everyone comes in at once. She figured it was going to be a busy afternoon and she felt like she could use it. She remembered how Samuel had been before she left and now it seemed like he had a new interest. She wanted to ask her mother about Jeff leaving and what this meant of her station and new duties. Once her mother mention her going to the council room as well she was slightly taken back, she wasn’t use to being added into this meeting. When she was here last it was Jeff who went or Samuel but now her mother called on her. She figured this meant her and her Mother would have their talk later on. For now, the moment her mother got up she feel in step behind her, just a few feet behind her, again acting more as a guard or a hand servant then a daughter, she guessed old habits die hard. She keeps her face strait and her posture was stiff. She was still bare feet and attempting to resist the urge to slide across the floor like she normally would, reading the air to have more tension then she was use to. Mentally she starts talking to herself, it was a bad habit of hers, “I guess this is why the question was asked if I was here to stay for good. Seems I’m needed. Guess my running away days are over.” She stays behind her mother the whole way to the room, staying zoned out to anyone else near them or following with them. Once to the room she takes her place at her mother’s right side, briefly gazing over the others with them and waiting for her mother to start speaking so she could get caught up with what was going on.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -”Looks like I chose a real day to stay in” Scarlet watches as the others talk as she smells the air “what person used my bath soap again?” She was starting to think that maybe she should leave eveything she owns in her room from now on since the maids don’t know about her markings on her belongings, She knows that they either ignored the black line marks on the sides or simply forgot to remember not to use anything with the marks, She looks at the new girl dressed in red and black and raised an eyebrow before she found her seat, She then looks to her sister before putting her sight back on the new female, “you look new” She blinked then crossed her ankles-

DayaAutum: -Daya’s voice while still soft and smooth with it’s sense of evilness, conveyed a sense of relief - And I pleased to see you about as well Anaya - Her black and blue lips firmed upon her teeth and tightened over the gleaming white teeth that protruded down to almost her chin, like graceful and slender hangings from well formed but hideously discolored and dark lips. She held her pale white and cold hands with slender fingers encircled by silvery rings and tipped in unusually long black nails that turned a milky translucent towards the ends loosely raised under her bosom. She let them fall naturally as she started her walk behind Anaya now letting them swing gracefully about her natural sway of hips well clothed by the long and very formal black dress of spider silk from a very far away land. It did not at first even seem to be silk, so thickly and heavily woven it was with much embroidery. She seemed to enjoy wearing it, which should be expected after wearing her armor for so long. -My son has taken to rest several hours ago, and will likely be joining us soon. - Stopping at the doorway she patiently awaited off to the side, loosely gripping her cold wrist in ghostly and richly adorned fingers. Her brows were soft and relaxed, pleased to see Anaya alive and well. But within her eerie glowing white eyes was a deep worry, one that pleaded to heard and attended to without the pride of Anaya’s might. -

ThorAutum: -Inside the Autum chambers of the Iron Dynaty castle, Thor has been told on the events prior to his arrival and had given his mother the note. Once they had exchanged such information, Thor took a bottle of blood his mother had given him, and after he uncorked it and the pungent aroma of blood filled his nostrils. He stared into it for a moment and deciding that his hunger was properly in check, he drank the thick liquid down before moving over to the table and pulled a death shroud over himself to get some rest from his hasty travel. Several hours passed and it was close to 2:00 pm before he rose, pulling the shroud back off of him. Having only slightly adjusted how his hammer hung from his back to lay down, he repositioned it again to its normal spot before checking to ensure that his armour and lapis lazuli ring were on and in their proper positions before he made his way out of the shadow that shrouded their room. Once he was inside the hallways, he walked along them, reversing his steps to the throne room, with perfect clarity. Once he passed over the threshold, he could pick up the subtle scent of his mother's perfume, and he followed it, coming to the council chamber, where he stopped just past the door, his want of respect of the Queen halting him to press any further until her invitation. -

Anaya: Anaya moved into the room siting down at the large throne at the front of the table as she watched the others take spots around the table. She held herself high on her chair as her crown shimmered on her head. “alright to get Ana caught up, last night there was an attack within the castle, witch has never happened before, the cultist groups in the town and outside of the city walls have bin growing more active. Daya here is an Autum vampire that aided in removing the threat last night as well as in the last week has bin staying here at the castle with her lycan comrades. Her son I believe is now in the castle as he came last night and is staying in a room in the upper halls. As well as the one wing of the halls is blocked off due to the mess last night came to, you do not have to worry Ana your room is also fine as it happened near mine on the other far end of the hall.  And now to go over matters of information that has bin gathered, and what we will do about our threat” she paused as she looked over to the door to see the boy there, and she moved her hand to usher him in “come in and take your place at your mother’s side. I am sure you have much to add as well to this meeting” she waited for a second as she looked to a guard “I did not wish to bug her but it is needed my sister should be here as well so due call her in to come hear the meeting” “yes my lady” the guard gruffed as he walked out his boots hiting the ground with thumps as he moved out to the main hall “miss Scarlet DeLaRose your sister wishes you in the council hall as well, you should partake in what will happen” the guard waited till she moved to do what ever she would do in response to that. Sam moved his hands top pick the girl up as if she was nothing at all and sit her upon his lap. Tall and built Samuel was rather attractive in a sexy devilish creeper sort of way, his bright green silted eyes fully off setting his hansom features. “so what you are to not do, is never look a person in the eye unless they tell you can, never touch them unless they touch you first or tell you to, don’t be to forward in your wants as they may get the wrong idea of you and just take what they want, be a tease not a whore” Samuel was very forward most dragons were they did not really sugar coat anything so if it had to be said he just said it “and don’t ever sleep with anyone unless they are part of this empire, strangers may not some of your pie but you are not to give it to them, only make them want it, guards, solders and members if they wish can have there way with you as you are of the castle and not just of one individual, and if a person wants you as there privet girl they have to speak to Anaya or myself to be able to buy you from us as we own you” his hand softly ran along her spin as he played with a strand of hair in his claws being ever so careful with it as he was aiming on working with his poison glands in his hands and skin, so far he was being able to controle it rather well.

PhoenixMystRedBlood: She nodded listening intently. “I understand completely and I will keep all of that in mind.” This was the first time that she had ever been touched like this and she wasn’t sure if was a good thing or a bad thing. She wasn’t craving blood so it made it easy for her to relax. She wasn’t sure how long she was going to be in his presence but she knew she had to learn the ways of the castle. Being as patient as she was being with him did not phase her even though being in his company like made her a little nervous. But over time it would die down. Even though she was still young, she had no experience in sexual pleasure like this. She had jobs as a human here and there in taverns but they were never sexual for she was too young. But now that she is an outcast her life changed dramatically. Her thoughts started to wander if he was going to enjoy her or not. At this point in time she didn’t feel safe reading his thoughts but she was curious as to what he was thinking and as to why he was doing this for her.

Venene: As her mother mentions the attack her face momentarily has a look of distress on it. The only thing she could think of was where the hell was Jeff and why wasn’t he here to protect the castle, she really needed to get to that conversation with her mother. She straitens her face again quickly recomposing herself again and turning into a stone again. She listens to what her mother stated, wondering if it was so wise for her to be running about now without one of her daggers. Now that she had a chance to she looked over everyone that was present. She was mentally taking notes as her mother spoke. So far it seemed like everyone for the most part paid her no mind. She started to wonder if what was going on was what was also responsible for all the missing villagers she heard about well she was out. She starts to mildly get distracted with her thoughts, they drifted back to the new slave girl. She knew what was instore for that girl, granted she was hidden behind Anaya’s skirt the whole time she bore her collar. No one had ever touched her, she was certain that was due to Anaya. She realized she had spaced out, hoping no one had noticed. She glances down to her mother trying to figure out what she had missed during her short little space out.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet noded and walked herself to the room that the guard came from seeing that everyone was there, She had actually heard about an incident that had went down and connected it with the closed off area that she did not take this time, “Yep. a real gem of a day to stay in the castle” She gave a look like she knew that something went down and she possibly heard of the people that did it, “I’m here.” Scarlet said as she made her way into the council room where the others were-

DayaAutum: -Cold pale necrotic fingers released her wrist and griped the thick embroidered cloth of her gown and flipped it forward as Daya sat down at the council chamber and letting loose of her gown she lifted her hands and let them rest delicately upon the edge of the table, nodding politely to the others as she was mentioned affirming that Anaya was speaking of her. Her black and blue lips twisted into a subtle smile with the sadistic pleasure of the memories of making the aforementioned mess of the would be assassins, her reflective colorless eyes shinning from where the gelatin inside her eyes separated from the back wall her eyes. It neither enhanced nor hindered her vision in any way but only gave the creepy effect her gaze had. Some Autums had this slight abnormality some did not. Her brows tensed and her eyes shinned with the pleasure of having sent the Nightcrawler himself back to his netherworld. When her son entered she turned her head pulling the length of her thick black hair about her shoulders and her eyes and lips lost the expression of sadistic pleasure for one of recognition and with out a word gestured to the seat beside her as Anaya welcomed him inside to take the seat. She turned her attention back to Anaya and listened patiently until she had finished and began her briefing -The attack was led by a most ancient wraith, one known as the Nightcrawler. He has battled we Autums before. He was one of those who boasted he would raise Dacia herself as his undead slave and harbinger of the worlds total loss of life. -Daya’s eyes drift to Anaya but for a brief moment, the expression one of pleading with her to keep herself safe, it was a subconsciously made gesture and short lived as she refocused upon the rest of the council.- While it is doubtful that he will be brought back to this realm anytime soon -Daya paused as a look of concern came upon her - it should be noted that these cultists are not mere vandals if they were able to summon him. They have the blessings and purpose of Nerull, they are not acting without his guidance and power. Despite a certain doubtfulness he will return anytime soon, you should know that that wraith can be sent back again by means of destroying the magic that binds him to this world. Devising means to do so, would be most wise given the circumstances. -reaching within her gown she produces a large piece of folded parchment splattered with dried human blood and unfolded it upon the table -This is a message sent by a zealot spy sent here to make contact with the cult. We had the destination of this message staked out back in the land I rule and when the courier came, the Blackwoods raided the hideout and took the letter. There were no survivors and my son who carried the message has proceeded any who could have possibly traveled by months. It would unknown to any that have this intelligence. The message details the location and meeting time of the cult of Nerrul -Daya focuses upon Anaya with her eerie gaze of reflective white eyes -Anaya, it is the belief of my chief guard Sebastian and my belief as well that once we have successfully raided this hideout and made an example of them, we could use knowledge of the assassination attempt last night greatly to our advantage and strike fear into the hearts of those who would dare to try what they did. For all anyone knows, we knew in advance and let them in purposefully to trap them here. Perhaps their inside network was infiltrated by us, for all they know. The fear of this would cripple theirs or anyone elses attempts at recruiting within these walls -Daya leaned back and politely awaited Anaya’s response to her purposal, as well as any questions.

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Anaya: Sam moved his hands up taking a round metal band with Iron City slave marked in the rim as red and gold laced the simple band and he clipped it around her small neck “do not ever take this off, don’t even try, if you are seen without it you will get punished for it girl. And punishments can be as soft as not allowing you dinner at night or giving you slop fit for an animal and not meat or bread, or cutting off your fingers or arms. Some cases slaves have bin killed for there actions against the crown. Be you undead or alive she will kill you, and seeing you are undead she will just enjoy it more and be almost looking for reasons to off you, the queen hates undead things, so you watch your step here” Sam gave that warning but missed out the part he did not like undead himself but he would act the part, be the good guy in it all, give the girl a person to run to another set of jaws she did not even know about yet. Anaya looked to her little girl siting over there as if in her own little world, the poor girl just got home and tossed into the fray not like that was not normal for anyone here, you could get back to the castle be it anytime no matter who you were and just end up in a shit pile bigger then you at any moments notice but that is what you got when you were tossed in a melting pot of god knows every race and there problem temperaments. “Ana the night past a group of demons broke into the castle by a guard who back stabed us all allowing evil into the hall, they successfully got to my chamber door and gave a good attempt at killing me in my sleep, it has bin a long day of thought about it and I fear that Daya is truthful in her knowledge found” Anaya said softly as she looked over to the Vampire known as Daya. “long ago story’s were carved into walls about a blood king of the name you speak, it was said he was put to the underworld when the gods sent the guardians to this world, the keeper of the sky, the serpent of the sea and the dragon to govern this world, when we came the blood king was pushed out and forced under to be caged and forever locked away. It was said it would take the blood of the ones that caged him to bring him back to this world so he could over throw it all to bring death and fall out to the lands. If the humans are working for him and they are from the cult of the lord he must have lied and diluted them with one of his true disciples seeking words of lie and deceit. That one being has turned the hearts of man against there own god and made them believe the blood king is the way to peace and the fall of the dragon influence. We are unsure that they have gained the blood of the serpent as of yet and the sky keeper was killed by the dragon, my bloodline long ago before this land even came out of the sea. So the blood of the sky keeper is in my veins, and in the veins of…my children” she looked to the floor for a second and then looked back up. It was for sure Daya did not know the information that was said right now but Anaya new she needed to know. “within the basement of this castle lays a unhatched egg of my young. A pure born child of my bloodline and the first born child to my bloodline in the last ten thousand years. When the child is hatched in few days now, word of its existence will spread like wild fire and it will surely become a target of the evil in our mists. It will be far from strong enough to fed off the attack, when young my to be born son will only be strong enough to walk and attach to my leg for protection. We must find out the information we need first before my child sees this worlds sun.” Anaya put her clawed hand on the table as her eyes met Daya’s in a stern and strong motherly power “have your men go to the location, have them sneak in and gain as much information they can about who the leader is, the disciple of the blood king who is twisting words and making the people follow so blindly. Once we find that information we can after that take the next step. Even if it is to late and my child is born and word gets out I will keep my young safe no matter the risk. But I do hope we find out what we need to before then, the egg is estimated to will hatch in three moons time so keep that in mind and have your search be of hast. But do not overly rush we need the information about who leads this force ”

Myst RedBlood: Feeling the metal going on around her made her shiver from the cold surface of it. It wasn't that comfortable but it would take time getting used to and would nod in understanding. "Yes, my lord." Hearing the treatment of other slaves made her cringe on the inside but did not show it physically. "Understood, i will do my best to please the household and not get on yours or her bad side." She was glad that she had found refuge and would eventually earn a spot in the family if she managed to impress them. She continue to sit with Sam discussing her roles and duties.

iMuttie: Ana, who had been spaced out during the start of the meeting easily snapped herself back to attention the moment her mother had turned to face her. Her lost wondering thoughts about where Jeff had gone and what was going on leaving her. As her mother speaks of the person getting so close to her mother she wanted to let out a growl and storm off to scream at the guards but she remains in place beside, but slightly behind, her mother. Leaving her rage for a later time. She bites down on her tongue to keep herself proper and quiet as her mother turns back to the others, deciding to save any questions until later when she planned to get her mother alone. As her mother made the mention of someone trying to attack the blood child of her mother she mental swears to herself to protect it with all that she had. She was more than aware that any child that hatched from her mother’s egg would result in her possibly losing rank but she didn’t care. She knew she had earned her spot at Anaya’s side and she had doubts that she would be cast away so easily, married off was more likely than that. However, she knew once the child was born she’d have to be even more careful with how she carried herself, she’d rather not be put in her mother’s death path. She realized she had spaced off and brings herself back to attention just as her mother finished speaking. She digs a nail into her hand in hopes to now keep herself focused on the conversation.

Thor Autum: -Being invited to the table, he bows his head to Anaya before stepping around the large table to find the empty chair next to his mother. Thor placed his hands on the back of the chair and pulled upon it until the chair slid across the floor enough so that he could take his seat. Coming around it, he sits down as he reaches his right hand back to take a hold of the head of his hammer as he did so that it hung to the side of the cushion and sat back enough so he was sitting straight up and pulled his chair forward. He raised his arms up to the table then and placed his forearms on the edge before interlacing his fingers. -

Daya Autum: -Her white eyes shinning with the flickering lights of the flames of the torches drifted to Thor and slowly blinked as she nodded her head to him. Her silvery crown gleaming in the torchlight with it’s single black crystal of onyx set within shinning and dark along with her circlet. With this subtle acknowledgment she returned her gaze to Anaya as she again spoke. Her gaze proud and confident, not haughty, polite and pleasant, but strong and resolved. When Anaya spoke of cave, and the ancient carvings describing Nerull as the Blood Lord and how to return him to the present realm her cheeks loosened fell limply upon her deathly pale face. Her brows likewise lost vigor and her black and blue lips went limp parting slightly. Her pale reflective eyes locked onto Anaya and would not waver. Her words had disturbed her calm, but her features lacked the subtle trembling of fear or a loosening of resolve. Her fixed eyes remained solid and her hands tightened slightly and remained firm. As Anaya spoke of her child, her brows softened and raised in the middle with a look of concern, her cheeks regained form and raised, she in this message had gained a concern, and hope for the future beyond Anaya s years. If she could secure an alliance here, the child would be raised friendly to her cause, this would be a great triumph indeed. She lacked the power to stave off the dark powers from obliterating all life so far away, she could not rule this land herself even if she wanted to. She needed Anaya desperately, her child would secure this realm for many millenia beyond Anaya s lifetime. At Anaya s request of spying Daya pressed her necrotic tongue against the back of one of her obscenely long thin fangs and she leaned back into the chair keeping her eerie shinning colorless eyes upon her deep in thought. With a soft click she pulled her tongue back and sat upright and spoke to the Queen of the Land of Iron. - This, disciple, must indeed be found. But I believe spying will not yield results that will be reliable enough nor soon enough. It is far better and more reliable to draw this reprobate out so that we may seize upon it. We have the means to do so Anaya, we have at our disposal they who assisted the wayward guard. We can spread any disinformation we want by making what we want this, disciple to think known to all in the castle. We have the means to decimate his cult and force them to seek other servants to do their bidding, and with the guard we have in our custody we have the means to destroy his network of spies. If we work these things just so, we can make him seek out one we shall have staked out. When they come for them, we take this disciple and destroy them. I have a plan that will do this Anaya, and secure you and your child. We need you here Anaya, your annihilation of the undead army in the north has proved you are a most powerful ally in the battle to keep this world in the hands and graces of life. So to will be your child when the length of your years has finally expired - Daya pauses and lets her words sink in for a moment as she leans back keeping her eerie gaze upon Anaya lacing her slender white fingers together. -What I purpose is this. We take this damned soul, this traitorous guard we have locked away and put him in a comfortable room, under guard of course, and feed him well. This will make any other traitors believe that he has betrayed them in exchange for mercy. He will fear for his life then, he will know any others still in the castle will kill him now, and he will squeal like a pig about all he knows of any others. We will also spread this, misinformation about. That we knew in advance about the assassination attempt, and let them come so we might easily destroy them without having to go hunt for them. It will make them look weak and stupid. We also spread word that we have lost the whereabouts of the Zealot spy, but that he is unimportant to us now although still a wanted criminal deserving of the worst fate possible. We then tell the village exactly who the cult worships, fear of this fallen god will make it most difficult to gain new recruits. We do go this meeting yes, but not to spy. -Her black lips curl into an evil twisted smile - We slaughter them all, letting but a couple escape, among them, the Zealot spy. We keep a couple Blackwoods in reserve hiding in the shadows to follow the two or three survivors. Thus we take away his current membership, and making any new potential converts even more afraid to join their ranks. This will force the disciples hand, they will be robbed of their cult, robbed of their operatives here in the castle, robbed of new recruits, and now failing at every turn, they must act! But to whom shall they turn? Who will they come to but the zealot whom they believe, thanks to our misinformation, has had the wisdom and skill to have thrown us of their trail? Whom knows many in foreign lands willing to help? Who is ever so eager to meet them and help them bring about all they hope to accomplish? Yes they will meet the zealot, whom we will follow so easily, and be lying in wait for the disciples arrival. We will destroy them, and rid your lands of this infestation.- Still keeping her twisted smile of black lips she watches Anaya for a moment -Yes Anaya, it is my belief that this guard was not alone, he would have needed a watch to ensure that his movements were not spied upon by loyal guards. My plan will rid the castle of them, and help us to uncover the disciple as well.

Anaya: Sam moved his one hand to rest his clawed fingers between the girl upon his laps legs, not moving them just resting them mere inches from her sweet center fold. “you will bring pride to the crown as long as you do the work here and present yourself to others as much as you can. You are not a whore but you are a beauty who is to be looked upon and treasured. I do hope you understand in what you are needed to do.” His hand moved a bit more up inside her legs then stopped as he left his hand there not moving it anymore as his claws lightly griped her flesh. Sam new that if he wanted to he could play with this one, he would for sure break the poor girl and it would result in her unneeded death but in the end if he wanted to take her little fruit he could and his mate would far from mind, she may even enjoy hearing about it. Sam griped the girls skin softly as a light tingle would set in to the area he was holding, “now for your first task go get mint tea from the kitchen it is for the queen, make sure everything you grab is clean and silver, and a goblet is needed as the vassal for the drink. In the cold room there is round balls of ice take one put it in the goblet and then put the tea over top of it. Anaya likes chilled Mint Tea with one ice round, she drinks one or more every day, remember what she likes and how to make it just as she likes it the knowledge you gain may save your life one day.” – Anayas red eyes like stabbing daggers looked to the boy that came in, it was the vampire’s son, she had remembered seeing him slightly before. Anaya’s gaze held much feeling and thoughts, thoughts about her unhatched young who would surely be with them in the coming days. She was concerned for the safety and well being of her hatchling, it had bin thousands of years since a baby dragon had bin born and the days following the hatching the news would go up world wide. Her eyes turned to the female vampire known as Daya ”as long as the problem gets handled in the end it does not matter how. I can get the guards to go out drinking to get word into the towns people about what we wish them to believe. The taverns in the city are always packed after evening has gone to rest. One sure way to get word out is to make the drunk men talk, and the guards will not pass out a good night out drinking when they are given have fun as an order. As for the other parts of the plan I will leave it up to you and I will remain here, as I have to due to the season. ” she paused a moment not allowing the reason why she had to get out, she still held much distain for undead no matter what place they came from be them friend or not they were dead, one would never be able to truly trust something that had no heart beat. “I am sure you and your men can handle the rest of it miss Daya, and try to get the most of it done before the baby hatches here, once the child breaths air in this world and pokes its head above ground the world will want to know about it, as well as the child’s birthing ceremony will be held in town, a large party to celebrate the first dragon baby in the past ten thousand years. It is something our traditions cant forgo even if the cultists will surely be there for the news” Anaya was getting restless from siting, and thoughts of her child was putting a chill up her spin and making her want to go see the egg in the under dwellings of the castle hold. But she new her baby was fine and tucked away out of the eyes of everyone, she just held a mother’s instinct and wanted the best for her to be born son.

Myst RedBlood: Trying her best to hide her fear of fear that his hand was only inches away, she had never been touched like this before by any man, especially by one who was a dragon. Listening to his words carefully, she nodded in understanding. "I will do my best to do such. I won't disappoint she said softly." Hearing him not wanting her to be a whore brought a sense a relief to her. She bit her lip feeling his hand go further up on the inside of her legs, she remained in control and let out a small gasp a bit feeling her flesh being gripped. She remained calm unsure if he was going to break her in or not. Trying not to think of it, or death impending, feeling him grip her skin softly and hearing his voice caused her to break out of those thoughts. Feeling him grip her like this gave her an unfamiliar pleasurable feeling and bit her lip again. She nodded, stood up, and made her to the kitchen and cold room. Finding the silver goblet and polishing it, she would then go to the chill room and place one ball of ice in the goblet. Going back to the kitchen she would quickly boil Mint in a pot of water and once ready pour it over the ball of ice. She would then go to serve the Queen. "M'lady. Mint Tea." bowing her head softly to her. As she did this she could feel Sam watching her every move.

Thor Autum -As he took his seat, he looked over to his mother and saw her nod her head and nodded back to her. By the look on her face, she seemed to be trouble by something he could see before she began speaking. Thor listened carefully to what she was proposing as he attempted to piece together what all he had missed thus far. The mere thought of the spilling of blood nearly made him impulsively lick his lips, almost tasting it already. He then looked over to Anaya as she spoke. He could sense that she simply tolerated his mother and himself, though he did not understand the root of it. That being understood, he would not disregard her however, and would do his best to stay at least in her good graces. He would remain silent as they made their plans, until input was needed.-

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Daya Autum: -Sitting in her seat and now with her son sitting beside her she listened to Anaya- What is important is that the men, nor anyone else not seated here know nothing of our actual plans, only that the Zealot has managed to elude us, and that we knew of the assassination attempt beforehand and let it happen so that we could easily slay them and capture a cultist without so much as having to leave the castle. Also that the identity of the deity of the Zealots, and enough information to frighten the villagers. I will need of course a room for the prisoner, and for decent meals to be brought there. The rest I will handle. -she glanced briefly as the female servant brought the mint tea to Anaya. Her sense of smell could easily detect the mint. Her pale white eyes alight with the glow of the flames around them set back upon Anaya. She did not care the servant to hear what was transpiring between them. Another intruder came, this time, a Blackwoods. He came in and set a single black rose upon the table in front of Daya and whispered to her “we found these growing Empress” Daya gazed at the rose, it was a deep dark red with dark green foliage with black frosted upon the leaves and stem. The blossom about seven inches across and with large nectar in the center. Its scent was heavier and sickly sweeter than most roses. It’s stem freshly cut still dripped aloe from where it had been severed. The concern and disturbance from earlier vanished from her face and she faced the Lycan abruptly with renewed hope as he then left the table. She lifted up the Rose carefully turning it in her ghostly hand slowly. It was a particular breed of rose, she recognized it instantly as she knew the particular variety well. It was a rose from her own lands, a rose that grew only around her castle and was infamous for never growing elsewhere, yet here was a fresh picked one in Iron and was beyond even Dayas ability to grow them outside of Trandafiri.-

Anaya: Anaya took the tea from the girl and with a claw spun the ice round in it around softly clinking it against the side of the glass. She nodded to the girl “thank you for my drink now out of this room with you, matters not regarding slaves are done as of right now. Go help with the kitchen duty’s and get things done.” Anaya's voice was soft yet firm as she talked to the girl and then moved her eyes back to Daya as the black woods came in with this rose that was found on the property. “meals can be given when needed just go to the cooking area and request them and you will get what we have, for a room it can surely be done there is a good-sized banquet hall we don’t use in the back of the castle, if you need chains and cuffs for the prisoner take them to bolt them to the floor as you see fit to hold the man. For the rose, you must have found that in the back yards, we grow all kinds of roses here from lands far and wide. The DeLaRose family for generations has always had a soft spot for the flower. We also grow the blue roses from an island far from here on the other side of the world, it is a rather nice flower if you ever wish to see it would be in the back yards kept out of the snow it does not do well in winter. Unlike the rose you have there, they seem to be stronger than the others and we have not need to worry about them and the snows. We have always loved that flower for its resilience to the weather, it can have a mound of snow on it without one spring showing and yet under that snow it holds flowers still. ” she took a sip of her tea enjoying the sweet mint and chill of the tea dripping down her neck. “but you can have anything you wish to have in regards to what to do with the cultists. So this matter can be handled.”

Myst RedBlood: Kylleene gave a bow before turning to leave the room. She knew this wasn’t a place for her at least not yet. She had to prove to the royals that she was meant to be here. After taking the tea she returned back to the kitchen to help with whatever needed to be done. When she walked in, dinner was being prepped and dishes were being washed and helped with everything. She worked fast and things were done on time. Once her duties were done she returned back to Sam to see if he needed anything. “M’lord, is there anything else you need from me before I eat and rest for the night?” Even though they weren’t fond of her quite yet, she did feel welcome for a slave who was earning a high rank amongst Dragons. She didn’t fear dragons at all, in fact, she found them quite intriguing with their customs.

‡ Ƒяєαк ‡: -She chews on her lower lip, staying zoned out as they keep speaking. Her head was swimming and she knew she would have her mother alone at a later time and get caught up on everything. After a few more moments the slave brought in the tea, she moved to take a step closer to her mother since she had been standing. Resting a hand on her mother’s shoulder. She stays silent but makes sure her mother knows she there. She makes attempt to focus more but as her mother speaks of flowers she can’t help but drift off into her thoughts again. She was horrible at focusing and she realized most in the room would pick up on that. She starts to think about the new slave, making a note to watch her closely. She was extremely protective of her mother, and she would have no issue handling any problems that arose that would upset or harm her. She remains silent, leaving her hand resting on her mother's shoulder as she glances around the room at everyone else doing her best to bring herself back to focus.-

Daya Autum: -Nodding at the mention of herself and the lycanthropes handing the cultists her mouth tightened above her cold and dark lips. She kept her attention upon Anaya with a steady gaze of her eerie white shining eyes. She could indeed handle the cultists with the Blackwoods but it would not be wise and she knew it. However, ever the polite and graceful figure she began her reply with the more pleasant and civilized albeit not so important topics brought up. -I might indeed enjoy seeing a garden of rare roses from around the world, the beauty of life is, not to be unappreciated especially by those of us in, our condition. I would find it a delightful surprise if our roses were to number among them as only the legendary have managed to successfully transplant them. Despite their reluctance to grow anywhere but upon the most ancient of Autum graveyards and crypts they are quite the hardy and extraordinary flora. Long they have been an emblem of the Black Kingdoms resistance to domination by evil forces and our independence, as such demons have attempted to eradicate them from our lands, why they even uprooted them and scorched the earth till the stones melted. Each time they grew back within a season as lovely as before, proving to be as resilient as ourselves, and to indeed be a worthy symbol of our resolve and unity in more ways than one. They are most beloved by many of our peoples giving them hope even in the darkest of hours. In the event that this rose does not number among those in your gardens, perhaps you would care to accept this one? They are considered the ultimate in exotic and rare flora in some parts of the world after all. -Tilting her pale ghostly head the wavy and long black hair upon her head shifts upon equally ghostly but soft white shoulders as she slides the rose closer to Anaya in a gesture of giving her the fresh rose and leaned back into the chair. - As for the genocide of the current cultist membership, yes we have the power to do so on our own, but such would be, unwise. While the cultists may be foolish and inexperienced in such matters let alone our tactics the servants of Nerull are not. No, they will have taken measures to counteract such a thing. They would not leave such a prime and soft target regardless of however secret they think it is, unprotected. Why they might even be hoping that the secret is discovered to use them as a trap. The cave as has been reported by the Blackwoods has two entrances, twenty-three feet wide at the widest each. Any force sent in to destroy the cultists would have to be split and sent to each entrance, leaving them exposed to entrapment should forces kept in reserve and in secret come in behind them. No, my own team must be prepared to engage such a countermeasure and kept in reserve, not sent into slaughter an undisciplined and unprepared mob. If it is indeed a trap, then we will spring the trap and ensnare the entrappers and protect what forces we send in to slaughter the cultists. - Pausing Daya waits for her words to fully sink in resting her cold dead tongue against one of her long thin fangs with her black and blue lips slightly parted for a moment and gazes briefly upon Anaya's adopted daughter with her eerie undead eyes before continuing. -I believe a force of at least forty experienced and disciplined soldiers trained in phalanx movements should be sent in to do the actual slaughter of the cultists. This will honor you Anaya, giving you the glory of their eradication and not ourselves. Also, it will allow myself and the lycans to protect them from whatever forces they intend to ensnare them with which will likely be the most difficult and dangerous of the fighting. I would ask that a minimum of forty soldiers capable of moving in a phalanx report to Sebastian and Sable so we may practice drill the maneuvers. It is unlikely they will suffer casualties and should return in good health all. The greatest risk will be to myself and the Blackwoods But, it is war Anaya, there is always a risk for any who undertake such a thing.

Anaya: Anaya’s eyes scanned the table as she moved a claw out to take Daya’s gift of the rose, she could never pass up a rose be it rare one of a kind or a simple red flower, she had things she enjoyed hoarding and roses were one of them. Taking the flower in her claws she got up from the table and walked over to a loan bookshelf that stood in the room, there was only one but it had many books on it, and Anaya thought it would be nice as she got a gift so she would give one herself as well a peaceful arrangement to show faith in their new found, even if edgy friendship. She looked to the guard and handed him the flower “be careful with it and place it in water so it may root then we shall grow it” the guard nodded his head and took the flower softly then exited the room. Anaya took a claw and ran it over books on the shelf picking out one marked SandWalkers Story, it was a rather old book tarnished and old leather bound, made many years ago and it even could be from a lifetime before Daya even. Brushing off the book cover the dust flung all over and she brought it over to the table putting it down and sliding it over the table “one gift for another, a token and a thank you for the rose, it is the past of this land told by one who saw it all happen, you may enjoy it more then it will enjoy sitting on the shelf covered in dust.” She gave a nod and stayed standing “I do hope you enjoy it, but it is growing late, whatever men you need you can have none of the fighters here are irreplaceable so if deaths happen it is not an overly large deal we can get more fighters, all are skilled and trained well to suit your needs.  And if you need anything more ask and I can file the papers to have fighters ordered for you from anyplace you can think of, all I can not gain for you is fighters of the sea as my claws do not reach there. For reasons you can learn about in that book” “but it be growing late and I must turn in to handle other matters, whatever you need to do, do it and you can host both your own banners and ours for the assault upon the cultists, as long as they are gone is what matters most. ”

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SandWalkers Story

Old men tell stories of how the world was made, stories of how it was all made from the tears of dragons so sad as they got kicked out of there homeland that their tears made life grow and made the rivers run. Other men tell stories on how the world was carved from the back of a massive land turtle who made magic with a blink of an eye and who’s flippers made the waves crash. But they are old wife’s tails to simply give a story to a child who needed sleep, no, we watched the world get made so let’s say you are hearing it from the people that put the ink on the page first hand.

Back in the days of old, how the humans call it anyway, we called it dawns time, there was two things, ash and sand men, or so we were called by humans that came later. But in out tongue, we were called the Rasp. Cold outsides made of wood and stone, glowing blue eyes able to see into the souls of others, if there were others to see into, and no voice, we talked with our hands and actions, a lot of pointing and grunting, and that sound the rasp, we made it often like a hum to call forth the sands and dunes we worked with to move us from location to location when we just did not want to use our feet.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 3 HiResNoBg2
The Rasp

Then there was sand, so much black ash-like sand it just covered the world, no end in sight to the mass seas of sand and emptiness. Every now and again you should find a camp set up with large dunes and sand being held together by more sand and light magics. We did not only work the sand and live with it, we lived in it, anyplace was better than the sun cooked sands that fried you if you went out for long, even we which our crusted flesh had trouble with the never ending heat. But then one day it all seemed to change for everyone and it just seemed like the world once cooked and baked by the sun not a thing in the form of something that was not us or sand.

There was a mighty uproar in the camp that day, I could hear the rasping sound just buzzing at full volume, it was like they were all in so much shock they just could not stop, even the sand was moving around due to them not being able to control it properly, homes and holes fell apart as they ran from them and they tumbled behind their back, then there she was. Walking behind another male as I looked at her, they said she was just found walking around saying words no one understood or could make out. But I do say she was mighty fine to look at, strange but in a nice way. With a bit of magic and some fiddling, we, in turn, figured out what she was saying.

God as found you, you may call him God, we have found this world and soon we shall place beings upon it to bring life to your ash like dirt. Soon there will be rain, water from the sky that will moisten your skin and you will no longer be hard and fowl, soon there will be grand seas and lush grass as far as the eyes can see. New life will grow lush your lands and everything will be well, he deemed there to be light upon this world and there shall be light. But one must be wary of ones that govern the lands for they are fearsome and strong, the grand blue Sky-keeper shall govern your sky, shall her wings block out the sun and grant you shade from its wrath, shall her body be so large no one shall be able to cage her, a powerful monarch of the sky’s able to give freedom to the worthy and grant wings to one she sees fit. Upon the land shall tend the dragon, fire from its jaws of teeth larger than a man, its feet will shake the earth and its tail shall pave the way for rivers to the sea, shall it grant wisdom to all that seek it out and give the world peace from war and punishment. Upon the sea there shall be the largest of all, the serpent, body as a snake and fins as a whale, it shall give life to the waves and grant nothing but hardship, giving judgment to the ones befitting its wrath, a force to be recorded with and a tail that can start a hurricane with one fall splash. All shall befall this place in ten moons pass, watch ye walkers of the ash like dunes, be watchful as soon the dunes will grow wet and this sea of sand will turn to a sea of water

At the time we had no idea what she was talking about but her voice sounded scary so we made the choice to pick up our homes and move and leave her on her way. We did not see her again for a very long time, the lady Lorelei, some say that later the humans placed her in their books saying she was the one that brought the human race to the earth from the divine, but that as well was simply a story in a book.

When the ten moons passed the sky had grown dark, it got cold, so very cold, we did not know or understand this drastic change to our world it frightened us to the bone, we also had never known this kind of fear and that as well made us shake as we stood watching the sky in wait of this life changing event. And then it happened the sky opened up and out of it fell to the ground a giant snake longer than what we had ever seen, its body covered in black shining hide and its jaws thrashing as the sand covered it. It started to expel this clear goo from its jaws as the goo covered the sand the sand vanishing under it as the goo thrashed around and forced us to start to flee. This we later found was called water and it was what Lorelai had told us about. The Water took out many family’s men and children that could not outrun the flood, and the water just kept coming, and not only water, large hard substances came with it that we were able to grab a hold of as they drifted on top of the water.  And from the grand distance we where we could still see it moving out there in the darkness, in the shreds of light that had broken open from the sky. It seemed so angry screaming and calling out in shrieking wails many men went deaf thanking their hearing for giving out so they would not take the pain of its cry’s in their heads.

After that, it went silent, and the sun did not come back for some time, we never knew how much time had gone past but it seemed like a forever drifting upon this hard thing some named a luga, later named a log by humans who also named the green things from the ground trees.

There was a crash many miles away and the water waved up so very high the moon hid behind it as it pushed us up and killed many men that could not breathe under it. We lived to watch a massive head rise over us and claws coming down to pick up our luga and us and placed us upon its back as it walked under the water picking up more Rasp as it went, it was like no matter how many of us were on it its back was bigger than we ever could fit. There were seven horns upon its head each horn made a spike and it was black and gold. The gold was hidden under the black and as we walked the black came off with our feet showing more gold upon it. We were able to walk upon our new found savior and able to even walk closer to its head which for many was a thing to stay away from, but I had to see it, was this being intelligent? Could I talk to it? and did it know what was going on?

“mighty beast from the sky, why have you come here, what are you, and can you talk to me?” I screamed out a voice so unused I almost forgot I had it, we never use our voices, but we do have them when needed.

The beast turned its head and stopped moving, the halt almost hitting me to the back of this hard monster, but I stopped myself from falling, as I did not wish to be seen as weak to our carrier. “I am Naphisdum the Dragon of Ages, I have been placed on this world to govern it and give wisdom to the ones I view as worthy and place judgment to others in need of it, I have picked you up to bring you to land so you will not drown and die in the new world that is being made for you. I shall govern the lands and watch over you but not interfere with your lives and choices unless you deem or ask of me. And I shall lay down laws of this land that you shall not break, all will be explained to you once we get to where we need to be and the sun rises upon your new dawn. and with that, the dragon Naphisdum moved its head and did not say another word and I had lost my tongue someplace down my neck hole and had no idea how to return it to where it was to go. I walked back to the others upon the dragons back and we sat in silence for yet another lifetime before the dragon had hit land.

The thump of earth upon the beast’s feet made us all shift in the place we sat and move slightly around. As Naphisdum lowered his back a large clawed foot came to greet us and then opening its self we were able to walk on it to get down from the monsters back.  After we all were upon the ground this strange sensation came over everyone, and it was brought on by the fact there was no black ash sand under our feet but this green substance that had come from no place at all. Some of the rasp ate the substance, some rolled in it, others dragged their feet trying to figure out what it was, others tried to move it with their minds, and failed and others simply sat down and poked at it with sticks or their fingers wondering what on earth it was. I was more interested in the large green things that had come over the land and how even in this darkness there was a sort of warmth and there was a light that Naphisdum was giving off. Naphisdum had laid down upon the ground and lifted his head as he watched us, and as I watched him. He seemed so pleased with us and how we wondered about it all, how we seemed like children under his claw, and I guess that is what we were, his new found adopted children.

”Little ones of this new earth, come near my maw and we shall talk, about all the things you have here and all the new things to come, and about the laws you shall hear and follow and never break.” we did as he said to and walked over sitting down upon the ground waiting for him to tell us about all there was to know. “this world will be strange to you I am sure, such new things and so much more to come, here on the land you are safe, and many more beasts and beings will join you here upon it, what you stand on is earth, dirt and grass that has been given to you by the graces of the Devine, which has also given you us,  first came the serpent, the leviathan Norgar who governs the seas, he gives pain and punishment to all who tread in his realm, or are sent there. Then came me Naphisdum the dragon I am what will govern the land here to offer wisdom and guidance and judgment on who shall be sent to the seas. Then last will come to the Sky Keeper Navaria, a grand blue bird who will come from the fire to govern the sky and grant wings to ones who earn it, she will bring them to a better place along side her when they are sent to her.  And to gain it all, you must follow the rules of the lands. Know the Lord, the Devine. Bring no false idols before me or the Devine. Do not take the name of the guardians in vain. Remember the lost times and keep them holy. Honor thy father and thy mother. Thou shall not kill/murder unless a reason is given. Thou shall not bed unwilling partners. Thou shall not steal. Thou shall not bear false witness against your fellow man. Thou shall not covet anthers wife or anything that belongs to another. Follow the rules set forth here this day, and do not fall into chaos, if so be it all shall rise to the better and not sink to the depths, now be on your way as the sky keeper comes and the land is yours to wonder” his words sun in and I understood them flawlessly, it was like he was inside of my head, inside of me, and as soon as he said to be on our way that is what people did, they left his side, even if in my heart I did not want to.

As we went the sky once again broke open in a fury of flames and blue light and there she was, wings so large they blocked out the sky and along with her came the sun,  dark as the whole world lit up and she let out a shriek, but not a mean one a beautiful sound before vanishing behind the sun and clouds. That was our keeper, and we would not see her, well I would not see her once again for many many years.

As the world got older and years went on the dragon became bound to his mountain and came to the people less and less, and would ignore their requests to go see him where he sat a top a mountain on high. More and more things came to the earth and diffract races came as well, humanity was the first to come out of the woodwork and start to build and expand, they did the expanding very well but had a very short lifetime so had to reproduce at a rapid pace. Next came the elven kind, a royal line that had a long lifetime and they hardly bred but did so enough to expand rather well. They kept away from the humans as they found them to be too weak and feeble, but they got along well with us and many of them bound up to us as we both shared, an immortal as they called it, lifetime. After that came the beings of the sea the merfolk, they were a violent devilish race that ate the people of the land and many stayed away from them. But it was said they had grand powers but not like they would tell you anything if you asked.

After that many other new things popped up on the land and in the sea and even in the sky, the keeper gave wings to some making things like Angels and Harpies winged demons and large birds that ruled the airs.

It all went well for the next couple hundred years, many people and beings came and go and humans took over much of the lands pushing others out. People and other beings were breaking the rules set forth by the Devine and the dragon had grown fully silent, he no longer took in the offerings given to him and his cave became silent like the top of the mountain. It all was falling apart and the land no longer had something to govern it, some turned to the sky keeper just to be told to go back to the land and that they were unworthy, the winged beings left the land behind and turned a back to what was happening upon it. Some poor fools even turned to the sea for guidance and to be told what they were to do, all they got was swallowed up and spit out as bones upon the sea floor. So many souls were lost without guidance strange cults and new god names started to rise and people started making up stories and believing in things from other lands, dangerous things and fake things. Then we say him, up on his mountain, the dragon standing there looking out at the sky, eyes so dark and no longer blue like they once were, scales no longer gold but rusted over, in his gaze he looked deranged and as if he was sick.

Wall we watched he called out in moans into the sky, calling for something, that something came within moments, the keeper came down from the sky and looked at him shaking its head in utter disgust at what had become of it.  “such a grand beast and look what you have become, what has taken a gold of you that you froth at the mouth and drip from your eyes and snout. What has come of you dragon guardian of the lands” the dragon said nothing back to it and just looked at her with hollowed out eyes. Its gaze so dark and empty. Then it all happened so fast no one saw it coming at all, when the keeper turned to leave her back turned to the beast with black eyes massive claws came from the ground and grabbed a hold of the feathered back as she struggled and flapped the mountain at their feet breaking apart as the dragon pushed the keeper into the ground her beak and head smashing into the dirt. As he did he took his claws and ripped them into the back of the keeper taking the bones of its wings in his fingers and pulling back and out. The sound of the keeper’s screams echoed over the world then that ripping sound as the dragon ripped its beautiful blue wings from its back. Then everything went silent with a large thud as it all fell apart in one simple move.

The dragon placed the wings on its back as its scales fused with the wings of the keeper giving that beast the power to fly on blue wings. We thought the words as we watched it flap and gain flight going up into the sky. As we watched we could hear the screaming wail of the beast of the sea, thrashing around as its waves ruined the edges of the land. It was screaming and in raged and the natives told us in its screams it had yelled a curse the dragon laughed at, the dragon no longer cared for the matters of land the matters of the foolish people it now looked down on, it saw its self as how it was, better than everyone and now it was in the sky, so it truly was above us all.

It had all changed so fast, no one saw any of it coming it was like in a blink we had hope and in that same blink it was all ripped away. The dragon the one that had saved my people had doomed us all. As I stood there watching it vanish into the sky there she was, dressed in blue and looking up, tears down her face as she turned and faced me.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 3 Loria

“it was never made to last, but it was not meant to fall this way, he was not meant to break she was not meant to die, now it is all ruined and the future is unknown, he will go to the land in the sky and turn everything like him, kill the keepers children, kill it all and make a future for himself. He will multiply like the plague; some will be good others will be like him. You must make a choice sand walker, stay or run, both choices will not be simple” she looked so sad when she said everything the green shimmering from her eyes as her brown hair glowed in the light.

“I stay” is all I was able to spit out as she turned her back and just walked away, a woman from a dream, an immortal like me and the elves. But I wondered what would come for her, of me, of our world. Some people went to the sea were the serpent angered for many years, his curse so clear as he said it to everyone that came to see him. “the day the sky fell, the day the keepers blood hit the land and the dragon took more than his share he lay curse to his bloodline, all who come off his hide shall never walk on my land, shall burn as fire upon the waves, my curse will carry and all the dragon touches will burn along with him”

Over the years the world gained things it never wanted. People turned to chaos and the rules no longer mattered, the Devine had ignored us, we no longer mattered and the people new it, there was no better place other than stories, the guardian had died and the better place was now corrupt with greed and pride. Sin came to the earth as we had broken our rules, every rule. We also gained grand sickness, they called it madness and it made people just lose their minds some were more affected by it than others as well as other things like the pocks and other illnesses some of which we did not even have names for.

But the world went on even with the added sin it just was a harder world to live in, some of the dragons came down from the high to live on the earth, some were tossed down due to there actions. All colors fell from the sky some took over lands down here and took up ownership, others wondered and burned everything they saw. But some were kind and helped the people but finding them was few and far between, most of the dark ones killed them as soon as they were found as they believed the good ones would make this world less fitting for them, and the bad outnumbered the good when it came to scaled backs.

People gave them names, devil spawn, scaled backs, fork tongues, stompers, the shadow, but it all was the same, and the world even if it was darker now had what came to it, no place was safe to be anymore and I soon went into hiding. They say Lorelei still walks this world watching the world turn to ash as it once was. The serpent stays in his seas with others that worship him, but he never comes out anymore, not even for offerings given to his greatness, and being all that is left of the old, he hides in the caves under the bottom of the sea raging about the one action that led to the fall of everything.

But that is the story, and that is how it is, I still exist, sandman, the rasp, but my name, I don’t have one, but I still exist and in the end, no one needs to know me, I am just sand walker, nothing more.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 3 The%20end

MystRedblood: After all of her chores were done, kylleene had her dinner, changed into her pajamas for the night and fell asleep.
‡ Ɲαяcιѕѕιѕтιc ƇαηηιвαƖ ‡: -Ana remains in position, close to her mothers side but behind her, she would wait until the others had left, she had something on her mind and she wanted a moment with her Mother. She doesn't say a words as the others left and she kept a blank expression. She was tiered but she was doing her best not to let anyone see it. –

Daya Autum: -Leaning back into her seat Daya thought it odd Anaya would instruct anyone to try and make the rose root after she had straightforward told them it would never grow outside of powerful intervention of one practices in Noapte’s powers. None but Autums and Blackwoods could work any powers from Naopte at all, and to grow the rose here was beyond even Daya’s power. The rose was worth about ten pounds of gold in some places if it were perfectly preserved. She decided Anaya would discover this for herself and followed her with her eerie reflective white eyes as she took the ancient book and gave it her. Daya raised her ghostly cold hand now properly adorned with the usual gaudy assortment of excessive silvery rings and bracelets and accepted the old book. -This a rare find indeed Anaya, I shall treasure it always, and the knowledge of the history here is most welcome. Thank you Anaya.- Daya bows her pale head framed in long black hair respectfully and raises it back up sweeping her cold necrotic fingertips over the aged leather - The men Should report to Sebastian and Sable as they will want to practice drill them in the maneuvers they will be using, specifically the methods of properly collapsing a line to accommodate the varying width of the cavern as they press into it. - She looks to Anaya and tilts her head stretching her black and blue lips, her eyes drawing back at the corners. She had become to get fond of Anaya at this moment as opposed to simply needing her presence to thwart dark forces in this land where she could not afford to spend the resources and time. - I shall begin my plans then to entrap the deciphile. I trust Samuel would the one to see to recover the wayward guard? -Daya rises from her seat following Anaya's lead, she would not keep Anaya from rest -I will also instruct the Blackwoods to keep guard at your door when you rest Anaya, until we can be assured the castle is free from any other infiltrators.

Anaya: Anaya looked back once more to simply nod her head “yes they can guard any door they wish but i will not be sleeping in my chamber tonight i will be sleeping under the castle in a safer location were i will watch my egg. Take care miss Daya and i do hope your dealings and matters are well cared for and done accordingly, we do not need any failures in this matter and i do hope it gets warped up as soon as possible.” she left the room shutting the door not needing a reply and let out a yawn as she looked to the window, the snow had covered the ground almost up to the window ledge, it was rather deep in the areas it was not cleaned from, she gazed up at the moon with a light sigh and made her way to the lower halls door and vanished for the remainder of the night. Samuel watched as he had shooed away the slave girls that were around him. Grabbing one that attempted to run away by the hair and pulling her back as soon as his mate was away he locked lips with the poor elven girl as her eyes rolled into her head and her head turned darker and darker shades of Gray as the sickness seeped into her. Dropping her to the floor he licked over his lips letting her violently convulse on the floor till the hall became silent once more. Stupid girl he thought to himself as he picked up the body tossing it over his shoulder and heading in for the night to enjoy the stillness of this body in a guest bed chamber.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 3 Evening
Later That Evening

AlyChes: -Chesmay had been hiding out in the kitchen all day and helped serving lunch and even made dinner since she figured if she was going to hide there, she could make herself useful aswell. As she just finished serving the last plate she stepped into the main hall and walked over to Anaya's throne, hoping to find her there. Once she reached the throne, she couldn't help but smile as she found the white hair beauty there. Lowering her eyes for a moment and folds her hands in front of her as she speaks sweetly and with a clear voice- Madam... Dinner is served. -With that, she looks up through her lashes and smiles a little before turning around on the balls of her feet and walks back to the dining room. Once there she takes a stand behind Anaya's seat and pulls it back as she waits for Anaya to join them. Slowly the rest of the caste was gathering there as well as other servents scattered to get everyone to the dinning room for dinner. It smelled delicious in there. The freshly caught salmon prepared just perfectly with rosemary and thyme. Going with that were carrots, peas, cucumber and olives. To go with it Chesmay had made brown rice and mashed patatoes. For desert she had made chocolate mouse with the finest chocolate she could get her hands on, topped off with home made whipcream and cinnamon. Her dinning table was perfectly set up for everyone. Two maids were going around with white and red whine as the seats were filling up. Taking a deep breath she tried to keep her posture as she didn't realize till now she hadn't eaten more then two apples today and was actually hungry to the point she was shaking.-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne looking at Chesmay she had spent a bit reading and some presents had come earlier with tribute to the crown for the warm weather. For some reason most of the towns people thought that Anaya being a dragon controlled the weather but seeing they brought gold when things were well and did not do much when things were not it was not much a issue and no one ever corrected them on that dragons for sure don’t control the weather or the seasons.  Some of the towns people had come into the dinning hall as well to get their food before heading back out to there huts and homes for the night so the castle halls were rather full. Anaya nodded her head to some as she walked past and moved to sit at the table nicely beside Ches “it is good to see you so proper today; we have many guests this evening as they brought tribute for the good and warm weather.” She moved down and gave a small green clay dish to Ches “there should be some pearls in the cook’s chambers go and fill this with them for me my dear I will start with them before I go for the rest of the wonderful smelling mean that has bin made” Golden dragons were a glutton for fish and pearls, they would eat pearls by the boat load if allowed. And some had even bin trapped by using this weakness that just seemed to blind them to other things and made them simply look to there hunger. “and I have not seen you much today, why is that, working in the back I assume? There is always something to do. And oh, wine as well, it would go wonderful with the pearls”

AlyChes: -Chesmay curtsies a little as Anaya came towards her and took her seat. Standing next to her she takes the clay dish in both hands and looks at Anaya- Yes Madam. -She then listens to her again and smiles- I've been helping in the kitchen. Infact..-She giggles and lowers her eyes a little- ...The food you'll be eating tonight has been prepared by me, Madam. -When Anaya mentions the wine, Chesmay looks up and snaps her fingers to the maids who were serving the wine and points to Anaya's glass. She then smiles at Anaya and curtsizes again before stepping away and walking over to the kitchen. Once there she looks at the chef who had just woken up from his sleep. Chesmay giggles- Some pearls please for the empress. -Chesmay saids as she holds the dish out to him. The chef got up and took the dish from her before leaving for his chambers. As she waits Chesmay folds her hands infront of her and just looks around a little. While she was making dinner, she cleaned the mess she made. So the only thing the kitchen staff had to do later, were the dishes. Chesmay smiles to herself and looks back just in time to see the chef coming back with the pearls. She smiles and takes them from him- Thank you -With that she turns and heads back to the dinning hall. Once next to Anaya, she places the clay dish on her dish and smiles- There you go Madam.-  With that Chesmay steps away and goes to take her seat. Once there she sits down and crosses her feet underneath her seat and takes a little bit of fish, some veggies and some rice. It wasn't much but it was enough for her. She then holds her hand over her glass and shakes her head- No thank you -She whispers to the maid and takes her first bite of her dinner-

Anaya: As soon as the dish got in front of Anaya she instantly went and picked up a pearl and put it in her mouth a crunch as it snapped between pointed teeth and her body as if melted at the goodness she adored. The world faded away as she ate. For a moment as she put the second one in her mouth with her clawed fingers her eyes rolled back into her head, it was clear how a dragon could be trapped or killed as they got lost in their drugs of choice, golden dragons it was pearls and fish, red dragons it was gold coins, blue dragons it was sapphire gems and silver coin, for green dragons it was the ruby oddly and for silver dragons it was the emerald as well as coarse minerals like iron and cobalt. Some dragons even got highly addicted to there own ash after they had burned down a town of village and some would be seen like a cat to cat nip and eating and rolling in the ruins of there town just to get the high from there own ash. They for sure were very odd reptiles and it showed some their actions on how bazaar they were. Anaya stopped as she looked at Ches she was not overly talkative today and was being to much a slave and less like herself, witch Anaya did not mind but it was as if there was something she was not talking about “you are not talkative like normal, something on your mind, and I am sure the food is amazing I will have a good sized dish of it after my main coarse” she took a sip
from her wine as she relaxed enjoying the decadent cranberry flavor of todays batch.

AlyChes: Just as Chesmay was taking another bite of her dinner, Anaya spoke to her. Chesmay blinks and holds her hand before her mouth and quickly chews a few times more before swallowing before lowing her hand again and smiling towards her- Oh no Madam, everything is just fine. Just quiet, that's all. -She offers Anaya another smile only to smile a little brighter at the promise of taking a good size plate after she was done with the pearls- Don't let it get cold Madam, i'm sure it's better when it's still hot -With that she takes another bite from her dinner. But there was something on her mind. Chesmay missed being outside and she really yarned for some fresh air and to feel the sun on her skin. The snow or grass underneath her feet, just the outdoors. Staring at her plate for a moment as she toyed with her food and bites her lip for a moment. She wanted to ask Anaya when she was to go outside. Even if it was for only five minutes. But she wasn't sure if this was the right time to ask. She takes another bite of her plate and chews on it absentmindedly. Secretly dreaming of the sun on her skin and a breeze blowing through her hair.

Anaya: Anaya moved her Hand to run her fingers in Chesmays hair, she new something was wrong she could see it in the girls eyes “you hide your feels badly Chesmay, now what is on your mind, do not hide things if you feel something let me know and we will see if we can remedy the feeling you have be it pain and if it be happiness we will aim to make it brighter” Anaya ran her fingers in the girls hair as she sat there and put another pearl in her mouth crunching it down as there was only a couple in each small clay dish but it was all she needed to much of a good thing made it not so much of a good thing. Anaya turned her head looking over to one of the other slave girls and taped the table the girl coming over on the balls of her feet almost hoping “get me a warm dish of meet and breads, as well as a bowl of the main coarse” the girl nodded her head and hoped away “yes me lady will do” she peeped out as she left to get the dish that was requested. Anaya looked back to Chesmay and kept her fingers and claws in her hair playing with it and twisting it in her fingers.

AlyChes: -Chesmay looks up and gasps softly to Anaya's touch. She blinks a few times before lowering her eyes as she searched for the right words to say what she wanted to say. She takes a deep breath and keeps her eyes low- I want to go outside, Madam. I miss it so much. I miss the sun on my skin, my bare feet on the earth. Snow, grass or dirt between my toes, the wind in my hair. -She then looks up to Anaya- If you would grand me only 5 minutes to go outside, Madam.. It would mean so much to me. -Chesmay wanted this one thing really bad. She would beg for it if needed. Even if it was 5 minutes a week, that would do for her. But she needed to go outside. And since she didn't want to go behind Anaya's back, she figured it would best to straight out ask her.- Please Madam. Please could i go outside when dinner is over and everything is clean again? -Chesmay looked at Anaya but avoided her eyes and so looked slightly above them. She didn't want to seem desperate but deep down inside she was. She didn't know how much longer she could stand it to be inside before she would go out secretly. And since she didn't want to get on Anaya's bad side, she hoped it would never have to come to that.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at chesmay and nodded her head softly. Looking over to a maid that brought her, the plate she picked up the dish in her hand taking about 5 chunks of meet eating them down fast and then standing up. Dragons could hold massive amounts and swallow down a whole human being eating on the fun was normal. She gave a nod to the maid “clean everything up it is up to you and the others tonight to do as needed chesmay will be with me” the maid almost looked insulted and mad but gave a grunt and scoffed off to do what she was told to, all huffed up that the other girl was getting favored treatment. Anaya stood there and put her arm out for chesmay to come to her “I am sure it is a lovely night to go for a walk, we can watch the sunset and enjoy the winters night, we will get you a coat, I believe sams coat is at the door you can use it it is very warm. Now go on run for it and we shall get on our way” Anaya gave a smile as she started walking her bear feet touching the ground as she went along.

AlyChes: -Chesmay just watched quietly as Anaya took a bunch of meat and almost seemed to swallow it whole. As she spoke to the maid of her being with Anaya, Chesmay turned bright red. She then looked over to the maid and lifts her shoulders almost in an apology before looking up at Anaya as she spoke again. Slightly confused Chesmay blinks a few times. She then nods and turns on the balls of her feet before running off to get Sam's coat. Even though it smelled like him, it was indeed nice and warm. She then quickly ran back to Anaya and smiled brightly before taking her arm.- Madam.. Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden..-Chesmay said ever so softly. She was glowing from head to toe and she just wanted to scream at the top of her lungs from excitement. Finally, she was going outside again. She giggles and starts to pull on Anaya's arm- Oh come on.. We'll miss it all! -She giggles again and lets go off Anaya's arm and runs ahead to the door where she impatiently waits for Anaya to catch up with her-

Anaya: Anaya could not help but laugh seeing how happy the girl was, it reminded her when she got that happy so long ago, Chesmay was for sure a treasure to her and she did enjoy the girl being around so willing to serve and so bright. Anaya picked up the pace and got to her own coat rack and tossed on her black matching coat to Sam’s and got to the door opening it up “go on and play in the snow but be careful I don’t want a troll half a sleep stepping on you” Anaya gave a chuckle as it was just that right moment outside the sun was still up a little and the orange glow was coming over the snow caped hills and the towns lights gave the land below the hill a nice evenings glow of orange and reds.  As Anaya stepped outside the wet snow hit her feet and the skin on them started to melt and burn away but then started to reheal as the painful loop of her torment had started. But she did not care she wanted to be outside just as much as Chesmay did, Anaya hated being locked up inside as well and when winter was here she was over all castle locked. She smiled watching ches as she also watched the trolls lombering in the distance making there way back to the stables and into snow patches to hunker down for the night. As well as many guards were walking around making worn down paths in the snow as security here had gone up since they had the attack on the crown the night before. It would be a long night for some and Anaya new tonight she would sleep in the basement in hopes all went well and with her egg that would hatch very soon.

AlyChes : -Chesmay was glowing as she stood there at the door waiting for Anaya. Though she frowned for a moment when she saw Sam coming along with them. Though she didn't pay much attention to it. As soon as Anaya opened the door and gave her the green light to go out Chesmay simply nods to her- Yes Madam -Quickly followed before she ran outside. The snow felt cold but pleasant underneath her bare feet. She giggles and ran for a few met feet before stopping. She smiles brightly and lifts her silks up for a moment as she looks down at her toes and wiggles them in the snow. She giggles and looks back over her shoulder to Anaya and Sam. Surely Chesmay must look like a child in a candy store for the first time, but she was simply overjoyed she could be outside. She then looks back ahead and spreads her arms to the side as a cold breeze dances over her skin and through her hair, making her blonde locks flow lightly behind her. She tilts her head up and sticks her nose up in the air and takes a deep breath. Fresh air, oh how she missed it. She giggles again and starts to spin around. She laughs as she falls back in the snow and starts making a snow angel. She then sits up and sighs happyly. For the first time in a while she finally felt free again, or atleast as far as she was free right now. Standing up from the cold snow, she dusts herself off and holds the ends of her cloak before closing it a little tighter around herself as she takes a few more steps ahead.-

Anaya: Anaya turned her head seeing Sam coming up behind them and standing beside her “you know being outside is bad for your health my sweet” he said softly as he put his arm around her waist line “yes I know but sometimes we sacrifice things for others. My skin heals from the water that assaults it, but she will remember this outing for much time to come, now can you please leave us be, I do not need to be protected, and I am sure there is hunting to be done, I was informed the fish stocks need to be filled” Anaya gave a grin as she new that task would take all night and it would involve Sam diving into the ice cold sea far to there east would take a ton of time and he would only be back later in tomorrows day. She smiled and leaned against him for a moment as she kissed his cheek and he gave a grunt and kissed her back and then went on his wat huffing things under his breath she could not hear. Anaya looked back to Chesmay with a smile as she walked out into the snow following the girl not far behind her feet being in pain but not caring as it left a faint trail of blood droplets in the snow. Watching Chesmay spin around make her smile as she remembered times of old when she was just young and had so much energy. “you must have so much energy hidden inside of you, you just keep going and going” she said with a chuckle.

AlyChes: -Chesmay turned around as she heared Anaya's voice and smiles brightly as she nods- I can't let it out inside. But when i'm out here... I'ts like i'm coming back to life. -Chesmay then notices the trail of blooddrops behind Anaya- Madam, are you alright? -She asks as she tilts her head to a side- If it's hurting you to be out here, i could ask cri.. um... One of the guards to keep me compagny and protect me.. -Chesmay looks back up at Anaya, slightly worried about her wellbeing. She hoped Anaya was perfectly fine, but if she wasn't then maybe Chesmay didn't have another choise but to go back inside for god knows how long. That was a thought she didn't like at all. But she would gladly do so for Anaya. Looking over her again, Chesmay smiles up to her.- Or we can go back inside Madam, i don't mind Madam -Chesmay kept on smiling. The few moment she was outside, was wonderful and filled her with new energy and new life. It was like a charger to her. If she could just sit outside for a minute a day, she would be able to do her job much better then she had been doing so far.- Oh.. Madam.. If you don't mind, i would like some fabric to make my own coats. One for winter and one for summer. -Chesmay sucks her bottom lip between her teeth hoping Anaya wouldn't mind her asking this- It's for.. When ever you need to me go outside. That way i wouldn't have to borrow yours or Sir's. -She blinks a few times before lowering her eyes. The last rays of sunlight felt as a kiss on Chesmay's skin. She enjoyed it so much. It was hard to imagen she would ever have to go back inside again between all the stone walls.-

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Anaya: Sun setting on the horizon it was so nice so peaceful such a wonderful outing. She looked to the ground as she saw her own blood marking the snow deep blue flex’s of her standing out on the white. looking back over to Chesmay “It is alright Chesmay, I can heal and it is not really a pain but more annoyance. You see long ago my kind was cursed for something we did in the past, my bloodline was cursed to never be able to touch water, so when I do I burn. It is a silly weakness I know. And I love the outside as much as you d, we are just not ment to be locked up you and I” she gave a smile as she remembered the old story’s she was once told and the reasons why they were not allowed to touch the water.  “but we can stay outside as long as you need, I need it to. And yes my dear you can have fabric and fur to craft your clothing all you wish, I will get the papers together and we can order it before having to head in for the night, the papers can be sent to the tailors tomorrow morning by raven” Looking around she watched everything and watched the guards closing the stable as the door shut with a bang, as well as guards heading back to the outside tents were the army’s men rested. At some point Anaya would have a large barracks built for them all there but that was a matter to deal with on another day. in the distance there was a crashing and then the shape of wings and a dragon shooting up into the sky as Sam went out to do his tasks and Anaya gave a smile as she watched him go, he was so lucky he could shift and change when ever he wanted and he was not bound to the castle like she was this season. she envied him in that moment as she watched him vanish into the clouds. “so what else do you wish my dear, do you wish to take a walk to the woods before the sun sets? Or simply stay in the yard for this evening”

AlyChes: -Chesmay kept on looking up to Anaya. Her hazel eyes sparkling to the promise she could stay outside a little longer and she could have all the fabric she needed. She giggled softly and in her excitement folded her arms around Anaya's waist, if she would let it. Chesmay then blinks a few times and quickly lets go again as her cheeks flush bright red. She takes a few steps back and lowers her eyes to the ground as she sucks her bottom lip between her teeth. She then lets it slip again and looks back up to Anaya with a bright smile- Thank you Madam. -Though the story made Chesmay curious to what happened in the past. She made a promise to herself to search the castle for answers and she was sure she was going to find them. The sound of crashing reached her small elven ears. She blinks a few times and looks around before seeing a mighty red dragon take off into the clouds. Taking a few steps forward she looks at it in amusement as she spreads her arms to the side a little. A bright smile crosses her lips as her eyes widen in the same amusement before looking back at Anaya with a giggle. As she was asked what else she wanted, Chesmay shakes her head. - Oh no Madam... The yard is just fine for this evening. Perhaps when the snow is melting we can go to the woods. It's simply amazing to see nature come back to life after a harsh winter. -With that said Chesmay kneels down into the snow and starts to push it away. She was making a feet wide area where Anaya could stand without hurting herself. When she removed all the snow from the two feet by two feet area she stands back up and simply smiles up to Anaya before turning around and taking a few paces forward. Though in the distance, a small group of guards was watching them and pointing towards them. Chesmay figured they were looking at Anaya and so didn't thought much of it as she started to twirl around again.-

Anaya: As she got the hug she paused a bit in almost shock, Anaya did not know what to do with this affection thing, she did not know were to really put her arms but Chesmay pulled back so fast she did not really have to. She gave a light chuckle as she watched Chesmay act bashful and shy.  She then watched as Chesmay watched Sam take off and vanish and seeing the wonder in the girls eyes made the old dragon woman remember how dragons were so strange to others “maybe one day Sam and I can take you flying with us, you will love to see the world from the clouds I am sure” she watched as the girl made that clearing in the snow so Anaya would not have to touch the cold wet snow and she walked into it softly wiggling her toes as she stood there “thank you Chesmay it feels better already” the ground still damp but not enough to bug her, her skin was already healing around her feet and ankles as she stayed in her spot and could not help but giggle watching the girl dance around and spin around in the snow. Anaya looked over seeing the guards pointing and talking about them as Anayas red eyes looked back at ches “see the guards over there” she said softly as she moved a hand her fingers glowing blue for only a moment as a large drift of snow that was on the roof over top of the stable wall they were standing beside came tumbling down on top of them. And Anaya gave a chuckle as they scrambled to get out of the cold snow drift that had come crashing on there heads.  “teach them to talk about people, I think they were looking at you” she gave a smile as she had grown rather protective of her girl.

AlyChes: -As Anaya talked about flying with them, she stopped mid-twirl and looked back at Anaya- Really? -She asked before giggling. When Anaya thanked her she only gave a small nod of her head and smiled brightly, being extremely happy to know it felt better already. As Anaya spoke of the guards, Chesmay looked over to them only to bursts into laughter as the drift of snow fell on top of them. Looking at Anaya as she was still laughing, she stopped immediately and blushed bright red as Anaya told her they were looking at her. Moving both her hands up to her cheeks, she shyly looks up at Anaya- Oh no Madam.. They were looking at you.. -She giggles and lowers her hands again.- I'll be right over there.. -She said as she points a little further into the yard. She giggles and lifts her silk skirt a little before running over. Her cloak moving behind her as she nearly drowned in it. Once she reached the stop, she looked out on the lands before closing her eyes again and taking a deep breath. She only hoped Crimson wouldn't see her and come to her. And of course when you speak or think of the devil- Chesmay? -A young males voice sounded. Chesmay opens her eyes and looks over her shoulder, only to see Crimson there. She smiled a little and looked back at Anaya for a moment before stepping closer to him.- I see you had the courage to ask Anaya to go outside? -Crimson asks. Chesmay nods to him- Actually... She's here with me. -With that Chesmay looks at Anaya and smiles. Not seeing Crimson go pale and immediately taking a few steps away from Chesmay.-

VortexBloodVexo: “ Hmm interesting very interesting.- Vexo was walking in a new area he had not ventured into before. He pulled out his map and began to draw on it. “Clear day  covered in snow this does interest me a little bit. I am guessing it must be winter time. Never been able to keep track of time since I travel so much.- Vexo was a wandering mage of sorts. He was very well-trained and the arcane arts and mastered most of their skill sets that the required be a head or arch mage. He did a lot of traveling because he would get bored staying in one place for very long. But he also traveled to learn new things meet new people and possibly learn new skills that he may not known for mages. As he came across this winter wonderland even with the sky clear as day he looks around seeing everyone was about. Yet he saw no one. Vexo would stand at 7 feet tall, long to mid length black hair. He wore a black mask that would cover from his nose down to his chin. He also wore a red and black coat, though it would be open, clearly showing his chest with a dragon tattoo on it. He wore black gloves, on his black gloves had arcane symbols. It may be easier for him to cast spells quickly rather than focus is manna to try out his attacks. And from his waist down he wore black pants with black boots that had chains around them. “Well I don’t see anyone and I can’t seem to sense anyone maybe rather than just wonder about I send the signal or call out”- Vexo then to the stance he called out- “incoming!” - He then said his attack name- “chain lightning “ - a powerful bolt of lightning shot out in the air. You could hear the crackling of it with the immense power that had. Anyone that was at least within a 50 mile radius should’ve enabled either hear it or see it. He did not know he get any reaction from it but he decides to try it in any way. As his hands were locked together pointed upward in the air he would spin around the circle so that I would hit all directions. But he made sure that I do not make contact with anything in the air or with anything that might be high enough to hit it. Once he was done he withdrawn his hands and put them as sides. Now all he would do was stand there waiting to see if anyone had noticed him.” Now Vexo we wait”

Anaya: As Chesmay got so happy when Anaya mentioned going out flying with her it had sealed the deal for sure, later in the week they would go out flying as long as it was warmer out and not snowing so it could be more a group outing and not just Anaya and chesmay but Samuel as well.   As Chesmay hoped away and the other guard popped himself out the door walking over to Chesmay Anaya’s red eyes were locked onto him. She did not know every guard she had and this one was drawing a blank but she new were all the guards came from and it was for sure not the best places in town. She watched the guard as he and Chesmay talked and the sound of cracking came from the distance. The other guards around the stable looked over to her as she gave a nod to them, it was to late to do a full on assault so the guards new to just send the dogs out and let them deal with it, and if they were killed off at least it would give what was out there a direction as to where they came from.  As well as every castle owned hound had armor platting on there heads and backs with the rose symbol of a dragon with a rose. Each hound was a Rose breed Dire wolf large enough to use as mounts by some of the not over weight guards. One of the guards went into the stable as he walked down and there was some clicking and snapping and then three very large armored wolves wan out of the stable into the woods in the direction of what made the cracking sounds. They snapped and gave loud growls but they were not ordered to attack, all they were to do is run up to the target, drop one armor plate off the alphas shoulder into the snow then turn around and run back to the stable. And they would do just that, within moments the target was located and as the three spotted it the alpha a head taller then the other two walked up slowly to the target dipped its head dropping one of its shoulder plates with the castle symbol on it on the ground and then turned around and bolted back the same way it came.

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AlyChes: -As Chesmay looked at Anaya, a loud crack of thunder was heard. She blinks a few times and squeals softly and makes a small jump as she got startled by the sound, only to run over to Anaya, leaving Crimson behind. He on his turn went back to do his job. As she reached Anaya, Chesmay moved behind her and holds her cloak around her. Though as it faded and she saw the commotion around them, she steps out from behind Anaya and stands a little at her side. Though Chesmay didn't know what it was, she had a feeling it wasn't anything pretty. For a moment she looked up at Anaya and sucks her lip between her teeth again for a moment before letting it slip again- Madam... I think we should go inside.-Truth to be told, Chesmay was afraid. She hated thunder and lightning as it was and even though it wasn't the season for it, she still didn't like it at all. But curiosity got the best of her. She takes a few steps forward to see if she could see what was going on. She saw the wolfs run off and guards getting ready, but other then that nothing. Chesmay blinks a few times and keeps staring at the distance.-

VortexBloodVexo: -Vortex waited there for some time he found a tree stump to sit on. All of a sudden the distance though he saw things moving closer as well here barking. Not knowing if there from it or not you decide to stand up. He had his hands out ready to attack if they were there to attack him. But he kept them at his sides in order not to provoke them.- “Well then Dogs? Now they’re better than dogs they must be wolves. But I guess we will see pretty soon here. At least this is me know that there is civilization around”-it wasn’t long until the wolves on his site he could tell that they had were wearing something. Once they are close enough he conceals armor that they had on. It is very unusual wolf have armor unless they had been tamed. He saw the alpha wolf drop one’s shoulder plates down on the ground as he and the other wolves ran back in the direction they came. Once there out of  site vortex pick up the plate and looked at it. It had carved on it a symbol so he knew the wolves were owned by someone.” So the people send wolves the lead meets where they are. Apparently my lightning strike was heard. I guess I should follow the footsteps that are in the snow.”- Vortex would hold the plate in his hand as he began to walk following the footsteps that was left by the wolves that approached him.- “ I wonder what type of people these are the must be pretty impressive to tame wolves like that evening out focus tamed. Today seems to be more interesting as time goes on I’m pretty sure I’ll find something entertaining here”- vortex would have a grin on his face under his mask as he began to keep following the footsteps left in the snow. It would not be long till he had reached what look like a horse stables. Looking around he didn’t see anyone yet so he’ll make his presence known- “ Hello anyone home ? “- He was saying a loud but not alarming voice to see if anyone would answer him.-

Anaya: Anaya put an arm around Chesmay and held her lightly “for sure it is getting late as well, and do not worry what ever is out there will show up here in no time, I am not a big fan of loud random noises in my lands so it will be handled, I do hope what ever is out there got the invitation to join us” she walked with Chesmay and they headed back inside the castle. “I do hope you enjoyed being outside” she said softly looking back over her shoulder a bright red eye picking up the alpha walking to the castle doors and standing there behind them and standing at the doors waiting like he new he was to, the rose wolves were made for there intelligence like the rest of the animals around the castle not much around here were stupid. She nodded to the alpha as she walked more in with chesmay “so you go get the papers from my desk about the fabric, you will see it, I believe it has order form to the tailors on the top of it, look for the image of a thread ball and a needle” Anaya moved over to her throne and sat down as she picked up a foot and rubed the bottom of it relaxing a bit watching the wolf tail just resting in the crack of the door, the wolf telling the ruler it was still there. The alpha watched its partners go back to there stable resting posts for the night as it stayed post and watched as their guest came out of the woods. It gave a howl to gain the guests attention and then once seen it turned and walked inside of the large building to say come on this way. Anaya watched her alpha come into the castle and lay down at her throne side putting its head on the floor as the armor clanked, she had gotten the wolves properly trained a couple weeks ago so it was nice to see them fitting in so nicely. “for sure you will make a rather good member of this castle ” she said softly running her clawed hand along the back of its head

AlyChes: -As Anaya wrapped an arm around her and agreed with her to go inside, Chesmay only nodded and walked with her. What ever it was, it startled her pretty good. As Anaya asks about her time outside, she smiles up to her- Oh yes, i enjoyed it very much. Thank you Madam -She said sweetly as she shivers a little as they walk into the warmer castle. As Anaya told her to go get the papers with the thread ball and the needle on it, she nods. Hanging her or rather Sam's cloak up again before heading over to Anaya's office. Carefully opening the door she slips inside before closing the door behind her again. She walks over to the fireplace and holds her hands out to it as she tries to get a little warmer again. She wasn't freezing cold but her skin felt cold. Though her feet, now that she was inside, felt extremely cold. Warming them too for a moment she closes her eyes to the heath. She then walks over to Anaya's desk and carefully starts to search for the papers she needed. So many papers, with bread on it, with grapes on it, with a shirt on it, oh and look one with a thread ball and a needle. She nods and takes it. She looked over it as she tried to make scence off it but it didn't just yet. She then leaves the office again as she closes the door behind her once more. One of the other maids came running over to her and handed her back the book. Chesmay nods to her before walking over to Anaya. She smiles brightly as she sees the wolf at her feet- He's beautiful..-She said softly as she places the book and the papers on the armrest of the throne before carefully walking over to the wolf. She squads down next to it before kneeling as she gently ran her hands over it's furr- Hello beautiful -She said sweetly to the animal. No matter how big they were, animals were something Chesmay could never be afraid off.-

VortexBloodVexo: As soon as Vortex got to the stables he saw the Wolf that he has seen earlier the only reason he was in that direction was because he heard the howl. Looking at the Wolf he turned his attention to it. “There you are maybe you can show me the way”-he was sure that this Wolf could understand him and sure enough the wolf turned around and went inside. Vortex slowly made his way and followed the Wolf inside. He would wait though until the wolf was all the way inside before he began to walk further inside. The plate was still in his hands well as he began to walk further toward the Wolf had been and now sought stationed. He saw the Wolf was laying down next to the throne where a woman sat there. His small grin would appear on Vortex’s face under his mask. Only seconds later he saw another woman not sure where she came from but she had come from somewhere she made her way over to the Wolf and began to pet it. Vortex slowly made his way further and further inside. He made sure to keep his hands on the plate that the Wolf had given him. Once he reached as far as he can go standing in front of the thrones he looks upon the woman that was in the throne. He put the plate down in front of him. He then stood back up took his right arm and crossed it across his chest. He took his left arm and crossed across his back he bent down on one knee facedown looking at the plate as he took a deep breath then and exhaled it he began to speak.-“ Greetings your Majesty my name is vortex I may head or arch mage if you prefer from a faraway land. I’m not here for one reason particular but I do travel a lot in search of things to do and things to entertain me. This land is very interesting to me as well as the life around it. I come in peace and mean you no harm”-his voice was soft but still strong. It was full of confidence as well as charm. It’s almost as if his words would flow with the atmosphere in the room. He w would lift his head up. Not hiding his eyes he would let them shine and shimmer the red and gold they always did. He kept his stance though and did not proceed to get up until you be told to. He could’ve set a lot more but he rather not ramble on.-

Anaya: Anaya took off her robe and hung it up on the back of the throne softly pushing it out of the way. As Chesmay scampered away she gave a smile as she went and Anaya was able to relax a bit as she pets her new found guards head. As Chesmay came back with the book and paper she smiled, did not even have to ask for that part, such a good girl she was and Anaya was very happy to have her. She took the book and paper and put it at her hip resting between her and the throne. As Chesmay saw the animal laying there Anaya smiled “yes he is, I do say he turned out rather nice, took long enough to get him trusting us but we have three of them at the moment and a couple others in town being tamed down, they are Rose Wolves, the castle breeds them we used to use them just as hauling hounds but we learned they make rather good guards as well” As Chesmay sat down beside him Alpha moved his head and put it on her lap the very large head of him making the elf look so small. As he relaxed and kept one large golden eye on there guest that had just entered. Anaya looked up at there guest as he held the wolf shoulder plate. “I see you got the invitation from my wolves, so you must have made that loud sound that startled some of the houses as well as ourselves. You are lucky you were not attacked here, god forbid a troll be close to you it would go crazed from shock and be driven into a rage. But welcome Vortex arch mage, it is nice to have you, this is the Iron Castle, and I am Anaya DeLaRose” she moved her hand to run her fingers in Chesmay’s hair softly as her bright red gaze was kept on there guest.

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AlyChes: -As the wolf laid his head in her lap, she giggles and reseats a little while she kept on running her fingers through his fur. Leaning down to the animal she nuzzles her nose against him only to giggle again.- You're so soft... -She whispers to him before looking back up at Anaya.- He's wonderful. I'm sure his female is carrying a beautiful litter. -She giggles softly only to turn her head to look at their guest for a moment. She then closes her eyes for a brief moment as Anaya runs her fingers through her hair. She smiles a little and tilts her head back a little. Chesmay loved it when someone played with her hair. She then takes a deep breath and opens her eyes again before looking up to her- Let me get you some mint tea, Madam. On the rocks as always? -She giggles before nuzzling the wolf again. She then carefully stands up and curtsies to both Anaya and the guest before moving away to the kitchen.- One mint tea for Madam, a cup of red wine for the guest and a cup of licorice tea for me, please. -She asks the one in the kitchen. The maid nods and starts preparing what was needed while Chesmay gathers some fruit, a thread for the wolf and some pearls for Anaya. Once done, the maid places everything on a tray. Chesmay smiles and picks the tray up before moving out of the kitchen and back towards Anaya. Carefully she places the tray on the armrest as she takes the cup of wine. She slowly turns around and offers it to their guest. If he was to take it, Chesmay would turn back to Anaya and put the plate with pearls and her tea in a way she had easy access to them. She then takes the thread for the wolf and kneels down again- Looky here big boy.. -Chesmay said before offering the treat to the wolf.-

VortexBloodVexo: “Greetings your Majesty”-he was to stay on one knee with his right arm crossed over his chest and his left arm crossed behind his back. He will look into her eyes as he felt was rude not to make eye contact. He did not know what the lands customs were but he was said to his customs that he knew were proper where he came from.-“ I do apologize for making that loud sound. It was one of my attacks called chain lightning. The only reason I made it is because I did not sense anyone nearby nor do I know if it was nearby. I did make sure I aimed it though so that I would hit no one. As I said before I travel around a lot never knowing where I end up. I am happy to hear that I’m at a castle. The iron castle I have never heard of before but now that you mention it I have heard of this plan before. This land seems to have the clearest days in the wintertime. Naturally when I see a sky clear as day but saw snow platform the ground who would not be interested. I also must add your wolves are very intelligent and I can tell they’re very well bred. Where I come from it is not often to see animals with such high intellect and held in such high ranks.”-He looked over to the Wolf smiled underneath his mask. He then returned his gaze to the woman in front of him that address herself as Anaya DeLaRose.-“ Anaya DeLaRose a very beautiful name my lady I guess I should tell you my last name as well. Well, more my middle and last name. My full name is Vortex BloodVexo. The last name is in and I created since apparently I never got to the mother or father but there are rumors of who they are. The vortex in the blood is there mainly because my name vortex was given to me by my adopted parents and the name blood…..”- He would pause for a moment- “well let’s say that’s a story for another time”-he was smiling to Anaya under his mask as he waited to see what all she had to say.- It was not long before he saw the woman that came out earlier retreat to the kitchen. It was not soon after they saw her come back out the tray full of drinks as well as food and treats. He sees that he is offered a glass of wine he bows his head and took the glass. “ Thank you”- he would pause for a second- “I never got your name”-he would sit there with the glass in hand waiting to see if she would give him her name. While waiting though he decided to pull his mask down. There was nothing wrong with his face blows mask his skin was silver same color nothing was disfigured everything seemed to be fine. He took a sip of the wine and after licking his lips. He is still not say anything as he did not want to interrupt the woman that gave him the wine or the cleanness in front of him.-

Anaya: Alpha lifted his head as Chesmay got up and then put his head back watching her go keeping an eye on everything like a good guard would do. In many cases, the wolves were much better than the people guards and in due time once breeding picked up wolves would outnumber men as well as take up space in the army but right now there was only a couple good enough to do the tasks needed of them. Anaya watched the guest as he told his small story and explained his name as well as a bit of his past. “alright Mister Blood it is nice to know a bit about you, and yes the wolves are very well bred, we took the bloodlines from the dire wolves that used to run the lands here and cross bred them with the rather smart timber mountain wolves, making a both smart and large wolf they are fitting guards for the keep and in time will phase out the human soldiers as they have far too many flaws for my likening. But are you simply passing along or aiming to baton down for a while. I am lacking mages and it would be nice to have one for sure” Anaya had always been rather blunt, it was simply in her nature, blunt and never giving out too much information unless people asked.

AlyChes: she would hear the man speak to her. She looks at him and blinks a few time before looking back at Anaya for a moment. She then looks back at the man and lowers her eyes to the floor.- My name is Chesmay, Sir. -She said softly before turning her attention back to the wolf.- I'll sit with you while I warm up -She whispers to the beast and reaches up for a moment to get her own tea. Taking in between both her hands, she holds it in front of her and carefully starts blowing into it. Taking a small sip before looking at the wolf again. Chesmay already knew, as soon as the little wolfs were born, Anaya would get mad at her more than once because she would spend too much time with the little wolfs then doing her job. She giggles softly to herself and takes another sip before looking up at Anaya for a moment. Hoping she wouldn't mind her warming up near the wolf and with a cup of tea of her own. It was her favorite and just the smell of it could make her feel better. She then lowers her eyes to her cup again and carefully takes another sip before leaning against the wolf a little as she holds her feet against his warm fur-

VortexBloodVexo: -Vortex would keep taking sips of his wine. All the while listening to and what she had to say about her wolves. His eyes kept on her since it was rude to look away when a person is talking. That is where he came from it was inappropriate to divert attention when someone was telling you a story or even information. The wine tasted was not like one he had before. He was a big drinker as it was but he was fancy here and there. Also, curiosity would always tend to try new things. He kept on listening to the Queen talk and within a few minutes later with her story ending his drink was also done as well. He would set the glass next to the plate that he had earlier. It was also relayed to him the woman’s name given him the wine. He would bow his head to her “ is a pleasure to meet you Chesmay that is as well a lovely name.” - He would turn his attention that the queen Once he heard what the Queen inquired might be here for he cleared his throat and began to speak.” While I’m glad to offer my service anywhere. It is true I do travel a lot. But if I find that my services are needed somewhere I tend to sit in place for as long as I needed. It is true that I am an archmage. Whether the teachings or in skill alone. So if you wish to place me here as a mage I’ll be more than happy to work for you.”-He stayed in the position he was still an and waited for her to respond to him-

Anaya: Alpha, as Ches sat down beside him, moved a paw wrapping it around her and pulling her into him tightly. He kept his leg on top of her fully preventing her from getting up again. Like she was his new trinket he kept her as glued to him as he could. Anaya watched alpha and the woodland elf girl and could see the link with them, maybe one day Anaya would give the girl a pup from one of the litters but for now she new Chesmay was safe with Alpha, wolves could not betray you like a human could, they were animals, just like Anaya was inside. Anaya's red eyes moved back to their guest and she nodded her head as she watched him drink his wine and seem to finish it in moments, he was a drinker she could tell most would savor the wine but it was gone in a blink it seemed. She gave a light smile as she nodded her head “yes for sure I could use you and your services, we have been lacking mages for some time, it would be nice to have them in the castle once again the magical ability’s do help” she paused for a moment “other than my own magical capability’s here are lacking and that needs to change even slightly” Anaya moved her hand and took her mint tea and a pearl in her claws and popped the pearl in her mouth as she shut her eyes enjoying the taste of it, it was rather odd for a being of any sort to eat raw pearls out of a clay dish. She opened her eyes once more and took a sip of her tea and with her claw spun the ice round in her cup looking back to their guest thinking and pounding about him and how he would be of use here.

AlyChes: -Chesmay giggles as the wolf pulls her close and kept her safe and warm. She leaned more against him as she sips her tea. Even though she had been hiding most of the day, it ended in the best way possible. She went outside. She hoped if she kept on trying, she could be granted to go outside more often. Perhaps even under Alpha's protection. She giggles softly and lays her head on Alphas. She couldn't explain why, but she loved this beast. In fact she realized there and then, she loved all animals. It must have something to do with her elven nature. *I have to learn about it. Perhaps when we don't have guests, I can ask Anaya for a teacher* Chesmay think's to herself. Turning her face into the wolf's fur she yawns softly. It had been a long day and now finally being warm again made her realize how tired she was. Leaning up she places her cup back on the tray before running her finger over Alpha's head again- I have to get back to work my fuzzy friend. -She said softly before trying to wiggle herself free from his paws. She had to make her round with the book, then make sure the kitchen and dining room was clean, she had to prepare a room for their guest and then if Anaya didn't need anything else, she could go to bed. She nods to herself and makes a small list in her head on what she was to do-

VortexBloodVexo: He would watch as the Wolf would pretty much make his stand on the girl not being able to let move. All the while he heard the queen talk about magic and how it was much needed in the castle. It was intriguing to him that she had magical powers. He was sure interested to see but he would only think about it right now. He would bow his head to her as he would stand up. –“ Well, then my queen you can count on me as the archmage to protect this place and all its people. And if they're any training menus to be done and teach you how to use magic or the arcane arts I am more than capable of doing that. If there’s anything you need me to do as of now let me know if not I shall probably just wander around getting used to my surroundings. “-Vortex was standing there in place he would pull his mask back over his mouth and nose. Then he would put both hands behind his back as one gripped the other. He was thought that was proper stance when waiting for someone to point instructions or just wait before he would move somewhere else. He would look at her and make sure his eyes make contact with hers as he still believes there were things to discuss. He would then look over to the other woman that had given him the wine. He could tell that she was a bit tired. He then diverted his attention back to the Queen he wasn’t really in a rush but he did like to keep busy because it kept them entertained.-

Anaya: As Chesmay said she had to go Alpha stood up with her and looked back to Anaya with his large golden eyes “yes you may, go on” Alpha gave a strong nod of his head and looked back at Chesmay and then walked forward as she did. He held onto her silk with a light pull as he pulled her backward to be at his side not at his front, he did not like following he was a leader after all. Anaya watched him and Chesmay and she took the book out from her hip and handed it to Chesmay “I will get the paperwork for the fabrics done tonight so they can be sent out for you. I am guessing white or silver furs will be best suited for your coats and what colors do you like, greens or browns?” she said softly as she looked at alpha and Chesmay and nodded to him she knew that alpha already knew his job there was no need to remind him or bug him. “we can make a room upstairs in the hall where the guards sleep for our new mage friend Vortex, be sure to make the bed and clean the room Chesmay as well as leave a fresh glass of wine in the room for him. Then you are free to do whatever you wish for the rest of the night” Anaya said softly as she took the paper up from the slot it was placed on her hip and the throne arm. Looking the paper over she nodded her head and rolled it up and put it back where it was. She looked back to the mage “so is there anything you wish to know about the castle or who dwell in it? Or anything else about your job requirements or tasks here, if you wish to know anything other then what will be explained to you please ask” Anaya took her hand and brushed it into her white hair as she pushed her hair out of her face and lashed it behind her back to keep it out of the way.

AlyChes: -She giggles softly as Alpha stood up with her and tugged her back to his side.- yes yes, I'll remember. -She pats his head lightly before looking back at Anaya as she takes the book from her.- I prefer white furs, Madam. As for the colors. A light shade of brown? Beige maybe? -She said before giggling as she felt someone tugging on her skirt again. She nods to Anaya as she was given the order to prepare a room.- Yes, Madam. Thank you. Have a wonderful night -She smiles brightly and bows to Anaya and the guest before stepping away while Alpha followed her.- Will you help me? -She said with a giggle and walks to the room Anaya told her to go. Once there she starts to clean it, refresh the sheets and make it a proper room for a guest. A maid brought a goblet and a large can of wine. Chesmay takes it before placing it on the nightstand. Looking over the room again she nods to herself. It took her about 30 minutes to prepare the room. She then leaves the room- Oh... Dorma, let Anaya know the room for our guest is ready. -The maid nods and runs off to Anaya. Chesmay drops the old and dirty sheets off at the laundry before going to her own chambers. Once there she closes the door behind her and takes an old blanket out of her closet and lays it on the floor near the fireplace for Alpha. She smiles at him and nods before she started to take her silks off and tossing them over a chair near her desk. Once done she brushes her hair before putting it in a braid. It helped with the knitting. Putting her brush back to where it belonged she walked over to her bed and crawled in before pulling her sheet over her. She sighs softly and was glad so got to go to bed early. She sighs again before slowly dozing off as she pushes the book underneath her pillow to keep it safe-

VortexBloodVexo: “While there is nothing I can think of at the current moment to inquire I guess I should ask you what my requirements here are. I am fairly sure I already know what they are but just in case I don’t’ would you mind explaining them to me. Even though I’m certain as to what they are I want to make sure I know everything that way I can get when needed. Also, I guess the only other question I would have is who does dwell here? It would be something I like to know. I’m sure I’ll meet everyone in time but sometimes there’s no harm in knowing ahead of time who I will be working with and working for. I already know you of course but knowing the chain of command might be a good thing to know. “ - He would divert his eyes for a quick second looking forward to the right to the left of the room. Then he would move his eyes back to the Queen-“ one other question I want to know is if you have archives or a library of some sort. Being a mage I want to read see if there’s anything about this area I don’t know also see if there may be any spells or incantations I can learn. I am always seeking to widen my skill set of course mages are not very durable but lately, I’ve been finding a good source of mage armor and things that can increase my armor that is like a shield around me one being a type of flesh that makes my skin as hard as stone.” He then looked up for a second and reached a hand in his pocket- “ also if you like take this”- in his hand held what was a golden chain around that there is a stone the stone would swirl with power inside of it be the same color as his eyes golden and red.- “ This is a summoner stone what the stone does is tracks onto a person’s Mana or life force. If you are to rub the stone three times it will alert me that I am being summoned. As long as I’m not bound to something I will appear at your side in their moments. This was something my parents taught me to make and I can make it for anyone. But I thought maybe you would need it”- He hands it out to her to see if she will accept it or not –

Anaya: lifting her hand she took the stone from him and looked at it as she nodded her head and put the chain on her lap “thank you and yes it will come in handy. And alright for your requirements, you are a mage so I am guessing you partake in be it healing or combat magics, be it healing you will be required to aid the sick and help around the castle and in the medical wing. And if combat is your choice then you shall be a fighter alongside the armies when needed and a guard within the walls when not needed. Sadly most guards when not needed to end up door stops but they do help with tasks all the same. You are able to walk the full castle it is rather large so there are many places, but you are not allowed in the basement or catacombs of this castle that area is forbidden to all but the king and myself. Chain of command here is myself as empress and my mate Samuel as Emperor, he has a short temper and a bad habit of…” she paused for a moment as she thought about the proper wording “breaking in new guests be them male or female. I would aim to stay on his good side, but not to on his good side so he does not get the wrong idea about you unless you want him to for sure. Chesmay is the castle lead slave she is my personal girl so you shall not be touching her, other slave girls at for sure at your wishes if you want them by all means enjoy yourself. My sister scarlet is hardly around but she does pop in every now and again when she is not out on the hunt or doing other matters. And as time goes on I am sure you will meet other faces. The dangers here are the cave trolls outside right now they are all in the stable sleeping or passed out in the yard but in the day they wonder and if you anger their small minds they may just show you how soft you can be. As well as the wolves there are three on the grounds but they should not mind you they are much more intelligent than the trolls. Other than that you should be fine as long as you don’t poke into places you should not be. And for what else is on the groundswell most guards are human we have some lycanthropes in the army and many elves as well as some other things” she paused once more and put a strand of hair behind her ear “be careful of dragons there are two myself and my mate, we are the only ones in the lands if you see any others let us know so we can remove them”

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VortexBloodVexo:  -Vortex sat there and listens to everything the queen had to say. Everything she said makes complete sense to him there was something he had questions about things but he would wait until she was done before he asked them. He heard all about what he had to do which she had assured  he would have to do no matter what. She told him the rank structure of who is in command and where they fell. She told him about what she was and what her mate was. She told him where he was allowed in where he was not allowed. She told him what to do in case of emergency or a case of another Dragon was spotted. Her words fit in his head and he made mental notes of all them. It is also not bad listening to her voice. In his mind she had a very gentle but also a very strong voice. So once she was done speaking he thought to himself for a bit and then he began to ask his questions.- “Your Majesty I can assure you that I can fit whatever role you need me to fit. If you need me to fight and use destruction magic I can do that. If you wish me in the medical field to use restoration magic I can do that. I am also very skilled in illusion in conjugation as well as enchantment. Any type of magic field you may have I’m sure I can accommodate. As you husband or your mate as you call him I am very respectful but I also do not tolerate being belittled. So if he wishes to test me and break me in I am sure I can handle it. My  questions I have for you right now is I have fond dragons before. Some dragons I have fought my own. Other ones I fought with help. If the Dragon is to be spotted and there’s no time to warn you or the others am I  allowed to take it on alone? If the answer is no I 100% understand. My last question is when a dragon is slain would you allow me to examine it? I am currently working on something as I said may body is very fragile. But we use spells and incantations and order to make our skin stronger. I’m currently working on a dragons scale that would fit over my skin but in the form of a magic alteration spell. But I need to examine Dragon a bit more as well as possibly take some scales before I can complete it.”-He was standing in the same position he was in the entire time he would just wait for her decision he looked her in the eyes that way she would now he was serious. Also he likes her eyes. He knew she had a mate so he would do no such thing to make advances on her or anyone else in the castle but he would keep his thoughts to himself and do the job he was told to do as long as he got to do what he wanted in return. he saw the space to be very interesting and would probably entertain him more than he could imagine.-

Anaya: Anaya allowed him to talk and ask what ever he needed to, as she looked him right in the eye in return not breaking that contact, her hard red stair, red eyes with a reptilian black slit down their centers looking right into him “I can assure you that if you find a dragon and lack the time to relay the information back to the crown it will more then likely kill you. The only other dragons that walk this land are confused youngsters not knowing better witch will flee as soon as you notice them, and old adults here to kill me and take my land.  And they will only attempt that if they are confident enough to believe they can bring me down and I am no yearling and I am also no low scale color I own the largest plot of land in the dead center of this continent for a reason and I have held this land plot for thousands of years now. If you don’t have time to relay the information you will more then likely not be fighting to kill the dragon but be fighting too safe yourself as you flee. And for if you do find one dead or one ends up killed you will not be studying it to better yourself, once they are killed they will be burned and turned into nothing but ash and no one will be informed of that we killed them. The town and the public have not to know that the crown is killing its own kind, it will scare them and they will lose faith in what protects them if we kill our own kind what is that to say we will not just kill them all. But if you truly wish to study things and get things to better yourself you can study me and I will allow it”  Anaya's red eyes were stabbing, hypnotic and alluring but they just seemed to look into the soul as if they looked into and out the other side of you like they just saw everything.

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VortexBloodVexo: At the very beginning when he heard the queen speak he was not very pleased. He didn’t understand why she said no and she said that the dragons here were much more powerful than they might’ve been where he was from. After all this is a new and strange form and him therefore he had no idea what dragons were here and how strong they might be. She had fighting dragons all her life. Not only has she been fighting them but she was one herself. She probably knew more about dragons than anyone else he had ever met. Long ago he met a man that claim to speak to dragons but a lot of people thought he was a crazy old man. No one ever did figure out if he was telling the truth or not. Vortex was always interested in dragons not because of their whereabouts and how they came to be but more so to have their own code their own language what makes the Dragon the Dragon also their abilities to regenerate breathe fire breathing ice whatever their nature is also how is the body and their skills are almost indestructible. He now realized what she was saying is the dragons here are no ordinary dragons. Still displeased with what she had said he had no other option than to disobey what she said. But once she said that he could study her a small grin came upon his face underneath his mask. His right eyebrow would rise a bit he had never studied the Dragon up close when it was alive. But he thought if he has this opportunity how can you pass it up.” Very well my queen if you allow me to examine you and study you in order to create more spells and incantations I promise you that whatever rule you set for me and whatever boundary is up to me I shall follow to the full extent. I am grateful that you let me examine you in the slightest bit”-he would bow his head to her. He then raised his head back up. Staring into her eyes he could see that her eyes were piercing through him. Even though he had the eyes of a mortal since he was profound with illusions spells it is easy to make what seemed behind him false. But he had nothing to hide from her nor any reason for her not to see what he thought so he left his mind unaltered. He then thought what she said about killing their own people. Taking on that note he shook his head in agreement” you are right that people believe you are killing your own kind they would surely think that nothing stopping you from killing them. Even though I was not as pleased with the answers at first I think we have reached a very good standpoint. I understand the rules I understand my boundaries and understand what you’re offering me and I can assure you I shall follow the rules I shall not cross my boundaries and when you allow me to examine you I’ll take the utmost care.”-He would smile under his mask-

Anaya: Anaya stood up form her throne and put her arms over her head, her tall stature met him eye to eye as she let out a light yawn. She then her hair falling in her face “so when is it you wish to do your studies, I know that you wished me to agree to your wishes of studying the dead but we hold our dead and try to honor them as much as we can, even if my kind does not get along well with other living kin we try to uphold our traditions, well most of us do, younger ones don’t really anymore but there is reason we are few and far between. In the coming days it would be best as the castle will be a lot busyer after that due to, well you will see then” she gave a smile as she moved and picked up that rolled paper from the throne and walked hoping he would follow “come we can talk wall I get this paper signed and made up before I need to rest. What all do you wish to learn from studying me par say, as well as I can allow you to take scales and claw but I will not allow to give my blood, dragon blood when in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing, so that will be staying in my body. Many quality’s of the blood fade once the dragon dies so gaining a living dragons blood is more dangerous then to harvest from the passed” she walked with him to a door down the hall way and opened it up as the walls were stocked with books and a large desk cluttered with papers stood out in the center. “this is my privet office, if you need in here just ask but you are able as long as a guard or one of the wolves accompanies you, you can read any book on the shelves but all I ask is they do not leave the room its self. And for everything else the library is down the east hallway at the end there is a image of a book on the door, many of the guards here cant read human toung or anything for that matter so we make life a bit simpler and things are marked with images ” she took the paper to her desk and as she bent over her back arching as her hair fell down she started jotting things down with a quill.

VortexBloodVexo: -As she stood up and she was as tall as he was the he wold grin behind his mask. Listening to her words actually he became interested. Most times when you travel to a kingdom the Queen were not always as bright or as interesting him. Anaya did a good job of that so he was very happy that he stopped by this place. And even happier that he decided to stay at this place. It wasn’t so much that he needed a place to stay is more so that he wanted for a place that kept him interested. Being a mage he had studied many things and has seen many things. Even if he did not let on he was very intelligent he didn’t feel like expressing it unless he had to. As she began to walk away he did follow her as he knew she wanted him to. While there walking he looked around he was able to get used to his surroundings. He knew there were some places in the kingdom he cannot go but their were other places that he could go. Those places he could go he wanted to make sure he knew where they were. In case he was ever called upon to go somewhere he would need to know where that place was. When she asked him what he wish to learn by studying her he thought for a bit before he spoke. – “ My Queen you are a Dragon you are one the most feared creatures and not just this land but in almost any land known to mankind and non mankind. Dragons are almost essentially put in the same category as demons even God’s. Why would one not want to study such a powerful creature. I may not know others but my intentions of course is to better not just myself but better all mankind. It is true I do wish to study you in order to make new spells and incantations but also I believe people would understand dragons better maybe they would be more accepted. People see a Dragon and they think they need to kill it or they need to protect people from it. I know not all dragons are bad I know dragons must keep their intimidating stature. I know that dragons cannot lose what they are they can’t lose the ability or else people would try to take advantage of them. I guess short and simple what I want by studying you is to learn more about the Dragon itself so that i can make Dragon spells Dragon incantations also write a book on dragons. That way those that are uneducated can learn what dragons really are. Your scales and your fangs or claws would be nice. I can tell you your blood is not something I need. The only way I need your blood is if I were to make alchemy potions and potions are not my strongest point I prefer my restoration spells to heal those were ill.”-As they made their way into her private office he looked around seeing all the books that she was talking about even though he was looking about he saw her everything that she said about getting into the private office that he needed to. He also heard what she said about images. When she spoke at the library in the East hallway that’s when he was to her and saw her bending over. He couldn’t help but look but then he diverted his eyes to the books again. He held his hands out and said-“ telekinesis”-his hands glew a bright orange color as his hands made a grasping motion. Only seconds later the book appeared in his hands. He opened it up and in read one passage. He then use the same powers to set the book back in the tall self where he found it. “ Sorry my Queen but that book there are only five of those in the world and the thing that you have one I had make sure it was the real thing and it is”-he looked to her almost as if he was impressed that she had a book like that. Taking everything that she had said he nodded his head to her” I I understand to come here I need a guard or some assistance but the library in these hallway is probably were most my time will be spent unless you have a enchanting area I can enchant weapons for you if you so wish as well I can enchant anything”-his eyes shimmered red and gold as he looked back to her –

Anaya: Anaya gave a chuckle as the book came flying over and into his grabbing hands, she stood back up and took the paper over to a side table and put it in a small basket, the order form as done and signed and would be headed out tomorrow with the ravens. She watched him so bright eyed and bushy tailed, she pondered at him, she had lost the shimmer of what she had, she had a lot of old things, rare things, things you just would not find in other place, old paintings of wars, loss, death and glory hung on the walls all over the castle, rugs dating back hundreds of years made by grand tailors upon the floors, silken pillows and hand carved wooden arch ways. This whole castle was set in its own time, like its own locked up little world. “I have a lot of things you will not find in other places, books, art works, sculptures, all with a story to tell, I am sure you will learn all about it in due time, may the stories of our past be the food to feed your intellectual journeys” she walked over to him and stood before him, her body tall and strong, that flawless hour glass shape, dragons made themselves look like the best of what they wanted, so her human like body was the best humanity could truly offer. “but it grows late and night is upon this castle, I will lead you to your room, I am sure the slaves have gotten it ready and to your likening, food is served every morning, I believe tomorrow the morning meal is wild boar and bread, and we unlike many areas around here have milk and butter. So be sure to get what you can before the guards eat it all, come let’s go to your room” she walked forward as she passed him softly her red silk swaying behind her as the golden bits on it clicked slightly together. She walked to the door and opened it up as she held it for him to join her. “for having man kind understand us more, they say mankind understand swine rather well, they know that the pig has the intelligence of a young child, yet they still eat them every day and farm them to eat. As well as man understands each other rather well yet they still go to war over petty coins and females and it takes them years to achieve victory. We fight it lasts a small amount of time the other party dies and we burn there bodies to have them rest in the sky in peace. Then it is all over, if mankind understands my kin more it will just bring them closer to us placing them in danger, so remember that when you make your book and your studies, mankind may end up understanding dragons better, but dragons will always view mankind and all other races as a meal”

VortexBloodVexo: -Once the book was back and he looked to her all he could do is smile under his mask. He did hold one power that he was not telling her about though. He did not know how he had this power but his eyes would always shine and would always shimmer gold and a crimson red. He asked his parents one day why he had eyes like that, it is only then that his parents told him who they really thought his real parents were. It is said that his dad was a demon in his mother a demon aswell. But they were not just any demons. Vortex grew up his whole life thinking he was human and thinking he’s had a good mastery over the arcane arts. Thinking is high Excel rate was because he was good at magic. But no matter how good someone was at magic and the arcane arts no one had eyes like him. He could see things most people cannot he could sense things most people cannot his eyes had even given the power to sometimes see what a person will do before they do It If he analyzes them enough. he was sure that she had seen his eyes it was almost surprising that she not asked about them. He was sure none of her guards had eyes like him. He was able to use his eyes to scan every part of the castle it was big but nothing was able to be hidden from his eyes. He himself was still shy to figure that out he thought if he learned everything about every creature that he would be able to understand where his eyes came from and what they could do. That was another reason he wanted to study dragons. Dragons had a unique gift in their eyes he wondered if it was similar to his gift. If it was he would be one step closer to figuring out who his real parents were. He heard the Queen talk about the history of the castle. Her saying he’ll learn in due time and it will help his intellectual journey really did excite him. He was always wanting to learn new things. Working in a castle of such an old history he didn’t see how there be anything he wouldn’t learn. Even though he was an adult in human years he seemed to be only an adolescent in mind set. But even with an adolescent mindset he was not ignorant nor was he stupid. He hadn’t realized that she was standing close to him in front of him. His eyes still shimmer the same color and he looked at her from head to toe noticing her perfect figure. But he would not cross lines so he diverted his eyes back to the books. Soon he heard her words that his room should be ready. He agreed to follow her. And as she took the lead he saw her hips swaying back and forth. Once again he thought these thoughts need to be pushed aside so he put his hands in his pockets and he kept his head up and eyes on her back trying not to look lower. As they walked he heard what was for food tomorrow. When she said he need to hurry before the guards ate everything all he did was laugh “ if I was really worried about not getting anything I would use my illusion spell to make them not see what was left. And my book is about dragons and about understanding them it is more about educating people about dragons why they should be feared and why the should not be tampered with. I’m not a person to write a book to bring the downfall to a species. When I write books it does not disclose information that is not already known. But it says light on how information should be used and how should be viewed. Letting people know that an open mind is not a bad thing. But I never write a book to make your species more vulnerable or become close to dying out.-He kept following her knowing that she knew where they’re going he was sure they would reach his room shortly-

Anaya: They got up to the steps to the upper hall and they started to make there way up, Anaya’s bear feet touching on every step as she walked. “it would be rather nice if man learned to stop coming near us, it would be much safer, I have no need to eat human beings and other races it does not fulfill me. I eat from the earth and leave man for the most part alone, keeping myself in human form to not scare others or make the children fear me. I lead a nice peaceful life, well for the most part. But others of my kind are far from me, I have not seen another of my scale color in thousands of years ” Anaya made sure to leave her scale color out of that line of words as she walked up the steps getting to the top and starting there way down the hall “my chambers is here if you ever need anything tap upon the door if I am in there I will open it for you but some nights I am not as I have other matters to tend to at night” they kept walking down the hall way as she stopped at another door “tonight I will not be in my room, but here is your chamber room I do believe it will be to your liking there are guards at the steps as well at the ends of the hall ways if you need anything they will assist you, as well as if you wish to learn more about the history of the castle or myself think of things you wish to know and we can go over it together or find some books that you may enjoy.” Taking her hand and without touching the door it opened by itself and she gave him a polite smile.

VortexBloodVexo: As they were walking up the steps hearing all of her words he could understand what she meant. And let’s not been easy being a dragon all these years when other dragons try to fight and when mankind tries to destroy dragons. Being what she was even though he understood dragons he knew mankind would never understand dragons. So her wanting mankind to stay away was very easy for him to fully understand. All the while talking he kept thinking and reformatting ideas for his book. He no longer wants to make a book that let people know about dragons and that they were all bad. But the more so one makes a book about dragons and why they are feared and why they are not to be messed with. If dragons are so peaceful they would not attack unless humans attack first and that seemed to be what the case was. When they stopped and she showed him her chambers his eyes scanned the area around it he nodded his head when she told him what he had to do if he had to get a hold of her. The only reason he was quiet now was because he had a lot to think about especially concerning this book and especially concerning the studies on the Queen. It was not too long until they reached his chamber that before she opened the door. Hearing her words about wanting to know more about her, the history of the castle or anything in general either the guards or herself could assist him or go over it with him. He would then smile behind his mask as she opened the door without even touching it. He’ll look inside and everything was to his liking as she said. Before entering the room, he turned around and smiled under his mask. “ Anaya you’re very enchanting lady and very glad i came here today. Even though I have only been here for a few hours I have Already learned so much. You even have changed my mind on what to write about. I still plan to be it on dragons but the whole plot of the story and the whole meaning of the book has changed. There was so much I thought I knew about dragons but it seems I had not even scratch the surface. I do hope to learn much from you and do hope to learn much from this place and like you said in due time I’m sure I will”-seeing her smile he would pull down his mask so she could see his smile. He would then lean against the doorway as he bowed to her and bid her a good night” Goodnight Queen Anaya sleep well when you get to it” – He remains smiling –

Anaya: Anaya gave him a smile back and a half nod of her head, it was not a full bow, she never gave a full bow but it was the most she ever gave and a show of respect all the same. “you will learn much more I am sure Vortex as time goes on, it is only the tip of the iceberg, maybe not even that much of the information you can gain here. If anyplace can teach you about dragons the home of a very old one would be the place. And in the coming days you will get some surprises you may not have seen coming I am sure” she backed up from the door as her snow white hair waved along her shoulders. “I will sleep once I get there for sure, it will be a long night. Rest well and see you in the dawns light” and with that she turned around and started her way back to the steps, she would sleep under the castle tonight in her true skin, wrapped around her treasure that was nestled in the hot depths of the castle hold. It would only be a day or two now, till it was time.

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The Next morning

AlyChes: -Groaning loudly Chesmay stretches in her bed as the first rays of daylight fall on her face. Turning her head towards the window, she smiles a little and takes a deep breath before pushing herself up. She didn't sleep this well in a long time. Must have been the fresh winter air of last night. Looking at the bed she made for Alpha, she saw he was already gone. He must have gotten hungry and went to get his breakfast. Chesmay giggles softly and turns her body untill her feet touch the floor before standing up from her bed. Walking over to her dresser, she takes a cloth before dipping it into the bowl of water one of the early bird maids put out for her as she starts to freshen herself up. Her face and neck first. Followed by her torso and arms and armpits. Then her legs and feet. Only followed, after she cleaned the cloth once again, she washes her private area. She then puts the cloth with her dirty clothes of yesterday. She smiles to herself in the mirror before putting a new set of silks on. A pink one with colorfull beading on the waistband. Carefully putting it on she looks at herself in the mirror once done and nods. The messy just-out-of-bed braid completed her look for today. She then turns back to her bed and starts to make it after pulling the castle book out from underneath her pillow. Holding it to her chest with her left hand as she picks her dirty laundry up and leaves her room. She closes the door behind her with the help of her foot before walking, or rather running down the stairs. She walks to the laundry room to drop her dirty laundry off before walking into the main hall. Immediately guards and maides come rushing towards her to write in the castle book. Chesmay giggles as she rolls her eyes and holds the book open in front of her. It was only when she stood there, letting the others write into it, she looked around to everyone and offered some of them a smile. She could already smell breakfast being made. She hoped Anaya would sleep in today and nothing troublesome would find it's way to the castle. Closing the book after a good 20 minutes, she holds it to her chest again and starts to make her way towards the kitchen. She nods at everyone there and places her book down before snatching herself some breakfast before going to work-

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Anaya: As the dragon lay around her sweetest treasure the sound of movement made her lift her head, the taping inside the shell and the sweet grumbles of her baby, but something was odd, it sounded like more then one little voice was in there, more then one heart beat. As she moved her head to put her maw against the shell she taped upon it with her tooth scraping the edge of the off-white and speckled outside repeating the movement till she could hear them mimicking her from the inside. She gave low rumbles as the first of the egg shell started to crack and the little replies from her hatchling came out of the shell back to her, so small and sweet even if this little baby was the size of a horse to her it was very small. As she watched her egg break apart and a little golden body fall out she gave a Cooing sound as she moved her nose over to it picking it up as another one fell on her maw, another little golden body plopped down on her nose as she looked at them both her white scales dirty and tarnished she was shining inside. One female and one male, Sam would be pleased…well kind of. She wondered what he would think of the female child he wanted only a boy, they both were not expecting two baby’s in one shell. The little boy gave a growl as his back leg hit his sister on the back of the neck as she gave a grunt and rolled over trying to get on her feet. Anaya gave a grumble to them both as not to pick on one another and tried to help the female child to her feet with her nose. In a couple of minuets, the little girl was on her feet but the boy was being lazy and laying on his mother’s face. She gave a grunt and pushed him off her nose forcing him to slide down to the golden floor covered with coins, he already had more of a sense of greed then his sister trying to eat the coins as he hit them. But Anaya gave a growl and forced him to spit them all out. As she used her nose with him as well to push him to his feet. As she moved and got them both to there feet and being able to walk only moments after hatching she turned her body around in the gold and almost as if swimming in coin made her way with both of them out to the large hole that the spiders used that came out in the woods behind the castle. It was a small hole for Anaya and a tight push to get her self out of it but with a little polymorphing smaller then larger she was able to distort herself enough to get out with her young. It was lightly snowing so each snow on her body melted the skin a little forcing it to heal over and over again, she ignored the sting on her body and it was not snowing hard so she would deal with it. As soon as the young saw the crisp outside there little bodies went wild as they ran and jumped into the snow and Anaya kept a sharp eye on both of them. Her baby’s would now be the most important thing in her whole world and nothing not even family or her own mate would harm either of them.

AlyChes: -Chesmay ate an apple and some toast before patting her stomach to the cook, indicating she was full. She giggles and takes her plate before standing up and placing it in the sink. Standing on her toes she places a sweet kiss on his cheek before turning around, snatching the book from the table and making her way into the main hall. Nodding her head to a few guards before a few slaves and maids come running towards her with all kinds of questions. - Calm, please.... Now one at a time otherwise I won't understand you. -Chesmay said with a smile and one by one the maids and slave start to ask their question. Patiently Chesmay answers all of them as far as she could answer them. She then gave them directions on their tasks before the scattered off. Chesmay smiles to herself and starts to make her way to Anaya's office to pick the basket up for the mail to be delivered in the towns. But just as she reaches the door, she hears something. She blinks a few times and turns around as her eyes scan around, but nothing she saw could explain what she heard. She lifts her shoulders and pushes the door open to go into the office before closing it behind her again. Just as she takes a hold of the basket, she hears the noise again. This time, she was sure it sounded like growling. She blinks a few times and places both the book and the basket back on Anaya's desk. Chesmay leaves the room and starts to search for the spot where the sound came from-

Anaya: As her baby’s played in the snow ducking and jumping over one another kicking up snow in each others faces she gave a low rumble and started to make her way to the castle going up the hill. They were to follow her as she took each step and her baby’s did not stray far from there mother’s feet it was hard to not step on them as they zig-zagged between her legs and her bloody paged feet. It was painful to walk but it was nice seeing her young got their fathers love for snow and not their mother’s weakness for water. She kept walking till at the top of the hill and then turning her bulk around she moved her tail to wrap around the side of the building and she sat down in the snow warming herself up to melt the snow and force most of the water into the ground. She relaxed a little and waved her head so her young new it was ok to go play, it would take a bit for them to learn to change shape and for now they needed to see her as she was there mother before she changed shape and scared the crap out of them. The bound needed to grow first and it would as they played around her tugging on her feet and playing with the horns on her nose and under chin whiskers. She gave another low grunt as the little boy pulled upon her nose horn and she shock her head bating him off and playfully tossing him into a snow drift. They played hard but there play was normal, training them to be mighty hunters one day. Anaya looked around keeping an eye on everything as she saw the two wolves watching from the stable, they kept their distance as they new better then to go near a mother with her young who still had some of the egg yolk globber on there bodies. Anaya pulled the little body over with her foot and started to lick his body her long forked tongue running over him and cleaning him as he struggled biting and crying to get free and she gave a harsh grunt as she kept on licking him as his sister played with her mothers tail biting on it the tip flicked back and forth in the snow.

AlyChesAlyChes Whisper: -Finding a small doorway, Chesmay looks over her shoulder before pushing the door open. A dark staircase leading down to.. somewhere. She blinks a few times and takes the torch near the door before closing the door behind her. Carefully she starts to make her way down as she holds the torch in front of her.- He.... Hello? -She calls out a little stuttering. She narrows her eyes a little to look into the darkness but it didn't help much. Walking to a second door she pushed it open and then She saw some shimmering in the distance. Curiously she wondered what it was, but she would find out sooner or later. Carefully and slowly she starts to make her way further down.- Hello? Madam? -She calls out again as she reached the base of the staircase. Looking down at her feet, she saw she didn't reach the ground at all but was standing on a pile of gold. She blinks a few times and looks around some more. There was gold as far as she could see but there was something not far from her which got her attention. She blinked a few times and carefully started to make her way over to what she saw. The golden frame shimmered in the light of her torch, making it unclear so far to see what was on it. It takes her a few moment before she actually reached the painting, only then to find her staring at a spitting image of herself. She blinks and looks over her shoulder. Only to see some broken egg shells not too far away from her. She then turns her head back to the picture and just stares at it. She didn't pay mind to the eggshells just yet since her mind was captivated by the picture, wondering how it was possible of there being a picture of her within the castle she didn't knew existed until a couple of weeks ago. Sighing softly she lowers herself onto the gold and just stares at it some more-

Anaya: Anaya gave a grunt and licked her baby boy once more as he took that time to take a bit of her tongue and she gave an almost yelping growl as she moved her nose and gave him a good thump with it to tell him to stop it, he had his father’s fighters heart and she new in due time he would be able to place it where it needed to be fight when you needed to fight and rest when rest was due. But when a baby it was always go go go and it had bin so long since Anaya had raised young this would be a change for her but she was happy with that. Giving a yawn she let the boy go as she had finished cleaning his rump and getting the left over egg off him even if she left a small chunk of shell in the dead center of his face, she found it funny so she left it there for him to get off. As he jumped away rolling and biting and jumping on his sister Anaya lowered her head down giving out a low coo as the little girl hoped over, unlike her brother already showing her layed back temperament the girl just crawled into mothers arms and laid there waiting to be cleaned up. This one would end up being a full mommy’s girl as Anaya gave a grunt and started the cleaning of egg off the youngster. The little male wondered up to the castle doors and with his head pushed them open, the horse sized baby dragon wondered inside as he gave growls at some of the guards, the guards were wide eyed at the fact a little baby golden dragon was wondering the main hall and growling at them. The little hellion jumped at one of the guards the guard freaking out and started to flee for a back room but the baby dragon ran full force jumping and biting and yipping for him just about ready to grab him as the door slammed in his face and the guard had made it safely away. Anaya turned her head looking at the door and gave a stern growl to get back outside and with a low hanging head the little boy made his way back out giving a little growl back at his mother in defiance. Anaya with a snort went back to cleaning his sister who had her little tail in the air enjoying the pampering.

Revan: A shadowing figure, tatters all around, looking for all intense and purposes as a person who wanders the land, it would walk towards the castle, though not noticing the dangers around them. Walking whit a stick, and seemingly doing so out of habit. a hand holding a stick shows much exposer to the weather, the cloak hanging from the his shoulders is thick and covers the whole figure, back and front, the hood drawn over the face and throat, making it almost impossible to see the person. How the person can see, one sees whit the handling of the stick, likes it is in a rhythm, almost like echo location. The figure comes to the castles outer premiers it stops, looking for all intense and purposes as if he/she is a statue, that s/he is waiting for someone, or something, or just looks at it. In reality the figure is looking about, taking in all there is, calculating what is were, The six trolls taking up their usual routines in the forest, in the castle proper, and the guards and their wolves, s/he then turns the attention to the dragons, seemingly playing around, the mother dragon, a good guess based on behaviour and size, was cleaning her young it seemed, and one slipping in and out of the castle was peculiar, but the figure knew there was more than one could see, whit this castle, there were some pituitaries, some stories, and some old tales to be told. Was the answers inside? where there any stories? the figure didn't know, but seemed excited to find out.

AlyChes: -Still staring at the painting, Chesmay wonders who this woman was. She was a spitting image of herself. And who was the man behind her? He looked young and had a red dragons tail and red wings and horns. She blinks a few times and looks over the painting to see if she could find more information. As she reaches the bottom of the frame it holds a small name tag- Tory and Cheshira -She reads out loud before looking up at the painting again. - And who are you Cheshira and why do you look like me? -She asked out like and sighs softly as she lowers her eyes to her lap. It was only when she heard the commotion upstairs, she tilts her head up and turns her face towards to the door before sighing- Now what... -She mumbles and get's up on her feet again only to bend over and take the torch before making her way back upstairs. Looking over her shoulder once more as she reaches the door, she sighs softly and promises herself to ask Anaya about it later. As she opens the door and places the torch back she sees a golden dragon, the size of a horse, run past her. She blinks a few times and closes the door behind her before tilting her head- I must be imagining things... -She said to herself and starts to make her way back to Anaya's office.-

Anaya: Anaya spotted the being walking up to the door were her young were playing and she moved her head and let out a rather loud growl as her red eyes flared up, the babies hearing the anger in their mother bolted and hid under her body and between her front legs, the small female hid behind a leg as the male stood before his sitter tail up high and teeth showing, even right after hatching he new what to do to hunt and fend on his own if he had to. But good for them this mother was not one to just leave her babies to fight their own battles she had land and a good place to raise them up and unlike other of her kin who did not hold anything and would lay there eggs in a ditch then leave. She eyeballed the new being as she growled more and the spikes on her back went from relaxed and folded down to standing back up slightly, she was not to concerned only a real fool would go up against a dragon but one had to state there mark they the guest was to close to her young.

AlyChes: -Just as Chesmay had laid the book against her chest again with her left arm around it and the basket in her right hand, she heard another growl. She blinks a few times before quickly going out of the office and closing the door behind her. She made her way towards the guard’s office and placed the basket on their desk- Send these out as soon as possible. -With that said Chesmay turns around again and walks to the door leading outside from the guard’s office. Standing in that doorway, she blinks a few times as she saw Anaya laying there, outside in the snow. She didn't have a cloak nearby and so steps outside in her silks and kneels close to her.- Madam... Is everything alright? I heard growling...-With being hidden behind the magnificent beast she wouldn't able to see the stranger as she was nothing but a twig compared to Anaya's size. Chesmay kept her eyes up to her lovely beast, not even spotting the little ones just yet. Holding the book close to her chest, she shivers a little from the cold but remains in her position. -

Revan: The figure bows respectfully and backs gently off, knowing s/he was walking on owned land, thus showing respect as the figure moved bowing deeply, not showing signs of weakness, but not showing signs of strength either, dragons liked to show they were the strongest, if one showed just that, but someone showing respect, was just as valuable, it would be taken as a sign of peace and not aggressiveness.
Anaya: As the dragon saw the figure backing up she lowered her upper lip and calmed herself seeing he was being respectful and backing off. She looked down her red eyes diming back down too normal and not flaring as she spotted Chesmay standing there in the cold. Anaya trusted her dear girl and with a move of her arm a little golden head popped up over her foot. The male dragon baby put its feet on its mother’s feet as its bright blue eyes shimmered at the girl. Anaya lowered her maw and gave a low grumble as to tell her baby not to eat the girl and not to play too hard with her. Anaya pushed the little dragon up onto her foot as the horse sized monster baby plopped on top of its mothers foot with that eggshell chunk still stuck to its forehead. The baby gave a grumble and crawled up and over falling into the snow off the other side of Anaya’s foot, it landed with a thump and then rolled over looking at the little Chesmay. Big blue eyes studied the girl as Anaya kept an eye on them both to be sure he baby was not harmed as well to be sure her baby did not eat her servant girl. Anaya saw they would be alright and the little boy was not making any aggressive movements and she lowered her nose to her other one and started licking it once again finishing the clean the baby task at hand.

AlyChes: -As Chesmay kept looking up at Anaya, she smiled softly as she looked down on her. It was only when Chesmay saw her lowering her foot and a golden dragon head pops out, she blinks a few times. Watching closely, she giggling a little only to cover her mouth with her right hand as the little one falls into the snow. She giggles again and tilts her head as she looks at the pretty little thing- Are you alright? -She asks sweetly before looking up at Anaya.- Is he yours? -She then looks back at the young thing and smiles some more before looking back up at Anaya.- He's gorgeous, Madam. You must be so proud -She smiles and looks back at the little thing. She shivers a little again from the cold before reaching her right hand out to him. She didn't want to make any big or sudden movements. She didn't know how the young dragon would react and so she figured to take it slow. And reaching her hand out and allowing it to pick up on her scent in every way it wanted too, she hoped to make another friend. - Hello.. -She said softly and giggles again- My name is Chesmay -A smile kept on blessing her lips, for now she forgot everything from before this moment.-

Revan: The figure had retreated a good 2 km away, but sat there and looked at the scenery, finding a little mound of a mountain whit a stone on top, the figure had decided that that was a good place to rest, s/he had been walking for days, and the shoes so showed as even though they were made of wood, the underside was very dirty and scraped. The figure just looks onto the landscape and sees the dragons doing, something, but s/he didn't know what. 'Soon it'll be midday' s/he thought for themselves and tilted back 'what's in that castle? What do you hold old building' the thoughts went in and out 'dragons, three of them infect' it wasn't many times anyone saw a dragoon, lest three in one place? The figure just sat there and thought for it self, whit the waling stick in-between it's leg and sticking up like a flag pole, probably waiting to get up again, the head leans on it and the shoulder too.

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Anaya: Anaya looked out for a second seeing if she could see the figure that had left to her knowing, she could still feel it, what ever it was and pin pointing it was not overly hard it was there in the distance a good fair bit away. But it was not a threat at the moment so she did not mind it much. Looking back down to chesmay and seeing her shiver Anaya uped her body temp and the nice aura of warmth came around all of them the snow melting down as the little male dragon bit at it not wanting it to go away and being amazed that it just vanished. As she lowered her head back down looking at the little tail sticking up, her little girl still laying there enjoying her cleaning. Jaws used to kill anything and crush a building turned to soft care giver as they picked up the little girl by the tail hanging her over the side and dropping her down beside her brother on the ground. As soon as her brother say his sister it was instant jump on sister roll her on her back and pin her down as he gave a humph showing he was stronger and more dominant then her, just out of the egg this was the packing order. Anaya watched them both as the boy got off his sister and nibbled her side nipping her and then trotting away stopping and getting down into a playful position. She paused and looked at chesmay, the girl having just as bright and blue eyes as the other one, they were twins for sure, looking the same other then their genders. Anaya watched them go as she lowered her large head the size of a double decker bus down to the ground and rested it beside ches. “yes, they are mine, I have bin hiding there egg in the hold under the castle to keep them safe, they hatched this morning and now wish to see the world” Anayas voice when she was her true self was very deep and her breath smelled of dead things and sulphur like all dragons. Her red eyes watched both her young and Chesmay watching them both like a hawk.

AlyChes: -Chesmay sighs softly and closes her eyes for a moment as she feel the warmth coming from Anaya.- Thank you -She whispers. Knowing Anaya would hear her no matter what. As the drops another little dragon in front of her, Chesmay giggles and watches them closely. It was only when Anaya layed her head next to her, Chesmay moves a bit so she can rest against her head. She blinks a few times and looks at Anaya as she hears her voice and smiles a little- They're Wonderful Madam. -She said sweetly, remembering the eggshells she saw in the basement. She blinks a few times before lowering her eyes.- Madam. Who is Cheshira? -Chesmay asks bluntly and looks at her Mistress shyly. She only hoped Anaya would answer her without getting angry at her for being in that basement. Chesmay merely went down there because she heard something and she wanted to make sure Anaya or who ever was down there was safe. Keeping her glace on Anaya, she sucks her lip between her teeth before lowering her eyes. She left like she just got caught on doing something bad.-

One red eye looked at Chesmay as she guessed that Chesmay must have gone down to see the old paintings that was the only thing in the castle that was anything of the past “She was a woman before I took over this land who lived here with a large male dragon, once I came here and took their land from them they fled down south and have not bin seen since” as Anaya’s eye watched her youngsters play as they rolled on top of one another and bit at each others horns. “it is not safe under the castle, the spiders could have snapped you up in there, and some spots you can drown in coins, don’t go down there again, if you want the paintings you found brought up we can get that done, it is not safe down there that is why people are not allowed to go there” she turned her attention back to her young as the boy was making the little girl yelp and scream as it kicked her brother off her and bolted back to mother as the boy hissed and spat at her running away to mommy’s flank, the little female let out a hiss like whimper and Anaya moved her head up off the ground giving a ruru like grumble as the boy gave a spit put his tail in the air and strutted over to torment one of the trolls. Anaya gave a louder grumble as the little dragon gave a grunt and sat down as if tossing a tantrum and kicked snow.

AlyChes: -Chesmay listened to Anaya and nodded when she was done speaking- I didn't ment any harm, Madam. Nor did i know what was behind that door. I simply heard something and i wanted to make sure you were alright, if it was you who i heard. It was only when i got there when i saw the picture. -Chesmay blinks a few times and lowers her eyes- She looks just like me, Madam. Her hair, her eyes, her skin, her face, her frame. It's almost like... -She looks up at Anaya and lifts her shoulders before noticing she was occupied with her little ones. She smiled a little and sighs softly. She could only hope of the same faith one day in the far future. To have young ones of her own aswell. Tilting her head to the right a little she looks at the little ones and smiles some more before lowering her eyes again- I shall leave you too it, Madam -With that said, Chesmay stands back up and turns around as she was ready to walk back inside. She still had more then enough to do-

Revan: The figure begins to chant something, and the stone begins to heat up, then a fresh breeze comes through, the figure just sits there though, like a statue. A minor charm was cast when the figure left the castle, the figure can hear the others speaking. But they do not hear him 'Interesting' the figure thinks and notes it in the head. The grunts and growls weren’t unfamiliar to the figure so there came a snort out 'little one got fire' was the thought, as the figure continues listening in. 'Madam? huh? that's new' the figure just stood up then and smirked 'this is highly entertaining' it thought smirking under the hood. The hooded person then lightly jumped down onto the mountain looking to the castle, 'this going to be, hurtful and fun' it thinks as the figure walks calmly towards the castle. as the person passed the various different places up to the castle, s/he took note of everything, how the three was, how the stones were placed, it wasn't that the person was out for fight, but old habits do die hard, as s/he will uncourtly tell you. As it reaches the outer wall it stops "hello" the voice soft and silent, the person knowing to keep a neutral voice as to not scare anyone, it could be a woman, or a young man standing there, although the height suggested male.

Anaya: Anaya looked at Chesmay “I know you meant no harm by it, but it is a risk to your safety, the spiders down there only respect the king they will eat you if they get the chance and with the as large as they are you would not stand a chance. You are lucky they did not see you down there when you went” she turned her head as she saw her little boy hissing and back stepping as that being was back and Anaya did not like it already. Her large tail hit the ground behind her as it made a bang and she lifted her head off the ground showing her very large teeth. Her yong boy ran back and stood in front of his mother’s foot as his sister jumped on his back and they both let out crys fighting with each other. Turning her attention to them she took her maw and pushed the one off the other one and gave a stirn growl forcing them both back behind her front legs. Her red eyes looked back to the stranger “who are you and why are you here, show your face” she snarled as she kept her red eyes locked on the strange person.

AlyChes: -Chesmay stopped and turned her head a little as Anaya spoke. She only nodded in replay to her. - Yes, Mistress.. -She then spoke softly before disappearing inside. Taking a deep breath she tilts her head up and walks out of the guards office before going to the main hall. A few maids come towards her again with questions. Chesmay sighs and starts to take her time to talk to them. Either they must have had some announcement to go to her when something was going on or they must figure, since she was Anaya's personal girl, she knew everything. Sadly, that wasn't true. Once Chesmay was done explaining things she nods to them.- I'll be in my chambers.. -She saids softly before wandering to her chambers. Once there she closes the door behind her and leans against it for a moment before placing the book on her desk and going to her mirror as she starts to trail her fingers over her face and body before undoing her braid. She sighs softly and just stares at herself, wondering about the picture she saw-

Revan: The stranger looks up at the dragon, seemingly not very afraid at all "Talking dragons.... I guess there are flying garden gnomes somewhere..." the stranger muses, but doesn't move to comply, but rather respectfully bows, just to see what happens, of course the person knew that if the dragon blew hard on him/her, s/he would be revealed, but that was part of his/hers plan in the first place, thinking that it would be good for a demonstration. After the bow the figure walks calmly towards the big dragon, but stopped near so it could only breathe on them not eat them, and was attentive to all that happens around themselves. 'let's see what happens' the person thought smirking under the hood.

Anaya: Anaya watched Chesmay go and thought that maybe she had said something to upset the girl, but what was said needed to be said and Chesmay had to be kept safe and it was a sure thing that under the castle was far from a safe zone. She moved her attention back on the stranger that was foolish enough to walk closer to the mouth full of teeth, as her jaws opened up she lashed out her neck and slammed them shut only a foot from the being’s face, she was not here for games or shows of how many steps forward can you take without ending up dead, she had two newly hatched babies to protect and in her eyes this stranger did not matter at all. As she lifted her head up over top of the stranger her chest started to light up a bright orange the white scales looking as if a deep flame was lashing violently behind them. As she got up standing up on her forelegs her backside still siting on the ground she took both young and pulled them back under her bulk to keep them protected. As her red eyes lit up globs of liquid flame dropped from her maw and splashed on the ground around the stranger. She was done playing games and if he did not do what she asked he would end up melted down to dirt. Her voice without her mouth opening ringing in the air around them “I am done with games, step back and you will live to breath another day, do not or step forth and you will be melted down to the dust once you came” all pure bloods of a old enough age had telepathic ability’s this was a dragon trait so talking with ones mind was not a challenge for the elder golden monster and when your mouth was full of flames it made life easier just to talk with ones mind not ones voice.

AlyChes: -Sighing softly as she looks at herself, Chesmay carefully moves her hair behind her back before letting her hands slide back over her shoulders and over her breasts. She gasps a little and looks down to her breasts and blinks a few times. That was something new. In the past, and not even this morning, her breasts were so sensitive. A bit confused she moves the silk hanging over her breasts to a side and carefully trails her right index finger over her right nipple. Again she gasps before sucking her lip between her teeth. Since Chesmay never had a talk about sexuality, she didn't know what it was she was feeling or what purpose it had. Normally she would have gone to Anaya with this, but she was occupied with her newborn twins. Looking at herself again, her eyes lower in the mirror until they reach her crotch. She blinks a few times and secretly wonders what would happen if she would touch herself there. She then shakes her head and puts her silks back to where they belong. - No, Chesmay. -She saids to herself- You don't know what this will do... -She takes a deep breath and takes a brush before she starts to brush her hair. But in the back of her mind, that lovely feeling still lingered. –

Revan: The heat of the liquid flame burned away at the cloak, and suddenly it flares up, but instead of the stranger burning, the stranger chuckled. The staff suddenly disappeared and the cloak gone, revealing a man, maybe in the early 30s or late 20s, draped in blue form fitting clothes, his frame lithe but under was a strong body, his strength due to his carrier choice and his responsibilities. His face was marred by big and small gashes, but one of the baggers went from over his left brow and down across his nose to under his right eye. His smile was gleeful "Really? flames?" he asks the dragon "For one to talk, both out of mouth and telepathically, you seem more like a normal dragon to me, ever heard of etiquette?" he asks grinning. The man has brown, almost black hair and beard, the beard in the goatee and his silver and blue eyes are full of life, laughter and mischief. "I must say lady, facing a dragon such as you are quite delightful, at least for a dragon tamer slash trainer slash rider, as myself" he says gently. "Although, you do know you could just blow on peoples cloaks to get your answer?" he chuckles. In his right hand he holds out something to be a stick, and he seemed not bothered whit the flames around him at all. His stance was of expertise, a warrior, a fencer and of a man knowing to lead. "If you ask for my name, I'm Sirius Orion Black-Heap, heir to the throne of Skandia, the way to north. Nice land, if you ever visits, but, I'll let you decide" he then walks closer, seemingly not to care. But he knew there would be fire like any other coming at him. He just smiled though, bowed gracefully to the dragon "Want to dance?" he asks, never letting his eyes leaves the dragon, never letting the feel of the surroundings slip.

Anaya: Anaya looked at the man as she lowered her own flame and stared at him. Why waist good flame on something so arrogant, she moved her head down picking up her baby’s in her maw and lifting them up placing them on her back as she stood up. The full hundred or so feet of the elder dragon towering over even her own castle. “get off my land, immediately you are not welcome here” she scolded as she snarled and took her over sized clawed foot and smashed it down into the earth right beside the male. She snarled as she moved her eyes to look out to the stable. The doors flung open as the two over grown wolves ran out of the stable and ran under Anaya’s legs growling and walking forward to force the stranger to back up. “get off my land or I will have others remove you, no dragon tamer or rider shall rest on land I own, don’t come back” with her young on her back not wishing to fight as risk of endangering them. She stood her ground and stayed there standing, what could the being do, chop at her feet. No dragon slayer or tamer was welcome in her home, or on her land, what gave him the thought he would be if he came here, the only thing a rider was good for was being tossed off.

AlyChes: -Chesmay could hear the commotion outside, but she rather spend some time on herself then to go running again while there's nothing she could do. She sighs softly and keeps on brushing her hair before letting it fall loosely over her shoulder. She places the brush down again and takes another look at herself in the mirror. She just had to know how it felt. With that thought she bends over and takes hold of the bottom of her skirt and starts to lift it up until her naked sex was exposed. She was never touched on that place before so she didn't know how it felt either. Carefully and with a little hesitation she brings her hand towards her sexy and places her fingers on it. She blinks a few times before starting to move them. She gasps again and quickly pulls her hand back and lets her skirt drop to the floor again before looking at her fingers. She then quickly turns to the bowl of water and washes her hands before striking her hands over her silks to make sure they were as before again and no one knew what happened. Sighing softly, she takes the book again and leaves her room. Right now, feeling the way she did, she figured it wouldn't be wise to be alone. Taking a deep breath, she lifts her head and starts making her way back to the main hall-

Revan: Sirius looked at the giant dragon stomping it's foot in front of him, but doesn't move an inch, instead just looking up at her as she declares that he is not welcome "oh... ruler of this land? huh" he comments, as the wolves comes out and growls at him, he looks at them tilting his head "seems like the reinforcement has arrived" he says, he looks to the side and smiles "I guess we're on the side of 'who's who, and what'" he declares as he turns around, but instead of walking, he vanishes completely, then from another perspective he speaks loudly "although, you might want to NOT stomp on the ground" he informs the dragon "you'r size plus the fact that there's defiantly something under the castle, will make it crumble" he commented, a quick glance will reveal he stands on a battlement house' roof. "The ground can give after, and WHOOPS, where's your castle mi'lady?" he smiles, knowing full well that it be a bit irritating of someone just disappearing and repairing, but scouting out places while walking was what gave him the ability in the first place. Preparation, and executions. "Although I must say you have nice wolves" he says tilting his head "cute, and fierce" he smiles gently "guess I don't need to fear for that" he points out. "I'd be sad if there wasn't any, love them I do" he says, almost slipping into some foreign language. He looks around though, but keeps every being in sight as he can. "I'm not here to fight... sparr, sure!" he smiles and bows "Either way. You seem disappointed" he tilts his head to the other side.

Anaya: As the baby’s hid on there mothers back she moved her head back to look at them to assure they were alright, she would protect them no matter what even if her life was in danger. She looked to the man that had vanished and reformed on the roof top just under head level for the dragon as she looked at him and the smoke came from her nostrils the baby’s on her back growled and hissed in anger at the little jumping being. “what don’t you understand with not welcome here” Anaya’s voice boomed as her jaws showed their teeth, she new the ground here was very secure she had when she took over this land reinforced the tunnels and catacombs with metal bars and structural reinforcements. So she did not even bother to respond to his statements about the castle falling into the ground. She moved her body and started to walk around the building to the back area were the grand back yard opened up showing tents and guards men standing outside eating there morning meals. “ones of your life choices are not welcome on the lands here, so stop talking about matters that don’t matter and make yourself vanish before the guards end up coming to haul you down to the lock ups. And jumping around will not help you if you keep it up, you have your chance to leave peacefully, you can take it or not it is your choice” her whispered flopped back and forth as she moved her maw talking, the shimmering wings folded into her back running the length from her back to her tail gave away the fact she was a golden dragon even if she had white scales and red eyes. Anaya gave a snort as she gave a low coo and her babies upon her back gave out some hiss like squeaks and moved to hide behind her wings and stay on the far side fo there mothers body from the stranger.

Revan: Sirius looked at the dragon revealing her species "AAh, a golden dragon, very rare, and unusual" he comments, showing no sign of worry, "I coooouuuuld go, but I prefer to stay. After all, this is a nice place" he says, then pops into the middle of the guard’s tents place. "I assume we'd have a talk and what not" and before they could get their bearings back and react he was gone and stood on an out cropping, instead of looking at the dragon, he looks up at the sky "loook" he says and whit an intricate wave of his stick an a spoken flames erupts from his mouth, and licks out to the sky, careful not to hurt anything, the flames then dies. "Isn't it beautiful?" he asks, smiling. He then disappears again to stand on the outer wall of the castle, far away from the dragon, almost on the other side. Titling his head, he goes from one place to the other. "So, you want to have me in cells is that it?" he questions smiling lightly at the dragon. "Well I guess there's not much to do.” He pops back to the castle doors, "than to enter the belly of the beast" he says as the door opens and he seems to fall in, although he perfectly manages to hold his balance.

Anaya: As soon as the male formed on the ground the wolves lunged for him leaping and snapping at the male to keep him from being inside the castle, there assault on the being was aimed to push him out the door as the doors shut behind him magically moved by a glowing blue light. Anaya moved her body as she opened her mouth and gave a yawn softly moving her mouth over to her back picking up one youngster and moving it down to be put on the ground, she had enough and it was about time to go inside and away from the annoyances of outside. As she lifted the second one she looked at him and nuzzled there faces “time to go inside” she said softly as her body started to shrink and bend and what was once a dragon was now a white haired red eyed naked woman. She moved to her baby’s face holding out her hands and nuzzling their large heads in her warm embrace. They new it was her and it was ok as she gave a low rumbling sound to them and they gave response in coos and yips. Walking over to a side door she opened the door and walked inside her babies following her and walking inside as well running and playing in the main hall. Anaya picked up a nice red gown from a stand and tossed it on over her head. As she walked to her throne she ran her fingers over her throne arm rest as the walls of the castle lit of with a faint blue glow. “you both stay in the castle mother will be back” she said softly as she walked to the main door and opened it a clear blue glow covering the space in the door way like a clear blue sheet. As one of the wolves came to her flank it ran its head along her side and rested its head under her arm. “alright annoying guest, now it has bin long enough that you have hoped around and I wish you to go, what you think that you can go to the edge of my home blow fire from your mouth and mock my kin and think oh it proves something, or you can just pop in and out of places like life is just a game for you to toy with. I rule this land, everything in the land and all the ground under your feet, and you need to get off my land. I have much better things to do then deal with feeble people who believe magic is there play toy, or dragons are there dogs. So this is the last time I will say it, you are NOT welcome here. ”

Revan: Sirius smiles at her looking up and down on the blue sheen "Fantastic" he says not showing any bother "Land? the country? or the estate?" he questions, sometimes the words were so broad these days. He looks at her again "oh? Magic isn't a play thing, it's a tool, each uses them in different ways. Here" he hands her a gift "don't use it too much, or you'll wish you hadn't" he grins, the gift had come from one of his inside pockets. "I just love magic, that's all " he smiles "Oh and those wolves are good guardians, very strict too" he smiles. "I'll probably be around, you'll never know" he adds before bowing, if someone paid attention to his feet, the area around began to heat up. "Although, I must admit that pulling that trick you surprised me, and I understand more why you said you had the castle" he admits, before disappearing in a gust of flames and wind, seemingly disappearing away from the property.

Anaya: “you come back I will kill you myself” she said as she brought the wolf with her inside and shut the door not taking the gift from him and just letting him keep it as he went, she wanted nothing to do with dragon riders hunters tamers anything that over all just made nice words for people who enslaved her kin for sport and there own pleasures. She let the doors shut snugly and that blue glow was kept up around the caste just in case. She turned around as there was Alpha playing with the female dragon child as Anaya stood there watching the three of them run around and jump and bite each other, the dragons did give the wolf a run for his tail but he was mighty good at avoiding their teeth. “wonder what we will name them, god we have twins” she said softly as she ran her fingers along the back of the wolf at her flanks head and behind his ear. She should not help but chuckle as she watched her baby’s play and force alpha on his back as he kicked and pawed at the air yelping and growling as he snapped at there feet playfully. Anaya wondered to herself if Samuel would like the baby’s, he would love the male child but she wondered about the female hatchling for sure. what would be do to her, would he aim to kill her and would Anaya be stuck protecting her every moment of every day till she could fight on her own. Anaya would handle that later, right now it was play time then eating time. Then she would have to set up the celebration of the birth of the hatchlings. As Chesmay came in with the food and drinks and then backed up looking at a wall Anaya watched her from a far and wondered what she was thinking about, she seemed a bit lost in thought. But then the loud crashing sound filled the hall as the little male dragon had bolted for the food on the tray and hit it all on the floor. As Anaya watched the baby licking it from the ground and eating everything it could see, oh they would be handfuls for sure. the female walked to the tray and with a head butt she rammed into her brother and tossed him over as she snagged some food from the floor but soon after the boy got back up and rammed hard into his sisters flank sending her flying over the stone floor. Then she went yelping and crying to her mother as she moved behind Anaya putting her head on Anaya’s shoulder. “you don’t stand up for you he will eat all your food to”

AlyChes: -Squealing and with a small jump, Chesmay shoots back as the two newborns knock over the tray with food. She didn't even see them. She blinks a few times and takes a deep breath to calm herself again before stroking her hands over her silks again. She blinks a few times and looks at the mess the two were making before looking up at Anaya. Immediately Chesmay started to turn bright red. Sucking her lip between her teeth again she quickly lowers her eyes to the floor before scooting over to the kitchen to get a new tray for Anaya. Once in the kitchen and her order given, she leans against the wall and places a hand on her chest. Within a few minutes a new tray was offered to her. She smiles and takes it, only hoping the twins wouldn't knock her over to take this tray as well. Carefully she walks back into the main hall and in Anaya's direction- Your breakfast, Madam.. -She said softly and holds the tray up for her- Or do you wish me to take it to the throne? -She said as she looks up to Anaya through her lashes. Sucking her lip between her teeth again she only hoped Anaya couldn't smell her scent on her fingers. Praying she washed them good enough she waits for Anaya to chose where she wanted to eat. While she waited, Chesmay looks over her shoulder to search the floor for the book. There! A good 5 feet away from the twins the book layed on the floor. She would go get it in a moment. –

Anaya: Anaya took the tray from Chesmay and looked at her up and down “there is something on your mind isn’t there” she said softly as she ran her fingers over Chesmay’s hair before the girl turned to go grab the book. Anaya took the food and held it up to her little girl who standing behind her was not that little looking wall Anaya was in human form. Anaya watched the boy as he was eating the food he spilled all over the floor and lapping up the drink he spilled as well. She could not help but chuckle as she started to make her way to the throne her little female hatchling clung to her back as Alpha ran out of the side of the room and jumped on the dragonling, his playful attack got her by surprise and she ran around trying to get him off her back, Anaya new alpha could not do much damage to the scaled baby so she allowed them to play fight as she moved to her throne and sat down.

AlyChes: -Anaya's words ringing in her mind as she went to get the book. Yes there was something on her mind, but she didn't know how to tell her or even how to explain it. She herself didn't even know what it was. Bending over as she picks the book up before standing up straight again, she holds the book to her chest with both hands. She smiled at the scene unfolding infront of her, wondering for a moment if she should excuse herself from this. She felt like she didn't belong in this part of Anaya's life. She sighs a little before walking over to Anaya anyway. Trying her very best to avoid the playing or eating children. She giggles softly and takes a deep breath as she reaches Anaya safely and hands her the book. Once Anaya took it, Chesmay takes a few steps back and to aside, so she wouldn't be in anyone's way. She only hoped Anaya wouldn't ask again because she had yet to figure out what was wrong with her, herself. And she didn't want to talk about it in front of the children. But since Anaya had to watch them, she might not have another choice-

Anaya: “you look as if you don’t want to be here Chesmay, if so you can go to the kitchen and clean I am sure they could use help” Anaya said softly as the female dragonling placed her head on her mother’s lap giving soft cooing as Anaya ran her fingers along her nose and head running her fingers around the small horns on her head. “you will have beautiful horns once you grow” she said as she played with her baby and then looked back up at Chesmay wondering what she would say in return to what she had asked.

AlyChes: -Blinking she looks at Anaya, pondering on what to say for a moment- Oh... I was just wondering if i was suppose to be here now, now that you have the twins i mean. -She said softly before lowering her eyes- I don't mean any disrespect, Madam. I just figured the little ones need some time to get used to everyone and i should give them the time and space to so do instead of following you around. -She adds to it and takes a breath. Then of course we have this whole situation with my body.. She adds it in thought. She smiles a little as she looks at the baby dragon being caressed by it's mother. For a moment Chesmay wondered how it felt. But she quickly shook that off. That was something she didn't want to think about at all. For now, she just watched a proud mother with her new born-

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dallo5013: ~ to the west by the river there would kneel a woman dressed all in red . her hear pulled up in a bun and held there by chopsticks . at the end of the chopsticks would be tingy bells that rang in the soft gentle wind that blew over the icey river . the woman she kneels there to gather water for her self . however seeing that the river is frozen over and the small patch of water that is still flowing would be just out of reach . she tries ever so hard to reach out to the small hole in the ice . leaning a old fashion bucket as close as she was possible able to do so . suddenly she slips . her right foot had lost it's footing and slid onto the icy waters . she gasps startled by the sudden slide of her foot onto the ice . however this brot her close enough that she could now get the water she needed so desperately . shortly there after drawling the water from the stream she would slide back making sure her foot steps were well planted and made their way to soled ground ~ oh my that almost didn't turn out too good ~ moving now up to the bank of the river she with bucket in hand makes her way to the road . the road being the only flat ground around she was able to find were she could start a fire . witch she will use too boil the water ~

Anaya: Looking to her beloved first girl Chesmay she smiled and ran her clawed hand into her hair, such nice ringlets she had as she put an arm around her softly “you are part of there lives Chesmay, the children will know you just as they know everyone else, they will make a bound with you and you are to be in there lives just like I and their father is. Now go on and aid in the kitchen as you are needed always, I have some paper work to go over and the children need to eat and fill their guts” Anaya looked over to Alpha the wolf and he came over knowing what to do and placing his head on Chesmay’s back and pushing her roughly to the kitchen area to get the girl out of the way. Anaya let out a chuckle as she moved to run her arm along the back of her baby girl who licked the food she held from her tray, it was going to be hard raising the two but it would be better once they aged a little and it was good that dragons aged at a rather fast rate. Running her claws along her girls golden scales she walked with her over to the throne as she sat down the girl taking the last bit of meat from the tray and laying down relaxing. This one was clear it was going to be rather pulled back and shy and the boy was going to be his fathers son for sure. she looked back seeing the male run around bucking and showing his strength at a guard walking up to the guard and snorting in his face. Anaya listed her upper lip scolding her boy as he backed up and hissed back at his mother, as he hissed he went back to bucking and snorting then running over to his mother and giving a good snort before siting down at her feet and staring at her “Ryu is your name” she said to the male and then to the girl she looked down “And Noki is yours, for the sweet shy flower” Anaya new that Noki would have a hell of a life this world would be hard on her and Ryu would beat the crap out of his sister any chance he got. Ryu nodded his head as he let out a feeble roar that sounded more like a bird squawk and then kicked up his feet and trotted all proud to the other room to explore the castle and know that he was not allowed to leave the safety of its walls.

lunavalkyrie: -Mana would walk walk around the castle her aquarius claymore on her back as she doesn’t bother hiding her one tail or her scars she walks across the halls going to the library to read up more of where she was located cause the night before she just met and hid behind the one who ruled the area from a massive ogre her eyes welled up trying not to cry out in public as she holds up the amulet- i must get stronger for you and for me sana. -she slides the amulet on over her scarred chest as her tail sweeps the floor behind her while her boots click and clack against the halls as she reached the large castle and swung open the massive wooden door compared to her and steps inside seeing how massive the halls were as she looks around spotting book shelves with books based on combat techniques and ways to increase her power output of her techniques as she sighs knowing this wont be easy she would grab four books dropping them onto a table and opens all 4 starting to read the first one-

dallo5013: ~the woman sat down her bucket upon the snow and began to look around the road for droppings . after all horse droppings and bull droppings were very good for making fires in weather such as this . after gathering enough droppings she stacks them around the bucket . then would move the bucket out of the way . she only placed them around the bucket so she could measure how wide to make the circle around the bucket . so as not to catch the bucket on fire but close enough to cause the water witch had already started to freeze in the bucket to come to a boil . she now walks off to look for a starter . looking for a flint rock and a peace of mettle to strike the flint against . once she realized that she is not going to be able to find either she sighs and dose it the old fashion way by rubbing a stick around in her hands over an other stick to create friction . this takes her a rather long time to do being the wind about the road is fighting against her . she in a heated anger would toss the sticks to the ground and almost kick the bucket over . she then before doing such a foolish thing would slap her self right in the face to snap her self back to a most calm straight . she then picks up the sticks and starts all over again . wishing the wind would give her a brake . after all she had a long trip ahead of her and she needed to drink something to warm her body ~

Anaya: Outside in the snow a tree came crashing down beside the river behind it came one of the cave trolls that wondered the grounds around the castle. This one had strayed a bit in search of a rabbit that it new had vanished into thin air but then again having only three brain cells all together could make one thing anything vanished when in truth they just lost it or stepped on it. The massive 20 foot tall lumbering cave troll spotted the woman with the bucket looking to make a fire and he got a bright idea, he could help the perdy lady and be useful for once. The troll grabbed the whole fallen tree picking it up and dragging it over to her as he slammed it down into the snow with a thug the snow drift covering her bucket as he gave a smile all six teeth showing as he waged his backside like a stupid mutt. “holp perdy wady, make fir fir, you do it grong, do right” he grunted out as he sat down on his backside on the ground a massive amount of snow being forced around him as he hummed to himself in that stupid brainless tone that was more annoying then it was nice to hear. Anaya inside the castle watched her little girl fall a sleep at the foot of her throne, she could hear Ryu getting into everything in the other room the poor maids there lives would be hell now. Anaya gave a chuckle as she looked up to see Sam standing there looking at her, he just showed up, she did not even see him come in or hear him. He was looking at the girl. His eyes were dull as they then looked at Anaya “it was a girl….” He said as his voice had grown angered already “no, one was a girl, there were twins born of the same egg” Samuels feels were hard to read as he looked at Anaya, and for a moment there it was like the information did not click “we have two young?” Anaya nodded as she put her hand on top of Nokis head as the baby opened a golden scaled eyelid and a bright blue eye shown out, she took a sniff of the air and knew right away that was her father. She sprung up and stood there in front of him eyes filled with joy and life. Sam did not care and as soon as Noki had licked his cheek tenderly Sams strong backhand came down across the younglings cheek scales. The baby let out a yelp and ran back to its mother as Anaya stood up and snarled as Sam turned around without a word and walked away to find his golden child, the boy he wanted not the girl he would never love. Anaya looked at her as she wrapped her arms around her baby’s neck and held her as she whimpers not understanding why the male half of what made her just hit her for no reason. “it is hard to understand why you are hated for your gender, a fact no one can change or control, it is alright I will keep you safe just stay from your father” Anaya looked up seeing a random stranger just walk into her castle and grab a book from the shelf and then take it and walk over to a table to read, it was fine after all peasants did it all the time anyway and none of the truly valuable books were out for the public to just open and read. Anaya ignored the guest and allowed it to read as it wished as she sat down on her throne and allowed her baby to hide there shaking flustered from the abuse from its father.

lunavalkyrie: -Mana would look up sensing a presence pass her as she looked around seeing a faint glimpse of a being as she shrugs and goes back to the book flipping the page as her eyes bug- "oh crap i need to introduce my self to the owner of this castle. -she jumps out of the chair and takes off to find the queen once again as she needs to introduce or she might be thrown in the dungeon or worse if she’s not careful her sword bouncing against her with each bounding step shed run entering the throne room as she sees the queen but skids tripping over the carpet as she flies slamming face first into a chair with a massive crash as she was a bit clumsy when running full speed shed look up rubbing her head as she sees a bit of blood on her hand from her head- not again.

dallo5013: ~ once the woman is finely able to start a fire the smoke from it is so horridly black she would wonder if this dung she was using was indeed horse droppings or if it might have been an ogers . or something . however it was rank to say the lest . yet it was warm and burnt well . so she placed the bucket back in the middle making sure there was enough space between the fire and the bucket . just as she was placing the bucket into the middle of the fire she noticed the sound of something larg flying over head . she dived into the snow praying that it what ever it may be hadn't seen her . as she looked up the fire seemed to detour the beast . ~ um I guess that winged beast doesn't like the smell much either ~the woman shivering now would crawl her way out of the snow and over to the disgusting smelling fire to warm her self . her water seems to be slowly coming to a biol . yet still not hot enough to drink . . as she warms her self she takes the time to look around to take note of her soundings. she doesn’t really seem much for all the snow about other then a long winding road. however something did catch her eye . it would seem like a plant she knew all to well that was used as insets from her homeland. she rushed over to it and plucked it right up . with a smile up on her face she said to her self ~ well now I can get right of that horrid smell .~ she walks back to the fire to rewarm her self . . holding her nose she stirs the water in hops that it would heat up faster . she sound know by now that a watched pot never boils . so the old adage goes . suddenly she would jump and would spin around looking for she had just heard something . the sound of winch would be a larg object falling into the river . she ran to see what it might have been . once upon the river's bank again she screens and takes off running as fast as her legs can take her . she seen a tree in the river and knew all to well what had knocked that old groth tree into the water had been rather strong and she wasn't sticking around to be it's lunch . should it eat her kind . she realized that she still had the sage brush in her hands and would smile thinking to her self > yes this is one good thing < she then once feeling as if she was safe again would pull out her chain and instant burner . she opens the burner to place the sage in it and would slap her self saying . I need fire just to burn it . with a sigh she places the chain and instant burner with the sage back intro her pocket of her sleeve ~

Anaya: The troll grunted feelings hurt as the perdy woman had run away from it, he even said she was perdy but clearly she did not want his help with her fir fir, he grunted and got up stomping back into the woods to break things alone where he found comfort. After a punch to a tree and hurting his hand he started to lumber back to the castle grounds to get back to his work or maybe sleep in the stable. Anaya watched the girl in her home trip and fall face first onto the floor as Anaya lifted a brow, this one was a cluts but it was amusing for sure. “are you alright?” she said softly as she did not move from her chair and her horse sized child beside her snarled and rattled its golden scales. Noki backed up wall snarling and hiding behind the throne and then whimpering soflty. The dragon was a coward for sure, shy held back and weak, and after the abrupt smash from its father this would take a bit out of it for sure. the side doors from the kitchen came crashing open as Ryu came bolting out with a pot stuck on his head and Sam walking behind him with a large smile on his face. Found Ryu Anaya muttered not like it would be hard to find a dragon making so mush noise in the castle were the halls echoed. Anaya shook her head as the pot went flying off hitting a wall with a clang and then hitting the floor with more clangs. Ryu spotted the new hunk of meat and instantly bolted for it mouth open and scales on end up the horse sized dragon holding its tail high and letting out a nasty rattling sound as it walked in a ring around there guest. Samuel leaned up against a pillar and watched hoping inside his son would have his first kill in the glowing fathers presence, so much to teach that one and such a fighter it was Sam was very proud already.

lunavalkyrie: -Mana would stand up keeping her balance even though her head was bleeding shed smile and bow to the queen after hearing the snarling dragon and rubs her head bowing to them taking a knee- i'm so sorry for the sudden intrusion Ma'am i am Mana grand daughter of Tsukiko and well survivor of an ogre fight. -she would keep her head bowed as she puts her hand on her head to stop her blood from dripping onto the carpet her scarlet eyes looking to the ground not wanting to be offensive as she speaks once again- i wish to ask if i may be offered shelter in your castle i have no where else to go. -she would say that one pained as the memory of her lost friend hammers back into her as she keeps her self from crying with each word she speaks to the queen- please allow me i need to get stronger my friend was killed because we grew over confident in our abilities now i see im nothing more then a weak one tail.

dallo5013: ~ as the fear dies down she notices the sound of what would be something pouting and seemingly stomping off . she also noticed that it made a noice as if it had hurt it's self . she wonders to her self . had she ran out of haest was it something that was jsut there to help her . had she .. she keeps questioning her self as she walks . off . she looking back now would notice that were her bucket had been setting were a tree . and the bucket w as now covered over with snow. she only about 4 hundred feet away from were she was. she would shake her head thinking it stooped to go back . but it seems she had ended acted in haste . she once back at the place were her bucket now stood . ~ um hello is any one out there ~ she hid behind the tree . just encase there was something wishing to harm her . with a sigh she notices foot prints in the snow rather deep ones leading away from the road ~ I guess I ran off too soon . -sighs heavily - ~ fear rises up in her once again as she looks at the size of the foot prints in the snow . ~ um hello there ~ just then a tree falls and an other . she notices the sound of quit a few falling along what would seem to be the owner of these foot prints path ~ hello there ~ she now in a more quieted sounding voice would call out . as if hoping it will not hear her . yet she still feels rather foolish for running away so fast . she is new to these parts and dose not yet know what might be abouts the land . ~well if your not going to come back then I am going to . ~ she looks around shivering again . now thinking to her self just how foolish it might have been to come back to see what was fussing off ~ ugh my bucket . now I have to start all over again geees this is not my day at all . ~ kneeling down in the snow by her bucket she shakes her head and starts to try to move the tree however it is a bit too big for her and is soaking wet from coming out of the river . the water on the tree is even starting to freeze up . ~ now how am I to start a fire ?

Anaya: Anaya watched the kitsune child fumble and talk about how it was weak, it was a child yes it was weak her own baby’s could eat it and they were a day old. Ryu stood off against it walking back and forth neck like a cobra going to bite forth at it but holding back watching and moving behind it and standing over it as it took a knee there. It got lower it was submitting he was proud and had stated his dominance over the furry tailed thing. With a proud head he trotted over to his father head high and trots high with held feet. Samuel wrapping his arms around his youngling as Noki watched snarling at the affection her brother was getting. Noki moved out from the throne trying to hold her head high to and her tail at half mast and pushed her head against her mother under her arm like a lap dog would to get additional pets from there owner. Anaya have one run of her hand down Noki’s back and pated her hind to get her to step forth. Noki unsure of everything went over to sniff out their guest but then could hear things at the door so went on her way to examine it. The baby golden dragon the size of a draft horse walked to the main doors and opened them up with her head pushing against it sticking her head out. As soon as she saw the cold outside and the guards she let out a growl and then recoiled and backed up trotting off on her way back to Anaya. Ryu bolted for his sister his head and horns hitting her hard on the side and tossing her over to her side as she screamed and struggled to stand up, her brother pined her down with his fronts and no one came to help the female child who called out for aid from her mother, dragons did not help there young fight it only made them weaker and dependent, Noki had to figure this out or submit to her brother. Anaya moved her eyes watching her children like a hawk and then looked back at there guest “yes you may stay as long as you mean no harm to any within the walls, if found to mean harm to another you will be tossed out or made prisoner. There are guest halls on the upper level as well as food in the dinning hall, I believe there is still lunch left over and dried pork” Anaya looked to the doors and could hear the talking outside, she could not make out the words but one guard talked to the other one and then it went silent as it was sure they got back to there job.

lunavalkyrie: -Mana would hear the dragon behind her go back to his sister tackling over as she never submitted to the baby dragon but only to the queen her self as she speaks calmly to the mother of the two horse sized hatchlings as she nods her head in understanding and speaks in a calm voice- "Thank you madam and i understand. -she would get up heading to the stairwell and makes her way up to the second floor step by step her boots would click off the ground as she made it to a massive hallway and walks through the halls for an open room she could call her own as she knew this was a test to abide by the queens laws and rules but also the way shed need to live till she got stronger if she could only work her way to becoming a 9 tailed kitsune shed have her powers unlocked but as she didnt shed have to work on getting stronger through conventional ways of hard work and lots of training day in and day out so the next time she runs into that ogre she would slay it bring its heart back to the queen as her scarlet eyes blazed finding one with a heavy wooden door she would enter seeing a decent sized room with bed and washing necessities. as she shuts the door behind her laying down in the bed and closes her eyes after placing aquarius against the wall beside her-

DayaAutum: -Gone was the dress of spider silk and it’s delicate macabre appeal and in it’s place was her black ebony coated armor and claymore. Her footsteps echoed through the stone halls as she came closer to the throne room followed by Sebastian and Yuri. Both the Lycans had a satisfied look upon their faces and Daya’s expression seemed evilly pleased. They entered the throne room sidestepping the activities and approached Samuel ignoring the kitsune and it’s struggles. The look upon their faces seemed to fade to a more processional appearance as they stopped before him -Samuel, we will need to have the wayward guard to continue with our, plans. -Yuri chuckled a bit, but a sideways glance from Sebastian made her recover “My apologies” Yuri’s quickly said with a gruff but feminine voice, but soon she began to smile again. The thought of their plans Daya had conceived brought no small amount of pleasure to Yuri and even Sebastian for that matter as the wayward guard had become a topic of disgust among the Blackwoods, and now he would be humiliated and brought low. - The room is ready I assume Samuel? We will need good food, such as will send an aroma for all to notice. It is imperative to our plans that the entire castle knows he is being well fed. The security of the castle depends on the execution of our plans. -Daya really did not feel like explaining any more to Samuel, she didn’t want him taking any pleasure in the cleverness of her manipulations she had planned for the prisoner. He had shown her his true colors on the first day when he suggested to make sure that any innocents she killed that she provided evidence that they were cultists. It was not her policy or desire to interfere with the inner workings of Anaya’s household, but she could not help but think of horrible fates for the drake whom she deemed unworthy to any authority at all, and might wind up as hides for clothing in her own lands. For the sake of what might be a most valuable alliance and perhaps, even an uneasy friendship between herself and Anaya, she kept her despise for Samuel in check.-

FiliaIsaSaton: Kittens were often in their on little word , to them it was the world and every one else was just guest. She still could hear the cussing of the maid as she wined about cleaning up after every ones bloody mess . The kitten would shake her head ad grin as she was no more messier then her Anaya . Which that reminded her where was her Anaya, this thought lead the kitten to look around a bit as she would gaze in and out of the rooms. There was never a shortage of people doing things and carrying heavy thing back and forth she would tip a few in her search for Anaya as she looked about in the rooms each time she left a room it would be fallowed by the sound of a few loud crashes lead by someone yelling who let that damn cat in here. She would snicker her kitty like giggles , and would grin as she would listen to them yell. She never really cared how the staff felt about her in fact she would lie if she said she did not mean to get in trouble as it seem to her, as cute as sh was it was her right to “play” with the castle staff. After all no matter how made they got they would always call her out or hunt her down when a rat was found, this often lead her on her second favorite thing. The hunt when there was a rat in the castle she would take great effort to make sure it suffered well.and died in more agony then it could dream of. Sometime she would eat them but many times she would leave them were the staff was soon to find them. It was not hard to tell when they did as it was always followed by a loud scream. This brought the curl to her little kitten lips -

Anaya: Sam looked to the woman known as Daya and he gave a curled lip “take a guard from the wall post, dress him up and do what you want with that, I am no guard I am the king and nothing less, aswell as I have my son to watch over” his green eyes looked over to the golden monster that had half followed that kitsune up the way to its chamber bed, but then before getting up the steps the baby dragon stopped and turned around spotting the lycans. His eyes turning bright as he bolted to them full tilt the draft horse sized youngling teeth out and tail up wings flopping around as he did not know how to use them as of yet. Ryu jumped as his sister came in flanking him and head butting him hard making him yelp, pay back was sweet…. sweet till her father noticed the action against his beloved boy. Sam snarled loudly and little Noki recoiled and then snarled back at her father trying to act large and strong like her brother. Samuel not impressed took a step forward eyes intent on harming the little female, Anaya stood up and with a move of her right hand a chair picked up and was flung across the room slamming right into Samuels chest as she let out an even larger snarl of do not mess with my children. Sam wheezing and coughing walked back Ryu at his flank putting his head under his fathers arm to aid him best he could. But Sam just pushed the child away form him as he glared at his mate but backed up all the same. Sams glare moved to Noki who was all proud and strong tail flip flopping in the air as if gloating my mommy protected me na na she loves me mooore. Anaya rolled her eyes as she watched her little girl and then sat back down in her throne as her little runt ran up to her and laid down placing her head on her mothers lap. Ryu ran over to his mother and sat down beside the throne as he watched the lycans wanting to jump on them and not get T-boneed again out of the blue. Anaya looked over to sam who was collecting his breath leaning on a pillar and then over to Daya and the wolves “it is afternoon and you are out the sun is high, does that not hurt you?” she asked out to Daya wondering why a undead would be out in the day.

DayaAutum: -Samuels words were met with no emotion whatsoever. She simply stood fast and was not about to be drawn into a debate with him. The running and positions of the castle were not hers to dictate. Still, it was Anaya who had said to call upon him but she would inquire of a guard as to how to go about retrieving the traitor for her purposes. As the young Dragon began his charge the Lycans and Daya with a practiced discipline remained still except that they bent their knees just enough to move out of the way just in time. They had no intention whatsoever of engaging the youth, simply to step aside at the last moment and let him pass by in his childlike way. Daya had noticed Samuels preference for the male, and had calculated that if he was favored by Samuel, and the female by Anaya, it was a simple choice as to whom she would offer her alliance to as they aged should they take after their prospective parents who favored them. However Daya gave no hint of the joy she felt when the male was T-Boned by his sister. Their bent knees relaxed and Daya showed little emotion at all. The Lycans however became wide eyed as Anaya smashed the chair against his chest and tiny splinters shattered against their black armor. Daya wondered if perhaps, Anaya would soon see what she saw in Samuel or not. Nodding to the Lycans she motioned for them to follow and she trod off to a nearby guard. -Greetings. I am in need of retrieving the traitor and bringing him to a room prepared for him somewhere on this level I believe. -Her words were as always, like that of a serpent, but smooth and perfectly pronounced. Unlike with Samuel they were less professional and held more emotion. -Who can retrieve him for us?

FiliaIsaSaton: she finally could her some voices she knew and most of all she heard her Anaya. She would set out running to the throne room her high pitch meow would Eco threw the rooms as she ran to her Anaya, she could see as she peeked her little black furry head into the throne room her Anaya and the little ones about. But she also saw the lycan these large like dogs were very freighting to the little kitten. But she wanted her Anaya even with the horrid beast in the same room. She would cry out for a few minuets then start to walk to the throne. Her little body would walk along the wall and under the furniture to get there as she did not want to lycan to see her she would move very slowly and lightly place her soft black paw on the floor. She would stop a couple time and stand as still as a statue, to make sure the lycans had not payed much time to her. For such a small kitten it was quiet a away for her to go. Her heart would be beating in a fast pace the hole time, she was very frightening of the large horrid beast and feared what they might do if they got a hold of her little fragile body. At one point she saw a lycan looked her way this made the small kitty shiver in fear and for a moment she arched her back and let out a little hiss. The little hiss seem not as freighting as it was made out to be. She could still see the lycan look at her. Fear rushed threw her and she ran straight to the throne as fast as a whip her feet barley touch the ground as she ran. and in no time at all had leaps on the throne and settled herself in between the head of Anaya's child and Anaya . she would nuzzles deep into Anaya lap and look around as she did not see the lycan near, this gave her a great matter of re leaf

Anaya: Outside the guards noticed nothing, afternoon was still a part of the morning so mainly they stood half a sleep under there helmets. The trolls lumbered around the yard there slop being poured into the large bins outside as the trolls ran over in there lumbering way to get there grub like meal. Meanwhile inside the castle the guard Daya had talked to nodded his head to aid in her fetching of the needed prisoner “he is being held in lock up in the lower levels please wait here and I will fetch him for you” as that was said the guard left and went on his way to get the male that was being held in the stocks. Anaya watched Sam he had regained his breath and was humphing and leaning against that pillar. He did not say anything and just relaxed and watched there home and their children biting at one another and Ryu tugging at his sisters small horns. Noki had horns and Ryu did not have any yet so it was clear that Nokis horns would be a target for Ryus bugging for sure. as the kitten jumped on her lap Ryu snarled at it and tried to bite it as Anaya stopped him dead in his tracks and held his nose. “no, you don’t eat or harm the castle animals if you are not good we will get you a mouth clamp” she gave a chuckle as he nuzzled his nose into his mothers clawed hand and then relaxed his head on her lap. Noki moving her nose to the kitchen and licking it top to bottom as Anaya let out a laugh. She turned and looked over to Daya "come as the guard goes to do what is needed, come sit and I will have a maid bring over tea. what kind do you favor, can you drink tea?"

DayaAutum: Thank you -Dayas voice was pleasant. Something in the way the guard responded to her, had suggested a gladness she was there. She thought that perhaps, he was among those loyal and her voice hinted at her favored opinion of him. She turned as Anaya spoke to her and bowed in response as she was in armor. -I would be delighted to join you Anaya, but sadly what I consume will not sit well in my stomach. -She rose from her bow and approached Anaya upon her throne. Her foot steps were light, leaving her armored feet to barely clink upon the stone flooring. - I am happy to see the youths in good health. Soon we will secure everything and all will be well. - The Lycans apraoched, and noticed Mystics fear of them. They stopped in their tracks and looked to her with their ears propped up and single forepaw held in the air. There green eyes looked like large puppy eyes. In the unspoken language between animals, they were asking to come closer. Daya took a seat before the throne grasping her cape with both hands at either side of her to position it properly as she sat. And releasing it folded her gauntleted hands upon her lap. A guester not quite possible with many gauntlets and made possible only because their remarkable craftsmanship and articulation. Not to mention the exacting precision of their fit to her hands. -Perhaps Anaya, you would like to see what I have planned with the traitor? You may find it, refreshing and informative.

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Guest_Skidzio: -is a tiny sprite from a faraway land ran away from my village to start a new life upon many months traveling on various insects, rodents, birds I stumble upon a large empire something that i have never encountered before stares amazed as i crawl in through a hole I stare shocked an amazed at how giants were no myth there real as each foot taps the ground shakes I gulp and walk towards the giants shaking in fear- h-hello...

Anaya: Ryu looked at his mother as she sat talking to guests, he was board and wanted to bite things and be well a baby male dragon, trotting over to his father he gave a snort as he walked past the vampire and claws his feet into the floor giving an aggressive kick and light buck of his hinds. As he walked the baby dragons witch was still the size of plow horse even if they were newly hatched so big feet and temperaments not meant for looking down meant hard footsteps and a lot of flying dust and grit. Anaya watched him with his display of being his father’s son as she watched him charge Samuel who was leaning on a pillar. Sam grabbed the boy by his ear fins and pulled him over pushing him down and playing hard with his son. It is what males did anyway and Sam would never allow his hatching to hold any dominance over him, Samuel was the male Alpha here and that would not change anytime soon. “don't break anything” Anaya said as Noki got up and went to join her sibling, only to be met with a harsh snarl from her own father as if to tell her to fuck off and leave them alone. Noki tried so hard to play to and with a head held high she gave a snarl back and put her tail up to high mast and rushed her father and brother wall her brother was on the floor belly up. Sam gave a rather loud grunt and with a strong backhand hit Noki in the face sending her flying into a nearby pillar. Anaya did not move to assist her at all and sat there looking at Daya “yes I would like to know the matters you have planned for the traitors; I would enjoy hearing it”

FiliaIsaSaton: - The wide jaws stretch out as her fang become expose to the world. or at least in the piano. the little ball of fur was again in her favorite hiding spot. She had after leaving Anaya’s lap earlier. ate a large rat and took a short cat nap. But the smell of food rose her from her sweet kitty rest. the little black kitten pocked her head out from the piano. Looking around she saw her favorite victims the staff in the castle always seem more like play things to her. it was more than among to scare them and some were jumpier them others as she would grin her little kitten grin and her little tail and rear would wiggle as well as she ready and waited for the maid caring a lager bucket of water come by, it was not long and mystic get her chance. she darted out and the maid screamed a blood curling scream. but what mystic did not count on was. The bucket that when thrown in the air dumped all over the cute little kitten. this was not what mystic wanted and once more the bucket landed on her to. Too little to get it off mystic fallowed the scent of food and then she felt the bucket hit a leg of the of a table and legs of chairs. She meows and cried out from under the bucket.

CardinalSinn: It had been here before, the feeling and ominous overtone that crept into the air heralding its presence might have been remembered. Having been here Before Fides knew a bit of the place, more its layout then its peoples. It had not had the chance to stay here terribly long before the mother had intervened last time. Fides had still managed a small victory though before parting. It was something he was sure to remember for a great many years to come, he also remembered the words of the dark one "diplomacy and manners" they were simple enough instructions. That had been his demeanor last time, though things had gotten a bit heated, and perhaps towards the end of it his manners had not been the best, but he had not thought himself rude. Once he had returned he had taken the mothers actions to the Dark One, her words and behest had troubled him, but he was not about to argue with her in front of a royal like that, that small infraction alone would have given the mother cause enough to have him scattered. Luckily he had known, and it would have besmirched the name of Sinn, such a thing he simply could not… would not do. When the dark mist that would become fides leaked into the realm the area around it would grow unnaturally dark and tainted, that was sure to draw a bit of attention, if not then it would have been hard to miss the mist quickly folding in and over itself growing quickly and gaining size shape and definition. As his form came into being his manifestation would become plain to see.  Fides is thirteen feet in height, his lower torso is often not visible, obscured by his hair. His head is covered in a massive amount of the purest of silver hair, the reality being that his manifested hair is actually innumerable sharp cords of silver. Atop Fides head, crossing his brow is an impressive crown of thorns, much resembling those seen on a dragon though more formed in the fashion of a stag. From the center of his horn crest emerge two ram horns which circle around and beside his head, their points forming a few inches from his center pair of eyes. Atop the main horns hovering over his head is a silver barbed halo, made as a clear mockery of the infamous “crown of thorns” mentioned in the bible. upon his face are six eyes, three to either side, the middle being slightly larger than the top and bottom pair. All of the eyes being an intensely dark purple in color, indeed they are a feature hard to make out at first glance

CardinalSinn: His visible physique is quite muscular and definitively male possessing a semi alluring quality despite its umbral nature. His hair covers the majority of his lower body, completely enshrouding his legs. His left arm has a massive dark red sleeve which is belled, this sleeve emerging from a massive pauldron which bears the crest of the Sinn, upon this arm hanging off his wrist is his primary rosary, which is a thing of awe. The Rosary of Fides actually has no true physical form but rather manifests as the most beautiful inverted cross any beholder can imagine, and will appear different to every individual that lays eyes upon it. His right arm bears a spaulder, which is also ornate, though it is also more than combat practical. This is formed from a solidified Umbra which is about twice as hard as a diamond capable of repelling both physical and magical attacks. The most notable thing about Fides physical appearance would be that he always seems to look as if he were suspended in a liquid that does not affect any aside from himself, only his form subject to the invisible currents from only the gods know what. It had been here before, the feeling and ominous overtone that crept into the air heralding its presence might have been remembered. Having been here Before Fides knew a bit of the place, more its layout then its peoples. It had not had the chance to stay here terribly long before the mother had intervened last time. Fides had still managed a small victory though before parting. It was something he was sure to remember for a great many years to come, he also remembered the words of the dark one "diplomacy and manners" they were simple enough instructions. That had been his demeanour last time, though things had gotten a bit heated, and perhaps towards the end of it his manners had not been the best, but he had not thought himself rude. Once he had returned he had taken the mothers actions to the Dark One, her words and behest had troubled him, but he was not about to argue with her in front of a royal like that, that small infraction alone would have given the mother cause enough to have him scattered. Luckily he had known, and it would have besmirched the name of Sinn, such a thing he simply could not… would not do. When the dark mist that would become fides leaked into the realm the area around it would grow unnaturally dark and tainted, that was sure to draw a bit of attention, if not then it would have been hard to miss the mist quickly folding in and over itself growing quickly and gaining size shape and definition. As his form came into being his manifestation would become plain to see.

DayaAutum: Thank you -Daya’s voice was pleasant. Something in the way the guard responded to her, had suggested a gladness she was there. She thought that perhaps, he was among those loyal and her voice hinted at her favored opinion of him. She turned as Anaya spoke to her and bowed in response as she was in armor. -I would be delighted to join you Anaya, but sadly what I consume will not sit well in my stomach. -She rose from her bow and approached Anaya upon her throne. Her foot steps were light, leaving her armored feet to barely clink upon the stone flooring. - I am happy to see the youths in good health. Soon we will secure everything and all will be well. - The Lycans approached, and noticed Mystics fear of them. They stopped in their tracks and looked to her with their ears propped up and single fore paw held in the air. There green eyes looked like large puppy eyes. In the unspoken language between animals, they were asking to come closer. Daya took a seat before the throne grasping her cape with both hands at either side of her to position it properly as she sat. And releasing it folded her gauntleted hands upon her lap. A guester not quite possible with many gauntlets and made possible only because their remarkable craftsmanship and articulation. Not to mention the exacting precision of their fit to her hands. -Perhaps Anaya, you would like to see what I have planned with the traitor? You may find it, -A quick narrowing of her eyes and subtle smile came across her face in a friendly expression one might have between those who enjoyed evil pleasures towards Anaya- refreshing and informative.

Anaya: Daya’s words dinged off Anaya’s ears as she nodded as her eyes scanned around seeing the room get darker for seemingly no reason, it happened before like this once, stupid dark things ugg. Her head turned “Samuel take your boy to the back of the castle and play there, go play in the yard, now” Sam looked up as he was still holding Ryu’s ears and pinning him to the floor and holding him down by his head. Sam let Ryu up feeling the urgency in Anaya’s voice to protect her children and he wanted the same, for his child... only the one. Allowing Ryu up Ryu did not feel the same urgency and as soon as Sam let him get up Ryu bolted running full tilt to the center of the room hoping around and growling thrashing his tail and feet around looking at his father, and being unknowingly about five feet or so from the odd black being that had materialized in the room. Samuel had no idea what to do so his best instinct grab the child as I see the dark thing now. But worse came to worse and Noki getting up from her being back handed into a pillar came out with fire in her eyes and head butted her father in the rib cage sending him into a wall as she trotted about happily and proud to have hit her father at what she thought was amazing timing. Anaya watched as the kids were being dragons, unruly and destructive. Oh god why did there have to be two, she would have been happy with one, just one was needed. Anaya moved standing up at her throne and lifted her hands causing the light from the fires to get brighter and then brother to fill the castle halls with light, she had learned last time it inhibited the Sinn a good amount. And it would be alright till the parents could get a hold of their children. Anaya new that Sam after he was able to get up would go after the female and more than likely harm her so Anaya looked at her son who was still kicking bucking and acting like a bronco with no rider. “Ryu Nevaria DeNure!” she scolded and it was like intently he was frozen, even just hatched he knew his mother’s anger, and it was like everything inside him that said fight dropped and he was belly to the floor. Big blue eyes looked over at his mother as his bright golden scales seemed to get dimmer as he crawled over the floor being as low as he could and going to his mother’s feet. She lowered her hands and picked him up “go to the back yard with your father and play in the snow, do not eat the man or bite them, and do what your father tells you” Ryu nodded his head in understanding and hoped over to his father who was still on the ground. Noki went to her mother’s side as she did not want to go with her father he would harm her for sure now and it would not just be a back hand, she could lose a limb over this. Anaya nodded to her “stay with me, don't move from my flank.” she dimed the light a bit so it would not overly harm or peeve off the Sinn and looked back forward as Noki moved behind her mother.

FiliaIsaSaton: She was free but for the horrid smelly beast in front of her. Dog lycans she saw no difference in fact she wanted to be nowhere near them. as its paw came closer to her she would bat at it with her little paws at the claw of the lycan and she let out a little hiss. In truth, it was more his size that frighten her. perhaps if she was taller she would not be as afraid but right now she was no bigger than his paw. This was truly frightening though she would never let the horrid beast no It no she would make herself look bigger. Her back would arch and she would let out a low tone growl as she stepped back for the beast. She would as soon as she could dart away. It was hard on this little kitten and she many times wish to be twice her size as she hated being under everything. Her little ball of fluff went in to the Throne room to look for little thing to chase and num on. the would dream of bigger things, but for now she would settle on rats and whatever was fast and smaller then her. she could hear the mail scream out about the rat bone gathered in the piano. This brought a sweet little grin to her lips, she knew the maid had to clean up after her every little mess and this often was encouragement to make new messes. Not that she was worried the new little ones were twice the mess makers from her she thought about the little ones and. it came to her mine they would need a rat so as the good kitten she was she went to hunt for a rat or two

CardinalSinn: ~fides were squinting before her, the light was nearly overbearing at first, the sting from it was only a slight one, though it would still cause the Visser to sizzle in the light, this only increased the strong scent of clove in the air. Luckily she was kind enough to reduce the lighting once the others had been moved to safety, or at least a safer perception. It was enough to make Fides smirk as he took a low bow before Anaya, his left arm moving now from his face to his waist as he gave he a proper bow. She might have been able to tell that he had pulled in his aura ahead of time on this visit, more prepared to stand in her presence. It was a careful balance of sorts, for were he to simply let lose he would surely be perceived as a threat, it would only be natural as his presence alone could cause discomfort to the righteous. He would not have such a grave mistake made, after all that would be sort of attacking this host, which would violate a number of his lore…such as harming children, which is why he had smirked as he had bowing. He was forbidden from harming children; they were a thing of value surprisingly. Though that was a thing not many…if any knew. As he would raise from his bow his infernal choir would whisper its words in the voices of millions "salutations highness, it pleases us greatly to be in your presence once more. Perhaps this time our dialogue might be more…to your liking?" as it asked that last per of its statement its head would bob slightly to emphasize the curiosity. "the mother had made a request of us last time that had called us away. However, the father has given us permission to return, to discuss some things…though only by your permission. If you request it, we shall leave this place. You do know that we come to serve do you not? It is our place to teach. It is our desire to perhaps foster better relations betwixt our kingdoms."

DayaAutum: -Anaya’s lowering of the throne rooms lights and the frequencies of darkness behind her finally alerted her to the presence of the Sin. Her face before was quite pleased, although evilly at the trap she had for the prisoner to force his hand to talk. Now, it lost its expression in self disappointment, she had been a fool and realized such a presence all too late for her liking. She thought to herself ’What if that had somehow been the Night crawler?’ The daughter dragon, that one remained beside Anaya. Both of them together, the present and the future side by side with this creature before them both. It made Daya uneasy. She slowly rose from her seat and turned politely to listen o what the creature had to say. Casually positioning herself between the Sin and the new born daughter of Anaya. She was not ruler here and simply grasped the wrist of her gauntlet in one hand and gazed upon the Sin as he spoke to the one who was ruler here. She however did have a stake in the conversation. These lands must not fall to darkness. She gazed upon the sin with her undead eyes lightly reflecting the lights of the room from within her pupils with an eerie glare. -

Guest_Skidzio: He is a tiny sprite from a far away village travelled long and far to reach this destination from riding rodents, insects, birds many months spent travelling to this large room as he found himself in front of the empire doors he stare mouth wide open amazed at the structure of the building had never seen anything like it thinking to himself this would be a perfect place to hide and start fresh as he then crawl through the door hole in the door he look around amazed as the room is so large he could walk around the whole place and it'd take him a week just to get to the front doors again upon all this he feel the ground shake as if its an earthquake but it was something worse giants! as he feel the tapping of the gigantic foot crashing down to the floor he look around terrified planning on escaping once more and returning home however he remind myself that he came all this way and he must encounter the giants perhaps he can serve them and in return they will protect me he sigh and walk towards the nearest giant and jab his spear into the big toe he then climb on there foot and jump up and down waving arms around to get the giants attention- ''HEY DOWN HERE HEEEEEY'' -sighs to himself “I have a bad feeling about all this...” -

Anaya: Anaya looked to the Sinn and tilted her head, make better relations for their kingdoms, she was fine with their relationship now, you leave me alone I leave you alone, it was a very good agreement, but a part of her just wanted to know more. “Explain why you have been allowed back here and why you are here, what is it you want and how are you to serve” she was interested but at the same time wanted nothing to do with this Sinn, but a dragon’s interest was stronger than its I don't care meter. Anaya’s hand moved and was placed over the neck of her little girl who was cowering but still growling at the Sinn before them both. Anger flared in the little dragon as her tail thrashed back and forth watching him just stand there. Anaya ran her claws along the backs of Noki’s horns to calm her down slightly and try to have her relax. As they both could hear Sam dragging Ryu out of the castle by the tail to go play in the back yard of the castle fully out of any danger and ear shot, they needed male bounding time anyway and it would be good for the baby dragon to face the winter yet again. Anaya looked down as she felt a sting in her foot, she gave a grunt as she kicked her foot and tried to shoo what was there away, maybe there was a tin nail on the floor she stepped on, having nothing on her feet at any point in time it was easy to step on things. She moved her foot to slide it over the floor tiles and push anything that was there out of the way and maybe down one of the floor vents if it rolled that far. “maid” she called out as a maid shaking at the knees feeling the tension in the air came over “yes miss Anaya” the shy made asked as she fiddled with her apron and fumbled with the words. “get me a mint tea with ice and sweep the floor I stepped on something sharp I guess” the maid said nothing happy to hurry away and get out of the room even if she would have to come back later with the tea maybe some biscuits and the broom to clean up the castle floors.

FiliaIsaSaton: Her little nose would twitch as a sent flowed up her nose and down her mouth it was. meat. she looked around to see where this sweet smell aromatic from mm she thought maybe I will get me a snack first and then I’ll look for a rat for the little ones she grins and made her way across the floor in a low slow manor. She would put little weight on each paw as she walked without making a sound she crepted along the floor her blue eye shinning bright in the shadow as she black fur would blend in the dark corners she crawled threw. Suddenly mystic heard a loud sound her head would list she her ears would tilt towards the sound as she would look in the direction for where it came from. There she would see a little man like creature. But that can’t be a man its way to small she thought. per hasps it’s a shaved mouse that’s been putt in clothes yes that’s it a shaved mouse nothing more. She grins as she crepted even closer to the little shaved mouse her caws would start to extend from her soft pillow back paws and she would lower her body as she watches the little shaved mouse. She tails would start to twitch and her back paws would lift as she ready to dart. She would watch as the little shave mouse stab a human. oo she thought the rat is attacking my castle I must leave his head somewhere to warn other mice not to do so. She again ready herself for the attack her tail would be twitching even fast and her rear would lift and lowered as she ready to pounce. Then with swift speed she would leap out and pounce on the little shaved mouse her mouth would be wide open and when she lands she would have bit into his shirt

CardinalSinn: fides blinked slowly as he could feel one of the inhabitants glaring at him his attention would fall to her for a moment but that would be impossible to perceive as Fides had no perceivable pupil. Though that much attention and low key ire may have sent an inexplicable shiver down her spine Fides was forbidden to initiate combat Anaya might have remembered that, perhaps she would also remember then that last time the Visser did not shy away from it either, it was only one of many ways to assert dominance. His attention luckily was drawn a bit from her as another being made itself known, it was so incredibly small that it was not something likely to gain a lot of attention, though its lack of manners had already gotten the attention of Fides, possibly the most threatening in appearance to this being. Were this his him or his place such an infraction of manners would have been a swift death sentence. However, Anaya’s inquiry demanded the full of his attention once more. He gave a sideways nod as his chorus of voices answered her inquiry. “We have been allowed to return to foster better relations…as you are aware as of the moment it is more or less an understanding of sorts…which borders on neglect…and indeed ignorance. We think it poor form to simply sit back and ignore one another. It has been brought to our attention that we are after all family…for if the mother, is indeed your sister, then we…are a brother to you…of sorts. We are here, to bring Veritas to you and your people, to bring knowledge of that which has not been known in these lands…. yet….it is here all the same. It is all, it is every where. We wish to only make you aware of the glory that are we, we ask no fealty…no oaths, we are a thing of freedom after all. And that is indeed what we want highness, a chance to be heard a chance to being the gifts which we offer, to teach the truths we know, we would not wish to burden you. If anything we wish to help, you loath that which is dark…that which is evil, then let us help you take these things from your land, we would ask no compensation for such a thing." here Fides leaned to the side slightly noticing that Anaya was shielding the small dragon. This caused him to stand upright completely, leaning back lightly tilting his head away…his left arm would point to the child, then to Anaya. "you need not do such a thing highness…we would never harm a child, and certainly not one of yours, to do so without provocation would much displease the Dark One, which surely would be our end. Despite the perception of others, and the many freedoms we enjoy there are rules for those, even such as our self.”

DayaAutum: -Daya stood below Anaya in height as she was ground level, but was careful to put herself as casually as possible in front of the youth. Her eerily reflective eyes examined the Sin. She was risen by Noapte, a goddess of pure holiness turned dark long ago but yet, still loyal to what was divine and good. A Shadow that devours evil. Daya in turn was a predator of evil, what unnerving darkness was within him concerned her and alarmed her but chilled her not. She watched as the Sin told of his purpose, three things stood out, they were, related. the other things were the words ‘If anything we wish to help, you loath that which is dark…that which is evil, then let us help you take these things from your land, we would ask no compensation for such a thing’ and ‘we ask no fealty…no oaths, we are a thing of freedom after all.’ . Her mind raced, Anaya was powerful and wise, but lacked the subtleties of the ways of those given to darkness to thwart their plans in her opinion. It concerned her greatly as this might be her downfall and if Valaria were to remain full of life, this place must have a protector. She leaned back and whispered in Anaya’s ear so no human or even elf would hear as if she were an advisor, she suspected the Sin might be able to hear but she cared not. She merely wished to make a suggestion to Anaya -If what he sais is true, he could teach you to guard your Kingdom from subtleties and trickery of evil, but I fear what he might do if allowed to roam free to seduce the people. Can he give assurances such a thing won’t happen? -Daya then turned her alabaster face and white eyes still shinning eerily in the castles lights to the Sin and leaned back to where she was before.

Guest_Skidzio: -he feels himself being lifted by his shirt turns around in fear as he sees the cat ''AAAH WHAT IS THAT THING'' -he yells in his high pitched squeaky voice suddenly his shirt rips off as he falls to the floor he begins to run for his life fortunately he spots a mouse hole so he darts towards it at full speed feeling the giant foot steps come closer and closer to the point where he bounces in the air at multiple times as he flies in the air with one last pounce he throws his toothpick directly inside the cats nostril and continues his journey onwards as he slides inside a mouse hole he keeps running until he can no longer run anymore he lays on his back exhausted and laughs to himself at the day he has encountered-

Anaya: Anaya's ears took in his words, he talked much on helping them remove the evil from the lands, there was a lot of evil, but he was evil to, Sinns are evil they are the opposite to her light they are the darkness, that is why she never had words or was in contact with her sister, they were not really blood but more sisters by nature sisters be default and relation as darkness needed light and light needed darkness. Her hand moved to push her hair over behind her face as her red eyes sparked in wonder, and hearing Daya’s words in her ear, it was true on each point and she knew it, this could help the lands could it could also doom the lands if it was a lie “Sinn, you state We, first off who is the we and not only the you. As well as we do need the aid in removing bad from the lands but, what you say could be in that a sin of deception and evil in its self, if you wish a deal with me you yourself must wear the mark.” she moved and showed her arm, on the underside of her arm is what looked like a white serpent, simply wrapped around and faded into her skin. “liers are not dwelt with lightly here, if your words do not hold truth the mark will kill you once you break your word upon what the mark is based on, your darkness will be put out and you will be left to nothing but dust. But if you hold truth and you truly wish to help this land the mark will be nothing within you, like you never had it at all. And I cannot control it or wish you harm with it, it is not linked to me in anyway but giving it to you, after it is given it is simply on your word and nothing more. To give to this land you must prove you are not here to take with the false mask of giving. If you hold another way to prove you will be truthful we can go over that instead” Noki hissed a little but then recoiled behind her mother to go bite on the sofa pillow and claw it up in anger on how her father still hated her. She knew it from how he acted with her and how he back handed her, stupid father.

CardinalSinn: Fides again would blink slowly, and a smirk would form though it was one beyond perception. There was no way for it to be perceived, though the eyes would squint slowly as this make shift advisor spoke of subtleties. It was wise to do so, as there were indeed many things which might have been exploited with such simple wording. He could see that perhaps there was another sort of game of cat and mouse that was being played aside from the one which was more literal. It brought him pleasure to know that the little man, who’s manners had brought him to introduce himself by stabbing the queen in the foot might well fall prey soon. Though it was a short lived thing as that tiny man soon darted for a random mouse hole in the wall and seemed to have made it to safety. Anaya’s words brought Fides to nod as she spoke, he would answer "highness, we can not lie by the accord of our own master, it is a thing forbidden for any Sinn, as such it is a thing we can not do. As for your mark, we are not entirely sure such a thing would be plausible…as our form it not truly one that is material…surely, you might see us…and you may touch us, hear us...yet this thing before you, this manifestation that you see this gathering of shadows and dust. Is not us. As for we…and us, we are many there is no singular highness…ironically you may have knowledge of things such as popes perhaps? We are comprised of many…many souls, most of which happen to have been men thought pious in life, those who were pinnacles of their respective righteous faiths…"bringers of truth"…some might have called them?" here he chuckled softly before continuing. " as for things being "good", or "evil" you are wise to be weary, such things are often a matter of timing, or simply a point of view. After all who is to decide what actions are evil…or what actions are good, what being defines these things, by what right does any other dictate the action of another as something right or wrong…and for what reason…to what ends?" here he again tilted his face away it was clear there were other things which he was refraining from saying, it was not that he was hiding any thing from them, no, he was refraining from his purpose, it was his part in the Sinn to preach, Anaya had left him a number of ways to do so, her mentioning of evil had nearly brought him to sermon, though he had caught himself.

DayaAutum: -Her long black hair cascaded over the pauldrons of her armor in loose curls from the silvery crown upon her head. It framed her ghostly white face hung above the armor coated in black onyx. She had known those who were pious and made them selves to be righteous in the eyes of others. The “Brothers of the Coming Dawn” they were known at first. Their order established by Demons in secret, the member’s slaves to evil masters now. To profess such a thing as being comprised of many souls from these ‘Popes’ or leaders of some misguided sects of light did little to encourage Daya’s trust in the Sin. Nonetheless whether true or false, it presented an opportunity for her, this knowledge. Death, was no mystery to Daya after all, and whatever power collected these souls was seeking them, and was now using them. She lifted her pale eerie and her black lips tightened upon the long thin fangs that protruded beyond her lower lip. - If I may inquire, why would such a group of souls be collected for such a being as yourself? Of what worth are the deluded to such a cause after all? Surely they were not as wise as they had thought in life. -Her hand released her wrist in it’s grip of metal and black coating and with a bend of the elbow and gentle curl of her fingers made a guester to herself with her necrotic limb. - My land is far from here I admit, and your request is to Anaya I have no power to either deny or aquiance to it. But it does strike me as odd that such a being as yourself should be assembled, I am, curious as to why? -Lowering her hand she lets both rest in front of her, always keeping those eerie white eyes fixed upon him and her face showing no signs of dread nor chills. Her words were in fact, tricky. She awaited his reaction not so much for it answer in and of itself, but what it might reveal to her in it’s subtleties. -

Anaya: Moving her hand to itch behind her head and thread her fingers in her snow white locks. She turned around and sat back at her throne picking up the pillow her little brat was ripping apart “you know Noki ripping apart the pillows will not make your father any happier, he I am sure will get you back for your hitting him in the rib cage. And when he does you have to stand up for yourself” She gave out a breath from her nose and dropped her head on her mother’s lap the bright golden scales shimmering in the night as Anaya took a hand and ran it along the top of her head and between her horns, such nice horns she had, all ivory and small, for now they were small anyway but in no time they would grow and she would have a grand crown. She turned her red eyes back to the Sinn as he blabbered on, god they all talked a lot, or at least this one did, she had only met three in her life time and they were a very odd race from the side of the world no one ever went to. “so all you can give me is your words on you do not tell lies, well in truth Sinn that is not good enough, words can be broken and beings break laws every day, you would have to prove this with blood or other means. Without actions words lay hollow” the dragon queen let out a breath as the side doors came crashing forward and there was a snow covered golden horse sized dragon baby head up and tail so high his backside opening was in clear view to anyone behind that poor door. Anaya looked at Ryu as he was clearly missing a tooth and a couple scales, day one and already lost a tooth and some scales off his back oh boy. Samuel came in behind him taping the top of his tail. “lower that, your vent is showing to the people making food” Ryu looked at his father and moved his backside to go to sit on Sam’s chest. Sam gave him a abrupt slap and Ryu gave a yelp and put his tail down a notch so he was less exposed. There was still that dark being in the castle that the baby’s or Sam did not really know. Ryu started to snarl and it was getting louder as the dragons head started to sway back and forth like a snake clearly the baby did not like the dark thing and was clear with showing it but Sam had a tight grip to the little one’s ear fin and would not allow the baby to do anything to endanger its self.

CardinalSinn: Fides would hear that advisor’s words, she was crafty, she could present challenge, but on an uncommon level. She seemed wise to question him in the particular fashion she had. Specific questions tended to require specific answers. A chuckle would escape him as well as the faint almost inaudible purr as the choir of voices answered. "indeed not, the wise know best that they know nothing. These supposed pious men often anything but. Fools the lot of them, to put faith in such a ridiculous thing is nothing short of madness…some call it divine madness, for good reason we think. After all, look at the poor diluted fools now". As he spoke ho opened his arm wide gesturing to himself. "as for the value of such a thing…surely you jest miss? A soul worth…this is what you would ask, knowing full well the worth of such a thing is plain for any fool to see. For even those being’s whim has a singular soul…the value is plain enough. And we, have them in numbers beyond counting. Their value to us is that they allow us an intimate knowledge of the divine lies, and their rites…their ritual, if you could call such mockeries a thing. Truly repugnant. Yet this faith holds sway over many ignorant things…and it is that faith that weakens them…we are made from this, as thus we imagine their value maid all the plainer to you miss." he leaned back now again averting his face before he addressed her final question, as if he did not truly wish to answer her. "we are here for a simple reason as we said earlier, we bring "Veritas", we preach freedom, and we take the darkness and evils from the lands." Anaya then made a perfect point, it would be a bit odd, to hear that a creature names Sinn would not lie, Fides took no offence at the disbelief once she was done he responded first with "Acta Non Verba" (action not words) bowing his head as he said it. "'tis true you have nothing aside from our words, and being a non-material thing we could offer you nothing resembling blood, not that would prove of any use. Perhaps a task? Or token of some form might suffice? We would offer up some oath of a sort, though as you have said it is not clear would I lie, and again many beings break the law…every day, it seems the nature of things to sin, an irony there do you not think? Should there not be a price for such things….to be evil, it does indeed come at a price. For as evil, it is evil we seek. Those that would besmirch such a title with actions and desires so petty. Yes, we want them, they are to be punished. Removed from this place, and any other that harbors such beasts…alas, we have been told from you we may not take them, we must ask…these things, they burden your highness. We wish to alleviate this burden. What harm could come of our intentions? We want that which troubles you, that which you do not want. It is true…one man’s trash is another's treasure."

Daya Autum: -No response could be seen in Daya as the Sin answered her fully, she was, impressed to some degree, but cautious in others. The history of her own Goddess ringing in her mind now. Notate had in a battle against evil turned upon all that failed to meet her absolute standards. Her pure white eyes became black with merciless rage, a literal holy terror that destroyed the land. It was in fact the reason for her descending to darkness. The use of the holy see souls troubled her, the norm was their absolute adherence to set of rules mere mortals could not adhere to, to use shame against people like a weapon! Her own problems with such organizations had little to do with faith in the light, however true or false their books were. Their purpose in using such people to her was telling indeed. She once again leaned back to whisper in Anaya’s ear, she was not her adviser, but playing the part did in fact work to her advantage - I am concerned for you and yours Anaya, when I came I came not with judgments about who’s sin was grievous or who heart was true, but only those who threatened our world. We need to know this creature’s methods, if he holds to absolutes, then shame shall beget falsehood, and falsehood shall beget treachery, for sometimes the hunting of evil produces yet more evil. He would benefit from this and have more souls to take. If he is to be of value, then he must be limited. - She left Anaya’s ear and set her gaze upon the Sin and tilted her head -Knowledge of these cults could be useful perhaps, but often their methods are to shame others for shortcomings, and use that shame to bend them to their will. Instead of producing good, they produce a darkness of their own. I am curious about what assurances you might offer that would dissuade such a thing from happening with you? To begin a campaign of darkness to devour darkness one must be cautious not to walk this path. - Her voice was serpentine and smooth as silk as she spoke to the Sin. Her question this time was direct. -

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CardinalSinn: A mur could be heard emanating from the Visser as she addressed him this time. her words whispered in Anayas ears were plain as day to this being, it was not as if something so simple as a whisper would not be heard, and then her words directly to himself he again nodded as he took them in. He was actually beginning to purr which would have more then likely come across as a very odd thing. " Shame, how can we afflict such a thing, same is a view of self, or a view of many. As plentiful as we are…we are sure you would count our opinion as but one. These judgements you ask to restrict, we understand this, standards as you have said will differ from eye to eye, and surely we were let lose to simply do as we please, yes, it likely would be more then wished…this being the case we are more then willing to adhere to her highness's views on such things, and to obdie by judgements and laws here, such a thing would only be right…only proper. In time perhaps our views, might be shared, as we offer our council freely…if it is asked. If not then we shall abstain. As for darkness and its ways, we hope you would forgive the assumption miss…but we imagine we know such a thing better then yourself. As Caliga is our god…we have been blessed by such glory, to preach its magnificence and altruistic Veritas, you seem to have some knowledge of this…yet we wonder to what degree? If you walk a path that is dark who…or what is it that leads you, we are aware of others who know partial truths already…perhaps you are one of them?" after he had asked his question his manifestation would suddenly grow far darker, and to those sensitive there could be a pulse of far greater energy then Fides sensed a darkness which eclipsed his own. It caused the Visser to pause for a moment, bowing his head for its brief duration before returning his attention to the others. "we beg pardon highness, alas it seems there are other things which require our attention for a time, we do hope you will forgive our rather sudden exit. We shall return after a time, perhaps then we shall speak more of our role here?" his voices would tril off becoming more and more quiet as if he were already leaving as he spoke. He would not simply turn his back, instead he would respectfully take three steps back from her before turning and making his way under the steps which ascended to the second floor. Under them was a good deal of darkness, a good place to leave this form once he took his leave of the body. As he left the body took on a more mundane form, turning to solid jett, his massive dark form hidden nearly perfectly in the darkness there, this body waiting to be touched by the darkness that was Sinn once more, at which point it would resume the form the others here had come to know as Fides, till then it would be a magnificent facsimily of himself, hidden under the stairs.

Librarian: Cupid was the mischievous little god of love. His weapon was a bow, and anyone hit by one of his arrows fell madly in love. Cupid once scratched himself with one of his own arrows by mistake. He was looking at a woman called Psyche, and fell in love with her. He knew that his mother Venus would be angry, so he hid Psyche away and told her that she must never try to look at him. Psyche thought that she had been captured by a hideous monster, and, of course, couldn't resist taking a peep. She was enchanted by the first sight of her handsome husband, and while playing with his arrows, scratched herself as well. So now they were both desperately in love with each other. Venus drove Psyche away, and she had many adventures before she was allowed to stay with Cupid, and Venus became reconciled to being a mother-in-law. Cortae was born one of the many children of the legendary roman god Cupid. His skin grew silver as he aged and Cortae’s parents became aware he was taken in by nature. They decided to leave him in the care of Flora, goddess of flowers. Flora cared for the boy and raised him to learn how to care, love, and hunt. Flora was attacked by the army of Hannibal on Cortae’s twenty-first birthday and the result was that Cortae plotted revenge to help kill Hannibal. He joined the Roman army and served in the Battle of Cannae. The Battle of Cannae was a major battle of the Second Punic War, which took place on August 2, 216 BC near the town of Cannae in Apulia in southeast Italy. The army of Carthage under Hannibal decisively defeated a numerically superior army of the Roman Republic under command of the consul’s Gaius Terentius Varro. It was regarded as one of the greatest tactical feats in military history and, in terms of the numbers killed the second greatest defeat of Rome. Heartbroken and humiliated, Cortae fled into hiding for the rest of the war to sulk to himself, only coming out for food and water. Towards the end of the fall of Rome, Cortae was approached by his father Cupid and was instructed on what to do next. Cortae obeyed and left the next day to begin his new life. After healing thousands of hearts, Cortae stumbled across a beautiful woman, Amalie. For six months he stayed with her, doing everything he could to impress the woman, whom so happened to also have silver skin. They resided together in the City of Ess’sar, located in Rome, near the southeast edge of the Empire. That was until 50 years later when Amalie died of old age while Cortae remained just as young. Cortae was called home to his father, Cupid. After ascending to his plane, Cortae heard his father's wishes, "You have been on this planet for long enough, you are wasting your time away while others need you elsewhere. I do not like to see you heartless, so please, do me a favor and visit another realm." After much thought, Cortae decided to descend onto a new world called Valaria. It was much similar to earth. but had an edgy and eerie feel to it. He would land at his location in the woods in Iron keep. The red flagged castle decorated the scenery.-

Anaya: As the Sinn took his leave she moved to put her hand in her hair as Ryu came over to her as he put his head on her lap grunting and pushing his sisters nose from it. Noki gave a squeal and put her head on top of his as Anaya moved her hands to both of them “it is fine the evil is gone now you both can go back to playing” both baby's gave a kiss at each other Nokie biting her brothers er as she gave a snort and ran off to play and run at each other behind the thrones in a open area. Samuel smiling came over to his mate as he sat down beside her putting his head on his mates shoulder “i am happy with them” Anaya looked at him with a lifted brow “both or just your son” Sam paused for a moment as he forced the words out “both” Anaya gave a chuckle “i have seen how you act with her you want her dead, even she knows it and she is a day old, you have to do a better job at hiding it” Anaya put an arm around him and held him to her chest as she let out a breath. “sometimes I worry about you”she said softly as she gave him a simple kiss. She did truly care for sam even if it was sometimes misplaced and resulted in one of them biting the head off the other “so would you like a meal my dear” she said as she got up taking his hand in hers. “the way to my heart is into my gullet” Sam gave in response as he had a soft chuckle. “we can let them play when they are hungry there is fish ready for them” she took her mates hand as they allowed the children to play in the well guarded main hall. Anaya turned her head to look over her shoulder “would you like a meal Daya?” she said as she and Sam paused. “we can talk wall we eat”

MinoriManami: -Minori glanced out of the carriage she had rented for the evening, her mind falling back onto the last few weeks. things had changed drastically, and she certainly was interested with how the next few days would play out. the carriage master shouting out her destination, she began gathering her belongings, steadying herself as the horses came to a halt. having the door opened, she stepped out carefully, taking the carriage masters hand for support. she paid the man for his services and bowed to him, showing him proper respect for getting her as far as he had. as he rode off the way they had come, she turned towards the entrance to the Dynasty, taking a breath to steady herself. this was the beginning of her new life and even though she was the sister of the leader, she intended to make as best of a first impression as possible. making her way to the entrance, the snow and ice she stepped on melted almost instantly, utilizing her own abilities to prevent herself from falling. she simply let herself in, placing her belongings next to the door and dusted the snow from her cloak, smoothing out her outfit as she made her way further into the main hall. looking around slowly, she rested her hands in front of herself, finding the stance comfortable as she continued on. the smells of meats and other foods greeted her long before her entrance, but now that she stood within the castles walls, she could identify nearly every type of delicacy that had been prepared-

MonsterMini: The world Terapogh was a world filled with many different races living amongst each other. They had royalty across the entire world and one of the larger civilizations had Shapeshifters as the royals. A shapeshifter by the name of Cora was being trained and prepped as she would be taking on the role of Queen as soon as she found herself a mate. Her father was set on finding her the perfect shapeshifter husband and her mother had to agree. The was though as they were searching Cora had been in the village every day and ended up running into one of the local warlocks, Jjohn. Jjohn was one of the main, local warlocks and he used his power for mostly healing and other things. He was the first go to man for things. They had met up together various other times and had fallen in love but her family had an uproar. She couldnt possibly have a mere warlock as a mate, a commoner at that. She refused her familys request of husband and there were many arguments as to which she finally won. Years later they had a child, Seraphine, who grew into a beautiful shapeshifter. When she got old enough she began showing signs of her magic and was later trained in it. A few more years and all hell broke loose on her war. Her mother was killed and her father convinced her to search out another world. Leaving everything behind she did and found herself landing in Valaria.

DayaAutum: -The ghostly pale face framed in long black hair seems to turn hideous in a way that even her undead state could not account for as the Sin wondered upon her wisdom. Her features were not aggressive nor did they express a particular emotion or response that one might recognize, but in her mind was disbelief ‘Is this creature seriously questioning a child of Noapte about knowledge?’ She deemed it arrogant of him to make an assumption that whatever god he came from that it would be the only source, or that knowledge must conform to this gods ways. She wondered if this creature could even be of assistance with such a view. Partial knowledge indeed! Her face resumed it’s normal, undead and eerie appearance as the Sin dissipated and she turned back to Anaya and her children. Samuels emergence did not please Daya well but she held her peace reminding herself that, this land, this castle, was not hers to rule. As unworthy as she herself found Samuel, it was Anaya who would have to deal with the consequences, her choice to make.-I, only feed upon blood Anaya. But I would be delighted to join you while I wait for the guards return and it is the dinning table where I shall be able to order food and have it brought to the traitor after all. I think you may enjoy what I am about to do Anaya, as it reveals how weak those who rule by fear alone are. It is so easily turned against them you know. Loyalty, the kind that stands against subtleties must be forged from more noble fires.

Librarian: -Cortae gathered berries from a nearby bush to store for future use. He withdrew his bag and tucked the fruit away while spotting a lone doe chewing on a few herself. Then he turned to notice the giant structure that stuck out like a sore thumb. He felt the presence of many and assumed it was the safest and smartest choice to go towards it. He prayed to his father that they were not hostile; the blood red flags showed proof otherwise. He knew with his power though that he would be protected, he just did not wish to participate in any battle of violence. He noticed the walls and gate that surrounded it, taking in its beauty and artistic value for a moment. He stopped, thinking to himself, 'Remember what you are here for... this isn't about you. Serve, that is your priority.' Cortae then would continue to make his way towards the castle that provoked attention from its surroundings, his high class red velvet robes delicately danced in the wind as they caught up to the motions of Cortae; his chest bare except for the sweat that dripped from his rich long curly hair. A black steam punk styled heart laid around his neck as he approached the door, giving it three knocks before waiting patiently for an answer.-

Anaya: Anaya turned seeing her sister returning home, it had bin many moons she had bin gone to the elven lands for training in god knows what. Anaya never asked what she trained in or bothered to know and it was not like the dragon to go out of her way to say warm welcomes, but a welcome was due as her adopted sister was home at last and in hopes this time it would stick. “welcome home my sister, come you are in time for a meal” she said as she held the arm of Samuel as his green eyes looked over to the female walking in, he had met her before she left but it was brief and nothing really made him care to remember her and he had other things on the mind, like food. He walked with Anaya as Daya came with them, Sam could feel her eyes but at the same time he new that she was walking on egg shells already here so he did not bother to do much about her knowing in due time she would be gone and he would not have to deal with that dead gaze anymore. Anaya pulled at his arm as she stoped hearing taping on the door and looking to a guard she snapped her fingers at him like he was a dog and being ordered to go fetch something, in witch he was “Guards man, go open the door I felt a taping on the wood, if the guest is not harmful bring it to the dinning hall were it can have dinner, and fill its gut. And be fast with it will you” the guard nodded his head grumbling something as he went on his wat to the main hall doors and with a rasped voice he repeated the same thing he said to everyone. “welcome to the iron castle, leave your weapons on the ground they will be picked up by the servants you can ge them later, if you do not wish harm to this flag and to the crown you may come in, and have bin offered a meal by the grace of dragon of the north, ruler and matriarch of the iron halls” his helmet flip flopped on his head as he pulled the doors open welcoming there new guest as his eyes peered out of the helmet to view there guest, it did seem male and not a threat, from the outside anyway. Anaya as she walked with her mate to the dinning hall broke arms with him and going to pick up a tray and walking with it picking up her dish of sea grown pearls and meats “yes daya we were rudely interrupted and you were unable to inform me what you were to do with our guest in lock up. I would enjoy hearing all about it and every detail” she took her plate and looked at Samuel as he piled meat and meat alone on his plate then took a goblet of wine as she did the same beside him.

MinoriManami: -her eyes slowly met her sisters and Minori nodded, knowing Anaya had never been much one for pleasantries outside of what was required. this did not bother her a great deal, as living among the High Elves had been a rather quiet endeavor, but she did still believe that it was still her place to at least give some form of greeting. bowing her head a moment, she straightened and followed to the dinning area, catching up with her rather quickly- Good to see you as well, sister. You have been well these past few years, I assume? -glancing at Samuel, she continued to walk along side her- Thank you for the invitation to a meal. My journey back to Valaria was not as simple as I had hoped it would be, and has left me rather famished. -hearing the knock on the door, her ear perked at the sound, offering a gentle smile as she listened to her sister bark out an order to the guard- At least some things never change. Still as gruff as always. It suits you well, oh Dragon of the North. Once we have a chance to eat, I would like to sit and discuss a few things with you, if you would have the time to do so.

DayaAutum: -Her armored boots tapped upon the stone floor as she followed Anaya to the dinning Hall. Not as hard as one would think. Daya had, as she often might made herself lighter in her armor. Her steps sounding more like someone tapping lightly upon the stone than someone walking in armored boots. She kept pace and listened and waited till Anaya’s sister had joined them - She bowed her head as she walked after her sister had addressed Anaya . -Oh the Cultists use fear to get their way, fear of their cruelty, their darkness, their damnation and cold hardheartedness. You won’t over come it with more fear, but there are ways of turning it in upon itself Anaya. At the first sign of treachery among them their order devours itself. Not a very difficult thing really, the trick, -Dayas smile of black and blue lips tightened and extended with a fair amount of pleasure- is to predict exactly when and where such fissures in their order happen to exploit them. As we are about to do with the guard. -Stopping at the table Daya grasped the side of her cape and held it as she took a seat and released it to fall from the edge of her chair and laced her armored fingers together in guantlets of incredible articulation and precise fit- We simply let the cultists get the guard. They will believe he betrayed them. Fear of the cultists now will make the guard talk and reveal to us everything needed to make the castle quite secure against them. He will do so because he fears them, and will believe, and correctly so, that they will deal with him. To save his own skin from them he shall tell us all the names of those loyal to the cultists.

MonsterMini: Landing in the snow she looked around observing her surroundings as she moved her toes in the snow. She hadn't felt snow in a long time as it only snowed once every 3 years on Terepogh and it felt amazing. She inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of the air as she began to move. She didnt feel the harshness of the snow on her feet as they were pretty used to harsh things and it didnt harm her anymore. She didnt know the land however and wasnt quite sure of where to go first, other than the castle. She was tempted but first made her way through the village. Looking around at the buildings and other things, but quickly. She didnt want to be in the actual village long and wanted to go to the village. After about Five minutes of walking she turned back towards the castle and adjusted her black shirt. Breathing was a little differnet however as she wasnt quite used to the air here. It wasnt as different as on Terepogh but it was different and seemed..thicker. When she walked up towards the castle she had made her horns hidden before exploring the village and wasnt sure of how these others would look. Biting her lip and laughing softly at herself she knocked softly on the door the first knock but a little firmer the next two knocks and pulled away from the door. Crossing her arms behing her back she stood and waited patiently for any type of answer at all.

Librarian: -Cortae listened to the guard's instructions as the door opened for him. He smiled and nodded, as the commands seemed too scripted for his liking. He offered a slight nod to the guard and opened his arms his way, palms up to show no weapons. "My friend, need not to fear tonight, all is well." Cortae assured the guard. He continued, "Thank you for the welcoming, is the majestic castle supervisor available for visiting at this hour?" He asked, hoping the answer was yes. He entered the castle meanwhile, taking mental note of the effort the construction team put into this place. After a few steps, he turned to the guard to await his response. -

Anaya: Siting down at the wooden table her large chair at the end of it covered in red silk with the bleeding stag insignia embroidered onto it in golden threads. She let out a breath as she placed her plate beside her and held her goblet in her hand as she took a sip and relaxed in her chair, the day had already bin long and it was not even over yet. Sam hunkered down beside her dropping his plate on the table with a clang as he started using his hands to rip his chicken apart and eating it like any king would. She looked over to him and shook her head but still held a smile on her lips as she thought on how her beautiful two children were brought from such a stupid lug that was everything she was not. She took her finger and started to pick up a dried chunk of pork and put it in her mouth, she placed her small green clay dish of pearls to the side she would savor them later after her main meal was done, a desert of sorts. She could not help but chuckle at her sister and that last line, so sharp and strong willed even to be a little cocky beside her sister, Anaya enjoyed her family to be strong of the will and heart, and sharp in the mind. She gave a toothed grin as her pointed teeth stuck out, every tooth pointed to a razer sharp edge as she took a clear claw and put a meat chunk in her lips. “yes sister we shall talk, but you must tell me all of your training with the eleven people, I was told they are very high strung and arrogant people, I do hope they did not pick on you due to being here along side me” she gave a chuckle and picked up a pearl putting it in her lips as she shut her eyes allowing them to roll into the back of her head for a moment as she enjoyed her drug of choice. As she opened her eyes she could see Sam glaring at Daya like a hungry hound as a slab of meat hung from the side of his yapper. She looked at him with a scowl and taped her claw on the table to gain his attention then moved his drink closer to him “drink my dear you are more pleasant when you are with wine” Sam nodded his head with that scowl plastered on his mug as he took the goblet and drank going back to eating. “oh how rude of me, miss Daya this is my sister Minori, she has bin gone many years in training with the high elves, her chair here is a bit dusty but it is good she is home with her kin” Anaya gave a pleasant smile even if behind that smile was the wonder of how much of it was faked and Anaya knowing very much on how Minori disliked Dragons so kin was a nice way to drive things home. “and my dear sister, this is Daya Autum she comes from the lands far to the other side of Valaria she aims to help us with our cultist problem that has grown in the town, the worshipers plan a revolt on the scaled ones, and bring forth a lesser god with our blood we gained information with there last attack on the crown, they had the nerve to try to slay me wall I slept and pollute the mind of one of my trusted guards men. So we aim to solve this problem as soon as possible with removing them and finding more about them and there leaders as we are sure they are a mighty force hidden in the city.” at the door way the guard looked to the girl who had come up to the door “i am not repeating that stupid line again, come in leave your weapons at the door and get inside out of the snow. And yes sir you can come in, if you both wish food the dinning hall is to the east side, the queen is there if you wish service” he offered them both inside and shut the door with a gruntled slam and then stood there at the post to be sure they would walk away.

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MinoriManami: -taking her respected place at the table, she sat tall, defiant to her sisters consistently sharp attitude towards her- I will be more than happy to discuss my training with you, dear sister. At least, what I deem necessary for you to hear. Somethings are best left in the minds of those capable of the information. -Minori couldn't help but smile, knowing that Dragons not only prided themselves on their wealth in terms of coin, but also in information. by denying certain things, she was sure this would lower brows. turning her attention to Daya, she lowered her head in a light bow- A pleasure to meet you, Lady Autum. I would greatly like to hear more of this cultist problem you seem to be dealing with. Once I have gotten back into the swing of things, perhaps I could lend my assistance in someway, whether it be political or.. politically aggressive, if you will. -hearing her sister mention an attack on the throne, she glanced back at Anaya- Come now, dear sister. You are attacked by someone fanatic and instead of dealing with it yourself, you've resorted to pulling help from distant lands? -she giggles softly as she served herself a small plate of food- The pride of the Dragon seems to be lessening with age, I see.

DayaAutum: -Nodding politely to Minori as Anaya introduced them she ignored Samuel. He was of little concern to her, any fool could see Anaya ruled after all. She would soon be returning to her own lands anyway, and if all went well more valued then than she was now. -it is a pleasure to meet you Minori. - Outside the dinning chamber the sounds of rattling chains echoed in the halls as the prisoner was brought by the guard. Daya turned to Anaya and unraveled her fingers and set her hands upon the edge of the table preparing to rise -If you will excuse me I do believe it is time to begin my unraveling of the cultists infiltration here in Iron now. - before rising she calls to one of the castles staff and beckoned them over waving her hand till they came close and lowered their head to her to listen to her words- I will need a grand portion of the meal brought to the chambers prepared earlier for the prisoner brought up. Do not make attempts to conceal anything and if anyone asks why tell them who the food is for - The servant looked to Daya and nodded and walked off to send others with the food to the aforementioned chamber. Daya looked to Minori and tilted her head with a look of some surprise -Oh do not be so hard upon Anaya. This is not a task for brute strength or even skill or wisdom else I am quite sure these reprobates would be scorch marks upon the earth long before I arrived. We are dealing with subtleties here, for no one knows the whereabouts or identities of these cultists. Strength alone, is not enough. I know these tactics well, and that is why I am here. They are, an enemy we have in common you see. Now if you will excuse me it’s showtime. -Daya rose from table and went to meet the guard who brought the prisoner who made the halls echoes with the rattling of heavy chains.

MonsterMini: She giggled at the guards words as she nodded and slowly walked into the castle, looking around she loved it. Moving she pulled various types of knives from her thighs and bag and various other weapons before actually fully walking in. She loved being in a castle once again and smiled. Itching her nose she sniffed at the air and sensed different types of species and not humans as she made her horns visible once again. The castle was a great place and hey they had some rugs that felt nice on her bare feet. She didn't wear shoes as she hated the feeling that shoes gave her and always went barefoot since she as a little girl. If the people who inhabited this world required shoes then she would of course put some on without any argument. Walking into the room with the other people she bit her lip and looked around. She wast quite sure on how to approach them in conversation and didnt want to just sit in a random chair. She knew her father would have probably killed someone if they walked into the castle and just sat at the table and said nothing invited in or not. Making sure to speak when everyone wasn't, she let her lip go and spoke, "Greetings...My name is Seraphine Black and i apologize if i have interrupted anything but this is the world i am currently in and felt the need to introduce myself and not try to go unnoticed." She spoke confidently but softly as to not seem vicious in anyway at all.

Anaya: She could not help but smile as Sam bit his own tongue and gave a wheezing sound but did not say a word as that sister Minori was starting to peek his attention, anyone that was willing to be snappy with Anaya was worth his time. He almost spat out his meal as he jammed another chunk of meat in his mouth to stop the words from spilling out in congratulations to the woman. But as Sam kept to himself Anaya was smiling as she picked up another pearl and put it in her mouth as it was like her whole body shimmered gold for a second them dimmed back down as her body shivered, pearls the golden dragons drug, it made this amazing feel of euphoria and if one wanted to gain a place in a castle or into her favor they could really just buy there way in with this simple underwater trinket. She pushed her snow white hair over her shoulder as she smiled to her sister and cleaned the bit of saliva from the side of her mouth, yes pearls made her drool slightly. “oh dear sister don't strain your elven mind on telling me such a tail right now, I fully agree it must be so hard for ones of lesser intellect as the elven people to truly portray a story of such grander, it may take you days to gain up the words and inform me of your venture to a land so distant form your beloved home.” she moved her hand over the table as her red stabbing eyes looked into her sisters as she gave a grin and slid the woman's plate closer to her “but please be silent and eat, to fill your belly of coarse, I would hate to see you thin ” Anayas eyes were daggers so many had fallen before them, and now Minori was stareing down the gun of them. But anaya would not harm family, even adopted family, she had done her harming of her family in the past and it was a new age and a new family brought into the castle so there was no need to harm anyone even if they back talked a little, Anaya would not want it any other way, kept things interesting. She looked to Daya as the guard came in and Daya moved to exit and asked what she needed from the servants, she was glad the servants did as informed “alright miss Daya, you enjoy your dealings with our prisoner, and be sure to only go to the locked cells down in the catacombs the rest of the lower levels are off limits, and it is dangerous” Anaya took a claw and put another chunk of dried pork in her mouth as she swallowed it as always without chewing and looked up to there guest that had come in and said her part. “welcome then Seraphine Black take a platter and have a sit at any wooden table, eat your fill there is more then enough. ” Anaya looked at the girl, she was a odd looking one, so bright yet dark at the same time, had not seen one like that before, she questioned to herself, it would be something to learn about and all dragons were suckers for knowledge as many knew, so this new being would be fun to pick at and learn from.

FiliaIsaSaton: The fluffy black tail twitched side to side and glowing blue eyes watch the hole she had been doing this for some time now. The little black fur ball was very much wanting that tasty looking shaved mouse that had cloths on like a human. she had never seen a shaved rat like that before and assume if it was rare it had to taste better. The hole she thought it went in it had to come back out, but hours had gone by and still no shaved rat. Finally, the little kitten gave up and went on the hunt for a no shaved rat with no clothes on. It would not be long as always she would hear the screams form the kitchen and the sounds of “where is that damn cat when you need her” hearing this mystic took her time going to the kitchen, she would snicker a bit as she knew that when she walked in they would be standing on their little stool and the rat too would be laughing .at least till it saw mystic. then she would be the one laughing as she scared best would then take off running. Mystic would give chase and soon have it backed against the wall snarling and growling for mercy, not that a cat ever gave mercy to a rat. mystic would then lung at the little beast with her jaws wide open and as she landed her mouth would clamp down on the rat’s neck. It would take jump one chomp and the rotten would move no more. This did not stop mystic from taking it in the middle of the kitchen floor and start batting the dead corps around. This would cause the kitchen maid to scream out “get it away from her or something … quick take the dead thing away. do something but get it out of her” these words tickled mystic even more as she would wait till they got close then pick up the dead rat and drag it to another part of the room. the maids would be become more in an uproar each, but soon mystic would get bored and leave the kitchen with her dead rat in mouth. though she could hear the venting from the maids as she left. This brought a smile to her face as she would carry her dead rat out in the dining hall.

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Hole finish up the day at the dinner table

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Dawn Rises
Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 3 TOmgsQq
Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or a dusk.

Sveroz: -Sveroz made his way through some woods until finally he broke though and set his eyes upon a rather large town with a castle looming in the distance behind it. He stopped and stretched a little bit and watched his breath condensate in the air. He scratched his head not realizing how cold it had been fore he had been walking and wandering through the woods all night all through the night and hadn't really stopped to consider the weather. He laughed at himself realizing the towns people would think he was ridiculous walking up so early in the morning wearing short sleeves and dressed as a jester. He continued to walk into the town not really stopping to take to much time lest his instincts get the better of him He could sense people sleeping in their beds still although life was also stirring. Probably farmers or people getting a jump start on the day. He decided he dint want to come into a new kingdom starting trouble off the bat, it wouldn't look good on him. He shuffled through the town humming ominously and walking with a sort of goofy stature catching a few townspeople looking at him. To mess with hem he did half a cart wheel and started walking on his hands. As he finally made it closer to the castle he slipped and fell. He realized that he walked straight over a frozen pond. He chuckled at his ignorance once again before getting up and glided his away across the ice towards some solid ground. He finally made it to the castle doors where he stopped and composed himself. He then knocked loudly on the doors 3 times before taking placing his hands and pushing them open. They were slightly heavier than he would have imagined but he still managed. He could sense the the occupants of the castle were awake which was good for him considering as an incubus he thrived on those asleep. He made his way though the grand hall and walked into the center of the castle where he bowed his head and looked up. "Good morning..." He then tilted his head up looking at the residents still keeping the majority of his body bowed until he was addressed.-

Anaya: Morning, ugg it was a long night of playing with the baby's and having half her leg eaten by there sleep chewing. Anaya woke up to see Nokis nose on her belly and Ryu sleeping upside down his back and rump propped up against a wall as he drooled and wet the carpet, it was like having really big house pets, that did in fact pee on the carpet as snow was cold. She crunched up her nose and got up from bed picking up her little princesses head off her and putting it back down on the bed top allowing the monsters to sleep a bit longer, and allowing her to maybe get some papers done before the afternoon sun hit the castle. Letting out a breath she got up slowly and walked to her closet grabbing a nice black lace dress that fit her snugly and did not cling to much to her skin, mornings were a time she hated having human clothing on her figure so she picked the things that covered her but did it showing a lot of flesh. Leting her snow white hair fall over her shoulders she picked up a brush and snaked out of the bedroom and started her way down the upper hallway brushing her hair as she went “Lady Anaya” a guard menthioned to her as she paused and looked at him, sleepy red eyes looking at his helmet slit “yes?” “King Samuel wanted you to be informed he will be out for the morning, he deemed us in need of more fish so he went to the sea to get some salt water tuna from the coast line he said he would be back in the evening or may be gone all day he was unsure” “Thank you for informing me guards man, I will take it into account and wait for the kings return” shit she would be stuck with both children all day and no aid, this iw why she wanted one and one alone, why twins. But she let out a breath and walked down the steps to find the main hall and maybe a meal and some iced mint tea.

VEntropyV: CRUNCH! Her soft feet elegantly placed themselves in the snow that adorned the ground of a what seemed to be some sort of small town. "You've told me that story like a billion times." There was a brief silence it her mind. "But listening to it...I can never get bored. Anyway, I dont know where we are this time. Looks...foriegn like something out of a bo-" The voice was silenced by a sigh coming from the lips of a beautiful pale woman. She wore a long dress with only covered her backside. Her front was fully exsposed; how she was not cold would be a mystery to all who set eyes upon her. Her eyes were closed but one could what seemed to be a unside down creasent moon jewel on her forhead. Five black, soft and silky feathers adorned her white and black hair. It stinks of reptile here, lets get what we came for a move on. -Chaos once more moved forward. She almost seemed to glid across the snow, as if a ghost. Her eyes stayed shut, her mind and senses focused. To her things seemed still in snow covered lands. Only using her sense of touch and sound she was able to see the essence in all living things' their souls. She was blind, a small price she had to pay in inhabit such a body. Snow covered areas of the Earth were places she often tried to avoid due to the fact that the snow weakend her senses. This applied to desserts and places with plenty of sunlight. To here the land seemed to shifted below her feet and the harsh hue of the snow or sand obscured her inner eye. However this did not detain her from traveling. She adabted her inner eye to such environments though things were not perfect like in normal less brighter places of the Earth. She slowly and quietly made her way into the snow covered town, keeping her eyes closed and her head held up high. She carried nothing with her, no coin purse or weapons, not even shoes.- "There seems to be a castle in the near distance. But we can check that out later, these shops look cool and you need a new stone for your sword." -Chaos nodded in agreement deciding it would be best to look around town before meeting the royals-

MinoriManami: -looking over some paperwork that had been forwarded to her by her contact with the High Elves, Minori paced up and down the halls of the castle. passing by here sister Anaya, she glanced a her a moment before following- Well, if it isn't the Dragon of the North. Rise and shine, my overly glorified lizard of a sister. -giggles softly, placing the scroll she had away, crossing her arms- You do realize that at some point you and I will need to sit down and truly catch up on things. -reaching the main hall, she pulled up a chair and retrieved a glass of tea, sipping at it lightly- Besides, I have been away for so long I am starting to forget what it is like to drone on with a Dragon. As I remember, you have always enjoyed a lengthy conversation. -sets her glass down on the table before her and stretches, popping her back at the same time. it was refreshing being in a place that she could truly relax in, and yet she was motivated to bring a sense of dignity back with her from her travels. once she had stretched, she rested her hands in her lap politely-

Sveroz: -Sveroz stood up fullly and smoothed out his blouse and looked at the two females in the room. He assumed the one that was addresed by the guard was in charge out of the two and decided to initate conversation with her first. He thought to himself for a second biting his lip and choosing his words carefully as to not sound like a heathen. "Hello M'lady, i dont mean to intrude but i have been traveling for some time...i think..." He scratched his head as he didn't mean to say that out loud. He let off a light chuckle thinking of how unorthodox he might come off to others. "....I then stumbled upon your kingdom and was wondering if it would be alright for me to stay for a time?" He looked at her waiting for a response realizing that was probably a lot to spit out without even having an initial exchange of words. His ears twitched as he heard guards moving around the castle and his eyes went back and forth between the two Ladys along with the rest of the Castle but not for too long. He didn't want to come off as if he was disregarding their presence. He stood there trying to not be goofy but he couldn't help it. He shuffled a bit in place not necessarily standing still but at the same time not moving around obnoxiously as he awaited reply from whom he assumed was the Queen of the kingdom-

Anaya: Anayas overly fogged red eyes looked over to her sister as she did not even step in step as she got to her throne and sat herself down taping her claws on the throne arm rest as a maid rushed over “you wish mint tea with an ice round my lady” the maid said as all Anaya did was nod and the maid ran away “it is great when you have them trained for your morning things so you don't even have to ask them anymore. ” she said in a hissed voice as she relaxed in her chair putting her head on the back of the throne. “yes my sister it is your beloved lizard of family, who as you know can eat you” she gave a light chuckle as she pushed her hair out of her eyes and licked over her dry lips waiting for her mint tea “but yes we have yet to truly talk about your trip, how was it anyway I went to the high elven lands once when I was much younger, but now I don't leave the castle much. Yes I do enjoy lengthy talks but I don't get them often, did you sleep well?” then a man came over to them and he caught her attention, she move her hand as a chair moved over the floor seemingly by its self with a screeching of its wooden legs on the stone tiles. “sit, and we can talk, a long ways you say, were do you hail from?” it was clear the red eyed woman was half a sleep when she talked, it had bin a long night for sure.

Sveroz: -Sveroz started feeling incredibly weak, as he realized he hasn't fed in quite some time. He didnt' want his his new found company to see him this way so he quickly turned around and ran for the doors of the castle. He pulled them both open quickly and ran into town while it was still dark out and people were still sleeping hoping that he could find...a meal....He stopped real quickly not wanting to be rude and tunred towards her majesty. "Pardon me m'lady something has come up" He then turned and continued running out the castle gates and slid acrros the ice once more this time without falling, his goofy demeanor from before completely gone as he snuck back into town not trying to cause too much attention as he climbed on top of a roof and lsitend. His ears twitched and he sniffed the air. He found what he needed, he scaled across three more roofs and then climbed down into a window that was rather poorly lit, he climbed inside and quietly closed the window behind him making sure not to wake anyone-

MinoriManami: “Be warned dear sister. You eat me and I will torture that gut of yours.” -smiles softly and continues to sip at her tea, crossing her legs- You have mentioned on more than one occasion that you would like to know about the trip as a whole. What exactly would you like to know dear? I could sit here all day and tell you of the Gardens of Yevon or the Great Tree of Lythrigal, but I am sure there is something more specific that you have in mind. -tilts her head slightly- And I slept well, thank you for asking. I did not think I would sleep so well this quickly, but I am pleasantly surprised I did. -her eyes drifted over to the individual that presented themselves to Anaya, scanning him up and down for a brief moment. she fell silent to allow the two of them time to speak with one another. hearing the chairs scrape across the floor as Anaya moved them, Minori narrowed her eyes, her ears lowering slightly from the sound. watching the individual leave rather abruptly though, she looked back up at Anaya and smiled softly- Well, when you have to go, you have to go I guess.

VEntropyVVEntropyV WhisperAdd Friend: How much is this one? -Chaos pointed to what seemed to be sharpening stone for a sword. She picked it up and carefully carressed its surface. It was smooth on one side and rough on the other. She turned it in her hands, only examining it with her hands and fingers. The shop keeper eyes her suspiciously, however he wasnt the only one.- "Around 10 gold for that one miss." -Chaos seemed to produced a few gold coins from thin air when actually she simply summoned them from her dress since she did not want to simply reach into her skimpy clothing. Placing the coins upon the counter she would grab the stone and nod to the man.- "Uh, well, thank you for your service!" -Making her way outside the shop she would be greeted by staring eyes, however this did not bother her one bit due to the fact that she was blind. What the flesh did was of no concern to her unless her life was in danger. She simply ignore them and continued on her way. She didnt understand what the cold empty stares were for. Have human never seen a blind woman going about her buisness? Yes she seemed to drift about like a ghost and her hair skin was so pale it made her look dead and she walked about with her eyes closed but nothing to spooky about that, right? "Lets just make haste for the castle, im sure the folks there are less creepy." -Chaos nodded and started her journey outside the town and up the hill towards the large structure when she was hit int he head with a large stone and the word "Witch!" rang into her ears. She just stood there as the blood from the wound trickled down her face and neck. She slowly turned to the person who threw the first stone and opened her eyes. In doing so this caused the person to freeze in place, as if dumbstruck by what he was seeing. Chaos eyes were as if someone cut the moon in half and placed the two peices into her eye sockets. Pale and silver they were the eyes to the soul. Though sightless their glow showed the magic behind them. One could see great wisdom and magical capabilities behind them, as well as a great sadness. In seeing this the man dropped the stone which his grasped tightly in his left hand and ran back to the village to tell the people what he saw. Ignoring the bleeding Chaos continued her journey up to the hill.-

Anaya: As she let out a yawn the servant came over with her iced tea as Anaya took it and the servant went on her way back to do kitchen things as the morning meals needed to get cooked and made. She turned and sipped her chilled tea and licked over that ice round soothing herself and trying to wake up. Turning her eyes to her sister as she watched the man hurry away, funny thing some people were but it happened often people came and people went and sometimes after getting to the castle they got scared or worry and then ran off “i would like to know about something of your trip that would not take hours to explain” she chuckled as she took another sip of her tea “yes you would turn my gut a bit, but then you would be dissolved like when i consumed a large wood and metal cart, it was a bit of an annoyance at first then it got eaten down” she let out a yawn as she covered her lips with her pale skinned hand and clear claws. “yes i am glad you slept well i did not, have you gotten the chance to meet the hatch-lings yet?”

VEntropyV: - As Chaos made her way up the snowy hill she held up her dress so she didnt trip on its silky fabric. She took her time, savorying every step so she should take in her surroundings. It was like explore a world in a fairy tale. Snow was everywhere, like like white on a snow themed canvas. The trees smelled like oak and ash trees, wet from their bath in the snow it gave off a cozy fairy tail feeling. Though there was silence, to her nature seemed to scream at her. The rustling of the trees and the soft crunch of the snow beneath her feet as she continued on. "Crunch, Crunch, Crunch." A beautiful sound to her already sensitive ears. After a few moments her vision seemed to get blury. She stopped for a brief moment to rest. She reached up to touch her forhead only to pull her hand back and smell her own blood on her fingers. She could feel her head throbbing but no pain. She'd stand to her feet with a wobble. She knew she had a sligh concussion but figured she was well enough to make it to the castle before passing out. She wad not suprised at the act of the human attacking her. She had a feeling these humans who be so skeptical of Witches. But what did she care. She had no use for them....yet. After a slow haul she finally made it to the front doors of the castle like structure. Slowly lifting her hand she'd know three times, wobble abit then knock three more times. The throbbing got worse now, causing her body to grow heavy, and slightly slump over, her head now heavy-

TheLadySif: The wind casts a frigid breeze over the arctic elf as she lies on her perch. Her eyes dart briefly from her book page of mighty warriors who live their adventures to the falling snow around her. "When since have I been here for the light of day to have crept upon me?" She rises, sitting up and placing the book in her lap, apparently having sat up on the limb of a tree the entire night reading. In a very rare moment, she smiles softly and brushes the hair from her cool hazel eyes, more green in the early light. The land covered in ice brings her a sense of peace she had not felt since leaving home. "Hello morning." The expression is brief as the wind blows her bangs back over her eyes, covering the cold gaze she partially loathes due to its ability to discomfort others. In her battle clothing, she slides down off the limb, landing to her feet in a light crouch. As she rises back up, her long coat sways, and ice lands to her pale skin as she is wearing little. She hated to be covered in the cold weather so opted for one of the less popular garments of her people. With a slight sparkle in her eye, she spotted the frozen over lake just outside the castle gates. With a glance behind her, she figured it would be alright to go play a bit before all had risen. Not a moment later and she was sitting in the very middle of the lake of ice and doing a complicated form of yoga in only her brassiere and panty.

MinoriManami: -smirks ever so softly and tilts her head- Comparing me to a wooden and metal cart now, I see? I would cause far more issues than that material could ever pose to you. -finishing off her drink, she leaned back in her seat, smoothing out her outfit- Something that wont take hours to explain... Well lets see. I spent a majority of my time working under one of the Senators of my House, learning everything I could concerning politics and the like. I am sure you remember my affinity to that type of work, after everything calmed between our races. -crosses her legs and smiles- I also spent quite a bit of time learning of Dragons on my free time, which has produced some interesting facts, lore and more. -tilts head slightly- I wonder how much of that information I learned actually measures up to what you have dealt with, sister.

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Anaya: Running her fingers along the rim of her glass as another servent came over with her black book, her slave girl would have had it but she had vanished for a while, maybe doing other tasks or things over the past couple days it was not shocking for slaves to vanish from time to time, sickness and what not affecting them. Or maybe sam had at last gotten his claws on her and ripped her in half with his body and sexual perversions. Placing her glass down on her arm rest she opened her book to gaze at the new things people had put on it, the pipes were frozen, no baths for a while and all water would have to be melted from outside and cleaned so they would not get ill. She flipped another page as there were names of some lost guards who had frozen to death over the night “i hope this winter ends soon, seems men are dieing now due to the cold, and our pipes are frozen solid” she let out a breath and shut the book as she could heat taping on the doors “ gua..” she said as she saw some men takeing there posts and opening the door for who ever was out there to allow them in and then she turned her eyes back down on the leather bound book as it shut and she ran her claws along the spine of it. She turned her head to her sister “you would be much more mobile then that cart, it was just heavy in my gut and took a while to devolve. You would punch and kick i am sure” she gave a chuckle as she relaxed hearing her sister talk about her trip to elven lands. As she talked and said how there races had such a bad history Anaya remembered that yes it was dragons that killed her adopted sisters family and they made a deal with the dragons anaya being there matriarch to give the girl to them to solve relations and give no further deaths on any side. “yes i guess we have had a rather dark start your race and mine, but it has bin much better lately at least. What all did you learn about your adopted kin?” anaya smiled as she put her book at her flank and picked back up her tea sipping it yet again enjoying the sun that came in the windows and how the court musicians had started playing giving the halls there warmer feel.

VEntropyV: -As the doors opened, thinking quickly Chaos would wiped the blood from her neck and face and turn towards the guards. Head held high, despite the throbbing, she allowed her dress to fall around her feet since she was no longer on the move. She opened her eyes, allowing them to suck in all the magical energy that flowed within the castle. Her aura was freezing cold, as if she was a walking corpse. In reality she was; a very well maintained corpse. She calmly stepped into the structure letting the warmth kiss her pale skin. Reaching up she would run her fingers through her hair, her face empty of emotion and contempt- "Well, are you going to stand there like a frozen ogre or take me to your leader?" - She glared at one of the guards who had been standing by, waiting for him/her to escort their guest-

TheLadySif: Sitting and meditating, the ice around her on the lake breaks in intricate designs, swirling and dancing across the ice. She lets out a long breath, her eyes softly closed. A stream of mist follows her breath just before she slides down to the ice and lies there, rolling onto her back and relaxing. Feeling refreshed, she falls asleep, ice still shifting beneath her, her snowy colored hair spread wide around her. Her full face revealed to the sky but eyes still concealed beneath her lids. A slow breath escapes through her full and wide lips, her chest rising and falling in rhythm. If one saw her now they would think her an unconscious maiden collapsed half nude. But for her it was a sort of recharge.

xXxVexusxXx: -Vexus had been journeying through the forest for several days after having his homeland ravaged by a monstrous creature, as he neared the forests edge something caught his attention, the sound of a faint screen, far too distant for any natural being to pick up on. As Vexus finally passed through the forests edge to see the landscape was covered by flat fields of white and empty farmland leading straight towards the large Town of Iron Keep, he quickly caught sight of a large farmhouse with a broken in front door, no doubt the source of the scream Vexus thought. Approaching the situation calmly and casually, Vexus took a few steps up onto the porch and towards the front door before the sounds of yet another echoing scream enveloped Vexus’ ears, along with the sudden stench of fresh blood. Without much concern, Vexus kept on, however it seemed the noise had somewhat irritated him as his left eye had twitched a bit. Entering the home, Vexus quickly came upon a sad scene. It seemed a young father had attempted to defend his daughter from a female fledgling, and in doing so had lost his life. The fledgling had all but lost its mind, it seemed this was one of whom who couldn’t control themselves and wasn’t meant to progress beyond the first stage of Vampirism. A pity Vexus thought as he watched the creature tear through the young father. Up behind the scene was a small girl, no older than seven standing in the stairwell. Crying, screaming still without sign of giving up. Looking from the creature, to the corpse to the girl, Vexus couldn’t help but once again feel saddened. It seemed there was no mother, no one to take this girl afterwards. Taking a deep breath, Vexus would tap his sword against the ground like a cane, creating a louder echo for the fledgling to hear. Attaining its attention, the fledgling looked to Vexus with caution in its eyes, as if readying to strike down yet another piece of pray, this once again brought Vexus’ to the thought… “What a pitty…”-Once noticed Vexus would immediately use his free right hand to reach into one of the several tool pouches he carried strapped to his pant legs. In between his index finger and thumb he’d slide a single throwing Senbon into his grasp. Taking it out from the group of fifty, he’d quickly go to dip it into a poisonous vile within another pouch. However the fledgling seemed very eager, lunging forward towards Vexus with elongated claws, it simple attempted to slash whatever it could from him. Though Vexus’ accelerated sense of visual perception allowed him to easily, without any effort in the least sway and step out of the way of the attack. Wishing to preserve his energy, Vexus would dip the tip of the Senbon into one of the Desert Cobra Venom vials while dodging. Without wasting any further time he’d quickly poke the needle into the fledglings shoulder before side kicking it into the wall. Vexus would watch as the fledgling began to hold its shoulder, clawing at it in pain. However it was too late, with the right dosage such a poison could prove lethal to vampires and similar creatures in less than twenty minutes, with its struggling less than ten. Wiping the tip of the Senbon off on his own shoulder garments, Vexus would place it with the rest in his tool pouch. Walking up to the fledgling as it continued to struggle against the pain of the poison, Vexus looked down upon its face, just now taking in the fact that this female fledgling looked around the same age as the dead male. Tilting his head, Vexus parted his lips as he looked from the struggling fledgling to the frail girl on the staircase. A moment of awe struck Vexus as he took in what was no doubt fact, the reason the fledgling attacked this house was because it was comfortable here…because it had lived here. Shaking his head, Vexus then said in a bit of a dismal tone. - “What a pity…to bring pain to one’s own seed and for what gain…? Nothing now.” –He spoke to the fledgling as it continued to kicking and struggling against the pain, releasing a booming screech every now and then that rang through Vexus’ ears like annoying bells. Standing up straight he would speak aloud once more, however this time his voice was much colder and full of resent for the being he now looked down on.- “I only poisoned you with a half dose…if that. You won’t die…at least not from the poison, though I can’t call what you’re doing living…” –Suddenly the fledgling had fallen unconscious due to the poison having spread. A sigh escaped Vexus’ lips as he turned towards the door, before leaving he’d call out towards the little girl, offering some advice..- “You’ve about twenty minutes before it wakes up… And it’ll be hungry so I suggest you get out of here kid.”

FiliaIsaSaton: Sitting in the piano mystic nawed on the bone of the rat she had caught the day before. Its bones were now scattered among the other rat corps. Its guts spread out in a bloody mess and its dissipated head no looking back at her with its last expensing on its face. It was not the only rat skull to be looking back at her as she numbs on the rest of the flesh from the bone. As she cleared the meat from the bone and chewed up the rest of the guts that she had pulled earlier from the rat stomach. She then would like her paws clean and start to clean the blood from her black fluffy fur. She was always a predator cute as she was she love to hunt the rats down and make them scream in fear. She grins soft as she looks at her bone grave inside the piano it pleased her to have so many trophies. Still she wondered how that shaved clothed rat would taste like. She hopes to find this shaved rat again. It was not long and she would again hear the made coming up. Mystic never missed an opportunity to scare then as she would jump out, the maid screamed out and before the bucket was lifted and toss in the air mystic trip the maid and the maid would fall on the ground as mystic sat and gazed at the maid her lips in a cat like grin. her eyes gazing up at the bucket in the air and the water that had spilled everywhere. Mystics eyes would fallow the now falling bucket as it would land on the maid’s head. This was the time to run off, mystic new this cause of the world echoing out from under the bucket.

Anaya: The guards at the chamber door looked upon the woman seeing and smelling the iron tinge of blood everyone here was rather used to. She had ordered like she owned the place and one guard started to laugh as he shut the door behind the female “walk yourself there a door guards job is to open the door for you, if you really have to ask or order it no one will serve you a thing here. Walk forward to the main hall she is there taking in the morning, but she will be able to smell you a mile away the smell of your own blood is thick on your empty shell.” the guard kept laughing as he joined his partner at there post on the other side of the door shunting it before that rude female had anything to say in retwen. The guards bickered on the other side of the door about how the female would not last long if she thought she had some sort of rank here. Then the loud laughter echoed outside as a cave troll lumbered outside and across the walk way in the snow, the troll could see something, a woman on the river that was frozen over, what if the woman was hurt, troll had to save her, hurry troll thought as it started to run the large club it clung to clunking around on the ground as it went thumping in the snow “me troll save wu perdy wady!” he called out as he got to the edge of the river and with one step the ice cracked the cracking loud as ice cracked all along the river “oh nos, trolls dun it now” it grumbled as it stood there looking at the woman laying on the ice. Inside the castle a maid picked up the bucket as the small kitten was under it “you poor thing traped under a bucket, we do have to figure out what to do with you, but you have done well keeping the rats down, no rats in the kitchen anymore the maid smiled as she held the kitten and walked to the kitchen going over to a table picking up a little silver collar “long over due i am sure, but the queen had this made for you” she put the color with its little bell around the kittens neck as she smiled and poped the little thing on the ground pating its bum and pushing it to the door “go find the queen you little terror, i am sure she could use you in the morning , she is always grumpy early in the day” Anaya siting in her throne noticed her sister had falling into thought more then likly about the trip and what not so she just left her be and relaxed takeing out her book and going back to read it and the rest of the junk maids and who ever else had put in it, they were out of spices, one of the maids wanted a new dress, they needed more cotton, and some other things anaya would have to make more paper work for.

VEntropyV: -It annoyed her to no end that she was not taken seriously. She frowned and held her head up high despite being mocked by them. What place of royalty did not have their guest escorted to the throne room? It was lazy and rude and Chaos decided that the place smelled of mediocre royalty.- "Earthlings, let alone mortals are always like like don't yah think?" -Chaos closed her eyes and followed the guards instructions to the main room. However, she took her time. With every step she took she seemed to suck the joy and life out of everything. If as if the element of death was drawn to her. Even the shadows casted by various objects seemed to reach out to her as if pitying her exsitance, wanting her to join them in the darkness. Blood or no blood she thought, she was not to be mocked ot taken lightly. She could level with place with one spell if she truly wanted to. But she was a grown woman not a child. She would not trow a fit over some lower classed Earth dwellers. Feeling that she was getting close Chaos wondered if they served tea here. She was hungry and could use a small nap, maybe a warm place to lay her weary still throbbing head. Finally arriving at the main throne room Chaos smoothed out her dress, fixed her hair and opened her eyes. She briefly looked around, waiting to be greeted.-

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TheLadySif: At the shaking of the ground, she sits up lightning quick. Although she was surprised, the only sign of it was a short gasp and the speed at which she rose to a crouching position. Ready to leap into action but having her spear at the other side of the lake, she tensed. Her eyes widened slightly at the sight of the troll, having only known them in books or foreign land stories. She scooped up her long coat and draped it over her shoulders as the ice shattered beneath her feet. Icy water splashed up around her, soaking her hair and half her clothing. She stood casually though, the ice beneath each foot having remained un touched and holding her above the slushy water. Blinking, she clenched her fists, the stone glare of her eyes beaming over at him. “If thee be an adversary… you hath met a match for the ages. Listen giant, I hath not spoken to the ruler of this land just yet therefore I shall spare my rage upon thee. Lest I receive permission to smite thee, your life is spared.” She sighs, letting go of the frustration for a while but now soaked to the bone save a bit of her clothing on her left side. She manipulated the ice beneath her feet to travel her to the solid ground and stepped out.

DarkDelaMorteDarkDelaMorte Whisper: -A tavern was bustling with noise as men took part in the Taboo of Drinks letting their guile and revelry take over their better sense. Silently a man in the corner watched his eye seeming to glow in the dark a beautiful shade of purple with a white orb in the center of it as many might have thought it was a jewel of sorts. Yet those who tried to approach the item of what would be worth quite a pretty penny found them with a knife implanted into their skulls. Yet oddly no one dared lift a finger to lambast the killer as he stood up from his place to retrieve his knife his form came into vision. Many had heard legends of these beings but a Grey Elf of legend stood before them, those beings that did not adhere to the Drow and their ways, nor the elves of many races that were prominent. This man was different from those of legends those, the Elves that did not abandon the old ways were said to have sickly grey skin like this man but none had seen the black marks all over their body nor the hate that seemed to swirl around him as the elf lifted his boot and pressed it against the man’s head with increasing pressure as he spoke out loud- “Taboo of Greed, you seek that which is not yours, Taboo of Drinking, You drink that which has no substance nor purpose aside from insults to the gods, Taboo of Lust, seeking skin for nothing more your own desires, for these actions only one course shall be administered” –his boot would stamp down as crimson pools would spread about the ground spraying the wood around the area with a lovely hue as the smell of iron seemed to fill the air as the elf clapped his hand together his black shoes dripping with human blood as he began praying at a rapid rate- “Gods of Old hear my plea forgive this being for his deeds let my actions deliver him swift to the judgement of those whom most believe do not exist, let my soul receive its reprieve as my skin shames not only me but all those around me let my soul become only your as my eyes become forever pure” –he said as he unclasped his hands and leaned down to pick up the knife looking around for a moment and whipping off the blood on the man shirt and examines the knife and nods- “Tenant of Life accepted, let your soul find better place” He said one more in a cold tone as many took a look at the man. Black cloth and leather seemed to bind against his skin multiple pieces of which were torn and unkempt as if he was not allowed to repair them. Hs weapons where vast from many eyes as it seemed he had not left a single part of him without weapons for usage against others. He would sigh feeling eyes on him as he walked over to the bar and bowed his head- “this one has committed a taboo against you, what would you have this one do Oh Keeper of Taboos” –he inquired as the bartender blinked confused and looked around and simply asked for some money for compensation- “Money changes hands it is than, Tenant of Reprisal has been achieved and the pact is payed” –he said bowing and looking around for a moment to so whom was watching him before he went to pick up his stuff from the corner. He stopped halfway and looked to the keeper of sin- “Keeper, doth thou know of where my kind is allowed? Travels are good but rest is needed and these people of this city are to corrupt for my soul” –he said gripping his chest as his long ear twitched with embarrassment a bit before he would look out the window to avoid others gazes. As the bar keeper strokes his beard a few moments than nods as he talks to the elf about a place he had heard rumors about. The Elf bowed his head in respect and began his journey out his bag of things over his shoulder as the keeper let out a sigh of relief from this burden on his shoulder as he looked at the mess he had to clean up now. The Elf’s name was Treferious Longshank although he only called himself Trev as his name was sacred to his people and thus these ingrates and sinners would better be off with their own taboos than know such an honorable thing. Trev began his journey by going into the forest and sitting on the ground sprinkling salts around him and slamming his head to the ground in submission- “God of old forgive this sinner for asking such rude questions of ye but this one’s road requires thy guidance, I beseech they let thy sacrifice do they well take what you will and let my words die or my eyes be taken but let my road be clear of Gods of old” –he said prostrating himself in front of the sky as his right eye flared in pain as he did not budge but withstood the pain panting all the way as he blushed enjoying he feeling as he now had the map ingrained into his brain as the pain was his payment yet his body had suffered so much of this treatment it had left him almost enjoying every time he had to do such a thing as he laughed- “thank you Gods of Old this one shall take your words to those whom would commit the ultimate taboos, thus I shall take your words of wisdom for all those who wish to be baptized in fire, reborn

DarkDelaMorte: *from water, laid in earth, and released into the wind” –he said as he stood up and wobbled a bit from the enjoyment he had just received and shivers in delight as he smiled and began walking. There were three taboos one must never do least they are hunted by the gods. Taboo of Sacrilege, Taboo of Defilement, Taboo of Incest, and all three would be obvious to anyone who knew how to read and thus the Grey Elves did not speak them allowed as even mentioning them was libel for investigation by the Shadows. Trev would begin walking forward towards the road he had been given is silent footsteps passing through the woods as he looked towards the sky watching it in splendor as he seemed to be ignoring those around him as he sighed happily to himself before looking in front of him- “Let us see what this commune of meetings takes us” –he says as he plays with his gauntlets the metal gauntlet of Betrayal was seared into his hand in order to make him remember his actions, or lack thereof, as well as give him a weapon to punish sinners. As such he knew it would be only a few breaths away as he looked up a hill and ran towards it looking around as he spotted the outline of his destination and bowed gently- “I shall arrive soon those of the lost race, I shall be with you soon” –he said to no one but himself as he began walking forward once more-

Anaya: Looking up from her book she could smell blood and even more so smell undead, what had walked in was not alive so was already not liked, this was far from the place for it. Anaya shutting her book looked up at there guest as her red eyes gazed over at it. “you are far from were you came from aren't you” her nose curled as she despised the smell they had, the aura that went along with them her red eyes gazed up and down the being as she moved a hand and another chair screeched over the stone tiles and to the persons side “sit you are bleeding, now how can we aid you here” Anaya hated undead things and even more ones that were bleeding all over clean floors, but she did not know the race of this undead thing, was it vampire, sex demon, smelled of witch of some sort, but origins were unknown . It more then likly came from a far away land or place and just so happened to be here by default, it may not even know were it was. Sad eyes from the troll looked upon the ground as it turned around “just wanted to help the perdy wady, thought she was hurts, sowwys troll did not mean to make wet” he started to walk away going back to the stable that had bin home for all 6 of the trolls that wondered the yard, as he got there the others greeted him and there was much noise and grunting as one troll told the story to another troll about the lady in the lake.

VEntropyV: -Ignoring the chair and the negative aura coming from the "queen" Chaos crossed her arms under her breast and looked around. The placed seemed cozy and home like. It reminded her of the old days when she dint have a body. Chaos was never one to care for what others thought. She was beautiful, wise and could hold her own in battle. What one thought of their own soul was all that mattered. However Chaos couldn't help but to grin, knowing that these people were a little ignorant to her kind, hint the mockery and negative attitudes she was receiving. Their ignorance amused her. Her face calm and emotionless Chaos finally decided to take a seat. Crossing one leg over the other she would look dead into the woman's eyes as if looking right into her soul. When Chaos spoke she spoke highly and with authority and smooth gracefulness as a wise Witch should. Her voice was deep but feminine and sharp.- My name is Chaos. I am just a simple travelling Witch. Weather I belong here or not is none of my concern for I do not care about what others think of me or my kind. I am from a very far away place, one could even say it is not of this planet but of the stars. I ask for a place to lay my weary head for a bit so I may be on my way. -Chaos leaned forward, a small mocking grin on her face. Her voice now at a soft hush- Dont want to scare the place with my presence now do I? -She sat back in her seat, looking away from the woman, hand placed in her lap. It was now obvious that Chaos bowed nor worshipped no one regardless of status or reputation. Queen or King, God or Goddess she gave respect where it is given back to her and right now she an outcast.-

TheLadySif: With a slight sigh, she ran a hand through her hair. Moving to grab her spear, she headed toward the castle in the distance. She had only arrived to the town the night before and had opted to avoid the humans in town and sleep beneath the cold sky. Unfortunately she had gotten herself distracted and full into the book she was reading and did not sleep. Even though the interaction with the odd creature threw her off, she had still gotten a bit of rest. Despite her waterlogged appearance, she was adamant about making her place with the dragon family. Her only goal being to learn a bit more and find her new home. If this did not work out she would move on, always forward always moving. She tried to keep her heart a cold iced box that froze all her pain to a halt. Only warmth would be allowed into her heart now and she had promised herself to fight until the end before she would let herself fall victim to heartbreak as when her brother and father had gone. Now standing in front of the castle gates, she hailed. A voice like the soft snow underfoot travelled to the door. “I wish to meet with the ruler madam. I mean naught but good will” At that she bowed her head.

xXxVexusxXx: -With Tilphousia in hand, or rather held unconscious over his shoulder Vexus would carry her out of the Town where the Guards were defending against her assault. Walking her out of the Town and into the woods Vexus carried her up the snowy paths towards the back of a strangely placed Castle. Behind the Castle, near a rather large garden Vexus nodded and said to himself.- “Yes, here will do…” –Canceling out his Assassination spell, Vexus allowed himself and Tilphousia to be seen. At the same time, Vexus would cancel out the Sleep spell holding Tilphousia unconscious causing her to quickly wake, however before she could cast any spells or attempt to flee Vexus would mumble a soft incantation causing her to be bound to the ground by the soil at her feet, roots slithering up to her knees and tightly restraining them. Parting his lips, Vexus said aloud.- “Don’t think of moving Witch, I’ve bound you with Earth Magic… If you’re at all smart you should know that you’d have to chop off your legs to escape those roots…” –Without struggling, the Witch simply sighed and looked to Vexus, her sapphire eyes attempting to cast a Lust spell as she looked into Vexus amber hued eyes. However Vexus was immune to such spells and incantations allowing him to resist. Swinging his sheathed sword, Vexus struck her across the face, knocking her to the ground as well as a few teeth out. It seemed without a Ward Spell, the infamous Witch Tilphousia was nothing more than a frail middle aged woman. With yet another sigh, Vexus mumbled to himself.- “What a pity…” –Raising an eyebrow, Vexus asked softly and casually.- “So Witch, how old are you?” –Coughing up a bit of blood, Tilphousia scrambled back to her bound feet, standing up straight to ask aloud.- “Why?” –Once again striking her down, Vexus wouldn’t ask twice. This time without resisting or hesitating, Tilphousia said aloud while on the ground.- “I’m only sixteen hundred… I’m not an elder, I’m not even in a coven…” –Shaking his head, Vexus had no concerns about whether or not she was in a coven. Kneeling, Vexus looked into her sapphire eyes, his amber hued eyes devoid of hope or peace as if something constantly ate at Vexus no matter what. Speaking out, Vexus said.- “No matter, you’re old enough… Around two hundred years back a Wizard came to this land and crafted an amulet that allowed someone to enslave the inhabitants, legend says it was incomplete before he died… Where would I find these amulet?” –Shaking her head, the Witch said in response.- “You’re crazy, the Wizard you speak of is a legend, no more than fiction. No mage could enslave an entire Kingdom no matter how powerful…” –Releasing yet another sigh, Vexus said in response.- “What a pity… Wrong answer…” –Without any hesitation, Knovaq began to cast an incantation, effectively cursing the Tilphousia. Soon after, her bones and limbs would begin to split and splinter, cracking and breaking loudly forcing her to scream out in utter agony. Suddenly the sounds of her screaming increased, tearing her throat as she begged for it to end. An annoyance as Vexus continued the incantation with a bit of an uneasy expression, as if the noise of her screaming and the sounds of her limbs breaking completely and utterly disturbed him. Soon enough, her legs would begin to mutate and shapeshift into roots that connected to the roots that had previously restrained her before burrowed deep into the ground, all the while Tilphousia screamed. Soon to follow her torso stiffened and thickened into the trunk of a dark ebony tree just before her arms spread out and violently tore, each arm splitting into about six or seven thin pieces that shifted along her body before stiffening into branches. Stopping in the midst of his incantation, Vexus thought it more torturous to leave her head as it was atop the now tree like body. However, in doing so Vexus had doomed her to feel every bit of her body, buried, stiffened and broken in a very cruel manner. It would only be a matter of hours before her throat was completely torn and she could no longer produce a sound to call out for help.-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev began his way down the hill towards his destination as he made his way through trees and other places of paradise as he smiled happily at the nature around him- “Ah this place is perfect for the Tenet of Sacrifice, shame I am not allowed to participate in such a wonderful event” –he said as he looked up towards his destination as he suddenly widened his eyes a bit and bit on his lip. He could feel breezes blowing oddly there as he hoped it was not a curse of sorts as he rubbed his temple with his free hand that was bound by heavy locks and seals on his arm covering a dark tattoo that seemed to simmer even despite the time it had healed over. He would walk forward a bit more as his eyes glazed over unsure of what to do as he examined the structure quietly. He moved around it a few times and titled his head both ways as he shook his head not knowing how to react to this situation- “hn…what do humans and dirt elves eat…..” –he looked around and sniffed the air as he couldn’t pick up a straight scent as he moved towards the nearest forest for help.- “hn…perhaps a beast from here will appeal to these dirt elves” –he said aloud as it seemed his bias was showing once more. At that moment he heard a few growls as three wolves began circling him as he smiled at them- “Ah children of the king of beasts how are you?” –he said dropping his bag and opening his arms to them as he tilted his head at their growling- “why do you act hostile toward me…it is not kind you know…the Taboo of Wrath should not be had by creatures such as yourself least….” –there was a shift in tone as Trev’s entire personality changed- “it seems you wish to fight…how unfortunate I will use you dogs as a sacrifice it seems.” –he would reach behind him and grasp the swords that rested on his waist as he began to pull two of them out, at first they looked to be daggers but suddenly ticking could be heard as with each tick the swords blades grew out longer and longer until they resembled long swords as the mechanisms inside where small pulley style systems than given pressure on a certain point they would collapse but otherwise when extended would stay strong as his eye looked at the wolves as they now seemed a bit wary of the elf- “come now the gods demand your death for breaking a taboo…if you don’t” –he moved forward dragging the blades against the ground as the wolves pounced towards him in order to stop him in his tracks. But years of fighting for one’s life leaves scars on the bodies muscles and as such while two wolves bit into the Elf his swords pierced the first wolf as he left the swords in the wolf who laid on the ground bleeding out leaving the other two wolves to bite deeper into his left arm and right leg as he looked at them and sighed. Using his right hand , with the sealed gauntlet, he would reach over and grasp the wolves head slowly putting pressure on it as his hand slowly began crushing the wolves skull with time and pressure as after a few minutes the wolves head was crushed leaving the final wolf to see his two brethren bleeding out in painful ways as it growled wanting to fight to the death as the gauntlet he had watched his brother hold onto suddenly reach towards the wolf as he lurched out to bit the elf the gauntlet pressed its fingers together in order to pierces the wolves mouth and despite the mouth trying to bite down tore through his throat and into his organs as after a moment the last wolf went limp as Trev let the wolf slide down his arm as he examined them quietly- “hm….these will make perfect gifts” –he said digging into his bag for some rope as he tied the caucuses together as he smiled brightly ignoring the wounds as he dragged them across the forest leaving the wounds and weapons inside as he made it to the castle door and sneeking inside as the wind rushed passed him carrying the blood of men, elf, and wolves along with it as the man dragged the dead bodies into the hall as he smiles and looks around quietly not seeming to take notice of anyone just yet as he was amazed by the architecture for a moment- “my my, the Elves of Old knew there stuff” –he said aloud as he didn’t seem to notice anyone else just yet as he waited silently-

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Anaya: Anaya did not move her eyes, now it was clear it was a witch, so the different ways to remove it were running in the dragons mind. But she would first give grace, a chance as she did everyone it was her code after all, Samuel was the rash one she thought before moving her chess piece. “you do not have a place here to rest your head, there is no bead for something that is already dead. Your kind are not welcomed here as this be dragons lands, we don't see undead as anything but something to be free of. You may leave this hall and find a inn within the town, you may rest there one moon and that is all, if you are not gone by morn your body shall be turned to the holy flames and tossed out” dragons were blunt, and if this being did know were it was it would known not to back talk it, be it a thing to bow or not it would not be foolish seeing it was already bleeding. “and no guard or being here will aid you in leaving, many here don't wish to touch hand upon undead or even be in there presence, you may exit the same door you entered and be on your way” Anaya picked up her glass of tea and siped it as she shut the book and rested it on her lap putting her glass on the cover of it, the light moist sides of the glass wetting the edge around were it sit on the book. At the castle doors the guards had opend them the one takeing off his helmet and bowing in retern to the fair woman he found very fetching and atractive. “yes my lady come on inside please alow me to bring you in” the guard looked to the other one who was shaking his head at the other one not thinking with his brain “Arther wait, do you hear that?” the guards paused hearing screaming to the side of the castle, or at least that is were it came from. “get the trolls and the wolves go have it brought in to the queen, something is going on ” the one guard that was overly flirting with the female turned to her “go inside, the doors are being locked, get to a safe location, the queen is in the main hall” the guard took her hand and gave it a simple kiss to run outside as the large doors shut with some ticks as they locked and became secured. The man ran to the barn “four trolls and the wolves Alpha bring the force to the side and back of the castle there was screaming, see to it, if it is really bad you know to remove the threat, if it is possible for the threat to br brought in bound do so, i will join you” the large 20 foot tall cave trolls lumbered from the stables as well as alpha the plow horse sized rose wolves and two of his pack mates slightly smaller then he. Them and the guard made there way over the snow and into the frozen garden yards around the castle. As soon as the guard saw the mess of it all, blood in the snow he stopped the wolves getting into attack formation “stop who be you! What have you done here this is owned land”

VEntropyV: Of course I am not welcomed. I guess my trip here was for nothing. -Chaos stood and flipped her hair. The throbbing was gone and the bleeding had stopped. She smiled and turned on her heels. Holding her head up high with grace she walked away from the woman. "So they turned you away just because they fear your kind. What pampered sheltered beings. I pity them." -Chaos spoke loud enough for even a nearby guard to hear- Dragons are known to think highly of themselves and you're right, they are pampered and sheltered beings. But they have shown me today of their ignorance and predestine towards my kind is nothing new. When people dont understand anything they turn that thing away or run. That is fear. "They could have learned from you made you useful" -Chaos chuckled- They are not worthy of my power or anything I have to offer. -She roughly pushed the door open, almost knocking it off its hinges and made her way to her next destination-

TheLadySif: Sifrella immediately blushed and rubbed the back of her damp head in embarassment, never having been flirted with before. And her reaction to being kissed on the hand? She stared at him then looks from his face to her hand and cocks her head to the side then takes his hand and kisses it as well, thinking it a greeting of a new land. Just as she does that and receives a strange look, the screaming occurs. Her hand goes directly to her spear at her back but she is pushed through the doors with talk of safety and locks. “But… I… sir…” She is scooted inside and just before the doors close another man enters covered in blood and carrying a few dripping sacks. “But for naught shall I—“ And the doors close and click locked, the last thing she heard were howls, heavy footfalls, and the location of the queen. She stands there, still soaking wet to the point of a soft foggy mist floating off of her from the cold. She blinks then looks to the man next to her. “G-greetings…” She looks away again, looking at the floor with a sigh. Sif had been rushed into a situation and now an odd stranger. Looking up and turning, she took a glance at the amazing interior of the castle. Her expression remained blank but her heart soared at the beauty.

xXxVexusxXx: -From behind the Castle, Vexus stood before the Cursed Tilphousia Tree, smirking to himself as he looked upon her form, admiring his handy work. However his moment of entertainment was short lived as another problematic scenario placed itself before him. Turning as he heard the snarl and growls of what seemed to be a few rather overly large wolves, along with the rumbling footsteps of large cave trolls and an accompanying Castle Guard. With a tilt of Vexus head, his amber hued eyes looked towards them as, noticing that they didn’t seem the friendly sort. Having no reason to lie, or to hide any sort of truth from those before him, Vexus said aloud, as if casually.- “I’ve hexed a Witch who’s been wreaking havoc in the Town not far off from here. Though to be honest, I only chose to hex her because she wasn’t helpful to my overall goal…” –With a bit of a devilish smirk, Vexus would step towards them slowly, as though he weren’t afraid in the least. Lifting his left hand, Vexus would use his stored Energy to create a rather impressive amount of raw uncrafted Shadow Magic while saying.- “Perhaps… You can be of use…”

FiliaIsaSaton: Maid hand lift mystic in placed an odd thing around her neck and it felt odd, mystic would bite and bat at the maid’s hand as she put the collar on her neck. As she was place back on the ground she felt a tap on her little furry butt this meant she took off running. she ran out of the kitchen and out to the throne room. she could hear the maid say go find your queen, this she knew as her Anaya, and was thrill to go find her. The little back kitten then stop and walked in the throne room her feet moving elegantly as she started to like the thing around her neck. she notices no one else had one. No this was hers and hers alone and to this little kitten I might as well have been a lovely crown. she held out her chest and strutted like a high-class lady or even a little prince. She could see her Anaya on her throne and ran up to her immediately. the throne was still much bigger than her as she was a small little black kitten and it took a bit to jump up and pounce in to Anaya’s lap.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev stopped as he realized he was being talked to as he looked at this point as he put on a safe smile and than turned to look at the person speaking to him as he suddenly stopped in his tracks looking the elf girl up and down than backing away face covering his face. It is important to note that Grey elves are quite modest and do not show much skin, especially women who do not show any skin aside from their face as this would be one of the few times he had seen an elf so scantily clad as he tried to hide his embarrassment- “You elf of ice from your hair….why are you exposing so much skin!??!” –he said hiding his face once more as the dead wolf carcuses swung about as he reacted quite strangely to the woman as he backed up a bit more- “Is this was the elves of new wear…you are practically naked” –he said as he shook his head some more before looking around and realizing the trend of elves and humans as well as other beings showing a bit to much skin as his eye twitched a bit- “God of Old what hell hath brought me here, these ladies of the blood of you seem to be showing legs and naval that should be that of a male hunter” –he said not knowing where to go now as he seemed to stand their frozen looking around at those who would more than likely be stairing at the elf whom was freaking out over something so small as he rubbed his one good eye and spoke softly- “Greetings Elf…..i am Trev of the Grey Elves, Banished obviously but do you know who is in charge here yes?” –he asked as while he could speak elven he was not exactly as fluent in it as he was in the language of Grey as he waited to see what would occur as he couldn’t react at this point-

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -Having grown bored of staying at home, Veronica travelled far and wide. With her playful additive, yet her charming, dangerous side. She was always looking for something to do, which usually got her into a lot of trouble. It was early morning as she made her way across the snow covered land, unsure of just where she had travel. V stopped i n the shadows of the woods, as she pulled her jet black cloak and hood tighter around her tiny frame. The young Cheshire cat cursed with vampreisum, brushing her snow white hair from her piercing blue cat eyes. As she stood bare footed in the snow, tail curled up under her dress. She rarely wore shoes and the cold never fazed her. V scanned the lands, her eyes could see for miles and miles. Her ears turning slightly now an then, as she listened to the sounds around her. She heard screams not to far away from her, as she raised an eyebrow wondering if she should check it out, or to keep moving silently. Shrugging as she decided to ignore it, as she began to walk softly and silently across the snow. She made no sound or left any sign that she had been walking through there. What caught V's attention was growling from the same direction then screams came from, this was a reason to go check it all out. As the halfin made her way across the woods, she came to a halt still in the shadows home to be unsee. She could see a group of beings in front of her, as she blinked tilting her head to the side. Looking confused as she wondered what had gone on here, she could smell the blood and see the white snow stained in the crimson liquid. Looking up to see a branch hanging above her, she climbed the tree with her cat like skills. Watching the group as she grinned her wide cheshire cat grin, she loved a little drama here and then. Relaxing now in the tree top as she let her tail down, flicking it side to side as she watched on listening to the talk of the group. To which she didn't care for to much. Something said about some witch an magic and stuff, rolling her eyes she knew she was going to have to find something to do herself. She could feel a tickle in her nose, as she covered her nose and mouth with her hand. A soft sneeze could be heard, as she looked over at the group wondering if they heard it.-

Anaya: The guard looked to the man as he seemed to be making a threat with his hands and magic “you are to place your magic away and leave your weaponry on the ground. You shall be escorted inside to be viewed by the queen to explain what you have done to her gardens, creation shall be burned and the ground shall be cleanses, you walk upon holy ground, if you refuse us you will be treated accordingly.” the guards armour was blessed and he new that shadow magic could not harm him or the rose wolves, it could do damage on the trolls but they could be replaced. It was now up to this man to make his choices on what he wanted, fight, or see the queen. Anaya could hear something outside and if it did get worse she would go herself to handle it but at the same time new that the guards ould handle the problems. She looked up seeing dead animals and lifting a brow, first a rude witch and now a man dragging dead things into her hall, well they did look very tempting to eat. She let out a breath as the witch stormed out leaving rude comments she was fully able to hear “undead are discussing and disgraceful” she muttered as she took her tea and took a sip of it allowing it to calm her temper, witch did flare but she kept to her morals and allowed the undead to leave the halls unharmed. She let out her breath as she looked to there guests there was two of them one a female and the other a male with the dead animals. “welcome to iron, and did you bring dinner?” she gave a smile trying to lighten her over all mood, and make things seem warmer. As the elf talked to her, the one holding the dead wolf “elf? I am sorry this is not elven land, I am a dragon not an elf, you walk on dragon owned and rules soil not elven” she wondered how far this elf had gone and it was comical on what he thought of the other winter elf.

TheLadySif: Sif switched her hazel gaze to the man then blinked at his reaction. Pulling her hair from her eyes, “Naked…” She looked down at her clothing, yes less than what other elven races would wear yet it worked for her. She preferred not to overheat and in this weather, this was the most she would ever wear. That being so, his short speech made her self conscious. She looked straight ahead and nodded, ice creeping from her legs up and over her body, creating complicated designs that merged with her clothing and covered her skin to make him feel more at ease. On the outside, she seemed unfazed by his words. “I am called Sif, and I am told the Lady is ahead…” She pauses and looks to the carcasses. “Might I ask about…” Gestures with a single hand motion toward the bloody mess, palm facing upwards when the queen spoke. She turned and knelt to one knee, hand lightly across her chest as she bows her head. “My lady."

xXxVexusxXx: -Peering out at those in front of him, Vexus listened to the man before him, each word came out very authoritative which made Vexus smirk. In the reflective glow of the icy snow, Vexus’ form was revealed as a rather normal looking male standing at an even six feet with a slender build. His skin, where shown, was smooth and tan, free of any blemish aside from the single vertical scar that stretched over his left eye. What remained unseen by those who gazed upon him were several black markings etched into his forearms and biceps. Covering these markings was a set of light weighted leather armor enchanted to keep his demonic presence and appearance contained and concealed. Though this obviously did nothing for his temper. Over this leather armament he adorned a medium weighted chainmail armor also enchanted, though this one with the purpose of reflecting incoming physical based attacks. Over his shoulders he wore a stylish brown fur pelt made from a large mountain wolf. Strapped to his left hip was the only visible weapon he carried, a long straight blade held in a shadowy sheath. This was the Hinotori, a sword said to be able to negate and effectively block several forms of heat, and sheathing this blade was Kage, a sheath said to be made from such darkness, its very essence absorbs light into its depths. Vexus focused on the magical energy in his now outstretched right hand, molding it into a small black sphere that projected just over his palm. Focusing on this small sphere, Vexus would pour an unstable amount of volatile Dark Energy into it, as the two types of energies molded together the sphere would quickly jut out and elongate into a ten foot long ebony colored javelin, after another second it’d thicken out to about one and a half inch in diameter. The javelin would thus fall into his right palm, and as he gripped tightly onto it, it’d begin to give off heavy amounts of threatening energy even though Vexus himself gave off no presence what so ever due to his armor. This conjured weapon could easily alert those keen enough its actual devastating potential. Without any hesitation, Vexus said aloud.- “I’ve no interest in meeting your Queen, she’s probably useless to me anyway…” –Not a moment after, Vexus had tossed the Javelin into the air and clapped his hands together. This caused the Javelin to levitate and separate into ten one foot long ebony poles of both Dark and Demonic energy merged in a volatile and unstable way making them very dangerous to the slightest touch. Launching two of the ten, Vexus would command and manipulate them to both attempt to pierce into the Trolls eyes, where if connected, they’d violently explode in a burst of enhanced dark energy that’d effectively mimic a Black Hole for no more than a second.-

FiliaIsaSaton: -mystic sat on Anaya’s lap and meowed to Anaya. she did not like the smell of the other kitty it was odd to her she looked at the creature and snarled. And then arched her back up with a low tone growl. After all this was her Anaya and she has the new shinny collar to proves it. The dead thing that seemed cat like, mystic was not use to other cats. She was so not going to let this dead cat thing take any of her rats and if that thing so much as looked at her piano she was so going to raise hell. Laying on her Anaya’s lap her paw would bat gently on her new shinny collar. She licked her black furry paw and wiped it on her new shinny collar. her attention had now gone back to this it was new and very dictating as her would now lea off from cleaning it to licking her paw and running it along her head and ears. She took her soft fluffy paw along her black furry back and then licked along her fluffy black silky tail. She would occasionally look up to see the guest talking to her Anaya. Her eye would glare at the other cat as she did

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev shook his head a bit at the girls explanation as he realized he was a bit odd but could not help himself as he was not used to such an outfit. He would turn to the girl- “The wolves are a gift of sorts….” –he had assumed she meant them- “it would seem I do not know this land very well, the humans I met in the next village over where quite disgusting and I had to kill one of them” –he said with a cold smile- “and what of yourself Sif was it? What brings you here?” Then suddenly he heard a powerful voice behind him as he turned to look towards the woman who sat on the thrones. He took a step back about to react to her clothing as his eye gleamed a bit as he walked forward quickly and took to two knees offering the animals to her- “Child of the First of the Old Gods, this one is Trev…..or I suppose it would be rude to not say my true name to one of the first blood… Treferious Longshank is my given name but I am not allowed such a name any longer” –he would set the animals down in front of the Queen and lower his ehad as he took a breath and calmed his being his aura seeming to clam down from before as he looked back up with a cold light in his eye- “Child of the First I apologize to have caused such a commotion to you, if there is a price to pay I shall pay for it, the laws your ancestors place were there for a reason and I have dishonoured the Taboo of Insults….which I wish I was still bound to” –he said seeming to try and cover up his brandings a bit more. While an odd state of afairs this man was one of the Grey elves the second children of the old Gods to him this Dragon descendent was as close as one could be to a prophet or higher rank in his society as such he could not help but sit their in awe at what was in front of him as he waited quietly for her reaction.-

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V rubbed her nose as her eyes darted left and right, hoping that no one had heard. Seeing that no one heard the cheshire cat decided it was now her chance to leave, before someone did. She had noticed that the group seemed, to be busy to noticed which was perfect for her to get away. She leaped to the ground from the tree branch and took off, running silently across the snow. She didn't know what happened next cause she dared not look back. She ran for a short while an soon ended up near a castle, as she gazed upon the outside walls. Wondering how one would get inside, she pulled down the hood off her cloak. Looking for a way in, as she slowly walked around carelessly. V did wonder if the owner of the house would welcome her, or cast her away because of what the vampire did to her. Her peircing blue eyes found what they were looking for, a doorway which seemed to be the entrance of the castle. She walked of there silently, as she listened an looked over her shoulder. She bit at her bottom lip, as she raised her hand balled into a fist. She froze unsure whether to knock or to continue her travels. She lowered her fist as she went to turn away, the likes of V wasn't welcome in many parts.-

Anaya: the guards man new right from the start this person was not going to leave without some sort of pointless crap. What did he expect to come onto another land and think he owned the place, and a dragons castle to not have magical defences, that was a joke. Arther moved and backed up the bolts the man tossed and used takeing out two of the trolls watching them fall in heaps on the ground. As they fell the wolves did not move, the two pack mates jumped back runing up and around the flanks to be behind the assailant. Alpha the lead Rose wolf the size of a large draft horse moved a head steping over top of the guard and standing there. Rose wolves were the castles own breed of animal, a holy wolf blessed with the devine right from the dragon of the north, Anaya, mother of light. The wolf pated its paw on the ground as the stone walk way lifted up, large stone and iron bars coming up from the ground lightly glowing yellow and white. Arther watched Apha and his connection with the castle its self. He had proved his power once more when he was playing with the king weeks earlier in the snow. “what is your point in attacking us, even if you kill everything here you are going to get swallowed up by the dragon here, if you stop now you can still walk out of this land and not be tossed out violently or locked up in the hold. Every single one of us here will be replaced if we die, our lives don't matter but i am sure there is only one of you, you can flee, fight, or stand there be locked up and taken in to be seen by the queen who may show you grand mercy even if you have killed two of her trolls already” Arther watched as the large stone slabs clinked together held by the invisible holy force as the iron bars arched and formed around the target caging it in, but not preventing it from shooting things out. The strong stone base and the iron bars made a well held together cage. As long as the being would not move or try to fight this they could move forth and not just shrink the cage down to crush the target. Inside the castle Anayas ears could pick up the shouting outside. She turned her head to look to the door as she could see some guards were unstable being able to hear a bit better then she could. But she turned her head back her red eyes looking back to the female and male elves. She looked to the female winter elf “you may rise, now how may we help you, you seem wet, would you like some new garments so you can be dry” Anayas voice was calm and oddly soft as she had woken up and was getting refreshed enjoying how her close loosely clung to her body and covered very little of her, it was nice to not have the stuck on garments she had to have on most of the time. She lightly smiled at the other male elf and him feeling he insulted her, she liked elves so respectful and understanding of class and rank, and they also understood rules, witch clearly for what was outside or going on, someone did not understand rules very well. “yes it is alright, you do not have to pay any price for simply not knowing the ways of the lands i have not been insulted in the slightest, so what brings you here First child of the old gods, and it is a pleasure to meet you both Mis Sif and Mister Treferious, i am Anaya Neviria DeLaRose, Dragon of the North Holy Mother of all Devine Light Owner and Matriarch of this Castle and of Dragons” AS her cat jumped on her lap she ran her clawed hand on her head and ears and dinged the bell. She looked down “glad you at last got it on, hard to fine you my little rat killer. It fits you well as the royal you are”

xXxVexusxXx: -As the trolls fell into lumps of flesh, Vexus soon found himself ensnared in some sort of enchanted cage. Smirking, Vexus looked to his surroundings while also following the paths of the wolves that soon also surrounded him. Looking to the male Guard once more, listening to him speak with gusto and authority. However this time, it was all too much, the cage, the dogs and the speech, it was all adorable to say the least. Vexus chuckled lightly before his gigglish chuckle turned into a roaring, booming laugh that echoed and could’ve been heard from within the Castle. Soon as his laughing died down, he’d wipe his eye with his free hand saying in a rather pleased tone.- “Oh gosh, you’re certainly a rare breed aren’t you?” –Shaking his head, Vexus would smirk and say.- “You’ve no imagination, and that’ll get you killed.” –Crouching, Vexus would flick his pointer finger, commanding one of the remaining 8 levitating Ebony Rods to fly outward toward the man however just as a fake, several feet before actually hitting him the Rod would fly upwards and come back to hit the bars of Vexus’ cage. Once again violently exploding into a burst of darkness that effectively mimicked a Black Hole, sucking up and crushing the bars of the cage allowing Vexus to move freely. Vexus wasn’t concerned in the least being umbrakenetically immune meant his own attacks couldn’t affect him. From there, Vexus would leap into the air, wasting no further time, Vexus had reached his free hand around into one of the pouches containing the Senbon throwing needles he carried. Placing a set of three needles grouped in between his pointer finger and thumb, he removed them from the total of fifty. Swiftly dosing them in Desert Cobra Venom, Vexus would even place a second poisonous dose on each, making them extremely lethal to most if not all creatures. Looking to the wolves, Vexus would, with a few flicks of his wrist attempt to send one the needles into each of them. If successful, Vexus had assumed due to their overly large statures, they’d have a bit longer before they’d even notice. However regardless, Vexus would then dash forward with impressive speed, commanding two of the remaining 7 Ebony Rods to fly towards the man before him. Suddenly changing his course Vexus would swiftly dash off into the forested area hoping to lose them in the brush.-

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TheLadySif: With a slight relax of her shoulders, she rises. Sif gives the queen a respectful stance, hand lightly over heart and other arm around behind her. Her chin raised, she casts her hardened gaze upon her. A cold distant feeling along with a slight softness radiated from them. “I would appreciate such a gesture only after I hath spoken my piece. I hath come from across the lands. Weathered the adventure of traveling so far in search of an honorable Dragon Lady to serve. I am one of our elves’s top warrioresses and I shall offer my sword to you. It is rare for a wish such as mine as an elf to wander but I was in need of a life of such that I have read about. Many great histories are written of the Dragon. I wish to live nobly and die in battle. If you would have me…my lady.” She cast her gaze down, almost to the point of closing her eyes as she bows her head again but slightly, enough that the spell-like sparkle of her hazel eyes was lost.

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V was about to walk away before she bit her lip, turning once more to the entrance. She quickly raised her fist, knocking loudly upon the door. She took two steps backwards, as she stared at the door with her piercing blue cat eyes. She had no idea what she was walking into, or even what anyone would think of her. She was once a proud creature who was now a monster in many creatures eyes. V looked down as her snow white hair feel across her face, she was getting ready to use her cheshire cat powers, to vanish if things didn't go too well. She hoped maybe someone could over look what that monster did to her, and see the true grace of herself. V nervously played with her braid as she waited for someone to answer, maybe no one was home. Maybe she should just leave whilst she still lives. Glancing over her shoulder she plans her escape, if danger comes she was ready to run for it.-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would not raise his head as he blushed at the sue of his name- “Please First Lady DeLaRose my name is stained and would be quite a disgusting thing to say for someone as a class of yourself, my branded name was Trev I would prefer if you use that please” –as he spoke he looked over to his side at the Ice elf close to him as his eye seemed to sparkle a bit curious to her lineage as he tilted his head back and forth for a bit. He also wondered what race would show so much skin as that was reserved for the First born as First Lady DeLaRose where but he assumed that was how Dirt elves where, those who copied those higher than them, but she was not like other Elves as she did not have the sun feel to her and instead a colder feel to her as he was curious as to why- “I thank you First Lady DeLaRose for your mercy on such a thing, this one of the Second children is honored you speak to a branded such as myself” –as he spoke it was important to note that Grey elves considered their names to be given by the gods. As such when they were branded they were given a new name from the texts of old that was close to their original name but did not have the same connotation nor respect at their original names.- “Is there anything you wish for me to do First Lady DeLaRose?” –he inquired as he kept his head down, despite himself being one fourth of the first blood he was still considered to be not worthy to look upon a half or full blood. In this society those with more of the olds gods blood were considered higher as those without the blood line would be considered a poor breed no matter their intelligence nor skills, it was somewhat counterproductive but if necessary those with skills could be given to families with need of a child as the act of child making was for society not for the parents. Thusly it would be considered prudent that his parents had either not known him or where of the upper echelons of society. Yet his’s voice still sounded with respect of his race despite his place as he did his best to keep his brands and tattoo’s away from the sight of the First born in front of him as he waited for her acceptance of the gifts or to do something with him as he hummed quietly to himself a song of peace for his soul.-

ShepardOfAshes: The cold had never bothered Asher. An unholy heat burned deep in his core and radiated outwards, allowing him to endure even the most frigid of temperatures. His travels had been extensive. He spent decades travelling the world and never staying in one place for very long. He earned his coin by the sword, serving as a mercenary that would accomplish almost any task for the right price. Road weary, he had come to this cold tundra in search of a new beginning. A place to start again no matter how mediocre his humble dwelling might be. It was in his nature to need very little for survival. When he heard word that the castle proper might be in need of another sword as a means of keeping the peace, he headed that way. Through the cold and snow he trudged until reaching the gates of the castle before which another woman already stood. "Greetings. No one answers?"

FiliaIsaSaton: Looking up as she had been grooming her fur the kitten notice that the dead smelling cat thing was gone. This pleased mystic as she would curl her paws under her body and lap on Anaya’s lap and purr softly. She loves her home and was not going to lose it to a norther cat. Specially a cat that wore cloths and smelled of death. She nuzzled her head against Anaya’s hand she let out a meow as Anaya spoke to her. Royal she though is I royal now. To a cat this was not very important as she could care less to if another cat bowed to her. But feeling as she was this important to Anaya made her feel more like she belong to the castle. She mostly wonders around the castle, granted by now she felt the castle was her home and she tend to run around as if she owned it. she purred louder as she thought of this her mind filling with kitty thought of how she could now make the rats bow to her before she eats them. She grins a bit more thinking how the staff would have to caterer to her even more sense the Anaya says she is a royal cat. her purrs would drag on as she thought … then she looked back up at Anaya. “meow” she was still little and though the best mouse/ rat catcher ever in kitty history she wishes at times to be large. it was rough being small she always had to look out for feet and the big horrid dog things she had to hide from them. Her mind would wonder what would it be like to be as big as those horrid dog things.

SaintBodhisattva: --As the pale morning light refracts and reflects off the myrid ice and snow billowing about or just frozen in place, shadows of varrying degrees of the depth of darkness squirm a bit, lengthening and bending towards the westward path, near the Castle. As the shadows begin to touch one another, they darken, twisting and moving, creating a sort of obelisk, in certain places the snow shining through in the precise shape of some runes unknown to most. The faint scent of singed cherry blossoms fill the air surrounding the shadowed obelisk, The sound of an untold horad of screaming souls rises up from the background din of ambient sound as The hooded cloaked figure emerges brushing ashes from his shoulders as his tail meticulously removes cinders from the delicate feathers of his wings. The two swords strapped to his back polar opposites, one made to look of black obsidian and lit with an internal fire, the other made of what looks like opalescent white, colors constantly shifting within. The pair of swords at his hip could be easily recognized from an era long past, Kusanagi no tsurugi and it's mate, small flickers of black lightning crawling accross the sheaths. His face hidden within the shadow of his cowl, seeming to absorb and eat all the light or color that enters within the confines. Looking about him, standing atop a hill near a castle as well as near a town, the creature decides to make his way towards the castle, thinking that the most interesting of people would be there, and if not, then he could check out the town at his leasure. Sniffing the air, his tail thrashes a bit in excitement at the newest scent of a dragon, it had been a long time since he had conversed with any creature who had even seen a dragon, let alone multiple creatures who were constantly in the presence of one. Trotting quickly towards the castle gates, his taloned and scaled feet tear easily into the snow, melting it as he moves. Reaching the gate he moves his right arm, bleeding ash and fire, tipped in wicked talons, and scratches gently attempting to get attention.

Anaya: As the being in the garden did his last shots it left a mass of the guards man dead and one wolf had fallen badly harmed by a toxin dart. But the trolls being alive hurryed away to get fire and oil to burn the cursed tree as they new the queen would demand. Alpha walked to his companion who was yelping in pain and with one move he ended his brothers suffering with a swift bite to the neck, the wolf gave a howl in pain then it all went silent as blood covered the snow matching the rest of the red liquad that had splattered everywhere. Alpha moved to one troll that was watching as the grand wolf gave a paw and looked to his brother, picking up the guards man Arther in his mouth and holding him snug and securely. The troll got the hint and walked to pick up the wolf then started his way to the woods to toss the body in the burn pile for springs fires. Alpha nodded his head watching his brother go to the pile of bodys that was far into the woods, a proud being that would be tossed in a heap with lesser things only to be eaten by others of no intelligence and of lesser standing. The large wolves eyes were saddened and he walked over the other trolls body holding Arther in his maw. As he made it to the castle doors there were people there, the doors had bin locked form the inside so no one could get in and it was making a group gather outside. It would be a shock to see a wolf the size of a large draft horse walking around holding a dead guard clad in armour, but Alpha walked to the doors way and opened it up with his head the locked clicking and unlocking all on there own as the wolf willed the castle to open allowing others to follow him inside. Anaya sat on her throne leaning forward as the winter elf came up to her, such a proud artic wonder there kind was, so classy and respectful the elven race was, it was a rather nice change to weak and arrogant undead things and beings that did not know a royal from a hole in the ground. “Sif you are a proud being as i can see in you, your loyalty will serve this crown well, i accept your blade here inside of this castle to send by us no matter the weather, you will live, fight and die by this castle and we shall do the same beside you.” her red eyes turned to the other one, the gray elf that held his rights and gods above all others “Trev it be then, you are accepted here as well, we could use a man that holds the gods on high, learn about the gods here, and what we believe in, a holy man is much wanted here and it is even better if that holy man can hold a blade as well as a boo..... ” Anaya looked up seeing Alpha blood on his fur and a dead guard in his mouth. The wolf standing the size of a draft horse walked up and dropped the dead guard right infrount of the queen, its body hitting the stone tiled floor with a clang. Anaya being a dragon could hear alha explain what had happened within his mind. “go burn the tree to the ground, we need no cursed monuments on our land, the ground shall be blessed and cleaned, we shall rip out the flowers when s[ring comes many will blacken now. Take Arthers body to the pile to be burned with the rest in spring. I am sorry you lost your brother Alpha it is a grave loss to this crown, you may rest the day and have the trolls and guards men do the clean up” she could smell it, it smelled like her but at the same time not like her, but she was intorested in it and as she kept to her morals gave everything its chance. “Alpha before you go fully allow what is outside in, it has taken my interest. It and i are alike” Apha gave a snort and and waited a moment before picking back up the body and standing there not leaving till the beings outside all three of them came in.

TheLadySif: At the answer from the queen, she drops down into a kneel and bows low before rising and standing with her hands clasped behind her, listening to the fate of the other elf beside her. The way he spoke interested her, as well as his values. She had been taught as much of the Grey as her people knew. But none would ever expect to meet one. They were almost as if legend or fairy tales told to the young to make them strong. For now she thought little of it, but knew she would become too curious later. It warmed her to know that she had been accepted and had found her place to fulfill her destiny. Just as she was handed dry clothing, the large wolf entered. She was not at all surprised as she had seen many beasts in her time and travels, save for the trolls. She could only anticipate and buzz with excitement of the adventures that lie ahead. But for now, she was soaked through, and even one resistant to cold could not go around soggy to the tips of her ears. With a single bow, she backed away and turned to go change. Soon to return.

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -The Cursed Cheshire Cat Demon was about to run as a man appeared next to her, as he spoke to her. She replied softly almost scared of the man. "G-g-greeting, N-n-not as of yet." She glanced around her exit growing slimmer by the second, she backed away another step. Almost afraid to touch anything around her. V wriggled her ears around as she listened to the grounds around her. Argh why was she such a scaredy cat. She turned her head to the side as she looked at the male in front of her. Blinking her piercing blue cat eyes, before glancing over her shoulder at a noise not to far away. To which she spotted another being, but before she could say a word the doors opened. There stood a massive white and brown wolf the size of a draft horse holding a body, as it waited there almost like it wanted them to enter. Slowly she ducks passed the wolf, as she entered the castle. Looking around slowly as she stood close to the doorway, unsure where she was meant to walk. She brushed her snow white hair from her eyes once more, as she pulled her black cloak around her tiny frame again. She swished her tail under her cloak, as her eyes stopped upon the others who where in the room. She silently made her way over to them, as she wrapped her arms around herself. "G-g-greeting Everyone." She spoke softly as she bowed slightly, as a sign of respect.-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would nod and smile than seeing the being appear behind him he scowled a bit before shaking his head and returning to bowing to Anaya- “If you wish a holy man I do not mind First Born….but I am far from holy for this bodies parents committed the Taboo of love thus this one is not fit to be a Patriarch least of all a holy man of the Patriarchs” –he spoke briefly before standing and looking towards the Snow elf his eye glazing over as he examined her before moving a bit closer as he saw she was moving away he tilted his head for a moment and looked at himself as he blinked- “People here seem to not know the Tenant of Virtue that well…so much skin showing” –he said as he rubbed his neck the brands on their feeling like he had committed the Taboo of Lust and the Taboo of Skin all at the same time as he calmed himself down by singing softly in elvish a song which spoke of the Dragons return as he continued softly in elfish- “A tale begins on the day the second of children met our way, the Dragons they did relay wisdom and knowledge for to this day, So does speak the Dragon of Kings his words and breath bring the end to misery ,do not weep for children shall see the return of those who brought us our keep, forever we wait to this day the first children of yours shall be our only way. While we sing our songs this day I do not seek against your ways, as times doth change, and words do range, the words of the keepers shall always be raised.” –he sung quietly as though many may not understand it was a solemn hymn of a clan who awaited the return of those that may never come yet it brought hope to Trev to see one of the elder ones in front of him as he smiled for the first time in a long time closing his eye for the time being as he thought about where to go from here, he had been seen as a holy man by the First Born, did this mean he was clean? It was a question that did not bode well for his soul as he was not sure of such things. He pulled out a book of his that he used to study for the Guardians and read it quietly to himself seeming to ignore all those around him except the words of the First born as it was, to him, the only person above him in this room. The book itself was written in the old tongue and thus only those who spoke Grey could understand such things aside from those with dragon blood more than ¼ of their being, like the situation with Trev whom was thankfully not a lower being or he would have been killed for sure by the Guardians. -

SaintBodhisattva: -After scratching at the gate, the masked creature moves his taloned hand back to his side. He notices that he is not alone. Slowly turning his head toward the other creature near him, his talon-ed feet flexing, the snow crunching beneath them. Small pools of saphire fire glow within the depths of his cowl as he watches the catlike creature, taking in it's measure.-well met- He speaks quietly, his voice sounding of bell chimes and wind playting through crystal sound pipes. His movements muffled and hidden by the voluminous tailored cloak coat he wears, yet it would be seen that he moves with a liquid grace and a restrained physical power. A slight breeze moves the coat which hangs open at the front and falls to the mid of his calfs. What could be seen beneath in the brief span of time would be the opalescent glow of scales overlapping one another, allowing for flowing movement, yet offering the best natural protection one of the Dragoon hybrids could know. He shared some of the physical attributes of his dragon heritage, bestowed upon a small clan of bi-pedals of many mixed bloodlines, who had spent long working with the Arcane arts attempting to work the magics of the world into items forged through blood and sweat. His own bi-pedal ancestors had worked hard to use the arcane arts to infuse the magic of the land and the creatures whom the magic was a part of into their own blood. Flexing his taloned hand, hearing the rasp of them against his scales helped to bring him from his memories back to the present. His more mortal hand, the left, covered in scales and small-ish sharp protrusions from the knuckles moves to check the blades at his left hip, feeling the hidden power within, makes sure that they are securely within their sheathes so as not to bring suspicion upon himself with the carelessness of having a partially drawn weapon. As the gate opens, his focus moves to the Wolf, the scent of blood pooling around it thickly. Tilting his head to the side a bit, his sapphire blue eyes piercing out from beneath the mask and hood, taking in the view before him. Flexing his wings behind him, drawing them in a bit, the bones and membranes refracting the bright light, casting a veiled red shadow behind him, the very edges of the wings tipped in scales where the edges show a keen edge, ready to take flight should he need. As his wings flex and contract, his cloak opens more across the front and shows more of the scales, slightly reflecting the light yet mainting the mostly red color that seemed to dominate his hybrid hide.- Well met, creature of the deep northern snows, would that it be for you to allow me to find the creature similar to myself, at least in a small part?- He nods upwards in respect to the giant wolf, allowing part of his throat to be exposed, at least in gesture, showing that he offered respect and not challenge to the creature. A small light shines a bit on his sword belt, one of many precious gems worked into the "leather" some of the gems holding hidden magic, others nothing more then memories stored for a time. Standing at roughly six and a half feet tall, he was not an imposing figure to most of the greater races, yet he was lithe and agile, his figure more a design of speed and hard lean muscle, allowing him quick movement and a dangerous grace granted by many experiences. Not moving his eyes from the wolf and the blood scent he waits for a response.-

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Anaya: Anaya took grand interested in the elves that came before her, she did find this Gray elf to hold a bit more of her interest then the other one , but only due to this one holding his gods and values so high. So many tossed aside the gods and what really mattered in the world tradition and values, morals and honnor, but she could feel him and his inner turmoil puzzled by what she had said, Anayas red eyes looked at him, stabbing red eyes with black slits looking into him as white hair fell before them being set off by her pale doll like skin and pink lips. “your people, your gods may have tossed you aside due to actions not of your own, but mine did not, you can hold your gods high, and also learn about mine, about our history and how this world was made and set forth, how the gods placed us on this land to guide you and keep you grounded. And how so many of my kind forgot there bound to the gods, and have turned there backs on all of us” Getting up from her chair she stood up picking up her empty tea glass and holding it in her one hand, her silken garb draping around her as her bear feet walked on the stone tile as it had hundreds of times before. She walked before the Gray elf and looked at him taking out a claw and moving it under his chin lightly so he would look at her “all can be forgiven, no matter what sin was broken” she smiled and let his chin go as she stood and looked to the door way, she did not like the smell of her own, this one smelled funny and it was drawing her attention. Other then undead the one thing that made her temper spark was others like her, dragons never got along well with there own that was why they held massive territories that bordered one another, and the rest of the dragons on her land mass had bin killed so it was a disgrace for another to walk upon her ground, her soil. “talk to yourselves here, Lady Sif help our guest, this one that walked in with the blue eyes” she walked right past the being that smelled of undead, vampire undead as she did not even look at it. Alpha at her side they walked together to the main doors and to the other of her kin outside. “who be you, and what brings you to my lands” she said in a authoritative voice as her red eyes looked out of her doors and the wolf behind her showed its blood covered teeth still holding the guards dead body in its maw.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet, the little vampire-wolf who seems to get herself in and out of crazy situations, who now laying in her bed to keep warm from the cold, she had just came in about two hours ago after being away for weeks thanks to a group of heathen thieves, apparently they had a plan to give her to some royal for a high price and sell her weapons after ambushing her during one of her hunting trips near the lands of the castle, She managed to escape when she attacked one of the men and snuck past the others who were still sleeping in different tents, She was lucky she didn’t get frostbite from the amount of time it took for her to get back to her homeland and she was starting to think that they were after someone else instead of her “ugh. The things I get myself into.” She thought to herself as she got up from her bed, She was already dressed in her royal outfit and went to the window to see that it was still snowing hard, she grumbled and tied her long dark hair into a ponytail as she walked past her weapon and her huntress clothing, she made her mind to leave this incident unmentioned because she knows she will be ready if they ever they ever try to bother her again, besides her people probably have other matters to tend to, “maybe I should get more training for the winter.” She started to put her mind on a winter tournament that was in a few weeks as she walked herself down the halls, she managed to walk herself all the way downstairs without tripping on herself and saw that there were people that were known and unknown to her memory “hmm…more people.” She said to herself as she sat on a step to watch them interact-

TheLadySif: Light padding footsteps can be heard coming from down the hall. A barefoot Sif appears, walking quietly having changed and opted out of wearing shoes. She usually would not wear them for having custom to not soil the house. Draped around her was a dress of blue fabric reaching just past her ankles. They had high slits along the sides that showed off her hips and sides of her legs. The top was more of a corset that wrapped around her, sleeveless so only her long hair covered her shoulders. It was mostly dry and had taken on a sheen as if glowing from the water. Sif stops just at the edge of the area before the throne and kneels down until sitting, having her head no higher than the Queen’s. Almost in tandem with Trev, she pulls her own book to her nose and begins flipping. This one being of the arctic elven history. She had gotten two pages in when the order was bade her. It was but a breath’s moment where she was sitting then suddenly up and gliding towards the guest. She bows her head just barely, closing her eyes as she did so then casting her cold gaze upon her. With a slight tilt of her head, she stepped in close and raised a hand towards her face. Her eyes and hair intrigued Sif, reminding her of her people and tempting her to touch at her temple and share the empathy bond. Only for a moment did she entertain the idea as her hand went from the woman’s face to her shoulder. Her eyes told of her inner soft and welcoming smile though her expression did not. She gestured to the room, being of little words.

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -Having been standing there as she awkwardly made herself known to the group. The woman with the red eyes and black slits spoke to another, before she had risen as she walked right passed V without even giving her a second look. She knew she shouldn't have came here, but where else was one who was cursed ment to go. She tilted her head to the side, like a confused cat. Her ears flattened against her head, as the young looking Cheshire Cat looked scared. She noticed a women had entered the room, as she looked over at her watching her sit upon the step. But what made V's let ear stick up and listen was that of footsteps, as see noticed another woman, wearing blue fabric. This must have been the woman named Sif. V felt the cold gaze upon herself from her, as she looked away for a moment. Before slowly looking back toward her. She had noticed how the woman tilted her head as she looked at V, wondering what she was thinking. The woman had her hand out towards her, as she took a small step back. Wondering what to do. But the look in the womans eye was soft and her smile was welcoming, if confused the poor girl. She felt her hand touch her shoulder, as she jumped slightly. V tilted her own head as she blinked slowly, unsure what she was meant to do. As nervous as she was she allowed herself to look away, glancing around the room once more. She wriggles her nose slightly as she sniffed the scents around her. Her ears no longer flattened against her head, as she stopped hugging herself. She spoke softly almost a whisper. "My name is Veronica. Im a Cheshire Cat Demon.... With a curse of the undead." As she looked down at the ground, her snow white hair falling across her face. Like she was hiding herself from the unknown.-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev’s eyes would have welled up with tears had they not had been ripped out to put in the eye of the traitor by the patriarchy, as such he bowed his head to the queen- “Thank you, the Tenant of Virtue you hold is a guide for all of us when you have a chance I shall tell you of my crimes…but for now I need to go and commit myself to the Gods of old, for they are not kind to this body if they are ignored” –for the first time he shows her his brands and tattoos as the smell of soot and poison would be evident to her as he smiles despite one with such a smell knowing they would be still in violent pain as he bows his head- “I will hope to see you tomorrow First Lady DeLaRose, and if you wish I shall reveal to you the information my ancestors have kept for your return” –he said as he produced a book that was sealed, it could only be opened by those of the first blood which included Trev but he was not permitted to look at such a book and as such had waited to see one of the first blood to view such a book. He would wait for her to take the book and when she did he would be off to the forest to commune with the trees and sky as well the old gods themselves to pay his price for any misdeeds this day. He would hope they would show favor on them as he had found what he had been searching for. Once he made it outside he would draw a salt line and set up a small camp as he prostrated himself on the harsh floor of the forest.

SaintBodhisattva: -Seeing that the wolf had left without challenge made the dragoon slightly confused, yet he was bred well and taught manners along with the skills of his arcane tutors. Not having been invited in, he simply relaxed his stance and listened to the echoes of voices and let the feelings of those thoughts behind the voices wash around him, not being taken in by them. Standing inhumanly still, allowing the refracted sunlight from the snow come to him, bending light about him, making it appear that his outline was a bit fuzzy at a passing glance, he relished the feeling of the heat from the light, and the cold of the northern ice and snow. As the wolf returned, body still in it's mouth, the blood scent deep and heavy upon it, beside the creature that had so aroused his scent olfactory. The nub of his nose slits flaring wide behind his mask, the same mask that allowed him to feel the emotions behind spoken words so that he might not misunderstand the meaning behind words when he did not fully speak a language. Watching as the one whose dragon scent masked all but the violent scent of death and blood spoke to him, and he listened, letting the sapphire pools of his eyes take in the sight of them. The mask allowing him to feel the dominance in her voice and words, and the feeling of the imminent violence of the wolf should he mis-step even a bit. Keeping his arms relaxed and his wings partially wrapped behind his back he remains perfectly still, only his breathing stirring the cloak coat about him.- Hail and well met, Kin of my ancestors ancient in name and memory. This ones name at this time would be that of Saint, given him along with his curse and all that he is, so that he may survive the harsh world. Travel from realm to realm this one must, perhaps spending much time, or very little time at any one given location. I have come for respite of my soul, as it is travel weary, and time has weighed heavy upon me, and i have yet to find any like myself. -Knowing that many of his ancestors kin had a pre-disposition towards violence, he was hopeful of further conversation as he had not yet been attacked. Full of faith in his equipment and the magic that it held, as well as the properties his own flesh held, he attempted to be respectful and show that he was not a threat, yet his physical posture would show that he is more than willing to defend himself to his best, his own bloodline thrumming with controlled violence.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet watched as the people of the castle interacted before she slowly scooted to the side of one step, “I better be ready to go back up there.” She thought as she looked up to the stairs and sighed, She then felt a slight tingling sensation in both her feet as she went at it with her nails, She grumbled to herself knowing what it was and took a deep breath to stop herself from cutting her bare feet with her sharp nails “Minor frostbite again…” She said to herself as she pulled the end of her purple dress over her bare feet so no one else would notice, She drew her attention back to the male and her sister, who lets nothing get past her even if it was coiled in the thickest of bandages, Scarlet rubbed her chin as a servant woman caught her attention for a short while, It looked like the servant had been up to something by the way she was dressed and she was picking something out of her hair, Scarlet just ignored her and went back to listening-

Anaya: The blind could see she was unhappy as red eyes flared and her teeth girted together. It wanted to rest, eat her food, one night would not harm her but what if it wanted more, it would not gain more and it would know its place here, under her rule, she was the grand matriarch of all dragons in this land and even if he was a strange one he would know it and feel it from her. “you may hold one night and one alone, you may eat in your stay and sleep in a chamber bed but be gone by morning” her words strong as her snow white hair fell in her face and her nose crunched. Anaya handled her own matters if they needed her attestation and the matter of another dragonkin on her lands was a matter she tended to herself. Alpha placed his head on her arm as he nuzzled the side of her face wishing her well and heading outside, as the wolf pasted the other dragonkin it snarled blood dripping form its jaws as it bit hard into the body a show of force and a show of you harm anyone and this will happen to you. Alpha walked past and walked off into the woods to dump the body in the pit with the rest of them. Anaya snarled a bit unhappy to alow a dragon kin into her home, but the golden ones had to hold morals let them fall to nothing more then mindless tyrants, she had bin there once and she was not willing to go there agein. She put her hand up and waved the dragonkin to come inside and out of the cold “you may enter this hall” she said as she turned around and made her way back to her throne as the sounds of thumping and clunking came from upstairs. As the smell of wood burning came from a window to the side of the room. Anaya looked over seeing scarlet “nice to see you are alive, never know if you are alive or dead anymore, have a fun trip little sister? What was it assassins or bandits you run after, when will you learn royalty does not need to dirty its own feet, we have guards for a reason” she scolded as she taped her claw on the arm rest as a maid rushed over “fill my glass with more tea, i need a second cup this morning” “yes mam” the maid said as she grabbed the glass and hurried away.

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V watched the way the woman who seemed to be the owner of the place acted towards other, and it scared her slightly. She bit at her bottom lip, as her peircing blue eyes scanned the room looking for an exit. If something went wrong, she knew for herself she would run. It was something V always did, run away when a race stronger then herself didn't like her. Though every once a a while the Cursed Cheshire Cat Demon would play, before she ran off. Somehow she always got away. Putting her head down as her cat ears twisted and turned, as she listened to everyone around her. She kept her head down, as she began to gently play with the ends of her snow white braid. Unsure where to stand or sit, or what to say. Her Family were somewhere, but she had no clue. V just felt so lost and alone in this world. Moving her jet black cloak open slightly, as her tail wriggle out, swishing around slyly. She sighed deeply as she kept herself quiet, sometimes quietness was your best way to survive the hell. V stood around the height of 5"7, with a slender frame that she always had. She rubbed her bare feet against the ground slightly, more so because it made her not think about where she was.-

SaintBodhisattva: -Having heard her decree, he makes a formal bow, accepting the rules of hospitality as they are. Smiling faintly behind his obsidian mask as the wolf moves by him, a show of force and threat in the crunching of the body, he understands his frail place in the hall for the full turn of the blazing eye. Returning to a vertical position slowly and sinuously in his own liquid grace. He folds his own wings securely against his back, the keen edges protruding from the bottom as he moves within the walls of the castle proper, he follows his new hostess into the castle proper, keeping his gaze about and his senses sharp, he takes stock, as he can of those who else are within. Taking note of the direct speech the his elder kin had made towards another, he filed it away in his thoughts as a possibility of more blood kin of his within the walls of this place.- Blessed lady- he speaks in the sing song voice that sounds of bells and crystal wind flutes taking new breath. -hardly in this world is anything given freely, and any gift given is a gift given in the hopes of the return of favor. I would not burden you with the physical needs of the energies of the body. Food, i do not require, though i thank you for the generosity with which you have bestowed upon me. I have a simple gift for you, if you would accept it.-having seen her tea cup as she had tapped it, he too had a taste for some of the flavors of the world. Gently reaching into the depths of his coat cloak he finds within a concealed pouch, and removes a small leather bag worked with gentle filagree and small gems near the mouth of the bag, enchanted so as to keep anything within from spoiling. Working his dexterous fingers around the bag, he pulls out several small tea pouches individually sealed and packaged. Taking three of the packets from the rest, he secures the bag and puts it back into the depths of his cloak. Looking toward his blood kin hostess he offers the packets towards her, figuring a servent would either be sent to collect them, or she would simply dismiss them.-Perhaps it is that you have a great range that you call your own, and perhaps it is that you have much trade in your own realm. -shrugging slightly he looks to the packets distinguished with a small simple picture on each.- I have many skills that were given me through trial, blood, and patience. I have learned much of the plants and the land magic that is kindred to those who have the blood. Perhaps it is, generous hostess, that these three particular teas are of a blend that you have not had, as they are made by my own design. -keeping himself still as he proffers a gift, his mask giving him the emotions of the cat demon, skittish and ready to flee. the death and blood scent still within the air, causing his sapphire eyes to begin to tinge red along the outter edges of the pupils, slit like those of the dragons from which his blood was made. The grey elf who was at one moment calm, and another in turmoil, and perhaps calm again. Working to keep and separate the different feelings to their rightful owners. The golden dragon to which the range belonged, he felt great waves of constrained anger, and he was hopeful that perhaps he would give a proper accounting of himself. Of the one whom the golden one called sister, he felt a few emotions that he worked into the idea and mental accounting that he was building of those present-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet flinched as she looked at her sister, “Skit. I knew she going to go that way.” She thought herself as she quickly got up and rubbed the back of her head, She was not going to tell her that she had gotten into a little trouble before she walked her way back home, “Actually…I was just out to get some air.” She was not telling a lie about her reasons for being outside of the castle earlier, “And I may be a royal, but you and I both know I was a wild maiden before then.” She thought back to before she found the castle and dusted off her royal dress, She knows for a fact that she will be an indoor royal for as long as she stands and she won’t be able to change it unless she has to “Although I do think I should try being an indoor royal for once.” She looked down at her bare feet with a finger on her chin and blew a strand of hair out of her face-

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Anaya: Anaya was girting her teeth more, two undead this morning along, and then a dragonkin shows up on her land, why not just smite this undead thing, it would take hardly any energy at all and the death would be fast and almost painless. Give it back to the glory of death instead of the disgusting curse of undeath a slap in the face to something so beautiful. She put her hand on her for-head as her claw started to glow softly as she thought about just smiteing there new guest, one blast it would be aimed flawlessly the girl was standing right there, rip her apart like a lighting bold into her face. As Anayas hand got brighter a giant golden train came flying down the stairs ramming hard into the throne tossing her out of the throne and onto the floor, she landed on her feet as she was rammed hard in the chest by a big hard hulking baby dragon face. Ryu was awake her new hatching but Noki was seemingly to be still in bed. Anaya grabbed her baby by the head flipping him over onto his back forcing him under her as she looked at him “well good morning to you to” she said softly as her boy looked up with her and gave a almost yip barking sound as his tail flapped side to side. He was hungry and had started to naw on his mothers arm. The horse sized baby dragon with a over sized head he had yet to grow into was allowed up as Anaya put her arm around him and looked at him. “now go get some food in the kitchen and i will join you” Ryu sat down and looked at his mother then looked at there guest pointing out the undead cat thing as it looked cook and he had grown interested in it already. Ryu had saved the undeads life but at the same time he may have just put it into a whole new shooting range. Ryu got up and shook himself off as Anaya watched him walk over to the undead and look at her his tail held high and his big teeth shimmering golden scales and bright blue eyes to match. Ryu noticed the other dragon kin aswell and as soon as he saw him that tail went up and he let out a hiss. “Ryu i gave our kin one day, be kind” Anaya scolded as Ryu gave a snort and went back to dominating the undead as he found it fun.

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V had been watching everything unfold, from the side-line. Watching as the woman who owned the place, stood there as she had raise her hand to her forehead. Watching as the claw began to glow softly, She had a feeling something just wasn't right. She backed away a few more steps. Fear in her piercing blue eyes, as she gave a grin so wide. It was creepy. Even with the curse in her blood, she would rather not use it. Instead she tilted her head to the side, as the womans hand got brighter a giant golden train came flying down the stairs. She watched as whatever it was, rammed hard into the woman. There V could see was a baby dragon, after watching the pair she noticed the glowing had stopped. Maybe the woman had wanted her dead, but this baby may have saved her life for the time being. Soon the baby dragon name Ryu had gotten up shaking himself, as he walked over to her. She blinked softly as she stood there, afraid to move. Ryu held his tail high with shimmering golden scales, and bright blue eyes like her own. It wasn't long before the Ryu had noticed the other male, as he hissed at it. Whilst this was going on V had moved closer towards the door, almost like she was making her get away. The Curse Cheshire Cat felt unwelcome her, as she looked down. Sadness crossed her face, she let her Cheshire side take over. As she let her body slowly fade away, before that grinned crept along her face once more.-

Saint: -As he had suspected, a servent came to take the tea packets from him, he made sure to turn each packet over so the maid could see the writing upon the back, each with a set of specific instructions and listing the qualities for each pack and what their specific properties are. Finally surrendering them to the maid servent, he turns his attention back to the golden queen of the range, his mask conveying to him the imminent danger and violence that was radiating from her. His own scales rattling in waves sounding like faint glass breaking over crystal steps. Taking his left hand and gently moving it to his belt to touch one of the enchanted stones that he had worked so long and hard to perfect, readying himself for any sort of danger and ready to assist his gracious hostess should any be foolish enough to attack. Much to his surprise and startlement, he quickly steps back a pace when the queen is knocked forward by her own offspring. Musing to himself as he stares at the sight, such a thing he had not seen in all of his travels. A youngling, here, of all places, and was witness to it. How his mind raced, wondering what his own child-like self would have looked like, and wondering if he had been nearly as playful. Seeing how the youngling reacted to the presence of others, and then how it hissed at him, he was partially saddened, knowing himself that he would never harm such a magnificent creature, yet also knowing a little bit from the lore passed down, and the common way that his elder kin mostly reacted to him, that it was not so strange, and he actually applauded the youngling for having the self preservation. Reaching back into his coatcloak, he pulls out the small bag that holds the enchanted and sacred teas that he had created through much trial, and moves to find the servent again. Being an herbalist with the skills of enchanting and some other magics that had been granted through his blood, he knew that many of them would be of use. He bids the maid to bring him a tea set, and then moves to a corner and draws out a few of his enchanting tools from within his cloak making ready. Setting up a small circle around him, to prevent any magical spill to wash around the room. The servent returns with the requested items, and Saint closes the circle and begins to work. In the matter of a few minutes, the tea service glows faintly, runes that had not been there before seen on the sides, and then all fades back to it's normal coloring. Breaking the circle, not a trace of magical backlash leaking out, he gives the set back to the maid informing them that any cup of tea made in the pot would never cool down unless it was bidden to do so, thinking himself clever for creating a small gift. Motioning the servant to come and take the tea set, and passing it off to them, Saint then quietly moves off into the depths of the keep finding himself a nice dark corner away from sight and out of mind of the others. Setteling down and preparing for a few moments of deep meditation that would more than likely turn into a good measure of sleep, although his senses remained alert should he need to defend himself or make a quick exit.-

Anaya: As she moved herself on her throne watching her little one and the cat she new he needed to play with something after all and what better for a massive reptile to play with then a cat. Anaya moved on her throne watching Ryu making his ring around the cat his tail high as he dominated it and it looked scared and backing away. She let out a breath no she had morals. “Ryu come to mother that is enough let our guest have peace will you, were is your sister go get her it is time she wake and then you both can eat” Anaya gave a gruph snort as her upper lip curled and then lowered again showing many pointed teeth, Ryu gave a slight hiss to his mother and snarled as he looked back to the cat being and pawed at the ground snapping his jaws and then snorting kicking his feet and walking over to his mother walking past her with a grunt, males were so defiant Anaya gave louder snarl as he moved his feet faster and trotted to the steps away from his mother. Within seconds Ryu had vanished to the upper halls to fetch his sister. Anaya looked back to the Cat being “he enjoys showing others his place, i hope he did not scare you to much, come sit” she said softly as she was trying rather hard to stay calm.

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FiliaIsaSaton: A little fluffy ball ran around with a rat dangling in her mouth. the rat may have been twice her size but this did not matter to mystic. She would normally take the rat to where she ate all her rats but she was not hunger to night. No, this rat she thought was for the dragon babies. This put the kitten on a norther hunt as she meowed past the rat in her mouth. Walking along the halls a few maids and servants screamed out as she passed by with the rat’s tail dragging the floor and its head dangling and barely attached to its neck. And the blood trail as she drags it along. Some maid would try to remove the rat only to get a hiss from mystic and a smack with a claw then mystic would take off running. This rat was not for them mystic would thing to herself as she walks further on to the throne room. It did not take to long for mystic to spot the little dragon and her Anaya mystic remembered Ryu he was the little dragon that had drenched her in dragon drool but he smelled of Anaya and she love Anaya so she did not mind that at all. mystic grin and dragged the rat up to Ryu as she did she drop the rat right in front of him and let out a big proud meow. Her nose would keep pushing the rat to him as she meows and chuffed -

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev slowly rose his bindings around his other eye had been undone as he looked at his body showing some signs of being attacked during the night as he chuckled and dug his fingers into them to see how deep they ran as he pouted a bit- “Oh my….seems whatever attacked me last eve got to deep” –he said looking around at where he was once more noticing his torn bandages as his right eye was covered by a large scar as he pouted his black spiky hair seeming to stay in place as he sighed quietly- “my my, they destroyed my favourite headband…seems I shall have to get a new one” –he spoke to no one as around him several wolfs and other creatures laid dead around him all of whom were of a pale nature for some odd reason with foam leaking from their mouths as Trev examined his wounds closely and said a quiet pray for them before putting back on his tattered bandana that doubled as a nifty eye patch so none could see his hurt eye. Trev examined the creatures quietly and sighed- “you should have awoken me creatures and I could have told you not to bite my tattoo’s they are quite deadly to those who have never had different types of poison injected into their system at once” –he said smiling as he rubbed the wolves head pulling back a fistful of fur as the wolves skin as a mixture of pale skin and black rot as they seemed to be disintegrating slowly as Trev shook his head. Sighing as he wiped a tear from his eye- “how sad…if you had not started to rot you could have been useful as it stands….” –Trev looked around quietly as he began to unlock the first seal on his hand as a flaming entity covered his sealed hand as he smiles darkly and chuckles and speaks in the old tongue- “Trognor of wrath, let this feast be in your name, and your pleasure be turned to ash” –he spoke as he sprinkled what looked like dust over the being until it landed on them instantly the being catches on fire the dead bodies being consumed by a heavy smell of metal in the air that a good nose would pick up as otherwise it was unnoticed from a normal fire as Trev covered his nose quietly before watching the bodies begin to melt quietly into puddles before disintegrating only leaving a few small marks on the ground as Trev used his foot to cover it up with leaves as he sighed quietly- “how disappointing…those wolf bodies yesterday did not please the first born…perhaps something more…living might appease her” –he said quietly to himself in another dialect of elvish as it seemed he switched quite a bit while talking to himself. Grey elves were secretive by nature and as such would learn multiple dialects of the dirty elves that did not fallow the old ways in order to hide their talks from outsiders who could not know every dialect out there. Silently Trev gathered his things and slung the satchel over his shoulder as he headed back towards the castle letting the wind blow away his work as he smiled brightly- “A guardian’s work is never done” –he spoke cheerfully as he sang quietly to himself a hymn as he entered back into the castle of the First Born. He would look around quietly as he entered his lean muscles seeming to stay a pale gray as his armor seemed a bit roughed up from the elements but otherwise fine from the other day. His weapons were still in working order as Trev seemed to be fiddling with his arm placing back in the seal wincing as the devices ramming a large cylinder back into his arm to keep his power in check as Trev seemed to continue to sing before looking towards the throne seeing the First born sitting there as he quickly walked over ignoring an other pests around him as he immediately got down to one knee bowing and lowering his head in the deepest of respect as he spoke cheerfully- “Good Noon First Born DeLaRose of the Dragon Land, how are you this fine day” –he smiled and kept his head down whispering in the old tongue- “As well how is your reading going? Those notes I left last for you were not easy to come by” –he raised his head and smiled for once his seen eye seeming to gleam like a jewel in the night as his personality differed depending on what language he spoke before waiting for a response. To those with a good nose they would notice an air of death surrounding Trev as well the smell of heavy metallic pieces on his aura and scent smelling like something rotting as other would not his tattoo’s smelt of ash masking something more devious. A blend of 12 poisons that had bene mixed together to make a tasteless poison should Trev ever need to commit suicide out of guilt, The brand of the Traitor, as they were called where used to keep the secrets of the elves hidden as those whom tasted it would slowly rot over a day before becoming a part of the earth once more. Otherwise the pain was great as it targeted the nerves first enhancing their feelings so each piece of disintegration of muscles and nerves could be felt multiplied most of the time killing those whom had weak minds.-

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V was nearly ready to flee she stopped dead in her tracks. Stopping herself from fadding away as she watched the woman who owned the place, and the baby dragon. Tilting her head to the side, as a small smile cheeped upon her face. It was cute to watch and made the Curse Cheshire Cat Demon miss home. She missed her family dearly. As the woman spoke she slowly made her way back toward the woman. "Hes cute and thank you. N-n-no not scared" She said nervously as she took a seat, like a scarred cat. Curling her tail around herself, as her ears twitched as she listened. V turned her head toward the door, as a knock could be heard. Slowly bringing her knees up to her chest, as her snow white fringe fell across her face. Covering her piercing blue cat eyes. She sniffed slightly as she could smell a lot of things, but what caught her attention was blood. She knew it wasn't human or any kind of being, so it must have been an animal. She scanned the room looking for the smell, as her eyes feel upon a cat with a huge rat. V knew she wasn't all that welcomed here, but yet she wasn't kicked out. But there was still time for that to happen.-

Anaya: Anaya took a breath as the knock on the door rang inside and a guard walked past to go open it, noon shift change the sun at at its high, no guards at the door as the ones from the night and morning had gone to there chambers. The guard that made it to the door opened the door and said not a word alowing who was out there inside. Wall Anaya watched and then turned seeing the gray elf enter back from were he had gone to for maybe a rest and some relaxation away from this castle mess yard. She had a chuckle as she looked to the cat being and took another breath “yes he can be cute I guess, when he is not trying to kill his sibling or eat anything he sees” As she said her words there was some banging some squealing and then more thumping and down the steps came a scared shitless Noki as her brother had taken a nice couple scales off her tail, she screeched and ran to her mother as the dragon tried pointlessly to hide behind the throne from her devil of a brother. And there he was trotting head held so high it was as if he was a giraffe, tail high in the air as he high stepped down the steps and then planked his backside on the ground siting looking at his mother and twin sister. Anaya looked at him with a shadow in her eyes as she was not overly impressed. Ryu gave a grunt and waged his tail looking at his mother. Anaya looked back to the girl as she lugged her large body out from behind her throne and Anaya picked up her tail. “three scales gone you will be fine” she chuckled as she patted Noki's head and the girl rested her head on her lap as she glared at her brother. Anaya looked over to the gray elf as she let out a breath “i have not gone over them yet it has only bin a few hours since you went outdoors, Trev you are welcome to sleep in a guest room witch can be converted to your own personal chambers if you please. It is cold outside you have no need to be there. And I am well, lunch will soon be done I am sure”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev bit his lip a bit in annoyance as his aura shifted back and forth quickly looking like a maelstrom to those who could see auras as the stench of death and metal still was pungent on him as after a few moment the man smiled coldly- “Thank you for your offer First Born DeLaRose but I would not wish to impede on your hospitality by dirtying your room with my touch…the outside has worked for me for about twenty years so I will keep it as such if it does not offend you” –he said his words seeming to be holding something back almost something of anger at the suggestion. Grey elves where by no means peasants or snobs but they were not fans of being offered anything lavish, it would play to easily into the taboo of Greed and the Taboo of Vanity, both of which would lead one to commit more grave sins against the gods, which despite Trev’s standing, still considered to be his protectors of his ways. As such it was imperative to him to keep it as such, even if it meant refusing a first born a grey elf would not wish to go above their station, even rooms in an inn were considered to high class for an Elf of the old gods whom preferred the ground to be closer to the spirts. While in most cases they were safe due to their connection to nature, Trev did not mind the nightly munching’s his body as they would heal over time and in the end would be more harmful to the creatures than to himself whom had shown with his actions earlier to see life in an odd way. Trev calmed his nerves for a moment letting out a stream of air to relive his anxiety of this situation before smiling coldly once more and looking towards Anaya- “First Born DeLaRose might I inquire as to what I may be able to do in the way of assistance around the estate and land…As for lunch I have already eating something from the flora but I thank you for your offer.” –another phrase to remember the Grey elves by is the thought of ‘Take what not is offered to you, least you commit yourself to a debt many will not repay’ as such the grey elves would not accept help in many ways aside from helping those they believed needed it, for a price, least they become bound by the Tenant of Servitude. Trev took a look at the rest whom where around this Castle as he quietly sung to himself a song about a drunken peasant and a sheep who had an odd relationship many nights-

SeraAmeliaMajestic: -V sat upon the chair as she hugged her knee, her snow white hair covering her face. A small smile upon her face. How was it she hadn't been tossed away yet? She heard the woman chuckle softly as she spoke about how Ryu tried to kill his sibling an eat everything in site. She was just about to say something in return, when she heard squealing and thumping. As soon another baby dragon came downstairs, looking scared shitless. Watching as this little baby tried to hide behind the throne, she had noticed a few scales missing from the tail area. Soon Ryu came back in trotting with his head held high, which V couldn't help but giggle softly. This baby dragon looked so proud of himself, about what he had done to his sister. She kept herself quiet as she listened to Anaya speak to the man named Trev. Which she had only found out his name because of the conversion going on between them. Her tails flicked slightly as she twisted her ears listening. Normally the Curse Cheshire Cat Demon would have a much larger tail, but she decided this might be easier to hide instead. V placed her head upon her knees as she scanned the room, the piercing blue eyes picking up everything. From the slightest movement. She Listened to the way Trev spoke, as she glanced over at the elf. Tilting her head to the side slightly, though she said nothing because she had nothing to say. V was simply enjoying not begin tossed out, though she wasn't sure what people thought of her. Thats why it was easier for her to stay silent, then to speak out loud.-

TheLadySif: Near the edge of the land, shouts could be heard every now and then as well as what sounded like snowdrifts falling. The snow rose in spurts of sharpened icicles or in waves like the ocean.Each step and slide of Sif’s feet causing another uproar of the ice. “HA!” She lunges out her spear, twisting and moving across the field of snow. Her bare feet created swirling patterns as if art, her motions fluid and snap quick. Her hands twist the spear, turning it then sliding it through and across the snow pillars she was creating to destroy. Sweeping low, she drags her spear through the ground. Rising, she lets out a yell, her spear glowing a bright blue on either end. As it swings from the ground up, a tall jagged wall of solid ice rampages from in front of her and travels a yard down. She takes one step back, turning as she does so to stand upright and wield her weapon at her back, straight along her arm in a downward position. The look in her eyes fades from a fierce one to her usual subdued expression. Sif takes a moment to look at the wicked looking wall then blinks once, causing the giant wall to simply dissipate into a soft mist and fall from the sky like snow itself, leaving her wind-blown white locks tipped in ice.

dallo5013: ~ Empress Dallo took notice of what would seem to be a man walking into the castle . almost unannounced . led by the guards . she shook her head and would call forth the land in witch the castle was built up on to tremble and shake to bring forth a earthen stairway for her to walk down upon . this stair way suddenly jutted up from out of the flooring braking up the stone and morder that was the flooring around about the front of the gate . Dallo then would gracefully walk down the stairway till she was in the great hall of the castle then turning back to the stairway and would softly blow a kiss to it causing it to; should any one be watching, it would seem as if her kiss was so deadly that it could even turn stone and morder into sudden sand . the sand then vanished back into the cracks of the flooring refitting the flooring back to it's original place . Dallo now with a bit of Pride to her walk would make her way to the end of the great hall were she stand watching the gate keeper slowly making his way up to the Empress Anaya . the gate keeper in as humble a manner as he possibly could would bow to Anaya then speak saying .~Gate keeper : My Lady you have yet an other visitor . ~ The gate keeper noticed that the baby dragons were awake and would keep it's eyes on the child knowing all too well that baby dragons are more unpredictable then adults . the Gate keeper then turned his attention back to empress Anaya asking her in a humble sounding voice ~ Gate keeper : what should I do . the new comer has grate powers of snow . and I guess water she lifted her self right over the front gate as if it was nothing more then a stepping stool . ~ as the gate keeper would speak Dallo did nothing more then stand there watching the smaller of the dragons doing what they normally do . trying to maintain it's dominance over what ever it's eyes would fall up on . Dallo also had taken notice that there was something that smelt of death and this smell was making her ever so hungry . should she rip the soul fromt he dead or lever it . she desired to her self she would wait to see what Anaya was up too before acting upon the dead . ~

Anaya: her red eyes saw the gate keeper come inside and look at her about a guest. Then things started to move and the dragon got unstable as the floor was moving, she hated people who just came in like they owned the place uprooting life and messing up her floors, just like people who kicked in doors, it was not needed. The two young-lings snarled and griped the floors getting belly to the floor out of fear and holding on as steps formed and a known face walked down them. It was Dallo a face she had not seen for many moons maybe Dallo just did not know that Anaya was not the type for power entrances as she new them as. Anaya gritted her teeth as she stood up and moved to hold Noki's head as the female baby whimpered. “the stair case was unneeded” Anaya spat out as she ran her claws along her young-lings head as she looked over to Ryu the big bad boy was on his belly on the floor tail thrashing back and forth as he snarled fully lost in what was going on. both young ones so much larger then there mother in human form crawled belly to the floor over to her as she wrapped her arms around there shaking heads. “come lets go to the dinning hall and place a meal in your belly's” she looked to Trev “at least take a slaves room, a dirt floor and a rug to sleep on, as well as a public place to wash and a lot you not to defecate in the bush. It would not be good if you slept in the woods and a troll or large wolf took you form this castle as a meal.” Anaya was a being of greed pride and vanity you could tell that simply by how she held herself and her dress, so she did not fully understand why he would not take what was given. She got up from her throne as she stood her full 7 foot 2 height and Ryu snarled at both the guest Dallo and at the gray elf as he edged his way into the dinning hall to fill his face with a meal. Anaya let out a breath as Noki was clinging to her hip like a scared human runt. “go with your brother” she scolded as Anaya taped Noki's backside and Noki gave a grunt and ran off with her brother to get some food but not going more then ten feet from there mother. “come undead you can eat as well I wish to know more about you. And you as well miss Dallo alliances get a meal as well, even if they ruin the floors when they show up”

dallo5013: ~ Dallo Nodded to Anaya , then looked back and said as she looked at the floor ~ I fixed what I broke Mi-Lady . ~ Dallo's steps were quiet not a sound made as she follow Anaya . ~ I do not require sustenance at this time however I will sit at your table so as not to show any further rudeness towards you and your house . I stole the soul from the dead that a wolf had ..~ she pauses and would wonder did the wolf kill that human or did the wolf just drag it out to the forest to berry it “well before I miss speak there was a deer in the jaws of a wolf so I stole it's soul before I came in further” .Dallo followed not too close for she noticed two small dragon children and she knew all too well that dragon children were very inquisitive at times . however these two looked a bit startled at her arrival .shortly before Dallo was about to take a seat at the table a loud sound of crows had been heard by her rather acute hearing . the crows were coming right to wear she had been standing . she sighs for there is only one reason any crow should come to fetch her . and that was that her empire was in need again like always . she sighs then would wave her hand up into the air a if telling the crow to not bother she knew and was coming . she then nodded to Anaya and turned to make her way back down the long hall to the main gate . only to say as she looked back over her left shoulder ~ forgive me my kingdom beacons me once again . ~ with out any further words Dallo walked unto the gate and whispered to it ~ open my great gate you do well to open ~ the gate opened despite the gate keeper trying to keep it closed . Dallo then walked out the gates before calling to the earth to swallow her up and carry her deep with in the earth to her kingdom ~

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