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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come

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DarkDelaMorte: -Again Trev’s aura flared this times causing his tattoos to burn a bit to calm him down letting of a low wave of magic in the air as the brands burned white on his skin for a few moments before becoming normal once more as Trev cracked his neck loudly both ways as he stood up quietly for a moment than smiled coldly towards Anaya- “Ah Thank you First Born DeLaRose but I’m afraid us Grey Elves no longer find use for slave pits as it were…thank you for reminding me of my place though” –he said his entire attitude seeming to distance himself from her as he smiled and began laughing slightly about her quip about the creatures of the forest- “I do not fear the forest my Lady First born , the creatures of the forest will either come to respect me…or simply parish, if you are intent on be staying close to the castle I simply require someplace in the garden perhaps…a shack would do nicely and keep me within a few arms reach” –he said his oddly colored eye staring at her for the first time as one would notice it had a hue that many might covet as treasure yet this one seemed to be filled with malice and other emotions even to those whom could just feel basic emotions as Trev seemed to walk around the Castle quietly noticing the golden dragonlings as he stopped for a moment examining them before looking back at the First born and blinked quietly- “Albino it seems…perhaps?” –He spoke in the language of the grey Elves- “than that would make her a golden dragon……The dragon that began Taboos perchance? Hard to know these days records lost” –he mumbled to himself with the tongue of a priest as he switched different dialects every other line out of habit before shaking his head gently- “no matter this will be dealt with in time” –he said as he pulled out a small book from his satchel and opened it up as he began to write in it using his claw to dip in an inkwell from his satchel and began to write quietly to himself before cracking his knuckles a few times to help him think before looking up at those who walked through these halls seeming to distance himself from the rest as he wondered how the patriarchs and matriarchs react if they saw the glory of the First Gods surrounded by such dirt as he mumbled softly and began to sing softly in order to calm his nerves once more as his items that were embedded into him made his searching easier but also did a poor job of controlling his emotions like the draught did. The draught of course being a potion that nullified emotions for the grey elves in order to boost their efficiency and progress in society. – “Let not the words of one man be heard, let not the two of women’s scorn, let not three of children’s cry for their feelings define that, let us drink to the past, let us eat to the wrath, let us praise to the first, and let us shame in the last, let us be whom we were made, let us kill who have been shamed, let the Gods be not afraid of their children’s acts” -he smiled warmly at his song that was from the Grey elves hymn book he kept with him as he continued to write in his journal on his acts, this journal was a bit special as it was connected to a book back in the village of the first that allowed the guardians to track him and his actions.-

Anaya: Looking back on Trev she gave a smile as she made her way to the dinning hall, her young-lings pushing open the doors as they rushed inside smelling foods and things they new they could fill there faces with. There was already spots with no chairs and large piles of meat on a table for them and right away both dragon hatchlings ran to there table and started filling there faces, Ryu biting at his sisters food as Anaya snarled at them scolding them to eat properly and not bite at each other. Noki squealed as Ryu stole a hunk of meat and she looked over at her mother who was walking along the large dinning table picking up a silver platter and putting assorted meats upon it. Anaya looked back at Trev and she still wondered why he would not enjoy the simple things the castle had to offer. “so Trev you are so different then others here, why is this so, you are a holy man under your god, yet your gods and people marked you unfit, yet you still follow your rules set in stone. If you were banished why hold on to such gods that toss you away” she picked up her small green clay dish of pearls, it was smaller then normal and it only had three pearls in it but she would manage today it just ment her mate had yet to come back from fishing.

XxCrimsonMayhemxX: *the the cold wind blowing hard against his face feeling like razors running across his skin, he would keep traveling through the snow not sure on his destination but sure he would not go back the way he had come. For back laid the the very coven that had imprisoned for the last 400 years tell he had finally broke free from his chains and freed himself. Making his way through the wilds and not seeing a settlement in may months he would become unsure that he would make it out of this snow covered land he was sure was called Asto but had no ways of being sure. As he would stop and look up in to the sky, he would see the sun at its highest point in the sky and start to feel his body draining for he had not slept in 4 days nor had he eaten. Feeling the burden of the stress he would slowly make his way to a snow covered tree and pulling up a branch he would climb under to here the wind was dampened and he could finally get some rest after so many days of traveling

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled and fallowed them quietly as he thought about her question- “Tell me this First Born DeLaRose why do you still like possessions? You were raised with them no? Learned to live by them?” –He inquired quietly- “Such is my path in life, I may have been banished but it was under…different circumstances as some would not understand least they lived in our world for a day” –he said with a solemn smile- “My parents you see committed a great Taboo of Vice and Taboo of Love…both of which are considered two of the three great taboos, as such they were sentenced to death, in most cases their children are also killed but in my case it was debated upon for a fortnight as to what to do with me” –he said continuing to smile coldly as he hands shook behind his back in anger as he watched the dragons play around- as he smiled softly- “they decided that one whom was born a third should not be killed for a fourth’s actions” –Trev stated as he looked to Anaya- “The gods let me live despite the old laws, besides, the priests considered it partly their fault for not taking care of me personally, but I harbor no ill will to my people, they fallowed the old rules, the rules your ancestors put into place, should I not be proud to be their messenger? It is but a small price to pay to be allowed to punish those who do not know their way and defile their world” –suddenly Trev smiled happily, but almost a manic aura surrounded him for a moment as he chuckled lightly- “but as for why I am different….its because I fallow the old laws, the laws and tenants of which your ancestors put into place for our protection, nothing good comes from foolhardy emotions and idea, such things are….disgusting in the world that must be prepared for the Gods” –he said smiling once more- “By the way Lady First Born….might I inquire what branch you stem from? My blood line comes from Trognor the Black Dragon of Steel as well as Machun the Red dragon of Earth and revelations” –he said with a happy smile- “although my blood is only a third of the old gods it is quite an honor to me one who is a full blood such as yourself…especially one whom is albino from the old ways” –he said with a knowing grin as he hummed cheerfully and looked to her children- “if I am not being rude…what is their bloodline as well” –pointing to her children in a respectful manner- “they are gold like Ragnor the Golden Dragon of Greed and Vanity….which is interesting since his blood line is quite rare these days”

dallo5013: ~the beastly looking woman that was in the middle carnage yelled out to the solders that there still left alive asking them in a rather gruff sounding voice ~ tell me how many day's out are we ~ the man man driving the contrivance would call out an all stop for the horses needed some water . seeing however the river was frozen over the men would have to dig up some snow and boil it up so the man and the horses would have water to drink .the man then would climb down from the cart and walked over to the right door of it and would knock twice the beastly woman inside would answer saying to him ~ what is it that would would stop the caravan so suddenly ~ the man answering ~ Driver: the horses need water and the man are in need of rest and previsions . there is a small village just up ahead . we are to stop there for the night before carrying on to the castle witch is still a 5 day ride pout . by the time we reach the castle Empress Dallo will have made it to her home and would have started to aid in recovering the castle from the landslide . I do so hope she makes it safely home . . ~ the beastly looking woman would push open the door and would step out side the cart . she grunted and growled as she stretched out her legs . she was a splendid hoofed beastly looking woman with large horns curving over the back of her head as if they were rams horns that didn't fully curve but desired to straighten it's self slightly before hooking at the end . the woman stood about 11 feet tall . as she took s step from he cart it was rather noticeable she had wings and a rather long tail . the tail was the full length of her body and the wings upon her back were as white as the snow on the ground . infarct this weather had fully changed her body to white and the horns them selves looked like white snowy glass horns . should someone take a quick glance at then . however they were infarct solid bone and hair fiber like most horns . the woman growls as she stretched her hands up twards the sky and would say ~ lets get there as soon as the men have their fill of water and the horses are well rested

Anaya: she moved and walked along the path and over to her table were she sat watching her hatchlings bicker and squabble over the meat on there plates. It would be nice when her mate came home from his fishing trip with new fish for them to eat and enjoy. Her red eyes looked over at Trev as her snow white hair fell in her face and she pushed it back with her hand. “before I was born my mother was forced into a cave by my father were he beat her till her belly lay on the floor and her eyes bled, he took what he wished as do most of my kins males, then there was only them, both held no names and all we new is there scales, my mother being of all colors and my father being of golden scale. Once I hatched a clutch of three, one gold male what you know as greed and vanity, what you know of his name is simply what the people gave him, one red female and myself white scales with red eyes. Seen as a lost cause my mother tossed me from the cliff and I was faced to meet the world myself. I aged and am what you see me as today. And my children are of my bloodline, pure golden born from the original dragon bloodline.” she moved her hand to pick up another slice of pork form her plate and put it in her mouth as a nose was looking at her Noki had eaten about half her plate and then Ryu had stolen the rest from her. Anaya paused and pushed her plate over for her girl to eat, her children would not go without food in there belly's and she did not mind if she was made to stave to care for them. She gave Noki the pork in her claw and looked back to Trev. “it is good you keep to your holy holdings and praise your gods so relentlessly even if they have done nothing but harm you and lay you unfit. But I do hope you will enjoy the simple things here, I was not raised with them, or raised in a castle, I was raised alone with nothing but my wings and nose to guide me, but yet now I enjoy what simple pleasures we have and the gods enjoy our races survival, you should enjoy the simple things to, just do not enjoy them in excess so you don't break your laws”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev listened quietly and nodded in respect- “yes I have heard stories of such things, while valiant the Golden dragon was…well I wouldn’t defame his name by slinging mud upon someone whom has the power to crush me, but tales speak of him as the one who did not breed and did not share a gift to the children like the others did…Very few even are aware of how to chant his mantra of power these days…only three in my city knew and it was almost a taboo in within itself to speak it allowed….” –he realized something as he knocked his head in a comedic fashion with a straight face- “ah I just realized you may not be familiar with the mantras of power…how to explain this” –he thought quietly- “each name of the first children that where of the first name leaked there power down to their children and theirs in order to use their power. As such those with enough blood in their veins can use such power….such as myself as I said I am a third, meaning I specialize in Trognor and Machun but I have the ability to sue others….given how it is a tad confused it may be better to demonstrate it at some point” –he said chuckling- “but in the easiest of ways Trognor creates black fire, once it interacts with another being or element it consumes it and slowly turns into metal shards as his fire did, Machun was something of a …..eruption of power, earth split to release fire in quick succession…but such powers cannot be used lightly as each usage of them causes great payment on the body…especially those whom are branded…while the brands can be removed they tend to be helpful in controlling emotions” –chuckles and smiles- “as well as keeping me alive from the effects of the payment” –he said raises his sealed arm- “The payments range depending on the power used but it can range from the removal of an organ to coughing up blood…the Gods are quite interesting no?” –he said laughing slightly-

XxCrimsonMayhemxX: -As he lays under the tree trying to fight the cold so that just maybe he could get some rest. After about an hour the cold would finally get to him making him lift the branch of the tree and emerge for underneath. standing to his feet he would look around trying to diside on the direction he would travel. looking around and with a slight grin on his face he realizes it does not matter what way he goes for he does not know this land. As he starts to walk through the snow he would drop his head trying to fight the cold shape wind blowing at his face. His head would snap up quick to the sound of what he could only suspect was a horse. He would start to move faster trying to flee from whatever was coming in-fear that the coven was now on his trail. As he runs he would notice a small snow covered tree that had bin blown over and covered complety. Seeing that there was enough room under the tree for him to hide in he would slide under and wait as the sound would draw closer Coming to a stop feet from him. huddled under the snow covered tree he would pear out through a small opening to see the large man on a horse with a strange insignia on the sleeve of his arm. Not know what it meant he would wait and listen for the sound of the stranger to die off as he rode in to the wilds-

dallo5013dallo5013 Whisper: ~ the woman would then turn her head and look over the side of the cart  noticing some man on horse back riding past them . the man seemed to be in a bit of a rush . she merely shook her head and then walked out a few more steps before hunkering down to pick up some of the snow. she used the snow to wipe her hands . as if using it to clean her hands . the driver looked at her and just shook his head before saying ~ driver: M' Lady you will become sick doing things like that . ~ she looked at the man and laughed saying ~ the snow is in love with me so why would it harm me ~ she was lying out her Ace she just had no inclinations of joining any of the men for hot water or anything else . she her self would rather stay as far from men as she could and would almost do anything or say anything to not have to deal with them . after all she was a mere bounty hunter so why should she even need to conversant with them . she had one job to do and that is all she card about . Empress Dallo had asked her to follow her to the castle on horse back as Dallo her self had gone on ahead . however whith with the grand land slide Empress Dallo had to make her stay short and had to return to her home travelling under the ground . for it was the fastest way for her to travel . and Rath was to under no circumstances to turn back . the Empress gave her strict orders she was to carry on to the castle . and deliver the trade goods . the beastly woman was named for her temper even thou she was meant to be one of the most sex looking woman alive after all she is a full blood Succubus and in all right she should be more then willing to travel with any number of men . yea but this succubus is as said so many times before . is beastly looking . she is stronger then most succubus as well .. she now looking around over the cart would notice foot prints in the snow and what would seem to have been a struggle not to far long ago . she only noticed things like this because she is very adept at tracking however this time she would not let her tracking instance kick in for she was more interested in getting to that village and finding a bed to rest up on ~

Anaya: Anaya gave a chuckle as she leaned her arms on the table crossing them and leaning forward Ryu grumbling in the background as he had ran out of food and a maid was readying him more to fill his face. Anaya let out a breath as she thought on how dragons did not really believe in the gods over head like elves and humans did, they were seen as the gods from elves and humans so it is hard to believe in anything else when you are the god right. She gave a smile “yes I don't know much about what humans and elves do in worship of us, what they call us what names we have to them, even in the city below the castle they sing songs and chat hymns about how the golden dragon saved them from the night. It is how I gained being called the dragon of the north after all” she gave a chuckle softly as she picked up a pearl and put it on her toung rolling it around and sucking on it like a person would a candy, as she cracked it open in her mouth she leaned back in her chair and shut her eyes a moment enjoying what she found most pleasurable, like a drug or catnip to a feline. opening them back up she let out a breath as her red eyes for a moment had blue swimming in them. “what else do your people think of us Trev” Anaya asked as she held much interested in the people and there worship of the dragon kind. She wondered to herself what Trev would think when he saw her in true form if he lasted to spring, or was able to see her leave this on a clear day without being harmed by the snow.

DarkDelaMorte: -he blinked as he never thought of it as worship just respect as he shrugged quietly for a moment beginning to think on what she asked. – “My people huh…it is difficult to say, we see you as the first born of the first born of the gods” –he said with a smile to not offend her- “but to say that we worship anything would be tough to say, we have priests obviously, as well as people of the cloth and zealots, but they respect the gods more than worship.” –he said thinking of how to explain it- “In the human towns I have seen people go to buildings for praising their gods we have no such things in the city, as we consider the city and our bodies to be gifts for the gods, thus we live our lives by their rules, we are religious but there are no ceremonies to celebrate them outside of our paintings and songs” –he said bluntly as he tilted his head back and forth watching the dragons zoom around- “Even marriage celebrations are quite on the down low as they are done to preserve blood lines, we do not find need for romance in such things as it leads to a trail away from the path” –he said as he leaned against the wall thinking of his late partner- “otherwise, those of us in the Guardians keep the old ways alive…no matter what course of actions needs to be taken…and one day we may need to intervene in this world should the gods tell it…this world is far dirtier than I ever imagined. I was at a tavern not long before I came here…there were men who wanted to take my eye, for what reason I do not know, it is a sign of betrayal and anger yet the men seemed to see it as something to sell. It was quite sickening to see” –Trev cracked a knuckle silently for a moment- “I did what was needed to punish his actions but people around me seemed fearful of my actions, as if what I had done was evil, even the manager of the inn who pushed evils of liquor onto others wanted money for the mess I had made…it was pathetic” –he said in a dark tone before he looked up at Anaya- “tell me First born what would you do to people who seek trouble? Who have no value in this world? Are they worth the time to fix?” –he inquired as he looked at the table if it had any fruit-

XxCrimsonMayhemxX: -As he hears the mounted man Disappeared in to the distance he would emerge from under the small snow covered tree and to himself. Where did the man come from and what was he doing out in the middle of the wilds. was he lost, was he looking someone or was he simply just out for a ride. Not knowing the reason or had ever seen the insignia on him he wondered if he should follow the mans tracks they could lead him to a town or in the least shelter from the cold. He would decide to chance it and see where the man had gone. He started to walk along the horses tracks but remained cautious. after about an hour of following the trail it would lead him to the edge of the forest where in the distance he would see a large village at the bottom of a massive castle sitting atop of a hill. He would sit on the edge of the forest watching the village from afar waiting to see if he was safe to travel within the streets.-

Anaya: Ryu tried to grab the clay dish with the sweet smelling pearls as Anaya snarled and snapped at him forcing him to recoil and trot off to bugger with the maids and cooked who were feeding Noki, hatchlings seemed to have a belly that could never truly be filled but it would be nice after there meal that they would sleep for a while to digest in the sun. she let out a sign as she looked back at Trev “if a being holds no worth to me or this crown they get tossed aside to allow the world to lay judgment or killed it they wish to press the matter of how they will force me into allowing them to stay. As for things such as worship, we the dragon have always seen it as such, some just partake to worship as less a godly thing, and a more we respect you but yet sing songs about you and make story's about you, humans have made a book about there god yet they have never seen it, at least if you worship a dragon and look hard enough you can really find one” she gave a chuckle as she got up from her chair and brushed off the clutter that the hatchlings had made on the table. A maid came over with Anaya's mint tea and a ice round in the glass as Anaya happily took it and took a drink enjoying it. “would you care to come with me to the gardens, I have a tree to set on fire and ground to bless, we had a intruder that made the choice to place a cursed idol on my ground”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev chuckled at Anaya's words, While yes Elves held great respect for dragon being the first born the gods were real and they had been seen, unlike the humans who worshiped something unseen the Grey elves had scripts written by the gods that could be seen by all and was written in a script that could be found in ruins all over the world as Trev nodded at Anaya and bowed- “I would be glad to and if you wish perhaps I shall show you how the Grey elves bless and cleanse the areas of the old ways?” –he inquired as he smiled fallowing Anaya to the garden and looked out the windows quietly as they walked.- “I am glad you are not one to stop the old rules from being permitted, the guards did not stop me either, the man was punished for the taboo of greed, taboo of theft, and the tenant of sobriety as such I slowly put pressure on his head until it would rival that of a troll smash, his skull slowly began to crack and a lovely crimson painted the room, it would have been a lovely art piece had he not been such a slob with his body…” –he sighed slightly- “The blood smelt dreadful like that of a sinner or dirt elf, and his body was misshapen for what was supposed to be a worker, he hand layers of fat all over him and seemed to possess breasts that are more akin to a woman’s body than a man’s, it was quite strange” –he shrugged and continued to fallow watching the dragonlings run about- “they are quite cheerful are they not? Yet they know not of their lineage yet…nor their true form” –he smiled happily at the thought-

Anaya: As Anaya walked they left the dinning hall behind and the youngsters followed jumping and running a head of there mother. “yes they are filled with energy, and they are in there true form and I am not, they have yet to learn how to change to that of a more human like appearance like I do as they are only two days old, they have much growing to do. They know they came from my bloodline but the past is still something they will learn and take in over time. As all children need to learn with time so will they, but as others of scale they know how yo hunt and eat and defend themselves, really it is all they need to know at point of hatchling” she walked over to a side door a guard opening it for her and Trev so Anaya would not have to. She saw the snow all over the place and she gave a sourer face. Not only was the snow on the ground but it was falling form the sky. She moved her hand taking a large cover from the doors side, in winter the guards crafted large sheets of leather over wooden frames to help Anaya and others be shielded from the snow if it was falling and she had to go outside. But nothing did protect her feet as she never had anything on them hating human foot coverings more then she hated clothing. She took a breath as she stepped out into the ice cold wet snow and the skin on her feet started to burn. She let out a muffled hiss as she kept walking ignoring the pain as her skin healed and regrowed over her feet only to be burned off again in the loop that was her and waters embrace. Deep blue royal blood foot steps marked her path as she went out into deeper snow it went past her ankles and burned every bit of skin it touched. But the cover she held kept the snow from her face and head so she would be alright in the end. “the garden is this way” she told Trev as her youngster ran a head to roll in the piles of snow, in the end they were not pure gold and did not inharet there mothers curse witch she was glad for, or at least the curse had yet to kick in.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev thought for a moment- “quite the young-lings eh….how interesting, how will you teach them I wonder” –he inquired as he looked at Anaya as she looked a bit uncomfortable in the snow as he thought to himself something- “it seems you are not a fan of the snow…” – he said off handedly as he whispered something softly in the old tongue- “Aries Dragon of the East wind” –he said as he put his hand out and smiled softly- “spirits….my apologies” –he said as a quick blast of wind seemed to clear their path of snow as blood began pouring from Trev’s eye and ears as he coughed a bit as he was thankful it wasn’t too heavy a burden this time as he attempted to hide this pain with a smile as he saw the snow was also causing an issue as he watched her bleed from the snow as would take off his jerkin revealing his body as he used his weapons to make a shabby but effective umbrella of sorts as he held it over Anaya's. Trev’s body was quite well built but had two large scars going from his neck to his waist looking as if he was cut open at some point as the brands where numerous seeming to transform his skin from grey to black as they pulsated quietly as the snow seemed to not even wish to touch his body as spirits rarely enjoyed being around a branded, was an old saying of the elves.- “my apologies for disrobing and looking so shoddily before you First Born DeLaRose, but your health is quite important….and letting the spirits taste you blood is quite a waste.” –he said fallowing her closely to keep the makeshift umbrella over her as he smiled quietly once more waiting for her response on the cleansing as he looked around at the garden- “such pain….something has hurt the spirits deeply…and I’m sure it was not Aries” –he said solemnly before making a silent prayer with his free hand for the spirits that hold this land together-

XxCrimsonMayhemxX: -Slowly emerging from the edge of the forest he would make his way towards the village making sure to keep his guard up not knowing what to expect. As the village grows in size he would spot 2 young men walking along the street in front of what looked to be a tavern. He would continue to walk towards them m,raking sure not to take his eyes off them. As he would reach the door to the tavern he would slowly push the door open and walk in. Standing there he would look around the room noticing there was only 3 people in the tavern not including the lady behind the bar. 2 older men sitting in the left corner when he came in didn't even bother to raise there heads to take notice of who had entered and a young girl no more then 15 years of age sitting by the fire. Not seeing a threat he would make his way to the fire sitting across from the young girl with a smile on his face as he place his hands over the flames embracing the heat he had not felt in along time.-

Anaya: they got to the garden and within the frozen landscape of dead and white flowers and small oddly alive cold weather Lilly, there peddles blue and adding a dash of color. There was this massive tree standing a good twenty to twenty five feet tall a human woman's dead body grafted within its trunk. To the side of the tree was two dead trolls others were unable to move and a wolf siting at the edge of the tree beside blood stained snow with its head down looking upon the ground. The baby's backed away from the tree knowing it was evil and running over to there mother as the snow around its trunk was black. “it is alright my children, go play in the white snow and keep back from this idol of the evil ones” as Trev tried the shield her from the weather and moved the snow from her feet she smiled “it is alright, and no I and water no matter what form it is in do not get along, when this world was young and the dragon was sent to protect this world by the gods above us my bloodline was cursed as the dragon was greedy and stole power from the other guardians of this world, killing the one of the sky and stealing its wings, so our bloodline was cursed to never be able to go to the lands of the sea and to forever be harmed by water. The gods thought it was a good plan to keep us from trying to take over the seas” she still burned when each snow flake fell to the ground and touched her skin but with Trevs help it was less painful by far. “there it is, the tree and the disaster the unwelcome guest caused. I do not understand why some would place something this grotesque on someone else back step. I was told the male, from the looks of it male, was forced to flee into the woods, we lost two trolls, a pack mate to the wolves and one guards man”

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DarkDelaMorte: -Trev looked at the tree silently and tilted his head back and forth examining the object with some interest as he licked his lip- “shame your guards did not catch him I would very much have liked to play with this man, I wonder how long he would take the words of Erebus the Fallen Dragon” –he said with a playful smile- “such a beautiful sounds people make, if you can harmonize enough people correctly it creates a wonderful melody” –he extends the blades, which he used for the hilt of the umbrella, to implant it into the ground as he examined the idol and the tree on closer inspection and laced his hand on the tree and shook his head- “the spirits have left this one…I wonder what sort of idol this is…” –he would sniff it a bit and take a step back- “Perhaps….no…maybe? not that” –he surmised for a moment the snow falling onto the jerkin and sliding off to the side making sure It didn’t hit Anaya as he sighed and rubbed his head- “this is an odd assortment….it looks to stem from several different regions yet has none of the qualities pointing to a single place” –he said as he looked to Anaya- “Do you recognize it?” –he spoke as he walked over and picked up the umbrella once more unextending the blades so he was able to walk by her side and keep her protected from the snow rather than watch it consume her form- “how annoying loosing so many…but they are replaceable no? to a being such as yourself…I’m sure they are worth nothing to you” –he said this with a bit of a chilly nature to see how she would react, yet he stayed respectful as he smiled softly seeming to enjoy this conversation as he awaited to hear what she did.

Anaya: “i can replace guards men like nothing as we gain all our guards from the local prison, working to lower there sentences, then a select few truly sign up for the job, it seems guards die here all the time if it is not random strangers killing them it is the cult members down in the city that have bin running a muk. But the wolves are not able to be replaced we only have four of them and now we are down to three and it will take the others a while to recover from the loss of there brother. We hold a small breeding camp for our wolves down in Mill-Mire a small grain town beyond this city. It will take another year to gain more pups. And for the cave trolls I can get more but it will take at least a month for the trolls to walk down from the mountains to the east. It would be wonderful if things were done right away but here they are not” she moved her hand as her skin started to glow as flames sparked from it and covered the skin “move back and I shall bird the a cursed tree to the ground then you may bless the ground how ever you wish to remove the blackened snow. I will be lucky if our roses grow this spring due to who ever was stupid enough to plant there foot in the land this way. We have no idea who the male was but we are guessing it was a cultist action, something to say we were here. I will be glad when they all die ”
DarkDelaMorte: -Trev stands there watching quietly listening growing a bit bored now as he stares at the snow quietly as he uses his foot to push it around into a donuts as he awaits for First Born DeLaRose to finish her preparations as he listen about the cult with some interest now- “cult huh….wonder if they would be fun to play with” –he muses aloud as he wonders how many ways he can use their organs to strangle their loved ones as he mumbled to himself- “huh wonder if I could use one of their bones to crucify another…or perhaps use ones teeth as a small scalpel and slowly peel the skin off their lover and vice versa….than use the acids in their body to burn out one anothers eyeballs….” –Trev said aloud once more as it seemed he had little fear nor care of how this sounded. The guardians of the grey elves were not one group but an organization of multiple groups that had different functions, Protectors, Searches, Hunter, Readers, Killer’s, Torturers, and Body Getters. All of these allowed for the society to work as many of these group interloped, before he was banished Trev was assigned to the Torturers sect as hos connection to three Dragons gave him a very specific set of skills that allowed him to be quite brutal in his interrogations, in one instance he used Trognor’s fire to light the man’s blood stream on fire before metal shards began jutting out of his body, the shard which he then used to slowly press this man onto his wife whom the both of them had committed two taboo’s, what had not been told to Trev was that he had done this to his own parents, as Sinners have their faces bound and hidden for society, thus Trev was never told nor aware of this fact.-

Anaya: “for a man of the gods you are not overly holy” she said softly as she pointed her fingers from her as flames shot form her hands to engulf the tree were it stood. She watched as the flames took over the tree melting the body that was left within it and giving a horrible stench to the air. Her children had both stopped fighting each other to look at the tree set a blaze by there mother, they had not yet grown old enough to learn there own flames but as soon as they saw there mother do it they started trying themselves to blow fire from there mouths not having any or even near success with the task.  She gave a chuckle as she watched them putting her hand down as she let the tree burn, her fire would burn faster then a normal flame as it was so much hotter it burned a bright blue and with the evil of the tree flames of blue black and green filled the afternoon air. Anaya looked to Trev as she watched the tree still lingering in its burning, it would take a little bit for the full tree to be burned down to nothing but in that time the children could enjoy the snow as Anaya watched them, they had to enjoy it wall it lasts and wall they were able to feel it on them. As she watched her little male play and roll on his sister it all reminded her of Sam and how she missed him, he had bin gone all morning and now it was afternoon the maid said he would be back soon. She let out a breath and wished she could be in his arms right now, just to hold her and keep the snow from touching her, and to play with his son as he should. There second day on Valaria and there father was not able to be with them, the joys of owning a kingdom and things needed to be done only he could do. She looked back to Trev “alright you may bless the ground here and show me what you wished me to see. It should be burned down now enough for you to be able to bless around and under it so your blessings can destroy the roots” she paused for a moment before she kept going “blessings and holy man work will be your main task here, I hope it will suffice as I am taking it you enjoy brutal pass times and punishing wrong doers. You will not need to do that here, your old life is to be left in your past were it belongs”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev chuckled and smiled playfully- “Even if I am a man of the gods it does not mean I bend over for them, I am a bit more assertive than my peers” –he said. He waited for her to leave as he would walk forward watching the tree blaze itself down as he smiled watching it with glee as he nodded and took a deep breath. He would toss his jerk to the side and pull out his weapons setting a barrier around him silently. His six blades at his waist where placed in a star of sort, each representing a point of balance of the original six gods. Leos of the North Star, Area His wife at the North East Star, Bershamoon the North West star whom battled Leos eons ago, Sanguine the South Star, Odin the West Star, Buddha the East Star, Freyja the South West Star, and Osiris the South East Star. Each point represented the birth of a new religion as their names had changed over time, thus many would not recognize their names even if they were said allowed as it seemed the world had moved on. Thus it was up to the elves of the Grey to keep these principles in check and while this was quite a bit of power it weighed heavily on the body as this was not a power Trev used lightly, it was in fact a place in which Trev used his body as a conduit for the gods, this would clear this place of harm and cleanse it for the gods but at the same time would destroy his body in many ways. Trev was aware of all of this but did not case as he enjoyed this pain after so long panting now that he was alone and laughed not caring who watched as his blood began to boil slowly from the power as it awaited its release from the seals as his brands began to grow slightly causing the smell of burning flesh to reach the air. These points represent the balance needed for this world as Trev than pulled out the Three key daggers on his back and began sating a quiet blessing- “Let the Roses of the six points revive the spirits, let not your words be forgotten, Let thy blood be your path to regrow that which has been lost” –he rammed the three blades into the key hole son his arm and twisted them as the cylinders keeping his emotions and aura in check loose as suddenly the air would shift as blood began to pour from his arm splashing the ground with what looked like black blood as he smiled in glee and laughed loudly not caring who watched as the blood seemed to move and wrap around the blades snow being picked up in winds as Trev continued- “Ares Dragon of the wind, Trognor Dragon of the Black Steel, Machun Dragon of the Red Earth, Erebus Dragon of the Defiled gods, Verilses the Forgotten Dragon, Victory the Golden Dragon of Vanity and Greed, and finally Ragnarok the Dragon of the final decision!!” –Trev pulled out his slender saw bladed sword on his back slamming it into the ground in-between all the points of balance as the black blood and forces of the mantras spread forth spreading through the entire garden as it began to glow slightly the spirits moving around on high as a force of aura could be felt by most with even the slightest affiliation for such a thing around the castle as after a few moments the ground was clear of snow the bushes green as if a rebirth had occurred every which way as the winds outside died down as Trev dropped to one knee ready for the punishment and payment for his actions as he watched the points of balance shake slightly as suddenly he felt all of his blood began to boil to such a degree that some of his scars began to open causing his blood to spill out on the ground. Trev screamed in agony whilst also laughing at the pain seeming to be unable to control himself as his body shook from the pain his payment being harsher than before as he began throwing up blood profusely staining the ground around him with dark and crimson blood as streams of tears and blood poured from his eyes as after a few moments Trev laid there unable to move his body twitching every few moments as he simply breathed as his wound slowly bled out as he knew this would not be the death of him as this was not as bad as his Traitor ritual itself as he began to count slowly backwards- “Ten, Kyu, Acht, Sedm, ses, Wu, Pedwar, hiru, hai, bir” –he spoke softly and slowly as he simply kept himself stable at the moment his bodies healing factor kicking in as his skin felt on fire as the cold air and snow felt like a blessing of sorts as he simply waited for his release from this pain as his eye was completely purple at this point.-

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-Trev chuckled and smiled playfully- “Even if I am a man of the gods it does not mean I bend over for them, I am a bit more assertive than my peers” –he said. He waited for her to leave as he would walk forward watching the tree blaze itself down as he smiled watching it with glee as he nodded and took a deep breath. He would toss his jerk to the side and pull out his weapons setting a barrier around him silently. His six blades at his waist where placed in a star of sort, each representing a point of balance of the original six gods. Leos of the North Star, Area His wife at the North East Star, Bershamoon the North West star whom battled Leos eons ago, Sanguine the South Star, Odin the West Star, Buddha the East Star, Freyja the South West Star, and Osiris the South East Star. Each point represented the birth of a new religion as their names had changed over time, thus many would not recognize their names even if they were said allowed as it seemed the world had moved on. Thus it was up to the elves of the Grey to keep these principles in check and while this was quite a bit of power it weighed heavily on the body as this was not a power Trev used lightly, it was in fact a place in which Trev used his body as a conduit for the gods, this would clear this place of harm and cleanse it for the gods but at the same time would destroy his body in many ways. Trev was aware of all of this but did not case as he enjoyed this pain after so long panting now that he was alone and laughed not caring who watched as his blood began to boil slowly from the power as it awaited its release from the seals as his brands began to grow slightly causing the smell of burning flesh to reach the air. These points represent the balance needed for this world as Trev than pulled out the Three key daggers on his back and began sating a quiet blessing- “Let the Roses of the six points revive the spirits, let not your words be forgotten, Let thy blood be your path to regrow that which has been lost” –he rammed the three blades into the key hole son his arm and twisted them as the cylinders keeping his emotions and aura in check loose as suddenly the air would shift as blood began to pour from his arm splashing the ground with what looked like black blood as he smiled in glee and laughed loudly not caring who watched as the blood seemed to move and wrap around the blades snow being picked up in winds as Trev continued-

“Ares Dragon of the wind You whom were the first of your kind, the one who breathed life into your brethren and gave us elves a purpose. I apologize on behalf of my brethren whom have turned their backs on your ways even if they take your gifts for granted. Was it not your choice to give the Elves of Old names? Was it not your choice to let us free from our chains from your brethren whom knew nothing of this life? I say aye to your ways and speak the words of your brother in kinds so it shall be the only true way to become something in this life. Trognor Dragon of the Black Steel, Let thy judgment on those who know not of your strength be swift. Death shall be the last name of your words as thus your breath turn to ash and thus build the metal we hold so dear Power upon power, and steel upon dust! Let not the Words of your produce become nothing more than a solemn pass, I shall be the one who raises your flag and let the blood of old become anew as the land is reshaped through the eyes of the Gods. Machun Dragon of the Red Earth Let thy words be heard through the rain, rocks shall strike the earth and fire shall raise from the sky, First turn to air, Air to lava, and darkness to light, Never shall words of sorrow be spoken so long as your lineage keeps on moving forward. Let not words of the past become darkened and light fall, for you are the only one who may make this world whole once more!  For this one shall carry your mantel into the future your air be swift and your eyes anew.” –at this point Trev’s body would glow its normal colours but the pain of this land ran deep as it was only his job to go and make sure it was healed, as such Trev put his body on the line to make sure it was put in order for sure as he began to read of the other dragons of old to purify this land for good, no evil shall walk this land, nor should trespasser be able to do anything of note as he smiled happily.- “Erebus Dragon of the Defiled gods You are my only ancestor I can name, for your words are the binding of my skin and the blood I hold so dear, you gave me life while others turned away and it through your ways I walk, through your ways I keep my kind as those of old know not of your ways nor your blood, you whom were second born brother to the first gave us elves intelligence to move while your brother forgot so dear to give us anything to do as it was freedom he sought not teaching. You taught the ways of new and let others decide what to do, they betrayed you in turn yet I shall be your word, let all who betray you die in kind and let their names be our guide!!!

–Trev’s skin grew darker as he laughed in glee as his blood boiled with the ancients he was given for his punishment as it turned out to be a boon. - “ Verilses the Forgotten Dragon You who were second betrayed have not granted me your power as of yet, but know I shall never forget your name your kin still walk this land as I seek them for your clan, I despise others who leave your way for you were the third to the old name. I shall seek your place of rest and release you one day yet. For thy powers bet true and my heart be solid for the forgotten dragon is but the god of fallen. Yes I know of your past the one who loved mortals more than the rest and was punished for such lend me your hand and we shall find the others who fallow your name in this time. Victory the Golden Dragon of Vanity and Greed you whom are this DeLaRose’s greed, you are the one who gave her life yet you seek to hide in plain sight I have seen your eyes in the sky your heart still beats for her life yet you took it ever so quietly the dragon of many colours be your vanity. Eat upon thy blood if you will but know your kin is in need of your will as such I shall ask thee please time to come out fo hiding and help those whom are in need. And finally Ragnarok the Dragon of the final decision your words and deeds make every move in this world, yet many know not of your name as they fear tis consequences to this day!! I shall be your sword and your brothers blood for you gave birth to the first above, I am the catalyst for your words and your deed for none can ever see the lights of Athens, for you destroyed the last remnants of those whom attempted to worship you in their homes, what fools they were to attempt to take your power for their own without an idea of what was at stake.” –Trev pulled out his slender saw bladed sword on his back slamming it into the ground in-between all the points of balance as the black blood and forces of the mantras spread forth spreading through the entire garden as it began to glow slightly the spirits moving around on high as a force of aura could be felt by most with even the slightest affiliation for such a thing around the castle.  Black fire began to spread form the black blood digging into the earth which cracked and reformed over and overs destroying the greed and bile from the land as a soft wind blew out the dust and ashes of the old. Golden lights reigned from above surrounded by mist long since forgotten by the gods as Vanity and forgotten realms helped heal the realm itself. Finally a clock could be heard in Treves mind causing un imaginable pain as the blood was washed away from the soil as a new plant would grow in that spot in time a tree protected by the gods as the pain was unbearable to mortals as Treves ears began to bleed for the first punishment. After a few moments the ground was clear of snow the bushes green as if a rebirth had occurred every which way as the winds outside died down as Trev dropped to one knee ready for the punishment and payment for his actions as he watched the points of balance shake slightly as suddenly he felt all of his blood began to boil to such a degree that some of his scars began to open causing his blood to spill out on the ground. Trev screamed in agony whilst also laughing at the pain seeming to be unable to control himself as his body shook from the pain his payment being harsher than before as he began throwing up blood profusely staining the ground around him with dark and crimson blood as streams of tears and blood poured from his eyes as after a few moments Trev laid there unable to move his body twitching every few moments as he simply breathed as his wound slowly bled out as he knew this would not be the death of him as this was not as bad as his Traitor ritual itself as he began to count slowly backwards-

“Ten, Kyu, Acht, Sedm, ses, Wu,  Pedwar, hiru, hai, bir” –he spoke softly and slowly as he simply kept himself stable at the moment his bodies healing factor kicking in as his skin felt on fire as the cold air and snow felt like a blessing of sorts as he simply waited for his release from this pain as his eye was completely purple at this point. He breathed some harsh breaths as his entire body was in shock his scars and brands continued to inflict pain as the clock in his brain slowly ticked away giving him a moment to breathe before the pain would start again. Thus once the clocks topped his body shook and went into more shocks his eyes and nose spurting out blood as his arm began to shake out of control  The swords keeping him bound inside his cage he made to keep the pain from spreading to others in the vicinity, if anyone tried to touch him during this time they would be pushed back and given a small shock as the gods would not let a payment be interrupted as if Trev died so be it but they knew how to hold back as many of them seemed happy and almost jovial to be mentioned once more as the land was cleansed it was a good purpose for many of them had never done before. Thus it was it finally ended as Trev laid their barely conscious as he waited for people to come his swords falling down to break the balance as a soft whisper said, you are forgiven for some of your deeds, let the first born know if you want true reprieve. This was a choice for Trev after his deed to see what would occur if he chose pain it would never end nor be reprieved but this was a moment to allow him to be free of brands as a whisper of spirits would tell Anaya the same option but also to let her know she could only have one sentence of persuasion. This was to be a change for sure but at what cost? It was never such an easy path to take in order to create a new path, as for Trev he had spent almost forty years on this path, it had been his way of life, how would one simply change their way after having completed their journey. Trev’s was to find the a decadent of the first in order to deliver the book of ages than to do an act of kindness for said descendent, this was all too simple in his mind as it did not seem to have any repentance. Was there such thing as forgiveness twas not for him to decide as the gods had done it for him yet Trev was not sure what this meant for him, as he had no clue what this sort of life would do for him, he could not return to his people nor could he build a new one, he was still a loyalist to the tenants and taboo’s yet the gods wanted to release him from his brands, was this forgiveness or punishment he wondered. Yet such things were out of his eyes, he was as he always has been the Blood line to the traitor. The branding process differs person to person, starting with the brands as skin samples were taken to see what concoction could be made with the skin in order to not be rejected from the body. Next the brands were created using blood from Ragnarok and enchanted by the matriarch and patriarch of balance both of whom were halves. This process took altogether ten years of time in which the person in question would begin the replacement process in order to one, keep an eye on their brethren, and two to make sure not to much elven blood would be spilled on the land. Usually the blood would consume the elven blood over the next twenty years which would lead a betrayer to either become a beast of nature, die, or simply become an invalid of sorts as they were simply consumed by beasts who smelled the power radiating from the betrayer, but in Trev’s case it was an oddity for sure. Usually drops of Erebus’s blood is used to bind the brands to the person in question but in this case the entire blood batch was needed to implement the brands correctly meaning one third of Trev’s Elven blood was extracted in order to put in the blood of the Fallen Dragon, as such while the brands could be removed it was a question of how it would affect Trev’s body that was the major question as without the brands would the blood overtake the body itself making a hybrid? It was a disturbing question for sure as already the influence of so much blood of the dragons in Trev had caused small mutations on his body. Thus the need for the betrayer’s item was implanted to keep this from spreading under the guise of a harsher punishment. The first being the eye of the betrayer, this would cause a burning sensation in the eye that would keep the skin charred with magic in order to make sure they kept the blood in check, at the same time It allowed for the user to see better in different lights and as well see spirits which was a rarity, but its costs was that of the other eye becoming blind. Next was the gauntlet of the fallen, which was shaped like a young dragons claw but made from the metal of Trognor, this was used mostly in ceremony to represent plays of time but in this case it had been seared and burned into Trev’s right hand in order to keep his aura and emotions in check as they could not send him into the world with the mood balancing potions. Next was the sealed glove which made it impossible for Trev to use his mantras correctly without a heavy payment as well to keep him loyal to the people, three cylinders where implanted into his arm that had locks on them into his aura network, next they were locked with special keys trev kept on his shoulder but was taught never to use them unless it was needed for balance, this way it halted any modifications to his body as they thought of him becoming something other than a grey elf scared the society he was raised in yet it was in part their fault.

In retrospect one might consider this to be a bad idea as it simply gave Trev more of a harsh choice to make believing himself to be a sinner in mind and body led him to this attitude that had kept him alive for almost fifty years.-

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-Trev looked around quietly at the gardens seeing it slowly change back to its old ways. Despite it being winter the ground were cleared as the sun seemed to shine through the sky on this one spot as the ritual spell that had been used was quite a powerful one as Trev found it quite hard to move him self. His body was stiff and almost unable to do anything for a moment as he simply laid on the ground for a moment catching his breath. A calm wind blew past him almost as if caressing his face as he smiled and chuckled then suddenly he began to gasp for a moment the soft wind reminding him of a dark image as he caught his breath quietly. His hands shook quietly as he looked down at his hands and put his face in them quietly shaking as he apologized to someone. After a moment he caught himself and stood up slowly as he began to move back towards the castle after seeing the sky begin to close once more as the ground were still clear of any snow as well as any dead plants as the ritual was one of rejuvenation as these plants would last until next winter unless acted upon by an outside force. Trev reentered the castle and looked to Anaya quietly for a moment before going to his chambers as he did not want to see the First Born Anaya at the moment, not out of fear but guilt.-

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Scornful: The Land of Pyros was settling, evening time having come quicker than usual as the sun was setting over the horizon, casting a clear orange and faded red blaze within the cloudless cold Mid-December Sky. Snow had finally settled on the ground, sticking and staying, covering the trees and roofs of many homes, even the largest city, The Iron City had its very roofs coated in this soft cold white powder. At the very gates of The Iron City stood the Guards, horses and carriages from people whom were both coming and leaving, or those whom were unfortunate to have to walk back to their homeland on foot in this cold time of the year. The smell of dinner was wafting all throughout the Iron City, from fresh warm bread straight out of the oven, to the juiciest of meats and warmest of meads from the famous Bar within the city known as Hogs Water, which was also next to the Brothel, a rather popular place as well. Plenty of people in cloaks and warm winter time furs were hurrying back and forth through the city, doing their Christmas shopping, children having snowball fights, men roaring with laughter in the many bars, all was pretty much jolly this season. Though, from the outside of the City, in the vast forest was a man traveling towards the city. As he walked through the snow silently, not making a single sound even with each foot step, he made his way out of the thick of the Forest and to an opening, giving him a clear view of the Iron City and all its vast Glory. The sun blazed behind this man, casting his Shadow to a large extreme that it covered the cliff side of which he was standing on. If one were to look closely enough, it could be seen that this man had very pale skin, icy blue eyes, and long dark brown hair. He appeared to be at least 25 or older, standing approximately 6 foot 4 and weighing around 230 pounds. His attire consisted of a dark-steel cuirass, dark-steel gauntlets, dark-steel faults with a black gamb under them, and dark-steel boots. He pressed his palm against a tree and breathed in calmly through his nose, smelling the fresh winter air and piney forest, before exhaling through his mouth. The man then looks down the cliff, noticing a shadow casted off some rocks that had fallen. He then steps back for a moment, taking another deep breath, before running towards the edge of the cliff and jumping off, diving straight down towards the shadow as he channeled his mana so that he sunk within the shadow the moment he touched it. The man then begins shadow hopping towards the Iron City from various shadows casted by trees, until he had reached the very entrance. He finally rematerialized to his true form, panting and brushing off some snow from his fur cape, before making his way into the city along with some other crowds of people. He looked around, his icy blue eyes examining every shop, person, various guards, weapons for sale, etc. He then spotted a Bar/Inn called Hogs Water, in which he raised a brow to the name but thought nothing more of it. He then makes his way over to the bar, opening the door gently and stepping in. The bar was very very warm, filled with many men drinking, roaring with laughter, bar-maidens going back and forth to serve drinks. He made his way over to the bar stool and took a seat, just as a Bar-Maiden walked over and gave him a rather interested look, as if she was attracted by his features. "And what can I get you hun?" She spoke out, in which he replied, "A pint of water would be fine." She giggled a bit to this, before heading off to the back to get his water, in which two men sitting by him spoke out in chuckles. "Are you a damn light-weight boy? Never had a drink in your life? Surely you'd like a mug of Honey Mead?" He kept his gaze on the bar, shaking his head and speaking out silently. "No, as good as it sounds its not what I'd like to drink right now." The Bar-Maiden had then brought him his drink, in which he smiled at her and took out 2 gold pieces and set them down on the counter for her. "Hm. So you're not interested in the mead, well suit yourself. So whats your name lad?" The man spoke to him, right as he was finishing his pint of water, setting the glass back down on the bar. He then turned and looked at the man, giving him a blank expression as he spoke out his name. "Tesh Keimo."

FiliaIsaSaton: The wind blew against her raven black hair, as it did she would brush her hair from her face with her hand. This would reveal a mark, an odd shape like white star on her dark skin in the middle of her forehead. This would be what human would see as to them she was no diff from a dark skin woman. But in truth she was not, she was very different. She was a unicorn and not just any unicorn but a black unicorn. In this she was rare as most unicorns born under the blood moon were killed by the heard or latter sur come to the cures they were born with. The blood moon often cast any foal born under it in to darkness this gives the foal a shadow like power. This could be considered a gift if it weren’t for the curse to it. When a black unicorn it born they often are killed before the darkness can destroy the heart and kill the soul. Many once gain a thirst for power fade into the darkness they bodies will rot and the emptiness of their soulless bodies will begin to thirst for fresh souls. But Raven was of a good heart and as a young foal she learns control and balance. She dwelled little on this really her adopted mother would not allow her to do so. Raven miss her mother, unfortunately humans do not live long. Raven would drift along the streets her tail and hoofs hidden by her plum colored dress. She would look at the people around her thinking of her mother’s pale skin and milk blue eyes. The vender would be yelling out about their goods and she could hear fighting and yelling from the distant ace, she would giggle “mm bless it be the sounds of the town life” in truth this was her first visit here but she had seemed to feel that they must be the same everywhere. It was then she spotted a book at the book vender. The book was old and faded as she stepped closer she to the book vendor she went to reach for the book “you better be able to pay lady “she heard from the man running the vender “oo umm yes, yes I can pay “she nodded at her as she showed him her purse. She paid him and took the book. This was not her norm as she like to look at the book first. As she opens the book she was not disappointed and begin to sit by a tree and read.

Anaya: “Coin for the cold” the spit covered chest of the slum dweller quivered in the cold of the evening as bear feet walked down the snow covered stone walkway that led from the castle to town. Fully cloaked she dressed in a white pull over shawl and hood white fur trimmed the hood and shoulders as she kept her chilled hands in leather pockets.  Red eyes looked out from under the hood as she tossed a golden coin to the begger “go get yourself a meal good sir, make sure it is not spent on ale, the Empress would not be plased to have her coin spent on foolish things” the begger gave a look as his underbrush hair fell in his face his beard touching his chest were the last drools of his sleep lingered and were picked up by the fibers. She could hardly stand his smell but smiled softly to him and kept walking as he said nothing but just paused in silence and wonder.  Walking past she steped in a puddle of snow and she gave a light hiss, it burned her foot and as she healed back up there was a faint faded blue foot step in the snow. Walking into hogs water she let out a breath as it was much warmer in here, she steped to the bar top hearing the sounds of pesents and people asking for orders a bar maid in the back complaining as a man had touched her backside. She put a golden join in the counter top “your best Ale please” she said softly her voice so clean and crisp as she never took off the hood or looked up. “yes miss will come in a moment, more orders to fill you know” “it is no rush see to the others before me, i will enjoy relaxing” “thank ya miss your name? For the order” “no name good sir, get to me when able” she said softly and sat at the bar enjoying being out.

TheLadySif: A lone figure stood practically in the middle of the road just outside the brothel in town as others walked past. Covered in a heavy yet bright white hooded cloak, the figure was apparently staring at a small map, no more than 8 inches by 11 inches big. The wind created ripples in the cloak as carriages, children and other slightly annoyed villagers brushed past. With one particular bump from a large man, the hood of the cloak fell back to reveal the figure. As the man turned in aggravation, obviously a bit drunk, he began to berate them. “Why don’t ye stand some’ere else! Cant ya see this is a busy…” He freezes as he looks back and turns completely. Bright, cool hazel green eyes stared back at him calmly set into a round face. The wind let up, allowing for a veil of white hair to fall back around the woman’s eyes. Full lips painted in a dark violet color parted ever so slightly as she blinked rapidly. Surprise and nervousness flashed before her eyes for but an instant before she turned to face him and bowed her head once. The man cleared his throat and pushed his hair back as he walked even closer to her. “Well greetings lov’ey, pard’n that rudeness I hadn’t seen ya clearly.” She leans back slightly as she puts her map away, wrinkling her sensitive nose at the stench of alcohol. With no intention of continuing the conversation, she simply turns to walk on. Unfortunately the man wanted otherwise and grabbed her by the scruff of her cloak and tugged her to the side of the road. “Ah, sir I would advise against this behavior. I simply do not have the time.” Wriggling, she pulls her hood back over her head, as her initial intention was not to draw attention. The man chuckles then turns her to face him, breathing down into her face. “Heh, c’mon lov’ey, show me a good time?"

Scornful: The man took another sip of his mead, before repeating his name to Tesh, "Tesh Keimo, aye?" Tesh simply nodded to the man, remaining quiet as he looked around the bar, looking at all happy cheery folks, it brought him a rather content feeling. He finally felt calm, relaxed after a long journey from his former home-land to this land. Tesh then stands up, stretching and yawning slightly as he made his way to the door. Though the man he had been speaking to stood up and placed his hand on Tesh's furry shoulder, in which Tesh stopped and turning around, looking at the man as he spoke out softly. "Pardon?" The man smiled deviously at Tesh, looking up and down at his armor before speaking out with a stench of alcohaul, "Listen lad, I know we've only just met, but you seem like you're able to handle yourself." Tesh remained quiet and listened to the man, raising a brow as he spoke to him and continued babbling on with whatever it is he was saying. "No one in here is paying all that much attention, everyone's too happy and filled with mead to pay mind. So how about I make you an offer?" Tesh looked around at the other people for a moment, seeing that indeed they were all cheery and obviously not paying attention, "Okay then. I'm listening." The man grinned maliciously, before leaning up to whisper into Tesh's ear. "So, this dump of a popular place we're standing in, is going bad for business in my case. And I need a few, ahem, deaths to take place aye? From some of the bar maidens. A simple poison oughta do it, and you'll be well paid if you do it." Tesh leaned back a bit and reached up, taking the man's hand off his shoulder as he shook his head, declining the offer "Grab some other idiot to do your dirty work." The man smirked and reached down, pulling out a dagger and pressing it to Tesh's back in which Tesh turned around and grabbed the short man by the throat and began lifting him up, choking him as Tesh glared at him. "You dare put a knife to my back because I won't cooperate in killing the women that work here, so you can mooch off their losses? You disgust me, entirely." Tesh then proceed to turn and slam the man down on the nearest wooden table, breaking it in half. He looked around at all the people whom had stared at him bewildered, before he reached down and pulled out a pouch full of gold pieces and tossed it on the bar, paying for his damage to the property before he walked out of the bar. Though it wasn't even 5 minutes out he was haulted by the guards, their swords drawn out and pointed at him.

FiliaIsaSaton: It never did take her long to read a book, but this one would have to wait haft way as she felt a grow in her stomach. Standing up she would dust off her dress and pick up her book. Patting her purse that hung at the side of her belt as she walked away from the tree. She then stop a little girl who looked at Raven in an odd manor, “ excuse me dear you know where I can get a good meal” it took a minuet but the child did answer back “why you look funny “this floored Raven as she shook her head “This is what you get for asking a little human kid” the child who by now was no longer listening wondered off and then Raven was left again to wonder where to get a good meal. It was not long and her nose would start to answer her need for food. She fallowed this sent till it lead her to a tavern, she had never thought of ever stepping into the taven. Her tummy would growl again “ I gues its here or no where, im a big girl I can handle this …. I think “ She pause and took a deep breath, then she stepped in side . it was not five minute and she would start to regret this. She was ok when she found a seat and when odering it was ok till she saw a man and all sorts of up roar around him. At this point she would have darted for the door but it was blocked soo with her eyes glared she gazed at the man.

As she let out a breath waiting for her Ale the conversation behind her sparked her ear. “ya hear about them cult people order of sun, they seeken a show later in day” he started to laugh as if he had said something rather funny she did not fully understand what was funny about it but she smiled regardless under her hood. “ye ye i got wind of dis information from a palace guard, he said they welcomed new supporters and shit at them meetings, sometin like a meet and greet for the crazy we want to bring back a lost god take over the world nut jobs” wall her hands were on her lap she moved a gloved finger to the left sending a empty Ale horn flying off the one table and into the back of the other guys head. It was a very abrupt way to end there conversation and within moments that one guy was punching the other guy and the bar hands were grabbing the men and tossing them into the snow. She gave a light chukle as the bartender came over to her with her Ale “sorry for the wait time miss, there was a matter that needed tending to, some men just cant hold there Ale” she looked up red eyes looking out from her  hood as she took the Ale horn. The bar tender with a shocked look on his face “oh miss I did not kno...” she softly put a finger up to shush him “it is fine be silent about it, i wish not to draw a crowed this day, plese just serve the others here and take this coin in penance for keeping a closed lip for me” she pushed a golden join over the table to him as he picked it up and put it in his pocket. He needed and went on with what he had to do and started talking about narwhals with a fine looking female at the end of the bar. She took the horn in her fingers and it slipped slightly in her gloves but she did not take them off. Takeing a sip of her drink she relaxed, they never had Ale like this at the Castle it was so much more, dirty out here in the towns bars, it just felt more real then castle junk that was all fancy and fake. She chuckled at the men behind her something to do with killing woman and then the man walking out of the bar after tossing gold, did a lone towns people have that much to toss around. She got up taking her horn with her, no one stopped her as she walked out the door and stood leaning up ageist the wall of hogs water watching the guards all pointing there blades at the man. She watched him as the guards were being well, guards and this man had just broken a table and then left, silly, she did nothing, she could stop them in a simple wave of the hand but hell that would be no fun lets see what would happen here.

TheLadySif: She ducks her head and glances to the side to monitor the area she was now in. “Pay attention girly, I’m talk’n to ya!” He gives her a stiff shake just before she casts her gaze upon him again. Her eyes had turned a deep shade of blue, giving him pause. “Wha-?” She had noticed they were in a particularly hidden nook, “My name, is Sifrella, and I truly do not understand this land’s customs of constantly... touching.” With that last word, ice began forming around the man’s hands where he held her by the collar, wind whipped in from nowhere, pushing him against the far wall, unfortunately through it’s window. “AHHHH ME ‘ANDS!” He rose up his hands in agony and fell through the glass. Flinching, she stepped up and looked through the window. She had shoved him right into the brothel, gaining him a grand beatdown from the women inside. She smiles slightly but pulls her cloak further down over her face and turns back onto the street. Pausing, she turns around completely, realizing she’s going in the opposite direction than originally. As she turns, she notices a group of guards. Initially, she takes a step back, thinking it was due to her sudden outburst a moment ago then stops, seeing another person in the middle. For the moment she stands just a couple yards away and watches.

Scornful: The guards pressed closer to Tesh, their swords at the ready as they spoke out to him. "Hault. You're coming with us for Destruction of Property." Tesh merely stared at them with his icy blue eyes, before speaking out softly. "I believe you might want to arrest the idiot that has a broken back in there, seeing as he plans to poison the mead. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way." And it was in that very moment, a ballsy guard roared out, "To hell with this, just get the bastard!" In which he stepped forward and sliced down his blade towards Tesh, while the other guards tried to stop him, knowing that killing was not allowed. Tesh glared at the man, before shifting quickly to the side and raising his knee, slamming it into the guards gut, before turning over and slamming his elbow into his back. Tesh then steps on the guards back, preventing him from standing up as he groans out. "And here I thought I was simply going with you all. Yet, it appears one of your members decided to attempt to kill me." Tesh then manipulated his mana, channeling it and causing his shadow to begin connecting to the many others from the crowd, until it got to the guards shadows. He stared coldly at the guards, as he manipulated their shadows to rise up and curl around them, before locking in place and preventing them from moving as they fidgeted and cried out in panic, "Gah! What is this Sorcery?!" Tesh then walked on, having incapacitated the guards as he headed towards the other side of the Town, towards an Inn as he planned to sleep there for the night and stay low.

Anaya: Staying nicely to herself she watched from under her hood all that was going on, there was so much going on in town tonight it was in fact a very good night to have a outing. She took in a breath of cold wet air, she could feel her lungs sting as the moist air burned her inside, she really was not made for this time of year. She saw the girl with the horn on her head rush for the door, stuck it seemed, there were men all around guards holding forth what it looked to be some sort of street rat, maybe they suspected him of theft, it would be kinda nice to see a good olden times hand severing.  There were brothel girls standing around and clinging to men who were to drunk to know better and all the white that white blanket covered the ground wall others waited to see what would happen. He was a fast to act kind of fellow as he over all made the guards unable to do anything, it was a pitty no hands would hit the ground today she guessed. As the man walked on and it seemed the guards bindings was fadeing she walked form were she was leaning “go inside the bar and handle the matters in there, take the man that aimed to poison the mead into the dungeon stocks in the castle and we can feed his body to the hounds later, make sure you have him eat really well, the hounds need a fat pig to gorge themselves on. ” the guards looked at the white under the hood “who do you think you are ordering us arou....” the guard stopped as a red eye looked out from under the hood. The guards dropped a knee there, all of them, so much for not drawing attention and she new her own guard that was in town would have noticed and for sure followed her, that is what guards did after all, protect right. She looked to the guards there on a knee “oh for the love off, rise rise, i wanted to not draw anything to myself just go handle the matter in hogs water will you” she scolded as she looked back to the door way and that raven haired horned woman “come here walk with me will you” she liked that one, it was nice to see one of the raretys here in the capital. “are you hungry i hear there is a wonderful shop that opened only two dawns ago, it is said they make amazing cakes and pastries” as she walked a bit a head she saw that other man, the one that fumbled the guards up. “you there, would you like cake?”

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FiliaIsaSaton: The uproar around her only made her wish she could get to the door more as she found herself being bumped and bounced against. She had read about these kinda bar fights but never had she thought she would see one up close. It was the one thrown into her and pushing her completely out of her chair that she started to get mad. Her a veggie tray and tea naturally now looking like a slop mess. She stood and dusted herself off then made her way to the kind woman “ I am far from poor ma’am but I would soo like to be the point to a place ..umm less “ she motion her hand about “this ..umm you know what I mean.” She soft voice and trusting manner seem to calm Raven as soon raven followed the lady in white. “so what do you know of this kingdom ma’am.” It was one of Ravens great flaws as her dear mother would say “rave you can talk one's ear off without even thinking about it” but something about the pale white look of this woman made her think of her dear mother who she misses so very much now. “ I read in a book somewhere a dragon rules here … have you ever seen a real dragon?” she would go on like this for a bit while she walked with the lady in white.

Scornful: He had almost made is way to the very footsteps of the Inn until a soft voice had called to him, asking if he wanted cake. Tesh pondered for a moment, his stomach growling slightly as he then turned around and looked out in the general direction of where he heard the voice. Seeing a woman cloaked in a fur coat, covering her from head to toe. Tesh then made his way back over to her, nodding to her offer as he spoke out softly. "Yes, I actually would. I apologize for whatever you saw happen here." He stood there, brushing his gauntlets off while he looked down at her, then over to the woman with a black horn stuck in the door. Tesh had seen many creatures before in his time, but this one was pretty much taking the cake.

TheLadySif: As the scene unfolds, she steps closer, about to intervene on the rogue guard. Quirking a brow, she marvels at the sorcery of shadow manipulation and the skill of the stranger. With a slight nod, she decided to carry on with her current deed. No sooner did she wait for the man to walk off did she notice the guards all kneel to a woman. Narrowing her eyes she sighs. At least she had found who she was looking for. Stepping in front of the dark skinned woman and Anaya, she raises her head, just enough to reveal her face. Once her face was seen she would cast her gaze and head down once again in a bow. She lowers her voice but knows that she can hear. “My Lady Anaya, I hath searched everywhere. I know as well as all that thou art capable, and yet to disappear and roam without accompaniment worries me. Do please allow me to remain at thine side.” She looks up as the man returns then just as quickly turns her head, concealing her face yet again. She was still new to the castle but was very devoted, though her visual was not very common. Sif had taken care not to be seen with her unnatural hair color and height. Without another word, she awaits Anaya’s answer.

Anaya: She gave a smile from under her hood, as the woman with the horn and the other male joined her in her offer of sweet foods, no one could resit sweet foods anyway. “I am famished I do say, and the meal is on me, I hear they came here from the south and the warmer lands and brought the warm sweet foods with them.” turning around she looked to Lady Sif  “I know I left the castle abruptly but I just could not handle being locked up anymore, it is too stuffy in there. Come join us for cake” she walked around her feet in pain but she did not care and with her coat dragging on the ground the snow covered her tracks so seeing the small blue drops of blood in the snow would not be possible. She let out a breath as she was holding her breath most of the time wall walking, breathing hurt so she tried to even limit that. As they got to the door to the shop it smelled wonderful as she spends the door for her guests and held it for them. “I was able to overhear I do think your name is Tesh right? It is alright that a little mistake happened here and there, I am sure the guards you dwelt with are fine and everything is well, I am also sure they are handling the man you said who wanted to poison the mead, how dreadful but not uncommon, there is much crime in this town. Some people even call the place a hole. But then again all towns on Valaria are the same after all, one hole is the same as the next hole” she gave a chuckle as they all walked over to the front counter. “one fruit filled cake if you will, it is on me” the woman looked over at her as she gave a smile “oh no no no my Lady it be in the house, it is an honor to have you here in our shop, anything you wish is on us” Anaya gave a sigh no point in the hood anymore the guards ruined that fun don't get noticed thought she had. Taking her hands she took off her gloves showing her clear white clawed hands and took down her hot bright red eyes setting off that soft-skinned face with snow white hair.  She took her hand taking four golden coins out of her pocket, more than what was needed and she put them on the counter top. “then if I am not paying for the cake I will happily give you a welcome gift then, I hope it brings you joy for you and your shop” the shopkeeper grabbed up the coin off the  counter top and walked back smiling “thank you thank you-you have done so much already miss Anaya” Anaya moved and took a spot at a small table fit for four. “come sit my guests and we may talk, it is not often i see a man take on the crowns guards not lose his hands and a woman with a black horn on her forehead.” her eyes turned to the one with the horn on her head it was so nice to have one so sweet and unknowing of her. “what all do you want to know about the castle, I could say I know allot about it, more than most” she lightly chuckled “yes yes dragons are giants beasts, I know a lot of them too, and yes this land is ruled by a dragon of red eyes and white scales but of holy magic inside. They call her the Dragon of the north, in some parts”

Scornful: He looked towards the woman that had knelt before the woman that called him, having no clue what exactly was going on. It seemed they were exchanging words, but Tesh paid no mind to it. He simply stood there and examined them both, from the hooded woman to the white haired one that had spoken to her. Following closely behind her, his footsteps remained silent and deft, despite his heavy armor. The scent of sweets, cakes, candy, and fresh bakery began filling his nose and causing his stomach to growl once more. As she opened the door, he paused for a moment as she spoke to him, his icy blue eyes staring at her calmly as he nodded slightly. "Yes, my name is Tesh. And it's unfortunate that towns are like this, even here in a city where most people wouldn't turn the second head. Morendawn was like this, maybe a bit worse." He spoke out to her, before stepping into the shop. He then leaned back against the wall, patiently waiting as he listened, closing his eyes. The shopkeeper had called her 'Miss Anaya' probably due to some sort of Royalty thing, seeing as she had sighed and removed her headwear. Tesh opened his eyes and moved towards the back and sat down at the table, closest to the window. He then looked towards the young appearing woman, speaking to him about how she doesn't often see men lose their hands when they take on Crown Guards. Tesh remained quiet, before speaking out once more in a soft manner, "Hm. Well, I'd sure say that they had the wrong guy. And as for the guard that attacked me, well, his motion was completely wobbly and untimed. Though, I'm not the one to kill unless it's necessary, and I don't need a bounty on my head for killing guards." He then closed his eyes and folded his arms, leaning back in his chair and enjoyed the atmosphere, listening to her go on about Dragons and such, one that was called The Dragon of The North.

TheLadySif: With a light sigh, she nods to Anaya, knowing from the beginning that it would turn out like this. Rising she notes the Lady’s footprints and wonders if she could be alright. Her strong nose picks up a slight scent of blood but she knows not to draw attention to it in front of others. If need be she would carry the queen to the next destination. She quietly follows along behind, with a watchful eye on both the accompanying strangers and the surroundings. As they enter the shop, she lowers her head a bit, continuing to stand guard as the others sit. Her eyes shift to Anaya as she speaks of the castle and dragons, giving a light smirk before turning back to watch the room. Her hooded cloak still conceals her entire body save for a glimpse of her mouth whenever she speaks. She only bares her voice to thank the woman shopkeeper, then is mostly silent.

FiliaIsaSaton: She watch as the woman and white was followed by another lady this one she new to be some sort of elf or at least she thought it to be. When all came together guard ..bowing and oo she though the woman has claws.. like a umm dragon.. this made her feel like a true bufune. She never in her right mind thought she would be talking to the Queen of the whole kingdom. She turns to the queen as she began to sit it took her back a bit how much she looked like her mother “ you’re an albino” she would yell out in an embracing tone. Then as she caught what she had just done she would sink into her chair and lower her face in embracement “ I mean umm “ she say now in a soft timid voice “ you have lovely pale white skin like my adopted mother had” she would gently look up at Anaya and give a soft uneasy smile hoping she did not just upset the queen of the entire country .

Anaya: The store keeper brought their cake over to the table as well as some platters and silver wear that looked to have just been cleaned and ready for them. The wonder of hanging out with Anaya you got the finest service even if you did not ask for it. She let out a breath and took the knife in her hand to cut slices of the cake as berries fell out of it and onto the platters. She handed the platters out as she served her guests before taking her own slice of the wonderful cake that had been made for them. She took her fork and took a bite, it was amazing, so much flavor and she smiled softly as she swallowed her first bite. She could not help but laugh at the black-haired woman sitting there almost going a full shade of red “Yes I am an albino, white hair and red eyes are what I was born with. And you are a unicorn, there are very few of your kind left, much like mine” she said softly as she took in a breath of air and for the most part held it, stupid wet air but it was still nice to be outside and not locked away in the castle she would enjoy it much more when she was able to fly again once spring came and it was not raining. “when I was young I used to eat cakes and sweets like this all the time, now it is like I hardly ever get them to treat myself to, never the real thing anyway. Where did you both come from that got you to here”  she moved and handed her guard Sif a slice of cake on a platter.

Scornful: He sat there, watching as the store keeper had brought the delicious fruit cake over, it's sweet and warm smells filling Tesh's nose. He then watched as their host began cutting the cake, serving plates to him and the rest of her guests. He smiled lightly, taking a fork as he cuts the cake in half a bit and forks it, bring it up to his mouth as he plops the cake piece into his mouth. It was a fruitful blast in his mouth as he chewed, each berry having its own distinct flavor and taste while the soft bread mushed against the berries. He swallowed his first bite, smiling once more as he spoke out to her, "Thank you, this is delicious." He then went on, eating and listening to her talk about her younger days where she used to eat cake like this and such all the time, before she had asked him and the Unicorn woman next to him a question. Tesh pondered for a moment, before setting his fork down and nodding. "I come from a Land called Morendawn from the far East. It is my homeland, or was to this case. I have no family, I only know my Mother by past memories of her beautiful Drow Face, and my Father, wherever he is, is a Human." Tesh then paused for a moment, debating on whether he should tell them further more about why he left Morendawn in the first place, as he sat there quietly, watching them.

FiliaIsaSaton: “I... I am a unicorn …” she looked down. “but most unicorns would rather me dead as I was born under the blood moon” – she sighed a bit – “if not for my adopted human mother the mare that bore me would have left me to die or killed me herself. I know little of my mare that bore me and little of another unicorn “she looked at her book she had bought not long ago it was worn and tattered but to her very lovely. She then looked at the woman she now knew was the queen “I guess that makes me really rare huh?” the word came off as saddened and even though she tried to smile as she said them it could not fool anyone. She was but 50 years old which was young for any immortal creature and now one her own. “my mother would make a tart for my birthday every year up until this last year when she passes of old age.” She started to smile thinking about this and once again she went off talking ears of as she talked about the flavors and which one was her favorite.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet, the royal who always seems to find herself in situations far from home, was just leaving a food merchant after her thirst appeared out of the blue, she had not had that type of hunger for a long time and it was very unusual for her to have it at this time of the season, “and they wonder why I go missing all season” she thought to herself as she bit into a bittersweet plumb and threw the rest of the fruit on the ground for the animals to feast upon, “Those fools set me off.” She said to herself as she remembered a group of men approaching a table she sat at with a young woman that she knew a long time ago, they spoke very vulgar to her and the woman and got what they deserved when both women beat them up after going behind the tavern with the men, “lucky I didn’t have to use this.” She looked at her freshly fixed blades that were next to her hips, she had to go to a blacksmith to have both of her blades shaped back to normal earlier in the day, “let’s hope I don’t run into any of…oh, skit.” She went to hide behind a wall when she saw a family member a few distance away from her-

Anaya took another bite, she did take rather large bites and half the cake on her plate had already been eaten. “far easy you say, I do not know of the land you come from, after this I wish you both to come with me back to the castle, Tesh you I wish to aid me in mapping down the lands were you come from. And I am guessing my dear horned one you have no place to go, you will be shot and killed on the streets for your hide if left here overnight. So at least at the castle you will be safe from harm and hunters bullets” she took another bite of her cake and some berries upon her fork. “we must head back soon sadly I never can be out of the walls of the castle for long, not this time of year anyway. But please tell me more of where you are from Tesh and what brought you over here, all the way to a land not knowing of you and so far from home” she leaned back in her chair and pushed her hair out of her face and behind her to hang over the back of the wooden chair she sat on. Her red eyes looked around, people were coming in ordering food some came in saw her then left muttering things to themselves. Then one man came inside with a sun marked into his flesh on his face and as soon as he saw the red-eyed one left abruptly and even pushed a woman out of the way. “hmm” she said softly as she watched the comings and goings of the people and took no mind to the odd man that had a sun burned into his face.

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Anaya: Walking onward out of the shop and away form everyone else she looked over to her knight “alright take Raven to the castle Sif and i shall be behind you with our other guest” walking over to the counter top over were the shop keep was standing she tossed a small bag with a couple gold coins more then the worth of what was ordered and eaten on the counter top. “there you are, for your travels and hardships, your food was very good, thank you” the shop keeper was overjoyed at the queens actions as Anaya put her white hood back up and turned around her red eyes shimmering under her white fur lined hood to cover her face for the most part leaving her unnoticed and without drawing an overly large amount of attention. “alright Tesh, we shall go back to the castle, you will be given chamber for the evening and i wish to go over a matter with you. More will be explained once we get to the castle and you get settled” she started to walk out the door the snow hiting her feet as she grumbled softly under her hood. It hurt but she nicely ignored it and kept going on. Soon they would be back to the castle and all would be well and fine and they could get inside a warm safer place then her own town witch was riddled with thugs, cultists and thieves only out for coin and without morals or honnor.

TheLadySifTheLadySif Whisper: The wind continued to whip around her as she walked, casually yet vigilant. Her orders were simple but she would not take them lightly. Sif casts her gaze to the ground, eying the beautiful snow at her feet. Her steps made barely a sound as she made her trek to the castle from the village. Her eyes were drawn to the hooves of her mission subject, Raven. Her gaze traveled upwards to the unicorn’s face as she was partially in awe. She had never met such a creature face to face before. Both of them were cloaked in hoods so that the trip was discreet, therefore there should be no trouble along the way. Sif still didn’t take this moment to relax as she knew the mindset’s of the villagers should their identities be revealed. Looking onwards, she could see the castle but a few meters away. She lightly touches Raven’s elbow then points to the castle, signifying that they were close. She saw a slight relaxing of her shoulder’s as her eyes caught sight of the castle. Whether it was in relief or tiredness, all would be well once they were within the walls. After confirming her hood was safely on and secured from the winds, Sif trudged on, eyes ever on the passersby on the busy road.

Scornful: The day was coming along all too soon. Tesh's belly was filled with the delicious filling of Fruit Cake, his mind completely at ease and his body relaxed from the warmth of the shop they sat in. Tesh looked up as the young woman spoke out to both the tall elven Knight and Black Unicorn, telling them to be on their way back to the castle. Finally getting up, he stretched a bit and yawned softly, giving a slight hint that he was slightly tired from his travels. Looking over at the woman, he noticed how she'd toss out Gold to the Shop Keepers as if it were nothing, though he respected her generousity in all honesty, nor could he disagree with the fact the food was very good indeed. As Tesh followed her out of the shop, listening to her talk of him receiving a Chamber for the Evening, as well as a matetr to discuss, he could only wonder what it'd be about, but he put it from his mind for now. As they walked up the high road towards the castle, the snow had begun to fall lightly again, and with his own keen senses, he noticed the small grunt the woman gave as her bare feet touched the snow. Tesh almost pitied her, having to go through such troubles just to enjoy a day out. He silently channels his mana, manipulating his shadow castes by the son to stretch out and slip under her feet, wrapping around them and covering them while still giving her the free ability to walk wherever she pleased. He then speaks out to her for a moment of his own curiosity, "So, a matter to discuss. Normally the only matters I get is how much gold of a contract I'll receive if I go and murder some bloke that stole a poor man's sweet roll." He paused for a moment. "But I do hope this will be something more important, as I can't see anyone stealing something from you and you taking revenge on them."

Anaya: she blatantly ignored him as they made there way to the castle, all would be explained there, she would go over that then and simply keeping her head down and eyes on the ground she wanted to draw very little attention to herself, so her spoken word would be non existence as she new full well her towns people knew her voice.

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5 hours Later

Oculous: "No I'm retired I don't do royal meetings anymore they're boring, annoying and get me nowhere in what I need." -Jysse said with a bored sigh. He came from a land known as the Underworld/Underland or just hell if you're being dramatic. But it is not quite as you might remember being told. Underland is made up of twelve kingdoms and four empires all within one large empire known as Underland now ruled by Empress Alice Vontroski, young for a ruler at only sixteen but she does a good job most of the time. Her parents retired earlier this year and now sit on the sidelines incase needed. Jysse used to be Emperor of a empire/kingdom in the very south of Underland called Serpents Vale where most reapers live and work from. He retired the throne to his older brother Phobis Darkhart. Jysse now only works within his own company called Oculous which deals in black market handling and scientific advancements and deals with the funding and running of most of Serpents Vale still. Phobis deals with the politics and keeping alliances as Jysse isn't good at making friends. Right now he was sat in a tree on the outskirts of Serpents Vale talking to his brother via a shadow link. Phobis frowned on the other end of the link before replying.- "Well you already know her and this requires... leg work, you know how I feel about that." -He said before ending the link, Jysse groaned and leant his head back against the tree trunk, his white long hair falls like silk over his shoulders as he looks up at the purple light bleeding through the golden leaves of the Grekan forest trees. Jysse thought back to when he last seen the woman, he didn't remember much, she was beautiful and strong that’s all he remembered..- "Anaya.." -He said softly the name rolling of his tongue, caressed by his French/British accent. He slipped down from the tree and landed in the leaves softly on both metal feet. He stepped into the darkness that he forest caused to spread out under the trees and disappeared as shadow travel was commonly used here. He reappeared through the coordinates Phobis had given him ankle deep in snow, he blinked down at his before pulling each foot out and kept walking, dodging chattering villagers who were to busy to notice me, Jysse guessed due to the time of year this was some sort of winter celebration, there were no seasons in Underland but he knew alot about the mortal realm. He made his way to towards the castle in the close distance being mindful of the trolls he could see wandering around like lost sheep. He looked back at them before looking back at the doors in front of him and knocked three times.-

Anaya: Feet killing here it had bin about an hour since they had gotten back, the sun had moved over the sky as clouds had covered it and snow had started to fall, it was good that she her guard and the new people to the castle that she had picked up had gotten back in time. Anaya could smell the moisture in the air and sense there was a storm a coming, and this time of year winter storms were very common and could be very destructive. “guards, please lock up the stable and make sure the trolls are save inside of it, pack everything up inside a building a storm is coming i can feel it in the air” “yes me lady, would you like some sap for your feet it will speed the pain to leave you” she shook her head softly “no no just go do as instructed, things need to be packed up more then my feet need to feel better, be gone with you and get that done before we end up over our door in snow and ice” the guard nodded his head saying yes man over six times then hurrying away and backing up, never turn your back on the queen he said under his breath as he walked away and Anaya gave a chuckle. Some guards were so much more fearful  then others, it had bin weeks since she had killed a guard herself. With a light breath she sat on her throne picking up her foot and running her clawed fingers over the base of it, there was still some open skin on the bottom and top of her foot but at least it was no longer bleeding or have any bad open wounds, the healing was coming along nicely but stepping in that snow bank really did a number. There was a knocking at the door as form upstairs you could hear the smashing abd banging of large clawed feet bolting for the stairs to see who could get to the door first. You leave for a couple hours and it is like you lose time and they grow wall you are away. Her two little dragon copys of each other smashing into each other tumbled down the steps. Noki seeing her mother ran to her mother to greet her wall Ryu seeing his mother did not seem to bat a eye at her and bolted right for the door “Ryu no going for the door guards do that!” Ryu stoped dead as his claws made a screech across the stone tiles. “now come back and greet your mother” she scolded as he turned his nose around and basicly draging it over the floor walked back to her laying down at her feet like a good child, even if in truth he was so far from good. The baby golden dragon young-lings layed there bigger then there mothers human form and even larger then the throne she sat on. “guard get the door will you” Anaya barked out as she raised her hand to run her claws along the head of her female baby who was affectionately cooing against her side. Unlike Ryu who was snorting and grinding his teeth wall laying at his mothers feet. The guard went and opened the doors saying not a word and standing there like a good foot man allowing there guest to come right in.  

Oculous: -Jysse looked down at the man with a soft tilt of his head much like a crow would. Jysse was around 7'9ft tall but had the figure of a muscular sixteen year old girl who hadn't hit puberty in the chest area. Curvy, slender and flat chested. He watched the man for a moment his bright neon greenish yellow eyes scanning his features for emotions. One can tell alot about a kingdom and how it;s run by their staffs emotional wellbeing. After staring at the poor man for a few minutes he smiled softly before walking past him further into the castle.- "Thank you, i am here to see Anaya, if she still goes by that name it has been a while."

Anaya: “ones name never changes Sir” he said in a cold tone, showing of nothing, almost zombie like, she did like her guards lifeless and it made her smile when they did what they were told and asked questions later. The guard shut the door slowly and moved outside to take the post as there seemed to be no guards at the gates at the moment, stupid shift change he thought to himself as he took up the post in the bitter cold. AS soon as Ryu saw they had a stranger in the halls he was starting to wiggle on the floor, not moving as in getting up but shaking back and forth, the tail was flipping around on the floor making a light thumping sound and his claws were starting to grind on the tile as his eyes locked on there guest. But he did not move, his mother had told him to stay so he was going to, but she had not told him not to want to move. As a Maid came over with Anayas mint Tea like normal, one ice round thonking around in the crystal goblet. The maid lightly touched Ryus foot and the draft horse of a dragon sprung up in shock as he was far from paying attention and the drink went flying into the air. Anaya seeing it all come to pass moved from her chair lifting her fingers as the goblet glowed blue and hovered down into her grasp. “we are going to have a broken castle in no time” she muttered as she sat back down her feet still paining her.  Noki was siting watching her brother act the fool as she sat her but on the floor like a proper princess would staying at her mothers flank as she hissed at her brother and he turned around with a snarl and a look that said i will get your horns later. Ryu shook off the jitters and moved pacing back and forth infrount of his mothers throne like a watch dog wanting to get into the cage fight. For a two day old he sure enjoyed his attacking and showing up to everything that came in he was his fathers son.  Anaya took a sip of her tea bright red eyes looking up past her snow white hair over to who was beyond her.

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FiliaIsaSaton: Raven: - it did not take raven long to find the library as if drawn by the books she found it with out trying, she was not a book lover by choice i give you but by necessity . the books were her hope as she had no other way to escape the curse born on to her. While reading she saw a man his glasses haft hanging off his face and one lenses broken. " oo my what happen to you " Raven said in shock " the man answered back " the damn basted cat here " Raven looked at him her head a tilt as the man went on "that cat is as evil as any demon that stepped in this castle if she did not trap the rats here the staff would not put up with her ... that and the queen has taking a liking to her .. but every blasted day i walk down those halls she trips me" Raven looked back at him " im sure it is not on purpose she is but a cat .. she cant be as evil as all that " the man looked at Raven and shook his head " you have no idea my young lady " with this the man started to put the books away some that raven had set out and some that been laying out a while. Raven wold sigh and keep looking threw the shelves hoping to find a book that could help her - Mystic : - it was not long ago mystic had got the library she would amuse to see his arms wobble out as he fell his glases now haft broke and a rather lager rip in his pants made her fell all warm and purry. It seem a good time as every to find her anaya so the little kitten looked about as she did a rat poped its ugly head out and never missing a chance to kill ( insert evil grin ) the kitten gave chase she would run along till she had corneed the rat then with her jaws gaped oopen she gave pounce and leap at the now fighten rat. Mystic mouth would close on it eck as she landed and a crack could be hears as mystic crushed the rats neck and killling it instently. oo what a prise she thought as she trotted off the rat being drug along . this left a nice blood trail which mystic loved but the maids hated. It was not long that mystic would find her anaya and the little ones though they were hardly little and more gaint then ever to mystic . she still claim them as hers and as she pass anya by she would walk up and paw at Ryu foot looking up at him with a rat hanging from her mouth -

Oculous: -There are two sub-types of reapers one is warm blooded and are known as Arachnid and the others are cold blooded and known as Serpentine, their final forms were either spider based or snake/dragon based. Jysse was a Serpentine Reaper which means he was cold blooded, prideful and nurturing. He sniffed slightly the words of the man that left behind him had gone from his mind as he sensed the souls within the room. 'How exciting..' he thought to himself as he looked around for what he had sensed, a dragon or multiple. His eye sight was awful, he could see much beyond two meters from his face bare coloured shapes but he could smell and hear and sense where souls of the living were so he didn't care but for sight plus he thought glasses made him look older so refused to wear them. He walked forward a little bit listening to the sudden commotion up ahead. He heared a old yet fermilier voice of a female not far from him ahead, he smirked softly and looked towards her and bowed gracefully.- My dear lady Anaya its lovely to see you again

She watched the cat trot across and then watched as Ryu took his nose picked up the cat and walked over to the dinning room opening the door with his foot and then dropping the cat behind the door and then shutting it and walking back. Anaya chuckled at her male child as he trotted back into the hall like he had gotten a prize for removing the cat from the main room. He put his eyes back to there guest and started to pace back and forth but moving slightly closer each time, his tail high and his head the same grunting and snorting to show his dominance and post here in the castle. This was something Anaya could not stop or prevent even if she wanted to so what was to happen was to happen, unless someone wanted to harm a child of hers witch she would stop that dead in its tracks. She could hear the man saying he new her but with such a bad memory she was having no recollection of were she new him from, but this was normal as you got so many in a day walk into the halls you forgot a lot of things other then faces that stuck around. “Greetings, welcome to Iron, pleasure to see you as well i guess” she said softly a voice like an angel with hair as snow and stabbing red eyes. Ryu was being bold and Noki was being the good child Anaya was stuck in the centre drinking her tea and watching her son to be sure he did not go over board. “Ryu” she called out as he hauled his advances and about ten or so feet form there guest went back to pacing the floor back and forth not allowing him to get to close to his mother, he was protective and had his fathers heart....she hoped.

Oculous: -Jysse walked closer before stopping and knitted his gloved fingers together over his medical belt which he wore around his waist, covered in many bottles, vials, tools and scrolls.- I am not surprised you do not remember me it has been a long time. I am Jysse Darkhart i used to work with yours and another kingdom. -He was soon distracted by the dragons, he puffed his bottom dark silver lip out as he watched them he wanted to hug them and feel there scales.. it wasn't often he got to see dragons as most Serpentine Reapers lived in the northern post in Underland as it was colder there.- "They're so sweet... Can i stroke one?" -He said much like a child who'd seen a fluffy cat or a puppy.-

Anaya: Anaya looked up from her drink as she put the goblet down on the arm rest of her throne. Her partly clear lace and white dress swaying slightly. “my male child can be rather, nippy i would not advise touching him, he is not trusting” she was guessing this guest of theirs did not know much about there kinds body language as Ryu was screaming dominance with his body as well as pacing was a show of aggregation, but if the guest wanted to give things a try he was welcome to she was not going to stop him, or stop her son from biting at him or snorting in his face and trotting off witch in truth was the most likely scenario. She smiled at her younglings and ran her fingers over Nokis nose as the female layed down sleepy from her mothers attack like advances on her earlyer. She was so soft and sweet it would be hard for her in life here be it she survived to adult hood at all, as they aged even her own brother could kill her or her own father who had already tryed and they were only two days old. Were was Samuel anyway Anaya thought to herself as she looked around the halls, no sight of him or smell of him, maybe he was sleeping. She looked back to there guest and nodded her head to him “Darkheart does ring a bell. But over the years we have done much dealings with many places so it is simply a leaf in the river of time. But it is a pleasure you have come back to the halls here. Do you wish to do dealings yet again? Trade?” she asked in wonder as she moved her hand to push back the snow white hair from her face.

FiliaIsaSaton: Mystic: she was not sure how to feel being lifted by Ryu nose but she was in the room now she would cling tightly to Ryu’s nose as he carried her and to most cats this would frighten them … but them again most cats never had a baby dragon tongue bath. They probly don’t even want one ether but Mystic was not mot and as soon as she was set down she fallowed Ryu she was look over at his sister she was looking so cat like as she sat up and proper. At least mystic thought she did and feeling she would not have favorites mystic went over and rubbed against Noki mystic would let out a loud purr as she did and then roll her tail gently around her furry body as she would sit and look up at Noki.  Raven: - raven still looking at books trying not to come unglued at the very unhelpful library grabs 5 books off the shelf and walked out form the library her eye would look out for the quote “devilish cat “as she walked along the halls her hoofs feet making a clank sound as she walked. She could take on a more human form but she chooses not to as it always felt weird to her to walk on such flat things. Her way of fixing this was to wear a long skirt or dress. Though most would agree she never really was taught there was a danger to her wellbeing if others knew what she was. All she knows was Unicorns saw her as an abomination and they would have nothing to do with her. This thought saddens her as she would try to think of something better she would put on a fake smile before opening the door and walking in to the dining room. -

Oculous: -Jysse could read the male dragons body language and knew he wasn't overly friendly and was showing dominance but it didn't bother him. He wasn't fearful of being bitten or scratched he'd endured worse by lovers let alone a dragon. He knelt down his knees making a soft clanging sound like metal on stone as he did so.- I wont hurt you or your family there is nothing to be worried about strong one -He said softly and took his left glove off, he flex his fingers and focus causing his dark silver skin to merge and shift into scales and claws formed from his sharp nails.- We are not so different really see -He offered his scaled hand to Ryu slowly. He stayed still and kept his hand out for the dragon to sniff, lick or bite if he wanted to, to get a feel for Jysse. He then looked up towards Anaya and nodded softly.- Thank you, i've come to offer you a deal of sorts, i run a company through my home empire that deals with medical advancements. I can help expand your knowledge of medical practices along with bio-weaponry.. more known to you probably as elemental magic or bending. All i ask in return is to be able to work within the castle to learn more about the species' that live here and i require no pay or food as i have more money than i know what to do with and i don't eat normal food.. -He looked back at Ryu wondering if the dragon would bite him.-

Anaya: Siting shoving food in his mouth Samuel was famished as he had gotten up form his nap due to the grumble in his gut. The king was not the proper type and the barrie juices were running down his chin in no time as he took a cloth and cleaned himself up. Someone came into the dinning hall and he looked up from the table half a chicken leg in his hand as he put the leg in his mouth and took a bite of it

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 4 The-lord-of-the-rings-the-return-of-the-king-417

part of the chick slipped from his lips and tumbled back to the platter plate he had the rest of his food on. “hmmm and who may you be” he said to the raven haired woman who had entered the hall. He moved his foot to push out a chair “come sit, eat, are you hungry gir?” all dragons new what a unicorn was, you had to live in a cave your whole life and never leave to not know what a unicorn was, there horn gave them away he gave a crocked smile as he pated the table “sop who are you then, not seen such a beautiful face around here as of late” he poped another grap in his mouth to eat.  In the other room Anaya Watched her son as he moved closer to there guest and the one he had grown intorest in, it had gotten down lower then him so he had made his show of rank here and he lowered his tail down to half mass and moved his head and neck down his sharp beak like nose pushing ageist the hand of the one that was there as he gave a snort. He did not bite lick or anything but gae a snort and then tossed his head up giving a childlike roar hiss and then trotting over to his mother like he owned the ground he walked on. She gave a smerk as she ran her hand over his head “at least you are being less bite everything” Ryu pushed his head ageinst his mothers chest tenderly as she wrapped her arms around his head in a caring embrace for her child. Ryu moved and layed down with his sister droping his bulk on top of her and kicking the cat that had come over to her and then hissing at it as she hissed back at him for hissing at the cat. Noki bit his ear fin and he clawed at her horns witch were so much larger them his horns that were non existent, stupid sister hatched with horns when he had nothing but ear fins. As the youngsters played and rolled around Anaya snarled softly and they moved to the side of the thrones so they would not hit her or the thrones on mistake. She looked back to Jysse and nodded her head “we are in need of a medical trade agreement and one with advancements to what we currently have would be swell for the castle and its people. So we can get the papers for that done, in alliance and in trade. You may stay within the walls here as long as you wish, be you eat meals and food or not it will be offered to you. I don't wish you to starve or feel not kept to. There are chamber rooms in the upper halls one will be made to your liking what ever that may be. Now what would you wish to learn here? Study dragons i am guessing? Learn our ways, you may do such, just not upon my children as they are young. And there father will have your head if he feels they are being treated as lab rats.  So fi you wish to study anything you may work on myself, and taking blood is not an option. You may learn our ways, culture, renditions and history all you like. If you hold anything to ask about you may at anytime” she was strong willed, dominating, and all dragons of an age were they could carry on meaningful conversations were very blunt and clear to get to the point, they were not a race to pussy foot around like other races did and seeing yourself as better then everything else helped in the i don't care what i say category.

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Oculous: -Jysse nodded softly in agreement before standing up from trying to pet Ryu, his metal feet tapping softly against the marble floor.- I study any species i come across so i can become better at my job. Most reapers just follow the rules, watch the soul until the collection date and then take it on its way but i like to do things a little differently. I enjoy meeting people and helping develop civilizations across realms, i get rid of horrid people if needed but other than that i don't harm anyone. -He smiled softly as he smoothed his coat just to keep his hands busy.- I like to live among those i work with so if you have a spare room i can pay my way or i can find else where to stay and visit often.

FiliaIsaSaton: Steping in to the room her eyes caught the male who addressed her “ I am raven sir I was invited here by your queen” her voice was soft and with a hint of timmed and a push of maybe over polite. Looking over at him much f her wanted look away , but that would be rude so despite the fact here she was a vegitarrain and this male had meat in his hand and dangling from his lip made her about sick. She took and set her books on the a chair and sat down in the one next to it as she tried her best to be a kind guest. She grab a few veagies she saw on the tables and place them on her plate and slowly cutting them in to small bits she would pick one piece up at a time and chew for at the lest one minute in her mouth while she sat straight up in her chair. The veagies were very well cooked and despite who she dine with she was happy to have a nice meal in her.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev slowly began to raise off the ground his one uncovered eye scanning the sky lines as his body felt stiff. The smell of decaying carcasses was strong as the scent of rancid Black Death seemed to permeate the air around the forest as Trev stretched out the cricks from his muscles the sound of loud popping could be heard as his joints reset after what seemed to be a long rest of sorts. Trev took in a deep breath of the smells of the forest and smiled happily as a closer look around him showed a large gathering of dead bodies both human, wolves, and other creatures as it seemed whilst asleep Trev’s body responded to anything that got to close to his sanctuary and would deal with it how a Grey Elf would, instant death sentence. Trev examined his war torn body and tilted his head back and forth, his grey pale skin seemed to reflect the little light that pierced through the tapestry of the forest tops as the light would reveal the burning black marks that covered his skin that shared the same rancid smell as the creatures around him seemed to share. These marks were punishment in a sense but in this case it was amore a way to keep Trev from going to out of control with his rituals as each usage of a name would cost hm quite a pretty penny in terms of is sanity and strength. As such his rituals were never long enough to do any damage outside of the usual prayer of health for the First Born Anaya, he smiled thinking of the first born and her children as his body shuddered in delight from being allowed to be so close to such a being. He would think for a moment how to be more helpful to her as he laid back on the ground his black leather armour jingling as it fell back with him, obviously in disrepair, as It looked to almost be falling apart in some places as it was obvious that it would soon be time to get Trev a new pair of cloths least he be walking around naked. Trev moved to his knees and laid is head on the ground and began to shake a bit- “Forgive this poor soul Gods of Old your servant has been so foolish, knowledge and books you have given me and yet not for a second did I think to pass it on to the First Born and her children, punish me how you will….” –as if not in control of himself his head slowly began to raise up than smashed to the ground over and over the smell of blood would multiply as after a few minutes of being slammed against the ground the beating stopped as Trev laid there for a moment his head bleeding profusely as he slowly began to stand up amongst the bodies that surrounded him and nodded- “thank you for your lessons…my Masters” –he bowed deeply the blood dripping off his head as he would look around noticing his sack was in disarray as he sighed- “someone got curious to my things…damn mud elves” –he murmured sounding annoyed as he collected his things checking for damage as he nodded happily and smiled- “okay….the blood of new did not taint these relics” –he said holding the bag close to him as he stumbled back up and began moving towards the castle one of his legs seeming to either have fallen asleep or have some damage as he dragged it a bit not seeming to care how it looked as after a few heart beats he reach the edge of the forest and back to civilization, he smiled and examined the area around him taking note of the mountains behind the looming castle of the first born as he slowly began dragging himself forward once more and chuckling lightly. As he looked at his leg- “my my…seems someone got a good hit onto my leg….. how unsightly” –he spoke shaking his head for a moment before looking back towards the castle and moved towards it slowly nothing the large amount of trolls in the region as the smell of his bloody body would more than likely bring attention to himself as blood ran down his grey pale skin once more as well his weapons gleamed in the new day light as several daggers on his back, a small odd looking sword case on his upper back and multiple knife carriers on his arms seemed to indicate he was quite well armed for a man who looked to be on deaths door as he chuckled once more at his appearance growing closer to the doors of the castle.-

Remiori: A deep inhalation would fill his lungs with the pleasantry residing within the chamber of his pipe, the exhalation that followed carrying its aroma off to poison the myth of the light while simultaneously his entire being became an amalgamation of the same ash greyed (now sentient) smoke, carelessly drifting along with minimal effort in its grace as the air provided a means of leisurely transport. Baal, whom was of the Marida, the unruly and rebellious – the most powerful of the Djinn, whom possess a great knowledge of magic, and have assisted kings and priests alike. They are known as the blue Djinn, the wish granters, the forgers of legends. Baal himself was a Jinni emerging into adulthood, and thus was finally given the freedom to explore the mortal realm of his own accord (legally in rapport with the king of his people, known as a Black Djinn.) began to indulge in mortal sin. The venture having peaked several centuries ago, in the palaces of sultans and castles of kings, the streets of Mecca and the dimly lit alleys of mischief and whores, as well as the halls of gods. In his physical form he appeared a typical oasis Adonis of legend, meaning as one was looking past the dim glow to his dark skin they would find his features appeared almost so uncanny that they were sculpted, and the vibrancy of the blue hazy light which resembled constellations - founded his glacial iris’, and was crowned by a doting gaze making his eyes all the more mesmerizing. The sunlight would catch his silver septum ring in attention if only for a second being able to shine through the clouds and their offspring. A thin, almost abysmal black fabric that draped over his shoulders and pecs in loops of rope and chains; a single arm plating to form a seemingly useless armor without the completed piece – the only thing covering his lean frame from waist up despite the acute cold of former nights in a region much closer to the north and nordic. Black pools of ink almost seeming to shiver in the light as they explicated the artful canvass of his arms in curious stories. In general the body temperature of a Jinni was incredibly high, making them quite impervious to the effects of cold and warm weather phenomenon. Never minding his almost excessively long hair, pulled back to allow for more fluid movements, cut in a peculiar tribal fashion that went in tandem with the tattoos that painted his face, hands, back, and who knows what was hidden beneath those black and grey harem trousers hiding a waist with excessive cloth and belts and wraps that perhaps obstructed a myriad of symbolism and lost meanings. The oddity of the number of his blades, however befitting of his general robe, they were a method that would seem awkward to him regardless of trained experience; as he was the sort of being overly confident in his natural abilities to avoid blunt conflict through mere musing and trickery of smoke and mirrors in words. The sky seemed perpetually cast in falling feathers to prove divinity in this new realm - though it was one that still held a mystic beauty to a constant hue, when it would not be turbulent in those cursed snow ridden heights; an awestriking gradient of indigos and violets tainted that celestial canvass that allowed him the revelations of a blank page with all of that incessant powder hiding the beauty beyond, of which Baal was so intently focused in that moment even as he drifted onward in that formless smoke which appeared as a flurry of snow. He was drifting over a land now seemingly inhabited solely by giant cave trolls. “Oh…” His voice would have no epicenter in that form of a fireless smoke, just sounding from all directions with a calm and rich element that resembled the wind with alluring undertones of masculinity portrayed through a honeyed baritone that commanded power and knew histories untold. A spritely looking creature he assumed fae, flitted right through his formless cloud being followed by several others of who shared a blueish and silver radiance. It was timeless for him to watch in this shape being able to see in all directions at once, yet events like these always remained in his mind with clarity as they were new experiences. Perhaps it was several moments later, that he discovered among the regularity of the brush and trees a less than bustling life was a manor…No, a castle before him with a rather daunting structure, and yet the abstract architecture he was used to in his owns land still had no contender. This new architecture was unfamiliar to him, invoking a feeling of excitement testing his lust for the unknown, even as it seemed to have familiar qualities, almost roman, and greek combined.
Remiori: In an instant he would have materialized to a physical form descending from the sky to trod along the fluff coating the earth; without much thought he bend the light around him, his steps so light that he wouldn’t disturb the snow as he walked – passing carefully through the legs of one of those brutish trolls with a smirk playing his lips faintly. It was a short distance to the entrance, for him. “Yes…this is new…” Were they mortal? The architects. It was not impossible, but he knew very little about the world even parading around to discover its fruit. He would have to wait and see –leaning against the door lazily as he retrieved signature obsidian pipe and lighting its source, only for an excessive plumage of smoke to roll over the entrance and seep inside through various cracks; yet again pulling him into a smokeless form; although he would solidify once within only dispersing after several feet however carrying a peculiar and sweet scent that seemed a mutant form of citrus mingling with something sweet.

Anaya: Getting up from her throne only to fix the wrinkles of her sheer gown and then sit back down she nodded her head and held up a fair hand to wave to the guards “guards kindly show the man to a chamber for the night we will find rest for him and he shall stay with us as long as he is in need. As well as fetch a maid i wish my mint tea i am parched ” she said softly as the guard gave a grunt removing his helmet and bowing his head “yes my lady i shall do as you request” he said simply as he rushed away to do the orders given holding out a arm to instruct the male to follow him, witch the male did to the chambers he would be given for the evening. Ryu all bussled and upset mildly sat down with his mother at throne side and gruphed as he plunked his head on her lap it has bin a already busy day for him running around to try to eat his sister. Who had now moved around and was laying on the floor her feet to the side like a big rug dog dead centre of the room. Both were growing weaker as they started to lose energy and Anaya new they would sleep well this night. “there be large plans for you in the coming days my children, your celebration is to be held very soon, and all shall be well” she said softly as she ran her fingers over the maw of her baby golden dragon boy, so bright and full of life and a younglings nature it was very refreshing, Noki started to snore and grunt as she wiggled on the rug. Samuel got up from his chair shoving a chicken leg in his mouth and eating it down bone and all, the snapping sounds of the bone was unpleasant but it was simply how he did things, most kings did not care if they were clean and such and sam was no different and in many cases worse then the standered human king. He saw her sit and thought it was rude to stand and sat back down beside her not to seem looming over her or anything “my mate is the ruler of this place, and i can see why she wanted you with us, it is rather nice to see such a splendid beast hair as night and a horn so fetching” he smiled and looked at her plate seeing only greens and no meats, well she was a horse after all it was expected. “and raven what a fitting name for one as you, i am Samuel DeNure, emperor here, i am glad you come” the trolls around the castle could smell blood, it was far from unusual for blood to be around the lands so most ignored it. But the guards saw the man walking up, fools memory with them in grandeur as they held up there weapons “hault what brings ye to the gates, why are ye bleeding, this is not a medical tent see fit other places for aid” one guard barked out as the other chukled to himself also holding his weapon at the ready, they would not attack anything if talked to and informed this was yet a member of the establishment but guards were guards and could be foolish at the best of times. Anayas ears went on alart as she could smell something a miss her halls smelled of stone but yet there was something a miss “show yourself” she called out as a hand wraped around the head of her one baby golden dragon who's head stayed on her lap, the other still dead centre of the room rolling and kicking in her sleep on a rug, but not out of her mothers protective gaze and action. What was the odd smell, was it simply food cooking and she was just being overly paranoid due to the acts of cultists over the past weeks. Or was it a poison tossed into the room, or maybe a being of sinn but they smelled a lot like vanilla when they showed up every now and again. Her white hair fell in her red hues as the slits in the centre of her eyes got more round in dilatation, she was unsteady but that was her nature when she could not see something she could feel.

FiliaIsaSaton: Raven noded in a kind sitting bow like manor “ thank you my king I am greatful to be a guest of such a bueatiful kingdom as this.” Still being soo proper with her bite as she made fully sure her mouth was clean of food before she spoke “ my adopted mother gave me the name Raven.” as raven spoke she would look down and think softly of her mother the albino human who took her in “ my mother she was a dutches and lovely much like your mate very storng and bueatiful too.” As she finnish her last bit of green she smiles” may I excue my self I.I have a bit of reading to do” with that she stood up and bowed at the king and turn to step out the door.

mean while Mystic had been watching the little dragons from a far as they have been growing mystic still wants to be near . she walked over and curled up by the little ..if you can call something ten times her size little dragons side-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would ignore the Trolls for a moment until he understood they would not let him move any further as he sighed and looked towards them examining them as he blinked quietly the smell of death permeated his entire scent as he would tilts his head back and forth as he spoke with a harsh tone- “Well obviously it is not a medical tent Sons of the fourth child….and while your brains seemed to have become the size of walnut even you must know of a Grey elf when you see one, least you should know I am here to see First Born Anaya….I am here to offer my services to the First Born as I myself am a simple peon compared to her magnificence…. Yet I am not blocked from such an experience by a group of trolls who have confused a castle for tent” –he scoffed as he began to murmur some words his leg slowly beginning to hardened if the need for battle arose as his one good eye stared at the beasts with a level of hatred known only to those who were either prideful or bigoted. Trev turned his back to the trolls and began to walk forward towards the castle once more as he was not exactly interested in keeping a bunch of mongrel dogs entertained with his time. Trev’s hands would clench and unclench as the sound of metal moving with muscle could be heard as the ornaments on Trev’s hands and arms were attached to him through what looked like a painful process of searing metal to flesh. As Trev kept his blind eye focused on their presence. Trev could not see aura like those of other grey elves, instead his right eye had been blinded and removed in order to place an odd bauble that was used as a presence sensor, he could feel how close a person was to them but not their motive of size as its point was to keep Trev always paranoid and always ready to fight if need be. This would cause a small issue when it came to his sanity but that was not a concern for the Matriarchy and the Patriarchy both of whom had seen Trev as more of a danger than anything else, yet unbeknownst to Trev a new Guardian had bene sent to track him. Fear had overcome one of the priests of old and the tenant of safety had to be kept, as such a Hunter had been sent out after Trev had left to keep an eye on him, when he was to arrive was unknown but it would not be simple to find Trev as the hunter had though, but until his arrival Trev was left alone thinking he had been abandoned by his people for the greater good.-

Remiori: Immediately upon viewing the interior he was shocked at the abundance of life, the antithesis of the dreary and dark land which lay only a breath from the gates to beyond. Baal paused, perturbed, it was warm; but this was not from the fire. There were dragons in this place; their composition and affinity to fire was something they had in common with Djinn – beings who from the beginning of time, were a creation born of fire, a smokeless fire and a fireless smoke – a fire without shadows, and for the most disturbed of them, a shadow that does not cower in the light. It wasn’t long before memories of his youth would flood his mind – learning how to control the fire within him, and any fire for that matter by training, mostly playing – with dragons. Djinn do not teach each other – but they do give their young the tools to acquire knowledge. Naturally, they have a close relationship with all elemental beings, but dragons are almost brothers – certainly old friends. His lips curled into a most pleasant smile, his sweet scent ever omnipresent as he daringly tread onwards in the hall, his motions almost a blur as he had stopped bending the light around him, slowly rendering him visible almost as if he were a spectre; and yet he was poised and refined, graceful in each intricate detail of the most insignificant movement down to the simple act of blinking. Blink. The voice of a woman rang the chambers of his inner ear; settling, he had heard her words but was not quite listening; only realizing that she had said anything he should care to hear several moments after it had been said; his glacial eyes locking on the first one of the draconic beings that he could see – bowing his head in respect; following a strange gesture that most likely would make little sense, but meant something along the lines of ‘I feel peace, be that peace with you, brother/friend.’ Then his eyes lazily rising to lock in turbulent gaze with the woman that spoke at him; his voice a subtle machination in the hall, like the crackling of a tender fire. He tilted his head finding a place for her image to be buried in the archive of his mind; his pupils actively tracing her figure as he then sought to cross his arms; bringing himself to sit cross-legged on the floor before her, only for several moments, still having not said a word. “These carpets are worn…” He would sound almost disappointed, rising only to bow his head to her this time – the former demonstration actually just being him actively trying to find a comfortable position. “My name is Baal, dear lady who seems to be the head…The mind, the time, unwind, the found…Don’t mind my nonsense…I am a traveler of lands, of worlds, of ways, of walks...Are these your dragons? They have bright eyes, they know much and very little, they seem young…Well, that was given by the size.” He had an – almost musical way of speaking, it may seem like nothing, but much of it made sense to the right broken mind. “Perhaps, I was not, but now I am – or I think I am, that I thought it may be only just right…It was instinctive you see, the walls…The castle walls, who was the architect, where does this person originate, was it you? Oh…Forgive me, I’m being much too forward; onwards…My name is Baal…Have I said that? Who are you?”

Anaya: The guards at the door gave a grunt as the one turned to the other “let the eleven mug in, boy wants to see the queen let him Usif ” the other one simply turned and opened the door then walked away to force the trolls back form the main gate and get them back out into the yard were they could lomber around and keep things safe and not pile up at the door was like no brained cows wanting to get fed. The other guard still at the door put his blade down at his side and backed into the door allowing it to stay open. “Come inside , she be in the main hall bin there since she got back from town” as the door opened a beutiful maid stood there, black hair down to the cente rof her back the tips of it brown in the sunlight and her hands on a platter with a single glass of tea with ice in it and a mint leaf “oh pardon me Sir” she said ever so softly as she troted inside and out of the way over to were anaya was siting and running her hand along the head of a now sleeping dragon head on her lap. “here is your drink my lady can i fetch you anything more” “yes girl get me some salted pork and some apples, it will be nice to eat” she paused as she moved her gaze up seeing the new figure hovering there and talking, sutch a way with words, it was a Djin for sure, she relaxed now knowing what it was and fixing herself in her throne putting her pillow back behind her softly “welcome friend, this would be my castle and they would be my children, i am Anaya golden dragon of the north ruler of this land, how can i help you this day you have formed within my walls” her voice strong and assertive as she rested he back against her throne and watched her children sleep enjoying the fact they were sleeping and she would not have to wake them due to guests. For a Djin to harm a dragon both born of fire it would be like one harming there own kin. Samuel in the other room looked to Raven his eyes slideing down from her face to her chest then back up. He was wondering if a unicorn could resist Wyvern toxin “your mother even not of blood must have given you her beauty then as how you say she is you are to match” as the girl got up and went on her way to read Samuel jumped forth going over and opening the door for her properly for a lady. “there is a large library down the halls to your left, just inform the guard i allowed you in, it has a vast amount of books and scrolls i am sure you will enjoy them my lady” Nokie rolled on the ground her back foot kicking the cat as she ran in her dreams trying to kill a rabbit for fun.

FiliaIsaSaton: -with a gental nod she walked out and “ thank you again my king” with this she walked out and found a chair ou of the way of anyone’s path and then she sat and read the books she had in her hand. The book was not a bad read, but it told her little of what she wish to learn. Still she would read page by page and thenset the book down beside her then grab another one. With a long sigh she would look around and then back to her book. .
mystic was almost getting used to being kicked there was but three on the castle she would take being bonk and kicked abut but she love them and claim them as hers. She would look up to see a movement under anayas chair. Oo a rat she thought as she stood up steached out and started to walk low to the ground and close to her fucture dinne

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DarkDelaMorte: -Trev gritted his teeth at the words of the trolls as he gave the guards a glare- “Learn to pronounce your words, Sons of the Fourth “ –he said sounding quite annoyed for some reason as he walked forward past the maid ignoring her as one could hear the term mud blooded fools murmur past his lips but it was hard to hear as he moved his way into the central hall the smell of death and blood was still slathered onto him like a thick paste as blood continued to run from his head as his tongue flicked out a bit to catch some of it as he tilted his head both ways- “not the worst….” –he spoke in a different tongue this time as he shrugged and moved forward once more towards the thrones as he looked up for a moment to examine the First Born her radiance being that of a ruler and controller of fates as he couldn’t help but kneel onto the floor humbling himself as his head would hover over the carpet for a moment as he spoke- “First Born Anaya DelaRose of the Golden Dragon of Greed…the Albino dragon whom scales and tales are unfit for my ears, I humble myself before you once more as a member of the Grey elves, I am Trev once more at your disposal, should you have me” –he said as he was embarrassed at his looks at the moment- “Also…forgive me for how I look, it seems the Gods and Nature have not been kind to be” –he used one of his hands to catch the blood as it fell from his head as he did not look up- “The gods have instructed me to avail to you my knowledge of the past, for your usage and that of your children’s ears only, Thousands of Tales and information lay for your usage should you wish it” –he awaited her answer a small pool of blood forming in his hand from his head-

Remiori: Baal subconsciously retrieved his pipe; lighting the source with an invisible flame as his inhalation would drag on; the eventual exhalation washing a wave of pleasant smoke over the room; which would linger – this time not carrying him with it. With a small gesture it act on its own to return to its place as he collected himself. “I wandered, drifted, walked from all directions just following anything that caught my eye. Your home caught my eyes. Your children. You. It’s very nostalgic to be around so many dragons, Lady Anaya. It’s almost as if I am just a runt again, kicking the sand and climbing on the shoulders of your magnificent kind; bathing in the flames of one of the young ones I was too rough with; getting burnt before I learned that I could not be scorched. It’s been…nearly half a millennia since I’ve seen any of you…A dragon by the name Callum that served the wizard Merlin, his scales were the most beautiful emerald hue.” He paused almost trailing on. “Time is very different for me because I always confuse an hour with an instant, a day with a minute…Well, when I’m alone at least.” He would’ve approached her cautiously, kneeling when he came before her to be eye level with the little dragon in her lap. “Do you mind?” He paused…”Boy or girl?” Breaking off into a different chain of thought, being entirely reminiscent, he spoke softly with his eyes locked up at hers, “Do you know what it is to be a Djinn, outside our realm? We are outside the natural law, essentially being gods due to the fact that we are beings blessed with an infinite source of magic and the gift of creation – so when we are daft enough as I to spend an extended period of time in the reality of mortals without a master, the world rejects our presence and our magic. It’s almost about time that I have to return home again, lest I find a contractor.” He continued. “I very much like this realm, and would like to not have to return just yet…Is there a place for one such as me who seeks regular asylum? I believe the last king I served was Arthur…I taught Merlin some few things about magic that may have made him legendary…That is what the Marid do. We choose sides, and forge legends.

Anaya: Anaya smiled as she watched the flowing man, the way he talked made he smile and it was nice to have something so bright and bubbly around, as well as it was rather nice to have something as old as she was for once. “if you wish to hold a king to serve we do have a king you can, or simply be in service of the house if you will. So you would not have to leave if you wished not to.” she looked up moving her lap to wake the one who was now drolling on her silken gown now what was sheer was now fully clear with the wet of her childs droll. “Ryu here is male and Noki be fallen on the floor kicking at air as she drifts in slumber is my female, twins from the same egg, and scales like there grandmother, i hold white scales and red eyes so they do not look like me at all ” she gave a chukle as she picked up the head of the sleeping Ryu. “by kind little one in your sleep we have a guest who would enjoy meeting you” Ryu opened his bright blue eyes as his golden scales moved sightly as he stretched opening his jaws as the baby the size of a draft horse gave its grand yawn and moved its little stub like chicken wings that one day would grow into something mighty. He gave a light growl then stomped feeling the warmth of the other being, and instantly head butted it right in the chest pushing against the stranger wanting to soak up all the warmth and nice smell of it. Samuel walked from the dinning hall to the main hall still eating a chicken bone as he stood next to a pillar waiting his turn seeing anaya was clearly busy. And there was that gray elf again the one that fawned over his mate, he had mild dislike for it, and unlike true dragons the wyvern did not understand the actions of gray elves or what it would be like to be over all worshipped like that, to be treasured, he was feared not treasured he did not understand any of it. With his chicken bone in tooth he watched in silence. Anaya got up watching her baby move as she walked over to Trev “there is no need for you to bleed, would you like that healed?” she asked as she keeled down before him going to his level and taking his hand in hers softly and in a bold fashion, but she was unsure he would be able to take the healing or if it would be against what he stood for or what his gods wanted. So she waited for his response on the matter of that “yes you may tell your storys to the young ones before the evening is done, when they go to there chambers to rest and sleep the dark hours away. And i would enjoy hearing them as well sometime. We may share storys of old together” she talked to him but still kept an eye on Ryu last thing she wanted was for her youngling to take hold of a limb of the there guest and harm it.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would freeze as if time had stopped feeling her hand on his he would lower his head in shame some more for making her worry as he felt eyes watching him, many of which seemed to despise him as other were simply studying the male as he rose his head to her- “The tenant of humility would not let me reject such a gift…I thank you deeply First Born Anaya” –he said lowering his head once more as his armour looked to almost be falling apart as his skin was covered in wounds both old and new as the newest was obviously the leg wound and the head wound as he would close his eye for a moment as he awaited the healing he would speak- “although it seems many in your circle do not enjoy seeing you so close to me, nor my attitude towards you” –he said his blind covered eye looking around for the presences around him that despised him- “which I can understand, you a First Born and a rare one at that coming so close to a betrayer such as myself….must be quite ageist to many” –he would chuckle once more and think quietly to himself as he switched to the tongue of ancient’s for her to hear alone- “” –he would look to her children and smile switching back to normal tongue- “they are growing well First Born Anaya, your children will be quite powerful when the time comes…although might I ask of whom their father is, while they seem to hold the proper blood there is a scent of something else mixed in….” –he said sniffing the air slightly as his blind eye was now focused on the male who was watching him with annoyance keeping trained for what he would do next as Trev showed no signs of noticing.-

Remiori: Baal held a warm expression supporting a cheeky grin plastering his visage as the young and spritely golden dragon stirred to wake; chuckling as it butted into him - he was immovable, patting it’s head lightly before trailing his fingertips along Ryu’s spine, sighing content, smoking naturally sifting out from his lungs with the sigh. “He will be a lively one, and strong…” Turning to look back at the little one called Noki playing in her dreams. “It doesn’t have to be a King that I serve – but I can only serve one master; they act as my anchor…And I act as their will; yet there are some terms…I will not kill anyone unjustly, in fact, that request would terminate the contract…If you can, please do find someone moral to some degree…Our thoughts, that is to say our minds, would be connected. No matter who you are man, woman, etcetera; and my presence is in control by that person; most often I am contained in regalia – but any object that is kept close to the chosen person will do; because at will I can return to it if I ever were to be some distance away from them…Perhaps the details should be saved until someone is willing.” He would offer a smile in thanks to Anaya for indulging him; then pressing his forehead lightly against Ryu’s wrapping his arms to drape around the large neck of the young one. “If it were many years ago I might’ve already picked a fight with you, Ryu.” His laughter was a warm thing that resonated throughout the hall, shedding light on his playful personality. “Although, I can’t count how many times you would’ve won.” There was a seemingly important guest in the court, which is why he took to entertaining the young dragon while Lady Anaya tended business – in actuality he had over a year until his anchor was necessary to be selected, but to him that was a code red level of distress, and very nearly a ten second count down to him. “I may not have told you yet, Ryu, my name is Baal. It means ‘Lord’. My parents had very high hopes for me. As, I suspect, yours do for you.” The dragon may have been too young to understand his words exactly, but there was never a dragon that could be called an idiot.

Anaya gave a light smile as she let him speak all he wished to say to her, his words and voice pleased her ears as they had the first time she had met him. Her hands came to his hands taking his hand and placing it in hers and putting the other hand of hers on his hip and then running her fingers down his leg. Fingers lightly glowing blue as she started to mutter words unknown under her breath, a blessing to heal the hurt and sick, to restore energys and place life back in a broken body. Red eyes looking up at him they almost seemed bright blue for a second a shimmer of gold within the red eyes that looked so evil. “what the world thinks for you being near me is not of the matter, the only things that matter is what i and you think. Your wounds will be tender Trev but they are healed, simply be careful walking as you may rip the newly grown skin upon your leg and hand. If wrapping of it in cloth is needed i will have a maid do it for you, but as long as you are careful with it you will be well” Sam in the distance was gritting his chicken bone in his teeth as he watched and then turned around walking back into the dinning room to maybe punch or yell at the cook, or just go back and start bullshiting with them to pass the time, tell them storys of grand events he never did, or only ever did within the confines of his own mind. As Anaya went back to her throne she sat down and looked over to Baal and over to her son, they worked well together and she could tell there would be a grand friendship with them in due time. “we will find you a anchor be it royal or simpleton, young or old, by your choice of who you wish your bound to be with, and i am sure it shall be a perfict one, ever lasting” Ryu turned around to look at his mother to simply ask if it was ok, that simple shimmer in his eyes could tell his mother everything she needed to know “go on and play if you will” she said softly as she gave a nod and right away Ryu turned back to his new found friend and play mate and jumped up planging both feet on the Djins chest even if unable to move it the claws were mighty large even for a hatchling. “he is his fathers son” she said softly as she looked over to Trev as she watched from the side of her view her baby boy trying to bite at the smoke around the Djin. “his father is Samuel, not of pure blood but my blood is stronger so the children take after me for power and ability and hold very small amounts of there father within them, Ryu more then his sister who is passive and shy, he is far more outgoing as any male should be and one day he will gain the crown to be ruler here once my time has ended. Or his time has come forth for hi to take the crown, his father is a elder red wyvern, the strongest i could find within the lands, many dragons here are dead and gone so i can say my choices were few. But the children will be strong because of there father and i am grateful i was able to find him” she said softly looking to Trev as the red nicely took over her eyes in full once more and her fingers ended there light glow and buzz.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would nod and think on her words for a moment- “makes sense….it has been a long time since I have seen a pureblood such as yourself… The old Ones seems to not be enjoying one another as much as they enjoy their children” –he tilted his head back and forth- “tis is an odd circumstance I suppose but it seems as though throughout times the First born did not wish to make purebloods anymore as to many would cause issues…or at least that is what the Dragon of End times spoke” –he said cracking his neck a bit- “such as myself, with a pureblooded father and a mix breed mother, neither of whom I knew…” –he said quietly for a moment as he looked down as if thinking of something than shook his head- “still….he seems to be quite a prideful man as his presence alone is fill of Taboos” –he said bluntly and out loud- “I am not familiar with the fifth sons outside of their lineage and blood of the Air Dragon, we were taught back in my home that they were interesting but unimportant in the grand scheme of the world…” –he said as he thought back to those times- “First Born of Dragons, Second Born of Elves, Third Born of Magical Entities, Fourth Born of Goblins, Trolls, and Orcs, Fifth Born of the Air tribes, Sixth Born the Animals, Seventh Born of the Sick, Eighth Born of the Humans” –he said rambling off his old lessons- “The Golden dragon only had a few offspring if I recall, otherwise the only one with less children is the Dragon of the End or the Unknown Dragon” –he said with a smile- “well than” –he said checking his wounds for a moment- “hm…interesting Magic….I am not familiar with it,” –he would examine himself for a moment and nod as he noticed something and coughed- “When you have a moment to spare…is there a room I may perhaps barrow….it seems my clothes are a bit…at their limit of wear” –he said as his head pounded in embarrassment of such a mistake as he could only kneel their quietly now afraid to move least his cloths disintegrate on the spot- “otherwise….the taboo of decency might be broken” –he said coughing, as his presence began to pulse a bit a she blinked and looked towards the door with his good eye for a moment seeing a small odd looking bird fly in and land on Trev’s shoulder and dropping off a letter to him as the bird disintegrated into ashes the moment the letter left his mouth as Trev opened it and began to skim it his eye narrowing as he bit his lower lip thinking for a moment as he mumbled something incoherently-

Remiori: “You have my eternal gratitude, Lady Anaya, I think I will come to call your home one of many places which I can belong to, and desire to preserve over the trials of time.” Baal watched the interaction between the young Ryu and his mother, chuckling at the excitable nature of him. As Ryu rose to latch on tohim, Baal would purposely roll to fall back as if the dragon had overpowered him; taking the both of them to the ground to wrestle, although Baal was being more careful for the both of them – the room would seem to stretch around the both of them, unnaturally, but giving the two room for Ryu to move about without colliding into anything. As Baal rolled back he would hold onto Ryu’s claws, kicking up at his underside to roll the dragon over and gain the dominant position – using momentum rather than just pure strength; attempting to show the spritely one a thing or two. As the two of them engaged; Baal thought back to that other world, lands of blue, black, red, gold sands, where the sky was always different and only the most brilliant would dare attempt to map out the stars in the sky, with new ones created at a whim only restarting the process – a village there was nearly an empire to humanity…An empire would be the entire planet. The hierarchy was impossible to avoid, being lucky enough to be born into his place was a blessing, the cursed fate of some Djinn was horrid…Being predisposed to evil, and anger…It was a beautiful and terrible place – but something there that made it all the more brilliant, would be the hordes of dragons reigning over the skies freely – the number of dragons was never in decline, unlike this mortal realm; which brought some sadness to Baal’s heart – knowing how lonely a dragon born in this plane often was. And yet, Ryu was lucky enough to have his entire family still.

Anaya: Anaya moved picking up a long cloak that hung on the side of the throne. It was very nicely red and held golden trim as she walked to Trev and draped it over him to cover him as she was sure seeing he had yet to move and he looked as he did he feared moving. She had seen others do the same thing, or simply needed something to hold to to find security within a simple object like a blanket. She softly smiled and kept it around him as she turned to look at her youngling. Ryu was rolling around and playing with the Djin Baal trying to get on top and Ryu fighting his little tail off thrashing his tail around and gaining an upper hand when ever he could. Then jumping up crow hoping all feet in the air he sprung off Baal only to spring back and jump on him yet agein trying to push him over so he could pin him down. The dominance of a little male dragon was one that would never give way, never faulter and always aim for the top. He new he was top dog and everyone was under him, and if they wernt he still thought they werre. Ryu gave a big roar, it was small and pittiful really but he thought it was giant and so proud of it as he held his head up standing on top of Baal and then siting his backside down on the Djins chest in tryumph. Anaya chuckled at her little one being so proud of his small victory anaya fully knowing it would have bin simple to toss the rugrat off for the Djin. But she was pleased her child had a play mate that would truly play with him even a low him to win at times and make him truly happy. She lost out on all of this wall she was young so it was truly nice seeing her youngling have all she never did. Looking over to Trev she nodded her head “for sure gray elf you know there is place for you in the upper halls, please go up and dress and be well, i will have a servant bring you a simple meal and clothing to fit your needs but not be to Lavish for you as you have explained to me your needs. Night be fall here soon anyway and it is best you rest and sleep.” her eyes looked over to Baal “Baal you are more then welcome to call this place home, Ryu would miss out if you left, i do believe he has grown a liking to you ”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would bow his head pulling the blanket around him as he bowed his head quietly and began to stand up as he looked at the note once more as he spoke in the olden tongue- “” –he spoke softly almost as if he was afraid of this man whom was coming as he headed towards his room to change as he turned around and bowed once more- “thank you First Born Anaya for your hospitality and my accommodations” –he said as he would move towards his room to lay for the night as he mumbled to himself incoherently-

Remiori: At the end of their play session Ryu would’ve been as Baal had first met him, soundly sleeping, though this time at the center of the hall. He chuckled softly, very much being happy to have made a new friend so quickly in this place. It was peaceful to watch him rest, seeing the smoke plume from his flaring nostrils as he slept, although knowing the young dragon had yet to learn how to breathe fire – perhaps Baal would be the one to teach him, he thought at least, remembering the dragon that taught him the breath. With a content sigh, and soft smile playing his generally warm expression, despite his somewhat less than friendly appearance; he seemed almost a caretaker, as he was – for many generations of mankind he had guided the most powerful men behind the scenes, carefully guiding and teaching; swaying battles and wars to the advantage of those he sided with – it was a very dangerous thing, to fight against a Djinn with an agenda, many learned this…The Greeks…Then the Romans…Then Mongols and so on. Baal approached the Lady warmly, bowing his head to her, kneeling before her once again although this time he held out his pipe in open palms. “I will take to resting, as the young one…I trust you to keep this safe, and use it to call me awake tomorrow lest I’ll sleep for a century without even noticing…Can you do this?” His glacial eyes would stay contained to her gaze curiously, noting the red of her eyes more closely.

Anaya: Anaya understood Trav as she nodded her head, anything with golden blood in its body that was not a pure born she new needed to be destroyed. It was a slash against her and even more so if this man instilled fear in Trev he was far from a blessing, but she would judge the one coming when he surely found his way there. “rest well Trev all is well i a sure you” a simply polite greeting that had more then one meaning, it was not only safe around and well but who ever was coming would not get far with her. A golden dragon made its soul dutie to remove bad from the earth, remove evil and above all else the golden bloodlines could not be tarnished more then they had bin already and to know that there was a being that was of another but held gold in his veins even in a slight amount and was not pure and divine it needed to be taken care of. She looked to Baal “i will keep you safe as i do my children, you will sleep in peace be it only a neer hour or a hundered years i will still be here once you wake and so will your new playmate” she gave a smile and nodded her head to him so he may rest along side her youngling till the dawn or till they would rise. She would not sleep yet as she had much to do and still had not eaten.

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Scornful: The sun had already set across the horizon, nightfall having come early due to it Winter this time of year. The Towns were all coming to a stop, people returning to their homes to get warm and comfy, cozy up by the fire and eat their dinner. Even the Iron Keep was slowly getting that way, despite the fact there was well over a thousand people within its Stone Walls. Amongst the Iron Keep, though, upon a hillside, towering over the City was The Iron Dynasty, it's large castle walls casting a shadow over the Iron Keep, many windows lit with lights and two Blood Stag Banners hovering over the walls. The fire was coming from the chimney, the smell of Salted Pork filling the noses of whoever was close enough outside to smell it. It was a delicacy within this Land, a very rare one with exquisite taste. Though, within these towers stood Tesh looking out his window, back home where he had traveled far from his beloved woman. He remembered how he had told her he was taking leave for a while to venture out and explore the world. She was far from happy with that but respected Tesh's decisions. Tesh sighed a bit, having missed her dearly before he closed his curtains and turned around, walking over to his fresh washed clothes as he pulled them back on, as well as his armor. He tucked his blades back into their respective sheaths and attached them to his back and hip, before journeying down the castles many stairs towards the Dining Room, his stomach growling like a Rock Golem as he hadn't had Salted Pork in what felt like a millennia. As Tesh finally reached the large oak doors, he opened them and stepped through, seeing many servants and maids setting up a large table with Golden Plates and Silverware, Goblets with Ruby's encrusted into them. He was a bit surprised at this, having never seen such an establishment for just a Dining Room, but all in all, he enjoyed the Formal Setting. He then stood there, waiting patiently for everyone else to come down, as he didn't want to seat himself before anyone else.

Anaya: Everything had gone on, people had gone on their own ways and sam were leaning against the wall picking his teeth with something, bone or wood, ya more than likely it was a bone. Walking down the steps from the upper halls she had her hair back over her shoulder and a braid down the side her red gown blowing in the light winter chilled air that creeps in from a cracked window. She wrapped her arms around her as there was her little monster sitting at the base of the steps. Ryu looked up big blue glowing eyes looking up at her as she gave him a smile and ran down the steps to grab her child by the head and wrap her arms around him. Tender love from a dragon was a shocking thing even to their own children. “I will protect you, my Ryu, you will be strong like your father” she said softly into his ear fin as she nuzzled the side of his face, his warm golden scales rubbing against her flesh covered cheek. Letting him go he cooed softly after lightly licking her neck side and then turning around to stalk and find his sister and any guests they would have. But never stay too far from his mother and father as they stayed in the main segment of the castle. Samuel walked over to Anaya taking her hand and lifting it to lightly kiss it as he pushed her hair behind her shoulder. “you look ravishing my dear” he said ever so softly so she really had to pay attention to him, he did this to force her to hear him and pay extra attention to him, most of the time when he wanted something from her, or just for extra attention. “what do you want , my dear” she snapped back as she gave a snort not liking his petty games with her that he just overly enjoyed playing. “I wish nothing but a smile upon your lips and a hop to your step” Anaya gave him a snort without words and walked away from him her backside rocking as she walked as she knew he was looking at her. She looked over her shoulder and gave him a wink as she sat down on the throne watching Ryu sniff out his hiding sister that was in the sofa room ripping up a chair.

SahlielxInteritio: The room was adorned with cobwebs of a bygone era. Empty was the room with now windows nor light of any kind. Perchance it closely resembled a dungeon with only a bed and a small desk with only a candle to shed light in. How long had he been sleeping for days? Weeks? Who knew Pain wrecked is body causing him to groan and roll over on the bed sending dust flying everywhere. "Ohhh my aching joints.." He muttered as he brushed the cobwebs that clung to his eyelashes out of the way. "About time you woke you old fart. I could only play chess with myself for so long." a younger voice chimed in from the shadows. "Shut up I was hoping that by sleeping you damned thing would be gone by now." The old man cough expelling dust and film from his throat. "Seem like they forgot about you and left you here to what sleep?" the old man spoke in almost a possessed tone. "I am sure more important things came up that needed their undivided attention no need to be arrogant about it." the old man wheezed and gave a few robust coughs as his body slowly woke from the year long slumber. The warmth of fresher and oxygen-rich blood coursed his veins as he slowly was able to rub life back into the joints in his hands. His old yet sharp eyes peered around the room dust clung in thick amounts to the desk and blankets. "Gahh my knees. I wish I was younger," he muttered as he began massaging his kneecaps rubbing the patella giving warmth to the joints and ligaments. "Well you could always accept me and regain what was lost." spoke the younger voice with a chuckle and a sneer. The old man pondered upon his youth why he had forsaken it to live in the shell of an old man. Once again it was punishment for a crime he had lost all memory of but knew that he must serve his penance. "No!! I have told you over and over I will not accept you ever again!!" he yelled loudly in a demanding tone forcing the alternate persona back into the shadows of his mind. "Ughhh" he moaned as he slinked from the bed and slowly stumbled his way to the door. The door clicked as the knob twisted and opened. It felt harder and harder to push as if some force was holding the door shut. It inched open slower and slower till a small bit of light could be seen He felt his way forward feeling the blackness. Cloth? Leather? Tapestry! How long indeed had he been sleeping forgotten by the owners of the castle? If? If indeed were they still his gracious hosts or had something else befallen the lady of the house. "Hello?" He called out hoping anyone could hear him as he came out from beneath the tapestry he quickly shielded his eyes from the light as it blinded him for only a moment as his crimson hues adjusted to the light. He was still the same wrinkled and gray. Yet not any older than he was a few year ago. Would the lady still remember who he was?

SirRuane: ~Ruane blinked and slowly opened his eyes as he laid high in the tree. The sounds of the forest came to him slowly as he looked around. It sounded as if the daytime creatures were turning in for the night. Covering his eyes with his hand he watched as the sun slowly began to sink in the horizon. He stretches lightly, rolling his head along his shoulders before sitting up. Ruane looked down from the tree before turning and falls out of it. Brings his feet under him Ruane lands in a crouch on the ground. Raising to his feet. Looking around, he sees no one around. He had spent most of his time avoiding the roads and traveling at night. He rubs his arms as he closes his eyes. He was a good size for a human. Standing at five-foot-eleven and weight close to two hundred and twenty pounds. His long black hair was tied behind his head, but a thick black beard covered his face. He looks behind himself as he picks up a small bag. He didn’t own much just what was in the bag, his weapons and black clothing he was wearing. Reaching into the bag he pulls out the metal armbands. Placing them on his forearms he stands to his feet strapping throwing daggers to his ankle and left arm. Finally, on his back, he slides two short curved swords into their sheath. He pulls his pack along his back and looks around with his hazel eyes. He had seen a castle not far from here the night before. He figured it would be a good place to get some supplies if he could get in and out with no trouble. Ruane hated stealing and he always left the money where he was but ever since he had escaped the slave trader he had nothing. This forest looked much like the forest his master’s hut was in. It had filled Ruane with excitement when he came to the forest. He thought that maybe finally he had made it home. But after a few days, he realized that this wasn’t the same forest. Ruane figured that someday he would find it. But for now, he didn’t even know what part of the world he was on. It was all the slave traders fault. Ruane frowns, the man had tricked Ruane poisoning him before capture him and forcing him into slavery. He rolls his shoulders feeling the tightness of his back. Whip scars crisscrossed under the tunic on his back. Scars from the near nightly beatings he had received for six years. That whole time they traveled and Ruane was forced to fight in the arenas before he had escaped. Now he was trying to find his way home. He takes a deep breath and exhales, he opens his eyes and looks around once more. Hearing a sound he looks around. He feared being captured again. Looking down at the scars on his wrist he rubbed them gently. Pulling up his mask over his face he could see his warm breath in the snowy air. His black hair and beard have small snow flacks that had drifted there. He pulls his hood over his head and makes his way through the trees coming to the castle ahead. Ruane was a young human in his twenties. He had a toned build with muscular arms, back, and chest. His dark almond color skin glistened in the fading sunlight. Crouching down in the bushes. Ruane watches as Guards walked across the wall and the ground of the castle. He shakes his head as he shivers. It was cold outside if he was forced to spend other night outside he would surely freeze. He figured he would get supplies while everyone slept and find an empty room. Surely a castle of this size would have an empty room. Ruane moves quickly from the bushes to the wall in front of him. Taking to large steps he pushes off the ground with his legs. His feet land against the wall. Using the imperfections in the wall as foot holes he almost runs up the sheer wall. Reaching the top of the wall Ruane grabs hold of the edge and host himself back over the side. He lands in a crouch on the wall and looks over the grounds. He didn't want to sneak in but if the guards weren’t allowing people in or if the owners of the castle were dangerous then he would be in trouble. He would never be a captive again. Grabbing hold of the ledge, of the inner wall, he drops his body down to the ground below him. He lands silently as he was trained to do before looking out. He didn't like the fact that there was no brush over the grounds for him to get it. He would have to make a mad dash over the grounds to get to the building itself. Ruane moves to the side with his back against the wall. Crouched there for several heartbeats, he takes a deep breath to prepare himself. Just as felt something big coming towards him. Looking up he notices a cave troll moving along the grounds. Ruane ducked down and watched as he noticed more. He would have to move quickly and stay down wide from the creature. He rushes to the building ahead of him before disappearing into the darkness. Looking around Ruane notices an open window and he pushes it open further before slipping inside. Looking behind him to see if he was being followed. So far there was no alarm. Sighing in relief he leaves the window open and goes to the door before pushing it open just far enough. He noticed he was in the side room of some sort of dining hall. He noticed a woman standing there, her hair flowing down her sides of her shoulders. But the next person made Ruane frown he had a tail it looks like. Ruane stepped back watching to see when he could make a move. It seemed he had found the supplies in this room he was in. Stepping back from the door he pulled his pack off and began to stock up on the food he had found.~

Scornful: Finally everyone was coming down from their rooms into the Dining Room, the Empress Anaya and what appeared to be her Lover, the rest of the Family of which Tesh did not know or had never seen, though they were Dragons which struck him curious, but he paid no mind to it. But other than that, the food smelt delicious, filling Tesh's nose with mouth-watering scents, it was enough to make his stomach growl once more. He decided while everyone was getting cozy in their chairs, that he'd walk into the kitchens and check out a few things, see what the Maids and Servants were up to. Tesh enjoyed Cooking just as much as he enjoyed eating it, though he never had much time for it. Normally his Love would cook for him. As Tesh walked into the kitchen, he smiled at the many cooks who were cooking the food, chopping up fruits and bread delicately, taste testing, so on and so forth. It always awed him how someone could enjoy cooking in such a way that it was an Art in its own form. Though, as he was standing there, a Chef had walked up to him and spoke out, "Oi! What're you doing back here?" The Chef sized Tesh up, giving him a squint. "I---" Tesh was about to speak but was quickly cut off as the Chef roared out, "You like the way I make these dishes yes? I surely saw the expression on your face the moment you walked in and saw my marvelous master pieces." The Chef roared with laughter and patted Tesh on the shoulder, before walking him over to the pantry and opening it, waving his hand out. "This is where our finest ingredients come from, from the juices of apples to the--- Hey! A Thief!" The Chef roared out in anger, pointing towards a rather well-built man, scars on his face making him appear battle-worn, with a rucksack as he was stealing the food. Tesh noticed that the man was armed, and probably wouldn't hesitate to kill someone or at least injure in order to get away. Being that Tesh was a thief within his previous times as a Teenager, he knew most of the tactics a Thief would utilize. Tesh stepped in front of the Chef, moving his hand back to one of his twin daggers as he placed his hand on the hilt, preparing himself. He then spoke out softly to the Thief, "I'll give you credit for breaking into a castle of this size and danger, but it was most unwise to do so when one would know Dinner was being made. A Thief plans before taking action, not the other way around, so before this gets ugly, how about we put the sack down, and pull you to the Empress aye?" Tesh gave the man a dead-straight stare, his icy blue eyes glowing slightly, giving the impression that he was not joking.

Anaya: Ryu followed the man known as Tesh following behind like a watchdog with his tail held all high and proud and ready for action, that cook was funny looking so fat and plump must eat a lot, sure it would taste good, Ryu slobbered his tongue along his scaled lips as he stood behind Tesh lifting his head high to look around his big golden head poking up over the man as he gazed around. Then hearing the uproar of a thief the dragon was ready for action, instantly the dragon jumped up and ran at their unwanted stealing guest and snarled his tail held high and his little stubs that one day would be wings poking out as if he was fighting and holding out wiggling as if he was holding them up and flapping, but it mostly looked like a chicken trying to fly. Ryu snarled as he showed the one thing he had going for him, baby sharp needle teeth each the size of a kitchen knife. And claws digging into the stone floor making a horrible scratching sound. Anaya sat in her throne as her other child Noki walked out from the sofa room holding a half eaten sofa pillow in her maw as she trotted over to her father like she had won some battle. Sam seemed overly annoyed with the female child as he snatched the pillow from her and lifted his hand as she cowered “stupid female you have won nothing, this is a pillow for grace of the mother, you are worthless and useless” he scolded as Noki dropped her tail that was once proud and slunk to the floor like a defeated worm. Anaya watched as her mate treated there female osspring like mud under his boot. “can't you give her at least the time of Day Samuel. She treats you like a god the least you can do is be kind to her” Anaya was unhappy with her bold mate and his reactions to their child, it was unfair to Noki to have a father that only wanted a male for his own unknown reasons. She looked back to her book that she had pulled from her throne side and did not allow Samuel to respond to her. He scoffed and looked at the child “alright, here” he gave the sofa pillow back as she slowly started to chew it.

SirRuane: ~Ruane looked to the red apples that were just sitting there. Tossing a few in his bag he made sure not to take what he didn’t need. He lifted his pack and started back to the window when he heard the chief call out thief. Ruane frowned as he turned to the door seeing that it was wide open for anyone to see him. Even in the fading light and his black garb he could easily be seen. He stopped where he threw the pack on his shoulders. He didn’t want to fight, he hated hurting people. After all, those years being forced to be a slave and kill in the arena, against his dead sensei’s teaching he vowed never to take other life. Unless, he had too. Slowly, he reaches for the throwing dagger on his shoulder but notices a male with cool blue eyes looking at him as he stepped before the cook. Ruane could tell by his stance that he meant busyness and was ready to fight if he had too. Ruane lowered his hand not reaching for the dagger. Instead, he stares at the male as he shook his head.~ “I will not be put back in chains.” ~His voice was deep as on edge. He meant what he said he would die before he was held captive again. He looked back out of the window Ruane thinks of seeing if the queen would have mercy on him. Sighing sits on the window seal and holds his hands up. Suddenly, he looks up hearing a roar Ruane looks to see a dragon trying to fly it was at him. If Ruane’s face wasn’t covered by the mask and head then they would say his jaw drop. He wasn’t expecting dragons. He knew he was in trouble now. If he had any hopes of serving than he needed to run. Dropping backward from the window he figured running would be the best option. Flipping backward out of the window he lands on the ground and bolts. But it was too late whistles began to shriek in the cool air. Ruane rolls on his shoulder dropping the pack from his shoulder. Looking back to it he curses and decides to leave it. Turning he comes face to face with one of the giant cave trolls the patrolled the castle grounds. Ruane stepped back looking at the large beast. In the forest wilds, his sensei and himself had to contend with cave trolls before. Normally, Ruane worked with his sensei to take down the strong beast. However, Ruane had seen his master take one down on his own. Ruane rushes forward as the troll swings it large club towards his head. He ducks before leaping off the ground. He flips landing on the troll's club. Stretching his arms out for balance Ruane rushes up the trolls arm before raising his knee to collide with the brute’s soft under the chin. Even though it was soft Ruane’s knee began to throb as it came to contact with the harden jaw. However, the troll went down. Ruane rolls to his feet feeling the pain in his knee but knew he couldn’t stop. Not if he wanted to remain free. He brings his fist together when he notices the troll shaking it head and started to get back up. Bring his hands down together over the trolls head he dropping it once more. Turning he begins to run but his knee gives out on him. Guards on tackle him from either side of attempting to push him to the ground. Using his hang gar training Ruane locks his legs down as he bent at his hips. Ruane was strong and faster than most humans because of his training and the abuse he had taken from the wilds and slavery. But he could only push back so much. Throwing the guards off of him he turns seeing more trolls and guards heading for him. He crouches low reaching for the curved swords on his back. However, he didn’t get a chance to use them. A troll slammed his club into Ruane side sending him flying slamming into a well. Ruane was sure he heard some of his rib cracks. Sliding down the wall he slumps to the ground. The guards come over and remove the hood and mask from his face seeing that indeed he was a young human. Ruane tried to stand up again knowing that he would never give up fighting. But the pain overtook him sending him into darkness. The guards look to the blue eyed male asking what they should do with him.~

Scornful: Tesh had kept his eyes steady on the man, watching his every movement and preparing to react if he decided to attack. Though as Tesh surveyed him, listening to his very deep voice, he couldn't help but see himself in this same position, stealing to live, fighting to see another day. As the man stated he wouldn't go back in chains, Tesh felt sympathy for him as he spoke out softly, "You won't be in chains, not if I can help it." But that was all Tesh could say as a Dragon almost twice his own size barged in like a happy trotting horse, growling at the man and baring his fangs while attempting to fly from his stub of a set of wings. Tesh was a bit shocked at the sight but thought no more of it just as the man had leaped out of the window. Tesh immediately took off, side flipping over the young Dragon as he landed on the window seal and took a leap of faith, jumping out of the window and free falling as he channeled his mana, manipulating his form to sink into the shadows below him on the ground, as he did so, landing safely. He then stood up, rematerializing and took off after the man, but he didn't get very far as the man had begun wrestling a very large Troll. Tesh had absolutely no intentions of assisting or even attacking that beast, but it seems the man was very skilled in combat as he had slammed his knee into the trolls chin, knocking it cold. Tesh silently walked to the man, knowing he wouldn't get far as the other Trolls and Guards were heading his way, soon tackling him. Though the man didn't give up, as Tesh witnessed guards flying left and right, it was almost like a Berzerker in the midst. As the Troll knocked the man aside, the Guards finally got ahold of him and looked to Tesh, in which Tesh spoke out softly. "Take him to the Empress, but be easy, he's no enemy." Tesh couldn't help but pity the man further, it was something about those eyes and his face that made him think there was much more to his purpose than that of his actions.

Anaya: Ryu once the man dropped everything and said his words stood there, dropping his tail down from its dominant stance, even if the youngling was a male and only days hatched it still could understand and hear and feel the pain in this man's voice. Ryu moved down sniffing the apples on the ground and picking on up softly in his jaws lightly holding it in his teeth and breaking the skin of the apple lightly, drool and apple went well together anyway. Ryu seeing the guard and everything happens to the male and seeing he was surely human struck a nerve in the baby and without running and being a proper golden dragon he walked out and over to the male putting his nose only a foot or so from the man's and holding out the apple. He wanted the man to take it, a gift, they had enough food and even in the winter snows fruits came in from other lands to the south that was warm and lush. Anaya could hear the massive amount of noise, a troll crying in pain, feet running around a pot fell out of someone's hands and clanged on the ground “what is the meaning of this” she said as she moved to see what was going on, for a seven foot tall woman who was dressed in silk she for sure could move at a rather fast pace when she wanted to. There was Ryu holding out a half broken down drool covered apple to a stranger, helping a human, it was in golden dragons natures to aid others they felt worthy of it, and even a baby fully driven by its most primitive and instinctual natures knew when things needed to be done and how to do them. Sam soon followed his mate over to see what was going on both standing in a doorway as the snow fell saw the man taken by guards and seeming to draw a crowd. Well, it was not every day someone broke into the castle. “who the fuck is that?” Samuel asked as he put his arm around away as hip and held her close to him as she stood there seemingly uncaring to anything he had to say or do “I am unsure, go back inside” “you gonna let the guy freeze in the cold?” “no, we don't harm humans here. We will see what he has done” she saw tesh there with the man and was glad that he was up and around, soon she could go over with him the matter she wanted to talk about. Softly Anaya turned and started to walk inside “bring the man in, it is cold outside and we are not needing a human frozen in the back garden” she smiled hearing tesh be so affirmative, yes she would talk of the matters she wanted to with this male he was a suited candidate for what she had in her plants “Ryu come inside as well no need for you to be outside, we will get you some supper” Ryu looked over at his mother then back to the man and shook the apple he was holding even if it was a little smashed now out for the man to take.

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Scornful: Tesh was a tad surprised at Anaya's Mercy, but thought nothing more of it. It was final, this man would be spared his life for four fingers, and Tesh would be assisting in this case. The guards immediately held down the raging Thief as he did not agree at all to the punishment given. This was when Tesh quickly stepped in front of knelt down man, pressing his hand against the man's forehead as his eyes glow bright blue, flaming with faerie fire. Tesh spoke out in a booming loud voice as he glared down at the Thief "Resist Your Rage!", and with that Tesh's hand began to glow bright with a blinding light of blue faerie fire, to the point where it'd temporarily blind the man and daze him. After removing his hand, a brand in the form of Tesh's name in Drow Symbols was left on the Thief's forehead, his eyes' glowing with the same color as the Faerie Fire that was on Tesh's own eyes. Tesh then proceeds to manipulate the shadow of the man casted behind him to rise up and wrap around his ankles and wrists, solidifing them to a steel density thus preventing them from being broken easily and reducing his movements almost completely. Though Tesh did not still trust the man, not even to be carried by Guards given he was so determined as not to be reslaved and such, Tesh simply moves his hand upwards and causes the Shadows binding the man to rise, lifting him up as if he was weightless. Tesh then follows the guards out to the Jailhouse with their levitating Thief behind Tesh.

Anaya: Anaya watched tesh cast a spell upon the male before them and then start walking away “no you stay here we have matters to go over.” she called out as she walked to a guard that was following along “make sure that man can feel his punishment, he cant learn if he is sleeping or numb. Wait for the spell to were then do as instructed” the guard nodded as the others dragged the man away and he followed swiftly behind talking to the others and relaying the order. Anaya moved back to her throne as a maid at long last came to her with some food and some tea. “what did you fall down a pit girl, that was slow of you, be faster next time” Anaya scolded the night starting to make her grow grumpy. The maid shaken almost triped but readyed herself nodding over and over wall handing the platter of salted pork and some fruits to Anaya with her iced mint tea like she wanted and requested over three hours earlier. The maid said not a word and scampered off as anaya grumped and took a drink of her tea and eating a chunk of salted pork. “tesh please sit i have a matter i wish to talk with you about, a question of sorts”

Scornful: Just as Tesh was about to walk through the Oak Doors, he heard Anaya's voice calling out, in which he immediately turned around and looked back. "Hm? You wish for me to stay?" He questioned her, having no idea what exactly was going on, though as he listened to her tell the Guards to punish the man, making sure he felt it so that he could learn from his mistakes, Tesh immediately began to think that Anaya was a Sadist in some sense. But shrugging that off, he walks back over towards her, only to stop abruptly mid-way as a maid came bustling through with Tea and Food, setting them down on the table before Anaya while she scolded her. Tesh couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor woman, but it was her job to do as she was told in a timely manner. The smell of Salted Pork once again filled his nose, the smell being absolutely delicious, even so as to make his mouth water slightly. Tesh then walks over and seats himself after being requested to, sitting back in the chair as he folds his arms and stares straight at Anaya with his cold icy blue eyes, his expression still as blank as could be.

Anaya: Anaya moved her plate and picked up another chunk of pork seeing tesh eye the food and it was clear he was hungry as well, she guessed the mess with the one stealing from the dinning hall. “alright i am glad you have stayed, over the past months my family has grown small, due to not intended events many of the crown have died, all male children of my name have come to a untimely end due to unforeseen circumstances. So i am to offer you a place as king, brother to myself by adoption and crowning” she moved the plate over the table top to sit it in frount of him, take the food to agree and push the plate back to decline, it was formal and simple, an action along with ones words on the matter and some meat and later wine for him before bed. “it is a honnor to have a spot such as thus, you will be able to rule along side this crown and gain lands and become a part of the family name, if you have family as well they can be included, witch if you do hold family or lane claims already please state such to me”

Scornful: Tesh watches her as she ate the chunk of pork, before he noticed that she was looking right back at him, sensing his hunger. It was a tad embarrassing to Tesh, but he thought nothing else of it as he listened to her. It was as if she seemed desperate to rebuild her Family, it had Tesh almost feeling bad for her. Though he was very surprised when she offered him a place as King, her Brother by adoption. It had been so long since Tesh was apart of a Family, he thought back to his Adopted Brother when they were in the Thieves Guild, his times as a somewhat Family in the Assassins Brotherhood. He wondered just which Deity was looking down on him and blessing him, that or just pitying him and giving him this opportunity. As Anaya pushed the food over to him, he thought for a moment, staring down at the food. He then looks back up to her and begins speaking clearly, "I'm honored, though I am just a simple Mercenary, an Ex-Thief Guild Member of Morendawn and a former Assassin of the Assassins Brotherhood. I'm far from the type of person to sit in a throne and send Soldiers to battle. -He then pauses for a moment, pondering for a second before speaking once more.- But your words and actions today have moved my heart in a way that it hasn't in such a way. So with that said, -He then reaches over and takes his fork, jabbing it into the salted pork and picking a slice out as he then plops it into hsi mouth.- Long Live The Iron Dynasty."

Anaya: Anaya left the plate there for him to finish, she never needed to eat much but she did enjoy eating. Moving her hand over to push her snow white hair over her shoulder “all i ever was was a guard siting on a wooden chair. We all can surprise even ourselves with what we are able to do” she said softly as she pushed away from her throne and started to walk over to the steps “i wish to know about you, tomorrow be the day the children shall be shown to the world, tomorrow will all so be your coronation, it may be fast but the world is fleeting. You will learn this world Tesh, now you will live for this Dynasty and none other, don't ever let it down” she moved and started to walk away as she looked back for a moment “night has come, your chamber is in the upper halls it has been fixed and set up to befitting of a kings slumber. Be sure you lock your doors at night here, things walk the halls when the sun rests.” and with that she was gone, vanished into a side room were she would bath and get ready for bed and sleeping with her children for there big day tomorrow.

Scornful: Tesh watched as Anaya stood, moving her white snow hair back while speaking to him. True, this world was a very weird one and it definitely was fleeting. Just mere hours ago Tesh was a traveling Mercenary, and now he was a soon to be King within a Dynasty. His life was changing so fast, but he didn't argue with it. He soon stood up after Anaya had vanished, finishing his plate of the Salted Pork and Fine Red Wine. He then walks off towards the large Oak doors, pushing them open and traversing through the Dynasty's many halls and stairs, until he had finally reached what appeared to be his chambers, a set of Oak Doors with a Crown etched into the wood, as all as a handwritten note saying "King Tesh" on it. He yawned softly, stretching before opening the door and walking in, closing it behind him and locking it. He walks over to the fine satin laced bed, falling down on it without even caring to take his armor off. Tesh was over-exhausted, his stomach full and his mind blurry from the wine. He immediately fell into a deep sleep, his mind and body finally at peace, no worries, no quarrels, just absolute peace.

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The dawn had come, the castle was in shambles people setting up the halls, rushing back to the rooms to ready the food and dinners that would be hosted as the day went on and when the events would happen, ever since the sun came up scollers and servants had there hands filled, ravens came in by the murder notes and leathers strapped to there feet getting back to the castle they would be able to make it to the celebration. Lords and ladys as well as rulers from lands Anaya had not even know about till now had responded to the call of the crown. She was over joyed at the amount of patrons that were to come to the event. Siting in her chamber room Noki at her flank head high and Ryu behind her biting at a pillow she turned around holding nothing on her figure she walked past her female child and ran her fingers along her maw “you must act your best today it is a large day for you both, your unavailing the whole land is coming,  to see you both this is the first time in thousands of years a golden dragon has been born, i wish no eating of our guests. As well as this is the day we shall give the crown to your new family member Tesh, it is sudden i know” she said softly Noki seeming to be paying attention and understanding but Ryu did not seem to care as he ripped a pillow in half. Anaya moved pulled out a silken and gold white outfit putting it on over her shoulders and head and lashing the train behind her around her hips “he will make a fine king i am sure his attitude is most fitting to be here, and i am sure you both shall adore him. ” with that she took her fingers licked the end and took a chunk of dirt form her little boys cheek as he gave a coo and growled slightly not enjoying the bath but enjoying his mothers touch. He was a strange one for sure and with no time at all he was barking and chipping and ready to go. “it is not till this evening, so we shall be there in time, i wish you both bathed and ready for the event, i will ready the servants and check on all the workings for the night, it shall be wonderful.” she moved opening her door and allowing both her monsters to run down the steps to get all there beans out before the haled event of a Coronation as well as the unavailing of the future monarchs of this mighty land.

Six Hours Later The Start Of The Event

dallo5013: Rath having  finely   gotten to  rest  was now  back on the road   and  only  about   40 years  from the castle now she had been  travailing  for  about  6  days now   .  it would seem her  5  day  trip was a bit  longer  for she  had   ran into a  lot of traffic  along the  way  for it would seem there is a  large  group of   people   heading to the castle   for some  sort of  coronation.  Would  seem that  Empress  Dallo had   sent  Rath  at just  the  right time  . some how knowing she  would  arrive at the  castle  gates   just in time to bring all the   spices pearls and  sand   for gifts at just the right  hour even  if not   slightly  early  ~

Anaya: walking down the steps to the hall she gave a smile as she pushed back her hair from her shoulders, beside her was her youngsters two flawless golden dragon baby's, Noki and Ryu, there names on small wooden boards around there necks, the servants put them there a gift to the prince and princess and for the subjects to know there names if Anaya did not fully get around to it. Anaya walked with both of them Ryu taking a clawed foot and itching his ear as he almost fell down the steps to the ball room. And Noki being the best she could head high and a red bow around her right horn. She was a image of beauty both all shiny and cleaned and for once did not smell of dirt and dead dog or some other unknown meat. Anaya softly moved with them both to the large throne that was before them all. Chairs lined up on both sides of the thrones for people to sit and watch the event. First the night would start with a meal and dancing, getting to know one another, mingle the humans called it, then once that was over and done with they would enjoy the unveiling and crowning of the to be king and new family member. And after would be the ending with more welcomed food and drinks to laugh the night away. Ale was always at the ready as well as mead and other fine spirits.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was outside doing her best to keep herself from tripping on her newly made dress, She was not used to wearing such elegant clothing and she sure wasn’t used to being invited to royal balls and that’s saying something, “Haven’t been to one of these in a while” She said as she carefully walked up the stairs in her dark colored heels with a small smile, “Just hope I can keep my cool this time.” She started to ignore the thought of her ego showing up and ruining the event as she took a deep breath and pushed open the doors, “Good evening everyone” Scarlet said and bowed to everyone with her soft smile-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev stayed standing on the raised platform as he saw First Born Anaya enter the dance floor as he instinctual bowed when she drew closer keeping his head parallel to the floor as his hair fell down from his head, his black raven locks seeming to be a mess- “Lady First Born Anaya, the preparations seem to be complete>” –he spoke in the old tongue than switched to common- “The festivities seems to be beginning shortly is there anything you need me to do?” –he inquired as he walked with her to see what was needed to be done as he was not the biggest fan of these sorts of events but sucked it up for the time being- “Should be an interesting evening none the less given the joyous occasion” –he said as he adjusted his eye-patch that he was not sued to wearing.-

Zearoo: A portal from the BlackStorm Empire appeared outside the Iron Dynasty ballroom. A few strands of lightning surged from the portal as Zearo BlackStorm appeared from the portal. He word a pure Black suit with a hint of red in the shirt. Red and Black were his empire colors, he looked at the ground kicking the dirt up with his shoes. He turned looking back at the portal holding his left hand out to the portal. He spoke his voice low and calm "Come on Selene, We have to hurry and get inside." He smiled a bit while he waited. He looked into the portal looking at the BlackStorm lands, A storm was raging on, the rain completly soaking his empire. He shrugged shaking the thoughts from his mind.~

Anaya: she looked over the room as she gave a smile and leaned her arms on her knees as Noki and Ryu layed down at her sides, the children relaxing to the sounds of the music playing, and enjoying the feel of so many heart beats.  Anaya softly looked upher snow white hair falling over her face she looked over to Trev "yes i am sure it will be a grand event, it will be nice to see all the land owners in one place"

FiliaIsaSaton: Mystic was proud of her new size and the now lager panther made her way in the the room where people were gathering she was looking forward to a bit of fun. Her eye gazed around and her nos sniffed the air. It was that smell of food that grab her first as she headed to the were her nose drug her . Raven was standing at the door to the ball room she debated going in she new as she was a guest she would be aloud but she was shy on how others would see her. at last  she told her self she would do so for the king and queen and she made her way in and sat quietly in the nearest seat she could find-

ReyAnoraDurt: -Selene would watch as Zearo stepped through the portal thinking to her self "I'll never get used to that", Shaking her head she'd smile blowing a strand of hair from her face. reaching her right hand through she'd take Zearo's hand stepping through the rift with ease to stand by his side. Her dress was long enough it danced across the floor and it complimented his suit in the same red and black colors. Looking up at her she'd flash a simple smile lacing her fingers into his and casually leaning against his form- "Lead the way" -she'd whisper softly-

dallo5013: Rath and the newly hired  50  servants   made their way into he castle being led by   three of the  royal  guard  .  leading them into the ball  room  were Rath   would motion to  all the  50  servants to split up   25 to one  side of the ball room and  25 to the other  .  taking all the  spices and  sand and  other gifts    among them  the  finest of silks  and    pearls   from the  farthest reaches  of the  world  .. all the  servants   would place the  gifts  along the walls  till the time would come to  present the gifts to the   Empress Anaya and  the new King  as well there was even a few  gifts  there  for  Anaya’s  two children ~

DarkDelaMorte: =Trev nodded quietly and kneeled in front of Anaya as he was used to seeming not the be interested in the festivities at this time- “If you do not mind First Born Anaya, I would like to offer my services as a guard for this evening…while the festivities are nice I am not the biggest fan of these sorts of events and would prefer something that would keep my mind focused on what was in front of me.” –he said feeling the shifting magic as his other eye twirled in the empty eye socket covered by the patch as Trev did not react to it seeming to focus on the sounds around him for a moment as he smiled at the two young dragonlings and spoke In the old tongue- “” –he said with a heartwarming smile seeming to be in bliss watching the two dragonlings-

SahlielxInteritio: The smell and sounds enchanted his senses. "Ahh smell that? Smells like delicious treats. Scones and Sweet rolls of the sort Tart and puddings, cakes and pastries." spoke the soft shadow from the corner of his mind. The lights danced along the wall from down the corridor where the smells drifted from. "Shut up you damn imbecile." the old man muttered as slight drool inched from the corners of his mouth. Sah hobbled along the corridor towards the sounds and entered the room.

Soprano: -As an emissary from Ignoros, Tamyra stood, her hands to her sides, having arrived during the day. Given a dress to wear in honour of her majesty Queen Amara, she was the picture of elegance. Despite this, her arms smoothed over her garb, tugging at the gold threads uncomfortably. The warmth of the hold played its part in her discomfort as she was from the mountainside, and unused to the warmth of the Western lands of Iron. None the less she shook her hair from her eyes, its snowy locks dancing over her eyes as she make herself as inconspicuous as possible. Were it not for the age of the new Queen, she would not have to be in the position she was, and felt int his moment, out of place amongst the royals. She, simple rabble amongst the court, here to welcome a new king to the court, and the two new children of the Empress. Her gift, a token of good will had made its way into town during the day, as her cart had arrived. Two carriages of gold, and a slew of ornate jewelry for her eminence, Anaya. For the males of the continent, including the King to be crowned was a fine blade, forged with the blessing of the late Seraphina, Queen of Ignoros and the Valley of the Inarta. Within each blade was a single feather from the great phoenix herself. Tamyra had ensured they were safely brought to the forefront of the hold, and were to be brought to their appropriate owners. She herself simply ducked to the sidelines, narrowly avoiding the slough of servants with their gifts. Letting a smooth sigh escape her lips, the vibrant gold material released from her fingertips as she pulled from the wall, past the entering guest and towards the spirits where she would partake until addressed, her eyes gazing around the strangers of the realm, while she ensured the awkwardness of the evening would sift past her, as she drank her fears into oblivion. The dancing couples were not ignored, and once a drink was in her hand, she once again slunk into the shadows, finding a place to sit, and remembering to cross her ankles as she watched the spirited groups dance, flitting gracefully across the floor while she sat, and watched, eagerly elsewhere as she melded into the dark background.-

Anaya: Anaya nodded to Trev as she moved her hand to point to the doors "it would be good to hold a guard at the doors overseeing all, by all means please find a place you would like for your post" she looked over to the door seeing many enter with lavishing gifts and what not for all around, she smiled softly as Ryu bumped his head into his mothers side and then looked to the dance floor "no my son you can not play at the moment, later you may" she was very stern with her children more so then most but that was simply the way of the dragon and her words were law. Noki did not mind and stayed at her spot looking at tev and barking softly in a happy manor

RhevAlaricDurt: /me As the Invitation he had received informed him, he had arrived to this place to witness a Coronation of sorts, his old Victorian carriage stopped outside the doors as he grined at the footmen opening his door, with a single graceful step he had emerged form the side of the black wooden finished carriage which was adorned by solid golden cherubim figures and leafed trimmings, he thne took a step down onto the stone work of the front entrance and looked up at the building with his usual icy coldness, having freshly polished his horns and made up his hair he smirked as he strode through the doors of the grand area, his Demonic Blue eyes taking in the vista that was before him, the infinity of it all, from the Decor to the furniture, his steps were even as his long black cloak flowed behind him, his tailored black suit with his silk red tie that he tightened as he strode through the nave, his eyes scanned the many people in the room and then they shot up to the main seating arrangement for the, whom he supposed were the royals, again his face was cold but not uncaring, this was a day to celebrate or so he was told, he managed a smile to the would be King, and then a respectful nod as this was his day, Lucius then turned as he wrapped his cloak around him and sat down on the seat beside his Sister and his to be Brother in law and he gave them a malicious nod but his sister knew it was nothing to worry about, this was Lucius Blackheart High Emperor of the Blackheart Empire, he was cold and calculated but not a overly Evil Demon, after he had sat he once again pulled his cloak over his lap and waited for the festivities and the main event to be underway.

Zearoo: He smiled feeling her hand in his, their fingers intertwining. He began to walk up the stairs, her heels clicking against the stone and the chatter inside were the only noises that could be heard. He walked up to the door with Selene by his side, he pushed open the door. Once they were inside, the sound of chatter filled the air. He coughed quietly looking around the room not seeing anyone he recognized until his eyes locked onto Anaya DeLaRose as he waited for her to see him.~

Scornful: The day had finally come, the celebration of his Coronation. Tesh had dressed properly, wearing a set of steel polished armor, with a black fur cape tucked on his shoulders. His dark brown hair had been combed and well-kept, washed and such. His face still had the same sallow pale tone, his eyes icy blue and his facial expression as blank as always. He followed down behind his Sister, Anaya, the Empress of The Iron Dynasty, as she walked down with both her two Dragon children of which Tesh thought was odd they both had wooden boards around their necks, but he didn't argue with it. So long as the Dragons didn't eat any guests then it'd be fine. He stopped right beside his sister, looking out to the many people that had arrived to his Coronation, before he gave a hearty bow, rising back up.

FiliaIsaSaton: - A crashing sound would come from one of the tables as mystic had climb up on the table knocked dishes and silverware on to the floor. Then she started to eat the food on the table and then knocking them to the floor. After clearing most the table mystic laid down on the table and lick what was left in a bowl.-
Anaya: looking out and over the room as she sat in her spot Samuel walking out of the side and siting beside her as her hand laced with his own, her mate her king, siting along side her in his own throne before her own. but soon after siting he noticed food and made his way down to be the first to start eating.

Anaya: Sam paused looking at the now over grown panther on the table "get off ye beast, cats not on the table"
Anaya: looking over the empress's red eyes glanced around seeing all the faces she new and some she did not know "come on in all, welcome to the celebration, please come eat and fill yourselves "

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev nodded and smiled at Noki bowing his head to her his hair falling around once more- “I an honoured First Born Noki” –he said as he stood with his head lowered and bowed deeply once more- “As you wish First Born Anaya I shall be on the veranda of this platform, it is the best vantage point” –he said as he stood up and moved over to the spot he had chosen to watch the festivities for any issues as these sorts of events, seemed to invite trouble, assassins in the shadows, hitmen in the crowds, political storms always seemed to start over the smallest of indiscretions as Trev kept on guard, this is one of the reasons he was not a fan of these events, they were far too easy to become an issue of politics rather than celebrations.-

FiliaIsaSaton: - looking over to see wear the sound came from she would let out a gruff sound strech out and hop off the table then walk around the room as if to servy it -

Soprano: -The wine here dulled her senses but hurt her teeth as she partake her second cup, wincing to its intensity. Unlike the bitters that graced the mountains, the wine here matched its description as a 'sweet' wine, aching her teeth and lips as she took another long swig, ignoring the pain as she closed her eyes and gulped it down. Shaking her head post swallow, her hand worried at her lips, wiping any residue before jumping back from a set of people who meandered in front of her, pulling her feet up as their feet tread over hers without apology. "Rude..." she hissed to their retreating backs, tucking her feet beneath the couch before fiddling with the handle of her cup which sat unfortunately empty as she watched the people mill around on another, music lively and food in plenty, some she recognized, some she did not.-

dallo5013: ~The smells  of   finely  cooked  food   wafted over  to  Rath’s nose    making her  stumic  start to rumble . however she knew  that she wasn’t here  to  join in the party   or even the event  she was only here  to   give the  gifts  to they proper persons   in  witch they were intended  for .   she   made her  way    over  out of the  way   standing  close to the  stairs  were she would be able to look up on the thrones and the  two  young  dragons . she  gives a smile to Rue and  would toss him  a  gift  box . in the box  was  a dragon  fan flask and in the  flask  blessed  silver water .~

Anaya: Samuel gave a smile as he cleaned up the cat hair from the table top "stupid cats why does she have to get them, it was fine when it was small"

ReyAnoraDurt: -Selene would follow suit keeping her pace the same as Zea's her face covered in a smile. Looking around she didn't really know anyone here except him and her brother Lucius mixed with a few prior alliances. Her gaze would look up to Zea's as if searching for reassurance her grip tightening on his hand. She was new to his world and due to not really knowing many people it made her a bit uneasy.-

SahlielxInteritio: Sah watched the guards carefully out underneath his bushy brows. "He coughs Excuse me sonny would you mind letting me pass there is a tart with my name all over it." He muttered through the thick grey moustache. The guards seemed to not even pay attention to the short statured man. " Hsssssssss" the shadow snickered inside him " Hahahahaha you are so short and unnoticed." it chuckled and sneered at him. "ehh forget it I feel like I am losing my marbles." he muttered as he walked by the guards and into the dining hall his small walking stick clacking loudly against the floor.

Zearoo: He looked down at her as he gave her a warm smile. He then looked over at his brother in law giving him a nod. He'd look back to Anaya as he smiled at her before going and taking a seat.~

Anaya: As soon as Ryu saw the box tossed to him he sprung to action ripping apart the box and everything about it stopping at the silver and then looking at his mother as she got up and picked it up "you will be able to use it once you are able to take human form. " she looked up smiling at there guest "Rath is it? from the land far to the west?" she looked at her softly as she nodded her head "we thank you for what you have brought, i watched all your servants enter you are to kind to the crown"

ValikAcerbus: Valik had left her Empire Acerbus to go to DeLaRose to meet her lover’s Family. Sitting in a horse and carriage with her Daughter she turned round and smiled. As the coach door was opened she stepped out from the help of the footman before turning round and helping her daughter out as well. Moving a strand of her hair out her face one last time she made her way inside the wall’s where many people stood around. Valik was in a long black jumpsuit type dress her hair was black and wavy as it fell down the sides of her face. She had on a thrones type red crown. Her eyes misty looking as she scanned the room for her beloved.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet watched as everyone enjoyed themselves and softly sighed to herself while sitting somewhere, she decided to get up and try to dance in her shoes since there was no use in sitting around like a shy wallflower all night long "here goes nothing", she said as she took her first steps on the floor and wobbled before tapping her feet and spinning around on the dance floor, "whoa" she spun around too much and almost fell on the ground in front of people that might have been watching the whole time, she looked around with slightly pink cheeks and giggled to herself as she took her shoes off so she wouldn't hurt herself-

iTheLion: Gremory arrived at the entrance of the Iron Dynasty in a four horse drawn carriage the horse were as black as the night sky and their manes shown like alabaster waves of grain he stepped out of the carriage and gently petted the lead horse as he then walked towards the doors of the castle ducking slightly as he walked through the doorway. He stepped forth into the Ballroom area hearing the merry cheer and noises going on as  everyone conducted themselves to the beat of the music in dance.

Scornful: -Tesh smiled and made his way over to one of the many tables, seating himself down on the table's bench. Reaching back, he fixed his cape to make sure it wasn't stuffed under his bum as he sat down. Tesh then reaches over for one of the many goblets containing red thick wine, as he lifted it to his lips and took a sip, enjoying the sour taste of its contents before setting his goblet back down, looking around at everyone else whom seemed to be enjoying themselves thus far.-

Anaya: Sam stuffed food in his face as he could see an old man over with the guards and makeing his way inside "no no no" he said softly as he walked over holding a tart like thing in his fingers "take this begger and get out we dont alow old poor men inside the castle events be gone with you " he said sternly to the old man

dallo5013: Rath  Nodded  to Anaya and answered her  saying in a  soft   voice .~  these  gifts  are from your  Alie Empriss  Dallo fo the Land Of Winters . she was unable to make it here her self   but had  sent  me  in her place   and all these  gifts as well . and  your  child  can use the  silver now if   you  would  so  dezire him to do so . at  blessed   silver  is  from  an  inchanted forest  not too far from here  . it was blessed by  the  forst  sprit him self   giving  a playfully life to the  silver . making the  silver in the  flask   a toy that will entertain  your  son for  hours on end  .

Macheala: -As she rode in her carriage with her mother, she gazed out the window and kept her eyes on the passing trees. As we reached our destination, she watched as her moter stepped out of the carriage. She soon took the hand of the footman and stepped out aswell, before looking at her mother. She smiled softly, as she watched her  move a piece of hair out of her fce, before she followed behind her mother as we made our way in. She kept her hands together infront of her as her long cape flew behind her. She looked aorund at the people, before smiling at guests she hadn't known, before seeking her father, making her way around the ball room.-

SahlielxInteritio: The hunched old man veered at the young-ling carefully studying him closely. "Excuse me sonny I believe I was a guest last time I checked unless the lady treats all guests like this or is she no longer the owner of the home? I mean I had been in a deep slumber so I am sure time has passed." he chuckled as he was stopped and stung slightly at the begger remark. "Begger!! Are you going to let him insult you like that come on let me take over be young and youthful again you know you crave and thirst it." the mans voice dropped in a dark youthful tone. "Ohh shut it you. I am sure there is  some sort of misunderstanding here. I am not here to cause trouble sir" the old man hunched lower in a mocked bow. "Wait so you are going to let the ass insult you and get away with it!?!? You have indeed gone soft." the shadow grumbled out of protest but was quickly silenced. "Sir I am sure if you let me speak with the lady she will hopefully remember me although I am not sure you all did forget about me in a room." the old man chuckled and rubbed his temples.

ValikAcerbus: Making her way more into the ballroom she spotted her lover all dressed up for the part today. She blushed a little before walking over to him and wrapped her arms around his back when he was not looking. “Good evening Sir.” She said calmly as she was standing with him with her daughter. Taking her eyes of him again she looked round the room at all the guest to find her father had already arrived before waving for him to come over.

Anaya: Anaya looked to her and then to the flask and gave it to Ryu as Noki looked at it wanting a toy to, but holding herself to be a proper lady. Ryu pawed at it as Anaya dropped it down on the ground and allowed him to bat it around like it was a new ball. "i will be sure to send her a proper thank you letter for everything, it all looks wonderful and of the best quality i would think nothing less from one of our most prized alleys. even if i am hardly ever able to leave the castle even more so now in this season. the snow and i simply do not get along well, are you able to stay long or will you be going swiftly?"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet started to dance a little as she looked over to the food table and held her growling stomach, “I guess I should eat something” She thought as she brushed her hair out of her face and quickly grabbed a piece of food from the table, “This sure smells good.” She said as she sniffed the air and took a big bite out of her food, She felt a few crumbs sprinkle onto her shoulders as she turned to look at who was eating near her, “hey watch the…” She looked at who it was and swiped the crumbs off of herself “Oh it’s you,” She took another bite of her food as she observed the male being stern to an old man, “I think I forgot this guy’s name again.” She thought to herself as she watched them from the corner of her eyes-

Anaya: Sam moved along taking his hands and sternly pushing the man out and placing a tart in his hand. "take this please and see the town inn, they have many rooms you can buy i shall give you a golden coin on your way out, you seem disturbed and lost, but i am sure they will take good care of you" he gave a eye back looking at the dancers and what not walking with the man in toe out of the room and shutting the door keeping him out of the ball room and hopeful not having to baby sit a crazed old man

Macheala: -She looked around to see people dancing, and drinking as she giggled to herself before finding her mother and father again. She walked over as she stood at the end of the table, looking at her parents, giving a soft smile before gazing around the room. She then took a deep breath as she sat down across from her father and laid her hands in her lap.-

Anaya: Anaya smiled looking past Rath at all the other guests in her halls "come Rath come eat with me, there is much food ready for all" she got up pointing her hand down as the baby's bolted down the steps to the kitchen "let us all eat, come all please fill yourselves before the festivity start and were get to the ceromoni "

Soprano: Watching the gifts to their leader, Tamyra stood, the material of her dress slipping down her legs as she timidly dragged her fingertips through the snowy white of her hair before making her way through the crowds of people, seemingly ignoring the shadow of a girl as she made her way to the pedestal where the Empress and her children rested, their resplendent color reminding her of home, even slightly. She shifted in the place before saluting to the Queen as she often did in the Kingdom of Ignoros. "My Lady." Her fist pressed to her chest, and the other to her back as she straightened her stance expression blank with seriousness. "I come from the Valley of Ignoros, by request of her Eminence, Queen Amara Vesna Myrcella-Seraphina Ignacia of Inferos. She sends her most sincere congratulations and hopes that our gifts are well received. Jewels from the Great Mountains depths for you my lady. For your Husband the blade of Fyrios, from the Plume of the late Queen Seraphina, rest her soul." Her expression relaxed as she glanced down, the way of phoenix's obvious but the loss all but felt. "And for the New King, Criotia. From the Late Age of our Kingdom. Our gifts of gold and cattle for your children. Long Live you and yours, long may you reign." She paused for a moment before speaking, "And the lady Lunaria-... From Firedor, sends her kindest regards, and wishes you well."

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dallo5013: ~ Rath then slowly walked over to Noki and handed her a box with her name clearly written on it in gold letters . ~ I was told that I must hand this to you with care ~ in side the box was a doll . but not jsut any kind of doll this was a doll made from the best pupitear in all the lands and this doll was made to look just like Noki and would even transform into her as an adult letting her see what she would look like when she grew up to be able to take on human form and even as a full grown adult dragon ~take care this doll is very pleasure dear.

iTheLion: He smiled as Raven swooned slightly in accordance to his affections and spoke softly in her ear"I was getting dressed fr the ball dear." he said explain to her where he was in response to her question. He then looked back to the food and chose something from the table that resembled a leg of chicken to him and placed it to his mouth tearing into the roasted flesh of the bird with a famished attitude. In seconds the bone was bare of meat and he tossed it into a trash recipticle nearby wiping his mouth with a decorative napkin from the table.

Scornful: Tesh stood up almost immediately at the sound of what he could never mistake as his lover's voice in his ear, his eyes widened a bit as he hadn't expected this whatsoever, having been lost in his own thoughts. Though in the process of jolting up, he banged his knee on the wooden table, cursing under his breath in Drow, "Dalharuk del elg'caress" (Son of bitch). He brushed his pain aside for a moment and quickly hugged his Lover, wrapping his arms tight around her as he smiled. "I missed you dearly Love." He then looks over to his Daughter, smiling at her as he walks over and leans down a bit, wrapping his arms around her as he hugs her tight as well, "Well someones grown since the full year I've been gone." He chuckles, before standing back up.

Anaya: Anaya paused as she had bin so utterly rude "i am so sorry the bustle of things, luna is still alive" she turned around as her red eyes looked to the female from the east land of inforos. "and my granchildren, they live?"
Anaya: she was in joy of the gifts but the topic she was more put to was family, children and wife of her late banished son were still alive out there.

ValikAcerbus: /me Valik giggled and held him close and tightly before letting him move to there daughter and nods. “I missed you so very much my love. “She said as she leaned on the table a little looking dreamy eyed  at him. Taking in everything about him and how much she had missed him.

RhevAlaricDurt: *Lucius watched as his daughter had entered and he smiled nodding to Val, he petted her head as she moved to him and he leaned down and kissed the side of her head, he smirked as he watched her walk away and he then placed his hands behind his back and watched the people within the room conversing, his blue eyes glowing bright as he rested his mind and his body on the spot just taking in the soft scents of rose*

Macheala: -She looked back at her father as she smiled, hugging him back tightly as she giggled, "Oh Father, Little has changed, but I am very glad to see you doing so well." She smiled before sitting back down at the bench, letting out a sigh of relief.-

Soprano: Startled Tamyra adverted her eyes respectfully, "Y-Yes my lady." she swallowed, repeating "Yes my lady, her ladyship Lunaria lives within Ignoros with her children, and beloved. They serve the new Queen Amara-... Delilah stood by Seraphina's side in her final moments-... Rowena trains with her father, as does Lunaria's son, Atreyu. Lunaria sends her kindest regards, for both herself, and his lordship, Jeff."

Anaya: Anaya wanted to tell the woman that her son jeff had bin banished never to come back but it was a grand day and she did not wish to bring sorrow or hardship to the days events "i will let him know when he is seen next i asure you. please give the children and there mother my reguards it is grand to know they are well and there lives are better. they are always welcome here. and we thank you ever so much for the gifts, please have them placed by the sofas and the servents will take them to the back room . come eat and fill your belly "

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet quickly turned away and grabbed a small piece of food to mind her own business, “Sheesh” She said to herself as she ate the small piece and cleaned her mouth “I better get back to what I was doing before he comes back…I know who he is now” She lifted her dress and quickly went back to the dance floor “Hey, where’d my shoes go?” She looked around then shrugged-

SahlielxInteritio: The tart and gold squished onto his clothing making a rather unsightly mess."Hahaha made a fool of you did he not? Told you should just let me take back control." The voice in the old mans mind spoke as he wraped its thin lithe arms around sah's shoulders in a dark embrace. "You are just my past a ghost of a bygone era something that I wish at times would leave me be." he spoke softly with a slight crack at the end. Even so the old man still had been belittled and that stung even wrose than the smart remark. " Just embrace it you know you miss the old days the glory Lord I.n.t.e.r.i.t.i.o" the voice spoke in a very condsending manner. "No just leave me be." he said swatting away the ideals and visions of regaining his youth. Although his stomach did rumble a bit and he sat down upon the chair across the hall picking and nibling at the crumbs upon his clothes. Paying no attention to the personalities control over his aura as bit seeped out in the hallway giving off a strange presence

Scornful: Tesh smiled to the both of them, having missed his Family so much during the year of his absense. It wasn't an easy road with his travels, being that the Thieves Guild had managed to hunt him back down and question his Loyalty, in which he declined any Loyalty to them further and made on his merry way. He then turns around a bit and calls out for his sister, "Anaya, Sister, might I borrow you for a moment, I have a couple of people I'd like you to meet."

FiliaIsaSaton: -she spoke softly to her love on how she miss him soo je look soo carming in his black atire it made her relizes how she fell inlove with him in the first place - was the jurney rough my dear ?

DarkDelaMorte: -Tre watched quietly and tilted his head back and forth looking bored out of his mind as he humemd quietly to himself not seeming to pay attention to the party but instead looking out the windows to watch the sky, stars and moon as he seemed content for the time being albeit in need of soemthing interesting to occur outside of talks about cloths and the punch-

Macheala: -She watched her father speak as she played with her rings on her left hand. She focused on them before taking a sip of whatever it was in her cup as she giggled softly, before looking across the table at her mother, and then around the table before playing with the fabric of her cape to amuse herself further.-

iTheLion: "No dear the journey wasn't very tiring but I am indded famished." he said to her as he noticed her admiring his formal attire, he leaned closer to her and pressed his lips to hers gently as his arms both conformed to her waist to pull her frame closer to his own.

Anaya: Samuel pushed the man and called forth two guards to get him "please guards bring this man to a inn down in town, if he does not go being him to the cells in the dungon. but dont be to hard on him he may break a hip, dirty old begger" sam muttered under his breath as the guards then went to drag him away and sam made his way back to the main hall to stand at the door way with Trev "you hate dances to?" he said to him. "there is a old man that keeps trying to get in, we have to make sure he stays out"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was dancing like a rabbit without a care in the world or a partner at that and she didn't care who was watching her or judging, all she knew was that this was a night of celebration and she was excited to know that she was getting a new sibling, she was still concerned about the whereabouts of her shoes though-

DarkDelaMorte: =trev looked to Samuel and nodded- "Quite so, they are annoying habits, people drinking and merrymaking is an affront to the tenants, as well these people have no idea for the time being what dangers await them in this world, this gathering would be perfect for some deranged mage or wizzard to set up a spell much power in one place tends to attract eyes" -he said bluntly looking out the door at the begger, as Trevs eye twirls behind the eyepatch- "Seems like he is less deranged and more insane in my eyes" -he said looking at the moon quietly-

ValikAcerbus: /me Valik smiled to her love waiting for the person she called to come over as she looked over to the corner to see her dad still standing from him giving her a welcome. She held up 2 fingers to him as to tell him to come over in a moment once she has spoken with her love.
Anaya: if you need to go at anytime it is alright

Soprano: -While she was unsure of what ailed her, the Drow turned her head downwards in respect, tucking her stance in once more before bowing forwards as was expected of the Westerners. "Thankyou my lady I will make sure that sh-..." Interrupted by a voice, her expression filled with annoyance as she backed up, used to being spoken over, as the Queen was pulled away. Without a word further, her hands dropped to her sides, the white of her eyes staring down the gentleman, his scent familiar of her people, but his face not so. She pulled back from the crowd, back towards her seat, keeping her temper at bay for the rudeness exhibited in being interrupted.-
Anaya: Anaya walked away and went down to eat with the rest of the group, she walked over to a nice looking woman with a child who was calling tesh her love, "greetings and welcome to the ball and who may you be?" she said softly as she watched her children get there dishes of dryed meats and pork from the nights before upon the last table were both horse sized animals took up there own table eating down there food and drolling all over the place, ryu still hodling onto that silver toy he was given, it would be his new favoret thing for sure.

RhevAlaricDurt: *His eyes flicked to his Daughter as he tilted his head watching her motion for him to come to her and without a single emotion in his face he strode across the marble flood, he all but giduded across the floor as his cloak stretched behind him then fell back against his heels, he then reached his daughters location as he laced his hands behind his back and stood sraight as he nodded to all whom was in her company," Greetings, Lord Tesh, I do feel we have not been properly introduced, I am Lord Lucius, Valiks Father." *he smiled as he gave him a small bow out of respect due to the occasion and then he straightened himself once more*

FiliaIsaSaton: - mystic was again board and look for some fun gauds were fun and as sh saw a few come in to the room .Mystic decided to have play time she would leap up and tackle one down and and she started to pull the other around by the arms till he feel on his rear

dallo5013: Rath then hands over a scrole to Anaya and up on the scrole it would t ell all about the Thirsty sands from the Living sands deasert just east of the Lands Of Winters . and the scrole would tell about the spices and theyr healling porpertys as well the pearls how they were ment as a treet for Anaya her self being Empriess dallo had found out jsut how much Anaya liked Pearls and had hand picked those just for her . . Rath then would bow to them all and would softly say ~ forgive me I must be taking my leave now . however this scrole will tell you to whom the rest of the servents and spices as well the sands belong too . ~ the scrole even told of how the sands would come in greate use to Anaya and the new king . for the thirsthy sands drink up and and all water be it out side or inside any living being or vestle . these sands would leap at any water should it be used in any manner at all . so long as the sands where close with in 50 feet of the water ~ forgive me departure . I am wanted else wears .

Scornful: Tesh had noticed the man coming over, no doubt this man being his Love's Father. If there was anything that was close to being similar about them both, it had to be the eyes or the skin, one of the two. Tesh immediately stood up and bowed lightly to the man, showing his upost respect. "The Pleasure is all mine Lord Lucius, its a pleasure to meet you at last." Tesh smiled back to the man, keeping his eyes trained on him for a moment as Tesh took in his rather astonishing appearance.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet's feet were starting to feel the effect of not having shoes on as she looked up at where her sister used to be and the woman "bad idea..." Scarlet turned her attention to Mystic's playful ways with the guards then back to the search for her shoes "Now where are they?"

Anaya: Anaya turned takeing the scroll and also waving her hand as other servents from her own home came out of the wood work to collect the gifts and store them away. some placed in the castles hold and others placed to the side to br brought to the chambers of tesh for him to go over aswell as make a roster of what all was gained this night. "we thank you so much for joining us miss Rath and so sorry you could not stay, be well and safe trip back to your home "

dallo5013: ~ rath bowed once more before turning to leave ~ to your house hold and lands blessed be and merry meet

Anaya: Samuel looked over at Trev and smiled "this is just some old begger from the town, he wants food i am sure, no threat i am sure of that aswell the man seems lost and confused most be due to his age, i have seen many old people get lost in the snow banks and die of frost bite yet still have a smile on there mugs"

RhevAlaricDurt: *After having seen the response of this Male, who as far as his aura and his daughters was reflecting, he could guess lovers, as he smirked and then nodded, he then brought his hands form his back, this was a Empire hiding hands in his experience was always frowned upon "Well, We shall share the honor, It would appear you have stolen something precious from my daughter, And as i see she is happy enough to let you keep it, therefore, I shall see you as a Son, until of course this changes." *He placed his hands infront of him looking down at his daughter and hiving her one of his smiled that she would know meant, before his ancient blue eyes flicked back to the male*

Anaya: Anaya then at last was able to sit down and eat a meal along side Tesh and his members of his family. she took a platter and put meat and fruits on it aswell as some hunks of bread. she sat down silantly with them and ate her meal it was nice to sit down with the music and the image of her sister danceing and trying to find her yet agein lost shoes.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev did not look at sam, simply shaking his head- "perhaps, but i think it is far to easy to paint others with a broad brush, if i were planning on killing someone, his posisition would be the best. Just some old cook no one cares about, no one pays attention to the knife he keeps under his shirt or the weapon in his pants, it is far to easy to fall victum to the Taboo of peace" -he said once more bluntly-

ValikAcerbus: /me Valik stood and watched her father and her lover chat,, She blushed deeply at her father's words before smiling and nodding in agreement with him. Still leaning on the table as they talked she watched every move they both made to each other and the respect.

Anaya: Sam looked to the man and lifted a brow "peace is a taboo to your people? please explain this "

Soprano: -This man was to be the king, and while her face remained impassive, hidden by her hair, the Drow stared at his back watching him as her interacted with those around him, one his mate, the other her father. Rolling her eyes into her head, she stood thinking to herself of just how fun it might be for the worst to occur. Her reverie was broken as she slipped over the dancefloor on her way to gather another drink, a pair of shoes tangled in her feet as she stood, taking them in her hands for safe keeping until their owner came hunting. It was only after one of the servants bumped into her that she spoke, "Ph'dos tenu? Vel'bol vel'klar dos phuul aluin!"
Soprano: * [Are you alright? What where you're going!] before smoothing her hands over her skirts with embarrassment, shoes catching on the dress material making a ladder in their wake as she made her way with greater haste to the spirits once more.-

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev chuckles- "The idea of peace is a taboo, to let ones guard down simply because on believes that they have won, or the battle is over, in other words true peace is a lie, the only peace people will ever truly see is when they are dead" -he said with a cold smile- "we are taught that from a young age, people are cruel, thinking people are crueler"

Scornful: Tesh smiled at the man before him, before looking back to his love and smiling as well. "Indeed, though stolen I believe not. I may have been a former Thief of the Morendawn Thieves Guild but to steal something as priceless as your Daughter's Heart is a Sin I cannot commit, no. I earned it fairly." He then chuckles, smiling at the man further before being a bit taken by surprise the moment he said he acknowledged him as a son. Tesh couldn't help but smile further, bowing once more. "It would be my honnor. Though, in this case I wish to bring forth your Family and DeLaRose closer, in the terms of a Bonded Alliance." Tesh folded his hands in front of him as he stared at the man straight with a dead serious glance, his facial expression returning to its blank phase.

SahlielxInteritio: Slowly the shadow took over some motor functions and speech of the old man as he yelled profanities at the guards. "Let go of me you damn stinking guards." As the two guards grabbed him up his tiptoes barely touched the ground as the hoisted him up high enough to prevent less fighting. "Come on no old fella we are just doing as commanded any more fighting out of you and we will be forced to toss you in the clapper." one guard remarked to him. "Oh Yeah?!?! Do it." The younger voice spoke rudely and spat at the guard feet. "We were being nice to ya old shite" the other gurad yelled as a backhand caught the old man across the face smearing blood across his cheek. As the carthauled him down the stairs into the depths of the castle. "1..2...3." the old man counted as they drug him deeper into the darkness.

FiliaIsaSaton: - mystic now well amuse playing with her new cat toys. She would bite the leg of one guard and drug him along the dance floor as she did the guard would scream and cry out -

Anaya: Sam smiled as he looked to that man "you are a man after my own heart, we shall get along I am sure" at that a guard came over to Sam as he was panting from just running there. "old man has been tossed in the hold my lord, he was a fighter, sadly after he spat on Ulrich’s shoes he tripped and fell down the steps so he is a tad black and blue" Sam looked at the guard with a lifted brow "so the old man fell?" "yes me lord fell right down the steps and into the snow pile, he is black and blue and cold, if you like we can give the man a blanket, he is a good kicker sir as well, man almost bit us, I am sure he is part animal or something, the man surely is deranged" Sam could not help but laugh "no, no just toss him down them we can let the old shit starve. Or feed his body to the dogs"

SahlielxInteritio: Meanwhile deep beneath the Iron Dynasty keep...

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Anaya: Anaya paused as she could hear a screaming and bleeding guard being dragged over the dance floor "I have sat down long enough it seems" she got up with a smile as she with a brisk step moved over to the newly made panther who was playing with a guard "you know you can’t do that anymore, you are bigger now remember, that guard will die of blood loss if you keep that up"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet puts her hands on her hips trying to figure out if anyone took them until she looked at the Drow who had them in her hands, "Hey wait. Those are mine." Scarlet quickly rushed over to her feeling a strange presence in the process, but it wasn't from the woman, she took a breath as she reached out her hand for the shoes to be returned to her "The sh-The shoes...they were on the...dancefloor"

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled at the man- "Well Samuel I am glad to hear so, only a few days ago I would have thought you were planning to kill me" -he said with a playful chuckle as he listened to the conversation and smiled- "So now the old man is in the castle?" -He asked offhandedly-

Anaya: "don’t ever think I wont" Sam gave a smile as he turned and walked back into the room looking over everything inside and taking a more inside guard post. The panting guard looked to Trev as he cleaned some droll from his lip "ya the old man is in the dungeon, we shall leave him there, he is a bigot anyway" the guard turned around and walked away to go back to his patrol

RhevAlaricDurt: *Lucius watched as the male said his words, he then nodded in agreeing, however if it were fair or not was between this male and his daughter, all Lucius cared about was that he had her heart in his possession and this made him....not happy but the next best thing, Lucius had never been happy, only when he was on the battle field, but this Joyed him, yes joy, He nodded to the male as he then heard his final piece, talk of alliance, he nodded thinking about it as he then looked down at his daughter and back to this male, his to be son* "Well, Lord Tesh, This is your Day, We can Discuss business once you are crowned and your Events and Festivities have concluded." *With that he nodded a kind of nod to say that Lucius would be very interested in this proposal and would be interested to hear what this male could put forth*

FiliaIsaSaton: - mystic look up at her and drop the man’s leg ...which at this point the gaurd high tailed it out. Mystic was still bored but when Anaya say no that means no. Mystic decide to look for different fun at this time she thought about Ryu. He was big and she could not hurt him if she tried though he could hurt her. She decide to go up to Ryu then she pawed at him softly -

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev chuckled and spoke to Sam- "In a few days a man will be arriving, watch him, he is by far the most dangerous man you will ever meet" -he said coldly as he looked to the guard- "if there is a guard in the castle make sure to have that man check on the bigot every few moments....I don’t trust him as far as I could toss a dragon" -he said bluntly- "and we just put a bigot into our castle without him having to go through the front doors"

SahlielxInteritio: Sahl did not take time at all to yell and scream. "Damn guards hit like a wench that un did." he chuckled and marveled at his own blood "Ahh feels great to be back." he moaned as he stretched working new life into the new bones. "Hmm been a while since I was out feels like years... Time to change things up a bit." he chuckled as the wrinkles slowly faded from his flesh and the spine corrected itself. His crimson eyes regained that spark as new life strengthens him. "Whew and all I wanted was some sweets. Old dumbass took you 2 years’ worth of convincing but I am back and in charge." he chuckled and shook his legs getting used to the new height. "Guards the old man escaped!?!" he yelled loudly to any guard within earshot.

Anaya: Ryu lifted his head form his licked clean plate and looked at the cat, it was a beast like him and it looked like that cat from before, same eyes, magic? He thought to himself as he moved and growled at the cat Noki lifting her head from her dish and walking over to her mother as she walked beside her mother like a proud princess Anaya walked over to the tables as she saw everyone at this point was eating and mingling, soon things would start for sure. "Please all once you are done eating your fill and your about to burst come sit in the chairs placed. The crowning and announcements will begin shortly"
Anaya: Anaya walked with Noki up to the large throne a top the area and sat down alongside her baby.
Scornful: As Tesh talked to the Man before him, he felt a set of eyes staring at him. "Pardon me for a second sir." He spoke out to his Lover's Father as he looks across the ballroom, towards the set of eyes that were staring at him from behind a set of white hair. Tesh then acted as if he hadn't noticed a thing, turning back to look the other way before he then manipulates his mana, disappearing into the Shadow casted behind his Love's. Once concealed in the Shadows, he instantly Shadow hops to the one casted by the woman whom had been staring at him, rising up silently and deft to even the sensitive of ears. "Dosst l'inya ulan usstan nou'hai usstan us'jalil." (Your Gaze towards Myself Concerns Me Milady), He spoke in both their native Tongue, as Tesh knew full well just by her appearance that she was a full-blooded Drow.

ValikAcerbus: Valik shook her head as she looked to her father and nods it softly “Thank you for coming tonight. I mean the world to me as you know this. Even though he was taller than him she moved herself close giving him a friendly hug as she looked up “Did Aunty Selene Make it, with Uncle Zea?

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet decided to just take her shoes from the Drow and quickly move away to a food table to sit down and put her shoes back on- "Lucky the kitty didn't get to them first" -She looked At Mystic, who looked like she was done playing around with the poor guard-

Zearoo: He blinked looking up from the table "We've been here dear, just observing."

ValikAcerbus: Oh never mind then Hello How are you both today “She gave them both a smile before sitting down with them on the bench.

Zearoo: He yawned looking at his niece in law "Doing alright, tired is all"

RhevAlaricDurt: *He stared down at his Daughter as he kisses the side of her head* "If this is important to you, then it is important to me, Of course i shall attend My second motive was to get the chance to meet this lover you keep telling me about." *He smiled as she hugged him and he placed a single arm around her, he was not the best with affection, only that which was tradition as he nodded* "Oh Yes, they are around here somewhere."

iTheLion: He gently scratched his left ear and picked at his plate of food absent mindedly as he listened to the others converse amongst themselves. Gremory saw all the others with their parents and he felt somewhat sad due to the fact that he had none of his own and his ears drooped slightly. He wrapped himself in his tail and posted his chin in one hand leaning his elbow upon the wooden surface of the table staring off slightly into the far distance as he became lost in his own thoughts.

ReyAnoraDurt: -Looking over to her Niece she'd simply smile slightly. "Sorry love I’m distracted with baby things" waving her hand she'd giggle softly "Might have caught the mommy to be fever"-

ValikAcerbus: Giggles and nods softly. "Oh yes i know that feeling."

RhevAlaricDurt: *His eyes flick to his Daughter as he raises a Brow* "And how would you know this?"

Soprano: Tamyra had refocused her attentions to the drinks before her, not taking much care in what she was handed, as she sipped from a goblet, its sweetness overwhelming her, though her expression not sifting to disgust. There was a pining wish to delve into the royal stores she had brought with her. No doubt they wouldn't suit the king and queen, whose sweet taste was so intense; her mouth was parched of moisture. Moreso as a girl came up behind her to take her shoes without a word. Tamyra swished the sweet wine in her mouth, praying it would get easier with time as the King to be came up behind her. Her ears, trained from hunting on the mountain side settled as she turned towards him, bowing respectfully. "Dos taumpus ussta lakkane dos clo-..." [you interrupted my conversation you clo-...] Pausing her rudeness she grits her teeth. "Ussta Sor'kui ussta senger. Ussta norrs bentranatos uns'aa. Usstan venduin dos, Valuk ulu Tlu." [My apologies my mouth betrays me. I greet you, King to be.]

ValikAcerbus: Valik looked to her father before placing a hand on her stomach. "A few ways my dear father...” She paused for a moment letting him figure out for himself.

RhevAlaricDurt: His eyes rose from his daughter over to the male he had been conversing with as he rose a brow and then he looked back down to his daughter as he then sighed and placed his hand down on her tummy, his eyes began to glow a bright red as he shut them feeling for the life inside, and well there it was, his Demonic Senses kicking in hearing the heart beat as his eyes open in a Burst of Blue as he gives her a cold smile and Nods to her* "So be it, Your Young are welcome, a surprise, but a *He thought for a second for the word* Joyous One at that." *He then kissed her head as he turned to look at his sister and gave her a look as if to say God help me and he smirked as he knew he daughter was watching.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet decided to just sit down for a while since her feet were giving her a bit discomfort as she looked towards the direction of the Drow and her soon to be brother, She would have thanked her for finding her shoes for her, but unfortunately that was not able to be so, she fixed the strap of her dress as she sat in her seat to collect her energy again and observe everyone-

RhevAlaricDurt: *Lucius Stands as he straightens his robes down her then places a hand behind his back as he strode gracefully to the designated area, and he stood his eyes trained on his daughter still hearing the young in her belly as he took a deep breath and then looked up at where the Royals Stood.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet got up and straightened out her dress as she made her way to the main area of the room and took a seat where she would have a good view- "This spot should do it."

SahlielxInteritio: The only guard stood at the end of the hall highly displeased at being the only guard on duty to watch a simple prisoner. He would have rather been closer to the smell of food. Faintly the yelling caught his attention "What ya want ye old shite?" the guard yelled back into the room through the small slotted window. "Well as I have been yelling for quite some time the old man escaped." Sahl chuckled at the lack of discipline the guard displayed in the heat of the moment. "Do what?!?" the guard yelled as he swiftly stormed into the room and scanned the cell "You back away from the door" he motioned his sword. "Sure, sure." Sahl complied as the guard came in and poked at the hay making sure the old man was not there only to be swiftly knocked out by the blunt water dish left in the cell. "Shush you be a good little guard and get some sleepy bye, bye." he chuckled as he turned the lock and left the guard in the cell as he pranced his way upstairs.

Zearoo: He rose to his feet, before looking at his pregnant fiancé. He grasped her hand helping her to her feet. The both of them walked over to the designated area. He stood there allowing his fiancé to sit down. He stood beside her chair, his arms crossed.~

Soprano: -Watching the area beginning to file for the coronation, Tamyra's lips pulled up in a smile, bowing respectfully, "It looks like you have somewhere to be." She pulled away with a kindly smile, sweetly smiling so much her eyes crinkled, "Congratulations to your coronation and many returns, Ozel Valuk." [Clod King.] She spoke to him as a commoner, kindly but her words were biting. Backing away she made herself to a seating area before doing just that, cup in her hand as her ankles crossed, smug as the cat who got the canary.-

ValikAcerbus: Valik smiled to her father as she nodded softly feeling his hand on her stomach. The life inside of er was only of a few months old from his overnight stay Tesh and her had together for the first time in year’s not expected but not planned. She kept her hand on her stomach as she shook her head to him chuckling as she saw the look. Standing she spoke avoiding the subject even more. “It is time to move to the throne area.. “ She said with a stern voice as she started to walk away. The bump on her stomach not visible that much but not hidden. Her heels up the stairs would make the room echo at each step as she climbed her way to the throne area. Finding a chair she sat her fat ass down in it moving her hand to play with an end piece of hair twirling it round her fingertips as she signed. Hoping that her side of the family followed her.

iTheLion: Gremory stood from his seat and walked over to the setting of many chairs as he sensed his sister was getting ready to start the coronation he grasped his love by her hand before leaving the area and gently tugged her along with him. Picking two seats in the center of the seating area he sat himself and her down in them and then made himself comfortable enough.

ReyAnoraDurt: -as she took his hand she'd groan softly walking over with him to the area with him sitting. Moving was a chore with two twins and she'd only groan again looking up at him-

RhevAlaricDurt: *He watched his Daughter stride up the steps as he shakes his head and he follows her up*

Scornful: Tesh looks back as his sister spoke out, requesting they all come to the Throne Room. He then looks back to the Drow that had called him a "Clod King" in which Tesh ignored her and made his way towards the Throne room. Walking up the stone stairs, he stepped forth to his Sister whom was sitting in her own Throne. Tesh stood there silently, watching her as his facial expression was that of a slightly nervous one, though proud at the same time.

FiliaIsaSaton: - Raven fallowed behind her love as he sat she would sit down beside him-
Anaya: Anaya stood up and looked out to the people in her home “Greetings all on this marveled day so many have come from all around, from the Far East to Inforos to the other side of Valarian waters, you have come over the great sea to be here. We thank you humbly from the depths of our hearts. On this day a king is to be born. Tesh has come into our home and accepted the offer to be my brother and a king in this hall. Tesh come kneel before your empress please. “She smiled as she stood a long golden blade forming out of the side of her hand the blade attached to her very skin. A blade unseen by any a blade of divine holy light, she knew this would sting the being of shadows but it needed to be put underway.

RhevAlaricDurt: *He would see the Blade that was pulled from somewhere as his eyes twitches slightly, the light of the blade touching his skin as it seared the skin but he showed no pain, he battled Angels enough to not feel it any more he merely placed a gloved hand over the sear and he held his position*

ReyAnoraDurt: -shakes her head at her brother knowing he is only being theatrical- Lucius Calm yourself takes more than a blade of that sort to harm us

Scornful: Tesh smiled brightly to his Sisters words, admitting to himself that she was indeed a very good speaker, especially in such a nervous time like this. As he walked forward towards his Sister, he knelt down before her, bowing his head respectfully. Though as the sense of something dangerous kept over-lapping his skin, Tesh kept his eyes closed, even if he didn't notice the fact that his Shadow had risen up and began flowing over his body, as if in a defensive state of its own accordance towards the sight and presence of the Holy Blade. It was as though signals of danger kept rolling through Tesh's head, but he himself thought that that was absurd, even as he knelt before his sister.

SahlielxInteritio: "Thankfully i counted the footsteps and remembered where we went or this would be a headache." he muttered as he walked briskly towards the doors and planted his right boot into it hardly pushing over the other guards on the inside. "Si tersha dout majesty!!" he shouted letting his entrance be known as he flashed a toothy grin to the fellow patrons of the event. "Hello my dear lady it has been quite a while although you may not remember me. Although you forgot me for a year in a broom closet." he grumbled as he tip toed of the sprawled guards.

Anaya: “today we have two events, our first to crown a new king and our second to show the first baby golden dragons born of myself and my beloved mate” she looked to Tesh moving forth and taking a knee before her “Tesh from this day on you shall no longer be Tesh Keimo, but form this day forth you shall be known as Tesh Nevaria DeLaRose, you shall be shed of all past dealing and now fall within our family. This family is your new life Tesh DeLaRose, this family this crown will bless, hold and treasure you within its embrace. When times are hard we shall be your rock and your blade against the ones that wish harm on you” she moved her hand taking the blade and lightly moving it up and over taping it upon his shoulders. Moving it from the left side to the right side. After she did that the blade simply faded and flipped back into her skin forming back to being a part of her, not to be seen again till she truly needed it, a hidden weapon that was a relic no one else had. She paused and turned around taking a crown from the top of the throne behind her. The crown made of gold and silver marked with red gems along the edge. It was not a holy item so she knew it would not harm him, a simple crown of metal and treasure. “i now crown you Tesh Nevaria DeLaRose, a king within the Iron walls, a king to the people and a family member to me” she paused and looked out seeing a man bust in the doors “guards remove him” the guards flooded the man and instantly dragged him out. It was not a day for a person to bust in the doors and the guards were ready for anything, he would be moved to a secure spot or tossed in the hold till the queen could deal with him personally.

Zearoo: He shifted, his body being closer to Selene who was sitting down in the chair~

RhevAlaricDurt: *He looks over at his Sister as he smirks at her word and then shrugs taking his gloved hand away reveling his skin untouched he then placed his hands down by his side as he watched the happenings with a placed smile*

ReyAnoraDurt: -rests her hand against Zea's leg as he brushed up against her a slight smile crossing hre lips -

Soprano: -Committing the sight to memories she nodded, closing her eyes.-

ValikAcerbus: ~Valik would watch her beloved as she sat close to her father. She covered her mouth as she yawned but hid it form everyone else in the room. She sat quietly watching.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet's attention turned to the stranger for a moment then back at her sister and new brother as she made sure to keep her excitement at a small state with soft expression-
Anaya: "I Anaya the Devine mother of light, now crown you king of the lands of Piros, brother of the Iron Rose"

ValikAcerbus: Valik smiled and clapped softly. "Long live the king...”

FiliaIsaSaton: “yes!!! Long live the king!!” - Raven said as she joined in on the clapping -
Anaya: Samuel and the children stayed to the side, both baby’s siting like good dragons for the first time in there so far short lives. Samuel placing his hand upon their heads and softly running his claws along them.

Soprano: "Long may he reign." Tamyra obliged, nodding with eyes closed.

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SahlielxInteritio: "Hey let go of me you morons." he resisted and head-butted the guard called Petinovk knocking his two front teeth down his throat as another guard his lover it would seem cried out his name. "Ahh poor fella. I did not mean to interrupt at all your majeeessstyyyyyy!!!!!" he yelled as he continued to fight the guards down the hall way punching and kicking making sure to leave an equal amount of bruises that was left on him. It felt good to have blood rushing through his body again the cuts and scrapes were nothing he was free. "Here is my gift to the king ta be or half of it the other half is yours dearie!!" he yelled breaking though the line of guards as he tossed half of a medallion into the room letting both pieces clank along the floor and Petinovk got up blood streaming down his mouth and cold clocked him in the jaw as dozens of guards dogpiled onto him.

Scornful: Tesh heart began to beat fast, listening to his Sister speak to him. He felt nothing but honor, pride, and happiness. He would have never expected that one day he'd travel from the home land of his Beloved, to this distant Land and become King of a Dynasty. Though this was all ripped from Tesh's thoughts the very moment he was tapped by the Divine Blade. Tesh's eyes widened, cursing under his breath as he was burned by the blade, "Yah xsa ril vaen iwaotc nindel onhire Lolith gi ussta yah nindol jivviimir ji xsa myar Usstan swariy pholor l'thal Deity's nindel kyorl phor nindol xsa'us tresk'ri nindel nindol zakathin jiv'undus pholor uns'aa unl'r!" (God damn every last person that worships Lolith oh my god this hurts so damn bad I swear upon the nine Deity's that watch over this damned world that this agonizing pain upon me ends!) as the shadows that were touched by the blade began to slowly lap over the blade's. Once she pulled the blade away, Tesh rose after he was crowned and his new name was given to him. He then reaches up and rubs his burnt shoulder, grunting a bit.

FiliaIsaSaton: - Mystic watch as the kids sat and she flops down and laid by Ryu-

Anaya: Anaya gave a snicker as she called her children forth to properly greet there new family member. Ryu and Noki both dog piled a top there new uncle as Anaya laughed softly it was a grand day as she leaned forth as Tesh was under two plow horse size monster children "don’t worry my brother there is a suave to help the sting of Atlas’ touch, we can fix that later do not worry" she snickered and looked back up "thank you everyone for attending this event, long may he rule and be strong within the wings of this family. Please help yourself to dancing and merriment before you go and we have more than enough food for you as you go. As well as you may talk and drink and spend the evening within the guest house if need be. "

FiliaIsaSaton: - mystic saw no reason she could not join the dog pile and she too leaped on to Tesh and sat on his foot -

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet got up and rose a hand to the sky- "Long may he live indeed" -She walked over to them and gave a giggle "He's in for it."

iTheLion:  He snickered and stood from his chair leaping into the air he performed a somersault in midair and them belly flopped onto the pile of his family members landing hard upon them all with a loud flopping sound. He then proceeded to hug whatever pieces of body he could reach aside from the no no areas to be safe.

RhevAlaricDurt: *He nods to the newly Crowned Lord of the Dynasty as he smiled watching, and then out of respect to this occasion he bowed his head in commemoration, as he straightened himself*

Zearoo: He looked around before helping Selene to her feet. He looked at them before giving them a nod "You all take care, please do come and visit, but we must get back to the Black Storm lands. We have business to attend there. It was fun." He waved his hand a portal opening in front of him. The sound of thunder filled the room for a split second before Zearo and Selene walked inside it. The portal slammed shut the two now gone.~

Anaya: "thank you for coming lord’s and lady’s, may you be safe on your trip"

ValikAcerbus: ~Valik stood as she walked over to her beloved. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his nose softly before nodding to him and whispering in his ear "Father knows." She said before leaning back and lifting her hand to her aunty and uncle. "Be safe."

RhevAlaricDurt: *Lucius placed his thumb to the bottom of his chin as he rested his lips to his mouth looking up at the Pair, His Daughter, and her Lover his eyes trained on them both as he smirks, He knew that his Daughter knew his hearing was sublime and he grunted watching them*
RhevAlaricDurt: Rested his lips to his fist*

FiliaIsaSaton: ooo my love don’t flatten your bother...- she said as she watched her love just flop on to his brother -

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet shook her head as she stepped out of the way- "I think you all should be careful. We don't want a new royal with sore bones already

Scornful: Tesh was still recovering from the pain in his shoulder, though he was taken by surprise as he was trampled down by two Baby Dragons, grunting as he tried pushing them off of him. "Argh! You're both heavy!" He flailed a bit, trying to get off of the Baby Dragons while he looked up as his Sister, giving her a slight glare.

ValikAcerbus: Valik yawned a bit as she looked for the signs to the guest house before standing in front of her love. "I'm going to retire for the night my love. I have had a long day. "

Anaya: Anaya smiled as she moved and her children followed suit "it is late head to bed my children, you shall rest" she looked to Ryu still clinging to that silver flask in his mouth. "yes, yes take it to bed with you" he nodded his head going and bumping his new uncles with his side as he trotted off Noki following just after nuzzling her mother and acting all posh and proper. "now brother, the gifts you have gained from tonight shall be in your chambers already, as well as the roaster of the nights events shall be made, i do hope you enjoyed yourself, now drink with your wife and be merry and i shall greet you all in the morning, i do hope i get to meet the family in full on a more face to face setting as tonight was rather busy as expected" she gave a chuckle as she got down from the throne walked down the steps and picked up the coin tossed on the floor that was in two half’s and put the whole thing into a slit pocket in her sleeve. Her brother was not getting his half of this at all.

Anaya: "guards let the man up and bind him in mettle cuffs, he shall accompany me back to the main hall of the castle we can have words on why he was so disruptive"

FiliaIsaSaton: - mystic fallowed behind Ryu as he went to bed -

RhevAlaricDurt: *Dagon strides up to the newly appointed King and Nods as he placed his hands behind his back once more sweeping his robes aside* "Well, I must take my Leave, My Attentions lead to Blackheart, When you are ready and recovered we can discuss Alliance talks, and the like...until then Cao *He owes once slightly and then he erupts into a cloud of smoke as thousands of crows flock in their murder and soar out the doors and into the Night*

SahlielxInteritio: "gahh ughhh you guys must be fat. ya lot weigh a ton." he cough and chuckled his lip busted and cracked with dried blood. " Ai where we of ta queenie?" he laughed more as they put cuffs on above the cuffs already on his wrists.

Scornful: Tesh yawns a bit, lying back as the Dragons were still on top of him, even his brother to this point. He nodded to his sister, smiling at her words before he gently taps the ground. "I believe its time I head to bed though, I bid you all goodnight." And with that, Tesh began to melt into a mass of Shadows, sinking into the floor and soon slithering off back towards his chambers.

SahlielxInteritio: Sahl was dragged batter but chuckling all the way. " I did no wrong gov'na" he protested as the dragged him along prodding his back with spear tips. Until they entered the throne room. "Ahh not much has changed here dearie love the new drapes and looks. In ere. Ahh tapestry we meet again my old nemsis..." he scowled at the tapesty.

Anaya: Anaya walked behind the laughing kicking and bumbleing fool as Samuel followed swiftly behind her catching up to her and wraping his arms around her waist line “so my sweet when do you get to shed that dress and we that the bigot...” he paused as he looked at the now changed once old man “he acts like the bigot” “i don't know who he is but now that present matters are aside we can deal with him and see what he wants. And we dont have to do it in a formal matter” “ya gona kill the bigot?” she shoock her head no and laughed he really did like that word now. “no we will not kill him unless we need to but we can take a body part seeing he was so utterly rude” sam paused and spun her around to look at him like he had this stupid look on his face “you know his face and head are body parts, can we take his face?” “why do you want his face?” she questioned her mate “why do i not want some bigots face” she could not help but laugh as she looked at him with that look like you fool as she turned around and watched as the guards tossed the man still laughing and kicking and having what seemed to be run to his knees before the throne “so bigot what you still doing here” sam barked as anaya looked at him and her gaze told him to hold his trap. “Alright Sir why are you here, and what gave you the odacity to bardge in and speak the toung of the dragon, if you are a dragon i shall have you tossed in the cells to starve and die, if not i shall remove your tounge for being so utterly disrespectful to my kin and speaking there voice. So what be it shall you give up your own voice to not starve, wither and die?”

SahlielxInteritio: "A face he be and a face of me. Hehehehehe" he cackled and became silent as the man called Samuel spoke and nodded off as they drolled on. "Dragons? What be dragons? Flame spouting? Wing beating? Rulers of all dragons? Aye I may be who knows? Certainly not I!?!" he chuckled as his crimson eyes studied the young woman intently.."Bigot? do you even know what a bigot even is young man? I doubt you do. For since I entered the Iron dynasty I never once held a intolerance to differing opinions. If anything I agree more with the shedding of blood and the choppy choppy and rolly rolly of heads. Hehehee. Last I checked I was a guest. And secondly As you may or may not know I am not from around here from way up north family dead house dead... All deady dead dead." he cackled more and coughed regaining a slight composure "I do apologize that older half is still acting crazy and shorting me out a bit..." he spoke with a slight twitch in his eyes. "As I said before I come from an island up north far up north. I never ment any offense. when I intruded into the room. my other half still has some control it has been far to long being in a younger body." he apologized. In all honesty I would rather wither and die in the deepest hole you can find.. And yeah I spake in the native tongue but if you were not such a judgmental arse yourself sammy boy. We would not be in this predicament. You all forgot I was in the broom closet for christ sakes." he responded.

Anaya: Anaya saw clearly this male was deranged, there was no point in talking to it a mind lost to some madness she cared very little for, so many good people were taken to soon by the wonder of madness, she wanted him to stop talking but he did pick imprisonment, so back into the hold he would go “toss this man into the cell the one he will not be able to get out from, no guards shall guard him, no one to allow him out, cut off from the world in full. He will not be coming out again and he can wither and die with no one to care for him” the guards at both flanks of the male put shackles around his ankles and chained them together along with his hands chaining him in full together.  “do you have anything of sense to say before you are dragged out you worthless husk” the guard to the males left barked out from under his helmet. Samuel watched the whole ordeal and being in silence.

SahlielxInteritio: "I mean am I given the option of speaking sense? Or am I still allowed to speak in riddles and rhymes. I figured the lady would be more welcoming to someone of a like kin. She must be the jealous sort ey sammy boy?" he jousted not in a taunting manner as his tail slide out and waved back and forth glinting black "nymuer ve usjalil mobi geou confn vi kear wux geou rigluin creolna else di ithquant regipreic. Aye si ocuira wer ithquant cayosin di dout kurjh xurwkir. tenovi vi vor nurti tepoha si ocuira." He spoke directly towards the female his eye glinting now sign of madness as he spoke. "Ahhh I am tired again."

Anaya: “have hit tongue cut off as well” Anaya gave a grin as she waved the guards to drag the man away, and they did as instructed, wall the man was in the hold he would surely have his tongue chopped off and be tossed in the hole were he would not be able to get out.

SahlielxInteritio: "Well then I had hoped that it would not come to this lads." he chuckled as they dragged him along towards the dungeons. "ahh shut ya trapf or I willf knofck your teeff out" Yelled the guard Petrinovk showing sahl in spittle jabbing at him with the butt of the spear. 'Hey not so hard mate I might think you are trying to make moves on me." he chuckled as he walked into the open cell alongside the knocked out guard still sleeping soundly. "Aye I am sure you will love this one" spoke the guard called seigmund as he pulled the dagger from under his tunic and slit the sleeping guards throat. Not once did the guard realize what happened as his arterial spray flung along the wall pooling around the floor with the fleeting beats of his heart. "You do not expect me to sleep in this do you and I some sort of animal?" he called out to them as they turned and left him with the bleeding corpse "Aye we are do not worry you will not wiggle that tongue of yours much longer." the guard remarked smartly.

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Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 4 Roster10
spices -50 pounds
sands – 50 pounds
finest of silks – 65 yards, 20 rolls
pearls - 15
Two carriages of gold – 2000 gold coins
ornate jewelry – 2 rings, 1 necklace, 3 bracelets, 1  circlet
2 blades, forged with the blessing of the late Seraphina, Queen of Ignoros and the Valley of the Inarta. Within each blade was a single feather from the great phoenix herself.
the blade of Fyrios
the Blade of Criotia
Silver flask for Ryu
Wooden Doll that looks like Noki for Noki

A maid came to lady Anaya before she went into her chamber "my lady here is the roster of the rights event, all is listed here for you, one of the guards....he was the one to mark everything down, loss of two teeth he was, he enjoys....horses" she muttered under her breath as she gave Anaya the mucked up book that listed all the items, half of the items listed here had gone to her new brothers chambers, the other half had gone to the castle underground, along with the blades given. nokis toy would be held in her toy room up on a shelf till she was older and did not destroy the wooden doll with her play. Anaya nodded opening the book and flipping some pages as she took it to her chamber and the maid came behind her "that will be all girl, it has been a long day, do not come in" Anaya scolded as she moved her foot to kick the door the maid being fully shut out as the door closed in her face and all she did was nod and grunt slightly. "wonderful, half for the castle and the rest for my new brother, all is going well" she said softly as she walked forward kissing Samuel wall he had gone to her chamber before her and was already there "and we have some slob in the chamber hold as well as everything is in place" he paused looking at her "why did you pick that man as your brother anyway?" Anaya looked up from the book at his question as she smiled "every ruler needs family, just like every ruler needs an heir, brothers rule other land masses and the heir rules over the main castle once the ruler is gone, I am not a young one anymore Samuel and one day long from now my time will come, and before then I will expand this castle to have kingdoms that are a part of it from this side of the world all the way over to the other lands we have yet to fully explore" "so you are simply using the smuck to gain popularity" "no no my dear, I am simply using him to gain, extension, he will only an extension of me. it will work out, I promise you this" Sam smiled as he kissed her softly and gave an erry chuckle "but my love, I do think your new brother has a wife? can't marry him off to join another kingdom to expand" "we live forever, my love...she won't" Samuel picked up Anaya and spun her around as she smiled being tossed down on her back on the chamber bed "you know for being a just and divine being you are mighty twisted when you want something" she poked his nose with a claw in a coy manner. "I get it from you I am sure. and my love, remember, I was not always gold"

“I here there is a Safe zone under the castle no one ever is allowed to go, some massive amount of treasure or something the queen has kept, the bigger the dragon the bigger the gold right” Victor said to Ulrick as he grumbled to himself on how the queen had been running the guards raged. “really, we will have to check it out” he said in response as he spit out into a snow bank seeing one of the men walk past dressed all royal and pompous. “what be you sir?” Victor called out as the man pushed past him “I am Lion I am here to see lady Anaya, to go over when we shall have my crowning” the guards lifted a brow each and gave a laugh “you be going to talk to the queen to give you a crown? Or be you demand for it? We wish you the best good sir, she has a bad temper we have seen” he almost spat out in laughter as the man gave a grumble and walked inside the castle doors cussing something under his breath. “oh Ulrick” “ye?” “I here dear be spiders under da castle, can't be too careful, bring the bug repellent when you check it out, and the doors be boogie trapped.”

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 4 Monstrous_spider_by_ortheza
“Spider venom comes in many forms. It can often take a long while to discover the full effects of the bite. Naturalists have pondered this for years: there are spiders whose bite can cause the place bitten to rot and to die, sometimes more than a year after it was bitten. As to why spiders do this, the answer is simple. It's because spiders think this is funny, and they don't want you ever to forget them.”  

Why did everything annoying have to happen to him, he thought to himself as his steps and black boots clanked on the stone floor echoing in the halls around him. He clanked his fingers to his small black crown, a placeholder for when he got the golden one placed upon his head, oh it would be just like his brothers day of glory, sitting there watching him was torment, it was eating him inside as he sat there and he got the crown and he did not, he got to go on the cool quests for magical items and he did not, he got to get the woman he wanted and he got to get the leftovers. His brother was a pig in his own mind and he would be glad the day that would come to rid him of that fumbling fool.  If it was up to him he would have slit the man's neck when he was asleep, a coward way to off another living being but it was a fitting way to do it when you have the knowledge you were not physically strong enough to take down the opponent you were after.

Walking inside he could see the queen walking away seemingly reading a book but then putting it down in her throne chair side, yes that book it was impotent he was able to feel it watching how the ruler clung to the cover and spine of the literature.  She was tender with it but at the same time strong and gripped it tightly.  He walked over to her his eyes on her waistline as he walked up to the lady of the castle and bowed low taking a knee “your highness, your eyes are of the crimson tides today, you look ravishing.”

Anaya's gave looked down on him as she lifted a brow in a seemingly uncaring fashion and placed the book she was holding down to its spot in between the sofa pillow and her throne. Habit mind you was why she did this and seeing her lead slave girl had vanished, most likely long dead now she had no one to give the book to hold onto. Needed to get a new slave for this task. “you are the brother, lion is what  Tesh called you yes? You were at the celebration”
“yes I am Tesh's brother, lion is not my real name my lady but it is simply a childhood nickname as I have been said to be as savage as a lion hidden in the swaying grass. And yes my lady it was a grand celebration, I congratulate you on the new family and I am proud and happy to be a part of your name”
“as long as you make this family proud of you all will be well. Now it is late, go to your chamber and be still for the night, it shall be a cold day tomorrow” she gave an unimpressed look when he said he was as savage as a lion, she was sure it was a crock but she said nothing on it and simply chuckled to herself under her breath.
“yes I should be going there my lady, simply a trip to the restroom and some business to attend to then will be in my chamber before the dong of the night bells.”
“don't walk the halls to late at night Lion, there are beings here that would not think twice about eating you” she gave a smirk as she moved her feet along the floor as if flowing along the stone floor and vanishing behind the curtains to yet again try and sleep.

“stupid hag, I will rob her blind” he muttered looking around, no guards in sight as he picked up the book flipping some pages seeing what was useful on the pages. Roster, rooms and who is all in them, names with lines in them, and the words 'Hold Locking Sequence' “there we have it, the book reads it is down the steps under the castle” putting the book back as if untouched he moved his way over the main hall. He had a hard foot and within no time the guards showed up wondering where he was off to. With a shrug, the guards left him be as they laughed to themselves at what a loud gorilla that man was. More gorilla then lion for sure.

Lion moved down the hallway to the doors looking both ways, no guards, it was the time of night when no one was around, guards flipping shift as he slipped himself inside the doors, there was a long twisting stair made of stone and made moist by the air underground. He almost slipped going down them but grabbed the rail to steady himself. Walking down them slowly each step carefully placed as he viewed the under castle areas, shady doors and slaves choking on their own tongue as they wallowed in their own filth and tried not to starve to death. There were troughs of old food that seemed to be gruel that looked kinda fresh there was a child eating it, it looked discussing, but at the same time, he could not rip his eyes away from it, the child ripping up mouthfuls of slop and shoveling it into the hole in its face. He could not help but laugh at the poor slave girl and then be on his way down the hallway.
Getting to the large iron door with carvings of dragons on it he guessed it was the gate to the dragon hold. With the knowing, he had to open it a particular way he moved his fingers along it, but then the door just opened on its own. wondering why he paid not much mind and with the golden shimmer inside of the doors his mind was set on the treasure and not the wonder of why the door was already unlocked.

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 4 Main-qimg-0e773f10b796579adeb1934913ac027a

the sea of shimmering treasure had captivated him, how could this much gold and gems be in one place, it must have been thousands of years to stockpile this amount, how old was this dragon anyway. His min a fray as the golden glow locked him in a trance not to notice the impending doom.  The sharp 8  legs of the spider were getting closer to him as he stood there unfazed by anything but the golden shimmer that lay before him.  And within moments there was now a stabbing pain in his back. The spider's fangs had plunged deep into his lower back causing him to bend backward slightly and let out a scream that echoed in the caverns. As he bent back and his eyes looked up the caverns top was moving with thousands upon thousands of giant spiders and their children. The legs of the rhino-sized arachnid wrapped around his torso and pulled him deep into its grasp and digging its fangs so deep into him they had popped out his gut and torn his shirt showing wet dripping venom droplets that were burning the fabric of his clothing. With no more thought or ability to move, he was helpless to the spider that had begun turning his insides to liquid and even started working its fangs out of him only to shove them back into him.  

Rose Has Thorns Part 2, Winter Has Come - Page 4 CcOGCPt

Within moments it was all over and the spider was spinning him in silken strands and hosting him up to the cavern top. Taking the cocoon of skin and silk up the spider tucked him up into the mass of others locked in the same predicament.

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DarkDelaMorte: –he said forcing a smile as he went back down to his book as a man walked forward in front of him, the man was large in stature with a large stomach and beard that stank of alcohol as Savat ignored him, the man reached out to grab the elf who had such a big mouth and Savat looked up, his grey eyes looking like a vipers as his free hand shot out with two fingers adorned with metal claws pierced the eyes of the man and quickly moved sideways in an instance ripping the man’s eye balls out as the man screamed in terror falling onto the floor holding his face as Savat shook off the eye balls from his claws onto the floor as the two wolves began to feast on the eyeballs as he shook his head and clicked his tongue as the wolves responded with a grunt- “I am not a fan of being touched” –he said wiping his fingers off on a curtain before going back to skimming through his book as the inn keeper began yelling something at him as he looked to the other men saying something about guards as Savat sighed and closed his book- “nothing of interest here…the traitor was here from the smell but not for very long…well only one things to do with a place like this” –he said as the wolves went outside turning around as if keeping people in through intimidation as people watched to see what would occur. Silently Savat closed the door to the Inn and looked at its exterior, he noticed it was primarily wood and stone and pulled out five small knives and some string as he put the knives in a hexagram and moved the string through it as he stuck the knifes into the wood. He made a quick prayer and flicked the string- “Come out imp your work is not done” –the string couth on fire being transferred to the blades as in a moment the wood in the inn was being rushed with flames as Savat began walking away from the inn without a care as people ran past him to see what the commotion was or to help put out the fire as the patrons inside the inn rushed to try and get out some tripping over the writing man in the door way and others being trampled. Yet as people attempted to run out small hands seemed to pull some back in as small hand prints appeared on peoples skins who escaped the fire as if small burning spirits where in the fire itself. Savat chuckled at the sight than said darkly- “How foolish, these beings are so idiotic that they didn’t grab the water inside the inn to try an put out the fire…I believe they call this self-preservation or something how idiotic.” –he said as he continued to walk a path looking at his book every now and again as he send his crow off in front of him as he reached the edge of the small town. He closed one eye and waited a moment before nodding and moving forward once more as Loki the crow spotted the city and beyond it the Castle where Loki felt the presence of several large entities of Aura as it returned to Savat’s shoulder allowing him to open his eye back up once more as he continued to walk towards the castle the town behind him rushing about the stop the fire as word would of course spread quicker than the fire itself of the incident but at the castle they would notice something different. A smell, the fire was used for another purpose, Savat’s scent would be caught up in the smoke and when caught by the cold winds would trail it north towards the castle as such those with a hyper sensitive sense of smell would pick up a rancid odor, like a thousand beast dying to become food for buzzards or fungi, it was a nauseous smell that would choke up those with a certain palate as the scent was almost a warning unto itself as it seemed to disappear as only the fire held the scent and nothing else. Savat continued forward as in the castle Trev woke up with a start his body shivering with cold sweats as his hand shook with fear, the smell in the air was faint but something stank, worse than the forest of dead creatures, it was an omen of sorts. Slowly Trev got out of bed as he looked out the window towards the sky his eye shaking with fear as he looked around quietly trying to figure out what was going on as he gripped his cloths that had been given to him by the First Born Anaya- What is this feeling….it is like someone is asking to fight…yet also they wish for something to play with

DarkDelaMorte: –Trev said aloud for anyone to hear as he sank to the floor and waited to see what came next as he decided on whether or not to leave his room at this moment in time as he curled up in the corner of the room his ears able to pick up conversations around him outside the room yet it wasn’t that, which worried him most. His nose sniffed the air as he walked open to the window and opened it up as slowly a smell was carried by the breeze, it was faint almost unable to smell it yet it was there. Suddenly a loud crash was heard as Trev began to blink not knowing if he was here already or if he was simply going insane as his memory began to play with him, his eye had been removed for his betrayal branding but the scar over the eye had come from that day. The day in which the Mountain of solitude had been overrun by a First Born Green dragon, the man who headed the mountain was a well-known mage who had been alive for almost 800 years in solitude only taking a few visitors as many wished to seek the mage’s knowledge who had reached the mythical realm of either almost ninth level magic, this was about 50 years ago so who knows what the mage was doing up there but whatever it was, could not be ascertained easily. Yet when this First born came Trev and Savat were sent to speak with it, on that day Trev saw the ferocity of Savat in action as the dragon would not stand down, as they had expected but he would not leave the mage alone. The horrific sight of the battle imprinted into Trev’s mind as he goes back to shaking in the corner holding his book of tenant with him as he whispers prayers softly to himself.-

LenaStrigoi: Lena woke up in the woods, her head was banging and hurting . It took her some times to opend her eyes and actually stand up. Some dry blood was leaving a mark on her cheek, making her look like a zombie with her natural pale skin and her dark hair. We coudln't see much of her as she was wearing a dirty grey cloak, her clothes were a total mess . She starts to walk into the snow, trying to figure what may have happened to her, all she could remember is that she was supposed to meet some friends but a something got her from the back and then it was all dark. She walks without any aim, she sometimes made break , hided when she heard noises, she couldn't tell if it was several days or a week or more when she finally see something. It was looking like a castle, she wasn"t sure wether she should give it a chance or not , but before she could make her mind she was standing in front of two guards. "Hey ... I'm sorry ... but ... I mean no harm, I'm lost and I really don't know where we are ..." She tried to have a look around as she was talking

Anaya: Anaya had dwelt with the longest of nights known to man, children with there father down in the dinning hall stuffing there face like the animals they all were. And she was laying on the floor sleeping on a rug looking up, the ruler was sleeping on a rug, Noki had fliped the bed over the night wall sleeping and kicking and Ryu had torn a hole in one of Anayas treasured saten pillows. She got up form the floor the crink in her back paining her as she tossed on a lace gown and walked out of her room to the chambers “maid drink!” she called out as she grumbled and pushed her snow white hair from her face and pushed it back not neatly with a small line of leather. Walking down to the main room she looked for trev, could not find him, eh they all would be around in sometime and it was dawn anyway so many were not even up at this hour. The guards at the door grunted and growned as they opened the doors and held a scowl to there faces under there helmets, no one was happy at the suns rise here, winter, cold, snow on there feet and having bin there all night made even the kindness of hearts want to rip a baby's head off.  “go on in lass” one scolded as he opened the door seeing th girl shivering broken down and cold. “go get ya some grub and see to it you don't bug the not needed people, castle grounds can be has harsh in the mornings as they is dead of night miss” he spoke as he moved his weapon behind her rump to push her inside so to make it fast and shut the door behind her. Anayas maid ran over to her that dark hair flowing in the wind as she held out the cup to Anaya who sat in the main room now backside planted in the throne and a leather bound book on her lap reading over the nights records. Guard had died. Guard in medical wing bite marks to leg, dead bleed out, panther problem, the prisoner in the cell was fed and watered. Hounds fed, pipe in the hold fixed, leak in dinning hall fixed. There was alot done over the past night as well as the ball room had bin cleaned up from the mess of the last event. She did not even look at the maid that had a sad expression on her face as she grabbed the cup from her with not a smile “thank you be gone” she said as the maid shrunk and walked off Anaya nicely sipping her mint tea in blessed water with ice.

RavenDeLaRose: - Maids screaming and guards fallowing her from a distant as mystic made her way through the castle. She like the feared looks in their eyes, about time they respaced this kitty she thought. it was then she saw a rat, she may be bigger but this would not mean she was now above killing the little beast. She licks her large lips and slowly stepped tors the rat her large paws were padded and made not a sound as she stepped closer to the rat the rat unaware stood was hung his little face with its paw. Mystic was now close enough she could taste the little best. The rat still cleaning would have run if it had only known what was to come. Mystic leaped forward and as she landed she had the little rat caught in her paws. At this point the little rat is screaming out for dear life but mystic just grin at her little snack. Mystics large jaw would then crunch down on its head. This was the last thing the little rat saw was the back of mystic’s throat. she then looked for a good place to eat her rat. She carried what was left in her mouth and walked over to her piano there she tried to climb in where she had always climb in but, this time she did not fit. His was not going to stop her so if she cannot lay inside the piano she will lay on she thought. she then leaps up on the piano and laid out on top. this works for a few minutes till a loud cracking sound came from the dainty legs of the piano. Soon the sound would grow and then all at ones CRASH!! The piano crash down as the legs on it gave out from the weight living a big mass of rotten rats and skulls and bones among the busted piano wood and mystic laying there in the middle -

DarkDelaMorte: -Savat reached the castle in a few hours as he cracked his neck back and forth enjoying the feeling of freedom as he adjusted a small pack on his side that looked rather heavy as he grumbled something in elvish about a foolish old man. Savat reached the castle door and smiled slightly noticing the guards walking about his wolves growled silently under their breathes, Savat released his aura for a moment a skill he had learned in the room. In a brief moment the noxious smell that had wafted from the town over would now engulf the castle for a moment before disappearing leaving only a faint raunchy scent in the air that would choke most that smelt it for those few seconds. Savat smiled and began to reach for the doors to open them as inside the castle Trev would choke coughing up blood onto the floor as his body shook in fear as he stood up quietly and began to rush out of his room in his ball outfit seeming to have not changed form the event. He rushed down the stairs looking around for Anaya as he said out loud- “First Born Anaya? First Born Lady Anaya “ –he said frantically while looking around noticing her sitting in the main room he ran over and knelt seeming to smell of sweat and blood as he looked up to her for a moment catching his breath- “Lady Anaya…he has arrived” –as he said those words the doors opened behind him. Savat passed another young women who seemed to be in the door way as the two wolves moved by the girl as well, Savat seemed not to care in the least about the girl instead forgoing to look towards the main room down the hall way and smiling slightly seeing someone run about that looked like Trev as he began forward quietly his footsteps unnoticeable as the tall elf made his way towards the main hall focusing on Trev and the woman who sat in the Main hall that looked to be the one the priest of ages had seen.- {} –Savat said in a soft tone as he walked forward some more into the main room to examine the area-

LenaStrigoi: Lena was push inside the castle, she sat on the ground and wrapps her arms around her legs and stayed there a bit, she was so scared and lost. She looked around , her chin laying on her knees when suddenly she heard some voice going from behind her. She turned back slowly when she saw a very impressive lord, she kept quiet when he walked through the castle door, he might be very important as the guards didn’t even try to stop him. She slipped to the side trying to leave his path but as she was weak and tired she lost her balance and face-plant on the ground . Lena sat on her butt where she just fell and followed the Lord with her eyes until he was out of sight. She shrugged her shoulders then tried to stand back, once on her feet again she followed the way the Lord went through. She looked down and tried to clean all the snow that covered her boot not to mess the castle. “ I was already all dirty and now I’m all wet ! ". She didn’t know where she was supposed to go. Once inside the castle she decided to follow the voices she could hear, maybe someone there will help her.

Anaya: Anaya looked up from her book and took a sit of her tea not fazed by much, there was Trez all bloody yet again, was that all he ever did, get bloody and make a mess oh and run around. There was a stink, it was gross. She looked up and shut the book with a bang “and who may you be” her red eyes would burn a hole in a wooden plank as she sat in the morning sun that came down from the window a top the castle roof.  She ran her fingers into her mass of white hair and grumbled as she took another sip of her tea, it was far to early in the day to smell blood, metal and something cleaning related. It was a mass of i dont want to deal with it even more so after the night she just had. Softly she looked over to there guest, a little girl seeming scared and wet “you, little one, you must be cold and wet, we will get you some clothing and some food” she looked over to the other male “you smell of burnt wood and nd the cleaner we use on the pipes, why is this so, what are you here for” she could sense something off just with the morning fog could not put her finger on it.  

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev kept his head down his body shaking as he looked behind him slowly- “S-Savat” –Savat glared at him- {Quiet Boy, proper introductions first} –Savat smiles to Anaya and bows deeply as his wolves bow as well to her and Savat raises placing his hand to his chest his mouth covered by a white mask that smelt of dragon bones- “Good Day Lady Anaya of the first born. I am Savat of the Guardians tasked with watching this….ingrate here you call Trev” –he said with a smile once more as if a snake was slithering through the grass towards its prey- “As for your questions…well let’s lets just say I enjoy open wood fires on cool nights, as for the cleaning agents you speak of…I wouldn’t know how to describe such, perhaps you are smelling my aura? I have been told its quite…cleansing” –he said with a taunting smile as unlike Trev he seemed to be overwhelmed with confidence as he looked to Trev- “now than….Black what are you doing here? You were supposed to be dead by this point” –he spoke coldly as if disdain was the only thing he could manage as he unslung the bag and spoke in elven grey as such so that not even anaya would be able to understand them fully- “The old man sends his regards for your upgrade” –he said quietly as Trev catches the package and holds it close for a moment before looking up- I survived Grey because I believe in the tenants as you do, the gods protect those that are true, as such I have been blessed with being able to speak and be around a First Born….and I will not allow any harm to befall her –he said icily back as Savat shook his head- “Such animosity how do I stand it….don’t worry I haven’t come to start anything, the priests want me to watch, they branded me as such so you know…” –Trev sighed and spoke in English- “That if you parish you shall be the last friendly watcher we meet….assuming we could kill you given your track record pithiest”

Anaya: Putting down her tea after one good sip and enjoying the smell of the mint in her nose to wake her up a bit more.  Her red eyes got brighter a fire burned within them as the dragon was grumpy due to her nighttime struggles of being a mother of twins. “your body smells of burnt wood and thatch, the homes in the town are made with elm, we brought it here from the sough but the only trees here for a fire are filled with sap, it has a pleasant aroma i do enjoy but elm wood burning is sour and hard on my nose, and that is what i smell of you, witch i am sure in the coming hour i shall get a guard in my door saying a fire has bin started someplace in town, witch will be a elm building.” picking up her drink she took another sip of it relaxing a little as her eyes stayed the say, the reds spinning within the around that creepy sited centre “Trev here is of this crown, he has given his aid to myself and is protected under this crown, you do not need to watch him regardless of your reason.  So if that is the only reason you walk on my land, you may pay your fees and be gone with you, it is a crime to burn things down.“  she looked at him as she held her cup in her hands snow white hair falling around as the leather strap around her messy ponytail was getting weaker and slipping unable to support her tangles. She took a large breath as she gave a grin “you have the bones of a dragon on you now, don't you” she paused and shut her eyes for only a moment as she savoured her breath with that grin, slowly lowering her cup to the arm rest of her throne.

TheLadySif: Boots steps could be heard coming from the hall, coupled with a clicking sound of her spear tapping against her hair clip. Passing each doorway, all that could be clearly seen as she passed was the long swaying ends of her bright white hair. Her sparkling green eyes shifted to each doorway as she passed, taking her time to find the room she had been looking for for a half hour. With a sigh, she finally rounded the corner and entered the main hall where stood the woman she was looking for. She walked up casually, crossing her arms. “Anaya my Lady this place is such a maze, I could hardly make my way downstairs this morning and thusly have gotten lost just now only moving from the kitchen. I shall expire behind these walls should I not gain a mission post-haste. Useless in this stone trap we call home.” She borderline pouted, then noticed the stranger beside Trev. Twitching her ears slightly, she looked him up and down before dismissing him almost visibly. Flipping her hair over her shoulder, she moved her hands to her hips, casting her green gaze back to Anaya, her boredom apparent.

DarkDelaMorte: -Savat titled his head back and forth as he would think about her reasoning- “well it’s not bad logic, but there are a few issues, for one I have been traveling in the woods for most of my life, my entire body is always going to smell of wood of many types, and second I did not start that fire in that town, I just happened across it while walking through the town, but as Trev here knows it is not our responsibility to deal with your foolish natures, could I have put it out? Of course but I gain nothing from it, besides your people in that town where quite rude to me it would be a shame if suddenly the council of magi were to hear about how this land was overrun by disgusting malcontent, they might have to take action, and no one would want that, now would we?” –he smiled happily- “as well, the assignment I was given was to be of help to you, I’m watching both of you, in return you are availed by services and Trev here does not have to be given his last rights, isn’t that quite nice of the Priests?” –he smiled at her last comment and tried not to laugh as he removed his white mask his mouth scarred with burn marks not from a dragon but from acid of which looks like torture as well his nose was cut off leaving him quite disfigured- “You are Correct Lady Anaya, my mask was made from the bones, blood and spirit of a dragon, considering I slayed it I was given rights to it so I made two things, first I made this mask” –he said putting it back on- “and second…well that weapon is still being made, and will be for a while, once it is done the sage will be delivering it to me” –he said with a smile as if another kin of hers was standing in the room- “he was quite a fun fight, about two…no three hundred and forty five years of age this Green Dragon was, it was quite a spectacle of a fight, if you wish to…” –he slowly began to remove his eye, Trev not looking away as it looked as if he was about to yank out his own eyeball- “I can show you the battle first hand if you wish, a bit painful but it comes with the territory” –he said as he noticed another elf pass through his eye narrowing slightly as he looked to Trev- “This was the snow elf you spoke of Black?” –Trev nodded- {Yes grey she is a curious one, her scent is….} –Savat nodded- “I smelt it too, it’s to pure, most mud elves have a stench to their blood…this one does not, how queer” –he said as he shook his head looking back to anaya waiting for her answer. Silently Trev began to open the package as inside was an orb used to channel the spirits of the dead as well as nature as he smiled and noticed the staff inside. Trev chuckled and shook his head- {}

Anaya: Anaya was not in the mood to deal with a smart mouth “the elves and dragons have gotten along well in this land as well as the gray elves know better then to move forth here and know sure well the records of this land, so threatening us with the magi is a fruitless one. You have come into my home to watch us like a scorned hawk sent by a master, but we seek not your view. Trev belongs to me and myself alone, if he wishes to stay at my side he may and no one shall be removing him or having his last of anything. He is a betrayer to his own people he no longer needs to be a part of them. ” she finished her drink as she put the tea cup down and looked over to lady Sif “please my knight escort this male to the doors and show him to the snow, we need not more Gray elves within the castle, he can be taken to an inn by the lesser guards. Anything that kills a kin of mine is not welcome in my presence” to a dragon the only one worth killing a dragon was another dragon, respect in battle, to be worth killing something so grand, this elf was a mockery of what she had, of her own kind sporting the bone of her kin as a sort of prize, what a disgrace to fallen brother or sister. “bones should rest within the ground grey elf, not upon your face as a prize of battle to show stature.  You hold no worth to me, you are not useful as well as your sent is hard on the nose and it fowls the suns warmth”  anaya moved her hand as she saw Samuel leaning on that piller over seeing. She taped her arm rest as the red Wyvern with a snarl on his lip walked past the red elf almost running into him “My mate, there is a fire in town, the people were able to limit it to only two buildings down but there is much damage. A peasant informed a guards men it was some elf looking person that did it but they were unsure due to the smoke what it looked like or its gender” “we have meant elves, this one shall be left to rest and we shall pay to rebuild the damage” she looked past her mate into the eyes of the Gray elf a sort of glare that screamed i know you did it. But she said nothing as she simply looked at him wall Sam sit down beside his mate.  

TheLadySif: Looking to the Elf as the Queen spoke, Sif raised a brow. It would seem he and Trev were the opposite of friends and yet she was surprised someone like that would have made it all the way into town with his attitude. At the mention of her scent, although in a tongue she shouldn’t know, she looked away, feigning inattention. Once Anaya spoke, she cast her gaze back to the Lady. With a brief nod, she turned to the Grey Elf. She didn’t hesitate to smirk then rested a hand to her thigh where, beneath her skirts, she strapped a long curving dagger. She offered a short bow of her head to him as she did all Elves she came across before letting the mischievous glare cross her usually calm eyes. “Please, do resist.” She waits for the Queen to finish her last words before sitting with her mate then looks back to the Elf and gestures to the door with a smirk and raised brow. “After thee, elven brother. It would be my pleasure to give you a personal introduction to both my boot and the door handle hitting you on he way out."

DarkDelaMorte: -Savat chuckled- “one who kills your kin eh…than I have to wonder why you let Trev around…he is not called the Black for nothing….it was quite amazing watching him…” –Trev glared at Savat and Savat smiled back and chuckled- “for now I will leave of my own accord but I will be watching, but he will always be a part of the Grey elves betrayer or not, besides….wait that’s too much for now” –he said chuckling as he thought about her words- “why would I lay to rest something that was annoying? It is much more fun to hear its spirit screaming into my ear” –he said with a smile as he clicked his tongue, the two wolves getting up to fallow him as the crow seemed to have disappeared somewhere from his shoulder- “Also I am quite able to leave myself, if your guards touch me there will be quite another issue at hand…especially a mud blood such as herself” –he would look at the one called Sif quietly and scoffed- “ Of course I’d be glad to fallow” –he said with a cold smile once more as he bowed his head and fallowed the one called Sif- “thank you for your audience Lady Anaya, I will be seeing you around even if you do not see me as well I hope you find that arsonist, it must be…quite embarrassing to not be able to protect your people” –he waved his hand on the way out moving past anyone who attempted to stop him as he raised his thumb to his mouth biting it lightly just to draw some blood should the need arise as he did the same with his ring finger he suddenly stops and smiles- “as well I do not wear this mask as some sort of symbolic showing of winning, honestly I couldn’t care less about your kin, which is a bit of an odd statement in within itself…as most of your dragons loath on another, I wear it because like Trev, it is the best way to hide what scares us most” –he said exiting into the snow as his white hair seems to blend with the snow as he hums softly as whispers a word on his way out- “” –he said gently as he continued his way out, only Trev would understand the language but some other might have heard it. At this point Trev was bowing his head to Anaya at her words- {I thank you First Born Anaya…if you wish I can go examine the burn sight and perhaps find something to point to a culprit…but if I may speak freely my lady....while I agree the grey elves would not move freely I would suggest…however uncouth Savat may be, not to kill him on this land, his blood would become a beacon to the Patriarchy and Guardians, I would like to avoid the Magi moving as they do not move easily but blood spilled on the snow of old will cause ripples that can be felt for ages} –he said as suddenly something pulsed inside him. His hand began shaking as he starred down at it and looked towards the door opening his mouth for a moment to speak as he couldn’t for a moment his throat clenching as he looked to be in pain as it stopped as he looked up angel for the first time speaking in the old tongue- {< Savat you damn snake>} –he said taking a seat for a moment his body pulsating in pain-

Anaya: she moved in her chair and picked up her book and put it on her lap, closing her eyes as the air around her started to as if glimmer, a cleansing of holy magic to calm the mind and heal the body as she could see trev in pain, and wishes to at least keep him from feeling that for now. “there is a reason i allowed him to leave and did not just slather the floor with his blood. The magi are strong we need not be at war with them. He will leave, walk to the town and be on his way and once out of my grounds i will make sure the earth tastes his blood. Then i will clean my hands of it and it will be done. Samuel?” she asked as she looked at him already knowing her request and having a smile on his face “wait four days that will be enough time for that gray elf to go on his way to mill mire, outside of our range, then use your ability's to be not you, and kill the pathetic elf. It will be blamed on the mill people and they shall be removed by the magi, another problem solved for the crown, i do hate that king a fair amout.” she smiled as she opened her book once more and flipped the pages absentmindedly, but then looking up to Sif “i am sure he insulted you with words i could not touch on, something that fowl would only mouth off in the same extent, you are cared for in this castle and we are grateful to have one as loyal as you my knight Sif, i am glad you came here that day, and if it will heal your honour and bordum Samuel can only watch and you may go rid us of the gray elf in the four days time.”

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TheLadySif: She scoffed herself, looking off to the side and biting the inside of her cheek as she gripped her dagger at her thigh. Without sparing him another glance she mumbled to herself in her home tongue ‘Demented, high-borne, son of a…’ She continued on as she stepped away towards the door down the hall then stood aside as he passed outside. She glared darkly at his retreating figure. Her eyes flashed a bright swirling green, sending a trail of sharply spiked ice along behind him at his feet, stopping it just a few inches from his retreating form and leaving him to walk on. She knew just as well from what little she had learned over the years that she shouldn’t start this sort of fight within the Queendom. With a frustrated sigh she slammed the large doors herself then trailed her way back to in front of the Queen’s throne where she took a knee, listening to her words. “You honor me, my Lady Anaya. You know you are but to say the word and any threat or annoyance will be at the mercy of my spear. But that one… -glaring at the floor she paused then looked to Trev just behind her- “I shall show him none."

DarkDelaMorte: -Savat snickered at the display of the ice elf behind him as he waved his hand sarcastically behind himself towards her also making sure to bring in his aura as he was an absolute standstill stifling the smell, yet inside the castle Loki the crow was melding into the shadows slowly creating copies of itself in order to fool the denizens of the castle as multiple copies floated about the castle silently through the shadows as the Aura was spread through the shadows and if one were destroyed it would be replaced the original would be protected as it moved itself into the shadow of a window setting on the ledge outside near the second story of the castle as its clones picked up every word spoken and every move was watched as Loki kept on its guard silently. Savat meanwhile moved towards the forest not wanting to go back to the town as the spirit sensor had been set up with the burning of the inn and the other buildings. These sensors were used to keep track of those whom were branded and where scattered all about this continent Namely if a Grey elf would try and escape they would be known where they were by their marking brands, the sensors could be anything that had been touched by an elemental spirit such as the imp fire in town making the area there a haven for spirit activity and as such any loss of life was simply an understanding as Savat moved into the forest a few time away from the castle as he looked for a place to set up a small rabbit hole of sorts as he did not trust the First born to let him go that easily. He suspected before weeks end he would a have a tail after him, so he clicked his tongue sending the wolves out their separate ways as Savat chose his hiding place to be in the mountains that loomed in the distance and nodded hoping to find something interesting there if not, a perfect ambush spot as behind him everything seemed to be kept in normal pace outside the wolf tracks as the wolves would blend into the environment with some ease. Savat moved towards the mountain without even his scent being left behind unless someone could smell separate types of wood well enough to fallow the trail through a forest of multiple smells. Inside the castle Trev would bow his head to Sif apologetically than look to Anaya a tad confused- “My Lady First Born I do not mean to be rude but….earlier you spoke about the desecration of bones…what exactly did you mean?” –he said looking honestly confused as he stayed by her side for the time being the pain slowly slipping away. As he nodded to her explanation- “True, it is better to not piss off the Magi if one can help it, they are…odd being to say in the least, especially the Magi of White” –shakes his head- “Still I do not mean to be rude once more but…do you think your mate will be enough? If you wish I can give you a rundown of Savat’s skills….speaking of which” –Trev pulled out a knife and tossed it into the shadows some ash falling down as he sighed- “seems we will be finding those damn things for days….”

VincentKaos: The shirtless vagabond pushed through the heavy snow. His left arm hung limp at his side, the runes on it dim and flickering as if their power was weakened. The runes on the right arm still glowed brightly, giving away his location in the dim light as he trudged to the castle. He would take caution to hide from the trolls wandering, not from fear but knowing his current condition was not set for defense. Several cuts across his torso could be seen once he was close enough, though their bleeding seemed very slow. Intense red eyes would look to the guards at the gates, "I wish entry." he placed the bandaged hand on the shoulder of his injured arm and rubbed slowly, "I have come far to offer my services." His voice was calm and showed no emotion or regard for his injuries. "I can wait, if I must." He stood silent as he waited to either be let in, sat aside, or turned away.

Anaya: Anaya picked back up her cup and took the last drink of her tea as she let out a breath, mornings she hated them and she needed food before anything else happened “Maid!” she called out as a maid hurried over to her shaking at the knees “my lady what can i do?” “Food maid is it ready in the dining hall” the maid nodded her head fast as she hurried away wanting Anaya to follow. “Trev we will go over matters once a meal ends up in my gut, it is far too early for matters without food” she looked to whatever he had tossed a dagger to “whatever you just killed, find more of them and make sure they die, rats or birds or anything hidden within the castle, we will cleanse the castle today or tomorrow if needed”  she let out a breath picking up the now empty cup and moving her way to the dining hall were with Sam following behind her she vanished. “Oh gray elf!” Sam called out “get the doors will you, there was a taping on it” Sam called back before he gave a twisted smile and vanished alongside his mate.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev sighs and looks to the door having been shooed away by the First Born Anaya who seemed to spend more time sleeping than running her kingdom he would set such thoughts aside as bad natured as he went to the door quietly feeling the eyes of the crows on him as he pulled out his staff as a walking stick the metal staff connected to the orb of Twilight clanked against the stone floor as Trev quietly moved to the door and motioned with his hand for it to be opened as he looked to the guest with a quiet glare of contempt at the state of the man his eyes running him over muttering in old tongue- “” –he switched back to common- “Yes how may we help you good sir…outside of the obvious” –he said taking note of his wounds- “you didn’t happen across a Grey elves with two wolves on your way up here did you?” –he inquired as he awaited the man’s answers the guards watching the man quietly as Trev kept a good amount of distance between him and the man with four guards in between himself and this mercenary of sorts from the look of his gear- “Are you a fighter of sorts here to offer your services? or…perhaps you came for your last rights, seeing as how you are half dead already from the smell” –he said wrinkling his nose as he would chuckle coldly- “I’m sorry to Say First Born Anaya has gone to eat already so I am not sure if you are on the pallet for today” –he said with a cold smile one of his eye covered by an eyepatch as the fake eye underneath focused on the man’s presence ready for his movements.

VincentKaos: He realized how his appearance looked now and looked over his own wounds, "These will heal on their own with a little time." He looked at his arm, "The arm might need some help, but that is not why I am here." He turned back, his tone still calm and devoid of any sign of emotion. The red eyes now met to the mans, "I saw nothing of the sort here, though neither was I looking. My goal was to make it here without further confrontation." He noticed the man's reaction to his smell and then sniffed himself, "It has been difficult travels, but I am far from death's door. I am a fighter, yes. I offer my fist and body if they are welcomed." He moved his arm to make a motion of respect, though only half since the left arm remained limp at his side and he gave a slight bow, one that wasn't seen too often outside of arena fighters. "I am still young as well, so I have plenty of time to give service." He stood again grasping his shoulder. He had no extra bags on him minus a small near empty leather coin pouch on his belt, no weapons seen on him.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev nodded and slammed down his staff and whispered quietly- “do not move” –the orb began turning slowly as a slowly light began to leak out from the orb towards the man. Slowly the pain would be relieved as well the wounds would begin to mend as he would than mumble something as the light turned to water which sprayed him down if he was standing still for more than a few seconds as he nodded- “there we are, two birds one stone as far as I am concerned, we get you a bath and some level of healing” –he said bluntly, while yes if he touched the man the healing would have been better or if he had used a higher spell but Trev considered it a gift just to have healing magic be used on him thus felt it unneeded to touch the dirty man, as for the water, well he wasn’t a fan of smelly men. Trev looked towards the outside and nodded not seeing any sign of Savat- “Well once the Lady returns you may speak to her on that for now…you may come inside so long as you behave yourself…any insults of mishaps will not be taken lightly” –he said as he motioned for the man to fallow him keeping at least a fifteen to twenty foot distance between him and the man the staff clacking against the floor harshly as two guards fallowed the door slowly closing once the man would enter- “Do be careful, The First Born is quite….testy in the mornings and has no issue dispatching those whom displease her….also beware a cat around here it is quite a nasty bugger…already claimed the lives of two guards” –his tone was cold as he didn’t seem to have a care nor sign of remorse in his voice for the men but simply continued to walk forward-

VincentKaos: Seeing the man's tap the staff his eyes showed the first emotion, a tinge of fear and then as the light surrounded his body crippled and slammed hard into the snow. He immediately curled up into a tight ball his body writhing in unimaginable pain as the magic surrounded him. The runes of his arms violently flickering until the spell stopped then another twitch as the water stuck. He looked up weakly as the man continued to speak, "Couldn't a warning...been nicer..." his voice was shaky as he struggled to try and lift himself, the magic, though healing, seemed to do nothing for the wounds themselves and only burned him deep in his body and spirit. He would be trying to pull himself up so he could keep with the one leading him inside, a heavy cough of pain escaping as his drug behind, though his smell would definably be an improvement now.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev did not turn around- “why would I warn you? You said you needed healing so I did so, if you do not like it would be quite easy to reverse the damage” –he said bluntly once more as he cracked his knuckles quietly as he would make it to the main room and stand in the middle looking to the ceiling and the shadows as he stops the man twenty feet away from him- “that is close enough for the time being, I do not like warriors to be kept within my vicinity, until I have at least had a drink with them” –he said bluntly once more as he examined the man’s runes- “interesting Dwarvin…perhaps elven…no something older perhaps” –he said examining his runes and stroking the small bit of scruff on his chin as he nodded his curiosity sated for the moment as he let out a sight cracking his shoulder- “So than Mt Merc shall you give a name and some questions or shall we stand here in awkward silence?” –he said looking bored out of his mind seeming to be uninterested with the male in front of him as it seemed any interest he had in the male was long past as he looked over his person and sighed- “Left my damn pipe in my other jacket.”

VincentKaos: He was still wobbly from the magic cast, " more magic." He seemed to be a bit further than the twenty feet requested, "I...don't like mages much myself..." he coughed again and sighed, "The runes are passed by bloodline. I was born with them. The book said they were 'Enatic in nature' but nothing else was mentioned on them from what I read." he pushed himself off the wall to force himself to stand on his own, ignoring pain, "I have become known simply as Rage now. Unless you want my name received at my birth." The smaller scratches he had were now closed, and he used his good arm to try and squeeze more water from his hair. He turned his attention to where the man looked, "If you wish to retrieve it I can wait here." He sat in the floor and grasped his shoulder again; he made a subtle motion that made the arm crack loudly.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev rolled his eyes- “you stank, of course I will wash you down” –he said looking annoyed- “and rage…how barbaric seems your appearance matches your namesake” –Trev would move in a circle mumbling to himself of what he did to deserve this fate as he sighed- “I will not leave my post, First Born Anaya asked me to deal with the guests and that is what I shall do…otherwise it would be quite rude of me to leave stains on the floor and walls” The elf said coldly as he tilted his head- “Other than that if you do not like magic than don’t live in this world, it is full of magic simple as that” –he said pushing his hair back a bit as he would lean against a wall quietly watching the man. Outside the castle Savat had reached the mountains his eye scanning the scenery quietly as he sighs taking in the mountain air as he sat down and folded his legs in a meditations pose slowly taking this time to focus on the auras around him as he searched out for a place to hide that had only a few beasts to play with, perhaps if it were some animals he could sue them for his scouts but otherwise killing them for nurturance would be the best course of action seeing as how before he left both the mud elf and the wyvern seemed wanting of his blood, yet the betrayer was odd sorts, he seemed weaker, he wondered what had occurred to him as he finally found a place he could hide out about half a day’s north that had a few mountain lions in it as he counted on his fingers how many to keep alive-

VincentKaos: He seemed to be doing well to have no emotion despite his namesake, "It was an earned name during one of the battles I fought. By birth I am Zidorious Remembrance. It was a derivative of my grandfather. And I cannot help that this world has magic no more than I can help the fact that such a thing is dangerous to my body. Regardless of its decent." His arm began to rotate more smoothly now, the magic having a minor effect finally to help bolster his own healing ability. "Those spells you cast upon were the first time I had magic directed at me in over ten years." He took a deep breath, "I simply ask now that such things not are used on me. Healing for me must be more basic." His red eyes set on Trev; despite the lack of an apparent pupil he seemed to have his gaze solely on his staff. The runes of both arms now glowing in unison with a steady crimson. He tilted his head faintly, "And do you have discourse with us barbarians?" He shifted back another step.

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DarkDelaMorte: -Trev rubbed his eyes not recalling asking for the mud blood’s name as he realized he was becoming to think like Savat and sighed- “How interesting….well I would ask not to bleed on anything or my spells will be the least of your worries, First Born Anaya is not exactly one who takes staining her stuff lightly” –he would cock and eyebrow at his question of discourse- “How does one have a discourse with one who prefers running forward and slamming their fists down….and no the grey elf’s do not speak with anyone, we prefer our privacy…as well as silence and proper etiquette” –he said as he pulled out a knife throwing it in to the shadows once more as small bits of ashes fell down once more as he scoffed- “Seems my brethren will not piss off” –he said sounding annoyed for the first time as he shot a fire blast into to the shadows causing a storm of ash to fall onto the ground as Trev straightened his self once more and clanked his staff down some white light shining out cleaning up both the blood and the ashes form the carpet and the stone.- “there we are… a few less eyes for the time being”

VincentKaos: The male watched the elf’s actions with extreme caution and distrust. That was the first words in his book after all. He reached into the jerkin, to a hidden pocket, and grasped hold of the small journal. He pulled his hand back and took another deep breath and now kept his eyes turned. “You speak of unarmed combat as something to frown on, but can you claim to be able to defend yourself when you have nothing?” His eyes seemed brighter, though he made sure to make no direct eye contact. Instead his focus was set to the base of the other man’s staff. He moved his hands behind his back. Tight fist made pressing deep into the perpetually stained bandages binding them. He slowly shifted himself back to his previous stance and his eyes and runes dulled deeply. Soon his voice was back to its bland and emotionless state, “Is there use of a warrior here or not?” His head moved in a motion that allowed the bluish-black locks to fall over his eyes. His hands relaxed and spread open further. He let his body slouch as he seemed to slipping himself in some form of personal trance. His body was left exposed and he seemed to only be giving attention to his most needed senses. Through his strands the red hues could be seen dancing about to various locations almost like he was searching, though his gaze never sat long enough to confirm that was his intention. At this point all but the deepest cuts had begun to heal over, the bleeding itself slowed to a faint trickle, leaving small trails of crimson dancing around the beads of water still clinging to his pale skin. As his breathing reached near stillness the runes along his arms shifted more to a grey with the faintest of red glowing from them.

Anaya: walking out of the hall with a beef stake in her claw, she slipped it into her mouth eating it down very uniqueness way, mornings; bring out the beast in anyone. Anaya with maid at her flank and her mate nowhere in sight moved over to her throne and sat down with a grunt the maid handing her book to go over the remainder before the sun was too high. As well as she was sure this day would bring guests and new records to jot down, every day had new events and there was one thing in the book that really stood out to her and she thought someone would be of interest “Trev do you like magical items” she mentioned as she opened the page to one she had folded the top lip over on. “There is something here you may like” she looked up hearing a new voice “oh and who may you be? Needing of guards, always ours die far too fast, what are you good at...” she paused a second seeing his stature and how he well over all looked like a mess “well other than bleeding all over the floor” she gave a chuckle to herself and looked down at her book moving her fingers along the side of it softly.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev looked at the man slowly raising his arm to cast a spell as he mumbled quietly- “Why yes, I am always without weapons, and yet never without them, for you see…a mage is never without arms” –his eyes pulsed as some high level magic was about to be used. He stopped immediately when he sensed the presence of Anaya and halted. The air stopped shifting as the magic beforehand had sent ripples through it. As such the spell took a few seconds to stop as Trev glared at the man- “You see…First Born Lady Anaya will deal with you now” –he calmed himself biting on his lip for a moment and taking a breath as his blood had boiled a bit too much his brands were burning as he put a smile on his face- “Ah Lady Anaya, yes I love magical trinkets, they are interesting to work with and find out their enchantments so they can be expanded” –he said with a smile as he walked over to her side to examine the book as he would look to the man- “That is Rage First Born Anaya, he is…a berserker I believe they are called, although I think uncouth barbarian would fit better given his ability to speak and use language” –he said harshly as he sighed at her comment about blood- “yes I can clean that up with a spell if you wish after we are done with this one…otherwise we have other matters to discuss I believe…so long as you wish for the knowledge and my questions” –he said lowering his head in respect-

VincentKaos: His head remained hung as Trev and Anaya spoke. Once introduced he made a few steps forward, the subtle insult to him being caught as he simply made sudden fist then released them, though the reinvigorated glow of the odd runes remained now. He lifted his gaze enough to look to the Queen through damp strands of hair. He lifted a hand to slide them back and allowed his gaze to rest at her feet, making sure his face and brilliant scarlet eyes remained visible to her. “The bleeding will cease in short time, and I am a berserker. The best way to describe this...” he looked over the runes of his arms and the stained bandages. “I am strong. Strength is something that is my greatest ability. It was told to me this was my bloodlines legacy. Each one since the first has fought.” He dropped his arms back to his sides, “I have wandered on my own for some time, developing my skills through self-teaching, techniques passed to me from my father, and through random companies that hired me.” He maintained his usual emotionless and bland voice, though it carried well. “I feel my best way to advance is to devote myself to a cause.” He took to a single knee and crossed his chest with his fist, his eyes closing and facing the floor, “I offer my fist and talents now to you. So I may have purpose to fight, and a reason to die.” He would now shift from this stance until given the word too. Hoping in the furthest spot of his mind that he wouldn’t be ambushed again by the spell flinging grumpy elf.

Anaya: looking over to Trev “oh yes what you asked earlier before i went to fill myself. Witch the food is wonderful i do say, the tradition of the scaled view the dead as beautiful in the more pure form, death is a beautiful thing Trev. To sport ones bones on ones face is a sheer sign of disgrace and disrespect to the sacred clean death. ” her eyes shimmered softly “a man with two dogs and some tricks will be easily handled by the guard Sif, and now our new guest may have his first task after all, and it will safe my mate from being put in harm’s way” her view looked over to their guest and fighter offering his fist to the crown “you may rise Rage, your offer is accepted and we welcome you to the Iron Crown, as well as healing and medical aid can be given to you if you are unable to heal yourself.” her red eyes moved and looked to his runes. Handing the book she had in her hand to Trev to hold she walked over to their newest member to the guard force and with a tilted head she smiled and moved her claws to lightly move to pick up his arm, if he was so kind to allow her this she looked over the runes on his arm as her clear claws and red eyes shimmered. Snow white hair fell over her sweet skinned shoulders, she smelled of plum and cherry flowers from the spring suns. “Tell me Rage how you got so hurt. I hope they turned out better then you have. And i am sure our grand priest here can aid you in your learning of his this castle works and how we all function. He is rather kind once you get past the grey aspects of him” she gave a smile and kindly looked back to Trev with a grin upon her face before she looked back to Rage.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev tilted his head confused by her words- “While I do not understand I will not argue, grey elves do not shove bones into the ground to force nature to do the job that we should be doing, we find it disrespectful and almost disgusting to leave bones lying about like some sort of monsters den. Anyways, it is part of our society to honor the dead by integrating them with our society so…I do not think Savat meant disrespect in that sense.” –he said as he nodded to her next quote and looked to the side silently for a moment- “I see….i do not agree with your words but I understand them. Savat is one who is always aiming for the next level of game….to him this place is…well another hunting grounds.” –he said his body shaking a bit as he felt ill once more the sight of Savat ripping out the dragons organs stained in his mind as he turned pale for a moment than regained his composure only to lose it once more as his eye twitched- “yes I would love to heal him” –he cracked his free hand as he took the book from her- I would be very happy to put all the healing magic I can into him to speed up his healing” –he slowly turned to look at the Berserker- “would you like some help healing Rage or perhaps you can do it on your own?” –He said with a cold smile that would give some chills.-

VincentKaos: Rage would slowly rise back up; the cuts on his body having healed up another stage. There was one though coming down the left side of his torso that appeared as if it was trying to scar. “I injured myself actually. I was attempting a rune technique he developed that we can use. It is more or less just a giant shock wave using discharged energy from our runes. Though mastery of this art is incredibly difficult.” At the mentions of healing he went to speak and heard Trev ‘kindly offer’ aid in that field. His eyes snapped to fear and anger as he lifted a hand, “Keep back with those spells.” He dropped his hand, “I am healing well enough now.” He shot a cold look to the elf again, though his voice still held the melancholy tone as he heard about him now being a tour guide, “I’d much prefer to explore on my own if I may. Not just because I distrust the spell flinger, but I have always mapped new areas on my own, helps me build myself a solid map.” He bowed to Anaya again, “No disrespect to the mage of course.” He turned his gaze once more to Trev’s staff. The look deep in his eye of hatred at the staff. He’d try not to have it revealed that even that weapon was a weakness for him. He fought a snarl and pulled himself into check, “Have you anything for me to take care of at this moment?”

Anaya: Anaya moved and let go of the man’s arm, as he pulled back she by mistake nicked his arm with a claw, just breaking the skin. “oh don’t pull back so fast.” she said softly as she moved her finger her claw having a drop of blood on it as a maid came over shocking the dragon queen and taking a cloth to her hand to clean her. She waved her hand to shoo the needy maids away as she let out a snarl “ug maids” she muttered as she looked back at Trev “you will be a good host to our newest guest with no complaints.” she smiled harshly as she looked back to their guest “if you wish no healing that is fine. I know many I myself as well cannot take healing from an outside source, some it even harms them, myself it just holds no healing affects. Some must act upon their own powers. ” She moved and walked back to her throne her silken garb swaying back and forth slightly in the light breeze as she took the book back from Trev in a snappy gesture. “there was a merchant last night that dropped off some exotic goods, one was a bag with a stoner in it with a run on it, i had a guard pick it out of the bag to show me and it seemed to not do anything, maybe you can figure the trinket out for me.” she looked to the book flipping pages and opening to one witch had a large rune shape on it with a big ring around it “see here, that is the rune and i have no idea what it is to do, so far it is only something to hold down desk paper” she allowed him to see then snapped the book shut. She was sure they could figure things out as time went on. “But the only task at hand right now is to eat. Then Rage if you wish you may go down to the town to patrols and be sure all is well and right, cultist activity has been very low but there is from time to time bandits and thieves. If you find one drag them up here to toss in the holding pens or have punishment given.”

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VincentKaosVincentKaos Whisper: He looked to the small cut as it slowly healed itself, leaving only a bit of blood from where it had been. He wiped the crimson ichor onto his stained bandages and turned to Anaya, “Rune? I can see what I know about it later if you wish.” at the mention of food his head instinctively moved to his stomach just as a low growl emerged from within. He nodded his head, “Nutrition would be useful. I’ve only been feeding on small berries for a few days now.” His red orbs lifted up to his new queen as she spoke about patrols and cultist. His head tilting, “Are cultist those weird people in robes who chant to candles for some invisible deity to grant their selfish wishes?” He shook his head, “I only pray to altars dedicated to the various gods of war. I seek not my wishes fulfilled but only ask them to grant me endless battle.” he began to chuckle lightly, “Fighting is the only thing I’ve had since...” his tone suddenly dropped and he stood there, “I would be most grateful for just some bread, and before I begin my first patrol I’d like to see a map of where I will be located. One does not enter unprepared, lest they wish a swift death upon themselves.” he gave a soft bow to her and gently lifted his gaze as he rose up again.

Anaya: Anaya looking at Trev gave a smile “go into the study and look over the stone Trev, then come back and inform me of what you have found out about it. No magic seems to work on it and it does nothing, but maybe you will be able to figure it out for me” as Anaya said her words the Gray elf looking back over to rage gave a grumble under his breath then went on his way. More then likely unhappy he did not get to heal there new guest. Anaya with a light chuckle taped her claws on the throne of her chair “Maid” she called out as a rather plump made came over slowly... to see them there. “yes my lady what may you wish” Anaya looked over eyeing the maid up and down “when did we take you in here? I do not remembering hiring you to work at the castle”  the maid feeling bashful and now with red cheeks softly tucked one foot behind the other trying in a failed attempt to be cute “the king hired me last night my lady, he said i would be a good fine member of the group as a maid, said there was much of me to enjoy, and i had not yet seen potential” Anaya could not help but laugh a little at what she said. Yes the king, what a wonderful man he was always looking out for the less fortunate, god this woman here must have bin stupid to truly think she was worth Samuel's time. “alright then, be on your way, go fetch the both of us bread, cheese, wine and fruit, and be fast with it i want nothing spilled or missed.” the maid smiled and half bowed as she could not really bow lower and waddled away at a brisk pace. Anaya looked back to rage and could not help but laugh a bit more then she should “that poor new maid” she said softly as she chuckle then collected herself. “the maid will bring us food. And i am sure Trev will be able to handle the stone, it does nothing, i am rather skilled with runes myself but that one seems to be broken, maybe it is not even a rune at all, just a doodle on a rock. And yes the cultists are rather bold and annoying to say the least, they have been rather fond of drawing in goats blood on the side of the castle how much they wish my head on a platter. And the past weeks ago one even tried to do it. The more you can kill the better. And i will go over the town maps with you myself, i would just take you down and show you the town personaly but this time of year i stick to the castle mostly.”
lAzazel: Aza would tug on her long sleeved shirt, her black locks highlighted in purple swaying with each push of wind as long elven ears poked through the nourished locks. Her appearance also consisted of black shorts, black gloves, and an unsorted bundle of necklaces that didn't hang far from her neck. It was a fairly nice afternoon and it wasn't too cold however she despised the snow, as it ,only made her laced feet colder. With each step she could feel frostbit setting in. “Damned snow. “ She muttered as she began to notice large footprints, definitely not human or elven. Something much bigger than herself. With a shrug she used the already made footprints to her advantage and hopped into each spot, her feet not sinking into inches of snow. Not looking up but rather at the floor and the footprints she continued hopping from one to the other until she came to an abrupt stop, her purple hues adjusting only to see a troll. Reaching down to her legs past her shorts she pulled a chain off her legs and firmly gripped it, a black lightning beginning to conduct through the chain as she backed up making some space between her and the huge troll. With a swing of her arm she whipped the chain towards the troll, a light touch would send a decent shock through something her size, however this seemed barely effective to such a large troll. Realizing this she made more space and began to look around, a Kingdom not too far away as she decided to flee from this battle and go for shelter. Trolls tend to be slow so she was sure she could lose track of it fairly easy as she darted away, her feet sinking into more snow which also caused her to try and leap with each step to cover more distance without having to step in the cold snow. After a good ten minutes she reached the door and was clear out of sight of any trolls. Putting the chains back on her legs and tightening them to make sure they were secure she looked up only to see two pairs of eyes peering down at her as she straightened up and licked her lips, hoping to soothe how chapped they were as she began to speak “Good Afternoon Gents, Err.. Can I come in?”

VincentKaos: Rage watched the maid’s actions with a lifted brow. His arms folding as she left then turning back to her, “I’d watch her. Her actions seem...distrustful.” he dropped his arms to his side as she spoke again of the cultist. Hearing the order to kill his eyes flashed with a hint of blood lust. A smirk fighting to twist at the corners of his mouth. “It would be my pleasure to eliminate each one I find.” he bowed his head, “Do you want any left for display as a message to the others?” His body shivered suddenly, “I would be glad to help send messages with their bodies...” his eyes would move to his hands, his fingers curling and opening slowly. His eyes fluttered rapidly as he would fight back his urges of violence and rampage. He brushed his fingers through his hair as he took in a deep breath, his chest expanding to push out his muscular chest. His eyes looked around, clearly avoiding eye contact with his queen now. He then heard a muffled voice outside the doors. Instinct would have him place himself in front of Anaya and take a basic fighting stance, his body tensed and ready for combat.

Anaya: Anaya let out a breath as she fiddled with an empty tea cup in her claws. “no need to send a message we have sent more then enough for the time being, but don't bring the body's away from the city, alow them to stay were they drop, that will be enough of a message in showing we will kill them and not give them the respect of dieing with honour like they want.  They want the dragons to be removed from the lands and one of the largest dragons here is myself and this family, we have ruled this land for hundreds of years now, and over that time some of the humans and other beings have grown to not like our laws as they are not the same as the ones of human lands. As in, marriage to the humans is a sacred act but myself and my kind don't understand the need, so here one does not have to gain marriage to one being to have children, or even be as the humans would say, loyal to one partner. Laws upon marriage and adultery do not exist here as well as many human and other race groups are high into slavery of woman and children as well as men enjoy making harems. The humans have lashed out at this and wish laws set in place to respect there humanistic rights, but in the end, humans are viewed by many other things as a meal and are holders are very few to no rights. They should be lucky they are left alive in the first place, we have more elves in this land then humans regardless, and elves hold no rights” she could hear taping on the door “guards open the doors” she said softly as a guard came and opend the doors for what or who ever was out there.

lAzazel: With a sigh she looked to the guards and sighed as she watched the doors open she turned her back to them as she realized she had else where to be at the moment and this would have to wait. Walking her way back into the cold she adjusted her sweater once more and went on her way.

VincentKaos: It couldn’t be hidden, his desire to fight. His savage nature buried beneath. Hearing the talk of humans holding no rights his head tilted. “Then what am I? My blood line was diluted by human blood. Very little of my lineage is of the races that give my power.” he looked at his own runes, his voice never breaking its monotony. “Curious,” he looked up to her, “Though I admit, your ideals of no marriage is appealing. I was always taught such bindings were fruitless in the end and being what we are we should never settle ourselves.” He dropped his guard completely once the other was out of sight. “I will hunt them out tonight, the cultist.” his arms hung limp to his side and his body clear of all tension. It was almost impressive how well he completely shut down his body. His mental capacity showing its extreme reaction to emotional control. “If it is no honour that you wish upon them...I shall kill all I can in their sleep, in silence. I will strike before they can even acknowledge that a fight has befallen.” The runes began to glow with faint anticipation, “I will make sure to strike at them as I would a full armoured foe.” His eyes shot to the left as he silently recollected his previous ‘serious’ fights.

Anaya: One of the guards grunted as the girl left, and then the other guard inside that the queen had sent came back with a shrug of his shoulders “was a girl, looked like an elven woman, but she left as soon as getting here, maybe forgot something, don't know ”  he did not wait long and walked past the throne back to his post. Anaya nodded her head, sometimes that happened she was still mildly grumpy from the morning and she could hear moment upstairs in the bedrooms, the true monsters of the castle had risen. She gave  a chuckle as it sounded like a vase smashing up there then squeaking  and almost cat yowling as the sounds of a maid screaming down a hallway came in then vanished as the went down the long upper level hallway. Anaya knew that would be down at anytime but for now she would enjoy the not having her monsters around. She gave a breath as she looked at her tea cup, were was the wine, stupid fat made was slow. She grumbled softly looking back up at rage as she put her cup on her lap “yes my own kin does not understand monogamy at all, we are a more one leader many followers when it comes to the binding of mates. My mate Samuel the king here, is my mate but he is not limited to one female if he wishes others he may do so as he wishes but he may only have children with I and only I. As i am his monarch. And it is the same on my behalf.” she smiled as she pushed her hair from her shoulder and fixed her gown around her hips as she sat “i have yet to take a second mate or a third but in due time i am sure suitors will show themselves to the crowns eye. ” she gave a grin to him as her red eyes looked into his “the spark in your eyes gives away your intent to wish harm and blood on others, a fighters soul rests within you” she new this due to her own, she was a guard, a fighter once, leader to a grand army, long ago in her last body. “you don't have to worry about them being hard to destroy, they are cloth huggers, of the church praying for there gods to save there hide. And if you have human within you, you are human, you lack many of the rights you would gain in other lands. But seeing you now work for the castle you belong to me now, so no one can buy and sell you, unless i wish that upon you”

VincentKaos: He chuckled, “The Remembrance line have always been warriors. Though my flaw is my emotions did not balance to well.” He gave a smirk, “And since I had to fight for so long, I grew accustomed to the taste of battle.” he grew serious again, “As for your suitors, I am sure plenty would line up to do so.” His eyes looked her over for a moment while she spoke of him having no rights. A smirk played on his lips, “Considering I pledged my loyalty directly to you, I will say that ‘selling’ me would not end as you may think.” He finally moved back to her eyes again, the red orbs having no discernible pupil within them. “I would find my way back here. No opposition will stop me from completing my vow.” He lifted his chin and sniffed at the air, having begun to catch scent of the food and drink. He relaxed his body again, regaining a more ‘normal’ attitude versus those of his more primal urges that occasionally surfaced. His hands slid slowly behind his back as he began stretching at his torso. “ So, you said your line has been here for hundreds of years?”

Anaya: That fat maid came out from the dinning hall doors carrying the two trays of foods, breads, salted and dried pork, as well as fruit and cheese. The maid came over to Anaya and the other man and handed out the platters “here my lady and guest sir, your meals” Anaya took the trays and handed one to Rage for him to take. After giving that to him she looked back to the maid. “were is the wine? No drink?” the maid looked at her “i am so sorry my lady i forgot it” being grumpy in the mornings and having a very short temper Anaya did not take the news overly well. “it is alright my dear..” she said softly as she put the tray that was given to her down on the throne side. Then the girl beside her started to blink rapidly and blood started to form on a crack on her neck. Skin breaking apart the girls head started to slide down and off the side of her neck and then thump on the floor as a large white tail was seen recoiling behind the woman. The end of it shimmering a tint of red upon the scales, the large thick white tail came back over to Anaya as she sat there and her tail moved back up held over top of her much like a scorpion would rest its tail. Anaya found the pose very comfortable for the time being till she moved her tail back into her human body. “the kids now have there meal” she said softly as she looked over to a guard “get a jug of wine will you” she called out as the guard moved very fast and did just that, within moments the guard was on his way back out, two silver goblets in hand and a full jug of wine. She smiled at the guard as he tiptoes over top of the bloody floor and body “here my lady” “now that is good service, fast, the way i like it” Anaya took her wine and the other goblet was given to rage. She looked back to rage as the tip of her tail hanging over her head swung back and forth softly. “if you ever give me a reason to sell you, it would be in your best option to sever that vow” she gave a chuckle as she drank from her glass and enjoyed the sweet wine. “but eat, i am sure you are starving” with her free hand her finger tips lightly glowing blue a chair came over the floor pulled to them as it bumped into the back of his knees for him to sit to eat.

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LilDolly: *Anarial lets out a soft yawn as a few sun rays started to touch her cheeks. She lets out a soft yawn again as she sits up, brushing some of her silky strains out of her face, stiff from her night sleeping on the ground. She takes a sip of her water realizing how light she was on the water and now thankful that she was so close to home. She was about two hours away from her Mothers castle and the place she had learned to call home. She was on her way home after her trip to the mother tree, about finding out about her original family, where she was stolen from at such a young age. On her way home, she hadn’t heard much in rumors about her home so she figured she needed to check on everyone and perhaps, for once stay home rather than running from the issues that arose. It worried some that she had not heard anything from home, seems most of her trips out she was able to stay up on what was going on by the gossip After a few moments, Ana sets to packing up her camp and loads it up onto her horse. It wasn’t much, just a blanket, her water canister, and the last bit of jerky she had. Anarial spent the next few hours wondering how to make it known she was home but she figured her mother would sense her so there was no need to go through the front door, however, if her mother could sense her, she’d bet so would Sam. As she arrives at the castle she avoids the front gates, coming in through the side gate, the servant's gate and takes her prized clades dale to the stables. She strips her stuff from her beloved horse, tossing it into the corner in a bit of a pile before she starts to brush him out, fetch him feed, hey, a few sweet cubes, and water. Once she was pleased with how he was and that he was well carried for she moves to turn and slip out of the stable, she already knew most of the people who cared for the stables knew to stay as far from her horse as they could, she personally took care of him and if she ever caught some near it, she would snap their neck and make an example out of them. She heads to the side window, her favorite sneak spot and climbs up, sliding in through the window she figured at this point in the day everyone would be down for supper or to cater to her family. She heads straight upstairs after closing the window, off to her bedroom to freshen up. She spends several moments to freshen, taking a quick bath to wash away the mud, twigs, and anything else staining her body not stopping until her pale milky white skin was free of stains. Once she was done she climbs out and slips on a simple short white dress that dangled down just above her knees and had a wide open back. She does a quick messy braid with her snow white silky hair and lets it hang over her shoulder before she was pleased with her look. She leaves herself bare foot and to the naked eye, un-armed as she moves to walk back out of her room. She heads down the spiral stair case and strait to the dining hall stopping in the door way leaning against the side of it and stares in, waiting to see how long it takes for either her mother or for Samuel to notice her, granted, she was praying it would be her mother and not Sam, slightly praying he had found something else to catch his fancy. *

VincentKaos: He consumed the foods voraciously focusing on filling his hunger. He said nothing as he devoured every item he could then downing the wine and wiping the trickles from the corners of his mouth. “Have any of your kin met those of the Remembrance line before me? I did not get long to spend with my family,” he adjusted the tray and goblet to balance on his left palm as he peered down to the pool of blood encroaching his boots. Footsteps would grasp hold of his ears. He rapidly sat down the tray and goblet and lifted his gaze to the stairs where the sound was coming from. He didn’t not take an offensive stance as earlier, his arms limp again, his own body wide open to whatever could happen. His eyes set on the figure that descended, “And if you are the one to have ruled for most of its span, I admit your appearance is impressive for what your age would be.” The flat tone flowing gently as he spoke. To hear him speak one would think him more a monk than a fighter. His hair waved gently as he adjusted his body to further relax. “Hair and eye color is a hereditary trait of my line, as is the runes that adorn our upper bodies.” He turned his head slightly to the queen, “We tend to stand out.”

Anaya: “i have seen more then one male and female that held runes upon there bodys, arms and chest mostly but some even held markings of such on there legs. I am sure over the years i have bin alive i have met ones that came before you.” she took a chunk of cheese and put it in her mouth as she ate a chunk of pork as well enjoying how salt covered it was. She paused hearing feet down the stairs as she turned her head expecting Samuel to be walking down the steps but before her eyes was her daughter back from her trip. Anaya had known nothing bout the trip and the girl like normal vanished in the night. With a lifted brow “come to see your old mother? Back from the elven lands already?” it was were the child seemed to always run away to. Behind Ana came the massive thumping of the children, the two golden dragon baby's Ryu sniping at his sisters tail as they ran down the steps tumbleing over top of Ana who they did not even notice. And when a animal over 800 pounds each ran down stairs you got out of the way. Bright golden scales shimmering on them as Ryu smashed his teeth into Nokis head, casing her to screech loudly and run over to her mother and hiding behind the throne. Ryu came galloping behind his sister but then stopped dead noticing the new guest male, intently the male dragonling got defensive and put his tail up, looking to the guest then back at his mother then back at the guest unsure of what to do. Anaya laughed at Ruy and allowed him to be a bit over zelos with the new guard, and she wanted to see how rage would react, would he react in anger and attack the child or react in another format. Anayas tail moving down around her hip and resting and hanging on the side of the throne , she did not have it out often and it was rather nice to feel the breeze from the cracked doors on her scales. “don't play hard my son, we do not need our new guard missing fingers or an arm” Noki nuzzled her head into her mothers side as Anaya put her arms around her female child. Nuzzling her cheek into her daughters Noki gave small whimpers and coos being contest and happy to be awake and back with mother.

LilDolly: *Anarial hadn’t noticed the twins since she was getting ready to answer her Mother, “I did run off to the elven lands again, I finally found my old village and got a lot of answers…” She trailed off as she tries to get out of the twin’s ways, barely making it before the went past her. She had enough cuts and bruises at the moment from her own small adventure. Her elven ears flicker and she moves to step inside the room making her way to her mother where she would sit on the floor, not even fazed by the blood on the floor. She sits on the floor watching her adopted siblings playing about. Her elven ears flickering as she goes into alert mode. She falls into silence as she traces symbols into her leg as she stays alert, her eyes occasionally drifting to the emerald now embedded into her lower right arm. She figured that if her mother wished to question her more on her trip she would or she would wait until later to question her. Her stomach growls and she winces, hoping no one noticed since she was slightly away from them all, resting on the floor. For once, she wasn’t getting lost in thought, she was simply being quiet. After a few more moments she moves to start fidgeting, undoing her braid and letting her hair simply fall down around her shoulders.*

PestControl: It was then that Shadespeare was climbing the stairs. He was a tall man, but often felt like a dwarf among giants. He’d occasionally wonder, “what do they feed these things?” But he’d always remember. That’s why the guilt he should have felt never did set in. Now, Shadespeare was headed up the stairs to greet these guards. He carried a burlap sack on his back, indicating he had been traveling. His shoulders were protected by chain mail, his hands by leather gloves. The bottom of his coat was shredded. He was clad in black, as they often were. He wore goggles for a strange reason. Contradicting his obscured eyes, his earrings seemed to be living, twitching eyes themselves. His hair, as short as it was, was in chaos. His smell of blood would have been familiar to any beast of the night. When he got to the top of the stairs in front of the castle, he was clearly out of breath. The guards would look at him strangely while he put a finger up to indicate that he needed a second. Finally, he said, “I’m here on business.” He mumbled it, barely opening his mouth as he spoke. He smiled a bit and scratched behind his ear. The guards looked at each other and shrugged. The great doors opened to Shadespeare while he took the weight of his sack off his shoulders. A sound came from it, like coins clashing together constantly. He walked very properly. Definitely the professional type. Before long, this proper walk wound him up in front of the thrones. He forgot, though, that the ground outside was wet. His boots were wet. The blood on his boots was dry no longer. Unknowingly, he had left bloody footprints from town to this very spot. The man spoke, if you can call it that. “I, uhhh…” He wasn’t expecting to see dragons at any point on this trip, so he forgot in that moment what he was supposed to say. “I, uhhhh…” He couldn’t conjure the words to save his life.

RavenDeLaRose: Her hoofs trudged threw the thick snow, each step she felt a chill up her withers in full unicorn form she was able to make it to the castle in no time. She hoped that the queen Anaya would be let her back in her home. It was hard for her to live with a man who no longer new her. She was not sad it did not work out for a short time it was like a dream. But the man she knew was long gone and no more a distant memory. The cold wind blew her mane softly against her neck. It was the down side to taking on her true unicorn form. They did not make coats that fully covered a unicorns body. But she still trudged threw the snow her black body stood out like a .. well black unicorn in the white snow. The cold was starting to get to her though, she was not use to this much cold snow. The dark wood she was born and raised in had trees soo close together that snow did not gather as think. She was close to the castle all most to the castle door or at lest to the first guard before she felt her body fall to the ground as the cold took over her body. Mea while mystic woke from her nap and was ready to cause trouble.

VincentKaosVincentKaos : Noticing the baby male his head tilted. His hands moved immediately to behind his back. His feet gave a slight shift, “If he can manage to bite me, I’d be mildly impressed of that alone. To take off an entire arm, that would be quite a feat.” His eyes moved rapidly between those in the room. He peeked out to the light that entered, gaging the current time. His eyes went back to the rapid glancing around the room. His emotions still heavily confined to be nonexistent even in the new arisen chaos that surrounded. His gaze shifted to the large man who came from the snow, his eyes darting to the bloody boots. He made a point to subtly direct his queen’s attention to such then suddenly his eyes glared at the closest window. “I can hear it...” two runes on the top of his right shoulder glowed fiercely. “My goal must be done now...” He would leap to the window grasping the sill and perching as he gazed into the town. “I must carry out your wishes.” he sniffed like an animal into the air. “I will return when I am finished.” His legs would tense as he readied his body then launched himself violently out to the snow. Once he hit the ground he kicked off, running with his full speed to the ‘calling’ he heard from town. The savagery in his eyes would be but a glimpse of the devastation that would lead him back to the castle. The wild berserker fading off into naught but a dim red glow on the distance.

Anaya: Anaya moved her shoulders, day was going on as she had things to get done. Paper to get done but at the same time she did not want to get up. And then the doors opened and they had another guest that seemed to have goods and a large brown sack, a murchent maybe, or some peddler selling his life away.  Anaya gave a chuckle as she held Noki's head as she snarled slightly at her brother and then turned her head seeing the body on the ground as she politely started to eat one of that dead fat maids arms. Looking up at her mother the golden scaled blue eyed dragon baby  wanted to know it was alright to eat. “yes yes eat your fill, her life was given to help in your growth, save some for your brother” Noki gave a snarl as her gaze moved back to her brother, she really was not happy with him this day and started to snap up the meal faster not wanting to leave any for her spoiled shit of a brother. Taking another drink of her wine she was starting to gain a mildly better temperament, and the fact it was getting warmer as the day went on really helped as well. The guards outside spoted the black woman with the horn on her head “hey, did that lass not leave with the brother guy to that tesh guy, new king of the castle type.” “ya that's the lords just taken wife, why the fuck she here?”  the guard grunted as he walked out into the snow banks and picked the woman up by the shoulder helping her to the castle gates. As they helped her in they took her to the side were they sat her down in a warm pillow seated chair wall the queen was dealing with other things. Anaya looked over noticed the guards caring for the female known as Raven and then her attention turned to her newest loyal guard need to head out “happy hunting, Ryu come eat before your sister takes your part” the male dragonling snarled at the man with the bloody boots as he turned around his tail high, moving over to the body his blue eyes matching his sisters as he grabbed the head of the maid and started to crunch it down wall keeping eye contact on the guy with the bloody boots. “always interested in new comers arnt you, but he does small like he just killed something” she gave a chuckle as her red eyes looked over to there guest. “come in, no one will harm you”

PestControl: Shadespeare smiled with locked lips as he watched her feed the dragons. Precious, young life. He always enjoyed babies. Dragons, too. At the sound of the queen’s invitation, he mumbled, “of course, thank you.” He dropped to one knee and set his bag on the ground so he could rummage through it. He shifted his jaw around for a second, pushing his tongue against his cheek. Then, he mumbled no longer. “Seems to be a pretty quiet day, your highness.” He was light-hearted, but formal. Trying to make small talk, but also distracted with his bag. In fact, it seemed like he didn’t even notice the guy who’d just jumped out a fucking window. He rummaged around for a moment, then saw some blood on the ground beneath him. Shadespeare immediately knew that he was the source. “Oh,” he looked behind him at his perfectly straight trail of footprints. “I’m awfully sorry about that. I hope the rug isn’t too valuable. If so, I’ll happily buy a new one if it can’t be cleaned.” He sounded a bit… in genuine, as if he had other things on his mind. He closed his bag up and left it on the floor as he stood up. He took that moment to look at the occupants of the room. Very clearly, he was sizing them up. There was a girl who’d obviously been travelling. There were the dragons. There was the mother. The mother of the dragons. Shadespeare needed to know more about the dragons. He started scratching behind his ear, again. It was a nervous habit he didn’t even know he had. He puckered his lips, deep in thought, as if he didn’t just strike up a conversation.

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RavenDeLaRose: The warm pillow was very comfort as she stretch out on the pillow before waking fully and looking around “ I did not know when I left there would be such a storm” she pause and sat up it was then she realized she was in a human..ish from again and quickly made sure her legs were properly covered. Her hand would rest in her lap as she sat up. Her eye would glances over to see the young ones fighting over some sort of meat. The smell made her a bit sick as she would cover her mouth slightly and gazed away. “How are you my queen ? “ she asked gently . mystic was on the prowl as she smell a sweet sent of rotten fleshed and this sent drew her to a pile of lovely corpses. The mound of dead bodies that smelled truly rotten mystic could not help herself but to jump into them and roll about. Rolling in the mound as the rotten limbs itched her back as the sent rubbed in to her fur. Made her a happy kitty she rip head off the pile and kicked them around making more of a mess to the neat body pile.

Anaya: As she looked over to the male that had entered, she leaned back in her throne as she looked to him “so what brings you here” she eyed the bag and she eyed the man and his feet then looked past him to the rug “yes...that rug was far from cheap...but we can get a new one” she grumbled slightly and girted her teeth together as she allowed her white tail to fuse back with her body “if you want to pay for the new rug it will be in service to the crown not in coin, what are you going for in that bag of yours” she said with a scowl on her breath as she looked over to her children eating and snapping at each other as thew chewed on the body that had bin given to them. She looked past yet again to see the guards siting with the female, that raven girl, she left the castle right with her he never left...were did he go to anyway. She said to herself as she looked over to Raven “warm up and some food shall be brought to you by the guards. Fruits and breads as i remember you were only a plant eater. ”

PestControl: Shadespeare sensed a minor tension coming from the queen’s side of the room. He put his hands clearly at his hips, as if to assure her he meant no trouble. “Just fumbling with my luggage, madam. The bag’s not important. Neither is my purpose of being here,” He said, despite having said to the guards that he was here on business, “What is important is my payment to you. What kind of work d’you need done around here?” He adjusted his goggles as if they were spectacles which could slip down his nose and had a look around, probably presuming that it would be a cleaning job or some other sort of hard labor. The eyes dangling in his earrings twitched as if they were looking around, too. “Of course, I’ll accept any job you task me with.” He didn’t seem intimidated by this daunting fix he found himself in. He didn’t even seem bothered. Perhaps he was just a bored, hardworking man by nature. By now, his boots were mostly dry and safe to move around in without getting blood everywhere. He didn’t use the opportunity, though. He just stayed put with a small smirk on his face until she bid him to move.

Anaya: With her red eyes shimmering as she looked at him, a fine male he did in fact look like. She taped her hand on the arm rest “guard” she called out and as always a swift guard came trotting over to her “yes my lady?” he said kindly as he stood there upright and in a proper format. “get me the chains as well as my papers from the study's, i will have to order some more cheese i was told that the amount we have was short. As well as i must look over the castle records. And have you seen that man he was King Tesh brother, i do think his name was lion? Or well it was his nick name he had white hair as mine” “no my lady i have gotten no words on it but i do know the man you talk of, i will keep my eye out my lady. And i will get you your things” she nodded her head and the guard ran off. Anaya looked back to there guest as she smiled “you will work for the crown in service till that rug is payed off in full, the guard will bring you shortly your new clothing accessory's.” she moved and fiddled a bit more with the bottom of the wine goblet then took another drink of it. Over in the kitchen Samuel sat at the table with his feet up and a wine glass in his hand, as he looked up he spotted Ana “well well my favourite little girl is home, can daddy get a hug my dear” he said as he put his drink on the table and stood up moving over beside her and putting a arm firmly around her waist and pulling her close “you smell amazing, did you just bath? I have missed you a lot” he said as he leaned down and took in that sweet smell of her hair.

RavenDeLaRose: - rolling in rot and filth only is soo much fun to a panther and mystic was soon barod. Puling a arm off she ran off from the dead mound of corpses and headed to the throne room. There she saw her anaya with a muff like meow she came in to the room drop the arm infront of ryu and walked over to the man with the bag. She looked at the bag and grinned her kitty grin her eye browns raised and she leaned forward. Her mouth open as she darted at the man she would run at him then bits down on the bag handle. This seem fun she though as she ran trotted around the room caring the bag in her mouth. Her tail wagged as she walked over to anaya with bag in her mouth. She purred as she was all pleased with her self. Mean while Raven watch the silly panthers making trouble as she giggled seeing the cat be a pain. Her wild eye would gave at the man just testing to seehow far she can go till the man chases her in anger. The panter would make sure the man would see her teasing him with his bag as she push to see how far she could go with this guy. -

LilDolly: *Ana swallows hard as Samuel comes towards her, the one person she had been trying to avoid. She nearly drops her tray of food as she stares at him. As he walks to her, pulling her to him and locking his arm around her waist she swallows hard, blinking once as she swallows a bit of bread before she speaks up, “I have recently bathed due to me having been traveling the past few days. I did not wish to present myself to Mother with dirt and grim staining my clothing. And currently, I am waiting for mother to decide if she wishes to summon me.” She tries to get up, to pull herself away from him before he gets any ideas with her. Well she tried to get away from him she was doing her best to keep her dress in place, keeping it from slipping out of place and revealing any extra skin. “Speaking of Mother, I should most likely get back to her.” She tries to quickly hurry away from Samuel, trying to think of any excuse on top of that to get away if he called her bluff. She knew Samuel fancied her, and clearly time had not changed a thing. *

PestControl: Shadespeare nodded at the queen. “Understood. May I ask what I’ll be doing?” He was slightly curious about this King Tesh, but before he could further his inquiry, the panther approached his baggage. “And wh-?” The panther snatched up his bag. “Erm –“ He looked at the queen, alarmed and unsure what to do. He started towards the cat, but reluctantly withdrew. In his mind, he didn’t want to look unprofessional by decking his new boss’s pet right there in the castle. Besides, the cat’s neck would get tired before long, anyway. “Your highness, what should be done to retrieve my baggage?” He found himself mumbling again. After he would ask that, he would put a hand over his mouth and adjust his jaw, same as before. Still, his goggles were pointing at the queen. There was never certainty when it came to what Shadespeare was looking at, but he was PROBABLY looking at her. As patient as he was trying to be, he was obviously anxious to tear after that cat like lightning through the sky the SECOND he got the go-ahead.

Anaya: Anaya watched the panther run off with the bag “come here mystic” she said softly as she pated her lap, for sure if the cat did come over she would take the bag and put it beside her “your job will be cleaning, cooking, and making sure that floor and any rug put on it will not get a drop of dust or dirt on it, and so help you if it ever gets wet. You will be fed, clothed and cared for here, i a sure you we take good care of our help” the guard from earlier with some papers, a little brown leather book and a group of five metal rings came over to the room putting the papers and book with Anaya and holding the rings, walking over to there guest and dropping them on the floor in front of him, then the guard walked past to go to the door and go outside to do the rounds. “wonderful, now put that on, one around your neck, two around your feet and upon your wrists, if you need a hand putting them on we shall help you. ” she smiled softly as she looked for a second to her children who were almost done the dead body on the floor and Ryu was licking the blood and eating at the arm the castle house cat had given him. He would grow to like that cat Anaya could feel it, a bound of partner and crime for sure. Samuel seeing Ana try to scamper back to mommy, very quickly moved to be right in front of her so she would run right into him, wyverns were rather fast when they wanted to be. Sam wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug as he nuzzled his head into her shoulder “we should have some fun sometime, i never get to see you, you always run away, i should chase you sometime if you keep running away, it is a thing of mine to enjoy a girl that is hard to catch. Be no fun if you just agreed to do what i wanted now would it” he moved to put his lips to the side of her neck the heat and smell of his toxin wafting from his lips. “dont you like having me as a father Ana, you spend so much time with your mother but never me”

LilDolly: *She lets out a yelp as she basically crashes into Samuel once he moved in front of her again. As he locks his arms around her once again and nuzzles against her shoulder she closes her eyes and swallows hard, the scent of his toxins sting her senses. Her small frame shakes slightly in his grasps and she knew he would notice so she begins to start and try to calm her body. She tries to calm her voice as she speaks up again, “I do enjoy having you as my Father figure. I spend my time at Mothers feet because I owe her my everything, without her I would not be free, I would still bare shackles.” She was praying to the gods silently that her mother would suddenly find need for her and send someone to fetch her before Samuel tried anything, clearly ignoring the fact that he seemed to be making sexual advances at her. She knew if he ever did try to take her it could lead to her death, which in truth was the main reason she tried to avoid him. Until her mother sent someone for her it would seem she was at the mercy of Samuel, mostly because there was no way she would raise a hand against her Mother’s mate. *

ILoudI: Seraph was a creature who was greatly effected by his environment, previously he was living in a sunless world that was taking a chunk out of his health, yet this world was covered in an unusual white substance that made him shiver and his feet..well he couldn't really feel them anymore..where he came from it was hot despite the lack of light there was always some form of warmth embracing his small form. He was a young boy, in appearance he looked as if he was 5 but he was far older. His hair was a pastel blue shade that was long and a blatant mess, his skin was fair, and covered in the usual cuts and bruises and his eyes..were hidden by bandages for reasons not really known..maybe it was an atheistic thing. He would tread through the snow on all fours, following a photographic memory of directions some old bat gave him back at some unknown village..about a Dynasty? Those were mainly for the wealthy, the two guards at door intimidated him as he crawled further towards them..tilting his head he pointed at the door. "In.." He spoke clear enough for one who had a thick accent and no knowledge of the common tongue spoken here in foreign lands.

RavenDeLaRose: - mystic listen well to her anaya and as her anaya called her she went straight to anaya dropping the bag in to her lap then nuzzling anayas hand with her head making a soft murr like pur she would then lay at her anayas feet. Raven was a mazed the cat listen to anaya so well. “ she seems to like you, my queen” raven started to stand and walk over to anaya. “ I started out to heading home but the storm turn me around.” As Raven walked forward she stumbled a bit but caught herself before she fel. but one could see the sadness in her eyes as she came closer to anaya “ may I pet your pather she seems quite the character. I have not seen my husband …” she paused “ but I don’t think I care to know “ smiled down at the large kitty and back at anaya “ you husband spoke of a large library may I go see it if you do not mind that is .? he told me it would be ok ,, but i thought it best to ask you first . “ Raven hoped dearly that this would be ok as she wanted and hoped to find information to help her.

PestControl: Shadespeare winced when the panther dropped the bag in her lap. It was filled with… something. Something he didn’t want dropped in people’s laps. “Right, uhh…” He casually accepted the rings he was supposed to wear, unquestioning of their nature. “Thanks,” he started, not even seeming to mind that he’d just been enslaved in order to pay for a rug. While the queen was wrapped up in a conversation, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. His goggles, again, shrouded his intent with mystery. But not for long. When there was a break in the action, he’d finally mention, “I can take that bag back, if you’d like.” Ah. The new servant was fixated on the heavy, burlap mystery that sat in her lap. Shadespeare put an offering hand out, showing he would approach the queen to retrieve it, unless she didn’t want him to. In which case, he’d probably break his teeth from clenching so hard. Whatever was in there, he needed it.

Anaya: The guards at the doors looked at the animal boy fellow and seeing clearly this thing was not a threat in anyway so they allowed it in slowly opening the door to it, it looked male so one softly patted its little head and allowing it to crawl inside. In the kitchen Samuel Softly he put his arm around his adopted daughter and held her to him as they walked over to the back of the kitchen. “you know my dear Ana i do truly wish to spend time with you, get to know you, all of you, we could be grand friends you do know but i do feel within you there is fear of me, or some sort of distain of me, and i truly do not know the case of it. I care for you, my daughter, and more then my daughter, i do hope you know how much i do faun over you, i would never wish harm upon you” he said softly as he walked and turned with her over around the table to the door leading back to the kitchen. “please go see your mother, you have not seen her much, i have had a gift made for you, i will leave it in your chamber room upon your bed, i am sure you will enjoy it. Hand crafted all the way from the south. ” Sam opened the door for Ana as he allowed her to go, enjoying the fact he could assert his place upon her showing her he could have her if he so wanted. Anaya looked over to the kitchen door and smiled at Samuel as he gave a polite smile back and gave Ana a light tap on the backside as she went on her way. Anaya looked to Ana and nodded her head as she picked up the leather book and flipped some pages “miss Raven...” she paused for a moment taking up a necklace out of the pages of the book. “if i remember correctly this was your mates, he had it around his neck at the coronation. We thought he left with you and the rest of the guests but it seems a body was found in the dungeon, found with gold in his fingers and this around his neck. I am sorry but the spiders got to him wall he seems to have tried to steal the crowns gold ” she moved and got up slightly taking the hands of miss Raven and placing the necklace into her hands “i am sorry my dear but this was all that was left of him. The panther can come with you if you wish, i am sure she will be a needed comfort” she nodded her head. “he will rest in peace in the beauty of death” she moved back to her throne flipping some more pages, the floor was to be waxed this evening, carpets cleaned, castle cleaned, and kitchen stocked and Sam and some guards were to go hunting for fish and meats, it was listed boar. putting the cuffs on without question and she picked up the bag by the handle “a slave does not need earthly possessions, you can get it back once you have served your time here. But what is in the bag you seem to want it so much”

LilDolly: *Ana didn’t know what to do as Samuel guided her small frame with ease. She didn’t fight him. She let him guide her. She listened as Samuel spoke, nodding to him. She knew that if he wanted he could take her and there wasn’t a single person who would stop him. He didn’t need to remind her of this. As he speaks of a gift she nods again before she speaks up, “You didn’t need to get me anything, but thank you kindly Father.” As he pushes her through the door she looks towards her mother, trying to make sure the fear in her eyes didn’t show, and attempts to move away from Samuel as quickly as she can. She nearly trips over the hem of her own skirt as she quickly makes her way to her mother’s side, cursing in her mind not wanting to make herself out to be a cluts, bowing as she gets closer, still trying to keep herself calm even though it felt like her heart was going to rip through her chest, to show respect. She takes her place at her mother’s side, falling as still as a statue until she was to be dismissed by her mother.*

ILoudI: Seraph stood up and walked inside leaning on the wall for support, the guards made him feel super tiny, sure he was only five feet but they were just unfairly tall to him... shaking the ice out of his hair.. his cheeks were just as red as his fingers..he forced his small fingers into a fist as he wondered down the hall not really sure where he was going but the smell of the air changed as he moved. Peeking through the flimsy material of his bandages he flickered his ears to the voices of others and stayed put... not really sure of how to approach or even if he should. This place wasnt as cold as the outdoors, but it was better than nothing... he decided that if he sat off to the side quietly he could sneak off and find food..sliding his back down the wall he curled ito himself blowing on his hands...occasionally observing the servants go by. His stomach spoke one thing but he was patient.. just needed them to lower their guard and he could slip in for a bite and move back out like he usually was able to do.

PestControl: It occurred to Shadespeare that his cargo was so bizarre, there was almost no explaining it. “I guess it doesn’t matter so much. I suppose I may as well change now, as there’s work to be done. How do I take care of the rings?” He was pretty nonchalant about being enslaved. He shifted his goggles again and looked around for a guard, maid or someone to assist him. What he saw was the frightened Ana approaching her mother. He kept his mouth shut. It wasn’t his place to watch that or make judgments. His place was on the floor, for now. Then, it would be the road. Well, there was also his primary job. But THEN it would be the road. As much as he tried to avoid making judgements, one thing came from seeing the daughter and her dynamics with her family… Shadespeare came upon the realization that this story had a lot of moving parts. Now he was just one more thing. At least they’d all be distracted by each other, right? Everyone would be too busy to even ask his name. Perfect. From now on, he’d be known to everyone, including himself, only as a Slave.

RavenDeLaRose: The necklace slip threw her fingures and hit the floor. Raven did not know what to do as the news hit her. Holding back her tears she did her best to stand tall “ I .. thank you my queen” Raven step back and sat by the panther. SHe stroke the smooth black fur of mystic and lean her head on the panther . then she got up and started to walk to the library her long black tail drug behind her and her soft black hand pulled back her raven black hair back and tucked it behind her long ears. Leaving the necklace on the ground. Her hoofs would crush the necklace as she walked by the throne. Still she was not going to shed a tear for him. Unicorns never did have the ability to feel remorse. She was sad but it was not the same. She wanted badly to take on her true unicorn form and go trot threw the castle on all four hoof. But she held back and let no one see the true emotions in side hr broken heart. mystic just laid there she was evil but not heartless, she did not like the sad feeling she got from the unicorn and she would lay still as her black fur was stroked gently. Her eye watch Anaya and the new slave.

Anaya: “slave remove all your garments there, you need nothing on your body to be a slave we shall give you a robe once you earn it, you shall have nothing, own nothing, and not be known as anything but slave to the crown. The rug you made bloody is a ten thousand gold coin rug imported from the southern region, it was said a slave girl only five took many years to hand craft it, specifically for this castle. Now your bag seeing you will not inform us of what it holds will be searched and destroyed if you do not tell us what it is and your reason for wanting it back so badly” she looked to the bag “we will just toss this into the bag of devouring within the catacombs of the castle, were it will be destroyed in full and not be able to harm anything or one. Unless you will be so kind to inform us what it in fact is?” Samuel walked out to eh main room keeping a watchful eye on Ana as he smiled and moved his hand to push his black hair behind his head. Anaya looked to Ana “my girl there is a castle without ownership, and it is time for you to gain a land of your own, you shall take a mate over there, bring new children into this world and own a land, and in no way shall you run away from this responsibility, it is time for you as a princess of this land to become a queen and gain land of your own. ” Samual looked sad standing in the background as he moved punched his hand into the piller he was leaning on cussing something and then storming off into the kitchen yet again to drink more wine. Anaya looked to her mate as he scoffed off wondering what had crawled up and ruined his day as she looked back to the new guest, there was a small child in there home, why was a child in here “guards toss out that child we need not children here” Anaya looked to her own as they had fallen a sleep on the floor after eating, not really a full sleep more a laying down and resting Ryu biting his sisters head as he slept and her just taking it.

PestControl: Shadespeare closed his eyes and removed his goggles as the queen spoke with her daughter. He popped the eye earrings out of his earlobes. He stripped his jacket and chainmail off without a word, then kicked off his boots and pulled down his pants, revealing himself in full. His torso tattooed, below his belt… impressive. “Don’t feed it to your beasts and keep it away from the grieving one over there.” He tilted his head toward Mystic. “The bag’s full of silver nails.” He mumbled as he peeled off his gloves, before adjusting his jaw again. He puckered his lips and spat out the spare one he’d had in his mouth this whole time. He opened his eyes slowly, as he was used to the extreme shade of his custom-made goggles. His eyes were a beautiful, unique shade of purple. “The sooner I start, the sooner I finish.” He smiled sarcastically, as if totally unintimidated by his quagmire.

ILoudI: Seraph looked up as the bandages unwravled themselves from around his eyes, exposing his odd colored eyes of one purple and one green..the guards seemed more curious yet not distracted enough to not follow the orders of their queen. "No.." He raised his hands, he more than anything didnt want to go back out into the snow.. biting his bottom lip flashing a small fang.. he shuffled away from them as far as his numb legs would let him. "No.." He looked around for a way away from not able to fight them off by himself.. he wasnt causing any trouble so he thought he just wanted food and to warm up..was this how all the wealthy people were? He wasnt a slave boy...never been owned or trapped by a collar he was just a wanderer of sorts, he was a creature of different lands.. lowering his head there was a growl that rumbled from his chest that hauled the guards in their steps...his gaze meeting theres..their attention wasnt impossible to grasp.. he may not be able to fight but he was known for delivering a nasty bites for thoes who touched them without his permission.. it might be all the fight he could muster but most times it proved effective. Why throw him out..if he was clearly invited in?

Anaya gave a grin as she personally got up walked over to there new slave and walked in front of him, Anaya stood a massive seven foot two wall standing and had a dominant figure. She moved her clear claws to make sure the colour around his neck and the rings on his arms were as well as she pulled on the collar to the side “you will like it here, but be careful some of the guards and men like to test in new slave boys. Our last one was sadly not treated very well by my mate, i got word he died from the poison. And you are very well, in your lower regions, i am sure some of the woman will enjoy you as well.” Anaya let go of her new slaves color “get yourself to the kitchen and clean there, you start right away” her gaze moved over to there newest little thing as she walked over to it herself “well at least it has spunk i respect that, give it a meal and serve it well, i must take this bag down to the dungeon to put it away in lock up” she told the guard that stood beside her.

PestControl: The slave could barely see her while she approached because to him, the lights in the room were as bright as suns. Suddenly, when everything in the room wasn’t a white, blurry mess, she had her hands around his neck while he was naked. A normal man may have twitched, in one way or another. The slave did not. When she complimented his manhood, he smirked and let out a short breath through his nose. He had no reaction when she warned him about the possibility of being hazed by her mate and the guards. The most she got out of him could have been described as excitement at the idea of starting work and progress on his debt being paid off. Ten thousand? He’s done ten thousand gold’s worth of every type of work he could think of in less than a week. This job would be through before he knew it. Besides, he’d be right back on track the second he got on the road. Shadespeare would live again. The slave would die. The cycle would continue. He’d assume a new identity as soon as the vampires were dead.

ILoudI: Seraph didnt mean to stare but was everyone just massive unfairly ? He didnt even have a muscle in this form to compare to what stature everyone owned here, pressing his lips into a firm line as the woman spoke to the guards he stood up and dusted himself off closing his eyes tightly trying not to soil himself from the very fear her dominant appearance ran through him..but he found a comfort in her seriousness.. made him feel at ease. This feeling felt awfully familiar.. closing his eyes as he followed after the guards who were unstructed to feed him..his stomach growled just as loud as he did moments ago.. it made his cheeks flush. A topping to his already girlish appearance..he was frail and rather dainty.. toddling behind his nose got the best of him the different smells lacing together he didnt care what it was he'd eat it.. its been days and without his scraps of clothing on he was mostly bone with skin draped over it and cuts for skin. Though besides that..he couldnt wait for food..maybe one of his second favourite things

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Anaya: Softly she patted her new slave boy on the head before she went on her way and left the guards to deal with the new childlike boy. And then moved away from the people as she looked back “come children it is time to go, we shall play outside later as well after i am done my papers” Anaya moved past her two monsters as they both got up leaving the maids to clean the still bloody floor of the castle. Ryu came over to Anaya punting her in the backside as Anaya let out a snarl as she looked at him and Noki hit him on the head with her horn, he let out a grumble and followed kicking at each other and ignoring the rest of the area. Softly anaya turned around and looked to the little one who was more like a todler then anything else. “go with the guards little one and get a meal in the dinning hall. And be careful people here enjoy eating children” her red eyes shimmered as she looked at him then had the guards move behind him and move and guide the little guy to the dinning hall to fill his belly as anaya vanished away behind the study doors with her two children Noki and Ryu the golden dragonlings fighting the whole time.

LilDolly: Anarial quickly nodded to her mother, coming before her she bows, not fully processing what was just being said. That she was being shipped off to a foreign country, to take it over and rule it under her mother’s banners. She straitens herself and speaks up, “Of course Mother, your will my hands. I will leave at once.” She caught what Samuel was doing out of the corner of her eye and she had a very odd feeling that it was due to her being sent off so far. She also now had the command to take a mate and she wondered if that was part of the reason for Samuels sudden mood change. She moves too quickly remove herself from the room, not acknowledging any of the others in the room. She knew she could easily pay for the rug the new slave had ruined and taken the slave boy with her, possibly saving him from becoming a dragon’s meal but she wasn’t sure if she should or not, it was something she would have to think on. As she gets her set of rooms she pauses and looks around, it was all finally hitting her. She couldn’t run anymore. She couldn’t hide. She was to be a Queen. She was to rule and take care of an entire land. She wastes no time, she wanted to get to port before the sundown. She starts to quickly pack away her belongings. Putting her clothing in several chests she then moves on to packing away her weapons, everything from the collection of poisons, her throwing stars, her bow and arrows, and her collection of daggers. She then pauses as something catches the corner of her eye, the gift from Samuel, she steps over to her bed and picks it up, it was a beautiful handmade jewelry box, she gently strokes her fingers over it, admiring it before she ever so gently packs it away, making sure that no harm would come to it. She then sets about finding all of her hidden chest of gold. She was rich of her own accord, having spent years doing contract kills and rescues to raise her own money. She then pauses the thought of the new slave crossing her mind again, she knew Samuel may try to use that slave like the last male slave which would lead to his death. She sighs, hating having a conscience she now worried about the boy. She finishes collecting everything from her room having all but two of the medium sized chest of gold taken out to be loaded onto her carriage. She then has one of the guards come to help her take the last two chests of gold down to the throne room so she can speak to her mother. The idea had crossed her mind, she was going to a new land, one with new threats, people she didn’t know, and people who may want to kill her. She wanted to take a handful of people with her to assure her safety long term but she would need to make sure her mother approved before she left with them. She walks into the throne room with her back straight and head held high, figuring it’s better to start sooner rather than later to start acting like she was of the royal family. She walks up to her mother, bowing before she speaks up, “Mother, it’s come to my mind that I should need to take help with me. Ideal I would like to take a cook, and a handful of slaves. I would like to buy the new boy as well. I have enough to pay his debt for the rug as I am sure you know.” She then motions for the guard to step forward with the chest she speaks again, “You’ll find between the two chests one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. It is my home that this is enough for all that I ask.” She glances towards the new slave, partly wondering how he would take to the fact that she was about to take him far away from these lands and across the world. Then she guessed he should consider himself lucky, not many slaves ever got to travel that far or see half the things he was about to see.

Meanwhile in Town

VincentKaos: The berserker slid into a stop creating a trench in the snow. His muscles tensing to their extremes as the blood lust slowly crept across his mind. Veins pulsating against the surface of his flesh. His eyes burning with intense hatred as a unknown voice spoke in his mind, “’ They are in there...just waiting...all praying...they insult your queen and her lands.”’ Rage’s eye would twitch as this strange voice spoke in his mind, each time the runes of his right shoulder glowing intensely. His strange runes seeming to feed his very nature, molding him further into the mad beast. He gritted his teeth as his created an intense fist, just the edges of his stained bandages drooped down to three inches. “Destroy them all...” Rage muttered as he eyed the outskirts of the small town quarter. ‘”Yes...all...’” the soft voice whispering away. The snow crunched beneath his heavy steps as his breathing mimicked the steps, deep and full of loathing. He looked to a guard of the area, “I am taking care of business here, by order of the Queen.” His runes flashed as a single thread of energy coiled up around him, “Do not interfere, please.” He then walk down the alleyways. He could feel them...something drawing him to his goal. The runes burning intensely down his arms as his movements began to appear primal in there nature. He moved to a small house and placed his face against the door, listening. He could feel the eyes on him. He knew what would come next, it always came. He pulled his head back slowly shifted his body. This would be fast if he did it right. He’d need to strike the door precisely though. He launched forward, his feet kicking off the steps causing them to shatter and splinter out while his shoulder bashed the fragile wood door sending out shards before him. The one who was to check those on entry bloodied as the shards pierced through his body rapidly, the killing blow being the hand that burst through the debris and grasping his skull. Rage hit his name sake as a violent and blood thirsty roar escaped him and he spiraled his body. The body ripping from the neck and flying off striking the first guard and smashing him down. The head released and hurled with such force at the one running up the stairs that it ripped through his chest. The dismembered head smashed into the wall and burst as the poor soul dropped to his knees, his heart hanging in the cavity, the last sight before he collapsed. Rage was already turned to the first guard and charging as he rose. His kicked off the floor and slammed his fist into the man’s throat and crushing it. He walked off as the man laid chocking on the floor, slowly dying under his beheaded cohort.

VincentKaos: Slowly the bloodthirsty berserker descended the stairs, the soft chants below tickling his ears as a dark grin curled up his cheeks. No words spoken, his steps soft and still. His breathing deep and silent as he stalked his prey like a hungry beast. His heart beating deep in his ears. Their chants being twisted and curled in his ears by the desire to slaughter, “We are sheep, kill us.” the words echoed in his mind as he stood silently behind them. “My..pleasure...” his voice dark, almost demonic in nature. He shot immediately into the group as he ripped the hearts from their chest before they could speak. The shock of him even being there halting them for a brief moment. This was all he wanted. Like a wild animal he would leap from one to the other ripping off limbs and crushing their skulls like grapes. Their screams filling the air as horror beset them. The last he kept alive. Dragging his body to the street. His own body still in the same condition, minus a few scratches from the door. He looked at the gathering crowd and tossed the man down crushing his legs instantly by jumping onto them so he couldn’t move. Rage looked about to those that still watched and then reached down and ripped off the man’s arms. He covered his mouth while he screamed in agony and mocked him, with soft head pats. He saw the fear and smiled again. “I’ll find your friends. And don’t worry….you will all be together soon.” He then began brutally smashing his fist into the cultists over and over again. The thuds begins to have a faint suction as blood would begin to pool at the sides of his head. Rage didn’t stop, only laughed as he continued beating the cultist’s head into the earth over and over. He finished after 75 seconds with a double hammer fist into the mush. He rose slowly as the crimson ichor of the cultists dripped from his tightly bandaged hands...the stained cloth soaking in the fresh blood so soon it was a solid deep red. The dripping following him all the way to the castle.

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Anaya: Anaya stopped as she looked to her daughter, the one child like boy had gone to the kitchen to eat and was now fully out of view with the other guards with him. And there was Samuel standing a ways back he had paused form his want to go to the kitchen as it seemed he wanted to over hear matters. And there he was standing only feet behind Ana,  hearing everything and now glaring to the new slave boy and breathing down Anas neck. “i will take care of this my sweet you have some paper work to handle” Sam said as Anaya looked at him and lifted a brow. “she can take the slave boy if she is willing to pay for him Samuel, you do not get to fuck the life out of something another wants, you can take the coin to the hold” Sam was girting his teeth hard, Anaya was a bit away and could not hear it but it was sure with the fact he was right behind Ana she could. Samuel's green claws moved to anas shoulders as he griped a little harder then one would want him to.  “for” he said as the hot breath and heat coming off him was rising. “i simply want to wish our daughter well and see there safe depart, and i will take the gold as instructed to the hold” anaya nodded her head and moved to go to her study along with the children that had already left them all and bashed into the doors and left. Samuel moved and turned Ana around looking at her his green eyes bright. “you have sealed the slave boys fate” he moved and wrapped his arms around her as his lips were only inches from her ear. “the boy will be dead before next month. And i will see you the next time I go hunting” his voice like that of a snake. But his words were not of anger, but he was hurt, he wanted her to himself but now she wanted a male slave, he saw it as compaction, a clear object he had to remove from the equation, not now , but in time, the next time he was to go hunting to the sea for fish he could detour the trip and go see the other land mass, he had bin there a couple of times already and held a hidden base there that only he knew of. He looked into her eyes as he let go of her form the embrace “but why him?”

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PestControl: The slave looked at Ana with his enormous, strained purple eyes. “Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’ll go with her. I’ll need my clothes, though.” He’d turn to his pile of clothes he’d just left on the floor before he even got an answer. “Still wear the rings, right?” He immediately bent down for his goggles to put them on first. He was visibly much more comfortable with the dark lenses over his eyes. He turned back around when they started talking about his… fate. He didn’t interrupt or anything. Just raised a brow. When Samuel closed in on Ana, the slave gritted his teeth and turned his head towards her mother. He’d accidentally made a habit of looking to her for approval, or just to get a read on how normal these situations were. What did this young Pest Control specialist get himself into this time? Interestingly, he forgot all about retrieving his clothes. He was just listening intently – oh, nevermind. They were whispering. The slave turned merrily around back to his clothes while the savage was bragging to his daughter about how he was going to brutally murder him. The timing was really, really perfect. He missed the whole thing. By the time Samuel asked, “why him?” he was putting his earrings back in. The slave was still naked, even as well-endowed as he was.

LilDolly: As Samuel came up behind her she keeps herself strait, well as straight as she can as Samuel’s hand grips onto her shoulder. She swallows hard and winces as he tightens her grip. She had a feeling she knew that her mother knew what she was attempting to do with paying for the boy’s debt. She nods to her mother as she walks off towards her study. As Samuel turns her around she tries to keep her face as plain as she can. She looks up to him with her soft eyes, she then swallows hard as he whispers into her ear her gaze flicks over towards the boy she had just bought, confident that she was doing the right thing. Once he finished speaking, she speaks up in a hushed tone, “I believe Mother will notice if your gone to long, and with me being so far away, it will be awhile before you make it out that way. As for why I am taking him with me, partly because I need servants that I can trust, ones that I don’t have to worry about trying to betray me. But the other part of me is taking him so he doesn’t become food here, for the little ones.” She left out the part about Samuel attempting to sleep with the boy and how that would kill him. She then smiles and speaks up a bit louder, acting as if Samuel had not just threatened the boy’s life, “besides I would be happy to see my Father once I’m settled in.” She completely dismissed the threats still as she looks over to the boy and speaks up as she moves to take a step towards him, “You, boy, what is your name? I can’t go around calling you slave. And for the love of the gods please put your clothing on.” So long as Samuel let her take her step away she would move to walk towards the boy, if not she would be stuck for the moment standing in Samuel’s grip. The guard setting down the two chests of gold before heading off to do his rounds.

Anaya: Samuel could see the slave moving and with a move of his hand in a very rapid single motion he took a claw slit his wrist and a shoot of acidic toxin shoot from him and landed right on his pants and top. The acidic unknown toxin eating the fabric like it was candy floss in water “you get nothing slave boy, walk in the cold with nothing on your ass, lets hope the frost bites that pecker of yours right off” Sam gave a laugh as his bright green hues shimmered in the touch light. Black hair slung over his face  as he looked to the slave, if his disgusting rod touched the sweet peddles of his Ana he would make sure the whole realm would see the insides of that vile peasant slave. As he stood beside Ana still holding her for a moment by the waist line “I will see you in three weeks time, about, I told Anaya i would be gone for a long hunting trip months ago, I never set a date with her, now I know the date” Samuel could not hold his temper at all at this point and letting go of his daughters hip he on mistake ripped her clothing, but thank the heavens he did not break her skin.  He turned around as he allowed his wrist to bleed onto the floor the drops eating into the stone before he walked past a curtain ripping the side chunk out of it and wrapping it around his hand.  As he vanished and went on his way he went outside, dropping down to his knees in the snow after walking a bit away form the castle its self the snow around him would melt. As he let out a war cry his skin being striped from his body as the war cry changed to that of a  beasts roar. Within moments Samuel who was once a man was dripping green and covered in scales as his red hot hide shimmered in the snow. The back legs of the 80 foot long red Wyvern pushed himself from the ground as he smashed his head into a old watch town they never used anymore, the stone being sent flying as one of the trolls screeched and ran from the frenzy of pissed of Samuel.  He shot himself up into the air his massive wings pumping as he vanished to go blow off steam in the mountain ridge eating and burning everything he could see.

PestControl: The slave looked at his new mistress who’d just told him to put clothes on. “Oh, uhh…” He took a moment, clearly making up a name off the top of his head, “Kuuu… Kul’ich. No, I don’t know…” He shook his head cluelessly before bending down to grab his pants off the floor, only to see his pile of clothes covered in acid. His pants, boots, belt and socks melted right there on the spot. His coat, though… the acid rolled right off of it. Shrugging, he looked at Samuel with a cheeky grin. “Fire resistant and hydrophobic. Gotta love the feathers of a Fireduck.” What the hell a Fireduck was was a question probably saved for another time. He picked up his jacket off the floor, his earrings eyeing Samuel like a hawk. The slave didn’t know what he’d done to piss this creature off, but the time had certainly passed for playing games. The lingering smile on his face, though, told a different story. “I’d like to think I’ll be keeping myself too warm for my ‘pecker’ to freeze off.” He looked at Ana. There’s no way to tell whether he did or not, but I like to believe that under those goggles, when his life was in as much jeopardy as it was, he took that moment to wink at her. Just to piss Samuel off when Samuel had just literally caught him with his pants down.

TheLadySif: With a sigh, Sif trudged through the soft snow towards the Castle. Her feet sank a bit into the ground, her long hair leaving a light line of a trail behind her as the ends dragged along the ground. She wore no cloak unlike usual, her current clothing slightly more revealing. Even the small change in the weather, she could feel. She reveled in the wind that blew past her and into her face, taking a deep breath as she walked through the gates. She blinked and stood, baffled at the sight in front of her. Soon her surprised expression drops into an eyeroll as she moves onward. Tightening the bag slung over her shoulder she glares darkly at the rampant trolls, sidestepping and ducking feet as she quickened her pace to the doors. Finally to the steps, she turns facing the chaos, being bumped by the guards running past which causes her to turn back. She took that moment to continue inside and dropped her bag the moment she caught sight of the others. Offering a casual bow she rises and crosses her arms, questioning the situation with a simple raise of her brow and a tap of her boot. Her gaze travels along each person’s face except Anaya and Samuel, where she mostly took a short glance then bowed her head in respect.

RavenDeLaRose: The solitude in the books helped her regain her self. She did not find much about what she was looking for but a few stories did interest her. She had much time to think and one thing stood out in her mind she was homeless. Granted if all failed she could live in the woods like other unicorns but being how she was what she was that seem very dangerous and not a bright idea she needed a place to stay. One that was safe and could protect her from the elements and hunters. The queen here was very kind and Raven thought about it. It was safe here and no one would harm a unicorn under the protection of a dragon queen and king. Yes she would be safe here. But then again … would they let her stay “ only one way to find out” she sad out loud to herself. It was at this point she talked herself in to leaving the library and hunting out the queen and her king, to ask for the right to stay. Her thing still in a castle were her now dead mate once ruled she really had nothing left. Walking up from the hall she headed in to the throne room and took a deep breath be fore she would try to address the queen

LilDolly: Ana winces as her clothing was torn, grumbling softly as her dress was now going to need to be mended but she would save that for once she got to her new home, the sooner she got the boy out of the castle, the better. Once Samuel had walked off Anarial walks over to the boy, pulling the cloak off her back and puts it over the boy’s shoulders, over his jacket to make sure the boy was full covered and sighs, “Do not freight, Samuel will calm down in time and here soon we will not be here, as for your name, we will come up with one in time, don’t worry over it. Before we leave you need to go speak with the other servants and get yourself some new clothing, once you’ve done that make sure to get food in your belly and get a drink or two. But be sure to be ready to leave in a bit, if not, you may become food for my father.” She turned to head off towards the stable after she spoke, leaving the threat of him becoming dragon food linger, figuring it was enough that the boy would be ready and waiting for her.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet had just emerged from the safety of her room when a bunch of commotion caught her attention, she was resting from one of her nights of escape when her attention was caught by the sounds of trolls, she had just made her way to the roof of the lands and watched as the disliked creatures ran from the chaos they were witnessing, “What the living flock went down during my time of solitude?” She said with annoyance as she climbed back into the castle and walked through the secret way back to the halls “First the maids and now this…” Scarlet lifted the bottom of her dress up to reveal her ankles so she wouldn’t trip while finding the stairs again, She walked back up and sat at the very top to watch everyone with her arms folded-

Anaya: One of the children coming out of the study Noki trotted down the hallway looking for her dad,  she gave out small chirps but he did not come. And form the sounds of outside he was out for a bit, Noki grumbled more, as she let out a high pitched screech Anaya coming over fixing the glasses on the bridge of her nose as she flipped some papers in her hand “what, what is it my dear” she said not even looking up as Ryu was still in the study.  She looked out a window seeing Samuel vanish into the distance as she grumbled “guess something angered your father my dear Noki, he will be back later and i will get him to play with you, he is to take you and your brother out to play in the snow later and he knows that it is a date he cant miss. ” she moved and ran her fingers along Nokis large proud horns. “you will be so beautiful once you grow, a true gem” softly nuzzling her cheek against her daughters she moved and grabbed a guards helmet right off his head with a light laugh taking it in her hands and tossing it to the baby dragon as Noki jumped up and grabbed it in her jaws crushing it. The guard laughing as he watched his helmet get played with like a ball. “she will have a good bite my lady for sure” “as long as her brother does not beat her to her meals she will grow up mighty fine Gustave” Anaya said to the guard as she smiled and then walked on past him. Noki still playing with the helmet and rolling it along the floor Anaya did not want to fully sit down so just siting on the edge of her throne wiggling her bear feet on the stone floor she went over her papers and fixed the glasses on her nose. “maids roll up the carpet will you” the maids around all at the same time with giggles in between responded with, yes my lady then went to work rolling up the carpet, three maids doing the job to roll up the massive thing layed across the floor.

TheLadySif: Sif scoops up her bag and moves from the way of the maids, watching them roll up the carpet. She sighs again and speak up. “Once again i miss all the fun. Did anyone die yet? Or rather how many died without me being involved?” She half pouts, half glares before turning her attention from one of the maids backsides. She nods her head once in gesture to the slave. “And what is this?” She spoke in terms of the situation but her expression and tone made it seem as if she were calling him a ‘this’, or thing. Her gaze shifts for a moment to the children as they romp and play, her taking an involuntary step back as children are one of her less than desirable people to be around. Rolling her shoulders, she sets her cool green gaze back to the man.

PestControl: “Right,” he said, bowing his head to let Ana get moving. Once she was out of the room and the lady Sif had entered, he’d nod his head back to her as if he didn't hear her objectify him. That's when he made his way to the kitchen. When he arrived, he realized he wouldn’t even get a chance to clean it. He laughed quietly to himself while he fetched himself a bucket of water. Now that he was here, he realized he was completely dehydrated. He poured the bucket onto his face, spilling --… very little, surprisingly. He drank most of it in one gulp, with only a bit spilling down his beard, neck and torso. He still wore that blanket as a cape over his jacket. At least he still had one thing to his name, right? Out of breath, he put the bucket down. “Give thanks he didn’t rip it to shreds,” he said to himself, alone in this kitchen. He dropped his head because he was a little tired. It was only then that he realized the chainmail on the jacket was partially melted, anyway. “Oh, damn.” He’d have to stop by an armorer to get it repaired. Maybe he could pick up some other tools, as well. The slave swatted at his inside breast pocket. The coin purse he carried was, indeed, still in there. “Oh, yeah. I’m going to have to make that errand.”

LilDolly: After she finished handling business with new slave she heads to the kitchen, packing her own baskets of food. She planned to take three, filled with fresh bread to try and make it last as long as possible, a large array of dried meat, anything from dried boar meat, deer meat, and some dried fish. She then piles so fresh fruit into the baskets, sealing them up and having them sent out to be loaded onto her carriage. Once she was satisfied with the kitchen she heads out the back door to the stables to get her beloved clades dale. She nuzzles her face against him before she speaks up, “Get ready my beloved, it will be a long journey and I doubt you’re going to enjoy this one. But I will not be departing from you, I swore long ago to never leave you behind and I need you with where we are going.” She gently pats his head smiling softly before she goes about making the stable help, help her pack enough oats, hay, and sugar cubs for two months, just in case something was to go wrong. She has them take those supplies to the carriage as she sets about packing away her riding gear, his brushes and the oils for his coat into a chest, locking the chest before she carries it to the carriage herself with her beloved horse following close behind her. As she gets to the carriage, she puts the horse’s things up onto it, securing them into place before she starts to go around the carriage, being heavily paranoid as she double and triple to make sure everything she needs is secured onto the carriage and nothing was being left behind. She makes sure the slaves were secure, they were all riding in a second carriage, she didn’t need any of them falling over dead on this trip so she planned to take care of them. She didn’t bother to make sure that the newest slave was there, if he wasn’t there he was left to be a meal for Samuel. To make sure they had enough food, water, and rest so they wouldn’t fall over dead on her. She locks the carriage the slaves wherein and moves to climb up into her own carriage, pausing to look back at the castle she had learned to call home. She was going to miss it, miss her freedom to come and go as she pleased. She knew this change was for the good as much as she disliked it at the moment. She suddenly felt a flood of emotions but she keeps her face straight and plan, not letting the emotion show as she feels the urge to cry. She slides the rest of the way into her carriage and shuts the door, the signal for the convoy to set off for the coast. She closes her eyes and starts to breath, it was still cold outside, a bit nippy for her liking so she tugs her cloak around her small frame to keep herself warm. She had chosen to ride alone, wanting to think. The ride to the coast was bumpy, rough, and overall uncomfortable, she hated to travel in a carriage but it was the easiest way to get everything she was to take with her to the coast. She fidgeted with the hem of her dress as she gets lost in thought. She wondered what this new castle would be like. It was on part of the world that hadn’t really been explored yet. It was foreign to her, and so where their customs. She knew she was about to step on a lot of toes and that she had to make it known she was not to be messed with right out the door. She was going to be close to one of her Mothers biggest enemy’s so she would need to watch her back. She was lost in thought as they arrived at the port town and she cursed as she realized it was too late to leave port on a ship. She grumbles and heads to the ship she seemed to like the best, a smaller ship she knew would make the trip faster. She speaks with the captain, securing her spot and her staffs spot on his ship come day break. She pushes several extra gold coins into the captain’s hand as she discusses not letting anyone know who was aboard the ship as well as for him to take the quickest route he could across the ocean. Once her business with him was settled she headed to the Tavern, taking her handful of help with her and pays for them all to have a meal. The Tavern Owner was thrilled to have one of the Queens children in his Tavern and had no problem keeping the drinks and food coming for her small company of people. She didn’t allow any of them to have mead, she needed them all up bright and early at daybreak for their departure. She has them all turn in late, heading up to their set of rooms. Anarial lays in bed, tossing and turning for most of the night. She manages to get a few hours of sleep but was up before daybreak, waking up everyone to get downstairs. They all eat bowls of porridge before she hands the Taverns owner a large bag of gold, knowing it was more than her bill but she figured he could use the extra bit of gold, after that they set out to the ship.

LilDolly: With the help of the ship’s crew her belongs and that of the slaves were on the ship in no time. Just as the sun starts to slide up she was making sure that everything she brought with her was now on the ship, and she made sure that the help she brought with her had a room beside her own small room. Once she was happy she made sure that the captain knew she was ready to depart. Her mother’s men stayed with the carriage until the ship had left sight and was well on its way. They then rode hard back to the castle to inform the Queen that her daughter was on her way, and that they had personally made sure she was off.

VincentKaos: While he trudged back through the castle with a satisfied grin upon his face he was met with one of the startled trolls. His blood lust snapped in again as he charged in giving a war cry that carried on the winds. The troll would charge at him as well and the two would collide and roll into the deep snow sending violent blows back and forth. A crack escaped from Rage’s ribs and he roared in more hatred instead of pain and then shoved his fist into the troll’s eye, expanding the hole if need be. His second fist slamming into the chest where he would grasp its heart and squeeze until he felt it crush in his hand. He laughed as he stood, now coated in a layer of blood from his afternoon stroll. He would approach the entrance and pushing past the guards that tried to see why he was covered made his way into the castle. He tilted is head to the others with the still present smile of deathly intent and sadistic satisfaction. “I only found the one building, my queen.” he lifted his arms where thick blood oozed down onto the floor around him. “They were so...fragile...” his bones could be heard snapping back into place now as his body fought to repair itself. The runes glowing through the bloodied arms as he laughed, “I do hope to find more fun like that.” He licked his lips and gazed around, “Could I get some ale...battle is best concluded with a strong pint.” he laughed again.

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TheLadySif: Seeing nothing interesting happening and having a short patience level, she turns to head down the hall but pauses as the man walks in, covered in blood. Her mouth opens then snaps shut as she sees him. Throwing one arm up then letting it drop she looks to Anaya. “Again I miss all of the good stuff.” Shaking her head, she spins on her heel, hair whipping back and forth, almost mimicking the sway of her hips as she heads to put away the supplies she got in town. Her footsteps fade into the distance as she makes a stop in the kitchen, then her own bedchambers and along. What most see as she passes is the ends of her hair, her movements swift as usual as she makes her rounds. Soon, she saunters back into the throneroom, dusting her hands together then putting them on her hips. At this time, she had discarded her fur vest and pulled her hair up into another ponytail, which still leaves her hair to just below her knees behind her.

Anaya: Noki ran over with the helmet in her jaws as she jumped at a maid who screamed and then started to laugh, grabbing at the helmet of the baby and pulling, Noki not knowing her own strength tossed the maid into a pillar and then started to cry, cooing staying sorry as she ran over to that maid and helped her back up “i am fine Noki really, really i am fine, but got to watch that strength there. Could have really hurt me” Noki nuzzled the face of the maid as she turned around tail flopping form side to side as she went and jumped on the rolled up rug making it very difficult for the maids to finish rolling it as the baby dragon played on it. Having 800 pounds and growing dragon baby's running around the castle made everything a little harder with they were around. Anaya looked to her knight Sif “yes seems something angered the king, if you would like to go find him he went west, I am guessing he is in a snow bank someplace cooling his temper. ” she said softly as she flipped a page taking a finger and dipping her claw in the ink pot she put on the arm rest and sighing her name on the document. She would have it mailed out to Ana at her new home so Anaya could have a signed leader saying she now owned lands and a castle. Looking up her red eyes saw Rage “NO stop there, go clean off outside in the river, then come into the castle i lost one rug today from blood covered boots, i will have your feet cut from your legs made stumps if i get another bloody foot print on this stone floor.” her voice was extremely stern, why the hell did everyone not clean themselves when they went inside a building, what did they think cleaning floors and paying maids was free. Over in the woods Samuel had swan dived into the snow, melting it upon contact, he layed there his tail thrashing back and forth as he grumbled and smashed his foot into a tree cuseing a bang. Stupid Ana did not give a shit about him, but he gave a shit about her and she was always leaving and now she would be a world away, but at least he would know were she lived, and the map of the known land over there Anaya had made when that one man tesh had told her about his brothers place, Anaya made a map of it it was in the study. Yes he would get it out of the study and then known the exact location of Anas new land and home so he could come see it in the coming weeks. Rolling around and laying there in the snow, he let out a snort still not happy.

PestControl: In fact, the new slave was in there. He still had his coat, so he stood out from the other slaves, especially among each other. Overall, it was a decent carriage ride. At one point, the biggest one of his colleagues got a little chilly. He wanted the new slave’s jacket for himself, but he didn’t ask nicely. When the carriages got to port, the slave carriage’s head count came up one short. No slave said why, but they all seemed a bit shaken up. There was no sign of a struggle inside the carriage. Strange, since it was locked from the outside. One slave had just disappeared. “Hey,” one said to the driver, “can we see the ocean from the boat?” The questioning slave adjusted his goggles. “I haven’t seen the ocean in ages.” The slave in goggles was the only one smiling, or who looked like he wasn’t afraid for his worthless life. He got the whip for speaking out of line. Each lashing made his lip curl, but it’s hard to say if they made him blink. In town, he bought a pair of leather pants, some boots, some gloves… all black, of course. He also had another brand new burlap sack full of… well, stuff. At the tavern, he sat alone. The other slaves hated him. So did the slave driver. To be honest with himself, he didn’t know if he’d allow the driver to lash him again. No, he’d have to. Self-discipline. The other slaves watched him, not knowing he watched them right back. He watched them steal knives off the tables. The slave slept like an angel, that night. Aside from one little incident. He was fine in the morning, though. He even had three new knives. He filed very cooperatively onto the ship. On said ship, he was the only one who had to wear a ball and chain on each ankle. Four slaves had disappeared. This new slave was becoming a bit costly. He sat in a corner of the slave quarters, all nice and clothed. The other slaves, though, packed nicely into the other half of the room. Not a single one would look at him for the rest of the trip. That much was certain.

VincentKaos: The berserker scoffed as he looked over his blood soaked body, “You expect me to just wash off my glory like it is nothing.” He turned and walked outside passing a maid he cut a quick glance, “I’d like an ale. I’ll be out the doors.” he stormed outside and dropped the blood soaked fauld to the snow covered ground and opened his arms wide as he took in the scent of the winterly surroundings. He would then cross his legs as he sat down and closed his eyes as the matted, crimson soaked hairs clung to his face and drooped over his eyes. He seemed to be lost in a meditation, a smile as he replayed his fight in his mind. Using the fresh thoughts of slaughter finish feeding his blood lust. His smile faded to the normal straight face as he began sealing off his emotions again to maintain his control. His muscles would relax and his body could be seen going limp. He would shudder suddenly as the released tension allowed his more serious wounds to pull open suddenly. He bottled the pain, ignoring it as he knew his body would be fine, he knew if it was beyond his limits of healing he could easily make a plea to his queen for medical aid. His eyes slowly opened as he looked ahead patiently waiting...

TheLadySif: Sif gave an interested smirk and nodded, all whilst bowing. She rose and almost skipped outside, giving a wink as she passed the berserker in appreciation of a bloody slaughter. Once hitting the cool air, she felt more relaxed, her skin cooling and her eyes brightening a shade as she enjoys the outside temperatures a bit more than inside. With her cold nature, she didnt favor the fires that burned inside. After about 15 minutes of trudging through the woods, she caught scent of Lord Samuel then could see his form in a mostly puddle of ice and surrounded by hills of snow. She stopped about a yard away and knelt down, one hand over her chest in a bow. “My Lord… are you quite done chilling yourself? It would be ideal to gain your composure and return with me."

Anaya: Sam looked over his bright green eyes shimmering in the snow, as he hissed “no, I am enjoying the snow” he snarled as he thumped his head in the snow and girted his teeth. Everything he touched died, he did not want it to die but he wanted to touch something that did not die “you are the knight right, my mates personal Knight, i have yet to formally meet you” his voice boomed out as he turned his massive head and looked at the woman, the 80 foot long red scaled dragon like worm bending his wings as to make his front arms as he moved in the snow to swat his tail around smashing trees and having it fly over Sifs head. “you are a elf” he said as he kept his chin on the ground looking at her a eye the size of a cart and a mouth that could eat a house. “has my adopted daughter Ana left the castle yet with her new human skum of a slave?” he grumbled out as he licked over his lips fully going to enjoy killing that shit later. Back at the castle Anaya looked to her berserker and walked over to a guard who had already gotten his request and gotten the ale on his way to go out and give it to the man “here i will take it” Anaya said as she grabbed the horn and walked outside. Noki right behind her as the dragonling bolted outside along with its mother, Nokis head hitting the door and sending it flying open the dragon ran right outside head first into a snow bank Wall Anaya walked out but did not leave the top step, almost looking fearful of the winter. She handed The ale to Rage as she looked at him “the stone floors are not cheep, be it for the glory of your gods or not, i have lost one very expensive rug already today for a person not being respectful enough to clean his boots, and he was placed in chain for the offence. There would be no rug for you to ruin but i rather not have the maids clean up after you. And blood is not easy to wash out of even stone.” Watching Noki dork around in a snow bank Anaya was happy that the little one was not going to stray far.

ILoudIILoudI Whisper: Seraph didnt feel full but he was appreciative of the food the guards had given him, the very tall lady told them to take well care of him and well they did okay. His stomach would continuously growl as he watched them eat, staring intently..they seemed unbothered awkwardly usually people would feel bad and fork over their meal to him but these gents gave no single damn on how hungry he was. Folding his arm across his chest as he looked away from them shivering slightly, not properly dressed for the harsh cold weathers this world had to offer..he huffed boredly. Why did he have to sit out here with them? In the cold? Yet he noticed the guards straighten their posture as the very tall lady and rather pouncy dragon boomed past the doors, he couldnt tell if he admired her height of feared it either way it made him stare blankly through the bandages wrapped over his eyes. As she stood their not leaving the steps, he inched closer to her rather boldly.. sniffing the air around her curiously.. call it a habit he couldn't help his curiously it always got the boy in trouble. "Hm.." He leaned away hoping she didnt notice him observing her..he than shy'd away behind the guards watching the being play in the snow..tilting his head..this was weird.

VincentKaos: He gently grasped hold of the drinking horn as the dragonling ran about. “If it bothers one so much then I will display my glory of battle out here.” he chugged the ale madly, not stopping until the last drop was taken. A small trickle dancing down the edges of his mouth and mixing into the stubble covered chin, the ale mixing with blood before dripping into the snow. “I never saw bloodstains as an issue. Then again, I guess I never returned to a castle after such things.” he slowly rose and looked at Anaya, most of the blood starting to dry against his flesh. “Where lies this river you spoke of?” He sighed, “I suppose now that I was allowed to enjoy such a fine drink, I should clean off. Not much of something to present I guess.” he laughed lightly then resumed his normal monotonous attitude, “As soon as I finish cleansing myself of this mess, I will promptly return to you for orders.” His body would lean forward as he bowed to his queen, his body cracking and popping from his injuries though he didn’t seem to notice them. His body not rising until he had been acknowledged in some form.

TheLadySif: She closes her eyes, still kneeling, and smiles. She expected an answer like that due to the apparent nature of this particular dragon. She could respect that, a Lord should have such a demeanor. She opened her eyes as the trees passed over head and stayed still, her eyes on the ground as the ground shook with his voice and movements. “Indeed I am, and the pleasure is mine. As for Ana, she has departed and taken the new slave with her. I heard tell travel was going well just before coming to you.” As she finished her sentence, she glanced up, her eyes changing from the cool green to an icy blue. “As for the snow, it seems to be melting at a faster rate than it can satisfy you. If I may…” Without particularly waiting for an answer she shifts her gaze to the snow around him and uses her inherited magic to form more snow where it melts, also bringing down a light flurry from just above him, sure to localize it to just where they stood.

Anaya: Sam looked at the seeming to be winters Elf and gave a relaxed breath, he did really enjoy the cold. “i came from the northern lands before i was brought here. The cold does make me calmer”Samuel had a nasty past here and was not brought here willingly at first, and there was that side of Anaya that many never saw. But he would not touch base on that part unless the elven female asked him to. He let out a snort as he puffed snow away. “Stupid slave boy” he said to himself under his breath as he snarled slightly and gritted his teeth a loud screeching sound coming from his jaws. He looked around as the new snow was melting as well, he was far to hot to keep much snow existing for long, the problems with all dragons no matter the sub group wyvern, dragonkin, pure blood, they all had this heat to them, the fire within they called it. Anaya stood at the front of the castle looking at her golden baby popping its head in and out of the snow bank and making cute yipping sounds as it did. She looked to Rage “i know the glory of battle Rage, I was not always a ruler as i am now, i was a fighter in armor just as you are, but i turned in my golden plate for paper work and a crown, to make a home for my family, to keep my bloodline alive, i am still a fighter at heart, i always will be, i crave the same blood you do as my kind and ones of battle are yet the same, we all have fire in our blood. But i also know the worth of coin, be it much more dull then breaking a skull, i have to not break the coin well and run dry” she moved and took a finger as she cleaned some of the blood from his face as she smiled and looked at him, her red eyes with a slit down there centres matching the red hues of his own. She was tender at times but at the same time she could split his skull if she wanted to and her aura screamed i can and will kill you even if her words were tender and soft in nature. “The river is a ways down the snow side, Noki may follow you, will you keep her safe Rage if she does? Can i trust my most treasured belonging with you?” she paused for a moment feeling something near her legs, there was that little child like thing. She moved and looked at it “did you fill your belly little one? You are very bold to move so close, you would be a snack to some” she gave a chukle as she looked back to Rage

TheLadySifTheLadySif Whisper: Keeping her comfortable kneel in the snow, she plays with the falling flurry. She adjusts to sitting cross-legged in the snow, knowing herself the trials of leaving the north. She would have to ask him more in detail when she wasn't on an assignment like this. It was nice to meet the regal dragon although she would prefer a more rowdy mission. She felt slightly at peace for once with the snow falling, taking a deep breath. Her ears twitched slightly at his words, her hearing picking it up from the booming vibrations he let off just speaking. Tilting her head, she contemplated the fate of the slave that had taken his ire, considering it for no longer than an instant as she rethinks her past.

RavenDeLaRose: The queen seem to not notice her in the room as she walked up, Raven made a soft throut sound as she looked at anaya “umm.. my queen may I umm have a word”her voice was a bit shaky as she did not know how this would go. Raven looked around and figeted a bit as she talked to Anaya. “that is if you have time to “ Raven said as she pulled her soft black hair and pulled it behind her ear . “ its just umm… I ..umm “ raven took a deep breath and then blurted out the last of what was on her mind “ with the lost of my mate …. I well the thing is I have no home or place to call home now.. you are a kind dragon queen at lest you have shown me such kindness and I ask you ..may I stay here for awhile I can …” she stop .. what could she do . Raven thought about this what skills did she hold that anaya could use.. “I can help any way possible I read and write and I have a bit of magic “ she then look around and softly sighed as she stood before the queen -

Anaya: Samuel moved his nose as he pushed it closer to the knight, he wondered about this one, so at peace in the cold like he was...she was a lot like him in a sense, and he enjoyed that, but he did not want to touch her in anyway just learn about her, he was curious “you look so comforted by the cold as i am” his nose almost touched her as he pulled back his head and put it back on the snow. So much wonder in his large green eyes, she was siting down, not holding her weapon at his face, and not standing up in some fighters stance, she was siting, this is what people did around Anaya this is not what people did about the wyvern. He was relaxing as he stopped his tail moving back and forth and let out a breath, the fowl smell of his toxin could make a flower die. But for some reason this knight was still there, still siting in the snow playing with the cold, she was so beautiful in that simple moment, but not the type that he wanted to touch, just look at, admire, learn about, maybe even call....friend. He pushed the thought from his mind knowing better then to think that way. And with a grunt he put his nose under the snow bank still grumpy cus of his stupid daughter. Anaya back at the castle was standing outside with Rage he had seemed to just wonder off to go get clean once she had mentioned the river not far off, Noki had gone off to follow him and Anaya watched them go Noki being allowed to leave her mothers gaze only wall being with the fighter to keep her safe and sound. Anaya stood outside looking over the snow and hating looking at it, she wondered what her mate was up to and wondered as well were her little monster would do to Rage on there little trip down to the river. Turning her head Raven was behind her as a guard opend the doors up to allow Raven to come outside with the queen and into the chill of the cold. “yes it is tragic you lost your lover, i wish i would have known him better, he was my newly appointed sons brother if i remember right, and with the loss of him being your lover, you would be family to me even if he has passed. So in that the crown is as much your home as mine” she pushed her hair out of her eyes as she gazed into the town under the large hill that the castle stood on “and there is no need for a rarity as yourself to wonder the cold, and live among innkeepers and bandits down there. You are safe here from the common people”

TheLadySif: Still sitting crosslegged, Sif sat patiently watching Samuel roll in the quickly melting snow, grumbling. She blinked rapidly, surprised at his proximity. Stoically she stayed, looking past his nose into his face. When he turned and went back to pouting she sighed slightly. For some reason at that moment, she smiled, something she hardly ever did unless killing something. It reminded her of home when she was a child, sitting in the snow and creating flurries because that was all she was allowed to use in terms of her magic. Looking down, the thought turned sour, replacing the blank look on her face. This caused her rebuilding of the snow to falter, just before she looks back up to Samuel. “I believe…” For perhaps the second or third time in her life she hesitated, not necessarily wanting to get mushy or overstep her bounds. “Ana is strong enough to handle the slave. If anything he is probably suffering as we speak. A slave’s life is nothing to cut short as he already couldn’t be living worse. Slaves are less than the ground on which we step. Simple objects to be objectified. You waste your ire on the creature.” She said it matter-of-factly as her eyes went to their usual hue of green.

Guest_Qeuiris: As the sun shined brightly. There was a man,a bit small of size,he was in the distance,he walked with carefulness ,sneaking his way past the forest,Using the trees as a way to get there faster,for a second you couldn't see him until he popped up again on the trees. He looks lost,with out a home. He seems like a wanderer,like every one of his steps is a step towards adventure. he also look looks like he has no meaning, no purpose,and he is wandering hoping to find that purpose,You can see him running towards the castle. He reaches the castle doors and takes a stop. Thinking maybe he finally found a purpose,...a home

RavenDeLaRose: A greatful smile cross face as she nodded “thank you soo very much my queen I amsoo very greatfull to you” the queens worlds made her feel specal she have never thought of herself as a rare thing as much as a cursed creature. The warm sun was nice on her soft black skin . her arms hugged her chest as she look cold mountain side. “may I ask why you stand as if you are looking out for something.” she the sun light shimmered on the glishing snow. Her hoofed were not made well for the snow as she walked abit and sunk in making a crunching sound in the snow. This made she giggles slightly “ you know my queen I never really played In the snow. It did not fall as heavy in the woods. “ she would look back at the queen “I think I may learn to like it.” She laughed as she spoke. Having a place to stay made Raven feel better and her light heart was now showing threw as she grin and kicked the snow about .

Anaya: Sam looked back at her lifting his nose from the snow as parts of snow fell from his face. “Ana is strong, that is why i enjoy her company, she is like her mother and my kind in spirit, strong willed and loyal, she understands the traditions we follow and will do as she must to aid our family. I guess that is why her as my daughter” he was going to say admire, he really wanted to but he held back on that, he new it was pointless, even if he was able to be with her allow her to let him into her life, let him into her everything, he would be the death of her. And he could feel the fear within her for him, she may have respected her father but she was far from his friend and he knew that from day one. As he looked at Sif his big green eyes were at peace as he layed there in the cold, his heat around him was going down and he was calming himself beside her, it was rather nice. “what part of the north did you come from to come down here, the summers like i, you will feel the heat i am sure. ” he said softer then before, even in his voice one could hear he was becoming less grumpy and more relaxed. Anaya moved and looked back to Raven standing here “Noki ran off with Rage to the river, i can just see the light glow of her scales. And the snow will be gone soon i can feel the dampness in the air, spring and the rains will come, the earth will be made very wet, it is not a good time of year for me” she gave a chuckle as she laughed at it even if inside she was grumbling how much she really hated the wet season of spring, when everything seemed to hold a layer of moisture and everything around her just turned to mud. “but you are rare, unicorns themselves are never seen by man, and to see one black like you is even rare for a unicorn, it is like i, i am an albino, golden dragons are rare but something albino is truly shocking to most, yet my own race would dislike me for my default of no color but others see me as a rare treasure. And i just see myself as me, we never see our own beauty. But there will be a room made for your stay and you may stay here a night or till your end of days, family is family” looking out she was standing right there as a person came over and almost bumped right into her a male of sorts wondering in. “and who may you be”

TheLadySif: Her eyes light up again as he speaks, feeling good that she spoke. She was also relieved that someone else understood the feeling of not wanting to destroy the things they cared for. With an affirmative nod, she rose more snow around him, countering what melted again. At his question, she looks up, a slight surprised look on her face. No one ever considered what would happen to her during the warm months so she was a slight confused. “I am from what we call the Arctic, everything is an icy palace, all animals are large and domineering, the elves of my land are as cold as the terrain and yet everything is most beautiful. At times I miss it…” She shakes her head as old memories seep in and takes a deep breath, letting it out through her nose with a pensive stare into the snow before looking back up to Samuel. “As for the summer weather, I will unfortunately need to continuously use my skill of water magic to keep myself cool. Most likely I shall be wet at all times to reduce risk of dehydration. Otherwise I should be just fine, cold inside and out. I will be weaker but this is why i have trained my body as much as my magic."

Guest_Qeuiris: "Im Telshiev, Tel for short, your highness,very sorry about that" he said. In his mind he is happy because he met the queen and he feels like he finally found the home he has been looking for. But he still kind of feels empty. HIs purpose before was to get to the castle and that he has done it, he feels like he is useless, and meaningless. But he still has hope he will find a home here because all he can do is hope, nothing else. If this plan fails he won't have a purpose, he will have nothing. He says "its great to meet you, your highness, I've travelled many days to meet you, Im a dark elf,but my powers are a bit weak to a injury on my arm, but i can still do magic." He seems happy,waiting for her response,waiting for that sense of accomplishment .,and the feeling of family having a home.

RavenDeLaRose: The word family stuck into her mind, she liked that word very much. she was after all still an unicorns and by nature they live in herds. Though being black meant exile or death soo she never hand a real family other than her own loving human mother that took her in. Her soft eyes spoke how she felt and who happy she was to hear the words family. It was nice in a way as she was not meant to be black the queen was not meant to be white. It was like a yin to the yang she thought and smiled “ would other dragons harm you cause your col… “ she stopped Raven knew It was more then just her color that exiled her from the unicorn race. with a deep breath raven spoke “ I'm cursed one day I will go mad and the darkness with in will consume my heart and soul ..” she looked down and spoke more “ then like a void I will feed endlessly on the souls of those I care about” kicking the snow once more she went on “my only hope is to find the cure to the blood moon curse. My mother strongly believe I could beat this and I have lasted longer then any other black unicorn. This thought gave her bother hope and it frighten her

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet had just gotten out of bed again after spending most of her time in her room again, she was a little annoyed because of someone stealing her clothing and wearing them without her permission, she had already abused a maid by hitting her before she fell to the ground with a scream, she knew that the same maid would now have quite the bruise on her left cheek when it she sees her again, “looks like it’s time for me to investigate these heathens.” Scarlet said as she rushed down the halls in her royal pants suit to state that she is not playing around with people, she looked from the top of the stairs as some woman was wearing her dress along with her royal cape, “what the…” She said to herself as she rushed down the stairs after the woman walked off, “You thief! Come back here!” She immediately grabbed the woman by her arm as she screamed, Scarlet noticed that it was one of the maids and tore the cape off of her with a sharp glare “I believe this belongs to me…as well as this.” She took the dress off of the woman after she fell to the ground with a yelp, “Don’t touch my clothes,” Scarlet said with a fist full of the maid’s hair in her hand, She watched as the woman ran off after being shoved and smacked in the head, Scarlet saw another maid nervously watching as she threw the dress and cape on the floor, “make sure that’s cleaned and put up will ya?” Scarlet later walked off as the maid quickly picked up the clothes to wash them-

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Anaya: Sam moved his nose closer to her and with his nose under the snow he lifted his head up dumping snow on her as he gave a snort laughing. He was...playing...... softly he shook his head his large fin like ear flaps shaking along the sides of his head and his scales rattling as he lifted his head up from the ground for a second before thumping it back down sending more snow up to make Sif a pile of snow. “i am from the northern land myself, the cold is were i belong, i used to play in the snow with my wife and ki......i miss it as well” he paused for a moment as he kept his chin on the ground as he thought back to before Anaya had him brought here. But one can not dwell right, he thought to himself “when summer comes and the days get warmer i will take you under the castle were it is cooler, it is moist down there as well, you will enjoy it when the days are to hot, as well as you and i can go to the sea...if you like” his big green eyes looked to the ground as he did not think anyone would agree to go anyplace with him.  Anaya looked over seeing that nomi had gone fully out of her sight so she looked over to Raven and hearing the girl talk about being cursed. “i was cursed myself Raven, in a different way as you, but i understand madness all to well. And yes my dear if another dragon could i would be killed as fast as they were able” she looked to the girl with a smile “but we can not allow our defects to govern our lives, no matter be you black white or blue you still bleed the same as everyone else, and that is what matters, you hold a beating heart in your chest. The only things in this world that deserves death are people who kill others, demons and the undead and hybrid races that hold no place in this world. Abominations need to be removed just like the evil upon the lands were there need only the sun” she looked and turned her red eyes to there guest who was standing there like the sun was right upon him, so happy, to be a here at the castle “come in and get yourself out of the cold then, winter is no place for most, and you seem far to happy then normal dark elves, have you been tossed out of your home?” Anaya's red eyes shimmered as her snow white hair fell in her face just hanging over her glasses.

TheLadySif: At the end of her answer she gave another affirmative nod and closed her eyes, feeling as though she explained it well enough. Once opening them, she saw Samuel’s nose and a mountain of snow coming at her. She yelped, actually yelped, and fell backwards out of her cross-legged position. Now covered in snow, she popped her head out, sitting up with a shocked expression. Having no words, she simply began laughing, heartily. Not even remembering if she had ever laughed this way she ran a hand through her now snow-speckled white hair. “I do believe that would be an ideal summer my Lord. And how can I say no to the sea by a mighty dragon, though i warn I am a a fish to water, it is my second element!” She throws up a fist in confidence but then clears her throat and remembers her usual demeanor. Rising from the snow, she looked like a Sif-snowman. With a bowed head, she calls out. “My Lord If you would, we cannot remain all day out in the snow, the castle will be a mess without you.” She peeks up slightly to see if that would roust him from his snow-hole.

VincentKaos: He began unlatching the belts of his bloodstained, deep red leather fauld. He allowed it to drop into the snow causing the stain of crimson to spread further. He knelt down and began to unfasten the dark garnet colored boots as well. His pale scarred feet slowly sliding from within to be plunged into the thick cold snow. He watched as the white consumed what little color his flesh had until it was all one. A small tingle along his toes being the only indicator of the freezing power creeping around him. He scoffed at the tingle and began to remove his belt seeing signs of one of the  dragonlings following him out. He sighed, “I can’t spend all my time worrying of your well being.” he removed the dark black leather and cloth dropping around his ankles. Everything below his waist slightly more pale than his upper body, untouched by the blood. He stepped into the water feeling the stabbing of the cold pushing into his skin. He continued, only letting his body tense as he watched out to see the child ‘hiding’ behind a rock. He dipped into the water, the surface rapidly turning red from where he went in. Under the surface he let the current beat him around. Snatching a rock of the appropriate roughness he would rub it firmly against his skin, scratching off the crusting blood. His body spinning in small circles with small juts to keep him in place while he continued. The water now more of blood, taking a long trail with it as it washed away the death. He suddenly surfaced, his long hair matted down. He saw Noki jump back, probably investing the bloody water. He returned to the shore, throwing the stone back into the river. His skin pink from the intense cold and scrubbing. He lifted the bloody clothing and covered himself, “Help me find my way back. It’d be helpful. A bit cold, you know.” he shivered slightly as he followed.

Guest_Qeuiris: “I can’t remember the last time I felt at home, thank you your majesty, your right I’m a bit more happy than usual I can’t remember the last time I felt at home. My queen, I thank both you and your family of accepting me” he said. The dark elf felt much at home In this new castle, and this dark elf wasn’t like others, he tried to be good at times, felt like he needed everyone to feel at home. The dark elf was a great warrior in a small army, he used his wits and strategies to overcome other villages. Until one fateful day when his whole village was attacked by an huge army of half orcs. His family was slaughtered. That day was when he was 23, He is 34 now. He is humble and nice because he know what it feels like to lose family, and figures If he is nice to everyone, people would be nice back. He was astonished by the black unicorn. The elf asks “do you know anyone that can help me with my magic, because I’m a bit weaker than usual.” The elf waiting for a reply wondering if it was too much to ask for. He wanted a place to feel at home, but he doesn’t know what to do and he thinks magic and learning new spells can give him a purpose to be more powerful, and to have a goal: to get better at magic.

ILoudI: "One..two" He counted to himself pushing the coins back and forth, he didnt really have much to do only having spoke to the Queen once or twice, he didnt really know anyone else here so he decided to keep himself occupied till he had an opportunity to speak to someone else. His stomach would make that irritating noise again, he was still being baby sat by the guards and he mostly watched them eat, whenever he reached up for their food he was swatted away. "Hm.." Twisting his lips in a confused fashion he reached his small fingers through his hair combing his choppy bangs out of his face not as if that helped him see any better, he would find something to do..well maybe later he wasn't a fan of the snow, and there was nothing to play with..not many creatures here seemed fond of him either. He sat on the edge of the stair sighing softly, he wasnt your typical youngin he didnt play like normal kids, he didnt frollic in the field, he didnt chase others for the sake of making imaginary bases and arguing on what rules decide that some inanimate objects make you safe or untouchable (Tag xD) he did... "other" things that excited him yet these are thoughts he conditioned himself not to think about or do anymore. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he peered up at the sky thinking of what the tall lady said yesterday, frowning slightly at her words despite how true it was.. she was his frail state he'd be easy pickings he didnt like that one bit.. infact it was usually the other way around. "Damn this.." He muttured.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet flipped her hair and fixed it to it’s normal state as some covered the left side of her face, she swiped it away as she walked herself into the main room with vibes possibly bouncing off of her in small sparks since she still has her powers, She usually leaves out to blow off the energy, but it has been three days since she has actually left the lands due to the weather, “Too bad it’s too cold to leave out”, Scarlet looked to the door as a smoke of purple and blue flew out of her mouth when she took a deep breath and breathed out, “wrench better be doing her job right.” Scarlet looked back to the stairs as she spotted the same maid from yesterday with a bruise on her face washing the handles-

Anaya: Samuel stood up his mighty body held up on wing front legs, his three toed finger ends holding him up as his wings curved up behind him, wyverns did not have front legs like a dragon so there wings had toes on there middle joint to help them walk if they needed to but on the land they looked very lopsided and clumsy, made for flying long distances and not for walking on the land had a sway like walk. But he stood there his head up before lowering it again and holding it beside Sif “they never miss me much, and so be it, when spring comes and the days grow warmer we shall go to the sea together, i enjoy the water very much myself, I can never go with Anaya as she can not even touch water to her skin” as Sif started to walk with him both side by side made there way back to the castle at a slow pace. Samuel enjoyed her company and did hope more of it, he had a soft side no one ever saw, no one ever cared to see, there was a reason Anaya did care for him and kept him around just for the most part she was the only one that saw that part of him. Noki over were Rage was looked at him, it was so strange to see a man with nothing on, so that is what the human figure looked like, everything on the outside, so strange to her as she new what her brother looked like, he had nothing hanging out of his body like this human male did, but it must have just been a human thing and not a thing kind thing. As she moved over to him slowly her head low but still high to not seem overly weak, she was the size of a work horse so she was not overly small in the first place. Her body war warm and that was why she moved to him, she was a heater of sorts. As she moved beside him she walked her tail and long body curling around him as her golden scales shimmered in the midday sun. And with him beside her she walked with him in the snow her heat partly melting it as she walked leading him back to the castle but not being close enough for him to touch her, just close enough for him to get a bit warmer. Anaya looked to the guest they had as he said how happy he was to be home, she looked at him and lifted a eyebrow “don't be hasty this is not your home, if you want it to be we can go over that after you get a meal in your belly and clean yourself, i am not your family member, i am not even your same race” she could see Noki and Rage coming over the hill side, Noki being her friending self but still holding distance “come inside dark elf and we can go over what family is to you, and what you wish to be in this castle” with her words said she turned around and walked back inside the building leaving the guard holding the door so there guest would be able to come in as well as Rage and Anaya's female child. And Raven had smiled brightly and made her way up to check out her new chamber room, and inform the maids on witch room she wanted.

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VincentKaos: The warmth from the dragonling was helpful, possibly helped him from getting to frostbite. He would nod to the dragon then hand out his bloodied armor to a maid, “Anaya seems to be displeased with blood getting on the floors.” he sighed and turned his head, “Could me get these cleaned of the fresh blood. Just enough so it won’t drip.” he grumbled something about victory and trophies and looked again to the maid, “I would be most grateful if you could help me.” He dropped them off in her arms and would walk of, showing little shame for his lack of attire. In fact all he had was the perpetually stained bandages on his hands. He would sniff into the air and find his way to his queen. Once then the room he gave a gentle bow, “There, now you have no need to worry of any blood dripping on the floor due to my carelessness.” He took his usual stance of attention, clearly unaffected by the idea of ‘indecent’. He stood calm and relaxed, simply awaiting any further orders from his queen. His eyes would glance around to anyone nearby him, studying their stances and expressions. Feeling at least one look of discomfort from somewhere he looked around with an arched brow, his hair covered with thin ice, “What?”

Guest_Qeuiris: As she said that the dark elf took It to heart and all his past village persona. He started remembering old tactics and took what she said as a insult, He kept thinking ”how can she say that, I’ve been only nice and treating her with respect, I need payback.” He kept wondering on how to kill her an thought of asking rage for help. The dark elf meet up with Rage and asked him to help him. The elf promised him riches and that they would work together. He also said “we will hold the title of “dragon killers. ”The elf kept on begging and pleading. While waiting for his answer, he said think about it and tell me your answer when you can. Now the dark elf is on his road to revenge. He has finally found his true purpose. He said to himself quietly. Kill the queen or die trying. The elf was going to keep a secret cover and build an army against the queen using magic and he will give it his all to kill the queen,because his life now has meaning. The Dark elf started to get new spells, and messing around with his magic to see what he can do. He started to also try to mess around with mind control magic, to see if he can do something. Tel, killer of villages, is back and has target.

ILoudI: Seraph watched the others walk passed him and go inside of the large building, well there was no reason for him to freeze outside any longer if all the heat was just a step away. Slipping in behind them he walked a couple feet behind them, he was silent and usually very easy to miss because of his height and how shy he was. Staying close to the wall where the shadows were his bare feet were soundless as he stalked behind them. He didn't want to boldly approach, he'd rather wait to just be noticed he was bold at times but this didn't seem like one of those "time to shine" moments if anything it'll get him stepped on..crushed.. death by a foot. Trying to keep up with their long legs he resulted to moving on all fours like he was used to sure a silly thing to do but it was something the boy knew how to do and pretty darn well. Pouncing about as he got distracted by a floppy piece of cloth on his shirt he made soft growling noises easily forgetting that he was being a stalker..and not a loud adorable wolf boy..his cover was surely blown.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet’s vibes stopped sparking up when she calmed down enough to wipe the frown off her face, She looked to the doors as the others were coming inside and bring cold air with them, she shivered and walked further away from the door as a maid came back with her cape, “M’lady. Shouldn’t you be resting still?” the maid said quietly as she looked at her, “I’ve rested enough thank you.” Scarlet replied calmly as she put her royal purple cape around her slim body, “lucky my coma effect hasn’t kicked in,” She decided to walk to the bottom of the stairs to sit after she turned to everyone and bowed to them as a greeting, “I held this place all by my lonesome miss Queen,” Scarlet said with her arm folded as she noticed something strange was trying to brew-

Anaya: She spotted Rage as she walked back inside the castle and noticed Noki over at his flank, as soon as the dragonling saw her mother she ran into her mother her head hitting Anaya right in the gut as Anaya gave a grunt but did not move, a strong body even in human form. Anaya gave a chuckle as she moved her hand over Nokis head and then rubbed her cheek ageist her child's lovingly “was he good to you on your adventure to the river” she said as Noki looked at her mother and gave a coo sound as she grumbled, yipping and barking as if she was telling a story she paused as she could hear the boy behind her start begging Rage to help him be the killer fo the dragon, a little dark elf really thought he would be able to kill a golden dragon, let alone beg one of her guards and try to bribe that guard. She started to laugh,and laugh harder as she patted her baby's head “Noki go to the throne back up my dear, you may get some food in a moment” Noki looking confused but when her mother mentioned food she bolted away to go get her brother to come eat with her. Anaya moved looking at rage as she smiled eyeing him up and down, he was a rather nice male for sure, and even more so nude, Anaya hated humanistic garments so she was one fully alright with him being natural and not needing to hide his figure. “Rage i am sure you are fine with this boy” she said softly as she walked away not even giveing the man wanting to kill her the respect of her looking at him to do it, she in disrespect turned her back and walked to her throne to sit down and watch the snow. Picking up her wine glass and drinking form it.

VincentKaos: Rage lifted a brow and folded his arms over his chest as the elf spoke to him. “Riches? Titles?” He stood there, his bland and monotonous voice making his tone and emotion hard to understand. “Those seem to be such gifts.” his hand would reach out and place onto the elf’s shoulder as the runes glowed down his arms. His eyes flashing for a moment, “Titles that any lowly man would dream of.” His voice still soft and calm. Without a single warning his right arm would suddenly jab forward with full force to the boy’s diaphragm. His muscles instantly growing tense and more defined as veins began to pulse along his body. The sudden rush of blood and euphoria of battle more than evident on him without his armour. While the jab was sending his left leg would be striking up as well in attempts to send a powerful strike into the top of his side, one that could easily bruise or even rupture the kidney if it struck right. “But I am no lowly man. I am loyal to my queen.” His voice now boomed as his namesake was evident to anyone near him. His teeth bared in a sadistic and murderous grin as he glared down to the elf, whether he collapsed or not. He would soon. A sudden burst showing a single tendril of his aura spiralling up and around his body. He held a fighting stance, his body open in several locations. Though none lethal, on a normal human it would cause immense discomfort if struck there. His hatred of the elf clear, “Never betray Queen. Rage break knife ears. Use worthless elf as dye.” His body tensed even further as the red, pupil-less orbs sat dead on the traitor. “Break knife ears...break puny bones...” He slammed a fist into his chest making a loud thudding noise, “Obliterate...stain...” His voice now dark and primal as he took heavy, bestial breaths.

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Guest_Qeuiris: He couldn’t breathe. He was terrified. He was basically dead. His life flashed before him. He saw the man he used to be. He realized he made a mistake. He Was dying, his life was short lived. He had made a mistake. As he was lying on his back. He got up , using all his energy he got up, still not being able to breathe using all his energy going to the nearest sharp point. With the moment when he walked up to the castle looking at the castle wondering if this was going to be his home, to the moment the queen “insulted him” to the point where he got punched so hard he couldn’t breathe. His last words were “or die trying” as he slammed his head against the sharp point.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet watched from the stairs as her instincts were right once again, “I knew something was up,” She said as she watched some elf person get himself into trouble with a member that she didn’t know very well, She got up from her spot and cheered for him after she ran to the top of the stairs, “woo, go get em.” She said with her fist pumping in the air, She gave one last cheer before quickly going to her room to retire for the night and kick whoever was in her room again-

VincentKaos: Rage slowly followed the man as he crawled, “Don’t you take from me. Rage kill...RAGE DESTROY FILTHY ELF WITH OWN HANDS!!!” he would stomp down with intense force just before he impaled himself, making sure the last feeling he had was Rage’s foot crushing his skull, dominating him fully even in death. He ignored the point piercing his own foot as he continued to step down roaring like a wild animal. Pushing down until the elf’s head burst like a berry and squished between his toes as blood sprayed up his leg and across the floor. Like the wild beast he had become in his anger he pounded and his chest and roared with an intensity that would make most back away. The actions of a alpha beast proving his dominance over another. He looked down as his skin stung, “Traitorous knife ear was a milk drinking spell flinger too?!” He began stomping madly on the corpse with no respect or care as if he was nothing more than a mud hole, his body once again turning red as he would dye his flesh crimson from the man’s blood. Over and over again he slammed his foot down until he was stepping on a pile of mulch and stone from the floor beneath. Small cracks forming as he mercilessly erased the very body from existence through brute force and hatred.

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Hour later
Anaya: She watched as the maids cleaned up the mess on the floor from Rage and his antics, she did liek that one, he reminded her of a time long ago when she would have done the same, just smash anything that stood ageist her, even now she would do the same, smash everything into dust if it dare stand ageinst her but now there was politics and moral guidelines in her mind but Rage did not have any at all, she could point her finger and he would do anything she wanted...anything...she paused in thought but then cleaned the unpure thoughts from her mind as she got up and walked to the back room to strip herself of her gown that had blood drips on the bottom of it, stained and there was no way to get blood out of this one, another gown ruined due to someone who was stupid enough to pull something so dimwitted to ask a loyal guard to help them kill the ruler, and on top of it, say things and plead for them right behind the target of ones ill intent. But some humans and beings were just that dumb. She leaned ageist the wall as she let out a breath her dress pooling around her feet as she stepped out of it. Her snow white hair falling from its tie and laying around her shoulder as she wondered what to put on, in lack of her choices with white and picked something a bit different and softer. Walking over to the wardrobe in the privet downstairs bathroom for her and only her she picked up a lace peach gown down, slipping it around her hips and having it hang from her figure. You could see her female unmentionable areas through it and she did not mind one bit. Anaya cared very little for the human covering ones self and she was always known for being extremely vain and a sucker for a compliment or a person who's eyes strayed from her face down. Picking up a soft brush she ran it in her hair and put her hair over her shoulder and out of her face picking up her glasses off the skink top and puting them back on. She still had a couple documents to sign and things to read before the days done and with the old red eyes not being the same when reading humanistic words, she liked the help the glasses gave her. Samuel wall walking beside the castle knight Sif wall walking had shifted down with hardly a sound, he was rather good at it at this point in life being as silent as he could when shifting, unless he did not care then he would tore break things and storm off. As they passed the stone tower he had fully destroyed wall in his grump. A troll walking past him giveing a nasty snarl. “i guess i will have work to do wont i” he said softly as he lent over picking up a snow ball and tossing it in the air as they walked “think she will be mad at me?” he knew Anaya cared a lot for her things she worked hard for it all after all, but he also knew his temper was a hard thing to stop.

TheLadySif: “If she is mad, it sure will liven things up.” Chuckling to herself she walks on, kicking a block or two to the side. Sif smiled then let it slip from her face as she met up to the guards. She never let anyone really see her carefree or soft. She preferred no one get particularly close to her as she never knew how long she would be around. The reminder of that thought had her glance to Samuel for only an instant. Once stepping inside she tossed her spear onto her shoulders, resting her arms onto each side with her wrists upon it. She lifts her chin in gesture. “Why don’t we go find our dearest Lady Anaya?”

Anaya: Samuel took in a breath as he was readying himself for the lecture or to be ignored and told to do something. He was sure she was ready for him and a part of the wyvern was extreamly scared of his mate. But with a smile on his face he nodded to Sif and then remove the smile as he walked up to the guards “were is Anaya?” he sternly asked the guard as the guard removed his helmet as he wissled from his missing teeth. “ssshe issss in da throne roomm” he said as Sam gave a not impressed brow lift as the man had not only a whistle to his words but a stupid lisp. He waved his arm as the guards looked at him funny “you both are dismissed from your posts for now, go rest and eat and then come back, you look starving” the guards kinda shocked with it why was Samuel in a seemingly good mood “thank you sir for your kindness” the other guard barked out as he took off his helmet as well “don't fucking thank me and get your backsides inside before i change my mind” the guards ran off there armour slightly clanking together. He let out a slight sigh as he looked to Sif “you tell anyone i was nice I will toss you in the river” he gave a chuckle as his green eyes shimmered as he looked at her.

Apocryphon: On one of the only roads leading to and from the village beneath the castle walked a rather large man with a single pack slung low over his shoulder. His attire was a grey and black ensemble, a tidy shirt underneath a long over coat, his leggings were black with bits of steel plating worked into the fabric as a type of protection. His hair was a white color, seemingly frozen in place as he walked at his usual relaxed pace, his weight on the snow underneath his feet caused it to crunch with every heavy step he took. A few of the passersby noticed who it was, as he did do some work for various people in town, helping the poorer folks with patching holes in the derilict homes they found themselves in, in many ways Wraythe was an enigma, a lazy mooch who didn't contribute all that much, though with the correct task he was quite focused. The last anyone had seen of him was when he left quite some time ago an a personal mission of his own, heading even farther north towards the icy homeland he had been exiled from many years ago, enough that some may call it ancient history if they were asked to comment on it. Wraythe decided to return to the place he had been camping near for quite some time, the inhabitants of the ruling castle had a love/hate relationship with him however, watching him laze about on boring days, yet hop up to help if there was someone in trouble. His usual campsite was in the wooded area surrounding the castle, a small clearing large enough for a two man shelter, fire pit, and a rather small training area for himself to sharpen his swordplay and meditate to keep the crazed being in his head from coming forth whenever he pleased, perhaps after he set up his shelter and visited the castle he would see if he could have an actual place in the castle, a job of sorts if you would, perhaps being a handyman seeing as guard work wasn't exactly his forte anymore, though he wouldn't shy away from the chance at keeping the place in some semblance of order while he was staying, and if he got lucky he might even procure a room to stay in inside the castle. Once his shelter was completed he gathered his things and placed them inside, slinging the twin blades he used in battle over his shoulder and onto his back, affixing the strap that held them in place until it was comfortable before making his way to the castle, nodding lightly to the guards at the main gates as he passed and moved to the doors to the main hall, pushing them open with a small smile on his face as the familiar warmth hit him in the face

TheLadySifTheLadySif Whisper: Nodding slightly, she shifts her gaze to him for a brief moment before smirking lightly. “I saw and heard nothing my Lord.” She watches the guards run off and raises a brow. Good riddance, the ass holes were always watching her with distrust or with a lustful eye. Ever since the weather warmed up, she had to resort to less clothing but it was normal to be scantily clad usually for her people if you were a woman. With a light sigh, she shook her head then bowed her head to Samuel, gesturing inside for him to enter first. Once he would pass, she would follow behind, hooking her spear to the leather clasp at her back and relaxing for entering home again. Her ears twitched a bit and she turned on her heels, nose itching a bit. With a furrowed brow, she noticed a male she hadn’t met before. Sif being Sif, she immediately didn’t like him and crossed her arms.

Anaya: Looking at her with a oddly soft gaze Sam smiled “only grunts need to call me lord, you can call me Sam miss Sif” he smiled as he walked past, as soon as he got past the doors that smile instently turned to nothing but a half scowl. Walking past another male his shoulder hit the male in the shoulder as he walked past with a snarl under his breath, god guests were all over the place it was annoying at times when they just stood dead center like this was a commoners place. He walked up to his mate who was siting nicely in the throne holding her book and marking things in it with her ink covered index finger claw. “Anaya, you look nice in that outfit my dear” he said formally as he picked up her free hand and placed a kiss to the top of it. She looked at him as her glasses slid down the bridge of her nose as her red eyes shimmered in the touch light “nice to see you are done your fit, what caused you to be so upset” her voice stern but with a slight amount of softness “oh it was nothing, a guard not doing his job, such a simple task it is to hold ones post, i just have a short fues today, my apology dear” he lied but she did not need to know anything else. As soon as Noki noticed her father as she lifted her head up from the ground and then gave a snort as he gave her a scowl, she put her head down “were is Ryu my dear?” Samuel asked as he looked around the room. “i do think he fell a sleep before the fire place in the study, he will wake anytime and he needed a nap. As well as you forgot to take the gold from our daughter down to the hold, i had a guard do it for you, and later in the day you are to spend time with your son, AND your daughter” she looked at him as he looked at his female child and glared at her disliking how she looked at him “yes Anaya” was all Samuel said as he took his chair beside his mate. Anaya looked up spotting wraythe, that was a face she saw before, not for overly long he was with the castle for about two weeks before he vanished without a trace, she guessed the bears got the worker. “you are not dead, thought you were” she said softly as she looked at the man fixing her lace gown.

Apocryphon: Wraythe's hand drifted to his face as he pulled the covering from it, giving a full view of the various markings that littered his facial features, the deep blue orbs of his eyes shifting this way and that for any signs of a familiar face, though he did notice one who had set their eyes upon him, looking the woman up and down he cocked a brow he realized people were as distrustful as ever around here it seemed, and with good reason he supposed, most people were here to pedal something, whine about something, or just generally cause trouble. His pace was relaxed, letting his guard down a small bit, but not completely as spoke, the tone of his voice low "If i've offended you in some way i do apologize Miss, i'v-" His words were cut off by the male who passed hitting his shoulder as he went by, keeping his words to himself he brushed off his coat and looked towards the throne room where the woman had spoken to him, he let out a soft chuckle and shrugged, stepping forward a bit as he spoke "Sorry to disappoint you Milady, but i am quite proficient in combat, even though my mannerisms wouldn't show it" His back straightened before he bowed at the waist "If you do not remember my name, it is Wraythe Valkiri, apologies for my sudden disappearance, i had a bit of a personal matter to handle farther north, took longer than expected" He looked to the male who had passed him a bit before and sighed "And hello to you Samuel, pleased to see you're still without proper manners" His demeanor was always that of a smartass, though when tasked to do something it was done, albeit against his will "Forgive me if i'm a bit forward here, but do you have any possible openings in the guard, perhaps a maintenance and grounds keeping crew? When i'm left to my own devices i can be quite...destructive i suppose is the right word to use"

TheLadySif: Her eyes widened and she dropped her arms at Samuel’s words then nodded just as quickly. “Yes… Sam…my Lord.” Raising her brow at being appraised so brazenly, she took a step towards him but was distracted for a moment by Samuel bumping him. She stifles a chuckle and simply looked at the man. Sif looked to Anaya and bowed her head slightly only to shift her gaze back to the man in question, an obvious sign that she wanted to know how to go about reacting to this person. She sneered just a slight bit as he spoke of Samuel’s manners, bristling at his audacity. For a moment she was pissed then she thought better of it and decided she liked his attitude. Not everyone would be as soft as some of the guards she trained with here. She was even more surprised at his request, having expected something more tedious or annoying from the visitor. Sif stays right next to him and looks back to Anaya and Samuel.

Anaya: Anaya moved her finger and crossed out something in her book as she looked up once more at Wraythe “yes i remember who you are, you vanished in the night wall the stable was only half done, grounds worker, you hardly got the stable done before winter and my late eldest son had to fix up your job. There is a spot as troll keeper for you, it i remember right you had a nice friendship with them” Sam laughed at his mates comment then looked to Wraythe as he gave a cocky smirk. “nice to see you as well Wraythe, still a, what handy man ” he looked to Anaya and leaned back in his chair as he shut his eyes for a moment to open one just to look over at miss Sif but then keep his gaze back to himself. He loved her look, he loved the cold on her skin, it was like she was a chilled shimmering dream, a dream that understood him, but he could not figure out his feelings at this point in regards to her. He smiled and then kept silent as he relaxed.

Apocryphon: His facial features didn't even shake at the mention of trolls, though with a light shrug he spoke "If trolls are where you wish me to be, then trolls it is, it keeps me out of the company of pompous asses i suppose" His eyes drifted to Samuel before he placed his hands in his pockets, taking out a small coin to shuffle it between his fingers "Trolls are simple enough creatures, they don't take anything for granted, and trained correctly they can be useful in many different ways, and if that's all you have for me then i suppose i'll see to my post" His eyes looked straight forward at the two of them in their thrones, laughing a bit at some of the thoughts swimming around his head before quieting down, waiting to see if either of them had some ending quips to hand out to him, or words meant to demean him

TheLadySif: Annoyance peaked, she rolled her eyes. Knowing she had no business taking up for Samuel, who could handle himself, she took one more glance to the three before throwing up her arms silently and walking off to the kitchen. She didn’t eat often, but having used her magic in abundance, she was feeling peckish. She rounded the corner and swing into the kitchen, lifting her chin and smirking. “Have you all missed me? I have not been here to make your life hell all day. Please allow me to remind you how much you’ve missed me.” She then saunters in and props her ass on top of the cool counter, then begins naming off things she may or may not want to eat. The servants scramble, worry marring their features in anticipation of what she will bother them with tonight.

Anaya: Samuel looked to wrayth and then looked over to Anaya “my dear he has walked out not only once before but twice, your memory has never been overly good, i do think it would be good to reconsider, he is a shit shovel-er for sure but a better match for the placement will be sure to turn up. And one with there loyalty in order, we are not in need for this one” Anaya's eyes looked over to Sam, he did not speak up often but when he did he made good points. “that is truth, and we don't need a handie man, as well as the trolls need something that can stick they are simple beasts for sure, so need something that is not unreliable.” her red eyes lifted up as she looked to the male. “find the door, we do not need you as my mate has made good points, we need loyalty here in this castle and you simply have not been able to uphold that stand. You hold nothing we need so hold no worth” she looked back to her book as her free hand pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. Anaya softly diped the tip of her claw back in the ink pot as she marked something down in the record book. Samuel looked at to Anaya as he smiled and then watched Sif head out to the dinning hall, once she was gone “Anaya, i wish to take that hunting trip to the sea to get us rather large fish, and bluber as well, i was told it is good for the skin but i am unsure so i wish to seek this out. And i was wondering....may i bring Sif if she wishes to come.”

Apocryphon: He gave another shrug and nodded "Well, should anyone need me then my camp is close-by, i'll be taking my leave and into the town to help some of the folk there" His words were in the same calm tone he usually spoke in, letting them talk amongst themselves before turning and speaking once more "Oh, and one more thing if i may Milady, should any of the guards need a bit of training, do feel free to send them my way, your memory may not be to well, but i have kept quite a few of your staff from being killed" And with that he stepped out of the throne room, whistling a light tune as he shuffled along, the main doors creaking open as he stepped back out into the air of the outside world and towards the castle town to restock on supplies, and perhaps find a place of employ there

Anaya: looking over to Sam she put her book on her lap “that hunting trip you mentioned earlier yes, you may head out on that as soon as you wish, and if she wants to she can go, you don't think you can take care of yourself?” Sam looked down at his toes then back up as he looked to Anaya “no it is not that, i simply wish the company” “and how do you plan to get her all the way to the sea, if you go by steed it will take weeks if not months to get there and back” Sam would shudder a bit as he talked “she..she can ride on my back.. we will fly there” “you would allow someone to ride upon your scales?” Anaya looked at him and put her book away taking off her glasses, this was a topic that needed to be talked about for sure. A elder Grand wyvern allow an elf to ride upon its back, that was not the Sam she knew. She paused as she looked over to wrayth as she nodded her head “very well if someone needs training i will have them seek you out, but do not hold your hopes on it Wraythe” in the back of her mind her memory was bothering her, she knew him from long ago but could not put her claw in the details. But without paying much mind to it she looked back to Samuel as she watched from her side vision Wraythe leave the castle and be on his way. “yes, i do have a old saddle under the castle, I shall place it upon my back and she shall come with me, it is not unknown for a dragon to have a partner in flight” he barked back as as he looked at his mate “no it is not unknown but you have never taken once since before you were brought here” Sam nodded his head “yes i know this, and she shall not be a rider of mine, only to make this trip easier as i enjoy her company” “i do like that knight Samuel, please do not soil her and break her, she is elven you know this” Sam looked at anaya and knew that if lady Sif touched him she would get extremely ill and face the embrace of death but the saddle would keep her from that it was wider in covering his back and even part of his neck so she would only ever touch leader and not his hide. “she will not be harmed, i do not want us to lose fighters. She is skilled and good for the castle. I will see to it my saddle will prevent her from touching me in any way, as well as i was told the vile of cure we hold broke due to shaking under the castle, it fell from the pedestal and shattered so i will have more made” “that is fine Samuel, there is a map made of the lands and the trip you sould take to get to the sea. It is in the study if you need it” Sam nodded getting up from his chair and kissing her cheek before he went on his way back to the study to look at the map.

TheLadySif: Sifrella kicked her feet slightly, as she sat and ate a simple bowl of cold soup with sheep’s meat and potatoes. The staff had calmed, knowing that now she would be happy for a few moments. A maid next to the sink was the only one not calm as Sif stared holes into her back. The maid was making a large bowl of ice cream, shaking and adding another scoop as Sif made disapproving sounds with each one. She tilted her head every now and then, leaving a silence that made the woman even more nervous. Hiding her smirk and stifling her laugh at her silly yet usual antics, Sif turned her attention back to her soup. She was at the bottom of the bowl so she slid it onto the table and hopped down from the counter. She turned her back to the kitchen door and dining hall as she pulled out a small book she often brought out to read. It was worn and tattered from obvious re-reading. Sweeping hair behind her ear, she lets the servants off the hook.

PayneZileQueen: The wind was blowing hard trough the mountains of Ignoros. The volcano nearby seemed to be resting. As it has been for the last few years. The smoke seemed to be less than usual, but that did not come with a fair warning. It could still explode today, but as it has been seen the way it is for many, many years. The calmth remained. With a high sun reflecting the sandstone like a mirror. A flare of light broke by a metallic object. It was a Broadsword that swung trough the air, held by a man who is very familiar with the mountains of Ignoros. Every stone, every cave. Every single pebble and pathway, hidden or known. Are known to the hermit who has made the mountains his home. Damon Salvatore, a member of the Salvatore family of the East. One of the few Fire Elves that had moved from their home town to be doing something with their lives. What was Damon's goal in life? He didn't have any, but he spent his days training in the use of his weaponry, Martial Arts, and also his firey skills. A jump was made, one that formed itself into a spinning kick. While a fireball was formed within the palm of Damons free hand. As if it was an actual ball that could be touched. It was shot by the use of Damons left foot touching it lightly. With a fast pace, the ball of yellow/orange flaming light found a target into a stone wall. And with a fluid landing. Damon simply continued on with a slash of his sword. At rest now, standing tall with his 7 foot 2. The wind blew trough Damon's brown/black hair. The blindfold covering Damon's once amber but now black and red eyes did not shine any light trough. But Damon could still see, even though it was not in the way any other man would see. Instead of what for someone else would seem like a giant yellow-ish plate of sandstone. Looked black for Damon, with every single stone and shape looking like an outline. A charming smile appeared on Damons face as he saw a butterfly take shape in the distance. In a soft Italian accent, he spoke to himself. "Ah, it seems like it's the time of the year once more. Means winter is over"

Anaya: As Samuel walked over to the study hall once walking in and glancing around, grabbing the map he needed, he lisped out and took a detour to slip into a side room to backdoor his way to the kitchen. He new she would be there and he just had to go over there, much to do and he needed to ask her right away if she would come with, yes stick to the fishing trip story you had to get that done anyway and really bring back some fish there was just naother stop he would leave out till they were already in the air...oh ya. The air part, riding him, god that would be a fun one to explain and even more fun to do he thought to himself as he rolled up the map and sliped into the kitchen. As he moved he walked over to a table a small ways from miss Sif trying not to see like he was following her. He was, and he wanted her to notice him, rolling out the large map of this drawn out land mass he st down to look it over his green eye moving up to look at miss Sif and then look back down to his map.

ILoudI: Seraph squirmed wildly as he was surrounded by servants, noticing his repetitive pressence within the kingdom and his ragedy clothing tracking dirt on the floors it seems they've taken it upon themselves to get him all cleaned up to meet properly with the Queen. "Is it a girl or a boy? Look at this how odd.." They all chattered as the poked and prodded at him.. growling and protesting with nips at their hands he was dunked in water and scrubbed rigorously. "Oh! boy.." One maid giggled, scrubbing him lower than accepted.. he couldn't retaliate with a bite as he so wanted, due to a foreign object being shoved in his mouth scraping against his teeth. "Grawrrr!" He kicked and splashed, this light feathery sweet scent..was so unusual..where was the grimey dirt scent he was so familiar with. Trying to crawl out of the tub his claws marked up the edges as he frantically flailed around wanting nothing to do with water. He felt so useless, everyone was monsters in size.. he had a towel slapped over his head ruffling his hair and rubbed rigerously all over his small frame nearly shaking his eyes out of his head as he scampered away from them..only to be snatched up by another! it was absolute hell. He was spritzed with another bizzare fragrance that made him smell like a freaking flower. "Im still yet to be convinced that this is a girl.." Muttured one of the servants.. before they pulled a white tunic over him.. that hung off of one of his shoulders and had a frilly effect to the edges and sleeves.. he was too small for the garment if hung low to his knees.. his hair was brushed and pulled to the side covering his one green eye before they poked a rose behind his ear. "Leave the trousers off..her majesty may get a kick out of this.." The women giggled before carrying him off downstairs plopping him down on the floor for all to see. Shaking like a leaf the poor boy didnt know what to do with himself, biting nervously on his fingers cheeks flustered he never cried a day in his life before but the embarassing feeling welling up within made him want to do just so..""

TheLadySif: Her ears twitched then she rubbed her nose, already able to smell Samuel entering the kitchen. She was slightly confused at the direction of the smell due to the fact that she was in front of the entrance but paid it no mind. The moment she caught his scent, she tucked her small book away. Looking up, she watched him have a seat and then discreetly but not so discreetly look to her. Sif turned to face him, leaning against the counter but offering a respectful bow of her head. “My….ah Samuel.” Quickly correcting, she shook her head and lifted her head again. Her eyes were a bit questioning as she didn’t expect to see him again so soon after she left the throne room. “Is there anything I can do for you, as my Lady Anaya’s knight, i also serve you."

DarkDelaMorte: -Having been sent off to the Study Trev sighed quietly to himself a tad annoyed at the newcomer the First Born had allowed into these hallowed halls. He would than sit in the study quietly pulling out reference material after reference material out of a bag of holding he had received from Savat, it had held his staff of healing but upon further inspection it seemed to have a large assortment of books from Trev’s old office back when he was a guardian apparently Savat was giving him a not so subtle message about any chances of returning to the people. As such there was a large amount of book scattered all over the place in mounds and piles as Trev mumbled quietly fingering through them as he examined the stone. On a table in front of him he had etched into the table a small ritual circle with carved statutes he had sculpted during his thinking times placed in six points in order to focus the energy and aura’s of the room- “this would be….so much easier if I had my eye” –he mumbled sounding annoyed as he stood up quietly and focused his chi onto the diagram once more. Quietly the statues lit up causing the rune markers on the table to light up as well. Small hands seemed to reach out feeling the object as he waited quietly for the information to flow through him as he blinked- “A….stone of holding? No…to complex algorithm the aura seems to flow in and out of it easily….it doesn’t react to magic…but the spirits are fond of it despite its…lackluster apparel.” –he tilted his head confused at this discovery- “what does it hold….” –he said loosing focus for a moment as he closed his eyes for a moment- “Shit” –he said in old elvish as the runes flared up in annoyance with having been ignored by Trev for only a moment as he would subsequently be sent back flying into the study wall going through stacks of books as they fell on top of him as well as other books and objects as the sound was for sure to be heard by many people as Trev laid there for a moment simply thinking to himself about the stone as he was a bit trapped under the books his foot twitching every once in a while as he was not exactly in a hurry to burst out.- “how to get out…and not damage the books…” –he said to himself as on the desk the stone glowed a bit and his eye caught it- “interesting….why did it react….could it be sentient? No no no….that would have a different spirit result…wouldn’t it?” –he said as he thought about it quietly some more feeling a bit of discomfort now from being trapped under a pile of books for almost a few minutes now as he blinked- “I wonder if anyone actually heard that….i would hope not it would be quite embarrassing to be caught like this…albeit interesting reactions I enjoy I dare not be caught in such a manner where I am trapped by my own obsession.” –the rooms books where a bit in disarray as most of Trev’s books were clearly marked in the old elven lounge and the other books were in common for obvious reasons. Anyone trying to enter would have some issue getting in as the door to the study was blocked by a pile of books. As well the windows, if any, would not be easy to break through as Trev had put spirit watchers on it in order to look out for Savat whom crows had been seen around the castle all day at this point seeming to taunt everyone that killed one while the real Crow was simply standing outside unseen by all.-

Anaya: Ryu had woken from his sleep as he walked out his claws dragging as he went. Head down his for head almost touching the ground as he gave a snort and fell on his backside trying to itch behind his ear fin. Shaking his head and blinking the big blue eyes the golden scaled 800 pound baby walked out and into the main hall. His mother was no were to be found, but there was a little thing standing there, it was so small and it smelled like a flower. Ryus nose went down as his tail went up thrashing back and forth as he was ready to jump on it. Samuel in the dinning hall sat there as he looked up to a maid bringing him a plate of meat, he nodded his head and shooed the maid away as he took a chunk of meat and put it in his mouth, eating away at the slab he looked at the ma, tracing it with his finger and pointing at the part that marked “Stoivanian Castle” he was a very odd name for a location as he nodded his head up and down marking it in his mind were he was to go and how he had to get there, it would take about three weeks to get there by cart but on the wing it would be more like one week to fly that distance, they would stop at a tavern here, and get some food here and have to really pack to get there Samuel was going to be a pack mule for this trip, as he new the elf had to eat as well as he did and he enjoyed food a little to much. Picking up a farmers cow on the way was not a overly hard thing to do, fly down pick up the cow, eat it wall still flying, drop the dead body don't hit anyone house. He had spent months on the wing before but never with a passenger. He paused as he looked to the map then looked up noticing Sif had moved to his flank beside him “i have asked for a trip to go to the sea, we are needing to get fish, i was wondering....” he stoped talking and looked back to the map unsure how to word things. Samuel paused hearing the bang...Anaya would handle that he thought to himself as he looked back to his map. Unknowing to him that Anaya would not have handled that as she was under the castle in the hold putting the gold from before into a safe place and allowing Noki to play in the mass of gold coins down there as she cleaned up as well some bodys that were left there by the spiders and the body of that other king as well.

TheLadySif: Sif raised a brow, looking from Samuel to the map. Not being able to make up from down looking at the map she just pretends she understands. Her eyes roam over the page, simply reading all the random words, lost in terms of direction. “It sounds like it will be a lovely trip my lord Samuel.” Looking back up as she is handed a large bowl of ice cream she continues. “Although I am not sure how I can aid in such a thing. It is hardly a quest that needs my hand.” Sif stirs the ice cream happily, although her expression is the usual stoic one. She licks her lips before spooning what is mostly whipped cream

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ILoudI: Seraph blinked, hesitantly turning around to see the rather large creature behind him...he wasn't freightned he was still just traumatized by the experiance of a bath..sniffling sadly he took a single step away from the dragon seeing how it was in a rather "Pouncy" mood. Not that he would mind it, he'd have to transform in order to play in the manor the dragon was accustomed to..but that was a lot of work. Lowering back onto the floor humiliated as all hell, he pulled his knees into his chest hiding his face from all the giggling servants and passer-bys. "Ryu" He muffled to himself, this is what they called this creature..he remembered not that it was important to him but it was a nice name. "A dragon...named Dragon." He looked at the brighly colored creature wiping his nose on his sleeve. The boy could tell the creature was still very young, despite acting as so..but more than anything he was stalling, he really didnt want to be pounced..and in this form he really couldnt handle that amount of pressure on his body.. running his fingers nervously through his pale locks he held his hand up as if it were a shield to tell the beast to back up. "No.." Last time he ate was days ago, the crumb bits the Guards gave him..if Ryu jumped on him..forget eating again he may never breath again!

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev slowly began to focus his magic and took some deep breaths as he closed his good eye and focused on using mage hand to slowly remove the books one by one off of his person as the last thing he wanted to do is hurt the books even if that meant hurting his own being. The sounds of books being slowly stacked could be heard by those outside the room as Trev hummed quietly to himself seeming not to care about the mound of books pressing on his chest as he was thankful for this time that he had been allowed to keep his old Guardian armour. He heard some cawing that sounded like laughs as he screamed out loud in old elvish tongue- “Bite me Savat you damn queef huffer” –he said scoffing as that was the worst language you would hear from a grey elf in their language as he continued mage handing the books of himself one by one as after a few moments his head was out but his eyepatch was off revealing his usually covered eye. While his other eye was a pale hue of violet and rose this eye was far different as it was like a blue pearl that seemed to twirl around in his eye socket focusing on everything as Trev bit down on his lip and looked around- “Patch, patch where is my patch” –Trev spoke in common sounding worried as his hands slowly began to move about the books sliding some off ever so carefully. He looked over to the desk and saw his wood carvings had turned to ash as he scoffed once more- “Sure spirits I am so sorry I hurt your feelings” –he said out loud to no one as he looked around- “I said one sentence without mentioning you is it really that much of an offense to think out loud?” –he shook his head and continued his slow process of removing books now separating the books by what was his and what belonged to the study as he rolled his eyes at whatever was talking to him.- “I don’t care if you control the ebbs and flow of magic your still being rude” –he said as he received a shock of pain to his brain- “Ahhhh okay, okay lay off the mind stuff, I do not need that today” –he said now looking pissed to anyone who was unlucky enough to enter at this point. Trev pulled a knife from his sleeve and tossed it up now having it free, as it struck a crow and it thus became ash as he barked a laugh- “How does that feel Savat?” –he smirked at the shadows as Trev finally manages to roll out of the books and onto the floor cracking some of his joints back into place as he looked towards the door a bit annoyed- “Glad to see that people in this castle are not concerned about loud bangs” –he said in a monotone voice- “or the priest for that matter” –he shook his head and reached for his staff pulling it to himself with mage hand as he attempted to pick himself back up feeling some pain in his leg- “mmm that’s broken, need to fix that once I sit down”

Anaya: Samuel looked over at Sif as he rolled up the map into a tube “company and a voice of reason, i....want to be your friend, trips are what elven friends do right?” he asked her as his green eyes looked into her own. He was trying, that part was very clear as he tried to be friendly with the knight. “the fun part will be getting there, it is at the far side of the world, months by horse back, so....have you ever flown?” he gave a smile as he looked at her, he wondered to himself did she know much about Wyverns did she know he was extremely toxic to touch, would she mention how she would fly, how any of it was to happen. He took the paper and put in in the leather strap around his waist line as he wanted to take her hand and motioned then stopped “come we must head down to the basement to get something... you can come” he new that Anaya told everyone that NO ONE but the rulers were allowed down there, but he was the king so basically he could do what ever he wanted anyway and that was were his saddle was held. Ryu looked to the boy, he was cowering, golden dragons did not jump on things that coward, mother told him that one night in a story book, telling him honour and pride. Ryu walked over to the little human looking boy and pushed the boy with his nose, smelling him and flicking his forked tongue out at him. The boy told him no as Ryu lifted his head and let out a trying to be big roar, and along with his roar he flapped his stub like chicken wings, he looked more babyish wall he wanted to look formidable. Were was mother anyway, he wondered as he looked around holding his head high and letting out little yowl like calls, getting no response from his mother as clearly she was not around to hear him he looked back to the little human like boy with nothing on his bottom half. Ryu lowered his head down sniffing the human looking boys bottom bits then looked to himself, he had nothing on down there to and turning to look back to the boy he gave a chip sound as if to say i don't have anything there ether. All the while Anaya was taking Noki out the back of the castle and out of the hold to go do there own thing and enjoy mother daughter time.

TheLadySif: She nods, while taking a large dollop of ice cream into her mouth and savoring the coolness of it. At the word friend, she hesitated, slowly puling the spoon from her mouth but looking down, a bit shy about having a friend, and the King of all people. She simply nodded. Did she have any friends? Not wishing to think of her past, she simply nodded again to his question about elves going on trips together. Clearing her throat to find her voice she looked up then looked away again as she saw him looking at her, stuffing more ice cream into her mouth, but only a tiny bit. “Ah, well no, I am surely no flying elf.” She smirks and chuckles lightly. “How would you expect me to fly there, I am no dragon either m-Samuel.” Sif shrugs lightly then blinks, setting down her bowl immediately and going to his side at his order.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev moved over to take a seat keeping his blue eye closed as he was not a fan of having it open. While it was not a danger to anyone in particular it did always feel weird to have wind blowing past and eye that did not exactly fit into the socket. As such he preferred to keep it closed or covered in case anyone had an overwhelming urge to touch it as he lowered his hand down to his broken leg and slowly start flowing in magic as he calmed his nerves and relaxed as the feeling of euphoria going through his body. He looked up with his good eye towards the ceiling and scowled a bit at the crows he noticed and sighed- “I suppose you know now” –he said looking towards the door quietly. Than back down to the table as he examined the stone a bit more with his free hand having put the staff over to the side leaning against the wall as it seemed his mage hand was still sorting the books was a testament to Trev’s mastery of multi-tasking. Trev looked at the stone quietly and narrowed his eye- “you are a curious stone for sure….but something concerns me about you…” –he said playing with the stone in his hand- “I feel as though you have been probed before…examined by another why is this stone of mysteries?” –he inquired out loud as the Elf chuckled quietly to himself and put down the stone for a moment to pick up a book near himself as he examined the book not having seen it before. He opened it up and began reading it as his other hand focused on healing his leg as he blinked and closed his eyes out of a pain. Not physical but mental as he threw his head back and looked at the crows- “What are you planning Savat…..this book….is a log of orders by the guardians” –he threw the book into the shadows causing one of the crows to come crashing down and turns into the ash as the book fell down as well. Trev covered is eyes with his hand as he thought to himself on what he should do- “do I tell First Born Anaya….or do I stay true to my people” –he mumbled quietly in grey elven to himself. -

PayneZileQueen: Having traveled for 6 days. Back to back, without much rest. Damon whipped the leash he was holding to ride the dark brown steed that he had stolen. Having heard of a legend long ago, never even having thought of it before until now. Damon was seeking answers. Answers of this so called Stone of Teleportation. Of the stories he had heard, it was a stone that would make it possible for it's owner to travel to one end of the world to the other in a matter of seconds. This was most defenitly something that Damon thought would come in as handy in combat, or, if anything. It would save him time on the way back if he was able to acquire it. The dark brown steed huffed as it was getting exhausted, something that Damon was not familiar with, since this was honestly the very first time that he had traveled by horse. But the destination that he had to reach would've taken him months to get from the mountains that he calls his home. Having stolen the steed from the nearby Cobblestone City, he had made his way to the Iron Castle. Or so it was called according to the Goblin that he had sought after for more information of the stone. "She would know where it is, because she is the Dragon who's eyes can see the world" the hell would he know what it means. But he knew that it was important that he would seek this Lady Anaya in her castle, if he wished to be the owner of the Stone of Teleportation. Packed with everything that he thought he would ever need, his trusty dual broadswords, his armor, enough food and drink to last at least 3 weeks. And a piece of fabric that he used to lay upon the ground with. Once the castle was reaching in sight. Damon stopped the horse, and once he stepped off. The horse ran off. "Motherfu!!" With a growl he tried to run after the horse, but it was already long gone, out of sight. Sighing in frustration, he hoped to be able to get a horse to return home with. Otherwise the travelling hermit had a long way to go to reach his home once more. "Well... Only one place to go then." He said to himself, as he turned around and walked towards the castle. Once reached, he looked up at the giant building. Struck in awe, he shook his head and tried to remain his calm. Slightly nervous, simply because Damon doesn't do people all too well, he walked towards the entrance. Having noticed that not a guard was in sight, Damon wondered if this place was even inhabited. The fresh footprints all over the ground would suggest so. "Maybe it's their break time" he thought to himself, remembering his home with his parents. Where he snuck in and out of the house while the guards where on break. A loud noise was close, looking around. Damon noticed a Troll, his eyes widened as he quickly hid from sight. "THESE PEOPLE OWN TROLLS? WHAT?" he screamed to himself in his head, making sure that there was no noise made. Once the coast was clear again, Damon made his way to the entrance. Closing the wooden doors behind him, he saw himself in a hallway. Taking a deep breath, Damon gathered all the courage needed to enter this place. As he took some steps forward.

Anaya: Sam looked right at her, his stabbing green eyes looking into hers “you would ride on my back” he gulped down some saliva as he was on edge and wondering what she would think of him, and she did not respond to his friend comment but she did nod so it was a start right, he did not take much to it he did not understand friendship much so he guessed that was how this kind of thing worked. “i um...have a old saddle, it is under the castle in the hold. I have not used it in over fifty years since i was....since i got here. It may be dusty but it is well made so i am sure it is still good and all” he looked to her as he started to walk hopeing she would follow over to the doors of the dinning hall, he opend the door for her to join him. Ryu had picked up the little naked boy by the top of his shirt walked over to a broom closet opend the door and shoved the little thing in there, kicking the ground and acting like he had hidden away some treasure. He shut the door hard locking the little boy in there as he lifted his head up high and trotting out back into the main hall. Spotting a guest the large baby golden dragon lifted its tail hissing and rattling its body as its dog sized teeth shifted within its maw. Ryu never took guests well after all and his large blue eyes glowed with the intent to jump on the new guest and maybe bite it.

Meanwhile the stone started to glow a light purple, and it would shake slightly but then grow in its movements enough to be dropped down plopping on the desk top and rolling around in a ring all on its own, then stop dead on its side, witch was odd as it had no flat spot on it being a round stone, it sould have kept rolling, but then it simply sat there, glowing.

TheLadySif: ‘You would ride on my back’ ….Sif freezes in her spot, jaw dropping as he uttered the words. She quickly snapped her mouth shut but just stared after him as he began to walk off. It processed slowly in her mind that the King… wanted to fly her himself. She then furrowed her brow and thought more logically, there was another problem. She recalled building snow walls after snow walls around him just earlier and how quickly it all melted. It wasn’t until she thought that through did her shoulders slump. She hadn’t even known the thought of flying was exciting to her until it registered. She could hardly stand near the wyvern when in his form let alone get in a position where she could melt herself. She suddenly let’s out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when she heard the faint sound of Ryu making a fuss. Quirking a brow, she looks to the direction of the main hall, not being able to clearly see what was going on but noticing a figure from where she stood, leaning to look around the corner. Her gaze shifts to the King’s retreating back then to the door. Of course the guards could handle the door, her current situation was a big deal for her, and it seemed to Samuel as well. She quickly caught up with him, her long legs eating up the distance. Soon she was walking just to the left and behind him. “Ah my lo— Samuel, Samuel. I… this… you don’t think…” She closed her eyes and sighed through her nose, at a loss for words.

PayneZileQueen: As Damon took a stepped forward, he could've heard some noises from the main hall. Hearing something what sounded a lot like a door closing. Once the large golden creature appeared, who clearly seemed to think that Damon was a threat, his calm was gone. He had heard of Dragons, but never had he ever seen one. Not to mention a GOLDEN one at that! Taking a few steps back, raising his hands as if he wanted to show no harm. Damon swallowed and then spoke in his Italian accent. "I come with no harm in mind! I am looking for someone, please tell me I'm at the right location for Lady Anaya??" Trying to keep his cool, the Demon inside of him was clearly up for a challenge. Fighting the urge to black out and wreck havoc. Damon kept his eyes locked on the dragon, while he tried to calm himself by breathing in a deep and slow manner. Having some effect, Damon slowly lowered his hands to unsheathe his swords from it's wooden holster on his back. Only to drop them on the floor. "Not wise.. But I don't feel like being roasted.." He thought to himself. Not having noticed the other figure in the background, as there was a giant mouth filled with teeth grinning at him.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev’s leg would have healed at this point as he watches the stone roll around a bit as he uses mage hand to lurch after it grabbing it to examine it as he smirked and began laughing a bit as he smirked- “ah you are a curious one are you not…a specter perhaps? Or a sentient object? Whatever it is you react to emotions it seems.” –he placed the stone on the table and suddenly looked behind him seeing a crow sitting on a pile of books as he looked back in front of him a small golden statue of a dragon was there before him as he took a few steps back and shook his head a bit. This was more or less and illusion but none the less afflicted Trev’s mind with his decision as he began to speak softly- “Who is this spirit? What sort of devil is the? To have me caught in a trap and choose to let me go free? It was his hour at last to put a seal on my fate Wipe out the past and watch me clean off the slate!” –he tossed a book at the crow as it simply turned to ash as two other crows replaced it around him as he began to breath heavier- “And my thoughts fly apart Can this man be believed? Shall his sins be forgiven? Shall his crimes be reprieved? And must I now begin to doubt who never doubted all these years? My heart is stone and still it trembles Thou world I have known is lost in shadow. Is thy word from heaven or from hell? And does he know that granting me my life today this man has killed me even so? I am reaching, but I fall and the stars are black and cold. As I stare into the void of a world that cannot hold I'll escape now from the world” –Trev began to hyperventilate a bit as he covered his mouth and ceased all magic as he closed his eyes and simply prayed for a moment opening his eyes as the crow and statue was gone as he looked to the floor quietly- “such decisions weigh heavily on my mind betrayal of country of betrayal of sight. My word is my own and my thoughts are deprived such decisions can only hurt either my life or my pride. I am a Grey but I am also branded, should I escape from the debt that I paid. The word of the First will let me go free but would banish myself from the life I have only dreamed” –he stood up slowly and looked out the window and sighed- “Savat….you have killed me either way”

Anaya: Spotting his son being a jerk Sam smiled and was alright with it, well until the guest mentioned Anayas name “Ryu my son, come here” As soon as Ryu got wind of his fathers voice intently that tail fell to the ground and the 800 pound baby ran over the floor ignoring the guest to crawl on his belly up to his father then rise once he got to him. A show of respect from the youngling to his father. Samuel ran his fingers along Ryus maw as he took his child's maw in his hands and rubbed his cheek ageist Ryu's nuzzling him with clear affection. He cared very much for his male child the female child he did not give a shit about and wanted dead but the male one was his future and that was going to be treasured. Samuel eyes swayed over to there guest “the child's mother, my mate will be here in due time, were she is is unknown, what is it you need?” he said sternly as he looked at Ryu and could hear the banging behind them “and who did you lock in the broom closet, go let them out will you” sam rolled his eyes as Ryu walked over to the closet he had put that boy in as he moved his foot to push down the handle on the door allowing the door to swing open and allowing the little boy person to fall out more then likly on his face. Walking back to his father Ryu gave low tone cooing sounds showing his submitting to his father as Ryu layed down on the ground beside him and Sif. That rock was rolling yet agein in small rings on the desk and once the words “clean off the slate” were said it rolled and hoped a notch, as it rolled over the image of the red blob like thing, being right on top as it stopped rolling around on the table, still glowing a light purple it hoped again then stopped and was vibrating.

TheLadySif: She turns and opens her eyes calmly, regaining her composure as Samuel addresses the stranger. Running a hand through her hair, which was the only usual way she showed nervousness or distress, she put her shoulders back and lifted her chin. Once again the stoic knight, she walked up to stand beside Samuel, ignoring the dragon child because the little gremlins got on her nerves. Always so small and acting so strange. Sif had not completely shook the shock from the idea of flying than did another thing shock her. With a grim frown, she sets her eyes upon the one in front of her. “…You.” Back when she still had mostly known only elven and struggled with english, she had a run in with this man. She glared, reaching immediately for her double-ended spear and stepping in front of Ryu, who had made his comfort between her and Samuel. She glared. “And what in all of 9 Hells do you think you are doing in this place?!"

ILoudI: Seraph's breathing only grew heavier, in a panic of being enclosed in small dark areas, sweat racing down the side of his face and his back.. he didnt want to mess up the new clothing that was forced on him yet there was that uncontrolled feeling welling up inside of him, whenever he got nervous or felt endangered he shift forms and after seeing what happened when blood was tracked on the freaked him out even more to think what if he changed forms and tore down the door. Gasping for air anywhere.. his eyes would fluctuate between their bi-eyed purple green to an electric yellow shade, and his mouth began pouring blood as his teeth attempted to take form of another. "N-no.." He leaned onto the door before it was tore wide open, dropping onto the floor he curled into a ball shaking like a leaf making the weird gasping sound panicked people do when they're scared shitless out of their poor minds. It was far too soon to assume he would've made a friend here, well espicially in a place like this but he would keep a well note to ot befriend an 800 pound golden baby that has the ability to lock individuals behind doors they're to small to get out of..what if he sat their quietly would anyone ever find him? He'd die probably.

PayneZileQueen: Damon calmed down a bit as the large dragon seemed to have spoken. As he was calming down, he immediately layed eyes on the Arctic Elf that left quite a mark on his back. He looked down, seeing that his swords where out of reach. Looking back up, he grinned in a mocking, yet charming fashion. "Caught up on English have we?" Damon raised his hands, not wanting another run in with her. The years have suited her well, he must admit to that. As it was what, close to a 100 years ago or something since they last met? "I wasn't looking for you" He said to the Elf in their own native tongue. He then took a step back and raised his head, to see the golden dragon play with it's offspring. He hated kids, but alas. Respect needed to be shown, so he did his best not to care for his preference of age when it came to people. "I need her eyes. As it is said that she sees the world. I am looking for a stone." He said, back in English for the Dragon to understand. Damons eyes switching back and forth from the dragon to the elf, and her spear, he wasn't exactly sure as to whom he should be more afraid. He had trained, quite a lot. That was for sure, but if the lady was holding a position as guardian, she might be a very worthy contestant. Something that he would look forward to any time of day. Except for now.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev turned angrily to the rock that seemed to be taunting him now- “oh so now ye wish to see me bleed is it? Take this ones blood into sacrifice? Than take it ye beast, you insignificant being” –he pulls out a knife and slits his wrist as a mixture of crimson and black blood pour from his wrist splashing onto the rock as the smell of burning could be smelt from the blood acidic properties as he scoffs- “drink well vampiric being for this blood is quite good at killing those whom taste its contents” –he speaks quietly to himself recalling all of the creatures stupid enough to taste on his blood and flesh and chuckles- “you are the one who seems to like it more than anyone” –he waited for a moment as the wound slowly began to close as the blood stopped a large pool of red crimson and black blood was on the desk as he watched the rock to see what he did as the crows around him cawed Trev grabbed his staff and shot fire into the shadows- “burn demons of Loki thou sins are mighty as thy master’s flee to the heavens with you and let the darkness of the night be your final resting place” –his spell finished as he turned back to watch what the rock did next-

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