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Dante and BlackFire Empire

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All info for this story line is upon request, everything other then bios for rpcs used and the story line its self is upon request ask Anaya if you want them.

Bios here =

Dante and BlackFire Empire Tumblr_static_cw1f93vm9eog8ggkoog8c84go_1

DanteBlackfire: Dante and the boy took a day to get to where they needed to be, taking as long as it took to investigate the strange murders

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora walked by the cells, the stench of human waste strong in her nostrils. She found a large male in a cell, glaring at her "Dirty whore" the man spat at her and she smirked, "you do " she said as she opened the door. The man never got the chance to utter another word as Pandora placed her hands on either side of his head, her eyes turning white as she pulled both his soul and life force from his body. The sounds of his screams echoing throughout the dungeon ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante and the boy was working for hours to figure out what was going on in the villages taking them a while to find the source of all that was happening they found themselves in a heated battle for over a few hours though they came out on top killing as much of the beasts as possible before returning home

Anaya: A Villager screams in the distance. the sound of woman and children crying out something was going on

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ pandora climbed the stairs out of the dungeon with a satisfied smirk on her face, knowing the guards would dispose of her meal. She made her way to her chambers, knowing a hot bath would be waiting for her. She preferred the tub in her personal chambers as it was larger. She stripped easily and climbed into the steaming water with a contented sigh ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante ran over to where the screams were seeing a woman who was crying stopping her he placed his hands on her shoulders "What is it?"

Anaya: The woman looked at him big blue eyes looking up at him “there is a demon in the house there behind here, killed most the town please help us” she slumped lifelessly onto the ground.
DanteBlackfire: Dante stopped her from falling walking to where the woman was talking about to investigate having his bow loaded and ready to fire

Anaya: As the man left that one woman she turned to nothing but dust behind him but only after he got out of sight. A cheap trick a ploy, a ruse, a nice con to simply draw the next victim into the house. As the door opened when the man entered the smell of dress filled the air. The demon looked up from the bit and claw mark riddled corpse she had her face shoved into. Blood and a lump of intestine dropped and plopped to the ground out of her mouth that lay a slight gap. Her hand held the bowl of the woman she had ripped apart a shrivelling child in the background. The bowl hung from the clawed hand of the demon as her eyes, red and black as ever more night staring aimlessly no feeling no wit, no words. She took the bowl and thrashed it in her hand as a smile came to her lips “stupid fucking thing can never get all the shit out, want to help me? The last one in this town is the boy, sure you will not mind holding this so I can off that little runt to” she could not help herself a crackled laugh came from her neck and mouth as she stood up. She was not overly tall a mere 5 foot 6 maybe a bit more maybe a bit less. Her red and black silken dress hung off lush plump breasts, hips formed and figured into that classic hourglass shape, a boy some men would kill for, skin silken smooth with black ink marks down it defining the shape of her luminous body. She moved her hands up running the intestine part up in-between her breasts the blood seeping into the fabric making it all so very moist. “don’t you want to my good sir, just to, touch it, don’t worry I will not bite” a voice like sweet honey and plum drafted from her breath something so beautiful coming from something so vile.

DanteBlackfire: As Dante made his way in he noticed the seductive woman though his energy could track danger from a mile as Dante made his way in he fired an arrow past her and spoke softly "Who..are you?" He tilted his head slightly as he loaded an arrow into the bow along with the boy he was training who also had a loaded bow ready

Anaya: The arrow fired did not even faze her at all “I am no one little one, but I will be someone in your world sometime soon I promise you” her words as sweet and smooth as silk and lavender blooms. She walked on air as black wings folded from her back and as she dropped the entrails from her hand she vanished and then reformed behind the man’s trainee it looked, the boy not even near as skilled as the older man, but she pushed her breasts up against the man’s back and let out a lustful moan. He was frozen, stunned with thoughts pumping in his little mind “so much weaker than you are, just training him?” she said into the other man’s ear as she vanished just as fast as he could turn around to shoot. She then reformed behind that boy shivering in the corner as she picked him up be the neck holding him in front of her body a meat shield “so tell me, my dear man, so you are the ruler of that castle a ways away, oh what’s it’s called dark, no black something sounds like a peachy place, I will have to make a stop there on my way around this land”

DanteBlackfire: Dante's eyes glowed a bright red as the entire house broke down from the curse black skull appearing behind Dante standing as tall as the mountains though high enough to not harm the village Dante growled and yelled "It's Blackfire, and you have 3 seconds to let the boy go or I will put you down the boy looked at him and nodded Dante nodded back as he looked to the woman the giant black skull-like figure whose upper torso arms and head showing as it looked down at the female

Anaya: she looked at him her eyes looking into his own his little threat display not even moving a hair on her head, everything beautifully placed her dress did not even wave it was as if what was there. Was just too perfect. She took a claw and ran it to the boys neck “power down my dear or the boy gets his head lopped off and I vanish away and you only see me again when I deem it is time. Let’s talk” she kept tight hold to the boy’s waistline as she smiled and her tail wagged back and forth “so what’s the place like? Many people? Is it a booming establishment do you run it alone or are you with wife and child oh how I love children they are so, innocent” she moved down and kissed the boys cheek a black tar like substance seeping into his skin leaving a black spider-like mark. “you don’t even know who I am, so fast to temper so fast to shoot the poor massager spider, you can’t even see that there is a larger spider behind it all. So blind tisk tisk so blind, lets, talk? ” she looked up her claws at the boy’s neck as she smiled and her black tongue slipped over her lips with a grin.

DanteBlackfire: Dante stood there for a moment and then took the arrow off of the bow dropping both it and the arrow as the skull vanished he looked at her and growled "Let him leave..and we can talk alone. Dante looked to her and as his teeth held together the boy yelled out "Dante don't" Dante growled again louder as a sign for the boy to be quiet the boy did as he was told and looked down as he felt the woman kissed his cheek he growled as well

Anaya: The girl held onto the boy as the spider-like mark was growing “he was dead before you ever got here, this town, has the virus, I am simply a form of poison to fix the problem. Anti…venom super concentrated poison, and toxin, virus, sent to remove the main one. But you have not told me what I want to know. Your land, what is it like” she ran a claw around the boys cheek and if the man was closer he would be able to see that black tar-like stuff had started to creep into the little boys left eye. "and you are kinda cute" she gave a wing as her black hair fell in her face and that grin was glued upon her face.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and spoke softly "The land that it sits on has been my family for over 10000 years, I took it over after the rest of my family died I created it, and people started to move in..the boy you are holding is the only child there...he's and orphan" Dante looked at him and nodded as the boy reached in his pocket pulling out a black gem that was able to teleport him away though for some reason it was not working

Anaya: She gripped the boy tightly as his eyes were turning all black and the other one was doing the same, if she was to let go of the boy he would have slumped, he was dying, that was clear, toxin, “what a pity we will have to get some fucking going on in your land, you do not hold children, no wife? so sad a king with no wife” she tilted her head as her claw started to cut down the boys cheek, no blood came out this side of his face was nothing but tar at this point. “they are all dead here. Every last one, man, woman, child, all just food for the spiders, so many spiders, find where they come from, stop the plague from coming to your land, find the spiders find the virus boy, don’t touch no no tisk tisk don’t touch” she let go of the boy and he fell from her and landed on the floor as she stood there over top his body as it was fading, life force flowing from him as his hair was falling out onto the floor “she will attack your home next, the spider queen, bibelith, the spider, will get you. ” she opened her arms and stood there and started to laugh to the point black tears fell from her eyes.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora paced in the castle, worried and angry. Dante had been gone longer than it should have taken him and the boy to check things out and be back. She had sent a scout to check things out hours ago and was simply awaiting their return. her heart raced when she heard the sound of wings, her scout returning. "M'Lady, it looks as though there was a huge battle in the forest. I did not see the bodies of M'lord or the boy he took with him, and the village looked empty from the sky," he said and she nodded. She looked calm on the outside, but inside was another story. Without a word Pandora took off out the door, spreading her own wings and heading towards the village ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante used his feet to kick up and catch his bow in his hand and quickly fires arrows after arrows at her all of them aiming point blank for her chest anger built up as he saw the boy die

Anaya: As the man fired the arrows that were the whole plan, why drop your meat shilled if you did not expect an attack, as the arrows hit her she did not stop laughing and the body fell to the ground in a hill of spiders that ran off and away some crawling over the men’s feet but oddly not laying a single bite to their legs only crawling away, they would bite later.

DanteBlackfire: As Dante's anger grew a black flame appeared around the area burning anything and everything around even the spiders until nothing was left not even ash Dante though managed to grab the boys body pulling him away from the spiders as they burned Dante placed him on the ground looking down at him on one knee looking down in shame

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora landed in the village, silently and gracefully. The wave of death hit her instantly and she groaned in half pleasure half pain. after a moment she sensed where Dante was and made her way to the house that was on fire. She watched it burn as she saw Dante coming with the lifeless body of the boy, placing him on the ground ~ What happened here? ~ she asked, looking around her ~

DanteBlackfire: "I...I couldnt save him....he died because of me...I should never have brought him he wasnt ready. dante took a vile and a small knife cutting open the boys arm to try and put some of the toxin she put in him and closing the cork to keep it there as he placed it in his pocket he stood up as the boys body burned in a black flame untill it was gone "Whoever this woman was is still alive...even though I put 3 arrows in her chest she's somthing powerful and we need to lock down the village right away, also pull all the other villages to ours and have a shelter built as fast as possible"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked at him sadly ~ there's no one left. I felt every last one of them. ~ she said softly ~
DanteBlackfire: Then go back into the castle and keep yourself there untill I return...burn the training will remind me too much of him..." Dante stood up as he started to walk off trying to find the woman from before

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looks at him ~ no. I am not leaving your side. I spent a month thinking you were dead, you can't make me go through that again. you either return with me or I go wherever you ar going ~ she said, her voice firm and slightly angry ~

DanteBlackfire: "Pandora this woman is a psychopath" He snapped "If she even finds out that you are in my life she will stop at nothing to kill you and I have never felt any energy like this before...she is much powerful then the both of us and I cannot risk losing you I would kill myself if that happen, now please do as you are told and go back to the castle" He growled as he looked into her eyes

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked back at him ~ All the more reason for me to stay with you. You have never seen the full force of my powers, nor the full extent of what I can and cannot do. You can't say that this woman is stronger than both of us, because you have also not dealt with her without your soul. There is no use chasing someone. If she is after you she will end up at the castle eventually. What would you rather happen, her show up and it be just me there? or have something prepared if it does happen?

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----------Far away 4 days trip by horse back in a land where the sun does not come up, under the ground down a whole under a log in secret.
Dante and BlackFire Empire Ddo1
Theme Music =

“is all you want to do is fuck you worthless slug” black hair fell over her shoulder as she put out the incense flame with a clawed finger and kicked the body out of the bed, it hit the stone floor with a thump. “oh my price all you ever want to do is fuck me, ruin me, use me oh a dog you are, oh miss marry jane you dirty fool your body is to die for oh baby” hands pressing her breasts together as they plopped back down bouncing as she spun around the body on the floor not moving. Black eyes with no soul looked down “you are so much a better fuck when you are dead prince” she gave a smile as she grabbed the dead by the hair and dragged it down the hall tossing it on a pile of others. There we about 4 other ones in the heap all black eyed and hair falling out some even with boils pussing from their skin. “Why can’t they play like the last one, MOM!” she screamed out as she went to her door opening it and slamming it loudly and walking down stairs.

“Why can’t you SHUT THE FUCK UP AZALEA!” she dug her claws into her scalp as black tar ran down her face and the legs on her back clicked together sitting in her throne. The girl in the background stopped yelling and screaming as it was clear mother was not in a good mood this day.

She relaxed as one would steady the mind by standing the crown up top her head. “so gentlemen now where were we?” she leaned her elbows on the table as a smile came over her face and she took a claw pulling over a paper document of surrender from the one fellow “well I am glad you and I can now see eye to eye.” The one man sitting at the other end of the table was shaking as he watched the devilish woman run her claw along the words reading, studying his text his signature there at the bottom giving up everything he had.

“Yes Lady spider queen please just end your assault on our townspeople, we have lost so much and the ground will not be able to grow anything in the next ten years, we are sorry for the pain we caused you, please just take what you want and leave us be” he had 2 guards on both sides of him the one strong and not moving the other seemed weak at the knees for unknown reason.

“Well, you should have made dealings faster you knew there would be repercussions for going against this empire. I did not want to do this I swear that to you” she was lying, truly lying in every sense, to a spider a lie was second nature, and to this spider lying was first nature telling the truth can second. This all started six months ago when she started to attach small towns around the castle grounds, far away at first to gain attention but soon she was in their backyard, poisoning their lands, water towers, crops and winter grain, it took months for the firsts to die from the sickness. And in the end they all blamed it on the black plague as the symptoms are so similar. But one large difference, there were no rats, only spiders thousands of them living in the basements of the homes, inside the crop fields, grain towers, some of the grasslands and roads were laced with webbing leading back to dens were the larger huntresses laid wait. She sent her woman out to do their jobs to seduce simple-minded men to start the sickness and like AIDS it would spread from human to human with no symptoms and caused by the most simple of acts, mating. No cure, untraceable, all it was, was a toxin not in the history books.

“so my Good Samaritan, my good sir, here are the terms of your surrender, from here forth half of your gold intake from anywhere will all roll underground, there will be tunnel systems under your town every third moon you are to go to a tunnel with a chest of gold coins and leave it there, a large spider will come up, take it and drag it down. All your exports will hold my name on them, you are now rules by this crown and no other your alliances are severed you are an independent nation. And now, your main export are apples. I will supply you with them and you will export them everywhere. Then once a month on the last day you will give penance to this crown by giving a virgin girl to this hold for my daughter Azalea” the man there was frozen as he did not know how he would survive anymore, all his alliances to be severed he would not have food anymore he would have to place everything to this place and nothing to his own family his people would die, his family would die.

“That is outrageous!” he cried out as he stood up at the table and slammed his fists in the top of it. As he did his one guard weakly at the knees fell to the ground dead in a heap a large spider sitting on his back its fangs
. <- idea of fangs and spider look

The man slowly sat back onto his chair and tapped his hands on the table as the woman on the other side of the table slid the paperwork across with a smile as if to be like forceful tactics really do work. He signed the paper with no problem at all and slid the paper back over the table as the woman taped her lap and the spider there ran over and sat peacefully with her. she picked up the apple on the side of the table and rolled it over the table for the man.

“now just make sure you don’t take a bit yourself I don’t want you eating my apples. They look good but I a sure you there inside may not be to your liking. Now be on your way I have a couple matters to attend to” she got up the spider on her lap hoping down as she started to walk up the pathway

“I never got your name! or the name of this place!”

She turned around and looked at him a shimmer to her eyes. “My name, my name is Nessy, and this place, welcome to the UnderDark home of the spider queen!” she turned back around and laughed all the way up her tunnel.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Demon_002_2

2 months later now at present day

“We are at four and have another one located Empress Nessy”

“Good I want six by the end of next quarter, the revenue we are getting from the other four are filling the coffers nicely and the distribution of apples is also on track the humans are not even mindful they are sick yet but give them a bit and they will be. How was your outing today did you find that man”

“No, even better, he found me, I was feeding on a town, had cleared out the lot poisoned the grounds as planned but as I was eating he came to the house I was in walked right into the trap laid out for him, found out much information about him yes yes, he is family less his kingdom holds no children they are small and no children to grow it and hold his name after he is dead and gone, he fast to anger big temper. But he uses fire we no good with that he burned down the house and shot a bow and arrow”

“The bow we can handle it is no large deal arrows would not break bebilith hide anyway and if needed we can send in the true born there shells can handle flame more than we can. Did you find out his race by chance?”

“No no did not find out race but castle's name is black fire, maybe named after black fire demon of sorts”

“Then we will go from what we know we will flag him as a demon till we find out more, send in a scout, innocent girl brain seeped, she can go gain information get deep into their claws then she can come back here tell us all she knows. Have her be innocent cute something the man can’t turn away a child maybe. He fell for the first child trick he may fall for innocence once more. Get that girl we kidnaped from Far East lands she will do well. ”

“One more thing, saw another girl rush to his aid, I was in a tree watching he said he cared about her, do we make her a target?”

“later, for now we will stick to the plan, sent in the spy and drain his land of all it has so he holds nothing, wall he is still small will be the best time to go up against him, we are giant and he is tiny maybe we can strike up a deal have him fold and us not even have to attack his pitiful place.” Getting up she walked over to the large open cave window “look at our home our empire, thousands of spider young growing into fighters, tens of thousands of workers digging our tunnels and slaves to power this place to keep the water running and the fire bright here. We have soldiers, behemoths, and the hunters to do whatever we wish to, and the best part, we have all the time in the world to bring him down, we can wait thousands of years, the spiders here don’t age we just grow and shed and die fighter from the day we hatch to the day we shrivel. You did well today Nervosa you are a good huntress here, you will be brought up in rank if you stay true to the crown and our ways. Make sure all here flows, I want to make sure the spy is sent out by the next two moons, we need to gather information fast”

“I will do that my lady Nessy the info will be flowing in like water to you.” She turned around and headed out as Nessy stood there looking over her lands.

“One day I will bring this shimmering city to the lands, or even better, bring everything light to darkness, I will ruin the world above one black apple at a time.”

Dante and BlackFire Empire Menzoberranzan-scene

Typist Behind this, Anaya

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------4 Days Later, Weather clear and nice, sun is out day is full of warmth and...other junk-----

DanteBlackfire: A few days after the encounter with the new enemy Dante spend most of his days in constant training using the two bamboo sticks with a clone of his as they continued to block each other’s moves working on both speed and agility. Dante had not slept in those 3 days the guilt of him not being able to save his own apprentice took a lot out of him. Dante felt helpless, that he could not protect anyone like he used to be able other failures in his past clouded his focus and allowed the clone to take advantage of his distraction as he felt the bamboo stick hit him across the face knocking him down onto his back, as the clone vanished Dante slammed his fist on the ground yelling at the top of his lungs drawing the attention of the villagers nearby "DAMMIT"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora watched him silently, worry on her face. She knew he had not slept since they returned home, she had slept alone in her chambers for the past 3 nights. As she watched the clone strike his face she sighed and walked up to him ~ you need to sleep. You can’t focus when you're so tired ~ she said, placing a hand on his shoulder, the worry still evident all over her face ~

Anaya: Cheeks pink, dress fluffed, so cute she thought to herself as she wondered to the castle doors, small legs made her look so short for fifteen, god fifteen and only five feet tall it was sad she wanted to be talker but no, could not be taller was born to short people in a short town filled with short things. But this was not that town, everything was big here the doors were giant as she walked up to them looking up a giant guard standing there as she smiled “um, I have come a long way I just want a place to call home this place open?” really she had no idea to ask and see if the place was recruiting people so like the child she was she would ask if it was open, like a shop. Human, simple, every day normal no fighting stills and utterly, utterly lost. “um, Sir, do I tap on the door?” she asked the guard as he seemed to nicely be ignoring her, her guess was he hoped she would go away like a bad dog or something she payed no mind to the dork guard as she put all her might into opening the big doors “rrrrrr ummmm puuuuush” she grunted out as the weak little thing opened the doors and made her way inside all proud brushing off the dirt “stupid guard got nothing on me, I did it all by myself, fucking eh” mom told her not to cuss but hell mom was not here haha stupid mom. Walking in her big blue eyes with no pupal scanned the room wide “woooooow this place is GIANT!”

DanteBlackfire: Dante sat there for a moment looking down as he growled "I will sleep when the woman who killed him is dead in front of me" Dante stood up as he started to make his way to the castle he noticed the unknown woman who entered his castle as he waited for her to go inside more so she could not see him talking to the guard Dante walked up to him and snapped "You just let her walk in? Are you that stupid?" The guard was shaking as he was about to walk inside "Forgive me M'lord I'll g-" though was stopped by Dante who grabbed his arm and pulled him back to his post "Forget it, I will deal with it myself" Dante's body vanished as he reappeared fully dressed again as he held his bow already loaded with an arrow infront of the unknown woman pulling back on the string he snapped in his deep voice "Who are you?"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora walked up to the guard, her movements slow and sultry " a man like you can be easily replaced, you incompetent idiot " She said before placing a hand on his cheek. The guard made no sound as Pandora claimed his soul and life force, absorbing both with a soft moan. The body crumpled to the ground as she released it, her gaze turning to another guard "take care of this, and let that be a lesson to anyone else who would like to slack off" she said before she joined Dante at his side, A smirk on her lips as she looked the child over ~ I see someone has dropped off a new play toy

Anaya: Looking around wide eyed and bright faced she was looking at all the walls and spinning around, then there was a guy, with a weapon going to shoot her “holy crap! I did nothing I swear it the guard let me in I am not trespassing ok maybe I am and oh my god don’t kill me” she put her hands over her head and shut her eyes tightly hoping for the best and she mumbled to herself the whole time “please don’t kill me please don’t kill me please don’t kill me” a small blue eye opened up as she mumbled “um um um um um, I am, um, a girl, I am, um, Rose, I am um cute, I am cute, don’t kill me”
DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at Pandora then to the girl yelling "What are you doing here? ANSWER ME!!" Dante growled though normally he would be kind and welcome anyone to his home with everything that was happening Dante had to be careful and did not know this girl, for all Dante knew it was a spy for the woman who killed the boy who he was training. Dante kept his fingers held on the end of the arrow and string keeping it firmly pulled back as he was aiming for her eyes should she try anything and if she was not human at all sparks of dark energy that could not be seen with the naked eye would surround the tip of the arrow once inside of its target slowly sucks out the life source of anything it enters until there is nothing left inside of them.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she chuckled as she looked at the girl ~ being cute is not a good enough reason to not kill you. Although please excuse him, he isn’t normally a crazy man. Some things have happened and he hasn’t slept in a few days because he’s an idiot who’s going to exhaust himself to death

Anaya: Rose held her head up and put her arms down at least if she was going to die she was not going to die like some human cowered “my family fucking dropped me at the side of the road ok! I went to a town but it was burnt and ruined and smelled bad so I walked by ass here and if you are going to kill me then do it and stop holding the fucking bow it is not like I have anything to lose.” She looked around a bit “at least in the end I can say I got to see a castle like princess or something” she turned back around hearing the other woman “if being cute is not a good enough reason to not be killed then having a bad day is not a good enough reason to kill someone” she turned looking back at the man “I had a bad day to ok”
DanteBlackfire: Dante was hesitant for a moment his fingers shaking even though he was stubborn he knew that Pandora was right, Dante slowly took the arrow off of the bow and placed it back in his quiver placing the bow down Dante then started to walk away as he spoke "Get her a room to stay in, a snow storm will be here in a few hours, I'm going hunting" Dante walked off into his chambers to prepare himself to leave"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora signaled to a servant to follow Dante's orders before rushing after him ~ no, no you are not going hunting! ~ She almost screamed at him ~ you are going to stay and rest. And if you don't, I'm leaving. I can't handle this kingdom on my own and you are heading to an early grave with the way you are behaving. If we were attacked right now, you would be useless you are so exhausted. Now go sit your ass down and let one of the more competent guards fetch a buck.

Anaya: “He lost something big to didn’t he?” she said as she looked to the woman at the man’s flank “seems the big castle holds a very unhappy…. King? He kind of looks like a king the grumpy kind” she turned her head watching him walk away as a part of her wanted to go run to him and ask if she could come with, but the guy did just try to kill her so maybe it was not the best plan. “So is it just you both? here” she said softly as she looked around at the things on the walls, all standard fairy tale castle stuff big roof and big walls and paintings on the walls and nice windows guards and doors that just seemed way over sized and just too big for people to need. “you killed that guard for letting me in, didn’t you, I saw people die before they just fall over, he just fell over, I don’t think anyone dragged him off yet, body still at the door I think” she turned around to look around “I don’t really want to go to a room yet, it is not night time not time for bed” she saw the woman run off as she let out a sigh. “Maid, I don’t really want to talk to you, you a servant but nice to know you do your job, I will go sit in a chair or something” she then walked off leaving the maid there standing there unsure of what to do, Rose went and sat in a chair by herself kicking her legs back and forth.

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire Whisper: "I have already failed the proving that I cannot protect first wife and brother and second child Sophia.....and now him... time and time again I have tried as hard as I could to better myself so that I can protect the blackfire and be the king it needs me to be Pandora... but I can’t stop... not until I make sure I can protect you.." Dante looked at her tears fell down his face though he was able to keep a straight look on his face as he stared into her eyes his hands were shaky has he held the bow in his hands he would try to keep his cool but it was difficult for him due to the constant failures.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she pulled him into a hug ~ none of that was your fault, or due to your inability to protect those you love. I'm still here, the village is still there and safe. What this kingdom needs is a king who takes care of both his people and himself. If you are too tired to focus you can’t do any good for anyone. You almost killed a child because you are so tired and suspicious. You know as well as I do that if the child proved to be a spy she wouldn’t make it out of the castle alive, not with both of us here, the magic of the castle and our many incompetent guards. We could at least fling their bodies at her. ~ She said, chuckling lightly at her own bad joke. ~ You need to turn around, have a seat and a drink and talk to the child. feel her out and decide if she is safe, instead of leaving me alone with someone you think could be a spy ~ she said, pulling away to look him in the eyes ~

Anaya: Leaving a random kid alone was never a good idea and soon she was board and was wondering around simply keeping to herself. Rose wondered into the study were papers lay scattered all over the desk she flipped a couple reading a document or two then opened and shut drawers in the desk finding some rum and smelling the bottle “uggg gross” she said softly as she put it back down. She could see some more documents about people living here, very small list of residents mostly guards and servants but really no royal family or anything, that guy out there, Dante he must run the whole place on his own. She thought to himself, must be a giant task for him. There were some more things on the desk some drawings of a spider woman and some other thing that looked like a demon with wings and a big question mark and some other crap. Papers of loss documents of the deceased from the papers on the desk this place looked like it was already in ruin. She put the papers back where they were and then wondered out of the room and into another one. Sofa room where she sat down on a sofa and put her feet up looking at the walls, no one was in here so she started to hum a song to herself. her words drafted along the halls as she sung her little song to herself her voice so beautiful it was as if her lips were that of angels but the words to her song were so utterly sad.

(( <- Song))

DanteBlackfire: Dante listened to her and then softly kissed her forehead as he made his way to his chambers he closed the door behind him and started to look on his giant book shelf to find any information on the toxin he took from the boy’s body Dante was going to rest, but he planned to do so while he tried to learn about the woman and perhaps where he could find her Dante made a promise to avoid killing, and he planned to keep the promise rather if he had to talk to her to get her to back off or cut off her arms and legs to keep her from harming anyone, Dante kept running through the books untill he found somthing relating to somthing called "The spider queen, though only giving off small information on it Dante murmered the words softly speaking them in his mind as he went through it

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she let out a half defeated sigh as she let him be, instead deciding to find out where the child had gone to. She soon heard faint humming and followed the sound until she came upon the girl, laying on the couch with her feet on the wall. ~ Comfortable? ~ She said as she leaned against the door frame, her arms crossed over her large chest ~

Anaya: The scroll would read , Bibelith Spider Queen, This enormous spider race is a mottled blue-black color, its legs each tipped in vicious barbs. Its main body is approximately the size of 2 work horses, with massive limbs jutting in all directions. Without a sound, it stalks towards you, front claws poised to strike. You are a mistake of the Abyss. They are here to correct that mistake. In a world born of pure chaos, sometimes things go wrong. New demon prototypes are being created all the time, and sometimes demons go even crazier than usual. Crazy to the point where they break even the unwritten rules of the realm. When this happens, the bebiliths deal with it. Bebiliths are anti-demon demons, able to neutralize other extra planar beings (as a result of being honed against fiends) with terrible efficiency. They are often called agents of Pale Night, having been created for the purposes of hunting down undesirable spawn of others. They have since spread throughout the lands living in darker places and being pawns of their leader the spider queen witch very little is known about. More is known about her race then her but it is well known she holds traits others of her race does not. All that is truly known about the spider queen is she is female and her race holds an unbreakable allegiance to her as if under a spell. All of her race have a spider ink mark on the side of her neck, it is a trade mark of the tanar'ri, black blood that flows in there veins. – More was on the scroll but it is very old ink and will take time to decipher.

Rose looked up and stopped humming and wiggling her feet back and forth “oh shit sorry I did not know you were there, and ya I was sitting in a chair but it was not very fun so I found this room it is much nicer there are sofas.” She looked to the floor her cheeks bright red as she was embarrassed that others could hear her singing.

DanteBlackfire: Dante read the entire scroll quickly before he placed it down and laid himself on his bed before he spoke out loud not to loud but he was speaking towards the woman from before "I know that you folowed me to my home...I know you are probably watching me now...maybe you're not maybe I am just being to carful...but if you are.. then show me you are...and allow me to speak to your face..." Dante stood up as he placed the bow and quiver on the shelf he thought maybe it would be a sign that he wished not to fight.. though he had doubts she was even listening to him he sat himself back on the bed looking down at the floor.

Anaya: -out of a closet a single red, ripe apple rolled along the floor and bumped ageinst the bed post-

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she gave a nod and moved to sit on one of the other couches ~ This place can be lonely. Ther servants are usually ones for conversations, and the work involved in running the kingdom smoothly is really boring. I have no idea how my mother manages hers without going even more crazy. ~ she said with a chuckle ~ never wish to be a princess, it sucks

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DanteBlackfire: Dante looked down and picked up the apple looking at it his body was immune to dieses of any kind the curse inside of him kept him immune from getting sick the only time he ever threw up was from being drunk but not from flu, or any other sickness so he was not worried about the apple being infected with the same toxin that killed his apprentice Dante looked at the closet and spoke softly "It's okay....I don't want to fight...just to talk"

Anaya: Rose looked up at the woman there as she brought her hand up to fiddle with her necklace of a simple silver coin hung on a chain of the same silver “my mom left me, and I want to be a princess running around in nice dresses and in a big castle and…have a home, that stays” she almost was wiggling off the sofa “royal kids don’t get left behind like normal ones do!”

-Silence from the closet-

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she sighed softly ~ I wasn't born a princess, I was adopted after my mother was killed. I never knew my father. and the pretty dresses can be confusing when you want to wear pants and fight with the boys. I was never allowed, mind you I also had a habit of killing the boys

Anaya: “I don’t want to play with boys, I just want to have a home where no one hurts me or pushes me to the dirt, you are lucky you had boys to play with, I was not allowed to back when I was young…ger ” she could not help but giggle as she looked at the woman “so what happens here other than a guy being angry”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked to it and sighed looking down "Come...let me tell you my story, the one that you wanted to hear so badly that day" Dante sighed again trying to figure out where to start as he started to speak his story "My Dante J. Blackfire, I was born 100000 years ago in the middle of a great war that my clan was caught in the middle of, we tried to stay out of it but it was hard to, we always had to defend ourselves, I am a demon...full blooded my mother hid among the people of the clan as a human but found out she wasn't after I was born, though still accepting her and me I grew up there, and right away I knew I wanted to be a king.... I set out on my own when I was a teen probably 5000 years old to start my own life, only to come home years later to find my clan's home burned down and my mother hanging from a tree...I never stopped hunting the one who did it, killing my father thinking he did it...I killed him and years later found he was innocent...just when I finally found out the man I had him right at the tip of my arrow, ready to kill him...but I didn't, I let him go and I swore never to kill again, for almost 100 years I have been able to keep that promise until I met you, I have never wanted to kill anyone so much in such a long time...but I made a promise, and I intend to keep if you want to kill me then go right ahead...but let my village and family go... I will beg for it"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she gave a small shrug.~ Not too much until recently. The king has been trying to rebuild his family home for the last couple hundred years or so. It hasn't been easy, but he's made progress

Anaya: The closet rocked a bit as something bumped in there and a speeded strand of webbing shot from the closet as it hit the bow on the shelf and like concrete it glued the bloody thing to the wall. “Your story is so sad, pitiful little demon boy, and we don’t want you dead, if we did we would have tried to kill you in the village no no you needed alive” walking out of the closet white hair fell down her face as it looked like a different woman but at the same time had the same eyes as back at the village so it was surely the same being. She had on a black gown just covered her breasts like hand gripping them as the rest of her body lay without anything else and 8 large legs came from her back and dug into the walls of the closet. “if we wanted you dead don’t you think we would have done more than talked to you, and your story so bad so harsh but so simple. She will not leave anything but you alone, but if you take her deal her gift” that apple that had rolled over to the bed vanished and reformed in the woman’s hand. “But don’t eat it yourself, go, give it to the girl down in the lower halls, prove to the spider you are worth being more than just a demon” she bounced the apple in her hand “girl down there has nothing to live for anyway. Just a toss away a nobody” she smiled and looked at him bright yellow eyes looking into his own. (C)

Rose looked at the lady as she got up and ran blindly and hugged her tightly “maybe he give me a home!” she looked up big blue eyes looking into the woman’s as she back up “oh so sorry was just really happy, when I was small I used to dance with my daddy, he was a soldier in the war, but he died before I turned ten I miss him sometimes. But it is nice to find friends, you all are friends right?” she said as her little self-rocked back and forth in her dress (E)

PandoraTamsinLasairPandoraTamsinLasair WhisperAdd Friend: ~ she gave a small, awkward chuckle ~ He is my fiancee. so yes I guess you could say we are friends. I am not sure he would be open to having a child right now, but I can try to persuade him into letting you stay. It's safer here than out there

Anaya: “Good cuss I don’t wants to go back out there, scary things out there ” she backed up as she sat on a table almost falling over it as she got her balance and was stable on it sitting kicking her legs back and forth “so you looooove him” she giggled

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she smiled a truly genuine smile ~ I do, very much. I didn't know what love was until I met him.

Anaya: “my mom told me, love is putting another one before the needs of yourself when you can do that you love them” she rubbed her head “I don’t understand it moms are funny ”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked up at her and spoke softly "And if I refuse?" Dante would look at her and tilt his head as he was shaky knowing that the only way to keep his family safe was to kill this girl like the woman instructed...though he would break the oath he made years ago if he did.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she nodded ~ my birth mother was a succubus. I think the only man she ever had feelings for was my father. Otherwise, she would just tell me men are only good for food. My adoptive mother loves me, I know she does, but she is also very cold and cares for very few people. She’d sooner kill than love.

Anaya: The spider-legged woman tossed the apple in his direction “spiders don’t kill with remorse, we don’t kill with an I am sorry or arms to hold the person as they fade away. We did things without feelings, not like the rest of you, we are we are, cold” her back legs flexed as she tilted her head her white hair falling over silted yellow stabbing eyes. “If you don’t well, then you prove yourself as weak and spider queen will simply keep plans going as they are going you be number 5 on the list, big number five, kill the child, save your woman, that woman in the village that ran to you and you said you loved, you are so open about feelings, watched you in a tree from afar, cute you are” she smiled as her fingers wiggled her claws running along her belly pushing her breasts together letting out a breath.

Rose looked up at the woman and smiled as she wiggled her legs “my mom and dad are just humans, simple like me, I am just a human, was called worthless in school cus I am simple, nothing would be cool to be….. a monster”
PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she chuckled ~ I don't think I'm a monster. Most do because of what I can do. being human is cool too. you don’t have to spend thousands of years here, watching things change and die over and over. you have a short time here, and yet you do so much. it amazes me sometimes.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at the apple and looked at her he stood up slowly facing her his face close to hers as he looked into her eyes saying nothing but his anger would build as he stared at her woman like her were good at using the sight of their body for seduction and Dante had no clue of the woman’s intentions so he choose to look at her eyes "Why do you want her dead? What crime has she committed to you to want her to die?"

Anaya: As Dante got closer to her she moved her legs to wrap around him all 8 of them around his body like that of a cage but not tight it was not a cage to scare the man or to in trap him in anything if she wanted to do that she would have webbed him to the bed. Her lips moved to his ear as her breasts almost touched his chest as she was the same height as him to a T “I don’t want her dead, but you do, little spy you think she is, just act on what you already want. You have already failed your kingdom, why does one little life matter. Your woman killed a guard only moments ago, a life so simple, dropped to the floor and drained as if it meant nothing, Spiders see all, we hide in the walls, and we hide in the cracks.” She would roll out a black tar covered tongue as she slapped it beside his ear and then rolled it back into her mouth “you burn us down, we come right back my sweet little demon, and when one falls, even if I fall one will replace me. It is in your best interest to be our friend, not our enemy” her words kissed his ear with that slender hiss on every letter. She opened her legs to allow him to leave as she took her hand her telepathic mind powers opening his chamber door “go on, prove you are worthy of her, your mate killed with no reason, why don’t you” she took a step back as her body was fading into the closet darkness.

“being human SUCKS like big time you don’t want to think humans are cool we are all over and can do nothing cool and hell you can grow a tail a little demon tail thing and wag it like it is so cool and you guys got horns and elves have pointy ears and can live forever” the mind of a child was so innocent and not understanding not the matters of the world everything different was so shiny to her.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she gave a soft chuckle ~ I also killed my best friend when I was a child because I was mad. I didn't mean to, but I also had no idea that I wasn't a full succubus. Every race has its perks and its downfalls, it’s what makes each of us unique. See a human can be turned into almost any supernatural creature, while I am stuck like this. I can change how I look, but not what I am.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked into her eyes one last time before walking to the bow punching through the concert web his fist was bloody as he pulled the bow and quiver out "I still have words for you later" Dante vanished from sight outside of the castle his eyes turned fully red no longer in control of his body whatever was controlling him changed his clothes into an all grey masked outfit a different bow as well his energy was masked that would then create signs of an alpha human, basically human but stronger than anything. Dante fired an arrow that had a rope attached to him he used the bow to zip line through the window into the room that Pandora and the little girl pulling his bow up to aim it at the girl and Pandora his voice was changed as well a lot deeper then Dante’s normal voice not even Pandora could trace his energy from the changed energy signature Dante spoke in his different voice even though it wasn't really himself "Blackfire...hand over the girl"

Anaya: She smiled as she watched him leave “don’t forget your apple” she stayed in the closet till after he left then hopped up onto the bed to lay there her legs moving back and forth “always had a thing for human beds” – Roses eyes got big as she ran and hid behind the woman named Pandora “I don’t know who that person is or what they want but please don’t let me go” she wrapped her little arms around the woman and held her tightly “please we are friends”

Rose looked around everything was so cold, but she shut her eyes holding onto the woman “you are my friend you are my friend you are my friend” she said over and over as she clung to the woman’s body. As her life just may depends on it. “I don’t want to almost die twice today” the smoke bomb hit the ground as she started to cough and then bolted to the side of the room to get away from it. And hid behind a sofa away from everything. But then her leg started to hurt, one of the stray arrows hit her and now there was blood dripping on the floor. The arrow just gave a scratch nothing big but just enough to say owtch to.

DanteBlackfire: Dante fired two arrows at Pandora not aiming for any vital spots the chill did not seem to bug him for his body was made of natural heat that kept his body safe from temperature Dante would keep firing at Pandora his aim was dead on but should could dodge out of the way Dante then attempted to fire an arrow at the girl as he ran to the side throwing a smoke bomb made of pure energy to mask his smell as he hid on the ceiling

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora dodged one arrow, simply because she moved in front of the girl, being hit by the arrow meant for her in the process. Pandora growled as she pulled the arrows out, her wounds starting to heal as soon as they were out. Her appearance began to change, looking like a walking skeleton, her eyes were pure white as black skeletal wings shot out of her back, tearing her dress ~ big mistake you little shit ~ she growled. She had no need for her sense of smell as her body could pick out his aura and life force. it took a matter of seconds before she was on him, tossing him from the ceiling to the floor, rage emanating off of her ~ How dare you come into my home and try to kill someone ~ she growled, her scythe appearing in her hands

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire Whisper: Dante fell onto his back looking up as she summoned her weapon he would kick his feet up aiming to kick her in the face with his heel to knock her away from him leaning up to fire another arrow at her leg as he stood up the arrow his shot at her had a rope attached to it and if it was to hit he would pull it back then stick another arrow that was in the other end of the rope to the ground keeping her away at a distance as he started to walk towards the girl grabbing her by her neck as he started to walk away

Anaya: Rose kicked and called out “Pandora!!!” she coughed as she was lifted up like nothing and taken away as she kicked and even bit the guys hand to get him to drop her. She struggled her blond hair falling into her eyes. As she screamed and kept kicking at the air. AS Dante walked past a mirror on the wall the image of the spider woman with a smile holding an apple in her clawed hand shimmered and then vanished as if to tell him ‘don’t forget your apple’

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she dodged the kick, but growled as the arrow struck her leg, growling again as the other was shoved in. In one swift movement she scythe cut through the rope holding her and ignoring the pain in her legs she rushed him, grabbing him by the back of his neck. She started to pull his soul right from his body but stopped in shock ~ Dante! Stop! ~ she cried out, the one thing he couldn’t change about him was his soul, a soul she had held on to more than once in their time together ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante stopped as he set the girl down but planted his foot on her wounded leg to make sure she didn't go anywhere as Dante pulled off his mask with his full red eyes looking at her as he spoke with his different voice "Dante Blackfire is sleeping, I am his other half...the one who will do what he cannot...I will honor the deal the spiders made for him, and keep this body safe, but to do that I must keep you safe as well he was close enough to where he could take the bow into his other hand punching at Pandora only to knock her out and continue on with the little girl

Anaya: Rose let out a scream as the man stepped on her leg and she kicked him good and hard with the other leg in the hip. But really Rose was a human girl how much could she do to this kind of group of people

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora fell to the ground in an unconscious heap. Her body, however, had gone into survival mode. It started slow, the slight chill as he body sought out the strongest life in the room. Seeing as at the moment it was Dante, that's who was chosen, and that is who's life force her body had started to take in order to heal. The scythe still clutched in her hand only made it easier as its main goal was to feed its master, so long as she still touched it ~

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DanteBlackfire: the other half of Dante used a demoinc illoustion to render Pandora in a deep sleep state while she was on the ground Dante choose to walk over to the little girl he placed his hands on her head to view her memories even the ones she could not remember, every bit of memory was always built inside the brain and one of Dantes favorite tricks was the ability to see them, Dante wanted to know where this girl came from and who she was.

Anaya: The girls memory’s were fogged, everything blocked up as if a wall had been put there, Rose let out a scream and kicked the man away from her “what the fuck are you doing!” she yelled at him as her hand rubbed her head. “God if you want to know shit be more human and ask for crying out loud” she moved and jumped off the table “I don’t want to be your fucking silence project, bring back the real Dante and do what you want to do or I am leaving”
DanteBlackfire: the other Dante choose to kick his foot forward breaking the leg of the girl as he yelled "Quiet!" Dante stood there in anger and then placed his hand back on her head this time forcing her into a trans that made her unable to move or speak view her memories once more as he again attempted to figure out where she came from and why she came here.

Anaya: Rose let out a scream as her leg snapped and the bone jutted out the side, blood pooling around the table, but then it all seemed to numb and things went silent as big blue eyes looked into the other mans. But there were no memory’s, it was a empty shell and the only thing that was there was the faded thought of some family pushing her out of a cart and hitting her head on a rock.

As Rose sat on the table as if dazed the sounds of small feet started to fill the room and the image of the spider woman formed form thousands of small spiders crawling up a wall. “Takes you demons forever to do a task, what are you even looking for the girls memory’s, you will find nothing, if she was ours do you really think we would do such sloppy work” the huntress leaned against the wall looking at the body of the sleeping pandora on the ground. “Your mate may not take to kindly to your choices you know” she said with a smile.

DanteBlackfire: The other half of Dante looks to the woman walking up to her slowly he looked deep inso her eyes a dark barrier of pure black energy wrapped around his body as he smirked from her "For a pretty face you're quite smart...shame I have to share this body with someone...the things I'd use it for otherwise" He gave her a evil smirk as the curse had more control over Dante's body from being out longer

Anaya: The huntress got closer to the sleeping Pandora on the floor a single leg moving and going under the woman’s chin to turn her face up to look at her. “You know if you play your card right we could get you a new one, big breasts and a nice figure, could even get you grade A. but then again that is only if you play your cards right, oh you could also get her brain washed to deem you as her god, worship you every day do whatever you wanted, make sure she is well trained in sexual favors. Best thing we could do would be get you one of our own races females, but I don’t believe that will happen no matter how you play your card oh dear demon, the queen is not a big fan of your kind so she would not give out her prize females for just any act. You would have to, say, kill your woman here to prove yourself worthy” she let the girls cheek just flop back to the ground as she moved back to stand against the wall her backside grinding against it as she wiggled her hips “oh the thought of it just makes me tingle” she ran her clawed fingers up her chest and into her white dirty locks as she brought them up and let them tumble back down in front of her bright yellow eyes “oh and one thing, you know we can’t play games all day I have news to report so going to make the girl eat the apple ” he walked up to her as she stood there back against the wall her legs wrapping around him, spider legs that jutted form her back white hair falling in front of her face “so this side of the boy likes to play with the devil, wants to fuck the devil ” she took a clawed hand and ran it down his face, the energy he was giving off was sinking into her, darkness food, the bibailith did not just feed off flesh and body’s it cleaned up messes, it cleaned up even the energy in the area. And no she was not sucking it out of him, just enjoying the taste and nothing more.

DanteBlackfire: The curse smriked feeling her leg run up his as he held his hands on both sides of the wall he girned at her as he then chuckled moving away from her before suddenly his head started to hurt extreamly he held onto it for squeezing his hair in his hands as he groaned in pain suddenly his body was covered in black energy to the point to where you could not see him and two bodies formed from the darkness one who looked like Dante in his normal black attire and the other who was the same as before the one in black charged at him swinging his bow in his hand to hit the curse in the jaw knocking him out as he looked to the huntress then to the girl his eyes opened wide as he then pulled out an arrow pointing it at the huntress sparks of dark energy would form around the tip of the arrow as he looked at her with anger in his eyes "Good work on letting my curse get the best of did you know about him?"

Anaya: “put the bow down you will get no were with it and you know that, I will just dematerialize and reform and no one will be the wiser” she wiggled her legs on her back as she stayed there standing against the wall “we are a race of beings that spend out whole life’s hunting and cleaning up the messes of our higher ups, do you really think I have not seen a demon with a curse before. And if you thought I was young I thank you for the complement but boy I have been around this block more times than you think” she moved her hand up over her head as she let out a yawn her jaws cracking as a small spider crawled out of her mouth and melded into her cheek. She shut her mouth and moved to sit on the table that the girl was on kicking the body over as the fount of it rolled to Face Dante her whole front side bubbling and turning into black goop. “If it means anything to you, she wanted you to do it not your other side, wanted you to have a bit more honor. But in the end it is still your fault she is dead” she looked down to Pandora sleeping on the ground “and it will be your fault to when she dies, she tried to fight so much even said she would leave you if you killed the girl, but now the girl is dead, you should hide the body before she wakes up. Well what is left of the body you may need a bucket”

DanteBlackfire: Dante chuckled as he lowered the bow looking over he looked over to the body as a black flame appeared all over the dead body even the parts she claimed he would need a bucket would burn away until nothing was left not even ash he then turned his attention back at her and spoke softly "Tell me...what is so interesting about me that you and your queen needs to try and kill me and my family? I don’t know if I should take it as you flirting with me, or are you just a psych as I predicted" he looked into her eyes as he kneeled down placing his hand on Pandora's back her body would break apart into hundreds of crows sending her back to the castle in her chambers

Anaya: “why spider queen picked you, oh you think you are special?” she let out a light chuckle “well I guess a lot of your race think you are so old or so young or so different you always think you are one of a kind but in truth you are not, you are just a person on the same land mass as her. so she made you a target, it is simple really what all do you wish to know, open book closed book will tell you what you need, and oh yes our race is psychopathic” she watched him as she wiggled her human legs off the side of the table letting her spider legs that hung from her back just relaxing them on the table.

DanteBlackfire: Dante chuckled as he spoke softly "I know we are nothing fact we are scum...especially me, we live off of destruction and death just like you, but I changed.. not because I wanted fact nothing would please me more to just kill anything and everything in sight such as my kinds nature, but I had to become something else..something better because if there is one thing I learned I may be of the dark...but even a spark of light burns in everyone...even you huntress, deny it all you want it doesn't bug me one bit.. I will not argue with a murderer, I told you if you want my life then take it...but my family is off limits" Dante looked at her gripping his bow tightly

Anaya: “No, your family is not off limits, nothing is ever off limits you only think for you are around we can’t touch what you believe is yours but you have failed to figure out that we have already touched it. And anyway what family do you even have, a woman that would leave you due to you expressing your true nature, no children to carry on your name, no roots no real family, you don’t even have siblings do you, mother dead, father dead, I don’t even think you have any pets. You are picked due to the fact you don’t have family you are a one man nation were we only have to deal with you and not a hundred other things. It makes life so simple” she hoped off the table and took a step closer to him “what if I told you, if you fucked me then your family your mate would be safe would you do it” she smiled as she took another step closer ro him her legs twitching as they felt the ground and air.

DanteBlackfire: He looked at her his eyes opened wide to the suggestion as he looked at her deep into her eyes he looked up and down at her she may have been an enemy but she did have extreme beauty that Dante would not deny though he had to calm himself making sure that he did not fall under her charm which was rather difficult Dante's emotions were fridge and he could lose control easily instead of giving her an answer he stood there quietly as he slowly started to back away though was stopped from the table behind him his hand held onto the edge of it as he looked at the woman

dallo5013: ~ flapping of wings can be heard clashing against the blustering wind trying to keep her away from the summit of the mountain. Just there she would notice a large rock falling right towards her as if that jerk she had been chasing had pushes thrown it right at her. This demises would shutter as the bolder would hit her sending her falling right back towards the grown which she had been trying very hard to avoid. Just as she falls and she would surly seem to be at gravity’s fait her claws find the mountains rocky side. Her claws dig in as she cast the bolder off of her. Then with the spread of a cat climbing a tree she with the greatest of ease would scale the mountain again having lost sight of her pray she would notice over the ways what would seem like a castle. Not too far off in the distant. She with a growl would head towards it. Not bothering to fly being the bolder had managed to brake her left wing. ~ ug~ she grunts as she stretches walking in the way of the shadows of the castle like structure

Anaya: “You think about that, but I have to leave, and remember, when your mate died, play your cards right and she can be replaced, better to be our friend then our enemy” she moved and kissed the air just over his cheek not touching his skin as that would have poisoned him. She moved a hand and ran it along his cheek “It would be a fuck to die for” she smiled as she backed up her body pressing up against the wall with a moan and her back broke apart and then thousands of spiders ran up the wall and faded into darkness.

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DanteBlackfire: the other half of Dante used a demoinc illoustion to render Pandora in a deep sleep state while she was on the ground Dante choose to walk over to the little girl he placed his hands on her head to view her memories even the ones she could not remember, every bit of memory was always built inside the brain and one of Dantes favorite tricks was the ability to see them, Dante wanted to know where this girl came from and who she was.

Anaya: The girls memory’s were fogged, everything blocked up as if a wall had been put there, Rose let out a scream and kicked the man away from her “what the fuck are you doing!” she yelled at him as her hand rubbed her head. “God if you want to know shit be more human and ask for crying out loud” she moved and jumped off the table “I don’t want to be your fucking silence project, bring back the real Dante and do what you want to do or I am leaving”
DanteBlackfire: the other Dante choose to kick his foot forward breaking the leg of the girl as he yelled "Quiet!" Dante stood there in anger and then placed his hand back on her head this time forcing her into a trans that made her unable to move or speak view her memories once more as he again attempted to figure out where she came from and why she came here.

Anaya: Rose let out a scream as her leg snapped and the bone jutted out the side, blood pooling around the table, but then it all seemed to numb and things went silent as big blue eyes looked into the other mans. But there were no memory’s, it was a empty shell and the only thing that was there was the faded thought of some family pushing her out of a cart and hitting her head on a rock.

As Rose sat on the table as if dazed the sounds of small feet started to fill the room and the image of the spider woman formed form thousands of small spiders crawling up a wall. “Takes you demons forever to do a task, what are you even looking for the girls memory’s, you will find nothing, if she was ours do you really think we would do such sloppy work” the huntress leaned against the wall looking at the body of the sleeping pandora on the ground. “Your mate may not take to kindly to your choices you know” she said with a smile.

DanteBlackfire: The other half of Dante looks to the woman walking up to her slowly he looked deep inso her eyes a dark barrier of pure black energy wrapped around his body as he smirked from her "For a pretty face you're quite smart...shame I have to share this body with someone...the things I'd use it for otherwise" He gave her a evil smirk as the curse had more control over Dante's body from being out longer

Anaya: The huntress got closer to the sleeping Pandora on the floor a single leg moving and going under the woman’s chin to turn her face up to look at her. “You know if you play your card right we could get you a new one, big breasts and a nice figure, could even get you grade A. but then again that is only if you play your cards right, oh you could also get her brain washed to deem you as her god, worship you every day do whatever you wanted, make sure she is well trained in sexual favors. Best thing we could do would be get you one of our own races females, but I don’t believe that will happen no matter how you play your card oh dear demon, the queen is not a big fan of your kind so she would not give out her prize females for just any act. You would have to, say, kill your woman here to prove yourself worthy” she let the girls cheek just flop back to the ground as she moved back to stand against the wall her backside grinding against it as she wiggled her hips “oh the thought of it just makes me tingle” she ran her clawed fingers up her chest and into her white dirty locks as she brought them up and let them tumble back down in front of her bright yellow eyes “oh and one thing, you know we can’t play games all day I have news to report so going to make the girl eat the apple ” he walked up to her as she stood there back against the wall her legs wrapping around him, spider legs that jutted form her back white hair falling in front of her face “so this side of the boy likes to play with the devil, wants to fuck the devil ” she took a clawed hand and ran it down his face, the energy he was giving off was sinking into her, darkness food, the bibailith did not just feed off flesh and body’s it cleaned up messes, it cleaned up even the energy in the area. And no she was not sucking it out of him, just enjoying the taste and nothing more.

DanteBlackfire: The curse smriked feeling her leg run up his as he held his hands on both sides of the wall he girned at her as he then chuckled moving away from her before suddenly his head started to hurt extreamly he held onto it for squeezing his hair in his hands as he groaned in pain suddenly his body was covered in black energy to the point to where you could not see him and two bodies formed from the darkness one who looked like Dante in his normal black attire and the other who was the same as before the one in black charged at him swinging his bow in his hand to hit the curse in the jaw knocking him out as he looked to the huntress then to the girl his eyes opened wide as he then pulled out an arrow pointing it at the huntress sparks of dark energy would form around the tip of the arrow as he looked at her with anger in his eyes "Good work on letting my curse get the best of did you know about him?"

Anaya: “put the bow down you will get no were with it and you know that, I will just dematerialize and reform and no one will be the wiser” she wiggled her legs on her back as she stayed there standing against the wall “we are a race of beings that spend out whole life’s hunting and cleaning up the messes of our higher ups, do you really think I have not seen a demon with a curse before. And if you thought I was young I thank you for the complement but boy I have been around this block more times than you think” she moved her hand up over her head as she let out a yawn her jaws cracking as a small spider crawled out of her mouth and melded into her cheek. She shut her mouth and moved to sit on the table that the girl was on kicking the body over as the fount of it rolled to Face Dante her whole front side bubbling and turning into black goop. “If it means anything to you, she wanted you to do it not your other side, wanted you to have a bit more honor. But in the end it is still your fault she is dead” she looked down to Pandora sleeping on the ground “and it will be your fault to when she dies, she tried to fight so much even said she would leave you if you killed the girl, but now the girl is dead, you should hide the body before she wakes up. Well what is left of the body you may need a bucket”

DanteBlackfire: Dante chuckled as he lowered the bow looking over he looked over to the body as a black flame appeared all over the dead body even the parts she claimed he would need a bucket would burn away until nothing was left not even ash he then turned his attention back at her and spoke softly "Tell me...what is so interesting about me that you and your queen needs to try and kill me and my family? I don’t know if I should take it as you flirting with me, or are you just a psych as I predicted" he looked into her eyes as he kneeled down placing his hand on Pandora's back her body would break apart into hundreds of crows sending her back to the castle in her chambers

Anaya: “why spider queen picked you, oh you think you are special?” she let out a light chuckle “well I guess a lot of your race think you are so old or so young or so different you always think you are one of a kind but in truth you are not, you are just a person on the same land mass as her. so she made you a target, it is simple really what all do you wish to know, open book closed book will tell you what you need, and oh yes our race is psychopathic” she watched him as she wiggled her human legs off the side of the table letting her spider legs that hung from her back just relaxing them on the table.

DanteBlackfire: Dante chuckled as he spoke softly "I know we are nothing fact we are scum...especially me, we live off of destruction and death just like you, but I changed.. not because I wanted fact nothing would please me more to just kill anything and everything in sight such as my kinds nature, but I had to become something else..something better because if there is one thing I learned I may be of the dark...but even a spark of light burns in everyone...even you huntress, deny it all you want it doesn't bug me one bit.. I will not argue with a murderer, I told you if you want my life then take it...but my family is off limits" Dante looked at her gripping his bow tightly

Anaya: “No, your family is not off limits, nothing is ever off limits you only think for you are around we can’t touch what you believe is yours but you have failed to figure out that we have already touched it. And anyway what family do you even have, a woman that would leave you due to you expressing your true nature, no children to carry on your name, no roots no real family, you don’t even have siblings do you, mother dead, father dead, I don’t even think you have any pets. You are picked due to the fact you don’t have family you are a one man nation were we only have to deal with you and not a hundred other things. It makes life so simple” she hoped off the table and took a step closer to him “what if I told you, if you fucked me then your family your mate would be safe would you do it” she smiled as she took another step closer ro him her legs twitching as they felt the ground and air.

DanteBlackfire: He looked at her his eyes opened wide to the suggestion as he looked at her deep into her eyes he looked up and down at her she may have been an enemy but she did have extreme beauty that Dante would not deny though he had to calm himself making sure that he did not fall under her charm which was rather difficult Dante's emotions were fridge and he could lose control easily instead of giving her an answer he stood there quietly as he slowly started to back away though was stopped from the table behind him his hand held onto the edge of it as he looked at the woman

dallo5013: ~ flapping of wings can be heard clashing against the blustering wind trying to keep her away from the summit of the mountain. Just there she would notice a large rock falling right towards her as if that jerk she had been chasing had pushes thrown it right at her. This demises would shutter as the bolder would hit her sending her falling right back towards the grown which she had been trying very hard to avoid. Just as she falls and she would surly seem to be at gravity’s fait her claws find the mountains rocky side. Her claws dig in as she cast the bolder off of her. Then with the spread of a cat climbing a tree she with the greatest of ease would scale the mountain again having lost sight of her pray she would notice over the ways what would seem like a castle. Not too far off in the distant. She with a growl would head towards it. Not bothering to fly being the bolder had managed to brake her left wing. ~ ug~ she grunts as she stretches walking in the way of the shadows of the castle like structure

Anaya: “You think about that, but I have to leave, and remember, when your mate died, play your cards right and she can be replaced, better to be our friend then our enemy” she moved and kissed the air just over his cheek not touching his skin as that would have poisoned him. She moved a hand and ran it along his cheek “It would be a fuck to die for” she smiled as she backed up her body pressing up against the wall with a moan and her back broke apart and then thousands of spiders ran up the wall and faded into darkness.

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dallo5013: ~ Raith growls to herself as her right hoove gets stuck in a limb on the forest floor with a mere flick of her free hoove she swiftly does away with the branch that held her in place. her right wing stretches out as if wanting to fly up into the sky’s where she feels more free however with her left wing having been broken she would just sigh. Anger growing with every step she has to take upon this mortal ground making her once shiny hooves start to become dirty and her over claws what a mess from having to climb up the side of the mountain. ~ Ugh ~ she shouted out of anger the more and more she spends on the ground the angry she becomes. by this time she is just praying that the one she had been hunting was in the castle for so many ways to kill the beast was just running through her head . ~

Aadheen: -Hearing a commotion in the forests, Nadia, a fire spirit burst into flames and began flying towards the growing frustration as she heard it. It would be more than a few minutes until she was able to reach the creature. Her fire then simmered out right beside the creature, leaving a little theatrical "poof" right beside her. Nadia couldn't help but to giggle softly. Her voice tossing around into the wind. She then popped up in front of the creature with a small puff of fire. A few feet in front of the creature, Nadia tilted her head, her body hovering 2 feet off of the ground. Her fire filled eyes glazed forward, trying to figure out what she was looking at-

dallo5013: ~ Raith , she standing about 6 feet tall and draped all in black, black as the shadows that danced about her hooves would be non-other than the so-called greater demon huntress. This being rather funny being her she is a daemon. Sheher kind would be shadow walkers. Not unlike the shapeshifters of old. Her black wings would also intake she is somewhat succubus. However, she is more than able to control that side of herself. .a black mask covers her mouth and her eyes are like ash. She now noticing a fiery like being hovering about her would almost in a playful manner shoo it away. ~ come now I have no time for such playful beings I am on the hunt

Aadheen: -Nadia tilted her head to the side once more, still hovering about two feet off of the ground. When she heard the creature spoke, she moved forward, her mouth beginning to open once as if to begin speaking. But instead, she closed her mouth, swallowed then smiled towards the creature as he moved her oath again to begin speaking. Her voice was innocent, sweet, and young sounding. "What does a creature like you hunt?" she then giggled lightly, watching the creature still moving about "If you have wings, why do you not fly?"-

dallo5013: ~ Raith looked at the being and would walk past her as if trying to ignore it yet when the question of why she does not fly using her wings, Raith would growl out and turn towards the fiery creature and would answer After all it is most likely she lost her pray by now. Raith as she answers the fiery creature she would grip her left wing which had been dragging the ground, she would then rip it right off at the back of the shoulder speaking in a graceful sounding voice ~ because this wing is useless!

Aadheen: -hearing the wing being ripped from its owner's flesh, she cringed lightly while speaking in a gentle tone of voice "Fire heals... you should have asked me... Fire spirits are healers..." then with a -puff- her fire went out and her body vanished once more but soon re appeared back in front of the creature once more, still floating above the ground, but this time instead of a standing stature, she was curled up, like she was bending over, looking still at the creature-

dallo5013: healing takes time witch I do not have this daemon beast I am after ravaged the village at the other side of those mountains over there and I was highbred to go and kill it .and to bring back its head so that they might eat it and that wing "phf" it is useless to me now ~ Wraith then would rip the good wing from her back and grown as doing so before she would take to all fours and taking off running like a bat out of hell, moving at the speed of a top speed horse. She having the strength of 6 ogres would not even try to avoid the trees instead she would just run right throw them causing all the trees with in her path to splinter as she ran through them. Trees falling one right after another making a rather loud sound. This sound being so loud that should there be any within the castle they might take fright for the thunderous volley of crashing trees outside. ~ I have no time. I must find this beast before it is too late ~ she says as she looks back once then straight onto the castle. Not more than about 400 miles from her which she should reach within an hour or so if she made the choice to go. ~

Then when the beast made its choice to go running heading back into the forest the fire spirit was gone as well.

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PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora tossed and turned in her bed, whimpering in her sleep as her dreams were plagued with nightmares. A layer of sweat covered her forehead, her face in a frown as tears started to stream down her face. Her skin was paler than usual, due to the blood loss she sustained. The wounds on her legs also had not yet healed, her being unconscious had made it impossible for her to feed, making the healing process slower than it should have been. She wasn't bleeding, thankfully, but would be in pain once she awoke ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante was inside of the training room when he returned from the meeting with the huntress her offer clouded is mind of wanting to mate with her to keep his family safe, Dante was a demon but still loyal and even if he wasn't he knew that Pandora would never let another woman bed with him. Dante tried to take his mind off it by training with his old swords using his bows for a long time he wanted to make sure he was not rusty with his blades. Dante and a clone would battle each other for such a long time until only the head of the skull curse appeared out of nowhere speaking softly "Why did you stop me?!" Dante stopped training and looked at the curse speaking softly "You killed an innocent little girl. She did not deserve to die, my plan was to make them think she was dead and put her into hiding but you ruined it and now because of you her blood is on my hands pandora will never believe me or forgive me because of what you have done" the curse chuckled as he spoke "Oh please Dante, you are a child blinded by what is truth and what is not. You cannot beat the spider queen, she out dates you by many many years and will not hesitate to kill everything you love until you are nothing... more nothing than what you already are...but without your would defiantly stand a chance against them...with my help at least" Dante held his hand up and stopped him from speaking any longer "I may not stand a chance, but I'd rather die swinging my sword then to let them take everything I have away from me to the point to where I have nothing left" the skull yelled and interrupted "YOU ALREADY HAVE NOTHING! You are a child grasping nothing but false tales of family and a better life...I have lived inside of you for thousands of years and I know you better than you know yourself. We share this body so rather you like it or not I will do what I must to survive because that is what this is about, survival" Dante watched as he vanished sighing and looking at the ground. Before Dante even went down to the training room he made sure that Pandora’s wounds were tended to and that she would be comfy in her bed. Dante knew when she would wake up she would be angry and he would not have a way to explain it to her, but he knew when she woke up he was going to have to try to explain it to her as best as he could.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora continued to toss and turn. Her dreams had nothing to do with what had happened with the spider, but rather memories from her childhood. Her sobs soon turned to screams which echoed through the castle. She was essentially trapped within her own mind, unable to wake herself up as she continued to scream and thrash in her bed. The servants who had come running stood watching, unsure of what to do, and terrified to touch her. ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante heard the yelling and ran to the bedroom he sat on the edge of the bed next to her as he place his hand on her forehead softly using his energy to take her out of her dream state and wake her up knowing she was going to be angry when she woke up he was still wearing the grey outfit from before because of the physical body was in control of the skull at the time when he changed

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora shot upright with a scream. Her eyes pure white as she stared at the wall across from her, her breathing heavy. The servants who had been in the room scattered in fear, leaving her alone with Dante. She said nothing, simply staring blankly ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her for a moment then looked down standing up as he started to walk out of the room not wanting to get on her bad side at the moment, he could tell just from the look she was angry and so he thought it best to give her space and allow to her come to him when she felt more calm

PandoraTamsinLasair: Don't leave me ~ she whispered, tears starting to run down her face. Her eyes slowly started to shift to their normal state as she continued to cry silently, looking down at her hands, which now rested in her lap. She seemed more like a frightened child at that moment rather than the strong woman she normally was ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked over as she begged him not to go he stopped at the door and slowly made his way over to her sitting on the edge of the bed again as he looked at the floor speaking softly "The girl is dead....I'm sorry" Dante looked at her and then down again feeling ashamed for what had happened

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she continued to cry softly, her body shaking slightly with her silent sobs ~ I know ~ she managed to get out, her voice hoarse from the screaming. She turned her face away slightly, almost as if she didn't want him to see her cry, and yet she also didn't want him to leave ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante held his hand up wanting to place it onto her shoulder but stopped himself feeling her in a lot of pain he did not want to risk making her angry instead he held his hand there not knowing what to say or do

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked at him, tears still in her eyes as well as on her face ~ do you still love me? ~ She asked, her voice small and still hoarse. It held none of the seductiveness that he was so used to. Her eyes held none of the fire or lust as they had only days before, simply pain and defeat ~

DanteBlackfire: He reached over to her placing his gloved hand on her cheek rubbing it softly in his hand as he looked deep into her eyes speaking softly "I could never stop loving you, my queen" Dante could not smile at the moment too much of what happen clouded his eyes as he looked down again wanting to tell her of what the huntress had said but not knowing how to

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she closed her eyes, leaning her face into his hand, a soft sigh of relief escaping her lips ~ I don't blame you for the girl. ~ She said, meaning her words. She shifted and winced slightly, her legs still sore ~

DanteBlackfire: "And now you know why I push myself so hard...why I have to be stronger...I know that you can protect yourself very well Pandora, I get it. But as your future husband it's my job to protect you...and I want to protect you with my dear fragile life....I will never let anything hurt you, but I need more of your trust to do what I need to do...can you do that for me?" he tilted his head looking closer into her eyes with his red glowing eyes

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked at him ~ I have always trusted you. It is the spiders I do not trust. I know a little about them from bedtime stories meant to scare demon children. If there is one thing that stuck it’s that spiders lie. No matter what kind of deal they offer, they never keep their end. They will use you before they kill you, but not after you watch everything you care for burn. We have to fight, we can't give into them or their demands. It won’t save anyone

DanteBlackfire: "Which is why I am moving the villagers somewhere else...and you" Dante looked at her turning his head away "I am going to send word for my brother...and have him help me" Dante growled he hated his brother just as much as his brother hated him but he knew that his brother would help simply for the fact that they were brothers

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she shook her head ~ I am not leaving. This is my home and I will be dammed if I am not fighting by your side to save it. Say the word and I send for my mother. Even if she doesn't come, she will send men to fight. ~she said, a determined and stubborn look on her face ~

DanteBlackfire: He stood up and spoke softly as he started to walk out "I am not asking Pandora, I am the emperor and I am telling you that I will not have you fight, the arrow the skull used on your leg was rigged to trap some of your power, a special arrow I made for myself in case the skull ever took over fully...I will not risk you for this...pack what you and the villagers leave tomorrow night" Dante walked away heading to finish up some of the important paperwork

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she followed him, limping as she walked ~ I am not asking either, I am your Queen, and when was the last time I ever did anything you said outside of the bedchamber? If you send me away I will not return, and I would like my full powers back. I know you want to protect me, but do you really think they won’t find me wherever you send me? They know you love me, and they will hunt me relentlessly. Anyone with me will die. Tell me I'm wrong. Do you want to risk even more lives? I can assure you the only place I would be safe is the one place I would not be able to go, and that’s home. My mother always told me if I messed up and had a price on my head that could destroy her kingdom if I went home, that I was not able to return. I know this is no one’s fault, and I know she would send help to us, but she won’t risk her own people just for me, no matter how much she loves me. It simply is safer for me, you and anyone else who is alive that I stay here. Plus, the only way to beat them is without your soul, and the only way to make sure you come back is if I am the one who has it.

DanteBlackfire: "You see that’s the thing Pandora" He stopped as looked at her with an angry look on his face "My soul is not a weakness, it's the only thing that keeps" He looked over at a portrait of him in his younger days with the family he once had then looked down "I had one thing that separated me from all of the other demons one thing my clan gave me to make me into the man you see right here in front of you, the one who has to do what it takes to keep everyone safe. If you choose to stay then that's your choice...but you will not be getting yourself into this...I will deal with them myself if I have to" He walked off to fast for her to keep up due to her wounded leg

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she glared at him as he walked away from her once again ~ If you won’t give me my full powers back then I will just get them back myself~ she yelled after him, hoping the implication of her leaving and finding others to feed off of was not lost on him. Her legs may have been injured but her wings worked perfectly fine, not to mention she could teleport should she chose. It was a power she rarely used as she preferred flying ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to finish up the important paper works that were needed and once finally finished he would return to train Dante heard her and growled as he knew she was going to feed, Dante was no longer a killer so he hated the idea, however that idea was not for Pandora for some points he can understand but still the idea bugged him

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ her wings grew from her back before she rose from the floor. It wasn't long before she was out the door and headed for the border of the empire. While she needed to feed, she also knew that one of the few things she needed would not be found in the empire. With her speed, she made it to her destination in a few short hours, and it wasn't long until the sound of larger wings could be heard. She stopped to hover as the two large dragons approached her "You will find no friends here succubus" They spoke with a hiss. "I will. I am Pandora Lasair" she spoke, in their tongue. The dragons simply nodded before flying off and she followed. Her mother had made a deal with the dragons long ago that should any of her kin need feed of great power they were to go to the dragons, in exchange for protection by her grandmother, and the promise that those of her lands would not kill in theirs. Dragons were generally peaceful, but there were those who broke rules. Pandora was taken to a large dragon stone building. It was where the dragons kept those who broke the most important of rules. What that rule was Pandora had no idea, but she knew all those in here were sentenced to death. "pick one, only one, and make it quick" one of them growled and she flew off, peering into the cages until she found him. He was small pure black and reeked of evil. He snarled at her as she went near the cage and she smirked. "I will give you a painless death," She said before her eyes turned white. She had no need to touch the beast as she started to take both his life force and his soul. The thing about a dragon's life force is it could heal any wound, remove any spell, and almost any curse. She sighed as she felt her strength returning and then some. This dragon had held great power, and now it belonged to her, as well as its magic for a short period of time. Once she was done the body of the dragon fell in a heap and she was escorted out and to the borders of dragon territory. "I may be back more often than you would like. My family is in trouble" She said and they nodded " as long as you only feed on those who are already condemned, and it is only you who comes" the dragon said and she nodded before giving her thanks and heading home ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante was back inside of the training room he was training this time he was learning how to fight better vs another archer a lot of arrows were either sticking through walls or other areas or they were on the ground. Dante and the second archer were then at close courters using their bows as weapons to try and strike the other the battle lasted nearly 7 minutes until finally Dante dispatched the archer.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora flew into the castle, fully healed with her full powers and a few extra, at least for the next few hours. She hadn't fed off of dragons many times, but she had become familiar with how to use the magic she got from it. She made her way into the training room, landing in front of Dante, producing a fireball in her right hand ~ Maybe you should train against someone with actual power ~ she said, her voice darker than normal ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and tilted his head before he smiled lightly and pulled an arrow from his quiver loading it onto the bow and pulling back on the drawstring pointing it at her "Just don’t expect me to go easy on you

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she smirked as she let go of the fireball, aiming it at him. She knew full well he'd dodge it, it was simply a distraction ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante smirked as he bent his upper body backwards barely dodging the fireball though felt it's heat that caused him to sweat a bit, Dante then fire the arrow at her seems how they were in close range of each other he would be able to kneel down on both knees spinning on the ground as he would attempt to strike his bow at her legs the one he shot the arrow at when he was under the control of his curse he knew it was harsh but in combat the enemy would not waste a chance to take a weakness from the enemy and in this training Dante and Pandora were enemies. Dante would attempt to get up on both feet and strike his bow at her again aiming for her cheek.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora seemed to simply vanish from where she had been, stepping out from behind the doors, clapping ~ well done ~ she said with a smirk. It had been merely and illusion that had fired the ball ~ ever seen what a half succubus half reaper can do with dragon magic? ~ She almost purred as a thick pea soup fog filled the room ~

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DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and smirked as he drew another arrow firing it straight at her as the arrow was flying her way Dante would use his demonic speed keeping up just barely behind the arrow using it as a distraction to charge at her

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora caught the arrow easily, smirking as she did. She side stepped him but held out an arm so he wouldn't fall. She wanted to give him a workout, not a broken nose. He had been fighting himself so long, and she knew he needed a new challenge, so she would give him the ultimate challenge while she could ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante smirked when she caught him she was just in range for him to attempt to swing his bow at her trying to hit her in the chest with the wooden end of the bow if he failed he would break apart into hundreds of crows flying away from her at a distance to where he could fire more arrows at her

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ the bow caught her in the chest, sending her skidding back with a smirk. Normally she would have fallen, but she wasn't normal at this moment. She sucked in a rather large breath before blowing ice out of her mouth. The ice however, was not aimed at him but rather the floor, save for a small space around her. Her scythe appeared in her hands, and with a smirk she touched it to the ice. Soon the spirits of the dead floated around her, save for the ones she knew would upset her love. The room was cold, filled with thick fog and hundreds of dead souls, and she loved it ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante growled seeing the room filled with at fog Dante could not see well through it and had no other way of being able to look through the fog other than vibrations on the ground Dante focused his energy and waited for the right time to strike at them

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~the spirits would circle Dante, touching him at random points, giving him the feeling of hundreds of hands on his body with only him and Pandora in the room. She let out a wicked laugh, knowing he would hear it. She sent a wave of lust at him, knowing that lust was one of the powers of the spiders as well, making him desire her more than he already did~ come to me lover if you are brave enough ~ she purred at him through the fog ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante felt the lust he sent into him and he tried his best to fight it, as he felt the hands touch him he would swing his bow around and his legs trying to hit at least one of them until finally Dante choose to pull one of his arrows that had a rope attached to it used for climbing and such as he fired it into the air it gave the rope one good yank and it pulled him up onto the ceiling where he had a better view of the battlefield Dante concentrated his dark energy to enclose the mist in a dome of dark energy trapping anything inside

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora looked up to where he was and chuckled ~ well now that you have me and my fog trapped what do you plant to do? ~ She said, almost taunting him before she seemed to vanish. It was only an illusion though as she was still trapped in the bubble, but she doubted he would be able to figure that out as the lust would continue to try and cloud his mind ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante stood up there thinking for a moment before he decides to use some science to aid him he would have to focus and the lust that was being used to cloud his mind was not helping Dante created a small wing shape with the dark energy on the inside of the mist then would start to spin the dome of energy around at a very high speed creating a tornado-like wind inside of the dome as he looked down at it

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandoras hair and clothes whipped around her as she sighed. She focused her energy on the wind, making it die down to a more tolerable level. Focusing all her energy on the wind caused her illusion to drop, revealing her still in the same spot on the floor that was not covered in ice. She gave a small flick of her wrist, sending the spirits back to where they had come from before looking up at him with a smirk, her eyes holding more of a yellow hue ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante stared down at her with his red eyes now stopping the heavy wind as he would now throw down shards of black energy from the ceiling down at her not aiming for any vitals spots as he then would leap down to attempt to strike her in the forehead with the bow

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ her head dodged the bow as the energy sliced through her skin, the wounds healing as fast as they appeared thanks to the dragon soul and life force she had consumed. In a movement much faster than normal for her she ducked down and spun, her right leg jutting out in an attempt to kick his feet out from under him ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante would quickly leap up and dodge the kick to the legs as he then attempted to kick forward aiming for her back to push her forward then would attempt to wrap his arms around her sides and quickly put her onto the ground then trap her arms if he was able to do so

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she let out a mix of a squeal and a giggle as she twirled around in time to barely miss the kick, his boot grazing her side before she felt his arms wrap around her as she fell to the ground in a fit of giggles, trapped in his arms~

DanteBlackfire: Dante held her arms trapped in one hand as he then held his other hand close to her face summoning a ball of dark energy waiting for her to give up

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she turned her head, still smiling as she blew ice at his ball, encasing it till it more resembled a snowball ~ oops, someone’s got frozen balls ~ she said, laughing way too hard at her bad joke ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante quickly stood up but quickly placed his foot on her upper back holding his bow as he pulled and arrow out and loaded it pulling back on the string "You done now?"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she giggled and squirmed under him ~maybe ~ she said in a teasing tone, sending out a burst of energy intended to lessen his desire to win, as well as his desire to fight ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante would flip his body back getting out of range of the burst landing on one knee as he looked to her

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~she stood up slowly, lust and desire emanating from her body as she smirked at him ~ it really is sad when I have to resort to sparing with you to get you to touch me ~ she said before turning and heading for the door, giving him a perfect view of her ass, as her outfit clung to every perfect curve on her body~

and the black curtain falls as night comes and the wonder of mating happens that night

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Night, the shadow of her own existence, when hidden in the mist it was as if she never existed at all, sound muffled, aura gone, everything about her even her smell masked so beautifully. Walking down the path of dark stone her small feet with razer edged heels clicking on the ground. The gates of the hold, the giant underground cave. The cave was simple really a standard whole carved out of the stone that went down to the pit of disaster, the nesting lair, and as the queen wanted it the door was always heavily guarded. There at the door were the door guards massive towering three ton monster giant spiders standing there. Massive blade-like feet stabbed into the ground as she got up to the large iron gate “qatlh 'eq Dub, wItI'nISmo' 'ach latlh latlh jaj” (Why are you back early, you are not to be back yet for another day) the abyssal hot and thick in their breath as they spat tar like goop onto the ground there mandible mouths frothing as they spoke.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Cave%20dark%20monsters%20fantasy%20art%20warriors%201920x1080%20wallpaper_www.paperhi.com_38

“I came back early, the demons disgust me, now what information do you need to be able to allow me back to the nest” the Biblith did not say anything more one thing that hated more than standing around was talking to anyone or anything there body’s made for tanking for fighting pure combat class hardened giant spider, but no, they were door guards.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade

The door guards moved away as the huntress walked inside and started down the path to the Nest. She passed large buildings as the tunnel opened up to the main cave, a giant area able to fit in a whole kingdom. She saw the castle as she made her way to it her feet moving along to get to the entrance. Even if it took a good thirty minutes to get there it was not one where she felt fatigued, she spent days walking at a time so walking did not cause her loss in anyway.
AS she walked up the steps after entering the castle she made her way to her chamber room opening the door and being pleased to be back in her brooding room. It was a nice room nothing human style stone walls with a slab of rock and a sheet over it all messy and not made, here there were no servants you were the servant you wanted shit done you did it yourself but at the same time she liked it that way. Ment she had to interact less with others around her. Striping her garments off she let them fall to the ground as she stood there her nude back to the door looking at her flawless body in the mirror. Worthless disgusting body she said to herself as she gave a grumble like snarl with her lip. She hated everything to do with the human race, everything, and she hated herself that she had to stoop to looking like them and even more so had to interact with worthless demons and act like she liked them. She had to put on this mask of happiness and lust and like she truly wanted to bed him, had to get rid of that useless wife so he had nothing, so he had no choice but to do spiders biding to gain takeover of his land. She had to get him at his worst to be able to win and get ultimate control. She let out a sigh and moved to lay down on the bed on top of the sheet enjoying not having anything on, no shoes no shirt no problems she thought to herself as she let her mind drift away to go torment Dante even if she was miles away she was sure he would allow her into his head, she knew he wanted her, her offer still stood, what right minded guy would turn that one down. She shut her eyes and layed there putting her hand behind her head, everything she said was a lie, and when the monster did tell the truth you did not know to even believe it as is.

~Typist Anaya

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DanteBlackfire: After a long night with his beloved he woke up next to her with her head laying on his chest they were fully naked under the covers he looked as the sun started to rise Dante slowly would slide out so that he did not wake his wife to be and he would dress himself in his normal armor walking down to train some more, of course, he knew he still had to get as strong as possible to fight this new enemy, but now he realised that he could not do it alone he had already sent word for his brother to come to the castle as soon as possible. Dante was already in the room working out to keep his strength up for a few hours then it was right on to training with his sword he found after so much training he could now slice faster with one hand showing that the training was indeed helping. Dante would train for hours straight until he thought it was finally time to take a break. He made his way upstairs to finish some of his reports after doing so it was straight to the books to study up on his enemies finding 3 new books in his library that had some info on "the spider woman" one of them telling more of a queen spider though Dante ignored that one for now for the queen of them was not his target for now, it was the huntress who had killed his apprentice and he knew if he wanted to defeat her he would have to come up with a way to trap her

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora woke shortly after Dante had slipped from their bed. She knew he meant well, not wanting to wake her, but she always did. She got dressed and made her way to the training room, watching him train silently before going into the room she had turned into her office to read over the most recent reports. As she sat she also wrote up a decree that apples were to be banned in the empire due to soil contamination, stating the apples would make people ill. She then wrote an order to have all apples gathered and disposed of in a safe manner ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to read endlessly finding some more info on them he thought that it would be a good idea to learn the fireball spell he once had just in case, normally fire hurt all kinds of insects and he figured it would work on them. It did not take long for Dante to learn the spell though it took only a bit of his energy to use he knew it would be best to use only at least 3 shots and rest before using it again. Dante would sigh as he then went to the kitchen to find something to eat trying his best to keep calm of the full situation until he was approached by a servant "M'lord, your brother has arrived" Dante nodded and started to make his way to the entrance as he looked at his brother who stood at the same height as him dressed in grey with his long blue hair and bright grey eyes. Dante looked at him up and down and nodded to him speaking softly "Thank you for coming" His brother nodded back and spoke back "Heard things were pretty bad, came to see how I could help"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora rubbed the bridge of her nose, tired from the work she had been doing she made her way to a nearby couch to relax for a while, taking her mind off of things ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante and his brother walked around as he explained the whole situation to him though he did not realise that they stopped just at the door of Pandora’s office as his brother spoke "So a spider huntress who wants to mate with you in exchange for the safety of your kingdom? sounds rather interesting" Dante sighed as he looked down "Take that offer is not an option, and even if I did take it there is no telling that she will hold up her end of the deal" Jasper nodded his head speaking softly "So how do you plan to attack them?" Dante shacked his head "We are not going to kill them brother"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora could hear them talking outside her door, rage bubbling inside her of the mention that the spider bitch wanted to bed her fiancée, but she kept quiet to see what else they would say ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at him with a serious face "I don’t kill anymore brother, I threw the life of a killer away a long time ago" Jasper sighed as he looked at him placing his hand on his shoulder "I get it, you are turning over a new leaf... And I am happy for you for doing it, but Dante these things sound serious and they will stop at nothing to kill you and your family, if you don’t want to kill them then at least consider the offer... it may be the only thing to keep them safe" Dante growled as his used his arm to push his brother's hand off his shoulder speaking softly "The only woman I will bed myself with is with my wife to be, besides she would kill me if I even thought of the idea of taking up the offer with that huntress" Dante shook a bit at the thought of bedding himself with the spider female

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora had heard enough. She got off her couch and opened the door. ~ You may be unwilling to kill them, but I am not. I will kill them, all of them. And I will enjoy it ~ she said, her voice laced with anger and a darkness Dante had never heard before from her ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante and his brother turned around as looked at her Dante looked shocked as he did not notice she was even awake Dante spoke back not in the same tone as hers but loud enough to get the message through " won’t, that's not how we do things here anymore, we are going to capture them and send them off to the void where they will never hurt anyone ever again, you don’t get it Pandora when you strike one of these things hundred more rises. We need to get rid of them without allowing them to multiply on us, it will be a matter of time until we cannot handle their numbers anymore and then it will be a lost war for sure" Dante looked at her eyes as then jasper stepped in between them sighing and speaking softly "Look Dante, you're my brother, but Pandora is right on this need to kill them again or take that offer, those are you only to options for getting them out of your life for good"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she glared at him ~ and what makes you think they can't return from the void? We have no idea the full extent of their powers, and they could have that ability. I know you don't like killing, and I am not asking you to kill them yourself, just allow your brother and me to kill them ~ she said before her gaze settled on his brother ~and he will never take that offer, he knows better

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at them both and snapped "ENOUGH!" Dante’s shadow would rise high as his energy grew a bit to get the message to them "They will go into the void and they will never get out, nothing escapes the void long as I am emperor of the Blackfire my word is law and I am telling you both right now, we are not killing anyone the Blackfire is done having blood on their hands that is my choice and I will not hear a single word about it" He looked over at Pandora showing that he meant specifically her who likes to be stubborn in her choices he then stormed off and went to go patrol around the area looking for any signs of the spider huntress

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she shook her head and mumbled ~ he's going to get himself killed. I know of at least one being who would escape it

Anaya: there was a voice inside of Dante’s head, a simple voice that of the huntress but she was not there "she does not respect your words, fuck me to get something that does”

DanteBlackfire: His brother looked at her and shook his head "He's right, anything that would even make an attempt to escape the void would shatter completely like glass, nothing gets out of the void alive and if you do, you won’t live for long." Jasper walked off to settle into his room while Dante continued to patrol the area as he heard the voice in his head speaking out loud "Go to hell" knowing she could hear him

Anaya: the voice in his head simply said the words "I know you wanted that offer, Dante, you even smile at the thought of laying me upon my back arms around my body, you play your cards right and the spider will bend to your will"

DanteBlackfire: Dante growled as he drew his sword out slicing one of the trees down as his anger builds "Get out of my head"

Anaya: "but you let me in, you let me in when you wanted me, don’t want me anymore, oh you make me so sad"
Anaya: "I want you”

DanteBlackfire: Dante's eyes closed tightly knowing she was trying to fill his mind with lust he tried his best to think of something else to keep his mind off of it as he stared out to his village that was slowly being turned to an entire city half way through on construction

Anaya: "don’t you want me, Dante? Imagine the kingdom we could make you have the power you Could have, the respect of millions”
Anaya: could not should*

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she let out an angry sigh as she went back into her office. She knew he would be mad if she killed anything, but she also knew there were those creatures who resided in the lands that she could manipulate, The rather large reapers being one of them. She let out a sigh before opening her window. As she stood there her eyes turned white. She wasn't going to summon the reapers, not to the castle, she would deal with them elsewhere. Instead, she raised the entirety of the dead in the land, not including those who Dante had lost. Her command has been specific, attack anything remotely resembling a humanoid spider, or spiders in general. She doubted rotting corpses and skeletons would do much damage, but she knew they would provide warning and make things more difficult for the spiders. The dead were ordered to stay outside of the villages, and not to attack any member of the Blackfire family. They would simply act like they couldn’t see them ~

Anaya: "look at their faces, do you really think they respect you?”

DanteBlackfire: Dante walked off deeper into the woods speaking softly though out loud enough to where she could hear him "They respect me enough, you have no idea of the bond I share with my people... My family" he growled as he kept walking

Anaya: "if you had that great bond would they disrespect you so, want you to do things they know you don’t want to do”
Anaya: "we could make a new empire together, as equals”
Anaya: "you would get anything you want"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora breathed in the air before shutting her window and making her way to the dungeon. She knew Dante hated death, but in order for her to feed it was a necessity. She went into one of the cells and grabbed a man who had been accused of selling children for sex, draining him of everything without an ounce of care, leaving his lifeless body for the guards to dispose of before she ventured out into the woods to find her mate ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante would chuckle as he looked around the entire area suddenly a crow would land on his shoulder "You honestly think you have me so figured out don't you, you think that just because I told you my story that you know me from the inside out don’t you? Well, I got news for you, you don’ are you going to just keep sitting there inside my head hiding away or are you actually going to show yourself?"

Anaya: "I can be thousands of miles away from you and still be in your mind, but I am only here for you let me be here. And no I don’t need to know you Dante Blackfire, I just know your wants, your needs"
Anaya: "but I know much more about you than you do about me"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she wandered around the woods, half looking for Dante half enjoying the scenery. She paid no notice to the corpses walking around her, nor do the few who chose to follow her around like puppies. Essentially she had created an army that could not die, and a personal guard as well it seemed. She could sense Dante somewhere in the distance, but he seemed off to her ~

DanteBlackfire: "I don’t need to know anything about are the enemy he walked over to a small shack that was made for Dante to get away from the Blackfire for a while walking inside he would start up the fire and set his weapons down placing them on a case protected by dark energy made from his curse nothing but him could get through to it and anything that did would have trouble getting through. Dante would then sit on a chair looking at the fire as he relaxed himself

Anaya: "but me being your enemy is all the more reason to know everything about me."
Anaya: "but you know nothing”
Anaya: "you don’t even know my name, Dante Black Fire"

DanteBlackfire: "Dante at the ceiling and chuckled ignoring her as he sighed softly closing his eyes trying to see any energy signatures nearby but then send a few undead close by that made Dante stood up

Anaya: she would not allow him to sleep or even rest, there was something at work here as she chuckled in his head.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora continued her own walk through the forest, more and undead rising each minute. It would take a full 24 hours for all of them to be moving, the extent of the spell she cast would take some time, but she felt it was worth it. She could still faintly sense Dante, and was worried about that fact when moments ago his life force had been stronger ~

Anaya: "I wonder Dante you think she will go looking for us, without you knowing, disregard your orders"

DanteBlackfire: Dante would stand up as he reached into the case he used to keep his sword safe as he made his way out of the door his body broke apart into hundreds of crows as he started to feel his finances energy close by he would appear behind her speaking softly "What do you think you're doing?"

Anaya: "oh my she was looking for you disrespected you "
Anaya: "that army of undead Dante seems she wants to find us, kill us, go against you "

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked at him ~ I was taking a walk, is that a crime now too? ~ She asked, the dead wandering about around them ~ as you can see I am well protected

DanteBlackfire: "More like trying to hunt down the spider huntress and any other of her friends... put them back in their graves" Dante looked at her and squeezed his hand holding onto his sword ready to cut them down if need be

Anaya: "see I would not lie to you, she just did"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she reached out and grabbed the arm of the nearest dead, its arm coming off easily ~ do you really think these would be able to do much of anything? ~ She said, waving the rotting arm in his face ~ I am not putting them back. They will serve as a warning. They are ordered to attack any spider or spider person. And next time you think to doubt me and speak to me as if I am I child I will do more than just wave a rotten arm in your face ~ she said, dropping the arm at his feet and turning to walk away from him ~

Anaya: "what disrespect and you wish that as your queen, she will run you like a dog, we would never do that to you, remember Dante the spider is better a friend than an enemy only you make us such”

DanteBlackfire: Dante growled as she walked off his body broke apart into hundreds of crows his body moved to a speed where if you blinked you would miss him, as he started to cut through the undead one by one until none of them were left Dante looked at her and growled as he walked up he would speak out loud as he walked away from the corpse that were dead once again "And the next time you think to question my choices I will make sure I bind your powers for good" Dante walked off into the forest as he walked to a small grave site one that belonged to his mother as he looked down at it frowning slightly

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora stood angrily in the forest, her body shaking with rage. She knew where he had gone, and in an instant had teleported herself to him ~ if you think for one second I will allow you to keep me trapped and bound like an animal you have another thing coming. I am your fiancée, not your property, we are equals, you are not better than me. Do you forget who ran your kingdom and kept it safe when you abandoned both your people and me for a month? Right now your people have more respect for their future queen than they do their king who never seems to take much interest in them. If you cannot be bothered to treat me as an equal then I will leave. For good. I love you, with all of me being, but I will not be considered less than a man, any man, and that includes you. ~ she said, the anger seeping into each word, her body seemed to be made up of nothing but anger at the moment ~

Anaya: "Dante if she meant the words she would not have gone against you, you are less than she is, not equal that is a lie, she does not respect your orders wants to kill behind your back, let her go, let her go and I will see you "

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and growled as he yelled back angry "You want me to stop leaving so back? Then bring me the people that killed my daughter right in front of me bring me them and then I will gladly stop....I might have promised to stop killing but until I find them and make them pay for what they have done I will NEVER stop my people respect me rather you like to think it or not they know I have reason for the things I do and you will never understand the love they share for me and do you know why? it's because it was me who always kept them safe and they knew damn well that if anything ever happens to them I would be there in an instant to keep them safe, but you know why I wouldn't need to for minor threats? Because I knew that the black fire was in safe hands with my fiancé..." He growled as he looked down tears stream down his eyes from the thought of his daughter when his demonic strength let him punch through a tree knocking it completely down as his hands started to bleed and shake while he remained standing there with his hand straight up he would speak softly though still in anger "Do what you want..." Dante stormed off past her as he made his way back to the shake masking his energy so that she could not find him

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora Looked to the grave at her feet, silent tears running down her face. She always wondered if he really loved her, or if he was simply in need of a wife to give him children, to continue the Blackfire line. with a heavy sigh her wings sprouted from her back, and she launched herself into the air. Where she was headed was her own business, but she knew for certain she was not returning to the castle. Dante had made it very clear he no longer cared what she did anymore if he ever truly cared for her at all. ~

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Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade_1

DanteBlackfire: Dante sighed feeling that she left Dante would walk back to his shack as he stood there seeing the fire still going he would sit there and growl lightly knowing he messed up but that there would be no way to make up for it

Anaya: She sat on the window shelf a bit away from the fireplace. But she seemed a bit off, was she even real, she looked really bloody real, but in truth she was only an image placed in his mind of what he wanted to see. a woman sitting on the window shelf dressed in a dark crimson gown hardly covering her body white hair lashed back with string and black spider legs hanging from her side and running up the window holding her to the wall and on the shelf. "You could do better Dante, she will be back when she figures out how much you are worth”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked over and tilted his head speaking softly "Like you would know how well I could do" Dante uncovered his sword and placed it on a shelf he felt some stitches from old woods open and would have to remove his short showing his muscular chest as he started to re-stich himself

Anaya: "I know more about you then you think, I see everything" she moved and hoped down from the shelf and walked over to him as she took her clawed hand and took the needle from his hand "if I may?"

DanteBlackfire: He looked as she took the needle from his hand and growled slightly but then calmed himself and allowed her to do so he was in no mood to fight

Anaya: "one thing my kind is good for is handling sharp things, now it may hurt so don’t move" she started to stitch him back together her lips moving to cut the thread with a tooth not dare to touch his skin, they needed him alive and now part of the plan was in motion. he was now alone "in the next coming days you will gain an offer from the spider queen, I advise you to take it "

DanteBlackfire: "And just what offer will that be?" He looks at her and tilted his head

Anaya: "she will send a scout to ask you to do her bidding, to be an alliance to her, you are to give up the rights you have and only do one thing, rule, and give her apples to every alliance you have. And then to every member you have. each eats an apple before they become a part here, a simple apple, it will not kill them like the other girl, but only put the spider into their body’s, a kill switch sort of thing, only used if needed" she finished and did the last stitch cutting it once again and then kissing the needle as it melted in Dante’s eyes but in the truth it only fell to the floor but she did not allow him to see that, she allowed him to see it melting due to the toxin on her lips. "but you will never eat an apple, you are to give yourself to her willingly, then and only then will you meet her and be taken to see the nest"
Anaya: "if you don’t take the offer, everything you have will vanish”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and growled clenching his hand into a fist as he then sat himself down on the bed staring up at the ceiling as he tried to gather his thoughts

Anaya: "if you take the offer you can state your terms, what you want in the deal, you can gain a new bride"
Anaya: "one that will do whatever you want "

DanteBlackfire: Dante stood there for a moment before in his head he could his mother’s voice call him name obviously voices from the past as Dante looked up he closed his eyes slowly then laid back on the bed slowly

Anaya: she looked at him as she sat beside him, oh god how she hated being this way all nice and shiny. "Just think about your choice wisely, you take it you get to keep your kingdom you get to keep your crown if you don't, everything but the crown on your head will be ripped from you, Dante. And once everything is gone that crown is only a hunk of metal”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her staring up and down at her then back to her eyes tilting his head

Anaya: "what are you even looking at?"

DanteBlackfire: He looks at her and shakes his head "Nothing..." Dante knew it was a lie he knew she was beautiful and Dante did not trust her however his mind drifted to the offer she made for him before though tried to block it off

Anaya: "your voice is that of a liar Dante Backfire"
DanteBlackfire: "I'm sure it is" he looks up and shakes his head
Anaya: "you rest well, I am not real anyway"
Anaya: "I am only the image I place in your mind, I am stuck at the nest, even if I wish to be at your side”

DanteBlackfire: "Took back your other offer did you? Kind of surprised honestly" He chuckled lightly

Anaya: "I can’t pull the strings, Dante, I am no ruler, I am only her pawn on strings, and I am pleased to know you think of my offer”
Anaya: strings not songs*

DanteBlackfire: "Ah, so the offer was never really there then?" He chuckled lightly "very good way to cloud my mind"

Anaya: "even if I can't fully fulfill the offer does not mean I did not want it to be there, and Dante, I thought you knew about me, but I am the enemy bedding the enemy is a bad thing, right?" she would smile as she twisted a claw in her snow white hair.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her as he shook his head "I have no enemies anymore...with pandora gone there are no more reasons for me to fight"

Anaya: "then I am sure you will take the offer the spider queen gives you”

DanteBlackfire: "Perhaps..." He looks at her as he stands up walking around the room

Anaya: "and we can replace your late female anyway, just state it as a term when you are to meet the spider queen"

DanteBlackfire: "And exactly when will that be?" He looked at her

Anaya: "in the next coming days, you will get a scout with the offer, you can take the offer right away if yet the scout will take you back to the nest if not the scout will leave. the choice is fully up to you "

DanteBlackfire: He would look at her and nod as he redresses himself and walks out of the small house making his way to the castle where he would spend his days alone for a while knowing he missed Pandora dearly, but there was nothing he could do about her at the moment instead all he could do was wait he explained everything to his brother and his brother agreed with him knowing it was for the best

Anaya: and then she was gone, as he walked away and she vanished away

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Pandora had traveled far, taking the better part of a day to get to her destination. It was the one place no one ever think to look for her, and why should they? Even if the man she loved never truly loved her, she would still risk everything to save him.
And that is what brought her to one of the most dangerous places she could be, the realm of the reapers. There were many here who wanted nothing more than to kill her, she was an abomination to them. Maybe once she was done her task she would let them. After all, what did she really have left to love for?

She traveled carefully, trying not to draw attention to herself. The effort proved to be futile as it was not long before a high level reaper approached her. “What is a disgusting half breed like you doing in these lands” He said, his white eyes scanning her over. She knew her succubus abilities would be lost on him, as reapers were immune to all magic. They were neither good nor evil, the were the very embodiment of pure neutrality, only doing the jobs they were tasked to do.

“I am here to see the lord of the realm, you can tell him Pandora is here. I can assure you he will see me” she said, her voice confident despite the worry she had. “And what makes you so special to receive an audience with the Lord?” The reaper scoffed. “I was his protégé for 500 years” She said.

The reaper scoffed again. “I will honor your request, only because I want to watch him kill you” He said, leading her to what could be classified as a castle, even though the structure had no distinct shape. She was led inside, greeted with hostile stares from the other reapers before she was shown into a room.

“My Lord, there is a Halfling here who wishes to speak to you. Her name is Pandora and she insists she tutored under you for 500 years.” The reaper said, rolling his eyes. “Send her in” a deep male voice said. The voice radiated power, the like she had only ever know in one other being.

Pandora was shown in, the cloaked figure becoming her. She walked up to him, bowing slightly “Lord Death, it is good to see you again” She said, her voice quiet out of respect. “No need to be so formal my girl, come” he said, holding his arms open. She walked up to him, being pulled into his embrace. For anyone without reaper blood in them, this would kill them. Pandora simply felt a chill. “Now tell me, why have you come?” Death asked and Pandora sighed. “The man I love is under attack by spider creatures” She said “bebilith” Death said simply and she nodded “You have not thought to ask your mothers aide?” Death asked and she shook her head “I cannot pull her away from her own kingdom.” She said and Death nodded. “Your mother is a strong being, almost as strong as I am. What is it you need from me?” He asked. “There are very large reaper like creatures in the Blackfire lands. I want to know if they can be commanded to attack the spiders?” She asked “That is quite the request. Those creatures were a failed experiment, although I can command them” He said. Pandora sat silently, waiting for an answer. “I will do what you ask, but you must grant me one request.” He said. “Anything.” Pandora answered. She had nothing left to lose anymore “I want the Queen. I am aware she is evil, but she has plagued me since she arrived. I want her alive.” Death said. “How am I supposed to bring you her alive?” Pandora asked, receiving a dark chuckle in response. “Go see your mother. Her kind knows about the bibilith, and they may know how to cage them. She might be able to give you the spell to do it. But be warned, the spell will come at a cost, and you may not like the cost.” He said. Pandora nodded. She was willing to sacrifice whatever it took to keep her love safe. “Now come and dine with me before you depart once more.” Death said, holding out a hand to her. She took his hand, knowing the fate of those she loved rested in it.

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The huntress opened her eyes “males are the most stupid thing known to their race. God, it is so easy to ruin them” she moved her arms over her head the sun was up so most of her kind would be sleeping or being lazy and resting as they did in daylight hours, but really spiderkin did not sleep they just slowed down for parts of the day. Like a snake they conserve energy and then use what they have when needed never truly running out or low on much, it was an amazing way to live and they did not have to waste time on things they view as unneeded like sleep or foolish tasks.

Today’s agenda was she had to make a trip to the males chambers to make sure none were dead and if any were she would drag them out and dispose of them. Then she had to see the queen to relay the information she had gathered about Dante and the Blackfire kingdom, as well as inform her of the spiders she had placed in cracks on the walls to spy and view things when they were not around. She did have a good chunk of things to do today, but first thing, have a bath.

She got out of bed as she stood there her nude frame as if glowing as there was an air hole overhead were the sun slunk in down the tunnel. She smiled as she let her hair fall down her back, snow white locks as soft as silk, on skin pale and fair without a single blemish. She was a flawless specimen of her kind even in her true form she was a snow white Biblith so an oddball and shimmering odd one out in her own kind. She walked over to the desk picking up a string as she put her hair up and walked into the bathing chamber. Turning on the tap warm water ran up the pipes and into the stone basin that was the tub. She got into the tub as she looked around the room. It was a standard room, but it was made to look a bit more top side bath house. Huntress had no idea of why this was in truth she would have enjoyed bathing in a black hole it would have been easier and it was not like the dark was a problem to a spider. She stood in the bath for a second as she moved her hand down and picked up water and let it run down her back and over her lush and full backside.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade_2

Sitting down she put her feet up on the side of the tube and leaned her back up against the tubs back and for a moment there she smiled as she knew that at this time Dante should be sleeping or doing morning activities. She shut her eyes and in her head as she was now linked to his mind she sent him mental images of everything she was doing right now.

(Mental image link Rated 18+ you have been warned. =

She could not help but laugh as she picked up the luffa and covered it in oils and soap lathering her body in the bath as she cleaned herself “all I have to do is not get attached, but really that is not hard and even if the queen feeds me as his wife I will just kill him unless ordered otherwise” she talked to herself in the bath as she let out a sigh and washed herself more finishing up her bath.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade_3

Getting up she tossed on a bath robe and then walked over to the closet where she opened the door and looked over things to wear, she grabbed a nice long pale purple gown and pulled it on over her head as the base of it hid her feet so she would not have to wear shoes and the train of it dragged along the ground. It was truly a beautiful silken gown and it fit her figure very well. She was thin in the figure but not to the point like it looked like she did not eat, just to the point where she had hips and breasts but not skin and bone. And the light purple complimented that fair skin so very well.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Tumblr_n42n5kW25p1rgdjn8o1_1280

Walking out of her chamber room and out the doors she walked down the long hallways and as she nodded her head to a guard she looked around when the hallway opened up to a roofless path down into the Underdark lower chamber rooms were they kept the males. Biblith were a female dominant race and males were treated very submissively, in truth if the spiders could figure it out they would make themselves a sexual if they could and toss males all together as they already viewed them as not needed in life. Their society was booming and it had no males in it to run things or in their eyes ruin things.
She pushed open the large stone doors as she walked into the halls, shivering and shaking men lined the walls, some in human form others half spider half human and some even full Biblith males still chained and so small. Males were lucky to come in at 8 feet tall and maybe make a ton in weight. The females hardly fed them and only used them as sex dolls and for a number of females and a number of males the males were worked every day multiple times a day. Used for their seed and nothing more, some days they were lucky if they got fed. Over half of hatched males were killed on sight and the other small amount were sent here to grow and replace the ones that died. Males here were expected to live about four years and in their time of death they were thin, broken, energy less and just drained of everything they had, some even died of exhaustion and organ failure. Huntress walked past them as she looked in every stone cell-like structure, they were cells with no doors just open fronts and the males chained inside unable to break free and beaten or killed if they tried. Some did not even try to get away anymore they were institutionalized (info blip = "Institutionalized" to mean having the institutional syndrome, the psychological and mental health effects of living for a long time in an institution or similar, being physiologically broken to believe you can’t survive outside of the institution )

Some of the males begged for food “Soj bel, Soj bel” they could not talk English only abyssal and huntress snapped back on how they are to be silent or be killed. She kicked the ground and then kept walking looking for dead males in this massive hall of men chained to walls or being fucked on their chain in their cells by females that only needed their seed or just had a need and wanted to fuck and beat something. Huntress got to a cell where there was female eating her male as his body still thrust his genitals into her, but he had no head, and she was eating the stump of his neck. Huntress lifted a brow and had to stand there a moment to watch this, what did this one have a brain in its midsection so he could keep reproducing. But then the female spotted her and let out a hiss as her legs rubbed against her backside she was getting upset and Huntress gave a bow and moved on. One thing Nessy never allowed was to disturb the act of mating, regardless of its oddity’s. Huntress noticed a dead body of a male it had been beaten to death blood all over the cell its head bashed in by hammer like front limbs, this was the way most of the males met their fate, death by hammer front limbs of females. She called out to a guard to pick up this body and drag it away, it was a large one and she did not want to get her dress dirty.
Over the span of two hours she had walked the lanes of the male chambers, and in total there was a hundred and twenty-four body’s dragged out, deaths caused by broken pelvis, bleeding out, death by beating and having skulls smashed, even if males were immune to the venom of the females if enough was pumped into them they melted, others ripped apart, half eaten, beheaded, had their hearts ripped out and then some turned to nothing but a stain on the floor nobody nothing just blood clean up. And some, there was nothing to clean up the male was just gone and the chain was their blood on the neck collar, it was a show of the female ate the male in full. A simple mess and you were able to replace the male in the cell very fast. She gave a smile as she walked out of the cell room and pushed the bolder of a door back in place. She had a bit of blood on her dress at the train part on the back but did not mind it much she would change later before she had to go out, well if she had to go out in truth she did not really want to but her job was her job.

Huntress walked over to the castle chambers, the queens chambers as she taped on the door and almost right away it opened and there was little Azaleas black eyes, dead black child eyes, in many ways the kid was more insane then the mother and at times huntress wondered if the kid would one day eat its mother and take over power, if that day happened, huntress was praying she would be dead. “is the queen in Azalea” she asked kindly as the child slammed the door in the woman’s face smashing huntresses fingers in the door. Huntress let out a cry as her fingers broke and one ripped off black tar gushing from the stump. Huntress moved a leg and kicked in the stone door sending it flying across the room “you fucking worthless excuse of a child. I will fucking rip you in half!” her yellow eyes ablaze as the kid stood there, smiling, doing nothing but smiling. Azalea said nothing but just smiled that creepy fucked up grin she was known for.

“you want to play DD, I like the game pick up fingers, I made it up” Azalea held the ripped off finger that was the huntress’s finger and then just tossed it on the floor “you get to it first you keep it” she snapped as she smiled and huntress bolted for the finger. An inch away from the finger a massive black spider leg smashed into the ground the razor-edged point of it smashing into the floor and cutting the finger apart. Azalea a true black widow Biblith, only one was born every thousand years and sadly this one was one. A massive unlike other Biblith that looked like massive crab spider hybrids, when Azalea took her true form she was a massive black widow with giant black legs. “You was to slow DD, mommy is in the back room you can see her now” huntress gave a Growl as she walked past Azalea.

“yes, Lady Azalea thank you for allowing me entrance with the Queen” she clutched her dripping fingers as she walked into the back room the doors shutting behind her azalea playing with her blocks in the other room. “You keep your daughter as a door guard now Nessy?” she asked as she was snarling and holding her fingers. The queen was sitting at her desk flipping papers and holding the apple that she kept on the edge of her desk.

“In truth she makes a good guard for me no one would even think of coming past her if she did not allow it, and her devotion to her mother is without equal, she even rivals you” Nessy shut her book as she sat at her desk her arms folded in front of her, stabbing red eyes looking at the huntress as red hair fell to the side of her face. “so what have you for me from the kingdom Black fire”

Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade_4

“All is going well and better then planned it took very little time for the males mate to leave him, but she seems very interested in having us dead. She is very interested in killing us Nessy” she could not hide the smile on her lips as she said this to her Queen.

“Well then, bring her here, have her see the place she is up against, once she comes down the cave she will never leave. We can chain her in the male caves and let her get beaten to death.”

“She is a type of sex demon my lady, death by mating would be beautifully ironic. But she is not full sex demon she holds other quality’s maybe that of a reaper of sorts the spiders watched her in a spar with the Dante demon king, sex demons can't toss fire yet she can. Is she a threat?”

“No, even Death will not tread down here. We are not for this world so things like reapers soul gatherers and that trash hold no merit over us and how we do things. And we do not have that soul they feed on, and our energy is as toxic as we are, so if she feeds from you let her. She will die of toxic overload, her own way of life will be the death of her. Nothing on this world even knows much about us other than bad story’s they tell children so they don’t get into mischief. We are a mystery in this land, really all anyone knows is we are not the good guys. But as said bring the girl, what’s her name?”

“Pandora my lady”

“Yes bring Pandora here and have her meet me, maybe even have her meet Azalea they will share things both of them, Azalea likes to kill and fuck things too. But what about Dante you said she left him?”

“Yes my Lady, Pandora left Dante due to the male not wanting to kill anything he seems to have a soft heart and a weak soul, he holds the curse of madness or something, it is another half of him that is the harsher side but in the end that wants to lay me down and fuck me just like he does my lady. I have been using the skill of the female to run Dante a stray”

“Very good Diorch you serve me well using the skills you have to get what you want. So is Dante at the point where it would be our best plot to send the scout?”

“Yes my lady I do believe he would accept your offer and if not he does understand how foolish it is to go against the offer you will give him, he knows what he will lose. I have played innocent to him to have him fall into my claws. My lady if it comes to it, if he wishes to lay me down should I give in and kill him or allow him to live?”
“If it makes him fall in love with you play the part, and let him live we can’t risk killing him or his land we need him alive we can rule him and his empire will give us much profit”

“Alright, my lady I will do what is needed of me. So when will the scout be sent out and would you like me to go back into the field? I can bring Pandora to you if you like”

“That would be a good plan, go out into the lands and find the female and draw her here, bring her down the cave bring her deep she holds no idea what is down here. Her magic will hold no value down here all she will be is an energy sucking sex demon trapped down a hole unable to get out of the nest. Then we can have the females lay her and kill her, if she is to go against us she is of no value” Nessy walked over to the table as she picked up a paper, the old stained parchment more than likely been sitting there for months. She rolled it up and then unrolled it along the table to flatten it out and work out the crumples. She took her black stamp and put the black wax seal in the bottom corner and then picked up a quill and started to write down.

Dante Blackfire

Terms of surrender from the side of the Kalatron Empire, the Biblith swarm
I Dante BlackFire swear to uphold the terms of this under the agreement of if broken the other side is granted utter control and I am removed of power as all is stripped from me and I am banished to the outer lands to live with the slugs and sand dogs.


- To fully surrender right of crown to the spider queen, will be able and allowed to rule still with crown upon head but all power of land and castle will belong to the Swarm
- Will begin export of the swarm apples immediately to alliances and fellow lands
- Will give swarm black apples to every member of the castle, man woman, and child
- King is never to eat the apples himself

“Nessy, if I may, he told me he would be pleased if he was to gain a new wife as a replacement, we have done it for others, is it possible to be able to give him maybe a slave woman or even one of our own? But the lesser Spider-kin”
“We can talk about that part when he comes here, but yes it can be very much so done and it will allow us to have another set if eyes inside his castle, ” she went back to wrighting.

- Half of your profit from taxes and town fairs will be brought to the entrance of the swarm nest, left with the door guards in a single iron chest the size is up to the amount. It is to be left there and the guards will bring it in
- No one is EVER to come inside the swarm nest without invitation if this is broken the perpetrator of this will be killed upon entrance to the swarm
- All land rights will belong to the swarm and swarm members will be granted equal right as kingdom members and are able to walk the lands as pleased.
- The kingdom will be granted two swarm guards to guard its entrance, no more than this is granted.
- If there is anything else one must make an appointment to be able to see the leader of the swarm.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Hade_5

Nessy rolled it up lashing it with a black string and handing it to Diorch “take this to him, you are to be the scout, bring the real scout with you as a tag along to say I sent you as a guard for the scout, do not engage in anything with the demon, this is a formal matter, after the matter is dealt with you can remain there to work whatever you wish, then in a days’ time after the scout has left bring the demon here. If he accepts the offer, if not in a days’ time come back alone and then we can send out the spiders to destroy his city first.”

“Understood, flawlessly I will head out right away my lady is there anything more?”

“No, you may leave Diorch. Oh, how did the matter with that girl go?”

“He killed her my lady, if you pull the strings right he will do whatever is asked of him, as I told you, the male is simple minded and easy to manipulate”

“Good, alright be gone”

The huntress headed out the door walking by azalea as she did not even look up, all the demented girl did was smile as now the huntresses fingers were not bleeding they had cloted but now there was a missing finger and it would be missing for a couple days till she could regrow.

Huntress walked down to the male docks and grabbed one up that did not look to be in to bad of shape, he had brown hair was dirty and needed some clothing that worked in the human world above the ground “alright you will do, you are being taken to the upper level of this world, you will be bathed and cleaned and then you are to stick at my side and not stray, you are a scout you have bin trained in this act male?” the man nodded as he stood up strait his back cracking

“Yes lady huntress I am well versed in the art of communication”

“yes you are well trained in the art of dull English talk I am sure” she rolled her eyes and pushed him in front of her as he was kicked up to the bathing house for males a shit building were the water was more dirt then water but it did the trick for males. He was to be dressed and they would be in there way within the hour to be at the castle within a day.

~Typist Anaya

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PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora had been dining with death, enjoying the relative safety of being in his company before she needed to speak to her mother. She was dreading the task as Finavar had a tendency to be cold. She knew her mother cared a great deal for her, but she rarely showed it in everyday life. Once she was done and had excused herself, she opened the familiar portal she always used to get home. The giant bats that lived in the mountain, coupled with the feral Lycans, trolls, ogres, wraiths and another manner of creatures made it difficult for her to navigate the land otherwise. As she stepped through the portal, she greeted her mother ~ Hello mother

FinavarLasair: ~Finavar looked up from the scroll she had been looking over ~ Evening Pandora, I will be with you in a moment ~ she said before turning to the guard " Burn the entire village. If those stupid humans think they can come into my lands to hunt my creatures they are mistaken. Take the children, and burn the rest. Place the children in the human village that send us offerings, they can raise them. those children will live to tell the tale of the evil queen who destroyed their home. Hopefully, they will learn a lesson" She said, her voice cold and uncaring. She truly did not have any remorse for the actions she took, and saving the children was not compassion, but rather a strategy. she handed the scroll back to the guard who took it, bowed and left. She then turned her gaze to her daughter ~ I have not seen you in some time, I thought you were preparing to be wed? ~ she asked, a hint of curiosity in her otherwise cold voice ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked to the floor, sadness in her eyes ~ That is why I am here. Bebilith has come to Blackfire, they want the empire. And I am no longer sure if Dante truly loves me. ~ she said, tears streaming down her face ~

FinavarLasair: ~finavar let out a sigh ~ those disgusting spiders should have never been created. They are the one creature I will not allow in my lands. As for the man. I will kill him and you can move on and find one more suitable ~ she said~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~pandora shook her head ~ If he truly does not love me and was simply using me, I will simply take his soul. He will survive without it, but will become a cruel killer as a result. and I can keep the soul and tell it the awful things he's doing while soulless. Maybe after a few centuries he can have it back and live with the torment of the lives he took. He's soft and does not kill. But he is not why I am here. I visited death, and he said you may have a spell that could trap the spiders? ~she asked, the hurt and pain Dante caused more than evident in her voice ~

FinavarLasair: ~ Finavar growled under her breath. She may be cold, and mostly emotionless, but she loved Pandora as if she had birthed her herself. She did not like the idea of some weak man who was unwilling to kill to protect those he claimed to care for hurting her daughter in such a way ~ That does not stop me from wanting to kill him, but I won't, for you. Why do you want to help him when all he has done is caused you pain, first when he disappeared and left you to run his kingdom, and now? ~ she asked. She was completely unwilling to help the man, and couldn't understand why her daughter did ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she looked to her mother with a sigh ~ If I told you I was doing it for the people in the empire would you be more willing to help? I think the spiders are going to kill them, and they don't deserve that. especially since I am positive Dante will make a deal with the spider queen ~ she said, her voice now full of anger at the thought of him bedding that disgusting "woman"~

FinavarLasair: ~ she scoffed ~ stupid man. does he not know the spiders never keep their word? they have no love for males, they kill theirs after they mate. The ability is horrid creatures created by a guilty conscience to rid the world of the evil my kind left. The downfall is they ended up worse than the creatures they were designed to kill. You would not have the ability to cast such a spell, not on your own. and I know death will not aid you in that. yes, I know you asked. his creatures will be nothing more than a slight distraction to those spiders. You need to find very powerful demons capable of performing multiple forms of magic. I will find the spell, but I will not venture to cast it for you. I will not risk those parasites coming to my lands. ~ she said as she rose from her seat, heading for her vast library ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora followed her mother ~ I know, I am not asking for you to come fight, just for the spell. I will look for demons who would be willing to help ~ she said, glad her mother was willing to at least provide the spell ~

FinavarLasair: ~ Finavar made her way into an old dusty part of the library, touching the books until she stopped at one and smirked, pulling it. The bookcase swung open, revealing a dark winding staircase ~ I built this castle before you were even born. there are secrets here you may never find out. Down here is the forbidden library. It houses the spells and books that I would rather not have fallen into the hands of those who would use it against me. ~ she said before making her way down the stairs. She lit a torch on the wall, illuminating a large iron door. A large key appeared in her hand and she used it to unlock and open the door. Inside the room, the walls were covered in ancient books, scrolls and a few ancient tablets. ~ she wandered over to a shelf, pulling one of the tablets free and setting it on the table ~ I will write down the spell on a scroll, as it is not in any language you would know ~ she said, pulling a blank scroll and quill from seemingly nowhere. She sat at the table and began to translate the tablet, leaving the words to the spell in their language, but written down in a way that made the words pronounceable ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora followed her mother, surprised to see the hidden door, and even more surprised by the secret library. She understood her mother's reasoning, standing silently as her mother spoke before she pulled out the tablet. She remained silent as her mother explained it to her and began to translate it onto the scroll ~

FinavarLasair: ~Once she was done she handed the scroll to Pandora, the ink already dry as it was magical in its nature ~ remember, you do not have the ability required to use this. Gather the ingredients listed. Find demons strong enough who are willing to help. and do not bring those creatures here ~ she said, the warning clear in her voice ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora took the scroll from her mother, tucking it into her sleeve. the warning in her mother's tone was more than evident and she nodded ~ I won't, no one even knows I am here. Dante thinks I have left him to fend for himself, and I doubt he will bother to come looking for me ~ she said, a hint of sadness in her voice ~

FinavarLasair: ~ Finavar nodded ~ good. I suggest you teleport as much as you can. you will still be a target and I do not want to have to go to their lair to get you ~ she said, making her way back to her throne room ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~Pandora nodded, a small smile on her face. her mother's willingness to rescue her from the spiders should she be taken was all the proof ever needed that she loved her ~ Understood mother ~ she said. She headed into the rest of the castle, making her way to her chambers there to bathe and rest before venturing out ~

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----The Next Morning----

Anaya: There was a tap on the doors, the sound of clicking legs skittering under the door and then up the wall filled the air. Then it was silent and they were gone, hidden nicely in cracks and crevices as the male waited on the other side of the door shivering and trying to hold himself up nice and straight, and going over his English on his mind holding the paper from the spider queen in his hands.

DanteBlackfire: Dante was inside of the training room his chest completely exposed due to the amount of sweat he had right now showing he must have been training all night though showed no sign of being tired Dante continued as he heard the knock on the door as he made his way to it he opened it slowly and noticed the male who was the scout for the queen Dante held the door open for him allowing him to come in

Anaya: The man stood there, his head held high as he tried to straighten his back out to be able to stand upright with no sign of weakness, he was failing at it, he looked feeble he was. “Sir Dante Blackfire?” he asked as she walked inside the castle the scatting sound along the wall hoping up for a moment then fading away as eyes watched the dealings.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at him tilting his head for a moment though he then nodded to him not speaking a single word as he stood there quietly his eyes would give a soft red glow his face held an emotionless stare as he looked to the male

Anaya: The man walked up to the center of the room, his hand holding out the paper with the black seal on it “I am scout of the Kaladron Empire, also known as the swarm, this be the queens terms you hold 20 human minutes to look them over and discuss with other parts on your response to them. if you agree with the terms listed here please inform me I will be at the doors and I will take the word back to her Highness the Spider Queen Ruler of the swarm. If not let your time run out and I will return on my own and give word on your response.”
DanteBlackfire: Dante would snatch the papers from his hand and open it as he walked away Dante would read it going to his private office to read the entire thing placing it onto his desk placing his hands on both sides of it as he looked over the entire thing. Dante sighed as he then took a few steps back leaning onto the bookshelf

Anaya: The male turned around as he said he would and walked out to the doorway outside the castle sitting his back up against the wall and his rump onto the ground waiting for the 20 human minutes he was instructed to give. Huntress moved along the wall and into the study as the shadow of her formed down the wall and her lavender gown formed around her body the base of it trailing along the ground “it is a good agreement, you should consider it there is not much you have to lose anymore regardless. You give her what she wants she will give you what you want”

DanteBlackfire: Dante sighed as he looked down for a moment and then looked at her "And what exactly is it that she wants from me?" He tilts his head as he clenched his hand into a tight fist trying to remain as calm as possible

Anaya: "for you to give out her apples, and to give up the land under your feet, you will still be on it and own the castle but she will just own the land it sits on. I do believe that is on the paper, but other terms can be discussed but the points there are the firmest and the ones that are greatest"
DanteBlackfire: Dante placed his hands on the table and spoke out softly "This land has belonged to my family for so many years, I was born in these lands and I spilled so much blood to protect it, how do you just give away something that precious to you?"

Anaya: “everyday woman give up children that they raise in their womb, kingdoms give up their sons and little girls to be wed to other kingdoms and into lands they are a stranger in, every day many give up their lives and take in death, everyday people give up belongings, you do it to save yourself and your people the hardship of it being stolen or destroyed. Mothers give up their children so they don’t have to deal with the fact the mother can’t care for them. You do it for the greater good and for peace within nations, but in the end the choice is your Dante, you will still own the castle, she will just own what you sit on. And she will not harm what you sit on, it matters too much for her to break it“

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked down slowly and nodded as he closed his eyes trying to think for a moment knowing what he has to do he walks himself outside to look for the male finding him sitting down on the wall Dante looked to the males eyes and sighed as he spoke in a soft tone "...Yes" a lot of the people who were around watching would look down as he said these words

Anaya: The man stood up as he held no expression on his face and he backed up bowing his head to Dante “be a good choice Sir, please keep the parchment it is for your own records, as well as Huntress will be staying with you this evening she will escort you to the nest in the morning, I wish you well Sir” he turned on his heel and started to walk away to go give the news, as always it would take him a full day's walk to be able to give the news to the spider queen. Huntress walked behind Dante as he left the study, but she stood by the doors and watched him her white hair in a lashed bread slung over her shoulder.
DanteBlackfire: Dante turned around and looked at her after he heard that the huntress will be staying with him for the night after the man left Dante simply walked past her returning himself to the training room

Anaya: Even if she could not feel pain herself she knew it when she saw it, and a part of her felt for the demon but at the same time a large part of her new it was best for her nest and it was what was needed. She walked to the training room sitting upon a small chair as she watched Dante train. A glimmer in her eyes as she wanted to fight just the same. She also knew if she got into it there was a chance Dante would fight back and learn about her race and she could not risk him fighting her and being able to learn what hurt and what did not.
DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to train endlessly using the clone of him and the two bamboo sticks to work on his speed and improve his reaction timing, Dante and the clone of Dante collided the sticks together the sound of them hitting each other echoed throughout the area as they continued to for a good hour until Dante finally choose to call it a day sitting himself on the floor of the training room he crossed his legs and closed his eyes trying to gather himself.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~the shadows in the castle seemed to move of their own will, creeping around the corners and along the walls as they made their way to Pandora's chambers. Once in her chambers they formed one solid swirling mass of shadows, growing in size until they were the size of a door. It didn't take long for Pandora to step through the portal her mother had created, a sour look on her face as she hated using her mother’s portals. She gave a shudder just before the portal closed and looked around her room. She was really only there to grab a few things she figured she would need while she traveled and had no intention of letting anyone know she was even there ~

At this point, the huntress had spiders everywhere, little-hidden eyes all over the place and as soon as Pandora had formed Huntress got a ding in her mind as if the woman had stepped on an invisible web laid upon the floor. Huntress stood up from her chair as she walked over to Dante “care if I join you? I am a tad rusty but hey never hurts to do something to get the blood boiling” she needed to get his mind on only her, keep it on only here and now. She would not use any large moves and if anything she would learn as much about him as he would her. “call it practice if things go wrong ” she winked at him as she moved her clawed fingers down her sides, fighting always made her lustful. “You can’t call it a day yet fighting with yourself is just the same thing, toss some spark into it ”

Anaya: She stood there as she tilted her head to the side, now the question in her mind is, do you turn into a giant 2-ton spider monster giving away what you truly look like or do you just play ball like the sexy human bodied slut you are. She went with option number two and her hands moved up to run her fingers into her hair her claw snipping the lash that tied her hair in its bride and allowing it to be set free to waft over her shoulders and hang just reaching she swell of her center back. She moved her hand to her lips where she took a tooth that had grown to a single fang and ran it along her wrist, under the skin lay a silk spinner just protruding the skin. She did the same to the other wrist as she moved her hands to shake her fingers getting the blood, the black tar-like blood flowing, it dripped over spinners so the silk had become acidic. When you have toxic and burning blood why not use it as a weapon right even more so when small amounts of loss of blood never really matter her body could clot it up right away anyway when too much was spent. She took her hand and bent her wrist back sending a shot of sticky webbing right at the bow. The aim was a bit rusty but if it hit it would hit its mark well and lash the bow into the wall as well as melt the frame breaking the wooden tool in half and leaving the strong the only thing holding it together. As the one shot fired a second hand came up firing another one at Dantes left leg his bow in the right hand so if he moved to the one side the shot aimed at the bow would hit his body, and if he moved to the other side the shot aimed at the leg would hit the other leg. And whatever they hit they melted into if he did get hurt she would be able to help him if she made the choice to but in the end she wondered would he pick his leg or his bow.
PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora took a step towards her wardrobe when a sudden and unexpected wave of nausea hit her with force. She turned her hand over her mouth, and ran into the bathroom, knocking over her porcelain washbowl, causing it to shatter on the floor before heaving into the empty chamber pot that was kept there. Tears streamed down her face since she hated throwing up ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at the web came at him though Dante was able to quickly use only a bit of his energy to use his crow teleportation, this move was very difficult to use and required Dante to teleport at only exactly what was in his field of view which is why many years ago Dante linked his optical nerve to his pet crow known as Grave who died many years ago to travel greater distances through Dante tried to find another crow to take its place it would be years before crows started to flock in this part of the land before he could get another one, Dante's body reappear at a bit of a distance from her firing the arrow he had loaded on the bow still and then would start to run to the side to try and avoid any further attacks

Anaya: The huntress shot more web flings at Dante, well not at him but in front of him, he would run into the attacks, this was far from her first ball game and Dante was not a hard demon to understand. If she would go all out she would have changed already to put up her aura and a field that would prevent him porting or shifting into anything. When you were the monster that killed demons, demons liking to hop around you had to have ways to stop there hoping. As he ran around she turned on the balls of her feet a lot faster than one may think she would have moved. Spiders despite the size and bulkiness were very fast. The more legs you had the greater the push to move. Her dress spun around her as she looked at him bright yellow eyes were not leaving his figure as he ran in rings around the room waiting to shoot that arrow “you going to dance all day or shoot that blood thing”

DanteBlackfire: Dante's started to move faster and faster around her barely missing her web shot and then stopped starting to fire 3 arrows at her one of the arrows however the very last one would ignite in a black flame as it was fired at her he did not intend of hitting her with the arrow just to throw her off so that Dante could charge at her attempting to kick her in the chest

Anaya: There some teasing and talking did the trick he fired, as he did the spider went into spider mode no more human thought processes it was all robotic almost like she was mechanical. And in truth this was what she was made for, made to destroy things that others viewed as less than them, sadly the ones that made them viewed all demons as lesser beings and made that in the coding of the bibliths existence to hunt down and remove the lesser being. But she was not going to remove Dante, she was just going to stay a step ahead. As the three arrows were fired her yellow eyes flashed a bright neon blue as there slit-like pupils became round and rotated, her mind was figuring out the plot of action course of action and the next four moves. Her eyes moved down as if the world was in slow motion she watched Dantes feet the slight lift of the heel the difference in step how he paused and turned her toes to face her was a sign his next move was a rush forward, or at least would be some move in a forward direction. Calculating every move, the arrows were making she would bend her shoulder to dip it down an arrow slicing over it to miss her fully she turned her body on a side the next one as well missing fully. The last arrow she had to play right. If this was not a game she would have just took a step back to have it fully miss her and then shot more web, but this was a game. Huntress moved her body to look as if it barely missed her, and she took a step back leaving her chest and gut wide open. She made it look like a fumble, he would never be able to tell she even made her energy feel like she fucked up and fumbled. Her eyes shifted back down to yellow as she gave a turn of her head in a fool’s gold look to see off guard.

DanteBlackfire: Dante stopped his foot slowly seeing her fumble Dante would stop his entire body he would then stand straight looking at her "Enough...I need to eat" Dante looked at her feeling himself rather sweaty he removed his shirt showing his scared and tatted chest and back covering some of the muscles on him as he set his bow onto the shelf kissing it before he did so, the bow held a lot of value to him and would make sure it would be treated with love and care meanwhile Dante's brother Jasper was walking the halls heading to his room when he heard a noise coming from Pandora's old room Jasper walked in looking around when he noticed Pandora on the floor and the smell of puke covered the room as Jasper kneeled next to her helping her up he would whisper "Are you alright?"

DanteBlackfire: Dante stopped his foot slowly seeing her fumble Dante would stop his entire body he would then stand straight looking at her "Enough...I need to eat" Dante looked at her feeling himself rather sweaty he removed his shirt showing his scared and tatted chest and back covering some of the muscles on him as he set his bow onto the shelf kissing it before he did so, the bow held a lot of value to him and would make sure it would be treated with love and care meanwhile Dante's brother Jasper was walking the halls heading to his room when he heard a noise coming from Pandora's old room Jasper walked in looking around when he noticed Pandora on the floor and the smell of puke covered the room as Jasper kneeled next to her helping her up he would whisper "Are you alright?"

Anaya: In her mind she cussed but in her face she looked weak and feeble “yes food would sound nice you had me running there for a moment, you are a good fighter Dante” she got up, no mark on her body as she walked behind him to the dining hall, there was food as she looked around “any meat?” Spiders only really ate live things but in truth they would over all eat anything given, they could be just as much scavengers as they were hunters and killers.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she flinched under his touch, shaking him off as she tried to stand on her own, legs shaking ~ what do you care? You and your brother are both the same, all that matters is what you think you can get from people. I'll clean this up, grab my thing and then I'll be gone. and you and Dante won’t have to worry about me anymore ~ she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, the scroll with the spell on it falling out of her sleeve and onto the floor ~

DanteBlackfire: Jasper looked at her and frowned lightly he would shake his head "Dante is just under pressure, he is doing what he thinks is and him are both tired of all the death...but Dante truly cares for you Pandora, you are his fiancé" Jasper tilted his head as he would help her up rather if she wanted him to or not meanwhile Dante followed up to the dining hall speaking softly "I never tried during that battle, I don’t take those kinds of risk when I am training...epically since I know you have been watching me...thank you for the mental images you have sent into my head by the way" Dante looked at her as he grabbed a bottle of ale and poured it in a glass taking a sip of the liquid as he sat himself at a chair

Anaya: Eyes in the walls, so many eyes in the walls, they saw the scroll the paper it was old, old magic words, old mage never good magic. There was another ding in the huntresses mind as the spiders in the wall played a harp of danger. They should not fully communicate, but they would soon and the news would in time get back to where it needed to be, but things were in motion and that was what mattered most and once Dante talked to the queen he would be bound by his word and all would go along accordingly. She looked at him and sat down on the chair in front of him crossing her legs and letting out a large breath “well then you are more fit than I, and I assure you the images hold no candle to the real thing”

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ seeing the scroll on the floor she bent to pick it up. The movement proved to be a mistake as she felt dizzy and instead fell to her knees, her hand landing on the scroll, while the other went to her forehead ~ this stresses everyone out. If he cared for me he would not treat me like an insolent child who can't protect herself, he would treat me as an equal, would listen to what I have to say rather than dismiss it. He wouldn't try and bind my powers, leaving me defenseless and having to resort to feeding off dragons in order to remove his curse. Tell me, does that sound like someone who truly loves their fiancée? ~ She said, looking up at jasper with empty eyes, she was completely drained, both emotionally and physically ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante chuckled looking down as she spoke he would hold onto his glass taking another sip as he spoke softly "I see.." jasper looked down to her and listen as she spoke his eyes opened wide as she mentions removing the curse he would speak quickly "Are you mad? Removing that curse would cause Dante's death, our bloodline cannot survive without them, if you even tried to remove that curse you would kill the man you love" Dante was still down in the dining hall looking over at the woman as he waited for their food, Dante was a male and could not deny beauty even if he wanted to. Dante then yawned feeling a bit tired but not enough to send him off to bed Dante just continued to enjoy his drink as him and the huntress talked of many things

Anaya: She leaned over on the small table that was before them as her dress hardly covered the tops of her breasts “so tell me, Dante, what chamber I will be sleeping in this evening?” she smiled as she moved her claw to push back the loose white hair that fell over her bright yellow eyes.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she shook her head ~ not the curse in him, the curse he put on me to bind my powers. I had to go to the land of the dragons and feed from one of their criminals. I have no intention of removing the curse. If I take anything from him it will be his soul. At least that way he'd grow some balls ~ she said with a snort. Her gaze moved to the scroll under her hand, picking it up and examining it to make sure there wasn't any puke on it ~

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ seeing there was nothing on the scroll she put it back in her sleeve, shifting so that she was now sitting on the floor. ~ I just need to rest a moment and I will leave ~ she said, her voice quiet now ~

DanteBlackfire: Jasper took his hand on her shoulder "The huntress is here along with some friends, she will be taking Dante to see their queen tomorrow, you are not safe here...I'll have to take you somewhere else for the time being" Jasper fazed away in a blue mist along with Pandora taking her to and old shake that Dante use to own but far away from the surrounding area the walls covered in demonic writing that was used to mask the location of the room. Dante looked at her when she mention his though an emotionless face was on him he knew what was going to happen though Dante was still engaged to Pandora in his mind at least he had to be careful on what he did to avoid sending off the wrong idea to her he simply nodded and spoke softly "Very well" was all he said as he would finish his drink in one giant gulp pouring some more into his glass

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she glared as jasper ~ what is wrong with the men in your family! ~ She screamed at him ~ Why do you all just assume I am incapable of protecting myself. You are all so damn worried about this stupid land, How about I just wander to that lovely village down there and rip the souls and life force out of every living creature there? Then would you believe I am capable of handling myself? ~ She continued to yell ~ and you left your brother alone with that bitch. Knowing him now that I'm gone he'll fuck her. Well, go tell him he is free to do it, as he no longer has a fiancée. and you can tell him that the spell I have to capture the spiders is going back to my mother. ~ She spat, moving to leave the shack ~

Anaya: The huntress leaned back “you do not want me to? Or is it the thought of that female” she was right to the point and she could see he was thinking no matter what his face told her, body’s don’t lie, breath, heart rate and it was almost as if she could hear his brain thinking. And now the strings being trapped in the upper halls was silent, Pandora and the brother were gone and the eyes in the walls saw nothing.

DanteBlackfire: Jasper quickly caught her arm and stopped her from leaving knowing he could talk to her without having to be careful with what he said, even though did not know about the spiders inside of the wall Jasper was trained in recon and always knew he had to be careful what kind of info went out to people but knowing that nothing to could listen to them without Jasper knowing he would yell out "Listen. Dante is needing to play along with their needs to learn how to fight them better...the entire surrender is an act, needing to get close to them. After you left Dante and I came up with the plan together, however, you were gone so we could not explain it to you...Dante is going to kill again...but we need to trust him and let him play to hers and the huntress's demands until the time is right...I know you are upset, but this plan cannot work without you" Jasper looked into her eyes showing he was serious Dante would still be in the kitchen as he would shake his head "Pandora left, and she's not coming back...If you don’t think I am serious about it then I will prove it to you tonight" Dante looked into her eyes as he spoke

Anaya: “Fucking me only proves you have male reproductive parts, to prove it will take more than bedding me down. Almost all sex our race has is meaningless so I fully understand the concept of pointless or meaningless or even sex as a lie. You want to prove it, then banish her” the huntress leaned back in her chair as she pushed her hair over her shoulder “she came back only moments ago, but she has left the upper halls well I could be wrong she may still be in her chamber room. If you run you can catch her”

DanteBlackfire: "I know...I felt her energy here" Dante's energy streamed all around the castle that allowed him to sense anything that was inside of the castle through something as small as the spiders hiding inside the walls would be hard to pick up on but still could be done. he would look up to her and speak softly "She is not in here brother took her brother was told that if she was seen here to take her away and warn her not to return or I would have no choice but to..." He stopped there not even wanting to think of saying the last part Dante stood up as he started to walk to his chambers when he was in there he would run a bath for him and start to remove his clothes as he then would sit in there letting out a sigh as he looked down. Jasper looked at her and sighed speaking softly "You would help because you know in your heart that you will always love both are one halfs of each other and he could not even think of living without you...but he has to...for the sake of the people there...if he was to refuse her then she would send millions of her kind to level the castle and kill everyone Dante cared for...Dante has to do this to gain the upper hand...but if you truly think that you would not help him in the slightest..then go...however do not return if this is the course you wish to take" Jasper vanished from sight returning to his own home to gather himself and think things out

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ seeing him leave she let out a sigh. he had pulled her out of the castle before she could get the things she needed, one being a dagger with her mothers crest on it, another an amulet from death. Both would keep her safe in the harsher demonic realms, as some knew of her mother, and feared her, and everyone knew death. Even if death wasn't feared he was at least respected, and thus she would be left unharmed as his once prized protege. Gathering what energy she could, and still feeling sick she teleported slightly sloppily back into her chambers, this time right in front of her wardrobe. she opened its door and began to rummage through the boxes, looking for the dagger and amulet ~
Anaya: She looked at him as he talked, his breath his way even his energy was that of a lie “you still love the meat bag that wants you dead. I will take the sofa room tonight it is privet anyway” she said to herself as she got up and walked down the hallway and to the sofa room where she started to pile pillows into a ring so she could sleep. “It is not home, but it will do”

DanteBlackfire: Dante finished off his bath and would dry himself off and then started out to walk back to the training room, though as he walked he could feel pandoras energy again and would walk straight into her chambers looking at her with anger on his face he growled and spoke softly "What are you doing here?"

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she jumped, bumping her head on a shelf before she turned to glare at him ~ getting some things that are important to me. don't worry, ill be gone so you and your new lover can fuck ~ he spat at him, grabbing the dagger and strapping it to her thigh ~ don't let me... ~ she said before her hand covered her mouth. knowing the pot was full, Pandora had no choice but to run to her window, throwing it open and wretching out it ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante tilted his head avoiding the spit as he looked at her speaking softly "I will not be fucking her anytime soon, however, I will do what it takes to see my people safe and if that means surrendering then so be it. I was instructed to ban you from my left me...when I needed you the most... you assumed me being hard on you was me trying to show dominance over you, but it wasn't... a true queen would have stayed beside her king no matter proved to me that you are no I will give you this one warning...stay away from here...or else" Dante watched for a moment as she was throwing up Dante would look down and sigh as he then showed anger on his face looking up at her "Take what you need and then leave" Dante slammed the door behind him as he stormed off to take his rage out in the training room

Anaya: Taking off her clothing she walked nude over to the sofa room closet and opened it, nothing for clothing so she was fine with being nude. Walking back to her pillow nest she laid down on the pile and looked up at the roof, her arms reaching out as she shut her eyes for a moment and started to watch everything from the eyes of the minuscule spiders hiding in the walls of this castle, weaved into every room every small large and forgotten part of the castle the walls led everywhere here, everything was always attached. And the best part was no auras no energy’s nothing to detect, just simple animal adaptations.

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora followed him, angry, unsteady and unsettled by her sudden weakness. she found him in the training room and hurled her dagger at him, knowing it would miss as she had not intended for it to actually hit him, merely graze past him. ~ A king should never be hard on his Queen. He treats her with respect. I am not a child, I have no need for you to be hard on me. I know more than you seem to think I do, and I have allys that you do not, friends in higher places than you could ever imagine. You never ONCE let me help. You bound my powers, forced me to call on an alliance I HATE having to call on so I could remove your damn curse, and then you threatened to punish me like a child if I disobeyed. You want a Queen who will stick by you, then you treat her with respect, you allow her to help you instead of trying to lock her away. I am not n object that needs protection. I am a living breathing creature, I was trained by death and raised by one of the most powerful and ancient beings in existence I damn well do not need you lording over me. what I need was for you to trust me, talk to me, LOVE ME. Instead you spent your energies training, even before she came. ~ she spat, unaware of the fire that had started to grow from her clenched fists, or of the fact that her eyes had gone completely black, something that should never happen ~

Anaya: “That may not have been a lie my little bumble bee may not have been a lie,” she said to herself as she let out a chuckle enjoying the show. She turned in her little sleeping nest as her nude frame shimmered in the rooms torchlight, her pale skin had a sort of glow to it as she let out a yawn and then rolled on her back once more her arms to the side fingers outreaching as if holding strings in her fingers and letting them pluck as to see what was going on in the whole castle. A maid fucking another male made, she thinks in another room, if it was not male it was might fat. There was a butler in the dining hall stuffing his face and dropping food on the floor. You could just tell so much by just sound and vibration, what weight a person was could tell gender and body type, there breathing could tell emotion, just things one could not hide and if they did try to hide it they messed it up by trying, something to hidden in its self looked suspicious. she let out a yawn as she relaxed a bit each breath making her chest rise and fall, rise and fall, lungs filling up with air almost as if she was human.
Anaya: If there was a fight to start she would show herself but if things settled she just enjoyed watching.

DanteBlackfire: Dante quickly caught her wrist stopping her from the attack as he then pulled the dagger away from her hand and held it into his hand as he listened to her he would snap back at her "This here is my home, my blood, sweat, and tears put into EVERYTHING that is here today... I have fought all my life trying to protect my home and do what is right by my people. The reason I would not let you help is because you are cocky and hot headed eager to go into battle when you no not a damn thing about the enemy. You would risk thousands of lives for a war that we are not even sure that we can yes I choose to wave the white flag, because it will insure that my people live...I will have no more words for you Pandora.." He threw the knife on the ground next to her speaking loudly "Get out of my castle...NOW" Dante would storm off knowing she was weak so he choose to go back to his room and close the door laying himself on his bed looking up at the ceiling knowing that Pandora would probably follow but if she did he would have his bow ready next to him along with a few arrows if she came in he would fire an arrow at her aiming for her leg not to kill her but to get the message through to stay away

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ Pandora collapsed to the ground, a scream escaping her lips. it was a sound filled with anguish and anger. It wasn’t until the flames erupted from her body, setting the entire training room on fire that she even noticed them. She stared at her hands, still burning, in fear. The dragon powers we were gone, had been for days. This power was not hers, and she had no idea where it had come from. She saw the room around her burning, and instead of leaving she simply grabbed her dagger and crawled to the middle of the room, curling up to let the flames have her ~

Anaya: So much slamming why did everyone here slam shit what was it a demon thing not to be calm and collected, she was always calm and collected she already knew everything five steps ahead it was just part of the way of the hunter, she had to be knowing in things and anger was a emotion there kind could not afford, anger led to not thinking and now anger was leading to….fire. Springing up “your fucking whore is setting your castle on fire!” she grumbled as she cracked her neck and within moments the beautiful woman she was gone and now the spider beast was here. The massive plow horse sized spider beast smashed a wall as demon flames make her back step, she saw in the center of the room lay Pandora. That move must have cost the girl a lot of energy she would not be able to react much after it and if she did it would be slow moves and a turning gut of pain nothing expelled that much energy and did not pay for it. As the Biblith stood there the fire giving its body a harsh glow it towered over all the hard carapace of the monster shilled it from the heat. The beast spat black tar like thread form its mandibles up at the roof knowing there was a bathroom and some pipes right on top of the training room, knowing the building had its perks. The pipes exploded smashing the rood and sending chunks of stone, a bathtub and the sink as well as dirty pluming water down right on top of Pandora and the fire. The spider stood there in the whole in the wall, its bulk 24 feet long and standing a good 15 feet or so tall off the ground. To think something so beautiful could turn into something so vile. “qatlh Daqvam HIjmeH SoH lo'laHbe' be' lesser boghDI' demonic qul, puj yI'el lo'laHbe' 'ej not naDev 'ej 'oH meQ yav, nID SoH.” Even if it was abyssal it was all she was able to talk in this form it was all she could do and with the fact she hated the flames it got her about half riled up.

RancorVague: Vani walked in silence every step she took her bare feet skimmed across the dewy grass outside, in the distance she could see a flame burning, her nose lifted to the air takeing in any scents around she scented one fimiliar to her on her past travels. curiousty got to her and she drifted off the beaten path towards the fire. her red dress with black lace which showed her mid section which had a scar of three claw marks running down to her belly button showed. her grey cold eyes were blood vibrant red. her midnight black hair blew past her demonic elve ear's making the bells upon them jingle slightly. the markings running up each lower leg could be clearly scene. the one on her upper left arm which now carried a x showed where she had come from. the markings travelling down her spine held away most of her powers. her back carried many scars. of diffrent kinds , as she parted her full lips slightly she let out a little gasp of air, her scent of fresh rain quickly invadeing the area as she walked. her fair skin seemed to glow in the moonlight as she reached the wooden oak doors she knocked and then looked up towards the nights sky in silence, calculateing within her own mind tonight.

DanteBlackfire: Jasper would appear quickly just as the tub was being dropped he would spring in and roll over to pandora pulling her out of the way of the tub as he would slide forward due to the water Jasper created a breeze with his energy stopping what fire was left and then vanished from sight as he then laid Pandora down on the bed that was at the vary same log house that they were in only momments ago to keep her safe

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~pandora looked up at him ~ why? you should have let me die ~ she said, turning her face into the pillow, sobbing uncontrolably ~

Anaya: The spider if truly trying would have put up the void to stop anyone from porting in or out if she really did not want them gone, in truth the only thing she wanted was the flames to go away and now they were gone her broken pipe job doing most of the work. The doors taped who the fuck would be here at this moment and there was a fucking fire she was not opening the door. She looked as the woman was not there, stupid brother girl should have bin allowed to be crushed under the bath tub, and were was Dante did he even come down to see what happened hell two walls just were ripped apart and a bathtub just fell on the woman and the fire, stupid males. The spider stood tall and walked out the smashed whole in the wall to the outside its claw-like for arms smashing at a tree as she tossed it off into the distance a good hundred or so feet away. She then shifted down standing nude in the clearing looking into the trees. She almost had the stupid woman dead and now the woman was gone, it would have even looked like an accident.

DanteBlackfire: Jasper looked at her growling in anger "Because I don't think Dante would want to deal with the death of another child..." He said that hoping that pandora would get the message at the Blackfire one of the servents would open the door greeting the woman who knocked on it "Greeting's M'lady? How may I assist you at this time of night?" Dante was still in his room well aware of what was going on Dante would slowly walk to the training room as he lifting his hand up it was then almost as if the castle had a mind of it's own the slabs from the broken ceiling would it high as the tub was covered in black energy as it lifted back into the hole connecting to the pipes again as the ceiling started to repair itself holding strong though cracks could be seen from the damage Dante then return to his bed laying there feeling rather alone at this point

PandoraTamsinLasair: ~ she turned to look at him ~ I am not a child ~ she said, her usually seductive voice dull and emotionless. she looked and felt like shit, thinking it was all the stuff with Dante and the spiders causing her sickness ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante laid there alone before he slowly got up having not to be able to sleep he choose to go to the sofa area to look for the huntress seeing her gone he sighed thinking maybe she is somewhere else

She turned around looking back at the castle, her dress was in the sofa room, but in the castle there was fire and things she did not like. But she had no choice she had to go back inside to do her task. Walking back inside she saw everything was patched up, things moved fast here, things made very little sense here but in the end it did not matter, within the next days the spiders would own this land and everything would work out. She walked in from a door outside walking down a hall winking at a guard and then going into the sofa room were her pillow nest was, she looked at it and saw Dante standing there “I thought you left to go to your bed”

DanteBlackfire: "I couldn't sleep....still trying to take everything in" Dante looked to her and sighed softly as he paced back and forth around the area

Anaya: She was standing there, nude, she lifted a brow “it is not hard, as long as you get everything together by tomorrow, you are to be polite to the spider queen or you will never make it out of the nest after your meeting” she walked over picking up a blanket and wrapped it around herself as she looked at him

DanteBlackfire: He looked at her and tilted his head a bit he would walk inside of the room sitting on the end of the wall looking into her eyes

Anaya: Yellow eyes looked back at him as she stood there moving to her pillow nest “you should go to bed sleep will help you get things together. You said before any way you did not want to fuck me. You people here yell so loud at each other it is hard not to over hear things” she stepped into her pillow nest as she took off the blanket wrap and put it down for her to lay on. “Oh and I thought there was a guest at the door they have to be wondering around alone now”

DanteBlackfire: "One of my servents is taking care of her...and I told her that only because you were going to sleep in the sofa room, I told her I was not going to be tonight...I never said I did not want to" He looked at her and chuckled lightly meanwhile the servent followed the guest speaking softly "M'lady what is it that you need?"

RancorVague: Vani looked towards the servant with a click of her finger's her outfit drastically changed, to all black, her demonic tail now showing she tilted her head slowly "I am Vani, I have followed a scent here, I’m in seek of the Owner of this scent" she said her voice whimsical but yet calm as she waited for the servants response she hummed silently to herself.

Anaya: “To my understanding I am still sleeping in this sofa room, I made my bed here, but I am here for the night for your pleasure if sex is what you want I would say join me in the nest I have made. ” she moved and sat down in her nest of pillows waiting and wondering if he would join her in them.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and smirked lightly as he made his way into the pillow nest with her laying on his bare back as he looked over to her

Anaya: Huntress looked at him as he moved and crawled into the nest with her “last man I took to bed I broke his spine, the wall and ruptured his spleen. ” she smiled looking at him as her nude body pressed against him toxic lips only inches away form his own “is this what you truly want?”

-------Sex happened with Dante and Huntress----

---From Pandora ----

Pandora had cried herself to sleep in the shack, waking up hours late to find Jasper still there. She felt stronger than she had the day before and could now feel the life growing inside her. She sat up with a sigh and pulled the scroll from her sleeve, handing it to Jasper. “This is a spell given to me by my mother to trap the spiders. You and Dante may do what you want with it. It takes 3 high level demons to perform the spell, so you will want to find someone to help you two with it. The directions and ingredients are there. I am going home. Dante has made it very clear I am no longer welcome here and he no longer wants me. I’m not stupid, I know he desires the spider. I will not harm my child, but I also will not give him up. He will remain with me until he comes of age. If Dante survives and gets rid of the spiders, I will send my son to meet his father. As long as the spiders are in this land Dante will never see his son. I want you to make sure he knows that despite everything he has done to me, and despite myself, I still love him. I will always love him. I left my home for him, stayed when he left for a month with no word to take care of his kingdom, only to have him return and shut me out. I understand the grief the loss of his daughter caused, I truly do, but now I have to do what is best for me and my child, and it is not safe here anymore, and won’t be until the spiders have been removed. I know I am not perfect, and that I have done things that are unforgiveable to him, and I do not expect him to forgive me, but let him know if he enters my mothers lands, and he is not alone, she will kill him and whoever is with him. And she is more than capable of doing it, and will most likely enjoy it. I will make sure he is left in peace, and that no one from my mothers kingdom attacks Blackfire.” She said, standing and giving Jasper a chaste kiss on the cheek “And make sure he knows I am not doing this to hurt him. I am doing what is right for me, and my son.” She said, her voice and eyes laced with sadness as more tears fell from her eyes. She knew she could not say goodbye to the man she loved in person, knew he no longer wanted her. She closed her eyes and in a blink she was gone.

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4 posts were lost due to crashing and an imvu tantrum, in base, Jasper and the Eris did some in depth flirting and jasper took the woman up to his room to indulge himself and her in sexual relations

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DanteBlackfire: Dante slowly started to walk himself out of the shower placing all of his clothes on readying himself to leave, he knew it was going to be a long trip but the weather should hold up just fine enough for them to make the trip without complications. As he finished dressing himself he would then walk out to look around for jasper or anyone else, Dante just wanted to say goodbye before it was time for him to head out as his steps echoed across the hall he would look at the maids and butlers seeing them do their job just as they were supposed to do. Dante was sigh having no idea what's in store for them but knew he had to do whatever it took to keep his family safe from harm, even if it ment surrendering to the spider queen.

MinxRae: *A woman dressed in black her cloak dancing in the wind, appears on the horizon. Quickly walking towards the village, she jumps from a clap of thunder that came along with the dark rain clouds, following the woman. Small rain drops start to fall as she walks up to one of the guards. She would pause and look up from underneath her midnight black hat to the skies her bright and playful green eyes would peer from behind the vale. She would look up with a smile as the rain drops fall gently on her face, her ruby red lips would part slowly revealing her dazzling white fangs, she strikes a pose as she slides her hands over her hips and transfers her weight from one hip to the other. She would take a deep breath in threw her nose, just as a fresh rain smells comes with the newly formed wind. The breeze plays with the acorns, charms and chains dangling from the long demon horns on her cape. Her sleek black tail would wrap around her upper thigh teasingly hiding the dagger shaped mirror that lives on her thigh. Finally she would speak to the guard in a soft and melodic voice.* “Hello Sir, is there anyone home?” *she would joke and giggles gently. Small rain drops slowly as she waits for an answer*

Huntress had sat on the base of the steps, she matched almost everything and only really moved to get out of the way of jasper and that other woman as they went to his chamber room. Sometimes it was a bad thing to have eyes and ears everywhere in this building somethings she really did not want to see or feel. She looked up hearing and feeling Dantes footsteps in the floor then hearing someone outside or something. She could hear that guard respond back with yes there are people inside then she could feel the door crack open and then open fully. It was a long day and it was only going to get longer now that rain was falling. She was not the biggest fan of water and a whole day’s walk in the wet was not going to lift anyone’s spirit. She looked up waiting for Dante to come down the steps.

MinxRae: -She pushes the large wooden door open slowly, peering into the dark hall, the candle light would highlight the soft green hues in her eyes as she walks in, her barefeet would make no sound as her hips sway back and forth with each step into the beautiful home. Her veil would hide part of her face, as the playful wind that snuck in would dance through the tassles of her soft blonde hair. Her voice as sweet as honey would echo through the hall to the group of people. - Hello? Is there anyone home? - She walks carefully not knowing what to expect from the home. Although anything was better than camping in the rain.-

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to walk down until he reached the steps letting out a light sigh as he made his way down he would notice the huntress already down there waiting for him he would just look down at her for a moment and then he would speak out softly "Are you almost ready?" He tilts his head to her looking up and down at the woman who he had a feeling was going to be around here for quite a while after this was done

Anaya: “yes I am, and you are as well I am glad, but you have a guest in your halls and it would be rude to ignore them, so we leave in ten human minuets no later as if we do we will not be able to get there before next morning’s dawn. And if we are late she will have my head” Huntress stood up her eyes peeved off as they were already running late to go, they would not be able to make it before midnight at this time as it was almost a full days trip to get there “And it has begun to rain so we will get wet” she did not hug him as a normal human would in greeting she simply started to walk to the main hall her long lavender gown dragging on the floor as she spotted the new face. “Greetings and welcome to Blackfire the king will be with you shortly” she put on a nice face as bright yellow silted eyes looked the female up and down.

MinxRae: -She looks up at the man and nods her head- Hello Sir, I hope you dont mind. The gaurd outside said it was ok to come in. - Her eyes reacting much like a serpants, she urns her attention to the woman- Hello Ma'am. I am sorry to intrude. - She lifts the hat off her head, and holds it at her side.- It does look like you are in a rush. I can leave...

DanteBlackfire: Dante watched as the woman vanished before he could even get a word out, Dante sighed and then looked to the huntress shrugging slightly and then started to make his way for the door, holding it open for the huntress so that they can head out "Let's go, we have a long way to go" Dante looked at her and smirked looking at her ready to go finally, Dante had a lot to think about while he was in the shower and he knew none of this was going to be easy but if he wanted to keep the people of his home safe he would have to do what they wanted and he knew that after all this is done the huntress would be sticking around for quite a while though Dante now did not seem to mind it all to much even if they right now were enemies he could understand why she was doing what she had to do.

Anaya: She turned around and faced him “we do have a long way to go and it is coming down harder by the second. And we walk, no porting or taking the demon road, you will not find it if you think and act like what we hide form. Aswell as you will never be able to leave it if you think like your kind” she starting walking and headed out the door knowing he was close behind her. She then started to walk into the woods. “So is there anything you want to know about the Nest or Queen Dante Blackfire, I am to tell you anything you need to know unless I am unable”

DanteBlackfire: He would follow behind her as he shook his head slowly staring behind her he spoke softly "No..I'm sure I will learn about her when I get there, so there is something I wanted to ask" the rain started to come down a bit more though it did not bother Dante one bit at all. Dante kept walking behind her though speeds up a bit to walk right next to her continuing to his question "What will happen to you after me and the queen are finished speaking?" He looked at her and tilted his head quite curious as to what was to come with the huntress. He knew not if she was going to stay or go, through part of him wanted her to stay not only because he needed to learn about them but because he felt that him and her and quite alike in many ways. Dante would keep moving next to her his hear slightly wet from the rain though Dante could use the intense heat in his body to keep him warm, and dry him off if he choose to but there was no point in doing so considering they were outside and it would just get soaked again.

Anaya: As he asked his question she stopped, the rain coming down and wetting her face as overall she looked like a drowned rat and hated it. “Me…” she thought for a moment, he asked as if she had a choice in what she got to say or do in her live, he asked as if she was not owned already. “Me, I will just do the next order, I am unknown in what that may be. More than likely killing more demon kind in some other location, or going to deliver messages” her yellow eyes were bright in the sky’s gray glow as they stood in the rain. She knew he enjoyed their time together and she did not know if it would keep going or come to an abrupt ending after all was over and done with. “and Dante, when we get there, there is one person you are to not make eye contact with Azalea, she is the child of the spider queen and she scars even the queen, do not talk, make contact or do anything in regards to her. if she plots and makes you a target we will not be able to stop her. she is her mother’s guard dog, it is all she is good for.” She was trying to change the topic off herself as it was true she hated demons as much as the rest of her kind but she felt in her heart, her black beating heart that Dante, this man, Could be in time made more spiderkin then he was demon in nature. She turned around and started to walk once more as they could not lose time, her pace was army pace, very calculated steps and strides to make things move faster.

DanteBlackfire: Dante followed behind her tilting his head as she mention this Azalea person Dante was slightly confused but chose not to question it anymore, Dante walked on with her keeping at the same pace she was knowing they would get there in time he choose not to worry about it. Dante was lost in thought wondering if the people of his village were ok, and if they would survive without him, it is true that he had left every now and then but he always made sure to keep an eye on the castle just to make sure everything was ok, use to be he could use his pet crow "Grave" to watch over the village for him but due to Grave being dead there was no way to do that now until he found another crow to link his sight to. As the rain started to come down more and more, Dante smiled slightly behind her for a moment and then spoke softly "So what do I get out of all of this?" He tilts his head slightly wondering just what was to come his way out of all of this

Anaya: “You get to be able to rule and live with no longer having to worry about anything bothering you other than one thing you have a deal with being the house of the spider. Anything else you will gain will be gone over when we get there” she said in a cold metal like voice, it was like the closer they got, with every step she became less and less human like, the humanity was drifting from her body as to be able to live in her kind she could not even have a trace of humanity and date should have his sway away as well she hoped he would learn a bit from it all, learn that beings live out here that hold no regards for humanity or emotion or even the most basic human functions, that you could build an empire without having to deal with humanity and its flaws. 6 hours had passed it was dark and they had to make camp, she wanted to press on and could deal with the night on her own. But if they got there and it was night all Dante would be was food to the beasts of the night that loved the taste of him “we will make camp and head back out when the sun comes up. It is not safe if we hit the cave entrance before sun up.” She looked around the landscape had changed drastically, there was a mountain peak in the distance and the land was without tree life it was a waste land here and all there was, was stone and dirt for miles still.
DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and nodded following her as she lead the way to where they were going to make camp, Dante would sigh as he then started to draw his sword he would cut down a rather small tree to use it for fire wood his blade cutting through it light butter as it fell to the ground Dante would start to break some of the wood up when finally he had enough to make a small fire for the night he knew that regular fire was probably not safe for her so he choose to use demonic fire it would still give a light and would not hurt one but Dante would then lay a bit of a distance from the fire staring up at the night sky his eyes glazed on only two certain starts that he seemed to favor the most, on most nights when he needed to clear his head he would look up at them finding them more calming then anything in the world. Dante then looked over to her seeing what she was going to do

Anaya: Huntress stayed a good distance from the flames as she sat with her back up against a large stone, it was nice to feel the chill of the night and it really did not bother her, she was not warm blooded like the rest of the people and she did not need heat to live. “You will find the nest very cold at first, but you will get used to it” she said as she watched him and looked up at the sky “you ever see what is beyond your planet?” she asked as she looked back down yellow eyes glowing as the flames reflected off them.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked for her a momment and then slowly he stood up walking over he sat down right next to her and looked at her speaking softly "I did wonder that once, but I never really bothered with it...this here...this is's where I've always been and where I belong" Dante looked into her eyes with a soft smile he knew she was acting a bit different but he did not really care. Dante may appear soft but he was stronger then what anyone would give him credit for and one day they would find out, Dante sat there and looked up again letting out a light sigh his gaze then returned to the huntress again staring up and down at her looking to every curve on her body he then looked away letting a deep breath out as he stared over to the flames.

Anaya: “You will get cold siting over here away from your fire.” she said as he moved over. As he told her about how here was home she looked to the sky once more “stay here, stay in your home and don’t leave it, fight for it with all you have so no one can take it away from you. So many thing due to this world being so large no one can take it away. But that is what we do, we walk in one side of the abyss and walk out another one and consume planets and everything on it. You will understand so much more when you see it all. See how large it is, and you will only see the surface of it.” She let out a breath the air from her mouth being seen in the cold night air around them. “Oh do you need a shelter built or something? I know I do not but I am thinking of your needs in mind”

DanteBlackfire: He looks to her and chuckles lightly "I am a no way human shape or form....I do not get cold" He chuckled again knowing it was true he held his hand forward taking the flames away as he sat there "I just wanted a little light" He looked over at her and when she asked about a shelter he would slowly shake his head speaking soft again "I will be fine don’t need to worry about me...I know you honestly probably don’t care much for me're just following orders" He looked at he and tilted his head

Anaya: “Our race does not hold human emotions or feelings to state that I don’t care and to state that I care would be both not the truth, I do not hold matters of anyway” if they were in the castle far away from here she would never had said things so robotically and so dead like. She would have said she may care a little but as they were only a couple of hours trip away from the nest her true nature was kicking in like a beast getting closer to its master and it had to act as its master wanted due to poking eyes. “I am simply thinking of your body wellbeing, regardless of race warmth is needed for most warm blooded mammals, you are a war blooded mammal. Please if you need light or the fire please make it and not worry about my reaction on it I am fine here”

DanteBlackfire: "Why ruin the darkness with light? Darkness is always a beautiful thing" As he said this he held his hand up creating a ball of dark energy watching as he would spin it around as it hovered on his hand "All of my life has always been filled with darkness and hate...I was created to take away things that people held precious to create cautious across the entire world where ever I went...that was my purpose...but I guess I found better ways of doing things" Dante looked to the ball of energy and smiled as it vanished from sight as he then used his dark energy to model an image of his daughter Sophia, her hair long and dark much like his holding the face of a younger beautiful woman standing strong with the same bow that he holds with him all the time though it was just a image, and could not harm in any way "When she was taken from me...I thought that was it...that I would do exactly as fate wanted me to...I thought I would be a killer again just as I was destined to be...but if I did...I would end up like all the others and I never wanted that...not ever"

Anaya: Huntress looked at him as he showed her his little girls image a part of himself a deep part of his feeling and a side of her really wanted just to be able to hug him and feel something. Be able to do something but she knew it was not a good thing to do, if there was eyes watching them that they did not know about, witch there always was and the queen saw weakness she would just blame huntress for having a bias side and caring to much and ruin the whole thing to the ground and kill Dante. But huntress moved her hands to make the image vanish as she looked at him “don’t show yourself here, not any part of who you really are, and if you made the plan not to kill then don’t, there are beings in this world that are only here to rip everything you love away Dante Blackfire. If you let them know what to rip, it only makes it that much easier” she whispered it all under her breath so nothing could hear her as her eyes got brighter “it is time to sleep Dante black fire, we will get back to walking in the morning the nest is 2 human hours away”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and smirked as he leaned back on the stone closing his eyes slowly as he started to drift off to sleep his mind wondering back to the past where everything for him was easy and when he did not have any worries of the world around him. Dante's younger days was filled with both joys and sorrow however he knew that this was just a dream so he did not let even the bad parts bother him, he would continue to dream and wait untill finally the morning sun would rise for them to get going

-Morning 5 am sun up-

She had not even closed her eyes, spiders did not really sleep they rested, she looked at Dante as he slept, such a human quality it was cute “wake up it is time we get going the sun is up” she let out a breath and stood up as she moved her arms over her head cracking her back in a good six or so places. “if you need to eat anything before we go do so” she pulled a dead rabbit out from behind the rock they were sleeping on “I did the nights hunting it is small but nothing really lives out here”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her as he woke up and shook his head "I'm not hungry, but thank you though" Dante stood up slowly picking up his bow and quiver as he then waited for her to lead the way he knew they were not far so he wanted to get there as quick as possible eager to get this over with, Dante held both exigent and a bit of nervousness at the same time, Dante looked at her with a soft smirk on his face "Are you ready to go?" he tilted his head waiting for her to lead the way

Anaya: “I only take a moment to eat” she said as she took the rabbit and turned around as her mouth turned into large spider mandibles and smashed the rabbit down into a small drained ball of fur and skin with nothing inside of it as she dropped the husk to the ground. Spiders took there fangs injected there pray and then turned the inside into a milk shake of insides then just sucked it up. It was a messy way of eating but it worked very well and there body’s could not dissolve hard food anyway so this worked well. She cleaned up her mouth as she started to put her face, back together. Her skin was falling off as a large area of brown carapace showing under it, brown and bumpy hard shell like surface like of witch you would find on a crab. She put her skin back as she faced him “north is where we are to go” and with that she started to walk. If anything she was fully alien to this world, and she would not let others see her real form till and if it was utterly needed.

Dante and BlackFire Empire Whip_scorpion3

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her as she stared to eat he tilted his head watching her and then finally when she was ready to go Dante would walk behind her as they continued on Dante kept a bit of a distance as they began to get closer to where they needed to go, Dante did not want to give off the wrong idea so he choose to place his bow on his back his energy gripped onto it holding it onto his back without it falling off, he was still just waking up so he was not exactly himself today, though he would need more time to fully wake himself up he knew he did not have that time he kept his composar as best as possible as they continued onto the swarms home woundering what exactly it would be like, though he knew he would only be seeing a small part of it he woundered what the rest of it was like he was highly tempted to investigate it but he choose not to bother with it, it was not worth it at all to him.

Anaya: As the hours of walking passed there was something towering in the distance, a large to look to be almost structure. And it was so out in the open nothing around it. But as they got closer they noticed it was moving. It was one of the two door guards, the second one was not there but this one was massive, the three ton behemoth bebilith towered 25 feet across and standing up were a about the same high. Huntress said something unknown in abyssal to it as she looked at it and then looked to Dante knowing full well he was far from able to understand a thing the monsters said to one another. There talk seemed angered and the way the letters came out was rough and harsh but that was only how the words came out. But after about 5 minutes of what seemed like forever bantering in a unknown language it took a step to the side and allowed them entrance into this large cavern hole that just seemed to be out in the center of no were. And the inside walls….were soft. “I asked the guards if they would allow us entrance, he replied with that demons were only used for meals or slaves and witch one you were and why I was hauling you. I told him you are the king here to see the queen to hold a meeting, he laughed did not believe me but allowed me in anyway as I am me” they started walking down the tunnel that was massive as it was able to fit the door guards down it as well as anything else that came up. “down here you hold no power, no rights, no crown, no one here will see you as a king you are a surface dweller you are nothing but meat to them. this may be the first time in your life were you are helpless, and have to rely on another to protect you and you not being the one doing the protecting, but you will see why when this tunnel opens up. When it does you will be in the Underdark a place that the drow made and we took over after the second war here. I am your only friend here and even that I am not much of, but I am the only thing keeping you save and alive here, so please stick with me and do not for any reason wonder off or away from me, you will be found by something and eaten. I hope this is clear Dante Blackfire”

DanteBlackfire: Dante slowly followed behind he listened to the woman and the giant creature speak to one another having no clue what it was the anger in the way they spoke made him slightly nervous so he slowly kept his hand behind his back ready to pull out his bow if ever he needed to when finally the giant moved out of the way Dante followed her inside listening to what she was saying as they walked he would continue to walk his face now filled emotionless as he spoke "I do not care for whatever else is in here...if something is looking to kill me they will get more then what they asked for...I will stick behind you however...I am only here to see the queen" Dante looked up and around continuing on as he was eager to find the queen and talk things out to finally keep the risk of his people being killed down

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Anaya: “You hold no idea of what is down here Dante Blackfire. On the land, up there under the sun, you stab one and it falls down, down here you stab one and it breaks apart and thousands more come from its body. One really means a hundred, a thousand, more then you even know are down here, please do not do anything drastic” as she walked her feet were changing from human feet to stabbing like parts of claws, a single stabbing end hard as rock. It was as if her foot, turned into a heel. She walked into the nest as the cave entrance started to open up and the town was clear. “Welcome to the Nest Dante Blackfire, mine is the only warm welcome you will get” she stopped as she looked out, they stood on an overhang a lot of steps led down to the cavern under them, towns the size of mass city’s all interlocking together to form a ginormous complex all a bussle with people. All people with blackish purple skin and some even with glowing markings, the roof was coated in a thick layer of goo that shimmered black and in some areas large bat like hanging beasts stuck to the walls and slept. On the paths there were massive Spider Biblith walking hauling stones and carts with people in them. as well as walking on the walls and scouting out the area. As she stood there with Dante a large Biblith fell right down behind him, its large feet slamming into the stone as it let out a vile hiss and Huntress reacted just as violent. Her voice let out a screech as she yelled at it in abyssal. It backed up and let out a hiss and then crawled to the wall and walked away its massive bulking body smashing stones and forcing rocks to fall down the walls of the massive cavern. “Alright we will head down, remember stay right beside me”

DanteBlackfire: Dante only turned his head to look at the corner of his eye at the spiderkin that was hissing behind him, watching as the huntress seemed to warn it to back off. Dante then looked at her tilting his head as he then stayed next to her he would looked around the entire area though he knew this place would hold some kind of allure he knew he had no time to even think of wondering about, Dante remained next to the huntress wondering just how long it was going to take before they reach the queen. Dante sighed his eyes traveling about the area as he knew it was to late to go back, he had to get this done and over with he just hoped that no harm would come to his people and wondered if they were doing ok without him. Dante folowed behind her as he spoke in his soft tone "Quite the place you got here, how long have you and your people been under here for?" he asked as his eyes gazed curiously around the area as they were walking looking at all of the spider kin around and the ones hanging above the cieling.

Anaya: “The Biblith have been here for over six thousand years. We came here just ten of us and a couple elves we picked up along the way luring to come here. We found the cave and took it from the drow killing there leader and seeing they worship our kind it was far from hard to turn them into nothing more than workers and food. After a thousand years to gain a hold and understanding of this world we took our job as cleanup crew and then the swarm was born to remove demons from this world” she started to walk down the steps as it was getting darker and then the glowing balls in glad lamps started to fill the path. Huntress picked up a lamp form the side and handed it to Dante “we don’t need to see here, we feel more then we see in the dark. But you have eyes so this would be for you. The castle is in the center so it will still be a nice walk to get there”

DanteBlackfire: Dante held his hand away from the lamp as he shook his head slowly speaking in a soft tone "One thing we have in common...we both feel safe in the dark" Dante’s eyes gave off a slight red glow in Dante’s sight he could see everything in a blood red vision allowing him to see clearly through the dark. Dante stood there silently as he waited for he to lead the way refusing to take the lamp Dante was not human at all this he felt that the huntress kept forgetting he was only given emotions by his mother if she had not Dante would have been as violent and hateful as her kind is, and probably would have refused the surrender in the first place. But he would though hold one thing that helps him in situations like this... Lack of fear. Dante refuses to fear even if the odds are not on his side. Though this was a trait that could get Dante killed he did not care one bit. Dante stood there straight up as his eyes still gave this dim glow looks at her as he placed his hand on her shoulder showing her that he can see just fine. "I will be fine in the dark....let's press on."

Anaya: “I am not asking, take the lamp” she took the lamp and put it in his hand forcing him to take it. Regardless of his stupid stubborn streak she was doing this for his best interest “don’t become stupid here. You act like a demon they will eat you, you have more hope in living if you are a human. You think nothing here can kill you, think you are a super hero but everything here other than the rats can kill you. Maybe some of the rats here can kill you” she kept walking shaking her head back and forth as Dante was a moron, he acted the same down here like he did on the land witch was going to get himself killed and could even result in her own death. She stopped and turned around her eyes looking around and glowing in the lamp light “you are not on top ground anymore. In this place you have to be smart not bull headed. They will kill me as well if I am the one bringing them something worthless. Don’t be the reason I die to Dante”

DanteBlackfire: Dante growled as she put the lamp in his hand he would keep in in his hand though he would not even use it Dante may have been stubborn but he did not care, he was not ashamed of what he was and he did not care if she thought of him as ignorant or stupid, he was not going to sit there and pretend to be some worthless human "I will not hide what I am, I am sure the queen is fully aware that I am not human at all...I maybe surrendering to her but do not confuse that as a fear for my own life... I do not care if I live or die, I only care for my people and that is the only reason I have agreed to this my life is of no value to me what so ever and nor will it ever be" Dante growled as they continued on he was begging to get tired of all this walking around he was eager to get this over with so that he could go home and check on his people. Dante knew that the queen would demand for a whole lot, but he was in no position to refuse at this point, to much was on the line for him to refuse her now and if he did not pay it carefully then they would all die for now he would just use the sight of the lamp the dimness of his eyes vanish as his normal gaze came back seeing it was dark he held the lamp up using the light to see through.

Anaya: Eyes on the walls started to move, they could hear him growl, they could hear his words as Huntress looked up. They had just gotten to a crack, a small cave in the path as she grabbed Dante and tossed him inside so they could talk alone, Kinda, “look I don’t give a fuck if you want to die, by all means jump off the side of the bath and let the spiders eat you. But what I don’t want is to be killed off and fed to the rats myself. And if you die your fucking shoe of a town will be eaten and crushed to dirt so ya belittle yourself a tad and put your pride up your ass cus if you want to live and you want your fucking town to live pride is the least you can sacrifice. Now get to walking the fucking path up to meet the worst thing known to your race and stop being worse than the human you view as so feeble and have a brain” she looked at him yellow eyes a glow she was sick already of his demon attitude but really it was who he was but she was not going to let it be the reason she was killed of forced into being a breeding bitch for the next thousand years.

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DanteBlackfire: Dante looked deep into her yellow eyes with his bright red eyes growling lightly under his breath as he spoke "Do you honestly think that I am scared of death, I live for it every single day that I walk this earth." Dante looked at her as the light in his eyes dimmed down a bit as he then held up the lamp that she gave him he looked again deep into her eyes as he spoke in a soft tone "Lead on" Dante would stand there waiting for her to start moving and once she started off Dante would follow quietly behind her keeping quiet for the rest of the entire trip. Dante wondered in his mind just how long it was going to take to get there. Suddenly Dante felt two vary familiar energies and stopped in his tracks his eyes opened wide in shock for a moment before he would slowly shake his head speaking quietly to himself "No...they are must just be me" Dante then continued behind her hoping they would reach the meeting area soon.

Anaya: Huntress moved her hands to his cheeks as she ran fingers along his skin, there was a part of this demonic fool she rather enjoyed and there was a side of her that did not want to see him get eaten alive by her own race but at the same time it was not a large enough pull to make her stop them from doing it “if you die Dante, be you fear death or not, you toss away every hope your people have, if you don’t fear death for yourself fear death for your people’s lives, fear is not a fools road it is a smart man’s road not to be weak and die. Don’t forget that here. Don’t be scared, be smart” she moved her claw to run it along his cheek as she moved a head hissing at the walls were ears propped themselves their minds hearing some of the things she said and she knew she would pay for it later anyway. She hissed once more large snapping fang like mouth parts breaking form her face and smashing together in a threat display the other Bebilith on the walls backing up and moving away getting back to their work as she moved her mouth parts back into her jaws and face “it is not far now, do not allow your mind to stray here, what you see is not real Dante, the spider has a way of ruling the mind, just keep yourself together” some of her words were slurred as her mouth was cracking and fitting back together. She looked up the castle doors were massive and they were almost there, the main building stood out like a green thumb. The walls as if moving black goo but really thousands of spiders, hundreds of thousands of spiders just crawling over it. Under their feet you could slightly see black stone covered in a thin line of webbing as they were making sure the structure stayed strong. Spider silk had so many uses and really if humans were smarter they would have used the power of it sooner, some sticky, some strong, a single spider could do up to 8 different tips of silk, some even could do ten to twenty, every type having a different job, some for protection some for life style. “And remember Dante, don’t look the black eyed spider in the eyes, even if it pains your pride please for everything point your eyes to the floor and do not lift them. Not till you get away from her”

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued on with her when she placed her hand on his cheek he placed his hand on hers and then nodded to her listening to everything she said he would then be quite curious about the black eyed woman though he was in no place to refuse right now, he was in enemy territory and he could no take any risks, he knew he had to do exactly as he was told in order to make sure his people were safe from harm. Dante closed his eyes slowly using the energy around the room to see he however knew this would use up some energy and he would need to rest later after the meeting but in order to avoid looking at the womans eyes he would just simply close them he could look at her and she would not even notice that she was. Dante longed for this to just be over with and he just wished there was a faster way of getting to the spider queen, he sadly knew nothing of this place and had no idea if there was or not. He kept quiet as they walked and he would have a emotionless look on his face as he made his way through to the meeting with the huntress.

Anaya: Huntress looked back at him just before she took a breath and opened the doors, inside the castle the doors creaked and cracked as if no one ever bothered to oil there hinges, for sure this was not the type of place that would be seen as a royal building. The inside was very run down other then what looked like a brand new vintage red rug with shiny black and silver ends and threads. But other than that this place looked like a hell hole. But there she was, bright pink hair flowing down her shoulders as the body of a six year old child, a bit tall for her age and having very well developed breasts but still she looked like a six year old in face and skin “DD did you bring me a new toy oh that a” she got all happy all of a sudden “is that a demon!” she called out as the girl hoped down the steps and huntress moved very much so in front of Dante in a protecting stance as well as a possessive stance “Yes Azalea he is a demon and he is king from the land of the sun. he is here upon request of your mother do we gain passage” “no no you don’t cus I want a new toy mommy would give me a new toy yes” Huntress let out a snarl as her eyes flickered brighter to darker on contest with Azalea “don’t be dominating to me DD we both know you can’t win. But I make you a deal, I no play with him if I get to play one hit on you” huntress new she was out gunned and out matched, there was nothing she could do against Azalea but bluffs and threats worked well even if she knew azalea new she could win by a long shot “fine, I will play your stupid game, take your penance” she stood there her back becoming poker strait as she readied herself knowing how this game went. Last time the black eyed spider girl took two fingers, she wondered what she would take this time, this game sucked and it seemed the girl liked it more and more. As Azalea stood there a long slender black leg came from her back, such control she only allowed one to come from her as it jutted forward and stabbed into huntresses right side in one side and out the other as all Azalea did was smile “just blood this time DD just blood will do” as she left her leg inside huntresses side blood coughed out of her mouth as Azalea got closer and looked at Dante. “She must really like you, give her blood for a demon, give a limb for a demon. Or she is just very loyal to mommy, I do believe it is option two. But I am sure one day we will play, I get to go to the land of the sun soon I will be sure to come see your home, sounds nice” she moved and grabbed onto huntress’s hair pulling her head back and laying a simple kiss to the girls lips, huntress’s blood on her own lips as Azalea ripped her leg from huntress’s body as huntress dropped to a knee to the ground “now…let us by Azalea you have your penance” “that is fine, be on your way DD, careful getting up, floor is slippy” she gave a grin and a laugh and started to walk past Dante with a hiss form her lips letting go of Huntress and allowing her to struggle to stand as her clawed hand moved to her side holding the sloshing wound “don’t step in my blood Dante try to go around it, please” she coughed up another glop of blood as she got on shaking legs and started to walk to the large doors a head of them witch was the queens chambers.

DanteBlackfire: Dante could see everything that was going on and stood there in silent he would watch as the woman's leg stabbed into the huntress that was called "DD" Dante tilted his head quite curious indeed. Dante finally opened his eyes when the woman was gone he would follow her walking around the blood just as she had asked. Dante would softly place a hand under her arm to keep her upright Dante knew she would probably reject his help though it never hurt to try. As they walked to the door he knew this was it, Dante showed to be calm and collected though he was nervous and knew that he had to be careful in his choice of words, Dante waited behind the door not knowing if he should help her open it or not, he just choose to stand there and wait to see what the huntress would do speaking softly "Are you alright?" he tilted his head looking at her blinking quickly as he looked at her watching the blood run down her, he slowly placed his hand on a spot where her blood was not on her his energy ran down slowly to her body down her skin to make new skin over the wounds closing them completely so that she was not bleeding anymore, Dante learned to be good a healing from his mother who was a nature demon, she was very skilled in the arts of healing and can also use her gifts for killing as well she was a very dangerous demon and he had never seen anything beat her other than his own brother jasper who took her life many years ago.

Anaya: She let out a cringe as he attempted to heal her and she pulled away slightly, she would thank him and explain things to him later and if anyone say him offer care to her it would place her and his life at risk, last thing she wanted was to be his weakness “yes I will be fine” she said in a cold voice as she looked up knowing Azalea was always watching “the queen will see you now.” as she pushed open the door and there siting at a table was the red haired beautiful woman that was the spider queen. A jaw dropper that put even huntress to shame “My Queen Dante black fire here to see” she let out a cough as blood bubbled form her lips “Dante black fire here to see you” she spat out as The queen turned around hair falling into her face. “Well seems you played in full this time around, Diona. But that is well, please Dante due come in. it must have been a long trip I would offer water but all of our water is poison to your kind” her body covered in tight black latex and smiled as she took her chair behind a desk with ruffled unorganised papers. Bright red hair fell in her face as she flipped the papers “I an Nessy the Empress of the Underdark”

Dante and BlackFire Empire Large

Huntress limped over to the side of the desk as she kept silent allowing them to talk a clawed hand on her wound.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her as she pulled away and sighed he watched as she opened the door he would look to the red haired woman his eyes opened wide a bit though he then returned to his normal look he would slowly walk over to her sitting on the other side of the desk looking to her and then to the huntress watching as she covered her wound with her hand he would then look back to the empress and speak softly "Dante Blackfire..emperor of the blackfire...but you already knew that" Dante looked to her and tilted his head he would look at the papers that were in her hands then look back to her staring deep into the empress's eyes as he waited for her to speak remaining as quiet as possible so that the empress can explain her terms to this meeting. Dante knew she was going to ask a lot and Dante knew she was going to make him feed apples to the allies of the Blackfire, but truth be told Dante had no other allies, he barley trusted anyone and for good reason one of the reasons being situations like this, but Dante saw clearly that he would have no choice but to agree to whatever it was the empress would want, though he would hope that he would get something in this in return knowing that there was a lot of loss ends he had to deal with he thought to himself that perhaps this woman could actually be of some help to him while he did this.

Anaya: “So Dante of the Blackfire tell me about you, before business it is always good to get to know one another” she leaned over on the table as her elbows rested on papers, some documents with big red letters with the words dead or deceased on them or flawed or accepted. She smiled politely as she ran a finger into her red locks. “tell me things I don’t already know”

DanteBlackfire: I am a guardian....I protect the best as I can at least...though I have lately been unable to do so, ever since my daughters murder I have lost my killer side left along with my daughter" Dante would use his energy to show the same image of his daughter who stood right next to him Dante then kept quiet for a moment wanting to know what exactly she was wanting to know about him, though he thought she could care less about it, he only brought it up just to give her a head start on whatever question she had to ask of him.

Anaya: “What a grand loss, my own child is something I am disgusted with but she is a fine guard dog. So now we know you” she gave a smile saying not a thing about herself, this get to know each other thing was a blunt lie she just wanted to know a bit about him “now we can get to business. So tell me Dante Blackfire, what do you want in your lands? What is it you desire here in this world? Gold, woman, a family. I am told your last wife to be has left, I am sorry for your untimely luck” she moved a bit her chest moving with her breaths as she picked up a paper with a black seal at the bottom. It was a copy of what she had made before and sent to Dante at his own empire. “Tell me what you want and we will see what we can do for you. And then we can do over my own side, you are the important one here I assure you” in the end all she was doing was a lie, a false sense of security but part of it was true, he was important, but in her mind her side was much more then him, spiders were selfish and greedy.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and nodded as he knew she really did not care much for him like she describe, though he would think nothing of it as he thought for a moment as he looked at the huntress and then back to her before he spoke "Before I state my terms...I have a question...I know honestly that you do not really care much for me...that you are using this for your own advantage and I understand that all to well however how do I know that you will not just kill me off when your army comes there?" He looks at her with a blank look on his face.

Anaya: “If I kill you off what do I gain from that, you are worth more to me alive then dead Dante. And you are right I don’t care but one must keep up appearances” she looked over at huntress as huntress put her eyes to the floor, then Nessy looked back to Dante “now I ask you, what you want.”

DanteBlackfire: "If I agree to this then there is a couple things that I want...first off I may need some help from your army...if I am going to insure that I am able to keep helping you in whatever you send me off to do, there are a couple loss ends I need to deal with...your spiderkin will be perfect to help me with such...also there is the huntress...I wish for her to stay with me" He looked to the empress and then over to her again. Looking to the huntress's eyes showing he was serious about both matters.. He looked back to the empress again speaking softly "I will do whatever it is you ask of me however there is the matter of the apples, you required me to give them to my allies, however I regret to inform you that I have no allies...I trust no one...and you would be the first ally that I have made ever...if you even wish to call it that"

Anaya: “All of the terms you want can be done, in the morning we will have sent 4 Bebilith females to your castle to aid you in whatever you need. As to do with Diona, or as you call her Huntress, take her, if she stays here she is as good as dead anyway, with a wound like that she will be dead by the twelfth hour. They all here will eat her alive, and she is no good to me hurt like that, the wound will take months to fully heal, she is crippled. And for my apples well, if you don’t have ally’s you will have members, all empires do the smaller you are now the better it just means it is that much easier. You are to give one apple to each new member. You will get a crate each weeks morning on the first days dawn, it will last you the week and be refilled the next, and I assure you it will not kill anyone, only lay a toxin in them that is dormant unless truly needed, a sort of safe switch for both you and myself. And for your land, you can and will keep the castle and everything in it, but I will own the land under your castle and feet, call it a sort of land lord ownership agreement. It is not stressful and if we work together as you said ally’s no one will get hurt”

DanteBlackfire: "And what is it that you will have me do? I am a made for only war and killing, are you planning to make me your solider or something?" He looked at her and tilted his head, he knew one day he would have to return to killing however he did not know just who's blood would have to be on his hands to satisfy the woman who sat across from him though he would be lying if he denied her beauty in fact it distracted him a bit however he tried his best not to let it get to him.
Anaya: “If you were made for killing and only saw death, you would let the insect that is the bleeding lump over there die. You are not made for killing Dante of Blackfire, you and I are worlds apart” she took the paper and a quill and slid them over the desk to him “now mark on the dotted line and then you can be safely led to the tunnel entrance, then what I want you to do, that is simple, just rule as you would have before I even met you, gain people, followers even worshipers and give every single one a beautiful red apple. They will eat it and not even have a clue it is anything but the sweetest fruit they have ever eaten” she leaned back in her chair as she moved and her red locks fell in front of matching eyes.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and nodded as she would slide the paper his way he would take a dagger from his boot removing his glove he would cut his index finger a bit a single drop of blood would fall on it the blood bended and shaped into a crow forming his seal as he then slides the papers back to her placing his glove back on as he looked at her and spoke "Will I be expecting a visit from you anytime soon?" He looked at her and tilted his head.

Anaya: “No I do not leave this nest, the sun causes havoc on my skin and why go to a world you hate. If I ever do go to the world above it will be for very good reason” she picked up the paper and with the quill signed her own name at the bottom and then stamped it with the mark of the spider, picking it up folding it and shoving it in a drawer. “Alright then be on your way and drag along the huntress with you, your new guards will be sent out in a days’ time so you should get them in two. If there is anything else you wish to talk about, say it now as there may not be another time you come down here. ”

DanteBlackfire: "No that's fine...I will take my leave" Dante stood up as he then took his arm around the huntress starting to make their way to the exit as they walked out the door he looked at her and spoke softly "We'll get you back to the castle, and you can rest for the time being, I'll have alot of work to do..." Dante looked at her as they walked he did not know if they would be in danger from the other spiders around but he knew he had to get her out of here, and make sure that she is able to heal herself. Dante thought she was going to push him away again though he didn't care, the least he could do was try his best to help her as best as possible so she would make it out alive.

Anaya: “See Dante, you are as much of a killer as I am a lover” she gave a laugh as he walked out and she smiled watching them. At the top of the steps the black eyed child watched them leave as she played with a doll and then hoped down the steps “moooooomy” she called out as she walked into her mother’s room “can I go up to the world of the sun” “next week, give them time to settle before you start ripping up the place, we own it now, treat it as we would our own” Azalea nodded her head and plopped down on the floor playing with her doll. Huntress looked at Dante as she walked alongside him holding herself as up as she could blood dripping down her leg as she tried her hardest form letting the acid like substance from touching him. She said not a word for the hour it took to get out of there but once out she walked with him as each step just seemed to take longer and it had grown to night time already “why did you bother of requesting me out of there. It does not matter if I die, I am useless anyway. I am sure Azalea will attack the castle in no time to finish me off”

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DanteBlackfire: Dante kept his arm around her as he continued to walk them out he would speak in a soft tone "I'm not going to let that happen, you're not as usless as you think you are, I still need you alive" Dante kept them moving his energy moving to close her wounds this time he would be easy seems how she was in no condition to pull away, Dante had to heal her wounds and quickly she was losing to much blood he then looked at her and sighed "We'll be home soon...try to just relax during the trip..." Dante kept walking for what felt like forever when finally he reached the exit remembering the entire way through when he saw the giants again he would quickly break his and the huntress's body into hundreds of crows flying away before the giants could try anything, they would then reappear deep in the woods far away from the place he would take them to where his abandoned home was the same place he used to keep the spiderkin off his trail he walked her slowly inside laying her on the bed for her to relax while he got the fire started to warm up the room

Anaya: As they broke apart from the crow shift huntress let out a wailing scream as she writhed in pain from it all “you fucking demonic moron what do you think everyone is just fucking capable of your shit” black blood came from her lips as she curled on the bed “I will heal and walk on my fucking own!” yellow eyed a glow as she looked at him and snarled, but soon her snarled just faded and she put her back to the bed her left arm badly deformed as she could not just turn into birds and then reform properly she was now more broken then she was beforehand “you act so rationally and you don’t think there are consequences for the actions if you would have asked before acting you would have not had me in more pain now and in worse shape now then I was before. You know NOTHING about what I can do and what I can handle and you act on your own will thinking oh it worked on others it will work again. You demons you think you are doing the right thing in thinking you are thinking for your people but how much do you really know about them” she cleaned some of the blood away from her mouth as her skin crinkled and moved trying to put herself back together inside. She looked to her side and the massive whole that was starting to clot, at least now the blood would kinda stop flowing even if there was now crow feathers sticking out of the wound. “My kind has to walk, we don’t just vanish and reform or turn into other things that is not ourselves and human form. Next time, try asking and not just thinking about a fast root.”

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire : "I knew it would hurt you, but I didn't have a choice...I had to get us here and the only way that could be done was from teleportion, you will heal're strong" Dante looked at her and then went back to setting the fire and then cleaning around a little bit, when he was finished he started to remove his shirt, the countless amount of scars would show on his back and chest though from no where a giant crow like tattoo would appear on his back while he looked into a mirror started to trim his hair down with his dagger due to the heat that will rise soon He needed a hair style to keep him from sweating to death outside

Anaya: “And how did you know eh demon, how, what in that book that does not exist” she lay there holding herself “it will take months for me to heal if I am lucky. What you know is nothing Dante Blackfire, and what you think you know is clearly wrong. I would have walked fine and I have walked myself in worse condition we are made to take damage and keep moving. And why do you need me anyway, fuck me more or am I just your new lab rat”

DanteBlackfire: "I know because it hurts me as well" Dante snapped turning around to her showing a fresh major burn mark on his chest, my moves take more out of me then what you think Huntress...the caster must endure a great deal of pain in order to use this...but it would hurt less if we could find a crow to link my optical nerve fact it would be painless for me and for whoever else rides along with me...for you I have no clue...nor do I want to know...because I promise I wont use it with you any more...I'm sorry I had to do that to you...but I didn't have a choice" Dante slowly walked over to her sitting on the edge of the bed when she asked her questions he interrupted her "You are my risked yourself to help me...I at least owed you enough to stay somewhere they could never find you as hard as they try" Dante looked at her and slowly reached down to rub her cheek looking down into her eyes.

Anaya: Huntress looked back at him empty yellow eyes “give the black eyed spider a week, two tops, she will be taping on this door to play with us all. And even if you do end up killing her, she will take down over half the castle first or the whole thing. Or just have fun make you think she is dead and then bolt to get more men to carry on her game. And the spider queen no longer will care, what matters is her apples, she may not let her kid kill you but she will let her kid get you to over half dead” she held her belly as the bleeding had stopped and she pulled a crow feather out of the whole and put it on Dante’s lap “now I am half birds. I will have to do damage to myself to remove the rest of the feathers and I feel there is a crow lodged in my left leg. Do you have a sharp knife I can’t leave its dead body in there.” She looked at her leg as the skin was lifted and she looked back at him “and I am your friend?”

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked down to her continued to rub her cheek and nodded when she asked if she was really his friend he spoke softly "You are...and trust me when I tell you....she'll never find you here and if she does she'll be ported far off the land....let's just say over my years of learning how to fight I also learned some rather handy stuff in my time...I was planning to use it on you but considering I'm in your debt right now I figure protecting you while you heal will be a good way to pay you back. Dante stood up and started to walk outside closing the door behind him as Dante felt a very large disrubance in his energy, this happened every now and then informing him of a great danger close by. Dante continued to walk for as long as possible thinking nothing of the matter when suddenly right in front of his eyes appeared the bodies of both his mother and father, his eyes opened in a wide state of shock as he felt his body tremble at the view of his beloved parents standing right in front of his eyes his parents where were supposed to be dead and sent off to the void. Dante stood there for a second backing away one of his legs as he spoke out softly in a nervous voice "M-Mother? Father? How can this be? You are both supposed to be dead inside of the void" Dante stood there silently his hand slowly started to reach on his back when suddenly his energy appeared on his back creating his black blade known as "Black fang" when the sword was formed his hand would grip the handle as tight as possible as he suddenly heard his father speak "This is the work of something evil....a great evil infect...we have no control of our bodies at the moment my son. I have no idea as to who has done this, but whoever it is you must stop us quickly my son...I fear this man will do more harm than good" Dante stood there silently as he then turned his eyes to his mother who then spoke after his father "Dante....My dear Dante, please do not hold back.. No matter what happens you must stop us at all cost, do this for your mother okay?" Dante stood there in silent and nodded slowly though he knew deep down that it would be impossible to take them on all by himself, these two were very high class demons...Dante closed his eyes slowly as he sent an image of what was going on to his brothers mind also showing him exactly where they were. Dante knew if he was going to win this he would have to take on his father again and leave his mother to Jasper knowing it would be hard for them both to take down their parents once more regardless of what happen Dante had to try no matter what. Dante stood there silently as he awaited his brother to arrive he would speak softly to the huntress in her head knowing they were still linked together "Whatever happens you must not interfere with this...these two are far beyond your understanding and I highly doubt you will last a minute with them, I dont even think that me and my brother will stand a chance with them with the current condition that they are in. However I and my brother must try, so please just stay out of this...and if we somehow are not able to stop them then you must get out of here as far away as you can, I do not care if you were born to kill demons. Your kind has never seen demons like these and I promise you from first hand experience that you will not live to tell this tale if you stick around. Your toxin will not work on my mother and my father is far too quick and powerful at the same time. He will crush you like it is nothing." Dante knew she was going to be stubborn and high and mighty however she had no idea who these two were and what exactly they were able to do, Dante and Jasper were far well aware of their abilities and were the only two who could stand a chance with them. Them being alive they always suppressed their true powers but they were dead, and had no control over their abilities so it was obvious that whoever was pulling their strings would surely unleash their full power, making this fight a almost impossible for Dante to win alone.

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Anaya: “You are a moron that knows nothing of my race and what we can handle, and I am not staying in this shack for 2 weeks, and the only reason I can’t take whoever the hell is out there is due to the fact I am half dead already” she moved on the sofa to try to get up and as soon as her foot touched the ground she cringed “did not even get me a fucking knife” she walked, well more like waddled over to a table and picked up a blade off the table and stabbed it into the flank of her leg ripping out a dead bird and then dropping it to the floor. She gave a grunt and walked back to the bed and sat down “you have ten human minuets to handle what is outside then I am walking outside and going back to the castle”

Apocryphon: Jasper was making a round of the castle halls when the scar on his chest began to throb, knowing this wasn't too common an occurrence he cocked a brow, dressed in his usual garb minus the top he let out a small sigh, assuming his brother happened into more trouble than he had bargained for he vanished from the hall of the castle he was standing in, reappearing in his room to retrieve his favourite blade before vanishing once more, this time for a much longer time as he searched for his brother's presence, though noticing the energy coming from outside the shack he headed there immediately, coming upon his brother with a small sigh before looking about "Now what have you gotten int....." As his deep blue hues came across the two bodies in front of him a small bit of rage came onto him "What kind of black magic is this? Who's done this?" Though before an answer could be given to him he was already preparing for an attack, his blade being attached to its handle for an extra bit of range as the curse he and his brother shared began to emerge a bit "Brother this is much more trouble than I expected from you, please tell me you had absolutely nothing to do with this otherwise i'll go after you too" He said this jokingly of course, though hearing the huntress inside the shack he gave a scoff "Great, the one place we were free of her kind in this place and you take her here" He gave a small shake of his head before taking a somewhat odd stance for him, as if he expected a great battle "As for you Huntress, you will stay right in there, otherwise you'll come across more than you can handle"

DanteBlackfire: Dante stood there drawing his blade as he stood there in his offensive stance speaking loudly "She is one of us now brother, her own kind tried to kill her...I'm not going to let that happen she nearly gave her own life for me." Dante stood there staring at his mother and father as his father spoke " you are here too...I never thought I would see the day that my two sons would be working together as a team." Dante stood there and spoke softly "Jasper is just merely here to help me...He still considers himself a lone wolf" the energy that was controlling their bodies took over and sent them off to charge at them Dante quickly did the same thing and started to strike at his own mother however she was faster and managed to dodge every single attack Dante threw at him he felt his arm being grabbed by his father and he felt his body rise up as his father threw Dante a long distance deep into the woods his mother then leaped over behind him taking the fight into the woods as his father stayed behind to deal with Jasper.

Apocryphon: Jasper listened to his brother's words though it didn't matter to him, he'd probably always harbour some resentment towards the spider kin, whether welcomed or not, though he pushed this thought from his mind and let out a small sigh before they charged at them, attempting to help his brother but before he knew he was left alone with his father, and that was the main objective, he knew his brother competent enough to handle a walking corpse, at least he hoped. As Jasper moved so did his father, moving about in a circle as any respectable fighter would before they charged at one another, barely blocking and dodging his father's attacks while he did the same to his, even Jasper was adaptable to a point, and soon that point would probably be reached, so Jasper then decided to high tail it into the woods into the direction his brother and mother went while staving off his father's advances to kill him "Dante, talk to me, yell if you can hear me i'll try to make my way to you" Jasper's voice was a bit louder than his usual calm tone, also giving the huntress a chance to go back to the castle as they were lead away from the shack

Anaya: The sounds of everyone moving away and then the sound of Dante being tossed like a rag doll into the woods, she let out a sigh as she got up and took a couple steps black blood dripping from her leg as she coughed up a hunk of what looked like black goop “I am going back to the castle, I can’t believe I was brought here and now I am stuck here, this stupid place will make me numb and hateful. Stupid demons I hate every last one of them” she snarled as she walked out the back door of the shake and started to walk to what looked like the river, she liked this little part and she did not mind the night’s air on her skin. “There away from the demons now I can relax a little” she looked at her lavender dress, black blood covered and ruined. She let out another sigh as she took it off and dragged it down with her into the water as she gave a cringe the cold water hitting the hole in her side, even if the blood had clotted it was still very open and brand new. She started to pull and tug at her dress in the water trying to somewhat clean it as the black did not come out and she cussed under her breath and held it in the water. She was very unhappy right now so much was on her mind.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked to his mother and watched as she attempted to shoot him with an arrow Dante tilted his body back and dodged it as he then listened to his brother speaking he would reply himself "No...Take care of father, I can handle mother I think I know what to do" Dante was referring to awakening his curse to deal with his mother so that he could easily take her down though doing so would do a great bit of damage to his energy and render him rather weak when the fighting was over. Dante ran what would happen hundreds of times in his mind debating if this was the best course of action though he was also distracted by the hundreds of arrows his mother was firing at him from a distance until one of the arrows went into his arm Dante growled and yelled in pain his voice would echo across the entire woodland area "FUCK" was all he said untill he then threw a ball of dark energy at his mother the ball exploded when it impact the trees knocking her over a bit

Apocryphon: He had listened to his brother speak and let out a small laugh, nodding to himself as he stopped in his tracks and locked blades with his father "Fair enough brother, until the fighting is over I'm going to let loose a bit, so be prepared for any eventualities, I'll also be drowning out everything around me while i go at it, so keep me covered should Mother come for me" He spoke loud enough that his brother would hear him before turning his attention to his father, smiling in his usual sly way before pushing back against his father, catching him off guard a bit as the ringing of blades sounded through the air, though he couldn't help but hear his brothers cry of pain, the sound distracting him for a moment allowing the corpse plant a foot into his chest and knock him through the trees until the blade of his scythe caught a trunk and stopped him. Jasper was already annoyed at the prospect of killing his father, though they went at each other like rabid wolves, each blocking the strike of the other while the energy of his curse began to leak out from him

DanteBlackfire: Dante was on the ground face down his hands pressing on the ground trying to pull himself up as he listened to his mother "Is this the son I've raised? To just lay there and give up? I don’t think so...Get up Dante, get up and fight" Dante slowly started to stand as his hair suddenly turned blood red and grew long in a moment’s notice. He stood up as his father's energy surrounded his body allowing Dante to use the energy he was given by his father before he died, once he did behind him the black skull would appear behind him standing larger than a mountain giant, Dante held his hand out as the skull started to get ready to smash his fist clean down above his mother.

Apocryphon: Jasper sensed the energy nearby from his brother and smiled lightly, they even had the same idea at the time, though Jasper was letting it out little by little as he clashed with his father until there was a bit of separation between them and the power wept from him, his hair standing on end as he stared down his father, his scathe being formed in the skeletal hand that curse had, and though his father still came at him with no words to speak their blades spoke enough, knowing his brother could hear the ringing steel, though now Jasper was gaining speed with the help of his curse, already feeling the strain it was putting on him as he continued on, knowing he had to end it quickly, even though that was way easier said than done at this point

DanteBlackfire: Dante took almost a half an hour to battle his mother but finally when it was over Dante managed to pull it off he would make the skull vanish before he ran to her placing her head in his arms while he held onto her looking down he softly rubbed his hand on her cheek he knew if he did not watch over her body then the man who did this will do it again, Dante had to dig her grave closer to the village where he could watch over it. He picked up her body and started for the castle knowing Jasper was not more the able to handle father and hopped that he would do that same with his body as they needed to be protected.

Apocryphon: Not long after Dante's battle had ended Jasper gave the corpse of his father a rather heavy hit, both he and his curse at once, enough to sever the energy's ties to his body, and the body to fly a bit out of the tree line, letting his energy fade bit by bit so it wouldn't be too much of a shock on his system Jasper let out a sigh and leaned on his scythe for support as he walked out of the woods, heaving his father's body onto his shoulder as he made his way towards the castle, each step a bit of a challenge but he kept on going, knowing his brother was either already on his way, or hopefully soon would be, though Jasper had some of the black bandages he wore on his arms wrapped around his midsection, a bit of blood seeping out from under it, indicating he would soon have another scar adorning his body

Anaya: Huntress looked back as she lay in the water nude and floating to relax, water did always calm the nerves she did enjoy it. Getting up she could hear the forest had become silent but she did not want to go back to the castle, demon castle she wanted to go home, wanted to be worth something, but now she was worth nothing more than a friend, why did she even want to be his friend he was more worthless then she was. Huntress grumbled and picked up her wet dress as she rung it out best she could and put it back on her body, her finger wiggling in the hole that was in it from Azaleas leg. She moved and sat on a tree stump for a bit to try to collect her thoughts even if she knew it was pointless.

DanteBlackfire: Dante laid there on his back growling as he pulled the arrow out from his side he would then ignite the black flame on his hand placing it directly on his wound he would growl and yell as he felt its extreme heat close his wounds stopping the bleeding completely, Dante then slowly started to stand on both feet he was weak but he was still able to walk, he would make his way back out of the castle not wanting to leave the berrying to his was not their responsibility Dante made it there seeing it was Jasper who was berrying mother and father instead of the villagers he would smirk lightly as he walked over and sat on the ground his back leaning on a wall close by as he spoke softly "Are you alright?" He looked at his brother and smirked seeing he was just as bad as he was right now.

ApocryphonApocryphon Whisper: Jasper was still digging as he heard footsteps leading to him, he turned his head a bit to see his brother, weak, though still able to walk for the moment he let out a small laugh, causing a bit more blood to seep out from under the bandage which he would change later "I'm digging aren't i? Wouldn't that mean that i am?" He was up to his neck in the hole before he tossed up the shovel and reached up to grab the feet of his mother's corpse, pulling it into the deep grave before affixing the tattered clothing and body parts in a respectable fashion and leaping out, landing on his rear at the edge before standing and beginning to fill the grave, looking towards his brother with another slight cock of his brow "You weren't too careful it seems" He let out another laugh and continued shovelling dirt "And when you used the power of your curse you may have let out too much at once, haven't you gotten any practice with it brother?"

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire Whisper: "Father was the only one who knew how to use his curses powers, and ever since we took control of it after placing it inside of me it's still quite difficult, I mainly use it as a last resort" Dante slowly stood up and grabbed another shovel starting to work on father's grave right next to mother where he would want to be Dante continued to dig until he made a hole big enough for him he would grab him by his shoulders and pull him into the hold then fill it back up until they were completely berried He then looked at his brother and started to walk off "I need to go find her" Dante knew jasper would know he was talking about the huntress but he had no time to argue, he knew Jasper hated her but Dante needed her more then he knew and Dante owed her his life he could feel she was not far and wanted to get there in case anything else did specifically the black eye'd woman

Apocryphon: "Father was the only one yes, and he learned with practice, as am I" He let out a small laugh and allowed his brother to help in burying their father before he let out a sigh as he walked off with those words "Go if you wish, just no that whatever she may have done for you, or whatever happened to her, I will not treat her as kin, or anywhere close to it" And at that they went their separate ways, Jasper headed to the castle, letting out a small sigh as he stepped into his quarters and peeled off the bloody bandage that covered a rather nasty gash, using some various salves and creams he got the bleeding to stop and covered it once more with a bit of cotton and more bandages before laying down on his bed to allow his body a bit of rest, though he didn't feel as weak as Dante did he did feel a strain on all of his muscles, and his bones felt like they were smouldering embers underneath his skin

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued on still rather weak however he started to feel more and better as time went by, demons of his kind were quick healers and it really came in handy, with wounds that would take months to fully heal would be healed in less than a few days. He continued on until he found her sitting on a stump next to a river he would make his way to her slowly kneeling right in front of her as he reached over placing his hand on her cheek speaking in a soft tone "Are you alright?" Dante knew she hated him but he did not care, the least he could do was make sure that she was going to make it through this He took her arms checking them for any wounds his hand was gloved so he would not make actual skin contact with her if she had her toxin turned on "I don’t care if you hate me, you helped me so I'm repaying the favor, that's it" Dante said as he took the soft cape off his armored top and wrapped it around for her to dry off life Dante looked at her and spoke softly "Huntress...why do you serve them if they do not care for you? You could easily run away and start a life of your do not have to keep trying to prove yourself to someone who does not even care for you, why not come with us survive the spider kin, and if worse comes to worse...then I will not blame you for whatever choice you make" Dante stood up slowly looking down at her giving a soft sigh as he walked away over to a tree standing in front of it with his back leaned right on it so he could keep an eye on her

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Anaya: With a swift movement she hit his hand away as he touched her cheek, her eyes bright yellow as she looked at him “don’t touch me” she snapped as he moved and grabbed an arm to look her over, she let him as she let out a sigh to try not to care. “why do I serve them, I am one of them, I belong with my own kind, you think I am so much like you, I am NOTHING LIKE YOU, why do humans serve a god they can’t see does he love them does he care, no he does not as he is not real yet they serve him blindly knowing that when they are with him in this make believe world they make for themselves they feel as if they belong. You think you know it all don’t you, think you know so much about me, about my kind but you know nothing and you are too full of yourself thinking you do to even come close to knowing about us” she got up from her stump “I am fine go back to your castle” she moved her hand to her side as black tar covered her fingers, she was still a mess and she started to walk in the direction of the castle “and Dante, don’t touch me again or even in my weakened state I will rip your arm off. And I don’t hate you, I am made to destroy you, hate is a choice” she kept walking in the direction of the castle.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked at her and listened though when she asked about what it was humans worship he would look at her and reply "I wouldn't know..I'm not human" Dante then watched as she walked away he would sigh as he started to walk in the opposite directions, choosing to take a walk around the woods and clear his mind though a lot was going on he would need to just be on his own for a few hours just to clear his thoughts. Dante kept moving through the woods having alot on his mind he would speak softly outloud but to himself "Dont hate me" He would let out a chuckles as he stopped for a momment speaking again "Ya, right" Dante kept moving through the woods to an old grave area on his familys where his mothers, old grave laid he would pick up an old grey necklace that he sat there many years ago, he figured seems how she now has a new grave it would be best to place the necklace there. On his way back he made a stop to his old hideout shak where he figured seems how it was comprimised from bringing the huntress there it would be best to burn it down and relocate it to somewhere safer, a black flame ignited on the wooden wall outside started to spread across the entire outside area untill it collapsed from the room burning the entire thing down he then turned his back on the old place and started to make his way back to the castle probably having a lot of paper work to fill out. When getting there he would make his way inside going straight to his office speed walking at a fast pace the inside was decorated in a black wood type attire, from the walls to the decor he slowly walked to his desk sitting down and scooting in and started right away on reading some scrolls with news for the kingdom and other important matters that he needed his attention on. As he read through everything his mind was also elsewhere thinking a lot on what all has happen today but mainly on whoever brought his mother and father back knowing he would have to face his man sooner or later.

Anaya: “ya humans are more respectful then demons” she muttered as he walked off and she limped her way to the castle. She looked around not really having a room there but made her way to a place where she had slet before. She walked into the sofa room and the maids had moved her things and cleaned it all up so she walked over to the sofa hitting all the pillows down to the floor “this is not home. I want my stone slab my clothing, I have nothing here” she knew she would just have to make due with this vile place as she looked up at the roof once more all she had was the eyes in the castle, but right now she did not want to see, in truth she wanted to go home, and now, she would never be able to. “I, I just want to go home” she said as she shut her eyes and walked over to the window as the sheet of night had covered the world. She just stood there looking out wondering what they all were doing, same thing she was sure but hell right now she just wanted to be home.

DanteBlackfire: He kept his mind to his paper work finishing it off though when suddenly he felt a sharp pain on his head he would place both his hands on the sides of his head hearing a loud ringing noise in his head he growled as it pained his head he stood up slowly and started to walk out of the room one of the guards slowly made his way to him speaking softly "M'lord, are you alright?" Dante pushed him away continuing to walk as he made it to his room he would walk into the washroom running the water in the sink and splashed it over his face looking in the mirror as his red eyes oddly turned to a soft blue something that never seemed to happen before. Dante growled irritated as he focused his energy and his eyes turned to red again as the ringing in his head stopped he stood there on his hands leaning on the edge of the sink taking a deep breath trying his best to relax himself he would speak quietly though out loud "What the hell was that?"

Anaya: Huntress turned around she could hear movement upstairs but she did not care whatever was there she would handle it the next day. She walked to the area on the floor she made for herself walking over that and to the door as she locked it and then turned around walking back to her make shift bed. She laid down on her bed her head on its side as she shut her eyes to sleep. As if you looked close enough a tear fell down her cheek, a single home sick tear, and the realization that now, for the first time in her whole life, she was alone.

DanteBlackfire: Dante kept looking at the mirror for a moment before he finally choose to lay down and go to sleep her his eyes closed slowly as he knew he was going to enter his normal dream world, the only place where he could never be disturbed it was of the same day as always winter with people ready for spring to arise going at their normal business he was happy in this world and wanted it to be like this again one day though he doubt that would be happening anytime soon. Dante was worried for the huntress he knew something was up but could not quite place his finger on it, he thought that seems how she saved him she would at least be grateful to him but he guessed she just didn't care Dante thought over and over to himself of what to do and how he could make it up to her but he figured that maybe it was just best to let her go if she choose to, Dante sighed as he looked down his mind drifting off as he was in his deep sleep waiting for tomorrow to come.

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DanteBlackfire: It was 6 in the morning all was quiet in the land of the Blackfire Dante was just slowly waking up feeling very well rested. Slowly Dante started to get up and move around walking around the room in nothing but his pants he made his way into his shower turning it on and striping himself stepping inside the boiling hot water to clean himself off, Dante was still in a bad mood from the meeting with the spider queen and the events that transpired with his parents being brought back from the grave. Who could hold such power to bring demons back from the void when suddenly it hit him, his eyes opened wide as he quickly leaped out the shower shutting th water off he did not bother to dry himself off he would place his pants back on and sprint outside of the bedroom running downstairs, he went into the living room where the huntress was sleeping the same place they slept together before, inside that room was another small library that had quite a few books on theories of the void. Dante quickly slammed the doors opened and started to look quickly on the book shelfs taking every single book that mentioned the void Dante would quickly start to gaze through them and study every single page untill he came across on that stated a void guardian yelling outload "THATS IT"

Anaya: Huntress looked up opening a yellow eye as Dante ran into her room, witch in truth was the living room where she was sleeping on a pile of pillows. She was nude and laying on the floor sleeping or well trying to “what’s it the sky’s falling oh god no, shut up and go back to bed” she grumbled as she rolled over her bear rump in the air as she put a pillow over her head to sleep away from the demons annoyance. “The sun came up an hour ago!” she cussed under the pillow as the pillow muffled her yelling to a dull roar. She grumbled some then tossed a pillow at Dante and put another one over her head her rump still nicely held up in the air. She wiggled a bit still extremely soar and salty as she fixed the wrapping with one hand not even looking up that she put on herself partway into the night last night when the bleeding started up once more. But it was doing alright now and the wound had a thin layer of skin, even if it would take months to heal she was getting there.

AradiaNemesis: - Aradia had been traveling for days, passing town after town, yet staying in the forests or shadows as much as possible. She tended to avoid humans since their desire to try and kill her often got on her nerves. There had been the odd few she met while in the woods, but they proved to be decent snacks. Her purple eyes gave off a faint glow in the early morning light, the sun making her white hair that faded to a blue/grey color a little lack lustre. She was dressed in a beige top and matching skirt, showing off quite a bit of her pale skin. The horns protruding from her head matched her hair, something rare among demons. As she traveled she too notice of a clearing and made her way towards it, finding a fairly large castle. Since she was a curious one, and not knowing the meaning of fear, she walked up to the doors, raising a small hand and knocking rather loudly. ~

DanteBlackfire: As Dante continued to read through the books he could see the huntress throw a pillow at him from the corner of his eyes, he would use his quick reflects to catch the pillow with one hand and throw it right back at her with a little more force to it still tending to his books "Hey lady this is my living room you’re in if I feel the need to be as loud as possible then I will, besides it's morning, quit your whining and why don’t you be useful for once and help me go through the crap in this book" Dante then would hear a knock from the door and would yell out "AND WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THE DAMN DOOR" Dante would continue to read the book tossing another one at her for her to read though knowing she would probably ignore it and she would probably throw it back at him though his reflexes would be ready if she choose to throw it back at him. Dante skimmed through the book until he found a way to summon one of these void guardians to commune with them though physical contact would be almost impossible considering they would be talking straight from the void.

Anaya: Huntress got up slowly favoring that side as she let out a yawn and stood up stark nude right in front of Dante as it was on his book shelf flipping books, she moved right in his way between him and the shelf as she took her hands and hit the book form his fingers. “some mage brought them back to life to fuck your world in half, you kill them, they are in the ground, party’s over, want to fuck?” she asked as she gave a smile and looked at him her snow white hair falling in her face as she blinked a bit. “you said be useful right?” she put her arms over his neck and looked at him “just calm down the books are not going to go anywhere and no one is going to show up at 6 in the bloody morning to kill you, I believe even assassins sleep” right then and there a guard opened the castle door to let the guest in “welcome” he said in a gruff voice as he was chewing his lower lip to try to remove the sleepiness from his night shift, one more hour he thought to himself just one more hour then he can go to bed at shift change. “The king is somewhere he will be with you shortly I am sure”

AradiaNemesis: - her gaze scanned over the guard, taking note of how tired he was as she smirked at him - Is the king even up? I know it is fairly early in the morning - she said, not really waiting for an answer as she moved past the guard, doubting he cared much as she started to explore the castle. Doing this when those who resided inside were still sleeping was always a better option then when they were awake. Her full hips swayed as she walked, her heels making no sound on the floors. it was almost as if she was a ghost. ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to look at the book until he could feel it being ripped from his grasp by the huntress he looked at her and rolled his eyes slightly "Why is it that when I'm a complete asshole to you you want to fuck me?" He looks at her and tilt his head slightly waiting for an answer, when he felt her arms wrap around his neck he would slowly place his hands on her hips pushes her more towards the book shelf pressing his bare chest to hers as he looked deep into her eyes giving her a emotionless stare through his eyes "Do me being a total asshole turn you on or something? Because if so I'd hate to see how you were if I was an asshole 24/7"

Anaya: “I do believe it is morning wood in my end, as when you are an asshole you are well a stupid demon to me” she gave a smile as she cringed a bit biting her lip due to the pain in her side. “but we will have to wait there is a guest in the main hall they have now come into the castle, the eyes see all remember” she was a tease even if she knew having anything other than maybe one of the stupid human snuggles would put her in great pain right now. “I will get dressed Dante you go tend to the guest I will be out when I get something fitting on” she moved a hand down and ran it along his groin as she gave a light squeeze and gave a chuckle “and don’t worry I will pick out the books about the void and reanimation for you and place them in a pile, might as well earn a bit of my keep seeing I am over all stuck here” she let out a slight breath a cover up for a sigh and smiled at him to hide the fact she missed her home. “And if you wish to be an asshole it is truly up to you, you are the king after all, and my new owner, I guess I just have to get used to that, that’s all”

AradiaNemesis: -Aradia continued to roam the halls unsupervised, her eyes taking in the decor. It was dark, and judging by the way the guard had reacted to her, was not owned by human. It was a plus in her books as killing an entire castle full of people took quite a bit of time, and often left survivors ~

DanteBlackfire: Dante closed his eyes lightly feeling her place her hand on his crotch his did drive him a little mad but he had no time to tackle her and ravage her at the moment, she was right there was a guest in the castle, Dante could feel the woman's life source from here so it ment she was not far from him, Dante would sigh and then steal a teasing nibble on the huntress's neck walking off he looked at the corner of his eye "This conversation isn't over yet either" He walked off and smirked he liked the sound of being an owner of one of the spider kin, he knew he would be able to make great use of that" Dante would vanish from sight the sound of a crow echoed throughout the entire castle as Dante appeared from nowhere directly where the woman was he would look at her up and down and then look deep into her eyes speaking softly "Hello. I'm Dante, Emperor of the Blackfire.... How may I help you?"

Anaya: Huntress looked at him as he left, that smile on his face she knew it was him happy about being her new master of sorts, boy was he going to be in for a handful. But in the end spider kin needed guidance they were numb and needed something to follow, she was no leader it was never ment to be in her blood she would never be one she was a solder and a scout nothing more. Picking up a gown form the ground and tossed it on over her head and lashed up the side and the back of the white silken fabric. She had nothing of her own here so today or tomorrow she would have to make a trip into town to pick up clothing. But for now this thing would do, she believed it was a slavers silk that one of the maids had laying around so it worked and she did not mind it, it was light and she did like the white on her pale skin. Walking back to the book shelf she picked up four books piled them and then placed them on the arm that was on the other side of her body were the bandage wrapped , you could clearly see it under the almost clear silk garment but she did not care, she had it around her waist, and down to her hips it covered a large area and old blood kinda showed under the white wrappings, she also had another one wrapped around the center of her leg but it was clean and bleeding had stopped long ago. Mostly that one was there to hide the wound and keep things clean and neat. She walked out the doors with the books and walked close to the wall trying to stay out of sight even if she could see Dante and the other female she stuck close to the stone and then walked slowly making her way to the study to put dantes books away.

AradiaNemesis: -Aradia's gaze scanned the man’s body, a wicked smirk forming on her full, dark colored lips. She placed a hand on her hip, the other laying lip at her side - Such a warm welcome so early in the morning. And here I thought I would be able to wander through your halls unattended to for at least another hour before anyone realized I was here. But a man who is early to rise is a rare find. My name is Aradia, pleasure to meet you - she purred, holding out the hand that had been at her side, her pale skin almost glowing in the castle light –

DanteBlackfire: Dante would look at her curiously listening to her purr he never really heard anyone do that he would smirk slightly and reach his hand out taking hers and shaking it slowly speaking softly "Pleasure to meet you as well, So tell me Aradia, what brings you here so early in the morning?" He would tilt his head in solid curiosity though he was not upset to see her so early in the morning he would assume everyone was still sleeping at this time

AradiaNemesis: - still smirking she looked him in the eyes - I was traveling, I tend to do that quite a bit as I have no set home so to speak, I go where I please and do what want. I stumbled upon your castle and was curious as to who lived here. Doesn't seem to be many people, but then again it’s early and I forget most creatures require sleep - she said, her voice still coming out like a purr, pulling her soft hand out of his gently, and letting it hang at her side -

DanteBlackfire: "Yea, you just came at a very early time, most people don’t get around and moving until about 10 am for some reason...feels like it would help a lot more if people were moving around a lot early, get stuff done a lot quicker" Dante would look at her and smile softly as he started to walk to the throne room "Shall I show you around" Dante would look at her waiting for her to follow behind him and he would signal for his butler to ready his breakfast as he stood there he would turn his attention back to the woman.

AradiaNemesis: - she nodded, her hand falling from her hip, moving to brush a errant strand of hair from her face before laying it at her side. She followed him, again her footsteps making no sound, her movements graceful, almost as if she was floating, although she wasn't. - So I get a tour from the king himself huh, now don't I feel special - she said with a chuckle as she followed behind him -

Anaya: Walking into the study she put his books down on his desk as she picked up some string and started to lash her hair up in a lose bread and then tossed it to the side of her head and put the string around the end. Letting out a sigh she fixed up the papers on the desk and made things a bit her level of neat and cleaned up as she turned around and walked out of the study standing behind a pillar watching the 2 walking around from a bit of a distance.

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~~~~ after everything a couple hours passed, dante and huntress had sex in the bathtub it caused great pain to huntress but it was fast and dante took her pain into thought and new she was just doing what he wanted her to do.~~~~

Anaya: Moving out of the tub she cracked her back the skin on her shoulders breaking apart as small ends of black legs could be seen but then shrunk back inside as the skin formed back together. She picked up a towel and wrapped it around herself as her face just over all did not look overly happy, she hurt all over and felt like she got hit by a truck. “so Dante blackfire what is the plan for the day” she said as she turned around and faced a smile to try to sooth the pain from her own self and kinda prevent him from noticing it even if she was holding her figure in a slump manor and her arm was wrapped around her waist as she held that spot that hurt the most.

DanteBlackfire: Looking at her he tilted his head a bit he could see obviously she was hurt and he noticed the skin and watched as it reformed. Dante stood up slowly still naked as he walked over to her placing a hand on her cheek as he spoke softly "Huntres....You're hurt" He looks into her eyes trying to look calm, at first he did not like her at all infact he wanted to kill her so badly, but he was starting to see her in a diffrent way now to where he cared now he tilted his head again as he stared at her "You should rest...I can have someone buy you some dresses and you can just go over them when you're should move yourself into my room's comfy in there"

Anaya: she moved her hand to push his away as she walked out and into the living room once more “I am fine in here, and no shit I am hurt I was almost ripped in half” she snapped out she hated feeling weak she was a Biblith they did not become weak it was be strong or die, she should be dead, she thought to herself as she grabbed some dress of sorts and pulled it on, it hardly fit and she was a bit to large in the chest area for it. She let out a sigh and grabbed a small coat and put it on top it matched kinda she thought as she had to were something she had to go into town. “And I need to get out, lying in bed is not going to help me, it will just make me more miserable. So is there no plans for the day? If not I will be heading to town to get my clothing” she turned around and looked at him her white hair falling infrount of her eyes.

DanteBlackfire: Dante watched as she pushed his hand away and sighed as he folowed her into the living room listening to her he looked at her slightly growled a little fustrated at how it was to try and get along with her he would then just shake his head and speak softly "No...I have nothing for now" Dante then walked off heading to his training room where he could just be alone for a while Dante started to train with his sword working on his speed this time instead of his power though keeping the heavy sword balanced while holding onto a second was hard for him, his brother was the better swordsman then him but Dante knew his could grow to be just as good

Anaya: She fixed her clothing and walked to the door as he left, she knew were he was going, were he always went when things did not go his way, stupid demon, she thought to herself as she walked over to a wall her fingers going up it as small spiders touched their heads to her skin. “keep an eye on the place we have to call this dump home now” she hated calling it home, home was in a cave days walk from here, home was so far from here it seemed every day it moved farther and farther away, she had a demon trying to love her and a pain in her gut for her bed and home. She let out a sigh and walked to the castle doors opening them and cringing at the days sunlight “got to get used to this to” she muttered as she walked outside and hoped down the steps her side killing her and a small dot of red was eating into her garments.

DanteBlackfire: Dante continued to train for awhile when suddenly Dante's head began to get hotter and hotter Dante then could not stand it he would drop to his knees quickly and cling his hands onto his head his forehead resting on the floor as he growled the black skulls image appeared in his mind hearing it's voice "You stupid honestly think that bug will ever care about you? You are her enemy the vary thing her kind was set out to destroy and some how you manage to make it to where you own her now? hmm... vary funny. You should just save yourself the trouble and end her life while she is weak...who knows she might even thank you for it" the skull's image vanished as Dante's head still felt hot he then yelled out loud to it the guards outside heard it and rushed inside kneeling next to him one yelled "Lord Dante, Are you alright?!" Dante yelled out in pain as he then suddenly passed out they both wraped his arms around their shoulders and lifted him taking him to the healers room they laid him on one of the beds as the lead healer who was sworn to tend to the emperor's health used a type of healing magic to try and calm the pain growling as it did not work "Dammit, What happen to him?" one of the guards stayed there speaking out softly "I dont know, He was just holding onto his head on the ground and then he passed out after we got there"

Anaya: The huntress hoped down a step and started her walk, every step just hurt as she bit the bullet and kept walking oh she would give a leg to be able to be her real self-right now but the stress of changing would be way too much on her body so she just kept walking. It was about an hour or so before she got to the town slower than the norm but that was alright. She walked into the town her bright yellow eyed looking at everything as people hurried out of her way and into their hugs muttering things about the evil devil bug and the yellow eyed witch. She let out a sigh and walked into a small shop that had clothing hung in its windows nice things nice gowns and dresses and things that would fit her. but how would she pay for it all….she did not think about that. She stood in front of the window for a moment as she looked at a nice gown that hung there. “just bill it to the empire like the other slaves do” some man said beside her as she turned around her eyes as if on fire she looked right at him “I am NO FUCKING SLAVE” and with that she took a hand and back handed the human male sending him flying into a cart on the other side of the street. She looked at him as it was as if the man was a rag doll and just flopped there not moving maybe she killed him, but then he moved he would be alright a bit hurt maybe stuff broken but that was about it. Huntress looked back to the window and if she had tear ducks she would have been in tears, a rain of tears. She put her forehead on the glass and then walked inside looking at the growing walking up to the shop keeper “I would like an assortment of your best gowns, send them to the castle….bill the castle for them” the words hurt more than the pain did the shop keeper nodded as she did not say a word back, people did not talk nicely to slaves anyway. She turned around grabbing a couple dresses off racks as she knew the shop would bill the castle for them to and she walked out the door with them in arm, as she walked slowly back to the castle. (whould be about 3 hours later maybe 4)

DanteBlackfire: Dante was still in the medical room completely passed out and unable to move as his head was still burning hot just touching it hurt the hand of the healer as she looked at the guards "Where is that spider woman that the emperor enslaved?" the guard shruged "Last time I saw her she went into the city, I think she may be back I'll go find her" The guard ran off outside of the castle untill looking off into the distance towards the city he could see the huntress walking back he would run there as fast as he could he was out of breath when he got to her but he still saluted her with his hand on his chest and spoke softly but nervously "M-M'am....Somthing has happen to Dante Blackfire...he is right now in the medical room but he is not waking up his head is as hot as lava it just hurts the healers hands to touch it" the guard looked at her though he knew she was evil was hard to tell he doubt she would care the much so he turned around and started to walk off back to his post

Anaya: Huntress looked up at the guard running at her as her hand griped her side and the blood pooled into her gown she had on under her fingers “let the man cool off I am sure he will be fine, not like I can do anything anyway I am no healer” she walked up to the castle steps and took her gowns over into the living room tossing them on the sofa and striping the clothing she had on right now off. She looked at the wound it had reopened a bit and was bleeding not to hard but enough to ruin clothing. She took a pillow and ripped it in half taking the cloth form it and putting it on the rip in her skin and then put on a dress over top of it holding it there so it would not move. She walked out and turned walking to the medical wing and looked at Dante laying on the table “I can’t do anything, make yourself better” she said not even knowing if he could even hear it.

DanteBlackfire: Dante was still laying there not able to hear a single thing she said untill a few momments later he woke up finally and stood himself up one of the male healers stepped infront of him holding his hands out trying to stop him "M'lord you shouldn't stand just yet" Dante pushed him off the man went far back and flipped over a table as he stood himself up he started to walk off not knowing where he was going though he seemed to hold an emotionless stare on his face as he walked about the castle

Anaya: she stood there and watched him "i dont know why they got me, and hurting your help will not get you any help you know" she said as he left the room to wonder the castle. "see i told you you did not need me" she said to the male help that got pushed over a table. "let the demon cool down and maybe bring him some water or something"

DanteBlackfire: The male looked in suprise as the helped him up he spoke softly "Umm thank you M'am...may I call you M'am? I'm sorry but Lord Dante can be quite stuborn at have no idea how many times he's been in this room" the man sighed and walked off to do his work as Dante was walking around the castle more Dante walked into his room striping himself untill he just his pants were on, he laid himself onto his bed stareing up at the cieling remaining quiet

Anaya: "no just call me huntress i am no mam here" she gave a fake smile and left the room with nothing else said as she walked back to the living room to lay down in her pillow nest like bed

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DanteBlackfire: Dante's head was still burning when finally he choose to get up and walk around he ended up walking stright to the throne room sitting himself down on his large throne he would look up at the cieling for a momment then sigh as he looked over to one of his servents "Could you get me an ale" the servent nodded and smiled to him walking off slowly to fetch his drink. Dante sat back on the throne going over some of the scrolls and reports and the progress one some of the new traps for intruders that the blacksmith was working on, so far it is not ready to be set but the report stated that he was close, Dante hummed to himself a soft tune his mother use to hum to him all the time. He looked up and saw the servent returning with the ale Dante took it from his hand and smiled nodding as a way to thank him he then watched as the servent went off to do his work Dante sipped his ale as he continued going through the papers.

Anaya: Huntress want into her room, a living room set up with sofas and chairs as she looked it over and then looked at the couple garments she grabbed from the shop in town, she tossed the pile of garb on the sofa and fell on the floor on her back looking up at the roof. “show me what he is doing” she said to the air. As the words came from her lips the spiders moved along the walls to make a ring on the celing over head, in the ring strands of silk crossed and were spun as there shimmering glissan lit up the room In the viewing window the spiders had formed she saw dante siting in his throne drinking ale flipping papers thinking about something. She moved her hand and the spiders broke apart the window turning to nothing “is what all a king to do have some break down go to his throne and drink his night away. Is that all a demon does here I want to give him something to drink about” she moved her hands as the spiders along the walls turned a bright purple and she looked at them “flood the main hall, make the ground move” she moved her hand as the spiders started to multiply 1 became 2 2 became 4 4 became 8 and so on till the walls were a moving black mass of small spiders. As the mass got larger she moved her hand sending it off as it crawled in the cracks in the stone wall and along the floor under doors and into the main hall. The spider mass crawled along the floor creeping into cracks in the floor as the stones in the floor started to lift and things started to shift. Blacks protecting the larger masses from falling flame touches and when some were burned others just duplicated to fill the gap. The stones in the thrones started to break apart as the swarm of spiders crawled along it all. All the while huntress watched the whole thing take place form her viewing window in her little living room.

DanteBlackfire: Dante was still in his throne going through the papers when suddenly the ground under him started to break apart Dante stood up quickly and placed his hand on the handle of his blade holding it there as he looked around at everything breaking apart "What the hell?" Dante growled as he looked through the cracks seeing a spider he would growl loudly getting more and more fustrated as he walked into the living room stareing down at her with an angry look on his face growling loudly as he still gripped his sword in his hand not speaking a single word to her

Anaya: Before Dante could even get out of the main hall his first foot would hit the floor and instantly become covered with the crawling insects, not biting at all like they normally would just being well everywhere and a royal pain in the ass. Huntress in the other room could not stop laughing she laughed to the point her side cracked and pained her greatly as she watched the whole thing. If dante wanted to get to her room he would have to crawl past thousands of crawling spiders that in truth he had no idea if they would or would not be the biting type. But they were harmless in truth unless she did not want them to be, the spiders started to put the floor back together in the end it was all just a massive show to have a bit of fun but the fact was they still crawled all over him and ended up in places he would not want them, like up his pant legs.

DanteBlackfire: Dante growled as he felt the spiders crawling up his legs he would draw his sword out half tempted to just cut at them but knowing he would end up either cutting himself or or cutting his pants he would then sheath his sword slowly and then looked down covering his face shaking his head trying his best to calm himself his head being hot he knew getting angry would just mess him up even more he would look at her and growl again speaking softly "Vary funny" Dante then walked off heading up to his room where he would run a cold shower to cool himself off striping himself fully naked and stepping inside of it letting the cold water run down his entire body.

Anaya: Huntress stopped laughing as he came in, he never looked up so he had no idea she could watch the whole thing due to her viewing window, she watched as the viewing windows image changed to him in the shower as she moved her fingers “water to spider” she said as the spiders from the hall way and main hall areas vanished into the cracks in the floor mending the floor but they were about to cause another problem. When you had enough spiders you could handle things much larger then yourself worked the same way with a group of ants, and even more so when they were magically controlled spiders. The spiders underground broke one of the pipes to the water supply for the castle and then crawled inside the water for the cold shower very quickly turning to nothing but black spiders and water pouring out of the tap. Aswell as now the main water main under the castle was now broken. Huntress saw the whole thing and she could not stop giggling as she moved her hands closing the viewing window as she moved as if she was doing nothing and started folding her garments and putting them in the drawers for the shelving unit.

DanteBlackfire: As he was relaxing he felt the spiders come down on him instead of getting out he stood there starting to get more and more angry he clinched his hand into a fist a black flame appeared around his body he knew it would not hurt them but he did not care his anger was building more and more as he then stepped out shaking all of the spiders off of them then changes into no clothes he then breaks apart into hundreds of crows appearing outside where he choose to walk around and try to calm down

Anaya:In truth she was annoyed, she was being ignored witch was something she did not like. As she moved and took her one down a white lace outfit that hung form her body and hardly covered anything, she slipped it on and enjoyed how loss it was, nothing to clung to her figure she really did enjoy it and it felt nice to be in something that was a bit more herself. But the fact of the matter was she was still being ignored and there was a pain in her side making her rather grumpy, was that all demons did get mad and scoff off like did they even flipping talk about the problems or hell confront them. At least with spiders you did not have the problem of feelings getting in the way of work, you did your job and then had feelings after that was even if you had any, many of her kind were just workers, robots to the grind no feelings no human anything just work and order. She looked out a window as she moved her hands just about to call forth a swarm of spiders to go bug Dante more but she put her hands down “why should I care” she said to herself as she turned around and walked out of her room to the kitchen to get some food. She looked to a servant who gave her a dirty look she gave it back and moved to get her meat on a plater. 

DanteBlackfire: Dante choose to stroll in the village for a bit holding a small scroll in his hands he walked over to the talors shop as he walked in there was a man in there he spoke loud enough from the back room for Dante to hear "Oh lord Dante, welcome how can I help you?" Dante waited for the man to come to his counter before handing him the scroll "I need this symbol put on a new outfit" the man looked at it and opened his eyes widely "Are you sure Dante, I mean I'll make it but the others may not like it." Dante scoff as he spoke "Let them think what they want, but it's my choice charge the castle for it and have it done within the next few hours" the man nodded and walked off to begin working on it what the symbol was under that scroll only Dante and the tailor knew Dante would walk back into the castle as he then looked around seeing everything was back to normal he would sigh and walk up to the throne taking the cup of ale in his hand before it reached his lips he would stop himself and throw the cup far away not in the mood to drink right now, he slowly looked around for more of the spiders he now had a feeling that they were swarming all over the castle this frustrated Dante he spoke out loud to himself "That sneaky spider, thinking she can just put whatever she wants inside my castle" Dante growled but then sighed and calmed himself about maybe he had gone a little overboard with getting angry over just a small prank

Anaya: Huntress had hears like a fox, she could hear him but she payed no mind, yes she was a spider and she could put whatever the hell she wanted in the walls, what could he do ant it anyway, nothing. She walked with her platter as she stopped for a moment as her hand moved to her side and she cringed god that spot hurt so much, why did she had to be so stupid to go toe to toe with Azalea, but in the end it did save Dante’s life, but the same it got her removed from her home and the one place she knew her whole life. She let out a sigh as she striated herself and made her way over to a side table siting down and putting her platter of meats and fruits on the table. “Stupid pain, stupid castle” she wanted to go home, she still wanted to go home back to the place she knew the place she understood the place that did not ignore her, and a place that even if she did it service it was service she liked, she was able to hunt be free and still belong. She wanted her stone slab bed and her chamber drawers and the things she had that were more than likely given to Azalea for new toys. She let out a sigh as she grabbed some meat from her plate and then stood up walking to the large foot table and picking up another platter, if you are owned here might as well be owned and serve like other human slaves. She thought to herself as she put meat on the plate and some fruits and walked out to give it to dante.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked over at her as she was coming with a plate for him he would take it slowly and nodded to her "Thank you" Dante then walked to his throne starting to eat as he was eatting suddenly in his head he could hear his daughters voice he knew it was just in his head but still hearing her voice after what happen to her still drove him mad, he would place his hands on his head closing his eyes trying to block it out though it was hard hearing her laughs and her love for him was to much for him

Anaya: Huntress looked at him as she tilted her head “head pain? Voices? I can make it all stop if you want” she said as she looked at him as she stood there not taking a seat and just standing, she did not get to sit in a throne that was not her place and even if she did not like it she was going to follow it. “I can just make your head silent, if you want, most of the time it is an attack move but I guess an attack can be used more than just to cause ones target to be disorientated”
DanteBlackfire: "It's the only thing I have left of much as it pains me and as much as I try to block it out...It's still my daughter" He looked up at her and softly pet his lap wanting her to sit on him "Just...can you just comfort me?" He looks at her knowing she would probably refuse but he figured there was no harm in asking he looked at her still hearing her voice as he looked into the eyes of the huntress

Anaya: In truth she really was not the sentimental type but she knew this place was a place she had to get used to and she was to do as he asked he did own her after all. “alright, but brining yourself down about her is not going to bring her back and it is not what she would want, I would not want someone hurt over my death” she had lost children, thousands of children but spiders did not care about there young so she could not relate. Even the young she still had out there she did not know be them alive or dead she did not care or have any feeling to them. she moved and sat on his lap putting her arms around him as she blinked her big yellow eyes the sit kinda making her side hurt but it was only a shot of pain and nothing long lasting “like this?” she asked as she sat on his lap her legs crossed slightly as her white outfit fell to the side of them the large partly healed in hole in her leg clearly visible.

DanteBlackfire: Dante watched as she sat on his lap a little surprised that she did so he would wrap his arm around her being careful not to cause her any pain. Dante then slowly rested his head on her chest closing his eyes and sighing "I know... But it was my fault that she died...they were vampires...simple vampires killed a young demonic little girl right in front of me and I ran as fast as I could to get to her...but I was to slow, they cut off her head right in front of me and used my feelings to make their escape" he sighed again resting his cheek on her chest trying his best not to think of it

AradiaNemesis: - Aradia opened her eyes, coming out of the trance like state she used to replenish her strength. She stretched, moaning as her stiff muscles loosened and bones cracked loudly. She was still dressed in what she wore the night before, and was too lazy to apport more clothing to her. She slipped from the bed chamber she had been using, and began to wander the castle, unsure if Dante was even here, as he seemed to often be gone –

Anaya: As his head lay on her chest the oddest sounding heart beat rang in her breast dump long pause dump short pause dump short pause dump long pause. It was really odd like something was missing a beat skipped and then very long pauses and then inside it was like things were moving and gushing around, it sounded like a sand bag being flopped back and forth. She kept her hand around him and did the one human thing she thought of, she played with his hair with her claws to try to be more humanish to him even if she had no idea what she was doing even if it was right. She could feel movement she did not know within the castle, the spiders along the walls moving and creeping in and out of cracks but huntress ignored the trips the unknowing walker of the halls made to the thin silken strands that laced this castle. “no matter what happened the fault was there’s and not yours, it is not a parents fault with the loss of a child, she would not have blamed you for it, so you should not blame yourself” she said softly as she ran her claws in his hair

DanteBlackfire: he closed his eyes feeling her stroke his hair he would softly smile a bit feeling a little more relaxed as she sat there with him he also felt Aradia's presence close by he would smile softly as he leaned up and stroked her cheek speaking softly "Thank you"

AradiaNemesis: - As Aradia moved through the castle, she could sense dante and someone else in his main throne room. the other being seemed familiar to her, although she couldn’t place exactly what it was or why the energy it gave off was so familiar. She made her way into the throne room, stopping short as she saw the woman on Dante's lap - Am I interrupting?

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