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Dante and BlackFire Empire

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Anaya: As huntress saw the woman she got up as she gave a smile and moved off the sulking Dante’s lap, she hated it all the missing the feelings the pointless actions of remorse and morning. She gave a fake smile and told the woman yes as she got off Dante’s hand called over a guard and kind of rudely shooed the woman away. She turned around with that still fake smile “anything else you need Sir Dante” she said in a fakely sweet voice as she moved her hand to her side to hold her hurting rib cage. She was not enjoying the human skin and she needed to get out of it, but in doing so she would cause more unneeded pain and damage to her body but this sappy crap was getting to be a bit much “I am going to lay down if you don’t mind sir, it has been a lot today” she said as she should, use the word Sir, stupid word she had very little respect here and she was here not due to the fact she wanted to be. Huntress turned around before he could say anything and walked to the living room she now made bedroom, away from all the noise and in silence were she needed to be. But in the end she did not want it she wanted to ruin things have fun and be where she belonged home and out of this dreadful castle. Walking to the window she opened it stepping out into the evening air as she sat on the window ledge. She looked out at the sun going down it would be dark in no time, but she missed home and she moved her clawed fingers on her lap “I want to go home” she said to herself as she put her head in her hands and let out a sigh.

DanteBlackfire: Dante watched as the huntress walked away slowly he would frown a bit knowing the kind of pain she was in pain when she went into her room Dante would folow slowly beind standing at the door not peaking in but listening he would look down and sigh when she expressed her being homesick Dante had to speak with her he walked in slowly not wanting to be rude he spoke softly "I can understand that..." He said as he walked over leaning his back on the wall next to the window "You want to be with your miss doing what you use to much as our ways of life are far diffrent from eachothers if we would have met in our younger days I would say we are alot alike...I use to enjoy killing, even if I did it to people who hurt others I still enjoyed every bit of it...I remember hundreds that I've killed...ever face, some names too...back a long time ago I even killed my own brother for taking my mothers life" Dante sighed and stopped speaking looking down a bit. Dante had a feeling she did not care for what he had to say he felt like he would never gain her trust or her he was just a demon to either kill or fuck. Dante looked at her and sighed "But they were going to kill you, and you saved my life...I couldn't just sit there and allow you to die.. this probably would be the part where I say that I see good in you...but I'm more then likely wrong, theres no good in you what so ever, no heart, no soul...nothing. I tried my best to atleast make us repsect eachother and maybe even call eachother friends...but I was wrong for trying to force that onto you...I apologize even if you wont forgive me I'm still truely sorry." He walked off slowly not expecting a reply and if he got one it would more then likey express hate for him or somthing close to that he just thought he'd try

Anaya: She did not turn around or move from the window as he went to walk away but she did talk, there was no hate in her words just words. “When I was only a spiderling I was trained to kill every single demon I found, I have loved doing it every moment of it. I have spent the last six hundred years of my life doing what my queen has told me to do, lie, cheat, kill, rape, steal, mother father or child it never mattered and now I just feel there is a part of me missing, I am living, owned, by the enemy and now I don’t know where I belong, if I leave here and go back they will kill me, if I stay I have to grow to feel or fake it to fit in and there will always be this part that missed my hive, my bond” she let out a sigh and looked out the window looking up to the stars “before when I was there I could hear everything in my head, orders coming in orders going out, requests for things there was always a voice in my head a buffer to break the silence at times I did not even have to think about anything it all did the thinking for me, the hive mind was blissful but now, my head is silence and I can’t hear their voices anymore and the silence is killing me. I know one day you wish me as a friend, even as a mate and maybe one day you can teach me how to care a bit more. But I know my place right now, I am your slave Dante Blackfire. You are the new voice I serve but you talk in a different way than I do you have feelings for others and one day I will harm someone you care about and you will once again want me dead just like your brother has been kind of nice not to have him around in truth less wondering when he will kill more of my kind on the floor for sport” she moved her finger to trace the mark on her skin under her ribs “I would go back to the place I belong and have every bone in my body ripped out due to being useless, which I am, I can’t fight, I can’t even walk right or change into who I really am, I can’t let my legs out I can’t hunt, what is a huntress that cant hunt I might as well get a stupid name, I am no longer a huntress and I know that. I can’t take back what’s done is done, and now I am don’t know what to even do. I want to fight, I want to leave, I want to stay and then there is so much anger built up”

DanteBlackfire: Dante stopped himself after she started to speak he would look down a bit and speak softly "Then maybe we are more alike then what I thought...we both have a place which we wish we could go back your hive, me with my mother and my tribe..." Dante turned around and place his hands on her shoulders he expected her to just brush his hands off but he did not care he would try anyways. "I'm so sorry you lost what you thought the entire world of...but to me you'll always be the huntress...that will never change, you'll be back on your feet fighting again one day.. Because I believe in you.. I dont know if one day we'll be fighting each other or if we'll be standing side by side together" Dante rubbed her shoulders trying to relax her he then leaned in and softly kissed her forehead softly as her rested his cheek on the top of her head affection was meaningless to her but at least he would let her know that at least someone cared rather if she wanted it or not

Anaya: She did not move, did not push him off but at the same time did not return the affection but not pushing him away was something. “For the first time in my whole existence I feel utterly alone, I am a wolf without my pack, I am without my swarm and I walk among the things I was trained to destroy, every inch of my body screams at me to rip you in half and I have to fight myself to ignore the want. And for some reason you still touch me knowing full well one day I just may be your ending or the ending of anything you care about” for a moment there she thought about hoping off the window ledge and going outside but at the same time she did not want to her, her white silks were blowing out of the window as she sat there in wonder and thought. “Your understanding of loss is not the same as mine, I feel like I have lost a part of my body, a physical loss of body part of spirit not just loss of another human being, friend or family” she turned as her bright yellow eyes looked into his “the silence in my head is defining to the point it has crippled me ”

ScarIetRayne: Scarlet never understood why any village she walked through or people she passed on the street would scream and screech. She never understood why her skin was paler then the normal 5 year old she would see playing in the school yards of some villages or why her eyes every time she looked at a puddle was pale red. And today was nothing new. She clung to the small black teddy bear with a missing ear and a eye hanging only by a thread as her white dress with stains of grass and mud clung to her tinny form. Her blue hair was noted and tangled with twigs and leafs. And yet every time she walked pasted a puddle in the woods or a small pond the child would star in amazement as the water seemed to call the child but every time she would reach to stick her fingers along the surface something would either stop her or scar her. So she would continue on her way of wondering around, her bare feet would be scrapped up and covered in fresh and dry mud as her skin that was not covered up by the dress would be covered in scars, some would be new and some would be old and the ones that where deep enough would occasionally bleed. As she would move slowly and soundless through the woods she would come upon a village with a building that seemed to be bigger then the rest sitting atop a hill in the background. And as normal she would either hear the screams of the villagers or feel the broom as they swatted at her. Tears weld up in the childs eye as she listened to the hated words of everyone around her. and Yet for some reason she continued to walk forward and continued to attempt to interact with any child that seemed to be her age before the parents or the grandparents or the teachers would shoo her away and scoop the children up. She would soon be standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead up towards the Castle as she stared at the steps then at the castle door. Her nose would twitch slightly as she smelled a scent that she never smelled before. Slowly she would begin to move up the steeps on by one before long she was standing in front of a door that seemed to never end, the child wouldn't notice the two guards right away until one of them went to move towards the child with a outstretched hand that lead the child to scream and stumble backwards causing yet another mark this one being a gash on her left arm that would slowly start to bleed.

DanteBlackfire: Dante kept his arms wrapped around her and then place his hands on her cheeks tilting her head up to look at him he tried smile but it was a little hard "You're right, our pain is diffrent, but we both know what pain feels like. We both are suffering in our own way" He would softly lean down and kiss her forehead and smirked just a bit "Would you like me to give you some privecy?" He tilted his head to her frowning a bit but he would respect it if she wished to be alone he thought that if he left she would jump out the window and go somewhere to be alone most likely but he would not do anything about it either way. she was depressed and he could understand why and would release her from his grasp slowly as he still looked down at her into her yellow eyes with his bright red demonic eyes.

Anaya: She looked up at him “you have a guest you should see to, there was a scream at the door, a child I would think” her voice was very monotone as she got up and picked a dress of the sofa that was less showing, she put it on letting the other one drop to the floor not caring if he saw her in the least. She put it on and wiggled her neck into it as she walked to the door and opened it shoving whatever feelings she did have and emptiness she did have down as she bowed her head “my good Sir to your guest” she said as her yellow eyes looked to the floor, had to learn place sometime or another and in truth it was utterly a sad moment, she was broken, so broken to the point recovering was out of the question. She gave a smile even if it was forced and moved her hair from her chest so he could see whatever he wanted, slaves had to give what their owners wanted right, She was trying her best to fit into this new place even if inside she hated it. “I will bring you some food and tea from the dining hall, Sir Dante Blackfire” it was like the words themselves burnt holes into her body and heart, the words calling someone sir or master or even bowing to someone she would always view as less or just an enemy. It was being behind enemy lines and not able to go back as now both sides were enemies. “and Dante it would be wise to up the guard force, I still expect Azalea to come in this coming week to finish what she started, my kind does not leave work half done. ”

ScarIetRayne: Scarlet would back away from the guard that had a out stretched hand, her hands scrapping against the concert ground as her white dress would tear ever so slightly more. Her eyes would widen ever so more as she would find a small tree trunk to hid inside. slipping into the open space of the trunk she would cling to the bare as she ran her hand down the bares head whispering to herself "Its okay Bur its okay no get you" though she spoke the words to the bear she really was saying it for her own self as she would peek back outside of the whole in the tree trunk. She could notice slightly more motion around the front of the building as she buried her head against her knees rocking slightly back and forth

DanteBlackfire: Before she left he would walk up to her and grab her arm sotly leaning in he whispered into her ear "If she is coming then I need your help...please meet me in my chambers when I'm done with the guest" He pretended like it was nothing important as for eyes were on them right now he would act natrul with her as he always did and just leaned in placing a soft but long kiss on her lips and then walked off for the door as he walked out he looked to the guards speaking softly "What the hell is going on?" The guards stood stright in attention one speaking out loud "Sir, there was a child just now but she ran over to a tree hiding behind it" Dante would sigh and nod "Alright...head over to the captain and tell him I need to double the guards patrol and numbers for the next couple of weeks, we expect an unwelcomed visitor sometime soon" The guards saluted and ran off as Dante went over to the tree where the little girl was he would kneel just a bit of a distance from it and speak softly "It's alright..I'm not going to hurt you...come on out child" Dante smiled softly as he stayed kneeled and held his hand out for her

Anaya: Huntress kissed him back but then put her eyes back to the floor “will do Sir” she said softly as she wondered to herself if when they were in the chamber room if they would do more of the sexual relations things she did not fully understand was needed so much, she wondered if she needed to dress better for this. But in the end she knew if it did happen her gown would end up on the floor so she guessed it would not matter. She shut the door as he went out and moved to walk from the living room were her bed chamber was over to the dining room were food was always out. She looked to a cook that gave her that look of disgust as she felt the need to do something, already angered and upset she moved her fingers down under the table as the spiders on the wall smothered the cook biting and turning him to nothing but mush on the floor. Served him right for looking at her she muttered to herself as the spiders crawled off and went back into the walls of the castle were they belonged. She picked up the plate and piled it high with meat and fruits like always and picked up a horn that has ale in it and made her way to the main hall to wait for Dante. She put the platter on the arm rest of his throne and the horn on the side table in a small hole so it would not fall over. Moving and looking around she had no idea were to sit to wait so she sat on the floor her hand holding her side as she looked at the damaged skin, it looked like a chunk was missing like something had just ripped out the area and it was trying to heal its self over, it was doing a bad job and this would leave a nasty scar. The first real mark on her flawless figure, she let out a sigh and thought it would be a story for later.

ScarIetRayne: Scarlet leaned her head enough just to peek out to stare at the male that seemed to be standing in front of the where she was hiding. her fingers would tighten around the teddy bear as she stared at the males hand for some time before slowly sliding from the tree trunk as she would place her smaller hand in the males larger hand staring at the size for a few minutes before she clung to the teddy bear with her other hand. moving to stand up she would look down to the ground as she stayed silent

DanteBlackfire: Dante smiled when she placed her hand on his he would slowly reach her hand up to his lips kissing it softly he then took her into his arms and lifted her looking at her as he spoke "What is your name sweety? And where are your parents?" Dante looked at her seeing alot of scars and bruses on her, her dress was covered in mud as he held onto her he would frown feeling worried for the child, was her parents abusive? Was she a slave? Did she escape some sort of bandit prsion? Many questions rang in the head of the demon as he slowly turned around and started to walk them towards the castle Dante would look to the throne room and see that the huntress was sitting on the floor as he walked there he would speak out calmly to her "You could have sat on the throne you know?" Dante chuckled a bit as he sat himself on the throne and placed the little girl ontop of his lap

Anaya: It was a kid, she did not like kids, it smelled bad, stupid undead kid, she looked up at Dante and the kid and faked a smile as she stayed on the floor “no I am fine here, the floor is fitting Sir Dante” she stayed on the floor most of the time a slave would rise to their owner but she stayed siting, she was a bad slave as is and it hurt to get up so siting was going to be where she would stay “I brought you food and ale. And who be the child” there was a large part of her that wanted to bark on how he should have left it outside but she kept her mouth shut.

ScarIetRayne: The minute scarlet was picked up by the male she would thrash letting out a ear piercing scream before burying her face against the males chest. Some unknown part was nagging at her to run while another was telling her she was safe. As mixed filling weld up around her tears would slowly run down her cheeks as she whispered "Scarlet, And Bur" she would sniffle slightly being placed on the males lap as she stared at a unknown female before burying her face once more into the males chest "No parents, Middle of woods"

DanteBlackfire: Dante rubbed her hair slowly before he looked down and spoke softly "You too huh? I know how that is my dear believe me" Dante saw the look on the huntress's face even if he saw a smile he could tell the real emotions going through her mind he just knew her that well. Dante would shake his head looking at her telling her to calm herself and that everything is fine, she is just a child and she will not harm anyone Dante looked back at the little girl and spoke softly "Well we can't just have you roaming the streets all about we have someone find a room for you untill we can figure out what to do ok?" He looked at her and smiles softly playfully he poked her nose trying to atleast just get a small smile from her face.

ScarIetRayne: Scarlet would wrinkle her nose as a small giggle escaped her lips before pawing at his hand slightly before she nodded her head towards him comment as she looked down at the teddy bear she held in her hand for a moment before looking back up to him "Bur need room too" She would hold the bear up towards the male as the button eye that was hanging on by a thread would finally fall off.

DanteBlackfire: "Bur is more then welcomed to sleep with you my dear" He smiled to her as he would playfully poke the bear's nose as well he would sit ther calmly as he spoke "One of my servents is going to take you and Bur to your room...she is the nicest person you will ever meet and cares for all kinds of people, even people like you my dear...she will be your care taker untill we can figure out what to do" The woman walked up slowly and smiled as she bowed to them speaking softly "Hello little one, my name is Saphire...Shall we go to your room and get you cleaned up?" She smiled to her as she held her hand out for her. Dante would look at her and nod whispering in her ear "She really loves to play pretend too, trust me hun, you'll like her" Dante set her to stand on the ground for her to go with Saphire

ScarIetRayne: Scarlet would stare at the girl named Saphire for a few minutes before she would shake her head, some of the leafs and twigs that would be tangled in the childs hair would go flying acrossed the room before she would wrap her fingers around the males jeans as she moved to hid slightly behind the seat that he sat behind.

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire : Dane smiled as he stroked her hair "Go on hun, I'll be seeing you soon for dinner tonight" He pet her head one more time and then scotted closer to Saphire hoping that this time she will go with her, she was right now a mess and she could really do for a bath and a new pair of clothes which was easy for them to get Dante would look down at her and smile softly to her and hoped that she could trust him and the people inside of this castle

Anaya: Huntress looked at the girl and stood up, she did not like children at all and even more so not little demon whatever ones, her bright yellow silted eyes looked at the girl with the feel of I don’t like you just cus you exist. She looked at Dante as the girl was to leave to get cleaned up with the servant “would you like me to go into your chambers now Dante? So we can talk?” she did not know if it was really about talking you would think just talking could be handled in a study or something.

ScarIetRayne: A small whimper escaped her lips before she looked back up towards the male before finally moving to next to Saphire. She would turn to look back towards the male and the unknown female before looking down to the floor as she would slowly follow the lady named Saphire. Though at the mention of food her stomach would growl though right before she would move to follow the servant Scarlet would tur to look towards the unknown women one more time before she jumped noticing her glare as another small whimper escaped her lips before she stared at the floor.

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire : Dante looked over at the huntress and rubbed her cheek softly nodding to her "Yes, go ahead and head up there...I'll be joining you shortly" Dante would stand up and head towards the study room for a momment he needed to collect himself for a momment and just try to figure out what to say or what to do once he got up in the room, he needed to know how to stop the spiderkin who hurt the huntress if she came here Dante ofcourse would not be stupid enough to go after them after he found this information just because he would learn how to kill them does not mean he was willing to lose his life and risk his peoples safety but he knew that if he had to kill her then the spider queen may void their deal together however Dante was not just going to sit by and let this person kill the people that were close to him even if it ment the risk of having to go to a war they possibly could not win, but if Dante had this information he would be able to stand a chance with them atleast even if their numbers were high plus Dante had his brother as well who would help in the drop of a hat. When Dante finally collected himself he would head out of the study heading for his chambers the huntress was more then likely already inside.

Anaya: Walking up the steps as she went on her way she thought on what they would talk about, surely it was about the fact azalea would be here at any point to finish her work. And now with a child in the building oh god she hoped it would not stick around. She walked into the chamber room and looked around, ugg it smelled of sweat and male, gross she thought to herself as she moved grabbed a chair and sat down and waited. As Dante walked in she nodded her head “so what is it we are to talk about” she said in that cold harsh voice she always had, getting right to the point was what she was good at. “And you do want to talk right? Or should I take my clothing off now or later” she gave a half assed smiled as she sat in her chair.

ScarIetRayneScarIetRayne : Once the bath was ready and Scarlet was sitting inside the bathtub she would look around. Her teddy bear was sitting on the corner of the sink along with a black long sleeve shirt and some pants that seemed to fit a girl of her age. As she would splash in the tub slightly small bubbles of water would begin to float around the room as a small giggle escaped her lips slightly more. Water always seemed to ease the childs mind so even if she didn't understand the powers she had she always enjoyed the shapes she would someone be able to make. as she watched a few of the water bubbles pop in mid air before the drops they mad would form into new smaller bubbles.

DanteBlackfireDanteBlackfire : As Dante walked inside he would notice her sitting on a chair he would tilt his head to her as she got right to the point... he managed to respect that, someone who did not like to mess around and just got right to it Dante would chuckle a bit as he said in a jest though he did not know if she would take it seriously "Now if you prefer" He grins to her as he then walks over sitting on the edge of his bed looking over at her he remained silent for a couple momments he wanted to know how to ask about it... he doubt she would tell him right away but she always said that she served him now and he may have to be selfish and use that to make her tell him he needed to know what to do to stop her

ScarIetRayne: After Scarlet was bathed and in clean clothing's she would lean her head as she listened to the servant Saphire ask her to stay put and even though she shut the door behind her Scarlet was never one to stay in one place for too long so grabbing her teddy bear with her hair dripping wet down her back causing the already black shirt to slightly go darker black she would drag the teddy bear on the ground as she climbed itno bed to drift to sleep .

Anaya: She looked at Dante as she moved her fingers to take her arm out of her shoulder “it is up to you not me, but I am sure whatever we will talk about will matter very little if I allow my gown to drop to the floor” she looked at him with a grin, maybe it was a good thing to change the topic of whatever he wanted to talk about, but then again she did not know what it was to be so she paused and looked at him for his want or not want of her removing her garments.

DanteBlackfire: Dante looked down for a second thinking alot to himself he would then let out a smile as he looked at her he wiggled his finger at her for her to come to him leaning back on the bed slowly so that she can sit ontop of him he figured it could wait for another time he was more worried about trying to build something with her instead of worrying about weaknesses to the enemy, they were not here yet and hopefully won’t be for a while so Dante choose to make it the lease of his worries instead he would focus on the here and now

Anaya: She did as he told her to and walked over to the bed and moved to get onto his lap her legs straddling him as her bright yellow eyes looked at him “so I am guessing this is the take your clothing off huntress moment right?” she looked at him and tilted her head how could one demon think of almost nothing else. But at the same time she guessed it kept her mind off things and she did not complain about it, the pain in her side was not to to bad and things were healing as the days went on so it was not a giant deal to have some play time in it all even if she did nto understand the full concept of this sex thing for enjoyment as of yet.

DanteBlackfire: He would nod to her and smile as he leaned up and deeply kissed her hips his tounge wanted to dance with hers as he grinned to her his hands grabbed onto her rear closing his eyes as his lips played with hers his hands squeezed her rear feeling lust build inside of him as the time went by slowly he started to reach for his coat and shirt pulling them off slowly untill just his bare chest was there he broke the kiss and stared deeply into her eyes his red demon eyes gave a soft glow as he sat there waiting to see what she would do

~~~~~Sex Happened with Dante and Huntress for the next 3 hours~~~~~

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DanteBlackFire: It was morning and Dante had a vary long night with the huntress he was still undressed laying on his bed, as he woke up he slowly sat up feeling sore and tired he raised his hands up letting out a yawn he looked out to the window where it was raining out so there would not be much activity outside in the village this may actually be a good thing for it would take away some of the things he had to complete on his list to do today, He looked over to see the huntress who was probably up all night Dante groaned a bit as he smirked to her speaking softly "As rough as always now aren't you?" He chuckled then stood up from the bed starting to dress himself looking around for his sword but seemed to have misplaced it covering his face in his hand and started to shake his head he then managed to see it next to the bed and placed it on his back his dark energy held the blade on his back so that he wouldn't need a sheath he left his coat wide open exposing his chest refusing to put on an undershirt then returned his attention to the huntress "So what all do you have planned for the day?"

Anaya: Huntress had already dressed the tight fitting black gown she had on shimmered in the light glinting off the falling rain drops. Fine clawed fingers pulled bits of spider’s silk in them as she weaved them together looking out the window. “the plans for the day, they are unknown sir Dante Blackfire, there was word that the farmers were to come this morning but the rain will halt their progression as well as the farming and crop harvest will also fall the same fate and yield may not be as large as it once was. It would be advised to start seeking trade agreement with places to the south so that even in times of little harvest you will not have your people starve” words as always cold and harsh as the window clicked from the taping winds and she lashed the latch to its base to keep it silent. Small spiders crawled up on herm resting into the black of the dress unseen by anyone. Her yellow eyes centers turned and spun with thoughts of home, thoughts of going back home but she ignored them like always and kept the cold collected shadowed appeal most knew her for. She looked back to Dante as her yellow eyes held still and she looked at him dressing himself, how he hung how his body held its self how he was everything she never wanted or thought she would be bedding and keeping alive. “the spiders will come in this week, give it three move moons Dante Blackfire and the spiders will come here, to go over matters, and it will not be the queen that will lead the force. She never leaves the nest for any matter, let alone a owner of building or demon” she turned out to look over the window once more “you should have the guards dig a pit around the castle and fill it with oil, simple oils, black tar. If the spiders wish a revolt and come with harmful intent it will be enough to scare them away, but not kill them and anger the queen”

DanteBlackfire:  Dante listened to her and nodded in agreement "I agree, but we need to make sure to do it soon, as for the trade agreement I don’t know if that's a good idea, the spider queen will learn about it and then will go after them as well, I could not live with myself knowing that I put other places in her path as well...However if you think it's best then I will send someone to speak with a village or castle from the south" He placed his hand on his shoulder stretching himself, speaking softly to her "And what if it came to where I would have no choice but to kill them, what do I do then?" He knew she would probably avoid an answer or just tell him she would not give him any weakness about her own kind, even if she was cast out from them she still seemed loyal to them, and he could not blame her... a lot of his loyalty was still with his tribe even if they have all been killed Dante still cared about them and the ways they lived. Dante walked over standing next to her waiting for her answer.

Anaya: She kept looking out the window as he talked and she admired the falling rain, such a simple thing to just fall to the ground were you became something a part of a mass much larger then yourself. It made the spider smile as she thought of the fact how it was exactly the same as home. So simple so the same so loud and everyone thinking at the same time messages flashing in the hive mind she learned to love. It was like she was never really alone, but now it was just silence her own raindrop had fallen on a rock and was unable to get to the earth were it craved sweet salvation. He mentioned if he had to kill them, had to kill her kind and her smile faded as she looked out the window “if it comes to that I will do what is needed to be done till I die in the filed with the rest of my kin. Till then just use flames from touch light, anything from your own making, your black fire anything will only anger them and scare them, demons attacks do no damage on animals soul made to destroy demons” she turned and looked at him yellow eyes dark with thought “is there anymore you wish to know, I have made the choice to not bother about keeping it from you, there is no point and regardless if you don’t find out from my mouth you will find out from my actions when the time comes. So ask and I will tell you anything you wish to find out”

DanteBlackfire: Dante smiled a bit was happy that she was willing to help him, he then walked over leaning his hands on the window as he looked out speaking softly "You said that my demon attacks won't work, but there has to be a way that I can stand against them and take them down if need be, I am not going to go to war with them if it can be avoided by me and my men need to know any weakness they may have that can kill them if it is required" He looked over to her taking his hands off the window and stared at her up and down "You cannot stand to them alone, if you try to you will die and I will not allow you to die, no matter what you say it will not change my mind, I care for you even if you don’t care for me" He looks at her attempting to show her how serious he was about her even if she did not feel the same way for him he wanted her to be safe.

Anaya: “You have wanted me dead since we met long ago in the town were I killed the boy, you may not have known it was me then but I killed the boy you wanted to save. I am not your new child you want to save, and if you don’t allow me to fight for you and do what I need to they will swarm over this castle take the land and chain you in the catacombs so you can be breed and killed” she did not take her eyes off the window but her voice was as serious sounding as it could be. “as you know Dante Blackfire my kind is made to destroy yours, so your own attacks and ability’s have bin hardwired into our bodies so we take no or very little damage. This is something we have bin made to do, as my kind was not born we were created. Demonic ability’s like your black fire or even that scull you can conjure will do no or very little damage to our hard shells so you the ruler will have no option but to really on others. Or think outside of the shallow box. You worry about others dyeing for you, there blood on your hands, that is the largest deterrent the spider queen can use. You have no choice but to utilize family and other beings to work for you to even make a dent in there forces. Touch fire, oil, and other flames that you have not created will do the most damage, but if you create it all it will ever do is anger them and prevent the swarm but not kill it” she turned and looked at him “all the black fire and scull you have will not kill me, same with your arrows, you can shoot them over and over and I will just dissolve and kill you. If you want to kill them, learn how to kill me, and stop being a demon. If you want to kill the spiders you must learn how to think like one” her cold yellow eyes looked into him, no feeling no emotion nothing in them they just looked outright dead.

DanteBlackfire: He looked at her then looked down not knowing what to say. He placed his hand on his chest squeezing it as he felt useless. he looked out of the window and spoke softly "If there is nothing that I can do...then everyone here will die" Dante's body broke apart into hundreds of crows flying away deep into the forest far away from the castle where he could be alone, when he got to where he needed to go he was at the grave sight of his mother and father he kneeled down in front of the graves closing his eyes as he needed to be alone to think.

Anaya: “then you have no faith in your own people, when you have no faith everything and everyone will die” Huntress watched him go, ya he always did that when things got hard, run away little demon boy run away to the woods or to the secret cabin with your stupid ill-gotten brother.  She just shock her head side to side and walked away from the window walking down to the training room as she new it was kinda the only room that could handle a punch from a giant spider. “why in the fuck am I even here, why don’t I just ditch this stupid place and go home. Why can’t anyone here stop being so fucking selfish and learn to count on one another, to kill a team you must be a team, you cant do shit alone you stupid fucking demon worthless lot” taking her hands the spiders sprayed from her fingers as they enveloped a punching bag and within second the acid like toxins turned it to nothing but a puddle of goo upon the floor. “she is going to show up in a week and I am going to be killed by my own kind along side the fucking demons I am made to destroy.” Rage was building as yellow eyes were spinning in their centers as her mind calculated everything around her the walls were moving as the spiders within them moved from the cracks turning the gray stone to a shade of ominous black creeping forth covering the floor as her hands and claws dug into her own head. The silence in her mind was killing her, an emptiness that just made her feel so alone even if the castle was buzzing with people it was not the same, the hive mind was gone and she could really feel it. The black spiders covered her body and the woman changed her body snapping, loud screaming echoing in the castle walls as the woman that once looked beautiful and fair had changed into a crab like giant spider larger then two plow horses.  A massive claw crashed down on a work out table as she smashed it in a fit or rage melted with sadness and loneliness, a breaking heart within a body that was made never to feel at all. She turned and 8 eyes looked around, stone walls and rooms, a butler standing at the door frozen in shock as it looked at her ugliness, the fear in his eyes pleased her as she grabbed him with a claw faster then he could even react. The giant claw crushed the body and severed it in two as the lumps of flesh fell to the floor and she slammed her claw end into it mashing the body into the tiles over killing the already dead two-part corpse.  Her other legs slammed on the floor thumping as she rotated her body, she could not move here the rooms were to small she could not get out a door, did not want to smash a wall she could not get out she was a giant spider trapped in a jar for stupid kids to poke at till it died in a heap at the bottom. She turned around rotating her legs back and forth like a broken cog turning back and forth trying to figure things out and in a fit of rage she slammed all her feet into the ground breaking the floor and falling down on her stomach the rip in her side cracking up her shell and breaking her carapace with a big crack. It hurt but she did not move as the eyes of the monster, yellow stabbing eyes just looked at the floor like a squashed spider her legs out stretched just wanting to die, but she wanted to stay as herself, why did it matter if she was hurt, why did it matter that she was bleeding black tar, not like anyone would understand her.

DanteBlackfire: Dante's eyes opened widely as he felt the death of his butler he grabbed a peace of wood and some sticks spining the sitck on the wood to creat a torch though it would be harder to do so in the rain Dante hid himself under a tree giving him more cover from the rain when it finally set on fire Dante blew on it to spread the flame on the stick creating a torch as he then vanished re appearing where the huntress was in the castle holding the torch out anger started to build in him as the curse spoke in his mind "Yes...let all of that anger our and release me, give yourself to all of that hate inside of you, it is the only way you will ever stand a chance with the spider queen" Dante stood there looking at her and growled as he held the torch out at her.

Anaya: Huntress laid on the floor her legs out at the sides as her eyes looked at him, she towered over him her hulking 2 to 3 tone body laying there as her mandibles moved crunching down the butler’s upper half as she was enjoying it.

she stared at him as her small inner mouth part hands pushed the dead body into her other mandibles eating and ripping it apart as well as causing body juices to plaster the broken floor, that small would never get out of this floor now that it was not only on it but in it.  Food was helping her heal that crack in her abaman section carapass as she lay there looking at him. “почему не могу вам просто уйти , почему не могу yoiu просто оставить меня здесь, чтобы умереть и истечь кровью , вы приходите на меня с огнем , как я сказал вам , но в конце концов вы не chould заколоть меня так почему вы даже atempt его , вы глупы демон, который эгоистичен и не могу работать с кем , кроме себя вы пытаетесь ходить в одиночку мир и не могу работать в команде блок . Вы так же глупо , как они приходят .” she did not expect him to even understand her abyssal tongue but how the words came out in her deep beast rasp it could be told by just how it was said it was a rather large insult.  The body spat from her mouth and she looked around the black walls of the room were no longer stone but spiders that would react to Dantes actions, if she had to fight him and he kept persisting she would but right now she was a lump and did not care about his pitiful threat show.  

(OOC translation of her words = “why can’t you just go away, why cant you just leave me here to die and bleed out, you come at me with fire like i told you to but in the end you could not stab me with it so why do you even attempt it, you are foolish demon that is selfish and cant work with anyone but yourself you try to walk the world alone and cant work in a team a unit. you are as stupid as they come.”)

DanteBlackfire: Dante tilted his head not understanding a single word that she said but he didn't care, she had just killed someone close to him and would growl every bit of him wanted to kill her now but he wouldn't he would shake the torch the flames vanished Dante dropped the peace of wood on the floor and looked at the dead body that would now burst in a black flame eating it away until it was gone Dante then sighed as he then walked away into the throne room he sat himself in the throne room a couple guards would be there waiting as one of them spoke "Umm...Lord Dante, your orders?" Dante sighed placing his hand on his head speaking quietly "The rain will be clearing soon, when it does start digging a hole around the castle and fill it with tar, send an elder to the south to talk trade with any other villages or kingdoms" The guards nodded and ran off to start working Dante, however, sat there quietly

Anaya: She new he would not do anything he was far too soft and when the time came she also new that he would be the fool he was now and not work as a unit as a team to take down his enemy’s. the eyes of the spider closed and she finished eating the chunk of body she had in her mouth, that gate that links her and Dante had mentally opened as Huntress flooded Dante’s mind with the images of the to come future, thousands of giant spider’s worms and locusts crawling over the castle in swarms of bug-like solders with towering hulking beasts walking behind them crushing any sort of large cavalry they had. This was the first image Dante would see of what was to come.  Huntresses voice rang as the image kept flowing “you think she really cares about anything, this world I show you was the last planet we crushed down, we are not from your world we move from world to world crushing and gaining as much as we can. We bring ruin everywhere we go, if you can’t even hold that flame to me, how are you going to be able to stop them”

DanteBlackfire:  Dante growled as she showed her these images as he looked at them he did not really care what she had to say to him he then ignored her returning to what he was doing he looked everywhere as he then picked up an apple he then slowly spoke in his mind so she could hear "Because you are not my enemy" Dante sat there quietly dropping the apple allowing for it to roll on the floor he sighed as he thought to himself as he wanted to save his people working as a team with them would not work they are humans, weak humans who can barley hold a sword, how are they able to stop a pack of powerful spider demon killers

Anaya: The apple as it rolled along the floor soon became covered with black spiders as they bit into the apple and it melted as if it was dropped in a pot of acid. Nothing but goo was left as the spiders exited and went back under the floor tiles and wall cracks. “could I ever truly be your friend? Could a cat ever truly be the friend of its pray?” as her voice rang in his mind her body in the other room started to move, the massive hulking spider had stood up and with its front claws it had smashed a wall and exited into the rain. “the world in your eyes is black and white but can you truly understand a spider’s gaze” as she walked she in Dantes mind made it so he no longer could see with his vision but with hers. The view as she walked outside she towered over most trees as she looked down her claws smashing into the ground and her vision was as far from human vision as it could get. The world was in a blue haze and everything living glowed with life, and then her mind placed the thoughts into her eyes as if she was simply a futuristic computer screen, blood pressure, heat beat, aura, weak spots all highlighted on the animal’s body. She spotted a deer as she paused her mind going ballistic so he could take the time to understand how her kind worked. “weak points, legs, hips, spine, heart beat rising, ears strong wind east, sent not picked up, animal is foraging, proceed with caution slowly no sound, best way to proceed ambush, venom not needed” it was like her open voice was reading out the statistics of the animal before her. The hulking spider did not need to move overly fast as she did not move her main body but only moved a side claw out to stab into the hind hip area of the deer brining it down in a single hit. The whole time Dante was able to watch, was forced to watch as she gruesomely dragged the animal to her caws and started eating slowly resting her body upon the ground to relax helping herself heal.

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DanteBlackfire: Dante growled as she showed her these images as he looked at them he did not really care what she had to say to him he then ignored her returning to what he was doing he looked everywhere as he then picked up an apple he then slowly spoke in his mind so she could hear "Because you are not my enemy" Dante sat there quietly dropping the apple allowing for it to roll on the floor he sighed as he thought to himself as he wanted to save his people working as a team with them would not work they are humans, weak humans who can barely hold a sword, how are they able to stop a pack of powerful spider demon killers

Anaya: The apple as it rolled along the floor soon became covered with black spiders as they bit into the apple and it melted as if it was dropped in a pot of acid. Nothing but goo was left as the spiders exited and went back under the floor tiles and wall cracks. “could I ever truly be your friend? Could a cat ever truly be the friend of its pray?” as her voice rang in his mind her body in the other room started to move, the massive hulking spider had stood up and with its front claws it had smashed a wall and exited into the rain. “the world in your eyes is black and white but can you truly understand a spider’s gaze” as she walked she in Dantes mind made it so he no longer could see with his vision but with hers. The view as she walked outside she towered over most trees as she looked down her claws smashing into the ground and her vision were as far from human vision as it could get. The world was in a blue haze and everything living glowed with life, and then her mind placed the thoughts into her eyes as if she was simply a futuristic computer screen, blood pressure, heart beat, aura, weak spots all highlighted on the animal’s body. She spotted a deer as she paused her mind going ballistic so he could take the time to understand how her kind worked. “weak points, legs, hips, spine, heart beat rising, ears strong wind east, sent not picked up, animal is foraging, proceed with caution slowly no sound, best way to proceed ambush, venom not needed” it was like her open voice was reading out the statistics of the animal before her. The hulking spider did not need to move overly fast as she did not move her main body but only moved aside claw out to stab into the hind hip area of the deer bringing it down in a single hit. The whole time Dante was able to watch, was forced to watch as she gruesomely dragged the animal to her claws and started eating slowly resting her body on the ground to relax helping herself heal.

DanteBlackfire: Dante watched with disgust as she ate the anime he turned his head trying to block it out with every bit of him he spoke in his mind "So that's it then...I mean nothing at all to you, I'm just your enemy is that it? All of the times that we spent together I still wasn't able to change you or how you felt for me huh?" He looked down and sighed as he whispered "Well you wouldn't have been the first" Dante thought of Pandora his mind went right to her wondering where she could be and what she was doing now

Anaya: “you don’t get it do you, you don’t get it at all, stop thinking about your feeble heart and think about what they will do to you, I am not talking my feelings for you, my feelings for anything, I am showing you how to fucking win!” an arm lashed out as the deer body went flying and smashed a tree in half as her anger was clear in her own vision she was still forcing him to see. “your stupid little late relations mean nothing you need to be strong or you are going to die. You can be strong and fight or you can roll over and let her own you forever” the vision was flickering as she was to angry to hold onto it images of her own hate her own anger flashing in her eyes. “you are the same as every other demon” and with that the vision snapped and she shifted out of herself and back into the white haired nude yellowed eyed woman others saw, she just stood there in the woods looking out as she let out a sigh. She was going to die here, she was going to die here because he was closed minded and stupid.

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BlackskullCrow: Dante looked out and sighed as he then vanished from sight reappearing behind her slowly he would pull off his coat and wrapped it around her hiding her naked body as he looked over and spoke "Trust me…if I was like every other demon, none of the people inside of my village or castle would be alive right now…all demons care about is death and blood…I care for my people and my friends, and you." Dante placed his hands on her shoulders as he then spoke "Come…let's go home" He waited for her to start walking he didn't care if she was pissed off at him he was not going to allow her to stay out here in the rain.

Huntress let out a sigh as she looked on into the trees as he formed behind her and she did not even turn around “they are all the same, so many try to act so human, so not like themselves they put up this fake show of what is a lie and what is not real. This world is made of liars and fakes and demons are no different. At least I don’t lie about the fact I want everyone of you to melt” he put his coat on her shoulders as he said to go home, and she turned around but looked back out to the trees, home, ya she wanted to go home but they were going the wrong way. She wanted to break down to lash out to split him in half but what was the point. Kill him and have the forest and nothing more, she cared very little for kindness and sentiment and in her life it did not matter. “ya…home” she said as she turned back around and started to walk to the castle her white hair overtop of his coat.

BlackskullCrow: As they started to make their way to the castle at the entrance the men were already starting to dig around the castle moving out of the way so that they can get in, Dante looked at her and frowned with concern as he looked to he took his hand and rubbed her cheek softly he wanted to cheer her up and open her up more to the place but he did not know how, she completely hated his guts and wanted nothing more then to just kill him and go back home. He looked around as people retreated inside watching them pass one of them speaking out softly but loud enough for him to hear "Is the king really falling for that spider? If you ask me Lord Dante is insane to even let her live" Dante growled ignoring her as he reached and took her hand in his continuing back to the castle speaking softly "Just ignore's not worth it"
“you know they have a point, killing me would have bin a simple choice, and at this point I don’t even know if I would fight you back” she made her way with him to the sort of sofa room she still had made into a nest of sorts making pillows into a bit more of a privet bed chamber away from all the noise from everything, most of all the noise of the people in this castle, all there talking all the time, it got annoying fast for her. “so I guess what is the plan for the rest of the day? It is only past noon and we have nothing done I thought castles were more then fighting and gossip driven maids and servants” walking to the wardrobe she let his coat fall to the floor her nudity there for him to enjoy as she did not really care about it at all. Flipping gowns in the closet that the maid had put there she tried to find one she liked.

BlackskullCrow: Dante walked inside standing in the same room as her he watched as his coat dropped off of her his eyes gazed up and down at her it was like she always enjoyed teasing him with her body like she was his complete weakness. Dante walked up to her standing behind her as he wrapped his arms around her curves pulling her to lean back on him as he pressed his lips on the side of her neck then hugging onto her holding her close to him as he whispered "I'm sorry.... you were right, I'll listen to you from now on I swear" Dante kissed onto her neck once more trying to reassure her

“no I am nothing but a servant to you, you don’t have to listen to a word I say” she said softly as she grabbed one of the black gowns from the closet and held it up as she turned around to face him her hair falling in her face her bright yellow orb like depths looking into his own eyes. “what do you think about this one” she said trying to sound happier then she new her eyes gave away.

BlackskullCrow: Dante looked at her as she turned around his hand grabbed onto her hip as he looked into her eyes as he spoke "You're not my servant, you're my friend…and I need the help of my friend, so please…tell me what I need to do in order to stop her" He rubbed her cheek as he then leaned in and rested his forehead on hers letting out a soft sigh he thought that she would think of him as a liar but in fact he actually really needed his help more then anything, he had no where to turn to.

“you need to stop being so human, and start understanding that you can’t do it alone.” Her yellow eyes looked into his as she looked at him her face cold and hard as it always was. “to kill an animal you have to think like the animal, you are going after a wolf pack but you have no pack of your own, you can’t kill a thousand heads that are made to kill you when you only have one head yourself. I can take care of myself no matter what is tossed at me and if I am ripped apart it is alright and others will move on, you will move on. You hold no family, I cant give you family or children, you hold no fighters other then yourself and your brother who is god knows were. You are a siting duck and I am the only thing that stands for you and even I am not enough. So think about that and then plot your actions accordingly” taking the gown she slipped it over her head and wiggled it down over her figure “standing around will only get us dead”

BlackskullCrow: Dante listened to her words and nodded and spoke "So what do you perpose we do? I have the men preparing the moat around the castle and once the rain clears they will be dumping the tar inside of it but what if that is not good enough to stop them? What do we do then? the men here cannot fight them they will all die, and my brother is nowhere to be found...I honestly don’t know what to do in this situation" he sighed as he then released her walking back and forth as he thought to himself he felt weak against the spider queen and hope inside of him slowly started to fade one by one. Dante then stood there speaking softly "Perhaps there is a way for me to be able to fight and help you...even with all that armor your kind has to have some kind of opening, like the legs? or perhaps the eyes? would any of that work?" he looked at her hoping for a yes but he doubted it

Anaya: “in true form the joints in our legs are less built up as we need to move fast, tell me Dante have you ever eaten crab from the seas. Breaking into a crab is the same way you break into our body’s. The joints can be severed same with the opening for our mouths is weak if you can get past the stinging claws and the stabbing feet” she moved and opened the door for him back out to the throne room “go out there and grab a torch. Take it from the wall and hold it in your hand then take that fire that it has and use that, when we are young we are trained in what can kill us to make it so we know more about it in most cases then the losers wilding it. Take that flame and use your power to manipulate it and move it without placing your own fire in it to make it larger or stronger, just use it as you would a whip lashing it back and forth to do harm but not deplete it. Flames are the weakness of a spider; a giant spider gets hurt by giant flames but also by small flames put at the right spots. Go show me if you can do it, then we will work on what spots to shoot it at” she would train him best she could even if in the end she new that if the spider queen ever did show up it was going to be horrible no matter what happened but it was true she never left the nest, Dante would never face her, ever, but he would face her solders

BlackskullCrow: Dante nodded to her as he kissed her lips one last time before he walked out into the throne room walking out to one of the torches and held his hand out, controlling natural fire was not his strong suit but he could do it with little problem and he was able to create a whip with it as he started to swing it around in his hand making sure that he did not hit huntress while he did so. Dante smiled a bit as he started to learn some new information making sure he remembers every single detail that huntress gave him to insure that he won. If things go right Dante would even be able to make sure that the spider queen never bugged him again however he had to do things correctly and wait patiently and not to do anything rash that would put him and his people in the spider queens crosshairs. Dante would calm the flames in his hands now morphing them into fire needles that he would practice throwing with.

Huntress watched him as she slipped that gown off and within moments her body cracked backwards as she let out a almost lustful sounding moan, one thing she moved was being herself and what better way could Dante learn then fighting a real Bibilith had she would be lying if she told anyone trying to kill him would not please her. “Сейчас я постараюсь ....” her mouth parts clacked together as her words made no sense and she forgot he could not understand Abyssal. As she came to this realization she opened the link between her and Dante so she could talk to him “I will have to talk like this, I can not speak English in true form, but know nether can they so you will not be able to understand words said by them. But now, Dante, I will try to kill you, aim were you can. And if you fail I will rip off your left leg” she gave no warning and right away with a vile hiss shot forward at a remarkably fast pace slamming her pointed leg ends into the ground around him her hulking 2 to 3 ton body the size of 2 massive plow horses and with eight legs and six eyes she could read his moves and with her legs slamming into the ground as one went down another came up to guard off underbelly attack, he had to be smart to properly save his left leg.

BlackskullCrow: Dante growled as he looked at her his eyes visualizing his movements many times quickly into his head running simulations of what would work and wouldn't work…so far everything he ran into his mind he did not like. Dante then came to some idea and just choose to take a change and push his leg so he would move backwards into the air high enough to where he could lift his legs up and flip his body backwards he would be a bit low so he would have to straighten his body so that he could press his hand onto the ground so that he would not fall. Dante got a bit of distance away from here when he created a whip with the fire he had and then lashed it forward attempting to wrap it around one of her legs.

As Dante jumped Huntress moved a leg to lash out to shift sideways mid jump and hit him hard in the flank to send him flying over to the east side of the room. She was not going to falter on her own mental calculations and taking down a demon was far from difficult they were slow and had to little legs she was faster, Dante had to think about this and take it into account and get faster, he had to get so much faster and not leave open spots for attack. “you are to slow, be faster, rolling is faster then jumping, as a roll you keep contact with the ground and you are not left open and air born” she moved and showed her belly as her legs clicked on the floor “every spider has a stinger and webbing, don’t let yourself get into it or you are done” as she showed that belly her body arched down under her and a thick line of webbing shot out of her abdomen spinners and at the direction of Dante. Some would take the impact of the flame she new he had but it was a large spray so she wondered what would be burned up and what would hit him.

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2 years later.

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Anaya: it had been over a year now since her feet had touched the dark ground. Letting out a breath as her yellow eyes looked upon the erry stone walls that once haunted her. Why would I even come back here her mind titillated with the thoughts of the past? She could remember it all like it was yesterday, but it was a long time ago and she was sure so much new things had come to pass. Her exit that year and more ago was so unsettling, leaving due to his anger due to him being her everything she did not want to be in love with, he was her enemy and now there was a reason to be here. She had a job to do, she would do it as instructed. Walking up the steps she smiled softly and put on that game face, even if she was changed slightly, hair now brown and colored and skin lightly sun-kissed and a tad less white as a marshmallow filled with tar and trash bags she looked more, alive more healthy. With a deep breath and her clawed fingers fiddling with her gown she took a hand and taped on the doors, then made the choice to just mutter under her breath fuck it and pushed them open like the hog she was and walked inside. It was all basicly the same and within seconds the feelings of ugg came rolling back. No she had no idea why she was here and it was just then that she wanted to turn the fuck around and go back to the hole. She gave a smile and sucked it up, anything for the hive right. “Dante i am home!” she called out trying to make a dramatic entrance as she walked around the main hall looking at the paintings on the wall. Bastered had replaced it all it seemed, darn she liked the olden day wall art he had, castle looked still as dark as ever, but then again she hated the sun and the surface so not like she gave a shit about it.

VonDreux: the tall garou looked at him and with a snort she pulled the blades from the sleath and twirled them in her hands testing out the weight of each of silver and steel blade in her hands as she walked a bit closer to him she could feel the silver bitting into her hand causing it to burn and boil into the halt but it fueled her rage as her eyes went from there normal black obsidan nothingness to a blazing crimson red within seconds.. Looking like every bit of a warrior princess she started rolling her shoulders as she walked than her legs and her wrists getting a feel of her body warming up in a way of speaking before she looked up at him from underneath her lashes a wolfish smirk played over her black painted lips as she spoke gently "I'm always ready darling" and with those few words the 6 foot 3 garou swep'd her right leg behind her so she was in a fighting stance. one blade protecting her face the other protecting her torse as she let out a playful growl.. she could feel the ancient blood that ran through her veins starting to boil and she wondered to herself way did she ever stop fighting in the first place.. kicking off her right back leg she broke into a sprint and for a woman of her size she was fast; her feet making no sound against the arena ground. her dress and hair flowing behind her like a blurr of white gold and black.. it was wasn't she was inches away from him that she dropped on to her side and slide between his legs.. hitting the back of his knee with the halt of her blade.

EmpDanteBlackfire: As she was sprinting at him he would begin to release arrows at her when suddenly she was behind him he would feel a sharp pain in the back of his leg forcing him to one knee but it was quickly that he would block out the pain and spin around on his leg swinging his black bow at her aiming to hit her in the leg after that if the attack was successful he would flip is body backwards and then break his body apart into hundreds of crows flying away from her and reappearing on one of the trees begging to fire more arrows towards her direction he would not aim for lethal areas only the arms and legs but he would come at her as if the attempt was to cripple for the soon to come battle the enemy will be aiming to do far worse then that.

Anaya: Her yellow eyes looked around as the creepy shimmer within them flickered back and forth as she pondered what all here had changed. Walking over to a wall a single claw clipered along the stones as small dormant black spiders came and one crawled upon her finger. Somethings never die, she thought softly to herself as she put the claw back on the wall alowing the spider to go back to its job in wakeing up its sleeping friends that had nicely hidden away in the walls. She let out a sigh as she walked a bit deeper into the hall way hearing clattering behind doors. “somethings never change do they, well at least there is life here know” she muttered as her feet walked over the hard stone bits. She was already dreading being here, but at least there seemed to be life in the halls. There was voices around new maids things that did in fact change but at the same time it was still the same old place she hated with every fibre of her being, and she wondered, were there more demons here, more of that stupid darkness race that seemed to be to heavily apparent in this landscape. Or at least on this side of it, the whole eastern side of the world had now become over ruled by the hive and it was in time pressing over here. That world had changed, and a part of her enjoyed the normality of this side. Looking around there was still no one, but there was the good old dante black fires throne. “hmmm seems fitting” she said softly as she walked over to it ruining black claws along the arm rests and then planting her backside in the throne pillow as she moved her fingers allowing small black spiders to crawl under the pillow on the throne and all alone it going behind and digging themselves into the wood. “i am sure he is not home, wonder if the maids can get me some ale” she said out loud as she put her bear feet up on the other arm rest relaxing in the throne.

VonDreux: Pain shoot through her leg as the bow came in contact. she let out a low growl that grew deep in her throat.. flipping backwards her left foot was the first to come hit the ground than her right; once again she was in her fighting stance.. a almost cocky grin appearing on her lips as she called out to him "Its not much of a spar if you hid in the trees, Sir Dante" the tone in her voice changed into something more dark and twisted.. but when he let loose an arrow with a kiss of her teeth she made a "Tsk!" Sound and spun on the balls of her feet the arrow catching on the hem of her dress ripping the seer white febric leaving her caramel leg exposed.. Grumbling slightly she sleathed one of her blades and grabbed one of the throwing knifes from her thigh and flipped it before sending it flying with brute force aiming for dantes cape; Hoping to pin him to the tree.. as the silver throwing knife left her fingers she broke out in sprint again bobbing and weaving making her way towards him

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante continued to fire arrows at her having almost run out he noticed that she started to throw knives at him and he would use his demonic reflexes to fire arrows at those counter acting the force and put a stop to them or devert them into a diffrent direction he would then leap down and pass his bow into his other hand and would charge at her first attempting to diliver a kick to her leg and would then attempt to swing the bow at her chest after that he would use his free hand to attempt to strike her chest and would folow with a spinning push kick to her chest attempting to knock her down if he managed to knock her down he would draw his last arrow and point it at her attempting to make her yeild if it faild he would fall back and fire his last arrow aiming for her dress to trap her

Anaya: siting in the throne she twiddled her fingers “yup just like old times, bet he is just fucking a new whore” she muttered as she could not help but laugh and move her eyes to look over at a maid that was walking past with a silver platter with nothing on it. “hey, you, come here” the maid looked over not knowing the new woman siting in a throne but assuming properly that it was someone of stature, it was on a throne after all the maid came over to her “yes miss?” she asked as she gave a bow and stood there “were is Dante black fire?” huntress asked as she gave a smirk and leaned foreword garbing at that platter that the maid let go off in puzzlement. “he is away i am unsure were he is, i think he may be in the arena area sparing or something i am unsure my lady” “please please call me huntress, now i want you to go find him and tell him something for me, can you do that girl?” she asked as she looked to the female and the female maid nodded her head. “alright girl, come here” the maid stepped closer wondering what was going on. Huntress moved and grabbed the girls shirt ripping it open in the front and showing the girls breasts. “nice rack” she said with a grin as she took that sliver platter breaking it in half and taking the sharp silver side and carving words swiftly in the girls skin as she started screaming in pain “hunny i am home!” was what was carved into the woman's skin as the woman ran off in pure terror to find the ruler were ever he shall be. Huntress leaned back into the throne as she licked over the silver platter “eh, almost as good as ale”

VonDreux: he kicked at her leg again; falling down to all fours in a pool of untamed raven curls and white febric she rolled away from the swing of his bow and the strike at her chest- kicking out her exposed leg she sweeped it under him, making him fall back but that arrow pinned her dress to the ground with a growl she tugged at it making yet enough rip of the white febric.. Fucking aye she'll have to go raiding Thea's closet again she thought to herself as she jumped up just about to bring the blade that she held in her hand to his neck a maid came bursting through the doors of the arena that forest disappeared just as fast as it appeared and she looked at the maid who seemed to be fantic, in pain and scared rushing over to dante as fast as she could "Seems we'll have to pick this up another time.. Duty calls for you" she extend her hand out to him to help him up as she sheathed her blades..

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante would stop as he looked over to the maid seeing her chest from a far distance his eyes opened wide knowing who it was Dante looked over to Keria speaking loudly "Stay down here" Dante ran out grabbing a freash set of arrows quickly throwing them all into his sheath with one move as he then ran up the stairs to his throne room putting his bow away as he closed his hand seeming to prepare somthing but it was unknown what at the momment. Dante reached the throne room and spoke quietly but agressively "What are you doin here?"

Anaya: “fuck got blood on my dress, i will get some servant later to lick it off” she gave a laugh as she wiggled her finger on her dress were the blood was. Stupid whore got her worthless life blood on her dress, the straps alone were worth more then the girls life, even if it was stolen someone payed for it once upon a time. Looking up with a smile her bright yellow eyes lit up seeing him get her message “oh shit you take the time to come see me, well now i feel like royalty” she could not help but chuckle as she moved her finger to rest it on the arm rest of the throne “you know it is all the same Dante blackfire but this throne is new, and look at this the female side is still warm, so have a new whore, you forgot about little old me, well i did leave you high and dry for like what two years, god time flys” she gave a smile as she did not even stand up from the throne she was siting in that was his. She wondered about that maid “so did she bleed out, i tend to make notes on paper but i wanted to make you notice me more this time around, i want to leave a greater impact” she took her finger and twisted a brown haired strand in her finger as she looked at him and gave a grin “cheeky spider i am” she muttered as she gave that smile that could turn the gut of others. At least now the depressed huntress was gone, she was happily herself and she was happy to be here and see oh dead Dante again. And she loved his reaction. “what a spider cant come home to the last demon she fucked? Oh wait you wanted me to call first? Oh but i like flashy entrances and showing up in surprises.”

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante would stand there quite for a moment as he listened to her pacing back and forth as he then would snap "I'm not playing your damn games huntress, you came here for something and I want to know what it is and now…there is no way you came here just to spend time with me and catch up" Dante stared at her as he then would walk over standing right above her

Anaya: Skimming her fingers in her hair s she wiggled her nose a little “you know you smell funny, let me guess fighting with a female, ya i guess somethings never change do they Dante. Was she at least hot, do you get to bonk her box later? Oh oh oh can i watch?” getting up from the throne she moved over and stood in front of him eye to eye as her brown hair fell before her face “so you did not miss me at all, makes you feel better, well no, but still, i had a mate a while ago, fucked him, ate him, beautiful story. Do you have a beautiful story? Or is it still just as dull as always” she could not help the giggle as she walked in a ring around him “still have that nice tight ass i see, i wonder if my claw marks are still on your back” she gave a grin as she smiled and walked back to his throne and looked at it her back for him “but no, all shits and giggles aside i came to inform you that the queen of the swarm is dead, so your immunity from hostile take over is now dead to, fuck if i know when they are coming over here, but thought for old times sake i should let you know still got plans for your death. Witch from what is said around the hive, is going to be splendid, did you know some of the breeders want to chain you to a stump and fuck you to death. Oh death by sex a demon like yourself i am sure you would want it no other way.” she turned around as she looked at him her yellow eyes shimmering in the light. “oh and you owe me three fingers and a left rib. Never was able to grow that shit back after the crow thing years ago. So when you die i get your fingers and a left rib, so i thought i would stick around for that, cant have anyone getting that rib and fingers before me now can i”

VonDreux: Kira tilted her head to the side as dante told her to stay there, like she was common servant.. grumbling to herself she ran her fingers through her raven curls trying to tame the crazed air in the least but it was a useless.. Picking up her throwing knifes and putting them back where they belong, she looked around the arena another time before shaking her head.. thinking to herself 'i'm going to have to come back here and train alittle' she sighed looking down at her torn dress and silently prayed Thea was okay with her looking through her dresses again.. the tall garou made her way through the castle she could hear the voice of a woman as she walked her feet making no sound against the stone flooring; but the scent of the woman filledher nose.. something was off about her.. she never smelt someone like her before. "Hmm.. Meeting new faces everywhere i go, it seems" Kira mumbled to herself as opened the door to thea's room.. going straight for her closet she started to throw things around looking for something that'll fit her tall curvy body settling for white piece lace and silk dress.. looking at herself in the mirror the bralet hugged her chest. the little beads falling against her stomach. and the skirt hanging from her hips "Clean up well, Mad'am Kira" she nodded to herself in approvement before making herway towards the throne room only to hear the conversation about Dante fucking her.. Humpf! that will be the day she thought to herself as she walked in pushing the doors open.. her hips swayed from side to side as she struted around the floor. "Good evening" her voice was still the dark twisted version of her normal soft honey like one.. it was the first signs that the demonic beinging inside of the tall garou was starting to take over.. kira stood between the two sets of couchs a wolfish grin playing on her lips

plopping back down in dantes lap and putting her legs up it was as if she was as light as air, siting with him in his throne she put her feet up once more only the arm rest relaxing. As she leaned back and ran her claws along her breast line and down her cleavage. “The maid i carved up, ruined my dress, need a new one, i think i left some clothing here in the sofa hall were i made my bedroom back in the day. I am going to be taking up residence there once more” she looked at him as she took a claw and ran it in his hair “yes after i left here i went back there, found out the hive had fallen apart drastically, the queen had gotten some sickness from leaving the nest and weakened her daughter Azalea killed her and took the throne. But man things move so much faster with someone insane taking the wheel. Almost have the hole eastern side of this planet taken over. But it is coming along, i think it may still be a while before they get here but still nice to stick around, i can meet all your new friends” she smiled as she still put her finger in his hair as she turned her bright yellow eyes to look at the new face “oh cool new friends, so is she the currant in your to do list” she chuckled as she waited to be tossed off his lap and wondered what his reaction to her advances would be. “you know if ya kill the girl we can have the room all to ourselves dante” she moved closer so only he could hear her words “take you for a round for old times sake”

VonDreux: the garou snorted slightly as she sat on the couch, crossing one of her caramel legs over the other leaving parts of her legs exposed as she listened to the conversation at hand.. her long black painted nail tapping against her knee asshe watched the scene infront of her unfold "That'll be very rude and HIGHLY unlike that i'd be so easily killed of for you to do such, Unpleasant things" she cocked her head to the side as her wolfish grin continued to widen. she looked over the woman her eyes taking in every detail before shaking her head a bite and leaning back into the couch wondering what was up with this place it seemed to be in more chaos than the dominion island but nonetheless just smile and wave she thought to herself

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante would look at huntress as she sat on his lap and would scoff at her then closed his eyes looking away noticing that Kira came up sighing knowing things were going to get bad around here Dante would listen to the huntress and would snap at her "She is not on any list of that sort, as of right now no one is not that you care anyways" He look at her and growled just a bit under his breath though trying to calm himself as he still had the past with her and even if she was pissing him off right now he still cared about her well being

Anaya: she moved her finger and twisted his hair in her claw “really, no one is on that list, well then maybe i can sneek my way on it” she moved her finger to run it along his arm as she sat on his lap, well he did not push her off, so he must still care for her in some way or another. “come on Dante you missed me” she smiled with that grin as she chuckled to herself. “i kinda missed you to, really really, and hey i do care, you make me sound like a selfish non careing spider”

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Anaya: sitting on his lap she moved and faced him straddling his lap with her legs. A clawed finger moving along his cheek as she gave a smile and tilted her head. “I would be lying if I said I did not miss your skin on mine my dear demon. ” she gave that smile as she pushed her chest against him and leaned on his shoulder “so what bitch have you been fucking, and how loud do you think she will scream when I kill her” she whispered into his ear as that tell tail hiss lingered in her words. “please, baby, tell me, tell me her name” she could not help but laugh as she moved and nibbled the tip of his ear the sweet sting of her teeth placing sweet toxin on his flesh “I want to paint your world black Dante” her hands moved down to rake along his chest and then grab at his belt as she leaned back and looked into his eyes, her yellow blazing hues hypnotically looking into his eyes. “will you let me?”  she grabbed hard and sternly onto his belt as she looked behind them, that other female had left, it was only them now.  She leaned back her breasts pushing up her hand hard on his belt and then leaned back up her other clawed fingers moving up to grip the side of his face as she lingered her lips only inches from his own, that sweet smell of plum on her breath as always. Some things never changed. “you know I fuck better than she does, no matter who she is” she moved that hand down from cupping his cheek to his chest “this heart, even if you denied it, has always been mine. Let me paint it black”

EmpDanteBlackfire: He watched as she straddled herself on top of his lap when they were one his eyes gazed up at her feeling her hands moving along his chest, belt, and cheek. He would take a deep breath looking up into her eyes as he would then speak "You never change a bit do you?" He chuckled feeling her pull on his belt and watched as she leaned her lips inches from his as he would then lean a bit as well his lips barely touching hers his hands stroked up her legs to her rear grabbing a squeezing it tightly as he whispered "You think that you can turn my world black?? Well I sure invite you to try" He chuckled smacking her rear hard waiting to see how she would react to it

Anaya: She could not help the smile that had moved over her lips, she won this battle years ago and she knew it. “why change something that was never broken. And makes both of us, you have not changed a bit” he never said the females name, she could smell there had been someone sitting in the throne to the side and if it was not a queen sitting in the queens spot she was sure Dante being the king would not have allowed it, and in due time she would find out all the good bits and details she needed and it would be fun to watch any fireworks for sure. But it was more fun to tease and torment than to just end everything right off the bat. She hopped off his lap and with a giggle and leaned in taking her clawed hand and pinning his shoulder to the throne backing.  “so what has changed then? I have been gone so long now, nice to be back and see the new things right.” she chuckled as she kicked her foot in the air her small feet wiggling their human toes as she chuckles and licked over her lips.  The kingdom was so empty right now it was nice, she was able to hear all the little ticking of the spider legs working their ways back into the castle cracks and holes taking back over the castle one little bug at a time, multiplying and being well pests as all arachnids were. “now saying you could have been sitting here the whole time I have been gone on your ass doing nothing but that is no fun and very unlike you”  she chuckled and took her hand back as she wiggles her feet and turned around her brown colored hair spinning around as she looked at the place “at least you changed the look of the place, but still needs some touches of not black” she could not help but giggle.

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante would chuckle as she got off of his lap looking around the castle as she did as well "Not too much as changed about it only that it's slightly bigger, but I prefer it to be all black. Makes it look mysterious" He would stand up standing next to her as he grinned at her. He paced around a bit thinking bit to himself wondering what all he had left to do then finally figuring it all out he spoke softly "It would seem that all of the tasks I have today are finished, I may go to my chambers for the rest of the night" He would look at her his eyes gazed at her up and down

Anaya: turning around her eyes looked into his as she leaned her head back a bit “black is so, ugg drab, got to add some like red or something, next person in here lets splatter them across the walls, what you think? Dance in their blood with me? ” she could not help but smile as she as if floating moved over to him grabbing his hips with her clawed fingers and pulling them into her own firmly grinding him on her as she pushed him back a step. “fuck your chamber” her bright yellow eyes got all lit up as a long black leg came out of her back slipping behind him to trip him then lower him down to the ground fast but not fast enough for him to slam into the ground. That same black leg moved up twisting as it ripped up the back of her top, causing  outfit to slide down to the floor leaving her there nude as the spiders leg moulded back into her skin.  “so tell me demon of mine, tell me how much you missed me” she gave a grin as she moved down to the floor and getting on top of his figure and moved her claw down to unclip his belt as she looked up at him her nude torso on top of him.

EmpDanteBlackfire: He was caught by surprise to him falling onto his back groaning just a tad bit his eyes opened wide a bit seeing her undress and get on top of him his hands slowly reached up to grab her waist as he would then would reach up grabbing onto her hips and lean close his lips inches from hers as he whispered "Why not let me show you?" He chuckled as he leaned in to kiss her lips deeply reaching up and firmly grabbing her rear squeezing it in his hand

Anaya: she kissed him back her fingers on her one hand lacing in his hair as the sting of her lips ebbed into his own, not enough to be clad as toxic just enough to make one's lips feel tingles as if lightly shocked.  Her other hand wall kissing him moved to pull his pants down harshly as she broke their embrace of lips and slid down pulling his pants the rest of the way off and allowing him to take his shirt off “I don't think you are sleepy at all, dirty liar you are today” she could not get that grin off her face as she kissed his belly softly moving back up his body and hovering her warm folds over his now exposed member. But a foot had moved and had his leg pinned under her, he was not able to thrust up if he wanted to. She wiggled her claw over his chest as she outlined were his heart was “you know what I have wanted to do for a while, cut this out and put it in a jar, make you mine forever, still a plan you know” she looked at him wondering his response to her controlling him.

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EmpDanteBlackfire: He felt his lips lightly shocked as he knew was going to happen but would not care. His eyes watched her as she broke the kiss feeling his pants being pulled off while he removed his shirt exposing his scared muscular chest he would reach and grabbed her rear squeezing hard "I may just get on your nerves enough to where you'd want to give it back" He grinned spanking her rear hard

Anaya: “eh i think I could deal with that” she said softly as she moved her fingers as her nail cut into his skin lightly as she made a large X in the spot she marked “I will cut it out, and put it in a jar, I think humans do it too, marriage is the same thing just less littoral” she smiled as she put her slick wet cunt closer to his groin grinding it softly over top but keeping that leg over his leg so he could not thrust up only feel her over him, wet, warm, moist and wanting, a flower just ebbing for a drink. She lowered closer to her folds touching the head of his surely throbbing cock. “sex and blood, delish don't you think”  she leaned close as her breasts pushing into his chest her ass in the air so he could not reach what he surely wanted. The deep arch of her lower back showing not a single scar on her, her old scars had vanished and she was clean and new, or at least looked like it.

EmpDanteBlackfire: He growled feeling her nails dig inside of his chest feeling blood drip down slowly as he would then feel her lowering her self more and more the want for her was clouding his mind he wasn't even paying attention to anything she was saying right now all he knew it he wanted to fuck her right then and there he would try to reach for her rear waiting for her to be ready to ride him past the point of exhaustion.

Anaya: She looked at him “alright, you have been a good boy”  she gave a grin and lowered her sweet folds over his member now throbbing inside of her as she gave a moan and slid her body slowly up and down him, her fingers taking his hand on her own as her body pined him to the floor, she controlled everything in this moment, his hands, what was allowed, the speed, the motion. Maybe this run around in this castle it would not be him controlling the shots at all but her controlling him. Leaning down she let out a breath as she took him in her tight hole sweet and laced with euphoric venom in no way harmful but it was a drug she knew he missed. Leaning in she kissed him harshly as she grabbed both his arms and pined them hard into the ground over his head as she trusted him harder, over and over, taking what she wanted.  

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante would groan feeling his cock enter her his eyes closed tightly at the intense pleasure she was providing him, he was completely pinned unable to move he had forgotten just how much he loves having her ontop of him like this he took a deep breath as he tried to focus on what was happening but the pleasure was just too great. He laid there unable to move her riding him driving him insane.

Anaya: Taking his hands in hers and moved them onto her hips allowing him to hold her waist as she leaned up her fingers laced with his still on her body moving his hands up her belly and to her chest were she along with him held her breasts in there laced fingers as she rocked her hips back and forth pushing him as deep as she could milking his member with her body. She let out a moan as brown hair fluttered before her eyes and waved as she moved. She enjoyed this feeling, sex with something that was not a spider you had to kill and consume after, sex with something that did not know it was going to die after, things that knew they were doomed from the start never did it as well as things that wanted life, longed for life, and even more so, were your races largest enemy, crossing the border of lands and fucking the enemy. She closed her eyes as she allowed her mind to flicker sparks of Passion, lust and want, need, embrace colors before closed eyes. She leaned back down as she trusted harder moving faster pounding him taking her arm and wrapping it around the back of his neck and allowing him to wrap his arms around her figure as well she held him to her shoulder and held her face to his.

EmpDanteBlackfire: he would wrap his arms around er body sitting ups as she rides him his hands rubbing around her curves his hands slides down to her rear squeezing  her ass for dear life his lips inches from hers his eyes closed tightly unable to speak any words as she moved so well on top of him groaning unable to contain himself slowly feeling himself about to cum

Anaya: she rocked more as she whispered into his ear softly “cum for me my demon” she moved and kissed the side of his neck a moment in her mind wanting to take a hunk out but not allowing herself that guilty pleasure. Her clawed hand moving behind her down to his chest her claws resting on that X she carved into him earlier and just lingering there for the moment. “cum deep inside of me Dante. Cum in me and be mine for all time” she softly wiggled her fingers on that spot her claws just adding slight pain to the mix of thrusting pleasure.

EmpDanteBlackfireEmpDanteBlackfire : He growled loudly feeling her finger dig into his wound the overwhelming feeling of just wanting to explode inside of her clouded his mind though he was able to contain himself atleast for just a while longer wanting this to last for a while enjoying the feeling of her riding on his cock and hurting him a bit at the same time

Anaya: she let out a breath as she thrust still, rocking her hips from side to side milking his dick within her folds. She was starting to dig her claws down into his skin past the layer of skin as he started to bleed around her hand. Would he stop her diging her hand down or would he allow her to keep going the pain mixing with the pleasure as she moved knowing full well him being a demon he could take it and she was not using any toxin in her finger tips to not harm him more then she needed to to achieve what she wanted to do. Her yellow eyes looked down at him as she did not stop her hips from moving faster and faster her tight walls sucking him within her, wanting him to fill her walls, wanting him to let go and just give in, give into her, alow her to have all of him.

EmpDanteBlackfire: he growled even louder as he gripped her ass for dear life feeling himself coming close to being unable to contain himself the pleasure was just far to great mixing perfectly with the pain so well that he did not even notice that her hand was actually inside of his chest. as time pass it became to much for him and he would finally give in releasing a large amount inside of her then laying flat on his back trying to catch his breath still feeling the pain from her hand in his chest but not enough to where he would growl or groan about it.

Anaya: her fingers went deeper as he filled every crack in her as she griped onto his beating hear a magical tingle coming over her hand as she jolted it out of his chest holding it as she cam herself all over his throbbing cock, taking the heart from him as it dripped all over his chest and body the hole bleeding all over the place. As she looked at him her yellow eyes turned black as her own chest a X formed upon her skin and the spot opened up like that of a fly trap, the skin ebbing and as if it was a mouth as she placed his heart into her chest, witch would seal his heart from anything and be the jar his heart would now live within. “i now own your heart Dante blackfire, we are bound by this for all time, you are mine, as i am yours, your keeper, in the human world they call it love or marriage when you truly give your heart to another” she took her fingers as the spot that was a hole healed its self, huntress could only heal if she took something away first, heal a severed limb if she had taken the leg away or something else away. Heal the heart hole as she had taken the heart away, heal a broken bone if she had taken away a finger, or anything like that, a form of fair exchange, even if it was more demented then fair. “i am your wife Dante blackfire, or at least the spider equivalent, now to kill your heart they have to stab me”

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The Next Dawn

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "greetings milord how are you doing this evening?" =he looked up from a journal that he was writing in his mask's hud registering his presence and he rose closing the leather bound book and bowed to him respectfully then set himself back down on a folding chair he had crafted and set behind his throne-

Anaya: Morning had gone past it was now midday, the sky was still dark, clouds covered everything in a dark shade of gray, she grumbled absent mindlessly and picked up a pillow from the floor rolling to her back as she put her long arms out to the sides almost like doing a snow angel. “stupid days, stupid people, wonder what shit i can start today, might as well right before it is to late to start shit” she gave a laugh as getting up put a strain on her knees, mmmm body geten old she thought to herself as she took the pillow in her claws and cut it down the centre pulling out the white cotton fluff from the middle. “wonder what stupid slave made this, ha pointless tasks, maybe i should rape a maid or oh oh oh kill a maid lat it on dantes bed and wait for him to show up oh golly gee that would be fucking swell” with a low bellied laugh her fingers raked over her brown curls as her hair was a mess and she took a small string from around her wrist and lashed the braids and curls up behind her head out of her yellowed eyed face. She let out a sign softly and trotted with a yip to her step over to the main hall, almost forgetting to dress she grabbed a black dress from the broom closet and tossed it over her head with a smile and pulling it part of the way down as she hoped over to the main room. Still only half dressed her lower half clearly visible and her eyes and face covered she walked out to the throne room. “Dante still up for that fuck?” she called out as she could not help but laugh finishing pulling on the dress to see not dante but some other random dude siting in the throne “and who the fuck are you, you look like shit, need to get batter garb on you to make you even half fuckable, well maybe if i put a paper bag over your pig face it would do, and if i drink, ya i will have to drink a lot, MAID GET WINE!”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he looked up from his journal his mask reading her capturing an image of her face storing it in a memory port filed under "unknown" information about her would be compiled then stored in a new file as he learned more about her. Right now he knew that she sounded like a bitch his hood clinked as he stood being made from chain mail as he stored the book in a pouch on his belt he kept himself reserved but he could let loose when he wanted to he smiled under his digitized mask the outside the outline of a black skull outline. "mmm sorry but as fuckable as you may be im married and as for that wine id love something a little stronger" -he chuckled his armor gleaming he had polished it that morning and maintained it the enchantments and reinforcements on it were still strong and light. "though as for calling my garb heinous you dont look so pretty yourself whats your name?" -his voice would sound mechanically distorted through the mask while his weapons rested on his body two enchanted swords rested on his shoulder and hip while a short spear rested on his other shoulder he was proficient with all three weapons plus a surplus of magical spells he was a warrior before a nobleman- "and who are you? ive never seen you around here before now...."

Anaya: Tucking a finger in her hair as she twisted a finger back and forth into the wave she had huntress let out a sigh softly “new faces still got to get used to that and i guess not everyone thinks with the head not on there shoulders, but i have to admit i like the ones that do think with that , what do humans call it, oh ya there lower middle leg” she walked foreword and hoped up into the kings throne tossing her legs up into his throne and wiggling her ass against the pillow, taking a claw and carving her name into the arm rest with a big heart around it then a black spider around that. “oh fuck how rude of me to not say who i was and so boldly demand who you were, in any other place that was not scared of me, i would have been killed or punished but hey not here, ha, but anyway i am huntress the booty call...umm ex concubine...ummm currant fuck doll? Something like that you get the point, i will be queen in no time at all. Oh and i own his heart cant forget that very good point” her yellow eyes with that creepy tinge to them scanned the male up and down the centers of them turning to the side and around like a dial would turn on a control console. She tilted her head as her mind calculated all his weapons, spotted armor, looked over blood pressure, organ function, internal attributes, aura, power and magical ability and most of all her mind calculated possible flaws and kinks in his armor and body, past broken bones, age and any thing that would be hindered due to age, as well as even his breathing and heart rate if he would have a skip or lack of breath, were his bronchial intact did he have a breathing problem like Asama or any sickness found in body's. Over all she looked over everything she was able to without having to take some kind of DNA to learn even more all the way down to past lineage and into ones future body used from past relatives bloodlines, like to tell if one person would in the future have a heart disorder due to there past bloodlines having the same disorder. He was over all in good shape and had a nice amount of magical ability form the mana that was within his body, everything magical had a sort of magical foot print here and she had spent enough time on this world and other worlds to learn how to properly read basically everything and anything. “so what you are what a guard, lackey, grunt, door man, i like door man you seem like a cocky book worm smuck” she looked over as a maid had hurried over with a m jug of wine and stood there with a goblet pouring something for huntress the females knees shaking softly. “good maid, good maid stay there, if my cup runs a dry you are to refill it eminently. ” she looked over to that male she would just assume was some grunt she cared little about “married eh no one really cares about that anyway, what been with the brod for couple months maybe got wed to fast i bet you don't even know her favourite color or even better her favourite food” her yellow eyes looked into his as she arched her head back “do you, and no the wine is mine go get your own. Maids dont serve guards”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "My wifes favorite color is red and right now her favorite meal is chicken parmesean" -he chuckled at her- "as for what kind of gaurd i am i am personal bodygaurd to the emperor i have been away for some time...." -he smiled and he rolled his shoulders slightly- "as for my journal i keep track of my adventures this is only one of eight hundred that i have stored in my quarters" he watched the maid rush over trembling in fear and he knew what kind of person she was he made notes of the fear she induced in the staff and her ability to scan him all of these details were recorded and he watched her as a hawk would watch a field mouse before it swooped down.- "as for what my name is I am lucian grey mane lord of the last riders an order of dragon riders my dragon tamerlaine is residing in the forest hes more content there than being in a stuffy castle" -he summoned a black iron chair that would sit opposite of the throne and he sat down onto it and besie the chair appeared a black collapsable tray with a decanter ad glass which he poured a black liquid into it wasnt alcoholic but it was tasty boison berry wine the slightest hint of alchohol permeated it but it was magically brewed giving him a light elated feeling as his mask parted revealing grey skinned lips as he sipped from the glass then the mask closed around his lips again after he finished his sip- "then i will not share my drink with you"

Anaya: Huntress looked over to the maid as she leaned up and wrapped a arm around the maids neck, and leaning on her slightly as the maid looked at that guard screaming with her eyes help me. Huntress looked over to the maid and with a claw slit the maids neck having her drop to the floor another maid stopping and looking at her dead servant sister wondering to help or not but then just walking away it was better just to not. “so now that i know so much about you as well as a little tidbit into your wife. It is nice to know something never change and people around here still talk like broken records. Glad to know you know nothing about me” she could not help but laugh and take a sip of her drink picking up the jug from the ground as it had almost spilled but had fallen with the dead body of the maid and was alright and not cracked, toping up her glass. “i like my own drink much better then yours, better to have my lips on things i drink from, lips like yours would only be good for kissing a woman, or mans ass, depending on how you like it”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he watched the scene and he stood pointing his hand at the maid and her body would turn into sand and be swept away- "peace be to thee" -he murmered as the sand moved on and he looks at her scanning her as well for all he knew she had claws capable of rending flesh he guessed armor as well and maybe a magic but he simply retreated to his seat- "i prefer a womans my wifes lips to be precise... and that maid didnt deserve to die just to please your sadism" -he watched her his hand clenching slightly then unclenching as he retrieved his journal a quill appearing and he began writing in the journal along the middle of the page and he sighed softly-

Anaya: Huntress watched the female maid turn to sand and drift away “pitty you just doomed another one to die, you could have left that one there but nope nope nope now i will have to kill yet another one, and guess what her blood would be on your finger tips, and dont make the next one go away or i will be sure maid number three is a child under the age of ten” she smiled as she leaned back in the kings throne enjoying her spot and taking another drink of her wine “and yes i am sure you love your wifes lips on your cock or ass, what ever suits your fansy, and oh it is not sadism, it is for my comic release of the day to day drull around this demon sucking sess pool, was going to put her body on Dante bed and leave her there for him to find all sprawled out, put her finger up her nose or something, see what he does, maybe he will fuck me on her body eh, that would be beautiful” she gave a smile as she ran her claw around the rim of the glass as she pondered “so next maid that comes out of the dinning hall doors, yes no matter age or look i hope she is a perdy one i like to fuck on nice looking corpses. Ugly ones only turn me on half way.” she chuckled more as she pushed her brown locks behind her ear and leaned back yet agein looking over to the guard. “personal guard eh, so what you protect him from big bad guys? Eh it is true he would be weak enough to need a personal guard. Not overly shocking, but eh that is not my point in being here”

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Guest_LucianNorthLyca: then you will leave.... -he stood up his anger finally showing you- "i challenge you to a fight.... winner takes all i win you leave..... you win you may kill that maid but as long as i am here you will not kill another soul" -he growled his anger rising at having to clean away that maid only to learn that she would kill another his hands flared with energy as all sound cleared away from him his focus becoming sharp and clear- "what say you?"

she looked at him as she sat up in the kings chair, as she leaned forword her elbows resting on her knees. “you are hotter when you are angery, and ok lets get this right, so i win i get to kill a slave maid nobody really worth anything other then a couple golden bits, but if you win you doom this place to die, like the whole thing, me being here is the only thing here stopping a massive force taking over this planet from getting here a lot faster, so you win, i leave, i still win, i win i get to kill a maid witch i will do anyway be you like it or not, like i can kill one right now in a room down the hall way you cant even see” she let out a soft yawn as she itched the top of her head with a claw “and you are not here all the time, so regardless to your hollow anger filled wants you hold no power or say in what i do, as well as you are blindly fighting a person you know nothing about, you must have been a shit guard were ever you came from, did you get fired or something and then came here to sit on a chair acting cool when you know your just gold painted shit” as she looked at him the floor around his feet started to move small black dots starting to come out like muk under the mans boots and out of the cracks in the floor the small dots were spiders, thousands upon thousands of spiders huntress had put into the castle years ago and added more hen she got here two days ago. “so this is your chance, you want to rethink your stupid threats, as when i fight you, i will make sure i kill every maid i see during it, you think you could handle that on your good boy conscience”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he sighed looking down at the spiders in disgust as a ring of fire formed around him either dispelling them or burning them to a crisp- "i will not endanger my lord or this kingdom but know this if i witness the death of a nother maid....i will toss you out of here regardless of what you are" -he ceased the ring once the spiders have dispersed and he sat back down- "i was never fired from my positions i left them for i was not needed not many kingdoms need an actual warrior anymore they mostly rely on witches like you" -he took another sip from his glass to calm himself and he watched her his gaze cold and calculating-

Anaya: “i am not a witch, i am vermin get it right at least. Or well you could use pest or devil i have been called that before to” she could not help but laugh as she wiggled her fingers taping them on the thrones arm rest as she made the spiders on the floor multiply so rapidly that once the flame killed them there were 2 then 4 replaceiong everyone of them “tell me boyo, what do you even think i am, you have so much misplaced confidence, it will get you killed a good guard is a smart guard, you dont seem very smart alowing anger to over take you over something as pitiful as a dead hand maid” she taped her finger on the throne arm rest as there was a scream in a back room then silance and she started to laugh, killed a maid but hey he never saw it, she would use that one later to prop on Dante's bed as a prank but that would be later. “you are not going to help your lord if you are dead, so fighting a random stranger you know nothing about and thinking you can take on the world is not helping your lord or your castle, it is just being a disgrace to both”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: " you do not command me get that through your head and you may be a stranger to me but i am a stranger to you, you have no knowledge of me or how i operate." -he looked down at the spiders and he engulfed them in flames faster than they could reproduce- "call back your arachnids before i burn the place down in my attempt to purge this castle of them" -he sat back down keeping the flames going maintaining the spell a small feat to him-

Anaya: “by all means destroy the castle you guard, prove your worth to your king and prove how much i am right” the spiders did not fade and the flames started to do less and less as they adapted harder exoskeletons to combat flames. She could not help but laugh as they were just multiplying by the second doubling from within the stones he was standing on. “burn into the ground, destroy the rocks, they are inside of everything, the walls, the floor, the roof, even the thrones, i have been here for years now, and even when i was not here they were here keeping an eye on the place for me and all the while digging deep into this castles roots and ground, even if you burned this whole place down they would still be in the soil, you would have to do so much more then flame tricks to remove my influence form this place. And on top of it all you forget, i own the king, so what is the being that owns the ruler called, we call it the alpha, but i don't know what you call it here.” she moved her fingers taped them three times on the throne arm rest and the black spider dots fadded into the floor “and what do i know about you, i know your name your post here, your wife her favourite food and colour, i know your personality, i know part of your backstory i know what you hold on the outside your bodily functions, i know you are able to summon objects and flame so i know you are a magic user, i can read your aura and mana usage, and i also know you are a fighter due to the old bone breaks you have within your body's, punched a bit to hard over the years you have been alive, but you, you don't even know my name, pitty you never took the time to find anything out, how rude of you stupid hot headed Guard ”

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "then tell me about yourself" -he said chipperly his flames receding he decided to change his personality- " i know a few things about you as well you have access to magic you inspire fear in those who work here because you have no care for their lives you can control a breed of magical spiders and your claws are very sharp though your name would be nice..." -he smiled and then he removed his mask it split apart revealing a grey skinned man with golden colored eyes as the mask receded behind his hood his voice was a baritone to her ears as he sat down- "and yes i have suffered a few minor fractures but i have lived much longer for them to heal and strengthen my bone structure is stronger with age as is my bodies capabilities whereas you...i cant tell if you have no spine or you hide behind that bravado to obscure something else" -he smiled- hows that for my knowledge alpha?

Anaya: she let out a sigh as she moved and leaned in the throne waiting for dante to show up. “i like you stupid little guard, so head strong, dante is a lot like you , he thought he could understand me to once upon a time, but in the end i still at times make him draw a blank. And no, you have to earn my name, or well hear it from someone else, i do like my name on others lips , maybe dante will tell you who i am” she smiled softly as she ran her finger along her chest softly as there was a small x in the center of her chest as she smiled and took another drink of her wine picking up the jug from the ground and refilling her cup.
Anaya: "and i like how you call me alpha, yes that is my name to you, glad you use it. you dont need to know what it means, but i like how it rolls off your tounge"

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: "and im not stupid just.....a little behind the curve" -his mask closed once more- "i hope to learn more about you and i apologize for my anger towards you... be glad i am only get one from me" -he continued to sit down and he waited relaxing as he began writing in his journal again not paying any attention towards her noting the x on her chest in the file he had formed on her for right now marking it "alpha" so he waited for something anything to happen.....-

Anaya: her yellow eyes looked over to him, she tilted her head as he was geting more passive, submissive less anger fuled, she liked it, at long last he was showing respect “my name is Huntress, and i am a Elder Strain Huntsman Bibilith. It is good you show respect when it is due, it will be reterned to you, keep your anger in check and you will be a good guard here for Dante” she had a heart, it was black, but it was a heart, and she did not care about anyone or anything but she had morals, kinda. She gave a smile as she looked back to her wine and took another sip looking in the jug, that maid hardly filled it, she would have maybe one more cup out of it she looked to it and just chugged the rest of the jug as she wiggled the jug once empty and put it back down on the floor. “stupid maid did not even fill it all the way, cant even get good maids around here”

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante was in the woodland area, having been there for nearly 15 hours will the illusion of his father continuing to teach him how to control of the mark of power on his chest that was to enhance everything Dante already knew. With all marks being special it was required for the demon of his type to go through months of training to figure out which abilities the mark focused more on, but Dante did not have that long. After a 4th attempt of activate the mark only to be met with another small explosion of dark energy that knocked him back his back hitting hard onto a tree then falling flat on his face, he would hit the ground hard with his hand yelling "DAMMIT" Dante's father shacked his head speaking softly "How did you manage to kill me, take control of the black skull inside of you, and survive this long if you can't even manage to focus? Demons get angry all the time…but when it comes to the mark this is the one time you want to make an exception to anger." Dante stood up slowly blood dripping down his lower lip and a bit from his left eye as he yelled to his father "This coming from a dead man who's mark couldn't even beat me. Forget this, I'd rather go a round with the spider queen then deal with this forever." Dante grabbed his belongings and started off back for home his father yelled over as he left "If you wish to try again I will be here" Dante yelling back rudely "I'm not trying again!" Dante mumbled to himself as he walked off choosing to take his time in getting home, not noticing that blood was still dripping down him as he walked into his throne room and sitting himself apon his large throne trying to calm himself.

Anaya: Dante came inside clearly angry and hurt as she moved and grabbed him pulling him down into the throne and getting him to sit on his throne and have her siting behind him. Moving her head over his shoulder and resting her chin on his shoulder she looked at him wrapping her arms around his chest wiggleing her claw on that same mimicking mark on his chest that matched hers. “hey lover boy, you look all flustered, and you smell gross” she snickered as she licked up the back of his ear running her claw in his hair. “did not even notice me after the night we had, fighting already, got to relax” she twisted his hair in her claws as she hummed softly and strangely enough she had a rather nice voice. “yes i do like this spot you have the best pillows on your throne, the queens throne sucks, should i have sat there” she moved and nibbled on the side of his neck as she did not break the skin only drag fang like front teeth along his skin.

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante was pulled to sit next to the huntress blood still streaming down his left eye and lower lip as he rolls his eyes a bit to huntress nipping at him. Just before he could speak back to his guard he looked over to find him gone Dante sighed a bit speaking quietly "Quite the chatty type you are" He would then sit there straight on his throne trying to recover himself a small black flame appear on the blood spots eating away at it until the blood was gone, because the black flames were made from his own energy it did not hurt or burn him in any way shape or form but did tickle just a little bit. Dante then spoke quietly to huntress as he looked at her from the corner of his eye "So when are we going to be able to talk about the new spider queen?"

Anaya: she looked at him as she left her head resting on his shoulder “me chatty no, you dont know anything do you” with a chuckle she moved her finger to fiddle with the X on his chest as she poked it “so does it hurt still?” she mentioned s she poked it again with her claw and then looked at him, “talk with azalea, oh no we are not going to do that for a while, nope nope nope do you want to have her know you are still around, hell make it look to here you dont even exist, better that way for the land anyway. If you want to talk to her sure but i don't think you do” she looked at his hurt spots were he was still dripping “um should get that fixed and i think that guy that said he could heal, has left” she chuckled still twisting a hair fo his in her fingers wall siting nicely behind him in his throne.

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante listened to her as she spoke and continued to mess with his hair he would close his eyes tightly for a second then would speak again "I dont want to talk to her, I want to talk about her...what do we do if she finds us? How do we fight her if she choose to attack us?" Dante looked up at her from the corner of his eyes waiting for his answer

Anaya: she looked at him and poked her nose against his cheek “ there is a lot to talk on when it comes to Azalea, she is random in everything she does, it is part of being crazy i guess, take over this village take over that one, but she will not come here as long as you stay silent for years to come, so you can mass a force and you have time, she is still a ways away form here. But we dont need to talk about her, why did you get hurt, there is magical residue on your wound, and from the looks of it you caused it on yourself, what did you do anyway? ”

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Three Days Later

EmpDanteBlackfire: It had been a few days that Dante was missing from the blackfire. Dante had to have been knocked out for that long though it had only felt like hours. He would awake to the feeling of his arms being pulled, his body being dragged. When he fully came to he would see two black armored men dragging him to Apollyon. Someone must have told her of Dante's plan. You could not see her face, but you could tell just buy how she was standing that she knew. When Dante was brought before her she would speak in a soft tone as she took hold of his cheeks in one hand squeezing them a bit "…Did you really think you could betray me, and that I would not find out about it? I always find out my dear Dante…I always do" Dante looked up to her growling his body bruised from head to toe as he snarled at her "I'm going to kill you, slowly and painfully." Apollyon chuckled a bit as she spoke leaning closer to him to where she could speak softly "Just like all of the other innocents you that you've killed?". As she spoke the images of all the lives he's taken started to pop into his head one by one, during his evil days he had taken the lives of many in just one day he continued to see the faces of these people as Apollyon continued to speak "Confess Dante, you did not have to kill them because you had to so why…why kill that many?" Dante sat there looking down in shame.. Why whould someone need to know so badly of the dark days of his past, he knew there was no way to get out of this right now. But he would attempt to stall by telling her what she wanted to hear whispering "Because….I wanted to" Apollyon was turned away when he said those were having turned around quickly she looked down to him and whispered back "What?..." Dante repeated "I…I wanted to" Anger building in him he managed to stand up even while being held by the guards getting into Apollyon's face screaming at the top of his lungs "I WANTED TO!! AND I LIKED IT!! WATCHING ALL OF THEM DIE MADE ME HAPPY NEVER MADE ME FEEL MORE LIKE WHAT I AM!!". You could not see it but Apollyon was smiling under as she signaled her guards dragged Dante over to a large stomp Dante's face and arm being laid flat onto it as Apollyon drew her sword yelling to her men "LET THIS BE THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU BETRAY ME…NO ONE ESCAPES THEIR FATES…NOT EVEN A KING" With that she raised her blade and would swing it down fast with the loud yell of pain Dante could not feel his right arm…he managed to turn his head to his left seeing his arm laying on the ground detected from his body blood soaked every where "Take him back to his home" Is what Dante heard as he started to pass out. It would be atleast 3 hours late Dante was dropped at the entrance of the village herds of villages started to make their way to him crowding around him in shock as they saw their king broken his arm missing from his body.

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: =he smelled blood and he rose immediately for he knew whos blood it was it was dantes and his rage burst..months worht of pure rage came forht someone ahd hurt his king the one he was charged to protect the one who did so would die afterh saw to his king...he took off at a dead spring bursting through the doors knocking them off the hinges he woudl take care of them later and he parted the crowd with his aura alone and he knelt down and his hand glowed black as it became searing hot and he cauterised the wound he would heal him he would get him a new arm but right now his people didnt have to see their king this way so he picked him up and he carried him back inside as the villagers trailed behind him the gaurds stopped them at the steps and he carried him into the caslte where a walll of black energy would erupt over the opening blocking their view and he carried dante to his room and laid him on his bed s the staff looked on- "get me herbs medicinal and poisonous all you can gather now...." -his eyes were glowing and the staff ran as fast as their shoes could carry them as he held him together as much as he could with magic soon he would need to get physical and that would require time- "hopefully you wake up you son of a gun so i ca kick your ass myself for not taking me with you you idiot!" -he stayed with him knelt by his side as the herbs were delivered and with them he made a poultice to pull out any remnants of infection and heal the wounds the then dribbled some of his nectar from his private collection to boost his inner healing process and handle the pain he sewed up what he could adn would get set on a new arm as soon as he could if he were awake it would be more preferable so he waited and hoped-

Anaya: clawed fingers embrace strands of hair as she took the yellow shard of extremely thin magical glass and put it into her eyes to change black to yellow. Then allowing natural powers black eyes became a simple yellow glow as she blinked a couple times to get the shaped glass in the right. With a breath her fingers raked over her hair pulling the curls down hiding the black roots as she messed up the top. With a smile looking into the mirror her clawed finger moved over her chest as she hummed to herself tracing that small X of skin as she smiled looking into the mirror. “huntress you cheeky coy you” she gave a chuckle as she kicked a pillow and spun around her little nude figure shimmering as the small black dots from the floor covered her feet and crawled up her body molding into her being, little spiders simply returning information to there host cell. She could see out the window that something was going on out there guards were scrambling around but she did not care to extend a hand out to see what it would be she had somethings to do today, one of witch was to see the dungeon, the spiders had found a room they held interest in, there were some weapons in there she wanted to get her claws on and consume. So with a singer in her hand still twisting her fingers over it and smiling still looking over that X on her chest never wanting to hide something so beautiful as that little simple X. pulling on a red dress that made her stand out golden trim around the edges she fixed her hair and that nice black X dead center of her chest like a pendent in her skin showing in the dress. “about time we see the world right. Go my spiders back to your hiding places I will need you later and check what the mess is out there, lintel is power”the sound of thousands of clicks hitting the stone as the spiders that covered her lower body shed off like she was removing layers of herself vanishing into the floor to do there work in the cracks and small carved out passage ways they had made in the castle stone walls over the many years they had lived here. She hummed softly to herself a small humanistic tune (row row your boat) as she walked out of the living room and into the main hall going to make her way to the throne “smells like death in here, who died and why did I have to miss it” she chuckled

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he stepped out of dantes room sighing softly and he looked to see her huntress walking skimpily down the hall of the castle and he put a few servants inside his room to monitor him and so he walked towards her- "didnt know you were back huntress what brings you here milady?" -he caught up with her his gloves a little bloody with blood splattered on his armor dantes blood he let his anger and hatred show not bothering to mask it for it wasnt directed at her though his tone remained deadly even- "dantes been hurt thought you'd want to know" -he decided to follow with her to see if she was doing anything interesting-

Anaya: Huntress stopped and her yellow eyes turned and looked to the guard, stabbing creepy evil yellow eyes as she gave a trying to be nice smile “dante is hurt? Oh my what a pity, why are you not with him you are his personal guard right?” she turned around her teeth girting together she did not like being followed put her on edge and made her feel as if she had one of them stupid stalkers out to get a chunk of ass or her hide. “you know I am just going to the dinning hall to get some grub, you should stay with dante and care for him I can see the blood on you he must be badly hurt and I would hate for him to be in to much pain and to be alone I am no help to him I cant heal anything without equal transference anyway, if I wanted to heal his hurt I would have to give him hurt. ” “and I never left, I have been in this castle the whole time” she moved and started walking more going towards the dinning hall as she had told the guard boy.

Huntress nodded her head to him “sure I will go see him, right after a meal, my gut just cant handle being empty, I would never want to risk me losing my cool and just you know, eating a maid or something I know your feelings on that” as he walked away she stopped and did not follow and as soon as he was out of sight and ear shot she vanished down a hall way her feet making no sound as spiders were silent beings as she walked up a wall and into a upper hall window. When she was upstairs she looked around for the markers of that door. Once found she could see it was safely locked and more then likely boobie trapped for who ever opened it, Dante was good at trapping things up and ruining plans. But one could not stop something that could be the size of the head of a pin. Within seconds she just fell apart her body turning into thousands upon thousands of small black spiders as they crawled into the cracks around the walls not even touching the door and getting to the other side. Yes magical weapons she reformed inside the room as she walked over to a large glowing red mace as she started to eat all the weapons and absorb them, her jaw snapping and breaking apart as she let out a rattling hiss and started chugging down the weapons one after another. Her leg changed to that of a massive spider leg as she moved it back and blocked the door with it so if anyone could hear her with the thinking of weapons or metal sliding down fanged teeth or her gulping and hissing to get everything into her gullet to be dissolved and transferred into power. The spider would eat this entire horde of weapons and armors if allowed to keep going, it would give her a nice power increase as well and fuel her body. And with enough, and a extremely large amount of energy she could mutate witch was the main plan of being back at this castle, to mutate into generation two.

Guest_CursedSam618: ~Freya stepped through two trees as she reached out and ran her hand across the side of one causing a layer of ice to cover the bark where her fingertips touched the bark. Her pale skin seemed to glow against the dark shadows under the trees, as streaks of fading light passed through the branches her dress sparkled with ice-crystals trailing down the length of her slim figure and dragging across the floor lightly. Her long snow white hair was held back by and crystal crown that was made out of purely ice and crystal. Finally she reached a clearing in the trees and stepped through the final line, as she stepped onto the stone it began to freeze over where to stepped and thaw out moments after. She silently looked around and followed the pathway her pale blue eyes always on alert, but at the same time carrying a calm expression on her face.~

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he was sweating now his forehead beading up as he cleared dantes elbow he was halfway finished and he was glad this was straining him to no end taking a massive drain on his magical reserves for he was litterally creating something from the very molecules around him and it took massive strain to reconfigure them to the shape he wanted that he had to stop for seeral moments to rest and replensih his reserves not even the sound of crunching and metal being rended could jar him from his exhaustion all he knew is that something was goiing wrong his gut old him that but he sighed- "whatever it is it better be for the benefit of this fucking castle" -he would begin stage three of the reconstruction soon but he had to shut his eyes for just a few minutes and the wall of black energy infront of the damaged doors would fall unable to keep it replenished hopefully the line of gaurds would stopp the questioning villagers and townspeople-

EmpDanteBlackfire: Dante had finally awoken as he would look over seeing his arm was missing, Dante sighed seeing a doctor right next to him "Lord Dante. You shouldn't stand just yet, you need time for your energy to grow your arm back." Dante shoved him off and stood up slowly making his way towards his bed room, avoiding everyone else as he would shut the door behind him trying to focus his energy to his missing arm but his mind was clouded way to much to send the amount of energy he needed to grow his arm back. He sighed staring down for a second and then would stare at himself in a mirror that would stand on the wall just near his door

Anaya: Mouth dripping from eating as she was breathing heavy, dragging lines of saliva dripping from her gaped maw, it was thrilling to go into a fray of eating, but there was a small amount left and as she was shoveling weapons into her mouth she picked up the last chunk of armor not already eaten, magical goblets of some sort of toxin. She shoved them into her maw as she chugged them down gulping it like a bird as she let out another hiss louder then the last one and looked around the room yellow eyes changed black as she lost a bit of herself in the moment. Without knowing it or realizing it she had half changed her face was more spider like and her hands were covering themselves with her hard outer shell, she was also getting taller and legs were breaking out of the skin on her back. But with a couple deep breaths she pulled herself together and put the spider back inside its box. Her mouth mandibles smashing together she cleaned her face much like that of a crab and not a spider, she let out a breath as her face started to shift back to its self leaving her normal. She was over all glowing with energy as her body was converting the magical ability's and melting down the metals into fuel there was still a very long way to go and she had to get needed components to be able to mutate more but for the time being it was going along nicely and no one was the wiser. As she looked around the room there was nothing left in the magical armory, she had drained it dry of everything it had, or at least everything this one had, her scouts were still looking for more and in the coming days they would be consumed as well. And in time the castle its self would have no magical items in it and she would start eating people with magical ability, starting with that stupid guard, he had a lot of magic in him and she was sure he was going to be delish. But that would come in time, it was not time yet. She leaned up ageinst the wall as she took a moment to rest herself and allow her body to settle slightly so she could change back into her shoulder shadow and slink out of this room like the black widow she was.

Guest_CursedSam618: ~Freya would continue to walk down the path, her magical senses were going wild with the closer she got. She finally reached the doors to the castle, she took a moment to compose herself before reaching forward and knocking on the door lightly, and leaving coving a small area in frost. Any other magically acute beings in the castle would be able to sense her power, though she had contained it mostly sometimes she would unknowingly lower the temperature by a few degrees in times of stress or when she was distracted. She walked right inside as the doors were open and she never noticed and had zoned out and taped on the wooden frame~

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: on his nightstand would appear a bottle of nectar and a note saying simply "drink" and he detached himself from the wall as he felt the surge in magical power he felt it emanating from huntress and another source in the entryway he thought huntress would take precedence he needed to think of the safety of this castle so he followed his feelings to a cleverly disguised door he knew this wasnt her room and he knocked on the door unable to open it he growled- "huntress i know your in there come out now!" -the door would shake from his strength as he began to weave a spell to be ready to blast the door to smithereens as he weaved the spell through the cracks of the magical barriers whoever made this spell made it intricately but he picked it apart and was ready to unleash an orb of black energy to blast open the door turnign it into splintering projectiles-

Anaya: after about ten or so minuets of heavy breathing and vigorous swallowing so everything would stay down she let out a breath and smiled softly, it had been a while since she had eaten so much so fast, god had to get a better grip on herself next time she would seem like a uncontrollable animal and we could not have that, even if it was true. Letting out out a burp a small golden simple non magical ring popped out of her lips as she could not help but chuckle and slip it on her finger “humans get married with rings right, maybe Dante will like the pleasantry of it, he enjoys the human ways right, do demons get married the same as humans?” she itched her head as there was a banging on the door, that stupid guard boy, little shit was getting into things he did not need to already, and she had just met him to. With not a sound she fell apart yet again turning to spider dust and crawling into the floor to end up the outside wall away from the door and into the roof to avoid the guard boy all together reforming upstairs in a empty guest chamber room, a fully random location leaving no trace she was even on the main floor other then to go up here to get something to much on or use the restroom, witch her kind did not defecate so a restroom trip was pointless but then again no one knew that. She let out a chuckle as she grabbed an apple off a desk and rubbed it ageist her dress that had not fully formed back on her figure. As she finished with the apple she tossed it into the air grabbing it with her claws and digging them into it, the apple turning black and mushy as she could not help but laugh and drop it to the ground “oh shit maid must clean that up, lets hope no one touches it” she chuckled more hoping down the steps like a overly happy 10 year old and walking past a maid that was going to the dinning hall with a platter of fruit, some cakes and wine she moved to the maid taking the platter out of her hands “hey that was mine, stupid lady, we as members of this service have rights you know, that is my job” the maid scolded as huntress stopped and turned around “do you want to die?” she said back as the maid looked at her a little baffled “” “then go away little maid and allow me to help you with you, what you called it, yes job” she hoped away with the platter of a couple cups of wine and some cheese breads and fruits and then stoped seeing a little stranger wondering the hall ways. “And who may you be, want some food, but not the wine only got enough for the king myself and the guard if he wants some, but if you want wine, some can be gotten for you from the dinning hall” huntress gave a nice kind and cheery smile as she looked to the little stranger girl. Stopping she turned her head looking back “guard boy what are you yelling about, you hit harder on that door it will fall down, I am over here, I got some food you want any?” he would be dwelt with later for sure, when she had a moment with him alone, maybe some lie or something to get him outside the castle kill him in such a simple way he would not even know about it till he was already gargling on his own swollen tongue. He did like to talk, choking on his tongue would surely be a fitting death for the little shit. She gave a nice smile as she turned back to the strange girl. “if you want to see my mate the king I can take you to him, I am taking this wonderful meal to him as well I was told he got hurt but I have yet to see him, want to come my dear?” her sweetness sickened her it was so gross to be nice.

Guest_CursedSam618: ~Freya would watch the woman approach her with the tray of food, she would smile lightly to her as the woman spoke with a fake cheeriness. She had detected it from the moment when the woman approached her, her smile and light tone was a little off and Freya knew the feeling of pretending to be nice. Even more so she could sense the womans immense power, though she was unsure how it didnt show on her physical form at all, unless it was an illusion or a work of magic itself. Freya thought all of this to herself before focusing back on the smiling woman "No thank you about the food, but yest I would like to speak with the King." she would say as she turned to look to a guard that was banging on a door, he too carried an immense amount of energy inside of him, and he seemed prepared to use it. She smiled lightly knowning only trouble was to come, there was too much power in one place for there not to be.~

EmpDanteBlackfire: A knock would be heard at his door Dante finally regaining himself made his way to it opening it where a maid would be standing on the other side speaking nervously "Um...Lord Dante? May i wrap your arm? The doctor said it's going to be a while before you're able to grow it back.". He looked out of the door for a moment before shaking his head speaking softly "I'll be fine" The maid bowed and walked away,knowing he would not reply as she then walked away. Dante sighed closing the door where he would then lean in it trying to relax

Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he stopped pounding on the door and he turned to huntress's voice he had senced her in there she must have escaped somehow still angry at her he came down the stairs and he stayed a ew feet away not takig his eyes off her his features softened for just a moment to regard the woman who was freezing the floor with her vare touch- "greetings welcome to the black fire empire i am lucain at your service and this....deplorable creature is huntress"
Guest_LucianNorthLyca: -he was close enough to ram his sword through her back and out her chest all he had to do was be quick enough but he chose to refrain he would let dante order him to deal with her killing her now may put him in dantes bad graces which he did not want since he was the one who carried him inside to safety-

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