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Ranking System on the Fourm

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Ranks and what they all do and how they work.

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On the web page over top of members, heads are there ranking badge, ANYONE can gain ranks and over time with posting you gain ranks without even signing up for a particular job. Some ranks can only be gained by asking the admin (Anaya) for them. Wall others are gained with posting. Some ranks such as ones gained with posting even have imvu prizes you can be awarded prizes like custom made free products, credits, layouts display pictures or other graphics. Listed below will be each rank, an image of its button and a small explanation on what it is, what jobs the person with it has to do to keep it, as well as what you can gain if you earn it or take it on, so prizes if any that are linked to it.

Ranking System on the Fourm Admin_zpsqmzv75en
This Rank is only for Anaya, no one can achieve this rank even if they ask, simple as that.

Ranking System on the Fourm Mod_zpswn1gqh9t
to be a mod is a high-ranking figure in the rp group and community, a mods job is to oversee all postings, be active in posting as well as actively helping others with their struggles, make new threads and topics as well as read and respond to topics posted even if the response is small. Mods can edit posts they feel need it, an example an image link is not showing it can be edited to make it show, mods are to have an in-depth understanding of how the forum works and be able to do almost everything the admin is and can do.

To gain this rank one must have an in-depth knowledge of the forum, run their own personal side role play within the group, as well as be active and post within the group. This rank must be asked for, as well as there are no prizes other than its self in gaining this rank.

Ranking System on the Fourm Staff_zpsxmfqeo32
Being Staff is being one step down from being a mod, you hold the responsibility's to post, be active, as well as hold your own side role play within the role play which you can edit and change and control all within. As well as you do need to help others with their questions as well as notice things needing to be edited that have not been seen by mods as of yet and inform mods or admin about it so it can be edited. This rank must be asked for and there is no prize other than its self upon gaining it.

Ranking System on the Fourm Banned_zpsmnt7ula9
All banned members gain this rank of being banned, banned rank is only gained when the person does one thing or multiple things to gain them getting kicked out forever. This rank can not be undone, it is a permanently banned sentence that even after the player is gone will stay over there avatars head on the posts they did before they were banned. Banned players can not log into the forum, can not post on it, and can only see what is allowed to be seen and not be able to post on anything.


Ranking System on the Fourm Promoter_zpsamqdypgx
to be the promoter your job is to go around and promote the group and role play, this holds value both inside and outside of the imvu client were we do most of our active role playing. You are to find places you can post information about the forum and role play on, then come back to the admin to inform the admin on where you have been promoting the page. This is a very important job and holds a lot of value within the role play group. The prize for this job is nothing at the gaining of this rank, but per outside of imvu promotion, you gain one thousand imvu credits.

Ranking System on the Fourm Recruiter_zpslzjh5bln
To be the recruiter your job is to go around inside the imvu client and bring people to the role play, people looking for a roleplay to join you are to offer us to them and help them in any way needed to get them here. This rank has to be asked for and there is no prize upon gaining this rank but per person that joins the role play and gains the member rank (how to gain member will be posted below) and informing the admin that the recruiter -name here- is the person that brought them to the group. the recruiter that brought the new player to the group will gain 1000 imvu credits.

Ranking System on the Fourm Affiliate_zpskyyngadr
Players account that is an Affiliate of the role play group, this player is not required to post unless they want to, as well as they are not required to do anything. Each affiliate must have an affiliation badge at the bottom of the page that shows there role play or group that is in affiliation with DeLaRose role play group. This Rank has no prize upon getting it other then its self and the free advertisement gained with being affiliated with the group. This rank can not be asked for it is just given upon becoming an affiliate of the DeLaRose role play group.

Graphics Designer

Ranking System on the Fourm Graphics_zpsyotvg1gx
The graphics designer is a person appointed by showing their work to the Admin (Anaya) and being asked by her to make graphics for the role play. This person must be a good drawer and or designer to be able to keep and hold this rank, this rank can be given to up to 3 people but no more than three people at a time.

Ranking System on the Fourm Supervisor_zpst5loulnz
this Rank must be asked for, and the job is to, supervise over both in imvu rp and forum role plays and activities. Jobs that this player most do is park and stay in the imvu room to be able to watch and oversee all that happens (all supervisors will have mod in the rooms on imvu) as well as bookmark the forum page and watch and oversee it as well. A person that gains this upon gaining this rank will get 2000 imvu credits. There can be up to five at a time individuals able to hold this rank.

Ranking System on the Fourm Donator_zpsc1wakccp
This rank can not be asked for, only given to a person who has donated to the role play, be it a donation of credits to help with badges on imvu, a pay pal donation to aid in the forum and paying for some of its additions, more storage space, lesser adds for a amount of time, paying for the domain name to be valid for an amount of time. Or simply giving to support the love of role play. If a player is wishing to give a charitable donation they must talk to the admin (Anaya) to gain details for how to donate.

Ranking System on the Fourm Support_zpsv8xh1dtl
A supporter is simple a person or player that has come to the role play to give their support in viewing what they feel as fun and right and for a good cause. This person has to be active and post once in a while but is not pushed to have to post as it is up to them to be able to depending on how much support they are willing to give.

Ranking System on the Fourm Friend_zpsxwysrlvm
A friend to the role play not a player within it but a friend to the role play and to the Admin, this player does not have to post unless they want to and this rank is given upon the friend's creation of an account within the forum.

Ranking System on the Fourm Guest_zpstbjptsle
A guest is a person that just joined and has under 10 posts done, no prizes are given to this ranking, this rank has very little to no say to how the forum functions

Ranking System on the Fourm Member_zpshpvdfyqy
This player has done up to and over 10 posts, they are now a member of the group and must keep being active, this player will get 500 imvu credits once they hit this rank, if not on imvu this member will get a happy and thankful message from the admin, this member will be encouraged to keep being active and working up their ranks to gain even more rewards.

Ranking System on the Fourm Leader_zpsdol2lw0k
this player has given 50 posts or more, they are a valued member of the role play and are encouraged to do even more posting to better gain their ranks. Once this rank is achieved the player will get 1000 imvu credits as well as a message thanking them and encouraging them to keep posting and going up in rank.

Ranking System on the Fourm Vip_zpswfamau4v
this player has done over 100 posts, they are very treasured within the role play group, once this rank is gained they will get 2500 imvu credits as a prize for achieving this rank. As well as they will gain a message from the admin thanking them for their activity on the forum and encouraging them to keep building their ranks.

Ranking System on the Fourm Premium_zpsh1sb0lhe
This player is a very very valued member of the community they have done over 200 posts and are only growing higher and higher. This player will get 5000 imvu credits upon gain of this rank and a note personally typed from the admin thanking them and encouraging them to keep building their ranks

More ranks will come in time

Ranking System on the Fourm White_12

Ranking System on the Fourm Crush_10
“What do you know about dragons?”
“They're big, scaly, four-legged creatures with wings who terrorized small villages until a virgin was offered up as a sacrifice.”
She grinned again. “I do miss the virgins.”
Ranking System on the Fourm White_12

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Know the Ranks, Updated

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