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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Dragon-Wallpaper-dragons-13975575-1280-800_zps29d0507e

Stone cold. The sky , the ground her feet. A trumpeting roar echos , battle cry. She stands on the piles of the lost her claws covered in blood as the screams and cry’s of the fallen dragons seem to linger in the flowing winds that only sting her ripped scales. A child looks up from the mess, a single child, she looks to it , the child looks back tears in the little things eyes. The child crys, there is a crash, all is silent she looks back up to the wasteland that was the battle ground. 

Her name was caiasir whedabra witch means alluring darkness the dragons of old gave her the name Luna so it would be simple for the humans to call on her.

She was called to the ground cathedral on a windy day in Glamore also know  as the Sky kingdom. The storm clouds had subsided on this floating land mass that the dragons called home as Ral moved from his post to walk before them, there had bin word there was to be a war and she lowered her head to Ral the golden king as he passed. The ruler of all the dragon race him and his queen ruled over them all. As Ral gave his worded speech on the war that was ahead of them she took in every word, battle , blood shed how they had bin placed ageist the greed of the humans. When it was all over she walked back never turning her back on her king as to a dragon it was a sign of disrespect and she made her way out the over sized doors  back into the public view.

As Luna turned she picked her head up and let out the battle cry as always the fighters came to there leaders call swiftly. Lunas well trained fleet was strong and many in number for a Draconian force, about 600 grown dragons and a mix of tortams ((a tank like grunt dragon)) small raptors and there riders and a small handful of drake riders, it would do, she thought to herself then proceeded to order then all brought down by wing to  the humans battle grounds. The full grown dragons carried by wing the tortams like cargo seeing the tankers can not fly. 

The battle grounds where empty and silent. It was odd. The forests around them held no sound and a odd chill was in the air. It made the dragons unsteady at there posts. Tortams bellowed and tossed some of there female riders making the raptors unsteady but they stood strong in place. Luna walked back and forth calling to her fleet to calm there minds and bodys. Suddenly a human battle cry rang out from the wood and they came on horse back and on Zarot. Planes over head dropped tank rounds set to explode on contact, and machine gun fire rang out with it. Dragons fell left right and centre and Luna yelled out “to the sky and take out there flyers others fire and CHARGE” 

the battle raged on for a good 4 or so days till the humans had dropped to almost nothing and the dragons the same. Luna had taken a beating beyond imagination and she stood her royal blue blood running down her body as she looked out at the piles of dragon and human body's. Blood mixing with blood and the eery cry’s of the dieing in the air, It was over. And she had lost the human numbers and there attack has sealed the dragons fate. Luna looked out with heavy eyes. It was a dragons way to die in a fight or don't go home. She was not knowing what to do as she took off to the sky’s leaving the corpse of her fighters below, She took the cowardly way out. 

She got to the gates of her home and pushed them open with her maw the sent of her blood was strong and it made other dragons come from there eating and homes to look at her , the shame in there eyes was clear and cruel. Luna made her way up to the sky castle and she spotted her captain and as soon as the giant red dragon Kantor walked up to her she dropped to her knees before him. Kantor looked down at her with a growl like hiss “you are a pathetic runt like the humans you have no place in this halls of glory, stand so you may take the punishment i am so willing to give you miss Luna” Luna did as told keeping her head low to the male she new her place before him and if she was lucky death would be fast for her. For a moment it was quiet. Then out of the salience came a voice , it was the voice of Ral
“Kantor let her go i have words to speak with her. She will tell of the battle then take the punishment for running from it” Luna was shocked beyond words but staying low she made her way to Ral with her head low as a show of respect to her great king. 

Ral took her to his chambers. The high gold ceilings made her look up every time she was in here it was by far the largest room in the castle Ral looked to her and put out a clawed golden for arm and lifted her head up to look at him. Lunas black scales and bright green acidic eyes are the complete opposite of his gold and blue. “you may speak freely my child” he said in a soft but hiss like voice. 

“i was scared and did not know what to do all i wanted was your guidance lord Ral” 
“do you wish me to save your life my black dragon Luna” 
“yes but i know i will be shamed for my coming home” 
“yes you will for a wile but it will fade as everything fades in time. Come to my bed i wish to lay you” 
Luna was shocked and torn at his words he was a mated king and she was only a fighter she had no right to even be touched that way from him. And it would shame his empire if his mate found out.
“ Ral you are a mated dragon. I cant do such a thing” Ral turned and walked to her his temper now showing in his eyes as Luna lowered her head 
“you do not have a choice female. Now ready your body if you are not to come to my chamber i will lay you here on my floor”Ral moved to her backside and he ran a clawed golden arm along her black scales it sent a shiver down her spin but an anger to her heart and mind. Why would he do this to his mate? Why make me hold this shame? Cant i stop it? Ral moved his neck down to beside Lunas head as his great manhood moved from inside his body to hang out readying to breed the black female. “Luna i have wanted you for sometime your power your grace and your scales. You are the dragon that will fulfil the legend and make the perfect child. A binding of black and gold. A flawless hatching. I will keep you out of sight locked away in the basement till you have the child then when done with you, you will fade away with no memory of ever even being here” Ral jumped up putting both his fount legs on her sides and she let out a cracked moan as she felt his manhood force its way into her. Moving her tail out of the way she could feel his thrusts and his force as he gave out low pleasure filled rumble and kept his head beside hers. Lunas eyes flickered a deep red as her mind was a blaze with fire and acid this was wrong oh so wrong. He let out a cry as his seed bubbled from him and seeing only a flash the black dragon let out a roar as she moved faster then a blink in a rage and without thinking grabbed his venerable neck and she bit down hard pumping acid into his very body. Rals body went limp as with the force in her movements she had snapped his neck and killed him almost instantly. The acid was not even needed in the ending of him. Luna dropped the body to the floor as the male topped in a heap and layed there lifeless the shimmer to his golden scales fading.
“what did i do what did i do” 

The thought of running came to her mind. But where would she go soon this news would get out and she would be hunted down like a dog for the death of the king. Right away she can hear movement in the halls outside the chamber doors it was Mara the queen Luna moved and layed her body over top of Rals lifeless corpse holding him she would not run away knowing very well as soon as Mara saw her she would kill her in a rage. Mara opened the doors with her maw and spotted them. Seeing her mate laying on the floor in that way his body bubbling for the acid inside of him eating away and a black dragon of acid warped around him she new intently what had happened.
“betrayer MURDERER” she screamed as she let out a fighters roar and charged the black dragon her head slamming into lunas chest and sending her smashing threw the wall as she opens her wings she took off into she sky she new she was going to fight it was in her black dragon blood she was a royal after all not a golden royal but a black one but a royal all the same. As she went up Mara was hot on her heels with fire ready to be set free, Blue fire. Luna turned around as one blast of fire hit her right flank and burned her for arm and some of her chest. She opens her jaws at the same instant Mara did and the acid and blue fire met in the centre. Acid was heaver then fire and it was overpowering to Mara blaze. The black dragon was not the top fighter for nothing she was stronger then Mara and in no time the acid was at Maras face and the fire stopped and the sky went silent as the body of the second gold fell hard down right into the centre of town square. 

The other dragons came from there homes in shock as Luna landed down at the resting place of the fallen queen. Out of the blue the red dragons head hit Luna in the side hitting the wind from her and toppling her to her  left side. Kentors foot came down hard on Lunas maw as he brings his head down to her ears.
“you have done the biggest act of treason one can do. You have killed the golden i found Rals body laced in acid, and now i see his mates body the same. You will get a fate worse then death my dear Luna. Forever watched by the celestial watchers and haunted from a tormentor for your crimes. You will be the one thing that you hated and hold there form with your true form, and live with them” He snarled as he licked up the side of her face whispering an old draconic spell to her. She struggled but she new she could not fight him. Her body got hot as her scales started to fell showing pale skin as she let out scream after scream from the pain of the change “and you will no longer be the great Luna the black dragon fighter of old and alluring darkness, but hold a new name. Anaya the one that was the reason of the fall of the dragon race. Anaya the traitor to her own people” as she changed to a small human girl nude and cold she lay on the ground shivering in a pain filled ball. “bring a drake so it can take her to her new home. She is not one of us, and not one of them her  now red eyes will always show her dragon blood line. She is now hated in both worlds and the monster she was made to be. A black dragon should have never bin born a royal” the drake came right away and grabbed the black dragon now Anaya from the dirt and lifted her into the sky and then went down and dropped her in the mud in the centre of the swamps. She yelled up at the sky’s in anger and furry
“one day i will come home! One day you will see i am stronger then ALL of you!” Anaya lay there in the swamp as her eyes drifted into sleep for a little bit, images of the torments and of a man with snow white hair and black wings, her tormentor her haunt. Forever she would see him in her dreams and time and time again he would come to her just to lay her and plague her body shaming her more so for what she had done. in the time to come she walked the world she was on finding the places that where safe and building her own. Safe place a place to call home. She now rules over the lands of the Serpent, DeLaRose. Now she trys to kill the humans and find her way back home...if she can ever get there again. And will the haunt of a tormentor leave her alone? will it come back and torment her more in her dreams? and in reality?

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times 108622

Deep within the lands of Lavidia rests a stone and wood keep. This castle other known as Kelshi Hold had forever more became the home of the shadow demon Isis. It was here were she ran after seeking refuage when she had left the Rinaldi family to follow her heart. Keeping to the shadows the woman moves about her halls her three inch boots echoing on the ground with each step. Her long flowing snow white hair pin up behind her head in a lose bun as she studies the paintings she was passing; each of the family she had left to start one of her one. Then again who would have known her knight in shining armor wasn't what he had seem. That the woman had giving up everything that was preciouse to her for him. Her eyes remained on the large family portraint at the end of the hall as she passed room after room before finally stopping before it. It wasn't her adoptive mother she had been stairing at but her siblings. Out of the months she spent alone only with her lover she had missed the fact she had siblings, acutal siblings who were there for her unlike her twin brother Suko; someone to spend time with to confide in when something was troubling her mind. This was the reason isis would travel the countless miles between her lands and that of  Anaya DeLaRose.

The demon lifted her finger touched the painting before shaking her head. Her eyes seem to drop as she moved once more flicking her wrist sending the shadows behind the painting to knock it off the wall. The woman shook her head as she moved once more her eyes on the door to one of the bedrooms as she hears one of the double windows open. Her brow lifts as she walks once more down the hall  until she reached the last room. Entering the bedroom the woman moves close to the window that had still been flapping in the wind. "stupid thing" she mummbles out softly before a black raven swooshes into the bedroom. Isis was just about to shoo it back out the window until she noticed the canaster on its back held by a blue ribbon. Her arm moved from her side as she held out her hand as if calling to the bird. She watched as it took off and landed on the wooden chair before her before the demon nodded. "Alright I guess" she spoke out softly. Within mintus she opened the cylender and retrived the parchment from inside. Her hues drop as she opened the letter up and quickly read it. The first thing she sees of course is the crest of the DeLaRose empire. Just that symble worryed her what would any member  of DeLaRose want with her.

'Dear being this may pertain to,

As i have bin informed you are wanting to hold a family and be adopted, my name is Anaya and i have bin looking for a younger sibling for a year or two now so you are in luck, if you wish to undergo this advancement in your life please come to the DeLaRose castle on the east side of Crimson Ridge at mid day tomorrow, i will be there but i am needing to go speak to my elders to see if you are able to be fully accepted into my family rankings, as it is one of royal blood and the other parts and why i am needing to talk to them can be explained once you arrive here. There will be a horse and driver waiting for you at the start of the dark wood around our land to best see you past the swamp and its dangers, and the driver is payed already so it is something you do not need to worry about. And please if you will not talk to him, he can be out spoken and rude at times but he is all that is available for transport at the moment seeing we lost our best driver last week to a swamp gator. Thank you for understanding.

She quickly moved about giving up on waiting on Abraxas to return home before she leaves the castle. Her heart races on just the metioning of family and yet she don't even notice the raven vanishing from the room and the window shutting and locking once more. The demon darts out of the spare room and down the hall towards the master bedroom to change and gather the needed supplies for the few day journy and how ever long she would end up staying within the lands of DeLaRose.

Traveling for the demon was simple she only had to move from shadow to shadow to close the distance she would have to walk, granted the woman didn't use her horses most times anyway. Isis did love the time to think to her self and this surly would do it. She figured it would be at most a half a day travel to the edge of her lands and then a nother day and a half to reach the start of DeLaRose lands if she had used the horse. Of course Crimson Ridge was on the far side but that didn't worry the woman. While she was finally ready to leave her home she headed off walking towards the East heading into the borders of her lands. Isis took a deep breath allowing the shadows to be able to pass through her as she darted off into the forest. She waited until she was a few miles away from her own home before she would travel through the shadows to make her journey somewhat shorter. By the time she tired her eyes had lost its color and turned black, the woman couldn't muster another jump until she rested. Her head tilted up towards the sky only to see that the sun had made its round and the early moon had started to creep into the sky. The demon smiled resting against a tree before finally sitting down with her small bag at her side; the woman quickly falls asleep.As the light from the raising sun moves across the ground its beems soon hitting the sleeping demon in the face forcing her to moan out as she awakes. she moves her hand along the ground only to find her bag missing which sends the woman in the up right position. "What the hell" her head turns as she quickly scans the area around her just in case some animal attempted to make off with it. Not seeing it she stands up and closes her eyes; mumbling under her breath she lets her fingers dance within the last few remaining shadows under the tree before a set of duel daggers formed taking their place on her waist side just under her leather belt. Isis yawned softly before searching around once more looking for a small stream to at lest fix her thirst before returning to her journy which she was running out of time now. Her quick paced walk didn't end until she found a slow trickling creek before she found her self bent over it cupping her hands and letting the cool water run over her lips and down her throat. She smirked softly before she closed her eyes taking it in. She had almost forgotten the deadline on the date she had to keep. Moving once again she reaches over half way to the Swamp lands. After once more studying where the sun was she figured she had enough time to walk the rest of teh way. Running a few mintues behind the woman finally walks out of the forest between the two castles and into the dark wood lands. Her eyes move as she searches for the couch that should been there.

The black horse pulled coach was there as promised, all black with silver and blue markings from the DeLaRose lands, it was a creepy thing covered in black trim and a crimson red inside that you could see from the windows, the horses reared as the driver let out a yell and lashed the rains “oh stop it ya sporting mongrels, ye nothing but useless animals! Ya snort and stomp like it the end of the world” he pulled back as he spot to the side of the cart and taped the side of the frame and the door to it opened on its own “careful there miss the door is a little lose, tend to fall open wall bumps a coming, don't want ya to fall out and hurt ya self” he gave a have wit grin and looked back a head trying to keep a hold of his black horses.

The woman's mind actually had to pause the moment the couch pulled up beside her. Her eyes drawn to the silver and blue markings. Isis's brow rose as she watched the horses more then the man who had been driving. She shook her head watching him just as he moved and the door opened; she hadn't even seen why the door open. Yet, the demon took a deeep breath before climbing in. "Yea like a fall can do much pain." she mumbled out under her breath as she climbed the rest of the way in before sitting down. She chuckled as she moved her fingers and the shadows in the cart move and took hold of the door and slam it shut. "mhmm sure it is." she chuckled out.

The driver watched the woman get in “mmm nice ass on ya” he said as he laughed and turned back around spiting once more to the side of the coach “leave a bump on ya head miss, and never know there could be a rock or something to hit ya. Now keep all hands and feet in the cart at all times and if you fall out i am not to blame” he started to laugh as he moved and snapped the rains the horse pulling abruptly as he yelled “and off we go missy!!!” he looked back once more as he opened a small window in the fount of the coach “why a fair woman like you come into a place like this, they say the swamp gators like to make a meal of the nice looken ones.”

Isis brow rose once more her long snow white hair falling out of its bun and falling stright back on her back as the driver speaks out. Of course she doesn't say anything for the first one but when he starts in on about boucning around may leave a bump on her head she growls. The demon moves shifting in her seat before yelling out. "Only rock would because you have one" she mumbled out as she had half tempted to use her so called gifts and show the male just what she could do. Hearing his laugh she figured she best try not to speak to the man if she was to keep her temper down. Her eyes darted out the window as quickly as the couch started to jerk forward. She sighed taking in the damp smell of the area. Her head turned quickly as the sound of the small window opened her eyes landed on the driver as he spoke to her once more. She chuckled softly as she smirked. "Well the gators are going to have a hard time eating something they can't catch now are they?" Her words slip out of her full painted lips like honey from a jar. "Anyways I'm was sent for."

The driver kept looking on word as he talked “ohhh so the dragon sent for ya, are ya sure she was not going to eat ya, was told she took out 3 homes the other day sometimes being called for is a bad think eh” he snapped his rains again as the beasts trumpeted forth the castle coming into view at long last “and we will be there soon, can see the stone walls of the place, and town homes will be coming up on your sides shortly, i will be dropping you off just on the edge of town as i was told to, she payed well to get ya here, cant let her orders be wasted, you will have to walk to the castle from there”

Why was there always rum on the floor of this god for saken place, why was it never in the drums. “you are missing some gallons of rum Alexander” she said sharply as she clicked her claw on her wooden board, she was doing inventory around town to make sure the empire would be able to stock everyone for the new season. Alexander looked at his ruler and dipped his head in shame, he new in the back of his mind he was the one that spilled it and drank to much in the last weeks, making his stock smaller then it would normally be. “i am sorry miss Anaya DeLaRose, it is my falter the family has bin stressed and it has bin taking a toll so i have lowered myself to drinking my problems away. ” Anaya looked at him as a brow lifted she was not known for her kind heart or anything that even was close to an act of mercy. She looked to the floor and moved her heeled boot to run it in the sticky spilled rum on the floor “and then why is this here if you have bin drinking away your own lonesome self into a pit of self regret hmm” she moved her boot as a plucking sound rings in her ears as it became free from the stick of the floor. “one of the maids spilled a drum of good rum earlier today that is all that remains we tried to clean it best we could but some of the stick stayed no matter how hard we scrubbed, please oh great Dragon ruler Anaya please i need to feed my family if i don't get to this week they will be without and i don't know what i will do, i cant spend anymore then what i have given for this seasons shipment ” He was almost on his knees before her magisty as all she did was click her paper and wooden bored and look at him not impressed at his begging. “tell me Alexander how long have you bin living here in this town ruled by myself” she snapped at him as she tilted her head to the side. “all my life miss Anaya my parents here before me did fall under your rule as well in this very Tavern and inn” she scribed something down on the paper and doted it taking her finger to dot her own arm a drop of bright blue blood dripping from her claw on the paper to mark it. “well then you need to learn and know better then to think you get off because of your oh so very ill family, i don't care about your family Alexander, have my Gold by the end of the week or you become a meal understand” he fell to his knees on that sticky floor in tears knowing his family would starve as he would have to sell there cows to keep his dept payed. The man grabbed at Anaya's leg in a feeble attempt to get her to stop and give him a chance as swiftly a hard kick was the only thing to greet his begging. “don't touch your ruler you worthless scum of a bar tender!! be happy i don't rip your head from your shoulders then send it to your wife as a new baby gift!” she snarled as she ripped the bill paper from her stack and dropped it down on the man now on his back on the floor “you new better then to make another life to a family that was already on the brink of starving with the three children you already had, learn to place a halt on your mateing wants, learn and stop being so feeble and dull minded Alexander.” she turned around her boots sticking to the floor as she walked as she went out the door knowing that other eyes had bin watching her and the male talk, bar maids, servants and customers, but to a dragon it did not matter at all it was life and she would get her gold.  Anaya got to her home doors and with both hands she pushed them open the sound of creaking wood and metal letting the world know she was home. “guess the coming in unknown and siting down is now out of the question” she let out a sigh as she walked inside a maid rushing up to her and right away removing her boots and taking her papers and wood pad and then rushing away to clean and put them away. A guard came to her side as he looked at her “miss Anaya there was nothing to report in the east land walks, but a worrisome group of raiders was seen making camp on your boundary you may have a problem in days to come” Anaya looked at him as she moved her hand to shoo him away “get the knights to get there horses and go deal with the problem, remove them and there will be no problem eh” she let a almost smart ass grin come over her face as she walked away leaving him there unable to talk back to her. She looked ahead seeing her thrones there in the centre of the room, the reading chamber behind it and the sofa and meeting halls to its left and right, it was a wonderful set up everything clear and able to see, red banners and blue banners on stone walls with large fire and oil torches on the walls to give the place a nice glow, she loved her swamp surrounded home and town, even if she was kinda mean to its people. She let out a yawn and walked up to her throne and placed her feet up relaxing till something happened or someone came home from there days out doing what ever they had bin doing.

The woman in the back nodded even though she knew the man couldn't see her. "Indeed she called for me, hints why I am in the couch don't you think?" she chuckled softly letting her emotions from the day before wash away for the time being. She sighed softly as she listed. "Im sure she had good reason to do it." she replied soon after before letting her shoulders lift from their place as she shrugs. "That will do then. I can walk, not far anyway." she smirked knowing plan well she wasn't going to walk but what she needed to. It paid being a demon let alone one who can used the shadows to her whim and using them as traveling was second nature to the woman. Her eyes moved back out the window as she noticed the town homes slowly picking up as she waited for the couch to stop.

Anaya: The driver tossed a silver coin up into the air and then tossed it to the woman with a flick of his arm, a almost twisted grin came over his face as the short and plump man hoped down from his cart and patted one of his horses sides “mayb if ya pay the she demon in there she will not eat ya eh” he said sharply as he moved to fix one of the rains on the side of his horses faces “we will be here for only an hour, if ya get chased out maby you will be in luck and get here before she does, my horses can not run faster then a dragon can fly but hell they can out run a wolf so maby you will have a chance miss”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Just as the couch came to a stop Isis smiles softly her dark eyes moving around before she opened the door and left it. Her gaze moved back to the man as she watch him toss up the silver and then it flew towards her. Her right hand moved from her side as she caught it. Looking up the demon's brow rises from its place as she gives a confused look to the man before letting her fingers move over the coin. "What is this for?" she then turns her view back to the man as he seemed to move towards the horse before patting it. Isis nodded as he spoke as she shook her head. "I doubt a simple silver coin will help in such a case." She couldn't help but to chuckle; yea Isis was prideful but this was the best situation she could make up in her head. She could see Anaya this big black beast she had heard about lunge for her and even try to eat her. Then again Isis would do what she did the best which was fade into the shadows if such a thing would happen. Isis could see it and just that made her laugh. She had nearly forgotten the male was still standing there waiting for her to move before she had heard his voice once more. "huh?" she glanced back from the ground to the male. "Now why would you stay if you believe the dragon would eat me?" she asked before nodding once more before flipping the coin back to him. "I wont need this." she smirked letting her words end off before she turned to take in the view of the castle of stone and iron from where she stood.

Anaya: the man looked at her as he got the coin in his hands “then lets hope ya legs can run, and i would say for i wonder if she eats you if she would leave me alone, and why not help a nice looking lady out for once, i cant die without having one good deed on my list of bad ones” he said with a light laugh as he moved his hand to wish her off “now get a going there is a dragon in there waiting to see you, it is bad to leave the woman waiting she is bad tempered you know. And if she does want to eat you, silver is a weakness of dragons, you can trade a single coin for a life, they will do almost anything for the stuff, coin and beautiful woman, it is a dragon thing i was told, wish ya well lass, ya will need it” he moved back to his spot and hoped back up on his chair, simply sitting there waiting and wondering how it would all go.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon let seconds pass even minutes before she finally took a deep breath and started to stroll towards the keep. If the driver had said anything more she didn't hear him; in fact she couldn't really hear anything other then her heart beating away in her chest. Her breathing slowed as she moved hoping to get out of the sight of the couch driver; She never did like to shift into the shadows or even jump from them to the next in front of others. To know that others knew what she could do, made it harder for her to surprise them. Still she walked, shoving her hands into her pockets she waited until she made it up the next hill and down it before smirking to her self. The woman stops dead in her tracks before searching around her, when she notices none is near her or could see her she takes off in a dead sprint towards one of the shadows cast of a near by tree before vanishing into it. Bouncing shadow from shadow the woman travels even quicker then she had thought she would have. To her it was second nature, jumping around within the human world and the shadow world to move and get where she was going. Isis moved over the two miles quickly only to leave the shadows and return to normal means of walking as she reached the gate. She was impress, she had to be seeing it was nothing more then swamp land it would seem and yet she didn't once wondered into some form of creature that would want to make the woman into a snack.

Anaya:  Anaya sat inside as she flipped her fingers over a coin in her hands, she placed it down her dress top and looked out a window, there was things outside , fighters, guards , workers , simply people in the back of the lands, never in fount she hated people thinking this place was grand and powerful until she placed its forces upon people. Moving her hand a black hound dog came up and ran under it placing its head and ears in her palm, she rubbed the top of the mutts nose and ran her claws down the back of its head “good boy, you will get a meal today i like it when you are friendly with me” she said softly as the hound sat down beside her and she simply looked out a window. A guard was silently standing at the fount gate, a black caped man dressed in black with black hair and red wings, he was a nice looking guard over all and not to bad temperament, Koto was the mans name and as he watched a woman walking up he moved his hand and wing to place them in fount simply to block the path into the castle gates “Halt who goes there, do you have a pass to enter the Castle of the Rose”

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman blinked as the sound of guard's brought her back out of the small little day dream she had found her self in. "mhmm?" she glanced over to the male before nodding, pulling first her right hand and then the left from the pockets of her jeans the woman. The female had all but forgotten she had lost her bag which had held the letter from the dragon queen. Her eyes widen as they shifted from the male back to the castle as new situations played out within her mind. "Umm I had a letter from Miss Anaya." she paused trying to figure out what to do besides that. It didn't take the woman long before she smirked letting her voice turn softer then it had been and even giving it a luring qualities to it. "I lost my bag on the trip here." she spoke out more as her emerald green eyes moved back to the guard.

Anaya: Koto looked upon the woman, the male was simply a tossed out harem male to Anaya and was simply known as breeding stock, so really he was not a good guard more then he was a horn dog wanting new meat to mount and simply take and pray that he did not get beheaded for it. Kotos eye's moved up and down the woman as he stood there and his voice turned to be one less frightful and strong, it moved more normal “well if you don't have a pass or something saying you can be here i will not be able to let you in miss, how do i know you are simply not some homeless looking for a fast way into the castle” he moved his hand back down to his side as he looked at the woman, a bright red tail and set of wings being held high behind him.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis took a step closer to the male her eyes set on his tail and wings before she smirked. She was willing to let her appearance change just enough to make her look like a succubus even if she was fare from one. lureing was the first thing that came to her mind to get past the guard and she wasn't beginner when it came to it. She licked her lips quickly as she moved a few feet from the male. "Couldn't you just let me, I swear the only reason why I'm in these lands is because Anaya had sent me a message to come see her. Im not some homeless bar maid." she spoke out softly near whispering in one of her seductive voices if it was taken. Her eyes seem to shine a bit as she placed one of her hands on the males chest.

Anaya: Koto was quivering as he watched her and felt her hand on his chest, placing his hand onto hers he moved her hand and held it in his own, softly taking it to his lips and kissing it “trust me miss if i could i would let you pass and guide you to my chamber room, trust me if i could i would, but i cant without being removed from this world, i am simply a breeding male to a dragon inside. But if i let you pass i risk being beheaded if you are only a homeless person simply fooling me with lust“ he took her hand and placed it at her side “if you are telling a lie she will kill us both, i do hope you know this”

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon smiled softly as she watched the dragon. She even blushed a small bit when his lips touched the back of her hand. "And I insure you I'm here for a reason, She sent for me.." she paused unsure to truly tell the gaurd why she was there. How would it look if she would have acutally gotten him with her charm only for him to find out that she was there to see if Anaya would acutally adopt her. When he had moved her hand to rest at her side once more she could tell it would have to be more then that to get inside. She closed the gap between them before leaning forward she shifted her wait forwards as she streatch up standin on her tip toes just before her lips brushed his.

Anaya: Kotos eyes got large as the woman's lips hit his it had bin years since he had felt anything on his lips other then The scales on the back of Anaya's neck as he would mount and bite her as well as pray the much larger female would not ruin him and turn to rip him apart. His voice came as his hand moved around her waist as he held her there in an embrace and then looked at her as he lifted a brow and blinked “you must really want to go inside this place to kiss a ugly old scaled thing like me, well i guess we are both at risk if you do end up being some homeless woman, so you are taking that risk to” he moved his tail and pushed the door open a bit, the strong smell of meat and death as well as swamp water flowing from the inside to the woman and guard at the doors. The mutt at Anays feet snarled at the sound in the upper halls as Anaya looked at it and gave it a swift back hand to the back of the head, with a yelp the mut silenced its self and simply layed back down at her feet as she fliped the pages of a book she had picked up on arcane magics.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She pulled back after a few seconds, her eyes closed partly before reopening as she glanced back to Koto. She could tell it worked for the most part just by the way his eyes had widen; it had caught the male off guard. Then again when the male wrapped his arm around her waist she knew it too. She smirked softly before letting a small soft pink blush appear on her cheeks as she kissed him once more. Their lips dancing softly and tenderly before he pulled back to speak. "I told you I was invited in already." she spoke out once more. Isis allowed her gaze to move from Koto to the wooden door. She took a deep breath taking in the scent of death. The smell Isis knew well even if it wasn't always by her own hand. The demon chuckled softly letting the male dragon lead the way.

Anaya: Koto moved along the floor his feet clicking along the way as he looked at Anaya sitting up there in her throne, his head right away lowered as he took a step back letting the woman with him walk forth and up to her “Lady Anaya this woman said you had summoned her so i ...i let her ..i let her in” he shuddered as his eyes rolled up to gave upon the woman dressed in only black. Anaya glared down at him as she flipped another page of her book. Her red eyes like fire melting most things the woman looked at, evil eyes for it was an evil woman with a heart black and dead.
“i hope she is the one i asked for does she have papers Koto, did you ask to see them by any chance” she said sternly  as she lifted her upper lip showing her teeth to him in a form of aggression. Koto moved forth rushing past the girl and dropped to his knees at Anayas feel
“i did ask for them i swear it my lady but she had lost her bags on the cart trip here that foolish cart driver must have bin unkind to her” Anayas foot clashed hard into Kotos face
“what does it matter what the human cart driver does you stupid male you know the rules about letting strangers in!” she snarled louder as the sounds of the hounds barking and snapping filled the air and all the woman did was smile and place her hand down to run her claws over Kotos face calmly.
“it is aright my dear i forgive you, go to the back room and get the both of us some water and there is dried meat there i would like some.” Kotos eyes lifted as he nuzzled into her hand and stood there beside her moving backing up never to turn his back on the woman, never do that as she would surely kill him if he did.
“yes my lady right away” and in moments the male was gone to the other chambers of the castle to get what was requested of him. And the sounds of the hounds stopped...for now. Anayas eyes looked up
“so who may you be? Isis i am guessing? I dont call many people here so i remember names, i got word you were requesting to be a part of this family, is this truths?” Anayas red eyes scanned the woman as she taped her claws on the glass globe on her arm rest sitting back nicely in her throne.

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-Isis Imvu name changes here note it is still the same typest behind Isis the Rpc-

JaycieDLRValke: Passing the wooden door into the main hall the female's bright emerald green eyes seem to move over every little detail of the keep. Just the hall it self seem to take hold of her attention as she passed by, she took in each crack and cranny within the stone. Isis listen to the sound of the castle down to the very sounds of her boots tapping at the floor as she walked. She took a deep breath as she realized she had stopped walking do to the male had stoped. Her gaze moved from him up to the room before her; she couldn't help but to look over the woman sitting upon the throne before stepping out from behind the guard. Isis would never forget this imaged; Anaya sitting upon her throne, her burning red eyes that seem to linger on the male and herself. She didnt even noticed the fact it would have seen that the lady's skin seem to have been as if it had been burnt years before hand. The appearance that most had feared Isis actually enjoyed it. Granted the demon was known to be a bit insane at times but still. The demon's head tilted towards the left a small bit as she listen. Her lips pressed together as the woman asked about her papers before she took a deep breath. Was she to speak up and tell her that she had lost them on her travel. To her admaze the male she could have sworn was a dragon brushed passed her and fell to his knees; she had to admit it was the first time she had seen such an act from creature of that breed. Yet, Isis didn't let this worry her even after she had watched Anaya and the male. Taking yet another clean breath she let her tongue slip out from between her lips and run a quick trail to moisten them. Holding her self still she watched as Koto moved from the place he had been and backed out of the room. Isis took a step forward as she nodded, her snow white hair shifted in its place before she spoke. "Indeed Miss, Isis Rain." her words soon fell short yet still had the normal soft and luring qualities that the woman's voice carried. Isis's painted lips curled at their ends as a soft smile would stretch over them. "I was indeed asking around about the family, and would like to know if there would happen to be a place within your family for one such as myself if you allow it." The woman fell quiet watching the woman before her on the throne when she realized the hounds had stopped making sound. Her brow rose once more before she shifted her weight towards the right side. "Just for the record I did lose the parchment you had sent me a few days ago. My bags vanished either while i was in the woods before the couch or they may still be in the couch I'm not even too sure where i have lost them.  Your guard wasn't to sure about letting me in just so you know." she added in even though she wasn't sure it would help Koto it would at lest be off her mind. Sadly enough that little game of hers to get passed the dragon guard was the most fun she had in the last few days.

Anaya: Anaya looked her up and down wanting to get up but she did not it was to much to get up onto her legs when she was so nicely sitting in her throne. “it does not matter about your bags you will be given anything you need here, all you need to do is ask a guard or maid and they will fetch anything you would like.” her fingers moved along the crystal orb on the side of her throne as she moved in her throne to watch the girl before her. “so tell me Isis Rain what makes you think that you deserve a seat in the royal seat?”

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Ouat-evil-queen-06

JaycieDLRValke: The shadow demon stood there her hands folded nearly before her as she watching the woman. Her green hues never leaving as she simply nodded in response to the woman's remarks about her losing her bags. It was bad enough Isis didn't know where she had left them but she had. "Thank you Miss Anaya" she lowered her head before she was asked in the reasons on why she felt like she deserved the royal set. This was the one question she didn't honestly know how to answer after all she had been alone for some time and didn't even know where her twin was at any more, it had been years since she had seen or spoke to Suko but that didn't matter at this time. Isis Rain smiled softly closed her eyes and spoke her mind. "Well Miss it isn't that I am deserving a place within your royal family or not, hell I'm not even too sure if I would be a smart choice but I am here when you summoned me. How many people do you know that would actually not run for the hells after being summoned by the dragon queen?" Of course her comment was out there and she wondered what kind of reaction she would spark from the woman but it was the truth; she didnt know many whom would have the courage to show their face when they were summoned not just for Anaya but for anyone. The demon held her head high as she went back to speaking. "I can tell you this, I am loyal and willing to do what ever is asked of me."

Anaya: Her eyes got a tad brighter as she stood up from her throne, wall siting Anaya did not look very tall at all but standing she towered over everyone, Anaya standing was a towering 6 foot 5ish and to think she still had a lot of growing to do. Black horns now were seen on the top of her head and raven black hair flowed down her chest and to her breast line, oddly the dragon queen was amazingly beautiful she had flawless light tan skin, smooth silken hair and her eyes shimmered like a stars light, and her body was just perfectly shaped not to thin but far from to thick she was just rightly curved a flawless figure of a human beings body...but it was only a form, she made herself this way why make yourself look badly when you did not have to. “in the end that is all i need to hear, and you would be shocked to know how many people do come here even if they are shaking at the knees as they stand they do end up here. But you don't seem to be shaking and that pleases me. If you wish to see your chamber room it has bin fitted with a bed but if you wish any changes to it just let me know  there is nothing in it other then the chamber bed but you do hold one large window in front so it is a good room ”

JaycieDLRValke: Isis head tilted towards the right just enough to let her snow white hair fall partly into her face before letting her left hand brush it back once again. She was honestly surprised about what the woman had said about people actually ended up here, shaking but still there. "Oh I didn't know, I know a few whom refused your summons before never seen them since honestly." she commented out shortly before Anaya had spoke about the room. Her painted lips curled at their ends as she nodded. "Thank you." she lowered her head partly once more before letting her fingers pull the hem of her jacket closer to her body before glancing back up. "I would very much so like to see it." She thought about it for a little bit waiting on the woman's responce before taking a deep breath. "Actually I would honestly like to go find my bags. It holds a few items that are grave importance to myself, such as the small locket my brother gave me when we were growing up and the dagger I think my father gave me on my first hunt." she spoke the truth as she took a deep breath wondering what the dragon queen would say to this request. Her belongings shouldn't be too far away from the land and if it was it would have been on the far edge of the swap over where she had spent the night before the couch had picked her up.

Anaya: Anaya moved her hand to wave off Isis “it is all fine with me you may try to find your bags but a word of warning the coach is known for stealing so if you are missing anything be sire to find his shity hut in town you will not be able to miss it the stench points it out to everyone that walks past it” she turned and started to walk to the kitchen, Anaya always had a light limp to her left side but it was never really all that visible but today it was bugging her a little more then normal she blamed the old age and the lack of food today but tonight's hunt would fix that and bring a brighter tomorrow. “i will be in the dining hall or in the upper halls when you get back if i am not you can feel free to walk around and get used to the place the building is very large but please do not go into the basement that is my private storage.” everyone had skeletons in there closets but Anaya had real ones in the basement and other things no one wanted to see or even more so did not want to let out.

JaycieDLRValke: She smiled and nodded. "Once again thank you." she spoke before she would turned on her heels and slowly walk out of the throne room. Her three inch black heeled boots clicking on the stone ground each time she took a step towards the large doors. Her hands moved quickly behind her head taking up her long white hair before braiding it quickly behind her head so it wouldn't get in the way as she moved out of the castle once she had pushed opened the doors. Isis didn't honestly know where to start looking for her bags but she figured it would be somewhere on the edge of the swamp lands. The woman blinks a few times before taking a deep breath as she heads towards the front gates before heading back towards the village two miles away from the castle. The demon didn't know what to think as she walked her pace slightly quicker then that of the one she took when she first had gotten there. She was infact in a rush to find her belongings and hoped they had not been stolen let. The woman glanced up to the sky seeing it was in fact getting darker, with that a smirk came upon her face as she closed her eyes walking into the town. The demon could tell where she was going without her eyes seeing it was nearly nightfall, she allowed the shadows to guide her until she reached the edge of the town. Searching for a large enough shadow the woman would finally put a stop of walking forward and just simply wait. The sun slowly started to set nearly gone as the shadows on the ground seem to grow in length. Isis chuckled her eyes opened, this time without color to them. Her pitch black eyes lingered as she moved her hands only to opened up a small gateway from where she stood to the edge of the swamp lands. Where else to start her search but the place she had awaken a few moments before the couch had arrived to get her. The shadows swirled and dance before her as the gateway until the shadow lands opened for the demon just as her foot would touch it the woman simply vanished from all eyes. Isis didn't want to wait moving quickly through the Shadow Lands she bounced around shadow to shadow, her eyes moving dancing around the area she had to travel mainly to keep an eye out from being attacked by any sort of creatures that called the land of shadows home. It wouldn't have been the first time Isis had been hindered from travelling this way and last time she had been wounded from the demon whom hunted her but that was years before now. The woman quickly opened another portal as she finally reached the edge of the swamp a not more then twenty minutes then when she had first stepped foot into the land of the shadows. The demon sighed as she moved around the tree she had fallen asleep against but not finding her belongings. "Crap." the only word to leave her mouth as she sat down trying to think of where her things could have gone. Anaya would been right about her belongings being taken by the coachmen and it was worth a try. Isis sighed shook her head before standing back up before summoning yet again a portal to take her back to the village. Isis moved quickly back to the edge of the village this time not taking that long seeing she already had the path from when she just had used. She took a deep breath stepped out and that when her gaze fell upon him.

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Anaya: as the sun held high in the sky the dagger hit the dart board with a bang “yes almost got a bulls.....eye....” he could hear something outside the painted and broken window of his hut but ignoring it as always he yelled “stupid fucking cats keep down the noise out there, stop fighting!!” his voice rasped from age and work as he spit up black tobacco into a pot at the side of his ripped and battered arm chair. He rolled around digging into the bag of pilfered junk he had taken from the other bags left behind, tossed the bags outback and kept the content inside. His hut smelled as a donkeys behind as well the walls and floor were made of droppings and dirt it was all he had seeing he had nothing and the Queen refused to give him anything seeing he was no more then a stealing loser on the outskirts of town. “wonder what the stupid cunts brought in today oh i know i will get something good from there junk, by me some new boots me old ones got them holes in the toes” he picked up his foot and wiggles his toes around a black once a long time ago white sock toe sticking out the end as the smell would turn the nose inside out if it was close enough, “yup needs new ones of dem” he let out a laugh as he dug his black and grubby hand back into the bag of trinkets and belongings.

JaycieDLRValke: Isis shook her head as she let a smirk on her face. "Let this be a lesson for the next person you try to sleep with wench, Im sure they wont be as nice as I am and would kill you and whom ever your with. I be nice just this once and let you live." she chuckled out as she limped away heading toward the couchmen's hut. Her eyes slowly returned to their greenish color as her demon qualities soon vanished making her just appear as human as she can. It didn't help that she was now wounded and could hardly breath but she wasnt about to let that stop her now. She wanted her belongings back.. no she needed them back. She saw it as disloyalite if she had lost the last few belongings that her family had gave her. She stumbled right up the the hut, oh Anaya was right the hut wasn't hard to miss at all. The demon wanted to turn back just from the smell that made her insides turn. Her body didn't want to move forward in fear of the inside of the place. "Just a few more feet." she mumbled out before reaching the door the demon straighten her self used the shadows to hold her up enough and mask most of the bruises that had now pleaged over her body. "Open up.. I'm not in the mood for petty ass games. I want my things back"

Anaya: The coachman could hear the woman outside as he turned and tossed a old rotten shoe at the door. “i dont have your worthless dagger and trash go away ya old hag and let a old cripple man rest in peace” he yelled out not for a moment thinking that he has said dagger, she never said what belongings she left or even who she was at his door, Old age came with its slip ups.

JaycieDLRValke: Oh hearing the mumbled words coming from the other side of the door just set the demon over edge. She pushed opened the door and took a few steps inside the small hut. "oh how would you know It was a dagger I was looking for?" The woman brow rose as she looked at the man before around in the room. "Does Anaya knows she has a thief in her lands?" she mumbled out before looking at the dartboard on the wall and seeing the dagger. She shook her head and limped to it. "Oh so this can't happen to be mine dagger that I left in my bags not thinking about it?" She hissed out before removing the dagger from the wall and walking to the man. "So this inscription here on the blade it self doesn't have my family name in it?" she let her voice seep out luring and soft as she held the blade up so show the inscription that was ebrossed into the blade.

Anaya: “how was i to know your name i am a feeble old man who drives the queens coach and why would she care to know i steal it is not like she does anything for her towns people anyway. She eats the couple from time to time but care, i would smell better and have a bath before she would care” he did not even move from his chair he was to fat and lazy to even worry about moving. “just take the worthless hunk of crap and be on your way it is a bad aim anyway for darts” he let out a snort and spit another hunk of crud from his lips into the spiting tobacco pot.

JaycieDLRValke: Isis brow rose as she let her hair moved as her head shifted. "Oh did you already forget? You are worthless" she shrugged as she moved around looking for her bages. There were two of them one satchal that was carried and the other a saddle bag when she found both of them she turned and look at the male. "Your luck I dont want to get on Anaya bad side." she snorted out as she pulled open her bag and pulled out the small locket from it before putting it around her neck. She turned around before shaking her head "oh bad for darts you say?" she chuckled turned the dagger blade in her free hand before throwing it at the male, it stuck into his chair just next to his head. "If it was off I would have hit you" she chuckled before limping over to reclaim her dagger before leaving the hut.

Anaya: all he could do was laugh as he held his head high with what little pride he had, a dagger at the head hell he was Anayas driver that was far from the first or last thing he had had tossed at him. “i am worthless but i am her driver only reason i am not dead yet!!1 i may be worthless but i have a brain!” he new he would surely see the girl agein, remember anything about her no, but see her oh yes he would in due time.

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The days heat was eating at her, like really her skin was starting to rip and bubble as she walked out into market, Black dragons never did well with the sun as she slunk into every patch of shadow she could find. She was shopping today but she had forgotten the wooden parasol she had made for her to block out the sun and for the fact this had to get done today or people in her castle would die from lack of food she had to just deal with the suns hateful glare.

The beaming sun dug deep into her back as she made it to the first food cart only to get the same hateful glare from the woman standing behind the stall filled to the brim with fruits and veggies. “mom can i come out...” a small voice peeked out of the hut behind but soon went silent and went back into the building hiding from the beast of a woman that was Anaya. Anaya was almost sadden at the reaction from the child, even children how Innocent and good they were ran away at the presence of the dragon ruler on top of the hill, a castle towering over this pitiful town, the town she did not look after at all even if it was the job of the higher force to watch over all around them. The people here never did know Anayas story her life her past, her anything, she never let anyone in to her life it was a dragons way not to let others in. She could remember her mother, her father...never, she only remembered her mother telling her “my little one, always remember the weak in this world die to better the earth for the strong, you stay and grow strong so you don't meet there fate” her words had shaped Anaya to be the cruel strong dragon she was to this day, no matter the pain,sadness,torment, and feeling she had she would never show weakness, she would never love , she would never fall to another ones blade or fang she was strong so she would not die to better this world for ones better then her.

Her eyes turned more to a glare and she looked back to the shop woman “human woman i would like to get all your stock for the day” she said coldly the hint of pain in her voice as the heat and sun was digging ever deeper into her back.
“but miss Anaya if i give you all my stock i will not have anything till a moons pass, i will not be able to sell” Anaya snarled and hissed at the woman
“i will pay you the extra for the lot, just have it all shipped up to the castle before midday, i must move on from your pitiful stall” Anaya just turned her back the parts missing in her clothing clearly visible the red in her human like skinned form, skin being eaten away showing scale under it also burnt and bubbled. The woman at the stall her face angered but at the same time her face in disgust at the appearance of Anayas backside. The woman just turned and walked back to her house
“Jason we will not be selling anymore today it is all sold now please later go place the stall on closed so no one comes. ” her voice shallow and sad seeing she enjoyed selling her goods to the towns people, not to there ungrateful ruler.

She got to the next cart the meat rotten and ruined as she snarled “why is there this here!” she snapped at who ever was around the stall. The heat of the day had drawn fly's and other insects as well as the fly maggots were festering on the rotten meet.  A old man moved from his chair his long gray beard almost touching his waist as he limped out grabing hold of the stall handle, his eyes blinking as he tried to see who was there
“oh beautiful woman, do not be angered as this is only for the hounds here in town, i sell at discount to others to be able to feed there muts. You are far to beautiful and kind to be angered at a pitiful old thing like me”  Anaya almost took pity on the man as she jumped over the stall and landed beside him her boots digging hard into the ground her hand already to the side of his old face her bright red eyes looking into his own, her trademark, red Evil eyes, pure and piercing she new as soon as he clued in he would know who he was looking at.

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Dragon_eye_by_t1na-d5pcxc2

“my sweet elderly male, please have a second glance before you make such great claims as beauty inside of me” she said in that hissed and arrogant voice. “you are sweet my dear but beauty is far from me” the man was shaking at this point his legs weak as he new who it was that had pounced over his cart
“lady Anaya i am so sorry if i have offended you, i do find you beautiful, you are a divine beast of power and might a dragon a beast of witch i fear and respect please do find pity in my feeble mindedness, do not kill me when i have so much still to live for, my child just had a baby and i have yet to hold my grandson, do have pity on my my great, strong , and malevolence ruler” he was almost on his knees if Anaya did not have her claws on his chin and beside his neck he would have fallen already to his knees on the ground. She looked at him fire dancing in her eyes as she let go of his chin letting him drop to his knees on the floor
“have all your stock burned, the dogs don't deserve your rotten slop. It best be gone by the morning or i will be back to skin you old man, and your grandson as well. ” Anaya turned and kicked the table of meat over as the lops of meat fell over the street horses moving around it and being as silent on there hooves as they could around Anaya, even animals feared her and more so there drivers but with a one street market you could not really go another root. She started to walk more so into the street getting sick of seeing gross and uneditable meals.

Siblis: -It was hot for sure, but in the dark shade of a tented stall, there was an Erie chill within. It was mostly dark with but a few candle lights within, setting out a dim light able to see the few outlines of the furniture. There was a dark cloaked, hunched over figure within the tent, deep within the bowels of it. The figured reached out with its shaken decrepit hand, with long old nails with splits along the middle of it, Tracing the nails along the blade on her table. The blade was glowing with a power about it, her seal upon it, fighting the blade to keep the form that it was in. "I will have to get rid of you soon, you have become quite bothersome" her voice was dry but wet in the lungs, her time was almost near. Her body was withering away into dust right before her eyes it seemed. She shifted her pure milky eyes down to her form, her old husky of a body. "I will need a new body very soon.." She looked at the blade "but you are my first off my list, get you far far away from me before you shift back" she turned up her old withered, cracked lips exposing her black yellow teeth that were twisted from decay and rot, letting out a gurgling laugh. Her eyes then shifted into the darkness of the room, the right one glowing out a white like, not that or purity but one of a tainted will. She shuffled to the entrance of her tent, wrapping her long gnarled fingers about the lip of the purple shabby fabric and pulled it open. She peaked out the opened she made to the creature walking down the market road. She kept her eyes on the woman intently from her shadows, her one glowing eye would shine brightly from the darkness within, against the left dead dull one. If the woman would have spotted her she would have released the tents fabric with her hand and slinked back into the shadows of her tent, hoping to draw her into her realm

Anaya: Her red eyes moved to catch that glimmer that was to her side, what was it she thought to herself as she turned a tad to be able to see better and clearer.
“who be there?” she called out in that snarl like hiss as she took a step forth her upper lip wiggling over her needle like teeth just to show them a little. Anayas dress swaying over the backs of her heeled boots. “i don't like being watched, show yourself” Anayas head tilted as she moved even closer a good 5 or so feet from the entrance of this hut like stall her eyes swaying up to glance at the whole entirety of the little building. It was a mess just like most of the buildings but she had this odd feeling from it and it made her be on edge, this place was not here the last time she came to town, it was a new stall so of coarse she had to see who owned it.

Siblis : -The old woman smiled as he felt the being at her entrance. She shifted about in her tent as she reached to the blade grabbing the hilt of it, she got a silk wrap and draped it about it with black thread tied about it to keep it hidden. She then placed it to the side of the tent to match the other items about the place. She would bring it out later, she was always one for mysteries. She smirked hearing the woman asking who was there “Why don’t you come in and find out dark beast.” Her eyes then peered out to the entrance, if the woman did come in the setting that she would see was a dark room with a dim glow of one candle on one table with the lot of odd and old mysterious trinkets. With the dark cloaked hunched over figured by side the table side to her, with the hood shifted to the side and able to see the two eyes, one glowing the other dead-

Anaya: Anaya was outraged at being called a dark beast, a snarl went out her lips as she walked into the hut, her eyes right away lit up fire flushing them to make both glow like freshly hot embers “do you hold no respect old hag, do you have any idea who you speak to, who's royal blood is now inside of your worthless hut of dirt and sticks” she snarled once more as she looked around seeing clearly in the darkness any living thing, the small hunched over grunt worker to the side and the old woman before her, Anayas eyes locked upon the old woman as she tilted her head “why do you want me inside of your hut when you have no idea what i am capable of ” everyone in town new who Anaya was, everyone new that if you placed a foot out of line you got chopped up and fed to the dragon, that if you did wrong she would kill everything you loved before your own eyes, Anaya new this woman must be new to town to talk to her in a way so different.

Siblis: -The old woman shifted to a frontal position to this woman that came into her tent with such rage about being called a dark beast. She looked upon the dark woman before her and smiled with on of dark intent- my dear, are you not a black dragon? -She then shifted about her tent sitting down at the table in the chair across from her. She tit take awhile doing this, she was rather old and her joints were weary.- You are in a humanoid form right now, but there is a beast that dwells within you. Do you want me to call you a human dear? Would that be even more of an insult to your power? -She placed her hands on the table, her one eye glowing all the more brighter- No, you are a dragon, which a dragon is a beast, a very powerful magnificent beast. And young one, I know who you are, and what you are capable of. But I hold no fear to you, I will not bow or go onto my knees like that pitiful man you so roughly bashed his stall. -How did she know this? She was a fortune teller of course, she had the “third eye” she was able to see things that others couldn't.- I have nothing to loose, snuff out my life, but to what gain, you get nothing, and I loose nothing that I am not already loosing myself. -The smiled on her lips twisted up even more as she then gestured to the chair across from her- sit you lovely dark beast.

Anaya: Anaya just tilted her head, this woman did not back down, yet she new all of what Anaya was, she new that she was a dragon , yet she still did not back down and did not care to die by claw or fire, this was a new thing, everyone bowed, everyone backed up as they always had something to lose. “tell me old woman, why do you wish me in your hut? Why am i here?” she looked to the woman and took a step closer not siting down but having her clawed hand on the back of the chair just in case she needed to jump over it at any moment in time.

Siblis: The glowing eyes shifted up looking at the woman as she tilted her head seeing the claw on the chair, she was indeed tense- why do you hold such guard to and old withering woman like myself? -She then smiled her nasty rotted tooth smile- I am but a harmless old woman looking to make a living -that was far from the truth but she wouldn't let that on. But by her appearance it was very clear that she was not what she said she was- But to answer your question, I feel that you are seeking something.. your soul is seeking something, that I have -she then gestured to her many trinkets about her tent- one of my many items that I have here, is bound to you by fate and destiny. -Was she bluffing? Or was this the truth? Who could tell with a fortune teller-

Anaya: She let out a snort getting rid of some dust that found its way up her nose as her claws dug a tad deeper into the chair then let go a bit. “for i know better then anyone the looks from the outside do not always tell what is going on inside. And what is this thing you wish to sell me?”  her eyes moved over the area as she looked at the things hanging from the walls the trinkets and bottles on the table and the chair covered in dusk just like the shelves. There was nothing really that she could see that she wanted, she already had all this junk at her home, healing mixes and tonics, poisons and more, all of this she already had what here cold she want or as the woman said was bound to her.

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A New Days Dawn
Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Tumblr_m920kv0eNx1rdg6poo1_500

Cold, so very cold. The Storms raged the lands on this day as anaya trudged in the snow to get to her home. As she walked into the town of Valdarens she looked around at the faces that looked at her, the humans that scowled at her with there hate filled eyes and there griped fists. She step lightly her five clawed feet clicking a little with every step. She walked the towns in her true form for she never did feel safe out of her city, walking in her true form was as dangerous as going out in her human skin. As she moved her massive head the scales all over her body took a black blue like shimmer. Anaya was a black western dragon she was a pure blood one of the last left living on this world she had bin tossed to long ago.    Why do they still look at me this way? Is there hate for us still that strong? Why do mother and child still run from my sight? Thoughts ran in her mind as she diped her head to a man selling apples, she wanted something sweet to eat for the long trip home. “Greetings fair man may i buy one of your apples, i am hungry and it would be nice  for the trip home” Anayas voice was harsh as always as it was just how she talked there was nothing agenst the man it was simply how she was to always speak.
“No dragon, I do not sell to your kind” the man almost hissed at her as she lifted her head back up with a light growl that rumbled deep in her gut. How rude it was for the man to not sell to paying customers. She did not say a word only a growls then seeing the Firedor flag behind his stall, she sould have known or seen it sooner. Firedor was the on place still at war with her and the other dragons that lived in her empire she should have seen it and new there was no way a man from there would sell to her even with the fact she could kill him in an intent. Anaya moved her head with a growl and a harsh voice looking back over her lighting humped back and wings gracefully folded down upon it.
“as you say male. But my gold will be going to someone more worth its price. My fire rain in your country and you see what our war will end with” Anaya was always a cruel hateful female, ever since the exile from her home land years ago it was just in her nature. With a snort she walked away as she hears the man yell out from behind her.
“you are nothing  but gutter swine dragon!” the man crossed his arms and went back to his stall. Anayas ears moved as she picks up the sound and in an intent she opened her great 170 foot wings and turns in a flash jumping up with a snarl and crashing down on the mans stall.
“WHAT did you say pathetic low life of a human male”  she snarled loudly as she put her maw filled with dragon sized teeth and a even worse temper  to his face. The man shaking never knowing a dragon of her size could move that fast or be that scarey at this veiw.
“um nothing oh benevolent one. I am sorry for my out burst it was ..rude of me ” the man moved her eyes down not to look into hers he new of the dragons and how it was a death wish to lock gaze with them. Anaya gave a not impressed snort as the sent of acid was not thick on her breath and her eyes had changed to a bright green. Her body now arched and to her shoulder was about 145 feet but at this moment she looked closer to 170.
why do they act this way to us? What did we ever do to them? Will this madness come to an end someday and will we get the respect we have earned for saving them long ago? So many questions so many questions no answer to them. Silence.
Her own thoughts plagued her her mind was not as young as it once was.  She let out a softer sight as her eyes shifted back to there darkness black showing she was calming down. “you are forgiven this time male but do not tempt me again or i will end you like i have others to feel my family ”  Anaya then moved and took an apple from the ground and did not pay for it. She may have bin a royal but rudeness did not make her a happy one. She tossed it into her maw and crushed down making short work of the blissful fruit she did love them from time to time. With a turn of her body she walked away and looked at all the beasts around her, humans, vampire,elf and more everyone so different no one like her anymore, all the pure bloods are gone.
She walked out of the city her claws feeling good not being one stone anymore before her lays the vast forest of Cyprus. Its towering trees even making her look small in there wake. The monsters that lay in there would give even her a run for her life if they wanted to. She opened her wings thinking it is safer to fly over head them walk the woods and to make it better it was getting to afternoon and kind of late for her to be out there was still much to do at home. She pushed off from the ground with her strong muscled back legs and flapped hard getting air born and taking off into the sky.  

It was not long before she spotted her home in the distance. The towering castle and long silver stone walkways that made up her empire, DeLaRose. It was home and she had lived there many many years, with a grunt she flapped down and landed on a stone walk away and started to walk up to her home. With a tap of her claws her body on the stone her body changed and shifted smaller taking on her human like form, sometimes it was just to big to be her true form and at the moment she was safe with in her walls. She let her black scales sink into her body as her tail went with them and her hide become a pale skin tone. Anaya was a flawless human woman in this form she used it most of the time when doing empire affairs and papers that always seemed to get a head of her. Her body nude as she shifted down she walked into her home passing two standing watch guards, they had seen this meny times so it really was no shook to them “good day miss Anaya, looking stunning as always my beloved empress” The guards always put a grin on her face. She walked over to him as she looked to the other one and noded her head to him. Then looking back at the one before her.
”I do hope my garments are still in your holdings Marcus I would hate to see them torn or lost” she grinned her fangs pointing out of her black lips, she always loved to show others the fear she could instill.
“yes my lady they are inside just as you left them , i promise you i would never see your gownd be torn in the slightest. And it always looks so flawless on your body miss i would not want that changed at all”   He gave a smile to try and please her and make her known he was being truthful. He new she had killed guards before and if he messed up he may be on her list of food choices. Anaya nodded her head being pleased as she walked past him her hips swaying with every step as the second guard was not able to keep his eyes from her grace and beauty. Anaya new this very well and as she stepped into the small hutch like building she called back “Guard come assist me in getting my dress on it is hard for my claws have not grown back fully into hands i do not wish to tarnish my silks” the guard right away walked up to his queen with light studded like  breathing, he was nervous , scared even, he new miss Anaya loved to play and this may just be a trap or a truly good thing for him. He picked up the dress and unzipped the back and slowly put it onto her warping it around her as her black eyes gave no glimmer, he was silent. Anaya moved her clawed hands into the arms and she pulled on her imported silken dress being careful not to place a single rip in the lining.  “thank you now go back to your post” she was harsh as always and the man scampered back to his post sweat dripping from his face as Anaya was almost smiling watching him. With a snicker she nodded her head to Marcus in a thank you and made her way to the city of DeLaRose and then to her castle and more then likely to papers and family problems.              

The snow now stinging her skin as she walked into town. Peasants bowed as she pulled the hood up over her face trying to stop the snow from stinging her eyes to badly. She nodded to the passers by and trudged her way to her black and silver wooden doors and pushed them open. She tumbled inside as she got up and laughed a little at her clumsiness. Looking around her halls made her smile, the black and silver walls and a roof tall enough to fit a full drown dragon like her. It was her home and her family’s home.  A large chandelier and a dining hall to match, tables and sofas and a giant water fountain in the centre, her empire banner waving to all that walked in her doors and a light breeze from the windows. There was only one down fall to her halls. The surrounding area to Anaya it was far from a bad thing but it came with its good points and bad points to all others that walked on the grounds. The undead walked the lands in this area and the Lacramosa swamp circles the lands beyond the higher ground that the castle and city stood on. But everyone would have to get used to that as most already had to the residents it was not to much of a shocker. Anaya moved and sat on her throne as she pulled out a stack of papers and tax returns that she has to go over and then send the proper papers back out again. It was a boring at times job, but she did still do it even if it was a pain, she loved her home and what she had made. Even if in legend and tail a black dragon will only bring death to her people if she is ever to rule.


The darkness in the clouds hung low as the mountains look cold with the snow caps upon them. The tress grand and tall reaching up to the heavens above, carrying the scent of pines needles with the wind. The wind howls as it swirls around picking up snow off the mountains and into the valley below. In the villages below most would only see that there were the grand mountains that look as of giants, but oh so very cold and mysterious with the mist that hung low not letting its massive size be seen. The village stretches to the river banks that flowed on out to new realms and dark forests that many did not dare tread into for most who go in never return back to see the light of day. Giggles and laughter echoes in the village as the children play in the snow as the sound of horses nickering could be faintly made out. The clinks of the black smiths forging their weapons or horse shoes could be heard as it echoes around. The heat coming from the homes of the people could be seen as the smell of food flutter through the air. A village far from the other great nations or bordering plains rested at the base of the snowy giants. There were of only three ways to come into the valley and only one would ever be considerable and debatable. That was of the river passage that was guarded by the common name, “the River People.” They carried passengers to and from upon elven ships or smaller boats.
The river passage passes through the crack of two of the grand mountains skirts with the dark forest on each side. The mist rolls over the waters from the giants as they would pass under two grand statues of the Guardians of the land that guarded the scared passage that would connect to the village. The other passage was to go over the treacherous frozen mountains that reach up to the heavens and vanishing from further sight with the mist that hung on them like cloaks. It is said only few have ever gone that path, but history states different. A grand ancient castle ruled over the misty mountains, one that was far grander than any of those times as yet it dates back even farther, but there was no record. There were once of the ancient civilization who worked the pass, but no one dares travel through it due to the conditions and the unknown that remains.

The winds were grate as the snow fell heavier the mist thickening as it rolled down from the mountain over the valley and village below. There was of one other pass, one of pure darkness, one that the shadows ruled over. It was commonly known as the pass of death for the fact that all who enter never return as their bodies would appear on the out skirts of the passage boarding the plains. The black birds always circle and swarm as approaches new comers who enter that plain and pick at the bodies that were around giving the warning. The skeletal remains formed a low wall surrounding what was of the passage as it merges into the utter darkness. The dark forest was massive and was on each side of the river passage and surrounded the other half of the valley as the other side was ruled by the mountains. It is a pass that is never to be considered for so many have died and only legend tells it that of nine passed through the passage and returned to the lands of the living, but again that was of ancient times. In the village a ground of children play upon the dirt road the narrowed to the gate that lay before the dark forest. When standing close it is said one could hear the cries and screams of the ones that died, for their spirit forever remains within that plain forever in the endless suffering of the darkness. The children play with a ball as the kick it around not noticing the mist becoming lower and thicker as a black bird lands above the wooden and stone arch way. Its dark red eyes gaze at them as one of the kicks the ball to hard causing it to pass another child and bounce its way down the path to near the old stone and wood arch. Their eyes all widen as they looked seeing where it rolled to, but it had not entered the pass yet for there was two arches. One that right in front of the dark forest with the skeletons and one a little farther in front of it giving space between the villages valley and the forest where no one would be able to accidentally step into the pass without knowing it more so.

One child nudges the other to go get to the ball, but the stepped back waving its hands in front and shaking their head no. As then another child speaks up telling the one, the one that nudged the other that took a stepped back, daring them to go retrieve the ball. The huffed as the children called the kid a chicken and teased hard. The child looks down the path seeing the fog rolling around as their eyes rose to seeing the black bird resting oh so quietly. The child walked down the path not taking their eyes off the bird as they approached the ball. The little body bends down placing their hands on each side of the ball as a gust of wind lashes out of the forest all the way to the child. The child shielded their eyes as the cloths rustle in the gust. A humming could be heard faintly as almost words could be made out but was not of their language. The snow swirls around as the clouds were dark and gray. In afar lighting strikes the mountain causing a long cracking sound as was of snow slopes off the grand mountain sounding as thunder. The ground started to tremble as shouts from the other children yelling for the one touching the ball to run and come back. The child peeked over its arm looking through the first gait to the other one. The eyes shining a flaming blue as it eyes narrowed as the trembling grew more. It was of a steady beat coming louder and louder as if something was approaching. The black bird let out a screech and spread its wings out to the sides as it flapped, taking off into the sky circling back down and across the path in front of the passage’s gait to the dark forest. The mist so thick making it hard to see as snow still fell around. A clink of mettle flowed with the trimmers on the ground as the sound was louder. The child looks harder trying to see what was ahead.

Great legs of a creature emerge out of the rolling mist from the dark forest. Hot breath could be seen coming from its snout. It runs as can be seen a figure upon its back leaving the pass as the cloak flaps with snaps in the wind as it rides on out in a full run. The child’s eyes widen as it grabs the ball and darts to the side rolling off the path. The creature sides to a stop feet sliding under it causing dirt to fly around in the misty letting out a grunt and whinnies as it reared up onto its back legs. The creature was of a horse. It has a long white main and tail as its coat was pure white as well. The hair was thick especially upon the legs above the hoofs. The rider turns it around as its hoofs land back upon the ground. The armor shimmers in the little light of was what around. The rider looks down to the child clutching the ball as it turns around again the horse prancing in place as it turns letting out another breath of air with its nostrils flared. Its muzzle faded from white to back as around its eyes were black as well blending into the white face. The long main swooped over the side as its eyes held a gentle expression as it calmed standing so still. The rider wore a cloak of blue trimmed in silver and gold while its armor glistens with light. Long snow white hair escaped out from under its helm. There was a feeling of grace around this being that road out of the darkness still caring much light.
The child wonders if it was seeing a ghost. The horse’s nostrils flare once again as the riders hand tightens upon the reins. Glancing back over to rider the child could see the dark bow upon its back and the sword there as well as the one that rests quietly upon the hip. The engraving of a tree could almost be seen upon the armor, but the child could not believe it could be. For that was a symbol not seen any more for that is of the ancient peoples. The rider whispers the language of her people. Her voice was regal as a light much of a star emerges in front of them. As then in that moment with little movement from her to the grand creature they took off once again cloak flapping within the wind. The mist parted in front of them as the road but rolled in trailing right after them as they road on fading in the mist. But as then a great blue crest formed with great hue of blue light. The horse nickers as then jumps into the crest that looks of star burst of a flower, with symbols and ancient writing around the rings. The light soon fades as they vanish with in the crest. The mist reclaiming the surrounding area as the light was completely faded. The child stands holding to ball gazing off in the direction it left. The fog eases as returns back to its depths as the child looks to the other children who looked around in shock and wonder. As now in a far coming out of a giant blue crest the rider reappears. The hoofs beating across the stone path echoes, as the cloak flaps in the wind with the soft giggling sound of the metal as they road on. The horse’s mane and tail sways gently in the wind as they road on down a cold path. The snow fell all around them as the snow resting upon the ground was kicked up with each stride upon the path. The drumming of the hoofs slows as then they come to a stop. The wind whips around as she turns the horse and her around to look behind. Looking out down below to the valley that rested oh so peacefully as the cloak with the mane and tail blow in the wind to the side. They were now high in the mountains once again with the snow falling around. The temperatures were deathly low, too low for any human as then she was not of the human race. They turn back to face the great structures that remained ahead of a newer generation, but glancing up farther up the grate mountain was a home she once knew. She looks back to the one that was in front of their path as then trotted down the path with high strides as then came to a stop with the clicking of the hoofs against the stone path. She slides off the horses back landing on the ground gently with the clink of the armor.

She slides her gloved hand over the horse’s neck and down the reins as she holds them in one hand. She walks forward leading the horse to the newer kingdom passing under its gaits. She looks to her horse friend as leans her head against the middle of its forehead kissing it gently. She whispers softly thank you as she lets the horse go as it turns heading to the stables as she walks up the steps to the kingdom’s doors. Before she enters a white light forms around her as her armor glows brightly. In a shimmering flash it fades away like tiny grains of sand in the wind as then leaving her in blue clothes lined with fur. She pushes the door open and enters leaving the snow swirling around behind her. The portal opens as she steps through the door taking her to the DeLaRose Draconic Empire. The door slides from her hands as it closes with a light thud. Her eyes shine a bright blue green as she softly smiles. Looking around she see’s people as she spoke her voice was so very regal-“Hello” –She walks over to them and bows her head as she smiles and looks up to the one she had yet met before. “I am Arora”
Kayl sat up straighter in her throne as she saw her mother and a new woman walk into the castle. She heard the woman announce who she was. Kayl stood up slowly and smiled as she barely caught the woman’s name. “Hello Mother and pleasure to meet you, Arora,” she said, her smile disappearing as she looked to her mother. “I’ve been hearing rumours... It’s about the humans in Firedour. I heard that they’re preparing to attack us yet again. Is it true or should we be preparing for battle?” Kayl asked, her voice had dropped so the newcomer could not hear her. Kayl looked only slightly worried as she hadn’t practice her fighting much since she had been here. The pale woman stole a look at Arora and nodded in her direction. “I’ll talk to her and see what I can do for her,” Kayl promised her mother, giving her kiss on the cheek. Kayl then waved Arora over to her and Anaya, giving her a smile again. “May I ask what brings you to this kingdom?” Kayl wondered, tilting her head ever so slightly to the left side. Her long reddish-black hair was up in a ponytail for once instead of allowing the curls to just frame her intricate and delicate Elven Vampirac face. Kayl’s fangs showed just ever so slightly when she smiled, which made her look more intimidating than she really was.

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Where Did She Go
Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times R169_457x256_11522_Female_Assassin_WIP_2d_fantasy_character_assassin_girl_woman_picture_image_digital_art

Tsuki had awoken before dawn quite obviously, her eyes pointing to her beloved pressed against her back, his arm slung haphazardly over her waist as he dreamt. She smiled and stared into his sleeping face, her hand rising to run along his cheek bone. She learnt forward, brushing her lips along his temple and rising slowly as to not awaken him. She slipped on the nearest nightgown she could find, enough to sustain her body temperature as she quietly padded about the quarters and readied herself for her trip. The decision to travel on her own had come last minute while his daughter Kila sat on her lap, as she brushed her hair and spoke of loneliness. It was true that she felt as if she had stepped in the way of their relationship not only with her presence, but their imminent marriage and her conceiving their abnormally strong child. It was all happening quickly, she felt as if she truly was butting in and didn’t want to upset her beloved my leaving out of not where, but choosing to out of love and respect for him. He had duties to attend to, and so did she. His were of a family matter, while she had to visit her guild hall and sort through matters previously left unattended. She quietly fiddled to his desk, gripping a quill and ink along a large scroll of papyrus. She began writing a letter addressed to the two of them explaining where she was and that she would return in a few days time, should one of them choose to come and seek her out in the meantime.

Dearest Jeff and Kila
I have decided that my trip to Valendras should take place alone… you Jeff, need to be there for Kila, and your affairs as prince, and I will not stand in the way. As your wife, my jobs to keep you and the family we are creating safe COME FIRST. And therefore I would appreciate you staying in DeLaRose while I complete my affairs in the Quinari Fighters Guild. I shall return in several days time, and should you need me, or are in want of me, I don’t encourage you to find me, but I will not get angry nor will I send you away. I feel as if in some ways I have overstepped my bounds. A few rounds with the guild Master should be enough to whip me back into shape, and remember that you two under my protection FIRST as Royalty. Until I bear the DeLaRose name… I’m just another mercenary. I will return, and I adore you both.
My Life for the DeLaRose


She rolled and stamped the scroll, sealing it with her signet ring and gently placing it on the bed beside Jeff… Her eyes watered as she reminded herself to prepare the blood cordial bottles for him, taking the time to do so as the sun began to rise in the east over the Hammerforge mountain region. She bandaged her wounds, healing taking very little time, as the six rationed bottles glimmered in the morning light. Placing them strategically on a coffee table in plain sight, she knew that it was obvious what it was… she hoped it would be enough to sustain him in the time she was gone. He and Kila should she need it… She knew they would seek her out or use a guard if necessary. A slow soft sigh escaped her as she slowly made her way down the long stone hallways of the DeLaRose castle, her footsteps barely tapping the earth as she made her way to the guard’s quarters and found her pack and armour. Pulling the too tight armour up and on over her breasts she was reminded of her pregnancy, and very nearly turned around to return to bed with her family. Something told her to do otherwise, and readying herself despite the discomfort, she pulled the pack up onto her shoulders and opened the door to the crisp morning air, the sun blinding her eyes as she closed the thick oaken wood and made her way through the oddly brightened sun through the swampy masses. Her wings extended from her back, as she pumped upwards and with sudden surprise as she had to remember how to fly despite the weight pulling her form downwards. The memories clicked as she plummeted to earth, shuddering with fear at the idea of crashing into the earth below with the children she currently bore. With a slow sigh she issued a secondary flap, and pointed towards the shining Market City of Valendras. Heading home to her guild hall, and her father, to set her orders aside for the day she would become a wife and proper mother to a beautiful family.

Kila was out hunting in the early morning light and decided to go see her father and mother. A shadow flew across the ground, momentarily blocking out the sun but she shrugged and brushed it off as one of the dragons. She made her way into her father’s kingdom, talking to herself as she entered through the massive doors, “I really need go to the human realm today, but first I should find out if mommeh is needing anything.” She nodded a couple of times as she made a list of things she needed in her head. Slowly she shut the doors back, the heel of her boots clicked softly against the kingdom’s floor as she made her way down the hallway, “Hello? Anybody awake yet?” She figured one of them should have been up by now, well her mother that is, “Tsuki…Erm... Mommeh?” She walked quickly up the steps toward her parent’s bedchamber after taken the time to search the lower grounds. Kila still wasn’t use to call her mom, but she knew in due time it would come. She quietly turned the doorknob and peeked in their bedroom, “Daddeh, mommeh?” She whispered in a lowered voice just in case they where still sleeping. The young vampire smiled as the familiar scents took her over, her father’s strongest right now but her mother’s still lingered in the air. She titled her head for a moment once she noticed something astray; she could feel her father but not Tsuki’s. Her crimson hues scanned the darken room quickly, picking up anything that might be odd or out of place where they finally landed on the letter. Kila swiftly made her way over to their bed, picked up the letter and preceded to read it silently, “Not good…” Kila mumbled out, she knew how much her father needed her mother at this time, even more so with the baby being due anytime. This was Jeff’s first birth, Kila only became truly his was seemed not so long ago and she knew what each day meant to him, each new experience brought to him. She imaged how he felt the first time he felt the baby kick, seen the baby’s small hand or foot pressed against her mother’s stomach, how each new thing most likely warmed his undead heart. The young girl laid the letter back down then turned and headed back down stairs, she knew her father was going to need her once again; the halls of this castle would once again be haunted by his sorrows and sighs until her mother returned.

-Jeff awoke and blinked, looking to the letter. When he unrolled it and started to read, Jeff Kicked himself for being to busy to take her out on some sort of affair that the humans would call a date. He sighed as he kept reading and shook his head. He was not just royalty; he was a father and a lover. And she was not just another guard; she was his wife to be. He did however respect her choice and stayed behind. Jeff went over to his desk and shook his head. A few days without his beloved, not being able to touch her stomach and wish his child a good marrow, not being able to kiss his lovers lips in the first rise of the sun on the morning’s day. He sighed, taking off his mask and placing a cigarette to his lips. Lighting it softly and looking down. "What the hell....." -He rested his head in his hands and looked to the floor, sending a link with his love's mind. Seeing as they had both bonded, they had a mind link with each other. Their brains were as one. "I am awake my beloved, I wish to see you alive and well in a few days. Tell your guild master that if he hits you in the stomach...I take his head." *Jeff smiled, knowing that he could barley fight his own love let alone her trainer. He shook his head for degrading himself and kept speaking into her mind- "I love you so damn much and I wish you well.....Come home to me safe." *Jeff looked over to the coffee table and spotted the blood. Had she really taken the time to ration out blood for him? Her own sweet nectar? Jeff had the greatest woman in the world and would be damned if he ever let her go. He would give his own life before that of his children or lover.

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times 1337140631599_zpsc8112167

((Order of posts is, Anaya, Amaya (Who will now be NPCed),Jeff, Toni))

Amayas Red hues looked over to Toni as she grinned under her mask, " about we go Zarot hunting now?"
Rising from the sofa Toni began summoning her weaponry "Born ready..."

"Right on! Lets do this!" Amaya said, standing as she lifted her arms into the air and purred under her mask, "I was born ready as well."
Pulling on her leather jacket she zipped it all the way to the top and picked up her Twin katana's, securing them in their sheths under neath her Axe on her back. The weight of them was rather substantial but to Toni it was like carrying a sack of feathers. "After you..."

"No no after you, love." Amaya said as she grinned to Toni as she purred more moving with her over towards the doors of the Empire, "I am soooo kick some Zarot ass!"

Jeff sighed as he walked through the door, tossing a rabbit onto the floor, muttering to himself- "Eat up..." He hated the fact that he couldn't get any food because of the walkers around the forest of Hammerforge.

Replying with simply a nod Toni set off across the room and out the door, the cold air nipped at her ears as she set off into the forest. Her speed soon quickened as her mind zoned in on one thing, blood shed. Feeling with her mind for the life sign of the creature it acted like a homing beacon towards where they headed.

Amaya had soon stepped outside the doors as soon as she had opened them, and then lifted her hands as she clapped them loudly, a swirling portal opening suddenly as she looked to it and grinned, the vibrations opening up this said swirling mass before Toni and Amaya herself, the sounds of thunder echo within it, and the ground shook lightly, "Oooohhhh.....the thought of fighting a Zarot again never" Amaya purred out from under her mask as she awaited for the portal to open fully, revealing the Cyprus Forest before her's and Toni's eyes as she smiled widely under that mask.

Jeff blinked and felt Amaya and Toni's aura. Hopping up into the air and running out the door, teleporting to his friends and blinking "Wha'd I miss?" *Jeff pulled his sword from his sheith and spun it around a bit- "What we killin?"

Grabbing Jeff by the front of his top she held a wild look in her eyes as she hissed "Zarot" before dragging him through the portal into the forest with her.

Soon after she watched Toni dragging Jeff into the portal, she followed in after and giggled, "Wheee!!!! Zarot killing time!!!!"

((Order starts here))

Anaya- The villagers scream as one of the smaller children is pulled into its hold the monstrous beast that is the feared Zarot. The sound of the blood spilling made even the strongest warriors gut clench and turn. A small scared looking slave girl cowered in the corner , this girl seemed untouched and it was almost if the beast was keeping her safe. “master this is not right this not right” she holds her head in her hands as she starts to cry. The Zarot shows no emotion, no feeling, and no thought about the girls tears. It moves and thrashes its long serpent like body as its voice spits a thick black goo with every misplaced and badly spoken word.
“ssssilance no , com , no ” it moves back to the towns people, and it lets it tentacles from its gaping jaws fly out and in-snare its unknown victims. Pulling some into its jaws it feeds from the life force of the living . A blue soul looking life force in the shape of a screaming human woman flowed up from the body and into the beasts forehead as it gave a twisted purr. The beast could sense others coming that are not village people. It turns its head and arches its body and holds up like a cobra readying to strike its next victim. The beast takes its long spider like legs and draws them back into its body now looking like a giant black and orange armored snake. The Zarot readed its self as it hears the child run up to it and them the arms of the girl on its body.
“master no we don’t hurt others remember , only when I hungry” this girl was far from normal she had this sense to her like there was a darkness a curse on this one , why would a Zarot be protecting a small child for no reason , was this child something more , was it a soul trapped away in something smaller. that  would be something others had to find out all on there own.

Amaya- Amaya had soon jumped in through the other side of the portal as she peered around and cracked her neck when she let it lean from left to right, hearing the screams from the villagers within the area as she winced only lightly, and then grunted as she smirked under the mask she wore over the lower portion of her face. The swords upon her back seemed to suddenly quiver heavily, speaking right directly into Amaya's mind as she had sucked in some air through her mask and let it out with a growl, "Jeff, Toni. We have to protect the people! Jeff, you move to the left of the village, Toni, you come with me and we will head off and go to the frontal portion of the village. We need to stop this thing before it decides to destroy more people!" She said loudly, hands raising to draw out those quivering swords upon her back as she had darted forward, praying Toni followed along with her and Jeff went to the left to help in that direction. Amaya called out to Jeff as she ran,
"Meet up in the middle some how! We have to defeat this beast!" She said as she had soon shifted her weight to dart off faster to counter the Zarot that was terrorizing the village, and killing off the innocent people. Amaya already knew one weakness of the Zarot, thankfully, and knew it well from yesterday when she was with Vasar and Ryuu. Fire. One thing Ryuu used against it to scare it off from the forest yesterday when Amaya and the two males were hunting for plants and herbs. Another growl left Amaya as she heard more screams, her eyes suddenly changing into that of a black color, the red vanishing as she grew angered, and worried for the other people who were trying to defend against the beast known as the Zarot.
Toni's feet landed together onto the grass on the other side of the portal, she crouched low to the ground with her face looking straight up to the sky. Her nose twitched as she smelt the blood coming from the nearby village and along with the blood curdling screams she found it hard to disguise the smile which set upon her face. It wasn't that Toni had had no emotions to the well being of the villagers but she always found it hard to calm her passions around such terror and violence, shaking her head sending her long white plait whipping round she let go of Jeff's shirt and rose from the ground. She remained silent as she listened to Amaya, she didn't look to the pair and looked as though she wasn't paying attentions her eyes stayed transfixed on the direction where the pungent smell of death wafted on the breeze. Tasting the air she hissed under her breath, "Got it" before setting off after Amaya and flashing a menacing grin towards Jeff before their paths split "I'll race ya"

Jeff- Jeff  smiled as he heard Toni's words, as well as Amaya's. Jeff sheathed his sword and took off running through the village's left side. Hammerforge was a big city to him and he didn’t know everything like the back of his hand that well. He sighed some as he looked down and blinked "Think...Think..What do I do..." Jeff looked at a burning home, about 2 stories up. Jeff blinked as he just stared to the flames, dancing, flickering. Jeff then looked closer through his baby blue hues toward, what looked liked a child's silhouette. Jeff quickly ran toward the building, placing his foot on the front steps, gripping onto the railing to the steps. He then clipped onto the railing and jumped up, gripping onto the roof and looking at his gloved hand. Jeff sighed as he carefully inched himself toward the window, slamming his hand into the glass and shattering the window. He climbed through the now open hole to the house, smoke pouring from the hole. He looked around and started to cough. He closed his eyes and locked onto the aura of the small child. He gripped it by the arm and screamed
"Come on!" He then picked it up and started to run toward the back of the house, he was just in time, for the foundation of the second story had fallen through, and hit the first story, the house was caving in on itself. Jeff kept running to the back of the second story before the floor boards could sink from under him, Jumping through another window and onto the roof of another house. Jeff blinked as he looked to the child "Are you alright?" Jeff asked her.
"Im okay, My mummy is over there..."
"Shit...Alright..." Jeff gripped the child’s arm and teleported it onto the ground, then teleported himself back onto the roof.
"Thanks mister!"
"Hey, Its what good people do..." Jeff then started running along the roof, jumping over the gaps from house to house. Jeff looked back, just in time to see the house collapse on the ground. He sighed and noticed Amaya and Toni running to the opposite side of him and he Kept running along the roof, aiding them from the other side, drawing his bow and a single arrow from his quiver, smiling gently as he got to the last roof top, he kept running along it and jumped off, doing a roll and popping onto his feet. Jeff kept running until he got to Toni and Amaya
"The left side of the City is clear...Just ran into some trouble..." Jeff blinked as he looked around, hearing the roar of the town folks acknowledge that the prince had saved a little girl, he looked down not wanting those to know he did a good act. trying to look more bad ass
"Where is this fucking thing?" He said as he placed a cigarette in the hole of his mask, taking out a lighter and lighting it. He took a drag and looked around for the massive beast.

Anaya- “Kalista right , no people, bad people , hunggger” it hisses as it lowers its back for the child to get on. This was truly odd, a beast of death and torment caring for a child as if this child ment something to it. Zarots did not even take mates , or even care for there young, what was with this child. The sky’s darken as Kalista layed down on the back of her beast
“ home Zarot” Kalista looks out as her eyes saw much clearer then her dear pet, she spots three others form from a portal “Zarot dispose of them and if not take me home to the wood” Kalista then looked up seeing a male running from building to building , an evil grin came over her face she new he could not hear her just yet she moved and whispered.
“Zarot , put me down I wish to play as well” Kalistas voice was almost a coo like tone as she rubbed her beloveds head. She moves and holds on to her beast as the monster lets out a ear splitting screech and charges for the new ones. Its long serpent like body trashed from side to side like an in raged snake, the beasts body was covered in thick armored hide as it had no soft spots that where clearly visible. The Zarot moved down top the ground and lowered its back
“yes Kalisssta” it hissed as she gently got off and ran into a burning building and started to scream as the flames covered her house.
” Help me help!!!” As Kalista was in the building what no one new was under the ground there was a crack in the earth as roots came forth under the ground. Kalista was the forest spirit trapped in the body of a small child, she was the ruler of the dark forest and lands. The beast Zarot was not magic based and was unable to use any magic powers at all. It was a strictly thrash and bash monster and it new how to fight very well , its body to long to get a hold of from any rope like snare trap and far to slick to hold onto with hands. It was still a wonder how the small child was able to hold on for the ride for so long. As the beast thrashed about in aimed its tail for the ones it was able to see , it saw that two of the three people headed to both sides of it and split up. its eyes locked onto the single woman {Amaya} in the center of the squeal with its jaws opening up its tentacles move to lash out and wrap around the woman.

Amaya- Amaya had noted the little girl before she was off her little beast of a pet known as the Zarot as she smirked some, her heightened demon senses gathering what she was saying about wanting to play as well as the Zarot was. She had noted that Jeff had returned to meet up with Toni and Amaya in the middle of the village. Amaya's eyes watched as the little girl seemed to suddenly vanish into a burning building, not sure what she was doing exactly as she grunted when she saw that she was now being charged at, she looked to the beast with her black pools, her run stopping as she eyed the beast coming directly at her now. She had her swords ready for anything, and when she saw it grew much closer and noticed that it had soon opened up its powerful jaws, she looked to the fangs it had firstly, and suddenly she saw what was inside its mouth as she winced a bit, she remembered it from yesterday as her eyes widened and she suddenly prepared herself more. Her mind was on a lot at this point; Jeff, Toni, the little girl she saw running into a building...which clearly was absurd, and she instantly sensed something was very off, "JEFF!" She screamed, stepping backwards as much as possible as she soon seen those tentacles coming off in her direction of her from its mouth as she lifted her blades to swing at the tentacles, in attempts to try to defend herself as best she could against a raging beast before her,
"Something isn't right! Toni, where are you?! I need some help here." Amaya screamed out, gritting her teeth under the mask as she spoke, swinging those blades still to try and fend off those striking tentacles before she'd felt one lash at her roughly, sending her flying back a bit as she flew back several feet onto her back and side a bit as she grunted, and closed one of her black pools as she had tried to get up onto her feet as she panted out under her mask, glaring to the beast in more anger as she suddenly felt darkness start to course through her and around her gradually,
"Still need a bit of help....I am trying to draw out my darkness to help fend it off as well though I am not sure how well it will do against it like Fire..." she said, smirking under her mask.

Toni - As the beast came into view to Toni dug her hard rubber soled boots into the floor, grinding to and abrupt halt. Her eyes darted over the Zarot, watching its movements and looking for any weaknesses in it's armored body. Coming to the conclusion that at the joints where the legs met the body on the underside there was bound to be some breach in its hardened exterior. She also noted the smallish beady eyes, there was nothing guarding them either so with a smirk she drew her twin 7 inch leg daggers from their sheaths set upon her thighs. She did all of this in under 7 seconds, her mind worked very fast when devising a battle strategy. Before moving forward Toni opened her mind to the surrounding area around them, taking into account all of the other life forces and auras in the vicinity. Seeing Jeff approaching from in front of them she lurched forward just as the Zarot turned for Amaya. With full speed she darted off running straight for the beast, her daggers gripped firmly in her palms she jumped into the air wielding them in such a manner that when Amaya was sent flying backwards by one of the mouth tentacles Toni's blade met the long tendril slicing it clean off before she landed back on the ground. She rolled a few times so she was out of range of the other tentacles before she heard Amaya's words about the fire. Inhaling deeply she called out her fire elemental, heating up from her very core flames began to lick her dagger blades and within seconds long whip like jets began seeping out the points. Raising her arms she cracked the fiery whip letting out and obscene cracking nose and yelled
"Come and get me then!!!!" With another arm flick the long whip lashed at the beasts eyes, catching one of them with the very tip and she set off running, leading it away from Amaya.

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Flight was odd for her, she hadn’t done it in such a long time and growing used to the weight hanging over her shoulders she grew anxious that she was pushing herself… She had crossed the bridge several hours earlier, the sun beginning to drop as she slowed her way through Hammerforge. The small town not seeming to notice the strangers presence as she made her way into the tavern to warm herself on her travels.

The oaken bar shifted as she sat down, moving her head onto her palm as the sat on a stool. The connection she had to her lover, shining on her chest as she called to him, the words exiting her mumbled lips as she spoke. “I just reached Hammerforge… I plan on eating and going to their smithy to buy a few tools… I’m safe, haven’t faced any nasties surprisingly, but it’s only a matter of time.” She huffed and looked over her shoulder at several dwarves shying away from her hooded form. She smirked to herself and continued, in a lower tone. “I miss you more then words describe… I’ve wanted to halt my journey and return to you. I am expected however, and cannot thusly justify returning to you as of yet. Keep our daughter safe, and give her a kiss from me… I shall call upon you via this connection again in the coming hours.”

Her room ordered and food picked at, she made her way up into the Taverns Inn and found the solitary room that looked horribly empty despite its warm furnishing. She had just ordered a simple room, but for some reason the owner had given her access to the largest room at hardly the regular price. She had taken it graciously, or what she considered gracefully (a nod and grunt in his direction… perhaps she was learning from her fiancée?) She had entered the room and dropped her pack to the floor, though she didn’t go to the bed. She gripped the hilt of her claymore, driving the point into the thick wood and leaving it standing erect against the ropy wooden floor. She dropped to a sit, resting her aching back against the cold steel of her blade, a deep sigh of sleep drawing over her. Her eyes closed with rest as she remained stiff despite the want to lie back down on the thick bed. She dove into sleep swiftly, dreams brightening colors behind her eyes and sooner then she would have liked waking her to the rays of early morning. She rose from her placement on the floor, looking downwards onto the hilt. A singular spider, a black widow resting on her pommel and waving its legs up into her direction; she stared down into the red wings aligning its back. The odd symbol reminesant of a Black Widow and yet dotting quite clearly the symbol of her beloved father. She reached down and picked the arachnid up on a single digit, the tiny creature digging its fangs into her fingertip. She hisses lowly not dropping the spider to the earth, instead staring at it directly, “Yeah, yeah I get it... Go back to your master, and tell him to keep his hair on.” She walked towards the windowsill, dropping the creature down and watching it scuttle into the smoky morning. She shook her head muttering to herself, “Dammit… I shouldn’t have slept, both Rasu and Father are going to be wondering where I am…”

Burning the midnight oil so to speak, she readied herself and her pack, returning her armor onto her body and debating not wearing it in the slightest. Something stopped her however, and she paused in a daze turning back to a well set up desk and sitting. Her father and teacher could wait another few minutes while she wrote out a letter. She needed to, as poor Kila was left without the blessing of mind contact, and thusly she was left in the dark. She pulled a hawk feather quill free from the ink well, noting the splitting of the tip and releasing a low frustrated growl. The nerve, a bloody useless quill to her, she tried to smooth the split, coating her fingertips with ink and dotting the swollen bite with black. She bit back a scream of frustration, controlling her energies before she blew the desk into tiny splinters. She tossed the feather aside, much like a throwing knife it flew and stuck into the wall in the other side of the room. She, with inky fingers reached into her pack and found her own writing set, a gift from her adopted Granddaughter Hyuna. Smudging the leather bindings ever so slightly she was forced to ignore the blooming along the fresh quill, dipping the tip in the provided inkpot, and smoothing out the beginnings of a letter to her step daughter.

It has occurred to me that it must be awkward to be calling me mother so early, after previously calling me an aunt. I just thought I would write you, and make it clear that
You may call me whatever makes you comfortable, whether that be Mother, or Tsuki or even Auntie, I just want you to be comfortable around me, and truly titles are not something I worry myself with. I am going to send you a bottle home with a familiar… A summoned hawk of my own that I hope reaches your lands before I reach my destination. I provided your father with a rationing of my blood should you need some feel free to try it… I know you prefer it fresh, but it’s the best I can do in the time. I hope you can consider it a veritable gift in my absence, even if you don’t use it the thought was there… Please give your father the love her needs while I am gone… I miss you both so much I can barely think. Feel free to tell your father if you need anything while I am gone… I will be able to pick up a plethora of things while visiting your grandfather, and I’m sure that Jeff will pass the message along.
I love you sweet Kila…
My Life for the DeLaRose

It came to her that perhaps she needed to re-sign as ‘mother’ but frowned. Considering the letters contents it seemed inappropriate. The beams of light shining into the room only made it clearer she needed to get going to Valendras if she was going to make it before the evening came. This meant no breaking for her should she wish to make it on time and gain her fathers favor.

She blew on the ink, drying it sooner then usual and ignoring the fingertip smudges along the edges as she rolled the letter into a scroll. Melting her signet wax along the crease a sufficient amount broke and she pressed her ring into the melted red. The metal signet ring was given to her by her guild master and marked with the similar symbol to her father. The only difference being the scratched pronged tree resting between the wings. That very marking was the same she had on a black card used to call upon her Mercenary services should they be needed. She blew an icy breath to the scalding wax, sealing the letter and walking towards the window where she had dropped her fathers’ message. She concentrated, thinking to one of her more useful summons to grant her swift delivery to her step daughter. Her hawk, materialized in blue crystal, beautiful and coming together as if made from the very frost dotting the grass beneath the tavern. She smiled and stroked the creations head in a fond loving manner, much like she would buff her violin to a shine. She held up her scroll and looked the creature in its blue glassy eyes. “Now I need you to deliver this to Kila. You know who I’m talking about, I’m sure that you can carry this as well…” She reached down into her pack again and withdrew a cordial bottle, slim and green in color as she released the cork and pulled her teeth over the inky mess of her thumb. Unknowingly to her the ink marred her pale flesh near her lip as she drew away and hung the streaming life force over the tiny lipped opening to the bottle. As it became satisfactorily filled she smiled and corked the offering. As she healed the tiny wound with practiced ease, she reached into her pack once more and found a leather thong to tie her message and gift to her familiar’s ankle. The bird cocked it head, and seemingly nodded with understanding eyes, taking flight into the air and disappearing from Tsu’s eyes before she could blink. She was now assured that she would be late and walked towards the door to leave.

It opened before her and she bumped into a portly dwarf female who bore a platter of steaming foods; cheeses, meats and a flower in a tiny vase for effect. With a smile, she hadn’t obviously realized that whoever had stayed the night was actually a female. Rendered without a hood the obvious notion relaxed the stout woman as she bustled in and noted not only the cleanliness of the place but also the feather stuck in the wall a few feet away. She shook her head as she made her way swiftly past Tsuki and set the meal down on a table a few feet away. “Right then, time fer you to eat.” She pointed to a seat and Tsukiko frowned, wincing with a questioning stare at the woman so boldly sitting her down as she continued a slow stride for the door. “Awk… A woman in yer state needs a good breaky. Now sit and have yerself something to eat while I ready tea.” The tone was sharp and somehow dominant as Tsuki bit her lip and knew she was in for a pounding when her father met up with her. He wasn’t one to be left waiting and the notion sent a shiver running up her spine. It occurred to her that the woman noted her affliction and her frown deepened with confusion before submitting and taking the necessary steps to take a seat at the table with the meal she would be forced to eat.

“Aye… Two methinks.” The red headed woman spoke, a smile running over her features, “You can see it in the way you walk. Bless the Scales.” She raised her hands upwards in thanks to the divine dragons above. Tsuki nodded, but didn’t really understand the woman’s meaning as she pulled the knife along some of the meat, stoically taking whatever nutrient she could from the meal lovingly provided, but ignoring the sting of the realms food burning on its way down. Her usual use to aid the pain when offered food was to pour a bottle of blessed water over the provided meal, or have it added to the mix while it was being made. Harmless to all creatures but those in darkness be that vampire, succubi or others, but enough for her to be able to enjoy the digestion of food from a realm from which she was not familiar. She was sure that the food was wonderful, and prepared lovingly, but she could only taste ashes, swallowing swiftly with no relief of water and fighting the burn of unfamiliar meal. It was a reason she didn’t eat often, unless made from her own resources. The discomfort from eating something prepared by another was overwhelming, it was a reason she became so good at preparing meals for all: picky eating and years of practice.

She finished and thanked the woman who offered her tea (which she refused) placing several copper coins on the table for the meal. The woman seems to splutter as Tsuki grabbed her pack and walked out the door of her room, and then the already filling tavern. Slinging the pack up between her shoulder blades moments before her wings jutted out. She took a smooth run up to fly, several paced steps in and pumping the powerful wings with a thunderous boom. She rose and was soon many feet upwards, out of reach of both throwing distance and well aimed arrows .The earth looking tiny beneath her as she began once more the tiresome trip, towards Valendras, ignoring the burning butterflies of anxiety for meeting up tardy with her Father, Kumo.

Flight gave her time to think, time for her to mull over the happenings of the past few weeks. It had all happened so damn fast that her head was spinning, and part of her was longing to turn around and give up on the past life she had been methodically continuing for nearly a century. Valendras was where her father and Guild Master were based; it was far more to her then just a simple placement of a methodical town, neutral to wars between empires. It had been her home, from the early days of braiding and beading for money, to eventual mercenary work.

She had opened the Quinari Guild Hall in the dawn of the blessed city. While it was still growing, it was a well known place for cut throats and vagabonds, now very well known in the world for its expert assassins and mercenaries would go the extra distance for those they were meant to protect. Most, though protecting would give their all, being both shield and decoy in times when their proverbial owners were in need. They valued their honor over their lives. It was what it meant to be Quinari, and they all were trained by that code. Tsukiko had been taught by her father, and though ran the place; she went to him for all. Be that contracts or paperwork. He was truly the gear work behind the well oiled machine.

She had travelled to DeLaRose on a contract, having been hired for protection of the High Prince Jeff. She had bestowed her marking upon him, and bore the bond between them on her chest just beneath the skin. She was more then just his protection, and she would die for him should that be her quest. Anything to keep him safe… But she had gone against the one very important rule that was taught first, and had been pounded in her head from both the times above to her fall.

Never Fall in Love with your Charge.

It had been simple, from friendly joking back and forth to eventual flirting and stolen kisses that she would treasure. Their first night together where he had claimed her virginity would be one that would forever burn in her head. Their whispers shared as they rest in his bed and trying to keep their love secret from the all seeing eye of Anaya… It had been too much, and she had nearly returned home and replaced herself with another. It wasn’t until he had resigned himself and truly spoken of his devotion that she had promised herself to him and they had begun a true open relationship. It was true in the small time they had had together he had proposed, and she bore the ring of DeLaRose… Soon to become his wife she had taken on Kila in the place as a MOTHER rather then just an aunt (as she had been called) and was baffled to discover she was to be expecting a miraculous child of extreme strength. Two names chosen, should it be male or female, Slayte Evander DeLaRose, or Karmin Rayne DeLaRose… She wandered anxiously, prepared for the arrival but terrified by the possibility of losing the schedule she had in place. What kind of life would she live once she became royalty? What would her life be like? Would she be able to please her husband and reach her expectations?

She was used to people being wary of her presence, not being able to really understand her gruff exterior, but those who knew her, found her to be sweet mannered and altogether shy. She was strong, but she hid behind the armor she wore, and the fact that Jeff was slowly picking away at her exterior and exposing the sweet underbelly that she really was left her feeling soft and vulnerable.

Her thoughts were broken as light slowly faded and she at last reached the Great Market City of Valendras. The city gates familiar as she pulled her hood up over her shoulders and head. The few yards away from the entrance to the city she folded her wings, materializing them back and giving her the simple appearance of a regular woman. Even in the dark the bright Aquamarine of her hair look simple and brown. She tugged the claymore into view at her back, her face all but hidden beneath the darkness of her hood and the shining bright of her paladin armor slowly shifting to black. Her teeming energy shying forth as she made her presence known to all about that a creature of unimaginable strength was coming home, and was not ready to fool around. The wave of strength was halted by a secondary almost calling out to the first. She smirked, clunking forward under the surprisingly heavy garb, and ignoring the growing strength of her father’s aura calling forward to her. She deemed the time necessary to call upon Jeff, the shining brand beneath her skin shimmering and heating. She mouthed her words as she walked forward, the smoke of night pushing around her ominously as she passed the guard and ignored the teeming shadows behind her.

“I have finally reached Valendras.” She whispered, emotion void in her speech as she kept her head down and ignored the stares about her, scattering several Drow gentleman with a pulse of negative energy. “I can feel Kumo calling to me and he isn’t happy with me. I’m sure it’s because of my tardiness… I can also feel the stares about me. I don’t think I was either in recluse long enough nor gone to the empire long enough to be receiving this reaction…”

She watched the eyes and tried to focus in on several other conversations as she made her way past the cities fountains, the cobble beneath her feet clacking as she made her way over the grounds and past the peals of people watching her with close eyes. The streets were darkened and though she was anxious she anticipated the reactions of people surrounding as she pulled her hood up over her eyes, exposing who she was. The gasps were audible even to the most subtle of people, recognizing nearly instantly who she was.

“She’s the leader of the Quinari Guild…”

“I heard she went to DeLaRose and became a princess.”

“I heard she slept with the Prince and got herself knocked up.”

“Bet she thinks she’s better then us now…”

“Blessed Fang’s, what is she doing here?”

She had to admit the tones of the whispers around her drew her negative energy out more. Her frown deepened and she pulled her shoulders up high. Though technicality all that was said was true, but the hushed negative tones got under her skin more then she could have ever imagined. Pushing on past the wooden buildings surroundings, she followed like a bloodhound to the Quinari Guild Hall, surprised to find it nearly empty, all but the thick energy of her father who greeted her with a spider waiting on the doorframe. The familiar creature was plucked from the door, and ignoring the stinging bite as she entered the warm guild hall and made her way to the stairs to meet with her father.

The relationship they held was interesting to say the least. She truly adored her father, once playing the part of ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.” But as time grew on she slowly became more of a warrior then a princess, being taught and following the lifestyle he set before her. “Tough love, or no love at all.” She sometimes wondered whether he taught her so harshly to make up for the betrayal of her elder twin, choosing to up and walk out on them both in their first few years in the earth realm. She took his odd love in stride, when times came for his support he was a completely different person, his training back in the day of old in all levels of Planes leaving him battle worn and fearless. She hoped in her own way that her father had at least a small soft spot for his little girl still, and she hoped the news of her imminent marriage and the conceiving of his first grandchild would be taken well… He was just as likely to pull her into his arms in a hug, as he was to throw her into a wall… It was all depending on his mood, and already it looked grim.

The wooden interior of her guild hall gleamed with polished smoothness, and she smiled as she noted that it was still in use, despite its emptiness. It left her with the resounding question of WHY her home was near empty, whether the inhabitants left in a hurry or not was up to debate. She chooses to connect her energies, tightly about the sensitive womb in which her child now sat. Just in case her father chose to be particularly nasty, she made sure to shield the energies. A veritable egg of peak strength within her, all ready to meet up with the man sitting in her main quarters. She bit into her lip an dropped her pack and hood, leaving her sword between her shoulders, but having no intent to fight, defenses completely up and glossing over the slowly fading Paladin armor she bore. The dark energies all concentrated on protecting the child within her, what had been her fallen wear was now returned to its platinum state. She knocked gently on the door once, twice and then three times, walking forwards and opening the cherry wood, to stand a few feet from him. “Hello Daddy, long times no see.”

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Anaya- Anaya stands on the top of her fallen temple she has readyed herself in her frighting armour. Hard freezing ran stung her black and the places the armour did not cover. It was coming down hard as the lands had bin slicked with a tick layer of ice, trees slumped over and large ice sickles hanging from there branches the ice and weather seems in just as bad of a mood as the dragon did. Anaya looks on not paying attention to the rain as she moves a claw to itch just under her chest plate.  The shimmering sky plate runs down her back and over the black scales that has just bin washed so still held that bright glossy glow of the newly being cleaned. The plating interlocks covering her chest , underbelly and black as it clicks at her wing joints and covers the edges of them giving her wings a razor finish. As she opens up her wings showing her full 145 foot tall frame and her toppling 231 foot length to tip of her tail. On the end of her tail was not the simple pointed spiked end all are used to but a mace like ball club with 3 foot long poison filled spiked ends. She was in her battle ready suit and she was looking  like the general she always was. With a booming roar she sent out the rallying cry over the lands. The fighters started to come to there leaders call and Anaya spread her wings and jumped from her top and down to the grounds as she powered her head there was a gleam in her eyes that had not bin seen in a long time. “there has bin word of war in the lands the human continent of Firedor is plotting an attack to the end of the winter season. Now it is time for you all to train. For at this point all you are good for is a pissing pot to even human skum. When this rain ends i want to see fighters out of you , or the frozen corpses of the men and woman that wanted to be but fell trying” Anaya lifted her head back up tall and snarled loudly “fighters get in formation, Tortams and there riders in back.

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Beast_by_sandara_zps936566e0

Drakes up on the ledge to ready for air take off, you will be fighting against one another sharpen your claws and ready the cargo pick up we will make you strong today! ” Anaya then walked ahead and stepped over a small fighter as she hears the young draconian male scream as if for his live. Feeling weakness  in her fleet Anaya keeps walking and in one fast move slams her tail into the ground on the male and the screaming is silenced. she lifts the sky plate ball on the end of her tail up in the air as the riddled corpse dripping with bright green Draconian blood hands lifelessly from it. She lets out a great roar and whips it into the air sending it flying into the other fighters “anymore heard screaming or begging it will end in killing the lot of you!! there will be no weakness in this force! ” Anaya growls as she lowers her head down once again and stares at the standing military first wave “now for you lot. You are the first wave , most of you will die but some will fight on and give the second wave a chance to move forth. You are some of the most impotent fighters in this fleet. I do not expect failure for you. We are dragon it is fight or die trying , do not come home if you are not victorious!” “now get to your training” at that Anaya opens her wings the clang of metal on scale rings as she lands back on her perch like a hawk watching for its next meal.
As the fighters ready themselves and put on there gear that had bin laying at there feet the clang of the metal and steel rings out on the grounds. A griffin boy with the name of Chance seems to fight harder then the others as Anaya watched keeping an eye on the young one.  

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Tudyk_Head_Concept___Final_by_ulario_zps82689855

( Kobold) “stupid runt why are you not in the flight troops the draconian fleet is no place for a bird like you” the green biped draconian fighter yelled as he picked up his blade swinging it at the griffins left  wing. (Chance) “cus i cant fucking fly you over grown lizard” the boy yelled as in one fast move he opened his wings and with a turn and a swoosh of his wings the grounds around them went oddly silent. The Draconian male fell to his knees and just toppled over with a grunt (Chance)“ next time talk to a winged beast that has not put on its wing razors yet. Stupid lizard” chance went back to his work setting himself up and placing the rest of his armour on. Lashing his leather and steel back plates and chest plates and then fashioning it tightly to his chest. With a thought in his mind he looked up sky word the ice hitting his beak and face and stinging his eyes then lowering his face back down he went back to doing as he was and shaking his head crest from the water and ice that was forming on it. (Anaya) “that one will be a strong fighter one day, well if he is not to be killed first” she lets out a snort from her cliff top as she simply over sees the evens of her massive force.
All that was seeming to be slowing down was the Tortams and there female riders. All Tortams had female riders. no one new why really but it seemed with a male riders there was more loss and death and temperamental tankers. So to cut down on loss and upset all riders where replaced with woman and the males where moved to the military standing fleet. The Tanker Tortams where being unsteady and tossing there riders left right and centre. The cry of a woman called out from the crowed (Cora) “You stupid beast work right or i will lop off your head then give it to the fucking raptors” she then proceeded to slap the beast across the face looking as if she had broken her hand from the force as the monsters armoured face did not seem to eve feel it at all. The beast lowered its head and oddly let her on (Cora) “good i am glad i made myself clear, hmmm we will made you Numskull cus that is what you are to me ” she then started to shake her hand as it did pain her a lot and it was a matter of fact she did break the bone on the top of her hand in two places. But Cora simply ignored the pain and finished seating and suiting up her Tortam with the  large double barrelled guns that it carried on both sides of its bulk.

  FelisCruentus: "Neh." It was cold. And Wet. A poor day to be designed with the mind of a cat, but when duty called, and that duty was to a dragon, it became very difficult to ignore. From whence the staff Cruentus stayed when not in active presence with it's master, the spirit of Felis that resided within moved into the physical realms at the call of her liege, only to find herself faced with weather conditions almost as hostile as she was sure the enemy was going to be. "Neh." The staff muttered again, slowly twisting until a feminine, feline-esque form appeared around it, naked only but for a moment before a thick, black cloak draped about her figure. "You would think not even dragons would wish to mount an offence in such weather. The sun makes a much better sight for a day one must die." Rubbing at her cheek a little, Felis, the arcane sequencer, smiled a little, having missed her target warp in by a small distance. It did give her time to look over what was there, though outside of the one whom she was contracted to, there was little to draw her interest, and she made the decision to waste no time; if there was to be a fight, spells should be sequenced first, in order to make appropriate use of Felis abilities. "Master Anaya." Felis said softly, having drifted over the battlefield to the location of the black dragon, hovering nearby to her head and dipping in a bow. "Please prepare spells you wish to be sequenced: I can be of little use on the battlefield if I am not properly prepared. Any spell, arcane or draconic in nature, should be compatible with my systems." Felis remained bowed, though she held one arm out to the side, a seeming empty spiral of magical energy coming from her hand, awaiting for any magics her mistress should choose to prepare.

LeonRimasVampinWolf: -Leon the massive lunar dragon slowly flew over the lands of the delarose empire without a sound as his monstrous wings beat the frigid winter air propelling himself forward and upwards into the sky. “I'm coming Anaya...” He would mutter before looking back at his passenger and trusty companion who happened to be Alara who was dressed in a silken robe that was red and white in color with a hood and cloak to keep her warm. Alara was far from the ordinary human and was infact bound to leon as his servant and personal play toy to keep himself and her in peak physical condition. The reason for this was that Leon had taken Alara in as a young child and taught her the arts of dragon shape shifting even though her dragon form was a mere hundred feet tall and fifty feet long. Leon on the other hand was well over six hundred feet tall and three hundred feet in length from muzzle to tail tip as he was well over six millenia old. Even in his old age he was quiet the fighter himself but nigh invincible with his lunar blessed companion at his side. Alara looked up at Leon with fright in her eyes as he ventured higher into the atmosphere before he dove down in a screaming arc over the battlefield that Anaya happened to be watching over thanks to the perforations on his scales designed to instill fear into the victim of his dive bomb. (( think demons wailing a thousand times over. )) He then lowered his wing to allow Alara to scamper down onto the icey ground where she made her way over to Anaya and bowed politely not wanting to incur her wrath. Alara then waited to be acknowledged by Anaya as Leon watched disinterestedly in the warriors of delarose making their preparations as blue smoke coiled from leon's nostrils. He then cast a sidewards glance and slowly stood up onto all fours before padding over to Anaya and perching on the cliff next to her. He then hissed to Alara and lowered his wing again as her eyes began to glow and the snow began to whip into a frenzy as it was falling under the control of Alara who was an expert elementalist. As the snow thickened over the battlefield for a few brief moments Alara stood with her arms wide on Leons head as his wings began to beat and his own eyes glowed. At once Alara leaped forward from Leon's head directly into sight before his head flashed forward and he exhaled one massive gout of swirling rainbow flames indicating that he could add additional effects to the flames before catching Alara in his claw and raising her to his mouth before exhaling for a second time as he gave her one of his other blessing a sword capable of ripping through dragon flesh with ease which alara often used with near perfect form. Leon then opened his mouth wide and placed Alara on his tongue before closing his mouth again to keep her as a nasty surprise to anyone who happened to get close enough. Even though the two where so different they shared many things with each other including their love and that was why leon alone could control Alara when she fell victim to the black rage that was her families bane.-

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Vampirewarrior

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Dragon

EmberNightCunningham: Covering herself with her royal purple hooded cape Ember makes her way through the harsh and damp rain that was beating against her, She stomps through the muddy earth as she sees the castle up ahead of her thinking “a few more steps and I’ll be out of this horrible ran” to herself, although she was dressed for the weather with her red and black huntress clothes under her cape and she was used to weather like this from being on her own the human part of the trinity hybrid made it difficult for her the be fully used to the cold wetness, Her dark eyes glow an orange color under the darkness of her cape seeing that she is now at the castle and breaths a sigh of relief “thank goodness I made it through the weather” She puts her right hand on her blade making sure it was secure on her side as she make her way to where the rest of the group was

JeffAmorFatalle: -In the empire, the prince sat down at his desk, working on the City's taxes once again, for the economy never ceased to slow down. Jeff was marking off various numbers and letters on the paper. His eyes blood shot and almost closed completley, he felt the wave of telepathy wash over his mind, somthing aled his mother and he was going to find out what. She was at the battle grounds, and if she was there, somthing was about to go down. Jeff simply put his pen on the desk and rose from the seat, pushing the chair in after he had gotten up. He calmly looked around before rushing upstairs to his room. The young teenager pulled off his shirt and pants, literally standing in his boxers as he stared at his muscles and his slender frame in the mirror. He then moved is hand to press a brick on the wall, the book case flipped over like somthing out of a frankenstien movie and revieled his armor and swords behind the case. Jeff reached into the case and started to pull his Draconic armor on. The armor was made from discarded scales of his mother, after each one of her battles, she usually dropped atleast one scale. After years of collecting them, he forged his own armor. He felt like the reptilan race his mother was when he wore it. His chainmale pants were thrown on right after his armor. He then sheithed his Claymore and smirked widly as he let his steeltoe boots rest on his feet, a simple cigarette tossed into his mouth after getting ready for battle. He then tossed on his machetes to the side of his pants, resting agasint the chainmale. Jeff looked down and then started to walk downstairs and out the back door. He noticed the Drakes in mothers barn area, oh how conveinent, a barn for dragons. Jeff walked over to his silver drake, Its name was Voheth. Voheth lowered its head for Jeff to be able to climb onto its back, and the make shift saddle that Jeff had made. Once Jeff had done so he let the Drake take a few steps out of the barn and fly up into the air. Jeff took a drag from his cigarette that rested in the drilled hole of his mask as a sigh left his lips along with the smoke in the air. He flew over the Downtown City of DeLaRose and spotted the battle grounds from a distant. Voheth let out a hiss of fury as he noticed his Drake brotheren and the units around, getting ready for battle. Jeff looked down at the moving ground and spoke- "I am getting closer to the truth of Firedor...and I feel like they are the reason behind this..." Jeff noticed his mother and stopped dead in his tracks, thrusting the saddle downwards and dropping toward the ground from the sky at about 70 miles an hour. His drake stopped about 30 feet from his mother and looked to Jeff for confermation that it was okay to leave. Jeff climbed off his friend and looked to him, speaking in the language his mother taught him. "gethrisj sia thurirl, clax stoda sari wer svant. gethrisj spical ekess wer shehad vur thesek svern coi mrith dout voheth, wiap." Jeff then watched his drake take off high into the air as he turned and watched his mother with surprised eyes, eyeing her armor. "Nice Digs, Ma. So...This is the battle for Firedor, nice of you to invite me." Jeff said as he pulled his Claymore and took a drag of his cigarette. "Well...I don't care what you say...I am fighting this battle." Jeff then stood by his mother's side, still surpised at the armor she was wearing. His eyes shifted downward toward his engagment ring. "For Tsuki." Jeff swung his claymore around about 5 times before sticking the blade, right into the dirt and setting his palms on the top of the handle.

Anaya looked at her staff as it was now hovering before her face and she moved her maw out to touch it the sky plate on her body swayed as she moved “today you learn as well, learn the spell Polymorph Any Object 5th level caster spell” Anaya then points to the tree and snarls a little. As Anaya is working with her staff she can hear the sound of her son and she turns her head “staff do the spells and i will give you the next one so you can learn more i have a son to inform of the days events” with a flick of her tail she moves over to spot her son. Anayas armor covered body is  slicked with ice and water and her scales dull with no shine other then the fulse shimmer made from the water. Her body radiates steam as she breaths the air filling with every breath. She truly looks like a force to be messed with. She lowers her maw to her son as the sky plate head peice stays in place held by chain and leather to the back of her head.

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Battle_Dragon_by_kerembeyit

“so i see you found me after all , there has bin word of the Firedor troops coming to face us at the end of the winter season. And yes i had to drag the old fighter armor from the cellar this morning had the slaves clean me and bath me up as well as it to nicely put it on it reminds me of the good old days when i ruled over all the draconian army’s of old and legend, but that was long ago. I take it you will be fighting on your own and seeing you found a nice drake you may be interested in fighting with the flying force they could be in need of you. But it is your choice after all i guess”she then lifted her head up and yelled at her troops as she let out a thundering hiss “ok maggots you have armored up and are not ready to face one another , land fighters may steel meat steel and fight with all you have. If there is no blood on this field i have not trained you right! ” she then with that snarl still strong in her voice sees Leon and his let like woman and looks to him “there is to be war in the lands at the end of winter. The Tortam army needs a captain. Make yourself useful and go see if they are all loaded the gun on both sides of there body’s are tri barrelled and need to be loaded and checked” with a cold shoulder she moves and watches her fleet once more. The griffin fighter Chance was fighting with the draconian fighters as if he was a king , not using a blade at all the boys skill was razor wings and he new how to use them nicely. His fore  legged body jumped and sliced the air with grace and ease making the lizards not look as much a match ((Anaya)) “he will be a good fighter when the time is right” Anaya then looked to the tankers at the back of the ground they seemed to be looking alright but the girl from earlier was having problems with her hand and her beast was acting up again it seemed (Cora) “i give the fuck up with you numskull i am done! You are a stupid monster that i cant right cus i smashed my hand on your face! And it was your fault” she then moved and plopped her backside down beside it and it layed down as well. Anaya growling in the distance watching there would be no weakness on her force , if they did not shape up it may be the end for the both of them. Anaya looked at the one known as Maverick “you flyer get up and clash claws with another do not sit around and do nothing , you are to sharpen your claws and learn to lift the waited drops and cargo”

Felis- "Sequence Confirmed: Polymorph Object, Grade 5, 8 charges stored. Space remaining: 67%." The 'staff's' voice was monotone in speaking this, Felis simply hovering in place during the process, though the energy around her seemed to shift and flow, the spells forming, as if being cast, and simply freezing, stored in the Sequencer's body until they are required for use. With a small smile, the feline-esque woman gives a slight spin, her humanoid form fading to show the shape of the staff at her core, with the orb flickering a deep blue exactly eight times before returning to it's dormant black luster, with the form of the woman solidifying around it again. Felis chose to remain silent, then, as Anaya addressed the others who had arrived, a veritable company of those who were likely to lead in the coming encounter, though Felis would not be sure to what end each would accomplish. "There is additional space for magic, master Anaya. Might I suggest some direct-offensive spells that I may make use of?" Felis smiled again, tilting her head to one side and folding her hands in front of herself, though the odd vortex remained, now focused near her chest, seeming to want to draw in any wayward magical energies that it may.

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff nodded to his mothers words and called his drake back down with a simple telapathic mind link. Within about 5 seconds after he sent out the link, his Drake was next to him on the ground and Jeff was up in the air. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt the wind and freezing rain rip at his face like razer blades and knifes through the thick ice falling from the sky. He kept closing his eyes as he felt the other troops near by. Jeff's eyes lit up a solid red as he looked to them- "My mother wants me to train you all for the battle. Listen to me and me only when It comes to training. In the sky, you need to be silent...Silent." *Jeff reapeated the second time as a way of saying you need to be double the quiet. He was floating mid air on the back of his drake, his winged friend flapped every 2 seconds to keep them afloat whilst Jeff was talking to the members of the air unit. The units stopped dead in there tracks and listened to Jeff. Jeff yelled loudly- "Firedor will not win, they will fall come end of winter. We will not faulter, we will not be obliterated, we will survive, we will win!" *Jeff thrusted his hand into the air, followed by a hearty, warrior cheer of high self esteem. "YEAAAAAAAH!" Screamed the troops, Jeff was pumping them up for the battle to come, knowing that if they were pumpped up, they would fight harder, better, and faster. Jeff looked down at his mother and waited for any type of word that told him what to do, and how to train the troops.

Anaya looked to her staff and lowered her maw down to her “there is a list of spells and magics i know how to cast that i will give to you to learn it will help in my magic being stronger, for now train on your own my weapon there are things i must deal with” she looks out to her fighters some had wounds and had fallen, flayers had landed in heaps scattered over the grounds. Some even looked dead from there fighting and training. She looked to ember “ healer go and help the ones wounded this is enough battle for the day it will carry on when the fighters rest up.” she looks back to the force and yells “enough for the day rest and fix the wounded, and Tortams and riders learn to better control your beasts. You have bin tossed far to much today for my liking!” her voice booms over her grounds as she snarls her body turning to look to the one known as Maverick “you have bin to slow to day flyer learn to act faster and do more in a day, and that was clearly the light cargo i will give you the heavier one next time” she moved down to her battle grounds and walked around looking at the all there on the ground and some bleeding a mess of greens as non has royal blood as she did.  “soon the winter will be over and the summer season will come bringing new life and death to the lands. My son cheers for us we will be strong this day and we will beat the army’s of tomorrow.  The empire of DeLaRose will not fall!!” she looks to her son and smiles at his fighting spirit as she looks around “some of you are stronger then others take that into yourself and train others to be stronger. We fight together and we win together” she then walks to the small griffin boy and with only one thing to say “you did well flyer” shen the simply walks away as he only nods back to his ruler. Anaya walks into the grounds looking back at her son as she lets out a battle roar and opens a armored wing and points to the far east “there is where they lay , there is where we will hit at winters end!! you better be back from your trip by then”

FelisCruentus: "Nnnnn..." Felis nods lightly as Anaya flies off to deal with other tasks, holding her hands to her sides in slight fists with an odd expression on her face, both slightly confused and a little put off. "I don't think... that my mistress understands how a sequencer works." Felis ended her private thoughts with a small shrug, moving to follow behind Anaya silently as the black dragon encouraged, berated, and inspired troops where she could, the staff-turned-woman following close behind her, hovering effortlessly by use of her personal barrier magic. /Oh well.../ Felis thought to herself, alighting on the black dragon's shoulder as Anaya pointed off to the east, resting her chin in one hand. /I guess I'll try to explain better later on... but I at least have some polymorph charges to make use of./ If Anaya had wanted to, the staff's thoughts would have been apparent to the dragon, due to the binding of the contract, but she would otherwise be unheard.

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff smirked back to his mother from behind his mask as he rode Voheth high into the sky. He let out a loud growl as he and Jeff soared past the clouds, the troops following behind. "Pay attention to what I am going to do flyers!" Jeff smirked as he and Voheth when straight up at a 90 degree angle. Going straight at first, then gaining speed and flying straight up, then he tugged on the harness of the Drakes saddle, steering him him to spin whilst flying up. While spinning, he steered the Drake downward, Literally landing behind the troops whom were behind him seconds ago- "Pay attention to your suroundings at all times. When you have multiple enemies about you, do that technice. Fly high into the air and spin, going downward, you will almost, always land behind your enemy. Experienced flyers use this tactic quite a bit." Jeff looked down at the floor as his friend spoke to his mind in English. "Why do you wish to train the flyers when you are going to be going at it alone in the war anyway?" His words hit Jeff's brain within seconds, speaking lightly as the two hovered about 400 feet in the sky, along with the troops. "Because...These riders need all the help they can get." The teenager said as he blinked, looking down as he conjured up a field size target in where the battle field was going to take place- "Another technique you can learn is Shooting your bow from the saddle. Alone, arrows can only hurt one. But all of you together, firing 100 arrows at a time, make a lot of differance." He pulled his bow and an arrow from his quiver, the troops following his movment. He spoke lightly- "Ready! Aim...." *He then looked down to make sure that everyone was out of the way. He smirked as he knew it was clear- "Fire!" Coming down with the freezing rain was about 200 arrows, falling from the sky and into the ground, all of them hitting the feild size target- "Exellent...use these two tactics in the battle." *Jeff then Let Voheth spin again, dropping Jeff from his back. Jeff started to free fall towards the earth, he sheithed his bow and let his telekenetic energy surge through his body, lifting him in the air and making his fall alot less cold on his body. Apon getting closer to the ground, Jeff slid down his mothers back, slowing his fall with his energy and using he scales like a slide, seeing as their Armor was almost the same, it wouldnt hurt him any. He popped to his feet and watched Voheth start to fly back towards the Empire. Jeff looked to his mother and smirked-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked up at her son and noded her head showing him she was proud of him she loved him so very much. she looked to the wothers in the fleet and moves her claw as they limp and walk to there homes back into the building. "they all did well" she looks back and walks back up to her perch and shifts down to her human like form her armore still on her body but her uper body nude and showing in her armor. "we will be ready soon"

JeffAmorFatalle: Jeff growled low as he looked down. "I am ready now mother..." Jeff looked to her staff and then at his own feet. "I am going to The Eternal waters, most likley going to stop in Valendras to see Tsuki. I wont be back for some time..." Jeff had a sad look on his face that implicated that he might not come back

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "jeff i love you" she yelled out into the sky as she hears him "come back home soon i will miss and think about you all the time"

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff looked to his mother and nodded. Whispering gently- "I guess I will....see you in a few weeks." Jeff whispered. "I love you.." He then pulled a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, taking a drag off of the sweet nicotine.

AnayaSinDelaRose: Anaya simply then looked back to her men and went on with what she was doing in clearing up the battle filed. After she was done she thought it was about time for a long bath in her swamp and to get this armor off it was a long time since she had had it on her body and it was about time to get it off.

11Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Empty Re: Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times on Tue Jan 17 2017, 17:23


Training with Kumo had been nothing more then exhausting, sitting down for the first time that day and running her hand over her forehead. The ancient one pushed the straight blade flat on her head in a patting motion, “”Tsu… I think you are pushing yourself to hard… especially in your state.” It was unusual for her father to be benevolent in any way, and she frowned ever so slightly, looking downwards.

“I’m not in any state that I am not used to.” She replied back boldly, pulling away from her commanding officer with a low sigh. “My state as of now with child makes me no different then you as you are at this moment.” She tightened her features, ignoring the growing pant of protest beneath the armor she wore, directly against the sinew of muscle she bore. “We fight, ready your blade.”

It was Kumo’s turn to frown now, the features still and marble-like as they returned to their pale state. It was obvious when the two faced one another head that they were related. Despite the head of aquamarine she bore she seemed the female equal to her strong jawed father. Despite the jewelry adorning her lips and brow she was a thinner version of him in all ways. He continued to stare her down as she made her way towards the adjacent end of the Quinari Arena. Her eyes never shifting from his; taking the first rule he had given her to heart. ‘Never take your eyes off your enemy.’

He pulled his blade downwards, an odd gladiator blade; an obvious trifle from an age passed. Sticking the sharpened blade into the wood, he came forward and pushed himself with frightening unexpected speed. He seemed to leave a mirror image of himself in the thrust forwards breaking the sound barrier with a boom as his foot tapped along the earth to aid in his flight. Tsuki’s eyes caught him in his movement, but not nearly soon enough as before she had time to think his knee connected square with her chest.

The air left her lungs as she was thrown back quickly; casting the iron guard spell upon herself while swiftly draining her energy in the backwards thrust. The womb, ripe with child and yet not convex, it was covered over with the invisible shield of warmth, now impenetrable, no matter the level of violence she should succumb to.

Kumo’s speed granted little time for her spell, regardless of motherly worries overwhelming her concentration and leaving her open. Soon enough they reached the end of the stadium with another unearthly boom. Both unearthly creatures pressing into one another and baring their teeth in fury; hers was from the near ending of the life of her unborn, as surely the infliction of her bodies casting would have left her body in great danger. His was in protest to her state, but also, unexpected weakness and lack of concentration from his only daughter.

His fingers shot up and pressed into the silver socket of her right eye, drawing back while tearing free her eye from its optical nerve. As a single gush of blood shimmered down her face she released a pained shriek of horror. His silver gaze looked down at her as she shakily reached up and gripped the bare socket, the wound secreting blood down her cheek in a stream of foolish looking tears. He held the eyeball of his daughter between thumb and forefinger, grotesquely squeezing the bulb against his callous. “Pay attention Tsukiko… I didn’t train you to be so thoughtless.”

She fought back the string of curses, nearly setting fly to a stream that would surely end with her wounded all the more. She nodded, and released her grip, the fresh air stinging the hole in its placement as she did what her father had moments before. The mirror image of herself sticking about before fading from sight, as she padded upwards along the wall. Increasing her speed fled up and around the room above her fathers head. Her wings flew free from her shoulder blades as she continued to struggle against the curses fighting against her pursed lips.

Her father reacted, rushing to where she would arriving, blaring his fist into a thick flash of lightning and striking downwards into the earth. He was too slow as she landed a second to early and tapping her foot in an obnoxious notion against his neck, pushing him downwards. He landed and went to slide free from under her as she landed and drew her blade. The thick sheen of metal gliding over the claymore in the light as it was produced she drew it up and over her shoulder in a defensive notion as her father shot down with a killing strike to her shoulder. They stood poised as he held his claws fanned and outwards in the stifling silence. They didn’t connect, merely staring into one another’s eyes as they both nodded satisfactorily.

Kumo sighed and drew back, “I don’t want to think of my daughter losing her touch.” He frowned and tossed her eye back to her. “You are growing soft Tsukiko… you should be ashamed of yourself.”

She had caught her eye, being sure not to unleash the pent up screaming of agony within her and crush the orb in the process. She held the pearly bead in her palm and examined it oddly with a cock of her head. Remaining silent to her fathers’ words she turned and slowly trudged from the arena into her shared quarters slamming the door much like an upset teenager would do in a huff. Her armor was shed before she had a time to think, dropping the Fallen garb to her feet with heavy clunks as she struggled silently from the breastplate. It fell as she made her way towards the bathroom, ignoring the dusting as the garb shifted into Nethersands, blowing away under the door until she summoned them to herself once more.

Her father would leave her alone so she could heal, heading into the bath chambers and giving her the peace of mind despite the gaping hole in her face. She walked towards the large mirror, ignoring the heated dribble of the lake of blood pouring onto the darkness of her undergarments. She looked upon herself, the blood sticking her long hair to her face and gathering in a near inky river down her cheek and neck as she glanced down with her one hand, cleansing the eyeball in her hand with a soft mumble of Latin. The healing swiftly began as she forced her eye into place with a thump of her hand. The ball of her palm held the orb in place against her gushing socket while she began concentrating on connecting the sensitive nerves in place. The scream she held in previously bursting forth, echoing through the halls of her home and out into the streets of Verandas.
The unimaginable burn as nerves and veins reconnected making her truly dizzy as the energy exerted in returning the orb in place made her knees weak. Several tense moments passed as though the sound dissipated her mouth still lying agape, while her free eye remained clenched tightly in silent agony. She dropped to her knees along the tile and pressed her hands into the ground as all was reconnected and she struggled to see for an instance. The orb felt unfamiliar as she blinked, trying to adjust placements and sights again. She opened both eyes together, staring into the grout of the floor and releasing a hoarse sob of shock as she was able to properly blur free of the fuzz of sight. Blinking hard she rested her forehead to the ground and ignored the crimson streaming littering along the floor.

She gasped out another sob in pain, nearly dry heaving with pain and surprise as her energy released from its ball around her belly. She gripped it afterwards in a pathetic motion as if her arms could protect the precious life connection between herself and her lover with the motions. She cared not for the sticky stream of congealing blood exiting from her healing socket, nor for the string of mucus travelling down her lower lip as she wailed. Emotion exiting wasn’t something she did often but the idea of her disappointing her father was too much for her to bear. He would leave her with nothing more then a heal able wound but truly shattered pride which she would have to build up once more from its foundations. He was truly cliché in and of himself, a benevolent dictator.

She shook hard as she rose, continuing her childish sobs, that compared to her scream were piteous in comparison. She missed her fiancé, and her families’ empire… She missed her daughter in law, and the world surrounding, nearly two days away from where she stood now. Her hand drew up and over her eyes as she snorted miserably, ignoring the foul burn of her blood entering her nostrils. She missed her brother, wondering how he kept firm in the tough days when Kumo would beat him within an inch of his life, her healing his wounds and leaving her exhausted but him cleared of wounds worse then what she endured now… The energy she once had leaving her faster then ever before, gripping the sink and looking up to her incredibly bloodshot eye in the mirror. Not only was the mucous from her body secreting about in nasty pus, but also leaving her eyeball bruised from his heartless squeezing on the sensitive globe. Her replanting in her head more then likely made it worse. Truly not worrying about that fact despite the ringing headache she bore.

She turned the tap, the waterworks blaring to life beneath her feet, tiles beginning to steam with effort as they always did in her home. She pulled a discarded towel from a bench nearly two feet away, tripping over her feet and fighting the depth perception problem she bound as she returned and gripped the sink harder then ever before. Filling the dampening fabric with scalding water she began the arduous task of ridding her flesh of the crusting red of her blood. Sluggish motions caused her to ride the towel over her chest and neck, the burgundy of blood staining the white terrycloth in the process. As she reached her slowly bruising face, she rubbed ever so slightly softer, needing to not be rough with the purpling flesh surrounding her sore eye.

She finished and leisurely sauntered towards the doorway, each step all the more clear she was swiftly losing energies. A growl escaped her as she walked forward, and into the arms of her father, who gathered her thin form in his arms, and pressed his lips lovingly to her forehead. The kiss was laced with power, energy connecting briefly and sucking what she had free up and out of her body. She slumped into his arms, as her adjusted his hold and held her in an almost bridal fashion as he trudged to their shared quarters on the left end of the guild hall. All was silent as was his request as he walked upwards to the door, taking his time and allowing her to fall into deeper exhaustive sleep.

As he reached her quarters, he pulled her into the bed and returned to his own stash of medical equipment so he could treat the maladies her stubbornness had granted her. Indeed taking her eye out was the only way to truly make her see that she was fighting a losing battle. Though growing soft, he meant she was losing the WANT to kill rather then the ability. She could still fight, and kill… She would have no choice should she want to kill he enemies… But he WANTING to end the lives of her enemies is what was lacking. It disappointed him greatly to see his greatest accomplishment begin to stray from her life’s path for a man…

He cleaned her wounds, his energies cleansing her wounds and beginning the healing around her eyes to prevent infection. As he lovingly pushed gauze over her eye, he began to wind a fresh wrap of cotton to hold the gauze in place, lifting her up and propping her head to his knee as he wrapped. His fingers toyed through the aquamarine of her locks and he paused to lean forward and smell them. So much like his ex mate he prayed for a familiar scent, drawing away sharply at the offending scent of her vampire mate. He halted and gently tugged on her shirt, releasing the bindings over an ice brand and bite, both meant for him. Fighting back a growl of jealous fatherly rage he continued to wrap her wound until it was tight. Leaving a tourniquet that should she gain her proper rest, the wounds would heal. He pumped a thick pulse of energy into her, so she would awake the next morning, leaving herself and his grandchildren to rest within her.

He paused before receding, wondering whether she even knew that she was now so very much like her mother, expecting twins… He brushed the slight swell, noting the vampiric brood deep within her, pulsing and living within her. He was obviously a different kind of vampire… One he had never encountered, creating such interesting mix between creatures… Fallen Vampires. He leant down and pressed his ear to the slowly rising and falling flesh, to listen to the thick heartbeat within her womb. The auras were warm, distinctly male and female. He smiled and pressed an unexpected chaste kiss to her belly. “Evander and Karmin my darling… I think you should name them after your great grandparents.” His voice was soft, and for a moment one could tell he was an angel at one point as he slowly rose and run his pale hand in a caressing movement over her side, tugging the blanket of her bed up and over her sleeping figure.

Tsukiko’s eye had opened in a blur, and she shook with surprise that she had awoken at all. Plagued with nightmares that felt so real, she hardly knew how to differentiate the latter of life and the darkened shadow standing over her caused her to shudder with unexpected terror. She rose, and grabbed beside her bed for her blade which wasn’t there, curling away as the shadow neared and placed an appendage on her blanket covered belly.

“Tsuki, I think its time you awoke.”

The familiar voice of her father soothed her from her unexpected terror and she slowly reclined back into the bed, a sweat permeating her brow as she tried to breathe ever deeper through her nose. The room still swirled about her, and for an instant it was hard to breathe. A secondary shudder ran through her, as slowly the earth stopped its anomalous twirl. She focused, the blur and shadows shifted as she stared directly back into the silvery eyes of her father. For an instance his eyes crinkled with an odd smile, seemingly pleased with her vision.

“Wonderful, seems the two days of rest have done you well…”

She started, only imagining the worry her beloved and family must’ve had in her mental absence. She bit her lip and dared to question, “Two days sir?”

He looked perplexed at the formality, but nodded rising from her side and offering her his hand. He wasn’t a doctor, but he knew it would be difficult for her to recover after such a simple affliction. The loss of blood along with her ‘delicate’ condition would render her relatively useless in battle. Having her walk in the sun would do her body marvels… Perhaps a simple walk through the garden to the forge might do her well. His mind faltered as she slowly, but shakily rose to her feet. Her thin fingernails dug into the fabric of his shirt as she rose properly to a stand. He stood firm for an instance, granting her leverage as they stood still in her quarters, allowing her a moment to rest before heading out and forcing her stubborn eyes open so she had a chance to heal.

She sighed and after several long moments managed a headache ridden nod and a deep breath of air before taking a steady step forward. The step caused her knees to buckle ever so slightly as she managed another and released her grip. A few unsteady steps later she was walking with relative ease up and out of her quarters and to the main hallway.

Kumo guided his shaky daughter upstairs, aiding her simplistic steps until she was confident to walk on her own. They made their way up the wooden steps to the main hall, several hulking Quinari gentleman sitting at the dining tables and conversing. Two men respectfully raised, obviously old members nodding to the two Fallen Leaders they had pledged their lives to. They urged the others to stand, who sheepishly joined them, eyes pointed downward as Tsuki slowly walked past.
Her fingertips graced along the chin of one boy who though thick shoulders was awkwardly hunched forward. She frowned though still having trouble seeing she noted his anxieties immediately and halted before him, her grip not ceasing from his chin as she pushed upwards with a small amount of force.

Much like a drill sergeant before her men, she took a step back and began a steady pace, ever so slightly lopsided with her disability of the moment. Her voice came out clear and strong despite her broken appearance as she turned to her men, all standing with eyes on her, “You are some of this lands finest; trained under the ruling of my father and the illustrious workings of the armies above.” She paused pointing up for effect a she halted, doing a two step before continuing in her pace. “I do not expect to see the finest of Quinari, SLOUCHING and slandering my well worked name with laziness. You will always be firm, be still and silent. Pride and Honor are your names, and you will bare them proudly. Have I made myself clear?” Her voice had slowly risen to an indignant bark or command for her men. They all stood firm but silent, a curt nod from each exclaiming their understanding as she slowly retreated with her silent father from the front doors.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the largest of all the men… In fact she was fairly small, all her energies balancing about her belly, growing ever so subtly convex in shape as she made her way along the pregnancy as planned. It was heading now into her third month, and the small girl was already growing compared to the simple size of a normal woman. She associated the increase in growth with the blood that was held in the child, though many had told her she carried more then one… she refused to believe she was in anyway similar to the mother she had never known. The fact she might share the same fate scared her.

The sunny morning in the city of Valendras brightened her spirits as she stood out in the training yard with her father. His hand once more returned to her mid-back and she cocked her head in his direction in a subtly curious motion. The silk she wore, uncustomary to the heavy armor she usually bore brushed against her marked skin as she stood in the morning breeze. She smiled and looked him over, “You awaken me, and draw me out of the Hall in such a state… Humiliate me in front of my men, and yet I am still perplexed as to why we are out in the first place.” She was joking of course, her fingers once more rising up to her gauze covered eye and noting the thrumming pain in her skull.

“Perhaps I am a bit of a sadist hmm?” He replied earnestly, the slightest beginnings of a chuckle escaping his lips as he winced in the morning light. His hair hung over his eyes as he scanned the beginnings of life through the bustling town, this being the place he deemed perfect for the beginnings of ground life for his children, he knew what she didn’t and was ready to bring her to the Bard’s College to interact with her brother whom she hadn’t seen in nearly a human lifetime. Perhaps the healing of her eye would increase ever more from the interactions with her long lost beloved twin. They walked several yards to the wrought iron fencing surrounding the guild Hall, opening the rickety gate and stepping forth into the cobble street.
The streets already smelled of baking and the fresh burn of molten metal; the blacksmith up hours earlier along with the baker to prepare for the day. The market was setting up its stalls as well as its produce in the stands as they walked slowly down between the buildings. They spoke little, their conversation short as was custom, but his hand never wavering. They walked close to one another and silent as eyes stood over the unearthly beings while on their wander through the illustrious city.

“Where are we headed?” She questioned after several moments of silence between the two of them. She had to raise her voice as the sound of those going about their daily business was overbearing and made it difficult for her small voice to travel.

Kumo had smiled to himself, looking his daughter over, hand protectively pressed against her back moved to rest on her shoulder as the side stepped a gentleman with a large wheel barrow of wheat taking up most of the road. “We’re heading towards the Bard’s College.” She would look up and cock her head, the question obvious in the silence, causing her father to break out in a rare smile. “There’s someone you need to see who resides there.”

His cryptic words drew a frown over her fae like features, marring the bridge piercing she bore. “Care to give me more details?” The walking grew more difficult through the city streets as they headed towards the centre of the market, people bustling left and right, the white noise seemingly deafening in their silence. His smile only grew wider as the tower spire of the building came into view, their travels of nearly ten minutes now slowing down ever more as the day continued forward and the early morning crowd of people both rich and poor exited their homes, and the rented inn’s heading out into the main streets and purchasing their breakfasts before it became to difficult to walk at all.

Several tense minutes later, all to which the overprotective father had to shield his daughter from the bumps of careless people about they arrived. He had stood a good head above the sea of people and keeping a close eye on the snaking crowd so busy with their own lives to concentrate on the upcoming groups of people or their conditions. Reaching the buildings alcove the playing of music could be heard despite the thick oaken door between. All in all despite the cities beauty, the Bard’s College was by far the most well keep building, as well as the second oldest. Based with beautiful stained glass windows and gleaming white tower above, it seemed very much like a place of worship then a home for aspiring musicians.

She had taken a moment to collect her breath and smile up at her mentor and father, silver eye sparkling in the dim light. The bandage was stiff in its placement and didn’t allow for very much movement of her head… Despite her brightest smile it didn’t shift and she teased, nudging her elbow into her his ribs. “You’re acting differently…”

He had cocked his head down to her, himself standing at a lanky 6’7 and her at a mere 5’1. The difference was astounding, and he stroked the breeze blown strands of aqua from their stuck position along her bandage. “Am I?”

“Oddly over protective…” she replied simply, resting her cheek into his palm, and lowering the extremely defensive stance she normally bore. Her right hand rose up to caress his face similar to how he was doing to her. The motion in and of itself was the benign almost as if she was caressing a lover but indeed meant in only a daughterly way. They stayed paused for a moment, hands suspended on one another’s faces… It was a sweet surreal motion in the morning light of Valendras, the light traveling through the oak trees. Kumo looked into his daughter’s eye and saw his late wife, Victoria Valtierre.

Tsukiko and her brother Tsumaru were truly a bane of Kumo’s existence, both his children were the things though hated at first that now kept him going in their long life. Having travelled down to earth settling in the continent of Firedor, in the days of beginning balance he had fallen in love with a human noble. The Valtierre family believed strongly in the dragon leadership, and blessed their life for having granted them a child. Kumo and Victoria were together a little over three months before the unexpected conception of their only children. Though overjoyed, Kumo the Fallen knew the dangers his beloved would face holding a child of such powerful lineage during the pregnancy. They were surprised to learn it was more then one before it was too late. A surge of power during her 34th week caused her to enter early labor, and deliver two incredibly overpowered hybrid babies. Their wings were limp and wet with new life, and each bore the same birthmark their father’s and his ancestors along opposite thighs. Victoria almost without notice, passed away on the bed, having thanked her beloved and closing her eyes. Her final words that were heard by Kumo were ‘Tsukiko and Tsumaru; Children of the Moon… You are my moon…”

In the beginning he had been angry, secluding himself in his misery… The clouding of his eyes was enough indication that though physically he stood before everyone, he was truly miles away held in his own thoughts. For simplicities sake, a wet nurse by the name of Hilda came and looked after the two children. Tsukiko and her brother grew large, and were walking about before their father interacted with them. Knowing very little about the strange man despite he was their father and he was mourning their beloved mother. Victoria had been burned; her ashes mostly scattered, but a small portion of her urn was shared among the three she loved so dearly. Placed in three lockets and sealed so they wouldn’t disappear both Tsukiko and Tsumaru along with their father held a piece of their completion.

Tsumaru had grown angry and resentful, as time had gone by. He looked nothing like his mother, despite the shared hue of their hair, the silver of his eyes glowing in his sockets. He looked like the human portion and thus felt no kinship with his father. But from a young age, young Tsuki as she had been called was noted on looking so very much like the mother she never knew. She strived to pull off her late mother’s appearance, even going so far as to push her wings deep into herself to appear more human. Her father took interest, noting the similarities to his only daughter and holding her close. From the age of three through to fourteen she became the Daddies Girl her father needed. He treated her much like a doll, still locked in the shock of his beloved’s death and never seeming to move forth from that time. But as time grew on, and the twins hit their twentieth year Tsukiko began to physically age more… As was the custom of her species of angel, she knew the time had come with her brother to choose between lives above and take up in the heavens as an angel or to remain on earth with her father and keep up the name of fallen. She and Tsumaru chose to stay under the one condition. The training that could have been obtained through ascent, would be achieved by their elite father teaching them all he knew from when he had been an archangel. They remained on earth, their wings growing black with fallen title and darkness overwhelming their light. The world they had known in the Valtierre manor destroyed itself when the humans rebelled against the Dragon Lords and started the rebellion.

Well known for being Dragon Lover’s within the Firedor lands, the Beast’s of Men Rebellion came and systematically destroyed every known member of the family in every fashion imaginable, devastating the once illustrious name and legacy to the ground. The manor was set ablaze and all that had been once, servant and lord alike was killed. Kumo fought bravely, destroying many men and fleeing from the continent each blessed child in hand. He had no one to turn to and neither did his only kin. Leaving the world they had grown up in and settling instead in the uninhabited land of Valendras. Having been settled and abandoned for the riveting continent of Firedor, small settlements of land had been towed and readied. A home built, and the beginnings of a city placed in the middle of the barren land. It was close to the dangerous forest ground, close to the ancient beginnings of the metal land of Hammerforge and its mountain inhabitants… It was safe, and where the great fallen angel settled with his two children, recovering from human made wounds, and the heartache from the loss of the illustrious family of the Valtierre.

The knowledge that Kumo had to protect both his children from the growing industry of man grew wise… He became afraid for their safety and had to act upon the promise made years previous. Settling in a hall, he created what would become the beginnings of Tsukiko’s Quinari guild. Teaching each child in turn how to fight accordingly, with both hand and weapon alike he remained the merciless Angel he was above. He was harder on his weak son, all the while Tsukiko taking little to no damage as he held back to the she who looked so much like his beloved. Soon Tsumaru grew resentful of his twin, and in the dead of night, disappeared to achieve his dreams of blessed freedom from the wretched life his father had subjected him too. In the time of his disappearance, though she fruitlessly searched for her twin, Tsukiko felt great loss for her elder sibling, their connection seemingly severed by distance.

With that, the training brutality increased, as with Tsukiko’s requests for more… More skills, more strength, more speed. Though half human she had an unknown amount of time left on the world she lived on and she spent her time scouring all she could as people from all around the world began to come and join for the chance to fight against the blue haired hybrid. Kumo pushed for the son he no longer had, and after nearly one hundred years of grueling training and exercise, Tsukiko, battered and bruised from the pampered girl she had been was hardened into a killer, bent on revenge for the death of her family under human ruling. They had worked together in the century, adding to the city of now Valendras and creating the name Quinari, building its reputation from the foundation of nothing and adding to the honor of what had been Victoria’s ideal. The tie between father and daughter was strong… Almost similar to a husband and wife for all they had endured, and though he was hard on her, she knew that he loved her and had her best intentions in mind.

The moved into the building they had been standing in front of for so long, the dappling light between the outdoors and indoors melding for an impossible moment, before both Tsukiko and Kumo’s eyes adjusted to the friendly aura surrounding them, and who Kumo had brought his daughter to see finally came into blessed view. In the far back of the College, standing with makeshift guitar in hand, a semi circle of young students before him stood none other then Tsukiko’s beloved elder brother Tsumaru Tenshi Valtierre whom she hadn’t seen since the day he had disappeared over a century before.

Tsukiko immediately dropped to her knees in shock, her fathers touch not aiding her as she slumped down to the ground, her hands travelling however in the opposite direction to cradle her mouth in shock, having gaped at the sight of him. He hadn’t changed in all the time he was gone, unlike her. Instead he remained tall like his father, lanky and straight shouldered with pride echoing through him in his stride as he rose, and placed his guitar down, a smile similar to his sister’s usual racing over his features. His blue hair hung short over his ears in a feathery style that fell over his neck and eyes, whispering in the wind as he ran forward in a human motion to aid his long lost twin.

Kumo had remained standing, only lowering when his son ran and gripped his sister’s shoulders with worry. Tsumaru’s worry overwhelmed his sense as he shook his sibling hard, only halted by his father’s steady hand. The older gentleman noted the silence in the room, all eyes on his youngest daughter while they tended to her. His thumb elevating her chin and catching her tear filled eye. Beneath the bandage, the shock of her brother and brought her wounded eye to an opening gush of blood. Staining the white of the gauze, drawing the crimson forward during the tearful reuniting so similar to the meeting, bittersweet… It was painful, but cleansing.

“Kikyo…” Tsumaru had murmured her nickname, as she heaved a choked sob of surprise. Her arms flew around his neck, acting so out of character in the moment pulling her twin into her arms and connecting them for the first time in such a regrettable time. The gangling man wrapped his long arms up and around his younger sibling, fingertips brushing through her hair and catching on the wrapping. He gingerly fingered her silky locks in the silence all instruments had been dropped, and forgotten at the teary reunion.

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Kayl sighed and paced back and forth in her room in the upper halls of the DeLaRose empire. She had been in here for hours just admiring what everything looked like. Kayl stopped pacing and walked out of her bedroom, her hair blowing behind her as she moved incredibly quick. She was down the stairs in no time . She made her way to the armory, nibbling on her lower lip piercings. She was nervous and jumpy for some reason today but she couldn’t quite place her finger on why. Kayl soon entered and walked to the middle of the room, looking around. She sighed and ran her long, pale fingers through her reddish-black curls.

Trayvon was walking around when he noticed a blur go around the corner. Curiosity had gotten the best of him for some reason, and he needed to satisfy his curiosities thirst. He followed the shadow into a strange room. He walked in behind what turned out to be a woman. He had never seen this room before, so he began to look around. As he was looking around he managed to catch a glimpse of the woman’s face. He went even more pale than usual when he noticed who the woman was. Now all Trayvon could think to do is make conversation with the girl and hope she didn’t know what he had done. “Hello, milady....” he said softly.
Kayl turned and looked behind her. Her bluish-green eyes widened as she looked to the man. Her heart began to beat loudly as she just stood there and stared at the man. “T-Trayvon?” she asked, stuttering. She seemed flustered as she spoke.

Trayvon had an excited, yet worried smile on his face when she spoke. He knew that she remembered the man from the dream that he had made for her, and he was that man. “Yes, my name is Trayvon, Kayl....” he said quietly. “So you remember than do you?”

Kayl nodded slightly at his question. “I remember... everything,” she mumbled as she slowly walked towards him. She stopped right in front of him and made an attempt to slap his cheek. If he would allow, the slap would connect. If not, she would just continue to stare into his eyes, completely mesmerized. “Is this a dream?” she would ask him as she began to nibble on her lower lip piercings.
He would allow the slap seeing as he felt as though he deserved it. “This is not a dream, but if you wish I can leave.....” he said as he was not sure if she wanted him there now.

Kayl smiled softly and jumped into his arms. “Please don’t leave again... I hated waking up just for the fact that I wasn’t sure if you’d come back...” she said softly, crying softly into his shoulder, if he would catch her.

He caught Kayl as she jumped on him. He wasn’t sure why she was crying, nor did he think the dream would have that big of an impact on her, but he still enjoyed what had transpired. “I’m not going anywhere anytime soon..... Well as far as I plan anyways....”

Kayl climbed off Trayvon and wiped her tears away with her sleeve. “You’re the only person left that I knew before all of this...” she said, frowning. As she frowned, little wrinkles appeared on her forehead. She then raised her eyebrow at him. “How did you find me?” she asked as she returned to nibbling on her lip.
“I don’t know what caused me to come here, after my family was murdered I just started to walk until I found shelter and this was the first place I came across.....” He began feeling more comfortable talking to the people in this place, although she was the only person he had really spoken with.

“Your family was murdered?” she questioned. She began to wonder where he was from if his family had been murdered as well. She stopped nibbling on her lip and ran her long, pale fingers through her lengthy reddish-black curls.
He noticed her start to play with her hair instead of bite her lip. “Yes, they were..... I don’t really like to talk about it....... Are you nervous?” He pointed to her hand that was running through her hair as he spoke.

“I’m always nervous... It kind of happens to me a lot. Now that I can see, everything is a bit intimidating to me... But I’m more nervous today,” she confided as she stopped running her fingers through her hair. She blushed a bright red at the fact that he’d noticed.

“Well you have no need to be nervous...... You seem to be doing well for yourself seeing as your still alive....” he spoke these words softly, as if he was trying to comfort her.
Kayl’s blush disappeared as she began to absentmindedly nibble on her bottom lip once again. “We’re all lucky to be alive...” she replied softly as she took another step closer to him.
“Yes we are, and now that we have more people staying here too we should be more then okay. The people here do know how to fight for themselves don’t they?
As she stepped closer to him he took a deep breath, looking at her with a look of confusion on his face. “ Why do you move closer everytime you speak? Are we not close enough?” Trayvon didn’t like standing so close to people, especially after his village was destroyed and his family was killed off. He feared that anyone to close to him might die like his family did, so he tried to keep himself distanced from others.

Kayl smirked and looked into his eyes. “I apologize...” she mumbled but did not step back. She was unsure of her feelings for this man as of yet. “Are you afraid of something?” she questioned.
“Yes, I am afraid of something, but it is not you....” He looked towards the floor as he spoke to her. He wished he could make her see what he saw, do what he did, and feel what he felt when he witnessed the day that his whole village was taken from him.

Kayl attempted to place her hand on his cheek and raise his head up to look at her. “I am so sorry for what happened...” she said sadly.
As she reached for his face, he pulled away slowly. He did not feel comfortable with her trying to touch him as he recalled the events that happened. “i’m sorry, it’s not that i don’t trust you, it’s just.....” His words trailed off as his facial expression changed to saddened as he was talking.

Kayl knelt down in front of the man and nodded. “I understand. I understand better than you may think,” she added, a frown coming across her pale, sharp features.
“Thank you...... I just cannot trust myself to not do something I would regret when you touch me. I wish these terrorizing memories would just evade my mind for the rest of eternity.” He said with a little more confidence in his voice now. “And why do you kneel, there is a stool there you can sit on.”

Kayl shrugged and stood back up. “I think I am just going to go rest for a bit... I’ve barely slept as of late,” Kayl muttered. “I have a couch in my room if you wish to sleep on something more comfortable than the hard floor...” she added, a mischievous glint in her eyes.
Trayvon noticed the glint in her eyes, but tried to avoid her intent. “I would like that, but I will only be resting on the couch....” he spoke with a heavy emphasis on the word couch; “I’m not in the mood for much of anything so rest sounds nice right now.” He wore a small smile on his face as he finished his sentence.

Kayl smirked and nodded. “Whatever you say...” she said as she turned and began to lead the way to her room. She stopped once and looked back at Trayvon.
As she turned, Trayvon was already standing behind her. “Lead the way, milady....” He spoke softly as he began to feel exhaustion sweep over his body and mind.
Kayl nodded and left the armory. She walked into the hall and up the stairs. Her room came up quickly. She opened the door and walked inside, leaving her door wide open. The young princess then walked over to her bed and jumped into the middle of it.
Trayvon followed as Kayl took the lead. He tried to remember the directions they took to get to her room so he could begin to get a feel for this place. as Kayl flopped onto her bed, Travon laid himself down on the couch and closed his eyes. It was comforting for him to find a friend that he could talk to, and before they left each other in silence Trayvon spoke 6 little words. “ Thank you for talking to me.”
Kayl barely heard his words but smiled nonetheless. “Anytime... Now you really should rest...” she mumbled, yawning and stretching her arms out across her bed. She closed her eyes and soon drifted off into a fitful rest.

Trayvon felt well rested as he sat up on the couch inside of Kayl’s room. He stood up and stretched. He turned to Kayl who was still laying in her bed. He quickly walked to the armory and sat down. He decided that he needed to sit and think about what had transpired earlier. He wasn’t sure how to feel. He was confused, but saddened all at the same time. He was not used to these mixed emotions. He began to bounce his legs as he pondered his thoughts.

Kayl sighed and turned over onto her stomach on her bed. She groaned and rolled off her bed, hitting the carpeted floor with a soft thump. She opened her eyes to see Trayvon quickly leaving. She stood up and followed him. She chuckled. Guess it was back to the armory. She entered and looked at him. “How do you feel now?” she asked, giving him plenty of space.

“Refreshed, thank you for offering me your couch. It is much appreciated and will not be forgotten. How about you, how do you fair milady?” He said softly to Kayl, as he did not want to give away the mixed emotions he was feeling.

Kayl nodded at the man and set her sword, bow, and quiver on the bar. She leapt onto it and sat down, facing Trayvon. “I slept. Not as well as I’d hoped but it was enough,” she said, looking thoughtful.
“Just cherish the fact that you can still sleep. I miss the days when I could sleep, dream, forget. Those days you may still take for granted. I do not wish to see you go through that hell as I did. It is not a nice path to go down, so please, just heed my advice....” he pleaded to Kayl, his eyes as soft as a calm ocean.

“Well, I don’t think you have a stranger invading your dreams then showing up to your home unexpectedly...” she muttered, raising an eyebrow at the man. She leapt off the counter and walked over in front of Trayvon and smiled. “What are you?” she asked. She had a slight idea but wanted him to tell her so she would know for sure.
“I am.....” he paused at the thought of what fear this may instill in this girl; “a monster...... That is all......” He looked to the floor as he spoke, as he could not look her in the eye when he spoke. The questioned had provoked another subject he had wanted to avoid, but he now knew that she may have an idea. The thought of this scared Trayvon immensely. He did not want to scare Kayl away, but he did not want to lie to her either. In the current circumstance, however, he felt that he had gave the proper response to the question for now.
“Your skin is pale... like mine... Do you have fangs, like me?” she said, looking up into his eyes as he was slightly taller than her. She flashed her fangs at him then smirked. “Are you sure you’re a monster?” she asked sweetly.

“You.... you don’t understand.... you do not know what I have had to do to survive up until recently..... I do not look at myself as anything other than just that, a monster....” he said quietly, avoiding her question about the fangs.

Kayl nodded and stood back up. She took her seat back on the counter and looked at the man. “You know... I used to think you were a hero... But now, I’m not so sure. I used to look forward to falling asleep... Only because I knew you’d be there waiting...” she said with a small smile on her face.

“It is..... It is strange for me now. It doesn’t feel right knowing that your sleeping in the same place as me, whether it be this castle or your room. I cannot bring myself to reason on this subject, so I do not do it. I did not expect this to be how I felt if we ever came to meet. So forgive me if I seem a little flustered. He spoke these words with a soft yet firm tone, the mixed emotions now piling up on his mind now. “Forgive me for my tone, milady. I do not mean to raise my voice.”

Kayl just shrugged. “I didn’t think I’d ever be able to meet you. But now, you have slept in my room, on my couch...” she said, nibbling on her bottom lip. “I understand though... But Trayvon, give me a chance. Don’t appear so afraid of this place...”
He looked at her as she nibbled, not knowing what this meant this time. “It is not that I am afraid of this place, or the people in this place. I am afraid of what I may do to somebody else, and all while its happening, not have control over myself. I could either die or kill someone and have no idea, and I do not wish for any of that to happen.....” He said shyly.

Kayl got back off the counter and walked over to the man, all while still nibbling on her lip. “It won’t... You will be fine here. I promise,” she said, raising her hand to place it gently on his cheek.

He still shied away. “I wish it was that easy, but I can’t even trust myself right now, so this is for the best right now.... I’m not saying it will never happen, I’m saying I would feel more comfortable just talking for now. After all, I am REALLY confused right now anyways....” he said with sincerity.

Kayl frowned but nodded. “W-what would you like to talk about?” she stuttered, nibbling on her lip still.

Trayvon thought she looked as though she was going to cry. “I do not mean to offend, that was not my intent at all. I’m sorry if I made you feel that way.”
“You didn’t offend me... I-I don’t know what has come over me. I’ve never felt like THIS before...” she stated, emphasizing “this.” She wasn’t even sure what was going on but she was bound and determined that she was going to have him and he would have her.
“Well the way you stuttered like that just made it seem that way..... I’m sorry, I am not my usual self either...” he said sadly.

Kayl looked at Trayvon with a sad look. “Hey, I’m here for you... We don’t have to do anything...” she said, pouting just a tad at his words.
“But how can I confide in anyone when I cannot even make sense of any of this right now anyways? I can’t figure out what to feel like....” he sounded exasperated and confused as the words left his mouth. His eyes were now going wild as he started to think about everything some more. To the normal eye, one would think that Trayvon was beginning to have a seizure.

Kayl watched him carefully. She placed her hand back onto his cheek and knelt down in front of him.
“Look at me, Trayvon,” she said after she’d stopped nibbling on her lip. “Tell me... what do you see in front of you?”
He looked to Kayl, eyes as blank as a canvas. “I see a castle, and you, myself, this armory.... Why do you asked?” He tilted his head as he spoke these words. If it was not plain that he looked confused earlier, it would definitely be apparent now.

“What do I look like?” she asked, her heart seemingly beating out of her chest.
“A person asking questions, trying to figure out my story. But the thing that has me still guessing is why you are pushing so hard to figure out?”

Kayl rolled her eyes at his answer.
“I want to know because I want to know you... I honestly don’t remember what we did in my dreams,” she said, frowning.
“All I did was place each other into your dream at the same time. What we did was all up to whatever that pretty little brain of yours wanted to dream of.” he said with a smile, his fangs now showing.
Kayl smiled at his words and his fangs.
“Are you a vampire, like me?” she asked, her voice getting higher. She was excited at this point and hadn’t ever felt this much excitement before.
“Well, yes and no. I am a pure blood, however I do not feel that way anymore.....” he said softly, his words coming with a sting to them.
“A pureblood?” she asked, having never heard this term before. She heard the stinging in his voice and frowned. “I didn’t mean that it is exciting to be a vampire. I just meant that it is exciting to meet another one of my kind...” she muttered, looking down at the floor.

“I understand what you meant, just...... Nevermind, I apologize for lowering your mood. And as far as the term “Pure Blood”, I come from a line of vampires, on both sides of my family. Both of my parents were vampires......” A terrified and saddened look fell over Trayvon’s face as he spoke of his parents. He did not like to mention them often.
Kayl looked up at him and nodded. “Do you remember what they looked like?” she asked, trying to keep the conversation lighter. She just hoped he didn’t ask her any questions.
“I.... I do...” He said as he then sprinted to the window to avoid looking at her or coming in contact with him. He could feel a sickening rage burning in his mid-section, and he did not want to harm her.

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The Death Of A Mate and the Hunt that Followed

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Vampire2_zps76f120bd

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya sits on her throne and looks at her word and finishes up the paper and puts it to her lap. as she mumbles “Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred. How did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it? What happened to us? That we now send our children out into the world like we send young men to war, hoping for their safe return but knowing that some will be lost along the way. When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name? Is it your name?”

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember managed to slide herself up to the chair again and leans back taking a deep breath, she had just entered the castle three hours ago and already she was sensing some other stuff even if she was a bit...high tonight from someone bringing in a whole bottle of vodka to cheer some people up- "uuhg"

AnayaSinDeLaRose Anaya lifted her eyes as a glimmer filled them as her neck cracked to the side and her unending hunger shimmered in her eyes it had bin 4 days now. and soon she would snap. the smallest drip of blood , the smallest bit of torn flesh. she wished she longed for it all.

Juleiyaa: -Quietly walking into the empire surrounded by snow she smiles as she would see familiar faces of her new found friends... The hairs on her neck would raise a bit as she feels a bit uneasy theses days... Her green eyes scan the room briefly as she makes her way silently to a throne-

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember sees Anaya siting in her throne with that look in her eyes and gulps thinking that she shouldn't really go over to her like she usually would, she decides to slide off her chair and crawl behind one of the poles just in case she looses it and mumbles- "ahh crap"

Kusakarigama: -Kusa appears in a swift gust of white particles spiralling into the ground around him, dissipating like snowflakes hitting the ground-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: A grin comes to the female dragons face as she licks over her fangs and gets up seeing her mate and gives a devilish bow as she moves her arm and clawed hand to his throne. "come sit my mate. the throne is yours i have a treat for you "

Kusakarigama: -walks calmly besides his beloved, happy to see her after such a long recess without her-
AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moves and with her one hand she moves her fiery red hair from her shoulders as she bends at the waist and takes her claws and runs them up the inside of his leg as she looks at him with her devilishly green eyes. "i have missed you. very much my sweet"

Kusakarigama: -removes his helm and looks to her- I have missed you much as well.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i have not fed since you have left i miss the taste of you" she moves closer to him her full breasts moving up and down with every breath as she moves her one leg to his side and up on his lap on the throne. her one hand pining him to the throne and running up and down his chest over his armour and her other holding on to the throne its self giving her a bracer.

Kusakarigama: -looks to her- In the throne my dear? With your subjects and guests having full vision? -grins devilishly, returning her gaze-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "oh yes something are needed to be seen" she lowers her fangs to his neck a light green tinge to them as she bites her lower lip and breaths softly on his neck. "let me have some"

Kusakarigama: -his member slowly extends from its sheath, prodding against the inside of her lower leg, deftly moving to gently bite on the base of her neck, his free claw firmly grasping her breast-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas eyes flicker as she digs her nails into the throne and presses her fangs to his neck "say i can my mate i am famished then you may take me as you wish. i need some strength to withstand your force and power" Anayas eyes glimmer with that evil she always held. it was nothing really new it just let others know she was thinking.

Kusakarigama: I am forever yours, Anaya -glares into her eyes with a fierce passion- Just as I do with you as you wish, you may do with me.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i know my dear Kusa. forever you will live within my heart" She lets her fangs grow out to full size and sinks them into the side of his neck and shuts her eyes almost feeling bad for what she is doing. she is killing him... acid flows from her fangs and into his very blood stream and flows to his heart as she keeps her fangs in his skin letting it take him from her. as her voice lightly talk in his very mind *goodbye my dear friend Kusa. may our history end with a loving embrace. and one last kiss*

Kusakarigama: -his eyes widen with realization but slowly nods as he feels his body slowly being shut down, his arms reaching around her as he slowly fades away into darkness-

Kusakarigama: -chuckles as he lets out his last words- Well... I knew what I signed up for...

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She holds him in her arms as she takes her fangs from his neck and softly kisses him. and places one glowing blue hand to his chest a light forming in his core. "yes that you did. and you got what you always wanted love with me even only for a short time. forever a king in the arms of his queen"
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EmberNightCunningham: ((d-did she just...))

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya pulled out the soul from the body and opend her own jaws and let it flow into her own body takeing a bit more power to add to her self. "only a memory "

AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((yep she did ))

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember had her mouth covered the whole time she was hidden and made two silent gulping sounds to herself with her eyes half closed feeling as if she was about to faint from what she was smelling right now, she had never seen or heard the queen kill anyone before and feels her hands go numb and she whispers "oh Christ" to herself-

Juleiyaa: - just seeing the events occurring and witnessing with her very own eyes Anayas power her eyes go almost hazy as she leans forward almost in a fetal position.. Holding her chest no her legs and shutting her eyes tightly... "W...What is this feeling.. No no not again." she whispers to herself... She stops for a brief minute wondering if she hears voices in her pretty little head. Jules becomes more confused... almost helpless in a sense..-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya watches as his body turns to only water from the acid and a small imp comes and cleans the mess into a large dumpster like pot . Anaya then got up and walked to her tree letting the mans soul sink into her belly and into a small black box she keeps locked away in her body that now holds 7 souls all adding to the dragons power and lifeline. she ran her claw down her tree "so many memory’s rena. you keep me young" she lets out a laugh and cleans her face.

EmberNightCunningham: -She sees Jule from where she was and tries to get her attention "psst. Jule" -she whispers trying to be as quiet as she could- "over here"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya can hear the girls and gets a grin and then sits in her tree. "it is safe now...kinda "

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember looks from the corner of her eye still smelling the crimson liquids and speaks softly from behind one of the poles- "I wasn't expecting that to happen" -she doesn't show herself because she was kind of nervous to come out of her hiding place-

Juleiyaa: - Keeping her eyes closed tightly and rocking back and forth saying " no... go away..." .... She feels something changing within her body... Yet she is still unable to pin point what is going on. Feeling like she has an enormous amount of strength she cradles herself tighter... Screaming loudly and finally coming to her senses... She looks around unsure of what previously occurred-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "Imp come here!" she called out of no where as the imp with the dumpster ran over to her with the cleaned up body still in the dumpster. he looked at her. Anaya put her hand into the dumpster and pulled out the kings crown and a necklace she made for him and lastly a undieing  bright blue rose. "he never saw it coming himself ember dear" Anayas black eyes shimmered in here sockets as she smiles oddly. she had done the one thing all dragons don’t do. kill there mate that they had picked. "there will be another after him and he will fall the same way. they all fall the same way, and i get sick of them all in time"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "and ember please care to our guest she seems to need assistance"

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember blinks "sheesh and I thought I'd heard it all" she whispers then nods as she quickly darts from her hiding place so fast that anyone would miss her if they blinked, she stops by Jule and kneels beside her-

EmberNightCunningham: "There's no need to be afraid"

Juleiyaa: " Not afraid Ember... just confuse... I feel like I am changing... Changing into something cold... dark... "

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember takes a deep breath- "everyone has a dark side that needs to come out" -she stands up- "yours is trying to do just that"

Juleiyaa: -Shakes her in disbelief-
Juleiyaa: "Oy, Is it supposed to feel like this... Make you so nauseated"

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose AnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya gets up and walks to her moving a still with bloody hand to her and holds out a finger covered in blood and watches her. "see what happiness. when you let it out just that little bit "

Juleiyaa: -Holds her head... chuckling quietly-

EmberNightCunningham: "it's normal when it's your first time" -she turns- "follow me. I'll show you how to embrace it" -she walks over to the front doors-

Juleiyaa: "Aye Anaya I do.. but gosh.. makes a female want to throw up"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moves her hand and licks her fingers and the blood. "see the darker side of this world and see what fun you can have "

AnayaSinDeLaRose "one day i will have you kill your first human and see how you like it"
Juleiyaa: - Standing from the chair she feels a bit woosy.. having to catch herself to keep from falling over... She stands there for a few seconds before gaining her composure she can finally stand to walk as her long legs form a quick stride-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya then snickers licking her fingers and walks back to her tree placeing the kings crown on a tree branch and opening her jaws as that blue rose flows back iside her body for safe keeping.

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember gulps- "yeah. then the party ends when you've had too much fun and end up locked away" -she growls folding her hands- "freaking spoils the moment"

Juleiyaa: " An experience you have endured Ember?"

EmberNightCunningham: -she walks back over to her seat and huffs- "I have. I was kept inside of a temple because of my dark side and they stayed away from me for a while

Juleiyaa: -snorts quietly " Ember Im sure you did just fine girl"-

EmberNightCunningham: "heh. if you only knew" -chuckles at the memory- "I was one crazy girl"
Juleiyaa: - Looks to Anaya making sure she is awake-
Juleiyaa: "Well in the famous words of Ember... We all have a crazy side yours was just trying to come out.."

EmberNightCunningham: -She looks up at the tree and wonders about something- "hmm..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya sat in her tree looking out a window and then slowly walking over to it and placeing a hand to it and looking out over her lands "it is geting dark soon it will be hunting time"

Juleiyaa: -Gulps immediately looking to Anaya "Hunting time?" then tastes a metallic almost bloody taste in her mouth"

EmberNightCunninghamEmberNightCunningham Whisper: -looks to Jule- "that quote was from what I was have seen" -she then fixes her hair because the same two strands were sticking up again- "I guess she still isn't full yet"
EmberNightCunningham: have seen**

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya turns around her green eyes shimmering in the faded light. "yes hunting time. the time where the beasts of the world spill blood and feed at will. a dragon with a mate can not do that for being bound to one person but now that i do not have one i can kill all i wish" she looks back to the outside and into the darkness her eyes being able to see just as well in night as she can in the day "you my child have only seen a little bit of your darkness that rests in your heart. you are more human then monster at this point. when i am monster and no human at all. " she turns back around "do you wish to see the power of a dragon. do you and ember wish to go on a hunt"

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember feels a slight spark in her soul like her inner self was talking to her as her eyes bright up- "oh I would. it's been a long time since I was a huntress and it's time I used my inner beast again"

Juleiyaa: - cocks her head to the side curiously at Anaya... Habing the taste of blood in her mouth she has a slight craving for it... smiling sadistically she lets out an evil laugh to which she has never done before. Slapping her hand over her mouth she seemingly looks shocked to both Ember and Anaya as her eyes immediately widen unsure of what is to come-

AnayaSinDeLaRose Anaya gave a smile as her body cracked to a send and the air around her started to turn a black and green fog "as you wish girls" with an evil laugh her jaws snapped and she arched back up the sound of snapping bones filling the night air. taking her true form she towered over them all a massive 145 foot dragon black with light red on her wings and fan spikes. "get on" she rumbled her voice deep and dark "today we show the taxpayers what happiness to your family when you fail to pay your ruler" she snarled and lowers her back to the bath of them.

Juleiyaa: - screams as an amazingly large dragon appears... "Holy shit" She would say bluntly... she averts her green eyes to Ember-

EmberNightCunningham Whisper: -She does she told and hops on, it's then she starts to change her form as her eyes goe from dark brown to a glowing dark orange color and her hair goes from silky black to a spiky and messy look at the tips and on the back of her hair- "ready when you both are" -she looks at Jule wondering if she is really ready to endure this as she holds out her hand- "don't be scared, this is a lesson"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya holds out a clawed foot to Jule to help her get up if she needed it.

Juleiyaa: - slowly approaches the dragon smiling as it looks evil and very strong... this human girl is but merely amazed... looking to ember she hops upon the dragon with her and holds on for dear life-

EmberNightCunningham: -She helps her up then takes out her crest blade and raises it in the air the same way she did in her old years- "to the hunt we go!" -she points with her other hand straight ahead-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya slowly walks to the doors and lowers her head to fit out of them everything in her home was made for her size as she made her home it made sense for it to fit her true form. she walked outside and looking up into the air she opens her giant 175 foot wing span and looked up into the fky "a dragon can fly faster and stronger then any bird and i am a one of a kind dragon" she then from her back unfolds a second set of wings she has four wings in all and with on jump she takes off into the fky, right up into the darkness letting out a roar nothing could stand in her way when she wanted to be her true self.

Juleiyaa: - For some reason the human girl was not scared but she was enjoying this... She knew she was going to watch someone be killed and the mere thought of that gave her some excitement...some how she knew her innocence what was left of it anyway was slowly fading away.. she felt she was becoming a dark cold blooded monster. She thought of this for most of their ride as she looked into the darkest of skies... The taste of blood is what she was seeking... the thrill of the kill but she dared not to speak this to anyone... She gripped onto Ember tightly for the remaining duration of the ride upon
Anayas back. Anaya would eventually know how truly grateful this girl was to her.. She considered everyone more then friends but a family she has never had.. Intrigued by Anayas wing span she chuckles in a low soft tone await for Anaya to speak.-

EmberNightCunningham: "holy..." -she looks down seeing the castle moving away from them as she moves her messy hair from her face, she feels like her old self again feeling the cool wind blowing against her slightly pale skin, she was glad she was not wearing her cape tonight or else it would have been left behind

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya fly’s in the night sky over the towns below them "here we are girls hunting grounds" the city under them was bright with life and out of the blue Anaya dropped. down down down her nose pointed to the ground and about 20 or so feet from it she opened up her wings and stopped herself dead haul and landed with a BANG and a snarl. the towns people looked at her as she walked into town there was a small shack like building it was a family of an unknown number. now down and hunt. you will be hunting this night. you learn to be who you are this night" she lowers her back and holds out a foot so they both may get down. "show Jule the lust for blood my dear ember let live and feed on the ones that will not do as told to there ruler."

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember nods and jumps down leading the way as she lets out a growling hiss showing her sharp fangs and her blade held out to the left of her charging at whoever gets in her way-

Juleiyaa: - As Anaya descends unto the grounds she grabs a spike hoping not to piss her off but not needing to fall and break a limb. The girl scans about the grounds as the humans scurry. Finding a sharpened dagger simply laying upon the dirt she claims it as her own daring one person to step into her path. For then it was decided she would kill at the first given chance if she was challenged. Chuckling evilly to herself she sneered.. She heard a child’s cry faintly in the distance... the girls eyes suddenly turned a deep crimsoned red as she swiftly turns her head in Anayas direction. Her stomach twists in knots she bends over lightly closing her eyes " Blood.." she murmurs slightly. she will slit a humans throat and drain ever ounce of blood from their body and drink it she decided-

KieranVulpesKurenai: A male in armour would walk up fallowed by an army as he looked to the Dragon and the two with it as he yelled out "Halt!" he looked at the men and gave the signal as they all surrounded them. "Holy...shit...that is a big ass dragon...." he would then yell "attack!"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya smiled as she watched the girls "clean the house girls i will deal with the ones outside " Anaya let out a roar and without warning snot a spray of acid at the coming  guards. the acid would eat anything it touched and the spray was not a blast so it would be hard to dodge. her tail up in the air behind her as she moved it from side to side her body being covered in acid at this point but it did nothing to the dragon. she was not harmed from her own attack. "do not come ageist your own ruler!" she growled out as she let out yet another blast of acid but this time it was a blast that hit one of the far buildings turning it to rubble fast.

KieranVulpesKurenai: Seeing the acid the guards pissed there pants and ran the other what as the leader fell to his knees and cried like a little girl "I am sorry Ma'am please forgive me." he curled up into the fetal position.

AnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya walked over to the leader and looked down to him "take your ass away and get your men and start fixing the homes you have let be broken" she snarled and turned back to the building before her her girls where feeding from.

Juleiyaa: - looking immediately to the man with the army a sick twisted smile reaches across her seemingly beautiful face. looking to the man with her now blood red eyes she speaks softly " Challenging one aren’t you?" Soon after a roaring laughter escapes her evil consumed body... a low growl escapes her.. she sweeps her head to the side seeing a man slap a woman for no mere reason... This would rise the anger within her. Walking to the man and directly looking into his yes... she threatens him " you will remove your hand from her or I will kill you and drink your blood/" the stupid senseless man ignored her command. Grabbing him by his throat lifting him in the air she shakes her head ad chuckles... She hears the woman run off screaming... Bring the knife to the mans throat placing a gash in it hitting his jugular vein.. As the blood spews from his body and sprays all over her she drinks it... and takes much enjoyment from it... his now lifeless body is dropped to the ground as she turns watching Anaya licking the blood from her lips... She then searches for her next victim-

KieranVulpesKurenai: He nodded and ran away to fetch his men and to do his job as he called out "Yes ma'am"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya holds out a claw and grabs Jule and smiles placeing her at her side "we all need to feed my little dark one let ember feed on the others then we will head home for the night."

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember starts breaking the wooden door of the first house she got to hearing screaming from the people inside, she broke down the door after the fourth hit and slowly steps towards them until one stupid man decided it was a good idea to shoot her missing by three hairs which came off, she started to growl as she charged and bit the mans neck with her razor sharp teeth letting him fall to the ground, she sees the rest run for their lives grabbing one by the throught as he tried to escape then breaks it, she goes upstairs, kicks the door down and finishes the rest of the group off cutting them open by their necks with her blade and using her claws to scratch up their faces, she lets out a beastly roar as she leaves to find another house to attack-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to them both as ember came out blood on her body "are we full ?"

Juleiyaa: - Belches extremely loud and then chuckles-

Juleiyaa: " I would say so"

EmberNightCunningham: -After the last house was broken into Ember came back to the others and gives a dark grin to Anaya, she had just attacked and took out another young man and his other three friends that were in the second house and tore them apart with her teeth and her blade along with her sharp nails ,she licks her nails and breaths- "very full. these men needed a good beat down in this town"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "very true. now lets go home and you both can rest you did well today " she lowers down her back once again and outs out her one foot to help them get on if needed.

Juleiyaa: - hops abroad the enormous back of Anaya in her true form and braces for a nice ride home-

EmberNightCunningham: -She gets on ready to go back home and lets out one more howl for the heck of it-

Juleiyaa: -chuckles at Ember silently-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya hears them with joy in her head she lets out a great Draconian roar moving her tail to smash the building to nothing but rubble behind her the mace like tail coming  down with a BANG. she lets out yet another roar louder then the last one as the windows in the closest homes to her shatter and she opens her wings once again and takes off home.

Juleiyaa: - smiles hearing Anayas powerful roar... listening to the glass shatter she snickers... a sadistic happiness fills her body-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: With strong wings she makes it back home and lands once again with a thus but the ride was smoother this time. she lowered her back and let them both off "now inside you go i will be sleeping outside tonight under the stars and Jule there is a room in the upper halls made up for you i know ember can show it to you it is right on the other side from my master bed room and Jeffs and embers are down the hall."

Juleiyaa: - thinks of all the hideous pranks they will pull on each other as she listens to Anaya speak-

EmberNightCunningham: -She jumps off and waits for Jule at the front door before she goes inside to freshen up- "I could use a shower after this"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya smiles and walks out into the yard and lays her bulk down her head looking up at the sky as she watches the world and her land turn the moon bright on her black hide.

Juleiyaa: - Follows Ember as she is shown her room she smiles at Anayas sick twisted integrity-

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times King-Cobra_zpscce6751e
"How did he die?" the little girl asked eyes bright with wonder and intorest. Anaya looked to the child as her eyes glazed over. "i killed my own brother, and he died being crushed by the Cobra"

              AnayaSinDeLaRose :Anaya starts to laugh as she looks up into her mirror as she stands at her desk and talks to herself as her madness starts to show its vile head  “The world where you would go hand in hand with the flower madden is not perfect joy nor happiness or life that is this is because it is not contain perfect sadness nor misery nor death. The moon comes closer to this place then any other only here can true paradise be opened.  The world has bin destroyed and being reborn countless times always being resurrected from the ashes as paradise it has happened before and it will happen again an endless cycle of life and death, -a wicked smile comes to her face as her fangs shimmer on the sides of her black painted lips- the world is a paradise that has bin opened once before but this era is almost at a close once again.”  she brings her face to her desk mirror both her palms on her desk as she looks into her own dead back eyes. “not all humans are born of the dragon here are all so those that started out there existence as the dragon but abandoned there true form and embraced the guys of humanity, why do you think your clan died out leaving you the soul survivor. You have never had a pack . You have always bin the uniquely created dragon” Her voice shifts as if she talks to herself in a different voice  “that is a load of crap and you know it!!” Anaya smashes her desk and mirror in her room turning it to splinters and sent flying around her chambers . “you are all that was ever needed to open paradise“ she looks back to the smashed desk and mirror  ”i was always on my own but if i stayed that way the only thing i would have opened was a world that was meaningless to me.” Anaya then tossed her arms up  and her room cracked the walls giving as the strain was placed on then and with a scream she moved her fingers out her hands glowing red as her walls,bed and all her room cracked and the beg split and turned into nothing but splinters as she turned around only her standing mirror left in on piece in her room.
Her voice gets softer as a black tear runs down her face and hits the floor as she stands in her mess talking to herself as if there are more then one person in her head her madness back and at full force as the loss of her brother has crushed her and made her something she thought was long forgotten . It made her a true monster  “This knowledge has left me in disrepair my fate has fallen and scattered as the peddles of a dieing flower, like the blast from a sad storm it has bin warn down and weathered away. As if to be purified the world will be cased in ice so it can return to the beginning  once more.” “Let me ask you why  did you come to this place it was the flower sent wasn’t it, it is gone now there is no reason for you to stay” Her voice gets smaller as she looks into the mirror  “my brother i can no longer feel your soul”  Anaya takes her claw and with one move she slashes it down her face as she starts to laugh her one blind eye showing a little light in the depths of its endless darkness.  “i will be the monster i want to be , and now i look like it as well” Anaya lets out a roar like scream and she moves her claws and without touching anything the mirror shatters and the glass is sent across her bed room and into her chest,hands and body but the pain is ignored completely and forgotten fast the glass and blood sinks into the carpet blood running down Anayas hand and body as she just sits down in the last chair left in her room and looks at her smashed desk and torn up room around her. As she drops her hands at her side all that seems to come out of her is a twisted giggle and a hint of sadness. What had become of this flawless beast of grace and endless beauty, how much pain did one have to feel to become this way. It was all to much so much pain to bare in her body and soul. How much longer would she be able to live with herself. Anayas light no more her mumbles clear and repeated over and over “my brother my sweet baby brother i can no longer feel your soul. Your heart beats along with mine we are bound in blood and bound in life. Soon my brother i will find you soon i swear to you my brother time will befall  a life of loss to you, as it has me!”  She yells to the sky as the roof has cracked in her furry. In moments there was a rapping at the doors and the door just fell showing who was standing behind it, it was Crome her wargon companion. He stands in the doorway shaking not even he had ever seen her this angered from what it looked like she was not even her self any longer. She was her true self her monster that hides inside her being. (Crome) “we found it miss Anaya we found the portal to outside of this place. (Anaya) “i Wish the vessel i wish to drink its continence” she smiles from ear to ear and without even looking at him she holds out only a clawed hand back to him. “now” she snarls as he moves fast and places a small vile in her fingers it glows blue as she takes it in her fingers. “oh your  memory Suko i found you” she tips her head back and lets the memory flow into her body as she vanishes away with a evil laughter escaping her black painted blood covered lips. She forms standing in front of a pillar she smiles and cracks her head to the side. “tisk tisk what place have i found myself in. this place oh my not bad for the walls, red, the colour of blood. black of night oh yes it is not that bad i do say not to bad at all. i think i may stay. kill some here and there and oh maby eat some of there food make a sandwich or something. i wonder if they have any pets” she giggles and covers her lips with a clawed hand. "did i say that out loud oh what a bother of me"

SukoLurianVentrue:  Suko's eyes would darken as he felt the presence of his sister enter. His eyes would raise towards her as she approached him slowly. Many thoughts would fill his mind during this time, mainly "What the fuck would she want with me now after disowning me?" His body would grow tense as she finally stood before him. His palms would grow wet with presperation as his nerves would be at their peak. The last time he saw his sister was in the DeLaRose Kingdom. A day he would never forget. The day started with him being down, one of his worse depressed days of his life, all he needed was his sister to comfort him, but with her on the prowl of another mate, she failed to realize he would be there. Which made him grow with hate, after being there for her countless times. She indeed took him in after his long journey to the human realm, but he felt back stabbed after that day. His mind would quickly come back to the matter at hand. The matter of why his sister would truly be there. He could see the anger within her eyes, the darkness from which he has only seen a few times, especially when she meant business. Suko would slowly reach for the gauntlets on his arm. The cold metal would sooth his tension as he unsnapped them both letting them both fall to the floor. His demonic blade would soon follow the gauntlets on the ground as he unsnapped the belt which held it in place. Falling to the ground with a 'clunk' his eyes would meet to his sisters once again, as his flames would soon fill his pupils. Breathing in heavily, bringing his body heat to extreme heights, just the slightest touch would bring anyone who didn’t know his heat to incinerate. Only anger could bring him to such a form. As she finally stood in front of him, he would grasp her shoulders tightly lifting her, raising her off the ground. He would speak with much anger, almost growling with every word.
"What the fuck do you want Anaya? Finally noticing that I was gone?" He would chuckle as he threw her to the other side of the room against the wall, causing a deep crack in the wall, keeping her away from any Ventrue that would be in harms way. "No one here shall be harmed. Understand?" He would stand there watching her movements awaiting her next move.

AnayaSinDeLaRose :Anaya flys into the wall and starts to laugh her body already blood covered. She was not one to care for pain it made her happy he new that, it was stupid of him to fight back she would feed form his anger and use it to hold her own power . “oh you are a treat my brother still have that in raged dragons blood in your veins or have you forsaken that as well ” she gets up as her  black eye twitching as a dim light shimmered in the back of its depths. She walked back over to him her one arm broken but as fast as it was to break she snapped the bone back in place her seeded dragons healing kicking in no problem. “my brother oh my baby brother since the day i met you i took you in, trained you, gave you the world, made your dreams come true and held you in my wings keeping you safe from the harms that lay at our door steps. You are my blood my bound and my soul one to keep alive. But now you come here after leaving your family, your own blood!” she snarls loudly her still blood stained skin making the room hold the sent of a dragon. A pure blood a elder monster. She picked up her hand and with a single move she back hands her own brother in the face her black eye shifting and brightening up to a bright red she sent him flying across the room as a dragons force is behind all of her hits.
“I TRUSTED YOU! You betrayed your own blood!and left isis and myself for dead, she is still in slumber for no one knows where she is to be found” she is angered beyond all words and in an instant she shifts to form a giant  357 foot albino monocled cobra and sways from side to side. “family oh family what is in the word my dear brother, it means all for one and one for all for better and worse Family is worth more then marriage! ” her voice soft ends as she starts to move her body around the room blood moving down her form as the overlapping scales click with one another she truly is a sight to be hold. “i loved you adopted you and when i had a moment to do things and took another mate that now lays in his grave you left us to die and fade away to lay in the pits of darkness. Look at me BROTHER LOOK AT ME!!” she lets out a ear spiting hiss as she charges to her brother her giant snake body shifting from side to side and unable to be stopped or grabbed a hold of. If he did she was a black dragon of acid and fire and he would meet one of them soon enough.

She moved in a crescent moon and quickly warped her body around her brother tightly holding him a good 40 feet or so from the ground and his arms to his sides unable to move at all. “give me one good reason i should not rip your intestinal track from your back side and use it as your hangman’s noose ” her voice changed as she was talking to her self again. “tisk tisk oh must it all end in violence , i would hate to be the one to bring the death of a family member” she starts to tighten her coils wrapping and wrapping and bringing him higher up “do you even understand the pain you gave me the heart you ripped from my breathing chest, the still beating heart!” she was outraged and she looked to the others in the room the faces the Innocent faces, mother child father son, she did not care for there safety she did not care for there innocence she would kill her bastardus brother where she had him no problems and she would very much let them watch it all. It was not a trouble for her . She hissed at the other faces that watched her do her job and work. She was not going to kill her own brother , or maby she would it was all up to her not anyone else.  But she was going to make him realize and understand the pain and the wrong he did to her.

SukoLurianVentrue: "I have not forsaken anything, dear sister." -He would chuckle to her. Her slap sending him across the room into the other wall would anger him more. Shrugging it off and standing to his feet the feeling the blood trickle down from his lip, he knew he was unmatched against her power. He watched her transform into something he hasnt seen her transform into before. This somewhat startled him. He watched her move about the room speaking. Every word hit him hard. It hit him in ways that he didnt know existed. "I still love you sister! I felt abandoned, I felt like I didnt matter to anyone here!" With that being said she charged him. Charging faster then anything he has seen. He was motionless as his eyes gazed into hers. She wrapped around him skyrocketing him in the air quickly. He was motionless for her grip was tight. He kept his eyes locked on hers during this whole process. He listened to her speak. Lowering his head knowing that she should just kill him to end this. But, he wanted her to see the sorrow in his eyes. He didnt fight any of what she was doing to him, for his hands and arms were bound. "Anaya, listen to me. I understand that I hurt you and Isis. Believe me, I do. But one thing you dont realize is that you hurt me too. After being here for you, any time you needed me, yet you couldnt return the favor to me. I felt used and still feel that way. Family is more important then anything else, I see that. But how many times have you locked yourself on this roof from the family that cares about you, for your own loses. I may have left, but if you remember." -points to his head- "I have a seal still imprinted in my last life, that will not be broken." -His eyes would lighten up, he could feel his breathes become shorter as his air grew thiner with her grip.- "If you kill me now...I just want you to know I will always love you, I will always care for you. I will always be here for you."-

AnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya tightens more as she brings her mouth down to him her fangs pressing agenst his face her hot breath on his cheek as she talks. “i gave you the world, took you in when you where alone and healed you when you where hurting over the loss of family and friends. You gave me the gift of a light in the darkness and when i was in my room you never came to see if i was alright you never came at all. You left me in the dark and if i did kill you you would have earned it time and time again. I love you i always will but no one walks from my family and leaves me with a broken heart ” Anaya simply tightens to the point her brother cant feel his nody as it is growing cold her eyes fill with sadness and a single tear falls from her black lifeless blind eye.  “i have always cared and loved you as more then a brother you will always be remembered suko as a hero as a fighter as a man” she can feel his bones start to break and snap under the pressure of her forceful body. “i love you Suko”

SukoLurianVentrue: Suko could feel his bones snap within her grip. He could feel the blood rushing to his brain as her grip tightened. Her words would be spoken in the depths of his mind. It seemed as if time stood still. His thoughts went to Kimberly. His love, the one he gave everything up for. He does not regret one bit of anything. Suko's head was building pressure, his face began to change pale. The very blood within his veins was losing oxygen. He would look down and see his love appear. All he could think about was hurting her. Tears would begin to fall down his face as he gazed into her eyes. He couldn’t speak loudly for his air is almost completely empty. His last breath he could only speak four words. "I love you Kimberly" Suko's body would then grow limp. Lifeless, his body would glow black as the shadows escaped his body. His skin began to crack turning pale white once again, for Suko is dead.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya tightened up her grip and crushed what was left of her family, her brother, her suko. "i am sorry my dear brother" she spots the girl and drops her brothers very lifeless body to the ground. "take him and give him a proper grave, before i give him the right of a dragon king and burn him in the snow" she moves and turns her back as she moves her body around in the snow her giant frame a sight to behold. Anaya moved to the body of her brother and looked down at it , she had just killed her own flesh and blood her own brother. the act was truly evil and cruel of her with one more she opened her mouth over the body as she said. "my dear Suko may your afterlife be as blissful as the life we spent together" she let out a blast of acid that was more like a vomit mixed with fire to burn the body to nothing but ash. she sees his soul coming from his body as she opens her jaws and ti flows inside her body giving her another life and another piece to add to the puzzle of power she holds inside her. she looked up sentencing another in her home and moves her large cobra body inside her home lowering her head and folding back in her hood ((the hood on the back of a cobras head)) and simply went inside of her home.

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Chapter Twelve Cromes Change

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Ffxart_18_zpsebeda62b
"Crome is now a monster of fire and rage. a person would be really brave or really stupid to anger him"

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff grunted, staying up in his room, having not left it all day. He sighed and looked down to his violin, wondering, waiting, debating on whether or not to play. Could he? Should he? What was the point? All these mental ghosts were talking to him, leading him, some the right way, some the wrong way. Some wished him to play to instrument, others wanted him to smash it and have it done with. What was his idea, his plan? He couldn’t stay locked away for ever, could he? He was immortal-ish, All he needed was blood to "Survive", Or not have his body shut down, rendering him a helpless piece of breathing body that could do nothing. He stared to the violin and pressed it against his neck, then his fingers on the right frets of each string. Then his bow string, running it across the bottom of the 4 strings, the sound was choppy and terrible, not at all what Jeff could make the violin sound like. This depressed Jeff was not the Jeff everyone loved. Jeff growled loudly before throwing the Violin against the wall, watching it smash into pieces. No, this was not Jeff at all, but a monster of his own self loathing. He sighed some and walked down the stairs, knowing they all heard the crash from upstairs. He sighed some as he slunk to the bar, resting a hand on the frame of the door before walking to his throne, staring to the floor the entire time. He stopped and heard the loud smash of the bar before moving his way to the tree where Crome was, spotting the bleeding- "...Uh...." -He blinked- " I help you with something?"

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: Tsukiko held the broken wood to her chest, a low sad sigh escaping her as she stood in front of the DeLaRose gates, her fingertips stroking over the wood as she slowly drew back to the realization that she knew exactly who she was, who he was who her children were, everything. The memories return when she connected her eyes to his and it drew every ounce of thought from her mind as she realized who and what was happening. The holding over the violin drew a soft sob forward from her heart as she gripped the tailpiece and its broken strings a violent sob wracking through her as from nowhere a guard came and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at him with wide eyes as his own turned down to hers. “Miss Tsukiko… What do you need me to do?” his voice was low and almost embarrassed to see her in such a state. She gripped the broken scroll in her palms, the strings and splinters surrounding her as she shook, hugging the materials to her chest for dear life. “De-Demarius… I just need-…” she held her hands out and looked up to him with imploring eyes. “I need to fix this…” He was thoughtful and looked her over as she stroked over the worn wood and strings. “You’ll have to make a new one… There is no fixing that.” She nodded, “I know, Thank-you. But the strings I need are up in the North…” She glanced to the earth as she bit into her lip. “Steel Spider String… Up with my father and son.” She sighed and gnawed all the more. The guards face curled up slightly to her upset. His frown growing unexpectedly dark as he reached forward and ran his thumb over her jaw line. “I’ll go… I’ll return your son while I am there… There is no reason for your child to be up in the northern continent, away from his mother.” She pressed her cheek into his hand, the comfort of his presence warm and inviting as she whispered to him. “Are you sure?” He nodded, mind made up in an instance to her request. “If you can make the violin, I can provide the other things you need for your quest.” She looks to him with wide eyes. “Thank you Demarius. I appreciate it.” A simplistic reply drew her cheeks to a hue of red. He walked form behind her, and walked towards the gate, her eyes widening, “You’re leaving now?” “Was I supposed to wait?” He replied with a sardonic tone in her direction. The tone irking her slightly and she shook her head, “If you are on your way, be careful…” His eyes softened for an instance before they settled to nothing in the silence. He nodded and turned, and was soon gone from the gate towards the north. Tsuki’s lip caught between her teeth as she headed into town, the gypsy carts with thick planks of wood for sale resting about. She looked back to where Demarius would have stood beside her, despite his swift departure from the Empire. She would miss his company in his mission, which would more then likely last at least a week or two in travel back and forth. The notion of seeing her newborn son for the first time in two weeks was overwhelming. She would write her father a message and by summoned flight send him word. A gypsy overwhelmed her thoughts with speech, her tanned skin smooth and almost luminous in the thin light of breaking morning. She cocked her head curiously, a smile driving over her features as she nodded to the woman’s voice asking her if she was interested in buying morning goods. She asked for carving tools in a leather bound pouch, several blocks of thick maple wood. Their counterparts in spruce, though thinner followed suit, First needing to prepare the wood, the gypsy woman looked her over with all the wood in hand and smiled in an almost sneaky fashion. “That comes altogether to two hundred gold coins.” Tsukiko’s eyes widened, “TWO BLOOD HUNDRED?! Are you MAD? For WOOD?” She nearly dropped her load in her arms to the ground as the gypsy’s eyes sparkled with greed. “Aye… Two hundred coins for such quality wood… The tools are of Hammerforge quality.” The woman’s hands rose awaiting her money pouch, “If you can’t pay we have other methods of you working the payment off.” Tsukiko’s eyes flashed with fury. Her palms twitched at her sides as she drew the small sack of one hundred coins free. She wasn’t getting properly paid for a few das, and she didn’t plan on telling anyone her plan to create this Violin in replacement for him. The wood was heavy in her hands, and the eyes of the gypsy deep into her bearing solace as she debated dropping and going home. Then light, his smile, and pleasure for a creation to his liking by her hands. It was worth whatever grueling endurance she would have to go through. She nodded slightly, “Y-Yeah… Alright. I can work off the hundred… What do you need me to do?”

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome sat at the bar, he was bleeding from his eyes his ears and the back of his head but yet his face looked as always stone cold. it had bin 2 days since he say his sweet Anaya and his heart was worrying for her. even if he new that his hope was lost for his love for the dragon was pointless he still had to try. The beast moved his hand and with a loud bang he thrashed it into the bar snapping the bar in half the wood and steel went flying as one wood shard jammed into his arm, it did not hurt him. Crome pulled the shard out and let his blood drip on the floor but something was odd about his blood it was BRIGHT red not just the same old dark red. he looked at it there on the floor for a moment. he thought, is there something wrong with me, why am i feeling this way. his mind a mess as he got up and walked to the main hall looking at the white oak. it was his and Anayas peace a part of them he and her shared as she took part of him and placed it into the tree when she got him. so even if his body would die his soul would still live on with her. she cared for him dearly but never let it show. Crome took a clawed hand and rested it on the tree and stood there looking at it. meanwhile the luck dragon lay on the roof out fold dreaming of little things and m,aby playing games with her friends ....friend , later.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome looked to him as he gave a light grunt. "Rip the skin and Fur from the back of my head boy and see what is the matter with me."

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: As a dark aura arises from a few feet away of the "DeLaRose Draconic Winter Empire" a swirl of black shadows would move across the ground toward the stairs of the Empire. The swirl suddenly burst and a male would appear, he was wearing all back from the goggles on his head to the boots on his feet. He wore a black jacket littered with chains and barbed wire, a string of rosaries were along his neck though the crosses where inverted and looked to be slightly wore out. He also had a pare of warmers that where attached to his gloves, chains where also wrapped around the warmers on his arms trailing down to the finger tips of his gloves forming a silver "Brass Knuckle" look. He wore a black pair of slacks that led down to his boots, attached to his boots where a red and black set of daggers two sets on each side of the boots. Another set of daggers were set at the crook of his back though they were not multi-colored they were solid black. Above the daggers was a buster blade, it's silver tip lead down to it's black handle, along the side of the buster blade was emborded "Samael" Samael would move his hand up and adjust the spike studded mask upon his face before moving his hand out and gently tapping on the door. After he would do so he would step back and black his hands behind his back staring at the door his orange, yellow, red, and black eyes swirling with madness though he wasn't fully taken over with it.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: Tsukiko returned into the Empire with her eyebrows knit anxiously and arms filled with wood. She walked into the main hall with id from a guard and made her way towards her post with a soft sigh. Dropping her work around her as sat and begin the gradual task of sanding… The wood working tools leading up to their name they processed. She looked up the prince and smiled kindly, a bubble of excitement blossoming in her belly. The sickness of her morning deeds running over her as part of her payment was paid free. Her bit into her lip, and sanded the maple wood with the first of three papers, wanting the finest of work to her offered. She was silent as she sat at her post, wood surrounding her as she noted his conversation with the wargon. She buttoned her lip, and decided to keep silent. Her eyes alert, despite her distraction.

FelisCruentus: "Mnnnnh..." The chamber was mostly shadow, dimly lit by sconces on walls and pillars, though faint light glistened all around; it was the room of the empress' hoard, hidden away from prying eyes and spells, and only known to a certain few. "Nnnn..." The sounds came again, and after a moment, shifting coins clinking and sliding away from each other, as a par of arms, pale, and slender stuck up and out from amidst the piles of wealth and treasure, fingers splayed out as they reached towards the ceiling, shortly followed by a head, black hair cropped tight above the shoulders, and a contented, catlike smile on the owner's face. "I do so love this room..." Her voice was soft, not even loud enough to have reached the walls, if there had been anyone to hear her. The figure in the gold coins stood slowly, completely bare, as coins and silks of the treasure hoard fell off of her body, stretching in the torchlight as she awake, having enjoyed a good, long rest away from the worries of the world. "A hoard fit for an Empress... and a treasure to sit atop it all..." With a few moments of simply staring across the ocean of gold and jewels, the woman lifted her dress, having been tossed aside to lay across a chest earlier, and began to dress herself, humming her soft, dissonant tune as she did so. With a wave of her hand, and the other fastening her gloves into place, a gate opened, and in the swirling darkness, a little more light poured forth, until the feline-eqsque woman stepped through, and darkness fell again on the treasures of the DeLaRose...

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff blinked a bit, staring to the floor before walking to the back of Crome, sighing softly for a bit before gripping the Fur with a hand of fingers, gripping the hair from the Wargon before closing his eyes tightly- "If you wish..." -Jeff then yanked his arm back, feeling the flesh from the beast rip free from the scalp. A sickening rip was heard throughout the empire before he turned his attention toward Tsuki, a brow raised and a light smile appeared from behind his mask. He scratched his head as blood and clots of blood ran down his hands before he looked down with a disgusted face and dropped the patch of skin and fur from his hand, looking up at Crome-

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: “Son of a bitch.” She gasped to the sound, dropping her work and walking to Jeff and the creature with a “What the FUCK are you doing?” It was illegal for her to harm her charge as she walked forth and poised her hand to his shoulder, drawing back and shaking her head form side to side. “Sir, that was UNNECESSARY and you know it.” She ignored the blood dripping into a puddle about their feet as she backed away, the eyes settling to his clot coated hand. “Fuck…-“

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: Samael would tsk and shake his head as he wasn't the best of waiters, he would lift his hand up and make a fist with it slamming it into the door loudly making a loud knocking noise as he did so, he would adjust the mask upon his face once more sighing to himself softly. He would take a step back again placing his hands back behind his back.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome moved his clawed hand over the back of his now bloody skull he did not feel the pain of the rip it did sting a bit but he would not class that as pain. pain was getting a leg or arm ripped off but this, this was far from pain. he ran long claws over horns that were now getting longer. "something is changing" he gave a light grunt . "something is changing in me." Crome turned around eyeing the woman his eyes bleeding and turning a deep red as his lower jaw hung as if not attached . he snarled as it danged there his long K9 tongue hanging from the left side. "move Guard " he snapped as his eyes flickered his towering 15 foot at the shoulder frame a sight to see.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He blinked and heard the door, impatient. He growled low and walked to the door, ignoring the scolding of doing something he was asked to. He growled lightly and looked to the oak. He then trusted the door back, staring to the man with a growl- "...Knock a little louder, why don't you?!" -He stared with a frown from behind his mask- "....Come the fuck in. Before you bring Firedor with you..."

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: He would look around then smirk behind his mask, he would move past the male stepping into the empire looking around, "Changed......" He would look over toward Crome with a slight smirk.

KieranVulpesKurenai: Mamoru appeared out of the scene of the swamp were lightning struck the ground sending a rumble across the ground shaking the building. He looked around as his long black Flowing hair blowing in the wind he spotted dragons and smirked. He noted it was quite dark but that was no issue to him. He lays his hand on top of his katana to see if it was sturdy and makes sure they are bounded correctly. He searches his surroundings though he was aware of where he was he was not aware of where the road has taken him. He now spots a building and slowly moves toward it. Once he has walked up the Long steps he manages to get to the big doors that are larger than he is, He finally raises his hand and knocks on the door as he took a step back and waited patiently for someone to answer and see if it’s inhabited. He knew people were inside but the question was did they want visitors or not. While he waits he places on his Blind fold as his other senses kick in. Even when blindfolded he had the ability to cut the wings off of a moving fly. He was the son of Raiden out on a mission to earn his title as a god along and take his father’s place as the god of thunder to let his father retire to the Hall of the gods. He stood 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighed 265 pounds

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She looked to the creature though stood firm, her heart thumping to Jeff’s departure though she stood still at the placement she had been. Her palms twitching as she leaned to the side, her posture firm. “What can I do to help you creature?” The doors opening as she abandoned the anxiety of not inviting a guest into the home. She bit into her lips and huffed a breath, the blood sticky as she readjusted on the spot.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He blinked softly and stared to the ground, he lightly touched the scar of his eye while staring to the tiles, having them all memorized by now. He blinked gently and sighed elongatedly while he plopped down in the throne. He looked to the blood, still on his hands from Crome, deciding that it was best not to do what you were told. For it just got you called "Unnecessary."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome looked to the woman with a grin as he moved his lower jaw to snap it back in place. "you can move as you have bin told. Guard" Crome was angered already from the pain in his changing body and to add on he did have a name that this Guard one did not know or just did not care to use. both ways he was going to act the same on it. with a turn he moved his maw to the tree and rubbed it against it softly.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He stared to Mamoru  and noddd after thrusting open the door.- "How are you my friend?" -He then looked to the male and grunted- "Sit down....God you make me nervous..." -Jeff didn't like strangers, he didn’t like being nervous either.-

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: Samael's eyes averted to the males then quickly moved back to staring at Crome the swirling of his eyes getting brighter as he watched the male. He would allow the smirk to lift upon his mouth once more.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She sighed, turning to Jeff in his placement, then back to the Wargon. She hated being referred to as Guard. It felt as if her life was mentioned as expendable. She worked herself away with a huff of breath, obediently doing as she was told as she wandered back to her wood pile. Her eyes continued to be placed on the creature, ignoring the sigh with threatened to overtake her shy features in the silence. She bit into her lip and returned to sanding. Wincing to the unexpected pain from her hands from working either, rubbed raw from working that morning. They themselves were dyed black from the work she had done, though she continued, the skin rubbing ever more raw and shaking as she continued. She paused to adjust the wood pile before looking up to the nameless gentleman and nodding to him. She held a particularly thick slab of wood, and her hands shook so violently with pain for a moment she clutched the wood to her chest to halt its descent to the ground. "how can we help you today sir?"

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff teleported onto the roof and sighed, coming there to think.- "...." -He sighed and looked to Lucky with a puzzled look- "...."

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: He would move a little move forward leaning against one of the trees ignoring any questions that were asked of him for now. He would fold his arms across his muscular chest.

KieranVulpesKurenai: He nodded and spoke "I am good and you?" he would take a step in after jeff teleported and looked around taking in the building's details as he would walk to the centre of the castle.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome hit his head on the tree oddly it hurt him more then the tree. with a grunt Crome fell to his knees as the fur on his legs started to change to, red. he did not feel it or see it but if anyone cared to look they would clear as day and his face that was changing as well. it was growing longer. getting wider and his teeth where growing. Crome just thinking it was another Wargon transformation he let it unfold. he let the pain take over his body and let the changes happen willingly. On the roof the luck dragon opened one of its eyes shocked to see its friend. jeff noticed and remembered the little luck dragon and that pleased the little thing. he jumped up and jumped onto jeffs lap and looked at him with bright hopeful eyes.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He stroked it from the head down to the tail, sighing softly before looking to it- "You worry me, little dragon, do you want to sleep inside in my bed tonight?" -He smiled and shook his head-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Lucky hears the the voices down in the main halls and looks back up at jeff " there annoying bickering is a pain in my ear drums. Jeff. and i would be ever so great full to lay rest in your bedding chambers." the luck dragon was an odd one and had a odd way of wording its self the little dragon of no sex layed its head back down on its friends lap. as down in the main hall Crome was looking more and more a wreck and the blood was getting thicker around his body. his fur had gotten a fire red and his legs and bones had cracked and broken and he was growing, larger at this point siting down at the tree his head hung if he was standing he would have bin about 17 feet now. his legs where getting stronger and his claws getting shorter but more built and able to do more. he was forming into what lay inside his being. his true self.

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Ifrit_zps2e573ed6

JeffAmorFatalle: -He sighed some and gripped onto Lucky tight. He then closed his eyes and felt his manipulation of the particles around the world. He blinked softly before feeling the aura shift softly. The luck dragon and Jeff where in his chambers, Jeff exhausted from his work today, sighing gently as he flopped onto his back and stared to the ceiling- "This is a bed." -He sunk into the sheets, sighing elongatedly-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Lucky Crawled up and nuzzled inside him. sleeping beside its friend and keeping him safe

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: Samael would rub his nails against his jacket once more and fold his arms across his chest and smirk behind his mask.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She sighed to herself, gripping her blades and noting the blood husk with a disgusted snarl. "Are you serious? You come into this home, with your BLOOD puppet. Where a knowing group of VAMPIRES rest and proceed to bring your...-" Her cheeks flame from red to a darkened black, the birthmark up her leg and back beginning to glow a red of swallowed minded fury. She huffed as the energy abounding her figure began to rise out and around her form in the plume of black smoke which engulfed her. Her arm guards clicked in their hilts as she released one and sliced her hand out, the blood dolls upper jaw and head cleaved completely free as she leaned into the swing and sliced into the bark of the white tree. She awaited the slump of the body hitting the floor as she looked up with nothing but blood lust filling her eyes. "I've had one HELL of a week. so if you want to justify this abomination do some now and quickly. That. Or get out." Her eyes narrowed ever more and flamed form there silver to a red, glyphs burning beneath her feet as she huffed and looked the gentleman. This wasn't someone she was, but what the hell did she have to lose, her hands hurt, she missed her family, a VAMPIRE charge about had now a blood offering from a stranger drawing pentagrams on the ground with his own blood. she shook angrily and ignored the taint of fury dotting her vision as she began to see black. "I'm giving you ten seconds to explain before I haul your ass out."

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: He smirks and keeps silent moving a hand up pushing a piece of hair out from in front of his eyes, he would sigh and kick the corpse toward the wall and step back watching as another moved its self up from the circle. His attention slowly moved toward the female, his eyes were now narrowed on the girl.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She snarls, "I'm warning you boy. Get the FUCK out of here, before its YOUR blood riddling the walls." She was seeing nothing now, angered beyond the point of proper thought. The kicked corpse drew even more hatred forward and she cocked her head with a sickening snap. "I have no patience for the bullshit." she holds her hands up, counting down from her fingertips. "Vampire, blood dolls... Are you FUCKING kidding me? The empress IS NOT HERE." She stomped her foot to the earth, shaking all about with a growl. "Come. Back. Later."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome got up from the ground his arm bleeding as he let out a scream "WHO IN THE FUCK CUT THE TREE!!!!" he growled loudly holding his arm as blood dripped down on the floor his eyes looking up from under a thick red mane as he glared out with a new found furry.

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: He smirks and shakes his head, "Boy." He would eye her and hold his hands outward, "I'm an old friend of Empress. Thus she has told me i was welcome in her home anytime." He smirked once more though his mask would block the view of his mouth. He would look to Crome, "I've brought forth a food source for you. Only the purest of blood. I have provided Anaya food for several years. I offer you food now as you are her soon to be mate."

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: "YOU SUMMON A BLOOD DOLL THEN!!" she hissed her blade dislodging from the tree as she instead pressed her palm against the wounded wood. Her wings brandishing from her armor as she shook, "This SHIT FOR BRAINS... ASSHOLE... FUCK FACE. Summoned a FUCKING BLOOD DOLL."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Ignoring the woman seeing to be screaming at her self for no one is paying her any attenthion  Crome held his arm and walked to the human shell and picked it up with his one arm, his whole body covered from head to toe in blood as he had changed forms but to himself he was the same he had not known of his own change he did not feel it. "this will be given to Anaya when she comes home...when ever that is" he nodes his head and simply walked away to place the body in the cold room. "thank you for the meal she will like it."
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SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: He chuckled, "No no my dear man. That is for you. I will give Anaya her food once she returns. For it is more a quantity." He smiled behind his mask, "I am Samael Rzaczynski. An old friend of your soon to be mate."

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She looked to Crome shaking with fury, the black leaving her eyes as she pulled free from the wood and glanced to the man. She speaks, her voice soft, "What this is... It is an ABOMINATION against humanity, and all its creatures on this plain. I cannot do what anyone else will, though they are husks in human form. Once made whole, and now less then nothing. You summon without cause or affliction nor care. My judgement does nothing." She glares furiously at him, the tainted black of her wings shuddering about her as the blood tarnishing the floor pulled towards her in a languid crawl. "you don't think I know what CAUSE this level of magic has on a body? The nightmares you feel, the hatred and self loathing for what you have done." Her cheeks flame with crimson of sheer hate. "My words do nothing. But I have sat where you sat now, and I have paid my dues... and not one word any on this plain will say will make a difference. But they see, and he see's... and when your judgement day comes, I pray for your soul that you will be forgiven..." she pointed in regards of names, to above and below, her gaze never pulling from his as the truth of her words settled in.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome turned around looking at the male the blood fell from his face as he held the human shell by the shoulder. "she is not my mate i may feel for her but she feels not for me. do not bring it up" he took his jaws and crunched into the body’s torso snapping the bones and taking a chunk from it. hearing the woman Guard yell he lifted a eyebrow and without any thought he tossed the body at her. "well if you feel so strongly for it then you deal with it. try making yourself needed Guard and walk around for a bit. Anaya said there was Firedor fighters found in the far lands go see if you can do something for that" the beasts voice was harsh and with strong words behind it.

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: Samael smirked and nodded, "My apologies" He smiled behind his mask he would hum softly and look about, "Much has changed about this place i will admit."

blaze7115: Elren groans silently, and tries to refrain from touching his face, arms, or any other part of his body. He was severely burned, his entire body turned black from flames. His hair was singed and short, and where his left leg used to be, now only lies metal. His eyes have changed as well, and are no longer the warm spheres they once were, but now are cold and wary. One of the guards attempts to stop him, not recognizing Elren, so he freezes the guard in a block of ice, and shoves past him, silently growling at the others, daring them to challenge him. He headed into the castle, on the way seeing both the Tsukikio girl, and what appeared to be a fire demon of sorts. Elren himself almost attacked Chrome on sight, but on second thought, was in no condition what-so-ever for another prolonged fight. Inside the castle, his new metal leg clanked noisily against the ground, the sound of magitech mechanics moving inside it, responding to his thoughts like normal nerves and muscles. He headed for the tree, and nearly collapsed against it, sitting down at its base. While he sits there, a wall of rock hard snow slowly grows around him, an involuntary self defensive mechanism that would eventually, after several hours, encase him in a igloo of ice.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: The body hit her in its descent and knocked her backwards onto her back, the blood remained splattered the armor she wore. She shook with anger, now made sore by the veritable projectile that was launched in her direction. She lay beneath, the putrid corspe, her energy pulsing about her as she lay down on the ground and whispered. "Gods forgive me... gods forgive me..." she said no more the that, pushing the body from her torso, her aquamarine hair dressed to a mottled violet with the blood that now stained her. The body rested near her as she rose and ignored the happenings. Difference a simple thing can make in her standing was amiable. She nodded curtly, and stalked free, their precious blood magic fuckery was not something she would ever accept or believe in. Her opinions regarding nor experiences meant nothing as the doors of the empire slammed open without her touch. She stalked out claymore in hand as she exited and went to do her duty as a guard.

FelisCruentus: "Making a mess again, woof-thing?" Felis had been leaning against one of the pillars ringing the central chamber for a while now, decidedly not humming and simply being oddly quiet for her, watching things play out with curious eyes, though she closed her eyes with a small sigh, folding her arms across her chest as her ears panned slowly back and forth. "If you keep putting a dent in the empress' hoard by needing to bring in carpenters and masons, I'll be out of a place to sleep."

SamaelMRzaczynskiJr: Samael would sigh softly, "I must depart," He would step over to the cold room that Crome was going to keep the body in then suddenly tap on the door, a large portal that looked like a black hole would burst and bodies flung every which place in the room blood splattering with the giant lifeless pile. Samael would mutter something to himself then turn and step toward the door moving towards it, "Crome, please tell Anaya that i was here and that i will return some time when she is here." He would place his hand on the door then suddenly burst into a black smoke like mist that drifted out of the door.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Crome looks up and snarled loudly. fire started to spill from his nose as he walked a light line of fire ran on the ground with every step he made. "i need to well get out of this place and breath a bit my body feels ....odd" he still did not understand his change as he walked out the large double doors of his home. moving he looked up and with one jump he bound to the roof. normally it would take 4 to 5 jumps be he made it in one this time. siting on the roof he sat down and looked out over his home lands and let out a long howl thinking out there wherever she is Anaya could hear his calls to her.

FelisCruentus: "Hnn.... what a mess." Felis gave a small sigh, watching Crome bound out of the palace with a look of disdain, before turning to the shadows of the main chamber, snapping her fingers once... then twice... calling one of the dark knights to her side. "See to it the labourers we had in last time come back... I do like their work..." Felis says softly, the only response she gets is a slight nod from the knight before he once again fades into the shadows. Turning back to the central chamber, her ears flitted a few times, hearing Crome's call, and frowning. "Where has Anaya been, indeed..."

blaze7115: Elren rested at the base of the tree for a bit longer, obviously in no mood to talk. He slowly stood, and waved away the help that had come to clean the mess of the blood, and the dents in the floor and walls. Rather than call a carpenter, Elren would fix it. He closed his eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath, the power needed taking longer to summon than it normally would. He quickly froze the blood, and sent it flying out the door, then froze the moisture in the ground and walls, expanding them back outwards, fixing any dents made. "There... I can't do anything about the rest." He looked to Felis, and grinned once, the talking snow weasel on his shoulder smiling as well. He shruged, and began to stumble across the hall to the bar.

FelisCruentus: "Magic can only do so well compared to real artisans... and this is a palace, after all." Felis smiled a little to the strange man, folding her arms over her chest again and pulling a pipe from inside her vestments, holding it up to her lips as a small gout of flame pours forth from her nose, lighting it. "Nnnph." She grunts lightly around the pipe, taking a long drag before taking it out of her lips with two fingers, keeping her eyes closed. "It's always better to have the castle fixed properly... Anaya is sure to take more out of that dog's hide, too, when she sees the bill."

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Chapter Thirteen, Isis' Awakening

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Untitled_zps6cf49622
“walking walking a walkers life for me” :Vain

Months and even years had pass since Isis had fallen into the half breed Saphira's sleep spell. The demon had missed many events that sailed her family and love ones lives into history. Isis had slept through her twin brother's death and even her one of her nephews; which surely would break the woman's heart when and if she would awake. As the world around her slowly spins on, once change after another Isis remains the same hidden in the catacombs beneath her beloved kingdom. Her bright emerald green eyes remain closed and her snow white hair that still seem to have red stains from her battles from before she chose to slept remain at her shoulders. Even her flawless skin seem to have become remain the same; though the mark upon the woman's neck seem to have darken over the years. Yet, the main reason for her untimely rest Isis had been looking for peace. Peace from her scattered mind that had been broken long before she had even thought about using such a spell. Only time would tell if Isis's would return to normal or would still feel the effects of the magick that held her mind in terror. Would she contained to wake covered in blood, or even seen the devilish shadow imp of a hallucination; only time would tell. The woman searched her mind for the answer on why she craved blood at times and why she had to fight so hard to remain the way that she was. Not once had she have to fight to keep her natural feelings and thoughts behind locked doors in her mind before. To fight the rage and the urge to murder someone. Even the ways of the succubus had been locked away; traits that the previous owner of the body had left. Though she had learn the imp, the creature that had always tried to smite her was actually her natural trying to push though; or so she thought.

Deeper and deeper the demon wondered into her only to find that she had been fighting her past. Even to the point she had remember the last main day before she had fallen asleep. It had been a cool Autumn morning one where she had woken under one of the many maple trees between Lavidia and that of DeLaRose grounds. How she had watched the leaves blow around the trees from high above her head and even on what had crossed her mind that day; which had mainly been the battle with mortal in her arena, the very thing that had started this inner battle with her. Isis closed her eyes as she ventured farther into that day how she remember smelling the sweet aroma of the crimson liquid that had stained her flesh and clothes that morning. How hungry she remembers feeling once the blood that had been split over her and round her finally triggered her mind. Even the short time she had ran into shadow imp in the woods, which she had chased until nearly running into something much larger. The woman laughed just thinking about the undead troll from that day still made her nose wrinkle up. The stench alone was unbearable yet she had left the creature and its companions of six walkers live all for a imp she had wanted to destroy. As soon as that memory came it was gone and onto the next Isis strolled farther into her mind getting lost within its halls she chuckles at the things she finds amusing and cries for the pain she had to relive. It wasn't until the memory of Vain, her dear mate that caused the woman to search for the truth. Tempted to stay inside her mind Isis latches onto the few people she holds dear the most, her mate and her sisters and brothers.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya formed out of the wall. as she most of the time did, well that or crash landing. the Dragon womans black eyes shifted from black for shadow transport to a bright red as her normal every day color. walking up she spoted new faces and that twisted grin came over her velvet black lips her small tips of her elongated fangs pokeing out from her upper lip. to the eyes only the tips where able to be seen for the rest of them are nicely folded back into her mouth like oddly bent snake fangs. she moved up to her throne and took a nice sit down as her one hand moved to the orb beside her and she taped her claws on it, thinking, ploting, being the evil minded woman she was. lately she had bin a tad more joyful then she normaly was, it was about time that ended. she never wanted others thinking diffrent of her. Anaya spoted a new face, it was once she had not seen before and her red eyes scaned up and down the males torso and body. "hmmmm" she said outloud as her fangs flicked back into her jaws hiden from the peering eyes of all around her,sometimes it was not a good thing to give away ones tricks. she moved her feet up and rested them nicely in the soft pading of her throne and pulled out that old black book she carryed around like it was her very own black bible. the shadow gray abd black bad she pulled it from oddly gave a grunting sound and she mumbled "Shut up you stupid thing" the bag on the back of her throne was a toy of hers she got back when she was only a hatchling, it was fun to play with from time to time but if others dear play with Anayas toys a shock was in store for them, for if anyone new the dragon queen none of her items where save for ones to mess around with. she ran her claws down the spine of her book as she layed it down upon her lap keeping it safe from anyone that tryed to touch it.

IsisRainDeLaRose: It had been three years since the spell had been cast on the demon she slowly starts to stir. First, her eyelids slowly attempted to lift open as she finds out she is unable to wake her self; since she had been gone for so long. That her reality had changed and her fears maybe or may not have been able to surface at this time. Isis struggles to move her fingers and even her toes and yet nothing, not a single movement so show she had tried to awaken. Her green eyes slowly tear up beneath their lids as she fears she never will once again see the light of day or even wake up from this dream she had called home. The woman's tears seeps slowly beneath her lids and runs their small wet trails along side of her face; her hands still neatly folded on her chest. "Help me" she cries out in her mind as she trying to focus and use the powers of her more darker side as she had learn to cope with what she was. Forcing her way partly out of her body the demon enters limbo, the world between the living and the dead. It is here when the woman tries to find someone to break the sleep spell, to help her awaken from the nightmare. Isis without knowing what she is to do or to go she thinks of her Mate only to appear in the shadows behind him. "Vain" she whispers out trying to get his attention only to fail and flashes back to her body. The woman's green eyes widen as she gazes upon her self. Then it happen; Isis catches a glimpse of the imp. "How... What.. why?" she manages to get to her feet once more as she backs away from the creature only to bump into the stone altar her body is resting on. For once she feels weak and powerless in this state seeing she unable to control the simplest of shadows. The woman gulps and waits for the creature to attack; which it strolls right up to her and touches her. Sending her to her sister's lands, Isis finds her self somewhere in the middle of DeLaRose. Her green orbs searches for any landmarks as she makes her way to the castle. Spending what seem hours walking the demoness finally reaches the castle, pushes open the large wooden doors and walks inside. "Hello?" she screams out only though her voice isn't carried out. Wondering around the vast halls of the keep Isis searches for any signs of life. The woman slowly strolls into the throne room hoping her sister is there..

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Vain it had bin a very long walk here, the trees over shadowing his movements and blocking out the Sky, where was he? How do i get home? Where is the woman i love? All questions that filled his mind. Vain had bin out on his own about 2 long years now he no longer held his humanity or what little was left of it, most of the time like now he never even took his human form. The steel weapon of a man carried himself as a over sized black steel wolf as he walked into the forests of the unknown. Vain lifted his muzzle and looked up to the darkening sky. It is getting dark out, we need to find shelter, he thought to himself his large paws making there way over bush and brush. Vain encountered a large tree in his path and within moments she spun around his tail changing into a large black steel blade and slaced it clean. The tree came down with a band as a grin covered the wolfs face, if a tree falls in the woods anyone hear it...i think not. He thought to himself as he grinned and then simply stepped over the obstacle. With a hang of his head he walked, to be honest Vain was starting to lose hope in his hunt for his wife, it had bin so very long and the time was driving him mad. His body was far from the thing it once was he was thin and not as strong and great as he once was, he even had the thought of would his sweet beloved Isis think of him the same or would his growing thin and straggly appearance make her unhappy with him. He spotted a large cave up ahead and moved over to it it was a little to small so shifting down the sound pf clanging metal filling the air around the cliff side. Slowly he sat down on the ground and placed his hands on his lap. Hearing a light sound in the back of his head he turned on a dime and got up his right arm flying out and taking the shape of a long black steel blade, “who is there!” he yelled his eyes changing a deep darkened silver. “vain....” the sound of his beloved instantly Vain hit  his knees in the dirt “Oh my beloved Isis where are you, the moons have led me astray i cant find you my sweet i need you at my side i am lost without you. My world hold no meaning with out you in it, the sky holds no shine and even my steel holds no luster without your touch . Please my beloved tell me where you are”  the man of steel and force for the first time in 3 years of her vanishing let tears rain from his face as he simply fell from his knees to his arms in the dirt. His form a broken mess without his evil other half to hold him he was truly a shattered form of a man.
                     Anaya was siting on her throne looking out at her home. The room was filling and she was lazy as hell. Moving she got up with a sigh thoughts flooding her mind as she walked around her home. Moving to the bar she turned and saw the little lucky on the sofa. He was only ever cute when he was sleeping. “thank god for sleeping dragons” she mumbled harshly. She hated the little thing he was annoying and a pain in her ass and what no one new was that little luck dragon was her one up in ranking.  That little 15 foot long luck dragon was stronger then the black dragon queen Anaya. The 145 foot tall at the shoulder 200 foot long at full form standing, Anaya. She walked over to the sofa and sat down beside it and looked to it. Without words she simply shakes her head and gets up not paying attention to it and walking back to the bar to be by herself. The luck dragon opened one eye with a grin and then simply shut it again keeping to its self as always.(Lucky) “thank got for arrogant woman” the little thing mumbled under its breath. Anaya turned around her ears picking up everything she snarled and her eyes changed to a brighter red.

XYumiXRimedur: -letting her breath out slowly Yumi looked down off of the cliff she stood near the edge on. The water from below crashed roughly against the stone wall that blocked it from travelling further. From a distance, and to anyone who did not know her, strangers would think she was about to jump and commit suicide. This was of course not the case though as Yumi looked up from the water and across it’s vastness to get a clear look at the Western setting sun. The season was still winter, but she knew that her change was going to be coming early in this season. Oddly during the winters Yumi’s hair was a deep chestnut brown, and during the spring it changed to a snow white. Her attitude changed as well, and though she still felt empty for some odd reason around strangers, she was more light and bouncy during the spring. Her being a Frost Elf would make one think that she would love the winter, but when the spring came so did all of the amazing assortments of flowers. Not only were they her favourite treat, but also she enjoyed their smells and colors. During that season was when Yumi was at her most happiest and today she felt her change coming and was prepared to embrace it with open arms. Taking one more stop forward she let herself fall into the deep ocean. The drop was far, but to her it felt even longer as she awaited the frigid waters. As her feet it the top it began to open up to her as her body fell in, and the harsh waves devoured her. Moving down into the water she allowed herself to sink, her eyes closed, her breathing nowhere to be seen. In an instant her eyes opened and they glowed such a bright blue that as she sank deeper and was pulled father out into the sea, her eyes illuminated everything. At first everything was quiet, the vibrations of the water hitting its own self, and things surrounding her made her ear drums beat, her heart’s rhythm moving across her ears as well. Slowly she began to hear words from down under, and as her bright eye looked around figures began to take form. These were not mermaids, or any other sea life, but the Elven ancestors of her past coming to bless her with the Spring Renewal Ceremony. At this time all color would be wiped for Yumi as she saw everything in bright white. Everything would look a lot more on the Light side of things rather than the Dark. Their chants were now in full volume to her, and though the other creatures of her life were nothing but transparent spirits her eye sight could see them well. As the waters began to freeze her hair, lights from all of them began to spread on her, each one being the color of their energy. Slowly Yumi’s began to come out with its bright blue color to mix with their. As it mixed, they all formed to create the brightest of white that could ever been witnessed by the eyes of any creature. It began to engulf her and soon Yumi could see nothing put white, the pure snow that would soon be gone in most of the lands. As the chants got louder, they also got father away and soon she was drifting so far out into the sea that most would probably get lost. The chanted ended, but the white light kept there. Soon her negative energy and sadness was being pulled out of her as if it was that simple. She watched as her bad memories of the year got washed away, and though they would have to return to her they came back replenished and stuffed into the back of her mind to not bother as much now. Soon her heart beat slowed and she began to run out of breath, she felt herself sinking deeper and deeper, but knew this was what was supposed to happen. Eventually there was nothing but darkness as she passed out. Walking up moments later Yumi turned over on instinct to her hands and knees, and began to cough up much water that had filled her lungs. As she did, a long braid of white came over her left shoulder and she smiled though water was still releasing from her lungs. The change had been made and she was now renewed. Sighing from exhaustion she turned over and fell back on her back. Closing her eyes lightly she smiled still feeling so much better and happier. As she ran through her mind something caught her attention though. A message of some sort ran through her mind, but she could not remember the words, only a muffled sound of a familiar voice in her head. Sitting up quickly she looked around finding herself back on the ledge that she had last jumped from. For the life of her she could not remember the words that were spoken to her but they ran through her mind as something important. Soon though the bliss from her renewal ran through her mind, not allowing her to think negatively, or worry about anything. Laying back down she looked up to the clouds that passed and breathed heavily to restore her health, a smile still on her face. Looking up to the sky closely she sighed and rolled her eyes.- “I’m late.” –her getting up onto her feet she headed of into a sprint, realizing she was still in her wet, black kimono she pulled herself into her wind form and headed to the inn that she had been staying at for a while now. Last night she stayed with Ulhar in his room, but her stuff was still at the inn right in town outside the DeLaRose castle. Running up the stairs to the room that she had rented she busted through the door, her breath heavy as she went for her bag to get out a new set of clothing. Pulling out an identical kimono from the one she was wearing she slipped it on. It was pure white and complimented her new hair perfectly; all of the brightness making her eyes look as though they had grey gems within. As she looked into the mirror and returned her weapons back to their spots on her body the reelection of the bed caught her eye as she looked at herself. Turning around she walked to the best, the metal that rested there glistened in the now very low evening sun that rested in her window’s view. Trailing her fingers along it she felt the emblem of her Elven village close to the hilt, but her brow furrowed as she noticed something about this blade. Moving to the hilt there was a trigger. Picking up she examined it and noticed that across the top a barrel to a gun rested on the top and was welded with care to the blade under it. Next to it was a note written to Yumi in the elvish language she knew so well, and the handwriting was so familiar to her.- “This is something special for you little sister. Never give up fighting. –Rimedur.” –with a smile she placed the blade on her back and kept it in a good place where she could access it if needed without it getting in the way of her bow set. Looking out the window again she rolled her eyes and growled lightly. Pulling back into her wind form she headed farther north and when the castle came into her sense’s range she pulled out of it and landed on her feet lightly. Running the rest of the way her speed did not let her down as she got there almost as quickly than if she was in her wind form. On her run there she stumbled across a small plant and her head tilted as she stopped and walked over to it. It was light pink in color and she kneeled to touch it.- “No way…”-she said lightly as she pulled pieces of sakura from the small plant. Smelling it lightly she had no idea how this was able to survive up this far in the lands, but it made me smile lightly. Standing up she continued her run to the castle. Moving through the door she looked around for a moment until she saw Ulhar, with a smile she ran over to him and waved lightly. Running away from his position she ran in front of Crome who always stood next to the thrones and handed him the flowers, bowing lightly to him. She knew that most treated him not so well, and she wanted him to know that she was there to be a friend. Heading back over to Ulhar she giggled lightly, taking a leap forward she tackled him, but not enough to make him move at all, just enough so she could glue herself to him and give him a small nuzzle. Turning she felt a very familiar current there and knew who was there with them. Her head turned lightly to see her son and she smiled lightly looking between Kane and Ulhar- “I’m sorry I’m late. Lost track of time. Ulhar I would like for you to meet my son, Kane.”

Guest_moonrose7: -Ember rubs her dark eyes that were a bit of a mix of orange and purple when she woke up, lately her huntress powers have been mixing with her other powers making her a bit stronger than she usually was, she kept half of her face hidden as she sat on the crystal chairs yawning softly to herself while looking around at her surroundings for some reason, "must have woken up to soon" she says to herself as she fixes her eyesight which was always blurry during the wake up moments, she looks to see who was near her as she takes her hood off and pulls back the strands of her dark hair that might have been sticking up again "dang it" she decides to take the whole cape off of her and puts it behind her back so she won't trip in case she gets up-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The soft sounds of the woman's black and red heels that had ribbons lacing up her legs to her knees echoed through out the halls except no one but a slim few would be able to hear the demoness approach. For all she knew she was back home of course not in her body but she was home. Isis sighed softly as she glanced about more before her chapped light painted lips slowly curl at their ends seeing her sister before her. 'Thank the maker' she thought as she step farther into the room, her eyes linger onto the new faces she has yet met nor seen before. She stops before the thrones confused for the sheer fact she should have been seen, could they see her. Isis's eyes widen as she turns in circles looking around the room. "Sister?" she called out softly her voice would only be barely a whisper if Anaya would have heard it.(in this cause it be Anaya, others who know her may feel her around) "I'm home Anaya" she repeats her self as she looks at her older sister. Though deep within her she panicking and doesn't know what to do. She hadn't never once been without her so called gifts nor wasn't able to speak to anyone before. She stood there her hands behind her back as she waited for someone to see her. After minutes passed Isis growls out before jumping up and down waving her hands though she ends up phasing through the floor and landing right in the cellar. She grumbles as she hits the stone floor, dust flying partly up into her face causing the woman to cough. "Dame it" she mumbles as she manages to get to her feet and look around the dark room. Her arms move up crossing over her chest as she feels the hairs on her arm start standing up. The woman closes her eyes as she stands there before trying to find her way back up to the main floor. Isis slowly dusts her self off even though she never once looked down to see if she had dust on her dress. She shakes her head, her snow white hair that had been soaked with blood still seem to have some within it. The shade sighed as she moved about the cellar looking for the stairs she makes her way back to the first floor. Finally reaching the throne room yet again Isis sighs before sitting down at her place next to the throne, though she knew now she couldn't be seen by most of the guest in the room. She sighed before looking around and seeing Ember sitting there in one of the crystal seats; she started laughing seeing she couldn't be seen why not have some fun with it. Isis slowly got to her feet once more and walked over to the woman before standing right in her face. She laughed as she started to play with the woman's cloak, though it took most of her energy doing so. She was half tempted to touch the girl before she decided to just walk away and moving back to her spot on next to the thrones though she didn't sit down this time. "God dame it" she mumbles out once more as she crosses her feet and lower her self to the floor slowly so she wouldn't phase through it, getting annoyed with the fact she was there and yet couldn't be seen or heard but from those she had links with . Isis's pale lips slowly move as she goes to speak once more. "Dame it I'm right here" she was about to jump up and down once more but remember that she had just fallen into cellar the last time she tried that. Then she watched as Anaya got up from the throne and started to move about. Isis stood there blinking as she moved to her sister's side. "Anaya.. I'm here... I'm home" she repeats yet again as she stands closer, her voice still the same luring voice she had before she had went into the deep slumber. She hoped her sister would hear her to respond as she slowly strolled along side of the woman. When Anaya stop at the bar Isis slowly sat on the bar stool next to her, her head lowered as she sat there leaning forward not paying attention to anyone else who would have entered the room. "This isn't right" she mumbled wishing she had never asked Saphira to place her under the spell, let along her choices to stay within her mind for so long. The sheer fact she had to blame her self for this, this was her mess she got into and couldn't get out without help.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The luck Dragon on the sofa started to laugh as it got up the elongated body moving like a snake as it stretched over the sofa and arched to get a feel for the day....well now it was growing to be night in its home. Looking at Anaya its small jaws opened up as it spoke to her.(Lucky) “What you see something you like or am i to small for the big bad woman of this empire” the little thing started to laugh as it made its way over to Anaya hovering in the air like a demented form of flying carpet. Anaya snarled loudly and took a step forth. Her eyes changing to a deep black as a odd black and green fog started to pool at her feet. (Anaya) “no you stupid vile egotistical prick. I have better things to do then drop my standards to a fairy tail laughing stock humans make there children giggle at because you fell from a bridge. No wait that was humpy dumpy well i guess the both of you are the same right” Anaya gave a cheeky grin as she let a small puddle of acid form in the palm of one of her hands. The acid covered her skin as black scales sank out from her fingers and the top of her hands. Soon the scales covered her body and gave her a eerie glow. She took another step up to the luck dragon as her chest was almost touching the dragons body. Soon Anayas face started to crack as she let her fangs fold down from her upper jaw and rip the flash from her face, at this point the flawless human beauty was long gone and the monster of a dragon inside Anaya could very much be seen in this half change to a humanoid bipedal black dragon.  Anaya could hear her sisters voice softly in her mind but she as the hot headed thing that only ever saw a fight far before anything else pretty much ignored it along with the male that had made himself clear to her entering the room she was in. (Lucy) “so FINALY the over grown, scaled lower classed, absent minded WOMAN dragon wants to play with me” the Luck dragon clapped its claws as it hovered up to Anayas head height as she now was standing about 17 or so feet tall almost reaching the height of her fire hound Crome. The luck dragons eyes changed to a deep Golden as it glared into Anayas. (Anaya) “Bring it” Was all Anaya had to say to him as a deep rumble came from her gut. It was a show that Anaya was not holding back on this fight.
                     Meanwhile At the thrones in the other room Crome looked to the woman Yumi as he gave her flowers. Crome lifted a brow for a moment, no one ever gave him anything, no one here liked him he was waiting on them trying to kill him. He even stepped back on his attempts at love with his beloved Anaya because everyone seems to want him dead or gone. And seeing the fact he was crushed when he got word the cat was taking HIS sweet Anaya to the ball, he was truly looking to go to it with her and to hear her harsh voice tell him the staff cat thing was taking her almost ripped him apart. But the strong Crome made of fire and force had a strong heart he would stay at his sweet Anayas side even if he was not able to have or hold her. With a deep bow of his head he thanked miss Yumi and held the flowers in his head standing at his post. Hearing Anaya in the other room, hearing that powerful booming rumble he turned his head to glance over into the far hall way. (Crome) “this will not be good” he mumbled in a rough grunting manor as he took a step back. He dare not sit down he was only a guard not family and the thrones where for family and the royals not him, Never him. He let out a deep sigh thoughts running in the monsters head. Moving his one claws hand he pushed back the bright fire red hair that hung draped in his face his body formed like a tank shoulders of an bull, and the power of a train he was a force to be reckoned with when he felt like being such. What do i do about my love for her? How do i show her i am here? Will she ever feel for me ? Will she ever feel at all? All the thoughts rang in his mind like offset church bells. A true annoyance to the brain. Sharking his head he let that hair fall back in his face like some lost boys bang to messy and long to keep from his face.
                           Vain  got up from his hands and knees and made his way into the cave. moving  in his cave as the Sun set  over the now orange horizon. “Long day i think i finally lost it. Hearing voices from my to be maby dead wife. I think i stepped in animal fecal matter and i think i lost my left boot.” vain lifted a brow and  looked at the cave, yet again there was no food, another night of nothing till fill his gut it was moments like this he missed being home. Missed Anaya missed the empire walls, the heat, his bed, Smashing Anayas bathroom without her knowing. It was the little things that he missed most in life, he would kill right now for a cookie. getting up once again he needed food a meal, a rat , anything. He started to aimlessly walking into the darkness of the cave. The black and darkness eating his body like a parasite he vanished in the darkness in moments. Out of the blue there was a bang and a “MOTHER FUCKER” and then “OWCH BITCH” and then some more banging and clashing and then silence and he walked with his eyes in rage a stalactite stabbed in his left shoulder as his silver liquid steel blood  seeped from the wound as he ripped it out and the skin and blood flowed back up into his body forming the weapon of a man back together again he grabbed the torn hole in his top. “fuck now i will have to fix that” he grumbled as he let it snap back to his body and then grabbed some wood and slammed the stick ageist a large rock and then lay it on the ground. He took his fingers turning them into blades and picked up a good sized rock running it on his blade fingers making a spark and in no time got the wood on fire and started to walk back into the darkness of the cave this time not hitting the rock he hit his foot on the first time. “ok lets find food and maby after we do we will go home”

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XYumiXRimedur: -she gave a soft smile and nod to Crome as he thanked her for the flowers. Hearing his words her on something not being good her eyes changed over to where Anaya was, hearing the voice of the luck dragon that was there her face pulled into a bit of a glare but she kept back knowing that Anaya could take care of it. Yumi never understood why others decided to be so rude to the ones who were minding their own business. Shaking her head she moved over to the place on the throne she usually sat, looking back to Crome she could see the pain in his eyes and her hears tilted out. With a sigh she sat back, looking over to her son she smiled lightly for she had missed him so, she enjoyed having him back with her. As things seemed to pick up between the Luck Dragon and Anaya she pulled herself forward to rest her elbows on her legs, her head in her hands to watch everything closely. Though Anaya didn’t know as much Yumi cared about her a lot, she was the one to take her in when she had nowhere else to go and she would always be grateful for that. Though she was strong Yumi wanted to keep herself always, so she simply sat back and watched prepared to step in if Anaya showed she needed it.-

Guest_moonrose7: -Ember sees her necklace give off a dim red glow letting her know there was dark energy around if she hadn’t noticed already,she grabs it with her left hand which was covered by a black glove since it was her weaker hand, she sensed someone pulling at her cape and looks around before grabbing it and covering herself with it pulling her two strands of hair back yet again because they possibly felt the same thing she did when her senses start to kick in, she wipes blood from her nose and scans the room to check to see if there were any extra people in the room and looks straight at the throne seeing some clear form move around, “teasing spirit” she thought to herself knowing that sissy got to close again and made her nose drain as she puts a hand on her purple jewel on her cape-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Growing bored of the games Isis yawns softly tired with all of the wasted energy and the simple fact she not use to being a shade, a mere shadow of the demon she was. She shakes her head watching Ember move about before turning and looking back to Anaya she sighed hearing the words of the luck dragon as she shook her head. "Some things never change" she sat up turned on the stool and hope down from it just enough to make sure she didn't end up moving through the floor once more. She figured that her siblings couldn't hear or see her no more then she could manage to scream at the top of her lungs; which she was bound to try sooner or later if she wasn't so tired. The demon sighed as she left the room with the bar and headed back towards the throne room; peeking quickly inside she shrugged before she darts off to Anaya's bedroom. "Fine you can't hear me I should show you then" she mumbled as she shook her head, her snow white hair dancing along her shoulders as she rounded the corner to the base of the stairs. Oddly enough Isis held a playful grin on her face as she raced up the stairs skipping two or three of them until she made it to the second floor. Of course if she wanted she would have turned right once she reached on top of the landing, To the right down the hall and through the wooden door at the end of the hallway was her own room but that wasn't what she was looking for at this time. Isis chuckled softly as she skipped down the hall and into Anaya's room. "Don't want to see me see this" she laughed as she moved about looking for some sort of red paint. Then it click, she still had a towel of dried blood back in her room. The shadow quickly ran out of the room and down the hall into her room, she didn't even have time to slow her pace she closed her eyes and hoped to either go right through the door or bounce off of it. The woman's nose wrinkled up as she grew closer hoping and praying that she wasn't going to hit the door; she wasn't in the mood for any more pain. Luckily she managed to phase through the door and hit the bed. Her eyes shot open as she bounced on the bed thankful that she made it past the door without opening it. Isis glanced about looking for the rag finding it in the corner of the room nearest to the window. "Ah" she chuckled out before moving to the bathroom, it might have taken her a few times; five to be exact for her to manage to turn the faucet to her sink on before she dampen the rag. Though her plan might not work she didn't have a choice it wasn't like she was going to find a bucket of red paint in the hallway or let alone a pen; though her idea of painting the message on her sister's bedroom wall would have been a nice touch. Isis darts back out of her room, this time opening the bedroom door and shoots down the hall and back into Anaya's bedroom. The demon holds the damp rag to the wall as she swings her hand back and forth, causing the towel to move over the surface of the wall. She sighs when she notices the redness of the dried blood not doing anything. "Crap" she whispers out softly as she shakes her head before going to look for a quill or pen. The woman sighs as she rummages through her sister's things in search of something to right with. Isis some how manages to find a pen as she grins and looks at the nice walls. She chuckles softly before walking the three steps to the wall and starting to write over and over. 'Body in catacombs under SinDal Sanctuary... can't wake up..' though the few words ended up being written a few hundred times where she covered one entire wall with it she laughed shaking her head after what felt like hours it had taken her to do so. Isis step back to admire her work. "not bad" she commented to her self as she stood there for a few moments before fading from the room let alone the castle. Returning to the chamber that held her sleeping body within it the demon can only wait for her mate, her husband to find her and wake her from this nightmare.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to the luck dragon her gaze looking into its. Softly she moved her lips over to its ear and in a very soft whisper she said “you know we can not do this you and i this empire could not handle a clash of that size and oh we have reputations to uphold. You being a childish brat always so flawless in the eyes of my son and well i am the ruler i cant crush you before my people you are well kind of a friend here” The luck dragon moved its head over to Anayas ear with a giggle as it let out a hiss to every word. (Lucky) “hey Anaya, have you told them yet, you know about me, how i am your upper class, higher standing dragon. How in our world ranking is everything how if i wanted to i would make you bow and kiss the dirt i walk upon. Oh no you must not have told them yet, or did you forget. You are under me and i live HERE i reside here in this home and in your walls and as i am here i am your ruler Anaya Sin DeLaRose or better yet Luna of the Black Skys high ruler of the Royal Draconic Armys of Sky kingdom, Exiled for all time for killing the Golden dragons And i cant forget given the name Anaya for in Draconic it means BETRAYER of the highest levels” Anayas Eyes changed for a moment showing fear then going back to red as she sucked it back in (Anaya) “be silent here and we will not have words again” it was all she could say to the one that she had no power ageist. The ONLY one that could tell her what to do and make her stand down. Anaya walked back words facing lucky as to a Dragon a lower rank would never turn there back to a higher as a show of disrespect. About 10 or so feet from the luck dragon she turned back around and walked back into the main hall. As the luck dragon moved back to peacefully lay back on the sofa going back to sleep. Anaya was growing sleeping and the voices in her head where now getting louder. I really must being hearing things she thought to herself all she had to do was look out into the world in her true eyes to see the spirit sister that was trying to get her attention. But she was not thinking as always and simply passed it off as just another voice in the mass that was in her head. Walking back to the throne room she stopped and smiles at her Crome she cared for him so dearly but there were others she gave her time to as well. But he was a large part of her life. He had become a large part of her life, a large part. She walked over to him and layed a single hand to his maw as he pushed into her hand in care and happiness to see her.(Crome) “you need rest my darling Anaya” he said softer to her then he talked to others. (Anaya) ”i am more then alright Crome a Dragon has no need for sleep most of the time ” she said as she rubbed his face then pulled her hand back and sat down in her throne. She looked to Yumi and smiled a bit. “hi there miss Yumi and did you give Crome the flower he holds onto so tightly. He never gets gifts i do hope he thanked you for them” meanwhile in the cave. (Vain) “walking walking walking the walkers life for me ” the sound of song filled the air as vain walked down the very long cave him being unknowing it was a cave that led to the Catacombs of the DeLaRose empire and city.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Once more Isis had left the chamber hidden within the dark catacombs of the SinDal Kingdom, the resting place of her body, for her sister's lands. She sighs as she slowly traveled the path between the two lands until finally reaching the castle. Using most of her energy to travel she darts straight through the door seeing she could walk through pretty much anything at this point, which she hated. The shadow blinked a few times looked around the empty halls before sitting down just outside the throne room.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He blinked and felt an familar aura around- "Aunt isis?" -He whispered, in a half stupor, he figured he was dreaming and almost fell right back asleep, the poor boy not catching a lick of sleep due to the taxes for the kingdom-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon sighed trying to catch her breath as she sat there against the pillar until she was able to move once more. Out of everything she had endured this had been the worst thing in her life. Isis sighed softly as she forced herself back to her feet and staggered into the throne room. She was sure if she would have fallen she would have went right through one of the thrones if not the floor. Seeing Jeff she smiled before walking up to him and placing her right index finger on him, only to slide his hair from his face of course. "Oh I have missed you.. Missed everyone" she whispers out softly.

JeffAmorFatalle: -HE stared to his aunt's aura, him only being the one to see her, hear her voice, know she was there- "You...The others told me you were dead...or in a coma or somthing." -His eyes lit up softly as he spoke- "How...?" -He whispered- "How are you with us...the others didnt even acknolage you last night.." -He looked down- "You come back after all this time...and no one says anything." -He smiled from behind his mask, thinking he was dreaming, that is how tired he was, he fought to keep his eyes open, just staring to his aunts aura-

IsisRainDeLaRose : She chuckled softly. "Dear boy your mother knew I was here, and some of the others felt me but couldn't hear me." she spoke softly and trying to drag out each word enough to be heard. The shadow demon sighed softly as he spoke of being dead causing her to shake her head. Her snow white hair slowly danced along her shoulders as she answered. "I'm not dead, you’re all not that lucky to get rid of me yet. Though I fear if I don't awaken soon I may slip into death." she took a deep breath trying to figure out how to explain her sudden disappearance from the empire. "I..I...asked a dear friend of mine, an angel to put me to sleep though I didn't figure it would last for three long years. Nor did I think I would not be able to wake from it. I'm only hear as a mere shadow of myself, it’s a long story I may tell you when I am fully back."

VedaNox: The body she had now was odd, out of balance....young. Her time in her old body was up, letting it sleep until it was needed again, hiding in her own dwelling, forever sleeping....The new body she inhabited now was her first she ever had as a parasitic host demoness, and favored it more. She had grown up in this body, but for timely measures switched, and let this mature. As the night before when she slithered her way from her old inhabitance, she made her way into her new, into Veda. Her way to inhabitance was to twine herself into the base of the brain stem, mergin with the nerves, make it her own....she hadnt done this in a long time. Her steps were staggered, and with a curse under her breath she entered into her friends abode, hoping he wouldnt be stupid like the rest of her bretheran. She sighed, her usual horns and tail accompanied her, that slithering black thing began to vibrate as she leaned against the wall. "....Dammit....'' She slid against the wall till she came to the pillar, her crimson hair falling heavily against her back and shoulders. "...I hope I can just sit the hell down after I talk to him....''

JeffAmorFatalle: -He closed his eyes and whispered- "Let me bring you back...LEt me help...I can't have you leave again.." -He whispered, his eyes lightening up beyond being able to tell the color, only white rested in his partly closed eyes. He whispered lightly, almost about to fall asleep again- "I" -He then fell asleep. If Vesper was to come in, she would only see Jeff muttering to what looked like himself. He then closed his eyes, his hair fell infront of his baby blue eyes lightly, resting and swaying there. He coughed and sighed, lightly going back to his stupor. After what had happened between Jeff and Tsuki, it was good that the teenager was getting some sleep, for some thought he may end his own life-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis shook her head a light chuckle left her lips. "I will be back soon, don't you worry. My sister is to send word to Vain where my body is hidden" she spoke sweetly as she sat down next to the throne as if she could guard her nephew from harm. "Rest now little one you will need it" her words slowly fade into the room as she sits there and watch about. Her eyes quickly moving to the door as she hears what sounded like footsteps.

VedaNox: She grumbled slighty, gaining her footing as she stood. She wanted to see him, worried about what the message he sent her said. Sighing again she tucked a large gathering of her hair behind her now pointed ears. Her paled skin almost glowed, the small peach tint in her cheeks flushed at her embarassment; God she hoped he didnt see this. She finally walked forward, and turning the corner she spotted Jeff and smiled softly, but soon pursed her lips and shook her head slightly. Her walked forward to his sleeping form and laughed softly. "Oh Jeff....I catch you right when your sleeping.....'' She found the nearest seat and plopped down, feeling her tingling limbs as she moved them, gaining control. She leaned her head against the back of the chair and watched him lightly with a soft smile, already gaining control of her vocal cords as she began to purr softly. "...I'll just sit here.....and watch you like I promised....''

JeffAmorFatalle: -Jeff muttered gently to himself, having what seemed like a nightmare, sweat started to bead down the side of his face. He was not sleeping well, whenever he did sleep that was. The vampire boy had a strange sense of wonder when It came to his sleeping patterns, ranging from short naps to sleeping days on end. But judging by the way he was muttering and sweating, he wouldnt be asleep for long. He felt all the past enemies come to him in a dream, killing all those he cared most about, leaving him alive to watch. All the enemies he had killed for the good of the realm, coming and torturing his loved ones. Jeff was sweating quite bad at this time and shot awake, screaming loudly- "Don't fuckin' touch them!" - He looked around, his dagger already drawn, even if his enemies did come, and Jeff drew a dagger, it would show how much he cared for the family, fighting to his death with a dagger.- "...." -He had no shirt on, having fallen asleep shirtless once more in the throne-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demoness sighed watching and waiting, guarding over her nephew as if she could do something. Her heart seems to drop watching what seems to be a night tare take form. "Shhh" she whispered out her hand moving to his shoulder as she sat there next to him, invisible to all those around her at the moment. Isis took a deep breath and started to hum softly as she did so when she walked the halls during the nights she couldn't sleep. Then she jumped as Jeff shot awake holding a dagger. "It is fine Jeff they are dead" she mumbled out as she shook her head before lowering it. She pays no mind to the woman across the way, nor did she really pay mind to anything in the room at the time. Isis sat there rocking slowly back and forth as she waited and watched which the only thing she could do was.

VedaNox: As she dangled her leg over the side of the chair and wiggled her toes she looked to Jeff, her eyes caught a worried stare. She jumped at scream, falling off the chair like a sack of potatoes. In her mind, she was supposed to shoot up and go to him but that didnt happen quite yet. She stagered up, holding the chair slightly as her feet began to tingle again. "Jeff...?'' She wobbled to him slowly, her green eyes bright as she eyed the dagger and sat down. She wouldnt be able to get it in this condition, hell, she just fell of the damn couch like a slinky. "Jeff....Its ok....''

JeffAmorFatalle: -He breathed hard, looking to the dagger and then Vesper's aura, spotting the new body- "...." -He blinked and gave a soft exhale- "...Oh my." -He whispered, staring to her new form, blushing lightly and shaking his head. He sheithed his dagger, hearing both his aunt and friend speak to him at once- "...I saw...I saw..." -He looked down, sweat still coming from the vampire boy's head-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Taking yet another deep breath the demon moved from next to the throne, slowly walking a few feet in front of it, her eyes locking on the ceiling. She stood there blinking for several moments before catching what the two were saying. "What did you see?" her brow rose as she turned back to face the thrones. Her index finger on her right hand seems to tap away on her other arm as she crossed them just above her midsection. The demon waited for a response before returning to her dark tune she had been humming. Within the walls of DeLaRose castle all of memories seem to start playing all over again. She shook her head trying to force it from her mind as she stood there watching the last time she had an episode; of course this was back before both Zane and Chase had fallen.

VedaNox: She blinked in return, bitng her new lip slightly, feeling the tingling pressure she got from her teeth. Her tail swayed spastically, smacking on the floor like a fish out of water. With a growl she tried to pin it down, but with it smacking her in the face she gave up and sighed again. "...God dammit.....'' She looked back up to him with a softened stare feeling the smack mark across her nose and saw his blush. She bit her lip harder, and watched him, wiggling her toes again to regain composure. With a soft purr she looked back to him with a tilted head, a worried expression across her features. "....What did you see...>''

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis had soon moved from the center of the throne room following her memories as it played out before her, She had forgotten the fright she had caused on her friends and family that day. The first of many episodes that would make the demoness seem insane and yet they had all tried to wake her that night. Tears slowly ran their courses along her cheeks and dripped off her chin as she walked up on the images of her nephews. The adoptive children of her sister Anaya, those she had known well before they had become her nephews. With the memories causing the woman to be more depressed then what she was she ended up phasing through the floor partly. "Dame it" she mumbled out as she moved to climb out of the floor and stand there looking around. She hadn't noticed Jeff vanish nor the woman who had shown up whom seem to not be used to her body yet. Isis shook her head, her snow white blood tinted hair dancing at her shoulders as she slowly walked and hum. She once again returns to her body and waits while her family is asleep. She paces the floor over and over as she waits. Her long snow white hair has become dull, in fact all of her has become dull nearly see through as what she fears has started happening. Her soul had finally realized it was out of its body and slipping into death. The demoness hoped that Vain would make it to Lavidia in time. She sighed softly now realizing that she had not giving her sister the map of the safest way through the trapped filled catacombs beneath her beloved city.

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Dancing-with-Death_zps4a88769a
Drax A Mate from Her Past

-Drax's eyes grow sad, as he removes his mask to show his face, his hair hiding it from anyone else.- I am not back Anaya. . .  Anaya looks back at him and moves a finger to move along his cheek. "what are you talking about silly you are back you are right here with me" -He backs away.- I am but a reminent of the past. I am not the dragon you see before you, for I have greaved for you, and I have lost myself. The ties that bind, are not broken, the chains now withered to a strand of hair. You must save him before it too late and he is lost forever, and I am no longer here.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: hey Drax
AnayaSinDeLaRose: want to dance with me?

KalaDraxBlackwing: It would be an honour and a privilege to dance with you hun.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she stands up and holds out her hand - the honour is all mine love
AnayaSinDeLaRose: my black dragon

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Smiles and gets up. He takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.-

JeffAmorFatalle: -smiles and leans in close, placing his lips to hers, forming a tight embrace of their beings. He smiled some between the kiss before pulling away- "A gentlemen usually asks a lady permission.."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: you know Drax for a man with 2 left feet you dance wonderfully

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She pushes her lips to his, "Dork... You don't need to ask permission from me..." she grips his hands.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He chuckles.- I have been practising for when we were to dance again.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: you must have bin practising for some time
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : -she bends in and kisses his cheek softly -

KalaDraxBlackwing: Yea it was rigours. However, your worth it.
KalaDraxBlackwing: -Claims Tsu as my sister.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: oh good god

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : lol

KalaDraxBlackwing: Lol.

JeffAmorFatalle: -Smiles softly and stares to the floor- Drax!
JeffAmorFatalle: Do me a favour....
JeffAmorFatalle: Get away from mother..
JeffAmorFatalle: The persuader will be upset...

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRoseTsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose : HEy Jeff...

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He chuckles.- Not a chance.

JeffAmorFatalle: -twitch-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: and my dear Drax i have bin waiting as long as you have for this graced dance of the both of us once again. two black dragons.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: she pulls him close and pressed her lips to his again.
TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: "Hush."

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Blushes xcore.- O////O you have?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: mhmmmm

JeffAmorFatalle: -He was immediately distracted by the kiss and moves his lips to kiss back- "Fine."

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She tugs her arms around his neck, and held him possessively to her. "I love you."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: you are very impotent to me you know

JeffAmorFatalle: -smiles brightly and blushes as red as the sleeves on his shirt- "I love you too."

KalaDraxBlackwing: You are far more important to me than words could hope to describe. You know I would do anything for you.

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: She pulls back and notes the silver ice under the skin, "I've been yours all along. And I don't WANT anyone else."

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: "So don't get upset."

JeffAmorFatalle: -He nods and notes the heart on his chest- "I never went anywhere either..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: i know my beloved Drax as i would do the same for you, anything, you where my mate and that bound is never broken. no matter the time or distance

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose: "To much love in this room.... Want to go and kill stuff?" she questions softly, rising and holding her hand out to Jeff.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He smiled and nodded, saying in a horrid southern accent- "Oh, miss Tsu, want to go killing with little Ol' me :3"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He stops dancing and holds her hands.- Anaya. . . -He stops and thinks for a moment as to whether or not to just say it. He shakes his head.- Anaya . . . You are amazing. -He kisses her for head. Then pulls her close to a slow dance.-

TsukikoKaiyoDeLaRoseTsukikoKaiyoDeLaRose Whisper: "Lets go.... Lets go NOW." she replies, grabbing and dragging him towards the door.

JeffAmorFatalle: -He smiled and walked out the door with her, staring to the floor and trying to get the curl of his lips upward off of his face, but couldn’t-

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : She wraps her arms around his neck and holds him as her feet slow down and she dances with him moving her lips to his ear - you are cute when you blush my dear Drax

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He chuckles.- Well you are divine when you blush.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: me blush oh no way

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she giggles softly -

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she moves softly and pulls the mask on his face to the side and looks to him , she knows that she was once the only person able to see his face and she knows she still is. softly she kisses his lip and looks at him- thank you Drax for coming back into my life

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she softly sings along to the song as she dances with her Drax-

KalaDraxBlackwing: -His eyes begin to water as he trembles as he kisses her back. As she pulled back to thank him, he places his hand upon her cheek, as he pulls her to kiss him again. He picks her up with both arms, his lips still locked to hers, as he would slowly spin with her, still dancing. His eyes would remain closed, focused on only this moment. A moment he would have waited forever for. To touch her lips again burns through his body like wild fire, as his heart races.-

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : -she gives an almost childish giggle as she gets spun around and she kissed him deeply her arms tightly warped around his neck, her mate. even if this was only for tonight he would be her mate again in her mind and in the moment. she shut her bright red eyes as they kissed and she let her mind fall back on the past for a moment. on her last life on her memory’s of him and there life together. she was happy. she broke the kiss and moved her claws and ran them in his hair and along the side of his horns. as she just looked into his eyes. longed into his eyes in there own little world of there moment.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He slowly set her down.- Anaya. . .

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she looks up- yes Drax

KalaDraxBlackwing: I want you back. . .

AnayaSinDeLaRose: the big scarey Drax wants little old me. -she smiles at his words-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: but i hope you do know my dear Drax you are not the only one that wishes to have me. there is one more here that wants me badly.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He chuckles almost trembling.- Yes I have always wanted you, and I always will. I don't doubt there are others who would want someone as amazing as you. I only want you to be happy. Even if it is not with me. I won't make you choose. All I ask is you pick the one who makes you smile, and never lets that smile go away.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -she takes his mask from his face fully and looks into his eyes.- no matter what happens, no matter where you are or i am, i have and always will be yours, since that day long ago i met you and we made the black dragons home and a family. i gave my life in that life and the ones after it to you. we are dragons Drax and you and i and we pick one mate to be with no others, and that bound is not no the break for any reason -she moves and kisses him once agent her lips stinging his lightly as that acid and lime tinge she always has lays on them.

JeffAmorFatalle: Draxxy boy...
JeffAmorFatalle: Question...

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He kisses her back holding her close, he closes his eyes, as tears fall from her words. He kisses her with a burning passion that he has not had since he lost her. His body trembles overwhelmed with emotion. To feel her touch once again, like silk upon his flesh, her voice the most beautiful sound. He breaks the kiss but for a moment, to gaze into her star lit eyes. Her gemstone gaze sparkling back to him like the moon light upon the waters edge. Nothing in this world was more important that her to him.-

JeffAmorFatalle: -stays quiet-
JeffAmorFatalle: Nevermind.
JeffAmorFatalle: Have fun you two :3
JeffAmorFatalleJeffAmorFatalle : Oh...
JeffAmorFatalle: Draxxy...
JeffAmorFatalle: Fuck my mother...
JeffAmorFatalle: and I will butt fuck you with a cactus...
JeffAmorFatalle: :3
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((oh jeff -giggles-))

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: -fully lost in the moment she just holds him and rests her head on his shoulder - i dont have the words in my being to tell how i am feeling right now Drax

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KalaDraxBlackwing: -He holds her resting his head upon hers, his eyes still closed. He struggles to form words, as he is overwhelmed by the Ecstasy of her touch, to feel her heart beat once again.- There are no words to describe how amazing I feel with just holding you, let alone to call you mine once again.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: i am not yours yet silly dragon -she smiles and kisses his lips once more softer with much love to every moment, her clawed fingers running in his hair - but time will tell us what may happen in the path ahead of our lives, for now my dear Drax you are my most trusted best fiend , protector of me, and still a great dancer.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He smiles.- Sorry I got ahead of myself.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: it is alright -she was almost red at the cheeks as she danced with him, well for her it would always be blue at the cheeks for that was the color of her blood.- i am still kinda in aww at the fact you are back Drax.

AosothGoddessDestiny: Aosoth, as always, non chalantly appears from no where and strolls threw the Empire doors bobbing her head and smacking her chops as if she had just got done feasting on a scrumptious meal. She laughs at herself softly shaking her head as she rubbed her forehead gently. The day had been long and tiresome but she couldn’t sleep back in her chambers where she left the foolish man sleeping curled up in her bed. She giggled at herself for a moment thinking of how foolish some men are for a pretty face and a piece of tail as she glided further into her dearest Anayas domain. Looking around the room she noticed new faces and gave a polite nod before whistling at Anaya- "Never fear for I am here ......and who the hell said you could look so damn fine while I was gone love?"

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya looks out to spot her dear Aoso and smiles and giggles a little. "i got to look my very best always my dear Aoso "

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Drax's eyes grow sad, as he removes his mask to show his face, his hair hiding it from anyone else.- I am not back Anaya. . .

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She looks back at him and moves a finger to move along his cheek. "what are you talking about silly you are back you are right here with me"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He backs away.- I am but a reminent of the past. I am not the dragon you see before you, for I have greaved for you, and I have lost myself. The ties that bind, are not broken, the chains now withered to a strand of hair. You must save him before it too late and he is lost forever, and I am no longer here.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "but how am i to get you back. this is the first time i have seen you in ages. i would not even know where to start looking Drax" her eyes start to sadin as she watches him back up.

AosothGoddessDestiny: Giving a wink and flashing her dazzling smile she nods to Anaya.. "Well you look radiant. I couldn’t sleep not to fond of my temporary bed partner so figured I would stop in and see how my sweet dragon lovey was."

KalaDraxBlackwing: -His body starts to fade.- He will come, you will see him, he will not know you, but I remember. Open your eyes, this is not your dream. -He looks to the door.- He his coming unknowing he is being drawn here.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i will remember Drax i will see you again, i will remember"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He smiles and kisses her one last time, though his lips could not be felt, and he fades into her arms, leaving only a whisper behind.- Only you can save him.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i promise i will save you Drax and i will feel your kiss again" she moves her arms in as he was gone and all she was left with was an arm load of air. looking down she let out a sigh as she picked her head back up proudly. "i will stand and see you again Drax even if you are not the same you will be in my arms once again i swear to the great dragons i will hold you again"

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Slipping_away_by_theaquallama-d39ciqv_zps462fe3e4

“It's being here now that's important. There's no past and there's no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can't relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don't know if there is one.”

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Fester_by_shanaimal_zpsba4f28a3

Morzan: -With a sudden crack of lightning from the area high above the clouds, a large dark shape would come crashing down into the hard earthen floor of what seemed to be the middle of the forest. As cracks raced along it's surface like a sort of web, black, white tipped fire would blaze in the groove, firing up some ten to fifteen feet, obscuring any happenings inside. A figure could be seen rising upwards from the centre of the point of impact, having landed on his right knee and left hand to brace himself. At a rough guess, he could be said to stand at six feet and seven inches. His face (for it was a he, judging by a certain masculine aura that now radiated from him) looked like it had been carved from some sort of pinkish-gray rock, which was, in fact, his skin. He had a proud, chiseled jaw, and high, strong cheekbones. His pair of slightly over-large, fascinating eyes would slowly open and look forward, their dark red tint flickering in the fading light from above them as he came a few steps forward, stopping to wait for his senses to get used to the surroundings. His right hand would come to rest behind his back, and his left hand would come outwards slightly, arm bent at the elbow and his fingers extended and spread outwards with only a slight curl to them as a faint discharge of reddish electrical energy would race across them before vanishing. His hair, the same white as that of winters snow, was well cared for and thick, with a certain sheen to it. As a lazy yawn escape his lips, he started to walk at a rather slow pace towards the place he hadn't visited for a while. WIthin the next few moments, he'd have reached the door, kicking them wide open as he walked within the premises, examining the creatures inside- Honey, I'm home. -he smirked as he spotted the dragon queen, who he had such a nice little dance with the last time he decided to drop by-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked up smelling the one known as morzan "oh it is you" she then payed no attention and looked back at Reign her snow white hair in her face.

Morzan: Oh come now my dear, don't pretend like you didn't miss me at least a bit. -a silent laugh escape his lips as he took a seat on the sofa-

Guest_moonrose7: -Ember's eyesight starts to fail her once more making her decide to get up from her seat and walk straight up to her room to rest herself so she wouldn't be walking around like a blind person without their cane, she takes her cape and puts it in her closet then slides into bed and closes her eyes-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you are like a tick on my side a annoyance and no i do not hold this miss another you are here i deal with you more or less Morzan" Anaya smiled at Reign and walked back to her throne to sit down. "make yourself at home Reign and please do not go into the sofa room there is a beast of a thing sleeping in there he wishes not to be bugged" she was very much talking about the pain in her royal backside of a Luck dragon that seems to always slumber on her sofa.

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Morzan: -he raised an eyebrow at her last comment. Regardless, he couldn’t help himself but to laugh silently once more- My dear Anaya.. are there no good sides to your persona? -just as he said that he tilted his head aside a bit, eyeing her human figure out. With a light smirk, he laughed once more, realizing that he's playing with fire now more then ever, which was actually quite ironic-

XYumiXRimedur: -as she sat at the throne it seemed that time had passed her quickly and as if she had been lost somewhere else as the events of the night slowed now. Feeling unfamiliar currents from off not too far away her eyes squinted a bit and her headed tilted curiously. Her long elven ears twitched and moved in a circular motion as she felt the main source of the currents make it's way out and stood alone in the end. The figured seemed to be approaching the castle and she watched the door a bit wondering who was showing at such a late time. As he kicked the door open she chuckled a bit for that reminded her of someone, but it was certainly not this man. It seemed as though Anaya knew who this person was and she believed she had seen him before the other day, but never got to meet him. Standing a bit she walked around from the thrones on the outskirts of the castle watching him slightly. Her short, small figure moving around confidently though others would mistake it for a simple act to make up for her elven heritage. Moving her fingers down the long braid of her snow white hair her ears jingled a bit as the piercings hit each other. Moving around the castle more she finally got closer to the man and came up behind him, walking around him at a close distance she would come around the the front of him and look up, giving him a small smile, but not one that showed much of her. She was not one to smile often towards strangers but after her Spring Renewal that came early she felt a lot happier and more open to others. She brought her right hand up and gave him a small wave.- "Hello."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas bright red eyes looked to him as she saw his own looking her up and down. "no there is not and i do ask you, do you like what rests before you." she gave a light grin as her open eyes moved up and down his body, he was mildly charming but she did not grow a liking for  the look of more or less the human male.

CraterHellReign: -he would slightly grin before taking a step forward only to cause small surge to race in a straight line towards and past Anaya before the ground she was walking on would start to seem to roll backwards like a converter Belt to attempt and pull her into his arms so he could carry her-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was garbed up abruptly and put her arms around him as she blinked and looked at him. "why am i being touched and can i go back to siting" she was harsh in her words the sweet looking woman was very much not sweet at all.

Morzan: What fun would it be if I simply gave you the answer.. my Queen. -he was seemingly cut in the middle of his sentence as a rather tiny looking female greeted him. He bowed lightly, looking at the little one before rising back to his full height- Greetings my dear.

CraterHellReign: -he she wraps her arms around her he would start walking towards her throne with a slight chuckle before letting his body phase jump with Anaya in his arms only to appear in front of her throne before he would set her down in it gently- i felt like carrying you to save you the trouble of walking my dear

XYumiXRimedur: -she would give him a small nod, her voice coming out light and quiet, though as she spoke more words there was a noticeable dark twist at the end of her words.- "I'm Yumiko, but everyone calls me Yumi. Whichever is fine. I have not yet met you, sir. Who are you?" -her blue eyes would slightly as she looked up to him, the flame that rested against her pupil roared casually, keeping her eyes thawed from freezing over.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "the fun of not becoming a meal if you long to much for my form with your eyes dear Morzan" she gets carried to her throne as she looks up at Reign and moved her claws to smooth out her dress. "please do not carry me i am not one for touching or contact of any kind but thank you it was ...nice of you"

CraterHellReign: -he would nod slightly before letting his form shift so that he would be in a more casual wear than his heavy armor that to him would seem to weigh nothing more than a feather before placing a lush red rose in her lap- i know it was risky but i cant help but love danger for its such a thrill

Morzan: Well my dear, if you think that I long for your body.. those thoughts have come from our mind, not my own. -he winked shortly at her; having danced once with her, he could defend himself if she indeed intended to eat him. Though he doubted the possibility, given the fact his charm was his main asset. With yet another light smirk, he shifted his attention to the female before him- Nor did I have the pleasure of meeting you my dear Yumi. And as for who I am, for now I will tell you that I am Morzan, and Morzan only. -he tilted his head aside, smiling lightly towards her-

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya picked up the rose and she placed it in her hair and lightly noded, "everyone gets one risk." she then looked to the annoyance in her side Morzan and lifted a brow. "then keep your eyes to yourself i know it may be hard but i bet you can do it." Anaya gave a muffled laugh as she shakes her head from side to side.

Morzan: Seeing how my eyes never left their eye sockets, I'd say that I never stopped keeping them to myself. -he yawned lazily once more, leaning back against the pillow-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya growled softly to herself such pointless talk from a male and such stupid comments. she keeps to herself and simply plays with the rose in her hair placing it just right .

CraterHellReign: -Reign would turn his attention to Anaya and Morzan's words as he would keep listening closely with a slight chuckle just before he would take a few steps to the side to stand by her throne as if guarding her-

XYumiXRimedur: -she would listen to Anaya and Morzan speak between each other, her head tilting back and forth as she listened and thought on it all. As she heard her name spoke her eyes refocused and went directly to meet him. As she heard his name she smiled lightly and nodded as he spoke of her only knowing his name for now.- "Well it's nice to get your name, Morzan. I do not see further from others unless they are willing to tell me otherwise. So please do not think I will burden you with prying into your information." -as she felt the tension heating up a bit between Anaya and Morzan and frowned a little not liking others having issues with each other unless it was necessary. Not used to touching others unless it was in combat or they were very close to her she hesitated a bit, but slowly moved her hand out to touch him gently if he allowed it and shook her head lightly.-

Morzan: Good -with a gentle smile, he patted Yumi on top of her head, somewhat booping her. At any rate, he set his focus back on lovely Anaye, locking his red eyes with hers. Noticing that the color of her eyes doesn't differ much from his own, a rather devious smile creeped up on his face as he spoke up once more- Tell me, my sweet Anaya, would you happen to know when Jeff might pop around here?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was growing sleeping and inside her being at this time of night when the sun and the night where fighting to rule, dusk or dawn her eyes became a blur until able to adjust better. she taped her orb on her throne and her dear Crome came to her side. "sit with me Crome" the words went to the beast of fires ears and he picked her up in his arms and let her rest on his chest. Crome was the only one Anaya willingly asked to be with her and hold her as such, he was very dear to the dragon. she rested in his arms and shut her eyes for they hurt at times like this mildly. "my son is out to my knowing in the city’s below doing work with the towns people or he may be out hunting, he will be back tomorrow sometime"

XYumiXRimedur: -as he patter her on top of the head she nuzzled into his hand growling a bit to herself. She hated how much her hybrid instincts always came in when someone touched the top of her head, also the fact that since she was so short others enjoyed treating her like a kid. She didn't blame most though for they did not understand that she could devour them in one hit if she wanted to. With a sih she moved around and sat next to Morzan giving him and Anaya some space to talk without being interrupted.-

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Morzan: -with a few long steps, he'd take a spot next to the throne, sitting on the floor and leaning against it with his back. He looked at Anaya for a moment as he got comfy, before he looked back at the little one, now being simply silent, lost in his thoughts for a moment-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya lay in Cromes arms her eyes shut and stinging soon the sting would be gone as the sun failed to win ageist the night and the time for her moment of not being able to see right would fade away and her night eyes would kick in. feeling Morzan on her thrones she moved her claws to Cromes sides and dug them in a little harder then she wanted to. Crome gave a growl looking to the male as he new what Anaya was telling him.(Crome) "Remove your body from the thrones...please" the word please was a little forced but still there.

Morzan: I am not 'on' either one of the thrones, thus I needn't remove myself. -he shortly replied, still thinking about his next move, trying to think of something which would allow him to accomplish his plans- Unless, the floor is your throne.. my friend.

XYumiXRimedur: -as he gets up she watching after him as he moves to go sit on the throne below Anaya. As he looks back at her she would sigh and stands, stretching a bit before heading over to the throne where Ulhar usually sat. She would hop up on it and sit on the arm of it where she could face Anaya and Morzan. As she heard Crome instruct Morzan to get off the throne she would giggle lightly and crawl from the throne she sat on to the other on where he sat by and tried to hop on his back so he would give her a piggy back ride.- "You heard the man."

KalaDraxBlackwing: -A stance presence suddenly appeared at the front doors of the DeLaRose. The doors grow a thick mold, and splinter as they start to rot. A woman presses the doors open, she has some what of a familiar aura. It was clear she was of a Black dragon, but felt nothing of the such. Crimson Streaked black hair, with two horns protruding from her forehead, warping behind her head. Black chains with skulls attached levitating off the sides of her horns, while more dangle in front of her face. Her eyes were a crimson Red. She wore an elegant black and red dress, depicting a crimson Dragon in the centre of her top, with her grey scaled belly showing. The skirt was held up by a golden Dragon amulet, and very familiar wings, dangle to her sides. She speaks, her voice like that of a woman dying of a horrible plague.- Who's in charge here?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya opened her eyes for a moment the in flamed red and green mixing colors making it very hard for her to see without blur. "do not make him say it again Morzan" she hissed as her eyes twitched in her sockets the pain hurting from the strain of trying to see. looking out she hears the voice of a woman...a very painful voice of a woman. "i am" she calls out "come here so i may better see you woman"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -She walks right up to the throne, leaving a trail of disease, and pestilence behind her as even the stone corrodes to her corrupt disease ridden body.-

KalaDraxBlackwing: I was sent here, by my master. This place is of Great interest to him as of Last night.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "and who may your master be and why are you here for him"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya just remembered she had her claws in Cromes side and she pulled them out of him small drops of blood on his sides. "sorry " Crome gave a light grunt and just nodded his head to her as if saying it is ok.

Morzan: -regardless, he would not budge. For one, Jeff was a rather good friend of his, and nobody, not even his own mother would stand in his way of accompanying him. And for two, Anaya was quite charming in her own way, he couldn’t possibly allow things to become boring. He sighed at her words, shaking his head lighly once, preparing for the worst as he clenched his fists below his chin, out of the sight of others-

KalaDraxBlackwing: Well he is curious as to wether or not he is being summoned. He feels as if he is compelled to make his presence here. He is currently destroying a Kingdom of shall we say crusaders. Ones known to his motives.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "what is his name" Anaya asked harshly as her night eyes where taking over and her world became seen in a whole new light. all things glowed as living and nonliving things gave off there auras and now she could see them without trying. the glory of seeing as good and better at night then the day. she remembered the other night for a moment, Drax she thought to herself. he said for her to remember him to try to get him back to her....her mate Drax her pure blood black dragon mate. "Drax?"

XYumiXRimedur: -as he sat there still she growled a little under her breath still behind him. Feeling a bit of annoyance creep up her other side came out only an ounce as her nails began to change and grow out as long claws. Her eyes would dim down to a light grey and she would bring her hands around to his shoulders and would try and dig her claws into his shoulders, not to hurt him enough to do very much damage, but enough so that she would get her god damn piggy back ride.- "Giddy up..." -her voice was now a bit deeper than before and though her breath was always sweet, her tone was twisted and almost sounded as if there was more than one person behind him now.-

Morzan: -Yumis actions only managed to draw out yet another long sigh. Though he swiftly reached up with both of his hands, grabbing her by her waist. He'd raise her up, only to bring her down in front of him, placing her on the ground, in between his legs- Now now Yumi, we shall play later.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you look good as a play mate for her Morzan" Anaya gave a twisted grin as she turned her now bright green eyes at him.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Her eye brow perked.- How do you know my master? Was it you who summoned him? I was sent encase this was a trap as any who know of him seeks to end his life, however they all fail.

Morzan: I look good as a play mate for everyone. -he might be referring to a slightly different thing, though he was only joking. He glanced at Anaya through the corner of his eye, noticing that she's observing him-

XYumiXRimedur: -as he grabbed her wrists excitement hit her only for a moment before she found herself getting placed in front of him, she would turn around and at this point her teeth had all become sharp and grew out a bit, but not to their full length. She would bend down in front of him, sitting on her knees looking to him. Her eyes were still grey and at this point almost clouded looking and frosted over. She would bring her left hand out to him, palm faced up to offer him her hand.- "Come on... k?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya gave a grin to Morzan as she simply rolled her eyes and looked back to the female before her. "Drax was my .....he was a dear friend of mine. and yes i....i want to see him once more" her voice oddly did not show feeling it was harsh as always her body and form not swaying to show any emoticon even as Drax was her mate and that kind of bound was sacred in dragons. Anaya simply held no feeling anymore. no feeling at all.

XYumiXRimedur: -as she heard Anaya speak of Drax her eyes would turn to her. Though she did not hear about Anaya's situation with Drax from her Yumi did hear about it and her ears flicked a bit as her eyes saddened. She sighed a bit with her hand still offered out to Morzan.-

Morzan: -as Yumi offered her hand to him, he'd slowly neglect her her wish, booping her once more, messing her hair a bit. He leaned his head back, now trying to pay attention to Anayas words as he let his head rest upon the seat of the throne-

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Her eye brow perked again as she processed what Anaya had said. She busts out laughing.- Is this come kind of joke? My master friends with a living creature? Not likely. I shall report to him, he will want to see this for himself. -She laughed as she turned and walked towards the door.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "he was then, now i no longer know.." Anaya watched the girl turn to the door. "tell him the Black dragon Rena wishes to see him. that was my name back then"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -She chuckles.- As you wish. -She walks though the door, her disease still left in the halls of the DeLaRose. Her presence makes a hasty departure.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to Crome as she moves and kisses him on the nose . "to bed my dear lets go to bed" Crome was so dear to her he even shared a bed with Anaya, he shared a bed with the heartless monster that was the queen. Picking her up in his arms he carried her up to her room and in bed as he moved down beside her holding her into his chest keeping her safe and warm "anything you wish my sweet Anaya" (Anaya) “No Crome all i need is time to rest and try to work out memory’s inside my head. Hold me tonight and we will rise in the morning together once more you are the only one i will let in my bed chambers Crome and you are the only one that will lay with me here....and that is the way it will say” she said as she lay her head to his strong chest and gently drifted off to sleep.

KalaDraxBlackwing: -The woman after an hours flight finds her master at the now ruined Kingdom of the Crusaders. She found him Knelt down feasting off the still living flesh of surviving members. "Master" She calmly spoke. "I did as you instructed. Apparently the woman in charge of the DeLaRose knows you." She explained. Drax gets up finishing off the last of his meal, as he crushes the skull of the last survivor in his gnarled teeth. "So, what was the woman’s name?" Drax asked. "I don't know, however, she told me to tell you that the Black dragon Rena wished to see you" She replied. "I see, I do not know this name, I shall check this out tomorrow. Begone with you now, Find your sisters, and tell them to return to the lair." Drax finished as he then took flight back to his lair, to sleep before confronting this Rena who supposedly knows him.-

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Meeting Drax

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Fantasy-tree_zps0d52a2bf

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Drax slowly opens his eyes, as he sits upon a throne he made from the skull of his father. His vision was blurred for only a moment as he awakes. He takes a moment to look around, seeing how Acid, Disease, and Poison were off doing their daily tasks. Drax stands up and starts towards the exit of his Lair. Today was the day, he will confront the woman called Rena, of whom Acid had told him about in her report. Drax emerges to the surface of Mount Drax, a curiosity burning within his body. He takes flight and makes haste to the DeLaRose Empire. A question turning over and over in his head. Who was Rena, and how does she know him? Drax remains in his Humanoid form, as his wings rip through the air, picking up pace in his impatience. An hours time and he sees the DeLaRose upon the horizon. Within moments he nose dives, as he is now above the Empire. He falls with great speed, carried by his massive Draconic weight. The earth quakes as he smashes into the ground, while a large cloud of dust is kicked up around him, while the stone wraps around his form from the impact. Drax slowly stands as the dust falls. He kept his Aura suppressed making him feel more like a Drake rather than an Ancient. He walks to the doors, placing his corrupted hand upon the frame. Drax forces the door open as he walks inside. The door slams against the wall, then slams shut upon the rebound, alerting all the inhabitant of his presence had they not noticed him from the small quake. Drax's cold emotionless eyes examine the architecture, finding something oddly familiar, but is unable to place a finger on it. The eye in the centre of his chest studies each and every person inhabiting the walls of the DeLaRose. A low predatory click emanates from his throat, as he walks inside as if he owned the place. He stops in the centre, looking around before he finally speaks. His voice is low, rough and powerful, suggesting he might be an Ancient Dragon.- Where is this Rena?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looks from her throne feeling the cold wind from someone she faintly remembers. that name, it was her own long ago. getting up in a strong voice she calls out as she ignores all else around her it is clear her mind and eyes are one one thing. "i am Anaya new body and form to the black dragon Rena, and yes i called you here KalaDrax. my memory’s tell me much about you"

XYumiXRimedur: -as she looks for her cookie her ears flick outwards as she hears the name Rena and her head tilts but she continues to look, her voice rather quiet as she spoke to herself.- "I just had it..." -hear Anaya speak she listens closely to what is going on but keeps to herself, moving around the throne to find her missing cookie.-

FelisCruentus: Felis steps down slowly, appearing behind the thrones of the palace as she stretches a little, walking around the thrones and dipping in a low bow before Anaya, holding her body low for a moment before standing again. "I greet you, oh great and powerful empress Anaya..." She says softly, before stepping in close, lightly placing a kiss on Anaya's cheek, and sitting down in front of the throne, leaning back up against it as she hums softly, gently caressing the empress' leg with both hands.

KalaDraxBlackwing: His eyebrow perks and he starts to laugh.- Heh, heheh, heheheheheh. Exactly what do your memories tell you of me? -Drax makes his way near the thrones, his cold emotionless eyes are locked to Anaya, un moving and no other would have his interest.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved to his side her show white hair flowing over her bright red eyes as for a moment she locked them with his. "that once upon a time you and i new one another, very well Drax" she walked past him to the large white tree in the centre of the room and rested her back up agents it. "you loved once. KalaDrax Blackwing"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -He lets out a venomous laugh as he turned to watch what she does.- Me. . . Love? You're memories of me, must be a delusion of grandeur. I am a pestilence spreading through the world, every place I visit either ends up in dead ruins or under my control and another addition to my army of corruption. I hold no recollection of life other than it is food. You and everyone here could easily become my prey, had I not already eaten. Tell me prey, do I look like a creature capable of such a weakness of love? -Drax reaches up with his corrupted hand gripping his mask. As he pulled the mask off, the sounds of bones crunching and snapping is heard. He throws his mask to the ground showing his corrupted and mangled maw. He no longer has lips only a gnarled mesh of razor sharp teeth, oozin with his black sludge of saliva.-

XYumiXRimedur: -continuing to look for the cookie she sighed and plopped down in the throne.- "I must be getting tired or something." -noticing that there seemed to be something important happening. She looked up to the man named Drax and tilted her head once more. She looked from Anaya to him and as she gripped the throne a bit she noticed that the armrest moved a bit. Looking down to it she lifted it and it unlatched.- "There you are." -pulling the cookie out she smiled lightly and nibbled on it. As she hears the man reply to Anaya she sighs looking down and shakes her head.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him as her red eyes changed to a deeper red as she saw his mouth and walked around the tree to the other side running her hand along it. the tree for a moment sent off sparks of life as she lowered her lips to its side and whispered softly. "Rena your soul rests inside of this oak i planted on your dead body. your head feeds its roots and you are what gives me life. can you feel him, can you see him here as i do. i know you felt for this man as you have told me inside my mass of a mind you have cursed me with that he was once your mate, your black dragon lover but i do not understand how you wish for me to take up this pointless love ordeal. i do not love you know that. after we ripped feelings out i do not hold nor believe in this dream you once held" Anaya laughed softly at the thought of the pointless abyss of love. at that moment the tree started to move on its own no wind was in the castle it was dead outside and the tree inside moved its branches and moved its leaves. "oh Rena there is no point we are not going to love him like you do. he is only a man and pointless to us "

KalaDraxBlackwing: -As the tree would move he would carefully listen to Anayas words. Though Drax did not recognize anything of which she was talking about, he felt a strange presence within that tree. Dark veins spread from the eye upon his chest, and grip his chest as they bulge. Drax doesn't even realize his body’s reaction. The veins would slowly creep down his body, and up his face.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked out at him a twisted grin to her face. "changing now are we Drax"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Drax looks at her curiously.- What do you mean changing? -The eye on his chest begins to strain, as if it were fighting something off deep inside of him.- You make no sense prey, talking to a tree, then ask if I am changing. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

JeffAmorFatalle: -He let the walls form around his dome in a mental sanctuary in which he meditated in. He was sitting in his throne, simply sitting there with his eyes closed. It looked like he was sleeping, but he was concentrating. He didn't really look as if he was doing anything.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "trying to get you to remember" it was all she said, all the black dragon woman sad as she held onto her tree as if it was her life blood. a hiss to every letter as she moved one finger up marketing the finger move for come closer. "come and see who i talk to come feel her soul"

KalaDraxBlackwing: -Drax perks his brow. His curiosity peaked once again, and he did what she said. He walked up to the tree, and the closer he got the more his veins bulged and gripped his flesh. As he stood before the tree, his veins were practically ripping from his skin.- Now what? -He asks curiously.-

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Morph_s-and-momemt-magic--design--movies--evil--scary--GIF_S--elf_s--fantasy_large_zpsb586c3e4

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya walks inside her head hanging as her snow white hair falls in her face. she looks up to her home and lets out a sigh. "he is gone, there is a time every bird must fly away from the nest and i guess with being what we are freedom is in a dragons blood. it is not to hurt ....i am evil why is it very much" she mumbles as she walks up to her tree in the dead centre of her home. she lays a single clawed hand to the tree.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis sits there blinking not paying any attention to those within the walls she sighs softly before closing her green eyes and staring to hum. Though the sounds of her sister's voice brings her out of her dazed stay. "What wrong Anaya?"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "my son has left us "

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: A black dragons tear fills her eyes as she looks to the floor. "my piller has fallen and shattered. others thought i held him up but in the end it was him all along that was my support"

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis's lets her gaze shift to the floor before moving to her feet. "When..Why?" she glanced back to her older sister confused about all of it.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "i don’t know why my sister, but every child must leave the nest sometime to find happiness, sadly this place was not able to give him that happiness. i was not able to give him such happiness" her voice soft and oddly her heart was feeling, feeling this hurt more then anything else she ever had. her own child the one that would have gotten her crown once she was ready to give it. had left her.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She sighs softly before taking the few steps from where she had sat down earlier to her sister's side. The woman's soft luring voice escapes her pale painted lips. "It will be fine, I'm sure he be back sooner or later they always return" she commented not sure even in her own words

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "we are dragons my sister, dragons don’t come back home" she simply looked up to her sister with tear filled eyes and turned her back and walked up to the upper halls to her room "soon the halls will grow silent and all will darken my sister. i am not a young one anymore and he was the last child that still called me mother. the others left before him." with that said she walks her head hung into her room a heart broken. a dragons heart broken.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon nodded "That might be true but there will be others to fill the hall that to call you mother to call you aunt. Only time will tell" her words slowly seep to a end just as Anaya had moved leaving her side. Isis quietly followed staying a few feet behind her sister as she listened to her words. "Yes that may be so but what is life without death.. light without dark.. it is all part of the balance sister." The woman took a deep breath as she stood at the door. "It will get better it always will unless we lose our heads again" she chuckled out.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya shut her door behind her and her back hit it hard as she slid down her room door and tears fell down her face as her eyes changed to a deep black. "i will heal this hurt and grow stronger from it, my son Jeff , my beloved eldest son has left me, and my halls are silent but it will heal. in time" she cleans the tears from her face as she gets up and walks to her bathroom and opens the door looking back at her room it was still smashed from her last flip out moment. this day the dragon queen was to broken and hurt even to fight and kill. she was empty inside and just walked into her bathroom and ran the shower even if water burned her skin, pain was her peace at times it told her she was still alive. ((like a cutter in real life))

blaze7115: Elren sighs, sitting on the tree in the middle. To many things had changed lately. He groaned silently, and let snow fall from his fingers.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis shook her head just as the door came shut in her face. "Just know im there for you big sister" she mumbled out before turning around and walking back down the hall. Her bright emerald green eyes locked on the floor as she moved. Her long snowy white hair with blood soaking ends slowly slide out of place and into the woman's face. "dame it" she thought as she brushed the hair from her view and back place.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya smiles softly as she hears the words of her sister. "i know you are here for me my sister as i will always be there for you" she then takes her clawed hand and places it into her bathroom shower the door open a crack and lets the water eat away her skin. she turned her hand in the water letting it eat away flesh showing black scales. this body is weak and feeble but yet my old one was the same, she thought to herself as she steps into the shower letting the water wet her garments as she took them off and dropped them in the base of the shower and let the water eat her skin away like acid to her body her bright blue blood filling the shower basin. she hung her head and simply stood there.

blaze7115: Elren shook his head, and headed outside, standing on top of the castle, and using the falling snow to extend his presence across the land.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis's pale chapped painted lips slowly slide into a smile hearing the faint words of her sister in her mind. She yawned softly making her way back to the centre of the keep, her stare always moving as if searching for something.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya looked up into the water letting it fall into her face every drop like acid to her skin as she just let it eat away at her her hands at this point where almost to the bone as well as her back her body could not take much more and it seemed she did not care if it did just eat her bones away. she let out a sigh knowing she was not able to get off that easy and she walked out of the shower letting blue blood foot falls trace from the shower to the sink and she looked into the mirror. her face she was revolting. she looked to the floor and picked up a towel and warped it around it the white towel turning a stained blue as she walked out into her bed room to the closet she moved a bloody hand and opened the doors and flipped garment hangers looking for something to put on.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon swayed back and forth with each footstep she took first to the right side then to the left until ran into the tree. "Crap" she chuckled out softly more at the humour she wasn't watching where she was going as normal or more that she didn’t phase though it not like she could anymore latest.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya found a tight fitting garment and walked out her face still covered in blood as her eyes changed a deep black and she looked out at her home anger and torment filling the sadness in her heart. she was a sight to be seen a blood covered mass of dripping skin and flesh hanging from her face her bones and black scales showing more then the left over skin hanging from what was left of the dragons cheeks. "We Expect a battle for humanity is about to begin, Within each uprising, a vague sense of safety will ignite you in an unseen , Shadow without a slither of a doubt, towards those who protect and defend , You. Let the thoughts slip away, and remain calm. stay close to FEAR only we will protect you." she mumbles as her voice slips into the madness that lays in rest inside the husk like shell that is her form. Anaya was more then others thought there was more locked away inside her a past a story of torment and Malevolence. and at this point anything could very much open this Pandoras box and let out the Scourge of the undead draconic ruler that rested in the shell.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman slowly backed away from the tree her right hand moving up to her face as she rubbed her forehead where she had hit. "oww" she mumbled out in random Latin for a few seconds before her eyes widen hearing voices. She swore it was someone behind her and yet she turned around and nothing there. Her green gaze shifted slightly to her sister who had just appeared once more; slightly catching some of what was said the demon's brow rose. "Anaya?...Anaya are you alright?" she asks softly watching the blood dip from her sister. The demon wasn't scared of much, that and the three years of deep sleep nearly dying didn't help but this is what she was more afraid of. She watched her older sister more studying her before she spoke again. "Sister?" she felt as if she had faded into the shadows.

ScarWoedeNeramani: -A fleeting shadow ripped over the DelaRose swamps and fields leaving a rather strong gust in its wake as the owner raced towards the Castle that belonged to Anaya. The wings of a rather large dragon beat through the winter air furiously propelling the owner even faster through the already turbulent air leaving an even bigger wake behind the owner of the shadow leaving spirals of snow as the shadow banked left to avoid a pillar of stone and startled a roving patrol of guards roaming the DelaRose lands that looked up and blanched at the massive dragon that slowly wheeled around to land in front of the roving patrol armed with nothing more then spears which would do little harm to the dragon himself. “Which way to the city and the Empress Anaya.....” The dragon growled looming over the rather frightened patrol leader and his men who answered calmly even though he reeked of fear. “Off to the northwest about six miles.....why do you have a quarrel with her?” Having his answer the dragon heaved his bulky body back into the air leaving a claw print similar to Anaya's in size if only a fraction bigger then hers measuring eleven
feet in width and ten feet wide indicating that dragon was of a decent size and mature enough to be an elder of his race. The dragon continued to silently make his way through the lands of DelaRose and leave snow spirals in his wake as he beat his monstrous wings which measured at least two football fields in length and where made of a leathery skin between the bones of his wings. His name was Krozius the Relentless and he was here alone the only one left of his brood which once numbered well over two thousand dragons in strength before they where betrayed and slaughtered in their perceived safety of their nests in the mountains of the continent Dominaria. Krozius's scales where a soft blue in coloring which gave hint that he was in fact an Elder of his once mighty brood before he closed his blue cat slit eyes and sighed to himself wishing that he had been around to guide the warrior's through the slaughter and, possible victory but as fate would have it he was away with his closest friend to take him to the brood shrine where the dragons of the brood came to die. Krozius's gut was in turmoil at the mere memory of this as his once blue eye's changed to a deep crimson and acid began to leak through his fangs as he hissed in anger before calming himself and letting the acid that was seeping through his fangs to slow to near nothing. After calming himself he altered his course and raced over the great walls of DelaRose startling the guards there from their naps and dropping low to race along the rooftops to prevent the archers from firing on him as he weaved his way through the city like a racer would an obstacle course. After a few minutes of weaving through the city rooftops scaring numerous peasants and shop keepers Krozius would come to a landing in front of the main gates of the castle of the DelaRose which loomed over his eighty foot tall frame and ninety foot long body. Once he was sure he was in the right place he would send his tail crashing into the oak and iron doors splintering them to pieces before ducking low and plodding in slowly so as his acid leaking spines would not come into contact with the walls and ceiling as the acid was capable of eating through two feet of hardened steel in under three minutes. Once inside the Dragon would look around before waiting patiently in the commons area as his fangs glinted in the light as they began to drip with Acid while Krozius jaw strength allowed him to with some difficulty rip through six feet of hardened steel without the acid and double that with the acid pouring from his fangs. His claws scratched furrows into the ground while he waited as the acid began to leak from his mouth and fall to the floor with an audible hiss as it began to eat through the flooring.-

blaze7115: Elren dropped down to the ground, and placed a hand on the dragons tail, ice quickly creeping up the small dragons body. "My dragon is twice your size buddy." He smiled an evil smile as the wind hissed his words. No sound came from his mouth. "Anaya! Can I get rid of this one?" the wind called out, sounding like icy laughter.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anayas neck cracked to the left side as her eyes almost rolled into her head turning her face into a darkened shadow black. "The rebels claim their brave new world is upon us. Do not be fooled by the chicanery in which they lay their claim. It is false, and their uprising will not succeed, You will place your trust in FEAR. You must!" with that and hearing the sound outside she takes a jump over the upper halls railing as without looking back she let that creepy twisted voice ring in the mind of her sister . *Run for darkness befalls this place and evil rings in the halls this night!* Anaya tossed her hands foreword and her feet and body started to leek a thick black fog. "do not anger a dragon for dragons are the force that kills, the beast that befalls madness and the one that is I!" she falls out over her halls as her hands griping nothing but air clench and she pulls them back the doors flying open hitting the walls loudly. BANG the dragon female starts to laugh Maniacally as she puts her hands on her knees. "another of my race oh oh oh how nice HAHAHA what will i do with it, stove pot? or another head for my wall? maby lock it up in my basement for weeks with no food or water as i let the aroma of a breeding female waft into its maw and let the glory of Insanity take it. HAHAHA yes i like that one oh yes yes yes" her voice was not as it normal was this other scaled beast would have to walk this thin ice carefully or befall a torment worse then death its self.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis gave her sister a confused look before she backed away. "If you say so Anaya" she laughed letting her black leather like horns appear on her head. "Though you forget I wield the darkness big sister" she chuckled out more as she moved her hand beside her crimson dress. The woman had half a mind to move to the shadows since it appeared she had been the only one not a dragon. 'oh well the basted is Vain' she through to her self as she moved along the pillars, her stare now on that of the male. Isis fought the urge to laugh even more to hear what her sister had plan and that scared her a bit. The demon took a deep breath and stood near the pillar close to the door as she watched.

ScarWoedeNeramani: -The words slowly sank into Krozius's skull and he knew he had for once made a mistake that could not be easily righted so he decided the best option for the time being was fight and he bore his fangs which had acid now literally flowing in rivers from his jaws eating holes into the flooring as he hissed a simple phrase. “You want a fight?” With a burst of motion he drew back and inhaled deeply before launching a volley of acid bubbles towards Anaya. It was clear that Krozius was never one to submit to anyone even a foe bigger then himself. Should the acid miss its mark he would roar and leap into the air before flying back out the doors and circling the castle waiting to see if Anaya would come after him as he watched the castle for any signs of her.-

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Anaya giggled as her claws are let to grow out about a foot and a half as she brings them up to the side of her head and smiles malevolently a twisted insanity taking over her very being as her voice becomes more then one and she snaps her fingers a bright blue rose forming in her fingers.“Why is a raven like a writing-desk?” “Have you guessed the riddle yet?” she asked the Rose.“No, I give it up,” “What’s the answer?”she said back to herself.“I haven’t the slightest idea,” she bent over laughing as she dropped the rose to the floor the bright blue petals meeting the fog that was growing at her feet and it shattered to dust and formed into the fog becoming on with it. The black fog took on a bright blue shimmer as it was now moving under the other dragons feet. It was simply something that no one could get away from as it was now spanning her empire. “tisk tisk tisk so hot headed i i i i guess it is how we are oh it is hot in here don’t you think?” she asked not caring for a response. Anaya smiled as she could smell that glorious sent of acid. “oh deary you give a black dragon of acid, fire and darkness a toy to play with.” she brings out a claw as her own acid forms over her fingers and claws and she lifts a clawed hand out to the acid bubble and lets it cover her hand and flow into her own skin. “silly dragon silly dragon” she smiled as her claws clicked together and the fog under the dragon started to move like water as if it was under her very control and it was growing in size and thickness. “we dont fight no no no just roll over for me my big doggy or face what master calls a collar”

ScarWoedeNeramani: -Krozius growled softly to himself noting the acid had no effect before he looked around noting the black mist covering the floor of the kingdom and the space beneath his feet before he narrowed his eyes to slits. He then growled louder until he bore his fangs which had ceased to trickle acid from the hidden veins in them. At once he would turn around and take flight before making a hasty retreat knowing he had no chance against her as he flew away towards the walls of the DelaRose city and the border's of the empire. As he made his flight towards the city gates and walls which he soon blew over without a sound he would bank to the left and make his way towards the borders and his home in the mountains of Dominaria.-

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: “Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence– whether much that is glorious– whether all that is profound– does not spring from disease of thought– from moods of mind exalted at the expense of the general intellect.” Anaya smiles as thoughts fill the woman’s darkened mind and the force of light in her core try’s to take her back over and Anaya takes a claw and cuts down her own chest the light in her being retracting and falling inside her being and she smiles brightly still blabbering on about nothing and everything. “People can do great things. However, there are some things they just CAN'T do. I, for instance, have not been able to transform myself into a Popsicle, despite years of effort.” with that she tosses her arms into the air and yells ”bingo!!” at that the fog with the blue shimmering dust forms to life as it becomes what looks like a large tentacle or tendril beast swaying and moving to the sound of Anayas beating heart witch no one can hear but herself. The beast that is Anaya has changed in appearance her skin is darker and her scales have fully taken over where the last
bits of skin where hanging from her shower experience. She has grown evil. It is not to late for the other dragon if he was to back down, kneel or bally to the floor he would very much be spared but if not the madness would simply take over Anaya to the point of no going back and the other dragon would be drawn into a abyssal world of darkness and the unending lust for hunger to the flesh of crawling things ((so a curse to make living beasts eat things of dirt and crawl, maggots , worms and things like such till the point of exploding from gluttony it is one of the seven biblical curses. :DD)) Anaya saw the dragon run from fear and knowing of his defeat as she smiles to herself and clicks her claws back together the fog moving to the other sides of her home as her eyes gave a light shimmer once again. She was calming herself....slowly. She moved and sat on the sofa and she looked to the floor mumbling words in draconic to herself as the room started to go back to normal.

Anaya looked at her halls lifting her head as the shadows in her eyes faded away and she came back to the realm of the sane. “the winter has gone on and the days have grown long to this day the masses have come and gone. Soon life will once again touch my halls.” she walked to her tree and moved to its branch. As she took a single claw and ran it down the branch and the petals turned a deep pink. “spring has come to the land of the Rose”

Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times Sakura01_zps9e9b6de2

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Book 1- DeLaRose A Time Before Times 322810_to-be-continued_zps78328dd1

And that brings us to the end of our first book. it is now time to start a new and clean a new slate with the remaining players in the story. clean in spring a new leaf to a bran  new world, and a bran new life of challenge and difficulty. will Firedor Attack? how far will Anayas madness sink? will there ever be a king? and will we see Drax again? we will see what book 2 comes out with.
Always remember to read and post in if you want a place and come into the rooms and Role play with the gang.

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