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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss

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Wraythe Comes Back

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"The Cross was the only way i was able to remember the man i once loved"

blaze7115: Elrens cracks his neck and pushes his way through the door. Behind him trails a pretty young girl, round 10 or 12 years old. She has waist lenght white hair and blue eyes, and stands round 4 feet tall. As she walks in, all the auras and energys in the room flow towards her at a very slow rate, a passive feeding for the Elictor girl. Elren yawns, and looks up, raising an eyebow as he sees anaya. She had been gone for awhile, and it surprised him to see her back. A small white snow golem ferret jumped up on his shoulder, and he waved. "Hello Anaya." said the ferret in place of his own words, and Selena took a step back. She swallowed, obviously having heard stories of this woman, and made sure to stop any kind of drain she had going, other than the passive drain of emotions from the room, of which there were plenty.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas Red eyes shifte in her head as her sideways sliding eyelids flipped back over her eyes as she blinked "greetings " she said as she yawned and looked around looking for Crome. "where is Crome i have wondered about him "

blaze7115: "I have no idea. I've been up at my tavern for awhile. I haven't much talked with anyone for the last month or so." He said, the moved Selena forward to sit by the tree while he bowed lighlty and placed himself inbetween the human girl and anaya. "Where have you been would be a better question."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i have bin trying to regain my sanity" Anayas eyes twitched she could smell the girl and was growing in interest seeing it was as if he was hiding her from the Dragon Ruler.

blaze7115: He paused, about to say he could have just slapped her around, but decided not too. Elren had changed some, going from his lonesome self to a bit more of a people person, and a bit more mouthy. "Allow me to introduce you to my.... ward." He said, almost having said daughter. Selena looked up at him with a sad expression, wanting to call him father, but deciding not too. She tottered forward and bowed. "I am Selena, lady Anaya."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "a child? how kind of you to take in a child under your wing, it looks very....human, smells like one as well" Anaya simply grins as her long teeth click together and her twisted red eyes clearly not alright  twitch and move.

blaze7115: Elren smiled some, nodding. "It is a very good disguise." He made a motions that thte two had decided meant back away, and Selena stepped a few steps back. "She is an Elictor, if you know anything of them. An anti-mage, so to speak."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "she drains life, magic and auras from others to feed or simply use for her self. i know of them a little yes."

blaze7115: "Kind of. I have been teaching her to drain... emotion. And to be able to outpour it herself, changing the atmosphere of a room, and even influencing the emotions of those inside it. Rooms contain traces of the emotion that has been in them. A battle field will contain anger, a wedding chapel happiness, and a funeral home sadness. She can take that ambient emotion away, and replace it with something else."

OracleOfDoom: Elena walked into the castle and looked around. She had changed much in the years she'd been gone and returned a different person than when she'd left. She stood there, impatiently tapping her booted foot. "Mother!!" she called out. She had a feeling that Crome had told her she was back. In fact, she knew it. She walked further into the castle and looked around. This place had changed since she'd last been here.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas cold dead red eyes shifted over to the right to see her baby girl, her only
female child. Crome had informed her of her being back but not very much seeing Crome had to go for a short bit to get food from the back of the grounds. "welcome home my child " she said in that harsh and cold voice she was known for. her trip had not made her any less of a beast or monster, and it had not made her any nicer. she looked back to El and then to his little human looking girl toy thing, in her mind that is all it was, a toy that simple a thing to play with then toss away once it was broken. "it can stay just if i see it laying around i will remove it" she said as if very much speeking of a forgotin or lost toy.

blaze7115: Elren's eye twitched, and he took a deep breath. Running a hotel had given him anger problems, and Anaya wasn't helping them. "Fine." He said simply, and picked up the child, his cold skin being derived from both magic and nature, so while it made selena a little chilly, it wouldn't freeze her as it would others. He carried her to the tree again, and placed her ina branch before waving at Elena.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya simply grined as along her back her hair lifted as her and her tree where linked. it felt good to her skin to get a light chill. "be careful of the tree with a child no breaking any breanches"

OracleOfDoom: Elena gave her mother a small smile and motioned to a human maid to bring a little girl to her. She took the child into her arms and held her close. "Thank you mother..." she said sadly as she looked at her young sleeping child. The child bore several human traits but had inherited her mother's pointed ears and eyes. "This is your granddaughter... Her name is Amelia." she spoke softly as she held the young girl close to her. She had always wanted a child but not in the way she had been born. She looked to the man and nodded. She had met him briefly but couldn't place his name.

blaze7115: Elren nearly snorted, remembering the many many times the tree had been destoryed. One time, the thing had even been cleaved in half when someone threw a door at it.... Good times. Nothing to do now, but wait and protect as he talked with Selena in hushed tones.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to the baby girl and lifted a brow. another baby, oh woopy she thought to herself as a dullness over took her eyes and she looked into the childs. this child was part human, she could smell it, sence it and see it. "remove the child and feel it it looks hungery it is a nice baby" she said harshly, a dragon seeing a even small part human child as one of its own, no way.

OracleOfDoom: Elena looked at her mother with hurt in her eyes but she nodded and walked off with her little one. As she walked past the man, she kept her head down as if she were ashamed that she had bore a half human child. The man had forced her to sleep with him. But Elena couldn't find it in her heart to force herself to lose the child that was growing inside her. And so, one night as the king had been asleep, she slit his throat and took off with the child. She didn't look back as she ran for her life and for her child's.

OracleOfDoom: As Elena walked to the dining area, she moved her right hand up to wipe a tear away from her left eye that had somehow escaped. She looked down at her little one and saw that she had fallen asleep. She continued to walk into the room and picked up an apple, biting into it. She then turned and had made up her mind to talk to the man with the little girl. After all, that was something the two had in common, kind of.

blaze7115: Elren raised an eyebrow at the aproaching woman. A vampire perhaps? Who knows. He shruged, and pulled Selena onto his shoulders defensively. "Whats up?" He asked quitely, using the weasel as his mouth piece as he always did.

OracleOfDoom: Elena kept her distance from the man as she neared him. "I-I was wondering what her name is..." she said softly. After all she'd gone through, she could not stand up against her mother. Her black hair looked knotted and tangled as if she hadn't brushed it weeks; months even. As her child slept in her arms, she wondered what her greeting would've been like if she hadn't kept the child.
AnayaSinDeLaRose > Guest_cthabomb: thank you love i am happy and content for the first time in a long time

blaze7115: Selena poked her head up from hiding it in Elren's hair. "I'm Selena." The 12 year old said softly, and reached a hand out towards her from above elren radiating happiness she had taken from else where as she had been taught. It was a way to get people closer to her, as well as keep them pacified. Even Anaya would be able to feel the effects of it loosen her mood

OracleOfDoom: The princess smiled and nodded her head at the girl. "I am Elena. Pleasure to meet you Selena," she said, quieter than usual. She then looked at the man. "I know we met... But I cannot remember your name for the life of me..." she added after a few moments of silence between them.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: something odd in her as she growled and with one snap of her fingers black fog pooled at her feet and she gleared at the child knowing it was this child that was trying to make the dragon feel. the barn on the tree started to turn black as anaya was geting tempered, as it was clear her temper and insanity was getting shorter.

Apocryphon: As Wraythe made his way down the mountain he kept his eyes on the castle in the distance, making the trip in basically no time flat from where he was, as he stepped along the train he gripped the deadwood handle of his scythe tightly, using it as a sort of walking stick. As he approached the castle the cross that would be somewhere among the grounds would start to glow, the air becoming heavier before pushing through the doors, not that anyone in the place would really remember him, seems no one did these days “Hello? Anyone home?” His voice was soft yet had an air of authority before he let out a sigh, placing his scythe into the holder on his back leaning against the wall nearby.

blaze7115: The child was paying more attention to Elena, and had no idea she was the target of the dragons anger. Elren glowered at Anaya, and the blackening branches froze. A silent warning not to threaten his ward. "I am Elren." He said softly, and Selena smiled, letting the ambiant outpouring of happiness go.

OracleOfDoom: She smiled at the two as her child woke up and began to fuss in her arms. Elena gently shushed the little girl and rocked her in her arms. "Elren... that's right..." she muttered under her breath as she tried to calm Amelia down.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas eyes went to the one that walked in she got an odd feeling from this one, but she did not care. "welcome to the land of the Rose new one " Anayas body was geting cold as the tree was geting colder. as she got up from her throne she walked to it and placed a single hand on it the heat from her hand warming her tree and makeing the ice melt off of it "do not touch or harm" was all she said as her dead eyes looked to El her voice and look said that she met every word she said.

blaze7115: He raised an eyebrow and gave a pointed look to the girl above him. He said nothing, but his new outlook on life left no room for much fear. "You are Elena right?" He asked, turning back to the princess as Selena got off his shoulders and moved closer to the fussing child, attempting to use her powers to make it happyer.

Apocryphon: He looked up to her and smiled lightly, nodding to his own prediction being correct, no one remembered him, not even the woman he had once almost mated with "Hello my dear, Thank you for the welcome to your humble abode" He raised his hand slowly and sighed lightly as he looked to the cross "Seems you took care of it"

OracleOfDoom: Elena looked at Elren and nodded. "It's been awhile, hasn't it?" she asked as she knelt down so the little girl could get closer. Within minutes, the little girl had quieted down and was looking around contentedly. "Her name is Amelia," she said in a loving voice as she ran her fingers over the little girl's nearly bald head. She heard her mother and a strange voice speaking but did nothing. She could not bear to be around her mother right now.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya tilted her head as she moved a claw to her cross on her neck, she could see his eyes looking at her. "i am not your dear" she said as her twisted mind moved back and forth trying to come up with why he seemd like a lost memory.

blaze7115: "Is it just me, or has Anaya become.... even less caring than before?" He asked softly, placing a hand on Selena's head. "I just feel... less welcome than before. Like I was accepted before, but now I am just tollerated." He sighs, and leans against the tree, sitting down and pulling Selena onto his lap, so he could brush out the tangles that had gathered there from travel.

Apocryphon: "You were once actually" He pushed off of the wall and stepped over to her, slipping off his mask slowly, revealing the wicked smile underneath "You might remember the name Wraythe, Even if you don't I suppose that's fine, i sort of deserve not being remembered, Specially after i almost killed you in a rage"

OracleOfDoom: Elena motioned for Amelia's nursemaid to come take her and entertain her so she could have a few moments away. "I haven't seen Mother in a couple years... I thought I would recieve a more warm greeting but that must've just been me hoping," she said sadly as she turned to watch the human nursemaid walk off with her daughter.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya did not move at his move to her simply cocked a brow and walked in a ring around him eyeing him up his power was strong she new this and for unknown reason she could smell her own sent on his body in his garments, a dragons aroma was a very hard thing to get out. she wondered how her sent got on him if she did not remember meeting him before now. "i have had fights with meny you are no diffrent then others" it was all she was able to say there was something about him that was itching in her mind. her one right eye started to turn black as her madness was floowing. her mind did not want to remember even if she was trying to fight it to make it do just that.

blaze7115: "You would think.... But a dragon is a dragon, and she isn't your birth mother, is she?" He asked, stating what was likely the obvious. His ears perked up at the seeming threat towards Anaya and causing him to tense up. Even if it wasn't his business, the idea of a fight starting in the castle was his duty to stop. He kept an ear out for them, and Nodded to Elena. "No one seems to care much."

Apocryphon: He looked to her and let out a small chuckle "Oh but you see i am very different than the others, You see, we were lovers at one time, and i left you with a parting gift when i died, the first time anyway, That would be where you got that pretty little cross around your neck, one that holds my memories" He smiled lightly as the cross began to glow once more as he spoke to her "Ones i left were of our time together actually"

OracleOfDoom: Elena touched Elren's shoulder gently before she turned and walked over to her mother and the unknown man. She looked at him, her mind racing. He looked familiar but as had happened with Elren, she could not remember him. She stood there quietly, with her head and her eyes cast down at the floor.

blaze7115: Elren stood, and Selena froze, feeling a slight gathering of power. She stood, turned and hid her face his his clothing, and Elren began to glare at the two of them. Shit was bout to go down, and Elren was now ready, and througholy pissed off because someone had scared Selena.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya took her claw and ran it over her cross. "lovers?" she did not understand her insanity was way over what it once was. the tree about 15 or soo feet from her was starting to leek black as her head started to crack to the right. "love? lover ? what?"

blaze7115: "Do you know him?" He said softly to Elena

Apocryphon: "Here, let me show you something you gave me" He slowly reached into his coat and pulled out a necklace, the pendant of which was two dragons surrounding a pentagram, he looked to her and let it slowly hang around his neck after he put it on, not noticing the other woman who was standing near them

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved to take a step to the male as her clawed fingers reached out and for only a meer moment her red eyes flcikered a bright blue and then turned black. as she looked into his eyes a light blck tar falling from her eye sockets and down her cheek bones. "i do not give. you must be mistaken. this was not from me" Anaya pulled her claws back, for some reason her claws and hand was trembleing. "why? no dont no why? " she mumbled to herself as her voice cracked off and started talking to its distent self. "i no longer feel your ...soul" she said as she turned her back to the male and walked to her trees side leting the black tar pool at her feet. "1 hehe 2 ....3 4 ....6"

blaze7115: "This is bad." Elren said, and pulled Elena back with him and selena, getting away from the tree as far as he could. "We should stay back. I doubt I could protect the three of us from that insane drago bitch." He said quietly, and once they were close to the wall, he created a two foot thick wall of ice between the groups of people.

OracleOfDoom: Elena allowed him to move her away from her mother and the man she could not remember. "Elren, what is going to happen?" she asked, her bright eyes widening with fear.
Apocryphon: "If you do not remember, Then perhaps something else can help you remember" He watched her step away from him and smiled lightly and cleared his throat before cracking his neck, his now enclosed fist hitting his chest harshly, and as he let out a breath it came out as a deep black mist, flowing towards and right into the cross which was still growing, and if she wasn't careful many of his own memories with her would pour into her mind, and in turn hopefully get her to remember who he actually was

blaze7115: "Look at your mother. I said she was acting strange. Something is missing, a part of her that this man might be able to bring back." He paused. "Even Anaya is not this uncaring, this insane. This is beyond even her. For now, we wait." He pulled out a knife from his pocket, and cut his thumb, letting a single silver drop of blood hit the blade. It could be used as a portal to Froslin Tiverna if he wished, and would freeze instantly upon contact with the metal.

OracleOfDoom: She looked down and watched him cut his thumb. She reached out to stop him but realized that there was a purpose to it. "Mother is different, yes..." she admitted softly as she thought of her daughter.

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya looked to her neck then back up at him as her black eyes shifted blue as it matched the glow of the Cross. "Wrathe" was all she said as she let out a streak and her skin started to flow black tar, madness pure untainted madness. it was her own body fighting a spell she placed on her sell from the loss and depredation of losing him in her past. "stop it stop it STOP IT!!" she screamed as she fell to her knees her skin turning black as scales pushed into her hands and her dragon side showed its ugly head. Anaya looked up as she started to laugh her black jaw cracking to the side as black tar fell from her gaping jaws. "sadness, oh sweet sadness can drive a woman crazy, yes dear Wrathe it can it can, your loss her heart pain her loss her own inner death. you made her this way you did what befalls this woman you made us real Wrathe we thank you" her voice was distant as another scream came past the voice. as Anaya dug her claws into the stone floor turning silent as the dead looking at the tiles tar covering her body and she was on her hands and knees.

blaze7115: "I was afraid it would look like this." He put a hand on Selena, and flooded her with power, knowing she could protect them from the madness if she tried. While Elren's barrier was physical and strong, Selena could create an emotional and magical barrier of great power. "Stay behind the ice Elena, I can help you mother with this."

OracleOfDoom: Elena's eyes widened and she stomped her feet our of frustration. "My daughter is out there!" she screamed out, nearly succumbing to tears.

VladimirAlzarian: -A harsh wind came from all directions, hitting the castle and causing it's windows to shake, along with the massive door. If the windows were to catch anyone’s attention, they would see it has started to snow outside. The snow slowly began to fall faster and faster as frost overtakes the glass. The ground outside began to quickly become blanketed with the flurry white snow as it falls. Out front, the large fountain would freeze in almost a flash as the feint sound of whispers and raddeling chains can be heard. Once again, a powerful wind pushes on the kingdom, forcing the large door open. The outside encased in snow and ice. The sight was beautiful, yet fearsome as snow was blown into the kingdom. The snow continues to blow in, cloaking the front hall in snow. The sound of chains and whispers grow louder as a tall, dark figure seems to walk out of the distance. He walks between the hedges, and his boots crunch the snow with each step. How ever, the snow is quickly replenshed from his crunching step as he makes his way to the end of the all. Holding up his hand, the snow flurrys up and blows out of the kingdom, closing the door behind him. His hair covered his face, and two long katans cross his back. Not only was his voice heard, how ever feint it was, there was several others speaking- Anaya.... Ooooh Anaya.....

blaze7115: "You wait here." He said harshly, swearing as he pulled a giant blanket from himself to wrap around his cold arms. He hunted down Elenas daughter, and brought her back, shoving the three women behind a ever growing layer of steel strong ice. Having dealt with that, he went to see the visitor. "Who are you?" Elren asked harshely, glancing back at Anaya who was having her flip out, and Wraythe who was watching. "We are preoccupied, so what do you need?"

Apocryphon: Wraythe looked to her and nodded lightly as she spoke, the words starting to sound like the woman he once knew, yet it looked like she still needed a bit of cohersion to once again become the woman he knew and loved dearly, and with a small sigh he cracked his neck yet again, a deep rumble coming from his throat as his eyes went to a crimson red, predatory by the looks of them as his skin began to blacken and scale over, the form of the dragon he took within himself beginning to come forth yet again, Anaya was the only one he had ever shown this form to and that was in private, but to bring it public was something new to him. As he began to shift into this form the blackened skin took on the look of scales, and the teeth in his mouth became pointed and razor sharp, another deep rumble coming from his throat before speaking, his voice deeper, and a bit more predatory “Anaya, You need to be the woman you once were, I’m not the only one who’s noticed this change in you and you should know that as well. If you don’t then I suppose you’re a bit more clueless than I thought.”

VladimirAlzarian: -He smirked wickedly under his hair. His cold voice echoing still. A cold, soul chilling chuckle flows from his lips- You should watch that tone... You'll make more enemies then friends that way... -He finally looks up, revealing his face. His skin horribly frost bitten, and his left eye covered by a patch. As far as answering his question, he brused it off, only to repeat his entering words- Anaya...

OracleOfDoom: Elena took her daughter from Elren and held her close, her heart had begun to race. She looked to Selena and sighed. "Will you hold her? I need to help Mother..." she said as she noticed another man. She groaned and shook her head. Just what they needed...

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya turned and moved forth over the room and within moments the black tar moved up her being and around her forming into her true form. she moved to him and showed her teeth but as she got up to him her self wanted to rip the nmale apart but all she could do was stand there her eyes still a dead black and without a word as she looked at him. softly a single word came from her. "Wraythe?"

blaze7115: The frost bite didn't bother him. Elren was used to it, as everyone who touched him without protection tended to freeze solid. "You need to watch your own tone in anothers home. We are having problems." He stepped aside to reveal the two dragonic creatures. "Welcome to hell. Population, Anaya, Wraythe, and their dragon forms. Have fun dying." He said cruely, and skirted back to completley seal the three women in. Selena tood the child, and sat down, trying to soothe it. "I think you should stay..." She said quietly, sounding scared out of her mind.

Apocryphon: He let his serpentine tongue flick across his lips as he blinked, looking back to her as they reopened, his head moving up and down slowly "That's right Anaya, It's Wraythe..." A deep resonating growl came from him as the scales along his skin slowly began to flitter and shift lightly "Now, Do you remember who i am, or do i need to go even farther than this?"

OracleOfDoom: Elena gave the little girl a small smile as she tried to leave the ice barricade. She turned and glared at Elren. "Release me now!" she yelled as the tips of her ears turned red.

blaze7115: Elren leaned agaisnt the ice to watch. "I don't think so princess." He procedded to create a more dense wall, the clear ice becoming whiter as the ice became thicker. "Its to damn dangerous."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i ...i .........." she was lost in the mess of her own madness as it driped from her eyesockets. the thick black tar starting to move to Wraythes feet . "i ...i loved you" she shakes her head the black tar sent flying from her panting jaws, her power was draining her madness flowing from her. she helfd no feelings she forgot them, locked them away then removed them all together. all she was was a void of life and luster.

VladimirAlzarian: -He looks to everything that is going on within the kingdom. Arching a brow, he continues to make hsi way into the room. His own voice becomming more autioable, noticing to have an accent to it- Die? -He lets out a cold laugh, shaking his head-

OracleOfDoom: Elena pounded on the ice wall. "Elren, I demand you let me out of here." she screamed as she kept hearing the other man's voice.

blaze7115: "Go to hell. You may be the princess, but its my job to keep you safe." He growled, and looked at the other man, who was now directly in Anaya's line of sight. "Have fun then. But I wash my hands of your... mutilation."

OracleOfDoom: Elena screamed out in frustration and kicked the ice wall as hard as she could.

blaze7115: The ice wall was harder than steel, and would not even crack at that pathetic attempt.

Apocryphon: His form began to grow even larger, more dragon-like as he spoke "I know you loved me Anaya, And i know that somewhere in there you still do, I came here to apologize about my actions back then and my going bestial, It was uncalled for and i'm sorry" His eyes seemed to soften slightly as his jaw slowly extended and became more predatory, shaking his head as he looked to her still "If you'd calm down, so we could talk like normal people that would be fantastic"

VladimirAlzarian: -He looks around a bit, eyes everything before starting to step back some- Hmmm... Perhaps I entered at too much of a troubling time. Perhaps I should return another time.

blaze7115blaze7115 : "Now you get my point." Elren states blandly, wondering if Anaya would tear the man in her sight line to shreds in her rage.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya knowing vlad was there payed no attention to him and without warning moved her jaws and jumped for Wraythes neck. "i loved you and you ripped me apart and almost killed me!!" she screamed black tar falling from her face. it was tar but inside of it was tears, nicely hidden tears.

Apocryphon: He growled lightly as he moved out of the way of the lunge for his neck, speaking to her in return as the jagged spikes started to form from his back "And i'm trying to make reparations for my madness and everyone it hurt, If you would just calm down and speak to me we can hash this all out"

VladimirAlzarian: -His eye suddenly widened as he heard Anaya's voice. He had his hand placed on the door, keeping it there as he listened closely. The whispers filled the air once again as well as the feint sound of chains. A sudden and brief cold snap filled the air-

OracleOfDoom: Elena sighed and sat down on the floor. She held out her arms to take her child back. Once Amelia was safe in her arms, the princess would fall asleep.
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AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i gave you my Rose my Bound what a dragon gives once in there life times to the one they wish to be with there forever with, and you pushed me to the side!" she moved her back feet and dug her claws into the ground turning oddly fast and on a dime and lunching yet agein at his neck and side she would not kill him but she would show him he hurt her a dragons way of doing this was force. it was how they showed there feelings most of the time. her tail trashed and hit a piller and instantly turned it into rubble sending piller chunks flying into that ice wall.

blaze7115: "Silly girl..." Elren opened up a small person sized hole away from the fighting dragons, and took a ready stance, freezing the tar that was on the floor. It looked like tears to him. Selena was quietly crying in the corner, scared out of her mind at this. The tar was a little to strange to freeze at the moment, but the salt water tears inside the tar froze easily. Elren, sensing this, pulled them from the tar and towards him, wondering at this. That slut could feel.... pain at least. He pocketed the tears, frozen as they were, and kept them for later. Elren looked up, and saw the pillars flying towards the wall. He growled, and jumped up into the air, creating a second wall for them to crash and break before falling uselessly to the ground around him. "Stupid dragon.... Going to get someone killed."

Apocryphon: This time he didn't move a single muscle and let her latch onto his neck, a deep growl escaping him as she did so, making his eyes slowly close, from the time he spent with Anaya he learned some things about dragons and the way they handled things "Hurt me if you must, it does not matter, I made my grave already, and it only gets deeper, But truely, I am sorry for how i hurt you Anaya, and in all honesty Shadow could barely keep me under control"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya pushed him down to the ground and let him go blood driping from the wound she placed on him. she then did something odd, very odd for her. she licked it, the beast Anayaq licked the whound that she placed on Wraythe "you are forgiven" she said as she lifted her head and then layed down beside him resting her maw on his neck.

Apocryphon: Wraythe lay there on the ground, a deep sigh escaping him, flowing out in the same black mist as before, yet thicker in a way, smiling to the words and actions that had just happened "And i know this may not mean things will go back to the way they used to be, but after Cry and Midnight came and knocked some sense into me i needed to make reparations"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya simply got up, she showed her feelings on how she felt one Wrayth, it made her madness oddly settel and flow back into her own body and she shifted back down to that flawless human like woman that was her human fourm. "then you will do as you must and know you are forgiven and always will hold a place and a home here in my empire. i loved you and part of me still loves you, a part that is still dead inside of the husk that is this body. but the lack of feeling still is gone from me Wraythe. and i do not wish it to come back. "

blaze7115: Elren's jaw dropped, and he shook his head. This made no sense to him, so he decided to ignore it all togehter. He himself had never loved another, but whatever. He sighed and used the blanket to carry Elena and her daughter to their rooms, before sitting and wrapping his arms around Selena. What the hell was going on. He sat there stonily, knowing that this was why he never grew attached to many, because when they were in danger, it hurt

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "do as you will Wraythe but my heart is no longer able for what it once was able for. i may have loved you long ago but i do not anymore" her voice was cold and hard as she turned around and looked at him. "the cross around my neck is yours if you wish it in time to come "

Apocryphon: He let out a small sigh and nodded to her words as he shifted back to his normal form "Then perhaps i could work here again as a guard, And as for the cross you can keep it, It holds memories that would be too hurting for myself right now" He slowly stood and placed his hand to his
neck, rubbing it gently "And maybe a place to shower"

VladimirAlzarian: -He got lost in thought for a bit. Looking up at the door, he realized he had encased it in ice, as well as his hand. He pulls his hand away, making the ice shatter loudly like glass. He takes hold of the door, opening it and making his way back out into the still frozen landscape-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked back over her shoulder with a soft smile to her harsh face. "i know you never forgot where my bed room was, guard"

Apocryphon: He laughed lightly at her words and nodded lightly "One is never the same when you exit that room"

blaze7115: Elren just shook his head. He felt.... almost disapointed. This was not the same queen he had come to almost like, and almost repect. "I don't understand Selena, I just don't."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "then this time i will not have to leade you there" Anaya noded her head as she moved her hand down and pushed her dress from her knees as her face turned back to being cold. "now i am hungered. the child from before the human child where is it?"

blaze7115: "go to hell." Elren muttered, wrapping himself protectively around Selena.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "not that one you moron the other one the younger one "

Apocryphon: He let out the smallest of sighs as he moved towards the stairs along the sides, already stripping himself down before he vanished into the stairwell, his form slowly shifting into something less....gruesome

blaze7115: "Gone. I made her leave." He growled and stood. Pulling the frozen tears from his pocket. "Those were in the tar. Your not as unfeeling as you say."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "may it turn to only dust in your fingers. all bound to me can be distroyed by me" Anaya gave a twisted grin as she lifted up to claws and she snaped them and instently the dragons tears turned to sand lacking of water only sand in his very fingers. "a dragons tears are to much a gem for you to hold" she said as she took her claw and reached to her choulder to itch a rose shaped mark on her skin.

blaze7115: "I could care less of your tears. You astound me with you indifference. It is beyond me that you would forgive the person that hurt you so much, because of a past love, and in the same breath, ask where your grandchild is so you could eat it. I need to leave for now." He paused at the door. "Up north, they gave me a name now. I am called the norther blizzard, and the ice dragon." He pushed out the door, and disapeared into the night with Selena on his shoulders.

FelisDeLaRose: "Nnnn... at it again, are we...?" The voice was soft, though with a hint of amusement to it as the feline-esque woman seemed to step out from the space between the air, standing a short distance from the throne to dip in a small bow before the empress, before stepping forward, leaning in enough to kiss Anaya's cheek, before pulling up to sit on the back of the throne, a faint, humming giggle under her breath as she idly watches the chamber for a moment, resting her chin in her palms. "I always seem to miss things when I'm not around all hours of the day... and I dont think I've seen him leave in a huff like that, before."
blaze7115: ((night guys :P))

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : Anaya started to laugh as she hit her one clawed hand on the throne side, it worked her plot worked, the anoyance was gone. "dontforget the brat will you" she laughed more as she stoped and mumbled. "sometimes forgiveness can be its own kind of pain greater then death "

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She felt the kiss to her cheek and looked to Felis. "Welcome home Felis "

FelisDeLaRose: "Merci, my lady of Moonlit Shadow. And I welcome you home as well." Felis smiles a little more, her head tilting left to right as she looks back to Anaya, her hands on her chin spreading to her cheeks to stretch out her smile a little more. "I must say, things certainly haven't been the same without you."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "how where things wall i was on my trip"

FelisDeLaRose: "Depressively dull, I'm afraid." Felis lets out a sigh, leaning back a bit as her ears pan back and forth. "I'm not sure how my predecessors handled all the paperwork, but I plan to have it ready soon, I hope."

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HunterRomanji: Alfedor Eron Morte enters the main room of DeLaRose Empire. He draws his scimitars and inspects the blade to make sure they are fine then he runs a preliminary check on his bow. He stands by the thrones silent wearing a tight black shirt that showed his well-defined muscles and black denim jeans that did the same. He looks around his bright silver eyes inspecting the room. He spots a black and blue kitty with extreme fluffiness curled on a man dressed in all white but ignores them spotting his aunt silver. He hugs her then sits on the throne next to her still watching the room.

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~blinks as he hugs her and gives a light hug in return, completely lost in her own thoughts~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The cat watched the man walked in and then currled around Els neck then hops off and walks to the man a scar on her back hip just a little off side of her tail and that red glimmer brighter in her eyes.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "hmmmmm"

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HunterRomanji: Hunter's bright silver eyes meets the cat's red ones. Something about her eyes seemed familar but he waved the thought off and went back about his business as a guard.

blaze7115: He shrugged as the cat left, and went back to his drinking. "Stupid cat... to many people showing up." He muttered silently to himself, and finsihed off the frozen liquor, cracking open another bottle.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: the Cat sat down on the floor and aimlessly looked at the man with the silver eyes her bright red eyes looking into his own almost like a hypnotic glare.

HunterRomanji: Eron's eyes darken as a predatory smile appears on his face his fangs fully elongated. "Oi vey, I need to go feed." Eron leaves his post and heads to the kitchen and finds a bottle of blood for a substitute and opens it drinking it quickly. He moves back to his post as a guard feeling better. he thinks to himself when shift is over he must go feed.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "useless " is all the cat had to say

blaze7115: He looked to the vampire. Great. He sighed, and wondered if he would try to drink from Elren as most did, something about the minty smell of his blood.... He always tried to ward them off, but if they insisted.... he allowed them, and then they died.

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~raises her brow at all the happenings within the empire, but remains quiet~

HunterRomanji: Eron looks to the man and shrugs not really caring what he is thinking judging by the pondering look in his eyes. He looks around for a bit more before leaning back nad closing his eyes letting his ears listen.~

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~sees the cat near her, and offers treats~
blaze7115: -goes back to drinking-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "worthless as well as useless" it said outloud and walks over to the one male with the silver eyes and moves over his leg its sharp claws clicking on the floor.

HunterRomanji: ~he feels the cat near him and strokes her fur his eyes still closed~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The cat moves its claws and slices them all the way up the inside of his right leg the gash cutting deep. "dont touch the cat"

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~realizing the cat either ignored the treats offered or ignored them, she shrugs and lays them on the floor and goes back to her thoughts~

HunterRomanji: ~he snarls in pain from the gash then picks up the cat and throws her at Elren before bending down to look at his leg~

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember pushes the doors open with her good hand and quietly walks in with her purple cape covering half of her face and a purple-blue scarf covering her neck, she worse it for a reason and would rather not have it happen to her, she goes to her seat and breaths then sniffs her cape to check to see if any animal scents got on it while she was out hunting-

blaze7115: Elren laughs out silently, and moves to catch the cat, then put her down as quickly as he could, if it made it to him.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: AS the cat was picked up its eyes changed to a bright red and its claws turned and went to about a half a foot long and it twisted around and slashed down the males face griping in so as he tossed it it latched his face hurting him not the cat at all.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "dont toss the cat!!" it yelled as it snarled and spat.

HunterRomanji: ~he snarled louder feeling his elongate again."Get off of my face so i can go feed you worthless animal."

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SilverAkashaSihaya: ~sits up in her throne amused by the scene and takes out a cookie, nomming on it~

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember looks and then decides to mind her own bizz knowing there was a very angry cat in the room then take her cape off and hides it because it had the scent of a certain animal that could possibly get her scratched- "eek" o_o

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~waves at Ember and offers her a cookie~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The Cat moved its paw as it poped a thume on its one hand and moved to grab the males lower jaw, grabing it seeing the cat was on his face and he had not pulled it off it took a claw and simply said "pop" the claw shoot up and into his mouth from the underside of his lower jaw, then it turned into a hook so he could not even if he tryed got it off. "if i was usless i would be a messed up blood drinker, drinking is bad! " it snarled and bit into the top of his face just over his left eye.

HunterRomanji: ~he snarls and snaps his fangs into the cats wrist seeing it was the closest thing at the moment and feeds from kitty~

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~laughs at her aunt~ I definitely do not want to be on the bad side of the kitty

KuroiAkamiOokami: Drache returned to his home, unsure of what was happening upon he journey. Having had his Draconic side sealed away for his child's sake, he couldn't use his birth powers. Instead however he relied on that of the wild Canines. His red eyes scanned the home he once left, hoping to forget, though He never, ever could.

HunterRomanji: ~he snarls feeling the need to feed strengthen in him knowing the cat will not get off his face he snaps his jaws at her trying to force her off needing to feed~

SilverAkashaSihaya: Eron, it looks like you pissed off the wrong pussy ~smiles a bit still amused by the whole thing~

blaze7115: Elren readies another spear, and gets ready to toss it at the two of them, intending to spear the cat and the man, both through the necks.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The cat grins and with the power of what this cat really is and seeing this stupid silver eyed boy did not pull it off it took its claws and ripped his lower jaw off then jumped back and landed on its feet on the floor, the fur slowly falling from the beasts body as it started to change into some sort of human like thing.

EmberNightCunningham: "yeep. looks like it" -she walks back to her seat and bites down on the tasty treat in her hand, she was glad her teeth was of use to her when it came to foods.

SilverAkashaSihaya: Aunt Ember, remind me not to piss off the cat.

HunterRomanji: ~he picks his jaw up off the ground and snaps it in place before focusing and using the last reserves of energy he had to heal him back to where he was then walked into the kitchen again and grabs four bottles of blood and drains them all prolonging the frenzy for another day and a half~

blaze7115: Elren grins, and melts the spear. "Five hundred on the cat."

EmberNightCunningham: -she giggles- "oh I will and I don't think I should wear my cape"

KuroiAkamiOokami: His blood ruby eyes pick up on the two as they seemed to fight. He himself wasn't sure what was going on, and Last time he interfered with a battle in this kingdom, he almost got his head taken off, and he was very much attached to it. He'd just watch in curiosity, and confusion as it all took place.

SilverAkashaSihaya: Im not even going to ask what smell is on your cape

EmberNightCunningham: -she gulps- "lets just say the animals barks"

SilverAkashaSihaya: Ohhhhhhhhhh
SilverAkashaSihaya: Got ya

xXxCyanRosexXx: Cyan stands and stretches as she wakes from her overly long nap, standing up straight she can hear her back crack and pop as she twists and turns her body in the stretch. Giving out an overly loud growl of satisfaction she walks towards her bedroom door and with slender digits she places them upon the cooled metal door handle and pulls it open wide. Commotion having woken her from a deeper slumber she wrinkles her nose up and pouts as she attempts to rub remnants of sleep from her every emerald green hues.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The woman that cat turned into was yes it was Anaya nude and standing there the scar on her right hip a brand from her days in the draconic army. she walked a single step and let out a roar shifting forth and in moments took her true form. "you fell for it you really fell for it, i got you uncollared from one family to get you back to my own and for what reason to end you here before the woman you harmed my own child and the woman that adopted you to be her own" Anayas black dragon eyes glanced back to look at her own child a glare that would simply say i will deal with you later. looking back at the one that was to see the last light this day she lowered her maw down to see into his eyes Anayas black eyes lifeless and seeming to drain all the joy and wonder from the world, all the happyness and life from the body she was looking into. the eyes of the dead. ((like Dementor from harry potter that kind of drain)) "do you really think i would let you get away with what you have done with this family with this family. do you think i Anaya the black dragon would let you live" "take the chalange or fall to your belly and take it as a low ranking one would"

HunterRomanji: ~he looks at her and bows showing his rank as a guard and as her grandson for the wrongs he did~

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd bark out at Anaya, signalling his presence, but not disrupting anything. "Hello again... Mother..." He'd seem to whimper out the last word. His eyes fell to the one that bowed and he tilted his head. "What all has happened in my absence?..." He'd bellow out.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya took a step to him and lifted a foot moving it over him bringing it down to go on him and push him to his belly on the floor. "you die this night Guard of this Empire, you die before your own mother my child and she will weep your death and you will be the blame for her suffering. you alone will be the reason her sadness will no no end, you are her punishment for a mother is to raise there children better and she will lose her child for he is not what this world is made for, he is weak and useless and never new when to stop. it is time for your torment. will you make it simple or will you fight me and lose in bits scattered over my halls"

xXxCyanRosexXx: With a sadness in her eyes she looks to the floor and lets out a soft breath.

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember walks over to blaze and bunks him on the head with another on her hip- "not a very good choice man"

blaze7115: "I know." Elren said, and took a deep breath. He cut his palm with his thumb nail, and let a few drops of blood hit the counter, an escape method if needed.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas cold eyes lay down on him as with one claw she flipped him on his back and then moved a claw over his groin. "ones like you need not breed there are more then enough failures in the race and world as it is" she then lowered her maw to his face. "don’t scream it will only hurt a lot "

HunterRomanji: ~he met her eyes and snarled on time~ "I will not scream because pain is only of the mind"

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~taking in a deep breath she holds it momentarily as she walks over to her sister Silver and climbs onto her lap hugging her tightly~

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~hugs her sis as she continues to watch her mom~

HunterRomanji whispers: way to ruin my rp i came hoping no shit you know she logged off crying asking peeople to leave her alone is this why

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember looks making sure to stay well away from the fight because she is no bigger than a twelve year old, she covers her eyes with her hands then peeks a little- "uh-oh-"

SilverAkashaSihaya: ~holds out another arm for her aunt~

blaze7115: "Well, Glad that won't ever be my fate..." he muttured quietly, and looked away

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd sigh and shake his head. "What world does Thine live in now hmm?..." He'd sigh out. Watching his mother neuter a boy, and women sitting beside, on the thrones, again, not too sure of anything, but, ever since he was a pup, he'd been clueless. He walked around, and leaned up against one of the several pillars, watching.

EmberNightCunningham: -she scoots over to her then stands next to her because a hug might burn her- "beware. I might sting you"

SilverAkashaSihaya: Auntie, I assure you I will be fine.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: With one claw Anaya jabbed down and then pulled out riping his balls and genatils from his body "you do not sleep with my children, you do not try to get with my chidren and even more so you do not fail in my training and show to this world i am weak for takeing you under my wing to show you the power in this world" she piked him up as he was bleeding to death and moved over to a cage that was only the size of a small storage tub only able for him to stand on his hands and knees on hard steel wire. "for one hour you will bleed here before all in this place and i will place bamboo splinters under your toes and finger nails till you wish you never new me at all" she growled as she tossed him into the cage fast locking the door for it and then letting him bleed for a little bit as she shifted down and wanted to have a bath.

EmberNightCunningham: "if you say so" -she continues to look through the cracks of her hands-

HunterRomanji: ~he sits in the cage quiet~

blaze7115: Elren sighs, and looks at the cage. He heads towards the dragon, and looks at her. "So, I speared you...." He said, raising an eyebrow. "I apologize, didn't know it was you." He said this in his actualy voice, rather than using the wind, so that she would know he actually meant it.

EmberNightCunningham: -Ember breaths a sigh of relief- "glad that's over" -she then looks at Elren and facepalms-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya shifts down and licks blood off her hands as a hound runs out to clean up the riped off mess she walked to blaze and moved a hand just a little from his face she did not want the cold right now it was like she was touching him but not a show of it is ok. "if i wanted you not to do it i would not have let you stab me " she then nodded her head and walked to her baby girl Cyan. "now from this point this male in the family will no longer be a part of anything you will do my dear for he will have bled out in no time maby even before my bath is done, you will pick stronger children to adopt ones that can stand with us and not make us look bad and down on from others in this world. we are of the Rose we are Strong." she moves her claws into Cyans "you are strong soon you will have more children but they will be a force fit for this crown. remember who you are and who we all are you are a princess of this crown and the crown you will hold one day. a empire is only as strong as its weakest members" she then turns around just after kissing her baby girl on the forehead and then walking to the cage and kicking it. "you will be dead in one hour" ((hunter you are here exiled from this place from now to all time your name will be posted on an exile list and it will be informed to others around so our alliances that you are here dead and posted on the Forum page for others to read as a pastime. all here are wanted to block and remove you if they so wish and if they do not your name will no longer be talked about and they will be taking into there own hands to deal with you in ooc not ic for this matter is done in DLR and you are not to be making another RPC here or linked to here. if so you are here warned reson will be made to have it removed as well. thank you for your rp you may leave when you wish to))

xXxCyanRosexXx: Hearing her momma's words she heeds and takes note knowing that Anaya was wise and strong. "Yes momma I know and to feel like I have shamed you in some way for bringing such a diseased life form into the Rose family." Lowers her head and looks to the floor as tears sting her eyes. "I will do you proud momma."

blaze7115: Elren nods. "Thank you." He says, being very quiet, and heads back to the bar to watch over everyone. He considered himself the head guard, having seen none other than himself be here and not apart of the royal family.

HunterRomanji: ~dies from bloodloss~

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya formed out of the wall and looked around she did not like lava but would deal with it for this was the place she sniffed her son out to. "kuro??"

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd hear, and feel his mother from within his home. He'd look up, seeing her, and let out a soft smile. "Hello... Mother..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she walked into the main hall carefull not to step on the fire she was not very good with fire in her human like form "are you alright my son i can sence something is the matter you are...hollow as i am "

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd look out the window, and the lava that fell around his home bellowed and erupted, though he didn't show his inner rage. "I am lost... In ways I do not comprehend..." He'd say some what hesitantly as the room began to cool, the lava in the ground turning to stone and ice.

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : "has the light left your heart" she said as she took steps to her son.

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd offer the seat next to him, or the one on his lap, which ever she would like. "What heart does one have to let light leave... Hm?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you love and you care i know this still, one thing i know if the vast nothing of no feeling or emothion" she moved to his lap and lay down lifting her feet looking up at him. "the last thing a mother would want is her son to turn into the heartless monster that she is "

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd lower a hand to her soft hair. "You are my love... my Cold, empty hearts true desire... yet I cannot have you... for whats done and past has already happened... and I ruined my only chance..." He'd growl at himself and slam his head back, breaking the onyx stone that was his throne.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She moved and got up on his lap looking at him her red eyes looking into his. "are you truly blind, you have me still siting here on your lap if you never had me i would never have come here i would not come to see you. i love you with all i have kuro but you are my son and are as blood to me. you mean the world to me, dont think for a moment you do not have me for you have had me all along you are just to blind to see that love can fester its self in ment diffrent ways not just the ways of man and wife"

KuroiAkamiOokami: His eyes closed partly, as he moved his head slightly, getting his eyes from her gaze. "I once had a chance at a relationship... I however gave it up, with my idiocy... I know... I understand I still have you... But my heart.. It yearns... It wishes you in ways, my mind knows not possible. If I am Blind, won't you give me sight?... I know not the life to lead anymore... I stay here.. In my volcano, most all hours of the day... I rarely see the light of day... All I see is what I possess here..." He'd again look into his mothers gentle eyes, and let out a sigh.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i can not give sight to one not wishing to see " she softly lay her black lips on his kissing him with tender care and love for her son. she showed this side of her heart to no one for to this world there was no soft side to the dragon queen. "you always know where your home is, it is up to you to open your eyes and take charge of what it is you wish" she softly kissed him agein as her arms slowly started to fade to sand.

KuroiAkamiOokami: His eyes would open, and his cheeks burned with rose. Their lips met, and his heart let off a large thud. He'd softly stroke her cheek, his eyes sofening. "Take charge?... What I wish is you... but, I cannot charge my mother..." What she said puzzled him, and scared him, but also made him happy, all these possitive, emotions flurred with the negitive he'd held in for so long. In fear he watched her arms fade to sand. "M-Mother?..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you need to open your eyes and come to see the glory that is around you, you need to stop seeing the darkness in life and see the light that rests inside all living beings with feeling and emothion, i can not love my son i can not love like a wife to her mate and i can not give you all you seek in this world but i can give you a sight in this world" her form started to go clear as she smiled her body fadeing to go home. "come home my son and rejoyce with your family for love hides its head in family and in your heart. you still feel and that is the thing that makes me happy, you are not as dead as i am." she moved to hug her dear boy her head resting on his shoulder for the moments untill she faded away her body going back to her empire, to there empire.

KuroiAkamiOokami: He'd sigh out, embracing her body before it completly vanished. He'd try to keep her, but she wished home, and he couldn't stop that. He doesn't blong with the family, he no longer felt he had a place. He lost a large majority of his Dragon heritage, and didn't wish to things go sour for himself, or the family. He knew she could not love him, the way he wished, but, if it ment staying close to her, he'd do most anything. His ruby eyes, looked to his door, as he stood and dusted off his coat. "I pray..." He'd mutter out before he too, left his remote little castle.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya faded away in his arms leaving one thing whispering in his ears "be the king i know you are, you are the hair to the throne of the Rose Kuroi DeLaRose, be the king i know you are" and with that she was gone. only a blue dust in his arms the royal color of her blood.

KuroiAkamiOokami: As she faded, using his mastery over elemental magic, he used wind to pull all the dust together,and made a slit in his arm. Pouring the dust into his blood stream, now, no matter what, she was part of him, and one day, he knew, He may find love, weather it be her, or another, He knew, love would some day find him.

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss Dark-Fantasy-fantasy-13992477-1024-768_zpsceed3dd1
"you will do as your Queen commands you" she looked down on him her claws on the skin of his chin. he simply looked up into her eyes and said "yes my queen Anaya DeLaRose"

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman's emerald green eyes linger watching the tall green grass sway back and forth within the wind. She chuckled softly to her self watching the wind blow each single blade from its place. The demon's eyes remain on a single yellow wild flower as it too danced in the wind near the dead grass the same path she was walking. Her mind wondered on the topics of the last several months; to her it was funny how one fight could awaken the woman's true nature that had been sleeping deep inside. The very thing her family warned about for years, now that it finally happen there was no going back on it. Isis's eyes closed for a brief moment as she remembered the horrified feeling she had when she woke to find herself within the forest between her home and DeLaRose lands. The woman could still fully smell the sweet aroma of the crimson liquid that had covered her and yet she didn't even worry about where the blood had come from. Her lips parted as she chuckled still strolling along the dark path towards the castle of her sister's still thinking. Isis grew closer to the very place where a maybe not even a week where she had last woken up, covered in dark liquid. Even though the woman would never admit that was the last time it had spook her, yet she was shock it had not happen once more yet. She waited for the day she would end up stumbling to her feet beside one of the trees covered in some poor person's sweet tasting blood; just the thought made the demoness's mouth water. Though she could do without the stumbling those first few moments when she would wake up. She had thought about what to do the next time it happen seeing she had scared some of the others around her do to it. Her ramblings, darting straight to her room, and locking herself away for countless days; all that in the past. She had come to terms that she had lost her mind, did she truly care: not one bit. The demon's mind finally came from her thoughts as she glanced up from the ground her green orbs moving as she watched the towers come into few, she was nearly home. Her painted lips parted in relief then again she was slightly concern out of the long journey between her home and that of her sister's she had yet to run into a single walker, nor troll, some sort of beast that would hinder her from making her journey a safe one. Isis couldn't help but to go searching now, leaving the path she starts to stroll through the woodland area around her. Her painted, chapped lips parted not even an inch before she let out a gasp hearing leaves of a bush close to her rustle; she quietly turned on her heels her right hand moved to the very place her daggers would have been if she would have remember to wear them that day. "Shit" the woman's voice rang out as her hand moved up from her side once more. Her gloved hand lingered hear her ready to pull shadows into it and use them how she seems fit, wither it was by a creating a orb for a ranged attack or by summoning them to form a blade in which she could truly use.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Yet, Isis stood there waiting for the source of the bushes' disruptive only to see a small dark creature that only stood to be just less than two feet tall with pitch black eyes. A soft threatening growl escaped the woman's lips as she stood there her once green eyes now swirled red and black. She would bare her fangs a few times before completely transforming into her natural form; yes she enjoyed the look she used to blend into the human world whenever she would escape to it though this one was much better. Isis stood five foot six with long wavy snow white hair; her skin had darkened to a charcoal black color. Her pierced lips seem to have closed as she tilted her head, her black leather like horns curled out from under her hair and alongside of her head. She chuckle her hand moving to the side of her head as her fingers trail along the embedded chain that had wrap around her horns. Isis glare moved watching the creature still as her barbed tail seem to sway behind her, one hit with a barb could send an adult mortal male into shock from the poisons that were laced around them. "What do you want?" she would speak, her once sweet luring voice would have turned dark and demanding nearly the same tone she would use when she was in one of her rages or commanding someone to do her bidding. Isis waited for the imp to response only to see it taunt her and vanish; the woman growled and took off towards the west in search of her tormentor. She swore one of the days to come she was going to finally catch the imp and kill it even though it was clearly out to distract her from her life. "Get your ass back here!" she hissed out before vanishing into the shadows and appearing a few miles closer to where she had been going. Isis growled searching for the creature, she didn't even noticed the group of walkers maybe six in total let alone the massive undead troll. Not even the stench of the rotting corpses not even a few yards away from where the woman appeared frighten her. The demon tilted her head to the right then to the left letting the joint pop. The cracking sound of her neck seem to perk the troll's attention. She chuckled watching the brute "No time to dance now maybe later" she chuckled out with a hiss before moving her hands in front of her face causing the shadows from the trees to stretch out and grab her. The demon would laugh as she walked out of the shadows within the court yard; she sighed softly changed forms to her mortal form, her fingers tucked under the bottom hem of her torn shirt as she pulled it down to meet with the belt line of her worn out, blood stain jeans. The woman moved her fingers and watched with her emerald green eyes as the door open. She seem to skip right in covered in blood and the smell of the troll she nearly had to fight. Isis mumbled under her breath as some of the nearby shadows seem to move to her and dance about her body. Her sweet yet very luring voice sounds as her tongue dances behind her painted lips. "I'm home"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: He look down upon his blissful wife laying there on his lap. taking his fingers he ran them in her hair caressing her as she lay there with him. every moment a blissful one to him. Crome king of this place, King of the Rose he never once in his life thought he would be given a glory like this.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis rounded the corner heading into the main room just before she allowed the shadows to form over her body and turning into her black dress as she walked. She chuckled out as she finally walked into the throne room to see her sister laying there. Her eyes moved to the celling before back on the two before moving any farther into the room.

AxelWoedeNeramani: -The solemn sounds of organs mixed with church bells filled the city of DeLaRose while a thick chocking mist slowly rolled over the ramparts surrounding the city. (( think UnderTaker's theme song )) Of course more then one guard noticed the mist which was slowly making its way to the castle with the pervasive feeling utter dread and death filling it. As soon the mist had reached the door way it would seep through the cracks before literally filling the antechamber of the castle with its essence. After a few moments the mist slowly began to rise and form into the shape of a humanoid male with indeterminate features. Soon enough the features of this male Humanoid where revealed to be as harsh as granite while having a cold heartless stare much similar to that reaper but this male was not a reaper at all. His name was Axel Woede Neramani the son of Hadin and Kaderin Woede Neramani. Axel stood at seven feet eight inch's tall and weighed three hundred and forty pounds of pure lean muscle obtained after millennia of working out. Of course his hard rigorous workouts had granted him the strength to lift up to four tons of weight from a dead standstill with some effort. Now back to the mists that had brought him here if one was paying close attention to him they would notice the small wisps of the mists coming from his body while the moisture in the air seemed to thicken considerably with his entrance to the DeLaRose lands. Axel was no mere human or vampire as he cut the appearance of with a black linen shirt emblazoned with a cross tilted at a sixty degree angle. His legging where made of black leather which matched the boots he wore on his feet. The truth was Axel was a a woede or a guardian of a specific element and his given element was water meaning he had complete control over the water in the atmosphere and could use any source of water including perspiration from another's body if he wanted to. The weapons Axel wore where a pair of blades clamped to his arms emblazoned with a pair of howling wolves on the tungsten steel blades while a single silvered sword rested over his back. Each of the three blades where capable of ripping through dragon hide with comparative ease thanks to the hours of sharpening Axel had spent on them. Without so much as a sound Axel would walk deeper into the castle before spotting Anaya and Chrome before he dropped to his knee's and spoke with a dead pan lifeless voice showing he had not a single care in the world as far as killing went.- “I heard whispers in the winds that you where looking for ready and able warriors to spill blood???”

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked up from her lovers lap and looked upon the one on his knees "yes much blood to be spent and spilt on the walls and floor of this empire. do you wish to take on this challenge" she moved and sat on Cromes lap and looked at the one before her back to Crome. all she did was hold out a black dripping, Tar covered clawed hand.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: He watched and started to softly kiss Anaya's shoulders, his red eyes shimmering behind ebony black hair. he did not take one eye from Anaya's sister, knowing all to well that the sisters are just as crazy and unpredictable as one another.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman brow rose watching as a male seem to appear and kneel before her sister and her brother in law; her painted lips curled as she shook her head hearing the males words before letting her gaze meet with that of Cromes. "What are you staring at now?" she hissed out letting her gloved hands move to her hips as she walked up to the thrones before sitting on the floor next to one despite being in a dress. Her hands soon drop to her lap as she played with her ring.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked to Isis "it is simple i am looking to see what mess i will have to pick up this time" he said in a harsh gruff tone, as he lay another kiss to Anaya's soft neck.

Guest_moonrose7: -A young girl with dark blackish brown hair walks up to the castle doors and knocks on them to see if anyone was home, she hears voices in the house and notices the door was already unlocked then she pushes opens the door seeing that there were no shields to keep her out for some reason, she waves at everyone in the room with her long dark hair covering one side of her pale tan face-

AxelWoedeNeramani: -Axel took Anaya's proffered hand not caring that it was covered in tar nor clawed as he spoke with a callous tone. While he spoke his mists would slowly begin to creep around his arm that held Anaya's claw while he kept his head lowered respectfully. “Challenge??? My elder Brother Blaine Tallavantis will deal with this Milady he is currently resting and awaiting a reason to return and raise havoc once more...” After he had spoke Axel would rise to his feet before cracking his neck as his voice took on a different all the more sinister aspect which was not his own as Blaine began to speak through his younger brother.- “Who is it you need killed and please tell me I get to torture them and make them scream like stuck pigs...”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Letting her tongue move over her lips she leans back enough to turn her head. "Mess what mess; I see no mess dear sweet brother in law." she lets a dark giggling sound pass her lips before her eyes move around to the others in the room.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya got a smile to her maw as she dug her claws into the flesh of the males hand and arm. slowly black shadows and the tar from her own hand crept into the males body from the wounds he was given. "it is the family of a slave of mine, i have gotten word by raven that they wish to harm me if i harm her. so i have sent word out for her to come to me and she will get harm worse then any death she can imagine. she will be tormented in ways only a woman can be." the dragon smiled and moved to kiss Crome softly with great care on his hot lip, then she simply turned back around her red eyes now turned a cold and dead black. as she let her mark seep into the male. "this mark is the mark of the black dragon, the mark of the beast it will move from you to your brother when you lay hand to his. if you wish to hold it you can but then if this job is not doen to my likeing it will be you not him that will pay the price."

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: He kissed his beloved and looked upon Isis as Anaya turned around talking to the male before them. "the mess that will be coming and there is a girl at the door you think you can grab that oh sister in law"

Guest_moonrose7: "oh crud" -She thinks to herself as she had just let herself in, luckily she wasn't all the way inside yet and slowly stepped back out almost tripping on one of the stairs in the process because of her hair being in the way of her eyes again-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis rolled her eyes. "Pft your no fun anymore" she chuckled as she stood up pushing down her dress before sticking her tongue out at Crome she soon vanishes into the shadows. Slowly walking around her three inch heels maing clicking sounds on the floor as she walks she soon steps back out of the shadows near the pillars. "Hello" she speaks softly to the girl who had entered standing behind her. The woman's green eyes lingered studying the woman as she waited.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome gave Isis a cute smile "oh you know you love me "

Guest_moonrose7: -she peeks out again- "oh hey there." -she said with a wave- "hope it's ok for me to walk in"
Guest_moonrose7: -she sweeps her hair from her face and stands with her back against the door-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya lifted her eyes from the male for only a moment to keep a watch on the new girl in her halls.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon nodded "Indeed one would hope so" she stood there for a short time before letting a grin come to her face before letting a chuckle out. Isis shook her head hearing the words come from her brother in law as she made sure her attention didn't move from the girl. "Is there something I can help you with?" she asks before turning back around toward the main room with her left hand drop to her side. The demon slowly moved her fingers causing small rippls in the shadows that danced around her body.

Guest_moonrose7: "umm...I'll just watch for now I think" -her hair slid on her shoulders- "I'm Violet by the way and for some reason Ember wanted me to come here"

AxelWoedeNeramani: -Axel nodded slowly and chuckled gently- "It will be done to the best of my brothers Abilities Milady worry not he is ruthless and fearless not to mention cold and uncaring..."

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis nodded "I see and what fun is just watching?" she asked softly as her head turned partly, just enough so she could see Violet from the corner of her eye. "Ember?" she paused thinking knowing that name from somewhere before it came to her. "Ah Ember alright" she chuckled before taking another step towards the main room. "I'm Isis by the way" she mumbled out before she created a ball of shadows to play with.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "then the job will be done right for his life will depend on it. my mark holds a curse most would be very wise to stay away from" She pulled her clawed hand back and rested her back against Crome's chest

Guest_moonrose7: "nice to meet you I guess" -she looked at the shadow in her hand- "I'm the healer and spellcaster that helped her out with her powers even though I'm a bit younger than her" -she looks at her shape then wishes she could have brought her cape that Ember took from her-

IsisRainDeLaRose: "mhmm" she mumbled waiting "Well everyone in the other room if you like to join us" she spoke softly her luring voice reaching a end as soon as he had took form. The demon rolled the orb within her hand as she split it into two before sighing out softly. "This way" see commented out as she started walking back to the room she had come from.
Guest_moonrose7: "ok then" -she follows the woman to the other room being a bit curious about the queen of the castle since Ember has talked about her before-

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome wrapped his arms around Anaya and held her on his lap softly biting at her upper ear for he knows one thing is he always has to keep his woman happy....for he may pay for her anger later.

AxelWoedeNeramani: -Axel shook his head before vanishing into the mists having done his part for his brother who he had an unbreakable bond with-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis's emerald green eyes moved from each of the now floating orbs that moved above the thrones. She sighed her index finger making small circles in the air as she guided the shadows around. The woman had mastered her abilities and managed to find out who had been sending the imp at her; if she could call it an imp. The night before Isis had learned that creature that sought to destroy her to drive her insane wasn't even an Imp at all. Isis mumbled under her breath as she let her eyes be pulled from her orbs to the girl. "Hmm?" she had managed to zone out enough that she didn't hear what was being said around her.

Guest_moonrose7: "umm nothing. i was talking to myself about the freaking hair in the way" -she sweeps it from her face and she knows she shouldn't cut it off or they might turn into needles-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon nodded. "ah I see" she chuckled softly as her eyes soon left the woman to move back to her creations that had been floating around the room now. The woman sighed softly moved her finger as the orbs soon mashed back into one. "Cut it if its too long" she mumbled out knowing nothing about the woman other then her name." Isis held her right hand out as she called the orb to return to her.

Guest_moonrose7: "I can't. then the strands will turn into needles if it's put into the wrong hands" -she combs through her hair with her fingers-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis brow rose as she heard Violet's words. "I see well hmm" she hummed out softly not sure what to make of what she was told. The woman's eyes didn't ove from the ball of shadows as it entered her hand.

Guest_moonrose7: "If the person is lucky enough it will turn into rare silk" -Violet really wished her cape was back with her-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis nodded as she closed her hands around the ball and glanced up. "I see" she mumbled out as she glanced down just in time to witness the orb burst into purple and blue flames. "Dame" she shook her head as she moved her hands away from the fire as a child would after touching a heating element of a stove. Her brow rose as she studied the flames, the very color dancing within her eyes.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman chuckled slightly as she quickly ran her hand within the dancing flames to gather them up. THe demon sighed softly as she turned to face to the male she was speaking to. "I see"

Apocryphon: Wraythe would let out a sigh as he stepped out of the small fortress he made himself in the mountains of the DeLeRose Empire, stepping down the path he carved through the rock slowly before he was at ground level, looking about the area slowly before stretching his body upwards enough for several of his joints to crack and pop. He then continued at his own pace towards the main castle of the empire, a place that was normally quiet and peaceful so all he needed to do was make his normal rounds and leave, although he had a feeling that it would be different today so to combat that he decided to dress in garb that had been different from the things he had dressed in recently, he was in a red and black ensemble, basically from head to toe, his hair was blended with the two colors, most of it combed back, yet a few strands hung in front of his face, he wore a heavy cloak around his shoulders, perforated by the spikes that jutted from the skin of his back, on his face he wore a black mask, on his body he wore many things, which included a set of cauldron's, also working into the red and black, a set of armor that covered his arm along with another piece that covered his midsection, on the one arm that wasn’t armored he wore a length of chain, along with a leather armguard and an armband that was in the fashion of a corset. As he walked up the path and up to the doors before pushing them open, whistling a light tune from behind his mask, the tune reverberating off of the walls as he closed the doors, stepping into the main room, his heavy boots clunking along the floor before he spoke loudly “Anyone in this place? Or am I here just to do my usual check?”

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked out as he had noticed his love had vanished she must have had things to do it was like her to poof without saying bye so it did not bug him all that much. he stayed silent watching over his Empire he ruled along side his wife. leaning back in his throne he moved an arm to prop up his head.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis laughed as those around her soon vanished as if they were even there. "and yet they say I'm rude some days" she shook her head before tossing the ball of flames into the air. Her eyes looked on it as it spun sending sparks around the room. "oh well" she shrugs as she lets her creation do its own thing before letting her attention drift off to another place. Hearing a faint voice the woman smirks and goes to find the source, her heels clicking on the ground as she walked. The woman couldn't help but to play with the helm of her black leather gloves let alone the ring on her hand. She wanted to hiss out to growl in frustration and yet she hid it deep within her. Her brow rose as she spots the male. "Well hello" she spoke softly.

Apocryphon: As he spotted the female he let out a small laugh "Well well well, Someone's actually here for a change, it's a miracle" He then bowed lightly and extended his hand towards her "I suppose pleasantries are in order, If you remember me my name is Wraythe, My crazed outburst not too long ago sort of left me with no memory of most people so i need to reiterate most people into my mind again"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome taped the blade on his back and it let out a hiss as it did not like being bugged, Vain had placed himself in sleep a long time ago when he felt he was no longer needed and now Crome had to carry him around until he was used then he would go back into the blade upon his back. "shhhh Anaya will need you again soon then i can get you off my back Vain" he said softly almost a whisper as he looked back over his empire halls and shut one black eye.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon brow rose as she too lowered her head. She let one of her natural smirks cross her face as she spoke. "Of course someone here" she rolled her eyes shortly before the male stretched his hand out to her, her green eyes fell on it before letting her own move from next to her. "Isis if you don't remember" her words were brief and straight to the point. Her stare soon moved back towards the thrones hearing Crome. "Who in the bloody hell are you talking to?" she mumbled out not even realizing the blade on Crome's back.

Apocryphon: "Isis, I do remember the name but not the person sadly" He let his hand fall from hers after he had shaken hands with the woman, reaching up to scratch his head with a nervous laugh before looking over to the creature in the throne "That must be Crome, I've heard about you, I suppose it's a pleasure" He then moved his arms to rest along the scythe that was affixed along his back with a small sigh as he thought to himself

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "no one Isis talking to myself on what Anaya wishes down before she gets home, tonight she is to sleep for the first time in almost 12 weeks, she wishes her room ready for her i will get it cleaned up at a latter time." Crome looked to her knowing very much She was why Vain was sleeping his thought of losing her made him fall into a sadness he never wanted to wake up from. so Crome simply did not speak of it. he then looked to what seemed to be a guard in his halls "yes i am Crome i have bin gone for sometime but i am back in my halls now"

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon nodded. "Most don't remember me after some time" she chuckled out before her hand pulled back to her side and her gaze back to the spinning ball of flames in the middle of the room. "it don't matter nether less" she spoke out once more before her brow rose hearing Crome. "Oh my sweet brother in law you are hiding something from me" she chuckled before leaving the very spot she had stood and moved back towards the thrones. "Now tell me before I have to make a mess of the room" she slightly giggled letting her new self show even more.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome simply looked up at her and a smile came over his face. "do you treat me with a test my dear sister in law"
Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "a game"

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis chuckled and smirked. "oh but you know me way to well for games, now tell me what you know" she hissed out as she stop just shy of the thrones. The woman let her snow white hair fall from its place showing just how much it had been dyed with blood. "Crome I know you better your hiding something in fact you all have been since I have come home." she mumbled out.

Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss 154411_zps3767d804

"She is my life my heart and I will forever be at her side no matter what, even in steel I am hers" -Vain Carpathian DeLaRose.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome stood up his chest at the girls eyes for he stood a towering 15 feet tall in his human form only a little shy of his 19 feet in true form. "it is something you forgot for a reason Isis and it is something i was promised to not let him remember" He gave a deep pitted growl to show he was far from in the mood to be told what to say by another woman but his wife. his black eyes moved to lock onto Isis's eyes as he just glared into them wanting her to move from his way.
Apocryphon: Wraythe let out a small sigh as they spoke, his own form moving along the halls slowly as he whistled the same tune from when he came in, letting it have another purpose other than just keep himself occupied while he made his rounds, eventually slipping from their view as he grew silent

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis eyes narrowed "I haven't forgotten anything Crome, If he being a cowered after marrying me that his problem not mine" she growled out knowing now just by the word him. The demon shook her head her spikes on her back came into view as she stood there not taking a step back from where she stood, nor did she look up. The woman closed her eyes waited and sighed. Yet again her temper had gotten the best of her. "Look I know I fucked up when I left let alone a three year sleep but that don't mean I'm leaving again" she hissed out before turning around and moving back toward her favorite pillar.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked to her and took a claw and ran it along the side of the blade on his back. "it was him that asked not to wake up isis. and it will be Vain that asks to stay awake once agein. when Anaya needs him he comes out other then that he stays the way he is, as a blade with no life, he stays asleep, and when he does come to life and wakes up he is dark and empty. for to him you faded away and you took his heart with you. or he left it out there in the wilderness looking for you all the 3 years he was gone." Crome simply say back down the blade hiting the back of the throne makeing no more sounds and staying still as it always has.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She mumbled as she moved to sit down. "Yea and I came back to be with him, we got marred and then poof he left. What he bloody hell am I suppose to think and yet to think I'm waiting for him to wake up to be forgotten." The demon closed her eyes letting blood tears run down her face as she spoke before fading into the shadows to hide her self but she did remain in the room and to speak. "Crome, if I didn't love him I wouldn't have come back. He was the only reason why I woke up, why I came home"

Apocryphon: As he stepped back towards the main room he let out another sigh, his blackened aura seeping out of his pores to form long tendrils that would act as fingers in this instance to slowly strum the strings that lined the blade and handle of his deadwood scythe, the tune one that would normally come from a harp as he stepped into the main room "Once does crazy and horrible things for love, although they try to do things to the ones they love when they go absolutely insane, i would know that better than anyone, as would your wife Crome" He the moved his scythe from his back, tossing it upwards to the tail of it was embedded into the stone ceiling, leaping for it as it became one with the organic nature of the stone, allowing Wraythe to set his form onto the blade lightly without tumbling down towards the floor

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked to the male and he nodded his head in respect for he new the story of both Wraythe and Anaya. "the love she has for me is only a shadow to the one she holds for you. she still holds that cross up in her room like a medal never to move it or have it harmed, it is a gem to her. i would give her up to know she would be happy with you in a moment for i know she would be" he then shut his eyes and pulled the spear from his back and rolled it along the floor letting it roll into the center of the throne room. "Isis he is yours so you will hold him, not me" Crome new Vain would not wake up but he also new it may give more of a chance of them finding one another again if she held him showing him she was there for him once again.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman remained in the shadows her hands moved up wiping the tears from her face as she shook her head. Taking a deep breath to calm her self even more she finally allows the shadows to part around her to show where she was. Her gaze soon moved to the spear in the middle of the room and nodded before standing up and garbing it. "great a reminder of something I lost" she mumbled out before moving back to her spot at the pillars. The woman lean the spear up against it before sitting back down.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome smiled as she picked it up and moved away, on the side of the blade was the words 'never lost if you remember its worth, Sleeping Vain' Crome then shut his eyes resting from a long day, and going to be an even longer night.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome opened his one eye sporting a new one in his empire. "come in" was all he said as the doors simply opened all on there own.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demons mumbled softly as she once more started to play with her wedding band as she sighed her eyes closed as she tilted her head back to lean on the wall. "There is always something that happens" she whispered out, her words barely forming before she finally stood up grab the blade and darted up to her bedroom locking her self inside it as she would have done back when all the problems started. The woman placed the blade on the dresser before changing out of her dress into a pair of loose fitting pants and a tank top. Her eyes moved to the blade before she pulled her hair from her face playing it into a loss braid once more. Her eyes moved around her room over each small token she had kept from the years, the very things that seem to add up. Even though all of it kept Isis who she was she was very tempted to throw it all out.

Apocryphon: Wraythe would start to whistle the light tune again as he sat upon the blade of his scythe, the tendrils of his aura slowly stroking the strings once more, and since he was in the domed area of the main room it seemed louder, reverberating off of the walls as he played, the whistle eventually stopping to give way to a light sigh

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked up from his throne and his eyes fell on the one known as Wraythe. "why you sigh, what is it you are sighing about"

Apocryphon: As he played one of the strings had snapped, the harsh noise causing him to flinch slightly before moving his form so his legs were wrapped around the handle of the scythe, moving to fix the string as he spoke "There are many things to sigh about Crome, some mental, some physical"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "you are a strong man with maybe not a sound mind but it is still there" Crome cringed at the snaping of the string "and i know something's that if you opened your eyes and looked around you would smile at"

Apocryphon: "I rarely smile anymore, and i know i am strong, part of that comes from the insanity that runs through my mind constantly, I'm actually afraid about something for the first time in a long time" He continued to fix the string and then sighed as hit dropped from his grasp, falling to the floor below, not moving to retrieve it, or summon it back, it was broken either way

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman stood there looking over her things she had kept. She sighed walked back over to the dresser before letting her hands run over the blade. "My dear, I'm home." she whispered out mainly to her self. The demon took a deep breath as her fingers wrap around it once more before she used the other one to push everything else off the dresser and right to the floor. The sounds of glass shattering filled her room as vases drop to the ground and broke. The woman's eyes swirled deep crimson as her demonic form took form. The woman's eyes closed as her appearace yet again changed. Her skin turned charcol in color as spikes appeared on her arms and back. The woman's barbed tail appeared soon after and started to twirl behind her. The demon shook her head her snow white hair dancing along her back as she took the blade and sat down. "God I must be dumb for thinking things would change" she whispered out hoping no one was in the hall around her room. Isis sighed studying the blade the very thing that kept her alive, her fingers trailing along the metal and handle.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: Crome looked up at the room his sister in law was in and he said softly to himself "show him you love him you moron" he then shakes his head and looked back to Wraythe. "if only you new what she thought of you how much she would give to stand at your side. how much she always have..." he shakes his head Crome was an odd ball he was happy at Anayas side as her lover or even just her friend he new he was in her heart and that was a place few dare go. but he was happy.
Apocryphon: Wraythe was still hanging upside down, something that he didn't do often as he looked towards Crome "There is a reason why i haven't gotten reattached, and that is because if i get to stressed out or become enraged the gates that hold the flood of insanity will break, and i don't want to see what would happen if they happened to break again, I nearly killed the woman i loved last time"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "and she still stands ready to take them on for your love, she would take the world on for you. there are even nights when the black dragon cry's wishing you would notice her once again, simply hold her once more."

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "i would never ask her to let you go for i know the bound she has with the one she picked to be her mate. i will never get that gift and glory i am simply a stand in that sits here and never gets to touch her."
Apocryphon: "Give her time" He moved to drop from the scythe, landing onto the floor soundlessly for the size of man he was, looking up towards the scythe as it fell afterwards, letting it slip into his hand slowly "And i have noticed her, once again, i'm just afraid of what would happen if the walls did break, i keep myself busy now with music and i still have random fits of rage"
Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "you ever think you could work it out with her. or let her own madness that everyday eats its way deeper into her being and makes her slip more and more away form us all work and maybe they could fix each others. i loss her more and more everyday to a virus that eats her from the inside out, to her own insanity. more and more she needs to ear meat and kill the living just to keep it happy, and more and more it is still not done eating. you are stupid Wraythe you think of what you feel and how you may harm her, but never think of what good you could do for one other" Crome had not talked to anyone this way witch such feeling and care for the woman he loved with all his being. "i have things to do it is the night one day out of weeks that keep growing she uses to sleep. i will make her bed for her and ready her chamber" he got up and walked to the steps to the upper halls. "i will know when she stops sleeping that one night all hope for my queen will be lost and she will never hold feelings of human ambitions again"

IsisRainDeLaRose: Truth was Isis was lost, shocked and without words; she didn't know what to say or to do at this point even though she could clearly hear her brother in-law voice echo in her mind. She shook her head as more tears slowly trickled down her face. This was a lot harder for the woman seeing she had swore no more she was going to let someone brake her to make her need them and yet there she was needing. She needed Vain more then anyone ever knew; Isis wasn't even sure if Anaya let alone Vain knew how much she needed him. Isis sighed took a deep breath, her painted lips parted as she spoke softly. " I know; I'm at fault for this my dear sweet Vain, to leave your side as much as I did before we were married and the short time after. But there are so much you don't know since I have never told you." she paused sniffled softly before returning on the truth. "From the day we met I knew you would be the one to pull me back from the darkness I was falling into do to my past and you did. Even though you had fought to get me to kill in my name and then take what you want; I didn't mind, it soften my heart that day. I swore before we met I wasn't going to fall again, I wasn't going to love and darling you made sure I could. You open my eyes and was always there for me. Forgive me for leaving you for so long to sleep. God I don't know what you were going through to find me but I do know I have hurt you. This hurt is not like what I'm feeling now I know you don't believe but I am truly sorry for it." The demon sided softly as she searched for her words carefully so she wouldn't cause anymore hurt even if her mate was hearing what she was saying.
IsisRainDeLaRose: She held the blade still in her left hand running her fingers of her right hand along it. "Vain I'm deeply sorry and miss you more then ever. Baby I need you more then I have ever thought." she held her breath trying to force years of emotions that have been hidden to surface now. The woman's hands tremble as tears actual tears made of water rolled down her cheeks as she seem to turn human for the brief time. "Can't you hear me Vain, I need you" she whispered softly. It took everything that the demon had to pour her heart out even if her mate wasn't hearing it.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire:  Vain shivered in the cold blade as he could very much hear everything his dear Isis said. All she ever had to tell him was that she loved him, something that simple as a word ment everything to the soft hearted metal man. slowly the blade turned to liquid and Vain was siting on the desk. "all you ever had to say was i love you, and you know i will always come back for you "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis sat there on the bed still her eyes locked on the ground, she hadn't noticed that Vain had turned back to to his normal self. She sniffled wiped her tears from her face just as he spoke. Her eyes widen as she looked up at him. "I mean every word of what I just said" she spoke softly.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire:  "and i believe it with all my heart" his voice was softer as he moved a hand to caress her cheek softly kissing her lips and pulling her into his arms.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman smiled softly as he spoke. Isis couldn't help but to tilt her head and rest it into his hand as he moved it alone her flesh just before pulling her closer. She tightly embraced him back her head laying on his chest as she stood there.

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire:  Vain kissed her head and looked into her eyes. "i cant stay in human form all the time my sweet i need to turn back into blade and come out when needed and when we are together but i promise you if you need me i am with you always, i will never leave you as i will never be far. i have to be on Anaya's black, Cromes or you can carry me, I will always keep you safe my beloved "

Apocryphon: "And just like that, the feelings i was starting to gain back are gone, i appreciate the insult Crome, just go do what she wishes you to do" He followed behind him to the upper halls before moving toward the window at the end of it, opening it before moving to climb up towards the highest point "I haven't seen hind nor hair of her either way, maybe i'm just better off moving back into the mountains" He spoke to himself, thinking that maybe no one could hear him as he placed his form into a sitting position as he looked over the landscape "Or maybe i should just say fuck it all and destroy myself"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: " she is in the walls Wraythe she made this place with parts of her own body she hears everything said in here. and if someone calling you stupid makes you lose the feelings you have then maybe i need to convince her to let you go, other then trying to tell you what you are losing and what i am as well"

Apocryphon: He sighs, hearing the words "Yes Crome i know, i may have been born at night but it wasn't last night, hell i actually don't even know what time of day i was born" He rubs his temples lightly and looks out at the landscape once more "Either way I'm deciding on my next move"

Guest_DeLaRoseEmpire: "well let her known i can feel her in the far lands she will be home soon" He then moved up the steps and into Anaya's chambers the darkness and smell of mold and dust almost making him take a step back "wow this will take longer then i thought "

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss 640x875_9997_Ariel_2d_fan_art_alice_madness_alice_in_wonderland_girl_woman_portrait_fantasy_picture_image_zps3ad85a23

Mother is God to a child, but the scariest thing to a child can be the monster that rests inside there mother, and it is worse when that child gets a glimpse of that monster.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "oh i love that look my gem of the red sea" she smiles looking at the gem around
Cyans neck. "it fits you so very well "

RinMaharani: -Raises a brow and just watches everyone.-

xXxCyanRosexXx: My momma as exquisite taste ~smiles~

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul pulled the cover up to his neck and nuzzled it a bit.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "your mother also feels really short " o.o

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~looking over to Rahul to see movement she smiles fondly towards the man~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looks where her gem is looking and spots the male. "human or animal?"
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "and can i eat it"
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i am sooo hungry "

LTormentedNightmares: ~giggles fit~

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~pounces her grand mom in furry form nuzzling her lovingly~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Huggles her furry gran baby and smiles. "days i am glad i am a dragon and can pick everyone up no problem "

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~frowns at her momma~ No eating him momma, I care very very  deeply for him and the huntsmen caught several deer today I am sure I can have someone bring you something to eat. One caught the stag of the pack which is a very large beast to say the least.

RahulQuinnRyder: -Slowly sitting up he would focus his blue eye's and rub his muscular chest a little, wondering where he'd fallen asleep.-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~walking back over towards the bed she places a hand to Rahuls Shoulder and whispers~ Relax, you fell asleep here with me.

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~speaks softly~ me ish tiny anyways... ~giggles~

RahulQuinnRyder: -He looked up to Cyan and reached softly for her hand with his large hands. He'd look over and get up slowly-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~squeezing his hand gently she leans into him and kisses his forehead~ You are safe.

RahulQuinnRyder: -Nuzzling her hand, he would whisper gently- "You are loved..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i need something a little more human and something with fight the madness in my being needs a fight so it will stay......submissive inside me." Anaya looked to the male in the bad and softly rubbed her head. "reminds me of something a long time ago that once slept in my bed, or well in and at the foot of it" a smile came over her face as she remembered a dear friend of hers she lost so very long ago. Anaya let out a cough and some black tar slipped past her lips and she cleaned it away with the black of her hand. there was a secret inside of her, but that was for her and only her to know .

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~she curls up against her grand mom purring softly~

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~looks to him as she whispers~ And so are you loved. ~turns back towards her momma as she tilts her head~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to Cyan and gave a smile and looked around for maybe a servant to kill that no one would notice.

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~looks to her momma and nods towards the flute player~ She can barely keep a note momma so snack on her if you will.

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: O.o

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul stood up and stretched his 8 foot muscular frame, his eye's darted across the room now focused, he would take Cyan's hand softly as he was cold. He would rub the back of his own neck then down the front of his broad chest-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~pulling Rahul to his feet she leads him over towards her momma~ momma please meet Rahul, Rahul meet my momma Anaya.

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul would be pulled gently and would walk silently across the wooden floor-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to the one Cyan had pointed out always keeping an eye open and ear out for her little girl the mother was a very protective dragon with ones she did not know. "he will show his worth to me then i will meet him" she said sharply then grabbed the servant and bit hard into its neck breaking the girls bones and spin instantly.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya let out a cough as she was eating black tar spilling to the floor and dripping down the girl she was takeing in. something was wrong with her and it was showing in the way she was talking. and in her growing blacker eyes.

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~watching her momma move towards the slave girl Cyan would see the terror in the females eyes, the way her momma grabbed her the girls single scream would be stopped as soon as her neck was snapped. Concern then filling her eyes she watches the balck tar like substance fall to the floor~ Momma are you okay ?

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul would step up and look to the female that Cyan wanted him to meet. He'd simply nod his head in a silent manner and avoided eye contact.-

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul started to burn up in a sweat and would shudder feeling ill-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~worry filling her for the second time that eve she looks to Rahul~ Go and lay down please, you are not well.

RahulQuinnRyder: -Walking back over to the bed he would feel so hot and pull his top over his head laying it on the end of the bed as he lay down-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~motions for a servant girl she fetch Rahul a fresh pitcher of water and take it to him along with a clean goblet~

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul would take it and nod sipping it before weakly resting his head on the pillow again. His gaze facing the wall-

xXxCyanRosexXx: Sleep, perhaps you will feel better after some rest.

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~reads Rin's mind~ O.o

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rolls over-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved back around her eyes moving from the body that was now eaten to the book shelf and for a little bit her back being turned to the rest of her family she sucked back the madness inside of her.

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~try to calm Rin down as she hears quiet growling in her mind~
B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~speaks very softly to her mother~ should i..just let her be...?

RahulQuinnRyder: -Sit's up again having not really slept at all and just looks around, he'd slip his shirt back over his head and slide out of the bed to on the floor with his knee's to his chest-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she started to cough black tar covering her hands as she looked at them.

xXxCyanRosexXx: Leave her to think BG its normally the best way. ~looks towards her momma~ Momma what's wrong ?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "nothing my child" she took her hands and whipped them on the inside of her dress, where old tar stains marked almost the whole underside.

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~walks over to her grandmother and pulls her into a tight hug~

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~following her daughter she hugs tightly~ momma is there something i can do ?

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul softly and quietly got to his feet and rubbed his chest a little before slipping his shoes back on and heading towards the door, glancing over at Cyan over his shoulder before he would leave-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~lifting her head she sighs sadly watching him go~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she looked to her grandchild and a smile came over her face "you will be a very wise one my sweet Grandchild" Rubbing her baby on the head she looked over to the door to the male leaving. "your friend is leaving go walk him to the door do not worry about me my dear Gem i am a strong fighter i am alright "

xXxCyanRosexXx whispers: nothing is going to happen for how he felt about you once upon a time

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~nuzzles her grandmother lovingly happy that she found the family that she forever wished for~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She softly kisses her grandbaby's forehead and smiles. "we will forever be family, hard times come and go but forever we will have each other no matter what happiness "

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ish so glad that your back... ^-^

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i am glad to, it was hard when i was away "

RahulQuinnRyder: -Rahul would look at the female and tilt his head-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~leans into her momma and whispers~ you perhaps need to hunt

RahulQuinnRyder: "She needs to hunt and kill and consume another dragon to sustain rotting parts of her body.."

RahulQuinnRyder: -He'd look to the floor and walk to the door-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~lifting her head she looks to Rahul then her momma~

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to the male as she then looked back to her baby girl Cyan. "ya maybe i do. the ..." she then looked back to the male and tilted her head.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "sometimes memory's come back to life"

RahulQuinnRyder: "Sometimes they never leave."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "we never want them to fully"

RahulQuinnRyder: -He rested with his hand on the door knob facing away from them looking down-

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~confused she looks to the two of them as she listens to the conversation~

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~she would look to her man as if her knew him from somewhere centuries ago~
B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: the*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you know you will forever be welcome in the halls od the" she kissed her child’s forehead softly and a shadow formed on the wall on the one side of them. "the soul always carry's some reminder of the past along with it."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she then took a step to the wall looking back on last time the black taking over her red eyes. "and this time it is worse then just a failing body, it is a madness that eats more and more every day. it needs to feed before it turns on the ones it loves"

xXxCyanRosexXx: Momma ?

RahulQuinnRyder: "She needs to eat a dragon.. You are in danger."

xXxCyanRosexXx: I could never be in danger

RahulQuinnRyder: -He remained with his back to them confused-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i would never harm the ones i love....not another one, i will let it kill me before it harms them" Anaya looked to the wall and took yet another step or two, it was a shadow to the bad lands a place dragons walked so she could eat her fill of scaled flash, to feast on her own race.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i will be back my beloved Cyan and grandbaby do not worry i just need to eat "

xXxCyanRosexXx: ~pulls on her mommas arm afraid to let go or to lose her~

RinMaharani: -She just watches the flames from the fire as they seem to dance over and upon the wood logs as she is very tense,she glances up toward where Cyan and Anaya are.-

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~she looks to her mother and speaks softly~ tis alright mom she will return...she's been there a bunch of times...

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She looks to Cyan and gets down on one knee before her looking into her eyes Anayas red eyes starting to turn black slowly "once they go black you are to run, if you ever see my eyes go black i want you to hide and not look out, dont come to me, dont make any sounds, i want you to hide, for if my eyes ever go all black and you are around, i will.... your life will be in danger ok" she kissed Cyan softly. "now i need to feed before they go black and everyone here is in danger cus of me. inside my dead heart there is a madness that eats more and more of my sanity every day. it feeds on feelings, so if it eats my feelings i will stop caring about the ones i love and turn into a monster. it happened before and i killed alot of people i care about, my own family, i have it locked for now but it gets out when i don't eat. now i will be ok i have bin there before time and time agein i dont take on anything i cant beat. and this time i have to fll the empire stock that stag from last night vanished fast."

RahulQuinnRyder: -He would stand there frozen, listening to them-

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xXxCyanRosexXx: ~looks to her momma and nods before she throws arms around her neck hugging tightly~ I promise momma I will hide ~sighs softly~

B3autifulNiGhtMaR3s: ~she smiles softly as she has heard her grandmother say the something centuries ago before she ever become her granddaughter~

RinMaharani: -She would watch Miyu's memory play in her head as she would just slightly smile.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i know you will my love" she hugged her dear baby girl tightly "i promise i will bring back food, but i must go now" the darkness in her was starting to take over her eyes, it was time for the black dragon to go hunting. Anaya coughed black tar spilling from her lips as she stood up and walked to the wall placing a foot in the shadow looking back once more at the male known as Rahul "take care of her, i know you are good for the job" At that the black dragon vanished into her transport and was gone.

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TheCookieMonster1991: "Yes He was Miss"
Apocryphon: He looked to Anaya and nodded lightly "After i got her to shut her trap she was quite cooperative”

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "then i guess he did not do his job right" with one move anaya slashed her claws snaping the chain that holds the cage leting it drop with the girl inside of it the cage door snaping off and falling on the ground. "now it is my turn to play" The madness in her eyes had taken over and her claws where driping black tar, it was clear she was far from herself.

TheCookieMonster1991: -she winced a little as cage dropped as she started shaking an and she closed eyes a bit terrfied-

Apocryphon: Wraythe would sigh lightly and stand to move over towards Anaya "You know, I was far from "Nice" to her"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya grabed the girl by the hair and tossed her a little ways infrount of her. "now i wish to play with you so i would advise you start runing. we will play hide and seek. you run and hide and if i find you i will rip you in half" she gave a grin as her body started to change and scale started to cut out of pale skin and she held up a clawed hand watching it bend and twist shifting into a great clawed foot.

Apocryphon: "Anaya" His eyes glazed over slightly as he stepped in front of her, cracking his neck roughly before turning his body around to add to the power he was using to smack her, his hand accelerating towards her as he concentrated and hardened his aura around, and if it should hit her it would pack quite a punch

TheCookieMonster1991: --she tried to run scared as she ran as fast as she could-

Guest_natalyevampire9: *gasps lightly as I watch the violence against the female. I could feel tears filling over my eyes yet wants to stop such abuse but remains quiet even though a shaky exhale glides out of my crimson red lips*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She looked at him as his hand came on her face and it hit with a good smack. the flesh ripped from her face showing black scales under it and half of her teeth like something out of a horror movie. She fell to her knees and started to laugh. "you are the only one that ever had the balls to lay hand on me" she growled as she snapped her fingers vanishing turning into a puddle of black tar and seeping into the floor "hide well girl" rings in the air like a creepy wind. the tree in the centre of the room starts to bleed a black tar like blood and the branches start to move and sway on there own, as a wall on the far side of the room starts to crack.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake lays down on the throne with his blade Shadow laying next to him. The blade hummed with dark power as it contained a Darkness Elemental within its sharpened edges. As Drake layed down, he drifted into the sleep-like trance common to all vampires as he watches his mother play with her food. "Don't torture the poor creature mother, at least let her run outside. Make it a fair-ish game."

TheCookieMonster1991: -she hides as she shakes really bad thinking in her head- "Please don’t let me die i do not care if i there slave forever just please please don’t let me die"

Apocryphon: He let out a deep sigh and moved to sit in the throne he had chosen earlier in the day"I, Am not stopping her this time then"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake smiles a devilish grin beneath his mask, "Good idea Wraythe, I don’t think both of us combined can stop mom this time."

Apocryphon: He looked over to Drake "Oh i could stop her, i nearly killed her once myself, but i stopped myself and went into the mountains"

Guest_natalyevampire9: *slowly rises to feet as I look over to the female who is shaking. A tear begins to glide down my cheek and inhale deeply. I look over my shoulder towards the doors with my conscious whispering: "Let's decide, stay here and weep for the young female or sprint your life away so Lycans will not catch up to you"*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya started to laugh as the wall that was cracking smashed and the foot of a giant black dragon crashed out of it. shortly after her maw came forth as well black acid dripping from the sinister teeth that dwell in her maw. Anaya took a step as the tree in the centre of the room turned black and the leaking tar pooled around it. Its bark turned black and it was as if time its self to it stopped and the peddles stoned in mid fall. Anaya let out a roar as she snapped her jaws looking around for the girl she was hunting for. “come out come out my little play toy and we will see how long you will last” she took another step half of her 200 foot long bulk comeing out of the wall.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "Dammit mom, I was just getting comfy." He says while sinking into the shadows to avoid his mother's dragon form.
TheCookieMonster1991: -she stays hidden as tears roll down-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya walked to her tree lightly runing her head on its branches then walking past looking for the girl her maw to the floor smelling to gain the girls sent.

Apocryphon: He shrugs lightly "Seems like you're afraid of something Drake"

Guest_natalyevampire9: *the whispering resumes and I begin sprint towards the doors then vanishes into darkness*

TheCookieMonster1991: -she comes out and says softly- "Ok if you gonna kill me just do it get it done with

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "Not so much afraid as annoyed, elder dragons tend to break things and I seem to get stepped on often for some stupid reason. Especially when Im trying to relax." He says from the shadows, a bit annoyed.

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Apocryphon: "Meh, Nothing to really worry about with me, I've taken her on in this form before, nearly snapped her spine, this was of course when i was lost in my sea of insanity" He laughs lightly and crosses his arms "I've gotten nothing but stronger"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "well i will give you have balls" Anaya moved a claw and grabed the slave girl and picked it up holding it a good 40 or so feet off the ground not even up to her full hight for she had to keep her head ducked in her halls. "now you become mine" Anaya moved a claw and ran it down the girls face leaivng a hell of a painfull bleeding scar.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "Yea well, Im tired fo getting stepped on while trying to nap, so I am staying in the shadows until she reverts back to human sized mom." He says, crossing his arms and huffing.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: as her claw went down she riped the girls garments from her body leaving her nude and cold showing to all. "much better for a slave girl"

Apocryphon: He let out another sigh and stood, looking towards Anaya with a slight glare "You know, You dont listen well for a dragon"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Holding the nude slave girl bleeding in her claws her grip getting a bit tighter. "does any Dragon"

TheCookieMonster1991: -she winces as she looks around as she stays quiet-

Apocryphon: He walks over towards her and looks towards her "Some do, Seems i got the short straw though" He scoffed lightly and moved away from her with a small sigh, moving out of the doors and into the chilled air of the night
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AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya watched him and even in her madness there was still a soft spot for him in the dead black heart. she tossed the slave girl hard on the floor "take her with you the bare skin of a human looking breed makes my gut twist." Anaya had not bin in her true form for sometime so she was going to stay in it as her madness let its evil head show. she wrapped her tail and body around the black tree in the centre of her home as in protecting it and she lay her bulk down.

Apocryphon: "I don't want her, I want you to calm the fuck down before i have to knock some sense back into that head of yours" He spoke to her with no emotion in his voice, cold and distant as well "Or do you like it since i'm the only man to have the balls to do it?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: All Anaya did was snarl at him as she lay her head down beside her tree to rest.

Apocryphon: "I suppose the latter isn't true then" He turned and stepped towards her slowly, kneeling down in front of her maw, placing his hand at the bottom of it"I know you have madness, as do i, mine almost killed you, i don't want to see it out of you"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: the word letter rings in her head but her madness will not let her remember it, will not let her feel for it, will not let her care when it is takeing over her. Anaya moved her jaws to show very large teeth then almost faster then a blink she lunged her head to the side and back to bite and crush. she lashed out.

Apocryphon: He placed his arm up protectively and sighed as he nodded, the halo of chain floating above his head slowly dissipating "I suppose i'm going to have to, You know i don’t want to do this Anaya, but someone has to keep you in check now don't they?"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "You know, I am quite tempted to call Patriarch in here. As "Father" of the dragons, he could talk sense into her" Drake says while trying to nap.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya bit hard into his arm crushing the bone and shredding his skin and right
away she opens her wings holding onto him and starting to flap, her head a mess letter letter letter, Rose, Wraythe, no , don’t , yes Anaya let me, no , please Anaya, no , you have NO choice. Anaya flaped harder and pushed off with her blacklegs shooting up into the sky crashing out of her empire shattering the roof hailing Wraythe along with her.

Apocryphon: He growled as she took his arm, and then took him into the air with her, allowing his own dragonic form slowly take hold of him, the large legless dragon using it's free arm to wrap around her head "I said, CALM DOWN" He then pulled roughly at it in attempts to make her land while the tail that he had moved to wrap around her wing

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas Struggled to flap her wing he was holding but it was hard to fly with only oen wing, soon she started to spiral down to the ground outside the empire her head and voices talked inside and with one another. 'you know what to do , no stop it, you know what to do to him, kill kill kill eat feed us Anaya feed your feelings you know if we eat we let you feel, no you don’t i lose more you lie, no we don’t Anaya you eat and we will eat you feed us we let you ...we let you LOVE HIM, you do, yes Anaya we LET you we care about you you are our friend we love you Anaya we let you love him, feed us kill for us kill the one that is hurting you it is not Wraythe on us it is a shadow it is not real kill it Anaya, it is fake, yes it is Anaya it is a fake a shadow not him, Wraythe is in your room remember he bathed with you and never left we did not see him leave the room he is still there waiting for you you can be with him after you remove the one harming us, ok i will remove what is harming us. Anaya trashed her tail around acid starting to cover her body being pumped from her scales from small holes under her scales so no one would be able to hold onto her without feeling the burn of pure black dragon acid. she started to glow a light green as her powers where growing.

Apocryphon: "Nice trick, I have one of my own" He let his evil laugh flow forth as his heart pumped the toxin that it produced into his bloodstream, any blood that falls into her mouth, or she feeds on will slowly start to kill her, and now thanks to his arm being in her mouth he had the perfect chance to do it while he leaned up to whisper into her ear "Anaya, You need to calm yourself, I don't wish to kill the woman i love, but i will if i have to" At this point the acid had started to eat through his skin, making his grip loosen a bit but he held as tight as he could to her wing and neck

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him a flicker in her eyes as his blood moved into her body her body was wanting to ear the madness was making her eat she could not help it. "woman you" her eyes foged she could hardly see past the blackness "kill the madness Wraythe or it will kill you, i will not kill the man i love" she said softly as her eyes flickered, she could feel his blood in her body, she could feel it eating her away, she had landed on the ground outside and was pined from him holding her down. but her struggling was growing weaker. "don’t let it kill you Wraythe" Anaya shut her eyes she new if she was going to die here and now she would not want to see the one she loved in pain cus of the loss of her.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: She was calming down slowly.

Apocryphon: He let out a small sigh as he was able to pin her ddown, allowing his blood to continue o flow into her, although now the toxin was no where, in fact the anti-venom was now moving through her "This'll neutralize the poison, And i can overcome madness just as you can, You need to find a muse and stick with it, as he was sure enough of the anti-venom was moving through her he pulled his arm away from her, leaving a bleeding mess behind he sighed "And you're damn lucky i'll be able to fix this"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya lay on the ground outside her eyes flicking from black to red as she opend them and looked at him "just dont let it beat me" was all she said before shut her eyes and went limp on the grass a thump rings as she hit the ground.

Apocryphon: "Crazy bitch..." He sighed and moved off of her, she wasn't dead that he knew for sure, but she was unconscious that was for sure, he used his free hand to open her maw and grab the arm that had been left behind, shifting into his more human form to reattache it "Taking my fucking arm" He sighed and placed the end of the severed arm into the acid that had accumulated on her scales, allowing it to sizzle for a moment before pressing it to the stump he had, growling heavily as his own power did the rest, slowly stitching the skin back together, yet leaving a heavy scar "Dont know if i should wake you up or just carry you back"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya slowly changed into her human form nude and laying on the grass her body covered in black tar she simply lay there black tar running from her lips as she weakly opend one eye. "if i am a crazy bitch" she coughed out more black tar "then you should not love me"

Apocryphon: "I love you because you are a crazy bitch" He let out a deep sigh and wraps his arm around her waist to slowly lift her onto his shoulder, walking slowly back to the castle "You should know that one by know Anaya, and if you don’t then you're also forgetful"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i am old remember" she said as she lay in his arms.
Apocryphon: "That doesn't excuse it though sweetheart" He laughed lightly at her and continued to carry her "Although i think it's about time for you to sleep when we get back"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "but i snaped my bed in half remember" she weakly moved into his arms to look at him black tar falling from her body

Apocryphon: "Nothing i cant fix remember?" He looked to her and sighed as the black tar fell from her body

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "Wraythe?"

Apocryphon: He looked down to her "What is it dear?"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: As Drake emerged from the shadows infront of them, he held a set of clothes for his mother, "Honestly, at this rate you will have an empty closet by spring."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "you know i am dieing right, i have not told the kids yet but everyday i lose more of myself, i cant feel much anymore and i snap more and more and one day you will not be around to stop me and i will harm one of them, i told cyan just the other night that if she ever sees mommys eyes go black to run and hide. if i snap they will not even stand a chance Wraythe, i them apart one after another" she looked down hateing herself for the simple fact not much will save her this time.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She looked at her son seeing him pop up, she was nude and she did not want him to hear her talking just yet and with a snap of her fingers a black hole formed at his feet and he fell into it it transported him to the roof.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: As Drake was teleported, he crossed his arms and sighs, "Really mom?" He lays on the roof and naps.

Apocryphon: "Once again, Nothing i cant fix, If needed i could put a link on you just like i did with Midnight, bring you back later on" He looked to her and sighed lightly, setting her down slowly before carving a rune into the ground, his own wardrobe coming from it "I'll have some clothes for you to put on"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She looked at him as she stood on weak legs there before him not meny saw her weak and she was going to keep it that way. "i want you to do or get something that can place a seal on my heart and lock it away, even if for a short time, it will help and give me more time to hold onto my feelings before i die and fade away. i am a dragon Wraythe death is not scarey to me but if i die i want to die in combat not to a illness that slowly eats me from the inside out, and makes me try to kill the ones i love" she moved and hugs him tightly. "you cant let it beat me Wraythe"

DarkSolsticeAmbrose: -Azula had gone exploring other realms for the past few hours, only deciding to return to the realm with that dragon. What was her name again? Anala? Anaya? Anaya. She reached the front doors, trotting towards it on all fours and pawed at the door with her ivory claws. She dug at it until it opened enough for the werecat girl to squeeze her thin frame through. She trotted in without an ounce of fear, her paws softly padding against the stone floors. She glanced left, then right, ears standing straight so that she could pick up traces of noise.-

Apocryphon: "And why do you think i left the cross in your possession?" He looked through his wardrobe with a small sigh as he moved and wrapped her form in his long jacket, smiling lightly at her "And as for that disease, I'll find a way to fix it, after all i am the handyman"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya grabed the sides of his coat and wraped it around herself holding onto it looking up at him. "never change or leave me Wraythe, never give me a reason to not love you" the tar was seeping from her skin and it soon covered the inside of his coat. "and soon you will need a new coat"

Apocryphon: "That's why i gave you an old coat sweetheart, you can use it however you like" He then closed the wardrobe and let it shoot back into the ground before lifting her back up into his arms "And you have to promise me something in return, If you ever see my expression go absolutely blank, and this wonderful little halo starts to vanish, you make sure you're out of sight"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i promise can you take me to bed now "
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "we can sleep in the guest room till tomorow it is not a stone bed like i like it is normal but it will be nice for you "

Apocryphon: "I can" He smiles lightly and nods, letting out a slow breath before picking up speed as he made his way back to the castle, knowing that she had never travelled with him when he moved this way, pushing open the doors before immediately moving up the stairs into the guest room, setting her down onto the bed slowly "You go on to sleep, and i'll go and fix your bed"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "no stay with me this night " she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her bed with her. "sleep here with me "

Apocryphon: He smiled lightly to her and nodded, wrapping his arms around her slowly "Alright sweetheart, alright, But tomorrow i will be fixing that damn bed of yours"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "this will be the only night i sleep for a good half a year so you have time to fix it" she smiled it was fully normal for pure blood dragons to go very long times with no sleep. so it was really a gift to be able to spend that one night a year with her in safety it was a true show of full and absolute trust.

Apocryphon: He tightened his arms around her slightly as he pressed his lips to the top of her head, moving to take the coat off of her "but you'll be much more comfortable without that"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya let him take the coat from her body leaving her nude once more in his arms. she got closer to him her body cold to the touch but warming with the dragons fire that was inside her. she shut her eyes as she lay her head on his chest knowing he would keep her safe. she really did love this man, with all she had and she pray one day she would not be the death of him.

Apocryphon: He smiled lightly to her as his arms slowly tightened around her bare form, humming softly into her ear "Just go to sleep my dear....i'll be here to keep you safe through the night"

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss R169_457x256_16400_Liliana_2d_fantasy_throne_girl_woman_dragons_queen_picture_image_digital_art_zps9b180978
"how does one tame a dragon?" I asked as I looked up at her, her bright red eyes looking back at me "you don't" was all she needed to say then she was gone.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved her her throne in her marvellous empire and was growing restless. Her temper was going up and she needed to feed and do something. “god it is getting monotonous here, the dust is growing and the halls are silent, it is times like this i hate living forever” she said as she turned in her chair getting up and cracking her jaw then back arching her body back her claws moving from her belly to her flawlessly formed breasts pushing them together as she arched and let out a great relaxing sigh. Getting back up the Dragon moved around her empire spinning in a ring her flowing black satin dress flowing her as she turned and moved her claws out letting a little of her divine power flow, her eyes flashed a bright blue as the pillars around her cracked from mental power and force. “i grow board” she said as she walked over to a wall snapping a set of claws to open a shadow transport on the wall. “here is to where ever i go this time” she took a step into the shadow as she walked the black path of transport she saw the light at the other end and steps out into a dark blade filled room. “hope no humans are here seems i made my way to a forge. Blades and a dragon never good things together i say” she moved her snow white hair over her shoulders so it cascaded down her breasts and over peeking nipples just touching her enough to bring small satisfaction. She walked into the main area and looked around bright Red dragon eyes shimmered in the faded torch light as she spanned the room looking for life and maby if she was lucky a life to snap up and turn into the evening meal.

IsouZerstorung: *Sitting at his desk his feet propped up and chair leaning backwards he sighed as the day went on* I guess I could make something, Maybe...A Toy? Nah, No lube...Perhaps some armor? *He flipped a random coin and it landed on the thin side ans he just groaned and knocked on his head a few times in frustration before he exclaimed out falling back onto his ass as the feint hint filled the air, one familiar yet foreign. his nose peaking above the edge of his desk sniffing* Tis a Dragon a foot...But...Not one I recognize...*He jumped up and exclaimed happily* WELCOME NEW CUSTOMER!!♪♫ *He leaped over his desk and hurried out into the hall to greet the new comer, an Audible sequel emitting from his feet as he slams on the brakes when he only sees the woman.* I...I thought you'd be bigger...*he said hefting his bag of files and polishes up on his shoulder and adjusting the buffing sponges in his right arm* A Lot bigger actually....*he said standing before the woman his armor shimmering gin its crimson glory in the torch light*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to the one talking as she tilted her head in thought, could she eat this one, would anyone miss it, was it human or beast, if it was human would it be like the last one and try to take a dragons hide and blood or be even more of a fool and try to tame a pure blood. She gave a smile at the thought of ripping it apart and letting the blood cover her dress and body, she even thought about dancing in the blood showing her fully bare human form just to lick and suck the blood from the male as he riddled and faded away in her claws, maby she would even play with his body before eating him, have a little human fun. A smile came to her maw as a row of needle fang like teeth shimmed just peeking over her painted lower lip, hiding the other rows on rows on the upper and lower part of the inside of her mouth. ((like a shark mouth with snake fangs)) she moved back and forth swaying as her eyes never left the male she spotted large pillars marking elements in the centre of the room in a ring. She walked a little more to it standing just outside the ring and she held out a clawed hand as her red eyes changed to a deep orange. “Fire” she then snapped her fingers and fire came from one of the pillars and formed in a ball wrapping around her fingers intertwining with her hand and moving up her arm as she opened her mouth and ate it into her body taking it as part of her “this place makes steel” at that she saw the male jump from his desk and run up to her and she looked at him, human she thought yes it was a human clearly and it even smelled like human, fowl human flesh. She let out a grunt and looked at him. “don’t judge all by what your eyes see and take in. Do you have food head, meat?” she asked as she looked at him up and down her eyes now back to there bright red her left one looking almost like the red was being eaten by a black force inside of her, Madness.

IsouZerstorung: *Standing still his arms moving faster than the normal eye can see he watched as the woman before him feebly tried to tame his flame. Upon acting fro the millennium of instinct within his gears and blood he leapt through the air catching the Very flame from her mouth before her jagged razor sword of a teeth set had a time to clamp down. Spinning through the air converting the fire into red energy he landed upon the pillar standing on its side as if held by a different form of gravity that seemed to only affect him* Begging your pardon madam, But I find it rude for someone to eat MY fire, Whomever you are. *Snapping his fingers fiercely the pillars gave thudding sounds as the colours faded from their stone as if they were powering down. Falling to the ground to land upon his feet his armor gave a clang as the metal hit the wood. Standing again now a stern yet soft look upon his face for he knew not whom this woman was so he knew she did not know eating his elements was the most offensive thing anyone could do. Which is what kept him from igniting her in white hot fire. though in his mind he figured the scales on her hide would protect her from some of his flames. And to think he simply wanted to Sharpen her claws and polish her scales, Make her feel like a pretty dragon but noo he saw it, the hungry intent in her eyes and lust for blood and other bodily fluids not with standing he still sought to teach everyone whom entered his forge with respect and he continued to do so.* We have any Manner of meats, I ask that You be specific, yet kindly give your name before doing so, I am isou, last of the Voxiam Race. *he extended the courtesy first of course as was always the custom of hid people for men greeting women first.*

MallavaSoltaire: I blinked  at the nice sized crowd of visitors as I make my way out of the back area. My head pounding to the beat of unheard drums. I scan the area, noting that the boss was handling the guests, and move to my love standing vigil at his desk. I kiss her cheek softly and smile before turning to Isou's direction- I hope I am not late.

CrystalAlocer1: {::}The young female named Crystal Alocer aprears from the dark bloody crimson colored flames that matched her optics. Her slim form slowly and gracefully walked over to her mother and elder brother. Her long red and black hair covered half her face as she looked up at the both of them and she bows slightly in respect her hair was still in her face as she pushed her dark glasses up on her face. Crystal then slowly placed her digeits in her mothers hand as she looked up at her mother into her mothers eyes with a warm smiles as joy filled her eyes in meeting her mother for the first time as she says softly {::} "My dear mother it is such a wonderful pleasure to meet you " {::}Crystal then looks at her brother speaking softly{::} "She looks a lot like you Brother"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya watched him jump before her and take the flame before she was able to take in its heat and power into her body. Fire of any kind was food and power to a dragon made of brimstone and darkness and the purest of evil. “you are feeble, absent minded and foolish to take something a dragon takes from you, if we take what is yours we find it of interest to us it is if telling you you hold good taste. And to stand firm against an elder pure blood well that is simply not smart. Tell me human like being this place smell of human and other races i cant place my tongue on, it makes my gut turn and wrench at this sent. You do not have enough blood on your stone floors ” she said harshly as she started to walk around the hall once more. it was an interesting place only bad thing was the smell the people here would be lucky she did not eat them and turn this place into a new hunting ground seeing her last one well they did not last as long as planed. A dragon eats more then most think it is a never ending hunger and a black dragon feeding a ever growing madness inside of it never stops eating. She looked up at the roof yawning and bending once more just like she did at home she arched her back leaning back running her claws up her flawlessly formed belly, then up to her supple breasts pushing them together not scared to show off her figure to the eyes to drink in as much as they hungered for. But if they dare touch she would make it a night they would never forget a last night of the most animistic sex and sin, a night to die for, there last night alive. She bent back up her eyes almost rolling in her head from the glory of her movements, she ran her claws around her nipples playing a little with her form just for the sheer joy and fun of it. As she looked at him once more she turned to look at the pillars seeing they had faded in colour and gone, it did not matter much to her anyway. Feeling a hand on her arm and being pulled on there was a girl.... a child calling her mother this must have bin the child drake her son talked about sometime ago. Anaya looked down to the girl her bright red dragon eyes turning and studding the girl. “greetings my child” she said as she looked back at the male across the room “my name is Anaya. High Elder black dragon of the Empire Of the Rose it is far east of here. Very far east”

IsouZerstorung: *He scoffed softly at her holier than though demeanour. Nothing to impressive to him h dealt with that kind of persona on a daily basis. Hearing her speak of taking what was his seemed to piss him off even more as an out pouring of red energy sparked from his body crystalline horns appearing above his head as with a loud crack of energy he appeared above her in the air upside down his horns pointed Directly at her face as he spoke* You are more so feeble and without lack of any grey matter of substance to try and take something that belong to a Voxian! *He didn’t so much as yell but made his point testing her so to speak seeing her reaction judging her character and out in out testing her patience. All apart of the fun. seeing her move her body about in a promiscuous manner not caring for those who looked at her he occasionally glanced out of the corner of his eyes but before long he simply got more annoyed and remembered her remark about smell* And if it stinks to you then here! *He pulled out a clothespin and stuck it on her nose before with missing a beat he cracked from above her in time for the girl to walk up. Appearing next to the woman about three feet away his horns seemed to dissipate as his anger subsided slowly. *If you come seeking trouble you will find it. *he said after cracking again appearing behind her wearing White.* If you come here seeking lust You will find a Black widow *He spoke cracking again to an I beam sitting on it dressed in Pink cloth and armor* But above all, if you've come here seeking creation, and all things forged, Then well. *his cocky side showing* There is None better than I *he cracked appearing in Gold to stand before her once more a Smirk upon his face*

CrystalAlocer1: -She looks at her slowly as she smiles still warmly she then speaks looking up at Anaya her mother into her optics as she begins to study her elder carefully as she speaks softly with her eyes still on Anaya{::} " As mine is Crystal Ma'am"{::} Crystal closes her eyes slowly as she then looks up at Anaya again she closed her digits tightly as she looked up at her she then places her right hand on her waist as she lets out a soft laugh of amusement as she looked at the male who spoke to her mother as he did but she didn’t dare to interfere as she steps out the way of them both and back to the side of her elder brother unsure what to say to her mother considering she just met her her eyes showed how she was consecrating on the male and her mother curiously and not to sure what to say as she kept her guard up even though she knew nothing would go wrong she was just happy to be meeting them she kept her mouth shut until she was spoken to

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas tail flicked back and forth as the chain clinked and clanked against its self. She hears his words and almost bent over holding her gut in laughter, she side steps watching that cloth fall to the floor not even hitting her nose, not even close. “you have balls i will give you that” she then watched him form beside her child and her eyes turned black instantly as she watched him move once again. “don’t hop around like a bunny you little thing i don’t play games well at all” it was clear she was a VERY protective mother. Even to a pure evil dragon being a mother and her children where her world and she would give her very life for them, nothing scared or intimidated a dragon and all that tried clearly new nothing about her race of fire and force. She cracked her neck to the side her black eyes now moving in her head almost freely as side blinking clear eyelids moved over them, she was truly creepy but a beautiful woman. “and lust oh that is a fun toy that humans use, no no no you have no concept of lust till you have a one night with a beast with scales” she teased and gave a devilish grin as she looked at him. “now stop moving and talk with me before your own temper gets you killed, you are a beast of fire, and fire does nothing no matter what kind it is to a dragon we are born of fire, born of blue fire and i was born of acid and fire, you could only give a mere dent to my hide” she gave a cocky grin, she was a black dragon a very large ego came with the race. After that Anaya simply tossed a rolled up paper role at him “i only make alliances with the strong and if you can stand up to a dragon you have some power in you” Anaya looked to her new child getting out of the way the girl was able to think fast and if there was a fight Anaya did not want the child to get in the way for if it did anaya would not move it and it would be hurt by the other party or its own mother herself. "good girl" she said softly as she then looked back to the male

IsouZerstorung: I’ve probably got Bigger Balls than You can Handle he gave a hearty chuckle flipping himself down to the ground landing on his feet with a soft clang his eyes shimmering a platinum like hue* And who said I was playing games? *His voice took on darker tone as a black tongue flicked from his mouth licking his lips the sound of force awakening an appetite inside of him that hasn’t been satiated for centuries as his eyes took on a dark amber hue.* Tis a fool to think one something only by what they have seen, Think You know something Only when You have beaten it...If you can *he chuckled darkly Orange energy arching through his fingers Her words of lust sending elation through him as he guffawed ina rather cocky manner* Scales and Fire? You must not have received the pounding of a life time from a Real being Of Gears and Energy *He laughed somewhat maniacally now the woman before him in her power so tempting him such a turn on. *Before the parchment reached him it vanished into thin air his eyes seeming to hum to a peak before his body exploded in orange energy his armor shifting shades and his horns Appearing with a thunderous boom upon his head surging with pure kinetic energy* Barrie’s Up! *He exclaimed as energy fields emerged from teh sides of the pillars connecting rapidly shrugging  them off from the other people for their protection more so than the protection fo the people in the centre of the "Ring"* I care not for petty papers, Words are for wimps weakling and those Who are fodder, Force, Action and REACTION!! *He laughed maniacally* THOUSE are what decide who has power and If YOU can stand up to a Voxian, Well I may just think about bedding you now wont I? *He guffawed again clearly another person than before was in front fo this woman now someone of vile elation and disdain for life with only the urge to force and fight on his mind*

CrystalAlocer1: she was near her brother as she pulled on his hand looking up at him as she points at their mother and the male she keeps trying to get his action as she watches carefully her eyes changing to a soft green as she stands on her brothers foot looking at them sh was basically small enough to do so as she does she looks back at the male tilting her head trying to figure out what he could possibly be thinking -

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him and looked around as it seems she had bin trapped in a ring. Moving up to the male standing before her she held no fear of him and he had no intimidation on her. Anaya moved a clawed hand and placed a single claw under his chin not touching him but just bending a little so he could look into her eyes her mouth only a lick away from his. “you tempt me with sutch things fighter made from force and evils greed, maby you will mark sins contracts and hold a mark of the beast, and maby one day you will see the true me standing before you the beast from an old human made book, and maby you will learn what the mark of the beast really is” she moved her breath stinking of death and the heat of the acid in her turning gut. “till we meet again oh fighter that thinks he can take on a dragon” she then started to fade away still standing there in front of him. “my address is on the form fill it out and come see me and then we will see who has the balls in this, relationship” she then moved her long black tar covered tongue from her lips and moved it just a little from his face a show of licking up his face but never touching him at all. Then flicked it back into her jaws soon there was nothing left of her on the ground but black tar and a marked 666 on the ground and in the air was the giggle of children and the sound of horse hooves.

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Anaya was growing restless as she came back from her small outing from home, she needed to get out more smell the rot in the world and taste the blood of the free and fresh on her tongue once again. The female took out a paper and placed a thought that drilled in her head a voice from within needed to let its self be seen. She shut her eyes letting a little bit of her madness show as she grabbed a quill and put words on a paper.

I'm walking through crystals of insanity,
Mad I may be, but everything is clear to me,
But still it doesn't look real, feels like a dream.
Strange Insanity.

Strange Insanity,
How when I'm muddled I see your hypocrisy better,
You call me raving mad all you want,
But I'm still more honest than you'll ever be.

I'm still more honest than you'll ever be,
Looking beyond your best,
I call a spade a spade,
But I'm not perfect.

I'm not perfect,
Little by little my masks peeling off,
In between chocolate sunshine moments of utopia,
A strange frenzy to fill rivers with your blood.

A strange frenzy to fill rivers with your blood,
What can I say, with your chrysanthemum fading away,
Simple Phobia overblown into monster clowns,
Ghost towns of my fury populated with thistles and brambles.

aiufdln asdcnuie dfyvb wiuinvcn,
wafuib You are not what you show me,
No! I'm coming to KILL asfduiahnb,
Let me taint the crystals of my insanity with your blood.

She looked from the darkness of the back of her eyelids she so seldom shut and looked upon her paper and on her words. The dragon was almost scared with her own words they made no sense only ...only madness only a fray of madness and puzzlement. No sense at all she looked on it again reading over her words, did she really place words like this on the paper before her, yes she did she did put them down but it was not her it was her madness her true madness talking to her, the beast inside her from the old book talking to her.

Before long there was a raping on the dragons chamber doors and she turned grabing the paper and crumpled it up into a tight ball tossing it into a trash bag beside the still smashed bed that her guardian Wraythe was still mending for her. “come in!” she called out in her tell tail harsh voice the hint of that snake like hiss on every letter. The door opens slowly a creeping as the one behind it pushed it slowly forth, she really had to get a new and redone chamber this room was growing old. Anaya moved a single eye to glance back seeing her brother Ulhar at the door way made her beating heart rest a little softer “what is it i can do for you Ulhar ” she said harshly as if he was not worth anything to her at all even if he was her own blood she always held this disdain for her younger brother.
“there is bad news my sister, very bad news. We took a armed force to the west and the Firedor continent seems to have placed guards and troops in your area of land, we cleared some of them out but we had to turn back for they where far to strong and we lost to many men.” He shrunk, he new his sister would not be pleased with the fact him and his army turned around and did not finish the fight. He new he would get a good bashing for this one , and a light bit of fear twinkled in the blue dragons eyes.

“you pathetic, evident worthless peon, you turned around from a battle holding your scaled tail in between your legs like a cowardice dog and ran home, against even more worthless humans!” she took the steps foreword ever moving closer to her brother till she was only a mere inch from his lips and nose. “you have grown to sicken me my blood brother, you are not worth my fathers blood that flows in your veins and your whore of a blue dragon mother let her rot in her grave and sink ever deeper into the ground. I will enjoy your death my blood brother , oh i will enjoy it with all my black heart.” her voice changed to that of almost foreign words almost harsh enough to sound Russian in the human world. With a swift hand she slashed her open palm ageist the side of his face a full force disrespectful blow to her own brother, “you are nothing but dirt under my claws, you are useless to me now” she then turned around her back to him yet another show of disrespect in a dragons world, and she walked to her window in her chamber “now get out before i lock you in the stocks for the rest of your miserable feeble life ” she was lieing she new her brother would never leave her halls alive and as soon as the fool steps from her doors he would be chained by the guards and hung for his crimes.

Ulhar felt the slap to his face, it almost brought a tear to his eyes, he loathed his sister, hated her with all he had but his sense of morel and thought made him know she was still his blood, he would never harm her as she would him, never stand ageist her even if he new he had a fair chance to kill her, take what he new was rightfully his, her crown. the crown of there father. His sisters evil would be the very downfall of her own empire, it would cripple arms that stand before them, and show others she was to be feared and respected but in time that fear she had with her own people would make the towns people stand up ageist her, over power there ruler and bring down her banner from the walls of her flesh and bone halls. Ulhar moved back a step or two as he rubed his face the redness showing in his cheeks as it was paining him “i am sorry my sister i have let down this family and i have shamed our name and i know my fate is in your hands” The male looked down tot he ground as he new what he was to do to be placed in exile. He new he had to run, run from his tempered and evil sister.

Anaya moved to look out her window the shun was shrinking in the faded orange and red sky, fire marked her rain over the lands to the west to the lands of her enemies. “brother?” she said in a stern voice as she turned around to look at him a shimmer in her eye, a light blue glimmer to a razor clawed hand. “come to your sister, i have bin wrong i have thought a moment and i would never dream of your death. For me to live in this world without you at my side” the dragon queen saw in her brothers eyes the hope and want for her to give her blessing and her love for him. Anaya took a step to her brother as he took one to her, she opens her arms and tightly embraced her own blood holding him to her chest as he softly sank into her arms. “i love you my sweet baby brother but as of this day you know we will never be, you can not be a dragon if you shy from battle and blood, you can not hold the DeLaRose name if you can not fight in our army’s and you can not be my brother if you are not loyal to me.” she moved her hand and the only sound in the room was her brothers gurgle on his own blood slipping from his lips.

The blood spilt from his lips as he shut his eyes taking in the fact it was all over. Her claws had driven a gash into his back and out his chest, there was no pain in this death, it was fast and clean, his sister had saved him the torment she had killed him honourably. The Blue dragon looked at his sister but could not say a word only slink down to his knees and shut his eyes never to open them again.

“that is a good brother you will fall on your knees where you belong and forever stay there like the peasant rat your whore of a mother ment you to be” with that the dragon ruler Anaya turned back around and looked back out her window. Her brother was now dead and she had bin the one to kill him.

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss Photo11Mar201309_33_zps987c2f46

DanielJacobHassassin: -she started rattling cage as she made it squeak and she had some marlbles in her pocket as she she started tossing them at drake with her accuracy they were hitting him-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake's anger suddenly exploded at the slave girl. Using his vampiric speed, he quickly stood before her cage. his eyes glowing a=in anger at her recent actions, he opens the cage, grabs her by the throat, and tosses her towards the wall. Knowing she would hit the wall unless she can redirect in mid-air, Drake summons a sword constructed of shadows and prepares to impale her through the shoulders and hips. "This will teach you to throw shit at me." Drake hissed as he prepares to impale her.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was almost sleeping in her throne she opend an eye to see what was going on but new the slave had it coming and just shut her eye.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she hit the wall hard as she could feel boes breaking as she watched him have a swrod as she got aboustly terrfied-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Summoning three more identical swords, Drake thrusts them at her shoulders and hips, if she could not dodge in time, the swords would pierce her bone and leave her impaled on the wall. "wraythe, I can tell you had a bad day, feel free to have some fun." He says as he turns to the fuming guard, hoping he could relieve some stress on the punching bag of a slave his mother collared.

Apocryphon: As Wraythe stepped out of the stairwell onto the main floor of the castle he heard the commotion, a slight twitch of one of his facial muscles had made his uncovered eye twitch lightly, his serpentine tongue slowly moving across his lips while his footsteps lead him towards Anaya, whom was sleeping in her throne at the moment, and with a small smile he drew his scythe from his back, both of his hands gripping the deadwood handle tightly before putting his own momentum behind the throw he placed on it, the blade slicing through the air with the most professional precision possible, and at the point where Drake had been thrusting the blades towards the slave girl his scythe passed in front of him, making contact with all three in a mere millisecond before embedding into the wall “Sorry, but if anyone’s going to be drawing blood tonight it’s going to be me, and if you have an issue with that I suppose you can take it up with me now” His voice came out with a slight growl as his uncovered eye shifted to a deep crimson, the pupil slitted like a viper, before the blackened halo of linked chain began to slowly vanish, a crimson aura seeping from his pores and into the air “Anyone have any objections?”

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The voice of Wraythe filled her ears and she opens an eye and in a sleepy voice "dont kill him wraythe" she said then went back to sleep

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Seeing Wraythe slices through his blades, Drake backed up and looked at him, "Not at all Wraythe, have fun with her." he gestured towards the slave girl before turning and heading back to the thrones to rejoin his family.

Apocryphon: Wraythe heard the words of the two then shifted his eye towards the slave girl as he let out a deep guttural growl, which rumbled the stone beneath him as he stepped ever closer, the halo slowly fading as the aura that seeped from him began to flow out in a more potent dose, and forming what looked like a set of demonic armor around him, in fact it was the armor he had donned in the war between the ruling families of his circle long ago "Wonderful..."

DanielJacobHassassin: -she got scared as she tried to move from wall but could not as she was in extreme pain and she just sat there as she frowned-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya mumbled "dont kill her she is still mine " she went back to sleep

Apocryphon: Wraythe continued to step towards her as the helm of the set came into view, covering his face except for the dim light that still lit his uncovered eye, the halo about halfway gone now as he tossed a blade towards her "I'd defend myself if i were you"

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tried to move out of the way as i duck and tried to move away-

Apocryphon: Wraythe then extended his hand and allowed his trusted weapon of choice move back into it's master's grasp, the blade of the scythe now dragging slowly against the floor, an oddly dark chuckle escaping his lips "Come now, if you're going to do that i may as well leave you in Drake's hands"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya could feel Wraythe and she curled her upper lip as she could feel his halo vanishing and she opens her eyes to watch.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she watched him as she shook due to being scared and she was already in extreme pain and knew there was more to come-

Apocryphon: His eye twitched under the deep crimson helm that covered his face, a smile creeping along his lips as he now stood in front of her, reaching down to grab her by the neck, and if he had done so, to drag her back towards Drake and Anaya

DanielJacobHassassin: -she felt his hand around her neck and clawed at the ground a bit as she winced and tried to move-

Apocryphon: At this point he raised her from the floor as his grip tightened, tossing her easily back in front of Anaya and Drake "Have at her Drake, she isn't worth the energy, however..." He then leap from the area he was standing, landing atop the throne Anaya was lounging in, his scythe hanging down on front of her "This one may be a different story"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: A sly smirk spread across his face as the slave landed infront of him, "Alright Wraythe, but dont break her, or vice versa." He said chuckling as he reached for the slave, his eyes glowing wth a sadistic glow, his fangs growing out slightly as he closed in on her.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was half asleep and swatted at the blade.

Apocryphon: "That's not something i can promise" He then licked his lips lightly and lifted the helm from his face, his aura dispelling as he did so, revealing the twisted smile that was laying across his face as he reached down to grab Anaya by the hair

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tried to hurry to move as she smiled and she lookked at him scared and shaking-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya felt him grab her hair as she looked up moving her head her eyes matched his as they moved to start to turn black- dont ever lay hand on a womans hair -she snarled curling her upper lip as she looked at him snaping her fingers as she vanished and reformed in the black lifeless tree siting on a branch still looking dead at him.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "Well, atleast sound proof whatever room you use. I dont need to hear my mother's "actions"." He said as his hand closed around the slaves neck. He lifted her from the ground and held her in the air. "Now what to do with you." Drake pondered as he held her in the air.

Apocryphon: "Then you can follow me of your own accord, it matters not to me, it was just going to be some harmless dragging into the upper halls" He then leapt down and set himself along the floor slowly "Figured me and you both could use a bit of a stress relief" He then let out a small laugh and stepped towards the tree, looking up at her with the same smile on his face

DanielJacobHassassin: -she strugled as she tried to squirm as she pulls her shirt down a bit-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked down at him a little bit of puzzlement on her face- upper halls...stress you want to lay me Wraythe -she tilted her head in wonder -

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake looks to his mother with a smirk on his face, "Oh mother dearest, can this slave of ours bear children?" He asks, knowing she understood why he was asking.

Apocryphon: "Would you refuse?" He then stepped off back towards the stairwell, already starting to shrug out of the many articles of clothing he wore, revealing the muscular, scarred frame underneath, setting himself against the wall as he was basically already bare on his upper body

DanielJacobHassassin: -she got an even more frightened look on her face as she struggled some more and tried to get free-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at her son- if you place child in her belly she will be owned and taken by you and you are to care for her. then once child os born take said child for slaves are to bare children not keep them and if it is a girl it will be made into another slave and boy will be made into a fighter -she then looked back to wraythe hoping from the tree and takeing a step to him. - it is you have i ever really said no

Apocryphon: "Well i'm leaving that choice up to you since i couldn't do it by force" He then turned into the stairwell, his heavy boots thumping lightly as he moved towards the upper halls, still baring himself as he moved, even if she didn't take what he was offering he would still bathe and perhaps go off to sleep

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: He shrugged, "She has other holes." he says as he starts ripping her clothes off and throws her into an adjacent room. "You should have some fun of your own mom, I just dont want to be aware of it." He said as he closesin on the slave, undoing his pants as he walks towards her.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: all doors can be shut -she looked at wraythe she had not beded another without killing them in many years. she started to walk up to him in the upper halls - i do hope you are ok with a stone bed wraythe

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tries to cover herself up-
Apocryphon: "I've slept on one before, with you no less, even so every other time we've almost had it going we were interuppted" He let out a small sigh as he pushed open the door to Anaya's chambers, tossing the clothing he had taken off already onto the floor before moving to take the blindfold which covered his other eye off

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She moved inside her own door and then shut it hard behind her,- yes i remember our last times, but a dragon only beds there mate without killing them, you where once mine but -she stood at the door looking at him wondering what he was going to do with her and there time together.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake lays the slave on her stomach after he shuts the door. He then puts her on her hands and knees and kneels behind her. "You are mine now slave." He says as he forces his cock inside her ass and begins raping her ass hard and fast.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tries to move as she winces and she cant help let out a moan as she tried to get free-

Apocryphon: He moved and sat along the edge of the stone bed to lift his leg so his foot was resting on it while he unlaced the boot he was wearing "Well, As you know, i still carry the rose you had given to me, so i suppose if you'll have me as the mate i'll take it, if not then i can just bathe and go off into bed, once again that choice is all yours"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake holds the slave in place as he rapes her ass, his speed and strength increasing incrimentally with every second. "No use trying to escape. You are mine." He slaps her ass hard as he rapes her.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she struggles as hard as she can using a bit of speed bit not nearly as fast as he is as she says softly- "Please stop"

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Hearing ehr asking for him to stop, Drake only increases his speed and strength, 'You are mine to use as I please, unless my mother says otherwise. Dont ever ask that again."

DanielJacobHassassin: -she stays quiet as she bends over wincing and clawing at ground as she hopes he only does her ass and she cant help getting wet

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -Anaya walked to the bed and got down on her knees before him takeing her claws and undoing his boot and looking up at him. - i have always loved you Wraythe, but Crome, and you have....slaves you enjoy. ... -she new he had the idea she could smel the sent of others on his skin and garments . she looked at the ground and at his boot as she simply undid it pulling it from his foot and moving to the other one.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake digs around in his pocket, pulling out a small ring. He places the ring on his right index finger as a sadistic smile spreads across his face, 'Now i dont have to worry about yopu having my child slave." He pulls out of her ass and forces himself inside her pussy, raping ehr hard and fast.

Apocryphon: "Then i will let her go" He looked to her as she undid the boots he wore "And Crome himself said he would leave if i chose to have you, because he knew it would make you happy" He reached down and brushed her hair away from her face "And you don't have to, this makes the second time i've said it"
AnayaSinDeLaRose: it has just bin such a long time since i ...layed one without harming them with my poison. it has bin over 1000 years Wraythe since my last bedding of choice -she softly moved closer to him his other boot hiting the floor her dress starting to turn to sand as she crawled on him her claws diging into the stone not riping it, the reason she had a stone bed so her claws can not damage it.

DanielJacobHassassin: -winces as she bleeds and she tries to pull her self away- "dont i am a virgin please stop"

Apocryphon: "Yes i know this sweetheart" He smiles lightly at her as she crawled on him, his arms moving around her slowly "And i would hope you don't harm me with your poison, even if the only reason i pumped mine into you was to get you onto the ground so i could handle you a bit more freely" He then let out a soft laugh towards her as he smiled to her, a smile that hadn't graced his face in many a year

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: His smile grew wider as he hears her words, "Not anymore you arnt." He says while shoving his cock as deep inside her as it will go. "Your virginitiy is MINE."

DanielJacobHassassin: -screams as she winces as she bleeds feeling her hymen be broken-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: He thrusts in her pussy, raping her harder and harder, "Nothing like the feel of
a virgin's first." He thrusts faster and faster.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she moans louder as she gets soaking wet-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: He thrusts harder and faster, he squeezes and slaps ehr ass with every thrust, "So much for being a virgin eh slave?" He said chuckling as he raped her.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved her nose onto his as she kissed his lips a deep loving embrace as she was growing in wanting for him. her fangs folded back as well as she could but he would still have to watch if he wanted his tounge to dance in her needle filled mouth. she rubed her chest to his her dress fully vanishing as she pressed ageinst him her body moving and meshing with his as her breaths got faster. lifting her head from her kiiss to him she looked down her bright red eyes into his - you only pumped it into me so i would not kill you and eat the rest of your body

DanielJacobHassassin: -she spits at him as she looks around and she says- Fuck you go to hell

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake grabs ehr throat and forces her head to the ground as he rapes her, " Im a vampire slave, I have already been to Hell." he says cackling at her futile attempt to resist.\

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tries but cant as she cant help as her body orgasmins and she cums hard-

Apocryphon: He smiled lightly against her lips as he returned the kiss, holding her tightly as their bodies meshed together, feeling her pull back from it made him look back into her eyes with his own "I actually pumped it into you so i could stop the madness that was overtaking you like it used to" He then smiled towards her and pressed his lips back against hers, his serpentine tongue slowly slipping past his lips and past hers as well to dance with her own

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Feeling her orgasm and her subsiquent tightening, Drake releases inside her, filling her with cum, "Virgins are always so damn tight. Good thing I put my ring on." He gets up and walks around her.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she lays a bit tired and sore from some bones being broken from being thrown into the wall-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: in moments her teeth flicked ageist his tongue in her mouth just pricking it and giveing it a sting as she gave that twisted giggle, she would not be so nice and just lay him with no fun he had to work a bit. she kissed him and then looked at him as she let him take his tounge back into his mouth.- ya i know and i thank you for that by the way, seems one can never trust a black dragon for not being evil, dont ya think -she gave a grin-

Apocryphon: At the prick against his tongue he let out his own chuckle, drawing it back into his mouth slowly before she spoke, tightening his arms around her slightly, his nails digging lightly into her skin "Oh i never said you weren't evil sweetheart, in fact i know you're evil, just as you know i am" And with that he leaned his head towards her neck, growling lightly as he ran his tongue along the skin

DrakeTracciaDeLaRoseDrakeTracciaDeLaRose Whisper: Drake fixes his pants and leaves the slave on the floor, cum dripping from her bleeding pussy, "Make sure you clean up the floor slave. Otherwise, I have a whole army of Shadow beasts that could use a good cum rag." he said chuckling as he opened the doors and returned to teh thrones.

DanielJacobHassassin: "I am not cleaning up shit and i doubt you have whole army you clean it up u raped me not other way around-

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DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Stopping dead in his tracks, he turns to teh slave with a look of anger on his face, 'What did you say to me

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake walks to the slave, conjuring a blade from the shadows, he thrusts it towards her leg. If she cannot move fast enough, it will pin her leg to the floor. "If you would like to keep your tongue, I would advise you stop using it to talk back to your owners."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya gets shivers as his tounge went along her neck she smiled feeling it, on her skin- you always know how i like it -she gave a smirk as she niped at his cheek in a playful but fighter like way, she pressed her body ageinst his harder she could feel his member ageinst her bare body, her bare hot body. as he dug his claws into her back she arched back a little diging them deeper into her own skin, she loved the pain of it. - if i kill you i am sorry in advance

DanielJacobHassassin: -she screamed as she tried to move as she winced and she said- "Ow are you fucking crazy you fucking bastard

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Seeing as she didnt move, the blade pierces her flesh and goes through her bone. As the blade exits the otehrside of her leg, it pins her to the floor. "I am quite crazy slave, havent you noticed by now?" He said with a sadistic smnile across his face.

DanielJacobHassassin: -she tried to move but stopped as it hurt everytime she did- "I wish i could cut your balls and dick off and feed them to you"

Apocryphon: He let out a light chuckle at her words, his claws digging deeper into her skin as his member pressed against her bare form "I do know how you like it, how you enjoy the pain and how it brings you pleasure" He then growled lightly into her ear and bit into the skin of her neck, exactly where he had marked her skin the last time

GrayKazetsubaki: *Nomming on a cookie he'd found on his way here, the tired Gray strolls into the main hall of the kingdom, happening upon some female being pinned to the ground by a shadow blade through her leg. Shaking his head he looked away and continued eating his cookie.* Dumb ass people. *He made sure his words were loud enough to be heard as he made his way towards the other side of the room.*

DrakeTracciaDeLaRoseDrakeTracciaDeLaRose Whisper: "Then how would you be raped?" He says as he slowly twists the blade, ignoring Gray's words. "I will break you, even if it kills you. Reviving the dead is an easy task for a vampire."

DanielJacobHassassin: "Good fuck off go cut them of your self so then no girl would have to have that tick tac sized penis-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas head shot up as she hears her big brother in the lower halls, she new he would hear her in the upper halls and any good guess would tell him she was there she was a black dragon so the sent of death gave her way like a big bright sign over her head. she looked back at Wraythe she did not want to let him do. and it seemd he did not want to let her go. as she felt his fangs dig into her flesh her eyes changed bright blue as she pulled up a little the blue blood runing down her neck she new that he knows how she never let anyone drink from her royal blood, it was a gift to give blood for a dragon she would not even give her blood to her own children. she let out a low rumble one that would very much be known in the lower halls. the sound of a dragon in pain and the sound of plessuer but all people would know was it was a rumble.

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake's sadistic smile grows wider realising her can have some fun with this one. He then summons a second shadow blade and thrusts it towards her other leg, aiming to stop all of her movements. "Well, now I know I can have fun with you."

Apocryphon: As he took in a small amount of her blood he heard her brother down in the lower halls, pulling away from her neck with a small sigh he moved to kiss her softly "Seems you have a visitor sweetheart, perhaps we whould just try this another time?" He cocks his brow towards her and tilts his head lightly, her blue blood still hanging lightly on his lips

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas eyes changed back to red as she took her clawed hand the blue blood runing down her neck - we always have them

DanielJacobHassassin: -screams as she yells tears roll down her face as she falls back on her back and she lays still as she was in extreme pain and crying-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: and you.... drank from me Wraythe. -she almost studdered with her words -

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: The second blade pierces her legs, going through bone and right into the floor, "Well, still want to push the limits of my anger or sadistic nature slave?'

Apocryphon: he nodded and ran his tongue along the wound slowly "Yes we do, and yes i did, i would hope that's fine with you sweetheart" He then smiled lightly at her and showed the many needles that lined his mouth

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: is fine with me i guess -she said as she ran her claws along her neck and got
up from him. - ok lets go to the lower halls i feel something bad about to happin -

DanielJacobHassassin: yes fuck off -she tries to pull swords out but cant as she curses-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: -kissing Wraythe once more she snaped her fingers a dress comeing over her - ok i think this one fits

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Drake summons two more blades and thrusts them towards both ehr shoulders, "You are running out of joints slave. Would you like to move on to muscle?"

Apocryphon: He nods and sighs as he stands and snaps his fingers, the clothing he had taken off forming on his body once more "Lets head downstairs then"

DanielJacobHassassin: -she winces as she was now colpletley helpless so she decided to shut her mouth-

KiaraVierKalan: -a female walks in as her heels clashes with the ground.her name is unknown while the female yawns-

Apocryphon: "I know you dont love, but sometimes the ruler of the place needs to make an appearance" He looked to her and smiled lightly, trying the blindfold he wore back around his head, only covering one eye though

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: The blades pierce her shoulders and pin her upper body to the floor, He squats down next to her head, "So, still want to be disrespectful to those that own you?"

DanielJacobHassassin: -shakes head no breathing hard as she crys loudly tears streaming down-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya let out a sigh as she put on her black and red garments and turned around - i guess you are right and i can hear the slave girl from up here drake must really be having fun with it, about time i end the fun i guess -she then walked to her doors and opend them looking out . - Drake! -she yelled out as she walked down the steps.-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Hearing his mother call his name, he lets out a sigh, "Yes dear mother?"

Apocryphon: He followed her out of her chambers, whistling a small tune as they moved down the stairs, his trusted weapon slowly slipping into the mount he had fashioned on his back "One of these days though sweetheart, promise"

KiaraVierKalan: -the female blinks-
AnayaSinDeLaRose: She walked down to the lower floor and looked at her son. - so how badly is she beaten

DrakeTracciaDeLaRoseDrakeTracciaDeLaRose Whisper: He smiles at her question, "Unless you count some rather nasty holes in her joints, and popping her cherry, not at all. The blade stop all bleeding."
DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: blades*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: as long as she is not dead i dont care she is a slave and a slave is how she will be treated -she talked cold to him as she walked past spoting a new girl in her empire she did not say anything to her for she had things on her mind and walked to the slave girl. - i could hear you from the upper halls slave

DanielJacobHassassin: -she stayed quiet as tears roll down and she was trying to stay awake-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRoseDrakeTracciaDeLaRose : "Alright mom, shoul we leave her here for a bit, or do you want her in the cage?" He asked, knowing his mother was in a bit of a foul mood.

Apocryphon: As Anaya walked on he spotted the woman who had been standing about "I'll take care of the guest here" He then slowly moved over towards her, his hands resting along the deadwood handle of his scythe "And how can i help you?"

KiaraVierKalan: -the female glance at the one comming towards her as she rubs her katana handle- please keep a distance sir...

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya got down to her level and moved a clawed hand under her chin. - now you have bin used here, i can smell it on you, now you will clean yourself of the mess and blood from your underside, and if you make a fuss about it i will rip you in half. do you understand me girl -her red eyes shimmered in the light as she looked right into the girls -

Apocryphon: Without a second thought he spoke "I suggest you not be so defensive at a simple question, some here may take it as an offense" He looked to her with a cock of his brow drawing the large scythe from his back slowly

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: "Alright, up it is." Drake says as he dispells the swords pinning her. "Do as your told slave.

KiaraVierKalan: -she tilt her head- the names Lilith ex daughter of Anaya so please keep a distance im not here to deal harm...

DanielJacobHassassin: "Yes i will clean it all up and clean my self"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya turned her head and only growled one eye looking at her son. if anaya told her what to do she did not need another telling the slave a second time.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she then looked back at the slave girl and let her up. - there is a wish tube in the dining hall

DanielJacobHassassin: -she grabs some cleaner and grabs a tooth brush and starts cleaning up as it hurt so bad to move her limbs but she did not complain she just did it-

DrakeTracciaDeLaRose: Seeing he did something wrong, he bowed his head ot his mother, "Im sorry if I overstepped mother. I will remember next time."

Apocryphon: "And i am not here to deal harm either, You may call me Wraythe, guardian to Anaya herself, among other things, so i would be careful around me when it comes to hostility around here" He then stepped away from her and back over towards Anaya "I'll let her know you've arrived"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: that is a good girl when you clean yourself go to the dining hall out of the eyes of others.
KiaraVierKalan: thanks you sir

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EmpAmosBlackFire: innocent or not my kingdom my law and in my Kingdom i pick what happens

EmpAmosBlackFire: so back the hell off or you wont like what happens

EridireDarkwind: and you are proposing you are going to what...kill me? or will you get another to do so?

EmpAmosBlackFire: i wont ask no one to do what i can do best

EridireDarkwind: *smirks* then do your worst is what i say to that

EmpAmosBlackFire: -growls and glares at EridireDarkwind as i slowly lean down getting ready to dash at him-

EridireDarkwind: *smirks and folds his arms casually, watching Amos*
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AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya walked out of the wall an albino raven on her shoulder she rubed the birds
head as she walked up and called out. "no the leader of the Rose will deal with you not a part of my empire, when you wish to have word with one of the DeLaRose it is best you have word with the top. it is low of one to come to an alliance or vessal state of my empire when they wish a fight or war with my empire. now you have two choices here you feeble fool of a male i see on the other side of the room, one you bow and place your blade in the dirt or pick it up and hold it out for i would love to battle one so small and weak minded " Anaya moved her hand and sent the raven in the air off to fly up to a roof top where it is safe. "so what say you, monster , demon , do you fight or do you crawl in the mud with what you call pride"

Lexiholich: -Lexiholich runs at EmpAmosBlackFire unsure what to do or even if she could do a thing to stop the fighting. She Jumped in fron of him staring at him-

EmpAmosBlackFire: -stands back up and says nothing as i watch Anaya speak and handle the matter at hand-

EridireDarkwind: *tilting his head to the female he smirks* i am neither monster nor demon Darastrix, my blade remains held as i gaze at one who killed an innocent in cold blood for mearly speaking of me, as for weak minded and foolish, i am also neither i came here bearing no ill will in the beginning, as all true warriors do and as the Leader of the DeLaRose perhaps you know me from a long time ago in another life, i was the warrior Ark0nia and as my pride remains, just as my skills do, No i shall not stay my blade and crawl in the mud like a lowly peasant i shall stand proud of who and what i am even if i must stare death in the eye or shake its hand as i walk with it to the next life. As one of the last true warriors it is my duty to protect the weak and helpless and uphold the honour of my race

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya almost started to laugh as she moved her arms to rush a claw in her hair pushing back the snow white hair from her bright red draconic eyes. "so as a fighter you come here a alliance and vessal of my empire, not even there main hall but a low room in there force and you did not come to me first at all and you call yourself great and mighty, really, are you kiding, i have never known your all powerful name. i may have known my son to talk about you at one point but it was a friend thing. you hold a blade looking for blood up fighting one of the strongest forces in this world. now fighter tell me who was the child i killed for someday there are to meny under my claws to remember names, or even there faces as i rip them apart." she gave a twisted grin as she looked at the male and cliped her claws on her leg. she looked up to her raven making sure it was alright and smiled seeing it looking back at her a silver shimmer in its eyes as it waited over head. she looked back at the male he was not much worth to her really another toy to play with for a short time till it was smashed to bit all over the place. "now this is not even my home so it is not right of me to place blood on this floor. it is not right of me to break there things, and it is not right of me to have to smash there roof as i remove you from there home. so do you wish to fight to bring justice to there lives and end up in a pile with them or will you simply turn away wall you still have breath in your chest" she gave that twisted giggle she was known for and slowly a green fog started to pool at her feet as she let out a soft moan.

AxelWoedeNeramani: -A lone mist slowly worked its way over the grounds leading to the culminating denizens. The mist seemed to possess a mind of its own as it curled around Anaya's left leg. Once it had curled around the left leg of Anaya it would form into the figure of a massive male. The male stood at eight feet six inch's tall and weighed three hundred pounds of pure muscle. This male was clothing in a black steel cuirass embossed with runes aimed to render it equal to three feet of tungsten steel. His legs where covered in a set of leather leggings along with scuffed leather boots. The broad shoulders of the male where covered in a pair of spiked pauldrons. Without a single sound the male would hiss warningly as the moisture in the room began to grow heavier with the promise of lethal violence. His name was Axel Woede Neramani and he was her on Anaya's behalf. Even though Anaya herself was present Axel was readying himself for a fight and shook his wrists. As Axel shook his wrists the two blades on his arms would snap down and lock into a fighting position. Each of the two blades would measure three and a half feet long while being made from steel. However the two blades wheren't the only weapons Axel carried as on his waist where a pair of elven long swords each sharp enough to cut through the thickest of hides thanks to their tempering and master crafting. Of course Axel was far from mortal as the thickening moisture formed into a dense fog for it was his preferred fighting environment. Then without a single sound the sound of a lock opening would echo through the room as Axel began to cause the mist's around himself to harden into a total of six spears each made from ice. However there was one thing to axel that few lived to tell about and that was his true state which was pure water rendering him invulnerable to physical attacks but highly vulnerable to magics of any kind. Axel then reached up and placed a black metallic mask over his face. Once he had the metallic mask over his face he would peer into the mists with menacing red eyes. He would wait silently with his hands resting at his sides and the tips of the blades touching the ground.-

EmpAmosBlackFire: -knows that Anaya temper is rising as i hear her talking, slowly begins to move away as to give her enough space if she transforms, quickly vanishing across the kingdom and waits-

Lexiholich: -Lex stared around the room. She looked to each face. Lex grew nervous and worried. She knew not what she could do if anything. She pulled her book from her belt and flipped threw a few pages. She held the book close to her and tossed a hand in the air. She chanted a few words in a low tone. From her hand a powerful magic shoots from her hand creating a shield around the entrence room. Lex noticed Amos run by her with showing haste. Once the spell completed she ran toward him-"Amos"

EridireDarkwind: *he smiles and folds his arms casually, brushing the hair from infront of his eyes revealing his own draconic eyes with a wink* filkiati is a thing settled between fighters with different morals and ideals Miss DeLaRose, my pride as a Darastrix forbids me to back down and my Pride as a warrior forbids me from letting killers, murderers and slavers. My quarrel is not with you but the murderer who stands beside you, hiding like a child by their mothers leg when a stranger talks to them. I came here and not his home because i have been banned from such a place out of fear or hatred i know not, had i been able to enter his home then perhaps this could have been avoided and my apology accepted but instead he made threats and almost the first movement in an aggressive manner towards me, had he attacked i would have merely defended myself appropriately and accordingly. So if i am to be attacked for doing my given duty then so be it, but i assure you i am no pushover, though...*he looks around the room and smirks* three on one is about fair and its been a while since ive been stretched enough to perhaps lose, though i think such an event could possibly avoided, not for my sake or your own, mearly because it would be a stupid thing for you to lose such a valuable warrior and loyal subject *chuckles* though if you wish to continue in such an aggressive manner then so be it, but im sure as adults we could sit before blood is shed, but i shall hold my blade until things are subdued and the situation is stable enough for me to stay my weapon

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya giggled as she moved her hand to run it yet again in her illustrious snow white hair.”The world where you would go hand in hand with the flower madden is not perfect joy nor happiness or life that is this is because it is not contain perfect sadness nor misery nor death. The moon comes closer to this place then any other only here can true paradise be opened. The world has bin destroyed and being reborn countless times always being resurrected from the ashes as paradise it has happened before and it will happen again an endless cycle of life and death, -a wicked smile comes to her face as her fangs shimmer on the sides of her black painted lips- the world is a paradise that has bin opened once before but this era is almost at a close once again. Tell me little dove of your story of loss and life, of death and torment, and when you move to the vast depths of hell i wish for you to bring me a rose from his garden. They say he has the best blue roses from all the dragon hearts resting in his pits, did you know once you cut a dragons heart out it forms into a blue rose, a rose of there life there luster there essence there being there true color no matter there scales. I have a rose garden of my own back home it has some very nice blue roses you need to see sometime. “ the insane woman tilted her head as a little black tar dripped form her mouth and she blinked her sideways clear cutting nictitating membrane eyelids moving over her red eyes as if out of a creepy horror movie. The dragon took a step that green conductive fog billowing at her feet as she steps in it and around it flowing her where ever she was to go, it was forming out of small holes in her pores and was from inside the beasts very body. On that rafter the albino raven with the silver eyes sat waiting and out of the blue a small gold dragon poped up and looked at it, the luck dragon pokes its nose and the raven let out a sharp shriek, Anaya looking up at it for an instant noticing the annoying little pest of a luck dragon that was always on her heel when there was action. Anaya looked away as she let the bot of them place her raven was more then meets the eye and the luck dragon would get a sharp reminder if it did not leave it alone.

EridireDarkwind: *with a smirk he draws his spear slowly and spins it skillfully in his hand, a red trail following it as his essence flows from the grips of the spear* you know, this spear was forged in the fires of the Elder Darastrix Gladrial, the handle is made from a single vertebrate of a great golden dragon, impenetrable by any means and the spearhead is crafted from a leaf of the Yggdrassil Tree *smiles* the leaf of the tree of life, crafted to take life, ironic do you not think *he smiles once again and grips the handle, stopping the red trail with a chuckle* always baffled me why it did that *with that he shrugs and walks towards her spear in hand with a dark smirk on his lips and a glint of malevolence in his eyes, as he draws to within three feet of her he holds the spear lengthways across him with the spearhead pointing to his left and the tip of the handle pointing to his right and with a warming smile he dropped it clattering to the ground and he lowers himself to one knee and places his fist upon the ground, his eyes on the ground also and with a smirk towards the ground he speaks his chosen words in draconic to prove their worth* vucoti sia desta svadrav coi confnic ekess vargach vur ir rigluinic ti risk iri self ihk vi cause batobot ui woari persvek vargach shar ehtaha persvek lexri, wux re sia tilabil persvek trian iejir, leadership vur status vur vi si tepoha stayed sia laraek ihk wux, si mi jaka pledged ekess wux persvek trian vargach vur tobor, coi ui jaka douta ekess chose svabol wux tir mrith tilabil darastrix ((I know my better when it comes to battle and one needs not risk ones self for a cause that is wanderer in battle but found in words, you are my elder in both blood, leadership and status and a i have stayed my weapon for you, i am now pledged to you in both battle and life, it is now yours to chose what you do with elder dragon))

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to him as the fog moved back into her body so he did not take it in and die of the toxic gas "you have done well young one and i will take you under my wing and train you like a dragon is ment to be trained, your spear will do great things, but it is better in your hands then mine i will use it with you holding it. i am proud of you for you have show you are more then a pride filled rageing monster and shown you can handle yourself and that you know your place." she moved down to place her clawed fingers under his chin to pull him up back standing, she bent over and layed a single acid stinging kiss to his cheek then pulled up only to look upon him. "you have done well and not died this day, it is a joyous day for you young knight"

EridireDarkwind: *with a smile and a proud stance he rises and folds his arms* even a warrior knows when he is outmatched Elder one, My name is Eridire Darkwind, sargt darastrix di wer svanti vur verthichai ((guardian dragon of the skies and mountains))*he bows* and My weapons are yours to command, i hereby pledge myself to Elder Anaya

DeLaRose as my tutor, leader and commander *he places his fist on his chest and bows his head with a smile* your will is my command

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya gave a smile as she calmed herself and moved her arm to let her Albino raven fly to her arm. "this raven is more then just its wings and color, it is a blade hidden from the eyes of the world and a blade i was going to let you meet this day, i am glad he did not have to change" Anaya smiled as she rubbed the birds head and looked up as the luck dragon snarled at her and vanished away as fast as it came it was gone once again. "be wise young one you have much to learn and remember with every death there is a reason even on the Innocent in this world there is no cold blood, every death is another's birth in this world. so being smart is much more then being strong."

Lexiholich: -Lex stares into the room. She noticed the pure white bird that came to the woman. Lex thought of her raven for the moment. She took a step toward the room standing in the shadowed doorway. She listened to the woman as she spoke and stood silently and slouched against the doorway-

EridireDarkwind: *he chuckles* If i am honest this day, i would not have used my blade against another dragon, it is not my way, i am a protector and a being of life *he bows* i would have mearly tried to stay alive for as long as i could no matter the futility of my cause, my life is now forfiet and in your hands and i assure you it is much more valuable than having another rose in your garden, that and my eldunari is elsewhere so though my body may die, my knowledge and thoughts will go on to those willing to listen *he bows* you never take your Eldunari...your heart of hearts...into battle, such is to lose yourself and more in battle

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved her hand to take his own and picked it and placed it to her chest there was a heart beat but nothing more only that. "i still have an old heart, it will never leave this body, but that is all it is an old black heart fitting my scales, i have many blue roses in my garden and you will be able to see them for my home will be yours. but a heart is all i have and no soul to link with it for i keep it away from my body as you do. it is only linked to another thing to keep it safe. and when i fade i will go be with it and be in peace. Now you will go to your new empire and stand at its side till your end of time”

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss 1299369907_1143_full_zpsfa5258ad

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff DeLaRose, walking a cross the desolate land, his baby blue eyes shifted downward at the ground, with a curve of an arc a cross his bow-shaped lips, forming a frown. He had been away for the longest time, and he missed his home. He had his two, shadow katanas, hidden away in the shadows for when he needed them. His large, 5'3 claymore, metal clanking with each step, slung down his back. He closed his eyes as a low exhale passed through his black, poly resin mask. He missed everyone and couldn't wait to be back.A sinister voice crept through Jeff's methodical mind, as he growled in his throat. " last contract awaits you, in the town of Seshi Gotiri. Seshi Gotiri was a town pretty much run by Drug dealers, brothel owners, and corrupted law men. Jeff kept his way through town and listened to the voice. "Meet a man at the bar known as Levi. Levi will give you the information you require. Soon, Mister DeLaRose, you shall be home." He followed the directions and made his way to the tavern where the loud patrons rested inside. He moved in the place, dressed in casual clothing like always. His black, casual jacket with his mask, a pair of sneakers, and black jeans. He sighed lightly and moved his brown hair from his eyes, looking to the man whom was suspisous looking. "Hello?" Jeff said with a raised brow. "Oh Good! You must be the assassin!" Jeff grunted. "A little loud...aren't you?" He sat down and lowered his voice,Levi as well. "I need you to take someone out for me..." Levi started. "He is a business man...and he is in this room." Levi looked over to the bar where a man was delivering drinks with an angry scowl on his maw. Jeff raised a brow and hissed. "This would be a public killing..." He stated. Levi nodded "I know..." Jeff nodded. "Fine." And with that, Jeff got up, and pulled his claymore. He simply floated it above the bar, when no one was watching, and replaced it with the  decorative  claymore that hung there. When the bartender stepped into position, Jeff flicked his wrist and let the sword topple, right into the top of the man's skull. He fell over with a thud and everyone ran from the bar, while the staff tried to stay and see what went wrong. Jeff moved over to the sword with quick speed, before pulling it out and sheathing it. The man, Levi was stunned at what just happened. "...." He simply left thegold on the table, and started to flee. Jeff sighed again and heard the voice. "Return home.." And with that, everything was black. Jeff was out in the pouring rain, down the familiar stretch of land, covered in undead. "Oh hell the fuck yes..."

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: His feet moved up the trail, his eyes looking to the floor. "Home..." He made his way up to the porch and exhaled, before stepping inside. "Hello?" He exclaimed. Jeff was ready to drop his back pack to the floor, before looking toward the thrones. "I-..." He couldn't even speak. His mother, beautiful, yet sickly looking as ever. "Mother..." He whispered under his breath.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him her red eyes sunk into her face, her dress was losely hanging from her as it was a bit baggyer then she liked but it hid that she had not eaten for sometime. not meny noticed the ware and tare it did on her body for the madness and beast to rule inside her. as her eyes moved the black madness moved to the sides just able to be seen "mother? i have adopted children but you are not one of them, i do not know you. if you are looking to join the empire we are looking for members but there are some papers you are to fill out and simply questions for you to give proper response to" she said sharply as she taped her claws on her orb arm rest, they where sharper then they once where she used them more now then she once did.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff was afraid of this. When he left, his mother barley smiled, and remembered little things, such as members birthdays. He was home now, and he would protect his mother, whether she remembered him or not."You don't remember me?" He said, his heart sinking into his stomach. He hid behind his cold eyes. "I'm your new guard...Miss Anaya." He said, looking at her large feet. He hid the tears behind his baby blue eyes. He figured this would be easier then explaining who he was, and where he was at all this time. Jeff didn't look like Jeff anymore, apart from the eyes, and the mask. His hair was brown, and his walking stance was different, because of injuries from his training. "Anything I can get you, Empress?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya just shakes her head she did not need anything or want anything, most of what was eaten came back up in a black mess of madness and vomit and it was a torment to get things down. "i am fine guard. go make yourself something in the dining hall and, i am sorry for not remembering you i am not the dragon i once was" she got up from her throne and walked to the steps looking up. "i dont even wish to sleep anymore" she turned around and walked to the doors snaping her fingers and walking outside shifting into her true form she had grown to about 256 feet long and about 170 feet tall she had to duck to get out of her own doors now she was as tall as elder dragons get. she walked into the rain her scales marked with scars from head to tail from the assassins that came every day to see her fall to there blade. some of the marks on her looked as if they almost won. some where far to close to places she was needing.

EmberNightCunningham: -The castle doors open wide with only a blue cape slowly flying through, a soft smoke forms around it as it turns a royal purple color and Scarlette appears after a spark of lightning is seen- "Tada. hey everyone" -she says with a wave and her hood showing her face-

Guest_HollandCyrFegari:  Jeff nodded and bowed before her. "Yes, Empress." He then moved to the kitchen where he gripped his head and slid down the wall, once out of sight. He let the blood red tears pour. This entire time, fighting to get back home has been for nothing. He screamed into his knee. Jeff was muffling his screeches, for this was the breaking point. All the lives he had taken, all the death that he had seen. For nothing. He exhaled and looked down. "She...doesn't...remember her son." He started to talk to himself. " there for her." He looked toward the tree. " dying?" He looked down and shook his head. "No..." He refused to believe it. He moved upstairs to the thrid floor, where his old room used to be. He waited at the door to see his initials carved into it. "JDLR" He looked down. "Mother..." He slowly opened the door and stepped inside. His old clothes, armor, wepons, bed, and desk were all there. His severed orc head, from the firedor raid, now a skeleton, on his wall. He moved onto his old bed,where dust had collected. "No one...has been in here in forever." He looked down. "Oh god.." He burried his hands in his face. "I...." He couldn't even cry. This was different. He needed to be strong. He sat upstairs, in his old room, just staring at the picture of himself and the rest of the family, with him jumping in the back round trying to mess it up. Anaya hadn't gone in here, or else she would have seen the picture. His room was untouched, all this time.

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette caught a familiar scent in the air and sniffed around, she could tell it was a male scent but she dare not follow knowing it might ge her in trouble even if she did know who it was, sure she was reborn again from her coma but her memories and her soul was still with her and she hadn't forgotten everyone especially the ones that helped her get through the dark days of her life- "The scent smells familiar"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Aura." He muttered, moving down the stairs, someone had to remember who he was. He got to the bottom and caught Ember's Aura. However, it was not her body. He raised a brow and moved the hair out of his familiar, baby blue eyes. "Hello?" He yelled out, looking toward the aura. "E-...Ember?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was outside in the rain, it fell down her maw and made her look up into the mass. she let out a long echoing roar into the darkness of the night, it was a long night they are all long nights. she roared agein it was eery and creepy, it was ....sad, it was the sound of madness making the night a unsettling place for any beast. she opens her wings and flapped them the holes in them where clear as day, ripped to almost nothing, the assassins had made short work of her wings as soon as they saw them. she jumped a little trying to get lift into the air but onlt landing back down as it was hopeless to get off the ground. she was failing and it angered her to no end, a dragon with out wings, it was shameful. she let out a blast of her fire as red and green flames ate the forest around it lighting up the earth before her. she looked down at Chaos as he had come to her side. "go back inside it is going to get hot out here shortly" she snarled to show she ment her words for she would not stop her blaze for anyone what was to step in it. she looked back up holding her body at full size and height and she just looked into the blaze.

LordxxChaosxxKnight: -chaos walks back inside looking back befor he shuts the door-

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette sniffed the air again and heard someone call her old name, she walked over to the voice she knew all too well and looked- " that you" -He might not notice her because her hair wasn't as dark as it was when she first arrived-

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "YEah...It's me." He spoke lightly, moving over to her, getting closer. He stopped right in front of her and bowed lightly. "IT's....been a while." HE looked down. "I am glad you remember me...Mother doesn’t..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya walked out into her green acid and fire mix it burned hotter then anything. it burned her feet a little and she let out that roar into the night and simply lit it up in a blast of green furry.

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette looks at him gives a soft smile with her hands on her hips- "Of course she does, she just hasn't been herself lately is all"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff exhaled lightly. "Maybe she will remember soon...until then, I am just a guard." He leaned close to her ear and whispered. "By the way, You look beautiful...moonpie." He pulled away and continued his rounds about the empire.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya moved her clawed foot and saw a tower and dug her clawed foot into the ground and she moved to ram it missing and hitting her shoulder and wing leting out a yell as it pained her and she got up the tower crushed under her bulk. she just ploped back down and layed there green flames around her and a crushed tower under her.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff sighed some and looked back to her figure. "She remembers me." He looked outside and saw his mother. He exhaled lightly and sat in his old throne. He didn't like it. He wasn't a prince, he was a boxcar.....a assassin for hire that lived out in the forest. Jeff sighed lightly. "I am...nothing."

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff moved away to the back room, where his old research desk was. "The eternal waters..." He read, looking at his old research." Oh my.." He looked down, his eyes welling up with tears again. "F-....Fuck." He was to hurt to smash things. He couldn't even move.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya rolled a rock with her nose like a small child and picked it up making a large stone block tower it was almost like she was trying to put back together the tower she crushed.

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette felt the words he spoke was untrue and she always felt that way, she looked from where she was standing to see what he was doing-

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AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya picked up the rock outside and it fell and she stared at it as if she was mad and moved a clawed foot to crush it.

GrayMinick: You know you really shouldn't let things get to you so quickly, my little sister. *He states from behind her, watching her movements.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was laying outside in a mud puddle in the rain she had crushed a tower and
was laying on the pile of rubble and trying to put it back together. oddly it was like a child with autism but alot larger...and with scales. her madness was eating her badly and she snarled at her brother.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff grunted to himself, a soft sigh exhaling from behind his mask. "I-...." He looked down. "You know....Fuck." He couldn't even think. She didn't remember him, and he bet that no one else around would care that he was back. Could he just slip away in the dead of night and never return? Not that it would matter, the cold would kill him before the heartbreak did. He closed his eyes and lifted up his old book with his telekenisis. Inside was a pressed flower, that he had put in there before he left DLR. He floated the book over to Moonpie, where he rested it in her lap. The flower was on the page he had left it open too. He continued making his rounds about the place, noticing each hole in the wall and such, from his anger, so long ago.

GrayMinick: Calm yourself, I'd hate to have to put you over my knee. *It was quite clear he didn't too much care what form she was in, he simply had no room to fret about such minute things. Sliding his hands into his pockets he waited for the blunt of her rage, a snide expression still plastered across his face as he continued.* Or have you just abandoned all trails of logic and find yourself in need of a slight re-direct? *He rose a brow quizzically as he took a step back, the chains dangling from his pants rattling against his movements while the form fitting shirt he bore would hug the contours of his slender frame.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya snarled at him as she turned back her black eyes looking to the tower she crushed by falling on it trying to fly with torn wings, she pushed a boulder and then picked it up with her maw and tossed the rock at her bother.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: she let out a loud snort

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette blinked as the book floated to her, she held it into her soft hands and looked at the flower seeing it was in her color then looked to Jeff from the corner of her eye wondering if he wanted her to read the page he had the flower on,she started reading the page after she sweeped the hair from her brown eyes- "hmm..."

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "Cresent moon, meaning prosperity, beauty, and happiness. You care for others, and the fact that someone gave you this to read, means they truly care about you. This chapter about the signs of auras will focus on those born under the sign of the Moon. Moon signs are the most sincere and loving, most being female." The book went on and on about what being born under the moon sign was. He sighed elongate and pulled out a cigarette, staring out the window. "Should I leave?" He asked himself. "Just...slip away?" He lit it lightly and took a long drag.

GrayMinick: *He watched and heaved a soft sigh as the rock came hurdling towards him. Without so much as batting an eye the boulder was torn asunder, cleave din twine, falling on either side of the young male. In its place stood a vibrantly colored, onyx knight. Its blade shone even under the dark lighting as it slid its weapon back into the sheath. He tilted his head to the side, looking past the creature before him and at his sister.* You finished throwing a tantrum or shall I go on the offensive? *The onyx knight, clad in reasonably mobile armour shifted its stance to mirror a bastardized Italian fencing pose, one hand on the hilt of the blade whilst the other reached behind it, presumably to grip some unseen dagger. Gray remained motionless behind the towering behemoth, an honest curiosity dancing about his visage.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at the beast to her side and she blinked, it was interesting and she tilted her head getting up standing that towering 170 feet tall form. she looked at her bother and then to the knight and she moved her tail to test the waters kind of this to stiffly take out the large clunking things feet.

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette read what it said and smiled softly as she touched her right shoulder where her birth mark was located- "I guess that's why people think I'm an angel" -She says to herself as she touched the flower-

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: JEff, at this time, was posted against the wall, behind her. His silken voice rang out, orchestrating a simple harmony, being that of his tone. "You are an angel." He whispered. "Beauty knows no bounds...and some would call your gorgeous personality....out of this world." He said, noting that everyone came from different worlds, so maybe she was an angel, and didn't know it...or maybe Jeff was flirting a little to much.

GrayMinick: *He smiled and huffed an exhausted sigh as the knight vanished, shifting back into the tarot card from which it had come from. The card drifted back to Gray and faded from sight the moment it neared him.* I say we dance, a waltz of death and temperance. *His words hold a sense of pride laced with a calm and insulting undertone. It was then that two forms appeared on either side of him. One a female, barely clothed in her battle skirt and...yes, that was a mage academy school top. The other, a young boy, sickly in nature, and fully cloaked in a hood that seemed to trail down into the cape that shrouded his boney structure. Both figures stood as tall as Gray, no higher than five foot six, yet their choice of attire hinted to their rather uncanny abilities. The female gripped a thin blade, reminiscent of a rapier in both hands. The blades were nearly translucent, the only visible coloring to indicate their presence was a faint white shimmer. She held a seemingly nostalgic grin as she turned to the male who shook once he realized he was being watched. While he held no weapon close to him, the boy was followed by a series of linked coffins, each sealed shut and held to one another by a rusted chain. There were ten coffins in total, each one echoing an eerie quiet about them as they folded around him like wilted wings on a dead bird.*

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette felt him behind her and looked up as her hair covered her right side of her face, she tried to hide her blushing but it wasn't that easy when it came to someone she cared about- "I'm not good nor am I bad so angel might be out of the question" -She turned to look at him with her hair still covering the side of her face-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at her elder brother and she was starting to get annoyed, she was far from the mood to fight, her body was weak and skinny she had not eaten in days, the rain was coming down so hard it was hard for a large dragon to see in the mess, it stung her eyes to look out at her brother and made her snarl in anger but not at him but at the rain and the pain she was always in in her true fourm. she hated this, she was ment to be in her scales but her own size was killing her and making it hard for her to even breath anymore, every breath was a rasp. all she did was blow a little green fire from her nose just enough to give warning. she did not want to fight she cant fight she was far to weak.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff shook his head and sat down next to her. "Maybe we can settle for...." He scratched his head, and looked down. "Moonpie." He said her name. "Moonpie...being a sweet, caring woman who never would let anyone down." He added after a few seconds. "And who never swears." He smirked some. "I just..." He looked up out the window to spot his mother, and a strange man, looking ready to fight. "...." He used his shadow manipulation to conjure up his swords onto his back. "Hmph." He moved to the door, his silken voice rang out again. "Look...things are about to get messy." He stepped outside and yelled to the man. "Hey! Take it out on someone who can fight back!" The young, teenage boy stood at the door, staring the man down with a twitch of his baby blue hues.

EmberNightCunningham: "oh the freaking..." -She saw him run outside which wasn't a very good idea to her knowing the mood her sister was in lately- "name. ah crud" -she gets up and puts the book on the seat then runs outside after she puts her hood on, to her displeasure it was pouring rain and she knew her cape would be soaked but she really needed to do something before someone got hurt-

EmberNightCunningham: "son of a..." -she grunted to herself as she strained to see-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya turned her eyes and ears picking up another voice in the rain and instently she shoot out a blast of green flames that way. it was a acid and fire mix made by the two chambers in her gut just for doing that. she was a dragon and this was her brother and she would not let another fight in her place no matter how weak she was. she held herself up from the mud and snarled loudly her body and scales rattling as she swayed her mace like tail back and forth, green fog pooling at her feet. Anaya moved her head down to the fog as it was growing and pooling around her and moving out around the others her brothers feet and the stones and trees. she started clicking her tounge making a light clicking sound as she dug her claws into the ground.

GrayMinick: *As he watched his sister fluff her flames, by history alone, he knew that she was in no condition to fight. Normally she'd have tired to set the world ablaze if she really had the strength to do so and even if she didn't very little things would provoke her to keep her calm. Just as he was about to retract the summonings a voice broke his submissive retreat for the sake of his sister. Turning around slightly, Death and Temperance following suit, they matched the seemingly frustrated appearance of the teenage male in the doorway.* %How tedious, it would appear that we have ourselves a new contestant.% *Death gave her imput on the matter, casting aside one of her blades that shattered into a barely visible cloud of electrons as it dispursed into the soaked atmosphere. She turned, vexed by her silent brother's lack of interest in the recent update. She contemplated why he was so timid all the damn time, you'd think Temperance would be a tad more...manly. The thought of Emperor popped into the back of her mind causing her seductive grin to spread from ear to ear.* %Oh if only my one true love were here. He'd CRUSH this pip-squeek into ashes and serve him to the dogs.% *She spoke loud enough for her brother to hear, met with his silence as a retort.* &....& *Gray sighed and decided that he should be the one to acknowledge the intruder.* I do believe this was a private affair not one children should be meddling in. %What are you talking about Gray? He doesn't look to be much younger than you.% *Death gave Gray a playful knock against his left shoudler, which nearly threw him off balance and clean onto his ass given the condition of the moist ground.* Must you be so thuggish Death? *He huffed a sigh, drawn away from the boy by the green fog that loomed beneath him. Temperance had already turned around, his coffins expanding out in a twitching fashion as he remained fixated on the beast causing the fog. The flames had been doused by the previously mentioned coffins. They had expanded to their full wingspan and rotated about in a circle at an incalculable speed, negating the kinetic force of the flames, leaving only the acid to splash against the face of coffins. He'd been protecting them during their verbal acknowledgement of the other male, as was his job. Temperance the peace bringer. As he spoke, his words were broken by a series of coughs and raspy, venomous and prepubescent vocals.* &Please stop this madam dragon.&

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff, looking no more then seventeen, looked to the ground, feeling Moon next to him. Jeff crossed his arms as his two 3'2 inch shadow katanas rested on his back, as well as his 5'3 claymore. Jeff, all together was a good 6'1. He was tall, but very skinny and well maintained. He was beautiful from under his poly-resin mask, that he barely took off. He stared the man down, then his own mother, then the man again. Jeff promised to die for DLR and that was what he was going to do, if need be. "..Can't you see she is sick and angry?" Jeff didn't know the entire story, and so, the poor, misguided, forgotten boy, as always, guarded his mother, even if she started a fight. He whispered to Moon. "You should get isn't safe." He then looked to the fire, shooting toward them. "Fuck!" He screamed, wrapping his arms around her, and using his telekenisis to raise a 360 degree sheild around the two. Jeff felt the force of the blow hit him and he exhaled. He looked to the ground and let Moon go once the attack was over and done with. "Are you crazy for being out here?" He asked, holding her shoulders lightly. "It doesn't matter...we need to calm her down." He exclaimed."She is gonna fight, and get herself no matter what happens to me...make sure she doesn't hurt anyone else." Jeff tightened his mask and looked to the male whom was fighting with her. "This...seems..." Jeff looked down. The aura of the male was related to that of Anaya. Jeff stayed out of the affair. "Nevermind...." He backed away and looked down. "We should probably go inside....and...uh...let them work it out." Jeff really was forgotten, but that mattered not anymore. He stepped through the door, back into his own home, where his blades dispersed into a puff of black smoke, rolling into the pores of the empire, and eventually vanishing. He sat down, almost shocked that this is what he had come back too. He took a long drag and sighed. "What the fuck is going on!?!?!?!"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya stopped her sparking and lifted her head she was far to sick to even fight and she simply turned around her tail swinging behind her as she hobbled into the forest. she was in pain and very ill and from her walk others if looking could see she was skin and bone. there was not much left of the proud great black dragon she was starving and only wanted to be in her true form, even if it was the most painful thing in the world for her to do. she made it into the wood and layed down in the trees away from the world and oddly she started eating the trees taking bite after bite.

EmberNightCunningham: "I was out here for a reason and I'm not crazy for trying to help out...I think" -She had her hands on her hips thinking it might be some use to use her powers but then she figured that would be a very bad idea since her sisters hates that- "oh dang it. I'm following you" -She follows him back inside with her cape soaked and wet, she rings it out after she takes it off and hangs it up somewhere- "You really should stop jumping into fights" -She remembered her shape was showing and she was better looking then she was before when it came to the curves and wished she hadn't got her cape wet- "oh shoot" -she wonders if she should hide herself-

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff pulled off his jacket and slid it over her shoulders. "I know...I just...I feel like I owe you guys my life. Even if I die forgotten...I would die for you all." He looked down and closed his eye. "I just want to take back all that time I was gone..." He sighed and looked to her. He always would call her Moon, or Moonpie, as that was her nickname to him, and he would always remember it. He looked down some and whispered. "I will pay everyone back some how." He tightened his mask and walked away. He was wearing a double shirt, underneath his casual, dry jacket. Jeff's hair was soaked, but his clothes always stayed dry, due to his body heat, generated from his pyrokenisis. He sat down at his usual post, before he left. His old desk. "I just...want everyone to remember me."

EmberNightCunningham: -Scarlette hid herself behind one of the chairs like the shy girl she was- "I'm sure everyone will remember you least the ones that were here to remember" -she looked down and held onto her necklace, she then noticed his jacket had fallen off her when she was hanging up her cape and picked it up then hung it next to her cape to dry it off before going back to her spot and mummbles- "cape dry off son"

GrayMinick: *As the male was walking away Death, being the rather airheaded and violent person that she was, flicked her wrist skyward then brought it down. The blade whips about before her as twelve distinctive pops are heard in a rapid progression before the standard 44 inch blade extends a full twelve feet, rocketing after the male who had ignored her. Her motions were far too fluid and quick for Gray to have stopped her, not that he could. She was the only Tarot that he truly feared, other than her brother, who had completly faded from sight. As the blade sliced through the air, its lifelink laced edge closing in on the third vertebra of her insulting and unaware assailant Gray closed his eyes hoping that by some miracle it would miss. While the thought was still nice to hold, he knew that her accuracy wouldn't allow for her to miss, even if she tried, she WAS Death after all. There came a loud cracking noise followed by a stunned gasp. Behind Jeff stood the frail and visually lifeless Temperance, sheilded by the erroding coffins that towered over him. The sixth coffin had stopped the blade while the others twitch and jerk in excitement.* %The hell are you doing Temp?% &Stopping you from making a fool of yourself.& *With that, the boy gave a calious smile to Jeff and waved his hand back, the silent command causing the coffins to yank around him, in a crecent formation, allowing his back and the fronts of the coffins to face Jeff. He strode forward towards his sister, who had taken the deflect as a chance to retract her blade and ready herself. She knew her brother and knew that when he reached his limit, even her power wouldn't be enough to stop him. With every step that the boy took the earth beneath him quivered in fear and he appeared to resonate about the halls, peeling stone as if it were pain in an old home. His look was that of sheer rage, even in his decrepid state. Death visibly shook in her thigh high heels, backing away from the confident stride of her sibling. He'd instantaneously closed the space between them before the diamond studded heel of her right boot could pierce the soggy soil. While no one could see the expression on his face, judging by the colorless fear that sucked the life from Death, it was one to be remembered. The coffins hovered around them, their bases pointed directly at Death as Temperance lifted his right hand and drew a calm and hazy breath. Those who knew Temperance and had witnessed him in his murderous prime of his human years, they knew he wasn't one for anti-climactic finishes, however when he doubled over and simply faceplanted into the dirt, the coffins falling around the duo in a defeated ring, it was quite apparent that he'd pushed himself.*.......*Both Gray and Death stood dumbfounded and speechless.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya finished a tree it was far from filling but it seemd to be the only thing she could keep down, that and ash, she always ate ash. she got up and looked at her empire still in the rain and let it hit her face hard she opend her maw leting the rain fall into her gut as she drank the rain water. she snaped her maw shut as she let some but not much water fall from her jaws. she took a step almost falling her bones where no longer strong enough this night to carry her home so she simply layed her bulk down in the trees and looked up at the rain filled sky . "will i fade this night, will i fade with the rain hiting my shatered form and face. no not tonight i will not die tonight i will another night when there is nothing left of me and i am nothing but bone and scales. i will live for the sake of my family, for my empire." she put her read back down on the ground and shut her eyes for a little bit resting even if her whole body growned in pain.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: He looked down and sighhed. "I know..." He had been saved from someone, yet didn't even realize it. Jeff moved inside before he could see the entire scene pan out. Why did someone save this poor soul. Why did he take a blade for a vampiric boy, who he didn't even know? Jeff wasn't gonna walk out there and find out, not without some armor and a recharge. He exhaled lightly and stepped on the ground, sending out a large, sonar like wave that ripped through the empire,sending vibrations around himself. He heard felt where the furniture was, where Moon was sitting, and where the door was. He usually saw this way, after being blinded so many times. He looked to the ground and whispered. "Thank you...I never did thank you for caring for me, all that time." He looked to her shoulders, where his coat rested."It looks good on you. Keep it." He moved toward the kitchen, where he stripped his shirt off. "I should go bathe, for I have travelled far to come home and need one"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya mumbled to herself softly in the mud. "i miss the memorys" she said softly as she let her head sink into the muda little.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i miss his blonde hair" she then was silent

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "I miss my blonde hair..." He muttered, looking at the faded brown that it had to become, for the soul purpose of hiding behind his guise.

EmberNightCunningham: "umm...ok" -Scarlette goes to the window and sees her sister outside in a weaken state then gulps- "oh no" -Scarlette wanted to go outside and help her but with all the rain and knowing she already got soaked she really didn't want to risk it, it wouldn't be a good idea to go out and the empire still needed at least one member to be strong- "I hate having to leave her out there. god dang it"

Guest_HollandCyrFegariGuest_HollandCyrFegari : Jeff grunted to her. "Look...she will be fine." He moved to the bathroom. "At least I hope..." He looked in the mirror as he shut and locked the door. "She needs to be able to come back from need to be able to come back from this." He slowly undid his mask, letting his face show in the mirror. He stood in just his jeans, and many necklaces. His snake bites rested in his bottom lip, which also had a small cut on the side. He closed his eyes and took out a bottle of proxcide that he found in the human realm, of present day earth. This was easy for him, seeing as the shadow hand took him all over the place. He then poured it over his hair, waiting and watching it turn brighter. "Maybe....." His hair started to become like it was before. Blonde and bright. Jeff looked like his old self again. He closed his eyes, and placed his mask back on his face. He skipped the bath, and moved up the stairs. He went into his room and locked the door. The first thing he pulled from his back pack, was the violin. He pressed it up to his neck, and slowly began to play. Music flowed through the empire after the longest time of dark silence. Jeff was JEff....and he would get his mother to see that somehow.

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : Anayas ears hear the music in the rain as she smiles softly "faded memory’s , dreams" she said as she stumbled to get up her front foot and leg bending and she simply fell back down. "i sleep in the rain tonight with my madness" she said as she shivered and warmed the fire in her own body to keep herself from freezing the nights in the spring where cold even for a dragon to deal with but she would be fine as long as it did not snow.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff looked out the window at the dragon. He pittyed it. "....This is not my mother." Jeff whispered. He set down the violin and mixed his power. Pyro and Telekinetic powers mixed into one, moving out the door, and making a telekinetic blanket, with trapt flames around. Jeff knew that the blanket would warm his mother up, but would take a lot out of him. He didn't care. Jeff felt his make shift blanket lay over the giant dragon body. He wouldn't care if she didn't like it. She wouldn't be able to feel or destroy it, but the heat, she would feel. As well as the aura.

EmberNightCunninghamEmberNightCunningham : "I hope he's right" -Scarlette stops looking out the window and rubs her eyes because her eyesight was getting blurry, she had her hand on the window and takes it off then made her way up to her dimly lighted room- "freaking eyesight" -she grumbles to herself as she opens her door and closes it then lays on her bed laying on her side, her eyesight was telling her she was tired and needed to close them for now and that's just what she did with a yawn- "maybe it will stop raining soon" -She says softly as she went to sleep"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya opens her eyes her bright red eyes looking to her empire. she new she was nothing of her once strong self, she was weak, nothing she was nothing to her race, it was a reason she did not go back into the building, she did not want to shame her family or self. she felt the warmth on her scales and for a moment his voice came to her hears. she remembered his laugh and how he smiled as a child running around. how he played with Kuro who she hardly ever saw anymore and she remembered her kids her baby boy long lost her memory’s all she had of them, she did not even remember there faces only bits and parts of them.

-------out of character but worth putting in---------

AnayaSinDeLaRose: jeff
AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : thanks
AnayaSinDeLaRose: for comeing back
Guest_HollandCyrFegariGuest_HollandCyrFegari : I need you guys....
AnayaSinDeLaRose: and we need you
Guest_HollandCyrFegari: -looks down- I had fun today.
Guest_HollandCyrFegariGuest_HollandCyrFegari : Thank you.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: as did i i had fun for the first time in a wile
AnayaSinDeLaRose: the plesure is all mine love
Guest_HollandCyrFegari: ^_^
AnayaSinDeLaRose: i still love you jeff i always will
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ni ni and i will save this log and post it tomorow
Guest_HollandCyrFegari: I love you too ang...
AnayaSinDeLaRose: it is worth remembering
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ni ni hunny

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Apocryphon has joined the chat

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya was laying on a pillow water pooling around her she was silkly looking, skiny and black tar stained her lips. she rested on that pillow her eyes shut.

Apocryphon: Wraythe let out a small sigh as he cracked his neck, looking about the room, yes not seeing anyone he whistled loudly, trying to use the sound waves as a type of sonar

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya twitched her ear as she layed there on the pillow she did not even open her eyes to see what it was

Apocryphon: As the sound waves come back he twitches his ears moving towards the only person who was in the place before leaning against a pillar, cocking his brow towards her with a small chuckle

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya did not look well her black wings over her frame as she took in rasped breats laying on the pillow not moving at all, not even to the sound of foot falls in her home.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari has joined the chat

Apocryphon: He slowly moved over towards her, letting out a small sigh as he knelt down next to her, one knee hitting the floor as he rested a hand gently on her wing "Come on, Time to wake up"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked up at Wraythe and opened a black and red eye as she just shut it agein not even feeling strong enough to get up.

Apocryphon: Wraythe let out the smallest of sighs as he placed his scythe next to him "Something must truly be wrong with you to not get up hmm?"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya just lays there as her wing is lifted her ribs are clear to the touch and eyes, black tar on her lips. she did not move or make a sound to him, all she did was lay there and shut her eyes once more and did not open them again.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff sighed lightly as he moved from his bed, where he must had drifted off to sleep after using a telekinetic blanket to rest over his mother. Jeff's now blonde hair moved in front of his baby blue hues, cascading down his forehead. "Mhmmssssf..." He muttered, hating the mornings. "Blood...I need a hot cup of blood." He cracked his neck to the side and walked over to the bathroom, at the top of the stairs, where he slipped and fell down them. "Oof! JEsus! Ouch! Fuck! Shit!" He then landed at the bottom of them, only to stare up at the ceiling. "Welcome home...Jeff DeLaRose."

Apocryphon: He nodded and carved a small symbol into the floor next to her, a small pulse of his energy flowing into it before a shield of light slowly surrounded her, it has a healing rune which he was never really able to use on himself given his high rate of healing, but it did come in handy for others, yet at the sound of someone falling down the stairs and the subsequent words he spoke he stood up and let the rune do it's work, clearing hsi throat lightly "Jeff huh? Been awhile"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya cringed and did not move other then grown and make a low rumble of pain as she clawed at the floor. "hurts... stop" she mumbled

Apocryphon: As he heard the words he grunted lightly and dispelled the rune from doing it's work "What a pain..." He then ran a hand through his hair "Don't even know what the hell i'm going to do with you woman"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "healing ...hurts " she shut her eyes as the pain stopped the healing gone and she layed there on her pillow. and slowly moved her clawed hand to rub her belly softly.

Apocryphon: He knelt back down and cracked his neck, letting out a deep sigh as he slowly removed the armor from his arm before offering it to her "You need to get your strength back up, jump start the healing process"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: She did not move and did not open her jaws all she did was lay there and move her hand up resting it under her head. as she pulled in a raped breath she lat her still wet dripping wings laying behind her .

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: He got up and looked over to Wraythe, who was trying to heal Anaya. "No no no!" He didn't catch the full conversation. "She is a feicre black dragon and she needs to eat something. I am gonna go out into the villages around and see if I can get her some...Cow or something." He looked up at her, then Wraythe. "Only the best for the empress." He looked down and walked away from the conversation.

Apocryphon: "Please do Jeff" He ran his hand through his hair again as he lowered his arm a bit towards her mouth "She needs to quit being such a pain in the ass mostly, needs to quit putting herself in the situations"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "She is in mental pain...give her the benefit of the doubt." He muttered. "She is stuck in a sea of faces she can't even remember." HE looked down and away. Jeff was heart broken, but his tattoo rang true. "My life for the DeLaRose." He looked back to his mother, and grunted. "No matter what I bring back, are eating it." He was dominant. Even if she fought with him, he would make her eat. She needed it. Even if she needed to eat him. He then walked out the door without another word.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya opened her eyes and looked at him as the black was moving in them "and you need to stop offering me your arm" she snapped as she moved a weak arm to push it away black tar falling from her fingers, it was flowing from her claws out onto his arm as she pushed it away she was leaking like normal. she hissed as she moved to try to get up slowly making her way to her knees and then on legs placing on a strong outer look, when inside the madness eating away her mind and body was the worst pain she had ever felt in her long life. "i am fine let me be" she snarled again as the black spun in her mind and eyes.

Apocryphon: "Yea i'll believe that one whenever you aren't leaking tar everywhere sweetheart, you need to feed on something to help get your strength back up, now if you dont take the offer i'll start healing you again, now, take my arm, and i'll start working on a seal for you to keep this damn madness out of your head"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "the seals dont work! they are pointless for my illness is already to far gone" she snarled as she moved a clawed hand to her head holding it the pain making her temples throb. she growled as it was warping her mind as it always did. "just keep away from me, it is how you can be safe.....Wraythe " she said his name almost in a puzzled voice as is she had to work to remember it. she moved to the tree in the centre of the room and looked at it "if you die i die you stupid tree!" she snarled and moved a clawed hand and slashed it over the trunk of the tree black tar flowing from the slash mark as black tar flowed down her own body the same. she looked to her chest her own claws marks on her skin she gave an angered hiss at her own self and tree and then turned from it and walked to the doors it was still raining hard outside but the dragon did not care. "just stay away from me and you will be safe" she mumbled and almost fell into her oaken doors.

Apocryphon: He shook his head lightly at her words and actions, moving after her before reaching out to grab her by her hair to keep her from leaving "Why the hell can't people like you see that people care and that they won't quit no matter what you say to them, i've stopped you several times, i'll do it again, if needed i will give my life to keep you around, because people here need someone to look after them, none of them here are qualified to run this place, the only people who might be are me and the oldes son or daughter, other than that there's you, now if you please,m quit being such a stubborn bitch and think of others for once, and how they feel when this shit happens"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas white hair fell from her skull and into his hands as he grabbed it all that was under it was black scales a shit temper. she turned around her eyes black with madness "stop being a hero, hero was not made for ones that sport black on there flags, hero was made for ones that are gold we are not heroes. look at me Wraythe do i look beautiful to you, do i look like a ruler when my skin is glued to my bones and there not not much left of me but a sunken in face with eyes black as night. tell me do you still love me, do you love me like you did when your own madness snapped and you almost killed the woman you loved then ran like a dog to oh it is so heart felt this part, keep her safe. " she placed a hand to her heart mocking the heart felt feeling, it was clear she was all madness at this point. "it is not going away this time Wraythe, now she will remember nothing, not you not her own son and not even her children soon. in time she will not even remember her own name and only know mine" Anaya turned around once more to face the door way as she put a hand up black tar flowing and hitting the doors as they started to melt and be eaten away. "long ago she had a forum a illness a black illness a plague she called it, it was beaten once by her son and we where locked away from the world of the living for a little wile, but we moved from her and placed our self in that tree over there and non one noticed and we started to grow and now we have her back, and there is nothing anyone can do about it "

Apocryphon: "I do still love you, nothing's going to change that, not you taking off my arm, taking off my head, or anything, if you cant see that then you're fucking blind woman" He then tugged at her hair roughly, pulling her back into him where his arms wrapped around ehr form tightly "Just like i fought my own madness you can fight yours, you are Anaya, leader of the DeLaRose, if anyone can you can, I may have tried to kill you once, and you know i was not my right self when i did so, i've told you i'd give my life for your safety and happiness. I may not be a hero, and i try not to act like one, but when it comes to you, i feel the need to help keep you in this world, because ii have a debt to pay to you from long ago, after i tried to kill you and ran into the mountains where i stayed for months, i won't be leaving again, and if i have to die for you to see this that's fine"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya fell into his arms and she placed her claw to his gut as they started to glow a sick twisted black. "don’t say to much for what ones tells another may just come true"

Apocryphon: As she placed her claw to his gut he placed his own at her neck, his eyes hooded slightly "Then do it, for i can tell you once you do i'll just be back soon enough, You forget what Midnight is able to do..."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i dont plan on killing you. i plane on corrupting" the black moved from her claws like a spiders web working its way up his body it was sticky like tar and clinks and moved on its own as she backed up to simply watch her illness take over slowly. "you will not die or change only be part of me linked to me till the end "

Apocryphon: As the black moved onto his form he kept his emotions moot, while his own energy moved out of the tip of his claws and into her neck, the red webbing that came from his hands slowly moving over her form "And this will keep you linked to me, if i die, you will feel it, and most likely die yourself from the sudden shock that this energy leaving your system will cause, it'll seep into your nerves and your mind"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him as her eyes went wide she was already weak from not eating and this feeling this link it stings she let out a hiss as she took her own claws and dug them into her flesh trying to rip the red webbing from her body. "i will not be caged again not be placed back inside of her all we wanted was to be out was to have a body was to live" she let out a shriek as the tree in the centre started to sway and turn a bit lighter then black it was getting red on it, the binding was taking over her. "i am already dieing Wraythe you have given yourself a death wish" she snarled and started to laugh as the black stayed in her eyes now solid and not swirling anymore. the evil woman fell to her knees and held her head in pain as it hurt her, black tar dripping from her maw, eyes and even out her ears, she was making a large puddle on the floor around her.

Apocryphon: "Then it is a death wish that i will take in stride, i've given myself one before" He then leaned his head down to bite into her neck rather roughly, to either bring her back into consciousness, or to try and shock her out of this state, either way the red energy from his claws continue to flow into her form "Once i set my mind on something i see it through to the end, i owe you a debt and i will repay it fully"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya opened her black eyes and with a single claw she moved it to his shoulder and let it shoot out and grow, his teeth dug hard into her flesh blue and black blood and tar ran from her body. it hurt and she felt every crush of it but nothing in her changed it was to late for change now she was gone, Anaya was gone and her mind was fading along with her. all she was now was a small voice inside a black madness of a brain. she let out a shriek and her eyes went black and she fell back into his arms the red sinking into her body deeper and deeper as she passed out her eyes twitching behind pale scales eyelids.

Apocryphon: He grunted lightly as her claw shot into his shoulder, digging his free hand into her gut as he kept a hold of her neck with the needles that lined his mouth, the energy continuing to take over until it reached her brain, coating it lightly before she passed out in his arms, keeping her up by his own strength which was starting to fade

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya twitched she was out cold and fighting with the beast inside her own body, she was trying to beat it, trying to over come it and take back what was hers, and take it as hers. she currled her upper lips as her blood was flowing from her blue royal dragons blood and she was to weak to lose much of it before she would be unable to grow more blood back. "W..Wraythe" she mumbled in her soft voice her voice she was always had "dont let it win..." she softly said then twitched more as she was fighting with her own madness. blackness covered her mind as inside her own head her small form walked around in darkness 'why cant we get along Sylara, why cant you just get along with me and we can become one together share a body and mind and not try and kill each other' out of the pits a black tar covered woman formed it was her the madness in her brain, it looked at her 'cus i know you cant stop me and you are simply begging so you will not die inside your own shell' Anaya snarled at it as she took a step foreword her feet sinking in the floor as if she was falling into tar 'i know i can win i can beat you for i am stronger then you but if we link together we can be stronger then the ones around us and can make this empire strong i the brain and you the force we can work together and turn the tree back white' Anaya was beging but she new she could win in a fair fight but this would not be fair 'and what if i agree Anaya the fallen dragon from sky grounds' it hisses as it looked at her 'you will get your body Sylara, your body along with me to snare it with you and you can rule with me. and if you don’t like this body we can find one for you' the beast moved as Anaya stopped sinking in the floor and was lifted back up 'i will think about it' was all it said and then it vanished and Anaya gave a smile in her own head.

Apocryphon: Wraythe's own strength was slowly fading, his eyes closing as the weight of his garments was beginning to get the better of him, using what was left of his strength to lift her onto his shoulder so he could move around with her, he then placed her back onto the pillow where he had found her before falling to his knees, his scythe the only thing now keeping his body up " the ass.......nothing but...." His breathing was heavy as he spoke, hair slowly shifting color from the black and red colors to white until it was the color of snow, some of it falling over his shoulder, yet most of it

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya opens her eyes and looked at him and then looked at his white hair. "you are a part of me as i am one of you" she moved her hand up to touch his face and then simply fell down to his lap-

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss Tumblr_lhk9qtvLk81qcez05o1_500_zps7ca88813

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis shakes her head. "Nope not til my training done, it be bad if not don't want to fuck up somewhere"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "true so who can i get to fight my one son, not kill him but can toss him around a bit to show him what a DeLaRose is to be able to do "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis thinks about it. "hmm that is the question it would seem"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff rose from his bed upstairs and muttered to himself, climbing down the stairs with a grunt. "....Merph." He moved his blonde hair from his eyes and yawned deeply. "Good morning...." He whispered to himself and instantly posted himself against the wall. The son was back, but forgotten. He shook his head and looked to the ground, at his own feet. He knew his aura would be noticed, but he didn't bring any attention to himself.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i don’t mind doing it but the boy will stand no chance in hell with a dragon"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked up as she watches the guard come down from the upper halls, did he just come out of her old sons room she grumbled softly to herself. "maby the guard can do it" she looked at him he looked as if someone from her past but she new in her mind that someone was long dead.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "I can do what....madam." He looked to the floor, and bowed. His eyes never left the solitude of his shoes. "I will do what ever you need me to...Moth-....Empress."

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon yawn softly making her way to her feet, her arms scratched out above her head as she lean slowly to the right. Feeling the blade on her back shift from its place she stands up straight her eyes moving to her sister as she spoke. "Who in the bloody well are you talking about we have so many guards." she smirks off before letting her hands fall back to her side as she moves about the room. Her eyes moving towards the door in time to see the male.

IFDarylDiesWeRiot: -she started shaking cage a bit as she no longer wanted to be in it and no longer

VeritaRayneMorte: Continue to shake the cage and I will beat you now HUSH.

IFDarylDiesWeRiot: -keeps shaking as she smirked-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "i need you to fight one of my sons, he is needing to be trained but we all seem to lazy or doing other things to get it done at this time of day. he is not very strong so don’t go to hard on the boy just hard enough to have the boy know what he is needing to learn and do in time to come, he needs to learn how to fight like a DeLaRose" she noticed his mess up in words and she payed no attention to it. "then you can go back to the guards work" she then looked at her sister. "most of them look the same but i think that is the only one that sleeps in the guest room in the upper halls, or well one of the rooms "

VeritaRayneMorte: Letting out a heated breath she stands and walks over to the cages, unlocking she reaches inside and grabs the girl by her hair and rips her head backwards before dragging her out of it and smashing her downwards hoping face will come into contact with the floor. "What did I say and your gonna smirk at me."

IFDarylDiesWeRiotIFDarylDiesWeRiot Whisper: -she winced as her face made contact with the floor and she smirked once more as she got up using what little speed and energy she had left as she tried to book it for the door-

VeritaRayneMorte: "Nuhuhnuh bitch playtime is just beginning." Hair still within Veritas grip she drags the girl across the room causing friction burns on legs and back as she looks to her momma and smiles sweetly. "Can I kill her?"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: He looked away. Jeff had been away for so long, but that aura was still the same. "I will do what ever Job you require of me." He looked up to his mother's eyes and nodded. "Aye..." He whispered. "Fight like a DeLaRose." He gripped his head and held back the tears. "What ever you need." He moved to the next room and slid his back down the wall. "Just....Look at me....Remember me...." He slammed his head against the wall. "Fucking look at me!" He slammed his head against the wall again and started screaming. "filki vorq sva ve...for wer itov di ithquent. si mi dout deevdru...i mi...your deevdru." He then stopped and looked at himself. "God..." He pulled himself up and brushed himself off, knowing they must have heard the muffled screaming. He sighed and moved over to the throne room, and posted himself against the wall.

HadinWoedeNeramani: -A gateway explodes out of thin air sending shock waves through the room. Freezing wind blasted through the portal that connected this realm to Raxonia. Once walking through it the portal slammed shut with a thunderous boom. His black organic metal boots clicked upon the surface of the floor. With each step he took a thin layer of frost covered the ground behind him as he made his way threw the halls of this new realm he entered he made his way to throne room and his friend- ‘’Anaya we have decided on what to do about that little issiue.’’ -He would smirk evilly-

IFDarylDiesWeRiotIFDarylDiesWeRiot Whisper: -she looks at Anaya as she hopes she does not allow her to kill her but although part of her wishes she does as she winced from burns-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked to her red gem so violent just like her mother it made a dragon so proud to have a child so willing and able to fighter and hold her own, it was a show to Anaya she had a strong child one not ment to pick a fight with. But Anaya new her child was also respectful at the time of when guests where in the halls. Hearing her words she smiles softly. “no my child i do like that slave but you can feed her she has not eaten in some time, and i don’t mean beat something into her mouth go to the dining hall and get the girl a drink and some food there is dried meat and some fruits on a table i placed then at dawn. And the meat is in the chilea ((cupboard))” abruptly the sound of the guards tone his muffled cry’s and his words in her own native tongue shoot to her ears he must have bin a real smart one to not know that she was a pure dragon and soon he would learn it be the hard way or not not to talk a dragons tongue “guard, do not talk in my tongue this is your one and only warning” she snarled “and my son is dead” she snapped then turned her attention to the one known as Hadin her dear friend “and what have you come up with Hadin on what to do with the problem at hand” all she did was grin.

HadinWoedeNeramani: -Hadin would smirk as he looked into her eye's he would then speak in his normal cold raspy tone- ''The boy wish's war and death we have decided to give him what he yearns for he knows not what he asks for we do he will soon find out what he wish's is not  always the best thing for him.'' -He would begin to chuckle-

VeritaRayneMorte: Verita huffs and pouts to her mommas words yet nods and obeys them respectfully. Dragging the girl towards the dining hall she slams her into a chair, sliding a plate of food her way she curls her top lip upwards and snarls through gritted teeth. "Your lucky my momma likes you otherwise Id be ripping your purrrrrrrty little head from your body and placing it amongst all the other insolent dis respecters that adorn my walls." Hearing a mumbled and stifled rant coming from another room Verita shrugs it off and walks back towards her momma.

GabrielWarSanguine: -Ice slowly begins to creep against the windows as the outside suffers a sudden dramatic drop in temperature. Light snow begins to fall at first, but increases drastically within a matter of moments. Loud crunching can be heard from outside to anyone with highly sensitive ears, as steel boots met fresh powder. A stranger made his way up the worn path towards the doors of the building. His body was covered in some type of unknown armor, though runes could be identified covering most of it and glowing a light blue. He would roll his neck just a little popping it lightly, through these movements small icy like spikes feel from their hanging position on his armor though they would disappear before even making it to the ground. As he reached the door he would begin talking to his blade for a moment almost instinctively, his voice dark and cold like that of death. Ice would creep under the door from his cold aura as he raised his hand to knock, each knock sending some of the dark energy swirling around his hands out of place though it would soon return.-

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she still had her eyes on Hadin "so who is the one you wish to do the fighting?"
AnayaSinDeLaRose: "or will we all play a part in the torment of your son "

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff snapped at this time. "Jeff DeLaRose? Jeff Serpentine DeLaRose? You mean Me?" Jeff pointed to himself. "For the last week, I have done everything in my power to make you remember!" He looked down. "My Claymore!" He pulled it out of it's sheath. "You gave this to me!" He pointed upstairs. "My armor is made from your discarded scales." Jeff was literally begging her to remember him, and Jeff never begged. "For the love of god..." He then remembered something. He pulled out the black crown she gave him years ago. "You said you would only give this to your son..whom you thought could be king. You gave that to me..." He pulled out his violin next, placing the crown on the couch gently. "Or this?" He played a simple bar, that would move throughout the halls, being a lick he played all the time when he lived there. "I am Jeff.....I am Jeff DeLaRose." He looked down. "I am not dead..." He whispered, moving his blonde hair from his blue eyes. "I'm...not dead...Just...look at me."

HadinWoedeNeramani: ''Well it was gonna be me kad and darksouls but I believe sierra razi and vlad might be there as well seeing as Axel's doing this chicken shit running will not work I was wondering if you wish to join as well.'' -Smirk's staring at her-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon sighed softly as she moved about the room her three inch boots making tapping sounds with each step. Her brow lifted as she took a better look at this so called guard. "Um mm aren’t you?" Her green eyes widen as she tilted her head, her snow white hair fell from its place letting the crimson tips able to be seen better. Her attention moved back to her sister. "A guard that stays upstairs?" her interested spark even more so as she moved about the room. Her gaze lowered as she watched her niece deal with the slave yet again trying to make a run for it. Isis shakes her head softly sighing out. "They never learn do they" her sweet luring voice rang out as she turned on her heels to listen to her sister and the guard once more only to noticed the guard had moved from where he stood. She shook her head listing to the male speak of her nephew, her friend when she need one before her sister actually claimed her as her sibling. When the male seem to snap Isis hand seem to twitch as she moved closer. "This isn't time for games if you are truly Jeff, I think i or my sister would know first hand." she closed her eyes letting the shadows around her slowly move toward the woman; her index finger of her right hand circling next to her side.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya snapped her attention to the guard as she looked at him her eyes turned black in an instant  as his words rang in her head. with a snap of her fingers she vanished from her spot on the throne and reformed dripping tar from her skin. "my son walked away from his family, he left and was known as killed. we left the lights on here for years wanting him to come home to us but he never did, he never came home us at we had was silence in the halls" she walked closer to him her black eyes and black covered claws shimmering in the faded torch light of her home. "that crown was my fathers. i gave it to him and only him for he was the one i new would be the king here" she moved her hand to pick up the crown in her hands, she did not remember anything not him nothing but he had this crown so it had to be him....right. "i made a replica of this crown to keep its image safe from the hands of ones that wanted it if my son was dead then they could not find it if they thought it was still here i gave it to Drake to have thinking it was the original. in time if you are my son you will show me this with more then just your words and belongings" she gave the crown to the boy and her eyes twitched a little her brain trying to remember but only finding darkness.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: she moved and walked back to her throne "sister if there is anything more this guard wants to say you can handle it i know i have matters to tend to with Hadin" she then looked to her child in the dining hall. "if it will not eat we have no need for it and you can do as you want with it" she walked back to hadin and looked at him her black eyes bright in the dark room. "i would love to get blood on the old claws once more but sadly as you see i have my hands full here, but please inform me all all that happines to the pathetic fighter that is what will be a dead son of yours "

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "Isis! Aunty..." He turned toward her. "Ember recognizes me....please tell me you can as well..." He looked down. "I..." He grunted. "My life for the DeLaRose....DeLaRose by night." He recited what his mother had always said to him. "I am tired of being forgotten...I am sorry I couldn't return...I just....I am so sorry." He screamed. "I am Jeff.....I am." He felt his hands shake. "I don't eat people..I eat animals...I play the violin...I use telekenisis for christs sake!" He looked down. "I...." He then nodded. "I can show you..." He looked between the both of them. "" He took a few steps back and screamed. "Fucking fuckers, god damn mother fucking cock suckers! I hate those fuckin' infected! Always waddling around with no remorse for where they eat. How dare my blade even think about sinking into the brain matter and skull fragments of those dumb shits!" He swore Just like Jeff did. "I will do what I need to to prove I am Jeff...." He looked up to his aunt. "Anything....I will..."

VeritaRayneMorte: Hearing movement coming from the chair to which the slave was situated she turns on her heel and walks back towards the female as she growls lightly. Gripping hair once more she smashes the girls face into the plate of food set in front of her, hissing and growling once more she leans in close, cooled breath dancing and caressing its ear she whispers. "Eat or be forced, be forced and I kill you, simply as."

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "Never mind..." He sighed, moving to the door and opening it. "Don't cause trouble or I will eat your.....forget it." He said, sighing and heading upstairs.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis nods to her sister. "Very well I will deal with him" she smiles and moves closer to Jeff. "Yes?" The woman quickly turns her head to face the male just as he speaks her name. Her eyes widen as she tilts her head confused at the matter. "Ember has many talents she sees what others don't wish to see it seems" she spoke softly as she yawned. Her eyes closed as she watched the male pull out the crown and smile softly. "So it would seem you have Jeff's belongings lets talk and really see." The demon smirked as she followed slowly behind the male up the stairs. "I don't always believe things that are told to me anymore but things that I see can be fake, If you are truly Jeff drink with me and we will see"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "oh for the love of the fake God does anyone know how to push a door open" she snarled as she lifted her hand and her doors fly open slamming on the walls on both sides. "there guests can come in out of the rain and cold" she hissed more as she bit into her lower lip her black eyes twisting a bit out of annoyance.

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss Truth_in_Shadow_by_Novawuff_zps589cb195

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya got up slowly the raven flaping up and moving to her shoulder as she pated it on the head. "you did well my friend" she slowly walked to the main hall a limp in her right side as always, she was not getting any younger and her hips where bugging her today as they did alot in her human skin. she did not have this problem as badly in her true form.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "Vampire!" The town's people started screaming as he simply walked down the street. "Oh come on guuuuuuuuys." Jeff smirked, blood all over his slender, naked form. "I don't wanna hurt anyone..." He watched as a soldier shot an M16 toward him. Jeff raised his hand and stopped the three shot burst, holding the three bullets in mid air. He flipped his hand, as well as the bullets, and sent them back at the soldier. He fell flat on his back, dead before he even hit the ground. Jeff was destroying everything in his path. Blood dripped down his tight chest and well defined muscles. "Oh god!" People screamed. Jeff simply opened up another portal and hopped through, closing it once he was through. "Shit!" He said, landing on a couch, bloody and naked.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at him her eyes twitched she walked over to the male bloody and nude on her sofa. she would kill most but for some reason she simply looked at him. "do you want some garments i have some from a long time ago that would fit you"

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "I have garments...I just didn't expect my clothes to be torn away when I got caught the first time." He smirked and walked upstairs, stepping into the bathe, and soaking there.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: "then maby you should not be jumping in port..." she stoped she said this before.... to her dead son.. "be careful i cant have guards dieing on me "

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: As he soaked in the tub he heard her tell him not to be jumping into things and he stopped. "You know...I am not dead." He whispered into her mind. He remembered the link they shared that could not be broken. It wouldn't be telepathy, no. It would be the connection between mother and son. "I am right here...." He sighed and looked away, knowing it would be useless.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya stopped in her tracks for in her mind the madness took its toll she did not hear his voice for it stopped it, but it very much could hear his voice in her head and it did not like it one bit. the sound of the gurble of tar rang in jeffs head as it talked for her "to your mother you are dead and gone for you where the one that caged me long ago little, boy don’t you remember the day you met me as that little girl and you beat my tricks. oh the tar the black tar it never liked you very much after that day" the sound of the gut turning giggle of that little girl rang in his head as Anaya just stood there in the center of her hall looking zones out looking at the tree.
AnayaSinDeLaRose: ((think of the voice from the movie IT the voice of penny wise ))

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff was now clean and clothed, out of the bath, listening to the familiar voice. "Still there..." He whispered. "I will defeat her again if need be." He simply sighed and whispered to himself. "I-...." He looked down and shook his head, heading to the black tree. He needed to sit and think. He spotted the black bark and a frown came to his face. "No...." He grunted and brushed his dainty fingers against it, before closing his blue eyes. He simply sat with his back against it. "Protect..." He needed to find a way to beat that creature he beat before. It knew who he was, but did not let Anaya know.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya stood there looking at the tree as tar fell from its branches and clumped on the floor. the voice still in jeffs head as it twisted and turned "i already won jeffy poo, i already won, you cant beat me for this time i have won, i have her and she cant get away from me this time" Anaya moved and layed her claws on her tree it was once white but now with the darkness in her her very soul linked to this sacred tree had turned it black as night and dripping with tar that was seeping from her body and had gone into it to grow. she ran her hand up and down in like a kind of trance not knowing what she was seeming to be doing. her eyes black as the winters moonless night.

RenHitsugiNightmare: Hitsugi enters through the floor out from a black portal with purple lightning crackling around him, as he appears he opens his eyes standing there for a moment he cracks every possible joint in his body and smirks. He looks around and chuckling darkly he begins to sride on in with a elagence about him. He stops in the main hall near what seems to be another person, he simply ignores the person with a very bored expression on his face and yawning lazily. He looks about once more before speaking in a Russian accent "Good Evening" he says with a small smirk spreading across his face as he takes a drag from the cigarette in his mouth blowing it out slowly.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff grunted and closed his eyes. "Come out and fight...and we will see who wins....I'll tell you what. What if I let Anaya go and leave. If I lose, you get my powerful body, and my mind to play tricks on...for the rest of eternity. I just want my mother back you sick fuck." He spoke to the creature and looked up at the tree. "Fuck me..." He moved from the tar and felt the room start to spin. Madness was following Jeff just as close as Anaya.

RenHitsugiNightmare: Hitsugi raises a brow at the current commotion and grins sadistically giggling insanely to himself... after all he does take after Ren herself he is after all her decendent and reincarnation so it only makes sense he too would be a little.. insane.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya stayed at her tree zones out her body was there but her mind seems to be gone and empty, the madness inside her was in full power and control and it ruled here now. or so it thought "why why little jeffy boy, you already feel the glory of the madness inside you, i am wining the longer you stay around me and your mother the longer and deeper i get hold of you, all i ever have to do is sit and wait wait wait for you to fall before me and then no mommy for you" it started to laugh as the tree in the centre of the room gowned and twisted, it was alive and it was Anaya, it was her ever lasting soul. "clean jeffy boy clean away the sin and black tar. can you clean away your sin, can you stand up to it. stand up to your PAST, clean your darkness from the tree in your heart, and can you clean your mothers tree, can you clean the tree and mother of all monsters from sin" Anaya sat down and her body rocked back and forth as her shadow started to grow behind her a black mass of moving tentacles and black wings, but no shape or form only black shadows and tar.

IsouZerstorung: *With a sudden and sharp whistle the Kill bill theme song could be heard echoing through the air as an unknown source of said whispering approached. As the whistling increased black energy began to build and swirl in the area known as the Front door, a Portcullis to some, A Vent of anger to other but none the less the place that he chose to enter at. As the whistling reached a peak his portal surged with a screech and cracked like a slap of thunder as is opened and stabilized in its swirling blackness. Stepping into the room through the portal his whistling continued as he read a rather odd book while he walked its pages making a unique Metallic sound as he flipped through them, kind of like the sound when you shake a sheet of metal. Not having been paying attention he continued to walk and read until he walked straight into a pillar with a comedic and stereotypical Whop sound* "Ow! Damnit! Who Put a Pillar in my way?!" *he would vent and grumble as he picked himself up looking around making note of his surroundings* "Ahhhhaaaaa, I've arrived." *he tucked hsi book under his arm and rubbed his hands together like an Evil Genius* "Excellent." *he gave a soft chuckle stepping into the room looking for the head honcho, the grand pubaa, the Prestigious leader, AKA The Empress of this fine realm, All the while making note of the incidences unfolding and as well making another not to avoid them.*

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff looked downward. "You know...A king will never give up. A king will never let anything evil win against him or his family. I think that means somthing, because I am gonna kick your ass three blocks from tomorrow." He cracked his neck, then his knuckles. He kept speaking to the creature through it's mind and stated. "Make this fair. A shadow versus a shadow manipulater. Come and fight me...for once." He was tired of being forgotten and all because of an enemy he fought, and won against years ago. He knew that this needed to end today.

AnayaSinDeLaRoseAnayaSinDeLaRose : the shadow still linked to Anaya formed behind her as she sat on the grounds at that tree like a little child rocking back and forth in a mass of madness and distort the shadow looked at him and its voice rang in the halls ((think of the voice from penny wise from the movie IT)) "oh jeffy boy but look do you think something like good old me would make it fair" the shadow moved its hands over top of Anaya and lifted her up like a doll on strings "the dragon is mine, do you know how hard it is to take a dragons body how long it has bin since that day you had me beat as i was still growing and as a child. we are more then you could ever understand and i do love my nay nay " it warped its arms around anayas body hugging her from behind as she simply stood there lifeless in its arms, she had fought this beast in her own mind but sadly, she lost that battle and it beat her. "i won already, the day she gave up was the day i won" the shadow kissed Anayas forehead and a black tar like goo clump fell from its lips. it had formed into a real being still linked to jeffs mother and the dragon ruler of this empire.

RenHitsugiNightmare: Hitsugi would look toward Anaya's body and the creepy shadow behind her and cock his head to the side thinking 'So... that's what Ren's memories were warning me about...' he just looked at the shadow creature with intrigue all while hearing a male voice, one that triggers a memory from Ren. It was her Nephew, he smirked thinking 'excellent'. He stayed were he was but then called out to the male "Oi your Jeff right? You don't know me, but you did know this body's old owner of sorts, it's been changed... but anyways, her name was Ren. I'm Hitsugi her decedent." he finished shouting well aware of the situation but thought it was clearly a good idea to shout that and make his prescience known.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: Jeff looked downward once again. Jeff usually used both metaphors and wordplay to describe the world around him within his inner monologues, which often contradict his external responses to characters he speaks with, being Jarul, his other half. He is an extreme introvert and his life is largely illustrated through dramatic and often morbidly cynical soliloquies describing his feelings about his actions and situations around him, but right now...he had nothing. No witty pun, nothing. No angry response. The only thing he could hear was someone shouting toward him. He listened and looked toward the man. "Ren?" He asked, before looking down and then back up at the creature, holding up his mother. " is my fault that she is mad." He looked down. "I knew it....I-...I fuckin' knew it." He dropped to his knees and slammed his fist in the ground. His eyes stared to the floor as he whispered. "Then....I lost." He was defeated, or so he thought. Jaurl spoke into Jeff's mind. "....Jeff. Wake up. Get up. And grow up. You need to be able to come back from this and fight what you beleive in, and right now, that is fixing your mother. You need to grow some balls and tell mommy dearest's little fuck buddy to go and get bent. You can do this." Jaurl stated. Jeff nodded and slowly rose up onto his feet. " wanna play little fucked up shadow thing....fine. He whistled and yelled through the halls. "Lucky?!" He waited for the dragon to land on his head, or shoulders, either way, he needed her. "3.....2.....1....."

AnayaSinDeLaRose: AnayaSinDeLaRose: the shadow holding Anaya looked around tenticals forming from its back that moved to wrap around the roof beams if it needed to it would risk harming its own body to get out, it was a beast that was not like others to kill, killing it never really came to mind more so trapping it to never let it get out again, but so far it has smashed the seals placed on it from Wraythe, 'stupid moron to try' it thought. 'soon the pest will be gone i will see to that. poor Anaya will have to kill her own wanted lover, it is so sad this love story that no one new about, got to love dragons for holding feelings inside, gives me meals to last life times' it turned more tentacles moving and flicking behind it. tentacles only about 10 to 15 feet or so long but seeing the ones warped around the roof beams it was clear they can grow at will. "Salara, it is what she named me oh sweet Anaya it is what you named me before i became you now what will we call our selves. well i can take your name i do like it, Anaya, Yes it will be mine now, now you are a shell with no soul, no feelings and now no name, and oh cant forget no memory’s, i have taken it all from you, eaten and gone, but it serves you right you did not feed me. you know my shell if you don’t feed a pet enough it will in time turn on you for locking it up" the shadow ran a clawed hand down her face as it toyed with Anayas body. "lifeless so very lifeless you are in my arms it is like hugging a broken doll. is this what Crome feels when he holds you, the cold feeling of your arms, is that why he left and never came back and left you here to rote along side me!!" it yelled at her and snarled its claw cutting into Anayas face just a little but Anaya did not bleed. she was a shell a doll there was nothing inside anymore, lifeless, hopeless no blood nothing but black tar, but it was the black tar that was inside so if it was not inside she did not bleed. she did ...nothing. "Crome is gone from you he left for you never new how to love the beast. he spent days siting in your and his throne waiting for you to say the simple words that you loved him but no Anaya you only showed him the cold hand of sin. and that was before i even even started to take you over. you did that all on your own. and oh your family, left you left to move out non there own to fend in this world and have you not in there life, friend, family , lover after being, all gone Anaya you lost them all, even your own son you lost them to, only to get new children. sad so very sad Anaya" the beast of black tar and sin looked up from Anaya and dropped its eyes on jeff, black spinning eyes the depths of witch that can never be seen. "and you, well your lusty bound sin has more stops to it then anyone i was thinking of taking your body when you where brought into this family but i wanted to let you rote and stagnate a little longer in the bath of sin you placed yourself in" all it did was grin. it new everything Anaya new it was part of her, it was her. she had it always since the day of her being formed the day of hatching, all black dragons have a madness seed but a lot of them never get dark enough for it to grow into something much more scarey then even they are.
Lucky formed on a roof raffter over head, he was half asleep as always and well was never got at doing what was told from well ...anyone moving hearing jeffs voice he popped up (Lucky) "friend" jeff was his friend his only friend... lucky hovered down to jeff and landed at his feet. looking up to jeff he did not really know what jeff wanted him to do. so slowly he moved around to almost as if hideing went behind jeffs legs and sat down. Lucky was a non gender Luck dragon only about 15 or so feet long, even in small amounts he was hard to handle and no one could get grips on him most of the time. other then jeff not even Anaya could get a hold on the little devilish beast that was a luck dragon, and she did not try to. Lucky hated Anaya and Crome and well almost anyone that came in its path but it loved jeff its sweet little jeff, its friend. Lucky bit into jeffs leg playfully and then rolled on its back looking up at him, not fearing the monster Anaya that also hated him that was only a little bit away. he could take Anaya down in an instant he was higher class and stronger then her. but he never cared enough to fight he was a act stupid kind of beast.

RenHitsugiNightmare: Hitsugi located the man yelling back in reply to him hearing him say 'Ren?' he just snickered to himself thinking 'So seems he does somewhat remember the old bat. ha. Lovely.' he looked into Jeffs eyes and smirked shouting "Yes, Ren as in the crazy old bat that loved to scare people for fun. She was your aunt was she not?" he tilted his head slightly hmming to himself.

Guest_HollandCyrFegari: "You...unbelievable bastard." Jeff laughed. "We are all nothing. Nothing but dust in the wind....I will not fight you. I will however, talk with you. You are the creature that has taken my entire life away, yet still left me in my own, self pity. I am going to make you feel what I have felt all this long time." Jeff looked to lucky biting at his leg and he scooped up the tiny dragon. "I need you to give me good luck for this...and when I tell you now, I need you to run along the rafters, and make sure the beast is distracted." He looked down and then heard Ren's counterpart speak to him. "Look, bro. I really would love to talk, but I am busy fighting for the fate of DeLaRose here." This would be the hardest fight Jeff was ever in, being that he usually fought things that could die easily. He felt the blind eyes of Jeff turn and watch the ground. He stomped on the ground, sending out a large, 360 degree sonar-like wave throughout the empire, telling him where to go, and what to avoid. The shadow was creeping around, but each creature had one thing, shell or not. An aura, and this creatures was dark, and deadly. Jeff shuddered as he felt his telekinetic aura, able to pick up over 400,000,000 tons with the simple flick of a wrist. Jeff was a strong minded boy when it came to telekinesis and other powers like that, such as his Shadow manipulation, and pyromancing. He also took a joy in telepathy, but that came with the telekinesis. He sighed lowly and stood to a full, 6'1. Jeff weighed only about 150 pounds of muscle and bone, limber and well taken care off. He had fought his entire life and now, he needed to show it. "Well...bitch. Prepare to cry my name as I send you back into the tar pits, surrounded by bones where you belong." Jeff stomped on the ground again and felt the telekinetic aura sink around the two again. "I am right here....take my body and leave hers alone. I want her memories, her emotions and her life back in her own control. Even If I must give up my life for hers, I will. If not, then I will fight until I am dead, or she is free." Jeff heard Jarul speak and the blood mage formed next to Jeff. He was wearing large, black jeans and clawed gloves, ready to slice someone in half at the word "go." Jaurl also had on a large, sleeveless long coat and a scythe on his back, standing at about 7'4 inches. Jarul was 8 feet tall and was able to pretty much, slice up anything he saw fit. Jaurl was the king of shadows, and usually could control simple demons, but this one was different. "Yeah...I...can't help you here." Jaurl took one look at the creature and disappeared. Had his brother just let him down? What the hell? Jeff grunted. It was him, and the little dragon versus his own worst nightmare. "Well then...come on and attack me." He stated, staring to the creature, that had expanded across the entire room. "Fuck all kinds of duck...Just come on and hit me!"

AnayaSinDeLaRose: The monster looked at jeff and simply slunk to Anayas shoulder resting its chin on her shoulder and licking up the pale cream skin almost to her breast. "you know something, no , i am not going to fight you i am going to lay here with my dear body of what i have taken so much time to gain. she is mine and i don’t plan on giving her back so i guess you have to life with a new kind of mother now, and if you try to do any attack from any angel on me i am simply going to A kill your mother or bring the roof down on your friends " it tightens the grip it had on the roof beams "choice choice choice oh dear jeffy boy. what do you pick the life of your mother, an existence with me, or your friends and the ones in this room around you" the beast held Anaya tightly and moved one of her arms without even touching it, like a puppet master pulling a string "see jeffy boy i have her and she is now mine till the day she dies and fades away" it glared at jeff and the luck dragon "ya you die to little rat" The luck dragon glared back and backed up behind jeffs legs even the little thing was scared of the monster that was holding there ruler hostage

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya stud there in the tight embrace of her black form that was holding her. it kissed her forehead and whispered "i beat you my black dragon of the north, i won no matter how meny walls you placed up before me i still won, i hit them all down and you lost the battle and now i cam come and go in you and make you do what i want anytime i please, you are mine now Anaya DeLaRose" it then lifted its arms up to her face and jammed its clawed fingers in her eyeballs seeping back into the dragon woman’s body as Anaya let out a blood crawling scream then fell to her knees before her black tree a clawed hand resting on its trunk. "yes i know you beat me, my tormented madness"

Jeff was ready to take out the creature, before feeling the walls turn black around him. The sweet, ebony ooze, trailing down the confines of his own eye sight. Jeff was now standing in front of the shadow hand council. "Assassin. You have spent your time back at home fighting...why is this?" Jeff looked down. "I needed to save my mother..." They all nodded in sync. "....and you stand? What happened?" Jeff stuttered. "I-...I froze. I needed to think of a way to beat I had many years prior." The first member of the council of 5 dressed all in black, assassin garb, spoke to him. "Sir, you have killed for years, and have never faced a challenge you couldn't lose at. Do not start now..." Jeff protested. "I can't hurt my mother." The old, tall man looked at Jeff. "You have never cared about whom you hurt before...Why start now, Mr.DeLaRose?" Jeff growled and looked to them. "Because I can't be that person. I killed because it was a job and it was the only way to get back home. I never should have left in the first place, and as the gods are my witness...I shall not let harm come to my family..." Jeff was a proud, strong boy, stronger than most teenagers. " need to realize when you are bested." Jeff simply shook his head. "I can't be bested this time....not now." He pointed his chin up. "A king never looks down, and now, I must deal with my mother's madness, one step at a time. I might have beaten it, but I will not lose to it now. We have both grown in strength, and I will not be bested..not now..." The 4th member spoke up. "Boy...What do you think will happen if you go back there and try to fight?" He crossed his arms. "You will die. As will your friends? And what about that girl...Ember? Hm? You think that she will survive Anaya's madness?" Jeff screamed out. "She is her sister!" The man screamed back. "And you are her son!" Jeff stopped and looked down. "I-...." He looked down and nodded. "I will find a way to beat it." The man nodded. "Very well..." He looked back up. "I am not going to be defeated by that thing...that is how it wins...self defeat." The council members nodded. "Good luck assassin." And with that, Jeff was back in the main hall, on his back, staring up at the ceiling.

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss White_tree_by_jacko552-d3643qb_zpse3d5592e

Anaya looked at me with bright red eyes as I was stunned and unable to move, the words she said stuck in my mind forever "this tree is my soul, never let anything harm it for if it dies so do I"

DeathAngel193: "That hardly seems like a reason to want to destroy something of your family's." Death's red eyes narrow slightly.

GrayMinick: *He shrugged once more.* Not my problem. I don't have to have a reason to do anything that I do.

CrystalAlocer1: -She growls again slightly as she shakes her head slightly- "You are being foolish for a brother of hers " -she walks a little forward-" I insist you stop trying to burn the tree"

DeathAngel193: "Fair enough." The hound smiles grimly.

GrayMinick: *He shook his head.* Nope, I refuse. *With that the flames shrouding the tree burn brighter, changing to a white hot fire that engulfs the entire visage and warms every corner of the kingdom, threatening to char the roof and walls as it grows.*

DeathAngel193: "I like this guy." Death chuckles lowly to herself. Being from Hell, she could care less about the flames.

CrystalAlocer1: -she quickly trys to bring down the flames again shouting at him- Stop !

GrayMinick: *He shook his head slowly* The more you command me. *He waved his hand out once more, the flames bursting to life further, nearly destroying the tree and setting the pillars nearby ablaze.* The more I will do as I please.

CrystalAlocer1: please stop -she looks at him almost in tears not wanting to lose her family -

EvilShadowOfTheNight: A loud growl echos throughout the kingdom as Rin sees the flames burning brightly. She quickly gets infront of him trying to protect the tree. "What is the meaning of this??"

DeathAngel193: Keeping quiet, Death leans upon a pillar and watches the scene playing out before her. Fire burned in her eyes, changing them from red to a glowing and pleased orange.

GrayMinick: Hm....*He walked up close the female, the flames creating an ironically angelic glow about him as he grinned deviously. He leaned in, making sure to get close enough to whisper but not too close as to risk touching her.* When you've lost your family and your world has crumbled to ash under the heel of my boot, then you have the right to shed a tear and beg for me to stop. *He snapped his fingers as the tree vanished as well as the flames, leaving nothing in its wake but a burnt ground and a dark corridor.*

CrystalAlocer1: -She shakes her head - I will not Beg and I shall not break down and cry for you you are no family of mine from he way you act so why should I care a damn about you -her voice raises-I have no reason to give up my family because of you

GrayMinick: *He tilts his head and looks at the female, he pretends to actually listen to what she says up until she rose her voice, which made him chuckle.* I don't need you to care about me or even like me. I would rather feast on your hatered than allow you a moment of solice through peace.

DeathAngel193: "Since when does blood relations make someone family?" She arches her head back, bored now that the fire was gone. "Blood is nothing. But, if you do wish to protect your...blood than why not take care of him now?"

GrayMinick: *He nods, hearing the words of the female behind him.* She has a point. *Gray takes a step back, giving the younger woman more room to do as she pleased. He opened both arms and extended them out, leaving himself exposed.* Do come at me.

CrystalAlocer1: -she looked perfectly emotionless now as she looks at the older male not afraid - You may think you can break me down with your word and your actions and make me hate you so you can feed on my hate against you ha i have no emotion towards you but i will not give you the satisfaction of me or my family dying at your hands

GrayMinick: *He sighed and leaned back, sliding both hands into his pockets and looking at the female, matching her stoic gaze.* What makes you think you have a choice in the matter? *He rose his right hand, curling it into a single finger pointing at her. Within the blink of an eye he had a symbol drawn over her throat. The symbol, his marking comes into play the moment his energy comes into contact with someone elses, hence why he never stopped the female from gaining control over his fire. He wanted her to try her power against his own, he wanted to mark her to make matters easier. The marking was a detonation seal, one that would blow a hole in her throat, then sever her head clean from the rest of her body as well as throw them both into two separate realms.* I would never ask for permission for anything that I do and you're a fool for thinking that you have the power to spaek against me.

CrystalAlocer1: -Crystal looked at him slightly as she realized what the mark was as she mutters - Don't please you know I was only trying to help my family when the rest wernt able they are all I got left Gray -she looked like she was afraid of the mark just wanting to to go away for she didnt want death for anyone she just wanted to keep the tree from being burnt and killing her family

GrayMinick: *Gray looked at her and turned around, walking to a nearby chair taking a seat silently. The contours of his slender frame curled under the form fitting attire he was adorned with. He crossed his right leg over the left and looked at the femalethen pointed to the ground before him.* You will either come hither and apologize for being a total idiot, or I will make you carve a hole in your own forehead. *He didn't smile or show interest in her decision, seeing as the seal on her throat would kill her anyway, there wasn't much room for her to resist his command.*

DeathAngel193: Death's eyes flicker between the two of them. She keeps quiet as she watches the brother and his neice. The nasty gears in her mind that normally churn stay quiet and immobile as she watches them thoughtfully.

GrayMinick: *He taps his foot patiently, waiting for the child to do as she was told.* I don't believe I said you had all the time in the world to make your choice.

CrystalAlocer1: -she walks over to him slowly as she says softly but not happily- Im sorry i ran my mouth at you.... uncle-she eyes him carfullly-

GrayMinick: *He bursts out laughing at the female, knowing full well that her apologizing wouldn't actually solve anything. He was a cold and unfeeling bastard who would rather mislead her into thinking she had a chance at salvation than let her know the truth that she was going to die.* Oh you poor ignorant little fool. *He leaned closer to her, and snickers.* Alrighty, so since your fake apology didn't cure you, there's another way to remove that pesky seal on your throat, since not even the castor can remove it. *He narrowed his eyes on her, his laughter now gone.* You have to become a human.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya fell from her bed in the upper halls, she could feel it something was wrong very wrong, griping her neck her breath was geting harder and harder to push out, it was gowing hard to breath, not to the point she cant breath but growing harder to breath, her soul she cant feel it it was fighting, "i ....what..." she mumbled as she clawed at the wood floor. she needed to see it needed to feel it. for it to be a part of her. growing her claws cut deep into the floor as she glared fighting to stand. "when ...i get ...claws ...i tree...going to kill who ....breath" she snarled as she made it to the doors and opens them and looks down from the upper halls to see her tree not there. "where the hell is my tree!!" she yelled as she looked down. red eyes cuting the night in her home like daggers "where the fuck is my TREE!!!" black wings riped from the dragons back, black leater wings riping the thin white dress that covered her flawless torso. "who ever the FUCK is pulling tricks better have something fucking nice to say for even laying hand on that tree" Anaya jumped over the side of the upper hall ledge and hit the ground her heels crushing her shoes as black tar covered claws moved from them and clicked along the floor, she was not in her true form but something else all together, she was in rage.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet enters the castle halls with her hood covering all of her face this time, she could hear people in the main halls and walks over to see what's going on with a raises eyebrow as she shows some of her face-

DeathAngel193: "Ooh. Now thing's are going to get really interesting." Death growls lowly under her breath as she hears Anaya clambering through the halls. She couldn't wait to see the dragoness's face when she saw the tree wasn't there. Of course, Death could still smell the sickening scent of the tar and woodsyness of the bark, but she couldn't see it.

GrayMinick: *Without even so much as batting an eye, he lifted his right hand behind him, waving his hand around.* That would be me my dear sister. *While he knew the true location of the tree itself, he held no intention of actually divulging such information without a price being paid. Right now that was up to the daughter before him to decide. It was an eye for an eye. He wanted to see just how far her words would carry her before she cracked and begged him to kill her.* So my dear child, what are you going to do? Are you going to offer up all that you are to see your family survive or are you simply going to cower like a little bitch and continue to beg me in vain?

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet groans- "oh great. looks like someone decided to be a smart one" -She said in her sarcastic tone as she gave an irritated look then went to sit on her rug-

FeatherHailfrost: Elena stretched out her legs and sighed. Her rear was numb for sitting on that damn bottom step for so long but she hadn't felt like going back up to bed. She sighed once again and slowly stood up on her bare feet. She could see others around but her aquamarine eyes locked upon her sister and so, she slowly walked over to her.

CrystalAlocer1: -she looks at her uncle shaking her head- No I dont beg remember and I want my Family to survive and if i didnt i wouldnt be in this mess you bloody -she caught herself before she said it and made things worse as she looks at him - I would not be in this mess if i didnt love my family

DeathAngel193: "You can be out of it just as quick." Death shrugged from the pillar.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anayas eyes went bright blue as her hands turned green and acid driped from her fingers mixed with a green flame. "you make my tree vanish, you toy with my child like a doll and you think i will not have your illgottin hide for it! " She walked still not being able to breath right without seeing her tree there before her but she new it was not gone just not able to be seen so still an annoyance. "i have had it up to my ears with your usless bicking, harming myself and my children and not careing for the family i have held you in, this is the second time we have had this talk and the first time you turned your back on me and left " she walked behind her child and picked the girl up by the back of the neck like a human would pick up a dog. she held the kid up before her brother "what did she do that i dont do to you, what did a child do to you to make you wish her head and turn her into nothing more then a meal to ones like us" Anaya was about 8 feet tall at the shoulder and had no problums picking up the kid.

FeatherHailfrost: Elena stopped several feet away and strained her ears to listen to the conversation. She could hear Mother's voice and that was enough to send a warning beep into Elena's head. She slowly turned around and walked briskly to the thrones where she hoped she would be out of firing range.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet puts one hand on her head and shakes it like she knows what's going to happen next- "oh here it comes again"

CrystalAlocer1: -sh elooked back at her mother ands then her uncle not daring to say another word as she looks at them both-

GrayMinick: *Gray sat there, looking at his hulking sister before taking into consideration what everyone had said. He hadn’t really been paying attention till his sister picked up his food. While the little girl hadn’t physically expressed her fears of death and losing her family, he had been savoring every ounce that she harbored in her heart. Before he allowed this to carry on further he stood to his feet and looked his sister dead in the eyes.* Because she is nothing more than a meal to you either way. *He grinned and waved his right hand out as a soft wind began to pick up. Just as the tree had vanished, so did he and the girl. They had switched places, since Gray can’t separate more than one target at once, he had to release his hold on the tree in order to create a new one of him self and the girl who had been marked. He stood before the girl who was released, both of them in a realm that had been doused in flames, spiraling around them and flashing images of the world they had left behind. This was his contracting world, a place that only he and a marked target could enter. They had severed their connection to the other planes, existing on this one as well as several hundreds upon thousands of other simultaneously.* Velvet Discard, Contract Resolved. *The seal on the girls throat widened as he looked down at her.* You need to make a choice, here and now. *The images would flash of the tree being set on fire, burning to a crisp and her mother dying where she stood. The images of others being decapitated and set on pikes around a mountain overpass would also loom in the black fires that rotated around them.* Your powers, or their lives? *He motioned around them to the images, knowing that both he and the female had no connection to the outside world, nor the world to them.*

DeathAngel193: Death's eyes narrowed as the vengeful brother and his marked neice vanished before her eyes; the tree appeared again, much to the annoyance of her senses. "This guy's going to drive me nuts." She pinches the bridge of her nose with one gloved hand and takes a deep breath. Instead of closing her eyes like she normally would, she closes one so she could better keep an eye on what would happen next. The hound, if not merely annoyed sense wise, was insanely curious as to how this would turn out.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya looked at the child with a snarl, this was only a child Anaya had no feelings for it, it could not stand up in a battle could hardly stand up to its own family. with a flick of her arm she tossed the child to the floor harshly with a snarl of disaprovle "pointless, why do i save a meer child that can not fight for its self, dragons learn to blow fire right from there eggs yet you are grown and cant even stop your own family and ones that clame to care for you not to harm you. all my children are strong here yet you are the weak one in the pack, you are lucky i have not tossed you to the cold yet" Anayas black and red eyes twisted in her head as the green acidic fire driped from her claws and pooled on the floor at her feet an odd green fog building over the pooled liquide. as anaya looked back at her brother , he was gone all she new was his words 'she is a meal to you eiter way' he was right oddly enough, she lookedf back to where she had tossed the girl. where she had thought she had tossed the girl, gone all gone. She looked up at the sky as she moved her claws to dig into her flesh large black wings riping form her back , scales cutting from her body and fire and acid all around her. "When i get my claws on you brother i am going to make you wish you where never born!!" she screamed as she looked up at the sky moving her claw to smash a piller right there infrount of her. the dragons rage made all the strongest men crumble in there boots feared of her and her anger. She turned around and placed her nose to the ground her breathing was hard and rasped but she had to find it, find her soul and find the tree.

CrystalAlocer1: -she shook her head as she then looked him in the eyes muttering - why do you wish for me to be food like my mother said? Why do you wish for the family to die ? it seems more like my own mother wishes for m e to die when i tried to do nothing but keep you from burning the tree that carries her soul but yet Iwas the only one who tried tyo stand up for a defenceless tree -she growls hurt by the fact hat her mother didnt even see that fact she then quiclyly pulled out a blade muttering - death is not really an opption for i must prove all of you wrong I may not be the smartest one aor the strongest one but atleast i stood for my mothers soul -she looks at him showing such anger that she felt asd she shouted - ILL NEVER BE LIKE THEM HELL ILL NEVER BE LIKE ANYONE!-she then turns away closeing her eyes breathing heavily as she tighens her grip around the dagger she had as her eyes turned violet-

GrayMinick: *He watied for her to finish, glaring at her with an unfeeling expression on his face.* Are you done? Like really? Because I could just snap my fingers and that little thing on your neck will explode and kill you, which by far is less of a torment to me than sitting here listening to you run your mouth like some dumbass child.

CrystalAlocer1: -she looks over at the male as she walked up to him her eyes glared at him as she mutters- Gray if you wanted me dead you would have killed me already your just treating my like a toy of you own just so i can lose my powers and become a mortal -she looked at his hands as she aimed at the males forehead as she says- lets make this an even fight we both fight even this time uncle and no snapping them fingers

GrayMinick: *He looked at her, then down at her knife, then up at her again and spoke as clear as the day was long.* No. *The seal shattered as it was supposed to and indeed what he said would happen did. The explosion was focused on her throat, mainly against the third vertebra in her spine. Her life had been his the entire time, and he grew bored waiting for her to make a choice, so he made one for her, and killed her. As her head shot up to the sky and her body crumbled to the ground he turned and walked away, the veil about them vanishing as Gray walked away from the pile of splattered blood and two traces of distinct power fading from detection. Her head and body nowhere to be found.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya walked back and forth over the swamps grumbling as she ripped up dirt tossing it from side to side in anger.

GrayMinick: *Sneezes as he leans against the wall, like a fucking boss, completely unfazed by what he just did.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya did not even look at him, did not attack him she just sat down on the ground and moved her tail back and forth behind her.

DeathAngel193: Death layed upon the floor, watching Gray carefully and listening to Anaya with her ears alone.

GrayMinick: *He looked over at his sister then to everyone present before looking back at his sister.* Where's Crystal?

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya just looked into the sky, the cold night sky. "i am not a moron my brother, i know how you are better then anymore, when was the last time you vanished away with a child and brought it back alive?" she snarled but not very loudly she did not care much for her vanishing child.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet went back to sit in her seat bumping her head three times in the process looking down at the floor-

GrayMinick: *He shrugged.* There was that one time in Fiji. I brough that child back. However he was in an urn and covered in his own piss.

DeathAngel193: "Could you do that to any child?" Death looked intently at Gray, the gears in her mind turning now.

GrayMinick: *He didn't look at Death when he answered but after a slight nod he spoke gently.* Yup yup. I can.

IsouZerstorung: *Sparks of crimson red would flutter and crackle about as they floated and gathered like a mass of red fireflies. Once enough of them gather the bolts formed and crackled loudly as the energy built furthermore. Reaching its peak the high pitched whistle was fierce yet quick as with a loud crack of energy the portal opened and an armored figure stepped through. With loud metallic clanged he landed upon the ground looking around his hand grasping a note firmly. Looking around the room with a stoic and emotionless demeanor he stepped in as quietly as his armor would allow*

DeathAngel193: Pleased at the answer, she growls deeply and plots inside her mind. Yes.. There was a certain child that she despised very much so.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya still looked at the night sky "i dont care about the child brother, it was weak and worthless, and only a later meal to me anyway, that part you where right about" she snarled she was angered with his tricks and playing with things more dear to her then anyone’s life, he was playing with her own life this time. he messed with her tree this time.

GrayMinick: *He yawned lowly, running a hand up his right thigh, then across the groves of his petit waist. He stopped over his belly button to scratch it breifly before letting it continue along its path up the center of his chest, raising his pecks as he did so almost as if he were drawing in a heavy breath. Tilting his head to the side he left his digits to click against the veins in his throat before strolling up to the back of his head and resting finally beneath his highlighter pink locks.* I'm sorry what? I was totally not paying attention there. I had a sudden urge to strip and I had to supress it before it got inscestual up in this piece.

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya snarled at her brother. "move away from me i do not wish to see your form" her anger with him was clear as day she wanted nothing to do with him. getting up she turned her giant body and walked inside and layed down at her tree away from her brother.

GrayMinick: Kinda defeats the purpose of you telling me to leave if you are the one to move. *He called out to her, his snide remarks laced with intentional provocation.*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya turns and faced him her snarl on every word. "why do i keep you in this family, this family i hold together with you in it. this family that for unknowing reason cares about you. i put my neck out into this world for you and you play with my life like it is a fucking toy to you!" she was so mad she could not even look at her own brother, he had shamed her to no end, and in her eyes at this point for he played with her very life force she wondered if he was worth trusting and if she trusted him to much before now.

DeathAngel193: Death watched the two silently, her glowing eyes shifting between their forms. It made her chuckle on the inside, but she knew better than to say anything now. Her muzzle rested upon her front legs as she crossed them.

GrayMinick: *He shrugged and slipped both hands slightly beneath the waistband of his pants.* I have no idea. You know that I'm a destroyer. Tearing peoples sanity apart is what I do. We've been down this road before and yet somehow you continue to find it in your "heart" *He added emphasis on the word to make sure she knew he was being ironic.* to continue to forgive me. Although we both know what happens when you stop forgiving me. *He yawned once again.* I mean let's be serious here, do we want another war between you and I? That's too many lives wasted.

IsouZerstorung: *Miandering through the Main hallway he steps into the main room looking about inspectently. seeign Anaya busy with someone else he shrugged put the note away and stepped over to a chair sitting himself down with a loud clang. Tapping his knees softly he pondered what to do before pulling out the familiar black Metal book and flipping through its pages from where he left off*

AnayaSinDeLaRose: Anaya shifted down to a form not her true one white tails flowing from her backside and hair as white as snow flowing from her head. "i dont have a heart don’t be stupid. you are my brother, you are blood to me even if we where not born the same. we have had fights, battles and harsh combat and yes i know more then us would die and i dont wish that, and i dont care if you kill a kid i see as worthless every now and agein to fix your needs " she moved her hand up to the sides of his face to look at him in the eyes "but dont play with my life, MINE your sister the one you gave your very word to forever keep safe no matter what" she took a claw and placed it on his cheek "just like even if i have no heart i will do the same for you. for i gave my word as a dragon that i would do so. you can play with others lives , but dont play with mine "

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was too busy bumping her head against the back of her chair to notice anyone and the only thing working for her was her senses, she looked around and smelled someone else enter but since she couln't tell who it was she didn't distract herself from bumping her head-

GrayMinick: *He gave a grudging sigh and nodded.* Fine. No more burning trees. *He gently brushed her hands away, not one for heartfelt 'Kodak' moments in the least. He gave her a callous smirk and a polite bow.* I won't harm your life. I will, however, not make the same promise on anyone else. I don't see a point in cherishing anyones life but I am a man of my word and a promise is a promise and I'll be damned if I let an overly horny, blood-thirsty fit of sexual frustration cop me out of my perfect promise percentage. *He huffed another vexated sigh as he strolled away, taking a seat in one of the vacant chairs scattered across the apex of the main hall. His right leg hoisted over the left, and both hands resting firmly against the knee, he did an emo hair flip and silently contemplated his next target.*

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Book 2, A Time Shattered By Loss Tumblr_medecnIfsn1r5cxqho1_500_zpsc5d3f648

AxlSantekSikuma: ~Axl stood at the doorway, his hand clinched round a single pistol, the wind blew his hair softly. The smell of Gasoline could be smelt, Axl stood as he watched the metal plank fall down after the door was closed, the door being rigged in itself unable to allow anyone else into this encounter, He stood as he peered down to the floor, the smell of the gasoline, the wet floors surrounded him as he stood the tree behind him dosed aswell, even the smell lingered over him. He stood his lips neither moved nor did he even flinch as the door slammed down as he peered to whomever had enetered hopefully Anaya, he stood motionless as he just simply blinked.~

Anaya: Anaya formed out of the tree in the center of the room, her body now covered in that sent of gas she new he was there as she did was form from it and stand there, in her hand was a crown and a blue rose. she had held it in her room since the day she had met the black knight that took the task of saving her from a boy that wanted her head so very long ago. she held it since the day he saved her life. all she did was hold the blue rose out to him and the crown as well. her symbol that she wanted him as a mate and she did not care if she dies as long as he got what she had for him, and as long as he new she loved him . "you have always had my heart, and if the king i pick for this empire and the one to hold my clawed hand wishes to die i would not want a better way to die myself"
Anaya: "you hold my heart Axl Sentek Sikuma and even if i die and fade turning to ash that will never change "

AxlSantekSikumaAxlSantekSikuma Whisper: ~His eyes moved down to the crown and the rose as he would take the crown in his hand overlooking it as he would peer to her he would nod to her, "I love you too my dear...but sadly I must honor the code...Let's dine in hell tonight..." he spoke as he would wrap his arm behind her back and pull her close as he would peer over his shoulder to the tree behind them as he would wince once pulling the trigger to the pistol, the bullet hit the ground sparking a flame, the tree and Axl along with Anaya brust into flames, axl placing the crown upon his head as he pulled her close placing his lips to hers as he would press his lips to hers kissing her passionitly the flames engulfing his body along with hers as the fire would surround them he would frown as he dropped the gun to the floor clasping her tightly to him, The scene of the DeLaRose Kingdom was seen set ablaze when suddenly an explosion would occur engulfing the entire area his last words to her "As do you."~

Anaya: Anaya held onto his shoulders as her white garments where set a blaze. “i am glad i can fade away with you Axl it is how i wanted to die, thank you” she said softly as the fire touched her legs burning the human like flesh and soon there was nothing let of the dragon woman but a roar in the darkness of the shadowed empire, the roar turned silent as the tree smoldered it was burnt down to the base of the trunk and some of the dirt was misplaced from the fire and wind. Under the tree was a simple secret locked away from the world. A secret untouched by the happenings that just took place.

AxlSantekSikuma: ~The flames rose high as the wind blew them crossed the open area. ASxl stood peering to the beaten and battered tree behind him, slowly coming to a stand, the flames had burned holes into his clouths, his goggles melted to his head as he peeled them off. His left eye bleeding from the explosion, two of his fingers upon his left hand appeared to be missing. He peered watching the flames rise higher as the tree burned and suffered damage, he stood holding the burnt blue rose in his hand and the black stained crown now covered in black soot, his eyes narrowed as he spoke "The Mark is eliminated..." he spoke as he coughed up blood falling to his knees as he would cough hard falling down and holding his chest as he would growl slowly bringing himself back up to a stand he would lean down pulling a small piece of the tree's root out of his leg as he would growl softly tossing it aside as he would limp away the flames waving softly behind him, he made his way from the DeLaRose Empire taking off into the forest the darkness consuming his form as he dissapeared from sight.~

Anaya: the Small luck dragon that was on the rafters now hiding outside, looked into the still smoldering empire "you cant die on me my queen of darkness, and i know what you hid " it walked to the trees base and dug its head into the ground. pulling out a black scared and gold lined egg "you will be born again my ruler of the dark sky's, even if i hate you i will have you be born again with all your memorys and all your knowing of who did this. and i will make sure they are dwelt with Anaya, non one kills one of the greatest black dragons known to man and lives"

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