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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Precious_by_sandara-d32ycmi_zpsa25a591d
"grow my child, shed your golden scales and become a monster of both force and thought, a monster of evil with a brilliant mind "

The castle walls had grown silent, and the creepy chill lingered in the stale air. Most of the castle walls still stayed in the crumbled mess they had fallen in, some still fell from time to time a bang every now and again made the towns people below cringe. There ruler was dead and all that was left was the rubble of her fallen empire building. It was the day after the dragon fell and burned with her tree of life that it all seems to kick in to the towns people there there was no longer a ruler, no one to rule and tell them what they needed to do, some had even left the failing town to find greener pastures beyond the black dead lands they once called home and safety. Rebels had moved in fast taking what gold was left from the crushed castle grounds, the explosion had cleared most of it away or barred it under mounds of rock and nothingness.

In the piles of stone, dirt and dust a rock moved, life, could it be, was she not A small luck dragon head poped up from the rubble and looked around serving the now forgotten wasteland of its resting place, Lucky had just as much right to the empire as Anaya did.  Getting his long body from the mess he was covered in brown, black and Gray silt and dust. “Anaya what did you do here, how will we fix this” it mumbled as it looked at the falling walls of the once great empire if the Rose. Lucky hung his head in shame and walked to where the tree once stood in all its spleder and Majesty, but now was only a stump in the ground. “oh Anaya your tree gave you life it was your soul but now i don’t know what to do.” the dragon hit its head on the stump only to feel a thwak but not one of wood. He lifted his head up to see it, a small black and gold glimmer stuck in that stump of the tree. In moments lucky had his claws in it digging out the treasure, and in no time at all pulled out a single  black with gold scale riming egg. “oh Anaya you always had your secrets but i never thought this was one of them, your past gave you a gift you kept for simply this moment, a rebirth ” he picked up the egg as it gave a faint glow in his claws for legs. “don’t worry this time i will take care of you, for now my Anaya you are worth looking after for me” Lucky carried the egg off into a small hut away from her ruined empire where it would keep her safe from all that wished to harm her.

            A couple days past as Lucky had not moved from the eggs resting place softly humming and keeping it warm making a small fire under its body knowing one must always keep a dragon egg hot, even if he had never had or cared for children, this one was one he was instructed by the earth to keep safe. Softly  the luck dragon ran his maw along the egg shell licking, cleaning and singing to it softly.

“Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings
once upon a december

Someone holds me safe and warm,
horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully,
across my memory,

Someone holds me safe and warm,
horses prance through a silver storm,
Figures dancing gracefully,
across my memory,

Far away, long ago
things I yern to remember
and a song someone sings
Once upon a December

And a song someone sings
Once upon a December”

as Lucky s song stopped he shut his eyes for a moment resting his head on the egg shell hearing the unborn chips of the baby empress, growing every so quickly inside her safe cocoon.

The sound of cashing at the huts entrance made the luck dragon fumble to his feet as he let out a warning growl to all that dare come into his resting place with the egg. Lucky was not large but he was strong, he was a elder dragon and a luck dragon so it was only to really brave or really stupid and foolish that messed with him. Not long after the crash the small face of Elren the guard came into view. Lucy still rattled his scales and moved his tail back and forth a show of intimidation and power to ones standing ageist him.

“oh be silent you little thing” Elren said as he looked around the messy hut, very quickly spotting the egg and wondering why a black and gold egg would be here in this dust and dirty place with only a fire and luck dragon around it “hey there what do we have here ” He cracked his neck, and looked to Lucky, as though waiting for an answer. "You talk, correct?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. He was tired, and worn out, with torn clothes and dried blood in various colors, none of it his own. The floor beneath him was slowly freezing over, and the room was dropping a degree or two every few minutes, until he choose to stop it.
Lucky looked up from his spot on the rug of the hut he had nested in "i talk only to ones that need me to talk to them" it was a sharp remark not really kind or caring or even thought filled. Lucky moved back over around the egg nicely placed on a small fire of his making, wrapping his body tightly around it to keep it safe, he would guard the little thing with his life if he needed to even to ones he new as guard to there queen, in times of chaos anyone could turn on them, and it was a time of chaos and destruction so Lucky could never be more careful.

"Well then, I am assuming Anaya died?" He asked, remembering the stories he heard of her and the gold one... "And this is the egg?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.
Lucky looked at Elren and noded his head sadly. "weeks ago the empire crumbled, went up in a blade the ones in other lands could see, the fire burned everything, her tree, her body, but it did not burn her soul and this small egg, her past was riddled with rape and torment from the dragons of old, the gold ones, so this was to be her child, but now it is to be her rebirth, today is the day of hatching" Lucky pushed the egg a little small chips comeing from it as he rolled it back and forth like a loveing parent even if he could not know this feling, it was simply what the gods and world instructed him to do .

"I see, so until she reaches adult hood, she will need a protector?" He asked, sitting against a wall and sighing deeply. He took off his top, and began to dress his wounds again, the bandages leaking slightly until he replaced them, and then put his top back on. He waited there. "How long until she hatches?" He asked. He hoped the dragon trusted him, if he meant to stop this birth, he would merely freeze the inside of the egg before it hatched, stopping the process from continuing.

Lucky looked at his spots of hurt and wound "in moments Elren she will hatch in moments " she moved to lay his tail in the spots of hurt and almost in an intent his luck passed over the pain and bleeding spots, black turned to skin tone and cuts healed. "luck of healing and health " she said softly then moved back to the egg as small cracks formed around its edges.
he nodded in thanks. There were many issues, and not all of them could be taken care of silently. He watched and waited for the hatching, unsure of what else he could do at the moment

The small egg moved around cracking a chipping as a small part of it poped out of the top half of the shell. Lucky looked at it taking his jaws and oddly carefully for him lifted the egg shell off the baby dragons head. "there you are you little monster go see the world ahead of you" he said softly. Anaya moved and fumbled on her feet falling face first into the floor with a humph.

Elren nodded, and rolled his eyes after the luck dragon vanished. "So you, I suppose, being that your mouth is open like, well, a dragons maw, that you must be hungry.” He stood up, let out a deep breath, and reached to pick up the dragon. A layer of ice had formed over his skin, which would serve as a sort of temporary 'temperature barrier' keeping him from freezing her through touch. "Lets get you some food." he said, reaching down to pick her up
Anayas eyes opened up bright and wide as she saw his hand. "QWARK" she yelled as in an instant was biting into his hand with little baby needle sharp teeth.

"Son of a..." He snarled for a moment, instinct hardening the ice around his hand to a density that caused his hand to drop down, pulling some of his body with him. This would stop its teeth from penetrating, and her from drinking his blood, which, would kill anything short of an immortal. "You little Quarking  dingo, lets feed you something not me? eh?" He asked, pulling her off his hand and heading to the kitchen. he quickly went out and brought back a rather large buck, placing it on the ground. "Bottoms up!"
Right away after the abrupt falling to the ground with yet another quarking sound. she spotted the meat and rushed falling on her face but geting up fast in a fumble like waddle as she  got over to the buck. she dug her face into the meat and ate, ripping chunk after chunk from it not letting any go to waist. soon as she was eating right before Elrens eyes scales turned to soft pale skin with gold flecks at her eyes and along her back and on her cheeks as well giving her face a warming glow. blood dripped down her face as she looked up at him, her golden eyes shimmering lightly as blood dribbled  down her chin and neck, and her fully nude 7 year old looking body.
"Ello there, shorty." He said, raising an eyebrow. He pulled a white t-shirt from his bag and handed it to her. "Put this on, imagine its a dress." He said, smiling at her. "So Stretch, how you feeling?"
All Anaya did was look at him  as she put on the shirt and  she cleaned her face and an oddly adult sounding voice came from the little girl “like i just got hit be a run away horse and I remember EVERYTHING ” she had a grown mind stuck in a childs body..... for now.

Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending 208826_433388553359403_332595528_n_zpsbb77fe73
To take life is the first step, the next step is to grow and be reborn from the ashes of old and fly up into the sky and take what made step number one happen.

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Anaya: The little Anaya was siting on the floor under her large tree she was itching at her face and sides, Lucky was laying at her side as he nudged her to stop with the moving and itching (Lucky) "stop that they are not going to come off any faster the first shed is the worst one" Anaya hissed and turned hitting him on the nose as she carried on itching her belly not paying any attention to the doors.

Anaya: Anaya itched as she fell on her back (Anaya) "they hurt and i don’t like them i feel like i am trapped in a cocoon and i cant get it off" she looked at Lucky the small gold luck dragon at her side (Lucky) "rub on the tree it is how i do it to get the small scales off" Anaya got up and moved to the tree and itched her back on it it felt soooo good but it sadly was not helping all that much.

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -The women entered slowly as her tail swayed as it had a sharp arrow point at end she also had thick pointed horns as her purple and black hair laid passed her shoulder as she wore a metal cross around her neck she was always by her self and she hid a wanted poster in her back pocket of her self that she was trying to stay hidden as she spoke softly- "Greetings"

Anaya: Lucky looked at his charge Anaya and he grinned, it was funny to see the woman once so strong and mighty having problems shedding the baby scales. (Lucky) "ok ok i will help you, come and sit here " he pointed at the ground and growled to tell her to come sit. Anaya moved and plopped down in frount of him as he took his claws and pokes her back flesh (Lucky) "ok now shift i know you can do it" the dragon girl nodded her head and shut her eyes and in mere moments was a small black and gold dragon only about 10 or so feet high at the shoulder but still larger then the small lucky. Lucky the luck dragon moved and started ripping scales off her as she grunted and moaned as it kinda hurt her. (Lucky) "oh shush it will take a good couple hours to get them all off and it seems you are white and pink under them." Anaya was kinda in wonder how under black and gold scales could be adult white ones, but she new her guardian would explain it later along the way of growth.

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -The women walked in exploring her tail moving and she walked slowly her boots making a slight thumping noise as she walked to where she thought she saw the thrones and keeled down as she knew it was a sign of respect as she looked down to the floor-

Anaya: Anaya snarled as she sat there in the front of the bright now grown white tree. Lucky grabbed a not ready scale and pulled to hard at it. Anaya snarled loudly as she looked turning her bright red eyes at lucky (Anaya) "do you have to be so fucking harsh with me " she cussed out of pain and frustration as she turned around and dug her claws deep into the floor her back was starting to look lie a patch quilt of black gold and white and fleshy pink redness. Lucky dug his claws into her back as she let out a snarl and looked at the ground in pain (Anaya) "i can feel you know" she snarled and let out a grunt some flames sparking at her nose. Lucky just carried on ripping scales out of her back and removing them like a good dragon would do to help as he let Anaya rival in pain she never once felt before.

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -she heard what was happening and wish she could help but did not know how to so she kept still and stayed knelt down by the thrones as her tail went still and stayed wrapped around her waist and she looked to the floor as she looked at her boots-

Anaya: Anaya was annoyed beyond words as she moved and tossed the little Luck dragon from her back turn ing around (Anaya) "i know what you are doing, you like giving me pain, don’t you, like makeing me yelp and snarl and feel this pain i did not feel before i got this body, you like seeing me like this. " Lucky moved growing to be longer and as large as the 10 to 12 foot tall at the shoulder dragon Anaya (Lucky) "i have to say it is an enjoyment don’t you think, we hated one another once now look at us and the bonding we are doing" he moved a claw and ripped a black scale from her forehead as she let out a scream of growling pain. (Anaya) "ya right bonding so that is what is it called " she hissed as her tail flicked back and forth and fire dripped from her maw. it was green flames, acidic flames, she looked at him as he started to remove the scales from her face. if she did not need his help she would have charred him faster then growling at him. but she needed the stupid little thing as back up for even at her growing size she was not able to fight at full power he was still able to be used as a sort of tool to her. Anaya dug her claws deeper cracking the stone under foot, her body was looking funny with the black and gold patches of scales missing, and it was even funnier with the bright white scales under them.

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3rGuest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r : -she turned and watched what was happening in amazement as she has never seen this happen before as she looked and she smiled a bit as her tail started moving again as she spoke- "Wow never seen that before i am sorry about your pain if there is anything i can do please do tell me?"

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -she continued to watch as she watched and she got up and headed for the door a bit as she looked around but not heading to the door to leave just to look around and explore a bit-

Anaya: Anaya looked to the female she had payed no attention to, her maw and dragon head looked horrible now, parts missing, scales hanging from it like a horror movie with a really macabre and demented physio killer in it. she glared at the what looked to be woman, the tail the form of the woman and the over all look (Anaya) "well if you wish risking your life come try and help my guardian shed a dragon in pain" she snarled as lucky ripped yet another not ready scale off of her hide. (Lucky) "you will be a lovely white dragon when i am done with you. but you seem to be without pigment, you are not cold as ice and spit fire so you may be an interesting on miss Anaya After all" he ripped another scale from her cheek as she looked at him. the dragon did not say anything to her guardian just glared as he took the last couple black and gold scales from her face.

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -she continued to watch as she know that must have been painful but she did not want to make it worse she walked and looked at cages and was a little intrigued-

Anaya: Anaya sat there as the last of the scales where being ripped from her hide. she moved and clawed at the pinkish red areas and they hurt so very badly. (Lucky) "ok Anaya now is the big part you will no longer be shifting into your small child look it is now time to gain the adult look for your human and half breed forms. so shut your eyes and shift down don’t think just do what you feel is right" she nodded her head slowly and shut her eyes. images of a white flower filed and grass lands came to mind as she felt her body getting smaller, the pain faded and she seemed happy and hole once again. All lucky did was watch in amazement at the beauty that was befalling him. (Lucky) "i never thought a dragon as black as you Lady Anaya could turn into something so pure looking" he said softly as the dragon opens her eyes. bright red never changing eyes shimmered over a white scaled hide and skin. (Anaya) "do i look bad i know it was pink under the hide when you ripped it but is it alright now?" (Lucky) "you are a true marvel my Empress" Anaya turned to the other female in the room. (Anaya) "so what do you think i was told it is always good to get a second opinion"

Guest_TheEvilC00ki3Monst3r: -she continued to stare at the cage as she did not notice that she dropped the wanted poster by the tree when she walked past it she had been in a cage before and never wanted to return to one as she zoned out a bit staring-

Anaya: Anaya was ignored and snarled "rude little shit i do think so myself" she mumbled as she walked past to the sofa room and pulled out a full stand up mirror. all Anaya did was look at herself "white? really under it all i am white . how can this be. really?" lucky moved over and looked at her (Lucky) "you are a form of Albino my dear Anaya, you are what is known as a Hypomelanistic Dragon of judgement and retribution. a balance of light and darkness. no more evil , well you are still yourself to i will take it you will sway more to the darkness when anger comes, you are still a in dragon bloodline after all." she was puzzled as she looked in that mirror "so will i look like this all the time?" (Lucky) "yes but you will have a human form but no more evil my dear now white will fit you a lot better then black will, we will show you a world of great colors in fabrics." all Anaya did was look at him "i will have to get a new wardrobe then...."

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Anaya: Anaya moved from the reading room and stumbled out into the main hall to her throne she dropped a little her left leg falling with a shump hard into the throne, she almost fell for a moment there. The dragon was sleepy and needed to not be to long in her human like form it was starting to shrink like a large bug in to tight of shell, it was paining her body to stay this way for this long, it had bin three days so far. she moved getting into the throne pushing her snow white hair from her eyes, the grown monster was stunning she was a snow white with pale human like skin all fresh and pure as can be. she had shaded from her baby scales so fast it was like she was never even that small. "i have a feeling it will be a long day" she mumbled as her sideways folding eyelids fell over bright red silted dragon eyes. Anaya was a hypomelanistic Dragon of judgment and divine retribution, so all of the time she carried that stunning look of the albino, the clean look, but resting inside was a dragon, and still one classed as chaotic in nature. she was a balance of light and darkness, one given the power of divine right and given the power to cash out the ones of wrong judgment by the gods of her race. Anaya let out a yawn and itched her leg as she lumped them up into the throne , it was becoming harder and harder to move but she would do what she can. pulling out a book she simply started to read flipping black pages in her blood mage and right book.

HakuAkuheiKaravicks: -The swift male figure of a dance in pressure on a both lights embrace of growth and expansion around the male who blossomed into white roses dancing from a venue of carved out light from a pure plane of Apathy. While the young species stood about six feet tall, one-hundred, and seventy pounds in full mass. The wind scooped up a slight ripple of growth in his young roses which enveloped his white hair trailing down his pink cheeks, lunar eyes, and soft facial expression about the area in a dazzle of his neck amulet cutting through to a positive opening before the DeLaRose Empire. Moving his right eye before the wavelengths which his right hand and aura cast off from the position to loop his scarf around his kimono to maintain it from blowing in the gusts of pressure where the wind seemed influenced by a slight azure reflecting among his desires. While looking about the left hand side, right of the male when faced the door to slightly pelt the doorway once with a light knock against the doorway. where his movement separated the footing of his kimono to allow the wind to take the threads lightly casting off his azure aura. From around his reflecting mass runes collected over his back to the solid status of osmosis which giving his slight view on the world kept his reflection among himself until most needed. What he held dear to the blue aura turning a light white color in flame around his body and kimono on an opaque scale of flammable material as such mass. The influence which his white blade came about his right hip and looped under a soft belt which the figure moving about the doorway which the expanse in his scabbard ran from his white color of the history in white lotus. But his motive..No two flowers are the same. As so, the influence of his reflection of what was growing in the space already was met by roses forged of the time he influenced the life to blossom. However his apathy could wither away just the same, influencing empathy to his will which had a decent amount of control in his emotions to strive forth for new beginnings in life.. With the essence of the life style he created as a young lunar mage..Blessed with a lunar dragon's spiritual bindings where Haku Akuhei was looking for a place to find a home...Worlds were not his concern, he was simply another, and was considered a lover to Kiyohime Akuhei. Giving a look as the aura which had not shown yet to his motive spoke; "Greetings, I am the newbie on trial for a week, and thought I might show my face to the area at most. Showing a light ring to flicker from the front of the pale fingers as his sandals danced lightly to keep his waist line from kicking up. The exerted dancing lotus was like his emotions withered away life as his clothing could reflect his mood of things...The void was a very idealist subject which the male shrunk feeling worse, or better taller from his stand point of emotional stress...This was his ideal look as the roses gave a soft flicker among his blade and they all vanished among a trail of the stars energy. It passed him and his look like he simply phase shifted in between the two forces of reality and something which was fake simply put. The void was a place for rejects, and non-rejects on a pure plane of existence awaiting answers to the doorway patiently.-

KiyohimeAkuhei: :: KiyohimeAkuhei was walking throughout the land's as she wore a black and white kimono that held the symbol on yin and yang upon the front of her abdominal region, her heel's where killing her feet as she stopped and leaned on a brick wall too take them off as she grunted wishing she didn't have too walk so far as it was stressful on her body she stayed on the wall and kneeled down letting them soak in the water before continuing to walk slowly getting back up too her feet she grasped her heel's as the bottom half of her kimono was wet from hanging in the water, she sighed softly standing at a height of 5,11ft her average bodies weight weighed about 175lbs glancing upon the land's with her white crimson orb's as her white hair blew against the wind where her black flower braid rested on the side of her her hairline near her ear's, as she approached the kingdom after seeing her lover entered she quickly made her way towards the entrance groaning from her heel's hurting her small fragile feet as her belly was showing a little from the kimono, as she approached door she knocked in respect trying too catch her breath noticing it was slightly cracked she slipped inside as she leaned onto the wall keeping pressure off her feet trying too regain her motivation she spoke softly in the hallway's :: ''Hello is it okay if i come and see my love? I walked long and i was wondering if i can rest my feet miss sense my heel's hurt them, and i came to see about joining this family with my love as well as i seen him enter'' :: she smiled slightly as she pulled her self off the wall seeing her love in the distance trying too keep her painful expression of her feet from her face ::

Anaya: Anaya moved getting up from the throne walking lightly on graced feet a little closer to get a good look at the new one she had bin told about by her little one the day before. "so you are the one my little Elana was talking about she gave you a good word said she thought you where sweet. you hold her blessing i guess. i think she said Haku something was your name. welcome to the lands of the Rose io do hope you don't mind it here, we don't bite to hard to new ones " Anaya gave that creepy draconic grin rows on rows of needle sharp teeth and hook like fangs ringing the inside of her mouth, it was like a sharks mouth just with viper fangs. turning around she walked back to the glowing white ash tree in the center of her halls. looking over her shoulder hearing another small voice "All are welcome here, come in and we can see what place you both can fit best, it depends if you are looking for family we are always looking for loyal ones to adopt into the rankings of being Rose Royals, or if you are simply looking for placement in this empire as fighters or healers or well any place you see as fitting you. what are you interested in " she turned and walked past her ash tree and to her thrones . "you both can come and sit if you like "

HakuAkuheiKaravicks: "Thank you, I am a fighter in T1, my lover is more a healer, and I am more the type to teach her the things she is learning in time. We both are looking for a family in the DeLaRose Empire, with the fact I am a fighter, and on the void plane of existence for a reason to understand what a reject is to the world we breath in today. Without a mind, trouble, or aspect which is forgiving...Some things which I trust in the family respects which I hope to pass on my abilities to the one who loves me in due time. Those are my goals with my lover, the goals we come in common favor, and simplistic terms are as you spoke for family assets which hope to improve or gain respect the same way as learning." -Goes to take a seat slowly as he would sit with his honor near by the right side.-

KiyohimeAkuhei: :: She went too sit bedside's her lover's side as she spoke softly on the walk to the chair ''I am a healer ma'am and looking for family also as my lover said'' she smiled slightly once more and slowly took a seat upon the chair as she allowed her heel's to fall too the ground from her finger's as she sighed softly and leaned back too relax a bit too ease her mind of the pain as she glanced around at the room speaking softly again ''Lovely place miss it is peaceful it seems'' ::

Anaya: Anaya smiled as she liked his words and she was always looking for new fighters and loyal members to her family. "in this family we only ask a couple things, if you wish to be of the crown we ask for you to be able to take the name of the crown, so a child , brother or sister or well a royal. it shows loyalty and the power to want to be with us, simply shows us YOU want to be with us and you wish to be with us for the long run. and in family we ask loyalty as we are large and yes " she nodded her head to the female "it is peaceful now but it can get wild in here, this is a place of fire and brimstone, for i am a dragon and i rule over all with iron claws. and a lot of the ones here are of the darkness and some of the light as we offer safety, food, drink and friendship to all that wish it. and both healers and fighters are needed for they keep the balance in combat and in an empire. but we try not to fight as much as we can, i am still young in this body but i don't want to go crushing this one like i sadly did my last one. so do you wish to be a brother, sister, or adopted child to the crown? or wish a home as a member or the fighting and member force?"

HakuAkuheiKaravicks: "I agree, I will take the name, and we got our marriage pack today. So been waiting for the approval to get put forth before we change our name."

Anaya: "then here and now i here adopt and take you in Haku as my brother here in this family or great royals as well as your beloved as your love and my sister in law, together in this family we will stand beside one another as family, a trust , honor , and in greatness, hard times and sorrow. welcome my dears be proud to be in this family and make our name shine, HakuDeLaRose and KiyohimDeLaRose, you are now both of the Rose, and will learn wall even in flawless beauty we still hold thorns" ((i will give the web page link please make a log in i will send the badges out and add your names to our rankings welcome to the family we are happy to have you ))

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Top50escapebyyasnychandoorsescapeforestprincess-150c291beddc9a6e1cd835baeeebdd5d_h_zpsc6bf4cb1

Riiarra: Skyla walked slowly through the woods, yawning a bit with a small sheet of raindrops from trees above her fell coldly on her. Her boots clinked against the stone as she walked but then she stopped as she spotted a building in the fog. "Hmm, now..." she took off with a faster pace, wanting to get out of the cold, and shivered slightly. When she came upon the door she knocked steady and put her back to the wall beside it, popping a bubbles with her home-made bubble gum and pulling her thick brown hair hair into a long, curly, tight ponytail, and pulled her hoold over her head. waiting for an answer

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne and walked to the door pushing it open with a clawed white scaled hand. the albino dragon ladys bright red eyes shimmered in the shadowed empire. "well what do we have here" she said in that
rasp hiss like voice.

Riiarra: The voice made Skyla jump, but she raised an eye brow at the hand and voice. "Uh.." She stammered for a moment. "You have Skyla now ma'am." She couldn't help laughing at herself a bit, then shivered in her hoody popping another bubble silently.

Anaya: Anaya opend the door as her white silks swayed in the nice air . "well then come inside from the cold. i cant have a skyla frozzen on my door step now can i" Anaya turned and started to walk her long tail swaying behind her as she made her way past her white oken tree to her thrones.

Riiarra: "Well that was much more welcoming then most.." She muttered under her breath and walked in politly shutting the dorr behind her and followed the woman, studing her, wondering what she was. But she only stood there with her hands in her pockets unspeaking.

Anaya: Anaya turned her head with a grin as she winked "dont count chickens before they hatch little dove" the dragon was how can you place it, unpredictable, and unstable at times. "come sit, what brought you here this night, it is lat and cold, did you get lost? this place is well not the lightest place around"

Riiarra: Skyla carefully took a seat tucking her tail near her. "What brings me here..." She thought for a moment. "A lot of things but lets start simple. I wasn't lost I just came where trails lead me." She looked to the ground thinking over and over the other reasons why.

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: Zyphus yawned, waking up from his place in the guest bedroom, and heading down the stairs. he had figured he could leave and come back in when the queen was there, but that didn't seem to be a choice anymore. His feet tapped nervously and the young half half stepped onto the main floor, trying to figure out what to do.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the girl and tilted her head "your mind holds thoughts and ponders, tell me what brought you here other then your feet, what is it you look for?" the dragon was a wise old woman even in a younge body she held the mind of an elder and that would never change. Anayas bright red eyes moved over to the male comeing down from the upper halls and she studdyed him the last time she met him she was sleepy and did not remember him very well. "good to see you up...." she had forgotin his name but the dragon did not care much, he was new he would get her remembering his name some time or another.

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: He nodded. "Queen Anaya, I trust you are well?" He asked, and swallowed, looking around and heading for the tree. He jumped up into it, and sat inbetween two branches.

Anaya: Anaya moved her hand as the tree moved on its own and the breanch he was jumping on moved out of the way and it thrusted back moving to hit him hard in the center of the back (like the wamping willow from harry potter ) as she simply smiled "better once you learn no one touches that tree. soon it will be moved from her i have a secret and safer place for it"

RiiarraRiiarra WhisperAdd Friend: She waited for them to finish before speaking again, "If you wouldn't mind ma'am I would prefer I state those reasons in privet to you." Skyle caoughed once the wrapped her arms around her waste.
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Anaya: "that is fine, if you wish i can bring you to my meeting hall and we can talk just you and i, i know the others here can do things to use up there time wall i am talking with you "
Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: He snarled as he was smashed into the ground, and rubbed his nose, which had broken and was now bleeding. "God damn it." He snarled, his angry side coming out, and he adjusted his nose, letting the bone set before the healing process began. He grumbled and headed for the kitchen, now royally pissed rather than just nervous.

Riiarra: "That would be great ma'am." Skyla coughed again, but sneezed, wondering if she was starting to have a cold.

Anaya: Anaya smiled as she watched her tree work as it was as alive as she was and she was the one that got it to do all it did. "well now you will learn for next time" she walked to the girl and placed out a clawed hand "come and we can talk "

Riiarra: Nodding she took the hand sneeze again away from woman wiping her nose with her sleeve a bit.

Anaya: the tree in the center of the room started to shimmer as its roots where all in the empire and as the male was in the dining hall a root came up from the ground and hit him in the face then went back down.

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: "Really?' he asked, eyes wattering as his nose broke. again. "I'm going to hurt her..." He muttured, and set his nose. Again. "That fucking hurts."He said, looking down at the blood on the table

Anaya: The tree in the center of the room gave a light move as soem of its show white leaves flowed into the other room landing all around him.

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: "Is this apology, or trap?" He wondered aloud, and summoned wind to him, curiously he took a leaf into his hand.
Anaya: the leaf moved on its own and flowed into the other room wanting him to come with it as it bumped on the bassment door.
Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: He sighed and followed the leaves to the door, opening it and heading down the stairs cautiously
Anaya: this bassment doot went to a diffrent room then Anaya was in a diffrent part that was all over the underside the tunles of the deep empire. large roots moved down the steps growing larger as he went down the steps seeming to go on forever as the rooms started to get as large as a car and a light shimmered at the end of the tunle.

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: He muttered to himself as he approached the end of the tunnel, still worried he was headed to a trap...

Anaya: A large room opens up with a GIANT dragon bone body hanging from tree roots as a voice rings soft in the air, it was the trees voice "someone had to see it, it needed to be seen, before being moved "

Guest_ZypheusDeLaRose: He blinked, not understanding what he had seen. Yet, he knew who to ask, that icy warrior who seemed to blend into the walls here. He nodded. "I understand..." He said slowly, and locked the images into his memory.... Making sure they would never be lost before whispering the words of a cleansing wind, and turning around.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mean Wile In The Basement~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Riiarra: Skyle looked around quiet amazed by the designing. "Okay so.." she gulped slowly. "I came because well one I need a new home and.. is there anything you can tell me about Amaya.. or maybe more recently known as Mishka?" She looked away preparing for anything.

Anaya: Anaya picked up a head from the dish at the side of her basement throne as she moved her mouth to bite into the top of it crushing the skull like it was nothing. "she is dead, she was killed a long ass time ago by my own claws why do you wish to know about her?" Anaya was now interested in this girl more then before as she placed the head back down to sit in its own blood and 4 other human heads in the dish.

Riiarra: "Because I was related to her..." She looked again back at Anaya. Grabbing her elbow gritting her teeth a bit.

Anaya: "how so ?" Anayas cold red eyes moved along the girl it had bin a very long time since the death of her once friend Amaya. it was sad how it came to an end, but it had to at one point,

Riiarra: "I was her daughter..." Skyla dug her nails into her skin. "I want nothing to do with the past just simply what she was like."

Anaya: "she was a good woman, even up to the end, it was said how it all ended, but at times we all have to fade away. but know she was a good mother and woman, a strong woman"

Riiarra: "She wasn't a very good mother." memories stirred but she shook them away. "Aside from Amaya, I am looking for a home."

Anaya: "so you come to the one that killed your mother, what a choice i do say " Anaya let a smile move over her lips, as she looked to the girl. "you are welcome in my home, we are looking for members for the empire, and we treat all like family even if they are not "

Riiarra: "Heh, even if that means putting up with me?" she smirks a bit. "I've always been told I've been a bit of a brat.."

Anaya: "the other children will get along with you fine. they are my little ones and they can be royal pains in the backside as well, you can be a friend to them "

Riiarra: "Children?" Skyle giggled. "I'm 19." again she popped a bubbles silently looking to the floor/

Anaya: "and one is pushing his hundreds. inside the heart we are all children"

Riiarra: Her eyes widened, "I guess I should remember I'm not from around here..."

Anaya: "what race are you little one, you are so young and so pure seeming, it is a new thing to myself as i am to you "

Riiarra: "I'm.. I'm a wolf vampire hybrid." Skyla coughed and swayed her tail around a little bit.

Anaya: "you will get along well with the adopted vampire children, and it will be nice for them to have a friend that is not a sibling"

Riiarra: "Hmm I suppose it's interesting that you're so welcoming even though I was so close to Amaya.. did you have any idea of what she said about you?"

Anaya: Anaya simply looked at her and vanishes away to head to bed the soft words in the wind whispered "sadly i new all to well what she said about me, it is why i took her life from her hands."

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Full_moon_by_novawuff-d31hu1z_zps0c34013a
Emptiness, true undefined emptiness rests in the eyes of the wolf, i long to be with you again, but dreams can be shattered. i love you Anaya

The Feelings where hidden in the mass of misunderstanding and confutation, why did she not love me? Why was i only a toy to her? Did she care at all in the words she said to me? Do i turn back? Do i run away? He had no understanding no response to his questions. Crome looked back at the dark shadowed outline that was once his empire. He had stayed in a inn for a wile but in time once the keepers found out he was feasting on a maid sent to clean his bed chamber a week earlier they kicked him out only saying another maid and cleaner lost and that they had to get a new one, Crome only thought in a town ruled by a dragon he guessed it happened a lot more then he thought. Moving from the town light post he was siting on top  of he jumped to the ground with a thump, the only thing in his head was the note he left for his beloved Lady Anaya, he went over the words in his mind.
Dear Anaya

My Love; my Sweet ... I look back at the years that we shared together, how amazing my time with you was. Sometimes it breaks my heart to go that far back down the road and be reminded of how much I loved you; how much we loved each other. I have never felt a love so magnificent and immaculate than that of which I had in my heart for you. How could two people that felt as if they could never live without each other, now become so distant and far apart? How can a love that was meant to last, crumble right before our very eyes? What happened to our love ... what happened to us?

I would've never thought that I would ever have to question or doubt what we had. You're an amazing woman, Anaya, you've helped me to discover my dreams and inspired me to become the Man not beast that I've always dreamed of becoming. I am a better person because of you - because you believed in me, because you love me. I love you dearly, Anaya, with all my heart.

I look into your eyes and I see a love that is very much still there, but no longer radiant and alive. I don't believe that we grew apart, my love, but we began to grow differently. Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we will travel down the same path once again, until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

Unconditionally yours,

A Tear fell down the Beats face as he lowered his head remembering how he left the note on her silken pillow, how he kissed her as she slept and vanished into the night, did she even notice he was gone?, did she care about him at all? Did she change reading the words? it was a shame how he did not know she did, she changed a lot, the dragon missed her lover more then anything and she waited for him to come home to her and into her arms once more. Anaya wanted her lover back so badly it pained her, But Crome never new. He moved from the post simply to whisper “i will forever love you my beloved Lady Anaya, my friend , mistress and whole world. One day i will hold you again, i promise you. When you need me i will be there, i give that vow to you.” the beast looking like a Wargon on the outside but really a fire hound on the inside turned his back on the empire tears in his large yellow eyes as he walked away into the town to try and find a gas bar and maby get a meal or something to eat before heading out into the darkness of the night.

Anaya moved in her bed that night, she remembered how she found the note and it brought a tear to her eyes as she sat up in her bed, the dragon moved to her window and looked to the note she had attached to the glass, she would read it once more in her head and the tears fell from her eyes, she hit her hands on the window ledge and screamed out the window in sorrow and pain falling to her knees her back pressed on the wall. She held a crumpled up parchment in her fingers as she opens it up and red it our loud to herself.

I could tell you that I will never be enough for you that I will not compromise, and will not put up with anything that I don’t want to and don’t have to. But the truth still remains that whenever I do anything for you it is out of love and out of the fact that I want to do it. Never have I felt like I am doing something out of any obligation or any sort of compliance and that self-sacrificing feeling becomes my base of love for you. I love you much more than you will ever know, and I am glad that I finally found you. My Crome silver tongue, my Hero in the darkness and my light in my own madness.”

The tears rolled down the dragons face, blue tears of blood for she new she was to late to get back the man she loved. He was gone and he was not coming back, it was another thing her madness took from her a long time ago. “Crome if you can hear me i love you, fuck Crome i fucking love you!!” she screamed at the roof as she hit her hands on the floor cringing in a ball tears staining her white hair and face. “i need you, come home to me i will wait lifetimes for you, just come home” she balled like a child there on that cold floor, a child waiting for the one they truly love to come home.

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending First-lesson-kerem_zpse39c5462
"it is alright my child I will keep you forever safe, as you are blood of my blood and forever you will remain"

Anaya: Anaya moved from the far side of the river taking her silver steel and gem incrusted dagger and washing it in the clean pure water of the stream “today i do an act of wrong doing, but i do it for the right reasons.” she looked up to the sky holding up the dagger to gain the blessing from her winged gods “sky keeper grant me your blessing, grant me the power to change a soul from one body to another, grant me the glory of giving life, give me the power of a elder and give me your blessing” as she moved the dagger and kissed its silver handle the dagger glowed blue then went back to its non glowing ways. “this will be done right” she said as she picked up two small eggs she had found on her travels, one she found in Kentor and the other she had taken from another female black dragons nest after killing the mother. She placed both eggs carefully in a sack, wrapping the dagger in a black cloth and placing it back in its safe black box then putting it in the sake as well she shifted to her true form. A towering albino white dragon of judgement and divine retribution. She did not need to fly she was not that far from home so with lumbering steps she walked over the stream, standing a good 140 feet from the ground it was not a hard task to step over the water . She spotted home and walked up to the doors pushing them open with her maw as she held the sack in them carefully.

VeritaRayneMorte: Verita leaning against a wall would feel butterflies of anticipation as she awaited the arrival of her mother within the Great Halls of the DeLaRose Castle, something was about to happen this eve, the darkness of night descending upon the outside of the overly large dwelling like the arms of a long forgotten lover embracing its long existant flame. Verita's silvery hues scan left then right as they pick up slight vibrations looming ever forward towards the kingdom, the scent carrying through the air would she inhale deeply allowing it to fill her nasal cavities as it fills her lungs so completely. Her momma was nearing she could feel her, could sense her, knowing the rooms would be full of light, full of noise, full of hustle bustle of chitter chatter for this was a very important night for evryone concerned. Finally the great doors open, Verita leans forward to get a better glimpse at the door, top lip curling upwards as a small flash of white can be seen from semi extended fangs she smiles ever brighter to see her beloved momma Anaya appear. Leaving her spot by the wall she moves one foot in front of the other, hips swaying from side to side with each seemingly silent footstep taken until she reaches the woman and lifts both hands to grip shoulders and pull her into a tight hug. "Welcome home momma you have been missed."

Anaya: Anaya let a grin come over her scaled face as the dragon blinked geting her head huged as it moved into the doors, Verita must have bin so in antisipathion with the upcomeing event she hat not noticed she was only huging a giant nose. Softly Anaya moved her maw lower to lay the sack with both the eggs and her blessed dagger on the hard floor careful not to harm them with setting them down. "i have missed you as well my gem of the red sea, i hope you have eaten and readyed yourself for the days events" she nuzzled her girl the voice of the dragon not comeing from her lips as she never moved them but only from her mind and into the world around her.

VeritaRayneMorte: Verita shakes her ead and laughs to the nose she was now hugging, nervous anticipation filling her she lets out a soft breath as she releases and nods to the dragon. "Yes momma I am well fed and ready although alittle nervous as to what to expect>"

JustinMinick: -As Gaia opened a multi-dimensional rift through creating massive amounts of vibrations in the atoms around him his armor shining brightly even though it was black; his beige hair sweeping back and forth to the side as he stood tall at his full height of seven feet- eight inches. His blackened singed flesh looking like scales of a serpent as his eyes twinkled with bright crimson globes for iris’s and a pitch black obsidian like pupil. As he stood awaiting the creation of the portal, the gravitational pull increased in its direction causing the blood based lake to swell upward toward the accumulating amount of pressure being pushed into one area as it began to create the vacuum effect. As it continued on it the vacuum stopped, and a loud clap was heard as the portal was then forged, and awaiting use; as Gaia stood looking at his handy work, he clasped his hands together concentrating the aura about him forming his scythe. As the long handle formed the blade on the very base of the weapon was formed, as the red handle ran further up across his back forming the top end of the scythe that held the large blade. As the blades were now finished forming, on the very top main blade strings reached outward and wrapped around it pulling it toward the handle making it sit at an angle; then bones sprouted from the red, a rib cage to be exact, as a skull formed at the top of the blade only being finished at the half way point as the skull was just missing the jaw. As the scythe was now finished constructing, a pure leather strapped snapped out and wrapped around the handle, and held it tightly to Gaia’s back; Gaia then looked down to the insignia on his chest piece of armor that soon snapped its crooked razor like teeth. Its red ruby like eyes glowing with extreme brightness as the marking continued to try to bite out at anything within reaching distance except the other parts of the armor. This insignia now held his alternate personality that would gain control when it need be called upon for more power. Gaia would soon look up at the portal as he then pressed forth into its depths, coming to the dimension of the DeLaRose empire, as work now called for his attention; his duty to protect the family. His appearance outside of the walls of the empire, created a large crater from massive amounts of heat would poor from the multi-dimensional rift’s radioactive atoms that altered the molecular structure of the ground causing its disintegration. As Gaia looked about the area he saw nothing of threat or interest as he moved onward to the doors, at the moment of arrival he pressed the doors open as gently as he could to ensure nothing got broken whilst his metal boots clinked on the ground softly. As he was assured he had not broken anything he moved on through the gateways frame, going on to the main chambers of the empire as he soon saw the white tree limbs of the odd species of tree that he had yet to find in any other dimension. He continued on his way and perched himself along the usual area, laying his torso to rest on the pillar next to him as his skeletal lips curved upward further causing flakes of bone to fall and click lightly on the ground.- Hello everyone. -He ran his left hand through his hair as he spoke moving a few stray strands from his eyes.- What is new?

Anaya: Anaya moved her nose to the sack holding both eggs the one of her to be reborn into and the one of her to be adopted brother. "today i will kill you, i will take my claw and run it into your gut, killing you fully, i will then take one of the eggs from that bag and place your soul and my pureest blood into it, in there you will grow and i care for you, and in some days from now you will hatch" ((1 days time)) "you will hold all memorys of being who you are, yourself your past just will gain a new body being made into a blood child of mine, and being made a pure blood dragon, your scales will depend on what you are inside, you can be a judgment with any color scale you wish, or as black as the night sky as i was, your power and form will all depend on what your scales are" she looked up seeing justin and noded her head to him "it is a large day for this empire Justin i am glad you could be here with us "

FeatherHailfrost: Elena opened her bedroom door open just a crack so that she could see what was going on. She heard voices but wasn't sure who or what was awaiting her. She sighed and wrapped her blankets around her as she ran down the stairs, her feet bare. She reached the bottom and looked around. She spotted her mother and her sister. There was some other man but what haunted her the most were her mother's words. She had caught wind of this plan but had lost track of time. "Sister is dying today?" she asked softly.

JustinMinickJustinMinick Whisper: -He nodded slowly as he looked at his singed hands pretending he still had fingernails.- So what may I expect this fine day? -His eyes now returning focus onto the inhabitants as his position never shifted from his perch, whilst his razor like teeth were still stained in blood from his previous engagement. As his eyes slowly shifted to pentagrams and his eye brow bent upward creating a slight arc of interest.-

VeritaRayneMorte: Verita lifts hands palcing them to her flushed and reddened cheeks as she nods towards her momma hearing all she had to say. The thoughts of being stabbed by her momma was becoming less appealing as he minutes drew on yet this was what she had wanted for the longest time, and knew that once the process was complete would all feel better for it. Verita attempting to take everything in would she receive information overload as she nodded and blined several times, hues looking all around her she dips her head towards her sister, brothr and their newest guest to the kingdom Justin. Without anymore hesitation she nodded once more to her momma "Lets do this."

VeritaRayneMorteVeritaRayneMorte Whisper: { Nearly 2am epic spelling fail DX }
Anaya: Anaya moved lifting her one large five toed and clawed for foot and wraped her frount fingers around her baby girl, her for claw pointed at her guy just touching the skin "it will not hurt to much" it was a blunt lie, it was going to be the worst pain the girl would feel in her life, the stab then the fact holy would eat into her body, not turning her to ash just makeing all her inside orgens shut down, one after another. with a fast movment she stabed her claw in runing it in one side and out the other. the dragons face was cold and lifeless lifetimes of killing had made her that way she did not show it anymore, it was that simple. "the faster the better" she said the words not comeing from her mouth as always and only sounding in the room as if brought by the wind to the ears around them all. she pulled her claw from her childs gut and let her little girl fall into her open scaled palm brining her gently to the floor.
FeatherHailfrost: Elena nearly screamed as she watched her mother kill her sister. She gulped and turned away just as her mother finished it. She closed her eyes and attempted to keep whatever

JustinMinick: -Gaia only smiled more causing plates of bone to fall from his face as his scythe glinted slightly in the lighting of the room whilst this reminded him of the times he had destroyed life, and what brought him to the insanity he knows now today. He smiled warmly to these thoughts as he remembered Purgatory’s restless realm, where none were at rest for torture, where he spent thirteen billion years to develop the capability to withstand massive amounts of pain. Watching this display of merciless killing made his mouth water nearly as his tastes in death were rather controversial to others that preferred a traditional fast death, where Gaia liked to watch the pain.- Hehe. -His voice light in a whisper as thoughts of death cloud every part of his mind while he awaited to see what would happen next; a question raging in his mind, “Would there be screams of agony?” his eyes filling with delight from these thoughts as he kept his stance in his respective area that he liked.-

VeritaRayneMorte: Verita to feel the embrace of her momma she would feel surprisingly calm until she felt an ice cold pain shoot through her stomach, the coldness rippling throughout her body she would lay upon the floor away from her mommas grip as she then hears a scream. A scream not leaving her throat but the throat of her sister Elena, a sudden and excruciating pain followed by heat began to rise and hit her body as it began to consume every inch of her from the inside out. Slamming hands palm down onto the cooled floor beneath her she begins to writhe around in agony as one by one her organs began to shut down yet not a single sound left her body as she bit down so hard onto her lower lip it would be enough to draw blood. First to be eaten by the holy was her liver, followed by pancreas and kidneys, next to be attacked was her heart as each vital organ began to dissolve and dissipate from within her. Arching and rising upwards she tries to stifle screams as she continued to bite down upon her lower lip, droplets of blood rolling down the sides of her face towards her neck as she finally gives in and with parted lips screams so loud it would be ear piercing and soul shattering as last but not least her brain finally shut down leaving her all but an empty shell. An eerie silence now falling upon the DeLaRose kingdom Verita falls backwards and slumps to the floor lifeless and void of anything.

VeritaRayneMorteVeritaRayneMorte Whisper: {{ She as just killed me }}
Anaya: Anaya looked upon her dead child and felt the blood run over her claws, she killed her own child, it was sadning but needed to be done with her next move she moved her maw to lightly pick up a black egg from the sack and push out the black box holding her blessed dagger. slowly she moved Veritas body to the floor and took the dagger in two of her very mobile claws "now my part and my pain " with that the dragon moved her own hand and with that blessed dagger she slashed over her chest deep enough to spill blood down onto the body of her little girl and the egg as well. the egg started to glow a bright blue as it took in the dragons blood making her the eggs mother by blood and DNA blueprinting, then slowly she took her maw and still spilling bright blue blood onto the floor she softly bit into Veritas chest, bot not breaking the skin. the dragon was not biteing the body but biteing the soul grabing it and puling it out in a large blue orb. she then took it in her maw and then lowered it down to the egg placeing the soul from one vessal to the next. Anaya fell to the floor to her frount legs, lossing that much blood was hard on even a large dragon, and the blood was still pooling, it would stop but it was a pain and weakaning her. she moved her head and neck around the eggs taking both of them in her forarms holding them ot her bleeding chest, blood flowing from her into them, even if she did not mean to some of the blood was going to end up in the second egg making it blood to the first and blood to herself. "you are blood of my blood and forever you shall stay."

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Everyone from the other demensions thought he was dead. that perfect blonde haired mask wearing look alike was perfect for him to escape. He was finally back home where he needed to be. He had taken a weeks vacation out in the forest where his slender figure had stayed plastered to a tree. He simply watched every cloud stroll by, as if driven by angels in a hurry to go back and please the gods. He scoffed some and gripped his dainty fingers around the tree branch with both hands. He was a full 40 feet in the air, about 2 miles out in the DeLaRose forest, away from the other kingdom where his worries laid. No one would miss him. His children barely knew him, his ex wife hated him, he had no friends other than his brother, Jaurl, and on top of that, He came back home only to find that he had been forgotten. It was like he was dead all over, but not now. Everyone was awaiting the prince's return. He didn't like being called the prince anymore due to his long absence and methodical assassinations with euphoric thoughts thrown into each gentle sweep of life. Jeff was a sadist, in a way. He enjoyed pain. He however, was always afraid of chains. They always got to him. He grunted to himself and closed his baby blue eyes, and let himself fall. His telekentic aura picked up which could be felt for miles. The radius being a pure 800 feet,1600 around in circumfrance. His scythe hung on his back as well as his claymore. The scythe was a nice 7'5. The blade being 3'2. His claymore was a 6 foot blade with a 2 foot handle, which Jeff could weild in one hand due to his vampiric strength. Both of them weighed the same. 50 pounds. Jeff was 6'1, 160 pounds of slender muscle. His indents on his stomach were a key of how well he took care of himself. Right before he hit the ground, he felt himself lift, and then his feet place lightly on the ground, slowing himself before hitting. He then, began his walk toward home. As he got through the door, after his body sped through the woods at about 300 miles an hour, he felt himself slow as he gripped the door knob, and then, he casually walked in as if he hadn't been gone a week. He tossed his back pack, holding every supply he needed in there and shoved a smoke through the hole drilled in his mask that covered his bow shaped lips, which covered porciline fangs, which covered his aphrodisac venom, which also laced through his blood stream. Jeff was oozing sexual tension. He yawned and stomped his feet on the rug, sending a vibration through the earth that allowed the blind boy to see. He moved over to the couch, zipping up his hoodie and brushing some of the yellow strands out of his crystalized hues. His stone washed jeans had tiny patches of mud on it due to his wrestling that bear he found. Blood on Jeff's jacket, now that was usual. He cracked his neck and lit the nicotine stick with his pyrokebnisis, generating enough heat from his body. He exhaled. "Good to be home." With his silken voice.

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JustinMinick: -Gaia rests his chin on the ground doing his usual lazy thing, as he wraps his tail about his figure and begins sleeping due to absolute boredom. With a loud huff from his nose; causing a large amount of dust to flourish upward in a spiral while his wings tucked in to his body making him look like a large black bump in the stone, blending quite well.-

Anaya: Anaya was siting on the ground before her thrones as she tossed a ring around the blade stuck in the stone in the centre of the room where her tree once was before she moved it to a safer home. Anaya flicked her white tail back and forth as she moved to kick off her heels and toss them on the side of the throne. she got up and walked to her throne and sat down, sleepy from the days events.

AxlSantekSikuma: ~The dust rose softly through the Valleys, The sands softly swayed around Axl's form, His wing flutters softly in the wind, the sky was dusk, the darkness had settled in the distance the sky was hung with the watercolours of orange and ethereal purple. Axl stood in the Valley his attire was that similar to those of the darker side of the law. The chains swayed softly with each step resonating against one another with a soft clank and ringing chime. His boot's thumped heavily against the dried sun bleached ground the howls of the wolf heard in the distance rang into Axl's ears with twisted delight. The nights had became longer, the travel extensive, Axl had finally after days of travelling reached the DeLaRose Castle, Held tightly in his hand was a royal crown. Clinched between his teeth was a simple tobacco rolled cigarette which he occasionally puffed on as he made his way through town. The inhabitants of the city had met eyes with Axl, his gaze seemed to peer past ones very soul giving them the feeling of maggots crawling underneath there flesh. Axl's presence could be felt from afar, his presence was rather malicious. There before his eyes the door to the DeLaRose Castle, a place he once known as Home, he had a mission to return the crown back to it's rightful owner, he knew by entering these halls he was in hostile environment, not that he really gave a damn to begin with, but he felt it was onyl proper to return that crown to it's rightful owner, even though he was the reason for her rebirth. Axl reached the door as he would cloak his single bloody wing around his form extending his clawed fist out to hit the door twice to ring out a loud knock, he stood in waiting of his invitation.~

JustinMinick: -As the sound waves permeated through out the area hitting the very innards of his ears that woke him quickly, he then stood to his full height then made his over toward the door that had awaken him from his slumber whilst his eyes illuminated a bright fiery beige. While travelling down the corridor he thought to himself “Annoying,” whenever something disturbed his lazy moments he found it to be a large annoyance, though he did not view it in a hostile sense unless it was hostile toward him or the ones he must protect. Upon reaching the wooden door he spun around on his hind legs flicking his tail into the handle of one of the doors, then opened it slowly; after doing so he moved his form back to the main hall where his favourite pillar was in which he could relax more.-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne, long snow white hair hung over her shoulders and brushed on the peeks of lush full breasts. she walked slowly on her wat to the door before seeing Gaia get up from his sleeping spot to open it with his tail, she thought to herself how wonderful it was to see a lazy ass misfit guard of her own race, her face was blank and not really impressed with him. she looked out the doors seeing it was simply a guest and turned around and walked back to her throne, stopping a mere moment she looked in the centre of her empire, her tree was no longer there, it was saddening . Anaya let out a soft sigh and brushed her hair from her shoulders and still smiled she new it was in a much safer place then it was before. her soul hidden away from the poking eyes of men. The dragon looked out as she turned her head siting down in her throne to the one coming into her home. "Welcome to the land of the Rose i am Lady Anaya Ruler here, if you wish food or drink there can be some fetched for you, we have maids here so it can be done. but please don’t eat them we need to get more 4 died last week for my own eating habits so please don’t add to it." the dragon rubbed her head as she blinked a couple times. something flickered in her mind as she could feel something she did not before. but with a shrug she passed it off as nothing.

JonSoulKnightShepard: ~The day was young for this man as he thought of travelling in between realms today and wanted to venture into new lands. As this was a simple thought upon this man’s mind, soon the clouds outside began to come together as if it was going to rain and thunder soon could be heard as something was approaching. As the thunder was rumbling outside no rain was present at all and soon lightning began to flash. As one bolt of lightning soon smashed in towards the ground, The lightning began igniting a tree as the man appeared in the blink of an eye. As the tree began to burn quickly he moved towards the burning tree and sucked up the fire with his breath as if it was nothing and soon began to take in the sights around him. He noticed the swamp area and a dwelling soon. He began to march his way towards the dwelling and began to knock upon it with a smirk upon his face.~

Guest_cthabomb: - As the day kept aging around the beautifull yet quiet castle, the young being dressed with swirling shadows would walk towards the first steps of the stairs that welcomed beings into the castle itself. When reaching the strong, thick doors that housed the entrance of the castle, the young being would let a quick grin skid towards the corner of his lips, tainting his facial features with doubt to those who would lay eyes on him. The doors themself seemed to open willingly to the rare source of energy that would venture inside the being's body. At times, some venturing sparks would seem to escape the hold that his body posed, dancing and twirling in the air a few times. The action itself causing small dents in the fabric of what most would consider reality. Without hesitation, the male would venture inside the hallway that welcomed him, trails of shadow constantly swaying with the breeze as he moved forward. When reaching what it seemed to be the main room, the young male would scan around a bit, as if trying to remember the place he was now in.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet enters the castle halls from her long day of training and hunting around in the hot area of the forest right near the DeLaRose kingdom, she didn't have her hooded cape with her because the heat was very high in the numbers and her skin was already a tanner color than usual along with a hint of red on parts of her skin, she wipes the sweat from her face and waves at everyone she knew hoping they didn't mind the way she dressed tonight since her shoulders and part of her legs were showing-

Anaya: Anaya blinked a couple times as she looked up to spot another guest at the doors and her brother walk inside. "BAN" she yelled as she hoped up from her throne and like a small kid she bolted to him and jumped into his arms. she had not seen her brother for years it was almost liek he left but she new he would always come home to her. The dragon woman huged her brother tightly as she looked to the new guest and pointed inside. "go in and make yoursaelf at home. you need food dont eat my maids or mess anything up please, i just cleaned the floors" she smiled as she spoted her little sister scarlet and snuggled her face into ban "i have not sen you in EVER brother "

AxlSantekSikuma: ~Axl made his way inside the De La Rose, an expression that was avidless would appear upon his lips as he made his way inside, following all the way to the throne his clawed hand grazed softly over the sword in the center of the room his claws played softly upon it as he stood in silence for a moment, his other hand which held the crown of the De La Rose, now Imbedded with a strange power to it, there was a hint of mystery surrounding the crown as if something had been attached to it, the power resonated softly yet was familier to Anaya. Axl held the crown as he twirled it upon his claw as he peered to her spinning it upon his finger as he peered to the area the tree had once sat, he remained silent yet he knew she would recognize this crown simply by the symbols upon it, even if her old memories where wiped away.~

ScarletEveDeLaRose: Scarlet looked and started rubbing her eyes thinking they might have been playing tricks on her again since they were blurry a few days ago- “Is that you Ban?” –she said because she was a bit surprised to see him back after what seemed like a long time- “holy gold. It is”

Anaya: Anaya let go of her brother as she turned around her flawless white form turning and the look on her face as if in a trance "what is that feeling" she muttered as she looked back at her brother and smiled huging him once more "i need to do something" kissing him on the cheek she turned and held her tail up to full mass and walked over to the silent stranger. "and who are you"

JonSoulKnightShepard: ~Beeing let in to the Castle Shepard notice it was a full house today and did not wish to make a fool of himself. He note because this was not his realm and this was uncharted territory he should stay on his best behavior. “Greetings my name is Jon Shepard and this is a nice place here.” He spoke this with a smirk still upon his face and saw a giant dragon. ~ I take it I am in the lair of dragons it seems.~ He took note of all the dragonic marking and the one that seem to be staring at him in the face. He always loved dragons at a young age and have come across many in his travels across the world.~

Guest_cthabomb: - The young creature would chuckle at the sight of her actions and words. As she spoke to him so happily, the male's eyes seemed to drift to the side, looking around the castle as if not believing how much the place has improved with its colors and new vibes that he was surelly feeling. Coming back to his senses for a bit, the male reached up to the female and pulled her closer, embracing her figure as he hugged her. " Yes dear sister, indeed it has been too long. You look full of energy, an aspect i missed the last time i passed by. Tell me doll, how has everything been?" The male replied to her words and greetings. Right when his words stoped, his eyes came to realize the figure of another figure near his sister's. He showed a gentle smile towards the other being as the shadows that covered him started to break away from his body for a few seconds, making a few strange movement patterns before returning back to its normal look.-

AxlSantekSikuma: ~His eyes peered to Anaya as he spoke "A Memory..." he spoke as he held out the Crown, he knew that once she had taken hold of the crown the memories of who he was, his story, his past and even perhaps his future would flash in her eyes. The crown was attached to axl bearing the memories of that fateful night, Once she had taken the crown into her hands, Axl would turn making his way towards the door, his expression was blank holding little to no emotion on his face, it was apparent that he had changed over time like the wind, he knew that as soon as she regained those memories of who he was it could either go one way, perhaps all those present would try to tear him apart where he stood or perhaps she would stop him for more questions. Yet he continued towards the door doing his best to elude any further complications or battle.~

Anaya: Anaya looked at it and looked up at Axl, "i dont want it" she backed up from the crown, she did not want to remember, did not want to change. "Why get somthing back so painful. i have gorwn bin told storys of the one that holds that crown and what it will do once i put it on but i dont want it. i dont want to be tormented anymore, i may not know your name right yet, but i know who you are, you are the one i loved once, the one i wanted to be with once, and the one that never came. but that was then and you came back this time" she let the crown fall to the ground a cling ringing in her halls. "this time i want to be me, not the madness i will remember myself as, and not the fire that killed me, and the fire that took what i loved" she almost had tears in her eyes but sucked them back. "you are forgiven, man i loved" she then snaped her fingers as a small imp picked up the large black Rose Crown and carryed it away into the bassment of the empire, only to be placed on her head if she wanted it to be. but it was safe and that is what mattered.

Guest_cthabomb: -Hearing the words that came out of the other female's mouth, he couldn’t help but to smile to see someone remembering him. His eyes scanned her figure a bit, the shadows that covered him would seem to dance and make those weird patterns again before he replied to her. " Indeed it is me. Im surprised im still remembered after how much my look and...being have changed. Im sure glad to have leaved those small marks in a few lives." The male replied with a soft yet firm tone, his tone carrying more positive energies than negative.-

JustinMinick: -Gaia then decided to shift down to his humanoid form, his bones crackling beginning at the top of his head and tail; as the tail retracted and the large snout dissipated, as his head came to a round shape, then came to have beige hair sprouting from it, that soon came to a level length that hung over his eyebrows. His tail retracted fully making his back straight as the scales began disappearing as well, while his hind legs became shorter, and human like; while the armor plating that was upon his back came to be shaped into around his body creating an insignia on the chest piece that barked out continuously in protest to anything Gaia disliked, the eyes on the insignia were rubies of fine cut while the design was intricate and difficult to follow. The armor that took to his form was pure black and seemed to be obsidian like in the lighting of the area; then the shoulder guards were ridged seeming to contain small canyons on their design, though it all connected as one piece. As the metal trousers formed Gaia stood with his singed flesh, and his lipless feature that showed off his very fatal teeth that would mortally wound one if he caught hold of them with them. Each tooth gleamed with the fresh bloodstains on the enamel all the while his wings of crimson sprouted out of the back of the monstrous being that now stood at seven feet, eleven inches whilst his scythe began to materialize from the oxygen atoms in the air that were manipulated to become titanium alloy atoms for the blade, and Hell forge for the handle. Upon finishing this transformation the young Dragon stood stretching out as he brushed his hand through his hair, then walked about without a hurried pace, but with leisure; his focus now returned to the task at hand which was protecting the royal blood, but he did mull over the memories of purgatory that gave birth to his alternate personality which he was truly grateful for. He could never be alone in all the times he spent in the empty halls, he really was speaking with himself in the dream world the alternate personality, while he then leaned against a pillar in thought and relaxation.-
AxlSantekSikuma: ~Axl tilted his head for a moment peering over his shoulder as he heard Anaya's words, he had completed his task and returned the crown, he simply nodded as he remained walking his wing wrapped tightly around his form. He passed the man who’s body had transformed, the sound of the bones cracking made a smile play upon his lips, he knew to a degree it was quite painful, Axl enjoyed such things. By the time Axl had reached the man he had shifted and taken form of a human-like appearance. Axl simply stepped around the man peering his eyes forward, making his way to the door his clawed fingers extended to the door to push it open, it was apparent Axl was leaving.~

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "I'm kind of surprised myself" -She nervously laughed- "as a reborn hybrid, I should have forgotten some people" -She then looks to the others as she went to take her seat looking around at what was going on- "hmm..."

Anaya: "you are welcome here if you wish it Royal Guard of the Rose" she then looked to the new face looking at Gaia as she walked over to the both of them slowly her white tail flicking behind her. "he is an interesting thing i do say don’t you think" her bright red dragon eyes looking over the new male as she let that grin come over her lips.

JonSoulKnightShepard: ~Looking upon the transformation of the dragon into a more humanoid form, he stroked his chin in amazement as he has not seen that done in sometime~ Considering some dragons are my family and others watch over me , I always find them the most cunning and strong of all beast. ~he spoke this looking directly at Ana.~

AxlSantekSikuma: ~He heard her words before leaving, he peered towards the door as he spoke "You wish me back as a Royal Guard." he spoke his voice rang out heavily as he cracked his neck from side to side. The Darkness twirls together dancing like crossed the walls in a rhythmic manner. The translucent shadows twisted and twirled together creating shapes of various creatures, they twisted together to create wolves, Dragons, some of the shapes even demonic in there appearance. The shadows soon swirled around Axl surrounding his form and cloaking his body with a sort of coat which had a simple hood upon it, The darkness swirled around his face creating the likeness of a crow, the beak grew from the darkness of the hood as the eyes glowed softly and hauntingly behind the mask, Axl chuckled softly as he twirled his right wrist as if he was holding something, as soon as the twirling stopped a blade shot forth from his coat forming in his hand as the ground cracked the blade revealed itself to the others. Axl smiled wickedly underneath his mask as his blade made itself known, The sword carried a presence of malice, evil and destruction with it and held no affinity to it's wielder, it was darker, more bloodthirsty. The edge of the blade decorated with a diamond edge coating, this helped the blade surpass any other blade with it's unique quality, the diamond edge could be used to turn any typical blade to nothing more than mere scraps of metal once used enough. Axl spun it once more as the darkness trailed behind it he would sheath it to his back as he ajusted his Hood turning back to face Anaya and the others he curved a sneer under his mask as he spoke "Why wish me back as a Guard when i killed you?"~

Anaya: "not many see us in that kind of light we are a darker kind of beast i would say, and i would advise not getting to close to him he can be well unstable at times" she smiled as she looked to Gaia and then looked back to the male "i am Anaya lead Elder here, Ruler over the Rose, i hope you do make yourself at home" she nodded her head snow white hair fell in her face as she turned to look at Axl "for if you wished to kill me for good you would not have given me the memory of my dead and you being the one doing it in the first place. you have bin forgiven and that is what matters now why the dragon did it but simply that it was done. the place is yours if you so wish it.

AxlSantekSikuma: ~He nodded for a moment, Kneeling down softly he placed his claws to the ground as he would peer down to the ground launching himself into the air, his body propelling to the ceiling as he would land upon the chandelier balancing himself, he remained squated above the others peering down to the floor, he remained away from the others peering down and watching like an owl or some creature of predatory , he watched in silence as he clinched his claws around the bars watching down below and remaining silent as death.~

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Anaya: Anaya looked down from the upper hall railing, she let out a sigh and jumped over it, she opens her wings so she almost floated down to the floor her cloth covered feed graced the floor and the flawless woman was on top of them. "like come on really does everyone have to smash open my doors like come on" she snarled as she walked a little way in looking to the stranger she did not remember. "i hope you can fix hinges cus i am getting sick of doing it" she held her tail high showing her standing in her home as she looked the male up and down. "really hate fixing the doors"

LoganZurak: He groaned as the woman complained. "If it will keep you from saying that ever again...." He said, refering to her use of the word 'like' "I will be the fucking royal door fixer..." He mumbled, and headed over, adjusting the doors, and using his incisor and its rather peculiar magic to fix the door as each hinge settled back into place.

IsisRainDeLaRoseIsisRainDeLaRose Whisper: Isis blinked hearing just about everyone seem to move when she had taken off the blade she seem to always carry. "God arent you all a bit jumpy" she laughed her swirling eyes lingered on the two before she shook her head her hand moving to play with her ring on her hand.

AmeriaNiels: *she took a deep calming breath, still keeping the crossbow out even as she lowered it, eyeing the person she didn't know.*

PrnVritraAtoras: *He stopped mid step, his eyes still down at first as a heavy breath fell out. Her voice was beautiful to hear again. As he looked up, his crystal blue eyes meeting hers he too spoke one word.* "Luna...." *His face remained still, his eyes unwavering from hers, ignoring anything to do with the damn door.*

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as her bright red albino eyes met his own. "i dont know that name" she was lieing but still, some memory's she had but most of the newer days where gone, she new her past new some of the people in it but not there names or what they looked like only what took place way back then. "you must have the wrong empire" she turned around a scar on the left side of her head running down to the back of her neck and then up her skull where she had lost a horn oh so long ago. "and don't forget to fix the doors on the way out" she moved to her thrones to sit down.

JustinMinick: -He stirs yet again, then relaxes into his sleep.-

PrnVritraAtoras: "Stop." *he commanded as she went to turn away.*

Anaya: Anaya stopped in her tracks and turned around "what do you want if you want food here there is some in the dining hall"

PrnVritraAtoras: *His hand slid up to his chest, his fingers gripping at the pendant as he ripped it from his chain. He looked down once more as he threw the emblem of the DA at her feet.* "If you tell me this symbol is unknown, I will leave. And your precious doors will be fixed."

Anaya: Anaya looked down at her foot, she new what it was, she new that life from so long ago and she looked back up to him "where did you get this, i burned that place to the ground "

PrnVritraAtoras: *He chuckled and shook his head.* "No Luna.... We did." *He pulled the cover from his head and stared at her, a long scar across his eyes from where he had been almost killed by, well... Her.*

LoganZurak: He sighed, and looked to the door. "I need to go. I have things to do."

Anaya: Anaya walked up to him and moved her hand up to touch the scar on his face, she looked almost shocked but calm at the same time "i put this there, i tryed" she looked at him as she tilted her head and ran her fingers down the scar. "i thought you died"

LoganZurak: "I "I will see you all again, I think...." He murmured, and exited through the door.

AmeriaNiels: *she shrugged* Logan! Wait up. *she rushed after him, ot sure she wanted to stay here*

PrnVritraAtoras: *He shook his head.* "No, the best of light that kept me from having what was rightfully mine.....has died... I am very much alive. I am very much here, and I have come to have what should have been mine long ago Luna....."

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -She waved goodbye to Logan and the other woman even though she really wanted them to stay so she wouldn't feel strange-

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis yawned once more shook her head and mumbled softly to her self as she glanced up. "until the next time we meet logan" she smiled softly. Her eyes lowering to the ground.

JustinMinick: -Gaia catches much of the ruckus and decides to find another perch further away from the noise and plops down onto his stomach returning to his slumber.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at him and took her hand back "i am not Luna anymore, that name died back then when....when we all fell apart. i may be Luna in your heart and in my past but i am Anaya now." she looked at him as she turned her head to look back at her empire "this place is ruled by one and one alone, i have not taken a mate for it, much has changed since back when we where Assassins" she moved to her thrones "sit you belong here"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet snaps her nails together and poofs her cape to her just in case she needs it-

IsisRainDeLaRose: "chilly already" Isis chuckled out softly as she pulled the blade back to her lap and ran her hand over it as she drowned nearly everyone else out.

PrnVritraAtoras: *Akitom followed her, listening to her words. He showed no emotion as he sat beside her at the throne that had apparently no owner if she still had no mate.* "Still fighting the fact that somewhere in there is my true love." *He spoke subtly as he sat, looking around to the others he was sure wouldnt recognize him.*

Anaya: "you are still sure to find love at all" she looked at him bright red eyes looking into his. "i have not felt love since....i lost feeling long ago, and i thought you were dead "

PrnVritraAtoras: *He shook his head.* "But I am not... Neither is Luna." *He smiled to her.* "You just have to find out where she is hiding." *He stood and wandered down a hall towards the masters chambers, as if he lived here...* "I remember when we sat here side by side... The night we fought, and the night we finally showed each other we were right... The kiss." *He chuckled bringing that up just as he turned the corner from sight.*

Anaya: Anaya got up to look for him a glimmer in her eyes as she did remember that night. She moved around the corner looking for him like a child would look for a sibling at play. "ya i remember." she let a small smile come over her lips, as she softly said "hey where did you go "

JustinMinick: -Gaia's crismson wings laid limply against the floor as his figure did as well now his relaxation at the peak.-

PrnVritraAtoras: *His voice could be heard like a whisp of wind as he chuckled, knowing she was following him threw the castle.*

PrnVritraAtoras: *He stood at a solid wall in a back corridor, his back to it with a smile as he waited for her to find him.*

Anaya: She moved around her empire as she looked for him "you know playing games when we where kids was this we are not kids anymore" she spoted him and moved over to him in a flash step like movement and looked at him.

PrnVritraAtoras: *As soon as she came to him he smiled, leaning in and stealing a kiss as he bolted literally threw the false wall, down a long corridor and out into the canyons pass.*

Anaya: She got struck with a kiss and looked at him, she was never one to be touched and she looked back "i have an empire to run and people to be with you know i cant be playing games all night" she flash stepped right in front of him at the canyons pass and she looked at him with that look that said not happy.

PrnVritraAtoras: *He let out a soft chuckle.* "Tsk tsk now luna, be sweet for once..." *He smiled and kissed her cheek once more, softly and showing his affection for her.* "They can take care of themselves for a short while."

Anaya: She looked at him as her eyes got a little softer, she could never be angered with him. "have you ever bin around them you leave them for five moments and you have a smashed empire hall" she looked and felt his kiss "and um ....i don't really get love or kisses much. "

PrnVritraAtorasPrnVritraAtoras : *he nods.* "Good, I'd be jealous if you did." *He chuckled a bit and stepped a bit closer to her.* "If you must, then I will not hold you from your duties." *Just then his tail came from seemingly nowhere, wrapped in the veils of his Kimono it had been hidden, but now it pulled her to him.*

Anaya: She looked at him as her eyes turned a bit sad. and then abruptly got pulled into him her arms being layed smack on his chest "i ...i don't know what to do "

PrnVritraAtorasPrnVritraAtoras : *He looked into her with soft eyes. He was sure no one had ever looked at her like this before.* "You let your heart free, let it guide you Luna... Your heart knows far more than you ever will." *He smiled and wrapped his arms around her softly.*

Anaya: She put her head to his chest as she moved closer to him, she did miss his touch his embrace, everything about him. "i have missed you in my life"

PrnVritraAtoras: *HE kissed her forehead and then stepped away.* "As you said you have an empire to run. I need sleep... So, let us return for the eve... " *he leaned down, brushing his nose softly against hers.* "Lets go inside love, I will see you in the morn."

Anaya: She looked at him and softly moved to kiss him on the lips as she turned and walked back to her empire looking over her shoulder "don't leave again ok "

PrnVritraAtoras: *He chuckled and agreed.* "ok... my love." *he smiled and followed into the empire, and off to her bed where he laid himself to sleep for a bit.*

Anaya: Anaya walked to her room and looked at him as she moved him to the sofa "not my bed" she said softly and then walked down to the main hall to see her people and carry on the tax papers for this season.

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Kassina_by_kerembeyit-d3kgfav_zps6fb29a7e

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Anaya: Anaya was nicely laying on the sofa next to the thrones rubing her claws along her white scaled tail. "hmmmm"

XxEmilieAlicexX: Alice Would walk through the steal doors from her chambers, feeling the presence of another she looked aroun and noticed a woman beside the thrones- "Everything okay?"

Anaya: Anaya looked up as her tail flicked back and forth her bright red eyes twitching as she sat there "everything is oh just peachy, simply waiting"

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XxEmilieAlicexX: Turning her sights away from the woman she continued her checks calling over her shoulder "If your waiting for Xavier its unsure what time he will be around"

Anaya: Anaya smiled as she rubed her tail softly that evil glimmer in the dragons eyes. "oh no no no i am waiting but i never said for who" she looked up evil intent in the dragons eyes "you see little dove, he took something that was mine and came after a friend, we all learn takeing others toys is bad and not very nice." The dragon moved her claws as the ends started to glow blue and a odd freeling came around the room.

XxEmilieAlicexX: Stopping in her tracks she frowned, rolled her eyes and twisted her self around to face in the direction of the woman again seeing only the back of her head "Well that sounds about right for him. What is it that he has taken from you and your friend?... and im not a dove so if you don't mind pet names off the table"
Anaya: She mkoved her fingers as she looked at them and the branches on the metal well what looked like trees bent and she was not even close to them "toys oh we cant go takeing eachothers toys now can we, tisk tisk tisk" she moved her fingers as a click rings in the empire walls. the door locked, all the doors locked. Anaya looked up at the woman and got up from her spot on the sofa. "you know were i come from it is proper to look at someone when talking to them, and i call you dove for it is not a pet name but a bird and birds go in cages dont they" the Dragon smiled as she tilted her head to the woman. "you see he attacked my friend and i dont like that, at all." she took a step as her claws started to grow longer black and blue blood driping from ehr finger tips. "you know you are kinda cute, i see why he picked you"

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YumiSeiker: -The roof to the castle would rumble in sake under the force exerted onto it by the creature which now entered the perimeter. The telekensis shock which was pressed downward onto it was great, but the creature who controlled the ability kept it steady enough not to destroy the facility on one landing. The crimson eyes which looked around sought out to see if anyone was around before she used that same ability which caused the shock on the building, to feel the vibrations of the voices below. There were two down there, and she knew she made it to the right place. Forming her hand into a fist she would punch down into the roof now, and create a crater large enough for any large being to enter... or leave. The being known as a Carpatian would then move down into the domain, and her 6 foot tall body would land in a crouch so she experienced no shock in her landing. Her Corruption pistols clattered against her body as her feet hit the ground, and she looked to the two within before a hidden smirk crossed her lips. Her mask which covered most of her features rose up with the smirk before she walked over to a wall to perch on as she listened to the two speak to one another.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: Gritting her teeth down she simply frowned as she looked at the woman sitting her self fown on the throne, facing towards the woman. Hearing the cracks of the castle but took no bother in fixing it. Crossing her legs and crossing her arms over her chest she leaned back. "No its not right to take someone elses... toys as you say. But don't even think your getting your own back on him through me and thank you for the compliment but you can keep them for your self i don't need them."

Anaya: Anaya looked behind her as she looked back to the woman "ok i will make it clear, we can do this the hard way or the fast way that will be much cleaner and less you geting all bloody, now" she moved her hand to open a shadow transport on the floor beside her "you can hop down the hole like a good little girly and come to the place i am takeing you to or i can flip your shiny chair and take you down the hole in the floor in a large sack like sandy claws, choice is yours" Anaya simply took a step closer and then another and another geting about 10 feet or so from the lady it was very much close enough for her metal powers to work on the things that are not living in the area of 20 feet.

JustinMinick: -As Gaia came to the kingdom he sought out he stepped onto the stone steps as the skeleton lips of his cracked and flaked away flailing about the breeze as he then lifted his well armored hand up to the door and rammed a harsh knock onto it then tried opening the door seeing if they were open or closed. He then decided to just sit and wait as he let loose another power house of a knock on the door using a quarter of his brute strength causing the wood on the door to indent leaving a perfect imprint of his fist.- “Heh.” -He was being patient for once though he did not like being patient as his scythe shimmered on the light illuminating gently, as he then drew it from its holster and sat there leaning upon the handle.- “Any body home?” -He spoke these words quite audible, if he were ignored it was an oh well moment for him, he’d just find another entrance into the area as he stood awaiting an answer.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: Standing alice looked at the door and growled. Her temper was beyond boiling point for the morning taking a step forward she frowned looking at the place. "Then lets play a game then.. you tell me just what your problem is with my husband.. and then ill decide if im going to play your game and go down there or simply ignore what you want from me... " A smirk came across her soft plum coloured lips her eyes flashing in the blink of an eye to a crimson tone. straightening out her hair over her right eye she stood without fear.

Anaya: Anaya looked at the woman and pointed to the hole, she had locked al the doors already so the girl really was not geting out and no one was geting in and the only way in was the rooftop and that was nicely guarded. "he attacked and tryed to kill my friend, so i am going to take you from him as a kind of, you hurt what is mine i take your things, and seeing he had a" she moved to her top and pulls her empire badge from her chest and showed it to the woman "i am the ruler of the empire known as DeLaRose i am Anaya Sin DeLaRose and trying to fake yourself as being a part of ym empire gets people killed or well owned, if he is a so called fighter for me what is his is also mine so" she puts the badge back on ehr chest. and simply points to the hole. "hope in and we can talk more at the table, and i promise i will not harm a hair on your little nice head if you do as told"

JustinMinick: -Gaia then listens to what was being said noticing he was being ignored in the simplest way; so he cocked his fist back then rammed it straight through the door then unlocked it from the outside and invited himself in grinning, he truly loved breaking things it made him laugh. He then shut the door behind himself and locked it back up chuckling at the useless gesture all the while he held the handle of his scythe with a gentle ease, then came to the center of the area and leaned against it seeing the stone being nearly the same tint of his skin which what was odd is his skin was burnt to this color. He stood in waiting to see what would be next in any movement and he was smiling, the singed skin falling away from his chin as the breeze swept it away, it made him giddy when he broke things so this was not an unusual ritual for him. He awaited what may happen next.-

YumiSeiker: -Her arms were crossed over her chest as she listened to them continue to exchange words, taking in every word spoken, and analyzing them within her mind. Her blood began to move slightly as her DNA patterns began to shift, and turn, none of this noticeable to anyone but her. If she was going to need to shift she wanted to be ready if she was called upon for assistance. Her eyes turned to the woman who addressed Anaya in the way she was, and she head shook lightly.- "Follish." -Her breath came out queitly with her mixed European accent, and she continued to keep her eyes on the girl. Listening to what Anaya spoke she still kept her blood churning to shift, but remained in her present form until it seemed clear her assistance was needed, if it was at all.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: Balling up her hand she growled moving her self to stand right behind the thrones. Lifting up her right leg bending her leg and leaning against the cold marble walling she pushed out sending the throne into the hole the woman had formed, brushing her hands off from the dust off the wall she stood where the thrones had once been. Ripped from the floor with little effort she shrugged. "If so be it ... then do what you want you at all mess my hair up im going to be a very pissed off and hard to handle prisoner for you. And beleiev me i am more than meets the eye!." She stood undoing the buckles on her outfit flicking at the with ease like they was nothing to undo. On the last one she let her corset from the the floor, a dress fropping down from its barrier floor length, pulling her hair up into and securing. The colour changing instantly. "If breaking things is what you want do so... had enough... " Looks around the room in disgust... "had enough of this place and his shit anyways"...

Anaya: Anaya was almost laughing as the hole vanished and then reformed beside the woman. "i am glad the only thing you are worryed about is your hair. now stop tossing things at my things and hop down the hole like a good little girl, you see i have nice hair as well and dont want to mess it up, and if you have had enough of him i can take you to a better place, i did say no harm would come to you, and if you want to see him gone then please be the bait to his death and you can even watch it befall him for your very sell" Anaya walked to the lady only standing about a foot away and held out a clawed hand. "care to turn that little dove into a bird of pray and show him you are more then a toy to the ones around you. show him you are worth something more then his"

JustinMinick: -Gaia watches this pathetic display of what is called dominance; he only chuckled as he went over to one of the stone pillars and unhinged his jaw, setting either side on the stone and taking a large bite into it tearing a chunk out as he then swallowed it whole, leaving a clean cut through it.- "Hehe." -He enjoyed breaking things so much, especially if they were already broken, and in his view, this place was broken; so he was going to break some other things in here as well, it about made him giggle with a bit of devious intent as he looked at the other stone pillars. An evil grin coming to cross his face and plaster itself directly to the skeletal tissue lips that chipped away small flakes; he then waltsed right over to the nearest pillar from the one he had taken a chunk from hearing the female say he can break things, he did the same thing to this pillar with a bit more of a giddy air about him.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: "Lets get something straight before i even step a foot in that hole hall we... Don't talk down at me sweety because it doesn't get you far with me... okay... sorted" Smirking she went to step into the hole with a smirk, her nails forming into their natural look of long crimson claws and tapped her cheek for a moment. "If you want a little help brining him down then your best getting in touch with my daughter as well... that girl has always wanted to bring him down." - Smirking again she decided to drop her self into the hole after saying to the others she knew was there but simply ignored their presence. "Destroy it if you like... without this place he's got nowhere to go"

JustinMinick: -He smiles more as he takes his scythe and surrounds the strings in destructive aura, as each gold string became engulfed with the beige power he smiled brighter.- "WOOO! PARTY!'

Anaya: Anaya walked over to the thrones and took out a note from inside her dress it reads 'i have kidnaped your wife, please come and pick her up she is geting moldy' she then looked at the woman and stood behind her and looked to her guard ...eating a piller "break the place Gaia but dont touch the note " she looked back to the woman "i like you more already, and i can well if this is known as kidnaping, i can kidnap your little one to " she smiled and waited for the lady to go down the hole.
Anaya: ((now please send your ...kinda man love the note anaya placed on the throne cus i cant send them he only takes notes from friends. and when he comes he dies))

XxEmilieAlicexX: "No need to kidnapp her.. tell her your going to kill her father and she'll be a head of you and tell you to hurry up"

YumiSeiker: -Using a light force from her legs she would push her back off of the wall, and walk towards them. Her eyes would turn as she saw Gaia bit into the pillar, and she actually had to restrain herself from chuckling. Hearing the woman as she jumped into the hole she tapped her chin gently in thought on if that offer sounded tempting enough. Hearing Gaia's response though she decided she would watch him destroy it instead if he chose to follow through. Taking a seat on the ground she would place her kenisis aura around her to 'push' anything that would possibly fly her way, and as well the note Anaya made to make sure it stayed safe.-

Anaya: Anaya snaped her fingers and vanished "to home i guess "

JustinMinick: -Gaia smiled more as he plucked each string sending them soaring throughout the stone with ease; cutting the pillars in half not knicking the note or the throne, so he got to laugh like the mad man he was. As he continued plucking the strings cutting through the walls as he then walked over to the pillars he cut in half with the aura and proceeded to eat them.-

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~~~~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile With Gaia And Yumi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

JustinMinick: -Gaia smiled more as he plucked each string sending them soaring throughout the stone with ease; cutting the pillars in half not knicking the note or the throne, so he got to laugh like the mad man he was. As he continued plucking the strings cutting through the walls as he then walked over to the pillars he cut in half with the aura and proceeded to eat them.-

YumiSeiker: -Her head tilted as she watched him continuing to destroy, until he returned back to the pillar. Her head tilted lightly as he began to eat more of it, and she picked up a piece of rubble which had landed by her aura. Inspecting it a light 'Hmm' came from her lips.- "I wonder if he actually enjoys the taste..."

JustinMinick: -As he unhinged his jaws again he cut the pillar in half fully taking the rest of the foundation that was needed to support that part out of the equation and he swallowed again after the large amount of stone passed through his throat he began laughing like a maniac, feeling like a child in a candy store.- "WOO YEAH!" -His scythe then came around as he planted the handle directly into the pillar right next to the one he was eating using half of his brute force to send it crumbling down.- "So much fun."

YumiSeiker: -She continued to watch his display of fun which she would agree loooked like much fun. It seriously looked like he was having the time of his life. With a light smirk which was hidden she would shift her aura so it was on longer pusing, but pulling. It now was working as a gravitational field, but only strong enough to grab the loose stones Gaia had brought down; not him or any large parts of the structure. As it continued to pull she began to disapear under the large barrier she was creating. Once she had a hefty amount she would charge the atoms within her aura until the were fast enough to send the stones off as if they were makshift missles. These missles would begin to crash into walls chaotically, creating craters throughout the domain.-

JustinMinick: -Gaia began laughing like a lunatic.- "Fun isn't it?" -His scythe crashing down into the stone of the floor sending a shock wave of the aura into one of the walls putting a gigantic hole on it as he then planted the tiny blade on the base of the scythe into a stone pillar sending a wave of the aura into it disintegrating it sending stone throughout the area except in the direction of Gaia, and the female.- "Woo. Love my job."

YumiSeiker: -She would give a light "Mhm" to his question as she watched the shock his scythe produced release into the room. Taking one of her two Corruption pistols she would look around the room. A red light that almost looked like a laser traveled until she pinpointed each of the roof's weak points. Once the knowledge was aquired she would shoot 4 bullets off to each corner of the walls, and those corners would begin to corroid. The crater she had created during her entrance was enough to send the roof off balance, and the roof would begin crashing down. Putting a field around each stone they would then stop in mind fall, and using her affinity for air she would use the push of that, and the shock her telekinsis gave to it to shove them down like torpedoes into the ground. Each one would miss Gaia, and Yumiko as they drove into the ground. The ground would also crack and slightly corroid from the left over corruption.-

JustinMinick: -Gaia smiled as he then walked over to the throne where the note is.- "What do you think of this?" -He pulls out his dick and pisses on the throne and never hit the note with a single droplet of urine then pulls his clothing back up then walks off.- "Our job here is done officially."

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back At the DeLaRose empire~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Anaya: Anaya formed from the floor her hole forming beside her as she walked into home tossing off a black cape and waling to her throne. "welcome to i guess new home "

XxEmilieAlicexX: Seeing a pillar she grabbed it to keep her self steady. "Thanks.. those things are not enjoyable to travel in the morning" -shaking her dress out she stood straight and looked around her. "Nice place"

Anaya: Anaya snaped her fingers and a small black haired maid girl brought her 2 cups of tea on a silver plater. all anayas maids had black was a thing she had. "you know i am not so ....blunt when at home and you came the nice way so i will be all but nice to you "

Anaya: "and thank you this place has stood on the familys grounds for a very long time "

XxEmilieAlicexX: Shrugging her shoulders she walked around getting a feel of the place she been brought to, She focused for a moment on the book she had spotted. "Ill be surprised if he comes if im honest with you... He only cares for himself"

JustinMinick: -Gaia leans against his favorited perch near one of the pillars and sat down with a maniac look in his eyes.- "Thank you for letting me break stuff." -He then began laughing.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Shrugging she readjusted her blindfold- "Saves me doing it.. im not one for breaking things unless its bones"

Anaya: "well from the fact you came with your kidnaper i think you needed to get out" she walked up to the lady and held out a cup of tea. "the maids make wonderful things. and you seem like a fighter, not one to be walked on and left to deal with anothers crap and messes, you need a place you can be strong at, maby you needed to be taken away and given the chance more then you or i thought"

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Taking the cup she nodded her head in thanks not interupting the woman as she spoke- Maybe so... -a small growl came from her lips as she looked at the cup- If it wasn't for him i would still have my very own empire... Yet... ugh - tossed the drink back in one, feeling the rush and burn on her throat that made her smirk and shivver as her body warmed up for the day- He destroyed it with his lies to my husband at the time.. they both worked against me to bring me down"

Anaya: "then why does he clame you as his own now, why be with him after a crushing thing like that"

JustinMinick: -He looks around laughing.- "I like a da break a stuff."

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Looking the woman straight in the eyes removing her blindfold, her eyes the only true form left of her demon appearance.- "What wouldn't a girl do for revenge on someone that took everything from them"

AnayaAnaya : She looked at Gaia "yes i know my little dragon" she stuck out her tounge to tease her Guard. she then looked back to the woman "then you found a place you can call your own and a home. here is a place for ones of darkness, power and a strong seed to grow into something of true magisty. we are the Rose, and i think you belong here" Anaya moved to look at the smaller throne to her side "and we are looking for family, if you wish a place for home you have one, if you so will it"

JustinMinick: -He looks at the supposed "Captive." then spoke.- "So, kill him, got it." -He then chuckled lightly as he scratched his chin.-

Anaya: "and if you so will it you will be able to watch him fall and crumble "

XxEmilieAlicexX: Taking the cup with her she run her fingers gently over the spine of the books before her, Nodding her head to the woman without interupting, sighing she kept her hands on a book that looked old and powerful. "If that is an option id like to think it over if you don't mind"

Anaya: "my dear you forget you are so my captive. so you can have all the time in the world" she gave a grin as she walked to the upper hall steps "come it is growing late there is a room up here made for you already, a silken bed, and large windos but bolted, all our windows are bolted, we had a bad thing with undead in the lands so had to keep it safe"

JustinMinickJustinMinick Whisper: -He sets himself down on the ground leaning against it.- "I love my job."

XxEmilieAlicexX: "Thats a shame would have been nice to have worked my self up to sleep But thankyou. " - Walks past the man and smirked at his words, dropping a key into his lap with a small note attached to it that read" Hidden basement"... "Knock your self out in there he's got all sort in that basement but even im not allowed to see them"

AnayaAnaya "then make yourself at home, you know where your room is, i know Gaia will keep you cumpany wall i am sleeping."

XxEmilieAlicexX: "Thankyou... i tink ill stay up and read some of the books if that is okay... also if possible could i at all get my stuff before thats distroyed?"

Anaya: Anaya looked back to her with ahint of sadness in her eyes "sadly it is a little to late the kingdom you once new is now dust under dragons claws"
Anaya: she then went into her chamber to sleep alone as always. shuting the door behind her.

XxEmilieAlicexXXxEmilieAlicexX Whisper: "Nevermind... i still have hidden vaults in my old empire so i can just get stuff from there once what you want is done"

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Anaya: Anaya was hungry, the food was running short and she was going to have to go hunting soon, the wind was growing colder, fall was coming and it was not to far off, the trees had not changed yet but the dragon could feel it in her bones. She pulled out her nail fill and flicked it over her claws rubbing them to a fine point and razor edge. "long days very long days i will have to go to town together and pick up some things." she muttered as she put the file down on the arm rest of her throne. propping her feet up she looked out to her vast empire, it was oddly silent, no maids running around, no slaves , and even no pets and dogs and stuff, "i have to go there to i guess" she said as she remembered where she placed her blade and badges to be able to go to town to get slaves and maby a new dog or something. "ya i still have gold i guess" she bit into her lower lip thinking and new she had some ...somewhere that was not the horde or the giant gold and body stash in the basement chambers. getting up she arched her back and ran her claws down her flawless female figure and just pushed her full breasts together in a streach and relaxing movement, it was nice being ruler. Anaya ran her fingers in her hair as she pulled the show white strands and looked at them, split ends, she really had to take better care of herself, she was ageing and that was a no no. The dragon snapped her fingers and a flawless blue silk fell around her taking the place of her sleeping garments, softer and more royal looking, the same shade of blue to her blood. "Wonderful" she said as she pulled a silken shoulder wrap around from her throne backing, she always left shit laying around the empire. "so planes today, go get food, slaves a new black haired maid, and maby a dog, and some more food and i need to get a hair cut and get the crown shimmered up annnnnd i think that is it...for now and to my knowing" she was one to talk to herself from time to time, everyone around her new that of her, dragons crazy things. She moved on her throne trying to find the best spot and coming up short so she moved to the next throne and sat down, not bad it was the to be kings spot but she did not care it was soft and she liked it. Love what a pointless gamble it was unneeded and unwanted she ruled just fine without people geting in her way, she was the ruler NO ONE else was her and her sisters but no one else held the crown that found its rightful place atop her head. she smiled as she thought of the day she killed the last runner ups so nice to see them die with high hopes in there hearts, it was wonderful truly wonderful. Anaya looked out to the window and a frown came over her pale cream face. it was raining like really it had started to rain, now she would have to go to town in the rain.....fuck.

JustinMinick: -He walks into the main hall in his dragon form and keeps his tail planted down on the ground as his scaled figure passed through the main area he looked over at Anaya, then approached her and regurgitated a large hunk of deer meat, then continued on his way and laid down at his favorite perch he had enjoyed laying at for a long while now. He relaxed his form and began to sleep his heavy figure heaving up and down slow, with deep breath each time.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: As minutes become hours just as the mother moon as finished her travels over the night sky the demon other known as Isis starts to stir from her sleep. Slowly at first until the woman is litterer tossing and turning in her bed, the black silk sheets bunching up over her naked body as her eyes snap open as she sits up. Panting the woman glances around her chambers before looking to the door to see if anyone had entered without her permission. Seeing that there was no one, not even the small impish creature that had took Isis's mind and made it as shattered as it was that very moment. Isis's emerald green hues flickered crimson and then black before settling back down to their dull greenish color as she slipped out of her bed and moved to the window only to see the sun coming over the peaks of the horazsion. "Dame it" she mumbles out as she moves to find her black clothing as she crosses her arms over her nude body before finding her dark leather pants and dark tank top. The woman sighed pinning up her snow white hair that's tips had been stained with blood from her countless times she had woken up covered in one's blood. Of course Isis was taking her time getting ready for the day even up to the point she moved across the room to her dresser and pulled the blade from its case and placed it in its proper place on her back before opening the door. Isis's right hand moved along the wall as she strolled along the hall before flicking her finger as she glanced back to her bedchamber door as she mumbled under her breath; the woman chuckled watching the shadows slip from their places and closed the door before returning back to where they had come from. Her movements where short and fluid as normal as she made her way down the hall to the main floor; She was just about to walk into the throne room when something caught her gaze. The woman brow rose as she turned to face the object that stood out from the rest she seem to just stare at it.

Anaya: Anaya sat on her throne looking well....unhappy as ever, a lot to do and it was down poring, stupid summer day and rain, it always was raining. she shut her eyes for a moment to hear the rain falling outside and let the sweet sent flow into her nose from the far open window. "yep still hate the freshness of this place" she mumbled as she looked up to see a random ass stranger looking at her and seeing Gaia place yet another gift at her feet, she was noticing he was doing this a lot, she wondered if he was trying to court her. she smiled and picked it up and snapped it back down and then looked out to the stranger "what can we do for you here stranger "

JustinMinick: -Gaia caught the scent of the man and his upper lip curved upward into a scowl of disgust whilst he whipped his tail back and forth; his eyes the same piercing beige as they usually were while he kept his chin down on the ground relaxing into the cool touch of it.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: She didn't hear or feel anyone whom was around her; Isis just seem locked on the small object that seem to be cased in the shadows of one of the pillars. The woman didn't move from the door way of the throne room her gaze just stuck. The woman head tilted as her lips seem to move ever so slightly, she started to mumbled as the darkness that surrounded her body seem to spin quicker then before. Her green eyes brighten as she chuckled out her right hand seem to twitch as she remained in her daydream state.

Anaya: She picked up a left over hunk of beer flesh and tossed it at her sister.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The moment the meat hits the woman Isis turned finally looking away from what ever had caught her attention the first place as she glared at her sister. "What the bloody hell was that for?" she snapped out quickly as she moved to the open throne and pulled the sword from her back and propped it beside the throne before sitting down.

JustinMinick: -Gaia huffed lightly as he pushed the blade like tip of his tail into the stone and watched his newly found entertainment; he was laughing on the inside because he hadn't seen this from Anaya yet, he indeed thought it funny because of Isis's reaction. Gaia's breath came down on the stone causing the dirt in the cracks of the stone to whip away from his face, and go else where.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at her sister and humed softly acting liek she did nothing at all. her Draconic eyes moved down to look at Vain in her sisters hands "still got him i see"

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IsisRainDeLaRoseIsisRainDeLaRose Whisper: She yawned softly and nodded. "What shall I keep a perfectly good weapon locked up in my chambers?" she tease her green eyes seem to brighten as she glanced to her sister before letting her eyes wonder around before falling to the sword leaning against the throne.

Anaya: she looked to Vain and almost kicked him "ya a sleeping worthless blade if you ask me, if he never gets up from his sleep he is nothing but steel" she got up from her throne and walked around in a ring a bit simply to move her legs, it was so hard siting for like as little as an hour for a dragon.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis chuckled. "So it would seem to be." she shrugged softly as she moved her hands around the dancing shadows that moved around her.

HakuAkuhei: -The sixteen year old male brother Haku Akuhei walked in as if his insane ascended form took shape of his old lore of balance which had been inside himself since the day he was born. Only thing that could come in the sudden reality needed as he entered confused and held his eyes into the madness of the world which he could remember around himself. The only thing he could recall just faint, instantly progressing, and within the rain drops cast from his black strands of hair coming down his cheeks through the blindfold. The very young sorcerer of sadistic forged worlds which played a song of simplistic era in harmony of his forest of fate which he was residing inside since the day he was found adopted into Anaya's brethren of brotherhood. Sadly the young dragon had been lost over a very vague existence which had no meaning in his whisper which clouded the air in a soft resonance which was recycled into his energy use as he could not maintain it completely at all point in time. Otherwise it would open a rift by acceleration of the space. As he stopped becoming a invisible because recycled energy met to the front most location of a bubble which snapped in threads to a pop of a sound like buoyancy at a low level of what seemed to be fifty-two feet below the frame of the castle. His madness grew inside himself even more to see his sister but knew he was here to address a matter which she knew he would comply with. He spoke to his sister as if surprised as fuck to see her here "Anaya?" As the young cold eyes seemed to stream with tears of madness which he had hoped to the very core of his existence he could break the forged care between his lover's arms. She had done much more than hurt him, it made the boy go mad, and he was losing his sanity in balance which he brought a new kind in the hell of existence. Everyone in this world is equal, in balance, until you destroy, or create a plane of a false hood within his own belief. The false accusations, worlds, and reality which had to be manipulated by physical means as he stood about 7'1'ft tall upon his age was quite funny that his giant aspect was considered a world which he fund no belief unless acknowledged by that form of individual to which he knew would not crush him unless they had to. As his very expectations were to ask for permission to come back he felt the insanity blocking his mind where he wished to unleash the world under himself in a crushing blow with which he stood for making him in such a stage where his decibels of sound were causing his resonance to feed on negative emotions. He was trying to let them leave and not recycle energy which he can't use normally in his insanely corrupt movement pattern which was like someone's psyche snapped. Giving Anaya a look which the boy was ready to commit in what he did in leaving with a resonance should he even find the heart to ask his sister's terms. With a gust of a single wavelength he pin pointed his location in energy of kinetics to find his way around the castle as he would do what little he could to hold his reputation to be an insane killer. While he looked a very painful method was happening to himself as a resonance would not recycle a commitment during his snap of the psyche in the mind over the theory of ontology. This was rather dealing with both his soul and mind to create a physical essence of a barrier as he requested to Anaya;"Sister, I am trying my best in losing what is dear, but I wish to commit on a one way scale that I never simply leave my own breath behind without out dying to the world around me and in myself. I dare not abandon you ever again, by any means, or it shall be death in my commitment which stands firm. I wish to be a person better of my own emotions as an apathy which you had for me to let me back inside these walls for only a moment. If you would at all find your brother a solid request from he who understands you know him best." Looking to Anaya, his eyes solid, and becoming very dark in his blessed form of which he ascended to a plane of energy. Setting his right hand to press his long coat to open the center at the top and bottom of his skin in pale views. His two daggers had nickle sized holes in them much like his family asset AyakaChiasa, his hand over his right hip had also a sixteen inch Japanese reforged katana which had a better and stronger point leading down the butt near the blades small resonance it was made for. This was about a small quarter size hole in both blades with two on each circle. About one inch and a half apart from each other they caused the two differences of tight waves or longer waves to be used against his opponent's. As he waited for his only sister to respond accordingly to his request stood as if in mass amounts of pain because his psyche was slowly becoming a thread like movement of a snapping sane plane which he took equal terms that his balance was in war. Love was never found there, peace was never found in hell, but his hell was what he did to perceive it differently than what he tried to speak as of the first time to his sister. Without his emotions being mixed inside as he looked about the inside area which he had been forged in new beginnings to an end of time which Haku meant pure, and Akuhei meant evil..The two balancing worlds of resonance in which brought life into the world. Without an idea it is called the spiderweb theory because all which ties us together is much as of today resonance which we earned by our existence. Becoming equal on terms in different ways. The idea that no two person is the same but always communicates in the world by resonance is by lips, ears as the receiving method, and using that ideal motive to talk by processing their vocals. Now the basis that reality follows does not determine alternate methods outside of those five senses which the world can use to hold other variables to it. It more alters the physical plane at the point which he entered into Anaya's home to do talk to her.-

JustinMinick: -He stirs lightly, opening one eye noticing more ruckus.-

Anaya: Anaya turned to spot her brother she thought he had left for good from the last time they saw each other was with her seeing his back out the doors. "so you came back after leaving and wish the same place here again my brother, you are blood of my blood and part of this family a place gained for you is one never lost, but to get it back comes at a cost." she dragon moved her clawed hand to her palm and slit her own flesh blue blood running from her skin and into her hand as she walked over to him. "a mark of a dragon is a binding agreement and contract, one to bind you to me and myself to you, body, mind and soul, will you take the place back and take the mark on yourself or will the doors open once again to you my brother"

HakuAkuhei: -Nods I accept this mark and privileged to this agreement which I abide by such rules coming back into your life.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at her brother and held out her hand "simply take my hand then"

HakuAkuhei: -Softly moves to take his sister's hand and hold it with his right.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon yawned once more shifted in her seat upon the thrones and watched her sister speak to someone whom she believe to be an abotive sibling. Then again Isis still didn't know much of the family seeing she has nearly always away but she was back for some time now. The woman's green hues moved about once again before lowering to the blade as she let her fingers rest on the handle of it. Isis sighed softly keeping her thoughts to her self as she watched her siblings speak.

Anaya: anaya shut her eyes as she opend them back up her eyes shifting black as the abyss of night "you Haku Delarose have given your agreement to take on a black dragons mark, binding you to the dragon giving it from this day of mark given to the end of days. as of this moment you are forever bound to me and to this family that is yours, and you understand the fact of if this binding is severed you will feel the rip and cut of life being drained from your very being" The blood on her hand moved as if alive on her own as the Dragon woman chanted something in a tounge not known to man, beast or breed other then the pure bloods of the dragon liniage "skye naktar nymuer sia relgr, ekess wux nomeno binding ui vis, teno vur taq, ekess wux yth ashne iejir, yth ashne meals vur yth ashne freedom vur wer skis. ihk yth nymuer dout ivah persvek wer fothisevi di fueryon, sthyr vur soti, wux re wer ir batobot relgric shafaer udoka svadrav yth rigluin kiq lyrik, wux montu wer idol ekess wer jennu thaczil putole nomeno ir. show vur ocuir nomeno binding ui vis, vur filki, show vur ocuir nomeno binding ui tenpiswo vur jaka, ihk nomeno tairais vur tairais ahead di udoka, ihk jaka vur malrak. ihk wux ocuir coi vur batobot xurwkic coi okh ekess udoka, ihk wux ocuir coi vur coi xurwkic coi vis vur ihk wux ocuir coi coi xurwkic coi malrak."
((Translation: Skye keeper hear my call, to you this binding is true, absolute and pure, to you we share blood, we share meals and we share freedom and the Skis. for we hear your voice in the heads of beast, man and monster, you are the one that calls on us when we need each other, you point the way to the great land beyond this one. Show and see this binding is true, and just, show and see this binding is here and now, for this time and time ahead of us, for now and forever. for you see it and that makes it real to us, for you see it and it makes it true and for you see it it makes it forever.))
The Dragon held his hand tighter as the pain flooded the boys mind, body and even to the dept of his soul the binding would burn into him, dragons fire flooding the form. the blood from her hand was working its way up his arm forming in the shape of an open winged dragon along his arm and up to his shoulder its head forming over his shoulder blade and its claws diging deep into his arm and back. the burn was unbelievable, it was a pain Haku would remember till the end of days. "remember your vow and remember this act and remember this pain, Haku DeLaRose for you are of the Rose and we bring pain onto others if they do it onto our selves, you are brother to me as i am sister to you, we are bound in life and in death now. " Anaya moved her one claw and slashed it down his chest as the same slash mark formed on her own breasts and chest area "for you are the blood of my blood and i feel what you feel after this moment and for the rest of our years"

JustinMinick: -Gaia awakes completely then goes to another room because of the ruckus within the area he then plopped down in a more quiet area and returned to his napping.-

Guest_SahlielXInteritio: What ever in gods name made him travel. Wound up in this kingdom. It was indeed a beautiful place. Yet through all his sorrow and booze clouded mind all he could see were shadows. His hair was unkempt and dirty beyond compare. Six years of being an a state of depression had a adverse affect on his psyche. He was at this time mentally unstable, and a wanted criminal. He failed to keep his only kin safe and reneged on a mission. This put him in a further state of disdain. "Yata" trembled as the hilt dragged along the ground. Catching every nook and crack in the road as he stumbled about. "What more do I have to live for. I failed my brother." His cries were drowned out by the sounds of the streets. His path was not clear. In his past he would have been certain of what he would need to do. Now his life held no meaning. Thoughts ran through his head a word ran over a million times. It was the answer the only means of release. The word formed on his lips slowly yet were not audible by human ears. "Suicide" Why? Why not? Nothing else in this world could change his doings. If he could change time would he be able to make the right choices this go around. Slowly he his knees gave out. It was not due to low stamina or sickness. Finally his consumption of liquor and booze caught him. Liquid chunks splattered the street as people looked on in disgust and some out of pity. Some people tried to help him up. Yet his self pride would not allow. Lashing out in anger he pushes the people away yelling as spittle showered the wannabe saviors. he did not want some pity. Soon people just left him be broken and dead to the world around him. A plebeian to the people of higher standards. His nails found the way to claw the stones as he crawled his way up the street to the temple. After hours of crawling if not scrabbling for some sort of hold his fingers bled until the road was red. "Blood" It was not something he had the luxury of seeing often. His own blood. It was beautiful. Something inside his very being snapped. Was it rage or just a drunken stupor. Alone it was enough to cause the tourists to flee from pure terror. Tossing his head back towards the pillar. His eyes crimson with a fiery fervor. "I defy you. I will kill you all." It was laughable to say the least defying gods. He must have been drunk. Yet his rage was insatiable. Fingers cracked as he drew his hand back into a good size fist. His muscles in his arm twanged as the blood rushed too his hand. Thrusting his fist towards the pillar in rage. "Crack" The sound echoed around the hall as his hand connected with the pillar. Small chips and pieces of stone fell to the ground as his fist locked with the stone. Bones and flesh was all that remained of his knuckles Sadly this did not phase him in any way. His ascension was already complete. His vision blurred as his knees buckled and gave out. His blood lined the pillar, creating a pool around him. His body was healing on its own. It did not need the extra help yet it welcomed the strange presence gladly. "Yata and Corsain" Trembled and shuddered as Sahliel was slowly filled with vigor and vitality. Sadly enough he had become sober. Slowly he came to consciousness his head throbbing due to the hangover. Grasping his head and wincing in slight discomfort. It was only due to his body acting on impulse. His own domain was ransacked. Causing trouble in the human realm was a good means of release. His complaints were loud and audible. It was loud enough to wake the gods themselves. Yet he did not partake any notice to the people next to him. His ears ringing as if someone fired a tank round near his ear. "Damn! I think I would rather be drunk right now."He mutters under his breath cursing every gods name he could think of. The wounds on his hands still visible as the new tissue slowly craws like a spider covering the wound and filling the bone with new tissue. His eyes darted around the room looking for a sense of direction. To his dismay he had nothing to go on. Being a god in such a shape. It was laughable at best. His own name being cursed. To become those he hated and despised it did not bother him to attain power some choices must be made. He was not invincible by any standards. Just he had come to a greater sense of enlightenment. Despite him being drunk and looking a fool. “Oi! Where and what is this place ?” He muttered looking around the room.

Guest_AliceShade: -she coudl feel a certain presance around the corner fromt he reading room. She could sense that there were many people in the room next to her; some she knew others she didn't. She felt it would be rather rude to intrude on any important affair that may be going on. She had left the Delarose empire for a few days to tie up some loose ends in places she had previously visited. Now she had come back with all ties cut, and yet still the one thing that she had been searching for, still hadn't shown it's face yet.

HakuAkuhei: -He screamed in agony and held nothing to his sister with the respects he was honored. His acknowledgement was his own sanity and psyche snapped in the very moment which he would go insane. He was feeling the pain still and just not in his form of senses. It was his soul and body which were forged the commitment within him to his sister which brought him happy thoughts that he could share his time with her again. That pain will wash away slowly he thought to himself within his madness as the psyche came loose like a twig but his mental frame of mind seemed to still hold agony where he forged his world to become more in Anaya's pact she put on him. He was happy to have his sister back, just insane, and the thoughts which raced his mind when he would wake to feel the pain in a lesser form of the snap which he had. His own mental frame of mind just collapsed and leaned to hold Anaya's hand still laying against her weight. The aspect which his body suddenly liked the pain for some reason, just absorbed by his insanity, and more into the fact he was corrupt on a pure level now. Also maintained by Anaya, with his respect, or will to keep moving forward into the new years which he was bound by his loyalty to hold her hand still as he laid on his snap which emotions raced the mind of his pain he received. He was not only feeling every ounce of pain, he was mentally insane, and still watched over his sister within his ears which pierced because of the resonance inside him meaning he was now deaf to her vocals as his price would pay also off his resonance in the sound which around him became absorbed by him in wavelengths at a frequency which picked up other's as well if they were anywhere near talking other than him and Anaya. This did not afflict Anaya, it was his price for insanity which he forged into his hold on new beginnings as he lay resting with the only connection between him and Anaya cut off from his mind. Just knowing his place and terms were met as he was silent in the pain slowly growing in his sleep as he woke in time. Also knowing it was one way and could not be taken back when he spoke it the first time, and only knew the price he had to pay to her will in respecting her to the fullest..-

Anaya: Anaya moved as she softly moved her hand from his hand and to the side of his face holding him as she kissed his cheek "welcome back home my brother" she said as she moved him softy to a sofa to rest, it would take a bit for him to get back to his power. "rest brother wall i go out and do some hunting and get the slaves from a market downtown, we are running out with people eating them all the time i will be back soon" she moved and looked at both Alice and the new guest "make yourself at home it seems the guard is sleeping in the other room be careful he can be a pain to get up, and i know my sister can help with anything you may want."

JustinMinick: -He went further away from the area and went back to sleep due to this ruckus increase he simply went outside and slept near a tree in the forest; he was now truly annoyed with being within the walls when the ruckus was at an all time high for the usual. As he left through the castle doors he huffed out heavily thinking to himself *I'm too lazy for that noise.* after finding his perch he laid right down onto it and wrapped his tail around the tree and slept.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: To her maybe it was foolish hopes and dreams when she carried the blade around. To her she had made a promise and a promise she would keep even though now thinking about it she was starting to agree with her sister about it. Maybe it just a childish dream to think if she kept the weapon other known as Vain he would come back to her. It was childish for her to think that and she knew it now. She only hoped that he awaken and maybe just maybe they could pick up where they had left off. The woman sighed stood up from her sister's throne glanced about as seeing Anaya was busy tended to the others. Isis took hold of the blade before slipping out of the throne room and wondered around the castle. The woman let the shadows lead her around until she came to the armory; pushing open the door she enters and looks around, her eyes land on her own blade she had put up when she choice to carry her beloved around. The demon sighed pulled the blade made of steel from the wall along with her countless daggers as she quickly fasten them to her before pulling Vain from her back. "You lied" she mumbled out as she went to toss the sword to the ground but was unable to so she just placed it in the case where she had pulled out her own weapons. "You said you would come back and you havn't" she yelled out her voice as loud as her lungs would let it be before she finished gathering her belongings and shutting the door. The woman turned closed her eyes trying to hide the tears as she chanted something under her breath as her left hand moved gathering the shadows around her. Isis waited until the shadows grew. "All you did was lie since the wedding." she mumbled out her eyes growing into a dull colorless gray when they reopened. She turned around and went back to the main hall but before she did she grabbed a sharpening stone. Making her way back to her pillar, the one spot where she has been countless found under she shook her head leaned against it and sat down as she started to sharpen her weapons which had grown dull from not being used. The demon mumbled under her breath as she continued to run the sharpening stone over the steel as she watched those who were around her.

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XavierSFStorm: - he walks up to the large wooden doors. He slowly looks over the building and pulls out the note matching the description of the building to what was in the note. His eyes glow blue as he stuffs the note back into his pocket, he sighs softly thinking ' I hope this goes smoothly, I never like doing these things unarmed.' He grabs the large knocker on the door and slams it hard into the wood of the door. -

Anaya: Anaya sat calm as always on her throne as she taped her claws on the wood of her arm rest, she was happy with the weeks evens, kidnapping, playing having a joy filled time for a dragon ruler, and it was so nice to get out from time to time. she opens a book on her lap as she flipped the pages and looked at the names she put down in it and on the pages, the black covered book was something she was kinda known for, a blood mages right book , a book of names to be marked off and removed from life. but it was a long day and no one had bin marked off as of yet in it. "oh i hear the door" she said softly as she moved her hand and it opens on its own the walls around it glowing blue with spider like veins pumping in them, her own empire was a part of her body and was able to act as she wanted it to at anytime she wanted it to.

JustinMinick has joined the chat

XavierSFStorm: - he walks in slowly, his eyes glancing around the building noticing the vein like lights in the wall. His thoughts telling him he must be seeing things, even tho his own empire had a connection to his life force as well. He walks into the main hall and says to Anaya, his eyes glowing a cool ice blue. - " Anaya, I believe you have something of mine? "

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Alice Remained on the floor of the room she had been locked in for a while, never removing from the floor but kept looking at the ceiling counting the tiles she saw to stop her self going insane, each hour that passed her anger dwindled and her hope to have at all someone could and save her faded. IT only seemed to be a distant dream that she hopped her Husbands would come to get her and prove his love. Closing her eyes she rubbed between her eyes and pinched lightly on the brim of her nose sighing whispering to her self " Dumass Alice.. that’s 204 tilles.. " _opening her eyes again she would just begging counting again from the tilts she laid on, rolling on her stomach her head prompt up on her hands-

Anaya: Anaya looked up from her book as she did not know or care for the man that walked in, he was worth so little to her she did not even know or remember his name "i have a lot of things from a lot of people. and you are of them?" she did not even know the name of the guys empire she crushed only a week or so ago. wow she really had to start knowing the places she ripped apart.

XavierSFStorm: - growls loud while yelling - YOU TOOK MY WIFE!

Anaya: "ohhhhh ya and i am still wanting to take your kid, oh that was a fun day and we left the note oh yes i remember so that is how you got here. welllll she is mine now so ya you know where the door is" Anaya looked back down to her book not scared at all as she flipped the pages finding the guys name. she simply stayed on that page.

XavierSFStorm: I will be leaving, with my wife
XavierSFStorm: " So bring her to me, and I will be on my way "

Anaya: "you will be leaving, end of story. unless you wish this book to get a tick in it, and i don’t think that is a nice idea. you see a dragon goes around crushing and taking fair madins for her horde. You know the dragon gig thing all yada yada. I take them as i like them and think beauty is worth more then the fact they are simply people we can control and do the wed thing i dont understand. now she is nicely locked away in places you dont know so if you wish to see her again....maby, i would advise walking back out the doors, she will leave if she wants to in time. i like her" Anaya put her book down at the side of her throne and wondered if this male we be moronic enough to fight her.

XavierSFStorm: - his eyes go from blue to purple as his rage grows. His voice starts to show more of his true nature. - " No, you misunderstand, I don’t care if you like her or not, she is my wife, and I will be leaving with her, with or without fighting over her. "

Anaya: Anaya looked up as she stood up and walked about 10 feet from the male and looked at him her bright red eyes shimmering bright as she stood over him, she was an 8 foot tall monster woman and she was not simply scared of an angered man. "what would you give for her back in your embrace"

XavierSFStorm: My free will
XavierSFStorm: She is my everything

Anaya: "so you would give yourself in chains for her"

XavierSFStorm: A life without her, is not a life worth living
XavierSFStorm: I would rather die than live without her

Anaya: "then you are stupid and not worth her a man wanting to die for his wife is not a man with anything at all. there is a collar on the floor i left for you if you wish her to be free put it on "

XavierSFStorm: - pulls out of the hidden daggers in his arm guards and throws it at her the blade gently grazing her cheek - " And you are stupid for thinking when I said I would die for her, that I wouldn’t fight."

Anaya: Anaya moved her hand up as the dagger stuck in her hand and she looked at him pulling it out and dropping it to the floor as her own bright blue blood dripped from her fingers making a large pool on the floor. the pool turned black as she got a little larger and her own jaw started to crack and flesh fell from her face as she simply said in a growing looming voice "you have one more chance to get her back or she will see you die little man"

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Alice sat up hearing the faint sound of a blade.. looking at the floor she tilted her head thinking she must have been going mad. She couldn't have heard the sound of a blade it was impossible, the place had been so quiet for the time she had been locked up it seemed as if she had been left on her own with the empire as empty as a whole in the ground. But something in her sparked up her eyes changing red under head blindfold growling she scratched at the floor to try and dig her way out-

XavierSFStorm: - he starts to slowly shift into his true form. His skin starts to turn red and black as he looks at her. -" No, you have one more chance to let her go or you will watch your own empire crumble. "

JustinMinick: -As Gaia stirred in his usual resting place his obsidian like scales shone with the hint of light that touched his form, he then looked up from his perch and huffed at the male not even interested in the least as he allowed his blade like tail whip back and forth while his reptilian lips curved into a display of disdain for this man, revealing the row of razor like teeth that would cut right through steel with ease, his horns that curved wickedly out of his head were shimmering lightly as he stood up on his hind legs, supporting his top half with his two wings. This made him look as if he were crouching, as his piercing fiery gaze came onto the male, after he shook his body twitching the scales up then letting them retake their positions on his body relieving himself of any itch; he then leaned his head down showing more of the vile horns that protruded from his back, and neck as the tip of his tail looked like a sword ready to come down on one with little care about him. He huffed again causing another bound of dirt to sweep across the area in front of Gaia, he was not a large dragon indeed but he was a very ill tempered one; he stood one hundred feet tall when he stood fully up on his hind legs, and his eyes never twitched from the male as he stood next to his pillar showing that this was his favourite area and he would fight over it if he must to keep his sleeping rights there. He then looked up to Anaya in a questioning look as he lowered the lips of vile descent with the question of what he should do since he had yet been given orders from her in quite some time and he was now curious as to what she’d like him to do.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Hearing a faint sound of voices from behind her she stood up a little shakey on her legs after being kept from blood for so long, her skin pale and grey, the scales under her makeup to make her look as normal as those around her when out in the human world was fading fast, showing off the dead demonic scaling, that degraded her beauty. Her eyes focused on the wall behind her sensing something was there she walked over the the wall and felt a long it for a while till her hand fell into some sort of hole. Kneeling down she looked and noticed it was enough size to sqeeze into, ripping off her boots and ripping her dress shorter to her upper thigh, able to let her move freely she took a deep breath and pulled her self into the hole, pulling an pushing with her feet across the hole hearing the sound of voices more clearly each inch she went-

Anaya: Anaya shifted down as she looked at him a smile coming over her face "Gaia can kill you for fun, and even if you win you will have to have me eat what is left of you. please break the pillars by all means, break the arms of the empire and see what happens"

JustinMinick: -Gaia growled at the male, then allowed his might filled roar sting throughout the walls of the kingdom as he did he showed the male a build of fire coming into Gaia’s throat; his flame of disintegrating strength to many materials known about the realms and hot enough to melt a being to smouldering ashes as he heard her say “Smash the Pillars.” Gaia would have none of that he would not allow his favourite perches to be destroyed and left in ruin, he was now angry making his eyes glow quite a bit brighter as his tail came up like a scorpions and it shook up like a rattle snakes tail as he roared again crouching further to the ground placing his stomach down to the stone. His teeth now bared at the male as he continued to wiggle the tail in the air in a malicious manner while Gaia was staring the male dead in the face showing he would not allow him to touch a single pillar in a destructive manner; his very demeanour built of hatred now as he looked at the male and his teeth glinted showing giblets of flesh from his past meals. He stood awaiting to ensure the male did not touch what he loved as a perch.-

XavierSFStorm: - he glares at her, and says with a firmness in his voice. - You stole my wife, destroyed my home, and now our plan on destroying me because i choose to fight for my wife. I will be leaving with my wife, right now, so let her go, and we will forget this ever happened

Anaya: Anaya pointed at Gaia and looked back at the man. she did not even know his name and really did not care "talk to the pissed off fighter about it, it is no longer in my hands on what to do with you but the collar on the floor is still able to be put on if you wish to give your freedom for her life. to a dragon freedom is the one thing that means more over even our life so i offer you the choice, your freedom for the freedom of your wife"

JustinMinick: -Gaia opened his mouth and sent a sweltering blaze of fire in front of the male showing him, if he glares he will disintegrate him with an ease, or he would simply be torn apart and eaten as Gaia then glared back at the male his teeth showing more and more every second as he made sure the flame did not touch his favourite perches; all the while his talons on his two hind legs gleamed in delight in hopes of tasting flesh today. Gaia was going to become very savage soon, and he would slam his tail once on the ground pushing some stone to creak and fly upward as he then raised it yet again his very emotion for the pillars he had become attached to were at the emotion of hatred for the male as he continued to display his dominance at the male as he snapped his jaws at him showing he had the larger set of jaws that would slash through him with ease as he continued on the dance of dominance showing the male he would not back down from his favourite area’s.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Catching her arm on a sharp item but unable to see what it was the thick wet sticky feeling run down her arm, sniffing her hand she frowned rolling her eyes. her blood covered her arm but didn't hold her back. Alice would see what was happening and finally get to stretch her legs, though the thought of stretching her legs was more tempting than finding out what was happening. Putting her hand down she suddenly fell and landed hard on the floor, her head hitting the back of a wall she would have thought but realized it was the bookshelf she had admired the first time she had seen it.- "damn books"- looking at her dress it was now covered it sut and rubble from the broken pieces of stone she had hit on the way through. trying to stand up she noticed a very pissed off man on the floor tilting her head she saw her kidnapper Anaya but could not see anybody else. These two couldn't be fighting that seemed impossible after how they had both been the day they took her. sitting on the floor her legs unable to respond to her need to stand at the moment was to strong to fight but sat and listened from a distance, not giving any instance she had gotten out her room-

XavierSFStorm: Do I have your word My freedom for her life?
Anaya: "you have a dragons word you place that collar on your neck and she is free to do what ever she wants "

XavierSFStorm: even to stay as my wife

Anaya: "to be what she wishes to be "

XavierSFStorm: - looks at the picture of emilie in his wallet. - forgive me, for not being strong enough
Anaya: Anaya simply watched him.
XavierSFStorm: Then If i have your word that she will be free from you and your control, then I submit myself to your control in her place
Anaya: "i just gave you a dragons word take the offer or face my fighter"

JustinMinick: -Gaia would snap his jaws at the male again showing savagery in the most as he telepathically communed with Anaya.- “He threatened my favourite place to perch. I kill?” -His very eyes never shifting from the male as he had heard the threat about his pillars, that he found so comforting as he then let out another roar; his very body trembling with anger as if he had actually witnessed his pillar being harmed. His chest puffing out more showing he was the more dominant compared to the male as he was then drooling with extreme anger, the drool hitting the ground was starting to puddle as he was now waiting the order to just snap down on the male and kill him for just the gesture of looking at the pillars wrong. His very gaze now filled with a fiery passion of wishing to destroy the male as he allowed his tail to remain in a scorpion like fix that shook continuously like the rattle snakes deadly chime before it injected its venom into the veins of the target it had set its sights upon.-

JustinMinick: -Gaia places his teeth on the womans clothing gently and lifted her onto her feet then nudged her against a pillar so she may be supported on the backside of her current weakened state after this Gaia returned his gaze to the male and started snarling again his very roar came booming again that rang through the halls and stung the stone as the sweltering heat came forth behind the roar as his breath was now becoming heated with more fire; in memory of what that male had said about touching his pillars where he slept. Gaia was now in an utterly foul mood, he was growling again as he looked the male straight in the face without exception as he opened his mouth then clamped the teeth back together in the display that he was more dominant than that male right in front of him that had brought his pillars into his threats. Gaia was truly angered now, and one thing if they knew Gaia, they knew not to anger him, his pupils now narrowed to slits that seemed to be daggers as his display of hatred toward the male continued onward.-

Anaya: Anaya looked to Gaia and smiled at his anger and how he acted like a true dragon "calm for now my monster, the male has a choice better then death all he has to do is make it "
Anaya: "what is your choice "

XavierSFStorm: I have another Idea Anaya, keep the bitch and tell her its over

JustinMinick: -Gaia growls more as he begins to advance to the door and blocks it from any being able to leave as his weight stays.-

XxEmilieAlicexX: -Standing up she stood her ground shaking she looked at her husband her voice strong- "Why don't you tell me your self?"

Anaya: "find yourself to the door and what ever stands in frount of it"

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Anaya: The town was silent as the dragon walked into it, her large white scales taking in the sun as it was annoying to the skin, a couple more hours and it would be dark and the moon would come over her lands to shield her body from the sun. Albino, it was a harsh thing in life, she did not like the fact she was snow white, she could not hide well other then in the winter but yet she hated the cold and snow, she could not stand in the sun for long and fly like a real dragon in the day time and at night she could not hide in the shadows like she wanted or liked to. Anaya held her head up as she walked over and past town homes and loomed over the buildings, she wondered if she would get stabbed again like the last time she was in town. She cleared out of town and made her way to her empire, one thing was on her mind Gaia asked her in her mind a little wile ago about his want to court her, she wondered if it was true or not, and what she would say to it. She walked up to her empire and pushed the doors open with the tip of her maw making her way inside the building and then looking for Gaia, she gave a low rumble as she snorted and looked around for him.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "oh crud. here she goes again" -She gets up from her seat and quickly walks over to wall then bumps her head on it because she didn't use her powers to go through it to her hiding place, she rubs her head and decides to go upstairs- "I'll be up here" -she quickly runs up to her room-

JustinMinick: -Gaia had heard Anaya’s entering her home he stood swiftly then licked Scarlet’s hand to show his thanks to her, after standing he walked toward the main part of the throne area looking about a tad nervous since

Anaya was quite a bit larger than himself so he was also cautious about his approaching her, he did not wish to be crushed but he did like the idea of her allowing him to hug her in humanoid form; and her showing affection toward him, though he knew this would not happen due to her nature. Gaia was slowly looking around trying to keep himself in a respectful manner, his tail set on the ground to show he was not going to bother trying to make himself dominant toward her so she would not wish to have combat over the dominance issue that he knew she would utterly destroy him over. He was indeed a silent type when he was in the mood to be but he was responsive to any questions when asked in case Anaya had questions so as to remain respectful he would answer all and any; Gaia was now in a fairly nervous state making the horns upon his back to perk further upward and seem to be held firmly by warriors of a different era.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose has left the chat

Anaya: Anaya moved up to him as she lowered her head and held her wings midway out as she looked and watched him, that low rumble getting louder as she took a step closer to him. Anaya snorted and licked the air as she swayed her tail back and forth held at mid hight. intorest was on her brain on how he would react to the pure blood, she wondered if he would be fun for her this night, or if he would be lazy, she simply licked the air agein flicking her long forcked tounge in and out as she was almost grining .

JustinMinick: -Gaia soon saw this display, knowing it was that of a playful mood, his initial reaction was quite simple he got closer to her and licked her chin with his wet forked reptilian tongue where the grips on it moved her scales forward a tad as he retracted his tongue back into his mouth; he then turned and put his wings out then flapped them dragging him up in the air above her reach so she would have to work to catch him whilst his mood was not in a lazed leisurely one now. His crimson eyes staying directly on her while his tail swayed to and fro whilst the horns upon his head began to gleam with slight illumination due to more light hitting them, he found the licking her chin quite comical in his own way since his drool was now on her. As Gaia awaited her response to this he ensured his wings would not get too much drag upon the wind currents since this could alter his speed; as his eyes were showing only a playful demeanor he levitated in the area above her hoping she’d take this as a play instead of a mocking.-

Anaya: Anaya jumped into the air as her back legs powered her to move up almost a foot away from his leg as her jaws clamped down grabbing only air. she let out a grumble as she licked her own face to clean it a grin came over her face as she turned and looked at a pillar and moved her mace like tail to make it look like she was going to hit i. the dragon lowered her head and gave out a coo like sound calling him to her as she swung her tail and simply taped the pillar showing she would smash it and that grin still stuck to her maw.

JustinMinick: -Gaia’s eyes widened as he then flew about the other pillars with an extreme speed, his haste making his figure seem like a blur as he landed behind her then nipped on her tail lightly, a smirk coming across his reptilian lips due to the fact that she was mocking him trying not really hard to get him nearer to her but he was enjoying this, it was indeed a time of play for him, something he hadn't done in many years. After nipping her tail lightly he started to run on his hind legs forward holding his wings up in the air wiggling them like an angered peacock that was chasing off another male that would contest his right to mate, only for the reason he knew it looked funny, so he continued on this as he ensured he stayed in the main room so he had room to move about and his gaze would not be interrupted too much from Anaya.-

Anaya: Anaya put her wings up and moved to let out a roar but it was not to loud and it ended in a yip like sound, she moved oddly faster then he would think she could, being so large and bunted him in the chest to hit him over as she wanted to pin him under her, moved around him and jumped putting both feet to the side of his wings pining him down but not holding him to hard or putting her claws into his soft wing membranes. the next thing was odd for the ruler she moved her head and rested the top of her skull on his chest as if to hug him in her own little way, she had not played with anyone in meny life times and he was the one she picked to play with. Anaya moved her belly a little closer to his own as she pined him down under her bulk and gave a soft cooing like purring noise and stayed in that very way wondering how he would react.

JustinMinick: -Gaia was wide eyed as he looked to each of his wings, he was now indeed pinned by Anaya due to her being much larger, but he rather did enjoy this it seemed to be a good time for her, so it made it a good time for himself; in moments he smiled in a bright fashion showing he was indeed quite enjoying the play time he was having with her since this truly was enjoyable for him. Gaia was then intrigued about her actions but he still smiled, his teeth not showing in the least but his lips spread quite far out making the smile extremely noticeable; he then decided to let out a coo of his own, though it was quite soft he knew she could hear him since she was so near, he was overjoyed with this since it was just him and her, it made him feel quite important to her. But again he was reminded that her nature was rather different than his own, he was unsure if she was capable of love or any other emotion that was directed toward another, that were not her hatching, so h was indeed in quite the conundrum since he had began thinking this over; but he was overall still smiling and still enjoying the playing he had gotten to do with her.-

Anaya: Anaya lifted her head and moved her claws to let him up as she nipped at his chest one time and then looked to the window, it was dark now so it was time to hunt and she had to go to do her nightly matters, she moved to the door slowly and kind of lumbering like as she really did ot want to go but new she had to, and she would never ask or bring another along on what she had to do for her empire. she looked back and let out a roar but not that loud anger filled one but a soft yip like call simply to tell him thank you and she had a good time. with that she ducked her head and walked out the doors and started to make her way back out into town.

JustinMinick: -Gaia got onto his hind legs and followed her with a gentle sway of his tail ensuring she knew he was behind her with a slight roar back to her that was as tiny a yipp as hers; as he followed her his tail stayed at the ground dragging lightly but not audible to any within the region as he did not wish to drag attention.-

Anaya: Anaya hears him as she turned around and let out an angered roar, she did not let ANYONE come on her hunting trips with her the last ones she ever let was her children to train them how to hunt, it was her job to hunt and only hers. she ripped up the ground with her claws and lifted her wings high in the air moving to show her length and swinging her massive tail.

JustinMinick: -Gaia simply turned around after she had roared and went back into the empire walls and laid near the stone pillars he was so fond of.-

Anaya: Anaya turned back around and carried on walking back out to the forest to go the nights hunt as the food stocks where running low once again.

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Bb82016c96478b9e5eb0aedd005f9c68-d532j7m_zps8057ded2

SoledadIII: -I arrive in a black chariot, scorned by 6 guards, I order them to take the chariot and leave, I walk fast, with elegance looking at the road ahead and the dragons on it, I climb the stairs and stand in there, at the entrance looking at the dragon in front of me, I run a hand over my hair and clear my throat, bowing a bit and speaking clearly- "King Adramalechs, your kingdom is great and rich, vampires and elves are happy for it, we don't see no enemy in you, but a respectable and good monarch. I come in their names, for an official meeting with the Great King Adramalechs" -finishing my words, I stand back, not moving a single muscle as my bright red eyes gleam-

MiladaKaida: -Adramalech was standing atop the pole at the top of the tower. He breathed in slowly then let it out slowly as a puff of black smoke came from his mouth as bits and pieces of ember burn off inside of it giving off faint orange glows. He gazes out upon the lands of the lava filed that was once rich with grass, trees and so many dragons of all shapes and sizes. He lowers his head and raises an eyebrow seeing something pull up then a figure walk out. He watches the figure slowly walk past the dragons then lifts his head to them to hold them off. He spreads his wings wide at thirty two feet from wing tip to wing tip then jumps down gliding down on the air. After a minute he folds his wings onto his back then drops at thirty feet per second landing on the walk way with a loud thud as he crouches down to cause them momentum to flow through him into the walk way then disperse out into the land. He stands back up at twelve foot eight inches and turns around as his three foot long tail slowly sways behind him. He looks at the being seeing it was a female then began to wonder why she was speaking to the thrones. He breaths in slowly then clears his throat as he speaks in a low draconic tone to her- “Can I help you miss? I was atop of the castle and didn't hear a word you said. Sorry.”

SoledadIII: -I hear a draconic voice, knowing it's Adramalechs speaking, I turn to face him and bow, staying on the ground and taking my time to see his long wings, I smile at last and reply- King Adramalechs, it's a pleasure, my name is Princess Soledad, I represent the Kingdom of the Fallen Elves, I must say your taste for decorations is exquisite, some immortals don't find places like this one... ever. I am here in a formal visit for you, a diplomatic stance in which I personally insisted to be the one making it, perhaps I can be granted to enter to the throne room your highness?? -fixing my coat, looking at the bridge were the flags wave at the mercy of the ruthless wind. Looking at that king of dragon's I find it's true many things I've heard of him-, "he surely is strong, and you don't really want to have him as an enemy"

MiladaKaida: -Adramalech heard her out then nods his head up and down to her in a motion saying yes. He turns around and speaks in a low draconic tone-
“sva escho sia thurirli vur latali. jaciv means thric levnim. gethrisj spical ekess svabol wux jahen tirir.” (Translation: at ease my friends and allies. she means no harm. go back to what you were doing)
-The dragons nod to him then continue on with their daily activities. The young ones begins to wrestle with each other as the elder ones fly around in the sky keeping watch. Te largest one of them all lays down watching the female closely as if he didn't trust her. He nods his head to them all then turns around and heads inside past the female. He breaths in deeply then lets it out speaking in a low draconic tone to the female- “I see. Might I ask how these elves have heard of me? No one that comes across me usually ever leaves with their lives. Most those that come in here usually want me dead so, how do I know that this so called 'diplomatic stance' you speak of isn't just a ruse to get me to drop my guard so you can kill me?” -He looks out of the corner of his left eye to see the guard dragon of his castle standing tall as puffs of black smoke come from his beak like mouth as if he was on full alert. He jumps over the stage just in front of the thrones then lands softly. He walks to his throne then three steps late he turns around and sits down. He looks to the female and holds his right hand out to her in a manner to offer a seat-

SoledadIII: -I look at the dragons, each one following specific orders, then I notice the largest one, looking at me really closely, I stay, not saying or doing anything, no fear or any emotion, then he moves, I follow the King's steps with my eyes, then following him at a distance, I hear his words really carefully, giving a smile when he finishes and nodding with my head as he offer me a seat- That's the main reason I insisted on coming by myself King
Adramalechs. I have personal guards, which were ordered to leave with my chariot until new orders , I stand here, in front of you, alone, in your kingdom, surrounded by well trained dragons as I can notice for the orders you give them, What would I be able to do, without even the proper defense?
-opening the coat over my outfit with both hands, showing him that a tight outfit is the only thing that covers me- and being practical, we wouldn't risk a member of the vampire council to come on her own to die, I can assure you there are no weapons under my garters, I come in peace -I stand in front of him, waiting for an answer of him first before sitting as offered, I stand with my hands still holding my coat opened as a sign that I didnt came prepared for an assassination-

MiladaKaida: -Adramalech nods to her words hearing that she was here alone the breaths in deeply. He lets it out as a puff of black smoke comes from his mouth. He watches her closely as she reaches up for her Jacket. The main dragon lowers his head. He sees it from the corner then growls towards the dragon. The dragon ceases then raises his head back up. He looks at her body not really attracted to that type then nods seeing she had no weapons on her. He sits back on his throne as he breaths in deeply then lets it out speaking in a low draconic tone- “Well at least you are not armed like most would be that would walk in here. You would be wrong that these dragons are trained well. I did not train them by at all. They just listen to me as I listen to them. We follows each others words and respect one another. These are not my pets or guards. These are my friends as I am theirs. They only wish to protect me as I only wish to protect them. Each dragon here protects the other without question as I do the same for them. So do tell me how you have heard of me exactly?”

SoledadIII: -I hear him, leaving my coat and taking a seat- well, we are vampires, make someone lose blood and we will know. -I hear him talk about the dragons- so as a family perhaps? you are their king, that must be a good reason too. King Adramalechs, we are not interested in a war or anything, the council is surprised, you are the only member of the royal family, that can be valuable for enemies. not for us of course, we dont like to attack in ways like that, I am here to assure you that our kingdoms stay in a type of alliance or neutrality perhaps. we are curious of your queen and your heritage of course, I excuse ourselves if our curiosity takes new deeps, I assure you once more we dont have any plans on attacking, but we do know that your genes..

-Adramalech nods to her words hearing that she was here alone the breaths in deeply. He lets it out as a puff of black smoke comes from his mouth. He watches her closely as she reaches up for her Jacket. The main dragon lowers his head. He sees it from the corner then growls towards the dragon. The dragon ceases then raises his head back up. He looks at her body not really attracted to that type then nods seeing she had no weapons on her. He sits back on his throne as he breaths in deeply then lets it out speaking in a low draconic tone- “Well at least you are not armed like most would be that would walk in here. You would be wrong that these dragons are trained well. I did not train them by at all. They just listen to me as I listen to them. We follows each others words and respect one another. These are not my pets or guards. These are my friends as I am theirs. They only wish to protect me as I only wish to protect them. Each dragon here protects the other without question as I do the same for them. So do tell me how you have heard of me exactly?”

SoledadIII: -I hear him, leaving my coat and taking a seat- well, we are vampires, make someone lose blood and we will know. -I hear him talk about the dragons- so as a family perhaps? you are their king, that must be a good reason too. King Adramalechs, we are not interested in a war or anything, the council is surprised, you are the only member of the royal family, that can be valuable for enemies. not for us of course, we don't like to attack in ways like that, I am here to assure you that our kingdoms stay in a type of alliance or neutrality perhaps. we are curious of your queen and your heritage of course, I excuse ourselves if our curiosity takes new deeps, I assure you once more we dont have any plans on attacking, but we do know that your genes are quite special and powerful -looking at him as I speak, I cross my legs and stay with my hands on the chair, I take air before speaking once more- we are having trouble with the tribes of light, the magicians and the followers of light are closer to our kingdom, it seems that our idea of stopping the war and rest is affecting us now

MiladaKaida: -He nods to her then lifts his head to the dragons and smile a bit as he breaths in deeply. He lets it out then speaks in a low draconic tone- “I have always been like is. My family was killed when the volcano erupted roughly two hundred years ago. It seems that this valley is still trying to replenish itself. I am the last of my family and I never took a Queen. My mother and father wanted to me to but, I do not want one. I do not really see the point in having a Queen if all they are here for is the power. If anyone was to try and attack then they would have to get passed the dragons outside the kingdom. Besides this kingdom is a neutral kingdom. No wars or threats of war will be accepted here. All I know of my heritage is that I am the last of the red dragons. I have not ventured out passed these valley walls to see the rest of the world so as far as I know I am the last of my species.” -he takes another deep breath as he watches her cross her legs then speaks again- “What do you think I can do with this looming possible threat you speak of?”

SoledadIII: -I reply to him, taking a papyrus with the seal of the council- "the council determined, that as a last instance, we shall create a warrior for us, brave and powerful enough to protect the kingdom from it's attackers" your genes are powerful, you are the last red dragon, many believe you died long ago, and with it you took a great power to the grave. we've been looking for you for so many hundreds of years. The instance we want to follow, is the creation of a new breed, based on the red dragon, we know it might sound as an offence to the red dragon,but I excuse us, and ask for the King's help. we want to make the attackers don't reach our walls, and perhaps this new warrior could assist with it

MiladaKaida: -He listens to her for a bit but, when he heard that they were looking for sends up red flags in his mind saying to watch it. He wasn't sure whats hew as she was but, he had a fairly good idea of what they were really after. Him and his own blood. He did grow a bit angry and the other dragons could sense it. The air grew deathly quiet as if all sounds had ceased. Three giant thuds could be heard outside as the ground shook underneath the castle. The dragons that were flying around had landed and made their were to the castle surrounding it looking in. The giant twin headed dragon stood up then gazed down the pathway to the female. The dragon in the room locks his eyes on the female. Adrams heightened state had brought the others to him as if they could sense what was going through his mind. Then young ones that were playing ceased and headed towards the castle effectively blocking the pathway. Adram lifted his right hand telling them to be at ease but, a few of them had growled lowly at her. That he could not stop them from doing. He breathed deeply then let it out as he spoke in a low draconic tone- “Tell me what it is you want from me and choose your words wisely. For sake do please choose your words wisely. I am but one dragon here among-st these many dragons here. I do not want bloodshed right now. I can hold them off but, only for so long as they feel that I am in danger right now and only wish to protect me.”

SoledadIII: I can assure you and your dragons that you wont be harmed in any way, you wont even have to leave the throne room or anything, this warrior I speak of, is not you, your existence is only known by the council, it would be really dangerous to let you assist us directly, they would know you are alive, and you would be in danger as we are, armies coming here, every soldier wanting the blood of the red dragon, you know how humans can be. I speak of a hybrid, half dragon, half vampire, we don't normally accept to mix our race, but given the times, the council has approved it. I request or your genes, and not by cutting yourself, I request, with all respect oh Great Red Dragon, to be bred. That warrior, will be our salvation -I speak standing from the seat, looking directly at the King and from time to time to the other dragons as I was speaking to them as well- it takes nerve to come and speak to dragons, knowing how deathly it can be, but my people needs it

Anaya: Anaya moved down and landed in the ash she lifted her foot her white scales marked black with the ash left on the ground around her, ash did not leave the soil no matter how long ago it was layed there. The elder pure blood looked up as she saw the place around her, others of her bloodline marked the lands but she new that others would not dare mess with one of her standing unless stupid or young. Taking large steps the Albino 140 foot tall monster walked up to the grounds and looked over the large building, was there a ruling male or female here?, was there another elder?, she did not smell one on her way here, maby it was simply dragon walked not marked land. She pondered for a moment if she could sink her claws in the dirt and mark it as her own it was on the edge of her own lands and she new not meny would notice it being taken over. the thought moved from her mind as she let out a roar to tell other dragons an elder was around. The other smaller breeds scattered and other dragons dipped there heads moving back, she simply stood there wondering if another ruling male or female would notice, she was kinda hard to miss, all white as snow on a back ground and back drop.

MiladaKaida: -Adram gazes at her while listening to her. He nodded to her words then went wide eye at her proposal. For her to ask him to bred with a vampire was something he did not find at all appealing considering they were technically dead so, the questioned that flowed through his brain was how exactly would this happen? He takes a deep breath in then looks to the others around him. He lifts his right hand up and waves it telling the others to back off. The seven dragons that were surrounding the castle stepped back and took a seat watching the inside closely watching her and the Adram closely to make sure he was not harmed. Adram stood up then looked her over and shook his head as he spoke in a low draconic tone to her- “And if I refuse to help you? What would you do? You know well that to incure the wrath of a dragon let alone a Red Dragon would simply be foolish.” -As Adram looks her over he heard the beat of wings in the air. He breathed in slowly then slowly turned his head to the left looking out just as a large white dragons appeared in his kingdom. His eyes went wide as he knew what it was right away. He had heard stories from his parents of such a dragon but, after the destruction of the lands long ago he never left the valley due to wanting to bring the dragons back to the land. He remained in the small form he was in out of respect for the elder. He he stood in the castle then drops to his right knee and dropped his head as he spoke in a low draconic tone to her-
         “fekiikiri kwi jennu ir. si siofmea wux jahen vi myth told ekess ve ini sia odassi shar, si though astahii jahen filki stories. si mi adramalech. wer annyo di wer charir darastrixi usv sva gekip si siofme si mi vur daar di nomeno zaneunisal tenpiswo. si tepoha nurti zulf nomeno arux zyak si mi ti jaunus svabol tepohaic gethrisja shafaer persvek wer ifnitot treskri. wux tiichi ve mrith dout presences kwi jennu ir. svabol tir si owe nomeno jennu tiichi?”((Greetings oh great one. I thought you were a myth told to me by my parents but, I though they were just stories. I am Adramalech. The last of the Red Dragons or at least I think I am and King of this Kingdom here. I have never left this valley so I am not sure what has gone on in the outside world. You honor me with your presences oh great one. What do I owe this great honor?))
-he remains down on one knee and keeps his head to the ground out of complete respect to her-

SoledadIII: -I take it, in a relief as the dragons fly, leaving the entrance to the throne room and being able to resume on speaking to the king- In that case King Adramalechs, in the fanatical case in which you refuse to assist our cause, I will just call my chariot, I will be transported in it back to my kingdom, where I would inform the high council about your denial and we will resume on fighting the attackers without the hope we had for the new warrior, with it, your secret will die with us and with our kingdom. Sadly, it will also mean, that they would be a step closer to this kingdom -I fix my crown as I speak, being sincere with every single word-

Anaya: Anaya Walked move forth and lowered her head to see inside the building, she saw the male and saw the others in the place and his words touched the old ones ears and a lightness filled her darkened heart, most of the places she ended up going simply shrugged and pushed her away leaving there empires and kingdoms to be crushed in her furry of removing the worthless garbage from this world.
         “wer juanth iri re throdeniltivi gethrisja si zhin wer treskriri vorqir ihk epanomisi korja sia kurjh territory jaka, wux re shar vi ghergo ir shar tepoha vi itmen donoap persvek wer keari ghoros wux, wer svant naktar geou tiichi nomeno goawy mrith coita goof unef vur mitne. dout lands re shafaer wer boundary di sia kurjh vur si confna tenpiswo ekess search ihk epanomisi batobot re still save ihk hesi cirau ekess roam, epanomisi still jikahshir persvek wer juanth ways, ti wer ways di sthyr vur di wer vessa cayosini” ((Draconic translation = The old ones are mostly gone i walk the worlds looking for places along my own territory now, you are but a young one but have a bright path in the days before you, the sky keeper will bless this place with its goof fortune and light. your lands are on the boundary of my own and i came here to search for places that are still save for our kind to roam, places still believing in the old ways, not the ways of man and of the steal blades))
She looked to the other life form, the female, one of annoyance in her eyes, it did not bow nor fall to her knees before her, did not greet or even notice her call, it was yet more garbage in her eyes, yet another to be removed with all good time. The girls words came to the dragons ears as she did not care if the females kingdom was wiped from the face of the charred earth. The words slipped from the dragons maw in full human and English so she was sure the female would understand as Anaya talked in many tongues
        “you are not worth the Sky keepers blessing oh naive little cold one, you do not know the ways of the scaled ones so the scaled ones will not know the ways of you”
her voice carried that rasped hiss to every word as she lifted her top scaled lip showing car sized teeth in her double Decker bus sized head. ((Sky keeper is the dragon God that guards the gates of the sky kingdom and our home lands, known as the afterlife, also the guard of retribution and the one that gives judgement to the fallen, the one Anaya believes in and the one that talks to Anaya ti tell her who to lay judgement upon))

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Dragatildeo-Vermelho-RedDragon_wallpaper-08_zps7d7327ae

Anaya: She forms out of her floor still half asleep "oh it better be good this time" she yawned as she rubed the top of her head pushing back bright white hair from even brighter red eyes "i hate getting up wall i am sleeping "

SukuyaMoonbeam: -Cyndusk bolted from her castle running as fast as she could towards her sisters ally, Her dress of yellowish green catching on branchs and her hair a mess she ran clawing the branch away, knowing that she had little time but knew Valstra was around Anaya and has attached herself to her. She saw the doors but was too late to slow and ran into them. A loud thud sound was made as she got up and pushed them open- Anaya..Lady Anaya please tell me your here

Anaya: the bang made the dragon turn around as she watched the female rush in like something was after her "yes Anaya is here and what can a dragon do for you this moonless night "

JustinMinick: -Gaia holds tightly to his pillar hearing the thud as his eyes fell upon a female that did not seem to be of threat to his claim to this pillar, he relaxed the tensed muscles that had prepared to pounce forward and tear the flesh away.-

SukuyaMoonbeam: -breaths heavily trying to speak- Valstra..too much shadows.

Anaya: "and what has happined to the little one ? calm yourself and breath"

SukuyaMoonbeam: -Once catching her breath she spoke clearer- Valstra was exposed to darkness of which my sister winter only understands and in plain man terms is a ticking time bomb and shes in my castle. Dragon spring water not working

Anaya: "the shadows need to be taken away and out of the girl, placed in another beast or eaten away by the light. a being of light is needed to stop the shadows from growing " it was the last words before the woman faded away with nothing more said.

SukuyaMoonbeam: If you can get close to her then please help I tried and got blasted against the stone wall

Guest_ValstraNightshade has joined the chat

Guest_ValstraNightshade: Shy from the light she turns to the shadows, her flame burns bright but her heart burns dull. She yearns to be free of her own self yet to love is to fear and her flame burns brighter. Valstra answered the summons as flames engulfed her own body, her dress melted off as her bare feet left black marks upon the stone floor. Growling she walks in targeting Cyndusk, her yellow eyes looked as if burning and the slits thin. She bore no weapons but that she was born with, her tail, horns, claws and her flames. If looked close enough one could tell she was in a rage which could be stopped by knocking her out from behind, Tiring her out by the use of water, yanking her tail as the tail is connected to the spine which in most cases could become a weak spot. she stood there tail thrashing and her fangs bared as if challenging Cyndusk-

SukuyaMoonbeam: -Cyndusk saw her stance and decided to crouch low and back up as she then bolted up a pillar- Val listen calm down please we do not need another incident like last -Cyndusk clearly shaking and a bit afraid as this was the val that beat the daylights out of her sister winter-

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -Valstras gaze fell to the man, her growling getting deeper as she saw Cyndusk cower up a pillar she laughed a little like a maniac. She started forward but her walk looked as if she was carrying a lot of weight, approximately twenty tons, Her wings outspread and claws out and her tail thrashing. She made sure her spike horns on her body stuck out and her head lowered a little as if getting ready to charge anyone with in the frontal vision of her sight. The flames engulfing her body were yellowish red but blue at the core. Val starts running faster ready to full body slam anything in the way. Due to her age she could not breath fire but could combust her body into flames that could melt titanium steel if it was not enchanted. Her claws fully extended she averted her gaze to Cyndusk and was now aiming at the pillar she clung to-

HakuAkuhei: Without a sound but a single ripple among a wavelength of sound pushed through the air. It sounded like a forest song wrath which was slowly growing into a display of a symphony. The world begun to churn, he began to fold the space into a rift, and his vocals slurred speech for a brief moment of his entering exposure of the boundaries which set reality apart from a false existence. What was he? The world was as if a toy to his amusement, seeming to be unchanged, and untainted with his wrath ever exposed in vocals which the very ground below his footing where he levitated off the very atrocity which he came before the individuality of humanity, dragons, and beings which were not of creator origin were just a another being to himself. He walked the streets as one every day, just never noticed, and by most who spoke to stop..Just stare at his very being of ascension. His energy which composed of a single world which he was like a world himself of his deeds. Without warning the slight fourteen year old boy stood as if a young lunar dragon would, but he was over a thousand years in age. All his ascension meant was in context to resort and find his higher power. He achieved the resonance which he could very well break and use soul threads of his opponent when caught to manipulate reality to his finest degree. The wrath which invoked his life long story was irrelevant to his nature of the seven sins blades which his apathy replica of false desires. Worlds apart of a lambent light in shadows which he seeking the individual to which he dreamed not to cause chaos in a slight response to watching the female's embodiment change into a stance flicked his wrist as if the long coat begun to sway. His own chest area over the lace leather about his key hung down from his obsidian shoulder plate. The spikes were as if the boy used some form of the five senses, ontology, and using false reality like his very existence was one which was equal to creation and destruction all alike in the same way of natural order which was always maintained by himself. Giving a laugh, his sadistic movement pattern, and lowered stance of his left hand went down from his silver stainless steel cursed katana. Giving the idea he was not here to cause any trouble in such methods but he was going for a fake as most could not tell his trickery in the stance well enough was an open palm. The boy slightly grinned with a wide smile waiting to see what the female had in store for himself. Well, he really did not even know why the two of them would fight, but he did not wish to give a damn. In a split second a single force as if he gained momentum with the flames and using them like a wavelength to erase their force the moment they came into contact with air. Then they became a slight force of unnoticed magnetic force. As if the wavelength expanded back out from the direct point which the smaller force simply accelerated into a burst of speed with which almost met sonic force and speed to get behind the female for not letting him even introduce himself as he showed his hand near his blade moving at such speeds as if he never drew it. He reversed the spin on reality and had suddenly passed the force of his mark going diagonally up the left side, aimed right of the force which seemed weightless. However it was clearly not even close, the force was simply nothingness other than the light space which was simply gone should any flames be simply melting himself today would seriously hope that such an individual would realize that he would not budge from his reality. The very idea to keep himself away from Drake was simply words apart from his own five senses. As he gained reality which his seven blades had cut carved moon shaped holes in them..The size of a nickle to resonate. This meant he could steal the past or present through a short or long wavelength which resonated with the soul, but would have to strike to confirm the right information of his character which he faced now.-

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -Valstra ran towards the man fully raged though her flames were stopped some how she did not see or hear what caused them to stop as she stood there. She would try to breath fire but smoke came out and seeing that wasn't going to work she then looked and saw he wasn't in front of her as if a trick was being played to her eyes. She felt something was off but thought it best to not combust into a fire like juggernaut. She stood there to search for the male as in her mind he would make for a better punching bag though then feels her left side get attacked by a blade going diagonal and upwards she hisses wanting to combust but didn't until she knew what she was up against. Touching the stone floor she tried to see what trickery was pulled but groaned due to hating blades or anything that felt like it. She went into a defence position her spikes jutting out and her horns which protected her head lowered a little more her tail thrashing she watched her rage still seen in her eyes but the attacks were enough to make her cautious or scared really couldn't tell-

HakuAkuhei: -Suddenly lifted his right palm across the smoke and the cunning edge of the flames of desired choice yelled;"Feel thy wrath exposed in forevermore." Without care the wavelength which a sudden dispersed at such high speeds of his blade coming to her skin and causing blood to be spilled arched it back against his touch across the left side of her temple passing left of her face as the iron in the blood of his opponent suddenly causing the wavelength of his blade to use it like a combustion force which was very close to a projected strike which the smoke and flame gives off carbon and then spark with the very flow of his wavelength to freeze up the space which a fragment in time made it accelerate at a higher speed. Since he was made of energy and resonance was that the fact of structure in his make up would allow him not to feel force of his own attacks. The after shock of his attack would cause her to go cold, and feel hot at the same time. This was almost like she was flash frozen, not because just a wavelength in atomic structure but because he made close to a small combustion of a atom bomb. She would be frozen in time though until it would have met at such range when she lowered her head it would simply crush the weight of her body against the floor leaving her no room to run, move, or expose any motion other than what he made in short fusion of his response to her movement pattern when he backed off to project it with the iron against his blade of despair. "Wallow in this pathway for eternity."-

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -Valstra roars in pain feeling her scales get pierced through and her blood she smelled. She went to move or at least spot the one who got her and caused her to bleed but then her body would not obey. The blood was hard to see due to her ruby coloured and black coloured scales, her body went cold as she hated the cold but her scales felt hot. Her rage not dissipating though her body dropped like a 36 ton full grown dragon. unable to move she tried her eyes filled with furry though only caused by the shadows she was exposed to. She would fight though to try and get up fighting the heat and cold her tail thrashing about as she looked around. Her wings felt heavy as she was wondering if he was trying to wear her out or knock her out. Her instincts told her to combust but not knowing what she was up against she didn’t want to blow herself to smithereens-

SukuyaMoonbeam: -watching helplessly and being a drake Cyn was pretty much useless. she stood there but seeing val injured she wanted to heal but at the same time live so she yells- Don't kill her -hoping she was heard she hiked it up a new pillar until it was over-

Guest_ValstraNightshade: Valstra roars in pain feeling her scales getting pierced through and her blood she smelled, She attempted to move but couldn't as her body felt hot and cold, she hated the cold, Her rage still filling her though caused by the shadows she felt her body drop like a 36 ton full sized dragon and her wings became heavy as she then blacks out her tail becoming limp as she laid there, her wound on her right side bleeding out though slowly stops as it heals. unconscious the shadows could be seen in her aura that she was exposed to-

HakuAkuhei: -The young boy Haku Akuhei slowly walks over to the female and waits a few seconds to assist. Making sure she is out cold and lowers himself to heal her side but noticing her body was already in healing stages because of her flames smiled and issued her to a resting place of comfort.-

SukuyaMoonbeam: We have to remove the shadows..I notified my sister winter of what happened to her parents then to her..-walks over to val- Do you know how to remove shadows Im not exactly familiar with that yet

HakuAkuhei: "There is one way I know for sure."

SukuyaMoonbeam: Then do it..pray winter spares her parents after tonight.

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -lays there breathing heavily but still out cold-

HakuAkuhei: -Moving to the young female softly carried the very idea of creation in mind as he collected the shadows which clung to the young female and held his palm as a form of resonance on an insane level which the two resonance with the shadows resonated with his being. He begun to take an idea which he learned to absorb the pathways of the flame and existence would slowly forge a shadow standing before the both of them.-

SukuyaMoonbeam: -stares at the shadow- Remind me not to get on your bad side.

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -groans were heard then her body relaxed limp more then before and now she looked as if sleeping innocently like nothing happened-

HakuAkuhei: -Without warning the shaodws suddenly burst into flames and light which fell onto the ground with a soul forged spell of chaos magic. Both light and dark where he himself was known to master it..Purge! The force pure and untainted but also very dark to the soul in It's own mind so the flames of the shadow died on a single wavelength of pure entity as she would feel a warm feeling of comfort. This was the fact purge was a massive spiritual force which was known to kill beings of which were of different entity. This was very cold and the shadows were destroyed completely in nothing but a fade shade of his own sanity which the price he gained every one million years to go berserk.-
HakuAkuhei: -c-
HakuAkuhei: -The pure spell was made for purifying people or origin species but sometimes killed them. Since he was not targeting her it was fine, she was safe, and more than able to be saved from the being which was controlling her.-
HakuAkuhei: -e-

SukuyaMoonbeam: Thank you for helping...Winter will reward you when she hears what you done. -bows to him- I should take her to my castle and let her rest in the infirmary.

HakuAkuhei: "Not a worry, family deserves no reward, and I will be happy to just be a friend in me."

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -breathing steady her tail moves slightly as if dreaming-

SukuyaMoonbeam: -nods- Then friends we three shall be. I will let Val know what you've done for her as well.

Guest_ValstraNightshade: -groans again stretching and yawning she starts to wake up but with a major migraine and in pain- The hell did I do this time...-she mumbles-

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending EmiliaClarkeasDaenerysTargaryeninGameofThrones2001_zps2ddee6d5

DarkLadyScorpio: -she looked to the girls katana then back at her and speaks- Such a pity. Now what is your business here.

Anaya: Anaya formed out of the floor as her white hair graced the sides of her face, already in a kind og grumpy mood seeing the day before she got stabbed in the leg with some moronic farmers pitch fork aqs she was walking into town, well it made her not in the nicest of moods. She walked up to the thrones looking for the Ruler of her Vassle state as she did pop in from time to time, and then looked out seeing if he was around, sadly no, just other people, she took a sit down in the rulers throne and put her feet up watching for him to come back "long days just seems to get longer"

DarkLadyScorpio: -she looked up to Anaya and bowed her head then spoke her voice loud but still soft- Lady Anaya I have caught a intruder

DarkShadow111333: "light armor single weapon magic bag... a  were tiger sneaking into a castle... lets see what sneaks and has light arrrmor miss magic?" she quipped

DarkLadyScorpio: I wish not to entrap you  in my chains child. Now what is your business here

Anaya: Anayas eyes lifted up as the female said the word intruder "well what is it here for, did it try to harm anyone in this land?" She was a blunt dragon so she made sure she got her point across.

DarkLadyScorpio: Not as of yet Lady Anaya -she smirked keeping her eyes on the intruder- The threat of entrapment stop her for now

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: -A blood curdling screech was heard in the distance as a billowing plume of black smoke formed at the entrance of the residence.  As the smoke began to clear, a tall lean figure, with dark well trimmed hair, and neatly adorned apparel was seen, his eyes however were nothing but gaping voids of nothing from which small plumes of smoke billowed, a small red light glowing from within. Despite the man's appearance, it was clear that he was not a dominant person, for he walked with humility and innocence. Upon reaching the entrance to the room of importance, he stood silently, awaiting the permission of his mistress to enter the premises. The collar he loyally wore, glistened faintly in the dull light of the room-

DarkShadow111333: these people were strange and obviously needed to be blunt "im a rrrrogue a thief i was here to steal something for a client obviously i was thrown off by this rrrrroom."

DarkLadyScorpio: -her eyes darken as she stares at the girl- And who asked you to steal from us

DarkShadow111333: "and now i failed whooo" she made jazz hands and sighed

Anaya: "if it becomes a problem have it removed, skum of this land needs not walk on the earth of the royals."  she looked out spoting her slave boy and she pated her leg for him to come to her "come here my dear just walk past the others"

DarkShadow111333: she raised her brow as she watched the woman from a distance

Anaya: Anaya new the other female was wathing her and all she did was show a mouth full of needle sharp teeth, this woman was nothing to mess with if she wanted to be.

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: -He nodded, and did so with a silent grace, his regard for them nonexistent as he quickly walked past them for his Mistress had not found them relevant enough for a greeting. He carefully took a seat at her feet, to the right side of her throne, his head bowed, sitting silently on his own feet, hands folded neatly in his lap-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she smirks and moves her chains closer to the female intruder- Either you will leave and never return telling your employer that you failed or stay trapped until my mate arrives and receive punishment from him

Anaya: She moved her clawed hand down to run her claws in her males hair, showing a hit of care for him, it was more then she showed most. "this is a vessal state kingdom to the empire you are a part of, how have you bin fairing today my male"

DarkShadow111333: "personally i would rather see punishment frrrrom you dearrrr but you might not be as willing as i... and i might just drop the deal all togetherrrr? maybe tell you the name of my contact in the village?"

Anaya: Anaya looked out as she watched the other females talk getting every word with keep dragon ears.

DarkShadow111333: "but if you tell me you arrrrre unwilling to give me my torturrrrre i shall leave post haste miss magic."

DarkLadyScorpio: -she smirks at the female using one of the chains to hold her chin- Better yet tell you contact to come here and try for him/herself. I would rather deal will the real problem then a useless little thief they sent to do their bidding.

Anaya: Anaya looked out as she got the words from what seemed like a stuttering ingrate "come here you worthless being, get your death over with slow and painfuly, seems you are a kind of a pain whore lets see what you like now shall we. "

DarkShadow111333: "naaaaah..." she shrugged "just wanted to flirt with two obviously interesting women... since my main goal is impossible..."

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: -He shivered slightly, experiencing both enjoyment as well as mild trepidation from her gentle caress.- "Tis a beautiful domain, My Mistress. However, for the second part of your question, I daresay I have seen better days."

DarkLadyScorpio: Bad decision-she makes the chains spring at the female from all directions.-

Anaya: Anaya got up and pated her boy on the head. She walked down to look at the other female and looked it over "so you wish to hit on another of your own gender, you wish to be nothing more then a comman slut, i was hopeing you enjoyed pain for you will be geting it anyway best enjoy it" She moved her hand up her bright red eyes glowing blue for only a moment as the large doors, the only door and only way in or out slammed shut and locked, the click of there lock rining from the walls around them all. "only one way in, and one way out. now if i was you i would pick my next words VERY carefully you worthless rat"

DarkLadyScorpio: -she would pout not getting to have some fun- Well that was no fun

DarkLadyScorpio: -she would walk back to where she was sitting before the female came in and thought to steal from her family-

Anaya: Anaya watched the fool slip out the doors as she slammed it and locked them "got to love stupid and worthless people "  she moved back to the throne she was siting in it was not hers but she wanted it as her own anyway and it was nice and away from people.

Anaya: Anaya turned her head a crick in her neck snaping like something out of some messed up movie. "move yourself back to the sofas. Lady of this place" saying Lady was like one saying queen, but Anaya as a dragon did not talk like other people.

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: -The man paused for a moment, before gently placing his chin upon the hand of his Mistress, staring up at her silently, awaiting her next action or desire-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she would stand on walk to the couches-

Anaya: She looked to her boy and moved her claws along his cheek. "so why was your day not of the best of likeing, my male"

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: "Twas a day spent with friends the likes of which I had long since been separated. Our reunion was supposed to be a happy one... That is, until they had brought their girlfriends. I eventually was ditched, for I was the odd man out, and everything they had wanted to do had been centred around couples. Twas quite the letdown..." -he sighed softly.-

Anaya: she moved her hand to his cheek and looked at him her eyes growing a big softer, but only a bit nothing really meaningful "well you are here now, so things can look up, and i have bin wondering, how are you in giving foot rubs"

Anaya: "a dragons feet pain more as i do not fly much "

AatroxSanguine: -A small drop of blood would drop from the ceiling and hit the ground before the thrones and splash outward. At first it would seem that it was alone before more and more blood droplets began to drop from the ceiling and land near the first. They would all begin to pull together and form a sort of blood like puddle in a central spot before the thrones. A hand would shoot from the depths of the blood and clasp onto the ground. It would tense and flex as it pulled what was left of the being from the puddle. At first a hooded head, then the second hand came close behind to help the first. As the body finally came to surface one would notice that almost everything that this man wore seemed to be able to cut you if you were not to careful. Two blades about the length of three foot clung to his back, carved into these blades were the faces of all various types of creatures. Another two smaller more concealed daggers held tightly to his thighs. The blood ran off his chiseled body, down the cracks of his abs and off his feet back to the puddle from which it came. He would move his head about looking around taking in key features of the home . Though he said little to nothing to the actually residents of the place. He would notice a familiar face before them and move quite fluently to her side and take post beside her seat.- "Good evening m'lady." -His voice was firm yet soft, almost caring yet demanding respect at the same time. Far from previous lives this man now held a neutral sense of morality.-

xXTheDarkestSoulXx: "I daresay I have had little practice with the likes of massaging in anywhere other than the more common, back, shoulders, and neck areas... But if it pleases my Mistress, I shall try."

Anaya: Anaya looked up seeing the new guard for her empire form and come into sight. "well so this is the one i hear so much about."

AatroxSanguine: -He would move his hooded gaze over her as he stood his post , hands behind his back at the throne.- "Hear so much about? I do hope it is at least good things m'lady." -He moves his look back out over the room. He could feel, see, and hear the blood flowing through each and every one of their bodies. Even if he were to be physically blind he would still be able to move about unscathed, as he could see just as well if not better this way.-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne and walked a little ways to the new male. she looked him up and down, she had heared about him but it was almost like he was mail ordered to her. she eyed him up and down, not bad on the eyes, he was fiting to be standing guard over her, she wanted the strongest and best for her own personal force watching over her and her alone before others, he would watch over the empire as well but if she was in harms way he would be takeing care of the problums that would be looking to kill her before he delt with the other ones. "yes good things in ded, very good things, so if i have it right your name as i was told is Aatrox, yes? "

AatroxSanguine: -He would allow his sense to die down a little, they were far to strong the closer the person was to him physically. He could almost count the drops of blood within her body if he hadnt had toned his sense of it down. He would nod his head slowly as he felt her eyes moving over him.- "Indeed it is m'lady. I must say for you to know so much of me I know very little of you and your people. But, I cannot help but feel the it is my purpose to keep you and your kind safe until the last drop of blood leaves my body. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to meet you formally finally."

Anaya: She noded her head to his words as the hiss moved from her lips along with every letter that left her pale mouth "sometimes knowing less keeps us ....safer then it would if we new more, my name is Anaya and sometimes it is best to have only that in the depths of ones brain. Safer it will keep you" she nodded her head once more and then turned to look to the door. "care to take a walk with me, it is better outside, this time of night the sun looks wonderful when setting and dawning to the other side of the world."

AatroxSanguine: -He would turn his gaze towards the door as she did eyeing it a moment before letting words return to her ears in the air.- "Indeed, the world is a very dangerous place and emotions can really hold on down from their true potential. Though I care little for my safety, luck will be on their side to even touch me m'lady." -He could help but let a small smirk cross his lips, even though War and Gabriel were long gone pieces of them could be seen within him.- "Lead the way m'lady." -He would say in his firm yet soft voice.- "I look forward to the full tour of you and all your people."

DarkLadyScorpio: -she takes out one off her cards then mumbling some words she throws it onto the ground creating a portal and jumps in the hole closing around her-

Anaya: Anaya walked to the door way soft gem-ed feet gracing the floor with each step, her white silks swayed behind her as she softly pushed the doors open letting the sun hit her pale skin, she loved the son even if it was hard on the Albinos body. "you will learn and get to know every persons face and every persons being, this place we are in is a Vessal state of our empire a male named Glen is the ruler of it. he knows respect for a dragons way and of our laws, not many know this in the parts around here and some are more standoff ish then others. for you see i am a dragon and in this world we are not so highly adored well our hide is but the beating heart inside of it is not as much wanted" she walked out letting the grass and stone touch her feet she had walked this path many times and new it even with her eyes shut. there was the town about a 5 min walk down the path it was not far, and it would be the first starting step to his geting around the place.

AatroxSanguine: -He strolled along beside her, matching each step she took fluently like water. He moved about with such ease and agility that it almost resembled that of blood flowing. He would keep his eyes forward, never watching the ground dead in front of him. It was far better to look past what was right in front of you it was what he always did. His ears honed in on her words, blocking out the sound of the rushing blood in her veins. Lucky he had learned to control this long ago otherwise listening was an issue.- "I could not see many reasons why a dragon would need a guard M'lady. After all, couldn’t you handle most of those who hunt you?" -He would never look her way only continue talking and moving forward with her.- "And I look forward to learning about each and every member of your family."

Anaya: She looked at him bright red eyes shimmering on her pale flawless face. "i hold a beating heart as much as you do or a man does, but in the lands here the hunters are as shadows in the night. you never see them till you already have a blade to your chest. it is best to have a second set of eyes watching over you as well as your own " she walked up to a side fruit stand and picked up an apple leaving a golden coin that she fliped out of her fingers to the man at the stand and nodded her head as he smiled and put it in his coat pocket. "here anyone can be a trained killer, inn keepers, fruit sales people and well anyone you love and trust, this place is not like others" she took a bite out of the feashly crisp apple and then ate it down, even if she was a pure meat eater she liked fruit every now and again.

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena’s feet pattered softly across the ground as she walked in the grass, getting closer to the castle with each one of her small steps.  Her eyes stayed cast down onto the ground, almost seeming to glance at the moonlight that was shining down onto the grass.  She realized that her breathing seemed to be getting quicker and more heavily with each step closer to the castle that she took.  Even her heart beat hard against the inside of her chest.  She did not understand why this happened every time she came here, but she knew that it would have to stop soon.  She inhaled slowly, counted to three, and then let it out, praying softly to herself in hopes that her nervousness would not be noticed as easily today as it usually has been.  As she arrived at the door, she shook her body off to help herself calm down even more.  Then she lifted up her hand and knocked on the door gently, hoping that she was not interrupting anything too important at the moment.-

AatroxSanguine: -Aatrox would only smile a little to himself, the thought of someone sneaking up on him was almost a joke. But hell, not everyone could hear the blood of others so he respected her words and took them to heart and caution.- "You could say I already have a pair of eyes in the back of my head M'lady." -He would watch her take a bite of the apple. He always wondered what food was like, what it was like to be hungry or thirsty. He had never had the urge nor did he need it, he even thought it might make him sick if he were to even try food.- "I suppose it is best that I always expect the worst then m'lady... I have learned to trust few in my time. Only those that prove them self at my side in the face of danger could hold something as high as my trust." -He would notice the blood flow changing in her jawline as she moved it about chewing on the apple. He would allow his sense to overcome him again as he noticed a different variation of blood enter the area, though he said nothing as he didn’t want to interrupt Anaya and her tour of her people.-

JustinMinick: -He had passed through the lower and upper part of the village, making his way down to his castle of solitude when it was empty that is, he was now pushing the wooden doors open walking down the short corridor to the bridge; pushing that door open that leads to the platform that connects to the base of the stone supporting itself along with the bridge, he was now crossing the bridge as blood swelled up then fell back down creating small crashes and waves about the surface, it was usually placid and unmoving until Glen came in. Glen Yankovich was still a very old styled Vampire, he wore a suit with an inner jacket behind the black that was crimson, then a white button up shirt that held a crimson tie wrapped around the collar, along with a black jacket, and a cape that held to his shoulders with an elegant flow to the features showing an insignia that held his family name connected to its formation. Going across the large platform that led to a series of staircases that connected to three other rooms, his home was simple in nature meant for only three to live in yet it was gigantic in stature, the rug that lined the main platform was baring the same insignia on his cape showing the descent of the noble blood; there were sub platforms that were like small pillars with throne sized spaces on them in which they flowed up and down with the swell of the blood flow due to the fact they were made of a simply lighter stone than that of the rest of the platforms. He was in the process of walking but ten feet before he swerved to the right evading the large blood fountain connected to the swelling lake below that was drained, at the bottom and put the blood back into the small lake, Glen was of course wearing his leather shoes that had a small creaking sound with each step, almost not audible but to Glen it sounded like quite the screech of leather, of course his ears were more sensitive to sound due to his species. Walking near the steps his cleanly pressed pants not seeming to have a single flaw in their appearance until he took a step and his knee bent which caused small wrinkles, he then took the first step up and continued on to his throne where he then sat back into the soft velvet like cloth that engulfed the cushion, his gray hair now out of his face as his head tilted back keeping each small tendril held back to the ending of his back. His skin was of course Fair, and paler than that of the living, he no longer had a heartbeat since he had been turned, he was a noble in the village he lived in now, he was a vampire with a large estate and no family left for they died of age. Glen was in truly a deep thought, wandering how many more years he would live before the hunter types came in with their arrogant attitude, in a large pack at that would at least be a threat to his claimed home, but then again Glen never truly had many encounters with hunters since it was a rarity for anybody to see him walking to his home; indeed he was in the mood to walk through the village and admire some of its history but now that his short walk was over he was now back to being an aristocratic Vampire or man as the villagers were led to believe since he rarely travelled outside his walls. Though rumors were spreading about through the village that Glen were some sort of monstrosity, this was true because Glen is a monstrosity, a predator of the night that took in the blood of human beings without remorse; at times though he would not drink for a week as he was lost in thought about his next rune design. Whilst Glen was sitting there, he found a scent he recognized any where, his nose was also very sensitive “Anaya.” he thought to himself, this was unexpected really, he did not even consider what that scent was about the village until just that moment, this caused him to smile a bit as he did enjoy seeing a dragon about; it was a rarity to see a dragon in its scaled wondrous form that showed a shimmer or shine every so often. Glen was then just relaxing to see whom may come in as he did so, he had grabbed his book and read the contents of which he was now in a truly relaxed state.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -a hole opens in the floor and from into she rises moving away from the hole she mumble some words and it turns back into a card which she then puts into her pocket- Hello

Anaya: Anaya looked up at the sky as her hair fell down in her face, she was so white she stood out like a red tomato in a patch of green ones. Looking around spoting all the faces and seeing all her people she could not help but smile, the dragon loved her people with all she had even if they did not love her back and thought of her only as a dragon that took more then she gave, at times this was true but most of the time she would give anything to see the starving gain food, let the bind see and aid a child to stop it crying, she had a kind heart inside that dead chest, even if she never did show it. "i know that all to well Aatrox in this world there are few we can trust before they earn there place and trust, just like you, you will be placed as a royal guard for i got the paper work about your skill level and to place you down in the guard force would be foolish of me. a top fighter is to be with others of his caber not lower." she looked out over the streets full of people to see her towering black stoned empire in the distance "DeLaRose is a little ways away we just need to finish walking into town to get there or we can turn back and head back to the vessal state if you would like it there, i know in the empire it is silent this time of night "

DarkLadyScorpio: -a hole opens in the floor and from into she rises moving away from the hole she mumble some words and it turns back into a card which she then puts into her pocket- Hello

JustinMinick: -Glen nodded in response to the one entering; he had not a single clue of whom it is because he had kept his gaze on the texts, he was searching for more information upon runes as he would study them for all of his non-ageing life, he was hell bent on making the best runes known to any alive, since he knew how to make his own already he simply wanted to know more. He sat there in silence in search to find more, while his shoes rustled against the carpet below the throne, showing his relaxed state.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she walks over and sits beside her mate-

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena opened the doors with a slight trembling of hands and entered into the large room.  Her feet seemed to slide across the ground as she walked.  Her feet led her across the room towards where the thrones were located.   She took another calming breathe as her hands stopped trembling as badly as they had been when she first entered the room.  Her eyes glanced up quickly at Glen, careful not to make any eye contact.  She then lowered her body and did a quick bow- Hello, Sir. –she said, greeting Him with a quiet voice as her eyes went back down to looking at the ground like they normally did.-

JustinMinick: -Glen waved keeping his eyes attached to the book, the chrome globes shimmering in interest learning more of the runes he uses, he was intrigued on the ways he could make the combinations; the thoughts running the processes to and fro throughout the mind of Glen, he wanted to build a rune of capability of saving lives, and creation of animals, food, the limitless possibilities he was now studying. Glen was near break through in the rune he was working on, though it was going to take many more years of researching he would have it in his pocket along with the other runes that he engraved on every small stone he had sanded down to a smooth surface, and this was a long process due to the fact each stone had to be in perfect shape in a uniform manner or Glen would throw it out as nothing bothered Glen as much as a flaw in the copies of each stone that he made, they must be of exact shape and size. But Glen continued on his research, trying to keep the distractions from pulling him from his book.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she lays her head on her mate's shoulder sighing-

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena quickly realized that Glen was obviously very busy with whatever He was looking at, in the book that His hands held.  The last thing she ever wanted to be was a bother to someone so she nodded her head at the wave of His hand, backing up slowly so as not to have her back face Him because she had always been taught that having her back face someone was a sign of the utmost rudeness.  Keeping her head down, she backed up until she hit the wall on one of the sides of the room. Slowly her body slid down it until she was in a seated position, where she pulled her legs tightly up to her chest and rested her chin lightly on the tops of her knees, her mind wandering off trying to figure out what could possibly be in the book that was so important.-

AatroxSanguine: -Aatrox watch as Anaya continued to talk about all the people in the village along with her castle and all that it held. He could tell that she was very passionate about her family and if anything he could admire it. Even though he never truly had a family to call his own. Finally after feeling more and more powerful beings enter the area he would finally speak up and tell Anaya.- "I am afraid there are some people within the area where we first started this tour M'lady. I can feel their bloodlines, they are abnormal unlike the denizens of this town." -He would turn his gaze back up to where the starting location of all this took place. It was almost as if he could see through the walls, yet he could only see veins and hearts.- "I would have told you sooner but I did not want to interrupt. It is up to you if you would like to continue showing me around, I am prepared for either decision."

DarkLadyScorpio: -she makes five apples appear out of the air floating one over to Leena, one to rest by Anaya, one to Aatrox, and one to rest by her mate. She takes the last one in her own hand and takes a slowly bite of the apple savouring the taste of her favourite fruit-

Anaya: "alright then lets head back there is another way to get to the empire from there" she walked back to the kingdom doors and pushed them open, seeing the others inside she wondered if the ruler was in yet she did want to talk about something with him. "if you wish Aatrox you can walk around and meet the other beings of this place you have freedom even if you are under my force"

JustinMinick: -Glen sets the book down on his leg keeping it parted with his thigh as he then looked at Scorpio, his chrome eyes now glowing a bit because his reading was interrupted though he could pick it up later he simply was in the mood to read, nothing more or nothing less, for he really had not a single chance this month to read but this day; Glen suddenly had seemed to sprout an arm from the other side that was not visible to the other side, as his index finger came forward and poked her forehead.- “I'm trying to Read.”- He was not truly in the state of annoyance since it did take quite a bit to anger him into the fullest amount possible, but he was indeed trying to read, upon noticing the apple drop nearby he simply sat there not bothering to look at it as it was human food not his kind of food; humans were his food, their blood sated his thirst and kept him from death.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she scrunch her nose up as she felt him poke her forehead causing her to look up at him.- But your shoulder is most comfortable Darling

Anaya: Anaya stood a little ways away moving and siting upon the sofa, she watched the love birds as she thought about something utterly evil and intentful to herself .

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena heard a soft thud as she felt something drop onto the ground next to her.  Glancing over, she saw an apple lying on the ground.  She picked it up and turned it over in her hands, examining it with slightly narrowed eyes.  She was not hungry at this exact moment, but knew that this apple could be of use later.  She tucked it into her dress as she situated herself back into the seated position that she had originally been sitting in.-

Anaya: Anaya walked to the one owner of this room and looked at him as her red eyes twitched in her head "i have something i wish to talk with you about" she said harshly yet oddly softer as if something was in deed on her mind. the dragon looked him over as it was clear she almost had a grin plastered on that face of hers. "something worth your wile" she in deed was smiling but in that creepy sort of way. bright white hair fell in her face as she moved her claws to rake it out of her eyes and brush it behind a shoulder, she really had to find a way to remove it from her line of vision before it hindered her in combat.

JustinMinick: -Glen simply took his book back up then continued to read, the runes on the pages giving him ideals of the greatest rune to exist known to any in which there more than likely are better runes in existence, though he did not care for he wanted his rune to do him proud as it was going to be a legacy of his intellect that he desired to share with the world that would accept it into their own views and learn it to put it into practice. He spoke yet again as he read his book -”I'm still reading.” -He was indeed trying to focus upon the texts and take in what he could of his book, he had many more to read, and so little time to do it in, though that was what he was thinking due to his knowing of those that kill the Vampire race with prejudice since they had little knowledge of the race itself. As Glen read, his gray locks of hair came to close in on his eyes, creating a shadow over the wondrous chrome globes that Glen often used to set them into a sleep while he fed so they would not scream to call out for help or cry from the pain. Upon Anaya speaking to him about a discussion need be taken into place, so he set his book down, then stood up right keeping his stature straight and respectable, as he then lowered into a slight bow he would speak.- “Of course Anaya, We shall speak immediately.” -He then stood and made his way to the back room where there were appropriate seating inside to have said talk, once inside the room he made his way to one of said seats and plopped down into it awaiting Anaya's arrival.-

Guest_XDeamianSt3rlingX: -deamian walks to the castle and knocks on the door using his new found manners-

Anaya: Anaya walked behind Glen as she snapped her fingers and a parchment paper formed in her claws "there is a new trade root being placed in town and it is around your kingdom i need your consent so the trades and good do not get lost, and if they go you understand it will be at a cost to you to get them back for this land is as much yours as it is mine"

DarkLadyScorpio: -she goes over and opens the door welcoming Deamian in- Hello Deamian

JustinMinick: -Glen takes up the paper and simply signs it.- Very well.

Anaya: "if i was you i would pary to the gods over head non of the good to the empire get lost in your lands" she took the paper back and snaped her fingers agein and it vanished away.

Guest_XDeamianSt3rlingX: hello my lady -senses a large person inside and walks in slowly-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she closes the door behind him before going back to the couch sighing-

JustinMinick: -He only nods, then returned to his throne and his book.-

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Trying to hold back a yawn, Leena puts her hand over her mouth, trying to hide it.  She bit her bottom lip as she glanced around quickly, making sure that she did not make eye contact with anyone.  Her hand then reached into her dress and pulled out the apple from before.  She examined it again and then carefully put it up to her mouth and took a small bite, before hiding it back inside of her dress.-

Anaya: Anaya walked out of the room she was in with the ruler of this kingdom Glen. she walked out to look over the room the leader was seeming to be lazy and unruly today, seems to be a shit day for him all the same. walking out she looked over the other people, she wondered if she picked one of if anyone would notice or come to there crys of pain.

DarkLadyScorpio: -she makes her tarot cards appear and magic ingredients out then stays making new spells-

Guest_XDeamianSt3rlingX: -stands against the rear wall looking at his ring finger and seems distracted by something -

Guest_XDeamianSt3rlingX: -sits against the wall and starts to meditate-

Anaya: Anaya snaped her fingers forming a dagger and in the blink of an eye tossed it at the male across the rooms head.

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena's eyes widen as she heard the sound of a dagger flying across the room.  Her eyes followed where it was headed and then glanced over at the source of where it was coming from.  Her eyes were now lying on the dragon, whom she looked at with a raised eyebrow.-

Guest_XDeamianSt3rlingX: -is hit and is bleeding as the dagger hits his jaw-

DarkLadyScorpio: -walks over then takes out the dagger and heals the wound before returning to her seat-

Anaya: The dagger was aimed for his head so it hit dead and she watched the guard fall to the floor "shity worthless guard" she walked over to the man as she watched him being healed and took her claws and picked up the man holding him in the air as she looked to lady of this empire. "no need for shit guards that cant fight with a crap" with that she trusted her hand inward to rip into his chest and take out his still beating heart. if her attack was to link with the males body it would do just that.

JustinMinick: -He looks at Anaya.- That is quite rude you know.

Guest_LeenaRoxs: -Leena quickly covers her mouth as she sees what Anaya is doing.  Her stomach starts to feel funny and she closes her eyes, trying not to puke.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she growls at Anaya making her her deck of tarot cards appear in front of her- YOU BITCH YOU KILLED MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!

Anaya: Anaya moved a hand to swiftly backhand the worthless pig "you are nothing but a bitch to fuck, do not wag your tongue about to me, it sickens me with the sent from your sow mouth"  her claws would come down hard on the woman’s face but not the sharp ends the blunt flat ones, they would not cut but they would hurt like a bitch and leave good marks on the side of the females face.

AatroxSanguine: -A line of blood moves across the floor like that of a snake. It would slowly begin to fill up Aatrox like that of water being poured into an empty glass. He would slowly begin to form next to Anaya as some woman he didnt know was yelling at her. He would watch Anaya claw the woman and almost wish it would have drawn blood. He was a man torn between good and evil and really had no sense of morality, all he knew was battle and blood. The occasional smudge of emotion would rise of in him from time to time but he would always shut it out.-

JustinMinick: -Glen would look at Anaya, then his eye brow would arch as he plucked a rune from his pocket and flicked it in front of him sending it soaring out it soon materialized a piece of wood that slaps her forehead with it.- Bad Anaya, killing people then smacking my mate, bad.

DarkLadyScorpio: -she screams in pain before turning a card to face Anaya. She smirks as large chains appear from the ground shooting towards the ceiling  then turns quickly and plunging towards the woman before her.-

Anaya: Anaya moved and started to laugh her anger growing as it was clear the woman did not back down, it really was a bad day as she was in a grump already. Anaya laughed harder as she was almost bending over in pain she looked at the woman with soft eyes as she let the human binding chains wrap around her arms to hold her down "oh what to do what to do you have me oh so utterly helpless. i am at your will now to command oh lady" the dragon was very much being sarcastic sounding like the helpless woman she killed everyday for meals, she new there beds like the back of her hand as she got them all the time. as the red eyes on her face started to glow red there was a dark shadow forming around the white woman. "power level open to level 7 chant, power, grow , warning, last warning" it was almost hypnotic her voice, robotic in nature as her body started to heat up.

AatroxSanguine: -Aatrox would shrug a little and sit down on the floor watching the two. Like that of a little kid watching cartoons almost, battle intrigued him it was all he knew. He was born of blood and couldn’t wait until the first drop hit the ground now.-

JustinMinick: -He looked to the male on the floor sitting.- "Hello there, I didn't happen to get your name yet, what may I call you?" -He was looking up from his book now.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she took out her dagger slicing her own wrist letting the blood pool on the ground making a good sized puddle. She then reached both hands in pulling out her sword then her bow and arrows. Before cleaning her wrist and healing it and making the blood puddle disappear-

AatroxSanguine: -He would turn his head to look to the man calling out to him. He knew it was a man form the sound of his voice, and not to mention the flow of blood was always different in males then females. He started to speak and then blood hit the floor.- "My name is Aatro......" -His head quickly shot back to the two women as he quickly pulled a drop of blood from the ground using his hand gestures before it was gone. He would let the drop hover over to him and begin examining it.- "Mmmm....a gypsy I see."
AatroxSanguine: from*

JustinMinick: "Oh, ok then Aatro. A pleasure to meet you, I am Glen." -He looks at the small droplet of blood in the air, in question of what the male was doing.-

Anaya: Anaya moved her hands forth before her as her body started to get taller, she was about 6 feet and started to grow to a good 8 feet. moving her hands she made a ring in the air a red line being traced in the air as she looked to the woman about 5 or so feet away from her. "ixen di wer ithquenti fehlim ve vers, ixen di wer ithquenti majak ve tiichir ixen tiichi nomeno mamiss vur goawy judgment di hesi naktar shafaer coi. sjek jaciv waphic jaciv nomag qe tiichia sjerit cekipa tenamalo sjek jaciv ui ekess valignat nomag judgment befall jacioniv." (Translation: fire of the gods grant me power, fire of the gods give me blessing fire bless this body and place judgement of our keeper on it. if she lives she may be blessed yet tested again if she is to burn may judgement befall her.) at that moment the strong draconic words stopped....silence befell the empire other then the clicker of flames burning in the distance. the ball started to grow in that ring in the air as Anaya carried on moving her hands in a ring around it.

AatroxSanguine: -He was now happy enough with the drop of blood in front of them to speak to the man as he lost a little interest in the fight.- "I apologize, my name is Aatrox and what about yourself?" -He would turn the droplet into a small line of blood and let it move through his fingers like a snake.-

DarkLadyScorpio: -she unsheathed her sword waiting-

JustinMinick: -He looked at the ball of fire, then back to Aatrox.- "Glen, pleasure to meet you, we should go on a tour, do bring your droplet of blood along if you like but it seems things will be getting rather heated around the main area."

AatroxSanguine: -He would chuckle a little at the mans mention of the events that were unfolding before them.- " It is quite alright I think I will enjoy watching this." -He looks back to the droplet of blood and lets it drop hitting the ground.- "As for a tour Lady Anaya showed me most of the grounds today already." -He would turn to watch the fight for a moment again and then turn back to Glen.- "Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to meet you Glen."

JustinMinick: -He smiles to the manners displayed.- "Indeed but I must go into another part of this room or I will be cooked." -He stood from his throne then walked into the back room after the stone throne moved aside then placed itself in front of the door way yet again.-

Anaya: Anaya moved as her eyes turned back and a shadow formed behind her growing out of the ground like something not many live to see, the black dragon inside of this woman was clear now and her black eyes did not show anything but an evil heart "a choice to fight a monster is a fools choice you worthless hen in this clutch of rosters, why would the queen of this land risk her own life, to show her worth? to see if others care or to simply see if she could face a monster and come out still standing. once i am done with your charred remains i will toss you into the pit with the rest of the body’s i lay in ruin every day i am alive there is a REASON I am the dragon ruler of all lands i walk upon!" with that the ball now growth to a good 10 feet across was sent at point blank at the woman standing there it was growing a good 3 feet wider every second it was in the air and she was only a mere 3 seconds from impact, the ball would be 19 feet across by the time it hit her nailing her dead in the chest.

DarkLadyScorpio: -she smirks and backs up a bit before running and sliding under the giant ball her sword out beside her aiming for the woman’s legs-

Anaya: Anaya watched the girl as the black shadow moved back into her body and her hands moved down to her sides. "you can live for now worthless tavern wench but you do it again i will rip your own spine from your back and toss it at your mates feet as a gift" she moved her foot as the woman would not be able to chop into her leg anyone, taller means build stronger, she put her foot down as the blade was already close to the ground and stepped on it stomping it dead in its tracks "be careful who you fight, for not all of them will go as you want it to"

DarkLadyScorpio: -she smirks pulling her blade out from beneath the womans feet and makes it disappear along with her bow and arrows- I make no promises it was fun fighting you Anaya

JustinMinick: -Glen walks out of the backroom and sits back down.- "well that's over."

AatroxSanguine: -Aatrox chuckles and stands himself up moving to the couch and taking a seat.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at her and turned her back to walk away, this was a dragons show of disrespect for one was never to turn there back to anyone that truly respected "if it was a fight i would be bleeding, you are nothing but an annoyance to a dragon" she walked up to looked up at the king with that grin on her face, always wanting to push her buttons, make people flip and show people who really was the ruler. "Glen come here i wish to talk but you must come to me "

DarkLadyScorpio: -she walks over to her mate and kisses his cheek- I must go for the night my love I will talk with you tomorrow good night

JustinMinick: Sleep well. -He looks around officially thinking about going into the blood lake just so he didn't get his ass burnt to a crisp medium rare steak for Anaya.-

Anaya: She looked at him as she moved her claws to cup under his chin and she lay a single kiss to his cheek. "much we need to talk about later"

JustinMinick: -His eyes widen, as he trembles slightly.- "What would those topics be Anaya?"

Anaya: She let him go a kiss could mean alot, and this one simply shows her power over him. "in time you will learn the ways of the dragon"

JustinMinick: -He nods.- "I know that pure bloods like yourself do not breed with the impure blooded Dragons."

Anaya: "no we do not but we do take other breed to add to our ...stock as we call it, a grouping of males of lesser breed but still males to bred with other females we own as well. in your world it is kind of like a kennel i guess" she looked to the doors and started to walk "come Aatrox we are going to go back to the empire now"

JustinMinick: -He nods yet again then returns to his book in which his research would continue on.- "Take care Anaya."

AatroxSanguine: -He would stand from the couch and check his weapons making sure they were all still intact and connected to him. He would nod towards the man known as Glen and then follow Anaya.-

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending 2012-03-30-Game_of_Thrones_Viserys1_zps8f5fb3e5

JustinMinick: PrnVritraAtoras *‬As Akitom walked into the familiar halls of DeLaRose he was making his way forward near to the castle walls,‭ ‬escaping the room he had taken slumber in,‭ ‬he decided then to make his way to the dining hall where he would sit in consideration of what he was to do within the next couple of days as he knew he would have to disappear yet again on a mission that would for surely kill him or pay him well.‭ ‬He had his target,‭ ‬Anaya,‭ ‬the one he had kissed and called love with no honesty,‭ ‬he was in it for the money he had hoped it would go so smoothly in the infiltration and it did,‭ ‬he was now closer to Anaya than any of her guard,‭ ‬and he was clearly at an advantage in his goals.‭ ‬He muttered to himself lightly* “I’ll have my money after I kill Anaya, what a terrible plan by my employer, but Gold is Gold.” *He indeed was a pure blood dragon, so he had only a dagger on his persons, this dagger he carried was placed on his back, he was now truly in preparation for this, to carry out this order for the hit on Anaya and take his prize. He stood promptly from the stool he had taken refuge to.*

Anaya: She saw him there, the cold air brushing her face as she had left that darn window open the last night she was in the dining hall, she had come down from her chamber room to shut it when she spotted him there, her brother, the one that loved her, calmed love to her....a lie. She was hurt but oddly enough she was getting used to it, every day every dawning every time she moved around it was the same, some killer at the next inn some assassin at the next shop and never a guard around to save or help her. “Seven i have missed you my dear brother” she called out as she ran to him her arms wrapping around him in a tight embrace. Love it was a wonderful thing to hide behind to shield ones self from the pain of the truth one would always know in the bitter end. “i have missed you so very much i hope you did sleep well the night before this window made the empire a chill but i will shut it in a little bit” she moved her hands to run over her his back her claws just cutting at one of the straps on the back of his garments. She new his dagger was there, new his tricks since they had bin kids growing up together, Seven her brother, her adopted love and brother, called seven for his numbers of toes as she enjoyed making fun of him, Seven not Ten.

JustinMinick:PrnVritraAtoras:‭ *‬He looked to her and smiled as he stood from his bench as the daggers holster strap had been cut from his body without his noticing,‭ ‬he then turned his head toward the window,‭ ‬and spoke.* “I’ll get the window.” *He pushed out of her embrace, he then made his way over to the window stalling for but a few moments taking in the breeze as his gaze was miles away in a sense since his thought had struck him; he stood there with both hands stuck to the window, he then regained himself and pulled the opening shut to a close. Akitom was not used to, he then returned back to Anaya sitting down to his bench noticing Gaia had still been wrapped about that pillar sleeping; A perfect opportunity but he wanted to wait until he got his crown* “Anaya when might I take on my Crown as your love?” *He looked to her then.*

JustinMinick: -Gaia awakes to the sound of the footsteps and hears his words, keeping one of his crimson eyes open though he seemed to still be sound asleep.-

Anaya: Anaya looked to her brother, her love. “yes i Anaya Of The Rose take you Akitom My Seven as my mate and lover, you will have a crown fit for a king a True king” she moved over to him and grabbed his neck with her claws and pulled him into a harsh yet loving embarrassed kiss. One of deep lust and great passion. She moved breaking there kiss as she walked to the main hall “come brother before the thrones so i may Crown you the gods will look down upon you as you take the Crown of this empire upon your head and then you may look up and sing as you have bin blessed.” she walked with that slender sway to her hips and made her way to her throne as she stood there before her banner as she looked upon it, oh a crowning it would be her thoughts flicked in that twisted mind she had.

JustinMinick: PrnVritraAtoras:‭ *He returned the loving kiss, as he then was pulled from it, the love from his end of the kiss faked to what he thought perfection, Akitom then made his way over to the thrones following Anaya hearing her words made him smirk as his intent was to take the crown and kill her, this was working perfectly in his favor as he then came to be in front of the thrones and banner then stood in front of her smiling.* “Yes dear Anaya.” * He was now so in a thought of success thinking he had gained the crown to gain control of DeLaRose as his plan had been accordingly, as he stood he placed each hand behind his back awaiting the ceremony to begin.*

JustinMinick: -Gaia was indeed awake now as he stood up to his full height of one hundred and twenty feet watching this all happen, he was not in believing of this really happening as he was truly in suspicion of the male the entire time he had even come to existence in DeLaRose, well in his belief he had just come into existence though he did not care for formalities he still awaited Anaya's order.

Anaya: Anaya looked upon her brother hate yet love in her eyes, love lost to greed and wanting, it was a vile sin at best. She walked to stand before him as he knelled down before her, and looked at him as she ran a clawed hand over the side of his cheeks “remember brother , i have always loved you” she moved down and graced his cheek with a real tender kiss as she looked up and in harsh and strong voice she said “GUARDS bind him” out of the shadows came a large man with a chain wrapping around his hand the sound of the thumping of his steel toed booted thudded on the stone floor. With one hand he tossed part of the chains to the other Guard Gaia, (Cane -Guard-) “come on you heard the Queens orders pick it up dragon and move fast” as he was talking he had already grabbed the males shoulders and snapped his arm back with enough force to break the mans bones. The guard held the man there ready for his helper to aid him in the binding of the traitor. Anaya walked away to her throne picking up the Crown she had for the to be king of her empire, she had placed it on the top of the large throne that was made for the male to sit in. Walking she held it in her hand and walked to the dining hall to the stove, it was in clear view for her brother to see all she was doing. With a toss she dropped the crown of the rose into the stove pot and watched it melt into nothing but liquid. “A Crown best fitting a king”

JustinMinick: -Gaia swiftly reacted shifting to his humanoid form and grasping the chain he wrapped it about the Traitors feet binding them completely so he could now no longer move a thread he then leaned in and whispered letting his forked tongue make a hiss at the end of each sentence.- "You're not fit to be king, soooo...We kill you here so your treacheries can be no more."

JustinMinick: PrnVritraAtoras:‭ *Akitom began to panic as he saw Anaya put the crown into the oven, turning it to liquid and hearing her say it to be fit for a king now.* “ANAYA NO DON’T PLEASE I IMPLORE YOU!” *It was too late he knew it, but his treacherous mind was always in the works, he knew he was going to die here and now without carrying his plan out this made him so very ashamed of his lack of foresight into this kind of happening; a true fear being shown by a cowardice such as himself.*

Anaya: Anaya looked back over her shoulders as she lifted the pot from the oven and the metal burned into her hands, she walked with it over to her brother as she looked at him “years this empire has ruled and stood and you BROTHER have not seen it grown have not seen it luster and have not bin here to take part in its glory, you are not worth being king for there is no king here!” she walked before him and turned the pot letting the gold flow down hitting his head and melting into his skull. The smoke and sent of burning flesh filled the room as she let it waft into her nose and a grin came over her face “i am the only ruler of this place, i ALONE RULE THE HALLS OF THE ROSE!! MY EMPIRE!!” the dragon looked up at the roof as she dropped the now empty pot there on the floor the clang of metal hitting the floor hard as she lifted her hands up over her head to take in the glory of her kill. This was the woman she really was and this was the evil that lay inside her heart and this is what she truly enjoyed.

JustinMinick: PrnVritraAtoras:‭ *He screams in agony as he felt the gold eating away the flesh atop his head and seeping into his brain, his eyes rolled back as he went into shock yet the screams did not cease, the gold had went down the side of his face creating a gold encasement there, as the gold molded to his brain that was left, just a small grove inside leaving not much detail to be seen.*

JustinMinick: -Gaia rose in pleasure as he heard the male scream in his agony, he grabbed one article of clothing as he started to fall, and held him making his corpse sit on his knees as he yelled at him.- "NO YOU CAN'T DIE YET FEED ME MORE OF THOSE DELICIOUS CRIES OF AGONY; GIVE ME MORE!" -Gaia then snapped the males arm in half in a useless gesture since he was now dead, seeing that this was useless he kicked the males corpse in the back sending his head straight into the stone making the larger clank of metal against stone and creating a indentation into it as he looked down at the corpse in disgust.-

Anaya: Anaya looked upon her dead brother, his body limp and being used for nothing but a toy for her guards to play with “you are not a dragon brother for fire would never harm a dragon” she looked at her guards as the one male simply let it go and walked away back to his post at the doors leaving the chains and everything there to be picked up by a maid or something. “Gaia remove the body or something there is no longer a need for it here” she said with that harsh cold look to her face, beauty had its secrets and this beauty had an evil secret within her.

JustinMinick: -Gaia looked to Anaya then spoke with the tone of the insane as the armor that held his alternate self in the insignia was no longer barking showing that the insanity itself had taken over.- “Yes Queen Anaya of DeLaRose.” -He bowed slightly as he grabbed the ankle of the corpse and bit into it severing the bone and ligament, he had a mouth full of the males foot in place now as the blood spewed out of the opening he had created showing the veins that once were connected to the males ankle. He was in sheer bliss at this moment as he let the razors engulf the foot of the male, blood skewering the look of his armor spraying over the top areas and running down Gaia's chin. He then tore the other foot away with brute force taking the veins along with it, as he then snapped the veins away with his teeth, he then broke away each toe from the foot making it spew blood from more than one area of its severed figure; the severed areas were ragged with giblets of the corpses flesh, as he then ate the foot he had torn away then licked his fingers running his fork like tongue along the insides of his fingers and in the crevices. Gaia then tore away the legs then put each into his mouth whole, as the now once full male was now cut in half; after eating the legs indefinitely he tore away the testicles making a fountain of glorious blood, he then threw the testicles along with the bladder out of the window as fertilizer for the gardens, as he then reached into the corpses anus and tore out the intestines and slurped them out, ripping and tearing the connections away leaving that part of the body hollow. He then tore away the bottom half taking the rest of the skeleton that was left within the body and ate every bit of it, the cranial lobes still holding the brain engulfed in gold didn't even slow him, as each bone was now being digested, with little pieces of flesh still attached to them. Gaia then flipped the male around onto his back then dug his face into the stomach, opening his mouth he tore himself open an opening, he then rubbed his hands together that were smothered in blood his gray skin showing every droplet of it that ran down his forearm as he then plucked out the lungs then put it into his mouth eating one side at a time causing blood to spray all over him more; this only encouraged Gaia to eat more and more, after finishing the lungs, he took the heart out and ate it swiftly as the rest of the internal organs were then placed in a pile on his hands as he held them up showing Anaya his prideful work, as he then stuffed the liver, kidneys and sent them down his bowels. He then took the rest of the corpse and lifted it, and shoved it into his mouth, setting it into a enlarged state to accommodate the mass of the body as his body was now caked in blood along with his long glorious mane of beige hair; he then licked his fingers clean as his sane self retook control he smiled to Anaya showing off his skeletal smile.-

Anaya: Anaya moved back to her throne as she nodded happy at Gaia for removing the body so tastefully "a true crown fitting the rightful king of what he earned" she said as her hand moved over to a drake she had bin given a day or to a go who sat happily on her throne arm.

"he was never a dragon, fire cant hurt a dragon"

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Book 3, Rebirth and The Ending Fantasy-landscapes-art-wallpaper-wallpapers-images-array-wallwuzz-hd-wallpaper-6058_zpsd7e2b675

Anaya looked up from her bed chamber as she got up for the morning , it was a new day and there was things that had to be done today, large things that needed to be done. She walked out of her room in only her night gown and a set of wool slippers and walked to her sons rooms. First she walked into the twin room of her dear baby Talon and Kuro. “oh how time has gone my sweet boys. You have both grown up now and your rooms still stay the way i will always remember you the days i wrapped you up in my wings ” she walked in and picked up a single image of them both together and placed it in her hands. Then turning around to walk to the doors she gave one last look back and then walked to the next room, that of her son Jeff. She walked inside the room and smiled softly “oh jeff my eldest son, my little hell raiser and my dear boy. Thought dead then came home then opened your wings and made your own home. But your room is still the same as always” she moved and picked up his violin from his bed side and put it in her arms “some things will never change, my memory’s will never change. ” she walked back to the door and looked back as she did before looking over what she loved most about her home, her family in its walls. “tonight it all changes tonight things change” she said softly and then walked to the next room, the one of Isis and Vain when they lived here and not in there own home. “a match made in heaven” she said softly going in and taking one of there wedding images from off the table and placing it in her arms with the other belongings. Then again she turned and walked back to the door lightly shutting it as she looked back to the room that last time. “one more thing to get ” she walked down the steps and her voice calls out “Guard come and get this ” she shouted as a guard ran to her his eyes a little fuzzy from her spell on him. The guard opened his arms and she placed the items in his hands. “keep this safe and stay here” she told him as she turned and walked to the weapons hall to grad one last thing she could not leave behind, her weapon one and only. Walking into the Armory she walked to the back where a spider webbed old silver but rusted blade rested forever sleeping and locked in a spell of its own making. “Vain” she said softly as she picked it up and dusted it off “the years have bin far from kind to you. You look like an old man now, simply touched and tainted by time ” she strapped him to her back as she walked out all the other weapons in the room did not matter to her her large scythe blade had already bin shipped to the construction sight as well as her draconic sky armor, so she had little to grab.  She walked to the main hall and looked to Gaia as he would be on his pillar pile as always “you ready to go it is time to leave”

justin minick: -His eyes shoot open as he brought himself up to his hind legs his black scales shimmer as he tilts his head upward and he leans on his wings, yawning quite a bit as he then scooped up his crumbled pillar into his mouth, then stored them in a little pouch in his throat; he then looked Anaya in the eye as always though he kept his tail low as he spoke to her lightly in her mind as this was the only currently he could talk due to not being able to shift to his humanoid form or every bit of that pillar would be thrown up out of his pouch and onto the ground.- “As ready as I can be Anaya.” -He then stretched his wings, leaning back onto his hind legs lifting his wings up high showing their full length after his quick little stretch he set back down leaning on his wings where the clawed tip on either end of the wing before it curved downward to have the control for shifting direction; he then shook his entire body twitching his scales all the while he did so he had shut his eyes concealing the bright beige globes. His teeth were also hidden, just like a treasure in the mines that many had hidden so none could obtain it, though he was indeed ready he was just in the mood for sleeping but an order was an order so he was ready to go at the simple saying from his superior. He was of course still free of mind, but not as aggressive as before since time had given him more to think over the things that have come to be, and he came to the realization that if he was continuously violent when could he make friends? Since this time he was now a tad more docile, he nodded his head up and down to Anaya signalling her that whenever she is ready to get moving he was as well; he was small and speedy but he was too lazy to really want to speed through things as well. His tail was swaying from left to right, to and fro, as if it were flicking like the serpents tongue when it caught sense of its prey; he was indeed awaiting her say so, for it was not his place to say when to go or how to go, and he knew eventually she'd be saying pack it up and move. His eyes were now open, but he blinked rarely as a small little second pair of transparent eyelids were always keeping his eyes moist so he did not have to blink much, he didn't even need to, so at this current point in time he was considering eating one of the villagers for old time sake before he left the area since that would keep his legacy here for a tad bit longer maybe; after but a moment he let this thought go and stood there waiting.-

Anaya gave a light grin as she say him packing up his pillar into his neck as she watched it swell up she wondered if he could lift the extra wait off the ground. She smiled and walked over to him and lightly pated his nose and then looked to the guard and to Gaia “pick up the guard with your for legs and carry him with you he has my things and is the last guard that is to go to the new Dynasty halls. I have to do something here to make sure it stays safe” she snapped her fingers and shifted to her full true form standing over top of her own empire as it was only a little smaller then she was. “we have to move it ” she said as she flapped her wings pushing off the ground  grabbing the empire main hull with her front and hind legs her claws dug deep into the walls as her wings flapped hard and tail thrashed back and forth, Anaya let out a massive roar as she pulled the empire from the ground and got it up into the air, it was hard at first but once it got up in the air it was not to hard at all to hold. Dragons are made for hulling large things with strong build back legs and wings made for flapping and lifting there own bulk and move off the ground. She went about 100 or so feet off the ground and then started to move the empire along slowly to its new safe resting place in her secret grove.

justin minick: -Gaia nodded then took the guard outside, he then flapped up once and hovered for about a second as he then grasped the guard by his shoulders, and lifted off the ground with him in his grips, he began soaring above the forests with an ease though the weight was quite a large amount it didn't even seem to be affecting Gaia's performance in flight; he was now headed in the general direction of the new Dynasty site where these things were to be moved since this was a while away he would be flying for a couple of hours, during this time he began thinking to himself as to what he may do when he got to the new building, he mulled it over and decided he'd just simply set his mind on finding a new resting spot for his crumbled pillar. He saw it fit to set it outside the Dynasty area in a forest where none could disturbed by anyone that would see it, they would simply think it a pile of rocks since it was rubble instead of its once proud standing stone pillar that brought him much joy to be at his post since it offered a simple comfort that nothing else really could; it was an oddity indeed but it still was his Pillar no matter how destroyed it was, even if it were to be come sand, it was still his. All the while he was flying he looked down occasionally to make sure that the guard he was carrying had everything in his grasp which he was absolutely sure the male did, so as they came closer to the grounds about a mile off he began to lower in height then down to the ground where he set the guard on the stone paved path where the male then stood in front of the doors, Gaia set down only a couple of feet away from that area making sure nothing had gone wrong. He then shook himself off again, while the forest lining the area seemed to be nothing more to him than trees that were covering the area as a simple disguise of what was behind it, Gaia then regurgitated the pillars rubble next to the nearest corner of the Dynasty where no one would really notice it; after he had done this he walked on his wings, and hind using his wings for support while his legs propelled him forward, as he neared the paved stone way he laid down onto the ground and simply shut his eyes. The guard of course went inside still holding Anaya's personal items keeping an eye on all of them so he did not ruin anything, of course Gaia knew that the male was indeed under some sort of enchantment, he overall just did not want to know what Anaya did to the man, Gaia just laid there awaiting her arrival now.-

Anaya placed the building in her grove and she looked up to the sky's with one last thing to to, she then walked off into the wood to get the last thing on her to do list done, once and for all.

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