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Iron is Born

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Iron is Born 2012-JAN-Air-Colossus-by-sandara_zpsc4c1a2d0

Anaya: Anaya had moved the empire of the Rose far from here into her sacred grove in the far lands of the empire grounds. Weeks before the move she had bought a land plot and the workers had bin hard at work building the new empire she had yet to see, plans had bin made and given but she had bin to busy to see its finished construction. The dragon walked out og the grove having one thing left to do, she had to finish up somethings, for the future of her empire. Moving her hands around herself a light formed in her fingers, a green light that she whispered softly to

“i call forth the Sky keeper to hear my blessings” the light then shot up into the skys and the dragon dropped to her knees on the ground. She waited for what she new was going to happen, then it came the keeper of the sky, the one that guards the dragons world from that of the humans. A screech came down from the heavens as the large blue bird landed down over top of Anaya lowering its head down to her its bright blue eyes looking her own as the dragon did not even lift her eyes to it but got lower to her belly on the ground showing her submission to this bird.

(Sky keeper) “you have called me here for what reason, Mother Dragon Luna” Anaya had not heard her true name in sometime so it was a little odd on the ears.
(Anaya) “i called you here to ask something of you oh great Sky keeper. Over the years i have grown cold to the ones i hold dear the ones i love, i wish to be warmer, less cold to them, to care and rule my empire as a ruler not a fighter of the gods wrath and judgement. ” The Sky keeper looked almost puzzled at the dragons request and it lowered its beak down a bit more to lift her head up to have her eyes look into its own.
(Sky Keeper) “and you understand what you are to to give me, Mother Dragon Luna” Anaya looked into the Keepers eyes and for a moment she was in traced in them, blue waves hitting stones on the shore of a rocky ledge, she was hanging over the ledge wanting to fall into the depths of what would meet her in the waters of this beasts eyes. (Anaya) “i understand oh Keeper of the Skys, take what is needed from me i know what i need to do ” she ment every word of it, the sky keepers vast eyes had a way of forcing all to tell the truth there depths pulled people in and it was the reason it had her look into them
(Sky Keeper) “Then so be it Luna Mother Dragon of the North, fire in the cold and chill of night. You will have your powers sealed away for the rest of your living life, you are to no longer be a fighter and be more a ruler for your people. A monarch over a war god. You will be sealed into a demon form one of best fitting your role in this world, one best fitting the evil inside your heart. And one best fitting the power you hold. you will keep your true skin and your fire but if used to much you will pay the price with great sickness to your body. remember that ” Anaya nodded her head to the sky keepers words as her body felt as if it was burning. Tears fell from the dragons eyes as she got larger shifting into her true white scaled form and feeling as if her very scales are being ripped from her chest and body, her wings riped from her back and her claws torn from her feet, the pain was unimaginable. The changing stopped and a small nude human like body swayed as if lifeless in the air, the woman of nothing but now feeble black and red wings, a black thine tail and horns upon her head.
(Sky keeper) “your name still is Luna if you pick to be called on it or your given banishment name Anaya is your choice. The past and tiles on you now are lost to time and to shadows, you are no longer the one we all new you as but a beast of sin and nothing more. ” the best took the one known as Luna onto its head and lifted her little nude body up into the air and landed with a bang down on the Iron grounds. It lowered her into her yard as guards rushed to the door ways and it opens up its wings making them back up. A large over 2 hundred foot tall bright blue bird to large a match for a couple of hand guards. It placed her on the ground and then as fast as it came it took off in the sky’s saying only
(Sky keeper)“Live your life as you wish it for this is the path you have chosen”

JustinMinick: -As Gaia remained sleeping near the pillar that he had now claimed as his own since his last had been destroyed, to never live again, though he was content but he felt a tad empty for some odd reason, so he decided to rustle about concealing the fact he had opened up his eyes letting a small huff out from his mouth in his humanoid form causing a bit of dust to kick up from the stone nearby; he was indeed missing this pillar that he had called his own long ago, but now he simply had to take another one on as his own so he kept simple optimism about this new adoption. He ran his hand through his long deep beige hair that had grown over time coming to rest in a pony tail, his lips as per usual were missing leaving only skeletal tissue that flaked off away from his face; his armor was shimmering slightly with the alternate him barking out screaming at him mentally since it knew what he was feeling, it was calling him weak, which caused Gaia a great deal of aggravation to build up in his mind. He was not at all uncomfortable, he had his scythe in front of his body letting his crimson eyes run over the skull that lingered at the beginning of the first blade for the main combat that came to be. His armor caused more comfort than anything especially since it allowed him to relax due to the protection it offered over his body that was indeed a simple seven feet, eleven inches; he was thinking to himself keeping every thought to himself as it was something for him only. He then caught two odd scents about the area, one smelled like Anaya but it was different, very different; the other was some girl he didn't care to hear about at this current point in time since she was someone he was not to protect at all though she seemed to have four armed men escorting her, and it was obvious she had been brought here for something not pleasant in manner, he just could not figure out what. He then twisted onto his back and looked up to the ceiling of the empire that he was not yet used to, he would stick to his pillar is what he figured since he would easily become lost in this space that was new, though he was also very curious as to what it looked like about the other rooms and areas. He pushed himself off of his back then leaned against the pillar, sitting, showing slight relaxation but he was not at all in that state of relaxation that would allow him to be caught off guard, he did not like the happenings of this day, the events screamed odd and they did deem threats to what he would defend more than likely, but he put up with it regardless since he figured Anaya is still breathing then there is no problem. He found himself lost in memories moments after trying to figure out what these new scents were, these scents became vacant in his presence as he thought of purgatory, he wished to be there again a simple place where murder spoke truth, and torture was the truth. He sighed sadly then returned his mind to the present, wafting in the unpleasant scents about him, he knew not of what had happened today, he just knew that he was sitting and waiting for an order.-

llSeikerll: -The far stretched road which rested before her was nearly non-existent as her two colored eyes stared down the snow drifting land. In most parts the Warm Season was still surrounding, but up in the northern most point of the lands was a different story. Her warm breath came off as fog as she simply stared in front of her with nothing but hatred in her eyes. She very rarely showed emotions, and if she did it was for something she deeply cared for, or she was in a fight. The large 5 foot scythe which rested sideways in her hand dripped the thick coating of blood onto the ground; spilling the snow white canvas with the color of death. The ground below her rumbled in the disturbance of the large Ice Dragon that fell behind her; dead before it even landed. Its blood began to roll from its neck down under her boots and the warmth of the large amounts that rolled off from it steamed against the coldness. Her eyes from white and the right to black turned to look at her weapon before bringing it up and pushing it down into its holster which caused the blood to splash down on her sweater. She showed no care for the fact that her clothing got dirty, and simply turned now to look at her masterpiece. Most knew her as the one to not care what creature she killed; she was even willing to go as far as to kill her own race if she needed to. Though most of her friends were of dragonic race, and she had a dragon form of her own she did not run from those that attacked her especially if she needed something from them. Her left hand quivered slightly as the seal on it, which was still raised from its recent imprint on her new body, began to glow a bright purple. Her tall 6 feet in height structure began to approach the creature now, and placing her hand gently on its muzzle small whispers left her lips which moved quickly. Her chants came out in an Elven language which most believed would have been lost to her forever, and she never allowed others to see this form of power she still held even after her rebirthing. Her energy inside of her which was neutral mixed in with her Spirit magic that began to surge into the creature, and though it was dead the body began to shake as if it were experiencing a seizure. Its structure began to shrink in size, and soon it rested on the ground as a small boy resting with his throat cut opened face down on the ground. Removing her hand from his head her seal would appear imprinted on his head for those of his residence to know who was to blame for this death. This was how Yumiko marked all that she killed, and like all Alchemists her seal was traceable back to its wielder. Bringing both of her hands to the boy’s left eye she forced the eyelids opened. Pressing two fingers diagonally from each other into the socket she would push up gently, and the eye would pop out from its resting place. The icy blue pigment to it appeared nearly non-existent against the whites of the now deceased boy’s eyes as Yumiko looked down into it. Within this eye was something someone long ago hid from her, and she knew now that she had found it. This eye rested as a vessel for a hidden soul which this child more than likely didn’t even know existed inside of it. Reaching around to her left arm a small clanking filled the thin air as she pulled and wiggled one of her kunais free from her arm wrap. Getting the smallest one out she began to cut a line down the precious muscle, and mucus began to flow out from it. Allowing her claws to grow out she would grab the seal that was placed around the soul within the child’s eye, and place it in her bag without taking a look at it. This soul was one she did not want to be mesmerized by even if it did belong to her. Standing up from the child she looked at him with a shrug before thrusting her hand into his chest with a brute force that nearly shattered everything within him. Pulling the heart from the corpse more blood dripped from its tethers as she walked away with it. Now that she had the soul and a delicious snack she found no need to rush home to begin her necessary ceremony. One of her shadows would begin to slither from her own pours before devouring her completely into their void. She would now appear as a shadow, and this was the quickest way for her to travel. Since it was so bright this far north due to the constant day and bright snow she could not shadow jump until she was further south, and by then she would already be close to her destination. Finally making it to a point where there were more shadows her being would be able to step through each shadow making her travel much faster even if she were to full on run. Sitting within her Shadow Soul she would pull the sealed orb from her bag and look at it closely. The markings of her magic surrounded it, and she could tell the others had attempted to remove it and use it. Her question now was if she wanted to use it for herself or sell it, or even simply destroy it. As she thought she felt a structure come into her senses within 40 miles of her, and it flowed with an energy rather familiar to her. A small Hmm filled her lungs and she communicated with her soul to go to the structure not far from them. It had been a while since she saw Anaya, and wanted to make sure she was okay; her soul searching could wait for a bit so she could do her job. As her being which to others would appear simply as a large, black mist grew nearly to the doorstep of the building it would spit Yumiko out nearly launching her into the door. Landing on her feet with a slight bend she would stop so she couldn’t progress further unless she wished upon it, and as the shock in her muscles settled in she would stand back up. Her shadow would return back into her body and she would sigh to it lightly in disbelief it was being inaccurate with her landing. Opening the door gently she would look around, and kick the door shut with a force that shook it on its hinges. Her scythe would rub against her back as she continued forward to enter into the main halls. She wasn’t a woman of many words which most knew, and with that knowledge in place for those that knew her she would walk around the outskirts of the main chamber to take in the sights of each person within. Moving to the wall to the East she would make it there before resting the right side of her body against it; the side that her back did not meet with her scythe. Her eyes continued to wander around this place she had never been before, and she was wondering if Anaya was planning to relocate.-

mageofmist: -Alera was determined to keep going…she had to, as too much was on the table and at stake. She struggled and suffered under the burden of such endearment, the impossible was an understatement phrase to her. Her thoughts raced for a solution, her conundrum to tenuous of a puzzle to solve with brute force or simple luck. She had to do it perfectly or it would have all be in vain, finally Alera raised her hand in the air. The tool she carried gripped firmly in her palm, ready to impale its target. With the iron will of a small child, Alera quickly closed her eyes and stabbed the plastic straw into the seal on the juice box. She hesitated to look, afraid that she had missed for the hundredth time. She peeked slightly and finally as if waking from a dream, she exploded with excitement. A mini celebration was held in her honour with her being the only participant. She drank down the grape flavoured liquid delight in a large gulp, a quick life fulfilling moment only to have an unsatisfactory end…- “Why do they not put more juice in these things?” –She tossed the square carton behind her onto the grass; she looked out into the windy plains and arose off her behind and yawn stretched- “Man, I bet people kill to get a grand view like this” –she giggled and seemed admired the sky and the clouds- “The crystal blue sky, the fine green grass…the wind brushing past my….OH GOD THIS BORRING!” –she hunched over and sighed in depression. She was never good at fully taking in such peaceful and modest scenes of life, she would rather be trying to kill shit. A pair of crimson bat wings would sprout from the ligaments in her upper back and she flew off, lazily at first but continued in speed.- “Maybe, I could try to find another place to stay and hang out at…people have been so nice lately, either that or my luck just hasn't run out” –She zipped through the open sky, not a tower in sight only grove grassland and swampy pools. She was cruising along just easily until she spotted the stone structure of a castle wall and slowed her roll to examine it closer. Past the brush and swamp, it became clear to be an entire civilization that was just kinda sitting here in the middle of nowhere. She landed on the ground hard as a boulder, the weight of her fall could be felt from a second party. Her wings folded back into place, the sickly sound of her joints fixing around them could be heard obnoxiously from only a foot or so. She cracked and rubbed the back of her neck, those transitions were always a pain in the arse. She walked off onto the path way and up to the grand wood, a loud bang would echo from the doors and throughout the castle. She was curious about the creatures that inhabited this place and was dying of eagerness and curiosity to meet them-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet enters the new castle of her sister with the same hooded cape that she always wore and a bag over her back, It had been a long time since she has been inside of the castle home because she was living in the outlands ever since her sleeping beauty state came back and broke again after a few weeks when someone opened her glass casket, she takes off her hood showing her rich blackish brown hair that was not as thin and silky like it was before, it looked and felt thicker and softer like cotton but it was still straight with messy tips and her eyes were now a darker brown then they were years ago, Her body looked firm and shapely instead of delicate and innocent like she could be broken easily like a fragile stone, she had went through a bit of a change and got rid of her human blood leaving only two inside of her in hopes it would make her stronger and faster if she ever got hurt again with those injuries she would get from going hunting, she looks around at the place then sees others inside and waves at them while showing off her sharp fangs- “I’m back everyone” –she puts the heavy light tan bag down on the floor as it opens and a jewel comes out-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her drop on the floor from the large Sky keeper, with a snap of her fingers she tried to form a dress around her oddly cold body “ok i already don’t like this” she thought that maby it was a bad choice as she held her nude self with her arms. Pale flawless skin made up the woman as black wings twitched on her back and a small long black tail flicked behind her. She looked over and yelled out “Maid bring me a fucking dress you have not finished work here get on it or i will have your head” the maid looked at Anaya and did not say anything at all....she walked away to do other work. Anaya was flabbergasted, the maid she had hired only month ago did not know she was Anaya. She walked up to the maid as she grabbed the woman by the neck and picked her off the ground, but for some reason it was harder now to lift the woman then it was before “you stupid old hag i am your ruler i said get me garments” she snarled and tossed the woman to the side. As the woman nodded and ran away bringing back a gown for her ruler to put on. Anaya took the garments and slipped it over her body and looked around her, it was not a bad dynasty hall and everything was to scale and the way she wanted it to be. “it is still odd...being weaker” she mumbled as the air around her made the dragon woman cold. Anaya looked up and around as she looked to the door way and then pointed to a guard "get the door will ya, i will be at my throne if i am needed" the ruler was angered beyond words and walked her way to the throne as the guard she called upon gave that look as if to say 'Wha???' but the look said it all, he had no idea who she was as she did not look like herself any more, she still held snow white hair and red eyes but her skin was more human then scaled and her form was smaller and almost not as tall as before, she was still a over 6 foot 8 woman but she was not over 8 feet tall draconic woman any longer. she started to walk to the throne and weakly she moved her left foot as one of her heels clipped the ground making her fall to her knees "oh for the love of duck" she snarled as she oddly could not get up and her legs started to blood, no longer blue royal draconic blood, was she really that different now, weaker, no it was time she could not bleed red that would mean something larger then what she thought would have changed. "it is nothing..." she mumbled under her breath as she stayed there kneeling in a small puddle of her own bleeding mess. as she stayed there the guard was opening the door not even caring for that woman behind health or well being; Anaya would kill him later for that, opening the door he said in a harsh gruff tone "Welcome to Iron come in but leave any blades at the doors i don't want you taking eyes out" he was trying to be funny but it was simply coming off kinda ass holeish. He turned and made his way back to his post at a near by pillar and then looked at the woman on her knees as he tilted his head to look at her backside knowing she had no idea of his scanning eyes.

JustinMinick: -While Gaia had been laying near his pillar he had caught a scent completely familiar since she was indeed the ruler which meant that she was around, and it was time to do his job, but he also caught a smell of blood that was more human like, which to him meant one thing, Anaya had killed a being of human descent; Gaia stood shaking his body then getting to set his stance leaning on his two claws on his wings then he began walking toward the scent his tail swaying back and forth making it look like a deadly viper on the prowl. While continuing forward his keen eye saw her with a very different look which meant something had happened, he began to rise to a gallop after achieving a trot, which then he made it to his destination swiftly to help her near human state; he looked down and found his self control stayed in place, though his mind was running crazy with what or how this could've happened, since he could only find there was no explanation he could truly think of he scooped her up using one of the claws on his wing then lightly placed her atop his maw, he could see past her body easily since she was so slim. He then began to walk forward slowly as her blood ran down his scaled face, which he sealed his mouth to evade getting any inside, since he knew this would be upsetting to her, rather infuriating is more like the feeling she'd get; he knew his place but he saw she was indeed in no condition to continue pushing herself, so he brought her through the corridor as the torches made her skin glint lightly from its illuminations, which meant he was running low on time and her patience may be wearing thin with him. He only did this because he still had quite the crush on her and he intended to do his duty, protect her at all costs, which meant even if it was just carrying her to the throne he'd do it just for her; her body bounced lightly with each step, he was trying to be gentle as he came to a soft step with each bit of the way, he wasn't trying to impress her, he just wanted her to recognize he saw her still as his superior. Upon placing eyes on the main chamber where multiple grand pillars stood in magnificence he walked forth squeezing his large figure between the pillars as he then brought her to her throne, he then set her down carefully upon it then laid on his back showing his stomach as his knowledge was she was still Anaya, and he was still lesser than her.-

llSeikerll: -As she rested there propped against the wall the heart that still rested clung in her hand still dripped with the remains of the blood that was still held within. Bringing it up to her maw her piranha-like teeth bare before they sliced into the delicate muscle. Her pupils automatically dilated as she tasted the sweet organ against her tongue, and she rested there looking around. As she simply sat as quietly as usual she would hear something off into the distance, but she paid little mind to it. Continuing to feel the muscle itching between her teeth as she took greedy bites she would finally hear the door, and it couldn’t be anything but the thing that created the noise from outside. Her head moved from side to side as she violated the being’s current’s, but simply stayed in her usual spot. As she stood by idly her body would move at times causing her scythe to crush the stone behind her due to the pressure, and then release as her body moved away again. Again another being seemed to be coming, but this time it came off as more familiar to her. Dragging her eyes over to the main hall where most people came through to get into the rest of the castle she noticed Scarlet, but she appeared slightly different. She seemed healthier; even stronger. As she waved to everyone Yumiko gave a simply nod to her as her piercing black eyes started at her as she ate. Yumiko wasn’t always the most comfortable thing to look at especially when she was eating. Her tattered, silver wings twitched behind her in discomfort, and she knew they wanted to be up in the air. She rarely flew but when she did it was always refreshing. For now though she wanted to take a look around, and listen in to see what she could find out about this new place. It seemed to her that this was the new home for the DeLaRose, but if this were so she was also curious to the relocating. She never thought there was anything wrong with the old home aside from the pests that always came around that needed to be exterminated. Leaving those thoughts behind she finally heard Anaya’s voice ring through the halls to one of the maids, but it was odd for she could have sworn she heard Anaya have to repeat herself. The staff she hired were usually always good help; so what was wrong with this one? Her eyes turned as she finally felt Anaya come into view… but she felt different. Looking to the woman that now headed to the throne she knew it was Anaya even with the differences. She still held the same essence, and her voice rang off the same to Yumiko’s ears. Watching as she watched she noticed how she fell and the rest of the heart that was in her hand fell to the ground as she for some reason lost grip of it. She watched as Gaia began to head over to Anaya, but for some reason Yumiko couldn’t even move to help. She didn’t understand what the hell was doing on and she looked around to see if there was something hidden to give this away.- “What the fuck?” –Her odd accent came off silently and she couldn’t put her finger on it. This day was very weird to her already; first starting with the new place, and now Anaya bleeding normal blood. She heard the guard greeting the new person that was at the door, and finally she began to walk. Her black booted, left foot stepped onto the heart causing it to because nearly nothing but a bloody mush to show exactly how much force her body gave onto the earth below her. She walked as slowly as ever as she approached the throne that Gaia had set Anaya on, and her pupils restricted; the last thing she needed was to see all of this fairytale in nano-seconds. She walked until she came up next to Gaia who was resting on his back for Anaya, and she looked directly to her with a creased brow.- “Um… Anaya. What happened to you?” –Was really all she could say. She didn’t appear hurt aside from her knee, and her fragile appearing figure; but she still felt stupid for going off Soul Searching when Anaya was clearly in some form of trouble.-

mageofmist: -The door creaked open like magic, Alera eyes light up like the night sky but the amazement died out as a regular guard clad in iron helm would greet her. She growled and figured it was nothing but these filthy humans, she stepped inside and pretty much ignored the man. She glanced around, fully impressed by the castles interior design and architecture. She reconsidered her accusation on them being sapiens- “hmmm maybe human servants?” –she hesitated at the thought, but turned around to face the guard. It was clear she was lost beyond holy hell in these lands, but lacking any type of information on what she would dealing with in her could easily be suicide. Though she wasn’t worried or panicked, she thought nothing off fear when death could be a result. Having had the amazing displeasure of experiencing such a fate made the reality of it that less scary, the unknown was place Alera dabble in and loved to explore. Its one of the reason’s she is so lost now, unfamiliar with her total surroundings but still she remained grounded and at home. She knocked against the soldiers helmet hoping to give him a debilitating headache or get his attention, whichever one worked.- “Um..good human…can you speak?” –she wasn’t sure if all humans had the capacity to learn language other than drivel, or perhaps it was only a good few that could. She had encountered many of his kind, most of them able to communicate with her..while the others only ended up on a spike, or some other kind of large, sharp, and foreign object to be jabbed into their rectum. – “Im not exactly sure where I am..oh but don’t tell me! I want to be surprised later on, but could you tell me a bit about the beings that live here?” –Her wild and cherry flavored eyes would thumb through his features. She wasn’t impressed by this one, she would kill him if he tried anything such as touching her or if he couldn’t answer her question. His kind were like bugs, easily torn asunder and replaced with something a bit more practical…like a faucet. –“If nothing else, you can at least tell me where I can find the folks that are here…” –she waited with bated breath for him to make some kind of retort, she wanted him to say something stupid. Before he could speak however, Alera remembered to put away her katana. It would seem that this place liked to be secure. She tapped the handle with the tip of her index finger, it de-materialized into fractal squares glowing with rainbow violence of violet frost. She returned her attention to the soldier and waited-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: “oh skit” –scarlet says to herself as she picks up the blue jewel that came out of the bag that was full of gemstones and other items she got from the places she had went to during her travels, she didn’t want everyone to know what was in it because of people might think she stole them if they knew she was a huntress with healing and spell casting powers, she drags the bag over to a chair and leavs it there until someone else finds it then walks off-

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Iron is Born CRB10087
Life is a chess game and sometimes even the queen falls down and needs to be picked back up. ~Anaya

KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -Kane was an interesting individual. His blades had seen many fights, most of them highly intense and a near death experience. Kane was of many races, for he was made of the mana of everything around him. Created by Yumi, his mother, he was not like most. His magical abilities were limited, although he looked much like an Elf it was what his creator and mother had chosen him to appear as. Donning the look of a vampire slayer he was often the target of many undead armies. His clothes had no magical properties about them, nor did any of the jewelry he wore. Long black, wavy hair covered his head, hiding most of his face. No battle scars were visible on him, even though he was experienced in battle. His only weapon of choice was the katana, built for speed and could slice through almost anything. Each katana was specifically designed for a different task, all of them were enchanted blades, able to drain the enemy of their strength with each blow. The katana across his back did not have this ability, however it could slice through anything, even magical barriers. Standing at 6’ 2” he towered over most. Being overly protective of his friends and family, he would get quite emotional at times and lose control, turning himself into pure Chaos, unable to be stopped until either he or his opponent were knocked out or dead. While being in this form, his strength and speed would increase tenfold, making it nearly impossible to defeat him. Only his mother knows the secret to stop Chaos, as he was so named by the gods. If Chaos cannot be stopped in time, Kane’s body would be destroyed and ultimately kill him. Chaos wielded no weapon, yet had massive magical ability in the dark arts, able to explode his enemies by filling their bodies with pure shadow or corrupt their minds to the point of killing themselves. Chaos would also often try to come out on his own, given the chance. He has no issues destroying any who got in his way. If the battle dragged on too much, Kane would enter Shadow Lich mode. A deadly and most fearsome race, those who saw it were induced with horrible nightmares, paranoia and endless mental torture if their minds weren't strong enough. In Shadow Lich mode, his speed was immensely high, unmatched by many. Kane's mother, Yumi, had a run in with the shadows(voices) before. She had successfully purged them from her body. After she had rid herself of them, the voices had entered Kane, hoping to control him, but they failed. Kane has only gone into Shadow Lich mode twice. Once against Hades, to prevent his curse from taking hold and against Possession, to learn to control it rather than it control him. If a person survived the Shadow Lichs' onslaught, they would be slowly devoured over time by the shadows if they can't get their mind stable in time. Not even Yumi knew about the voices entering Kane. He thought it best to fight it himself. The Shadow Lich was not like most Lichs, for he was made of pure shadow itself. It's body twisted from corruption, if one got to close the shadows would try to envelop them as their next victim. Kane was originally a normal construct built by Yumi his mother, but after a run in with a Necromancer, his mind had become a vessel for a Dracolichs' soul, making his mind slowly become twisted by darkness. Eventually, this corruption created what Kane has named the Shadow Lich. The dracolich within him constantly fights to take over Kanes' body completely, hoping to terrorize the mortals once again. The dracolich had taken control just recently before a group of enraged Treants had attacked Kane. "This boy is always at the wrong place at the wrong time." The dracolich mumbled to himself as he walked to a nearby castle. Arriving at the door, he placed his massive right claw hand on the woodwork and looked at it for a second. "How disappointing.. I could only transform partially. That boy just had to fight my mind control." He then pushed against the door frame, forgetting his own dracolich strenth even though he wasnt fully transformed just yet. The door flew off it's hinges all the way down the hallway, anyone who was in the doors' path would be crushed or brutally injured if they did not move in time. "Oops.." Shrugging, he followed the door matching the speed it flew at, eventually coming to a gathering of people, kinda hoping he didnt kill anyone with the door by accident, cause that would be no fun. He smirked darkly at each of them as the corrupted words of a skilled killer parted his lips. "Hello everyone, who is the owner of this establishment?" His words sounded almst snake-like that would send a shiver down most peoples spines.-

Anaya looked up as she saw Gaias large frame move over to her, even if in her mind she did not want to be helped , a dragon getting help oh god that was never a good mark. as she did not say a word and got lifted up onto his maw a grumble came from her as she moved her hand over his face "a dragon needing help ya how great is that"she mumbled as she moved a bit on his face as her small frame was carried to her throne and let down in the soft satin pillow that was hers, imported from Japan just the way she liked it. she looked up and then to Gaia "thank you Gaia and um" she moved her hand to his maw before he was able to pull it away and cleaned some of her own blood from his face "you got my....blood on your...ya blood" she looked at her fingers , red blood , wow. Wow was all that hit her mind as she moved her fingers the blood on them as her eyes twisted with the fact it was more human then dragon now, am i still a dragon ? she thought that thought scared her, was she still Anaya, did the sky keeper trick her or was this a only today or a week long thing and she would be fine in the morning, was it a dream? Anaya moved her fingers and cleaned off the blood from her hand and looked to her knees still dripping blood, not healing ....well we saw this coming she thought in her own brain. (C)

Anaya looked up as she spotted Yumi her guardian come into sight, her eyes did not pick her up before now but she guessed that was from the fall she took and the almost bashing her face off the stone floor. "i guess we all have to give up things for the better , i just ...i just wanted to be a better ruler but i guess they took more then i thought" her voice at the end was almost a whisper as she looked to the floor and the touched her dripping knee, as her fall did leave it in shambles. it hurt the pain struck her leg and made it twitch...pain ...ya she did not like it , years of never feeling pain and now she felt it, really felt the pain of touching an open wound, ya it was not so great. pulling her fingers up from her injury  she looked at the blood once again on her finger tips, her black long draconic tongue still oddly the same slipped from her lips and ran over the top of her fingers, right away she grabbed it, yes she grabbed her own tongue and held it up in front of her eyes, it was long enough. Moving her tongue from side to side she looked at it , yep still black and still forked as always and dry yes her tongue was like a car, hard ridged and bone dry. the tip of it flicked back and forth as she gave that in thought look and it tasted ....the same as her old dragons blood ....just no longer blue. did that mean she was no longer her royal self in body anymore, was her time as a royal really that could never happen she was a royal in the mind as well as the body....just not so much in the body any-more.  Anaya looked back up and forced a smile on her face as she let her tongue roll back into her mouth like there was no problem in the world, even if she new there was . "but i am fine i will heal in no time it was a small fall everything is all good hell i will heal just fine., and oh hi there my sister i am sorry i hardly noticed you " she smiled and lifted a hand to lightly wave at scarlet even if she new scarlet would hardly be able to tell it was her seeing she no longer looked the same. Anayas face changed.....anger, why did EVERYONE have to smash her doors "new one it is a new building fix the mess you have made or you will be escorted out, i am Anaya Ruler here  royal pure blood golden dragon and the sent of the dead is strong on your back." she did not like the undead , no dragon did, a race of there own kind seen as the lowest and worst off there was, to have your life taken from you and changed into a undead by some worthless necromancer scum. well it was simply not looked upon nicely, all the necromancers informed there elders of there draco litches and this one was known about already by Anaya so she did not care to much about it, she shrugged and looked back to her sister and yumi. (C)

The guard looked at the female as his head was tossed around from her raping on his helmet "you are in the Iron Dynasty Ruled over by the DeLaRose family, ya go talk to Anaya and girl come on lay off on the thumping, i have a brain i tend to use i don't need it thumping around my skull" his voice was harsh and gruff as always but his eyes seemed to be shadows and fogged, Anaya had placed a spell on all her guards and maids to make them more compliant and willing to do her tasks no matter how gross or harsh they are, it was a spell known as moon blinking. it was a simple spell she did to all the guards other then her top fighters, one would take the one to be blinked up to the night filled and high mooned eve and place them under the full moon, after that one would simply watch as the one to the blinked or group or ones would drift to sleep under the sky, then once they came around and the moon was gone they had bin blinked and simply placed as almost mindless and did what ever was told no matter who told them. The guard took a step back away from the female that was bugging him as he was informed to only act unless a blade was shown to him , other then that he was to word out his thoughts and not harm anyone unless shown harm on himself or on the ones of this Dynasty. "she is in the front, if you wish to have a seeing with her i would move fast before your spot is taken up there seems to be more guests then she may have booked for the day"  the guard moved over and looked at the busted in door and he simply walked back to his spot and thought on how a maid would deal with it ...later. (E)

JustinMinick: -Gaia soon rolled off his back and stayed down on his stomach next to her throne watching all of them carefully except for Yumiko since he knew she had the same job as he did himself, so he had no true worries of her ever doing something foolish that would bring harm to Anaya, so he laid there looking to be relaxed with his wings tucked in but he was truly ready to pounce as one could tell by his tail raising lightly and rattling violently back and forth in the air up then down in intense speed making him look like a rattle snake. He then licked his maw cleaning it so the dried blood would not have an affect on him what so ever since the blood had lost its zeal and taste that would've brought his killing instinct forth and make him the predator nature creature that he was; he soon found that he was snuggling up to Anaya's feet as his maw came under her legs and brought his pike like spikes back then slipped her feet onto his back trying to create more comfort for her as he became more protective. As he continued to lay on his stomach he let shallow breaths out, as to not create any form of discomfort for her, he was indeed being careful with her fragile form, he wanted her to be safe and comfortable as possible, he truly did care for her no matter what transformations she went through. He then telepathically linked with her and spoke in a very soft manner.- “Are you comfortable a bit at least now?”

JustinMinick: -His voice was filled with true worry that he had not made her at least a tiny bit comfortable as it was more than likely her desire to be comfortable in her new skin so to speak which had made her weaker, he was now lightly purring finally having her this close, he kept his eyes and head on the ground to show he was utterly submitting to her no matter how much weaker she got, this was her kingdom, she held the ranks, and this meant he was still her guard.- “Please be comfortable.” -His voice pleading as he began thinking to himself 'What if I can't make her comfortable?' this meant the world to him to help her through this delicate time, he knew she'd be in need of some form of support or someone to turn to when she needed to talk, though she was still mentally a dragon, she was now physically weaker; which meant he wanted to help her be comforted in every sense he could. Even though he was a gigantic beast of evil, he still had feelings of his own, which he wanted to display to her to reveal he thought no less of her, he also hoped his actions spoke the same message, even though he was twice as protective so he created a barrier of pikes around her legs to keep them protected, and he ensured the bone had stayed stiffened to be sure it would be an iron clad defence. He then looked up to her as he kept his eyes on hers to show he had no intent to try and flirt with her in this time of distress, he only was curious what had happened, he knew it was an outside power greater than his own, and hers which meant only one being could do this, another dragon of such power that he could never comprehend its existence.

JustinMinick: He then brought is tongue out and licked her forehead playfully to try to distract her at least the tiniest amount that he could either coax her into playing or maybe even just enjoy beating him, he did not care what happened to himself, his life literally belonged to her any way, so he'd accept her beatings, and let her do whatever she wished to him since he only cared that she was utterly enjoying it, even if it killed him he wanted to bring her joy instead of pain. As his tongue dragged across her face, it left a small trail of saliva due to him only using the tips of his tongue, he did indeed hope she'd just take this and use it as an excuse to inflict injury, he did know she enjoyed hurting something, it was obvious; so he wanted to cheer her up simply and easily.-

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llSeikerll: -As she stood there in front of Anaya she watched as she began to wipe off some of the blood that was on Gaia’s muzzles. It looked and smelled so… Human. Yumiko really didn’t know what was going on, and it was rare for her to become for confused and even to be so bold as to claim her has shocked. She tuned in as the woman entered the castle, and it seemed she didn’t have much of a liking to the guard that had greeted here. Either way she still seemed rather amused by his presence which was good to keep her occupied for a short while longer before someone of authority had to greet her. The person who handled guests for the most part, Anaya herself, wasn’t really in the state for others at the moment. There was still Scarlet around to do that job at the moment, and she hoped she was willing to. Hearing Anaya’s voice hit her ears her two colored eyes kept on her and she listened closely. It seemed to her she gave up a majority of her power and race just to be the person she always wished to be. Yumiko sighed slightly, and sat down now in front of her. She watched as Anaya played with her own tongue to seemingly check as the what Dragon she had left. As she watched she felt her very own energy heading their way, and before she would turn to look the door was already flung from it’s hinges, and she could hear the anger in Anaya’s voice. She cringed a bit, and wondered for only a moment as to WHY her children always had to break Anaya’s things. First it was Nightmare, and now Kane. With a sigh she pulled a vial out of her pocket, and unsheathed a kunai from her wrap as she began to calmly speak to Anaya.- “Anaya. That’s my son Kane. I’m very sorry I really have taught my children better.” –Her eyes turned to the door to see Kane even if he looked different; he was still Kane, and still her son. She would never address him by any other name no matter which person he decided to be that day.- “Kane!” –her voice rang out with more authority than it normally did, and her pupils once again dilated. As she cut into her hand small whispers left her hand as her black blood pooled up.- “You better fix that damn door! This place is new, and not yours to smash up…” –She grunted gently, and her eyes returned to her hand. Small whispers left her lips, and her eyes then changed to the same cosmic blue they once were in her old body. They began to pulsate, and soon they were nothing but glowing blue orbs. The voice that came from her lips was of an ancient elven race that there were now only one left of; Her brother Rimedur. The black blood would begin to bubble, and dissipate before it was nothing but a blue crystal looking liquid. Turning her hand to the vial it would fill to the perfect quantity (100ml), and she would reach it to Anaya.- “Here. This will heal the tissue that was broken from your wound. It’s part of my own life force so it will give you strength as well. It won’t give you much, but it will help you for now until we can figure something else out. There’s enough for you to take it twice, and if you end up needing more just ask.” –Her pulsating blue eyes traced Anaya’s face and body as she took a closer look; when she was in this state she was able to see things more as they were than most did. Her other hand came up now to offer her the cork to the vial as well. She was hoping Anaya would accept her offering; she knew that she didn’t enjoy receiving help, but with the way she was right now it seemed she really needed it. She watched as Gaia began to move himself under Anaya’s feet, and they were all rather clustered now. They both were doing their job though, and on top of that they enjoyed caring for Anaya. Among all other things she was still Anaya’s friend and it bothered her to see her in such a state. At this point it was indeed a good idea to stay close to her because even if she decided to take the neutral energy offering it wouldn’t give her enough strength to act quickly if she needed to. She gave out another light sigh wondering what they were supposed to do now, and wondered if this change would grow to be something stronger than ever.-

mageofmist: -Alera kinda just stared at him with a look of unsatisfactory. He simply stated the same thing when he invited her inside. Her left hand folded straight the tips of her fingers like daggers ready to the sink into the warm body of a human subject. She always got some kind of sadistic thrill when she took out his kind, it was like a game of points.- “Ten points” –She said in replied, not making it any more clear on what she meant by it. But it seems he did hold some information worth his life, he clearly pointed out where to find the owner of these lands and with swiftness and great judgement quickly got away from her and back to his post at the door. Her fingers relaxed and she turned around to observe the castle’s decorations once again- “At least I wont ever get bored of that” –she placed her hands on her hips sensually, almost as If stating something other than what run’s through the festering pit of imagination that males of every species seemed to possess; though to be honest, she didn't mind perverts..she was probably one of the biggest creepers out there when it came to violating peoples’ personal bubbles. The daunting smell of pinecones and blood now filled her senses; she sniffed in the air a bit harder and realized the smell was again of course human. She had half a mind to just up and leave this miserable place- “Humans humans, everywhere….and not a fuck to give” –She threw her hands into the air and groaned loudly, however the screams of a woman towards some kind of reckless behaviour swayed Alera’s resolve. The voice was sure as hell not a human’s and it was coming from the same place she could smell the blood. She reconsidered the scenario of what happened in her head, a short story of demons tearing apart an unsuspecting human that wandered too far into this realm played lovin in the back of her mind. She pranced forward steadily into the main chamber and stumbled upon a group of strange creatures surrounding a fragile woman- “uhhhhh, whats up?” –she shrugged-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet made sure no other jewels could fall out of the bag by tieing it up with a brown string that she had and put the stray jewel in her pocket, she was about to turn around when all of a sudden the smell of crimson caught her nose making her cover her mouth with one hand- “dang it” –she hoped getting rid of her human gene would change her for the better and take some bad things away from her…and that was one of them, she hoped that it would ware off of her eventually if the curse was gone from her as she walked over to where she thinks the smell was coming from and gasped- “oh no” –she saw her sister Anaya was bleeding and gulped then looked at her hands to see if she still had her powers and quickly walked over- “please tell me this is part of her form” –She looked up at Gaia since he was already there to help her with a worried frown on her face- “that looks painful” –She then saw the face of a new woman that had just entered- “umm…I think sissy is hurt” –she points-

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KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -Noticing that his question was being ignored, he was about to do some damage when all of a sudden a woman came out of nowhere screaming at him to fix the door. The dracolich simply stared at her as she called him Kane and then stared towards the busted up door he accidentally threw off the hinges. Sighing, he thought to himself "How does this boy put up with such annoyance?" He then picked up the large door with his partially formed claw and walked back to the entrance, speaking to whoever could hear him. "Im afraid Kane is indisposed at the moment, so I'll be taking over till he recovers fully." He heaved a great sigh "How the fuck do you fix a door?" Not knowing what he was doing, he just simply shoved the door back into its original place. "Eh.." At that moment he sensed a great distrust against him, so he used every bit of his natural dragon instincts he had, undead that he was, he still had those instincts, to trace its source. Then it dawned on him "Fuck... dragons, and I'm a dracolich. God dammit, time to play it safe.." He walked cautiously back to the others, making sure to keep his eye on the ones that actually posed a threat to him. His gaze fell upon the woan who had screamed at him "I am not Kane, I am... his inner demon.. so to speak." He bowed in respect to her, all the while keeping his eyes on the dragon near the two ladies. "I am Balthazar. And you are?" Being slain at this moment would not be a good thing, considering he was only just revived. He kept his head low as he stayed in a bowing position. "Please don't kill me..." he thought to himself.-

Anaya: Anaya looked down to Gaia at her feet as he was moving into her and lifting her feet up and seeming to be ...loving.... she had yet to understand this, did he think she was different then she once was with her cruel heart and dark ways, her want for power and her want for the strong, did he think she was not a dragon as he was being loving to her . she ignored the thoughts in her brain swishing around making her think she was any less then what she was, any less a pure blooded dragon. The dragon moved her clawed fingers down to rub the side of Gaia's maw as she new it was a spot not many new about and she loved to be itched there as well when scales covered her hide. "ya i am ok Gaia don't worry about me" she said oddly softly, almost with feeling in her words even if the monster was absent of such notions and feelings. she looked to her sister and put out a hand to place gently to her face as she pulled her over to her her leg still a mess as it was marked from her fall to the floor "a heal would be nice, but i am ok, truly" she was bluntly lieing, but what mattered more then her own health was the worry and state of her people, family and Dynasty. softly she ran her finger along her sisters cheek as she looked out to see the undead draco litching male as well as the other new faced female that she had gotten ear of playing around with one of her guards. she smiled knowing she played with the guards as well as it was so much fun to toss around her human fighters , one thing a human was good for was being fotter for an army she never really needed....till now.
Anaya: Anaya payed no attention to the draco litch as it mattered very little to her and her eyes turned to Yumi, Anaya did not want to drink anything to take into her body to go back on what her Sky keeper had done to her as of what she asked to be done "it is ok my sister will heal my wound and i will be fine but thank you for the offer dear Yumi, i simply can not go back on what has bin done or change what has bin done, i asked for it after all. and can you handle the guest please Yumi, he is a child or something or yours?" her voice was oddly softer then normal as all could see but she was still the same Anaya inside even if on the outside she was weaker and needed to do the team work thing from now on, ya it was a little hard to deal with at times but it got the job done, and it would be good for the ruler to have to rule more then do it all herself. she looked to Gaia as she lowered her head down to his level and moved her feet up a bit onto his belly "and you need to do the hunting for me tonight ok, i need you to get at it right away for night is falling and the dry seasons food will be moving on to greener pastures very soon, we need to get the food stores in as fast as we can so you have alot of work on you. there are knights in the bucker to the east of the grounds they can go with you to do the hunt, and please bring the hound dogs they need a good run, we have 40 of them in that same Bunker just at the back in the kennels the slave tend to sleep in." she seemed more ruler like already as she ran her claws along his maw she new he would have no problem doing what she asked of him as her one foot ran on his underside of his neck. She looked out once more to the new female guest she spotted only a moment ago "i hope you are not to hard on the humans i need them around as they offer me more then some other breeds do, i can use them." she smiled and took her feet from her Gaia and places them at the side and her one hand on the orb on the arm rest of her chair, as she tried to relax hopeful her sister would heal her.

JustinMinick: -As Anaya ran her claw along his maw his eyes closed into a deep relaxation as his tail stopped swishing around, he then noticed that this was the first time she had done this to him and it was indeed odd to him, so he let out his words to her yet again.- “I am your guard I have this right to worry.” -He then thought to himself about the change then spoke yet again out to her mind.- “I know you are not changed, you are still a dragon, and a superior one at that so I shall remain submissive to your will Anaya.” -He then nuzzled into her leg lightly, though she was not scaled any more she still felt like a dragon to him and he still felt the same toward her, but he did not wish to tell her as it was something that may make her uncomfortable as he was larger now, and she could become angry over this liking he has; so he kept it to himself. He then began to eavesdrop on what Anaya was saying to Yumiko, a Dracolitch here? Well that was insanity, though he began to smell it soon, as he was too occupied trying to make Anaya comfortable as can be, and perhaps even give her the kindness she isn't used to, which would more than likely make her notice his affection toward her even though on multiple occasions he had brought her deer flesh as a gift to show his affection. As he felt her scratch along his maw more his body felt as if it were water, in absolute relaxation like it was a placid lake, he then heard her mentioning a hunt and taking the dogs out for a run, his least favourite animals, the dogs; they were always so loud and annoying. After she had removed her feet from his body

JustinMinick: he stood to his full height shaking himself off a tad making sure not to nick Anaya in the least with anything, after doing so he turned his head to Anaya then spoke.- “It shall be done.” -His voice was solemn and he was going to be swift of this, he was then walking between the pillars to squeeze through and wings first as his body soon followed, he did this so he would not accidentally smack Anaya upside the head with his tail, he knew she couldn't handle that type of damage; he continued to go around the pillars then he pushed on to the main corridor, as he continued he pushed the doors open then smacked the guard upside the head with his tail, not very hard though but it still made him snicker. After a moment or two he went on his way through the air, flying with an ease, as the beat of his wings caused the grass to flatten down against the ground, all the while he headed east of where he was now at then to the bunker, it took him about ten minutes to get there but it was a pleasant flight, the birds playing their symphonies made it worth while. Upon reaching the bunker he was already hearing the dogs bark, this pissed him off, he hated that sound it was shrill in his ears and created a headache after a moment, he then pushed the doors open and found the nearest guard and spoke into his mind.- “Take the dogs on a run, I've got important things to do.” -He then turned around leaving the male only nodding as Gaia's eyes burnt bright crimson, he didn't know why Anaya kept such annoyances around, he wanted to honestly eat them

llSeikerll: -She listened as her son began trying to fix the door, and as Anaya declined her offer Yumiko sighed and nodded. Bringing the vial to her lips she would drink the entire container so it could recycle in her body; she didn't want anyone that didn't get permission to get her hands on it.- “Very well, Anaya. If there is anything I can get you just call for me. Yes, he is my son, Kane. Though he is… Rather different than normal. Either way he is my oldest, and kind of birthed… I don’t know it’s a long explanation that I would rather not bore you with, but he is the only child of mine that has parts of me in his existence.” -Hearing her son speak a different name her head shook and she stood up to face him. Anaya had asked her to handle the guests so she planned to do just that. She was only going to give her son a moment of attention before she handled the new woman.- “Well. I will always call you Kane, and I am your mother no matter… Who you are. Be nice, play fair, and respect Lady Anaya.” –Walking past her son she approached the woman that had come in. Her silver tail whipped behind her idly, and her tattered silver wings outstretched before they found a comfortable perch at her back. Her tall body stopped in front of her and she gave her a nod in greet.- “Welcome to the Iron Dynasty” –Hearing Anaya seeming to speak to her now Yumiko would nod, and step out of her line of sight to Anaya. She still kept a close distance where most would consider it a bit uncomfortable to deal with, but she had to make sure to keep close to the new people just in case. Turning her eyes back to her son she looked at him closely and shook her head. With a sigh she approached him again.- “So. You do understand that no matter who you are I will be called mother correct?” –She wasn't the kind of person to play nice with her children if they were not respectful to her especially Kane. He was her oldest as well as her only birth child, and so he was the last person she wanted acting as if he didn't know her. She watched as Gaia began to leave on his hunt, and her eyes followed him out the door before she returned her gaze to Kane; Still making sure to keep track of the woman that had come in.-

mageofmist: -A plethora of questions filled the inner workings of her ego, she had every reason to believe that these peoples were most likely just aliens. She wanted to ask every single question that burned with in her core, it was daunting and somewhat tedious to hold back such a craving. Her thirst for knowledge could only be matched by her true stupidity on everything else. But she resisted, denied, and forsook any and all acceptance of these questions. For they were the type of questions that once asked, there was no going back. She sighed and took in a deep breath, the air around them seemed to flash with small heat waves that resonated from her aura.- “Busy day? Or did I come in at the perfect time? –she laughed and turned around, she discovered a vacant chair and walked over to rest in its cushion. She stretched out like she owned the place, but the look in her eye pretty much claimed ownership of the situation. She glanced back over to the woman, the smell of blood still lingered but was faint.- “Im actually looking around for a pretty bitchin place like this for me to set up shop” –she crossed her arms and with a bit of a cocky way about it, she would kick her feet up resting them on flames she conjured from her calves- “What I mean by that of course is to be a guard. Its really the only thing im good at these days it seems…” –she rubbed her chin- “actually it’s the only job ive had my entire life. Well besides being a striper for a week” –A flashback involving a burning building and crispy hookers on a shiskebab stripper pole suddenly flooded her thoughts…- “yea…wasn’t my best gig, but I guess that’s besides the point. Anyway, ive come to put the idea of recruiting me into your to do list.” –she stood from the couch and started heading for the main doors. She stopped for a second to look back at the girl- “Ill be back before long, but nature calls…actually it doesn't I really just want to go and burn stuff…any villages nearby?” –she waved her hand in a gesture for her not to reply to that- “never mind, ill find them..I like surprises” –She walked off back towards the main doors and stopped to intimidate the guard with a feint attack. He stood their unflinching as if in a trance. Alera paid it no mind and walked off into the open grove once again. Deep down, she regretted not taking that soldiers spinal cord with her..It would have made an amazing back scratcher- “ahhh, maybe next time”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet took a look at her sister knowing what she had to do even if she didn't want it done and took her hood off, her eyes and nails turned a neon blue color as she held out one finger to her sisters wounds while still standing in her spot- "this might feel strange" -she numbed the areas and started to heal her sister by regenerating the internal and external damage that was done as the wounds closed up and healed completely- “hope that helps” –she let out a breath of air and swept the hair out of her own face then sat down to give her literally sore feet a break- “dang it” –she hissed to herself as she hid the red bruises because she didn't want anyone to notice she was in a bit of pain herself not to mention she was annoyed at the fact that she couldn't heal herself-

Anaya moved in her spot as she watched her members and guards doing what she asked it was nice seeing them do as told. and then Gaia went on his way to get the hunting down and it was an odd but nice feeling that there would be a good meal on the table for her in the morning and she did not have to do it, did not have to hunt.....would she ever hunt again.....she hoped so, she enjoyed that aspect of her life very much. "Yumi just make sure the undead thing does not smash anything else will ya it is a new place i do not want it trashed like the old building" she let out a sigh knowing in time it would end up a mess of dust and age like it always did, it was just a matter of time, simply time. She looked upon her sister as she healed her wounds and she kicked her knee a little as it only mildly hurt now, snapping her long fingers and nails together she nodded as a guard came over to her to nicely pick her up helping her get up with a large built arm "i am glad i have such obedient human guards, always do as told. i wonder why" she gave a light chuckle knowing she spell cursed all her own guards and human staff , as it was fun. she moved a hand as the guard held her up and ran it along her sisters cheek "thank you my beloved sister for healing the pain i had when i fell on the floor, i must head to my chambers for the night it has bin a draining day, and i am in need of rest. i know you along with Yumi can watch over the place wall i sleep, and please make sure the new guests keep the noise down, my ears pick up everything " Anayas eyes moved to the new girl wanting to be taken into the order of things and into her guard Force "well we will see how you stand up here with the rest of the fighters, and we will hope you show your loyalty, and your obedience, i would hate to have to aid and turn you onto something like i do my humans" a grin came over the dragons woman's face as that evil fire burned deep in her eyes and in her being, that was the moment in time that Anaya really did show that dragons power. she moved along with her guard as she limped with him up to the steps she cussed a bit under her breath as she got there and snarled at the guard as he was a cluts "stupid blinking makes you fall over more" she moved and made her way up the steps to her chamber even if the moving was more a limping crap up and to bed, the last thing to ring in the halls from the ruler was the slamming of the chamber doors, shut and locked.

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Iron is Born Fantasy_Forest_Scene_by_JulieLangford

~~~~~~~~~~ Mean While in the Forest~~~~~~~~~~

JustinMinick: his mind was now back to the flight, he was flying to a further forest than usual where the pasture was very green and held an abundance of wild life to eat, so his plan was basic find the largest amount of food he possibly could bring inside of his stomach; as he flew he made it to the place he sought out but he was going to be in search for a long time since deer were still difficult to spot in forests, he then found a spot he could land on the greenery of the landscape in the center of this forest. 'Hope there is something around...' he thought to himself as he began to prowl the forest in his gigantic form that surprisingly fit easily through this forest, though these trees were quite tight together his body allowed him to squeeze since his reptilian traits were absolutely amazing for this purpose which really made hunting easier on himself. As he began to step through the forest his large body was near impossible to see since the canopy made quite a bit of shade and allowed him to camouflage easily within these already darkened bark trees, as he continued to walk through his foot falls were light, so he could hunt more efficiently though he was still in dragon form he had kept stealth one of his main skills so he could kill his dinner easier. He soon came upon a deer which meant food, though he also caught the scent of a bear, which meant more food, so he awaited the bears arrival into the scene so he could kill both with just one blast of fire as the bear was stalking this deer and was hiding behind a tree now waiting for a moment to strike; the moment the deer let its head down and began eating the bear pounced on top of the five point buck, and of course Gaia could tell the type of bear now, it was a grizzly, great food.
          Gaia soon built up the fire necessary and blasted both the deer and bear, setting them into a skinned state from the fires blast leaving the flesh cooked to a medium rare, whilst he only had to smirk making his reptilian lips curve upward; after doing this he then ran forward and claimed his kills and placed them inside of his mouth and swallowed them whole, storing them in his stomach as he suppressed the stomach acids to create a storage unit for the food. He then continued on through the forest walking about for ten hours, catching twenty bucks, five bears, and the little mammals he left alone since they were lower in the food supplying ability, so after capturing what he thought was needed he brought his wings to flap against the air throwing him up in the air, since he over calculated how much the weight would be of an issue but apparently it wasn't that bad, he then continued back to toward the bunker seeing the knights run the dogs 'Good job little puppets.' He thought to himself as his flight continued on with a grace that not many could match in the skies, before he was completely out of range he spoke to the guard he had earlier- “Get those dogs inside.” -The guard surprisingly did the job right away, so Gaia completed both of his tasks with ease now, so he began on the flight back to the new location of the DeLaRose family and came in with a prideful look landing right outside the doors as he then pushed them open with his maw, and he came to the center of the room he then brought himself about and went to the food storage unit and set the food in the cold storage, where he then poured the food out of his stomach setting it all in a neatly formed pile for some odd reason which was not usual, he then trots over to his pillar and places his head down next to his pillar, he then began putting himself into relaxation, of course forcefully ignoring all that were present or were to be present and went to sleep.-

Iron is Born Fantasy_Forest_Stock_by_casperium

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~~~~~~~~Meanwhile 10 Hours earlier still in Iron Wall Gaia Was Gone~~~~~~~~

KaneAsmodeusSeiker : -As the woman continued to talk to him as Kane, he grew annoyed. "Damn this vessel.. feels so much more conflicted than most." Inside his mind, Kane was attempting to reach out to the others through the harsh darkness of the dracolich. "Mother... dont trust him." Balthazar tried to fight back the thoughts. "Shut up, you fool. This is my body now." Kane's mind was beginning to gain control once more., but needed help from his mother. "Dont let him take my life away.. I wish to steal his power and make it my own." At that moment, Balthazar shouted "No!" For everyone to hear. He brought his hands to his head "Enough of you, boy. It's time I got rid of you, you insignificant pest." Balthazars' massive claw hand then began to fade in and out as they fought for control. Collapsing to the ground, the body went limp as the dracolich went deep into the recesses of Kane's mind to kill him.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet breathed a sigh of relief watching her sister go up to rest and put her hood back on her head- “If only I could heal myself for once” –She spoke to herself as she got up making sure not to put too much pressure on her feet especially her right one, to her they both felt like burns were on her feet when she walked but she had to get up and go back to her cave not far from the castle so she could rest, she looked at Yumiko and her son for a quick moment- “I’m heading out” –She then pushed open the castle doors and turned into a silver wolf so it could be easier for her to travel to her resting place-

llSeikerll: -She heard the woman speak of seeking recruitment, but appeared to have left faster than she came. It made her curious as to exactly how reliable of a guard she would be if she would only stay for a few hours, and then simply leave to go… burn stuff. She sighed and shook her head to the thoughts that seemingly annoyed her as she heard Anaya speak of going to rest. Turning to look at her Yumiko would wave slightly.- “Goodnight, Anaya. I hope you rest well.” –She watched as the guard picked Anaya up and began to walk her to a different area of the castle. Yumiko rarely ventured any castle; even her own. All she needed was a place to sleep, to get food, and simply observe things around her. She was the kind of person that could sleep anywhere and not feel discomfort. As Anaya and the guard disappeared she looked to her son, and listened to him tell her not to trust him. She could tell that was indeed Kane at that point, but all of a sudden he switched and she sighed. She remembered this back when she used to have the Cursed Voices in her head. In order to get rid of them she had to sacrifice herself, but that was simply because she was the main power source to her energy; if there were to have been an outsider that could will her own energy she would have overcome it without such a heart shattering ending… Literally. As he seemed to get worked up, and nearly spiral out of control she growled in irritation. She didn’t want things to get too loud, and definitely didn’t want Anaya to lose her trust and think Yumiko couldn’t handle things on her own. Bending down to Kane she would sigh lightly and speak while her left hand moved gently forward to touch his arm.- “Kane. The real Kane. You can fight this; we both know you can. I can aid you, but I cannot fight this for you. You are my son, and you were designed to be strong. You must reform your mental walls; Don’t… focus on him directly. Focus on placing the walls within your mind and spirit back into their normal shape. Taking it on directly will end tragically.” –She wished she could join him in his mind honestly, but if she did so she could get stuck and not manage to get out. She wasn’t sure how much damage this man named Balthazar had made, but the mind of a Dragonlich was definitely not something she had the patients to deal with; sure she had the power, but she also knew her son Kane did as well in order to fight him. She looked up as she felt Scarlet get up, and heard her comment on not being able to heal herself. There seemed to be a lot of injured people today, but before she could say anything Scarlet was already making her way out, and shifting. She reminded herself to remember to try and assist Scarlet when she got back. In the meantime her eyes returned to her son in wait to see what he would do.-

KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -Kane felt his mothers' touch on his skin, hearing her encourage him. But how could he escape when the dracolich had such a strong hold? Not only that, but the voices which once haunted Yumi were also within him, but the dracolich as well. If he could just get the dracolich to absorb that somehow and take it's powers, he would be free. Kane called out to his mother. "I will attempt to sacrifice the dracolich to the shadows." He was no fool, Kane was brutally trained by his mother at a young age. All those battles lead up to this. This was life or death, he couldnt avoid it any longer. He had to act quickly to kill the dracolich before it took over his mind. As this went on, Balthazar was attempting to strike at Yumis' mind "Back off slime, he will die." Balthazar did not care for anything or anyone. He only cared for power. And as soon as Yumi touched Kane, he felt that power and wanted it. "Hmm..I'll control both of you.." Ballthazar then attacked Yumis' mind, attempting to control her, his focus now completely on her. "I will rule this land, just try and stop me girl."-

llSeikerll: -As she sat there with Kane she listened as he spoke of trying to sacrifice the fiend inside of him. Nodding lightly she would then feel something pressing on the mental walls of her mind, and a Cheshire smirk crossed her lips. One thing about Yumiko is no matter which body she was in she would ALWAYS have her insanity as long as she lived; just with each body she was able to control it more and more. With the life she lived now she was one with her insanity, and it would fight back like a vicious dog to anything that tried to take over its territory. She now used her abilities of telepathy to speak directly to the Lich, and there was mockery in her voice.- “My dear, you cannot reach the untouchable or the unthinkable. Try all you wish, but I am guarded by armor you will never live long enough to understand.” –She was hoping if she taunted the Lich as much as possibly he would continue to be distracted by her as Kane did what he needed to do. She knew there was no way in hell that little zombie inside could reach her; ever since her Cursed Voices she made sure to protect her mind as much as possible. She also knew since he was in a spilt now between Kane’s mind and trying to tap into Yumiko’s he wasn’t as strong which was also a plus. She allowed her walls to waver to create the illusion to the Dragonlich that he was hammering some damage into her protection, but in reality he wasn’t even close to success.-

KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -Kane heard his mothers' voice, but she was speaking to another. He simply assumed it was the dracolich and tried to follow it. As he wandered through his own mind he thought "If she can keep him distracted, I can use my special katana given to me by the gods." But how could he kill something in his mind with something physical? Then it hit him. If he focused hard enough, he could stab his own body with the katana and absorb the dracolich’s soul with it. In doing so, Kane would have complete control over the undead titan. Kane began to meditate in the hopes that Yumi kept the beast distracted long enough. In Yumis’ mind the dracolich was hacking at her mind, his cockiness getting the better of him. "None can stop me." At that exact moment, Kanes' specialized Katana appeared before Yumi in the real world. He spoke to her through his own lips. "Stab me with it." Kane rose up, his body fading in and out between the dracolich and his. "Do it!"

llSeikerll: -She continued to feel the fiend trying to get in, and he did have quite the force packed up. Her head shook as she paid close attention to this, and he really didn't seem like the sharpest of blades. As she looked to Kane she kept her hand on him so she could keep the possible link to the Lich. As his body began to rise up she noticed a Katana come to view and her head tilted. Hearing Kane speak to her and tell her to stab him with it she sighed. She was the kind of creature that didn't care about hurting others as long as her actions were necessary. She always lived by many mottos, and one went a little like “what can be broken can always be fixed”. In her case there wasn't much she couldn't fix, and a simple stabbing was one she definitely could. With Kane it would be even easier to be fixed since he had her own energy flowing through him. She wasn't exactly sure WHY he asked her of a favour such as this, but she also knew she didn't have much time to ponder it; if more time went one she feared the Lich would begin to notice what was going on. Taking her free hand which was not touching Kane she gripped the handle of it and looked around for only a moment. She needed a spot that was closest to his mind and soul to stab without hitting him in a vital area. Standing up she would press brute force into Kane to bring him down to the ground so she could tower him, but still keep her link. Aiming the katana directly at his left shoulder she would thrust the weapon down quick as soon as she knew it was Kane. She had to time it just right as his body began to waver between both forms in order to make sure the little prick didn’t get in her way. Bringing the katana down now as she looked down to her son she would try to connect the hit into his shoulder, and as long as he didn’t move she would drive it directly through.-

KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -The dracolich was too busy attacking Yumis' mind to notice what was happening in the real world. Then, out of nowhere, the dracolich threw back its head and screeched loudly in her mind. If Yumi didnt let go of Kane's body she would be prone to a mental nightmare for the rest of her days. A dracolich screech was deafening, but this was in her mind, If she didn't act fast it would affect her greatly. At this moment Kane saw his opportunity to grab the blade and he did so, chanting a spell in the old Atlantean language taught to him by Possession. The dracolich was being absorbed into the katana, but was attempting to escape into the real world. His pitch black eyes flashing across the blade. "No, this can't happen." Balthazars' snout began to peek out of the hilt of the katana as Kane continued chanting, Yumi being the beasts target. "You little wench, I'll kill you." More and more of the dracolich appeared in front of her, half of his body was showing. All that was left to show next was his tail, he attacked Yumi, his large snout coming at her as he attempted to swallow her whole.-

llSeikerll: -As she heard the screech she immediately let go with extreme irritation in her belly. The one thing Yumiko hated more than anything in the world were loud noise; which was one thing about her shadows that always seemed to piss her off. Immediately as she let go the screeching dissipated she sighed lightly in relief. She began to now hear Kane chanting, and she couldn’t understand what he was saying, but she assumed it was something to do with the katana. The only way she was able to know that her stabbing her own son did anything was when she saw the beast begin to come directly from the blade. This in itself made Yumiko smile as she watched it beginning to come out, and he had the taste for death in the depths of his eyes. As his large maw opened and went for her she knew this was her chance to get back at the little shit for screeching in her mind. She had completely no time to reach for any weapons, but with fast thinking she brought her tail forward; the only limb she had that she knew would regenerate after time if it were to get bitten off. Facing the tip of her tail directly in front of the open maw if he continued forth he would get a mouth full of the tail of a Silver Dragon. She wasn't sure if he was really strong enough to bite it off, but she was filled with something special when it came to parts of this form. The paralysing gas was one thing so if he did bite her tail open he wouldn't have much of a chance not to ingest it, and even if that did not happen there was still her “stinger” which was something special. She was able to disperse her energy from this stinger as well as the toxin that was held within it. The energy was the most important part though for it would manage to fill the body of the fiend and with that he was at her bidding. Since she was not giving him this energy willingly she could force it to seal inside of him, and with even the slightest hit his internals would be completely nothing. Her dilated eyes started emotionlessly to him as she tried to force her tail down his throat, and she would give no mercy to this being that felt himself as mighty.-

KaneAsmodeusSeiker: -As Yumi swung her tail towards Balthazar, Kanes' chanting stopped. At that moment Yumi had also shoved her silver tail, which silver is poison to the undead, and he screeched again, receeding back to the katana. "Curse you." Kane ripped the blade from his shoulder, his blood spattering the floor. Sheathing the katana, he looked at his mother with a smile before collapsing on the ground. But, as he layed there, he kept that smile as he sent a thought into her mind of the past. The memory of his childhood. Kane was still bleeding a bit from his wound, but ha complete faith in his mother to watch after him. "I love you, mother." He thought to himself, hoping that she would hear his thoughts. Within the katana at his side the dracolich was cursing his mind off like a dirty sailor. "I'll get you for this one day."-

llSeikerll: -She felt her tail go directly into the Lich’s mouth, and it seemed to make him recede instantly. Her eyes followed as he moved back into the katana, and she moved away as Kane proceeded to pull the blade from his shoulder. As he collapsed back down she sighed knowing how exhausted he must have been, but at least he now had time to recover. Looking at the small amount of blood that came from his wounds she placed her right hand gently onto it and chanted lightly. She didn't have a reason to disperse any of her energy into him since he was a large walking vessel of it. The energy responded to her chants and slowly began to mend at the broken muscle throughout his shoulder. Following that it continued on to collect samples of the living tissue within the rest of his shoulder so there was no scarring as it healed for it was recreating new, living tissue. Pulling particles from the flesh that still existed it now began to form a blue webbing over the broken flesh, and in moments it was as if nothing ever happened. Moving around her son’s body she would change from her mid-shift and now allow her full Dragonic form to show. Her bones began to snap and grow, and her own blood and energy began to form new bone marrow create larger, and longer bones. The metal on her tail began to grow up her body, and her garments would then begin to shred off with each passing scale. The room would begin to smell as if a rainstorm had just passed within, and her various horns and spikes would form. Her large wings spread out and stretched as she leaned in and shoved the horns on the front of her muzzle under Kane to gently lift him up. She wasn't entirely sure where she could bring him to sleep since this place was completely new to her. Since she was smaller than most dragons she was able to move around the castle with ease as she sniffed around to try and find a vacant room where she would rest him. As she came to an open chamber not far from the throne rooms he noticed the gazebo-like bed and laid him there gently. With a small huff coming from her muzzle her body would lay down next to the bed, and wrap around its side protectively as her now glowing silver eyes looked around the nearly silent castle. Her eyes would film over as she began to fall asleep, but any form of sudden movement by them would shoot her right awake in alertness. Her mind would begin to collapse on itself as she fell under a decent sleep, but not one that was too deep to not wake up in case something important happened.-

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Iron is Born Remembered_brother_zpsca31a9cd

After great pain a formal feeling comes
The nerves sit ceremonious like tombs;
The stiff Heart questions--was it He that bore?
And yesterday--or centuries before?

The feet, mechanical, go round
A wooden way
Of ground, or air, or ought,
Regardless grown,
A quartz contentment, like a stone.

This is the hour of lead
Remembered if outlived,
As freezing persons recollect the snow--
First chill, then stupor, then the letting go.

All i remember is his face, his face in the side of that building wall. How i screamed for him to stop and a lass it was a hopeless wanting for something that could never be or pass, my beloved brother feel from my fingers like sand, and i could do nothing to save him....helpless to save him.

The day was oddly hot as a brisk cold chilled wind hit my face and i turned to see him, oh brother how you brighten up the day when we walk along the grass lands together, how i love to run and rejoice and play around you like i am a kid again, how our lives are so peaceful and flawless and every pain seems to fade when we are simply the two of us. I took his hand as i pulled him faster down into a clearing that i loved for it had beautiful Lilly scattered all around and it made the field shine white like my hair in the wind.

“Haku come on slow poke you are going to miss it, the wind is picking up and i want you to see it” the bright sun filled my red eyes as i looked into his, his face seemed to glow with the warm sun on us both .
“oh Anaya i am coming i am coming my pants are wet can we stop for a moment”  he almost looked mad at me but all i did was smile as bright white fangs came over my plump ruby red lips.
“no we have to get there soon it is almost that time of day Haku we will miss it if you don’t hurry up, the flowers will be beautiful ohhhh you will love it, come on this is like our first real time out together i don’t want you to miss it” i smiled as she softly brought his hand to my lips and kissed it as i then jumped in the air spinning around so very happy my snow white hair and dress wet from the afternoon dew spin ing around me a light spray of water coming around me in the air.  The light from my dress matching the flowers as we got up to the filed. I ran up to him pushing into his chest to softly kiss his nose as i then took off into the filed “come on Haku come get me i am so faster then you!” i called out behind me as i saw his smile bright on his face.  

I watched as she took off into the shadows that was the trees before the clearing and right away my legs started moving fast behind her. The wind whiting my face for a moment made me shut my eyes and then all i could hear was silence. No birds, no wind, stillness “Anaya?” nothing called back, my run slowed as it made to a fast walk “ANAYA?” i called louder as still nothing. A scream rang in my ears as i ran out to find her, find my sister, but only saw what was there.

I sat there on the ground i had ran into him, a chest like a stone wall and a body like a mountain. All i remember was the flowers, running into them and then being utterly blissful at there glow then darkness, and i was on my backside on the ground. “Hu...Haku” i softly stuttered as the large red eyes got bigger on my face and i crawled back. His blade came into the air as the sound of both the blades clashing made my head spin.

“Anaya run! Get back!” he yelled as i was still and could not move if i tried like the world had stopped and all i could see was stillness i could see my brothers face as the last image that happened seemed to pause, his blade meeting the black blade of the man before us.
“The life of your sister hangs on you now Haku DeLa Rose. She needs to be treated all acts come with consequences ” Haku said nothing, Anaya only backed up as it all fell before her and her legs acted before her brain did, before she could understand she was already away from both of them and it was already a full force fight.

The blades hit hard over and over the sound of metal on metal making the air around them bowth seem to sway and wave like heat over a hot sidewalk.
“why did you fight and not just give her up” the dark voice said as it locked blades with Haku and looked into his eyes.
“i would give my life for her, and i will not let you harm her!” Haku pushed his blade back and thrust-ed his blade forth stabbing it into the mans shoulder as the sound of cruel laughter echoed into the air around them.
“HAKU LOOK OUT” the scream cut the air as a Little hand reached out to grab at her brother but it was to late he moved and the blade cut into his one leg making him fall to his knees in anguish and pain.
“son of a fucking bitch!!” he screamed as he held his leg and the large man backed away from him taking the base of his top and cleaning his blade with it free of Hakus own blood.  Out of the flowers came a black shadow wings dark as night and eyes to match.
“oh Anaya how you have grown, but look at you, no longer that drear dragon i wanted but stuck simply here to watch how your fighters are not good enough, when they are not good enough i will be here to get rid of them for you, take away what you love, take away what is unfit. Leave you with nothing but what you have chosen for yourself” the shadow moved to Haku as i got up and wanted to run but could not run, could not move it was helpless , Haku....

My brain stopped as the world stopped moving and all i could see was a memory, he was there as kids when we met so very long ago. In my hand held a single white flower as i looked into his eyes, it was a Lilly like today, it was why we came today, so i could give him that Lilly like when we first met.
“Do you know why the big brother is born first?”  “It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him.  ” i placed the flower in his hands and he smiled but never said a word and only nodded his head to take the flower and place it in my hair
“i will always keep you safe Anaya i promise”
“and i will always be a monster and eat you!!” the image of our past blured as i jumped on him in it and then it was over. All over and never seen agein, only a moment before seeing my brother be lifted off the ground by a man made of seeming to be shadows to rip his heart out there before my eyes.

“did you learn anything today Haku?” the man said with that evil grin over his lips. All Haku did was shut his eyes.
       “that no matter what you do, fail, leave. or die, you know to them you made there world a better place, even if it was a short time you are in it. I learned that it is aright to be who i am, and that she will be ok, and she will be safe, cus i will watch over her even if i am gone”  the man looked angered as Hakus words filled Anayas ears and she simply looked at him
“i love you Haku” she whispered as the shadow mans tail ripped into Hakus chest and riped his heart out the other side letting his body fall to the ground. “HAKU!!” was the last words to ring in the ears of that place that day as the link and bound the siblings had was shattered. The sound of a girls voice and the smell of the white afternoon lilly.

“Do you know why the big brother is born first? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him." -Anaya DeLaRose

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IsisRainDeLaRose: It had been years since Isis had been home, home for her was her sister's castle, the home of the DeLaRose. She had left everything behind to clear her mind once more. The demon sighed softly as she moved about her makeshift room in her own keep before finally wondering out of the chamber and then the hall it self her eyes sligtly burning as the sun light first hit her. She sighed her slim fingers free of any and all rings as she pulled her black leather gloves over her hands as she moved about returning to where the DeLaRose Castle use to be. Traveling through the forest straight to an empty plot. Isis eyes widen as she searches around for any signs of her family. "What the bloody hell." she spoke out soflty her voice darker then it use to be and yet still remained luring to those around her. Stepping out of the woodlen area the demon stands in the mist of the bare area as she closes her eyes trying to see if she could find anyone. Isis mumbles under her breath, chanting as the shadows around her swirling quickly; within the matter of seconds a dark gateway appears before the woman swirling with colors of dark gray and a dark deep purple. The demon smirks softly as she steps foward and vanishes from the area. Twisting and pulling the demon's body soon slips through the shadows of the world and reappared standing on the outside of the steel and wood keep right where her sister had left it. Isis's emerald green eyes reopened as she glanced around, watching the leaves move slightly on the trees; there coloring slowly seem less green and more of an orange, yellow, and even some red. She shakes her head. "oh what have I missed now" she comments out as she turns and peers around once again. The woman slowly slipped through the gate as her eyes seem to turn fully black as she moved once more through the shadows as she entered the main hall. The woman dressed in all black with matching dark beads around her neck stood there smirking. Her long snow white hair its ends crimson pulled partly up behind her head as she walked, her three inch heel boots making the same clicking sounds as she walks down the hall. "I'm home" she whispers out her words getting lost in the hall as she walked. The woman's eyes moved around as she walks before her painted lips parted as she sighs. Mustering her voice the woman calls out. "Anyone about?" she stops dead in the center of the main hall as she starts to turn watching down each of the hallways as she waits for an responce; she didn't even see any of the servents like before. Isis sighed softly as she shakes her head before closing her eye and moving straight into her room, opening the locked door she enters the room. She stumbles straight to the dresser to the photographs of her and her beloved Vain. Before the feeling of abandoment could reach out and take hold of the woman she tosses the photo frame into the dresser drawl and shutting it. The demon smirked softly turned around before moving her fingers as she waiting for the shadows of the room to move to her before she sits down on the bed playing with the orb she had made. Getting the feeling of someone watching her the woman growls as she throws the orb toward the window watching it vanish as it hits it. "Leave me" she calls out as if there was a being there before turning around to look at the door to her chambers only to see a small creature standing there leaning aginst the door. She glared at the imp and shook her head. "Don't you have anything else to do?" she smarted out as she stood up from the bed and waited for the imp to reply to her. Of course the creature chuckled back watching the woman with his dark red eyes as he stood there leaning aginst the door. "Why Isis are we losing our minds now?" He replyed shortly after. The demoness shook her head got up and moved around her bedroom before heading back out and headed down to the armory for no real reason even though deep down she knew why she was heading down their. Her boots clicked with each step until she came to the doors, putting her weight into it she pushes the doors open and steps inside to see the dust. her eyes moved to where she had left the blade before realizing it was gone. Isis's pitch black eyes widen as she darted back up the stairs and into the main hall.

BellePetrova: ~I take another step and then another, moving slowly, practically dragging myself forward. The sun was beating down on my, the rays like white hot branding irons touching my skin. Next time I wont try to travel in the sun. After what seemed like ages I find a forest and I wince as I try to run towards the shade. I fail and I yard dart into the grass. I huff and speak to myself.~ “ You’re so pose to be graceful and light on your feet Vampire.” ~I crawl the rest of the way, dragging my legs along with me. Where am I going? When I reach the shade of the trees, I lean against a truck of a big oak and I rest taking a breather. I close my eyes and take deep breaths in through my nose and out through my mouth. Holy shit, that was hard. When I open my eyes back up I see trees and shade. They are very pretty. Then I see on the tips of some of the leaves that they are wilting and turning yellow. With out knowing I'm doing it I start chewing on my nails and just sitting there taking in the area. How did I get here, and why am I here? I take another deep breath and then I stand up brushing off my behind and my legs. I look down and I see I am wearing brown thigh high leather riding boots and a pair of dark blue jeans that have a couple rips underneath the cover of the riding boots. I then see I am wearing a white blouse tucked into the him of the jeans. Without thinking I walk forward gliding across the forest floor not getting stung by the blistering sun by the protection of the dying leafs. I cringe as I step on a dead twig hatting the sound of the crunch. I side step and hiss at the twig showing my fangs and my eyes turning red like flipping a switch. When I am done my eyes slowly turn back to a dark blue and my fangs retract. When I turn back to where I was heading I see a brown old wood bridge. I curse as I see its not covered from the trees. I walk as close as I can get to the bridge without stepping into the sun rays. I look around and I see a beautiful castle made out of stone and wood and steal, it was beautiful, the arches. I guess if I go full on sprint I could get there and inside. It wasn’t shaded so this is going to hurt. And with that I move my legs and run into the light. I scream after the first 20 steps, wincing feeling the pain all over again and this time it wasn’t numbed. I climb up the stairs and I trip and catch myself my sandy blonde hair falling over my face. When I reach the door ways I could be crying in pain. I didn’t even notice the guards standing there as I passed and through the doors open and slamming them shut wanting to shut out the light. I lean my head against the door breathing heavily waiting for my skin to heal knowing it probably looked hideous, she took deep breaths. When she felt decent she turned around and she walked down a hall with marble floors. You could hear the heels on her boots click softly. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear before she walked into what looked like a main room.~ “ Hellooooo” ~she called out her voice ringing through the castle probably.~

Anaya: Anaya looked upon herself her change her growth she was not the same inside she was softer yet still the same as always. She looked out from siting on her throne as she had bin there all night going over the new construction for the east wing of the new was not fully done yet workers had bin moving slower not the dry season was showing its evil head. “we need more food, lumber, stone , men and oh we need more fucking everything” she put the papers on her lap as she looked up seeing a new face showing in her halls. “i guess i need to be a bit more calm” she gave a light chuckle as she got up from her throne her white silks and white flowing in the light draft in her halls it was nice really it kept the place cool in there hot climate. “welcome to Iron, i am Anaya DeLaRose ruler and monarch here, i keep order ...kinda, well i do best i can in a world ruled by the waves and when we get our next drink. And oh my my my a vampire making a trip in this heat i am shocked you are more then dust on the gate floors out there. Did you heal alright?” the woman’s voice was rugged and hissed as she looked over the other female with seeming to be judgemental eyes. Hearing the wound of her sister she turned her head and thought on how she had left Vain in her room so later she could clean him seeing he had bin in the armory for sometime and had began to sort of rust. She let her sister do and go about and do as she wished son she would see that vain was not there and come around to the main chamber and look around there new being made home.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Of course as the woman wondered the into the hall the imp wasn't far behind her dark eyes glanced over to the being as she shook her head. "What afraid to show your true self still" she spoke out her luring voice seem to calm the imp partly as he walked beside her before shaking his head. "Only you can see me, for now" he chuckled out as he always did when the demon would request him to change before her and like every time before he would simply make up another excuse. Isis yawned softly hearing voices coming from the throne room before she looked around nearly running into one of the pillars. "Fucking thing" she blurts out as she glances down just in time to miss the object. The demon's growls softly mainly to her self as she finally enters the room with the woman and her sister. Isis smirks and lowers her head as her looks to her sister. "Anaya" She calls out before moving to her sister's side and standing there for a few seconds before sitting on the ground like she had done growing up. She paused out of the corner of her eye she watchs the imp dance around the shadows as she shakes her head. "Your a fool" she blurts out loud not even thinking about it. "And yet you believe I'm your 'dark goddess'" she laughed making quotations for the last part. At this point Isis didn't care it it seem she was talking to her self they would all learn sooner or later she had changed since she had been away and they would simply have to deal with it. Finally she takes a deep breath her dark hues not changing back to their bright emreald green as she sat there before finally speaking to her sister once more. "SO.. why the change?" she askes softly, her right hand moving up to play with the tips of her hair before letting her left hand move about to claim the shadows nearest to her.

BellePetrova: ~I nod softly as I look at the woman, she was pretty with her all in white, I never really wore white because everyone thought a vampire should be in dark and gloomy clothing. I fold my hands in front of me and I shift my weight from left to right out of habbit being around humans.~ “ Yes, it was quiet a journey here to this beautiful Kingdom.” ~i then flash my bright white smile. I turn and see this women almost run into one of the stone pillars. I bite down on my bottom lip watching as she came over and talk to Anaya. I take a step back and I watch the two. While they are talking I let my eyes sweep around the room looking at the beautiful castle. I love the celling of the room they where in and how there where pillars surrounding them. As I look I hear the women blurt out ‘you fool’ and my head snaps back to the two wondering what may happen not knowing the situation or how Anaya will act to that.~

Anaya: Anaya looked at her sister with a cocked glazed sort of look “you really must hit your head hard” she new her family was not all that normal at times for she was not really one top talk seeing she was still partly crazy and this was her family she was thinking about. She ignored the you fool comment for she new her sister better then most “we had to move to different parts of this world seeing the tribes of the Northeast wished our lands and the swamps around for new lands to fish and gain food. And i was sick of the swamps. So i had this place build in secret so not to be torn down before we got to it by people we did not know and do not like us. A new town new place and new place even if it at times may be harder then the last one.” she turned her head back to the vampire woman nodding her head as she moved to back up and sit down once again in her throne “old bones cant stand for long anymore. Things seem to be a bit weaker then i last remembered ” she smiled as she picked up her papers of what needed to be done and placed them in the small crack like she always did between the throne pillow and the arm rest , right beside an old torn black leather binned book. “yes i do say the workers have done well here made the place just to my orders and to plan, there is still a mess in the east wing but it is being fixed up ...kinda fast...the forest has bin a pain as of late but it is being dwelt with”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis brow rose listening to her sister talk to the woman as her eyes remain on the creature that had been her only source of being around others for the last seveal years and yet she sat there waiting for his half witted come back and when it hadn't come she shrugged it off. "Yea be scared." she chuckled out as her dark gaze moved back to the vampire and then her sister. She nodded as her sister explain the change. "Ah I see" she answered back shortly after and yet kept her eyes on the imp in the corner of the room. "Dame it Atman get your ass out of the shadows." she called out getting ignored form the imp she had never once called by name until then. Her eyes widen as the name simply rolled off her tongue not even knowing how she knew it in the first place. The imp only chuckled as he stepped forward. "See you know who you are truely my dear." he smirked as he seem to dance. Isis shook her head. "No you planted it in my head." she hissed out as the chains on her horns seem to move slightly as her temper started to get the best of her. The shadows around the woman's hand seem to start moving more quicker then before hand. "Stop putting things in my head" she hissed out more before repeating it as if she was a small child having a brake down all she was missing was rocking back and forth. Before she could even say anything else the woman had stand up still standing at her sisters side as she seem to crack her neck to the left and then the right.

Anaya: Anaya looked at her sister no longer caring for the vampire female that was at this point randomly walking around the room looking at the place she thought was beautiful “ok sis i know you hit your head a little harder then i may have thought but who in the hell are you blabbering on to” she moved her feet to place them on the throne to nicely sit and calmly sit trying her best to understand who in the hell her sister was yapping to. “there is no one here Isis”

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon stopped hearing her sister call out to her as she shook her head, her dark eyes locking on the female. "Anaya hes standing right there." she pointed out towards the imp who was dancing around once agian proud that she had remember his name even if it was just that. Isis sighed her chains retighten as she glanced back to her sister. "Dont you see him? hes been hanging around me far before Chase had left sissy." Of course the woman didnt want to talk about the past but it was the truth the first time that this creature had showed was back when she had issues dealing with Stefan let alone the rest of the past shit she didn't need to get into. The demon's left hand seem to twitch as she glanced back to the imp. "hes there my dear sister I swear" she spoke out softly as if she was starting to wonder if she was going mad; seeing she had no issue with the dame creature until the last sixty or so years.

Anaya: Anaya got up and looked at Isis and then walked over to the spot she was pointing and placed her arm out not hitting a thing “see nothing here i don’t see anything at all nothing, it is in your head” she wiggled her fingers in the air as the demon thing seemed to just move around Anayas body and then make funny faces knowing Anaya could not see him. Anaya looked to her sister “you remember when i was seeing things and they did not exist, or hearing voices and talking to myself, in time as long as we drown them out they go time ” she walked back to her throne to sit down softly picking up her papers and going over her lists once again “we always need more water here the forest takes so much i will have to do down to the water hole later and get some for us all”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Normally Isis would just agree with her older sister and yet this she didn't, she couldn't believe it was all in her head. Even though the first few years she thought that until her blood lust started which ended up dyeing her beautiful snow white hair at their ends. "No I don't think so." she watched as Atman seem to dance around and make faces at her sister. Isis growled as she tighten her fist as the shadows began to swirl around her once more. "That is my sister your making faces at." she hissed out half tempted to use the shadows to her whim. The woman hissed out stepped forward closing the gap between her and the creature. "You should show respeact to those around you." she spoke out again not even watching her sister move from the area and back to her throne. The woman was getting fed up with the fact this imp, this creature had made her look insane for the last sixty or so years and it was getting worst. The woman's black eyes seem to sparkle a bit as she moves her fingers letting the shadows dance around them before turning into a blue flame. "Shall we really have this talk again. Show your fucking self to the others." she commanded out her voice not its soft luring self as she stood there. Atman chuckled out and shook his small head as he seem to dance around once more before standing before the woman. "And what fun would that be my dear? The more your turn the more you remember and the more the other will fade from your mind." he spoke out before moving around the hall.

JustinMinick: -As Kane continued on through the forest he found himself looking at a fine buck in the midst of a broken log, he swiftly dove over behind the log making barely a sound, the buck had brought its head up and looked about to see nothing, Kane was excellent with stealth; he then drew his bow from its holster silently then an arrow from the quiver, as he notched the arrow onto the string he kissed the shaft of it as he then swiftly stood pulling the string back then releasing it to send the arrow soaring. The arrow made perfect contact with the deers upper part of its head where the brain was held, shattering the skull, severing the brain stem leaving but a crumpled carcass of a once proud beast that stood with confidence, Kane walked forward after seeing the deer drop then shoved his dagger into the gut of the beast ripping out its entrails, then tossing them out to the side leaving a bloody trail. Kane then walked over to the side and set up a fire pit, he then set a fire ablaze as it was close to night fall, he then brought his dagger down skinning only a little bit of the animal, then taking a hunk of flesh from its hind quarter he rammed a stick through it and began roasting it over a fire. After finishing his meal he stood stamping the fire out, then he left the carcass behind for the other animals to feed off of; he was walking but a short way and found the edge of the forest line to only stare at a castle, he proceeded forth of course out of curiosity then found himself standing at the front doors knocking quite audibly to ensure the residence inside could hear his gesture since the doors were Locked.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at her sister as she said only one thing "vain is comeing back in a couple days after his cheaning, he just needs to be unrusted" she softly smiled as she turned to the door way and wlaked to open it herself, she did not get a guard to do it but opend it all on her own. "welcome to Iron "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Growing more and more irratated by the imp Isis just abouts throws the fire in her hand at the creature before hearing her sisters words. She seems to stops dead in her tracks and blinks before her eyes slowly turn back to their greenish color. "Huh?" it was the only word she could muster out at what she had heard. Then again she heard was 'Vain.. back..' The demon took a deep breath closed her eyes and reopened them and out of amazement the imp was gone for the time being. She sighed softly "its all in my head" she repeated softly as she shook her long white and crimson hair before sitting down though before she could the had been a knock at the door. Her eyes widen as she seem to shift in her seat as she watched her sister move to open the door. Her brow rose watching the doors open. "why dont you get a guard to open that." she shook her head and rested back in her seat now that she could relax without the little nearly two foot talk imp stalking her every move. Even though the imp was in fact still there just couldnt be seen at the time by anyone.

JustinMinick: -He pushes the woman aside and walks straight into the main hall looking about ignoring the rose petals, as his eyes scanned over the stone walls, his pure crimson eyes seeming to be rubies slid across the room; he then folded his arms and revealed the rippling muscle contained in the suit of armor, he was now curious. He leaned off over to the side placing his weight over to the right leg and stood with a simple look about his features, his blonde locks of hair slid on a small breeze showing off more of his eyes, and his scaled mask gave about a look of ominous descent.- "Hmm." -Was all Kane had to say when he placed his eyes around the area, he then looked to the female he had just passed without an ounce of interest since he viewed every being to be of curropt descent and he did not care for any at this point in time.-

Anaya: Anaya looked back as she turned and walked back into her empire, as she walked she got pushed a little rudely out of the way for the one walking in as she snarled a bit but she fixed herself as she got back that colected self and look to her "cus sometimes the ruler has to open doors to i dont mind geting my hands a bit dirty sometimes i guess" she walked back and stood there before her sister and ignored the guest as he thumped around her halls looking about "ya i had to drag his blade self up from the old empire armory and he is in my chamber on the bed he is a bit rusted and needs a good oil and cleaning but after that he will be back and able to shift to himself agein, he has had more then enough time to sleep "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She sat there her head slowly tilting to the right and then the left as she seem to sway back and forth. "mhmm" she mumbled out softly as she sighed out. "he could stay there for all I care" she blurted out even though she truely didn't mean the words to come out they just sorta did. This made the imp seem to bounce around once more, he saw this to make his quest easier. Isis shook her head "stupid fool didn't need to sleep in the first place" she added to her first statement as she curled up better in her seat before her eyes moved to the male who had entered the hall. The demon stood up moved away from her seat before looking at the male. "Hasnt anyone told you it's rude to barge passed someone when entering their home?" she hissed out her eyes glaring to the male before back to her sister.

JustinMinick: -He looked to the woman and arched his brow.- "Shush, I don't care." -He then crossed his left foot over his right and kept eye contact until she looked away.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon seem to move from where she stood as the male spoke. She chuckled as she approuch him her bright green eyes studying him as she moved. "Well first off dont be rude and like hell if I care if you care." she shook her head laughing at her own words before letting her hands move from her sides and seem to gather up shadows that had been dancing around her body. Isis smirked glanced back to her sister before back to the male. "Anywho is there something we can do for you?"

Anaya: Anaya sat on her throne once more as she put her legs up and played with her papers takeing her claw and runing it along and placieng a black ink like ring around the things she still needed to get for the finshing for this empire. "almost done" she loked up at her sister "he said he missed you and he is sorry but soon he will be back and he said he had news or something" she looked back down to her papers and went back to being silent as she new guest moved around.

JustinMinick: "With that, Nothing, I'm a curious one that decided to Look." -He then pulled out an arrow from the quiver and set it ablaze with pure beige aura as he looked at her.- Now put those toys away.

Anaya: Anaya looked to her guest and moved her fingers to snap them or well ready to snap them. "i may not be as strong as i once was but this empire is still made from what the last one was so still able to be shifted and moved., no fighting"

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman chuckled and shook watching the male even more as he armed his self. "aww Sissy this one skiddish" she laughed as she moved her hand letting the shadows return to their place dancing around her body. She shook her head. "Gosh everyone knows I harmless" she smirked her fangs slipping out from under her painted lips as she turned back around. "Yea I will beleive those words if he ment them" she hissed out. Her glaze moved back to her dear sister as she spoke. "Im not fighting just making a new friend" she smirked and lowered her head to the male. "Oh by the way Im Isis and that would be my dear older sister Anaya" she chuckled out.
Anaya: She moved her hand down and lked back to her paper work and smiled "ya always making friends."

JustinMinickJustinMinick Whisper: -He flicks the arrow upward and it lands in the quiver after flipping four times, tip down like the rest.- "Heh, wouldnt be a fight, don't need one right now. Too much to do and too little time."

IsisRainDeLaRose: "And yet you find your self arming your self against a little old demon such as my self" she chuckles out again before looking back to her sister. "When am I not, I had to find something to amuse me, its not like Im being sleeping with everyone around" she giggles out again at her words once more knwoing sooner or later she was going to say something to spark some intrested in either her sister or something that would bring the imp back to taunt her; it was only a matter of time.

Anaya: Anaya took her cape from her shoudlers and took the fur from it as it came off and wraped it around her shoulders as she was mildly chilled. yes the dragon woman was cold.....a little odd there. "it is ot my fualter no male can make me happy or last more then one time, they all die to fast" she could not help but laugh was she kidding or was she not? no one would know.

JustinMinick: -He folds his arms again then smirks.- "I wouldn't care."

IsisRainDeLaRose: Her brow raises once more before she moves around the pillars her index finer running over the stone before she moved about to where her seat was. "Oh really now?" she tried not to laugh at her sister's statment about having issues with males. "Oh we all know everyone loves you dear sister" she laughed shaking her head before taking a seat.

Anaya: Anaya gave a grin as she placed her papers down and looked up bright red eyes looking around at her new home, at there new home "yes and i amk greatful every day i am still alive for the ones that care about the old scared monster i am "

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Anaya: Anaya walked over to her father sat down and picked up her foot and slammed her foot on his chest as he lay on his back. like a dog getting its mans attention when sleeping

IHOSothisWintersol: -He would walk back from outside through the front door with a live deer for his daughter to play with. He would look over to see her slamming her foot upon the couch violently- "Here. Stop hallucinating and play with this"

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would set down the deer and it would run away-

Anaya: She turned her head and then looked back seeing it was a sofa and getting mad at it for tricking her slammed her foot again and smashed the sofa then snarled at her father and walked away like a hormonal teenager.

IHOSothisWintersol: -nodded-
IHOSothisWintersol: "Kids....."

Anaya: She walked back picked up the deer and took the WHOLE thing away from him and walked away to eat it alone.

Anaya: She grined as it was kicking and thrashing in her jaws.

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would make his way over to the smashed sofa and look at it calmly and shake his head. He would move his left hand around in a clockwise circle. The around in which lay the broken couch would revert its time stream.the environment would also return to the former space time location. the couch would then be fixed, and he would sit down and close his eyes-

Anaya: Anaya killed the deer with a crunch of her jaws and then walked over to her father with its limp body and droped it at his feet "it was not very fun "

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would open his eyes looking upon her and then down at the dead deer. He would take a crystal sliver from his forearm and reach down, inserting it into its spinal column. it would twitch and begin to morph into an Ethramonculus

Anaya: Anaya looked upon the moving deer growing...thing and tilted her head her tail started to move up into the air as she started to snarl. not liking this she looked to her father as she hissed some more "so making it fun i see. i am going to call you an alien from now on pops" she looked back at the once dear and ow being of some other kind and watched it.

IHOSothisWintersol: "Dear child I am an Alien......." -The reanimated corpse shed its hair upon the ground and started to grow incredibly large. Its organs started to be expelled from its mouth violently as it grew. Red blood would spill from its body as its skin became a mess of Organic Metals and decomposing flesh. Its eyes would roll back and start to melt from the very sockets that held them. within moments the Deer was now an abomination...normally frowned upon in Etherician Culture, but he figured why not? The abomination was pale white with sickly ethra scars all over its body. It rushed Anaya quickly screaming in pain. it was controlled forcefully by Sothis and the pain it felt would be.....indescribable-

Anaya: Anaya looked at it running at her and for a moment the dragon almost stepd back away from it, but no dragons dont back down in fear dragons dont show fear, we dont have fear. the words raing in her mind as she lunged forth, jaws open at the screaming thing to kill, rip and place the what ever it now was out of its pain and torment. bright blue fur turned white with large tiger stripes and red eyes turned orange as she snarled and hissed attacking the moving thing coming at her.her body got about 5 feet taller and all bone turned to bulk hide and power as her wolf features snaped and changed into that of a large tiger cat holding the same armor the wolf was sporting, but a large gem in the center of her chest.

IHOSothisWintersol: -Sothis watched the Abomination come closer. He also watched Anaya lunging forth to attack it. Luckily for his Construct, which now only needed to tilt its head down towards Anaya's chest which judging from her trajectory would almost certainly result in an injury to her, was made of Organic metals. It's very hide was now armored. It would in fact unleash a bright flash of light from its entire body. Bright blinding light would be caste from the body of his construct as Anaya close in on the large abomination, its horns and hopefully this light which would hinder its vision.-

Anaya: Anaya blinded for a moment lifted her head as bright dragon eyes never did take good to a flash of any kind. in moments she jumped as she new in her mind that the thing was coming right for her and her legs are not stopping once they get going. jumping over the thing she turned in the air opening up her eyes to see a pillar right there as her side smashed into it. 2 ribs now busted from the blow but for a dragon it was not much of a hindrance, why had she not just shifted to a dragon and stepped on the thing before her, make it simple, there was a reason but she was not going to tell it. getting up from her bang into the pillar she snarled now wanting to rip the thing apart even more so at this point, the dragon moved her paw on the ground as she got up and a red glow started to form from her jaws.

IHOSothisWintersol: -Sothis would rise up into the air as he watched them both fight. Dragon fire normally was deadly BUT he hoped that she would be using that now. The construct would in fact we behind her charging. What had happened was that the light was more than illusionary brightness. it was a diversionary tactic that would keep the image of the first thing she saw after the flash. in this would be the pillar. So in essence the Deer would pass behind the pillar and out of her line of view, the speed in which the deer moved meant yet another after image only visible to her. The Deer would in fact NOT be in the line of sight and path of the dragon fire. Because of the properties of Dragon fire, Anaya would be forced to expel the flames from her body or perish from internal burns. This also said. The deer would still be charging, only from her behind side. and it would still be screaming loudly. its cries echoing the hall-

Anaya: Anaya let the fire fly out and right in front of her her back legs moving back and forth as she was standing to brace herself from being pushed back from her own blast. the flames hit the wall and worked there way up and to the roof tops burning the building its self and even at points of impact melting the stone. she had no idea the thing was behind her and if she did not move, she was not going to for bracing herself thinking she was killing or had killed it, it would land its horns right into her hip and joints, leaving a hell of a wound and bone injury to the giant.

IHOSothisWintersol: -Sothis would come down from where he was and walk up to the abomination and remove the sliver via Ethral attraction. It would be ripped from its body and would let out on last cry before disintegrating quickly into nothing. He would look over at Anaya and smile, "Come now dear, How do you expect to be the highest level of Etherician, me, if you cant even down a simple organic construct?"-

Anaya: Anaya let out a yell as it ripped its horns into her hip and then turned to watch it be ripped apart before any more problems could be made, her fire still flowing from her jaws slowed and dribbled down to magma falling from her maw as she layed her bulk down on the floor her hind part bleeding badly. as it ripped into joint and hit bone almost breaking her hip. "ya i got the point" she simply put her head on the floor before her hovering father her body lower them him a dragons way of being submissive to another, she did this to NO ONE so it was far from a small thing.

IHOSothisWintersol: -He would float down to her and kneel. he placed a hand upon her body. He would revert her atomic structure back into a time/space juncture before the fight, this would heal her completely. He would nod and smile- "My dear, you did very well"

Anaya: she shifted down into that white silked self but only half her dress had bin showing most of the dress around her backside and breasts had bin riped clean off, as well as she had nothing on her feet and bright blue dragons blood was falling down her legs and pooling on the floor. as her body healed up she looked at him eyes back to red and self back to normal. "ya i got hurt, to us that is a loss "

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would smile lightly and hug her gently- "You did not lose, You were unprepared is all. What have you learned?"

Anaya: she stood there still not very good with the hugging thing arms at her side kinda odd in a hug "not to deal with my father?" she said kinda smart ass like

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would laugh gauntly- "No hun. It is to place yourself in a calm. to not be prideful when it is not needed. You must keep your senses."
IHOSothisWintersol: "Use your brain..."

Anaya: she looked down for a moment as she stood there in there hug, her hair falling down over her face and breasts. "if i was able to....nothing" she looked back up at him as bright red eyes meet his. "i am of scale i was trained from birth to fight with force, remove what may harm or hinder me and to face what i fear head on with jaws open. i don't know another way i am only how i was made , father"

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would smile- "I was made to destroy, I am supposed to be the sheer force of full intense Pre ancient evil energy......"
IHOSothisWintersol: "But I can say I fight a helluva lot better now that I can control my urges. to remain mindful of myself"
IHOSothisWintersol: "Don't hold yourself back darling..."

Anaya: "i think all the time, about everything just when battle comes into it i see red and only red like the brain stops thinking. "

IHOSothisWintersol: -grabs her arms and places them around him. then hugs her-
IHOSothisWintersol: "well then we will have to work on that wont we?"

Anaya: she stoped talking and stood there her arms around him and kinda paused "......." she did not know what to do and for the first time she was lost and unable to know what to do. feelings a dragons weakness, feelings.....unknown ground.

Anaya: "ya...."

IHOSothisWintersolIHOSothisWintersol : -picks her up and swings her around. He was so proud of his daughter. and cared for her alot-

Anaya: her wings flapped around as she did not know what to do at all at this moment of time her mind was kinda a fuzzy mess on this, dragon family's did not care for there kids like this, play with there kids they did not do anything with there hatching other then teach them how to hunt, kill , fend for them self and leave them. " what are you doing..." she wiggled as she dropped down to the ground and steps back a little looking at him.

IHOSothisWintersol: -laughs-

Anaya: ""i dont understand?" she tilted her head like really she did not get it

IHOSothisWintersol: Would you like to see?

Anaya: "see what?"

IHOSothisWintersol: -he would walk over. He could not tell her this part of life. she had not experienced it....but she was about to. He placed his hand upon her forehead lightly. Using his energy he would gently push some images into her mind. images of loving and care within previous families he had seen and also had. Of course all those others he cared for had far since passed. His ex Etherician mate Kaeray, His son Sothis II. spending time with them. The wholeness he felt she would be able to feel as well. She was only seeing his memories....but she would feel the sheer emotion of a family connection. then he would show her his feelings for her. his pride of who she was. his acceptance of her anger and bravado. of her being a dragon.-
IHOSothisWintersol: "Now can you understand why I express the way I do?"

Anaya: Anaya stepd back and fell on her ass on the floor her head was spinning with feelings and this odd warm thing in her being that she did not understand. "i don't...this?" she did not get it all to clearly but she understand what it was just did not understand or know how to take this feeling thing that was inside her. dragons did not do feelings, did not have them, well they there but never new what they are or how to talk or act with them. "kinda i guess" she said as she looked up at him and she got back up before him and walked over to him and held out her arms, it was kinda odd looking and a fail but it was kinda a stiff hug was a start "this?" she put her arms around him but did not wrap them just placed them on his side like him being in this world was alien to him at the start, a dragon to feelings was very alien to her.

IHOSothisWintersol: -laughs- "You will understand in time. I don't expect you to just understand. I don't wish for you to truly 'change' but rather, understand and learn" -he would smile-

Anaya: she looked up at him his memory's still kinda running in her brain "cant change what we are made to be in the end even with a mask of learning and teaching we are still the same under it and inside" she looked down at her feet as she took her arms back and put her fingers together "i ...i had a mate ...once "
Anaya: "i ....loved ...once "

IHOSothisWintersol: "I don't believe that at all. We are who we want to be. We are CONDITIONED by what others want us to be. If you loved once then you WANT to love...."
IHOSothisWintersol: "Its not a matter of you can't
IHOSothisWintersol: Tell me though. I am curious"

Anaya: Anaya moved her fingers in the air and out of the small holes in her skin her blood came up and made a glass rose in her fingers. "dragons love is different. once every 500 years we look for a mate. if we find one that fits our needs we take it and breed on night of the moon. fly in the sky together and dance with our wings, both must match each others fire and speed match flawlessly" she moved the rose and held it to her chest "once mate is found we give them the symbol of our bound our matching, female picks male and male takes her. we matched him and i but the day i held out my rose he tossed me to the floor..... and i left, he found another before i ever got a chance" she moved and the rose seepd back into her skin "all my children are adopted like me to you for i have never had a mate to have children with, there are no other pure bloods able to match not anymore..." she looked to the ground as she could feel somethings, she could feel pain.

IHOSothisWintersol: -His expression would turn solemn. He would nod and look down. This was incredibly heartbreaking for him. Ethericians can just convert others to their form, once choosing a suitable female.....but for her it wouldn't be so easy, "Well, I am afraid....for the first time in my existence...I can't find anything to say to that....."
IHOSothisWintersol: -He looked to her, he stood there, straight posture. and watched her solemnly-

Anaya: Anaya turned as her tail did not flick and wings seemed to drop "dragons live forever, we dont age, we stay the same, scaled and frozen in time. to brake a dragons heart is to change lifetimes, to brake a dragons heart is to shatter hopes, and to brake a dragons heart is to end in believing." she turned and looked at him and for the only time he would ever see her red eyes had changed blue "i can feel, i can understand feeling i just made myself never wish to. years of pain shatters a spirit of even the strongest of beasts, the evil become the numb, and strong become weak. a lifetimes of this pain of never finding a match, never finding another like me or as old as me is something one can never come up with words to explain" her heart was sinking with her words and her memorys, something she locked from the world, something kept from all that new her, her own adopted kin did not even see her sadness, only her anger in feeling. "a dragon without love is no dragon of good deed or thought. a dragon without a match is simply a shell of anger and power, one wishing only to fight to end its own pain" she turned back around her wings to her back as she stood there and simply watched a fire in a torch burn.

IHOSothisWintersol: -He would walk up next to her and sigh. He never thought for one second another would feel as he did. "I know dear...... The pain of loss. The pain of being so old and feeling alone. I have tried to gather my senses with mates I actually had no desire to be with. I filled hollow holes with temporary placements. I have never found love. no real love. That is where we are different. I don't speak of my age very often, because I don't think it should matter but. I am well over 500 Billion years now. I have lived that entire time without one I could truly call my own........" He looked down. He never exposed his true feelings to anyone. Not even his own creator, "There are no words to explain somethings. But......To hold things in is also very toxic. It presents chains that hold us down. I think maybe its time that I move forth and really try and find something real. No one has ever had this talk with me and vice versa. I never fully understood it; love. But you are never too old to learn something new."

Anaya: Anaya did not look at him and she watched the fire "a dragon year is 126 human years, i have lived over 10 000 dragon years so age means little" "i don't want to look anymore, i stopped looking, waiting for that other dragon to come out of the shadows of thie world, a dragon can only have child with a dragon of the same race and color. and i am a albino, an albino golden dragon under it all. under all this anger and all this fire is golden scales "
Anaya: "you will find love if you look "
Anaya: "but me there is no places to look anymore "
Anaya: "my kind is out there but not the kind i need "

IHOSothisWintersol: "Well then that is a path you have chosen for yourself. Respectable I think...."
IHOSothisWintersol: "Also very sad..."

Anaya: She looked into his eyes "when was the last time you saw a male adult gold male here, in this world?"
Anaya: "a pure blood like me "
Anaya: "not some deformed mix breed "
Anaya: "no golden males walk this world, nothing with golden scales and nothing with enough power to match me wing for wing in the skys overhead. i did not pick my path in life and if i could i would change it, but i am made how i am made and i can only match when what i am able to be with. everything else leaves you with a hole that can not be filled"

IHOSothisWintersol: -He would look to her. He almost didn't want to respond but he new he had too, "Golden dragons are separated slightly from other Metallic breeds. Golden, Silver......these are actually classed with Celestial Dragons. And my dear........I have not seen a Golden pure breed in Eons before you. I honestly have no idea how you were made as that particular race of far as I am aware, they just don't exist any longer..."

Anaya: Anaya moved out her arm as she looked at the white skin and then at him "the only reason i am not dead with them is for the albino color in me. all my kind is gone.... everything i new was cleared away and i was placed in this world with nothing left simply to watch them die in silance. i am not one to go into a place claiming to be a last, claiming to be the only of this and the only of that. but there are no golden dragons in this world"
Anaya: "there is no one to match me anymore...."
Anaya: "a shadow faded in time "

IHOSothisWintersol: -sighs- "I am without words to that dear...."

Anaya: Anaya still hanging her wings walked over to the doors to open them up and look out at the nights sky "i call every night, a cry to tell others of my race that i am here, to tell them i am waiting but no one ever hears it. an echo in the darkness" Anaya walked outside the doors and the sound of the snapping of bones and the crushing of stone under claws creeps into the halls of her fathers home. the shimmer of pure white scales and the flash of a tail moves and the door shuts as she sits outside the door on her backside on the floor, far from her full size and only standing 30 or so feet at the shoulder.

IHOSothisWintersol: -He would walk at a normal pace over to the opening of the door. He watched he sit there. In her real form. He could not speak. How sad it must be for her.....He longed to help ease her pain but knew, perhaps this wasn't normal pain.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at the moon, her bright red eyes set off her snow white hide and scales. opening up her wings she let out a roar into the night air, long and hollow, almost creepy that long moan like roar of a female calling. the scary thing was that soon she would be facing yet another 500 year marker in her life and it would be yet another 500 years her calls are left unknown.

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Iron is Born Iron-throne-teaser-game-of-thrones-1513898164
"When I sit upon my Iron throne i know what is mine."

JustinMinick: -As Amatsu carried on through the forest he found that he was in contemplation about how his parents were killed, his long jacket flowed out at the sides flaring outward, as the buckles along it clicked against its pure black length as the collar of the jacket came up and covered a majority of his face as the mask covered the bottom half that came to rise from part of his shirt; there in the center of his chest there lied a crest with strings flowing from it and clinging to the jacket he wore making it hold firm, the crest held the insignia of his family. His pants were pure black along with a black buckle that held a skull upon its features, there were also large studs of silver sticking out of his pants, until finally the leggings of his pants tucked into pure black boots that seemed to be leather. His hair was pure white which contradicted his entire clothing choice, especially the gloves on his hands that held a gray tint near his wrist then a black tint along the rest of it, laying on his back there was a large demonic sword with an eye near the hilt, the blades hue was an odd purple black color and the blades curves along the blunt end of it created spike like features near the hilt then a deep grove that ran to another tip that made them point at one another, the blade was three feet long, and he was not going to give that up ever; his eyes were pure red and stuck out from his hair easily. After a moment or two of walking through the forest he found himself looking at a stone building that stood in front of him, he then walked forth to the doors and pounded on them as bursts of neutral energy concealed his species, as he knocked on the door he made sure it was an audible boom with each thunderous clap of his knuckle on the door.-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne looking around her New Dynasty, it had only bin a week or so since she moved the family here and the word on the roof was now done and the shutters all set and painted as well as the paintings had bin put up of the family and the ones of her past. a shock came to her mind as she got up and walked to the door blinking a couple times opening it up herself and not the guards as she did like to move every now and again and do things herself "welcome to the Iron Dynasty" it was the same line day in and day out and it was starting to get old her black dress fell around her as chains hung from a wrapped horned crown atop her head as snow white hair fell down her face, a splash of color as bright crimson red eyes filled out her package of flawless beauty with a twist. "make yourself at home....i guess" it had bin a long silent day her children had grown and did not come around much and when they did she was happy to see them, the guards are on quest and trip to get things for her and the new building , and the towns people well they are being towns people and out doing there thing. she moved and started to walk back to her throne leaving the door open for the guest to walk inside.

JustinMinick: -Amatsu only nodded as he walked in, his shinobi training telling him to remain silent to keep respect as he did follow her, inside a slight amount only stopping at the end of the corridor, as he did so his feet were silent as if he had not moved at all and it made him seem as if he did not move but the ground had moved.- "Thank you..." -Was all the vampiric shinobi had to say at this current point in time as he had yet to be greeted with kindness in many years, so he took the kind warmth for what it was and stood silently in the corridors passage way to the main hall and awaited to be addressed again.-

Anaya: Anaya moved and took her spot on her throne and then looked out as her snow white hair moved and fell in her face and she brushed it away with a painted red nailed hand "if you want anything to fill the gut the maid can bring you food and drink. is there anything you would like best? i eat pearls and fish myself so i don't think you would be a fan of my kind of meal" a light smile came to the dragons face as she moved her hand to pick up a pile of papers on the floor, there was always papers at her throne as it was her spot, her work place and the place she ate at .

JustinMinick: -Amatsu looks at the woman then smiles a bit underneath his mask as he let his voice ring out.- "I don't eat, though I do drink." -He then chuckled lightly with this being said hoping she'd catch the hint as to what he was and realize food would be unhealthy for him, adding to this moment he let a small sigh out of the thought of food that used to please his taste buds and now they were disgusting in every form and way to him. He then let his bangs fall over his eyes to keep them a tad bit concealed as he stood there, as he spoke yet again.- "I'll have nothing right now thank you.-

Anaya: "we have much beer in the dining hall and well as of right now i think we are out of whine and spirits for i have a very ....charming sister and family that tend to drink up my stock from time to time , but there is beer we have a lot of that" she new no one here was beer drinker most dragons could not stand the smell and even worse the taste of grains on there tongues even ones so fermented they turned fuzzy and into a drink such as beer "please help yourself i hope you don't mind i am not much of a greeter there is to much work in a long day " she hated papers and never took the time to do them so always passing them off till the last moment to do something more fun like hunting, or fighting or training her guards before there leaders could as it did always piss the leaders off and she found it very funny.

JustinMinick: -He pulls loose a kunai dagger from his pouch on his thigh then threw it with a note attached to it that said 'No thank you.', the dagger struck the ground far off from her sticking out tip first, after doing this he leaned against a wall then shut his eyes waiting to hear her response to this jesture of spelling no thank you out trying to find out if she was genuinely interested in papers with texts put upon its empty depths.-

Anaya: Anaya looked at the dagger that had just bin tossed at the floor and then she looked up at him, well he was nice till a smart ass act came along, she so should have seen this one coming. snapping her fingers a maid ran over her black hair falling i her face, all Anaya's maids had black hair it was a thing with her and her maids , it just needed to be. the maid ran over and picked up the paper and gave a mildly angered look and then rushed off as Anaya said nothing and got up to walk to her bladed throne away from the guest she now saw as a rude one to do her work in peace, he could mingle with the working staff or leave and be on his way.

JustinMinick: -He follows her with silent footsteps, every step he took was not audible in the least, and as he followed her he waited for her to get situated as he hid amongst the shadows, he then came forward whenever he figured she was ready to talk and he spoke.- "Well Miss, I did not mean to cause you an annoyance so do forgive me but I thought you liked texts, so I put that attached to that dagger and into the floor for you to read." -He then stood there at his normal height and of course as a shinobi he had too much self respect to slouch and he awaited her response to this sentiment.-

Anaya: Before siting down she stopped and looked at him taking a step forward as she stood almost as tall as him standing a good 7 or so feet as a draconic woman. "well in my world daggers are rude and can harm others and not a way of displaying ones voice that comes from the lips, but yes you are forgiven and no i don't like texts i just am stuck doing them here for i am the only ruler to deal with there mess" she had bin going out at nights trying to find other dragons to be her mate but it was a lost battle and there was no one her scale color to match her in the skies anymore, so she had given up looking she wanted to see if the new lands and new place had more then the old ones but there was still no fruits on the trees here for her to pick from.

JustinMinick: -He looks the woman up then down with a simple look upon his face as he then looked her in the eyes then spoke with a stern tone.- "If only you knew my traditions, then I might even let you challenge me to be my wife." -He then went over to his shadows where he did prefer to sit, and he leaned all the way down against the wall as he set his hands both on the back of his head and he let out a small sigh.- "And I do see where your paperwork would be annoying." -He then shrugged lightly.-

Anaya: Anaya moved and sat down at her throne and moved her claws to tap on the blade arm rest. "i made thie throne for the people i killed in the past battles and dragon wars, it was said a thousand blades are melted and placed to make the Iron throne i tell them they got the number to low" she looked up as she tilted her head as it was interest that he said wife had to fight them, the dragon world both had to match one another in the skies to join the bound of a mate. it was very much a nice thought even if she could no longer fly with the problem she had of being stuck in this body. "and wife HA you don't even know my name as i don't know yours, a fools match to gain things without having met one another "

JustinMinick: -He looks at her then speaks in a dark tone.- "I said Maybe. And my name is Amatsu." -He then set his eyes upon the ceiling looking at the stone as his humming was of slight boredom after but one moment of this humming he spoke again.- "And all those blades, do not mean you can match me." -His voice was not void of emotion as he brought his cold beige gaze on her and his blades eye began to glow all the while the tip suddenly lodged itself into the ground as if it had grown, it had.-

Anaya: "I mean I can beat or match yes, or well I could if I ...." she stopped talking and put her papers back on her lap "I don't fight anymore for i have my reasons not to" she looked over them he new she hated to look at papers so it was not hard to see it was simply something to try to keep her mind off what happened and what she gave up when they all moved here "I am Anaya"

JustinMinick: "I didn't get your name, Miss thinks she 'Can beat, or match' me." -He then smirked knowing he had more than likely struck a nerve on that comment as he then stood at his solid six foot, eleven inches in height and began chuckling as his build of heavy but well toned muscles began to heave with each laugh.- "I also find that a woman that cant fight is a woman that is not worthy to even come close to trying to pair with me."

Anaya: Anayas eyes twitched as they started to turn a deep black and white scales just cut her skin then sunk back to not being seen. "we all made our choices" she mumbled as one of the papers started to rip its self as she was not moving, Anayas mind was one of her greatest weapons even if she could not fight as she once did and if she did she would pay for it the sky keeper never did take away the dragons temper. "we all make our choices " she said again as she moved her one hand and the shadows started to vanish and become nothing on the floor as she made the lights turn up and a grin came over her face.

JustinMinick: -He noticed the shadows disappearing from his presence due to something this woman had done, which had caused a darker expression to come over his face as he then spoke to her before he took out yet another dagger.- "I was enjoying those shadows." -He held the dagger up for a second then the next it had soared at a smooth ninety five miles per hour and snipped a piece of the woman's hair off and stuck it to her throne of blades as he brought his eyes to meet hers with a glare.- "You aren't what you used to be, neither am I, let it hold you back, then never master what you are." -He then stood folding his arms across his chest as his breath came down heavier since he was not comfortable in the light he found it difficult to relax.-

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Sometimes life does not go as planed

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -looks around- well this place isnt creepy at all

Anaya: Darkness fell over the room as she stood there in the corner, feeling the chill of the air around her as the sounds of a child's moans carried up from a small hills base, a kill she did before coming here. the demoness licked her lips as her black eyes looked over the grave yard at the base of her own lands. "you know wanting to much of something is a sin, playing with fire is a sin and hurting people is a sin. my little tart you are a sinfull woman now arnt you, and i do say it is about time we take care of it." she moved a hand as a large shadow finger moved up and stopped off the single exit to the path down to the town. "now i want to have some play time with a toy i have had my eyes on and i think she will like it in the end" she moved her hands up as large chains moved out of the ground and hovered in the air as that evil grin came over her maw and red eyes turned black as the dead of night. "i want to play with you Dawn "

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -takes a few steps back- whoa now whats going on

Anaya: "play time that's all i said i liked games" she moved her arms as the chain's whipped out aimed at her arms and legs and one for her torso, as the demoness simply watched. "you like it in chains as i remember dear little subby so i thought they would be fitting for you "

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -leaps to the side dodging the chains eyes narrowing- What part of leave me alone didn't sink in

Anaya: "sorry did not hear you." she moves her hands and the same kind of shadow chain came up from the ground as she jumped, her landing right into where they came out to grab her.

Guest_DancerXXdawn: BULLSHIT you didn't. you said my job is done and left -Dawn glares at her-

Anaya: The chain's wrapped around her as it held her in the air and she walked closer. "i was not done playing with you "

Anaya: she moved a claw under her chin and smiled. "now what to do with you, cut your fingers off and make you eat them, or find a raven, cut your lips from your mouth and then send them to dear Daya so she can kiss you one last time "

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn shivered and concentrated on finding a weakness in the chains holding her- Just let me go. I'm leaving Kait alone you have no reason to be anywhere near me any more.

Anaya: She looked to you and ran her finger on your hair softly pulling that little but "well you see the past time i warned you i only has one image when really i had two, one of Daya and one of you, you see Daya has a weak spot my dear, and it is you, rip out the weak spot and i claim what i want" she made the chains wrap a little tighter. "and seeing you are a witch of darkness and only light removes shadows you cant get out, and soon the moon will be over head, do you know what moon blinking is?" a evil grin came over her face as her black eyes looked into the ones of Dawn.

Guest_DancerXXdawn: I'm not a total idiot yes I know what moon bl--- -Dawn cuts off as she realizes what she is saying-

Anaya: Anaya looked up to the sky as the full moon was nicely fisable from the dead tree graveyard. "then i do hope you enjoy your sleep under the moon this night my dear, and then a forever as a mindless maid of mine, i do have a thing for maids with black hair" she moved her hand into the woman's hair and yanked it back as she pointed her face up to the moon. "now just breath and rest it will be over as soon as you let your body sleep, and if you don't i have a way to aid in your...development"

JustinMinick has joined the chat

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn shook her head trying to pull away from her- Your crazy, your a crazy psycho lunatic.

Anaya: "yes yes i am. now rest my dear we will talk more once the morning comes." she sat there holding dawns head back to face the moon as all Anaya did was smile.

Guest_DancerXXdawn: ya all im gonna say to that is hell to the no! now let me go! -Dawn growled out considering summoning Daya-

JustinMinick: -He feels the earth above him quaking as he does he emerges splitting the earth in the graveyard as his bloodshot eyes scanned the area and he spotted two figures; his teeth began to coat in saliva, his missing lips allowed drool to drip down his chin as he then came out of the ground to a full crouch and he let out a blood curdling howl after doing so he speaks.- "Who dares to disturb my rest. I now require an offering of flesh." -He then looked to each one of them as his razor blade like teeth gleamed in the light adding to the ominous look about his decaying flesh as the tattered clothing upon his body seemed to be rags showing the muscle tissue that was starting to be eaten by maggots leaving the strands of ligaments visible to the public to see that was now on His grounds.-

Anaya: Anaya moved the girl as a shadow formed on the ground and the chain's moved to it and pulled a bit into it. "you see that shadow there that the chains go into, you cry to loud so people hear you i snap my fingers and you get locked in a cage in my Dynasty, and we will blink you in the passing 3 nights of the full moon. now be a good girl and go to sleep before i have to drug you, but you may enjoy the pain of that drugging" she let that grin come over her face as showing fangs filled with a toxic venom that if given in small amounts would place its victim in full sleep for 24 hours. "it does not matter how you fall asleep only that you do my dear little dove" she looked back still holding on to Dawns hair and faceing her to the moon "sorry for waking you undead being we will not be here long and your flesh will be given to you i will send a maid here later in the night to aid you in your hunger"

Guest_DancerXXdawn: I stand by my answer. Hell to the No. Now let me go!!! -Dawns wide brown eyes flitted to the undead thing and back around her trying to find a way out-

JustinMinick: -He speaks yet again as his eyes become brighter in the moon.- "Who that has disturbed has waken the dead, and show no respects. Give me that one, I have no hunger but a lust to create pain." -His eyes come to brighten further as he walks further toward the one chained as his yellow stained teeth glint, his maggot ridden corpse being dragged along by a spirit as he then brings his hand up into the moon light and shows the tendons in his hand along with the veins that had recently began to pulsate; his bare knuckle being shown as each tendon flexed causing a squirt of old black blood to squirt onto the womans face.- "Now time has brought many angers, this be the most fury felt in a long time."

Anaya: she looks back to dawn "so the hard way it is then?" she moved her fangs to the girls neck as she paused and looked back over to the undead. "the one i hold in chains of shadow. she has scared to wake you up, you may do with her as you wish but please do not kill what is now mine" she made sure the chains are tight and she backed up leting go of the girls head. "once you are done the girl must sleep"

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn swallows and glares at Anaya both her hands begining to glow a purplish color-

Anaya: Anaya moved her hand to point at one of the large dragons on her grounds as it walked over to move its maw under her arm "if the girl does anything kill her any kind of magic does not harm you, my beast of magic and death, keeper of the graves. " the dragon moved over to sit like three feet from the one in chains and simply looked at her and the undead only guarding but not stopping anything the undead was to do. Anaya moved over to sit on a stone to watch.

JustinMinick: -The guardian of the undead looks at the woman's hands then walks over to the one that he thought most favourable to her use, her left hand and he bit her finger off with a slow bite making her feel more pain as he then spat her finger out then picked it up off the ground and held it in front of her face as multiple other graves busted open and many other beings came forward.- "You brought more to be angry. Now you must feel pain." -four graves in all had busted open, not including his as the beings that were different, pretty much buried long after he had he had the beings bring forward a stone, a long stick that was thick, a length of barbed wire, and finally a hedge clipper.- "You must pay." -His eyes now became brighter as he grabbed the stone looking the woman in the eyes, more of the black blood squirting on her body.- "You be her servant after we finish here tonight."

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn struggles against the chain disgusted at how this was going but screamed loudly the glow dieing from her hands-

Anaya: Anaya started to laugh hard as the undead thing bit the girls finger off and held it up before her face. "she needs a couple fingers i want her as a maid" All the dragon did was purr and smile.

JustinMinick: -The guardian of the undead then brought his hand back as the drool was now mixed with blood and giblets of her flesh as the pulp of her finger came falling down onto his chest his aim to her knee cap now as his chest was now utterly consumed with the womans blood.- "You pay." -He smashes the rock directly into the woman's knee shattering it into pieces as his eyes become bright blue showing off a demonic like quality as his hand then gripped the shattered shards of bone and he squeezed to increase the pain.- "Death does not come for you today. Only Pain." -He then grabbed the barbed wire and stood there waiting to hear the next scream as the hedge clippers were last for the work.-

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn screamed pulling hard against the chains her brown eyes shut tight against the pain cussing out everybody under the sun-

Anaya: Anaya fell back laughing as the undead did so much wonderful things to her toy "oh this is just the start of the night dear dove so much more in store for you"

JustinMinick: -The Guardian then brought forth the barbed wire, he then began wrapping it around her legs, making it travel up her thighs then he pushed it right down onto her groin as his undead helpers brought forth the hedge clippers.- "For fun after." -He then lifted his hand up again and pressed the barbed wire straight up her stomach leaving multiple cuts as he did so more black blood squirted up on her face as the woman cussed causing the black fluid to jump into her mouth.- "Not sorry." -He then went and picked up another stone and waited to hear the delicious screams of pain.- "Death requires sacrifice, you brought this on yourself."

Guest_DancerXXdawn: -Dawn spat the blood out and bit her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood to keep from screaming again not even struggling again the chains any-more-

Anaya: Anaya moved to sit up and called forth the second dragon from the other side of her grounds as the one came to her and placed its head under her arm and she with tender love and care rubbed the head of her child, not by blood but a scaled child of the Sky keeper. "i am glad you are enjoying yourself, my child, mother will feed you later do not worry i take care of all my people " she moved and rubbed along the top of its ear hole and smiled as her fingers ran over the scaled fin that was on the top of its head.

JustinMinick: -After a moment the undead man looked the woman in the eyes as he was from thousands of years of decay he spoke in a solemn tone.- "I hate you." -His voice then became malicious in the last word as he then brought the stone back and cracked the barbed wire down hard into place shattering her thighs bone, as he then brought the stone back one last time then shattered her other knee cap; he then grabbed the hedge clippers and snipped the womans hair off.- "This be payment enough." -The Guardian then scratched his chin for a moment then shook his head making giblets of flesh fall away and he spoke again.- "No it is not enough." -He then snapped his fingers and the undead ripped the woman's clothing off and the first undead male came forward and pushed his member inside the woman and began to thrust into her taking her against her will as he sat there watching not participating in the actions as the first undead male finished, the second then came forward and took advantage of her other hole, the third undead was a woman and she came forward and began licking her holes as the chains held the woman that was being tortured in place, the fourth undead did not participate, then they all went to their graves including the Guardian as they all then went back to their slumber. The Guardian spoke before returning to his grave.- "You have your punishment." -he then went into his slumber as the dirt on its own covered each grave as if nothing had happened.-

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Iron is Born Drow-01

PrimalAtrocity: The darkness of the castle and the dull lighting made this a nice opportunity for an entrance from the shadow realm, for the shadows in the ceiling begin to move warp towards an epicenter where they begin to swirl as the shadow magic responsible for this event begins to enter the ports of the aether within the realm to link a portal. Thus, a black mist begins to slowly emerge from the portal above as it makes its way towards the ground slowly as crows also came flying out and around the black smoke silently. The black smoke, which is actually condensed shadow magic, begins to form a humanoid shapes as the molecules it carries of the body of the spirit that awaits within the smoke for the body to form while the black smoke fades with crows exploding silently into feathers that disintegrate and fade with the black smoke. It would only take a few seconds for the body to form, and once the black smoke has cleared, the entity that stands there appears to be wearing a jet black trench coat with silver fur outlining it with black leather pants and gloves along with boots. The leather material is made out of demons themselves, made for durability that is steel like, yet flexible. The silver laces of his knee high boots are made out of the silk of demonic spiders, stronger than steel and flexible as well, while the spikes sticking out of the knuckles of his gloves are made out of condensed angelic blood that has been neutralized by demonic magic for it to become strong as tungsten and sharp as a needle at their tips; a sour scent coming from their very tips and indicating something acidic coating them that the metal is capable of handling. This same metal is at the steel toes of his boots, the chains dangling from his jacket and pants, and the jet black mask that conceals his eyes and most of the upper portion of his face while black bandages made out of demonic spider silk surrounds his entire body all the way up to his nose, concealing his face completely. The stranger's raven black hair sways elegantly and embraces his neck and cheek while bangs dance upon his upper mask; two silver horns about two inches each sticking out of his head and indicating that he is a demon. In case that isn't enough to hint that the stranger is a demon, there is also a black five foot tail swaying behind him with a spade shaped tip, and his physical attributes are also inhuman. Stronger than an alpha lycan, faster than a pure blooded vampire, more adaptive than a human, durable as a golem, endurance high enough to continue a fight for days, and flexible as a snake due to the strange anatomy of the stranger. There are also demonic sprites upon his entire body, in his control due to his malicious presence and can crush them anytime as they are used as a utility for easier body morphing and pushing aside illusions by manipulating the energy around him. As for abilities, as demonstrated, the stranger has an expertise in shadow magic and thus is capable of creating constructs of shadow to the finest of details while also using shadows for transportation, defense, assault, and supportive actions. Standing at 6'1 feet and weighing at 180 lb, the stranger has a lean and muscular body made for acrobatic measures and shows he is accustom to three dimensional movements rather than just two, showing that he may be expertise in evasive actions as well and reflexes. Senses of a demon are often high to an inhuman extent, and the stranger has a way to create a sixth sense by using the shadows around him to feel for abnormal activities; like a spider upon its web, except at a thirty feet diameter of the area. With hands behind his back, the stranger walks upon the halls as he channels his magic towards his own shadow to have it construct with the mere will of his imagery to only have it become a humanoid figure in a silhouette following him and forming a construct of vocal cords to have it communicate with the other entities nearby. Though unable to be seen due to his hair, the stranger's small snow white elven like ears will remain in keen to listen for any attempts of an ambush.

Anaya: Morning sun hit her eyes as the woman in her chambers made that face that clearly was a fuck you to the sun. she grumbled and got up as she snaped her fingers to call forth a maid, guard something to help her weak self ut of her bed, oh this weakness thing had not gone away after the weeks of getting it in the first place, no longer a fighter the feeble Anaya was almost helpless to the world wrath. A guard that always lay post at her chamber doors opened up the large broad wood door and walked in (Guard)"you needed me miss Anaya" he said as he made his way to her side and held out his arm as he did every day when she got up. (Anaya) "ya can you get some milk for me, milk, a side dish of pearls you know the black ones like i like and maby some of the stag and bare the knights brought in last night, oh and if we have fish that to" she guard looked at her and took the order into his mind as he thruged down to the main hall. long silver hair swayed over his face as gray matching spell cursed eyes matched his over all drab look. he walked over to one of Anayas black haired maids and simply looked at her (guard) "Anaya wants black pearls, fish , some of the kills from the other night, and some milk" the maid looked at him as she pushed her hair out of her face the same gray eyes looking back into his as she said not a word and nodded. spell cursed people never really said much only did as told, it was how there ruler liked them. Mean wile back in her chamber room Anaya got up using the bed post as a crutch till her legs got a bit stronger, a dragon stuck in the body of another being able to use power once charged, and change into her true self with a risk of killing herself from sickness, wow how demeaning. she moved as her legs started to get stronger and she felt a bit better , all it ever took was tine yes simply time. she moved to her walk in wardrobe and looked around, white dresses lines the hangers and some blue and greens fitted in them and then the other side her blacks and reds as well as her sexual outfits that seemed to never get used anyway. she picked out a tight fitting white gown as always that hung from her breasts and hips just right, she was a dragon after all and to her a look did very much matter as she was the ruler of the house. The dress fell on her wonderfully as she wiggles a bit walking before her stand up mirror and turning to over look herself and see how it fit "not bad, not bad at all" she said to herself as she pushed her snow white hair over her shoulders and out of her face, picking up a brush made of elm wood with soft brushes she moved it in her hair as she let that satin yet devilish grin come over her lips. "i wonder what i will do this day, i have a itching to have a test out to see what powers i have, test the boundary's of this new self" she did talk to herself way to much but it was simply how the ruler was, a tad crazy, and very fast to anger.

mageofmist: -They came at her with steel and lascivious intents as they stepped in closer from every side. Bandits! As they were had stalked this woman through the marsh jungle hoping to score her as some kind of prize to decorate their ego’s with. Unbeknownst to these men of mortal flesh, Alera was her name. A carnage loving pryo addicted demoness with an unquenchable thirst for violence towards the human species and a pretty smile to leave you dazzled. A fate worse than death could easily be met by her hands, should these meat sacks prove so unlucky. Alera tread further into the green and brush, fully aware of the strays that had been tagging along behind her. She was searching for some kind of clearing or open space of grass and field before she revealed to them the graphic scenes of internal systems being forced out. Alera liked to be cliché about these things; if she was going to kill for the fun of it then she would imitate poorly made horror films. However, it was during Alera’s expansive train of thought that the foolish crew of mercenaries took to surrounding her on all sides. Swords unsheathed and glimmered off the sun with their cold and sleek steel. The leader of this band of misfits and lowlife thugs stepped forward, wearing more black than the others. He began bantering on about how ‘Alera should drop her weapon, surrender, come forth, blah blah’. Alera was focused on more important things than the asinine demands of some crack pipe fool and his gang of merry men. She stood there, waiting for them to try something..anything. She debated in her head the funniest way to take them out, it wasn’t every day that humans decided to come after her. The voice in the man’s voice became impatient and angered, it was clear he wouldn’t hesitate his orders for much longer. But Alera paid him no mind; she had changed the topic of discussion in her head. *Oh gosh, now that I think about it..this place does look familiar. I might be close to that Iron Dynasty I visited not too long ago* -Her thoughts raced on, the stolid expression that stole her face was jerking the bandit leader in the wrong way. He cried furiously in an uproar of demands and compensation- “THAT’S IT LITTLE GURL! IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT!” –Alera looked up to the thief and sneered-* *Man these bugs are loud, it’s just like that jockstrap incident all over again…except I don’t have anybody to help bury the bodies* *-Her train of thought ended as she finally spoke out to the leader and his gang. “Um..I know this is a little bit off topic but……how good are you at digging holes? I mean besides the ones you’ve already dug yourselves into” –The bandit leader lost his composer after the sharp words of the smug woman pierced his ego. He ordered his men to charge and attack, maim the woman onto a wooden stick and burn her. The first guard approached from behind and dropped his blade towards the back of her head, he’d hoped to get the first strike before his crew. His sword cracking against the back end of her skull was the only image burning in his mind. Cracking into shattered bone, his sword goes flying into the distance; he found himself on the ground. Everything was spinning; a nearby stone halted his course as his allies in arms were screaming and fled the scene. The lone bandit simply looked over to Alera, spotting the blood dripping from the tips of her finger. Did he hit hurt? The bandit wondered, his eyes turned snapped back down in lurid horror. His body remained stationed and motionless by the girl. Standing with nary a head to think of, but a spewing fleshy cylinder he once called a neck. He closed his eyes and died off. Alera wouldn’t worry about the survivors that cowardly ran off after the first move. They were not worth the effort or her time. **Besides** -she thought- **they might bring more friends next time**- Alera followed the path she remembered from last she was here, it would lead her directly to the castle of the iron dynasty. A chill struck terror bolted down the spine of a nearby bandit; on who had chosen to hide it out rather than get lost in the marsh. This once a beautiful damsel, now formed and mutated into the horrid creature they had been hunting for so long. However, his assumptions were ignorant at best. Alera was no Dragon, nor was she a Vampire had he even considered such an option. Her caved wings sprouted from the top of her spine once again and she flew off. She smiled upon approaching the main doors of the castle once again. With a sudden forceful push, the doors swung open and Alera stood at their base preparing to cross the threshold.- “The door was left so bluntly open, maybe they are expecting me” –she walked further inside and waited to be discovered by any or who body would greet her first- “Preferably not human” –she spoke in prayer to herself as she marvelled over the tapestry. It was almost as if she had been asking the author of her fate for a request. But true that, Alera did not believe in such wonder. Or to be accurate, never took the time to think about it. She smiled, finding herself lost in thought again. She would have to try harder to stay focused, it was foolish otherwise-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet walks up to the part of the castle where her room was located and started climbing the walls to get to her window after another long day of her huntress training as well as travelling around the other parts near the castle home to pick up some things- *grumbles* stupid…*grumble*- she was in need of some new clothes and some bandages because once again she got injured from having a run in with the creatures that she encountered during her training and her leggings had gotten ripped off in the process and her shirt was ripped on the sides, she was lucky enough to find a river nearby to at least wash herself off but that wasn’t really enough to heal her wounds, after she tripped into her room from missing step on the window she changed out of her clothes into her silver body suit and bandaged up her wounds then put her purple blue hooded cape around herself- “what the…” she caught a weird scent in her room and looked over at her bed seeing the covers were unfixed and strands of hair were on the pillow she slept on- “ack! Not again” –this had been the fourth time someone has come into her room and slept in it while she was away and she even believes that the person was seconds away from being caught one day while she was coming back from her travels- “this is getting really weird” – she picked up some type of cloth the person might have left behind and walked down to the main hall to greet everyone that was there- “hey everyone. Guess some of you are back”

PrimalAtrocity: The dark elf looked around for any signs of life. Hearing sounds of voices and shuffling coming from down a hall he ventured in that direction. His shadow construct followed him as he made his way. Suddenly a door bluntly opened behind him fearing an ambush he vanished in a puff of dark mist. He reappeared high above the woman. He was hidden in the shadows of the ceiling. Dark elf nobles had the ability of levitation. They also were naturally light stepped meaning stealthy to unnatural lengths. Another woman appeared her soft voice greeting everyone else in view. I better stay out of sight till I know their intent. He thought to himself, He levitated to a nearby perch within the castle ceiling and silently watched all below him unfold. Zack was not very good with people or any being for that matter. After leaving the Underdark and becoming a rogue dark elf life had been hard for him. Most detested dark elves for their ways of life. Though Zack never understood or embrace the way and nature of his people. He looked down the being “I wonder… How they will react to me.” He said to himself quietly.

Anaya: Anaya waited in her room as she walked over to the window, her legs still mildly weak from getting up but that would go away in all due time, her white dress fitted on her hips just so the light touch of it almost made her moan in the pleasure of her fabrics. she ran her claws down the side of the window looking out to the large forest beyond. "i wonder if we will ever live together? will we ever see eye to eye you and i, this new land is still so odd to me at times, a forest that trys to kill the people in it, truly odd at times" she brushed her claws down the base of the window as she walked to the door. red eyes angered at this point as her guards and maids are slow this morning with her meal. opening her door she walked slowly holding onto the walls to the banister of the upper hall over seeing the main chamber "did you worthless guards get what i asked for!!" she snarled down yelling at the guard that was aimlessly standing in the centre of the hall "Foolish morons i will have your heads, fucking stupid pigs" she snarled more and started to slowly make her way down the steps, very slowly as that same guard made his way over to her and held out his arm (Guard) "i am sorry miss Anaya the maid has not come back yet with what you asked for, they are running slow this morning miss" she snarled under her breath as she grabbed his arm and made her rest of the way down the steps "worthless little shits i need to get new ones anyway i will get the guards to bring them to the grave yards i have waters to feed anyway, i promised them a couple nights ago there meal was coming, all 4 of the maids will go there so we will have 5 left for serving and cleaning this dust covered stone place" she moved and let the guard help her to her throne as she sat down moving her hand to pull at the satin pillow under her back side, it was always nice to be treated well and she made sure it was always done right. The red eyes moved and looked to the rooms floor and she smiled as the sent of the fresh rose petals always layed there placed in the morning by her like two good and well trained maids, it was hard to find good help. she looked up and her fingers changed to a light blue and the doors opened on there own and locked there open so anyone new making there way here would know her doors are open to them to come in, even if she was an evil woman she had a heart, and hell maby her meal would walk in the door before the guards and worthless maids could bring her what she ASKED for. she spotted her dear sister right off the pat and a smile came to her lips, there was not many the dragon woman cared about but her sister Scarlet was one that had a large place in her heart. "welcome home my dear sister, i hope you are doing well" she was almost giggleing as she say the look on her sisters face, she was always so cute when angered or frustrated. there was something a miss in the air, she sniffed a couple of times from her throne and smiled a bit brighter. "i see 2 life forms, my sister and a guard but i can smell 3 " she let that glimmer come over her red eyes as she shut one of them letting the other one turn a bright yellow. bring a dragon she had some interesting gifts with her eyes as a dragons eye could see things in a whole other level, it was like the world was black but everyone was seen in heat, like a viper would see. A dragon could polymorph into what ever it felt like, this power was mostly used in combat or to hide but this is what Anaya was doing, Poly morphing one eye to that of a tree viper so able to see the world in heat as they could, her eyes started to move around and scan the area of her home she did not like things hiding from her, and most of the time unless that being was at sub zero in body temp she could find them no problem.

mageofmist: --Alera’s pointy ear twitched to the sounds behind her, a faint but uncommon noise. She turned assuming that broken guard from her last visit simply knocked over a vase or something. She paused but only briefly, the air was shimmering with a familiar sensation and resonated with something in her mind. Images of her little brother quickly recalled in the back of her head and smiled. **Maybe this is what being nostalgic is like** -She thought quietly, which was much unlike her. If she had any kind of blood pumping muscle in the hole of her chest, it would surely have skipped a beat. Alera turned back around to face the inner workings of the castle’s interior. The thrones were her target, she aimed to fire her way over. (haha puns) It took only a minute for Alera to cross over to the thrones and up the mini set of stares, she smiled as she walked up them; as she found them adorable. Anaya was the first to be spotted, and then the woman next to her that matched Anaya in likeness. She pieced two and two together to solve the quick puzzle of the mystery woman, upon a quick brain blast Alera assumed it was just her daughter or something like that. She was no scientist, nor did she want to be on. Only thing Alera had on the mind was being lazy or getting into fights, a ruffian true and true. Alera bowed to Anaya and Princess, tho her grace was less than appealing. She held no real grace in stance or posture, a very lazy and limp half assed introduction would be Anaya’s real first impression of this girl. But still, her eyes remained confident and in control of the situation.- “Its nice to finally have a proper introduction huh?” –she giggled- “Though I can tell that you have made an excellent purchase on the Alera 3000 guard system. Either it be day or night…hot or co…” –she paused- “Ok maybe not cold…but all the other stuff is true” –She tried to crack a smile of innocence, hoping to buy the woman with charm and adorableness. However her cute disposition faded into myth as Alera stood up straight, her hands resting by her side. The expression on her face turned stolid and she quickly took the matter a bit more serious.- “But to be blunt ma’am, I am your tool to be used as you see fit. Please think of me as a weapon to be kept at your side and be used freely at your leisure to cast your wrath upon any foolish enough to discomfort you in anyway” –A fire burned bright in her glare, it spoke of servitude and loyalty..but above all progress and certainty. She bowed once again, her crimson locks blocked her eyes from view but they would continue to burn in their memories-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet sees her sister on the thrones and gives a small smile and a wave after she put the cloth on the stairs to see if someone would pick it up- "bet I'll find the person that way" -she thought to herself with a grin like she had just made a good idea as she sat in her seat then looked back at her sister changing her expression to look softer- "looks like you're still trying to take baby steps with that form of yours" -She wasn't trying to joke with her sister, she was actually being serious because of the last time and knowing she has been having trouble moving around in her human shape-

PrimalAtrocity: Zack watched quietly content with his secret position. Suddenly he looked as a woman head began to turn and eyes began to scan the room. He looked as he seen a flash of red in the woman’s eyes. Zack than tapped into his innate powers of darkness “Hmm.. Infra-red?” He made a globe of darkness around himself. He did not want to be discovered so quickly. The globe was impervious to all forms of vision even masked his scent. He rested his right forearm on the hilt of his right scimitar on his hip. Not yet I do not wish you to find me so soon he thought to himself. Zack could not see out the globe as well as no one could see within. Zack’s hearing though was superb, and would not even miss a pin drop as his ears swayed back and forth. Zack’s ears twitched as he heard a familiar voice. Alera… he said to himself quietly enough not to be heard. Years has it been since he seen his sister not since he had left the guild. Memories flooded his mind of past days they shared. He gave a light smile as the memories came to an end. He then thought, well if my sister is here must be a ok place.

Anaya: Anaya looked up seeing a black spot in her gaze "interesting, a room filled with heat and even the walls glow from the sun outside on the stone, yet there is one black spot on my wall" she gave a giggle as she moved her hand and one of the chairs on her floor moved from the ground and hovered a little and in moments it was flung up to that black spot on her wall. "if one is to hide one may think that the hider is a spy oh little dark spot on my wall" she gave a light chuckle and then turned her head back to look to her sister scarlet "ya it is hard in this new body and self i guess physical weakness was never something i was used to. it is hard to even get out of bed now in the mornings, well till that weakness in the legs is gone, but enough about me how are you my dear little sister?" she smiled as her eyes fliped back to there draconic red and her breath got a little heavier, magic was draining even small bits of it. "and yes Alera if i remember hearing your name right, you are the one Gaia tested a little wile ago in the sparing rings in down town. he told me you did well a little wile ago when he got back from yet another needed hunt. i will test you myself once i am ready and able to, i am not in the proper mind set or body at the moment but it will heal with time. " she was lieing it really was not going to heal all that much more then what it was, but a dragon never talked about there weaknesses and even if she was not the same as before and had a limet now to her power she was still a dragon, and a Golden dragon she would be till the day she died.

PrimalAtrocity: Zack felt magic in the air. His ears caught the sound of whizzing air. Seems I have been discovered. He thought to himself. He then stood on the perch and places his hands in the according pocket. He smirked as the lady’s words. He then spoke as he levitated to the ground floor; avoiding the chair and letting crash into the stone. “Indeed fair lady, but I am no spy. I am merely careful as to who I reveal myself too. The surface world is not very kind to my race. A drow is a rarity above the Underdark and very much fear but the surface it seems. Countless battle I have been in dew to misjudgement.” His face grew a grim look. He then spoke again. “I am looking for a home perhaps a mother.” His gaze than turn to a familiar face. “Hello sister how have the years treated you?”

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~~~~A little Wile Later~~~~

JustinMinick: -He awakes next to his pillar and looks about to see what the ruckus was about as he then looked over to the womans hand on Anaya's knee, this made him growl as he then stood up and he lifted his tail above his head and showed off the sword like properties on its figure as the pikes on his back created a solid defence about his wings as he held his wings up and his tail rattled back and forth as his maw drooled with ferocious intent showing a gleam of light upon his razor blade like teeth. His crimson eyes becoming piercing in nature as the wickedly curved horns atop his head glinted in the light slightly and his figure stood to its full height as he leaned on his hind legs, he had no front legs but this just gave him the advantage of having a strong flight and aerodynamics when in the air. His black scales shining brightly like obsidian as his breath seems to come out more heated of each second his forked tongue coming forward hanging out his mouth over the razors that were his teeth.- "Do you have permission to do that?" -His voice coming in telepathically to Alera as his scales on his came to spike outward to show an even solid defense on his belly, while the pikes raised further up into the air as the muscle and bone came to raise solid and ready for destructive purposes.-

Anaya: Anaya looked to the head on her knees and took her fingers and ran it in her hair as she looked up at Gaia and moved her fingers as she bent them down in a way of saying sit to a house pet. "be good you it is the new guard rember or did your memory get the best of you agein"

JustinMinick: -He looks at Anaya then walks over to her with his head low and he nudges her with his snout as his eyes become a soft beige as he then laid down on the ground next to her and licked her foot lightly as if he was saying sorry; his body clapped down onto the stone as the pikes on his body went flat against his spine and he layed there waiting for her to say it was ok, since she had his utmost in respect. He was indeed still madly wanting the woman though she probably already knew from how protective he was.-

mageofmist: -Alera didn't even bother to peek back at the protective guard that jumped up at the slightest touch to her knee. Alera wondered where he was when they were making out in the other room, she giggled and looked over to the strange man seeming to pop out of nowhere. Her eyes strained in focus on him, everything looked so familiar. It wasn't untill he identified her as sister did she almost lose it. Tears would pool down her cheeks if she had any working glands to do so with. She leaped over the short distance between them and lached onto his body with a tight hug.- "Oh my god..where have you been? Ive missed you so much baby brother" -It was odd to think of him as baby brother as his height compared to her own would prove the opposite. She surrended into his coat, if only she could cry-

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DukeBarr: -the demon would drift through the sky, his dark wings holding him high through the clouds, the moon light guiding his way through the starry night. his blood red eyes would search a ground for a place where he might take rest for the night, as he was very much so tired after his travels. his eyes would land upon a castle tucked far away from the Mortati Empire that he called home long ago, he would strike down to the ground a few feet from the door. his wings sweeping out fiercely as he began to rise to his feet. his darkened boots would tread upon the ground, emitting shadows and an aura around them. His claws were sharpened on what most would call diamonds. his hood would cover his face as he began to move to the door of the castle. He would enter his Palace, asserting himself as he normally did and assuring the door closed behind him.. his horns would sweep down his back, just barely nipping the rear of his pelvis. the other pair moving toward the sky. the demon would move to the door, his wings now elongated out stretched like an eagle as he walked, his boots dragging his body to the doors. His hood covering his face quite well, and his eyes just barely visible from below its brim. As he continued to move forward the shadows would sprawl from his body, within his presence, the direction at which he walked was filled only with his aura. as his chest stood broad as his arms moved with each step, his claws outstretched as it looked as though they were slicing through the shadows that formed around him. he would stop abruptly and with this stop he would lift his head, his eyes focused upon the hinges of the door frame, he would examine it for a moment as it seemed to be a sort of Iron. He thought of his knowledge of metallurgy for a moment before proceeding to knock upon the door, 3 Bang he would make with his fist, not in a hard manor but one that would alert those within to his presence. He awaited an answer as he stood there, his eyes still examining all that was the door to this magnificent castle.-

Anaya: Anaya looked up to the one that was hiding away as that smile turned a tad more serious "take a child in this form? hmmmm now my little drow come down and we can talk on being a child here and learn more about you, so far from home in the underdark it is odd for you to be so far from your shadows, why are you so far like a bird away from its roost, a little black bird" she moved letting the parts of that chair moved back down to the floor knowing a maid would clean it that night. she moved her hand to run her claws in hair that was on her lap, it was nice having the girls head on her lap and it was mildly soothing for the old woman. "i will do my best to test you i have yet to test out my own bounderys for how much power i have in me left" she watched as the girl got up and ran to her seeming to be brother in tears how nice it was long lost family getting back together.....wait, it hit her he wanted a mother and the girl was his brother so she would be adopting both of them if she took one, or well it would come in time but one for now, we would see if the other one came to. "Gaia? could you do me a favour, this morning i asked my maid and guards for a meal but the maid never came back from the kitchen, can you see what happened to her for me, as well as can you open the door my legs still are not as strong as i would want them so it would be nice if you helped there is someone there i can hear the raping" she guessed the maid was dead but did not know all the

JustinMinick: -As Gaia laid there waiting to get an order from Anaya his scales twitched slightly, his mind straining itself to keep himself in control as the guard pranced away from Anaya, she was running and prime target for food, but he was more or less interested in Anaya's safety, she was his life, she died he would surely take himself along with her. As he then heard Anaya give the order to go check on a woman, a woman that was to make her meal, so he then stood up to his all fours by his definition then continued onward squeezing between the pillars and making his way down into the kitchen to go look for the incompetent woman. His eyes scanned for a bit yet saw none standing so he looked to the floor, seeing the woman dead, the woman had obviously had a little accident 'A little entertaining accident.' the Insanity chimed in which made Gaia chuckle to himself a bit as he replied to his other self 'Yes the dumb cunt stabbed her self by falling.' Both him and his other side were laughing at this puddle of blood now as he stood there for a moment, admiring how the blade had punctured the lungs through the chest cavity; but he then turned his large dragon ass around and walked into the main chambers and laid back down near Anaya's feet and spoke to her- “She's dead, the incompetent girl fell and stabbed herself.” -He then remembered the order from Anaya to go answer the door which made him grumble, as he was trying to get as much time possible close to her, she was the one that kept him calm ninety percent of the time; so he walked down through the corridor and nudged the door open and completely ignored what type of abomination that entered, well an abomination in his eyes for interrupting his relaxation next to his queen.-

DukeBarr: -the demon would watch as the hinges of the door began to turn, the light from within beginning to peak out into the darkness that was outside. he watched as the door opened wider and wider, the light from within continuing to nearly blind him for a moment before his eyes adjusted. His eyes fell upon the creature that had made the effort to open the door, A sort of dragon. At least that's what he looked to be, He wondered of what age, and descent but that wasn't his reasoning for being there. To him, the welcome really wasn't much of one. Not sure if the Dragon was able to speak he would proceed past it within the corridor, making his way into the main atrium where his eyes would fall upon a woman seated upon the high throne. He would make his way to the throne and fall to a knee just before it, his head and eyes would look to the ground for a moment in a 'bow' like fashion and as he did so he spoke 2 simple words- "your Majesty" -his tone was dark but still audible. His eyes would then look up to the woman as he would await a response from her, simple acknowledgement before he continued.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "crap" -scarlet hissed to herself as she smelled the scent of blood in the air from the stupid maid having the fatal accident with herself, she put her hood over her face and took deep breaths to calm her body down- "someone need to clean that up" -she thought to herself as she felt black liquid drain from her nose and grumbled to herself- "does this have to happen now of all nights?" -she hated the reaction to happen while there was a guest in the castle and hoped that they didn't noticed as she put her head in her knees until the sickness wore off of her-

mageofmist: -Alera released her brother as she heard someone else coming from the main hall. She looked back and noticed a newcomer, an unfamiliar face in a very familiar place. She smiled to him as he walked up and pst her towards Lady Anaya, Alera took a spot next to her grace's throne. She would not speak for Anaya, as it wasn't her place to and the lady could very well talk her own mind. She would wait for the dialogue between them to start, keeping watch for any disrespect or hostile intentions this man might have. She sighed and the air around her body raised in temperature and spread its warmth all around and through the air, it was relaxing and soothing and carried the feeling of her presence wherever it went-

Anaya: Anaya sat there and looked to Gaia she put her hand out and ran her claws along the top of his skull as she let out a soft grumble as she thought on how the maid had killed herself "i guess that is what i get for making them all zombie like." she saw the new male enter her home as her bright red eyes shimmered in the light, set of by the fully white look she always held "you may rise new one but keep your eyes to the floor for now. Welcome to Iron, what brings you here" her voice was harsh and strong as she looked the male up and down, he was not bad on the eyes, not her style but not bad to another's style. she looked to her guard on both sides of her and she nodded her head to them happily and then looked to her sister "breath my dear sister " she then looked back to the stranger as her bright red eyes looked into him and not just at him, a dragons eyes could see so much more then just a persons body, but she would keep it so others would not know all she could see or do.

JustinMinick: -As Gaia looked the new comer over he found little interest in the male, though he found the mild disturbance annoying, he then saw the other male known as Zack leave the area, though he was not interested in the slightest he found that he was paying an awful lot of attention to the company around, he was again staring at the new comer as his bright beige eyes set a cement look of 'Don't even think about flirting with her.' type of stare. His body was fully flexed showing he was the dominant male around here but he was still in his place knowing Anaya was the dominant fully, he was though very interested in keeping her safe to the fullest of his capabilities, he was not intending on letting a stranger muscle his way in on his pillars or his crush as he was in a very instinctive mood lately and he was ready to express the dominance over and over again. His body soon came to relax a little as her claw ran around his skull but he was still watching the male with a keen eye, if the male was to look up and into Gaia's eyes the male would find he had challenged Gaia and he would not take lightly to it, in fact he would not let any challenge him and let it go without answer to it. His eyes came over to Anaya and he nudged her hand with his snout after a moment showing he was indeed in need of her comforting but he was hoping she would not see this as a weakness, because he was willing to fight on her behalf at any moment and his spike like pikes on his back stood up slightly and his body was still rather tense. He was not in a forgiving mood nor was he about to let anyone try to change that, if this male were to insult him by using his species native tongue he would indeed be all over the man like flies on shit, though he was trying to stay calm due to the gesture he made one could tell he was indeed at the peak of distress since he was only there to protect Anaya and whatever else she desired from him.-

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DukeBarr: -the demon would rise to his feet as he was asked, his eyes truned from her nack to the floor, his head down, he noticed the dragon had appeared again at the side of the royal that he stood before, he still was un-aware of her positoon but it was higher reguardless of his own. He would sigh softly as he assumed the dragon was a sort of guardian, This was a position that he was rather fond of having within the walls of such a place as here. It would be something he would than strive to acquire. He had not a bit of tongue in the langauge of dragons. Only his own language of Rhefugi. Though as per-normal the common lanaguge was spoken within these walls. The demon stood there confident none the less, He was here to seek a home. and hopefully he would find one.- "I am in search of a home" -the demon spoke, his tone still normal, not even the slightest bit of fear in his voice, He was prepared to face down anything in his way, as he always was. as he finished his statement he would reacant a moment to complete it- "I Offer my Service in return."

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet managed to get the freaking curse under control and wiped her nose of the dark liquid then spit out the rest in her mouth that look like some kind of black glass jewel- “dang curse. It needs to go away”-she grumbled when she decided to look up a bit while she still had her chin on her knees as she watched the rest talk- “foolish workers need to be more careful with the objects in the kitchen” –she thought to herself as she fixed her hood so her dark eyes could be seen glowing through the shadow-

mageofmist: Alera’s disposition remained composed and focused, though her mind was racing with thoughts and meaningless propaganda. **Who even was this guy?** -She thought as she looked him up and down. Her hands once resting at her side, moved to cross each other below her bust. **I wonder what spot he would get…he kinda looks like a fighter, I wonder what he meant by services…maybe he is one of those male strippers” –Alera giggled but only faintly, unheard by anyone not paying close attention to her. She began to wonder what unlucky sod would have the choir of testing him out, should he apply for a guardsman. The temperature in the air continued to rise, going from tepid bath water to a boiling hot tub. The sensation trickled over the senses, Alera was a hot topic…literally. But this was her method of protection and when given the chance, she would be able to prove its effectiveness at cremation-

Anaya: Anaya lifted a brow as she gave a grin "you wish for a home, well we are looking for family and new members but most of all i am looking for skilled hands and blades, my black smith is dead, i have dead maids and workers and my fighters force is very low. tell me oh little" she took in a breath of the air around her taking in the males sent "demon, what is your skills, if you are seen as a worth wile member of this home you may be given the Honor of being adopted or a part of the royal family, but that is IF i am pleased by you. " she moved to get up a little as it was clear the legs on the seeming to be Young middle aged woman are shaking. they ended trembling after a moment and she moved her claw under the males chin to lift his head up to look into seeming to be endless draconic red eyes "do you think you can please me little one" her voice that of a harsh snakes tongue but filled with power even if the old body did not show it.

JustinMinic: -Gaia looks at the male with a malicious look as his breathing soon picked up further and his eyes became brighter and he let out a small growl as the Insanity was near bursting out of its cage and tearing the male in half letting the ligaments tear, but Gaia managed to hold him off, as much as he possibly could that his until the moment of truth came and he telepathically spoke with Anaya.- “I'll break that male if you wish and show him what pain is.” -The maniac laughter soon came into her mind as his aura increased exponentially, his body flexing showing extreme definition as the muscle mass seemed to increase upon his body and his wings seemed ready to fling him forth into the male and obliterate the bones and take advantage of the dead body. His eyes spoke danger and his mouth opened letting the rancid breath of the rotting flesh of human remains and entrails that engulfed the room as an intestine still hung from the back tooth at the moment he did this showing he was drooling at the thought of another meal, his fiery gaze only increasing to be piercing and dangerous as the Insanity mixed with the sane side of him causing a triple threat of dangerous malicious thoughts. His very body language said if the male took any participation in sexual pleasures with her he would obliterate him with one blast of fire, or acid as he was now becoming twice as determined based off his instincts to fight off any rival males that infringed on anything he deemed to be what he desired. His breathing became ragged as his agitation grew to a whole new level he had never felt, the aggression coming from the wanting and desire to have her all to himself for eternity. He watched Anaya carefully to make sure the male kept his hands to himself as he did not like feely touchey males at all in the least; he would kill for just him looking at her breasts.-

DukeBarr: -the demon would feel the touch of the woman, and as such occured the same set of red eyes that she possessed would stare back into hers. The left side of his upperlift would raise a bit as she spoke the words 'little one' After his years he was far from little or young for that matter. Though the grin would remain which had been incited when she had requested his skillset. He would shimmer his claws at his sides, as he tried to depict precisely what to say and what to leave out, he found himself worthy weather this woman did or not. He would begin to speak to her, His normal dark fashion, ignoring the loud breathing of the dragon that sat just behind her- "I am a Shadow Demon, i Hail from the Mortati Empire. There i remain as a General to their forces. Yet, i long for more. Many years i have fought.." -he trailed off for a moment as he took a breath, the scars were plentiful upon his body from the fightin he had endured, he would crack his head to either side before continuing- "I am Skilled with claw, and Blade as it seems that is one of the few services i am capable of providing." -the demon would nod a moment for he had finished his rambling- "If you desire to hear more...I am all for it." -the demon would stand, his hands moving behind his back as his right hand grabbed for the fingers of his left. He stood spreading his legs apart in an 'at-ease' fashion as he awaited further instruction.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet yawned and started to rub her eyes then looked at the corner seeing the bag she left there last time full of jewels were gone making her frown- "oh great" -she made an annoyed face then wondered if she should sleep in her room or in the forest again like she did a few nights ago because she would be danged if she found that person sleeping next to her when she woke one day- "one day I'll stop this crazy obsession" -she thought to herself as she took her hood off-

mageofmist: -Alera was unsure of this man's true nature, though if he had any violent intents she was sure Gaia would hop on the chance to drown him in a pool of excrement. She sighed and stepped down from near the throne, she looked to lady Anaya but said not a word. For how could she explain her sudden leave of duty, a creature like her did not require sleep, fod, water or any type of rest related activities that could excuse her. Nothing except for meditation remained, Alera's most and only peaceful past time. She vanished without a sound and the heated air left with her into the study. There she sat and closed her eyes, she focused on everything that happened this day. A healthy recollection practice to boost her memory and was silent-

Anaya: Anaya looked to Gaia and snarled as she moved her hand to point to the floor in the way to say sit and eyes down. her voice moved into his head as it was loud and an order "he is mine you will sit and understand your place Gaia" she moved her hand back to the male before her and ran her fingers along his cheek knowing he was not going to move out of the womans touch. she ran her claws along his cheek as she looked into his eyes her sideways cutting sides making that gaze creepy and fearing, her aura of a dragons fear could be felt in even the strongest of hearts and worst of beasts. she moved her hand up to the top of his head and pushed his head back down so he looked at the floor and at her feet, in a dragons world dominance and rank was everything "at dawn you will gain training, you will be tested for your skill level in the sparing rings in lower town. after that you and your trainer will need to bring water up from our well as you are to be in low town and it sees fit you get your word done for the day. you will bring the water back here and place it in the large clay pots at the fount entrance to the Main building here, then i will see you later in the day when i wake and after my bathing" she moved her eyes to look at Gaia "you will be training him and sparing him to see worth, and it will be done in human form without harming the male, he is mine not yours and you will dealt with if i see him harmed or killed by your claws" she let out a yawn as she got up on weak legs snapping her fingers as that one guard that always helped her rushed over to her side to hold out his arm for his ruler. "took you long enough" she said with a smile as he said or did not change the look of well being drag and dull as always, always had to love spelled guards lifeless looking and simply stupid, she liked them that way . "and oh Gaia make sure you run to town later in the day i will remind you, we both need to go find more maids seeing we are running short again" she made her way with the guard over to the steps as she looked up them. "you know i hate steps we have to make something more workable with stone for this" she started to walk up the steps one hand on her guard and the other on the railing. in a little bit she vanished into her chamber room and the guard led her to her bed watching her settle down onto the sheets "you know if you really had a mind and could think other then grunts and stuff i may bed you, but if i did it would feel like doing the dead and i don't like that kind of thing, i do like a heart beat you know" the guard almost smiled as she looked at him, a hint of life? thought? a mind other then her spell ? maby it was not strong enough? "i think i may have to blink you again you little shit" she said as she smiled and pated his head "leave now out of my chambers" she said as she pointed to the door way and the guard did just that and shut the door behind him to simply wait at his post till morning, never sleeping, never eating , or even thinking, only doing as told , Anayas moon blinked zombie.

JustinMinick: -Gaia nodded his head to Anaya as he then placed his head on the ground looking at the male, after Anaya left the main chamber and went to her resting area he stood up and staring the male in the eyes as he did so he spoke to the male through Telepathy.- “I will be training you through human form. We will begin when you feel ready.” -His bones began to snap and crackle as he then took his form of a demonic like creature, his nature was evil and it projected in this form, true he could choose the form of a beautifully sculpted male but he liked this much more than that look, his armor came to be upon his body making him look like the paladin of darkness, his lips rotted and fell to the ground as a long pony tail of crimson hair fell to his back, his scythe laying there on a leather strap on his back making him look even more so ominous as his singed skin came to flake lightly.- “Training will be good for you.” -His bright beige eyes continued to blaze brightly, as the crest on his chest now housing the alternate him barked out at the male, the ruby red eyes brighter than Gaia's, as it snarled and gnashed its teeth at the Demon male, Gaia didn't care what the males form of descent was he just wanted this done and over with; his teeth were like razors still and little giblets of flesh hung from his face where his lips were supposed to be as he set his hands on his hips towering at a seven foot eleven inch height.- “So are you ready?”

Anaya: Anaya got up from her bed and screamed down to the main halls "GAIA you fucking back of scale i said at DAWN, you go ageist order and i will slow roast your body over a flame and then feed your chard corps to the hounds you love so much!!" she moved her hand and one of the pillars in the lower hall cracked as Anayas eyes turned black as the endless night "warning number one Gaia!"

DukeBarr: -the demon would nod to what once was a dragon but now stood as a man. It seemed He had stumbled across and was becoming a member of a sort of Dragonic Coven or Empire of sorts. He was curious as to why he would choose to train him in a human form, Hell if anything it only incited the lust for the mussels of the heart that he so deeply desired. The demon would grind his teeth back and forth trying to contain himself, he ould crack his head to the side to negate it and snap back to reality. He heard the Royal from only a moment before scream of Dawn from down the hall, and simply to re-state it he would begin to speak- "Well....Sounds like Dawn is when it shall occur." -the demon chuckled to himself for a moment, simply trying to bring a bit of comedy to a time that seemed to be slightly dark for the Dragon man that stood before him, he imagined this dragon would be commanding him for the time being, at least until he was placed somewhere within the walls. He hoped for something that wasn't a premenent Fighter, but alas it seemed to be all he was used for. The demon remained in an 'at-ease' position as he awaited-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet decided to get up from her throne seat with a yawn, she waved goodnight to everyone then turned into a white wolf and left out of the castle through the front doors, tomorrow she will continue her case of the bed thief-

Anaya: Anaya moved back into her bed and pulled up the covers "better" she mumbled as she snuggled into her covers, it was still a little odd for her to sleep being a dragon that never really did, so it would still be a couple hours before she was able to drift off fully . "we all give up things for the better of other people, we all have no choice but to better ourselves in our ways, and the life of being just myself and sleeping in this bed alone is now for once not seeming to bad." oddly tonight she was content, sleeping in her bed and in her chambers. the soft wind from the open window made her happy. as once more outside the door way that single guard was sneaking into the room of queen scarlet's chambers to sleep in a royal bet other then his spot in the barn.

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Anaya had ordered Gaia to go to the graveyard and feed the dragons that resided there, his own species relying on others to feed them, pathetic in his eyes really but she had ordered him to do it and he was on his way with his stomach filled with deer flesh, his walk was long for he did not feel like flying, his pikes on his back were on end standing up high showing he was on high alert, the wicked horns spiraled upward to create a spire of evil descent as his scales shimmered ominously during the night since the moon gave a brilliant glow this eve. Gaia had found himself traveling through a forest, it took him around an hour to get to the graveyard where those dragons guarded, again he found it annoying to have to feed his own kind but it was an order; he then approached the gates and spoke out to the two guardian dragons and told them “Come here meal time.” Both of the dragons swarmed over to him and he vomited the food up for them, dry and yet still fresh, the dragons slurped it up greedily, as if it were water, but they did chew it swiftly; Gaia was scanning the graveyard to make sure these dragons were doing their jobs right.

Gaia found himself looking directly at a male that was sitting atop of a tombstone, this male was not there before when Gaia had looked over that area the first time, this one was silent and fast, Gaia tapped into the males mind and spoke harshly, “Leave these lands,” the male looked back at him and returned the telepathic message, “Piss off dragon,” this angered Gaia this male didn't have the right to say this to a mix breed only the pure blood dragons could say things of this manner to him and he'd roll over and accept it. But this male was treading on thin ice now, “I'll say it one more time, Leave,” the male only shook his head lightly and stood up from the tombstone and looked at Gaia with a bright red gleam in his eyes.

Amatsu had never faced down with a dragon but this one was annoying to him, so he stood his large sword upon his back demonic in nature held an eye above the hilt and the wicked curves of a demons contorted body, the vile veins running along the blade made it look even more so ominous, as Amatsu returned the call to the dragon, “I said piss off,” he could tell he was getting on this dragons, but his vampire side cared not for who he challenged, for he only aimed to win. Amatsu was really starting to get irritated with this little creature of the day, and night so he drew his blade out as he spoke to the dragon one last time, “Now leave me be,” the blades eye began to glow as it extended out one more foot from its original size of four feet and it began glowing in a white energy. This aura was no ordinary strand that could be copied it was a neutral energy that was hard to obtain and master with a demonic weapon so it was deadly when used.

Amatsu then set the blade upon his shoulder as he looked the dragon straight in the eye, then spoke out one more time, “I would like to know your name before you make me angry and I kill you,” which in any culture this was an utter insult so he knew the dragon would not take kindly to this what so ever; he was looking forward to pissing this dragon off and drive him bat shit crazy. It'd be a promising battle if the dragon was angry, which this dragon seemed to be already becoming angry with the simplest of words, he then stood there watching the dragon with a smirk across his face that was hidden by a mask and his overcoat with a crest on it held over the shirt that covered his face with the mask as the inside of the overcoat was pure crimson, and the rest of his apparel was pure black including the boots. Amatsu's pants held chains that linked across thigh to thigh and created an almost spider web like feel to it and he had a skull for a belt buckle as he held the blade right upon his left shoulder he waited for the challenge to be issued directly to him.

Gaia responded to this males threats, though he could not tell what this scent was he knew for sure that this being was not normal, “I am Gaia and this be the end of you,” his dragon voice rang through the males head as Gaia stepped foot into the graveyard and stood in front of the male that stood at a height of six foot five inches, which nearly made Gaia laugh at the male that was puny in stature, Gaia's lungs then began to fill with air as he began charging a fire blast of a stature that would cover a good ten foot radius, as he stood fourteen feet away from the male. After a moment or two he noticed the male was not in the least bit scared of this so he continued to charge up his first attack toward the male that would surely melt stone easily, along with, iron, steel, and titanium with ease; after but a moment Gaia flew up into the air as he looked down upon his enemy.

Gaia circled the male once, twice, then a third time before setting himself right above the male as a grin came across his reptilian lips, the male had not even moved or flinched at this course of action, a brave fucker he'd give him that but also a fucking idiot; Gaia then launched the large burst of fire from his mouth down straight at his enemy the blast traveling at seventy five miles per hour as it spanned to a ten foot radius as it raced down Gaia could not help but think how much a fool this male was. As he flapped there hovering right above the male to see what would happen he sort of huffed making small chuckles down in his throat so it seemed.

Amatsu watched the beast charge his attack then launch up into the air and begin to circle him but he was indeed not worried as his blade became brighter with the neutral energy but it was putting a serious strain on his body, he was holding back coughs that would leak blood out, but on the third circle around him he saw the fire blast headed straight toward him from above; Amatsu acted swiftly. He brought his blade up and slashed once sending the neutral aura straight through the blast of fire causing it to split into two different directions five feet apart leaving him standing unscathed except for the fact he was charging more neutral energy to his blade which finally came back to its full size around the blade again but after doing so he fell to one knee and coughed up one large puddle of blood then stood up again. Amatsu's counter to the fire blast continued traveling toward the Gaia as Amatsu spoke to Gaia, “My name is Amatsu.”

As Amatsu continued watching the neutral energy blast head straight for Gaia he grinned thinking since it was a vertical slash it'd hit him directly, but he was not one hundred percent sure, he was a vampire not a future reader; as he continued to watch the bright energy continue to travel up at a speed of sixty miles per hour toward Gaia he kept a cocky smirk on his lips as his eyes scanned the area. He only found few possible roots for Gaia to escape, but he didn't want his little dragon friend going out of his way just to dodge an itty bitty attack like that, he wanted a direct hit on him just for sport; as the aura blast came closer he was near giddy seeing what may happen, his body convulsing a tad as he had to bring his head back down and cough up another bound of blood 'Damn, I'm going to need blood soon, this is draining me too much,' he thought to himself as he stood there looking at the ground.

Gaia seen his attack get countered then the blast of energy traveling straight at him, a futile effort to Gaia as his hide was thicker than Amatsu thought, he sat there and let the attack get closer for about two feet away before he barrel rolled out of its way and he looked down at the male coughing up blood, of course that use of energy came at a price; a price of blood. Gaia snickered to himself as he brought up another vast charge, this time it'd be a liquid, sure this would come at a cost to him but he was going to do it any way; he soon brought up enough of a breath and he looked down at the male smirking ever so deviously as his mouth parted and the large blast of acid came down aimed at his opponent, Gaia knew that neutral energy couldn't stop it without a higher charge so he sat there hovering still watching Amatsu ever so carefully.

Gaia was now curious to see what the male would do to counter this blast, though this burnt Gaia on the insides he ignored it as he watched with an ominous shadow hanging over his eyes, whilst his body came to shiver, making his scales twitch up then down at a moments notice the poor male below could not see this motion because the green ooze that was headed straight at Amatsu would block his sight of Gaia which gave him the upper hand for the time being.

Amatsu noticed the blast of acid and he threw a blast of aura at it only to have it create small droplets of acid rain that then fell on his already failing body, his blasts of energy he created now forcing him to cough up more blood as the acid created intense amounts of pain to him, he could not heal himself right now due to the lacking in blood but he now had to make this melee as the holes in his clothing became apparent, and his flesh was melted away in multiple spots revealing bone. Amatsu soon sprung up from the ground launching himself to the thirty feet Gaia had been hovering at and lunged his blade upward toward Gaia's stomach, Amatsu was exhausted but it did not show, so his blade came upward and he was awaiting to see Gaia's response to this maneuver.

Amatsu's body was now trembling with rage as his blade grew before he had jumped off the ground and it had begun to talk shit on Gaia to only enrage him more, this even pissed off Amatsu which it was meant to do as the blade continued to feed off of Amatsu's anger and it created a huge forceful slash that was now being aimed directly at Gaia's stomach. Amatsu was sore now and did not know how much longer he could last in this kind of fight so he was now trying to end it swiftly since he was heavily damaged already; blood was running down Amatsu's face now while he lunged the blade forward in an attempt to strike Gaia.

To Gaia's surprise Amatsu lunged upward after he had been hit with acid rain, but this was not all that was a surprise, the male had swung the blade that was now talking shit to him, aiming it directly for his stomach, Gaia let loose one mighty pump of his wings a little late and the blade slashed his stomach and created a gash as both of the males fell onto the ground now, Gaia shifting down into his humanoid form and he pushed himself up so his armor covered his body and the alternate him was quite noticeable. “You have luck lad,” Gaia said as he started bleeding through the armor, it was not fatal, so it did not matter, Gaia drew his scythe from its holster and slammed the dagger base into the ground and a beige aura then surrounded the strings that held the blade at the top of the crimson handle began to glow bright beige. “But now it is time to die,” Gaia then began to pluck the strings sending aura wave after aura wave directly at Amatsu.

Gaia's energy blasts traveled at eighty five miles per hour while hurdling toward Amatsu, his eyes gleaming with the intent to kill the male as his teeth let drool run out since his lips were gone in this form, but giblets of flesh still clung to his face where his lips use to be, as the drool ran down his chin it landed on his armor as the crest on the chest piece began barking and gnashing its teeth to show Amatsu it was on mother fucker.

Amatsu got struck by two of these blasts sending him flying backward into the stones that marked the graves, one of them being of a malicious spirit that he did not know was truly there, his body had become cut up from the blasts of energy that struck his torso but he had not died, he was only injured badly, Amatsu then stood up as he heard a noise, he could only lean against his blade after placing it into the dirt, he knew he was done for. He set there not moving now to stay put as he waited for his impending doom as Gaia stood there; Amatsu knew something was wrong as he was near the tombstone he had destroyed by accident.

The Guardian was now awaken by the disturbance of his tombstone being destroyed, the only thing on his tombstone was the letters RIP, but now his rest was over for the time being, the dirt next to Amatsu bursted open as the Guardian then pulled himself out of the ground and stood there his tattered nobles clothes showed the maggots inside his pectoral muscles as he then looked at both Gaia and Amatsu, he then spoke, “Who wakes me?” The Guardian was now pissed off as his lips and most of his face was missing showing years of decay from the undergrounds and maggots that were now squirming in and out of his chest, the strands of muscle unharmed however, The Guardian stood waiting for an answer as his blue demonic like eyes scanned over the both of them noticing Gaia was dragon in nature.

Gaia pointed at Amatsu speaking, “Guardian he does, he be the one you want,” as this was true since he was only trying to keep this graveyard at peace for this poor soul that did not rest in peace ever.

Amatsu couldn't say anything in his defense as he was breathing heavily and his wounds were too great for him to even breathe without forcing himself to, he did not need to breathe of course but it was a habit of it since it felt natural, he just sat there bleeding and coughing up blood.

The Guardian nodded then aimed his hand at Amatsu who was crippled and could no longer move as he spoke to the male, “For disturbing the dead there be a price,” The Guardian then shot maggots out of his hands that soon began tearing the flesh off of Amatsu and causing the muscle mass to be eaten away by them making skin peel away from muscle and muscle peel from bone, as The Guardian watched Amatsu slowly die he looked over to Gaia and nodded his thanks to him for trying to keep the dead in their resting place, “For assistance Gaia of the Iron Dynasty I thank you,” He said in a solemn tone. The Guardian then returned to his grave and the dirt just moved itself back over the casket the moment it shut.

After about ten minutes Amatsu was nothing but bone from the maggots shot onto him, and Gaia stood victorious over the males corpse and he was now ripping the males skull away from the vertebrate that held it in place as the maggots disappeared into thin air, as Gaia then took his stride back home leaving the graveyard behind as each stone that had been misplaced had been set back into its proper home. Gaia returned to Iron and went to his pillar and laid next to it keeping the skull that was empty from the maggots eating away everything that was Amatsu, and he was content, laying with his prize as he then remembered to bring his kill to Anaya, as he did so he ran up to her and laid the skull in front of her and spoke, “Amatsu's head,” was all he had to say and waited to see what she had to say.

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RenaLeonNightsong: It was a good afternoon for all that lived in the world; it was time for the journey of one little girl to come to a halt. Rena Leon had lived in a village that was unfortunately burned down due to a horrible plague that was coursing through the land. “Must…find…refuge” Rena the only 11 year old girl spoke softly as she walked through a marsh, she was lost and alone and had no one to turn to. But that would be different. Rena came upon a large building and opened the door inside. “Someone please…” Rena fell to her knees as she started to feel the hunger and tiredness upon her body.

Mageofmist:-The sound of the front doors latching open would grab Alera’s attention quickly. The castle had been quite for the majority of the day and Alera had just got settled down and comfortable in the chair. She sighed and wondered who was at the doors, with exaggerated effort she slumped from the chair. A loud groan as she stretched and walked over towards the open doors. Her hands on her hips and her left brow cocked, Alera examined the little girl who had been pleading on her knees for aid and sanctuary. She glanced outside and admired the sun’s heat as it bathed over her, Alera grabbed the girl by the arm and stood her on her feet. –“Please stand, no creature should be without such pride to beg from their knees” –She had all of sudden wanted to enjoy the mirth and merriment of the outside world, the sun’s summer air called to Alera, however she had important concerns she had to attend to at the moment. She placed a hand on the girl’s back and showed her to the main hall- “Sit” –She would wait for the girl to take stool in one of the nearby chairs behind them. Alera walked off for a second, hiding behind the corner just out of view of the girl. She had made her way to the castle’s kitchen and pulled out a batch of carrots and clipped one off. Alera tapped the girl on the back of the shoulder, somehow making it back without notice. She waved the carrot for her to see but kept it close until she was ready to hand it over.- “You can have this food, all you have to do is tell me why you came here?” –She was providing simple protection over the castle, but interviewing those who came inside. She held the carrot as a reward for a truthful response-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet had just woken up in the forest after her accidental slumber, she had actually fainted after her last training session which did not go well at sunset, “oh man my head”-Scarlet groaned as she struggled to make her way back to her home holding her bruised ribs and trying to keep her balance after losing some blood from her left arm and both her legs, she also had an injury above her ribs where her clothing had a rip, when she finally made it to the castle she decided to once again try and climb her way to her room so she can hurry up and change out of her clothing because she didn’t want anyone to see her in her state- “dang it” –she growled to herself because she couldn’t even climb up the wall to her room since she was so bruised, she managed to make her way to the main doors of the castle and banged on them- “hey, anyone there…help” –she kept banging until her body gave out on her and she fainted-

CrimsonRavenKothar: The Sun was out today and it was not helping in the conditions of the weather in the slightest. It was humid and it was just uncomfortable outdoors for the 8 foot tall individual that just happened to be out and about exploring the landscape once more. He had been in these lands before, but it was short lived as the she-dragon that lived here was rather edgy around him and seemed uncomfortable. There were consistent, wet footsteps placed by this being as he traveled at a normal pace. His young and calm expression showed no signs of fatigue or even dirt. His skin dimly glowed in a healthy manner in the sunlight as it was a bit pale yet retained its healthier appearance. The black short hair of him had two long bangs, one on each side of his face that went down just to his collar bones. Upon the top of his head was a set of large horns that seemed like a large nest of twisting and turning branches yet they retained the appearance of a crown or a head-dress. His shoulders had feathery padding which was accompanied by studded leather, resting upon his light gray coat that looked as though it were supposed to be worn by a high-class member of society; an aristocrat. Around his waist was a silken sash that was tied around his black pants. Feathers were sewn in at the their tips into the lower portions of each pant leg and notably at the rear, giving the appearance of a hawk or ravens tail. This was Crimson; an Eastern Dragon that had a habit of exploring what ever he could since his kind were that of knowledge seekers and guardians. They were heavenly beings that retained amazing amounts of power, but they were comparatively weaker when it came down to being a dragon, but their attributes made up for that quite well. Crimsons head was oriented down upon the terrain while he journeyed onward to the castle ahead. It jutted out over the horizon like a well placed marker to remind the occupants of the lands where their home was. Every step Crimson took enacted a swaying motion of his obsidian tail, hanging from his lower back smoothly and keeping itself leveled to an extent, avoiding touching the ground at all. His gaze lifted and fell upon the objective ahead that cascaded off the terrain so elegantly. Crimson huffed and said under his breath, “Well, no use in moving in such a slow manner now...There's no point really...” With that revelation made, Crimson leaned his profile forward and he clenched his gloved hands before he used his right leg to spring forth and shoot off right at the doors, just barely under the speed of sound. He was certainly there within less than a second, but he ended up skidding on the flat ends of his boots and coming to a stop within a few inches of the doors. Crimson stood still for a moment then a gust of wind followed behind him, created through the wake of his fast movement. It battered the doors then died down before the dragon felt it was clear to knock, but just as he raised his hand to knock a few birds flew beak first into the doors with a clearly heard splat then fell to the ground. Their bodies were contorted and lifeless while wet marks were left on the door and few stray feathers, some of which fell to the ground and lightly landed near or on the birds from whence they came. Crimson flicked his forked tongue as he froze himself, but he looked ,none-the-less, calm. “Pah...” He said simply and shook his head slowly at the dead avian creatures that lay upon the ground. It was all too obvious that the dragon actually pitied the stupidity of the creatures that resided in these realms. Eventually, this male could not help, but succumb to a subtle chuckle from his chest, cracking a slight smile at the appearance of this. How entertaining it was to him to see creatures fall so easily to mere slamming upon a door. He carefully extended his left leg and nudged them aside with his boot then looked at the smudges on the doors. “We'll have to see if anyone notices...”. Crimson straightened his posture and cleared his throat before knocking twice then putting his arms at his sides and waiting for whomever answered. As he waited his head happened to turn and look downward. A few blinks of his eyes followed and he tilted his head. Now there was a female there laying on the ground and she looked pretty badly beat. Crimson crouched upon the frontal portions of his feet and nudged her with his index finger. Great, another creature was laying at these doors. What was this place? An area for which others went to die and get slain by the doors? An exhaled wisp of thin smoke was seen from his lips and he studied her. “Ah...I'm sure they'll just take here in when they open the door.” He said softly and without worry of her condition. Chances were that he simply did not care what was to become of her in the first place.

AveriaJagger: *Sunlight streamed down upon the tranquil seeming bog, steam rising slightly from the soft earth ,creating a thin fog like effect, and deep pits of slimy mud. Bent trees sat in content silence, as half rotten logs lay in random areas. A few toads and snakes moved around and a cloud of gnats moved to assail one of them as they came up from the hidden muck. A few creatures, some hunting while others were merely trying to stay alive, made noise here and there, but otherwise it was rather quiet this day. A small ripple disturbs what had previously looked like solid ground. A moment later a mud covered head broke the surface. It looked like some form of grotesque monstrosity rising from the depths of the land. It shook slightly getting rid of a thick layer of the marsh mud. A few "logs" disappeared from view as the head broke the surface, and didnt reappear. Soon to follow that mud covered head was a body, though do to the thick muck, it seemed to have no arms. A moment and a rough shake later, though two arms became readily apparent, though no detail could be distringuished of what lay under the marshy mud. Steadily following the appearance of the body came the top of the legs, with the rest of such following in short time. The being though was not scrabbling on the solid earth to try and crawl out but was instead steadily walking as though being covered in grime was a daily occurance. As the whole body became apparant and a thick layer of mud fallen and shaken off it was apparent that this creature was definatly bipedal. It made no move to scrape any extra mud off though as it knew it was fall into another sudden lapse in solid ground. Again this was not a bother to the creature. It was not used to areas like this , hence its resigned position of being muddy. It couldn't tell what was actually marsh grass and what was just a thick layer of algae on an undisturbed portion of peaty bog. Thankfully no creatures had thought to find a meal of it yet, as it did try hard not to kill things that were not going to go out of the way to kill. It couldn't blame beasts that hunted for flesh. It was just their way of surviving. The creature walked along and camet to a small rise. It couldn't have been higher than 10 feet, but it rose above the humid foglike mist. The creature nodded its appreciation for this as it had long since losts its bearings after the third or fourth fall into the bog. Steadily walking up the rise, he eventually came above the mist and after wiping the thick mud from its eyes, showing them to be startlingly crystal clear, looked around. the mist swirled around air currants , but besides that there was no real distinction from one area or to another. He couldn't see the forest that he had come from, and while that was discouraging, his resolve to keep moving forward never wavered for a a light shrug that chipped away some of the fast drying mud, due to the direct sunlight, showing a hint of armour under the mud that covered everything. The color of the armour was undistinguishable due to the browns and greens of the mud still covering it, but it seemed sturdy. Beyond that though the creature was still of indertiminate origin. Heading back into the bog the trip remained uneventful for a few hours. A few of the more insidious beings that reside in the marshlands of the world appeared after that but the battles were quick and effortless on the part of the traveler. A score of bestial bodies now lay in his wake, slowly falling underneath the bogs, as swarms of insects swarmed to feed on what they could while they could. The mornng had long since past, and under the mist it was impossible to determine the time of day, only that it was still sunlit outside the mist. As he headed deeper into the marsh, the mist seemed a bit thicker, and the water particles starting creating myriad shapes of rainbow light that seemed to dance away as one moved closer to them. Not understanding that these might actually be somewhat living things, he paid them no mind and made no move to actually follow them. After what seemed like a few hours the creature came to another rise. this one was large and had a few trees growing on it. Always loving trees he walked up the rise, for both a guiding in direction, and to study the trees. The Trees leaves were a mottled grown and green that would have been near undistinguisable when lying on the bog below the mist. Long thin branches that seemed like they would fall off if a bird of prey landed on the spiraled away from a thick stout trunk. Placing a hand on one of these trunks the creautre stared around trying to find something to head towards. Slowling turning so he wouldnt miss anything, he eventually noticed what seemed like a building of stone. Stopping the slow spin he focused on it, before realizing it was not a trick of the light and that something was made there by some creature with a semblance of intelligence. He couldn't tell what style of building though from the distance. Taking a look at the sky he noticed that the place seemed to distort the sense of time more than he thought and that it was just about nearing noon. With solid determination he walked back down the rise and set off in the direction of the stone construct. It took a few times of gathering his bearings by the sparce landmark worthy things hidden in the swirling mists, but he covered ground with steady steps. He thankfully only fell into a bog once, and though it took him 30 minutes to finally walk out of it due to its incredable depths, he was still on track direction wise. As he counted the distance in his head he realized he should be but a mile shy of reaching there. Thinking it somewhat safe he scraped off a large portion of the mud from his being. Broad shoulders clad in some sort of beast shaped pauldrons with a chestplate of some sort covred his upper torso. Long black hair clung together due to the mud and fell straight down his back like a thick cord. Crystal eyes peered from the thin layer of scum that still covered his body. A Warhammer of currently indestinguishable color rode easily along his back. It thankfully hadnt fallen off, but that was probably due to the magic employed to keep it strapped to his being. Long graves covered his legs from feet to knees. Finally happy with the amount off of him The being set forth once more. The air stated to seem lighter and lighter as the mist thinned a bit with every 50 yards or so. The being eventually cleared the mist and came into the clean air looking like some earthen art sculpture. He knew the sun would dry the mud left on him and when it had he would clean the rest of himself. Walking steadily forward and quite happy to be in the sunlight again, the beaing smiled wide showing off his sparkling teeth. set on the brown muck that covered his face they seemed more akin to diamonds than teeth though. After a deep inhale of breath and an equllay large exhale that spreayed muck in seven seperate directions he set off for the stone seeming construct covering ground quickly and steadily. Halfway to the place the thin layer of mud had dried and was cracking off showing his pauldrons to be black and shaped like the head of wolves. Deep red rubys were inset in the pauldrons to seem like eyes. The rubies caught the light through the layer of dirt dust and seemed to glow, though such was merely a trick of the light. His hammer shined with a silver tone and the rest of his armour became more readily apparent with each passing step. Another thing that accompanied the falling away of the dried mud is that the footfalls seemed heavier without the extra cushioning of the mud. The black greaves, and in fact the entirety of the armour should weigh enough to make such loud thuds with each step. As the last of the dried mud fell away, any sane observer would notice that his armour was mismatched, seeming to be from three seperate sets. This didn't stop the armour from glinting merrily in the light though. As The man, as such was now seemingly apparent, got close enough to see the doors he noticed a being standing outside looking at the doors. He strode easily across the land and when within basic human eyesight called out nanchallantly "Well met". He had long since noticed the distinctly inhuman nature of the being and had made a guess that the being would hear him well enough from the distance. He said no more though until he had reached a more polite distance, and as such was able to notice the two birds lying upon the ground. A quick mental shrug as he held no worry for the dead he looked to try and catch the eyes of the being he had seen at the door. Repeating himself he once more called out though in much softer and polite tones* Well met, And while this may seem rather rude as we have just met up and havent even introduced i am wondering if you know where This place is. I got a bit lost in the marsh. *His sentences seem perfectly punctuated but the man never takes in breath as he talks* And to make up for my rather rude and quick question, let me introduce myself. I am Terradin, of nowhere and noone *he smiles lightly, as his voice floats softly on the air upon symphonic notes.

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Flying through the evening sky. He would find himself closing in upon a castle that had been his destination. The heat from the evening sun had begun to beat down on his wings and back. Looking around for a spot to land within the Marsh his eyes would come to set on the roof as it looked to be the only safe place in which to land safely. Once he had decided to make a quick landing on the roof he would decide next as how to get to the front gate as he did not want to draw attention to himself more then needed. Noticing that there was others present at the front gate. He began to wonder if this would be a good time for him to make himself know. He shruged his shoulder's as he made his way landing on the roof.- Now then How do I get down there to where the others are. -Thinking to himself he decide to leap off the roof gliding down landing softly in the marsh making no sound. He starts walking out of the marsh ground up to the gate waiting with the others. His appearence being that of a mix of other beings. He stood a good 7 feet as normal for being that often traveled as part elf. There had been other details to his body that gave away that he wasn't an elf such as his 6 foot wings that sat folded against his back and the spikes that protruded from almost every inch of the back of his body. Grinning looking to the others his fangs could be seen aswell. His tan chest held blackened markings which to any normal person would just seem as they were just tattoo's. He also wore black pant's almost those of what a Vampire would. Searching around the gate as he stood with the others closely observing them.-

DukeBarr: -the demon would look down upon the empire as he did only once prior. He would be most likely the Freshest recruit. his eyes would land upon a castle tucked far away from the Mortati Empire that he called home long ago, he would strike down to the ground a few feet from the door. his wings sweeping out fiercely as he began to rise to his feet. his darkened boots would tread upon the ground, emitting shadows and an aura around them. His claws were sharpened on what most would call diamonds. his hood would cover his face as he began to move to the door of the castle. He would enter his Palace, asserting himself as he normally did and assuring the door closed behind him.. his horns would sweep down his back, just barely nipping the rear of his pelvis. the other pair moving toward the sky. the demon would move to the door, his wings now elongated out stretched like an eagle as he walked, his boots dragging his body to the doors. His hood covering his face quite well, and his eyes just barely visible from below its brim. As he continued to move forward the shadows would sprawl from his body, within his presence, the direction at which he walked was filled only with his aura. as his chest stood broad as his arms moved with each step, his claws outstretched as it looked as though they were slicing through the shadows that formed around him. he would stop abruptly and with this stop he would lift his head, his eyes focused upon the hinges of the door frame, he would examine it for a moment as it seemed to be a sort of Iron. He thought of his knowledge of metallurgy for a moment before proceeding to knock upon the door, 3 Bang he would make with his fist, not in a hard manor but one that would alert those within to his presence. He awaited an answer as he stood there, his eyes still examining all that was the door to this magnificent castle. he cared not for the others whom all seemed to be awiaitng there as well.-

RenaLeonNightsong: Grabbing her stomach and standing up by the pull of the hand, the little girl smiled, having finally seen a face. “Th-thank you” her small voice uttered out before following them. Rena was wearing a white dress with grey boots and white fingerless gloves. She had long brown hair and green eyes, her personality was shy and one could tell she didn’t like to talk much, probably due to her past. She did as she was told and grabbed a stool to sit upon. Before she knew it she was being tapped on the shoulder by the woman who had helped her, Rena’s head followed the carrot and she nodded then looked to the woman. She gulped and a sudden fear appeared in her eyes. “A Plague, a horrible plague is spreading throughout the land… I barely escaped my village as it was being burnt to the ground.” Tears enveloped her eyes and she looked down to the ground. “I hope you castle does not have this plague and has good enough protection. “Also… I hope I can find refuge here, as I have nowhere else to turn to” Rena noticed more and more people were coming, a banging of the door, steps around the grounds. It frightened her and she realized she was in a strange place and had no idea who these people were.

mageofmist: -Alera grimaced at the girl’s unfortunate tale, whatever this plague was it wasn’t a good thing to have around. She sighed and mumbled something to herself as she tossed the girl the carrot- “You aren’t contagious are you?” –Though Alera turned around before she could reply as the sounds of the door being banged on about a hundred times had been irking her patience.- “Hold that thought would you dear?” –Alera paraded towards the front doors once again, she sighed wondering what kind of carnival act waited on the other side. The latches on the door clicked and swung open inward as Alera used both arms and doors- “What the hell!?” –A plethora of different creatures and beings awaited by the front door, either as a group or sheer coincidence she did not know. Down on the ground Alera noticed the Lady Scarlet, daughter to her Majesty Anaya. Alera flared a glare to everyone, including Crimson an old friend she hadn’t seen in some time. She was warning them to all back away a few feet or else…Alera reached down and carried Scarlet around her arm.- “ALL OF YOU FOLLOW ME INSIDE NOW” –She ordered those who were coming in to come on in, she made her way towards the center hall expecting the group to be just behind her. The little girl was still there, sitting down and seeming to be in a panic; Alera paid her no mind however as she turned back to face the rest.- “Take your spots in here…mingle. And relax, I’ll be back to deal with ALL of you shortly” –she walked off towards the stairs- “AND NO TROUBLE” –she yelled from half way up as quick reminder to them stay good while she was gone. Alera kicked down the door to Scarlet’s room and walked her inside and placed her on the bed gently- “Oh m’lady..what has happened to you ma’am?” –she stroked the side of her cheek gently and stood up towards the door.- “I’ll be back to tend for you in a second dear, while I’m down. Is there anything you would like me to get you?”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet groaned trying to situate herself on her bed in her pained state- “try and get me a new door” –she smirked stating she was joking to ignore her pain and coughed- “had a run in with a few creatures during my training today but I think I’ll make it” –she leaned back on her bed and noticed a gold strand of hair was on a pillow next to her- “not again” –she said to herself-

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson turned immediately upon hearing the sound of someone appearing to speak to him, but there was something so off about his voice, in fact, his entire demeanor did not seem right. At these observations being made, the dragon tilted his head slowly and furrowed his brows for a moment then it was gone within an instant. His expression went back to its calm and nearly emotionless state. It was not that he didn't like this man or whatever it was, it was just that he had never met something like this. This was a curious dragon after all. “Ah, hello, Terradin.” He said a nod, keeping his golden eyes set down upon him. His arms crossed over his chest and he blinked a few times, studying him from head to toe. This was not meant to be a rude gesture, but most did wonder if they offended Crimson due to his lack of displaying emotions or even deliberately confusing someone. “You're not being rude at all...You appear to be within the---” Suddenly the door flew open and Crimsons head made a sharp turn toward it. His pupils had shrunken down to pin-points and his teeth clenched, blinking rapidly in a slight alarm as to his old friends seemingly unexplained rage. He just could not understand why she was so upset...Asides from the badly beat girl, that is. “Eh---....Alright...” He gave a slight nod to Alera as he decided to just go what she demanded to do. |That was rude...| He thought to himself quietly without ever considering that it was due to this other female that he had not bothered to help in the first place. After watching Alera pick up this other female, he followed her inside with arms behind his back with a brow up, watching how Alera's mood or body language might give him clues. Of course, he scanned around at his surroundings, taking in the dark and medieval setting. It was pleasing to him, plus it was cooler in here. Although Dragons and other reptiles liked the heat, he still liked conditions to be controlled or sensible. Crimson stopped as he kept his arms behind his back once Alera walked off to do something. Upon hearing her state that she wanted no mischief, Crimson looked in the direction she went and scoffed before saying, “How could you possibly expect trouble from me?!” He didn't exactly expect a response from her. He turned and looked around at everything, his forked tongue flicking and tasting the air for anything he may want to know. Nothing seemed to change much since his last visit aside from the presence of Anaya not being detected.

AveriaJagger: *The man was about to nod at the beings words, having not truly thought himself rude, just wanting to cover his bases, when the door opened quickly as though from a heavy push. As the thud of the doors sbrupt stop still rang in the air he heard the stern voice order him inside. It was at this point that he noticed the female body on the ground, having been so focused on learning where he was. As he was about to step into the place he also noticed that there were others around him as well which meant he had focused far to mcuh on the beings words. With an obvious shifting stare he mentally catalogged what he could about the others. He instantly classified one as a demon, though of what sort and where it hailed from he had no idea. Another seemed more akin to an experiment of a mad mage than of a natural born creature. The one he was talking to seemed draconic of origin, though as with all of them these catalogues were informal and ephemeral at best, as he would more than likely soon get more defined answers as to what each was. Once more taking a step into the building his footfalls land with a loud crash of metal on stone. Wincing lightly he tries to soften his next steps as he is lead into the building. It still rings loudly but is not such a ear jarring crash anymore. As the female stops leading them and leaves them alone he catches the words 'No Trouble' the rest before it and anything after it cut off due to the echoing noise of his steps. Taking his cue from the draconic like being, he maintains a standing pose. The draconic being seems to know the female and this place, and in Terradin's mind he figures it would be his best bet to take cues from him until order came about.*

CrimsonRavenKothar: Crimson looked around then he frowned and grunted in frustration. He had just realized he had something to tend to then he would say outloud to inform his old friend that he had to leave, "Turns out I have something that I forgot to take care of, Alera! I'll see you another time!" With that there was a sudden commpressive thud that resounded into the air and he switched into his Eastern Dragon form, which was only 20 feet long at the moment due to the place he was in. He shot off straight to the door, making it bump on its hinges violently upon opening then closing with a loud clank, echoing through the building. He was had just taken flight into the sky at the speed of sound.

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Jumping back his wings opening from a brief moment to give a kickback to his sliding as the door swang open. She's the woman standing at the open doors with a glare in her eyes watching as she pick up the woman laying on the ground. Listen to the woman filing in with the others keeping his distance back from the rest. Looking around he would marvel in the craftsmenship of the inside. Seeing a pillow in the room next to the seats he decides to stand leaning against it. Looking onward at the other continuing to observe them but not speaking a word. Thinking to himself about he might make his approach once the woman returns.-

DukeBarr: -the demon would make his way inside slowly walking behind the others, he would move slowly as if dragging himself into the halls. He treaded into the main atrium as he looked to the others. HE stood ready for anything to come but having visited once before, he knew nothing was to come. Many visiotrs tonight it seemed as his eyes looked to the many.-

SilithriasMorogroth: ‘’Swamp ghoul..’’ –Would be a calmly said statement, falling from the mouth of a figure situated upon a large tree branch, roughly twenty foot from the marshland floor, even up here the tree had grown a slimy, slick moss around its bark making scaling these trees several times more difficult than need be. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves will we? Earlier that day the Shadow hunter known as Baen Callus. Had been hired by a mysterious beneficiary to scout this area and find some kind of castle located deep within’ the marsh, and if a threat was found. Eliminate it. From that moment when he had unfolded the crisp yellow parchment Baen would’ve immediately begun preparing, arming himself properly and armoring himself as well. And he had set out into the Marsh. Several hours later, here he was, situated into a tree above the Swamp Ghoul below him, which would aimlessly wander around, most likely in search of a meal as they always were. Starting from his feet he was dressed in Black leather boots, with thickly spun cloth, died black tucked into the boots, leather chaps covering over the legs and moving up to a baldric, which was a belt that wrapped around the waist and across the chest down over the back, on the belt rested a large curved dagger and several pouches as well as a Silver, ‘Blade Chain’’ and around the back of the belt rested four potions, the contents unknown, across the chest were several more potions, a thick leather vest underneath the baldric, and leather gloves that came up to his elbows, bladed knuckles resting across the tip along with metal plating up the arm of the glove, from his elbow to his shoulder he was covered in strange runic tattoo’s these same tattoos coursed over the entirety of his body, though hidden by his clothing. Across his back hung two swords, one was a shorts word, sheathed in a black scabbard the hilt was intricate, numerous designs and symbols flowing up the black ash wood handle to a crows skull that had been affixed to the bottom of the hilt, the other blade was a large broadsword, the hilt fashioned the same way as the smaller blade, with hair that was black as night and hung halfway down his back, tied up in a ponytail, a grizzled beard beginning to form from not having had shaved in several days. While piercing eyes stared down at the creature below, several scars running across the man’s face from past encounters. And reaching down to his waist Baen would pull from it the silver ‘’Blade Chain’’, falling silently from the tree the two hundred and fifty five pound, six foot seven man would land upon the smaller creature, and with inhuman speed the man would wrap the chain around the creatures neck, which the creature coming to realize what was going on would smash the man off of it with inhuman strength knocking Baen into a nearby tree. And Baen, grunting would push himself off of the tree bringing a boot down and slamming it into the chain, which wrapped tightly around the creatures neck would slam it to the ground. Now, attached to the end of the chain was a small weight, which Baen spinning the chain in a slow circle would throw the chain of the nearest branch, reaching up and gripping the weight as it came down the other side, and yanking down hard he would yank the creature off of the Marshland floor, the bladed chain cutting into the creatures neck, and Baen with a slow finality would reach up with his boot, wrapping his foot around the chain, and leaping up off of the ground he’d slam his foot into the mud, the sudden jerk of the chain on the creatures head would cause it to severe, the chain slicing the head clean off of the being, and Baen, pulling the chain back to him would wrap it up around his fist, locking it into place there for easier access. Moving to the fallen creature he would pull a Bear pendant form around his neck, muttering the night hunter ritual phrase before standing and moving off into the Marshlands. Traveling unmolested for several more hours before coming upon a large Castle, situated within the Marshlands. And with a soft whistle he would nod, growling in his deep voice- ‘This is the disturbance.’ –Taking soft strides towards the building, coming near one side of it and placing a boot to the rock of the structure, and seeing a window overhead the man would begin to scale the building, foot by foot before reaching the window, and hanging from the windowsill with a hand he would draw his dagger. As the dagger would leave the sheath a soft ‘’Hum’’ would issue from it, followed by a slight blue glow indicating that it was enchanted, sliding the blade into the crack of the window he would unlock it, swinging it open and rolling into the room falling into a crouch, his eyes scanning the darkness-

RenaLeonNightsong: She shook the awful thoughts in her head away, right now as an instinct to survival she needed to eat and to rest, then she would have to see what she could do about this castle or even if they would accept her. Rena lunged at the piece of vegetable and scarfed it down in a manner of seconds, oh how it filled her gull with happiness. Rena was about to answer her when the woman walked away, she seemed harsh but for the good of others. When a groups of people came in Rena stared at them all in awe, they were all different shapes and sizes and even a woman was injured, as she stood and looked around the castle, it was her first time being in a place like this so naturally she stood stunned by the beauty of the structure, it was new, but it was beautiful. So many things were going on, it was all so much for a child.

Anaya: The sky was darker as the day was ending and she looked up to the buildings as she went into town. "well it is a nice night i guess, so ....silent in town kinda creepy " she moved her clawed finger tips to rake over the side of a small stone and wooden inn building, the feel of the straw and wood made her happy as it was a nice feeling to be able to rip something so weak apart with almost no energy at all. it was a good day for the dragon ruler as she was feeling spry once more and it almost felt like she had no problems in the world. Anaya moved her fingers over a window pain and looked inside, happy familys eating there late night meals and doing what was needed to be done in the family life it was....depressing, dragons did not act this way with children it was a more human side of the world. she let out a sigh and a shrug and carried on walking up to her home and castle building. she opened her own doors walking past a guard and well who ever else was there as she to be truthful did not care much on who they are or well what to do with them until they told her about it. The White silken woman moved her fingers to push back the same snow white hair she always held from her face "hair always getting in the way" she said to herself as she walked into the main hall and chamber of her home. insistently as she was seen 3 maids ran up to her one taking her heels from her feet, the second taking her White cape from her shoulders and the other one handing her the papers of the days earnings from what was exported. "oh we sold an elephant this day how grand, they do bring in a nice income i am glad we got there shipment in from the far forest lands, it was a shame how the last caravan was crashed and burned by the bloody mongrels that live in the trees out there" she talked almost to herself for it was clear the maids did not care to hear her or give any responce only having there heads down and eyes on the floor as the ruler liked them to, servants new there place here as well as the other members here new it. looking up she saw new faces and old as swiftly the 2 maids ran off to do there day to day work but one did not move it seemed to be stuck in place. with a swift hand Anaya back handed the feeble looking woman as it feel to the floor in a heap. "another broken one, a side affect of the spelling on them, they simply dont last till there minds turn to mush and they go blank. one of the guards will remove it " she pointed to the door as a guard rushed over as fast as she said and called on it to drag the body away. "worthless human workers i need better and more then this." she made her way to the other faces and walked past them to her throne, siting on it she moved her hand up to nicely tap on her arm rest as she watched who all was here and smiled to her sister and to the one guard that was in the area and then turned her head back to look around wondering who would introduce themselves first to her.

KotaSurion: -a smalls hadow portal would open infront of the doors as kota's eyes one blue the other pink glew ever so softly,moments afterwards epic sax guy would play through it as kota walked out playing epic sax guy ona saxaphone as he walked into the room wondering if his momther was aound still playing epic saxaphone guy.-

Mageofmist: -Alera smiled at Scarlet and looked down at the broken door, she giggled and rubbed her head- “yea..sorry about that, I got a little worked up for some reason. Um ok, ill be right back hun” –she hoped over the fallen wooded door and made her way back down the stairs, she put on a smile for the guests having realized how unpredicted she was in mood. She made it into the main hall and turned her focus on the little girl first but was still open to make it a group conversation between everyone gathered in the hall.- “Ok everyone, thank you for your patience. I apologize for earlier, I didn’t mean to snap” –She noticed her son making his way inside playing some kind of strange tunes and doing his typical loud introductions. She paid him no mind at the moment and focused again on those around her- “ how can I help all of you?” –her eyes were on the girl, but again, it was open for all to discuss-

DukeBarr: -the demon would approach the queen as she sat upon her throne just as he had a few days prior he would lower his head as he did so, awaiting reply. He pointed in the direction of the opposite room as he looked to her for a moment having carried the water from the village to the castle in the absence of his trainer.- "The water is in the other room as requested my Queen." -as his words were finished his eyes would retun to the ground, Awaiting his next set of orders, and with that to what position he would hold within the empire.-

RenaLeonNightsong: She replied as the woman came back in “No I am not infected… I need a place to stay or to work… It would probably be best if I spoke to the person in charge so I can let them know of this dreadful plague that is happening.” Rena stood from the stool as she was feeling just a little bit better, her girl like stature was small and petite, she was in no way capable if doing any harm to others.

AveriaJagger: *As he was standing there lost in confusion of what to do now that the draconic being had rushed out, a figure in white came striding into the buidling imperiously. By the way a host of servants seem to materialize to wait on this being hand and foot, it would seem that this was the ruler of this particular building. As he himself wasn't entirely sure why he came here, beyond wanting to know what was here, he wasn't sure how to act or what to say. His thoughts contenued to run in a jumble, but his mouth was patiently closed. Terradin stood close to one of the pillars surrounding the mian area where they had all been left. Since he didnt breathe, or have a heart to pump his body was so still that it seemed as if he was but a statue. He of course didnt realize this, or he would have tried to throw some lifelike motions in. A few minutes later, the stern one came back out and was apologizing for her earlier actions. As she was speaking a loud and rather brash youngling came in through a portal. Faint trigerings of old magic surged within him, but thankfully he was able to over ride it with his will. As she spoke a bit louder so they could still hear her over the boy, she was trying to be cordial and start the converation. While she was in midsentence, Teradin noticed movement over to the side and saw the one he had labeled as a demon of some sort making it's way over to the ruler. It acted in a very servant like manner to His eyes, and as such he logged that away. Though he would love to converse with the previously stern female, he kept his tongue holstered. Time was on his side after. no need to be hasty.*

mageofmist: -She scratched her chin in question of her request to meet the head hancho of the place. She smiled crossing her arms- "Im pretty high up on the food chain in the place. Anything you need to tell the queen can be told to me first" -It was to dangerous for this little one to meet with Anaya, this 'plague' could easily be dorment within her system. She would not take any risk in letting it spread here- "You said your looking for work right?...what can you do?" -she looked around at the others for a second and noticed how the man from before walked over towards the throne room. The other had just been standing there for the time being, and that was gave Alera something else to not worry about- "Im sure we can give you what you seek, if you have a skill that could benefit us aswell"

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Turns his eyes to the queen and starts towards her as he stops for a moment kneeling bowing as a trust of good will. Awaiting for her word he would continue kneeling with a few words.- "M'lady I have come to you seeking my once loyal followers of the Bloodrain Empire. It's is time to return from the shadows where I have hidden for many years long past." -Continues there quietly seeing how she would respond to his words. He would not speak him own name as he knew not who was watching though the other didn't seem a threat at the time.-

RenaLeonNightsong: Regan frowned at the woman, true she may have been high up but she wasn’t in charge. Something didn’t sit right with her… then again she was only 11 years old. “Alright, well back in the village I worked as a maid to the leader of our town, so anything a maid does I can do.” As she listed her skills she sighed and noted something important “Listen I may just be 11 but I know when something is bad, whether or not you believe me you must tell your leader of this plague!” She voice somewhat loudly so that the others around her could hear.

mageofmist: -Alera sighed at the girl as she started getting louder and in her ear.- "Ok..ok I hear you, this plague is bad. But there isn't much we can do for your kingdom. And I am already taking the necissary steps at keeping it contained with you being here with me and not in there with hte queen" -She rubbed her cheek, trying to think of something else- "Yes..we are desperate need of maids here actually." -she laughed- "But only if you can handle it..our Lady Anaya is going to work you silly"

Anaya: Anaya looked to the ones new to her home, she could hear Alera a wiys away but new she could handle and take care of herself, she would not have placed her as a guard if she did not know this. the dragon ruler looked down to the one kneeling before her he seemed intoresting enough as she moved a claw to almost touch under his chin and lift up, she was not touching his fleash but just giveing enough spave for him to be lifted up a bit feeling just the tip of a razer sharp claw "you look for Loyal members of what was once a shadow to the world, nothing more then the fog on the ground yet i seek members for what is known and strong and far from a mist that does not exist as real matter. if you wish to gain loyalty something must be given first" the dragon smiled not leting the males head move up enough to meet her eyes she only moved it up enough so his eyes would meet her neck and nothing more, a dragons world was one of power and domonance so the ruler did show this often.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet watched as Alera walked back down to the main hall and took a deep breath to try and ease her own pain since she did not have the ability to heal herself even though she was a stage four healer, yes she could at least try but she didn’t want to weaken herself in case she needed her powers for someone else- “how the heck am I supposed to get up?” –she said to herself, she had a good mind to go back out when she gets better and slice her crest blade right across the stupid creature that caused her injuries, she combed her hand through her wet hair that was probably either sweat or something else since she had fallen into a wet area before the creature harmed her-

DukeBarr: -clearly the demon went un-noticed. he shook his head as he took a single step backwards befrore pivoting and turning backaround. He would make his way into another room searching for a place to sit down.-

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -A grin would flash across his face for only a moment. He shead raising to see her neckline as he would begin to speak once more.- "You wish to know my name M'lady I am sorry that I had not given it a moment ago. I am the one that was once called Damien Bloodrain. The Emperor of the Bloodrain Empire." -He wings extend not touching anyone then fold back against his back. Scanning the throne around her has nothing else could be seen except for her neckline and everything below.-

RenaLeonNightsong: Rena sighed and lowered her voice “Sorry, and trust me I am as good of a maid as it gets…” The girls eyes closed for a second she thought of her mother and father…. They were gone and now she had no one to raise her but herself.

mageofmist: -She looked at the girl and crossed her arms- "Ok..fine, if you really think so. I'll take you Lady Anaya...but first we need to confirm you aren't sick with this plague" -she scanned over her body, Alera didn't have x-ray vision, nor was she anykind of doctor being able to give her a diagnosis.- "What are side affects when afflicted with this curse? How does it spread from person to person? I need that kind of info before you go and speak with her"

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as her bright red eyes moved over his body and she took her claw back moving her hand to the top of his head and lowering it back down "i dont need names, only what you wish, and what i want" she licked over her lush red lips as that long black dragons tounge fliped out and back into her maw.

KingDrakeSinnArogon: "I wish to return to my rightful place as Emperor Of the Empire. Aswell as for the heads of my armies and their familes to return to the realm once more." -His eyes would close as he remains kneeling there whating for her as he speaks again.- "What might it be that you wish from me M'lady."

RenaLeonNightsong: “The signs are odd colored bruising, coughing, passing out, and coughing blood. It past through physical contact and I can assure you… My family was the first to burn. The plague took 5 days to affect an entire village, if I had it I would be in agonizing pain by now.” She twirled in a way so the woman could check over her.

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mageofmist: -Alera examined the girl over once again, checking for the signs of plague the girl had informed her of. – “Ok, I understand now. But unfortunately the Lady is quite busy this night. You may go and rest in the servants quarters down the hall there and rest for the night” –she gestured towards the long sunlight hall just opposite of them- “Don’t leave unless you are called that clear?” –The little girl nodded and gradually made her way down to her new room. Alera sighed and looked over to an even newer face, it was clear that she had her fill of new faces this evening but she couldn’t complain as it sure beat sitting around doing nothing; like she had been doing earlier in the day.- “Yes, Ma’am. Do you come seeking refuge from a plague?”-

AveriaJagger: *Just as He was about to move to talk to the one that had attended to the little female, another female walked up and conversation had sprung up. He kept to what he knew and kept still, biding his time to talk and patiently waited. His body was as still as the pillar behind him, allowing the unobservant to forget he was even there. The only thing that gave credence to his life was the moving of his eyes as they swiveled to take in more information from people coming and people going. *

KingDrakeSinnArogon: "I wish to return to my rightful place as Emperor Of the Empire. Aswell as for the heads of my armies and their familes to return to the realm once more." -His eyes would close as he remains kneeling there whating for her as he speaks again.- "What might it be that you wish from me M'lady."

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ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was starting to feel a little better and tried to get up and walk to her closet to get some clothes and some bandages, she managed to limp to it and take out what she needed then limped to the nearest bathroom so she could go take a shower- “dang my bad luck” –she said as she let the warm water hit her and wash away the dirt and blood that was on her, she sighed after she was done and bandaged up her ribs and her arm then she put on her silver silk house clothes along with her purple hoodie cape and limped to the stairs to see if everyone else was ok-

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as she bent back in her throne and crossed her legs "so what all do you want me to do with you, a wanting to be ruler of his empire to gain back his throne and his glory. but you ask me the ruler of this place for aid in what you want." she looked down and moved her clawed to lightly move around his neck pointing his face up to look her dead in the eyes. "i am Anaya DeLaRose Draconic Ruler of the lands and ground you are kneeling on and if i wished to i would lock my doors so you had no means of getting out of my halls and simply due away with you so lack of compaction to the lands and food stores in the grounds around mine, if you wish my aid it comes at a price." a grin came over the dragon womans face as snow white hair fell in her face and her lips snarled up.-

BellePetrova: ~I Smile softly at the women who just offered the girl refuge from a plague. My eyes flicker over her head and around the room. I then look back to the Lady.~ “ I don’t think I have the plague Ma’am.” ~I hear my self say it quietly almost like I was intimidated by the women. I hold my left arm standing there having one foot with most of my weight on it. I wonder how long they have had the plague.~ “ I Can’t Remember the last time I have been Sick Ma’am so I don’t think you should worry.”

KingDrakeSinnArogon: "What Might that price be M'lady?" -Kneeling before her as he opened his eyes showing the white-gray pulse they give. Vacant as they are he would remain there as he waited her reply. His ear began to twitch hearing the slightly movement of the man by the pillar. More focused on his conversation with the Dragon ruler. He would ignore the man for the time being.-

mageofmist: -She nodded peacefully as though she had just started relaxing again and smiled- "Ok, what have you come here for then?" -Alera looked over to the gentlemen who had been standing around silently since this morning. It wasn't clear to her, what his intentions were but she wasn't going to wait and find out- "You there!" -she ordered- "Please come here, I wish to speak with you aswell"

BellePetrova: ~I jump as I hear the lady call out for a man. I turn around slowly wondering who she was talking too. When I see a shadow of a man I bite the inside of my cheek. I turn back to the lady before the man gets over here.~ “ I am just a wondering soul.”

Anaya: Anaya moved back on her throne as she moved her hand to move her hair. "the price is a seal in blood, your empire if you wish it to be on my lands you will be under this crown and understand your place in the world"

AveriaJagger: *he nods as he is noticed and asked to come foward. Once more a loud retort of heavy metal hitting stone accompanied every step. A slight dust fell from him as well reminiscent of his time in the marshland. As he came up in front her the female, giving a 10 foot space between them as is polite, he inclined his head in gentle greeting* Greetings. *his voice rings out on soft notes of a musical nature more akin to a symphony than a voice.*

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet looked at everyone in the main hall from behind the top of the stairs sitting on her side,she tooke another deep breath and pushed herself up then walked all the way downstairs trying very hard to hide her limp from everyone, she was not the type of person to draw attention to herself and she certainly wasn’t going to stay in her room the whole time knowing some of her family and guest were downstairs- “hmm…more people than I thought” –she said to herself as she sat on the last step-

mageofmist: -Alera smiled at the man, though his walking was a bit annoying she kept composure.- "ah so you are alive" -she giggled knowing the irony of her statement- "What brings you here?" -she crossed her arms, her eyes fully engaged onto him, not forgetting about her other guest but this one seemed a bit more staggering. Alera's ears perked at the sound of Scarlet coming down the stairs slowly, she could literally hear her limping. She raised her finger to both of them to hold on for a second- "Excuse me for a moment" -she walked over to Scarlet and offered her hand- "Why not come sit at the thrones with Lady Anaya, Ill help you there"

AveriaJagger: *He opened his mouth to speak showing off his shining teeth. They seemed appropriate now that he was no longer covered in the muck of the marshlands, though they still shone brighter than regular teeth should. As the tones that show he is about to speak just sound, he is asked to hold on. He closes his mouth and cross his hands lightly in front of him. If he is one thing it is patient. He has the time and he knows it.*

KingDrakeSinnArogon: "Hmmm. Well M'lady might I take a few moments to consider the offer you have offered me?" -He would give a faint smile to her as he sat kneeled before her looking into her eyes. He would await her reply once again as he remained there at her feet. His ears twitching again hearing movement behind him. His wings gathered up blocking all sight of him from the back except for that of his wings.-

BellePetrova: ~I nods softly watching the lady walk away. I look around the room carefully taking everything in being silent~

Anaya: Anaya moved her clawed fingers to move to the top of his head and she a little harsher this time pointed his eyes to her feet "in a dragons world looking one in the eyes is a death wish to one very brave or one so very foolish" she was telling the truth on it if he was not a guest in her home she would have backhanded him for not knowing his place here before the ruler. only her guards and the ones she held close to her like Gaia and Yumi could look into the red fire orbs that are the dragons eyes. "you may rise and move from my feet, you can have time to think on the offer i have given you and then come back to kneel and see what i have to say to your thoughts. i have others to tend to at the moment and some income statements to go over for the days sales in the market, so be gone with you " she moved her one foot a little in a waving fashion to show him he was to move away to the right of her not the left as it was a respectful movement to always step back from a ruler or elder never turning ones back and stepping off to the right and not the left.

JosetteXxCoudray: ~She looks around the surrounding buildings, as the actual sky begins to darken, she moves slowly around and starts to slowly make her way towards the stone large building in front of her, her long red hair flowing in the breeze as she moves steadily, her claws digging into the mud ground. She comes up upon the castle walls, in gently knocks, asking "May I Enter" , All she hears is echoing thought great building of the knock, she opens the large, doors and the creaking of each hinge moves, she makes her way into the castle hall ways,. She edges further down the hallways to a larger room, were she comes into an area with people in front of her, looking upon them, she sees a Lady sitting on a throne, she approaches vrery slowly towards the thrown, and greets the Lady of the castle with the Pleasant Manner "Good Evening Milady, I am Lady Josette of the Draconian Legions Empire". As she approaches and bows she waits to the lady to speak.~

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "I think I got it Alera" -She put one hand on the railing to steady herself but she almost fell again- "on second thought...maybe I do need help" -She took Alera's hand and let her help her to the thrones with a grumble since she is a bit unable to just walk over there herself-

mageofmist: -She smiled at Scarlet, it was pretty cute how she tried to walk over alone. She placed Scarlet over her arm again and walked with her at her own pace to Anaya and the thrones- "Good evening Lady Anaya, Scarlet got into a little tussle during her training so she isn't feeling prime cut" -she would be making puns about Scarlets injuries, hoping to remind her they were there and worsen the moment- "But I guess thats just a slice of life" -She helped her onto one of the chairs and waved as she walked off- "Alright, im gonna cut you a break and split" -she chuckled and made her way back into the main room with both of her guests, who had been waiting all day- "Ok..soo sorry, now please. How may I help the both of you?"

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Gracefully slides back lowering his wings as he slowly stood keeping his eyes to the floor. Steping back from her not turning away from her direction. Side stepping to the right as well as backwards a bit more. Closing his eyes as he sat down backed away from her on the floor. Going through his thought's on the offer the Ruler had made considering all the options her had.-

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Gracefully slides back lowering his wings as he slowly stood keeping his eyes to the floor. Stepping back from her not turning away from her direction. Side stepping to the right as well as backwards a bit more. Closing his eyes as he sat down backed away from her on the floor. Going through his thought's on the offer the Ruler had made considering all the options her had.-

AveriaJagger: *once the female had moved back over to him, after kindly helping one over from a set of stairs to the thrones upon which the ruler in white sat. and gave a nod* Think nothing of it *The soft notes that made his voice drifted lazily across the air, giving a sense of lack of urgency* I am merely wandering around, and learning about new places. I would like to know the name of this realm and the name of this place. *he gives off a soft smile that shows no teeth, and exhibits ,more than his often impassive face does, how sculpted his skin and structure seems with no marring of skin from age or battle*

Anaya: Anaya looked up more so and spanned the room nodding her head to the male before her as he moved properly to show respect to the dragon. "so new faces i see" she said in that hiss of a voice she always carried "come new one over, eyes on the floor" she pointed to the floor and then looked to her sister "i hope they did not harm you to much my dear little sister. we do not wish anyone to harm you"

JosetteXxCoudray: ~Looks around towards milady and steps a little closer, puts her claws out in a warm and gentle greeting "smiles and greets milady its a pleasure to meet u," as she moves back alittle, she scanned the rest of the room for the the other patriots and nods her head in assurance~

mageofmist: -Alera laughed and scratched the back of her head, realizing she had no idea herself. She was sure someone had told her but it was clear she could not recall- "Um. are you hungry by any chance?" -trying to play it off- "We have a wide assortment of foods you can fill your belly with, im sure with all your traveling this would help"

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet gave a little thank you smirk to Alera when she walked off then looked to her sister with a nervous giggle- "I'll be al right sis,I'm not that weak" -She started to rub her ribs because they were still a bit sore- "I just hope you're doing well tonight"

KingDrakeSinnArogon: -Sitting of the floor in deep thought a smile would slide across his face though his his eyes were shut. Sensing that he pleased the ruler by his movements. His head would drop as if he had fallen asleep in the floor. His ears would twitch hearing voices and footstep come from all around the halls.-

Anaya: Anaya got up from her throne and walked to the other female and she moved her hand to her head and pushed her eyes to the floor "i said eyes to the floor female" she said harshly as she walked a bit more away from the woman. "never bring your eyes to a elders unless you are given the honour " she moved a bit out and snapped her fingers as a large bodied maid came up to her "oh i still hate this one" she said as she really thought for a moment of killing it and moving on from the thought. she looked back at her sister and moved her claw out to grab the maid by the eye sockets ripping her claws into the females head as it did not make a sound other then the grumble of its own blood fulling up its worthless lungs "feeling like my good old self my dear sister, never could be better" she moved her hand and bent her wrist twisting the maids head and letting the fat thing fall to the floor with a drop. she looked back over to her other guard "so if i remember right i got some wind of a new maid" a evil grin came over her face as just this day alone she killed 2 maids without a second thought.

AveriaJagger: *He tilts his head, causing his long black hair to fall like a silken waterfall onto his shoulder* I do not require sustenance of either water or food, and i mean no disrespect on turning down your offer. * He gives another soft smile, as the soft ringing notes of his voice float across the room. His body holds unnaturally still, with nary a twitch to move his body in any direction. With only his face moving it gives a sense of oddity to all those that are watching him. In the background he hears the white clothed ruler speak, but as the one he is talking to shows no sign that he is being disrespectful he can only assume it isn't to him*

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet looked at her sister killing yet another maid with wide eyes then blinked- “yep she’s straight” –she thought to herself as she made a face like she was laughing at her own words- “umm…I think you better listen to her” –she said as she turned to the female because she sure didn’t want her curse to react when she was already in a partially weak state-

Anaya: Anaya moved her fingers back to her as she licked over one of her claws likeing the taste of the maids blood "i needed a new one anyway there is no point in having a fat maid that cant run away" she moved as she saw what seemed to be a new face in her home, a male (AveriaJagger) and it was not bad on the eyes in looks, she turned her head as snow white heir fell over bright red eyes and for a moment the shimmer was a blink and was very much an eye catcher. she was an alluring woman even if she was truly evil inside "come male, you interest me in being here" she moved her finger to tap on her arm rest as her backside made it back to the satin pillow resting on her throne, it was impossible to see but Anaya was growing weak from being herself, age was a killer and she could never stand up for long.

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Iron is Born Crystalfireplace_screen01

That night after everyone was long gone and the halls became silent as the dead, there was movement over by the fire a rare sight was unfolding, kindness hidden from the world, a shimmer of life in a dark woman, but shhhhh don't tell anyone you saw it.
Anaya sat at the fire place as she pulled out a story book, around her sat 4 little children form the town under her, it was a rare thing for the dragon to show kindness to the towns people but she was in a oddly good mood this day and wanted the kids to be in one to. “so who wants to hear the story of the dragon and the wolf”  she said with a grin on her face knowing it was a old story of a fight with her and a wolf man.
“oh i do oh i do Anaya please tell me” a little girl  named Cindy said as she moved and layed down on her belly her hands under her chin, wanting to hear it
“is the story have death in it ” Tony said as he wiggled in his spot. Anaya looked at him as she shows her teeth and hisses
“death and carnage and blood and guts, a dragon named Anaya and a wolf that never even got a name on his grave stone”
“you so are telling what you did Anaya i so know it” Cindy barked out as she wiggled more not finding a nice place to sit . Anaya pulled over a soft fured blanket and covered them up
“just let me tell it ok and we will see what ya think” she said as she opened up the book and started to read the kids getting all silent as they took in there rulers words.

(-flash back starts-) Ember ash fell from the sky that morning after the town had bin set a blaze by that furry that happened, all was lost in the mass of flame and crys of the ones that never did get away. She stood there watching as they fell there at her clawed feet but before they had time to run, before the fire and before anyone ever go there something happened that may had bin the reason for it all, she did a battle with a shadow figure, one it was hard to remember what his face looked like but the dragon remembered his smell, how he looked shrouded in that odd mid day heated air, and how he would look so good dead at her feet. Anaya walked up to the buildings her long tail swaying behind her as she made her way into town, it was a not to bad day and she was in a oddly good mood, she had killed 4 musk oxen this day, and had them in her maw to bring back home for the food stock as always had dropped to low for her liking. She dropped her cargo hold in the centre of town and moved up to look into a building at her people siting at there table eating there evening meal, it was so very sweet to see them eating to calm and peaceful, it almost made the beast crack a smile....if her maw could bend that was so easy. She picked back up her load and walked back up to her empire halls gates and dropped her load at the doors, it was a good size and held a girth well over a tone, but for a 160 plus feet tall dragon it was really not a challenge for her to hull that amount of a load any place. Anaya moved and pushed her doors open and looked inside her halls it was a nice place, stone walls, red carpets just cleaned and roses scattered all over the place, it was wonderful how the maids did that, she never did say thank you enough to them for making the old stone halls smell so nice. The dragon let out a yawn as her double decker buss sized maw snapped and bent as she turned and twisted her head. It was hard to fit at times in here she would have to do a advancement in the roof to get it up another 30 or so feet so she would not have to duck into her own halls. Shifting a bit smaller to a good 130 feet tall she made it a nice snug fit, being a dragon she could poly morph to just about anything and any size she wanted, human , spider, wolf, tiger and then change there size to giants of there breed, but inside that hide there was still a dragon so holding all the powers of a dragon and nothing of what she changed into, fire spiting cobra was a favourite of the beast woman. Anaya moved in more as her long claws clicked on the floor and her scales rattled making her body a armoured tank no blade could break and no claw other then one of a larger and stronger beast could penetrate, or well a skilled man with a dagger able to figure out how to get past them, yes that could be a problem, but only if the person could get that close, and the dragon had many tricks of her hide to be able to remove any problem that got in her way in the first place. She wondered how the day would go, and hoped for the best of the days events.
the large timber wolf's ears flattened against his head as his eyes gleamed with the thought of what was to come, the sound of large clicking claws scraping across stone murder upon his ears as he rose and slunk forward across the tiles littered with fallen rose petals.. the air was thick and sweet as he stepped slowly forward toward the encounter long awaited and even further over due.. the wolfs head towered up to glimpse at the behemoth laid before him as his fur bristled across his back his his lips curled back across fanged teeth. this was what he had looked too, squaring off with a beast that could devour his being whole with so much as a flick of its head, if he took one misstep.. he growled and roared at the dragon as he stared up at its gigantic maw- I have come for you! -he screamed through jagged teeth that glinted in the light “
           “I have come to silence you and make you pay for ever speaking name of my Alpha!” with this the beast roared and was suddenly shrouded in the thick veil of nocturne, an all but raging inferno of black pitch and darkness. a shining light poured from the cracks and gaps before the veil too was consumed by it, and standing at its epicentre was a dark Beast, long feared by the world of man as a monster, revered and hated for its likeness. a Lycanthrope, tall and cloaked in black fur, its head bareing more resemblance to the wolf's place it had taken, dark claws stretching from its fingertips as it stared in spite at the dragon that loomed over him-
           The Dragon looked from the spot she was standing to see a wolf looking beast, but the dragon new from many life times that looks can hide secrets. She lowered her head down to look at it bright red eyes set off by the show white albino body she held a beast of more secrets then once would think.
“hmmmm and what do we have here” she said in that rasped, gruff and hissed voice she always held, it was a voice that had seen to many years of life and to much battle, some called her battle warn from her days back in her own army's and in the time when she was ruled in the army's of others, a war beast simply walking home to meet something that looked like a meal, she wondered how what would be turning out..... for the meal. The dragon cracked a smile as it seemed like its scales almost hated this form of its maw. As the little thing let out a roar the dragon opened its maw and held its tooth up to the beast, its one fount large tooth was taller then the little thing in front of it. She let out a snort right there in front of the wolf man and the dust from her nose covered the poor thing “so ” she said as she slammed her jaws shut about a foot from his whole body “how do you intend to even lay a mark on me, it was weeks ago i came to your small little pack lands looking for a hunting ground and you come back here for i lay harsh words upon your pack master, how will he feel when he is the one that cleans your bones from my stool” she tilted her head to make one of her large eyes as large as the man there look at him, sideways cutting lids flicked over her red pupils as the 3 other lids clicked down as well, the dragon had 3 eyelids one clear to see underwater, one armoured and scaled for combat and every day use and one that was just there that came from the other side of the clear one and it was simple a white membrane she did not know the use for, she guessed it was for show. Anaya licked over her maw as her long forked black tongue moved from her white gape and almost hit the lycan, it would not be hard just to grab him with her tongue and toss him into the air to eat him. Or better yet fly up and eat him a hundred feet from the ground, then he would have no way of getting away, lycans had no wings, and she new he had no way in harming her, hell his claws would not be able to reach let along cut even her softer belly scales. Anayas move was with her tail that moved swift to shut and lock the doors as she did it so the wolf would have no idea seeing her body was in the way of all his sight and even if he bent to look or try to look around her her girth was simply to much.
the wolf pauses and lowers his head.. before a soft light smirk pulls his lips back across his muzzle once again, his gnashed teeth pressed tightly together i a grin that would make the devil blush- "jaci geou ti qe, wux vemcin osear tilsin"...
he will not be, you giant horn lizard
he murmured in a voice loud enough for anyone in the room to hear.. as he fanned his claws up, and the curved razors curled against his skin, piercing into his hands, the distinct sound of hardwood and steel meeting hard wood and steel ringing in his ears. blood trickled down from his palms ad dripped from his knuckles as the fur across his back bristled high and a low growl cooed from his chest, making him seem bigger, larger, an instinctual trait beyond his control, though what happened beneath them was his own doing. his muscles swelled and tightened as his body tensed, the fabric of his trans pulling tight across flesh, nearly tearing as he seemed to glow all over, veins appearing where his fur was thin enough to see... the scars connected all across his body spoke of battles won in lost, memories of a stitched together past making this being into what stood before her.. a being that would not quiet until his last breath passed from his lips, and his blood ran cold from his veins. he only stood in anticipation, in patience, in reverence to what he was about to do-
              Holding her head there for a moment she looked at him, he was a little thine as she lifted her head up
“this world is human tongued so talk it do not down the dragon voice any more with the wine of a lowly dog” Anaya moved her head up as she loomed over the male and thought for a moment, what was the point in eating this thing, she looked down and thought in her mind naaaa i don't really want to eat it it may have something i don't want to ingest. She moved her feet around as she brought up a large clawed foot, some said her feet are like vans being held down by tree trunks, and she agreed with them, it was a clawed foot the size of a van, that held her 5 toed 7 foot long claws, and all of them able to run fire out of her pores and down her claws into what ever she had pined, it was like a fire waterfall if used right, Anaya had this ability only found in her being, small holes under her scales that she could push the fire in her body out of if she really needed to, it was a power she did not like using, but she would if she needed to. Lifting that foot up she looked to the male and moved it over top of him ready to bring it down with her full wait behind it, It would be a crunch to crack her floors. “a wolf going up to fight a dragon for i wanted to use the lands of your ground as a hunting ground, and to think i was only thinking about it and never really was, what a pity to have a strong little sucker go down so fast.” Anaya did not care about anything really she was a nice female to dragon standards but when angered or annoyed her feelings went away and was pulled down into the mass that was her bulk and hidden from the eyes of the world, she was using no power against this wolf combatant seeing she new there was no way his feeble claws could even mark her hide.

si geou renthisj persvek wer ooble di wer sthyr si relgra Opsola. Munthreki qe damned, dout shehad ternock tzarreth!
i will speak in the tongue of the man i called father. humans be damned, your royal scale butt!
he growled before flinging his claws straight up, whipping his blood into the air before it just as suddenly thinned and shot upward, paper-thin blades of his blood crashing into the bottom of her massive claw before he shot forward off his feet and rolled across his back, leaping once more onto the clawed paws as he ran under her stomach and threw his right claw over his head, his blood running up his fingers from the open wounds on his palms, forming large blades around each finger, ducking as he thrust them up and scrapped them across the tender smooth scales of her underbelly, venturing down throw her legs as he dug his hind claws into stone,, only forcing him ever faster forward as the tight muscles of his legs strained and his arm flexed before he'd finally slash them down from her just behind her left hind leg and roll out from under her to smash his other claw to the floor and turn to look up at her

As Anaya saw him roll she did one thing no one would have thought a dragon would do, as the wolf rolled she collapsed, falling down onto his blades and onto him crushing him under her body mass of well over 134 tones. There was no way the wolf could have moved fast enough to get out of it but she also had the holes now in her gut to deal with.

Anaya slammed the book and smiled at the kids as cindy had already passed out, and the boys had bin on there toes the whole time as she was reading.
“come on Anaya finish the story, please did she bleed out or did the holes heal, what happened to the dragon”  Anaya could not help but smile as she looked at them boys
“tell me what is my name ”
“now tell me what was the dragons name in the story ” she said as a brow lifted and she pulled her head up.
“.....Anaya” said one of the boys rushing up to grab Lady Anayas top and pulling it up a large hole like scar on her underbelly “i new this story was about you!” he cried as Cindy sprung to life and all Anaya could do was fall back laughing.
“yes cus i am the only dragon left here you silly kids now go back home i have some papers to get done, and remember dont tell your parents you are here, cant let them know i am a big softy now can we”
“don't worry Lady Anaya we was never here at all” they all said in harmony with one another as they got up and ran away and out the door. Anaya got up and placed the book on the shelf rubbing her belly as she moved to her steps and up to her room to simply go to bed “not bad kids at all, not bad kids.”

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Iron is Born Fire-spitting-dragon-1920x12001
Their ability to breathe fire rivals that of the eldest red dragons, and they will pour their entire being into a battle to do what is needed to be done.

DecemberVonZahn: "Of course.." she said as she bowed low to the man and smiled again at the child. She threw her hands up creating a sheild of dark light between herself and the others as she undressed and proceeded to slip into the water. She cleansed her body, her wounds healing rapidly. After a few moments, December stepped out of the pool, her curvy shiloute visible through the dark barrier. She dressed in something a bit formal as she wanted to make a bit of a better impression now that she wasnt bleeding to death. walking up to the throne again she smiled softly, "thank you for your kindness sir"

Guest_GhostTenshiGuest_GhostTenshi WhisperAdd Friend: -looks to the female and smile, his mask covering it tho.- Welcome to The Seeker's Keep. If you want we can get you in my home. May I ask your skills tho.-the male runs his fingers through his daughter's hair- I need to make sure you aren't gonna fail if the family needs you.

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *She removed her hands from her father's face, slipping off his lap. Stacey walked up to the elven girl, looking up her profile. Crossing her arms over her flat chest.* State your name, woman.

Anaya: Anaya walked outside as the crisp clean air brushed on her maw and she looked around. "i came here to hunt something but all i find is sad and well nothing " she snorted as she lowers her maw to the ground as sand made her snort and thrash her head about "stupid land getting dryer and dryer every day." she snarled and looked up to the hot sun in the sky "water would be nice" she said as she picked up the sent of ....well something . She walked along the parched sandy top and itched the ground as she could hear faintly the sound of life, pray? or simply rats under the ground? she had no clue . so for a dragon there was only one way to find out, dig and eat it. walking up to the spot the sounds are loudest at she dig her claws deep into the ground on top of the sound, ripping clawfuls and clawfuls of dirt up she looked like a beast on a quest, a quest to get some food. snarling and snorting the 60 foot high and over 100 feet long at the mid of her tail dragon ripped out yet another clawful of dirt, her claws being able to dig out a good swimming pool amount of dirt at a time it would not take long at all for her to get to what ever was down there, and what ever was down there would know very well something very big was coming down to get them out, she was never a silent digger.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -hears the dragon and sets his daughter down, the male draws his weapon and readies himself for a fight. his sword is called the shadow hataci. A formidable weapon against all creatures.-

DecemberVonZahn: She watched the man and then as the child approached her she waited. "My Name is December Von Zahn, I am a faerie elf hybrid of the Winter court. My title is The Winter Lady or The Queen that is to be." She looked up hearing the retched sounds of the digging "As for my Skills I am able to manipulate and control light, White and Dark, and also have control over all aspects of Winter." she looked up again "what is that.." she said softly seeing small pebbles fall as she also drew a sword. "Looks like i may get to prove my skills" she said as she readied her blade.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -smiles- Well my name is Shiro Matory I am the last of the Seekers, A group of Assassin who fought to protect those who needed protection. Now ourselves have been driven underground by the ones we protected. I am a shadow demon and a master of the shadow arts. It will be a pleasure to fight along side royalty.- he said as he readies his stance-

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *Cookie smiled brightly and childishly.* Ooohhh!~ A princess like me?! We could be friends! Friends friends!!! *She started jumping up and down.* Do you think so daddy?! Do you think she'll be our friends?! *She giggled delightfully, hugging herself. Until all of a sudden she heard the loud sound, slapping her three fingered hands over her long elvish equivalent ears. Furrowing an expression, looking up at the ceiling as the hall rattled with loud noises.* Scared! I'm scared daddy! *She crawled over to him and closed her eyes tightly, trembling a bit.*

Guest_GhostTenshi: Don't worry princess I will keep you safe. -his eyes turn red as he begins to switch to his demonic side, letting himself lose control to protect his family- Nothing will harm my family. -he said as he begins to snarl, a black mist pouring off his form. the mist is a protection against minor attacks and will block most magic-

Anaya: Anaya started to dig more and soon the tops of her claws could very much be seen in the underside of the small holes now forming in the roof. the sun light came into the underground complex and with it came yep another clawed up handful of dirt for the dragon. Dirt and stones fell into the hole and into what ever was down there, parts of there roof tumbled down crushing what ever it fell on and sand falling made it a fog to not be able to see. snow white scales and sun light would blind anyone looking up at the hole as sun sheered off of her body and down into the hole. right away feeling she had found a opening in her dirt digging quest she lifted her whole being out of the hole and right away turned around to take her tail and brush it back and forth over the top, sending more sand inside of it to fog up the area and blind the eyes more so then the sun would be doing. in a day to day hunting quests she would find large digger holes and the homeless people of her own land would make holes to keep themselves safe, so to her what to do was fog them so they could not see at all with sad or dust, then flood the hole with fire so no one would be able to live, unless they ran down deep into there home and came up later once the dragon was gone thinking no one was home, or simply get burned and she would eat them leave. she dug her claws into the ground to stable herself as she turned back around enough sad always falling down the whole to obscure there seeing to not know what was doing this mess in the first place, only know it was really flipping big and white, and had claws and really big teeth, but other then that they had no clue. she lowered her jaws to the ground and started to glow reading what she was going to fill in the whole with, a golden dragons fire, an albino golden dragons fire.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -hears the bang and takes cookie to a safe place as he seeing a red glow down the hall yelling to December as the duck into a craves "DRAGON, hurry get in here." the male waits for her to enter the area to put up his Shadow sheild, a powerfu wall of shadows he controls with magic. it is strong enough for a blast such of that as dragon's breath. hopping the dragon does not burn his family's home down he begins to get enraged. "Protect Cookie Demeber." HE says to her "As soon as the fire stops im going to rush the beast and slay it"

DecemberVonZahn: She scooped up cooking covering her with the her thick cloak as she ducked into the crevis holding Cookie tightly to her chest she watcher her new Master, All she knew was following orders.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -places his hand on the two as he Slips the grouping his realm of Shadows knowing there they are safe, the male sighs as he realizes his home will be destroyed as well as the memories in it. he curls up on the floor and begins to cry. he looks over to Cookie with a soft smile- We are safe here.

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *Cookie curled in on herself and nodded, tense and trembling in fright. Was this to be her final day? Was she satisfied with this? No. No matter the pain. She did not wish to go so soon any-more, she wanted to live on, and spend the rest of her short life with her mother and father. With those thoughts, Cookie hid herself deep within her conciousness, and Stacey surfaced as default. Her trembling ceased, her fear gone, she slowly lifted her head. Now she was in some other place, having been moved as she was dealing with her inner conflicts. Her cold steel gaze set around the new environment, glaring at December as her father told her to protect him. Only to suddenly be grasped by the girl and hidden away. Pushed up against her plump bosom, Stacey growled slightly.* This is so unacceptable...If we survive this, I'm going to cut you open... *She grimaced slightly, feeling the woman's tight grip on her sensitive body, dealing with the pain she hated so dearly.*

Guest_GhostTenshi: -looks to cookie and takes her in his arms, seeing stacey is out at the moment- We are safe stacey... I promise you daddy will always keep you safe. We are in a special place now, where daddy was born. -he hopes when he comes back the place he calls home is not ruined or destroyed.-

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *Stacey allowed the man whomever called him her father, to embrace her. He tried to assure her with his words, but she wasn't so convinced. Although, if this was her last moment, she would have preferred it be in someone's loving arms, even if the feeling wasn't mutual.* Your birth place will cease to exist. I can feel it.

Anaya: The dragon backed up some as her gut sparked and filled its self with its deadly blast, a bright red fire that could match and beat even that of the strongest red dragons, this elder golden dragon was starving and had not eaten in days and at this point she would take down just about anything to get a meal. moving down the sand stoped falling and her maw came into sight, the bright white scales and large teeth at this point everyone could see it was clearly some sort of white dragon, but a white dragon blowing fire ? well that was not how it was to be, white dragons did the ice thing not fire, only golden dragons and red dragons had that fire breath weapon. she opened her jaws and right away the flood of flame shoot down into the hole and into the underground area, torching anything that was down there and not hiding in a safe place out of its range. as the fire cleaned the area she put her head inside and spotted what looked like a family pet dog or something maby a cat at this point it was hard to tell it could also be a horse chard to a crisp as she opens her jaws and slammed them shut around what ever it was as it was not a nice meal to her but it was a chard kinda food, there was nothing here. no people, no life nothing other then what ever she just snapped up, she would have to move on to yet another place to try and find a meal on her trips away from her own lands and home. as she lifted her head back out of the flame torched and chard hole she moved and a single parchment paper fell from the dragons scales with only a couple words on it 'Tax papers for The DeLaRose family in Iron Dynasty' then scattered numbers and half the papers ripped off and torn apart. the paper fell into the whole and landed on the black floor, as she dragon let out a roar into the sky and walked away into the distance, with still a empty gut.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -looks around as the shadow world mimmicks that of the material world, seeing the flames engulf their home and not harm them. his heart sinks and he begins to cry they wait there until the place cools down before they return to the plains they walked everyday.- No this relm is where I as well as every other shadow demon was born.

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *As soon as she saw the flames, even Stacey as strong as she was, flinched and curled in on herself like that of an ant. Becoming nothing up at ball. She wailed out in cries, as if she had felt the pains. The memories of the pains she's felt of fire were the only things fuelling this response. Her whole body returned to the shaking as it had before, but it was different than Cookie's. She was just frightened, this girl was absolutely terrified to the utmost degree. Her body was clenched and tightened up in the ball, refusing to move, it would probably break an arm if you tried to move it at this point. She was locked into her position and would resist all movement. Her breath was heavily laboured, hyperventilating, her whole body and mind was in utter shock. She didn't respond to stimuli either.*

Guest_MsCookiecrumbles: *She did not move, she did not budge. The only thing that moved was her entirety, picking up her entire weight to lift onto his back. As she felt the warmth of his body, she soon began to loose the stiffness, retracting into a limp body eventually. A stream of tears silently ran down her cheeks. Her body no longer trembling, her breathing more calmed and stable now. Her will seemed to be broken, showing little to no emotion or response to the stimuli of her nervous system.*

Guest_GhostTenshi: -the male feels it safe to enter the maretial relm again, he places his hand on his daughter's shoulder as the pass worlds back to thier- Well cookie look around see what you can salvage. -the male draws his sword and head to the opening, looking around to see a small peice of paper in the sand. "What is this he asks" he picks it up and reads it knowing now where to go to slay the beast who destroyed his home. He returns to his throne room and sits on the steps-

Iron is Born Torn-antique-paper-668548-2

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skagx: Altraila, had been sitting peacefully minding her own business unlike usual. What she usually had done is getting into things she shouldn't be in, like eaves droppping on people and then black mailing them with what she had evilly learned. She would run her hand throug her hair as she then noticed a woman crash through the cieling. She would stand up from the throne and walk over to her, and put her head on the woman's bare chest over her heart, to see if she was still alive. She said happily seeing that she was, so she went into a bag she had on her and pulled out her coat and placed it carefully on the woman so she would atleast be covered, as she then attempted to wake the woman by cutting her palm open and letting the blood drip into her mouth.

Anaya: Darkness and shadows it was all that there was at this time of night, most of the time the dragon played with her own toys and dodads and messed with the maids and workers in her home always making there lives harder then needed, but tonight she was needing to get out and have some. she had this new alliance she sent a raven to the other week and she had yet to get her reply, so she would go there and do her best to get one. walking outside she snapped her fingers and....nothing happined "oh for the love of " she cussed under her breath as she kicked a rock into the pound, there it happened the pound turned into the shadow jump, a shadow that could be called on to take her to the place she was thinking about, only ever used in transport to and from places it was kinda helpful...on land. the dragon took a jump into the water getting all wet as she fell out in a giant wet mess all over the floor of what ever place she was. "i ...think i am in the right place" she mumbled as she got up and shook the water off her garments, with yet another snap of her fingers the garments on her body changed in a flash, shifting and bending into flawless white silks that she always held "there flipping dry " she smiled as she walked into the place, she had a paper in her claws reading alliance agreement and it was....wet , yep wet, but still readable. she walked into the main chamber and looked around 'not bad place, needs more light but not bad' she thought to herself as she called out "anyone home? i come from the land of the Rose i sent a raven for an alliance a week or so ago did it get here?" her voice held that Russian twist and deepness as well as that rasped hiss, it was clear the red eyed white silken woman was far from human, and from the way she walked and held herself it was clear there was royal blood in her veins.

AxilyaRoseAldiider: =She would blink and see someone leaning over her, a woman it seemed. The Woman cut herself and began to drip blood onto her mouth. The moment that the creature's blood dropped into her mouth she sat up quickly and coughed, Trying to spit it out before she tasted it= "NO NO NO. No blood please" =she spoke a little odd, as if her first language wasn't japanese and her dilect wasnt known on this earth either. She would finally notice the cloak over her and then laugh, as she was almost bare naked= "Oh, I'm sorry....what happened?" =she noticed another couple of presences in the room but focused on the woman over her=

Anaya: Anaya stood there watching as she did not care much for people. "it is fine..." she said under her breath unable to be taken in by the ears around her and she looked around wondering the halls looking for something to do. "maby i can leave this paper with a guard or something" she said to herself as she moved to a table and took a sit down. looking up on the wall of this place a image stood out of a grat wolf 'Crome', she thought to herself. her mind was a mess as for the first time in years she thought about someone she lost a long time ago. a smile came to the dragons face as she sat at that table with that thought in her mind. and just stayed silent wondering aimlessly to herself on what the past would have bin like if that stupid wolf was still in it.

Iron is Born Youbecamemyeverything

You Became My Everything.

skagx: She watched the vampire cough up the blood and plead for no blood. "my apologies." she politely spoke to the naked woman, covered only by her own coat. She would listen to the vampire speak, as she then replied "Well, you had randomly crashed through the cieling, and what kind of vampire doesn't drink blood?" that last part was a thought that wouldn't leave her mind until answered, as she saw another woman in her she then spoke. "Is there anything I can help you with Ma'am?" she had spoken to the other woman, but she was still focused on the one directly in front of her.

Anaya: Anaya did not talk back to the voice as she thought for a moment, the letter he left her the moments they shared, it made her smile even fi the dragon woman was never one to smile or well be anything other then cold and heartless. the song on there wedding day hummed along inside her head. 'never new, i could feel like this, like iv never seen the sky, before, wanted advantage inside your kiss, seasons may change , winter to spring, but i love you, until , the , end , of time, come one day , come one day, i will love you, until my dieing days.' the song played in her head as she remembered singing it with him as there claws linked and they looked up at the sky together the moon full over head and she picked him up in her claws and took him up before it. as he clung to her chest the sound of her oversized beating heart, beating only for that stupid wolf she once loved, and lost. a tear almost fell from her eyes as she sat there in a place not her own, only looking at a image hanging on the wall, of a simple gray wolf and a song in her head. "one day we will be in paradise Crome i promised you that, and i remember"

To see the song and the first part of this story on why she is remembering this

skagx: She would continue looking at the woman, before her and spoke in reply to her questions and watched the woman ignore her. She shrugged and finally did speak. "Yeah, you just fell through the ceiling somehow, and I see." she spoke and was confused because the term "vampire" comes from the term "vampirism" which means when someone commits the acts of a drahir, which the label for people who feed by the drinking of blood.

AxilyaRoseAldiider: =She would sigh, knowing the girl was stuck on the blood= "I am a high priestess of the Goddess Nyx. The only blood I consume is that of an animal"

Anaya: Anaya got up from the table as she shook her head "got to stop doing that...remembering thing, he is not coming back deal with it and move on woman" it was like a little voice in her brain told her not to but it was not like the dragon was going to hear it. she held the wet and drying alliance agreement in her claws as she moved over to what looked like a guard and some sort of other woman. "here i am Anaya DeLaRose Ruler of the Iron dynasty i sent a raven here over a week ago and i never got word so i am guessing it never got here, i wish to talk with the ruler of this place as soon as i can this clan borders my own realm so i wish alliance with it and maby a vessel state agreement to join in our forces. bring people together as a more powerful fleet" she held out the paper and wondered if the other female would take it. "if i was informed right by scouts this place is ruled by both male and female can you give this to the standing ruler as soon as you see them." the dragons hissed voice was clear yet harsh in sound it was not her meaning to sound harsh it was simply how she was.

skagx: Looking up from the woman who had somehow instantly vanished, she would look over to the one who was previously, out of it. Listening to her speak she replied. "I will do my best Ma'am." she spoke, and set the note within her pocket to hold onto. She then spoke to the woman "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Anaya: "no i am fine ...just remembering thats all, a thing i need to stop doing i guess" the dragons womans red eyes blinked as she moved to the wall "just make sure that leader gets that note, it is an alliance agreement and i do hope the leader is fine with it" she turned her back to the to other female as her snow white hair fell in her face and a odd frown came over her lips "ya remembering got to stop doing that, and got to get home " she looked to the wall and snaped her fingers and nothing ...just like before. "oh for the love of peet it is a far walk"

Guest_GhostTenshi: -The male Shior has been searching for days, looking for the beast that destroyed his kingdom. going by the paper he found and asking around he has been able to keep up with the mighty beast. The male finds himself at the gates of another kingdom and readies himself to enter, not knowing what lies ahead. He is wearing his Assassin's gear his father had left him and that he kept in a building in the shadow realm, it is a red Trench coat with a black shirt and black slack, his white mask, and his sword. "I hope she is here." he mutters as he knocks on the doors waiting to be let in-

Anaya: Anaya turned around getting a sent she once found a wile back, a couple of weeks back. snow white hair fell in the woman's face as bright red eyes flickered behind it. "i remember that sent" she said as her face changed from that frown to a stillness "welcome i guess, i guess i may be staying longer then i thought the powers are not acting as they need to" her voice changed to maby hide the hiss and darkness inside the woman making her sound oddly sweeter, a dragon had the power to mimic voice, it was a very useful ability when they are growing to be able to hide them self from things that may harm them when little hatchlings, and also lure others into thinking they are not what they are , a hunting and hiding tactic "Hi there" was all the woman in white said to the new guest that walked into the halls around her, halls not her home, but halls all the same.

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Guest_GhostTenshi: -looks at the girl recognizing the sent but dismissing it. "Hello" he mutters, "I am looking for a Great beast, a Dragon who destroyed my kingdom. Me and my daughter nearly escaped death from the blaze." he is awe at the female who is taking a audience with him, not sure of what is going on but he still smells the dragon. Shiro constantly is looking around looking for the beast. "Such a beautiful place you have here." he says as a cover of why he is looking around.-

Anaya: Anaya looked to him as she over her bright snow white hair from her eyes and her black cape setting off the bright red eyes and hair blowed and swayed behind her "a dragon you say, i hear they are mean beasts that burn places to ruin, never a thought to them in doing it. but i also hear some are wise and magical like some sort of beast from a place beyond us. i am simply a low succubus nothing great and magical, i would love to meet one one day, you know face to face" she let a smile come over her lips as her teeth most of the time all needle sharp twisted and shifted to only to fangs and then the rest simple human like teeth, like that of a vampires mouth. "and ya this place i came here to get an alliance for my own lands far from here, they are to the east. and you have the sent of sand you must come from the sand lands to the north eh?" Anaya was utterly talkative now when before she was silent and in her own little world, a change , drastic change in her to simply hide the dragon aspect in her, every part of it other then the bright red eyes. but in her mind she new the day she burned that whole underground place down looking for a meal there was far to much sand to have her eyes seen for knowing her with the amout of sand her eyes had to have bin shut anyway. "i dont know the rulers of this place only know what i was told to bring here from the people that rule the place that want to be alliance here, some rose place, i am only a maid" she lied big time but no one would be able to tell, and she hoped the other girl would not give the trick away.

skagx: She would stand up from the throne as she walked to the entrance and spoke aloud to the man politely. "Please, for the empress' sake remove your weapons." after she spoke she looked at the man and awaited for him to do so. Since her Empress' was asleep, she was most vulnerable and she could not take risks.

Guest_GhostTenshi: -the male would look at the female, a curious look on his face. "If I wanted to kill the empress, I would have went into her room through the open window. Not through the front door where I would have been seen." he smirks, "You know you should really check those locks by the way." his attention turns back to the maid "Please explain why this place reaks of dragon?" he continues to walk and look around.-

skagx: She growled at the smart ass. "It is only an illusion, now disarm." she spoke, trying to calm herself. Being a rage-demon and a were-croc made it hard to control them selves when it came to certain types of people.

Anaya: "well that is simple, cus i smell of it my ruler that sent me here is a dragon, and i bet dragons pass this place all the time" she gave a light chuckle as she turned to the wall snapping her fingers once more and that shadow transport opened up before her, it was there when she needed to use it but she would talk with the guy a big longer "i dont think anyone would harm ya here mister, if they wanted to i think they would have already "

Guest_GhostTenshi: -chuckles "This sword is the least of your worries with me." the male turns to Anaya again and speaks, "Ah well this is a fresh sent not more then ten minutes old. I must know why my kingdom was attack, Why a dieing village was attacked and destroyed as such."

Anaya simply smiled and faded into the wall "sometimes the simple things are they did it for food and desperation" and with that the woman was simply gone back to her home of the Iron roses.

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Play wall you Read

Iron is Born Coverpreview1

skagx: Altraila pushed the doors open to the arena as she looked at the design of the room. She hadn't been down here yet, but she needed to know the whole layout of the place if she was to guard someone within here. She would run her fingers through her dark crimson hair as she stretched out and walked into the arena as she continued to scope out the smaller room. With a sigh she sat down and drew her blade as she ran her hand along the enchanted dragonic blade. Back in her travelling time she had slain many dragons and what she did was she took their best scales off of them and made it into a kitana. Standing up, she would ready her: enchanted blade [absorbs 15% of oncoming magic into her mana pool], dragon thread [stronger form of steel thread], and her two main skill trees of magic; blood and lightning/electricity manipulation. Under her mask, was part of her were-croc form she could not turn human no matter how hard she tried which was her mouth. Her mouth was full of razor sharp long teeth. [think of mileena from mortal kombat]

Iron is Born Number2

Anaya: After great pain a formal feeling comes The nerves sit ceremonious like tombs; The stiff Heart questions--was it He that bore? And yesterday--or centuries before? The feet, mechanical, go round A wooden way Of ground, or air, or ought, Regardless grown, A quartz contentment, like a stone. This is the hour of lead Remembered if outlived, As freezing persons recollect the snow-- First chill, then stupor, then the letting go. The words from that stupid poam ran in her mind as she walked along the sandy area. she had no idea what place that shadow transport had dropped her this time and it did not make the dragon woman happy. she walked down a long step way that led into the ground, ya smart idea Anaya walk into the dark area you dont know the ending to, really smart like finding a scary sound and walking to the sound and not running away. Anaya as always held her best weapon on her back a large brod blade named Vain, vain was very helpful to the dragon being a liquid steel blade able to shift and take the form of what she needed of him, armor, other weapons, cannons able to fire ray blasts and well almost anything she could come up with, but the weapon still could not get the chain scythe form she had bin training him to do...somethings you just cant train onto anything. Vain was something not many had, and she had him found him at the black market a long time ago, Vain has some very interesting things about him. ,Vain does not show for any forms of detection, such as detect magic or psionics. Vain has the ability to assume any form Anaya wishes it to take, even creating multiple separate pieces. One of it's most dangerous abilities is to release a small shard of itself into a wound, this shard can work it's way through the blood system, and at any point Anaya or Vain wish, alter it's shape to cause havoc from within. Vain was forged from the purest deposits of Adamantium, Mythril, and Phrik. This weapon is sentient and feeds on the life/energy of those it strikes, drawing off approximately five percent of the opponent’s life force, or animating energy with each strike that lands, and another five percent each round it maintains contact with that opponent. Vain can store this energy up and allow Anaya to use it to power his magics or replenish his vitality (this doesn't heal her, just eliminates the effect of fatigue, when the energy is available), thereby greatly reducing the effects of exertion and spell usage. Vain also is a living breathing being , he can take his human form anytime he wishes and is a great companion to Anaya and her very best weapon. As Anaya walked down the steps she pushed open a door and simply saw a woman, well this would be nice she had not fed in weeks and was starving, a albino golden dragon hungry was never something to really mess with in the first place so in Anayas mind this girl was unlucky. Anaya, a beast with the power to blow both fire, hotter then that of the eldest red dragon and hot acid able to burn stone and steel like water making sand turn to mud. White in scale color but with the power of a pure blood golden dragon, one would never see that power com ing from what they would think was a simply weak and small white dragon. she stood there watching the woman bright red eyes looking at the woman, one eye changed as she stood there, changed black and with a little white light at the back of it, a secret the dragon held and a magic of her eyes, she hoped the girl would not find out this trate and was smart enough to get out of the dragons way, and it was always more fun to hunt a moving target. she stood there and simply grined her mouth full of rows on rows of needle sharp acid pumping fangs all folded up to the top and bottom of her mouth. ((like a sharks mouth full of viper fangs able to pump acid from her gut like a viper useing its venom))

Iron is Born Anaya

skagx: Watching this woman appear she growled as her red pupils focused on this woman who had entered the same room as her. The blackness of her eyes absorbed light instead of reflecting it like most eyes. The ground beneath her feet began to crack and glow so ever brightly, that the rest of the room seemed very low lit up as sparks of lightning blasted off of her feet and to make a attack on this woman, but not allow herself to be attacked so easily. She would cut her hand open and then control the blood to flow out and in mid air, harden into crystals of blood that were just as sharp as her blade. Keeping them in mid-air she then have them launch at this woman's belly button in specific. With a smile she the put finger in her mouth and sucked on some blood that was still on it. This woman didn't intimidate altraila, but she wasn't going to get cocky and let her guard down for a fact, so she would have to stay on her feet and make sure it stayed that way.

Anaya: She moved on the arena watching the girl, the girls eyes stood out to her as her own eyes took in the world in a diffrent level, anaya could see the world in one eye like a dragon, seeing the world as clear as day and being able to zoom in and out much like a hawk, and have the eyes of a cat any other time seeing as clear in the day light as she did at night. but the other eye was the interesting one her other eye sees the world in a much different way, seeing the world black with a light blue outline on all living , non living and even hidden beings, this is known as her true sight. Looking to long in this eye has bin described as a draining feeling as if all your happyness and hope has bin lost. A sudden over welling feeling of dread and depression comes over the looker and in time even madness sets in. It is as if looking into the evil in the world for one eye is the evil gaze and the other is the light. it is also known to be able to draw out ones soul if they long to much as that madness makes a looker want to give up there whole being to the thing that greed for, for that little light at the end of the blackness. this eye is also able to change and see in heat markings much like that of a large snake. The dragon moved around as she moved her claw to dig her own fingers into her face. "food a meal hunger yes" she mumbled as her own bright blue blood filled her own lips and she coughed it up onto the floor and area around her, her bones snapped and she arched her torso back flinging herself back words as her ribs and spine distorted. shifting was a cruel and macabre thing as it truly was a scan out of a horror film. within moments the woman started to grow, her body covered in bright white scales able to stop most blades other then ones aimed just right, able to stop most magics as she was a beast made of magic energy , only being weak to a select few, and scales also known to be able to turn them self outward to make anything that griped onto them unable to hold on without being cut, or flung off in a thrash. She now changed standing a good 40 feet up and moving her back so her wings could snap of of it adding a good 70 foot wing span to her body if she held them out. she was far from her full size here, knowing the lighting would not hurt her she did not pay it much mind, the blood shards on the other hand she did not want to deal with, moving her tail up she would place the hard side of it up the pat of her tail that was made like a bashing shield with long tick non overlapped scales to stop most things that came at it. the blood would hit and simply stick in the hard part not even breaking the scale wall or simply fall down to the ground being reflected off. she moved and let her jaw grow in color the white turning Orange as she powered up something. Vain rested on the ground only to be used if she needed him. ((power level at 20 % one prep for fire blast.))

skagx: She smiled as her shards flew at the woman, but when she watched the woman cough up some blue blood and the change form she took a couple steps back in shock. When she saw her blood shards stab into the woman's tail but not do much else, she growled and tossed her sword as she cracked her knuckles as she spoke. "Let's wrestle, you over grown lizard." she then bit her lip in pain as she too grown into a larger beast, as all of her bones, expanded and some grown on out of her bones. Now, she stood at twelve feet tall and was a humanoid crocodile. [think of croc from batman arkum asylum's appearance] She then ran at the beast and attempted to lunge at grab onto it's throat and bash her large claws into it's throat as if she was trying to pull out it's jugular.

Iron is Born Werecrocodile_by_Michael_Phillippi

Anaya: Anaya watched the girl and did something so simple it was funny, she held out a foot in fount of the beasty, the giant clawed dragons padded foot was the size of the womans whole being. she watched as the womans ran at her and ended up running and stabbing into nothing but foot, insistently she shut her claws and then opened her wings and looked down to the woman in her claws with that evil grin and not a single word. All Anaya did was look up and move her wings up and down she new that this beasty would know what was coming, she did not want to kill the other one at this point seeing it was scaled like her but playing with it was very much a thought on the dragons mind. Anaya moved her tail and back feet to give her a better jump off from the ground as she looked up taking one of her wings and smashing out the foot watching the parts fall on top of her, the parts made hardly any mark other then a mild patch of head pain to the dragons reinforced skull. she still held her jaws clamped shut as that orange glow got brighter (power level 30% prep 2)

skagx: She grew angered seeing the woman grab her with her foot, she then would see the woman readying to lift her up into the air, so she began to charge her lightning once more to continue charging that element from where she left off. The lightning emitted from her as she curled into a ball and began channelling her lightning as best as she could, hoping to have enough to perform her plan she had just thought of in time for when it would need to be put into action. [15% lightning charged :I ] Her eyes closed as she focused on channelling her energy. [fixed]

Anaya: Anaya pushed her feet from the ground and took off up into the skys over head, the large white wings making that sin light blinding to ones looking at her scaled body, it was like she was a giant sun beam in the sky, a star of light standing out in the sky. with the girl nicely in hold she griped the female scaled thing tightly as she got up to a good 500 feet up then 600 feet up and soon she was at a nice about 900 feet up. she flapped her wings as she stayed hovering in the air her jaws still holding that glow that was getting brighter and brighter every moment (prep 3 fire blast, 40% power level) The dragon looked to the girl and could see very well the girl was charging something. Anayas black eye picked up the spike in power and oddly the dragon was far from bugged by it.

Iron is Born C5512363d359ff274db0c81e6b0646ce

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Iron is Born GoldDragonWallpaper
Lets Find a New Home

QnMoyraDeCarta: Morgana dear, it is nice to see you out and about. Are the young ones being well cared for? Has Wynga given any indication when they might make their full appearance?

xxMayithraxx: Eveing ALL. -she walks over and sits across from her beloved.- Toga rest now please I am safe - she looks over to Caelius , My love something has got to be done. If I am going to have tag along I need someone that knows the woods like and knows how to stay hidden. They almost got me killed the other day

MagickalMorgana: "Jeyne, Emma, and Amy are looking after them," she smiles. "Sir Seth insisted I get out of the castle."

MagickalMorgana: "Circe, darling, if your going to be like that, go hunt or something," she says, shooing her familiar away.

QnMoyraDeCarta: Well, for once I agree with your Knight sister. *She giggles swiftly and smiles at Seth*

MagickalMorgana: ~Circe slinks off into the wood, pouting~

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Looking over at Araiel, she sighs softly* What can we do to make it better for you daughter, without undermining your safety?

SeChap: -keeps an eye on morgana, trying to ignore the pounding in his skull

MagickalMorgana: ~looks around for a servant~

HolyEmperorCaelius: -Smirking- Tis funny you should bring that particular subject up, my dear. I have noticed that your natural inclinations have far exceeded anything I have ever seen, even amongst your own people. Especially your natural affinity with wildlife.

xxMayithraxx: -looking to her mother , then Caelius.- What did you have in mind

SeChap: -looks to moy- "may i trouble you for some mead you highness"

MagickalMorgana: ~espying Debi, she calls her over~ "Tea for Sir Seth, please," she says to the maid, giving Seth the don't-argue-with-me look. "Equal parts of willow bark, chamomile, lavender buds, and rosemary. With honey," she smiles at Debi.

QnMoyraDeCarta: Oh of course, Seth. *Moyra looks around and chuckles softly* Though I keep forgetting, out here we have no servants. Give me a moment and I shall instruct them inside to bring trays to us. While I am up, does anyone else need something? *she looks around to the rest*

Torxan: *he relaxes as far into the couch as it allowed him, the frame complaining slightly under his weight*

Anaya: Luck what a unpredictable thing it was. Small feeble little rat you are run up to only find a wall there oh how your luck has not favoured you this day. He stood there, gold and silver in scales and that stupid look upon his face, as always and BANG clawed foot came down upon that rat as it was now a meal, in moments the little scaled worm chomped down its pray. Lucy or so everyone called the little monster was a ....well no one knows his age including himself, luck dragon of no name, no gender and well nothing, he was a mystery in his own story with no back ground , hardly talked to anyone but his only friend jeff who he had not seen in years and well he had words with his abeyance of a house guest Anaya the golden white scaled bitch but that was one time and then he vanished with no trace what so ever after he left her so long ago with that guard, a new home ya that is what the little monster needed a new home and a new place to play tricks on. As he finished up his lunch he walked into a shimmering rainbow transport and walked out to meet the sun face first, oh sun in the eyes it made the little 15 foot long thing cringe. He looked up and looked around seeing a castle or well something a little ways away, maby he could get out of the sun, walking up to it he hovered up and pushed open the door just to lower himself back down and walk inside out of the sun. Lucky was a 15 foot Long Luck dragon with bright golden and silver shimmering scales, he was not a hard one to miss but he never said a word as he walked in, only the clicks of claws on the floor, that was the only sound from the little monster.

SeChap: -sighs and holds his head the pounding getting fiercer

HolyEmperorCaelius: Well, I have an announcement to make. -Standing up- Araiel DeCarta, Holy Empress of Valinar, inspiration to the people, my beloved. It is my distinct pleasure to hereby issue this Imperial decree: I hereby name you Commander of the Ranger Element of Valinar's Imperial Guard, effective immediately. You are responsible for the Command, control, and training of all Ranger forces. Congratulations, my dear... -smiles brightly-

MagickalMorgana: ~Debi bobs a curtsey and dashes off to the kitchens, returning anon with the prescribed tea for Sir Seth, a pot of honey on the side of the tray.~ "M'lord," she curtsies to Seth.

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Bernard and Marcus watch as the large dragon lands between them and begins to force its way inside the castle. Marcus reaches out to grab one arm, calling out loudly to him* "Ere now! Whatcha be doin' trying ta get inside without statin' yer business! Yeh may be dragon, but yeh is still a stranger here. What be yer name and what business do yeh have to DeCarta Castle?

Torxan: *he tilts his head back slightly as he sniffed the air and crossed his legs, then crossed his arms as headjusted his tails hold of Moyra*

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra tilts her head, looking up at Tor.* Uncomfortable my love? *She lays her hand on his knee, rubbing it softly*

xxMayithraxx: -Speechless and surprised, Araeil stands wrapping her arms around Caelius , she gives him a deep kiss- Caelius my love you have no idea what this means to me. Now I can take a head ranger with me, and they will know what they are doing. Thank you so much my love

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra smiles over at her daughter and son-in-law.* That was quite nice of you Caelius. Hopefully this will also keep her sharp, and keep her mind off of... well... wandering so much.

SeChap: thank you Debi" -he mutters wishing it was mead

Torxan: *he smirks* Just reminding myself this is Aloxn territory

Anaya: Lucky let out a hiss and in seconds had moved, may luck favor the bold? he guessed it would, as the dragon darted around without a word it ran up one of the walls beside the doors and found himself a rafter out of reach of garbing hands and people making the little devil like thing talk. people makeing a luck dragon talk he thought to himself as he thought it was rude, but it was his mind so it was not all in the right place after all.

HolyEmperorCaelius: -Nodding his head- Well, first you will have to come up with a training regimen, reorganize the group how you see fit, and implement the training.

MagickalMorgana: ~smiles sweetly at Sir Seth, confident that the herbs will alleviate his headache faster than mead~

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra nods slowly at Tor* Aye... but it shall also be your kingdom when we wed, my love, so it is your territory as well.

Torxan: *he nods with a grin* Then shall I show the intruder at the castle why many call me the Blue Nightmare?

Anaya: Lucky moved on his rafter so far from people, safe...he thought as he moved making a small peep and then tryed to get some much needed sleep.

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra frowns slightly* Intruder love? I have nay seen anyone around? *As soon as she says that, she hears Bernard's famous bellowing waft over* 'Ere now! Yeh get down from there AT ONCE!! Queen Moyra will have yeh hangin' from the rafters of the dungeons iffen yeh don't!!

SeChap: -spoons many spoonfuls of honey into the tea and grimaces holding it to his lips and sipping

Anaya: Lucky looked down as the little Luck dragon hissed wanting only silance, he was far from a harm just a pest mostly wanting a place to sleep his days away, it was sooo very hard when everything went your way as luck was forever on your side, lazy buger he was.

MagickalMorgana: "By the Goddess, Moyra, what is going on?" she asks, alarmed.

Torxan: *he smirks* It is just a young-ling, he smells of the East Lands

MagickalMorgana: ~turns to Sir Seth~ "It's not THAT bad... be happy I didn't include valerian and skullcap," she teases him.

HolyEmperorCaelius: -Hearing the shouting of Bernard from a considersble distance, Caelius' Elven ears perked up, and placed his sword hand upon the hilt of his blade.- What ever is the commotion all about?

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra jumps slightly and turns to Tor* Oh.. well hmmm.... it does appear the guards are going on about something. Would you mind taking a look, darling and seeing if you may help them? It doesn't appear they feel any threat, but we must get Bernard to stop his bellowing.

SeChap: -seth rses to his feet as the guard sounds the alarm dropping the cup and reaching for his sword\

Anaya: Lucky moved on his rafter as there was much to much sound, the little 15 foot long Luck dragon older then most would think from how it acted moved to a nice soft spot of the wall and started to dig into the wood on the inside of the walls as it was clear the walls had stone on the outside.

MagickalMorgana: ~smiles at her ever-faithful First Knight~

TorxanTorxan : *he nods as he uncurls his tail from his betrothed, then walks up to the castle with his hands clasped behind his back, shouting out to the llittle dragon* I advise you come down and state your business here youngling, you are in my territory

MagickalMorgana: "We are blessed, sister," she smiles at Moyra.

Anaya: Lucky had almost gotten into the wall as he looked down ....really youngeling.....ya you so call a luck dragon as old as time a baby, god he ....ya no clue when he was a hatchling sometimes are lost to time. Lucky looked so not impressed as the man was kinda rude maby if he talked nicer he would come down and stop diging in there walls. He looked back up and went back to diging into the wall geting his head and half his long body into the hole he made like a rat getting away from people.

QnMoyraDeCarta: *The luck dragon would see an 18-foot dragon with blue fir and feathers approaching the inside of the castle, Bernard and Marcus stepping aside to allow him in* Boy 'tis good to see you here Lord Tor *Bernard claps him on the arm* Perhaps yeh can understand this little bugger, eh?

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra looks over at her sister and smiles* Aye.. we definately are sister.

MagickalMorgana: ~noting Sir Seth attempting to fight, even though he has a headache, she waves her hand and sends him back to Crowhaven~

QnMoyraDeCarta: I am happy to see you feeling somewhat better about things? Are you warming up to your young ones yet?

Torxan: *he sighs as he begins to walk up the wall of the castle as though it were the ground, then stops about where the little dragon lay hidden and tapped a toe claw on the stone* I do hope you aren't destroying my secondary home, because you see *he tugs out a stone and peers in with a striking sapphire blue eye* I am not in the mood for games

Anaya: Lucky smashed a stone that was on the other side of the males face as Lucky looked out of the hole and looked out from that broken stone at the males face. and all that came over the little things face as a grin, no words as the little thing only talked to ones it saw earned it.

MagickalMorgana: ~shakes her head~ "Sister... I am up all hours of the night, and too tired to do much but sleep all day... I cry for no reason... I feel like such a failure.... Sir Seth just insisted I get out and away for a time. Maybe he's right... maybe a little time to myself will do me good," she smiles sadly.

MagickalMorgana: "I am taking St Johns Wort tea several times a day," she offers.

QnMoyraDeCarta: *Moyra moves closer to her sister, patting her on the knee* Oh sister.. did I nay ever tell you that when I had the twins, I felt the same way? You just need to be able to see the babes faces is all. I KNOW once that happens, you shall feel ever so much better! And if not, then I shall put my alchemists to task at making you a tonic.

MagickalMorgana: "I hope so, sister," she sighs. "I know that I KNEW that at least one would be born in ova, but.. I really expected to hand Vlad a smiling, cooing, growling little demon son, and instead? A bowling ball."

TorxanTorxan WhisperAdd Friend: *he frowns darkly, then gets an unnerving grin that many have learned to flee from* I see *the stones all around the little dragon suddenly begin to shift and move while Tor leans back to allows the stones to flow out and around o behind him, bringing him into full view of the little wanker* If you state why you ae here, an why you tear up what is not yours, I may be convinced to find you a better place to live

QnMoyraDeCartaQnMoyraDeCarta WhisperAdd Friend: Sister, you WILL hand him a demon son. Once he hatches out. *She smiles, stiffling a smirk, trying not to sound like she was teasing too much*

MagickalMorgana: "I know," she smiles, still longing to see at least one of her babes' faces soon.

Anaya: The luck dragon as the stoned moved simply hoped form one to the next one "luck is in my favor it seems oh blue one, and i made a small hole to be able to find a safe place to sleep you are ripping up a wall, bad thinker oh bad thinker" Lucky moved as it hoped up the stones and got away hoping over the males head and hovering in mid air about 10 or so feet from the back of the mans head.

Torxan: *the stones slamm back into place as Tor reaches out and snags the pesky brat by his tail and digs in his own very sharp claws* But Time little pest, is in my favor, having watched the multiverse form from the mind of the Mother Goddess

Anaya: Lucky intently stopped moving as he was grabed and in moments the golden scaled started to turn to black. "only warning bad luck oh bad bad luck" the little green eyes on the being started to change to red as the luck in the lands would sift if he so felt like it, the crops would die and the pray animals would move on, bad luck set on the lands so he fill the need to. a Luck dragon was a very helpful friend and even worse to anger, a nightmare to ones he so wished it. "i am Dragon of the four corners of the earth and all in it, Luck dragon to father time, your take hands from my scale as NO ONE gets to lay hand on what is not of there own body's" his voice was childish before but now it was harsh and old sounding, an oddly respectable voice but one of much power and meaning. the sky's over head got darker and the day was changing as bad luck can bring so many problems to the land around the little thing, but would be stay little for long, that was up to the male that was blue.

Torxan: *he laughs loudly* I have endured worse, gods I have brought down with ease *his eyes begin glowing brightly as waves of light pulse along his markings* I represent the very force of Time, which far outdoes luck or any other force, as all must answer to the ocean currents of Time. *his jaws enlarge and elongate as his body begins to shift and disolve away as it transformed to a pure energy creature* Two can play this game, I don't usually show my Origin form, but for you I can make an exception

Anaya: Lucky moved as his face stated to change, no longer friendly his face did not show the marks of anything other then anger and rage, to anger a luck dragon was one thing no one even did not even Anaya pissed that little thing off or touch it oh hell no. The scales on his back started to grow, larger, and larger and flat, soon the dragon was getting to large for the males hand to grab and hold on to. in the blink of an eye the luck dragons tail and body flipped up and in doing so if the male did not let go of the growing monsters tail he would be slammed into the floor with enough force to smash the bones of any dragon. in moments the dragon shot up with or without the male holding on to its tail and smashed out of this building out of the roof and into the sky. AS the sky god darker the storm came into sight and thunder boomed and cracked over top of this land. "i made a hole in your wall the size of a dog and anger befalls you to traitor something as weak and mend-able as a stone wall, you lay judgement upon ones older then ones self and play pride thinking you are better then a world for you own the dirt under your feet. one may be larger if they hold a building but in the time it will take you to rebuild this building i will be gone, this storm will be the last water you see in the times you hold on this ground" The luck dragon as he was hovering a good 400 or so feet up letting that booming voice carry over the lands under him had grown to be over 3 hundred feet long and still growing. what happened now to the lands and if the dragon made up his mind to change his thoughts on what he was going to place on this land was on himself and himself only now.

Anaya: There was no words from under him as the thunder and lighting boomed over head, the lighting hit ground beside the castle as the luck dragon got to a towering 500 feet long, with the end of his tail a shimmering star formed and landed on the castle as he said softly "may bad luck befall this land till the day it dies and weeps." he moved and the building started to glow as the storm was left at its own will and power and the little dragon was far over head nicely watching as the whole building was placed under a siege of lighting and the cracks of thunder as it was all lighting and thunder but no rain fell, as no rain would fall for as many more years as this land was living. and the best part of it all was The Luck dragon had no idea who was living and who was dead down there among the mess of the building all seemed to hold so dear.  Then he was gone to find the next place that may be a home to him.

Iron is Born LuckDragon
Do not anger Luck, For Luck can change in the blink of an eye ~ Anaya

24Iron is Born Empty Re: Iron is Born on Thu Jan 19 2017, 16:17


~~~~~~The Fight Continued~~~~~~

Anaya moved in the sky her footing there was getting a bit weaker, soon black was dripping from her eyes and she was becoming weaker, her mind flickered as black started to shadow her eyes, combat not a good thing to do she thought to herself as the darkness fogged her vision.  she wiggled and pushed up another good 100 or so feet up being a towering 1000 feet or so off the ground. with out even thinking she opens her claws, dropping the girl to meet her fate, Anaya had not thought on the charging on what ever that female was going to do at this point she had to get home before she herself crashed from this hight up, sickness was on the dragons mind more then anything. as she watched the girls eyes fade as she was falling the dragon opens her jaws and let out a fire blast right on top of the spot the girl was falling at, well what Anaya could see was the right way it was hard at this point with black covering most of what you could see. in moments the dragon was done her blast and had poured out a waterfall of fire down to the ground under them and at the girl.  she flapped her wings more to get up and out as she turned her body in the sky in the way that was home, she had to get there fast or she would crash land and from this hight her crash may not be one she could get up from. a broken wing is  not a good thing for a dragon far from home.

skagx: Altraila adjusted her body as she was wipped. Originally her plan was to be whipped and over power the force of her falling with a large volt of electricity, and slam herself into the beast's stomach or preferably the throat, she had to switch gears and get away. Even though this beast was damaged and she could finish it, she wouldn't make it much longer due to not eating in a while and she was beginning to have trouble breathing at this height so she began to fall towards the ground as fast as she could. She would continue to charge her electricity as she fell to her death and looked up above her seeing; a large capacity of flames trailing behind her. Eventually, she was out of the fire's range and began to plummet. When there was only ten feet between her and the ground she used the the electricity to remove the force and send her in another direction. She slammed into a wall, but was still much more alive than she would have been.

Anaya was heading back home as she started to wobble in the sky, the sickness getting to her as she could not see the empire yet, she could not see anything, black tar started falling from her jaws and her eyes started to bleed that same tar. the blindness and dizziness kicked in to make her fall  down a good 400 feet, spinning face first into a sand bank. the dust was high over head as she got herself up and started walking dragging her wings behind her to head home not caring how she got there or what shape she would be in from over using her powers but knowing she simply had to get home.

25Iron is Born Empty Re: Iron is Born on Thu Jan 19 2017, 16:25


Memories Still Linger

Sand hit my face as the ground came faster then i thought it would, so fogged and so distant looking from up there i never thought it would come so fast. for a moment i did not even realize it was all around me, pooling under me and turning the sand a interesting shade of red and black, blood my own blood. soon it was even in my mouth, wings snapped and paining me i did not even get up from the sand bed, it was not worth the pain to even try to move.

i thought of you.....there as i lay in the bed that was going to be the end of me, why was i so foolish to use to much power to do that fight with someone i had never seen before, was it going to kill me? was this the last breath i was going to take? will my claws even feel the stone of my floors once more? is it over, all over.....but you, you are with me my Crome my fighter my soldier my thought of the past that i have never bin able to get from my mind over the last passing weeks. you are with me even if you are gone, you left for i never could love you and now that i can you are no more, a shadow in the memory's of this dieing beast upon the sands of her own sorrows.  will i ever see you again? will you find me or will be lost with out the touch of your warm fured chest i once fell into to sleep in peace and safety. a love story ripped apart by one of the main feature of its embrace, me. Anaya, what is in the word, my name, my story, what i am ...a name, a history , a meaning. Anaya of the Rose, given this name when i was tossed and banished from my home, the word Anaya means in our tongue The Betrayer it is a vile word a cursed name to forever hold ones head in shame for doing a act that changed a nation.  I killed them the golden set, raped by our king then snapped in rage and killed my attacker to see his wife come in the doors to end my existence, so i turned and ended hers. Why do it when i new i would never be let back, it was do it or be lost to that time and have others think they killed you for you being the attacker, rapest and murderer, why not give them something to judge me for.

Slow i lifted a foot and got myself up on my legs, tree trunks i was called when i was nothing but a hatchling, but now i guess they came in handie.

Iron is Born Itshardtoforgetsomeonewhogaveyousomuchtoremember

I Wish you could see me now, I wish you could hear me Cry, I Wish you could see me Crawl , I Wish i never had to remember you.

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