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Iron is Born

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We all pray one day to be able to walk when we cant, but today i did not want to. i wanted to lay here, to not get up and to not move on from this pit i fell in and my bulk made when i feel from the sky after that stupid fight, i wanted to die, in silence. but i got up and moved that foot and walked, every step was pain to the bones and i could not even lift my tail to press forth into that hurting sun of mid days torment. one foot at a time lifted and trudged the sands out from my way and i moved, moved slow and seemed to take forever to go 10 feet. pain shoot in my body like i was on fire, a dragon feeling as if on fire how ironic, i thought to myself as i tryed to push away the images of you and i, kissing in the rain and the day i saved you from that fire in town, and the day you asked me to be yours, oh how you had grown from a small wolf put to a man.

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you had given me everything and i still remember your words to me as i turned you away and went back to bed "no matter what i will forever love you my beloved Anaya ruler of the Rose, my image of greatness" now look at me Crome look how great i am, i gave it all to be a better ruler to be less a fighter and stand for my people, but i only got what was best, a mess and tricked form the one i worship.

My face hit the sand as i crumbled into a mass of wing and scales, nothing of a ruler but a bleeding sand covered heap of what was once greatness. as my red eyes looked up i saw the sky growing dark, i had bin walking for longer then i thought after all, day turned to night and i had no idea. "stars, you watched them with me once, if i remember right you said that no matter where i am you always watched over me from the stars. no matter what place i am Crome i know you can see me" getting up once again i looked back ahead of me, nothing for miles still, no home anywhere in the distance i was going to end up walking all night to get there.

Time went on as it did and i walked my wings making large gashes in the sand as my feet every now and again slipped out from under me making me fall or roll down a dune of sand to crumble  at the bottom and not want to get back up, for the knowing i was not who i once was. why get up to the image in the pool of clear water when you did not know who was looking at you, why look into it and think it is not who you want to be, what was the point in it all, the reason, simply to live? i guess.

The moon high in the sky the image of a dragon, broken  and bleeding came into the sight of town, people did not come out of there homes, they did not move to her aid, they did not even open there eyes from sleep as she lumbered into there streets. she lowered her head as she looked into a window, sweet fire burning and the sent of there last meal still lingering in the air around her as a smile came to her maw but slowly faded as she new that meal and glory of warmth was far from welcome to her, she had to get home. The dragon looked around as she did not see her home, was this the right town? was she lost again? was she ever going to get home? no this was not the right town it was one on the stopping path to home. but not homes town and not the town of Iron, so she would walk past and out of it as fast as she came into it.

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Iron is Born - Page 2 At-stredoveka-krema-medieval-tavern

Drinking turned to drunking and drunking was now the pass-time. man got to get a better Bar he snarled as the ale sloshed in the wood mug, why cant there waitresses have biger breasts or there servers have nicer asses and there heads not so hide up the skinned guys back sides they cant even see me. well we fured (To sleep with a person in a fured bed, Medieval term) one of them last week, where did that brad go anyway i think i broke one of her hips and maby ripped a ligament in her thigh, ya got to say sorry about that. he grabbed his mug and tossed back yet another swig.

What was her name agein, Martha? Nicky? Barbra? no i dont know or dont care she was a keeper, you know the nothing on get in the furs and do ya like it is her last day on earth, oh i did like her, she had black silks, blound hair and that skin you could never see a mark on.

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Ya she was still doable, even if she did not have the nicer ass then that other lass. i forget her name and i don't really care. Ya Crome had gone over the edge sitting in this same bar for 3 days now drinking his life away like some sort of fool on a quest, it was a Wolf man that never did see anything clearly after he left so many years ago. He took yet another swig of his ale and dropped the mug on the table with a very large bang, the echo of it made the bar owner look over but seeing it was 'that guy' he cared very little and looked away. "you know why cant a good man get a drink around here" the Wolf man yelled over top of the sound of fiddles and drum beats. no one talked back, it angered the beast as he got up and slammed his fists down on the table "i said why cant a go..." Crome let out a burp "good man get a bloody drink around here" out of the crowd came a small voice

"cus you are drunk and no one cares man" Crome got up and looked around the room bright yellow eyes bright and seeming to be almost a glow in rage and intoxication.

"who said that, show yourself" he called as he almost fell over half way in speech. out of the side of the bar came a small man with pointed ears and not a drop of ale on his breath.

"go home man the show is over, your done you need to leave" the little man turned away as Crome put a clawed hand out and picked the man up by his shoulders holding him before his face.

"i would...if i had one" he tossed the little man down and the little man got up again just as fast as he hit the floor and Snaped his fingers, in moments two large troll looking beasts came up and looked at the wolf man. all Crome did was place up to clenched fists and growl "ok fuckers give it to me i am done i am ready and i am..." a bang and the Wargon hit the ground outside as he was timber tossed out a now smashed window. "that was not  very nice to toss me i got glass in my foot and it .... she used to pull the glass out of my foot" his mind flickered as a smile came on the drunk beasts face as he sad in the dirt. "ya she used to help me with a lot of stuff"  his mind thought back to the days he had held her and the days he had her as his own, his everything his Anaya. the way she looked at him and the way she she smiled when no one was looking, the way she hid her feelings, and how she loved him but never said anything, and the way he loved her and said everything.

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"Sometimes images in our mind is all we have left of the ones we love." he mumbled as he picked himself up off the cold hard dirty ground and brushed himself off almost falling over as he had forgotten he was drunk. Crome moved and started to walk to the ally that he had his blanket in and as he found the wall he held onto it turning around to see ....a flash of white and then nothing. for a moment he thought of her, her black scales and everything she had then, the power the greatness. but then he turned and went to his laying spot on that box, changing himself into that fured black and Gray wolf he had become and going to rest his eyes as his head pounded from over drinking.

Can it all really take the pain away?

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Snow...the ground felt cold as she hit the stone bit of the towns walk way, it almost felt as if it was snow and ice under her feet as she walked out of town her tail moving sideways and the white shimmering scales hitting the side of a building before moving out of the way again. there was all taverns and pubs here in this part of town she could not wait to get out of it. the dragon looked back over the town as she thought for a moment something got to her ears, his voice, something , a memory nothing more... she moved and walked out of town back onto dirt and sand and oh a bit of grass and stones. she still took every step with pain and anguish, every step felt like forever and the thoughts of him still on her mind.

Home was there she could feel it not far away it was there, it was right there only maby a mile off  not long at all we can so do this, she thought to herself as her claws hit stone once again and her foreleg crushed a gate sending pain into her leg and almost making her fall. the gates sharp top was deep in her leg and she grabbed it with her maw and ripped it from her foot and put her foot back on the ground. Steps of that red and black blood covered the ground as she walked and people came to there doors to see there ruler in the shape she was in. "look at her" the whispers carried to the dragons ears as she hung her head in shame.

Iron is Born - Page 2 56557_group_lg

"is that Anaya?"
"she is bleeding most have lost a fight ya"
"look at the stupid beast walk, looks like a train smashed into her face"
"look everyone look"
"maby we need to help it"

there laughing made her snarl but the beast could not even move her head to jut out at there mockery. out of the one side of town came a little boy with a soft ripped cloth as he walked over to one of the giant dragons toes and held it up to her "i know you don't like people and you don't like this town but here i think you need it more then i do Naya" Anaya stopped dead in her tracks and looked down at him, her stop almost made her tumble but she held herself up.
"why would i hate my own people" she said in a soft and small voice as her head lowered to him and he placed that cloth on her nose cleaning some of the blood on her face, the sounds of the peoples comments on how the boy was stupid, how the boy was brave, how she should eat him , how they sould grab him and run, and of there fear of there ruler. it all filled the air around them as the both of them stood in town.
"my mother told us kids on how you never give them any chance, how the taxes are to high and if we don't pay them we are in danger of our lives." He cleaned her nose and looked up into her large red eyes "they said to be scared of the red eyed monster. but i don't see you as one at all Naya, i think you are just lonely" Anaya looked at him and oddly did not mind him looking into the eyes she would have killed others for doing.

"you are a smart boy, your mother must be so proud of you. you are right on my feelings when so many others never cared to even ask about them" she moved her nose and pressed a scaled part up to his face softly "go run along little one, you and the rest of town do not need to worry about there taxes any more, we are going to be fine" the boy smiled and hugged her face leaving the cloth on her nose as he ran away to tell his mother they would be able to get food now to feed his sister.

Anaya picked up her head as she new the voices stopped and she simply started walking again to get to her castle doors as she pushed them open and fell helpless on the floor. two weeks of being missing and now she was home in a bloody heap on the floor. but still home.

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mageofmist: -Hanging upside down or perhaps in her mind downside right…she hung from the ceiling, her feet seemed connected magnetically but in truth it was just her being so bad-ass that gravity didn't care what she did. Her arms crossed and patience finding itself thin as her day to day chores around the castle kept her occupied for great amounts of time. For her to be honest with her job here, working for Iron Dynasty had to be the worst gig she had come across thus far. Not because of the people…no she could feel a strong connection growing between them. It wasn't the location either as the sun beat down with great intensity during the day and Alera loved it. She grumbled and realized it must have been due to the lack of bloodshed and stress relief her job didn't call for on most days. For the first time in decades Alera wasn't being attacked, sieged, or kidnapped by anything. The peaceful life she seemed to be leading left a hole of excitement in her black and cobwebbed heart. The scent of her Lady pass through the doors caught her attention, but interestingly enough was the fresh and metallic taste of blood that followed. She unclung herself from the roof and landed gently in the centre room; petals danced around her impact. She turned around and walked towards the large and injured beast, she placed her warm hand against Anaya’s cheek and glanced at the white cloth stuck to her snout. A faint smile crossed her lips- “Though you may be in pain…you are safe here in my arms” –Alera reached for the cloth and giggled slightly, clearly not taking Anaya’s injuries as serious as one probably should but then again Alera believed that a smile was the best cure for any booboo.- “what’s this here on your nose M’Lady?....but more importantly why are you like this? Half dead and bleeding out on your palace floor?”

KotaSurion: -kota would yawn ever so softly as he walked lazily through out the town of people trying to find his mother as he blinked softly but slightly lost and confused as he spoke softly.-"errrmmmm she should be here righhhhhttt artorias...?"-he said as he rubbed the back of his hair slightly as if he was slightly delusional as it would seem to most people in town as his pink and blue eye glow ever so brightly, not out of hate or frustration but more of a confused state as his elven ears wiggled letting his earrings shake as he bite into his bottom lip where the black cross dangled from the lip connected by the chain. afterwards after doing this his ears would wiggle happily as he shouted aloud not caring for what others thought.-"aha! she must be in that big place over their no one goes into, very fitting of mom's lifestyle!"-he said ina confident tone as he ran from the town to the castle not to far away, once he had reached this castle he would knoc loudly as he shouted aloud.-"MOOOOOMMM HEEEYYY MOOOM YOU IN THIER?!?!?!?!"-he said hyper and hopefully as he stopped after five minutes and simply waited at the doors blinking mindlessly as it began to rain due to kota's dull mood and was bored so he made a miniature rain-cloud form above his head to drench the floor and his coat giggling happily while he waited.-

Anaya: The stone floor of home was nice to the side of my face. Scale met stone when i fell and now i did not want the stone to leave the scale, to much power used now it felt as if i had nothing left at all and it was surprising that the over 3 ton heart in my body was still even beating. I opened my eyes to see that guard, and i wanted to snap at it, wanted to snarl and fight for the fact of not liking to be helped in time of need but i could not even move my head. The days of walking and trying to get home had taken there toll on the old body and this may be the moment in time that i came to a agreement with myself, no more leaving the empire, we cant do it any more there is no longer a time or place to do it any more. We are not what we once was, we are not the dragon of doom and distraction any more, it is time to chain ourselves to home, once and for all. She looked over to Alera and hardly could open the jaws to even talk “to much power, i used to much power” it was a weak voice but it was a voice as her body changed and shrunk to its human self being nude and cold there on the floor, red and black blood washed over her like a blanket. She shut her red eyes as a smile came over her lips, she was happy that she had won that fight even if it almost cost her everything she had but hell she won and she felt good fighting it, burning and flying high in the sky to remove every problem that had bin placed before her. The show white hair now marked with her own blood fell in her face as she lay there seeming to be lifeless and only faintly breathing.

mageofmist: -The door quickly started to hammer against her ear drums as a loud and disrespectful prune had been so eager to grab their attention from the other side of the doors. She sighed and heard Kota’s voice coming from the annoying clamouring and hard knocks. A quick glance and smile towards Lady Anya’s dragon shape as she stood up and reached over towards the door. It bumped against Anaya’s long thick tail and Alera grumbled trying to reach down and move its heavy load towards the side, being careful not to worsen her injuries. However in a flash of white light, her tail receded back into Anaya’s humanoid shape.- “I guess that works too M’lady” –She opened the door with a look of expected anticipation as she realized who it was before she even grasped the handle. Her eyes widened in shock however at the rain-clouds dripping Kota wet from head to toe. A Strong blaze of fire swirled in the midst of her fingers and she tossed the fireball into the apex of his cloud. Hoping to watch it quickly evaporate in the intense heat of her ploy.- “KOTA!!! If you are looking for me, then why the hell do you insist on showing up like a wet dog…you know how dangerous that is” –she pointed towards his arm- “Vendetta im amazed showed you enough mercy…I am lucky to still have you. I don’t want Azura having that same chance” –She looked back towards Anaya with a bit of a headache from both of them, she couldn't believe how foolish they both had been. She glanced back over to Kota and gestured him inside- “Go dry off in the kitchen before speaking to me again” –She took to Anaya’s side once again and placed the white cloth on her back- “M’Lady…I can carry you to the thrown where you may sit..instead of the dirty floor”

Anaya: Anaya looked up again opening up large red eyes once more. The sound of the yelling had already annoyed the in pain monster of a woman forcing her to pick her self off the floor “well step one before i go into my throne is to have a bath and get a new dress on i will be going to my room.” she said it in a kinda rude way as she limped to her room now dried blood on her chest, under side and legs showing ever so clearly on her fully naked self. “yes i will just go to my room to dress myself and fix a broken leg” she looked at the floor as she started walking to the steps to the upper halls. A Guard noticed the limping ruler and moved to her side and he moved out an arm to help her. Anayas head turned and her eyes changed to a bright yellow and the guard stopped moving and all she did was say “moon blink terminated” the guard fell to his death coughing up red bail and blood there on the floor as she moved up the steps to go into her chamber alone, killing a guard for he offered to help her. She turned her head half way up her steps to look back at the one Alera was yelling at her son she had met like one time before this, wow she thought talk about a first impression seeing the nude ruler and watching and hearing the distress as she killed her own loyal guards for there want to aid her.

KotaSurion: -he would smile as he heard the door opening as his ears flickered happily as the doors opened as he jumped slightly at hearing her shout his name.-"MOMMMMM....i'm sorry."-he said as the cloud disappeared due to the heat as he chuckled looking up to her even as he couldn't see he would just smile and act innocent as usual he blinked and walked around, every step he took his clothes would make a squishing noise due to how drenched he was. he wondered aimlessly trying to find the kitchen.-"momma... i may seem stupid but where is it?"-he said blinking as he heard another voice and went dead quiet and didn't move. his ears flickered off small a mounts of water trying to resist the urge from giggling like a idiot again because he enjoyed running in the rain or water in any mean due to his childish nature. as he spoke softly.-"i wish Artorias could be my eyes for awhile, he isn't blind like me but he is boring and strict."-he said grumbling under his breathe waiting for his moms reply.-

mageofmist: -She sorta just glared at Kota for a while his child innocence did a better job of annoying her at the moment rather than finding it cute. She crossed her arms and pointed down a specific hallway behind her- “Just keep going down there…” –She couldn't wait for her children to be old enough to take responsibility for themselves and understand their mother’s demanding work. She wasn’t mad at Kota, not at all, instead it was her inability to actually do her job here. She growled in anger and flames spawned at the base of her feet and climbed her body up to her hips. She clinched her fists and she swung at the wall with great force, shaking the entirety of the castle and leaving a giant charcoaled crack in the stone. She closed her eyes gripping her fingers tightly trying to calm down but it did her no good as she stomped into the main room, furious with herself.- “What am I even doing in this place!. LADY ANAYA COMES HOME ALMOST DEAD…..AND IM JUST LAZING ABOUT” –She fell to her knees and desired to sob but the lack of such glands prevented any kind of tears. Instead she kept her sadness contained as she sat there on the stone glaring into the palms of her hands. She could feel her anger continue to rise, her demonic heritage remained with her as she almost struggled to remain none feral. Her anger however wasn't great enough to send her on a killing spring with no remorse for anyone again. Instead it subsided with ease as she surrounded her body in blazing flames that covered her from head to toe and surrounded the main circle of the main room. She tried to find comfort and peace within these raging walls of fire and embers.-

KotaSurion: -he would nod ever so softly as he stood near the warm fires from his mother as he smiled and rubbed his chin as a blue harmless fire heated his clothes to drying point as he clapped his hands.-"better...?"-he said softly smiling as he sat looking for his mother asd he sat waiting for her to return as he yawned softly as his stomach growled lowly due to his long trip here.-

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~~~~~Meanwhile wall Anaya was in her chambers having a bath~~~~~

mageofmist: -As Alera recovers, she realizes that Katisha is behind her, watching with intense fascination. Alera wheels on Katisha and menaces her with the now-conjoined blades. “What are you doing here!? How did you find me!?” –Kurenai had sapped away a great deal of Alera’s physical strength and was finding it hard to stay focused. She didn't know what triggered this response between the ethereal and physical blade, and quickly blamed Katisha for this sorcery- “What have you done to me…is this your trap?”

KandiiTea: -Katisha shrugged her shoulders unsure what she meant, she had only just arrived when her spiritual blade began leaching away at her. She tried to come off as innocent through a sympathetic tone. “How mine... remember it was Josh who gave you it, not I. While you curse me, the only soul in this world willing to guide and assist you; Josh laughs at your folly and revels in our dismay”

mageofmist: -She was quick to cut her off, as Alera raised the fused blades threateningly still recovering. They flashed in a spectacle of exuberant colors and neon lights, a bewitching glow escaped the steel while geometrical patters swam across its surface. A brilliant dance of hazardous life stealing energy coiled around the edge of the blade as the twin souls sparked in harmony with an even more ferocious bite then when they were separated.- “These blades now coiled in sinister embrace have inspired terror in the hearts of creatures far more durable than you old woman, bound together as they are, I could only imagine would they could do to your soul’s fragile shell!” –It was clear Alera was done with Katisha’s benevolent façade; she would be manipulated no longer-

Anaya: The wind was cold as she opened the window to her room, it hit her face as if for some reason the days did not reach that horrible heat. “another day....ya another day” she said as she moved her hands to take her dress from her shoulders and let the silken garment fall to the floor. Her thin pale body was not very nice looking in this light, you could see the rulers ribs if she turned and her spine was now jutting out, she needed badly to do a hunt but with the fall she took just a little bit ago she was still unable to hunt on her own, it would be going out to the swamp to find something already dead again to eat. Anaya did not mind already dead fish but it was starting to get to be a annoyance to always have to eat it, then hide the sent on her breath before coming back home. Anaya moved to her wardrobe and started flipping dresses, mud stain, tar stain, blood stain oh and more mud yep looks like my clothing assortment. She thought to herself as she grabbed a long light falling belted dress number from one hanger. She tossed it on kinda fast and then grabbed the mink furred top part attachment that made her look as if she had a winter number on , even if it was the dry season. She shut the large oaken doors to her wardrobe and moved to the door taking a single moment to push her snow white locks from her face as she always did. She opened her door and looked to the guard that was at his post....sleeping, yes the guard was sleeping. She said not a word and moved to the banister railing and looked over watching what was going on down below in the time she was in her chamber room, simply watching but not moving down to interrupt.

KandiiTea: -Katisha hesitated, genuinely apprehensive. The words she was trying to form stuttered between her teeth. Clasping her hands together in forgiveness, she beckons Alera to not go through with it- “Please Alera, I beg you to stay your hand. This was none of my doing. I have sought only to aid you in your righteous quest” –Her body was shaking lightly under the tension in the room.

KandiiTea: -Katisha’s tone turned desperate- “Listen Alera…You don’t know what you’re doing. Ive taken an enormous risk by appearing here before you, so defenseless, yet eager to prove my good intentions” – Katisha’s hands reached out gently towards Alera’s free hand, hoping to keep her anger at bay. “If there is anything left of a Mortalist in you, you won’t do this! While you threaten me, your true enemy eludes you” –She kept her hands close to Alera, hopefully taken as the friendly gesture it was-

mageofmist: -As hot as Alera’s temper had become, her words were chilled- “Don’t concern yourself with Josh any more hun. You will join him in hell soon enough” –Alera snatched onto Katisha’s wrist tightly as she so willingly handed them over. Her grip would squeeze and penetrate the skin leaving no room for her to slip away. “Like you said…death comes for us all” –Alera raises the intertwined blade fully ready to strike Katisha down-

Anaya: Anaya moved back and forth watching from a wat the other females under her perch. she new her guard Alera but the other one she had no idea. the dragon ruler simply watched wonder if things would get interesting in the passing moments or if she would have to step in to stop one from offing the other one.

KandiiTea: -She closes her eyes shut as she raised the blades- “YES…THE WHEEL OF FATE DEMANDS IT” –The words forced themselves from her lips as she prayed Alera would not swing down-

IHOSothisDarkwinter: -Within the walls of Anaya's Castle would appear a vortexual swirl of ethral energy. The vortex would seemingly draw its power from the very molecules of the air around it. He had zero'd in on the Lands of the Iron Dynasty from far above in orbit upon the Etherician Checkpoint station recovered by his Darkwinter Dynasty. This mass vortex would create a bridge across time and space allowing him to step right into the room in which he would form. Sothis stepped forth from the Whirling of bright and dark energies and look around. This wasn't his first visit to his daughters castle and it had been a long time since he had seen Anaya. He stood at 18 feet in height. His form was haunting and pale. His organic crystalline and metallic skin would glisten lightly in the dim light and his white crystalline hair would sway gently as he strode forth at a somewhat quickened pace. He looked around for her casually.-

Anaya: Anayas heart was in her neck she wondered if there was going to be much blood to clean a maid would do it for her, she turned around and looked at the sleeping guard. "stupid dork" she said as she turned around once more to look in the lower halls, she liked being the unknown set of eyes and at this point no one could see her even if they looked up.

mageofmist: -Alera halted her aggressive strike and tugged at Katisha’s arm- “What did you say?” _she noticed the other entering into the hall but was focused mainly on Katisha only'-

IHOSothisDarkwinter: -He would take notice to two females who seemed to be at odds with each other but that made no real difference o him. They were unknown entities and he was here to Anaya. He continued looking but saw no sign of her.-

KandiiTea: -Katisha looks up with malice planned behind her humble expression- “Yes..the wheel of fate, the inexorable cycle of life and death to which all men are compelled” –Katisha began to stand from her cowardly stance, her confidence returning as her words would surely have some effect on Alera.- “We serve the same God Alera, to strike me down would be striking God’s own attendant and even you wouldn’t be willing to take that risk”

Anaya: Anaya could see her father down there as she stayed on the banister to the second level to her home. she wondered Father never really came to her own lands before so this was a bit odd and new at the same time, was there a reason he was here? she had no idea. for now the dragon would watch the fun down bellow before going down to greet anyone herself.

IHOSothisDarkwinter: -With no sign of his daughter anywhere, Sothis would approach the two that were at odds with each other, "Excuse me ladies, Would you happen to know where Anaya is?" His voice was one of a dark sensual variety. Dual toned harmonies of both High pitched wails and vibrato, and low toned growls and whispers.-

mageofmist: -Alera sheathed the blade and released her grip on Katisha’s arm feeling more disgusted in her than ever before- “I tire of your games Katisha, now that I know you fear me. I needn't concern myself with you” –She gestured towards the exit of the castle- “Leave this place, I’m sure your lackeys are waiting for you”- She looked to the man with a growled response- “Her quarters most likely. Just wait around until she finds time for you”

IHOSothisDarkwinter: -Chuckles to the woman at her blatant show of disrespect but no matter......he wasn't here for her.-

Anaya: Anaya let out a yawn and wondered if there was going to be death, there did not look like it so the dragon wanted to take a bit of fun to this turn over. with a move of the woman's hands the lights in the halls shit and the door licked, not from the inside, not from the outside, but from within its wooden frame. she moved her fingers around as it seemed to fog up in her home the rooms heat level was going up. it was going up a lot. as the dragons eyes changed to a bright red a small bit of black tar slipped form the woman's lips and ran down her chin, she was far from in the right shape as of yet to be using power but a dragon witch such glory could not help herself. she wondered how long it would take for all in her halls to cook without even knowing she was the one bringing up the heat.

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KandiiTea: -Katisha rubbed her wrist, trying to relieve the left over strain from her impressive grip- “I shall go, then, Alera. But you must Seek Josh out and destroy him, in the name of the One God we both serve.”- Her body language expressed her passion to see him defeated- “You, who were once a Royal Nicaal, murdered, profaned, destroyed and reborn again from His mercy...” –She began making her way towards the large doors, backing away steadily as she continued her rant-“You are now most powerfully equipped to be His agent; His instrument of restoration and retribution.” –Katisha made it towards the door and placed a hand on the handle and took a quick glance back at Alera as the temperature in the room increased. The dor didn’t budge and she wondered if this was all Alera’s doing.-

Anaya: over time the walls themselves started to grow hotter. the floor was hot enough to start with melting ones shoes if they stood in the same place for to long. the dragon of great fire and heat stood there still uping the rooms level. it was as if she was placing the both of them in an oven, no door to get out and the only ones to blame was each other or the new man that was Anayas own father. well she did tell him she was going to eat him one day maby this was that day but hell he would have no idea she was behind the drastic change in temp. soon they would not even be able to touch the walls or windows to be able to get out of this death trap, and the reason she was doing it, enjoyment, she was was turning weaker and weaker every day and it was the moments that she could play in a dragons way are the moments she truly did smile.

mageofmist: -She pointed for her to hurry up and leave- “My own vengeance is motivation enough” –The temperature in room suddenly sky rocketed. Her cheeks blushed a bright red and she grabbed her chest in pleasure. Her anger subsided almost entirely as she could feel every inch of her body growing with a burning allure. Yet it’s essence was familiar enough to be recognized as Anaya’s signature. She felt her out looked up towards the balcony- “Anaya….let her goo” –It was hard to speak without moaning or giving into her lusty desires-

KandiiTea: -Katisha phased through the door in a ghostly film. Sighing with relief and speaking quietly to herself- “By my soul, you almost had me, my little red assassin. But that will the one and only chance you get…” –she looked back towards the castle with a distasteful glare- “I assure you of that” –She faded into the night mist and escaped the area-

Anaya: Anaya was using more then her wanted amount of power this time, and in no time at all she stopped with the upping of heat, the doors unlocked and in that moment her father was seeming to be gone. to bad she thought to herself he came around so little. she did not get many chances to kill him, she had tryed 2 times now and he seems to get her in a moment of weakness and she could not finish her job or he ran away. she let out a growl and cleaned her mouth as the tar had filled it to the top and was dropping down her chin and dress, yay another dress tar marked well we will have to get a new one, she turned around and walked back into her chamber, no one other then her one guard knowing she was there. and in her mind, she was a bliss and smile knowing her heart was what made her little fighter so utterly happy in a lust filled pleasure, she would remember this information for later.

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TheGolgothan: ~He thought back to himself as he strode forward this placed seemed familiar to him.... moving slowly the poisons rolling off him...he knew what everyone knew from the scrolls and other sources of knowledge. The Four Horsemen, the archdaemons, the End Bringers are powerful and unique daemons having attained the power of demigods. They each rule Abaddon, and have hordes of daemons in their service. Each of the Four Horsemen represents one of four ideals: war, disease, famine and death. The actual position of being a Horseman is a coveted title and is often fought for by the greatest members of daemonkind. Each Horseman has his own legion of servitor daemons known as deacons or destroyers. Each Horseman also boasts his own realm uniquely suited to what they represent. The current Four Horsemen are Apollyon, the horseman of pestilence, Charon, the horseman of death, Szuriel, the horseman of war, and Trelmarixian, the horseman of famine. A fifth Horseman, known in forbidden texts as the Oinodaemon, is said to be superior even to the Four Horsemen in power and stature. Most believe he either never existed, or was killed by the remaining Horsemen long ago. In reality he was killed. But prior to his death sired a Demon Known as The Golgothan. THis Demon Had many skills and abilities. Like his forebear he was much stronger in gifts than most demons. but he was especially gifted in the art of disease. In bringing decay and darkness to objects. Such was his power that he was called the Golgothan. He was actually formed and created by the fecal matter during the roman crucifixions including the bodies of the traitor judas and others. their blood lust and his father seed is what formed him. as such his power and abilities grew. his power came from the darkness within each persons heart and mind and also the toxins and death of the world. he was able to utlize many dark magics. eventually destroying the horseman pestilence himself Apollyon. In the end he replaced him and became the new leader and controller of disease as they had plotted his fathers demise. The other three never knew who his true parentage was. But the golgothan did not care he was here to serv e for the coming of the opening of hell. and to make ready for those within. he did not care for trivial matters. He had work to do. to control the kingdoms and make sure the darkness and disease spread as quickly as possible. he would start small he thought this place seemed as good as any.~ "Kolnyzs Rlyysefrz." ~he said in abyssal the tongue he preffered as he strode forward.~

Anaya: Anaya moved in her chamber and took in the sent of something most vile, in moments the doors slamed shut and locked form within them, not from the inside and not from the outside but from inside the doors themselves . "oh for the love of all things holy someone find out what that smell is and keep it out of the halls "

TheGolgothan: -the golgothan touches the doors. as he does his body slowly becomes more fluid. disolving into a hot mess. the resulting smell is even more revolting than any would have thought. the sounds that were heard outside sounded like a person being digested from the inside out. in relaity it was merely the demon unforming to be reformed within. as his body slid under the door, the congealed mass spread all over anayas carpet and hall. making a stinking mess as it spread together. the stench was horrific. what could have been a simple meet and greet became a utter mess as he was left outside. as he finally was put back together he resounded belched. as it took quite a bit of enrgy to put his whole body back together. he was used to these things however by now though he thought. being pestilence was a job in and of itself, and disease did not spread itself. he then turned his attention to the guests and smiled. "hello" he said with a grin-

Anaya: Anaya moved to her doors and opend them holding her nose with her clawed hand "oh god lets do something about that smell shall we " she snarled as she looked over to the door way makeing her way down the steps to the main level. she was feeling a little better as she had a nice nap and cleaned herself up and put a new white dress on. moving to her throne to sit down she thought on what in gods great earth was comeing into her home. "get the hell out of my home you vile useless thing that has crawled under my door, if you do not remove yourself i will burn you till there is nothing left. get out before you make more of my things, things i will have to toss in the trash" the dragon covered her nose as she was almost going to vomat.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet climbs into her room through her window and makes a small thump that only she could hear, she had just came back from visiting a town that was near her birth village because a powerful man wanted her to get something for him that was very rare jewel of blue, she had to get it from a cave that was guarded by a big beast in the forest area and it took a long time for it to give the jewel up, when she brought it back to the man he let her use one of his rooms to heal herself before she made the long trip back home- "sheesh what a day" -she said as she changed into her house clothes and combed the mess out of her hair,she peeked out from her room and caught a very nasty scent that was very unpleasant to every part of her body- "ack! mother of mercy" -she quickly retreated back to her room and stayed there- "no way in heck am I going down there"

TheGolgothan: -the golgothan was used to being called useless. but he had many uses. even dragons feared the greater fiends. he was one of those. his father had ruled the lower hells and he had killed his murderer and usurpered his place as a true horseman. he was now hear to tell them of the return. he would not leave so soon he thought. the green clous dtayed close to him and he thought up several vile curses he might use should he continued to be disrespected. he then turned to the one who had addressed him. " i am pestilence my lady, not some vile creature, as you put it. you might know me."-

LordRagnarTheVile: ~he then burst throught the doors a little fire in his gut he then would make the doors unlocked for the shade twisted and was simply in no mood for triffling. he smiled hungerly but he then ate a apple as he walked into the dynasty. he smirked as he did but heck he was a lord but then he showed respect.~ forgive my rude interuption my lady Anaya.. i have urgent news for you.. ~he would bow his head low and look to her with a nod~

Anaya: Anaya still held her nose "well yes i do know of you but can you do something to have not the gross order you hold be so strong, like i do like to have a clean home and one of my maids already fainted from your wonderful enterance into my home" she saw her doors smash open and for a moment she prayed it was not a friend of what seemd to be a man that was made of someones left over dropings. "oh Ragnar it is you , please step carefuly there is a mess in the frount hall that is being enlarged by the.....thing there" she really did not know what the thing was other then the title that was over him, she new his form changed at will so she guessed what to call it was simply a he or it. "what is it you wish to inform me about Ragnar " she noded her head to him as he bowed "you may rise"

LordRagnarTheVile: ~he smiled and then chuckled avoiding the mess he looked to her~ i bring news from Aines kingdom and well that of a woman you may know as Akantha... i have recently been inforemd that Crater Lotus and well some others are going to WAr on her kingdom... for there was crimes found there.. but i bring this news to you in seek of advice...~ he smiled and looked to her with his somewhat of a smile but he had known that war was inevatible.~

TheGolgothan: -realizing he had more putresence than usual the golgothan sat back and ate some day old bacon he saw laying about as well as some castor oil, hoping that might make things settle within and dull the smell. he then calmly addressed his host, "i simply came to tell you of the return, our master has nearly escaped the hells. and we are telling those in power of it, for those loyal might wish to ally to the lord of the pit. " -he smiled a bit as a grumbling could be heard somewhere deep within him-

Guest_CrimsonCeltic: A pleasant westward breeze gently rolled through the forest, making the trees and surrounding foliage sway and whistle in a peaceful motion. Night had shrouded the once sunlit day as a small slender figure made its way through the surrounding forest, led by the moonlight. A few minutes had passed before she had noticed she had stepped out into a clearing, seeing as how she was simply listening to the night's forest and became slightly oblivious to her surroundings. Stopping her walk after a few paces, she brushed back her lilac hair so it wouldn't block her line of vision, letting a few strands fall over her black horns. Looking up to the sky, the young girl gave a tiresome sigh, "Daddy's going to be so pissed...". As her gaze shifted from the moon to her surroundings, and noticed what seemed to be the outline of a castle off in the horizon. Tired and somewhat annoyed, the little girl set off towards it, hoping it was still inhabited. After what felt like hours of walking the child came upon doors that looked as if they were meant for a giants use. Barely a height of five feet, she lifted herself onto her tip toes and managed to knock one of the handles against the large door it belonged to. As she awaited a response she fastened her arsenal of blades and fixed her crooked crown upon her head.

Anaya: Anaya still hald that nose it was as if her hands was glued to it there was no way in hell she was takeing her hand from it, a dragons over advanced sense of smell, well this was a horror movie to her nose, her poor nose. "Ragnar if they bring war here they will face the Iron army, we are a dragon place and war is something dragons do wall, if this woman you speak of needs help she can come here to gain it. " she turned to look at the ...thing "it is nice to be informed of what is coming, so thank you but i do not think i will be needing to alliance with a thing i cant stay in a room with, sorry but your oder is what is costing you that alliance "

TheGolgothan: -the golgothan feels a bile of acidic putresence building within his gullet. as it stewed it riled and went against each other. the bacon became sentient and started to try to eat the other parts of him. luckily for the demon this was a common occurence and he was used to it. his form was constantly evolving and changing. swimming upstream against the castor oil. the golgothans poor stomach might not be able to take it this time. his lower intestines blew an inward sigh as the whole mixture sagged further down. as it went further the bacon cried as it was digested alive. screaming in pain their agonies were heard as the rest of the mixture was finally released into his deepest parts. he did not know what to expect next but he fell to his knees as the final cramps caused the gaseous mixture to explode out of his rectum in a gigantic explosion. the poisonous vapors fumigated the room-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet decided it would be a good idea to change her mind and go downstairs instead of being in her room knowing that one of the male guards still sleep there even if she is inside of it, she held her breath and put on her hooded cape that was purple along with a face mask like she was going into a fight zone before she opened her doors, she could clearly smell the scent of waste as she made her way down the halls then stopped at the entrance to the main room and went to her knees to hide herself from the smell- "yuck that's so gross"-she started to gag as she took a crawl back-

Anaya: Anaya gages as she turned around facing her throne there was level of to much and she just about had it "GET OUT OF MY HALLS!!" she yelled as her one hand pointed to the now breaking doors that fell from the hinges as the new one knocked. "get out of my halls before you end up making my members sick, we have gotten your warning of what is coming you may leave get out please i beg of you" yes the dragon was begging for this ting to leave, and if she could even stand the smell she would be on her knees doing it to.

TheGolgothan: -realizing he had made a mess of things the demon of pestilence wrote haphazardly in leavings The Return on her wall as he left. walking quickly he left the castle. as he did the vapours retreated and he slowly disappeared down the slopes and out of sight.-

LordRagnarTheVile: ~he would nod as he looked back to her~ well its not like that... but i can only need an alliance.... this is what i seek your grace then it is this of witch of i beg my lady but i will seek your knowledge. ~he then paced as he then stood to look upon her he would then think to himself for a little bit. but then pull out a cigar to ease his tension it was then rolled fat and nice to the touch. he smiles as he lights his cigar the rich black smooth texture of the cuban mind was soo amazing that he forgot what was really going on. he then looked then to her with a little shaken as he noticed her tone but the smoke would still then look to them his eyes a soft blue hue to it~

Anaya: Anaya turned around the sent still strong in her halls as her hand moved a little from her nose. she moved to turn back around to face Ragnar as her show white hair fell before her bright red eyes that set off the flawless woman that was before him dressed only in white and silver chain. "well i would be fine with an alliance with you. i can have the paper work sent out in the morning by raven, if you like. " she tilted her head as his words pleased the dragons ears it was nice to hear respect once in a wile.

Guest_CrimsonCeltic: The massive door that the little girl had knocked on fell in and the loud crash took her by surprise. Quickly hopping back she looked form left to right, to see if anyone had seen what had happen. It was at that same moment a rancid smell laid waist to her nostrils, making her cover her nose with her sleeve. "Eww...why does it smell like crap in here?..". She felt like gagging but held back from spilling her stomach content due to the smell, instead she peered into the castle halls. Looking down the halls she stepped in, hearing a slight sloshing sound where she had stepped. Hand over her nose still, she looked down and quickly looked back up as a shiver went up her spine as she spoke softly to herself, "Gross....I think a cleaning' is in order". As she continued to observe her new surroundings she called out, "Hello, anyone here?".

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "oh jeezu. glad that's over with" -She got up with the facemask still on her and made her way down to the main room with the tip of her cape also around her face like a vampire would in those movies,she wanted to use her element powers quick and in a hurry to clear the smell out of the room but she didn't know if it was a good idea even if it was a bit of an need to do so at the moment, she then looked to the young girl and motioned her in with her free hand- "come on in, I'll see what I can do about this smell and clean your feet"

LordRagnarTheVile: ~he then nodded back to her.~ it will be written out... ~he smiled and nodded to her puffing on his cigar~

Anaya: Anaya looked over at the door way at the new comer and a smile came over her face with the childs words, it was amusing to a point. "come in and this place will be cleaned right away the maids and guards will get onto cleaning....everything" she looked around and snapped her fingers a good 9 times as 4 guards and 5 maids ran over to her. "ok i need this place cleaned and made spotless, you all are to do the work of cleaning the roof, ceiling, doors and well i need some air freshers." one of the guards had that look on his face that said more then he voice could. "if you do not do it number 42 you will be removed from this places staff" he looked at her and simply said in that husked but dull voice all her moon blinked fighters and cleaners had "i would wish to die then" in moments her claws came forth and in a single slash the mans head rolled on the floor and the other guards and maids had vanished to work on the cleaning and fixing of her doors. in another blink of an eye a large hound walked out grabbing the body and the head and dragging it away "much better yes cleaning will be done right away, and lord Ragnar the papers will be sent out in the morning do not worry it is not much paper work simply the proper info things one needs to know about alliances"

Guest_CrimsonCeltic: She was motioned in by a woman and she nodded and complied, shuffling her feet on the clean carpeted area as she made her way inside. Continuing her walk to the inner chambers of the smelly castle, a shimmering silver circlet rune came into view, on the ground, centring her. It rotated and kept pace with the child's stride, sticking to her every movement. Coming to an opening within the chambers, she noticed people rushing past her and a bloodstain next to a woman. Looking around, interest and curiosity could be seen in her opaque, pink eyes. Her gaze soon shifted back to the woman whom invited her in and ordered a cleaning.

Anaya: Anaya simply moved from her throne and walked to the back halls to simply do some nights reading and toss out old things she never needed any more, maby have a nap to rest the old body. she took a sit down next to a book shelf and rested picking up a old black ridged book and relaxing with it to her a sort of me time with her story's.

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IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon's eyes fluttered open as she layed in her bed, her arms wrapped softly around her self as she stired; searching around her chambers the woman moves her right hand gracefully in the air as she works on pulling the shadows under the bed to move around the window. Isis attempts to block out all light out of her room as she finally kicks off the bedspread from her body which had been not even dressed in either the white lace or the red lace she normally slept in. Her perfect body laid there nude as she took a deep breath, her black eyes closed as she waited there a few more moments. Fighting the urge to just go back to sleep Isis finally sits up and throws her legs over the edge of the bed. Her skin not even showing the cooler temptertures of the room as she stands up. The soft sounds of foot steps echo in her room as she moves toward the closet to pull the outfit she was going to wear out. The woman took her time as she looked for the perfect outfit to this day, this day on which she would spend more time learning about her little friend, and how he had placed a name into her mind. She swore she was going crazy but she knew he was there that the imp was real and she was going not to stop until she proved she was right. Pulling out a pair of black pants from its place she quickly wiggles into them and a black shirt like jacket forgetting the proper undergarmests that should have been under them. The woman tiltes her head to the right and then the left cracking it as she moves back to the bed to where her three inch heeled boots had been laying. Sitting on the edge of the bed the woman reaches for her left boot undoes the claps and loosens the shoestrings as she goes to put it on, he contuides as she laces it back up her leg and replaces the claps. Isis reaches for her right boot just as a shadowy hand moves from under the bed and grabs her. Her pitch black hues widen as she screams; it wasn't that she was scared it was more of being caught off gaurd. She jumps standing up with her right boot on just not tired. "what the bloody hell" her heart raced as she moved to the nightstand pulled one of her dual daggers from its place as she stands there looking at her bed. Her lips quivers as she growls "Get your ass out from under there" she hisses out and waits. Moments later it would seem as the shadows around the room moved shifting from their place as they formed the imp. Of course Atman laughing as he stands there for a few moments before finally taking his mortal form. "Awww Isis did I scare you?" Isis's eyes locked on the males' as she shook her head holding on the blade still; her fingers looses grip as she drop it watching him shift into something he hadn't done before. The moment the blade bounced on the ground and fallen still her eyes wondered to his. "You..." she whispers out remembering the same features the same long black hair the same black eyes that use to hunt her; the same man who she had through she had finally gotten rid of. Her heart raced as she took a step back away from the male her back moving against the bedroom door. Isis's body trembled as her eyes closed her hand trying to open the door but failing as she stood there. She could feel his eyes on her, wondering over her body before she heard footsteps coming closer to her. Her full painted lips moved as she pushed her self into the door as her eyes open to witness the male coming closer to her. Her eyes moved back to the dagger on the ground as she moved her hand pulling some of the shadows of the room to her. Her lips parted as she spoke."You have no right to be here." she hissed out loudly as she used the shadows to pull the dagger closer to her. Atman laughed watching her reaction to him as he walked closer. "oh but Isis we both know where you truly belong." he spoke his voice dark as he adjusted the black suit jacket he had been wearing as he closed the gap between them. Out of the corner of his eye he watched as the dagger slowly moved across the ground, with one quick movement the male chuckled. "Now now my Sweet what would you be doing." he shook his head his long black hair shifting in its place as he bent down and picked up the dagger. He chuckles his dark voice rang out as he step forward closing the gap between the to as he held the dagger in his hand. He smirked leaning forward so his lips were next to her ear as he held the cool blade to her revealed flesh from the dark color jacket the woman had on. Gliding the blade across the female's skin lightly not enough to cut the woman as he stood there. "What wrong didn't you think I would find you? Did you honestly think you are able to hide from me?"
IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis shuttered her breathing uneasy as she stands there her hand still on the door knob twisting at it. She didn't even try her famous shadow get away with this one. Something deep within her told her it wouldn't work, that she couldn't get to far away. The hand that held the door finally manged to get the door cracked before it hit the back of her body before she sighed. She was forced to step foward leting the cool blade scratch her body as she tries to get the wooden door open so she could get out, could get away from the demon who had finally found her. Atman chuckled watching his prize as she moved forward his brow lifting as he realized the door cracking open before leaning up and closing it right back with his free hand before leaning into the woman. "Now my dear, where were we before your sudden vanishing act all those years ago?" he hissed out still holding the silver weapon against the female's flesh. The demoness was shocked, speachless and unable to put her own thoughts into place as his questions rattled around in her mind. Her eyes widen as she shook her head, her snow white hair shifting in its place as her full painted lips parted letting her own words leave her mouth. "I don't know what your talking about." Truth was the woman didn't remember much about the man that stood before her let alone that centries had past since the last she saw of him.

Anaya: It had bin almost a year now since he had gone to sleep, the silence in his head had made him a little batty but nothing new from before as in mind set, everything else about him was new, the way he looked the way he walked even his voice had gotten deeper and held more a husk to it then it did before the living weapon had grown from his time in sleep, changed to better himself for one soul reason, to please her. Walking into the Building doors he looked around it still had some homey kinks but it did take some getting used to after he as blade form was tossed in the new armoury from the old one. his Mistress Lady Anaya only ever took him out in blade form to do some fighting and combat and that is well about it, never really got to look at the new halls till now “Isis my love ISIS!!” he called out as his silver and black shadowed eyes scanned the room for his beloved. “no trace of her down here, i hope she did not go out with Anaya on the hunting trip, i am back for good now i really hope she is here” his black hair fell over his face, what was once silver had changed to black over time and his skin turned lighter and more human looking for once he almost was as dark as the drow, even his clothing choice had changed feeling more baggy and leather clothing to be more fitting to him, and Anaya had him sporting a tight leather bucked harness under his jacket and he gave his word he would never remove it unless she said to, he thought it was simply her way of owning him, it was not a bad thing he guessed.  Vain walked up to the throne area and looked around calling out once more for his love “Isis , i am here now Isis!!”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Still trapped in her bedroom the demon trys to push her self back even more unable to put any distance between her and the male. "Just leave me be." she spoke out her black eyes locked on Atman's as he moved the blade against her flesh once more. It was hard for the woman to keep calm let alone not show any emotion by what was happening. Her eyes seem to swirl as she waited and watched. Atman only chuckled at her reaction as he held the blade against her, this time pushing it enough to cut through the first few layers of skin causing the woman to bleed. His lips curled into a smile as he watched the crimson liquid pull before running down her perfect frame and then hidden by the clothes she had on. "My dear you know what I'm talking about." he answered back before kissing the woman's cheek. "Shall I remind you?" he pulled away to glaze into her eyes studying her reaction beofre the sound of someone in the lower part of the castle caught his attention. He chuckled not truely worried about if anyone could see him while he was with his semi mortal form. Isis shook her head her hair dancing at her shoulders as she pushed the male away after he had kissed her. "No, Why bring back something that dead." she hissed out even though part of her wanted to know; wanted to know the connection to the man that stood in front of her.

Anaya: Vain moved in the halls his ears keen to hear any sound of the woman he loves he prayed she had not forgotten him over so long of her waiting for him, his guilt of being gone has layed heavy on his shoulder every moment of his being from her. Around his neck was there wedding ring, he had never taken it off and even in his blade form it was with him in the steel shaft that was his handle. Moving his fingers up to play with it he was in thought of the days he held her the first night of there love and the night of there blissful wedding vows, oh his love for her was like no other his vast wanting and craving for her as wide as the seas far from the land that was home. Moving to the throne he took his spot on a smaller one next to Anayas his legs crossing almost woman like it was a habit, he was never one to get used to having legs being a blade and all. “soon you will get home and i will be here and i will see the look on your face as you walk in the door to see me oh my beloved you will beat me or kiss me or well both” a smile came to the males face a smile that had once died so many years ago. “we have had our ups and downs and our time apart but once thing is still trut the love i hold for you is everything i swear it Isis i am so happy to have you, you are my true worth and what i am alive for” he placed his finger in the ring and smiled a bit brighter and got up from his spot walking around. His nose pointed up...blood in the air ...someone is here....Isis! His mind turned from calm to a furry in an instant and in a blink of an eye the male changed formed his garments ripping from him and his skin turning only into metal, one head ripped apart and split into 3 large snapping K9 maws as the beast took form running at a wall and smashing his ramming frame into it, the sounds of barking and the screaming of torn souls echoed in the halls, there really was no souls simply a trick he had learned wall in training with Anaya. As he got outside he started to grow, started to town up a good 5 feet so his heads are at his beloveds window. With a bang and a crash the jaws started to smash the wall apart biting and spiting out the stone and window frame, he would do anything to get to his beloved. He saw her...he really saw her, his love was really there, there a about 10 feet from his drooling mouth, drooling mouth filled with mini van sized silver mashing teeth. He saw the other male there, another male trying to harm HIS woman, HIS ISIS, anger filled the silver eyes and the silver in them started to turn black and run down his face making it look as if silver eyes bleed black. The mashing of teeth and three headed furry of jaws started ripping the floor and making there way to HIS woman.

Iron is Born - Page 2 Cerberus-wallpaper

IsisRainDeLaRose: Atman growled "It isn't dead. Your not dead like everyone said you were." he hissed out his dark gaze locked on the woman has he takes her by the wrist and pulls her away from the door back toward the bed. His eyes closed for a split second as he recalled the memories as if they had happen the day before. The cool summers night before she had vanish; before this new found white hair back when it was even longer and jet black like his, back when she she was litterly his other half of his soul that equal everything out. The man's hand moved his sleeve raising as it did to show off part of the rose and its twenty six petels tattoo that took up his right arm, from ran along the side of her face. "My dear remember...." his words were cut off by the sound of the side of the wall being torn away. "What not" he hissed out pulled Isis closer to her away from the outside wall as he watched it finally open. Isis pulled away trying to get her hands free as was pulled closer to the bed. Her eyes widen as she yanked trying to get her self free at lest enough to pull the shadows around her or to use them to her advenage even though Atman could do exactly the same. A growl ripped through her throat as she heard the barking only thinking it was one of the dogs or something she pulled. "You will pay for this, you gone to far." she stood there before him as his hand ran down the side of her face. Her eyes closed as she took a step back refusing to see what he wanted her to see; to remember that she wasn't the person that she was now that she was and would always be a child of darkness, and most of all his. The demoness hissed as she pulled once more nearly getting her hands free as she moved closer to the wall just before being pulled away from it once more. Her back hues moved to the falling of the wall as she saw the beast. The woman's heart raced as Atman's grip on her tighten let alone this creature started to make its way to them. She was sure she knew who it was but couldn't be sure seeing she had left the blade in the old castle locked away. Her attention moved back to her current threat as she yanked harder the woman eyes swirled with crimson mixing into them. "Release me now." she demanded as her fingers started to circle as if she was pulling the shadows to her.

Anaya: The smashing of teeth to stone made the people in the outer buildings cringe and come out of there little huts and homes. “who is that?” “what is the sound?” “is it the stupid dragon again?” there voices creep-ed from there windows and doors as Vain ripped apart the room of his love in a rage filled furry of hate and anger all pointed at the one with the blade to his loves his loves neck. His voice filled the ears mixed with the snapping and chomping of stone and grit . “you make the neck of my goddess bleed the one who's ring rests on my neck and the one who's body i claim as MINE . You dare wake the beast that layed in rest for years till now to wake up to find you holding the one he waited for!!! i will rip you apart and sing you from the rafters of this hall to let the ravens feast on your eyes!!!”  Vain lunged forth as he aimed for the wall beside the male, if he could get the man to let go of his beloved out of fear he could bite and remove the target with no problem at all..... it was the hard part to get him to let her go. With a second headed lunged it took out the other side of them leaving only the bed and them 2 heads on both sides and one head looking them both square in the eye. “let the woman i love go” he said as he snarled bright silver eyes looking at the man holding his wife. “she is my wife” Vains one eye moved to look at Isis she was still that fire cracker she always had bin, that fire in her heart he loved and would always love till the day he turned to nothing but rust.

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~~~~~~~Meanwhile down in low town~~~~~

Iron is Born - Page 2 Medieval_town___king__s_crossing_by_beere-d4pw7eh

Dante24601: He was known in some lands as a beast. Others had called him a murderer. Hunters had chased him, people feared to face him and all throughout the lands of iron had he been feared as the being that would take your life before you even knew he was there. This was yet long ago when he was still young. The man Beast Known as Kharn. He was now believed dead by all those in Iron who slept soundly thinking he had turned to dust under their streets. But no Kharn had simply left. For years he had travelled, ferociously killing nobles, peasants and beasts alike. He was a tielfling, a human with demonic ancestry and though up close he resembled a human, though his feelings were nothing short of horrendous. For decades he only wished to kill and spill blood. Though after a time even that seems to drone. He had aged, his hair which had once been a light silver brown had grown black and shaggy. Though his eyes still shone with the glimmer of his youth, the urge to kill still lingered in the deep crimson sea of his lidless eyes. He thoughts of his past were interrupted now, the dreams of blood and glory slipping away as he reached the top of the mountain overlooking the town of this new land. He was dressed in a long black robe that he had stolen. It fitted his 6’6 foot muscular frame perfectly, and he had taken a liking to its decorations. It was decorated with blood rubies used often as buttons and several pieces of armor that had been crafted to resemble the knarled teeth of a great beast. Or more or less his own. Several amulets dangled from his back by cords which held them in place. He set off towards the port his coal black hair swaying in the wind blocking his lidless eyes from view. His mouth as normal wasn't visible, hidden by a cloth which he had strapped there. On his shoulder hung an arm length cloak which kept his right hand clear of view. His left on the other was clad in a thickly armored gauntlet. On his back he carried a large scythe decorated with rubies and armored spikes. Its long blade having turned red from countless stains of blood. As he reached the town Kharn lifted his head and sniffed the air. He let the scent of the place fill his nostrils and chuckled, there wear humans everywhere, stupid people going about their lives, blood sacks for the slaughtering, Kharn could hardly wait, he leaped from the street onto a small one story house before proceeding to leap onto another two story one nearby, he crouched low so he could watch his prey scurry about, waiting for a particularly interesting target, his lidless eyes dilating slightly, the crimson irises forcing the pupils back as he thought of a memorable kill.

KyojiLegionRowen: A portal starts to manifest from out of nowhere. The battleship sized airship Feldjager comes out to see a town that looks normal at a glance. Zack Hakon and Gwendyne Haargrave operate the ship as usual while Victor opens the window to quietly let out the smoke from his long pipe. Kyoji on the other hand looked from outside as the hatch quietly opened up. He sat there, waiting for the chance to spread his wings in the literal of sense and a chance to enter the world at last. Victor looked at his best friend, wearing his usual all-black attire, jeans, scarf, Hugin and Munin as well as Ananta and the Four Temperament Skulls on his shoulders, and his assortment of sentient weapons on his back; waiting and biding his time until they got to the right landing spot. Zack turned around to Kyo and said to him. “We are opening the hatch for you right now sir…and don’t get yourself killed yeah? “ Kyo nodded to Zack as Gwendyne said out loud.
              “Opening hatch door right now Kyo.” Open at last, the four sentient weapons jump out of Kyo’s back as raven wings start to manifest themselves, tearing up part of his long coat in the process. Kyo then jumped out of the airship as he quietly glided to the ground, with his blades following suit with levitation on hand. Seeing the town itself more clearly, Gwendyne activates the Feldjager’s cloaking system and then decides to take a break by putting her feet on the cockpit while Zack watched her nervously. Minutes later, Kyo landed successfully on the ground itself with minimum injury in the process. His blades resumed their usual place on his back with the exception of the Crimson Echoes which assumed its place on his waist. As he walked to the castle itself, the scythe spoke to him and said
           “Master, you could have just landed near to the castle itself, as opposed to just spending your minutes as we speak on land.” He looked at his scythe as he saw the buildings and the possible people and said to it.
            “True, but I need the exercise anyways. “

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet was just walking along through a town that was 2 miles away from her castle home with Alera by her side as well as her crest blade covered on her right side by her purple cape, she thought it would be a good idea to explore the town because it was one she was not used to visiting- “hmm…this town doesn’t look like the rest” –she said looking at Alera from the corner of her eye, the town looked a bit older than the others but she could tell it was sort of modern but not as much as the other towns made of steel and brick, she looked up at the buildings after she swept her long dark hair out of her face- “not as tall either”

mageofmist: -Alera kept close to Scarlet, making sure to keep her well being as the number one priority and concern. She heard her refer to the town as being unimpressive in scope and advantages but she paid such thoughts no mind as Alera thought of it as more of a ghost town as the residence showed little signs of life or activity in these vacant streets. Only one or two seemed to pass by into and out of houses every one and awhile, but it was hard to consider this place as any type of exotic.- “I guess, but I prefer it this way to be honest. I’m not a huge fan of humans, they are like cockroaches” –She glanced into the sky and noticed the clouds seeming to shift around steadily. A flux in vibration and slight distortion as she made out the shape of a large cruiser hovering high above. A cheap and easy to spot camouflage and Alera smiled; assuming some kind of trouble could happen. She didn’t care about this towns fate, but her lady Anaya most likely did. She wondered if she would have the skill to keep Scarlet safe while protecting these pathetic peons.- “Scarlet hun, let’s go check out the market…we still have some time to kill and I was hoping to buy Anaya something while we are here” –She gestured towards the middle of town but it was more of a strategic move rather than simple window shopping. She kept her senses alive, waiting for the slightest reason to kicks some heads around-

Dante24601: -Kharn lifted his head to the sky as his keen ears heard a distortion in the air above the town. His large crimson eyes watched as a ship passed into the sky's above before vanishing from sight, invisibility huh? Weather science or sorcery to Kharn it meant very little, he existed to kill and kill he would, not caring particularly what it was he would destroy, he just wanted the scent of blood to fill his nostrils and to feel it trickle down his throat, his lidless eyes watched as a figure sailed to the ground nearby, he tilted his head slightly noticing he too carried a scythe, Kharn chuckled and leap across the building, his crimson eyes locked on the spot where the figure had fell to. He flipped over the gap in the rooftops of a small side street and came to skid to a halt as the each of the roof, his shoulder cape flapped in the wind silently as he looked down on the figure below and chuckled, slightly amused, the sound was muffled by his mask but could still be clearly heard, his own scythe gleaming red on his back soaked with blood from decades of killing-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet nodded- “Aright, let’s go” –She decided to let Alera take the lead because she was a first time visitor in the town and she didn't want to get lost since it did look kind of big to her- “Glad this place isn't as crowded.” – She said as she put her hood on and moved her other blade that she had forgotten about on her other side since it was not her main one- “forgot I have two with me”

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Victor looked to the demon duo with a smile, having already been satisfied by the taste of tobacco at this time and this place. He wanted to smoke another one through his long pipe, but he had smoked about six times today. Every time he smokes, it takes him two hours to finish it and about two minutes to start another one up. Nonetheless, it intrigued him about what might happen to Kyoji in this dimension. “While we wait for Kyoji to finish his business in this dimension, how about we take a rest hm?” Zack looked at Gwendyne as he just heard a snoring sound coming from her mouth.
          “I think she’s ahead of you“ He looked on as Victor already fell asleep. Zack sighed and went fast asleep as well. Now the viewpoint switches to Kyoji and his Legion. Kyo kept on walking to the castle itself, with his blades and his pets keeping him company as he walked on. The streets were empty and had the feeling of dread. Then again, the feeling of dread only comes when you don’t have any companions on your person. Medusa manifested from her great sword prison, she glided quietly and looked at Kyo as he walked to the castle and said to him.
        "Are we almost there yet?” Kyo responded back to her.
       “We are almost there as the castle exterior grows bigger as we come closer to it.” He then sensed a few auras around him, but he didn’t know where they were. He stopped right at his tracks and sat on some stone bridge somewhere to relax himself. His scythe questioned his action of rest and said.
            “Master, why did we stop? Is there something troubling you? The snake witch maybe?” Kyoji responded back to the scythe.
            “Medusa hasn’t troubled me yet. Besides, we are just stopping to catch my breath and maybe admire the scenery while we are at it.” He then looked up to the sky as he wondered about the others back at the Feldjager itself.~ “They’ll be alright, I just know it. ~He said out loud~

mageofmist: -She cocked a brow at Scarlet as she examined her equipment. They approached the centre of town and stepped into the market area, this place was more buzzing with activity then the rest of the town. Alera sighed as her peace and quiet came to such a sudden end. She could feel the restlessness of several non-humans lurking around; Alera snatched Scarlet’s right hand.- “Keep close to me, and don’t let go ok?” –She wouldn't really wait for a response as she was clear enough on what to do. Spotting a golden model of Anaya’s dragon form on the counter of an antique proprietor, Alera’s eyes lit up as they casual walked passed and she snatched the manikin without alerting attention to herself and hid it in her long sleeves. She smiled and giggled at Scarlet, not sure how she would feel about Alera being a thief. It was all in good fun anyway and it was going to a greater cause than any of these sub-species could use it for.

RavenLancioneOsiris: "Filthy beasts...." ~; He cursed, while he walked amongst the lowborns of the town with his companion Argasus, A Silver Drake that was perched on his shoulder which look about observing the mortals whilst it hisses at everyone who had cometh close. Those around the vicinity had averted their eyes from the figure that seemed to slowly make his way through the town, some even made way for the dark man to pass through. Their faces etched with the horrors of degenerate and impunity as the shadows of this man had cast a dark angst amongst those who had felt his presence. Chaotic, Discord , Doubts slowly creeping inside the hearts of those who had termed this being a demon.... So it must be true that the townspeople of this region have had their fair share of histrionics and illusions, The simple miasma of foul canals and the disturbing energy that has been set upon his senses had an effect on the tall Ruler, He can hear their pain, The pain of being subservient to the Gods and the suffering of being just an insect......Is more than enough for Raven to simply smile....He liked this, The scent itself had made a convalescent shroud of grief slowly enveloping the town.:~ ".....One wonders.....Such a town to be under a sad pitiful state.....Is Almost interesting." ~:He pats his dragon which growled in approval as if he understands his master's words.... Such a deep bond for the young drake and its master, It all occurred during the travels he undertook escaping the pressures of his Empire, Hiding under the persona of Illyrion the Black he donned his black robes and embarked on his usual travels, To taste the debauchery of the lower Kingdoms and the sinful temptations of the land.... One of these travels had pitted Raven against the Draconians of the Far off land of Lithu Argos, the Silver City. As a wielder of the Black Phoenix, Raven was considered an enemy of that land for its pride as dragons being mocked by the Phoenix whose fire had destroyed and plagued the Draconians for decades now. Raven's flashback was halted for a minute when his Silver dragon which story is yet to be unfold suddenly let out a noise similar to that of a hungry beast, cornered and disturbed. Raven glanced at the skies and saw the black nimbus that seemed to be a constant plague that follows his path;~ "......So they followed me even here....":~ Raven's Black nimbus meant one thing.... Chaos will make itself known in these parts and chaos will be unleashed by his hand.....the chaos followers of Tzeencth are the makers of this nimbus and they are priests who gives Raven the information of a place, This town is standard, Almost wondrous that this town has been emitting chaos despite its appearance, soothing to the normal eye.....his aura seemed to crackle with angst and the faint cold dreaded frost of death that hung around him, his Raven black hair hung smoothly well groomed and draconic feel to it.;~ "......We shall search for something in this place my pet, The skies foretell a great event in these parts....And Chaos will be known to be a part of it..." ~;his ghostly voice that sent a chill down the spine of those who had have the unfortunate luck to hear this voice, melodic...and yet deadly...:~ "Let the skies tell my game." ~:he raised his hand whilst red and black had come to unveil itself from the plane of existence of chaos, terror will be felt and yet Raven is merely releasing his presence to be known.....the game will be played... as soon as the pieces are in place....:~

ScarletEveDeLaRose: “umm…ok” –scarlet did as she was told knowing it was for her own good as she saw Alera swipe a golden manikin object from one of the market places, she smirked and shook her head not being surprised at all- “guess that’s for a good reason” –she said quietly so no one would notice

Dante24601: -Kharn keep up with the scythed figure as he walked through the streets, keeping to the rooftops. Apparently the man hadn't noticed him yet, Kharn chuckled, he had some strange habits about him, mainly at he seemed to be talking to his scythe. As the man stopped to rest Kharn with curiosity looked at his own scythe and was content to find it had no opinion and didn't speak. He walked to the edge of the roof and dropped to the ground below landing heavily and walked to where the bridge began, he didn't speak, instead he looked at the man sitting and drew his sctyche and dragged the blood stained metal along the cobblestone path making a loud scretching sound like nails on a board, to get the figures attention-

mageofmist: -The inexplicable feeling of dread swept over Alera as a tidal wave of emotions. She paused briefly in motion and thought as she could tell this was the quite before the storm.- “Something is about to happen” –Alera spoke in hushed whispers but Scarlet would be the only one who could make out what she was saying. She continued onward taking a more scenic route through the market district. Several kids playing with their strange devices called toys stumbled in Alera’s path. Her knee smacked across the child’s skull as she didn’t give the boy a single glance. He laid their motionless. The other child shook him with worried and cried out for their parents or whatever it was saying through its loud and obnoxious wailing of verbal diarrhea. Alera wasn’t easily annoyed but the crying was slowly pushing away at her patience. She was glad her and Scarlet were moving on and away from that mess. However regardless of the minuet distractions, Alera couldn’t shake the impending doomsday sensation that rattled her corpsey bones. She squeezed onto Scarlet’s hand tighter but kept a smile as to not worry her…- “Um how about we check out the bell tower hun, I’ve always wanted to see the town from that vantage point, come on lets go” –she giggled and pulled Scarlet with as she ran gayfully towards the giant tower. Once again, nothing but strategy on her part. What she was expecting to find out however, she was afraid she knew the answer-

Anaya : Anaya moved in the vast forest to the east, getting meals for the food stocks back home. Piles on piles of meat held in jaws the size of a double decker bus thumped from side to side a whooshing sound making the air around her seem to sway with the sound. Heat came off her snow white scales as her claws hit cobble stone, it was hard on the feet but she would deal with it, as always. The dragon female walked every step a thump as stopped for a moment to sit down at the side of town, simply over looking her town before she made her way all the way home, it was growing dark in town and it was nice to sit for a moment here and there to watch the faded lights flicker off as the moon over took the sky and turned her world into one of more darkness then light. The dragon was kinda a stand up stop, for the eyes to see as she did stand a towering 170 feet in true form and was snow white with dots of dirt along her shimmering scales. She was a odd beauty, even if this hunting trip would weaken her once she shifted back, but her guard Gaia was out on his own trip and she was alone to get the food and there needed to be a lot for the towns needs and the needs of her gluttonous self. 'i hope all are sleeping, i would hate to have to bring others back with me ' she thought to herself as her long black tongue flicked inside her maw pulling back a deer to eat it down without even taking the time to chew it. Anaya was styled with a interesting mouth and jaw system, one most other dragons did not have. She held rows on rows of rotatable teeth like a sharks mouth but with more mobility and able to turn from side to side on there own like a saw or wood clippers blades. But they did not look like teeth, the first 4 rows are normal dragon teeth but after that once you get deeper into her jaws they changed to vipers fangs filled from glands at the top of her maw with highly toxic venom, this same venom that was also used in the human world in small amounts as a sort of sex drug, and a poison against demons even the strong ones. So the food went down no problem, simply was mashed away by the teeth that went half way down her neck. She looked out bright red eyes standing out on her snow white form at home, ya it was home it was her town after all, and it was nice to simply look and gaze at it.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet raised an eyebrow at Alera as she felt her firm grip on her hands like she knew something was bothering her, she looked behind her at the children then up at the bell tower she mentioned- “I’m ready when you…wooah” –She was caught off guard by Alera’s sudden movement but she managed to keep up with her pace as they both started running to the bell tower, her long dark hair flowed behind her as her slipped off- “wonder if it still works”

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Iron is Born - Page 2 FCiOI

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis full attention had been brought back to Atman as she pulled and yanked until she finally gave in for the time being. Her eyes still swirled as she worked on moving the shadows to where should could actually use them. Yet, something stop her from vanishing yet again. Her gaze turn towards the beast. "Vain?" she mumbled out just as the male seem to pull her closer to his body and holding her there. Atman chuckled watching the beast move clawing its way into the room from the outside and then finally lunging one of its heads at the wall that was to the couple's left side and then another on their right side. Turning to face the creature Atman shook his head still holding the blade. "Now isn't that funny" he looks to Isis and then back to the beast. His own eyes starting to swirl as the news just kept coming. "So my little temptress, my wife has let her self be tarnished by the likes of you." the male hissed out as he pulled Isis closer so she was up against his body now. He grin his lips near her ears as his eyes stayed focased at the head before him. "Isn't she just a catch." he taunted the other male taking a deep breath of Isis's scent into his lungs before he wrapped his arms around her tighter not even worried about the silver dagger he had in his hand with a dropet of her blood on it. Isis growled hearing what he had called her as she struggled within his arms. "Your lying" she snapped back quickly as she stood there between the two males. Atman chuckled again. "My dear I speak the truth and you know it, you know who you are."

Anaya: Vain looked at his beloved as his heads stopped biting, stopped moving and stayed to the couples left side and right side, so there was no way to get away, well that way, and he had bitten away the floor so it was kinda a wall and his face to deal with at the moment. “what ever the past held, what ever sis did before my time was something i don't care about, time is feeble and something demons and things with a life span beyond it don't care about the past of your time is gone. And if she is or was your woman she is that no longer, she belongs to me and will stay at my side, as i am Vain her husband as i have always held her ring around my neck even in the years we have bin apart Isis is mine, now let her go for this is the last warning before i turn what is silver into liquid” Vain did not do it often but one of his powers was to draw metal to his own body, he had learned this handy trick from Anaya a wile ago, but there was more up the 3 headed monsters sleeve. As he had bin talking the 2 heads at the sides of the couple had bin leaking so to speak, the silver goo that was spilling from there eyes and jaws had bin creeping up the walls over head of the couple, It was eating into the wall and would soon meet them, it would hurt the male but harm Isis no, never, it may act on her as well but harm her no, all Vain had to do was wait a little longer and hope they would never turn around to see it. “Isis you can change i know you can, you can free yourself and come to me, I am awake now for good i came back after sleep to be with you, to be with only you and for us to live our lives together. To start that family” he was praying she turned to shadow so he could smash the other males head off, remove the male from the equation all together.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She refused to see it let along believe it. Her heart pounded away in her chest as she stood there her gaze moving locked on Vain's. She winced as Atman pulled her tighter his right hand moving to take hold of her chin and forcing her head up. "See here, this woman will always be mine no matter what you both believe." he growled out as toyed with the male after Vain had said the past was pretty much the past and he didnt care. He soon released the woman's face as he pulled her jacket apart revealing her perfect skin to her lover. Her eyes widen as he ran his hands down her body making sure that Vain was watching. "You see this right here." Atman pulled at the woman's right breast as the lovers mark appeared. "MINE" He hissed out as he turned the woman around to face him. He smirked as he brought his lips close to her ear once more as his eyes remains on the male. The demon whispered softly just before a devilsh grin moved across his face has he pulled the woman closer and sank his fangs into where the mark had been before renewing it. He chuckled pulling back with her blood on his lips as he licked his lips and then slimply vanished, returnin to his imp form faded into the shadows. Isis just stood there as all this was happening; her body still as Atman held her close to him before turning her around, her eyes closed as if she knew what was going to happen. She winced just before she was released when the male had vanished. It took a lot to cause the woman to stumble but she did nearly falling on what floor was left she began to shake as the mark seem to spread just as Vain's had done.

Iron is Born - Page 2 Fantasycou_d8zi63o5

Anaya: Vains rage hit new levels as his eyes changed black and the centre head lunged forth to crush the feeble little thing that was the male. As soon as the head took a bite right beside his love the man was gone. The floor under his beloved gave way and he moved a paw there to get her in it. “it will be ok i have you now” his rage was lowering as he brought her to the ground, lowering his one centre head he licked her face as he got smaller shifting down to his human form nude before the woman he loved.  In his mind it was over now, over and done with. Moving his fingers he graced her chest and ran his fingers over the mark that male left. “you are still perfect to me.”

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman stood there where she had been left staring into space her mind mauling over what Atman had whispered to her, up to the point one of Vain's heads seem to lick her. She shook her head coming out of the daydream state nearly as her eyes seem to return to their pitch black shade. "huh" she glanced back to Vain as he shifted, her eyes staying on him not even sure if that was her husband still. She didn't even bother to pull her jacket like shirt close to cover her expose flesh. Her gaze drop down once she felt the fingers run over her skin. She shook her head "Just another mark to add to the mess my body is huh." she spoke out softly her voice still showing signs just how shaken she truly was. The demon glanced around what was left of her room with a sigh before looking to the bed and then back to her mate. "Did you have to wreak everything? My sister not going to like this" she chuckled softly trying to get her mind off of the threat of Atman returning sooner or later to get her. Isis took a deep breath as she finally had time to actually study Vain for the few moments.

Anaya : He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to his body holding her to his chest as he ran his fingers in her hair. “she will deal with it like she did the times before, we here are used to making messes of our home, we have workers to clean it” he smiled as he pulled her garments over her shoulders to keep her from getting cold in the halls. “and you are flawless to me Isis you always have bin, it is nice to have you back in my embrace, i missed you” his face still smiled as he held her, at long last he had her again, and this time he was not letting her go.

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~~~~~~Back in town as night is growing~~~~~~

Iron is Born - Page 2 MedievalTown

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Kyo was resting himself, the night was still young to him and he had yet to see the rest of what this dimension has to offer. His eyes glowed again as he heard the sound of a weapon scraping itself on the ground. The Scythe and Medusa heard the noise and likened it to claws on a chalkboard. The scythe spoke first and said to Kyo. “Master, I heard something. Could it come from a person?” Medusa quietly interrupted the scythe with her own inquiry. “Or could it be from a weapon that is like our dear scythe?” Kyo nodded to their opinions and said to them.
            “Medusa is right about the weapon making that sound, but first let’s see what this aura wants with me. I only just want one simple thing from the sound maker after all. He made himself known to the aura and said.~ “Ah, I see that I am not alone at this time and location. So who are you then new aura? ~A smile rose up on his face and continued what he was going to say~ “Friend or foe? I hope that it is the former as I just want directions to the castle itself. Hmhm”

Dante24601: -Kharn tilted his heard slightly as he waited for a response, nothing but a slight shift in position and a few more words to his weapons, Kharn chuckled and started walking towards him, scrapping his sycthe along the ground behind him, making the scrapping sound intensify, Kharn although having sensitive hearing was unbothered by it, he thought for a moment as to why the man refereed to him as aura, but put it out of his mind his lidless crimson red eyes dilating, the pupils shrinking behind his irises as he flung his scythe around aiming to catch the man in his back. He spoke, his low, deep voice full of violent undertones uttered one word and one alone, his name "Kharn"

Anaya: Anaya watched form a far as there was someone doing violent acts in the town ahead of her, she did not move, did not even try to do anything about it simply watched there towering over like a faded white shadow in the growing darkness, funny no one noticed the dragon as of yet, she wondered when they would well all they had to do was look up and see the giant head looking over them. it was still giant even if she was about a half a mile from the people in the town around her. she would deal with this annoyance later if she needed to she really hoped she would not have to.

mageofmist: -She smiled back at Scarlet, having realized she caught her off guard.- “sorry about that hun. Im just excited to see the night lights before it gets really dark” –In truth, it wasn’t the lights she was looking for, but the being causing this turmoil within her core. She couldn’t place it but she could feel where it was coming from, she would just need the bird’s eye view to spot it. They stopped just in front of the doors to the tower, Alera paused and looked up at its heights. Sudden nostalgia filled her thoughts as it reminded her of her birth family, back when they were all alive; including herself. She reached for the latch and forced their way inside. The town guard was sleeping peacefully on a rocking chair, a mug of coffee next to him. Or at lease she assumed that brown liquid was coffee and she had hoped it so even more. She let of Scarlet’s hand and gestured her up the stairs- “Ladies first….well I mean, royal ladies. I assure you I’m female” –she laughed silently as to not wake the guard. She wasn’t afraid of him, but she felt that staying incognito would benefit her plans even more. She waited for Scarlet to begin scaling the two hundred steps-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet giggled as she took the lead then looked up at the steps with a wide open mouth- “Sweet Rosemary” –She said silently as she made her way up the stairs careful to keep the guard in his sleeping state- “who in their right mind made all these steps?” –She held the tip of her cape in one hand so she would trip on it and fall down the long stairway that looked like a spiral-

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RavenLancioneOsiris: ".....What is it Argasus?" ~;He merely spoke whilst writing Ecriture runes that sent out a bright violet tinged stringed of words, spinning slowly as one by one would disappearing and yet a quiet humming of the ecriture energy vibrated within the planes of existance, He glanced about and saw a beast....Almost the same as Argasus, wonderous, huge and almost majestic and yet it merely looked like a beast to him....Compared to Argasus's rich silvery frame, this one seems to be almost filthy and that made Raven raise his eyebrow curiously;~ " This...Beast.....Smells familiar..." ~;he whispered those words with lithe poison in it as when he felt a bit mischievous, Dragons hated the Phoenix, As stated in the anals of the Feng Shen history..Tian itself was the one responsible for the first defeat of the phoenix but this time.... Zai Mao the Black Phoenix had emerged with the help of Raven's essence of chaos, embedding itself on Raven's soul.....The black flames slowly revealed its true form when Raven felt the chaos within a few beings that are in here, Argasus let out an earsplitting roar and uncoiled itself from Raven and flew upwards towards the sky, his gleaming silvery scales a beacon of light against the darkening skies, like a blazing silvery light it sped up and up within the clouds, its frame seemed to let off a ghastly aura and disappear. inside the town, Raven continued his work minding the Dragon and somehow he felt elated, Like Raven felt earlier....An Event will occur, He spun around the cacophany of death within his wrists and soon enough two sickle blades appears before him, Those are not made from normal metal nor normal beings but from chaos and the energies of the world....:~ "...Puny, Tiny...Beings of the dust....Come upon me, And Chaos shall envelop you.." ~:the black flames that emits from him serves as his shroud, his dust, hiding his true form in the face of mortals, enveloping him in black flames and his visage was that of the shadow....but only trails of the flames can be seen around him, dramatically walking slowly. "Night....Skies.... Soon, Blood will rain upon this town...The Gods...Have come.."

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Kyoji heard the violent tone of his voice. The feeling of an unavoidable fight has come and thus Kyo sighed as he wanted a peaceful visit to this world. His scythe tries to make him feel better about it. Before he can react to the aura himself, he catches him off guard and gives him a horizontal slice on his back. Blood sprouted from out of his skin and tore off part of his longcoat. He turned around and looked at him and his bloodlust. His scythe then said to him. “Master, I know you asked the aura nicely, but it seems that he wants your blood.” Kyo nodded as the scythe starts spinning itself like a ceiling fan set on high speed. He sighs and says to his scythe. “Then I guess I’ll have to quench his thirst for my blood. Scythe, you have to ready your flames for him. In the meantime, Medusa and I will fend off against this berserker.” He draws out the Medusa Zweihander and says to her with a calm yet stern demeanor while holding the blade with his two hands. “Medusa, we have to do our best until the scythe readies the hellfire stream. “ Medusa agrees to her wielder and says to him with excitement in her voice. “Got it Master, I will give him quite the package.” Kyo holds the blade straightforward as the Medusa Zweihander glows brightly. A medium sized rock comes out of the blade itself and throws the stone to the violent aura~

Anaya: Anaya moved a bit lowering her head to drop her pile of meat and bodys from her jaws as they fell with a lomp on the ground, that booming voice came after as her massive over 200 feet wide wing span opend before the small drake in the sky “you there, on the ground, owner of the small silver wing in the sky here. You do not own the lands you are walking upon, the lands here are owned by the white golden scaled one that is myself. My ears can hear what you are to say, Walk on and move from this town, move from my lands in peace ” she lowered her head a bit a single eye still on the one in the sky that little silver winged drake, in the end a drake could not do much harm to a pure blooded elder dragon like herself. And as night was falling Anaya looked like a grayed shadow not showing her pure white scales at all. She did not want a battle, she did not even want to fight, golden dragons are known for peace keeping over hard combat but she had the mind of a black, pure blood black mind set so combat was not a far second on her to do list, but was she able to place up a large scale fight, no, but she would do a dragons best if she had to, and if anything she would lure the attacker away from her town and people. “be on your way and bring your darkness to other places. It is not needed here” the dragons voice boomed over all others things it got people out of bed and rushed people out of homes to see what was going on, town did not see that kinda fourm before on there dragon, it was her night walking one her full sized monster self, something most never saw and the ones that did feared, like who would not fear a white, glowing red eyed, 170 foot tall over 200 feet long 100 plus ton monster.

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RavenLancioneOsiris: "......Darkness....This is not Darkness Draconian...THis is CHaos...And one who would envelop the skies with Despair but it seems....One event has commenced..." ~:he whispered whilst he kept spinning the ecritures around...He glanced upon the sky and merely grins:~ " Argasus my friend, Go forth." ~:he felt the Drake roar in approval, its roar was much more larger than before as the echoes became thunder itself, booming violently. shrouds of black flames envelop him as the shrieking of the black phoenix emitted from his frame, his ruby red eyes glowing behnd the shroud giving off a sinister aura and the heat...was almost unbearable and yet he controlled it, keeping it stable as to not rattle the balance of the Libra.....Divine Revelation....It is about to occur, Thats what he heard from Edaemus...His Light God....The Delphaeic god who hath given him the Curse of Light....:~ ".....Find the One who would reveal the Revelation within Raven would appear here....One who would show him his 9th Form.....Which is..."....~: Tian-Xing's own curse....The Divine Darkness, he knew of this as soon as he saw the ecritures that glowed violet and spread out, its humming words seemed to bellow one thing...Darkness and Light Come unto death....Life will be revealed and thus... the Hundred Great Gods would reveal his next curse...He must attain it....It was his sole reason for his arrival in this place, guided by the Dark one, Sle'Zu Xtian. :~ "......If it comes to a battle, I wont hold back......My Quest does not concern destruction..Only terror, Reveal thyself blessed one and bathe me in your pain and suffering." ~:he raised his hand as if calling for the one who would reveal his hidden rune....:~

mageofmist: -Alera kicked opened the stubborn latch of the trapdoor that led to the top of the tower. She grabbed Scarlet’s hand and let her up. A loud siren filled the air and Alera clenched her ears in pain. She squinted her eyes to see a black bird soaring into the sky an Alera knew that this was it…whatever ‘it’ was. She looked back to Scarlet with a fierce disposition.- “Go back to the Castle right now as fast as you can hun, and don’t give me any lip or else I throw you there” –She looked out to all the people scattering around confused by the noise that was just made. She clinched her teeth in aggravation at their blank stupidity and gripped the stone on the tower tight enough to crack it.- “I can’t believe I’m trying to save humans….Damn you Anaya…” –Alera looked towards the sky where the hawk had vanished into the clouds, her eyes tracked its elevation downward from its source. Spotting a cloaked figure shrouded in a darkened mist, she knew this was her guy. The creature responsible for these disturbing feelings arousing her curiosity and hatred for life itself. A thunder storm of energy gathered around Alera’s aura, fiery passions and a burning orange coated her figure. She clasped the palms of her hands together strongly and exhaled in as much oxygen as her decayed lungs could hold. As she exhaled towards the sky, a great plume of fire would cloud the overpass of the vast sunset. Creating different seals with her fingers she morphed the giant burning cloud into the shape of a motioning dragon ready to attack and lay waist to the town. The townsfolk down below spotted the frightful jest and panicked in a quick frenzy. People were trampled to death by other people and nobody seemed to give a damn about anyone else well-being but their own as they quickly evacuated the town, finally having enough with all these dragons and monsters. Alera rolled her eyes still unsure why she did that or even felt some responsibility for them. She repeated herself- “Damn you Anaya….” She looked back at the cloaked figured down below wondering what he was going to do to the city. Out of the corner of her eyes she spotted several people sticking around, refusing to be scared away by her stunt. Alera wouldn’t place any concern on them as natural selection always did a good job of getting rid of all the idiots. She gripped her blade in preparation, waiting for his next move-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet put her hood over her head when she heard the loud siren before looking up to see a large black bird in the sky- "ah skit" -She looked to Alera and did as she said rushing through all the Chaos after she left the bell tower making sure she was out of sight from anything that could harm her, she could see the castle up ahead of her and picked up her speed feeling desperate to go home and keep safe from whatever was going on in the town far behind her- "dang it"- she said as she stopped at the castle entrance almost out of breath, she made her way inside and ran upstairs to her room taking her cape and weapons off then hiding under the covers until she felt fit to come out again-

Dante24601: -Kharn watched with glee as blood sprayed from the beings back, though he didn't seem overly bothered by the wound. Kharns red eyes glowed with amusement as he started to chant while the man readied himself- Maim, Kill ,Burn- with every passing second his volume increased and the violent blood-lust in its intentions rose until he was screaming it, as the man turned and shot a rock at him, Kharn laughed in-between his chants leaping over the projectile and the man landing crouched behind him on the bridges edge, he howled -weakness -having a full view of the cut on the mans back he clenched his thickly guantleted left hand and threw a punch swift and fast, not overly strong at the wound, he wasn't going to kill him quickly, instead he wanted to to toy with this odd creature that spoke to weapons-

Anaya did not move hearing the male talk about his divine darkness and light made her almost giggle, and in a flick of her tail her wings opened. “you talk on divine darkness, and what your god has here this is place ruled by one god alone, my god and you have no power in that. The black bird of fire left this place to stagnate a long time ago before the wars changed this world. Before i walk walking in it back when i was home in my world far from yours. You think your divine darkness or light can touch this place the chaos you bring with you? You are sadly mistaken for chaos already was here and left a long time ago. Now as i said before i ask my god what will be done here about you, i ask you one last time to move on before something makes you do so. I am Anaya Luna of the Sky grounds, known as mother of dragons and bringer of darkness changed to something of a golden scale. And i have told you i own the land you stand on and no one can change that.” she looked up to the sky's as her bright red eyes got hotter and the air around her started to heat up, the air around her move-ed as she let out a screech into the air over head. This was not a battle cry it was a call for a friend, a friend she needed its aid from, she needed luck on her side and she new just the force to call to get it. She lowered her head back down and simply stood there as she moved her wings back into her back and watched, not caring as the dragon new as long as she stayed in the tanker form that was her own, not much could hurt her anyway.

RavenLancioneOsiris: "....Gods...All of them...Are nothing..." ~:he raised his hand as to reveal his shroud....The Dancing Phoenix, Its black chaotic nature seemed to envelop the wrist and would slowly burn away the bond of the earth, Boundless Raven would erect several winds of his own, Black Fury.....The flames of hatred and death had come forth to convene the message of the Black Phoenix, Dragons, And Even that being that had a scent of decay about seemed to be closer, the Symbols of Violet and Ecritures spun around, mixing the chaos language in a form of bedraggled voice, letting out a wail of cacophanic choir that seemed to disrupt the energy of the world.....Soon he will reveal that he does not need any Divine power, The Aura of these beings are different, Almost making him feel threatened..... but no matter, It is another obstacle in his way that he needs to surpass....:~ "....I feel ashamed, My Journey is getting interesting...Elder Dragon....And a Corpse, He grins..... A Delightful event....One that he had not anticipated is under-way, With him as the villain.:~ "Ecriture of Darness, Reveal Thyself, Dance....Sing your Death, Play with Life....And End all in Chaos."

KyojiLegionRowen: ~In times like this, Kyoji would simply run away and hope that the berserker wouldn’t be able to catch him. Instead, he would chase him from dimension to dimension and quite possibly wreck some havoc on his home world Terragrigia. If he brought someone like him to his world, then it would be his fault for the lives that may be lost. Nonetheless, he discards the thought as it would dampen his spirit and decides to fight him head on. Seeing the berserker aura attempting to punch him, he dodges it by dashing backwards. His scythe speaks to him saying. “Master, I have secured enough flame to launch at the berserker. Give the word and I will release the Hellfire Stream Master. He nodded to his scythe and said. “Then release it now scythe. It’ll buy us some time for the wound to recover for a bit.” The scythe then releases the hellfire that it has been storing and launches it straight at him. The scythe stopped spinning as it reverts back to its regular self.~

Dante24601: -Kharn felt his fist hit thin air as the man dashed away from him, he heard he say something to his scythe about firing something. Kharn snarled the sound ringing clear from his mask. The fire burst forward towards him and Kharn howled as he leaped out of the way, but not before the stream of flame caught his left arm burning away the silk robe leaving only a guantleted hand. As Kharn landed his snarled at the figure, his skin black and charred, red dried blood cracking its surface. he stood and clenched his left fist groaning slightly in delight at the intense burning pain that filled his arm and rushed again at the figure this time sliding to take his legs out from under him with a side kick-

mageofmist: -The flames she had expelled from before were still very much alive in the sky as she raised her right hand above her head. She looked over to Anaya who had some understanding of making sure this issue was resolved before it got worse. She had no notions of good VS evil here as many thought of her as nothing but an abomination. A thought that still stung at her core harder than a million needles against the flesh. She cringed and would not allow such self-hatred cloud her judgement and focused her attention on the flames swirling around above her. It was hard to tell what kinds of concoctions this being had been stirring in his pot as his black attired style grew dimmer and dimmer as the sun continued to set. The nearly abandoned town did was not filled with candle light as the majority of its tenants were no there to light them. They would soon be playing in the dark and moon light as the only eye witness to their testimony. From the spiralling pin-wheel of fire, embers shot forth and spread like wild fire throughout the town. Alera didn’t give a fuck about property damage as nobody was around to get hurt and it could all be replaced and rebuilt, maybe into a not so boring town next time. Alera wasn’t sure what moves Anaya would take but she waited on her actions first before pursuing the target. As much as she wanted to hop right into things, Alera was still just a guard and had to wait for orders of some kind. She kept the flames above her spinning around and continued to spray embers out in all directions, the town would soon enough be in a blaze and Alera grinned-

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Anaya: She still did not move, her towering figure a giant wall to what ever was behind her, was she guarding something, no one would know unless she moved. “in this world there are people that think they can ruin it, but in the end there is no world for you to ruin. For inside you are only ripping apart yourself. How much more pain can you give yourself? How many parts are left?” the dragon opend her wings one more and started to flap hard lifting her bulk from the ground and grabbing a small building with her feet and lifting it up into the air, the only thing in this building was a single family, two boys a mother and father and a little girl named Evalin, she had met the family a wile ago on her walks in town and cared for them. So out of the whole town she was going to keep this bunch safe. As Anaya got higher into the sky she let out a blast from deep inside her body, a fire blast into the sky to take out that little drake that was up there, hiding in the clouds. A drake was far from hard for a dragon to take out and one of Anayas size her blast covered most of the sky clearing the clouds and removing all that was in them, a golden dragons fire hotter then even a elder reds, it was the strongest fire known to her world. She turned in the air still holding that little building in her claws and started to hover and flap charging up another blast to send at the ground where that male was standing. There was tar running from the dragons eyes as she stayed in the sky, it was unknown how much power the old girl had left in her but she new if this blast was let free she may have two more in stock and if it did hit the ground what ever was in town would be gone anyway. Anaya watched from over head as her one guard was setting a blaze to the town, she new her last trick had scared everyone but that one little building away so she did not care much about her town. As she saw the embers set the town a blaze it seemed the fire had trapped the male standing down there so once the secondary blast was ready it would hit mark and things would be over. As well as Anaya new that her first blast into the sky would have given the notice that it was ok for combat, as well as tell the Army in her Main Castle halls that it was battle time and to come to there leaders call.

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Kyoji, relieved that the hellfire stream hit its target slightly cannot rest himself just yet. He may have scored himself a victory on setting the berserker’s skin ablaze, but even that is not enough to stop him. His eyes glowed brightly the moment that the berserker aura tried to slide under him to knock him down a peg. He jumped out of the way of the slide kick and looked at his Medusa Zweihander and said. “Ah, it looks like he will keep fighting until he is knocked out or that I’m knocked out in return.” Medusa agreed with his statement and said to him.
“Then you must quench his blood-lust Master. Now then, let’s get back to the moment on hand.” Kyo nodded to Medusa as he kept hold of the Zweihander and charged at him, intending to damage him via a vertical slash.

Dante24601: -Kharn ended the kick and while the aura seeing one seemed distracted, having yet another conversation with his weapons Kharn quickly slung his scythe across his back and drew two daggers from his back pockets, they were much like hunting knives and looked almost ancient compared to his scythe which was still new, the daggers being almost as old as Kharn now, though their blades were as sharp as he was, but that wasn't all, they had been dipped in a high powered hallucinogenic plant mixed with dark magic, anyone hit by the blades, even a slash would see all other living beings as Kharn, moving like him and talking like him, even the dragon in the sky would look like Kharn to this man. As the man leapt at him, Kharn chuckled and lifted his crisp bleeding black arm, his thick guantlet still shining there and timed a side ways punch perfectly to smack the side of the blade and veer it off its path, Kharn chuckled and slashed a dagger the the mans wrists aiming to slice it but a centimetre long cut-

RavenLancioneOsiris: "......Argasus..." ~:he glanced upwards the skies, He knew his pet dragon would be there and even though, He wouldn't worry about that little blighter. He was worried for the decaying one, That presence was the immediate danger and soon enough Raven bit himself, the gushing of blood from his veins seemed to spread to his chest, Revealing a set of glowing ecritures and suddenly a loud shriek can be made as the golden blast had hit the clouds where Argasus was roaming around.....This was not a shriek of pain....Its a mocking one as he knew its exagerrated, Argasus does not shriek like that...He has a much more deep roar earlier when he lingered upon the skies, the black nimbus that is Tzeentch permeats the clouds above and the black clouds seemed to grow bigger.:~ "......Argasus.....A little bit more my friend." ~; He glanced at the woman on foot and soon enough he demonstrates his mortal skills....."Ecriture of Darkness..Reveal thyself." ~The Black shroud that was Raven's Wind Black Fury pierced raven's back and embedded it selves upon him, black ichor seemed to seep from the wounds but what happened next was interesting...The black fury was rumored to be the Black Phoenix's gift to Raven as per blessing and thus....He'll have the freedom to use it at will...As was already dancing earlier with the Runes and Ecritures, Raven merely leaned over with the black wings that seemed to gleam off the blazing ires of the flames, The blades on the wings was reflected on the Decaying one as he hath noticed and spun around, Without any weapon Raven will rely on the Human's Blessings....Which is the Dance of the Seven Blades.:~ " SMELTING AURA! LET CHAOS PIERCE THE SKIES!" ~:he bellowed and thus his hand was in a form of ecriture and the runes on his hand glowed surreptitiously, the chaos energies around him seemed to dissipate and yet the wind around him seemed to gather around his arms and his figure;~ "...Minds...Eye..." ~:he murmured spinning around in a form of dance but as he gets closer to the woman who was wielding flames around, He whipped his arm as chaos blades from his surroundings began to take form as he was already had in his mind what to form with the use of his ergokinesis and his skill, Seven long blades almost as tall as Raven appeared towards the female. Two of those blades appears to sway around spinning like tops and humming a low form of cacophony and the three blades shoot up towards the skies, Two of the final blades are different, Blazing Red and black and letting out a cackle of despair hissing its hunger for souls, two of those lingered in the air and like the wind, it smoothly burned the ecritures to drink its energies and thus felt the pull of the crimson hunger leading to the heat that attracted the two blades, the bond of the destruction....Raven wrote two more ecrirtures and thus spins around towards the runes of his own making that glowed around, letting off a hum;~ "Decay Furthermore creature!" ~:he laughed at the prospect of death and raised his voice atop the skies...the explosion was intense but he only heard something else....A faint whisper, Now he's ready.:~ " The Metallic....Beast. I know its him."

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Kyo got confident, he got the berserker right at the ropes and thus he is on the verge of defeating him. Yet it’s such confidence that will cost him dearly. When he saw him attempting to hit him in the face with his fist, he evaded it successfully. Unfortunately, he neglected to dodge the dagger itself. The dagger pierced his skin and the hallucinogenic compound invaded his blood pressure. His eyes glowed brightly, in this instance however, it glowed repeatedly to the point where not even closing them can turn it off. The Medusa Zweihander and the Hellfire Scythe spoke to him via sending saying sentences like “Master, what is wrong?” and “Master, there’s something irregular with your aura.” Instead, he cannot hear them properly as it echoes in tandem. The berserker’s plan worked successfully as Kyo saw numerous versions of the berserker himself. The sky and the ground was full of him. He swung the Medusa Zweihander like a madman on acid. In hopes of hitting or at the very least, attempting to hit him~

mageofmist: -Alera’s grin quickly faded as Anaya’s words rang in her psyche- **“in this world there are people that think they can ruin it, but in the end there is no world for you to ruin. For inside you are only ripping apart yourself. How much more pain can you give yourself? How many parts are left?”**- Is that what she thought of her also? Alera wondered and dropped her hand from the sky in self-pity. Her entire existence was nothing more than slaughter and destroy, if nobody even Anaya couldn’t accept that; what place did she even have in this life anymore. She always remained on the border between life and death a purgatory that she was damned into from this accursed parasite of a body. The flames died out and Alera’s spirit along with it, she didn’t even notice the blades approach her but when she did it was too late as they shred her body to pieces. Black spores expelled from each laceration and dis-figuration of her body as the entire right side of her upper body had been removed. She gripped her side in pain and fell over. She struggled to stay conscious not allowing the Grave mind to take control at least until she could get to a safe distance away from this world. She glanced towards Anaya as her cherry eyes lost flavour and turned grey with corruption. The spores that scattered into the air from her wounds multiplied in the oxygen and she could feel the transformation taking place. Her red lush hair withering and decaying off of her scalp. She was becoming more and more corpse like as her façade appearance of a beautiful woman started to fade. With every bit of strength she could muster, Alera clinched her left fist and rocketed flames from the inside of her palm towards the tower she was standing on. It and all the buildings surrounding were demolished as she shot herself into the air with an amazing force of power. Her last look to Anaya was one of sorrow, wishing she wasn’t the horrible monstrosity she had tried to so hard to keep hidden. Alera continued through past the layers of the atmosphere, she felt her grip loosening too weak to hold on any longer and she passed out in high orbit above the planet’s surface. It was cold here and her body began to freeze over, if she were awake to see it; she would be thanking god for keeping her form from changing with this powerful divine intervention. No oxygen reached her as she was just barely on the border of outer space and the planet’s atmosphere. She remained their incarcerated in her icy and temporary tomb-

It was time to go, the fire in her belly was growing and she could not hold back the blast any more, even if she wanted to, and with a great roar she let it go to the ground under her to lay waist to what ever was down there. A golden dragons fire was blue and it was hotter then even hell fire and a elder reds blast. As she watched her blaze fly a light opened up in the clouds and a golden shape of the long she called earlier formed “ya good luck my ass ” she looked down for a moment knowing her guard was fighting down there as the dragon prayed she could take care of the castle wall she would be gone. “once you find your place to belong you can do anything. You can free yourself from your bindings and become what you are ment to become. Become something worth fighting for, to be truly something to remember.” she said softly but in a way that the words would flow down as she flapped into the shimmering embrace of her friend the Luck dragon of lore. “you will crash in the sands Anaya, there your people have ran to, you can help them there” was all Lucky said as the giant 500 foot long body turned and moved up and out of the line of sight and into the sky over head, just before looking down to what ever was down there. Lucky did not care for human and being disputes or anything to do with anyone, he cared about Anaya and to keep her safe part time, other then that he did never care much for anything but himself and the well being of the planet.

KyojiLegionRowen: ~Due to Kyoji’s hallucinogenic state, he sees every single living thing as the berserker, unaware of the fact that a brick is flying right at him, with the intent of giving Kyo one hell of a headache. The einhander on Kyo’s waist decides to have none of that and jumps out of its sheath. The blood red blade slices the brick into two, missing its intended target and landing straight into the water. Unfortunately, this also causes the blade to be seen as another berserker in the eyes of Kyo. His eyes glowing repeatedly, he looks at the floating berserker, unaware that it’s the Crimson Echoes in reality and says to it.~ “A-a-a-a-h, another berserker!? I-I-I-I-I W-W-W-ill slice you to the point where your a-a-a-arteries will no longer be in your body!” Thus Kyo rushes at the moving einhander and attempts to hit it while the einhander makes an attempt to hit the berserker with a horizontal thrust~

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IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis nodded softly as she lean back into his arms, god she had missed his embrace even though this time it felt different nearly; as if the years apart had changed them. "True enough though I do believe the others has made a far more of a mess then we have today." she spoke softly as she pulled her jacket back closed after he had moved it back into place. Her full painted lips curled at their ends as she smiled softly for her beloved. "As I have missed you" she sighed softly half tempted to hit him for vanishing on her seeing she had gaven all up the last time she was at her sister's home. Then again Isis wasn't once for letting things slide. She turned around in his arms and actally hit him. "If you ever leave me again I will kill you" she hissed out.

Vain looked at his love as he felt her hand over his face and a even brighter smile came over his lips. It must really have hurt her hand to hit a metal face. As she pulled her hand back he grabbed it and that devilish and dominating grin came over his mouth “you know you are really sexy when you get angry with me my love” he said in that husky grown voice she was not used to. His other arm wrapped around her back as his fingers slid down her spin and pulled her even a little closer, she could feel him up against her as he was still standing there nude.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She took a deep breath knowing it was going to hurt for the next few seconds but it her stricking him was needed. She pulled back and went to step back putting distance between the two just as he took hold of her by the wrist and pulled her back to him. Something inside her sparked as she chuckled "Why are you grinning?" she had all forgotten that he was still nude up to the point her body was pressed up against his again. She shook her head still trying to get over the changes in him even his voice seem to have changed and all for the better in her opion. Her eyes locked on his as he held her as she smriked. "You know I can just become shadows to get away from you again." she teased him

Anaya: Vain moved to bite on the side of her neck as he whispered “i know you better then that my love, it has bin over a year since we played in your chambers and now i have you to myself once more and i never wish to let you out of my grasp again, i wish to lay you like i did back on our wedding night. Make you beg for more as you did then” he moved his hand down to grasp her firm backside and pull her hips to his as he was starting to grow in size and it was starting to push up on her.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman stood there waiting for his responce to her comment and when she didn't get one she only passed it off. Her breathing finally slowed returning back to its normal speed for the time being. She pulled her lower lip into her mouth as she started to chew on it as he spoke to her, the corners of her lips curled up into a smile. "Oh you would wouldn't you?" she chuckled out softly as he pulled her closer once more. Her body seem to mold against his; her cheeks turned a light rose pink before fading back into its normal tint. "And who said I will let you bed me now after a year?"

Vain was never one to take no anyway so he really did not think of a response to that one other then “did i give you a choice” he smiled and pushed her back on to a wall as he moved his hand up to grab her already riped garment from before and with almost no problem at all pull it free of her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. With no time wasted he pushed himself up to her entrance and could feel her growing in wanting. “tell me you don't want it and i will let you go” it was a question he new the answer to already as he let the hard head of his cock rub against her lower lips.

IsisRainDeLaRose: His newly found look was causing the woman even more trouble then he even would have known, of course she was sure he still had the same thinking oh she was sure of it. When he stated that he didn't give her a choice she chuckled shaking her head. "when do you ever?" she mumbled out before licking her lips as he pushed her up against what was remainding the nearest wall. She shivered as her warm skin touched the cool stone as he pulled her shirt like jacket from her body, her eyes watching it fall to the floor before going back to watch the male. Isis could already feel the first heat of the first of lust eat away at her flesh as he rubbed his tip against her core. She chuckled knowing he would have felt her moist entrance as he teased her. "Must we go through this every time?" she smirked as she leaning up just enough to claim his lips.

Vain chucked as he moved to give one hard thrust into her. “if you simply worked with me we would not have to but i think you enjoy my force to you” he gave another thrust as he started to side a bit faster in and out of his beloved. His lips met hers harshly as his one hand moved to her hair and pulled it back kissing her even deeper. Thrust after powerful thrust went into his love as he claimed her again and again, his soft moans turning into a move manly grunting purr like sound as he took his wife.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She chuckled out softly. "Babe what fun is that if I let you get your way all the time without a fight" she smirked just as she went back to kissing him. Her body seem to welcome her lover as he pushed deep into her causing her to take a breath seeing how tight she was after a year of not being touched. The demon purred as he pulled her hair tilting her head back to deepen the kiss.

He trusted agein and agein not breaking there hiss as his self inside of her started to bulge, it had bin a year so it was hard for him to hold all the pent up wanting in. Thrusts became harder and harder, faster and faster as he took his love like the day he first claimed her as his, took her like the weapon he was, in force and as an animal and untamed beast “i will never leave you again ”

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demoness kissed him back hard, her lips dancing their sinners dance along with his before she nipped at them. She could feel him grow within her walls causing her only to moan out. With the way he was ravishing her body she was shocked she was still able to stand with the amount of force he pushed into her. The woman let a series of loving growls and purrs escape passed her lips as her innerwalls tighten around him as she drew near her peak. Her blood seem to boil at this point she pulled back breaking the kiss as he spoke. His words tugging at her heart "You better not." she manages to get out before she ends up moaning out his name.

The moan from his love of his name made his want even stronger, his arm wrapped her tightly holding her as he gave a large and holding thrust within her letting his seed spill from him filling her as he let out a moan of her own name in that husked and lustful voice he held. “i promise” he said as he kissed her deeply making her moans muffled from here embrace as even if she wanted to break away he forced her lips to stay to his and his self stay inside of her till the very last drop of his seed had finished spilling from him.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Her womb tighten around him even more as the woman's breaking point grew ever closer. Between the roughness and the speed, let alone her lover driving her made drove her over the edge. Isis moaned feeling his warm seed enter her just as her body released her juices she panted. The demon kissed her beloved back deeply.

Vain trusted one more time then another slowly and then moved himself carefully out of his beloved and picked her up in his arms “now it is time we sleep together as we are ment to. I have not felt sheets in a long time”

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"I promise I will never leave you again."

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Anaya: Red hair flicked over her nipples as she let out a sigh and pushed it back running her clawed fingers over her breasts pushing them together with a light umph. “i don't like working here, why cant she come home and give me a break eh” the maid Lady Anaya had taken as a kinda pet to play with every now and again, was not really the happy go lucky type...unless she had the right temptation before her. Lilly was a 1st class succubus demon and wall it had bin a day and a half since she had fucked the brains out of someone male or female she did not care so she was getting a little wanting and needy, and well simply on edge. “oh i hate it here” she growled as she kicked a bucket and sent it flying over the hall, water flying all over the place and suds getting all in the carpet. She looked up to see still half of the east wing was missing......yep it was gone “i wonder what did that ” she mumbled as it seemed to be ripped apart very well “well i know i am not fixing it. ” most of the guards and maids left when half the town got set a blaze last night and the town was a ghost town with nothing in it but ash and burnt trees “why do i even stay here everyone left when people fucked us all over, there is no sexy men any more ohhhhhh” she snarled and wanted something else to kick but held back her anger and simply walked to a small throne to sit her ass down. “i want Anaya to come back. But one knows were she went” Lilly was a bit sad at that idea, no ruler to rule the halls would only end in chaos for her and all that dwelled here ....that had not left. Lilly moved and looked out at the door not knowing what was going on out there and to be truthful she really did not care. Lilly got up and walked to the doors and simply opened them as one fell off the handle and hit the floor with a bang “yep not fixing it ” she mumbled as she walked away letting what ever was out there in not having a clue who it was, but she new if she needed help the armys and guards men stood there posts around, and she could call them.

Anaya: Vain moved in his chambers as he glanced over to see his beloved sleeping there beside him, oh how it was nice to wake up with her there next to him, all soft and warm and there...yes she was there it was not a dream any-more she was really there. With a soft kiss he graced her tender cheek with a single kiss and whispered “good morning my love”. The maids had pulled the blinds already and the sun was shimmering in to there chamber...ok it was not there's, there chamber was was....gone. Yes Vain had ripped that part the other night as the whole east wing had bin ripped apart as well, he thought on how he hoped it would be fixed. Looking up he got out of bed as he walked over to the window looking out at the rubble and ruin that happened last night “must have bin a fire or something ” he muttered not having a clue what was going on or what happened down there. Hearing the sounds of something down there he did not even care to look at it and simply moved back to the guest room bed to sit beside his love simply pulling on a set of jeans.

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis mumbled in her sleep her body wrapped in the sheets was pressed up against her lovers body. Worn out from the night before the woman grumbled as the bed shifted just as Vain had moved from her side. The demon rolled pulling the sheets closer to her body just after Vain had kissed her. Her eyes open showing the colourless tint as she went to pull the sheets even more. "What time is it?" She yawned out softly as she sat up holding the sheets to her body as she glanced around taking in the amount of damaged that actually happen.

Guest_DreagonKrocoff: *He was still pacing. He started started looking around the room. He never relaxed in new investments, "We do not know of this place?" His voice changed to that of Dreagon's. He was looking or any sing on Drecula or Alucard. The are is sworn enemies. "DOSE ANY ONE KNOW DRACULA?" His guild and been at war for over 5000 years. He started thing about them killing every one but his self and Vladimir. The images brunted in to his mind. "THE FUCKING KILLED THEM ALL!" He had had a blank expression one could see the anger wash over him. His Voice changed back to Legion's "And we shal kill them all!" His powers was still growing become of the anger. His eyes caning room, He was looking for any one, "Is this the place of war I have heard about?"*

Anaya: Vain looked over to her with a smile as he finished snapping up his pants “well from the place the sun is it would be around noon, i bet there is a meal in the lower halls for you if you hurry it may be still warm” he had no idea that last night Anaya never came home with the food and there was really nothing down food at all in the empire, no food and water was running short as Anaya still had to talk to the Elder of the forest to get there water for this month. Things would get hard if Anaya did not get home soon. As she walked back to that bucket she kicked before Lilly picked it up and jumped around with it tossing it yet again making it hit a pillar and smashing it to bits, the little 5 foot 2 succubus woman ran around feeling free as the bones holding her clicked together as she walked. Black eyes moved to look at the doors she had already opened , was anyone comping in? She watched as she saw a woman and a male walking inside...she did not care much for the female, why care for a woman when she can sleep with the man...yes the mind of a demon is a evil thing, so right away her eyes and voice went to him and only him. He looked kinda like her but she was sooo cuter. “welcome to Ir..on something or other place. The ruler Anaya is gone....some place so i am here for now and um i think there are other people here i don't all well know yet, but come in we are nice....some of us ” a smile came over the little hellions face as she blushed and moved her little bone tail over covering up her nudity...kinda. She was a nice looking little thing far from as flawless as lady Anaya and well far more...used, but they would bicker over that later. Lilly looked at the man as he talked, yelled and acted crazy and pointed to the door “i think ya got the wrong place if ya want to act crazy cus i don't know anything of what ya talking about”

IsisRainDeLaRose: She yawned once more her hand moving letting the sheets drop from her body as she covered her lips. She glanced up through the window before nodding. "So how much trouble you think we are in?" she mumbled out as she rolled out of bed looking for her clothes. She sighed moving around leaving the sheets on the bed as she moved to grab at lest her jacket to cover her top have as she looked for her jeans. "Have you.." she paused as she turned to watch Vain with a smile on her face. Isis still couldn't believe that he was back. She took a deep breath as she moved around the chamber as she searched for her jeans still. "Have you seen my jeans?" she stopped glanced back up to the male as she stood there with only her jacket on and open showing her bare skin to him seeing she had yet to button it.

Anaya: Looking over to her he fell back on the bed his back falling on her belly as he looked into her eyes “well my love when i say how much anger she will have on us all i can say is well i am without the proper words. And if you look out the window she is going to blame me for that to once i see her or well when she finds us. I saw we don't leave this guest room, What you think?” that coy grin came over his face as his silver hues looking into her orbs of greatness and wonder. It was as if looking into night.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She chuckle shaking her head. "Oh no we aren't staying in here all day" she bluntly spoke out before pushing him off of her and getting up once more. "We are going down stairs" she commented out once more as she return searching for her pants.

Anaya: Vain looked over to his love "if you cant find your pants and bra then we are not going down there "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She brow raises as she looks to him once more and shook her head. "Darling the bra has never been on over have the time" she smirked and shugged sitting on the bed and crossing her right leg over the left.

Anaya: "so what you are going to go down there all nude and BAM "
Anaya: "if you cant find your pants we are not going down there "

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IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis chuckled and moved closer to her lover, "Says who my dear" she smirked as her hand moved by her side stopping on her hip as she shifted her weight half tempted to dart to the door just for shits and grins.

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DrakeAGBloodrain: -A black mist would flow into the halls from outside as it forms into a figure of a male being of unknown origin begins to appear laying in the floor starting to sit up wearing black armour with a silver tint. A large demonic mask covering his face as his broad wing form from his back 8 foot in length. He would stand to his feet his heigth being that of 10 foot 6 inches. Looking around the hall where he was in confusion of where he is as he had been in a coma within the void for three weeks.- "Um hello. Might I ask where and when am i?"

Anaya: Vain looked to his love and smiled as he moved to her and wrapped his arms around her hips “i did, like really my love do we really want to be around People” he said the word people as if he was snooty even if he really was a nice guy inside. In the lower halls Lilly was wondering if that one male that was acting kinda nuts was even worth being in here, he seemed to have left when she pointed to the door, maby he thought she was mean or something, oh well. Her eyes turned seeing new meat, it was another man yay and he asked a question “you are stuck in Iron, it is i don't know the year but it is well the world is green and we learned it is not flat so that's a good thing. But um your shadow thing will not work any more, only in no out, only Anaya can go out of here so you have to wait for her to come back”

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis chuckled softly stood there waiting for his reaction and when he moved next to her wrapped his arms around her she shook her head once more, her white hair dancing along her shoulders just before she had pushed a small chunk out of her face. She licked her lips made a sorta pouting sound before listening to him. "fine but we are not staying up here all day, I do have to eat you know" her lips curled once more at their ends. "If you please give me back my pants. And dont be all high and mighty"

Anaya: Vain smiled and moved to sit on the bed crossing his legs like he was the grand boss WITH pants. "well now it is clear who has the pants my love " he gave that coy grin and blinked a couple times bating his eyelashes at her and with utmost love in his voice "and hey when you do go down there maby you can bring up the ale "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She growls before before the darts toward the bed nearly jumping on him. She chuckles kissing him tenderly before pulling back. "Oh we both know who is in charge" she chuckled softly once more as she waited before shrugging giving up. "If you give me my pants I will"

Anaya: He kissed her and held her there on top of him as a smile came over his lips "can i get a sandwich to ?"

DrakeAGBloodrain: "I see very well." -Speaking as he would walk around. Coming to a stop at a pillar turning and leans against it while he waits. His blackened eyes with a white hue for his pupils starts to scan his surroundings. Seeing all the texture and detail that would be engraved into halls.-

ZaknafainFrost: ~the demonic shade was that of a man of great power. his stature would be that of flattery and of most chiselled appearance. Ragnar The mighty inquisitor was the blight to this world of evil. the factor of his Norse religion kept him in check as he served the old gods. Odin was the god of choice as he suddenly was approached by someone at the inn he currently was at.~ "greetings good sir.... ~the demonic shade witch that was Ragnar looked back to the man in question of who he was.~ "Greetings good sir how may i help you?" ~the man fighter for a moment but he knew not his point or purpose for who he was.~ " Your assassin my good sir" ~the Demonic shade that witch was Ragnar twisted within rage as he took out his large blade that was on his back. the blade writhed from the souls of that in the underverse. the angered souls of the fallen foes where in no mood for him since he slayed them a great many ago. he simply looked words this pitiful mortal being.~ "I shall give Ye ten seconds head start" ~he smiled as he began counting~ "1" ~the man tensed a little as he though what he might do~ "2" ~they both stared at each other with the intent to kill Ragnar still counting~ "3" ~the man began to perspire as he looked back to him.~ "4"~blades then began to slowly appear from the mans hand before he could get to five the man attacked. thrusting his shiny dagger upon him but Ragnar would not allow this shit. he simply thrust his mighty sword into his belly and disembowelled him slowly and surly. his mighty blade began wiring around taking the soul of the man who was ebbing away slowly. as Ragnar Absorbed the soul he laughed manically as he was finished.~ "Here is something for the mess" ~he smiled and tossed a shiny gold tip to the barkeep as he stepped his way slightly buzzed to the kingdom with witch he would become curious about for the couple of days. he then was blocked by a large door. Grumbling to himself~ Fuck..... ~he chuckled a second as he tore open another rift warp gate and then walked into it allowing him to step into the kingdom. he smiled and then was in the threshold of the kingdom. he looked around and then the power would be emitting from the boots making a thudding noise upon the deep earth. he stood silent as he was going to be thus greeted or not was depending on what situation the current state was in. looking around the room he light up a cig. sipping the cool ember he smiled and blew out the smoke as the tall Viking figure stood. his hair black his beard thick and barbaric. his muscles ripped and the smell of the fresh kill was upon him as he twisted his beard into a braid lighting the end of it as was a style. he then looked upon them with his bright red eyes. not wanting any confrontation.~

Anaya: Lilly watched as yet another male came in OH YES!!! her mind flickered as black eyes lit up, maby one of them will play with me. she thought as she moved her tail to try to cover her lower nudeness as she smiled and wiggled moving back to the thrones to sit in a small one "welcome to Iro...ya just welcome i am getting sick of saying that line over and over, and one guy on pillar thing hope you like your stay"

IsisRainDeLaRose: As she straddled her beloved Vain, she nodded kissing him once more. "Your lucky I love you." she smirked before trying to stand back up before he had asked for the sandwich, her brow rose as she shook her head sighed and nodded. "Fine now give them back or im just going to go down there like I am now and you get nothing." she commented shortly after getting slightly irritated.

Anaya: Vains eyes got larger as he looked at his love "fuck if they are seeing that ass that is mine, they are in your closet i folded them for you last night when i could not sleep" he smiled as he moved his hand and spanked her ass lightly and that grin got wider as he was showing his shimmer of innocence

ZaknafainFrost: ~he smiled as he looked upon the playful woman he would not wonder what the fuck would happen to the place. the demonic shade then would look upon her and blew an amused cloud of smoke from the bowels of his lungs.~ hmmm.... Why thank ye... miss.. but i do see the place has gone all to hell... ~his voice trailed off seeing burn damage and other scoring the place. he just shook his head softly. such an act would not sit with the ruler he was sure of this. the vengeance would be hers justly. he looked upon the somehow unclothed demon and nodded.~Mam.. doth ye be a knowing when da lady Anaya Returneth.. ~his dull raspy voice was a harsh one maby from the cigars and the cigarettes he didn't know. he looked upon her his red eyes showed in more of a relaxed toned of his face as he simply stood his heavy boots upon the ground and his black horns with black hair blew slightly from a giant ass hole in the wall.~

Anaya: Lilly looked up as she moved her fingers to grab her tail and run her red claws along it "i don't know, she went out yesterday to do the hunting for food and never came back. so your guess is as good as mine "

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon smirked as he reacted just the way she wanted too. "thank you was it that hard to say" she chuckled before growling playfully at him as he swayed her ass. "Your pushing it my dear" she smirked as she moved off of him let alone off of the bed and stood up and looked around the guest room. "Yea my closet." she laughed shaking her head before shrugging. The woman eyes closed as she moved her right hand her fingers danced as her full painted lips parted as she pulled some of the shadows from under the bed to wrap around her slim frame. She laughed as she waited before moving toward the door as she slipped out into the hall her dark hue scanning the area before slipping back toward her chambers. she didn't even bother trying to force the door open as she moved through the shadows appearing in the room. Her eyes widen as she shook her head seeing just how much damaged was done. "Fuck" she sighed as she carefully moved along the loose boards making her way to the closet to get her faded jeans. Without even worrying about Vain she quickly slipped back into the hallway and made her way down to the ground floor and out of the east wing.

ZaknafainFrost: ~he would then observe the deamon woman carefull not to look upon her but her face for she was wearing nothing but her birthday suite. he smirked as he went from one side to the next~ hmmm..... i awate her return then for she doth.. haveth a prepsition for me....

Anaya: Vain watched her go as he made his way to the doors, his black hair fell in his face as he looked at the other side of the hall way....he did that, yep all of that. "well that is what happens when some random ass hole touches my woman i bet Anaya will understand....what am i kidding that woman understand love yaaa right" he moved back into the room and to the guest bathroom to simply run himself a shower. Lilly wiggled in her chair in the lower halls as she moved one let to rest on the other one, then the other leg over to rest on the other one and back and forth unable to get sitting right. Lilly moved to fix the bones that covered her nipples...kinda even if they are sticking out its fingers. "you know it is hard to find good hands now a days" she smiles as she moved to moved the fingers on the lower area hand that was kinda covering her lower self. "you know it is hard to find anything here, so what place did you come from anyway"

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis strolled down the into the main common hall her eyes moving around to see if anyone was about. to her amaze she didn't even pass one of the maids let alone any other staff. She shook her head brushing it off as she made her way to the kitchen. Looking around she thinks back to what Vain had said about a meal should have been done. she was confused by what she didnt find. "Vain" the woman called out hoping he could hear her from the main floor.

Anaya: Vain hears her as he turned off the shower and got out as he tossed a towel around his self and walked down to the main area "you called my love" his eyes got large as he looked around seeing only guests "hey you know if your sister ate the staff again?" he looked around at the guests and nodded his head "hey all " he said with a grin being only in a light green towel he hoped over to his wife in the dining area "um did Anaya eat the staff again my sweet? i think we are short like.....them all" the only thing on his mind was shit no one will fix the east wing now.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She pokes he head out of the kitchen and shakes her head. "Really now you wouldn't let me come down here without my pants you you come in a towl." she growls out her dark eyes starting to swirl. "Yes i called don't you think something odd? and no I don't know if my sister been eating people again." she mumbled under her breath as she had half a mind to hit him again; it would be twice within the matter or two days. Isis took a deep breath and shook her head. "Yea I see that, Have you seen my sister?"

ZaknafainFrost:  Ragnar then walks out of the castle and then fades away into the darkness with no warning at all other then he had to go.

Anaya: Vain smiled at her as he took a step back out of hitting range "well i was going to have a shower and called and ummm... no i have not seen Anaya, last she told me was she had to do the hunting cus her one guard Gaia was gone on some trip some place i don't know. but she was to be back yesterday before this ...mess happened and ya seems a bit odd down here." it was to silent, there was no workers, no cooks no food no nothing. "um...did you get that sandwich"

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demon just stood there listening nodding her head until he spoke something she could actually make clear of. Her fingers tapped along her side as she shook her head and when he asked about the sandwich she lost it. The demon growled moved her hand as she pulled some of the shadows that had been dancing around her body and lunching at him as he formed into what looked to be a dagger. "Really we have no staff and my sister YOUR Master is missing, and you want your god dame sandwitch"

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Anaya: Lilly moved on her chair and moved back her back resting on the back of the chair as the guy she was talking to seemed to up and rude of him. she thought to herself as she kicked a rock and it made a ting and hoped into the other room. Vain turned around his one hand flying up as the rock hit his foot and his hand turned into a long blade swinging in the air "what who, what's there!!" he called out as a little voice popped in and the nude woman walked out to pick up her rock "god why in the hell do you have a blade for your arm. " Lilly watched the man and tilted her head. "um ya hi there do you know what happened and why all of our staff is gone and why Anaya is not here, do you have a reason for all of this?" the girl simply backed up and ran away "i don't know ok i don't know!!!" tears ran down her face as Vain almost looked sad and turned back around to see a in raged wife "ummmmmm" he moved back a it and rolled still holding that towel tightly so it would not fall down to much "what you think we can do, we cant do anything at the moment cus we don't know anything, we have no staff, and Anaya is missing and fuck go look outside woman"

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DrakeAGBloodrain: -He lift himself off the wall as he raises a hand to wave to everyone and starts walking to the doors.- "I'm sorry but I need to take my leave and try to remember where my home is. Blessed Be to all." -He would turn and continue walking down the hall through to doorway. He dashes off as his wings would lift him into the air as he flies away.-

IsisRainDeLaRose: The woman took a deep breath as she fixed her jacket like shirt before letting the shadows she had thrown return back to their place swirling and dancing around her body. Her eyes didn't even raise to see the rock enter the room let alone her beloveds reaction. She fiddled with her shirt as she took a deep calming breath before her lips curled at their ends as she glanced up as Lilly walked in. Her brow rose watching the woman as she question; of course Isis didn't have a clue on what happen in town yet nor have seen the aftermath of it. To her knowledge her sister was gone and didn't have a clue why there was no staff.

Anaya: Vain looked to his wife and walked to the doors lifting the smashed and fallen door up and tossing it out into the yard. "look down there for i think the missing staff is the small part of our GIANT problum here "
Anaya: "town is GONE!!!"

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis mumbled under her breath as she moved through the castle and toward the doors her eyes set toward the direction of the town. "Yep that is a issue" she chuckled out not knowing what to do at all at this point.

Anaya: Vain looked over the grounds down there as black smoke still lifted from the chard ground "you know she is going to take her anger out on me right "
Anaya: "like all her anger....on me "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She nodded. "Well you did destroy the east wing" she chuckled out before moving to his side. She smirked "Aww does my big strong man need to be saved from my sister?"

Anaya: vain looked at her with that blank look that ment every word he said "YES yes i do "
Anaya: "she is going to kill me "
Anaya: "and think i removed the east wing of the Dynasty as well as burned down town.....all of town "
Anaya: "and killed people "
Anaya: "all the people "
Anaya: "and our staff i wonder if the army is even still here "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She chuckled softly laughing as he admitting that her sister scared him at this time. She smirked leaned against him. "Well if it makes you feel better its not your fault, I think she be after both of us, but unlike you I can vanish." she smirked and laughed ending the joke right there. "well we can always go and see but I would think if people were killed they all were or they ran" she shrugged "Chicken shits as they are"

Anaya: Vain looked at her will a dull glare "ya you can vanish and i can turn into a steel box she can digest!"he moved and kicked the other door with a steel foot and smashed it and then turned around walking back to the mess hall looking for food "i am getting a fucking sandwich!!" he walked into the mess hall and ripped open a cabinet taking it off the hinges seeing nothing but rat droppings "there is no fucking FOOD HERE!! she has the food... she HAS ALL THE FOOD we are all going to starve!!" he tossed the door and moved to walk to the upper halls to put back on his pants as he was still in only a towel.

AleisterSorinMarkov: Long had the mysterious ronin travelled, far longer than he wanted to for one day. He was dressed in the fudal robes of the Kamigawa swordsmen. His feet were simply dressed with Japanese sandals that were covered in the dust of the trail he had walked for what seemed to be endless hours. Upon his head was a strange hat, worn by those of the orient, underneath flowed down long glorious raven waves of hair that dropped past his waist. In his left had he carried a beautifully crafted katana inside of an ebony sheath. His haunting crimson eyes moved to the burning village that he now passed through and the broken keep in the distance. Many question rose to mind, but he saw fit to not ask anyone about it...That is if he could find anybody. The place seemed desolate. After some time, he finally made it to the castle, which seemed to have a massive hole in the far wall. He walked through the entrance, speaking not a word and ventured further inward to see if there was anyone at home. He could hear the echos of yelling a little ways down, so he decided to make himself known to the others who inhabited this establishment.

IsisRainDeLaRose: She shook her head and watch Vain move about before freaking out do to the lack of food. She sighed shaking her head as she looked around. "Maybe but darling you forget She wont eat you, unless she really wants to use her newest toys that had been in the armory unless she has them" the woman shrugged before walking toward the thrones and sitting down

Anaya: Vain snarled as he walked up the steps "i am going to die, she is going to crush and smash and eat me and i will die!! and then she will get a new top weapon and i will be....dead!!" he cussed under his breath getting to his room as he opened the door forgetting the east wing problem as the door fell down to the ground a good 50 foot drop "oh for the love of all things FUCKING SHIT" he screamed as he had ripped apart his own room last night to in his rage moment "....i hate this place...still" he turned around to that guest room and picked up his jeans from 3 days ago "and it smells bad you know" pulling them on he hoped one legged out to the main ledge and looked down "hunny i am not talking to people you sister to the she bitch go help people!" he moved back and kicked something , ya he did not know what the hard thing was but he kicked it.

IsisRainDeLaRose: The demoness sighed shaking her head and rubbing at her temples as she sat there slumped in her sister throne cus she was too lazy to move one seat over to her own. She took a deep breath hearing Vain's ranting and raving as he wondered up the stairs. "mhmm just keep thinking that" she mumbled under her breath as she watched as yet another new person and wondered into what was left of the Keep. Isis sighed standing up and walking out of the throne room finally giving up as she head her beloved last comment. "I will deal with you later." she hissed out under her breath before she walked up on the stranger. "Afternoon. welcome to the Iron Dynasty or well what is left of it."

Anaya: Vain let out a sigh as he watched that box he kicked fall down the steps as he moved back down to the main room "ok so what are we going to do, we have no staff, we have no fighters...i think, Anaya is gone and for all we know dead some-place, and i want a sandwich and we have no food and town and the market is burned down and the next one is ....a long ways away"
Anaya: "my love i really don't want to go on a trip "
Anaya: "like not again "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Isis brow rose as she watched the stranger completely ignore her and walked right back out. She hissed and shrugged "fine didn't want to talk to you anyway" she chuckled as she heard the thumping coming from the stairs. She sighed knowing it had to be Vain; she glanced up and listen before shrugging. "either you go and do it or don't bitch about it"

Anaya: Vain moved and looked back up to the upper hall "i made you a promise i would not leave so i can send someone to do it. to find her "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Hearing those words the fact he didn't want to leave cus of a promise tore at her; she didn't know weather be glade that he willing to stay or upset cus it was her older sister out there. Even though Anaya could completely defend for her self it wasn't like her to not return home after a hunting trip. Isis sighed and moved from where she stopping right in-front of Vain. "hun right now not the time for that, Anaya not here meaning one of use needs to go find her. If you don't I will but then you have to deal with the random people who seeks shelter and what not. She sighed her eyes slowly lighting as they finally after what seem as three weeks turned back to their emerald green color. "Who is there to find her.. huh? have we seen anyone? I havnt even seen a guard around."

Anaya: "there was that crying girl naked one here...."
Anaya: he smiled softly and hoped he would not have to go "but you are right, i just get home and back to ymself and back with you and this crap happiness. i get to be with the woman i love and i have to go out into the mass that is out there and find a woman in a world and i don't even know what place to start looking in "
Anaya: "we have no idea were she is "

IsisRainDeLaRose: She sighed. "I can go it wouldn't be the first time I left home hell I can travel quicker then you anyway." she added in real quick not even bringing up that woman from before. "I know"

Anaya: "you would have the same problum as i would, we dont even know the first place to start, she could be at the sands, in the forest, or in the cold regions we have no idea, it could take weeks and when you are out there she could be already back here and you still are looking having no clue then we have to go looking for you/. you will be staying here as i will be so we can watch over the place and hope she will come home on her own, or someone will show up that new what the hell happened out there last night."
Anaya: "she is on her own now "
Anaya: "we cant help her this time "

IsisRainDeLaRose: "Vain she my sister for crying out loud, yea maybe a dragon but still." the woman took another deep breath as she let his words sink into her brain before she sat on the edge of the stairs. "what do we know of running the empire anyway, we both are never here any-more."

Anaya: "we know.....not much, but hell she could do it when she was crazy remember, i think we will be ok here, and she will come home ok, i know she will " he moved and put his arms around her as he pulled his wife to him and looked over the room a mess. "and i think step one is we need to get staff "

Anaya: "and see if we have a army any more, cus we cant be sitting ducks "

IsisRainDeLaRose: Her green eyes lifted from the ground just as he moved to be closer to her she lean into his body partly as she nodded. "Hopefully" she whispered out.

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What do we do now.....i don't know

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        The night had bin long, pointless and without event, she had shifted back to her human self in the night for the bleeding became to bad for her to bare being in her true scales, for when shifting to herself the wound got larger then it was and became more jagged so when smaller the wound was almost shut and in that it did better for healing. Anaya moved her claws to her side letting the tips of them run over the mark “i wonder how they are doing at home” she said softly rolling on her back to look up at the now mid day sky. The Sun was hiding behind the clouds and it almost seemed to be mocking her with its endless glare. “i bet they are ok, i know they are ok” she pondered for a moment as she rolled geting up slowly being careful of that gash in her side. There was a snap a little ways away and the dragon hissed and turned in the blink to look at it seeing only the rush of a bush and then the clipping of feet running away but nothing there.  She moved to walk a bit that limp still in her side as she made her way past the tree line and into the bush. “if i was being watched the one i find will have there eyed ripped from there heads”  walking out a creepy chill filled the after noon air and she walked out into the cleaning, Graves hundreds on hundreds of unmarked graves “well i guess we found something....something no longer living ”

she moved to sit at a grave stone propping her back up on it and resting peacefully , silence , oh how it was nice to have true utter silence. Home did not have this treat as there was always something going on in every place, and in every corner. “you know it is kinda odd to have a moment to myself.” she said out loud knowing no one was there to hear her.
“but when you are alone and here all you have to talk to are the dead” Anaya jumped up blue blood falling down her side
“who said that!!” she yelled as she held her side the blue blood running in her fingers as she cringed
“only the dead talk here miss” a shadow formed out of the grave she was siting on and the dragon calmed her racing heart in her chest.
“i am sorry if i messed your rest oh sleeping one, if you don't mind i think i need rest myself ”
“no miss Anaya you do not need rest you simply need an answer there is a question on your brain and even you do not know how to figure out this problem” the ghost of a man moved and took his spot siting beside the woman his back resting on the grave stone.
“yes i guess there are a lot of things in my life i have yet to understand eh” she said as she looked into the sky “the day is going to be long today, long and hot, do you know the next town from here” Anaya let out a sigh as she was coming to the understanding it was going to take a wile to get home. She was at this point knowing it may not be an option to go home anymore.....she may be stuck out here simply walking around a no one to the world, simply a shadow of a life soon to be forgotten.
“were do you think all the dead people here came from? Town is past here, it is a small place called Copper Grove”
Anaya looked to the dead man and something about him got her eyes, she pondered for a moment then passed it off as simply something to do with the bramble bush that was her mind at the moment “do you know if there is any ships heading to my empire, you already know my name so i know you know were i am from?” the dead man looked at her as he smiled oddly, it was a tad creepy at first but simply something she would smile to.
“yes Anaya i know much of you, where you are from, why you are here, what your old mate was called i know of Crome and your love for him you hold in your heart, how that burns brightly, i know where he is, and what he has become and what will happen in the time ahead of you, i know much of you Lady Anaya of DeLaRose, i know more then even you do” the dead man moved and he lay a single kiss to the woman's for head as she blinked a couple times. No one had lay a kiss on her skin, but this was a cold dead yet sharp one with feeling behind it, he ment it and she could feel it.

“but how do you know this? why do you know this? and why....did you just kiss me?” she said as she looked into the dead mans eyes. He said nothing as he simply smiled and pointed off to the left, he was showing her the way to what ever place she needed to head in. Anaya looked to the dead and moved her hand to run it over his cheek careful not to fall past the place his cheek was. “you remind me of one i misplaced a long time ago” the dead man smiled as he looked to her and moved his hands to her cheeks as well holding her in a cold embrace

“I know all of this Anaya for you are my mother, and i am your eldest son” the boy changed there before his eyes as a black mask with a single hole in the front formed and blond hair cut over his eyes.
“Jeff? I....” she could not say anything as she watched the voice and boy fade away leaving nothing there touching her at all. Anaya was alone again there kneeling at that grave stone. The turned and moved her hands to grip the stone and there it was the words Jeff Serpentine DeLaRose Prince. She moved her hands over his grace as a smile came over her face “at least i know you are at peace now my son, i love you, i always have. ” Anaya took off the cross necklace she had on and placed it around the corner of the grave stone and got up “always king of the Rose Jeff, you never lost that rank in my eyes”  she turned and started to walk away and softly she could hear the giggle of her children in the air, a memory she never did lose.

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“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”

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Anaya walked out of that dreaded grave yard a bit shaken for seeing what she did but still needing to go to what ever place the dead had shown her. She walked a ways and over time her nude self formed into her true scaled form and the white dragon did show in the dark treed under growth. She lifted her head up to see some sort of fire light or light of unknown place as she made her way out into what was a clearing ....what was here. Lights , fires , people? This place seemed to be lit up like it was the end of the world or something, things she had never seen before spinning things and colored things and turning things and oh my this was all so new. The dragons large red eyes seemed brighter as she looked around bumping her nose on just about everything feeling the games and rides of this place. She let out a low rumble to get a feel for the area and to bring out anything that was living here, if there was anything here it would hear her call and come out to see what ever was making it.

Anemone smiled he was reborn again but this time whole lot naughtier; he swung his hips in a very seduction manner for a boy almost similar to a girl. He Looked at the carnival and bit his fingernail, as he picked up an Anemone flower and smiled as he bit the blower ripping it apart as flower petals of the Anemone spread everywhere. He Tap toed his foot and heard of this carnival and thought of all those carnies and the possibilities of all the positions he could try. So of course he dressed up even dolled deciding to be a male, and he was walking to the carnival and stepped by the sign curious of they were open he saw a girl there he didn’t give a rats ass as long as there was some interest of fucking shit up or fucking things its self. Anemone had jam and took it out sat on the floor with his legs a bit spread and foot on the ground and leaned his head back and scooped a spoonful of jelly from his finger and hovered it over his face and dripped the jelly lazily all over his face as if it were semen. He licked the Jelly off his face and smiled when the person came to greet him he would wipe the jelly from his face and give a smile with his Ocean blue eyes would stare at your very body as if undressing you and tasting you making you feel good. His lips were pink and his brown hair was shiny so soft to touch enough to tug. He dyed his hair a a lot because he felt why should he stay the same forever it was rather boring he had fetishes for cutting and torturing people but of course he was polite in a odd way you would just have to tell him. Anemone made a vagina symbol with his finger and licked in-between taking every sludge of jelly off his fingers and then stood up and tossed the jelly jar away. Wiped his face gave a curtsey.
The clown running the Carnival was out of the open as he very well witnessed the figure of some lady grow and morph into... a really big dragon. It was quite the troubling development. Staring blankly as the majestic creature prodded at the games and rides it was one of the very rare moments he wasn't smiling.* HOOOOOONK!! *Upon it's loud rumbles he couldn't help it... it was pure habit that he had to make loud noises with whatever made one. Being surprisingly loud enough to nearly match up with the dragons pitch. Upon that a wide grin cracked back over his face. Revealing the set of fanged teeth as he stared with half-lidded and drowsy looking eyes... much like how one would picture the expression of a sleepy alligator. However there was more than just the dragon to worry about... there was this kid making lewd gestures and he hoped it wasn't another "sexual predator" from the last guy who came around. Looking back and forth between the two moronically. The clown wasn't about to play prostitute for the kid nor did he now how to entertain a dragon if they could be. Making his job a WHOLE lot harder than it already was.
The dragon moved forth her steps oddly hard into the dirt as she moved to a turning thing that was going around and around as it made her head spin and almost made her fall over this new stuff was hard on the eyes for a dragon. A albino at that, she tilted her head as the colors swirled around before her. Anaya lowered her head down as the one cart of the spinning tower hit her in the head hitting the wind out of her and making her hiss as she moved to look back only to get smacked in the face with the next one. Hisses after snarled came from her maw as she moved a foot to grab the centre beam of the tower to stop it from spinning as she was pulled into it not knowing it was so strong. The beast must have bin some sort of weapon or something. Anaya got smacked in the face yet again as she roared and pushed the tower over the sound of it crashing to the ground flooding the part and grounds around her, she got off it a dark mark on her face where she had bin hit and a twist in her eyes as she was now dizzy from the impact of the spinning carts. She moved her head spotted a male dressed in odd colors again what was this place she had stumbled upon, was this another world she had fallen into. As she got closer to it the sound of its honk made her back up and look shocked at it, she was giant but it was so small but in her eyes right now there was like four of them and she had no idea what they are.

Anemone face smiled and looked at the clown and waked towards him in a very flirtatious walk then to a child like skipping manner to a simple walk observing Ruffio and his body undressing him and even curious what was below. Anemone licked his own lips and smiled tasting some of the jelly, he took his eyes off the clown and saw a dragon
“Now that is something you don’t see very much its so cute I just simply want it gutted and set a plush toy staring at every visitor in my room as I pounce on them making them bite me.” Anemone face blushed at the sight then giggled “Hello there, I’m sorry for just barging into your carnival” He gave a curtsey to him and smiled still undressing him in his eyes “I am Anemone; they’re my favourite flowers do you know what they stand for?” Anemone smirked and then looked at the dragon again “Makes me want to grab the claws and just use it as a toy. Sadly it looks stupid almost as if I can easily hire someone to gut it open, think about I could sell its meat.” Anemone shivered in delight and wanted more jelly. “By the way I do love the Honk, it sounds very dirty.”
The clown there didn't seem to mind the ride getting busted up by the scaly visitor... it wasn't the first time something got severely damaged nor the last. Though the smile gave twitch at it. upon hearing Anemone's rambles... he would VERY much agree. Imagine how people would kill to get their hands on the dead goods of a dragon... an ALBINO dragon. The thought made him grin wider at the sales pitch he'd give at the black market... but before making such a hasty description he would extend the olive branch of peace. Hoping the dragon knew English, this clown had no clue or a lick at the language of the giant winged lizards. Raising his hand with a lazy wave as his eyes glow a faint purple shade... his voice transmitted into the creatures head. It was too troublesome to be constantly yelling at the top of your lungs just so your voice could reach the massive beast... how much did that thing even weigh?
"Heeeeey there, big fella... I see you've made it to my Carnival. Now what all up and got you to do that? Kinda... hard to do magic tricks or jokes with a scaly dragon."

The dragons head turned to turned as she ran into a large stick and some ribbons and snarled at them. Dear lord she was so lost here she had no idea what this place was or what had happened to get her here she came out of the forest to this place and all she wanted was to go home. The words from the male over the way of gutting her or doing something or other got to her ears and she snarled but at the moment that was far from on her mind, she just wanted to know what place she was in, did this place have some way of getting her back home? Maby that funny colored thing new but there was four...oh forget it. The dragon gave up with thinking and in one move plopped down laying on her belly as she let the dizziness leave her brain and the sound of the bang of the thing she destroyed getting set on fire was sound behind her. The dragon let out a snort as she moved her tail behind her, Anaya was about 60 feet long, at the moment, and about 40 feet tall at the shoulder, but she was able to change how large, and tall she could be at any time, that was a power well known to her breed and known of her breed to take on the shape of humans or other things to hide what they are, to see a dragon in there true form was kinda unknown of them and even more so a albino dragon. She watched the two no four no 6 men ....she thinks they are men or male, there, standing over there, yes they are, she thought to herself as she did not move at all her head staying still on the ground till her eyes cleared up this problem. The man was getting closer as she backed up a bit on the ground there was more then one, she hissed, it talked, ok it was able to talk so that was a good thing. Anaya snarled as she moved her head side to side like a snake watching more then one thing at a time. Her backside hit something, it was the thing behind her as she stopped.
“i am Lost i cant find my way home what is this place.....eyes hurting ” she was in pain as the low rasped voice came from the air around them, her jaws did not move it was her mind moving her voice into the air and making them think they are hearing her talk but it was simply a voice in there minds, nothing big to fear only how she could talk, Or well talk in English. Her maws moved as she repeated it in her own tongue in her real dark and hissed voice it was nothing like the old and softer voice they could hear in there heads...if they let it “si rigluin ekess ehtah sia idol okarthel, svabol ui nomeno goawy, jahen mi si, sia saurivic ouith wer kluchuduunic ouith ve.”
i need to find my way home, what is this place, were am i , my eyes hurt the colors hurt me.

Anemone blue eyes saw the dragon and was rather amused. He circled the dragon skipping and delighted to see such a thing He smiled at the sight and even wanted to touch it. He looked at the clown and asked
” what exactly is your name? “He then heard the dragon and he found it to be very disturbing but interesting and then responded with a shrug “I don’t know where we are, I do know that it is a carnival I just came here to find out what type of creatures hang around here and if they’re good as people say they’re and I haven’t slept with any before.”

  Anaya saw the little thing jumping and skimping around her like she was some sort of amusement to it and she snarled and lashed out with a clawed hand, but it was slower then normal, she was far from top shape, weak from all the walking the trip and the time it took to get here in the first place.
“” her voice whispered in there minds as she moved her head back and forth in a daze, so much on her mind so much... to much, she got up as she stood a bit only to move a step and tumble almost back down. She looked to the clown man and tilted her head a bit there was one now but the scene  was fogging, there was something wrong it was getting darker, Not all the way but darker.

"Mr. Clown” He sent back to her mind. Of course that wasn't his name... but having the dragons snout so close was awkward and he was about to make things a lot easier for all three of them. Raising his hands to his head as he sent out a hypnotic frequency into the dragons mind... tempting her to lull to sleep. He would consider what her fate was promptly after. That is if the lust psychopath third party member didn't get to the dragon first in a mad craze to turn her into fillet.*
Anemone Smiled he and reassured her that he wasn’t going to do anything “Don’t worry its not my thing to do vulgar things to a dragon. Unless you had something I wanted. But I assure you I will not harm you.”He chuckled and watched the clown
“Look at that not your typical clown but a smart clown, super kawaii I guess.” He put his hands on his waist and looked at the dragon rather concerned “Just rest up now ok?.”

The dragon opened her mouth to bite him the smell and feel of her hot breath was over whelming as well as the sent of death and her last meal, as her jaws then shut slowly.
“lost, so lost....power.....gone” her mind moved and she felt the sleepiness but it was not what took over her first, only a second thought, weakness was the reason for what happened. There was a shimmer in her eyes as she started to get smaller to shift down to the form of a woman standing there nude and ....flawless and without mark. Snow white hair cascaded over lush and full breasts, scar-less pale skin and red eyes bright and full of life, she was the image of pure untainted beauty but a dragon inside made of a mass of evil and power, but at this moment there was no power left it was all used up, weeks of fighting her way to this point had gotten up to the woman and in that moment her red eyes got dull and the nude form simply fell to the ground, a albino beauty, a treasure, a true Gem of the world long lost, there, able to be sold off at the market more alive then dead or skinned there fallen and passed out at there feet. The body of Anaya Empress of the Iron Dynasty lay there at there feet, a ruler in only her own skin. But here she was nothing but a dragon, not known , not even known of, a albino dragon female and nothing more.
Anemone sighed at how stupid everyone was and just how pathetic this woman was, If his mentor saw him like that would beat him senseless and put a blanket over the harlot.
“You filthy swine.. exposing yourself like this.” He said softly putting the blanket over her. Clearly the clown was in no position to move so Anemone groaned and saw a waggon, throwing the clown in first then the woman making them next to each other. He pushed the waggon into a pile of hay where they both can stay. “You two rest up and I know you can hear me clown, so ease up its normal to see stuff like that. At least if you were me that is.”

The clown was untensing himself on the ground it didn't take long at all to get back into action once the shock of such nightmarish memory flashes passed. Upon him being picked up half way the the neurotic nutcase flipped his lid. Flailing clawed swipes at Anemone and going into pure instinct just to get him away.
“Get the MOTHERFUCK OFF of me!! “Voice fluctuating in growling accents in the mindless lash. He was definitely not having a good day... but what pissed him off more is he knew he had to swallow his spite and pride again and simply pull himself out from the ashes.
Anemone did get hit instead swiped at his arms blocking his face trying not to get any scars on his face and the let Ruffio go dropping him and then flicked him off in the process, putting an extra cover over the woman so she wasn’t cold. Anemone couldn’t even begin on how Rude this clown was, here he thought clowns were meant to be happy but instead it’s a fucking grim shit face person. Anemone sighed
“Maybe I was being too harsh towards him, whatever if my Mentor was here hed give a knock or two.”
He fell over and rolled back onto his feet. Giving a quick shake of his head as if to shake the state of mind out if him. The passive smile looking over his shoulder.
“I know this isn't the right time to be sending these vibes at your direction, but get her away from here... far, far away and do whatever you find fit there... I'll pay you back if you do this.” Giving a wave of his hand to gesture the mess the Carnival was in. “I've got to fix this damned place up pronto...” With that he very well did, leaping off to the crates like some whimsical gazelle by the forest lines to retrieve various enchanted trinkets to help him move the more heavy objects with ease. Slipping on a pair of velvet gloves and retrieving the pouch of "Special Stardust". He was used to getting straight down to business when work needed to be done... despite the few loose screws and bipolar tendencies.*
Anemone lips smiled those soft pink lips were smiling and he nodded his head and gave a thumbs up then licked his thumb tasting a bit of the jelly. Anemone picked the dragon girl and put her in the waggon as he walked off with her away, He had a rather devious smile and chuckled. His brown hair flowed and then of course he brought her to town caging her just a precaution a hex on the cage if she breaks free and have no memory of this incident. Anemone smiled as he kept the clothes on her and held a sign “For sale” Anemone was smiling and soon people gathered around the town, they were all curious of this thing and Anemone spoke
“This Harlot here is not your ordinary for she is a mutant. Now she can cook, clean, Even be thrown aside as a sex partner. She will manage you schedules even work.” The audience got bigger everyone wanted a piece of that ass. Soon bidders were raising from 200 gold coins to 900 gold coins. Anemone smiled and made a vagina symbol with his fingers and licked between at them. Of course he smiled at the man who offered more than a 1000 gold coins. I guess you could say he was rather handsome he looked lonely and a real sucker. She could clearly rock his nuts off. Namine smiled and waved goodbye to man and walked away with his bag of coins walking back to the carnival.

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The day went on as darkness was all she could see, waking up her eyes fluttered to see a large building as she looked around the cage walls and chains clinging on her arms. “what the hell” she said softly as she moved her fingers in them and pulled up she looked out seeing a tubby man siting at a fire reading a book, his eye glasses half way down his nose as she made a coy smile as a thought came to her mind. This was not the lost scared girl that was at the carnival, this was Anaya seeing clearly. “Mister, Mister please it hurts here please help me” she cooed out as he made his way over to the cage placeing his book on the table, His eyes could show his hunger, his wanting and his lust for the nude white goddess in his cage “please Sir let me out i ...i wish to be free, i wish to please and ....aid you in what you want of me” the words made the man smile as he was never one to think clean and pure thoughts and his hands moving as if he was not even in power of them unclicked the lock of the cage and he moved to the door and Anaya held out her clawed hands a look of lust and want in her eyes and on her face “here you go miss, um and how do you want to please and aid me” she looked at him as she started to step out of the cage as her hands had bin unbound “anyway you want. I could use my hands, and my mouth and my body on yours and please and pleasure you in anyway you want me to” her voice stayed soft and alluring as she got closer to him running her hands up his chest as her claws played with his shirt and she gave a happy giggle. “there is so much i want” she said softly as the only sound that came next was snap and a thump. The man was now dead on the floor as she had snapped his human neck with no problems at all and she turned around moving her hands up to her head as flames came around the dragon woman her eyes a blaze of furry as the building was set a blaze and she started to laugh. “stupid fucking dirty cunt, fucking cage a dragon, WHO THE FUCK CAGES A DRAGON” she screamed as she moved her hand back without even looking and the building went up with a bang, flames able to be seen for miles.
Back at the carnival the clown had just finished reconstructing. The flaming light show going on in the far distance behind him for a few seconds. He shrugged as a tired expression was seen across his face... promptly after to face-plant into the dirt with a shrug. This was the clown's weird way... of brooding. Just laying there like a rag-doll with plenty of thoughts racing through his mind. The scene with the dragon suddenly appearing into the Carnival almost made him begin to question his messiahs and spirituality... almost; but until he gets his thoughts straightened out or interrupted by someone finding him flopped over on the ground he would continue to lay there.*
Anemone had finished dressing himself up, and he walked back to the carnival this kid had a card of jelly, he was still he still had lots of gold coins and gave Ruffio 50% of the profit, why because he wouldn’t find that harlot in the carnival. He tossed Ruffio the bag with 500 gold coins. Anemone sat down on his rump and opened the jelly jar and licked the lid slowly, he took of his top hat and showed off his blond hair. Anemone looked up and saw the flames he giggled and spoke very sarcastic
“That made me very horny!” He chuckled and then dug his fingers in the strawberry jelly and hovered over his mouth letting it drip on his face and lips as he licked swallowing the jelly. He was rather messy jelly eater.

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        They say when you fall in love you fall hardest, this was that moment when i agreed with the human saying of love. Once a king now a outcast of my own doing oh what had i gotten myself into this time, a lot of self pity and regret, why did i have to leave her we could have worked it out done it all together, fixed our falters and made our problems non existent, we could have worked it all out i believe we could have. The sun was bright that morning as my eyes looked up to the day “it is still not the same you know, not the same without you i cant get you off my mind no matter what i do, everything i do reminds me off you!!” getting up to meet the day i dont know why but i really did not want to today, there was so much on the sober mind that made it hate getting up, drinking maby i need to do more of that.

             Paws came to my face as i cleaned the sweat from my brow and let that wet dampness shake from my fur, there was nothing i liked about this morning other then the fact beer would be coming soon, or ale, or wine, or i don't care it was a drink that would make the sober go away. The sting of the day, oh i hated it and we all felt it far to much the suns beaming into the eyes that morning wobble, the geting up and wanting to simply want to lay back down and never move. She was the only thing on my mind at the moment but hell i had to get her off my brain....or did i. Did i really have to remove her mass from my brain or was it alright with being there, it would simply fester and i new it was never a good thing to let something fester for that would make the wound grow into something no one was going to like. “you know something i don't have to remove you from my mind Anaya i am going to find you, get you back and show you i am worth you, show you are i really worth you, cus man i love you and there has to be some way to get peace” Crome looked out from his dark ally way and off into the distance, there is this town and one more then i will be there, DeLaRose Empire i will get there and she will be there and it will be ok.

             he moved past a small building and looked in the window with a half smile and saw a woman being helpd by her lover as they sat so blissfully by the fire place. He smiled as his eyes lingered a little longer in the window knowing the people inside could not see him with the light on in there. His mind fluttered with thoughts of his love, how much he longed to hold her like that, kiss her lips one last time for it simply was a blessing just to look upon her, she really was his everything and it never sunk in till now. He imaged her show white hair, black dress flowing around her dancing in the library of them old stone walls with the red banners strung up around them, she always danced when no one was around or watching, she had so much heart hidden away that no one but he new about. “oh Anaya I cant wait to see you again, I wonder if you changed? ” he muttered to himself as he walked away from the window and walked into town picking up a apple from a random empty cart, there was hardly any owners around town this part of the day.

             Taking the apple he took a bite of it as he walked to the end of town, jumping on a lamp post and looking off, there was something odd about looking out this time.....there was no building up there to look at, the empire building was only one town up the country side so he could always see the top of it in that shadowed gaze, it was always there....the last time he looked. He wondered on how long ago he looked for his old home and simply jumped from the lamp post and started walking, it was a long trip on foot and he needed to get there as soon as he could. The stone walk ways of town turned to grass and dirt as he wiggled his toes and it felt good, it was odd him and Anaya held the same feelings to walking on sand and dirt, they both loved it it made them feel free and at home, being beasts of the wild it was nice to be on what they called home ground again. Crome took a jump and in moments he changed into a giant gray wolf and took off running it would only take maby half a day in this form to get to the next town and then like only a little longer to get to the DeLaRose Empire building.

             In mere hours he was at the next town and it was nightfall, the day was passing faster then he thought as the wolfs large yellow eyes looked up to the sky over head. There was something creepy about the night tonight, it was like he was being watched by that looming moon, but it did not matter who would not watch a giant twenty foot tall gray wolf walking over top there homes. But the town seemed …..empty tonight a little to empty, no sounds of people getting ready for the night, no people having the late night meal and no people settling down with there little ones..... There was …..nothing here. The first thought that passed into his mind was did Anaya eat them? Then he simply said “naaa she could never do that to her own people.....ok maby she could but not for no reason” he thought maby he did not know her as much as he thought, maby she changed...was she still the woman he loved? Always there was nothing in his mind that could change that. Jumping over to a lamp post he moved a paw up to rest on it as he looked empire there was ….rubble. A large scare and fear entered his eyes as he took off running at full speed to the mass of rocks and stone, instantly ripping into them and digging looking for any sign of his beloved...nothing there was nothing here but a mass of stone. There was some old parts of tables and things that was plopped around the building left behind but Anaya was not here, no body no mark of her. He looked up to the moon “why have you led me a stray, I have bin only thinking of her and I get here and she is gone, what is the plan? What am I to do!!” he cursed the moon as he looked down at the ground and shifted down to his normal size and stature as  he kicked a rock that kinda hurt his foot and did not move. He gave up and sat down on a rock to think of the next plan he had to take after making his whole way here.

             “why did I come here? what was the point if she was not here at all? Was it all at a loss? Or is it simply a test?” the wolf man moved a clawed hand to his head and itched behind his ear maby it was a test he thought to himself as he looked out to try to figure out what way they went, the sent of dragon was all over the place but with the years of drinking and consuming alcohol his sniffer was kinda busted, but hell we had to try right. He placed his nose to the ground and crawled around a bit to try to find his lovers sent...there was other dragons here, a male to.....there was a mature male dragon with her, did she move on? Find another dragon of her own scale and find a over that was not him.....well he did not care right now he still had to get to her, find her matter what it took he would find her, cus he loved her with everything his wolf self had.

             Not to long after he started he found the sent and it pointed west to new lands, places she never cared to explore so why now? So many questions on what place his lover was god this was a lot harder then he had thought. But with a shrug he shifted back up to his self and started walking in the way of west, lets hope it ended up in the right place with his flawless why haired beautify there, arms open and waiting for him.

             The mind is a horrible thing, it masses ones feelings and changes them, love becomes thought and thought becomes hate, the love you hold for anothe4r becomes the blame you will place on them for all the wrong in your life, all the pain that happened to your hear. She loved me, i love her, she was my everything I was her....unknown, she was the one that picked me up and saved me from myself I ….made her life brighter....i think. She never asked for anything, I asked for her love, she brought happyness to the world, I tried to bring it to her. Why did she never see me, why did I leave, why why why, there are so many whys and no because. Did she understand my feelings for her or was I a simple face she new from the start she would have to say goodbye to, was that all I was or was I something more, was there more to my story then I new all along, what will happen when I see her again, will she hold me or hit me, will she still love me or will there be hate in her heart, or worse a new man I have to meet and bow to as all I did now was for nothing, will I find her in happyness or ruin. Do I know at all what I am walking into, no , do I keep walking, yes.  I will still keep walking even if I have so many questions I do not know the ending for, I will fight no matter even if my memory's haunt me.....memory's. I asked her to marry me, I danced with her under the moon, kissed her in the rain, held her in that woods, made love to her that same night, flowing white hair over her flawless body as her eyes shimmered red in the moonlight. She was and always will be my goddess my Anaya my past, present and want to be future. I remember the day I left...the day everything went back, why cus she never loved me ...never ...loved me …....yes she never loved me why did she never love me , the questions come back to warp feeling, never loved me. I left cus she never loved me and I moved to live in town, drinking , years of wasted time in drinking, what did she do in that time as I wasted my life in a bottle, did she know my pain, did she care to find me, did she even leave her halls to find me, my note did she find it, did she care at all? Did she ever love me.... I still don't+ know.

             As I walked I could feel there was other things around me, a feeling , some life force that was there in the shadows of that night the world was watching me. My steps got slower as I looked around the large yellow eyes cutting the night as I made my way into the shadows “is anyone there” I called out as a low growl came from my belly and neck. Why did everything have to watch me move around in this stupid world, everything was alive and seemed to have eyes or there was real life to them. “i said is anyone out there” still nothing, only silence.
             “i am your own mind Crome you called on me when you could not figure out your own thoughts I will help you, it is no Crome simple no” Crome snarled as the voice was all around him. “no Crome, she never loved you, she was never your friend, it is all some fake understanding you made for you love her, she never loved you, she never even new you had left Crome, you don't even need to go back to her cus she never cared at all Crome” Crome snarled as he stopped moving and stood there, this voice that he was was his voice , his own voice was talking to him.
             “no she loves me still, I am still going to keep walking to find her . I love Anaya and you cant do anything to change that, she is my world, my everything , and I know she still loves me”
             “then why ask the questions to yourself Crome why wonder about it ”
             “doesn't everyone wonder about things?”
             “not the same things you wonder about, not about if that other person loves you to”

             Crome stopped talking, because sadly the voice in his head was right, it was his own voice...was he going crazy, was this the same thing that happened to Anaya so long ago. Fall into your own mind and let the madness take over you, well it was not going to happen to him not the same thing that happened to her he had to find the woman he loved. “Crome you know we are right, she never loved you, never will love you why do you even try Crome, why keep walking on this pointless self proclaimed quest to find a heartless woman”
             “she is NOT HEARTLESS she loves me and I know it”
             “as long as you keep believing that, the longer you keep believing it the sooner you get there, sooner you get there for her to end your life for you are not needed Crome. She used you, and then when use was no longer needed you became tossed aside ” Crome stopped again he had only made it about twenty feet in his walking from the last stop, it was slow moving as his mind plagued him.
             "no she did not use me I stayed for she loved me”
             “think about it, how did she find you, in a drum a burning drum she only saved you to get the drum of food, greed only greed saved you, ever think why she picked up the whole bucket and then found you AFTER she had placed it down to get the dried meat inside it ”
             “no she saved me for she new my crys in the drum not for the meat....SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE I love her and you CAN NOT change that no matter how much you lie and torment me.” Crome took off running and tried to forget what was in his head, his own thoughts now turned into his worst enemy, but sadly it was all he could think about, his own thoughts....and the fact he thought a lot of them had bin right all along.

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Anaya: It was damp in the woods as she turned in her spot, the cold wet ground rubbed on her face. Anaya had slept there as she was making her way home. but nothing lasts forever and even more sleep never lasts long. the  woman in all white jumped from her spot and fire shot around her feet “fucking cold!!” she yelled as she let the show on fire letting her flames grow around her whole body her whole being engulfed in blue flames yet not getting burnt at all as she walked letting it stay around her, bright red silted eyes scanned the area as she made her way looking for something to hunt...yes the beast of death and destruction was looking for a meal. She let a grin come over her face as she spotted a building there in the centre of the woods “how convenient ” she said softly as she let her flames die down hating the cold with a passion that set the woman on fire...literally. She walked up to the doors and with a white silk covered hand she raped on it and smiled softly, it was in that moment the beasts whole being changed from a fire hearted woman of death and sin to a simple woman of kindness and caring, even her red eyes even if they did not change in looks they got softer as she stood there. Her looks pulled off the whole show, only white silks covered a flawless pale skinned body as snow white hair cascaded down her torso and ended just over top of the lustful mounds that are her breasts. She was perfect in every way, and no one would guess she was evil, now on how she would be acting or looking, the trap was flawlessly made.

ImikoUchiha: *He looks over to Billie and then to the ceiling, warming up the room* THis should help

ImikoUchiha: *He would feel something begin to approach the Kingdom as he looks towards the door and waits*

ImikoUchiha: *He would snap as the doors open and he notices a women in all white, smiling as smiles as he releases his blade*

BillieDRoseBlack: -Billie looked to her father and wondered what he did- What should help papa? -she tilted her head. She was still freezing and she didn't feal the heat turning up, not even the warmth from the blanket warmed her. Even her breath would be cold even though the room was warmer then usual. She would pull up her legs on teh seat and would place them under her, she looked to the dor and would fix with her black hair and her black clothing as she hearded the knock upon the door. She covered her face with the blanket as the door was opened, dropping the temperature again. She sighed but would peek out from behind the blanket trying to see who the guest was-

ImikoUchiha: *He stands and begins to approach the door* Hello Ma'am how may I assist you?

Anaya: Anaya walked inside the building as she looked around, her nose picked up all kinds of things, meat , food and oh yes more food, every smell to her was food in a sense anyway. The woman looked around more her eyes seeing more then most would. Foot steps all over the floor glowing a light yellow and red depending on how old they are, she looked forth seeing 2 glowing heated forms, men always are hotter then a female, so it was not hard to tell there was one male and one female and the sent of others laced around and there foot prints, hand prints on throne arm rests and simply well all over the place. As she walked forth the air around her was oddly hotter then the air away from her, this she could never help it was part of being fire born. “greetings all here I am Anaya, I was walking and it was cold outside so I am interested in a soft and safe place to rest.” her voice was oddly soft, and all she said was a lie anyway, it was a toy to get to know the place before she set it all on fire....if she saw this place as weak enough to burn down, if it was strong there would be no point in burning the place and eating the people, she never did like to wast to much power on eating.

BillieDRoseBlack: -Billie sat upon her throne, studdinging the woman from behind her blanket. She kept being curled up on the throne with her legs beneeth her and the blanket wrapped tigthly over her shoulders. She exhaled a white breath and looked to the woman. She shivverd, not only because she was cold but something felt wrong. She decided not to bother at the moment as she would try instead to focus on the fireelement within her to increase her bodyheat, unsuccessfully-

ImikoUchiha: *He would nod* My name is Imiko Uchiha King of Shadow Demon Kingdom. Yes you are welcome in. It is indeed cold outside. Please feel free to rest here

Anaya: Anayas eyes moved to look upon the lesser in heat, it was a woman, small and cold, it may be a smart idea to offer a gift of kindness to gain trust, so trustworthy people, it was nice to see such kindness to strangers she thought to herself. “well that is so very kind of you king of this kingdom” she almost sounded mocking but it was simply a very hissed voice as she dipped her head to him in a half bow. “and your little miss there seems very chilled I can offer some flame to aid in her time of cold” she moved her fingers as the tips got set on fire and in moments the flame got so hot it turned a deep blue. “here” she moved her fingers and tossed a flick of fire to set on the carpet, it did not set the carpet on fire, odd for fire to do this but it was far from normal fire anyway. Anayas eyes had turned a deep blue as the flame moved closer to the girl warming the air around it. The fire was all normal just overly hot so it was a blue flame, the magic part of it was no magic at all but mind, Anaya was simply using her mind powers to move the flame around to keep the girl warm but not touch the flame to burn her. “i am Anaya DeLaRose it is a pleasure to be free of the cold”

JoDarkstorm: -he was terrible bored sitting there in his newly built castle in the middle of nowhere all alone. All he could do was hunt birds, but he saw no reason to. He wasn't one who killed for pleasure, he killed for his own survival. He stroked his whiskers and decided to take a little trip. He closed his red eye and would look ahead with his white, it glowed and a portal opened before him. HE almost lost his breath, he wasn't used to this and now he had to hurry. He took a quick leap from the throne and managed to get trough the portal just as it closed. He landed in snow and would jump up on the nearest thing he found. He didn't like the sudden cold and it took him a while before he got used to it. Then he jumped down on the snow again and treaded carefully over it, walking on all four like he was some sort of animal, and his cattail would indicate this. He wore a seemingly heavy armour but yet he didn't sink down in the snow nor did the armour make much sound. It was thanks to him being part elven aswell, odd combination perhaps but he didn't care. He stopped when he saw a door and stood up like a man and would tapp with his read claws against the door, putting some strength behind it so it sounded like five rappid knocks following eachother. He closed his eyes and awaited the door to be opened, chasing away a few bits of snow from his black hair. His katanas on his back would only be visible by it's handles, then again he was rather tall so someone would have to look up if one was on normal built-

ImikoUchiha: *He would wave his hand to open the door as he sees a man standing there*

BillieDRoseBlack: -she would look to the woman and sighed watching the flame. She didn't feel the heat from it at all and would bow down her head in shame. She didn't like this, not one bit- Madame, you are most kind, but it does not help I have tried myself -her black eyes would fill with tears that froze on her icecold skin as they escaped her eyes. She looked up hearing knocks upon the door, wonderng who it was this time-

ImikoUchiha: *He would look over to Billie and sigh, walking over to her and kneeling, wiping her tears away* Look at me, I will make sure I find out what is going on to help you get your warmth back... I promise

Anaya: Anaya turned around as her ears twitched and her eyes picked up yet another heart marker, another being in the halls, oh how wonderful another hunk of meat to add to a never full gullet. “oh you have many visitors King” she said softly as she turned around to see and hear the girl. “you will warm up, you just have to let a dragons flame into you” a smile came over her face, would the people here know never to trust a dragon, did they know anything about dragons, did she give away her evil intent here by saying her race. She did not know but hell it would be a fun time if she did. Anaya turned her fingers as she dragged the flame back to her and it warped around her body changing her dress to one of a different white silk as she stood there her hair falling back over red eyes. “all you have to ever do is let magic take hold” Anaya moved her hands as she let fire flow from her fingers a large bird made of fire letting shoot up over her head as it landed on a rafter and let out a call. She moved as she turned the bird blue and let it come back to her and land onto her shoulder to rest. she then simply stood there runing her fire birds head as she watched the other beings in this place.

JoDarkstorm: -He would glance to the doors opening on it's own. His lips would curl into a ligth smile upon his thin lips. His youthfull face would turn up as he opened his red and white eyes.- A Place of magic I see -He would stride in, his cattail pointing up in air and wagged ligthly from side to side. HE prefered to walk on all four since it went so much faster, but he needed to show his nobility, atleast this he had been thought so he would stand up straigth, walking slowly. HIs steps made no sound, he was virtually soundless. He would approach the people indoors and would bow down gracefully to them, holding a hand on his chest and would close his eyes as he bowed- My humble appologize for treading into your realm uninvited -he stood back up. He seemed to purr. He glanced around in the room, he didn't show it but he was certainly not impressed. Here he would not stay long unless he was given a reason-

ImikoUchiha: *He would smile and watch the creature on all four slowly approach him*

ImikoUchiha: Yes I do have a lot of visitiors even though this is a new Kingdom I am quite surprised myself at the amount of visitors. *He looks over to the door and sees the man*

BillieDRoseBlack: -she would look to her father and would nod to him. She did not believe him, she didn't believe there was a way to give her heat back. She glanced down and then looked up to the woman with her fire shows. She would stand up and dropped the blankets. A ball of fire grew in her hands and would form a serpant that would slither around in the room. She could change the heat of the fire and it didn't burn a thing- It does not help Miss -She sighed and waved her hand, the snake disapeard in black flame- So you are of dragon decent? -Her eye would catch the strange man approaching. for some reason she started to giggle. She coverd her mouth and picked up her blanket again and sat back down on the throne nodding to the man- No worries, we like having guests

ImikoUchiha: *He looks at Billie and tilts his head* Billie what do you mean?

BillieDRoseBlack: -she looks to her father and tilts her head- Hmm?

ImikoUchiha: What do you mean Dragon Decent?

BillieDRoseBlack: She told me to accept the dragon flame within me, that normally means the person is dragon

Anaya: Anaya turned her eyes from the king he had grown to be a bore and the girl seemed more interesting and to be truthful the thought that ended up in her mind was that would be a fun fight with that one. “i am a dragon, pure blood” she guessed that would be enough of a hint that would inform the girl of evil will in Anayas heart, but that was only if the female new of her race. “and you little cold one, there is very few things my fire cant heat up. It is odd you are one of them. Are you an undead? I cant warm that ” a smile came over her face but in her mind she really hoped the girl was living, it always was a pain to ear undead, they tasted like dirt all the time.
Anaya: Anaya looked to the king "dragon as that is what i am " she diped her head once more. "albino golden dragon of the north forests "
Anaya: "Anaya may DeLaRose Ruler of the Iron Dynasty, but anaya is fine "

ImikoUchiha: *He stands up and looks to her*

JoDarkstorm: -He would look to the people in the room. He was slightly interested, mostly because all of them seemed to be creatures that possed great magic. He tilts his head, inspecting them slowly before speaking up- I hope I am not to bold -a soft purr was dected in the back of his warm and gentle tone- I am in seek of one to teach me magic, could one find such teacher here?

BillieDRoseBlack: -she would shake her head and looked to the woman. HEr breath cold still.- I do not believe I am undead, my heart should not beat if I was -she placed a hand on the side of her chest that held teh heart deep beneeth. She could feel it beat, slow but firm. She looked to the woman, a dragoness- Anaya, may I ask, is there evil in your heart -she seemed to starr at the womans heart suddenly feeling hungry. She shook her head and glanced down-

ImikoUchiha: *He looks over to the Male entering as he nods* I shall be with you shortly

Anaya: Anaya snaped her fingers as the bird of fire on her shoulder turned into nothing but air. she simply sucked the fire back into her body and watched the female and the king. "all dragons hold evil in there heart, we are born of fire and death it is what we do. but it depends if we see a place to use that evil on or if we see it is worth something to stay alive" Anayas voice was changeing, it was forgeting that softness as her hiss was clear at this point, the trick was fadeing and her evil was starting to show that vile head she was known for.

ImikoUchiha: *He would begin to notice her voice change and her evil aura begin to show. He would sigh and looks towards her* I really thought you would be a reliable ally to my Kingdom

BillieDRoseBlack: -she looked back up, her black eyes had widened and was almost filling her entire eyesockets. She licked her lips slightly- I've heard dragons taste good. -she tilted her head and would suddenly begin smacking herself on her cheeks. She would stand up and curtsied- Excuse me -She would leave the room with haste and went outside to figure out what was going on-

ImikoUchiha: *He would watch Billie as he sighs and looks back to Anaya* SO what are you intentions?

JoDarkstorm: -he would sigh, he was bored and sat down on the ground. These things did not interest him much. He sat squated down, much like a cat and would begin licking his paw-like hand. He glanced up at the women and then focused on the one who left. She seemed most interesting. He turned back to the once still in the room and looked to them, waiting for his turn-

Anaya: "if there is power in your walls i would be, if not i am simply a remover of what i see as weakness in the world" "and to fill a never ending hunger "Anayas eyes turned to watch the girl as her head tilted, the thought of going outside and seeing what she could do to the cold girl was very much a thought in her brain. she new very much that fire beats cold, like lighting beats water. the dragon had bin around for a long time and had learned of the world "what i want to do? my, hmmmm well simply fill my gut, if you can aid me in this and have freash fish then we can end this nicely"

ImikoUchiha: *He nods and snaps his fingers, making a plate of fish appear. He would hand it to her* You may go now

ImikoUchiha: *He would look towards her* So what will make you leave peacefully whereas no harm shall be dealt to anyone?

BillieDRoseBlack: -She walked around in the snow, rubbing her chest. The cold creeped up on her body, but not the cold from the snow and the winter, it was something deeper. She took of her glove on her rigth hand and looked at the black mark. She sighed, taking a seat on the snow-

JoDarkstorm: -he would stick up his head. He could pick up the scent of fresh fish. His tail would wagg widely.. He sat silent however, and now he began to listen. Was his life in danger? If it was he wanted to leave as soon as possible. He saw himself to be to young to become food-

ImikoUchiha: *He would look over to the male sitting* Can you please go check on my daughter?

JoDarkstorm: -He glanced to the male who he assumed was the king. His expression changed and he would begin licking his paw again- What is in it for me? -He would ofcourse go check. He had been asked kindly but he wanted to now how far he could stretch this kindness out.-

ImikoUchiha: *He snaps and make a plate of fish appear near him*
ImikoUchiha: In seen how your tail wagged when It appeared first

Anaya: Anaya moved in her skin, she was getting unhappy in her human skin. As she saw the dish with a fish in it form before her her hand slashed out as her eyes changed back instantly, temperament of a dragon was clear at this point “what you going to feed me like some dog!” she snarled as her claws formed from her fingers and fire flicked at her feet. A tail formed behind her as her form started to grow, she was getting taller, and soon she was a 8 foot tall woman standing there in only white. “what would make me pleased, maby to not be treated with disrespect and lowly offerings of a single fish and a dog bowl” she tried to calm her self as her tail flicked back and forth, if she wanted to this place would be cleaned from the map, gone , obliterated and turned to nothing but ash and flame.

ImikoUchiha: *He looks back to Anaya* I am sorry I meant no disrespect Dragoness. I simple want no one to get harmed in the process of our discussion that is all. If I disrespected you in anyway I apologize

ImikoUchiha: *He looks over to Hannah* Hello Hannah

JoDarkstorm: -he would walk over to the fish. He loved fish and would walk over on all four and grabbed one in his mouth. It would rubb against his whiskers. He wasn't much for where the food was served aslong as it was fresh. He nodded to the man and would then take long strides on all four when he saw the dragoness grow taller. He didn't want to be present of the place was to be torched. He went out and would find the girl. His movement all silent. He would lay down beside her and would drop the fish down, placed his paws on it and took a bite- You arligth there miss? -He said, purring warmly as he licked his lips from the delicious fish-

HPrnsHannahVonForlin: -She wags her tail softly- Ello..

ImikoUchiha: *He holds his hand out to hannah* Please come here

Anaya: Anaya calmed herself down her eyes turning back to red from black as she started to breath "i am a dragon not some low human or guard in the court of man, remember that" The thought of burning the place down was very much still in her mind and as she stood there she thought about it. how would the place look from the sky on fire, would be be like a fadeing star on the ground, oh she loved wathing places burn down. as Anaya moved her fingers a small but growing fire ball formed in her fingers as she simply paced back and forth and thought.

BillieDRoseBlack: -She sat on the snow and rubbed the black mark on her hand. She hadn't heard the man approach and would jump sligthly as a fish suddenly dropped beside her and the man taking a bite from it. She watched him then responed while glancing away- I am fine

ImikoUchiha: *He looks over to anaya* May I ask why you came here in the first place?

JoDarkstorm: -he nibbled the fish and nodded. He finnished the fish and tossed away the fishbones. He glanced to the girl with the odd mark on her hand- Hmm, I think I've seen such a mark before -he would sit in a squating position and began grooming his paws to get the last of the fish of him-

ImikoUchiha: *He would look to the newcomer and smiles* Please be patient I will be with you in a moment

BillieDRoseBlack: -she covered the black mark up on her hand and looked to him.- It's nothing -she wasn't sure on who she was trying to convince. Herself or him. she had just woken up with a stinging pain in her wrist and then the black mark was there. She didn't know what it was for-

JoDarkstorm: -he nods- if you say so, being marked like that normaly don't bring good but if you say it's nothing it probably is. -He shrughs and gets up on all four. He closes his red eye and the white one began to glow. A portal opened and he made himself ready for a leap. Teh portal began to close rigth after he had jumped in it. He hardly managed to get his tail with him but soon the portal was closed and he was back were he had comed from-

Anaya: “why did I come here, hmmmm why did I come here, lets see, to as I said remove weakness from the world around me, to fill a never ending hunger that eats me inside with the need to kill everything around me to simply stay alive, to fuel and let rest a madness that eats inside my head driving me to do unspeakable things to small children and pets” Anaya looked to the king as she looked to the doors and moved her hands softly with a flick making them slam shut and a click of a lock as her eyes changed blue, dragons eyes always showing more feeling then there mouth did, mind powers, useful. She looked around as her blue eyes changed back to red and slited, her eyes are getting larger as she started to snap, her body bent down as her hands changed and she let out a screaming cry, soon the snapping and cracking of her very bones turned the whole castle into what sounded like some sort of horror movie. In moments white scales covered her body and the woman was getting tall enough to reach the roof, but she did not stop growing, soon she was a towering 140 feet and crashing past the roof letting out a roar to let the other lands know she was hear. Moving her claws she opened her wings up taking out the roof and letting parts fall down around her and on top of her, they fell slow enough so people could move out of the way if they had bin watching was hard not to watch it was the center of everything going on, who would miss a giant white dragon crashing out of there roof. “my reason to be here is to remove here and eat, FOREVER EAT!” her voice boomed as she picked up her foot and crashed it into a wall ripping it down like it was nothing as it was stone. Her tail moved out and took out the wall behind her as she thrashed back and forth, she wondered at this point if it was worth it to shut the doors in the first place, for if no one moved this place would be gone in no time and the king dead inside of its walls.

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ImikoUchiha: *He would flash outside next to billie and look back atthe Kingdom as it fell around the dragon*

Anaya: Anaya moved her feet as she took down wall after wall turning the place into nothing but a stone pile. there was not much left but hell why not, she lifted her head as she let fire go over the pile of rock and stone. now there was nothing left as the dragon walked out of her own flame looking for a body she lifted flameing stone parts looking for a body, and if she did not find out she would hunt them down till she got them.

BillieDRoseBlack: -Billie would turn around. Her eyes widened as she heard the castle crumble into bits. She didn't know what to do, the only reasonable thing she could think of was to take up her glove and put it back on again. Her hand would cramp up however and her hand would start to pound in pain. She ignored it and would turn around. She saw her father flashing out but shrughed, she just watched the castle crumble as her hand kept cramping up it also began to bleed but she didn't feel it.- Where will we live now? -She sighed a bit, knowing her father could hear her as he was next to her-

ImikoUchiha: *He would look down to billie and sigh* I do not know but I am not letting this go unpunished *He looks back to the dragon and draws his blade*

Anaya: Anaya fliped another stone part as she opend her wings and got larger, there was no roof now so she could go to her full 175 feet tall at the shoulder. with a head larger then a building and teeth the size of vans there was not much that could scar or harm her. even if she did eat everyone that was in this place it would only be a snack and nothing more. she looked around her red eyes picking up the heat markers of the ones around her. and if her eyes did not pick them up she could hear them talking and walking, and if she tryed hard enough she could hear even there heart beats. "so you got out did you, and steel in your hands, it will not leave much of a mark, i have removed larger, much larger" Anaya let her gut move and start to power up more fire in her belly, she was a good 30 or so feet from the heat markers so it would only take maby 5 seconds for her to hit them, and this was a fire blast from a golden dragon so there was not much at all that could live if it hit them. this was not magic non burning fire this was fire hotter then even the largest elder reds, it would turn almost anything in its path to ash, stone , iron , and anything living unless it was made of fire to not get harmed by fire.

BillieDRoseBlack: -She would look to her father and shook her head. She sighed a bit and would grab her arm. Her hand went stiff from cramping and it kept bleeding, not red but black, thick black. Much like tar that rolled down her arm and would dripp down on the ground. She frowned a bit and kneeled down as it hurt badly. It wasn't only her hand that cramped up now, it was the entire arm. It began breaking into pieces, it hurt so much she wanted to scream but she had lost her voice. Her arm would transform into a black muscular beast arm with long red and black claws. Without anything she would turn into a black mist and sipped away. The dragon was large, it was huge and gave a nice shadow to hide in.-

ImikoUchiha: *He would begin to dash between the dragons legs to get behind it before any attacks were made. He would think since she is big it would take a while to turn so he begins to head for the tail*

Anaya: Anaya could see the male heat marker run under her as she did not want to attack the girl her mind was on the king figure, remove the king remove the empire and it stoped the empire from rebuilding. anaya thought on how he was behinf her she could use her tail as a weapon, with large swings she started slameing her tail down on him as she watched him move. she did not open her mouth to let the fire shoot out, she powered it up stronger. (20% power for fire blast, prep 2)

ImikoUchiha: *He would see the tail begin to move and hit the ground as he flash steps side to side to avoid it until he sees an opportunity. As the tail hits the ground he jumps for the flat part to ride to into the air*

BillieDRoseBlack: -She stayed in the shadow of the dragon, she followed the shadows movements as she was not part of the shadow. She hid there troughout her transformation, and she planned to hide in the shadows in the future aswell, she had been marked by death to do it's work, nothing she really looked forward to-

Anaya: Anaya felt the male on her back as she opend her wings and looked back at him. she still held that fire in as she looked up at the sky "i wonder can you fly" she said as a grin came over her face, she new being a dragon of magic to ride a dragon into the air was a way of nulling ones own magic, a beast made of magic stoped magic from harming its self, so there was no longer a way for him to flash step or port away, he was stuck on the back of a monster till his legs could take him away. with a strong flap of her wings the dragon took off into the sky leaving everything under her there to roat. as she got a good hundered or so feet up the male on her back she looked back at him turning her head around to look at him. as she let that grin come over her face the fully charged fire blast was set free right over top of her own back, if the flame did not kill the male the fall would.

ImikoUchiha: *He would wait until her tail moves up with great force as he jumps off her tail and flies about 20-30 feet into the air before he forms an energy orb around him drawing his blade and making a clone of himself with his blade out and a energy orb around it as well. Hi eyes would then change from a light blue to adeep and dark red as he turns and draws his blade back as his eyes see her every move and he interior*

BillieDRoseBlack: -is still in the dragons shadow...-

Anaya: AS she sat the male jump over her fire blast and into the air she cut the blast and moved as he was still falling she was a large beast but the air was her place of choice, fast and powerful in the air she turned in a fast way and simply moved out of the way. she let the male fall, with what ever he wraped himself in that was making this odd fuzzyness to her seeing his heat. she new that with what ever this was if it was stable he may not die from the inpact to the ground but he would be broken as in all broken, like every bone in his body would be shatered, there was no way he would be able to live for long after he hit that ground of rock.

ImikoUchihaImikoUchiha WhisperAdd Friend: *He would smile as he cam close to the ground and the clone speeds up landing on the ground and shadows attach to his sword making it bigger. Ashe reached him he flipped and landed on the blade at the same time as the clone pushes the blade, summoning more clones to help as the force is slowly lifted he jump ont the ground, the orb disappear and he falls to the ground. His right eye closes because he feels the pain in his legs, as he lays the left side of his face on the ground, looking towards the dragon as his sword slowly falls to the ground he lays there in the middle of his torn down kingdom*

Anaya: Anaya looked down from the sky and she slowly flaped down to land on top of the male her one claw over top of him as she moved a claw to his chest, it hovered over him as she looked around, her shadow was there and she had no idea the child was hideing there, the shadows cold was hideing the girls heat marker from her. Anaya lowered her head down as her jaws grited together "never trust the beast with white scales" the sould was creepy and it drifted in the night, and if the child was there it would haut her for the rest of her days. then with the sound of a click the claw went down upon the man and then silence, simple silence, she gave him a fast and honnorable death it was more then the dragon would have given most, he did put up a good fight after all.

ImikoUchiha: *As he lays there cold he appears in a room, nothing in sight but darkness as he wanders around he thinks to himself* Am I dead? *He sits on the ground meditating and thinking to himself of all the good times he has had and all of the not so good times her has had. He remembers his whole past life and he lays back, as he slowly closes his eyes he blanks out and disappears from exsistance*

Anaya: Anaya picked up the body in her jaws and flicked her head back eating it down with no problum at all, the male was good and she enjoyed it and her mind never even thought about the girl that had bin hideing, she simply walked away crushing trees under her as she vanished into the night.

BillieDRoseBlack: -she would tag along in the shadow until she droped out from it and would be crushed underneath a clawed foot by the dragon-

Anaya: Anaya moved feeling something under her foot and simply kicked and opend her wings takeing off into the sky to the next place that would fall under her ruin.

BillieDRoseBlack: -turns into a black mist and is dragged down to the enternal cold of the lost souls-

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The dragon walked out of the woods her eyes had changed, from red they had bin changed black as tar dripped from her maw, all the years of her clarity was now gone, there was nothing left as she walked slowly to the town outside of her own empire, ash and soot there was nothing left of her town homes, no people here, nothing left at all, endless ash and soot. Anaya stopped and her head dropped and swayed slowly from side to side as she let some black goo fall from her maw and down her white scaled cheeks. “what happened when I was gone, lost, endless walking I come home to....nothing” she mumbled as she lifted her head the black tar stopping its flow from her maw as her eyes shimmered back to red, there was a moment she was herself as she looked upon her empire, half was missing and it was as silent as her town. The change was fast from her scaled form to her human self as she walked the black street and steps up to her home “what happened...” she looked back one more time as she pushed her empire doors open a bit. The town was so cold here now. Anaya turned back around to see inside her home, its empty halls almost made the woman creped out
”Anaya..” Vains voice cut the silence as he looked upon her and did not walk forth to her, the white dress she had on stained with tar and ash. “Anaya it happened so fast we....we did not know what to do” Vain was shuddering as he looked at her, his fear was clear in his eyes “Anaya we are ...glad you are home” he took a step forth as the dragon moved her fingers up as if to tell the male to stop.
“Don't Vain I know better then to think someone else did this, your bite marks are in the walls, your claw marks make this floor there home. You forget who owns you, who owns your worthless hide! you forget who OWNS THIS HOME!!” her voice cracked as black tar slipped from her lips and she let out a cough and Vain moved forth to her even if he new it was a danger to his very life to do so
“Anaya are you sick again...” he said softly as her arm came out and slashed at him hitting him in the side and sending him into the side of a pillar.
“no I am not sick you worthless mut I am ….i...i am ..A Anaya ” her voice trailed off as she looked up once more at the mess. “are there any maids left, guards, the army's, anyone other then you” Vain looked up from the pillar he had smashed into the breath out of his lungs he let out a light cough.
“no miss Anaya there is no one left but your sister and myself” Anaya looked at him blankly
“then I will talk to her as soon as she is able ” Vain gulped a bit
“and miss Anaya a guest showed up last night, he is a wolf and went to try to hunt down a meal, I do not know who he is, but he told me he wants to talk to you as soon as he can, tells me it is impotent.” Anayas eyes flicked for a moment lost memory's flicking in her mind at the thought of a wolf man
“when he gets back I will deal with him” she then simply moved to a half destroyed throne and sat there her claws clicking on the arm rest, she did not look pleased and her brain was so far gone anything was seen as something to kill at this point.

After a good hour of sitting in silence she got up and walked to the door way of her home and walked to the steps only to sit down once more, in that hour long relaxing moment she was able to regain some clarity in her eyes and mind and she looked over her town her eyes looking almost hurt enough to weep and morn for the lost “oh Jeff what happened here, i remember you still hopping from roof top to roof top my son, adopted yet seen as my own blood, what happened to this place, what happened to us” she said softly as a small voice whispered into the wind
“A lot of things did, but it all made the empire stronger” she looked up as she sat a small golden face form out of the air in front of her.
“you know it is bad to sneak up on people, and i thought you left here for good a long time ago” Anaya said as she placed her hand on the little luck dragons maw. “ a lot has changed there is nothing left any more Lucky”
“i know i have bin watching you, as always bin out doing my own thing walking the world, seeing what has bin left behind” he moved and pushed her hand away with his little clawed feet, lucky was never one to like being touched and him and Anaya never did get along all that well.
“it all fell down so fast like i had no say in what happened here, but then i got lost and taken away from home and the time it took to get back was to it is only dust under my claws. And now you show up, so i don't know if you are a omen of good or bad luck”

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Anaya looked at the Luck dragon and for a moment held that old shimmer to her glassed over look, a mark of a time long past and a day so many had forgotten, but she remembered it all so very clearly, when her son Jeff came into her life so many years ago, when she got her weapon Felis that ran away in the night stolen by a gang and never seen again, when her friend and sons wife Tsuki passed, the tears she shed for the lost back when she still had them, back before the madness made her life so empty. Did that all lead up to now? Was it all simply part of the dragons story in this dark and dangerous world of her own loneliness? She would never know till that last moment when she figured it all out.
“i am never bad nor good Anaya, i am simply something that does what time and the gods over head want me to do, make the sun shine brighter on a child lost so they can find there way home, bring darkness and death to a farmers crops for he said cruel things in a gods name. I am not an omen of anything, simply a will that is washed around like a grain of sand in the sea of the unknown”Lucky turned and looked up at the sky “you know he is up there right, the one you have bin talking about, my friend i remember him, he is up there with them all in the sky, but we will never see them again”
“Dragons don't go to the after life like other beasts we go home to our world, simply to live a different life with our own kind....but i was kicked out of home remember, what place will i go” she said as she looked up to that same sky.
“i don't know Anaya i simply don't know” and with that the little Luck dragon moved and looked at her “he loved you with everything he had, did everything he could for you to be happy, and died trying to get back here for you, i watched him in the time of need but was told not to alter his fate this time, it was simply his time to go Anaya. But know he loved you” and the little Luck dragon vanished away without another word. Anaya turned her head to look at him as he vanished away.
“i loved him to, with everything i still have, i just hope he new that”

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Isis roamed around the country side making her way to the nearest township which had been raised to the ground, the woman kicked a bit of charred wood around as she walked. Her black three inch boots did not once make a sound until she sent the bit of wood flying after she kicked it.
"Stupid... stupid... stupid.." she repeated over and over before her pitch black hues moved up to glance at the castle of stone off in the distance. The demon's lips part as she takes a deep breath as her eyes study the missing parts of the castle. 'She going to kill me or worst Vain' the woman starts to think as she turns and starts heading back towards her sister's keep. Well the best thing was Isis had managed to escape from the castle without anyone knowing she had left even though there wasn't much to hide from now other then some little succubi she wasn't even sure of and of course Vain; everyone else had gone, picked up and left or were killed. Her pace though slow grew closer and closer to the castle as the woman shoved her hands into her tight blue jean pockets as she walked. Not once did her eyes raise once more off the ground as she walked, she didn't even worry about her normal encounters of anything undead or bandits; Isis was sure they were long gone out of the empire too. The woman's long snow white hair shifts in its place as pulls her hand back out before pulling it out of her face. The demon mumbles under her breath as she starts the casting herself into the shadows making it slightly quicker to make it back to the Keep if she needed. Within the matter of a few minutes the woman steps out of the shadows into the hall before her heels finally start making their normal clicking sound along the cracked stone. "I'm back" she mumbles out still out of it as she walks to the throne room. Vain was the first one to notice his wife
“shhhh....she is ...home and outside” he said as he limped over to her his hand on his ribs and sides as it hurt from his toss into that hard pillar “she is far from happy but she is not as crazy and distant as when she first got here, she is ...kinda ok. Anaya is siting on the fount step and i think she is taking in the fact it is all a way i guess. That home is....ruined” he walked to his love and placed his arm around her and pulled her into a tight hug as he missed her and would deal with the pain of moving with shattered ribs, he would heal time. “i was worried and i missed you”  Her brow rose as she noticed Vain approaching her and shushing her
"What do you mean she?" she paused not even thinking about it until she saw the limp as her husband walked over to her let alone his hand on his side. "What happen?" Isis spoke out once more before letting her eyes move to the door. She was caught in a hard place, does she believe her other half that her sister is home or does she go check her self. Why this thought was in her mind she didn't know it; there was no choice about it she nods slowly as she listens. "It may be ruined, we have lost just about everyone if not everyone but there must be some home. Anaya is home after all she will fix it don't she always?" Isis commented softly before kissing his cheek "Worried?" she held her head slightly back as she shook her head. "I couldn't stay pacing the rooms any longer I needed to go out and see what I could find." the demon paused just as the shadows around her seem to dance slightly quicker then before. "Which was nothing." the woman sighed softly as she shook her head once more.
“Trust me love, she is home and far from a happy woman, has bin outside for a little wile now, no one ” He moved out of there hug as he lifted the side of his shirt, three large gashes covered his side as he did not bleed but large silver scars shimmered out of his flesh, like a blade over a steel door had ripped deep into layers on layers of paint. “far from happy, and she knows i did it, hard to miss the giant metal hound bite marks in the walls i guess, but i will be ok....i think Anaya..... misses them, her people, but it is hard to tell” he looked to that door way as he griped his loves side a little tighter then she would like “dont go out there ok, let her come inside”

The demon stood there her chains on her horns seen to dig slightly deeper even though no one could tell it. She sighed and nodded as she listen to Vain as he spoke, she knew her sister wasn't going to be happy when she returned from where ever she had been but there wasn't much she could do.
"Talking to no one... are you sure?" Isis's lips parted as she gave a confused glance to the male as he pulled away from her before lifting his shirt. Her eyes lowered to take in the scars before she shook her head. "She hit you didn't she?" she sighed softly shaking her head letting her snow white hair with crimson tips dance at her shoulders. "Vain you didn't have a choice that man would have either killed me or taken me from you all." she mumbled out as the thought of the shadow demon who so called claimed her life taught her. Another large sigh left the woman's painted lips as she tried to think of something else before letting her eyes follow that of her mates to the door. She nearly let a a childish squeaking sound as he took hold of her side. She stood there blinking letting her gaze fall back onto Vain before speaking. "But.." she paused "Fine."

Vain did not let go of her as he held her tightly his worry was clear in his eyes not only for his love but for Anaya to, over the years they had bin together she had grown on him in ways others just did not understand or know, she was his master his owner and the one that told him what to kill how to kill it and what to do after, she was oddly another part of his life almost as valued as his wife.
“i am sorry hun..” he let go of her side not meaning to hold her so hard “just i wondering that's all” he turned around and took her hand “lets go sit, i have a feeling she will be coming inside soon love”  The demon didn't have a clue what to do in the first time in a long time as she stood there. She nearly whimper once more as Vain's grip did not losses the first time. Isis was unsure if she should be worried about Vain or her sister who was out side supposedly talking to her self; then again it wouldn't have been the first time that someone in the family was talking to something that wasn't there. Isis her self had been talking to a Imp over the last several years even though she had lost count when it had all started. Time.. she through funny how it was lost so quickly then able to keep track of it. The woman's black gaze glanced back to Vain before he finally let go of her some what. She took a deep breath and forced a part smile to her face before nodding.
"Thank you" she whispered out softly before nodding and moving towards the thrones before sitting down at the foot of one of them.

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Anaya got up from that spot on the steps and looked back to the sky “now what do i do, NOW WHAT DO I DO!” she yelled at the sky as if someone was up there to curse at “now i have nothing left, and this cant be fixed, how can one heal something that cant be mended, why do you curse me with this!!” she moved her hands as the steps at her feet cracked then stopped “why smash is already broken” she moved her clawed white nailed hand move into her snow white hair as she let out a sigh “ya already broken, worthless place, now i wonder why i came back”  she looked to the doors and placed her hand on the handle, she was about to go inside and looked out over town one last time, she saw a man there walking up the path, simple looking man, black hair from the looks of it shaggy garments on his body, not much more then some present she did not know, Anaya looked back at the door way ready to go inside. Vain looked to his love as he walked with her to the thrones, he took his place in one of the smaller ones as he watched that door, waiting, not wanting her to com into it, in the back of his mind he never wanted her to come home even if parts of it missed her dearly. He moved his hand in his lovers hair as he looked down at her ”you have a fun time out?” he asked in a shaking voice trying to get his mind off Anaya and everything to do with her. Crome walked up the steps as a hunk of deer hung from his jaws, his eyes had grown large as he watched that white tail sway into the door way of this place “white....shimmering light..” he had seen that before that day in the town path, it was clear, she was alive....but changed and she had bin there all along 'Crome she does not love you anymore, she never did dont go in there to only face her scorn, don't go find her she hated you, never even new your existence,you are nothing but a tool to her, Anaya hates you' that voice rings in his mind as he looked at the doors, the deer meat falling from his mouth as he did not care. “but i love her, that is the part that matters” he started to walk to the empire building slowly but at a normal pace.

Isis sighed her head hung low as she curled up on the step on the floor beside her throne, or well what she made of her throne when her sister was away. She never did like the seat it self but sitting on the floor made her feel as if she belong there. Her eyes finally closed for a brief moment as she sat there thinking trying to adjust to the stillness of the empire even if she had gone out a few days before hand looking to see what was left of it, a farm or two but farther out then what she hope for. The woman sighed softly just as she felt Vain's eyes on her before he started to play with her hair.
"Was looking to see what was left of the land." she mumbled out as her eyes reopened and locked on the door. She was ready for her sister to walk in, granted she was sure she be yelling but still it would be better then not having her their at all. Even if Isis didnt want to admit it she missed her siblings even if Anaya was the coldest one out of them all.

Anaya walked inside, as soon as Vain spotted her he shut up and did not say a word, that woman scared him more then anything even if he did love her....deep in his heart...really deep. Anaya's eyes stayed on the floor as she walked forth into the room and a light hiss. “someone is coming here from town” she said slowly in a simple and still ton, one with no feeling as she walked to her throne and sat there moving behind her sister, not caring not feeling...cold, Utterly cold. Crome walked into the halls as he tossed open the doors
“ANAYA!!!!!” he yelled as his voice echoed into the halls and she stood up her eyes large and red as there was feeling to her face....Shock
“Crome? You are....alive” Isis kept her eyes from widening as her sister entered the hall and walked straight to her before resting in the throne behind her. She waited for what she didnt know but she didn't speak one word nor look back to Vain before she stood up and turned around to face her sister. Isis figured she was going to explain the best she could for the castle seeing it was do to her it was in the shape it was; even though she still had no clue how to explain the town yet. The demon fumbled with her hem before glancing up to her sister before standing straight before her.
"Anaya" she mustered to speak out just before the male walked into the hall. The demon growled as she turned around seeing Crome and yet seeing her sister's reaction stun her. Her words would have to wait until after this... after her sister had finished with Crome, it would have to.

Anayas eyes got softer as she looked to her sister, she was a good head taller then her sister as she placed a clawed hand on her shoulder
“it is ok, it is ok” she softly ran a clawed finger over her sisters cheek as she took her hand away and looked to the door “ came back, i thought you had bin gone forever” 'she is lieing Crome, she is lieing to you she never missed you, never had a care in the world for you, did not care Crome no one cared for you, you are an outcast, shame , worthless, kill her'  the voice was louder this time, it was like it was there in the room with them all, the shattered and falling empire hall
“i promised you i would come back, i gave my word my vow to you then as i hold true to it now...but you are..different” Anaya looked at him as he walked forth and up to her as he stood about ten or so feet from her
“ya i changed i guess, got older, and more white” a odd smile came to her mouth, a smile in a time of darkness a smile among the rubble of everything she hated, everything she feared, loss. 'she is not the same Crome she is the reason for everything that happened to you, everything, she made you drink Crome, made you hate and fight made you shaggy and not a proud wolf, made you shame, hate, kill her!' he looked up at her as he tried to drown out that voice inside his head
“i missed you, a lot, i missed you so very much i thought about you all the time, you never left my mind Anaya” he took another step to her.  
“but why did you leave Crome? Why leave in the night with no response other then a note under my pillow, why leave me if i ment so much to you” the voice got louder in his head as his hands moved to push the shagged blackish  gray hair from his face ' see she is questioning you Crome, she did not care that you left, only is finding things to criticize about you, she is fighting you Crome inside your own head, is she the reason i am here with you, yes Crome yes she is the reason i am here with you, she is greedy crome, greed HATE KILL HER!!' Crome moved his hands to his head as he looked at her
“did you ever love me Anaya? That is why i left for i never new if you did”
Isis blinked as her head lowered just some as her sister's hand move towards her. Even though She had seem her sister harm not only her lover but her own siblings she paused and waited. 'She wouldn't hurt you' she spoke inside her own mind as she stood still. When Anaya's claw only brushed along her cheek she sighed softly as she nodded.
"It's not ok." she whispered out as the demon moved from in front of the dragon and back to the side of the throne.

“i could not help it you know the madness held me in its grasp i had no help i had no chance till i was reborn but left so soon after i had no chance to get you back” 'look at her Crome, what dragon begs, what dragon loves she never loved you all along, kill her, she hated you for you are nothing but a mut to her, nothing but wasted fur and filth, kill her!!, dont let her get away this time, let her know your feelings INSIDE feelings let her know Crome KILL HER!!' Crome gulped back that voice as he picked his head up and looked at her as his eyes got a tad darker.
“the madness was inside of you, you could have put up a fight with it, you could have done something to ask for help from it i was there with you i could have helped you, i would have done anything for you, you are and always will be the one i would die for, but now i am nothing and i wonder and doubt all we ever had...” that shattered the dragons heart in half and then stamped it into dust, all the years she waited for him now had bin clear to have ment nothing at all. she wanted to hit her knees and cry her eyes out there on the floor but no, she would not show that weakness and be strong.
“was everything we had so worthless to doubt it, yes i changed but my heart is still here, and still whole!” she snarled as she hurt, pain turned to show like anger to a dragon. 'look Crome she hates you, still hates you, she growls and snarls at you, don't hear me this time look at her, look at what is going on in front of you! Hate, blood lust, Kill her!!!!!' and for the first time in this walk here all this way to get to her, he believed that twisted voice in his head.

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“did you ever love me Anaya? That is why i left for i never new if you did”

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Isis brow rose as she moved her hands her eyes partly shifting from her sister to Crome as she stood there. The demon unsure what to do or even if she should say anything just stood there. Her mind wondered on the situation at hand even though she was helpless on trying to defuse the anger that seem to raise from her sister without the risk of taking a blow or two. Yet, still the woman seem to pull the shadows of the room to her and allow them to dance around her slim body. She couldn't just sit there and watch this; watching her sister be broken down by the one man that Anaya loves. Her fingers moved along the cloth of her jeans as she watched out of the corner of her eye the shadows creeping closer before joining the rest of them that slowly seem to engulf her. Now the main issue was would the woman bite her tongue or speak her mind, Isis didn't know what to do she knew if she did harm the wolf in anyway she would have to deal with her sister and it would be the end of her most likely. She took a deep breath as her siblings came to mind... first Suko, her twin who her sister had killed shortly after the woman had went into a deep sleep, and then Ulhar too. Isis couldn't help but to think if she spoke out, defended her sister against that held her sister's heart so dear she would surely end in the same fate of her brothers.

Crome took a step up to Anaya his fingers to his sides as he got a good foot away from her, he looked into her read eyes as he moved a fingered hand to the side of her face, love in his touch as there was sadness in her eyes “remember that night you pulled me from that drum, saved me from the fire when you could have let me burn, a black dragon saving a wolf pup from a burning drum, who would have guessed that, you could have faced your madness Anaya you are stronger then you think” he moved his fingers to grace her cheek as he stood there with her
“you are the most beautiful thing i have ever seen” Anaya moved her hand and pushed his hand away turning her back to him.
“i am a monster that lost you” 'she lost you Crome she lost you fight back, stab the dagger into her back!!!'
“ya maby you are right....” was he talking to Anaya or something else, his eyes changed to a brighter yellow as his claws slipped from his side a dagger up his arm, in a blink it was in her back and she let out a glug. The dagger was deep in her as she turned around
“you....stabbed human form...” she stood there as her eyes twisted and she looked at him, the look soon turning to a glare.

The demon growled once she watched the dagger enter her sister's back as she couldn't control the shadows around her as they danced around her as she went to take a step towards the too before looking back at Vain. Her eyes locked on to his as if yelling at him for just standing there as Anaya needed him. Isis didn't look away from her mate as she listen to her sister's words.

Vain was frozen solid, it was like the world was flashing before him and he could do nothing, a cold numb look on his face, she needed him he new she did but he was a blade told what to do, he did not know how to work on his own at all, what would he do....he watched. Anaya's eyes did not move from being locked on Crome as she moved and trusted her hand forth and into his belly before he had anytime to move away
“i am ....sorry” she said as she pulled her hand out moving fast to pick him up as he was falling to the floor, she fell beside him as she looked down at him and he looked back up into her eyes
“i am sorry to, i love you , my darling Anaya” a tear fell from her eyes and hit the ground
“i love you to Crome, i always will i am sorry” the tears flowed as she cried there holding him, the great beast that was Anaya, heartless dragon ruler, brought to her knees by something as simple as love.

Isis blinked stun as the shadows danced violently around her as she tore her eyes away from Vain to her sister. She gasp as she couldn't stand there any longer as she soon as her sister and Crome hit the ground she found her self at Anaya side. Her eyes lowered as she fell to her knees trying to force words to leave her mouth, as the tears started to form and run simple paths down her face. "Anaya..... what can I do?"
Anaya looked up tears in her eyes as she held his lifeless shell of a body “nothing anymore, it is over” she shut her eyes as she took the dagger out of her back with a grunt, blood pooling around her feet as she keeled in it
“isis you are my beloved sister, the one i hold so close to me, the only one i have left, but i cant go on any-longer, i want to be in peace but a dragon cant go home if we end it ourselves...” she took that dagger and held it up to her as tears ran down her face “i need to rest now, i have lived so very long i need to be at peace, can you help me go home..” “help me be with the man i love in the only way i can” she looked to her sister a bloody hand holding a blue bloody dagger. “help me, this one last time”

The demon watched as the dagger was pulled out of her sisters back as she spoke as she couldn't help but to cry even if it was only blood tears that ran down her face without the sobs and sniffles that would most likely soon come after it was all over with. Isis took a deep breath wiped her face trying to get the tears from it before she glanced down to the dagger.
"I know you do Anaya. As I look up to you as my sister, as the only family I have besides Vain and Scarlet." she paused as she started to wish she never had asked Anaya what she could do at this point. How is she suppose to end it for her sister, to cut down her sister were she knelt beside the wolf. Isis eyes moved back to the dagger that was held up to her as if offering to her to use. Her soft midnight hue eyes locked back to her sister's as she watched the tears of the wounded dragon fall from their place. "I..I" she couldn't get it out, the fact she wanted to say no to refuse to end her sister's suffering, her pain, her life was selfish of her. Isis took a deep breath as once again tears started to fall but this time her eyes slowly return to their emerald green color. "Don't make me do this Anaya" she whispered out as she stood up taking the dagger from her sister before dropping it to the ground. Her eyes met with Anaya's once more before shifting down to Crome. Then it hit her, if she would lose Vain she would want the same. The woman being who she was nodded, her hand moved pulling back her hair out of the way before standing up. "Give me a moment Anaya, then I will end it. I promise" she spoke softly before turning around to look to Vain with sadness on her face. She took a deep breath as she chanted; the shadows swirled around her before moving to her hand before taking shape of one of her swords.
Isis stood there several seconds as she tried to steady her breathing. This was the one thing she never counted on, nor hoped for to have to end her sister's life. Oddly enough the demon had always thought it would be in battle she would lose her sister in not this, not because she was tired of going on living without the man she loved. Taking another quick breath the woman turns around her boots making a soft squeaking sound on the cracked stone as the blade seem to give off a dark auora of the shadows it was made from. "Alright" she spoke out softly as she held her weapon to at her side as she nodded to Anaya. "I will make it as painless as I can my sister." she spoke softly before taking the last few steps towards Anaya. "I love you" she spoke out just before she moved her hand bringing the sword blade through her sister's chest aim for her heart. She quickly twisted the blade before pulling it out of her sister's body. Isis dropped the blade to the ground just as stood there over Anaya as she watched.

The dragon felt the pain as she shut her eyes “i remember it all, so clear, the day you came into my life, the day we all made our minds up to stay together forever, the day you made me smile for the first time and made a dragon have a heart to be a woman and a ruler not a monster and tyrant, even if i was not very good at it sometimes. I remember when i dressed in white and ran to the woods and Crome and i made our minds up to wed in the human world like humans, even if i thought it was silly and odd of a dragon to dress in white that day, but he smiled and so did i and it was so beautiful in the woods. I remember when Vain asked you to marry him, the day i found out my weapon was with my sister and i wanted to kill him” Anaya let out a cough as she slumped a bit on the ground, right away vine snapping out of his moment and moving to her side to make sure she fall in the proper placement along side Crome. “i remember that day to, best days of my life, or the day you got me in that black market, and the day i found my home and my life here in the halls of the Rose, the Rose that you made Anaya, you became the ruler you never thought you would be you truly became a queen in the eyes of so many, and in my eyes to” a silver tear fell from his eye as he looked at her there dieing with her lover. “i am ....cold, but at peace, i no longer have to worry about anything, now i can go home at last, and end the story of this dragon and her life” she whispered as she opened her eyes and for the first time they changed from red to a bright gold. “i can go home now” as she said the words her human self changed and formed into the spirit self of a pure golden dragon as her human formed eyes looked upon it “i can be me now, i love you Isis my sister, thank you for everything”  the golden spirit twisted and let out a roar that echoed into the lands and then lifted from the body and washed away into the sky, simply to go home, to the place Anaya belonged, to the one place she was made for, to rule in her home world, as a Golden Dragon with scales the color of the Sun.

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