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Troys Triumph

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Troys Triumph Pbucket
"all i know is her name was Anaya, she is beautiful is she not, but i guess what happened is simply part of the story of this place" he looked at her and stood up, his red wings folding out from behind him as a matching tail lashed forth as well, "and dragons are not simple things to take down, and her well the size alone would count for something" :Troy Evander DarkFang

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira had been going for a ride on one of her favourite horses. Though that ride of a few hours turned into a ride of days. Cheshira lost count on how long she had been riding for, but she was coming to a point she needed to find some place to rest and maybe even eat. Cheshira arched her back and moves her head from side to side as she was getting a little stiff from sitting for so long. But she couldn't help but to feel a little weird. She saw a sign a few miles back about a town. She should be there by now but there wasn't a town to be seen. Everything around her was ash and grey. Pulling on the veins Cheshira brings the horse to a stop and carefully lets herself slide off. Underneath her feet she crushes a few twigs and some larger pieces of ash.- What happened here? -She asks herself as she looks around. Holding onto the veins tightly she looks at her horse before looking around again. The sight made her sad. Everything was gone, the people, the houses, the nature, the animals. Everything was gone. Cheshira than shakes her head and climbs back on her horse and quickly takes off until she sees ruins of what looks like was once a castle. She stops again and turns a little before jumping off once again.- I wonder if someone is still here....-She said to herself before placing one hand around her mouth- Hello! -She shouts out to see if someone was around who could hear her and maybe tell her what happened. Cheshira waited quietly as she looked around, how sad to see all of this.-

Anaya: Troy sat there on the stone that was once a throne, he had come back to the place he once lost a fight in and almost got killed, he came back to kill the man that almost beheaded him but failed and he was able to run away....but it was gone now and there was nothing left, nothing but a body of a dragon in the back and a ruined castle in the front. his red eyes looked up as he blinked a coule times, there was life here, wow there was life here, he new it must not belong to this place but it was something living. he did not make a sound just sat there watching for now.

IICheshiraII: -As Cheshira looked around once more she saw someone sitting there. She tilts her head to a side and moves her hands over the snout of her horse and than turns away to walk over to the figure- Hello? -She said again as she carefully places her feet on the ground, she didn't want to step on anything and perhaps hurt herself or destroy more. Her long blond hair waved around her by the wind as her brown eyes stared ahead to the figure. Her white and green dress fitting nicely around her body waved in the wind a swell. Cheshira moves one hand up to her hair to put a few stains back in place and tilts her head to a side.- Sir? May i ask what happened here? -She said carefully as she steps closer to the man, she could now clearly see.-

Anaya: Troy looked at the woman on the horse his bright red eyes never changing as he gazed upon her "i don't know what happened many years ago i came to find myself here looking for my wife but only found her in the arms of another man, there was a fight and i almost lost my own life, but i was still young and foolish so i came back now and i find that there is nothing here. it is lifeless here and there is a dead dragon behind us it is the only thing that once held life here to my knowing, that and there flag is still standing" he looked past the woman and saw up on one of the poles a flag just flicking in the feint wind. it was still there the brown and red flicked flag with the words The Iron Dynasty marked on it in black bold print. the flag held one other thing on it, a tribe hammer, it was the symbol of the dynasty the iron hammer it was unbreakable, or so it once was.

IICheshiraII: -As the man started to speak Cheshira listens carefully. As he mentions the dragon she looks past him and looks at the giant beast. She shivers at the thought someone killed the mighty beast of the skys. She than looks back at the man who was looking at the flag. Cheshira turned around and looked at it a swell before turning back once more.- I don't understand how this could happen..Or who would do such a thing..-Cheshira said as she looks at the man. She couldn't help but to feel very sad and her heart was filled with grief. Cheshira was too kind of heart to understand these things and so could easily cry over it. But she was trying her very best not to burst into tears over something she didn't know nor the people who once lived here.- How sad.... -She mumbles as she looks past the man once more to look at the dragon. Slowly she takes a few steps closer and narrows her eyes a little as she looks at the dragon before looking back at the man. Cheshira didn't know what else to say. She would offer to help, but the only thing she knew how to do was make a few simple clothes. She couldn't build anything nor help with it. And she wasn't that much of a warrior either so defending this wouldn't be an option either. She just stared at the man as she tries to figure out what to say or what to do.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her as he turned to look at the beast laying on the ground, the beasts neck was cut open and its head was almost on the ground, a giant white wonder brought down by something unknown. "all i know is her name was Anaya, she is beautiful is she not, but i guess what happened is simply part of the story of this place" he looked at her and stood up, his red wings folding out from behind him as a matching tail lashed forth as well, now she could see some parts of him she could not before when he was siting his back turned from her "and dragons are not simple things to take down, and her well the size alone would count for something"

IICheshiraII: Killing a dragon is just wrong...-Cheshira said to him as she looks at him once more. She blinked a few times as he spreads his wings, which brought a smile to her lips.- No one should kill one of the mighty beasts of the skys. In my opinion it's just as bad as taking anyone's life. But a dragon... It should stand for peace and a long life. But this... -Cheshira shakes her head and looks back at him.- Is it possible to rebuild everything? -She than asks. Oh how she hoped that was possible but she knew she couldn't help. She sighs and looks over her shoulder to her horse who was kicking one foot into the ground, looking for grass or anything else to eat. Cheshira sighs and looks back at the man as she remembers she has a few pieces of fruit in the bag on her saddle.- It's not much but i have some fruit with me... Would you like some? -Cheshira asks and calmly awaits his response.-

Anaya: "i eat only red meat but thank you for offering, but i do like an apple every now and again ...if you have one" he looked back as his wings moved in and out and he looked upon the ruin and let out a sigh "i really don't know i remember when i first came here it was nice, she was alive and there was the smell of stone and roses on the floor, it was nice other then my cheating wife, but i guess i am glad she found happyness even if it was not in my arms" he looked back at her as she talked about his own race and a smile came to his face "you know a dragon in the parts around here is seen as a killer and a monster, why do you see them as something of beauty not fear ?"

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiles- I don't see evil in any being. To me everyone, dragon, drow, vampire, demon, you name it, has it's own beauty. People who judge that are too blind to see the true beauty behind the being itself. -With that said Cheshira turns around and walks back to her horse only grab into her bag and takes two apples out. She than walks back to the man and tosses him an apple before taking a bite herself from the other one.- I don't believe in bad things, i believe in bad chooses. No one is evil or bad. It's how the being is threaten which forms them to who they are and how they act. Beat a dog for 5 years, you can bet on it the dog will bite anyone who raises a hand.. -Cheshira said to give an example of what she ment. She only hoped the man would understand what she was saying.-

Anaya: Troy understood her flawlessly as he put up a hand to grab the fruit "apples they say are a fruit of the gods, and it is the only fruit a dragon can eat without being sick" he took a bite of the apple all his teeth sharped and scarey looking, but as soon as his lips and mouth shut he was fine. he looked back up at her as he swallowed "i don't know if i could rebuild this place, and me a leader never did think that would happen"

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiles- You never know if you don't try. I don't see why you shouldn't. I mean, you're still young judging on what you look like. Anything can happen. -Cheshira said before taking another bite of her apple and chews on it for a little while. Normally she would be afraid of men, but since she stayed at a distance a little she figured she had nothing to worry about. But her kind heart had gotten her in trouble before. She lowers her eyes and smiles to herself before taking another bite. Once she swallows it she looks up to the man- An apple is better eating nothing at all...-She said with a smile. She than blows at the string of her hair which fell in front of her eyes and puts it back in place with her hand and tilts her head to a side-

Anaya: Troy looked at her as his wings twitched and he took another bite almost downing half the apple swallowing the chunk right away "i am far from young my dear i have lived many human life times my age would make your great great grandparents seem like children" he smiled softly and looked at her hair falling in her face, she was very beautiful under the faded light of the drawing night the moon was almost out and it was going to be a beautiful sun set. "it will get dark soon and well this place has very little well anything let alone beds i would offer you a place by my fire in the wood but i would not think you would enjoy sleeping near a being like myself" in what he was saying was the simple fact he was very much a dragon, a monster that did very much eat people to most he was a feared tyrent but he did have a heart in there that was still beating, he did care.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira laughed softly to his words and hides it by placing her hand over her mouth.- You don't look that old, Sir. So you might consider it a compliment. -She takes another and the last bite off her apple and swallows it before toying with whats left of it, the heart of the apple. She looks upto him once more and tilts her head to a side.
“I don't care about such luxury Sir. A simple bed of leafs and twigs will do. Elf don't complain much” She said as she wrinkles her nose and giggles softly. Her pointy elven ears were hidden by her long hair and nothing about her told she was elven. She knew she looked different from her kind but she didn't mind. If one was the same as the rest it would get boring and you would lose your own personality. Cheshira on the other hand had a shy but strong personality. She stood up for what she believed in. Even if people disagreed with her.- But I would like that Sir. Staying alone in the woods isn't my favourite thing to do.. -She said with a shy smile-

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Anaya: "well then i have a mat that will go well with that bed of leaves, i had it for anything that came up but i don't use it i don't need to i sleep on the ground, and ya i guess it is nice to hear you don't look your age" he let out a soft chuckle as he took his last bite of his apple clearing the whole thing in a single chomp, there was nothing left, not even the stem when he was done with it. "and thank you for the apple it was very nice to have"

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira giggles- I either sleep in trees or on my horse while it still walks. That way i stay out of the hands of possible predators . But i don't think i would have to worry about that now.. I mean.. -Cheshira went quiet for a moment and started to twirl her hair around her right index finger.- .. If you wanted to harm me, you would have already. -She said softly and looks down at her eaten apple again. She than tosses it over to her horse who gladly eat it and whinnies happily. Cheshira giggles again and looks back at the man.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her as a smile came to his face "you have a good point there miss.....i never got your name, i am Troy it would be nice to have the name of the main you are sleeping with i i mean sleeping in the same area with" he gave a light giggle as he new what he said came off a tad dirty, well it was how his mind did work, male dragons in his world are known to be a tad hot all the time, and his scale colour did not help. "and trust me when you see how i sleep nothing will be coming after you tonight" he new that once the girl say him all red, scaled and giant she would have fear in her heart, he was not the best looking red dragon in the world but he was not bad for a still younge male, he was old enough to breed it made him no longer his dull red he was a nice looker to other dragons...but to an elf, ya it would be scarey.

IICheshiraII: -She giggles soft- It's a pleasure Troy. My name is Cheshira -She said with a small bow and than laughs a little by his bold remark. She had the feeling it was going to be one odd night. Perhaps it would be very much fun, but maybe even something scary. Oh how she hoped it would be fun. She didn't want to hop on her horse in the middle of the night to flee away from the scary dragon who was so nice at first. She bites her lip a little and looks down to the floor for a moment. Cheshira knew many races had the urge to breed at a certain age. But for her that would only be further in life with the mate she feels is her one true mate. Right now Cheshira had no interest in it nor did she know anything about it. She knew a few things and those weren't the nice things. Shaking the thoughts away she looks back up and only smiles.- You're an odd one, you know that?

Anaya: Troy smiled and got up his wings out for a moment as he relaxed and plopped them back down "ya i know and lets go to the wood before it gets to dark" he walked past her the strong sent of ash and brimstone on his skin. his red hair swayed as he walked and long red claws clicked on his armor.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira nodded and turned around and walked towards her horse. She smiles to the animal and pets him over his snout before taking the veins and taking him with her and follows Troy as he walks into the woods. She didn't really know what to say right now and just quietly follows him. She than stands still and sneezes due to the ash flying up as they walk through it. She shakes herself due to the sneeze and than follows him again as she rubs over her nose.-

Anaya: Troy looked back at her as he was a good 12 or so feet away as he did a tad bit of running out the door a moment before "if you run at this point i understand" his voice changed and a very large snap rings in the air as his wings started to grow very fast, soon they had expanded and snapped up as well as his body had warped and deformed letting red scales sut the sunset and set the night a blaze with color. when everything stopped breaking and he snapped his claws to get there bones in the proper place he looked back at her again and simply let out a snort, a large scar cut down the side of his face to just the underside of his chin, in human form it was covered up but in true form one could never cover up your scars. he looked back to the woods and did not move a step, he wondered if she would run or walk up to his flank, it was her choice and he was wondering what way she would pick

Troys Triumph Biblical-Dragon

IICheshiraII: -As he moved and started to changed Cheshira squealed and grabbed onto her horse and closed her eyes stiff. Her hair and dress waving by the wind as her buried her face in the neck of her horse. The horse in his turn wanted to take off but with Cheshira holding him that would become hard. It was only when everything got quiet again Cheshira looked up. She blinks a few times as she looks at the red beast in front of her. He was much larger and bigger than she was but it didn't scare her, at least not to the point she wanted to run. By now she was used to dragons, she lived among them for a while in the last Empire she stayed in so they didn't scare her anymore. Slowly she approaches him as she pulls the horse with her. It was only when she stood on his flank she carefully reached her hand out to him to touch him if he'd let her.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her and wondered if she new hoe many lives he had taken, how many more he would take in his life time. but in his mind it did not bug him all that much, he let her touch his hot scaled body, Red dragons are very hot beasts, the inside of them as hot as a fire it was something they are known for there fire. he lowered his large head for one of his giant red eyes to look at her, form the shoulder to the ground he was a good 80 feet up and long he almost was pushing 100 to the middle of his tail. he let out a snort letting his hot breath drift over her and he moved to look back ahead, and with giant steps he started to walk his way into the woods to rest and lay down.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira didn't have to touch him to feel how hot he was and so she only hovered her hand over his scales for a moment. As he looks at her she looks back at him and slowly walks forward to him. With her 4 foot 9 she was tiny compared to him but she didn't mind. She had a feeling she would be save with him for the night and maybe she'd make a friend out of this small adventure for life. But that was something for later. Once the beast she knew to be Troy layed down in the woods she walked over to a tree and tied her horse to it who lowed itself to get some rest as well. Cheshira takes a quilt out of her bag and slowly moves closer towards Troy and lays down beside him. Close enough to have his warmth for the night but still at a safe distance encase he started to roll.- Good night mighty Troy -She said sweetly before curling up underneath the quilt and laying down to rest and catch sleep.-

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~~~~~~~About 5 hrs later~~~~~~~

Anaya: Troy moved a lot in the night and as the night went on the Dragons eyes opened as he looked up at the sky, then looked down at his side, she was laying there beside him, and he had no idea till now, she must have bin cold, it was a chilly night, maby she only moved to hide side for warmth but maybe there was more there, a feeling of safety, maybe, but maybe she would be a friend, troy never really had friends as he was homeless and without anyone or thing since the shit with his last friends and group, dragons did not really make 'friends' they made simple people that hung around them then moved on from there lives as they moved on from each others. The dragon moved a wing out and placed it over her, a shield from the cold and a warm cover even if it did not touch her skin at all, it was a show of some care in this beasts heart, care he hardly ever let show in the first place. Troy lowered his head to lay his neck around her as he did enjoy the soft sent of a being beside him at night, it brought joy to the beasts heart. He watched her wall she was sleeping, large red eyes glimmering in the moonlight as he let out a deep sigh like snort, it was him relaxing as he was happy and content beside this woman, even if she was only a stranger to him it was nice to have a person around.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira pulled the quilt closer to her and tighter around her as she was a little cold. Even though she was so close she still felt the cold near her. It was only when the cold was replaced for warmth she sighs and nuzzles her nose in the quilt. Cheshira was too fast asleep to know Troy was watching her and keeping an eye on her, but she sure was dreaming about him a little. Her dream was bright and lovely and she was flying on his back. Diving down, going back up, making loops, if it was possible it was in her dream. It was such a lovely dream to her and she hoped it would never end. While dreaming she slowly moves even closer to Troy and his warmth. She enjoyed it and made her feel safe. She sighs again and turns around on her other side-

Troys Triumph Guardian_by_dypsomaniart

Anaya: Troy lightly grunted as he watched her move closer to him, he did not want to burn her if she so happened to wiggle into his belly or side and touch his scales so he lowered the head of his core and kept the heat in his wings to keep her as warm as he could without harming her or having her wake up. Softly he took a chance he moved his maw and placed his maw in her side, it was just against her belly and face as he let out a soft purring coo like sound of simply being happy.  He blinked once and it was as if his maw changed to that of a grin, a dragon grinning, but he new she could not see that grin being so out cold, but in a way he liked it, his kindness was there but she could not know about it, it may be better that way but Troy was still young and never did take a rider or real dragon bound friend, even his own wife was only a fling to a dragon it happened in a blink and was over and never really went to the hole dragon bounding part so he did not really know what it was like to have a real friend that tagged along with him, but it was dangerous the places he went and what came after him, hunters, wold animals and all kinds of things wanted his rube red scales, it would simply be safer if the girl did not know he held a heart and cared. He softly nuzzled her and still cooed he did not want to stop it was nice and he wondered what she was dreaming about in there, dragons did not dream, so it was nice to think of what others are dreaming.

IICheshiraII: -While she was moving closer to the warmth she was stopped by something, but it didn't wake her up. Instead she sighed again and curled up. But it was only when she head a sound she slipped one hand out of the quilt and rubs her eyes before sitting up a little. She blinks a few times and looks at Troy- What happen? Did something happen? -She asks him with a rather sleepy voice before laying back down. It was still dark and so she thought it was best to lay down again. But as soon as she did and pulled the quilt closer she fell asleep again. She sighs and turns around on her other side and sighs again once more.-

Anaya: Troy stopped purring and looked at her and wanted to chuckle at her waking up and falling back to sleep right away it was oddly cute for a little being, he did have a likeness for the elves as both there races had grown up together and elves are one of the few races that did not try to kill every dragon they saw. “it is nothing, you are safe” his deep voice whispered as he moved his head into her belly holding her, his own very caring way of almost hugging the girl “the sun will lift soon you need your rest” he whispered once more as he shut his own eyes beside her even if he was far from sleeping.

IICheshiraII: -Upon his voice Cheshira only mumbled something, the sounds coming out of her mouth weren't even words or anything close to it. Her hand escapes her quilt once again and she gently taps on Troys nose with a smile before pulling it back into her quilt and curling up against him. She had no idea yet what the new day would bring and if she would stay here. She needed to eat something and from what she had seen there wasn't much here. Maybe she would go deeper into the woods to hunt something, if there was something living in these woods. If not she's have to come up with something else. But that was something for when she woke up, for now she went on with her dream about flying on a dragons back-

Anaya: A good hour had past as he snuggled into her side with his nose and then the sun hit his eyelids and made him open them, it was a little hard on his eyes as he grumbled not wanting to get up, slowly moving a peg and placing his wing back to his back and wrapping his leg around the girl, it was only over her as not to crush her under the tree trunk that was the 80 foot tell monsters leg. He grumbled more and shut his eyes not wanting to wake up at all as he was enjoying this night a little more then he tended to enjoy other nights.

IICheshiraII: -By now Cheshira had turned on her stomach and when the sun came up it fell on the back of her head so she wasn't awoken by it. She sighs softly and turns on her back and throws her hands above her head and turns her head to the side where Troy was. She was still sleeping and had no idea how goofy she actually looked. Her hair was a mess by now from all the tossing and turning in her sleep and with her mouth open a little, there was even a drop of drool sliding down from the corner of her mouth. She licks her tongue over it and smacks her lips a few times before curling up on her side again.-

Anaya:Troy opened one eye and let out a chuckle as she did look kinda funny, how hair worked was still a wonder to the beast with scales. Out of playful morning grumpyness he pushed her a little with his nose then rolled on his other side away from her to look as if he did nothing at all, the push was a little hard even if it was just a little one and he let out a snort wall doing it, it would make sure she got up or at least felt it, and then saw the suns wrath to make sure she got up the rest of the way.

IICheshiraII: -Groaning as she felt the push and was pushed back a little, she rapidly sits up and looks around.- Wh... What? -She said a bit confused as she looks at Troy while she rubs the sleep from her eyes. She than groans again and stretches out. She than closes one eye and looks upto the sky with the other and mumbles something again before getting up on her feet. Rubbing her hands over her dress she makes sure its decent again before looking up at Troy again. She smiled somewhat goofy towards him and bends over to grab her quilt and put it away again.-

Anaya: Troy rolled on his back and placed his two fount legs up in the air then dropped them over his head as his bulky, ok they are kinda stumpy looking  back legs with all the muscle to them reached out behind him and his tail wiggled its way up in-between his legs thrashing back and forth up in the air. He let out a great yawn his jaws snapping and teeth in full size to her and all that could see, his teeth...the size of vans sticking in his mouth the two k-9s right in fount larger and longer then all the others, and to think he has still to get to his adult size, he was still a baby to other dragons. As he looked over at the woman he let his eyes open and his jaws shut and he just layed there his body all odd and goofy looking and his eyes giving that i am a cat i have the big baby eyes look at her, it was almost as if he wanted a belly rub, even if he new there would have to be a ladder made to give him one.

IICheshiraII: -While she was putting her quilt away she could feel the earth move a little as the beast behind her moved. When the quilt was away she took a small wooden brush out of another bag and started to brush her hair while she turns around to Troy. She blinks a few times at the sight infront of her before burtsting into laughter. Holding her stomache as she couldn't stop laughing she shakes her head and gasps for air between the laughs. She than rolls her eyes and turns around to finish brushing her hair without laughing so hard she wasn't able to do so. Once done she puts the brush away again and turns around to Troy once more.- You are one odd dragon, mighty Troy -She saids with a smile and a wink before untying her horse and giving the animal a small breakfast while she keeps looking at Troy.-

Anaya:He looked to her laughing and gave a grin as he rolled over and hoped to his feet, with his back left leg lifted up he yawned once more and gave a good stretch and then popped it back down the did the same to the 3 other legs, right back one, left front one then right front one and then turned his head to look at her “bin called a wonder i do say miss, you hungry?” he new he was, starving, as always as he looked to her and blinked his over sized red eyes.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira nodded to his question- I am.. very much so -She said softly as she grabs onto her growling stomach. The apple last night was the last thing she ate in two days and right now her stomach was protesting to the little amount of food in her system. She than folds her hands behind her back and tilts her head to a side as she looks at him, just to take a good look at him. She smiles and tilts her head to the other side.-

Anaya: Troy did one act and did not say a word, he held out his front foot and opened his foot up his palm up and claws out, his way of saying do you trust me?

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira blinked a few times and bit her lip as she slowly stepped closer to his held out claw. Looking up at him once more before looking down at the claw again she slowly and with a little bit of hesitation she brings her own hand out and carefully places it on the palm of his foot and looks up to him with a shy smile. She wonders what he was planning on but she wasn't afraid. Unsure maybe, but not afraid.-

Anaya: "your horse can only go in a run about 2 of my steps, if you wish to get food in your belly with this land as dry as it is we will need to move out of this land and find food in other places, i can take us to the next town in under an hr when your horse will do it in a day" he lowered his head and looked at her as he placed his large foot on the ground still palm up so she could get on. "do you trust me Chashira?"

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira only looked at him before looking over her shoulder to her horse. She than looks back at Troy again and holds a finger up to him- One second - She than pulls her hand back and turns around to her horse and quickly runs towards him. Pulling him close to her she whispers something in the animals ear and as he lets him go, the horse turns around and walks back to the ruins of the castle. She told the horse to wait here and go to the ruins untill she got back. Cheshira smiled and than turns back around and runs towards Troy before climbing on his palm before carefully climbing further onto him to a spot where she could sit but still hold onto something-

Anaya: The dragon lifted his foot as she claimed up onto his back and he started walking, his swagger rocked her from side to side as he walked like a very large lizard would as he was a scaled giant lizard in bases. AS he turned his head up he looked at her and tilted his head to the side “the world is small from my back” he said as he looked out over the trees that the largest ones made it up to just about his knee, as he steps he simply crushed them smashing a nice path in the woods. He stopped for a moment and opened his wings and looked up to the sky “have you ever bin flying my lady” his deep voice boomed.

IICheshiraII: -As he started walking, Cheshira looked around amazed by the beauty of things from up here. As he spoke to her she smiled and looks around more. Upon his question on flying she looks at him again and shakes her head- No,... But i've dreamed about it.. -She said as she holds onto him a little tighter and giggles softly as she thinks about flying on his back. She looks over him one again, she was nothing but a small numb on his back. She was tiny compared to him, very tiny.-

Anaya: Troy looked up as he flapped his wings and jumped a little let out a snort of laughter as he new it would be a little scarey at first for the girl. As he let out another snort he flapped hard and lifted himself up into the air, he did not go right up as he would be worried the girl would fall seeing he had nothing on his back to hold onto other then slippery horn , so it was a slow trip up into the air, peaceful flying. He got a good over 200 feet up and the town was clear only a hop and a flap away, it would go very fast now that he was in the air and a drift in the wind but he would make it take a little longer so she could enjoy the flying of the both of them. “now you can see the world as we see it, small” he let out a grunt like chuckle and flapped more making himself move forth in the way of the town.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira squeals and he jumped and flapped his wings. She started to laugh and ducks away and holds onto him as tightly as she could until she felt him floating in the air. She giggles and carefully sits up. Her dress and long blonde hair her waving around her by the strong wind. She laughs more and looks around like a child seeing the world for the first time. As he spoke she nodded to him and squeals again as he started to flap, making them shoot forward. Carefully she climbs upto his head and neck, trying to hold on as best as she could while she looks around with a redicilously large smile on her face.- This is amazing! -She screams to him and slowly she sits up a little and spreads her arms before quickly grabbing onto him again-

Troys Triumph Dragon-Flying-Ralph-Horsley

Anaya: The Dragon was happy he was really happy knowing she was happy. He looked over at the town but did not want to land even if he new he had to at sometime. He looked back at her “so what is on your mind when you are up here with me” he said softly as he looked back hovering over top of the town a giant red glimmering dot in the sky.
Troy looked back with one of his eyes the other one stuck on the place they are headed, he did like the girl she was sweet and he enjoyed the friendship, slowly he started to lower himself down to the ground as he landed on the outside of town laying down on the ground he let his belly touch the grass and his neck and head along with it holding out a palm up clawed foot to give her a step to hop down to that he would lower as she landed on it. “you go and get something to eat and think about what i said, if you would like to stay, i will rebuild that ruin and make it something to live for. If anything happens in town scream and i will be there” he said as he looked at her with a giant red eye.

RagnarLuthbrook: the drow then walked into the town with nothing but a utter frown upon his face. His thin parted lips would be curled downward. He would not like the sounds or the smell of this god forbidding surface but it was meh. He walked here and there as the wind. Many of people would be afraid of this dark elf for the stories of the elves who live in untold darkness where true. He was just pissed cause he was the one to be banished for his actions. He grimaced and gripped around the people of the town giving them nothing but a disgusted look upon his face. Then he saw something. A dragon? Here? My my out of many of the places a fire breather would have to be among the surface cur. He would not think one giant beast would be with this countless rabble he continued to talk to a tavern and order some beer. The man spoke to him. “I don’t serve yer kind here.” the drow would raise a eyebrow for all he wanted was a glass of ale. He would then take out a blade and thrust it into the counter. “Give me some ail Foolish human man….” he would smirk as the knife was into the wood meaning business. The man would fidget for a seconded before giving him two pints and not one. He tipped his plumed hat. “ Smart foolish man..” he would smirk as he walked out of the bar and began to drink on the way through the market.

IICheshiraII: -Holding on tightly she peeks at him for a little while and giggles as they landed, it gave a funny feeling in her stomach and she was glad she got to experience this. As they landed on the ground and he held a clawed foot up to her she lets herself slide down to it and than jumps down. She smiles to him and quickly runs to his nose and spreads her arms over it as she gave him a small hug and than pulls back.- Thank you and i will -She than smiles again and turns around to run off to the town. Once near the town she slows her pace and walks into it and goes searching for something to eat.-

Anaya: Troy smiled as she hugged his nose and his grin was clear on his face “then i will make sure the new castle will be fit for a queen” he watched as she went into town and he lifted his head over the trees to be able to watch her very carefully, he cared for her and was the best guard dog anyone could ask for. He mumbled to himself that he hoped she would not get hurt in there, running into a town for a dragon had its own dangers for himself and her he just worried that's all.

RagnarLuthbrook: he would look across the town the dragon would land it would arouse his curiosity as he simply would see a elf. The fuck is this nonsense he would think to himself for he would clearly not in a good state of mine after the second pint. He would look to her with a sneer as he would utter under his voice. ~ “ An elf bitch…….. “ his malice towards her kind was much intended. He would notice the dragon but would still then be sober enough to summon a globe of darkness to appear before the Elvin woman. He looked to her his head turned a sneer as he would be in front of her with a grin spread wide across his face. “ Well fancy to see your “Kind” alive…. “ he spat towards the ground in disgust from the very smell of her. He turned to the great dragon and bowed. “ no offence to you great one. but I do not take likely to there kind I can slay this one if you wish.” He would smile as a dagger would come from his coat and his thin lips kept that same sneer upon his face

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looked over her shoulder as she thought about what Troy said.- Queen? Me? -She said with some hesitation in here voice and than turns her head back around and sighs. She never thought about that. It was only when someone suddenly stood in front of her she blinks a few times and jumps back. She tilts her head to a side a little confused but as he talks about slaying her, her eyes open wide and she takes a step back.- Sir... I... -She than looks over her shoulder to Troy and than looks back at the man.- Sir i don't know what you're talking about -She said carefully. She blinks a few times as she keeps on walking backwards in a slow pace.-

Anaya: Troy could hear the man as the dragon was only a good 40 or so feet from him but with the fact his neck alone was almost 25 feet long it did not seem so far, as Troy moved a large clawed foot he slammed it into the ground and let his teeth show as anger was now on his face “you will not harm her dark elf she is a friend of my own and we have stopped so she may get a meal, she will eat and get food for some days time and we will be on our way, if there is a problem with this i will deal with it but i will assure you a dark elf burns like any other kind of beast” he was siting but he was still a 80 foot tall at the shoulder monster siting there in the woods, he moved his bulk up to stand as he took two steps and was on the edge of town standing tall one leg towering and looming behind  Cheshira. He let his head move to her side as one of his K-9 teeth are larger then the both of them standing on top of one another. “i do hope we have an understanding dark elf” Troy new a good bit about the drow or dark elf as they called themselves, there gods there beliefs and there hate for elves of the surface world. “this female is my treasure and i will not tolerate you harming her” he snarled as he watched the drow not taking his eyes from it and keeping his head right beside  Cheshira.

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RagnarLuthbrook: he would simply smirk as he would look to the dragon with alomst peal white teeth. the wonderful sight this was a dragon would protect this she elf.. how very amseing this was the thought though seemed as if to sicken him. he scoweld at the dragon his lips curled into a sneer. ~ "Why oh Great Dragon defend this She elf...." he would spit the fowl thought from his mouth upon the ground. his look was more in a intense mannor. "Your kind cares for such a woman how can this be!" he was more frustrated at this the dragon would defending this but he did not want to pick a fight with a dragon let alone he did not know what to do since the city watch was bound to pickup on him. he grasped the blade in his hand and would wisper a curse in the drow tongue.~

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira stepped closer to Troy and reached out to him. For Cheshira it was quite something to come this close to a male, but she trusted Troy. Unlike the drow infront of her Troy had a kind heart in her eyes and this drow was nothing but a piece of mud who wanted to stir up some problem Cheshira herself didn't know about.- Troy... -She whispers, hoping the drow didn't hear her. Cheshira was scared and she was thinking of multiple ways to get out of here.- Maybe we should just leave...-She whispers to Troy once more when she was close enough to find a hiding spot with him. Oh how she hoped the drow would stop doing this and just leave them alone. All she wanted was something to eat. And just the thought of food made her stomache grumble. Cheshira places one hand on her stomach as she places the other on Troy and looks down at her stomach for a moment before looking back up at Troy and than to the drow-

Anaya: Troy lifted his upper lip to the Drown as he snarled and hissed moving along the lands and lifting his head over top of the elf girl, the dragon placed a strong clawed foot in frount of her, protecting her in case the Drow wished to move fast and take a grab at her. "as i informed you Dark elf this elf belongs to me, why she belongs to me is non of your concern, a Drow is not to deal in the affairs of dragons, move aside or i will pick her up and will move her past you, do not place the lives of this town in your hands Drow, if i move her past you i will step on the homes around you, crushing all inside, you have enough blood on your black hands do not place there along side to match it" Troys words held much meaning as he snarled and hissed his long black tongue flicking from bright red scaled jaws as his teeth hung over with every word seeming to make them more and more pronounced. The dragons one eye swayed to look upon Cheshira her need for food and the sound from her belly melted the males heart, he would get her a meal even if it ment removing a drown from the path before him, but he also new the Drow was not a foolish race, looking to want the proper moment to attack not take something very head on.

RagnarLuthbrook: The drow would look up to the massive dragon with a thought in his mind he knew he wasn’t so stupid. But also to take on a dragon in all this town would feel foolish as well the towns people would not care for him earlier and all he wanted was a drink of freshly brewed ail. He would think for a second. He then looked back to the dragon and nodded his head.~ “If I promise to not harm the she elf. Then… I am hungry I wish to feast but these humans deny me food….” He would look back to him with a curiosity for dragons didn’t normally take things into consideration they where greedy as where his people. “why don’t I allow you to smash those buildings I care not for mortals…. “ he would chuckle at the funny thing he would say. For this were humans he talked about. “Or some food may sway my judgment upon such a town such as this.” His guard would still be raised but he would take the silver dagger and place it back within his person.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looked between the two but stared at the drow when she heard his offfer.- I have a better idea... You let me live and I'll get some food, enough for both of us..-Cheshira than looks back up at Troy and moves a little closer to him. She still wasn't sure about the drow but she was getting hungrier by the minute and all she wanted was to get some food into her system.- Let the people who live here live and Troy will spear your life. I will forgive you and we can both get a meal... S....Sounds like a deal? -She saids as she carefully takes a few steps forward and reaches her hand out to him, so he could take it and shake it. To her than would be him making the promise he wouldn't hurt her nor harm Tory or the villagers in any way. She tilts her head to the side and stares at him with her brown eyes as her long blonde hair falls to the side.-

~~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile Back At the Ruined Castle~~~~~~~~~~

Troys Triumph
"I will fix this, your empire will be great again. The rose will wither no more that I promise you." - Isis Rain DeLaRose

The days passed by as if they were years for the woman with the snow white hair with crimson tips. she had bin hiding in a small cave just beside the empires ruined self and had now come from its depths and darkness to tred upon the ruins and ground once more. Despite the never ending pain, the reminder that it was her who had ended her own sister's life even upon the simple request, the dying request of a Empress,from a great dragon, from a friend, and most of all her sister. The demon knew this wasn't going to be easy to pick up from where she had left off. Yet, Isis remains within the ruins of what was left of Anaya's once beautiful empire. The woman hasn't even had the guts to move the body yet that still took up most of the throne room. It would have to be the first thing she would have to do. Her eyes watered slowly forming tears that would run down her cheeks and drip off of her chin after a while. "What am I suppose to do now?" she questioned softly just after a sigh, her once emerald green eyes still pitch black in color locked on her sister's great form before closing. Time had escaped her she didn't even know how long she had been kneeling there, mere seconds, maybe a minute or two or even days.
The land of the Rose and it glory days faint memories in the back of the woman's mind. She wondered if she was around more in the past if this would have still been the same outcome. That maybe if she hadn't requested the sleep of angels all those years ago this wouldn't have ended this way. Since she had awaken so much had happen forcing her to stay away from the empire at times. Granted she still believed she was losing her mind; she still didn't know what to do about the shadow demon who still tried to claim not only her life but her body too. Isis felt her self slipping which she knew it couldn't happen any more. She had to be strong even though her main bridge to sanity was gone now. Hell she didn't even know where her own children where, was she a bad person?

Taking a deep breath, Isis searched her mind what to do, the empire laid in shambles needed to be rebuild; and as she knew it she was the only one left, no siblings, no staff, no sister, no husband.. She was completely alone now. She would have to do her best to find her other adoptive siblings sooner or later tell them what had happen if she even could. 'How would they even forgive her on this' the thought crossed her mind over and over which only brought more tears to stream down her face. Finally breaking the habit of being still, nearly as if she had been a human statue before now, her hand moves from the floor behind her and reaches up to wipe the tears away. Isis slowly makes it to her feet her eyes fluttering open slowly as she just stands there her gaze on her dead sibling. "I will fix this, your empire will be great again. The rose will wither no more that I promise you." her voice left her lips slightly louder then the first statement, yet it was depressing and lacked the normal luring qualities that she was known for. The demon's lips slowly parted once more as she closed her eyes mumbling in a soft voice, a start of a spell that would be the first of anything she did. Her hands moved up level with each other as her wrist moved. The woman's hands danced gracefully in front of her body as if music had been playing and she was directing it. The shadows slowly pulled from their place, creeping out of every nook and cranny as the demon summoned it all to her. It would take every bit of darkness to create a portal large enough to move her sister's body. Minutes passed as the gateway still slowly opened as the demon kept chanting away before it had opened all the way. Isis sighed softly as she moved touching the dragon and moving to the gate before vanishing completely, the body with her.

Wondering within the Shadow Lands the demon moves farther and farther away from the empire. Her true form, Isis stood five foot six with long wavy snow white hair, its tips had been stained a long time ago by the blood of those who had fallen to her blade; her skin had darkened to a charcoal black color. Her pierced lips seem to have closed as she tilted her head, her black leather like horns curled up instead of the normal bending from under her hair and alongside of her head. Still the chains were embedded and wrapped nightly around her horns, even though now the ends had finally become lose and dangled from their place. Her barbed tail twisted and twirled behind her, one hit from a bar could send an adult mortal male into shock from the small amount of poisons that were lanced around them. With each step she wonders closer to her own lands, Kleshi hold, her sacred place. The ever ending darkness that looms within the shadow plans fuel the woman as she searched for the perfect place. To her the place had to be perfect and safe. Even though she did have the idea of placing the grave closer to the castle so everyone could visit it when they wanted to but then she would have to deal with the fear of someone stupid enough to try to dig Anaya up. Isis finally took a step out of the shadows lands, stepping out of the shadow of the ruins that laid half way between the two keeps. The woman's never once changing her form as she strolled along the crumbled stone looking for the right place. Not really finding a place she liked she decided to make one.

The ruins would have to be it, it wasn't like it was a place that would be missed. There had been no big battle, no love story, no nothing there. It was just the crumbling stone of an old church and its walls. A few dead trees scattered around with the over whelming vines that seem to sizes the grounds. This would place of death would have to be it. Isis knew this, if it was one place she would turn from its darkest day and give life unto it it would be it. Yet, still the demon walked around before finally finding a place within the centre of it all to start her work.

Even though Isis's head hung low, disappointed that there hadn't been a grand place by it self untouched that she could lay her sister to rest at. Her hands moved once more, dancing along the air shifting and cutting the shadows as she commanded them to her body once more. With more and more shadows entering the females small frame and then spread through out the ruins. The area growing darker and darker with each passing second as the woman constructed a grand burial grave. Her eyes shifted as she continued her work on the land. 'It will be fit for the Empress her self' she thought. Slowly more and more shadows stalked their way around pulling in some areas and then creating the forms of two colossal oak trees with a small bench between them. As time turned into hours the object one by one started to form better, to take mass and become into real things. Four hours would pass just for the shadows to carve out and form the two guardian trees just right before teh darkness finally resided back into Isis's own shadow. "You will be safe here Anaya, sister" the woman spoke in a weak voice as she used the shadows to transforms the area around her from the pile of ruins to a beautiful garden of vines and stone.

Troys Triumph Grave_zps72c39e07
"Here lays Anaya Sin DeLaRose, Empress of the Rose, beloved mother and sister. Forever shall you be missed and loved"  - Isis Rain DeLaRose

Pleased at what she had made the woman falls to her knees as she finishes her work by using the last bit of energy to make the grave marker, made of marble it would read. 'Here lays Anaya Sin DeLaRose, Empress of the Rose, beloved mother and sister. Forever shall you be missed and loved.'  with that the ground open as the shadows swarm out to take the body of the fallen dragon down into the depths before coving once more. Weakly Isis stumbles to her feet before making it to the stone bench that had also been created near the grave stone.Slumping into the bench nearly falling from it the woman's eyes close as she passes out, her breathing becoming shallow her right hand laying limp in the air her fingertips just barely touching the ground.

~~~~~~~~~~Back With Troy and Cheshira~~~~~~~~~~

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Anaya: The dragon looked at his Elf and he new she needed a meal, if a dragon really wanted to it could eat something large then slow down its body to be able to live over a year without anything at all other then water every now and again, but he new a elf was far from like this. Turning his head he looked upon the Drow, would he trust this slimy little rat, no , not in any way would he trust the Drow with his Elven woman, Troy new all to well that if he took his eyes from her for a moment the Drow would see it as a moment to be able to snap the girl away. “it would be just as simple to pick her up and move her to the other side of town away from you, there are food stales all over this low sum little place, why would we have to do anything you wish, you do not hold the upper hand here dark elf” Troy hissed out as his head stayed beside  Cheshira, his upper lip still moving up and down showing his teeth as he was guarding and would not place his guard down, he new Drow are fast but they would not be fast enough to harm what the Red dragon was guarding. His one eye moved to  Cheshira as he looked at her hearing the softness of her words on getting the low Drow a meal here, he wondered if she new how much this Drow hated her, hated everything she was, believed in and even the blood and cells in her body that made her, all for the simple fact they lived on the top of the world and Drow lived under it all in the darkness. He looked back at the Drow and talked once more “if she wishes to get you a meal then i will leave this deal up to the both of you, but know that if you step out of line dark elf i will find you no matter what place you go to, even if you go back to your sweet little underground home i will rip everything apart to find you. ”

Troys Triumph 1904160_684977601552810_1935672206_n
“if she wishes to get you a meal then i will leave this deal up to the both of you, but know that if you step out of line dark elf i will find you no matter what place you go to, even if you go back to your sweet little underground home i will rip everything apart to find you. ”

RagnarLuthbrook: he would smirk as he would look upon the giant lizard with a grin. such a funny humour this was as an amused grin would slip past his nets. he would look towards the dragon with a smirk for normal towns folk would have to notice that the elf woman did not wish a fight. such a typical woodland cur that he was suppose to kill on every day biases even if they where some that where slaves to his kin he would not really want to fight though cause he wanted more drink and well some thing to eat would be good. "hmmmm..... why not get some of this food from these far inferior humans..... " he would nod to the beast with a funny looking grin "well then food you wish to get and for get about it. well then..... i to will get some some but mark me dragon i fear you not. and you elf.... your hospitality is wasted in your words i will despise of every inch of me" he smirked amused by all this. all where practically enemies yet will eat as he would nod his head. "By your leave dragon and elf." he would smirk as this could be a benefit to get something to eat.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looked between the Drow and Troy as she waited for the Drow to take her hand and shake it. But he didn't, instead he only started to ramble again. Cheshira sighs and looks at her hand for a moment before looking up at Troy and slowly drops her hand.- I'll be right back..-She whispers to Troy and looks at the Drow before carefully stepping past him and walking into the first tavern she could find. The tavern was crowed but since her ears were hidden underneath her hair, she didn't look that much different from the humans living there. She smiled to one or two people sitting there, drinking and eating, while she passed them by and walked over to the bar. She stops there and places her order. Two full meals, enough for her and the Drow and some extra food for herself for later and for the next couple of days. The man behind the counter nodded to her and disappeared into the kitchen to start preparing her order. She carefully sits down on one of the stools and waits. But she couldn't help but to wonder why the Drow hated her so much he wanted to kill. She even wondered why Troy was becoming so protective over her. They only met yesterday and so he didn't really know her. But there wasn't much to know. With Cheshira it was a simple case of what you see is what you get. She was as innocent as she looked and hated violence in any way or form. She sighs again and looks towards the door, hoping the Drow didn't follow her in or was on his way to check up on her.-

Anaya: Troy looked to them both as he looked to the Drow “humans are as needed in this world as you are and in many ways they are more needed then you are, for the humans are worth more, they are food, workers and help keep this world green and fresh, when you Drow only seek to remove everyone on it other then yourself” Troy gave a snort as he moved his head to let Cheshira go to get the food, he watched her like a hawk and watch the Drow even closer “you stay here she will be back in a short wile with the meals” she snarled his giant red eyes looking over the Drow picking at everything the Drow was, Troy as other dragons did not like there race to much for the simple fact they always saw themselves and dragons as equals but when really there thoughts and acts are worlds apart. “why are you even here in this sun lit town Dark elf, why are you not underground with the rest of your kind.”

RagnarLuthbrook: he would laugh at the dragons words he would see that this dragon would be looking upon his very being but would only smile to his so called beings. he would just reply "ooh my dear dragon humans are like vermians. thieves as you would call them.... why say there necessary when the only good that comes out of them is innards. " he would raise a eyebrow to this dragon for he would only see it as something not to be with any of these beings let alone in this town square he would stand out even more then him. he grumbled some as he looked towrds her. "My kin... had other here from a mear sheer utter failer of my house those who are lost become exiled you of all should know how we work dragon."he was amused by the beast let alone he waited impatiently for her to get back. "i would reather see the humans burn for there deeds. For even dragons dispise them do ye not."

IICheshiraII: -It took the man quite a while to come back with her order, but once he did he had two bags. One with her order for a few days ahead and the other one with the two meal for her and the Drow. Cheshira smiled kindly to the man and pays him before taking the bags and walking out of the tarven. But once out she stops for a moment and looks at both Troy and the Drow. She wondered what they were talking about. She sighs and shakes her head *I don't need to know* She thinks to herself and walks towards the. Walking over to Troy first she places her extra food near him before turning to the Drow. She takes her meal out of the bag first and reaches the bag with another meal in it out to the Drow.- As promised.. -Cheshira said softly and stayed at a safe distance. She only hoped the Drow would leave her alone now and wouldn't do anything to harm someone.-

Anaya: “a dragon understands how the world is to work when a dark elf only thinks of its self and its self alone, you wish to see the world burn and then in the end only you would remain, but then what would you eat boy, the grass under your feet or the earth under that, you are no better in mind then the vampires that drink the blood of the living and are a leach in the eyes of man and beast alike” Troy lifted his head over the Drow and looked over the town, he could see childre3n and family's running from seeing him, laying eyes on his scale and hide and he new if he did not hide soon there pitch forks and hate would make them come at him. “this small town knows nothing but how we eat them, they do not understand nor respect what good one of our kind can bring, a dragon in the wood is nothing but a fear to them even if the dragon holds no hate for them in its heart it is only a object of there deepest hate, for the simple fact i eat there kind. So tell me dark elf, as you are exiled and pushed out by your own people what makes you better then the skum i eat.” Troys eyes moved back down to look upon the Drow, as he snarled and tilted his head with a twisted grin on his face, it was passing his mind to eat this Drow and then begone with it before the elf came back, take all the food she got and simply inform her the Drow left due to fear, even if the dragon new Drow never did turn from a fight or turn away when fear was looking them in the face, but the elf would not know this, most elves did not know about the Drow or dark elf world and it was best for them not to know, only know dark bed time story's not the real hate that filled the world. As Cheshira came back with the bag of food he lowered his head to the ground and placed out a foot palm up for her to get on, it was time to get out of this town and leave and head back to the castle, sometimes it was best for Drow and there ways to be left as far from everyone else as they could be.

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would smile for the dragon was ever so counter-productive. his red eyes would dim softly but would remain to look upon her with a humours behaviour. he would let out a uncontrolled chuckle to this was a funny sight a dragon took the elf in as his own he would muse. "A lot of the drow customs would baffle a dragon but i have seen much in this life time more than that elf woman would understand. humans are cruel... repulsive and so well... this closeness they sicken people with." he would nod as the elf came out and handed him his food. he finally got the food that he wanted as no one would serve a drow in these parts. "Why not just add them to your chopping block? what have you for these people here but... what gain would you get by eating me? only indegestion i would think." he smriked as he would take his meal and smile. "there where more dragons i had known in the past. more of your kin i had fought. Dragon slayer magics was a new addition to our little academy... it just mused to dabble in it myself. that all i know is why not just simply burn it down the elf has not bothered me it is her ansestors i loth. they where the ones responsible and i hate her for her past. as much as most hatred is built in us we cannot do anything but crave power." he turned to look at the beast "Do you not crave the power your kin was born to have my dear dragon. do you not crave retrebution form the filth...." he would look upon the elf as he turned his head slighlty watching her with a curious interst he did not make a move to strike but then again. "Where is your homeland dragon.... for you tolarated my presance here so far." a shifty wink would come accross his face.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira handed the bag with his meal over and picked her other bag up adn carefully climbed on Troy's claw before climbing on his back. Once seated and comfortable she places her meal in the bag and held it closely to her. Cheshira only listened and watched as the drow spoke to Troy, but all Cheshira wanted at this point was to leave and have her meal. She knew she wouldn't be able to eat it while he was flying with her on his back, so she either had to wait untill they were back at the castle or eat it right now with the change of getting sick for eating too fast.- Troy...-Cheshira whispers again, hopingg Troy would know what she ment adn held onto him tighter. She than gives a quick look at the drow- Enjoy your meal, Sir -She saids softly and than turns her glace away from him. She really had a bad feeling about him and so didn't want to waist more energy or time on him. And the way he spoke about other races, didn't give a better impression than the one she had of him.-

Troy looked at the Drow as he picked up Cheshira  and put her on the slump in his neck that slump of neck would give her more to hold onto and a safer ride home. “what would i gain from eating you? I would gain something i wish most of my days in this world, utter silence.“ he opened his wings and lifted his head up keeping that kink in his neck so the elf would not fall from him when they are in the air. “and you tempt me with saying how you have slayed my kin, and for what place i dwell well i would eat my own right for leg before i informed you of this information ” troy could feel her needs of wanting to get out of this place and he new he wanted the same, he could smell the farmers lighting fires a little bit away and he new they would rush him from behind if he did not move fast and up right away “Dark elf, there are farmers coming to harm me for i have scales. they come from behind us with flames i would advise you head out the same as i will be doing, if you held any other blood then Dark elf i would wish you safe travels but you don't so i simply say if i see you around my lands even fi you tred upon them on mistake i will remove your self from the life pool, so please i do hope we never meet again” Troy opened his jaws and let out a massive roar as he flapped his wings hard readying himself to go up

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would smrik as he would then take out a sword as he would nod to the dragon. it was time to depart from this town. he would smile to the geat beast.~ "well i heard only rumers from the town but i will see for myself no other blood do i have. they hunt your scales.. such a pity for this" he would put his meal in his pack . " and now i will have to eat it cold. " he mused as he looked upon the dragon. " Fair dragon creature you do well to know of me for this will not be the last time i see ye." he laughed as he would see the flames for it was alsomst dark as he would slowly slip back~ "Was never in-between us dear" he would say these words to the elf kin as he would prepare himself to leave.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira quickly looked behind her as she heard what Troy said about the farmers. They were close already. Looking back at the drow she only nodded to him and quickly held onto Troy as tightly as she could. It was only her second time she would fly on a dragons back and so she still had to get used to it. The take off and the landing were the worst parts in her opinion, the flying itself wasn't so bad. Holding onto Troy as tightly as she possibly could she presses herself closer against him and closes her eyes stiff, hoping it would be over soon.-

Troy moved on the ground thrashing his tail back and forth crushing tree and wood as he cared for nothing more then going up as he could see and smell the fires behind him. If the elf girl looked back he new she would see it to, it was a fact of hanging out with a dragon you would have to worry about how many hunters would come at a time, most of the time it was more then a dozen as numbers are the only way a human can bring down a dragon anyway. With his tail still thrashing he flapped hard and it was a bit of a hard lift off a tad rocky as he was rushing but it did the trick, he let out a roar and took off into the sky slow at first then getting faster till he was a good couple hundred or so feet up. Troy got to the point he could hover and soar back to the ruined castle and he looked back at  Cheshira “i do hope you are alright and the Dark elf did not scare you” he said as he held his wings out slowly making his way back to the building.

IICheshiraII: -Squealing softly as Troy took off she closed her eyes even tighter and held onto him with all of her strength. Unop his words she opens her right eye and looks at him before shaking her head- No! -She screamed at him- He's not to be trusted but he didn't scare me! I'm fine! -Cheshira was shouting to come over the noise of the wind. But as Troy started to soar in the air and floating to the castle she slowly sits up and opens her eyes again.- Warn before you land! -She yells at him again as she makes sure her bag is close to her so it wont fall the 100 or so feet to the ground.-

Anaya: Troy flapped again as he was happy the dark elf did not scare the girl, she was a strong little thing, he liked that in her very much an elf that had a dragons heart. “we will be back within the hour it will not be long at all, just relax it is smooth sailing from here to there” he flapped again then relaxed, his legs dangled down as he flexed his claws and grabbed at nothing but air, it was fun to fly all dragons loved this the air was the one place they still held freedom in, nothing could get them there, nothing at all they truly rained as masters of the Sky.

IICheshiraII Whisper: -Cheshira nodded to Troy and sat up a little more. Since she had an hour before arriving she could easily eat her meal here and now. Taking the bag she opened it and took her meal out. She even got a few more apples and some peaches adn some other fruits, since she knew Troy liked it. Other than that she had some bread as-well, fresh water, and a few more ingredients to make a decent meal for 5 days.- Troy? Would you like something too? Some fruit perhaps? -Cheshira asked him kindly as she opened the box for her meal and took her first bite. While chewing she looks around and sighs. She could get used to this, only those take offs and landings. She shivers at the thought alone but than giggles just after she swallowed the food in her mouth. She than leans forward, towards Troy's neck and places a soft kiss there.- Thank you Troy -She whispers softly. She wanted to thank him for protecting her in the village and helping her to get some food and taking her on this amazing short trip. She takes another bite and starts chewing as she looks around more.-

Anaya: Troy looked back at her as it had bin a little wile and he did not hear her talking or feel her wiggling, he looked back at her and a grin came over his face as she was so peacefully passed out the food held in a death grip in her hands. He spotted his new lands from the height he was and soared over the grounds landing down softly in the court ground his claws dug into the ground as he looked around at the ruin of what was there, the dragon that was there the large white one that stood out towering over everything was gone, but he guessed the scrapers ate it and he did not care much non the less it was kinda nice cus now he did not have to move it. He looked out at the mass of everything and started to look for a safe place he would be able to put his sleeping elf in to keep her warm and safe well he stated to rebuild the place.

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ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he wanders the castle taking inventory of all that was there he heard something from the distance. It was almost as if a birds wings flapping. However there was a clear difference. One he knew by heart as he had spent so much time around the species. They were dragon’s wings flapping, which he realized could be very great, or extremely dangerous. He quickly hid in a spot where he could see where it was coming from, and draped himself in shadows. He did not want to reveal himself before he recognized it as a threat or not. As he saw it draw closer he noticed there was something, or rather someone riding it. However they were not moving. And when the dragon came into full view he noticed not only was it the wrong color dragon than any he knew. But it was also carrying an elf, which was highly uncommon. He watched it land and look around as he formed a thought. This dragon might have been the one to do this. Yes it was quite small for a dragon, not nearly as large as the ones he was used to. He began to watch it walk and move around as he noted small things about it. Like the stride it had, it’s non hostility towards the elf. He assumed it couldn’t be too much of a violent dragon as it was allowing them to, seemingly, rest on him. He decided to have a closer look, so he waited until the dragon wasn’t looking his way. He then leaped out of the window landing quietly on the ash. However there was a puff of smoke in the air as he landed so he made sure to move away from that spot quickly. Then he began to silently, at least silent to him, walk around to the front of the dragon. Trying to get a better feel for the size of it up close, as well as gain an intellectual advantage in case the dragon was hostile and he had to defend the place from him. However as he moved he didn’t notice a small puddle from the rain. He wasn’t aware that it had rained here recently, so he wasn’t watching out for them and he accidentally stepped his foot step into it. And letting “Shit” slip out of his mouth not even realizing how loud he said it.-

Anaya: Troy looked up as he finished placing the Elf girl in a nice soft bush and safe patch to rest as she was sleeping, she new this place was safe for her as around the bush was thorns but non in the centre of the patch safe and warm for her to sleep, and best part was no one would be able to see her all hidden away and out cold and well if anything came along he would be sure to have himself on high alert just in case. The dragon could hear a mumble sound form the castle but simply thought it was some rat or little thing eating away over there, soon he stated to walk that way his mind set on rebuilding the place before his elf got up from her sleep, and if he did not fix the whole thing he would be sure to get at least half of it done before morning. Troy let out a snort as he walked over to the building his large red frame standing out in the light, he was relaxed and carefree knowing nothing was at the castle, this place was lifeless anyway why in there right mind would come here.

Dragonic: -The back which she was pressed against felt like home; no matter where it was. Her head rested gently on his shoulder as her eyes watched the open plains as they passed quickly, and a light breath left her lips. Though most would feel vulnerable having to depend on someone else for a faster form of transportation, Natsumi really didn't mind as long as it was Hikaru. It was less of a hassle when they travelled together, and he kept her great company even if there was silence like this very moment. They had been traveling for days now, taking stops in various towns, and simply having fun. The sack on her back contained small trinkets she had gathered and her mind fell back to the last town they were in.~ "Don't you feel you have spent enough money on this trip, Miss Natsumi." Hikaru's smooth voice rushed out to her as her hands grapsed two small dolls with string for hair. Her eyes, one which glowed a bright blue and the other a clouded grey, looked up to him with the content smile she always held on her face. "Hikaru, this is my money and I may do with it as I please. I want these dolls, so I will by them." A deep sigh left his lungs as his fox ears flicked in annoyance, and he simply looked away as she trotted over to pay for the dolls.~ He was always so worried about what she did whether it was with money, or simply going for a walk around her Shrine. He watched her like a hawk, but that was his very purpose. He was her Yokai Familiar, and it was his job to protect her even if it meant his last breath needed to release to make it happen. Her arms readjusted around his shoulders, to now rest around between his arms and ribs, causing his voice to come forth.- "Are you getting tired, Natsumi?" -Her smile grew, and her head shook in response, her small voice which resembled a child's rang out.- "No, just readjusting. Please carry on." -A small grunt in acceptance was heard from him, and his speed almost increased to hurry to the next town. She would feel his fluffed tail brush against her behind every now and again, and she used that to count the seconds. She was always calculating the time it took to get to place, or for things to happen; it was a natural trait of hers. Bringing one hand up to move her long raven bangs from her face, her head readjusted to move forth as she could hear people in front of them. Her right eye, which was the one that could see, scanned over the town as they were just about to submerge themselves in it, but something else caught her attention. A big structure was not far past the town, and she nodded in determination.- "That castle. I want to go there." -Hikaru's face turned, planting his cheek to hers as if it were magnetized there. His silver eyes peered to her to make sure she was serious, and the glowing smile of amazement that rested on her face let him know she was. Taking a jump, he landed himself onto a tree branch, his bare feet clinging to it for balance before pushing off to send them soaring onto a building top. He seemed to always enjoy going over buildings to get to the places they needed to be faster; he hated having to move through a crowd. His body pushed from building to building, and her ears picked up in the clicks of his claws pressing into the stone below him. Soon they were through the town, and reached the forest, Hikaru's body dropped so they could continue by land. Her head raised as she could see through the cracks of the trees that they were getting closer. Her left eye, which was blind, caught onto the energy that the domain gave off; which was the way she could see from that eye. The sounds of Hikaru's blade, and her large warfan (which appeared to be nothing but a staff with a rope tied around it when sheathed), helped pass the impatient time she spent staring at the place. As Hikaru jumped from the last tree she would deploy from his back, and as they began to resume running Natsumi came to a halt, Hikaru stopping not long after. Her eyes looked up at the large beast in front of her, and she ran around to his side to get a better look.- "Natusmi..." -Hikaru's voice followed her path as he watched her carry on to examine the creature. He didn't enjoy how adventurous she was, but he followed her anyway to make sure she would be okay. Making it to the side of dragon's face her smile brighted and she jumped, pointing at him.- "I knew it!" -Her voice squeaked out excitedly. For a 23 year old woman she always go as hyper as a child, but this was her first time seeing a living breathing dragon.- "Today is just my lucky day! Who might you be~?" -Hikaru sighed in annoyance as he watched her, but he simply stood a bit behind her, looking forward at the castle.-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As Z watched the Dragon place the girl into a thorn bush he was confused. The smallish, red dragon had seemed to take such great care of her before, but he soon lost interest in where the girl was as the dragon soon started walking in his direction. He found himself going over a few possible situations that could happen, he could perhaps reveal himself to the dragon, maybe attack it and see what it was like, or just continue gathering information. He of course decided on the latter of them, knowing that one could never know too much about an opponent. So he simply stayed cloaked as he walked along the yard moving swiftly and almost completely silently, making sure to keep out of the dragon’s way. He also paid extra close attention to where he walked now, since he realized there was so much around that could make him give himself away. Luckily for him the dragon seemed to be preoccupied or else he would have been found out long ago for sure. As the dragon passed him and he continued to watch he saw movement from out in the woods and then heard a person yelling at the dragon. However it was almost instantly made clear that the person, no wait, there were two of them, well the couple didn’t know who the dragon, seeing as how the Female screamed a question at the dragon of its identity. He decided either she was insanely brave, or stupid. To approach a dragon like that was never a good idea, he should know, he spent many years with them. He made a mental note to watch the one behind her though, he seemed to be more of a, bodyguard he would guess. Seeing as how he didn’t talk and only stared at the girl in such a way as to say, “really?” As he watched them all he took silent calculations, judging their height, possible weight, dragon excluded since he wasn’t good at guessing weight that high. And possible risks, of course everyone was a risk, however none of them except the dragon seemed very menacing to him right now. And since those two had been travelling together, and the dragon with a girl, they couldn’t all be complete psychopaths. Or well, they could be but the chances were slim. So as he watched and analysed the situation he just crouched there, the balls of his feet and toes bending and his heel sitting right under his rear for support. Even keeping his arms draped across his legs,not only for comfort but also to maintain his balance.-

Anaya: Troy moved as he could hear something moving beside him well not really hear but more feel as it was closer to his flank then before, but then there was a yell from in front of him and his foot came crashing down only a couple feet form the pair that had really popped up in front of him. His eyes flashed bright red as his head shot up and instantly his wings flapped open and he jumped into the sky to volt onto a standing pillar like thing made of old almost falling down stone. Troy lowered his head and let out a menacing hiss as he moved his wings up to add balance and give him extra size. Troy thought there was no life here, he had gone over this his mind ok he never looked at it much as he was never the thinking type but he thought he did not feel anything and there seemed to be people right there that popped out of no place as well as his head was so high it was hard to see what was at his feet anyway they are lucky he did not step on them. Troy watched as he swayed his tail back and forth, back and forth, it was a dragons show of intimidation and a reminder that he would attack them as this was now his lands and he had someone to protect hidden in the bush little way form the group.

Dragonic: -Natsumi gawked at the dragon, now standing still, her eyes stay glued on his scales. As she stood there amazed to see a dragon that was actually alive, Hikaru continued to look ahead at the castle. His eyes scanned over the area, and there was clearly no other conscious being around but them three. He wanted to part from his Mistress to get a better look around, but it was either the small beings that could be possibly leaking in the shadows, or the larger being that stood right in front his is Miss. The odds were towards to the dragon, so he stayed in his place, but didn't allow his eyes to remain on one thing too long. His ears coned in on the top of his head, which created a better way for him to pick up sounds; fox ears were much like sound radars. He could hear Natsumi moving a bit, her small feet pressing into the grass below her. As she bent a bit to get more of an observation of the beast, many thoughts raced through her mind about what to do. The first thing that came across was the fact that she wanted to jump on his back, but she knew that would alarm Hikaru and the dragon. He was a cute thing to her, nothing she felt for his race was anything close to fear as others did. At the same time, she knew what these species really held within them, and though Hikaru and this dragon were completely opposite she was sure this creature held just as much pride as him; that is what counted to her. The race could be thrown completely into the garbage if the being didn't know how to weild their heritage right, and so she had great respect for a select few creatures. As these thoughts raced through her mind she was interrupted by the sound of the dragon's wings spreading, and before she knew he was removed from his previous place, and now rested somewhere higher. To her, it made not much sense for him to move higher. He was much larger than her, and even larger than Hikaru; so she really didn't understand why he needed to move so far away. She felt her Familiar's hand grab her arm, his claws gliding gently against her skin, and she felt him tug at her.- "We're leaving, Natsumi." -Her head cranked over to him, but even though she was rather irritated with him her smile never fell.- "I don't see why. We just scared him, that's all. He's not going to hurt us if we don't try to hurt him." -She gave a tough tug of her arm to pull away from him, and kept in her position, turning her head back to the dragon.- "We didn't mean to startle you. I just noticed this place from a distance, and wanted to check it out. Please calm down." -Her smile grew, and her eyes closed as she gave a big wave at him to make sure he saw friendly gesture. She hadn't ever met such a hostile dragon before, but she could only assume he was more of a wild one than a civil one.-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he watched the dragon move with incredible speed towards a higher place and hiss at the girl he quickly reached into the shadows and pulled out a black katana, which seemed to be made of shadows, but was indeed just made out of black plated steel. He pulled this out for his own good, but sensed that in a matter of moments this conversation, if you can call a  girl trying to talk to a dragon without a response, verbal at least, a conversation. Which was also coated in his the poison of the black dragons. The black dragons were not a race of dragon that he was referring to but actually a dragon slaying and fighting coven he had been in. This poison was made before all of that though, so it wasn’t made specifically for dragons. This blade remained concealed in the shadows with him however it required more concentration than just concealing himself. So he began to become a little sloppier. Even letting himself whisper out load as he watched them, making his notes audibly instead of subconsciously. Suddenly his thoughts about the male being a bodyguard were solidified as he watched the man attempt to take away the girl but backed off as she commanded him. This alone didn’t enough to convince him, but the fact that he was continuously keeping watch, he even seemed to look around him once in a while. Quietly he stalked forwards a bit more, getting ready to jump in and defend one of the three there if a fight broke out. However he wasn’t sure who to help if one did break out. However at this time it didn’t seem as if either was hoping for one so he just did his best to stay concealed.-

Anaya: Troy moved on his pillar as he moved down from it his wings still high and his head held low as he was in a stalking stance his long black tongue flipping out before him as he tasted the air. he hardly noticed the dead body of that white dragon that was there when he came here before having to go to town with the elven woman for a meal was gone, the hole dragon body not even a bone was left in its resting place, but he did not care much for it he would have moved it later anyway when he started to rebuild the place from the ground up. Troy hissed at the girl and the fox like thing. his eyes never moved from them, giant black slitted glowing red and orange fire filled eyes. "who are you? and why are you here?" his deep voice boomed out as his tongue flicked out of his jaws once more showing giant white and black very dirty teeth.

Troys Triumph Smaug-eye

Dragonic: -Letting out a sigh Hikaru ran a hand through his medium lengthened silver hair, and looked up to the sky "Why won't she just listen?" he thought mentally to himself. His thoughts were broken as he heard small whispers. His ears flicked confused as his head turned in the direction of the sound. His eyes narrowed for a moment. His attention as well caught the sounds of the Dragon moving, but his eyes never left their position.- "Whoever is there, come out from hiding." -Hikaru's voice came out with a deep growl, and it was nearly amplified as the dragon finally spoke. Natsumi watched the dragon as he came towards her, and she noticed the position he was facing her in. Her instinct told her to rest her hand on her sheethed War-Fan which rested on her back to warn him that if he tried anything she was prepared to fight back, but at the same time she didn't want to make matters worse.- "My name is Natsumi Matsumoto. I am the Land Goddess of the Taku Mountains; shackles of the Yokai Realm. I have come today simply for the fact that I saw the place, as I stated. Now, if you'll calmly change the way you present yourself that would make things less...awkward. Apparently my Familiar, Hikaru, has noticed another, and since they seem to be a sneak I would be more worried about what they seek than us." -Her head bowed to him, but she did not bow completely. This was due to the fact that she wasn't certain this was his lands yet, and she didn't need she had to give a full bow to a person she wasn't sure if they were higher than her. This was the moment that she showed the authority she gave when she represented her home, her voice firm as well as serious, but her smile still gave the lightness it always did.-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he listened to the dragon speak, he suddenly noticed the fox was staring directly at him. It was at that point he noticed he had been whispering, and he resented himself for being so careless. He would have stopped, but it was too late as the male confronted him by speaking at him, he didn't originally move, but as the female began talking to the dragon he realized it could turn out very bad for himself. So he quickly dropped the katana he was holding, that way he didn't seem as much of a threat, and he slowly let down the shadow cloak he was using. Starting from his head and slowly became visible down to his feet. He raised his hands in fake defeat as he approached the three, remaining an equal distance from them that they were from the dragon.He walked with a limp as to not present a threat, however he was completely fine. He was wearing his mask so is speaking was slightly dampened from it, but it still came across with a kind of powerful sound.- “I am sorry for sneaking around of you all, however I am here because this land was previously owned by my fa… the clan I was in, DeLaRose. I was nothing more than a peasant but when my home was destroyed away from here and I heard about this place, I decided to see if people were still around. Only to my surprise it was destroyed. But now that you all know why I am here.” –He was of course lying about his placement in the clan, he had been a highly respected member, but he did not want them to know that. Luckily he had had many years to practice lying, and he had gotten quite good. He also didn’t reveal his name, because he did not know the other’s actual knowledge of the DeLaRose. Then he just waited to see the reactions of the people, well, the others around him. Still noting things as he got closer.-

Anaya: Troy lifted his head and took a more relaxed stance as he still watched the other people here, they did not seem to be anything much and they also did not seem harmful to him at all "i came here under 5 moons ago, the place was ruin from before i got here, nothing is left of what ever you new, i own the lands here now and i will be working on rebuilding this castle as my own" he let out a snort as he turned his head and looked at everyone, he wanted to say if you get in my way i will crush you under a bolder but Troy was going to be kind to his new guests he did not want to have a problem with them and fear endangering his sleeping Elven woman in the bush a ways away form them. "you may stay if you wish but please do not get under my feet" he said deeply as he moved and looked at the castle broken walls "what ever was once here is now gone it would be best to forget what ever you new or what place you held here even if it was not much of a place at all" Troy moved his head and pushed it under a pillar moving his head to lift the pillar up and stand it up once more, with his foot he pushed a large bolder over to the pillar to hold it in place, the bolder was the size of a small home but to a dragon it was simply another rock on the ground.

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Dragonic: -Both Hikaru and Natsumi turned their heads as they heard the man coming from the shadows. Natsumi shook her head at him.- "Tsk, tsk." -Her voice came off as if she were singing a song, but Hikaru simply stood there staring. He took note of the way the man displayed himself, and though he appeared injured something didn't settle right for him. The last thing he wanted to do was unmask a truly crippled man, though, so he simply watched quietly as the man grew closer. Natsumi's eyes dragged back to the male dragon, and she noted how he seemed to relax a bit. Hearing the way he explained the state of the castle caused her head to tilt, and she didn't think it was okay for him to clean up the mess alone. When she had arrived as the new Goddess of the land she owned, it was in ruins, but it didn't take long for her to gather Hikaru and the others to help her. Her small feel slowly pranced over to him, but she made sure to keep a good distance away as she watched him pushing the boulder over to hold the pillar up. Raising her hand as if she were in class, her mouth opened widely.- "Hikaru and I shall assist you!" -Her voice rang out, sending a small echo through the hollowed land. Hikaru's head suddenly turned as he heard his Miss voulenteering them to help.- "You're kidding, right?..." -There seemed to be a bit of annoyance in his voice, and he honestly hoped she was joking around. Her eyes blinked a few times and her head shook.- "No, I am not. I had people to help me when my new found home was a mess, and so I intend to help this man, and you will as well. Now, to start... Please help that ruined man to a place to sit." -Hikaru's eyes narrowed, but with a sigh he turned around to head towards the man now in front of him. Scratching the back of his left ear he continued to observe, and landed himself 3 feet in front of him before stopping.- "Do you need some help moving, Sir?" -His voice came out as smooth as a prestine bell, and it was as if all of his negative emotions washed away as he did as his Mistress instructed him to.-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -He listened to the dragon speak to him about forgetting his placement in the clan; he wasn’t sure if the dragon was more knowledgeable of him or his clan than he acted, but he assumed he was being sincere. He was however distracted from the dragon’s rebuilding as the two other beings here began to talk about him. He noticed they were discussing his injury he was faking; he assumed the male knew it was a fake injury as he concentrated on it and him a lot. He watched as the fox man came closer and closer to him stopping just a few feet from him. He listened as he talked and shook his head to the man, looking him directly at the man, his mask casting a slightly menacing shadow over his face as the sun cast them from the spikes on the top of his mask across his face.- “No thank you, I prefer to do things on my own, and besides we all knew that was a fake limp. I was just attempting to not be seen as a threat at first glance.” –With that said he extended his hand to the man in a greeting, the glove on his hand black contrasting greatly against the very pale white he was.- “I am Zsnvko Rogue, but most just refer to me as Z, I believe her name was Natsumi, but I didn’t catch yours. Also would I be correct to assume you are a bodyguard? Just the way you act seemed that way to me.” –As he finished talking his attention stayed on the man, noticing small features on him, then through his peripherals he watched the dragon. His strength was still substantial for the small size of him. In his mind he reminded himself not to interrupt the dragon’s work. Not only was he rebuilding the castle, but it was also providing a home for him. As long as the dragon allowed him to stay there that was. Although after they found out his true personality he was unsure they would. He was what one might call, a prick.-

Anaya: The Dragon turned around and looked at the group, the night was going to be long if he was stuck with others that in there helping would get in the dragons way. he simply did not want to have to watch what ever place he steps and what could they do anyway, the boulders here are way larger then them and really ya think they could pick up a horse sized rock, and there was a large tower over at the one side still in almost one peace that would be hard for even him to move, he new this was going to be hopeless. "i do not need the aid but thank you for the offer" he said kinda harshly as he let out a snort and moved his tail to pick up some dirt to pack it around the rocks and boulders as a for now kinda glue to hold them in place. he moved form there and started to dig, he was seeing if he could find anything under the dirt that was still intact, he could hear running water down there so he new there pipelines still held water and flow so that was a good sign he wondered if there was a basement or anything down there that would be worth anything or even better worth value. he looked up from his digging watching the male over there with the fake limp, he new there was not much to worry about from that one it was clear he was trying to not be high strung or not knowing his place here around the male Dragon. Troy placed his head back into the large hole he was digging it was getting deeper and deeper every second as he was shovelling dump truck sized dirt loads out with his clawed front legs.

Dragonic: -As the man came clean about the injury Hikaru huffed a bit. His eyes caught the man's hand extending out to him, and his right clawed hand moved out to shake his as long as the man really simply wanted a shake. He observed the man's mask as he talked, and as the name hit his ears the flicked a few times as they fell like they were filled with confusion. That first name was quite the mind fuck, but as he stated that he was normally called Z it was understandable to Hikaru as to why.- "My name is Hikaru. I stand much more than just a body guard to Miss Natsumi, though. I am her Yokai Familiar... I believe people in cultures different from ours would call me her pet, or submissive. Only our relationship stands much less militant, and I am bound to her voice. The angrier she gets, the more my shackles, which can not be seen by living eyes, force me to do as she asks. So... I tend to do my best to keep her happy." -He chuckled as he returned his hand to himself, and his eyes passed the man once more before moving to the side so he could get past him if he wished. Something still seemed strange about this man, but since the male dragon didn't seem bothered by him, Hikaru would leave it be. As Natsumi listened to the dragon speak in the tone he did she giggled a bit and shook her head.- "Sir Troy. Though Hikaru and I might not be as big as you we amount to be much help. I may appear to be nothing but a human, but I assure you I am a supernatural being. I have infulences over the elements of earth, and water. From all of the digging and moving you're doing I'm sure my abilities will aid you quite well. Hikaru himself is not simply a fox, but a Fox Yokai which enables him with powers that any normal Neko wouldn't have." -She wasn't being deperate to change his mind, but since she noticed the man really wasn't hurt, this dragon had 3 able bodies that could help, and it to her it would be rather ignorant to turn down such an offer.-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As the man accepted his handshake he smirked under his mask. Not because he was pulling a trick, but simply because it meant the man trusted him enough to, or didn’t think of him as too much of a threat.- “That is quite a nice name, it is nice to meet you, and I apologize for you, it wasn’t my choice, parents and all. Also I apologize for any, offence, I might have given you for calling you a body guard. I spent some time as one so it was actually to me a compliment.” –After he said that he chuckled a bit, but he also noticed the dragon examining him, however soon the dragon returned to digging so he assumed he was safe for now. He then listened to the female waste her time with the dragon and trying to convince them to let us work. He slowly walked over to the ruins and leaned against them laughing. He of all people knew a fight with a dragon was not only normally won, not only battle wise. He of course agreed with the dragon, most of the rocks around them were quite big and he didn’t feel like trying to move something that would take up all of his energy. So he began talking directly to the female.- “You know, he’s right. We wouldn’t be able to do much, plus one misstep and we are crushed, so I would suggest just letting him work, unless you feel like becoming a pancake on the ground. Also excuse me, but if you don’t mind dragon I don’t believe I caught your name either. Not to pry but I would just like to know. I used to know quite a few dragons, including the one who previous owner of this land.” –He didn’t know it but he was referring to the white dragon Troy had found but he was. He then just leaned back and listened to them. He even pulled back up his blindfold because it was becoming dark enough to where his sight wasn’t helping him.-

Anaya: Troy looked up from his hole as he could feel he was getting close to some sort of hollow space down there, he could hear the moving of the dirt and water flowing as well as there was a tingle in his belly when he new there was gold near him gold or attractive woman. both things he would hoard to no end and protect with his life depending on the woman or amount of gold. he lifted his head up and moved in his hole as he said louder this time "help will not be needed" it was blunt and harsh, he did not need the aid and he was a dragon so as they all thought about there pride the same would do it himself and not risk anyone getting in the way or stepping on anyone.

Dragonic: -As the man explained that he didn't mean the bodyguard reference in a negative way, Hikaru shook his head in response.- "There was no offense taken. In most eyes I stand lower than a body guard, but then again... Most body guards don't develop a relationship with the person they're guard as I have with my Mistress." -His body followed the man as he began to move from his position, not in a stalking manner, but simply in a casual way. He didn't follow him entirely, but simply made his way back over to Natsumi's side, and even though most couldn't tell she was becoming irritated due to her constant smile, he knew when she was about to snap. As the man now known as Z spoke to her about how they could not help, Hikaru ran his hand through his hair again and sighed.- "Here we go." -Her mumbled to himself. Natsumi's eyes widened as she heard what the man had to say, and her head turned a bit. Now she looked more like a psychopath over an innocent firm as her smile remained, but her eyes stared at him widely. The only part of her body which faced him was her head, and it tilted once more.- "YOU, might not be able to lift a boulder, or move it like a Dragon. I myself can do it with my visual eye closed, and my hands remaining not dirty." -A large boulder which rested 20 feet away from her rolled over from it's previous place, before it then teetered and lifted a foot from the ground. She planned to continue to bring it up further, but she felt a warm hand grab her shoulder. It gripped at her, giving a good shake, before she dropped her concentration from the boulder and looked up at Hikaru. His face moved down to her left ear, and his voice came off hushed.- "You are a ruler of land within the presence of another ruler. If you plan to make friends it'll never happen if you try to hurt their guests." -The sound of sharp teeth snapping at her ear pounded against her ear drum, and bringing her left hand up she rubbed her ear, looking up at Hikaru. Her sharp silver eyes stared down at her, and his head shook to verify what he said. Hearing the dragon call out from the hole he was digging Natsumi huffed for a moment before slipping her bag from her back and looking around in it. Reaching in she would grab out a large piece of bread and break some off, beginning to munch on it. When she got frustrated she was known for always eating the emotion away, and she intended to do just that.-

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VelaCruise: ~walking along a slender path from the outlaying area his nose would wrinkle at the burnt ashen landscape before him. The ground was blackened with soot and only the faint hint of life was even around him. Sighing at the destruction but knowing that in time it would grow back gave him hope. Wrapped in a green travling robe the wolfmorph would wonder into view of a castle. More to the point driving his view was a rather large dragon that looked to be rebuilding the castle. Actully stopping to scratch his head as he looked on at this strange site. He had never known a dragon to be rebuilding things sept the Draconin of his world. Shrugging as he raised a paw upwards not wishing to startle the beast he would touch his throat to speak louder. The tingling always made him laugh a little befor ehe called out in a booming voice" HO there Ye be friend or Foe?"

RagnarLuthbrook: ~He would then stir from his slumber rocks on the back of the neck man that’s never good. His half eaten meal was around him somewhere but well he would not really hunger atm. His dull red eyes where adjusting to some form of light but it was only the campfire he thought he would over sleep but from the looks of it the fire had diverted some unwanted attention away from him so the lurking beasts of the forest would not find him. He heard voices come from a far. The chattering would be that of a familiar voice that he would know. He somehow would shrug it off and continue the feast that was given to him by that awful elf chick. The meal finished he sat up to take a good look at his surroundings his sort would find himself amongst people he had to be careful the last thing he would want to to is muck around but then again this ruin was old. In a spacious time laps he was very old but not so much as this old hall. It was broken such as he was only on the outside of it. He would smile as it was dark he could move around in the dark for it was one of his kin’s abilities. His known factor was that he would be in a presence of something but he was a curious fellow the master swordsman was more then likely to find something from all this noise. His head would turn a curios state to one side as he kept to the shadows. His form would bis long hair would flow from him as his hat was well that of the wealty upper class group. He smiled softly as he dident know what to expect how could he was not only curious but well he was that sometimes stuck his nose out into danger. The drow would then grasp a fine crafted schmitar and drag it from his scobbored he did not want to become ill prepared. His presence would be felt if by the creatures that would pick out his scent for it wasent hard for the dragon folk or let alone something else he would not know of. His blade shown in the moonlight as he contuned forward throught the ruins.~

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Out of one of the little green spots that were growing around the now ruined castle of the woman she is looking after, the guardian comes out as a little light brown mouse and looks around with a frown on her face- "so this was the place she once lived at?" -she sighed and made her way through the ruins almost tripping on some ruble in the process, she stopped again when she saw a large dragon not too far from where she was standing and gulped with wide eyes thinking the form she was in was not the right one for the moment- "oh crap" -she decided to change her form into a brown bat instead so she wouldn't get stepped on-

ZRogueDeLaRose: -As he watched those around him start to act and lift things magically he noticed he was too tired to fully understand what was happening. He had been awake for a couple days and it was greatly affecting him right now. He was in desperate need of sleep, or even just a light rest, so he turned to the others and began talking.- “I’m sorry all but I am in great need of sleep, I will return later but for right now I will be staying in the shadows as I rest up.” –He turned to all of them and nodded to them in succession, except the dragon, he did not want to interrupt its work so he just said good bye to him. He then turned towards the castle and walked into a wall. Except as he went into the wall the shadows began to envelop him and pull him into a safe place for him. When he slept in the darkness a cloak remained around him at all times, and he could only be reached by going into the land of darkness, not just by finding him by chance in a field. With that in mind Z laid down on a bed roll he had left in there and he began to doze off. Knowing tomorrow would very likely be very interesting.

Anaya: as he ignored almost everything outside other then his digging fit in this large hole tossing dirt load after dirt load out Troys foot hit a large rock as he let out a roar inside his hole it echoed making it louder then it really was as he snarled hitting it a tad harder then he wanted to, he even chipped a claw on this thing, with a large grunt he dug his claws in to the dirt and lifted it out hard letting out a second roar like grunt as he tossed it high into the air making it slam into the ground on the other side not far from the group, it could have landed on them he cared little but when it was gone the dragon started to dig again...but this time after one thrust of his claws into the dirt he let out a yelp like roar and fell into a giant hole. as he fell down the hole he had no time to open his wings and he slammed into what felt hard but flowed...he landed in gold, miles on miles of gold, trinkets, gems and well body's down there but the gold like oh my god there was so much gold. the Dragons eyes got larger as his slits turned into dinner plates as he looked around and the only thing in his mind right now was greed, greed and there was people out there out the surface, well that was no good but he did not care unless they came down his hole to his new owned gold pit. Troy moved his wings and splashed in the gold and glory as he splashed around in there the sound was clear he was doing something of interest, there was a lot of noise down there. wall the dragon rolled and flipped in his gold he thought of an idea, why make this a kingdom or anything it once was he could take the elven girl and keep her down here as his own woman and live in the giant pit of gold, but he thought she may not like that very much and he did promise her he would make her a queen and rebuild this place, and he did always keep his word, every dragon did, but then what to do with the gold pit, well it may take a tad longer in his basking in it to figure that out.

Troys Triumph EyeofSmaug_LandofShadow1 Troys Triumph EyeofSmaug_LandofShadow2

Dragonic: -The sound of a new voice caused both Natsumi and Hikaru to turn and look. It seemed Troy was going to be receiving more than one intrusion today, and Natsumi looked to see how he would respond to it. Hikaru let out a sigh as he stared at the man, thinking this trip was going to become more trouble than it was worth. Though the man appeared and displayed kindness, it could always turn around with the wrong words or actions, and he didn't feel like getting himself thrown into a brawl. Just as he thought things couldn't get worse he could hear faint steps approaching once more, and he growled a bit, looking down to Natsumi.- "Just be careful, Miss." -Her faint eyes rolled up to him, and she gave him a thumbs up, tapping at the still sheathed warfan on her back. She did this to let him know that if trouble came he wouldn't have to fight alone, and though she knew this would only disturb him more, she also knew that he was used to it by now. The identified that Z was heading to bed, but it seemed they both were preoccupied with everything else to give him a verbal responce. Becoming rather impatient Hikaru would scoop up his Miss, her body wiggling as she tried to escape his grasps.- "Hikaru!" -Her voice came out to him, and his ears lowered as the pitch of her high voice cut into his ears. Carrying her over to the place where Z had been recently sitting, he would set her down gently next to him, looking down to her.- "Sit here and eat your snack." -He moved to the side so Natsumi could still see, and his body turned to face the opening of the forest. Letting out a small sigh she curled up and continued to munch on her bread, not really knowing what to do anymore. As her eyes scanned around, her attention was caught on something small moving around the front yard. Turning her head quickly, as to not miss it, she watched just in time as she saw the small creature turn to something different. It fluttered around close to Troy, and she pointed with a mouth full of break.- "If a pat! (It's a bat)" -Hikaru followed her point, and he looked down to her wondering why she was getting so excited over a simple creature. Swallowing her bread quickly, her arm waved up and down.- "That thing. It wasn't a bat before, but now it is." -His question was soon answered, and at this point he felt as if he was going insane. This was too many people at once for him, and he had no idea what to even do. He didn't normally have to deal with social occassions as just a traveler; normally, others simply came to their Shrine to meet with Natsumi, and he only had to watch and listen. Slipping into the seat that Z was recently in, he pulled his Miss onto his lap, causing her to grumble as she thought he was taking things too seriously. Soon the sounds of Troy seeming to have a tough time filled the open air, and Natsumi's head turned in curiosity. It didn't take long before his energy completely disappeared from her sights, and she nearly fell out of Hikaru's lap as she went scambling over. Leaving her bread behind she moved over to the hole, and her head, popped into it enough for her to look down it.- "Are you okay!?"- Her voice echoed, but before she could listen to what exactly was going on down there, she felt herself being pulled out of the hole, and set next to it. Looking up at once again, Hikaru, she sighed and waited to see if the dragon would say anything.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "what could he be doing in there?" -the guardian took flight as she took a quick peek at the big hole the dragon had made then flew off to go land somewhere because she could feel her wings giving out on her- "oh crud" -she squeaked as she made a bit of a bumpy landing next to a tree-

Anaya: Troy looked up from the hole as he snarled, he could hear the voice of that one female that seemed to be growing into more of an annoyance then anything and he new this gold hoard would be a secret for them all. He stayed down there not making a peep other then moving around, witch was a little louder and echoy then he thought. Troy looked up once more hearing more sounds, he hated loud noise and would deal with it later when he was done rolling in his own addiction. As he got up he walked over to the one side of this giant gold stash, what ever was last here must have had to be something to keep this amount of gold hidden away from the world, but it was getting late and he had to get half of the castle rebuilt before morning, so with a swing of his tail he started to walk back to the hole opening.

Dragonic: -The sounds of giggles and hoots filled her ears as she stood impatiently at the beginning of the hole. Turning her eyes at the wolfman she had no idea what he was laughing at, but it seemed something was extremely funny to him. Hikaru's ears lowered at the sounds of giggling, and even though Natsumi didn't really seem to mind it, he nearly wanted to shove the guy's tongue down his throat. He didn't even understand why his Miss was getting so worried about that big bag of scales, when to him it sounded like he was having a grand ol' time underground. Soon, the sound of the dragon making his way back up caught both of their ears and so them moved a bit out of the way so he could make it would without knocking them over.- "Miss Natsumi. I hate to rain on your... fun, but I think we should head out. It's getting late and I can't allow you to sleep outside. We can go into town, get a room, and we can come back if you wish tomorrow." -Hikaru looked down to her sternly, but stood in wait to hear her response. Mentally he sighed to the fact that he said they could return, when honestly he felt they would be better off finding somewhere better to hang around. Still, it was her decision, and he hoped she would agree at the moment to leave. He knew she didn't enjoy being dragged around like a doll, so he simply waited. Her arms raised to him so he could pick her up, and lifting her he would swing her onto his back. He wasn't going to say anything to anyone on their way out, and his legs moved quickly to get them out before his Mistress changed her mind. Clinging to his back once more she sighed, and rubbed her face against his shoulder, wondering if she really did want to return. Not really wanting to pay mind to anything at the moment her eyes closed as she felt the air passing them quickly on their way through the forest.-

ScarletEveDeLaRose: "sheeesh" -The guardian got up on her hind legs and rubbed her head, that landing was not the one she was planing on but it either that or disturb the big dragon in the hole it had made, she looked up at the sky then back at a busy area of the forest- "I better get back to her, she needs to wake up soon" -She turned back into a small mouse and ran into the bush to go back to her resting place-

Anaya: Troy crawled up from the hole anger flushed his face as fire started to turn in his gut, he would roast them all if they touched his gold every last one of them would burn in the fires he held.....but everyone was gone, was he only imagining life here in this charred up land? was there really people here at all or was it all in his head ? he did not know but he got out of the hole and walked to that bush to pick up the one thing he new at this point was real, the little sleeping elven woman. picking her up in his claws she moved a tad in his grip but it was not enough for her to walk up, she was cold and shivering and he held her close to his chest to keep her warm, slowly walking back to the hole and slinking into the golden cocoon of the pit with her nice and warm and over all safe, a gem in his hoard and the only one he would let touch his gold stash. he rolled up on the pile and held her to his chest as he went to sleep, maybe building a bit more then one pillar tomorrow.

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Troys Triumph DragonHoardUpload_1956

IICheshiraII: -Rolling over in her sleep she groans as the surface beneath her wasn't so soft any more. Her right hand moves to her eyes and starts rubbing over it as she slowly sits up. It was only when she opened her eyes she saw where she saw. Blinking as she looks around she gasps and turns around to to source of heath behind her. Troy was sleeping behind her. She smiles and moves a little closer as she crawls over the pile of gold.- Troy... Where are we? -She whispers as she looks around again- Troy...-She said again and tilts her head to a side as she waits for him to wake up and answer her.-

Anaya: Troy looked as one eye opened and he let out a light yawn looking around the still mildly dark pit he and she was in. “i found it last night a dragons treasure horde, who ever owned this land last was far from a weak dragon to be able to stash this much gold and gem” he looked at her as he looked around “it is still dark so you may not be able to see the full amount but trust me it goes on underground for miles. It was simply safer down here for you to sleep then up there, they came so fast and left but i swear there was people up there last night”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira giggles and covers her mouth with her hand- You're so silly... Wait..-She said as she tilts her head to the other side- How long have i been sleeping? -She said as she rubs her forehead. Apparently she missed a lot and she didn't remember falling asleep at all. Rubbing her forehead more she thinks back. Maybe it was the meal, maybe it was poised so she would fall asleep. Blinking a few times she looks at Troy with a look on her face as if she just seen a ghost.- Who.... Who was here Troy? -She than asks to keep her mind from thinking too much-

Anaya: “i dont know who was here, i dont even know if it was real” he said as he moved his head to itch behind his horn with his foot gold flowing from his back as he moved a tad on the pile “you only slept for the night i rebuilt a bit up on the top but the nights warmth was getting to me as well and after who ever was here seemingly left i came down here with you”

IICheshiraII: -She smiles up to him and bows her head- Thank you mighty Troy for looking after me. -She than looks up and giggles as see sees him scratching.- Need a hand? -She asks with a smile on her face and both her hand reached out to him as she wiggles her fingers. Cheshira started to like Troy a lot. She didn't fear him and she knew Tory would take care of her. But how was a tiny girl like herself going to take care of him? She sighs softly but keeps her smile on her face as she slowly moves even closer to Troy-

Anaya: The dragon moved his head out from under his foot, he never had anyone offer to get that spot under his horns he could never get to before, oddly it warmed his heart as he moved his head down as she would have to clime up onto him to get under his massive horns, the best things in the world to a dragon was gold, flattery, and a good itch, but it took a brave person to be able to do any of the three. “i would love a hand, my claws cant get under my horns all that well” he said softly as his chin and lower jaw sunk into the gold pile so she could get on his head.

IICheshiraII: -She giggles and climbs on top of him after slipping a few times on the pile of gold. Once she got closer to the horn she giggles again and places her hands on the base of the horn and started to rub her hands over it as she stretches out before making herself small again. Pressing as hard as she can she hoped it would take hi itch away. Her feet and legs press against him so she stays in place as she looks down to him over her shoulder- Like this? -She asks sweetly and does her very best to scratch him-

Anaya: Troy shut his eyes as she started to itch him, his back foot started thumping like a over grown dog and his tongue flopped to the side of his mouth, all he could think about was bliss and joy, this was a moment he would not forget. From the core of his very being came a low rumble as his tail flicked form side to side. To his own kind this was a mating rumble but at this moment it was a show of pleasure even if it was not the pleasure from breeding it was simply a pleasurable sound. To the ears of anything other then a dragon it was not very big but the sound made the gold around him jump and hop as if it was dancing making it a very interesting show as he was very much enjoying getting his horns scratched.

Sound Example = Male Alligator Mating Call

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira giggles and starts to move a little faster as her tiny body shiver fromt he sound he's making.- I'll take that as a yes -She said as she giggles more. She keeps scratching him like this for a little while longer until her arms and shoulders started to hurt. She sighs and stretches out of him before rolling off him into the gold. She giggles and sit up before crawling over to his snout and places a soft kiss on it before looking at him.- I like it here with you, Troy. -She tells him as she places her elbows on his snout and places her chin in her hands as she looks at him with a smile-

Anaya: his rumble would grow louder as his tail arched up a little in pleasure but then soon lowered as she rolled from him and landed in the gold. He opened his eyes and looked at her and a smile came over his maw. He wanted to hold her in his claws, feel her skin with something not scales but he did not yet it was simply to soon, dragons did grow found of things fast if they liked them they liked them it was a fast and to the point concept. '' as i like it here with you Cheshira, soon this place will be rebuilt and we can have it together” he said softly as he let his snout rest beside her his tongue slowly flicking out to lightly brush on her side. It was dry but it was not hard like a cats tongue, more smooth like a snake but without the drool.

IICheshiraII: -She giggles and squirms a little as his tongue brushes over her side but than slowly sits up- But Troy.... How... We...-She sighs and than lets hands fall into her lap- You're so big... A dragon... And I'm so tiny, an elf. How do you plan on doing that? -She asks as she tilts her head to a side and looks at him with a questioned look on her face-

Anaya: Troy looked at her as he lifted his head up and moved a claw on the ground, his claw did a ring around the gold pile as a light blue light formed around him and in a flash of light he was shifted down to a human man ...with nothing on, he blushed a little and ducked behind a gold pike to find a rob he had seen a moment before when he first came down here it was old and torn but it worked and covered him well. Walking back out behind the gold pile he walks up behind her and faster then one may think was there his arms on her hips “like any good couple of people would do, you have that big golden throne and i keep you safe and happy, is that not what a good male would do for his female” in a way this was a bit of the dragons feelings showing not enough to be up front and blunt saying ya i like you but close enough to put the point across. He moved his fingers and lightly turned her around as he pointed to a large stone and golden old set of thrones over on the other end of the gold pile just siting in an area of faded light. “when i get this place rebuild the thrones over there will be yours, dont you think that would be great. All this gold and all the lands our own. And you the one everyone looks at, the queen in the finest silks and dresses, we can have balls and parts, and you can have the throne you deserve”

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IICheshiraII: -Cheshira stared at him but quickly covers her face with her hands as he turns to human. SHe blushes bright red and peeks through her fingers to see if he was all dressed but she didn't see him. Lowering her hands she looks around and jump a little as she feels his hand on her hip. She blinks a few times and looks up at him. Without speaking she lets Troy finish but than looks at him before turning around to him and placing both her hands on his chest.- Troy... -She said with a soft sigh- .. I don't care about gold or riches. I don't care about becoming queen. I don't care for power or status. -She than blushes and lowers her glance for a moment before looking up again- I.... I just care about you and i don't want anything if.... -She blushes again and lowers her eyes once more- ..If i don't have you on my side. -She said softly without looking up at him. Shyly she looks at him through her lashes and smiles but than something came over her. She quickly folds her arms around his neck and pulls him closer as she lifts herself on her toes and presses her lips to his. Just a few moment passed before she broke the kiss and takes a step back as she raises her hand to her lips and touches them- I'm.... I'm sorry... -She said softly and looks up to him-

Anaya: He was Flabbergasted and stood there a moment to collect his thoughts, she kissed me, he thought in his head a elven woman kissed a big bad ugly dragon man, he was shocked and it was like a sheet fell over his eyes and the rest of the world just faded away, his craving for gold was gone, his lust for power was faded and the only thing he saw was her, standing there saying sorry as if kissing him was a bad thing. He blinked a couple times and let the sock pass as he moved fast to her picking her up from the ground as if she was only a feather and kissing her deeply as his hands locked to her hips holding her in his strong grip. His mind was a flutter as his fairy tail seemed to be happening, he was in bliss he thought it was bliss before but he had no idea how this moment would turn out never would he have thought she would kiss a ugly dragon let alone want to be with him. Breaking there embrace he placed her back on the ground slowly and took her hands in his “i would never leave your side, we would do it together, do everything together” his one hand moved to her cheek and brushed her hair from her face as his red eyes looked into hers. “we don't need any of it if you don't want it, the gold the power the castle, i am happy as long as you are here, i just want to give you the world, give you everything i can, share my gold with you and fly in the skys with you upon my back, we can even share my wings” he stopped he was blabbering but he loved it, he was never one to talk all that much but with her he could not seem to keep his trap shut it was like word vomit but in a good and not gross or distasteful way.

IICheshiraII: -She was blown away by his sudden kiss. She only blinked as her cheeks flushed bright red as she looks up to him and giggles. But only when he finally stopped talking she pulls her hands out of his and quickly wraps them around his waist and holds him like that for a little while as she whispers- As long as i have you -She gently rubs her cheek over his chest and closes her eyes for a moment as she listens to his heartbeat. She than smiles and looks back upto him before laying her head back against his chest. She wanted to tell him so much on how she wanted everything but yet nothing as long as she had him on her side but she didn't really know how and so she just hugged him.-

Anaya: Troy looked to her and wrapped his arms around her holding her, his dragon heart beating strongly in his chest, thump thump thump, his whole body warm and happy “then you have nothing to worry about” he said softly as he kissed her for head gently. He just stayed in that moment for a little wile, not wanting to move a bone in his body to break this embrace. Slowly he looked down to her and then back up to the hole in the roof the only way to get out. “so i wonder what will happen today still have the rest of the building to put back together up there”

IICheshiraII: -She giggles and tilts her head up to look at him with a smile- I wish i could help you but I'm not that strong... But i can make sure there is enough to eat and to drink while you work... -She smiles upto him and kisses him again as she stands on her toes again- But Troy.. -She saids after breaking the kiss- How are you going to rebuild this castle all on your own? -She asks and tilts her head to the side curiously-

Anaya: He smiled as she asked him and he softly kissed her and then backed up taking his fingers and waving them in the air a light blue glow coming back up as his body elongated and his rob ripped apart changing back into his full 80 foot tall and 100 foot long self. “i am a dragon we can do magic my dear” he moved his front claws and picked her up in them kinda abruptly as he lifted himself holding her in one hand and grabbing the side of the hole with the other and claiming out of the pit, there was already a pillar and a bit of a wall done but really in the truth of it all he did not even do close to the half he said he did. He softly placed her on the ground as the dragon moved his tail back and forth bringing up a lot of dirt into the air. It was unknown what he was doing at the moment but she would find out soon enough.

IICheshiraII: -Ducking on his hand as she lifted her up and held onto him as tight as she could. SHe giggles and watches him closely as he climbs out and than giggles and jumps off his hand as he sets her back on the ground. Stepping to the side she tilts her head and raises a brow as she watches his tail. She giggles and looks back upto him as she wonders what he's doing. She giggles softly and turns around and walks over to a largs rock to sit down on as she watches him. Once seated she places her dress neartly over her legs and the rock, so it's completely coverd and watches silently.-

Anaya: Troy moved his tail faster wall dust and grit filled the air around him as he stood there there was this low humming sound it was almost like there was some sort of giant humming bird that had a really deep voice hoovering around the area, it seemed to be coming from all over and oddly not from him. What troy was doing with this was placing his voice around not from him carrying his voice like one would do to lure a pray article away from the main area of attack. But something else was also happening here the sand and dirt bits started to place themselves they started to connect and join together and grow like a cell reproducing to form something living, but they are forming a dome like sheet over top of both Troy and Cheshira's heads. As this kept going for a good five or so minuets he moved his back feet around and dug a good 6 foot domed hole in the ground pulling up dirt into a pile behind him. Soon the dome over there head made of sand only had a couple more parts to fill in and it would be done, a lot of people wondered why dragons wound be able to find caves so fast well this was why, they used there massive telepathic mind powers to make a den or make even the cave its self so it would be large enough to fit them. But what would a castle do with a dirt roof? Well that would have to change.
        Troy took his front feet and started moving pillars as he kept the sand dome hovering there in mid air over top of everything. As he picked pillars up the dome moved a bit in the sky but not enough for it to fall he was holding it there with his mind it moved as he thought about other things moving them to but it never was let go enough to fell or come apart. After the main support pillars for the main hall went up Troy moved back a bit lowering the sand and dirt dome over top so it would just touch the edges of the pillars, then as he moved he picked up stone blocks and placed them around to make the arches all the wile holding it all in place with his mind. After it was really starting to look like a giant main hall the dragon started to glow a bright orange and he moved his tail opening up the end like a giant fan to shield his dear Cheshira from the heat he was about to blow out. Sand and dirt turn into glass at about 1700 C (which is about 3100 degrees F) this amount was far from hard for a dragon the main problem was the cooling aspect to keep it from simply falling out of the air in a liquid state. Dragons held massive heat bladders in there chests able to store the chemicals and compounds needed to make there fire, but one thing beside them was there longs and what was known as a wind bladder, a dragon got fat to hot when it expelled enough fire so it had to have a way to rapidly cool its self down after making that much flame, so this was there to explain chilled air very fast to cool themselves down. But would it be able to cool down the melted sand to make it properly form clear glass for the buildings sun dome? Well he would try anyway. Troy backed up and as he opened his wings and kept his tail there to be used as a shield he let out a raging amount of fire into the air aimed at the sand dome very quickly melting it and turning it into a clear liquid, now time for the hard part. The dragon sucked into his lungs and let out a chilled gust of air as the sound around was like everything just got sucked out of a will tunnel it was a rasped blow that chilled and turned the dome to glass almost intently, he would just have to hold it there for a couple more moments till it became fully hardened.
         Troy did not turn around, he could not turn around with a risk of dropping the dome he had just made, he was out of breath and lightly wheezing but other then that was ok. Slowly he took the bricks around him as he refolded his tail back into its spike like nature as it was no longer needed as a shield he placed the bricks around more so to start his making of the walls, picking up half walls and placing them down it was slowly coming together but that big glass dome was going to very much be this rooms vocal point, the masterpiece of a sun roof. He slowly lowered the dome the rest of the way down to the roof beams and arches so it will fully supported and then let out small jets of flame to simply melt the sides of the stone to keep the walls nicely and firmly held together, this made the walls on the inside hold a almost unnatural smooth look and feel to them as they had bin melted away and moulded into each stone, it was his own kind of concrete to hold the stones in place. Now the main halls arches and side walls were done, but there was still many rooms to get done but at least there was a half built main hall now. And with everything in place Troy was almost falling over from the amount of energy he had used placing the hard parts together, he would be fine just a little warm out for now.
        As he sat there he slowly lifted up a claw and started to itch the markings into the domed top, he was weak but this was simple and it was starting to look really nice for the handy-work of a dragon.

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Anaya: Troy looked at her as she offered him food and he took his clawed foot down from itching into the glass dome over head, he smiled at her as she was taking care of him, no one had ever done that before so it was a very nice and welcoming change. Troy lowered his maw to the food and sniffed it a bit as he opened his jaws and snapped it all back rappers plates and well everything other then the bag it was in but if the bag got in the way of the snapping it would be sure to vanish to. “thank you my sweet i am starving, i will have to go hunting for us later today i will bring back some meat for the both of us, it will be more filling then friends and cold things“ he moved his bulk and layed down in the dust and still moving light mist of dirt. “and i would like you to do the décor when i get the rest of the walls up, how would you like our throne and ball room to look?”

EmpressSeinaRyu: -Seina found her self travelling a bit more in her old age if you can call a Elder Dragon old that is, she chuckled lightly to her self thinking she was old was a bit funny indeed flying just over head she felt a bit tired and needed to rest at least until her wind came back to her, landing she happen to find her self in yet another unknown land smiling to her self she hoped not to be bother to the locals but just in case she changed from her full dragon form to her human form just to be safe not wanting to make any run in fear if the feared Dragons bowing her head she walked till she head voices smiling- Hello forgive me i hope not to be a bother i was just passing though and thought i would rest awhile if that was aright?

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira started to laugh as she saw him devouring her who bag and everything inside of it- Hey... I wanted some too..-She said with a smile but that soon fades as he asks his next question.- Oh... I'm not much of a decorator Troy... I never had to do so...I would just like things to be light and open so lots of sunlight can come in.. That's all i ask -She said a she tilts her head to a side and grabs the last peach left in her lap and starts to eat it. As she heard a voice behind her she jumps up and turns around to the voice as she drops her peach and slowly steps back to Troy. She looks up to him before looking back at the woman who apparently spoke to them. After what happened in the town with the drow and being alone with Troy for so long she was getting a little shy towards others and so wanted to hide with Troy.-

Anaya: Troys head turned around as he let out a growl ever protective of what was his, he could smell it another dragon and a female at that, after just getting this land he did not want it stolen out from under him so he had his guard up, but as soon as his little elf got scared his face got softer, he moved his neck so it would look as if he was holding her a neck hug kind of thing “you startled us” he said deeply his softness only in his face to his woman but his voice was deep and harsh as any male dragons voice would be. “you may rest here but remember this is owned dragons lands ” his words ment if she steps out of her own boundary's he would act upon his lands and defend them if she tried to take food, if there was any, or the lands themselves or even worse try to take his underground gold stash, if she even went need the hole to the opening of it he would lash out. Softly he moved a front clawed foot as he was laying down and he moved his claw on the ground dragging back his claw and the dirt showing being uneasy.

EmpressSeinaRyu: -Seina nodded her head as she smiled- forgive me i ment no harm sir i do not seek to take lands i am not a Dragon that fights nor one that takes others lands if any thing i wish for peace among the Races of Dragons but i know such a feat is not always possible for there are many Dragons who seek for nothing more then to destroy the very world it self at times i know this all to well i am sad to say as my home when i was but a young Dragon was destroyed once by Black Dragons i alone lived though that. -Seina shook her head not wanting to remember that horrified past she looked to male dragon and the little elf as she smiled warmly to them- i a Water Dragon a healer not a fighter unless my young are threated other wise i do not wish nor seek to fight

IICheshiraII: -Looking up at Troy she stands a little bit closer to him and places both her hands on his neck. She look over to the female but was still too shy to speak to her. Looking back at Troy again she nuzzles her cheek over his neck adn smiles softly before tilting her head again and looking at the woman once more but still remained quiet.-

Anaya: Troy licked his jaws as he was salivating, he was starving and that small amount of food he was given was far from enough to fill that size of a belly, but he new his control well and he licked up his own drool. “you talk to much, just remember your place, dragons live different lives then the human world does, don't forget our ways as we uphold them in this land, there is no peace needed in a dragon world you live for yourself and what you hold” he looked to his little elven beauty and a grin came over his maw as he lightly kinda playfully pushed her with his big nose. As he looked back to the female dragon as his red eyes watched her movements he was never one to trust his own kind, a smart dragon did not like other dragons, there was a very large reason for that, and if she was smart she would be on guard around him to.

EmpressSeinaRyu: -Seina nodded her head feeling a bit tease now as she feared knowing she was not a fighter and that could struck her down at any giving time she fell silent as she flicked her tail lightly flapping her wings just in case she needed to flee for her life if he chose to not allow her there any more she would take to the skys fleeing home to her husband mate she hated to feel weak but it was not in her to fight she was a healer that was all she knew-

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira giggles as he nudges her with his snout and pokes him back. She than looks at the woman again before quickly kissing his snout and blushing bright red. Though she was getting hungry. The one bite she took out of her peach wasn't nearly enough for her, and since she slept rather long she needed some food or at least something to drink.- Troy is there water in the area? Water that can be drank by the both of us? -She asks softly as she leans into him a little-

Anaya: Troy never took one eye from the female as he licked his lips once more knowing his woman was hungry. Ya the thought of eating the other dragon was very much on his mind but he new it was smaller and faster on the take off then him so if he did he would have to sneak get it maybe tempt it into combat it spent a lot of its time before them talking about how its family group got killed by some black dragon this would be more then enough to tempt the other dragon into a fight with him and he new as a bull he could simply over power this female. Troy got up as he moved to take a step to the female his tail held high to show his standing here as the dominant and his eyes shimmered black looking dead into her own, the black eyes of a black dragon, as well as he moved his scales on his hide to take in the shadow of the room making the illusion very believable that he had just turned into a black dragon himself. “so female tell me more about this dragon that slaughtered your family” he said in that sinister voice, this would be the first time his little elven woman saw the evil within the dragon the sneaky trickster behaviour his kind was very good at.

EmpressSeinaRyu: -Seina looked to him-...the black dragon was named Draven Ryu...he is now my father in law i am married and mated to his only son he killed his own wife after she gave birth to his son but he spared me for what ever reasons i still do not know my husband's mother was a Gold Dragon but despite his father's black dragon blood my husband is a kind man

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira squealed loudly as Troy did his illusion. Stumbling back a few steps she brings her hands up to her mouth and covers it as she gasps and keeps on stepping back. This side of Troy scared her a little and she wanted to run as fast as she possibly could. But just as she wanted to run and set one foot back she felt the earth underneath her feet was gone. She squeals again and quickly takes a few steps forward before dropping to her knees as she looks at Troy. Oh how she hoped he didnt see nor hear it. Quickly she hides her face into her hands and makes herself as small as possible.-

Anaya: Troy was a good 50 or so feet from the female he was almost in lunging distance but still from the amount of space she could sprint to the sky and get out of his grasps so he had to do better. He moved and puffed and let the air out making his scales and hide shimmer that black glow as his illusion took more depth it was as if his scales shimmered black and his whole body became as black as night it was as if his skin was swimming and alive with black shimmer, it was almost hypnotizing if you looked into it long enough. “one can not be so sure, you can never really tell one dragon for another and we are known for lieing about who we are to blame it on others, dont you wish you could give a black dragon the amount of pain and anguish he gave you, dont you want to feel that hate you have for it build and pure out upon him and cover him in the vile acid he uses to kill his Innocent victims” Troys words are filled with poison to make hate and vengeance fill the mind of the one he has it aimed to, to tempt and taunt one to come at him in combat to surely go to there own death, his steps started getting closer he was almost in lunging range he was so close now he could feel it, taste her scales in his jaws and feel her heart beat slip away as he held that nice little thin neck, nice little female neck with no bumps on it at all like the males. “but maybe you are to weak to do it, to weak to bring justice upon the one that slaughtered your people and family, all your family eaten away in blind hunger, oh how hunger can be so blinding” Troy dug his feet into the ground and started to build up that thrust of his lunge and his push to grab her as soon as she started to fly. He was a good bit larger then her as he was to most females, males most of the time towered over females unless the rare time one got larger then there male then most of the time the male left for a smaller less strong target to dominate. As he hears the little muffled squeal from behind him his one eye turned back to see she was scared on the ground, a thought came over him....oh ya he was terrifying not like he forgot this he just forgot it would scare her to see him like this. Turning his head forward he said one thing “run” he was letting his meal have a chance to run and get away it would lose him his supper but it would save her form seeing him rip apart his own kind and stalk it like a deer. He would do anything for her, even give up a meal and that was saying something.

EmpressSeinaRyu: -Seina shaking in fear as she gulped backing up she quickly changed back to her true Dragon form as she ran in a almost hop then taking flight high into the sky as she breathed deeply her heart pounding fast she planed NEVER to enter another dragons land again she knew all to well not all males would hunt her as a meal or kill her as a threat but some may try to claim her as a mate and she refused to allow that speeding off towards her home glad to be gone from this land for good-

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira was sitting there, keeled on the ground and paralysed in fear. She didn't dare to look up and made herself as small as possible. She didn't want to run, she couldn't. She wanted to stay here, with Troy. Even though he scared her right now she knew he wasn't always like this. She knew he had a sweeter side. All she had to do was to remember that. She closed her eyes and tried her very to remember his sweet side just hours ago on top of the gold pile. Her closed eyes were tearing up as she thought about it. She wanted that Troy back. She didn't want to see him like this, not now, not ever again. Slowly she sits up and wipes her hands over her eyes but keeps her head bowed.-

Anaya: he turned around and looked at her, she was scared out of her mind at him, she had good right to be he was a dragon scaring people was part of life for them. He turned around and layed on the group after the female had left, his belly down and his head and chin on the ground with it. He was to trying to make himself as small as he could, small and turned back to red no more tricks or shimmering scales to scare and torment. “i am sorry” he said softly he did not mean to scare her he just lost himself in his own hunger in his own fearful world of food.

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IICheshiraII: -Slowly she looks up again and blinks a few times before digging her hands into the dirt and grabbing some of it and tossing it at him, even though it gave nothing but dust.- You scared me! Don't ever do that again! EVER! -she screamed as the tears started to stream over her cheeks.- I've been afraid of men all my life. You are one of the first men i trust... And yet you scare me... -Quickly she stands up and turns her head away as she clinches her fists and holds them next to her body.- If you're hungry.. Fine. I am too. But could you please remember tiny me who never saw things like this? The dragons i knew were tame and loyal to their Masters. Not what you just showed me. -She said in a extremely soft but dangerously calm voice. Keeping her glance away from him she closes her eyes stiff and tried to bring back the memory from down in the cave again.-

Anaya: he was slinking and had dust in his eyes as he blinked it away and moved his head up to her side still chin and belly on the ground and tail down as well. “that was a place far from here, i will have to eat at sometime but i will do it when you are not around i can go almost a year without food it is ok for me” he ment it he could go ages without food but even if he did that hunger never went away “do you know the dragons back were you lived were tame and loyal to there masters?” he looked up at her as his chin slithered over the dirt making a snake like imprint in the ground.

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IICheshiraII: Yes i know them. I saw them many times and they obeyed their Masters on every command. They never went far and were always near increase of danger. -She saids softly before turning her head to him. She bites her lip hard and then runs over to him and hugs his snout- Please don't scare me again. -She saids as more tears start to roll over her cheeks.- Warn me next time if you plan on doing this.. -Softly she started to nuzzle her wet cheek him him and closed her eyes-

Anaya: "do you want to why why they did this my dear" he asked as she hugged him and he shut his eyes to her his face so happy to feel her on his nose once more hugging him "i promise i will warm you next time i wish to hunt and you are able to see, i dont want to see you scared again"

IICheshiraII: -She stops and looks back at him over her shoulder- I'm sorry for throwing dust at you... But i don't want to go back to that town. What if the drow is there and forgot i gave him a meal and wants to kill me again? I dont want to go back there... I'll hide with the piles underground while you're gone... That way no one sees me and no one can harm me... -She said softly as she walks back to his snout-

Anaya: Troy lifted her up on his nose as he walked carefully over to the hole in the ground with her to go down to the gold pile “i don't want anything hurting you so if anyone shows up you hide in here it is big and if you run no one will ever find you in this mass and if anyone is here i will be able to smell them when i get back gold holds sent very well so if needed i can hunt them back down” he lowered her onto the pile his back legs and tail still holding onto the hole edge so he could get out of the hole easier then he would if he crawled all the way down, he would just pull himself back up no problem at all “promise me you will be careful i dont know what i would do if you got hurt”

IICheshiraII: I will be careful -She said as he places her down on the gold pile- I promise. I will hide when someone comes here. -She then gives a little push on his nose- Now go... The sooner you leave the sooner you're back. -She said before placing a kiss on his nose and she sits down on the pile with her legs crossed as she sinks into the pile a little. She had to think of something to do while he was gone, but she was sure she would find something. Giving him a smile she keeps looking at him along as he was still in her sight. She just hoped he wouldn't stay away for that long.-

Anaya: He pulled himself up out of the hole and looked back inside. “i will be back before night fall so the sun will not set with you in the dark, there will be light all the time for you now, for it is what you ask and it will be done” he said down to her as he sent a single shot of fire over to a lantern lighting up some more of the gold hole. It would be ok he new it and he hoped that nothing would go wrong with her down there without him wall he was gone hunting, he would be worried if she was not with him, worried every moment she was not at his side. And with one last look down there he turned and started to run off into the woods on his way to the town far beyond this place, it really did suck there was nothing in this land and he had to go a long ways to get something for them to eat, But this time it would be something large and last a nice long time.

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Segment typed by Anaya


The Forest looked grown back beyond the area that was burnt to a crisp, it was nice to see green not the black and gray he was starting to already get sick of, this death around here made hi home, yet it was a miserable existence of home, and he new over all his Elven beauty would not be able to deal with the drab  and dullness for to long he would find a way to make it green back there like it was out here, or he would bring here out here every day so she could play in the woods with him and they could have he still had to figure out really what this was. For a dragon fun and enjoyment was like a bat time story a mother would read to her child on magic and lands far from there to help the child sleep in peace and tranquillity, but Troy never had a mother, or well not one he ever new anyway so that was just as much of a story as his fun. He looked back for a moment at the ruined castle behind the ledge he was standing on, he would smile softly knowing she was there waiting for him to come home, the half built castle just showing as he was to far to really see it other then the outline and the fact it was there, she was there. He looked back a head of him at the green and wanted to sit there, for hours, just sit there and look over this vast land scape and roar to tell the world it was his, but he had things to get done hunting to do to get food for everyone, but he had no idea what he would get, he new she needed more then only meat so he had to stop at the town for her food so the towns people from before may be a problem but he could not burn the place down as of yet he still needed it for food runs. Troy sat down a moment to think of his plan, he always had to sit to think it was a kink he had never really understood why he had to sit just did it and then was relaxed. So after town he would have to go meet hunting, but what place would be store the food he got from town so no one or nothing would steal it, if he left it in the forest it would surely be eaten or taken by something and it was not like the dragon had pockets in his scaled hide.

He mumbled to himself as he moved his clawed front foot to rub his scaled chin “if i go here, then there, and then back , around there yes” he said as his claw went behind his horn to itch that one spot his fingers did not bend enough to get to, his mind fluttered to her itching his horn and it was like that itch got stronger and he wanted her here more then ever to help him, he needed her already and did not even fully know it. Troy put his clawed foot down as he got up and pulled his front legs a head and arched down cracking and getting his back ready for take off, his wings held out as he wiggled them and flapped a couple times wanting the wind under them to soar and fly was his calling, it was any dragons calling in the sky was the only thing that really felt real, it felt like home if it was up them them they would spend every day, moment, and second in the air a loft just drifting for ever over the hills and trees and small land dwellers it would be perfect. The dragon arched his back his tail and back legs pressed into the ground as he jumped strong with them ripping dirt up with his claws and shooting up into the sky.

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Troy looked down on the world below him when he was in the air so high up like this he always wondered about the land world, it was as if he was flying over an ant world well it was an ant world to him non the lass when your foot was the size of a house the people in all looked like ants anyway so really this made them all look like ants running around doing there day to day things not just running away screaming. Troy turned in the sky as her let the wind rush over his head and he shut his eyes letting the moments pass him as he drifted in his element, his moment of clarity up over the world of torment and turmoil fulled by the humans undieing will to destroy one another. This had always bin a thing that puzzled the giant, his own race was hundreds of times there size, held so much more power then the humans  but still managed to keep the peace with one another unless they ran into there own kind, but then again there own kind was few and far between so they did not run into each other very much after all. But then in the old days they stayed in small to medium sized groups and still did not want to rip each other apart, even if fights did happen it was not all that bad. But humans, humans wanted to rip each other apart over small petty things, dirt when there was more then enough for everyone and they already had there own lands to run and govern, food when there was shorts in other areas of there world they could give before fighting on who had more, and even over females of prize when there is another more fertile and holding all the proper health and beauty as the one they are fighting over, and the woman standing there ignored held even more grace and beauty on the inside then the one to them fitting to fight over and kill over. He thought that it was simply human nature to be stupid and foolish and well he did not understand but ignored them best he could most of the time, even the other beasts, vampires of darkness, demons of evil and even the wolves and trolls did act a lot like the humans, it was simply a dragon saw the world from a new height, a new angle and simply lived in a whole other world over top of everything a single race different then any other one, Troy new this very well, there was a brain in his hardened skull even if it was not all that big he used all of it.

The dragon got over top his point of interest and slowly came down to touch down in a small clearing he made the other time he was here. His head over the trees he new they had seen him touch down and he also new if he walked into town in his true form he would be stabbed and burned alive with no hope, even if he could burn this place down he needed it so had to play by the rules for the time being until this place was no longer needed, then he could take the whole place down in a night for the reason of there stupid human ways cost him peace in his own little world. Troy moved his claw on the ground as he started to get smaller, his scales turned to lightly tanned skin and his hair was a deep  and bright red, and he was well....nude. His fingers wiggled in the air as black assassin like light armour covered his figure, demon like mouth looking parts covered his knees, boot tops, and they even covered his elbows and shoulders, all different little jaws and well a flowing back cape set it all off as it ran down his left shoulder....he would stand out like a red tree in a green wood.

As he moved his hands down to fix and buckle his garments up and place everything in the right place he looked out beyond the clearing of trees to see the town there past the ally way he would have to walk through to get into the town square to get to the market carts, but it was packed today and he had a bad feeling in his gut...a very bad one and he could hear people talking but not loud enough to hear there words but the looks on there face was they hated but yet feared something, and troy could see the word Dragon on there lips. He pushed a hand up takeing in a breath of air as she said to himself he had to do this, he had to get her food and she could not live on meat, getting that was the simple part it was getting all he wanted to get that was the hard part. Walking into the ally way he had a strut to his walk, he was trying to fill the human male stereotype, he was told a long time ago human males are assertive, competitive, independent, courageous, and career‐focused; hold there emotions in check; and always initiate sex, they are also prideful, arrogant, Emerging and one some cases when needed brutish, and over all always show your masculinity.  I9n all of this he never new if he was wrong or what he was told was not the truth about them so he was simply going off of what he new from other dragons, that most of them had never even talked to a human male or female let alone learned from them.

AS he got to the crowds of people most turned and walked away from him mumbling to themselves. “who is what?”
“he is not from here”
“look at his clothing”
“mommy is that a stranger?”
“why is he here, he does not belong here”  

Troys Triumph Market

Troy could tell a lot of them new what he was but they did not saying anything to him, well to his face behind his back yes but they made sure he could hear them. His mind flickered to wanting to say 'you know mumbling about me is aright but god do it a bit quieter so i cant hear you' but he said nothing about it and kept walking to the shop cart. The Dealer had his back turned, seemd to be doming something the feeble and fat human male found worth wile, stocking boxes Troy guessed in his own head. Thumping his hand down on the top of the cart he said firmly “Pardon me Sir i do hope i am not bothering you” The man turned around with a smile on his face, but soon that smile creepd away and just left the man looking at Troy as he picked up a closed marker slowly placed it on top of the cart top as Troy stared at him and then the man backed up and then turned running away “i guess that is that then” Troy said with a not happy and unimpressed look on his face it was not like the dragon was going to eat the man....Troy was praying that the people here did not guess Troy was that dragon that landed, but sadly he was starting to think they had a good idea just what he was. So now it was about time to go to the second cart along the way. More voices filled the air from the market merchants.

“we are closed”
“dont buy here, no good foods only clause for sale eh”
“Dont hier verkaufen schlechtes Essen wir nicht verkaufen, um Ihre Art, unterschiedlich Mann leid, aber diese geschlossene Ort” some things Troy could not even make out from the people here, he guessed not all of them were simple human, humans breeding with other races, in a lot of countries around the lands interracial breeding was prohibited and very against the laws, but hell that never stopped anyone but it was very frowned upon and Troy hated it so he stayed away from the ones that looked mixed and the ones that talked in other tongues not native to humans in this area.

“we don't sell to your kind here” this one hit a nerve....a large one, and even more so it hit the dragons pride button, and that as most new was something one should fear. Troy turned around as his red eyes dilated and the slits got a lot thinner, it was as if that fire in his eyes got set a blaze and lit them up like a torch.
“my kind? And what kind may that be oh dirty swine that is a human rat, for you are the filth on the claws and soles of the world, you breed like a virus, you take a hold of everything alive and turn it into something unfit to support anything but your own miserable selves, you are a pledge that kills everything as well as each other over petty arguments for things you already have more then enough of, so my kind oh my good sir, so you do not sell to ones better then yourself” the look on the mans face was clear he did not think the dragon would bite back so rapidly but Troy was never one to turn down a fight at any point in time. He took steps up to the sales mans cart and slammed his now black clawed hands down on the cart. “i would like ALL of your stock, i would like to leave you with nothing to feed yourself and what ever goat breed wife you have in your mud shack, your voice sounds like it holds faun in it does your misfit of a child known that his very existence is a act against nature, that he is nothing but swine filth infesting what was once a blissful world inhabited by the pure bloods, or better yet what do you think the law would do to you and your whore female and mut  of a child ” the man was scared as Troys eyes locked onto his own, how troy could see into the human mind so simply it was like it was him looking into a clear poll of water to count the stones at the bottom, humans are simple beings with no complex guarding systems for there minds, and this one was no different then the rest of them.  The man stuttered and moved back picking up a brown bag and filling it with breads, fruits, vegetables and everything else he had on his cart, he did not say a word, just did as ordered. But the best part was it was like everyone else could not hear or even notice troy, it was as if they had bin looking at the last place he was standing before he ever moved from his spot walking into town. The fact of it all was Troy never did move from his forward facing stance of walking down the path into the deeper parts of town, everything that was happening at this point was all in the mans mind, but the fear was very much real as well as the mans acts, the only thing that did not exist was the Troy image yelling at the man and lashing out. “make sure this is done by the time i get back to you, i will be back in the next couple hours do not forget this or you will pay for your forgetfulness.” Troy said as he stood there watching the man scramble to gather everything he owned and toss it into a large brown bag. All Troy could think about was how sad the man looked so scared of the Dragon that he was dropping things all over, it was like a Child scared of a grabbing, ordering black monster that was simply not there and only in his head. Troy started walking yet again down the path into town.

Troys Triumph Fear_by_moni158-d4g94d2
All Troy could think about was how sad the man looked so scared of the Dragon that he was dropping things all over, it was like a Child scared of a grabbing, ordering black monster that was simply not there and only in his head.

He Started to hum to himself as he walked down the path, but then something got his eyes, a armour vendor and right there up front was this beautiful armour top and hip covers as well as boots and the leather outfit to go under it all, Troy could only imagine what it would look like on his blond haired elven woman, how she would fit so wonderfully in the light leather armour, and well his mind did shift slightly on how it would fit her curves flawlessly as well as round her breasts and perfectly hold them tight making them lightly budge at the top. And he would be lieing if he told anyone he was not aroused by this thought. The dragon was always a fan of a woman in light leather armour or a damsel in distress it was a turn on for the best and dragons did still wonder why humans and other beings thought it was so odd for dragons to kidnap both the things listed here, woman, why would a giant male beast kidnap a shockingly attractive woman, well oh yes it is for her hair, loved the smell, or maybe a dragon just wants everything more then one for no other  reason then to have more then one of 'stuff', NO it was for the fact the woman held stunning beauty and it turned them on, Troy was flabbergasted on a humans stupidity to still think it was for the fact they liked to hoard 'stuff'.but Troy removed the thought of his woman's body from his mind and walked to the cart stand and the vender looked at him with a smile on...odd last guy and everyone up to now hated him, maybe this male had no idea the dragon was well a dragon, thought the red slitted eyes would give it away but he guessed not “i would like to purchase the light leather armour set up hanging here ” Troy would point with a black clawed hand. “as well as i would like to see what sensual elven gowns you house in the back” the dragon was blunt like all dragons are Troy was not much different then his kind there was not much special about him, well other then he was he.
“Well my good Sir that Armour is our last one in stock do you mind it being a small, it is tight on the hips ” Troy looked at him and simply said back in a firm tone
“it is fine i will take it do you have any in male?”
“almighty then my good Sir, that will be 20 gold pieces and 16 silver and yes we have some in male would you like to see them?” Troy thought to himself  that it was a tad over priced but well he did not care it was not like the dragon could not afford anything he wanted. he nodded his head and the man went into the back hut doors and brought out the both sets of  male leather.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-8Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-10Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-9

"All together for all three sets will be 200 gold and 67 silver" Troy did not say a thing as he new what he wanted he dug into his leather pant pocket making sure it did not jingle, he did not want children or adults to hear it and try to steal from him when he was not looking. he  placed a good 50 coin bag on the cart table top.
"this will do i will have the female set now and the other two delivered in a weeks time i will explain more when i am done my purchases" the sales man nodded and went into the back room once more and yelled form the back
“i will get our dresses, we have four in stock at the moment i do hope you like them. ” and with that the man walked back out of the hut holding five beautiful dresses hanging from wooden peg like hangers and troy over looked them all carefully imaging them on his dear Cheshira's body in his head.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-7
The first one the man held up was a very nice shimmering gold and tan, with white and gold embroidered trim, the gold seemed to be real and Troy could tell real gold from fake as well as the fabric was very much Satin and must have bin imported from lands in the far east past the sea, this was a very fitting dress it hugged the breasts snugly and the hips the same, it would round the backside perfectly and do enhance the feminine beauty and everlasting longevity of his elven queen.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-6
The Next Dress was a deep Red, Troy loved the red it was a great classic evening gown not to much flesh would shot but just enough to please the man who layed eyes on the woman, it was ridged at the top hem and the shoulders went down to partly cover the upper arm in nice frilled shoulders. the bottom was flared and out so as she would walk it would dance upon the ground and lightly kick up behind her feet, he did like it and everything in it, this dress was very much a choice in his mind to get.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-5
as the man held up the next one and ran his finger down the gold Troy new he would get this dress for his beauty, it was a sensual elven night lust dress, it showed most of the breast and all of the backside. all this dress had for fabric was tan and white diamond shimmered front part to simply cover the woman's front lower half. the rest of it completely gold lace and gold thread small golden beads dangled from the hip strings and clicked as the man moved to move up the forth dress from his group.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-3
The man pulled out dress number four as Troys mind was very much still on dress number three, how he images her hair flowing over her lush full breasts the dress pricking her soft nipples to make them harden in passionate wanting and lust as she blushed and looked at him. her face was priceless as she bated her eyelashes trying to hide the innocent blush to her face the dragon would smile knowing her beauty and loving her submissive nature for an elf. he would walk closer to her, moving his hands to dance along her hips as her face turned to hide her blush and look away from him 'no no my sweet' he would whisper to her as he moved a claw to gently caress her cheek and move her chin to face him as his deep red captivating eyes looked into her own, deep into her mind and deep into her very soul, wondering for a moment as he just looked into her eyes a heated passion burning within her chest. he would kiss her deeply her hole body shivering as her arms moved up as if not on there own will over his shoulders to embrace the monster that was her love, her love, her master, her father, her friend, her everything , her life and the drive of her lust. she would no longer be able to hold herself still as she would shake softly her hand laced in his hair as his lips did not leave her own, a long hot forked tongue slipping into her soft silken lips as he played with her own, dancing with her tongue in a heated battle of who would win.  as he breaks the kiss her face is a bright shade of pink as she blinked still lost in the moment, his lips moved just an inch away from her own as he whispered 'i wish to lay you my elven beauty' and he moved his hands to softly bring her to the bed his arms moved around her to glide down to her backside as he slipped off the dress and pull her onto him and onto his.....

Troys mind snapped back to the real world as he thanked god he had a cape over his shoulder to hide the bulge that was now in his black leather pants, the man at the sale cart was looking at him as if he was crazy and held up the bright red and gold dress, Troy did not like it as it was to bright in red and he new it would not look right on Chesira and as fast as he held it up Troy shooed it away making the man hold up dress number five.

Troys Triumph Scriptsideright-4
The last dress was a shade of light pink and it did all the others did but the color was so soft and silky it could be used as a night dress just for him or even used as a queens gown, dragons did not see the need to hide ones self from the world female dragons in human form most of the time had nothing on at all and well to have it bluntly everything hung out.   and the males never complained but he wondered how Chesira would feel about this how an elf would feel about seeing a female dragon in human form, with hardly anything on at all.

Troy looked to the man and sharply "i will take them all other then the bright red one, bring the box with what i want to the Merchant packing up his whole caravan in a large brown sack you cant miss him, place the box in the sack and i will pick it up on my way back into town. have the others shipped to the stone ruined castle in the west of here in a weeks time, 7 moons will come and go before i wish to see the remainder of the garments, as well as i will pay any price asked then as well as extra for shipping it to me upon request" the man looked at him as if he looked almost puzzled but still noded slowly showing he kinda understood, "do you understand my wishes?" Troy asked him as the man took the dresses and placed them all under the counter folded up so neatly not to wrinkle them and pulled out a wooden box and layed it on the counter.

" yes it will be done as you ask , but do you mean that old DeLaRose Ruin that was once ruled by Anaya? or how ever her name was i can never remember names any more, she was a dragon, a large white female one, there are horror story's here about her living up there in her castle" he said as he placed the dress and the armour garments in the box and warped some twine around it making a nice bow on top.
"yes i do believe that is the place do you know what happened there? i claimed the land but all i found was a body that the scavengers ate and ruin" Troy would never say anything about the gold under the building.
"it was said she died over love, but i think she just got sick of living and died cus some bastered went up there and killed her for ripping apart his family, she was never really liked by even her own people, was known as a tyrant to the lands, or well that is how the storys go, why do you wonder my good sir?" he passed the box to Troy as he took it in his claws.
"i am just wondering that's all, it is nice to know a places story when you take it as your own"
"very true my good sir, always good to know a buildings story, if only the walls could tell ya eh"
"if only" troy said as he took the box and turned his back as the man scampered away to talk to his wife, Troy could hear there whispers from were he was a dragons ears picked up almost everything.

"did you just sell things to a dragon?" his wife said in his ear.
"yes i did, dragons have all the gold in the lands, i over priced everything he got we made a killing we will be the richest people in town" he snickered, and to think Troy just thought he was being nice but in the end Troy did not care he was going to burn this place down in no time and now hew new the very first thing he going to go after.


The Dragon walked along the path that was a unkept road till he was just outside of town, he sported a farm, and he spotted brown cows, the only thing on his mind was the meat there and he would do anything for meat right now. walking up to the farm house he knocked on the door, no one came to it...odd it is the middle of the day there is barn work to do and woman hardly ever left there homes unless going to town and by the time he was out of town everyone was going home or at home, so if she was out she would be back by now or just be behind him and no one was behind him the whole way here. Troy itched his head and shrugged as he walked to the barn hitting that door harder, the door gave eeking sound and opened up as he pushed it a bit and walked inside, the barn was the same as every other barn, dusty, covered in hay and smelled like cow poop, it was oddly nice to the dragon cow poop ment cows and cows are food so it was a good thing to him. as Troy walked around he looked back swearing he could have herd a voice but as he most of the time did he ignored things he should have. "there it is boys GET IT!" screamed out from behind a old stall as Troy turned around instantly his eyes turned black and he started to shift into his true self. his fingers turned to scaled claws, his face turning into a head and maw and his hold body growing to its proper size and covering with red scales as bright as the fire within his heart. he let out a roar as he was changing and he saw something shimmer in the air then pain, lots of pain. one foolish farmer had tossed a pitch fork at his flank and it hit its mark in the middle of his shifting. as he was growing the flesh over lapped the fork and stuck it under a scale wedged into his flank good and tight. the blood splattered all over the floor and the dragon gave a cry in utter agony, it was not even a large gash it was the simple fact of the moment it dug in was the weakest moment a dragon could be, the mear seconds it takes to shift from one form to another a dragon is at its very weakest and the pitch fork was tossed at the very right moment to bring the dragon to real pain....but anger came with pain.

AS the bright blue blood marked every place Troy stood he finished his shifting and with a lifted foot he stamped down on the barn and crushed it to bits only two out of the group of guessing seven farmers made it out before Troy pointed his mouth down and to over kill anything that was in there set the whole thing a blaze, black eyes making this a terror filled sight. "you made it pissed off RUN FOR YOUR LIVES" a farmer yelled, Troy thought like really what do you think you would have made it, happy to be stabbed? the dragon turned and looked at the one running and moved pushing off the ground jumping with a single flap of his wings and he landed square onto the mans home the screams of his wife ringing in the air. Troy looked at the man frozen in fear as Troy lowered his head as a grin came over his maw as red eyes looked right into the farmers. Troy lifted his foot and smashed it down on top of the home as the screams only turned to a crunch and whimpering gurble, Troy twisted his foot for good measure on top of the building as he moved a little closer to the frozen farmer and whispered

"i lost blood, so you lose your wife and child" to a dragon it was fair deal, a dragons blood was magic and beautiful, there blood was life and there blood was royal, so this was fair to Troy but to a human this was stupid and far from fair, but the farmer just stood there in loss and anger but frozen as fear over powered all other things in his mind right now. Troy opened his wings and pushed off the ground and into the air leaving both the farmers there to wither in there pain. AS the dragon moved he did not fly high and lowered down to scoop up a couple heads of cattle into his jaws killing them instantly on the close of his jaws.  he moved and flapped back to town not even worrying about shifting back the massive beast loomed over town spotting that shop cart that he wanted everything from all packed up in a large brown sack with a second smaller sack beside it, and beside it all was a woman, a slave woman, and she was good looking on the eyes and he did not mind looking at her at all, a dragon was always a sucker for a good slave and he thought it would be nice to give her to his elven beauty as a gift kind of thing along with the dresses. Troy did not think twice as he went past he grabbed the sacks  and the woman as she screamed to be let go, he did not care at all and picked it all up with his bad leg and with a cringe he took off and left only the cart and the cart man there without a slave any payment or any food, troy new it no time the guy would die but did the dragon care nope.

Troys Triumph Slave-leia-christy-2-by-j-scott-campbell
The Slave He Picked Up

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~~~~~~~~~~Back At the Cave With Cheshira~~~~~~~~~~
Segment typed by IICheshiraII

When Troy left her alone in the cave Cheshira started to feel scared. She was underground and had no idea for how long this place would go on and on. Maybe she could get lost and would never be found again. Quickly Cheshira shakes her head to shakes the thoughts away and stands up. The lantern Troy had put on for her so she would have some light, made the whole cave glow and shimmer in the reflections of the gems and gold pieces. Two hazel eyes stare around the cave, trying to find an end but she didn’t find an end. She only saw darkness on the other side. Cheshira shivers and wraps her arms and hands over her upper body. She wasn’t cold but the darkness far, far ahead of her made her cold. Slowly she stands up on her feet. Pieces of gold rolled down the pile with a loud rinkling sound followed by a loud tub and a hiss. Cheshira blinked and looked over her shoulder letting her hair sway with the force of the turn. She didn’t see anything. She lifts her  shoulders and turns her head back letting her hair sway again and slowly started to walk. She walked for about fifteen minutes when she saw something. It had a beautiful gold frame, perfectly decorated with golden flowers, angels, butterflies, anything beautiful one could think of was on it. She smiles and tilts her head to a side curiously, letting her blonde hair fall to the side and bounce a little as she slowly walks closer. It was a mirror. But the closer Cheshira got, the more she noticed there was something odd about the mirror but she didn’t know what it was just yet. Coming even closer the mirror rises out high above her. She was only 4”9’ herself and the mirror was twice her size.  Looking over her shoulder for a moment her two hazel eyes scan around again as her long blonde hair moves with the force of the turn. She was absolutely and completely alone. She blinks a few times and looks back at the mirror. Her long blond hair swaying back as she turns her head. She blinks a few times and reaches her right hand out to the mirror and trails her fingers over it. The mirror itself felt soft, almost like a liquid.  The frame was hard and detailed with sharp edges here and there. With a hiss she pulls her hand back and raises it to her lips. It tastes funny, metal like. She blinks a few times and looks at her finger. She cut herself on the mirror and now she was bleeding. It wasn’t much but she was never the less bleeding. She blinks again and looks up to the mirror to see if there was any blood on it and there was. A small drop stood out on the golden frame. But wait? Did she just see that correctly? She blinks again and slowly the small drop starts to get bigger and bigger, covering the mirror’s frame in a blood red layer. She blinks a few times and takes a step back put trips over her dress and falls back on her bum into the gold with a loud squeal. The squeals echo’s through the cave for a few moments before it goes quiet again. Cheshira blinks a few times and looks at the mirror. It was still blood red. “No… That can’t be..” she said softly and pushes herself up on her knees and forward on all fours. Slowly she crawls over to the mirror and strikes her finger over the frame again. The sharp edges were gone and it all felt soft, like velvet. Sitting back she leans her bum on her heels and sits on her knees in front of the mirror. She didn’t understand how something like this could happen, unless it was Magic. But what did she know about magic? She didn’t even know how to use it and what kinds there were. Cheshira sighs and looks into the mirror and stares at herself for a moment. “Who would hide this mirror here?” She asks herself out loud and slowly the image in the mirror started to become blurry and started to take the shape of someone else. A women. A beautiful woman Cheshira didn’t know. But she was going to find out who this was, even if it took her forever to find out.

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Moments passed and Cheshira kept staring at the mirror before it slowly turned back to her. Slowly she slides her bum off her heels and sits on the large pile of gold with her legs on her side. She blinks a few times and tilts her head to the side. “I wonder…. Show me Troy’s human form” She said to the mirror. And indeed, slowly her sitting image started to get blurry before showing the forms and later a full man. And not just any man, the mirror showed Troy, her Troy. She blinks a few times and slowly pushes herself off the pile and stands back up on her feet. The image of Troy did as well. “Troy..” She said softly and reaches out to him but as soon as she touches the mirror his reflection arches back  and makes a face as if he’s in terrible pain. Quickly she pulls her hand back from the mirror. “Troy! No!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. The image of Troy collapsed on the floor and was shaking in pain. Cheshira quickly brings her hands up over her mouth and gasps as tears start to well up in her eyes. “No……No….. Troy…… No”  she said as she falls down to her knees, letting the cold pieces beneath her move away and wrinkle as the tears started to drop down her cheeks.  She lowers her head and while she does the image of Troy started to turn back to her. “NO!” she screams at the top of her lungs, letting her voice echo through the cave once more. As she blinks a few times she sees a giant red gem in front of her. Sniffing she reaches her hand down and pick the gem up before pulling her arm back and reaches behind her and throwing the gem as hard as she can into the mirror. With a loud, ear piercing squeal the mirror breaks and a vapor comes from it. The pieces of the mirror fall down into the pile of gold and slowly start to melt away. The golden frame falls down into thousands of coins and gems. Cheshira blinks a few times and as she takes a breath to calm herself she takes the vapour in. She coughs a few times and slowly gets up. She was incredibly dizzy and was wobbling on her feet as she stood there. She started walking but didn’t make it any further than just on top of a pile. There she lets herself fall down and closes her eyes. Her breathing was slow, hard but yet very short. Almost as if she was holding her breath every time she took a breath. But she wasn’t doing this, she simply couldn’t breathe. Stretching out over the pile of gold she reaches her hands over her head and makes herself as long as possible to open her lungs. But it didn’t help much. “Troy…” She brings out with a raspy voice just before her head falls to the side and her breathing stops and she just lays there. Without movement, without a breath, nothing indicating she was still alive but a very weak heartbeat.

“Cheshira……. Cheshira wake up” a clear soft voice spoke to her. Blinking a few times Cheshira sits up and rubs her hand over her eyes and looks around. She wasn’t in the cave any more. She was on a field, everything was bright and colorful. The grass was green, flowers in every color one could think off, trees blossoming and next to her a woman looking just like herself only with blue eyes. “Good morning sweetheart, did you have a nice dream?” the woman asks. Cheshira blinks a few times and looks at the woman as she tilts her head to a side. “We’ve been watching you while you were sleeping” a males voice said from her other side. She blinks and turns her head towards him. He was beautiful, just as the woman. Both had blonde hair, the woman had blue eyes and the man brown, both were dressed in rags of leather and they were somewhat dirty. “Don’t be afraid” the woman said sweetly. “We’re your parents.” The man adds onto the words the woman spoke. Cheshira blinks. Her parents? Looking between the two she closes her eyes for a moment before rubbing them again and opening them once more. But the man and the woman were still there. “Cheshira you need to find something” the woman said. “You need to find for an egg. An ivory  egg with gold and pearls as decoration on three golden small legs” the man adds to the woman once more. “When you find it..” The woman said sweetly “…You need to give the little crown on the top a small turn. About three quarters.” She adds to her own words and the man takes over again. “The egg will open and a music tune will start to play. Listen carefully and you’ll find everything you’re looking for”. Cheshira blinks and looks from the man to the woman and back a few times. She was confused but before she could ask anything the man and woman started to fade and the beautiful field started to turn into the dark cave again. She was sitting on top of one of the gold piles. Even more confused she looks around. Her breathing was still heavy and her heart was beating in her throat. She didn’t know how long she was out and in that world but it was still light outside, she could see the beam of light coming in through the whole in the ceiling Troy made. But then suddenly she remembers. The egg! Maybe it was a clue to what ever she was looking for. Quickly she got up on her feet but wobbles back and forward a little bit as she was feeling dizzy. Not being able to hold her balance she tumbles forward and rolls down the gold pile until she stops at the bottom of it. She hits her head on something hard, something that made a different sound then the rest of the stuff. Groaning she rubs her head and sits up. And there it was, the ivory egg with gold and pearls as decoration on three little golden legs with a golden crown on top of it.

She reaches her hands out and folds her fingers around it as she carefully picks it up. Taking a closer look at it she couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. She wanted to make sure it was safe in case she needed it again. Taking the egg in one hand she raises her free hand to the little golden crown and turns it about three quarters. The three beautifully decorated side panels open and a soft melody starts to play

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Cheshira doesn’t know the song and so listens carefully and closes her eyes. Swaying her body softly to the melody she suddenly stops as she sees Troy in her thoughts. Troy, her Troy, her mighty dragon Troy. Was she in love with him? She had to be, otherwise she wouldn’t think of him this much. But how could an Elf and a dragon possibly live together and take care of each other? How were they going to have a family and what would their children look like? Would he be in love with her as well? Troy…… Her beautiful, mighty, strong, scary, loving Troy. She had to tell him the truth. She had too. And she needed to know if he felt the same thing. But just as she made her mind up a bout that the music stopped playing and the three panels close. Slowly Cheshira opens her eyes again and places the egg down, carefully so she doesn’t break it. She stands up and puts her hands around her mouth “I’m in love with you mighty Troy! I’m in love with you!” she screams at the top of her lungs. Her voice echo’s through the cave and it even started to shake and rumble a little. She blinks and looks around. But then the rumbling stops again and Cheshira lets her breath go, not realizing she was holding it. She than giggles and runs up the pile of gold as fast as she can and rushes back to sit down just below the opening Troy made for them to get it. But just as she sits down there a rock falls down not too far from her but instead of hitting the gold it hits something else with a loud tub followed by the loud hiss. But as she tilts her head to a side and leans forward a little she sees a cloud coming off it. She blinks a few times more and doesn’t think much of it and lifts her shoulders and stares up to the whole in the cave’s ceiling. She inhaled the cloud without knowing it and Cheshira started to feel tired again so she lays down and closes her eyes and falls asleep.
The hours past as Cheshira was sleeping and it was slowly getting darker and warmer in the cave but not just in the cave. Cheshira’s body was getting warmer too. The cloud she inhaled was a toxic vapour but since she didn’t know, she wouldn’t know either she was getting sick. Because of the heat Cheshira started to wake up. Groaning and moaning she rubs her eyes and sits up. She had no memory of her dream, she only knew she was getting hotter. But when she looks up to the whole she was it was getting dark. “Oh Troy…. Come back please” she said as she looks up to the darkening skies. Sighing she lays her hands in her lap and looks around, she was bored. Her hair was a mess, her dress was dirty, she herself was dirty and now she was getting hot. Raising her hand to the top of her dress she holds it between her thumb and pointer finger and starts pulling it forward and pushing it back in a rapid pace to bring some cool air to her body, but it didn’t help much. She looks back at the whole in the ceiling and wishes she could climb out herself but it was simply too high. She sighs and just stares at the whole as she lays back on the gold pile and starts counting the first starts which were slowly showing. Cheshira smiles and tilts her head to the side as she starts to draw figures into it. But even that was boring her rather quickly. She missed Troy, he needed to come back soon. “Troy……. “ she said again in a whining tone of voice and starts looking around the room for something to do.


IICheshiraII: -Cheshira was looking around in the gold pit as she tried to come up with something to do. It was only when she was looking around she saw something in the corner of her eyes and tilts her head to a side and looks at it. A chest? She blinks a few times and moves up on the gold pile before letting herself slide down to the chest. It wasn't locked and so she opens it. She gasps as she sees what's inside. THe most beautiful dresses, silks, expensive cotton, all of the finer fabrics were in it. The one who made these dresses was very skilled. She tried them on one by one and time passed by. When she finally picked a dress she puts the others back and lays her dirty dress over the top. She had to wash it. She than sits down and smiles as her hands slide over the dress. She'd been down here a long time and she was starting to feel warm. But tired at the same time. She lays back and closes her eyes but the first thing she sees is Troy. Could it be she was in love with him? Could it be an Elf fell for a dragon and the other way around? Cheshira shakes her head but yet she still saw Troy's face. His beautiful face. And while she stared at that face she fell asleep but even in her dreams he didn't leave her alone.-

Anaya: The dragon thumped out of the forest After he had disposed of his stolen slave girl in an old barn a little bit into the wood, he hid here down there so his elven woman would not see her as of yet he would carefully go there when she was sleeping to feed the little thing but other then that he was thinking of keeping the slave till the time was right to bring it out to show his woman. Troy held a mass of about 5 large brown cows in his jaws, ya he stole them from some farmer but she would never know about it, and he also had a very large brown sack lashed around his neck with rope filled to the top with bread and fruits and veggies. It would last a wile he new this and hoped with his hunger the meat would not vanish within a couple days or less, also lashed to the side of the born sack was a little bit smaller one filled with only apples, it was the only fruit a dragon could handle, anything else would come up the same way it went down and it was far from a nice thing to hear that coming back up. Troy also was bleeding and there was burn marks to his fount flank it was nothing to bad but it was clear towns people did not like him being around, his blood was a bright royal blue like most pure blood dragons as he lightly walked over to the top of the hole in the ground the thumping of him echoing in the ground .

IICheshiraII: -Rubbing her eyes as she hears the echo of the large hard footsteps she sits up.- Troy? -She calls out. Even though she just woke up she was still tired, a lil dizzy and overly warm. She wanted to get out but she wanted to get the chest up as well- Troy... Im down here! -She shouts as hard as she can. She groans a little and moves up as much as she can.-

Anaya: Troy could hear her but did not pay much to it as of yet he had to unload so walking around the hole he dumped his amount of dead live stock and bags of food down on the ground and itched the back of his head taking a long time not thinking much at all, the dragon was power not much brains even if at times he did use his brain it was not one of them times. He walked to the doors after a good 20 minuets of unloading and itching and lowered his head down the hole looking for his Cheshire “were did you crap off to my dear ” he said as his head and body started to snake down into the pit.

IICheshiraII: Im down here... -She said as she pushes herself up again.- I need your help with something which is too heavy for me.. -She said as she crawls over to the chest. To cheshira it felt like it was only getting warmer and warmer and so she sits down on the chest to catch her breath as she whips her forehead with with back of her hand. Not wanting to show Troy she was feeling that hot. It was getting darker in the pit as well and Cheshira didn't like the dark. Especially not when she was alone. Since she was between two gold piles Troy would either have to climb over it or around it to see her. She only hoped he found her soon enough.-

Anaya: Troy moved into the hole as he could see her in the darkness moving his head over to her side as he crawled down into the hole his hold body inside at this point, blood still dripping from his leg as he moved and looked at the chest, his neck glowing so she could see a tad clearer. “and what is it you need me to help you with” he looked at her bright glowing red eyes cutting the darkness as he let out a warm just of air from his breathing. his body seemed to raise the rooms temperature even more as he glowed with heat no matter what form he took it was a downside to being a beast made of fire.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiled softly as she saw and heard him- The chest.... it holds clothes.... -But with the just of air Troy let out she only got hotter. Too hot and cost her to faint onto his snout. She wasn't used to these temps and was in need of fresh air. She sighs and slowly sits up again.- Please get me out... -She whispers and slowly crawled onto his head. Only to lay down as she was too tired to sit up.-

Anaya: Troy grabbed the chest fast as he took a claw and put her safely on his head, he had no idea what was wrong he never really new anyone not good with heat...let alone he never really new anyone other then dragons but then no one as he never hung out with other beings at all, so people all together was new to him. He lifted his head out of the hole and climbed up and onto ground level as he put the chest down and held Ches up into the sky to let the air wash over her, the air was cool but his head was still hot, and reaching up like this made the wound on his leg rip open a tad more but he did not care anyway it did not hurt all that much. “are you ok my dear Cheshira?” he asked a voice filled with worry.

IICheshiraII: -Gasping as she was in the fresh air she slowly started to feel a little better even though the heat of Troy body was still near her. She smiles and nuzzles her head to Troy.- Im just too hot Troy.. Im not used to these heats. I'm used to cold and winters. -Which was true. Cheshira always lived in lands where 3/4 of the year was cold and snowy and icy. She didn't know these kind of heats and so had to get used to them. But she heared a rip in the background- What was that? -She asks as she sits up a little, feeling better now she was in the cool air.- Are you hurt Troy? Please tell me you're not hurt... -She said overly worried and climbed down to his snout to look at him a little better.-

Anaya: Troy lowered his head so she would not fall as he looked at her and turned an eye to look behind them to see nothing but the land flat and clear nothing really but stones and rats "do not worry i have a small run in with the towns farmers, they do not take lightly to dragons taking live stock, i took out a bunch of them with little to no problems but then one got me good with his pronged hay stick" (pitch fork) he softly lowered her to the ground and looked to her as he let her slip off from his hot head to sit on a cool stone step, Troy would lay down his bleeding flank covering in dirt and grit, it may not be the best for it but he did not really care, what would a dragon know about medical care to them everything healed on there own.

IICheshiraII: -Listening to Troy as he lowers her to the ground she looks back at his flank as well. She than looks back at Troy with a worried look on her face- Let me help you.... -She said softly as she places both her hands on his snout.- You helped me to get out and get fresh air, than let me help you... Please Troy. Let me help -She nearly begs him. She wanted him to be healthy and strong. Not hurt and bleeding. She only stared at him for a moment and only hoped he would let her help. But even if he didn't Cheshira had already decided she was going to help him. Rather he wanted her or not.-

Anaya: Troy new that hay stick was deep in his flank and deep under a scale that would have to be removed to get it out, the only thing there was a dirt covered maybe foot of handle with a good 5 feet inside of his leg of hay stick and to top it all off it had a scale it was jammed under. “i don't know if you could get it out my dear it is in deep it does not hurt much unless it is moved” he said knowing if she could get this out it would hurt like no tomorrow. He moved his flank up so she could take a look at it, this was something coming from a dragon as they never let anyone help them for having a very high pride it ment they hated to have to lower it to need help. "you can help, just be gentle "

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looks at his flank but she was too focused on it to hear what he said. She knew it would hurt to get it out but it had to get out to heal. Slowly she walked towards it and tilts her head to the side before looking back at Troy.- Don't watch... Turn your head away. No buts... Just do it.. Please.. -But before troy could say something she climbed onto his flank, not caring if her new dress got dirty. Placing her feet a little apart from each other so she has more support she quickly grabs onto the piece of the pitch fork she could get her hands on and pulls with all her strength. After what seems to be a few minutes she falls back to the ground with a loud thud but with the pitch fork in her hands. Quickly she grabs her old dress and cleans it as best as she can before climbing up to his flank again and starts to clean the area around the wound and the wound itself.-

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Anaya: Troy did as she told him to, he turned his head and shut his eyes and a snarle came to his lips as she was janking the thing out, he moved a claw and wedged it under a scale to lift it up to help her be able to get the fork out he crindged and his upper lip lifted as he snarled biteing back the pain as the fork came free from its lodging. Troy had riped that scale up good so as he placed it down it bent up a little. The dragon looked at it as he hated seeing his own blood it was a kink he had loved seeing others blood but his own he did not even want to look at it. “it will have to be removed, the scale, and we have no cloth to wrap as well as magic will not work on my hide my dear” the dragon layed his body down as his leg hurt and was stinging from the pain, it was throbing and it was like he could feel his heart beat every time it thumped inside of his leg.

IICheshiraII: -Cleaning it a little more she sighs and sits back.- I could wrap it if you went back to your human form. But we won't know what this wound will be like when you do.... -She sighs again and lowers her head for a moment as she just sits there. Kneeled on his leg with her hands in her lap and her head lowerd. She thinks for a little while longer before mumbling somthing to herself..- THere were most chests down there... Maybe they hold clothes aswell...- She than looks up at Troy and bites her lip for a moment- I know a way to wrap it... But promise me, you won't look. -She saids softly. Cheshira planned on tying all her newly found dresses together and make it one long wrapping, long enough to wrap his wound with. But she didn't want to expose herself like that to Troy just yet. Because she would need the dress she war wearing aswell and so she would be naked while taking care of his wound.-
Anaya: Troy looked at her as his eyes got softer at her care for him, he could hear her mumble and it was far from hard to place the parts together about her wanting to use the close in the chest to mend him. He moved his nose to lightly nuzzle her cheek as he moved it a bit to pull her close to him. It was as if he was useing his neck to hug and hold her, he whispered softly as his voice would be a little loud at this range “it is ok my sweet, i will place mud on my wounde and it will make a banage and stop the bleeding then i will heal slowly, i may not be able to be human for a couple days as if i do shift the whould will surely make my arm a wreak that may end up having to be removed and cut off. I may shift the the gash will not change in size, it will only grow” he looked at her as he let her go and softly nuzzled her side once more, takeing his clawed other hand he dug it into the ground and pulled up the dirt then lathered it onto his arm mixing dirt with blue blood makeing a mud pact on his scales, it was dirty but it would work and for a dragon it was natural and the best meds they could come up with.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looked at him and wanted to stop him but before she could say something it was too late. He threw mud on it already. Glacing upto him she sighs- Troy... It needs to be wrapped.. I don't mind. I'll make new clothes or maybe there are more chests with clothes down there.. -Slowly she slid herself off him and walked over to him head and placed her hand on him- I don't mind. I want you to get better... -Even though she was taking care of Troy she still wasn't feeling well herself. But the longer she would stay out here the better she would feel. She smiles to him and places a kiss on his head before lowering herself to the ground and leaning against him- Take me with you next time.. -She saids softly as she holds onto him and nuzzles against him as she was fighting the tears. She hated to see him in pain and she hated it more she wouldn't be able to see his human form for a few days. Maybe it would even take weeks for him to heal. She sighs softly and nuzzles him again.-

Anaya: Troy looked to his beloved little elf, so full of care he was never taken care of so well before this was all so very new to him. “we dragons are built to get hurt my dear, a strong scaled hide and a reinforced under layer of fat to keep the damage very small, you see how long that pitch fork was it never even got to my muscle or to the bone, it only made it in half the fat layer, it will not take to long a couple days before i can shift down to my human self, then i promise this place will be made beautiful and the only thing to beat its spender will be you standing in the centre of its halls. But i do think when i get back to my human self you may have to give me a make over in that leather clothing i think i stand out far to much in the little towns, the farmers seem to spot me a mile away ” he nudged her playful as he layed there his body on the ground and belly down resting his front leg as the blooding was stopping and slowed to a drip sinking into the mug plastered onto his arm.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira only nuzzled into Troy a bit more before leaning against him. She looks upto him and smiles a bit before laying her head back and taking a deep breath. She groans a little as her chest hurted when she breathed to deeply. Closing both eyes stiff before peeking upt at Troy with one to see if he saw her and heard she. She opened her other eye aswell and smiles before she started to relax a little. It was getting colder out but with her being so close to Troy she wasn't cold. Infact she though it was a rather plesant change. The cool night air mixed with Troy's heat. It was like a nice blanket was wrapped around her. She sighs and closes her eyes as she snuggles into Troy a bit more. She only wished he could hold her right now. Turning her head a little she took another breath and hoped the next few days went on without any furhter issues. She wanted Troy to heal as soon as possible and that would only happend if they were left alone. She than looka at him again and smiles- I will help you with clothes and hair if and when we go back to town. But you shouldn't have to change...- She saids softly. But Cheshira knew she was right. The ruler of lands should have to change just because his people don't like him. They can either adjust to him or look the other way.-

Anaya: as she snuggled into him a smile came over his maw as he gave a soft purr like sound from inside his belly, the bleeding had stoped and the mud was not hardening into a case like bandage. “i know my sweet, and i do not wish to change, but to stop them from trying to be head me every time i go there i have to hide the fact i am a scaled fire breathing monster for now. Humans hate dragons for we eat them and eat there live stock. ” he moved his head slowly to point at the bunch of cows “you see i did not get the cows from unowned lands, i had to grab and run” he made sure he left out the little part of killing the farmers family and letting the farmer live, he new this may come back to haunt him but he did not care much, it was a human after all he could burn or step on it if it showed up. “in a way it is just us laying low for me, or well me laying low you will have no problems in town as you are elven, humans see your kind as a grace, or well they see the females of your kind as a grace males not so much” he shut his eyes a moment and would breath slow and long. His body sounding like a stove bellowing air in and out of it, he was kinda loud.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira shakes her head- You're wrong Troy.. -She said after listening to him. She moves on her knees and tilts her head to a side before lowering it.- My kind is used by other kinds as slaved. We're loyal, faithful and hard workers. My women are used as breeding things and are only used for pleasure. Men are used as slaves for their strength. They put us in armys to fight for other kinds, they use us to take care of their lands, to take care of their kids and familys. My kind is a slaves kind. For humans not so much since we look alike but to other more powerful races we are. I... -She stops and looks up at Troy. She wanted to tell how her life started but she didn't know if he wanted to know. But instead of saking she just tells him.- My parents gave me away when i was a new born. The couldn't take care of me and they gave me to a welthy man. He took good care of me untill my 16th bithday. He wanted to inslave me, but i refused to obey him and so he locked me up. He tried to sell me to this Emperor some years ago. But instead of buying me and using me as a slave he freed me and let me have a wealthy life. Although i don't care about riches or money, i never had anything to complain about. -She than goes quiet again and looks at the scars on her wrists. The scars of the cuffs and chains she used to wear day after day. She sighs and looks up at Troy again- Troy... My kind are slaves. We aren't worthy of crowns or riches. We're slaves, that's all we're good for... -With that said she slowly stands up and walks a little bit ahead of Troy before turning around. She smiles sweetly to him.- But a mighty beast like you wouldn't have to worry about that, now would you?

Anaya: Troy looked at her as she walked a little ways from him, he wanted to say how he is hunted for sport in lands all over the world, how dragons are enslaved just as much as elves and other races are he just wanted to look at her and say i know how you feel. But he could not say a thing, he did not want her to see him as anything but himself see him as an animal without a brain ment to lift and pull things, he wanted her only to see him as he was even if at times he was a over grown lizard that was good at pulling and lifting stuff. “to a dragon an elf is never to be in chain” it was all he said as he looked at her with soft eyes “an elf is to be in silken gowns on top of a forest castle covered in nature and vine, a castle be fitting there beauty and longevity, to live forever is a long time to have it spent in chain” the sad part is he new how it was, he had never bin chained himself but he new others that had, new how his kind was used as mounts and horses lashed up and starved so they would be loyal to there masters. His kind was a gift for royalty, dewinged and lashed up to carts as they got interbred to be born without wings and born without knowing how to feed themselves, born with no freedom at all, and born to stupid to even be able to talk or know what it is like to be a dragon. “you will never feel metal on you unless it is a crown my dear Cheshira i promise you that”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiled to him and nodded before walking over to him again and places her hands on his snout before leaning in and kissing it.- Only when you're on my side -She whispers as she stands back up. Trailing her hand over him as she walks back to the spot she was just sitting on she places one more kiss on him and smiles before sitting down.- I missed you. I was so worried. -She whispers and holds onto him tightly. Cheshira did miss him. In the few days they were together she got so used to him, she could hardly emagine a life without him. She wanted him to stay on her side but she couldn't stop him if he wanted to leave. She sighs and looks upto him wiht a smile and goes back to her thoughts when she was alone. She was thinking about how an Elf and a dragon could be together and life as a normal couple. She was sure they would figure something out but she would feel for ever guilty if Troy got hurt while protecting her.-

Anaya: “i just wish never to scare you again, it is the only thing that worry's me about you seeing me hunt, i lose myself when i smell blood it is like a different side of me, a fire filled black eyed side” he blinked remembering that look on the farmers face when he crushed the mans wife and child under the building then burned it for the over kill factor, he new if Ches ever saw this side of him her thoughts of him may just change to ones of not so much love and care, and he never wanted to have her see him as anything but kind to her.

IICheshiraII: Troy i know a part of you involves killing. I know a part of you needs that. It will take time for me to learn to deal with that. -She smiles to him and nuzzles into him.- Can you give me the time and the space to learn to deal with it? Maybe i can go with you once i am... -She lifts her shoulders innocently and giggles. She wanted to be at his side all the time. Even if it ment be with him while he was killing some creature. Although Cheshira was against useless killing, Troy only killed to feed. Atleast as far as she knew.-

Anaya: "i just...dont want your veiw of me to change" he said softly as his eyes looked at the ground for a moment, big red eyes with long cat like slits down them "i just dont want you to see me as the monster i am"

IICheshiraII: -Standing up again she walks over to his snout and places both hands on it as she looks at him- Troy.... I will never see you like that. You are a mighty beast who only kills to survive or to defend. Why would that change my view on you? -She asks as she tilts her head to a side and just stares at him.-

Anaya: only kills to eat.... he new this was far from the truth he killed as much for enjoyment as he did for a meal, when hurt it was like he lost himself to the blood shed did not only kill the one that hurt him but everything that one loved "yes only kill to eat and protect" he said softly "i do hope you never see the bad side of me Cheshira, you only saw the tip of it last time and i never want to see you that scared agein "

IICheshiraII: I won't be if you show me slowly... I was always protected from violance. The only time it was around me is when i had assasains come after me. I was well protected and so i don't know it. It was kept away from me. That's all. -She saids as she lifts her shoulder.- Troy. I want to be with you. With you good and sweet side. And with you bad and scary side. -WIth that said she places another soft kiss on his snout and smiles to him as she hugs his snout-

Anaya: he smiled and shut his eyes as he took in there embrace "and i want to be with you, i will try my best to be good for you, to be the mighty beast you look up to, to be fair and only hunt and kill for food i will try my best for you Cheshira" he ment it he was really going to try for her, best he could anyway this was going to be a biger chalange then he thought.

IICheshiraII: I know you will -She whispers and nuzzles into him before yawning. It sure was getting later and Cheshira was getting tired. She smiles and walks back to the spot where she was buried away in him but still in reach of the cool night air. She sits down and cuddles into him as she wraps her arm around him as best as she could and places another kiss on him before rubbing her cheek against him and slowly drifting off. She didn't know if Troy was tired or if he would try to get some sleep. She only knew she was tired and need at least a few hours of sleep.-

Anaya: He looked up at her and smiled not saying a word, sleep was a peaceful thing dragons never needed much of but they did enjoy being lazy and relaxing on a nice cool night. he shut his eyes and let out a soft purring sound that soon faded as he relaxed even his breathing and heart beat down to a stedy soft thumping almost unable to be felt at all. it was almost like the best was dead, but not really, just resting and relaxing fully a great way to store up energy and heal.

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His band of men following him he would stop just out of the distance of the dragon.~ “Lord Dragon….. “ ~he would stand firm upon his hoarse as he would look upon the company with a grin.~ “ My Lady Bids thee welcome from the land witch you walk over. The Underdark and here esteemed case. Would like a meeting with someone as we seek powerful allies.” ~he would chuckle as it would seem the dragon would be a mighty one.

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa had decided to wonder about a bit outside the courtyard from where she lived. The family wasn't home and she had already cleaned the castle three times. She looks back wondering where they had gone but shrugs heading into the forest. She wore her best dress which was made of silk and linen, embroidery in gold thread and made to fit her perfectly. Her feet bare though her silver metallic solid mist power covered her feet making it look like she has metal feet. Lissa was not use to wearing shoes at all as she was really bad walking in heels. As she wonders deeper in the forest the trees began to move as a clearing had come up. She was happy to see flowers though in the center was a half built castle. As she got closer she saw a red dragon, Lissa hasn't seen red before on a dragon and curiously got closer only she looked up seeing a elven women sleeping on his head. She stops and waits to be noticed though she really wanted to poke the dragon with a stick~

Anaya: Troy let out a yawn as he layed there in his half built resting place, it was already midday and he had over slept, the dragon opened an eye as he shut his massive jaws and looked around, there was a female there in fount of his face....was she real or was this still a dream. He thought in his head that it was still a dream and he would keep thinking that way till he was fully up, that took longer then most thought. He shut his eyes again and let out a snort as he made sure his sweet woman Ches was safely on his head so she could sleep soundly, he did not want to wake her up anytime soon.

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa giggles as she saw him wake up. She waves cutely wagging her wolf tail as her ears flicker. Though was wondering why he stared so long she speaks softly~ Hello ~Though the big dragon went back to sleep hearing the snort made her giggle again. Looking at the lady on his head Lissa quieted down trying really hard not to poke the dragon on the nose as Lissa was curious but she also had a tendency to be too curious. Not wanting to anger anything or the Dragon Lissa plops her bum on the grass her tail wagging and her feet hidden in her dress as she quietly stared giggling here and there~

Anaya: Troys eye opened again as the thing he thought was a dream talked. “i am still sleeping, you are not real” he said in that deep male voice, he lifted his upper lip in a fail sleepy snarl, it was not very scarey as he was still kinda out of it for he was after all half a sleep. Moving his clawed hand he took the sleeping elven woman from his head and placed her softly on the ground next to a pillar so he would be save on a bed of grass and in a place he would be able to keep an eye on his sleeping beauty. Troy wanted to get up but at the same time he wanted to lay there and not care about this made up thing in front of him that was so in his mind a dream.

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa giggles though she wasn't sure if it was a mean snarl or good it still looked funny on a half sleeping face. She stands brushing her dress off and though she was curious and was speaking carefully~ Im real silly and I know your sleeping i was watching you sleep ~Lissa looks up at the sky, seeing it was mid-day she figured this dragon has been sleeping through out the day.~ From the position of the sun it is mid-day ~Lissa sat back down as she watched the dragon with curious steel silver eyes, fur was brown on her tail and ears, light brown under the tail as her hair was curly and same brown as the fur, Lissa was 5'5 when she stood.~

Anaya: Tory let out another yawn he was almost fully up now, even if he did not want to be, blinking a couple times he looked to the little girl now being able to see it a bit clearer then before she looked real but then again the ones for a little wile ago that vanished seamed clear then to, so who new this could very much still be a dream. “yes I know it is midday, you seem real for a figment of my mind” he said as he got up a little his giant 80 foot long bunk making everything around him seem ant size, and to think Troy was only 3 quarters full grown, he still had a good ways to go to be his full adult breeding male size. The dragon opened his wings and let out a snort dust and grit flying from his nostrils and all over the place before his head, he would cover the girl if she did not move fast.

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa giggles and backs up though encase he was going to breath fire Lissa started to slightly glow, slowly as if caressing her pale skin a sold mist, silver metallic in color, Started covering her skin, Though it was a type of metal power it wasn't exactly metal. It had the appearance of shadows but light silver, it covered her ears, tail, skin and her eyes was more steel like. She moves quickly to the side use to the dragon behaviour as she was a nanny to a few. Lissa felt really small compared to this one though as the ones she is use to being around are only babies. Lissa giggles again standing there off to the side as her powers retreat. It was a defence thing against fire as she was use to putting out fires.~ I'm Lissa, What's your name?

KotaSurion: -balumain would yawn softly as his long maw opened as his long drooling tongue hung out from his mouth as he panted letting heat out of of his tongue. he would then pull his tongue back into his mouth as he licked his now keeping it wet as the cold air blew ever so softly against his nose carefree as his eyes glow a bright silver while his blood red furr as he howled softly catching scent of a few rabbits, after catching their scent he would chase them throughout the forest like huge puppy as they ran throughout the forest to a torn down castle what seemed to under repair, once he was close enough he would pounce a bunny and rips it throat out howling loudly as he panted happily and plops down and begins to eat the rabbit as his eyes went from a silver to a blood red.-

Anaya: The dragon yawned once more and got up, a little wobbly at first but he was getting up slow and steady, and well sleepy. He lowered his head down to the woman his flank wound still paining him but it was no longer bleeding in its mud bandage and was healing still slower then he would want it to. Troys horns on his ears twitched as he turned his head hearing a howl, he did not like guests and he hated real ones, the dream ones are ok but real ones he was never a public figure but ...he new he has to change this to give his elven woman all she would want, all she deserved in life, give her everything he wanted her to have. Troy let out a roar in response to the wolf howl, something scarey to get rid of the thing and hopefully not draw it closer. But soon after he was done his roar that echoed in his lands he moved his head back down to look at the little female that was there before him “Troy Evander is my name” Chesira rolled on the ground as the roar made her move and grumble a bit as Troy looked at her he almost forgot he had to be silent, he new she could sleep most things away as she did his breathing and snoring at night but a roar may be to much for the little thing to sleep past, so he made his mind up he would not do that again.

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa stares mostly in awe but tries to be polite about it. Seeing the injury Lissa felt bad for him. How ever she stood straight and bows~ pleasure to meet you Sir Troy ~She always gave titles to people who seemed higher rank and to her a dragon was a big rank to respect. Hearing the howl as well made Lissa turn and listen as her ears went forward. Though it only sounded like a wolf just made a kill as Lissa sighs softly glad it wasn't a attacking howl. She turns back to the dragon with a sweet smile and gentle natured look only to hear the roar which made her fur stand on end and stay still as stone. Once the dragon finished his roar Lissa smoothed her fur and tried to relax a little but hearing the female stir on the grass Lissa fell silent not wanting to wake her either as it was probably not a good thing if the dragon was trying to keep quiet. Lissa turns back to the dragon and smiles and curtsies again~ That howl was only the sound that a wolf made a kill and it sounds too far away right now ~Lissa stares back to the forest a little unsure about that howl~

KotaSurion: -balumains ears would curve down due to how loud the roar was he would whine slightly as he picked up the dead rat as he curiously made his way top the roar. once he fount the roar he would see two what would appear to be human like beings and a huge scaled dragon as he tilted his head to the right ever so slightly not out confusion but amazement to into seeing a huge scaly creature such as the huge dragon in front of him as he dropped half of the dead rabbits carcass and paws it towards them in a respectful manner due to hunting on their grounds, after all balumain had more respect for others hunting grounds as he sat on his hind paws as his tail hit the floor as it swished back and forth as he panted slightly with each pant a black mist seeped from his maw as his eyes turn a bright silver while waiting to see if they would take his 'apology' for hunting on the grounds unknowingly.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the drow came back from his realm a spider circuit would now encrust his head for he was made something far greater then he had hopped an emissary was needed for he would take not one drow from his house he would take several. His journey would bring with him not just himself for it was a parley he would meet with this dragon he would heard about the dragon that would have fed him. he knew upon his return it would cause a recourse but he did not care he was drow and stubborn. He previously asked for the matron of the first house that he was to grant him this offer and she would accept it. So with the matrons blessing he led not one drow but a cluster of 30 at his command. He would wear a smug look upon his face now that he was shown favour in the face of Lolth the Queen of spiders. He was apart of the first house now. The matrons made him weapons master as he would ride upon his black stead the group of drow at his back would be a glorious appearance. It was midday he knew to bring more surfaces bound weapons, as he was ready to meet with the beast. As he would appear upon the clearing he would know them to be he would raise a hand for the company to halt. As the master of arms he would simply look down upon the field all the other drow where elegant in stature clerics and swordsmen alike would be in his little band of drow and where armed to the teeth with magical weapons. His head would cock to one side since he would see other people down there as well. He would wave his motion forward as the drow would make sure to make a grand appearance. His band of men following him he would stop just out of the distance of the dragon.~ “Lord Dragon….. “ ~he would stand firm upon his hoarse as he would look upon the company with a grin.~ “ My Lady Bids thee welcome from the land witch you walk over. The Underdark and here esteemed case. Would like a meeting with someone as we seek powerful allies.” ~he would chuckle as it would seem the dragon would be a mighty one. “ ~his glory would be shown upon his dark body he was dressed in a great stature and would look upon the others the other thirty drow at his back. as he would have them all form a line to present himself in a formal appearance.~

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa kept staring at the forest as though she could sense something. Her tail stills and ears pretty much as forward as they could. She held her own howl to not wake the girl but Lissa would usually answer a howl. She looks to the giant red dragon and then back to the forest. She was concentrating so hard she did not notice the two new people though when one spoke it made Lissa leap and cover her own mouth from a yelp as to not wake the young elven women and decides to play dead. Her ears still stood straight listening for any other howls. Lissa only played dead when she was scared or frightened. She opens one eye and seeing as it was only someone who looked like they didn't get enough sun she stands then sits staring at the forest while the dragon and dark person talked~

Anaya: Troy did not care for a wolf it was an ant to him anyway. He moved and steps over the girl picking up his woman once more and moving her back to a save spot behind the ruin in a nice bushed in area, he was so glad she could sleep no matter what he did, all she ever did when he moved her was grumble in her sleep and maybe wake up to ask what was going on and he softly cooed her back to sleep and ley her rest in peace. The dragon moved back up to the place life was starting to grow, he was happy seeing small trees and things growing out in the forest area, he guessed it was due to the fact his elf was here, there race was well known for making things grow in places not much life existed, soon he would be sure animals would come here and then he would be able to hunt properly and no longer have to deal with that human town a little ways away, he could burn the place down, ya that was on his mind more then leaving them alone. Troy sat down on his backside like a over grown scaled dog, he was lazy still seeing he just got up and now that his woman was safe and out of the eyes of anyone he could do what he needed to do to start running this ruined place. Troys nose picked up blood, a lot of blood as if someone was bleeding out, it was close enough to be on his lands but not close enough for the dragon to give much care to it, so he ignored it and would see about it later. He looked to the wolf that he was wanting to scare away but he new it would only make things come closer to roar all scarey at them. Troy gave a snort and moved his claw as if to shoo the thing “you may eat, it is fine” he said as he looked to the drow that just showed was that drow he did not like. “and what allies would you be talking about Drow, and the Under dark holds non of my respect or any of its queens”

KotaSurion: -the wolf would murr and looks tot he huge paw trying to shoo him away as he growled playfully and pawed back at the creature huge paw thinking it was a big 'furless' wolf that his wolf pack would simply refer to as kimosabai a.k.a 'wrong brother' as he ignored the dead rabbit carcass as he scooted forward slowly towards the dragon in a playful manner as he pants slightly faster due to feeling excited due to his pack members being all gone or dead he hasn't had a pack brother since as he scoots back and forth on all four one paw at time creeping back and forth from the red dragon as his ears twitched softly as if he was creeping trying to get his newly fount kimosabai to get him to try to roughhouse with him like he did with his pack brothers.-

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa Would get up and stare at the wolf trying to what seems like playing. She looked at the big red dragon and giggles keeping it quiet though due to she was being a little shy. Lissas tail began to wag thinking the red wolf was a puppy or something. Lissa stood up and kept an eye on the time as well as she might get in trouble for wondering off. She relaxes as she watchs the red wolf be playful like. She stood silently playing with the sleeve of her dress and starts thinking as she now stared at the ground listening her ears darting~ Nice day to be outside ~She spoke to herself mainly at that point while looking about~

RagnarLuthbrook: he would turn his head with a smile upon his face as he would snap his figures two drow would bring forth a coffer of gold at his disposal. He would have two more bring up a dozen more coffers of coin and lay them at the dragons feet. “My lady bids thee welcome from our lands but she is not without a good spirited. “ ~he would chuckle upon his horse.~ “ She wishes this land to be prosperous once again for reasons beyond me. A dwarven mine we have seized my Dragon we offer you gold and plunder. “ ~he would sneer~ “Riches Dragon we offer you the wildest of dreams the gold of dwarves and more if you wish to make some sort of pact.” ~he would chuckle but he was amused to see what the dragon would choose. As the ruin would be somewhat still there his head would turn slightly~ “I will repay my debt from the city as I have always promised. But I will not aid foolish mortals.” ~he would turn his horse back and forth as it would prance softly around him but he would nod to the great dragon as he would offer this wondrous amounts of gold and riches. ~ “Your reward will be daily dear dragon. I will fill your coffers for I have power in my keep.” ~he would smile softly~ “even the females would find this lowly male a keeper to some.” ~he would smirk at the overconfidence he would place in himself.

Anaya: Troy was very much not caring for the wolf that was seeming to be playing with his foot. With a snarl he hissed at the wolf his mouth light sparking a faint flame simply so the wolf would get the idea Troy was far from friendly to it. As he lifted his head back up looking at the drown and the men the drown brought with him troy was getting the idea at this point the drow came ready just in case things got heated. Troy watched as the other drow brought gold to his feet and he lowered his head to be eye level to the drow “dwarfs you say?” his eyes lit up as he loved dwarfs for more then there greed for what Troy loved to pillage and steal but for there wonderful taste and perfect cave and mountain homes. Troys old name was The Dragon Under the Mountain but now he was without his mountain and well he felt a little lost without it, but he already had a gold stash under the ground here that no one but him and his elven woman new about. But more gold was never a bad thing to a dragon. “tell me about this pact you seek drow” he said harshly as he moved his clawed leg out and grabbed the gold pulling it back and almost running it over the little woman under his feet.

KotaSurion: -he would meep as he turns tail and ran to the man on the horse jumping over his head leading a trail of urine on his head due to how over arrogant this man in his option also slightly fear of the fire breathe, once he landed he would haul ass through the Forrest but not yelp knowing he'd be back, he would then catch the scent of something which seems to be injured or hurt, he would then hound it down as he thought giving his kimosabi a big meal would make his kimbosabi happy due to him being grumpy but shocked at the fire coming from his mouth. once he fount the dying animal, he would then hide in the bushes as he waited for the thing that appeared to be a man to move or turn his back as his claws dug into he ground dripping out a black goo which was a venom only his saliva could remedy as he waited pacifically hoping he would get the kill to bring back his kimbosabi food.-

Guest_GaLissatha: ~Lissa had looked in time to see the huge paw dragging something behind it. She bolts out of the way and runs to keep out of the dragons way when he was trying to hide something shiny. Gazeing at the one who looked like he needed more son to take away his grey color, she heard the dragon call him drow though Lissa had no clue what a drow was. She knew of dwarfs and sun elves, forest elves and such from reading in the library. Though her attention averted due to the running red fur wolf as Lissa giggles some. How ever her scent caught something else. Unsure she didn't go to investigate as she felt safe right here. Lissa only knew how to run when in danger but knew how to fight but she didn't like to. Seeing the dark skinned man she was curious but didn't speak as she didn't know if he was nice or not due to she heard him getting a little arrogant she just keeps watch though~

RagnarLuthbrook: he would nod softly as a toothy grin would as he would ride back and forth. The men would see motion coming towards their leader the clerks would then chant as if to protect the man they would erect a globe of absolute darkness it would blind this beast from the leader so he would ride pacing forward to escape such a feat it would look of dishonoured to him but it he would ride out of it so that the aim would be thrown off. As the if the beast was foolish to plunge right in the middle of a bunch of drow already he would have there weapons drawn swords and pikes where already pushed against the creatures face. The mages would be ready to cast harmful magic as well as bows pointed to the creature. The white haired man on the horse would answer to the dragon,~ “Free passage across the lands as well as aid to you and your men if it has decency.” ~he would look to the beast who attempted to urinate upon him the other drown in the company issued curses to it as they would press there blades in closer to it. The many would be ready to strike at any moments notice upon the one who would attempt to defile it thus. The drow would keep his attention to the male and would look back to the dragon~ “One of yours?”

Anaya: Troy looked to the wolf and then looked to the drow and back to the wolf a flicker of help moved in his mind...but it soon died “no I hold no men under my wings other then myself and my elven woman, you may do as you please with the wolf” he then thought about all the drow was offering to him and he pondered on it for a moment, did he really need the free travel slip to the he did not need that at all when in the hell would he be going to the underdark, never. “safe passage is not needed by me but what is is man power to finish rebuilding this land and castle back up to the level I wish it to be. Can you offer me this as I will offer you my aid if you are in time of need in battle. As well as when this empire grows to be of what I want it to be it can offer more but then will be a time to talk about things like that drow” he looked to the drow “but for now I must get things done so remove yourself from my lands so I can work in peace here” he let out a snort as he watched.

RagnarLuthbrook: he would nod softly as a toothy grin would as he would ride back and forth. The men would see motion coming towards their leader the clerks would then chant as if to protect the man they would erect a globe of absolute darkness it would blind this beast from the leader so he would ride pacing forward to escape such a feat it would look of dishonoured to him but it he would ride out of it so that the aim would be thrown off. As the if the beast was foolish to plunge right in the middle of a bunch of drow already he would have there weapons drawn swords and pikes where already pushed against the creatures face. The mages would be ready to cast harmful magic as well as bows pointed to the creature. The white haired man on the horse would answer to the dragon,~ “Free passage across the lands as well as aid to you and your men if it has decency.” ~he would look to the beast who attempted to urinate upon him the other drown in the company issued curses to it as they would press there blades in closer to it. The many would be ready to strike at any moments notice upon the one who would attempt to defile it thus. The drow would keep his attention to the male and would look back to the dragon~ “One of yours?”

KotaSurion: -he would notice the globe of darkness from nowhere and yelps in confused but still frightened manner from the kimbosabis reaction to him while falling down front he jump he would wiggle slightly to get around the pikes if able to if not they would cut the side of his face once he landed he would then lower his ears more while his tail between his hind legs looking around for a quick way out if their was as he noticed some people with with bows, he would attempt to harmlessly dash between two drows with bows and run behind their back to keep from being hit by anything harmful ina mad dash for a bush or tall grasses.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the first man drow near him would smirk~ “How bout we have use some fun” ~he would look back to the commander at the arms as he would have a wicked grin. The pup was encircled, as well the drow would appear to be extremely pissed turned to ways to torment this creature. But it seemed to run past a few with the bows it made the mad dash as It ran squealing away from the horde of drow. The company laughed as they simply let the poor pathetic thing go. For it was renown now to the world of the drow as a coward.~ “So we have terms my good dragon I will send support manpower and gold to your aid.” ~he would nod~ “Let us away my kin.” ~he would gallop ahead of them as they would slip away past in the forest back to the hole from wince they came to tell the good news.

Anaya: Troy let out a snort as he turned his back no longer caring all that much, his tail lashed pout over all as he scared that little tailed female to the point she ran for the hills and away. He moved his clawed arm to itch his head and picked up the gold boxes then started making his way to the hole in the ground to his cave. He dropped the gold down the hole so it clanged with the rest of his stash. He turned his head watching the drow group lave and was happy it did not end up a battle as he was sure of one thing, he did not want his dear to wake up, she could sleep all day if she wanted. He moved and wrapped his body around her place and lay there with her guarding her and staying up as he watched the slowly growing forest.

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He thought on if Chesira would like a pet, he wondered if she would like this one, but it seemed a little skidish, it had good reason to be when teeth larger then a horse looked at you dead in the eye, he wondered if it would get used to him if he could tame it to give it to his Chesira as a gift. “tell me what this neko is? Is it your gender as I have not seen one with flesh and fur before” ~Troy Evander

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro was a young, pure white neko. He had a rather harsh life right after birth. Shiro and his twin Kuro where taken away from their mother after it had been established that the mother had an unexpected encounter with a black panther. Normally normal females of the human race wouldn’t be able to produce children with the beast but she was a rare kind. After the children had been born they were taken away to an adoption home. They were treated rather poorly due to their appearance. One seemed rather weak, small and even skinny, he had pure white, fluffy hair but also a tail and ears covered in the short, soft white fur. It was so smooth it was softer than silk and was brighter than any seen before. The one of white was named Shiro due to his cooler and had beautiful bright blue eyes with a golden ring around the pupils. The other was seemingly strong even for his age and rather large. He had pure black hair and fur, more dark than the night and shadows. His eyes bright in the green/yellow color and a bit more rough fur and hair. Even right after birth it would be able to see that the two had a connection stronger than ever thought possible. Though the two also where complete opposites both in appearance as in their personality. They seemed to have to grow up separately it seemed because Shiro was thought to be a girl While Kuro was clearly presumed to be a boy. However Shiro was a boy as well though the fact that he had been born with female reproductive parts made the confusion at first. It wasn’t until the age of ten that they finally decided to move Shiro back to the boy’s department with his twin brother. They instantly knew of their connection and seemed to be inseparable. Shiro had formed to be a kind, sweet and gentle child where Kuro seemed to have become a trouble maker who loved to tease and hurt others. Especially Shiro had become a well-known target for Kuro’s teasing and often pranks. What mostly seemed to be Kuro’s favourite thing to do was make Shiro even shyer in public than he already was. Biting his sensitive body on place’s like ears and the neck caused the Shy little Neko to spill his soft, girly moans which often drew the attention of others all around. At the age they had turned 12 Kuro had thought of many ways to escape the adoption homes, judging eyes and disapproving looks. They ran away even though Shiro was rather reluctant at first. Shiro had no idea how to survive on his own while Kuro seemed to have more of the idea. They had found soon after an old, abandoned house they would then on use as their home. It was cold, without many foods or warmth though they had each other without any judgement anymore. However at some point when they were 13, Kuro was caught stealing food for himself and his smaller brother Shiro. Even though Shiro never approved of Kuro’s behaviour they certainly needed the food to survive and Shiro ate from it though rather reluctant. Shiro had to watch in horror as he saw his beloved twin being dragged off towards prison before being shipped off elsewhere. That was the last time Shiro had seen his beloved Twin and had to live alone ever since. Shiro was easily driven out of the home he and Kuro had occupied by bandits and those who tried to capture and sell Shiro as slave. Though Shiro was rather weak and lonely he was extremely fast due to his panther genes. No mere human seemed able to keep up with him no matter how much they tried. It was a rather harsh life for Shiro from there on though he always kept moving from city to city, town to town in search of his beloved, lost twin. At the age of sixteen Shiro was a mere 5 foot tall and only a 100 pounds of skinny, underfed neko due to his life on the streets. Shiro only was able to keep old, raged clothing that mostly was thrown away being worn out by others first. Though Shiro never seemed to give up. There had been many times slave traders were trying to capture the young Neko in attempt to sell him at a high price. It was very rare in the places Shiro had been to see a neko and most of the times Shiro was the first ever to be seen. Making him a rare yet valuable species to some. Though at one encounter Shiro seemed to be surrounded by a large group of bandits who had been trying to capture him for some time.

ShiroNekoKuro: Pressed against the mountain wall Shiro saw the group of men closing in on the neko. However he had yet to notice the cloaked man behind the group that seemed to sneak up on them. With the blink of an eye it was over. All the bandits where bleeding and laying for dead or worse on the ground with only the cloaked man still standing. Shiro seemed to tremble in fear when the man closed in on the neko, never to reveal his face and only asked one thing. If Shiro wanted a long and lucky life. Shiro had yet to find out that the man was a demon trickster who simply wished to watch the neko live on in torment. Shiro barely managed to bring out that he indeed wished for such a thing while the demon grinned wickedly. A mere handshake seemed enough to make the contract and as soon as they released their hands from the other everything went black for Shiro. When he woke up all the bandits where gone and even the blood had disappeared. Shiro seemed still rather frightened about the things that had happened but seemed to move on with his life. Somehow thinking of it as a bad dream for at least now. As he had continued his journey through other village’s and city’s he had found himself in the centre of large amounts of bad luck. Though almost everyone around him seemed to overflow with good luck, finding long lost items, gold and winning all kinds of events. Shiro seemed he had yet to figure out the more luck others got the more bad luck he got in return, somehow keeping a clear balance in the events. Though when others found out Shiro was the cause of their good fortune they only got more reason to try and capture the neko for their own gain. The demon however seemed to enjoy Shiro’s misfortune while everyone around him was much more lucky. He often decided to tease Shiro more at times and would place portal’s right in front of the Neko when he would be running from something. One of such occasions made a sudden sound appear on a large castle’s garden just a few feet from the ground. The demon had opened yet another portal which seemed to make sound of electricity shooting around though no lightning struck. Suddenly Shiro ran through and fell down onto the ground with a soft thud. With light groaning Shiro slowly started to move up to see where he was this time. While he looked around he noticed he seemed to have landed on the stone floor of a somewhat ruined old castle. Seeing as he was still just in the hall and looked back to the large, closed front door. Shiro tried to keep quiet however and attempted to find another way to get out of the strange, large castle.

Anaya: Troy had just come in from out of the growing forest, well it was growing so it was not like the trees shadowed him at all they cam up to the base of his claws. Softly the dragon let out a yawn still shaking off the days sleep, he had come from some place in the wood and hilled area but what place? No one but he new. Itching his head he walked up to his lands, it was starting to come along he got another wall up in the last hour or so so it was getting there but with his front flank still paining him it may be still a bit till he got around to getting the rest of the building up. But who new maybe that drown fella would do what he said and bring man power the next time he showed his mug around here. The dragon took a step his bulk towering over everything around him as he hardly even cared to look down,,,but this time he did see something new. Troy had no idea what this fured human thing was and oh lord it had a tail, he had walked right up behind it on soft scaled foot pads making hardly the amount of sound you would think a 80 foot tall monster dragon would make. “oh look what we have here” he said in that deep hissed voice as he let a snort come from his nostrils as he lowered his head and bright red eyes down to its level.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro continued to move somewhat confused and afraid through the hall of the old castle. Seeing Shiro was lost and had no idea where he was or how to get away from here. He had apparently not noticed the enormous dragon that was coming closer and closer without so much of a sound that went through his sensitive, large ears that usually picked up quite a lot. Suddenly however he heard the deep hissing voice coming from straight behind him and slipped a faint squeak from his lips in surprise. Shiro froze instantly on the spot and tightly wrapped his tail protectively around his body before he slowly turned around while only appearing to look at the floor. He noticed the immense shadow there and slowly looked up when the large dragon’s head moved down to his own level. At the sight of it Shiro’s eyes widened and his ears pulled back. Seeming now completely immobile for a second. Frozen in fear before a sudden scream of fear slipped from his lips and started to run away from the large dragon. Away, into the castle to try and find somewhere to hide. Shiro seemed to be dressed in old, raged and torn clothes that seemed to barely hold together with his skinny, underfed body rather clearly exposed. Seeming the small bits of dirt and dust falling off as he quickly began to run.

Anaya: Troy moved a clawed hand down in front of the little thing, to him this was a mouse and well it looked fun to play with, he always did like playing with something before he made up his mind if he would eat it or not. “never seen a fured human child before” he said in that booming voice as his long black tongue flicked out of his jaws and over his scaled lips. “are you a mouse child?” he asked as he moved his nose closer to the boy, one of the dragons nostrils would be able to fit this boy in them if he took in a deep breath of air to smell, so when he took a light sniff of the air the boy would be able to feel the pull and then the let go once the sniff was done and the dragon pulled back his head. As he wiggled his claws his foot planed like a wall in front of the boy Troy took the time to lay his bulk down so jaws ended up at one end and a clawed hand at the other, he was making it very fast for the little mouse boy to have no place to go. Troy always took great interest in things he did not know, what they smelled like, tasted like and what they are good at, maybe this thing was more use to the dragon alive and would be something of worth to his elven woman, maybe even bring this mouse thing to her as a gift to have her wake up to a happy afternoon.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had quickly taken a sprint towards the open room. It seemed that the young, energetic neko was far faster than any human ever could be. Shiro would be able to reach immense speeds up to ninety miles per hour due to his feline nature and having learned only to flee in his lifetime for those who tried to capture him. However the dragon seemed slightly faster or better prepared at Shiro’s attempt to escape and noticed the enormous clawed hand in front of him. Though Shiro was already at such a speed he would be unable to stop himself in his tracks and collided with the large scaled flesh, only to bounce off it a bit and fall down with a faint squeak. Looking back at the dragon who seemed to ask if Shiro was a mouse. He pinned his ears back and lightly began to hiss at the large dragon, only to reply with one word before trying to move away again. ‘’N-Neko!...’’ However the dragon’s nostril that inhaled the air some caused him to trip over his own feet. Seeing as Shiro was far smaller than most and didn’t seem to weigh much. As he quickly got up again however he noticed that he had been completely trapped inside the dragon’s reach and tried to look for another way to escape. Possibly a curtain to climb onto and jump to freedom.

Anaya: Troy wondered at this word the little squeaking thing had said “n..neko? What is this a breed of cat or human pet?” he asked as he wiggled his claws slowly the bump into his hide not being felt much at all as under every part of him was muscle or fat he hardly felt a thing if it did not stab into the scale. He thought on if Chesira would like a pet, he wondered if she would like this one, but it seemed a little skidish, it had good reason to be when teeth larger then a horse looked at you dead in the eye, he wondered if it would get used to him if he could tame it to give it to his Chesira as a gift. “tell me what this neko is? Is it your gender as I have not seen one with flesh and fur before”

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro turned to look up at the dragon’s head again as it spoke. He trembled in fear in the trap the dragon had laid out for him and caught him into. Though he softly responded to the man. ‘’m-meh ish a Neko… a h-human-feline h-hybrid i-ish what I knows….’’ Shiro’s ears seemed to have dropped down a little while he slowly moved further away from the dragon as he possibly could. At least the claw and head at that because he had been trapped within the walls and the beast. A bright blush however appeared on his face at the man’s question about gender and softly shook his head. ‘’m-meh ish a b-boy!’’

Anaya: Troy pondered about the little thing, it scampered all over the place and was a tad twitchy he liked it but would it calm down, he wondered if his claws and boxing it in was a problem, Troy could understand the little things body language more then he could understand its voice and its moves clearly showed the little thing was scared. “if I move my claws will you run away? I would shift into my human form not to scare you but I cant due to a hurt front flank, the gash will not change in size and if I make myself smaller I risk losing my arm” Troys voice was old sounding and hissed as always , but it was understandable English even if he was not fond of the tongue at all he had learned it not to bad over the years “do you understand little...boy”

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had faintly began to whimper while still in his imprisonment while he continued to try and find an escape. Suddenly he heard the large dragon talking again and looked over at its head. At the question and explanation Shiro faintly nodded however but certainly had no intention to do what the dragon told him to. However if he could get the dragon to lift its claws away he would be able to find a way out of the imprisonment. ‘’ y-yush,… m-meh understands….’’ Shiro faintly replied and looked down at the floor. Seeming to stand still other than his fearful trembling. However if the dragon would indeed lift away the clawed paw the very first thing Shiro where to do was take a run for it. All he seemed to want was his freedom at this point though it felt almost like a stinging pain in his chest that he had to lie. ‘’m-meh wont r-run….’’

Anaya: The Dragon new the little thing was not telling the truth, he stuttered more when he was lieing just like when he said his gender, maybe neko was a gender like some sort of slug thing that really could breed with its self, Troy found it odd but still interesting at the same time. “if I have to move I will not be happy and I would not like to use flame today” it was a warning, a blunt one, he would burn the little thing to ash if he ran, and most could not out run a force like a red dragons blast of flame, a roll at the last moment saves a life but when it is this small troys blast would dwarf it no problem. The dragon lifted his foot and places his feet under his chest ready to spring up if needed even if he hurt him more then he would think. “tell me more about yourself little neko? If you are good and dont run I may just keep you”

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro trembled more and more. Thinking that his lies that caused his chest to hurt didn’t seem to work on the dragon. To no surprise however as Shiro hated to tell even a single lie and was not good at it at all. Shiro couldn’t be a worse liar at that and heard the dragon’s words what where to happen if he ran. Shiro started to whimper and back himself up against the wall while his ears moved down again. His tail protectively wrapped around his skinny body and saw the dragon move its clawed paw. Though to his own surprise Shiro seemed to indeed not run away at least at this time. Though he would run if he got the chance to. However at the dragon’s final words about keeping him Shiro slipped a fear filled squeak and looked up at the dragon with bright and wide eyes. ‘’m-mm-meh nyuu w-wanna be k-kepts.. l-lemme g-goess’’ He replied with his soft, feminine and kind, though clearly afraid voice.

Anaya: Troy looked at the little thing and clicked his claws together under his chin, the dragon was very happy he did not run away when he moved his wall like foot from the path before him. “yes keep you, you are going to be a gift to my elven woman, a courting gift from myself to her, I think she will like you but I may have to bath you first” he looked at the little thing as he tilted his head looking at the neko, his bright red black slitted eyes getting larger and smaller as he watched the little neko twitch and move “so what will we call you anyway?” the dragon boomed as he moved a claw and clicked it on the floor his flank mildly paining him from the laying down pose he was in.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro noticed the dragon move and shift a bit in its position though he seemed to tremble in fear none the less. He suddenly heard the dragonoid words again and began to whimper before he responded with his own voice. ‘’n-nyuuu! M-meh nyu w-wanna. L-Lemme goess’’ Seeming the young neko only wished for his own freedom and escape his eyes began to shoot over to the single empty space that could mean his freedom. However the immense, powerful dragon stood in his way and knew it would most likely not end up with a small burn if he tried to run at the moment. Though Shiro seemed with his back pressed against the wall almost directly alongside the large, wooden door and hoped he could pry it open at least far enough to run through. In an instant Shiro had shot over to the handle and pushed firmly down onto the other door with his feet. Trying to push it open the best he could though the door wouldn’t even seem to budge. ‘’l-lemme g-goesss’’ Was all he seemed able to say at this point.

Anaya: Troy looked at the little thing trying to run away “you say it like you have a choice, be good I do not wish to have to cage you, it would make me look to mean” he said as he moved a clawed foot to wiggle a claw in between the little guy and the door way. Softly and with oddly tender care not to break the little guy he moved and pushed the neko from the door and closer to his teeth. “i am not as cold heart-ed as you may think, you can have a nice life here if you are good, there is food, shelter and I keep all my belongings safe and I am sure Chesira will like you and I think it would be nice to have something other then us running around here. Adds a little life to the place” he moved his claw and ran the hard and not sharp end on top of the little things head very carefully not to let his hand slip and crush the little thing, it was just touching him, the side of Troys claw.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro’s whimpers grew louder at the dragon’s words while he still held on to the door’s handle in attempt to pull one of them open. However the large clawed foot pushed and wriggled in-between him and the door to only push him off. With a soft thud Shiro fell down as he finally was forced to let go of the door and landed on his behind it seemed. Being slowly pushed closer as his raged old and torn clothes slid slowly over the floor Shiro’s tremble continued to rise in fear as he was brought closer to the dragon’s large muzzle. At the words of food, shelter and a safe place Shiro slowly seemed to be calming down and even slightly consider it. When suddenly he remembered again why he had to run. His long search for his beloved, yet long lost twin had still to continue. Shiro began to shake his head again at the man’s words and softly replied. ‘’n-nyuu, m-meh cants…l-lemme g…’’ he was cut off when he felt the claw move over his soft, sensitive head and squeaked in fear at first. Though as it seemed to continue a faint purr slowly began to rise from deep within his throat. It seemed Shiro was unable to suppress the part of his feline nature to respond to such a somehow pleasant movement.

Anaya: Troy kept moving his claw up and down rubbing the head and back of the little furred cat boy “and you have only rags on, we will get you something better then that in town in a couple of weeks” he ignored the boys crys to be let go and just kept doing what he was doing thinking this would be a wonderful gift for his beloved when she got up from her afternoon nap. And to ass on that secret place Troy went to made him unhappy today so this was nicely lighting up the dragons mood “so what does one like you eat anyway? Fish? Meet?”

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro seemed to have simply closed his eyes and no longer respond to the dragon. Only the purr remains to spill out from his throat at the gentle touch where he slightly seemed to be leaning into. It conflicted him it seemed. Shiro only wanted to escape but it somehow seemed to feel rather nice to be touched for once. However Shiro hoped his silence would get the dragon to loose interest in him and simply let him go, there was nothing else he could do at this point.

Anaya: Troy did one move, he poked the little thing with the not sharp side of his claw and let a soft chuckle come from his maw. You could not keep silent from a thing that could eat you for long. “did you hear me little boy?” he asked still lightly grunting in chuckles.

ShiroNekoKuroShiroNekoKuro Add Friend: Shiro felt the poke on his side and slipped a squeak from his lips. Shiro however glared back at the dragon before closing his eyes again into pure silence. Seeming as if he refused to talk now. His tail had protectively wrapped around him and his ears pulled back.

Anaya: Troy looked at the little thing and with that claw he slipped it into the back of the little guys top and picked him up off the ground “lets try this again shall we, what do you like to eat if you don't tell me I cant feed you and you will starve in a cage” he moved the boy in the air just over his nose and placed the little guy on his nose as he looked at him the dragons body very hot to lay on.

ShiroNekoKuro: As shiro suddenly seemed to be picked up by the large claw that slipped behind his old raged top the dragon would soon find out the neko's clothing barely held toghether. As he was just about a feet of the ground the ripping sounds clearly echo'd through the room before it completely ripped off his body. Shiro fell down with a somewhat painfull squeak and landed on his back. The air spilling from his lungs as he lightly started to cough and gasp in attempt to get air in his lungs again. Now completely without clothes on his upper body however.

Anaya: Troy looked at him, he did not think it would rip so fast but it did and well there was not much the dragon could do about it, he had no male clothing he did not pick it up yet and his shipment of garments for himself for his human form had yet to show up and it would be to large for the boy anyway. "well then i guess it is the cage for you i guess, silence was never a thing i liked when i want to care for you" He started to mvoe his claw out to pick up the little thing in a scooping way.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro trembled softly upon the floor and heard the dragon's words again. However he softly shook his head and quickly jumped up as if he had been playing possum. ''n-nyuu'' was all he replied before attempting to move away again.

Anaya: Troy stopped moving his claw and moved them around to make there sharp ends face down and he moved it over top of the little boy and caged him right there under his claws slamming them into the ground as he moved his teeth next to the claw bars lifting his upper lip to make sure the little neko got a good look at them. "you know what i eat, meat anything i find that can fit, so lets not find out what i eat and lets have you tell me what you eat shall we" he snarled as his hot breath flowed from his maw.

Shiro squeaked loudly as he suddenly had been imprisoned by the large claws that dug into the ground. Turning around to look at the inmense large, and sharp fangs of the dragon Shiro began to whimper and curl up into the improvised cage. Goosebumps had seemed to cover his small body as it seemed not only from fear but cold as well for shiro always had the problem of not staying warm enough. Though when the dragon talked the hot breath causedhis body to rather quickly warm up to a much more comfertable warmth and couldnt seem to help but faintly purr. '' j-jj-just l-lemme goo...'' Was all shiro seemed to reply for now though would soon begin to talk.

Anaya: Troy was getting annoyed at the little thing as he let out a growl and snarled loudly “why don't I just eat you little worm seeing you are not going to be cooperating ” he shut his claws and trapped the boy into a ball of claw and rage and walked to a giant hole in the ground snaking his way inside of the black of its depths, this was Troys hoard, the place all his mass amounts of gold was, this was the reason the dragon was a fighter for this land so very badly. The dragon sent out a blast of fire that lit up the cave fully, lighting small torches on some of the stone roof beams and more on the walls, the gold amount was enormous, it was hundreds of years of time trapped down here, from days when humans first made gold and found it in lumps to coin to crown and goblet, and there was cages, lots and lots of hanging cages, some holding dead body's others holding nothing but old bones. Troy looked at his claw caged pet and looked around showing the boy the dead bodys in the cages, taking his head and hitting on to make the bone corpse fall to the floor with a clang and thud “do you want to end up like them!” he bellowed the gold shaking on the ground from the dragons rage and temper. “i have killed for less then ignorant silence and back talk, you will find your place or your path in life will end in the bars”

ShiroNekoKuroShiroNekoKuro Add Friend: Shiro continued to softly whimper untill he heard the dragon's words again and squeaked. Feeling the large claws trapping his curled up form inside rather tightly. Seeming they gave him no space to even move as he was carried away. Only barely able to peek through with one of his eyes as they descended down into the strange cave. The sight of the corpses in the cage's caused for a fearful squeak to slip his lips and started to tremble in the dragons hold. Seeming as they where now deep down into the cave there was no longer any possibility for Shiro to escape. ''n-nyuuuu...'' Shiro replied to the man's question as the dragon landed onto the ground of gold. Whimpering and seeming tears had started to fall from his face at the realization he had no longer a chance at freedom.

Anaya: Troy lowered his lip as he calmed his temper “now for the last time little boy, tell me what do you eat” if the boy was going to be silent this time he was going to eat him, one could only push the dragon so far before he snapped. “once I know I will get you food, you will stay in here till I get back, there is no way in other then that hole up there so don't try and just get comfortable till I get back or my Chesira wakes up from her nap”

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro continued to softly cry as the dragon started to talk once more. His lower lip was quivering and slowly Shiro responded to the dragon. Knowing a far worse fate would await him if he didnt comply for now. ''f-fish..c-chicken.. j-just most h-human f-foods....'' Shiro could eat almost anything but red meats and as long as it was cooked. it appealed to his tastes.

Anaya: “good then I will be back with fish and some other things most of the food you like is already gathered all I need to do is get fish for you and that will not be hard I will be gone until the sun gets over head” he placed his claw down and opened its grasp letting the little guy out to run around, Troy new there was no way out of this pit other then the over 80 feet it took to clime the hell out of it. He moved and took a step to get up reaching his legs up and pulling himself out of it his wings tight to his back not to get in the way. Troy looked more snake like when he walked then 4 legged lizard. He looked back into the hole to make sure the little guy was getting comfortable.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro seemed not to have responded to the dragon while he spoke untill he had been let go. With a soft gasp he landed on the large stash of gold and started to run away from teh dragon quickly. Seeming to hide in some dark corner he watched as the dragon took off.

Anaya: Troy just watched he would find the little thing down there later, right now he had things to get to keep his new found pet healthy and as happy as he could be. Troy turned around and started walking off to the sea a good ways away to get fish as he had said he would.

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Some-things in caves are best left not found.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had been left alone in the large, dark, gold filled cave and trembled from the cold. His bright blue eyes with their golden circles around the pupil started to brightly glow in the darkness. Reflecting the light coming from all kinds of directions even though it wasn't seen to most caused Shiro to look in the deepest of darkness. He was afraid and scared in the strange new place he had been trapped while he stood up on the huge pile of gold. He got an idea however of escape and started to look around the cave.

Anaya: The The silence was broken with a clang of something unknown, a large pile of gold started to move and coins fell from it as something was behind it but it was unable to be seen as of yet, hiding in the dark and behind the gold. The sound of crunching rings in the air as it was almost a grind, something was eating back there but what? That was the question one would be thinking in there head to hear the sound of what was down here. A long spider like leg reaches around the gold pile and pulled a smaller lump of gold coins closer and the crunching sound started going once again.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had slowly started to pile up the gold and slowly letting the pile build up higher and higher. Hoping he would be able to escape by using the gold when he suddenly seemed to hear strange noises along the movements of gold. Seeming to look around rather strangely and somewhat afraid.

Anaya: It was a over grown spider, something that had lived and fed on the gold down here for years, it and others that stayed silent in the cave walls had come a custom to the peace and darkness so when new things started to move around they seemed to find interest in the new comers. The long spider leg moved around a second one coming right after it to move its 8 eyed face around the gold pile to see what was there. Bright shimmering eyes took in all light to see the world in a glowing gray, it did not see colors but who really needed to when your world was a cave. Biting mouth parts moved as the drool globed and dripped from them spilling onto the floor and onto the gold at there feet. “hiss de Rasp la Forth” it hissed out as it moved up slowly creeping around looking for what ever was making the sounds in its home.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had seen the appearance of the huge and overgrown spider. He squeaked loudly after hearing the hissing words for the creature and began to run away as quickly as he possibly can. Far as possible away from it as possible until he was pressed against the cave's wall and faintly whimpered.

Anaya: The spider saw the movement and intently jumped forth after what had moved, the eyes of this best picked out more moment then color or even seeing what ever it was, it was a over grown spider that ate coin but it was still a spider in base, a hunting predictor that had as many weaknesses as it had powers. “Da Rasp e lanthor” it grumbled as it looked for what ever moved to the far wall to move again. Slowly the spider stalked up to the wall and its coin and metal crushing jaws glimmered in the torch light over top of it, the old blood and scars on its face told story's of pain and fighting for its next meals with the other things down here, lizards and bug alike. A deep gash jarred over one of its 8 eyes making that one blind and seeing on its left side weaker then seeing on its right. Closer its moving and dripping mouth parts got to the boys face as all it did was give a light hiss waiting for the next move or sound.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had bundled himself up weakly into a tight, tiny ball of skin, furr and rags. However strange Shiro seemed far more afraid of the enormous spider than for the gigantic dragon. Trembling in fear and soft whimpers slipped the young neko's lips in fear as it now seemed to await its fate. Terrified even tears started to leak down the young neko's face as he laid on the cold, gold metal that formed the floor below.

Anaya: The spider got closer its legs brushing up ageist the fur ball, it could not see anything but it could hear it, the small whimpers made the spider get closer as it let out a long hisssss to scare the little thing to make it make more noise to tell the spider what place to slam down its mouth to ingest its new meat food.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro Froze when the spider's leg started to brush over his sensitive body. Unable to bring out a single word or even move. The only thing that continued was the tears that rushed down his face while even his breathing seemed to have stopped.

Anaya: The Spider twitched as it moved down lower hissing, it was looking but not finding, it moved its legs up and down beating the ground with its front legs to scare what ever was there...if there was anything there at all other then gold and other non moving things that tasted like metal. The spider hissed and let out wheezing sounds as it thumped around and turned its head from left to right to sense and feel the area around it.

ShiroNekoKuro: -simply stays still without a single movement or sound. Not even his breathing were to continue-

Anaya: The spider moved a bit more and stopped pounding its front legs on the ground, the spider thought what ever was there was gone at this point and slowly moved off going back to its gold pile to eat away the coins the dragon cared so dearly about, if only the dragon new hoe much gold was in this pit before the spiders started being able to eat it non stop and reduce the amount of it all together down here. As the spider moved back behind its gold the sounds of the crushing started up once more and the walls around it stated to ring with the same sound, more was here then just the one spider, hundreds rested in the very walls of this enormous cave.

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IICheshiraII: -Rubbing her eyes and groaning softly Cheshira sits up and sighs. She was a little disoriented. Was she moved? She blinks a few times and looks around around. She was hidden away behind a pillow with green shrubs like bushes around. Troy probably wanted to keep her out of sight but it also made her wonder if something happend. Then a thought shoots into her head. Troy. Where was he? Quickly she gets up on her feet and dusts herself off before coming out of her hiding spot- Troy....... Troy? -She brings out softly. Carefully she takes a few steps and looks around.- Troy....Where are you? -She than brings out again. Looking around more she bites her inner lip and holds her dress up a little with both hands as she walks. Her brown eyes looking around without blinking as her blond hair moves slightly as she walks, hoping nothing bad happened to Troy.-

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had seemingly just barely escaped the spider’s fangs. After the creature had returned to its original place Shiro gasped softly in relief and slowly started to move again. He had been frozen for the entire time the spider was close by. getting back in his still shaking and trembling feet as he started to move around towards the center of the room again. Hoping he wouldn’t be attacked by the spiders again so tried not to move as much any more. Certainly seeming not to make a single sound.

Anaya: the sky was growing to dusk as he tromped up to the lands and opened his jaws as fish spilled from it to a giant pile all over the place, some of them still flipping as he snorted the water from his nose, the dragon was an amazing swimmer shockingly with his flap in the back of his mouth he could block out the water from getting into the place his fire was stored and he could swim like most reptiles and sea dwellers. The dragon licked his chops as he made a gross face, never did like the slime of gross fish, he hated to fish to be truthful so him getting this much so some little rat boy was really something for the dragon. Troys face as a grossed out lick sloping disgusted scowl as he walked over his fish pile and looked hearing his Chesira, as he lowered his head he got his belly to the ground in a submissive and affectation pose as he did miss her dearly. “i see someone got up” he said softly not to be to loud as he wiggled along the ground and crawled his nose up to her. “i hope you did rest well my sweet” he was being a little odd a little overly caring for the dragon, even in love dragons held that mild stand offish way to them but he was acting more puppy like then dragon, wonder why.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira blinks a few times as a bright smiles covers her lips. There he was, her mighty dragon who she loved dearly. Quickly she runs closer to him with her arms wide open and falls over his nose as she reaches him.- I think i over slept a little.. -She saids with a soft giggle. She must have slept through the day since it was getting dark again. She places a sweet kiss on his nose and giggles as she stands up trailing her hands over his nose as she does.- Is everything aright? Did something happen while i was sleeping? She asks as she was a little worried on why she was hidden. But she knew her beloved dragon would tell her. Or at least she hoped he would. She tilts her head to a side as her hair falls to a side as well and looks at him. Oh how she loved looking at him while waiting for him to answer her. She could stare at him all day if he would let her and they had the time for it. But there was still alot that needed to be done, and she knew it. But than she realizes he was acting strange.- Troy.... What's going on? You're acting weird... -She said softly as she gently runs her hands over his nose.-

Anaya: Troy wiggled his nose softly as she hugged it and he looked at her with big glimmering red eyes "well one thing happened wall you slept, we got a stray pet i put him in the gold cave so he would not run away or get lost here, so i could get him food...i think it is a him" Troy never did know he did think that Neko was a gender or some kind of cat/rat/mouse thing that had a human body "really i don't really know what it is but i know its use is a pet, and is a gift...for you" he said as he blinked a couple times is sideways cutting eyelids being more creepy then bashful. Troy moved as he looked to the hole "i will go get it if you want to see it?"

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira sighs- Troy... You don't have to spoil me like that. You know i don't care about riches or much stuff... -She than blinks a few times- Wait.... A living being? Get it out! -She than said as she takes a step back- Troy i got sick in there... Get the poor thing out please. -She said before turning and running over to the whole of the pit. It wasn't a long run and so she was there in no time. She then lifts her dress and kneels down near the edge and looks inside. But it was too dark to see something or someone.- He..... Hello? -She brings out in something that sounded close to a question as if she was scared of what was down there. But she knew she had to get it out somehow. She only hoped Troys injury had healed enough not to bother him while he got the being out. She than look back at Troy with a worried expression- Is your leg better? I don't want you to hurt yourself more when it's not needed -Her voice sounded sweet and gentle but yet some of her worries shimmed through if one knew her well enough, and Troy did. Although she didn't know everything about her yet. She than looks down into the pit again before looking back at Troy and awaits his answer and moves.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her and he watched her run to the hole as he lifted his head and walked about 2 good steps to be right there behind her “i made sure light was down there, and I don't know what he is so I did not know if he would get sick” he said softly and lowered his head a little to be just over her “i will get him out and my leg is ok it is almost healed up” he jumped up and swan dived into the giant hole in the ground and down into the cave to open his wings and swoop down to one of the dark sports in the back of the cave, landing with a bang down into the gold pit he snaked his way out from under a pile of gold it was as if he was swimming in coin “come out come out little boy, time to leave this cave, there is fish I brought back for you” he hissed out as it was as if that loving mood he held with his Chesira vanished and a more demanding voice and hiss took over, it was the real troy that was evil he just made sure not to show that part of him when he was around her.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had been quietly waiting in the deep, dark pit in the center and had curled up on the layer of the cold metal. Suddenly however he heard a female voice from all the way on top of the shaft and looked up. Though unable to see who or what it was . However Shiro would reply in at least the hope he would get out. Forgetting that it would bring out the spiders now. ‘’h-helpss m-mehhhh…’’ Shiro replied with his whimpering, feminine voice as he called out to the top of the shaft. Rather quickly after however the dragon flew down into the cave and landed. The spiders however had already started to move towards Shiro when he heard the dragon landing with the call out to him. Shiro quickly began to run towards the dragon’s reach while the spiders seemed to be chasing the young, barely dressed neko. Only having on his shorts since the top had been ripped in the dragon’s attempt to pick him up.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira blinked as she looks at Troy before he dives into the cave. Blinking she stares into the darkness and only hears some tinkling of the coins and tilts her head to a side. She could only hope everything was alright. Though the feminine voice sounded scared. It made her wonder what Troy did to the being. But that was something she would deal with later. Even though she feared some sides of Troy she knew he would never intentionally hurt or harm or scare her in any way. She knew he would keep her presence in consideration when he acted to his nature. When it came to their natures Cheshira and Troy were very different and it made her wonder if she was in love with Troy himself or with the power he had and what his type of being stood for. Quickly she shakes her head- Of course you're in love with there person Troy silly. You don't care about power or riches. -She said to herself and only hoped Troy wouldn't hear her.-

Anaya: Troys face came up and scooped the little boy up faster then the spiders could grab at him as the dragon held him up the heat from his body made the spiders back off and go back to there cool hiding places. His voice soft and almost silent it was just loud enough for the little neko to hear on his nose “i hope you find your time down here fun, lets be good and not run and we will stay on the upper level, my Chesira is here so I want you to be good for her, I hope you understand little one” Troy made sure when he was going up he hit his head off a log handing cage with a old body dangling from it, the clang rings in the cave as he let a light grunt come form him as he jumped locking his claws on the top of the cave and climbing up crawling out of the hole and stepping over Chesira getting on the other side to properly turn around lowering his head to show the little boy with both a tail and ears as well as fur for hair. “he calls himself a I do not know what this Nekoo is but it looks like a humans pet gone a stray, I got him for you as a ….as a courting present” Troy lowered his head and got down on his belly on the ground in front of her his tail flicking back and forth as he offered her the gift, to a dragon this was in a way asking to go out with someone, but then again a dragons world was one of raw meat, killing things and eating people, as well as battling males to gain your lover and proving your power and as well as your gold and land said how much you are worth. This pet gift to a dragon was far from much but it was all he could find and he thought it was great even if it was a small gift he would come up with something bigger later.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro continued to run towards the dragon and suddenly was scooped up. Trembling from the fear and cold he pressed his small form against the dragon’s warm scales while he softly replied. With whimpering sounds. As they moved upwards Shiro squeaked at the warning movement of the dragon as he bumped into the cage before they finally got out of the cave. As was still in the dragon’s hold when the dragon moved over the female and seemed to be shown to her. Shiro was covered in small bruises, cuts and dirt with only the small shorts to cover his rather strange privates. Trembling softly still Shiro looked around rather afraid. Shiro looked up at the dragon as he began to talk while the faint whimpers continued to slip from his lips. His ears had pulled back a bit and faintly replied. ‘’n-nyuu a p-pet…’’ before the dragon moved and was being shifted over to the female as some sort of love offer. Seeming as Shiro only wished for his escape however he looked around in fear also in attempt to find an escape route.

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IICheshiraII: -Cheshira ducks as Troy comes out of the whole. But what was that on his nose? She raises a brow and tilts her head to a side and stares at him. She blinks a few times and stares at him more as her lips part a little. A courting present? Cheshira blinks a few times and tilts her head to the other side as she places both her hands on the floor and stands up from the ground and walks closer to Troy.- A Neko? -She than looks at the thing on Troy's nose and looks him over. She sure was curious to what the thing was. Slowly she reaches her hand out to the thing's ears and gently trails her fingers over them if he would let her and didn't scoot away. If he would she would immediately pull her hand back and blinks a few times as she stares at Troy confused and lost about what to do. Though she wanted to know what Troy did to him since he looked terrified. If he would let her touch him she would gently trail her fingers over his ears and furry like hair. After a few moments she pulls her hand back and smiles softly before looking back at Troy and whispers- You know you didn't need to do this my dear mighty Troy.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the Drow would come back up from the underdark riding his trusty spider he would send force not one not 30 but this time a whole regiment of Drow. The waves upon waves of them would be carrying building materials as much as food, water, and more weight in gold this was only yet a fraction of the might of the darkened world wizards and shamans where amongst the ranks as the Drow general witch was the one they would have met was at the head. He would lead the front of the massive thing of builders down to solders it was manpower that was fit for a god. The Drow general would then come to the same ruins as much as he would like to talk to the dragon he made his presence abundantly clear.~ “I have returned my lady with the builders… “ ~he would let loose a chuckle as he would turn to the elf and would have a scowl but would refrain with any sort of insult.~ “Her Grace offers you the full support of the Drow. A castle as well as protection from the dark depths of our mother underdark. “ ~he would ride forward and would smile a to order to fan out as if to present themselves to the dragon there was a grand total of 400 Drow in the total. Each had a certain skill form healers all the way to builders he had warriors as well. The power of the Drow would be with him as he would hold a very high rank amongst them.~ “It will be something I look forward too….. Helping this castle be built for well… reasons even I do not know.” ~he chuckled as he would hold the reigns of his spider that would shriek with a unnatural thrill of excitement.~

Stranger Player: A slither sound of electricity sounded off the stone walls as a simple flash of light spotted out from the darkness, leaving behind a slender blonde creature on her hands and knees. She glanced up from underneath her blonde hair, her teal eye glittering with shock and fear, her toxic green eye seething with irritation and a warning to those whom would wish her harm. She slowly climbed to her feet, brushing off the dirt and rose petals that speckled the floor of the stone palace, as that is what it would appear to be. Her poorly made clothes did not seem to belong on her pale skin, clean hair, and exotic eyes, the necklace around her neck did not go ether, it was much to elegant of a charm. The long black primary feather was not from a creature from this time, nor dimension, something that would catch the eye of many. Her exotic mismatched eyes glared around cautiously, her long delicate ears twitching, unsure of where the portal has brought her...

Anaya: Troy looked to Chesira and he was oddly bashful as he lowered his head letting the little Neko slip down off his nose and onto the ground before Chesira, Troy could hear something coming. “i did not have to my dear Chesira but I wanted to” he pushed the Neko over to her with his nose “stay here it is safe” he said softly as he got up from his almost laying down belly crawl to stand up and turn around stepping over both Chesira and the Neko boy, his tail held high he looked out spotting the Drow group on its way, the 80 foot tall dragon could see most coming from the baron lands around. As he watched the Drow group come it it moved very fast for the size of it...there was not much to it 30 men it was not to large he thought but it was haling things so he would be pleased. “i see you have come back Drow I am happy this place does need to get its self out of the rule it is in now, have your men start the building right away so no one has to wait.” he looked down to the Drow with the eyes that only said one thing, keep your eyes off of my female. Troy did not have to say a thing his glare said it all. He lifted his head back up to be his tall and towering red scaled self as he watched his lands. He saw the sparks but did not pay much mind to them, he new Chesira would notice them as well so he would let her handle it if it wanted to talk to anyone. The dragons foot falls made the ground shake as he steps over a wall to get a nice open place to sit down and watch the workers as well as watch Chesira and the new pet as well as that little female looking being that came out of the magic portal here.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro seemed to tremble while he continued to look around as to where he seemed to be again. Seeming terrified from the spiders and the thought of what the dragon could do to him if he didn’t comply with his demands. The female he was said to be the courting gift for seemed somewhat confused as well and moved slowly closer to the terrified young Neko. He however seemed rather busy trying to find yet again a way to escape the dragon’s grasp and find his way out of these lands. Though the chance would be rather slim whit him sitting on the dragons face when he suddenly felt the dragon shift. Shiro slid off the large dragon’s head and face till he set foot on the ground again and watched the large dragon get up. It seemed he had not noticed the woman attempted to pet his sensitive, large yet silky soft ear until her hand made contact. Shiro squeaked softly and turned moved away from her though seemed to have tripped over his own, six foot long tail that had gotten in the way for once. The tail itself was longer than Shiro’s entire body length for five foot as he stood. Shiro had fallen down onto his hands and knees though he quickly tried to get up again. He looked still terrified from what happened deep within the dragon’s pit and still seemed to search for an escape as he got up slowly.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira quickly covered her mouth as the strange creature tripped and tried very hard not to giggle. He seemed overly scared and didn't know how to act.- I won't..... hurt..... you... -She said as she finishes her sentence slower than she started it. The sparks a little away from her caught her attention. But not just that, the female appearing from them was the first and foremost reason her attention was drawn. Quickly she looked down to the strange creature.- Don't move... I'll be right back -She said sweetly and offers him a sweet smile. Though Troy told her to stay there she was curious to who the female was. Slowly Cheshria stepped closer with her head tilt to the side and her eyes slightly narrowed. It was like she looked in a mirror. The female was a spitting image of her except for her eyes. The were different from hers. Other than that with the blond hair, slender frame, pale skin and type of dresser they looked alike. Even the elvish ears coming out of her hair made her think she was staring into a mirror. Even though Cheshira preferred to wear dresses the woman's clothes were close to her taste. But just as Cheshira wanted to speak to her the woman the woman stood up and stepped back into what seemed to be a portal. Left behind confused Cheshira just stands there. Was it her that scared the female off? But just as Cheshira turns around she sees a Drow followed by 30 more men. She blinks a few times more and looks over to Troy worried before quickly running back to the strange creature as she lifted her dress a little. Once she reaches him she looks down at him and nods her head to a side- Come with me.. Let's go some where safe.. -With that said Cheshira turns around and walks to her chest as fast as she could and takes a clean red and black dress out before running to the safe place she woke up in a few hours prior to now and beckons over to the creature to follow her-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would then issue this command~ " ust tar'annen xun 'zil uk says l'v'dre d'dos morfeth dosstan weafl." ~suddenly the Drow would make the motion going into a great calamity of building getting up the construction for the castle he would then smile as he would hop off the spider and look back to the dragon~ “The plans of the building are a Drow design but her grace wishes you what you prefer and to maybe widen the interior for such a dragon to come into the hold.” ~he would nod to the dragon but would let looks some sort of smile he had to be formal when higher ups would have to order it.~ “You and your company will be protected by the might of the Drow for it was and is in our interest of such things. Never before have the Drow made contact with the surface as much I hate doing this as myself.” ~he would look back to the dragon~ “The world is changing weather we like it or not our people are in a downfall. Strong alliances we have made so far But please excuse the past hate between the elves and the Drow will take time.” ~he would nod to the dragon. As he would bring him yet another gift.~ “our wine Is crude but it’s the best we can get out here. It takes a lot to fill a dragon but you may partake in this uneasy peace that we would have.” ~the Drow would smirk as he turned to the elf~ “She may to if she can keep up with the rest.” ~he let out a cackle as he would hold the goblet to his lips getting down form the spider his twin scimitars would swing from his hips as he was dressed rather formally upon this occasion. ~ “The Drow are not forgotten as well as dragons we shall one day indeed show them of your might as well as our fangs dragon. As much as unease I am as you I promise you no harm will come to the girl form you or one of my men… if one of them wishes it I will have their head. “

Anaya: Troy stayed in his place in the grass and dirty area watching the builders start on making the walls. “this place will be grand and tall, tall enough to fit myself for I am sure there will not be much taller then I that will come here. ” he looked out to Chesira and the little Neko keeping a very clear eye on him to watch to see if he was going to bolt getting given a tad bit of freedom it was up to him right not to earn his place or be hunted down if he got away. He looked to the Drow as his one eye stayed looking over at chesira and the Neko “she is turning into everything I think about, if I find out any of your men or yourself have touched her in any ways there are things far worse then being beheaded by a blade, and for your protection I do not know how needed it will be there is not much around the lands here I have walked far and wide there is the sea to the east and just small human settlements to the west as well as some even in the east by the sea, the north nothing but even smaller human buildings and a lot of lands with nothing on them, it is mostly forest here, there are not even other large castle buildings till you go past our borders” he placed his backside on the ground to sit as he moved his claws up and down pushing them into the dirt as it was nice they became cooled from his own body heat that at times even bugged him. “but if you wish to walk the lands to see what you can find to kill I see no problem with it after the castle is built, if anything I will be taking in members and needing workers from all around and a safe place for new comers wanting a family, I feel it will be nice for Chesira to have people around her and a place to call home were o harm will come to her” he lowered his head so only the Drow could hear him “if I am to fit in in this world I have to play the welcoming role, I will do it for her and her alone” he moved and lifted his head back up. “you have to deal with the surface world and I have to deal with the humans and other beings in my own world, this is just the way life is ” Troy was far from a nice dragon he was just as bad as normal dragons he just made sure it was nicely hidden away for he loved his elven queen more then she would know, and it showed for he wanted to change to be better for her and her alone, he cared for no one other then her and to make a place the best for her.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro whimpered faintly as he had slowly gotten up again. The fall had caused some minor scrapes to appear on the palms of his hands and knees amongst several others from the earlier roughness he had been through. Though he heard the female behind him almost teasingly say she wouldn’t be hurting him. Though there was little he believed about that in fact. He softly rubbed his hands over his bare chest since his old, raged shirt had been ripped off by the dragon who had attempted to lift him up by it. Suddenly however his ears lightly perked up and heard the woman say to stay put. He turned around and watched her take off but clearly had no intentions to listen to her. He had seen where the large dragon had taken off to and assumed that was the way out as well and quickly went off into the direction. However he seemed to partially hide around the corner to where the dragon stood in audience with the strange, new creature and its companions. He lightly tilted his head at the sight and seemed to await the perfect opportunity to escape. However his rather long tail swished softly behind himself and often would be something to easily fall notice to others due to its bright white color alongside the rest of his hair and fur.

IICheshiraII: -As Cheshira reached her hiding place she places her clean dress over a large rock and looks around. She was out of sight and she couldn't see anyone who seemed to be watching her beside Troy. She blushes by the thought of Troy watching her while she changed her dress and as she lingers to that though she slowly grabs a hold of her dress and starts to lift it so she would take it off over her head. But just as the botton lace of her dress was just above her waist line someone whistled to her. She blinks a few times and looks around as she drops her dress again in shock. Her face turned bright red and as she looks back to the wall in front of here there suddenly was a tall Drow. Blinking a few times she squeals and takes a step back before stepping out of her hiding place and snatches her other dress and runs off- Troy! -She screams out as she runs as fast as her feet could carry her as the scary tall Drow follows her "Come here pretty girl. Come... I have something for you" his raspy dark voice calls out to Cheshira. She in her turn shudders and squeals loudly again as she runs towards Troy. When she finally reaches him she hides behind one of his legs and trys to catch her breath. She didn't have the breath to explain what happened and only held onto Troy as tightly as she could and buries her face into his leg. The Drow on his turn came closer to Troy as well. Not fearing him at all. He wanted the pretty tiny elven girl and he was going to get her, one way or another. "Come out, come out where ever you are pretty little elf. I have a treat for you" While he said that he unbuckles his pants and opens them. He than rubs on hand over his crotch and steps even closer. Not paying any kind of attention to his superior or the large dragon or the Neko. Cheshira squealed softly again and clings to Troy even more.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would only turn to the dragon as he would whisper in his tone was low.~ “You have all known the power of the elves Dragon do not forget what they have done to your dragonlings as well as your own kind. Enslaved as much as the next I do not think you would see fit.” His armor would creek as he turned to the other side. “I trust your insight of the land layout we hunt in groups and have a current party searching for food as you must know. We have survived for thousands of years dwelling beneath your very feet my good sir. I have no quarrel with you but as for her one of her kind had killed many of us. Keep in mine lord dragon that we share a common goal. For once we served a dragon queen powerful as time as itself.” ~he nodded As he would still keep the company of the beast.~ “our worlds have to merge for there is stirrings in the Drow world our world is slowly discovering thus of a plague. And areas of uncertainties are crossing our paths a new breed has entered our area they can strike without warning and can kill with toxins that are even not known to the Drow.” ~he would keep this under wraps with the dragon for it was even a threat to him as it was much to himself~ “You may use my name dragon for it is Soran Malakath. You do good to remember my name for I shall not forget the kindness shown upon me in the city.” ~he would nod as he would move back to the him but as he would hear one of his men was doing doing something off in the distance all of a sudden out of no where the elf would run behind the dragon the Drow would turn his head upon the other as he would look upon him his red crimson burning in a scowl.~ “what has this befallen upon this woman as late.” ~he would turn to the Drow before grabbing his fellow brother upon his neck. ~ “I have said for no harm come to the woman did you not understand what your queen commands? “ ~his voice would be elevated in a snarl as he would take out a dagger and run it along the males cheek~ “I will have your unmentionables next time this feat is concerned. Better yet why not I feed you to this dragon right now and have it be ended here?” ~he would have a grin that would chill the bones of any man he would simply be not amused from this actions even as one such came from under his command.~ “Your fate will be in the dragons hands now Brother. “ ~he would have spat the words as bile coming from his mouth as he waved a hand two of the guards by him would grab hold of the man.~ “Shall I show you what happens to those who cross my command?”

Anaya: Troys eyes turned away from the Drow leader and to his dear Chesira calling out his name, he did very much notice her change and then saw her run all the way over to him with that Drow behind her, Torys mind holding its calculation new that she would get to his leg before the tall worker Drow could get to her, as soon as Chesira grabbed onto his leg he played stupid and fakes not to notice the Drow man till the Drow got just at the right point. With not a second thought Troy opened his jaws large fang like teeth getting larger as he cracked his jaw from left to right. Watching the leader Drow move to the taller one to be truthful troy did not care he slammed his jaws down over top the working Drow and down in between the leader figure and his man, with a slam the jaws shut and all one could hear was the crunch of metal in Troys teeth. He tossed his head up as he let the bits of Drow fall his neck and into his gullet as one could hear the plop if they rested under or next to his belly. As troy looked to the Drow leader he snarled but stopped he would blame the Drow for his mans acts and this act could have very much cost him his life here, but the Drow did an oddly noble act and was going to forgot the man up to the dragon for doing wrong so Troy would let this oine slip..for now. “what the elves have done to my kind and race was in the past, we cant blame one being for the acts of there men or others, don't you think” Troy was as much of a smart ass as he was a tyrant and he would place a double meaning to what he said at this point and he wondered if the Drow would have caught it. The dragon moved his foot out of the dirt and rakes the blood spot under the dirt so it would no longer show.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had watched mainly the large dragon as he seemed to wait for the perfect moment to escape. Though seemed rather distracted when suddenly he heard the female’s words from behind who quickly passed by. The strange other creature that passed by as well neither seemed to have noticed Shiro and seemed to stay put and watched the events unfold. The seemingly leader of the group and the dragon talked as the female hid behind the dragon’s leg when the man seemed not to care about the dragon. Shiro seemed rather confused as to whey both of them would so casually walk up to the dragon and suddenly the man like creature had disappeared in the dragon’s yaws. A loud, startled squeak had slipped from Shiro’s lips as he stumbled back from the sight, trembling in fear and seeming to feel rather nauseous. Holding a hand in front of his mouth as he slowly backed away from the man. What little he had in his stomach would easily be released at the sight, if only he had eaten in the last couple of days. Not that he could with the sight of the dragon devouring the creature any more, for a while at least.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira clanged to Troy as best as she could, not planning on letting go anytime soon. She was starting to believe that the only place she was safe was with him and so she decided there and then to stick with him like a bee to honey. She wasn't going away from him further than she needed to be. And right now, she just wanted to stay as close to him as possible. Her other dress was still in her hands but she was too scared to let go of Troy. It was only when she heard the tearing, popping, snapping and dropping noises when she squealed again and ducks away. She blinks a few times and and peeks up at Troy before burying her face back in his leg.- I'm sorry... -She whispers and clings to him even tighter and closes her eyes as she nuzzles him before opening her eyes again and looking upto him once more.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would smile as the dragon would eat the Drow male but would wonder for he was just done talking about the plague he would look to the dragon would then become worried as he would take a step back from the mighty dragon he would simply not be amused he wanted to torment this man for his actions but I guess it was for the best. The Drow would make the castle large much of the workers would shake there heads at the stupid man and would just go back to their work. He would stand a few paces backing up as he looked to the dragon.~ “I would not have eaten him if I where you he might have been infected with the plague. “ he would look up to the mighty lizard but would not want to be infected he would simply back off from the distance to see what would happen as he would summon a few healers to his aid. ~ “Come quick the dragon might become infected.” ~he would look to them uncertain if the man was contaminated by such a devastating virus that would dwarf the Drows invariability to Nero toxins he would attempt to aid the best he could as he would shit closer to the elf woman and would look upon her and shake his head~

Anaya: Troy looked down upon Chesira as a grin came over his face as he licked his lips and nuzzled her softly “we will go out for the night, I want to take you some place I found the last time I went hunting, just go grab some food for you and the little pet and we will head out with the pet as well, don't want you going with a empty belly” he moved and pushed her with the back of one of his claws as he got up and moved, stepped over to the place by a broken down stable, the place that he had dropped that load of fish and the bags of other foods. He moved his head low and picked up about 12 fish with the tip of his jaws and moved his head over on top of the place the Neko was and dropped it all down onto him “your meal, you will get more later” Troy looked back walking back over to the Drow as his tail swayed back and forth “dragons have very strong immune systems, illnesses do not harm us at all due to the mass amount of heat we give off, you see if kills all viruses and perquisites that go around this world even the ones that torment your people in your darkness, but if you want him you may have him back, or if you wish to berry the body in your world” the dragon contracted his belly and within moments the body was sent up Troys neck and out his jaws and sent as if a projectile covered in green goo out all over the ground. Troy gave a quarking sound and snapped his jaws as he thought of how in a dragons world regurgitating was not a taboo thing or a unknown thing it was simply how would would expel a problem from the body or how a mother would feed her young. Troy simply walked back to the barn and started to place his nose down pushing aside the fish and chicken body's looking for the brown bags of food in the pile of fish, chicken and cow, as well as the stray bone.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro was still trembling and seeming to have a slight hint of green on his expression as he seemed unable to expel the visions of the dragon devouring the man. Trembling softly as almost if he was in some sort of trance. Not even having noticed the dragon moved closer until the load of fish came down over him. Shiro squeaked loudly in surprise as he snapped back to reality and looked up at the dragon. Clearly he seemed scarred to have seen what the dragon did but slowly seemed to gather the fish after a minute. No longer paying attention to what the dragon would be doing though not seeming able to eat any raw fish unlike what the dragon seemed to think. He still seemed to be staring in front of him again until he heard the body fall down on the floor again from the dragon's throat, covered in green goo.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira blinked upto him- But.... -But before she could say something more she was pushes and took a few steps before looking up at Troy. She sighs and looks at the Drow who was now right in front of her. She blinks a few times and lowered her head as she quickly scatters off to get some food. She quickly runs to her chest and takes her bag out and puts her clean dress in and than walks to the place where Troy hid their stage of food. She puts some fruit in, wrapped a fish in some cloaks and puts it in as-well along with some bread. She sighs again and looks around as she closes the bag. This almost attack sure caught her off guard. She was nervous and her ears twitched with every sound. She could use some time away. She didn't trust the Drows at all and thought it would be safer for her and Troy and the funny creature to spend the night away from the almost castle. Cheshira was still unsure if she could take on the role of a queen but she was going to try. But with her being shy that would be fun for everyone else to watch. She would most likely relay on Troy to make hard decisions and she would only deal with the easy things. She sighs again and slowly stands up as she holds the bag firmly with both hands in front of her and walks back to Troy. But he had moved and for a moment Cheshira started to panic. She quickly looks around but that sees him not to far away from her and quickly walks upto him. Her head bowed low again as she whispers.- I'm.... I'm ready -She said before she slowly looks upto him and smiles softly. She only hoped nothing would stop them from their trip.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would move back from the goo as it was not that great of something that would come from the whole experience that was a grotesque image that was the Drow man he would move back from the dragon as he was a little weary~ "perhaps we had a bit of a excitement for one day eh?" ~he would then look towards the other Drow still unsure if the dragon would get sick or not for yes they had good immune systems but the Drow where immune to most poison he would then look back ~ "perhaps i can retire for the day in my quarters ." he would wave his hand to overview the project of the building also he would relax some after today's events~

Anaya: Troy moved his claw and picked up Cheshira and placed her along with the food sacks on his back, he moved around a little bit so she could get settled and he looked to the Drow leader "have your men work the night, i will be back at mid day tomorrow and i want to see that some of the work on the castle is properly done, make the castle how you see fit as long as it holds no spider property's, i do not hold any liking for the beings" he moved over to the place the little Neko was hiding at, his eyes picked up everything and he never once took them from the little thing, grabbing him kinda harshly he tossed him up onto his back as well, he would make sure Chesira got him and settled him in as well to hold on tightly "make sure the work is done Drow or your workers will pay for it" he said as he turned and started to walk out into the growing wood lands to the east.

ShiroNekoKuro: Shiro had seemingly rather sit still at the fish that where within his arms mostly and almost seemed to be waiting. The small creature had been terrified by the sight of the dragon at work and scarred for life it seemed. He faintly whimpered still when suddenly the tight, somewhat harsh hold on his slender body and being tossed up onto the dragons back. Shiro loudly gasped as he landed rather harshly on it as well and had been taken hold of by the female. Seeming as Shiro started to squirm and whimper until the felt the dragon began to move under him and seemed to quiet down rather quickly. Shiro seemed defeated and mentally broken at the sight he had endured from the dragon and would be unclear if he where to mentally recover.

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would look back to the dragon and would only smile~ "but my dear at least one of the rooms has to be looking as Drow room should." ~he would muse to the dragon for it was well one of the trademarked things the Drow did rather then they where already enchanting the stone. and painting Drow symbols upon most of them. he would let out a mused chuckle~ "All i ask is one room for the well keepsake of the Drow dynasty i will make the rest in your image oh lord dragon." ~he would smile softly as he would nod back to him~ "And remember my name its Soran Malakath." ~he would laugh as he made his leave back to the camp the builders would be already making the dragons designs with a little Drow touch ~

Troys Triumph Maledrow"And remember my name its Soran Malakath."

Anaya: All troy did was walk away his back bumping as he went, and the only thing he said to himself was "we will see little Drow we will see" he had no intent to remember the Drows name or even to keep him around much after he stopped his work and fulfilling a need, unless this Drow kept himself usful he would not last long as would any in the lands of the dragon.

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ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro trembled as the dragon seemed rush as the cool evening air cooled his small, frail body rapidly down. Shiro still only seemed to be wearing his torn shorts though Shiro seemed lost in thought at what had happened before. Completely terrified by the dragon's devouring of the strange creature knew he had no position to mess with the dragon and should, at least for the moment, stop his attempts to run.

IICheshiraII: -Holding onto both Troy and the strange creature she closes her eyes for a moment. She couldn't help but to think back on what just happened. She never thought something like that would happen, not around Troy. Her fear of men rose again and the only one she could trust was Troy. If only she could spend more time with him in his human for. It would make things a little easier. That thought brought her back to a few days before now. They were in the cave, just the two of them and she kissed him out of no where. He on his turn kissed her after she apologized for kissing him like that. She wanted to be close like that with him again, but something told her that wouldn't happen as long as the castle wasn't done. She than blinks a few times and looks down at the creature she was holding. She could tell he was afraid. Almost in the same amount as she was. Gently she places her hand on his head and gently scratches over it. She didn't want to scare him more and so she was really gentle. But her thoughts trailed off again to the few days the spend alone, just the two of them. Oh how she would love that again. But with time that would happen again and she knew it.-

Anaya: Troy looked back as he walked, the dragon did not care what he steps on he new he was going the right way and with the size of his steps he new the only thing he was going to trip over was his own foot if he was and did that he earned the trip. “i am sorry Cheshira for eating the male right before you, the Drow are a miserable race of pigs and garbage made to live deep underground, as there views on the elves on the surface world is a lot different then yours and mine” he felt horrible for having to show acts of his cruel and nasty nature around the woman he held so dearly to, the woman he gave the gift to, to tell her he wanted to court her, that he was courting her. The dragon hated even more that the Drow tried to touch her lay hand on what did not belong to him what was loved and cared for by another and what was told was not part of the deal, so even if Troy hated the fact he had eaten the Drow in a very unclean way he was happy the Drow was gone and now he was going to make it up to both of them with this nice trip he planed. Troy looked back out over the lands to see what place he was going he has crushed a nice path in the trees as they had just started walking into the east lands the sea was close enough to see at this point “have you ever bin to the waters my dear?” he asked as he looked out at the water only a couple moments away.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had suddenly felt the woman’s subtle scratches on the sensitive young creature’s head. He had slipped a faint gasp from his lips though seemed far too afraid to try and avoid her gentle touch. At that even a faint purr had started to slip from his small, soft lips. Still Shiro felt her hold around his small form though Shiro had slightly pressed his claws into the dragon’s large, red scales. The sole piece of cloth that was covering the young Neko’s still hidden privates, that which he wished to keep secret from the whole world where still safe and figured neither of the two beings had any interest in such. Usually Shiro kept his tail and ears also hidden in the cloak and hood attached to it though this time he had lost it while doing his escape from a large pack of rabid wolfs. He would have never imagined on which he had now stumbled upon. Being forced to stay with the large dragon and the strange girl, only thinking that she too had somehow been his hostage.

IICheshirahiraII: -As she kept on running her hand gently over the strange creatures head she suddenly blinks again as she hears Troy's voice.- Hm? Oh.... Don't feel sorry mighty Troy. -She smiles softly- You protected me. And no I never been to the waters. I've seen them, but never been there. -She smiles again and than looks down to the other being she was holding. She smiles sweetly to him- Don't be afraid. We won't hurt you. You´re safe with us -She whispers to him. Even though Cheshira wasn't the type to hold anyone against their will, she would make sure no harm would come to this creature. He was in her care now. But she did realize he maybe didn't want to be here. Perhaps she should talk to Troy about it. Oh how she hoped it wouldn't hurt his feelings. She just wasn't comfortable with holding someone or something against their will.-

Anaya: Troy walked more as they got up to the waters, clear, clean, salt water. Troy moved and layed his bulk down in the sand as he wiggled his claws in the dirt “well now you can go play in it, show your new pet how much fun it is” troy looked back on them as he moved his head up blinking a but “i will be in in a moment, i have to shift down first, so everyone off my back” he gave a grin as he let out a snort and flicked his tail back and forth. Troy was far from the night type to the world but he was kind to the ones he cared about. Over on the other side of the beach there was groups of kids playing, adults and woman, kids and adults alike playing with balls tossing them back and forth over there they started having a lot of fun but once they saw the dragon they made sure to move out of his way and stay on there side of the beach. Troy liked it sometimes that when he came around he had a place all to himself but from time to time it was lonely having everyone scared of him, he turned his head to look over at the people as they pushed away from him, he did not make a face or make a sound only watched them play there games over there on there part of the grounds, he stayed on his with his little group.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had continued to spill his faint, somewhat gentle and soft purrs while the touch of the female continued to softly tease his sensitive head. As he heard the two talking it seemed Shiro tried to ignore them for as much as he possibly could until he heard the female’s words to his ears. The sensitive ears had softly began to move and twitch in order to make sure they picked up every single sound she made. They seemed to move on their own when Shiro tried to listen weather he wanted to or not. Though his head lowered a bit down at her words and even though they appeared sincere to his ears he didn’t truly believe her. The fact remaining that he was held captive somewhat and unable to leave on his own accord. No response had come from the young creature at that though it appeared a strange, new scent came to his nose. The scent of the sea, beach and especially fresh fish hidden in the great, deep blue. At the sound of the dragon’s voice again to his ears caused them to lower down. However it seemed Shiro at this time was not willing to move in the slightest after he seemed to be still processing what had happened right in front of his eyes before.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira slowly slides off Troy's neck as he stands still and asks them to slide off. She blinks a few times as she looks out over the sea and a gentle breeze lets her long blond hair wave. Letting her hand trail over Troy as she walks forward a few steps and then looks back at the creature.- Aren't you coming to play? -She asks sweetly. She than looks back to the sea and smiles as she walks towards it. She stops for a moment to take her heels off and places her bare feet in the sand. She smiles and lifts her dress a little and looks down at her feet as she wiggles her toes in the sand. She giggles softly and than walks forward to the water. As she reaches it she stands still and lets the waves wash over her feet and she closes her eyes. It was nice and cool but yet just warm enough. The lower lace of her dress was getting soaked by the water but she didn't mind. She had another dress with her and this dress would dry soon enough if she would lay it over Troy's warm body. Taking a few steps more in until she is about half way up to her lower legs. She looks over her shoulder and smiles brightly as she what Cheshira Troy and than looks over to the people who are on the other side of the beach. She never understood why people stayed away from Troy. He wasn't that scary to see. But maybe the fairy tails about dragons were to claim for their fear and distance. She sighs softly and looks back and Troy. There were so many things she wanted to tell him and talk to him about but she wasn't sure when she would or could for that matter. She smiles one last time before turning around again and slowly walking into the water even more.-

Anaya: Troy smiled as he watched her, his eyes always filled with joy as he watched his graceful and utterly stunning Cheshira, she was his every thought, his every longing moment and his every need, she made him have this feeling he could never place words on, all he new is he never wanted it to stop, even in the short time they new one another it was as if he already new this was the one he would grow old with, and for a dragon and and elf growing old was a very long time. Troy moved a claw in the sand drawing a ring and in moments the light came from his scales and he had shifted down to his human form a long scar on his arm and a set of pants made of only magic that looked like fabric hung on his body, the scar was nothing much really it would fade in time but it was not open anymore so he did not care all that much for it. He walked to the Neko boy and placed a hand on the little ones shoulder “it is alright, you can have fun here, you think everything is going to hurt you but you forget even the mean things in life have a soft side” he ran his fingers in the little things hair and walked out to Cheshira. He looked to the people playing out there as he could hear them laughing and having fun with there family's “ever think about a family? I have never had one” he said softly as he steps in the water a light mist of steam coming from his feet as he let a smile come to his face, it was odd the red fire breathing dragon loved to swim it was the only thing that cooled him off fully, and he was a great swimmer and could hold his breath under water for ages. Troy thought on a family, he had never had one and he new an elf and a dragon could not have kids but they could take in kids and have a family but how would he parent them he was a dragon he did not know how to bring up a young one, well it would be a thing to think and talk about in the time a head, right now he was enjoying seeing the woman he was falling in love with playing at the sea.

ShiroNekoHyo: As it seemed the female moved down from the dragon’s back Shiro had still yet to move an inch. Though when the dragon had started to shift and reform itself into the appearing more humanoid form Shiro squeaked a bit and suddenly fell off the transforming creature’s back, several feet down towards the sand. With a soft thud Shiro planted on his back into the sand and faintly groaned as it took a little while for him to get up. He suddenly felt a hand placing onto his shoulder and gasped a bit, hearing the voice rather similar to the dragon’s voice though somewhat different. Shiro had a faint blush on his face and seemed to listen to the dragon/human’s words though didn’t respond to him and watched as he walked over. Sitting softly into the soft sand now a faint relieved gasp slipped his lips and closed his eyes. Feeling the sand against his soft skin a bit while the small bit of clothes just barely covered what remained hidden of the young Neko. He knew it would be best to stay out of the water as he knew it wouldn’t keep his clothes intact any longer. Shiro softly shook his head at the female’s question and slightly dug his small, soft hands into the sand with his feet alike. He could however wait for a good opportunity to escape now that the dragon had turned to a much smaller form and figured ti would be harder to see things from afar.

IICheshiraII: -With her eyes close her ears twitched as she heard something shift and move behind her. She smiles. She could here the change in Troy's voice and so knew he was in his human form. Her smile grew brighter as he comes closer to her. Slowly she turns around to him and smiles up to him.- I missed this sight of you...-She whispers and lowers her eyes for a moment but they shoot up again when he starts about family. She blinks a few times as she looks up to him and than lowered her glace.- I haven't had one either. Well.... I had some one taking care of me but he wasn't...... A parent... -Slowly she looks up to him again and nods slowly- But yes, i would like a family of my own -She smiles softly and stepped a little closer to him and reach her hand up to trail her fingers over his scar. It wasn't as bad as she thought but never the less there was a scar. She stands up on her toes and places a sweet kiss on it before looking up to him and placing her head against his arm as she hooks her arm around his as tightly as she could. She then closes her eyes and wishes this moment could last for ever. Just the two of them, in human forms, being close with each other. Oh how she enjoyed this. No matter how many presents he would give her or riches or clothes, nothing would ever top the moments she shared with him when he was like this. Even though he was still much taller than she was, she still wanted this to happen more often. Since up untill now these moments were very rare.-

Anaya: Troy smiled at her and moved to her side as he warped his arms around her picking her up “i want a family to” he said softly and sweetly kissed her lips. He too his lips away and placed his forehead on her own as to a dragon it was a sign of being one, to match minds with one another and to be together. But slowly he was moving into the water with her and a playful grin moved over his face. He moved along the waterline forgetting about the pet over in the sand as he got lost in the moment of holding her. He got it to were the water was just at her feet but she was not touching it and the water for him was just under his waist line. “can you swim my dear?” he asked with that smile on his face as his bright red eyes looked at her. “today is a day you dont have to act like a princess a day anything can happen and it is aright to get a little wet and be who you are inside ” he said with a smile and moved her down to let the water just grace her feet.

“today is a day you dont have to act like a princess a day anything can happen and it is aright to get a little wet and be who you are inside ”

RagnarLuthbrook: ~Ulrich Visgaurd the Red would then be upon the beach his men would be excavating a mine. The loud obscene blasts would shake the very foundations of the forest. he was a tall man big blonde beard and a long blonde hair a Viking by nature. His coffers where thinned down to the wire as his men would land on the beach for some plunder the mines where the perfect place to kill things. The men got off the boat and Ulrich leading them he would behead the scout that would have lied to him earlier and would start to shout orders he did not know who was on the beach or care to for he was Ulrich would then invade the area to claim it for his own. He took the dynamite and would begin to blast the caves shouting orders to his men.~ “Slå ner gruvan! ta guldet vi behöver det för slaver.” ~he would shout in Nors at the people for they would be terrified of this huge brute. They would not know what to do as he would start to take the women and children as slaves rounding them up as the 600 Viking warriors were around him. he would act smug as they would continue to make huge explosions in the cave near by to rob the place it was a grand seemed it seemed to be coming along in fact. The Norsemen would already have coffers of gold be taken to there ships as he would laugh a hearty laughter.~ “det är nästan för lätt.” ~he would laugh~ (( this is almost too easy)) ~he would look around the area and would scan for something to do he ordered some men to start logging wood. From the trees to create long boats for some where damaged in the raid~

IICheshiraII: -She giggles as he picks her up and smiles brightly to him before returning his kiss. Folding her arms around him tightly as he stares at him as their foreheads touch and wiggles a little to make herself more comfortable. She blinks a few times to his questions and shakes her head.- I never learned... -She said softly and lowers her glace for a moment. Even though she heard some sounds vaguely around her, she didn't want to pay attention to it as she was finally spending quality time with the one she was falling madly for. But admitting that to him would be quiet something. Her cheeks flushed bright red at just the though and she quickly buries her face in his shoulder so he wouldn't see. But of course he would have since her cheeks flushed in front of him. She giggles again and nuzzles his neck and shoulders for a little while longer.-

Anaya: “dont worry i got you ” he would walk more into the water if he let her go at this point her feet would not be even close to the bottom, troy was over 6 feet tall Cheshirawas mini next to him. He would turn and let Cheshira in the water about up to her breast line not much over just enough it was very warm around him so it was almost like getting a walking in a tub. “i have you, i will always have you” he said softly as he hugged her into him and walked in the waters with her in his arms. “every day i will have you and i will never let you go i promise” he smiles as a light laugh came from the dragon mans lips, dragons hardly ever laughed so it was when he was really truly happy when he did smile and laugh and it was a change seeing most of the time he was cold and evil when his emotions.

RagnarLuthbrook: the giant known As Ulrich would walk the beach the ground under him would crumble as his footsteps could be herd throughout the place he was that of the Norn race a great people of giants they where commanding he would stand tall and be almost like the radiant sun. His men would look left then right and would proceed with the blasting. The sounds would echo from the mine, as the gold out of the caves would still be coming out. Ulrich was pleased to see this he loved the shinny golden rocks come out of the mountain. His broad axe was placed on his back as well as his men fanned out searching the beach for any citches that would bestow upon there commander. One of the Norse men would trip over something in the sand Ulrich would look down to him~ “What is the matter cannot keep up?” ~then the man would spot something a creature he would not have seen before he would turn to the and whisper to the men. A beefy big man would have a net by his side he as they would circle around the sleeping being they would attempt to cast the net over it in a attempt to catch it.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had fallen asleep rather soon after they had arrived on the beach. Shiro's top was still missing and the only clothes seemed the raged and torn old shorts as he laid quietly in the sand. His tail faintly swishing besides him and seemed to softly brush through the sand. The young Neko clearly unaware of what was happening around him until suddenly he was woken by the net that was thrown over the small being. Shiro woke up with a short yet loud scream and looked around in fear. For a few moments forgetting what had happened the entire day before though clearly unknown of what exactly went on at the moment.

IICheshirahiraII: -Cheshira shivered a little as she touched the water and clinged onto Troy as best as she could. She smiles to his words and a small shimmering appeared in her eyes.- I wouldn't what it any other way... I love y.... -But just before she could finish her sentence she sees something on the beach. Her eyes open wide as she looks at the scene that's playing off in front off her.- TROY! -She screams and points to the beach- Look! -She screams again as she looks at him for a moment. Her face was filled with fear and it only gets worse when she looks back at the beach and sees a net thrown over her poor strange creature. Something came over her, courage and anger. She promised she wouldn't let anyone hurt the creature and she would keep her promise no matter what it took for her to do.- We have to do something.... -She then mumbles. Slowly Cheshira pulls herself up and moves herself to Troy's back and holds onto him. Since he couldn't swim she couldn't let go. This was the only way Troy could move faster without her in the way of his movements.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her as he just smiled,then ti changed as he yelled and his head turned to the beach, he would have ignored what was happening on the beach but seeing Cheshira noticed it and seemed worried about it the dragon had no choice but to react. As Cheshira crawled onto his back he said sternly “hold on” and then his wings jutted from his back fire and bright as his tail moved out of his backside ripping a nice sized hole in his pants. Right away troy flapped it was hard to get out of the water with wet pants but he would deal with it and then land so nicely on the beach. “pardon me but that is my property” he said sternly to the men and the over grown goon in the mass of them “the one you have in your net, it would be mine now please let him go i would not like to have violence here this day as i am spending a relaxing day here with my” he said softly as he blinked a couple of times and kneels to let Cheshira slide off his back just in case the dragon had to act fast and shift he did not want her to get hurt.

RagnarLuthbrook: ~Some of the men would already be hauling it away back to the shit as the nors around him would look to the man he did not know much of what he was saying. For it was keen to there ears they came from the old world it was hard to adapt in this life. Ulrich would turn to the dragon and speak in the old tongue of the nords.~ “And by whom do you command The Norn.” ~he would look to his men for each shaman necromancer and warrior would nod there approval as he turned back to the male. Speaking in the ancient tongue of that which was lost ages ago from the new world. It was a dialect that only the old would understand.~ “What creature be you if you would seek us Norn. We seek bounty and treasure and this thing here tonight looks like a hefty weight in gold. “ ~he would smirk as the Norns would almost have it aboard his ship right about now. He didn’t serve any man the Norns where forced from there peaceful village to scavenge what the could and kill any who would oppose with the long boats about his back he would look back the tallest of the Norn to them. ~ “Go about your business there is nothing here we capture and take. Gold need for many men.” ~his common tongue would be harsh for they where not really good at it.~ “We go now.” ~he would chuckle as he would speak the ancient language again.~ “Alright men we are done here lets move out and make camp. These people will not understand us lets just keep moving. “ ~he would start on his way back to the long boats along with the gold and silver he would have taken from the humans.~ “We serve non but the giant beasts that once was.” ~he would smirk and tossed the language more back there way.~

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had still found himself trapped within the net as he kept squirming as it would appear they had started to drag him away over the sand. Feeling his clothing slowly tear at the movements he held on to the remainders as not to loose whatever rags he still had that covered his privates. Though it seemed by doing so he had lost the final attempt to escape the net by clawing at it. However Shiro's small, sharp fangs had started to rather quickly bite through the ropes that held the net together and slowly made a hole that would be large enough for him to escape. almost at the designated place of arrival Shiro had managed to cut through enough to jump out of the net and attempt to run away to freedom, though the chance was rather high he would be surrounded before he got the chance.

IICheshiraII: -Quickly Cheshira jumps off Troy's back and looks at him as she bites her lips. She never learned how to defeat herself. She was always protected by someone. Looking back at the large man she steps a little closer to Troy, slightly confused by t he tongue he speaks in. She blinks a few times and leans back to looks at her strange creature. The poor thing was trying to get out and he seemed to manage to do so. She smiles softly and than looks back at Troy. She knew he probably would take this from the man and so slowly started to step back to give Troy space to change if he wanted. But with his size she would be too far away from him to be protected. She blinks a few times more and so stays at a close but still safe distance. She only hoped the large man wouldn't come after her. A part of her wanted to cling to Troy but another part wanted to help him defend what was theirs. This was Troy's land now, they were intruders well they were in her eyes. She sighs softly and looks between the men and Troy. *Please let this pass peacefully* she begs to herself in mind and closes her eyes stiff for a moment before opening them again and looking at Troy, her mighty Troy.-

Anaya: Troys left eye would twitch as the man talked to him in that way to simply push him off like some mutt as he moved to take a step away from Cheshira his body temperature was going up, fast, he was trying to keep control of his temperament but he was failing ...badly “i am Troy Dragon under the mountain, i own this land you tred upon, you hold no ownership of the gold or objects here, i am ruler over the people, ruler over the land and gems in the soles here and i am ruler over even the waters and sky's here, now i will ask one last time let what is mine go before i rip your spin from your backside and use it as a lash to strangle your men with, then i will nicely burn down your boat without your bodys on it, i will sit them up like dolls on the beach to watch for even in death you will still see what i will do to every man you have” Troys red eyes started to light up as he took a step closer to the man opening his wings on his back up so the man could see the leathery scales that covered them “what was once gone still exists feeble man, if you no longer believe in us i pity you for we tend to punish ones that do not beg for there lives” his upper lip curled as Troy snarled a evil hiss his sideways cutting eyelids moving over as he blinked.

Troys Triumph Dragon_Rip_by_Ironshod
Anger something even the strongest of men cant control

RagnarLuthbrook: ~well the beast would manage to escape as though in the middle of the Norns they would just surround the creature for they captured anything they did not know what it was it was a way of dealing with things. The large men would encircle the creature, as they would sneer to the hearing the word of a dragon. He would go back and contest the argument with the beast. In the language he would know the ancient Nords words would have a sudden vulgarity to the meaning. ~ “And who are you to abandon your people to utter devastation. You so called Dragons who we held so highly of. The great Beasts we once would be taught lesions from dead and vanished. “ ~he would look upon the man not really believing him a dragon.~ “The great white dragon of the north is no longer with us.. she deserted us as we would have treated her like a god. My ancestors waited for the dragons to return what makes it so certain you look human. “ ~he would scoff as he would attend to his men looking back to the and even more gestures.~ “How can I even protest to say we our tribe needs to eat and we need this gold. This is the humans gold and now its my gold. “ ~he would get his shamans ready and the mincers to be ready for anything wile he would form a line of his 600 men.~ “You a dragon I do not believe it I haven’t seen the likes of them since the Golden one fell.” ~he would let out a giant laugh it would rumble from within his belly.~ “Keep the thing secure so we can study it. “ ~he would nod to his fellow Nornsmen as the would be heavily armed and dangerous getting the explosives from the mine helped non the less.

IICheshirahiraII: -Cheshira blinks between all of them around her but than stares at Troy. She knew his rage was climbing and she knew he would change soon and probably rip some heads. But something didn't feel right and so she decided to add some pieces of her thoughts to what Troy said. She would glace at him with narrowed eyes.- He is a dragon... I am his queen. Do as he said. Leave the creature alone and hand him back to us before my king will take action towards you. -Suddenly Cheshira felt really confident and so spoke up. She looks at Troy and smiles at him. She wanted to take his hand but she knew if he was about to change she would most likely get hurt. She then looks back at the large man and his men and crosses her arms. Even though she was small, something came over her now. She looked right at place and confident about her role in these lands and next to Troy. She belonged there, she was going to prove it to him. She just didn't know how.- Final warning barbarian... -She saids with a far more stern voice than her normal sweet voice and stares at the man as the wind and the heat coming from Troy slowly started to dry her dress and hair.-

Anaya: Troy looked to his Cheshira as she said Queen, he new there was a fighter in her heart and he loved it “it is alright he will get his proof, it will be ok my sweet ” turning back to the Norn male Troy snarled as he backed up from the man. “you wish proof we exist, you wish to know that you are not forgotten by us, do you wish to know we care for you? We don't, we left you just like we left the humans to rote in there own mundane lives and filth. We hold no sentiment for you no sympathy for you as you have forgotten the path of light honor and even the path of witch hide to place your spire tip to. You forgot everything simple man” Troy walked back a bit more as he held his arm up into the air, the dragon started to laugh as his voice changed deeper and deeper till it was booming and he was growing. His wings and tail started to grow as his body matched it and the pants he had on ripped from him, scales covering his form he wiggled his fingers as massive claws ripped from his hands. “do you believe now that we still exist!!!” he yelled as he snapped his jaws and let his teeth grind together, a head the size of a buss on top of another one and claws the size of single roomed buildings he was very much so a red dragon. Now 80 feet tall Troy moved his foot to slam down beside the armada of men the Norn had, he had Crushed about 20 of them for sure and some had moved out of the way of the foot as it came down but most started to run after the blood had mushed from the spot. It would be sure that Troy had scared the daylights out of the Neko boy and more then likely covered him in the blood of the Norns but dragons did not think that much when angered so it did not really come to mind. “i am done playing games with you Norn, you have tested my patience to much with your slander and lack of faith in what you believe to be YOUR GOD!” he lowered his head and stared at the man his bright eyes filled with fire “the white beast of the north is dead and gone, her reason for leaving you was her own, i have claimed this land under my own name as well as my queens, you can take what gold you have in your hands but the rest stays in the ground unless you wish to give payment to the owner of the mine to be able to pull out what i give you. But for what belongs to me i will be taking back the white earned boy ”

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the Norns would feel the earthquake as he would love a good fight if this was his last so be it for twenty of them men would be slain as he would yell out a order given to him he was not about to loose more men for the sake of this pitiful creature the Norns that where surrounding the thing would disperse lighting the fuses of the dynamite Dragon scales or not the face would make a excellent target as each Norn carried with him some explosives the would already be ready for a fight as Ulrich would then grind his axe from his back it was made of that old relics of the past the dragon of the north would have feared its power for it had the venom of a hydra upon it and would be that of a deadly weapon indeed. He was prepared to battle something if he came to it~ “You are not my God!!!” ~he would lash out as he would give the command to attack issuing them to toss there dynamite this was only the diversion for it was aimed at the dragons exposed head if the dynamite would make contact it would make a crippling blow. Later on the Drow would be up top the hill sending scouts to look for the dragon for they had finished the east wing of the structure. The Drow scouts would report a incident to their leader Soran was most displeased. He would rally the men back at camp if the dragon would have listen to him in taking some men for security this wound not have happened in the first place. The Drow would mount more men a whole regiment would be on its way to settle this dispute. For the Drow commander would issue the spider riders on each side they hurried to the aid of the dragon the Drow would not fail. As they where fastly approaching the clearing they would begin to position the archers upon the ridge for hell if the explosive hit it would cause a massive commotion amongst the people the Drow only moments away with mounted spiders. The Norn including Ulrich was in full attack as they where to charge letting out magic from there shaman they have they would aim to strike at the dragon. The stage was set as a all out war was about to begin right there and now. Ulrich would yell~ “Show them no quarter!” ~as they charged for the dragon.~

IICheshirahiraII: -As things were happening around her fast and in a way she didn't like she quickly looks around and spots the strange creature Troy gave to her as a gift. Picking her dress up she runs over to him as fast as she could, only hoping none of those barbarians would come after her. Dodging flying objects here and there she has to make a long slide through the blood of the killed men to reach the strange boy. Taking his hand rather he liked it or not she pulls him with her into the woods. It was the only place she felt safe and protected as it was her element. She was a woodland Elf never the less and so she felt at home between the trees.- Come.... -She saids to the boy and pulls him with her as she starts climbing up into a tree, ripping her dress here and there but she didn't mind. As she looked out from the trees she saw the Drow and his men coming to help Troy. Oh if she only remembered his name she could have asked him to ask one of his men to take her and the boy can to the castle. But as she saw what they were doing to Troy she screamed out to him- Troy! -She than looks at the boy and places her finger over her mouth- Be still and stay here. Don't move.. -With that said Cheshira rippes most of her dress off, leaving only her Cheshira, stomach, her private parts and part of her upper legs covers. Ripping the piece she just ripped off open she folds it over the boy to keep him warm and jumps down. She still didn't have any heels on and so could move free and quick. She than sees something from the corner of her eyes. A rather large flexible but strong piece of wood and that was when she got an idea. She quickly moves over to the piece of wood and pulls on the lace of her dress to get a string. Quickly she ties it to both ends of the piece of wood after arching it a little. She was making a bow. It wasn't something decent or strong, but it could help her right now. Once the bow was made she picks up a few strong twigs and starts sharpening the tops of them. She made 25 of these arrows. While doing all of this she kept a close eye on Troy and what was happening. Even though she never learned to fight, she knew she had to do something to help. Looking around as she sear Cheshira for a piece of rope but since she couldn't find any she rips another piece off her dress and ties the arrows together and hangs them over her shoulder before she takes the bow and hangs it over her shoulder as well. Once done she quickly looks around and climbs back into the tree where she left the boy only moments ago. Once back up she takes the bow off her shoulder and takes the first arrow. She than looks back at the boy.- Help me.... You need to make more of these arrows please. I need a lot of them.... -She than looks back and places the first arrow in the bow as she seen happening before many times. *Let's hope i can do this....* She thinks to herself and aims for one of the barbarians before releasing it, hitting the first one in the neck. Blood gushes out and she quickly takes the next arrow.-

Anaya: Troy watched them all, he new the smell of dynamite and he also new it went bang when you set it a blaze, they had a bunch of it and started tossing it at him, right away the dragon backed up and turned so his head was held high and his back hide was at the flying drums. A couple of them hit his back with a bang but it did not move him it would leave a mark and rip scales but nothing to bad to make him stop or bring him down. Troy felt the magic on his scales being tossed at him but it did nothing at all the dragon scales and magic resistant hide protected him from that one but he would very much be in pain in the morning. letting his Cheshira light up with a bright orange Troy let out a massive blast of fire aimed at the group of man, it went flying out to the force and took out a good 540 of the men there tossing things at him, there was still a second handful left of them. Talk about a peaceful day at the beach. The family's that spent there time there had gone screamed and ran from this place when the men came, the sun was high in the sky still as the mid day heat was making this place hot, very hot, and with Troy around it would be like siting in a cooker for the Norn.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had after his escape rather quickly been surrounded by the large group of strange men. Whimpering loudly as he continued to try and attempt to escape their grasp though each time they would either grab the young Neko’s tail or arm and push him back into the center. It seemed to continue for a small while, while on the other part of the beach other events happened with the dragon, female and leader of the evil group. Suddenly however the group of people seemed to disperse from around him which seemed to give him an opportunity to escape, Though even before he had the chance to his small, soft hand and was pulled up without given a choice. Shiro’s tail had wrapped around his small, slender form and the ears seemed to be hanging a rather bit low at that. It appeared Shiro was being lead into a forest wish seemed fine by the young Neko. He had lived most of his time alone in the large outdoors and preferred a dense forest to hide, find things to eat and such. Seeming it was probably one of the better place’s to survive. However being lead up into a large tree both of their clothing appeared to be ripped and torn, Shiro’s even ‘worse than before as his shorts now completely fell off while climbing up the tree. A soft, startled squeak slipped his lips when he noticed it but was Drown out by the woman’s scream towards the dragon. She appeared not to have noticed Shiro’s rather feminine figure and the fact that for a boy he seemed to be missing a certain proportion within the crotch area. Being told to stay put and silent for once Shiro had listened to the strangers who seemed to be protecting him. Why did they do that he kept asking himself over and over again though no answer seemed to come to mind. Shiro quietly sat up high in the three and seemed almost lost in thought before he suddenly looked down to see the female had started to make arrows, seeing the bow already laid out for herself and shooting one of the freshly made arrows away. Shiro didn’t seem to pay any attention as to where it went anymore and was told to make more. His ears pulled back a bit and slightly whimpered. Shiro had patiently waited up in the large tree when he noticed her climbing back up and quickly wrapped his tail back around his waist and lower body, making sure to hide his feminine lower halve. He looked back up at her once she finally was completely up and started to talk. Shiro seemed to doubt a while in what to answer but finally nodded his head just as he saw the arrow fly off. Though Shiro didn’t seem he wanted to pay attention as to where the arrow would land. ‘’o-okies Miss’’. Strongly for even his own thoughts that Shiro seemed to comply so easily at everything that happened now he couldn’t help but feel safe around her and the dragon, even though he knew how deadly the dragon was himself.

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the Drow would sweep from the side of the beach behind some where only a hundred left for it would take its toll the Drow commander then leap in the Frey his giant spider tackling a man in front of him as he would take out his twin scimitars he would call out.~ “For the queen for lolth!!!” ~his men would drive into the Norn troops slaughtering them left and right. No matter what would happen he would not relent his forces. Soran would jump from his spider upon like a whir his blades would plunge into the two Norn that would protect the leader and smirk.~ “Now Give me your head!!!!” ~the Drow would rush into the pack to tackle Ulrich. The Norn would see this coming and would slam his axe into his sword.~ “you think you can defeat me your pathetic!!!” ~the Norn would yell as he swung his axe down to try to split the Drow in half he would only be grazed by the blade but it would sting. The venom from the blade would make his arm go numb this wasn't good. He would slash at the Norns feet and cut into his toe as Ulrich would fall to the earth he would make a loud pained thud.~ “Gahhhh Damn dark elf you know nothing of what I will do you.” ~Soran would smile as he had defeated their leader and look upon the fallen giant.~ “Your death is now!!” ~taking his mithrill sword he would plunge it into the Norns heart the other blade would hack off his head. As the remaining Drow would finish off what was left of the Norn only 50 Drow where killed he would nod to the dragon as his left arm was limp. Soran would then collapse in the filed as the mighty poison would start to take effect it would drop him down to one knee.~

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira kept sending her arrows out to and through the barbarians and with Troy and the Drow down there slaying them it was over rather room. Taking a deep breath she sits back against the tree and smiles to the creature in the tree with her.- See... I won't let any harm come to you. Like i promised. -She than looks back down to Troy and the others and sees the Drow collapse. She knew there was very little she could do for the Drow but she wanted to get down and go to Troy. But she couldn't leave the creature here in the tree like that.- Dear one.... Wrap that large piece of my dress around you so you're covered. We can go down... It's safe. - With that said she pulls the piece of her dress she ripped off closely around him and starts climbing down the tree. The bow still in her hand and one arrow left. Once down she looks up to the creature and smiles before running off to Troy. It didn't take her that long to find herself surrounded by dead body. She shivers and steps and jumps over them to get to Troy. It was the only thing on her mind right now. Get to Troy. As soon as she did she looks up to him and smiles- My mighty Troy, are you alright? Please tell me you're unharmed... -She asks as she stands there. Her blond hair waving in the wind, her dress ripped to pieces and the bow and arrow still in her hand. She was holding onto it firmly as if she was waiting for the last arrow to be used. But she knew all of the barbarian men to be dead even some of the Drow's men. She just stands there, not knowing what else to do or to say. She was blown away by her own courage and she only hoped she would never have to do this again.-

Anaya: Troy looked to the dead body and saw some arrows, he looked to the Drow that seems to have taken down the leader and let out a snort, he moved and layed his bulk down, his back was blackened and he was a little bruised but nothing really ripped the skin only scales missing and some marks but noting big at all he was just a little sore. “i am fine, are you and the Neko alright my sweet” he placed his head on the ground his chin in the sand as there was body's all around and blood all over the beach. “i am sorry this ruined my gift to you, it was to be a peaceful day here, it seems no matter what place i go pain follows me”

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro watched a little around though seemed to keep his gaze averted from the horrors of battle not too far away. His sensitive ears being able to pick up every sound of the slaughter as he tried to Drown it out. At the sound of the woman’s deep breath he looked up at her a bit and suddenly heard her words. A soft blush appeared on his face as he gave a soft nod alongside the reply in his soft, feminine voice. ‘’m-mhmm, y-yush, chu saids s-so’’ Another soft nod was given as he watched her gaze, something collapsed it seemed though there was absolutely nothing at all the young, small Neko would be able to do on such a battle field. Suddenly he heard her voice again and looked up at the woman, a bright blush appearing on his face at her words and looked down at his almost naked form. Though he appeared rather relieved that she had not asked about the abnormal parts he usually kept hidden within the small shorts. Suddenly he felt the larger piece of her dress wrapping closely around him and adjusted it as he watched her climb down. Shiro quickly crawled down the tree as well up to the battlefield. However Where she continued to step over the death and remains of the battlefield Shiro had stopped several feet back and stood still, almost frozen. Shiro watched in horror at the blood, death and demolished places.

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the Drow healers would be done taking the poison out of his veins as he would smirk over to the big dragon he would tell the other Drow to search the ships. A smile would be upon his face as he would walk over to the dragon a little injured but otherwise unharmed.~ “Well it seems you are in need of something. And it looks as though no Norn here will harm you.” ~he let out a laugh for he was starting to warm up to the mighty beast maybe this was what the people of his city would call friendship. He would not know. He collected his weapons and put them on back his armor was stained red with the blood of his foes. He regretted that it had not been a peaceful day for the lady but he would bring good news.~ “The new east wing is constructed my lord dragon we have marked them with our magic’s and your castle is the might of the Drow city. As well as the design you wished my dear dragon. “ ~he would smile as he would look upon the lady elf the views of her people would be somewhat changed in his eye. He simply tossed her a arrow he would have found on a corpse.~ “A good shot…maybe someone such as I can think of something.” ~he would smirk as the men felt the same about them respected as they now knew each others might in battle. ~ “Take heed dragon this world is changing like the Norn you will see.” ~he would smile to take out a mango from his bag and eat it the juicy fruit would taste good amongst other things.~

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiles to Troy- I'm fine. Just some bruises from the tree climbing. The Neko is fine. Startled but fine. He even spoke. I think he starts to trust us. -She smiles and was about to step in to give her dear dragon a hug on his nose when the Drow approached Cheshira them. She blinks a few times and after he was done speaking she cat Cheshira the arrows he tosses her- Thank you Sir. -she smiles vaguely and than looks back at Troy with a sweet smile.- Shall we go home? -She asks softly and steps closer to him. Even though she didn't do much, she was exhausted. It was a long day with something happening to her. She found love, courage and bravery all in one day. She even made and used a bow and arrows successfully. She was proud of herself and hoped she could maintain this new found strength. Troy sure brought out the best of her but it made her think of the bad things she hasn't told him about yet. Dropping the arrows and bow to the ground and quickly runs towards Troy and falls down onto his nose with her arms spread open over him.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her on his nose as he was so very sorry for the day but one thing was for sure it was very eventful “i would not want anything more then to go home it will be night by the time we get back” he said as he lifted his head up with her on the top of his nose bumping it a bit so she would be able to get up all the way. His back was in pain so right now he did not want feathers on it let alone riders so people would sit on his head on this trip. “Drow your aid was helpful but not needed, work on the west wing will start tomorrow at dawn have your men ready” troys cold voice rang in the air, even if in his mind he was happy for the Drows help he would not treat the Drow differently then he did before this was only a step back up the latter from the other time the Drows man took his m down the latter of friendship to a dragon, a dragons hate was simple to gain, but a dragons friendship was hard, and its loyalty was even harder. Walking over to the gold mine Troy rook his foot, placed it inside the mine and ripped the stone roof off it flipping it over to make a half cup like shape, he moved with it and placed a claw full of gold inside of it and then looked to the Neko “time to get in, not on my back this time” he said as he looked and moved a claw to clear a path in the bloody sad for the little guy. “and we will get a new dress at home my mighty elven beauty” he said softly and with a smile as he looked at Cheshira on his head turning one eye up and then moving them to look back to the Neko.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro had quietly been standing at the edge of the battlefield and almost seemed to be in trance, Though in fact Shiro was a being that due to several causes needed about 2/3 of the day to sleep. Shiro was exhausted from his long day, filled with the strange events. As he suddenly awoke from the trance and had noticed the dragon clearing a path for him Shiro quickly ran over and climbed on the large dragon's paw and quickly climbed up all the way over the dragons arm, shoulder, Neko and the back of the dragon's head. All the way up until Shiro curled up on the dead center of the dragon's large head and almost abruptly closed his eyes and fell asleep. Only his tail that gave a soft, gentle wave at the female once was seen before that too curled around his small, slender and curled up form

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the Drow would take that as a sign and he would smirk as he turned to his adviser~ “It seems as though the dragon has beginning to trust us my old friend.” ~he would smile and pat the other Drow on the back before getting back up on the spider.~ “We have work to do for the castle fellow kin. Treat the wounded and the fallen give them proper burials. But we make the building strong lets so this arrogant dragon the Drow craftsmanship “ ~he would smirk as he would have made a new alley for he would know even a dragon has a fickle voice in the manors the spiders would make there way back to the castle in great haste as some others would tend the wounded but would be back by nightfall.~

IICheshiraII: -Crawling onto Troys nose more she gets a little more comfortable And waves to the Neko. She sighs and leans against Troy as she whispers softly- I love you my mighty Troy -With that said Cheshira started to realize how tired she actually was.- Don't worry about the dress. I have plenty. -She yawns a little and nuzzles into him a little before slowly dozing off. - Wake me when we get home please? -With that said she closes her eyes and and sighs again as a smile blesses her lips.-

Anaya: Troy cringed as the Neko ran up and rested on his paining back what was not much at all felt like a bolder on the inflamed and black scales, he had hoped the little thing would get into the rock of gold and stuff he had held out for him but he guessed the Neko had other plans, but he bit the bullet and started to walk, every step pained as his back moved and twisted it was as if he was on fire in the bad way and he was far from liking in it, but this was far from the first time the dragon dealt with pain and it was not going to be the last time. Troy looked to the Drow as they left with a grunt and a smirk, calling him argent he took out over half that army with a single blast, and what did the Drow do, take down the last 5 or so burned and scared men, they would have to do better then that to earn the dragons friendship, but troy just shrugged in his own mind and kept on walking back to the place that was very quickly becoming home, and once he got there he was going to go down to his gold and swim in it and sleep under the coins, rest in the mass of his own greed with his elven beauty safe and sound at his side. "i love you to my sweet Cheshira you are my everything"

Troys Triumph Story_Ianto_naked_back_bruised
every step pained him, black and bruised scales aching as his back moved and twisted it was as if he was on fire in the bad way and he was far from liking in it, even a feather on his scales felt like a bolder on fire slowing him down. but this was far from the first time the dragon dealt with pain and it was not going to be the last time.

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Anaya: The Neko had gone, ran off his back when he had layed down to rest Troy did not mind much of it as he new there was no place in this cave to go to. now it was simply his time with his woman, alone time at last with no others around.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiled up to Troy and crawled over the pieces of gold towards him, only to place both her hands on his giant claw and leans in to kiss it. Her cheeks were brightly red and her eyes sparkled with happiness. She was truly happy here and she knew Troy would be at her side, or at least so she hoped. She smiles to him and slowly lays her head down on it's side and closes her eyes as she rests on his claw- Don't leave me Troy... Ever -She said softly and nuzzles into his claw a bit before looking up. She was so comfortable with him, she wouldn't even mind any more if he saw her without her one of her dresses on. She knew by now she could trust him and wouldn't abuse her in any way. She smiles at that thought and tilts her head to a side as she looks at Troy, admiring his beautiful scales and the glowing color they had. She could look at him like this for hours without getting bored. Every scale was different, some more beautiful then the others and some even had scares on them. She only hoped he wasn't in any pain from the rather small battle on the beach so they could spend some quality time together, without any harsh interruptions-

Anaya: The dragon opens one of his eyes as he looked at her, he had just gotten steeled in the gold pile and was slowly moving his legs to get it up and around him like a snake hiding in the sand wiggling its body to get covered, but due to the pain he was not doing it overly well so gave up after only moments of trying, he had plopped his head down and now he was being hugged. A smile moved over his maw as he shifted down to his human like self half his body covered in gold before a silken set of magically made leather pants formed on his waist “don't worry i don't plan on going any place” slowly he moved his arms around her his back and the back of his arms covered in black and greenish bruises as he just dwelt with it, it was not all that bad.

IICheshiraII: -Her smiles grows a little brighter as he shifts to his human form. Finally she was able to hold him properly again. As he moved his arms around her she moves her arms around his neck and moves closer to him and sighs as she buries her face in the curve between his neck and shoulder. She missed this more then she could tell him and wished that moment at the beach, just the two of them in the water having fun would have lasted longer or even for ever. She enjoyed it that much to spend time with him like this. He was the most handsome man to her. And she wasn't afraid of him. Thinking back, she never was. She never once felt the fear she normally had for men and sighs softly as she smiles against his skin before tilting her head back up and stares into his eyes-

Anaya: Troy looked back at her and wondered, she was sighing, he guessed it was a happy or relaxing one but was she sad about the beach trip gone wrong, was this cave to dark for her again and to musty, it was a dark place made for a dragon but it was far from a home for an elf, wet and musty and dark and gross, spiders and bugs every place you looked and if you touched the walls it was slimy, he looked into her eyes and said softly as he moved his hand to run his fingers in her silken hair “is anything wrong my dear Chesira you sigh, why is this?” he asked as he held her his arm nicely placed around the arch in her lower back, his fingers slowly wiggling on her side as his claws just touched her skin.

IICheshiraII: -Blinking as he asks her the question she shakes her head- Everything is more then alright, my dear Troy. I'm just happy.... Happy to be able to hold you like this, happy to spend some time alone with you. Just happy -She smiles softly and felt her cheeks heating up as a blush crept over her cheeks. She lowers her glance for a moment before shyly looking back up at him again and closes her eyes and wiggles to him touching her side like that. She giggles again and whispers- That tickles -She opens her eyes and looks up to him again through her lashes-

Anaya: The dragon smiled knowing she was happy, it was a real smile a genuine smile, she did make the beast so happy, his beauty and he was her beast. Slowly he moved his fingers to not touch so tightly to her side not to tickle her all that much as he let out a chuckle. “as i am happy to be at your side, to hold you and spend what peaceful time we have with one another. I could get lost in your embrace and forget about the coming dawn, for you are a dream and i am lost within it not wanting to wake up” he moved as he sunk in the gold his feet moving a bit to help him sink to the level he wanted to be at, just over head height to her, he bent softly and kissed her, his lips lingering on her own for a moment, more then a moment as he moved his hand to the back of her head lovingly caressing her as he kissed her lips.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiles a she speaks but still keeps her glace a little lowered. As he moves she blinks a few times and looks in shock at him, she thought he was moving away from her. But before she could ask something, he kissed her. Her eyes were wide open for a moment but then they close and her embrace around him tightens a little bit as she pulls herself a little closer to him. She felt him carefully place and carries the back of her head as the kiss lingered on and on. She didn't want it to end, it had to last for ever. She wanted to feel his lips on hers every day, every moment, every hour, every minute, every second. Always. She knew she couldn't live without him any more nor did she want too. If something would happen to her mighty Troy she would lose it. That thought made her shiver, only to hold him even tighter as the kiss went on-

Troys Triumph Exy-sensual-kiss-alex-love-couples-love-romantic-my-albums-ngi-2-longhand-rough-5c-bdsm-niki-romance-couple-sandee-1-lovers-desire_large

Anaya: His hand that was around her waist slipped down to hold her backside, he was a male after all and to sat the thoughts of taking her as his own did not pass his mind often was very much so a lie, but the fact was he was a dragon , would he be able to control himself not to break the little elven beauty he cared so dearly for, she was so small next to him after all. He kissed her deeper his tongue moving from his own lips to hers to lightly flick over her lower lip, the two pronged fork tongue made it an odd feeling to her the snake like mouth part move over your own. Slowly he kissed her parting there lips and slipping his tongue into her mouth mouth to wrap it around hers as he pulled her closer to him having her whole body pressed into his chest his heart racing and his body temperature lifting a little.

IICheshiraII: -She sighs into the kiss and slowly moves one of her hands up to him hair and wraps her fingers in it. She only freezes for a moment as she feels his hand on her backside but as soon as she froze up, just as soon she relaxes again. But as she feels his tongue against her lips she slowly parts them. It felt funny to have his tongue wrap around her but she enjoyed it rather much. As he pulls her even closer to him until she presses against him she sighs again and tugs on his hair a little. Even though she knew nothing about this or what came next, she did long for it. She wanted to be with him and only him. And there had to be a way to show him. She knew there was a way but she didn't know how to start that. And so she decides to wait for him to make a move to her.-

Anaya: He felt her letting him kiss her this way, felt her letting him touch her this way, feel her with his claws as even if they are sharp he new how to make sure that did not hurt her flawless skin. He broke there kiss as he looked into her eyes. “have you ever bin with a male Chesira?” he asked as he was a dragon, dragons are blunt in there questions, he was going to ask if she had ever bin bred before but he thought she may flip out at that question so he made it a bit softer then simply outright asking. His hand in her backside griped and moved around as he slid his hand up and down the back of her dress, feeling her, touching her but not touching to far, yet.

IICheshiraII: -leaning forward a little as she breaks the kiss, she gasps a little and keeps her eyes closed for a moment. But they shoot open as she hears his question. Lowering her glace again she shakes her head as her cheeks flush bright red- No...-She saids softly. She knew what he ment and so didn't have to ask what he ment. Was this it? Was it going to happen? She didn't dare to look upto him and keeps her eyes on the small dimple on the base of his throat. She shivers a little to his touch, she enjoyed it and it sended the shivers all the way down to her private untouched parts. She blushes even more and makes sure he can't look into her eyes-

Anaya: A smile passed his lips as he saw her bashfulness when she said no, he moved to look at her to take his hand from her hair and tilt her chin up to look upon him. “do you want to lay with me? I will be as soft as i can be, for you are small next to me” he moved the hand that was on the back of her dress a bit tighter to her flesh and held her there, his hand just an inch away from her untouched area, her sweet gem of the female figure. “i want to have you, as mine, claimed as my own, and never to be had by anyone else, to be my mate Chesira” a dragons love life was blunt, fast and very to the point in everything they did, most of the time for breeding it would be a fight with males to show there power then the winner would take his female in a heated brawl of lust and mateing, and well the fight form before had gotten troy a little head over himself in wan ting and now they had time alone it was clear to think he had his mind full. He moved his hand from her chin and caressed her cheek as he kept his red eyes looking into hers “you have to be strong to be able to handle what i want, i hope you can my dear little elven beauty, if that is what you want.”

IICheshiraII: -She blinks as he moves her chin up, basicly forcing her to look at him. She only blinked as she listened to him. She didn't understand him at first but slowly it got to her, he wanted to be with her, her mate, her everything. She blinks a few times more and opens her mouth to say something but before she could she felt him carries her cheek. She smiles and closes her eyes and turns her face to his hand and kisses the palm of it.- Please be gentle.. -She whispers in response to him and slowly looks back to him with her cheeks flushed bright red and her lips parted a little.-

Rated 18+ Know What You Are Getting Into:
Anaya: He moved his fingers along her torn lower part of the dress she had on, taking his claws he cut up the back of it, sometimes a dragon when told he could do something moved a little fast so he slowed himself down. “i will be as soft as i can” he said softly as he ripped her dress the rest of the way off taking his hands and slowly removing it from her figure. His eyes looked upon her small self he had to admit he had never seen something so perfect, soft small and sweet looking so utterly Innocent. Moving his hands he ran his fingers taking his claws back into his hands and retracting them, it hurt a bit but the dragon did not care. With a breath he let his own magic wash away letting the leather pants fall to nothing but dust on the ground to vanish away and leaving nothing but his showing body and manhood. And for the man that was about 5 foot 6 right now it was far from a small thing, but there was a cure to this problem of being to large for his beloved. Slowly he moved closer to her getting a tad shorter or well as short as the dragon could shift to it was still about 5 foot 4 but it was shorter so it would not pain her to much for him to take her, but in the end one never did know how there first time would go. “how do you feel.” he said as he slowly pressed himself against her his hand moving to hold her nude backside and his other hand running around her breasts.

IICheshiraII: -Closing her eyes again she leans against his neck once more and nodded a little when he said he would be as soft as he could. Holding onto him tightly she gasps as he rips the backside of her dress off before he removes her dress completely. Slowly she tilts her head back up and looks at him, her cheeks still blushing red as she looks at him with a soft smile. Her arms moved a bit as he made himself smaller and suddenly she left his naked legs against her. She blinks a few times and blushes a bit more. As he asks her how she's feeling she looks back up at him and nods slightly- Nervous but more then alright -She said softly and clings onto him as tightly as she could. She had no idea how to do this and so he had to help and guide her.-

Anaya: Troy looked upon her knowing it was her first time, softly he moved his arm behind her and said softly “i will lay you down, here on this bed of gold then what i do next you will like” the dragon new many ways to please another dragon but to mate with an elf well to be truthful it was as much a first for him as it was for her, he had only had his fin with other dragons but it was fun never a commitment to be a mate like he wanted now, he was sure what he wanted or he would never had said it. He took her in his arms and layed her on the bed of gold softly and ever so carefully, as he moved down on top of her, his manhood hanging from him as it was growing in harness and wanting. He moved and kissed her chest as he took one of her supple breasts in his lips and gently sucked upon it, taking his forked tongue and flicking it over the tips his teeth staying back in his mouth as not to harm her body in anyway he slipped a hand down to softly touch her lower area.

IICheshiraII: -She blinks to him and nods to his words, wrapping her arms around him tighter as he starts to move her. She blinks a few times and keeps her glance on him as she starts to bite on her lower lip. She was curious to what he was going to do but a little scared of what was to come. But as he moves on top of her and leans in to her chest and starts to suck on her breasts gently before his tongue flicked over her them she gasps and closes her eyes. She squirms a little underneath him, this was new, strange but it felt wonderful. As he starts slipping his hand down she shivers and gasps again as a soft moaning sound comes from her lips. Her hands still around his neck, she starts to rub her fingers through his hair and pulls on it every now and then-

Anaya: Troy kept sucking moving his mouth back and forth running over her nipple and taking it deeper into his mouth his teeth moving out just to lightly run along it and rake it back and forth lightly twisting it in his mouth. His fingers slipped even lower to her pussy lips and opening, softly he took a finger and just peeked it inside and then slipped it out just to get it nice and wet with her own juices to run it along her clit smoothly, he did taking his fingers and ringing them around her clit slowly, softly, but moving faster as he kept going. He was growing in heat and his wanting was getting stronger wanting to be inside her, claim her , have her and never let her go, make her feel things only he could make her feel a heat and a lust that would be his and his alone inside of her very body. His manhood getting harder he new it would be time soon to have her feel him inside of her, but she had to feel every big of the pleasure he could create before he gave her what even if she did not know it yet, what she longed for.

IICheshiraII: -More moaning sounds escape from her lips as he sucks her breasts and nipples. Her hands slowly slide off him and over his arms and slowly move them back up. But suddenly she feels something else, something new. Something moved inside of her.- Ahhh -She exclaims as she lays her head back into the gold and starts to wiggle underneath him as he starts to rub over her most sensitive button of her whole body.- Hmmmm -Comes from her lips as she brings her legs up a little bit. Her body was moving on it's own and it was taking control of her. The lovely feeling the was giving her was taking over and slowly her lower stomach and her insides start to flex. Her body temp was going up and she was feeling warmer and warmer. She couldn't lay still any more and starts to squirm underneath him.-

Anaya: He could feel her wanting growing, growing to the point he new she wanted to move and thrust, his mouth came from her breast as a shimmer came to his eyes “no moving to much or i may have to hold you down my dear” he said in that coy and devilish way. His lips moved and kissed her belly as he looked up to her and went fully on top of her, pressing his hard manhood against her “are you ready” he said softly as his hands moved to grip into the gold at both sides of her. His heat going up a bit more to the level of witch it would make the air around them warm.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshria blinks as he looks up and tells her to lay still. She stares at him for a moment and only nods in response to him and tries to lay as still as possible. But with her body longing for something she didn't know what it was yet it was close to impossible. She gasps and shivers as he kisses her belly but then freezes as he moves fully on top of her. She blinks and gasps again as something pressed against her. Something warm, hard, something she started to long for. As he asks her if she's ready she nods and moves her hands to his upper arms and grabs onto them. The air around her started to heat up and she knew it was Troy. It wasn't as cold any more and it felt rather nice. Her eyes looking up at him again with a shimmering in them. She longed for him. This feeling was new to her and she only hoped this longing would be there for ever.-

Anaya: Troy moved closer to her as his member pushed against her small hole, he let out a light moan as he thrust it slowly working it into her as he was careful with her fragile self, he new her first time would pain a bit but he also new that light sting would fade in time and add to the pleasure. His hands griped her as his back flexed and his wings folded out of his back opening and staying behind him as he was enjoying himself fully having her, having her as his and only his, the closest embrace they could do was now, and he never wanted it to end. Troys member was very ribbed so it went in slowly, he was a reptile after all even in human form he had reptile areas of him and well this one was not fully reptile but it was border lined. He thrust a bit harder going deeper into her as he moved slowly his hand moving to the back of her head holding her.

IICheshiraII: -As he pushed against her and into her she closes her eyes stiff and bites her lip hard as she lifts her head up to blurry it in his chest. It felt weird, as if he was big to fit into her. As he moved his hands around her and folded his wings out she wraps her arms around his neck again as tightly as she could. As he thrusted deeper and harder into her she squeals softly and feel something pop inside of her with a sting. A part of her wanted to pull away and she shurged a little as if she would, but his embrace held her in her place. But yet another part of her wanted to stay and see where this could take them and her as a person. She whimpers softly but as soon as the pain came, just as soon it fades away again. She could feel the ribs on his manhood and it gave a wonderful feeling inside of her. She shivers again and folds her legs open as far as possible to make room for him. Slowly she opens her eyes again and looks up to him as a soft moan escapes her lips. Her lips were parted a little and her breath speeded up a little as her heart started beating in her throat. Slowly she started to enjoy this again and only hoped it wouldn't stay like this or be like this every time.-

Anaya: Troy could feel her move feel her unsteadiness and feel her and new she had the pain of the first time. He moved in and out of her slowly to remove that feeling of pain and replace it with only pleasure of the moment, she was wet enough now and worked enough so he fit smoothly filling every part of her with his member, his throbbing hot member. He licked over his own lips as he let out a moan as it felt so good, so tight around him every spot heated and throbbing and being touched and held just right inside of her, this was a hundred times better then any dragon woman, this was his mate his match it was perfect in every way. He shut his eyes for a moment then opens them once again looking at her as he lowered and kissed her deeply thrusting in and out of her deeper and deeper to the point he could not go any deeper and he was fully inside of her, he held it inside of her for a moment as he looked at her, his claim on her body her mind and her whole being was clear. “i will never leave you Chesira you are mine for all time, as i am yours for all time i promise you that”

IICheshiraII: -More soft moans came from her lips as he started to move more, deeper. She could feel him every where, he was every where. The more he started to move, the more the feeling she had just a few moments ago was coming back. Her body was heating up again and she started to feel warmer and warmer and again she was unable to lay still anymore. But as he stops moving she only wanted to shout at him not to stop. But as she hears what he saids she looks upto him and kisses him greedyly.- I'm not going anywhere... Please Troy.... Please -She mumbles and begs him into the kiss.- Please... -She whimpers again into the kiss and grabs on tighter to him. She didn't want it to stop, she didn't want to let go, she wanted this to last for ever.-

Anaya: He smiled brightly as she begged him to keep going, and he did as she wanted he started to thrust once more faster this time sliding in and out as he griped her firmly his arms behind her neck holding her to him as he rocked and trusted into her being, his mind a flutter as he could feel himself growing and throbbing inside of her, the feeling in him made him heat up, more and more but he noticed himself going a little to hot for her and he brought it down a level so he would not harm or over heat her. But something was changing about him, his member was beginning to change it was growing more reptilian and the ribs it already had pushed out to rub against her inner walls to give a new level of sensation a human male or elven male would never be able to master, small and fleshy bards formed out the sides of his member and added to this feeling of unbelievable pleasure a dragon could bestow on his female.

IICheshiraII: -As he started to move again, it didn't take long for her to start wiggling and squirming in his embrace again. But his embrace was so tight, he basicly forced her to be still. Grabbing onto him as tight as possible she starts to shake. Her moans only grew louder and her stomach muscles and her inner walls started to spasm. She didn't know what was happening but the feeling was overpowering and it felt like a hundred tiny explosions inside of her and around her. She found her climax for the very first time. Her body shocks in him embrace and only lets her climax linger as a new feeling is added to it. Something changed, she didn't know what but it was more intense then anything she ever felt. She started to squirm and to coil in his arms, her body took over and she lost control over it. The pleasure, the feeling was overwhelming and it made her climax go on and on.-

Anaya: Troy was getting to the point he could hardly hold it any more but he wanted to, wanted it to last as long as she could stand it, make her feel this level as high as he could place it. His thrusts got faster as his body was growing moist with sweat, his cock throbbing and wanting to just burst but he would o not let it, not yet, he wanted to feel her run and try to squirm from him , beg him to keep going but want him to stop at the same time, make her so overwhelmed with this feeling she had no idea what to do with herself, make her remember this moment here on the gold for the rest of her life, her whole existence with him and him alone, every time she wanted him he was here every time she craved for his cock he was here and would always be there to give it to her, but only when he wanted to and when she begged for it, and in time she would learn how to please and beg for him, beg to have him inside of her filling her and pushing her to her very limits. He bit his lower lip and held her tighter just tight enough so she could not get away as he kept thrusting into her his body so hot and his wings moving up and down and twitching form the amount of pleasure he was feeling. Even the ribs and barbs on his cock twitched feeling inside of her and running along the walls of her sweet tight pussy, everything so tight and fitting it made his heart jump and race, the barbs on his member got a bit harder making there running more intense to have her climax and make a mess for him, he loved it when it was so good they could not control there body, make her run with her own juices and make her his forever.

IICheshiraII: -Her moans only grew louder as Troy kept on thrusting into her, faster and faster. She lost entire control of her body and had no idea what she was doing any more. Her hands rapidly move to his back and slowly pulls them back as she scrapes her nails over the skin of his back. She arches her back and throws her head back and coiled in his embrace. Again her body warmed up and started to shiver and shake more.- Troy! -She moans out at the top of her lungs as she finds yet another climax. But not just any climax, again it felt like a hundred explosion inside of her and around her but there was one that topped it all. Down there, where he was giving her pleasure was the biggest. Her juices coiled and swirled around his members and even gushes out of her as her inner walls start to spasm and flex again. Her body was shaking, coiling, squirming and shivering beyond her own control and her arms slowly slid off his body and just layed next to them. She didn't have the strength any more to hold him and she didn't know if she had the strength at all to take this any longer.-

Anaya: He grabbed a hold of her tighter holding her in his arms still as he gave a strong thrust inside of her he could not hold on any more he was at his own bursting point, his sweet dragonic seed shoot from his throbbing member and into her tightening walls, he would thrust a little deeper as he let it all seep inside of her a large amount filling and dripping out the sides of her hole. His grip on her was strong as he let hit moan come from his lips as he let everything out inside of the woman he loved as she let herself go and he could feel her juices mixing with his own, the feeling of her climaxing driving him wild as his wings opened up to there fullest size showing his dominance over her, his full claim to his woman. As he held himself there he whispered to her “you are mine, my beloved and my everything” he stoped thrusting as he finished filling her and slowly and softly pulled himself from her and layed down beside her his arms wrapping around her holding her.

IICheshiraII: -She moans out loudly again, pushing her last limit aside. She shivers and shocks as she feels his warm seed shooting into her. She moans softly and lays there in his embrace as she looks up to him. Her mind was flooded with too many lovely thoughts. She was his, only his. She would do anything she could to keep him and to make him happy, to make him love her more every single day, to give her everything she wants as she will give him everything he wants. She smiles up to him to his words and whispers back at him- Yours, always -She gasps as he stops and gasps again as he pulls out of her. She turns her head to him as he lays next to him and slowly moves into him. She smiles as he wraps his arms around her again and gently nuzzles his chest.- I love you Troy -She said in whisper and closes her eyes as she just lays against him, in his loving embrace and tries to regain control over her body-

Anaya: He smiled as he new she would be his forever “i love you to Chesira” he said as he took his hand and ran it in her hair. Relaxing there beside her holding her loving there time together, as even in silence it was as if they never had to say anything to know everything was perfect and well. He ran his fingers along he neck line as he smiled “most dragons take chunks out of each other when mating but i could never harm you, you are to perfect, i hope i was not to hard on you” he said softly as he rested with her in his arms

IICheshiraII: -She blinks a few times and looks up to him- Take chunks? -She asks rather surprised but then shakes her head to his somewhat question- No... You weren't to hard on me -She smiles softly and leans into him again. She wanted to ask him something about becoming a family but she didn't know how to ask him. They had talked about a family on the beach, but after just now, she was simply curious if she could have a family with him, with him as in blood related. She sighs and nuzzles his chest for a little but before looking up to him again- Troy... Can i ask you something? -She asks sweetly and blinks a few times-

Anaya: He looked at her and ran his finger along her neck once more “ya take chunks wall mating we bite parts out of each others ne...” he stopped as he looked at her and lifted a brow slowly “you can ask me anything my dear, and i am glad i was not hard on you i was being as soft as i could go” he let his wings relax as they still twitched a little resting limp on his back.

IICheshiraII: -She blinks a few times and quickly shakes her head, trying to get rip of the story he was about to tell her. She didn't want to hear it and looks upto him for a moment before lowering her glace again.- Remember on the beach, when we talked about having a family? -She asks softly before looking upto him- I was just curious.... Could we have a family? Of our own i mean, children of you and me? -SHe blinks a few times and blushes a little as she just keeps staring at him. She secretly hoped they could, but if the possibility wasn't there, she could understand. But it would be difficuld for her. She watched other women being pregnant on her travels and she always wondered what it would feel like. And so she secretly developed that wish for herself too.-

Anaya: Troy new somethings about the elven race and he new that had children a lot like humans did but in the truthfulness of it that was a female thing so he did not know the full workings of the body with that kind of stuff. “can an elf lay an egg? ” he looked at her and asked, the funny part was he was not joking he really did not know if they did or did not “dragon females lay eggs for our young, they hatch little four legged little biting monsters, as we are reptile but we are warm blooded like the mammals...i ..umm don't really know” he wanted to have hatchings as much as she did but the fact of making them with her would be something odd in its self, breeding was one thing for them but making young was a fully different story. he rubbed his chin with wonder and thought as he pondered on it thinking on how it may be bale to work.

IICheshiraII: -She blinks and listens to him. But then stands to giggle and shakes her head- No... Elfs don't lay eggs. We give birth to children just like humans. -But as he talks about mammals she tilts her head- What are mammals? -She asks. She was slightly confused but she knew one thing for sure, she and Troy could never have children by blood. That thought acked her heart a little but she didn't want him to know it was something she was dreaming about. Maybe in time she would tell him but not now. She lowers her glance for a moment and bites her lower lip and turns on her side so she's facing him and places both her hands on his chest and leans her head against him as well. Just laying like this for a moment she closes her eyes and just enjoys this moment for as long as it lasted-

Anaya: Troy looked at her and new from how her eyes went and how she layed with him it bugged her they could not have children of there own for elves and dragons did fall on different lines for genetics. “a mammal is a human and elf and a reptile is dragon, we lay eggs to have young and you give live birth so the baby comes out without a shell around it” he looked at her with a puzzled look upon his face “um we will figure something out don't worry”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira wasn't listening anymore. She was tying to find a way to make it happen without breaking his heart or her own. She sighs and slowly looks up to him slightly confused.- No Troy, it's fine. -She said absent minded and places her cheek back against his chest. She didn't want to talk about it any more, since it was really bothering her. She slowly curls her fingers so her nails scrape over his chest and turns her face towards his chest and nuzzles into it.-

Anaya: He held her tightly and shut his eyes “we will figure things out” he said softly and kissed her forehead as he relaxed with her in his arms and within moments he was warming and out cold, the act had taken out all his energy and he was very sleepy.

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Anaya: The sun came up over the east line ridge and hit the hole and cave wall hard, the light beamed down into the tunnle and lit up the place like a golden ball. Troy opened his eyes as he looked around, she was all curled up onto his arm...and it was numb...he had no idea what to do she was far to cute to wake up but hell his arm was dead feeling and god this was an odd feeling it was as if the arm was on cold fire but made of pins, well pins and thorns. He wiggled his arm a little as the gold and coin clicked together and he gave a light grunt as he moved a bit more, and then it got worse. There was a spider....and he was hungry, it was meat and he wanted to eat it even if it was small it was the size of a dinner plate so it was large but still small for a dragons hunger. His belly grumbled just like he did there sound almost matched as he looked at it and then back up to the spider *you know what that means it is food time* he thought to himself as he wiggled his arm more bending over top of Chesira and rolling out his long black forked tongue to flick it at the unknowing giant spiders back end, he could almost reach it but not enough, almost there oh oh oh.....he was like a inch to short but hell he was still wiggling trying.

IICheshiraII: -Stirring in her lovely dreams about her red headed prince and her running over the beach and having some fun time, she lets out a soft sigh. A happy sigh. She was happy, more then she could ever explain to Troy or anyone else. Suddenly she hears a light giggle behind her. As she turns around she sees a beautiful red headed boy with two small red wings and a small red tail. He was gorgeous.- Mommy! -The boy screamed and ran up to her. Cheshira giggles and squats down before putting her arms around the child. This was her child. Hers and Troy's. Looking up at the dream image of Troy she smiles brightly but as she looks at the child again she noticed he had Elven ears as well and her eyes, brown. But suddenly she ehars a strange sound, a sound that doesn't belong on a beach. The rolling of coins. She groans and rolls over on her other side and slowly moves her hand up to her eyes and starts rubbing them- Troy? -Her sleepy voice sounds through the cave. But as she opens her eyes fully she sees Troy just across from a giant spider. She squeals and stumbles back and quick as she can. She was still naked and the cold coins were cold to her skin, but she didn't mind for now. She just wanted to get away from the spider....Fast-

Anaya: He jumped a head over top of her as he was still nude and all but he did not care diving onto of the spider all the sound of rolling coin and crunching of well spider rings and grumbles in the cave. Troy popped his head up a spider leg hanging from his mouth as he looked for Chesira. A smile moved over his face as he saw her all scared of the spider. He pulled the twitching leg from his mouth and wiggled it in the air as he let out small help me sounds, and then ate the spider leg with a laugh behind it. “no worry's and nothing to fear the hunger of the dragon is here” he said with his mouth full of chomped down spider as he let out a harsh swallow. He cleaned his mouth and lips as he walked over his clawed hand running the back of his leg as he had an itch. “mmmmm ” he grunted out as it felt so good to itch his own leg, in dragon form he could not do it this way so simply as he was so long in the center he had to bend his front leg and bend more in odd angles to get that spot he always had that itched to no end. “Cheshira don't worry i got it, it is gone now” he called out as he moved his hand and his lower half covered in magically made leather pants.

IICheshiraII : -Cheshira blinks as she sees Troy dive away with the spider. She squeals and quickly covers her mouth and sits up a little. But as Troy comes out again she can't help but to glare at him with narrowed eyes.- You scared me! -She says as she takes a handful of coins and tosses it to him- Don't ever do that again... I hate spiders -She says as she takes another handful and tosses it at him- ARGH! -She brings out and slams her fists into the coins before sitting down. She was still naked and secretly envied Troy since he could make clothes appear magically. Oh how she wished she had one of her dresses here, but they were all up on the surface.-

Anaya: Troy looked at her with a playful glimmer in his eyes as he licked the spider goober from his lips and moved closer to his love, inch , by inch he got closer to him as the coins his his face and he was not phased at all by it, he got closer and gave that i am so looking at your boobies kind of face as all he did was smile as his tail flicked behind him standing no more then five feet from her. “you know the morning light makes you shimmer my sweet naked queen” he smiled wider.

Anaya: Troy let that smile turn soft as he almost looked Innocent for a moment, the evil mean and destructive beast he was was acting cute and Innocent as he softened that look as well as pouted his lips and looked at her as he moved his arms around her and took his nose and nuzzled her cheek as he whispered a sweet “mhmmm” into her ears and moved his hands down her backside and to her hips. “you know if the drow workers did not wake me up this morning i would take you again but i would wonder if they would be able to hear you” he said softly into her ear as he let a light chuckle slip from his lips. ”they may look down to sneak a peek and well you know me i may just have to kill them all for looking at what is only mine to long my gave upon” he grabbed her backside a little firmly as he smiled a bit wider and kissed the side of her neck.

IICheshiraII: -She smiles upto him and wraps her arms around his neck and giggles as he pulls her close. She lifts one leg up in the air and closes her eyes as he whispers in her ear and kisses the side of her neck. She giggles softly and turns her head to him with her eyes half open in a seductive glace- But my dear Sir Troy... I think if we move a little deeper into the cave, they won't be able to see -Even though she was a little sore, her new found pleasure made her addicted to it and hse wanted it as much as possible. SHe would do anything for it and right now she was working on her first plan to get it-

Anaya: He let that smile cover his face it was like the sun lit up inside of the dragon, her look her attitude he loved it he loved every moment of her being this way. “well well well now arnt you being my sweet little succubus” he said with a light chuckle as he picked her up into his arms and off the ground “we have to go look to the workers up there the castle should be over half down now my dear but we can spend a tad longer down here they will be fine i think” he said coyly and kissed her chest as he jumped rolling onto his back so she landed on his chest in the gold. He let out a laugh as her little nude self was so softly nessled into him. His hands ran up and down her silken skin as he held her. “so now i have taken your innocence my dear i wonder what is on the list to do to you next”

IICheshiraII: -She giggles and squeals a bit as he picks her up. She quickly wraps herself around him only to shiver a little as he kisses her chest. She couldn't help but to wiggle a little as her lower parts were tingling in a longing for him. She squeals again before giggling as he jumps and rolls over so she's on his chest while he lays in the gold. She only looks down to him and lifts her shoulders to his words- I only know.... I love you -She whispers shyly and leans in to press their lips together in a kiss-

Anaya: He kissed her softly as he smiled and looked at her “i will let you not be so tender before i take you again, it is best for your health and not to be in to to much pain” he moved his hand to her lower parts as he touched a little to the overly sensitive areas of her and he smiled knowing it would drive her wild. “we all have to have some rest time my sweet love” he placed his nose to hers softly as he looked at her with his bright red eyes, in this moment she could see into them fully if she looked, that evil dragon self inside the human soft shell he had one, even in human form no matter how peaceful he was acting there was a monster inside and his eyes never changed. “i love you to ”

IICheshiraII: But..... -She wanted to argue with him over the fact he didn't want to give to her want she longed for. But in a surprise she moans as she feels his fingers on her very sensitive parts. She shivers and holds him closer to her.- Troy please...-She begs him followed by another soft moan. As she places his nose against his she only stares at him for a moment. She knew very well he had a side, and she didn't know how strong that side was, that she feared. A side stronger, more evil and more monstrous than she thought he was. She kisses him again with a raspy breath.- Troy please.... -She begs him again and pushes herself more to him. She wanted, no, needed him. He gave her something she never had and she wanted it all the time. That lovely sensation she felt, that lovely feeling of them becoming one. She wanted it all the time. She didn't care about anything else any more.-

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Anaya: Troy looked at her as he moved his fingers around a little, playing and moving her lips of her lower half back and forth, but then he pulled his self from her and looked up to the top of the hole to the sunlight “lets get a meal shall we ” he said in that evil and twisted voice as he moved his fingers to let his hand turned into a clawed foot...but no, he changed it back and looked at her and opened his wings, he was far from the power he could be with his wings but she was small so flying with her even in his human form would not be to hard. “i think it is about time we should head up my love i can hear the workers beating away up there”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira gasps and moans softly as her eyes close and leans into him more. But as he pulled away her eyes shoot wide open and she shakes her head. No, he couldn't stop. She wanted this, now. As he started about food she shakes her head again and shakes it even stronger as he talks about going up.- Troy.... -She says softly before letting out a groan.- I'm still naked... -Her cheeks slowly flushed to light pink and she bites her lip a little as she lowers her head. She didn't want to leave this cave, not like this, not ever again. She wanted to be here just with him, alone without distractions from the outside world.- Lets stay here.... -She whispers to him again and smiles softly as she tilts her head back up-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the drow would be hammering away as they where about half done he would then take his drink as the mighty castle would resemble the might of the drow as well. It would have that hue that all the drow houses had to it the same glow and texture but to the dragons likening he would smile feeling himself a sense of accomplishment feeling this way did not come normal as the structure was grand the interior was also being worked on grand drow artists worked day and night to get the might of dragons and the might of the drow he would smile everything was coming according to plan~

Anaya: The man moved his hands down over her head, into her hair as he looked smileing softly, his fingers glowed a light blue as he touched her, magic, flowing sweet and clean magic. “well then lets fix that”  he said softly as he moved his fingers to trace over her arms her shoulders and then down her chest as a bright blue gown started to weave its self together upon her figure, its bends and curves flowed down to her wast and then to her feet as he smiled and looked upon her “hmmm it is missing something” he said as he smiled and moved his finger to her breasts and traced around them as gold lace formed over her breasts and laced around in the center “there now you have a gown on, one to hide you but one i cant see, to me it is only a clear blue silken rode, but do not worry it is only to me” there was a devilish nature to Troy Cheshira had yet to see but it was surely peeking its vile head as he was tormenting teasing and making her mind a flush with things she had yet to fully understand. “we will go up now” he said as he wrapped his arms around her and started to flap, the coins and things around them starting to move and fall making a light tingle in the air of the cavern hole.

IICheshiraII: -Smiling softly she closes her eyes as his hands trail over her. A warm tingling feeling ran over her skin only to change in feel. It became soft and light. Slowly she opens her eyes as she hears him speak and looks down at herself. She gasps and makes a twirl before looking upto Troy with a bright smile- It's beautiful -She saids softly and plaches her hands on his shoulders and places a kiss on his lips as she stands on her toes. She smiles to him as she stands back but quickly wraps her arms around his waist as he starts flapping his wings. She squeals and giggles softly as she burries her face in his stomach-

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RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would smile as he saw the progress it would be all the more as the dragon would be pleased with the progress they where making now where could a giant beast be since he would over see the work he could not see the dragon. He had to break up a fight earlier for doth one man bit his thumb at another. It was quite a quarrel. They tussled around a bit but he got them in line. ~

Anaya: He let that grin come over his face as he picked her up slowly and started to lift her up. His wings flapping hard and wide to get as much air as they could under them as he started to lift up and to the top of the hole, it was a good way up as he never really thought on how high it really was seeing he always did the clime and fall in his true form but as a human only about 6 feet and a bit it took a lot longer then it did before. As he got to the top of the hole he went up and landed on the ground. Placing his elven beauty down upon the ground he looked around seeing the walls and everything so nicely done around the hole. He thought for a moment on what would be done with the top of the hole, there would have to be a floor built here so no one would fall down or go into his gold cave, his beloved gold cave, he loved that gold almost as much as he loved his Cheshira, slowly he moved and brushed her hair back “my dear you should take a look at your bound they are changing” he said softly as he noticed the black tinging color of her roots, he new why but he wanted her to see and then tell her later. “i will go talk to the leader of the work force there should be a built lavatory to the east of the cave opening, it will have a mirror in it.”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira giggles and holds onto her Troy as tightly as she possibly can as they fly up. She realized this was the very first time he flew with her in his human form. She smiles to him and places her bare feet on the ground and looks around as she still kept her arms around his waist. She only looks upto him as he starts to speak- Change? -She asks surprised and blinks a few times. What was changing and why? She only stares at him for a moment and nods as he directs her to the nearest mirror. Slowly and with some hesitation she lets go of him and walks in the direction he told her to go. Her new blue dress flowing loosely around her body as she places her bare feet carefully on the floor. It took her a little while to reach the mirror but as soon as she did she stood still and just stared at herself. Her skin seemed darker and her eyes a shade lighter. Slowly her eyes travel up to her hair.- NO! -She screams out and quickly places both her hands over her mouth. A loud high pitch scream follows from her lips. Her hands slowly move up to her hair and trails her fingers through it. Her beautiful blond hair was turning black.- No no no no! Not my hair! -She screams out again.- Troy! -She screams at the top of her lungs and turns around only to start running to find him as tears well up in her eyes. *Not my hair* She thinks to herself as she runs, her eyes scanning around for Troy rapidly-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the drow would wonder where they where he would have a feeling that big open hole in the ground would be where they where soo….. uncivilized now a days but hey it was a shelter he would see a dragon finally come out of the hole as he would prepare for it to land he simply would chuckle since the day at the beach destroying marauders was the next case building together this might prove difficult he would command a man to keep working as he would get the dwarven slaves from his ranks the long lashes would whip them into making more bricks fast and faster they commanded them to crate the stone~

Anaya: Troy walked over to the drow force as a grin came over his mouth hearing his love yelling about her hair, he new it would be shocking but it was not a big thing it was nice on her he liked the black, she was looking more dragon every day he was with her, it was the magic of the dragon that made her this way and soon it may act in her in more ways then she may think, give her power, boosts, and even change things inside of her to allow her to use magic like he could. Troy looked to the Drow leader as he stood overseeing the work on the castle “it is coming alone but the stench of Drow and spider will be hard to wash from the stone, be careful you do not place to much of your 'tastes' into my castle Drow i am not liking in your race still” he looked at the walls as he saw the Drow looking at his hole in the ground “and make sure not a single man goes near that hole, it will be the death of them from the fall and the death of you from there stupidity. Soon there will be a floor made over the opening to the lower chambers you and your men are not allowed to enter, i will be making that entrance and floor myself later this day, i wish you to finish the west wing and the remainder of the throne room then you can work on making the lands livable for the native life to come back to it, maybe even build a town over the ruin of the old one that was once there.”

IICheshiraII: -As she didn't get a reaction from Troy as she hoped she started to run a little faster, infect she was running as fast as she could. Jumping over a few stones here and there she holds her dress up a little until she finally sees her favourite red head talking to one of the Drows. She immediately stops in her tracks and blinks a few times. Even though they saved them on the beach the previous day, she still didn't like not trust them. She quickly shakes her doubts away and lifts her head up a little and walks towards Troy, for some reason more confident then before. As she reaches the two men she lets go of her dress with one hand and taps on Troy's arm.- Troy... A word my dear -She asks as calmly as possibly as she tried to hide the anger and fear in her voice. Her lighter eyes shoot to the Drow for a moment only to nod her head in acknowledgement to him. She then turns around and takes a few steps away from the Drow and out of hearing reach and waits for Troy, quiet and as calm as she possibly can-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would look to the men and motion for them to go back to work they would obey there leader without question. His furious proud demonstration of the craft was fine.~ “ooohhhh dragon but the drow wish this to be some sort of place as well monumental as well. For I envision a large community to bow knee to a dragons will I could even set the old town ablaze to create a new one.” ~he would smirk for it would amuse him that this job would be appointed to him non other a grin would protrude from his scared face a wonderful way indeed. As he would look to the Elvin woman with a cocked head then turned back to his work~

Anaya: Troy looked to the Drow leader “the old town was already burned down when we got here if you remember correctly Drow, the grass and life is trying to come back and this place will be large and monumental but it will be in the image of the dragon not of the Drow, i do hope you understand this as if you don't your life is on the line Drow” Troy snarled as he stopped hearing his sweet little Cheshira standing there wanting his attention. He smiled a bit with a cocked grin and took a step closer to her taking his fingers and running them in her hair “don't worry it will be ok, i do think black will look find on you my dear. And be happy it is a pale tone for your eyes and not the red of mine” he let out a light chuckle the dragon was in a ok and goodish moon this day as it was a nice day and he had a very good night.

IICheshiraII: -She closes her eyes for a moment as he runs his fingers through her hair but then slowly opens them again and looks upto him. She sighs to his words and makes a fist of one hand, raises it and slams him into his chest.- You knew this would happen! -She snarls at him but then suddenly realizes she has no idea what's what's happing to her.- Troy... What is all this? -She says as she opens her arm

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would frown a the mention of his drow army it was not his to command it was his he collected the ancient artefacts around the area and he knew what could pierce dragon flesh he would smile for he would give the dragon a peace of mind. ~ “This kingdom is also the base of the drow my dragon. Also I have worked in the stone work of the dragon and the drow working together as statues where erected to your honour and of Corse your ladys. They are at the central chamber alone with the drow surrounding them. For it is all based to those who will control all such as you great dragon. But do not forget those who build the works for your wonder.” ~he would smirk he was not foolish of the dragon but then again the woman looked different. She was not the same as her eyes where different~ “some illness? “~he would question her behaviour ~

Anaya: Troy smiled as she put her fist to his chest, it made a thud and would hurt her hand more then it hurt his body. Before she could get away he grabbed her in that kiss and picked her up spinning her around and tossing her up onto his shoulders his wings behind him opening up and holding her there as his hands held her legs “my Drow army well tisk tisk my dear it is yours to, you tell them what you want them to do it is your home they are building after all, our home. And do not worry change is not always a bad thing. I did not know how fast it would happen but yes i new change would come, it is from being with me that it happens and i sadly cant help it, my magic has slipped onto you and the change is what happens with that, it is a part and you will become more and more dragon like every time you wake up. Weeks will go by and you will notice things you could not be able to do before you can do now, you will get stronger and be more fitting to handle me and well what ever there is to come” he walked with her on his shoulders back over to the Drow leader so they could over see the work being done and she would be save and sound on Troys shoulders. “you hold no power here Drow, you and your men are workers for the ones ruling and owning the lands, as you offered to work here under my order there was no deal or agreement in our words that your base would be here, you may hold home land on this land but a base will be nothing more then a slave hut if you so wish one” the dragon would not put up with anything he saw as trying to make claim to anything that was his, this land was owned and would be ruled over by dragon blood and drow blood would not be making anything but home on his lands. “i hope this is clear drow i would hate for your work to go in vain, it would be a shame for me to have to rip it all down and rebuild it myself.” he let a smirk move over his lips as he looked at the Drow his bright red eyes shimmering in the light.

IICheshiraII: -She giggles and squeals as he spins her around and lifts her on his shoulder. She giggles and holds onto him as best as she can.- It's not that i don't like change Troy... Just my hair... -She pouts and puches her bottom lip forward as she tried to look upset but in reality was surpressing a giggle. But as he took her back to the Drow her demonar changed and got a little harsher. She looked at Troy as he spoke and let him finish before she added something to it.- These lands are dragon owned. Dragon blood runs in it veins and soon my Elven blood.. -She smiles and looks down to Troy and softens a little before looking back at the Drow- ..will rule these lands on his side. For you to demand and change the agreement you made with Troy, is simply redicilous and will be ignored. Build yourself an outpost elsewhere on these lands. But this castle will be our home. -Her voice never changed. It was still clear and sweet sounding as before, she was only more sure of herself and knew she had the right to speak here. She was going to be queen after all.-

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would smirk as he would think he would have a upper hand many has the drow studied the dragons of the under dark he would turn to the dragon.~ “Slaves oh I do hope your joking for you realize my people have studied in the depths of the caves…. You forget I was the head of the dragon expedition.. There is more to our people then what meets your eye.” ~he would muse turning upon them with a smile~ “We have given you a mighty home it will be inhabited.. The drow folk have tunnels under these lands. And are well… expert marksmen the eye is a venerable spot let alone our recent discovery has came to use at a advantage. You threaten me no more gold will come to you. Let alone… Dark tidings happen when the dragon sleeps. Long have I studied your creatures even once…. Rode your kind we bent them to our will before… the magic was lost but now… I believe our tablet complete dragon. We where once upon the surface till the elves pushed us underneath my races suffering is no bounds.” ~he would then nod what they did not know is they had already build a military encampment fortified with black arrows the weapons made from mitherl. It was made to pierce dragon’s armor and flesh he was not a stupid male. He always had options a, b, and c, right now the hundreds of drow would be manning each a black arrow device deep in the cazems more where being mass produced. The magic was being studied as he spoke. Dragon lords they once where mighty and feared as they would proudly want to reclaim what was there’s on the surface the dragon he would help but it was a sigh for something greater.~ “I merely want to show them who build such a great monument to the lords of this land for this will be something the world has never seen before a new era…. “ ~he had already ordered troops there with the device more of the wizards where replaced but the older ones that had studied the dragons magic. ~ “ The dragon will return… Aye your race will not perish for I see no quarrel with you.” ~he pointed to the dwarven slaves~ “perhaps you can have dwarves to feast upon since you believe me or not. Tis there land we seized but I seek only on making this a monumental masterpiece one that would rival the gods them selves each race will be carved and on the top you and her will rise from the very ashes. “ ~he would nod~ “Do not worry yourselves….. but I am not worth your trouble at the moment I would be more concerned by what the norn dropped. “ ~he would smirk and say no more of it for it was a dragon slaying artifact that was deeply enriched with the essence of many dragons souls. Made of the hardest element and could carve through a dragons scale.~ “But that is of you.. I work along side not under you. But tell me how you wish the east wing and I will grant your very hearts desire.” ~he would look to the elf woman and pretty much pay her no heed he did not forgive her race nor condemn it.~ “ what words you will order my men? They are drow I will work as he gives me the blue prints. It will be so… “ ~the drows silver tongue would be quick.~ “But it seems a elf you are no longer… “ ~he would look upon her ~ “So then it is……… “ ~he would pounder this as he would smile to the builder who was working very hard~

Anaya: Troy smiled hearing her talk like the ruler she was to be, strong at heart and so sweet as well, there was so many good changes the past couple days he was filled with joy for them. “a Drow walk alone side a Dragon, you do nothing but fit our needs, as you have bin told you can build an outpost on the lands but your men will be nothing but slaves in my eyes, the Drow have done nothing but mock and lie to the dragon race for the hundreds of years we have dealt with your very existence, you are silver lipped and nothing more, your words are laced with the toxin that runs in your veins. And do not have more then 40 men at a time on the castle grounds i do not want much Drow aroma here, i will already have to clean the floor once it is built to remove that stench of spider” Troys voice was hissed and you could hear the dragon in him, that evil and that destructive nature and even more so the fire of a temper he did hold. But his voice softened as he looked up at Cheshira “we will be getting a meal, your men better not have touched the food or the meat i have hunted or there will be more you will have to give them gold” his eyes looked back to the Drow as he snarled his upper lip moving up and down his sharp teeth showing. “and for the dwarfs i do love the taste of them i may pick one or more off but that would stop them from making any fine weaponry you may be having them forge for you” the dragons eye shimmered in the light, did the Drow not think Troy had bin walking the lands when he went on his way to town, did not think he saw what they had bin doing he was 80 feet tall he could almost see from one side of the lands to the other and walk his hole kingdom in under a day. “be careful Drow you may think you know about my race, but remember i know about yours as well” he turned his back, a blunt show of disrespect in a dragons world, it was also a show of not fearing anything the Drow could pull at him. To turn your back was a very rude gesture as he walked holding up his wings fully to hide Cheshiras back from anyone's eyes, he did not care to protect himself but her he would protect with his very life.

IICheshiraII: -Placing her hand in Troy's neck as she stares at the Drow as he speaks. He speaks in utter disrespect to both Troy and herself. Something she wouldn't allow. But then again, she was on Troy's shoulder and high above the ground and she could never, or at least not now, take on a Drow on her own. Her pale eyes just stared at him as her fingers trail over Troy's neck. She kept quiet, she knew Troy would make his point and do harm would come to either of them. Even though she never really learned how to use it, she knew a thing or two about her kinds magic. As Troy looked at her she smiles down at him before letting her glacé move back to the Drow, still not saying a word. But as Troy turns her back to him, she couldn't help but to shiver a little. She didn't trust the Drow for one bit and she was sure he was either going to attack them from behind or touched their food or perhaps attack them when they were asleep. Or maybe they would only come after her to get to Troy that way. She shivers at the thoughts and looks down to Troy but still kept quiet. She digs her nails into his neck for a brief moment, hoping he got the hint on her being worried.-

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To turn your back is a rude and disrespectful gesture in the dragon world

RagnarLuthbrook: ~the drow would not take this likely as he would toss a globe of darkness in front of the dragon.~ “You turn your back on me but you do not see my scars…… You think I do not know your kind…. I have fought many of your kind!” ~he would release from the magic from his face showing the burns that would have his smooth skin turned Corse as he would show his burned face It was bad his cheek would be serried from it and he was in no condition he was lucky to have gotten out alive it would seem.~ “So do not think I do not know dragons fire….. I know your kind and fought plenty of them the dwarves craft as we make… You show me respect I will show you yours…..” ~he would give the same sort of sneer as if he would not be afraid of this man this dragon he seen countless as he has taken revenge for his people…~ “ I am The man who has taken down dragons by all means I can see to it a doom can rain from the heavens but I will show you respect if you will but yet show me mine.” ~he would raise a brow the men would stop working as if to be issued a command he did not want to take the dragons life but he did not want to be disrespected his grand wizards would approach as he would wave them away.~ “I will make this castle grand….. but for this I will make it so non the world has ever seen…. Be mindful I have numbers and experience….. Do not tempt me on your offer I wish for you to be happy with the woman of your dreams be she as a Elf or Dagon….. “ ~the men would be silent as he would speak his balled fist would still be clenched as he turned to the beast.~ “Even larger ones fall hard Dragon I will not go down like the norn…. “ ~his aura was dark but his face was fierce. He showed no fear in his eyes~

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Anaya: Troy stopped dead and moved his arms up slowly his back still to the drow, as he took Cheshira from his shoulders and placed her on the ground “go over by the food stash and get something for yourself my sweet i will be there in a moment, i promise” she looked up at him as she bit her lower lip
“but Troy will you be hurt?” she questioned and he simply shakes his head no
“i will be fine my sweet Cheshira you go get the food alright” she nodded and ran off to get the food and in no time was out of sight.

Troy cracked his neck as he was hearing the Drow talk. “your skill is not unnoticed, your power is not unnoticed and your voice is not unnoticed Drow, and respect i have given you as i have not eaten you, i have given you place on this land and i have not pushed you off like others, i could have not taken your offer of aid and just said no. But you are needed to me” he looked back turning half way around so he was looking at the Drow with one fire bright red eye. “you are needed so she is happy, i could live in a wet and forbidding care and not care, i could live in eating rats and stealing farmers cattle and be content but no she is not the same as me she is to be royalty and i will uphold my own and her honour no matter what the cost is to my hide or scale, if you threaten me i will kill you Drow, i do not care if i did in the doing of it i will remove your hide from this earth even if my own goes along with it.” hide temper was showing and the ground around him was getting hot...very hot, the anger in Troy was imminence and it was forming a very clear black aura around him, the shadow at his feet was changing into that of a dragon but then recoiling back into that of a human male as he stood there. “i own this land, remember this, you have bin given home on it when i could have given you nothing but dirt on the ground and a threat to be gone before sunrise. I could kill your men at night or in daylight wall weakened on the surface lands, this is my land Drow not yours you may hold under it but what is on top is mine”he turned around the hole way as he calmed his heat and fires and placed his wings to hide back his eyes getting darker. “now if there is a problem we can settle it but i dont think ether of us even if we hate one another or do not hold respect for one another wish to place blood on the ground, i offer you a place in the land, and you offer me building forced to get my home and castle done, both you and i need one another and even if we don't see each other at equal views we have no choice if we want what we want to happen smoothly”

RagnarLuthbrook: ~he would look to the dragon~ “ You are but a drake to the ones I have slain at least showed respect in there manors. I would think it was this that one enemy at least shows respect. I will have your scales but I need your protection IF you make things complicated in such a manner with my men I had to put one to the sword. Don’t worry drake I know your weakness… mark my words I do.. For do not fear you nor do I fear death… be mindful of who you speak. I was named and tilted dragon slayer for a reason drake…. You respect me… I will show you respect as well… if your lover wants a castle I will give it to her but be warned of the elves. For they two are dragon riders we are but just of the black nature.” ~he would almost be so close as if to touch him staring in his eye he knew they each would have a rift but to show the respect he would also demand his part.~ “Your lands same as the dwarves they fell harshly…they serve us now…. Be wary dragon your cave I will summon you as you summon me…” ~his stubbornness would know no bounds.~

Anaya: Troy did not move as he was standing a good head taller then the Drow, he did not take the Drows remarks with calling him a drake, it was rude but it was also foolish. “for now you are nothing but spare meat if you are lucky i will call you by name when i call you, if i call you, if you want respect you as well as myself hate to bite pride, and i don't think you can do that now can you. now go i have food to make for my woman” he wanted to lash out on the Drow for talking about the elven race when he was in love with one. But he thought that would be fitting another time he had things to do “make sure that throne room is done by dawn of the next day” he said sternly as he stood there not moving and just looking back at the Drow deep red eyes with black slits looking into the Drows own.

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Troys Triumph Peachey-Dairy

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira just stood there, in front of the giant food pile. Where did that all come from? She blinks a few times and looks around.- Well..... This will last us a little while...-She saids softly before lifting her dress a little and kneeling down. She leans forward and takes a few apples before cutting them into pieces with a small knife stuck into one of them. She softly hums to herself before blowing some hair out of her face. She still hated the fact she was changing, but maybe Troy was right. Maybe it wasn't a bad thing.-

Anaya: Troy had changed as he was walking he was not his full 80 foot tall self he was smaller maybe about 20 to 25 or so feet up but still tall enough for now, the wonder of a dragons power to poly-morph made it nice to be able to change size from large to small and from being to being without much problem. He walked over to Cheshira and lowered his head down over top of her grabbing a full cow in his jaws and tossing it up taking it down in a couple bites, he did not need to chew he was not made that way, his jaws are made for ripping and killing fat from chewing like a grass eater. After the Cow was swallowed he bent down grabbing another one and tossing it up eating it down as well, after that was down and the small amount of blood dropped form his maw he licked it up before it was even able to fall, like a snake one could see the large bumps moving down the dragons neck and into his gut, it was a interesting thing if one was into that kind of thing but to most it was just gross how he was made to eat. He lowered his head down to Cheshira and rested it on the ground before he would start to eat again. “i hope the change is not scaring you my dear” he said softly as his large red eye looked at her.

IICheshiraII: -As Troy started devouring things above her she just giggled and kept cutting her apples before taking a small bite. As he speaks and lays down she tilts her head and smiles to him before shaking her head- No... I was just shocked a little. That's all. I didn't expect it to happen. -She then reaches one arm out to him and gently rubs over his head before patting on it. SHe just stares at him at takes another bite of her apple. She blinks a few times and looks down at her lap where the apples where laying in, cut up in tiny pieces.- Tastes funny... -She said softly before looking back up to Troy with a questioned look on her face-

Anaya: The dragon looked at her as he took the tip of his mouth and ripped off a chunk of cow and dropped it there beside her, on the was a little dirty but to a dragon it did not matter they did not taste dirt only meat. “Troy that and see how it tastes” he said in a almost grunting chuckle as he pushed it over the ground at her, the hunk of cow was about the size of her head but it was able to be picked up even if it was bloody and dirty and well gross. “Apples are more human food and you are becoming more dragon just the ways about you, hanging around me will do that to you over time, you will never become a dragon just take a bit of the magic that is all, do not worry you will get used to it over time” he said as he licked the meat clean with his snake like tongue and then snorted laying his head back beside her on the ground.

Troys Triumph Pbucket

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira look up at Troy before looking down at the piece of meat in front of her. She wrinkles her nose before looking back up to Troy. She groans and looks back at the piece of meat. With a little hesitation she reaches her hand out to it and cuts a piece off with the knife she found in one of the apples. Once a small piece was cut off she lays the knife down and picks the small piece up and raises it to her mouth before putting it in. She turns her glace away from Troy and chews on it for a little bit before swallowing it. She blinks a few times before looking back at Troy.- It's nice.... But it still has a funny taste... Just like the apples. I can't tell you what it is.. -She said as she looks back at the apples. She takes a few pieces and holds it out to him- Try it... Maybe you know what it is -She says softly as she keeps holding her hands out with the pieces of apple in it and just stares at him.-

Anaya: Troy rolled out his tongue as he licked up the apples and tossed them into his jaws snapping them down. He did not taste a thing. Looking at her he pushed his nose into her chest as he nuzzled her “dragons don't taste things like you do, we don't hold taste buds like you do, anything we eat all tastes the same” he took his head and pulled it back looking at her “i am sorry my sweet i cant help you figure out the taste. It may be the apples are bad and the meat is going bad, it has bin sitting in the sun for a day now the stable will be made after the castle is finished so all we have right now is the ground to use, but the pit under has its cold stops we can store some of the meats there and your fruits and vegetables it may keep them fresh but the bugs may get to them down there as well.”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira shakes her head- That's not it... -She says softly but shurgs it off. Maybe it was, she wasn't sure. She blinks a few times more to Troy and smiles before leaning in and giving a kiss on his head.- Don't be sorry -She says before sitting back and cutting off another piece of the meat infront of her after she picked up the knife. She just started eating from the meat, since it gave her a better feeling then the apples. SHe didn't know why but it did. Piece by piece she eats from the piece of meat infront of her before mumbling- Tastes..... good.. -She says before looking back up to Troy with a smile-

Guest_MCKMike: The day it all set out was a day of unrivalled beauty. One that once beseem would change one's mind, from ill too well. For the day beamed with the force of Life. Even people who were yesterday seen having issues, today were with a smile, people having fought one another, now they were hugging each other. For this day was a day that the Gods bestowed their graces upon. For this day was, but a jewel of Life. But as all good things have to end so did this day. For the people of the lands had an issue. The issue of Decay. For the land had been destroyed. Be it war.  Be it a curse. It was, but a mystery people did not know. A mystery yet to be solved, one that made everyone feel their hearts gleaming with a passion to know. With a way to find why. But only those who had the power to do so. People that once were banned had found, possibly a reason as to why. Though it was a mistake. A mistake that lead to what the phrase the Dead walk Among us, exist. And within that day ,the only black page existing in this day was the corpse. Yes you read correctly. Corpse. But not what one may think about zombies. known For this one was entirely different,for it was the act of necromancy. For some days ago a necromancer having found the crypt of an ancient Drow Warlord. And there the necromancers had settled. In the whole process,after the banning of necromancy,  they had to escape and manage to find a place,to both practice their works,but also to be at peace.  And thus they ended up in a village. But some time after their settling in,they were found,both the man and the woman necromancers. At their escape from the village the man ended up getting injured and the woman had to move him at a cave they had found some years ago. And when she did,she found that deep in the cave,was a crypt,one that was of the  old times and had the language of the Drows upon.’’Dos vel'uss daewl ulu pearr fotus,wun l'tullusas d'nindol k'lar zhaun nindel Usstan orn tlu kyorlin,dal ussta deathbed whol Usstan tlun l'Draa nindel ph'Uss lu'l'Uss nindel zhah Draa.Whol Usstan tlun Intlvarn.’’Those words were upon the gates to the crypt,words that held power,yet it was a language that was too old to be remembered. And thus the woman entered within,in search of one thing she understood from the words. For the words would be translated as ‘’You who wish to venture forth,in the halls of this place know that I will be watching,from my deathbed for I am the Two that are One and the One that is Two. For I am Intlvarn.’’And the woman would understand a word for the word soul. And what she needed to bring back her husband was but a soul. Little did she know that the soul she had called was of an ancient Drow Warlord. One who was two people,in one mind. One who was cursed to never be able to sleep in the afterlife. And the curse had came to exist,with the woman calling his soul forth. And when the soul manifested,it was more powerful than the woman,thus ending her life,for one to call forth a soul and manifest it,one needs to use his lifespan. And thus the woman died. But before she died she would use the remaining of her power to seal the soul within her husband’s body,thinking that maybe that soul could become fuel to rejuvenate her husband back to life. Little did she know that by the usage of the Aether magic,the magic that has to do with the spiritual energy that governs all beings and the curse that existed long before upon the once dead Drow Warlord ad now in between living and dead that she had became the last piece that was needed for the curse to exist. And the being would open its eyes,only to find itself trapped in an aether mist,one that would pretend the body from rotting and also one that trapped the soul within. And thus the being would be infuriated and walk out of the tomb,in search of a way to return to its former state. But he knew that first he had to find what the cures was.For to break the curse one needed the knowledge of the spells and machinations used to form it.And thus ended on the road,as the black sheep of the day,one that walked nonchalantly and one that simply desired to sleep. Not for some hours, But forever And as the being walked,it finally reached a place,a place where people of his kind lived, A place where a casstle would be.A place that he thought he should go forth and visit,in search of an answer to finding a way to return back to the way he were. And the being’s eyes would spot the city,the people and many more as it walked forth. The good thing about the aether mist,was that he could be seen only by those with the power of seeing spirits or ghosts. And thus the Dead walked amongst the Living in that sacred day within the castle's surroundings,in search of one who could see.

Anaya: Troy smiled as he lifted his head picking up another full cow and tossing it up and chomping it down into his neck and gulping it back down whole. He was a little surprised at his elven beauty eating raw meat but he was happy for her, it would give her more power and more energy and the fact she was around him mean there body was changing already showing on the hair turning black, she was growing more dragon every day with the help of Troys dragonic influence, even in her very belly she was growing immunity to the bacteria found on the very meat she was eating. she was becoming stronger and he was very happy for that “eat your fill my dear we have much work to get done today, i am going to be making the floor today to cover the gold pit, i have a feeling drow are peeking were they are forbidden to.” Troys head turned as he could feel something, dark magics in his lands, but he could not see it yet, it was not close enough but it would be in no time he thought, this was the only place that held any sort of life it it wanted anything it would have to come here, he could not see it but he could feel it, dragons had that power. “there will be big plans for today my sweet, i know there will be.”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira kept eating and barely heard Troy speak.- Big things? -She then asks- What bing things? And why we? It's not like i can do something... -She says softly and lowers her glace. She was the smallest of everyone here. And it wasn't that she was the strongest. In fact, Cheshira never had to defend herself, except for that day on the beach but she used a bow and arrows out of twigs. Magic, powers and strength out of muscles wasn't something she knew or cared about. She didn't like violence as it was. She would rather avoid it and find a more peaceful solution. And even though she was under the influence of Troy's magic, that was something that would never change. It was her believe and no matter what she would become, her believes would never change.-

Guest_MCKMike: For once the Drow Warlord would proceed. His Aether mist hiding his form, One that in truth was something one did not wish to see,not because it was hideous or anything,but because the alteration of both the soul and the body had crumbled it all. For the Necromancer’s body had changed to a tone of black that was Darker than what Drows used to have. For the hair,unlike many Drows which had white hair,this one was of the colour of Darkness,a midnight black in which if one got lost,he would never be able to return. Greaves of ancient metal,made by fossils of ancient dragons,that after years become a type of metal that is called in both the Dragonic language,Darastrix Ovgam and used the same way in the Drow language. It meant Dragon Metal. A metal that was powerful to withstand a dragon’s fire and their claws. But the Drow had only greaves upon it’s body.For the upper part had chains,chains that held the soul and the body together,chains made of both Aether energy but also the energy surrounding the magic. And thus those chains were formed. Upon the shoulders of the Drow Warlord,were two metallic plates,plates of the same metal that the greaves were made from. And thus the Dead walked amongst the Living. And now,with the Drow’s eyes,eyes that had the same colour as the colour of the mist that surrounded the once living,now dead body. A colour that was of blue, blue of Darkness, And what made the figure seem otherworldly,apart of the mist and the eyes,was the face. For the face had been disfigured and the form of a skeletal face existed. And upon the head,two big horns had formed,and upon those horns,chains of the same infusion,of aether and magic had formed. And upon all,were two flaming pillars,hornlike. And the being seemed as if it were a Demon,a Demon that had came to make everyone fall to their doom. And yet the being simply desired a way of Freedom,as most do. And thus the being had stopped,its eyes falling upon both the dragon and the woman,eyes that if seen,they could make one shiver,for those eyes were eyes that held both Power over Destiny but also Power over the mysteries of Aether. And also what was making the whole image scarier,were the two weapons upon the back,weapons infused with the same flame that ablaze upon the head,weapons that were swords,but swords not of now,swords of an age were a Drow sword made of Dragon Metal could pierce and slash through most,if not every,defence that existed.But in this age maybe the role had changed. Maybe the metal which once was the most powerful had found an adversary. But that is something to be seen.For now the Drow Warold,seeing the Dragon would speak,in a voice that resembled too much that of a Leachking,yet even Darker.’’ Vinult Darastrix,vrak di wer ir vur waphir bapim di svabol huena jahen vur jaka woari.’’
(Translathion = hail dragon,image of the one and living icon of what once were and now wanderer.)
the Drow Warlord would speak,wondering whether he could be seen,or even heard. But this was a risque he had to take in order of searching for the answer he was in need.

Anaya: Troy got up abruptly and fast as he picked up Cheshira swiftly and put her on his back along with her bag of food, he started to grow larger as he got to his normal 80 foot tall self, he could hear the voice and even if the words held no harm to them he did not know what place they had bin coming from “who ever is there show yourself” she dragon snarled as he lowered his head his back ro0cking on his front legs as he moved his tail back and forth the end of it a mallet, a show of power and a display for what ever was there to show its self before the dragon started to swing and a tail end the size of a large building well it was going to be a hard hit if Troy did start swinging. Troy moved and turned so his side flank was showing in the way of the voice, he was lining up his tail and using his ears to figure out what place to swing at if he needed to. He growled and lowered his head a bit more so it was only 20 or so feet from the ground his tail held up at half mass swinging back and forth “why are you here and what is it you want”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira squealed loudly as Troy picks her up and places her on his back along with some foot. SHe looks around but she could only see the drow workers. She didn't hear anything out of the ordinary and so looked around more- Troy.... Who are you talking too? -She whispers as she leans in. Her pale blue eyes looks around more as she puts her slowly blacking hair behind her ear. Troy's reaction made her nervous and she didn't know what to do now. She shivers a little and looks at Troy for a brief moment before looking around more.- Troy.... Im scared -She whispers again, poor Cheshira had no idea what was going on and so had no idea what to do to keep her and Troy safe, which was frighting to her.-

Guest_MCKMike: The Drow Warlord would look at the actions being done. A dragon protecting a being of another race.’How years had i been asleep?’,he would wonder. He saw that the dragon possibly did not understand the dragonic he had spoken,possibly because this one was young. He understood from the words the Dragon used. Not being able to see him. He really felt a grief at heart. He hated it.He wished to find a way for his returning to the crypt,as a free spirit,to continue sleeping. But with the dragon like this,his chances have became low. Seriously low, Nonetheless he would gaze at the dragon and used his power to manifest. The manifestation only worked for mere seconds,two or three,but one could get a glimpse of the nightmarish form. And after the manifestation completed,words would be heard again,words that after the manifestation,with one witnessing the nightmare standing in front of them,they sounded much more Dark and Powerful,than what they truelly were.’’Sorry for the intrusion Lord Dragon. I was a being that was resting. Yet I was called forth from my slumber,called back upon this world,after my demise. And now sealed in this dead body,having been cursed as my living was still,I am but at the mercy of the Gods. For my Destiny had been broken. For I have became a being with no body. A soul that is empty of a chalice to reside in. Yet I am merely now but a fragment. For my full reality lies somewhere. The reality of the curse and the way to be freed of this. I am Intlvarn. Warlord of the Drows. At least once I was. I was also the first to bring Drows and Dragons together,reason why I spoke before in a language that I understand you may not know. For that language is the language of my friend,brother in blood,the one you Dragons call the One. And I called brother. For Intlvarn as a name means the One who is Two and the Two who are One. And thus I am here,humbly to ask for if you know of a way,to break the bonds and be freed once more Dragon,son of the One,of my Brother.’’,the Drow Warlord,named Intlvarn spoke. The name could be remembered. Or maybe not.It all lied to be seen,for the centuries have passed and none knew what was.

Anaya: Troy looked ahead of him as he then looked to Cheshira “the dead talk here, but for the dead to act the dead have to be seen, even if only for a moment” Troy looked back large dragon eyes larger then carts picking up even the smallest of things around him, he saw the dead show its self and he wanted to swing his tail, but he stopped hearing the words in the wind. “it does not want harm, only to be free, but the only body's we have if it wishes one are cattle, if it wants a human body one can be taken from town and magic arts can be done to make it look how the dead want it to look” Troy lowered his tail and turned a bit around to not be so stand offish, he lowered his head to look upon the spot the dead had shown its self “if you wish to be free and seen by the world all i can offer you is a for now fix a cow as a shell for you to rest in. But a body will come in time if that is what you seek, lost one”

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira looked at Troy as he spoke. Her eyes wide open- A....a....ghost? -She asks almost stuttering. She blinks a few times and looks around some more. And for a brief moment she thought she saw something, but when she looked back it was gone. She shakes her head and blinks a few times. She didn't really know what to do and so just stayed quiet as she takes another bite of her piece of meat. She licks her lips and chews in it a few times before swallowing it. For some reason it didn't bother her much, intact she was getting a little bored and wanted to do something. The questions remained though, what was she going to do around the nosey, touchy, hungry Drows around and in the castle-

Guest_MCKMike: He would sight as the Dragon did not understand “What I seek,dear Dragon,is not a chalice. I seek the way to rid me of the curse that plagues my being. The curse is one that will not allow me sleep ever. And thus I have to stay in this state,a state in which I will no longer be able to return to the Astral Planes,with my family,my Brother and everyone of my times. For my summoning,was but part of the curse. The curse that made me unable to die And now I am here,in search of a way to break this curse.’’,he spoke and his voice shuttered somehow,the worlds of Aether realm and magic. Maybe the more he existed the more those two became one,and thus the more he would be able to become a reality. Thus his voice,the last segments at least,now were able to be heard by people in a radius of ten feet around him. That included two Drow workers,the dragon who could sense and hear him,but also the woman atop the dragon’s back Maybe if he stayed more,he would eventually be able to be again a Deadly Living Being, Unlike Zombies, Unlike Ghosts , Unlike Living, And unlike Demons from nightmares. A mixture of all these combined, Maybe that is.

ShiroNekoHyo: Having fallen asleep rather abruptly and far more solid that he would have expected after having fled deep within the cave. Shiro slept almost a full day, which even for him was long. Shiro, being halve cat-like already slept almost double that of human’s but seeing that had been far too long. Now Shiro was finally getting up he had noticed the dragon’s scent along with the Elf’s had gone from the cave and slowly got out of hiding. After a few moments he stood now under the large entrance, only eighty feet high in the air and far out of Shiro’s reach. He hoped he would be able to get out but would only be able to due to the dragons help. He hesitated for a bit, if he where to call out, would the dragon even hear him? And would the spiders once more try to attack him. Finally Shiro made his gamble and shouted out at the top of his lungs. ‘’H-Heelps, D-Dragonn? G-Gets meh o-out pleaase?’’

Anaya: Troy looked down at the place the dead was standing, the place his voice was coming. “all i can offer you is a place to be till this curse that is upon you is lifted, but i can not lift it, i do not know how to do all things only some things” he said as he lifted his head up and looked back to the sound of the small Neko boy he had kidnapped that little wile ago yelling from the hole in the ground that was the dragons gold stash, Troy turned his head back to the place the dead talked from “all i can do is offer what i have said, it is all” he turned around and moved to the hole opening and let out a snort thinking to himself if he would go down there or leave the Neko there. Cheshira  snuggled into the dragons back  holding on tightly as she flicked one of his spikes along the ridge of his back, she wanted something to do and the meat she was eating was now gone “Troy, ...Troy is there anymore food?” she said softly. Troy looked back to her as he nodded “there is much more food, here” he said as he moved a clawed hand to scoop her up and move to place her over at the food pile “pack your bag with some meat from the cows wall i do some work on the beams and getting that floor done, the throne room will be done by the end of the day, and the drow will not harm you they are working on the other side of the building” Cheshira had already grabbed another hunk of meat cutting it from the cow with her knife and starting to eat it as she just nodded and Troy smiled watching her.

Guest_MCKMike: The man would walk next to the Dragon. He was silent,but understood that the dragon could feel his walking besides him. He sighed when he heard the words of the dragon,but nodded. He understood what he seeked was something hard. For one curse to be solved,one needed all the information he could get up on it. He simply remained silent,as he walked besides the Dragon. He would look down the hole as well,seeing clearly the Neko and his Lfe Fire,a fire that is at the heart of each one,getting smaller and smaller. He would then look at the dragon and speak,in a voice that still was Dark.’’His Life Fire is ending. The more he stays there,the more he will lose it. And that is also a problem,for there are more than him down there.’’,he had said wondering what the young one would do. He had understood what the dragon was doing at the woman and in truth he was displeased by it,but it was not his place to speak about it.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro silently waited in the cave after his shouting words upwards. Nervously looking around and only hoping no spider would come closer again. Quickly he looked up and caught a glimpse of the dragon and someone else before he suddenly heard the gold move behind him again. With a faint, fear filled squeak Shiro froze and felt his heart rate rising. A large spider yet again seemed to be closing in on the young creature. Though from last time Shiro had learned that the Spiders most likely wouldn't Notice Shiro anymore if he made no move or sound and so he stood there, only waiting.

Anaya: Troy looked to the one that was dead as he turned to look back to the hole “somethings come before pets for ranking and order, but i will get him out, and i know full well what all is down there that can harm him” Troys voice was cold and cruel, he was a red dragon after all, the only one he was kind to was Cheshira his elven woman, it was odd for a dragon to hold any kindness for anyone even to other dragons they all hated one another so to see this red dragon held kindness for a woman of another race was a shocker. He walked taking a step and then dived down the hole putting his wings to his sides and landing hard in the piles of deep gold coins, the sound of the gold splashing around filled the air, one could not see the gold from the top of the hole, but one could surely hear it when the dragon landed in it. “Neko were are you” he called out as he lowered his head scaring the spiders away from the place he landed on, he wondered for a second, if the Neko had moved before Troy crashed down ontop of the pile, he hoped so, but did not care all that much.

Guest_MCKMike: He sighted as what the dragon said was both wrong and correct.Yet he smiled.He liked this one. Resembling too much his Brother,yet different as well. He sighted though, He turned around a bit and went to see what the others of his race were doing,passing next to him,with him unnoticed. He wondered if there were a thing as a library within the castle,but seeing how destroyed the place were,he knew there would be almost nothing that could help. Thus he just turned back,after having seen his once graceful and powerful people,now working as slaves. He would do something at some point,possibly work on making the Dragon have kindness to his people and not only such but also to work his way in helping this place,mainly because two races he loved, Drows and Dragons were together,races that he belonged to the one and had echanged blood with the other,thus making him both Drow and Dragon. But his main priority,a way to make the curse disappear.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro waited and waited and slowly heard the noise of the spider's legs slowly move away from him again. A faint sigh of relief was given when suddenly a large shadow around him appear from above. He looked up and saw the massive dragon almost falling down on him. With a faint squeak Shiro jumped away just barely in time before the dragon crash-landed onto the pile of gold. If Shiro wasn't already falling forward the shock wave from the impact would certainly knock him off his feet. Trembling softer after he slowly got up on his feet again and heard the dragon speak, he softly replied with his soft, feminine voice and stood up, though still barely dressed in teh piece of cloth the princess gave him. ''H-Heree...''

Troys Triumph Neko_boy_photoshop_lineart__d_by_voctavian85-d4zm0ab
Anaya: Troy moved his head to the side and picked up the little thing in his jaws, he did not slame his jaws shut he left them open a jar so he could get back to the top ground fast and without faulter “you always get yourself lost down here dont you” he snarled as he moved and flapped his wings jumping up and grabbing onto the top of the hole with his front legs and pulling himself out some of the hole snapping off and falling into the gold. Troy tossed the neko onto the ground as she shook himself off and walked up onto ground level, it was a hard toss for the neko but nothing to large Troy new not to hurt the poor thing of Cheshira would have his head...were did Chesira get to anyway. She had moved off to see around the grounds not to far so Troy was able to keep an eye on her but far enough so she could see all the work the Drow had done, they had almost finished making the main throne room and one was nicely building the land mark of what was to be this castle, the Iron Throne, a mass of blades found around the lands and ones troy had brought over from his own land Nalfadore far to the south and they made them into a fine Throne siting dead in the centre of the large stone throne room. It was going to look amazing when done. Troy looked around for the dead one, but could not see “Dead one, do not poke your head into the workers, it is not fully safe here even for the dead, i was told many drow know how to banish dead things back to the dark world of torment and suffering, and i bet you would not wish that upon yourself”

Guest_MCKMike: He would laugh. A laugh that was sinister and one that made those hearing it lose their sanity.’’What I seek is to be banished, But trust me, These Drows know nothing of how to even hold a knife and use it to stab an opponent. These Drows are...But an afterimage,one of what once was and now is not. Once one Drow could fight against a Dragon and no winner would come,mainly for at my time the Drows had the power to be strong.But now…Look at how they have became.’’,he said and sighted and looked at the Dragon.’’And how your race has became. Even though you are young,I believe you did not understand my first words to you. Was I wrong?’’

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro looked up and suddenly felt the jaws moving around his body, pressing against his body though seeming not hard enough to pierce the skin. Though it still seemed to hurt the frail creature who lightly squirmed in the jaws to hold on. The almost snarling words caused shiro to whimper and lower down his ears firmly when suddenly he felt the dragon lift up again. Shiro held the dragon’s maw a bit though seemed barely seemed able to hold on to the maw. Finnaly at the top of the cave’s entrance he was thrown out of the dragon’s maw, falling onto the ground. Though he wasn’t thrown that hard his body shoved a couple of feet over the floor, causing his frail body to get scratches all over. After a moment Shiro slowly sat up on his knee’s but didn’t seem to move. Almost it seemed as if Shiro’s will had been broken, or at least for now as he seemed to pay no mind to what hapened around.

Anaya: Troy watched as the Neko seemed to be frozen after Troy had tossed him he did not think he had hurt the little thing but then again Troy could be wrong and forget the fact ya he did have a head larder then a home and his toss was kind of hard, he layed his bulk down as he did not want to work and he wanted to rest a moment before going to work on that floor. It was nice to relax from time to time...even if he did it more then he should. “i think this place will turn out nicely once it is done. And yes i did understand you clearly when you had spoken my tongue but it is best in this world not to talk that way for it is not made for human ears to hear our voices, and even if you did talk peacefully when i hear a voice i can not see i react to it.”

Guest_MCKMike: He heard and wondered.’’So…What has happened to this place?’’,he would speak as his eyes,eyes of an aether mist looked around in wondering of why the castle had been destroyed and why his race had became slaves. Apart of the apparent reason that is. A dragon is a fearful opponent and one that noone would dare go fight against it solo. Except if he were an idiot,or he knew not of danger. In other words he would be an idiot who knew not the danger,as he once was,when he had managed to slay a dragon and thus were given the name Dragon Slayer. And from that dragon he had made his armour,an armour that somewhere in this world,there was a huge mosaic,that showed the story of his,the story of how he had been taken by the Dragons to be executed and how he became a friend of them. But that is a story to be told in front of a fireplace,at another time,at another place and era.

ShiroNekoHyo: As shiro sat his ears seemed to be hanging rather low, almost presses against teh back of his head and seeming not to allow for much sounds to come through. His tail had curled up around his body but everything about the young neko seemed like as if he had simply given up. On what was not clear but that he had was well visible. The grumbling noises caused by Shiro's stomach where rather ignored by himself though he seemed to grow weaker by the minute. His eyes had closed and a faint shiver came over his clearly under dressed, feminine body.

Anaya: The dragon let out a snort as he was growing more and more lazy every moment, he looked over to the neko and pushed his tail to brust him lightly over to the meat and food pile. “i dont know what happened here, i came here to find this land a crisp and nothing but a very large White Dead Dragon body in this very ruin, the dragon vanished one night and i had never seen it agein. It had red eyes like mine but was a white scale, white scaled dragons hold blue eyes so it made me wonder about it, but after it left i stopped wondering. But then i claimed this land as my own and started rebuilding and gained the aid of a drow group as they do my workings for me, and i give them rest on my lands and they will find home here. They gave gold, and aid for this privilege to live on the lands i lay claim to, so i granted them there wish. And here we are now, it is nothing grand yet but it will be one day.”

Guest_MCKMike: He would think a bit. White scales and red eyes. That was the colours of his Brother.He would turn quickly and ask the dragon if that white scaled one was male. If not then maybe he was wrong on his assumption,that his Brother was alive for so long. But if he weren’t then he had lost the chance of seeing him again. He would only wonder if this dragon were not his Brother as to who it were. He might had been able to communicate with the soul of the dragon,had the dragon not gone,but to do that he would need to be able to have a physical form,one that he knew he would get to have if he remained up on the surface.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro still sat on the ground on his knee's with his eyes closed. Seeming as if he was too tired already to even yawn anymore. It almost seemed to feel to the young creature as if he had been laid in a pile of snow. The lack of proper things to wear had caused for his small, underfed and clearly no fat holding body to rapidly lose it's warmth and along with no food he had no energy anymore. Suddenly he felt something push against his side in a soft, brushing motion. However instead of being nudged over to the place Shiro fell over and didnt seem to move anymore. Other than his chest slowly going up and down each few seconds from breathing. Having passed out from exhaustion due to the lack of food, warmth and even sunlight, which most would underestimate the value it had for humans, and so for Shiro as well.

Anaya: Troy let out a yawn as he licked his lips and teeth and he shut his eyes and relaxed, he did not even look to the Neko to a dragon if you are unable to fend for yourself in hard times you die, no one will help you when life gets hard, so if the Neko fell down and did not get back up Troy was not going to pick him up and brush him off, it was a dog eat dog world and in a dragons world if you held weakness you died there was no other way around it. Troy talked to the one that was only a voice as his eyes stayed shut he did not need them if he could not see it anyway “really i do not know the gender of the dead dragon that was here, it was not here long enough to see it other then red eyes and white scales, half of its lower self was eaten away by the land beasts that eat the dead and it was very old. But it was far from weak, it must have bin something giant that took the beast down. There is much this land will not tell the ones that walk it, i guess it is simply part of the places charm”

Guest_MCKMike: He smiled.’’Then I shall stay here. I will stay and find what has happened in this land and who were that dragon. Both for my escape from this immortality,but also for my answering whether it was my Brother or not.’’,he said and his voice was less Dark,but still held a menacing tone.

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