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Troys Triumph

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ShiroNekoHyoShiroNekoHyo : After a few moments the young, starved neko slowly regained himself and started to get up on his hands and knee's again. Trembling softly and looking around the castle again. Shiro looked up at the large dragon not far away from him and quickly felt his ears pulling down in fear for such a grand creature. Slowly he stepped closer to the dragonoid again and softly said with his soft, gentle though clearly weakened voice. '' h-has chu a-anythings to e-eats for meh S-Sir..?'' The young creature still was only barely covered in the piece of cloth, ripped of the elves clothing and handed almost as a lion cloth to the young creature. Shirvers often running down his spine while goosebumps covered his body.

Anaya: Troy looked back seeing the Neko was up and moving, Cheshira had gone to look at the walls of the empire being built, he was always so very happy when she was so interested in the making of the building. Troy let out a snort as he pointed his tail to the meat pile, it was raw meat and the dragon new nothing about Nekos or what they could do, troy could set meat on fire to cook it but he new nothing about Nekos so maybe they could do it to. The dragon looked back over to the drow worker he was talking to and the spiter that had vanished on him, well it was like a spirit to do that, to simply vanish and go do other things not very shocking really. Troy let out a gruff laugh as he told the drow worker to get back to work on the making of a well so they had fresh water. After that the dragon got up from his rest and let the stiffness move form his legs as he bent and thumped his legs around towering over everything.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro watched the dragon respond only with the point of his large tail to what apeard to be a large pile of meat. Tremlbing a little as he moved over but discovered that it was all raw, certainly not somehting for the young neko who used to eet only raw fish, other meals where cooked. Looking back at the dragon as he heard the gruff laugh and tremlbed a little, though moved back over to the dragon once more. Seeming he had gotten used to the creature by now. '' D-Does chu has a-anything to cook o-or bake t-the meats with S-Sir..?'' Shiro held his tummy a bit with his small, soft hands, feeling and hearing it growl in hunger by now.

Anaya: Troy let out a second Snort and turned looking at the neko "in life do you do nothing yourself" he snarled as he took his claws and grabbed a bunch of meat and pulled it to them both, with a snarl he let out a jet of flame frying everything to a chard crisp. "there cooked" it was a little over done but it was still edible if you took off the black from the outside. the dragon did not like things that needed care maybe that was why he never did have pets.

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro whimpered and pulled his ears back at the second snort as the dragon turned back to him. Watching the large creature and hearing the snarling words causing the small creature to flinch. ''n-nyaaa...'' feeling the sudden warmth of the jet of flames to burn the food. His body had also warmed up from the dragon's heat and couldn't help but faintly purr, looking up at the dragon as he softly replied. ''T-Thankies Sir Troy..'' before he quickly moved over to the food. Not even seeming to care for the bit too much burned pieces but immediately dug in. Ravishing the food as he hadn't eaten in even longer than usual due to his capture.

Anaya: Troy watched the little thing, it simply seemed so helpless so unlike him and so unlike anything else he had seen, it was as if it was a kitten and could not fend for its self. He wondered what would happen to it if it did gain freedom, would it even live if it did not know how to live anyway. The dragon moved his head and bit into a pile of beef and ripped a chunk out of the pile and tossed it back and up into his jaws swallowing the hunks down messy and all over the place parts fell and thumped into the dirt as he bent down and picked them out with his long black snake like tongue

ShiroNekoHyo: Shiro didn't seem to even look at the large dragon anymore. Completely overtaken by the large amount of food he feasted upon. A soft, purr spilling from deep within his throat as he continued to eat, one piece, two, three, till six large pieces of meat where all down his tummy witch by now slightly expanded a bit and finnaly sighed in relief. Getting up on his legs again and seemed to do far better than just a few minutes ago. He walked towards the dragon again but seemed at a loss of words, or simply what to do at that.

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IICheshiraII: -Cheshira had been wandering through the half finished castle, trailing her hands over the walls here and there as she talked to a few of the builder, giving them some of her requests. In her opinion the castle was a bit too dark. She loved the light and so asked then to make a few more larger windows in the hallways and a few domes in the ballroom, the dining room and the library. Things were coming along great and it wouldn't  be long untill she would be able to start decoration. Cheshira stopped as she stood infront of a window and stared outside of a moment as she folded her arms over her chest, holding both her upper arms with the opposite hand. She sighs softly and lowers her glace. She had been inside for too long now. She missed the nature, the wet morning grass underneath her feet and inbetween her toes. The cool breeze, the scent of rain, the sunlight. She missed it all. As she thinks of all this she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as she wiggles her toes. And right at that moment something started to grow underneath her feet. She opens her eyes blinking before taking a step back. It was gras or maybe even a plant. She smiles softly and squats down before trailing her fingers over it. As she does the plant started to grow and slowly Cheshira would rise on her feet again, trailing her fingers up over the wall. The plant started climbing all the way up and around the windows untill 5 feet wide and 6 feet high was covered in green leaves. And then, suddenly deep red roses started to blossem. She blinks a few times and takes a few steps back- How..... How is this possible? -She asks herself as she looks over the wall. Maybe it was part of the magic she got from Troy and along with her woodland Elven nature this was the result. She had to ask Troy. She then turns around on the tip of her toes and starts walking, looking for Troy. But as she was about to leave the hallway, she saw a trunk in the corner of her eyes. She stops and tilts her head to the side before walking over to it. Once there she kneels down infront of it and opens it. It was filled with clothes. Dresses, suits, armors, everything one would need was in it. She smiles and starts to dig through it.-

Anaya: As Troy moved from talking to the Neko he moved over to the sound of foot steps, there was a person walking up the steps, he shifted down to his human like form and walked over to the large opening that was the door, it had not bin put on yet so it was just a hole still in a wall. "who walks the steps of Iron" he said as he let a smile move over his lips it was nice to say things like that every now and agein made him feel a little bit powerful. a small man with a cart was tromping up the steps as he got to the door way and ended up face to face with Troy, the man bowed his head as he said in a whispering and kind of weak voice "i am only the dilivery man from the market sorry it took so long to get your ourder out to you dragon sir we added some other things to it for the inconviniance we have caused you for the wait" Troy noded and turned his back walking back to grab a handful of gold coins not even bothering to count them at all just takeing them and brining them to the little man "this will cover it" he said as he put the gold in a small bag and gave it to the man. it was as if the little mans eyes lit up as he say the amout and he new he could grab a couple coins for his family and give the rest to the shop man and he would be non the wiser. "thank you sir dragon you are much kind" Troy did not say anything and simply grabed the bag of goods from the mans back, it had dresses for his elven beauty and armors and something in tehre was clanging around like metal or something but he new it was something good. as he moved and tossed the bag off his shoulder he looked around the neko was still there and ches was well doing what ever she wanted. he watched the little neko and it was seeming to be eating and feeling better that was a clearly good thing. he just watchend and wondered were his little elven beauty went to.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira smiles as he finds a long red skirt with a matching top. She bites her lip a little and looks around. There were too many workers here for her to change into these clothes. She stood up with the clothes in her arms and went into the first room she could find. She closes and locks the door behind her and lays her new found dress over the small table. She must have entered the guards quarter since it was small and had a clear view over the entrance hall and main hall. It was only when she looked out of the window she saw Troy in the distance. Only the sight of him made her smile brightly. She raises her hand and tucks a string of hair behind her pointy elven ear before turning around and making sure she was out of sight before she wiggles out off her blue and golden dress Troy made for her. It was beautiful and she places it carefully over the chair before slipping into the skirt and top. Once done she looks into the small mirror in the room. Her hair went from blonde to onyx black in a few hours and grew a few inches aswell. She smiles and starts braiding her hair in two long braids. Once done she takes her other dress and folds it nicely before taking it in her arms and walks out of the small room and places the dress into the trunk and closes it again.- Sir..-She said to the first worker she sees- I want this to be taking to Troy's and my private quarters immediately. -The man nods and does as told. Cheshira smiles and walks bare footed in the direction of Troy with the smile still on her face. As she was a good 12 feet away from him she stops and takes a deep breath before walking again, only this time she sways her hips a little more as she sways her arms in the same way as the rest of her body moves. She bites her lip a little as she walks straight towards him. He looked gorgeous as always and it almost made her melt from the inside out.- Hey Troy..-She says with a raspy voice as she looks up to him with a soft smile. She then reaches her hand out to him and bites her lip a little more- Come.. I want to show you something..-With that said she waits for a moment to see if he would take her hand. If he did she would turn and walk back to the hall where something special just happened moments again. It wouldn't be long until the two got there and Cheshira stops before turning towards him again.- I was thinking about the grass and the plants outside when this happened. When i moved my hand up it started to grow into this... -She looks at it for a moment before looking at Troy with a smile- Isn't it beautiful? -She asks before stepping closer to him and wrapping her arms around his waist and lays her cheek against him as she looks at the wall.-

Anaya: Troy took the bag of goods that the merchant had brought and tossed it over his shoulder walking over to a drow worker and giving the bag to him "take this up to the chamber drow" he scolded as the down moved and did as ordered, it was best a drow did not try to stand up to a dragon. Toy looked around the castle was over half built now windows in,throne room done,east wing done, west wing almost done fully it was really coming together and even the décor he had asked for was coming into  play, Greens and browns and that that hint of red for that added pop, he wanted everything to be flawless and even if he was a male he did have a very nice sense of style and well he wanted it to be just the way Cheshira had dreamed it.

Troys Triumph - Page 2 Castleone

The main hall was gold and stone its shimmer was flawless as was the place of each stone, a large staircase went up the east and west side to get to the upper halls and it was gold as well, large paintings of dragons hung on the walls to go up to the upper halls of there castle.

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The Main hall was superb its golden pillars and earthy feel made it warm and welcoming, red roses and peddles covered the floors and each flower was changed every day. it gave the whole building a nice aroma and was a lure to anything outside to come inside to have a bite to eat and relax for a wile. along the walls Troy had send for dragon paintings to come from the lands far and wide, all hung around with great care as they were there to show what the rest of the world thought of Troys mighty race.

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Everything was coming together and the dragon loved it, the look the feel everything was fast becoming home to him. the dinning hall was almost done and the drow worked hard on the interior, the elk bone chandlers and the tables were being put together as well as the fire place had bin made fully and the logs in place to start that first burn once the building was done, Troy new soon he would have to go to town to place up banners and welcoming signs to all to let others know the castle was alive up there on the hill. but that would come in time,

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Troy walked out as he was finished looking around at the castle comings and spotted Cheshira there in her new dress looking well very sexy and holding a different way of holding herself, was she aiming to make his mind flicker with lustful thoughts...well even if she was not it was working. "and Greetings to you my dear Cheshira and my you look ravishing this day" it was a true point the red made him light up a red dragon funny to think it was a sucker for a woman in red, she had a red dress on and black hair, she was perfect in every way to him inside and out but there was this feel to her today she did not have before and he adored it more then ever. "and what is it you have to show me?" he asked puzzled as he took her hand and walked with her over to this little patch of green that was growing out of the floor, he could not help but chuckle at it as he looked at her and took her hand "my little dove you are a woodland elf part of them is to hold magic over the wild" he moved his hand to let a flame grow on his finger "i am a dragon my power is fire, you are an elf your power is earth, it is what is inside of your heart that is just trying to match up with your mind and be let free" Troy let the flame on his finger go out as he brushed his hand in her hair and looked into her eyes, his red orbs blinked as he let a smile come over his face. the dragon was in a very good mood this day and it was showing, there was a way about him that just could spell out the word happy.

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Gap have to deal with the Shiro thing.
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Anaya: Weeks of argues building was now over and it was all finished and looking flawless. the fires were lit, hunting done and even the thrones made with the Iron Dynasty flag on them. Troy remembered coming here and the lags of this place still were waving they were ripped and torn but still were there, he could not let that symbol go to waist. how long did they wave in the wind waiting for something or someone to make them a new and hold them on high flag poles and on walls once more only something amazingly great would wait around that long with unknowing of what would come around the bend in the road. he looked around he wanted to see Cheshira dancing and doing what ever she was to do but she had gone to town or something and he was not worried about her, her new fire in her being would keep her safe and she said she would be back in a couple days so in that couple days he would be able to make something nice for when she got home and back to him. he walked out and spotted the thrones, all stone with red silk on the pillows and the symbol of the Iron Hammer carved into there backings, large glass orbs on the arm rests and the banners of the Dynasty hanging on posts behind them just bushing on the wall. he had not yet taken seat in his, he did not feel it was time yet in the past, but it was time now. as he placed his backside in the throne it was like the castle workers just paused for a moment to watch him, the feeling in the dragons heart was so great it made him smile. as he looked up he saw a worker heading for the doors "worker open the doors up so others know we are here!" Troy called out as the worker nodded his head and moved opening up the doors wide the nice smell of the day coming in and brighting the halls up.

KiraLupusvenem: Akira made her way up the grounds, her black, red, and silver tail waving behind her as her sultry pace was made slowly. Her ears flicked on her head and she nervously tucked a lock of dark red hair out of her silver and red eyes. She had not made her dues to the castle yet and was nervous upon seeing the dragon again. As she reached the great doors, her ears flattened as they opened before she could even reach her hand up. She stumbled back a step and blushed at the worker's wondering stare. Mumbling a flustered greeting she made her way into the castle. Her eye roamed over the stone walls as her boot heels made a sharp cadence on the floor. As she made her way to the throne room she began smoothing the dark pants and shirt in another show of nerves. She stopped before the throne, her eyes respectfully downcast before she made a gentle curtsy. “Good morning, Sir. A pleasure seeing your greatness once again.”

Anaya: Troy glanced up as he was just bent over cleaning his boots, for a moment he thought it was his Cheshira home from town or were ever she had gotten herself to. His lips moved to a smile but then soon changed back to his cold normal self, and to that simple cold red eyed look. “welcome to Iron” he said slowly as he did not remember this female but he must had met her as she said it was nice to see him again, he did not remember but that was the dragon for you. His memory was never a good thing, Troys eyes scanned the female she was attractive but he did not like the tail, it did cross his mind to give it a light tug to see if it popped off, he did that to a fox once and it was a little messy but the fox lived after...for a day or so. He ran his hand in his red hair as he looked up past the female to see a guard getting a last second look at her backside, Troy cocked a grin as he looked back down at her and moved his hand to point to the guard there at the door way and shoo him letting him know that the dragon had seen him looking. The guards face flushed as he moved back to look forward outside at his post at the door. “seems the door men like your..tail” he said cold yet softly as he moved his clawed fingers down to his lap to lightly look at her.

KiraLupusvenem: A light smile would cross her ruby lips at the welcome. The smile hiding her slight disappointment, as she read in the tone that he did not remember her. It was understandable, of course. She had been in hiding for quite some time after her split from her own kingdom. It was a foolish hope that the dragon she made her alliance with would remember one such as herself. As she felt his gaze, her smile faltered just a touch and her ears went back against her head to betray her nerves. At the comment of her tail, her face darkened in a dark flush before she pulled her tail around and gently stroked it to soothe herself. "It seems to be a conversation starter." She was glad her voice didn't betray her as she knew her ears had. Her voice steady as she spoke. Glancing over her shoulder at the guard she let the blush fade and a real smile cross her lips before she turned back to the dragon, the smile still there. "Most want to pull it to see if it's attached, not simply look at it." Her shoulders shifted in a slight shrug before she nodded her head, taking a breath to steady herself before speaking her next words. "I am sure you do not remember me, Sir. You and your servant girl arrived in my hus-- ex-husbands lands some time ago. We forged an alliance. I am here to state my separation from that land and the title that went with it, formally, as well as to visit your lands for as long as I am permitted." The last was spoken in a rush, as if she wasn't sure she should say as much. Dragons fascinated her and she would always want to see if she could be a part of them in some form or fashion. The alliance had been too good to be true and after she had split from the BlackRose family, she had feared she would not get have dealings with the kin ever again. Still she had mustered up the courage and made the trek to the Iron Dynasty, to at least try.

Anaya: his hand went back up to run behind his ear as he itched that always seemingly to be itchy spot. “oh yes i remember when this place was still being built i sent servants out from town to see the kingdoms around.” he looked at her there still upon her knees as he got up from his throne and walked a step to her standing before her, Troy was massive a black cape down his one shoulder, red hair, matching eyes and black garments on his slender and strong body. His hand moving down and taking her hand to aid her up to a nice stand. His other hand just moving to almost touch her tail yet not and stop only a inch away, red eyes looking into her own, a dragons hypnotic gaze piercing into her own. “i do say it would be interested to try to just give it a light tug.” he said softly in a oddly and slightly creepy charming voice his lips just cracking into that grin. But then moving back to normal as he changed his demeanour “and so you no longer belong to the alliance state, you are without home?” his voice still holding that charming flow to it as he ran a claw over the top of her hand, a razor edge he was using to be oddly gentle. There was a trickster side to a dragon a lustful charm that was able to draw ones in, but was it a draw to there doom or a draw to the best night of there life? Well that was fully up to the best under the scaled coat.

KiraLupusvenem: The blush colored her cheeks again as he helped her to stand. As she stood, she placed her left foot behind the other to keep her steady. Out of the corner of her eye she watched his hand reach towards her tail, making it flick nervously before she smiled softly at his words. /A game/, she told herself, /you can play a game... No problem... You've done this before.../ She looked down at his hand and his claw gently touching her before she raised her eyes boldly to his, a sultry and sweet smile crossing her lips even as she knew she could not play the game as well as the dragon. "I am currently without a home, land, titles, deeds, perhaps even name. I have gone back to my name before my..." She faltered slightly before biting her lip and leaving her lip caught in her slightly pointed canine. "Marriage." She would look back down to the claw on her hand, letting a slight shiver show, knowing it would be pleasing no matter it's intention. Her eyes travled back up his form, stopping her tilting of her head to only look up through her lashes at him.

Anaya: Troys mind twitched as he looked at her with a lifted brow, he was looking for royals here but he was unsure of her for the time being he wanted a trusted group to call his 'family' but really in all truthfulness a dragon did not know how to make a family, they did not love, they did not make friends they just existed. “well you are welcome here for as long as you wish” he said softly as he moved his hand over top of her own and then slowly pulled it away letting her go softly. “what place would you be interested in if i let you stay here? If i may ask” he said his eyes like fire to his face. He moved and turned back to his throne and sat down his tail just swaying behind him red wings held high in the hair. His hands just laced on his lap as he moved to lean in looking at her.

KiraLupusvenem: She let out a breath, relieved that he would let her stay. She looked back down to his hand before watching it slip away, her brow creasing before she placed her arms behind her back, her fingers playing with her tail fur just slightly in a comforting gesture. At his question she looked up avoiding his eyes as she looked everywhere but there. As he sat down she took a breath only to let it out, fascinated by his wings, before she shook her head and cleared her throat. "Place? I can take any place I am offered." Her lip got caught in her fang again as she thought. "I've been many things over the years... Queen, Princess, Advisor, House Pet, Guard, Warrior, and Spy. I have many talents and they all fit when I assume the roles I am given. I would be honoured for any position that is offered, outside of scullery maid or anything of the sort." A wry smile twitched her lips at the last bit. Oh, she could do it but it wasn't one of the things she liked to do.

Anaya: The dragon man let out a light chuckle as she said sultry maid,his mind fluttered with the thought of having a second mate but Cheshira would never agree to that ind of thing in her lifetime but hell who new what would happen. “i don't think i need many maids so we can find a better place if you are wanting one, and i have every placement open here we just finished work the drow have moved out just a little wile ago and we just finished building so every place you wish can be yours. We are even interested in ...adopted family” he said lifting his head to look at her his lips hidden behind the collar of his coat as he spoke. “what is your thought about family?” Troy in all truthfulness new nothing about family, dragons did not do the family thing the wedding thing or the love thing he was new to this kinda thing as his eyes scanned her figure he smiled, in his mind he did not even know how sisters and brothers and that kinda thing acted with each other, did they 'play' what was playing at all, he held no clue on the matter or topic, his hands running along the black fabric of the coat of his arm.

KiraLupusvenem: Her breath caught and her eyes jumped to his in shock. Family? It was beyond her wildest imagination that she would be so honoured to be part of a dragons family. A hand came from behind her back to fiddle with the ring on her collar. She was speechless for the moment as she looked at him, her tongue darting out to wet her lips before she took a step forward, only to catch herself and rock back the step, flustered. "I... I would be honoured to join just a great dragons family." Her eyes dropped submissively and she forced her hand away from the ring on her collar, clasping both before her. "To be able to say that one such as I is called family among such a powerful race is more then I had ever imagined, Sir." She faltered again, her eyes darting at what seemed to be rose petals at her feet, she looked confused at them before she glanced up, the fluster still showing before she blushed. "I seem to have lost my own train of thought..." She would whisper softly.

Anaya: Troy did not know much of what to say, he was a little odd at her thinking this family thing was all great and what not, he did not even know what family was dragons ate there own young if they stayed to long in the nest and did not go off on there own. He moved and sat up in his throne and looked at her, he was guessing this family thing was the same as what the humans did, but he was never the loving type he was a dragon after all. “i just need people i can trust here.” he said coldly his hand moving up to just rest behind his head. “we have had some come and go here but none had stuck it out and stayed. ” his eyes twitched as he thought on how it was hard to find anyone trustworthy anymore how he never trusted anyone ever, he only ever cared about cheshira no one else mattered to him, but he needed family here for her, so she could have friends and family to be with when he was not around and even get some fighters fully devoted to him so they could keep her safe.

KiraLupusvenem: She rushed forward slightly and stopped to fall to her knees in front of him, her hands reaching out almost imploringly before they settled on his knee. "Sir Troy... I can assure you, that you can trust me. I know I will have to prove it to you... but to be apart of such a great Dynasty is enough for me..." Her eyes lowered slightly before she jerked her hands back with a blush of color to her cheeks. A mumbled apology for touching him without his consent before she looks back up at the dragon, her tail shifting to betray her happiness. "I will not betray you." Standing quickly she smiled, just a quick shy twitch of her lips. She could not believe it, family to the dragon. Whispers softly as she cocks her head at him. "What position of family would You like me to fill? Would it be to Yourself or someone else within the Dynasty? I am comfortable with either."

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Anaya: After that woman had gone to see her chamber room Troy had moved out to the count yard to get some air, as he walked his body bent and changed up growing with each step and a red flush of scales covering his skin. He missed his real scaled self as he had bin in human form most of the day and the fact of the human change was growing to be annoying to him, nothing could replace his true self the wind on his back and the cool air on his wings, the feel of his jaws and teeth clashing together his claws digging into the dirt as he walked outside looking over what was his, his lands. He held his head high and his tail at half mass never letting it touch the ground, he was proud today and was happy that all this had gone to pass. Looking out he could see the town rebuilt,not many lived down there as of yet but it was coming back to life, there was a couple stands down in the city and it was growing every day. But in his mind he missed his woman, his elven woman, he wondered were she had gone to for this morning he had gotten up to her not being beside him but he new that her adventurous nature was soon to kick in to full swing so she needed to get out from time to time to explore and see all that was around them. And he also new she would be pleased when she got home to him opening up the doors to let people inside, and the news he had for her a new woman here for her to be friend's with it would be nice to have new faces in there halls. To leave the doors open for all to enter and join into there home. The dragon let out a yawn as his jaws clicked with each other and hung for a moment before snapping back into place, he was hungry and he wondered what was for dinner tonight. Troy looked out as he sat down in the soft grass of the count yard, he lay his head down and rolled his chin and under jaw on the grass like a overgrown dog. It felt good to feel something soft on his face and soon he was moving his head from side to side in happiness of the feeling.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira had spend her day wandering through town. She went over the market and bought some stuff here and there. The funny thing was, people didn't reconize her, perhaps that was because she wasn't offically their queen yet and so she could walk the street without problems. After hours of wandering through town, she found a small store, hidden away in an alley. Cheshira went in and immedietly fell in love with the things she saw. Her eyes fell on two pieces of jewlery, two things she knew her beloved dragon would like. She bought them off the man for a cheap price and wrapped them in a custom made box of red velvet with a red dragon on it from saphires and a silver rose on it. The inside of the box is coverd with black silks and stuffed with the most luxurious cotton. Cheshira smiled to herself and make sure she kept it safely hidden so Troy wouldn't see it. As she went out of the store she found a dress she was sure Troy would love aswell. SHe changed into it and left her old ragged dress behind and let her hair hang lose instead of in a braid. By the time she was done, it was time to go home. But instead of taking the usual road she took a small path through the forest. Walking barefooted as always it felt right and good to be so close to nature concidering her race. She stopped at the edge of the forest and looked up to the castle. It wouldn't take her long to see the giant red dragon she loved so dearly. Still having the box hidden she began to run. Her long black hair waving in the wind as her blue grey-ish eyes stayed locked on her dragon. Her red dress with silver elements waved around her smoothly as it was made out of silk. She started to run as fast as she could- TROY! -she yelled out with her sweet voice. Oh how she missed him. But then again, every moment with Troy was too short. Minutes felt like seconds, hours felt like minutes, days felt like hours, weeks felt like days, months felt like weeks and a year felt like a month. Time went by too quickly, but she loved every moment she spended with Troy. It was never the same and she didn't want it to stop.- Catch me! -She yelled again and kept running towards Troy, not planning on stopping untill she was in his arms. She only hoped he would quickly shift to his human form so she could actually fall into his arms.-

DragonWolfReaper: -Thalion drifted through the air, the presence of another Dragon was obvious as the ruling presence within the territory. His bag, which was tied to his hip and shut tight was filled to the brim with Gold and gems as well as recently conquered land contract for gifts to the Dragon who ruled there. As he landed and thbag jingled slightly with the sound of metal he stood, there, his armored, crimson scales shimering in the glare of the afternoon sun. Crimson colored ice rose and formed around his feet as the constantly extremely cold air around him froze the grass at his feet and his ice formed around his feet which shattered like glass as he stepped to keep himself in motion. He however knew his presence would be felt by the ruling Dragon and he would be found quickly if such was the case-

Anaya: Troy saw ches, his eyes lit up as he saw her and right away his mood was lighter, she was home and that ment the world to the dragon, as soon as she yelled catch me he got up from his laying down form and changed into his human form opening up his arms and embracing her tightly and for a small woman she ran with a good punch his body fell back into the grass with a thud and she pined him down. “well i take it you missed me my dear” he said in a soft tone as he cared about his elven beauty. He could smell guests, others in his area, one smelled bad like it had bin dropped in a pit of acid and fairy magics and there was another dragon far away...another male, he would deal with that later and there was another male that smelled like any other demon being he had sensed before “seems we have guests my dear” he said as he wiggles on the ground under her holding her in his strong arms. He did not even change back, he did not feel the need in a dragons world it was kinda cocky of him to think he could take anything on in even his human form, but that was troy cocky and arrogant, it came with his race.

IICheshiraII: -Cheshira was laughing loudly as she ran into her loves arms. She couldn't believe she was finally home and in his arms and held him as tight as she could. Only to squeal loudly as the both fell over. SHe giggles and nuzzles her nose into his neck.- I did miss you my love -She says softly, almost in whisper. Her ears perked at the sounds around them, she knew guests were coming, even before Troy told her. Sitting up a little she smiles down to Troy,- They can wait... -She whispers before leaning down again and pressing her soft pink lips to his. She stays like that for a few mintues before breaking the kiss and sitting up and standing on her feet again. Looking around for a moment, Cheshira was conviced it must have been an odd look seeing a dragon like Troy with a young Elven maiden like herself. But truth to be told, Cheshira didn't mind at all what people thought about them. She loved Troy adn that was the only thing that mattered.-

DragonWolfReaper: -Thalion had waited a moment to see if he would be turned away from the territory. However he wasn't turned away as it seems so he began to step forth through the land, each step he took causing frost and icicles of red to form and shatter in turn with each step he took, each footfall like a mix of thunder and glass and the slight jingle of treasure in his overly large pouch of treasure- So far so good it seems... -he said lightly, making good time as he walked-

Anaya: His arms slipped from around her as he gave a light chuckle and stood up, it was very odd to hear troy laugh and even a chuckle was rare in his life. He got up standing his normal 7 foot 5ish in human form . The mans eyes lit up taking in a smell he adored, gold and treasure. Looking to his beloved he moved an arm around her holding her for a moment “i am sure you can handle it here My sweet i am going to go see were that intoxicating aroma is located, i will bring you home a gift once i come back” his eyes bright as he loved gold, a dragon and gold was a match made in heaven and no one could take it once he had it, and then he would take it down to the massive stash he had under his castle building, so as he started to walk away he paused to look back for a moment to see if his love would be ok with taking care of the guests if any came.

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