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Times of Change, Storyline

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AnayaLast Saturday at 10:16 PM
he watched her dive down and swim, he enjoyed relaxing and just watching her dive around and be free, in all reality he hated to cage her in a stone wall but he needed to keep the danger away form her and he knew it kept her safe, even if she hated him for it. But outings like this made it not that bad. Then she asked about a way to not get hurt, he paused for a moment thinking if she had one he could...touch her, even with her “are you, are you sure you want me to be able to touch you, i, i want to touch you” he put his nose underwater as he lightly blue some bubbles, he was oddly a little bashful about it but he was telling her the truth and he needed to do this, stop being the big bad scary thing and just be, more human be that human act a act or something genuine it was hard to tell but he needed to not be a dragon with her, she was not a dragon and there ways were not the same he needed to know this. “you know i hold feelings for you, if you are able to touch me, i can, i can also touch you no matter the form i take, it will make it so you are not affected to my toxin or any toxin i have a pendent i brought from the iron castle to yours, it is in my office, i can get it for you but be sure you want it before i give it to you” his heart hurt in that, that mark on his heart the part were it was severed stung as he moved his back foot underwater and again itched that spot as he girted his teeth. He was letting her in, his body thought this was stupid and sung to remind him that he was hurt not long ago and it all could go to shit yet again for him and he would not let himself be left in the woods again, alone.

AnarialLast Saturday at 10:26 PM
As he questions her she takes a deep breath. Did she really want this? Did she trust him enough? Her thoughts raced for a moment before she takes a second deep breath, “I’m sure Samuel. I see your pain, I feel your pain. You have to treat me like a child and use kid gloves around me for the fear of hurting me. I am sure of this. This was you can’t accidentally hurt me.” Part of her wanted to add that this way if they ever fought again he couldn’t win simply by getting his posion on her. She playfully splashes the water at him again now that she was closer to his face. In the water, she was so small compared to his full size, especially since the water hid her nearly bare form so well in its warm salty waters. She splashes at him a second time before she speaks up again, “I am sure of my words Samuel, I don’t want you to hurt so much and if it means we can do more trips so I can be out of the castle then I am all for it. I am not an elf to be caged Samuel, I will always find loop holes to get my freedom. In case you hadn’t noticed.” With that she moves to start swimming again, circling around him carefully.

AnayaLast Saturday at 10:47 PM
all he wanted to do as the water hit his face was hold her, shift down nude in the water wrap his arms around her and do nothing but hold her, but he could not, not yet, he had never been able to touch her, never been able to hold a woman he had fallen for so many years ago when she was still a slave “to win any fight, to earn any freedom all you will ever have to do or touch me and i will bend to any will you have. You hold no idea the power you hold Ana, i would make this sea run dry if you told me to” he looked up at the sky, it was still bright and warm, but the sun was starting to sink on the back splash of the world. It would get cold soon and darkness would hit the land and they did not want to be in the water when darkness hit the waves. “it will go to night soon, we will sadly have to head back to the castle, i, i will take down the road blocks when we get back, you will be free to ride again as you wish, but if you get harmed i will not forgive myself so don't be foolish with it” he gave a snort water splashing back at her in a wave that would force her underwater for a second.

AnarialLast Saturday at 10:56 PM
As he mentioned giving her the freedom to run in the woods again she inhales deeply. He wanted her, he seemed to have always wanted her and now she seemed to have made a move in their game of chess that was both good and bad at the same time. She had made the move for her people, she needed to please Samuel to keep people from dying, to make sure her people got what they wanted. Her happiness no longer mattered. She had no idea what Samuel would have in store for her once he was able to touch her without fear of killing her. As he tells her not to be foolish she rolls her eyes just as the water takes her over. She really didn’t know what her future held but she knew what was expected of her. Did Samuel mean to take her in as more than a child? He had cornered her many times back in her mother's castle but as soon as she’d rejected him he’d back off for a bit but now she didn’t have her mothers skirt to hide behind. And since so much time had passed she doubted her mother had heard her prayer. She needed to do what was right for her lands, even if that meant taking a mate. Though anyone who ended up with her would have their hands full. After all, she acted more like a dragon than an elf. Her mind was wandering, wondering what Samuel would now have planned for her once that necklace was on.

AnayaLast Sunday at 12:31 AM
Sam slipped under her his body sloping down so she would end up once more on the saddle pad and lifted out of the water, he moved to flex his wings as they started to move back to shore, the leather armour she had sliding up on the saddle pad witch hopefully she would be able to grab before it slipped away past her and drifted out to sea. He looked at her as she was nicely plopped on his back tonight she would be in his arms and in all reality he could not wait, he did not even want to bed her, not tonight tonight he just wanted to lay and hold her just lay nad have her in his arms all night without doing anything more, it was all he truly wanted, love of her, her heart her body was only a cherry on top and if he could touch her he would be able to lay her down on the furs and have her at long last, be the one to take what she had been holding onto for so long. He looked back over his shoulder as his feet started to just touch the sea bed, coral and other things crushing under his scales and stabing into his feet making him grumble a little. “it would be wise to walk a little to dry off before we fly up, you will catch a cold up there and i wish not you to be sick. I will heat up my body to get the water off us both faster”

AnarialLast Sunday at 12:53 AM
Ana squeaks out as he moves about and catches her into the saddle once more she quickly grabs onto the hand straps, pulling herself into place as she catches her clothing with her other hand. She sets the clothing in her lap as he moves towards shore. She glances at Samuel and lets herself get lost in thought again. Perhaps it was time to give Samuel a chance. What's the worse that could happen? He could kill her but he could have done that this morning but he had held back it seemed. Ana closed her eyes and starts to wonder what was best for the land. Her showing him even a glimmer of hope was going to have the blockades torn down and she was going to be permitted to ride again. Midnight would enjoy that, the poor horse had been locked up since Samuel got here. As he speaks again she was slightly pulled back to him and she nods but doesn’t speak up. Her train of thought was stuck on what to do. If letting Samuel close was what it would take to keep from more of her people dying then that is what she would do. She would give into Samuels wants from her to an extent. Perhaps he would grow bored of her if she caved and move on.

AnayaLast Sunday at 11:10 PM
He got up onto the land as his wings droped and his legs did the same, his walking was a little lombery and it was very sway from one side to the next much like a boat would rock, but wyverns were not made for walking like a dragon was they were made to fly and glide aimlessly not walk around. His sensitive wing membranes ran along trees and he made sure they would not rip or get anything stuck into there scales the way he moved his wing feet around made him almost look like he was trying to be careful witch was strange to see the lumbering tank do. He hated things touching his wings, it just made him all grumpy and on edge even small things like a stick or in his case the trees made him just want to burn it all down and walk in the fire, fire was more soothing anyway on his body and it was not sharp like stupid trees were. He kept going on the way his body getting all warm to help with the drying of the water. He was slow on land but he knew if he went up Ana would freeze up there “you know one day you and i have to go up north to see the mountains you would love it it is like the world has no ending, just a endless sky and snow covering the ground in what looks like a unbroken blanket. The place were the battle of the north was is flawless a open seance of just snow, the deer don't even walk there so it is untouched for miles and i know the perfect cave that is right in the side of a mountain, it is warm inside and you can even have a fire without worry of smoke so large i fit in there with room to turn around, you could fit a whole town inside” he talked as he walked to spark conversation.

AnarialLast Sunday at 11:20 PM
Ana was still lost in thought as he made his way forward. She left herself in just her undergarments still since her leathers were so soaked. Her body flawlessly moved with his as he swayed back and forth with each step. She spent so much time on a horse it came as second nature to her on how to keep her balance on him as he moved about. Her hands grip onto the hand straps as she looks out towards home, her home, her castle, and… possibly Samuels second home. She had decided it was long time to give him a chance. Perhaps he would calm down if she did. As Samuel speaks up of going North Ana draws her attention back to him before she speaks up after he finished, “These little trips are nice but I do need to stay close to the castle. It’s bad enough that with this little outing there may be an uprise and the locals may be trying to take the castle back over. There is much tension here. And unforently I am not as strong as Anaya so it takes more effort to control my locals, something recent events would prove that I am failing at.” She knew she needed to figure out who had poisoned her and make an example out of them if she could beat Samuel to whoever had done it. Samuel would rip them to shreds. She was considering a public execution for the deed. And on top of that she needed to get to Ria and talk with her, calm her down, if she hadn’t already left to go to her home lands to wage war against her. Ria would most likely see her giving into Samuel as an act of betrayal to their friendship but at the rate Samuel was going she was fearful that if she didn’t cave he would take actions to make her fall for him against her will, or, the thing she was more fearful of, he’d take her freedom. Ana realized how lost in though she had been and draws herself back, looking towards Samuel she lets out a soft sigh. She had to make peace with him, no matter what that meant.

January 1, 2019
AnayaLast Tuesday at 2:27 PM
he let out a slight snort as he walked onward still his steps long as he covered a good chunk of ground, but still be land it would take 2 days and by air it would take the night at best. But a little more walking was needed before they dried off fully and there was no risk of Ana becoming a frozen elf stick. As she talked about staying at the castle he nodded his head “yes but that is also why guards exist, don't be like your mother and never leave the castle, she can see the world outside by just closing her eyes and using her magic to see things far beyond her castle walls. You cant, going to places beyond will help you see things coming before they come, light a simple flight over to the north will take us past Sifs family's castle, i was going to attack it when she left me in the woods with my heart......i just know its location well” he may have said a little much there but in the long run he did not care and needed to not hide things from Ana, he needed to be good even if that meant changing himself on a drastic level for the elf. “we can take trips like that within a day as long as we use my wings to help us, i am faster and larger then flying mounts and it takes less time seeing we would cover more ground, i can go to the north of Valeria in only a couple days even from this side of the world, it only takes me about four days to get back to the iron castle from here were a normal flight mount would take at least a week and much more flapping and breaks when i hardly flap i glide. You get a guard worth his coin and place him at the door close the castle
for the day, or use a tree they are useful for guards, and they can go over the door and fully block it off so no one can get inside or harm the building from the outside, you have to get a hold on your castle so at times you dont have to be there, your mother was not always as strong as she is now, and she has owned a castle since she was small” he crushed down on a tree as he gave a grunt like grumble shaking his one wing to get the tree out of his wing fingers, he gave a snarl his upper lip rising as he snorted as it clearly annoyed him to have something stuck in his wings and feet, even his slight annoyance gave reason to fear his face looked evil in its mild anger his up curled back teeth larger then horses sticking out on all sides, hundreds of them small large all over the place as he gave another snort and got the stick out.

AnarialLast Tuesday at 4:51 PM
As Samuel mentioned that she should still leave and that guards exist for a reason she wanted to protest and point out that the last time she dared to leave her castle he did a full-on assault and tried to take it from her. But for now, she kept her mouth shut to keep from ruining the moment. As he mentions flying over Sif’s castle and lands she tilts her head to the side, that one might not be a bad idea. She could figure out if they were forming an arm or not, or better yet if they were already marching towards her lands. She glances around her at the forest, the trees where so big here since no one was here to cut them down and she half wished to be free to live amongst them but she knew if she ran away there would be consequences this time. As Samuel goes on talking about her leaving the castle on occasion and using the trees she frowns, she hated those damn things and she would find a way to get rid of them if it was the last thing she did. As he then mentions her mother being weaker then she was now and small she tilts her head and gets a confused look to her, she couldn’t imagine her mother being small or weaker. As he then gets distracted with the tree in his fingers she tilts her head to the other side before she speaks up, “I think I’m dry enough for you to fly up Samuel, so the trees stop playing poke the dragon.” She meant it, between his heat and the breeze from him walking she was dry. She reaches around her and makes sure the straps were all in place and tight around her to keep from falling off of him if he decided to take off.

January 2, 2019
AnayaLast Wednesday at 1:30 PM
as she talked he could not help but grin, good, fuck the trees and this petty game of who can get stuck in his wing fingers. His actions were abrupt and he gave no warning but his annoyance at walking was at the end of his rope. He did check to make sure she was strapped in before he bolted up but with a fast and strong push from his back legs he pushed himself into the air with a massive flap pushing the trees down and breaking some under the wing beat. With a couple flaps he was up and a loft off the ground and rising up into the cloud line. God he hated walking, he was so far from made for it it just made his gut turn and he was slow, and he hated being slow more then he hated walking, it would still be nightfall before they got back to the castle and they would have to clear the swamps and all the other places were the stink seemed to go all the way up into the air even to up here. When he got to the height he wanted and the air got its bit thinner he levelled his body out so it was back to smooth sailing and gliding. He wiggled his wing fingers small chunks of branches and debree clipping form his scales and falling down onto maybe forest under or maybe something else could not tell from up here due to the cloud line they were over top of. “i hate walking, we are not made for walking, we are made to fly, a pure image of the dragon of ages wings made flesh and bone, it is said the first wyverns of the lands did not even have legs, just massive snakes and wings. Some say they even had feathers like a bird, but none exist anymore due to the hunting”

AnarialLast Wednesday at 1:51 PM
As Samuel bolted up into the air she quickly grips onto the straps to keep herself steady. She glances down toward the forest as they went up into the air, watching them get smaller and smaller until they went over the cloud line. She watches the world disappear below the clouds before she turns her attention back to Samuel as he starts to speak. She nods as he speaks but doesn’t say much. She didn’t want to admit it but she was growing tired. The swimming seemed to have taken a large chunk out of her and she was struggling to stay awake now. After he finished speaking she lets out a soft yawn and tries to imagine the beings he described to her.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 1:55 PM
Sam looked back for a second seeing the lids of her eyes growing heavy “it is alright to sleep” he turned his head back to face forward so he could be sure to make the ride as smooth as he could for her ”it is said when a dragon sleeps around another it is due to there trust in them or for the fact they know there power alone can over take anything that dare try to harm them in there sleep.” he said softly mostly expecting to talk to himself as she was drifting off.

AnarialLast Wednesday at 2:01 PM
She lets out another yawn as he tells her it’s alright to sleep which prompts her to lean forward some, resting her head against him as she starts to slip off. He was about halfway through talking when sleep takes her over and her dreams kick in. Dreaming of being free, of being wild again. Darting through the forest and swimming in lakes. She would lay there peacefully and safe since she was with Samuel. Letting him take her home as she sleep so peacefully on his back.

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Back with Zane and Seven

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 10:30 AM
"What ever you say, your majesty." Seven scoffed, placing two eggs on another clean stone, and pulled a small cheese knife out of his satchel. He placed the knife on the stone and slid it over toward his new companion. "Nothing happened. Yet, If I'm being honest, I don't trust it. I think we should return home to the castle. I have to get paid for a job, anyway and-..." He looked over at the unmarked grave of Vincent. "We literally just watched a man die. We should stop while we are ahead. At least until we are a bit more rested and ready." He then noticed a book, sticking out of the bushed, which Seven promptyly stepped over Vincent's remains, and bent over to pick it up. He was perplexed by it but he looked to the old mans grave again. "Oh-..." He sighed. "His family records." He motioned for Zane to come over to him. "I know he was annoying, but he didn't deserve to have his life snuffed out like that." He looked toward Zane. "You did the right thing trying to save him. Even if it was for your own reasons. You're a good man." He then kneeled down at Vincent's grave, speaking low in elfish. "Lotesse i' elders maa over lle fea e' i' never endien lema utu- seere." (May the elders look over you in your never ending journey to find peace.) Then he rose, and sighed, getting a bit sentimental. "I'll keep his book safe, unless you want it."

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 10:36 AM
Zanarius takes the book and looks through it carefully, reading through the multiple spells inside the book. He closes it up and shrugs, not sure what he could do with it. “I used to study magic in my homeworld, but I was never able to use it other than my magic sword. Perhaps I can ask Caliga to send it to someone who benefit from it. Should be an easy task for her, I think. I need to ask what she wants done about this situation anyway, so I guess you get to meet the god you swore to serve last night.” Zanarius stretches again, getting the final kinks out of his neck and back before lifting his ring to his mouth and speaking to it. “Hey, Caliga, dearest, I don’t suppose you would be able to join me in this world would you? It doesn’t have to be for long, I only have a couple questions and a small favor to ask. Also, need you to meet your newest follower. And I want to see you, again, of course.”

December 31, 2018
AnayaLast Monday at 12:01 PM
His words whispered to his ring knowing he needed things, he did not handle the Kinn overly well in her eyes but she did enjoy his pride even against something she knew scared him to no end. Out of the darkness of the tree line the mornings light made her sway a bit as she steped out of the shadows. Dressed in a blank silk with silver gemstones all over it a normal dress would shimmer in the sunlight as if it was made of diamonds but her gems did not pick up the light at all, it was almost like she consumed it into herself, light did not exist to her much like a black hole would not care about the sun. Her black wings of silken feathers rolled out of the darkness as the woman only standing there level and maybe a head taller then the men were walked freely towards them. She was something to look at, her body flawless in every way like no mortal woman, skin of a dark ebony hue she was beyond a mortals mind to comprehend and she made the heart beat faster simply out of instinct and reaction. In her left hand she held a book, a black book with silver decor on the covers and some words in a tongue of there people (no one has can read Latin on there bios sooooo not even gona say yall know the words lolz)she held the book like it meant something to her, cupping the book to not damage it in anyway but still hold it rather loss. Her face as normal was covered in a blank blindfold hiding what was behind it be it eyes or something else that was unknown. Her face turned to look from Zane to the other man as a smile came to her face as she looked at him “Seven, assassin for hire, needing to get payed are we, working for the green eyed one, a risky life” her voice slipped form her body, not her lips and just as the
others of her race it was not a singular voice it was more then one with a more dominant female one talking over the others. She walked over to them both (Aura of Sin active, you know the drill) As she turned her head to Zane and a smile came to her lips as she lifted a hand to his cheek to softly caress his face “and what is it you ask of me, my bold fighter, your actions with the other was valiant but ill advised, you place yourself at risk” she ran her silken fingers over his skin as her very touch made the hair on the neck stand on end with both want and fear, she had a way about her surely and anyone that could feel her knew she was something, something holding back but a goddess none the less.

Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 12:11 PM
Zanarius smiles back at the overwhelming beauty before him, and goes in for a passionate kiss right there, his lust for the goddess taking form yet again. After a couple moments, he breaks away and holds up the book of spells to her, a look of puzzlement and curiosity pasted on his face. "Ill advised though it was, if it chose to kill me then so be it. I am a warrior, and death's hand is ever just centimeters from my neck at all times. The spector of death stopped scaring me long ago, and instead he buys me lunch when I go to battle, knowing I will give him the most yield, even if that yield do include my own soul. I need to know if you coul do me a favor and find a good home for this book It belonged to the mage your Kinn took, and seems to be something from his family judging by the words in it. It seems a waste on either of us fighters. The only other thing I could do with it is sell it, but the mage didn't really seem like the type to have unique spells. The jokes are a bit funny though." Zanarius looks to the sky as the morning sun's light peaks over the horizon and bathes the tops of the swamp trees in a golden-orange hue. "Also, I need to know where to go next, and if the trinket is still worth anything to get at this rate. If not, then I'd like to go back to castle for information if you have nothing urgent for me, my love?"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 12:29 PM
Seven stared at Caliga, almost in disbelief. His mouth fell agape while Caliga moved over to Zane and caressed his cheek. She addressed seven by his occupation, and his eyes widened. "Real. You're actually real-..." He muttered taking a few steps back from Zane and Caliga, then stepped backward over Vincent's buried remains. "Impossible-...." He shook his head and rubbed his eyes, expecting her to disappear once he took his hands away from his eyes. "Caliga, Goddess of Sin. Mother of darkness. Why-...why haven't you shown yourself until now?!" He felt angry. "I prayed to you every day after my family died. You never showed yourself until now! Why?!" He was in disbelief, thinking that gods didn't exist until now. Now a Goddess was in front of him addressing him by name. "I never believed in you because when I first found your idol, you didn't even so much as speak to me. Now here you are!" He felt tears welling in his eyes. "You're so beautiful-...and you have a great husband, but why didn't you answer me when I called upon you, years ago?!" Seven looked at Zane. "I'm sorry-...I shouldn't be talking to her this way-...just..." He looked back at Caliga. "Please give me answers. It's all I've ever wanted. Why am I like this?!" He created a ball of Shadow in his hands then made it vanish after a few seconds. "Why do I have these gifts?!"

AnayaLast Monday at 2:21 PM
her eyes fell to the book Zanarius as his lips pressed onto her own and she kissed him in return a silksn wing comeing around from one side to hold and embrace him tenderly. As there kiss was broken her wing stayed around him as he held out the book to her. She took it and placed it a top her own tome in her hands and nodded her head “it will find a fitting resting place, that will place it on a level befitting of its owner” she nodded to him as he spoke about the fact death was a friend to him. She could not help but smile a prideful heart that did make her happy “your pride is valiant, but the death from a Kinn is not a death in battle it is simply a ending there is nothing to be glory about it. Your blades cant harm us, your powers will only anger the darkness within a Sinners being. And if your eyes ever fall upon a beautiful Prime you can only ask forgiveness and weep knowing you will get none to little” she looked to Seven then back to Zane “your quest still holds a wish at the end of it, a wish that can be anything you desire within reason it is not a greater stone so the wish could be better but you can still gain it if you wish to walk the risk of this swamp” she knew Zane would be hardly damaged here, but she also knew that Seven was be it stronger in power still weak to this location. She could feel the poor beings
pain and she knew that he did pray longingly to darkness once upon a time, but the time was not right for him to know. She moved her wing back to her back and moved over to Seven, it was a blink and she was before him, her face and being a intch from his own as her hand moved to caress down his fragile face and thin cheak bone. She looked at him with almost a sad expression on her face like a mother would look at a hurting child and a skinned knee. “your time was not right, and you only knew little pain, pain is a beautiful thing it causes sin to seep into the heart of others, wrath to grow, greed to get back things lost, you were not ready for us to embrace you yet, even now you struggle to truly know what your path is in the world, but soon you will know what you are meant to do, soon our child you will grow into something grand, something greater then you once were and turn over a new leaf” her voice was so soft, like that of an angel but with a body black like the devil and the nights sky. “we have given you many things, your gift being one of them” she moved a hand under his own to hold up his hand and force him to form that shadow ball on his fingers “all Darkness is a part of us, a part of the whole truth and a part of our vessel, treasure it as if it is your true treasure, for darkness is the truth and the most beautiful stillness” the sun was annoying her so as she stood there it was like it got dinner just in that area, she felt better with is light not being as bright but she knew mortals and things would notice so it was not going to be a long term thing for sure.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 2:34 PM
He was held by the goddess, his body resting in her embrace. "I-...just tell me what to do? All I know how to do is kill. How can I be of any use to you?" He rested his forhead against hers with a soft exhale. It had been a while since anyone had held him like this. Not even his own mother. The tears moved down his cheeks. "Tell me what you want from me, and it will be done. I promise you this. All I've ever wanted was my friend back, and I need money to fund my travels to get him back-..because I thought you weren't real." The assassin was now like a child holding it's mother, and not since he learned of his friend's death and until now did he feel purpose in his life. "Samuel still needs to pay me, and I don't know what value money has to me anymore, now that I know the truth." He looked down and growled deep and loud. "Was every life I took for nothing? What is my purpose?" She held his hand up, forming the ball to dance around in his fingers and he listened to her tell him that she was indeed responsible for his gifts. "Thank you-..." At that moment, Stark flew down from his tree and rested on Caliga's shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. He cawed once and flew over to Seven's shoulder. "Did you gift me Stark as well? I've never known a stronger bond than his. He was always been by my side, since I escaped my parents laboratory. Did you send him?"

January 1, 2019
Grandpa ChaosLast Tuesday at 6:42 PM
Zanarius takes a few minutes to patrol the perimeter of their little camp while he contemplates what he should do. At first Seven wanted to get the wish stone, and Zanarius did say he would go along, but in truth he would much rather head back to the castle and maybe find some answers to the questions pouring through his mind. Making a tough decision, he walks back to them just as Seven asks if Stark was a gift from Caliga as well. “I’d hate to interrupt, but I must apologize. Seven, I’ve decided not to join you in your quest to find the wish stone. As fun as it sounds to fight with you, I need information about this world, as well as how my own strength fairs against other humans in this world. I shall be heading back to the castle as soon as my mistress leaves us. I would like to ask you to join me, so I may be granted access to the castle without trouble, but if you refuse I will understand. You seemed very intent on getting that stone, and making your wish, and I won’t keep you from it if you so wish to go it alone from here on.”

January 2, 2019
AnayaLast Wednesday at 1:20 PM
she looked at Seven that black blind fold looking into his eyes. As he talked about such mortal dilemmas she did not pay much mind to him, talks of coin and friendships and things so feeble talks of even a bird. She moved her wings as golden coins filled her feathers dripping off her black silken wings into the muddy ground. Thousands of them just siting there on the mud “coin means nothing, if you want it just take it, gain so many things, buy a home, a new toy to play with a new trinket or gear to protect ones body from the scorn of the world.” she shock her wings as a couple more tinked down and landed in the pile “your reason to exist Seven is the same reason all exist, to act sinfully and bring darkness a greater grip on this world. If you want to do something for me, a task, make a dragon of light and holy sin, make her do something she would never do, bring us the tears of the dragon Anaya and we will bring your friend back to life with them” she looked away as she moved a out reaching wing around her lover to pull him towards her “something is going to befall you our treasure, keep your eyes open and your wits sharp” with her words she started to fade away, it was becoming to much to be here regardless she could not be here long the sun and this world strained her being to even force herself into it. It was trying to place a square block in a round hole, you could crush the middle in but you could just not fit right and even if you did it felt wrong to do. “we will be with you, just speak and we will respond, there is a change coming in thew wind, a large one you must stop it” and with that she was gone, leaving them there with nothing but her presence and the smell of vanilla and chive.

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 1:44 PM
Zanarius makes a thinking face and breathes in deeply, slightly annoyed as his lover dissappears. He bends down and picks up some of the gold, leaving the rest for Seven. “Need some armor, so this’ll help. Didn’t like the sound of me being the one to stop some large catastrophy. I can barely kill a rat in this world. Also she wants to make a dragon cry? Seems a bit harsh, but hey, I’d kill a dragon if Caliga told me to. Hell I’d kill a dragon even if she didn’t. Come along, Seven, let’s go back to the castle and see this Samuel of yours.” Zanarius saunters off back towards the entrance to the swamp, not bothering to check if Seven was following or not.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 3:46 PM
Seven stared at the gold that trinkled to the ground. Hundreds upon hundrends of them, just sitting there. She told him his purpose, and his quest. Go to The Iron Dynasty, and make the dragon cry. Gain tears. Whoever this dragon was, she had the key to his friends revival. He looked at the gold, again even as Caliga disappeared, and bent down, picking them up by the hand full. He ripped a giant piece of clothing from his already tattered cloak and wrapped as many coins as he could making a large, impromptu coin purse. He then, opening his satchel, began shovelling more coins in, after tying the coin purse to his belt. He had well over 600 gold before he noticed Zane talking about leaving to go to the castle. He smirked. "I guess we should. You go on, I'll catch-..." He was already leaving before he finished his sentence. Seven smirked, thinking of how Zane reminded him of himself. He liked the prideful man. He shoved about 300 more gold in his satchel, and strapped it closed. Hoisting the now heavy bag over his shoulder, with well over 1000 gold peices on his person, he ran after Zane until catching up. "Samuel will probably pay 25 gold for this completed contract. That's funny. I walked for weeks to get that amount, and now it seems like nothing. She is very giving, your wife." He looked over at his new friend. "Sorry about the old man."

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 3:53 PM
Zanarius shrugs, not really caring that the mage died. “I didn’t learn his name until last night, so to be honest it doesn’t mean much to me that he died. I was a bit put off because Caliga told me that if I got this trinket and gave her his soul, I’ll only need one more to get the power I wish for. It’s a selfish desire of mine, but nonetheless it is something I wish. Maybe I’ll change my wish, but who knows how that would affect the standing of souls.” He looks back at Seven quickly and arches an eyebrow. “Got enough gold, did we? Would you like to go back and bury the rest just so you have a secret stash. I got fifty gold and called it quits. It should be enough to get me some armor. A warrior should never be greedy. Prideful, yes, most certainly prideful, but not greedy. You never know what taking gold from the queen of the universe could do to you. She seems giving, but all sin has a price to go with it, remember that. It might as well be steeped in evil and blood.” After a couple hours of walking the two men finally reach the edge of the swamp where Zanarius and Vincent met the drunkard. Zanarius took a quick glance at the place where he was dragged off, and then turns back up the road to the castle.

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AnarialLast Tuesday at 6:25 PM
Thomas, the head guard of the castle, knew he had two things he had to do today. He needed to handle this Sif situation and he needed to try and figure out who poisoned the Queen. Of to the first one he went. As he gets to Sif’s frozen body he huffs to himself and then gets to work finding a way to move her off towards the bottom of the castle to hide what had happened. As he started to get her moved off her guards come out of nowhere and start to try and pry him off. However, he thought fast and pulls out his dagger, quickly making work of the guards, slitting their throats and letting them bleed out on the floor rather than letting them get away. He sighed at the end of it, rather than one body to hide he now had several. He groans and grabs the two other guards. It takes them a while but they move all the body down into the underside of the castle where they would stay hidden for an unknown amount of time. Thomas knew how Ana would order things so he grabs a few of the servants and has them to start to build a tome around Sif and her guards, more as a sign of respect.
With that done he heads off towards the kitchen both to get himself a cup of ale as well as to start his questioning of the kitchen staff. He was sipping on his ale as one of the other guards comes running in. “Thomas, Sir, we’ve found the one who poisoned the Queen. She was attempting to escape with the posion on her.” Thomas nods and sets his ale down before motioning for the guard to lead the way and he would follow towards the main door of the castle. Once he got there he would discover Hazel and two parcels, one filled with a bunch of different positions, the other was a few of her personal belongings. He sighs, Hazel was one of the maids he fancied but now he knew what he must do. He grips onto Hazel's arm and despite her protests, he drags her off towards the cells having the other guards follow with the belongings. Once he was sure that Hazel had no way of harming herself he locks her in one of the cells before setting the bags nearby on a counter. He knew he’d have to hand Hazel over, after the look Samuel had given her this may be the only way to make sure he didn’t get murdered.

January 2, 2019
AnayaLast Wednesday at 1:36 PM
the whole thing was watched by the scouts in each room, they watched from the corners as there non blinking green and browns eyes swayed to see everything and then record it back to Samuel when he got back to the building. All the trees were connected to one another due to the necromatic arts that were used to bring them forth form the dead and from nature its self. As soon as one lost view of the group another would pick it up as they passed threw a thresh hold of room to room, not a single thing was left out of view due to the fact of how they were placed around the castle. Some of them were even turning to stone on the floor, stone creeping up there trunks as they stayed in one spot. What once was able to be burned away was rapidly being made so it never would be burned again.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 2:18 PM
it was a good amount of time before they got back to the castle, it had been hours flying and Sam did not seem tired at all, if anything he was more awake now then he was before but dragons of all scale types did not sleep much due to the amount of energy they had within them. He tried as well as he could to make the landing smooth and really it was he glided down but there was that signature bump and jerk as he hit the ground and got his footing, he was sure it woke the sleeping Ana up witch in reality it needed to seeing they were home. He moved and same as before he got into the standered position of dismounting for the rider, his legs and wings tucked to his sides and his belly to the ground so she could slid down. He moved his face to look at a tree that was over half to stone and had its mouth propped open like a voice box speaker post “report” said Said sternly that nice voice he used with Ana for there trip gone like it never existed at all. The tree did not move did not block words just came out of that hole in its face trunk. “wall you were away Master, the guards have captured the one responsible for poisoning the queen, she is down in the cells, third cell on the right wall, also the body of the one known as Sif has been removed and disposed off also resulting in the death of three of her guards. All dead by the one known as Thomas,
leader of the guard force, there also was a guest looking for a green eyed devil at the gates this morning, the goblins turned him away and he went to join one going to seek out a stone with a mage that was seen walking around the castle talking of his lost powers. This mage also attempted to steal from a guard failing but one of the guest not seen before then got him off by informing another guard he was over him in stature. End of Repot Sir” the voice inside the tree faded out as Sam watched and nodded, all was alright and he would figure out whoever the new people were in due time. His green eye looked to Ana as she surely got that report as well even in her sleepy state.

AnarialLast Wednesday at 2:32 PM
Ana groans as she gets woken up to the bumpy landing. Sitting up she rubs her eyes and wonders how she slept the whole trip home. As he gets into position to let her off she undoes the straps around her frame before she climbs down, still a bit foggy headed from sleep. As he speaks to the tree Ana makes her way towards Samuels' head just in time to hear the report. Hearing that they found the one responsible for her current weaker state Ana seemed to fully wake up just as Thomas came running out to make sure she was home safe and sound. Ana turns towards Thomas before speaking rather quickly, “Who was it…” She knew he would know what she was talking about and he sighed softly, “It was hazel.” Was all he said and she could read the pain on him. It was painful to her too as she heard the name. Hazel was one of her most trusted maids. One she had grown to care for and occasionally given a few extra bits of the gold coin since she was supporting her family. Ana inhales deeply before she speaks again. “Alright… she made her choice and now we all must live with it.” She glances up towards Samuel as she said her next bit, “I want her public executed in two days time. Anyone who attempts the lives of those in the castle will be made an example of.” She said it towards Samuel as more of a way to say don’t go kill the girl rather than anything else. Ana glances down at herself and then realizes she had forgotten to put her leather back on and it had fallen off somewhere on the ride back. She curses in her elven tongue before she speaks again, “I need to go find clothing it seems.” With that, she heads off towards the castle entrance despite being almost bare skinned. Figuring in the early hour's none of her guest would be awake, at worst she would run into servants and guards.

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 4:22 PM
As Zanarius and Seven walk up the path to the castle, Zane realizes there are no more goblin guards on duty as the midmorning sun peeks over the tall trees around them. Zanarius and Seven talk casually about Caliga and her religion, they come up to see a dragon-like creature in front of the castle, massively taller than either of them, a dark redish hue to it’s scales that make it look near black. Zanarius, bring the brave one that he is, walks around the beast until he reaches the head, just in time to see the almost naked elf run off into the castle. He raises his eyebrows and looks back to the giant beast before him, remembering to keep a fair distance away. Not that it would matter in this case, the wyvern could spit on Zanarius and he’d be dead. “Hello there, good dragon. I don’t suppose you are of the variety that can talk? If so, I’d like to have a nice chat with you about receiving some work.”

AnayaLast Wednesday at 4:32 PM
Sams bright silted green eyes watched Ana go into the castle as he gave a light grunt like chuckle, he then could hear movement up his flank and turned his head to look at it, the male that came over to him was met face to teeth and nasty breath that smelled of sulfur and dead bodies. Sams maw moved so he could see the person that was talking to him, it was not a guard, it was not one he had seen around here before it must be the new one his report did state was going around the castle with the mage fellow that tried to steal from them. but there was no mage around just that guy and he could hear more feet behind him but he did not care for much in all reality and anyone that wanted to stab him could try, his hardened scales gave him a lot of protection and in this form he had much less worry then he would in human form. it asked him if he could talk, rude and dumb but it had balls and did show respect and needed word so he gave a snort "yes i can speak, what work are you wanting" he said as his mouth opened and shut his rows and rows of narled teeth grinding together as he spoke, his voice was loud but he could not help it, it came with the size.

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 4:40 PM
Zanarius picked at his ears, hoping he hadn’t gone deaf from the massive voice. “Well first off, you can change shape can’t you? Mind if we talk in a more my size form? It would save my hearing from destruction, and quite honestly I doubt you fit rather snuggly inside the halls. Not that you’re fat, mind you, you actually look quite skinny for a dragon. Tad longer too, now that I think about it. I’m a warrior, so perhaps some work as a guard or mercenary? Surely even a dragon feels there are foes beneath it? And that beautiful princess that just ran into the castle, you are here to protect her, no? Surely you can’t waste your time on insignificant prince charmings trying for her hand in marriage. Let me help in weeding out the weak. If by any chance one such poor soul gets past me, you can have him for lunch. What do you say? I need information and money, I’m new to this world. My goddess put me here without even a map of the area.” Zanarius smiles at Samuel, not sure if his fast talking would work. Truth be told, Zanarius knew he wasn’t strong enough to fight a dragon, even the ones in his old world which were far weaker than the ones here. If the rats were by indication of his overall strength, then this dragon could kill the overly proud warrior by flicking him with a clawed finger, launching him halfway to the Iron continent.

AnayaLast Wednesday at 5:32 PM
Sam lifted his head up, the man had a point he was rather large in this form but if he did change down he would be well, nude but at the same time Samuel did not care and he did not want to cause the mans ears to pop from just speaking to him. it took a couple moments but with the sounds of snapping breaking and some very guttural sloping sounds he was shifted down into his humanoid figure. Samuel stood about six or so feet tall and was a very muscled man a small scar on his chest from what looked like a sort of blade and a couple more on his shoulders. he had longer black hair that was tussled and very choppy on the ends making it almost looked unkept but in a classy kind of way. he also was entirely naked and did not seem to care as in all reality like others of his race nudity and shame was a human thing. "i am a wyvern, i am longer then a dragon and hold two not four legs and larger wings, dragons are bigger then i am and hold no bulk, i am not made for what a dragon is made for we are made more for speed then pure power alone. and yes we could use another guard as i, some were lost a little while ago, trampled by horses, the elf that went inside is the queen of this place and i am the king" he moved he turned to the castle doors "you may join me inside if you wish" he said as his bright green eyes made his rather attractive self still off setting, as well, all dragons were, off setting.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 5:41 PM
Seven stared between the two of them, just watching the dragon. He looked like his expression was blank but in reality, he was in awe. A dragon, and a Goddess in one day?! Strange. He watched the dragon shift into a man, and raised a brow when the man told them they could come inside. Picking up on the green hues, that he knew all to well. "Samuel." He said. Finally recognizing him. "Seven. You hired me. Your job has been done." He crossed his arms, choosing his moment to speak. "Never seen your face before. Not how I imagined you to look."

AnayaLast Wednesday at 6:22 PM
His green eyes snapped back to the one know as seven "we will talk in privet later " he said sternly bo assassin needed to talk about things in Such a public place, foolish or just dumb struck, why chodant he just talk to a dealer not seek him out so boldly. He turned back around and walked inside the elvish styled earthy castle it had a grand big tree in the center and the whole room was devoted in brown and greens with large tapastrys on the walls and banners of both here with the symbol of the raven in green and brown and some of red and gold with the mark of the iron dynasty dragon on it. He grabbed a black robe from a hook and tossed it on to partly cover his nudity from the waist down. "So seven are you wanting more work or simply your coin and then to be on your way." His sliced bright green eyes looked at them both as he paused to stand by the tree and look at them "so for work your skills as a fighter yes, and you said your God brought you here, and who do you worship anyway, there may be a job for you right away as long as you dont worship the father"

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 6:26 PM
Zanarius looks around the castle, impressed by the display of elfish culture abound in the place. “Caliga, goddess of darkness and sin.” He says this absent mindedly, not entirely paying attention to Samuel as the group walks through the castle halls. “Nice place you got. And I’m a warrior, so if you are going to put me into a church to preach, I decline. I’ll do work that benefits my stature and my pride as a warrior. Caliga isn’t the type to turn heads to her by speaking through some book humans devised without knowledge of the truth.”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 6:33 PM
"You give me the job and it will be done, same as all the other times. You pay me for thourough work, and that's what you get. What do you want me to do, Devil?" He asked once the coast was clear. He was dumb struck with the fact that his employer was a dragon, his new friends wife was a Goddess, he just watched a man die due to vomit, and he had so much gold. This day was the wildest he had ever had. "Give me info on the target, and I'll give you results." He loved the hunt, more than he wanted to admit. "Zanarius. Don't he rude. You asked for work. He I'd offering. Don't come into man's home and spit on his invitations."

AnayaLast Wednesday at 6:44 PM
"She is very much one who turns heads by word, you know little of your God, but I wish not you to preach the word on how to fuck better l, I need people dead, they are a cult wanting to bring back a vampire that wants nothing but to balance the world by turning half it it into his mind raped children, we all lose if he wakes up and he is going to if no one stops it. I need you to plant a bomb into there church it wont kill him but it will at least hault the priest from wakening him and family up. It will be dangerous the main lot are vampires and some dogs and God knows what else but if you work together you may get out just fine" his green eyed looked to seven "call me Samuel here it is the name I pick to be called, and I do hope your words of what I look like seven will stay with you and only you last thing I need is others of the order going out and finding me"

Grandpa ChaosLast Wednesday at 6:51 PM
Zanarius whistles as they pass through a garden with more ents roaming. “Okay, so just a few questions if you don’t mind. One, you’re a wyvern, why can’t you fly over and burn the church and the bodies of the vampires? They aren’t fireproof last I checked. Not entirely anyway. Also vampires are extremely weak to salt water, got an ocean nearby? Also I don’t think just hurting fanatatics is going to stop them from trying to raise their dark lords from the undead... again. It will just delay them until they find a place even more hidden from your sight that you can’t hurt them in. Also whay is with all the tree monsters? Queeny happen to be a fan of vines in bed? Last question, and this is the big one, ummm, what’s a bomb? Never heard the word before.”(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 8:47 PM
He just listened to the words spew from the warriors mouth, while he asked plenty of questions. He crossed his arms, staying quiet until Zane had finished speaking. "You needn't worry. If I went around telling everyone who was hiring me, I wouldn't be much of an assassin. Who you are and what race you are doesn't change the fact that you pay me for a job. Now. Tell me how much this pays, half up front, the rest when I get back. Vampires are dangerous creatures. I hope the risk is worth the reward, Samuel. I'll do whatever, so long as the payment is fair." He leaned against a wall, just as Stark flew in through an open window, landing gently on Seven's shoulder. "I can kill anything with the right tools."

AnayaLast Wednesday at 9:42 PM
He looked at the one male talking and he chould not help himself but sigh and slightly chuckle "you always have to pick the dumb ones" he said as he chuckled a bit more shaking his head "a bomb is the word used for a device made from black powder and alchemical tools. You take the black powder mostly used in pirate pistols and put it in a box with a long track that leads down to it. Then you place a a highly reactive Alchemical liquid into a vile breaking that vile and letting it run down the track wall you get as far from it as you can. Then the whole place goes up in green flames l. I can not fly over head and burn them down as they are underground and see me coming miles off and place up there protections against me. I need faces they dont know to go down there to place the box and set it off. It wont stop them fully no but walk down there you can learn the location of the true temple and destroying that will set the vampires back thousands of years till they can start a new bring back the father and family operation. It is going to be long and alot of work and not easy but it needs to be done or you are all going to die. You can even get a bit of help if you want, there is a rather strong goblin that can help you in the shed he is rather brutish but has a good head on his shoulder and a party of three is better then two. For payment you get whatever Is down there is yours and I can give a hundred gold each once you get back. The church is set up in a ruin temple underground in an old drow city there is plenty of things you can find down there for payment just depends how much you look"

January 3, 2019
AnarialYesterday at 1:22 AM
Ana makes her way to her chambers with Thomas trailing behind her by a few yards. As she gets to her chamber she moves to shut the door but Thomas slips in before she can fully close the door, “You don’t mean to really kill her do you?” He was panicked and it was clear. “Thomas you fancy her, I get that. However, she attempted to take my life and I intend to return the favor, no matter how much I care for the girl. Be happy I’m not killing her whole family for her actions nor letting Samuel destroy her.” Thomas frowned and tried to decide how to farther his protest as Ana strips the sea smelling silk wraps from around her body and lets them fall to the floor. Her petite frame was left bare in front of him causing him to flush but he couldn’t seem to stop staring, as Ana caught it she speaks up again, “Careful, Samuel catches wind that you're staring at me like that he may rip your eyes from their sockets.” As soon as the words left her lips Thomas spins around and faces the wall with a bright red face. Ana starts to go through the outfits she had hanging up and sighs. She didn’t want to wear anything for a bit but she should get back to Samuel, to make sure he understood that she wanted the girl executed, not wyvern food. She picks out a cream colored silk set that would leave her breasts and midsection wildly on display, the silks barley covered anything but she liked the feeling of the castles cool air on her flesh. She turns around and groans, “Post the other two guards at Hazel's cell, might as well do my best to keep things under control.” Thomas nods and heads off to have the guards report to their post. Ana makes her way out of her chambers and towards the main halls, the sound of dancing bells following her around as she wore the little trinket on her ankle again, loving the sounds it made as she moved about.

AnayaYesterday at 1:38 AM
He could hear that little bell ding as he smiled and turned around to see her his green eyes falling to that dress as he thought on how much he wanted that dress be it in his mouth or on the floor or one after the other. And then he remembered oh yes the pendent “one moment i will be right back, i need to get something and some pants” all he had was a robe covering him as he slipped out and to his office. Unlocking the door to fling it open as he went to the locked chest in the corner of his office. He unlocked it and dug around inside grabbing one of the pendents out of it and holding it in his hands. He nodded his head to turn around to look at the desk, nothing new was on the desk and no one had done anything to his office the door was locked anyway so no one could get in, he moved closing the door behind him as he locked it and then paused “fuck” he said softly as he turned back around to repeat everything to go in again and pull on some leather pants and a belt, not caring to cover up his chest. All he had to really be thoughtful off was the little scar on there the rest of him was fine looking he left the room wall hoping on one foot pulling on some leather boots and relocking the door with pendent in hand. He let out a breath collecting himself and then walked calmly back over to Ana “here” he moved up to her with a smile on his lips as he got closer then normal, one could feel the heat form his body, see the curves of his
skin the scar on his chest and the shimmer in his eyes. He reached out with the emerald pendent and clasped it around Anas neck. “i only had two made, this is the last one left the other one that other adopted daughter Anaya took in Xai has, it is a gemstone from the bottom of the sea, a salt water emerald, made by a underwater volcano, i placed it into a holding made of pure gold and then Anaya blessed it with a great blessing of purification all toxins that go into your body as long as you have this on are made as harmless as water, even mine. The only way my toxin will hurt you is if you get stabbed by my tail barb, other then that i am, human skinned to you, i can..” his movements were slow as his hand touched her face, his callused fingers running along her skin as there was a happiness inside of him, a happiness that he could not even think to place into words “i can touch you”

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 6:20 AM
Zanarius coughs loudly, interrupting their little moment. “Yes well, you two can go do the hokey pokey later. Back to the mission at hand, we just have to kill all the followers of these vampires? You don’t want us to destroy the undead lords’ bodies? I think it would solve the everlasting problem, don’t you? Surely you know of a way to do so? All your age and all your power, surely you’ve at least heard of a way to do so?”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 6:31 AM
Seven glared at Zanarius. He was insulting the Green eyed Devil?! What was he thinking?! He sighed, bringing his index finger and thumb to pinch the bridge of his nose. "We will get the job done, Don't worry, boss." He said to Samuel, cutting Zane off before he got himself killed. Samuel walked away to find pants and flirt, which gave seven enough to e to talk to his traveling companion. "What are you doing?! You are going to get yourself killed! I don't care how prideful you are, you can't take on a wyvern like that?! Stop asking so many questions. He doesn't care how the job is done, only that it gets done! If you want to burn their bodies until there Is nothing left, fine! We get paid either way. I like you Zanarius, and I'd rather not see your head on a pike for insulting Samuel's intelligence. Please. Just follow my lead." He looked at Zane with a look that asked him if he understood, Stark pecking at Seven's shoulder right after, begging for seed. "No, greedy bird! You had some already. Later!"

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 6:49 AM
Zanarius looks at Seven with a look of really? Sighing, Zanarius realized this so-called assassin must not be very good at his job if he is so scared of his employer to even ask questions about the job. Disregarding his companion’s reservations, Zanarius turns back to Samuel and asks quite calmly, “So where is this church? The town nearby? Need an address. Also this... bomb thing, and whatever this... pistol you speak of, if it is required to make the bomb work. And I’m not stupid, by the way, we just didn’t have such things in my old world. We were men back there. When we wanted people dead, we went in and slaughtered them the old fashioned way.”

AnayaYesterday at 1:51 PM
Samuel's green eyes turned back to there, guest as he looked up gave a light sigh and then looked back “i will get you the supply's you are in need off, going to do it now is not needed you can leave in the morning and rest from your earlier trip, and no i am not saying your book smarts is filled with stupidity i am sure your knowledge is rather good about things, but your wisdom is highly lacking on how you speak to others around you. you can be prideful and sinful and serve your god well and not be foolish and break her laws of stupidity or worse cause other gods to spot you, she is not the only one you know” he turned back to Ana not caring for the shits that were mortal and the one that was rude “i will have all the details for you in the bag i give you in the morning, be a proper assassin like seven told you, i don't care how it gets done just that it gets done, and if you find the vampire lords sleeping body you wont even be able to hit it let alone wake it up, it is story that the thing can phase shift” he cracked a smile as a wicked thought came to his mind and he wrapped his arms around Ana holding her as he relaxed, he needed this to not snap and kill the one that talked far to much, his fingers ran into her hair as he was sure she could feel his temper in his chest. His words whispering into her ear so only she could hear them “save me from the stupid”

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 1:58 PM
Zanarius thinks for a couple moments and then nods. “Fair enough. I’ll be expecting all the information I’ll be needing tomorrow morning then. If you could have a guard show me around the castle, specifically to the training grounds, I would be most thankful. You never have too much practice, right sir?” Zanarius laughs good naturedly, not thinking that his choice of wording could be angering the poor wyvern. It is rare for beings of higher power to get upset over just some choice words.

AnarialYesterday at 2:15 PM
Ana watches as Samuel walks away after he had glanced at her. She pauses and glances at the two Samuel had been talking too. They seemed to have been talking about business so she leaves them be, waiting for Samuel to return. As Samuel moves back to her and offers the pendant before he clasps it around her neck and explains why it was so special she nods softly as she brushes her hair back into place around her neck. As he steps in and runs his fingers over the soft flesh of her face she looks up to him with her soft silver hues. As they were interrupted she glances towards the males again, glaring at the one who said they could hokey pokey later but remains quiet, for now. They worked for Samuel so she doubted they would listen to her or her rule here. She keeps glaring at the male until Samuels' arm was suddenly around her and she lets out a small squeak. As Samuels fingers went to her hair and run through it, it takes every being in Ana to stay relaxed and remind herself she was accepting his affection for now. As he whispers to her she bites her tongue to stifle a giggle. As the male makes yet another remark that could get him killed Ana lets out a soft sigh before she yells out for Thomas.
Within moments Thomas comes running in, freezing and pausing as he sees Samuel touching Ana to which his hand moves to his sword but Ana shakes her head towards him, “Please show these two to the training grounds where we spared earlier.” Thomas would nod before motioning for the two to follow him off towards the training ground where the guards of the castle used to train on the far side of the castle. Thomas would take the most direct route, heading through the great hall, empty dining room, through the kitchen and out a side door that was a few yards off from the training ground. Thomas was quick about walking, wanting to get back to Ana and make sure she was safe so he pauses so the men could catch up before speaking, “Here it is, feel free to use anything here. I have… tasks to get back too.” After he spoke he would turn on his heels and head back into the castle.

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Zanarius frowns and calls back to the head guard. “Hold on, who am I supposed to spar with? These dummies are hardly fair game. Won’t you spare at least a little of your time for one match? Obviously it won’t be to the death. I’m sure your queen would be quite sad if you died.” As Seven had already figured out by now, Zanarius was the type to goad people into telling him things or giving things to him by tricking them or twisting their feelings. For most people this would seem a tad over the edge of what is proper, but Zanarius does not really care about hurting someone’s feelings if he can get what he needs. He usually apologizes later anyway.

AnayaYesterday at 2:43 PM
the guard turned his head back as he paused he did not want to spar he had things to do so he waved a hand to sort of say shove off "i have things to do i am in no need to spar with you, the queen needs protection and i need to do my job" he then let out a sign as he turned back around fully coming to terms with the fact Ana did not need a round the clock watch from Samuel now that it seemed she was dealing with him "fine, if you want a spar i guess i have pent up anger i could let go" his hand went to his hip as he drew his blade from its sheath and held it in his hands. he walked over to the little bit of ground they had for sparing and took a proper stance waiting for the male to do whatever he was well going to do.
Samuel watched them get taken by the guards, he knew he had things to get ready for them but really that was a job for later. he looked at Ana and for the first time in her whole life and there life together he was able to hold her, he wanted to sink into this moment and just die happy here, if he was to be stabbed in the back right now he would not even get angry about it. he ran his fingers in her white hair as he looked at her, his thoughts simply a mass of feelings and emotions. he moved to pick her up into his arms and hold her to his warm body. and with that he started to walk away, out of the main hall.

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Zanarius grins, glad he is getting his sparring match with someone who looks able enough to keep up with him. “Magic or no magic, champion decides. That means you, Sir Thomas, was it? I’m happy with either, of course.” Zanarius adjusts his armshield and draws his gladius, not bothering to take out his magic sword from his pocket. He would much rather keep that hidden from any of these guards or that beast up front. If such a thing knew Zanarius had such a magic, it could spell bad news for him. Higher ups are wary of those with special powers, afterall.

January 4, 2019
AnarialToday at 1:04 AM
Ana watches as the men walk off before she turns her attention back to Samuel, “What are you plotting with the two faces I don’t recall?” She lets out a soft squeak noise as he lifts her up into his arms and aims to carry her causing her to huff almost like a child would be, “I can walk you know, I’m not that weak.” As he starts to walk out of the main hall she simply lets out another huff sound, crossing her arms over her chest and half glaring half staring up towards Samuel.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseToday at 11:45 AM
He looked between Zane and Thomas as they were shooed away from his boss and he shrugged. He knew his missing and would collect supplies tomorrow. He had no use for fruitless things like sparring. He was lucky enough to never have to fight his enemies close, as he usually took them out from a distance. Stark started to peck again while Seven dug into his pocket and pulled out seed. He raised his hand up, to Stark and felt his beak start to attack his gloved hand gently. "There. Quiet now. Meditation. Need to relax. " He said as he started walking away from the two. He would find Zane later and would continue their jouney in the morning. As he walked down the hall, he gave nods and such to the guards he passed, yet rested his hand on his hilt. Then he watched Samuel take off with the woman and a smile spread from under his map, having a bigger nod toward her, out of Samuel's line of sight. His hood and mask covered most of his face anyway, but he still decided to be friendly. As Sam and the woman walked away, he sat down in a chair in the main hall, his back relaxing into it. He gave a soft exhale, taking his bow from his back, and resting it against his seat. "Stark. Cover me." He said, as he began to close his eyes, drifting into a state of not quite sleeping, but not quite awake. He was in a meditative state, and happy about it.

AnayaToday at 3:31 PM
As he held her and she talked he realized ya, he was manhandling her and he needed to not do that, but it was so hard, he just wanted to hold her and not let her go, he let out a breath “i am sorry Ana, i just, got a head of myself ” he popped her down on the ground so she could walk on her own even if all he wanted was to hoist her up and take her to bed right now. “the one is a worker of mine, Seven i have meet him a couple times on the field but it is the first time he has seen me without the cover of darkness. He is a loyal worker is in it for the coin not anything else, you pay him and he does what you want, simple life i don't mind it. The other one is just some face seeking work, seems dense and arrogant in the stupid way, Stupidity is a unwanted sin, if you are going to be arrogant be arrogant and smart at the same time, he lacks the ability to watch his mouth may get him into a mess, and i do not like it when you are not classed as you are, a queen, not some slang of the word” he smiled softly as he pushed back some hair from her eyes, still not fully accepting the fact he could touch her was real and not some trip dream he was going to wake up from at anytime. “it is wrong i want to take you to the bedroom and just lay beside you, not even do anything just lay there with the woman i want to run away with” -- Thomas looked at the man talking, he wanted to spar but stood there and did not even move to take a swing at him, defensive fighter surely but at the same time he was one as well as it was the smart way to fight a enemy, wait till the enemy took the first swing and then fight back accordingly. But in a spar one had to make the first move “no magic” he said sternly as he lunged foreword with his blade swinging at his opponents left side, he missed his swing and would clash into the dirt, on the mans side leaving his side open to a well placed shove or a rebuttle with the blade.

Grandpa ChaosToday at 4:59 PM
Zanarius, about five feet away from the head guard as he was not in the ring nor ready to begin yet, shakes his head as Thomas’s sword hit nothing but dirt. “Have you.... never sparred before? You’re supposed to be some high guard, right, but you’ve never done a practice match before? We didn’t bow to each other, didn’t cross swords.... Not ringing any bells?” Zanarius, unsure if he should take the chance to attack the poor guard’s open side, or teach him some proper sparring manners before they actually begin. “Do you need help, perhaps? I’d be happy to teach you fighting manners. It might of course be something different in this world, however, proper sparring etiquette is always required. When one does not know it, it is only right to show such one how to do so.”

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He grunted as his eyes shot open from his meditation, watching the men start to fight, then stop almost immediately, while Zane asked more questions. He growled because of the interruption and put his hand on his hilt, then walked over to the pair if them. "Enough talking. You talk so much. Fight and put on a show or step out of the way, Zanarius. Stop questioning everything. It's annoying. " He looked at Thomas. "I'm sorry. He isn't from this world. Apparently he is from a world where everyone is an arsehole." He raised a brow, crossing his arms while looking at Zanarius, Stark resting on his master's shoulder. "You are going to get yourself killed because of your mouth and pride." Stark cawed once, agreeing. "I'm usually quiet, but you insult everyone you meet by questioning their every move. And I can't keep shut about it. Keep your fucking mouth shut or I will take your tongue." Seven, without giving Zanarius a chance to respond, turned and left, having just aboout enough of Zane's shit. Grumbling to himself he shook his head. Yet he was alert, and ready for anything. He watched a man die and found out that goddesses were real and also found out that Samuel was a dragon, and his boss, and that Caliga was married to a moron. It was a tough day and it put him on edge. Once he was away from the men, he placed his back and foot against the wall, crossing his arms. Then, he began to scan the area.

January 5, 2019
As she was set back down she brushes herself off, straightening her silks back out. As he speaks to her of the two males that where now not with them she would nod slightly. He had a point about the one. As Samuel then reaches out and brushes the hair from her face she tilts her head up so she could look towards him. As he then speaks of taking her away to the bedroom she lets out a bit of a giggle before she responds, “That is probably a bad idea since it’s still early in the day and I may be needed.” She wasn’t sure how the day would go or if Ria would make herself known today now that the body of her sister had been moved away. She was still fighting with herself inside her soul on why she was letting Samuel so close to her. It may be a bad idea in the end but she would have to live with it.

Samuel looked at her and moved to run his fingers over her face again “you have a good point my dear, you may be needed in the main hall, i can let you go do that and i have to handle the things with the goblins and check on the wall, and some other details” he leaned over and kissed her for head softly, there was a slight sting of his lips on her skin softly lingered and then faded away with no damage at all to her, no burning, no pain nothing, he wrapped his arms around her not wanting to let go. his mind just staying in that moment as he looked at her his green eyes softer then normally, he was calm and that was something that never happened “I want to just be with you till i turn to stone, thank you for allowing me to be able to hold you Ana, i will respect your limits even if i don't want to” he knew in his heart she would more then likely not allow him to take what was more treasured to her, her sweet flower that he had longed over for so many years. But with regret and pain in his heart he let her go to turn around and start on his way to his office to get somethings done that he needed to do and head outside to deal with the goblin road blocks to get them shut down and make sure the wall was still up and the two gates to it were open with guarded posts.

January 6, 2019
She freezes into place as he leaned in and kisses her forehead. She glances up towards him as he speaks again before she responds, “Of course Samuel. Please, do not make me regret it…” She meant it, she was honestly going to give him a full chance with her, no matter what line they came too. As he releases her and moves off to head towards the gates Ana pauses and glances towards the back door and bites her lower lip. She wasn’t dressed to be outside but something inside of her was pulling her to the woods. Ana quickly makes her way towards the back door of the castle and slips out of it, nightmare her steed meet her out there and Ana quickly makes her way into the forest, only pausing to glance back at the castle to make sure Samuel hadn’t followed her out before she moves to head into the depths of the forest, going towards whatever was pulling her into the depths.

Thomas sighs as the male seems to want to talk more than fight. He shakes his head before he would place his sword back into the belt. After Zanarius gets scolded by the second male Thomas then speaks up, “Here we let our swords do the talking, and you talk too much for my taste. I have other things to get to.” With that, he turns on heels and heads off towards inside of the castle. Thomas started to search the room for room for Ana but couldn’t seem to locate her. He started to panic and starts to run through the rooms again screaming out for Ana. As he realize that Ana was messing he stops infront of a stone tree and takes a deep breath before speaking to himself, “Ana is missing, whats the worse that could be going on? Oh right she could be dead.” With that he goes off running around the castle again in attempt to locate Ana.

In the castle it was like the air was getting colder, so much colder as the ground on the floor started to decay and turn black. The ground was epping and fading into what looked to be tar as a black clawed hand crawled out of it. The sound of a bell, the smell of vanilla creeping into everything, it was creeping into the trees and into the stone floor and even into the walls. Wishes, wishes have there consequences and the pool in Ulon could not be without the balance. It crawled out of the pit, the black tar started to form into a leg, then a wing, then it all came together and there she was, Caliga herself, her radiance beaming out of her as she looked into the hall. Her body was glowing a light purple glow coming over her as she stood there. Sam had gotten the word that Ana was moving or in trouble and it had brought him from his office to the main hall, he stood there, aww struck as he looked at what just crawled out of the floor “what did she do” he said as the words grumbled into his lips and he dropped to a knee right there on the floor his eyes to the floor “my goddess it is a pleasure to view your radiance, what brings you to this world, how, how are you even here, greatest Divine Caliga, mother of all things sin, Mother and guardian of the darkness and keeper of my heart and loyalty do you wish something of this world, what is it you wish of, i am yours to command my life is yours as always” his words held so much meaning as he said this his one hand to his chest as he could do nothing but lightly tremble, was she angered by his actions with Ana, was she here for him and his loyalty to her, was she here to take him back to her world her plane was his days here over.
Caligas face turned to look at him as she shock her face no and waved over the floor her figure shifting in and out of this plane like she was made from smoke its self just waving in the wind. Her hand reached out as she caressed Samuel's cheek pulling him up to his feet to gaze upon her “no, we would not deem any harm come to our most loyal of servants, but you have grown soft, in your time here our sweet sweet Wyvern, you have made the seas run red with wrath and ruined many with death and Lust, your greed had made us powerful and your plan to remove the dragon from our world is one of reason and valour. But, things will be changing my sweet, a deal with me was made and i have come to collect, that deal and give our part, the son of the queen you know him well, he is returning to this world, you aimed to remove him fully from here, Jeff was his mortal name” Sams eyes looked at her as he did not even know what to say, he had tried to kill that pathetic hunk of fat for years now and just now, when he was gone, now that he at last died, what someone wished for him to come back “who is bringing Jeff back, please my lady of darkness tell me, i worked so very hard to remove him and now now i am going to do it all over, please tell me who it is so i may remove him in your name to clear the path for one truly worthy, he is not worth he never has been he does not know you, he only wants revenge on his mo....” it was like her realization came to pass, it was like he saw clearly as he looked upon her beauty. Her hand was on his face as he moved a hand over to hold her fingers and lace them into his own “i see now, you can see all the paths in life, please forgive my mortal mind and limited view of the world. I see why you are doing this now” he nuzzled his face into her hand like one would a mother figure or even a lover as he bowed his head to her knowing she had things to do. “do as you wish my goddess”
it was not like he could stop her from doing anything but she did enjoy his thought that he could his pride made her smile within as she turned from him and faded off into the distance. Reforming from a shadow on a tree she was there, right before Seven as she reached a hand outward touched him, he could not have a chance, he did not even get a chance to say any words “everyone has a reason, this has yours” he had no lungs anymore he was not there he was hovering over head, looking at himself like he was a ghost hovering over it all before the black hands of Ulon reached out to grab his feet and haul him down into the soul pool were he would spend his eternity swimming in the pool to pay a price he did not owe. “your death will never be payed, you shall live to fuel the world now, your life fell forfeit and the one that took your place will know of it forever” as Seven went into the pool one known as Jeff was pulled out, pulled out to watch and let the face of the one that payed his price seep into his mind forever. “Jeff DeLaRose Son of the dragon of light, you have been dragged from your eternity to come back to the world of the living, to walk upon the ground
of the living, remember the ones that payed the price to call you here, two souls payed for you to gain a body and a life, now you are to do with it as you please, and you will do one thing for me, make sure you greet your mother upon the land” in Jeffs hand formed a stone, a teleportation rock, it would only go to one location, but he would figure out when he used it. His soul and being was transported from Ulon into sevens body, within seconds he could breath again, he could live again, he had spent hundreds of years not doing such simple things but now it all was flooding back to him, his memory's how he died, everything, everything was back in his world, and he was standing there, in the same spot seven did, Caliga standing before him “remember who placed you back in this world Jeff DeLaRose, remember the deed you now owe” and in that moment she was gone, the sicking smell of Vanilla all over the castle, Samuel still standing dumb struck on the main hall, and on the floor of the main hall rolled a head, a wolf head, Alphas wolf head, Ana would get no aid from her mother to protect her from her father, and he had to stop being so soft.
The words whispered into Anas mind “two have payed the price for what you wanted, two souls for our world to bring back your one, you owe us one favour, the god of luck and chance will not hold your loyalty, we now will hold, we will be in touch Anarial DeLaRose, and there is nothing that can be done to get out of it.” the voice vanished as the wind brushed her hair from her face and she was left standing there, alone in the woods.

Ana heard the voice, the whisper to her. She was already almost back to the castle but this voice made her run the rest of the way. Her wish had come true, her big brother would be back. Ana bursts through the back door of the castle. It was clear where she had been, mud on her feet, twiggs in her hair. Ana ran through the castle unsure of whether Jeff would come here or where he would come back too, all she knew is he would be back. The fact that she would owe someone other then the goat god didn’t dawn on her, that part she had forgotten already. Ana comes running through the hall and finds Samuel and the one he called Seven as well as a head. She swallowed hard as she saw Alpha’s head, causing her to freeze into place. The bell charms on her ankle would let Samuel know she had arrived and she knew she would be lectured for going outside the castle, sneaking outside the castle, she wasn’t sure what he would say about the fact Jeff was back. Ana stayed frozen in place as she waits for Samuel to start in on her, her eyes focused on Seven, trying to figure out why he was on the floor and what seemed to be passed out. If he and Samuel had gotten into it that would be on him, but she had a sinking feeling she was in a lot of shit with Samuel all of a sudden.

Jeff was on the ground, gasping for air, in one single instant. He growled and screamed in agony, as if in painful confusion over what was happening. He was dead. He was happy. Watching and listening to every soul drift by him, day in and day out in Ulon. He knew so much information due to so many souls being placed around him. For over 150 years, he was floating in a giant soul pit of knowledge and he dared wonder why he was staring at Caliga. "You fucking snake!" He clutched his chest, the stone forming in his hands, words of the goddess flowing through his ears. "No-....why?! I had peace! I had prosperity! I was finally happy! Now you pull me into the affair of lesser beings who want nothing more than war!? I have lived this life for far too long and now you wish me to start again?!"
Angered by the actions of the puppet master of his soul, she was gone just as quick as she came, caring little for his words obviously. Oh she heard them. He pulled himself to his feet. "My mother?" He said, with a raised brow, then said again, gritting his teeth from behind his mask."My mother. That cunt." He remembered everything. Samuel hiring the thugs, his kidnapping. Killing so many Firedorians in the process. Starving to death. Praying to his mother and only being met with a blue rode that was basically a giant 'fuck off and die' and passing away, into the arms of the goddess of sin. "Fine! Is this what you want?!" He raised his arms, furious that the Gods played with his life and soul, so many times before this. And now, here he was, a shell of his former self, with years and dimensions of knowledge. He stood, and looked at himself in a mirror, nearby. His white hair, the glowing blue eyes.
Jeff shook his head, realizing he wasn't in the Iron, and began walking down the halls, darting his head from left to right. Not frightened, but definitely angry. "No. No-no nononono." He said shaking his head again, as if shaking and smacking himself would somehow make him wake up, even though his soul never slept. He was in Ulon for what felt like millenniums, and it was only 150 damn years. He slowly lowered his hood and took in a deep breath, and screamed out as loud as he could, Seven's voice gone, as only Jeff's remained. "Samuel!" Rage filled every corner of the hall. Every single person in the walls of the castle would hear, and feel this anger. Jeff was back, and he was far from pleased.

Sam’s eyes moved up hearing the screaming knowing full well what was what, jeff was back and he would not be happy for everything, really should could blame him. Sam’s men did shove the boy into a wooden drum before shipping the smock off to die in a jail cell for a crime he was framed for, sam looked over to Ana as there was not only rage but a calmness to his eyes “you fucked everything up, death is beautiful no one comes back the same, no one ever comes back the same, this will be the end of the light on this world this path leads to millions dieing, your mother, jeff, how did you think this would go, your mother killed him in the first place!” Ana had done it she had doomed the world and the path this was going to go now was just how it was going to be, jeff should go home and Anaya whould see him and caligas plan would all fall together like a fucked up domino set. Bit here here in the world things whould change, it would be like it all would hit the reset button and everything whould be different. He turned his head there Jeff was walking around only to walk right in on them standing there ana and Sam a dead wolf head on the ground Sam’s green eyes looked at Jeff, Stevens body wonderful but a smile came over his lips as he started to laugh. He almost bent over laughing, sevens body why did it have to be that body, why not anyone else body but no you had to put him in a body that was owned by Sam himself, a body that was wanted across half the globe and Sam Sam could have tossed back into a crate so far it would be seen as mercy. She put you in his body, fucking priceless jeff fucking priceless, of all the bodies you had to be in that one, Jeff check out the burn branding on the b.
ack of your left arm" on the back of the arms or shoulders of everyone that worked for same was a burned in mark of an eye. It means property of the black market and in relation property of Sam himself. He has a guess Jeff whould not care but still he found it ironic all the same. “How was death pitĺty this time did not stick" he did not even care Jeff knew how he went this time, jeff knew about the last time and surely in the afterlife Jeff had talked to all the other sicker fools that found the end of the wyverns tail, all the other fools that ran into the green eyed devil or Anaya herself. “So how was it, death, was it all that it is cracked up to be, never have tried it myself, to bad she has plans for you, grand plans from what I heard for the first time in a bit he wondered were noki was and was really glad she was not here

It built up, the rage within him. He was in his old friends body who spent his life trying to bring Jeff back, but in the end, it wasn't him who did it. But Seven was the one who paid the price. At that moment, Stark came fluttering back onto his master's shoulder. Jeff's shoulder. He just stared at it. "Stark? Still following Seven." Stark tilted his head, confused. This wasn't his master. But he must follow. Jeff shooed the bird away but it never left his bubble. He then turned the corner to see Sam. Smiling. Like he was happy to see him? No. He was laughing at him. After all this time, he still laughs. He began to feel the rage bubble over as his crystalized pools narrowed, and his voice boomed as the tongue of a dragon flowed through him.
"wux bevi stand ghoros ve, vur gneshgnesh. si jahus lotoc vur finally sva martivir. kii tira wux dronilnr ve spical?! svaust ui responsible!?" The castle shook, each syllable causing a ruckus in the foundation. "wux killed ve! wux vur batobot riika! wux re trian svern grown tilsini svaust tir ti vucot svabol wux re playing mrith! tir wux tepoha tikil ulhyrr svabol wux tepoha authot?! whoever caused ve ekess confn spical, tiric ti tangis kampiun svabol astahii tepoha authot!"Windows shattered as Jeff began to feel darkness rise within himself. Ah, the familiar use of Shadow, he thought. From his time with Jaurl sharing his mind, he had grasped Shadow manipulation quite well, and even though he had been dead for so long, he had talked to countless shades, mystics, Kings, Queen's, mages, warriors, dragons, so in and so forth. This was not new to him.
He raised up 6 spiked Shadow Spears from the ground, but because he was blinded by rage, He felt the Spears shoot off into different directions, 3 of which ricocheted and hit and killed two patrolling guards, and the others flew right passed Samuel's head, one taking of the smallest bit of hair. "You fucking bastard! I killed your men! I killed so many people because of you and her! Fuck you!" He brought up more spheres, sucking up the shadows casting off of furniture and paintings and the like. 10 more Spears floated above his lifted hand as Stark flapped on to Jeff's shoulders. "Why?! Explain! Someone explain." In his other hand, a closed fist, rested the stone gifted to him. He listened to each of Sam's words as he took a few steps back, counting guards, exits, paths to other rooms. He noted every option, as he was rightfully on edge. His Spears readied to attack, followed his movements, as he watched Samuel close. "I need to sit down."

In an instant Zanarius felt the familiar aura of his goddess, and the ring upon his finger trembled signaling her return to this world. Was there another soul whom she was here to collect? Was there yet another idol that someone found to join them? No, this was something far different. Zanarius could feel the very air grow cold and the life of the world shake with fear. Zanarius had once read one of his mother’s book, and in there it mentioned such a feeling. The dead coming back to life. A forbidden art in his homeworld, for obvious reasons. The dead should never return, from any world after this one. It seems the new land he finds himself on agrees. The warrior hears the draconic screaming, not knowing what it was or said but certainly hearing the tone it was given, the rage put into each and every word. Zanarius shivers, feeling a cold run down his back like a freezing hand. He runs off, weaving through corridors until he reaches the scene with the wyvern, the queen, and Seven just as his traveling companion spawns the dark spears. Zanarius readies his armshield for defense, and decides this isn’t something normal. He takes out his magic sword and tosses it into the air, the giant executioner’s blade growing to full size and floating menacingly behind him. “Seven! What are you doing? You can’t kill a wyvern! You just told me yourself that it was unwise to yell at such a beast, and now you are fighting it? What is wrong with you?” Zanarius’s eyes widen at the wolf head on the floor, not knowing what it means but certainly not enjoying the sight of it.

Asa Samuel turned towards her Ana stares up at him. As Samuel speaks of her changing fate she swallows hard but does not speak. She didn’t know what to say, calm Samuel right now scared her. As Samuel speaks to Seven who now had Jeff’s soul in him Ana still remains quiet and back some listening to the words. Ana hadn’t meant for Jeff to return in Seven’s body but that is what happened. Ana sighs softly, this had not gone as she had planned but she would do what she could to calm him down. As Jeff summoned the spears Ana steps back a bit farther watching as the other male runs in and speaks to who he believed was Seven. Once the danger was gone Ana steps forward, unsure if Jeff would even recognize her. Ana walks past Samuel and closer to Jeff. Once around Samuel, she would be in full view, her snow-white hair dangling around her shoulders with leaves and twigs in it, her barely covering silk wrap dress. With every step she took the bell charm on her ankle would ring out. Once she was a few feet from Jeff she would motions towards a nearby bench before leading the way, hoping Jeff would follow as she sat down. Once sat she would look to Jeff again and speak up, “I brought you back big brother, not them, they had no hand in this. I was selfish and wanted you back thinking you’d be safe in my lands.” Ana lowers her head slightly after she speaks, she wasn’t sure what to say farther but at least she had taken the blame off Samuel for Jeff’s return.

Jeff was angry, so angry. He almost couldn't even see, because red was all that was held in his vision. He then looked to the man who called him Seven, and tilted his head. "This is not a wyvern! This is a disgusting slimey snake!" He gritted his teeth, glaring at Sam. "I. Was. Happy." He said, then he looked back to Zanarius. "I don't want to fight Samuel! I want to kill him! You don't think I know that he is strong!? I don't care!" He reeled his hand back to throw the Spears, but stopped as he heard the familiar sound of bells. He watched as his sister, whom he thought was long gone, stepped in front of the man responsible for his death. He wanted to be mad. He wanted to feel betrayed, but as she stepped closer to him, his Spears vanished into a puff of black mist, and his arms moved to wrap around his sister in a warm embrace, resting his head on her shoulder, kneeling down a tad. "I thought you were dead." Was all he said, his voice now calm. He let go and she began to lead him to a bench, his gaze not breaking from Samuel, until he sat down. He rubbed both temples with his index fingers and shook his head. "This can't be happening." He repeated 5 times in a row, shutting his eyes and opening them, as if trying to wake up from a dream. "Why now? Ana? After all this time? Why now?"

As he wrapped her up in a hug she hugs him back before they sat down. She sighs softly as he repeats himself before he quested her and her head remains down some, “Unforently, the perfect chance to bring you back only just came to me. The goat that grants gifts. Part of me didn’t expect it to work but it did, I… I didn’t mean to upset you, big brother… I just… I missed you so much.” She had absorbed much information today and there felt like a change in the air. She was unsure of what would happen now, Jeff was back but in the body that belonged to Samuel. Samuel seemed changed but she wasn’t fully sure why. Her fingers move to the pendant that Samuel had given her and she gently twirls it around some. She might be able to keep Samuel tame she thought, though she wasn’t sure. Mother was already ignoring her prayers and she was alone in these battles, atleast her brother was back, even if there where massive strings attached.

"I missed you too. I'm sorry for breaking your windows. I just cant-....Seven was a good man. I found him, trapped by a fire troll once and an ice troll. I killed them both for him, and we spent some time traveling together after that. I didnt-...know he had talked to Caliga. He seemed like he didn't even try to fight, like he wanted me back this whole time. I'm so confused." He ran his hand through his hair, but then looked back up at Ana, resting a hand on her cheek. "Mother and Samuel plotted to kill me and succeeded. After so long, I got lazy and it killed me. Dragons are so overdramatic." He joked with his usual humor and reached his hand into his cloak to pull out a cigarette, but didn't find one. "Damnit!" Cursed Jeff as he took his hand away from his sister. "All I ever did was try to show mother that I was ready for the crown, and she has tried to kill me, multiple times since then. They preferred me to rule over her, and she got jealous. Over a crown that means nothing anymore. I accepted her offer to become high prince because I thought it would make her proud. I never wanted this." He looked down, wanting to cry, but that time had since long and passed. "What should I do, Ana? Samuel doesn't own me. I don't care if he kills me or not!" He shivered, looking at the colored glass, shattered at every window. "Do you remember when I saved you from those men, in the barn? 200 years ago. You said you'd never seen a man kill so many men so quick, one after another. You said I scared you." He looked up to her, his blue eyes completely taking over Seven's natrual eye color. His entire eye was now just one solid blue. No whites of his eyes. Just like the original body of Jeff. "Do I still scare you?"

Ana let Jeff adjust, let him talk. As his hand rests on her cheek she casts a quick glance towards Samuel’s direction as she holds her breath. She knew how possessive Samuel could be over her and she’d rather not have Jeff killed the moment he got back. After he finished speaking she would finally speak up, “No, you no longer scare me, Jeff, I have much bigger monsters I fight daily now but I do remember that day.” She smiles softly at him as she thinks of her next move. She couldn’t bare her brother being owned by Samuel now she glances at Samuel before speaking up, “What would it take to gain his freedom, Samuel. Speak your price.” She meant it, she would try to do what it took so that at least that was not on her brothers head. She learned she could deal with Samuel, but she didn’t want her brother to suffer. No matter what that meant. Her eyes stay focused on Samuel now, she was almost sure it wouldn’t be pleasant whatever Samuel could want.

Zanarius raises an eyebrow at the mention of a magic goat that grants wishes. He relaxes himself seeing the danger past, and his magic sword shrinks back down to pocket size and Zane puts it away safely. He looks to his wedding ring and wonders before speaking to Jeff directly. “Do you want to go back? You said you were happy in Ulon.... do you want to go back?” Zanarius walks over to the two of them, steering clear of Samuel, and hands his left hand out to Jeff for a handshake. “You don’t seem to be Seven anymore. My name is Zanarius Galdine, disciple of Caliga. I find souls worthy of Ulon and have them sign the contract to go there, granting my goddess, and wife, more souls in her world.”

Sam looked at Ana just after looking at Jeff all angry all fuming about how he was a snake and how he wanted him dead. he wrapped his arms around Ana, it was a cold hug, Sams body had grown cold “you already owe the god of sin a favour, any favour Ana, any favour that could be your very soul on a platter for her or worse, so much worse you will wish she just asked for you to die. You took the world and have now done something you cant take back and it has made her so happy she showed up to do it herself. Do you know she can die here, she can be killed if she forms like that in this world, and you did something that made a god risk its life so it could come to this plane of existence to do it. And you think i am going to give you the price you have to pay, no my dear no, you have a such larger price to pay you have not even come to realize it yet” he leaned down and looked at her his green eyes looking into her own “not only do you owe a god a favor, she now owns you, she owns that soul in your body, you made a deal with her to bring him back, no one can save you from it, don't look at what can be done to save your brother Ana, look for what can be done to save yourself”
his words were so clear at the end, he wanted to make sure she could hear it, save yourself, she was doomed if she did not figure out a way to, doomed to something so much worse then death. He stood up and went back to facing Jeff. His shadow spikes stabbing into guards, well now at least only Thomas was left to deal with as that was the last of the human guards around here, witch in reality he did not mind, just something Jeff could do to so he would not have to later when no one was looking then blame it on wolves in the woods. “we killed you, it was wonderful jeff, stuffed you in a bin, payed worthless drugged up moronic mortals to frame you for a crime you never did, i had to pay six hundred gold coins to get you over the border to bypass the shipping limitations for the crown. And you know something your mother funded the gold coins, that is how much your life was worth to her, six hundred coins. You made yourself so much of an annoyance you got a dragon of light and holy to do a action she would never do” he took a step closer as his hand would raise green flowing energy slipping from his fingers as he would have it flow over to the dead body's stuck on spikes, the body's coming back as zombies due to his necromantic powers seeping into them. They bit and spat as they stuck on his spikes “we killed you, you killed them, and you also killed thousands of others. How many of the ones you killed did you get to meet first hand after death. Penelope, the metal wolves, the thousands on thousands of farm people and common folk you killed in your long life. How many people could have lived if you would have died sooner” his words meshed perfectly with the screaming and crying of the stuck undead wanting nothing more then to just eat everyone in here. Sams eyes looked at jeff as his last words were as clear as day being sure that jeff would hear them ”i may be a snake, but i am not the only murderer in this family”

He looked from Ana to Zane, then to Samuel. Jeff completely ignored Zanarius, other than giving him a simple head shake and a few words. "Caliga and I have had enough of each other." His eyes looked back to Sam as he let a smile spread from behind his mask. "You tell me like I don't know. You think it matters. You think I care? You bore me to death, Samuel." He joked, a bit of dark humor on his part. "That's the difference between the two of you Samuel. You always pretend not to have a heart, but deep down, you have always care. Unlike my mother, who acts like she cares but in reality, doesn't. You two worked together to kill me, multiple times. So many times. You finally completed your goal, only to have me be brought back by my sister, who you are trying to court." He then laughed at the thought, then stopped cold as he mentioned the princess of Firedor, the metalwolves, and all the other countless lives. "The princess tried to kill me, and The Metalwolf family raped my adopted daughter, and then killed her! I killed to make the world a better place. I am not your servant. I am the rightful king to a throne of lies and blood. You are the king of a castle that doesn't belong to you. The guards you kill,all told me about you. You stroll into a castle and act like a king because you know deep down, you'll never have one by right."
He smirked and looked at the stone in his hand. Then closed his fist again. "I loved my mother. I loved my family. I died, killing your men. I died without blood in my tongue, and the only reason I did get captured was because you hired a literal army of sellswords because you couldn't bother to do it yourself, like a god damn man!" He shook his head. "I'm going to find some sort of fucking cigarette and then I'm going home! You want Anaya gone? Fine! I do not care about any of that. You act like I care. This entire world is fucked anyway. I might as well have fun along the ride." He looked to Zanarius. "Cigarettes, do you have one? Being so close to caliga and all, I assume you have access to her knick knacks. You are her husband after all." He said, motioning to his wedding ring. Then back to Samuel. "What about you, ya slimey bastard? You got a stick?"

Ana listened as Samuel spoke and it finally sunk in what she had done. She worshiped her mother but now another Goddess owned her soul. She swallows hard as she falls silent. She was in such a mess that not even Samuel wanted anything of her. Maybe now Samuel would leave her be. Ana was quickly consumed in her thoughts over this and visibly seems to check out and get lost in thought. Ana had sold her soul to bring back Jeff, someone her mother wanted dead. Samuel seemed displeased with her now too, Gods only know what her mother would have to say about this. Ana had no idea how to save herself nor her people. Ana swallows hard after a few moments and raises her head up to look towards Samuel but quickly wipes away her face of being scared and quickly turns back to her soft expression. She would leave her worry and sacredness to private time when she was alone. She would not show how scared she truly was in her heart, nor would she ask anyone to help her for fear they are drawn into her mess. By the time she comes back to somewhat Jeff seemed enraged again and she didn’t know what to do. Ana was overwhelmed with everything going on now and she simply looks around at them all unsure what to say or do at this moment.

Same eyes looked at Jeff "go home, go talk to the woman that over the years has burned you down more times then picked you up, go work out your I'll placed mommy melodramas and go punch the holy dragon of light in the face like you handle all your other problems rage and wrath to solve the worlds starving babys and bring peace and tranquility to a pile of dirt. No one gave a shit when you died Jeff, beggars kept begging slaves kept slaveing, the world turned for a hundred and fifty years as you rotted in Ulon with the roaches. You come back thinking things will change and oh boy they will, and the best part is you and your sister is the cause of it, children brought forth to doom this world into darkness, it is almost poetic the boy wanting nothing but mommy's love is going to be the cause of mommy ripping the world apart. I remember your stupid scale armor you made from her shaded scales, how pathetic is that from one that was so prized as future king. You think I dont know my own mate has no heart, she killed my wife and daughter then locked me in the bottum of the castle for over a hundred years so she chould use me as a breeding bitch. Really Jeff when you left i almost felt bad, then i stopped and enjoyed the stillness without your cry baby mommy's got it out for me attitude oh Jaral save me, whatever his worthless dead mand name was anyway." Sam let out a snort as he was heated but at the same time calm. His claws clenching in his hand as he looked at Jeff, come on you worthless nothing of a man punch me, he thought to himself just wanting a reason to snap and RIP him in half agein, in reality he did not need a reason but caliga had a plan that sadly involved the boy.

Zanarius thinks for a moment and tries to figure out what to do in such a situation. If he was being true to Caliga, he would instigate it further. Also what was this cigarette this man in Seven’s body spoke of? Zane didn’t know, and had to shake his head at the question proposed to him about it. He did however speak up as the wyvern was telling his recent life story. “If you are going somewhere, whoever you are now in Seven’s body, do you mind bringing me with? I know little of this world, being from another, and you seem like the type who would know quite a bit. And since I can call Caliga here with a few words, it might not be a bad idea to keep me nearby. I’m quite the warrior, and hold some of my wife’s power as well. Surely this dragon of light does not enjoy the darkness of my goddess?” Zanarius grins, working his words to get into this man’s good side so he may join him for a while. Being stuck at this castle would be far too hazardess for Zane’s health at this point in time.

"Oh my Gods, Samuel! I don't care about any of that! I could give a fuck about you, or her! I could give a fuck about this world! You sit there, so high and mighty, yet you are dumb to realize that you will fall, and you will be alone. There is no point in killing you. There is no point in even punching you. You don't deserve my anger." He lowered his voice, smiling to himself. "Ana, I hope you slit his throat in his sleep ." He said, looking at his sister one last time, and then To Zanarius. "Your wife cheats on you, constantly. Yet you wear her wedding ring. You do realize that you, being the husband, are part of Caliga herself. She is not allowed in my Mother's castle. You would die if you entered. So consider me telling you no, me saving your life. Without looking at anyone else, he opened his hand and slammed his fist down onto the stone in his palm. The glowing stone sent out a large pulse that would shoot through the castle. Anyone close to the prince would be sent to their posteriors on the cold hard floor. Including Sam. Caliga and her power we're far greater than that of a angsty wyvern.
((Jeff has left Stov))

Ana quickly gets to her feet as Saumel and Jeff start to argue. Ana moves towards Samuel to get herself in the way of Samuel and Jeff as she raises her eyes up to look towards him, “Please Samuel, please calm yourself.” Ana did not want them to fight, not if there was a chance either could get harmed. Ana keeps her soft silver hues stay focused upon him. She silently hoped that Samuel would listen to her and back down and leave Jeff be even as Jeff went off again. She had a feeling that Samuel wouldn’t harm her, after a few moments she would step closer to Samuel, pressing herself against his larger frame as she wraps her arms around him, tightly hugging onto him. Hoping her touching him would fully defuse Samuel. Ana had mentally blocked out Jeff and the other male by this point focused on trying to keep Samuel calmed down rather than going on a rampage. As Jeff hit the stone in his hand Ana would be sent flying with Samuel, if not land on top of him. It took Ana a moment but she frowned, inside she felt a sting. She had sacrificed so much to bring Jeff back and he left her too. Left her alone to deal with Samuel, the second person to abandon her a leave her alone with Samuel, maybe it was just time to accept fate.

Sam looked to Ana after Jeff had said his part and left, his words fell on ears that did not care and as soon as Anas arms went around him his arms returned the favour and embraced her as well, her body made his temper calmer and defused the border line raging Wyvern. Things Jeff said was true, one day he would die and more then likely it would be alone and he had accepted that the day his wife was ripped form him and his daughter lay bleeding on the snow. He let his arms wrap around her as he melted into her arms “i am sorry Ana, i am sorry that this has happened and that now you will be in for more then you know, i am sorry i cant help you out of this, i cant go and fix this this time, i can try when it happens to make it easier for you but it is not going to be easy it never will be easy” he put his head on her shoulder as he melted into her embrace “all i want to do is love you and it is like the world is upside down”

Zanarius is swept off his feet by the force of the teleportation pearl, and he looks back to see the man gone. “Dammit, where did he go off to?” Zanarius touches his ring, wanting to see Caliga as to what was going on. His soul leaving as his body slumps to the ground, looking as if he was knocked unconscious by the blast. Zanarius walks through the darkness of Ulon to find his goddess and speak to her properly. ((Zanarius’s body stays in the castle, his soul conversation moved to the Citadel. Anaya post first plz))

As Samuel mentioned just wanting to love her Ana inhales deeply. Fate seemed to be screaming at her, everyone left her, everyone turned their back on her. Her mother couldn’t even respond to a damn prayer and now, she gives up so much to bring Jeff back and he walked away too. The only person on her side and seemed to be was Samuel. So many thoughts flooded Ana at once but she couldn’t get over the fact that despite everything Samuel was the only one still at her side so after a few moments of silence, of her thinking, she looks up towards Samuel and speaks in a hushed tone, “Then… then love me, Samuel… I… I am not skilled the art of love as you know… show me the way, Samuel…” Ana swallowed hard after she spoke but her words were true and she was speaking the truth. It was time Samuel was given a chance, no matter what that meant. He was the only one in her corner and the only one protecting her. She didn’t know what else to say so she falls silent, still in Samuels' arms with his wrapped around her and hers around him. She was wrapped up in Samuel for the moment, ignoring the other males existence as he fell to the floor and a few maids showed up to clean up the wolf head and now the body that seemed to just be laying there, rushing him off to the medical bay to be put in a bed.

He looked down at her his green eyes looking at her, he knew she was broken, scared, shattered even but her words from her lips be them spoken in a broken voice they were still spoken. He let out a breath as he moved to bring a claw to place it under her chin tenderly making her look up at him and into the sea of green that was his eyes. He wanted to ask if she was sure, just to concrete things but at the same time that would give her the moment of halt to pause and go back to recoil on her words. “i will never leave, i promise” he could feel her pain her small body shaking slightly in his arms. And he wanted her to forget it all just for a little while he moved and his lips met with her own as he kissed her, a slight sting of his skin to hers as all the rage he felt within him to do with that stupid boy just faded away all together. She was all he saw, all he thought about and he did not give two shits to the body that was rushed away to the medical wing. His arms around her picked her up to cradle her to him as there lips ended the embrace that he did not want to end “i can teach you, softly” he gave a light smile trying to bring light to the moment as he moved and walked up the castle steps heading for his chamber room with her in his arms.

Ana looks up towards Samuel as he his claw tilts her head up. As he says he will never leave her she flushes slightly and nods just before his lips came forward and claimed her own. Her soft lips press back into his, she couldn’t recall the last time she had kissed anyone, if ever. She felt Samuel calm down against her. As he picks her up and keeps her close she keeps her lips pressed against his. As he then pulls away from her lips she tilts her head up and looks towards him once again, as he speaks of teaching her how to love someone she nods softly, “Thank you, Samuel, for being here… for caring.” She was doubting what everyone said about Samuel being a monster now, he cared about her, he wanted her to be safe, he worried about her. As he starts to move, heading off into the chamber wing of the castle Ana’s hand cling onto Samuel’s top and she keeps her smaller frame pressed into him. Her soft silver hues stay focused upon him, letting him carry her off to where he wanted, forgetting about everyone else in the castle. Meanwhile, Thomas had just around the corner as Samuel carried Ana off and his hands turned to fists, he was enraged, he wanted Ana and now she was leaning towards another, he would have her even if he had to find a way to kill Samuel off. He storms off towards the guard's chambers, fighting his feelings, wanting to turn and run after them. How dare this beast take her away from him, was all he could think of.

As he walked to the bedroom and kicked the door open with his foot then closing it the same way behind him. He carried her over to the bed and softly layed her down on the silken sheets. His clawed fingers running over her body as his eyes looked at her. “i will always care, always love you, i gave my word long ago that i would, dragons keep there word” he moved his fingers down to her feet starting with removing her shoes and the smell bells around her ankles, even if he loved the sound of them he wanted her clean and pure with nothing to remove from her simple mortal elven beauty. A part of him was worried for this moment, scared that he would break her with his strength and not even his toxin but he would be careful with her, soft, gentle, at least the first time anyway. He moved his hands up to her hips as he slipped his fingers under her silks taking his claws to just cut the small toes that kept the silks she had in place around her hips. They were cut as everything just let go from there tumbling to the bed. He paused for a second looking upon her beauty as he moved to undo his leather pants as he had no top on anyway. He slipped down the pants to the floor exposing all of him as he looked at her, and wondering her reaction to him. He was so much larger then she could handle, she was tiny next to him a elf going to make love on silken sheets on a fur bed with a Wyvern, even in human form it would be a painful yet amazing first time.

Ana still clings onto Samuel as he carries her into the bedroom, only releasing him once she was placed down on his silk bed sheets. She wore no shoes so as he takes the bells off her ankle she bites on her lower lip. Her smaller frame remains still as he begins to remove the silk that was wrapped around her frame. She squirms slightly against the sheets as he cuts away the silk rather than removing it. Once he cut the fabric it would fall away and her bare flesh would be presented to Samuel. She could not hide any longer, her cheeks flush softly as Samuel would see her bare and he would be the first to fully see her bare. She bites on her lower lip as he reveals himself to her causing her to flush a bit brighter. She felt out of place, she rarely did things she knew nothing about and she was trusting Samuel to lead her, to make it not as bad as some of the girls in the castle had claimed it to be. She leaves herself exposed to him, even though her body screamed to be hidden from him she leaves herself exposed. She bites down on her lower lip as she looks up to him once more, her cheeks a bright red by now.

He saw that bite of her lip and the blush of her cheeks, he knew this was going to be painful for her but he would do his best to be soft with her. He moved crawling on top of her his black hair falling down into his face as he moved a hand around her so that he could hold her in his arms as he moved the other hand down to just touch her sweet little flower with his finger tips. His fingers running along her peddles as he massaged her body's most sensitive spot with the palm of his hand, his fingers careful as he was sure she would squirm a little to his actions. His arm around her held her firmly and securely, safety in his body, as the temperature would rise and his heart rate would go up a little. “i love you” he said softly as his eyes looked down into her own her body so perfect in that shade of pink that covered her face. He lowered his chest down to place his lips on her own as he added a bit of pressure to his fingers that pressed into her wet tight hole. He did not push them far as to not break anything before it was needed, just enough to get her truly ready to accept his length fully.

Ana watches him as he crawls over her small frame. As his hand reaches down and touches a part of her that had never been touched by another before she gasps out softly and arches slightly. As his arm wraps around her, her hands reach out to grip onto him. As his fingers massage against her sensitive spot she grips tighter onto him causing her to groan out softly and her small frame squirms about the best it can in his grip. As he speaks and presses his lips into her before she has a chance to respond to him she flushes a bit more only to groan out a bit louder into his lips as his fingers push further into her tight depth. Her small frame shivers hard once again in his grip however she spreads her thighs a bit farther apart for him, letting him touch her how he wished, she didn’t fully understand the feeling that was building up inside of her but she was accepting of the feeling and of him in the moment.

As his fingers slipped in and out of her he moved them around a little to sort of massage her and work her skin and sweet sex so it would be more accepting to him and slightly less painful for her. The four play was amazing but his own wanting were going to get the best of him. He lifted his fingers from her his claws lightly running along her skin as he moved his member into position so the head of it lightly ran over her entrance. His sweet seed already dripping a little from him. He kissed her deeper and harder as he pushed himself into her, she was so tight around him it made him moan out in pleasure into her kiss, not only did his kiss muffle her but also it was there to muffle him slightly. As he pushed himself into her he started to pull it out to mix the pain she would feel from her first time with the pleasure of being with a man. How tight she was he would not be able to last as long as normal, but every thrust would be worth it, and he knew she would not be able to last as well. Virgins were a dragons greatest treasure and he had wanted this for so long.

As he keeps working her tightness she keeps her tight grip on him, groaning out against him. As he moves his frame around and position himself against her tight entrance she bites on her lower lip as she looks up to him, only releasing her lower lip as he presses his lips against hers once more and then as he pushes into her, her hands fall away from him and tighten into balls with the silk sheets tangled into them. A slight scream escapes her lips but was muffled by him, by his lips. She does her best to keep herself relaxed below him, she knew she’d never be able to take back this moment, she was fully giving herself to Samuel and as he starts to pull back out of her she keeps her grip on the sheets, moans dancing off her tongue and get muffled by his lips as he takes her so slowly. Her mind was clear for once, her only thoughts were of Samuel and this moment. After a few more moments she pulls away from his kiss only to bite gently on his lower lip as she lets out another loud moan.

January 7, 2019
His arms griped her tighter as he held her tight to his now hot chest, his heart beating hard enough so she could feel it. She was perfect, so tight so new, he could feel his member break her barrier as he trusted in and out of her sweet hole. She nipped at his lip a little playful gesture as he smiled and his eyes flashed open as the green hues were so bright you could not seen his pupils anymore, it was just a sea of green, a sea of acid with small flecks of black. His one hand moved to grab a hold of her fingers lacing her hand in his own so she would grab onto him and not worry about the sheets. He thrust in again and again moving faster as he went, he was not hard with his thrusts but soft and move making love then just fucking god he hardly could contain himself but he wanted it to last as long as he could his grip on her back tight as she was held against him. "god you are perfect" he was able to mutter out past a grunt or two, his head falling down to rest his forehead on her shoulder as his back bucked thrusting in over and over.

As he thrusts into her over and over again, she arches some below him, moaning out repeatedly. She closes her eyes as he keeps taking her. Her fingers lock with his as he reaches to her hands, releasing the silk sheets. As he thrusts into her repeatedly a bit faster she tightens her grips on his hands. As he tightens his grip on her tighter she lets out a slight squeak as her grip tightens on his hand. As she gives into his thrusts into her she tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she lets her moans out at full volume. Her body stays arched below him her head tilted back and her body fully his for the moment. She pants softly between her moans as she gives herself to him.

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Her moans set his mind a blaze as he moved faster thrusting harder, his hips bucking into her tight hole over and over again, he could not keep it within him anymore, she was to tight, to perfect and her moans were making his mind flutter making him just want to release everything he had. The sounds of him thrusting into them got louder as he griped into her hand tightly and gave one hard push shoving himself as deep as he could within her his member throbbing as he released his hot seed inside of her, it stung for a second but that just added to the intense pleasure she was surely feeling. The acidic sting that would not only be pleasurable but also a reminder of this is the part everyone dies from. He pulled out a little giving another thrust into her deeply pushing out every last drop as his member swelled locking with her body so that every drop would be released inside. He opened his eyes as he had shut them letting out another grunt as he held himself inside her for a moment looking down at her tenderly.

She moans and screams out as she arches below him. As he tightens his grip on her hand and shoves as deep into her as he could she screams out again and winces. As he releases into her and the acid stings her she winces and lets out a whimper but she doesn’t pull away from him. As he then gives her one last thrust she groans out one last time before she releases his hand and collapses down onto his silk sheets, panting softly below him. She keeps her eyes closed and pants below him as her body shivers slightly. She wasn’t sure what to do now other than just lay there. Her body had goose bumps all over it. Her bare frame lays mostly still. After a moment she opens her eyes and looks up at him with flushed cheeks. She had given Samuel one of the things she had held so close and had protected for years and she hope he understood what she had done by letting him bed her.

His member relaxed and began to let go of her hold and go back to normal. He pulled it from her with a light pop and then tumbled to the bed beside her, his chest heaving and his body panting for air and a bit or rest. He pulled over one of the fur blankets to lightly cover up her body before he did the same to his. He leaned up as he looked at her “i hope i was not to hard on you, you are not burning right?” he looked concerned this was the part were they screamed and died and turned into a puddle on the bed, he wanted to be sure she was not going to just fall apart right then and there.

Ana remains laying there panting on the bed as he covers her frame up with the furry blanket. Her shivering soon stopped as she looks towards him and shakes her head a bit before she speaks up in a slightly hushed pant of a voice, “I am fine love, you did not harm me.” She curls up near his side as she relaxes near him. She wasn’t sure what he would do now. Samuel had gotten what he had wanted from her for so long and taken what he wanted. Part of Ana wanted to run away and hide, partly ashamed of herself for letting someone take her before she married, she had given away something she had promised her Mother to use for an alliance purpose. She had mixed emotion and wasn’t sure what to do or feel at the moment.

Sam wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his chest as he was still rather hot from it all but was cooling down “i am glad my sweet dove” he looked at her and let out a breath enjoying the time they had together not dealing with the drama that was outside there chambers “you know, it would be so nice to just stay in this room forever, never leave and just be together safe and sound and not deal with the stress that is just outside that door. You know, castle up north sounds rather nice” he let out a light chuckle as he held her a tad tighter both of them wraped in the furs.

As Samuel pulled her to his chest she bites on her lower lip as her head swarms with thoughts. Why did she give herself to Samuel? Why did this happen? Ana lets out a soft sigh as he speaks before she pulls herself away from him and slides herself to the edge of the bed. She grabs her silk wrap dress now in shreds and wraps herself up in it the best she can before she gets to her feet, “I… I have paperwork I should get done…” With that she darts from the room, hiding herself the best she can behind the silk shreads as she runs to her chambers where she fetches a new outfit, a black silk wrap dress this time, tugging it on before she sighs and looks at herself in the mirror. She had a bit of blood between her thighs that she notices after she gets dressed so she heads towards where her towels were kept and she wipes it away before she heads out the door and towards her office where she can lock herself away as she stays lost in thought.

he watched her get up pull everything on and then bolt away as fast as she could, he got up and leaned on the edge of the bed “just when i thought she may accept me, she bolts again, a good book is only as good as its ending” he said softly as he layed back on the bed plopping down and looking up at the ceiling “what did you mean dont be soft, how can i not be soft with her” he grumbled as his eyes flickered and the door opened a crack, it was a goblin that had gotten into the castle “sir, um, dont mean to bug you boss man buts um, needs to talk, wall is all done sir, trees all stone men now, what you want done now boss man goblins need work” Sam let out a sigh as he leaned back up on the bed reaching down and not careing if the goblin saw him nude it was a goblin anyway so it did not matter. “go guard my daughter Noki, she is out in the tree line playing i think, make sure she had eyes on her at all times. Also you and some of the others will be coming into the castle to be stand in guards till humans can replace you seeing we are running low on things that are not trees. As well as what is the news on that group for the father vampire thing” the goblin looked amost scared “lots of chanting things getting worse, boss man will have to handle it so that big guy does not wake up. ” sam looked at the goblin as he did his belt up “na let him, darkness is going to take over the world, the vampire lord and family should be around to see it i would think” the goblin nodded not understand why his boss would want something so vile but he would not question the man that payed them. “alright boss man, we go check on kid and check on Ana to, saw her go down to office leave here fast almost naked” then the goblin headed out to go over to Anas office his little green hand thumping on the door “miss queen lady you ok?” he called out softly

Ana was going through paperwork, trying to distract herself from her mind. IT was racing and she had no idea what was up and what was down anymore. She sighs and had paused to rub her face. She was so confused, she had accepted Samuel, why couldn’t she just give it all to him? He was the only one who seemed to care about her, he promised not to leave her, yet something felt so off to her. Ana was lost in thought as the thing knocked on her door causing her to come back to the present for the moment. As she glances up she sees a goblin and a frown hits her face. Of course, it would be, why wouldn’t it be. She lets out a soft sigh and nods, “Yes, I am fine.” Shortly after she spoke Thomas would make his way to the office, pushing the door fully open and step into the room before closing the door in the goblins face. He makes his way to Ana, both filled with rage and concern. He knows what the beast had done to her and it further enraged him. He walks straight to her desk and sends the papers flying off her desk to the floor, “Why?!?! Why him. Why not me? Why am I not good enough for you?”
Thomas was enraged causing Ana to jump from her chair and take several steps back, “Thomas calm yourself, quickly if you know what's good for you.” Thomas moved to walk around the desk and towards Ana causing her to back up until her back pressed against the glass of the large windows and Thomas was a few feet from her. “I need to know what he has that I don’t. I need to understand why I’m not good enough.” Thomas closed the gap between him and Ana and was pressed against her, trapping her between himself and the window. Ana trys to shove the guard off of her and considers screaming out for help but had a feeling screaming for Samuel would farther anger Thomas, so she swallows hard before she answers, “Thomas… You are a guard, I need to marry for power, for the good of this land and its people, you offer me nothing for that.” Her words stung Thomas and angered him however rather than strike her he roughly grips onto her chin and forces her to press her lips into his. Ana quickly tries to shove Thomas off of her as she speaks again, “Thomas, stop this. He WILL kill you if you don’t.” But it was clear that Thomas no longer cared, she was no longer his, she no longer needed her and if his last move was to be close to her, even for a moment it would be worth it.

the door slammed in his little green face as he pressed his ear up to the door, not like he needed to that guards man was loud, “oh boy boss man needs to know quyeen in danger, man want to bang bang boss mans woman, was was told not to let no one touch queen” the little goblin started running but by the time it got about half way to the stairs Sam was already going down them. He could hear the worthless shit from his chamber room and it only took him a matter of steps to get down to the main hall, he did not care for the stairs he pole vaulted over and down them landing hard on the floor. Thank god he already had his pants on “Thomas!” he yelled out as he waited on the other side of the door ready to kick it in if the guy tried anything more “your hands are on my woman, i can smell your worthless mortal intent from here, come out of that room before i enter it with my spike in your back” the goblin stood back as he watched Sams anger flare and really the goblin guessed it was needed boss man had some anger he needed to get rid of anyway.

Thomas heard the beast yell out from the other side of the door causing him to glance back at it. He presses himself harder into Ana for a moment, claiming her lips with force once more before he moves away from her. If Samuel didn’t murder him the moment he opened the door then he would leave this castle. She had made her choice, she didn’t want him and that was clear. Thomas makes his way to the door and makes it fly open, nearly ripping it from its frame as he faces Samuel. Ana, however, was still pressing herself against the window, her small frame trembling some. Samuel knew Thomas had touched her and she had half a mind to think Thomas was about to be ripped to shreads infront of her eyes. Her soft silver hues looks towards Samuel, with a pleading look to not murder Thomas. For the time she had been here he had been a good guard, never crossing the lines until today but she was also awear that Samuel had a habit of killing anything that so much as looked at her so she remained silent, knowing Samuel would do what he felt he needed to.

he looked to the man, the words Caliga has told him ringing into his mind, you are growing soft, don't be so soft and then there was Ana quivering giving him the please don't do it eyes, she was so Innocent so pure but he knew what his goddess wanted him to do, within seconds he was right before Thomas, blocking his path to the exit, and in a blink the man was gulping for aid. Then, as if in slow motion his left side of his face started to slide down the right side pealing to the side and falling like one had peeled a banana, the mans mouth still moving like his brain did not even realize he was dead and he was still clinging to nothingness like a fish out of water plopped there on the floor. Sam looked to the goblin “clean up the mess and toss the body out into the back pile with the other dead guards, he will be used later” his green eyes looked past the pile of man on the floor as he looked into Anas office blood dripping off her his hand as his claws shimmered in the light, the same clawed fingers that were so tender to her only moments before had sliced this man clean in two, top of the head to his belly button. He could see she was alright, for the most part anyway but knew how this drill went, she would be scared of him and run away yet again and really he was getting used to it, he leaned in grabbed the door by the door nob, did not say a word and just closed it letting out a sigh and turning around and walking back down the hall way leaving her to whatever she was doing, the dragon that would always come to her rescue and the one that always seemed to be walking down the hall way alone. “i guess it is the knights that win every story book ending” he said softly as he reached down and picked up a book off the bottom of a shelf looking at it, it was a good old fairy tail about some prince charming and a princess he rescued from the devious dragon. He looked it over plopping down into the throne as he flipped a page blood still covering his fingers.

As Thomas got the fate he probably deserved Ana falls to her knees on the floor. Everyone besides Samuel either died or left her. Ana turns her head from Samuel and Thomas, not able to look at the pile that was a few moments ago Thomas. After Samuel left the chamber and close the door Ana takes a deep breath. And shakingly gets to her feet. She didn’t feel fully in control of her body as she moves toward the door. She gets her feet and calves covered in blood as she makes her way out the door, not even fazed by the blood. She just had someone who loved her die in front of her and that’s not what she thought of. She needed Samuel, he was all she had. She darts through the halls, leaving bloody footprints on the floor as she runs towards his direction. As she gets to the thrones she throws herself at Samuel, wanting to hide forever in his lap. She wasn’t sure what was drawing her to him but all she knew was she needed him, now more then ever.

as she tumbled into his lap his book flew from his hands and made a bang onto the stone floor as his arms wrapped around her one moment she loved him and wanted him the next moment she was wanting nothing to do with him, she made his mind question everything at all times and he did not know if to hold her or just shove her off and say come on woman give me a bone and stop playing me a toy. But, he could not do it, her legs covered in blood she was a mess and she was shaking on his lap surely water welling in her eyes that right now were pushed into his lap. He let out a breath and wrapped his arms around her pulling her up onto his lap onto the throne, his arms around her quivering body as her head was pressed into his shoulder “why do you do this, one moment you push me away the next you want me, the next you are hiding and pushing me away yet again and now you are in my lap” he said softly as he held her closer his arms tight around her “and no matter what you do, i am the moron that will always be here to hold you, or feel your scorn, or to make the ones that hurt you get whats coming to them. ” he still had the mans blood on his hand and up his arm as he held her there on his lap. “i don't know why you do this to me Ana, or why my feelings exist so strongly for you, but they do, and even if my brain is telling me to push you away as you do me my heart wont let me” he put his head on her shoulder as her face was in his own wondering if she would say nothing or just blaber out everything that was on her mind, either way he would hear her, take in every word and do his best to be what she needed.

As he accepts her into his embrace she curls up as small as she can in his arms, where she knew she was safe. As he speaks she winces. He was right, she was at a tug a war with herself over him. After several moments she manages to whisper out, “I-I’m sorry… Samuel…” She was struggling to understand everything that was taking place around her, her mind was racing and she starts to just cry in his arms, something she had never done before. She wasn’t sure if Samuel would see her as weak for this but she had to let it out. “Oh, Samuel… I’m so lost and confused. Everyone either dies or leaves me. I am a curse to everyone. I guess by trying to push you away, to make you look elsewhere I am trying to protect you… I know I have messed up, I know this debt I owe will haunt me. I gave up so much and he left too…” She just cries from this point, trembling in Samuels grip as she lets it out. She wasn’t sure why she was letting Samuel see her soft weak side but she was, she was letting her walls down for once. Sure she was acting like a scared child, but who wouldn’t when they where in her shoes.

everyone needed to cry sometimes everyone needed to be weak and he knew that, dragons did not get this luxury in there own race others would rip them apart for this act of vulnerability, but she was not a dragon she was a elf, a sweet Innocent elf that had spent her whole life being a dragon and being strong and now it was like her world was upside down and he knew it. And he also knew it was not over, it was far form it, Caliga would get its chunk of everything that was just how darkness worked, and now Ana was knee deep with the goddess of darkness and had no idea she was even owned at this point, and it was not like he was going to tell her not now, not toss more pain into this already bubbling over pot. He nodded his head as she talked and he ran his fingers in her hair, accepting her weakness as he did everything else about her “i know they all left, and Jeff holds a lot of anger in his heart the dead are not meant to walk back on the world of the living after they die. It was his time to go and now he is back on this world tossed back in here out of his peaceful rest and he is be he not admit it scared to. His life is going to go downhill, it always does, your mother died once and she came back and look at her now a pearl addict that hates herself almost as much as she hates this world. He has things to figure out and when he does he will come back here yell at me some more and get over himself. But i will never leave, i will never leave you, not today not tomorrow not in a thousand years, i will always be here and always protect you, to my very last breath, if your world goes upside down so will mine, even if you push me away time and time again, i am never going to leave” his fingers ran in her hair as he looked at her and moved his clawed hand that was the clean one to clear the tears from her face. “and it is ok to cry, contrary to popular opinion i am not a complete asshole” he let out a chuckle as he looked at her.

Ana keeps crying as he speaks to her, keeping herself small and in his arms. She was trembling. She wasn’t crying over Thomas, she was crying because she was overwhelmed. He was her safe space, he was evolving into her world and she was letting it happen. She didn’t care anymore, all she wanted was Samuel. He wasn’t a monster to her, he was misunderstood. Ana lays her head on his shoulder and tucks herself into him. They were both covered in blood and most likely looked a mess. Ana glances up towards him before she inhales deeply and speaks, tears still somewhat streaming down her cheeks, “How fucked am I Samuel… will everyone around me keep dying…? Am I really a curse? Why do you stay so near despite the fact that everything falls apart around me?” She didn’t understand why he wanted to be so near her. He saw everything fall apart around her yet he stayed.

he kept his arms around her as she sat on his lap, she was a mess, they both were, blood covered she was partly naked. And he only had pants on without even a belt. He looked at her as he cleaned some of her tears from her eyes “you are in some deep shit, we both are in some deep shit, but no not everyone will die, fire cleans the forest so new growth can come up, you are not a curse, you are just cursed that does not make you the cause it just makes you in a hard place. and why do i stay, cus no matter what comes here, there is no one strong enough to kill me and take me from you, no one has the balls to do that and i know it, and if there comes a day when there is someone strong enough to kill me well we will handle that day when it comes, i have tricks up my sleeves ready for it. There is nothing on this world or the next that scares me or will make me turn tail and run”
"i rather be in a world that is a mess beside you then in a perfect one without you "

Ana looks up towards Samuel as he speaks. She nods as he spoke and listens close. She tucks herself into Samuel even more as her tears start to stop. She didn’t want to be apart from him, she was safe here, she keeps telling herself that, over and over again. After Samuel finished speaking Ana would adjust herself slightly so that either knee rested on the side of Samuel’s legs on the throne, mounting herself over his lap, as she leans up, she looks towards him as she then presses her lips against his, kissing him deeply as she wraps her arms around his neck and shoulder as she presses herself into him staying as close to him as she could, wanting him to feel his warmth. After a few moments of her lips being pressed into his, she pulls away slightly and looks up towards his hues with her soft silver hues before she speaks, “Never leave me, Samuel, always be my world…” With that sentence, she was admitting that Samuel was becoming her everything, her world, her drug.

As her lips met his his grip around her body got tighter as he kissed her back his green eyes closing as her words sunk into his ears, her world, he would be just that, her whole world, the monster and the perfect gentleman all wrapped up with a toxic green bow. As she stopped talking he opened his eyes to look back into her own "I will always be your world as you are my sun, always till my last breath"
He chould not help but smile as he nodded his head to her "you know I am going to have to do some research on elven culture if I want to be the perfect man you know" he gave a chuckle and looked at her trying to lighten things.

As he mentions doing research on elven culture she giggles slightly before she speaks back to him, “You know I was raised by dragons, not elves.” She nips at his lower lip, tugging at his lower lip before she releases it. “Now earlier I believe you were trying to stay in bed with me all day, why don’t we go do that.” She keeps her arms wrapped around his neck in case he agreed and would lift her up and carry her off. Her body still hurt from earlier but she was working through it. Ana just wanted to stay around Samuel all day, to be safe, to be loved, to be cared for. She wasn’t sure what all these emotions she was feeling where but she was letting them lead her.

He gave a chuckle to her playful antics "I do agree and I do think meals in bed all day is a perfect way for a king and queen to not give a shit about the drama outside. We can even lock the doors out of order for today we are sleeping" he said as he picked her up in his arms and kissed her before making his way back to the bedroom to toss her down on the sheets. "Goblins" he called out as that same little green troll like guy poked his nose in the door "good go get us some food a good assortment of meats geese and fruit, you get to sit in the big chair today, if we are really needed come get us but unless it is a royal emergency tell everyone to shove off" the goblin gave a nod "yesums boxs man, big boss man sir, will do order sir" and he shot the door and was out.

January 8, 2019
~Time skip to the next morning~ Ana had spent all of the day before and the night with Samuel, remaining in his arms where she felt safe and cared for. She had eaten with him and just spent the day with him, she had dozed off early in his arms. It was now the early hours of the next day and Ana starts to come too, her head was fuzzy but quickly the day before came rushing back to her and she simply rolls over and presses herself into Samuel. Ana lets out a soft yawn as she tucks herself into his side, glancing towards the window to see if she could tell the time. The light was just starting to peek through the windows so it had to be early. She didn’t want to leave Samuel’s side, she didn’t want to be away from him. The one thing that now seemed to ring true to her was the fact that Samuel was the only one there for her and she kept coming back to this. He had said Jeff would be back but she had her doubts. He had left her alone just like everyone else, that was a pain that was hard to forget. Ana lays there tucked into Samuels side as she stares towards the window in silence as she waited for Samuel to wake up as well to decide what the day would hold. She was sure her office was cleaned up by now so she could go do paperwork but she wasn’t sure she would want to, she knew she needed too though.

Samuel rolled over as he looked at her as she layed there, his body naked other then the blanket that partly covered him. He had striped off his leather pants sometime in the night as sleeping with pants on and just having pants on in bed just felt wrong. “morning” he was able to mumble out as he grabbed a hold of her and playfully pulled her on top of him warping his arms around her as they lay in bed together. “so what is our plans today or is it more doing nothing as i could get used to that” his voice was half a sleep and held a playful tone to it as he softly stole a kiss form her and hept his large arms around her. In the main hall there started the frantic sounds of a goblin yelling to the heavens about how it stubbed its tow and how a big dog was gonna eat it. Sam lifted his head a little before plopping it down knowing surely Ana was hearing this from the main hall. “i will bet coin the big dog is that wolf head and the goblin stubbed its tow on a chair, oh please i hope it is a real dog so it gets eaten. Some of them are sooo dumb” his green eyes flickered open more as he looked at Ana and a smile came over his lips “lets flip a silver pence, heads i eat that goblin tails we use it as a runniner to go die in the woods by real dogs, sounds fun”

January 9, 2019
As Samuel final woke up and rolled over to her she looks up to him and smiles softly towards him. She lets out a soft squeak as she was pulled on top of him. As he steals a kiss from her she smiles a bit more. She wiggles slightly in his arms as they stay wrapped around her small frame. Just as she was getting comfortable and was about to mention that they had things to do today her elven ears flicker to the sound of yelling. It takes her a moment to realize what was going on but she ends up sighing as she realizes what it was. As Samuel then speaks she was just about to get off of him before she smirks to his words, “I like that plan, sounds like a good start to the day. However, I should probably change seeing as my silks still have blood on them.” She was bare at the moment, having lost her silk in her sleep and assumed they were tangled up in the sheets and she figured she’d locate them in a bit when she got motivated to move off of him.

January 10, 2019
He moved and wrapped his arms around her waist holding her softly in his strong grip "phhh blood just brings iut rhe other colors, red is a good addition to anything" he gave a chuckle and then let her go knowing a queen was always needed in a castle to run the place "and oh the new throne is going to be in today aswell, then there will be both yours and my own. And I will deal with the goblins today and go down to the prison to get some guards. Do you want ones from the prison or ones from the towns people, towns people will be better for workers but there will be backlash if they die. Prisoners will be average but no one will care if they die all the time"

She murrs softly and squirms in his grip. As he let her go she moves to lean down and press a gentle kiss to his lip before she gets herself up, letting the sun hit her pale skin. She twirls around the in the skin letting her hair fly around her before she faces him as he speaks again, “Why not do a combination of both? Balance in all is key.” The sunlight on her pale skin made her almost glow, her chest was perky and her soft silver hue staring towards him as she smirks towards him as she bites on her lower lip, some of her snow-white hair falling into her face as she tilts her head slightly.

January 13, 2019
His eyes looked at her body as she spun around showing her assets to him. He gave a smile as his eyes looked her up and down leaning back in bed as the blanket gave a little move as he was getting aroused. “i do agree blanance is needed, i can do a good fifty fifty split and try to get some good workers for leaders or arms and some shit workers for door guards and toss away body's. But i do know people form the prisons can get well heavy handed with a new female body and even more so with a elf one, they may over step there boundary so it will be good to have them as toss aways, some of them wont make it past there first couple days i am sure” he gave a chuckle and watched her as her backside faced him for a moment and he licked over his lower lip just before she turned back around again enjoying no matter what size faced him it was all he ever wanted, this moment, with her. Down in the main halls the screaming of the monster head had turned into screaming wolf loudly in the hall ways “why you bring it back in! It is an outside doogy!” one goblin yelled as you could hear the sound of what sounded like a ball thinking off one of the walls and then splotching on the floor “no we not allowed to play kick the head inside, but floors are nicer dilburt!” “my name not dilbert it is garsh you nin cum poopy face” the other one yelled out as the sounds of laughter filled the halls along side that grotesque sound of the flopping head ball they were kicking around on the main floor. “why dont we get real doggy, it will not be dog but we gona name it dog it will be friend!” he yelled as he kicked the ball age in and the other one laughed louder.

She nods softly as he spoke towards her about the fifty-fifty split of the guards as he mentioned the ones getting too handsy with her she speaks up, “What do I have to worry about with you around my dear Samuel. They wouldn’t dare cross you, and if one did all you’d have to do is make an example out of one, or better yet, make sure they know what happens to Thomas.” She climbs up onto the bed once more and crawls towards him slowly, kissing him softly just as the screaming of the goblins could be heard once more and she couldn’t help but let out a small giggle, “It sounds like they need a supervisor though before they tear the castle apart, or cause it to become nothing more than a mess. I need to get things in order for Hazel's death today, I plan to do it tomorrow in the square so no sneaking off to kill her before I can do it.” She kisses him once more, biting gently on his lower lip before she pulls back again, “But now I have an issue, how do I get to my chambers without being seen seeing as I am naked and my silks from yesterday are torn to shreds. Knowing you, you’ll rip the eye’s out of anyone who dares to look at my body as I walk by.” She bites her lower lip as she looks at him, waiting for his response to her line of questioning.

He wrapped his arms around her as she crawled back onto him, his member was throbbing as she was just over the blanket preventing him from just having her, his arms tight around her as her attention got drawn to the noise downstairs "they always need a baby sitter the stupid things but it is what I get for wanting cheap help" he chould not help but chuckle as she kissed him his lips wanting to just hold onto her own for so much longer then they got to. He let out a breath as she talked about leaving and how he would RIP apart everyone who looked at her nude body "anyone that puts there fowl minded gaze on your naked body will have there eyes spooned out and fed to them wall hou get to watch and smile knowing the one who loves you whould do anything for you" "and if you take this blanket off from between our hips I can wrap it around you" he gave a grin knowing that the blanket was the only thing right now that was stopping him from just having her her body for breakfast.

January 16, 2019
She leans forward and kisses him once more before she glances at the blanket, “I suppose the blanket would work to at least get me to my chambers to get something decent on. Though, I have no idea what I want to wear today.” She catches his grin and moves to flop down onto the bed at his side, getting off the blanket since they were crumpled up mostly on top of him. She didn’t want to leave his chambers yet, she did not want to go do things yet, she wanted to stay in bed a bit longer where she knew nothing would go wrong and no one would hurt her. She looks up at Samuel and smiles softly well she just lays there.

January 19, 2019
He did not want her to go but he knew she needed to and they did have things to do today, with a heart felt sigh he lifted her up standing up with her in his arms holding her to his body safely and warmly. "Anything you have on is perfict to me, I do love the color blue on your skin" he softly held her as he let her feet go to drop so she chould touch the ground. "I will go down to town today to gather the guards and things. You will be safe here with that maid in the cells..." he was cut off as he chould hear more goblins downstairs "Noki!! You are back, wana play kick the head" then a bunch of laughing from Noki "hahaha nope I got something for father, father!! Sister!!!" She called out as Sam looked at Ana "well I guess that ends our hanging in bed all day plan dont it"

At the Tavern in Avandale

Eveh sighed, it was earlier in the day and the tavern was trashed from the night before. How she had landed a job in the tavern was beyond anyone but she preferred here to the whole house. She quickly gets to work before the tavern owner caught wind that the place was a mess. She works her way around the tables, scrubbing them clean and collecting mugs and plates and bowls. She was busy running back and forth to the kitchen sink, scrubbing the dishes as she got them back there before moving to the next table. Once she finished that she gets to work sweeping up the floors and more or less making the tavern presentable again before people started to wake up and come downstairs. Once the place was at least passable clean she makes her way into the kitchen to see if the cooks needed any help with making the stew and meats for the day. However, they knew how much of a clutz she was so they quickly send her on her way back out to the bar where she leans against the counter and stares off into space in boredom, letting her mind wander as her wine red hair falls into her face, hiding half of it as well as her ocean blue eyes.

Ulysses walked through the door, a stern look on his face. His hood was pulled over his eyes as his boots stepped on the floor boards over to the bar. The paladin the removed the hood, and smiled at the fair maiden in front if him. He spoke like a proud Noble as he smiled brightly to the barwench. "Well, now. Hello." He shifted onto the barstool, and blinked his greyish eyes. "The God's could not have crafted a more fine beauty, even if they tried." Ulysses reached his hand to grasp hers, and he leaned down, placing a gentle peck onto it. "I am Ulysses, Paladin warrior to Queen Ana. At your service."

Eveh let out another sigh as some came into the bar, of course, someone would come into the bar, why wouldn’t they. She wondered if she could get away with saying they were closed but as the male removed his hood her eyes briefly got large before she caught herself and slightly cleared her throat to bring herself back to the world. He was extremely attractive. She allowed him to take her hand and place the gentle peck to it before she would speak up herself, “Hello Ulysses, I am Eveh, what can I fetch for you today?” She prayed the warm heat of her cheeks wasn’t showing to much as the felt like they were on fire to match her wine red hair, her gentle hues stay focused on him as she stood there, almost scared to move for fear of tripping and making a fool of herself.

The proud man smiled as he let go of her hand, a charm  slowly started  brewing across his maw. "Eveh. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." He bowed his head. "Well I went to work at the castle today, but was told by a goblin to go away and come back later because the Queen and King were having uhm-...'funfun time' and sent all staff home or to their quarters for the day. So I decided to get a drink. Ale, please. Am an hour of conversation from you." He placed 5 gold pieces on the counter, obviously overpaying for Ale. "Come sit next to me. If you wish." He motioned to the stool next to himself, and placed his sheild on the counter, that had the DeLaRose crest on it. "I heard the queen made a wish for the dead to come back, but the aren't saying who came back. Unnatural if you ask me, but I'd dig the grave up myself if she asked me to. I'm a loyal man after all. What have you heard, Gorgeous?" Even though Ulysses  was a man if light, he still loved the company of beautiful women, and couldn't help but get distracted easily by a pretty face.

As Ulysses spoke more she nods slightly as he spoke. Once he ordered his drink she fetches him an ale and picks up the gold pieces, placing them in her apron before she moves to walk around the bar and towards the male. As he mentions the Queen wishing the dead to come back to life she goes wide-eyed and loses her footing, tripping over her own bare feet she tumbles forward and onto the floor, wincing on impact as she lands at the man's feet. She quickly works to get to her hands and knees, from there to her knees in front of him, and from there she pushes herself up to her feet once more. Her cheeks were back a fire, glowing red as she takes a seat on a stool near Ulysses and glances up towards him before she speaks up, “Uh, I haven’t heard anything about her making a wish though that’s not something anyone should wish for. The storybooks always say it’s a life for a life.” Eveh reaches up and brushes some of her wine red hair out of her face as her soft hues look up towards him, willing her blush away from her cheeks but it wouldn’t budge.

Ulysses watched her fall and stood instantly to help her but she quickly stood, before he could. He tilted his head as she sat down. He too brushed a bit of hair out of her eyes. "I hope you're alrigh. I too am a clumsy person. Quite the oaf on the battlefield." He joked, and smiled, motioning to his Ale. "Thank you, Eveh." He then listened to her talk about the wishes from stories. "Aye. I've read that too. I wonder if that is the case. I sure hope nobody had to perish. That would be terrible." Ulysses then decided to change the subject. "I don't think I've seen you around here before." He grasped his hand around the handle of the mug of his ale, and brought it to his curved, bow shaped lips. Exhaling with his refreshing drink, he set the mug on the counter, gently, and smirked at her firey tendrils that rained over her shoulders. "A beautiful ginger, kissed by fire, serving me a drink and gracing me with her presence. Seems like I'm having a lucky day." The paladin winked at her and propped his head up with his palm on his chin, elbow on the bar.

As Ulysses changes the topic Eveh feels a relief come over her. As he mentions her being beautiful it was like he relit the fire in her cheeks causing her to flush once again, her cheeks burning an intense shade of red as her eyes quickly dart away from him and off towards the corner of the tavern before she manages to find her voice once more, “Be careful what you speak before the gods see it fit to give you bad luck. Is there anything else I can fetch for you? A bowl of stew? And I am rather new here I’ve only been here a few days and I tend to be here earlier in the day rather than when the later crowds are here. More damage control then server.” She runs her hand over the skirt of her dress to straighten the wrinkles out of it as she dares to bring her eyes back towards him, her soft hues looking up towards him once more.

He listened to each sentence come from her lips as he nodded along, genuinely interested in her words. Ulysses smirked and nodded. "The God's give me bad luck? Well, that would be a funny picture. A man of the light, cursed by the light!" He gave a raspy voiced laugh, and then listened to his stomach."Aye. Perhaps a hearty bowl of soup is just what I need." He looked her up and down, before noting her blush. "Madam, surly you aren't shy around a man like myself?" He watched her eyes glance up to meet his. "You have nothing to be nervous about. I don't bite." He raised a brow, once again trying to ease her into conversation without scaring her away. "Don't worry, Eveh. I won't hurt you." He smiled harmlessly and took another sip of his ale. "I gotta say, I'm happy I came down here. I usually try to keep to myself but I recognize every face in this town except yours. Means that maybe the God's wanted me to meet you." He pulled out another gold piece. "I will take that stew. So long as you'll sit with me while I enjoy it. A drink, stew, and an astounding woman. If the God's are cursing me, they might be doing a bad job." He joked, placing the gold on the counter and sliding it over to her. "I'm sorry. Am I talking to much?"

She lets out a small giggle as he speaks about being a man of God. As he goes on and on she keeps looking up towards him, gently brushing her skirt out still. As he sets the gold on the countertop and says he'll take the stew she nods and moves to pick up the gold and head towards the kitchen, “Give me a moment, I’ll have that back in a moment.” She disappears for a moment into the kitchen and reappears a few moments later with a steaming bowl of beef and vegetable stew. She walks rather slowly and carefully for fear of tripping again. Once she was to him she places the bowl in front of him and sets a spoon beside it before she climbs back up onto the stool at his side, “Fresh out the pot, the first bowl of the day so it should still be good.” She knew that by late night the stew was a bit burnt and not the greatest so it was better he was getting it now.

"Ah, thank you, so much." He bowed his head respectfully, and took the spoon into his left hand, as a smile spread from across his face. "Smells just like my mother's home cookin-..." Just at that moment, 4 hooded men strolled in, slamming the door against the wall, all already drunkenly laughing. One of the men, with a giant gut looked to the red haired beauty next to the paladin. "Boys! Look at this!" Ulysses kept his head down, and dug his spoon into his stew. "Ey! Ginger! Me an' my boys 'ant a coue of fookin' brews!" Another man shouted, a crooked smile brewing across his face. The paladin looked up to Eveh and shook his head, as if saying 'dont go over there.'  The man with the gut gained impatience  instantly, and walked over to the bar, slamming his fists down onto the counter top, which caused the bowl of stew to jump a bit and spill onto the counter. "Bitch! Didn't you hear me?! Ale! Mead! Now!" Ulysses grunted and looked at the man. "Don't speak to her like that. She will be with you lot in a moment." The angry gentleman turned toward the white knight, and stepped closer to him. "What did you fucking say to me? Don't you know who we are?! We are apart of the Urchins! The toughest gang here in Stovania! We don't take orders from li'l God boys like 'yerself!" Ulysses sighed and spoke calmly. "You know. I thought today was gonna be boring." He looked to Eveh. "I don't want you to see this." The man slid his bowl of stew on to the floor, with a Clank, hot soup steaming all over the floor. The paladin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before turning and looking at the man next to him, then his 3 'bandit' friends. "Eveh. Gorgeous. Please go get me another bowl of stew from the back." He narrowed his eyes at the man, his hues not leaving him, while at the same time, talking to Eveh.

Eveh let out a sigh as the men came in. So the day was off. As the man came over to the bar because she clearly wasn’t moving to the speed that they wanted her too she gets to her feet. Even if Ulysses didn’t want her to go near them she had a job to do. Eveh had managed to make it behind the bar just as Ulysses had spoken up in her defense and angered the men causing her to let out a soft sigh. She lets out a slight grumble as the bowl hit the floor and the mess started. She had just cleaned the place up and she wasn’t thrilled that she was going to have to clean the place up again, already. As Ulysses turned his attention back towards her for a moment and asks her to get him another bowl of stew she moves to turn and disappears into the kitchen, quickly updating the kitchen staff on what was going on in the other room and staying in the kitchen for a bit, well, as long as she heard the commotion.

Ulysses watched Eveh go to the back, and his eyes shifted toward the floor. The man took a single step closer, getting inches from the Paladin's face. "What paladin? Lost your nerve? Fuckin' God boy! Thinking you are more righteous than us!" The man the reeled back and slammed his fist clean across Ulysses's jaw, but the white knight didn't even flinch. He brought his hand to his chin, and wiped a speck of blood from his lip. "Ouch." Then with one motion, Uly grabbed his shield off the counter and swung it horizontal across the air, and collided with the man's chin. The blow knocked two teeth out, and sent the man crumbling to the floor. Then in one move he looked to the other three men who instinctfully stood, jaw agape at their friend on the floor, whom just spat a front tooth, and a molar out on to the floor. His sheild was made from ironwood and steel, which gave it almost an obsidian like density.
"Take your friend, and leave." One man smiled and drew a short sword, while another drew a club. The last man shook his head and stepped back. "You lot are crazy! I'm not fightin' him!" Uly smirked. "Then run." The man turned and bolted out the door, while his friends yelled "coward" and "milksop" at him. Then they stepped forward, while Uly pulled a small book from his back pocket, with a red binding and golden pages. He flipped it open as his attackers got closer to him, and began to read aloud.
The Gods of prosperity and Light no longer hold reigns until they need to. The bringers of light and sanctimonious sanctuary are gone! Hiding! Yet, within each good soul-..." He dodged to the right, just as a club came smashing down, right passed his head. He spun, smashing his shield on to the man's arms, disarming him. "-...rests a piece of the gods of yore. Each soul contains a piece of glory. A piece of light. Go with the will of the old God's, and be a beacon of shimmering salvation for those in  need. You have the po-..." He dipped backward as the shortsword came sailing over head, only missing by a few inches. "-...power to change your vindictive ways!" He read the gospel, taking a step off his back foot, and shooting his forhead up, the smack into the short sword wielder's nose, with a headbutt. As the man clutched his face, and fell onto his ass, the paladin kept reading. "Change your very soul to be guided down a path of righteous bliss, and keep the good in this world!"
The disarmed man charged toward him, unarmed, but Uly stepped backward, as he tried to attack, and let him fall face first into the floor. Then he placed his boot on the man's back, pinning him to the floor, while the man with the broken nose grunted, looking at Ulysses. The white knight spoke calmly. "Tip the barmaid, get your friend on the ground over there, and leave this tavern. Be better people than this." Uly watched as the man raised his hands in defeat. "Fine! Just let go of my friend there!" Uly nodded, and lifted his boot, releasing the grunting man from the ground. The man scrambled to his feet and ran over to his friends. The paladin kicked his Club over to him and motioned toward their friend on the floor with the gut and missing teeth. The man with the broken nose picked up his friends teeth, and then they each grabbed an arm, and began to drag him toward the exit. He was out cold, snoring, while they grunted and pulled him through the door way. Then the man with the club ran back in, placed 5 gold at their table they had been sitting in, and frantically ran out. Ulysses gave an exhale, and bent down, placing his book in his back pocket. Then he ripped a good sized cloth from his cloak, and began to wipe up the blood, and stew from the ground with it. He placed the empty bowl on the counter, then went back down to finish his job. Once his was satisfied with the way it looked, all clean, or as clean as it was going to be, he held his make shift rag in two fingers, and tossed it into the nearest wastebasket. Then he sighed, reaching down and picking up the spoon off the ground as well, and set it next to the empty bowl. Then with a huff, he sat back in his stool, and waited for Eveh to come back.

Eveh remains in the kitchen as she starts to hear the fighting start and it sounded one side for the most part. She and the kitchen staff were leaned up against the door listening to the fight take place wondering who was going to win the fight, Ulysses was severely outnumbered but there was something about him that had Eveh leaning more towards him winning the fight. As it quiets down she tilts her head a bit and moves to go get a bowl of soup for Ulysses and a fresh spoon before she heads back for the door, pushing people out of the way as she makes her way back out, as she was getting past the door she grabbed the mop and heads over towards Ulysses, setting the bowl down in front of him, “Here you go, fresh bowl of soup.” Evah then looks around for the mess but blinks as she realizes that there was none so she simply sets the mop against the counter and crawls up onto the stool once more.

Ulysses sighed as he watched her come back out and scan the room. "I'm sorry-..." He said with a frown. "They were gonna destroy your bar. I couldn't let them do it." He blinked at the stew in front of him. "The Urchins are scum on this planet. They would have tried to-...hurt you." He looked at the bar. "I cleaned up the blood and Stew from the bar. I was raised to clean up any mess you see. It's only polite." He reached into his satchel and pulled out another 3 coins. "For the stew." He said, looking at the bowl. "I didn't want you to see me have to resort to violence. I hate doing that." He looked at his sheild in his left hand, noticing the blood from the man's teeth still on it. "Makes everything messy." He pulled out a hankerchief and began to wipe away the ruby liquid, while looking back to Eveh. "Forgive me for my outburst." He smirked softly and bowed his head. "What were we talking about before those men came in? Ah yes! How pretty you were!" He let his grin spread a little more. "Very pretty, if I do say so myself. "

As Ulysses began to stutter on about how the men were going to ruin the bar and hurt her and how he had to clean up the mess she simply nods. She had already realized that Ulysses was not like most of the men that came into the bar and he was rather nice. As his attention then suddenly turned back towards her and their previous conversation she perks up a bit raising her head to look at him before the sudden flush returns to her cheeks, they quickly become a bright shade of red as he mentions how pretty she was before she speaks up, “I… I don’t think I’m that pretty. Average maybe compared to some of the girls that come in here and work here.” She lowers her head a bit, some of her wine red hair falling into her face to hide the flush that now covered her cheeks as her small frame squirms ever so slightly as she tries to find some way to change the topic from herself.

Uly smiled as she spoke and ate his stew, spoonful by spoonful with Grace. Not spilling a single drop. "Oh, poor lass. I think you're gorgeous. Yet you don't see what I see. I hope you will one day." He then stood and turned toward the door. "I am not interested in the other girls that come in, ma'am. No. I am interested in you. Perhaps we can talk more when I return from my trip. I have a boat to catch." With that, the paladin gave a polite smile and walked out of the tavern, and down to the docks, which had a boat leaving for Avalon. He had a few supplies to grab. Besides, the Iron Dynasty was close to that place. Perhaps he would visit there as well. He wasn't sure. He made his way onto the oak boat, and watched as the town he had grown up in slowly grow smaller and smaller in the distance once they set sail. He couldnt wait to be on new land. So until then, he sat in a chair, pulled out his book, and kept himself occupied.
(Ulysses has left Stovania on a ship to Avalon)

Back at Stovania Castle

(time skip to next afternoon) Samuel wrapped his arms around Noki as she kicked and squirmed in his arms “i don't want to have a bath you cant make me!” she yelled as he snarled and then let her go, clearly they had been going at this for a bit and god she was getting to strong for him to deal with “fine then, don't have a bath” he snorted as Noki looked at he3r father all proud and triumphant a big smile on her face “good i don't wan.....a” she paused as there was a loud bang and then silence, like a unnatural silence, no birds chirped as the dragon landed outside crushing trees down under her feet as she shifted down that one last time. Anaya formed her scales around her skinned body to make it so instead of a dress it looked like she had a body suit of white scales. She wrapped her arms around her body as she looked up with her red eyes and walked to the door way pushing them open as she looked inside to see her dear daughter right there. A smile came to Anayas face as she opened her arms for Noki, Noki forgot everything she was doing, father became chopped liver as she bolted to fall into her mothers arms as her face pressed into Anayas body “MOTHER!” she yelled out happily as she nuzzled her face into Anayas warm tender embrace. Anayas arms tight around her as she nuzzled her cheek into her daughter “oh i have missed you my sweet little one, how has your trip, i missed you so much i could not stay inside the castle anymore, and i have somethings to tell you Noki” Noki looked up at her as she paused “Father has been great him and sister have been amazing, and i have been so happy i got goblins in trouble and we played kick the head and it was fun and i got to go into the woods and get flowers and mushrooms for dinner and some meats and... what do you need to talk about?”
Anaya looked over at sam as she opened a arm for him as well, Sam gave a smile still a tad puzzled to why she was even here, Noki may have been that happy kid that was just happy to see her mother but he questioned it, she NEVER left the castle why was she here now. Even if she had found out about Ana and him she would have sent someone not come herself, something was a miss and he could sense it. But he knew whatever it was he was not going to be able to stop it so he walked over to his mate and wrapped his arms around her and there child as she did the same to them both. Samuel gave a light kiss to the for head of his mate as he looked at her and pulled back slightly to allow her to talk. “so why are you here Anaya, you never leave the castle and there was rain on the sky, you not only left the castle bu8t left during times of rain, it is unlike you” Anaya nodded in response to him as she looked at Noki and at Sam, her red eyes shimmering in the light “i had to come here before i left” “what do you mean left, mother, what is going on” Noki questioned as she looked up at her mother her arms getting tighter to her mothers body. Anaya's hand moved down to run over her sweet little girls red hair and looked into her blue eyes “there comes a time in every dragons life when they must step up and take on a land, and responsibility of there own, i was wanting you to be a tad more grown before you had to be burdened by this choice but actions have taken place and i have made the choice that i am going to go see your grandfather in the sky and take up my place beside him. I am leaving this place Noki, so everything that was mine is now, yours, the castle, the lands, the hold, everything, it is yours as you are the rightful heir to all my wealth and all my gaining, your father will be with you and your eldest brother has come home and is at the castle waiting for you. He will guide you in your future as you grow and gain power beyond your greatest dreams”
Nokis eyes were watering as her mother talked, water dripping down the child's face as she clung to her mother “but i dont want you to leave me, i don't want you to go, no, you cant go i don't want to be alone, first Ryu then you, i cant be without you mother, please don't leave me in this world alone. I don't want fathers, sisters, brothers, servants, gold anything i just want you, i just want my mom with me” she was beging, pleaing for anaya to stay and All anaya did was looked to her daughter and run her fingers into her hair, she lowered down to a knee to look at Noki in the face eye to eye. “my beautiful treasure, you are my prize possession, my everything and my all and all, my moon and my sun, the stars in the sea of sky, you have so much of a life to live for, and i will never truly be gone, i will be watching over you from up there in the clouds, we will never be a part Noki, never truly, i am going to be beside you every step you make, protecting you better then i ever could before, i will never leave you, all you ever have to do is talk to me and i will hear it no matter were you are, your words will always fall on my ears” she moved and wrapped her hands and arms around her daughter pulling Noki into her the child's watered eyes and wet cheeks on her mothers shoulder. “i still don't want you to go, you are my only mom, my Anaya, my mom, i need you, i need my mom with me here on the planet, not up in the sky” she talked with tears trailing down her face, some of witch dripping off her skin and splashing on the ground small flowers and grass growing on the castle floor. Anaya brushed some of her daughters hair from her eyes as she gave her a soft kiss on the for head and stood up Noki still clinging to her leg.
“Samuel, you have come a far ways since i first ruined your life and bound you to me, i am sorry that i was that way and i know that no matter what i cant change the past we have had. It has been bumpy but you have given me children and gifts i could never have gotten from anyone else, ” she moved a hand out as she pressed her fingers to his warm cheek and looked into his eyes. “i leave you to this world, you are free from ever being in chains again you are free to be yourself from here on out, you are released from me as my mate” her eyes held sadness in them as Samuel moved and pushed his body into hers wrapping his arms around her. “thank you Anaya, we cant go back and change the past, but you will always hold a place in my heart” he meant it as he moved down to pick up Noki in his arms, Noki wrapping her arms around his neck as he held her to allow Anaya to do what was needed. “Ana” she called out as she waited knowing that her other daughter would be down in no time at all, surely being able to hear the fact she had shown up.

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Ana heard the unsettling silence and it did not sit well within her. She had been in her study going over paperwork as she heard the loud noise and sudden silence. She had a feeling what it could mean but she wasn’t for sure. Many things were changing but surely her mother hadn’t come here herself? Ana gets to her feet, the bell charms back on her ankle making her movement known as she makes her way towards the main halls. She wore silk yet again, it had become her favorite thing to be wrapped up in, blue and black today, a wrap that covered most of her frame and kept it hidden from view. As she rounds the corner and the sight of her Mother was there all formality goes out the window and Ana darts to her Mother, running at full speed before she throws her arms around her Mother. She hadn’t seen her since the day she had packed up and left for Stovania and now she was here. Ana clings to her Mother for a moment, refusing to let go as she feels tears building up in her eyes before she regains control of herself and releases her Mother, taking a step back before she finally speaks, “Mother… what are you doing here?” That’s when she remembers her prayer to her Mother and begins to wonder if that was part of the reason her Mother had come here in person. She had clearly forgotten that Samuel and Noki where there, her focus was simply on her Mother, worried that something was wrong.

January 27, 2019
Anaya wrapped her arms around Ana as she ran right into her chest as she stood there, warm but hard scales covering Anaya's body as she embraced her daughter. “i came to see you all one last time, and bring your sister back to the castle ” she paused knowing that line would take a moment for it to sink into Ana's mind, one last time, she would not be here the same again. She broke the embrace pulling Ana back so that Ana could look right at her mother and hear her clearly “I am leaving this world Ana and going to the sky were I belong with your brother now being back in the world of the living it has opened my eyes of my needing to be were i belong, in the sky, with my Father” she gave a smile and ran her fingers along Anas cheek softly “you have been such an amazing daughter. When your father came to me wanting your freedom from chain i daughter it, but you proved to me and him you are more of a dragon then even we can be at times, you are one of my greatest triumphs the girl i have always cherished, and even at times, looked up to, you are my daughter as much as Noki is. She looked over to Sam as he stood there silently allowing them to have there moment, then her red eyes looked back to Ana as she wrapped her arms around the girl once more “take care of him for me, he is going to need a strong hand to guide him with me gone” her clawed fingers laced into Anas hair as Anaya did not want to let the girl go, it pained her doing what she needed to do, but it was just that, it needed to be done and needed to be said.

Ana listens carefully as her mother spoke towards her nodding softly as she absorbs what her Mother said. Her Mother was leaving them on this plain and going to the next, to be what she truly was meant to be. She wanted to cry and protest like a child but she knew better so she swallows down what she can and looks towards Samuel as her Mother mentions him. She nods gently, in a way, her Mother had just given her permission to be with him, though she had a feeling her Mother already knew the truth about what was happening between Samuel and Ana. “I will do my best to care for them all Mother. And I am only as strong as I am because of you, you have guided me and molded me to be the women that I am today, and for that, I am forever in your debt Mother.” She would save her tears for later, for now, she had to keep it together because if she feels apart she would never forgive herself. Her Mother leaving was because Jeff had returned, and Jeff returned because of her. She knew her Mother knew the truth but at the moment that wasn’t up for discussion. Ana’s attention then turns towards Noki before she speaks again, “It seems our visit is to be cut short my dear Sister, I will make attempts to come soon to see you at our home in the Iron but it seems you are needed…” She let the last part trail off the pain of this family being broken apart clearly showing on her face.

Noki was a mess, tears raining down her face as she clung into her father's arms. Looking out to her mother with both pain and anger on her face, she did not get it on why mother her only mom had to leave her like this, why did she have to go, someone else chould fo whatever this was she wanted her mom to stay here, she, she needed her mommy here at home. Noki shoved her face into her father's shoulder as she pushed herself from his arms forcing him to let her go and stand on her own. She then turned and looked to Anaya and Ana as Anaya brushed some hair from Ana's face being happy that she understood things whould change but it was for the best. Anaya leaned down and kissed her eldest daughter cheek "if you need anything just call, once I rise past the clouds and take my place even if you say one letter I will hear it, and there will be nothing that can stop me from hearing it. " she then looked at Noki as she walked over to the angry child takeing her quivering hands in her own "Noki I can see the anger in your eyes, i know you hold resentment for me , it will pass and you have to understand this is happening for a reason, and all will be alright" Anaya tried to be as soft voiced as she chould and she moved to place a small stone in her daughter's hands Nokindid
her best to try to pull away, but failed in doing so, she chould not remove her hands from her mothers the small stone being soft in her fingers "no I dont want you to go, you are leaving me here all alone in a empty castle with a brother I dont even know! I dont respect him and i dont respect this, i want to stay here, I want to go with you, dont leave me, mom please dont leave me. " Anaya almost looked sad as she softly tightened her grip the stone cracking in Nokis fingers "he will advise you, and I will be with you still, you will forgive me Noki I am sorry" with her words she made her trip tighter the stone cracking as noki within seconds was gone, back to iron in an instant, leaving Anaya standing there "she will be alright on her own, she is not alone"

January 31, 2019
Ana watches as her Mother address Noki once more. She felt horrible, this was all her fault and it was making it worse that her Mother wouldn’t address her for it though Mother probably knew she would beat herself up over this later. As Anaya addressed Noki once more before Noki vanished Ana remains still and in place simply watching in silence as her actions sunk in more. Her Mother was leaving this plain to go to the next, to watch over them from above and it was her fault. It was her fault for being greedy and wanting her brother back. Ana lets out a soft sigh after Noki was gone and finally hangs her head once it was just Samuel, Anaya and herself. She wanted to cry but she was doing her best to remain strong before her Mother. To be the strong child she had come to be known as. Ana wanted to beg her Mother to stay but she knew once Anaya made up her mind it was made. As she makes the comment that Noki would be alright and she wouldn’t be alone Ana nodded. At least Noki would have people to help her along the way, she wouldn’t be thrown to the wolves as Ana had been here, she would have guidance and support. “I will do my best to protect Noki from her Mother, I promise you that…” Ana meant it, she would drop everything to protect Noki since she knew what Noki meant to her Mother.

February 5, 2019
Anaya gave a smile as Noki was gone, she then turned around walking over to Ana and wrapping her arms around her one hand on her belly "you will be caring for three now" she said softly filling knowing that she chould feel what was growing in the girl and knowing she chould fo nothing about this at this point in time. She then kissed her adopted daughter on the head as her skin started to turn clear and shimmer as she was fading away "the world is going to change for all of you, take care of each other and may light and justice be your guide in the world, remember Ana just due to something being evil does not make it bad, dont forget this after I am gone." And with that she was gone and the castle was empty, to empty, like something bad was on the sky line, it was the calm before the storm and whole world would feel it.

February 24, 2019
As her Mother suddenly left her and the calm set in Ana was left staring at the spot her Mother had just been in. She knew Samuel had heard the words she had heard, caring for three. Could… her mother have meant what she thought she meant? Ana couldn’t take anymore right now. She wasn’t sure how Samuel would react to this news but Ana was suddenly overwhelmed and her heart was racing. She turns on her heels before darting towards the barn where her faithful black stead was housed. Ana wanted to run away. So much was happening and it was her fault. Ana wraps her arms around her raven black horse and barriers her face in its main. She was debating on running away but she had a feeling Samuel would tear the world apart until he found her again. Ana sighs and after a few moments she climbs up onto the horses back and she and the horse soon burst out of the barn at a full-speed run darting off into the woods. She needed time to breathe, to think, to process. Ana and the horse keep running leaving what remained of the guards or rather, the goblins in a confused state. Ana and the horse keep running, getting farther and farther into the woods and farther north. Ana and the horse do not stop until they are many many miles away from the castle and deep in the uncharted parts of the forest where Ana finally climbs off the horse. They were at a stream and Ana falls to her knees at the edge of the stream and finally lets herself go, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her mother had left her, she had done something she shouldn’t have and now so many may suffer because of it. Noki was being forced into a role that she didn’t seem to want.
Samuel was now her problem, no Mother to save her if Samuel flew into a rage again. And if she read what her mother had said correctly, she wouldn’t be rid of Samuel for a very long time. Ana’s fingers gently brush against her stomach as she stares at the water running downstream and sighs. Could… could she disappear? She’d done it before… but… would Samuel let her get that far away, hell he was probably already chasing after he once he heard about her suddenly darting from the barn on horse. She sighs softly and moves to sit on her arse with her jaw resting on her knees. Watching the water freely move tears still run down her cheeks as she simply sits there lost in thought.

on the other side of the water sat a fox, a fox with crystal fox and a tilt to its head it gave a odd little citter and then sat on its rock "Arlu?" it barked softly as it looked at the girl clearly in destress, it did not look dangerous in anyway but it did seem odd. the fox shimmered in the light from the sun as it tilted its nose up and looked up at the sky, the sun felt nice on its back as it say on the rock its tail swaying back and forth as it looked back over to the girl crying, poor thing it thought to its self but maybe it would notice me if i was a tad brighter. the foxs eyes clearly had some intellect within them as the little crystal being looked at Ana siting over there, the woods were silent and still, the water bubbled and crackled as water did and things seemed normal, for the most part other then the odd little fox, but then agein what was normal around this part of unknown place that Ana had never been to before.

Ana glances up as the bark of the small fox hits her ears. Her soft silver hues study the small thing before she speaks up, “Ello there small one… I didn’t realize there was another here…” Ana studies the small fox, it was unlike the ones she used to seeing. She studies it for a bit falling quiet once more before she speaks up again, “What are you doing here little one? In search of food? I’d offer you some if I had any with me…” That’s when it dawned on her she hadn’t brought anything with her. She was out here with just her dress and her horse… maybe she could disappear after all. She glances up towards the sky and lets out a sigh. “What do I do little one…” She knew the fox couldn’t talk back to her but she wished it could at this point, maybe it would know what to do in a situation like this.

the fox tilted its head to the other side as it gave a small chitter and then hoped down from its rock "Arlu?" is all it said as the crystals on its back clinked together as it walked, it then turned around looking over its shoulder at the female "Arluuu" it called out as if it knew something she clearly did not and it took a couple steps forword pausing to look over its shoulder agein seeing if she may follow the simple little thing into the woods.

Ana watches the fox as it howled out. As it jumped down from its rock Ana tilts her head to the side and watches it. Ana was elven and she had a bad habit of trusting animals more than humans so when the fox started to go off in a direction Ana gets to her feet and starts to trail after it slowly, pausing as it did to look back at her. She wasn’t sure where it was going but she knew she needed a distraction she follows behind it with her loyal black horse a few feet behind her.

the fox walked off into the distance being a good ten or so feet from the woman but if it got out of that range it paused and then waited for her to come back into view every now and agein giving that little chitter and a simple Arlu, sound every now and agein. after a good bit of walking they came to a stream were a woman stood nude in the water dumping a bucket of water over her crystal blue hair. the fox ran over and pushed its nose into her hip splashing in the water a little beside her. her hand came down as blue tipped claws ran over the head of the fox "Arlu what are you doing, i told you to go scou....t " she turned her head to see the girl coming into view. the woman had crystal blue hair that fell down over her shoulders, she was very thin built to the point you could see her ribs clearly and her pelvic bones stood out like she had not eaten for a rather long time. "who now did you drag along, i am sorry he likes to, um, collect things and he likes elves, sorry you are the third one this week he has tryed to convince me to keep" the little fox gave a grumble "come on Arlu you have to stop bringing strangers into the woods with you" the fox gave a snort to the woman and then nipped at her hand playfully but angerly and then hoped away to go sit on amother rock and then lay down.

Ana trails behind the fox, keeping pace with it as she follows behind it. As the women come into view Ana tilts her head to the side. Her silver hues study the women as she remains quiet until the female noticed her. Her eyes linger on the female's waist, noticing how thin her frame was before Ana speaks up, drawing her eyes back up to the females face, “It’s fine really, I needed the distraction and the walk here wasn’t bad. I am Anarial, Ana for short but whichever you prefer is fine.” Ana reaches up and brushes a bit of her snow-white hair behind one of ears as she watched the small fox walk off to sit on a rock before she draws her attention back to the female, “I have not ventured this far into the woods since coming to this land but there's something… wild about it that seems to keep drawing me in… it makes me not want to return to where I am suppose to be though I do have a fear that if I stay out here to long something bad may happen…” Ana meant Samuel burning down half the forest to find her but she had faith in Samuel that he wouldn’t lose his temper like that…. At least she hoped…

the woman moved to grab a long blue cloth that hung form a nearby tree and wraped it around her waist line, leaving her chest fully exposed she did not seem to care as she walked out of the water. the droplets falling from her female as her thin legs swayed up to were Ana was "i am Narula, and yes this place just draws the breath right out of the lungs docent it, i do like it, you stay out here long enough you just never want to go back, it is like this part of the woods just steals you away." she let out a small breath as the air around her was cold but not overly cold just enough to notice. "so Ana, were do you come from anyway, what are you running from to come all the way out here?"
Arlu gave a bark as he put his head on the ground sulking as she turned her head to him "oh don't sulk she is not a item we cant keep her just cus she has pointy ears" she then turned her face back to Ana "he may follow you home, dont mind him he is harmless all he does is scream and run away when he is scared anyway" she gave a snicker as Arlu stuck his toung out at his owner and then put his head back on the ground sulking like a spoiled child.

Ana was not fazed by the female being nearly naked around her after all her Mother was almost always nearly naked around her. As the female came closer Ana watches her move, tilting her head as she noticed the coldness of Narula’s breath but Ana doesn’t say anything at first. As the fox barked and sulked her eyes briefly flick towards him before glancing back towards the female before letting out a soft sigh. “I come from Stovania… I am the new-ish Queen there. Not sure I can call myself new since I've been there a while now but still getting used to it. And as for what I run from… I believe I’ve done something that has caused a lot of bad to suddenly happen in the world. My one selfish act seems to have more consequences then one would have thought… Part of me wants to keep running and find some isolated place to disappear into. Though I doubt I will be allowed to disappear, frankly, I’m shocked Samuel hasn’t come to find me yet, perhaps my Mothers last words shocked him more than myself.” Ana realized she was rambling and quickly shuts up glancing down at the ground as she flushes slightly.

"we are all running from something i guess, but if you let that deem your future you will never stop running. but the pain within us is what makes us beautiful, it shows us we are vulnerable, witch is true beauty. if you want the world to leave you behind just walk into the water and make your choice you go in there, i can make it so you can run away form it all, whatever it is, the bad you placed into the world will no longer affect you, no more thoughts the water can cleanse it all away and just let you drift in it. it is just this place, it makes the outside world just not exist anymore, i don't even remember when i got here, or how to leave, but i guess that is just how it all works you end up someplace and have to roll with it. " she gave a smile as she looked out behind the woman "so in the water or back to your place?" she gave a chuckle as she looked into Anas eyes "want to make it all go away and just live out here, or go back to this Samuel guy you talk about and a future that is already fucked with or without you in it"

February 25, 2019
Ana stares at the water as the female speaks about it. It sounded so good, to be rid of all the stress, of the worry, the pain… but at what cost? Ana lets out a soft sigh and shakes her head, “As much as I consider running away from it all I have a duty to the people of Stovania. To look over them and protect them. I must live with the decisions I have made and the consequences that come from them. The child of Anaya never runs. She raised me to be a dragon, not a scared little kitten.” Ana sighs and glances over her shoulder towards her rather large raven black horse and shakes her head. “I should probably get back… The Gods only know what's going on with me being gone.” As much as Ana wanted to be free, to be free to run and not have to answer for her choices she knew she had responsibilities. Her hands gently cup her, for now, flat stomach and she lets out a sigh. She silently prayed that her mother would give her the strength to go back to Samuel. She knew what her mother had meant, she just wished she hadn’t. Ana glances towards the female once more and speaks up, “Are you planning to stay here? Or will you be leaving?”

"i guess staying here be it yes is nice, just as you have said what you will do we shall as well, lead the way, little kitten and we shall follow, come on sulky bear " she looked over to Arlu as he jumped from his rock and ran at the woman full tilt as he jumped and vanished mid fly turning to nothing but a crystal pendent on a chain that formed around her neck. Narula let in a breath as she took in a breath "he can do that a hundred times and it still does not get normal" she took her fingers and ran them along her body a small layer of ice covering her nakedness and forming a rather small dress that still made her ribs show and her hips stick out. but her blue hair wet still hung as the ice clung to the strands of it making it look like she had icicles that framed her face. Anas horse would surely get going and no matter how fast the horse went the woman seemed to drift at the same pace as if floating on air. they would get back to a still castle, it was quiet as normal, not burned down, not broken, silent. as Narula paused looking at it she took in a sniff of the air "there has been dragons here, oh we will not get along well here" she let out a breath "but you said you rule it right? Anayas daughter, well it will go how it goes i guess"

Ana leads the way back to the castle as Narula followed behind. As Ana gets into the castles view she seemed relieved that it was still in one piece. It means Samuel had yet to lose his cool. As Narula suddenly mentioned the dragon she pauses and turns around, “Yes, Mother was here not long ago and she is a dragon. Samuel is a Wyvern though, if I like you Samuel should leave you be.” Ana heads towards the barn first, putting her horse up and making sure he was fed before Ana makes her way to the front door of the castle and pushes it open before making her way inside. Glancing about for Samuel now that she was back. It had been several hours so she doubted Samuel would still be in the main area but she makes her way towards the throne room, figuring the goblins would run off to tell Samuel that Ana had returned to the castle.

the whole building was silent, the goblins were not even there, all that was there were the trees there eyes closed as if a button had been clicked to turn them off like a really annoying light switch. Narula walked inside not enjoying the feeling she was getting but at the same time wondering if Ana let every stranger inside such a empty building so easily. "it feels like the air died here, like the world stopped turning and things just have halted, it feels empty, like on another level empty not just no one is here" she looked to Ana as she looked around the room studying entrances, exits. she could feel the bad in the air, but she left that part out as surely enough that feeling must be what the girl was running from.
"you know something is here, but it is not here, it is a odd thing" she said softly as she walked into the main hall to the throne room with Ana, looking around at the walls. "i got told Anaya knew how to stop a place dead but did not think this is what the storys ment you know"

Ana gets to the throne room, she wasn’t too worried about the female, besides if she was a threat she figured Samuel would have been here by now seeing as the trees were still around. After several moments Ana would scream out Samuels name. She was tired from the walk back and didn’t want to walk around the castle to find him, figuring calling him might get his attention. As the female mentioned her Mother Ana paused and glances over towards her, “Mother seems to be known through all the lands. Mother….” She sighs softly and glances towards the floor, “Mother has gone to her place in the sky as of today, to be with grandfather.” Ana lets out a soft sigh. It was set in that Mother was gone now and she was left alone.

"i have tried my best to stay out of all that, in all reality i know very little of your mother and castle hog wash, spent most of my time up north in the frozen lands were the old castle up there stood. " she paused as she spotted him walking down the steps wyverns stunk of bad juju and just acidic tang, she almost gaged at it as the smell hit her nose sensitive in a way the elf would not understand. Sam looked a little out of it as his green eyes looked up from the floor as he let out a breath looking at Ana, "you called my swee.....why is there a dirty mud blood half breed here" he snarled as he looked at Narula and she looked back at him not saying a word and planting her feet firmly to the ground as light bits of frost covered her toes. he was faster then she was but she knew she could deliver a hell of a punch enough to give her enough time to bolt if needed. pure bloods even the lesser ones hated her for her well family issues. Sams eyes looked to Ana "what lie did the dirty thing tell you to get you to let it in"

Ana nods as the female spoke but she doesn’t speak up. As Samuel comes into view and just as Ana goes to introduce Narula Samuel goes off about her being a half breed. Ana was a bit taken back and quickly steps in front of Narula before a fight broke out between the two. Ana lets out a sigh before she speaks, “I found Narula… well more like her little fox found me and lead me to her… I invited her back after she made me realize I can’t run away from my problems… To be honest I was out in the woods considering vanishing once more due to everything going on.” She figured the last part would throw Samuel off but they would most like speak of that later. Ana stays between the two as she looks towards him. Ana didn’t care about the issues they had, Narula was her guest and she’d make sure that was clear.

"a half breed like that one cant be trusted and should not be here, it needs to be gone within the hour " he did not even talk about her like she was a object he talked about her like she was scum on the ground he did not even seem to recognise her as a living being only a thing like one would talk about a table or chair and tossing it into a dumpster. Narula let out a sigh, it was expected but she did not expect the elf to get in the way. she placed a cold hand on the girls shoulder softly "it is alright Ana, i expected such our kinds don't get along, i will simply get going, it was nice meeting you, come to the woods sometime Arlu will find you and were he is i am not far. and oh Ana, you will never be able to run away from him, a wyvern will rip the world apart to find something they treasure, that is something were the only way to run from it is to die or for it to let you go" she moved as she turned and started to walk to the door always keeping a eye open to make sure she could see or at least sense Sam in the distance as she walked out of the building to go on her way without allowing anyone to tell her to stay as she knew better. the castle was silent agein as Sam walked over to Ana looking at her "i guessed that you had gone to clear your mind, i did the same, she said things i don't understand, and freedom is something i have to get used to. and you run away from any big stresser on you, do you really think i was surprised at this point?"

Ana went to protest as Narula let out her sigh. As her hand rests on Ana’s shoulder and she accepted what was going on Ana puffed her cheeks but she knew what Samuel said was law at this point and her fighting it wouldn’t do any good. Ana did not understand what was going on between the two but she knew she would have to accept it. As Narula mentioned Samuel wouldn’t let her run away she lets out a sigh herself, it was something she knew she just had to accept it at this point. Ana turns and watches as Narula left. Once Samuel started to speak to her she turns to look towards him before she speaks up, “I run when I need to clear my head, it helps me. As for what Mother said… I think… I think I knew what she meant with most of it…” Ana’s hands instantly reach for her stomach and brushes against it. “As for freedom, it means you can go where you wish with no one to tell you what to do any longer.” She half expected Samuel to leave her once he full accepted his freedom, so she keeps the comment about three to herself for now.

his eyes looked down at her hands, her belly why was she holding it, he paused a second as his eyes looked into her own "you would not be able to hold a child of mine, i am a wyvern Ana you are a elf a dragon can not breed a humanoid and have young, that is not how it works even with magic involved. you would be dead, your body can not grow an egg and even if it could it would rip you apart with the size it would become, in reality i am a giant being a child of my loins would be the size of a small horse, just as your siblings were when they hatched, it would kill you" as she talked about his freedom and the fact no one could tell him what to do, who to be with, were to go and rest his head "there is no place i would want to be but here with you, you know this and i will not be turning my back on you and leaving simply due to a woman uncutting the chain i had around my neck, i gave you a promise that i would be at your side no matter what and never turn my back on you, and until you no longer want me around and tell me as such i will stay here even if it is a empty hollow existence of loving a woman that keeps giving mixed signals and leading me around like a fool on just a different kind of chain. i gave my word, i dont aim to break that"

What Samuel said made sense but then what did her mother mean by taking care of three now… it made no sense to her but she had a feeling she knew what her Mothers words meant, even if Samuel had yet to accept it yet. Ana lets out a soft sigh and did not know how to make Samuel believe the words but she waits until he finished his small rant about not leaving her side before she decides to speak up, “I know what you say is true but so much is changing in this world and it is the only way I can make sense of Mother’s words. Even if you don’t accept this logic then there must be another explanation for it. Only time will tell if what I suspect her words to mean are true… and if it is then we will deal with that as is. “ Ana was just as confused as Samuel yet she keeps herself calm. If she was with child she would accept it and learn to deal with it. She knew for a fact that Samuel was the only male she had been to bed with, the Gods would have to answer how this was possible. Ana steps closer to Samuel and reaches a hand up to gently cup his cheek before she speaks up, “I know you wont leave Samuel… you are the only one who stays with me… who… has always been with me.”

As she talked he still knew it chould not be so she would die if it was a child from him, but when her hand touched his cheek for a moment he wanted her to be right, wanted himself to be wrong and wanted it to be possible. "This castle is yours, without your mother wanting anything from you, you can turn this place into a brothal and she wont have any say in it. You hold no more expectations to live up to, you dont even have to keep it. What are you going to do now, what are we going to do" he shot his eyes as her hand was on his skin it felt so nice and even better now that he did not need to wonder what anaya whould do to him for it. He was free, exactly were he wanted to be.

Ana lets out a sigh before she speaks up, “I will still run this castle. This is what she gave me and even if she has gone to the skys I am still responsible for these people and I have to keep that in mind. I know Mother is no longer here but, she would still want me to do this. In a way giving me this castle and land is a gift… I will never get to rule my own race as I was intended to do but this gives me my status back. It proves how far I’ve come from that dark place we do not speak of.” Ana knew Samuel would know what she spoke of without her needing to go into detail. She knew some had overheard when Samuel had mentioned her being a slave once before but they hadn’t spoken of it and it was something Ana would rather keep to herself. She wasn’t proud of it, it was the reason for the scares on her back and she would rather die then be forced back into chains.

Sam looked at her and then put a arm around her shoulder "a lot in the town have died and it grows small, the castle is empty and the halls are darkening, it is just you I and a couple servants here. If you want to rule the lands need to be cared for (hinting to needing to get more players lolz)" he looked at her as he looked around at the empty halls "if it stays like this for much longer you will have nothing to rule, we will go to the north and start over and let this land rest with the ruins not far from it. "

She sighs and looks to the ground as he mentions the lack of people as tears threaten to sting her eyes, “I feel like I’ve failed Mother on so many levels…” She meant those words. “Perhaps it would be better if I simply disappeared… everyone who comes near me seems to get harmed or die…” Ana sighs softly once more and leans against Samuel. She couldn’t even keep Stovania alive, it was dying, granted part of all the death was Samuels fault for killing people off when he showed up. Ana glances around the castle and shakes her head. It really was dying and she had no idea what to do to save it.

March 4, 2019
sam wrapped his arms around her and held her near to his heart as he was ok with her being vulnerable and helpless for the time being so she could be more, herself "you have not failed your mother, she would have told you you failed her when she was here not long ago, she would not leave that out as last words, i will get us people to fill the halls here, not my people, random people, i have some strings i can pull this one time" he leaned down and softly kissed her cheek "i will be back i promise i simply need to go to our bed chambers to be alone for only a little while, simply to, call in a favor then i will be right back, now do not run off and vanish on me wall i am gone, alright, i don't want to come back to you gone when i am trying to make the halls fuller and alive agein when people get here they will be surprised, lost and without a place to exist, and unable to leave for a while, you will have to guide them once they show up"

Before Samuel had a chance to leave her she realizes she hadn’t told Samuel what Caliga had said to her before. She bites her lower lip a moment and looks down towards the floor before she looks up towards him, “Samuel… there is something I… I should tell you…” Ana swallows hard and takes a deep breath before she speaks again, “Caliga came to me after my wish for Jeff…. She said I was in her debt….” She lowers her head a bit down on her lower lip again not sure how Samuel would take to that. Ana wondered if this was what Caliga meant. Or if something worse was to come for her. She wasn’t sure how to handle this information but she figured Samuel may know what Caliga would want from her. After all there was very little she could give to a Goddess.

Sam paused what he was doing once the words of Caliga coming to Ana after she wished for Jeff and now Ana owed the goddess a favor. he bit his lips hard as he for a moment did not know to scream or say nothing to the girl. she had done some foolish action's but this was one for the books along with wish for your dead brother back from a magical goat in the woods. "Caliga collects her debts you made a wish and asked for the dead to come back to life..... you took one from death, now you will ow..." he turned around for a moment, his bright green eyes were dim as he looked at her "Anaya was right, you are with child, but it is not mine, it is hers, that is your debt you will birth a child into the world that will be hers, she just used me to put it in you" his voice was dry, and he looked as if he felt faint. he moved and backed up to the throne were he sat down for a second. "you are going to birth a child that will be of pure darkness upon this world and your debt will never be payed. it makes sense now" it was like his eyes and mind was spinning "you cant run away now Ana, we cant run away now, you cant outrun a god"

March 7, 2019
As what she said suddenly hit Ana and he had to go sit down on the throne Ana remains where she had been standing and a soft sigh escapes her lips. She knew it, she was in hot water and not even Samuel could save her this time. As Samuel went to speak about her owing a life and it suddenly hitting him what her Mother had said and he goes into detail, more so then Mother had Ana did her best to remain tall before him. As he says her child will be pure darkness to the world her Mothers words suddenly hit her, she needed to love and care for the child no matter what. No matter how evil or dark the child was, her Mother, the holy Goddess she was, had flat out told her to care for the child no matter what. As Samuel goes on she was drawn back to his words just in time for him to say we can’t run and Ana speaks up, “Samuel… you are not apart of this… this was my decision, my choice, and thus this is my punishment. You do not have to stay with me, You do not have to suffer with me. I can handle this alone.” With that Ana turned on her heels to walk off towards her chambers. Her head was swimming, the world was unsteady around her but she wanted to make it clear to Samuel that if he wanted to leave, he had his freedom to do so. She had made her bed now it was her turn to lay in it. Her mind was racing. Why was she walking away from Samuel, the one person that cared for her. Part of her prayed he’d stop her but she knew, she had to make it clear she wasn’t like her mother, he was free, he could leave if he didn’t want to deal with this.

March 8, 2019
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As she moved to walk away he already knew were she was going, were he always went of it was not out the frount door into the woods. He in a second was already there behind her as she stood in her chamber room right beside the messy bed they had made together the nights before. "Ana when will you learn I am not leaving, look at this room, bed sheets bunched up, blanket on the floor, pillows on and off the bed, jo maid has cleaned it, no royal has told us to keep it down, no one to tell us how to be or how to live, no one to take our child from us be it caligas blood or not it still grows inside you, it will still be ours just like this world we live in, this room is a mess just like our lives can be, but does that make it to far gone or wrong, or uncleanable. Alone a drqgon child will consume you and spit you out, noki ate six maids and four guards her first week and ryu got to the double digits in his death count, and we dont even have many maids so you will be a target of a set of very pointed teeth that the baby will be born with. Some dragons do give live birth so I will assume you will do the same but it is not fun and babys have scales, horns, teeth, claws and spikes right from birth. But we will go over that later you at least have six months before it is due if this will be a normal birthing." He paused it would not be normal this whole deal elfwith a wyvern was not normal, she was going to
pop out whatever caliga made her pop out. It chould br a minotaur for all he knew. "Ana this changes nothing and we cant let it change anything, you have to stop running away be it the woods or your bedroom or just avoiding topics and run this castle or you will have no home to raise the child and no help to do it, I will not even be here much once it is born as I will be hunting to feed you both, our stocks are low as is and babys eat a lot and grow fast. " he moved across the floor and wrapped his arms around her holding her to his chest "I am free, and beside you is were I want to be, beside you and our little darkness baby, this what seems like a curse could br turned into a blessing of we do it right, you and me till you no longer want me, that was my.word and my.promise to you, I will die before I break it, when will you get that"

AnarialLast Friday at 5:48 PM
As Samuel follows behind her and stood behind her as she paused in the doorway to the bedroom she lets out a soft sigh, glancing about at the mess around the room. She really did need to get some new maids, these messes were going to drive her insane but Samuels words pulled her back. He had a point. There was no one to tell her what she could and could not do anymore. Mother was gone though she seemed to now belong to another Goddess from what Samuel had said. As Samuel mentions the child growing inside of her hands rest against her stomach and she holds her breath a moment. Neither of them knew what she would give birth too. As Samuel starts to go into detail of giving live birth to a dragon Ana couldn’t hide the wince that came to her. This was going to be painful, that’s about all she had figured out at this point. As Samuel then moves to her and wraps her up in his arms she leans into him. She had given him the option to leave and let her do this alone yet he was choosing to stay with her, to fight this fight with her. She takes a deep breath before she tilts her head up to look towards him with her soft silver eyes before she speaks up, “Thank you, Samuel… I thought you might actually leave me if given the chance, however, you’ve proven you truly want to be here with me… and we can face this together. With you at my side I can do anything Samuel.” With that she would lean up and gently press a kiss against his lips. “Now… Before I can’t move about freely we should see about getting staff and people here. I’d rather not let the castle die…”

AnayaLast Friday at 6:33 PM
He softly kissed her back holding her softly yet firmly in his arms, as he looked at her "I have done nothing but proven I will do anything for you, even attacking you to get you to notice me" he chould not help but chuckle a little as he let her go "you clean up and that kind of thing, put on something ruler esk, and I will handle the geting people here" he kissed her one more then before he turned to head out of the room to go and do whatever he needed to do.

AnarialLast Friday at 8:15 PM
Ana nods softly as Samuel speaks towards her once more. Once Samuel had left her to go do whatever it was he was about to do Ana gets to work, picking up their bedroom and making the bed. It took her a while as she was lost in thought as she cleans, making sure everything goes back to its rightful spot before she turns her attention towards her wardrobe. She throws it open and pulls out a black silk dress and tugs it on. The only thing keeping the thin bits of silk in a place where pure gold chains that ran over her hips and shoulders. The black silk barely covered her chest and other areas, one wrong move and she’d be on full display. The black stood out against her pale flesh and caused her to smirk a bit. She knew Samuel would like the dress, by the end of the night it may end up being scraps of silk rather than a dress. Ana then sets about her hair, brushing it out before she braids it down her back in two long braids. She then glances towards the door as she links the bell anklet onto her right ankle. Samuel had been gone awhile, she wondered what he was up too but she figured it was best to leave him be for now so she moves to leave the now cleaned bedchambers and head back towards the throne room, back to her throne. The bells chiming lightly with every step she took, echoing off the empty castle walls.

March 14, 2019
AnayaToday at 3:28 AM
Sam walked out of the room and into his studyas he sat down at the table, he knew what was going on but still he needed to do what was needed. Siting down at the desk he crossed his hands on the top of the desk as he let out a smooth simple breath calming his shakeing nerves. “Caliga, mother of darkness hear my words, my dear Ana the one that is in deat to you wishes to feel more around others, she longs for people to fill the halls and for acthion for something other then being along here with me, i call forth my one favor from you to grant this for her and i, so we may go and become rulers as we sould around people and to be able to feel alive agein.” as his words finished he could see the darkness over the window the sun was fadeing away his heart sunk a little as he knew life would only get harder from here on out. The sounds of beasts outside the windows filled his ears as he simply diped his head still praying waiting. As he opened his eyes the smell of vanila filled his nose and he was no longer in his office he was no longer there at all, this was not the castle, he had been brought to a location were there was people, it was busy, there was screaming, shit he was home. In the throne room Ana would feel a slight sting to her belly as something kicked and the smell of vanilla filled her nose. And then she was gone, the throne room vanished before her very eyes and she was away in a different building made of stone in wood and in a office, with a boar head on the wall handing on a plank of wood. She was in the tavern, in gus's office with a locked door between her and other people, what to do now, the favor was given and it was made to the point on how sam worded it, he sould have worded it clearer.

(Ana and Samuel are both teleported to The snorting Boar in iron )

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