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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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Spring Rains Fire, The third Iron Dynasty Segment
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DivinexCB: -Everest sat in her gloomy Kingdom, unaccompanied, bored to death as she had no guests for the past two weeks. Her thoughts sprouted around that tiny head of hers, thus causing her to have massive throbbing headaches. Everest was under quite a lot of stress lately, not hearing from her children at all, not knowing if they were safe and unharmed, it bugged her terribly. –Am I not good enough? - Everest thought to herself, seeming to be quite troubled by the circumstances. A Mother’s love is the supreme love that the world could ever have, and unquestionably Everest’s love for her children was unbreakable, especially for her best friend, Anaya DeLaRose, She is the one person that Everest would take a bullet for. Everest saw Anaya as not only her best friend but also her Sister, someone she can reply on and put her complete trust into. This way all getting too much for Poor Everest, she sighed heavily while pushing all her weight down onto the soles of her feet, playing her right hand on armrest of the Red and black upholster throne before bringing herself back up into a standing position before brushing her Long, strapless, silky mulberry (A shade of purple.) Gown. The Silky Mulberry Gown grasped around her breasts giving them an insignificant lift; enlarging her already busty cleavage, it continues to cling to her figure, emphasizes her narrow diaphragm and her curvaceous hips. The Gown started to release its grip from her figure as it reached her knees and extended marginally once it passed the Calf area, stopping right under her feet, leaving a slight trail behind her. Not to forget her favourite footwear, Seven inch Black lacelike heels with a delicate bow sowed on the back of the lacelike fabric. Once again, Everest took a deep breath before exhaling loudly in frustration –Let’s take a trip to town- She thought to herself, maybe wondering around the miniature stores would be a brilliant idea, focusing on different things to keep her mind occupied. The stores were built from soft wood, such a typical way to build a stand to advertise their foods/ products/ clothing/ accessories, yet it was enjoyable to walk around and greet everyone. Everest ambled down the three miniature wooded steps that led up to the double seated Throne for the King and Queen, her heels clapping against the wood thus causing a slight reverberate throughout the unoccupied Castle. She strolled towards the Entrance door which was shaped like an arch that is usually presented at a wedding, the framing is made from solid Nagpur (That’s a brown type of color) Teak wood, the actual doors itself is made from Khair Wood, Extremely strong, hard and rough as it is also difficult to saw or break down once the wood becomes old and dry. The wooden door stood about 20ft in height, 80mm thick and 400cm in width. The handles of the door are made from pure silver, whenever it is to be touched, and a wave of frostiness travel through the fingers into the body’s system and shock it from the sudden frost of the door handle. Once she had reached the enormous entrance, Everest positioned her right hand on the frosty handle –Oooof— she mumbled softly to herself, turning the nod anti-clockwise before pulling the door towards her with ease. It creaked within every inch when the door was beginning pulled, “Looks like you need some oil big boy.” Everest spoke to herself as she positioned her left hand on the wood and chuckled. Once the slit was big enough for Everest to slide through, she swiftly slid between the gap before closing the door behind her. She turned around, her back facing the door as she looked over the stunning forest that would shine at night due to all the tremendous glowing plant life, birds that sang exquisitely and were tinted astonishingly. She remained standing in front of the door, as she could barely retain her eyes off such magnificence that was right at her door step, Everest felt so fortunate to have such magnificent forest in front of her Kingdom, an enthusiastic smile shaped on her flamingo tinted lips. —Come on Everest, The forest won’t run away now— with that she headed off by foot in the direction of the Village, not too far from the Castle itself. From a distance she could see so much hilarity and happiness in the air, it is such a pleasurable environment to be in. Once she reached the gate to the Village the guards saluted the Queen. “Welcome Your Highness.” The spoke in a formal and appreciative tone. “Thank you Darlings.” Everest spoke cheerfully as the environment already started to change her whole mind-set completely. She strolled graciously into the village, stopping at every single store and admiring each item they had, what was fun about these stores is that they don’t have repeats in each store, they all have different items, exhilarating items. Nothing is ever uninteresting in these Villages, there is and always will be something thrilling or fresh around this place. “Your Highness… Your Highness!” A girl, looking around about Nine – ten came run to Everest with a piece of paper in her hand, the girl seemed so thrilled and so jittery, Everest crouched down to the girl and smiled brightly, “Yes my love? What is the matter?” She asked curiously eyeing the piece of paper and noticed that Anaya’s name was written right at the top, now her curiosity grew bigger as she extended her hand out slowly to the girl. “May I see that Darling?” The girl nodded her head rapidly as she took deep breaths, Everest pulled the little girl close to her and picked her up in her arms before reading the paper. —Anaya is seeking responsible people to be adopted into the Royal Family to uphold their grace and standings? Wow, Village…. You never fail to impress me do you? — She smiled to herself as she rolled the paper up and gently kissed the little girl’s temples, “Thank you my Darling, You are such a sweetheart.” The girl smiled brightly at Everest’s comment while hugging her tightly. “Thank you so much Queen Everest! It’s so nice to meet you!” The little girl spoke happily and pleasantly as she was so thrilled to meet the Queen once again. Everest gently placed the child onto her feet, “I have to love and leave you all for now, I shall return soon Darling.” With that said she took off into the forest and continued to read the paper. “Iron Dynasty… Here I come. I was going to go that route to visit Anaya anyways ha-ha.” She started to walk on route towards the Iron Dynasty, Knowing it would take her a day to get there but that didn’t bother her at all, Anaya was worth it. She enjoyed walking through all the different forests and mountains, such a delightful experience it is indeed. The sun started to kiss the hills as the moon started to raise, “Sundown already?” She seemed quite shocked at how time has passed, only a few more hours til she arrives at the Iron Dynasty. She thought about resting for a while but decided not to, she didn’t want to waste any more time. —Wait, I can fly there. I won’t waste any more time then. — With that thought she decided to rest for a while, regain her energy to fly to the Dynasty.

Anaya: Spring was here at long last, snow was melting the ground was wet you could see springs of grass poking past the melted white goop on the ground. She put her arms above her head as the calls of her children were coming from the main level “mother!!!!” they were calling out, god it would be something to get used to your children having a real voice and being able to be themselves, it was a nice change to the yipping growling and roaring that they both made at least now they could form real words and they had there humans forms almost right as they wanted them, but that was the wonder of growing, being able to fiddle and get things just the way you want them. Anaya softly walked down the steps of the main hall as she fixed her gown seeing Noki pulling her brothers black hair the tops of it red as Ryu was yelling at her to cut it out. Anaya could not help but laugh as she watched her youngsters play and bug eachother “Noki let go of your brothers hair it is just growing in” “but mother is is stupid, why cant he had white hair like you and I, it is a family thing” Noki snapped as Ryu growled at her harshly “FATHER does not have white hair!” he yelled at her as he hit her hand then ran away to more then likely find his father doing something outside that he could help with.  Anaya rolled her eyes and then walked down to her daughter puting her arm around her shoulder, it had been a long night and the kids did not sleep much at night yet being dragons and all at times sleep was not easy for them and in that time it was not only them that was up but ? Anaya as well being sure they were ok and watching them both like a hawk.  “Noki my dear go get some food in your belly, you must be starving” she messed up little Nkis hair as she walked with her arm around her to the throne area, Noki moved on her tip toes and kissed her mothers cheek as she wiggled her toes and nodded her head “yes mother, i shall get a meal for myself and brother to, even if he is nothing better then pig in the yard rolling in the mud” Anaya chuckled as she patted Nokis head “he is your brother none the less go get him a meal and shush yourself wall you do it” Nokie nodded yet again and she ran off to the dinning hall to torment the cooks to give her food. Anaya moved and with a chuckle yet again sat in her throne and relaxed a moment off her feet.

ElfeyDaray: Evelyn was fast asleep on snow over ground, her ares where wrapped around her slender body, not because she was cold but to make the ground more conftable. Her snow white hair blinded in with the melting snow under her. The sun flicked across her face throw the trees that she had taken shelter under. The sounds of birds chirping made her ears twitch, she laided there telling her self it was time for her to get up and keep moving. A soft sigh came from her lips as she opened her eyes, her purple and pink orbs looking around the forest. Standing up slowly she looked around, the place looked no different then it did at night. She looked at her sleeping company his black hair falling over his face as he snored propped up under a tree. She Graved her bag and bow throwing them over her shoulder she headed into the forest. Her boots crunched what was left of the snow as she moved throw the forest wanting to put some space between her and the man she had been traveling with. After a while of walking she found herself lost coming up to what seemed to be a gate, she headed twords it wondering where it lead to. She called out "Hello?" wondering if anyone was around not seeing the guard and large wolf near the gate.

Anaya: The wolf at the gate growled softly and then stoped looking to the guest and looked back to the other guard “it is alright Wolven, she looks Innocent enough” he chuckled softly and then looked back to the girl “what brings you here girl elf” he said sternly as he put his head on wolvens head peting down his nose and under his chin to keep him calm. Inside the castle anaya sat in his throne hearing the noise from outside as she got up and walked over to the door opening it up as wolven turned and looked at her, geting overly happy to see her out and about he rushed over and pushed his big head into her chest. The wolf was so large it stood as high as a pony.  “my my so happy to see me, and guard what is the matter” she said softly and then looked over to the girl that had made her way to the doors. “well hi there, and who may you be my dear elven girl” Anaya said softly as she wrapped her arms around wolvens head.

ElfeyDaray: Her ears twitched as she heard someone speak, she watched the guard with the very large wolf. Her eyes scanning the large building that stood behind the gates. This place was nothing like she was use to, she shifted her weight as she moved closer to the gate her eyes not leaving them. Before she had a chance to answer the man the large doors behind him opened revealing a woman, who she amused lived there due to the way the wolf ran up to her. "I am Evelyn, and I don't know where I am. I was with a traveller and I have left him behind and found myself here." She paused not sure if she should say to much to theses strangers she knew nothing about. "Can you tell me where I am?" She asked keeping her eyes on the woman her snow white hair falling in front of her eyes as some of the strands came loose from her braids.

SuiYasha  A bitter breeze passed through he trees, the snow glistening in the rising sun as a young petite girl of 5'2" lays under a elder evergreen tree. Her white hair glistening and shinning as new fallen show with her slightly rosey cheeks and irory blemish free skin. Her garments of oriental origin slightly tarttered and dirty from her long travels but obviously showing that she is not of the country and came from far away. Groaning as she rose from the restless slumber a bit of snow falling off her head. Opening her eyes to reveal vast pool of green with galaxy of gold flecks that looked to the world but with unseeing eyes. Turning her head as she wiped the sleepiness from her eyes she snifs the air, the breeze bringing a wide variety of scents with it but one that she slgihtly recignised but didnt in all the same. Bracing herself using the tree she stands up on shaken and weakend legs, her state a bit weaker than normal since she has not had a proper meal for many days for fear of being discovered and hunted by humans as a living treasure. Keeping track of the scent that she slightly recignised as fellow dragons she staggers through the woods, the rough bark form the tree earlier having scratched her hand earlier she licks at the wound as she trys to manuver through the woods. Catching wind of another scent, her ears picking up on snoring as she feels around a large tree. Seeming to stare down at the sleeping male she reaches foreward and touches his face with a light feather touch the blood on her hand transfering to his cheek as her curiosity in being close to another being got the better of her. Jumping slightly at the mans sturring she runs off in direction of the scent she was following. Catching wind of a wolf she ducks behind a tree her shoulders shaking in fear of being attacked and forced to return to her natural form, unsure of what to do she listens in merly feet away from the entrance and the others who stood at guard.


From before his talk with his Queen and a single strike still burning on his cheek Rage had simply rose up and left speaking only a single sentence aloud, "I must find it." With that he was out into the world. Blindly walking a path that his instincts pulled him through. He trudged for what felt like miles through forest and plains. Stopping only once he had reached a large oasis in the middle of nowhere. He gazed about with his crimson hues, his body lightly covered in perspiration. He knelt down sticking his hand into the water.

 After pulling out a small palm full of the cool liquid and bringing it up to his lips he felt the ground tremble beneath him, forcing the water to slosh onto the dry ground and be absorbed instantaneously. He growled and rose up turning to see a massive horned creature thudding up to him, snorting as its enraged stare honed in on the berserker.  Rage made tight fist, "Be gone beast," he spat at the ground and turned back to the water sticking his head in now to enjoy the refreshing feel across his face as he inhaled mouthfuls and swallowed greedily. That was until he felt a sudden strike into his rear forcing him to topple into the small pond. He rose up drenched as the beast now dragged its front hoof along the dirt. Signifying its claim of dominance over the oasis.

 Rage growled and charged with the beast until they both collided heavily, the impact causing a spiral of dust and dirt to dance away from them as the two held each other in place. The beast snorted and shoved again, impaling the warrior's side. Rage yelled in pain then twisted his whole body forcing the beast to flip and slam onto it's back. Rage jumped back ignoring the slow flow of crimson ichor from his wound. He spat at the ground as the beast shuffled to its feet clumsily.

 For the next thirty minutes the two merely charged at one another over and over until finally the beast seemed worn down, though Rage was losing some stamina as well from the 'battle'. Seeing a weak point Rage charged forward and grabbed the beast and using all his power summoned himself a second wind and lifted the beast then suplexed it into the dirt with an extreme force. The horn of the best broke off and it limped away defeated and shamed. Rage let out a primal yell asserting his dominance of the area like any other animal, claimed his trophy then dragged onward again grumbling about the wasted time.

 After another two days of eventless travel he stopped before a massive cave. Glowing around the edge of the entrance were brilliant vermillion runes that mimicked those along his arms. He looked down at the runes of his arms then up to the cave and took a deep breath and walked inside...

 The cave rumbled and large boulders collapsed now blocking the exit, torches of brilliant orange and yellow flames ignited along the walls revealing to him the path he needed to follow now to escape this cavern. He walked with caution, his hands kept in tight fist as he made careful peeks around the corners. Soon he found himself approaching a large room, a single wooden table and chair sat within. Upon the table was a stone pitcher and a goblet. He walked up and leaned sniffing the pitcher, it seemed to be just water. He backed up and examined the room, finding a door of old wood leading to the next hallway. He turned back to the water reaching out, "It has been a long journey...perhaps I should rest..." he stopped suddenly. Why did he have an urge to rest now, after feeling fine just moments before. He lept back and looked around again. Still nothing, "Devil water!" Without any reason or basis he kicked the table shattering it and the pitcher.

 A voice sighed from the shadows, "That's no way to treat hospitality...young Remembrance."

"Who is there?! Do you wish to battle?!?" He took a fighting stance and glanced around for the mysterious voice.

"Dear brutes are all the same.No this is a trial...try..ul...You know what that is? A test of skill, yes? You get that." the voice sighed again, "It's...a bloodline thing..look..this was your only chance of reprieve broke my damn pitcher. So..go through the door, three test to be completed, in the stuff." the voice grumbled, "And as a word of advice...brute power is not all it takes to be a warrior of your family name. Some of your ancestors were actually very skilled tacticians and strategist. Though I doubt you can comprehend such words."

Rage scoffed and sought the voice still, "Calling me stupid? Come on...I'll break you here and now." As he foolishly punched at the walls to try and 'lure out' the spirit the door opened and more torches ignited. After disappointment there was no chance to fight the one insulting him he shuffled along through the long corridor until reaching another room.

On the opposite end were skeletons armored and slouched in chairs. Each one holding a bow. Along the path was various blocks and walls. "Trial one, even you should pass this one...Just...don't get hit. I know, 'I'm too tough for a puny arrow' but these are made special for your family. One little scratch...and your dead. Have fun." The archers flashed to life rising and immediately notching arrows then releasing a sudden volley.

With little time to react, Rage dove behind a wall listening to the arrows strike around him. He held himself tight to the wall cursing the mysterious spirit under his breath. A moment of silence, shortly broken by the sound of bowstrings becoming tense then the rain of arrows again.

While the volley struck at the walls he took quick rapid breaths then at first silence held his breath and jumped and rolled far as he could until the next wave was unleashed. He heard on zip past his ear causing him to slide over further from fear of being to exposed to these death arrows. "Why was I brought here. Is this some trick?" He huffed, if it were...was to late now to evade it.

"Not a trick, trial. Didn't I say this already? Family line ordeal. All the Remembrance are called when it's their time. No one died yet, so relax and just do it room by room. I mean, if you one will laugh at you about it. Cause your alone...get it." The spirit laughed and Rage growled lunging at the next silence and diving along until stumbling to the other end. The skeletons all collapsed and the door opened, "Ho ho...I thought you was going to die for a second. Well, door two awaits big guy. It's another easy one, don't worry."

Rage looked about the room and spit at the undead archers that now lay lifeless and wandered down to the next large room, nothing was inside. Just vast emptiness. The entrance sealed and the door flashed, "What is this?"

The spirit laughed again, "It's another not fighting thing...umm..survival this time. Naturally you should be able to handle a little bit of poisonous gas...if its within a certain strength...but I'm going to fill this room...just...don't inhale for like...I don't know...ten minutes seems fair."

Before Rage could speak the room began to fill with a green smoke. He quickly held his breath and looked around. There had to be some trick. He folded his arms and kept himself calm to maintain control of himself. If he let his anger out here, he could easily get himself killed. Not the best plan for now, then again...did his Queen think him dead already? What of the others...

He noticed something out the corner of his eye, a small crack along the wall. He rushed over and noticing the gas being pulled in, pushed his lips to the corner and took a quick puff of fresh air. This should buy him time. The poison suddenly dissipated, "Right...air hole. So you do have a brain. Well...that's one and two then. Three should be what you wanted. Hurry along, they don't like to wait."

The door collapsed and lead to another large room immediately. He slowly entered only to have his entrance barred once more. The room illuminated revealing two figures on the other end, One in all black, the other all white. Both had an eye patch on opposite eyes and the one that shown a glowing amber color.  The two studied Rage and then without warning lunged forward, the one in black struck high causing Rage to throw up his arms to deflect the blow only to have his feet kicked aside and forcing him to fall backwards. He tried to catch himself but only saw the first one moving around to send a blow into his mouth with a full forced kick. As Rage flipped along the air he heard laughing just as he slammed into the stone floor. "The hell..."

The two spoke in unison, "Final trial. We test your worthiness. It was said by the first of your kin, if one can not battle against unfair odds, then they are not worth existence, let alone the family legacy." The two lunged again striking from each side. Rage through up his arms and grasped their fist only to feel each of them kick him in the abdomen then strike his jaw throwing him back into the ground, "Fight or die, those are the only options here."

Rage coughed, "How..." he rose up slowly to look them over, "You can't be that strong." The two only shrugged at his comment then began unleashing a flurry of strikes keeping Rage on defense as he tried to study the movements. He noticed one small trait of their strikes and before he could exploit it found himself slammed into the wall, creating a small hole within it from his connection.

He slumped down into the floor, "You won't win, I'll find your weakness." He carefully rose up, cracking his bones and readying himself again, "First...I just need to take out one of you."

The two tilted their heads, "Such a weak plan for a weak decedent. Clearly you only inherited a little strength and a name. After are nothing." The two came again causing Rage to react and bend himself backwards and striking out to make cheap shots at the groins of his attackers. Both took to their knees cursing his deceit in attacking there. He flipped his body up and spun sending a single kick to the one in white, forcing him to slam into his 'twin'.

Upon the two connecting to one another they were instantly repelled and flung across to opposite ends. Rage laughed, "You can't touch. You are not as strong as you played. You use your repulsion to strike me." The berserker cracked his neck as his aura began to flow around his feet, "I noticed when you both attack, you never come more than a thumb's length to each other. Such cautious precision to not overlap, thought I'd see why." he turned to the one in white, "Though to be honest, I thought you cancelled out other power, not repelled each others. This however, is just as useful if not more so." he would blitz at the one in white who tried to scurry up. The twin of black went to help his cohort but stopped suddenly once he saw Rage holding him by the collar of his robes.

"Drop him, no need to be to brash." The black spoke alone as the white shook his head.

"Fight or die." With that Rage tossed the white twin slightly then before he would catch himself and fully escape to his brother, Rage kicked him again sending the two for a fatal collision again, this time as the Twin of white flew at Rage he struck out with his arm, bashing him into the floor, a small pool of blood forming where his head lay. "Now...just you."

He ran at the other and swung to find it just vanish and looked around seeing the other had left as well. "Wow..that no one else actually tried to kill the final test, just out last it...dear gods kid. You got some issues, you know what, take them. Family crafted gauntlets, right by the exit. Just...just go. And for the sake of all the not carry on the family name. Not unless their mother can I don't know...use reason?"

A flash consumed Rage leaving him by a cave exit and a pair of gauntlets, one deep onyx in color the other like a pearl. He lifted them up and felt a power inside them pulse in reaction to his runes. He didn't understand them but felt some kind of energy. For now he would just carry them, until he knew more. He connected them to his belt, thinking perhaps some mage at the castle could better explain them to him. He looked around for something else,  "That's it?" He had no response and walked outside blinking and then yelled, "This isn't where I came in at...where...where am I?!" He roared viciously realizing he had another task of finding home without any clues of his location.

--Back To The Castle--



Anaya: The smell of her own kind made her upper lift rise as she grumbled to herself, dragons did not really get along with other dragons but a golden dragon had to be mildly respectful to its own kin and not just kill and eat it outright. But she made a smile before the other guest and patted Wolvens head “ok Wolven go on your way to the stable, there is kibble of the morning in there for you and some boar i am sure is out by now. Get your teeth into it before it goes bad in the sun.” Anaya was light sounding and not overly brooding or dominating but she did have a sense of power about her she could not hide seeing she was what she was. Opening the door op to allow the elven girl in “come in my dear you have found your way to the Iron Castle, a better place to fall in seeing there are worse places to hang ones boots. are you hungry or wanting drink, there is wine i do think still from the other night and some fresh will be made later in the day if you like water we have that as well. ” she paused to let the girl inside as she looked out into the woods not far from the door way “and you out there, the one i smell the same as i, you may come in and get something to eat to be on your way” her voice directed at that one was more stern then before, she already had four mouths here to feed and did not need more of them by far another with a apatite the same size as her own, or her children that seemed to only think about food and bugging one another. She looked to the one known as Evelyn and stood holding the door, anaya was 7 foot 2 and had on a nice black and gold gown for today her snow white hair was held back tied in the back in a ribbon and her small toes stuck out from her gowns bottom and shockingly she had no crown on her head, she had left it on the back of the throne.

ElfeyDaray: Evelyn didn't know what to think as she watched the woman her instinct telling her that she had more reason to be scared of her then the large wolf. Her bow always made her feel more conferrable in situation she didn't know what to expect. She watched as the wolf went off to eat and she steped into the gates, her eyes looking over the gaurd then the the woman in front of her holding the doors open. She walked pasted her into the castle, her orbs looking at everything as she thought about the queastion that she was asked. "Just water please." she said as her boots clicked on the floor underneath her. She looked back to the forest and wondered what was out there and how did this woman know there was someone else out there. Raven stired his eyes flicking open as he felt like someone had touched his cheek. He smiled thinking it was the elf girl he had been traveling with. Touching his cheek he felt something wet on it, he looked at his hand seeing blood. Jumping up he looked around frantic not seeing the girl anywhere. His demon blood boiling, where was that girl and why was there blood on his cheek. He graved his stuff and took off running knowing she couldn't have gotten to far.

SuiYasha hearing the female in the distance call out in her direction she jumped slightly. Frantic and unsure she shakes before taking a step away from the tree but paused as she picked up on foot steps from the direction she came. Worried that she might be hunted she darts out and dunks into the doors past the females before running head first into a pillar after the senses got overwhelmed with the environment and the smells that engulfed the area. Having fallen to the ground she rubs at her back as she mutters under her breath "chikohk wer thaczil vur sio". Her other hand smearing blood on the stone floor as her vast filled eyes glares at the pillar that she had run into.

Anaya: She looked over to a maid “girl get a water jug from the kitchen and fill it with ice and water for me, bring it all here, and fetch the children see were they have gotten themselves off to, if Ryu is with his father leave him be” the maid nodded “yes my lady Anaya, will get on it miss ums” the maid rushed away and Anaya looked back to the elven girl then looking up to see the other female run past and smash head first into a pillar, she let go of the door as it swung back and forth shutting a tad a jar and allowing a bit of a breeze to draft in. Anaya slightly grumbled walking over to the other girl and hearing her talk in Anayas native tongue “talk in English girl more will understand you, and you don't need to curse this land” she shook her head side to side as she put a hand on the pillar, there was a slight crack in the mouldings but nothing that could not be fixed. “what would you like to eat or drink, and” anaya moved her hand over were the blood was on the floor, the droplets lifting from the floor as Anaya said something unknown under her breath, the small drops had the water within them pulled out then left to drop down to the floor, the blood platelets turning to dust like grit on the floor the water dropping onto the stone tiles and fading away and small iron balls witch was also left behind tinked on the stone tiles rolling away and clipping into cracks to be swept up later. “i shall get you some cloth to bandage your head, but be careful were you do, i am not in need of one of my own kins blood being on my floor” she grumbled more as she walked back over to the throne area. Moving to were her throne was so she could sit down for a moment.

ElfeyDaray: Raven couldn't find the girl, he looked at a castle that was close by to where they had been camping out. He nodded his head, she wouldn't have gone there he thought to himself and headed off in another direction. He needed to find the girl and ran in the other direction. Evelyn stood there her eyes wide as something or someone came running past her, her first reaction was to grave her bow. It was now in her hand as she soon saw the person crash into one of the pillars in the castle. While the woman who had opened the door tended to the new guest she slipped her bow back in its place on her back. Her heart was pounding hard as the hunter inside her settled down. She didn't know how she could help but moved close to them "Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked the woman who seemed to be the head of this place.

SuiYasha startled by the women who approached she instictively flinched and shrunk back agaisnt the pillar with her slightly scratched up arms, some new and some partially healing, abover her head in attempt to shield herself. Understanding her words but unable to complete her request her soft musical shaken voice speaking softly, "jatil thric levnim, shilta ti renthisj mablik vur sthyr maulkic ihk sia fothisev". Sitting in fear her clothes torn, dirty and soaked from the snow and mud, her body shaking and radiating cold the rosey pink flush over her nose, finergs, slightly skinned knees and swollen reddened ankles. Hey eyes cast down or closed shut during any direct speaking towards the two females or any others.

Anaya: With a smile to the elven girl she sat down in her throne “young dragons tend to be clumsier then the older ones” she chuckles having no idea of that little things true age and just strait up assuming things of the other. She looked back to the scared dragon and could not help it, it just happened, she right up rolled her eyes, it had to be a young one not long on the earth it had not picked up mans language yet but could somehow understand it. “get food then get on your way, man hunts all of us, you cant stay here, even more so if you are unable to talk mans tongue.” she grumbled as the one maid came over with the jug of water and the goblets “both Noki and Ryu are with there father miss, he has them out by the river catching fish, he ordered me to be on my way and said, they are to learn fishing wall they still can” Anaya nodded to the maid and took the one goblets of water as the goblet glowed blue for a split second then went back to normal. The maid took the other one to the elven girl and handed it to her filled to the brim with cold water. “enjoy miss” the maid said softly as she moved to the side to hold the jug and move forth to do any refills if they were needed. Anayas eyes moved back to the elven girl “it is alright she will not need help, if she does not learn on her own she will never learn, Evelyn, a lovely name, so why wonder here, were have you wondered from”

ElfeyDarayElfeyDaray Whisper: Evelyn smiled and took the glass of water, the cold goblet felt good in her hand. She smiled and nodded as she talked about the young lady, not knowing much about dragons she felt it would be best to do as she was told in this situation. She took a long drink of her water feeling the icey coldness run down her neck. Brushing her snow white hair from her face she smiled "I came from a small village in the snowy mountains. I don't agree with some of the things my people beleave so I went looking for something new. But I ended up here after excepting a man who wanted to sale on the market." she paused her cheeks getting hot as she was embarrassed that a elf that had hunting skills had gotten lost. "I dont want to be a bother but if it would be ok could I stay here tell the man has gone far from here?" she asked the woman and glaceing over at the other girl wondering if she would be ok.

SuiYasha shrinking more to the womans cold and bitter words she shakes from the cold and fear that raked her from the very core of her being. With soft sniffles as tears fall from her cheeks and fall to the cold stone, small patches of green and foliage sprouting up by magic at where the drops landed she catches scent of others that were once there but not. With wavering and weakened voice she adresses the bitter guarded female "gazziz suorraic, tiliw ir tor ihk shelter vur letoclo persvek idol", following her words she wipes her nose on her blood crusted arm a loud growl coming from her stomach as her cheeks become even more flushed as she feels embarrassed for the sudden loud noise in the quiet castle.

Anaya: Anaya liked elves, elves and humans were what she enjoyed being around, so she had a sort of soft spo for a elf in need. “we have guest rooms a plenty and you are safe in this halls, i myself will allow nothing to harm you and if a man shows up looking for you he will be turned away ” She let out a breath and took a brink of water as the dinning room hall doors to the west side of the room slammed open smashing off the walls nd thumping back in place, and there came running out a half golden scaled half human girl with bright blue eyes screaming at the top of her lungs a high pitched yale. And right behind her was her brother running at her holding up a bright yellow and black ell fish. “MOTHER!!!!!” Noki screamed as she ran to her mothers throne and clung like a leach to her throne arm her hand half claw half human hand griping tight to the wood. She had been so scared of her brother and his stupid fish she had half changed and was now fluctuating between human form and true form. “Ryu! What are you doing!” Anaya scolded as Ryu stopped dead in his tracks seeing the anger on his now standing mothers face “ dad told me to do it” Anaya grumbled knowing that could be a lie to save his ass or it could very much so be the truth. “Eat the fish!” Anaya snarled as she took a step forward her red eyes bright and filled with anger to her son. Ryu looked at her “but mommmm?” he wined as she gave a stern snarl. Ryu got the point and shoved the still alive Ell in his mouth and with a very sour look on his face chewed it down and swallowed his whole face turning a shade of green as he lowered his head, turned around and walked back out the doors and walking past his father standing there trying to stop himself from laughing. Samuel looked to his mate and how angered she was and looked around, there was people in the hall, and Anaya was pissed and, maybe it was best to just turn around. Yes good plan sam, he thought to himself as he turned around and trotted back out the door after Ryu faking he was going to teach the boy a lesson when really he was just going to start laughing as soon as the doors shut. Anaya turned back to look at Noki and then look at the other dragon on the floor, she could use a hand with her children that much was sure, but this little thing looked weak, scared and could not handle two pure blooded hellions like her children. They would drive her away or have her eaten and dead within a weeks time. “you cant speak the voice of the land, the human tongue, and you are shaking like a leaf there on the floor, you smell like one of my kin yet you shiver like you are frozen with fear of your own shadow. Why do you think you could handle two dragon children, they will rip your tail and wings off if you cant control them”

SuiYasha removing her arms from above her head she sniffs before jumping at the sudden entrance of the lil ones and a older one. Listening in and sniffing she tilts her head before becoming unstable with the low energy from her travels a massive cloud of dense mist explodes around her form as she is forced to expose her true form. Layed upon the ground, her long lean body wrapped around the entirety of the room as she is squished between the pillars and the wall, shelves and chairs pushed aside as books fall upon her form and the floor. Her crystal white scales glinting like glass in the light of the castle broken by patches of dirt and mud, eyes open and staring directly at the female and the half changed child, her eyes a vast green with specks of gold but no definite pupil the only clue about her being blind. With a twitch of her long wiskers she sniffs, as she is frozen in spot by her sudden change but the fact that she was drastically smaller than her true form. With her tail directly behind the thrones and nearly looped completely around to meet her head, it twitches slgihtly as she ponders what to do next and just suddenly her eyelid fall halfway as if she was slightly irritated with her situation and with herself. Sticking her tonuge out slightly she just sighs and awaits her fate, it wasnt like she could do much she was stuck and she doesnt think she will be able to fit through the front doors if she was forced to leave. With a flickering tongue at her pondering thoughts her eyes just singly blankly stare in the direction of the child and the Queen.

Anaya: The elven girl seemed to be lost in her train of thought as she clung to the water and moved to sit down in a chair watching everything happen around her, there were children and people yelling it was a bustle with life, and was also a lot to take in, she had sat down and was sipping at her water just allowing the water and the environment to sink in and settle for a moment before going back and talking once more with the lady that seemed to be the ruler of the castle. Anaya watched everything happen as she let out a breath and put her arms around her daughter, Ryu was always so hard on her and he really did not need to be but he was his fathers son and Samuel treated him like gold as he treated Noki like shit, but that was expected when Samuel never wanted a female hatching in the first place. As she held her child Noki started to shake and Anaya looked up to see that other dragon girl change and lose her human form so suddenly. How bloody rude Anaya thought to herself, change in the middle of a hall what did this female have no self control at all. She would not have it, taking her child and moving the already scared out of her mind Noki behind her back to protect her Anaya's fingers wiggled in the air before her, her fingers tips turning a bright blue as magic waves cascaded around the room ringing and fishing around the other dragon. It was super hot blue flames sucking out the air around them. The other female had made herself to large to move so getting away from it was not going to be a simple task. But Anaya was not going to touch the female with them, or fully suffocate the female with them, only hold them around her long enough so she was forced to pass out fully and change back to being human, or at least drop down to the floor so they could drag her body outside . The blue magical flames hung about three or so feet from the long white scaled body as Anaya wiggled her fingers much like a puppet master in the air to work them into shape “it is rude to change to ones true form in another home, you will break everything, i have had more then enough of it, now you can sleep and we can figure out what to do with you”

SuiYasha her eyes becoming wide as the air around her slowly fades she growls slightly, the air becoming lesser than was she was used to high up when she flies she struggles a bit a screech and roar escaping that reached to all corners of the valley the castle area. With her claws scratching at the ground and anything it could reach her tail thrashing about hitting chairs, shelves and pillars as she slowly suffocates her eyes brimming with tears. She attempts to roar again but it comes out in a forced wheeze before the struggles sease and she becomes still. Her eyes half open and foam dripping out of ehr mouth as her form stays strong, her strength depleted and unable to return to her human form but her dragon form only shrinks slightly to point where she is no longer stuck.

RavenDeLaRose: The large jaw widens as the sleeping cat woke from her rest she has been hiding in a cozy pile of rotting corps. Thought not the choice place for most Mystic thought it was all great fun to roll around and dig into the mold and oozing flesh. She stretches out her paws as she rolled over to her side her gapping jaw nuzzling once more and the rotting flesh cover bone. This smell alone would make a hard warrior lose his lunch but mystic was a cat not a hard warrior and she was going to make sure her sent and its sent was one in the same. It was at this point she begging to get hungry gnawing on the rotten body that rested in the pile was all well and good but she was wanting a bit more meat then they could offer soo she started her way up to the throne room there was often her Anaya there and she knew her Anaya would make someone feed the kitty or there would be someone the kitty could feed on. Either way was good for her. Walking in to the throne room she would give off a few roars as to let her presents be known and to call out for the little dragons that she had grown to love as much as her dear Anaya. She would pay no mind to the staff holding their noses as she walked by. -



Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Legends say that there is an assassin, who had abandoned his humanity, that 'monster' -as most would refer the person as- was known as the Whispering Death. The name Whispering Death was known throughout the land, this assassin in particular was never seen, it is said that only his victims got to see his form, hear his whispers, none escaped. That couldn't be true.. right? None could tell. But none could ever imagine, that this legendary name-- no.. this legendary assassin, was nothing more than a seventeen year-old boy named Sona. Now Sona seemed to be in a rush, running through the town, step by step- his heart beating faster and his breathing becoming heavier, and heavier. It seemed that he (Sona) was a stranger- not from around here, everyone could tell by his clothing- A fully black outfit, his black shoes, his slightly washed off black jeans, his black T-shirt and his unbuttoned long and yes, black coat, he had his accessories, his pair of black arm warmers that were going all the way up to his elbows and his black mask that was covering his mouth, cheeks and a slight part of his nose and of course, his sheathed black katana that was handing from his back, the handle to his left side, always there, waiting for him to grab it and draw out his blade. As Sona was running, his medium-to long sized spiky hair were flowing in the wind, revealing his right eye that was bandaged. Sona looked around with his left bloody crimson eye for anyway he could use as a shortcut, but all he could do was run, he was already near the castle, once the main entrance was in sight, he immediately stopped and took a moment to catch his breath. After couple of minutes went by, he finally made the decision to move forward, he quickly walked his way up to the main entrance but he got stopped by two guards. "Stop right there! Who are you and why are you here?" One of the two guards spoke as both had their spears pointed at him. Sona sighed and raised his hands in the air, trying to prove that he wasn't an enemy. "Kill them.. They are in our way.." A deep, dreadful voice echoed in Sona's head, he nodded and took a step back. The moment these two lowered their spears, Sona went for the kill. He immediately grabbed the left guard by the neck with his left hand, in mere seconds he managed to strangle him to death. Once he was done, the right guard was already alarmed and was about to pierce Sona's chest, of course he wouldn't really allow himself to die to a mere guard. Sona grabbed the spear and pulled the guard closer only to headbutt him. Needless to say that the guard let go of the spear and backed off, he quickly opened the gate and made a run for it to the main hall, where everyone was. "Help! Help!! There's a monster on the front door!!" Yelled the guard, as soon as he entered the main hall, he tripped down and fell on his face. At the gateway, Sona was quietly making his way in the main hall himself, dragging the guard's spear on his right hand, and the dead guard on his left hand.

Anaya: Anaya kept sucking the air out of the area around the other dragon, it was needed and at the same time with anayas eyes starting to glow blue the thrashed items that were flying around the room stopped hovering in the air held there by Anaya's telekinetic ability's. “i am sorry but stop struggling, you will not be harmed unless you force my hand and keep this up, you just need to go to sleep, just put your head down and go to sleep” she said sternly as she kept her flames ringing around the dragon female as she thrashed. Anaya moved and with a hand grabbed the elven woman and placed her behind Anaya's back along side Noki, Witch Noki did not like and growled slightly at the elf girl with white hair. But after growling and with a very short attention span she started to oddly fiddle with the elf girls hair enjoying the white hair witch was there family's trait and logo. “you have very nice hair miss, is it natural” Noki asked shyly as she seemed to not pay attention to the big struggling other dragon in the room. She could smell Mystic oh god did the cat roll in a pile of god knows what again today, Anaya hardly could stomach the last time and her attention needed to be on point right now, so Anaya held her breath, she could hold her breath for up to half an hour even if she never needed to unless bad smell. She shock her head from side to side and moved her hand man handling a guard with her telekinetic ability and moving it over to mystic and holding the guard there hovering just three inches above the ground as the guard was kicking and screaming. Please go for the neck first cat just go for the neck and begone with you and that fowl oder. Anaya could hear a mess at the main doors and was handling something at the moment already. So till this one mess was dwelt with she moved her left hand out to form a invisible slightly blue wall that covered the entrance to the main hall so no one could get in. This first task had to be completed before a second one could be started. (Anaya energy drain 15%)

ElfeyDaray: Evelyen was so very overwhelmed by everything that was going on that she ignored the female Noki that was beside her and took the offer for one of the guest rooms and made her way to one. She set all her stuff down and laid on the bed to rest while thinking about everything that was going on in the main room she had just come from.

RavenDeLaRose: The guard near mystic in mystic ‘s eyes an evil glare as she grin up at the guard and leaped to the side the guard was already showing fear and weather it was cause of the oder or not this did not matter to mystic as she would start to move around the guard with a panther like purr. She then would leap out at the guard and stretch out her paw as claw aim at the gaurds back. With her great leap she would land on the back of the guard and grip her claws in to his sides as her out turn about and try to reach her with his arm she would then start licking the back of his head as if it was a lollipop. He helm would then fall off and she would be licking his hair and the back of his neck at lest till he fell from the weight of the panther on his back. His side would start to have a bit of blood dripping from them as her claws drug in deeper as they fell. This reminded mystic she was hungry and she then took the guard by the arm to the kitchen his hand would be bleeding from her grip as she tugged him along. He would be screaming for help not that mystic knew why.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After being stopped by a barrier, Sona sighed and waited patiently for the barrier to fade away, he just, stood there and waited. "What are you waiting for? Kill them all!" The dreadful voice ordered him but he shook his head. "No.. I'll give them a fighting chance.." Said Sona, his left and visible eye was emotionless and it was just focused on what was right infront of him. Sadly, there were no more guards for him to kill, truth told, Sona wasn't sure why he had just stepped into someone elses castle and started killing everyone in his sights, but he didn't really care either.

Anaya: After the other dragon had fully passed out and was resting for a little while Anaya moved and lowered her hands the fire just fading in the air and she let out a breath. She kept the invisible wall up and moved her fingers lifting the sleeping white scaled long dragon off the ground and hovering it towards the dinning hall doors, then she would start dismantling the wall to fit it out and then fit it out another hole in the side wall to move it outside and have it float as if on a cloud over to the forest were it would wake up outside and be on its way to some other place. She turned around and watched the elven woman leave and head up the steps, it was true today seemed to be a lot to take in already and it was not normally this crazy, well it was half crazy most of the time. She let out a breath as she rebuilt her walls after the dragon had gone outside and been moved away, the stones clicking back together like a magical puzzle board. After that had finished she turned around and walked back over to her throne to drop her backside into the chair and try to recover the lost energy she had to spend to repair things (Anaya energy loss 25%) she let out a breath as she could still smell that stink “god you need a bath, and you need to not eat the maid that baths you, or hurt the maid” she looked to mystic and lifted a brow watching her eat her treat, ya we needed new guards anyway Anaya thought to herself as she just let the guard go with mystic kicking and screaming to be eaten. At long last it was mildly peaceful but there was still that person at the doors. The one guard had bolted away and the invisible wall was removed as Anaya sat in her throne looking out to the main hall watching there new guest walk into the hall holding one of the arms of the other guard “and well who are you and why is there a mans hand in your hand? If it is a gift for the crown you should not give gifts”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After the barrier had faded away, Sona walked his way into the main hall, the room seemed to be empty, there was only the queen sitting on her throne. "Sorry for killing your guards.. They were just in the way.." Sona said with a quiet and an emotionless voice before dropping the dead guard and the spear at the floor right infront of her seat. "I uhhhh... Don't really like to kill people, but if they're in my way.. I'm forced to." After saying that, Sona placed his left hand on his mask and raised it to make sure that the lower half of his face was covered. His left eye made contact with the queen's eyes, it was clear that he wasn't in the mood for a bloodbath. "Sona what are you doing? Just kill her." The dreadful voice echoed in his head once more, but Sona just shrugged his shoulders. "No need to.. Enough blood was spilled today." Sona spoke quietly to himself before looking around the large room, making sure that no other guards were sneaking up on him or anything.

Lucifell: Umbrance. Tenebric swirls gliding through the deepened myriad of trees, swirling though suspended in water. Moving along the ground in swift movements, only pausing for a moment to glance about with shifting turns in the beginning of the deep cloud before it continued on its path. Bending with the incline up hill, following hooves and footprints of the men beforehand; for something more entertaining rather than listening to them babble on through the tavern. Of course, that wasn’t the only means for moving through the land after some nameless Tom, Dick and Harry but every opening provided an opportunity. A light hum left the disembodied, morphic form weaving through the foliage and the like before coming to a halt. A halt of swirling, suspended black fog in deep motive of rumination. Bolting a short distance across the lightly snow covered ground, going up into the air and only to dive into the ground: bursting into a mushroom cloud of black that expanded a few feet from where it landed. It pulled in on itself in the next breath, taking a tall male-like form, featureless for the moment until it settled into the black of his clothing and the dark umbrella overhead. Dissolving away from pale skin, the crimson shirt underneath the dark jacket and cravat at his neck. A gloved hand pulled through ends of the ponytail tied at the base of his neck, he took a deep breath through his nose. “Ah, love the smell of fresh blood in the morning.” Vasyl’s voice came, all too jovial and chipper. Gold eyes looked over the land before the very castle, taking a step away from the spot of origin. Every step brought a new image to his eyes, a smell only getting strong as he moved along closer to the monolith of architecture. “Ah, so much for something to do with men lacking the sensibility to deny a dealer.” He mused, clicking his tongue. Such an unfortunate turn of events, but sure enough there was something more to do than just – make deals with dead men, outside—that wasn’t wandering about in the broad daylight of the morning. How fun.

ArpakassoArpakasso WhisperAdd Friend: Groaning softly at the light shining through the window of a small cottage, blue eyes peered out from the baby blue blankets. Agatha Warwick was definitely not a morning person. Her old age had made it difficult to bring herself to climb out of bed, but she had work to do. She drug herself off the soft mattress and behind the partition to quickly change, tying her long hair into a messy bun. "Goodness, the sun is relentless" She said softly, murmuring in an unpleasant tone. She reached out and pushed past her curtains. The snow was still covering the land and a sigh had left her lips. Although spring was well on its way, her seasonal depression still reacted to the gray and snow that lain around her. Soon. All she had to do was be patient. "Gretchen! Gretchen where are you, you silly bird?" She called out to the crow, hearing its squeaking as it swooped down and landed on her shoulder. She walked out of her home, hobbling down the road. Gretchen cried out loudly, her head tilting towards the castle. "Now, now Gretchen. They're not our problem." She spoke. Agatha really needed to keep Gretchen to mind her own business. But, she thought maybe a peek wouldn't hurt. The woman turned her direction towards the castle as she made her way, seeing a handsome young man standing there. She hoped this wasn't why Gretchen was acting up. The bird was almost human and boy-crazy at the strangest of time. She walked over to him with a gentle smile. "Got business here, young man?"

RavenDeLaRose: She would stretch her jaw around the guard’s head and with a loud crunch she closed her jaw and brains and guts flew everywhere. Leaving quiet the mess to clean this and his blood that pooled around his body like water.She could hear the maid growl and Anaya turn to speak to her. Mystic never fought Anaya and she would stop gnawing on the guard, even though his body was now in a few pieces as she had torn his arm from his shoulder and was working on the legs after crushing his skull. With a nod to Anaya she stood a walk over to the maid. The maid who seem a bit nervous at having a man eating panther near her walk carefully out of the throne room as the panther fallowed behind at a very close and uncomfortable pace. But she would get mystic in to a tub and get well her at least clean but before the maid could take and dry mystic, mystic got out of the tub and jump on the door till it flew open . then she procced to run her soaking wet body down the hall and back out to the throne. She then would curl up at the foot of the throne and start to lick her fur dry.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the male before her and his talking to himself, maybe he was not all there, “mommy can i do it, mommy can i” Noki asked as she pulled on her mothers arm her pale skin nice and crisp and clean and she was so very Innocent looking, such a doll she had made her human figure into. “yes you may, read him what he has to do to pay off what he now owes” Anaya smiled and watched her little one like a hawk as Noki walked up to the male wiggling her toes and playing with her cute pink dress. “you killed two of the crowns guards sir, so that is two full life sentences, you can spend them in service to the crown, spend them in the hold or take it like a champ and my mommy will kill you like you did the men at the door, for such a dumb reason. Did you know sir both guards have small children and wives, i am sure you did not think about that when they was doing there jobs.” Noki scolded like she was an adult when really she looked like a preteen dressed up in fancy clothing. Noki after being done walked over to her mother and looked over “maid bring the chains out” she called as a maid nodded and ran away to do what was asked of her to. Noki all proud looked to her mother for reassurance and Anaya moved her hand down to run her fingers along her daughters hair and neck line “”you did good my dear, a ruler you will be one day for sure.” Anaya's ears picked up noise but it was outside the door so she payed it no mind, but, there was the problem with the dead guards. Looking over to one of the maids and a guard that was standing over by the dinning hall door as he had taken the post of the guard she had given to mystic to eat “maid, soldier, go place yourself at the doors and clean the mess on the steps, we need not draw the wrong kind of attention on this day there is more then enough to deal with on a normal day to bring in more of the wrong kind of folk” she was right she had enough for the day and some of her energy had already been spent dealing with other junk, and rebuilding a wall, she did not want to waist more on things she did not view as important. She looked down to mystic as she layed there cleaning herself “you smell much better now and i do hope i am not one less maid, eat the ones i give you to eat alright, and stop rolling in dead body's” she gave a slight chuckle a bright point of the day that had not started out the best for sure.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona stared down at the young girl while she was scolding him, in all honesty, Sona didn't know how to react to that. "It's not my fault they wanted to act all manly.. One should not talk unless they are strong enough to back up their talk.." Once he said that, Sona walked his way to the middle of the room. "Pardon my rude behaviour... I.. I didn't mean any harm.. It is quite rare for me to kill without a reason.. And for that I will accept the punishment." Sona bowed in respect towards the queen. What an odd guy, one moment he walks in ready to kill and the next he accepts the punishment for his crimes. Truth told, Sona was always a weird person, he never got to have a normal life and that affected his behaviour around other people. "What the hell are you doing!?" The voice echoed in Sona's head in anger and confusion as Sona himself just stands there quietly, waiting for a responce while ignoring the dreadful voice in his head. Of course, Sona kept his head low until he was told to do otherwise, by all means he wasn't submitting himself to these people, he was simply doing this to atone for his mistakes.

DivinexCB: Hours have passed, Everest had passed out on the grass with her back leaning against a large oak tree. The Moon had set behind the hill as the Sun already started to make its way up into the sky. Everest opened her eyes slowly as a beam of light shone upon her right eye, “mmmm” She grumbled to herself before she opened her eyes, “Morning already?! Oh my goodness!” Everest shot up from the ground as she dusted off her Mulberry Gown. She closed her eyes as she focused on her energy, with that a pair of large black and red wings ripped out from her shoulder blades, “Urgh…” She felt a slight tingling sensation running along her spinal cord, Everest merely shock off the sensation then proceeded to jump into the air and flap her wings, her stomach started to turn over. “Haven’t been in the air for a while… Doesn’t feel nice...” She muttered to herself before aborning towards the Iron Dynasty, Enjoying the cool breeze hitting her skin. She finally arrived at the Famous Iron Dynasty, landing gracefully in front of the bloody steps, “My goodness…” She chuckled to herself and she would amble up the stairs and walk towards the Entrance door with that she heard lord snoring in the distance, she looked around and noticed a shed on the east side of the Castle, “Lazy shits.” She chuckled to herself as she would use her right hand to push the doors open and head inside the Castle, astounded at such beauty she was countersigning. —Wow— She thought to herself as she wandered deep into the Castle, searching for Anaya. “Anaya Darling?! It’s Everest!”



Anaya: Anaya looked to Noki and nodded she was very much so knowing that her daughter wanted to do the honours as she could hear that maid coming around with the cuffs and garb. Noki smiled and ran over to her mother all happy and then ran over to the maid taking the chains and a junk fabric pile from her “thank you maid now be on your way” Nokis voice was so proud and strong she showed her grand pride in her being a princess to the DeLaRose family. The little woman all dressed nice hoped over to the man with his head down “then slavery it be, strip all garments off and place them on the floor, weapons to they must go as well” she held out the chains two for the wrists, two for the ankles and one for around the neck all iron rings with locks on the back and a small loop hole in the front. They sat ontop of a dirt brown toga and nothing else. She smiled as she held out the garb to the male “you will put this one, your punishment is service to this crown for the two life sentences you took away, you will be a door guard as they both were you will also be the one to inform both there family's of your crime and what you are doing to pay back what you did and the reason you did it. The one guard had a six month old daughter, just to let you know” Noki scolded as she backed up three steps watching the man there do as instructed. Anaya saw the doors swing open as Everest walked inside looking wonderful as she last say her, it had been what, years now since there last seeing her castle to the west of here it was a good ways away, and Anaya hardly ever left the castle even more so now that winter had ended and spring and the whole locked inside was not over yet. “Everest so nice for you to stop in” one of the few other dragons Anaya had kept alive in her lands, having more then just herself around was not a bad thing and Everest was respectful of the land holdings and border lines and for the most part kept to herself and never made any problems for the crown so Anaya had taken a liking to her. Nokis eyes moved around to spot the new lady that had walked into the halls “mother who is that?” Noki asked as she put her little clawed hands behind her back and roes on her toes back and forth. “a old friend my dear, it is alright she is safe and you can say hi when she comes over if you like” Anaya said softly to her daughter as she turned her eyes back on there to be new slave.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: When he was ordered to drop his weapons and wear the chains himself, Sona sighed and did as he was told. But instead of dropping his weapons on the floor, Sona dropped them in his shadow. Needless to say, the weapons slowly sinked in his shadow as he raised his hands. "I'm unarmed.." He spoke quietly with an emotionless tone in his voice. Sona then grabbed the chains himself and started chaining his legs, he then moved on to his neck, before finally moving to his wrists. Then he heard the young girl scolding him once again, Sona sighed and rolled his left visible eye. "A normal human being would be ashamed of themselfs and beg for forgiveness.. It's only natural for someone to not want to be punished. I on the other hand, have been stripped off my humanity and as you can see, my emotions as well.. You are lucky little girl.. You grew up in a safe house with someone to protect you. But the six month old daughter, will surely fall victim to the unfair life now all because I killed her father. Well.. my parent's killers were never brought to justice." With that, Sona paused, he realised he was going too far, if he kept going he'd end up revealing his true identity. "So, I sit in the front gate and guard it?" Sona asked with that same emotionless tone before turning his back to the queen and the little girl, now facing the main door. "Sounds easy enough.." He mumbled quietly before quietly and slowly walking his way to the main entrance. In his way, there was a new face, another female and probably a friend of the queen. Sona simply ignored her and kept walking. "Hey, you do have a plan to escape right?" The dreadful voice echoed in his head as Sona shook his head. "No, I will just guard the door." Sona answered, to everyone else, it looked like he was talking to himself. "Are you serious?! No grand escape!? No nothing!?" The voice echoed in surprise and anger as Sona quietly nodded while making his way to the main door.

DivinexCB: Once she noticed that Anaya noticed Everest entering, her eyes lit up in complete and utter joy, she hasn’t seen Anaya for a long time, and her beauty just continued to grow. “Looking beautiful as always my Dear Friend, I was walking around in the village and a little girl had given me this piece of paper, which states you are seeking responsible people to become a part of the DeLaRose Family and to uphold the their grace and standings. If that is true, I would love to become your Sister, Anaya. I’ve always looked upon you as my Big sister for you have made me feel so wonderful and felt so much acceptance. And it would mean the absolute world to me to be part of the Famous DeLaRose Family.” Her cheeks flushed blood red as she spoke from her heart, Anaya meant everything to Everest, She would do anything for that women. After she spoke she had noticed a male in the corner of right eye, she arched her brows as she examined this odd male from head to toe before shrugging it off without a care in the world. Everest ambled over to Anaya as she admired how beautiful she looked, slightly envious at her stunning figure; any man would be slobbering over that striking body of hers.

Anaya: Anaya stood up and moved over to Everest and wrapped her arms around her Noki following the man over to the door way “why did you kill them, was it really they was in your way? That is a stupid reason if you killed everyone in your way you would make no friends, no one will find pity for you here slave boy, i saw what you did, i need your weapons, give them to me you hiding them” Noki bravly said out loud as she wiggled on her toes and looked back at her mother and the other woman, but had to do her job Noki thought to herself as she stayed with the slave door man. “no one is at the doors, why not clean the floors to, we have a broom, did you know in time of war you will be canon fodder” she gave a big smile “they chain all slaves together give them clubs made of tree and make them walk right front of the army. I have not seen war yet here, not old enough mother tells me, but i will one day and i will be glad to chain slaves together” she was so proud over the little things if it was not so macabre it would have been cute. Anaya let go of Everest as she said about the family paper that had been sent out all around “oh yes the parchment i had it sent all over the place looking for family for the castle, we wish to expand our name larger and with a lot of my blood family dead and gone, for some reason or another i am at a loss for family so must adopt. I would love to have you as a sister Everest you have been a good asset to the west and your castle will expand our lands, it will benefit us both surely” her eyes looked past Everest over to her daughter at the door talking to there new slave “she has to meet everyone even the slaves, to good a heart in that one” Anaya said softly to herself as she looked over to a maid standing by the wall holding that jug of water from earlier. "maid go and get me the papers for crowning, we shall do so right here and now, and the family clothing from my own personal closet, be swift with you" the maid nodded and put the jug of water down right by the wall and rushed away to do as ordered.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: While Sona was making his way to the main entrance, he looked at the young girl who was full of questions. She might've acted all proud, but she was still a pure and innocent soul, so Sona took time to answer her questions. "Alright.. Since you're so eager to learn, I'll answer to your questions. For starters, the only thing I know how to do properly, is to kill. Unlike you, when I was a kid I was stripped off my childhood and my rights as a human being.. Ehhh.." Sona struggled a bit to explain since he tried to find the right words so that even the young girl could understand him properly and not get any wrong ideas. "I guess you can say I am a living weapon myself. And believe me, there are many others like me. I wasn't the only child at the time who god kidnapped and treated like an animal while being forced to kill." He paused quietly and halted, kneeling down to the girl's height. "Everyone wears a mask.. I just chose to create my own." Sona said to the young girl, he knew that she wouldn't understand at first, but as time went by, she'd come to understand the meaning of those words. Sona then stood up and continued his way to the main entrance. "Ahh, you're a smart one aren't you? Well, trust me I won't being using those until I am told to. And.. when the time comes for me to be used in a battle, I won't be a simple bait.. I will be war machine, believe it or not, even if I am chained I can be quite the formitable opponent. I chose to take responsability for my mistakes. Only because I believed that killing these guards for being in my way was a bit too much." With that, Sona shrugged his shoulders and stoped walking since they were now in the main gate. "No need to force yourself to sit here with me young one, you can go back to your mother and continue living your happy childhood." Sona said with his same, emotionless voice was he motion the girl to walk away, though he wasn't forcing her.

DivinexCB: Everest held onto Anaya tightly as her large smile curled on her thick pale pink tinted lips, she always felt safe around Anaya, and it was an absolute joy being in her presence. She gently released Anaya, taking a step back, so she wouldn’t raid Anaya’s bubble. As Anaya spoke, her heart started to ease little by little, giving her more faith and hope in being truly happy once again. She already has a family, but she wanted to be closer to Anaya than just being a simple friend. Once Anaya had finished her sentence, a black tear would fill Everest’s right eye just before dropping onto her pale pink cheeks then running down towards her jaw. With that she raised her left hand toward her right cheek to wipe away the tear. “You always find a way to touch this cold black heart don’t you Ana.” With that said, she would let out a soft playful chuckle placing her right hand upon Anaya’s left shoulder, her smile grew wider touching one ear to another. She looked into Anaya’s eyes, “You never fail to put a smile on this face ha-ha.” She then would turn her attention to Anaya’s Daughter, Noki DeLaRose. “I see so, sometimes it’s good to have a heart… For a while.” She sighed heavily before looking back at Anaya, “So my Dearest Sister, How have you been?”

Anaya: Noki looked at him puzzled, not everyone were masks, she thought to herself no one here were one, everyone is who they are inside and out no one needs to hide behind something so dumb. “i dont have a mask on, no fake wall covering who i am, i am Noki Rose DeNure first golden dragon born in over five thousand years daughter to my mother Anaya Nivaria DeLaRose and my father Samuel Tyberios DeNure why hide who you are, that is dumb.” she left out the fact she was not the only golden dragon born, she had her twin brother Ryu but no one needed to know about him unless he was here not fishing with faaather. As he was on his knees and got back up walking to the door way “i am the princess here, i am a dragon, you talk about not having a human child hod but why does a human childhood matter, i never had one, our family never had one, mother used to be a army general before she was a queen, why does human childhood matter?” Noki was a golden dragon she was smart for her age and smarter then her brother who was more want to bite things when she loved books. ”and hey you did not give me your weapons, you are hideing them and i told you to strip, were the garments is part of your job, witch you said you was gonna do, give weapons to me and take your clothing and boots off” she held up the brown toga garment and waved it in the air to be sure he could see it flapping there “put it on!” she burst out trying to be so much stronger and braver then she really was her feet still wiggling on the ground. Anaya watched her little one over there and smiled softly knowing full well if Noki was in danger she would bolt back over to mother as fast as she could. The girl acted so big when in truth she was so very little inside and out. Anaya looked back to Everest and smiled knowing she was happy “it has been sometime since you last graced this castle, much has happened, my mate and i have two children one being that strong willed girl surely tormenting the new slave with endless talking over there at the doors. And my other one is with his father doing something or other. But other then that it is the same tasks as always i guess” the maid came up from behind taping Anaya softly on the hip as she held out the garments a golden head dress and a golden and ruby crown to match the red and golden clothing. With a nod she took the garments and turned around handing them to Everest “our family colours are red and gold, your crown is of the sun as it shines down upon you in this family, you are a queen within the walls here, and outside of them and i want you to view yourself as nothing less, you are a DeLaRose now may not in blood but by right, and it a name i know you will uphold with the greatest of stature. ”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: If Sona could smile he would, he sighed once and looked at the young girl who was trying to assert dominance over him. "What I mean by a human childhood is that you were a child, you got to play, you got to goof around at times.. My childhood on the other hand was way different than yours. I was kidnapped from my own village, I was tortured by my own kidnappers, both phisically and mentally. Have you ever killed someone? Or even held a weapon..?" Sona tried to explain to the little dragon girl with his dead emotionless eye was locked onto her. "Tch.. Look, I said I wouldn't try anything to let me be.." Sona said as he sighed once again. "Alright, do you know the pingy promise..?" Sona kneeled down once again and looked the little girl in the eyes. He himself didn't know why was he being so kind or why he even talked to her that much, it was probably because she was nothing but a little kid, yeah, she wasn't human and she might've been smart. But Sona has lived way more than her yet he didn't only had the knowledge, but also the experience. I guess some could say that he found this little girl amusing and her innocence cute. "Tch.. Why do you even bother talking to that brat?" The dreadful voice echoed in his head, confused yet surprised in a way. It was the first time that Sona had opened a conversation with someone else other than the voice, I guess it felt awkard for both. Sona looked at the little girl while waiting for her responce.

DivinexCB: “Oh my Dear, I do apologize for not coming around as often as I wanted to, So much stuff has been happening. I was having so much trouble with my children and Kingdom. But I do congratulate you and your partner for having two children, they are such a blessing… Until they grow up ha-ha.” She chuckled at her jest, shaking her head slightly before continuing to speak. “Tormenting the slaves I see. Well that’s a great to hear I suppose ha-ha, which should keep her on her feet. Hopefully this might help her for future references ha-ha, you never know. a Father figure every child needs.” She daren’t question about ‘Same Tasks As Always.’ It wasn’t her business to snoop around, but hopefully one day she might find out for herself. She looked over at the maid who tapped Anaya, wondering what this was about, she waited patiently for them to finish. Everest arched right eyebrow, as Anaya turned around with these beautiful garments, Red and Gold.. Her favourite colours yet, her eyes lit up brightly as she continued to smile widely. “Oh my Goodness Anaya… Thank you so much.. These are absolutely stunning.”

Anaya: “i have killed many people, i eat humans and other things mommy brings home, sometimes her and father bring home death things but sometimes they are still kicking and screaming and i get to kill them. And i am a weapon, why would a dragon have to hold a blade, do you even know what a dragon is?” she asked and then walked over to him took her clawed hand and grabbed his shirt “need to take off your clothing, need it gone, it is my job and you need to do as i say cus i am the princess” she scolded as she pulled on his shirt fiddling with the buttons and buckles and things holding it together if he was not going to take it off she was going to cut it off and if he made a problem she could go get mother to help her. Noki looked up at him as she made a grumped up face and put the clothing to his chest “i dont want to take your stupid clothing off for you, put this on and if you don't mother will skin you instead ok and then i will get to eat you later. I am trying to help you and you are rude and talk to much about dumb things” she was angry and it was clear in her bright blue eyes that she was and Anaya was just over at her thrones smiling looking over at her knowing full well her little grumpy girl was getting her silks in a bunch dealing with a slave boy. “yes i do hope she learns how to handle the slaves, i can see the anger on her face it must not be going overly well over there” Anaya gave a chuckle as she stood there watching from a distance the sun was comeing up the window it was almost time to eat and she was starving it would be nice to get a meal soon but she wanted Noki to deal with the slave boy first, maybe even handle her own and not run back to her mother for assitance. Anaya looked back to Everest her red eyes being framed by that snow white hair around her face. “yes her father is not the best with her he favours her brother far more then her but at least she has a father our kind is not known for our parenting skills mind you” she gave another slight chuckle as she backed up and sat in her throne “there is a rest room over behind the thrones to the left you may go change into your garments if you like and want to try them on, if they don't fit i can have the tailor do workings with them right away. We will also in the future days order you some more as well i have the finest tailors in all the lands over here to make our clothing, and as many gems as you could dream of. And if you would like to change into them later please sit on a throne, they are as much yours now as they are mine.” with a clawed hand she pushed the white hair from her eyes and leaned back to relax a bit. “i will also see to it our flags are sent to your castle for you to hang up as you please, and later if you wish i can go over the land maps with you and show you what is your lands and how far they reach”


Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona looked around to make sure no one was there to see, he then sighed once again. "Yes little one, I do know how it is to be a dragon.." He spoke quietly before raising his hands on his face, with a slight face of hesitation, Sona brushed the hair out of the way, revealing his right eye. It was non-human, the clear area was pitch black and the iris was a dark purple. The skin around his right eye had turned into purple dragon scales, the slowly but surely infected the its way to his right ear, of course, no one could normally see that since Sona's hair were in the way. "I am a dragon, in a way that is.. This is between you and me.. " Sona paused for a moment before quietly leaning closer to the young girl whispering to her ear. "I have a shadow dragon living in my shadow. My soul is one with his and as you can see, my body slowly begins to change too.. It's only a matter of time before I become like you, a dragon in a human form." With that, Sona backed off and waited to see the girl's reaction, he moved his hair back to their original position, covering the infected eye once again. "As for the clothes.. Trust me.. you don't wanna see what's the rest of my skin like.." He tried to warn the young girl, he didn't want anyone to be horrified by what was once his body.

DivinexCB: “I see, Favouring one more than the other is not really a good trait in my opinion. I had that when I was younger, I despised my siblings for that ha-ha.” With that said Everest let out a slight chuckle as she would look down at the beautiful garments. “And I would love to try it on right now actually, I’m looking forward to it.” Everest would walk behind the thrones to the rest room to change into clothing she was given, so appreciative to have such a magnificent attire. Everest took her time in the removal of her current attire, careful not to damage the beautiful fabric it was made out of. Once she was completely nude, Everest carefully fitted on the beautiful revealing  red and gold gown. This gown displayed all her curvaceous figures, The strap that attached the skirt together rested beautiful on her thick hips as it hung over her thick backside and hung over the front part, covering her areas. The top sat nicely around her midriff, giving her breasts a nice lift. She then would place the Golden head dress upon her head, adjusting her hair in a way that would suit the style of the clothing. Once she was satisfied, Everest then placed the Ruby Crown upon her head adjusting it so the crown wouldn’t slide or fall off. Once she was finished, she walked to the nearest mirror to see how her new appearance. “Oh my Goodness! It’s so beautiful!” As revealing as it was, she loved it with a passion. She ran her hands down her curvy body and chuckled, —I’m hot as hell! — She thought to herself. She bent over to pick up her dress, she looked in the mirror once again before walking out of the rest room, heading back into the throne room. She looked over to Anaya and smiled brightly, “What do you think Dearie?” after she spoke, she would let out a sweet laughter.

Anaya: Noki looked at him, looked at his eye, she did not look strange, socked baffled or anything she just looked the same and in a calm and clear voice she talked “don't tell mother what you are, or you will end up worse then a slave, she will chain you in the basement and let you rot, and that is if she does not kill you outright, shadows are darkness, mother is light, you will not stand a chance no matter how good a fighter you are. Now take off your clothing and put on the garb, you have to or she will do it for you and then she will see what and who you are herself and you will not like the outcome. I dont care what your body looks like, i dont care if you have scars from the tip of your nose to your toes, i dont care if you are half scale and half fur covered it does not matter to me, my mother wants me to do my job here in this castle witch is my home, and one day it will be my castle, so please, put on the clothing so she does not kill you due to me not being good enough to get you to put on a stupid slave toga”  Noki said her words from her heart and she ment them, all of them and for the first time in her life she sounded just like her mother, well when he mother was younger, Noki had a heart, one much larger then her mothers and she cared for the people here, even the dumb slave boy that talked to much and talked about stupid things she did not care to understand. She held out the slave toga and took his hand in her own and them put the garment in his hand forcing him to take it “look, you have to put this one, if you don't you are going to die, the choice is up to you but if you don't do it i am not helping you get out of it” Anaya looked to Everest dressed in her fine clothing as she smiled brightly “they look amazing on you my dear, they fit flawlessly, i do hope they are not overly revealing for your liking, i don't like overly covering clothing myself so most of the castles garments are rather showing” it was truth all the way dragons hated clothing by dafault, most viewed it as a human thing to even have anything covering your body, so alot of dragons even in human form walked around nude or in lose fitted clothing or clothing that left very little to the imagination. In the background at one of the pillars stood Samuel over by the dinning hall doors his eyes not on his wife but on the new hunk of meat that was dressed in family garments, you leave for what a couple morning hours and someone new had come into the castle and taken up place in the family. He would see who this was later but for now he was keeping his ear out for Ryu in the dinning hall and watching from a far.  

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona sighed and took the dirty rags. "Ehh.. Fine.. I don't really like the idea of wearing these since I consider them.. Extra." Once Sona said that, he walked his way out of the Queen's line of vision and motioned the young girl to stay quiet. He then snap his finger as he started sinking into his own shadow. "I'll be back in a second.." He spoke quietly right before he got entirely consumed by his own shadow. A few moments of pure silence went by, after that, Sona erupted from his own shadow, now wearing the rags instead of his casual clothes, he made sure that every spot the had to be covered was covered, but the chains were gone. "Oops.. I forgot about these toys.." Sona spoke quietly before kneeling down and reaching his hand in his shadow only to pull it out with the chains in his hand, he then quickly chained himself up right he was before and shrugged his shoulders before deciding to give another one of these 'lessons' of his to the young girl. "Also, do not be fooled.. Darkness is not evil nor unholy.. Darkness was created to balance the light.. It's like good and evil. But this time, there is no evil.. Everyone just loves the light because it's easier to accept it.. No one could trust something that they could not see.. To trully understand Darkness, you need to open your heart, not your eyes." With that, Sona nodded, for some reason his mask was still on, he seemed like he refused to take it off.

DivinexCB: “My Darling this is absolutely perfect, I myself hate wearing non-revealing clothing, and I like to feel free. I feel so flawless ” She blushed deeply as she admired her new clothing, feeling her soft tender skin. She felt rather vain at this point in time, she felt like worshipping her curvaceous body “And I agree with you completely on that note Ana, I personally feel a lot of humans now-a-days are horrendously senseless. Humans say we are horrific beings, and yet they do worse than us, pfft Hypocrites.” She rolled her eyes after her statement which truly seemed to bother her, but then she turned her head to the male who seemed to be eyeing her. She cocked her head to the side and eyed the man from head to toe, “Staring isn’t very polite Samuel.” She didn’t feel intimidated nor did she feel unease. It slightly disgusted her that Samuel, Anaya’s husband, would be looking at other women, she simply rolled her eyes once again before turning her attention back onto Anaya. “Anyways Sister, Thank you so much for these fabulous Garments. You have amazing taste in colours as well ha-ha.” She always knew Anaya had superb taste in clothing and colours.

Anaya: Noki looked at him and shock her head back and forth “just keep everything on and do your work and things wont hurt you, come into the main area and you can do some cleaning, if there is a knock on the door you can respond to it, be nice to the guests and pleasant that is how mother likes it” she moved to walk away but paused and looked back at him “darkness may be the other half to the light but in the end the heart is of light not darkness, you don't need to open your eyes to see darkness, darkness is already there, and within all darkness there is light. Our family is both and i am with my mother in the light, not in the darkness with a slave boy” she tried to be cocky and all hopeful and bright but stern at the same time when it truth she did not mind the slave boy and almost pittyed it for being so simple and mundane. Noki hoped back over to her mother and wrapped her arms around her mother after out right running right into her chest nuzzling her face into Anaya's belly and chest. “mother i handled the slave boy all good, i made him put on his garb, he is gona clean the floors to did i do well mother did i did i?” Anaya could not help but laugh as she watched Samuel starting to make his way from the wall over to them “yes my dear girl you did great, he is all in chain and garb, that is were a slave belongs, if people kill or harm our men or home that is were they go” “the dungeon or in chain” Noki piped in as she snuggled into her mother, her tank and golden dress swaying in the air. Noki's big sea blue eyes looked over at the other female in red and gold “hi i am Noki Rose De Nure, princess of the castle, i am Anaya and Samuel's Daughter first golden dragon born in five thousand years” she said all proud her head held high. Everest smiled at her and took her hand in her own “well hi there little Noki you are so proud my darling and that you should be, i am Everest your um, new aunt, Anaya just adopted me into the family as her sister” Noki's eyes got all bright as she ran over and hugged Everest all tight “yay new family you sound hungry inside want food? There is some in the dinning hall it is almost lunch no one is gona mind” Noki took her hand and held her stand up as she walked over to the dinning hall doors and past Samuel. Sam looked over to the new as she said sister to Anaya and smiled softly “may be rude of me to stair but how can i not at one as fine as your self miss Everest” he said with a grin as she gave him a eye roll and walked past without gracing him a response. Sam gave a chuckle as the doors of the dinning hall opened up and Ryu came out a chicken leg in hand as he ate it “mother mother!” he called out mouth half full as Noki let Everest's hand go so she could go into the dinning hall on her own to get a meal. Noki turned around and grabbed the chicken leg form her brother as he yelled at her for it “NO IT IS MINE!” he screamed out as Samuel turned around and in one swift movement backhanded his daughter forcing her to drop the chicken leg and run away back to mother. Noki snarled at her father as he did the same back, one of this days they would go at it for real and the outcome would be something to see.  Sam picked up the chicken leg and gave it to his Son as Ryu went back to eating it and staying near his dad.  “Noki are you alright” Anaya said softly as she locked eyes with Sam and gave that not happy glare, then looked back to her daughter “ya i am alright mother” Noki said softly putting her head on her mothers lap as Anaya ran her fingers in her hair.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: With that said Sona sighed and quietly walked in the main hall, only to witness this small conflict between the two little kids happening. Of course, if Sona had any emotion, he'd feel bad for the little girl but alas, all he did was just give out another sigh and get to work as he grabbed a wooden broom that was located nearby and started cleaning the floor with it. "Aren't you bored already in here with these people?" The dreadful voice echoed in Sona's head as he shook his head. "No, I find them quite amusing.. Especially that little girl, she's full of emotion and energy.. And too much pride.." Sona answered to the voice, but again, to his surroundings it seemed like he was talking to himself. Honestly, not even the guards tried to bully him, wherever Sona turned to face a guard, they would simply look away or walk entirely off the room, none dared to approach him and that made him feel like he was a few ranks above them in terms of strength. Now that, that felt good, even in slave rags, none dared to mess with Sona.

Anaya: Anaya watched the slave boy cleaning and doing his work, good at least he got the hang of it, and it would be not the best life for him here let alone if Sam got eye of him, and surely he would seeing he was right there. Samuel walked over to Anaya leaned down and kissed her cheek like he had done nothing as Noki backed up and hissed at him Ryu pushing past his father and pushing into his mother getting a chicken slime covered face right into her cleavage. Anaya put her arms around him the droll and chicken goober rubbing ageinst her breasts made her feel just utterly gross. She nuzzled him softly on the head and cheek and then looked at him “did you have fun with your father fishing and playing outside my prince” she said softly pushing his black hair from his face to show his big blue eyes. “yes mother it was alot of fun playing with father, who are the new people, can i play with them?” he asked taking a bite of his chicken leg crushing the chicken bone in his teeth. “we have a new sister to the crown Ryu and no you cant play with her but the slave boy you may if you want he is the one cleaning the floor with the broom please don't damage him he is bran new and i rather not waist medical supply's on a slave” Ryu nodded as he said nothing and looked over to the slave boy in the brown toga. The man was talking to himself but Ryu did not care. Ryu started to run his feet digging into the ground as his leather armoured body started to move foreword, even in human form he was still a battering ram and with head down, spine aliened he would take no damage even if he missed and hit a wall. The ram blow would be aimed right for the dumb slave boys gut and in hopes give him a good maker you catch your breath bashing blow.  Anaya watched her son going to play with the slave boy and she was sure of things that she would have to put medical suplys on someone this morning with how Ryu played.  Samuel watched as his son moved and made the gesture to the new slave boy. Samuel's green eyes like daggers as he watched Ryu like a hawk, if the slave hurt him it would be the last time that slave cleaned a floor. Sam was more protective of his son then Anaya was and this was only due to the fact Anaya knew Samuel would protect Ryu with his very life and Anaya never really needed to place in the effort to do it. “Anaya who is the new slave, does it have a name” Sam asked not taking his eyes of them over there “never got it, or i did and did not care to hear it clearly. His name can be slave boy, he killed some of our guards this morning so that is why he is in chain” “should he not be dead?” sam asked a little shocked at his mates good nature “yes i guess but i held pitty on him and he will replace the lives he took, i dont want to pay for more men” Anaya made a good point as she ran her fingers in her daughters hair and sam left it at that watching what would happen next.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona was simply minding his own buisness, that was until he felt someone rushing towards him, he didn't even have to look, his other senses were quite sharp, he kept acting like he hadn't notice the little boy running at him. At the last second before the young boy could collide with Sona, he quickly dashed backwards, without even bothering to look at the kid as he kept his cleaning. Of course, he was expecting more trouble- but then again, he didn't have any emotions so he could not feel any fear. "Yeah that's what I'm talking about! You show that little brat who's the boss Sona." The dreadful voice echoed in Sona's mind as if it was cheering him on. Sona of course sighed. "As long as that keep you happy, suit yourself.." Sona spoke quietly with the same emotionless tone. Truth told, he wanted to get revenge for the young girl by humiliating the young spoiled boy and his father as well. Well of course he'd do it the best way possible, without anyone realising that he did it on purpose. He'd make it look like.. An accident.

Guest_Skylerlonewolf: -It was a dark day for Zer0 , yet he felt the warm spring breeze upon his fur almost as if it was the calmest it could ever be , nature denied to speak with him for his magic was almost unheard off , it was banished , a dark art ; Something that mages would go to where there was nowhere else to look for , when there was no hope nor love in their hearts. Yet Zer0 saw this power and embraced it as opportunity he saw the power to control his blood  to be something that shouldn't be ignored, he was so engulfed in his power that he almost relied on it to live. As zer0 walked though the forest after his hunting trip his wolf ears perked up almost as if hearing a familiar voice miles away from where he was , the forests silence making it easier than ever to tell that indeed that was the voice of sona , an old friend that he last saw almost a century ago back when he was still a slave of war and experimented on just so that they could try to make the best warrior they could with wolf genetics , however he did not blame humanity for his past, he knew the difference between good people and bad. Yet sometimes the bad people are the ones with a pure heart full of intention. As the last words draw clear he had already detected the perfect place where his friend could be seen , almost as if a tracker in his brain was telling him exactly were his friend was , skylar looked down at his necklace with the numbers "4903-2341-3329" which was his experiment number, however he called himself Zer0 , as he did not have a name , nor wanted one. He was simply a shadow , a lonewolf an Assassin in its vast glory. Skylar raised his tail controlling the blood in its system to almost become as hard as ice , this would usually happen whenever Zer0 was angry, his blood boiled at the thought of his old friend bieng captured once again, he could have sworn he helped all the prisoners escape, however maybe he missed the most important one off all , it had been so long ago that his memory of that time was just a mere glimpse, zer0 started jumping from shadow to shadow from the trees at an intense speed until he reached the end of the forest, he then jumped out of the shadow launching himself forward and landing on his fist facing straight towards the ground on wet melted snow afterwards facing his vision towards the castle as his demon eyes detected 2 females and 3 males , although one of them stood out , his aura glowed with power. He knew that this was his friend , he recognized it from a long time ago. His wolf ears also picked up the noise of cave trolls however , he saw no guards at the door. This to him seemed his a trap, his tail raised towards of his own head facing in front of him , his hands reaching the handle of his blades " Its go time " Zer0 smirked dashing straight forward disappearing into a black shadow before appearing almost simultaneously behind one of the trolls slicing the back of its throat , as soon as the troll turned around in rage he jumped to his shadow once again slicing the ligaments behind the trolls knees making them fall straight onto their knees causing all the kingdom to tremble with the force the mighty troll came down with , as soon as the troll hit the ground on his knees his tail was already swinging with incredible speed in an arc from behind behind him upwards straight to the back of the trolls neck coming out of his mouth impaling him. As he heard the other troll run towards him with heavy stomps on the ground zer0 drained the troll which was impaled completely off his blood until he was completely dry , the troll would manage to land a hit on him launching him straight towards the wall almost breaking it leaving his body mark on it , causing him to also drop his blades. Skylar shook his head a bit dazed but seeing a fist coming straight towards his skull ,so he ducked it and jumped behind the dead bodies shadow grabbing his blades and pressing on a certain button making spikes come out of the handles and stab straight into his hand , the blade surging with zer0's blood started to glow red around the blade almost as if it was an enchantment , he waited for the very last second as the troll was going to smash him on the ground to jump off his fist and decapitate him with both of his blades. Straight away he knew he was wasting time so he left the corpse filled with blood and stabbed his blade on the ground with a seal on it saying "Shadow Bond" in ancient letters.

CrimsonFukr: I awoke just before the sun with battle still cursing my joints. Aching muscles slowed my motion I didn’t want to move. To take such damage that even my healing ability left a lingering sensation of conflict. Constantly hunted by ignorant beast who through their hypocritical ideals seek to make the wild lands. The Mwitu have never spilled blood for the sake of entertainment, yet we find ourselves threatened in the name of a foreign god. Using the bit of my slowly returning strength I pulled my body up from the fur covering my hut. Emerging from it only to be met with stares of concern mixed with gratitude. Still I could not cleanse the dead from thought. How many more of my kind would I see put to sword? The Lycan know only as bendera (Crimson) made his away among his people. Plenty of them lived on edge never knowing when the next battle would come. Historically a peaceful people they had been forced to resort to brutality in the means of survival. Their once great blessing was now a curse. The beast now back into a corner now lived like wild dogs. Bendera would move on a fools errand to seek answers. His enemy was unknown to him so it was time to walk among the wageni. To avoid attention he would travel outside of his home land alone. Leaving every able bodied Lycan behind this burden he would shoulder alone. I knelt in front of our ancestral shrine, giving offering I would hope my past Kin would find favor in my cause. Inhaling the thick smoke of herbs filling my nostrils my eyes glowed a dark yellow. A small cub ran towards me carrying my clothing. Placing my hand to her I leaned in to kiss her forehead. “hofu si malkia wangu vijana. Muda mrefu kama mimi kuishi utakuwa salama" (fear not my young queen. As long as I live you will be safe). It was a bold declaration I couldn’t help but make. To see such a young girl understanding the need for strength and unity……It gave me hope. Taking the clothing from her, light armor to maintain my speed I made ready for my journey. The entire village would congregate around me to sing of praise in preparation of my journey. As their song echoed our divine mother brought forth my axe. Bowing before I accepted it graciously. He set off, leaving all fear and doubt behind. It would take him short of 2 hours on foot to reach his destination. Hoping to avoid fighting at all cost, his true form must stay hidden or he’d risk discovery. 9 am. He would arrive at a small town at the base of a hill. A mighty castle could be seen in the distance. Of course the ideal choice would be to go straight there but his presence would not be received will. Only a few people were awake as it was very early. The stares told him everything he needed to know. He was far from home and everyone could tell he was an outsider.


Anaya: Sam could not help but chuckle at his son being a pompous dork as normal, biteing at everything and just wanting to break everything, but then agein that is how all dragon younglings were even more so the males. And his boy could not blow fire yet so best he could do was in truth use his head. Anaya softly chuckled to seeing Ryu dork around with the slave boy  it was good practice none the less and Anaya knew not much could get Ryu down. Ryu on the other hand had ran head first into a pillar with a slam, face first into a wall, not like it slowed him down much  and if anything it just ramped him up more. Within moments the what was a human boy broke down skin turning to golden scales and blue eyes and face turning to big bright silted eyes and a muzzle of a reptile. Ryu paced back and forth his lonh forced tounge flicking out as his still scrony chicken wings wiggled on his back, he was the size of a very large plow horse and still could pack a hell of a punch but in the end he was a dragon but now was just larger and had more a chance of hitting his target then he did in human form. Ryu walked back and forth eyeing up the man with the broom, his tail held high and his head low in a mixed signal attack or play stance. Anaya could hear movement outside and then the thump and squeal of something large with the bang on the ground of that same thing, one of the trolls just got hurt, instently the red eyes of the dragon turned bright and she had vanished. With an instent the empress was outside her feet standing in the mug as the water burned into her skin, she let out a hiss, not only was there a dead troll on the yard, another dead troll but the person that did it had forced her to go outside, witch was not a good thing, even more so from the sky it looked like it was going to rain.  She let out a snarl as she sported the wolf like culprit, from his actions and movements he was something of shadow base or darkness so a simple task to be rid of. In another blink she was right in front of him. A massive woman his head at her chest and his black skin put to shame by her pale white haired slender. A finger moved and a claw touched his chest softly. With the contact her voice whispered into his ear drifting in the wind. “corrupt water” she said, the simple two words started to seep from her lips into him like a virus into its host, his body would start to bubble as the water inside of his own blood started to fowl and sicken, within seconds his eyes started to bleed black goo and his ears did the same, fingers and skin starting to turn to glop and his legs were starting to rot. In one minuet his whole body had been made a sickening stinking puddle on the ground for the guards to clean and the ants to feast on. “men!” she called out as a rain drop his her face and the water started to burn into her skin. “clean up the mess of this muk and the dead troll as well, we are left now with only five trolls, and we cant order more, till summer barry this one, in a real grave with head stone. i did like him wondering the yard” the one guard who watched the whole thing watched anaya turn around and head back to being under a roof, she never had to do much never needed to waist more energy an she saw as needed, it was like she did nothing, she just...touched him, and then it was all over, the guard knew she had the touch of death spell but that was not how it acted at all, touch of death was a easy death you just had a heart attack and died, that was so fowl so malice so not like anaya at all. “yes me lady will do so fast, and blood is cleaned off the step to and it gona rain clean the rest ye” he said trying to sound happy, she payed him no mind and ignored his words walking back to the castle and into the doors. She shut the doors behind her so the rain would not seep into the halls and the water would stay outside. Her small feet never having anything on made blue blood prints over the floor “slave boy clean this up, Ryu allow the slave boy to work” Anaya scolded angerly as she made her way to her throne her in pain feet slowly healing as she went.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona stared at the young buy that had now grown in size, revealing it's dragon form. "To easy.. are you gonna come at me or what?" Sona spoke quietly before motioning the young dragon to rush at him. The size didn't matter one bit, Sona was still able to evade the young male with ease. As the Queen ordered him to go and clean the blood stains, Sona sighed. "You can call me Sona you know.." He spoke quietly as he made his way to the blood stains, as he started cleaning them up, he turned to look at the young dragon for a moment and motioned him to come at him, it was as if he was challenging the young and foolish drake, unlike his sister, this young little fella was quite the dump one, it'd be so much easier for Sona to mess with him and take revenge for the young girl who got slapped for no reason, although, the kid was but a simple bait, what Sona was really trying to do, was to enrage the father. It wouldn't be really hard since he was watching his son like a hawk, that indicated that the father was quite the protective one. "Hey kiddo, I taught you how to kill dragons for a reason you know, kill the mother and the father, then the two young ones will be a piece of cake." The dreadful voice echoed in his Sona's mind, trying to tempt him, but of course Sona shook his head once again. "If I wanted them dead I would've killed them long ago, or at least tried to." Sona answered to the voice quietly as he kept cleaning the blood stains off the floor.

CrimsonFukr: The Journey had left me tired. At the base of mu belly I could feel the hunger for blood and meat swell. The recent conflict had given him the taste for human flesh. A forbidden fruit he dedicated his life to avoiding in fear of lust. Looking at the surrounding people some now opening their doors he could smell their sweet scent. It was driving him mad. Clutching the few coins he had in one pouch he made his way to the inn. Throwing it to the owner he would make an odd request. “i don't want a room. I need to sleep in your Cellar. Lock me in and don't open it until night fall when the town is empty.” The request was odd but the weight of coin erased all questions. The head master lead him to a dark chamber shutting the door behind him as he stepped down. Punching the stone wall it cracked against his knuckles. His teeth began to morph into a beast like nature. Feeling his body beg for the sweet taste of blood drenched meat he began to exercise hoping to curb his cravings.

Guest_Banexia: T'hara was a thief. It was not something she took pride in, but it was something she felt must be done. As a nymph it was easy for her to sneak around, having grown up in an occasionally chaotic environment. But she had not seen the inside of her home for 5 years now and everyday the memories she had of that forest so far away began to feel like bittersweet dreams that weighed heavy on her heart. Right now, T'hara had her eyes set on a distant castle, and was making her way towards it. She had looted many castles before, only getting caught on occasion. It felt like she had rocks in her stomach, a feeling she always had right before breaking into large places. But she pushed the feeling aside, reminding herself that she had a debt to pay... and there was no time for fear, even though she was not a fighter- her ability to shrink herself and other things made escaping easy. And she had faith in her quickness. Now that she was at the castle walls, she shrunk to a minuscule size and slipped down the chimney, hiding her face from the smoke with her arm. If she could be heard, it would sound like nothing but a fly, but she had a strong magic field that could be sensed by anyone sensitive enough.

WyckedlyChaotyc: wanderings the streets of the town below the castle in the early morning was a shory, skinny girl. She was quite obviously malnourished. And riddled in bruises and wounds. Her long ears were reddened, and covered in dried blood from a series of piercings that had only been made within a week or so, and didn't look well due to the fact they hadn't been taken care of. Her clothes were torn, bloodied, and covered in mud, leaves, and whatever else decided to cling to her in her travels. Her normally bright, shining emerald hair looked dull due to the grime that had stuck to it. She looked young, but was definitely not a child. In fact, she gave off a feeling that there was more than mortal years under her belt. Due to her current state, her normally obvious feature was an easily missed one. Her eyes were a foggy green. Had they been normal, as she had always missed, they would've been a bright emerald green, pairing with her hair. But instead, her pupils were milky, blending with her clouded irises... She was blind. Despite this, it never hindered her life. She knew no life with sight, so her other senses were stronger, and she used them well. But in her current state, her other senses were weakened. She could smell, but wasn't really aware of any scents. The same can be said about the sounds around her. Her only motive was walking. She didn't know why she kepy moving. Where she was. Where she was going. She just kept going, with no real intent. Her entire focus was in her head, reliving terribling things, and telling herself to keep moving. She'd been walking through the town for what seemed hours, stumbling, and falling. Wimpering in pain. Her body protested, but she kept walking. Her feet burned, and bled in pain from the holes in her shoes, but she kept walking. A horribly putrid smell wafted towards her, but she kept walking. A sense of something big near her made itself aware, but she kept wa- THUD- She hit the castle doors. She wasn't going fast enough to bounce too hard from it, but she still crumbled to the ground in cry of white hot pain. She attempted to push herself up, but her arms shook violently in protest, and crumbled on her. She lay there in a heap on the ground, suddenly very aware that she had tears streaming down her face, for maybe hours... Days... Who knew? She was suddenly very aware that her body was done with her. She would lay here till she was found by the very people who made her into the mess. If she even survived that long..

Anaya: turning around from walking to her throne she could hear the thump on the door she just came inside now there was something at the door and the slave boy had gone off to someplace to gdo something, clean who knows, she shruged slightly as her feet were healing and her own little blood spots were fadeing away with each step.  Softly on tender feet she walked over to the door way and opened the door to see a little unknown person laying there on the ground “poor thing” Anaya said softly. Reaching down Anaya standing seven foot two like normal picked the girl up in her arms, blood still on Anaya's hands and fingers and carried her inside. “can you talk?” she said softly as she walked into the throne area Noki wide eyed and watching her mother carrying a stranger like one would carry a baby. Noki needed to put her nose into things like this and right away the girl was there, her big eyes looking at the child anaya was holding “what is it, can we keep it, what is it mother, can i eat it” she said softly as she sniffed around “i dont know Noki and enough let me handle things go sit down” anaya scolded her daughter Ryu not paying any mind as his toy had walked away and skunkoff into another room wall he wanted to play with it. Ryu changed back into his humanic form all nude and walked around going to his father and punching his father in the arm “look at me dad i am a naked human” he made a stupid face as Samuel laughed at him and pushed him over slightly”put something on your body boy, you will offend someone” Sam looked up he could feel something but had no idea what it was, there was a magical presence that had slunk in but he did not care much to do anything about it as of yet.

Guest_Banexia: At first, T'hara heard nothing but quiet murmurs from the far side of the castle. It was hard for her to calculate how many people were inside but she assumed that they weren't close enough to notice her. Her tiny wings were fast, like a hummingbird, and they carried her gracefully atop the fireplace where she peeked around the room from behind a lit candle. "Scrolls.. everywhere..." She whisphered, her voice easily covered by the crackling and pops of the fire beneath her. Her eyes traveled every corner of the room, scrolls.. more scrolls.. and walls filled with books. T'hara had no interest in any of the things in here.. Although, she recalled a man from a different kingdom she visited saying he was interested in books that contained any ancient spells, and would buy them for a generous price. "I wonder if-" THUD. the bang from the doors vibrated the walls and shook T'hara's little ear drums. She fell back with a cry, and the candle rocked back and forth menacingly, causing T'hara to grab for it, "Clumsy!" she scolded, but once she felt hot wax drip onto her hand she let it go out of instinct. As the candle was falling, T'hara was rushing to the other end of the room, looking over her shoulder in horror. Lucky for her, the flame went out when it hit the ground. But the rattling from the impact made her eardrums shake again, and she knew that if anyone was close by they would have heard it. There was an opening between two books on the highest shelf and she wedged herself between them, but there was so much dust she had to hid her face in her hands once again. Her heart was pounding, and her body shook anxiously. Bringing a hand to her chest, T'hara did her best to slow her breathing. The more fearful she felt, the stronger her energy field would be- and the higher her chances of being caught and squished like a flea. The thought made her heart beat faster. "They'll probably think it was a draft.. no one can see you. No one can hear.." T'hara said to herself, then looked at the candle stick and growled a bit, smacking her head a few times, "Stupid! Stupid, stupid...!"T'hara drew in sharply. She HAD to gather herself. She decided to stay between the books at the top of the shelf and wait before making her next move.

WyckedlyChaotyc: She felt a presence, and tensed as much as her body could when she felt hands on her.. It was not the touch she was expecting. It was gentle, careful. She felt herself being lifted up, into the arms of someone... Something. The being was tall. That much she could tell. But almost everything in this world seemed tall to her, since she only stood at 4'8. It wasn't surprising that she was often mistaken as a child. And compared to the age of which her kind lived, she was still quite young. She heard the voice, but it took her a moment to comprehend what she was saying. "Yes.." Her voice was soft, weak. She attempted to focus on her body, she had grown so used to the pain that it felt like a consistent throbbing from head to toe. And she couldn't seem to move... Well.. Anything except her unseeing eyes. She just lay limp in the strangers arms, not sure what she should feel. Afraid? Happy? Sad? Everything in her head was stuck in a seeming fog, which made it too hard to focus on anything. And was unsettling for her, considering the only time she considered herself to be able to see was when she was in her head. She didn't have the mind of a normal person. She had a visual world there. Her own little get away. But she couldn't find it. Couldn't escape. So, she felt lost in more than one way. "Where.... Who..." Her dry lips opened and closed, as she attempting to find her words. Her ears twitched as she thought she heard something, but she was in such a state that she couldn't get a grasp on anything that was happening around her. And the twitch of her sore pierced ears sent a shock of pain which caused a wimper from her... She was aware that she must've seemed like a pathetic wounded animal, and that actually sparked a hint of annoyance... Which was somehow satisfying to her. The fact that in this moment that anything from her normal personality would surface meant that she would eventually be okay... Or so she hoped.

Anaya: The thump of the candle stick had drawn his attention Ryu was now up and walking to were the candle had fallen, candles don't fall over on there own, something hit it, must have, and he could feel something was about, maybe a nymph or a gnome or something hidden someplace or a large spider made it up form the dungeons and was making a mess of things. Ryu started to sniff the air like a dog being drawn over by the smell of life and breath he went to the book shelf, why there was nothing here but he kept sniffing the books so much dust in them it went up his nose and with that he let out a sneeze spraying slobber and nose mucus all over the place. He took a finger and tried to rub it off some of the books in the shelf but only was making things worse, and then he started taking books out of the shelf from the far end of it over to the centre (were i do think the little one is hiding in the books XD) anaya looked over to her son taking books from the shelves and cleaning them then putting it back one after another “what are you doing Ryu?” she called out “nothing mom thought i smelled something!” he called back as he kept doing what he was doing.  Anaya got to her throne and sat down with the girl in her arms, it was good the girl could talk and hear her voice, that was a good sign “you are hurt badly, i will heal you and it will be alright, may even get your eyes back” Anaya could bring back lost sight or even bring eyes to be healed if one was born with the defect, she had the healing ability to do so, it just depended how long this girl would allow her to be held in Anaya's arms. But it was not a bad embrace for sure. Within moments Anaya started to warm her body making her feel motherly and welcoming, a soothing to the girl to help her stay still and not struggle so she would not wiggle away or worse hurt herself more. With the warming came this beautiful blue glow around Anaya's arms, her magical ability's were a nice warm blue even when doing things that were not so nice it always was this blue glow. “so what is your name little one” Anaya said softly as she started to heal the girl slowly as the girl layed in her arms, starting with the most recent wounds and then working its way to the wounds that were left there longer. Old broken bones, health defects, scars and even birth born defects would all fade as long as the girl allowed the healing to work.

Guest_Banexia: T'hara could hear and feel the vibrations of footsteps coming closer to her, and shimmied her way to the very back, trying her best to make her way behind the small spaces behind the books. That was when she heard the sniffling, it sounded likesome kind of beast from T'hara's current perspective, and her heart began to flutter rapidly once again. But her thoughts were together now. She knew that she could only shrink to be smaller than a flea (She was the size of a large house fly now) but could only sustain it for about a minute before going up another size, but she had to make the decision quick. There was a tiny light as she changed but at the same time she shrank, there was a loud howl and she was covered in something sticky that caused her to be pinned to the side of one of the books. "Ick.." She lifted one of her arms from the wood and tasted a little vomit in the back of her throat.. The gooey stuff smelled, and now the creature was shrieking and taking books out and ptting them back, which sounded like boulders being dropped to her. They kept getting closer, but T'hara was now small enough to make an evade the books, rushed to the farthest end, and made a quick escape down the edge of the large library. As what she could now see to be a small boy-creature continued to search the case, T'hara was no hiding underneath a chair behind one of the pegs. Then something caught her eye, an extremely tall woman holding a small child that smelled like sickness and blood.. she felt guilty for a moment, but right now she had to focus on not being squished... or eaten.

WyckedlyChaotyc: She felt warmth against her body, and overall just a good feeling. Relief began flooding her, and she felt a return of mobility, but she stayed still, and closed her eyes. For she hadn't felt this relaxed.. And safe... In gods knows how long... Too long. It was in this moment that she could be dying, and wouldn't even care. For she had pushed through horror, and agony, and nightmares for so long, that she just didn't care. Though she didn't believe she was dying. She doubted you'd gain back clear thoughts in the moment of death. In her head, the fog was clearing. Revealing a field, isolated by thick woods. The field held a glimering pond, and vibrent green grass, and bright flowers with one, enourmus tree in the middle of it all, that held an intricate tree house, with ladders, and a vast amount of rooms, with swings, and balconies. She smiled, unaware that she was doing it physically and not just in her own mind. She left the field, and focused on the real world, but left her eyes closed in comfort. "Inari." She said softly.. But not because she found it hard to speak, but because she was relaxed... A sudden fear peaked inside her.. Why was she so relaxed? She didn't know where she was, or whose arms she was in. She could be in extreme danger and here she was laying here letting it happen... But she pushed the thought away. Even if she was in bad situation she needed healed. And it couldn't be any worse a situation, right? So, she made herself stay calm, keeping a promise that she'd figure things out when she was better."And I'm not little...." She complained, but it didn't come out harshly. More matter-of-fact.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: -Scarlet, with her hair in a loose braid, was starting her day very differently in the kitchen part of the castle, she had actually switch places with the obsessed maid earlier today, and she used her spell casting powers on both of them to pull off the stunt, all scarlet had to do was pull the maid in a quiet area of the castle when no one was around and change both their features, “You want to be like me so badly. Then have a go at my life as a royal”, Of course she thought of this idea right after the maid had snuck into her room early in the morning when she was outside hunting near the castle lands, Scarlet gave the maid a purple and black dress to wear before she used her powers to make the maid look like Scarlet with a soft heart shaped face, earth brown eyes, and dark bronze hair with those messy tips, Scarlet made her face diamond shaped with dark eyes and black hair before they began their day, “I’ll make sure to treat your life like gold,” The maid said as she made her way to the main room, Now Scarlet was in the place of the maid making sure that everything was spotless, and the maid was now sitting in Scarlet’s royal seat watching everyone and everything that was in the room, She set her sights on the girl that was being carried by the leader of the clan that Scarlet was part of, “perhaps I should suggest…wait. That would give myself away if I do that.” The maid thought to herself knowing that Scarlet would volunteer immediately if she saw that someone was hurt in front of her instead of sending them to another, She breathed a sigh of relief as the sister of Scarlet sat with the girl in her arms, the maid silently watched with a concerned look for the girl, “will she be alright?” She quietly said before hiding her face, the maid knows that Scarlet would do the same thing because of her…little problem -

Anaya: “Ryu enough of that go into the kitchen it is high noon and get your lunch, stop messing with the book shelves” “but mother there is something here, fine” food mattered more then finding what ever was here for the boy and with a grunt he tromped over to the dinning room fliping over a chair along the way out of anger to his mother. Anaya gave a scolding look as she gave a snort and then He was gone and she shook her head back andd forth softly “sam he is so much like you it is scary. ” Sam gave a grumble as he nodded “ya he is” Anaya could not help but smile and look down at the little thing in her arms, it reminded her of when the children were young rocking them back and forth to sleep in her wings or clawed arms, caring for them and making sure all the bumps and bruises were gone. And smiled and leaned back in her chair holding the girl to her chest safe and warm “well Inari you are safe now, i promise, i will keep you safe” Anaya's voice was so soft so relaxed and calm it was impossible to tell just moments before she had killed a man, turned a man into a meer puddle of glop on the front step. She started to lightly hum a song it was smooth and simple just a nice couple beats to it but it al flowed together, not only was Anaya healing the girl but she was also getting her energy back as the sun had hit the sun window and she was soaking in the rays and replenishing herself as well as the girl.

Softly geting up from her throne anaya moved along and with the girl huming to herself she made her way to the medical wing of the castle to alow the girl to rest and finish her healing the girl to make sure she was put back together like a broken doll needing to be mended. "it will be alright" she saod softly as she made her way and with the girl in hand and noki at her heel vanished behind the door to the east medical wing of the castle.


TacoSmash: The cold wind drifts by, as the sounds of armor clanking and horse galloping through the small town. Zuna has on what his body looks like though his horse having the same material of armor on as well, his horse having armor around the sides of his body and on the sides of his face. Zuna pulls his horse back to slow down seeing a few trolls Wondering around the castle he is heading too. He bites his lip but holds fast. He thinks "if I attack, they'll think I am an enemy but if the trolls attack, what will I do?" He is here to find a refuge, a home, a job and to make allies. Approaching the steps slowly with his horse, he throws one leg off while the other is on the hitch of his horse then sliding down to step on the snowy surface. "Alright, Luna. You know horses aren't allowed inside castles so don't make any trouble while I'm inside. You can wonder these lands and find friends as I am doing. Be safe, I love you." He strokes Luna's mane and then faces the steps of the castle. Taking a few steps, he smells blood, gazing down at his boots, then lifting his foot up to see that there is blood on the steps. He thinks while sighing "another bad omen.. maybe I should turn back but maybe those people need my help.. hopefully I don't die." Instead of knocking, he wonders if the doors are already open. Sliding his fingers in between the cracks of the door, he opens them slowly. As he does, the door begins to open itself. Raising an eyebrow, his drow instincts start to kick in. He isn't afraid. Leaving the door open, he crouches and then sneaks down the hallway to see what was in the castle. Taking the way that seems like the main hall Before doing what he is thinking of doing while he sighs. "... this is not in my blood to do so. there is a first in everything." He takes a deep breath and lets out a loud, thundering yell. "I am no enemy but I am here to be of assistance! Is there anyone in this castle to help me“ He unstraps his belt of weapons and drops it at the magical barrier holding him back from the main hall so that if anyone hears him, knows he is not threat even being the drow. He despises stereotypes seeing that he has never been to his homeland. He keeps his face covered though. He doesn't like his whole face being seen since he has scars that are horrific to look at.

DivinexCB: Everest was relaxing restfully on the red upholster couch which was located in the library, She leaned her back against the left armrest and raised her legs to rest them on the right armrest, she had a thick large book in her right hand and a glass of brandy in the other hand. “Mmmm” Wow did she enjoy resting, something she was always good at ha-ha. She could sit like this for hours and read this wonderful detailed book. But then, her ears started to twitch as she heard some odd sounds that where coming from the main hall, she arched her right eyebrow in confusion but also in inquisitiveness. Her Sister, Anaya DeLaRose –Queen of the Iron Dynasty, wouldn’t be home for a couple of hours, but the fragrance that came from the main hall was rather unacquainted. She stood up from the couch, slightly annoyed at the fact that something or someone was interrupting her ‘quiet time’ as others would call it. She closed the book quietly and placed the glass of brandy on top of the book before silently making her way to the pillar right beside the thrones. She peeked her eyes out, still being unnoticed as she would examine this figure. It was a male who was wearing Armour, —normally when men or women wear armour, they aim to attack. But I could be wrong.— She thought to herself. She cleared her throat after she heard the man yelling, “Don’t need to be so loud. My ears were about to pop.” With that being said she walked out from behind the pillar and headed towards the male. She was hardly covered in clothing, the attire she had on showed every curve of her beautiful body. Her face looked just like an angel, soft and perfectly shaped, her skin was blemish-free and softer than a baby’s bottom.

TacoSmash: Zuna's ears went up as he heard a voice of a lady. He concentrates on her movements as he notices her hiding, being a drow, his hearing his very extensive compared to a human-being. As she walks out of her hiding place and looks at him, he gazes at her, his eyes can't help but to look from her toes to her face. Shaking his head while clinching his eyelids together, getting himself together, he touches the barrier with his finger tips, as it burns them. "... i don't normally yell though i heard no one that was here and usually I can hear through out a whole castle. I am Sir Zuna Draconis Rhein, of the ancient Rhein family blood line. It is nice to formally introduce myself.. I only bow.. but I do not shake hands..." he awaits a response while he tries to concentrate on just her face, seeing as she barely has clothes on.

DivinexCB: She noticed that at first the male was staring at her body, which made her chuckle a bit. “There you go Sir, Feel free to sit down on the couches. There is a library behind the thrones if you like to read. Just don’t touch my brandy and my book, thank you.” A soft smile curled on her pale pink lips as she would bow her head just before turning around and started to walk to the library, her bottom would jiggle a bit each time she took a step. “I’m Everest Lilith DeLaRose, Pleasure to meet you by the way.” She spoke softly just before disappearing into the library, —Brandy. Brandy. Brandy. Oh come to me darling.— She thought to herself as she quickly picked up the glass and smiled cheerfully. She always adored her liquor beverages like no other, Some said she was an alcoholic, when people said that to her, she merely showed them her happy finger.

TacoSmash: As she walked closer to the woman, his eyes would wonder down at her breasts then quickly back up to her eyes as she spoke. When she bowed, he bowed in return and his ears opened more to listen to what she said as she walked away. He gazed down and up her body as it was flawless to him. He clinched his eyes, following her and thinks to himself "it's been a long time since I've seen a woman worthy of me.." he slaps himself on the side of his head and thinks more "stop it, you hopeless romantic. Alone is the best place for you. Respect, respect, respect... you previous fool." As he fights himself within his mind, he notices she spoke about alcohol and reading. As he speaks, his accent is a strong ancient one "I know you notice me looking at you, though I will try my hardest not too. I will release this thought toward you by just simply saying as any other would. You are flawless in your appearance, Mrs DeLaRose. I will keep it at that and no more or no less. Iapologize for my wondering eyes.. it's been a long while since I've met someone with such beauty and posture. I will assume you have someone, and also assume a woman of your stature would be alone." He chuckles a little noticing her brandy and her book. "... though I am curious as to why you act as if you have no one with your brandy and your book. Why is this so, Mrs DeLaRose?" He notices the book shelf and thinks "I wonder if there is a book I've never read on this shelf.. hm." As he awaits her response, he remembers his belt of weapons he left behind. He turns to look back and see them on the floor in the main hall. Lifting his palm, his pointer finger curls toward the belt and it slides across the floor to his feet. The end of his boot, stopping his belt from moving. He turns back to her, not caring to pick up his belt so that she won't be alarmed.

DivinexCB: She found it quite funny when he tried to apologise for his wondering eyes, but yet she gained somewhat respect for him, but on a low level. She brought the rim of the glass towards her pale pink lips, tilting the head of the glass upwards as the brandy would flow into her mouth then down her throat, as she would listen to what the male has to say to her. The second that he called her Mrs Everest made her chock on the brandy, it amused her when he said that,—Mrs, means a women who is married, God... Imagine me married, HA! — Everest thought to herself before placing the glass down onto the table. “I am not married nor do I have a partner Sir, The reason being that no man could put up with this.” She spoke confidently and then let out a slight chuckle. “But first, Is there a reason for you being here Sir Zuna?” She arched her brows in curiosity as she brought the book to her chest, hugging it slightly while locking her eyes on the man as she waited for his response.

TacoSmash: Zuna smirks and then followed it by answering her question, his eyes not leaving her face again. "There is... a lot of reasons why I am here though to sum them up in one word; a home." He sighs then turns away from her while crossing his arms, his gauntlets made a 'ting' sound when he did. Silence for just one second before he spoke again. "... I am no one to judge anyone for what they do in their alone time or what they do in their lives. My past is... very dark and blurry but I am a changed drow and have turned from my savage ways." He let's out a deep sigh as he flicks up his belt with his boot, grabbing his belt then placing it around his waist as it should be. He speaks once more. "I believe when a person is made.. they are only half made... and that another person is their other half and completes them both no matter the flaws or the brokenness between the two. They are.. like puzzles pieces placed together to make a picture.. even in the darkest depths of my lonely heart, I know there is someone in the world who is my puzzle piece to complete all of my brokenness. Even you, there is someone in the world to complete the flaws and brokenness within you..." he smirks before making his remark. " ... that is, if there is any." He turns toward her and raises an eyebrow himself. "So, besides all of that. Do you think I could call this place home?"

DivinexCB: “The past remains in the past, For I too have a deep dark past. Something I shouldn’t be mentioning at this point of time for I have forgiven it and placed it further behind me so it wouldn’t bother me. But little by little your past catches up to you and bites you in the ass.” Everest spoke sadly as she gripped the book a bit tighter. “Anyways...” She shrugged off the feeling and cleared her throat. “A Family you say? Well first of all you should speak to my Sister who is the leader of this magnificent Dynasty, Her name is Anaya DeLaRose. You shall meet her soon enough, for she is quite popular now-a-days and is also quite vicious if you get on her bad side. I can arrange a meeting for you both if you’d like, If she is to accept you, You shan’t be part of this Family quite yet, You will have a roof and job, we will be testing you skills and such first before making such decision. Do you understand?” She spoke in a soft but professional tone, her throat started to ache a tad from all the talking for she rarely speaks this much. She headed towards the bookshelf to find another book to read, she placed her right back behind her back while running her left fingertips along the spine of the books.

TacoSmash: Moving his neck around in a circular motion, crackling noises within it, pop the bones in his neck, making a relaxing sigh. "That is completely understandable. I do enjoy tests and challenges and cannot wait to meet the founder of this said dynasty." He notices her moving toward the bookshelf and stays standing where he is, gazing around at the furniture and the walls around the room. "This is quite a castle, I must say. I've seen a lot.." he chuckles. "I would like that if you can arrange a meeting with your sister and I to make an acquaintance. Hopefully my drow instincts doesn't upset her." He grins. Placing his palm on the hilt of his sword to rest, with his other hand, he grabs one of the flasks from his belt, making a click noise to release it. Zuna then twists the cork of it to drink his special beverage. He whispers to himself "haven't had this in a long while." Then takes another sip, tasting the goop of pitch black liquid that had the taste of bitter black cherries and bark from a tree.

xXNotaXx: -Nota pondered on what his day would consist of as he rested on a bolder in the Death forest being surrounded 360 by trees an other bits of nature, his pupiless eyes wondered around the serinity that the scenery had to offer. As his tattooed flesh was perfectly kissed to perfection with sin, he placed a limp clawed hand over the tigers face as it starts to shift an move along his chest speaking in a monotone low brassed voice the tigers head spoke to him as if he was right there in front of him.-"Nota what is it this time, what do you need since well no one can get any rest around these parts."- The tiger sounded irritated from being woken up from his slumber as Nota's snake forked tongue slithered to the corner of his mouth when speaking.- "Well, you see Rinakumo i'm simply torn on what adventure to go on these days nothing seems appealing to me any more."- Rinakumo grind devilishly as he thought of something in mere moments, The tigers eyes glowed a bright irridesent purpil mapping out the lands further then Nota can ever fathem. The tiger spoke as if he was mentaly disconnected his voice sounded hollow but strudy like a rock in a raging river.- " I see a town in the distance along with a kingdom/castle the rested at the bottom of the hill futher from the town, go look there an leave me BE!" - Rinakumo faded into the further continuing his rest the ink faded back to the way it was, as the tiger's head layed still like a normal tattoo. As Nota rose to his feet that was protected by plan black normal footwear that can with stand his speed He darted out from the woods an down the trail beside the wood line. To the untrained eye he was a mere blur as he felt the climate change from decent weather to warm an muggy he was use to the random climate changes as he a nack for spare of the moment adventures he'd like to part take in. Beeds of sweat hazed over his flesh as his tightly form fitted blackend ripped jeans hugged his waist comfortably his enlongated scythe' hilt flapped against his back. He'd reach around to hold it from flying off. He came to the path that became before the town as he tryed to stop but instead sliding at high speeds straight through the town passing the horse's of the guards as the hill dropped off he was flung from the top. As if he was on a ski slope, now in mid air he forced his aura to give him a boost so that he could land more softly as he came back to the ground he floated to his feet like a feather caught in a patch of wind. Landing just a half mile from the door of the kingdom as he smirked with a short cackle that rumbled in his throat. He'd then let the whites of his eyes glow green, As this was a trigger switch alowing him to control the element that corrasponded with the color of his eyes. Nota plundged his left back heel into the earth below sending a ripple of mud an pure earth upwards like a wave as he surfed the wave to the front door of the kingdom becoming closer he noticed three bulky moutain trolls. His semi-still beating heart pounded in his chest hoping that the trolls never heard him coming as he wouldn't want to waist his energy on them. He lept from the wave of earth to land greatly on his feet as his feet connected with the earth below he knelt down to regain his balance. the wave stopped in dead hault an fell apart returning to the ground were it belonged. He a balled his left clawed hand into a fist knocking loud enough for the company an residence of the kingdom/castle to hear. The echo of the knock slid down the corrador as he stood there awaiting for someone to answer.-

DivinexCB: Everest shock her head ever so slightly at Zuna after he spoke while she continued to search for a pleasant book to read. Even though it looked like she wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings but in fact she was, she was more focused on her surroundings than search for some book. “Oh my sister would be so…thrilled… to meet you Sir Zuna.” Everest would let out a slight devilish laughter after she spoke, with that Everest had this…feeling… that something was slightly off but hardly showed anything, she merely shrugged a bit before turning around and facing Zuna. “I shall see when my sister is free for this... meeting… And hopefully everything goes as plan, and doesn’t end up going south.” She smiled cheekily before turning her attention to the door, —someone has arrived. — She thought to herself as she could feel that there was another presence close by, and certainly there was another scent of some being. She didn’t want to be rude and just walk away so she smiled politely to Zuna and spoke, “Excuse me for a moment, feel free to look around. And same rules apply, No touching my brandy and no touching my book.” With that being said, she placed her book beside her glass of brandy and graceful walked towards the door, once she reached half way there was a loud knock upon the Castle doors as it echoed through the corridors. Once Everest reached the doors she positioned her right hand upon the door handle, twisting it anti-clockwise then pulling the door towards her. There stood a large male, his arms covered with tattoos that shouted ‘sin’ It actually somewhat attracted her ever so slightly as she also had colourful skull tattoos on both her arms. For a couple of seconds she examined him from head to toe before speaking, “Greetings Sir, Please do come in.” She stepped aside as she would let this unknown male walk past her and into the castle. A slight breeze would enter the Castle, sending chills throughout her body due to her revealing clothing.

TacoSmash: Zuna nodded at Everest as she walked to the door. His eyes stayed on the bookshelf. From the right side of it to the left looking at every title that came across. His ears twitches upward as he heard the loud knocking, his drow instincts kicked in and his palm gripped the hilt of his sword. He whispers to himself still looking at the bookshelf. "She did say no one could handle her. So.. I'm sure if it's an enemy, she can handle herself." He walked toward the bookshelf and slid his fingers across the spines as he seen Everest do. He counted to five and then slid the fifth book he counted out, the title read 'Mysteries'. Zuna raised an eyebrow as he skimmed through the book. "I've read this." He thought, placing the book back into its original slot. He lets out a sigh, as he usually does. Turning away from the book shelf and gazed at the book Everest didn't want him to touch while placing one of his flasks he pulled out, back onto his belt. Zuna walks toward one of the many chairs in front of the thrones in the room he is in. Sliding his fingers onto the left armrest, he slowly takes a seat, placing his left leg on his right. He reaches for a black, silky bag on his belt and opens it. He pulls out a book that was thicker than Everest's book that he wasn't allowed to touch. Tying his bag back up and placing back onto his belt, he flips open his book and begins to focus on his continued reading while awaiting the visitor that has recently arrived along with Everest to approach into the room Zuna is in.

xXNotaXx: -His ears caught the sound of the hindge's of the olden doors of the castle scream when being opened. As he turned his attention to female behind those doors, he heard her supple voice emurge from her throat. As, he bowed his head as the tiger tattoo on his chest moved Renakumo spoke out of turn an spoke without discression.- " Did your slow ass get to the kingdom ye.. Oh my she's heavenly to look at."- He'd slap the tiger tattoo on his chest with applying little to no force behind it.- " Ren! what has came over you? Were you thrown as a tiger cub?- He'd shift his eyes to look down at him as he replied to him." Well, yes but thats beside the point."- Nota would rolls his pupiless eyes as he stayed fixciated on the women as he respond to her his voice was sturn yet mono toned.- "Thank you madam don't mind him he may be a tattoo but it seems his hormones get the best of him at time, an thank you for the humble welcome."- He'd slide past her taking his hand on the hilt of his scythe making sure the blade never touched her as he strode passed walking beside her down the corrador he'd look to his shadow that walked along side them as he spoke to it as if it was a real person -"Be a good dear an shut the door for the nice lady"- His shadow nodded towards him an ran down towards the door an raised its hands into the air as a huge gust of wind pulled the door from the outside closing it the shadow an ran back an refused with his essence. As he thanked him for doing the task he had asked for. As he reached the throne room were Sona an Zura rested. Renakumo spoke once more-" Wow, this place is fancy i wonder whose leg you had to hump to get this?"- Nota covered his mouth the words were slightly muffled but the point came across. Nota's cheeks turned flushed as he became irritated with Renakumo his aura wove over the tigers face forcing him to go back were he was an not poking his nose into his business.- "Bye Ren, ill call if i need you."- Ren flowed back into the further as the tattoo layed dorment once more faded black an lifeless.- "Ahh, peace an quiet at last."-He greeted everyone in the throne room bowing his head only.- Hello everyone.

DivinexCB: Everest would arch her brow as she heard this voice speak, yet it didn’t come from the male’s mouth since it was closed, it was rather peculiar to her but once the male how spoke to her and explained it was the tiger tattoo upon his chest she understand but chuckled slightly at the fact that a tattoo could talk. “It is quite alright Sir.” She responded to him as he apologised for how the tiger was behaving. “I get a lot of those comments now-a-days, but I rarely pay attention to it.” She spoke with poise and modestly, she cleared her throat silently as the male walked past her, Everest watched his every move discreetly. She wasn’t really fond of strangers around her, but yet this is a Kingdom and strangers pop by frequently. She looked at the shadow who walked along with the man, then noticed that the shadow had closed the door for her with that she would smile softly before walking behind the male. When she heard the tattoo speak about how Anaya could have gotten the Kingdom she couldn’t help but chuckle softly, “Such a lovely tattoo with such a big mouth.” She walked pasted the man when he bowed his head, “Now a proper introduction would be lovely Sir.” She headed towards Anaya’s throne and took a seat upon it, her back straight up, She raised her right leg then rested it upon her left knee as she would then place her hands upon her right knee and examine the male once again. “What might your name be and what brings you here?”

TacoSmash: Zuna looked up at the man as he greeted him. "Hello, sir. I am Zuna." He then looked back down at his book, flipping the page, he has found one of the answers to the many questions he has locked in his mind. He closed his book quickly and looked up at everyone as if a light bulb had been above his head and turned on. He thinks to himself as his facial expression was puzzled while he whispers to himself. "I've got it.." reaching for his bag on his belt, he opens it then placing his book back into the bag and back onto his belt. Raising up from his seat, he turns to the main hall and makes his way to the exit. "I must leave for now. There has been a discovery within my mind and I must meditate on it. I'll return sometime, Miss DeLaRose and it was nice meeting you, sir, on the little time that we've caught each other's aura." As he gets closer to the door, he states "oddly enough. I do not think it was my book who gave me the full answer of my thought; I think it was you, sir." He smirks and then leaves, closing the door behind him. He whistles for his horse to return to him. He hears the echoes of the galloping stead approach him. As Luna makes a snort and a few kicks to the ground, letting Zuna know she is a little upset that he took so long. Zuna strokes her mane. "I apologize Luna for taking so long but we can be off now." He places his foot onto the hilt of his horse and throws himself onto Luna. Turning her around, he kicks the sides of her, letting her know it's okay to sprint. He fades into the town and off he went.

3 Hours Later

Oculous: "A bet?" -Jysse said frowning slightly and turning his head to look towards the male that had spoke to him from the bar. He was perched on a stool that was clearly to small for someone of his height, seven foot nine inches tall, while nursing an empty glass which did at one point have vodka in it.- "Yes didn't you hear me, are you deaf as well as a criple.." -The male said gesturing to my lower legs which were made of a strong clear structure inside of while coloured wires, cogs and tubes of dark purple liquid worked with quiet hissing now and again. Jysse merily followed his gaze to his legs before looking back at him.- "No i'm not deaf." - He male sniggered before pulling out a dagger from his belt and waving it towards Jysse's face.- "Alright pretty boy i bet you fifty gold pieces i can hit that bear head between the eyes with this here dagger and you wont be able to do the same." -He smirked seeming proud of himself. Jysse honestly looked bored, he blinked slowly at the man but had decided to humour the man.- "We'll see.. go ahead strike the very hidous decoration." -The man huffed and did as he said he would, the dagger hit and stuck between the eyes of the bears head. Jysse clapped sarcastically and raised his eyebrows in an expression of mock surprise.- "Oh well done indeed" -He said before looking down at the leather medical belt he wore and produced a scaple from one of the pockets, he uncapped the new blade. He narrowed his bright yellowish-green eyes at the dagger in the bears head and threw the scaple like a dart. The blade struck the hilt of the dagger and dug deep into the wood of the hilt. The man stared at the scaple in the dagger. Jysse sat back and drank the last of the vodka from the bottle on the table before standing, his metal feet tapping against the stone floor.- "Keep your money. Don't challenge criples in future they may surprise you." -He said before leaving the tavern briskly. Making his way through the town quietly he looked towards the castle, once he reached the castle he walked up the steps to the front doors. He raised a slender gloved hand and knocked three times on the door before lowering his hand. He was a strange looking fellow, tall but slender in build much like a dancer or gymnast. His silver toned skin and white hair shone slightly in the spring sunlight, his greenish yellow eyes glinting behind his glasses as he waited.-

DivinexCB: Everest darted towards the door, “Oh my god... A Guest.” She started to panic as she jolted up from the couch, almost falling over as she could hardly keep her balance. “I look disgusting. Oof… And smell…” She quickly headed towards the windows in the library, opening them up all the way letting the cool breeze through and freshening up the area, after that she quickly started to pick up the broken glass that was shattered by the couch she passed out on. “I’m coming!” She yelled loudly hoping the visitor would hear her, she hardly focused on being careful with the glass therefor she accidently cut her fingers, “Shit.” She pulled her hands back and shivered slightly as she was not one to get hurt that often, Everest shrugged it off as she finished picking up the glass then throwing it in the dustpan. She would quickly find the nearest body odour spray, before immediately spraying her body to get rid of the booze scent upon her body. “This will have to do.” She ran towards the door, not wanting to keep the visitor waiting much longer, once she reached the door she positioned her right hand upon the handle of the door, twisting it anti-clockwise then pulling it towards her. The first thing she noticed once upon opening the door was the visitors legs, she stared down at it for a couple of seconds before darting her eyes up the visitors body before assuming the visitors sex. Everest examined the visitor’s body and saw that the visitor was a male, she looked up at the male’s facial features, His eyes were stunning and so was his build. A soft smile creeped upon her pale pink lips, “Welcome Sir, Please come in.” She stepped aside so the male could walk past, her hand remained on the handle while she moved her left hand towards her hip.

Oculous: -Jysse looked to his left upon hearing a shout, his pointed ears wiggling in his hair.- Hm.. - He breathed in thought before looking back at the door as it opened and looked down towards the female. He sniffed briefly. Blood.. alcohol.. - Hello miss.. Oh thank you -He said as he stepped inside past her and smiled softly.- I came to visit a old friend of mine, i am a .. sort of member of her dynasty. -He said softly as he looked around before looking back at her.- But it is nice to meet you, what is your name? -He held out a slender gloved hand for her to shake as he asked her name.-

DivinexCB: She already knew by the look on his face that he could smell the blood and alcohol on her, hell even she could still smell it. Her eyes remained on his legs as he would walk past her with that she closed the door once he was in just before she would look at him, Everest quickly brushed her bleeding fingers against her revealing red and black gown. “I’m assuming you are looking for my Sister then, Anaya?” She questioned the male while extending her left hand out towards his gloved hand, gripping his hand gently with a smile. “The name is Everest Lilith DeLaRose, The pleasure is all mine Mister ….?” She tilted her head ever so slightly to the right as the smile remained on her lip. Locking her eyes onto his, keeping eye contact while talking to someone is vitally important, it showed that she had manners and respect for the other person. Her back remained straight and poised, trying to keep his mind off of her disgusting appearance and the dreadfulness whiff.

Oculous: -Jysse looked quite young, one would say no more than late twentys in human years but his eyes looked much older, they had a hanging heavy sense of years within them, as if staring at them to long would reveal some tragic and lengthy back story. He gripped her hand firmly but with care and shook it gently before letting go and put his hands into his trouser pockets.- "Yes, Anaya.. we are sort of friends, i drop by sometimes to bug her and make sure she's still alive because i care to much." -He said humourously before looking around the room curiously then back at her, locking eyes with her.- "Oh how rude of me, my name is Dr Jysse Darkhart i reign from Serpents Vale in Underland, quite far from here indeed." -He pulled his hair around over his left shoulder before pushing it back over his shoulder so it was out of his face before adjusting his glasses.- "I noticed you looking at my legs, its ok to do so i'm not offended, i spent long enough making them better and better plus curiousity is good for the soul."

Guest_mrphenex: -he started to walk into this big castle the was full with gaurds and ppl all walking around he felt a little nervous he sighed looking around as he was alone and lost after he lost the way to his home as he was kidnapped and hurt then he found hisself thrown in here then he sighed heavily kept walking into the doors as some gaurd stopped him with his sword and i looked at him pushing he sword away- im no harm...u don't need to do that just let me go inside im lost and i am looking for some help...-the gaurd growled and pushed me into the ground and pointed his sword at me and yells- you don't know who you talking to or where you are kid! -i grolwed- dont call me a not a kid...i just been lost and i was kidnapped and hurt and i need help! damn u need to let me see the queen i know she might help me! -i stood up again but backing away a little from him staring at him with anger- if u don't let me in i will yell at the queen and make your queen thinks your doing you job in bad way! just let me in...-he sighed and lets me get in as i smiles and gets in looking around smiling looking at the castle style it was so amazing and like ontehr world from the dirty natrual out there as he kept walkling insdie looking for someone to help him-

DivinexCB: -She admired the man’s eyes like no other, it was quite a sight to her. Everest chuckled softly at his humorous statement, “Well I do apologise for she isn’t here at this moment, I’m the only one here for now and I’m the one in charge.” She placed her hand against her chest as she spoke proudly, most people found it funny when she acted up like this, not a lot of people had faith in her when it comes to taking charge of something, and most certainly don’t believe she could take charge of a whole Kingdom. “Doctor hey? Well Doctor Jysse, I need a consultation for these poor fingers of mine that are determined to bleed a river.” She said humorously, trying to make a joke out of her own pains she is currently having, one thing that was weird about her is she couldn’t heal herself but could heal others. Once he brought up the leg story she instantly felt embarrassed but also in a way felt privileged to even have legs, “I am truly sorry for staring, I never do that but I’m just so astonished at how amazing they look An—“She could barely finish her sentence due to the fact that all they could hear was people shouting, sounded like two men going at each other. Then suddenly a male just walked inside without knocking, showing that there was no manners in that boy. “Excuse me for a moment Doctor Jysse.” She bowed her head before turning her attention to the unknown man who just walked in, she folded her arms as she had a stern look on her face. “Excuse me, But May I help you?”

Guest_mrphenex: -he looked over at the girl who just popped out into him he looked up and down at her with her red bloody charming dress her floating brown soft hair her scarlet glowing eyes smiling softly blushes a bit to myself looking down in shyness the looks up at her and bows to her softly kissing her hand smiles as he started speaking to her- im so sorry my lady if I was such an announcement to was just trapped and kidnapped and then dropped into here without knowing where I am so I needed some sorry if my walk in was without any was just some problem on the door that annoyed me I apologize -bows again to her-


Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: All done, the whole palace was clean and Sona could finally relax and wander around, though it had come to his attention that the Queen's so-called 'sister' and an unknown young man were talking. As Sona took his time to analyze the situation, he realized that the young female was drunk and that there was probably a misunderstanding. "I suppose it's your job to stop them.. slave bo-" The dreadful voice echoed in Sona's head, though it was interrupted by a loud banging noise on the door, before Sona could even face the door, a tall and bulky abomination known as a cave troll managed to break the door down. Sona's eye widens in surprise as the troll rushed its way towards the Queen's sister and the young man. "Royal, please hold these for me." Sona spoke with the same emotionless tone as he quickly sinked into his own shadow. Seconds afterwards, when Sona erupted once again from his own shadow, now free from his chains, things were not looking good, the troll already had the young man in his mouth, with a quick snap of its jaws, the troll had devoured the young man and it was already looking down at the female. "Me.. want.." A deep and slow as well as hoarse voice came out of the troll's mouth as it was about to grab the young female as well. Sona of course wouldn't let the happened, without any hesitation nor fear, he dashed towards the female, in a matter seconds, Sona had already rached his destination. With a swift movement of his left hand, he pushed the female out of the way, but in returned, he himself got caught by the troll. With his life on the line, Sona's right, covered and infected eye glew with a fading abyssal purple aura. "Fear me..." Sona spoke in  a quiet, emotionless and yet dreadful voice, once he finished his sentence, a geyser made of shadows erupted from his shadow, surprising the troll, before it even had time to react, the geyser quickly took the form of a dragon's upper body, it's eyes had the same abyssal purple colour like Sona's right eye, the shadow beast stretched its wings to fully intimidate the troll, though in terms of actual size, the troll and the shadow were equal. Right when the troll was about trying and assert it's dominance, the shadow raised its dragonic claws in the air and slammed them to the floor, opening its mouth only to release a horrific, dreadful roar, Once the roar was done, the troll quickly dropped Sona and made a run for it, it exited through the gate as Sona sighed, the shadow melted back into Sona's shadow and before anyone could come in the main hall, Sona managed to put his chains back on, grabbing his broom and making it look like the troll had just broke in, grabbed the dude and ran away. As for the Queen's  sister, well she wasn't a problem since she was so drunk that by the time she would wake up, she wouldn't remember a thing.


HuntingDog: -The day had started raining of course, unbecknownst to the people below a war had waged in the celestial plane, a great crime had been committed. Sasuno was known for his temper, often sending Tsunamis to the shores of the people below in the mortal realm. Izanagi, his father, was greatly displeased and the two fought. Miles outside the castle a loud crashed came. A small crater was what resulted from it and in the center of the crater was a man. Hours passed as this man laid there unconscious and he awoke, he awoke to his prison. He was now sealed as a mortal, stripped of his title as the god-like being of summer storms. He tried to stand but it was no use, a mortal body couldn't lift itself inside celestial armors as his. He was but a moment as he soon got out of the armor, now only to carry the stra hat and cloth arm guard with him and his katana. The rain seemed to pick up, this was a result of-of Sasuno's anger, his anger brought on terrible storms and when infuriated the winds would be like sickles and thunder would strimke frequently. He soon crawled out of the crater and took in his surroundings, he held to his bloodied left side, pain he had never felt pain of this nature and he even slowly felt time tick away on his new body. He remained still for what seemed like a life time and wiped his face of the torrential rain fall that fell hard enough to slap you. He had to find help soon or else this prison would be where his end came. He walked in what seemed like the correct direction and found a muddy road. He later found a fowl smelling puddle and a bundle of cloth. It was death and death never had a smell until now and the former god began coughing, had he ate he would of lost the contents of his stomach.- "Seems you won't be needing some of this." -He said as he began stripping away cloth from the body to form a temporary bandage. He was soon upon the village which was empty it seemed, the lights weren't on except in a few building, perhaps taverns? Regardless they were of no use and he was unsure of where a doctor would be, thats what mortal call upon to heal them right? He was unsure, this world was foreign and isolating for the former god. He saw the large castle at the top of the hill and decided it would be best to go there. He approached the gates to see two guards, they could at least direct him to a doctor but what was that noise? It sounded like snoring but was that it or was it something going on inside. He stood in front of the two guards and lifted his straw hat to look at them.- "Would either of you know where a doctor is?" -He said as he held his blood stained bandage at his side, he felt dizzy. Just what was this.-

Anaya: The umbrance of her aura was so low you hardly could feel her coming, a pale-skinned hand hit the wall as she lombered into the dining hall. Having used a large amount of energy to heal that poor girl she had carried into the dining hall, the feeling of being so diminished made her gut curl. It was foolish to waste so much on such a small girl that she did not even know, Anaya thought to herself as she lifted her head to see into the dining hall, white hair falling over her red eyes as she started to make her way into the room. There he was sitting at a table his head half hidden by a plate he was scarfing down, god even when he was a mess he made it beautiful. his stupid grease covered hair and his dumb ripped leather pants, never had a short on Samuel was great, in her own view, he was flawless as a male. Personality wise he had his broken parts that needed fixing but hey you could only brainwash so much of a person to make them just how you wanted them. As she moved to start her way to him the weakness was far to much and it brought the grand ruler to her knee on the floor. He had noticed and it was as if his plate did not even hit the table yet and he was standing there to help his mate up. “what did you get yourself into my sweet here, let me help you” he said softly taking his arm and warping it around her waist line to help her up off the floor.  “i had to heal a elven girl earlier, she was hurting bad and needed aid and I had to do it” Samuel looked at her as she talked to him, she was so strong at times, but he cared for her the same, wrapping his arms around her he held her to his chest and softly hummed a simple tune as he walked with her, dancing around that area of floor slowly and careful so she would not be swayed to much. Anaya melted into his arms as he held her, one of the reasons she kept him around was for this he could support her, in  everyday she needed him to, from supporting her needs to supporting her body in his arms, she could just relax and still be herself, the me she wanted to be she could be with him. “Samuel, why do you stay around, why do you stay here with me, hold me up when I am broken, hold me when I need it, and love me, I know you don't truly love, and you know that I don't, why do you even do it” she questioned as he stopped dead in what he was doing. Looking down at her his green eyes beamed into her own “i would kill for you, I would do anything you tell me to without even asking you why I had to do it, I would give my life to keep you save and use my own body as a umbrella from the rain for you. We may not be able to feel love you and I but there is something there be it that humanity love or just we need and use each other. You did wrong by me in the past, very wrong, and it is truth that I don't love you like I did my wife. But I hold care for you and you are my mate, you and I have two children together, golden dragon like you, children together.” “Sam you could just take your son and run from me at any point you wanted to, you don't even care for our daughter” she scolded as she looked at him still not being able to hardly support her own self due to lacking of energy.  “if I took Ryu you would hunt me down to the ends of this earth to get him back Anaya, I am your mate I am not stupid or a guard or some back stabbing fool that would kidnap a child and run for the hills. You have so little faith in me” she looked at him and stood on her own as she shock her head back and forth “i am sorry I did not mean to upset you, I am just weak is all, and I can hear a taping on the doors, I am sure the guards are letting in a guest or something I am needed in the throne room, can you join me? I could use the support” “Anaya, I would kill for you, I don't mind helping you to the throne but really you should not waist your self on the elves and humans of this land so much, I don't see why you give a shit for them like you do” he moved and they started making there way to the throne room leaving the dinning room as Samuel supported his mate the whole way. “they are just what I care for, it is my job as there ruler as there mother to protect and care for them. What kind of golden dragon would I be if I did not care for my own people, we are here to remove the evil from this world to help the people and place good in there hearts. I would not be of the divine if I turned them away like they were mud under my claws” she said it all with so much heart, she had so much heart inside that scaled body that could do so much bad at the same time as good. Anaya was a strange one for sure, she was a difference to the rest of the dragons in this world, one moment she wanted good for one, and the next she wanted to burn one she saw as evil to the ground. “you used to think like I do, you still do but will not admit it” he said as he sat beside her taking his clawed hand and lacking it with hers. “guards open the doors will you” Samuel shouted out as he looked back to Anaya who was without words to what he said last. She was bad once upon a time, and she still was in her black heart be it still black. She just did not admit it, she knew what she did was right in the eyes of the gods over head what was right in the eyes of her people. And in the end that was all that mattered.

DivinexCB: “Rain, Rain, Go away, fuck off and never come again.” Everest grumbled to herself as she sat in the kitchen with three bottles of Vodka and another three bottles of Brandy on the counter top, awaiting to be drunken. Even though Everest didn’t like to admit to being an alcoholic but truth be told she was an alcoholic for a couple years now, there is never a day that Everest was sober. Everest enjoyed intoxicating her body with booze to numb any sort of pain she would have. —Time to crack open these babies and see which one goes down the quickest.— She thought to herself as she let out a slight chuckle of amusement, Looking at the bottles and debating whether which one she should have first. After a while of huffing and puffing she decided to grab the Brandy bottle first, unscrewing the cap off before conveying the rim of the bottle towards her nostrils, getting a good whiff of the lusciousness that she was about to engulf. —mmmm— with that thought she would bring the bottle to her lips, kissing it softly and giggled. “I love you.” She tilted the end of the glass upwards as the strong scent of brandy ran down into her mouth the down her throat, giving off a minor sweltering sensation in her throat, But that didn’t bother Everest as she was used to it. It took about a minute to engulf that whole bottle, trying to set a record for the quickest time of downing a bottle. Once the bottle was finished she slammed it against the counter top and hiccupped slightly. “That was one shot, now it’s time to start the party.” She spoke to herself as she reached for another brandy bottle.

VincentKaos: Rage was covered in a heavy grime composed heavily of dirt and dried blood of various creatures as he made his way back to the gates of the castle once again. His eyes glowed intensely behind the the heavily matted and caked hair. The runes along his arms did there best to emit their perpetual glow from beneath the grim, making them faintly visble through energy fragments that semed to slip through small gaps within the filth coating his body. He would ignore the guards, not even sure what they wanted as he continued his way back into the castle. Once inside he stopped and sniffed at the air like some kind of animal. As he turned his body to trace the scent of the one he served so loyally, his new gauntlets of black and white gently tapped against one another. He took a single step, some of the dried mud flaking off into the floor as the vibrations of his steps resonated along his boots. His fauld was so heavily coated that it had lost all its flexibilty and just sat around his waist without any signs of motion. He moved slowly through the castle, trying to find his queen. His boots leaving a long trail of his steps with dirt clumps leading around the castle. His nose being unable to break through the smells clinging to his own body making him mindlessly wander around the castle, tracking the dirt everywhere he went. After leaving a sufficiently long trail he decided instead that he was more hungry and made his way to the kitchen where he then would open the larder and begin mauling a large loaf of bread with great ferocity and vigor. Once devouring it...moving to the second.

HuntingDog: -He would be taken up by the guards and helped into the castle, the guards would remove his katana of course but as soon as it was pulled off Susano's form it would pull a guard to the floor. It took four guards to lift the blade and put it away. Susano would be placed in the center of the room, he sat on the floor cross legged. His ears were ringing and his vision blurry. His side burned and bled profusely now, the makeshift bandage began to redden deeper, almost alack and red. The storm outside died down now, it was no longer quite as intense as it was as Susano couldn't be angery anymore in his current state. The two guards stood at his left and right as they awaited their orders. Susano closed his eyes, he could feel the pain dulling now after a bit of time. He was breathing heavily and the stench of blood filled the air, it was quite obvious his reason here. He didn't speak, it hurt just to breath, he could only imagine the pain if he were to speak.- "M'lLady, this stranger says he is in need of medical attention, which is obvious from his dressings. If you will allow it I will have him escorted to the infirmary and have him stitched up as you've already extended your power once." -He would stand at attention as the second guard knelt and attended to Susano who would swat at the guard.- "Unless you know what you are doing don't touch me dumbass. I am bleeding enough as is." -The guard stood back from Sasuno startled.-

Anaya: Anaya looked foreword smelling blood on the floor and seeing the man come in, she had to, she had to help him, Samuel grabbed her hand as he looked at her “if you give more then five percent of your healing to the human you will pass out” Anaya looked at him with cold red eyes as she got up from her chair “then I will give four” she said coldly as she walked over almost tripping over her own foot as she went. “i will not be able to heal it fully but at least I will heal the parts bleeding so you don't bleed out” fingers starting to glow blue she keeled, more like fell to a knee there on the floor and moved her hand to touch his side were the open bleeding mess was. The blue glow from her fingers felt so warm on the body and it moved over his body healing the outside of the hole in his side. As she looked at him her white hair fell in her face as clear pale skin and red eyes hid under it. “....there” she said softly as she started to get blurry vision herself. Samuel got up from his chair and moving over to her picked her up and held her as she was still able to see and not fully blacking out. “that is enough for the day if anyone needs more healing they can go to the fucking medical hall.” he cage a scowl to the hurt boy, even if it was not his fault did people have to come here right now hurting and needing aid, Anaya could not help herself it was just who she was and if it looked human she just had to help it. “are you healed enough for now boy” Samuel snapped as his green eyes were as if on fire looking down at the boy. He could smell that old guard that was here a while ago, what was the big guys name, fuck, rage “Rage come here!!” Samuel called out in that kings orders voice. Anaya needed aid and she would be able to regain her own energy herself but she just needed a person to hold her and make  sure she did not get up again to be dumb in her need to help people humans or elven he needed a person to just hold her down, and needed it to be someone strong enough to do so, and with how feeble minded the guards here were rage was he would think the only one around that may be able to do it. And with there queen as weak as she was in truth a feeble guard could do it to.

DivinexCB: Everest grabbed the second brandy bottle in one swift motion, like as if she was hungry for it, which was highly true though. She popped open the cap then started to guzzle down the whole bottle in a couple of swallows, the tears already started to run down her pink tinted cheeks due to the fact that the scorching sensation in her throat got worse by the minute, but she hardly was concerned of such thing. No-one would take her liquor away from Everest, she would put up fight like how an alpha would fight to protect his pack. Once engulfing the whole bottle Everest didn’t take a breath and started to pop open the third bottle, but this time she took sips… Her sipping was no ordinary normal sip like others would, NOOO her sip meant a large mouthful then a breather then another ‘sip’ until the bottle was finished. —Vodka time. — She thought to herself as she finished the second bottle in a three minutes. It progressively got worse as she then began to pop open the Vodka train, already she intoxicated her body with three bottles of Brandy, now adding Vodka. Just as she was about to pop open the Vodka train, Everest fell onto her bottom due to her balance had been fucked from the booze, thus causing her head to fog up then formed a massive headache. After a couple of seconds Everest’s body gave up as she immediately passed out of the floor as the vodka bottle she once had rolled out of her hand and onto the floor.

VincentKaos: His ear twitched violently as a voiced echoed out his name. He rose up slowly and snatched another loaf of bread from the larder and turned on his heal bolting from the room. The forced of his steps thudding through the halls as he launched with just enough force he wouldn't actually make noticeable cracks into the floor. While lifting his arms to run he would bite viciously into the bread. Swallowing large chunks of the food as he slid to a stop to notice the surroundings. His eyes scanned to notice his queen weakened, her mate holding her and an injured warrior upon the ground. His muscles tensed as he dropped the half loaf to the ground and snatched off the gauntlets slamming them on and punching his fist together to send a clang around him. "Did he harm my queen?!" His natural motions was to throw himself to be in front of the royals. His filthy body tense as he stood as a tower shield before them awaiting the words to strike. The grime upon his arms rapidly broke off as his energy and renewed stamina from the...decent...number of breads refueled his body. His gaze was on the king, though he hadn't met him much he knew ignoring his orders would be more of a hinder upon the situation. He was still the same eager berserker as before, ready to brawl at a blink. He breathed with heavy, eager pants. A more primal attitude flowing around him, showing him still to react more of a trained beast than a man.

HuntingDog: -He would hear the man's words, royal or not Susano was not good at holding back his temper.- "What did you say!?" -He asked the king angerily as he stood and another man stood before him.- "Oh so you wanna start shite too huh!?" -He was almost his old self. He went to draw his katana but it was not with him. He frantically looked around for it and soon saw a guard.- "You, big guy. You wait right here I will be right back and kick your sorry ass!" -He went and grabbed the guard by the collar of his shirt.- "Where. Is. It?" -The guard nervously pointed towards a hall and he dropped the guard and ran down the hall. There was a commotion as furniture was thrown, items smashed, rants ranted.- "You do not touch another man's sword without permission! Thats like touching a man';s mate without consent! Fucking mortals! Where is it!" -Maids and butler panicked and ran away before he finally found the sword. He picked it up and came back to the main hall.- "Now then!" -He went to draw the sword and...nothing. The blade would not bulge as the sheathe was made of steel and was warped from the impact.- "OH GODDAMMIT!" -He shouted as he began smashing it at the floor.- "SERIOUSLY NOT NOW!" -He continued before he swung the blade upwards, the sheathe flew up and pierce the roof. Susano rest the blade across his shoulder and spread his stance, the hilt was head in his hand and he used his left hand to motion towards the towering guard.- "I might not be fully healed but I can deal with the likes of you." -He said as he smirked.-

Anaya: Samuel moved and looked at Rage holding up the almost passing out Lady Anaya that was a limp woman in his arms. “as much as i would want you to beat the liveing shit out of this male for harming Anaya and i am sure i could lie and say he did just to make you kick his ass back out the door, it is wrong of me, no she did it to herself helping this piss ant” he took Anaya and held her out to Range Anaya moving a leg then tripping and falling into Rages arms as her red eyes looked at him “Rage it has been a long time, how are you” she said in a dazed voice not even paying attention to the other stranger and his antics. But Samuel on the other hand payed full attention , witch in this case was not a overly good thing. Samuel's head tilted at the audacity of the guest that Anaya gave her last to help and who seemed to only want to what kick there asses with a blade that he did not even had and had to go hunt for.  Sams left eye twitched as he as if in a blink moved and appeared right in front of the male, Wyverns were known for speed and Samuel being who he was was extremely fast when he wanted to be. “you, you stupid human boy, my mate, the golden dragon of this fucking land mass, the closest thing to a fucking god that we have gave her last chunk of energy to you to help heal you and what do you do with it, threaten to attack her people, threaten her king and herself after she helped you.” he was angry but he knew that Anaya would not have wanted what he was going to do next but at the same time, Anaya was all the way over there and he was over here. With a foot he arched a foot up and kicked forward to point blank smash the man in the chest. If it did hit and the little shit did not avoid it it would surely smash the blade out of his hand and send him flying back with the force of a greater red wyvern into the wall. A force hard enough to break bones, ribs and even the spine on impact. Well unless he was rather fleshy and had some pillow for impact. Witch he looked like he had a little.

VincentKaos: He turned to grasp Anaya and nodded, "Yes, My queen. I apologize for my disappearance. I am glad to say that I am back now and my task is compl--" he turned his gaze onto the man again, despite being told not to he felt his muscle tightening again only to pause his motions at the movement of Samuel. "My lord, if he wishes so eager for combat. Have him meet me in the courtyard. If he is a true warrior as he so pretends to be, he will fight me in an single combat. His blade to my fist." He moved the queen to cradle her, "First I must attend to my Queen." His eyes darted to the male with intensity and anger, "By her choice or not if this man is in any way responsible to the detrimental nature of my queen I shall show him the power of the Remembrance blood line." He would move to carry Anaya to her chambers, "And I want a bath first. Give him time to clean his little scratch so we won't be whining like the child he is when I am pounding his fragile body into the ground." His gaze moved from everyone, "Will make the burial of his pathetic corpse more simple." His voice was dark, "Then again, I can not stop you either Lord Samuel if you wish to destroy him first." Once within her chambers he would gently lay Anaya onto her bed and stand over her, still covered in grime with bread crumbs clinging to the ends of his bangs and mouth. "Do you require anything?"

HuntingDog: "No I wanted the other guy not you." -He grumbled, sure the king did piss him off, its not like he asked her to expell the last of her energy to help him. He was grateful for such kindness sure, but the attitude was not welcomed. The king appeared before him and his eye twitched angerily.- "Its not like I asked her to go to that extent. Don't blame me!" -He growled before he knew it his reflexes were kicking in. He side stepped and spun around quickly, avoiding the attack. He took the blade and held it at his side, as though it were sheathed.- "Tsunami blade!" -He said as he swung the blade upward. Water would quickly form and dart towards the king. Susano felt a sharp pain come from his side and his left eye twitched. He fell to the floor, and quickly lifted himself from it. He stood back up and sheathed the katana into his belt.- "Hmph, let's save this for a rainy day." -He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the king.- "The name is Susano, formly the god of summer storms of the east. I mean no harm." -He said as he looked around.- "Unless you are furniture or the floor I suppose you would be in harms way then. Listen, I am grateful for your mate's assistance in healing me and I owe her a great debt. Preferably I would rather speak to her about me repaying her, perhaps when she is better." -He would turn away from the king.- "I need a nap, we can speak more later." -He went and found a play to nap.-

Anaya: Anaya did not even allow Rage to take her up the stairs before she had with a weak movement attempted to toss Rage to the side so she would not be man handled. Even if it was weak it was still rather strong, kinda, it was strong enough to toss a human a good ways a cross a room but it was rage that had her and Sam did pick Rage for a reason. “i do not want to go anywhere but the main chambers Rage and I am fine” she would protest as she moved from his arms and on weak knees just tumbled to the floor her hand on her head as her dress flowed to the side of her showing a bit to much of her for rage to look upon. “cant hurt humans, cant allow humans to be harmed, and that man out there, has no magical presence, he is mortal, a man, nothing more. It is my job to make sure he is safe”  golden dragons were to do there tasks on this earth and Anaya was only to harm and render others hurt if they were seen as evil doers, and this mortal man did not seem evil, just lost. Over with Samuel he was eyeballing the male there before him that weak weapon made a water puddle fall on the floor and nothing more, maybe this male was crazy or mentally unstable they had seen them a lot “get out of my castle, go find a inn to take your stupid nap, or go rest in the forest you stupid human, you are not welcomed here get out, you can talk to Anaya another day as of right now I would rather you dead on the ground then sleeping on my floor, if you don't leave I will kill you were you sleep” he snorted as he moved and pointed to the door to tell the man to exit the castle. “get out of this castle, and in truth I would forget talking to Anaya, be happy she helped you here and now and don't come back”


Anaya: It had been an hour, she had made her way from Rage who had gone to clean up and Sam at her left flank not far from her seeing she was to weak to even stand up, having gained a alright amount of energy back siting in her throne Anaya was feeling a bit better, less fogged and in a stable mind set and able to talk and maybe even stand up if she really needed to. But at the same time she would not need to Samuel would handle almost everything for her if things needed to be handled. “were did that male go from before?” she asked as she looked to Sam and he gave this unhappy grumbled face “he bolted into the rafters and i know you did not want me to hit him down from there as he sleeps. ” “good i dont want to harm him, he is a human” Sam rolled his eyes as he grumbled something under his breath as Anaya put her hand in his fingers “thank you Sam, for being here” she said softly as he stoped being a grump for a moment “your welcome Anaya”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: As usual, Sona could be seen in the main hall, cleaning the floor and minding his own business, when suddenly he hears a large exploitation going on from the kitchen room, then he would see smoke coming out of the doors, Sona blinked once and tried to understand what had happened, not that he cared all that much. He heard the guards yell and saw people running towards the room, standing just outside of the kitchen door. "Oh for the love of.. I just had the floor cleaned." Said Sona in his typical quiet and emotionless voice before starring at the Queen and the King, waiting to see their reaction. "Sona, we're being watched." The dreadful voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded quietly. "I know.." He replied to himself as he raised his mask to make sure that the lower half of his face wasn't showing.

Anaya: Anaya moved her fingers laced with her mates as the bang echoed in the castle. What the, she thought to herself as she moved and looked at the dinning hall doors smoke starting to creep under it. “what the...” she asked as she looked at Sam “um can you handle that” she said softly as she gave that face that said go i will be alright. “promise me you will not move and the first sign of danger if someone comes in you call for me, promise me this Anaya” he was so stern as he told her what to do and she smiled and nodded “yes i promise i will not move from this chair, and if i sense anything in danger or a new face comes in i will call for you” Samuel nodded his head as his eyes turned to that slave bot over there cleaning the floor, the green eyes of what was known in some parts as the red death were looking the boy up and down, a eyeing the boy up, he was the only thing in the room no maids no guards, if anything happened to Anaya that little shit right there would get what was coming to him. Samuel gave a gruntled snort and got up from his chair to walk over to the dinning room door pushing them open as smoke billowed out from them “what in the fuck is going on in here!” he yelled as the voices of maids, cooks and basically all hands talked and the sounds ended when the doors shut. Then it was silent, and Anaya was just watching the slave there with the broom, what else was there to look at in here, everyone had rushed to the dinning hall. But when there was nothing to do there was always something else to do. She reached down into the crack of the throne pulling forth the castle log record that had been stashed there maybe two hours earlier, and with a nice crack open to that nice leather worn in binding she flipped the pages looking for today's record to read it all over.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After the king himself had left the room, Sona was left alone with the Queen, his emotionless eyes would meet with hers for couple of minutes, before seeing her pulling out a book of some sort and reading it. Sona acted so carefree, while in reality, he was waiting for the unwanted guests to make their move. From above, three human figures appeared and landed right infront of the Queen, all three were dressed in pure black, their faces covered by skull masks. "Queen Anaya, ruler of Piros, we have come to collect your life, for you are corrupted and you will be slain in the name of justice!" One of them said as he then pointed a knife on her neck, brough it really close. Before she could even react, the other two had already grabbed her by her hands and had covered her mouth. "The wishes of the people can't be controled.. You must die." The person said again as he started pushing the edge of his blade against her neck, barely enough to make her bleed. Sona of course was nowhere to be seen, moment before the assassin managed to slit the Queen's throat open, Sona suddenly walked up behind him and literally broke broom that was made from oak wood in his head, forcing him to his knees, the other two quickly ran up to him, letting the Queen go. Sona's emotionless eyes met once again with the Queen's. The two remaining assassins unsheathed their blades and tried to kill Sona on the spot, of course, he was ready. In a mere second, Sona killed one of the two assassins by dodging his slice, grabbing his wielding hand and using him as a meat shield to block the remaining assassin's blow. Once Sona let go of the now lifeless corpse of what used to be an assassin, he slowly walked up to the last assassin, staring at him with the same, emotionless eyes. Needless to say that, the assassin was now scared. "Fear me.." Sona spoke with a quiet, emotionless voice as the assassin dropped to his knees out of weakness and fear as if he had seen the reaper himself. Sona simply took the blade out of the assassin's hand and cut his head off with it, he then simply dropped the blade, when he turned to look at the Queen. To his surprise, the first assassin had manage to find the strength and stand up once more, he had the knife on the Queen's neck once more. "One more move and she will be beheaded!" The assassin yelled at Sona, of course, Sona started walking towards the throne without hesitation whatsoever. Before the assassin could carry out his execute, he was suddenly pushed towards Sona by a shadow claw that had quietly came out of his shadow. Sona grabbed him by the head and and started giving him a brutal beat down, all the time, he had these same, emotionless eyes, as if nothing was really happening. When Sona was done, the assassin's mask had been broken, alongside several other bones in his body. "Why don't you kill me.. you disgaceful pig! Attacking us from behind! We fight for justice and justice will always prevai-" Before the assassin could finish his sentance, Sona interrupted him. "An assassin knows no disgrace.." With that, Sona threw one final punch at the assassin, breaking his skull in the process as well. He then stood up quietly, three corpses of what used to be assassins, Sona stared at the Queen once again, his clothes stained with blood, and his fists bleeding from the brutal beat down he gave that final assassin.

Anaya: Anaya never said a word, she did not even put her book down as some stranger held a blade to her neck, unknowing to the assassins there was a thin barrier between that blade and her skin, even the ones holding her hands they were not touching her skin, they were hovering a inch away from her skin. Even if no one was there and even in the rulers weakened state nothing would ever touch her that she did not want to. And knowing sona was there and knowing more then she let on about him. After everything had been done and sona had taken the spot light and removed the so called threat Anaya looked up, and the air around her like broken glass shimmered slightly as she let out a breath. “well done boy, now there is a mess on the floor, you have skill for killing but then again i expected such as it is what got you put in chain in the first place. ” she let out another breath as she shut the book and put it back in the crook of her chair. She looked at him old red eyes looking him over, there was no markings on his wrists from rubbing metal on skin, he was able to take the cuffs off it seemed. He had no ring on his neck from the metal there eather so that was able to be taken off as well. As well as seeing it was iron and nothing fans y for most races it left a green tarnish on the skin, witch he did not have. She leaned for word as she looked at him “why do you bother boy, you take your chains off more then i am sure once, you also act as if you don't care for the predicament you got yourself in” she moved her finger to push her hair from her face “do you really think i could not smell what is inside you the moment you walked in this door.” she let out a sigh as she shook her head. “you try so hard to keep yourself hidden but maybe that is just the assassin in you, but i thank you for helping in fending off the ones seeming to want me dead, Samuel will hear the noise in a moment and is going to blame you for it, i would advise you move the bodys and clean the blood off yourself and the floor, hide them away, i know you can do that.”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After hearing the Queen, Sona sighed and snapped his fingers as the corpses were now slowly sinking into their shadow. "Sona, even if she finds out, as long as you don't hurt her, she won't really do anything to you." The dreadful voice echoed in his head as he nodded quietly. Sona of course, ignored the Queen and slowly sinked in his own shadow. In mere seconds, Sona erupted back out, but this time he was chained. Seeing that there was still blood on the floor, Sona sighed and ripped part of his rags and used it as a cleaning tool, he got on his fours and started scrubbing the floor, making sure it was clean of blood. His expression of course, remained the same. After realising the position he was in, Sona was reminded of how he used to be treated as a kid, how his kidnappers wouldn't only perform several experiments on him, but also treated him as a slave, kicking him around, having him clean the floor with his own rags. It was an awful memory, but of course, Sona didn't care, he no longer had emotions, so therefore he could no longer be scared or be happy, or even be sad and angry. The reason he was being kidnapped, was so that he could be experimented on and be turned into a one man army, he became one, but at what cost? He was stripped of his own humanity, his own rights.. And his own childhood memories.

Anaya: Anaya looked down at him as she leaned over to her her lips just inches away from him, her teeth grinding inside her mouth “if you take the chains off again i am welding them to your arms, i hope that is clear, now i am going to save your ass from dealing with sam, play the part or he will hurt you and i will be happy to watch him do it” she could smell that darkness linger on him since the moment he walked in the door dressed in all black garb, only beings of darkness pulled that stunt, hell an assassin would stick out less if it had yellow on or summer time sky blue but now every single one of them had black black and more black, sometimes even there stupid eyes matched. She lifted her body back up her spine shaking slightly as she did struggle even to move around being as weak as she was. Picking up her book she took the cover and ran it along her hand, the paper cutting her fingers as her sweet bright blue royal blood hit the ground, something many would pay big bucks for she shed to help some stupid boy not get his ass beaten to a pulp. It was the only thank you he would get for sure, and that was saying he would still not get his ass handed to him. The dinning halls doors opened as Sam put his head out of the room “are you alright i could hear banging!” he called out to Anaya as he over saw the boy cleaning blood, Anaya's blood off the floor “what is that!” Sam barked as Anaya held her hand up “no i am fine go back in the dinning room to make sure all is well, i just slit a finger on a book page i am alright i was just going over the roster and the slave is cleaning the mess” Samuel snarled and then nodded his head shutting the dinning room door and going back to what he was doing as Anaya had that ugg look on her hand reached down and riped a strip of her dress off wrapping it around her hand to allow natural healing to take over and not waist the energy to heal herself. “there he will not be back for a while, unless you pull another stunt”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: When the King want back in the kitchen, Sona sighed as he looked at the tiny blue blood splat on the floor. It didn't seem that important, but everyone seeing this would be jealous of him, the cruel Queen herself, giving up her blood -even an extremely small amount of it- to save him, it meant a lot. But that would mean that these two were even once again, so it would take a long time, probably forever until Sona were to see another act of kindness coming from her. After looking up at her, he looked back down at the floor and kept scrubbing the blood off it. After a while of scrubbing, Sona's face could be reflected on the now perfectly clean floor, both of his eyes were visible. Sona slowly moved his hand up his face to cover his non human eye, the Queen was still looking at him, but even she didn't have to know about this. In a matter of seconds, Sona turned around and pretended to scrub the floor, having his back turned on her to make sure what she couldn't see his face. If there were two things Sona didn't enjoy showing to other people, those would be his right eye and the lower half of his face, that would mean his lips and cheeks. "Still scared to show your true self around? You know, if there's one thing me and that Queen would agree on, is the fact that you are hiding your true self." The dreadful voice echoed in Sona's head as he shook his head. "Admit it, you're too scared of what will everyone think of you, they'd probably say that you're a monster." The voice was right, Sona was afraid, but he too was human, being cast out and being called a monster did made him hate himself. Despite the fact he had no emotions, Sona could still understand that he was a human, even if he lacked the most important thing all humans must have, emotions.

Anaya: Anaya looked at him, there was disgust in her gaze as she looked at him, it was so discussing and her thoughts were right on him, there was a dragon inside of this human body that roar she ignored earlier was in fact him, so he was able to pull something out of himself, if she ever saw it she would break it in half. “you smell like me, not fully but like something left its piss stain on your back” Anaya could be rather crude when she was alone or simply did not care, it was like she no longer had to make an act around the public people, she just was able to be who she was, able to be a dragon. Her eyes moving to the window she grumbled it was raining, yet again and harder then before, it was a good day to be a duck but a bad day to be her., it had been a whole season since she was able to feel air on her wings, and being stuck in a form that was not yourself made her feel so cramped and restricted. She could crush mountains with a claw but yet she was stuck in this body even if it was rather attractive. “boy, seeing that is what you are, or well what you hide inside, i ripped my gown to save your ass, go to the rest room to the back of this throne room and get another gown, i am thinking something in peach, a light color to drown out how much i despise the rain” she took her claw and pushed her hair from her face as her red eyes looked at him “but before you go, why do you hide your face, if you are what you are just show it, you will at least get farther with people in being an honest abomination and not a lieing one. ”

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: When he heard her order, Sona simply stood up and made his way to the rest room, but he was interrupted. "The reason I hide my face.. Does not concern you.." Sona turned to look at the Queen, his left crimson eye would meet with hers, his voice was once again emotionless. Without hesitation, Sona quickly made his way to the back of the throne room, into the rest room. To his surprise, there were countless gowns infront of his eyes. "The Queen said.. a bright colour.. preferably peach.. " Sona said to himself as he looked around for a moment, before finally finding a peach coloured gown, like all her other gowns, it was revealing, but Sona didn't care, she was gonna wear it, not him. He then walked back to the Queen, holding the peach gown which came along a golden neckless and some head dresses and handing it to her. "There.." Sona spoke quietly, waiting for her to actually take the dress off his hands. In the meantime, he was thinking about what both she and the voice in his head said, though his decision would not change, his face would not ever come out in public, it was but a mere reminder of what he really is, Sona isn't a human, he isn't a dragon either. He's a weapon, and he didn't belong anywhere. And he didn't expect her to understand, she was not even human to begin with.


Anaya: Anaya let out a yawn and got up on shaking knees as she took the dress from his hands and placed it down on the throne arm rest, she was not strong enough to walk anywhere so with no shame as she did not feel the need to have such a thing, taking her fingers she simply undid the clip at the top of her black dress witch she had on and just allowed it to fall to the floor. Anaya was flawless, not a mark on her body, not even a scar, just a clean blank perfectly shaded and toned body. Her full figure there as she grabbed the peach gown and looked it over “not bad sona at least you are not color blind” she gave a light chuckle as she took her claw and ran it along her belly line as she touched her own body her fingers tracing down the curve of her hips and swaying down the lush bulge of her breasts and between her cleavage to her neckline were she pushed her hair from the way to take the peach gown. She placed it against her as she tilted her head and looked at him “what do you think little disgrace, to peace for one as black hearted as i?” she paused as if thinking for a second “i think it gives a good image for the people don't you think, nice and clean, pure, almost Innocent in color” she was starting to feel better, there was sun coming into one of the windows to give her body a nice glow, she was refuleing her energy faster with the sunlight that had poked out of the rain clouds. “oh my dear that sun feels nice” she arched her back and put her head back as she shut her red eyes a moment, the sun was what a golden dragon fualed its self on it needed the sun, the light, something of light to be able to survive, and god she loved it and it made her glow and shimmer.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: The moment he gave her the dress, Sona turned his back on her, looking towards the door to make sure that he wasn't peeking on her, Sona might've have had no emotions, but even he knew that it wasn't right to look at a female who was nude. Though when the Queen asked about his opinion regarding the gown, Sona turned around and looked at her, most of her nude body was exposed and the dress simply hid too little. "It.. It looks good on you." Sona spoke quietly before quickly turning his back on her quickly, his long white hair bouncing as he did. "What's wrong Sona? Too shy?" The dreadful voice in his head echoed as Sona quickly shook his head. "Come on kid, don't lie to yourself.. It's only natural since you're already about to be twenty years old." The voice said as Sona simply ignored it and kept looking over at the door, he might've been an emotionless assassin, but he too, was a human- and quite the young one no less. He wasn't sure on what to do now, the floor was cleaned, the assassins were all killed, and the Queen was now wearing her new Gown. Sona was trying to find something to do, one would think that a slave would always be busy but, Sona had nothing else to do at this point.

Anaya: Anaya slipped the gown on over her head pulling it around her body, it was to much of a pain to lift a leg to it right now in the state she was in but her enrage with the suns aid was coming back and she wanted to soak it all in if she could before it set. And with the kids and Sam dealing with other junk so she could have some fun. With a smile coming over her face she moved and took a step foreword on growing stronger legs witch each passing moment. Leaning forward she moved her clawed fingers and moved them to lightly touch the boys hips as she raped her claws along his clothing as her teeth clicking she moved her lips to the side of his face “what cant look upon me boy, you look at the floor, it is due to you wanting to do things to me, oh my little disgrace you are to cute” her voice hissed as her long forced tongue slipped from her pale lips, Anaya may be a golden dragon but she was still a dragon and she did have a evil side she saved for just when her and a select few others were around, it was the same dark side that killed maids late at night or gutted a pig just to lay on the bleeding warm body and ruin a dress. She moved her fingers and griped her clawes harshly on his hips as she pulled him back so his back and hips locked with her own as her chest pressed ageist his back a vile hiss coming form her lips as she leaned on him her snow white hair falling over her face red eyes looking past it giveing her a almost over wealmeing evil aura as her body was so hot to the touch.  A“maybe late at night when you sleep my little disgrace i will come into your bed chamber and fuck the life out of your young tight frame” she whispered as she looked up looking over at the doors “now be a good slave boy with your chains and rags and go to the door and take your post” she released her claws just as she ran that slick hot tongue along the side of his neck her claws slightly ripping his tunic as she gave a smile As she watched him.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: As soon as he felt her claws on his hips, Sona's body jolted up. He wasn't sure what was going on, but he felt a strong sensitization from being touched like that, it was what most humans would call goosebumps, but of course, he wouldn't know because he never got to experience it in the first place. After being called cute, Sona felt his cheeks growing warmer, he wasn't sure how to describe it, but he didn't hate that. As she gripped her claws harshly on his hips and pulled him back, Sona tried to move away form her, to his surprise, he couldn't. Before he could react, Sona felt something soft pressing against his back, it made his face become more warm. After hearing her words, Sona tried to look back at the Queen. Of course, she left him go and traced her slick, hot tongue against the side of his neck, it made his body to form more goosebumbs, making Sona feel weak on his knees. As he was told to go to his post, he nodded and quietly made his way to the main entrance, the whole time, Sona's face was red and he didn't even knew why, but he tried his best to snap out of it. "Getting close with the Queen Sona~?" The voice joked as Sona shook his head once more. "Sh-... Shut up..." Sona spoke quietly and tried to forget that this ever happened. "Ahhh, yes of course..~" The voice echoed once more, it sounded happy in some way. When Sona reached the main entrance he simply stood there and waited for any possible guests, these jobs were not that hard, they were just boring.

XZeeCaptainX: In the distance a grove of trees stood,  oak trunks that stood up into the air and decorated with snow covered leaves and pines. The grass beneath the trees was frozen which would eventually whittle away into gray and brown strands that laid across the surface of the forest floor. Deep within, built in the center of this biome a marble crypt entrance stood. The marble stone eroded down, no longer smooth and covered in coarse black moss. Down below the surface, tunnels layered the crypt deep into the earth. It’s walls holding many caskets and coffins, decorated with ceremonial runes and wall paintings But this was not just a simple burial crypt, as it would go further down the burial runes would be replaced with protection and imprisonment runes, enchantments influencing heavily on the lower crypt. The winding path way lead into the center would eventually open up into a single spherical room where the magic would be greatest, anything mundane would be halted unable to pass the barrier ultimately forced to turn back. Magical beings would have find themselves simply weighed down when taking a  step in the influence. The center of this room would have one black coffin, sealing tags and rune with chains strapped around it. But time has taken its toll on the prison, a lot of magic has faded away drastically decreasing its power. The chain has rusted and corroded very few links kept the chain in one length. As the power dwindled a heartbeat would start, it pounded its heavy sound echoing through the halls of the crypt. Every passing year the heartbeat grew louder and upon this day all the magic finally depleted the heartbeat went quiet, before erupting into quick pumps. The being held beneath would break free of his coffin, his body was scrawny, starved to the rips every piece of his spine being traceable beneath his skin. His hair, or at least what he had was white long and a shaggy mess. His eyes glew faintly, his muscles and bones frail only managing to escape the coffin in an all out burst of adrenaline. His back rippled, before it would split open briefly showing the anatomy of his body as eight long limbs erupted out. Covered in a black shell they were very spider like, in fact exactly alike. These legs would lift up his near weightless body which dangled between them as he’d kept his eyes forward barely open. He’d stalk through the crypt, taking glances at the caskets and burial chambers as he ascended up taking breaks at each one to feed on the corpses, the old preserved flesh would do very little for his strength, but better than nothing were the thoughts that rushed through his starved mind. Further and further he went, each snack returning him to his old self. His hair grew or shrunk to a specific length, layering on top of his head and turning into its healthing shining black color. His skin which was gray and flaky would smoothen up, brighten into a pale pink. His body mass would grow, meat and muscle forming on his bones pulling his clothes tight. The fishnet top would stretch across his bold chest, the straps on his arms would soon be tightly against his skin. The gloves would tighten around his hands almost seeming too small for him. His neck guard would actually began to choke him, and in discomfort he’d have to pull it loose a bit. His black leathers would pull tight around his upper legs and waist. His body returning to its young but mature state. Smiling, as he fed all the way through the crypt he had finally reached the entrance, with both his hands he’d force open the stone door with the help of his spider appendages and felt the fresh air strike his face…. Along with the barrage of rain drops. “Grr.. you wake up after a era long nap to be greeted by a storm… My luck.” He’d groan, before looking up at the oak trees which would be shaking due to high winds. Using his extra limbs, he could elegantly climb to the top of the tree’s crown, even with the unforgiving conditions. In his view, he’d see a castle atop of hill, with a village at its base. “Well… it isn’t all bad, I guess.” With a smirk he’d began using his agility to tree hop towards the keep, taking a break at one point to use the trees as cover from the rain. Once at the village, he’d continue the use of his climbing skills to quickly traverse the village, most likely disturbing sleeping villagers. He’d stop at the castle once he took sight of a being, he’d groan and was almost eager to turn back. He was in no way a social butterfly, in fact he tended to eat those. But as he turned he felt the rain strike his face once more and remembered why the giant warm looking castle looked so appealing to him. He’d fold his extra appendages on his back and took calm steps towards the castle door. He lacked social skills, he barely could remember them, hell most people probably would have too after the long “nap” he had. Looking at the male, he’d look away, unsure how to start his greeting before the words escaped his lips. So...what's it going to take for me to get inside the warm looking castle… and not stay out here in the this god accursed rain?”

Anaya: Anaya could not help but smile as his body gave away his wanting, not like she would do anything with the poor thing, it was so discussing to sleep with something of such darkness and disgrace to its own kind, she would never lower herself to that. Even if he was rather nice on the outside. She took a breath of the air as the smell was coming in from under the door, what ever it was was old, and dead and ugggggg undead thing. The one thing she hated the most out of all things of the dark parts of the world, witch seemed to be all over this land as so much of it came here, was darkness drawn to the light or something, maybe she should turn all the lights off in the castle and it would go away. “i need wine” she said to herself under her breath as she called out to a maid “MAID, get me wine and fetch Samuel he is needed something be at the door i can smell its rot” the maid looked to the door then back to lady Anaya and nodded her head “it is rather fowl i hope it does not stay” the maid giggled as she rushed off, not many maids back talked in such a way but this one made Anaya smile. It never did take sam long as he opened the doors Ryu dressed in his best with droll hanging down one side of his lip and Noki on the other side half a sleep as Ryu pocked at the side of her face and she snarled at him. “stop it Ryu!” he hissed out as she looked at her father “father make him stop bugging me” Samuel looked at Ryu then looked to his daughter, and then looked back to Ryu and patted him on the head saying good job with a smug smile on his face. “ugggggg what the hell father” Noki scolded as she stomped her feet and ran over to her mother, her tan gown swaying as the large rube gem stones clicked together as her bright blue eyes shimmered and she ran to her mother toppling like a moody teenager onto her mothers lap as her mother had just sat down “moooooom Ryu has not stopped pulling my hair all day, he is ruining my life” she grumbled out as Anaya moved her clawed hand and ran her fingers in her hair “he is your brother, he is not going to just vanish cus i say to, you have to stand up for yourself Noki” Anaya said softly and with caring to every letter she said to her daughter. Noki's big blue eyes looked into her mothers red hues as she nodded her head “but father....will beat me....” Anaya looked to Sam then moved down to Noki's ear and whispered to her “then do it when daddy is not around” Noki started to laugh and nuzzled her face into her mothers as they shared a tender embrace and Noki hoped up on her spot on the arm rest of the Queens Throne.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Sona stared at the unknown male walking towards his way, he managed to snap out of his previous state and go back to his usual emotionless and calm self. Once he was asked a question, Sona looked up at the unknown male's eyes before tilting his head. "Depends.. Have you come here with an ill intent?" Sona asked the tall man before pausing for a second, only to talk again. "You have a foul smell on you.. Well, I gotta warn you that the Darkness is not welcomed in there." Sona warned the tall man, before pausing once more to think. Why did he go through the trouble of explaining, this wasn't like him, why did he care if the person before him got killed or worse? Sona took another look at the man and realized that he hated the rain, just like the Queen. "But you hate the rain, right? Then you're free to come in as long as you don't do anything stupid- for your own good that is.." Sona spoke with a quiet and emotionless tone before opening the door and stepping aside, allowing the tall and bulky man to freely walk in. Though, Sona was worried about himself, why was he so talkative? Why did he care about the guy's problem? What was happening to him?

XZeeCaptainX: He’d look at the male that spoke and greeted him, his brow raising as he said he smelled foul, in curiosity he’d raise his right arm and tilt his head down to it. No smell to him so he was left puzzled. When the being asked about his hate of the rain, he was about to open his lips to respond, only to see the man open the door before he could. “Well, I just ate. . . so I doubt I have any reason to cause a problem. . . as long as no one gets the torches and pitchforks. . . or any of those insect incenses those hurt my nose.” He spoke appealing to the one thing he knew everyone enjoyed, comedy. He’d take a step inside and then a realization came to him, raising his hand up to his mouth he’d cup it and breath, only then did he smell the stench of the corpses he ate back at the crypt the smell even caused him to shake his nose and face in shock. “Oh… that stench.” He said holding his breath in disgust. He’d return to normal after a breath or two, thought now he wished to keep his mouth closed as much as possible. “Names Rezuhm, if that's too hard to pronounce, Rez will do.”

Anaya: Anaya ran her fingers over Nokis hair as Ryu came over to them both and crawled up on the throne behind her to sit behind his mother and as if he was a dog he curled up in a small ball smushed up behind her to rest as it was getting late for the both of the kids. Even in human forms they were animals after all so in base acted accordingly. Anaya looked at her darling children as she smiled seeing how beautiful they both were, god she cared for them so much she would place her very life on the line for just a smile from them. She looked back up as Noki started to grumble seeing the undead being walking into the hall. “it is fine Noki, be kind” it was a natural born into them hate for the undead, they were everything a golden dragon disliked, and did not trust, the being that gave a slap in the face to the beauty of death and was also evil in its roots. Anaya trying to set a alright example said calmly “what brings you to this castle undead , beings like you are not welcomed here” she saw him driping wet, maybe it was the rain that draged him out of the grown to come here and bug there halls and stink up the floors, it took forever for the smell of dirt and dead thing to come out fo the walls, and it sank into the floor like no tomorrow and they had said forget the rug the last time it got all messed up so it was just a simple stone floor now. Anaya let out a breath as Nokis blue eyes would not leave the undead thing and Ryu kicked his mother slightly getting all comfortable back behind her. Anaya gave a light grunt as she shock her head back and forth at his antics even in his sleep he was a pain.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev arose slowly his eyepatch having been removed for sleep purposes. As he arose his fake eye swirled about inside his empty eye socket having been on guard all night for any suspicious activities. A mess of long black hair fell behind Trev as he looked around with his good eye and then out the window towards the blazing heat that was now bursting through his windows as it seemed to be leaving for the day. He used mage hand to close the curtains and grumbled about the maids opening his curtains as he prefered it to be dark in his room for ritual purposes. Yet it seemed Trev had been sleeping for quite awhile, tends to occur when a curse hits the body as such powerful magic had been ripped from his body not to long before, His ability to communicate with gods disturbed for the time being but he only lost some of his ability to sue rituals, he could still attempt them if need be but the price would be heavier. Trev sighed and mumbled in elven- “no matter” -he said as he arose completely nude from his bed as he cracked his neck back and forth for a moment before yawning and looking towards his staff sitting in the corner of the room. It let off an angry aura as he smirked towards it walking slowly towards it and speaking in grey elvish- “What is it shenlong? Do you not like the fact that i gave over my blood so easily to that object?” -he said smiling and chuckled before pressing his hand against his gut and sending a pulse of aura towards his stomach causing the stone to come up along with some water. The stone and water splashed onto the ground and Trev chuckled once more- “it's an interesting bauble, i wonder how it would work on Savat….or anyone else here” -he murmured to himself in grey elvish before shaking his head slight and walking towards the curtains once more and smiling softly- “Well then i'm still alive thus no time to be sorrowful” -he said fixing his hair a bit lifting it up and folding his over several ways in order to make it shorter than it usually was. He would mage hand his eyepatch towards him once more and began to put it on over his fake eye as his regular eye seemed to get used to the light in the room. Through a crack in the curtains light bled in showing Trev’s back to have some scars from what looked like self mutilation as was the codes way. Trev walked over to his bag and reached into it pulling out a long strip of thin leather as he began slapping it towards his back the thin leather smacking and slashing against his back causing some blood to be drawn along with red welts to appear as he began saying aloud, in elvish, all of the tenants he had to memorize for his Guardianship which totaled 300 lashings as the sound of the lashings would have gotten the attention of the maids but none entered as most seemed to not want to deal with Trev for some odd reason.

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Finally Trev finished after ten minutes as he panted in happiness and laughed- “ah it's nice to feel the god's blessing once more” -despite the amount of wounds on his back the blood was very minimal he began to get dressed putting his clothes on over his wounds. The pain giving him a shiver as he cracked his neck and began putting on his weapons and armour on and nodded in satisfaction as he looked back towards his staff and smiled before heading out into the hallways and looking around, the smell of blood faint on Trev at all times now as he walks towards the main hall down the stairs as he looks towards the main hall and blinked at the new people around as it seemed he had missed quite a lot as he leans up against a pillar watching Anaya interact with her children as he waited to see what else occurred.-

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Being left out in the Rain all alone, Sona started to get annoyed by it. "I'm sure no one will notice me gone for a while.." Sona would speak quietly as he slowly started sinking into his shadow. "You need to rest don't you?" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded quietly. "Then why don't you use the provided place for the slaves to sleep in?" The voice asked out of curiosity as Sona blushed once again without knowing so, remembering what the Queen did to. "Because.. Because I prefer to be alone.." Said Sona before finally sinking into his shadow completely to rest.

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm would glance between everyone even looking at the kids before their obvious mother began speaking to him, however he became lost when she mentioned undead. He’d look around to see if she was speaking to another being, before he’d scratch his head. “Um...undead?” He’d blink, then smelt his own breath again, and nearly gagged. “Oh yeah, the smell. Um…” He’d glance at the wine she had before extending his arm and pointing at it. “If you’d allow me to drink that, you’ll notice the smell will be hidden.” He’d said hoping that she, like him will want the smell off his breath. When he made this action he found himself smelling a fresh scent, one that to him made his skin tingle in excitement, the aroma of dripping scarlet, the smell of someone’s blood. He’d turn his head slightly, not fast as he didn’t want to give any aggressive signals to anyone, just wanted to see the source of the scent. When his eyes would fall on the man against the pillar he, nodded though no one said anything to him. And returned to looking at the royal looking woman and her kids. Rezuhm was still a bit peckish, the corpses he feasted on had very little to provide from being dried up, but as long as he wasn’t starving and forced into his his more frail form he was fine with it, besides he’d perfer a woman’s blood anyways.

Anaya: Noki could see it in the mans eyes, hunger, wanting, she saw it in her fathers eyes sometimes and in her brothers not as strong but it was still there the need to eat and she snarled she could pick up the smell of the blood to, it was thick in the air but at the same time due to open windows it was thinning out. “mother i don't like him” she said softly pushing her body into her mothers for protection  as she was not a stupid girl if anything she was overly smart but her fear and dislike for anything that was anything like a undead made her unstable, but then again it put Anaya on edge to. Anaya looked to Noki and put her arm around her to hold her “it is alright my child” she said softly as her red eyes looked up “so the smell of eating the dead is on your breath, and you smell f stone, dirt and mud, what ever you may be you have one day here, you may wait for the rain to pass and then you must be on your way, the dead or ones that eat the dead or are of the darkness are not welcome or treated well here.” she was sharp with her words, power came from her voice, not as much as normal as Anaya was still rather weakened but she was getting there and would be fine by tomorrows dawn. “there is more wine and food in the dinning hall” she moved her hand to point to the east sides doors “make your way there and get something to eat that is not rotten or bleeding. There is meat as well as wine and ale” her eyes moved smelling trev and seeing what Noki noticed in that man “and don't eat my people in your time here” she herself had that look in her eyes when she was hungering for something right off the bone. So she understood it all to well. “Trev you smell like a bleeding ditch whore, what did you do sleep a year then roll on a corpse“ Samuel's voice boomed up from a little ways away as the bright green eyes came out of the shadow of the pillar across the room.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled coldly towards the arachnide man than his good eye shot towards Samuel as he blinked- “Apologies Sam were you saying something? I heard some squeaking but i doubt that would be you now would it? As for your question i was just saying my prayers to the gods this morning.” -he said with a playful grin as he looked back towards Anaya and bowed deeply before raising back up as he spoke in the old tongue- “Good day First Born Anaya, it seems i have been incapacitated for awhile...seems a small curse afflicted me when none of us were looking” -he said with a cold cheerful smile as he rose back up his back still bleeding as he cracked his neck a bit more- “Now than….Is there anything you need me to do?” -he inquired tilting his head a bit as his hair flowed off to the right side of his head moving along with the motions. As he suddenly remembered- “Ah and as to that bauble you had me study, it was a good thing you did not try and use magic on it First Born, it had quite a vicious curse on it, it took away some of my magic spells, not a huge loss for someone like myself but for a magical creature such as would be quite bad if you had been affected by its powers no?” -he said again with a smile that would make some wonder what his allegiance was if they were not part of the family.- “Either way, i lost about eight years worth of studying but that can be rectified with time of course, Elves don't exactly have to worry that much about time” -he said with a shrug then looked towards sam examining his aura for a moment- “hm….interesting” -he said as he turned back to Anaya awaiting her response.-



XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm would slump his shoulders in a bit of disappointment mumbling under his breath. “Ah I see. . .” His eyes would glance over to the eastern door, batting his eyes at it, he’d redirect his face back to the woman, and gave her a slow nod. “Well, I guess I can’t complain. Thanks for the night at least.” Rezuhm started to take steps towards the dining hall, in his mind he was a tad upset but understood the reasoning. Heck if he was anything different maybe his own views would be a less open and more protective, she did have kids after all and maybe a lot more family within the castle as well, Rezuhm was siding against himself so he could come to a calm and understanding point, and potentially be grateful for the offer she did give him. However one thing that did curse Rezuhm was when he was in the dining hall, all the food did look good, well prepared and elegantly served. But he knew his stomach wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of it, he’d glance at the wine, going through the selection what he was looking for was specific not necessarily the strongest, but whatever had the strongest smell. Eventually settling on a strawberry or cherry flavored wine, he couldn’t tell which was which, he knew the smells were different but his memory is still a bit foggy on small details such as the aroma of a fruit. With it in hand he’d walk over to a open window, and begin to take gulps of it. However the feeling he’d get would not be a delightful one, he’d feel a burn in his mouth, across his tongue every tastebud coming to life and screaming against the taste. He’d hold the liquid in his mouth to the best of his abilities before his body forced him to eject it out. He did so at the window, he felt bad for wasting the wine not because it was tasty drink, but because he knows it turns effort to make it, and money to buy it. While he doesn’t share these problems he is aware of them. He did this so eventually the fruity smell would be his breath… and not the stench of corpses.

Anaya: Anaya let out a breath watching him go, and she ponderer at his actions, a undead or something of the sort that ate the dead yet wanted wine, and seemed to feel a tad upset with her actions to it, the topic would need more thought and study. After he was gone and out of ear shot she turned and looked at trev “i would like you to follow the guest into the dinning hal, make friends, or at least seem like you are, learn about him as much as possible then report back. I will be going to my chamber early, and i am very sorry that rock turned out to be such a bugger but i am glad you took the hit of it and not someone else that would have list life times from some stupid door stop. ” she got up her knees a little shaky at first but she was alright, and with a hand she pushed on Ryus shoulder “come on dear to bed we go ryu, and noki you as well up to bed with you” Ryu grumbled dragged himself out of the throne and with noki behind him dragged his feet away and up the steps to there bed chamber. Anaya walked to Trev “it has been months since i last saw you and gave you that stone, spring has come and winter is leaving, but it is good to know you are alright” she nodded her head softly to him and moved along side her childeren to vanish up to her chambers. Samuel was slow to follow walking beside trev and smashing his shoulder into the elf and giveing a chukle “soon i will just call you a whore for the gods” he smugly barked as he walked up the steps to sleep along side his mate and children in there crowded chamber room.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev arose slowly his eyepatch having been removed for sleep purposes. As he arose his fake eye swirled about inside his empty eye socket having been on guard all night for any suspicious activities. A mess of long black hair fell behind Trev as he looked around with his good eye and then out the window towards the blazing heat that was now bursting through his windows as it seemed to be leaving for the day. He used mage hand to close the curtains and grumbled about the maids opening his curtains as he prefered it to be dark in his room for ritual purposes. Yet it seemed Trev had been sleeping for quite awhile, tends to occur when a curse hits the body as such powerful magic had been ripped from his body not to long before, His ability to communicate with gods disturbed for the time being but he only lost some of his ability to sue rituals, he could still attempt them if need be but the price would be heavier. Trev sighed and mumbled in elven- “no matter” -he said as he arose completely nude from his bed as he cracked his neck back and forth for a moment before yawning and looking towards his staff sitting in the corner of the room. It let off an angry aura as he smirked towards it walking slowly towards it and speaking in grey elvish- “What is it shenlong? Do you not like the fact that i gave over my blood so easily to that object?” -he said smiling and chuckled before pressing his hand against his gut and sending a pulse of aura towards his stomach causing the stone to come up along with some water. The stone and water splashed onto the ground and Trev chuckled once more- “it's an interesting bauble, i wonder how it would work on Savat….or anyone else here” -he murmured to himself in grey elvish before shaking his head slight and walking towards the curtains once more and smiling softly- “Well then i'm still alive thus no time to be sorrowful” -he said fixing his hair a bit lifting it up and folding his over several ways in order to make it shorter than it usually was. He would mage hand his eyepatch towards him once more and began to put it on over his fake eye as his regular eye seemed to get used to the light in the room. Through a crack in the curtains light bled in showing Trev’s back to have some scars from what looked like self mutilation as was the codes way. Trev walked over to his bag and reached into it pulling out  a long strip of thin leather as he began slapping it towards his back the thin leather smacking and slashing against his back causing some blood to be drawn along with red welts to appear as he began saying aloud, in elvish, all of the tenants he had to memorize for his Guardianship which totaled 300 lashings as the sound of the lashings would have gotten the attention of the maids but none entered as most seemed to not want to deal with Trev for some odd reason. Finally Trev finished after ten minutes as he panted in happiness and laughed- “ah it's nice to feel the god's blessing once more” -despite the amount of wounds on his back the blood was very minimal he began to get dressed putting his clothes on over his wounds. The pain giving him a shiver as he cracked his neck and began putting on his weapons and armour on and nodded in satisfaction as he looked back towards his staff and smiled before heading out into the hallways and looking around, the smell of blood faint on Trev at all times now as he walks towards the main hall down the stairs as he looks towards the main hall and blinked at the new people around as it seemed he had missed quite a lot as he leans up against a pillar watching Anaya interact with her children as he waited to see what else occurred.-

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Being left out in the Rain all alone, Sona started to get annoyed by it. "I'm sure no one will notice me gone for a while.." Sona would speak quietly as he slowly started sinking into his shadow. "You need to rest don't you?" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded quietly. "Then why don't you use the provided place for the slaves to sleep in?" The voice asked out of curiosity as Sona blushed once again without knowing so, remembering what the Queen did to. "Because.. Because I prefer to be alone.." Said Sona before finally sinking into his shadow completely to rest.

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm would glance between everyone even looking at the kids before their obvious mother began speaking to him, however he became lost when she mentioned undead. He’d look around to see if she was speaking to another being, before he’d scratch his head. “Um...undead?” He’d blink, then smelt his own breath again, and nearly gagged. “Oh yeah, the smell. Um…” He’d glance at the wine she had before extending his arm and pointing at it. “If you’d allow me to drink that, you’ll notice the smell will be hidden.” He’d said hoping that she, like him will want the smell off his breath. When he made this action he found himself smelling a fresh scent, one that to him made his skin tingle in excitement, the aroma of dripping scarlet, the smell of someone’s blood. He’d turn his head slightly, not fast as he didn’t want to give any aggressive signals to anyone, just wanted to see the source of the scent. When his eyes would fall on the man against the pillar he, nodded though no one said anything to him. And returned to looking at the royal looking woman and her kids. Rezuhm was still a bit peckish, the corpses he feasted on had very little to provide from being dried up, but as long as he wasn’t starving and forced into his his more frail form he was fine with it, besides he’d prefer a woman’s blood anyways.

Anaya: Noki could see it in the man's eyes, hunger, wanting, she saw it in her father's eyes sometimes and in her brothers not as strong but it was still there the need to eat and she snarled she could pick up the smell of the blood to, it was thick in the air but at the same time due to open windows it was thinning out. “mother i don't like him” she said softly pushing her body into her mothers for protection  as she was not a stupid girl if anything she was overly smart but her fear and dislike for anything that was anything like a undead made her unstable, but then again it put Anaya on edge to. Anaya looked to Noki and put her arm around her to hold her “it is alright my child” she said softly as her red eyes looked up “so the smell of eating the dead is on your breath, and you smell f stone, dirt and mud, whatever you may be you have one day here, you may wait for the rain to pass and then you must be on your way, the dead or ones that eat the dead or are of the darkness are not welcome or treated well here.” she was sharp with her words, power came from her voice, not as much as normal as Anaya was still rather weakened but she was getting there and would be fine by tomorrow's dawn. “there is more wine and food in the dining hall” she moved her hand to point to the east sides doors “make your way there and get something to eat that is not rotten or bleeding. There is meat as well as wine and ale” her eyes moved smelling trev and seeing what Noki noticed in that man “and don't eat my people in your time here” she herself had that look in her eyes when she was hungering for something right off the bone. So she understood it all to well. “Trev you smell like a bleeding dutch whore, what did you do sleep a year then roll on a corpse“ Samuel's voice boomed up from a little ways away as the bright green eyes came out of the shadow of the pillar across the room.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled coldly towards the arachnide man than his good eye shot towards Samuel as he blinked- “Apologies Sam were you saying something? I heard some squeaking but i doubt that would be you now would it? As for your question i was just saying my prayers to the gods this morning.” -he said with a playful grin as he looked back towards Anaya and bowed deeply before raising back up as he spoke in the old tongue- “Good day First Born Anaya, it seems i have been incapacitated for awhile...seems a small curse afflicted me when none of us were looking” -he said with a cold cheerful smile as he rose back up his back still bleeding as he cracked his neck a bit more- “Now than….Is there anything you need me to do?” -he inquired tilting his head a bit as his hair flowed off to the right side of his head moving along with the motions. As he suddenly remembered- “Ah and as to that bauble you had me study, it was a good thing you did not try and use magic on it First Born, it had quite a vicious curse on it, it took away some of my magic spells, not a huge loss for someone like myself but for a magical creature such as would be quite bad if you had been affected by its powers no?” -he said again with a smile that would make some wonder what his allegiance was if they were not part of the family.- “Either way, i lost about eight years worth of studying but that can be rectified with time of course, Elves don't exactly have to worry that much about time” -he said with a shrug then looked towards sam examining his aura for a moment- “hmm….interesting” -he said as he turned back to Anaya awaiting her response.-

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm would slump his shoulders in a bit of disappointment mumbling under his breath. “Ah I see. . .” His eyes would glance over to the eastern door, batting his eyes at it, he’d redirect his face back to the woman, and gave her a slow nod. “Well, I guess I can’t complain. Thanks for the night at least.” Rezuhm started to take steps towards the dining hall, in his mind he was a tad upset but understood the reasoning. Heck if he was anything different maybe his own views would be a less open and more protective, she did have kids after all and maybe a lot more family within the castle as well, Rezuhm was siding against himself so he could come to a calm and understanding point, and potentially be grateful for the offer she did give him. However one thing that did curse Rezuhm was when he was in the dining hall, all the food did look good, well prepared and elegantly served. But he knew his stomach wouldn’t be able to enjoy any of it, he’d glance at the wine, going through the selection what he was looking for was specific not necessarily the strongest, but whatever had the strongest smell. Eventually settling on a strawberry or cherry flavored wine, he couldn’t tell which was which, he knew the smells were different but his memory is still a bit foggy on small details such as the aroma of a fruit. With it in hand he’d walk over to a open window, and begin to take gulps of it. However the feeling he’d get would not be a delightful one, he’d feel a burn in his mouth, across his tongue every tastebud coming to life and screaming against the taste. He’d hold the liquid in his mouth to the best of his abilities before his body forced him to eject it out. He did so at the window, he felt bad for wasting the wine not because it was tasty drink, but because he knows it turns effort to make it, and money to buy it. While he doesn’t share these problems he is aware of them. He did this so eventually the fruity smell would be his breath… and not the stench of corpses.

Anaya: Anaya let out a breath watching him go, and she pondered at his actions, a undead or something of the sort that ate the dead yet wanted wine, and seemed to feel a tad upset with her actions to it, the topic would need more thought and study. After he was gone and out of earshot she turned and looked at trev “i would like you to follow the guest into the dining hall, make friends, or at least seem like you are, learn about him as much as possible then report back. I will be going to my chamber early, and i am very sorry that rock turned out to be such a bugger but i am glad you took the hit of it and not someone else that would have list life times from some stupid door stop. ” she got up her knees a little shaky at first but she was alright, and with a hand she pushed on Ryus shoulder “come on dear to bed we go ryu, and noki you as well up to bed with you” Ryu grumbled dragged himself out of the throne and with noki behind him dragged his feet away and up the steps to there bed chamber. Anaya walked to Trev “it has been months since i last saw you and gave you that stone, spring has come and winter is leaving, but it is good to know you are alright” she nodded her head softly to him and moved along side her children to vanish up to her chambers. Samuel was slow to follow walking beside trev and smashing his shoulder into the elf and giving a chuckle “soon i will just call you a whore for the gods” he smugly barked as he walked up the steps to sleep along side his mate and children in their crowded chamber room.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev smiled and nodded proceeding to bow to the First Born before she left as he would raise up slowly and head towards the dining room as his eye looked towards the one Anaya was worried about. He let out an internal sigh as nothing showed on his face as was his way to do. He cracked his neck a bit and spoke the common tongue- “Salutations Sir….or perhaps it is a bug, or undead. Always hard to tell with those of a hybrid aura.” -he said, while he could see parts of the creature's aura in front of him, at this point it was simply guess work on his part, the aura was hard to read on this one, either it was not stable or non existent, either way it meant nothing to him as he had work to do at this point and smiled towards the creature taking a seat near the largest chair at the table and resting his head on his hand which were now propped up by the elbows on the table.- “Please enjoy yourself and relax, I do not have the same sort of bias that First Born Anaya does, if you were to perhaps take a moment to speak with me perhaps i can help lessen any blows” -he said with a cold smile once more- “Ah where are my manners, My name is Trev Longshank of the Grey Elves, High Priest of the Dragons Faith to the First Born Lady Anaya, i would be glad to answer any questions you may have so long as you don't mind questions of my own” -he said as a maid came out and poured some tea for him as he watched it flow into a small cup, the maid was an elf and kept looking up at Trev who was a Grey as she was a wood elf it was an odd feeling for sure. Trev looked to her with his good eye and the maid jumped a bit and bowed walking away quickly as he chuckled- “Tasty looking treats are they not?” -he said aloud-

XZeeCaptainX: He would turn his gaze from the rain to the man who came to accompany him, at this moment he had to look back out the window to spit up the wine that currently was burning his mouth. Listening to the man’s greeting he’d open up his mouth to speak, letting out a breath before hand to smell his breath, the fruit smell was there but hadn’t completely washed out the smell of his feast, like someone lighting scented candles in a graveyard. “Spider’s aren’t really bugs--- oh nevermind.” He’d say and groan as he didn’t feel like correcting a commonly mislooked fact, besides in this day and age the realm of knowing was very limited. “I ain’t undead, I know I may smell of it, but I really had no choice, I woke up starving and in a crypt of all things, the choice of “freshness” of my meal was out of my hand.” Rezuhm would stop as you spoke of his aura. “Ah, that. Don’t think too hard on it, it’s there to fool others into false security. The aura tries to replicate the feel of my last meal, but seeing as my last meal as I said were corpses the aura is a bit...frantic.” Rezuhm would continue to listen, nodding his head at the man’s acceptable persona. “Ah… talk about a title. That’s gotta be… a tad stressful? Anyways the name's Rezuhm Vi Caron, Crypt Lord, Servant of The Plague, Rider of Pestilence…. Geez just realized how long my own title is… I really don’t have many questions…” He’d go silent as he watched the maid and Trev’s interaction. “I fear if I answer that, I’d get more dirty looks than I already have.”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev nodded and pointed towards him- “Your choices are your own, so long as you are not of the undead you are welcome here” -he smiles coldly once more- “That is where First Born Anaya bias lays, she hates the undead, than again very few like them” -he shrugs and chuckles gently before looking back at him- “And you can say she looks tasty if you wish, i've sampled some of them myself already” -he said with a playful smile, Trev was a hard man to read by nature, he enjoyed hopping his sentence structures around as such to allow people to get one idea than once they pressed on an issue move the goal post.- “they have unique tastes, and so long as you don't eat her staff she doesn't care about the towns on the outlands, those are fair game” -he says once more seeming to have little care for human life as he tilted his head at his title- “Not really stressful, just require me to placate a certain whelp of a dragon who is too big for his own good” -he said bluntly as he took a sip of tea- “but so long as you tell the truth to First Born Anaya and offer some use to her, you will be fine” -he nods and chuckles as he takes another sip of tea- “Ah speaking of which Arachnida is the family if is recall correctly, insects is a broad term though. Thus easier to use” -he said with another cold smile as he finished off his tea and looked to the Arachnida man- “I will warn you though, do not stick your nose into to many people's rooms...there are some dangerous toys about, it would not be good if our guest were to be caught in their own web”

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm chuckled crossing his arm over his chest. “Nice joke.” He’d glance out towards the window back towards the woods. “Us Crypt Lords serve the Rider Plague, like Death has his Reapers, War has his generals, and Famine has his hordes of undead. If Lady Anaya should be disgusted with any of us it should be the Followers of Famine, they are the one’s that devour flesh, and are the ones who rot. Us the followers of Plague are formed to look like Carrion insects or other creepy crawlies, that is simply our appeal. And while yes we are forced to partake in consumption of healthy blood to keep ourselves it is never the draining that kills our victims. We have self control we feed until we are satisfied and let our prey go, what kills the prey is our venom, the venom of disease, our prey then passes it on making others sick. While I don’t enjoy it, it’s simply what I have to do to ensure my own survival… As for snooping apparently I am not allowed to stay long enough to do any sneaking around. But I don’t blame her for her distrust.”

DarkDelaMorte: “Ah” -Trev said as he chuckled- “A servant of the horsemen then? How novel, albeit i doubt First Born Anaya has anything against Arachnids who serve plague, you may want to keep that close to the chest secrets are the best currency in this place, but then again i believe that is true of most places no?” -he said with a cold smiles once more as he refills his tea the pot seeming to move on its own as Trev had used mage hand to move the pot- “still your habits sounds interesting, yet they don't serve much purpose outside of a clean up crew do they?” -he says tilting his head a bit as the pot is set down and Trev slowly drops three sugars into the tea- “a traveler is it? well i say distrust but i'm sure if you didn't watch your back she would eat you” -he said bluntly once more and sipped his tea nodding at its flavor.- “I tend to give that warning to all newcomers as it were, it becomes to easy to sometimes get caught up in the dance of this place only to find yourself solo during the prestige” -he said as he set down his half full tea cup- “and those who are alone in the dark meet a rather odd end as it were” -he looks ice cold for a moment then smiled again as he tilted his head- “so than, any question Sir Spider?”

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm would sigh, glancing at the mage from the side. “Rezuhm, and you don’t have to address me as sir. I doubt I should be allowed such a proper title.” “And no, as stated before I am not needy fellow. If Anaya want’s me away from her people then so be it, in the outcome that I did sank my teeth into anyone it would start a epidemic here, and you all seem decent enough folk in this hellish world of ours. I wouldn’t want to come back to nothing but bone.” He’d sigh. “I will admit however, we are often limited to a lifestyle of loneliness, but I guess that’s the price to pay when you a servant of a being, who apparently will be a reason for the world’s doom…” He’d mumble the next part…” Even if you have no choice to what you are born as.” Rezuhm would glance towards the elf mage. “So any more questions for me?”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev tilted his head back and forth- “Rez then” -he said with a cold smile- “Apologies i'm either a title person or a nickname person i don't like the in between zone of formal names” -he said bluntly and chuckled at his words- “trust me i understand your words, my own lineage is not one of regrowth but the end times if i ever did meet my grandfather i'm sure it would be on the day in which yggdrasil falls” -he said recalling the tree from a book he had found in the study and found it a fun word to say- “i'm not the biggest questions person i just enjoy conversations, but i suppose the question i would have is….what do you think i am?” -he said with a taunting smile- “it's always curious to me what ideas people have about me, thus i am curious as to what you take me as” -he said as he took another sip of his tea his eye catching a watching maid as he smiled coldly at her and she dashed back into the kitchen as he chuckled- “mmm i wonder if she wants me to take some more mana from her” -he spoke in grey elvish, which to most would sound like elvish but was on a level that the verbiage and conjunctions made zero sense to the normal person. As such one could try to understand grey elves if they wished but it was a language that usually led to headaches for those not taught by a native. Trev bit his finger and used his blood to make a small ritual circle on the table putting in odd symbols into the tetragram as he hummed softly-

XZeeCaptainX: “You?: Rezuhm took small quick glances over the elf’s form, pondering on the thought. “In truth, I don’t know. I’ve known you for such a short bit, and unlike a lot of beings the skin you wear matters little fact to me. You have a heart that beats in your chest. You are simply another being to me. However your persona, it’s interesting one. You love to mind game people, wordplay to draw out secrets or viable information tricking them into talking. Which is why I spoke so openly, without much questioning from you. I told you what you wanted to know, cause I have nothing to hide. Besides that you're just a sadist that likes to see people squirm, nothing wrong with that though.” Rezuhm smiled and chuckled, but instantly lose the smirk as soon as you bit your thumb and drew blood. Rezuhm would grit his teeth and raise a hand to pitch his nose. “What's the purpose of that?”



DarkDelaMorte: -Trev laughs- “Mostly true, i do love playing games with people, it’s the best way to know how to torture someone” -he says bluntly with a happy smile- “nothing beats the feeling of watching a person squirm in rage from losing everything” -he shivered and chuckled as he looked up to Rez and tilted his head back and forth- “hm…..this is a diagram of investigation” -he mumbles some words under his breath as the tables wood begins to deform and raise up the rune circle glowing as a small statue appears from the ritual circle the blood marks turning into ash and blowing away the blood smell moving away as Trev pick up the small statue and begins etching a name into it as he sets it down on the table the name facing trev- “Let’s play a game shall we” -he said in a cheerful tone- “what name did i just etch into this small statue?” -he inquired as he looked Rez straight in the eyes. Albeit one of his own eyes was missing and covered. The statue itself had the name Trev etched into it, it did not have any strong enchantments at the moment but its use was mostly for interrogation purposes, with a larger circle it would have made a copycat golem that would allow the caster to implant a name into the golem and toy with the mind of the cursed, either physically or mentally. Yet in this case Trev was simply curious about how the man would react as he clicked his tongue in a metronome like fashion.-

XZeeCaptainX: Rezuhm eyeballed the back of the statue, even crouched down from his spot at the window to gaze at it on a eye level before standing back up. Rezuhm would then turn his eyes towards Trev’s single eye. Humming with thought. “Well… I feel like you’re doing it to trick me up, so it being my name would be my first guess which would be a way to trick me up. But I also guess a genius like you would know that and make it my name to purposely fool and punish me for going against my gut. There’s also the possibility of it being the name of someone I lack the knowledge of which would always cause me to end up in a wrong answer, but I would hope you have honor of not doing that for the sake of a fair game. So I feel it is someone within the castle, someone I have met, or myself…” Rezuhm took a moment. “I don’t know if a loyal mage would write the names of his queen or of her children though. There is that Sam fellow… and Sona who opened the door for me. Narrowing that down, it’s Sam, Sona, Me.” Rezuhm in this thought would look over your body. “Or possibly yourself…. Hmm… before I answer what would happen if my guess is incorrect?”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev listens quietly as he smiles and taps his fingers on the table whilst listening to Rez as he chuckles softly listening to him explain his ideas- “ah i love watching these sorts of things” -he said with a smile- “well then now to the next part of the game” -he reaches into his jacket sleeve and pulls out a sharp needle and puts it onto the table in front of Rez and smiles- “now than, take the needle and shove into the front of the statue where ever you wish” -he said with a smile as he seemed to suddenly grow colder with a taunting grin- “yet the needle is cursed the moment you shove it into the statue that person will feel it quite well, i can not tell you how strong it is, it could kill the person, and it could not, so it's up to you to decide where to place it based off your guess of what name is written on the statue” -he said with a cold smile. This was one of trev’s more dark games as it played with a person's perception of safety the needle was cursed but the degree was always random and only Trev new the moment he pulled it out what strength it was. As well the knowledge of what name is on the back always leads a person to wonder where they should place it, in the dungeons people would want to shove it into the heart as they sometimes thought it would be their captors name but then not know if it was their lover or themselves, or if it would kill the person or simply maim them, it was a gamble that played with emotions and Trev loved watching people's reactions.-

XZeeCaptainX: “You're asking me to potentially kill someone. Yet I know not of who they are, I see. A dirty trick. Well, I ain’t going to waste my time on it, as that is what would give you the satisfaction, I presume.* Rezuhm would take the needle between two fingers and ready it up at his chosen area. He’d thrust his hand forward the needle piercing into the right hand of the wooden statue. Blinking he’d turn towards Trev, parting his lips. “My thoughts, if it were to simply harm the hand would be a safe spot to do it without potentially ruining the life of my victim, if it were to kill then no matter where I’d place it would result in their passing, but I get the feeling you wouldn’t do that in this situation you have no reason to.” Rezuhm stood up and away from the statue looking at Trev. “Now I do have a question, two in fact. What happens to those who deny to insert the needle, and who did I just stab, cause I feel nothing.”

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev chuckled at the tinge in his hand as he claps his hands gently then turns the statue around to show his own name as he smiles- “hm as to your first question, if a person refuses to enter the needle, they are usually cursed in some way or another, it's a small curse usually something akin to not being able to sleep or problems using the loo” -he said with a smile- “You made an interesting choice, while you say you feel nothing, i surmise you are a rational person but with a soft heart, you don't like killing without need as you see no reason to it. This test is something i use on people who can not be read easily, i want to judge their character, i use it often on people First Born Anaya catches to see if they follow through, some have put it through the heart and killed a wife or child, other have done it through the head and taken out their own brain cells, and others have tried to kill be obviously but try to use the needle on me instead of the doll...thus the curse hits its full effects and takes their soul” -he says with a chilled smile- “apologies if i offended you but you made an interesting choice, better than those in the past...some can't do it, others get greedy, and some simply lose the will to live” -he says as he leaves out the part of the needle's strength- “but it seems you are ready to go so we will have to continue this conversation for another time” -he stops and thinks as he picks up the statue and marks off his name to cancel its effects and tosses it to Rez- “by the way, i'm a ritual caster not a mage and as well, it's not my main skill” -he says with a smile once more- “we hope to see you soon Rez of the Plague Riders”

XZeeCaptainX: Rez would catch the statue as it was thrown to him, gazing down at it and then back up to Trev. Listening to every word, at one point putting a smile on his face. “Well, thanks. I appreciate the praise.” Rez would look over his shoulder and gaze outside to see the rain had stopped. “It truly is time to be on my way.” Rez turned back towards the elf, and gave bow to him. “Please give Lady Anaya my apologies if I made anyone uncomfortable, and thanks for allowing me to dodge the rain this night. If we do see each other in the future, I do wish as well. You are interesting a person, I like that in people. So, I hope you too Trev, The High Priest have a good time. Rez would lower the statue to his side, and began to take steps towards the door, opening it and taking a step to feel the dew of fresh rain blown into his face, a cool and relaxing feeling. With the door closing behind him, Rez would quickly make his way to the woods, avoiding the village as much as possible.

SuiYasha waking with a gasp of air she sniffs the air, feeling the open wind and sun beat down on her scales her ears fall, the orphan had been rejected by another and forced away. On shaky legs she stands up and slowly slinks her way towards the smell of water in hope of finding food and a place to hide. since she was no longer capable of flying since her energy and magic was momentarily depleated. Finding the river she waddles to the waters edge and gived a tentive lick to check if it was fresh or salt water. Tasting the fresh water she eagerly stuck her muzzle in and gulped massive mouthfulls of water till he got a momentary brain freeze. With her lips curled back and baring her teeth she growls and thrashes her head about as her tongue licks at the roof of her mouth and the air as she tries to shake off the pain that raked her skull. After some time she calms down and wades inside the water and uses the water to help her travel faster, following down stream she hopes to meet the ocean but as she travels her head slightly submerged with her maw open skimming for any fish that would happen upon her waiting maw or brush agasint her outstretched wiskers. After hours and the sun had nearly set she finally meets the sea and fully exits the previous area.



“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”

Guest_Arcaan : It was morning 6 am to be exact…the air was crisp the dew barley evaporated from the grass A dark ominous presence graced the town. However nobody scarcely noticed as they were still tucked away in their beds…the darkness was like a shadow quietly making its way into and out of the town without so much as a noise to wake any of the towns inhabitants…..on the way to the looming castle however the melting snow crunched and created sucking noises as the mud sucked at his boots. Now this shadow this…ominous presence had a name….naturally all things have a name…but this one struck fear and dread into the hearts of those that spoke…his name was Arcaan. Little is known about him…most beings that try end up disembowelled with intestines flopping out of there pathetic bodies. The winding path to the castle was irritating at best with the mud and snow dirtying his boots and armour but he knew a power thrummed inside the castle like a living being of energy. Finally he made his way into what seemed like the entrance he was surprised that there were no guards about…to bad. It would’ve been fun to toy with their feeble fragile minds…Blood stained the floor and he licked his lips oh what violence was had here! He thought gleefully his heavy boots ticked upon the ground he tried making his way to what seemed like the main hall but something held him back. Arcaan sneered and ticked his boot impatiently awaiting the owner of this fine castle to greet him.

EverestDeLaRose: For the first time in years Everest was completely sober, Booze-free, a new world record for her since she always drowns herself in Beer, Brandy and Vodka. For what reason Everest never slept during the night due to situations that had been troubling her deprived mind lately, “Good Morning to my sober ass.” She grumbled to herself as she seemed to be quite moody this morning, being sober felt like she was being prisoned due to the fact that she was hardly ever sober. Everest stood beside the bookcase that was situated on the right side of the entrance where she saw a tall being dressed in armour, had walked past her like as if she was invisible. She figured it would be a male by the scent of his odour and aura. Her miserable mood turned instantly as she had company, the reason behind her drinking was the fact she felt lonely and broken but she hid them with smiles, laughter and drinking of course. She cleared her throat as she leaned up against the wall, folding her arms against her chest as she waited for his response hoping not to frighten the poor male. If he were to turn around and to look at her, he would see a 5’9’’ Female, dressed in rather… revealing garments that showed off her fit curvaceous body, a soft smile curved on her blood red tinted lips.

Guest_Arcaan: Arcaan gazed at the female. She was quite stunning however he raised a demonic eyebrow at her choice of clothing. Not that it mattered to him what she wore it was after all her dominion however he figured she would dress more conservative due to her status as ruler of the dominion in which she resided…it was no matter however he did not mind the sight in the slightest truth be told he hadn’t seen a more beautiful woman in a thousand years her curves complimented her in ways that he could not put into words. He stepped forward his heavy boots ticking upon the ground he cycled through various demonic languages before resulting in something they can both understand. “Greetings….forgive my intrusion this place…called to me” he said quietly. It was surprising he spoke in a calm town his features were utterly demonic half his face a gaunt like demonic skull the other side revealed more of his demonic flesh…but that was all irrelevant….his spikey hair was more messy then anything but there was something about his piercing gaze his aura of darkness permeated the air around them as he smirked slightly looking at her up and down before bow
EverestDeLaRose: Everest’s smiled grew wider as the male spoke, his tone of voice was rather appealing to her ears, and with that she would blush a light shade of pink as she tilted her head slightly. His appearance was a sight to behold, well… in her eyes as she always loved a man dressed in amour. The way he looked at her then smirked made her knees turn completely weak, Everest chuckled sweetly as her now light pink cheeks turned into a dark shade of red. “Greetings Sir, I am Everest Lilith DeLaRose… It is a pleasure to meet you Mister….?” She waited for the male to introduce himself properly, but the reason behind that was so she could listen to his voice once again. All she could do was stare at his appearance, hoping he wouldn’t notice her glazing upon his remarkable figure. The morning sun would raise and started to light up the once gloomy Castle, Her eyes started to twinkle as she finally gathered up the courage to look into his eyes. The scent her body gave off was a nice sweet fragrance that was always enjoyable to the nasal passages of the others being around her. As the sunlight came through the windows, lighting up the Castle completely, her appearance became more details, not an imperfection on her beautiful smooth skin, that he could see so far; expect the fact that her whole back was covered with large scars running from the back of her neck down her spine towards her tail bone, then two other large scars running from her shoulders down the sides of her back towards her bottom. But that didn’t bother Everest, hopefully her future husband wouldn’t mind such scarring but only love her more for it.

Guest_Arcaan: Arcaan gazed at her up and down once more taking in her beauty it took him a minute to compose himself his armour etched with ancient runes glowed and pulsed red His aura extended its reach as he smelled her scent it was intoxicating sweet aromatic…deliciously fragrant it was the most appealing smell he had experienced in a long time. He cocked his head slightly and spoke “I am Arcaan…the last of my kind…this place….spoke to me…and I…answered its call…milady” he said in that same tone his demonic voice naturally smooth silky h gazed into her eyes his intensity almost overbearing. The sun began to peak up ever so slightly his aura pulsed and rippled. His eyes flickered from her beautiful face down to her chest and down below…not in a rude manner just simply taking in her beauty. The castle reminded him of his own home. A home now long forgotten In his past… a past he would want to remain forgotten he shook his head slightly bowing once more “However you may call me whatever you wish milady” he said softly politely the spikes on his back were withdrawn as he did not feel threatened here he smiled softly awaiting her words

EverestDeLaRose: Everest tried to keep in her ‘girly’ giggles as he spoke, she felt like a little teenage girl that was drooling over a hunky supermodel with six-packs and large arms, but she tried to keep that side of her inside where it should belong. She extended her small delicate hand out towards him slowly, wanting to shake his hand, already noticing that he could barely keep his eyes off her body, hell… She gets that all the time with men around, it somewhat pleased her but sometimes it got much. “Arcaan… Such a beautiful and unique name might I say.” She continued to give off a sweet smile as she never broke off the eye contact, she could look into his eyes all day and listen to his amazing tone twenty-four seven, something about his aura made her want him to never leave, it gave her somewhat pleasure to have him. Deep down she is actually a very loving and caring women, would do anything for her loved ones, She would protect them with all the might she has and would even die for them, but many have taken advantage of that side of her so she kept it hidden, Nothing new really, she has been through this for a while. But something about Arcaan made her feel different, —Stop it Everest. You just met the man. — She thought to herself, trying to snap out of the ridiculous that was running through her head at the time.
Guest_Arcaan: He eyed her up and down before looking into her eyes intensely “Bah it’s a rather ordinary name…but I thank you for your kind word…it is an honour that you grace my presence” he said softly as he shook and kissed her hand slightly. Her smell was intoxicating it stirred something inside him. She truly seemed sweet not what he was expecting…but he was weary many have tried to sway him only to stab him in the back…he was cautious but he felt that he can trust her. He smirked then the smirk turned into a smile. He wasn’t used to smiling so much it wasn’t him he was normally much more serious however he felt at ease near her. Not to mention her scent her voice he wanted to drown in it if he could. There it was…that feeling again that stirring it woke something up inside him he didn’t know what it was or how this came to be…but what he did know was that it was stirring the more he looked at her the more he stood next to her beautiful form…the more he spoke with her. His armour flickered slightly the runes pulses ever so slightly

EverestDeLaRose: Everest quickly looked away as he kissed her hand, her cheeks now turning blood red, her heart started to pound out of her chest, her whole body started to heat up as the air around her started to shimmer, as though viewed through a heat mirage. As her lips parted from one another a soft cute chuckle would escape, her hair hardly covered her now red face due to the fact it was tied up in a high ponytail, which helped support the Ruby Crown upon her head, the head dress was positioned nicely upon her forehead it suited her eyes. Her pupils were pitch black and the cornea was blood red, and around the cornea was pitch black, normally they would be white like how the human eye is, but she was far from human, She is a Red Chromatic Dragon, but less evil than their natural kind. The way her facial structure is makes Everest look innocent and kind, yet the demonic looking eyes suited her face, and garments. The heart Necklace around her neck started to glow slightly, giving off a warm sensation in the air, The Heart stone was actually a blood gem, it was given to her when she was only a little child of three years, She can’t remember who had given it to her but the person said she must never remove it, to this day, She has never removed her necklace.

Guest_Arcaan: Her laugh her scent all of it was pure intoxication the warmth in the air caused a stirring in him again. He smiled softly the souls within him grew restless he wanted to kiss those soft full lips with the fiery intensity of his being. C’mon now you just met her don’t be such a fool he chided himself as he continued to eye her he smiled slightly. “What is on your mind milady?” he said his voice like smooth silk his eyes met hers in a fiery intense focus. The souls within him murmured their approval he enjoyed the sound of her voice so soft so intense it pulled him in in ways that even he couldn’t describe. He would adjust his armour and the runes would pulse softly as he did so. True Arcaan was the last of his kind but he felt so at ease with her around he was willing to tell her anything her heart desired he scolded himself again for being so forthcoming it was unlike him and it was dangerous…he knew that despite her kindness he knew she possessed very strong power. He tried to pry his thoughts away from her but failed utterly…in fact his thoughts of her increased and he bit his lip slightly

EverestDeLaRose: “To kiss you...” She spoke softly but then realised it wasn’t in her head, she was highly embarrassed as she now buried her face in the palm of her hands. “I’m terribly sorry Arcaan... That didn’t come out right… I...-I umm...” Her body started to tremble as she continued to hide her face. “F-forgive me for being so rude…” Her thoughts ran wildly around in that tiny head of hers, she started to feel rather weird…Down there… Something she has never felt in her life, her heart raced rapidly as her body heated up more, that wasn’t the only thing heating up and with that Everest would pressed her legs together. She was too embarrassed to show her face to the man, A Queen should never be like this or feel like this… —Stop it Everest! Compose yourself! — She thought to herself as finally gathered up the courage to unhide her face. She looked up at him, feeling very little compared to him.
Guest_Arcaan: Arcaan smirked a rather seductive smile on his face he eyed her up and down the heat between them was unmistakable it was unrelenting…bubbling to the surface threatening to explode. “Funny….and ironic….I was thinking the same thing” he said softly his voice was seductive her smell driving him wild he felt a stirring below something he hand felt in a long time the pure lust and want from them both was incredible he eyed her gorgeous eyes rounded breasts soft juicy ass and incredible full lips and he smiled once more. It was lust but it was also something more it was hard to describe but it was there and it was getting more and more heated the more they stood next to each other he wanted to kiss her to ravage her to fulfil every want and desire she had. This was most unusual for him he hadn’t felt this way about someone in such a long time he had almost forgotten what it had been like to feel this way. All he knew was that he needed more he craved more he had to have more. There was no question about it he was addicted and he would do anything for more
EverestDeLaRose: His smirk finally got to her, she felt a water like substance running down her inner thigh, Everest bite her bottom lip hard a bit too hard as it began to draw blood. She wanted him to fulfil her desires right now, right here… But she couldn’t gather up the courage to say to him… —Everest… You are a virgin... Stop this at once. Look at the size of him! He is going to bloody break you!— she couldn’t give two shits about what her mind is telling her, she simple shut it out completely. She wanted him to dominate her, take her, and breed her. She was lusting him but something else with it that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, Everest looked up at Arcaan and smiled innocently. “Take me Sir…” She finally gave in, submitting herself to him and enjoyed every moment of it, she felt no guilt no regretting of any sort. She took a step forward, their bodies only an inch away, she wanted to feel his skin against hers, feeling his large muscular arms wrap around her tiny body, feeling him inside of her. She raised her right hand, placing it upon his chest as she would smile sweetly, her necklace glowing brighter.

Guest_Arcaan: He smirked her sizable breasts pressing against his chest He kissed her deeply and intensely sucking on her tongue there combined passion ready to explode. He groaned into the kiss swirling tongue in her mouth his hands reached behind her and grabbed her ass his fingers sinking into her soft juicy asscheeks. He nibbled her neck with his fangs making sure she felt every single delicious feeling. The passion the pure lust was. Now released he wanted her in ways she could only dream of and he planned on doing just that. His gaze was intense and fiery he knew what he wanted and he was going to get it.

EverestDeLaRose: Everest kissed Arcaan deeply, as she pushed her body up against his large figure. Her heart skipping a few beats as she felt him grab her thick juicy backside, she let out soft seductive moans as he nibbled her neck with his fangs. With that she tilted her head to the side, enjoying his lustful behaviour towards her. She placed her hands on his biceps and gripped them tightly as her moans got more intense. “T—this feeling... W-what is it...?” She spoke softly to Arcaan, as she trembled heavily, her scent started to become more intense, she gripped her legs tightly together once again as she tried to hide her sweet scent. It started to overwhelm her as this became more heated up between the two. Her grips got tighter around his biceps as the feeling became worse, it felt like something was taking over her.

Guest_Arcaan: "It’s called Lust" he said softly he jiggled and bounced her juicy round ass before kissing her deeper and harder a hand went in between her legs and touched and rubbed at her heat his cock grew as he finger fucked her his fingers sliding up into her hot velvety wetness. He curved his finger deep inside her growling with intense lust precum oozed from his thick cock. All that mattered now was lust building inside them. He intoned to rub at her ass as he fingered her panting overtook with an aninimastic lust wanting to bend her over and have his way with her

EverestDeLaRose: “L-lust…” Everest flinched heavily as she felt him insert his fingers into her tight untouched entrance, “A---a—Arcaan….” She started to feel an overwhelming sensation of pain, She started to pant heavily as her grip around his biceps were not extremely tight, digging her fingernails through his armour and into his flesh. Her pant turned into a slight growl as she threw her head back and trembled. Arcaan’s fingers were now covered in blood. Even though she was in pain she still wanted him to fuck her like there is no tomorrow. “I-It hurts…” She spoke softly as she tried to escape away from him, but at the same time wanted him.
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HuntingDog: -He would be found sleeping in the rafters but soon awoke. He held a hand to his mouth and yawned loudly, he had slept like the dead, and he seemed fully healed. - "Well since everyone is doing other stuff might as well get into the booze." -He hopped to the floor, pulling his katana along with him, placing it in his belt as he walked to the bar. He scrounged around looking for something to drink. - "Vodka or whiskey? Maybe sake.....oh now here is something!" -He said as he pulled out a bottle of gin. He popped the cap off and began drinking. It wasn’t long before he felt his cheeks redden. - “Fucking hell. Damn dad, hashing my mellow like that. Sure I might have killed some people with some Tsunamis but what the fuck did he expect? I am the god of summer storms or whatever. Wraaaaah.” –He belched. - “Fucking idiot.” –He heard odd sound from inside deeper in the castle and stood. He drunkenly walked to where he heard the sound and leaned against the door a moment. After taking another swig of his gin he kicked down the door. - “For fuck sake you two. Can’t you see I am trying to sulk and drink alone!?” –He in a drunken anger said. He pointed to the male. - “If you are going to fuck her at least get a better dick before doing so. N-no girl want Wraaaaah what you got.” –He took another swig.- “As for you missy you shouldn’t be so easily seduced, you’re better than that…..sort of….honestly, I would tell you both to fuck yourselves but you two were already gonna do that…….” –He exited a moment before returning.- “By the way Wraaaaah where is the latrine or whatever the fuck you mortals call a toilet. Gin goes right through this stupid human body and I need a place to release.”

EverestDeLaRose: Everest fell to the ground as Arcaan completely disappeared, she tilted her head upwards as she looked at the drunk male, She panted softly as tried to speak. “A-And you are?” She sat on the floor in pain as the blood ran down her inner thighs. By the way he was acting and drinking, Everest thought to herself —I found a drinking buddy now. — She got on her hands and knees as she tried to stand up, she felt like a complete wreck. “A…A little help please...” She begged the man to try and help her stand up due to the fact she could hardly keep her balance, she would let out a heavy sigh as she hung her head. She was never sexual in anyway what-so-ever, so for this man to see her on the ground like this made her feel ashamed, she was still lusting… She wanted it gone but didn’t know how to get rid of it. —Told you. — She groaned to herself as she hated that her mind was always right, sometimes she wanted to shoot herself just to shut that stupid mind of hers up. —But, like always. You don’t listen. — She shook her head as she sat on her bottom, flinching a bit. “Shut up...” She whispered to herself.

HuntingDog: -He stood, not still he was swaying quite heavily. He went over and picked her up. - "If it’s gonna be your first time it should be with someone you care about, not some random guy with a fucked up dick." -He could see her pain, it was the same expression his sister had before she went and cast herself in a cave, depressed at his own actions. He took another heavy swig and turned around and walked down the hall and entered a room, it was one of a maid whom quickly ran away as Sasuno began to smash the room. He was claiming a room now as he had no other place to really go and he had to figure something out. He drew his sword and stabbed it into the centre of the floor, it was growing heavy and he felt the last of his godhood being sealed into it. He took a seat on the seat that was left unsmashed and held onto his bottle. He remained quiet, it was odd, since his birth he never felt disconnect from the cosmos but now he felt nothing, was this how mortals felt? He took another swig.-

EverestDeLaRose: She gently gripped onto him when he helped her up, Grateful in fact but also ashamed at his words, her first time was with a random man who she never even knew, and it made her feel like a disgusting whore. “Y-you are right...” She frowned sadly as she hung her head in shame, walking like a drunk idiot towards the library to calm her thoughts. Once she reached the library she dropped into her favourite couch and threw her head back, trying to compose herself and get rid of her adulterated thoughts. With that she would let out a loud sigh and close her eyes, her legs were shaking slightly, The hunger for booze was kicking in as the pain and hurt started to come back, She tried to fight the feeling so she just simply sat on the couch and tried to relax.

HuntingDog: -After a loud belch he threw his empty bottle at the wall. He leaned into his fist and stared at his sword, it now would remain a constant reminder of his shame and dishonour. He stood and drunkenly walked back to the bar. - "No happiness at the bottom of that bottle." he stated as he passed the library. He soon made it to the bar and began rummaging through it. - "Wraaaaaaaaaah, I should find a portable container....or like six." -He rummaged more and found a fairly large god and filled it with sake. He tossed the empty bottle and grabbed a bottle of whiskey this time and went for the library. He sat down on a couch across from Eve and popped open the whiskey. - "The name is Sasuno, I never Wraaaaah got your name." -He belched before he took a swig of the whiskey. - "You probably heard my commotion yesterday so I won't bother going over the details.

EverestDeLaRose: “My name is Everest.” She spoke softly as she placed her right hand upon her forehead and frowned, “Sharing is caring pretty boy.” She opened her eyes and looked at him, vaguely smiling as she tried to make a joke. You could see that he was pissed out of his mind, as drunk as a Scottish male in a bar. She slowly sat up, flitching a little before placing her elbows on her knees. “Being Sober is a fuck up to be quite honest. Reasons why I get smashed… Because of pain, hurt and blah blah blah.” She cleared her throat as she took a tissue from the tissue box that was allocated on the table and wiped her inner thighs. “Where are my manners, what is your name again?” She arched her right brow as she waited for his response. She felt highly embarrass to even sit with the man after what he had seen and what she had been doing.

HuntingDog: -He took a swig again and tossed her the rest of the bottle. - "Sasuno and I drink because I no longer feel anything, at least what I felt before. Wraaaaaaaaaah." -He belched and leaned back deeply into the chair. - "My father was Izanagi and when he arose from the underworld he cleaned the pollutants off his face, I was born after he washed his nose. My sister was born when he washed his eyes and she’s of course fucking success, goddess of the sun. While I became god of summer storms. I've always had a temper and hated the mortal realm, often for sport I would simply send Tsunamis towards islands and kill people. My father of course saw this as a crime and cast me out, now I am here." -He stretched his hands out to make the "welcome" type gesture. - "And now I am resorting to drinking until I can figure out what I want to do. First though I have to pay back Anaya for her kindness....." -He looked around. - "Maybe not smash as much furniture or something."

EverestDeLaRose: She took the bottle from him and gulped down what was in the bottle, URGH it felt good to have booze again, that was the only thing keeping her happy and alive… Well, Alcohol can kill you but, she wouldn’t mind that to be completely honest. “Anaya is my Sister, if you didn’t know that.” She would toss the empty bottle towards him before resting deep into the couch and letting out a slight sigh, “ahhh that was nice… The booze I meant.” She would yawn slightly as she relaxed peacefully like usual, “Thank you for helping me.” She nodded her head once and smiled vaguely, not feeling the pain as much. It felt good to go back to how she was, to be honest, Earlier with Arcaan… She wasn’t herself, she wasn’t thinking nor did she really give two shits at that moment. But now that she thinks about it, she felt stupid and useless for a couple of seconds before brushing it off her shoulders like dust.

HuntingDog: "Just doing my civic duty of saving maidens from deformed dicks." -He said before he smashed the bottle with a quick strike of his right fist. - "Besides a guy like that probably has demonic syphilis or something, or gonaherpasyphilaids." -He paused a moment, perhaps drinking wasn't a bad idea, he had the reflexes it seemed to still fight even stone cold drunk.- "Ya know maybe instead of finding random men like that get your sister to help find you someone." -He scratched at his abs. - "Or, I don’t know, just never get married. That’s a good option."

EverestDeLaRose: “Like who?” She shook her head as she listened to his words before chuckling, “Right now... I’m like still sore, so thinking about it makes me feel… Urgh.” She yawned widely as she threw her head back once again. “Get the booze Dear, We need to lighten up the mood.” She closed her eyes as she took slow deep breaths. “And Me….Getting married? Funny joke Dear.” Everest could never picture herself Married with any man or women. She wasn’t one to get heartbroken again so she just decided to stay single.

HuntingDog: -He went and retrieve a bottle of wine and himself a bottle of vodka this round. He tossed her the wine. - "Trust me you mortals always get married." -He plopped back down into his chair. - "At least I saw that all the time in the celestial plane." -He popped the cap and took a sip, belching as was now his custom when he drank and drunkenly talked. - "It could be worse though, a women could chop off your dick and toss it off a cliff." -He scratched his chest. - "To bad there isn't like some magical cloud thing that like takes account of your personality and post it to all of the other single people in the world to enable possible blind-ish dates."
EverestDeLaRose: She got extremely offended when he called her a Mortal, She is nowhere close to being human. She caught the bottle of wine and popped open the cap with one swift motion, “I’ll have you know that I am no Mortal, I am a Red Chromatic Dragon JUST so you know.” She bobbed her head once then brought the rim of the bottle to her lips before tilting the end of the bottle upwards and started to engulf the wine, Man oh man did it taste good, but what was better is the fact she has her booze again, if she had to choose between men and Booze… Booze would win by a mile. Nothing and no-one was allowed to take her booze from her, which was her pride and possession.

HuntingDog: "Mortal, dragon, foopa dupa. You live on the mortal plane and have never felt the entirety of creation." -He scolded, not too harshly but she didn't know what being none mortal was. - "Anyway, tell me about yourself and I will sit here and pretend to listen." -He snarkily commented, as usually his temper was showing. He took a swig of his bottle. - "Just gonna sit here and try and find happiness at the bottom of this bottle."
EverestDeLaRose: “There is nothing for you to know about me Dearie for I am an open book. And don’t you dare comment on what I just said.” She already knew what he was about to say when she called herself and open book, Already embarrassed that he saw her with another man by the entrance. She rolled her eyes as continued to gulp down the bottle of wine with not a care in the world, she decided to turn off her humanity switch so that way no-one could hurt her or even try. “Happiness? No such thing as happiness, and I think you figured that out.” She spoke in a cocky tone as she sunk into the couch and groaned. She had other things to focus on in this so called ‘life’ she has, I mean she can’t complain since she does have a good life with her amazing sister, but these men now-a-days… URGH She just wants to kill them all and eat their corpse.

HuntingDog: -He belched once more. - "Sheesh try and be nice and I get sarcasm. You know what you need? Wraaaaaaaaaah you need a hobby." -He drunkenly replied. - "Like I don’t know......lion taming or something. That’s a thing right?" -He took another swig of his vodka and held the bottle down by the side of the chai, clasping the neck between his fingers as he swung it gently. He scratched his abs again. - "Ya can't just sit around and drink all day, that’s MY job."
EverestDeLaRose: “I have a hobby and it’s called drinking, sleeping and eating. And it works perfectly fine thank you.” She hiccupped loudly, her eyes would widen as she looked at him then burst out laughing like a drunk idiot, —what the hell are you laughing about? — Her mind spoke to her, but Everest did not listen and carried on laughing, “Bring on the booze, it’s going to be a loooong night.” She waved her hands in the air, she felt like a complete idiot. —Everest!!.. Hello, Earth Everest! You look like a complete idiot! — Everest chuckled, “And I love it!” She yelled out loudly as she jolted up from the couch and stood on her feet, still maintaining her balance.


The Next Morning at Dawns Rise
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire 000256576-1_zpsdg5cj2md
They shall come day and night to see the wonder that has been born again into the world, and when they see they shall lust. For dragons are fire made flesh, and fire is power

Anaya: Stubbing her foot on the nightstand she let out a gruntled cuss as she moved along the floor to get to the door way without waking the sleeping children, Noki out cold her head dangled carelessly over the edge of the bed and Ryu was half falling off the back of the bed his head touching the floor and his shirt over his face. Over all they all looked passed out drunk but in the end that was not the case, they just were not normal sleepers and Anaya was more refined in her sleeping habits sleeping like a normal royal would...if she got any sleep anyway from there tossing and turning. AS she exited her chamber room she ran face first into Samuel “hey my dear glad to see you are awake” he said sharply almost sounding to be in a happy jolly mood, but she knew better “yes have you seen my pink gown, i wish to have the lighter colors” “you had the silken one last night i do believe it was left in the wardrobe” Samuel took off his own shirt and gave it to her to toss over her head so she was not showing much. The leather garb did not suit her at all. “fine i will go get it myself” she scolded as she pulled the leather thing over and around her to cover her body best she could but still it showed a fair chunk of her skin.  Walking down the steps the leather was rubbing in all the wrong places and she hated it. Grunting to herself and geting into a fowl mood she walked to the sofa room tossing the worthless garb off before she ever even walked into the door, not giveing a dame if the maids or staff around saw her, it was not like they did not see her nude before. Walking into the sofa room the doors made a shame as she did not care to shut them gently. There it was neatly folded and washed siting on the wooden table with her crown on top, now that was a pleasing thing to see. Grabbing it and tossing it on it made her smile, now all she needed was the wine....wait.....we were out of wine, Anaya grumbled more, how fast a good mood could go crawl in a hole and die. But hey at least she was no longer in a leather garb that smelled of dead hooker, rotten bar wench and mint cream after shave. Softly she walked out of the room back to the throne area she had just passed to get, she could not sit yet as there was matters to do but she could grab her book and take a moment on her feet to stand and read  the pages of it to see if anything knew had been added to the records.

NightzBlack: While walking through the woods Luna would slowly transform into her True form. she would stretch out her wings as she looked over the holes and old wound marks making sure they weren't getting worse as she sighed. A small smile would appear across her face making her fangs pop out from behind her lips as she was glad that it was a cold rain day. letting go of her wing she would re adjust the bow and arrows that laid on her back as she started to walk again. her long black hair swaying behind her. as she walked the sound of her boots could be heard. crunch. crunch. crunch. it was silent Lunara would think wondering what time it was. placing her right foot forward she would push off her front foot and take to the sky. her cloths a dark black color the only thing that wasn't black on her was her pale skin and bright red eyes. scanning the area she would spot a town not so far away. flying down she would continue to walk further not bothering to change back. as she got closer to the town she could tell no one was really up and about maybe a few people here and their as she mad her way to a tavern. glad to find it open she would walk right in and sit at the bar. "welcome my dear your up early is their anything i can get you?" the owner would greet her as she looked around. "what time is it. why is this place so dead?" the man would chuckle as he looked at her leaning a bit closer. "its only six in the morning dear." Lunara would sigh as was hopping it was still night. " can i just get a cup of coffee then ill be on my way." she would smile nicely at the owner as she sat back in her seat. The owner would get her coffee and place it in front of her as he said in a warm tone. "are you going to check out the castle. i hear its something to see." Luna would slowly sip her coffee as she thought it over. "you know what i just might see what kind of people run this area and all." she would chuckle as she lept up placing a coin on the table. "thank you for the coffee." the guy would scoop up the coins and place them in a pouch he held on his hip. "your welcome you be careful out their." luna would give him a grin. "oh come on gramps thats no fun." with that she took off towards the castle. as she walked she would think about how much she missed the guild how her and Vail would be up getting stuff ready as Mason would be shuffling in already drunk. Rax would have greeted him with a scolding while black and Anna sat at the table already eating sweets. a smile would appear on her face as she almost walked into the door. "oh im here." she would chuckle as she laughed knocking on the door as loud as she could.

Anaya: Her feet scuffled along the stone floor as she stood there wiggling her toes and figgiting, early morning no wine, grumpy mood and a pounding pain in her head was driving her up the wall. Today had started out bad, it was not going to end on a nice note she could feel it in her heart. Looking up from her book she could feel the green eyes of Sam looking down at her from the stop of the steps to the upper halls, her red eyes looked up at him, and his stupid face, her mood made it so she could not even stand to look at him, her face scowled as her upper lip lifted showing her sharp pointed teeth, rows of them all pointed and grinding as she snarled at him, he looked at her without a bit of emotion on his face . Witch in the end just boiled her blood, the beating  of her heart matched the thumping on the door as she snarled yet again and turned her back to him, his eyes like daggers into her skin, they hardly could stand each other at this point in there lives, she never knew were he was, be he was killing some Innocent against her orders, sneaking off to bug her daughter in her land, or just being out right cruel to there female child. And Samuel hated his mate as well with a lingering Passion he was so against admiring, he held onto the past and onto her actions, he could not forgive her if he wanted to, so did not care for her scorn upon him, well in knowing Anaya needed him still, and when the day would come when she did not he would have to run for the hills and pray to not be found. Anaya turned around to get the door herself the guards had all well fucked off to go do other things the morning required of them. Taking her book and putting it under her arm she made her way to the door way, it smelled of things she did not like already, oh joy oh bliss the day was getting better, and yet again, no fucking wine. Anaya put on a fake smile and opened up the door looking out to the guest “come in you will catch your death in the rain” she said softly as a drop of water splashed at her feet and she backed up not allowing it to touch her leaving the door open so the guest girl could walk in, as Anaya turned around to start her way back to the thrones as she was going to sit, even if there was things to do, it could wait.
Her hand softly moved to push the snow white hair from her face, the tips lightly dirtied as she had not taken a washing for a little while now hating to wash due to her and water not exactly getting along at all. Red eyes looking at the floor and her feet as she walked, pondering thoughts that she had thought of all night, her and Sam had had a fight that night and it was the same worthless shit they always had words about, why he was even still around, she would be fine if he left in the night and never looked back, he did not even have to leave a note, he could just, vanish and she would not least she thought she would not care, but in the end, would she? Care? For him if he left, would she miss him like she missed others that had left her side. Crome, Magnus, Lorn, Clare, and others that had walked away from her bedside or been killed and consumed by her own claws. She ran face first into his chest as arms wrapped around her and his hot breath was on her neck, looking up red eyes met his green ones as she let out a sigh “when are you going to get the wine?” Anaya asked as she looked into her mates eyes his green eyes looking back at her “when you order it, i will go get it” he said with that sarcastic look on his face and tone to his words. Trying to pull out of his empty embrace he held her tightly stopping her from moving, a part of her did not want to harm him as she knew it would not solve this odd feeling with them, this anger filled aura that took over the room when they both were together. She looked at him “i will go order it after i sit, we have a guest at the door, can you let me go so i can handle them” “not till you tell me you care” Anaya's eyes turned to more a snarl then a happy or surprised look, not like this was the first cart a go around for the both of them “then we will be here for a while wont we, and that is not very kingly of you” Sam snarled “you know full well i am a king, and it is not very empress ruler of the north and all of Piros of you to be pondering bullshit and holding onto a petty squabble” he scolded as his lip raised showing his own pointed teeth to her as she did to him earlier. Anaya's eyes got brighter as her temper sparked. “that is more then enough” she moved her fingers as a large chair came spinning over the floor smashing Samuel in the back of the knees forcing him to fumble and take a knee letting her go “there you are my mate, keened before your ruler a fitting spot” Anaya snarled and stood over him Sam knowing his place as he did not get up but snarled and hissed saliva coming from his lips as his green eyes flared. Anaya smiled and walked to her throne as he got up and snarled “i will get something other then fucking wine, a cold glass of water will do NICELY” Samuel spat his words as Anaya rolled her eyes and kept her back turned to her mate. Poison was dripping from his teeth as he snorted and walked over to a pillar to over see the room and keep his head out of his mates business.

NightzBlack: looking at the person who answered the door she could tell that she was faking a smile. moving inside she would gather up her long jet black hair and start to twist it to get all the water out of it. while doing so it would end up in a wavy mess as she sighed. "Thank you Ma'am for letting me in and for the forced smile. but you don't need to put up a front for me." her voice would sound like a bunch of small wind chimes blowing around on a summers breeze. "i don't mind the rain that much its a lot better then worrying about turning to dust because of the stupid sun but that's another story." she would let out a small chuckle as she followed behind her going into a room full of throwns. "My name is Lunara I was just passing through when someone in town told me that i should check this place out." her bright red eyes would look around the room taking everything in. " you see i work as an assassin so i tend to travel a lot. don't worry though that's not the reason why i'm here." she would give her a slight smile as she took in her appearance once more. "if you don't mind me asking what are you?" she would tilt her head as she tried to guess.

Anaya: Anaya looked at him as she snarled, stupid male, he was lucky he had a dick or she would have tossed him over a hundred years ago, why did she even keep him, he was so belligerent, hostile, aggressive, stupid, moronic, egotistical, narcissistic, beautiful, confident, a perfect specimen of his bloodline, he was everything she could have asked for to make her beautiful children and he was a prize winning father to his son, if only he could be the same to his daughter. Anaya snarled as she looked over to him her eyes still a blaze of anger and just bad vibes she was the poster girl for i will eat you and shit down the stump i carve from your neck as she stood there picking up the old leather bound book that held the castle records. Flipping the pages her claw ripped a couple on the way as she turned and sat down in her throne looking up to see the doors open up and then clang shut as there guest walked in. What a fun place to walk into at this time of day she thought as she gave that worthless half arsed fake smile that was even worse done then before at the door way. But as the girl started to take it faded away, she fakes her moods with most people but even when asked not to the fact was there was always an amount of fake to Anaya in dealing with the public. “I am Anaya DeLaRose, dragon of the north, ruler of all of Piros, I am an albino golden dragon, some people call me the white haired red eyed devil, others call me a mighty high target. And yes you are lucky you came in early the sun will rise fully soon and an undead will not last in it here, well once the rain stops and the clouds depart anyway, for now you are good the day is shit” Samuel standing over at his pillar let out a laugh and then turned around and left walking into the dinning hall to more often then not stuff his face with any left overs from dinner the night before. Anaya snarled softly to herself as she shut that book in her hand, nothing was  new to her other then they were starting to get flooding under the castle but that would fade once the rain did and it happened every spring. “so what does bring you here if you are an assassin not looking to claim a dragons skull for some stupid wall mount, what come looking for a job? Or a place to hang your boots? Last undeads boots are still here, you may find feet still in them and charred left overs” she gave a light chuckle as it was true that last undead males boots were still at the door with his feet still in them.

“Anaya looked at him as she snarled, stupid male, he was lucky he had a dick or she would have tossed him over a hundred years ago, why did she even keep him, he was so belligerent, hostile, aggressive, stupid, moronic, egotistical, narcissistic, beautiful, confident, a perfect specimen of his bloodline, he was everything she could have asked for to make her beautiful children and he was a prize winning father to his son, if only he could be the same to his daughter.”

NightzBlack: Luna would fold her wings in to the point that they vanished as she took more to a human form. "No i didn't come looking for a job. for the jobs i take are for actual payments i don't do things for free. but by all means if u need help i wouldn't mind taking on another job." she would crack her neck and stretch her arms and back. her pants clung tightly to her skin as her shirt was long and lose looking more like a dress. gathering up her hair she would move it all to the right side of her body. "i was simply walk through this lands and thought to stop by at the place of the person who owned it out of respect. Its Nice to meet you Anaya DeLaRose. if you don't mind me asking what happened to the last guy. Also what is it with people lately having fresh dragon blood on them. really i don't see the point no offence." she would watch her continue to give her the same fake smile. she would shake her head lightly as she closed her eyes opening up a link with Lance. once she was inside his head she would ask him how things were going and if he made it back to the others yet or if he was still doing his own thing. Mason would get a little pissy asking her where the hell she ran off to now. Luna would chuckle as she explained to him that she finished her job and ran into another town on the way. she told him about how she is now visiting the towns ruler and wanted to check up on the others real quick unsure when she could leave because she lost her cloak again. Mason would snap about how she was being reckless for a Pure blood Vampire and an assassin. telling him to save his speech till when they are face to face again she would jump out of his head her eyes blinking as the room came back to focus.

Anaya: Anaya gave a real smile this time as she looked up from her book, the smile screamed volumes as her red eyes met the girls. “the last one, i killed him, it is what golden dragons do, we rid the world of other brings that are made of darkness and death, we burn them with our holy flame, it is like standing in the sun but no one has told me different as of yet” Anaya leaned foreword her elbows resting on her knees as her pink silks swayed from side to side with her breathing “we i could use smite, in all my years only one has survived that one but he did not last much after it, all his skin had burned off and his undead still heart was starting to beat causing him to die of shock. It would suck to have dead organs to come back to life just to die all over again and not get back up” she let out a sigh as licking over her lips at the thought of killing the girl passed her mind, slam all the doors shut be done with it and turn this whole room so hot it would melt the paint. But that would ruin her castle, and that was the only thing stopping the thought from turning to action. She taped her clear claws on her leg as she moved a hand to push the hair from her eyes “dragon blood, well i don't know maybe they found a dead one and rolled it in, there are no other dragons in my lands, and no one dare harm a scale on my family” she let out a snort as she moved her hand to her arm rest were there was no wine and she grumbled turning her eyes back to the girl, her eyes screamed run away for that poor girl that had walked into the one place for miles that would kill her kind with no reason other then its existence was a abomination and a slap in the face to all things living.  

NightzBlack: as she came back to her own head she would see that the women was still talking. she would listen to what she had to say thinking she knew the feeling. if someone tried to kill her family she would kill them on spot. "i don't know where they got the blood just thought it was odd. anyways like i said i'm not here to harm your family." seeing the look on her face she knew she was thinking about killing her as she would shake her head. she thought about how many arrows where on her back as well as taking her surroundings in to see what she had around her in case a fight broke out not that she was really in the mood for one. as the lady spoke up again she would give her a slight smile her fangs peeking out from behind her lips. "thank you thats very kind of you but Luna is just my nick name my full name is Lunara Mae Sohmaz." she would wonder if she should bring her wings back out deciding against it trying to keep the environment peaceful. she would let out a small yawn for this would be when she slept as well as the fact shes been moving around so much for the last couple of days.

Anaya: Anaya was in a grumpy mood that was truth but at the same time she held morals and was a ruler after all that had to uphold some high class image for her people to see she was not just a heartless malice dragon brute that acted first and talked second. “this would be the time you sleep, go to the back halls and find a closet with no windows, the sun will not get you there but it will in the normal guest rooms here, this is a place of light not darkness, get sleep and be out of here after night fall. If you are not the guards will chain you to a post outside and let the dawn take you” softly she watched that girl vampire abomination walk to the place she had instructed her. Takeing a claw and running her fingers in her not brushed hair and trying to brush the ugg feeling away that would have been so much easier with wine. Witch she sadly did not have due to people drinking it all. Leaning back in her thorne she could hear movement upstairs, one of the monsters must have been awake surely, if not one it would be both, and oh joy oh bliss dealing with children that kept you up all night and no wine to sooth the head pain, that was surely going to get worse. Maybe she could send the young ones outside to play in the mud or something, but that would mean stained tarnished gowns and muck covered floows witch would be a pain, that she would not clean cus maids do that or that slave boy can do it later.

NokiDeLaRose: “your stupid head is in my space Ryu!” she hissed as a foot came out and hit her brother upside the head. The force of witch made him grunt and roll over toppleing off the other side of the bed, he muttered something in his sleepy state but the words were unclear other then love you Noki, and then some snoring. She gave a hiss and got up from the bed cleaning off the night gown she had tossed on. Unlike her mother Noki loved the finer things and looked foreword to flipping the hangers in the wardrobes and finding just the right gown to put on for the day. There it was, all teal and gold and shimmering in the wardrobe it was screaming put me on Noki loud and clear. Grabing it with small delicate fingers she took it carefully from the hanger and lifted it over her head and onto her thin figure. Flat chest almost not even filling it out. In time she would get this form figured out and grow into it a little bit, get the proportions just as she would want them but for now it was still a work in progress. But she loved matching her mother with snow white hair and the same sweet simple skin that just made her have a woman ish glow to her even if it was a girl body she was in. Softly she moved along in her gown and spun around enjoying the feel of the fabric on her little backside bump. She did not understand the human figure as of yet but did kinda like it. Hoping up and down and not caring about her brother or the fact the loser was sleeping she hoped out the door to the room slamming the door behind her. She was well knowing that her lump head brother could sleep during a earth shake and not wake up so a slammed door would be no bother to him. Hoping over to the stairs she let her hair sway down and not tied up as she made her way down step by step “mother?” she called out as she walked into the main room she ran over to her mother and grabbed Anaya from the side wrapping her arms around her “hi mother i am awake now, i missed you! Do you have food, is food ready yet?”

PayneZileQueen: Hearing some clear and loud noises coming from the main room. Damon smiled softly. It meant that people were awake already, which was something that he was glad about. He must be honest with himself, having missed the company of others. Having spent all these years alone. Even though he didn't do people well, and the reason he did keep himself on his own was because of what was inside of him. That what was part of him. That would kill him if it were to be removed from him. "Heh.. Damon's Demon.. Stupid thing to say out loud" he mumbled to himself, as he made way towards the main hall. Once he noticed the lady of the house. He bowed down to one knee, and lowered his head. Still having much respect for the woman who allowed Damon to spend months inside the library, to study for a stone that he eventually think he did not need anymore. Not yet, at least. "Good morning Milady.. I hope I do not disturb you, or the others. I had a simple question, but I don't mind asking it later, if now is not the time"

Anaya: a little shocked with the sudden embrace her eyes lit up but not with happiness but with anger and surprise, but as soon as she turned to see who had there arms around her and seeing Noki's face in her bright flashy gown Anaya could not help but smile, even in the most fowl of moods that girl could bring a light to her mothers eyes and day. And to see she had dressed herself in one of her mothers gowns that was to large for her to fill made Anaya chuckle slightly. Thank god that dress was to small to fit her or it would have been at her daughters waist line and have to be held up with her hands. “no my dear the meals for the morning are not done yet but they will be in the coming hours, if you would like your father is in the dinning hall i do think filling his face with last nights left overs, if you are hungry you may join him.” she could see that scrunch of Noki's face at the word and could not help but chuckle and wrap her arms softly round her “if it was not raining we would go outside together once the rains stops i shall take you hunting, you can kill your first stag and drag it all the way home then eat it and not have to share with your brother alright” Anaya's clawed fingers laced into her daughters hair as she held her softly and tenderly. Seeing damon walk in the doors and over to them both, takeing a knee she smiled softly knowing noki would be the first to notice and surely was. A mother could not be more proud of her youngest daughter so Innocent yet strong. She simply watched her daughter and did not say a peep about it picking up the leather book from her throne side and punting it on her lap.

NokiDeLaRose: “Really! My first stag and i wont have to share with Ryu! Oh god yes mother i would love that, can we go outside now, i want to go i want to go!” she belted out ecstatically forgetting the part of mothers words that were go spend time with your father, like he would share food with her anyway, stupid lug would more then likely beat her for trying to get a meal with him and demand she fight back when she did not want to. Mother said a princess did not have to fight it was better to use your brain so that is what she would do. As she got up and let go of her mother she looked around seeing the doors, “mother can we go hunting now together please please” she barked as Anaya was just smiling looking past her. Nokies eyes followed her mothers seeing a guest in the halls oh a guest yay, she thought to herself as the words went from thought to lips “look mother a guest! Yay!” never was good with keeping thought and words apart, young ones were know for that anyway. With her little feet touching the ground the teenage looking girl holding her dress up around her chest ran over to the male now at a knee. She let go of her dress and boldly moved her little clawed fingers to his hands lifting him up “no knees no no, you can raise what you want to ask, i will help you, i am Princess Noki Rose DeNure i am my mothers daughter, how can i help you my good Sir, i am helpful” she wanted to help so badly, wanted to be like mother all strong and proud in her chair, helping everyone that walked in the doors. And the best part is Anaya did not say a thing in regards to her daughters actions, she just watched and allowed the little rugrat to handle everything she wanted to, allowing her daughter to learn on her own and handle herself like she would have to one day.

EverestDeLaRose: The sound of heavy rain drumming the rooftop woke up the hungover Everest that had passed out on the Kitchen floor, nothing new; this is her usual morning routine. “Grrrrrgghhhh.” All she ever did was groan, groan about life, groan about how shit she feels; But again, that’s the usual morning routine for her. It usual gets better as the day goes by, well… Sometimes. The only good thing about her morning is the fact she wakes up and the first person she always notices is her sister, Anaya. She assembled the little strength she had and picked herself up from the ground, gripping the end of the counter top to gain stability. “Never again…Am I…Going to drink…” She positioned her right hand against her forehead and sighed, but we all know that she will drink again, it’s in her blood. The Drinking tranquilizes her lifeless rampant soul. After a few minutes of standing she stumbled out of the kitchen and towards the library, her favourite room in the whole of the Castle. —Don’t fall now Everest. — She thought to herself as she tried to walk ordinarily but failed miserably. “Ana!” She yelled out for her Sister, because she knew what would cure the hangover quick and easy.

PayneZileQueen: Honestly baffled at the little teenage looking girl. Damon stood up when she had told him to. Raising his eyebrow, he looked at Anaya. Screaming for help in his mind, in all honesty. Since he really does not do well with kids. He smiled, awkwardly at that. Hoping that he was able to get a glance of Sifrella, or someone else who he knew. And when she talked, saying that she would help him. He really did not know what to honestly do. Run? No, that wouldn't be wise.... "Eehm.. Miss Anaya here,,, had once offered me a room to stay in. I turned it down.. Because.. Well, I didn't want to be a bother. So I sleep at the stables. But, to be fairly honest.. The room does sound really, really good right now. So.. if that offer was still up for grabs. I would love to be taking that room?"

Anaya: Hearing her sister yelling for her Anaya turned her eyes to look over at the girl fumbling around, yup that is another place to wine must have gone, what a mess that girl was becoming, shaking her head and allowing Noki to handle there guest knowing full well the girl could handle herself for the most part and if needed Anaya would be back in a blink to protect her daughter with her very life if things went a stray. She placed the book back in its spot at her throne arm rest and walked over to the mess that was her adopted sister. Anaya diped her head and placed her arm around the girls waist line holding her to her “you smell like a tavern both in drinking and in pleasure, we will get you to the bathhouse” dragons did not really have a sugar coat anything filter so in basics Anaya told her own sister that yup you smell like a whore and the bar cup. Anaya gave a smile that was not the warmest as her mind was not really on oh happy to see family but more god this is were my wine went. But she would try to be pleasant at least the best she could “and that gown will need washing, you can wear one of mine for now” she said as she walked with her to a side room were there was a sofa, a simple tub a silk, a brutish hole in the groaned that smelled fowl with a wooden lid, and some towels on a rack with some oils and a pinkish tan gown “there wash yourself up, there are oils to remove the smell and a gown on the stand, be sure to be clean before coming to the main hall, the pipes are a mess so heated water will not happen today, but the cold water should shock your system a little” she did not say anything else and did not give time for much of a response and simply shut the door and headed back out to were she could see her daughter and be back in ear shot.



NokiDeLaRose: Turning her head to see her auntie she smiled and waved her hand over to her, but then her eyes watched her mother and oh god could smell auntie from here, mother would not be happy for sure, but auntie would learn and be able to not anger mother later in life, but she was still new so maybe mother would be nicer to her. Nokis eyes went back to there guest she was being helpful with or at least trying to be helpful under mothers watchful gaze. He was a predy male for what ever he was, he smelled kinda funny but she had no idea what the smell was just yet, oh he kinda looked dark something like the demons in the books, maybe he was a fang face that mother told her to stay away from, but then again mother did not tell her to do that when she ran over to him, so it must have been ok to be near this one. He looked so scared, so out of his element, maybe he was just knew and did not know anything or anyone, maybe he did not like girls, maybe he liked boys, there was a story in a book she looked over about males liking each other, was a strange thing as it could not give young but to each there own. “ya we have lots of rooms, you want a big room or a small room, if mother gave the offer then it for sure would still be up, she is handling my auntie i think she has been drinking to much. She smells a little bad, i have a good nose like mother. Oh and you smell of hay and um...troll poop” she gave a slight chuckle as she covered her mouth with her fingers pulling up her dress again so it would not fall down and holding it up with her fingers. “i hope the trolls did not hurt you Sir” Noki sounded so grown up, or at least she was trying to, trying to be a proper princess as one day she would be a queen and rule her own lands like her older sister Ana. Maybe mother or father......ya maybe mother would take her to go see her older sister in her castle, but right now needed not think about other things needed to pay attention to her guest, she would help him and get him what he needed “if you are unsure mother will be back soon i am sure”

NightzBlack: Resting against the wall of the closet her eyes closed and her head down. she would think of the things she had done and the places she went. the more she thought the more awake she felt as she finally got up and open the closet door stepping out. looking out a near by window she would watch the ran fall grateful for the crappy weather. hearing sounds outside of the bedroom she would walk out. "must be later then i thought place seems more awake then earlier. i wonder what has happened sense i left." walking down the hall she would follow the sounds of chatter. she would look around the room as she took in each person one by one leaving the queen for last. she would look at the mood she was in along with how she was acting before speaking up. "morning" she would say in a calm tone. she didn't want to draw much attention to herself so she would find a corner and lean against the wall going back into her own thoughts. thinking over the morning events she would let out a small sigh putting her hand in her back pocket and pulling out a blood bag. putting the iv to her mouth she would drink from it like a straw as she made a grossed out face for it being old cold blood. once done she would toss the bag in a waist bucket and just lean back against the wall observing the others.

EverestDeLaRose: When her sister came to the recuse, she smiled. She could always count on her amazing sister, She would never sugar-coat anything, she spoke open-mindedly to her and wasn’t afraid if it would hurt her. Dragons are like that, plain and simple. She chuckled at Anaya’s comment when she said that Everest smelt like a whore and the bar cup, that put a light up in her morning. “Oh thank you Love.” She chuckled softly, as she stumbled into the bathhouse. Everest ran the water into the tub, “Hopefully.” She slipped into the cold tub, her eyes jolted open as she quickly sat up, “Jesus mother of hoots…” Her whole body started to tremble from the cold water, “A-at least…T…The dress… now…s..soaked…” She stuttered heavily as she spoke to herself. Everest removed the dress as she started to wash her body completely, try to demolish the booze stench that remained on her skin and in her breathe. Once she was finished soaking herself in the cold water, she got out of the tub, feeling refreshed, she grabbed the towel and started to wipe the excess water off her. “Now let’s see these oils she left me.” She mumbled to herself as she looked through the oils and then choose one, “Here.” She rubbed in the oil all over her body and the scent it gave off was magnificent, lavender with vanilla. “Mmmm. You never seem to not impress me Sister.” She chuckled softly as she would then grab the pinkish tan gown and fit her curvaceous figure into the beautiful gown. Once she was finished dollying herself up, she headed towards the main hall, Walking with pride and posture.

Anaya: Walking back to her daughter and taking her spot back on her throne over seeing everything but not getting involved she chuckled slightly at the face that Damon seemed out of place around her young one. Some people were just not made to handle children, let alone children that did not waist time to get right up in your face like your business was there's. Softly she sat down puting her book back in her lap, there was a lot in the book and anaya kept it close to her most days as well as others were not allowed to touch it at all unless putting down records in it, witch mainly guards family and the servants took the time to do. She moved her eye to look over smelling that undead again, god they were gross she thought to herself and wondered what poor thing had to die so that undead shit was able to live a second life, or what fool gave there blood willingly, how brain washed was the fool who would do that, did beings like that have no pride or self worth in them. She looked back to the record book not saying a word and alowing her daughter to handle most things, people had to get used to her anyway as well as she had to get used to them, and it allowed Anaya to get some of the tasks needed in the day to get done and to mark down the things that had been placed in the record book.

NokiDeLaRose: There was another guest oh lucky day oh lucky day Nokis bright blue sea like eyes spun around to look on the other person that had come out of hiding someplace in the castle......and it was drinking blood....eww. “ewww that is gross, why do that, eat the whole body of a being you left so much to waist and from what a sheep skin bladder bag, ewww” ((plastic does not exist in the 14 hundreds so sheep skin is the only thing a blood bag can be made out of, well or other skin but sheep skin is more pliable, like a sheep skin condom, you drinking blood out of a condom XD)) Noki was not overly good being young at keeping thoughts inside the head and not flowing outside the mouth but mother said nothing on it and kept looking at her book with a smile on her face so it must have been ok, right. She looked back to the guest they had asking for a room and then something smelled nice, attention lost she turned her head and looked over seeing auntie looking much better then before “oh aunt Everest you look so much better, i saw you walk to bath house and so much better then before” Noki said lightly holding her head up all bright and proud and then running off to hug her aunt warping her arms around her. Noki the one that liked hugs, a lot of hugs, such a strange child , but oddly enough Anaya was the same when she was a yearling, but it all fades away with age and the lack of needing something to nuzzle into. But it would be nice wall it would last Noki was a big heart for the castle and anaya did hope it lasted as long as it could, the castle needed some light to make both the people and the rulers happy. “Aunt Everest, you still knew here but i hope you like the castle” she leaned in and got on her tippy toes to get to her aunts ear or at least as close as she could get “even if mother is grumpy” she giggled as she hoped back down to flat feet.

NightzBlack: Raising a brow she watched the child talk to her. "i just don't care for the rest besides its not a waist because the rest was put inside a tavern to use for meals. though i'm not a big fan of old cold deer blood. but hey you deal with what you got." she would chuckle as she heard the girl say eww about it. she would look back at the queen knowing she probably thought it was human. in the corner of her eyes she could see the child run off to her aunt as she continue to ramble on. "that one has a lot of energy" she muttered to herself. she would pull a small book out of her pocket as she started to sketch a new map so she wouldn't forget how she got here for future references. On a clean page she would right the queens name down with some notes on her. once done she would close the book and place it in her bag. what an odd place this is so lively. she thought to herself. looking around she would try to see what happened to the guy from earlier that was drunk. not seeing him around she would shrug it off.

PayneZileQueen: "Eehm.... Eeh.. I'd like a large one, please?" Very confused about how the small girl was helping him, still having in mind that little children aren't capable of handling business like this. Feeling a little out of place, especially since he knew that he really could use a proper bath, and some oils to clean himself a bit more. And his clothing among with that as well. Having spent so many years alone, he knew that the desert wasn't the kindest to him when it came to his personal hygiene. He did wash himself, but without any oils, he would always remain some scent of sweat on him. And the last couple of months within the stables were sure not the most charming for him either. For some reason, Damon started to yearn for the luxury that he had always shunned. He didn't need it at first, yet now. He feels like he should be living as the heir of an Elf. May it not be in his own house, he found it more accepting if it was below someone that he could respect with ease, as Lady Anaya. The fact that Sifrella, his rival. Also lived into this place, was quite some joy for him as well. Knowing that she'd get bothered by the fact that he'd have a room inside the castle walls now as well. "You're her.. Daughter, right? So I must assume that. Everything should be just fine?"

Anaya: Anaya let out a slight sigh enjoying the silence as the doors flung open a man running inside with a large roll of paper in his hands, he smelled of burned alder wood and paint and had a massive drum on his back teaming with scrolls sticking out of the top and some even out of holes in the sides of the wooden drum. Anaya's eyes looked up, oh yes she ordered plans to be made up for the lands were Stovania was this must have been the map guy with them it had been over a month since it was ordered, they took long enough to get things done but she guessed there was a lot of scouting to be done to figure out what all was in the lands and what could be found. The man rushed foreword pushing past other people to take a knee before Anaya as she looked down at her book flipping some pages back and running her claw along the words maps ordered, a black line from her claw running over the paper as she took her finger back to the ink pot that was inbeded into her arm rest and taped the left over ink from her claw, then simply shutting the book. She moved her fingers and ran her claws along the back binding of the book softly enjoying the feel of the leather under her fingers. “miss Anaya i am Lordon of Nordale i have come with your maps of the lands of as have found out are called Signus, witch is were your daughters castle is” he moved his old hands to pull out the large roll of parchment and started to unroll it right there on the floor “no no sir map maker, do not unroll it here, please take it all to my study and i will view it all over and we can talk there later, enjoy some food in the dinning hall the morning meal should be done very soon” Anaya said in a rulers tone, the man looked like his little heart just got broken as he sadly nodded his head and rolled back up his paper and left to the other room, vanishing away to go do as instructed. She let out another sigh and went back to opening her book and fliping some pages absent mindlessly. Her sister was walking out to her but then looked as if something came to mind, she turned around smashed into a pillar face first then covered her face cussing loudly into the air. Well that must have hurt, she thought to herself watching her sister walking to the medical wing of the castle to get aid for what ever just took place.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After finally cleaning the main hall and the kitchen, Sona leaned against a nearby wall with a sigh. "Cleaning the mess those assholes made is done... Let's hope it never has to be repeated again, ever." Sona said with a quiet and yet slightly annoyed tone. "Agreed, don't let that Queen's seductiveness get to you kiddo..." The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded quietly. Looking around, there was no one around the hall at the moment except the Queen, her sister and a stranger that had come to deliver some sort of map. After seeing Everest- the so-called 'sister' of the Queen running into a pillar head first and falling to the ground, made Sona sigh and place his hand on his head. "We're surrounded by idiots... Well... I'm not gonna do anything about it though..." Sona said with a quiet and emotionless voice as his eyes were now locked at the Queen herself, waiting for her to reveal her true identity. The moment these two were left alone, the Queen changed, she would become an entirely different person, it seems that... She's forcing herself to be nice so that no one will find out who she really is. These kind of thoughts were going through Sona's head as he kept staring at the Queen.

Anaya: Watching Noki trot off to help her aunt and then seeing Damon go up to his room after noki had told him were to go, and the map man was away and dwelt with, she at last had peace and silence, leaning back in her throne her red eyes closed as her hair fell in her face and she was able to read from that leather book she would always hold onto as if it was a treasure or something. Takeing her claw and diping it into the ink pot the scribbled somethings down things done checking over the flooded pipe thing to see if there was more records and simply relaxing, it would be better with wine. She looked over to the slave boy that was standing at the side “slave, get me some chilled water with mint in it please, be sure to get it from the golden vessel not the normal one” she said as her red eyes looked from the book and watched him over there. She wondered what he was thinking about, her hand brushing her hair from her face, it always seemed to get in the way, she took a moment to take the frount of her hair and braid the side lashing it up behind her ear and out of her face, much better she thought to herself as she looked back down to her book to finish the reading and wait for her drink.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After hearing her order, Sona nodded quietly and walked his way to the dining room, there was the King, stuffing his face with food. Of course, Sona ignored him and kept walking until he reached two vessels, the golden and the wooden one. "What's the difference anyway...? Both are water so might as well get it from the wooden one.." Said Sona as he grabbed a glass and poured water in it from the wooden vessel. "Way to go Sona, never obey to rules huh?" The voice in his head echoed as Sona sighed and walked back to the main hall. "Here's your water..." He said to the Queen as walked up to her. When he was close enough, he offered her the glass of water without saying a word. He simply, stared at her with those emotionless eyes of his as he waited for her to take the glass so that he could go back to being lazy.

Anaya: Anaya looked up taking the cup from him she nodded her head and her red eyes met his for a moment “thank you slave boy” she said softly placing the drink to her lips and taking a large swig as she had not1 drank all morning and was rather parched. Instantly as it hit her mouth and went down her throat it started to burn, the skin inside of her neck was burning, the skin inside of her gut was burning, there was blood running down her lips, coughing she stood up her fingers griping her neck as her red eyes were sent a blaze, everything was red, she was in extreme pain. Anaya's whole body started to glow, she lit up like a glowing white light, flames thrashed from torches and spun around the room in a fray of furry and emotion. She could not scream she could not yell all the sound was gone, windows were cracking glass was shattering the cup she drank from clanged on the floor as she had dropped it, she was on her knee her pale skin shaking as her body was on fire internally. All the castle doors slammed shut and locked all at the same time, there was banging on the other side of the dinning hall doors but they were locked, Samuel was unable to get to his mate and was banging on the other side of the doors. She coughed bright blue blood piling on the floor as she struggled to breath. Red eyes almost black with rage snapped up locking with the slave boys as the words rasped and horas came from her blood covered mouth “” she coughed out as her claws ripped into the floor her holy aura sparking and lighting up the room like a bomb had gone off.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After seeing all the blood and her struggling on her knees, Sona was rather, surprised and confused. "I... I gave you water from that gold vessel..." Sona spoke with a quiet, yet shocked voice as he could not believe what he was seeing, had he finally found the weakness to kill the all mighty golden dragon? His thoughts were interrupted from a burning feeling on his flesh, it seemed that the aura the Queen was giving off was, hurting Sona. "Kid, back off immediately!" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded and took a couple steps back, through the burning feeling did become more bearable, Sona could still feel it, he was confused and honestly? He didn't know what he had done. "You... told me to get water from the gold vessel correct? Why? It's hurting you so much...? Why...?" Sona spoke quietly as he stood there and thought for a moment. Without saying anything, he walked back in closer to her, the burning feeling growing extremely intense as he did so, though he didn't complain about it. He grabbed her left hand and helped her stand up, the pain was only growing stronger and he was not feeling really well like he would pass out any moment now. Sona quickly helped the Queen to her throne and allowed her to sit, as soon as she would sit down, he would back off as far away from her as possible, his sight was already turning blurry, he had to back off now or he'd end up passing out from the intense heat.

Anaya: The dinning room hall door shattered as his fist came out the other side worried knowing Anaya's aura all to well. Samuel stood there looking around trying to not be blinded by his own mates shine, used to it he moved foreword into the fray as the flames the flames biting at his legs as Anaya's eyes snapped up looking at him, his eyes were point ed right at the slave boy “yo...” Anaya was having none of it as her fingers moved up a blue light slashing forth and hitting Samuel in the chest sending him flying back into the dinning room to land smashed back first into a table. She would deal with this and that was her own way of telling her mate very clearly to fuck the hell off. Anaya's red eyes and blue lips blood dripping down her lips looked back at the slave boy as she got up from her knee legs shaking and clawed hands holding her belly, there was so much pain she hardly could get the words out. “you, wrong, water, why” this could have done more damage then it had been intended, and with her healing the pain was starting to lessen as the water was evaporating and being slowly turned into a holy mist inside of her, melding into her own holy body to not do her more harm. As his hand came to help her she was not thinking right due to pain and confutation, it all happened so fast, her fingers moved as soon as she was touched, it was an intimidate action as instinct was kicking in as the healing was kicking in full force, her energy was raising as she was healing herself, it was more then she would have wanted for the day and who would have thought such a bad day could get so much worse from simply drinking. Grabbing the slave boy by the neck she in a blink had him smashed back first into a wall holding him there his feet not touching the ground. He did not mean it Anaya he did not know Anaya, he meant well , don't kill him, her internal voice yelled at her as she blinked a couple times blue blood still dripping from her lips and now falling onto his shirt. Her jaw was breaking apart as teeth were growing the size of daggers, she was losing it, but had to control it. “”you....did ...not...mean. It” she said slowly as the white scales from the monster with red eyes started to fade back into her face and her teeth and jaw started to meld back into a human face. She lowered him down from the wall as she took her grip from his neck. She was healing it was working but it still burned like a bitch “you did not know, it was not your fault” she said softly her voice not the same as it was before, it was cracked and broken, raspy and deeper “don't do that again, we need to get more wine made” she said as she took a hand up to wipe the blood form her lips. “i cant touch not blessed water, it is a curse on my bloodline, due to actions from my grandfather” she breathed heavily as she tried to relax and looking over to the dinning room doors sam had gotten the message and was not coming back out.


Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Seeing the King being flown away by the Queen's brute force, Sona took a step back, he didn't want to approach her at this point, was that what people called fear? "Hey, kid what's the matter with you-" The voice echoed, but it was quickly interrupted by a loud smashing sound. Before they even realized it, Sona was pinned against the wall by Anaya, an intense pain forming against his back. He shut his eyes closed for a moment, but as soon as he re-opened them, he saw a horrific sight, the once human Queen was now in a state between human form and dragon. Sona stared at her yellowish teeth as her face starting to resemble more of a dragon's, though in mere minutes she let go of him and started to calm down. After this sudden experience, Sona had just gone through, his eyes were wide open in surprise. "What just happened...?" With that said, Sona felt a sharp pain in his back that forced him to his knees. "Hey! Kiddo, don't give into the pain!" The voice echoed in his head as he tried to keep his eyes open, though they were growing heavier and his vision turned blurry, soon enough, Sona finally passed out and fell down to the floor, unconscious. He was so vulnerable that anyone could kill him off with a simple stab to the heart. "Damn, this Queen hits harder than we thought... This is gonna be a problem... I can't use any magic at all without Sona's body being conscious.

Anaya: Anaya's red eyes closed for a moment as she took her fingers to put her jaw back together, it clicked back together as the bones and everything went back to normal, well other than the blood still dripping down her chin. She looked down, well she did hit him rather hard, but he said it was not his fault it was not his fault, she kept on repeated the words in her mind as she leaned down and scooped him up in her arms and held him. She let out a breath as some of her blood fell from her face and hit his cheek, some people would pay thousands of gold for that one drop and it just hit his face with a small pluck. Sam's eyes moved out of the now broken doorway to see anaya holding that stupid slave boy, he was grumbling under his breath as he was limping on the left side. She had pushed his hip out of place and a shard of wood from the broken table had stabbed into his right thigh and out the other side leaving a hole that was not mending overly fast. He could heal but he needed help in doing so and with his mate hurt and the fact she caused the wound he was not going to go beg for her to heal him. But anger fumed inside of his chest as with every breath and every look at him just mad him angry. But what was the point of fighting her, she could break him like a twig but maybe it would make her notice him, make her notice him and not treat him like he was the snake in the grass around here, he did what he had to do to keep her safe, keep their home safe, he did everything and more then she asked him and had given her two children instead of the one he wanted, wasn't that enough from him. “Anaya!” he called out as he stood there trying not to put to much pressure on that leg as his own blood pooled at his foot burning into his leather shoes. “we have to talk” he called out again taking a step as the pain hurt more than he wanted and the limp was clear. Her eyes swayed over to him holding the slave boy in her arms as a mother would hold a sleeping child. She could not talk anyway so in her mind this we have to talk a load of hogwash was not only pointless but rather stupid. She lifted her brow to his words as she moved and started to walk over to the thrones using a small amount of energy within her to heal the slave boy slightly.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After falling unconscious, Sona woke up in a hall. A huge hall with empty jail cells on both sides, it seemed like a dungeon of some sort. "Hey, kid." A voice echoed throughout the hall, it came from behind so Sona turned around to see what or who was behind him. To his surprise, there was a huge cell, that looked like to be covering the whole hall, behind these rusty metal bars, there was a huge dragon, chained up and laying down, his face was really close to the bars. "Royal...?" Sona called out his name in surprise. "That would be me..." The dragon responded as Sona took a step forward. "Why are you chained up? Why behind a cell??" Sona started asking questions out of curiosity and confusion. "That is because you can't handle the full course of my power... I am forced to chain myself in these restraints to make sure that you don't lose control." The dragon said as Sona stood there quietly. "Where is this...?" Sona asked the dragon as he looked around. "This is the place that exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. I am the master of this place, even though I am chained up, I am tasked to observe your growth as a specimen." The dragon explained as Sona nodded. "You are currently unconscious in the real world, but you're being treated, so you're expected to wake up soon enough." The dragon spoke one final time before Sona felt himself weaker, as if, he was fading from that place. In mere seconds, he opened his eyes slightly and found himself in the Queen's embrace, his face lying in between her cleavage. Sona didn't quite understand the situation he was in but he could feel the warmth of Queen's body, Sona liked it and so he weakly tried to move closer to her, as if he didn't want to her to let him go. Though he was still pretty dizzy and he felt the intense pain in his back, Sona found comfort and relaxation in the Queen's arms. Though a deep blush had formed across his face, he didn't have the power to even move away from her, not that he wanted to anyway, but he still felt that same feeling of the embarrassment of being held like this.

Anaya: “i am sick of being treated like shit Anaya, I am a King here and I should not be tossed around like I am a doll!” Samuel barked as Anaya stared at him, she was not overly impressed but it was true she tossed him around like a rag doll a moment ago and badly hurt him. She mildly felt bad about it but not really bad enough about it to do much about it. She looked down at the boy wakeing up slightly but not wanting to move away and she held him tighter to her body, as she knew the warmth would help and would make him feel more at home and comfortable. Looking down at him she moved and softly licked the little drop of blood from his cheek and then looked back up at her mate. Her voice was still a mess but her lungs and throat were healing up fine, in a little under an hour she would be back to normal, one drink of water did not do that much damage just caused a lot of pain and shock. “i do treat you like a king, my king, you get all you want, spend as much or as little time with the young that you want to and in times of your need you get given what ever is needed be it a meal or a brothel whore, you a wound to your leg, are you really going to tell me that it hinders you that much” she gave him that dont give me bullshit look as she saw his eyes move down to look at the boy in her arms “he is our slave Samuel, I hurt him, he is not like you you will heal, leave him be” Samuel snarled at her words as he looked at the boy “he is our slave?” he asked with a smile on his face, a evil grin “yes he is ours for the time being” she said softly starting to walk to her throne getting there and siting down with the boy in her lap nuzzled into her chest and held in a sweet warm embrace. “alright my mate, I will remember that, and get this door fixed as well as the wall” and with that he moved to walk his way to go to the medical hall to get a bandage.

Guest_Allison887: The cat had darted as fast as her legs could go panting and whimpering, The cat had came from MoonWood A neighboring town which had been destroyed. She (Allison) had been stabbed multiple times in the back and chest she had gotten half-way to the gate before collapseing. Her furr would be a dark red from the wounds and she would have blood dripping from her mouth. She Had long Blue hair and a Very Long Blue tail which had been covered in blood. The Kingom of Arkanas had attacked the village killing every but luckily Allison got out with a few Wounds. She soon woken noticeing that she's almost to the gate as she got up and darted for the gate she Had noticed the gate, but she had continued and went knocking on the Doors hoping that the King or Queen could provide me with food, Water, Shelter and medical Help.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After hearing the two talk for a while, Sona looked up to the Queen, he most certainly felt like home and yet, he felt another unfamiliar feeling, he wasn't sure what it was but he liked it. "Don't try to move yet partner, you'll only make it worse." The voice echoed in his head as he nodded quietly. "Though, most men would be jealous of the situation you're in right now. But of course you don't really understand, do you?" The voice kept going and all Sona could do is listen to it, though it stopped as soon as the Queen leaned close to him, only to lick the blood of his cheek. The warm and wet feeling of her tongue formed goosebumps around Sona's body, thus giving him a pleasurable feeling. Though that feeling was quickly interrupted by the murderous intent that seemed to be coming out of the King, jealousy perhaps? Whatever the cause, Sona would have to be extra careful from now on around the castle, since it appeared that the King was plotting something. Well, the King's jealousy out of the way, Sona found himself relaxing in the Queen's lap, her warm embrace was exactly what he needed the most right now, even though he knew that as soon as he was feeling better, he'd be tossed to the floors to clean them again. So he made sure to enjoy every second of it, clinging to her weakly as he gently pressed himself against her. He felt the sharp and annoying doses of pain forming in his back because he was pressing himself against her, but he didn't care, his blush had grown stronger too, though he had watery eyes from the pain. He couldn't control it, perhaps Sona was more human than he thought. At the time he was confused, what were these strange sensations? He had no idea.

Anaya: Anaya watched as samuel left in his grunted state to go get what ever he needed to get from the medical wing. But she did not pay much mind to him. Looking down at the boy in her arms she could not help but smile slightly he reminded her of the olden times of when she held her son this way, not ryu but jeff, her lost boy that was long gone but the slave boy looked like him and a lot of jeffs personality traits were in this one, even if he was an abomination and she was in basics holding her enemy in her arms. “slave boy, what is your name” she asked it so simply, she had called him slave boy for a while now and she had forgotten or just not cared to remember even the boys name. She took her clawed finger and twisted it into his hair as she ran her fingers along his scalp. She leaned back in the throne and relaxed for a little while allowing her body to heal. Softly she could hear taping on the door someone was knocking but she ignored it for a moment before calling a guard to get it “guard get the door will you” she scolded out as one of the guards posted along the wall went to pick up the door and open it allowing what ever was inside to come in. the guard seeing it was some sort of hurt animal gave a grunted face and took his blade and pointed it at the animal there on the ground “go find another place to drag your bloody corpse around, flea ridden animal we dont have the suplys to mend someones lost pet, there is a inn down in town, maybe get fixed there” who even knows if the animal could understand English but regardless he held his blade at it to shoo it away.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After seeing that smile of hers, Sona's heart skipped a beat, it was the first time this had ever happened to him. "S-..... Sona... My name's Sona..." Sona spoke, in a quiet and hesitant voice, the pain on his back only made things harder for him, since he was extremely weak at the moment. Though, he was confused, why was the Queen being so nice to him all of a sudden? She's not nice, she's evil, Sona has seen her true self... And yet there she was, treating him with love and care as if he was her child. "This is really fishy, but play along, you're in no condition to oppose her right now." The voice echoed in his head as Sona nodded quietly, though truth told he didn't really want to do anything that'd ruin the mood. All Sona wanted to do is feel her soft and warm embrace, her claws gently pressing against his body- anything, anything she wanted to do to him that would help him relax. The pain was too much, and his back must've probably been extremely swollen by the impact, so he could use anything to help him forget the pain. Weird, he thought that he had gone completely numb to it, but Sona had never been hit by an actual dragon, the damage was severe and the pain was on a whole other level than the pain he had grown numb to from his entire life.

VincentKaos: Rage wandered from his sleeping quarters rubbing at his head as he listened to the rain descend from the skies. He moved to a window and stood there staring out at the water that gave a gray hue as he gazed through it. He gave a short sigh as he grasped the back of his neck and forced the muscles to tense. Slowly pulling his head to one side causing the bones to snap and pop violently. He continued down until he had popped all the joints he could while stretching. His burning scarlet hues never breaking from the gloomed weather beyond the walls. His nose curled lightly as he picked up on the scent of the wet animals trapped within the rain. He shook his head, trying to ignore the scent and move it to the depths of his mind. He turned upon his heel and began a slow pace through the quiet halls. Every so many feet he would stop in the middle of the halls or doorway he was in and just close his eyes to listen onto the happenings that would be occurring around him as far as he could detect, then would resume his slow yet thorough examination of the castle that he was so fiercely determined to protect.

Anaya: Anaya held him in her arms as she ran her clawed fingers in his hair “alright then, Sona it is, are you feeling better” she said softly allowing her healing to take some sort of affect on the boy she had hurt for his actions and her state of shock. Softly she moved and placed the slave boy back on the ground standing him up holding his waist line with her hands to hold him steady so he would not fall or hurt himself more, at least till he was able to get his footing and his knees steady she would hold him there. Her one hands fingers came up to tug slightly on the metal ring around his neck just to be sure it was one properly, her fingers glowing blue as she magically enchanted the metal, now even if he tried with magic or ability that metal ring was in no way coming off unless she took it off. Softly she took her hand still holding his waist line with the other hand, she she slipped the rings around his wrists off of him and dropped them to the floor with a clang. “there, as long as you keep the one on your neck on at all times you will not have to have the ones on your arms, i hope that is understood sona” she talked softly her voice still a tad rasped as she moved and held him her eyes looking up to spot the one making foot steps. She could hear rages breathing, he was such a large male specimen his breathing was deep and easy to distinguish. As well as his heavy foot falls made her notice him, at least made her ears notice him even if her eyes stayed on the one known as Sona, making sure he would be alright so she was able to let him go.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Looking at how the Queen treated him, Sona remained confused as he looked down at his no longer chained wrists. "...Sounds like a fair deal..." Sona spoke quietly, he still felt the sharp pain on his back, but he ignored it. After hearing those loud footsteps himself, Sona decided that it would be for the best if he just went back to do his 'job', so he simply nodded at the Queen and placed his left hand on her hand that was holding his waist gently to reassure her that he was now fine and that he no longer needed her support. Soon afterwards, Sona simply took two steps back and turned around, he then started walking his way back to his post, he did have to clean the floor, again. Though something happened to him on his way there, Sona felt the pain growing stronger and stronger. Suddenly, Sona felt an immense pain forming on his waist before he actually lost balance and fell to the ground, he clutched his fists tightly from the pain and he even teared up from it. Of course, he didn't let out a single sound but he did try to get back up, needless to say, he failed. "Are you alright kid? It looks like that crash from earlier really did fuck up your spine back..." The voice echoed in Sona's head as he kept trying to get back up, like a stubborn kid he wouldn't give up. "I'm... I'm fine..." Sona spoke quietly to himself, the pain was getting worse and trying to get back up wouldn't help much either.

VincentKaos: Rage would stop on schedule again and listen once more. First he would listen to his queen address another individual. He would stand and listen for a moment to the other figure walking off. He went to resume his pace as he continued to keep his senses opened. He could hear one descending the stairs and then a noise from where the other figure had left to with sounds of him falling. He closed his eyes and allowed his ears to guide him, listening as intently as he could. Was there another person with the servant? He clearly spoke to someone. Rage simply shook his head, "Too early to chase shadows." and resumed his pacing until he would find himself before Anaya. He immediately approached and knelt before her feet, the large male humbling himself before her as if he were a fragile flower at her mercy. "My queen. All appears well and in order within your walls. May I serve you in any way? Crush any enemies in your name and glory?" His eyes remained upon the floor, not daring to rise until she allowed him to do so. Once he would be given permission he would first lift his gaze and slowly rise to his full height as he gave a look over his queen. His face stern and devoid of an clear emotion. He seemed to be gaining more control of himself the longer he remained under Anaya's rule.

Anaya: Anayas eyes turned to look at rage there kneeling before her as she smiled softly, as she moved a clawed fingered hand to his chin. “you are allowed to rise my Rage, i am glad all is well in the castle, you may go outside check on the guards and check in the stable, it is raining so be careful there is much mud but i need to be sure that outside is alright. ” she leaned down and softly pressed her nose to his cheek, dragons did not really kiss when they showed care but a press of the nose like fast nuzzle was another matter a simple gesture of good will and tenderness a way to show respect as well as a thank you for simply being. She pulled her head back and her eyes moved over to view her slave boy sona, she watched him try to act alright a smile came over her face, god she thought to herself as she got up from her chair and walked over to stand behind him. Leaning down to him she moved her hands around his waist line and helped him back up to his feet “it is alright to not be fine sometimes” she said softly, as she moved her neck around his shoulder her snow white hair falling over his shoulder as her lips were only inches from his own. “are you sure, you do not want more aid” Anaya said softly as she held him to her chest, her breasts pushing into his back lightly her fingers and claws supporting him with little effort. The guards on the side of the room looked at there ruler with shock and surprise, why was there ruler being kind to this lowly slave, maybe she saw something in him no one else did, maybe there was something she liked within all the things she did not like, regardless of the reason she was acting strange with him and it was making the guards stair a little.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After being held so close to her, Sona's eyes widen a little in surprise. He was indeed expecting some sort of assistance from her, but he wasn't exactly prepared for such affection. "I... I don't want to be a burden..." Sona spoke quietly as he gently placed his hands on hers, trying to reassure her once more that he was doing alright. Truth told Sona wasn't doing fine at all, he was badly injured and one false movement would cause more damage to his already wounded body. But Sona felt himself as if he was nothing more but a burden at this point, ever since he was little, they weren't given any aid no matter what injury they had. Sona saw many kids of his age slowly dying to infections and diseases caused by wounds, or being left to die slowly without food or water because they had a broken bone or two from the experiments, which resulted in them in being crippled. According to the grown-ups who were in charge of these 'experiments', the strong would survive and the weak would perish. That's why Sona thought that being treated was a sign of weakness, he didn't want to become weak and perish. So after he made sure to re-assure the Queen, Sona backed off once again and took a couple of steps. Of course, the pain was too much for him and he ended up losing his balance again, another impact with the hard floor definitely wouldn't be good for his injury.

VincentKaos: He had a brief blush wash over his face but quickly suppressed it only to nod and slam a fist into his chest, "All will be done as you desire, My queen." He watched her approach Sona. He felt something in his mind but only suppressed it as well before it could manifest into anything more than a brief thought. His eyes darted to the guard across the room that had a look that seemed to be questioning...questioning of his queen's motives and actions. His eye twitched and the pupil-less scarlet hues flashed for a moment. He moved towards the guard on his ways to his duties given to him and leaned down so the guard alone would hear, "I'd watch that look on your eyes. Anyone who dares give such questioning stares to my queen may not see the next sunrise." He made a quick fist allowing his knuckles to violently pop at the guard's side, "I think this is what you call...a fair warning." with that he would slam his shoulder into the guard as he passed by and began making his way out into the rain. His heavy steps sinking him into the mud as he trudged first to the stables. He checked and then looked to make sure the water was not flooding to much. He moved to the stable master and checked with him and then would help him through out bags around the doors to help prevent to much water from slipping under the doors. Next he went to the outside guards where he stood in silence collecting their full field reports so he could relay all necessary information to Anaya.

Anaya: Anaya moved with him as he took more then one step as he tumbled she picked him back up “my job in this world is to protect and keep the human race safe, that is what i am here to do, even if you hold within you something i dont like you are still a human boy on the outside. So still under a dragons grace” he was a human, with darkness within him but in the end he was not that darkness he was just a part of it, and she was unable to hate him fully for things that he had to deal with that may have not even been his choice. She let out a breath as she held him to her chest secure and safely. “you are not fine, or alright, and that is alright, you dont have to be Sona” she said softly as she placed the bridge of her nose to his cheek a soft warm glow softly flowing form her to him, as Anaya's red eyes looked at him. She may be evil but she had a job to do and he was her job. “you are MY slave boy, and in that i want you to be safe and unharmed so you can work and be of use to me in anyway i need you to be.” she turned around looking at the guards as she nodded to them knowing full well that they could handle things and no guests were around it was raining and not many would show up today. Walking with him her pink gown swayed over the floor each step lightly kicking at it as her bear feet moved over the floor. Softly she walked into some side doors, large red and golden sofas and chairs and a large table and the walls were covered in olden day paintings of times long lost, images painted of Anaya, battles, her family, her eldest son with a golden cape and a blade pointed at the sky, bound hair and his battle armour made from his mothers own scales, her lost sister simply with her as they laughed together around a large tree strung up with lights and golden trinkets, a large blue dragon with shimmering scales and one horn on his nose roaring at the sky, a beautiful woman with white hair along side her son with two little girls at there sides, a large family picture, Anaya with a real simple on her face in the centre of a large happy family. it was a room she loved but hardly went in, a room of family pictures , even images of anaya in the embrace of a large wolven man his silver fur and arms wraped around her in a tender embrace as she was laughing and his face was nuzzled into her shoulder, his long wet dog tounge running up her neck playfully. And the rood it was all glass, as the rain fell down on them as she smiled enjoying the thump of the sound of the rain. “i love the rain, it sounds so simple and beautiful, it is a shame i cant feel it, but at least we can watch it” she moved along the floor with a smile as she looked around the room and sat down with sona in her lap on the sofa. “now you will heal and i will hold you for as long as it takes to do so. I know what it is like to not want to admit you are weak or have feelings, but at times you lose the ability for it to be denied anymore. ”

VincentKaos: Rage would return and report to the queen on all that he had and then lifted his head and tilted it slightly, "Water...I am going to go attend to these leaks that seem to be catching my ears. Most likely nothing major but a small problem can escalate." he bowed down again humbling himself once more to Anaya, "I must leave your side my queen to protect your lands. Perhaps my strength will be of use to the others." he would await her permission to rise before giving her a salute and charging off to help aid around the castle's walls and the outside patrols. Figuring it would also be best to relieve out some of the other guards so they could get dry. And increase his chances of a rumble on this drab day.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: With each step, Sona could feel the sharp pain on his back growing stronger and stronger. But when these two entered the new room, he forgot everything about his physical pain and simply stared at the large paintings. Sona was amazed and rather confused, the Queen, she seemed to be truly happy, Sona took a moment to look at the real thing for a while, come to think of it, her smiles were rather... Fake. As they sat down, Sona simply looked at the rain, he then turned his head once more to face the Queen. "Have you... Lost your happiness...?" Sona asked her with a quiet and emotionless voice as he kept staring at her. "Your smiles in these paintings, they are real. The only smiles I've seen of you... Are fake." He might've come out rather bold since he was never taught how to properly start a conversation. With that, Sona sighed and decided to lower his mask, he did not know why, but he just had to. So he placed his left hand on his mask and hooked his index finger on the cloth, slowly bringing it down, revealing that stitched smile once more. "I am what you call, an abomination... I... Have no right to be called human." Sona spoke quietly, his lips barely moving to make sure that he wouldn't rip the stitches or his own skin. "I don't know why would you even care for me, even if it's not out of kindness... I don't understand... I am something you hate, you know very well what is hiding in my shadow... It's the one thing you hate the most." Sona paused for a second. "Kid, are you crazy?! Don't remind her of me!" The voice echoed in his mind as he shook his head before raising his hand once more to reveal his right eye, the infected one by the shadows. "I killed your guards, yet instead of killing me off or throwing me in the dungeons, you kept me around- even as a slave... And now there you are treating my wounds instead of throwing me aside or having someone else do it." Sona paused for a second time before sighing. "This kindness... Is not of someone who was always like this. Is it because of that person in the painting...? The one that looks like me...?" Sona spoke quietly for the last time as he pointed at the picture that the Queen was being hugged by someone that looked very similar to Sona, her bright smile in that picture seemed to be the brightest from all the pictures. "Were you... Stripped from your happiness...?" Sona asked the Queen, this time, his voice wasn't emotionless, it seemed as if he was holding back the tears, as if, he could relate in some way.

Anaya: Anayas red eyes looked down at him, then looked back up to the painting of her and crome, she gave a smile that was shaded and soon faded then looked over to the one of her and her eldest son. “long ago i took in a vampire boy, i hated every part of him, from his hair to his fangs to his very skin, every part of that stupid foolish boy made my gut turn, but he had a heart and a soul and pride in what he was and on top of all else he had the heart and will of a dragon within him. He was so young i could not turn him out to die in the woods, i even tried to kill him myself more then once but he evaded my a tempts. For months he collected my shed scales and even made his plate armour from them as he had told me he wanted to be a dragon just like his mother...” she paused for a moment as she thought and that shaded smile came back for a moment and she gave a light chuckle at the thought of how stupid Jeff looked that day all dressed up in armour that was far to big for his small boyish figure “i adopted that foolish vampire into my family, i purified his darkness and even if he still needed to consume the living to live he was a pure boy, he had no darkness inside of him over the years he had grown into something so wonderful, but there came a time for him to leave to go to other places and gain lands of his own, we have never seen him since then, a part of my happiness vanished on that day yes Sona, a part of my happiness vanished every day each of them vanished and no matter what i do i cant seem to get it back” her red eyes looked back over to the painting of her and Crome “and that, he was the one that stole my happiness from me, the day i lost him, was the day my happiness died along with him” the smile faded as she looked at the pointing, her beloved Crome, the day she fell in love with a wolf man, of all things for a dragon to love. Anaya took a breath and looked back down to Sona “no matter what has marked your body, you are a human, simply a human witch a being inside of you that you did not make the choice to get, you have been in things you did not make the choice to be given, you have done things you had no choice but to do, that does not change who you are, you are a human, you just hold a dark embrace within you, witch does not make you that, it just makes that a part of you. And even if my job in this world is to kill what lays within you, i cant ignore that you are there to and my job is to protect you. So unless you give me a reason to kill you, i shall do my for most job and keep you safe and well”


Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After listening to her story, Sona saw himself in her, in a way. "I... Wouldn't know what it feels to be happy, I was never happy." Sona spoke quietly as he stared at the paintings himself. For a second, he remembered the first day they took him in when his father was killed before his eyes and his mother was raped before she too, got killed, Sona could barely remember a distant smile, but he quickly shook his head and decided to do something that he had no experience of, he would try to make someone else happy for once. He turned to look at the Queen and nodded. "Do you... Miss them? Wouldn't you give everything to have them back, the ones you lost I mean." Sona spoke quietly with a calm and collected voice. "I was told one thing by the only person who loved me before I lost her too." He paused for a second and tried to remember the words, a flashback of a crying woman holding a little boy appeared in Sona's head, he stared down, not wanting to look at the Queen in the eye. "When a door closes, another one opens. When something is lost, something else is found." His voice cracked quietly as he tried to keep himself collected. "This means that the people you lost, will be replaced by new..." He paused for a second as he thought. "Sorry, replaced isn't the word here... But I can't come up with anything else... I, I never had any chances to practice on my social skills... Those around me decided it was unnecessary for me, they were too busy molding me into something else... Something inhuman." He paused once again as he took a deep breath. "Look, forget what I said, about me I mean... Just know that there will be people that will make your life happy again... I am sorry you had to hear this from a disgrace... But it'll be ok... You have people who care, I ca-.... I hope to see your true smile for real as well." Sona spoke quietly, it was a little awkward confronting someone just like that, trying to make someone else happy and look forward to the future. "Sona... What are you saying to her...? Why are you even bothering...?" The voice echoed in his head as he shook his head again. "I don't know, she is... something else..." Sona spoke quietly to himself, it seemed that he didn't care that the Queen could hear him.

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire Crome_zpsudavvjwb

Anaya: Anaya held him softly and held his head to her chest as he talked. Do you miss them, would you give everything to get them back, when one door closes another one opens, his words rang in her ears as she did not smile but at the same time did not frown. It was true words even if it had been a long time since they had vanished, many doors had opened in her life, many more closed, and then more opened but alas they were not the doors she needed, there was a time long ago she would have agreed with him that his words would ring true for her, but now, now she had a changed outlook on life. “I would give my everything, I would give my very being to have him back in my arms, for just one day, to see his eyes again, to see their smiles again, to hear their voices again, and to no longer be haunted by the fact i am the reason most of them are dead and gone”  she moved and pressed her for head to his and shut her eyes a moment holding it there as she let out a breath and then pulled her face back opening her red eyes to look right at him, as if looking into him. “many doors have opened, and many have closed, I no longer think of the happiness I can get back, or think of the happiness I can gain from existing, all I think on now is living the next day” she got up as she moved from the sofa allowing him to rest and heal softly as she walked over to the large painting of her and Crome and pulled out from behind it an old yellowed shard of paper all crumbled. She rolled it open and smiled looking at it, the words on the old paper made that smile on her face real even if it was shadowed with a sad glimmer.

'My Love; my Sweet ... I look back at the years that we shared together, how amazing my time with you was. Sometimes it breaks my heart to go that far back down the road and be reminded of how much I loved you; how much we loved each other. I have never felt a love so magnificent and immaculate than that of which I had in my heart for you. How could two people that felt as if they could never live without each other, now become so distant and far apart? How can a love that was meant to last, crumble right before our very eyes? What happened to our love ... what happened to us?

I would've never thought that I would ever have to question or doubt what we had. You're an amazing woman, Anaya, you've helped me to discover my dreams and inspired me to become the Man, not beast that I've always dreamed of becoming. I am a better person because of you - because you believed in me because you love me. I love you dearly, Anaya, with all my heart.

I look into your eyes and I see a love that is very much still there, but no longer radiant and alive. I don't believe that we grew apart, my love, but we began to grow differently. Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relieved in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we will travel down the same path once again until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

Unconditionally yours,

She moved and handed the paper to  Sona. “we got married on a spring day in the rain, under a wooden cover of orchid and lilac I gave up my dragon side to give in to his human wishes of marriage, he dressed up in a hand-tailored black leather warrior garments, he was so handsome it made my heart melt. He smiled the whole time I walked up the while dressed in white with dashes of purple, he said it made my eyes shimmer brighter and it matches the flowers. He had three beautiful years together after that and then the day came he placed that note on my pillow late in the night as he ran off into the shadow. I never got to say goodbye. The years before I was sick with madness I was a mess, I killed most of my own family, my sisters and brothers I killed one after another, my own six children five were starved, beaten, and slaughtered by my own claws, one fled and Jeff my eldest son, the one in that painting much like you, he stayed with me through it all staying as far from the castle as he could to come back every now and again to see if I was alright and still alive. But even in time, he had to leave as well. I gained back my sanity and became well just before Crome had too much of me and left” she turned and looked back to the painting “I guess he just could not take it anymore and we had moved apart, I was unable to show my love for him and by the time I was able to it was too late. ” she looked to the floor softly as she let out a sigh “a year after that he came back in the evening of a day where the rain never stopped, it was thundering outside, late spring, he was drunk his fur no longer silver but a broken grey, he came in saying I never loved him, I lost sight of the world and by the time I was able to, snap out of hand was dripping in his blood and my claws were sticking out his back” she knew some could not see her and her back was to him but a crystal tear was drawing down her cheek.

“I had killed the only thing I ever loved and ever will love, that moment in my life I can't get back and no open door will change it, no path in my life or being in it will make it go away or change anything I did” her red eyes looked back to Sona as that tear fell from her cheek and hit the ground another falling along the same track it had made. She was crying, real tears, real emotion, words did not even cover this image of her face, Anaya in the end, was a broken woman, maybe that was why she acted like she did, to heal this void she had locked away in her heart of hearts, to forget, forget the past she would never be able to. “if I could go back and get back my happiness I would drag him back from the grave, go back in time and tell him i love him, tell him I never stopped loving him, and that I was sorry I hurt him, sorry i did everything I did, if I could go back to our wedding night and just dance with him, one more time. I would trade everything I have my castle, my wealth, my name, I would be a nobody just to have him back. But there is nothing that can bring him back, bring them all back, this castle is not the same without them, and my family has tinkered down to the point I have to adopt in strangers to carry on my name for me.” she moved her clawed hand to clean the holy watered tears from her face as she looked over to the door to the main hall “you rest here, get well, and we shall not talk like this again, once you are done healing the main hall needs cleaning as well as the dining hall, it is a mess from the other day, well as Samuel....he should be bringing in a shipment of wine drums this evening, be sure to stock them in the cool room so they don't spoil” Samuel, her replacement for Crome a replacement she would never love, and a replacement she used for children. “and Sona, I did replace them with others, but no matter what, I will never love or care for Samuel as I did for Crome, and I will never love my family now as I did them” she looked back for one moment then with a sway of her softly skinned hips she walked out of the glass roofed room the rain in her back as she let out a breath and put on a face to go see the public.


Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Watching her leave the room, Sona stared at her with eyes wide, even he was surprised by her story. "Don't let her get into you kid she might be faking-" The voice echoed in his head as Sona shook his head and interrupted it. "Faking it? Did you not see those tears? She meant it, every single word of that story were truth." He paused for a second as he stared down at the rather old letter he was given, he took the time to read it carefully. "So she'd do anything to have them back huh...?" Sona repeated to himself in a quiet voice, truth told, he was envious of her determination. "Feels bad to realize that even a dragon is more human than you..." The voice paused for a second as Sona raised his head to stare at the rain. "Look, Sona... I didn't mean to come off like that, but you see, the Queen lost so much more than you, she lived much longer than you and thus her feelings were fully developed for the people she lost. You one the other hand barely met your parents, it wasn't until you were five that they took you away from them. In a way, you have no right to think that you can relate yourself to her." The voice echoed once more as Sona nodded quietly. "I know... Unlike her, once my door closed, there wasn't any other doors opening. I never got the chance to find other people to fill the gap..." Sona paused as the voice started talking once more. "Which is why you should stop trying to help her before it's too late-" Before the voice could finish its sentence, Sona interrupted it. "Even so I... I don't want to see someone else end up like me. Lost, alone, hated." With that said, Sona sighed quietly and tried to collect himself. "But you saw, she already found other people in her life-" The voice was once again interrupted by Sona. "These people don't make her happy, she still clings to the past like no tomorrow. She's still alone, still sad." Sona spoke quietly as he placed his free hand on his head gently, trying to collect himself. "Alright, I understand, just don't let your emotions get the better of you, you know that will happen if you do... Right?" Once the voice stopped Sona nodded quietly and sighed as he kept staring at the rain. "She loves the rain huh...?" He spoke to himself quietly as he leaned back gently, trying to relax and heal up.

----Hours later, it is high noon, Still raining----

VincentKaos: Rage would slowly push his way back inside, water dripping off of his armor and clothing. His hair almost pitch black from so much of the rain having been soaked into it. He felt the added weight and the fabrics sucking to his well framed body. He felt his eye twitch, he did so despise wet clothes. In his mind briefly ran logical ideas how to approach the situation. He nodded in acceptance of his own way to resolve such things. Without care he removed all the wet clothes and armors and then squeezed all the water from his hair into the floor. His bare feet slapped against the floor as he consolidated all of his attire to be carried simply with a single hand. Freely walking around in the buff and seeming to have zero care of modeling his physique he approached a maid who had finished some linens. He simply tied a small cloth around his waist that barely even covered and then nodded. On his way to his queen he passed of his own attire asking if they could make sure that it was dried properly. He would sniff into the air as he followed the intoxicating aroma of his queen. Once within the same room as her he immediately knelt down before her and lowered his head, reporting the well being of her castle walls and remaining loyally knelt before her as he always does. Obedience equitable to a guard dog.

Anaya: Anaya was siting in the study going over some papers when Rage came inside, she had lost track of time doing the papers to order wine and get some new guard hands and even look to the troll papers and some other papers to see what kinds of exotic fighters she could get in for summer. Picking up the piles of papers she looked over to Rage “just a person i wanted to see. Here come aid me” she said softly as she folded some papers over the clustered desk “we are down to four trolls, we had seven but the others have died i don't think our four will last till summer with how things have been going, so we can get more wolves there are three more available we have three here already all alive and well so we will have six. We can get large panther like cats there are four offered, or we can get from the looks of it elephants from the south, or more trolls from the tribes there are six elephants offered and 3 trolls offered here. What would you like to have in the army Rage” her red eyes looked over to him, her mind did not seem all there at the moment still thinking of things prior. But she was keeping her game face on and keeping her head on as right as she could as she gave a simple smile to rage and looked back at the papers. Her claws covered with ink as she had been sighing papers for a couple hours now, it did look like she was going a bit to far into her papers.

VincentKaos: The male listened to her talk of the offerings to the armies and tilted his head as she spoke. He nodded as she described off the forces then he moved the papers a bit himself so he could get a quick look at them all at once. Without a single word he would sit upon his knees and slowly close his eyes as he took in a deep breath. His arms relaxed at his side as several of the runes along his arms began to fade into a deep black, only allowing three of the crimson runes to remain active and glow with soft, subtle pulses. His breathing seemed to almost cease as he thought on the question deep in his mind. It would only be a couple of minutes before the male carefully rose himself from the ground so that he stood at his full height once again, "I feel trying to claim only the Elephants and these...panthers...would be best for the armies. The elephants could carry large weight, allowing us to mobilize archers and...magic flingers...into the midst of battle without being in direct harm. These panther beast could be handy as well, being trained to work with scout and advance teams for infiltration missions." his head nodded, "When it comes to brute power you have that enough already." his pupil-less red hues seemed to be thrilled with the idea of battles and war. His mind clearly running various ideas in his mind, "If you wish wolves that can be done easily yourself without outside help. Not as large or controlled breeding as requisitions go. But wild wolves are still skilled hunters and if trained well make good proximity guards." He looked back to Anaya and bowed his head, "Anything else, My Queen."

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Hours went by with him simply staring into the rain, Sona felt strong enough to stand up on his own again. "I'm pretty sure you can now stand up and walk around normally again. I am sorry for being so bold with you earlier kid." The voice echoed quietly in his head as Sona nodded and decided that it was time to stand up. Sona placed his hands on the couch to assist him in case he was still weak. To his surprise, the pain was so much weaker than he anticipated, Sona could walk normally once more. "Alright... Time to do cleaning... Again." With that said, Sona made his way out of the room. Once he was once again the main hall, he started making his way around the hall, trying to find a broom or a piece of rag to start cleaning. Though something was odd, Sona felt as if he was being watched, he ignored it but kept his guard up just in case. Though as soon as Sona had reached the study door, he felt a rather hard push from behind his back, of course, this time, he didn't lose balance. Instead, he turned around to face the person who was responsible for this hostile behavior. Now standing before him, was a skinny and not intimidating guard, Sona could tell that much from his armor. "Can I... help you?" Sona tilted his head slightly at the man as he stood straight. "Is that a way to talk to your higher ups, you pathetic slave!?" The guard scolded Sona as he pushed him again, this time Sona didn't budge. "Don't do anything foolish, you'll get in trouble. Just let him get on with it." The voice echoed in his head as Sona nodded quietly and stared at the guard with his now emotionless eye. "Still haven't learned a thing huh..? Fine then, have it your way, slave boy." With that, the guard launched a punch, aiming for Sona's face. While his movements were slow in comparison to Sona's reflexes, he allowed himself to be punched by a nobody like that guard. Of course, Sona didn't even allow himself to endure it, he fell backward and hit his back on the study room, opening the door with the force. In mere seconds, Sona found himself on the floor, his swollen back being in pain as he stared up at the guard, who was smiling rather sadistically. He had no choice, he had to endure the 'abuse' since he didn't have the right to fight back as a slave.

AzamiCore: Xera was ordered by Azami to go to the Iron Dynasty and help them out in any way they were in needed. Aza handed her the paper works to give to Anya the queen there. She packed her bags putting items need for fighting in war or if someone wish to test her skills, they were all in that magic bag. She walked out of Wolf Dynasty and open the door starting her walk to the other land

it seemed like forever but in due time she was under 2 yards away from the Iron Dynasty. Xera knew this was a testament to the binding contract of the alliance of the two kingdom. Her works to show that they were willing to help as much as they could. Her clothing looking close to elven type ranger with sword by her hip that she can grab if needed. Around her neck was a vile of blood in a cross shape the same was on her ears. For earrings. Her ears was pointed like elven or could it be Vampire. She walks now knowing she will become servitude to the Iron Dynasty. She meets up with the guard at the doors of the kingdom. “I Must give this to the Queen here.”

Anayas fingers skimmed over the papers pulling out the one for elephants, it was true they would be the most use. She marked down some words on the page, picked up a large stamp and them slammed it down on the paper marking it with her seal “alright then all six elephants we can have, i am unsure were they will be going as i hear they are very large animals and for the seven thousand gold price tags each they better be massive. “ she gave a light chuckle as she moved over pulling out the panther paper “we have one black panther already in the castle, mystic, unsure were she is, but she is not a war cat, so we will get two more of them, but will see how they get along with the wolves we currently have” her eyes moved up as she saw sona falling into the room the doors slamming open and then thunking on sonas body that now lay on the floor “Rage, kill that guard, imidiatly” she said sternly haveing very little feeling to her facial expression. As soon as her words left her lips the guards face droped and in seconds he had bolted for the main hallway doors. Running as fast as he could knowing that rage would surely be on his tail. The main hall doors flung open the guard bolting out the doors and sending the doors swinging back and forth, almost running right over the guest that was standing on the other side of them. Anaya let out a sigh as she got up form her spot placing the papers signed and marked into a small woven basket on the side of the desk table of her study. The whole room was a mess of papers she had to get things done but had not gotten around to doing, or just files and papers that had not been put away yet and had very little use. The walls were top to bottum with books and scrolls some older then the very castle was. She walked over to sona leaning down to help him back up her ink covered claws softly grabing onto his waist line to help pick him up but surely getting ink on him as well. “are you alright sona” she asked softly as her red eyes looked at him.

VincentKaos: He nodded as she chuckled and listened to the conversations continue. His ear twitched as he heard the guard harassing Sona and then he heard it. His mind snapped as the leash was let go. He spun on his heel as his eyes flashed. His runes burning brightly as he tensed his body and took stance, oh how good this day. And to do it bare handed...His body burst from the ground with the power launching him down the hall so he made long leaps and lunges against actually walking. The poor sheet covering him flew off as in about four bounds he was at the guard...his guard. "I'm going to plant me a dumbass tree." His fist reached out and grasped the guards face and with a single jerk flung his body over his head, turning his speed into the force driving his body firmly into the ground. The thud of his body impacting would resonate through the entire castle and the rumble would be felt, almost as fierce as the thunder from outside. He lifted the broken guard who barely clung on. Smiling Rage drug him back down the halls by his bloodied hair, the shattered armor trailing behind as the trail would lead to this fool guard's final moments alive. He stood in front of Sona and Anaya so they could enjoy it themselves. Rage reached down and grasped the guard's head into his own large hand and dangled him above the ground like a trophy and looking at Sona he crushed the broken toy's skull into mulch spraying blood across his own body. The corpse flopped to the ground. Rage stood at attention and slammed his fist into his chest, "Does this appease you, My Queen?"

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Seeing the man letting loose like that, kinda made Sona cautious of him. Though his thoughts quickly went back to Queen for the time being who was helping him stand up, Sona looked at her as her as she held him by his waist to support him. "I'm fine, thank you... I didn't want to cause a scene, I was hoping that you didn't have to see that..." Sona stared the Queen in the eyes, he really didn't like the fact that she had to see this. Sona placed his hands on her inked claws, trying to assure her of his well being, for a moment there, he seemed happy. Though that moment was quickly interrupted by the same man who was given permission to slaughter the guard. Sona turned his head to look at him, averting his eyes from the Queen. The man was looking at him as he smashed the guard's skull, Sona was rather surprised, was this some sort of threat? Or a warning? "This guy is strong... Strong but nude." The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded quietly, his eyes meeting with that rather muscular man, he could feel that there was a reason why he was beyond the other guards, for once there was someone in the military who was strong enough to actually do his job. Sona quickly shook his head and turned to face the Queen once more. "I'm... I'm gonna go now... Sorry for the trouble I caused..." With that said, Sona tried to back off, unsure of whether the Queen would let go of his waist.

AzamiCore: -Xera saw the doors flung open. She was almost pushed aside as the man rushed by her. So she flash stepped planing on tripping the man who had fear written all over his face. Than another large man fist grabs the guard in the face. The blood would shoot onto her face as she smiled and lick the blood off. If only she had one of her viles open right then and there she would have scooped up more of the blood and saved it for latter. She was enjoying the sight of a man going to die in her presence as her skin shimmered for more. She was blessed to watch and see Rage destroyed the man. She would step in quietly and awaited to be summons. As her mind was now full of joy to be in company with those who kill when ordered-

LarkDeLaRose: -There’s something to be said, about the state of emotion triggered by the falling rain. Lark was no different, and she showed little interest in dropping to the ground from hr perch in the tree above the puddled water, flooding twisting rivulets of rain like veins to the mother landscape. Lark, soaked through but feeling little of the discomfort of her sodden clothing lent back against the trees branch at the edge of the town. Flickering lights within the homes showed the homey environments of each, but she was somehow worlds away, only distracted when a droplet of water splashed her upturned face, and dribbled into the space between her cowl and her throat. Shaken from her reverie, the leather buckles of her leather clothing stretching unpleasantly against her bodice, she took a moment to catch her breath, and hitched her way down the tree, intent on making her way from the towns edge, where the mirrored jovial smiles and windowed faces, framed within houses, would remain warmed in her shell as she travelled. In a way, it was like she had achieved her fix, dipping her fingertips in the normalcy of mortal life, as she made her way through the dreary landscape, gathering information, but never nearly enough to satisfy, so there was always a need to retain what remained transfixed on the world she was now tethered. Her boots squelched unpleasantly as they filled with water, but if it bothered her, she didn’t show it. The multi-toned gaze of her stare was dreamily cast at the horizon. To something familiar? Maybe, who was to know? The creature was bipedal, but mysterious, named in jest to her otherwise stoic silence. If she had a name before, it was lost years previously, and any note of what it may have been were lost to the ages, as she now never spent long enough in one place to be remembered as more than a shadow on the wall. Her face was marred with white markings, similar to grease paint on a canvas, but showed no ease in removing itself, and was similar to maybe a caste in an Elvin community. It was all that shone over the lip of her mask, pulled up tightly over her lips, her expression lax and missing in its positioning, not allowing access to her brows in the view of those she was unfortunate enough to interact with. She was tranquil in her mannerisms, and slow in movement, all that perhaps could be linked to her heritage were the ears drooping through conveniently placed holes in her lengthy cowl. Whether she was based from a convent or some vast mysterium was yet to be deciphered, but she showed no immediate interest in admitting her true intentions to anyone, and whatever abilities she managed had to belong within herself, as the only object of note carried upon her person was a small hip satchel complete with a tinderbox, three nubs of candle, an empty water skin, and a tiny alms box. This small pack was of clean leather, untouched by rain at her hip, and locked tight with an ancient emblem of religious purpose as a clasp. Otherwise, she was void of material goods and essentially worthless to the common cut throat as more than slave-fodder. Now to her feet at the trees root, in one fell movement, the branch she had stood upon was ripped free from its stump on its tree, providing enough of a staff, its refuse in branches and other such pieces plucked clean in minutes before Lark, dreary and soaked through made her way slowly from the edge of town, and into the heart, eyes down entranced on the horizon and the DeLaRose castle.-

NightzBlack: Pushing off the wall Lunara would walk through the hall starting to feel a bit tired finally. walking into the guest room. she would clime under the covers and place the blanket over her head just in case the sun shone through. as she laid down her eyes lightly closed her body would transform to her true form, to her human form, into her bat form and back again. flickering from form to form as bits of lightning came out of her and burned the sheets. her body twitching in pain as her insides already felt like it was burning from holding it back for so long. As she slept she would dream the attack all over. seeing the fox walk in electricity coming off her as she played with the lights. Luna was their to help look after a couple of students when she arrived itching for a fight. the kids had yet to come and the floor was covered with the foxes sparks. as the door slowly open Luna stopped her fighting and jumped onto the floor taking all the charges into herself so the others wouldn't get hurt. she would scream out in pain as she relived the event. "Ahhhhh!" leaping up her breathing rapidly she would turn back into her human form and walk towards the window once again holding in the charges. seeing that it was still raining she would push the window open and clime up the side so she could sit on the roof and look out as the rain fell on top of her. sitting outside she would just get lost in thought as she let her wings out to stretches them. Letting out a small sigh she would let the rest of the electricity out into the sky as she laid back totally ex hosted now her wings wrapping around her as she would once again close her eyes falling fast asleep.

Anaya: Anaya had a smile on as she nodded her head to Rage “very well done, now Sona you can clean up the mess, and pick up any bloodied papers that be on the floor will you, make a pile on my desk, and oh the papers in the basket need to be brought up to the tower to be lashed to crows feet and sent on there ways, and do not worry inform each crow were the paper is to go the names are at the top of the papers and they know were they are going. ” holding Sona in her hands she let him go once he was able to stand agein and after she was done talking to him. her eyes looked back to Rage as she could not help but chuckle softly, no feeling really behind it or on her face. “and you need to get some garments on you, at least something to cover your manhood, we cant have all the woman wanting you Rage now can we” she gave a nod as she walked past them both and out into the main hall to clean her hands and deal with matters she had to deal with seeing it was getting high in the day and that meant she had to handle outside patrons. She walked down the hallway to her throne as she moved her self to sit in her throne softly and put her feet up on a small wooden stool that had been left there covered with red fabric. She looked out seeing a guest in the hall way and pushed her snow white hair behind her ears putting on her play nice face to act as nice as she could. “greetings and welcome to iron” she said softly as she leaned slightly foreword leaning her arms on her legs.

VincentKaos: Rage gave a nod as he was told to get something covering himself and looked around for the fabric he had earlier. Sighing he found it sprayed with blood and just ignored it. He looked at the mess he made and then to Sona and nodded his head to him, "It is clear of my Queen's concern for your well being. These weaker fools push you around again, you may summon me for aid." He turned, his muscles throughout his body still tensed from the... 'fight' he had just taken part of. He made his way through the castle until finding the bath house and rinsing the still wet blood from his body. He then boldly made his way around until he had reclaimed his armor. He gave a nod for having dry clothes again wandered around again. His arms folded behind his back as he made a few rounds through the halls. He knew we would have to return to Anaya soon, he had to make sure he was available to carry out her commands instantly. He stopped and closed his eyes allowing his audial abilities to collect information for him. He gave a satisfied nod for now and continued his steady and determined pace. His feet carrying him on a patrol line back to his Queen's side.

PayneZileQueen: Having had nothing to do, Damon had decided to sleep as much as possible.. Normally a man who wakes up at the crack of dawn, working out on his routine and then accompany the people who would be sitting in the halls. Since he had no real purpose in the house as of yet. This time, it would be different. "Time for a random day of events" he had told himself. So there he was, laying naked in his queen sized bed until it was at least noon. His pale skin was covered by the silky white sheets, making him look almost invisible if someone walked in. Apart from the shape of his lower body clearly showing beneath the sheats, of course. Laying on his stomach, Damon groaned while he was waking up slowly. His stomach growled, he sure was hungry. Finally deciding to get his ass out of bed, Damon got dressed but couldn't find his coat to cover his upper body. He shrugged, he didn't care about any of that right now. At least his lower body was covered, and he was decent enough not to walk around the house fully naked. He grabbed the black cloth that he used to cover his eyes and he made his way downstairs. Only dressed in his pants and his shoes. And of course some undergarments. Shirtless, he walked down the stairs. Simply not caring at this moment if anyone would see him. It's not like he wore something under his trenchcoat anyway, so his muscular build would've been noticed by everyone already if they had ever managed to look at Damon. Walking passed anyone, he made his way straight to the kitchen. His scars were noticible, especially the scarred cuts running over his back, not to mention the arrow wound that was in his left shoulder. Moving to the kitchen, he smelled some good food, and he smiled. "Oh.. I smell apples.. The freshly sour ones too! My favorite!" He moved towards the table that contained the delicious green apples that Damon so enjoyed, he quickly grabbed one and took a good bite. Enjoying the freshly and sour taste that ran over his tongue. While still eating the apple, and surely enjoying it. He looked over the kitchen to gather some bread, some meat, and some cheese. So he could make himself something to eat, apart from the apple, of course. Once the apple was finished, he threw it with a perfect angle outside of the window. Not caring if it would hit a guard outside or not, and he prepared his bread. Once it was done, he took a bite and moved back to the main hall. With his 'sandwich' in his hand.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After let go and given his orders, he nodded quietly and started walking around the room, collecting any bloody papers that happened to find, stacking them in his hands before he would eventually place them on the desk. While he was at it though, he heard the muscular man talking to him, saying that if he was picked on like that again, he should call out for the man. Sona nodded quietly and kept doing his chores as the man left as well. As soon as he was done, Sona sighed as he picked up the basket that was full of letters. "Take this to the tower... huh?" Sona spoke quietly to himself as he carried the basket all the way up to the tower. On his way, Sona saw many guards, maids, and staff in general glaring at him. "Seems that these humans express some sort of hatred towards you, jealousy perhaps?" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he tilted his head slightly. "Why would they be jealous of me...?" Sona asked the voice as its chuckles could be heard echoing in his head. "Oh, silly boy... It's because of that special treatment you've been receiving from the Queen lately." The echoed once more as Sona stopped, he had now reached the tower. "Special... Treatment...?" Sona was rather confused and didn't really understand, he simply let the basket down and started lashing the letters to the crows. "You know, slaves don't get treated like that normally..." The voice echoed one last time as Sona widen his eyes in surprise, he didn't say a word, he simply kept lashing the letters to the crows.

AzamiCore: Thank you for welcoming me. -her red eyes with a yellow orange glow by the irus looked up at the beautiful queen then looks back down again- I am now at your servitude. -she walked up slowly making sure that the guards new she meant no harm, and handed the letter to the Queen with her head bowed down, she then stepped back keeping her head bowed before the Queen. When the Queen open the letter she would see the inscribed letter and it wrote: Queen of Iron Dynasty I want to thank you again for the agreement of our alliance. In hopes that we can become a stronger in this relationship together. Please accept my fighter Xera. She has many talents and will do whatever she is told to her. Xera is 18 and surprisingly her virginity is intact with all that she has been though. She will be in your Servitude for 2 years. She is strong willed and willing to kill anything that you wish for her. She may need some extra training in fighting skills,. She is in need of blood to keep her alive. As forth the reason why I have sent her to you. We are in the midst of peace time and still rebuilding our Dynasty in hopes to bring it back to it glorious days before it was destroyed. She is the type that can't sit still without wanting to feel useful in a battle. Do know and understand that if a man tries to hurt her. She is the type to strike back. I honestly believe she will do well in your kingdom.Thank you again. {signed} Azami Core. The seal of the wolf’s ring was stamped beside Aza name.

LarkDeLaRose: -The walk was arduous, loud in the pattering of her environment as nearly twice she landed knee deep in the puddles of the roadway. True, she was fine in her travels, not unused to sinking into mud and tracking it through the landscape as she tromped to her destination-… Was she used to it? Pausing, her brows knit together as a headache began building behind her eyes, marred away by a wave of her hand, pushing it absently away. No, it wasn’t familiar, she wasn’t used to it. Her body, malnourished, and suffering in the elements, now dehydrated in her asceticism was delirious and over thinking, so she was choosing to believe. It was only in her passing of a donkey pulled cart that she stopped, the owners beating the beast near bloody, as its stubbornness had allowed the cart to sink into the mud, its wheels coated, and the beast too now sinking the roadways muck. “Bloody hell, caught in the muck again. This beast is worth more burden then it gives out.” The mule nodded its head in protest as the whip cracked down on it, its backside welted up as Lark approached, the beast braying with annoyance, and maybe even pain. Her visage startled the farmer, who jumped as he spotted her appear out of the surrounding waterway, only to nod towards her. Could she had done more to help him, and his beast in this situation, likely, and the nagging at the back of her head, inspired her to stay, lodging her stick beneath the back end wheel, and pushing with all her might, as the farmer coaxed the beast forward, as it trudged, mud suctioning the air but sheer will power and aid easing the creature onto solid ground. After a moment of gaining their bearings the farmer remounting the wagon, Lark turned and spoke, “Ser, how long has this town been here, for I feel as if I have been here before.” The man seemed eager to return to his work, thankless but he spoke regardless, the brim of his hat filled with water, “My father and his father before him have been here since the beginning beneath the wings of the dragon. We ain’t seen none of your kind for many a year… The castle may have archives to tell you otherwise, but I can be of no aid to you, cleric.” Lark paused nodding away the man who snapped the reigns and was on his way. Cleric, Familiar. Retrieving her walking stick from the ground she turned again to the castle, closer now and returned to her task.-

NightzBlack: As she slept her guard would be up. Listening to what was going on with the others she could tell everything was alright not that it was really her job to help in the first place. The rain would roll down her wings a bit of drops still falling on her as they fell through the rips and tears. Wakinging up she would let her wings unfold and rest on her back as she shook her head wipping the drops off her face. lightly standing up she would walk to the edge of the roof and flip off landing lightly on her feet. Turning on her heal she would walk towards the town her eyes bright red as the hunger start to sink in. It was time for her to go hunt. walking around the town she would come up to a bar a smile slowly forming on her lips as she sees a drunk man come out stumbuling. walking towards him she would would bat her lashes. "excuse me I'm new around her do you ming showing me around." the guys eyes would slowly fade as he was caught under her spell. "sure thing little miss." they would start walking around town him pointing out where the best place to eat and drink are as Luna would look for a place no one would spot them. seeing a dark streetway she would lead him down. "whats this way." The guy would look abit confused as he wasnt sure himself as Luna would stop and face him she would put on a charming smile. "sorry i tricked you i just wanted a place we could be alone." she would press against him as she slowly brought her lips to his neck. she would lightly kiss his neck as her fangs would slowly come out and dig into his neck. Fear would rush through him as he realized what was going on. his thoughts and feelings would rush through Lunara as the man collapesed to the ground drained from blood. Her eyes bright red she would wipe her mouth and leap onto a near by roof getting far away from the body as she could get.

Anaya: Anaya's ears turned as she could hear a thump a ways back, maybe someone fell down, it was of no mind to her people fell down all the time. But what held so much more interested was this paper and the words ascribed onto it, talking on hos this was from the alliance, yes it must have been that alliance she had gained a couple weeks back before spring had fully taking hold and they were having good enough weather for her to send men out to gain it. They sent a gift how kind of them she thought to herself as she went more down the paper. The girl was a Innocent virgin, now what would a dragon want nothing more then a virgin to keep for themselves, no one would know this other then her, they would take that flower and break it as hard as they could around here. And if Samuel found out this girl would stand no chance with him. “well then Xera a fighter this parchment tells me you are” she moved her finger for the girl to come closer to her so she was within whispering distance “do not tell a soul here you are not yet touched, if the king is to find out he will make short work of you” she could not help but have a sort of smile to her lips, more like that evil grin but at the same time it had a bit of normal warmth to it. “so girl tell me about yourself then if i am to have you in my forces i would need to know more about you then your name. It tells me you need blood to live, are you undead?” she moved her fingers down the ink still on there tips as she did not clean them yet and picked up her leather bound book opening up the pages and puting something in them with her ink covered index finger claw. But then softly dipped it in the ink well to the side of the throne that was in the arm rest in a small notch to keep the ink well holstered.

AzamiCore: Yes willing to kill for the blood in their veins. No I am not undead but have great healing powers. -she moved closer with a wondering look of what that parchment said and she felt as if the hairs from the back of her neck rise as if in danger. She then looked around not seeing what dangers was lurking but the feeling was still there. Yet it exited her into wanting to fight as she held herself in resolve of the Queen words being spoken about keep her secret of not being touched. She then nods and spoke again- My mind my be not all clear of my memories of my past, Azami did the best she can to help me grow in her Kingdom, Her loving touch help form me to who I am now, but there still lingers something deep inside me I do not understand. Like a struggle fighting yet I hold it down winning the battle inside me.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Now that he was done with the letter lashing, Sona headed down to the main hall once again to clean the floor and the walls with nothing more than a rag, it didn't matter to him though, his time was gonna go by extremely fast. "So... A rather interesting day huh...?" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he paused and nodded, before kneeling down to the floor, reaching his hand through his shadow, letting it sink in before finally pulling it out. In his hand, there was this old letter Anaya had given him earlier, he looked at it and sighed. "I will fix her..." He spoke quietly to himself, standing back up. "Huh?? Fix her?! You can't fix herself, how are you gonna fix her?!" The voice echoed in his head rather surprised as Sona sighed. "I could never be fixed... She is different... Love is her problem... She lost the people she had built up strong bonds with." Sona said as he sighed again. "And you...?" The voice echoed in Sona's mind once more before Sona interrupted it. "I never got to know about my loved once... Don't remember them." With that, both of them stayed quiet, Sona dropped the letter back in his shadow and let it sink before he got back to his actual chores.

PayneZileQueen: *Eating his 'sandwich'. Damon smiled as he noticed some people sitting at the throne. Walking over there, not caring about the fact that he was still shirtless. Silently he walked up, until he had finished his meal and then suddenly popped out of nowhere. "Good afternoon, my Queen." A bright smile was seen upon Damons as he kneeled down for Anaya, not really paying attention to the strange woman that he had seen close to the Queen. He looked down on the ground, awaiting to be told to get back up

Damon walked in, shirtless she was not going to lie to herself she looked at him and he was not hard on the eyes. As he keeled she nodded her head back to him “good morning Damon i do hope my Daughter was good on her showing you to your room or at least telling you were to go. It was to your liking?” she asked softly as she looked back to the other female and her explaining things like a battle within her, we all had that, a battle within us to grow as people. Anaya wanted to roll her eyes softly as the girl talked it was standered things but Anaya nodded her head and gave a trying to be warm smile “if you would like there is a guest room in the upper halls we can convert a guest room into a more permanent room for you, the letter did state you would be here for two years, or i am guessing if you enjoy it here longer” she paused for a moment flipping a couple pages in that leather bound book “if there is any personal items or things you require in your chamber, you wish it a different colour or style of room, i hear in the south they like there soft tones and curtains and that kind of thing if you like it that style or more furs and earth like colours more or less blankets a different chamber bed or a room with a different set up for furnishings. Please inform the maids or myself and we shall get it all ordered and brought over for you ” she put something down in her book then looked back up “there is no point staying for so long in a place you don't find comfortable. You will grow here, and if you need aid with things you can talk to myself or others to better learn about yourself and even your ability's we have many books and later if you wish a tour of the castle one can be given to you ” she looked back down at the book, her voice sounded very normal, as if it was just a recording, witch in the end it was same thing different day. “it is good you are not undead, the undead die rather fast around here”

AzamiCore: -Xera smiles with a nod- I will let you know -she then excused herself with a bow and followed the maiden to her chambers and laid the magic bag on her bed. The prickle of her neck seem to fade as she walked away. She was feeling at home now being baptized with blood on her first day. There was no need for change she had everything she needed in this bag as she pulled clothing out and stuffed them in the drawers. She then pulled her pillow out, she also pulled what look like a stethoscope and a few other scientific instruments out and placed it on her desk she pulled more items out from armor to battle instruments but her fave of all was the poison dart type hairpins she would use to decorate her head. She laid smiling enjoying the possible chance to kill something soon-

TheLadySif: Sif walks through the halls towards her usual post in the throne room, having spent her morning reading out on one of the spires where it was coolest. She appeared from around the corner, her hair a bit damp from the quick bath she had taken and her eyes bright. Having forgone her armor, it was clear she had gotten just a bit more comfortable in her new home. She stood for a moment, assessing the room with her cool gaze before bowing low to the Queen, her hair falling over her shoulder to the front, her thin red skirts flowing around her, and the chainmail covering her breasts making light tapping noises with her motions. “My Lady.”

PayneZileQueen: Not having seen Sifrella in a short while, Damon stood up and made place for her to kneel in front of the Queen. His bare upper body showed every muscle that moved when he was breathing in deeply, and exhaling slowly. "Morning Sif.. Or rather, afternoon. Haven't seen you in a while. Been busy tracking down your sister or something?" He smirked, as they were still rivals towards one another. And defenitly still not on very good terms, but at least she wouldn't kill him if he stayed out of trouble. Which he has honestly done. He then turned his attention back to the Queen and nodded once more. "Apologies my lady. Yes, your daughter has done some excellent work. I truly do love my new room" He made sure his expressed the last part of his sentence more accurately, hoping that Sif would have caught it.

Anaya: Anaya moved along her throne as she let out a light stretch as she looked over to the side “maid, come here girl” she said softly as the one maid walking past them all stoped dead in her tracks and walked over to Anaya “yes me lady what be it you wish of me?” she asked her voice soft and simple and without any distinguishing features. “go get me a dish of food from the kitchen, lunch should be made and there sould be wine, and if there is not please get me my water with mint and a ice round” she maid stopped and nodded her head as she turned around and went on her way to do as told to. Anayas red eyes looked back over to everyone there looking at Sif “lady Sif have not seen you in sometime, Samuel has been asking were you have been to, you should see him as soon as you are able, and all of you must be starving, please head over to the dinning hall and get some food to fill yourselves” she sounded nice but at the same time just sounded dull. Getting up from her chair she brushed off her gown the dust bits falling from her gown “i must take a washing and change my gown and i will meet you there to eat later this after noon to evening” anaya never did leave much room for response as she picked up that leather book and started on her way away, tucking it under her arm and heading in the derecthion of her study.

TheLadySif: Rolling her eyes Sif whispers to him while closing her eyes calmly. “I carry a dagger at all times Damon… and put on a damned shirt would you.” Opening her eyes, she averted her gaze away from him before rising. With a bow of her head she watched Anaya leave. “I suppose it is a bit later in the day than i had realized.” She glances to Damon then lifts her chin and rolls her eyes again, moving towards the dining hall. “Come on then if someone is to keep an eye on you… or better yet go back to your lovely new room and remain there forever until and after you starve to death. Notify me of your death and I shall notify you of my sadness."

PayneZileQueen: With a smirk, Damon moved his blindfolded gaze towards Sif's legs, noticing the dagger she carried with her. Only to nod at her in understanding. "Love it when you talk to me like that" His smirk only grew, knowing that he was pissing her off. Once they saw their Queen leave, he nodded and bowed respectfully for her once she passed them by. "I'd love to join love. But what do you want me to do now? Put on a shirt, even though you know I prefer my coat. Or want me to join you into the dining room? And honestly, I wouldnt mind showing you my room. That way you know when to sneak up on me and stab me in my sleep, if you so desire"

NightzBlack: Leaping off the roof of one of the near by buildings into a deserted street Lunara would blend back in with the towns people as they all ran to the body she killed. A smirk on her face as death shined in her eyes. Walking through the town she would make her way back to the castle not bothering to even knock this time as she just pushed the doors open and slammed them shut. walking down the halls she would keep her eye out on everything that was going on around her not really sure what she planned to do here exactly just has been laying about and listening. Its been days sense she had gone back home but she wasn't that much in a hurry for she knew that no one would be their to greet her they had all gone their own jobs and she is now just killing time. walking into a random room she would pull the bow off her back and dressed into her Assassin cloths feeling a bit off not wearing her gear. placing her bow back on her back she would slip out the door. "Jeez its so silent right now where the hell is everyone." she would mutter to herself as she made her way into the main hall going towards the sitting room.

TheLadySif: Stopping in her tracks, Sif bristled, almost seeming like her hair ruffled up at his words. She turned abruptly, her cheeks a deeper blue color than usual and an stone icyness in her eyes. She gripped the dagger at her thigh and glared. “I would rather melt in the flames of the original mother dragon’s belly than even consider…” The frost around her eyes calmed a bit as she heard the footsteps of the approaching woman, her ears twitching. She took a deep breath, blowing it out in a huff that blew her hair from her face for but an instant. “Simply go eat… and refrain from torturing me with the grating of your voice."

PayneZileQueen: Damon grinned, he enjoyed the reaction of his rival. Actually liking how her eyes looked, and thinking that her blue turned skin meant that she blushed a little. Nodding softly, he felt her breath onto his skin as she blew it out in frustration. His skin turned cold for a small second and he warmed himself up when he felt it. Bowing slightly, he stretched his arm towards the dining room. "Milady, and I'll be nice and quiet, but please. Do tell me what you'd like to eat. I'd happily make something, no poisons.. Since we both serve for the same person now. Better make the best of it, don't you think?"

NightzBlack: as she made her way she could here voices coming closer walking in she would look at them both. "So their are people up and alive here i cant belive ive walked around this entire building and just finnaly ran into someone" she would role her eyes abit annoyed and not bothering to hold back her feelings. she would look the two over as she tried to figure what they are and their roles to this place. she could see that the women had Armor and a dagger attached to her as she wispered more to herself then to anyone else. "hmmm a fighter." tilting her head she would spot her pointed ears. "elf maybe" she would shrug as she turned her head now to the guy. "hmm all in black ushally means that they have something to hide." she would continue trying to analize them not really speaking out to them. finnaly shaking her head she would call out in a voice that sounded like small wind chimes. "hellow who are you two?"

TheLadySif: Sif grumbled but had fortunately regained her usual cool and passive demeanor. She hated how he riled her up all the time but she would always reel it in. Turning on her heel to the right, she sighed, her hair following the movement and basically blocking her off from him and his lack of upper clothing which somehow irritated her even more. Before she could tell him to drop dead again she turned right back around but towards the other direction on her left to see the woman she hadnt met just yet. Sif’s body visibly relaxed a bit as she nodded her head. “I am Sifrella Goan knight of Lady Anaya. That over there is an insignificant cur that deserves a lashing.” e_e

PayneZileQueen: Honestly looking at Sifrella's curves when she had turned. He suddenly looked up and into the direction that the voice came from before Sif ever turned back and looked at her. When she had introduced herself. Damon simply nodded and then grinned when Sif made her comment. "Now now love.. Safe that for tonight, will you? The name's Damon. And you are?" Damon brushed his fingers through his black locks, combing it a little to try to look more decent, apart from the fact that he was still shirtless. His scars clearly noticible

NightzBlack: looking between the two she would hear them out as she observed how they moved and talked. "do i smell a lovers quirl." a small smirk starting to form on her face. turning to the guy that had no shirt on she would say in a toneless voice. "im someone who knows how to put some damb cloths on instead of walking around half naked." she would let out a sigh as she made her way passed them towards the dinning hall not really hungry for she did just eat but out of curiosity on what was made. her fingures would brush against the back of the chair as the sound of her boots could be heard with each step she took. running a hand through her long jet black hair she would turn and look out the window. "its still raining what the hell. Not that i should complain it beets being sunny but still." she would shrug as she watched the rain fall.

TheLadySif: Sif couldnt help but bristle again, this time raising her fist and clenching it with a dark glare in a blatant threat on his face. “As I said deserves a lashing!!” Cold smoke emanated from her fist as it frosted over with swirling lines over her fingers. ‘How infuriatingly… infuriating!’ Her inner thoughts helped her to calm down and bring her attention back to the stranger. Once the words “lovers quarrel” were uttered, she almost died. She leaned against the wall looking dramatically devastated. Her hair fell along her shoulders which drooped in despair. Her voice was barely audible even to her own ears. “Is that what this looks like? Could it be I have been traipsing around and looking so pitiful? I allowed too much attention to him. Now…now my image is despicable… how could this be? What would Lady Anaya and my Lord Samuel think of me…unclean?” She slumped to the floor in a bundle of ice, the marble frosting over slowly and gradually across the entire hall.

PayneZileQueen: With a gentle step back. Damon avoided Sifrella's fist, not being startled at all as he continued to listen to the woman who spoke. "For the record. I hardly ever wear a shirt, but I don't mind putting on a coat. And no, nothing of the kind. She's my rival, if anything" As he said that, he watched Sifrella who took things to a little too much drama than he would've liked. He rolled his eyes, even though it wasn't noticible behind his blindfold. He turned his gaze back to the newcomer, shrugged and then turned his way back to Sifrella, only to kneel down in front of the bundle of ice that formed. "Oh come on now... You're really letting someone talk about you like that? Your sister would be ashamed.. Hell even I'm ashamed.. You're a fighter, and if you still think I deserve a lashing, I'll give you one for good measure, the rest you have to fight me for"

TheLadySif: The ice gatherng around her slowed then stopped as she peeked from behind her curtain of hair. "Ria would have killed you already after doing unspeakable things to your body." She rose her foot and kicked him in the chest. "And do not come so comfortably close to me and speak of that twin of mine!" She glared darkly but stood and composed herself tsking and crossing her arms. Turning her attention back to the woman "And if i may ask, who would you be? The Queen's realm is vast but I was sure I knew all of this castle's inhabitants at this juncture."

NightzBlack: turning her back to the window she would look directly at the women. Her beep red eyes looking into hers. "Im just a person that stayed accouple of days not really a member more like a traveler i guess." she would lean back so her back was now against the window pain. "i belong to a guild and i came back from a job and just happened to pass this place. a bit currios i nocked on the door and the queen let me in told me i could sleep in the closet." rolled her eyes a bit. "anyways after that she told me a little about herself and this place." she would pull a little book out of her pocket as she jotted the new people she met into the book and closed it placing it back into her pocket.

PayneZileQueen: Taking the hit from Sifrella, Damon merely stepped away a little bit. Knowing that if he'd continue that she'd go for his head. And defenitly not in the fun way. His smile turned a little brighter, as he showed off his pearly white teeth. Having Sifrella right where he wanted her. He then moved over to the dining room to meet with the woman once more. Listening to her talk to Sifrella as well, he himself staying quiet as he grabbed a drink. He pointed to some liquor for Sifrella as he took a sip out of the glass. Smiling at the taste of alcohol

NightzBlack: watching him she would raise a brow as she shook her head turning her attention back on the women.

PayneZileQueen : Seeing how Sifrella's feeling, Damon shook his head. "A drink wouldn't do you any good. Come love, you need a bath. I'll take you there, and I promise I'll be a gentleman and not watch." He then took Sif by her arm, avoiding a smack in his face from her with a little smirk. He then dragged her towards the bathing area, and made sure that she'd take a good relaxing bath, while not looking at her naked beauty. Damon smiled, as he took off with a simple wave. "Hope you'll feel better love" he mumbled loudly enough for her to be able to catch it. He then moved to his own bed room, and jumped down on the Queen sized bed, not sure what he was feeling.


AzamiCore: -Xera Corven try to rest but the words “Do not tell a soul here you are not yet touched, if the king is to find out he will make short work of you” kept replaying in her mind. She was unable to rest so she chose to finish unpacking from her endless magic bag. The 5 books she pulled out, She was doing some research, Crow Keep. Corven history, Shadow village, Gunthar Dragonii castle, Demonic dwellings. They went on the nightstand by her lamp, She arrange her weapons to where she felt they need to go, some in drawers some in the closet, some under her bed two under her pillow- she then layed and rested her mind witch seemed to not want to settle down. Soon slowly her eyes would take it toll and she would fall asleep-

Anaya: the bang of his head into her crown made her eyes spin, the horns on Nokies head felt like they were on fire “why do you always do this brother, why my horns why head butt my horns they are solid you dumb mutt” she yelled at him as her hands held her head as her eyes rolled back into her head as it hurt so much. “i am not a mutt like a dog Noki i am a pure blood. Our mother and father are dragons and we are like mother....well you are, i think i am like father he loves me more, my horns are better” sticking out his tounge he ran off down the steps from the upper halls and into the main halls “na na na na na”the whole way down to toss his bum in his mothers throne seeing she was not around or even in ear shot. Noki moved down looking at her brother “that is mothers throne NOT YOURS”she growled and snarled showing her teeth trying to protect what was her dear mothers from the vile ass of her ill gotten shit of a sibling. “mother is not around and i am heir to the castle when mother dies, i get it right now, and it fits me to like it” he picked up the book from the side of the arm rest and fliped the pages “Noki did you know all the lock codes are in here, and oh oh oh mothers notes, and the guard doodled a funny image of a horse on this page, haha” he laughed as he flipped the pages back and forth waving the leather book in the air “mother said not to touch that!” Noki yelled back as she jolted foreword grabbing the book from Ryu and holding it in her hands tightly “this is mothers she said no one in the castle but her and father can touch it other then to make notes in it. And you are not the only heir if you die i get the castle, or if mother picks me” she thought for a moment of her stupid worthless pig faced brother laying in a puddle of his own shit and blood on the floor and it put a true blue smile on her lips. “maybe a big fat lumbering troll with fart on you and you will die from it Ryu, maybe even sit on your face and smeer you over the floor like a shit he cant get off his backside!” she cussed out as she grumbled watching her brother be so rude rubbing his ass and scratching his nuggets in the throne that was not even his. “RYU ROSE DENURE!”a deep voice boomed from the side and there was father standing there glaring at him siting in a throne that was not his, and instantly Nokis face lit up like a torch light. “get the fuck out of your mothers throne!” he scolded as Samuel walked forth Ryu geting right out of the throne and falling to the floor on his knees to bow his head then as sam got even closer go full roll over showing his belly to his father his eyes closed “i am sorry father i am sorry father!” he begged as Sam nodded his head “dont sit on what is not yours boy” sams eyes turned now to the smile Noki “and get that smile off your face Noki” Nokis smile died right then and there as she grumbled and then kept silent.

AzamiCore: -Once she was asleep her dream world took over. Now she had not had a bad nightmare in over a year, Azami had the ability to sooth her dreams with the songs she sing to her. Azami was very sweet, but Xera was not, Her words sometimes harsh and relentless, That never kept Aza from loving and doting on her. These dreams she would never remember any of it when she screams herself awake. Now in her dream she was fighting something very large and she was a that 12 year old child again. She never could escape the tragic happenings of her life. A hand grabs a hold of her arm and this is where she would scream from this terrible nightmare. The scream was so loud it passed her own doors. She awoken with blood sweat over her body- Damn these dreams. Will I ever remember? Why now and here? -she tossed the bloody sheets off her body and gather them even the bottom sheets was gather into a pile for the maid.- Maybe it because Aza not here. She really felt that it was best for me to come here. I do hope you are right Aza. -She then went to her bag getting a vile. She opening it and drank to calm her fear. Every time she woke up she could feel that fear ever so deep inside her. She hated the idea of being afraid, but it was there ever deep in the facets of her mind. Then the words of the Queen’s “Do not tell a soul here you are not yet touched, if the king is to find out he will make short work of you” I will need to know who this king is and stay as far away from him as possible. She looked outside a window and saw a nicely strong vine. So she decided to climb down the vine-

Anaya: Samuel looked to his daughter as his scowl was raisieng. “Noki go find your mother” he scolded as he lifted his hand showing his claws to his child. Noki's eyes dropped as she looked at him raising her gaze back up and showing her teeth “why do you hate me so much, you go find mother!” she spat as she held her head up tall. Ryu still on his back on the floor got stepped over by his father as Samuel's green eyes looked down at his own flesh and blood “go, find, YOUR MOTHER” he said harder as his eyes looked down at her. Moving his arm to pick up Ryus arm in his claws as he lifted him up by the arm and shoulder dragging him along the floor as he stayed limp till able to get to his feet to bolt off up the steps of the stairs and away form his fathers eyes. Noki on the other hand eyes beaming into her fathers eyes she meant business she wanted to know, but before geting the words from her fathers lipss the back of his claws slammed hard into his daughters face sending her flying back into her backside on the floor. She yelped loudly and intently screamed running back words and running upstairs to hide in the closet hidden behind a tapestry.


Sahl scoffs his aching bones hurting as the commotion in the castle hurdled closer and closer to the door. "Ehhh... who is there." he cracks dryly. His eyesight is poor in the unlight room. He had mostly been sleeping keeping his more demented younger side under wraps. "Come here toshi see who it is." he muttered as his narled hands and knuckles grasped the broken skull pressing its empty sockets towards the sounds and the opening door. " You know you do not make for a good companion." sahl cackles and attempts to wobble to his feet. His clothes were worse for wear tattered and dusty. The cobwebs clinging to his long hair and flowing beard showed signs that he was there for a mighty long time. His bones popped and cracked under the strain of being used for the first time in months. The dull crimson hues slightly clouded over from lack of light. *You know the man if you would leave me in charge you could still be younger, faster and in charge of everything. I mean I admit that I may have gotten out of hand at the party but come on it was great* he spoke in a younger voice almost as if there was another person in the room. "Hello who is there

The sounds of the old man moved into her ears as a shiver went up the girls spine, her white hair fell over her shoulders she slowly turned around to see an old man. The closet was large and very filled with everything one could think of, weapons, blades, armor, a old rusted scabber thing that clanked on the wall with some old words on it, Noki moved along the wall looking closer “ Holy SHIT!” she screamed as her nose pushed right ageinst his, lifting her head up she had meet the man face to face. Her screech echoed in the closet but for unknown reason did not make it outside of the room. She backed up her back hiting the door as she turned around fash smashing the door nob trying to open it, holy shit it was locked, oh no what the fuck do i do now, she thought to herself “mother!!!! moooothhhher!!!!” she screeched as her voice changed from words to loud screetches and yelping screaming as a baby in distress for her mother, it was so loud in this small room it hurt her own ears but she did not stop doing i. Trapped in a small room with someone in the dark talking to something else what the hell did he have a pet in here, what was going on, holy hell please someone save me. Her mind raced as she grabbed the knob and shook it back and forth turning around panting as her back pressed up ageist the door her lungs heaving due to her screeching.

SahlielxInteritio: Sahl's eyesight adjusted slowly to the dark room. The sound of a little girl screaming piercing his own ears. "Aghhhhh arrrghahhhhhhhh" he yelled back at her as he jumped forward on his gnarled knuckles much like a primate would His long black hair and huge beard flowed preventing a lot of facial features to be seen.. "Yer here to steal me closet huh girly." he cackled as he grabbed the skull of toshi and hugged it tightly to his bosom. "She wants our dear beloved toshis head.. but she cannot haves it. for its mine... all mine. Maybe they put girl in here to give to sahl as well. food? No to stringy and skinny. Hrmm" he pondered to himself as he hobbled back across the floor. "You girly what is your name?" he used toshi's barely hinged on jow to motion as if the skull was talking. "Are ye deafness lassie Answer the man when he talks to you." sahl spoke up. "Sahl you dumbass she is just a girl quit pretending to be old and shit this lost its amusement a long time ago." sahl spoke but this time in a much younger and yet commanding voice. "Nahhh you cannot take me back there no I will not go back there" he screamed banging his head against the cobblestone floor till it ran red with blood. "ocuir svabol wux tepoha authot. jaka origato ve clax rihlilg." spoke the voice as shadows erupted forth from his fingers. It was all dark but yet seemed as if it emitted some form of light. It got so intense yet was cool to the touch. Outside the room light emitted as if it was daylight.

Noki went dead silent, she did not say a thing, she stopped moving she was frozen, what the hell was this, what was from the darkness, oh my lord i have to get out of here, was the only thing in her mind as she turned around her fist clenching as she slammed the fist into the door cracking her hand, she let out a yelp softly as she turned around, holy shit it was talking to a severed head, it was a skull, what level of hell had she gotten herself into. Swiftly she bit down on her own tongue and slammed her fist agein into the door, the wood cracked, she did it again, splinters popped out of the door and with one more slam the door shattered leaving a massive hole in the centre. Freedom from this torment, this insanity driven torment. She screamed as she was home bound out of what ever was in there. The guards at there powsts did not know what to do, so turning around to stop the child her hand flopping about as if it was made with goo they held her shoulders “princess what is the matter , princess?” Noki's eyes the size of silver platter plates as she yipped and grumbled the words out “ know ye...... skull. Monster!” she screamed as she tryed to pull free from the hands as one hand ran its fingers in her hair “it is ok now little one you had a nightmare it is not real it was a dream, you ran out of the bedroom i am sure your mother wants you back, come now little one it is time for bed” the guards voice was soothing. They did not believe her, stupid ignorant fools she would have them killed! But what if they were right, it was a dream, that was to messed up to be real right, it could not be, nooo, ya, it was a dream alright must have been. She nodded her head slowly “ohh ok ” she said softly as she relaxed a little and started to walk away peacefully with them.

SahlielxInteritio: His body before long was enveloped in a the black mist as skin tore away and his hair fell to the floor. Slowly his body was deteriorating into nothing but a black mass. It ebbed and waned like the oceans as the tendrils of what seemed like a hand beckoned out to the darkness. It let out a low voice one hardly audible to the human ear. "svabol huena jahus woari nishka qe malrak throdenilt" At he sound of the voice the darkness slowly creeped back consolidating into a shape or outline of a man. His focus was set on recontructing himself He did not have the time to be any attaention to the Young gold dragonling destroying the door. "ssej vur qe still vrak." the voice spoke out streching the tnedrils out whisping around the young girl before she broke through and was lost to sight. It did not bother the mass in the slightest as the mist slowly surround the floor red with blood. If anyone could see what was going on and taking place would have been shocked and awed. The blood seemingly began dripping upwards from the floor collectivly multiplying and becoming more than just blood. This was a task and a form of magic not seen in thousands of years. It was old and very dark. Not evil, just dark. The blood darkends more becoming red as bone became prevalent. Before long there was a full skelton cradled by the black mist. As more and more energy was poured into it the more it became lifelike. Blood vessels slowly scattered the body as muscle and sinew followed. What blood was splattering onto the floor sprang to life and came back into the body adding more to itself. Before long skin crawled over the muscles beautiful and white yet marred with scars. Showing signs that knowledge and experience begot age. Slowly the dark mist swelled into the fingertips as hair folicles formed Beautiful and dark as the night sky. His hair long came down to his left shoulder blade. His face still skeletal slowly began bleeding as the process finished there. His hollow nostrils slowly formed cartilidge as a nose formed to a point. His face was smooth and his eyes bled. Streaking his face and marring the beauty. His eyelids opend to hollow and dark sockets as the blood pooled into them slowly taking shapes of eyes the swirled till the irises were formed. He blinked a few times adjusting them and removing the blood from veiw. The color swirled and finally condesed to bright crimson pupils. No longer dull with age but alight with firey vigor. "shio ui algbo.." he repeated this a few times allowing his vocal cords to hit the proper pitch. It was somewhat soft yet inviting. Not hinting towards malice or any evil intentions. It was useful to say the least in ways of getting what he wanted. His feet slowly touched the cold ground and sent shivers down his back. "yinxirzij...cold" he spoke trying to stray from his native language. The chill in the room along with the hole no in the door caused him very little discomfort. "Ahh this just shall not do..." he muttered to himself softly as his eyes traced along his naked body. "Yata?" he called out expecting a response alas His items and belonging were nowhere to be seen. *Clink* was the only reply as he looked around and found the source. "Ahhh corsain at least you made it." he felt somewhat happy that something of his linage survived as he cuffed the dungeon like coffers around his wrists. The faint golden glow shimering off them in the darkness. "Still a naked fool wandering about a castle will cause nothing but trouble and we know what happened last time." he thought of the coronation and the fun he had there. he quickly looked about the room finding a dark leather jerkin and some dark leather pants. As well as some mask from masquerade past. The front looked white almost completely. "This will be useful and clothes will stave off this small chill." he chuckled as he clipped the mask to his hip. Running his delicate fingers through his hair pushing them out of the way of his vision. "I feel like I am forgetting something.... someone. " he thought to himself as a small tear traced his right cheek. He brushed it away. Without a second thought, and looked out the door. Trying to avoid a conflict as the moment. "Best to stay here till daylight I need to recover." he moaned as he sat down on the floor and meditated. "talking to a stupid skull for months on in has me thinking I should take control on a more permanent basis.


EverestDeLaRose: Everest woke up in the medical wing on the eastern side of the castle, Noki had escorted her to the medical wing that previous day before wondering off like she usually does. “Urgh…What Happened… My nose… It hurts…” She brought her hand up to her nose, gently touching it gently just before flinching. “OUCH.” Her nose had been broken by her complete stupidity, Smart little Everest ran into a pillar and bashed her face. The reason being why she was running because Noki had told her that more wine had been delivered into the castle, normally people would just walk over and help out with the carrying…or rolling of the barrel, but nope, Everest had to run and grab what she could find, Alcoholic issues. “Now I remember… Damnit, Everest, Your ego gets the best of you doesn’t it.” She mumbled to herself as she slowly stood up, thankfully she was sober or else she would have bashed her head once again. Her nose was as red as a tomato, the bridge of her nose was slightly bruised and swollen. “Should I look in the mirror and get a heart attack? Or….WAIT…” She remembered that she could be able to heal herself, with that thought she cracked her nose back in place and groaned loudly, “Holy fuck!” She hunker down as she held her now healed nose, absorbing the pain. “God you whore.” She groaned to herself, Everest usual swore at herself when she was either in pain or angry. As she held her nose the redness started to disappear along with the bruises. She straightened her legs and back, before maintaining a feminine posture. “Time to look sexy Miss Everest.” She smirked to herself then headed towards the main hall, Everest headed over to her throne before taking a seat.

SincanbeFatal: the morning sun had barely began to peak over the horizon as an unfamiliar figure entered the village. He stood an imposting 6'8 and was of a lean yet muscular build. He had dark hair and a fair complexion. To any mortal he would appear to be a young man in his 20s but to any other creature the cold unfeeling glare of his silver eyes would tell of his true nature. He walked slowly through the village listening to the sounds of humans begining to stir. He did not worry about being seen by humans in fact he rather enjoyed the intricacies of their relationships and strange bonding rituals. He followed the road up the hill toward the castle that loomed in the distance. Its high dark walls stood in stark contrast to the white snow blanketing all that surrounded it. A strange buzzing sound could be heard and the closer he got to the castle the louder it became and it dawned on him. "must have some trolls around here. No other creature snores like that" He made his way to the front steps, making sure to avoid the blood spattered there, and with 3 sharp knocks on the wooden doors he awaited an answer

EverestDeLaRose : The three sharp knocks echoed, breaking the deathly silence throughout the gloomy castle. With that Everest got up from her throne then headed towards the door her heals clapped against the stone flooring, it was rather strange for Everest to be awake at this time, normally she would be passed out either on the kitchen floor or in the library. For the past three solid days Everest hasn’t consumed not one drop of alcohol, now that was a record in her book. Once Everest reached the door she extended her right hand forward before getting a firm grip on the door handle, then pulling the door open. Immediately when the door open, the first thing she noticed was the silvery eyes of this figure, but had a harsh cold glare. Already sensing that this being is definitely not human, Everest is a Chromatic Red Dragon, but its aura didn’t feel as pleasant as she hoped. She slowly examined the being to find out the gender of it… Male... Not really intimidating but she had to be polite to the visitors and treat them well, A slight smile curved on her nude tinted plumpy lips. “Welcome.” She spoke with a calm and sweet tone as she welcomed him, stepping aside as she would gesture for the male to enter the castle.

SincanbeFatal: The sound of clicking heels could be heard drawing closer to him. He took a single step back from the door just in case whatever greeted him was not in a welcoming mood. The hinges on the door groaned in protest as the door swung open to reveal a female. He cocked his head to the side just a fraction as he examined the female before him. She was smaller than he but yet he sensed immense power radiating off her. He knew better than to test such an aura and offered a deep respectful bow "Greetings M'Lady, I am Dante. I come seeking conversation and shelter from the impending blizzard" While the last of his statement was an obvious lie and he knew it as well as the female would have the first part was actually true. It had been some time since he had sought companionship and he knew his time was growing short. His vision had already begun to grey leaving him in a colorless world and he was growing ever more detached from his emotions-
He stepped past the female as directed and entered the front hall. The hall was lit by candle light and he could smell the scent of the rose petals that covered the floor

EverestDeLaRose: “Pleasure to meet your acquaintance Mister Dante. I am Katerina Everest Lilith DeLaRose, therefore in a shorter term, you can call me either Everest or Katrina.” While she was introducing herself she would bow her head in respect with a light friendly smile. Personally she already knew that his second reason he mentioned for visiting was a load of bullshit, she is a mother subsequently she knows when beings fib to her, But she did not want to give an indication of her thoughts. She did not lay her guard down not by all means, it is higher than the wall of China. Her expression was calm and collective, sweet and polite but one wrong move and she can turn into a bitch. Everest would lead the guest who called him Dante, into the main hall; she walked ahead of him but her senses are mighty high at this point, she would sense even the tiniest movement around her. She is not one to physically hurt a being, but merely breaking them down mentally. “Welcome to the Main Hall, Shall I get you anything to drink?” She turned around to face Dante as she offered him a beverage, she folded her arms over her chest as she waited for his response.

SincanbeFatal: "The pleasure is all mine M'Lady" He followed the female down the corridore keeping his eyes fixed on her form. He was not looking at her in any particular way aside from trying to accertain whether the garment she wore was red or perhaps a dark grey. Colour had been slipping from his life for almost a decade now and he was still trying to figure out the different shades. So preoccupied with his thoughts that he almost walked right into Katrina when she had stopped in the main hall. He regained his composure "I wouldn't say no to a glass of water" He let his gaze move from the female to the room in which he now stood. It all appeared very well designed and had an overwhelming forest theme going on. He summised that perhaps he had entered the home of the Fae but it did not carry the same warm and childlike atmosphere of the other fae homes he had visited. Perhaps they were of pixie blood. He shrugged a little and turned his attentions back to Katrina

EverestDeLaRose: “Water it is.” She turned her attention to the female servant, gesturing her to come over. The servant hurried towards Everest before bowing, “Yes your Highness, What is it that the Queen be needing?” The servant asked Everest, “I will be needing two glasses of water with ice, chop chop.” The servant bowed her head once again, “Of course your Highness.” She hurried along to the kitchen to prepare two large glasses of fresh filter water with ice. Everest turned her attention to Dante, “Such a beautiful theme my sister has made, and don’t you think?” Everest spoke with a sweetened tone, her expression softened a little without her noticing. The Servant hurried back into the room, bowing at Everest and handing her the glass of water then bowed at Dante. “Here you go Sir.” The servant didn’t make an eye contact with the queen or visitor, Everest was not very fond of eye contact. Only eye contacts he ever made was with her sister, Anaya DeLaRose. “This is my Sister’s home, she is such a wonderful women.” —Yet dangerous— She thought to herself.

SincanbeFatal: He watched as the servant scampered across the floor toward the kitchen and marvelled at how quickly she returned with the two glasses. He accepted the glass of water that was offered to him “thank you” His voice was almost like velvet to the ear for a human often causing an unwanted attachment from the mortals. Such is the curse of the Carpathians, mortal females were in abundance yet none of his kind could be found. He turned his attentions to Katrina as she spoke “yes the room has quite a.. “ he searched his mind for the right word “Tranquil feel to it” He had noticed the slight softening of her features while she spoke of her sister

EverestDeLaRose: It is early morning, the clock struck six times indicating that it was 6 o’clock, what idiot wouldn’t know that? The loud dong of the chimes came from the old fashioned Grandfather clock, it has the most remarkable engraved design along the edges and right above the numbers on the clock, the hour/minute hand were made from gold and had a slight curviness to it, in other words instead of the hands being straight like most clocks are, these hands were handmade in a specific way to make them curve, Quite smart. The weather wasn’t different to other early mornings, usually is pours with rain then clears up during the day, the setting around Iron Dynasty is a mountain range, so rain is usually quite normal around this time but by looking at the clouds and feeling the frosty air the rain wouldn’t stop, it already has been raining for the past three days. Even in these iciness weather conditions Everest continues to wear her revealing garments the reason being she never gets cold, She is a Pure Red Chromatic Dragon, the fire within them defeats the cold weather, so their bodies maintain the heat. Everest and her guest, Dante had been keeping up a conversation for a couple hours now, non-stop laughing and talking crap. Dante thought it would be best if he should return home to his Family, Everest had insisted that he could stay longer due to the horrific weather condition, she explained to him that everything had been flooded and he would lose his way to his home. But he rejected the offer kindly by saying he needed to get back to his family, hoping that they were fine, Everest decided not to push further and allowed him to leave the Castle, and she thanked him for the lovely time they spent, he offered for her to visit them one day at the home for a dinner and Everest replied with a “I’ll sleep on it.” With that they both chuckled and Dante headed back to him home to find his family perfectly safe and happy. It had been a very long time that Everest sat down with someone and spoke so much nonsense that it brought tears to her eyes. She stretched out her limps, her bones cracking from her neck down to her feet “Ahhh that’s the…spots…” She chuckled to herself as she paces to her sister’s throne to sit on the edge, which was her spot and she loved to sit there for some reason. She was curious to know where her Sister’s whereabouts are, for the reason that her sister was usually up and about at such time.

VincentKaos: The barbaric Rage waded his way around the grounds, once again drenched by the seemingly perpetual downpour. His voice rough as he cursed the heavens under his breath for the horrid conditions. Most of the blood however had been washed away by the heavy flow of rain. Just beyond the clouds he saw the smallest flicker of light's existence beyond the ominous dark clouds, giving him the signal of time which was soon confirmed when the tolls of the bell echoed within his ear. He stood still now as he shifted his gaze up at the sky and seemed to be snarling. There he stood as if waiting for the gods to face him, or the simplicity of his mind, one would also be fair in assuming his goal was to fight the storm himself to make it stop. He scuffed and walked in standing the foyer drenched. He began removing the armor again, dropping the pieces onto the ground and wringing he water from his own hair as well. Once free of the wet armor once more he would fetch himself a towel to wrap about his waist. He made slow, large strides on his way through the halls. His muscles tensed as he felt a chill ran across his body. The water beads moving faintly along the muscular body. He sniffed at the air, catching the scent of his queen and moving towards her instinctively. He stopped only for a moment to notice some of the clothing of others. Perhaps he would need some of these clothes as well...the towel would have to do he though as he carried on his quest to find his queen and report in.

Anaya: everyone had woken up, the children were out with there father for the day but Ryus drool stain was still slathered over the pillow were now Anaya's cheek was resting in the sticky slop. Wakeing up she cleaned the glober off her face and blinked the sleepy morning fuzz away, she had been sleeping so much as of lately it was starting to get rather strange, she softly ran her fingers into her hair as she got up her white nightgown swaying in the light breeze that was coming in the rain covered window. It was still raining, stupid rain she thought to herself as she tossed on a red shawl over her nightgown and walked out of the room, her feet touched the floor, god it was cold this morning and the castle just seemed gray today, she did not know why but no lights were lit and it was gray raining outside. She walked down the steps and into the main hall hearing the thumping on the doors, no guards were out this early, or they sould be but for unknown reason no one was there. So with arms around herself and white hair in her face Anaya walked to the main doors and opened them and standing behind the one so she would not get hit with any rain “come in you will catch your death out there. ” as soona s she opened the doors the two children covered in blue goo ran inside screaming bloody murder as there faces the skin had burned off them. Anaya slammed the door closed and turned to her children as the soothing calm of there mothers face started to sing “oh hush you crying it will be aright, just take my hand, hold it tight, I will protect you from all around you, I will be here don t you cry” she sang the words softly to them both as she ran her now glowing fingers upon there cheeks Nokis tears ran down healing skin on there faces there bodies the skin melted away as blue blood stained there garments, all they could do was cry as Ryu had fallen to his knees on the floor from the pain in his body, but it was like it was not just in him physical but also in his mind like the pain went into more then just physical but into his very being into his soul. “mother....why?” Noki Coughed up as she wrapped her arms around her mothers waist line as a single tear graced Anaya's cheek the wet from her daughters arms burning her to, but the tear was not due to the pain, she was used to that, the tears were to do with her children’s pain. She moved and held them both “i will tell you why my dears, come to the thrones with me, I will carry you if I need to” she picked up Noki into her arms as Ryu got up being to strong willed to need his mother as much as little Noki did. As anaya moved with them one step at a time over to the thrones.
TatianaAncientwing: -she had walked for sometime. Her sword on her back was heavy on her as of lately. Her last assignment from the assassin guild had injured her. But she was healing quite well she was 6'2 in height as she walked down the road. Towards the next kingdom, travelling back to the guild hall as she continued her journey. Her white hair stained with black streaks flowed down her back as she walked. The wind was nice on her bare stomach, arms and thighs. Her coat covered her back as her scarf covered her face. Her gold eyes, shining like the sun of a gold coin. Her skin was tanned from the sun light as well. She carried a black sword on her back and a black sword on her side. She sighed as she continued to walk down the path. She was soaked, from the down pour. As she walked through the mud, seeing ahead of her a castle in the mountains she walked harder against the rain and wind. Coming to the door of the early morning. She looked up as she knocked on the door waiting for an answer-

VincentKaos  hearing the cry of a child he grasped his towel and threw himself to the direction. Bolting as fast as he could through the halls, for a moment he thought he heard a nose. Ignoring this he continued sliding to a halt to where he watched Anaya tend to the little ones. He stood in silence, awaiting orders. Hopefully none to go outside for a while. His eyes moved next to the door as one seemed to be knocking upon it. He said nothing nor did he move. His ears began to pick up the shuffling of the other patrons of the castle. With them and the sounds of the storm outside he was finding it more difficult now to pinpoint some of the sounds and exactly what they were. Perhaps that was all it was earlier as well, that unexplained sound for that moment was just a random noise from the stirrings of the inhabitants. He put this thought from the front of his mind to be dealt with later in meditations. He looked about the room to make sure that all was well and then would escort his queen and the children to the throne room where once he saw they were settled he wandered off to find himself something suitable while his armor was being dried out once again.  

TatianaAncientwing: -she looked at door as she saw it open. Her gold eyes watching it closely as she saw the women. Seeing her appearance she could tell she was a queen or a lady of the court. She watched her, even though her face was half covered with her scarf. Her hair was soaked, but it hid her elf ears well, looking at the lady she hear her usher her inside before she became sick. Her boots made a loud thus as she walked into the realm. Her coat, scarf and hair dropped with water as she walk through the door past the lady...

TatianaAncientwing: Those who could smell what she was would smell a mix of a fire in an autumn night, she didn't hide who she was unless she came across a village of humans. She stopped inside the hall as she waited for the lady keeping her eyes on her but also seeing how the castle looked on the inside. Her wound on her side was aching, but the bandage around it hid the look of it, but it was soaked through of a mixture of water and blood. Her swords was soaked in water, as well her clothes. She only felt this soaked of water when she was younger and her slave master through her into a lake to force her to train for water combat. She shook her head slightly as she looked still at the lady waiting, she could hear voices inside and children crying. Her ears were very tuned and able to pick up on things most didn't hear.-

Anaya: Sitting down in her throne Noki held to her chest and Ryu not leting go of her leg as he layed his body down on the floor be her leg her body giving off this warming glow as her red eyes soft and showing she had real feelings looked down at them both. It had come time they would be like her, be castle locked, or building locked wall the sky cryed. She let out a breath as the doors opened Samuel walking inside and allowing  anyone out there inside as well along with him, he was in a grumpy mood as he had watched his children burning outside knowing full well what was going on, he had told them both to run as fast as they could inside and in his green eyes was the same sadness his mate had, the pain of there children was there own pain. His green eyes looked at Anaya as they were hindered and broken looking, she looked back and for a moment she say the man, the dragon she loved as she opened her arm to him. Samuel walking across the floor and moving to her to wrap a wet arm around her putting his forehead to hers the water burning her body but she did not care. “i am sorry Anaya, it happened so fast, they got back to the castle as fast as they could, we were at the river, Anaya, I love you” Anaya looked up at him and her lips met his softly as she kissed him gently “it is alright my dear, they are safe, that is what matters most. I lo.... can you get them some new garments, there is blood all over there’s and they need something dry to have on” Sam nodded hearing her, in her own way she had told him I love you to, but just the words never came from her lips. He smiled as he moved pausing for a moment as he watched her take the garments off her children and take her own over coat from her covering her daughters nudity with it so she would not feel uncomfortable. Sam moving over to the side of the throne taking his fur cape off the back of the throne and putting it over Ryu softly nuzzleing the bridge of his nose on his sons face tenderly. And then moving to Noki, in a tender actions, witch rather shocked her and did the same before and standing at the side of the thrones and waiting till the guest that was at the doors would come in to prove it was not violent as right now anaya had children to heal so he would take care of threats for her if one came up after all. Samuels eyes looked up to see there new guest walk in the doors Anayas eyes on her children till she had a reason not to be over all fixated on her young. Samuels deep voice called out “guest, come forth, what brings you to this castle?”

VincentKaos  Rage would of wandered off to the barracks to speak with some of the other guards that worked inside the palace. Those passing by the entrance could hear them laughing and acting as typical stereotyped soldiers. Rage emerged wiping some foam from the ale off his mouth as he now wore a black and red leather tunic with the sleeves ripped off and a pair of black leather pants and armored boots. The scarlet hues of his eyes and the crimson runes upon his arms burned brightly. Rage noticed how even though he seemed adequately armored for any standard situation, that the weight difference between what he wore now and his normal armor was substantial allowing him to feel faster and more flexible. He smiled knowing this would most definitely play into the favor of his own style. Hearing Sam summon the guest into the their room location he tensed his body and lunged himself forward. Taking long and rapid strides to enter the room with his queen and her mate. He slid himself into the position between the royals he so faithfully served and the guest. His body tensed as his muscles ached or combat again. His face an expressionless mask while his eyes burning with the silent urge and desire to be freed from the invisible leash that kept him tethered to the side of his masters

TatianaAncientwing: -she walked through the halls. Filling the voice of the man who spoke. Her hair and clothes still dripping as she walked. Her boots soaked with water and smeared with mud as she walked through. She wasn't cold but her stomach still held the bandage of a previous battle she had soaked with her blood and the rain. She moved her gold eyes towards each guard that passed her by, seeing how they were easily drunk or busy with something she didn't care for there laughter. She was trained as a warrior at a young age, but her master was dead by her hand....
TatianaAncientwing: Her wet hair payed in her head deeper as she walked through still hiding her elf ears. She didn't wish to be ridiculed by another kingdom for who she was. Seeing the queen was busy she looked to the man who had spoken and the man between them. Her one eye brow cocked a little seeing the tunic was ripped on the sleeves and how it seemed a bit snug on him. But her attention returned to the king as she stopped a little short from them, bowing her head to them. She spoke in a elvish tones. "M'lord forgive my intrusion, I was just passing by when this storm hit, forgive my entrance. I only wish to wait out the storm before I continue on my journey." Her voice tone was colder than and elfs should have been. She looked up at him as she remained a bit apart from them-

Anaya: Anayas eyes moved to her little ones, as Noki snuggled into her chest taking as much healing warmth as she could. Anayas tear fell hitting her daughters cheek as the healing in that spot shocked foreword and healed that whole half of her face as Noki looked up blood still dripping on her mothers night gown. “mother, why does it all burn brother and I, what did we do?” anayas heart was sinking as her words bumped around in her mind “no no my dear it was not you and your brothers fault, no.” she moved a clawed hand to hold her daughters sweet innocent cheek “long ago, your great granfather took our wings from the heavens, from the sky keeper, he was angry and was not thinking and took things that did not belong to him. Our bloodline was cursed from the god of keeper of the sea so we shall never touch or take what is his, we are never to touch water my little one. It is not your fault, or mine, I am the same remember that time we went to the river and the water touched my feet and it burned my skin?” Noki nodded her head up and down as she nuzzled into her mother still in so much pain but the pain was fadeing as she knew her mother would keep her safest. No one of right mind would mess with anaya on a bad day she was still a lesser god in the end. Noki nuzzled her mother as she looked into her mothers eyes “was great granpa a nice man?” anaya looked back with a smile on her lips “i don’t know my dear it was a time before even I walked this world. But you rest and heal and it will be aright now. You and your brother will be fine” even fi they were both driping blood and there was a hole in the side of Nokis arm that you sould fit half a canon ball into they would be fine, badly burned yes, but they would not scar and they would heal up alright along side there mother. Anaya's eyes moved up as the girl walked into the hall way and Samuel talked with her. He was strong in his words as normal and his voice was harsh and cold sounding “you may stay girl, you are welcome here within the stone walls, but the rain shows no sign of stopping, it has been coming down for three days so you may be here more then a night, we can have a room made for you. No matter the amount of time you stay“ his hand moved to rest on Nokis head his clawed fingers running into the hair of his hurting daughter that enjoyed the soft touch of her fathers hand in her time of need and not the cold side of the back of that same hand when she was fine. Her father for sure was a strange man to her.

VincentKaos  Rage moved up to the girl and began to sniff at her, his nose flaring out as he took in the scent of her blood. His body quaked as he suppressed the blood lust for now. He would have to get this out of his system. He needed another fight, it was eating at his very core. The voice in the back of his mind urging him. Pushing him along his way. He turned to see Sam, he did look tense. After all his kids just went through a traumatic experience. His hand twitched along with his eye. Should he...shouldn't he...His gaze fell onto the guest again, she too was a warrior. Then there was that scratching sound somewhere in the walls. He turned to Sam again and it snapped. Without reason or warning he launched forward "Punch him...Punch him in his handsome face!" He swung at Sam's jaw with full force.. He knew he could take it, just as he knew picking this fight would certainly test the limits of how well he could take a beating. He leapt back his eye twitching at the urge for a decent fight. His runes glowed with a soft pulsation. His breathing calm. It was apparent something had gotten into him, was the weather and being stuck indoors to avoid it driving him on edge.

TatianaAncientwing: -she watched the man that had red ruins over his arms. She didn't like the fact he was sniffing her. She squinted her gold eyes at him as she watched. Not moving for a moment, her blood would be a mix of ash and a meadow in spring kind of smell to him. She ignored him as she turned back to the king, she nodded to the king as she knew he was right with the amount of rain she would never be able to return to the hall where she collected her money from jobs she did. She nodded to his offer of a room to be made up for her as she remained standing there, her bandage still stained with her blood could be seen slightly from the side of her coat was moved a little. The man who was sniffing her rushed past her, towards the king she placed her hand on her sword to her left hip, ready if need be to protect herself....

TatianaAncientwing: -she watched the man that had red ruins over his arms. She didn't like the fact he was sniffing her. She squinted her gold eyes at him as she watched. Not moving for a moment, her blood would be a mix of ash and a meadow in spring kind of smell to him. She ignored him as she turned back to the king, she nodded to the king as she knew he was right with the amount of rain she would never be able to return to the hall where she collected her money from jobs she did. She nodded to his offer of a room to be made up for her as she remained standing there, her bandage still stained with her blood could be seen slightly from the side of her coat was moved a little. The man who was sniffing her rushed past her, towards the king she placed her hand on her sword to her left hip, ready if need be to protect herself....

TatianaAncientwing: But he stopped, wondering why the man wished to harm the king as he seemed to be protecting him. She never understood guards most of the time, she was a hired sword and nothing else. Turning her head she saw the queen healing the young children who were in pain, hearing there cries and seeing there blood reminded her of her dark past, she felt a tinge of pain her her soul, as she closed her eyes allow a sigh escape. Returning her gaze to the man and the king- "yes m'lord that would be greatly appreciated." - she spoke in the elvish again to him. Her gold eyes glowing a little-

Anaya: Anayas eyes turned as she watched Rage snap, she did not inter fear, she would not get in the way of this one Samuel could handle rage and in the end if it did go bad they had a cure, maybe. Sams face crunched as the hit made solid contact his jaw snapping and cracking to the side as he backed up from were he was standing. He blinked a couple of times, that was out of nowhere but his green eyes dilated as the slits got paper thin. Hansom face, well at least there was that, even if now with a jar hanging to the side he was not overly hansom to look at. Taking his hands he moved his fingers grabbing his jaw and violently snapping it back in place he let out a light moan it almost felt good as he looked to Ryu and Noki for a second, then up to the guest Anaya could handle shit, ya he wanted to beat the shit out of the guard now, he just got punched in the face “what the fuck was that” he scolded coldly as his hand brushed against his face as he backed up a little. Up his back came his tail deep red scales covering it as the green tipped barb at the end shimmered in the light of the flames on the wall. “look, if you want to have some fun lets go outside shall we, so you gona use the door or am I going to toss you out a wall” his fingers were cracking to the side as skin slipt green acidic blood driped down his hand as deep red scale covered claws stood in the place of hands his pants starting to rip as his legs and body was buldgeing. If he needed to go more then half way changed he would kill the guard without much thought in it. But half way he assumed the guards man could handle the force of his punches, as long as no toxin or any part of Samuel ended up touching open wounds, or blood got on his body. There was no cure for Wyvern toxin left in the castle and it would eat that body alive from the inside out. “i would advise the door boy” he said insulting the man.  Anayas eyes stayed on them both, oh god please dont fight in this room she thought to herself there would be broken things all over the place, and more for the slaves and servants to clean up. But she said nothing, and waited in the tense air that went around them. Anayas aura starting to raise as that uneasy holy feeling started to coat over the room, she would react if needed and if her mate or children were made to shed one drop of blood there would be hell to pay.

VincentKaos  Rage shuddered at the threats, not in fear...but excitement. His eyes burned with the satisfaction of battle. Was all he wanted. He made his way to the doors and pulled them open. He moved out into the rain, he didn't like the idea of being doused once more, but at least he could scratch that itch. Between having to remove the low level cultist, the deplorable guards, and a few loyal want to be traitors, he was dying for a real fight. His eyes burned brightly in the darkness. The glow of various reds around his body as his aura began to surface. The water began to part around his feet as he pulled on his power. He couldn't hold back, even if he didn't wish to truly harm the king, he knew what he was getting into. He tensed his body. "I shall test my own limits." he popped his neck, "Pretty sure anyways you are the only one here that would even be able to leave a mark." As soon as Rage saw Samuel was ready and launched himself forward pulling back his right arm and going for a strong blow to the chest. His eyes showing the joy of whatever would come of this brazen decision.

VincentKaos  Rage stopped suddenly and hit the ground hearing a noise. "Something out the wall. Seeking the storm as a diversion. " He turned forgettign his fight and leapt over the wall like a mad man roaring and yelling at whatever he saw or percieved across the gate.

PayneZileQueen: Feeling rumbling, and hearing an incredible ruckus. Damon got disturbed while he was meditating in his room, he tried to focus. Having quite some trouble with it, he eventually sighed and got out of his pose. Looking around in his room he grabbed the blindfold and his overcoat. Putting it on and making his way down to the main hall, only to see Anaya, and Samuel in a very pissed off mood. Knowing that his snarky comments would eventually be deadly right about now, and also not feeling quite comfortable with the others apart from Anaya, Damon leaned against a pillar and stayed a little hidden in the shadows that the castle created. Watching from a distance, trying to measure the room and find out what was happening. "If I can't meditate, might as well see what the heck is going on" he thought to himself. Keeping himself as quiet as a mouse while staring into the throne hall. Eventually seeing the warrior he knows as Rage launch himself towards Samuel. "That's gonna hurt" he whispered, as he was already wincing, thinking of what could be the outcome of that. Until Rage suddenly decided to put his attention elsewhere. Damon got confused, and raised an eyebrow behind his blindfold, seeing Rage suddenly storm off into the distance again. Wondering what Samuel's action would be, knowing that it's defenitly not something a Dragon would let happen, if it wanted to get into a fight.

TatianaAncientwing: -she stood there as the man left, as she looked around the hall. Seeing the queen was still busy with her children she didn't wish to bother her. Her clothes still dripping wet, and her hair was still wet. But her body wasnt cold, she felt quite warm to the rain and weather outside. She moved her hair a bit, her elf ears peeked out of her wet white/black hair. Her elf ears picked up on someone whispering in the shadows she didn't move nor look to there direction. Surely they moment no harm to the king and queen of the realm, and she could defend herself no matter what. She remained where she stood as she waited for the king or queen to return. She didn't mind the standing, she minded the pending threat of someone attacking her from behind or someone sneaking behind her....
TatianaAncientwing: But none had shown aggression towards her. The only one that had made her uncomfortable was the man that had ran out of the hall like a mad man, but he was gone now. She crossed her hands over her chest wincing a little from the pain, but ignoring it. In her long life she had felt much worse pain.-


iNomad: The howling wind and raging rain were merciless to a hunter's task at hand. A man would be seen in an elder oak tree in the center of the woods, upwards of the top of the tree. Seeking shelter in the comforts of the branches. He found himself stretched out in a swaying hamock, the rain barely reaching him as it carried down over the leaves around him. He was covered in a thick woodland attire that covered him. Though it stood out that he wore only one glove on his left hand, a thick padded leather glove, and none on his right. To his left hung a travel bag from one of the branches above him, swaying in the wind with a longbow and it's paired quiver, a pair of kukri, and a katana blade dangling fom the strap. The man opened his eyes as a single drop of water tapped him on the forehead. An emerald glow to be seen in th distance from his eyes at the upper edge of the elder Oak. This oak towered over the remainder of the forest it seemed. It could be seen down hill from the castle on the hill, and from the town at the base of the hill. He sighed and muttered quietly, "No good hunting with the weather like this... Nothing worth trying to hunt.... All huddled in a hole...." He swayed in his hammock against the wind and rain in a sigh. What to do on a day like this? He didn't like people, and the weather was too muggy to enjoy. He reached over to his bag and pulled a small wooden casque from it, a piece of jerky. Dried, salted and seasoned meat to preserve it. Munching quietly as he closed his eyes once more, the emerald glow fading beneath the lids of his eyes.

Anaya: Softly Anaya held her bleeding children as she softly nuzzled nokies head as she moved her night gown over Nokis shoulder looking over to Samuel who was holding his jaw after rage had punched him square and he had avoided the second assault from the guard “you ok?” she asked softly as she moved a hand up to alow her fingers to run along his cheek small sparks of healing touching him and numbing the slight paiun she knew he was feeling “ya i am fine, just was unexpected is all, then he ran away, and that girl, she ran off to, maybe we will see her again” his voice a little crackled as he snapped his jaw back in place, his feet lightly shaking as he was tempered. She looked back to Noki and Ryu as she looked back to Sam “it will be alright, i will handle Rage later, it is how the barbarians here are, they are to fight happy, i am sure he goes stir crazy here not constantly punching everything” Samuel laughed at her words as he moved and sat dow in the throne beside her his hand moving to rest a top of her own “sounds like me when you first brought me here, remember i was a mess” “yes but you had your reasons Samuel” “oh Anaya dont bring that part up, i was just young and enjoyed combat as much as that male does. It is what you get when you unchain a dragon and let them fly right” she nodded her head to his words as she looked back to the little ones, Noki with tears in her eyes and Ryu the same state, covered up by his fathers black fur collared cape trying to sleep but the pain forcing him to lightly toss as he clung to Anaya's leg, the warm healing leg of his mother. Samuel looked to there children and bent over to Noki as his nose nuzzled her and her one eye opened up looking at him softly, he placed a sweet kiss to her cheek as the light sting of his acidic toxin touched her but faded away with the warmth of Anaya's embrace. “Father?” she said weakly as he nuzzled her more and wrapped his arms around her there on Anaya's lap “Noki, my daughter, i dont hate you, i lov...i love you” his words hit her ears and tears ran down her cheek, “it hurts....daddy” she said softly as she moved lightly wrapping her small arms around him as he held her not taking her off Anaya's lap knowing that was the only thing numbing the pain of having all your skin burned off by the rain as well as being in shock from it. “i know it hurts, my, daughter, how about this, after you are done i will help you make a cake, something nice and sweet after you heal, we can use your mothers water for the cake so you can eat it and we will talk and go over all the things we will have to adapt to, like you mother does” Sams eye moved up to look at anaya softly as she was smiling at him, she still had tears in her eyes, he was trying, he was really trying for her, trying to love a child he never wanted. Anaya moved and nodded her head “ya we all can do some baking together, as a family, remember Noki when we went to the town last full moon you saw the kids playing with there mother and father, the human kids, would you like to do that to?” Noki looked at them both. “will Ryu be there to?” Anaya could not help but laugh “yes he will but he will be nice to you promise and when the rain stops and the flowers grow i will take you to the fild of wild flowers i went there with one of my brothers once” Noki had a massive smile on her face as she nodded her head up and down happily as she nuzzled into her father and mother.

DayaAutum: -Through the pouring rain a silvery ribbon of mist faintly smelling of exotic roses and lavender mixed with an undertone of the stench of undeath snaked to the castle admist the splattering of raindrops upon mud and stone. The guards by now knew the mist and even learned to detect the subtle sweet smells yet unable to discern the stench lingering beneath it. The mist collected into a swirling cloud of opaque greys and whites churning in upon itself next to a short lycan in human form in black armor with a robust red beard and long hair in single braid falling down his back. He held a halberd and a curious crossbow was slung over his shoulder. His face worn held green eyes that gazed into the swirling cloud as it evaporated before him leaving behind Daya in her normal form and armor. SHe gazed upon the Lycan with her eerie dead eyes - All has been secure in the village, no sign of anything or anyone that might be conducting nefarious activity. I trust our precious zealot is still cowering in his cave? - The lycan, named Vester answered her with a stiff nod “Aye, he’s bitten two more nails clean off he has. Hasn’t so much as gone out to hunt for food. This damned prophet better come soon or he’ll starve to death and all our keeping watch and waiting will be for nought! - Daya grinned as the guards opened the castle doors to let them pass with a salute. Vester continued his venting of his concerns as they entered the castle after the nights vigil “Didn’t count on his fear making him starve did you Daya? Well it was a damn good plan and worked perfectly an’ just maybe it’ll still work if that prophet of theirs shows up in time! We still haven’t seen sign of that infernal tablet the prisoner spoke of.” There boots clanked upon the stone floor of the castle as they made there way through and halted before Anaya and Samuel and their child. Vester bowed low with his eyes lowered, Daya bowed slightly but with grace keeping her eyes upon the Queen as was her custom as she was the monarch in her own land. The words of Noki had greeted them as they approached- Good morning Anaya, is there anything I amy offer to comfort the young one?

NightzBlack: Walking through the halls her figures lightly tracing the wall as she went feeling every bump and ding in it. The smell of young dragon blood filled the castle as Lunas eyes shined a bright red. The sound of the rain could be heard as it came down hard like tinny bullets. It was early in the morning about seven ish and as far as Luna could tell everyone was still asleep for she couldn't hear them chattering among them self. she could faintly hear the sounds of crying. "hmm that must go alongside the blood smell. wonder what happened." she would say in a dead tone as she continue making her way around the castle not exactly sure where she was anymore. "for fuck sakes its like a maze in here." coming to a dead end she turned around and walked back the way she came trying to find her way back to the library. Running a hand through her long black hair she would open a random door and poke her head in. seeing nothing but a piano she closed the door and tried again. getting a little frustrated she would take a random turn down another hall her shoes clicking with each step she took. the more she walked she could start to hear other voices. "I guess the others are up." turning the handle to the door on her left she would slip inside. looking around she could see she made it to one of the guest room as she pulled her bow off her back. "i don't think ill be needing you right now." she would lean up against the closet door as she started to undress. Opening her bag she would pull out some fresh clean cloths and slip them on. looking at the pile of laundry she now had on the floor she would fold them up and place them in the bag. walking to the dresser she would look in the mirror. "Jeez i look like hell." a small chuckle would escape her lips as she washed the makeup off and fixed her hair. Once done she would open a small notebook and start drawing a map of the castle.

CardinalSinn: It had been quite some time now since the statue of Fides had moved, its large dark form well hidden under the darkness cast by the stairs. Most of the denizens here likely were not even aware of its presence, though; those who were sensitive to energies would be aware the profound “profane” power...under the stairs. An unyielding darkness for those who would venture close enough to it, no amount of light cast thus far in passing had effected that darkness at all, Fides had made this a home of sorts, and as such it was…in a way, blessed. There would be a small ripple, an echo in the eather, of the darkness of Fides returning to animate this statue, the darkness under the stairs would visibly swell for a few moments, and the strong scent of both clove and eucalyptus would creep into the air. Inside that darkness it would be impossible to see the changes the statue underwent, but they did have a sort of powerful echo, it was almost comical, the way this things power fluctuated. It would be something massive dark and worrisome….for a matter of seconds and then shrink back into obscurity…it did that for a few minutes. Eventually the form emerged from under the stairs. Fides struck perhaps the most imposing figure of all the kinn. A shadowy specter of death and darkness, truly a creature from the darkest nightmares of the most devout individuals. The most visually striking features if had would be that of its massive right pauldron, a self loathing angel, embracing itself, with a plethora of feathers, which formed a cape concealing the Evincars right arm. The feathers were a dark cardinal red, and unimaginably sharp. The left shoulder was covered by a large pauldron, so large in fact that it was even oversized for the likes of the Evincar. The pauldron itself had an imperial purple lip around it to hold in the plate which had the inlay of the lament configuration, each of its six faces unfolded in such a way the cube made an inverted cross. From the front, back, and center of this pauldron hung yet another Peterian cross, these chains often jingling softly. This plate rested on another which went as far as about one would expect a pectoral muscle to have been. The end of this plate also pierced three times, these piercings were in the form of rosary shins, adorned with onyx beads, each bead containing the now damned soul of seraph conquered by the Evincar itself. These piercings digging in into the outermost reaches of the lamenting angel pauldron’s left wing, as if to tether the abomination to it. there was a massive belled sleeve though this sleeve was in reality an incredibly long rosary itself, forming a large belled sleeve which would softly clack as it billowed in the same unseen breeze which the figure seemed constantly subjected too, though it would affect nothing aside from the manifestation. Grasped gently by the left hand a small length of the chain, the end of which is adorned with a breathtaking Peterian cross. This cross would appear different to all whom beheld it as it was an image conjured from the eye of the beholder, truly magnificent, perfect to the last detail, all thanks to the imaginations of every individual who would come to see such a thing. It gently swayed back and forth in what most would call a blatantly hypnotic way; its befuddling beauty begging for attention. One of the most attention grabbing features this beast possessed was that of a ribcage, this was somehow definitively darker then the unimaginable darkness that formed this beast. The ribs themselves only truly apparent in the font, along the sternum and a fair bit of the ribs themselves. The ribs were so dark that they glistened, the light not allowed to profane their darkness at all, it was a curious thing to behold in such a dark manifestation, it gave the ribcage a sort of ominous glow to it, occasionally revealing what might have been thought to be a soul flowing through it stretched out in some random impossible contortion of pain. . The belt which it wore had a “V” sort of shape to it and hung seductively off the hips, the left side of the belt home to three chains which hung loosely forming three tiers which disappeared around behind the “skirt” which Fides had. The eyes were much as they were before Fides' six glowing violet eyes are placed across his umbral features in two symmetrical rows; lined with purest silver that glitters like mythril in the moonlight. The rest of the Evincars face was absent any discernable features. From his brow spans an impressive tangle of horns, purveying a sort of bestial show of majesty, the horns often adorned with various baubles .Most notable would be the numerous Peterian crosses which were generously draped throughout. The halos which were occasionally hung would also attract a fair deal of attention, as they were uncommonly “animated”. The evil presence of the Evincar so profound these holy artifacts writhed in excruciating pain at being so close to such a profane being. There were also rams horns, their curve complementing the jaw line of this beast nearly perfectly, the horns coming to sharp points before the center eyes. Above this crown of horns hung a rather blasphemous crown of thorns, black and often glistening as if somehow alive and moist, gently spinning, always to the left. A point of pride for this creature was its ridiculously long pure silver hair. Each hair was actually an asininely sharp chord of silver, each of these countless millions of strands were between sixteen to twenty feet in length. They pooled about the feet of Fides, given some cover to the more sinister truth of the “skirt”. If one were to venture a scrutinizing look at the skirt which the Evincar wore a far more nefarious reality would become apparent. The eternally flowing skirt of Fides was not some strange cloth manifest from shadows, no; it was in fact a torrential downpour depicting the countless damned souls over which the Evincar had definitive dominion. These figures poured out around the Evincar for three feet, forming something like a puddle which Fides was constantly standing in, or rather on. These souls at the outermost rings can be seen desperately struggling to pull free from the mass while being pulled back in by other trying desperately to do the same, in an eternally vain struggle. Once a high priest of the Sinn Fides had truly become a figure of intimidation, the king amongst Sinn. Fides emerged now from under the stairs, immediately taking in the situation, in reality it had known, and simply chosen now, of all time to reappear here in these lands, before the Matron…which to the best of his knowledge hated him quite passionately. That fact would make in unperceivable smirk cross the Evincars face, though if one were to look close enough the small squint in its eyes would whisper of it. he also knew damn well she felt his presence at its approach, and was likely acutely aware of it now, to which if one were near enough a small sort of exhale could be heard, again reflecting a snide sort of smirk as Fides bowed apparently to no one at first, But she would know, the bow was for her. As it stood surveying the goings on in relative silence its shadows would begin to stretch out, silently creeping into the area mixing with the natural shadows the throne room offered.

Anaya: Anaya's instantly felt it wake up, she had not forgotten it was there by far and just have made the choice to try to ignore it and hope it would never wake up, but hopes fall short on most days and the fact both her children were hurt placed the dragon on edge with something that evil lurking around, even more so that it was behind her. Shuting her eyes the lights of the room lit up, not to much but enough to keep the shadows very small around the area. Her aura was feeding them and as long as she kept her mind to it she was able to keep the lights high useing her own aura to feed them then come back to her in a form of recycling her own energy so it would not dissipate. “Sinn” she said softly as Samuels eyes looked up as he kissed Nokis head and sat up being able to feel Anaya's aura beside him more then he could feel anything, but knowing his mate was skilled in her way and that his power would be useless on this being he remembering what Anaya had told him before the last time they were here. He could feed them if he acted rash or implausibly, and the only thing on his mind was protecting his children. So in this case, he would do what Anaya said to the letter. She let out a sigh and knew full well her aura would affect anything of darkness, the vampire now before her Daya back from her trip to solve the cultist problem and the Sinn behind her as well as the vampire that was moving in the upper halls, she could not see but could sense seeing everything was heightened. There was to much darkness and not enough light and she was now on edge witch was made VERY apparent by the light that was flooding into the room and the energy that like a flower was being sent from her, into the torches placed on every pillar and then back into her and if you looked hard enough and could see the aura it was rather spectacular “mother whats, wrong?” Ryus big blue eyes looked up as he wiggled on the floor closer to his mothers leg as he inches his way behind her leg to be sheltered from what she was seeing that his eyes could not see right now. He was almost blind same with Noki from the rain outside hitting them and burning there skin and eyes and every other part of them. Anaya let out a breath as she collected her thoughts her mind only on the love for her children and the want to keep them safe, as well as her mate and kingdom. she knew the sinn would pick up on the bad things that were going on, maybe that was the reason it was waking up, because it noticed things. She was unsure but was sure of one thing, she would find out very soon.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: Today was the day, today Sona had to visit the families of the two guards he had killed when he had first arrived at the castle. There he was, standing outside of the castle, the rain pouring down on him as he stared at the small town that was located on the base of the hill, where the castle was built upon. "Is the Queen worth it that much?" The voice echoed in Sona's head with the same, dreadful tone as he nodded. "I said I will fix her... She's not a bad person, she's just... Heartbroken." Sona spoke with a quiet, emotionless voice as he started walking off the castle, slowly descending the hill. On his way to the small town, Sona met eyes with some of the guards who were riding their horses, they were probably patrolling the area. Some of them looked at him with anger, others with disgust. And some went as far as to mock him, he was nothing but a slave after all. A whole hour went by with Sona simply walking in the rain, his orders were to go and apologize to the families of the two door guards he had killed, he would probably not get the best treatment, but he didn't care, Sona was so used to the abuse and the pain, that he had decided to lock all his human emotions, to become nothing more than an empty, merciless killing machine. "Well, here we are, hope you're ready... The word has already come out about what you did to the guards." With that said, Sona nodded quietly as he walked through the town streets, very few citizens were outside, that was because most of them chose to stay indoors for the day, who wouldn't honestly? The people found outside, were only there because they had to, none of them enjoyed being outside on such a rainy day. After minutes of walking, Sona reached a rather simply looking house that was made of stone, just like every other house in the town. "Well, here we are. Might as well get over with it..." The voice echoed once more as Sona nodded, making his way to the house's wooden door, only to knock on it. Shortly after, a woman -she was around her mid-thirties- opened the door slightly, just enough to see who it was. Her eyes widen slightly as she realized it was Sona who had been knocking on her door. "Y-You... Y-You're the one who killed my husband!" The woman had now opened the door entirely, behind her were two young kids, a little boy, and a little girl, both kids holding on to their mother's simple and cheap dress. "I... I came to apologize for what I did... I came to inform you that I am getting punished for my sins, the Queen herself is taking responsibility to make sure I atone for my sins." Sona spoke with a quiet, emotionless voice as the woman looked at him with her now watery eyes. "No matter how much you be punished, it won't bring him back! You took away my loved one! You took away their father! Coming here to apologize won't change a thing!" The woman paused for a second, her tears rolling down from her eyes to her cheeks and then to her chin. "How could you... My husband had never hurt a single soul! We were so happy together, as a family! How could you?!" The woman screamed once more as Sona stared at her with that same emotionless look on his eye. "I... Don't have an excuse for myself..." Sona replied to her, in a matter of seconds, the woman had raised her hand and launched her hand to smack Sona across the face, he, of course, stood there and took it without any complaints. "I don't want to see you around ever again! I hope you die a slow and painful death!" With that, the woman slammed the door closed, Sona simply stood there in the rain as he sighed. "Well, one down... Another one to go." The voice echoed again as Sona walked off, while they were on their way there, Sona looked down at the muddy dirt, thinking to himself. "Why does everyone hate me...?" Sona asked the voice. "Because you do bad things... Everyone except me views you as a monster..." The voice replied. "Why am I viewed as a monster...?" Sona asked again. "Because you are not like them... They do not know the pain and the suffering you've been through to become who you are today." The voice, of course, replied. "Then what am I suppose to do, am I bound to stay forever alone, hated by everyone?" Sona asked the voice once more. "No, of course not. You're not a monster, you have good in you." An unknown voice replied Sona turned to the direction of the voice, only to see and the old man behind him. "Who are you...?" Sona asked with the same emotionless voice. "I am nothing more than an old man... But you, young one, you are not alone. You just don't know it yet." The old man paused and smiled as he walked up to Sona, patting his back gently. "You do not know it yet, but you are important, you matter, to some of course. You might be feared and hated, but you are also loved and looked up to by the weak, just like me." The old man finished his sentence as Sona stared at him. "Well, I'll be on my way now, take care young one." With that, the old man walked off as he waved at Sona, eventually,

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: the old man was out of sight. Sona was confused, he didn't understand, but he had decided to leave that thought for when he was done with his tasks. So he just walked all the way to the outskirts of the town, where the second family he had to visit lived. Once he was there, Sona sighed and knocked on the door once more. This time, he was greeted by a young man, who when he realized that it was Sona, he pushed him outside, looks like he wanted to let out his sadness with a more physical way. "You... You have guts showing to our door after what you did to my brother!" The man yelled as he launched a punch on Sona, aiming for his stomach, of course, Sona stood there and took it with no complaints. "I will make sure you never walk again you bastard! Because killing you would only end your misery!" The man yelled once again as Sona sighed quietly. "I am here to apologize for what I did... I came to inform you that I am getting punished for my sins-" Sona was interrupted as the man threw another punch. "Spare me your apologies! I don't want to hear them!" The man yelled as he kept throwing punches and kicks at Sona, he, of course, did nothing more than to just endure. Minutes went by of the man throwing a beatdown on Sona, suddenly another figure walked out of the house, it was the old man from earlier. "John, what is the meaning of this my child?" The old man asked with a gentle and calm voice as his eyes met with Sona's. "He is the one father! He is the one that killed James!" The man pointed at Sona as he was preparing to launch another attack. The old man, of course, walked up to Sona and with a calm smile patted his head. "So you are the one...? I was expecting someone more... Corrupted... I am sad that you took away my son... But to me, it looks like you are more lost than anyone else I've met in this world... I am sure you didn't enjoy killing my son, you felt threatened, you felt bad when you removed his life from him, didn't you?" The old man said as he took a step back, allowing Sona to talk. "....Yes..." Was Sona's response as he didn't dare to look the old man in the eyes. "Very well, you might catch a cold, dressed like that while staying out here in the cold rain, would you like to come inside?" The man offered with the same gentle and warm smile as Sona shook his head quietly. "I am sorry, I have to go back to the castle-" Before he could finish his sentence, Sona noticed that across the small town, there was an army of some sort standing in the long and grassy fields, they didn't look like they belonged to any kingdom, their clothes were not representing any of the kingdoms Sona had known.



iNomad: The wind and rain raged on, though it was a slow die down as the wind ceased and the rain continued before long. An emerald glow, a pair of eyes high in the oak tree at the heart of the forest gazing towards the town. And beyond to the grassy field in the distance. Sevalius muttered lightly with a quirk of his brow. pulling his bag, and equiping his weapons, slipping his Katana onto his back next to his quiver as he slipped the Kukri down onto his hips. He gripped the frame of the bow and began moving. He had little interest in this particular army, it was the forest that concerned him, with that many soldiers it was unlikely the forest would go unbothered. The male had made a clear effort to avoid the townsfolk and hunters that came into view. So few knew anyone was out this far from town. Though the man moved through the bog carefully treading along the tree branches with placed balance along the branches. He moved through to the edge of the forest quickly, closing his eyes and listening. Having closed his eyes in a means to cover them and keep the glow from alerting anyone they were being watched. The male knotched an arrow quietly and remained still. Intent on preventing any damage o the forest in whatever carnage insured. So long as they didn't get particularly close.

CardinalSinn: it would almost hiss again though this simply reflecting the creatures elation with the goings on. The light and holy energy which flowed from Anaya did not have a great effect on the beast that was Fides, but he could feel her too, her purity pushing against its profanity. It slowly shook its head as it exerted itself, and being who and what it was truly, there would be a fair chance it would not take Fides too long to find a balance that she would be comfortable with, although it would only pull itself in just so far. Knowing full well her distaste Fides would chose to circle around her, giving a fairly large birth to perhaps ease her nerves a bit. As it came gliding into her view once more again it would offer a bow, its darkness and profanity leaking out and constantly pushing out against her own as Fides was covertly forcing a truce of sorts already, a “balance” of light and dark. He was indeed begin presumptive, but he knew things which most did not, and had better ability to barter with this woman then most could truly know or understand. Fides would rise slowly from the graceful and elegant bow, Fides was as ever a piece of living dark art, a beautiful dark beast, and its existence was as if poetry in motion. The energies battling back and forth would fine Fides would take all that was given to its profanity, though it was willing to reign in its energies to a radius of thirteen feet within itself, the aura of darkness it gave off not leaching into the light beyond that point. He had given her her proper respects thus far, and the Evincars manners would dictate it continue to do so, lest she breached etiquette first. She was right though, Fides was generally aware the goings on here, it had anchored into the shadows, she had known that…perhaps she had not known what extent of liberty that granted Fides. it gazed upon her for a moment…taking in the semi “broken” nature of the yearlings which were close, its head tilting as it once more took note of the weakness flesh. It shook its head slowly as it lowered. Almost as if it had a bit of remorse for the condition of the children, which in a manner it did, Kinn being so dark as they were had an aversion to bringing children harm, though it was not as if Fides would admit any pity for them, certainly not here. Its voice crept in as the usual hushed chorus of thousands, their words whispered as if directly into Anayas ears, as well as somehow into the ears of all others within the throne room at the moment. “is one still so firm in her reckoning that nothing here is ours…that there is no sin for us to have, no evils we should not claim here and take as our own?...surely highness you realize what we offer to one is a service, which is nearly free of cost, and we imagine would benefit you….we attempt your sisters favor in this offer, as it would bring us pleasure to have a favor such as theirs. Even knowing these motives you would still deny us?”

Anaya: Anayas eyes moved to her children there pain and struggle in her arms as the Sinn's darkness made its way around them Ryu looking out from behind his mothers leg hissed at the dark knowing full well it was not like them, it was something else and there natural born hate for it was clear. Noki did not hiss or grumble she just watched, partly blind eyes only seeing the sway of the being around them, not being able to pick it out but being able to feel it more then see it. Noki clung to her mothers arm as she held fast and Samuel watched them all in silence. Anaya's red eyes looked up a brightness to them, and a brightness to her face, a honour a pride of what she had even if she was siting there, in her throne covered by her own children blood she was still a royal, they were still royals, even in there broken down and inured states. “there is sin in my land yes dark one, there is sin all though out it this you know better then most, but nothing that takes part will sway my words of it not belonging to you. You can give be a world of glitter and gold i am sure dark one but in the end it is not worth the lives, the loss of my people. I am not broken enough to take your offer or weak enough to be forced into it” she held to her children as Noki made a yelping sound as the pain felt like it was in her very bones and heart. Anaya could not move, in the end she was basically a sitting duck in her throne if she moved it would hurt the children, she she would not harm her children or leave them unguarded. She was very unsteady but kept her head up “why do you barter here anyway dark one, you know this is land is claimed by the light, the land i own is land you can not touch. You try to gain fruit from a tree that is forbidden to you. So why reach for the branch?”

NightzBlack: walking out of the guest room Luna would slam the door behind her. a pen and the map she was drawing close in hand to fix anything she may have forgotten to put in. as she walked down the hall her eyes would wonder a bit looking out every window she passed. "I still cant believe its raining." she would mutter to herself as she went towards the dinning hall. Not really seeing anyone she would go and poor herself a drink as she sat down at the table. "where is everyone. I should have ran into someone by now." sipping her drink she would sit back and lightly close her eyes as she got lost in thought about things she had to get done. placing her half drunken glass down she would get up a little to fast and accidentally nocking the chair over. turning around swiftly she would place the chair back on all fours and walk out of the dinning hall. Listening closely she would hear the chatter of people and start to head in their direction. Walking into the room she would smile lightly as she spoke up. "so this was where everyone was hiding. for a big place i haven't seen anyone all morning." a chuckle would escape her lips as she eyed everyone in the room. "so whats going on today?"

Anaya: Anaya watched as the dark being faded into the floor and she let out the breath she was holding in she let it out as small glitter like light blips flashed in the air as she retracted her aura down and relaxed slightly, her children clinging to her body as she held them “mother what was that?” Noki asked as she snuggled into her mothers warm torso. She warped her arms around them as she tried to relax a little “that was from my sisters side of the family, when i was young and not who i am today i was made to be a part of something greater, to be the light side of this world, to make our family, and they were the dark side of the world and be my sisters family. To be a balance and in time you both will learn of our agreements of land and what they want here and with us as once i am gone you both will take my place” “but mother you will never go away, you will live forever” Ryu barked up from coming out from her legs and then crawled up on her lap clinging to his mother like his very life was in danger. Both the children on one lap, it was a full throne. “i will live for a very long time my dear you don't have to worry now. We will be happy for a long time my children, like a real family” her eyes looked to sam as he nodded his head “yes like a real family” Anaya smiled softly as she looked at sam and then her eyes turned to see the vampire. It was a good thing she had lowered her aura down or that vampire would not have been overly happy. “the mornings are rather droll around here, people come and go but we are awake and have been for a while” Anaya still kept her holy aura about five feet or so around her and the hurt children so the vampire or any dark beings could not advance.

PayneZileQueen: Having gotten up after a well rested sleep. Damon had already started to do his morning routine. Do meditation, get cleaned up by taking a hot shower, at a temperature that would bother regular humans. Then practice his movements, while in the same time loosening up his muscles from the night of sleep. Letting the blood flow properly around his entire body. In the middle of doing some sit ups, Damon looked outside at the window. "Rain again" he sighed, as he looked at the water fall down the skies. Once completely done, he got up and got dressed. Putting on his undergarments, his pants and his boots. Finishing it up with a black sash wrapped around the hem of his pants. His upper body still exposed, as it always was. He moved to his cabinet and grabbed the black cloth that covered his black and red eyes. Allowing Damon to see the world in black and gray. He looked up and into the mirror, smiling as he watched himself and then nodding. "Time for me to get down, I'd say. See what I would be able to do for the Madam.. Hoping she has a place for me to offer. I already feel bad for living here for about 6 months without doing anything in return." He mumbled a bit more, and then turned around to grab his coat, putting it on and opening the door. His upper body still bare under the coat, and still noticeable by the way the coat was still opened up. Showing off his muscular but athletic build.

RavenDeLaRose: The bath did not kill Mystic and once in the tub she had a blast. By the time she was done the hole floor was wet and the poor maid was now soak to the bone. Well the maid may not have been done but mystic was and leaping from the tub mystic ran from the room still dripping wet from the bath. The poor maid screaming behind her and running with a drying cloth. It was not long when the maid would give up and mystic would start rolling her wet fur on the hall rugs. This in many ways defeated the bath but left mystic less wet. She then made her way to the throne where her Anaya normally was and as was her Ryu she had come to like him as an owner though he was rough with her he never hurt her. And she often slept near or around him.
Meanwhile Raven had stepped out of her room she been there awhile and had finish the last book she had carried back with her. Having no more to read kind of forced her out of her safe heaven not that she felt endangered in any way but she did not want to be a bother to the queen. The fear of hunters was a real one and she felt it best to stay out of public view. The growling in her tummy though left her stopping in the itching for an apple and she also began to walk the halls as she looked as the art that hung from them. It had been awhile since her had stretched her legs and now was as good of time as any though the rugs seemed a bit wet as she stepped on them “must have just been cleaned “she mumbled to herself as she walked around the empty halls.

TatianaAncientwing: -she had walked for sometime. Her sword on her back was heavy on her as of lately. Her last assignment from the assassin guild had injured her. But she was healing quite well she was 6'2 in height as she walked down the road. Towards the next kingdom, travelling back to the guild hall as she continued her journey. Her white hair stained with black streaks flowed down her back as she walked. The wind was nice on her bare stomach, arms and thighs. Her coat covered her back as her scarf covered her face. Her gold eyes, shining like the sun of a gold coin. Her skin was tanned from the sun light as well. She carried a black sword on her back and a black sword on her side. She sighed as she continued to walk down the path. The sun was just rising behind the heavy rain clouds as she walked, coming across a forest a village at the base of the hill, at the top, sat the castle, she was drenched from the rain, as she walked through it, her boots and bottom of her coat covered in mud from the swell of the rain. -
TatianaAncientwing: She winced a moment as she held her side of her stomach, her wound on her stomach ached a bit, as she panted for a moment, before taking deep breaths to steady her breathing. She grunted a bit, as she continued to the Broken boat Tavern, looking to see if it were open to get out of the rain storm. But it wasn't, she sighed as she winced for a moment again, turning her head she looked at the castle. As she continued to walk towards it, the castle was made of black bricks and in the yard was trolls, she looked at them, and she respected them. They were fair folk, like her but she knew they were simply minded as well. She smirked slightly as she continued towards the doors. She saw the two guards, stopping short of them, she bowed her head slightly as she looked at them. They held there spears, as the looked at her, and waited.- "Who are you?" -one of the guards, spoke to her, as she looked at them. -
TatianaAncientwing: She stood tall as she looked at them, she moved her hair, and a black tattoo that showed she was a warrior for hire. And that she was apart of a very powerful group of warriors, the one guard would flinch for a moment before opening the door, and running inside. She was dripping wet, still form the rain, her hair was flat on her body and clung to her skin, as did her coat and scarf. As she waited.-

Anaya: Anaya moved herself in the throne as the vampire girl nodded her head to her “yes it is, is there any food in the halls my lady?” she asked softly as she looked around and her eyes bright and filled with wonder as Anaya nodded her head “”yes girl, go to the dinning hall it is the first door on your right down the hall there to the side, you can see the door from here between the pillars there“ Anaya's hand came up and pointed to the wall as Noki's hands reached up grabbing the hands of her mother and pulling it back, the girl got the idea and nodded her head then hoped on past avoiding anayas holy aura and light and sliping past to the dinning hall. Upon hearing the taping on the door that vampire girl on her way to the dinning hall taped a guard on the shoulder “um, you, um go get the door maybe” the girl said softly as she twiddled her toes bashfully as the guard gave a grunt and moved his hand and went to backhand the girl. She ducked out of the way and ran away to the dinning hall. “stupid girl” the guard grunted as he moved his way seeing Anaya's eyes looking dead at him “sorry my lady” he said as his pace got so much faster and he made his way to the door to open it, his eyes peered out from his helmet as he looked out from the castle door way “who be there and what bring ye here, state ye name and drop yur weapons at the dour” his voice slanged and the slight smell of alcohol lingered on his breath as he barked from the door. Wall inside Anaya held her children watching that dumbfounded guard fumbleing along slothing from side to side as he went. She shock her head side to side, and people wondered why the rum was gone around here, why there was no wine, no shit there was none, it was due to her family and fighters it was all gone, but good news is more was on the way and the wine had come and was unloaded. She let out a breath relaxing to the point of dropping her aura fully and siting in her throne her children's wounds almost fully healed, bright blue royal dragons blood still all over her body as she sat, some even on her face a little, but her children were moving and feeling like themselves, witch in the end, was the only thing the mother wanted.

RavenDeLaRose: It did not take her long to find Ryu and mystic pace quicken the closer she got to him her body still somewhat wet she rolled her head against him to get his attention. With a meer like meow that was now deeper and more panther like mystic layer down beside Ryu and batted at the floor waiting to play with him. Raven now to the edge of the hall considering the throne room. She had not seen the queen in a while and though it might be nice to say at least hi or thank you. But then she thought “I don’t want to disturb her if she is working” this played in Ravens mind a while as she tapped her black hoof on the floor and debated whether to go in to the throne room or not. Is was not long when she felt it best to socialize rather than go back to her room and be a hermit. So, she brushes her raven black hair from her face and off her horn, straighten her long flowing black dress that hid her hoofs from those who could see them. Took a deep breath and walked out with a timed smile. She would take a seat across the queen and gently nod at the children “good day my queen I hope your sleep was well” it was small talk but Raven did not push for answers she knows the queen here had much responsibility and children to tend to at that.

Guest_Vestrel: ~The appearance of Verial was to show no weapons at all. The manner of the guard was noted as was the slur in his speech of the other he could not be sure yet. His mind reached out trying to sense if any wards were in place. He could not be sure yet the Auras of the guards didn’t seem to signal anything untoward save that they were tempting for him to attempt to drain. He through the idea aside as quickly as it had reared its head. There were bigger things at stake here and to drain the Aura of another could leave you with personality traits, better leave this drunken creature be or he could very well be going on like a fool. He moved forwards very casually with a smile upon his face ~’’I have no weapons save for this….. satchel. It has some small supplies is all. “Am I free to enter?’’ ~ He spoke this as the attempt was made. The visual at total opposites to the mind within which worked quickly. The structure that could be seen was studied as was the guards he stood near. The cold dark stone within shone and slivers of light from within danced across the time worn stone. The energy signatures of creatures washed down the hallway while a gentle tapping like wood on stone echoed to mingle with the voices of creatures who were no doubt just out of view. He tried to gauge what they were from here. As astute as he was, without being near it would be a guessing game yet these things did not matter now. There was power here that was easy enough to sense just depended on the alignment of it. He attempted to move past the guard while still smiling if allowed to continue on his way he would most likely be in an inner chamber at the end of what looked like a small hallway in moments. The amulet still pulsed upon his form hidden beneath the illusionary appearance ~

TatianaAncientwing: -she looked to the guard as he moved aside and aloud her and the other there access to the castle. She could smell his alcohol on his breath, but she refused to give up her weapons as she walked past him. Water still dropped down her coat to the floor as she stepped inside. Her body soaked, and muddy steps followed her as she walked, she could feel the aura of the people in the castle. Her gold eyes looking at the drunk guard as she squinted, the man obviously didn't care much for his masters castle or safety. She waited for the guard to finish with the door before moving away from her, she scuffed a little as she continued down the hall. (C)
TatianaAncientwing: Seeing the decorations of the castle and the stone work, she hadn't seen a castle this detailed in a long time. She had mostly seen taverns or inns or broke kingdoms. But never a beautiful castle like this one. Passing some people as she continued to where an aura seemed to glow. Her boots made a loud think on the ground as she walked through, trailing water as she did. She hated the feeling of being soaked like she was, especially since her wound was still healing. She held her hand to her side as she continued to others it would seem like she had her hand on her sword, but to her she was holding a soaked bandage hidden under her coat, soaked with blood and rain water. She moved her hair to one side. Coming to the entrance to the hall, where the queen sat. She looked at her, continuing her slow pace before standing in front of her, bowing her head slightly out of respect to her. Seeing the blue blood, she wondered but knew not to question nor ask. (C)
TatianaAncientwing: As she waited to be addressed by her highness. Her elf ears were visible for others to see, she didn't like that, but it couldn't be helped because of her being soaking wet. Her gold eyes watched those in the room as well at the queen as she awaited her to be spoken to.- (e)

Anaya: the guard at the door took the male guest away and took him to a side room giveing a grunt and rude gesture to that girl that pushed past him. Stupid girl he muttered under his breath as he vanished to a side room with the boy. Anaya s eyes looked up as she saw they had a guest and she nodded in a gesture that said it was alright to come over and even to talk. Her red eyes looked to her feet were there panther cat played with Ryu. Ryu did not seem overly interested and he took a weak hand still covered with drying blood and pushed the cat away giving a grumble like moan “no play today mystic, the children are to weak to play with you, they must heal it has been a hard morning for them” Anaya said softly as she moved her hand down to run her fingers in her sons dark hair. “”it is alright Ryu my dear, she just wants to play, she does not understand you” Ryu grumbled at his mother then hissed at the cat “she, understand, that” he said boldly as he wraped his arms around his mothers leg tighter and leaned his head on her skin. Anaya chukled as she looked back over to Raven seeing her and her unicorn splendor, it was rather nice to see her agein it was nice to have sutch a rareety just walking around and hideing back in the library or in other rooms were danger could not harm her “it is good to see you my sister” anaya paused for a moment, yes it was the right thing to say, her mate now passed was anayas adopted brother so that made raven family as well even if the brother was now dead. She nodded as if reassuring herself she said the right word. “yes, sister, you have been hiding as of late, it is good to see you out and about. And my and the children sleep was alright, the morning held much different results” Anaya was stained all over the front with her own children blood witch was clear as day as it was blue on white. Samuel looked at them all and the words of food and seeing things had calmed down she took a breath getting up and turning and walking off to get a meal himself.



Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After observing the army, Sona came to the realization that they were around thirty to forty men. They were approaching the town, slowly but surely, Sona had already raised his guard and prepared himself for a bloodbath. "Wh-... Why are they coming here!?" John looked at his father in a slightly worried and scared look, waiting for a normal answer like, 'they came for an alliance' or 'they are from the Queen's army.' But instead, the old man sighed quietly and shook his head. "They are up to no good... John, you might have to run all the way to the castle and inform the Queen." The old man spoke in a quiet voice as John stood there in shock. "You mean that I'll have to abandon you and leave!?" John yelled at his father, he was clearly panicking, but of course, the old man remained calm and collected. "Nonsense, I'll manage." The old man reassured his Son of his safety with a calm and warm smile, the same smile he had used on Sona. Though, that heartwarming moment was interrupted by the sound of many footsteps and the sound of a man. "Well well well, what do we have here?" A medium sized man had walked up to Sona and the family, his whole image was intimidating, probably because of the gigantic and heavy looking sword on his back, though Sona wasn't really intimidated. The man's green emerald eyes turned to look at Sona, then the old man and John. "I and my boys are hungry, so what do you have to offer for us?" The man spoke in a bold and cold tone, not even respecting the fact that he was but a stranger asking for food. "We have nothing but bread and water to offer, oh great warrior." The old man answered to the man, unlike his son, the old man didn't seem to be scared of the man and his army that had just halted in front of his house. "Perfect! Then you may go fetch some bread and water for us." The man was already giving orders, without being told to, John had already walked into the house to fetch some bread and water. After a minute or two, he came out, walked up to the man and offered the food to him. The man, of course, took what was given to him. He started consuming the bread, when he was done, he had drunk all the water he was given. "Unfortunately, oh great warrior, this is all we have to offer." The old man paused for a second. "If you want more, there is a tavern just ahead of the road, you and your tired men can go there, eat and drink to your heart's content." The old man finished, the man didn't seem very pleased. "I, the great warrior of the north, Dan, come to your house and this is all you have to offer me!?" The man seemed furious for some reason, of course, Sona knew that he was just searching for an excuse to cause havoc and kill the citizens. "But, great warrior we-" The old man tried to speak, only to be interrupted by the backslapping he received from the man. John, of course, seeing his father being attacked, snapped. He charged at the man with all his might, of course, the man was expecting him to do so and had already drawn out a small dagger without John realizing it, he was but a mere farmer, after all, he had no experience over fighting and the man was clearly setting him up. Sona, of course, wouldn't allow such thing to happen, the moment he saw the man pulling out the dagger, decided to take action. Without hesitation, Sona- who was out of the man's sight- dashed in and kicked the man on his left side, forcing him off balance. The man, of course, fell to the dirty mud, John stopped, and the man's army was rather, shocked- if not angry. "How dare you!?" The man turned and glared at Sona, of course, he was greeted with the same emotionless expression as everyone else. And that made the man all the angrier, he pointed at Sona. In a matter of seconds, three soldiers jumped on Sona, forcing him to his knees as they restrained him by holding his hands and his neck. Dan stood up and shortly made his way to Sona, without saying a word, he kicked him in his stomach, Sona felt the pain but showed no expression. "All you had to do was obey... And I would've taken this town without force, but now... Now I'm angry! I will make sure I burn this town and erase it from this world!" Dan yelled as he threw another kick at Sona. He then turned his attention to the old man and John. "Well, don't blame me really, this is what happen when you mess with the wrong people..." With that said, Dan walked up to the two villagers, without saying a word, he started beating down on the old man, throwing him on the ground, stepping on him, kicking him in his stomach. When John tried to step in, he was stopped by two soldiers, who started beating him down as well. All Sona could do is watch helplessly as these two innocent citizens were being harmed for no reason by a man who was hungry for power, this was tyranny, and Sona had seen plenty of it, from his childhood days until today. "Are you gonna stand there and watch...?" A voice echoed in Sona's head. "Didn't you say that you were going to change the world, fight for the innocents...?" The voice echoed once more, this time Sona got a slight headache. "Was your decision, a mistake then?" The voice echoed one last time, the pain growing stronger on Sona's head, mostly around the right side of his head for some reason. "You're right... I said I was going to change that... No more running away from myself or my burdens..." Sona kept struggling to free himself, harder than ever. "Oh? Are you finally going to accept the deal?" The voice echoed with a giggle. "You made me wait quite a while... You seek more power correct? Then let us form the pact at once." The voice paused for a second, Sona's headache grew stronger with each passing moment. "I mean, your name has already been disgraced, so why not just take my offer and wreak havoc? A part of you desires it thus..." With that said, Sona felt a rapid increase of pain on his head, enough to make him scream from it. "Vow to me... I am thou, thou art I...." With each passing word, Sona felt his bond with the dragon within growing stronger, that of course, meant that Sona inherited more and more of the dragon's true strength. "Not human, nor dragon. You are the one who now treads in the path of Darkness, you care not about justice, you fight for those who cannot and to protect the ones you love." The voice paused one last time, during this time Sona had managed to free his left hand, it was enough for him to work with. Without hesitation, Sona forced himself to stand up, once he was standing on his feet, he launched his hand on the soldier who had been restraining his right arm. In a matter of seconds, Sona had grabbed the soldier by his neck, with enough strength to force him to let go of Sona's arm and to struggle for escape, now both of Sona's hands were free, he didn't waste much time though, so he simply snapped the soldier's neck with his hand, just by applying enough strength at it. He then turned to the soldier who was holding his neck and punched him in the face, Sona was now free, this would be a bloodbath. "Detest the enemies before you. Change that animosity into power, and unleash it!" The voice echoed in a dreadful yet excited voice in Sona's head. He nodded as he turned to look at the old man and John who were still getting beat down. Within a matter of seconds Sona found himself behind the two guards who were beating up John, with no hesitation, Sona placed his hands on the first soldier's neck and snapped it with a swift movement, before the second soldier could turn to face him, Sona knee the soldier on his back, the sound of bones being crushed could be heard loud and clear. Dan stopped bothering with the old man and turned his attention to Sona, who had now killed three of his guys and knocked one out cold. "So you intend to pick a fight? I have an army, what do you have?!" Dan snapped at Sona, who was slowly lowering his mask, revealing the stitched smile of his. Without even talking, Sona placed his left hand on his mouth and started ripping the stitches off him by force, blood started rolling down to his chin. "I....?" Sona's once emotionless expression had turned into a bloodthirsty one. "I need no army... I AM the army..." Sona laughed in a rather, odd way, he too didn't know what was happening to him. "Let your emotions run wild!" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he kept laughing in a now rather psychotic tone, of course, the headache was still then, but Sona just ignored it. For a moment, Sona turned at John and the old man. "Go inside... This will get ugly..." Sona spoke with a now calm and collected voice as he stared down and their shocked and horrified expressions, it was as if they had seen a monster. John nodded quietly and helped his father up as they quickly ran into their house, locking the door behind them. "No matter, once we kill you we'll go after them, then the entire town!" Dan yelled at Sona. Sona's expression had changed once more as he turned to look at Dan, it was that same, bloodthirsty smile. "Kill me...? That'd be... Amusing to watch... To crush down your hopes as I slaughter all of your men." Sona couldn't help but laugh again, it was as if, he was enjoying it- allowing his emotions run wild, intimidating the enemy to the point of causing them real dread and terror. "Now call upon my name, and release thy rage!" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded. "Come to me, Satanael!" Sona called out to voice, a geyser erupted from his shadow, in a matter of seconds, shadowy geyser took the form of a dragon's upper body. Suddenly, the shadow beast opened his eyes, its abyssal purple eyes locked on its targets, with a swift movement, the beast stretched its bulky hands and it's wings. The beast seemed to be holding something in its mouth, it looked like a blade of some sort. Dan and his men were all shocked and too scared to even run, they were paralyzed with the fear. The beast raises both of its hands up slowly, then slammed its claws down to the floor, as it leaned forward, its mouth right above Sona. It opened it wide as it released a horrific, dreadful and extremely loud roar that echoed to the whole Kingdom. The sheathed katana that was held in the dragon's mouth fell on Sona's hands, it was pitch black with some weird symbols made out of an abyssal purple color on it. "Don't blame me for what happens next, after all, you were the one who said it yourself... Do not mess with the wrong people, or you'll get yourself in trouble..." Sona looked at Dan, mocking him and provoking him right on his face. "Most people often learn from their mistakes, you boys on the other hand... Won't." With that, Sona raised his left hand and snapped his fingers, the shadow beast simply dropped down on Sona, it had lost it forms already as if it was just water. Sona felt the same pain forming all around his body, his skin turned pitch black, his hair grew longer, his previously ragged clothes were replaced with some odd looking clothes that it was out of this world, a dragon horn erupted from Sona's right side of his head, Sona stood straight once more, a moment of silence went by, before two abyssal blue glowing eyes opened, no other characteristics of his face were visible, it was as if he was a shadow with two abyssal blue glowing scleras for eyes. The sheath's symbols changed from abyssal purple to abyssal blue. Sona leaned forward and released another loud, horrific roar, this one, however, if a dragon were to listen to this, they'd definitely understand that it wasn't coming from a dragon, it was something that had never before seen in the history of man, dragon, and man, had formed and unbreakable bond and had fused into one being of immense power. Dan took a couple of steps back in both fear and hesitation. "W-....What are you standing for?! Kill that thing! We've killed a dragon before, so do not be afraid my men! We shall take this beast down! Together!" Dan shook the fear off him and tried to act brave, to raise the morale of his soldiers. They, of course, believed him, since they thought so high and mighty of their leader, Dan raised his left right hand and grabbed the handle of his great sword, when he drew it out of its sheath and raised it in the air, Sona realised that it was no mere blade, it was made out of dragon scales and bones- a dragon slaying weapon. "Attack!" Dan yelled to the top of his lungs as he pointed the tip of his gigantic blade at Sona. His men had already drawn out their weapons and were already rushing at Sona. Some villagers had heard the whole thing and were already watching from a safe distance. Sona took a step back and then rushed in with an unstoppable force that was way beyond the strongest human being, after all, Sona wasn't a human right now, he was something beyond words. When the soldiers came in close range with Sona, it was a huge impact, as if two armies with the same number and manpower. Sona felt the pain of being pierced, after all, the numbers were against him. Though Sona didn't stop, slash after slash, he attacked everything in sight, his form no longer had technique and his battle style no longer looked human either, Sona was fighting more and more like a Berserk Dragon would, every hit was in the one hundred percent of his power and he didn't stop no matter how many time he got pierced, luckily for him, no one had managed to pierce his heart. This went on for a whole a while now, Sona knew that he felt himself more and more tired, slowly giving in to the blood loss, but there was something- a burning feeling that forced him to keep going, most people described that feeling as- "Berserker's rage...." The old man spoke in a shocked and amazed voice as he witnessed Sona fighting. "Berserker's rage is strong, but... I've never seen anything like it... This young man has something much more than the berserk rage..." The old man stood there, John was amazed and surprised, but at the same time, scared and horrified of Sona. "H-How..... How is this possible?!" Dan took three steps back, trying to stomach the fact that his whole army was now nothing more than a pile of lifeless, decapitated corpses. Sona stood in the middle of this bloody mess, the whole area was now filled with blood, severed limbs and weapons that were lying on the dirty mud, some broken and some were simply bathed in blood and mud. Sona, of course, wasn't in the best condition either, he had many wounds and was losing blood, there was a tomahawk stabbed on his right side, a sword stabbed in his right shoulder, a dagger on his left thigh, and three to four arrows on his back. Not even Sona himself knew why was he able to stand tall after all these bruises, cuts and weapons stuck on him, he probably had broken many bones as well. Suddenly, Sona turned to face Dan, who was scared for his life, he then started making his way up to him slowly, he couldn't even hold his blade properly, Sona was dragging his blood bathed katana on the dirty mud, he probably had enough stamina for a swing or two, maybe three powerful swings. Dan snapped once more and ran up to Sona, raising his dragon-slaying blade up in the air, about to hammer it down on Sona and probably cut him in half. When Dan was close enough, Sona stepped in and with a swift strike, pierced Dan's heart, killing him in an instant. Sona pulled his blade out and watched as the lifeless corpse that used to be Dan falling on the dirty mud before his feet, his dragon-slaying sword fell in the mud as well, through Sona was smart enough to allow his shadow to consume the sword, he'd need that for later. After a moment of silence, Sona raised his claws in the air and stretched them to each side, releasing one last horrific, loud roar, it was a roar of victory, yet a warning to anyone else who could've been an enemy. After that, Sona dropped to his knees, as he started going back to his old human self, the pitch black color of his skin started wearing off his skin like paint, it went down until it had gone all the way into his shadow, Sona's hair were now longer, his ears were slightly pointy and the dragon horn hard remained on the right side of his face. The infected part of his face was now gone, completely and his iris color had changed from a crimson red and abyssal purple to a deep abyssal, with his pupils now being in a shape of a sharp edged cross. As Sona fell down on the dirty mud, unconscious, the old man and John ran out to his aid. "Quickly John, take him to the Queen right now, his life is in danger!" The old man said to his son, John nodded and picked up Sona, walking as fast as possible to the castle, ascending the hill. "J-Jeez... you're so heavy... Don't die on me you hear!?" John yelled at Sona, who was unconscious and couldn't hear it, but it's the thought that counts. After an hour or so, John finally reached the front door of the castle, he looked at the now shocked guards. "You must call her majesty now! He'll die if you don't do anything!" John begged the guards, luckily for him, the guards were not heartless and nodded as they opened the door and rushed in the main hall, John followed them while holding Sona tightly, his legs were shaking a little from his trip, and from the fear of seeing the Queen for his first time. "Your Majesty, we have an emergency!" One of the guards kneeled down and asked for the Queen's aid.

AzamiCore: -Xera decided to go out the window once again. It was shuch a nice wet day to go enjoy the out doors. While she climb down the vine the rain seem to gush down more making it hard for her to see. She waited holding on to the vines. She would move slowly down again but one of the grasp of vine with her right hand and it was slipery and she kept trying a diffrent spot but it still was slipery as the other vine broke in her right hand. She went falling down, her head hit the tree braking her neck and waigt of her body tuged her downward. She lands hard on the ground and her body broken in many areas. There would be no life left in her body maybe one of the guards would find her body,-

RavenDeLaRose: Mystic did know that hiss meant back off so she did as she just flopped her body over on the floor. Laying there watching over her Anaya and the children as her long tail swished back and forth. Hear head would lay between her front paws and she let out a soft muffles yawn.

The words sister from the queen’s lips felt good to hear she never had a sister and with no mother now it was nice to feel she had a family that wanted her. The smile was there as she hear the fares sister but as she looked down she saw the poor hurt young one. It shocked her to see this and she wanted to help but black unicorns cannot heal at least she could not do so. If born like all unicorns pure and white she could heal them but as it were she was not and could not. she looked over at Samuel he made her a bit nervous though she did not know why so she was grateful when he got up for food and left. still Raven could since the week state in which the queen was in, this sadden Raven as she did not know what she could do to help. “you look worn. sister is there a way I may ease your burden if only to give your body a little rest” her soft words were well meant thought she was not sure a black unicorn could be of any use.

Guest_Vestrel: ~The guard approached as was his manner from the start. Drunken and ill mannered, Verial shrugged away from him and cast his deceptively innocent eyes upon the being. ~’’I have business of a kind that doesn’t concern the likes of you’’ ~Funny to see that servants regardless of power or station always responded the same to those that controlled them. Verial knew only too well, even for he the shell that existed to serve another’s whims. To refuse was something that did not bear thought. The illusion held now very well and it would seem that nothing had been seen as untoward. The energy signatures flowed now each life force intermingled in a dance around its host to almost drown out each other in this unseen dance of energy, at least to those beings not gifted with seeing the ripples of life force and auras that accompanied sentient beings. He moved forward emboldened by the invitation from the creature which stood as a central figure within this hall. Female in appearance and cradling lower forms around her as a mother would a new borne to their breast. The intent was clear, this was a creature that held those it cared for tightly. It sat dressed in white with blue blood splattered upon its form in chaotic manner. One creature at its lap the other prostrating itself upon her lower limbs. Others were there too, a cat like being and a humanoid that vied for its attention. Verial studied the auras of each at least that which was seen and contemplated their alignment as well as any changes in their outputs that would alert him to a change in the atmosphere and their place within it. The use of the amulet was necessary although the thought did cross his corrupted mind that one versed in such tricks of deception would see or sense its use yet even so the risk was worth it to engage in dialogue with this host~ ‘’I am Anur’’ ~ he gestured openly. The blues of his pompous attire accentuating the appearance of a noble. He moved forwards looking directly upon the creature that had almost signalled him to enter. The footfalls of his feet echoing lightly to seem to answer each other as the voices did within this cavernous environment. Dark stone stood as if considering the lowly beings that conversed with each other. A being seemed injured and the very energy it expelled almost caused him to pause and engage and maybe try drain its force. Yet the mind held stil,l there were bigger things at stake and even he approached new surroundings with a calculating mind. He spoke then the naturalness of his speech surprising the ruined sense of self that lay hidden beyond the surface~’’ I am looking to speak to those that deal in artifacts or the knowledge of them’’ ~The amulet pulsed beneath his clothing at the mention of the word as if it had been awakened. His intent to hide any output from its power and better attain what he needed~

Anaya: her eyes looked out as the man ran into the castle with the broken and bloody Sona, the slave boy was a mess, there was weapons in his body and he looked like he had come out of a battle, stupid slave would have to be bound to the castle to not get like this again, the amount of healing that would have to be used to heal that would be immense, and at the moment her children needed it more then he did, but at the same time if she sent him away with nothing he would surely bleed out on one of the tables wall the maids and nurses would be dumb founded to fix something like that, and that would also place them in danger if the boy that clearly had killed others, and could very much so snap due to pain and kill her maids and the nurses, and she did not want to get more. But then there was the fact moving right now with Noki on her lap would hurt the now sleeping Noki as she was not well enough to move, and the room on her lap was running thin, there was getting to the point there was not much room “bring Sona here, and guards remove the weapons in him and allow him to come to my lap, he can rest with me and Noki for a short while so he can heal then will be able to be mended in the medical wing later this afternoon” she was stern with her words and hell now she was feeling more like a mother then ever. A son at her leg clinging to her like his life was in danger, Noki a daughter sleeping with her head on her chest and now she would have a slave boy bleeding out after doing god knows what plopped in her lap like a sand bag. It was the wonder of caring for her people, but she was far from happy about it. “Raven, sister, if you can can you remove the blades from the slave boys body, he seems to have gotten himself into a mess as of late, then he can be healed in my lap” the guard hearing the words of getting raven to do it backed right off allowing the girl to do the word he was going to do and more then likely do it in a nicer fashion. She looked over hearing another voice that introduced its self to the group. Her red eyes watched him as he walked over wanting knowledge about artifacts “come forth the, Anur what is it in knowledge do you seek” Anaya's aura moved a little a large holy ring around her, a sort of if you pass this i will react on it marker line in the sand. No one could see it normally but you could feel it if you passed it and it was about five feet or so around her and her children.

iNomadiNomad Whisper: Having watched the boy Sona's battle from afar, the man in the great oak overlooking the forest at the base of the hill shook his head quietly. Needless blood it seemed, reminding him why he didn't like people. Why he kept himself secluded in the woods. He moved up to the top of the oak where he foun a parting in the branches to seat himself with his legs crossed and his back against the base of the tree. Reaching to pull the bag from his hip quietly and pull a book as the rain raged on. He opened the book to the first few pages muttering a few soft words. The words were an incantation of sorts though when the incantation finished, the rain fall began to part only a few feet above him, landing around him in a funnel almost like an umbrella. He read quietly with his emerald green eyes glowing, it almost looked as though the great oak were alove, eyes overlooking the forest, pointed towards the town. He trailed his fingertips quietly over the pages, reading closely over the book. Once in a while he'd mutter an incantation. This time making the wind sway and the rain beat up against the barrier he'd made to keep the rain away. With this much rain, the glow of his eyes could easily be mistaken for anything, even a trick with the light. He'd been here long enough to be thought of by the villagers as a forest spirit. Contrary to the fact he wasn't, no villager had ever set eyes on him. He stayed hidden below the treeline when the rain was not there to cover his appearance. During the rain was the perfect time to continue his arcane training. To further master his power over the arcane power he'd only recently learned to manifest. It would be a great deal of time before he finally mastered them. His emerald eyes trailed a low glow at the top of the tree watching visitors come and go from the castle at all hours. He cared little for interaction, so long as they left him alone and caused no unnecessary damage to the forest, he had no reason to interact with them.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After hearing the Queen's orders, John nodded quietly as he held Sona gently, allowing the person who was to remove the weapons from him with ease. Without saying a word, John looked over at the female that was sitting on the throne. "So that's the all might Queen huh...?" John mumbled to himself in a quiet tone as he tried to gather his courage to inform the Queen of what had happened. "Y-Your Majesty, Sona here got hurt because he was protecting us- the town from being burnt down by some sort of an army!" John looked down, not daring to look at the Queen in the eyes. Meanwhile, while Sona was unconscious, he found himself in the same hallway, filled with empty prison cells. "Looks like you found yourself here again... At least this time you accepted the contract... And you were strong enough to go berserk with it..." Sona heard a very familiar and dreadful voice coming from behind him. Without hesitation, he turned to look. The once gigantic cell was gone, and the dragon within that cell was no longer chained. "Satanael..." Sona looked up, admiring the dragon's full glory as it was now free. "We've come so far, Sona... and lucky for you... You'll even survive... your wounds are going to be healed within the upcoming moments..." The dragon lowered its head to Sona's level, Sona, of course, raised his hand and gently placed it on the dragon, rubbing it gently. "Well, at least everyone is safe... That is all that matters..." Sona spoke in a quiet voice as he smiled, he too was now free from his own chains.

RavenDeLaRose: - -A gulp in her throat she stood up as her hand held the hem of her dress she walked over and stooped down this being a bit harder than most as she was a unicorn her hoof did not bend the same way. she leans close to him on her knees as her hand gently gripped hide side and she ran her hand along the blade “I will try to make this as painless as possible sir. but please do not fear what I’m about to do” as she spoke a black smoke flowed from her horn. It flowed around his wound and wrapped around the weapon like a glove. By doing this she could remove the weapon and not damage his wound any worst. Then she tilted her head back and focus as she did the weapon dislodged form the wound as easy as a knife from soft butter. The black smoke then dropped the knife on the floor beside him and faded away. “what now my Qu…sister” she looked over to the queen as if to get more orders. Then she dabbed his wound with a piece of her skirt she then she let out smoke again to and it then it flowed in to his wound this would stop the bleeding and ease the pain. “I cannot heal but I can stop the bleeding while we move your body over to the queen so she can”

Guest_Vestrel: ~The creature conversed to what Verial would assume were servants and considered it carefully he sauntered to what he would assume was a distance where he could react and probe accordingly. His easy manner was apparent in his movements as he reached for the satchel that he carried~, ’’I am looking for a purveyor of emeralds or onyx stones? Anything that would be made for a noble’’~ He remove a small scroll from his satchel and began to unfold it. Momentarily pausing as the aura around the creature seemed to change. He weighed it up in his mind making a probable guess as to its nature. With an easy smile, he paused and seemingly considered the scroll. Really, he was deciding should he allow his mindset to reach out, the only problem with that was by doing so he could allow his essence to be felt and with it his nature. No, he would stay in the visual he had maintained and hope the power that disguised his corrupted form would be seen no more as a creature with abilities of a sort. Still this collection of creatures would tell him that his presence caused no issue. He observed a creature heal another and with the very nature of it he shrank inwardly at this expression of caring. Easier to absorb that which was weak and move on. These creatures could be aligned positively and that presented him with thought upon the validity of this quest of sorts. Still he regarded the being that had noted him and spoke~ ‘’I would be interested in your knowledge regarding artefacts of this nature.’’~ The ripples of positive action swam across his senses and with significant effort he held his impulsive nature back. The chaotic nature of his inner self controlled while awaiting the creature that was surrounded by lower life forms to respond~

PayneZileQueen: Having spend more than half of his entire life in banishment, being alone and living in the caves at the desert of Ignoros. Sure made Damon a lone wolf. Not someone who is able to get along with every person out there. He was flirtatious, this was known. A trait that many Fire Elf has, and surely shows. But his past and the Demon that recided inside of him were unusual, not just for an Elf, but for many person out there in general. Enjoying the rain, Damon had been outside since he had gotten out of his room in the west wing of the castle. The cold didn't bother him, nor did the wetness of the rain. His species temperature was controllable, and the water did not really touch his skin, but evaporated just above it. Damon's black hair, on the other hand. Did get wet. A swift movement of his body formed into a spinning kick in mid air. His right leg hitting a wooden target, quickly followed by his left. Before he landed onto the muddy ground, remaining balanced by having his left hand touching the floor among with his feet. The fingertips gently brushed the mud, his right knee bent and his left leg stretched. He stood very low to the ground before he got up and straightened himself. Damon's wet coat rested on a crate right behind him. As Damon was simply wearing his black pants and boots. It was an easier way for him to work out, in his opinion. And the wooden target was shown nicely thanks to the rain. It made everything even more visible in the black and gray image that Damon had of the world thanks to his blindfold, hiding his black and red irises. The only visible image that Damon was not entirely what he seemed to be. Hearing loud sounds coming from the inside of the castle. With a sigh, Damon shook his head. Loud noises usually meant that there was nothing good happening inside, and even though Damon was but a mere guest. He felt that he could be useful in any way that the Lady would allow him. Walking inside, going through the kitchen and towards the main halls. He felt the eyes of many female maid looking at him. And when he got closer, he saw some maids in fear. Damon raised a brow, even though it was barely noticible thanks to the black cloth that covered his eyes. Wondering what was going on, until he set his view on the unconscious boy, or man. A Slave, that was for sure. Damon stayed in the shadows for a little moment. Waiting for a moment that wouldn't interrupt anything. Once the boy was moved, Damon moved forward to try and seek out the Lady. Once he saw the Lady, he noticed someone dressed in a lot of blue showing a contract. It felt odd, the Demon inside of him started to rage. It felt Darkness, this much Damon knew. It was easy to have something that Damon had, immediatly giving him a sixth sense when it cames to the matters of the Dark. Though he wasn't sure if it came from the person, or the artifact that he was showing. Not caring for any consequence. Damon stepped forward and then stood beside the man. Wanting to feel more of the Darkness than he had done from the distance. Trying to pin point the location of what he felt. He kneeled, showing off his respect for the Lady, looking down at the ground. "Milady, it seems that there are quite some things going on, inside and outside of the walls. I know I am but a mere guest in your House. But I would like to help. It would be both as a matter of gratitude towards you. For taking me in and offering me a place to stay, apart from the stables." The dark energy that the man in blue was giving off, became more clear for Damon, though it was unknown to him what the man's intentions were. If it was hiding something, or up to no good. Damon would try to stop him, even if it meant that he would be fighting something that was higher in power. Than a mere, fire bending Elf with a Demonic embrace

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