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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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She watched ingavor go to his chair and sulk a little clearly he was a rad piggy but really she expected such from a sensitive heart. It did place a smile on her face watching him squirm a little, in time he would have to get harder and stop fawning on his past and move over the trauma. Her eyes turned back to miss roxie sje chouod hear the girls heart raceing her breathing hard and rapid "I am a holy dragon healing and holy are my main abilities not counting fire, it is alright calm your heart it is going to beat its self out. I must be heading to make sure my shipment is all accounted for, if you need anything be sure to ask." She gave a soft nod to the girl and turned around her red eyes falling on Des as she gave the girl a smile "was there anything needed?" She asked softly "and oh I am glad Xei you are getting along be sure to care for her needs best you can aswell she has been threw alot as of lately."

Glancing behind the Anaya, she noticed Ingavor looking at her. She offered a small smile before he went back to what he had been doing, returning her eyes to the Queen. Desdemona would bow her head to Anaya, "Yes, milady. I will be sure to care for her to the best of my ability." Straightening, she tilted her head to the side, "Your daughter is an interesting individual and I am more than happy that we are getting along as well as we are. I was afraid it would be a one sided attempt. I certainly hope Noki is just as willing to get along when she returns with her father." Something tells me she will be a bit more hard headed than her sister though, she thought to herself. "Yes there was a question I had for you. It seems that with the absence of Noki and Xei's current interest in remaining by herself, I find I have a bit more time on my hands than I originally thought I would. My question is this: is there anything further you would have me do to earn my stay in your home? I assume there is plenty that could be done to assist your everyday activities." Hopefully she would give her something worthy of her skills, but as she had kept most of those skills to herself, she couldn't imagine it being anything too strenuous. Work was work however, and perhaps it would lead her closer to the areas of the castle she was most interested in without raising too much suspicion.

Roxy sighed, doing her best to calm her nerves, which was a little hard. After all, she was in the queen's presence, a dragon queen at that and she had a weapon that killed them. If she were to find out she had it, it definitely wouldn't look good for Roxy. "Yes you're majesty," she said giving her a quick bow. "It was a pleasure to meet you... And.. thank you for your healing, most magic has little effect on me, but the cut i had has completely disappeared." She must be incredibly powerful. Probably more powerful than any sorcerer she'd met. When the queen turned around and focused on the feline, Roxy felt a little more at ease and she looked over to Ingavor reading a book. She of course, had not forgotten about him. Her tail uncoiled and she sat back down where she was at from before, putting his gift on her lap. She was sure going to read it on her spair time, even if it was a some dumb fairy tail in the eyes of the queen. Her hand reached over to her wine and took another sip before speaking to him. "So, before, you said that you were taken in to the royal family?" She asked as she crossed her legs. "I assumed that this had been your life since you were born." As she spoke, her ears couldn't help but to eavesdrop to the queen's and the feline's conversation. The feline is an assistant to the queen? And care for Xei's needs? Is she a care taker? Who was Xei? So many questions were rushing through her mind as the usual.

Anaya gave a nod as she stood next to Des "yes I know Xei is very to herself she is a shy one with good reason. I chould use aid in my office going over some papers and getting things sorted In there, you can sort everything other rhen fhe files in the lower drawer they are locked up anyway" she gave a key that was around her neck to Des "that is for the door. You will see the mess it will take more then one day to clean and go over it if you do it fact it should take one days time to do. When that is done I can get you to do some running to town to pick up some things so you can pass the time till Noki and her father come home" her eyes turned back to the fox girl "dont wait around here to to long I am sure Niv holds other delivers for you tonight. The snorting boar is a key pillar stone of this town, they do do alot oh and payment for the delivery will be carted over in the morning be sure to let Niv know if all is in the order she will get the profit in full" her eyes then turned to look at ingavor for a moment " there was a loud bang under the castle in the catacombs and hold can you cheak that out for me? It may need a good cleaning if it is what I expect it to be. I will inform the guards at the underground door that you have been granted approval to be down there but do it fast they will come down to drag you out if you are not done by about three hours time." (Quest task given once you start it, and go to the guard door post all posts in the quest thread so we keep it apart) she then looked back to Des and waited for everyone's words before she would honk or exiting the room. "Oh and one thing ingavor, if it is what I expect you will need to read this" she moved her hand as her fingers glowed blue a small thin book hovering down from a top shelf words on the cover reading 'how to deal with a sick werewolf'

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor shifted in his chair, thinking about how he did everything for the castle. He cooked. He cleaned. He even killed for Anaya once. Yet she never acknowledged him when it came to his feats. Unlike the old helping hand, a man named Manwe. She always spoke highly of him and Ingavor did his best to live up to Manwe's legacy. The poor man was strung up and burned at the stake during the war of Firedor, yet, Iggy heard that he didn't scream once, even as the flames reached his neck. Ingavor took another drag off of his pipe and then placed it on the table. He watched the queen and Desdemona talk. He felt himself frown as she mentioned the things that Desdemona could do. Even Ingavor could tell that Des was more worthy than working in an office. Desdemona seemed like the type of person who craved adventure. Working in the queen's office wouldn't do much for her. Yet, she would most likely do what the queen asked, just like Ingavor. Roxy slid over to him and started speaking. She hadn't forgotten him, and that made him smile toward her. He spotted the book he had gifted her on her lap as she began speaking to him. He opened his mouth to answer but was immediately cut off by the queen asking him to clean the catacombs, and floated a book town to him. He scanned the cover and raised a brow, then turned and gave the queen a look like 'seriously Anaya' and sighed, standing up. "Yes, your highness." He turned toward Roxy. "Thank you for coming to visit. Maybe I will come visit you at the Tavern. I'll tell one of the guards to get a plate of food to take with you. I promised you a meal. You'll get a meal." He gripped the book, left the history of Valeria on the table, and grabbed his pipe. Sticking it in his jacket, he started walking passed the queen and Desdemona. He slowed when he got closer to Des. "Miss Desdemona. Good to see you again." He bowed to both her and the queen, the walked out of his favorite room.
. As soon as he closed the door, he almost bumped into the guard he had sent to grab a plate of food and medical supplies. "Sir! I've grabbed all you'he asked." Ingavor shook his head. "Just leave the supplies on the table and give the Fox woman the food. You brought her a fork, correct?" The guard nodded and bowed his head. "Yes sir. I'll go do that right now." Iggy then turned and started walking down the hall, while opening the book Anaya gave him, trying to get a head start on his mission. "How to deal with a sick werewolf." Iggy read out loud. "Oh goodness." The guard knocked and entered the library to see a feline woman, the queen , and the fox woman from earlier. "Oh, your Grace!" The guard bowed his head and placed the plate of food and fork down in front of Roxy. "From Sir Ingavor." He then turned and walked out the door, trying not to draw attention away from the queen. Ingavor sighed as he made his way toward the catacombs entrance. He noted two guards standing by the door way. "I have orders from queen Anaya to clean and tidy the catacombs." He looked between the two of them. "Let me pass."

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There were two guards at the door way, it was a large door well placed out of the way on one of the side hall ways it was made of wood and what seemed like very strong iron boneing, it was a door clearly unable to be kicked down and the guards stationed here were stronger then he other castle guards "papers of reason for passing" the one guard said boldly and with a strong voice under his black helmet. Yellow eyes looked out the helmet slit and there seemed to be fur on the males legs with large paw shaped boots on his feet. He griped the hilt of the blade on his belt and a slight red glow came from the sheath as he lifted the blade only a intch up just to say if you try anything I will run you.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor was immediately annoyed. "The queen told me she would inform you, I was only given this book and my task." He held up the book in his hand. "Honestly, what am I going to try? You think I want to spend my free time cleaning the catacombs?" Ingavor looked between the two of them. He could easily take them out with just his skill alone, but he decided to just let them be. He shook his head. "The queen said that you would already be informed when I showed up. Now if you want to deny me access so I can do my job, I can run back to the queen and tell her that two elite guards refused to let me do my job." Ingavor crossed his arms, unflinchingly. "It's up to you gentlemen."

The guards did not seem to shift, ingavor had clearly missed the fact he had left the library leaving Anaya no time to inform the guards of the task she had given him. And the guards had not gotten anything from the queen regarding it other rhen a guy would show up. The yellowed eyes guards looked at the small butler and the one gave a deep grunted laugh. "Fine butler the distressed prisoner is in the east wing of the cells help him how you see fit one of us will get you in three hours, you have that amount of time" the males voice was deep and sounded like as talking he was gritting teeth together under the helmet. The other guard moved unlocking the door and opening it. It led to a long stair way that went down to a round room with a couple doors all.marked with header signs with jagged print. Hold, Prison, Slave Quarters, Dead End, Alcamy Lab and Holding. Then one that did not have a sign a top it or lights down the tunnel.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Butler. They had to call him a butler. One day, when his power grew, he would make them pay, immensely for their insult. "Thank you, Gentleman." He mumbled. He moved passed them, through the doors and looked around at the signs. He closed the huge doors behind himself, and read them close. "Slave quarters." He mumbled. He blinked a few times and growled under his breath. How could the queen condone this? He sighed and began walking toward the cells, while opening his book. "A werewolf?! It had to be a werewolf." He stood outside the doors and sighed, reading to himself. He noticed the word "salt" a lot, but kept reading as quick as possible, yet sucked up as much information as he could. He pushed the doors open and raised a brow. He noticed rows of cells and prisoners with out stretching arms through the bars. His eyes shifted from person to person, smacking hands away that grasped at him. "No. Shoo." He finally got to the far east cell, as directed. "Hello?" He stopped a few feet away from the cell door, as to not be attacked through the bars.

Before him once he entered the hall way down to the funnel that led to the castles underground max prison along the east side was large cells with glowing blue bars and a slight hum sound coming from it. Then there was a door with a sign Large Cells and then more cells with that blue glow and hum alot rhe remainder of the wall. The other side had normal cells some with still flesh on them dead body others with some bones. One had a old scraggly man with a broom cleaning out a dead body. One of them had a couple sets of clothing and what seemed like a little box with a small lock on it. And a couple of them had livening thin scrony people in them. The iron castles cells were not called the starving pits for nothing and you chould see and smell how they got there nick name. Farther down you chould hear banging loud banging comely from one of the cells in the dark. There was the body of a girl on the floor she smelled of rotten skin but her skin looked pink and still warm. But on her chest as her farmers were ripped open exposing her whole torso she had what looked like small bark like hard misshapen scales that covered her down to one of her arms that was severed off intierly. She had slash mark's across her gut, buttocks, legs and face and there was blood all over the place nothing had been cleaned. Inside the cell was a werewolf thin and losing fur. He was clearly Male and naked but covered in fur, he was frothing at the mouth and his yellow eyes were blood shot with massive pupils. He was smashing his whole body into the cell wall. One of his arms were broken and hanging, there was blood all over the side of the cell and all over his fur. He was invaded and thrashing and making alot of noise clearly this was the cause of the sound.
The book that ingavor has reads much of the flowing about dealing with sick animals, much of the book talk on restraining the wolf man so it does not harm anyone, it talks about silver being the weakness of sutch inhuman animals and how if a limb is severed to use salt to burn the wound closed to stop bleeding. It also talks about wolf men becoming sick and for fhe first thing to do is find out the sickness but it DOES NOT list any sicknesses, that must be in some other book but it does tell you proper practices on how to restrain a fighting animal and to use silver cord not Rope due to the strange of wolf men

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor tried not to look at the dead and decaying bodies, yet, his eye line slipped and he looked up from his book. For a solid second, he was back on the battlefeild, and he saw the carnage laying everywhere. He could smell the debris burning in the town, long with the smell of burning skin and blood. Ingavor blinked, shaken by a loud bang caused by the werewolf. He was making eye contact with the mutilated girl. Her eyes had gone pale and grey, having no iris color left in her face. Ingavor felt compassion for the creature. He did not know what led her to this situation, but he felt for her. The werewolf was weak and injured. Ingavor could use all of his might to restrain it, but he needed silver to keep him tied down. "Easy, big guy." Ingavor narrowed his eyes at the creature. "I'm a friend. I am here to help. Although you look like you don't care. Or can't. " Ingavor stroked his chin, looking around the cells. "I need salt, a silver cord, and a whole bunch of luck." Ingavor began walking away from the cells and back towards the exit to collect supplies. "I'm not going to charge into a ravenous creature's cage without the proper tools. Surely Anaya can't possibly thing I'm that stupid." He passed the cell of the man sweeping the dead body with a broom. "Evening." The man growled and snarled at him. "You smell of feces, urine and unlucky fate." Ingavor furrowed his brow and kept walking until reaching the big catacomb doors. He knocked and shouted to the guards on the other side. "Hey, sir! I am in need of some things to complete this job. Can you please open up?"

when Ingavor talked to the wolf there was a flicker in its eye like it could hear him and it paused only for a second before smashing its body ageist the cell walls still over and over, as blood driped down its arm moving the fur slightly to the side, the blood seemed to roll over something on the beasts arm not whatever it was the fur was hiding the most of it. Blood dripped into the puddle that was forming on the floor. As he went back to the stairs the doors were sacred and locked, he banged on them to hear nothing at first, then he got yelled at from the other side of the door “everything you need is down there, you have two and a half hours left, doors don't open till then! Get your job done butler!” the guards then banged back on the doors and he could hear laughing from them on the other side. Then it went back to silence, at the bottom of the stairs you could see that old man with his broom down there “what ya looken for son, i know be there most things down here he stood there with his trusted mop on his hip as he leaned on it to help support his little skinny legs, he had that normal dirty garb on a steel collar and nothing else not even shoes, and he smelled bad at Ingavor already noticed.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor cursed under his breath at them. He knew now who was shedding all over the halls. He grumbled until seeing the old man and with a bow, he made his way toward him. "Goodness sir. Hello! My name is Ingavor and I'm trying to find salt, a silver cord, and different types of medical supplies. The queen wants me to help to fellow bashing his body into the wall. I feel awful for the creature." He scratched his own head. "Any idea where I can find the things I need to help him?" He looked the old man up and down. "Oh my. You poor man!" He took off his boots and placed them down at the old man's feet. "You seem like you do a lot of cleaning down here and I appreciate that. Take my boots. They will keep you warm and protected down here..." Ingavor then paused, realising that Anaya had all these slaves down here. He's never seen this area in all his years of working for the Iron, and he slowly started feeling disgust for the queen. For the first time, he had some sort of hate in his heart for his Savior. He bowed again, 2 feet away from the old man. "I'm sorry. What's your name, my friend?"

The old man held to his broom and smiled at the offer of new shoes, he would most likely get them stolen by the others but he would enjoy them walk they would last. "Oh the wolf yesums he is a sick puppy that one you know he got all locked up for killing some farmers cattle and daughter, don't feel sorry for that one he gonna starve down here and rot into the dirt in no time. Silver eh well cheak slave quarters they may have some from old necklaces girly things yup. May help ya only real place down here to get ya much. Oh can cheak the hold but that area is off limits by everyone big dragon door keeps people out. But yes yes try slave beds they may have some stuffs there"
The old man with a smile taped his broom on the ground and stepped into his new shoes, they were a tad big on his scrawny feet but he did not care. He moved with them and swept the floor a little to get his feet used to having shoes "you know In all me years never owned dem feet covers nope"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He smiled, realizing that the old man probably wasn't playing with a full deck of cards upstairs. He felt a bit of joy as the man hopped into his boots and started sweeping. "Thank you mister. I appreciate it. I hope those boots serve you well." He bowed once more and started making his was back to the round room, then toward the slave quarters. His feet were wrapped in leather so that if he were on his feet all day, he wouldn't get blisters and callouses. He walked along the floor, once again studying the book as quick as possible. He thought of what the old man said, how the werewolf killed a farmer's daughter, and cattle. Perhaps when Ingavor restrained the beast, he would use his scythe to kill the creature. He felt that putting the creature out of his misery was better than him dying of starvation alone, mad, deranged and in pain. Then again, perhaps Anaya wanted him cured. It looked like rabies but he wasn't sure. All he knew was he had to restrain the beast and stop the noise. He finally made it to the slave doors and pushed them open.

When going into the slave area there was a good 20 or so people woman children and men, of all different ages one couple of children were playing with blocks on the floor, some woman were talking to escher there was a man at the back eating what seemed like soup and all looked somewhat healthy but in rag clothing all with sreel collars. When the door opened and ingavor walked in they all looked at him. Then one older woman about 35 looking with a little bit of a belly and a bright silver necklace that hung just in between her breasts walked forword " hi there and how can we help you down here l, we dont have much but there is some soup leftover"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor didn't expect that many slaves in one place and slowly he started to feel his stomach turn. Women, children, strong able bodied men, all suffering and working until death. He felt tears well up in his eyes until he saw all eyes on them. Anger boiled in his blood for Anaya. How dare she do this. To children nonetheless. He rubbed his eyes, making sure water wasn't visible to any of them when he looked them in the face. He scanned the children, then the gentleman eating in the back, then the woman who made her way to him. "Oh hello!" She spoke about him needing help. "Yes. There is a sick creature who needs my help. I need to make a silver cord long enough to restrain him and cure him or-...." he didn't want to kill anyone but that was always an option if the werewolf was not going to be able to be helped. "I'm sorry. I just didn't expect there to many." He looked around the room. Then she offered him soup and his heart broke. These people had nothing, and yet offered him help and a meal. As did the old man sweeping. Everyone was just happy to be alive. Ingavor held his head to the floor, before looking back up at the woman. "My name is Ingavor Daggerbane. You can call me Iggy. You lot are?"

The woman chould see the look in the man's eyes, she had seen it by others that came down here pity and pain for the state. She gave a smile and nodded looking back at one of the small girls on the floor playing with her blocks "go get the silver cord little one from the back room it will be rusted but it is silver under the rust should work I think, and do some cleaning if you want it shiny." The girl made a sort of i dont wana face b8t got up and did as asked leavening to go into the back closet to get what was asked for. The womans eyes went back to ingavor "the look in your eyes be of pain to do with us, but we are well fed and even at times get payed in better meals and outings, there was more of us but some have vanished witch is normal but new will come and take there place, is the way of life death is. " she nodded softly as she looked the Male up and down "and some of fhe others are out working, there are about forty of us down here may be more or little less but alot are out working. And yes yes that wolf man looked mighty sick, ya might have to kill it I you can but it is strong I hear, he used to be so nice to the kids would play with the poor thing threw the bars and sneak him food, I think they called him Chester for fun, but the girls know it best and that was before he got sick"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He gave a small, respectful nod. "Thank you. I can clean that. If there is one thing I can do, it is clean." He looked down and sighed. Listening to her mention her life and the children playing with the wolf man before he got sick. Then she said that he should kill him. Chester? He liked it. If he were a deranged Woodman, he'd like a name."You are optimistic. I respect that. You seem like you take care of each other. Thank you, truly for your help. I'm on a time limit, but if there is anything at all that I can do to even start to repay your kindness, please let me know what I can do. Maybe I can ask the girl questions about him?" He felt awful, even though he assured him they were fine. He smiled briefly and waited for the girl to come back with the cord. He knew what he was gonna do. If he couldn't appeal to the creature that was. "I think he has rabies. He has the look of it. The bloodshot frantic eyes. The frothing mouth and violence. I don't want to kill...Chester but if it needs to be done, I'll do it for his sake."

the lady nodded her head and then shock her head side to side when he said that he thought Chester had rabies "nope he never did like rats , would kill everyone of them that went near him, and rabies don't give him bumps on the skin, his one arm is all bumpy like something under the fur but he wont let ya see it, wolf rage is a nasty thing, poor beast is scared" as she talked from behind her the girl came out with a long about ten foot silver cord covered top to bottom with rust that stained the girls hands orange aswell as made a mess of her ratty garb "oh nanna you taken about Chester, yup he sick, it sad he Gots the bumps like Nilla did, she was dead girl on the ground he ripped her arm off and eats it, got sick she had. but heres mister you card, are you gona make him all better then maybe make him free, we can play ball more if there are no bars in the way!" she looked so happy with that spark of joy in her little green hues, hger red hair floped on her shoulders as she looked up at him dirt spots on her neck as she handed up the cord.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor listened to the woman speak and took mental note of the disease. He wondered what it could possibly be. He had never heard of lumps like that. His eyes lit up when the rather joyous child came back and called the woman Nanna. Ingavor took the cord in black gloves hands and smiled politely. "I'm going to try my best, young madam. I don't know how much help I can be to him. " He frowned wondering how he was going to get close enough to the creature, but he thought about how the grandmother said the children fed him through the bars. Perhaps he could use his power to restrain him with the cord, but that would take great skill and timing. He looked to the women and all the other slaves. "Thank you. All of you. You are all so kind. " he kneeled down to the little girl. "Young Madam, can you tell me anything else about him that may get me to be able to help him. I want to know all that I can." While they talked, he took his hankerchief out of his pocket and started cleaning the cord from rust, while at the same time, using his telekinetic aura to wrap around it. The rust particles started to lift off the silver, while the silk cloth made the cord shine once more. He repeated the process until the entire cord shined like it was freshly made from the smelter.

the little girl got all happy, oh joy someone was talking to me she thought to herself as she smiled brightly and with a plop sat down on the ground ready to make it sound like the bestest story ever. "ok well Chester told me that was not his name, but he hated his name so he be Chester now. he said he hugged a family to hard and then people got mad at him for it, and i don't know why i hug people hard all the time but he is bigger then me so he hugged much much harder, but he said hus hugging was not his faulty he just could not help it and he had to do it to them. but then they locked him up down here cus normal cells are to weak he said and he can get out and they wanted to make sure he could not hug and love more people. so he became my friend and i really likes him and he is super nice, but then my other friend wanted to be friends with him to and she was mean, she hit me when the game did not go her way so Chester got mag and he ripped her arm off and seeing he had not eaten much dat day he ate it, but she had the skin bumps and skin bumps can be passed from person to person and it is deadly if not fixed and stuffs, but i don't know how to fix it, it is said there is a powder stuffs that go on but i don't know, she had it under control but she is dead now and now he has the skin bumps, and he gone crazy wanting to get rid of the skin bump he
ripped out lots of fur to try to rip bumps off but it just makes bumps worstest. i try to help him but he just yell at me not to touch him. so you know what i been doing i been siting with him in frount of his bars and reading him story's from my night night books and it calms him right down and he stops smashing on the walls like animal. me and my friend that gone Nina were his friends but Nina been gone long time been like, thirty hundred moons now" she was big time exaggerating and the woman beside her messed up the girls hair and piped in "just thirty moons my dear" she said softly as the girl looked at her with a little wrinkled nose "NO it was thirty hundered moons, it my story" the girl chuckled and went right back at her story "yup was thirty hundered moons now she been gone, if you find her can you tell her flower says hi. and you gona make Chester better right mister? got to promise ya will yes" she held out her little pinky to him "pinky promise"

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Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor frowned listening to the story. Chester was a murderer and a manipulative one at that. He took advantage of the children and that was not okay. She spoke of Nina and Chester and powder and hundreds of moons. Kneeling in front of her, he placed the cord in his spelling, which acted as a never ending pocket, as well as good reading material. "I'll do what I can. I'll make him better. One way or another. " he locked his pinky around hers. If he killed Chester, he would be making him better. For in Iggy's eyes, a dead murderer was better than a sick, deranged murderer. Ingavor slowly rose and looked between the girl and the women. "I think I have All I need. Thank you again. Wish me luck." Iggy turned and walked out the door, shutting it behind himself. He quickly made his way down the hall toward the cells again, and pushed the doors open. He kept his pace until he reached the dead girl, and Chester. He looked through the bars at the beast and once again pulled out his spellbook. Only this time he reached in and pulled out a large, black, thorned scythe that shimmered with a titanium, long, thin, sharp blade. About 6 and a half feet long. Give or take a few inches, with the blade reaching out almost 3 feet. He then pulled his coin purse out and reached his hand into the bag, pulling out all of his silver. Every piece. He still had gold so, what was the problem? He cared little for money anyway. He kneeled in the middle of the floor, between the cells, out of reach, and started lining his scythe blade in his sliver coins. Then, he placed a hand on his blade, and used his aura to to push to coins to the metal. He used his power like a giant press, giving off large amounts of energy as he did so, until his telekinetic ability had melded the silver to his blade, with a few odd bumps sticking out.
Using the pole of his scythe, he pushed himself to his feet and pulled the cord out of the book with his free, left hand, while his right held the scythe. "Chester." Ingavor said in a stern, loud voice. There was a hint of sympathy. It had to be done. "Calm down. I'm a friend." He narrowed his eyes and took one small step forward, slinging the cord around his shoulder, and gripping his scythe in two hands.

At this point the werewolf had ripped and clawed most of the fur off his arm. You chould clearly see the bumps that covered his arms and even went up to his shoulder, the black bark like scales had puss around the edges and it looks really infected and it face off a vile smell of just rot and illness. As he saw the man and saw the silver his red blood shot yellow eyes turned to face ingavor. There was still bars between them so in reality ingavor was still safe unless he was going to make the choice to open the cell and dance with the wolf that held a contagious unknown sickness. When the man said his name he paused a second a glimmer of thought in his eyes like something was there. Something that knew its name, something that knew the little girl. But then that something faded away and Chester lunged for the bars his arms reaching out to grab onto anything within range. He trashed his arms around clawing at the Ir and growling loudly and snorting, and frothing spit flying from its maw. It was like it was screaming no, screaming no and a name starting with N but that was all you chould make out at best.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor stared blankly at the beast, then his arm. He took mental note, stroking his chin inquisitively, yet stood back as to not become Chester's dinner. Watching the beast thrash hopelessly, he started wrapping his telekinetic aura around the silver cord. "Chester. Listen to me. You're not well. A little girl said that you were her friend. You and a woman named Nina." He dropped the cord at his own feet, and pulled his scarf up over his mouth to not get blood or spit on his face, not to mention, it covered the smell. He kept using the beasts name, he stepped close, a few feet from the beasts reach. "Chester! Listen to me. I want to help you." The cord slowly began to move around Ingavors pant leg, almost like a snake, yet Ingavor was in control of it fully. He was calm and collected, even as the werewolf tried with all its power to tear through the bars and rip his head off. The little girl mentioned a woman named Nina who had lived some time ago. Perhaps he could find out where she disappeared to. He could explore a little longer and find a cure, possibly. Then again, he could just fight the beast now and be done with it. Ingavor growled and shook his head. That wouldn't cure Chester of being a blatant murderer, he thought. Ingavor held his scythe close, while his spell book hung from his belt, and the cord stayed firmly to his leg. "I'll be back Chester." He turned and ran back down, to the main room, skidding to a stop on his heels. He looked at the door signs and stopped at the alchemy labs. He figured if he could find a cure, he would have luck there. And with that, he pushed open the door. "Hello?!"

walking into the alchemy lab the smell of chemicals and dead things hit the nose like a bag of bricks. the room was a mess papers flung all over bottles and beackers made of glass some smashed on the floor were all over and there was small paw prints on the ground like a large dog had stepped in mud and was walking around. but the room was empty from the looks of it, other then the foot prints it seemed like no one had been here in at least two weeks. there were bottles with many labels along the wall, some marked poison some marked cure for such and such and then there at the end marked a bottle that read cure for black scale, then in small print under it said "the bumps" the bottle had black liquid inside that held a glitter to it as it moved around on its own inside the bottle. if ingavor would have walked in to go get this bottle or check out the rest of the lap, he would start hearing animal like screaming and crying, and one small snoring sound. from the back in the darkness, it was very dark and without taking a light source not much could be seen but a lot could be heard

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor opened the door and smelled a rather fowl smelling oder that clung to his nostrils like a babe to its mother. He gagged behind his makeshift mask and stepped in only to see the paw print, through the light in the doorway. He then heard the screaming, scythe in hand, turn around and shut the door. "Nope." He shook his head and growled low, as his feet started walking back toward the cells. Judging by the smells, the debris and the screaming, as well as the print he saw, he wasn't going to tangle with two beasts in one day. To messy. Perhaps Anaya would let him come down later to investigate, but as of right now, he had a time limit. Chester was a monster, even without the sickness. Without the fur and claws and teeth. He was a sick man. He knew that he had to work quick, or else he wouldn't get his job done. Which never happened to Iggy before. He looked at the floor and sighed, even as he walked fast to the cells and thought of the slave. He would cook extra food. He was the one who made sure that the slaves got fed anyhow. It was the least he could do.
. He looked down at his silver coated scythe and knew that he could only truly do one thing. Even if he cured Chester, he was still a murderer and he wouldn't stop. He had met lycans who could keep their calm before, but never a psychopath like Chester. Judging by everyone's reactions of him, he was doing the world a favor. He would break the little girls heart, but he would ultimately save her life. Chester would kill her one day, like he did that other girl. Ingavor once again made his way back to Chester's cell. He held his scythe's blade to the floor, standing far from his cell, out of reach from the beast. "Chester. As royal hand to the DeLaRose Empire and servant to Queen Anaya, I, Ingavor Daggerbane, sentence you to Death for your crimes." Likely, if Chester heard him, he would just run and thrash at Ingavor like before. Chester was in pain, he told himself. The beast needed this. Ingavor held the pole firmly, as he raised the blade of his weapon to point forward, facing the cell while he eyed the feral being down. Ingavor narrowed his eyes, slowly feeling his telekinetic aura charge up, the silver cord still wrapped around his leg.

as he left the alchemical room there was a little voice in the background after he had already walked away "friend?" it called out in such a small voice then went back to sleep the light snoring sounds continuing. back at Chester's cell Chester had gone and ripped his one arm almost all the way off, the bone was jutting out the one side and the wolf was screaming loudly there was blood and fur all over the floor and gobs of froth from the panting monsters now white lipped maw. as it turned its body that limp arm hung in the air, it was so ratty now it hardly looked like it was once human its humanity was clearly a thing of the past now it was just broken, a broken image of what once was a wolf man now turned into rabid beast in a cage. Chester lunged forward just as he did before his good arm sticking threw the bars the one arm trying to but only flopping at his side as he snarled and bit at the bars with his massive teeth, froth being spat out onto the floor and anything within range. in his growling and biting it was like he was trying to talk, some of his growls sounded a lot like saying help me.


Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor watched the beast intently, almost. ALMOST feeling bad for him, but he stared unflinching. He watched the arm flop uselessly at Chester's side and shook his head. "No one can help you. The Gods can't save you. No one can." Ingavor began to spin his scythe quickly, twirling it behind his back with a quick turn he swing the silver coated blade horizontal, in perfect sync with the beasts swinging claws. At the same time, his cord unwrapped from around his leg, and shot toward the beasts feet, across the floor, with no delay In a split second, the cord began attempting to wrap around the beasts legs, then it moved up to around his neck, then back down, looping through itself to hogtie the beast in one fluid motion. If this succeeded, the beast would fall to the ground, with only one free hand to pull himself around. If it failed somehow, Ingavor would send his blade sailing into the beasts huge mitt, while his cord shot back to Ingavor, wrapping around his leg, ready to pounce again. The silver would burn the skin, sending a sickening smell into the air that reeked of burning, rotting flesh, and crisped hair. If the deranged incoherent beast dodged both of these setups, Ingavor would again return his cord to his legs, and ready himself. He knew the beast couldn't get out of the cell, and he wasn't going to get close enough to get infected with whatever the beast had, so he had to fight through the bars, while keeping his distance.

Chester let out a scream as the mans blade tip slashed into his one thrashing arm, cutting clear into the tendon and muscle carving it right off and having it flop down to the floor and wiggle like it still held life in it, his only good one now on the floor, there was blood everywhere as he let out screams in pain that rang into the hall muffled and echoed by the stone. he backed up for one moment to try to collect himself but he was unable to stop the bleeding due to not having arms capable of doing so at this moment in time. he stomped his feet into the ground huphing and puffing and trying to think on what to do next. but all that came to mind was rage and confusion so lunging forward once more he sunk his teeth into the iron bars biting at them in a failed attempt of getting to ingavor. the silver cord sent at him hit an iron bar hard making a thunk and wrapping around the bar tightly knotting its self and missing Chester entirely and getting stuck on the bars ingavor would have to untangle this by hand if he wanted to reuse the cord agein and that would mean getting within range of the biting of the wolf who now had no good arms to use but still was frothing and biting at the bars like a rabid animal in pain and fear.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor used his weight, and shifted his back foot, and sliced through with a single strike. He pivoted his body and readjusted himself, gripping onto his weapon again with gloved, tightening hand. He felt the the silver pass through the warm flesh and tendons, while precious rubies glittered all around the beast while he thrashed and stomped. Splashing the floor around Chester, the blood puddled until it reached the cord that was wrapped around the bars. Iggy could feel his power lowering with each second and knew that if he wanted to kill the beast without passing out, he needed to stop using his power on the cord. He let it go telekineticly and watched the blood spatter and boil at the mere touch of silver. Ingavor then watched Chester's face bite and slobber all over the glowing bars, while the wheels started turning in his malevolent mind. "You're going to die down here regardless of if you kill me. I died on that field along with my family years ago!" He screamed, yet kept his determined expression. Black locks of tendrils were brushed from his vision while he flipped his scythe upward, and launched off his back foot. In a single motion, he dropped low, onto his right knee, and then shot himself back up with an upper cutting motion and swung his scythe skyward, with great velocity and acceleration right at the moment the beast snapped his head through the bars. If the attack was to register, it would sail clean through the beasts chin and into its brain, while Ingavor stood 6'6 away from the beast, still safe from harm. If the attack didn't land, and Iggy missed, he would pull his blade back down, and jump back, ready to attack again. Either way, he was going to end this fight.

as the blade came down Chester moved his jaws to bite into the blade, the blade turned and started to cut clean into his lower jaw as he pulled the blade away from ingavor his jaw came off with the blade that was ripped out of ingavors hand and tossed t the side of the room. Chester started to scream blood falling down his face as his jaw twitched and turned on the ground flopping around like a fish out of water. Chester's hole body fell to the ground laying there on its side whimpering in extreme pain. Chester was still alive as his eyes welled with tears due to the pain he looked up as he tried to say words but it just garbled in its own blood before growing silent, he no longer coule bite, he no longer could claw at anything he was nothing anymore, he was proud once but now he was just a heap on the ground covered in his own filth and blood form everything. his blood shot yellow eyes looked up at ingavor as he shut his eyes and gave a nod to accept his fate.
------ from the slave chambers they could hear the screaming and crying of the wolf man, the older woman had her arms wrapped around the little girl as she balled her eyes out in her care givers arms. "he promised he would help him, he promised he would cure him, he pinky promised nanna he promised." she cried out as her nanna cleaned the tears from her eyes. "he is helping him dear, he is making it better better to place Chester out of his pain, sometimes death is a new beginning my dear." she said softly as the girl pulled out of her arms and crying ran out of the room into the hall way "i will help Chester i will help him myself!" she yelled as she ran down the hall way turning into the cell room and down that hall way to stand there looking at the mess, Chester on the ground bleeding all over with a missing jaw, her little eyes turned to ingavor "no... dont do it. he can get cured, he will get better, i did not get to say goodbye"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor was successful in his tactics but lost his weapon while he did so. No matter. The beast howled and thrashed and ...cried? Eventually he dropped to the ground with a thud, gore laid everywhere in his cell. Blood, an arm, a jaw, and a dead girl, also mutilated. Poetic justice. The servant stared at him, and looked at the jaw on the ground. Chester wanted to die and Ingavor could see it. However, he started feeling differently. He wasn't fighting anymore. He had laid defeated, and bleeding out. He would eventually be dead from his injuries, and it was all because of the butler. "Chester-..." he whispered, as he reached down and picked his blood soaked weapon up with a gloved hand. His mouth still covered, he reached his hand out with his telekinetic ability and activated the tumblers in the locks of his cell, then pulled the door open. He then gripped his cord with his aura and unwrapped it from the bars, and floated it over to his leg, and wrapped it around himself again. He walked over to the husk of a beast. "You're going to roam forever in the fields with your pack. I hope you find peace in what you've done " Ingavor raised his scythe over his head, and readied to finish the job, before hearing the slaves and the little girl. She broke free and ran toward him, full of sadness and anger. He knew that she was angry but she didn't understand. How could she? He looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry. He needs to be set free from this realm. He won't ever be allowed to roam free down here in the catacombs." He looked to the dead girl on his floor, covered in the beasts blood. "He killed her. He killed someone's little girl. He didn't do it on accident." He sighed softly and shook his head. "I don't expect you to understand."
With one single motion, Ingavor attempted to bring down his scythe onto the beasts neck. The blade easily penetrated the soft flesh like cutting through air, and then pulled his blade sideways, removing the beasts jawless head from his body, putting Chester out if his misery. Yet, still standing far enough away from him to not get sprayed by the blood fountain. If this would work, Ingavor would stare into the beasts eyes until they went grey,lifeless, and watched his pupils dilate. He then coldly looked at the girl and slaves. "He would have killed anyone of you. You were playing with a time bomb. " He was clean from any visceral aside from his scythe, which he promptly placed back in his spellbook, and clipped back to his belt. "I'm sorry." He then unwrapped the silver from around his leg, and tossed it to the wold woman. "Thank you." He then turned and left the open cell. Upon heading to the main area, he noticed the cell with the chest and raised a brow. He walked over to it and kicked it open.

her eyes got large as she watched the man sever the head of her friend from his already hacked up body, he did it, he caused this, he broke his promise to cure hger friend. “but he...he was Innocent, he did not do what he said he did. He was down here for wrong reason and now...NOW YOU KILLED HIM!” she cried out tears falling like rain down her face as she ran past him falling to her knees beside the husk of her dead friend. She tossed her body on his crying as she tried to put the pices of her friend back together, she took the arm and pulled it over and put it were it should be, the head to rolling it along the ground on her knees to place it at his neck trying so hard for magic to put her friend back together like a toy just needing to snap the arms back on the body. Blood covered her arms hands legs and even had some on her face, tear lines making it run down to the sides of her lips. She wanted him to come back, wanted him to come see her again with his big yellow eyes and sit and play blocks with her, he was not a bad man he was just a wolf no one understood. “he was not bad and you killed him! You are bad, bad man” she said with years muffleing her words as she tossed her head down on Chester's chest crying. She paused a moment as she ran her fingers into his fur and softly cried leaning her eat down to rest with him still running her fingers in his fur “it will be ok, your family will be with you, like the stories you told me about the mountains you will be there one day we will be able to playu blocks all day together no more pain no more sickness you can eat all the food you want and can be happy now” tears ran down her face and she hardly could get out the last of her words.
The older woman stood there watching her heart breaking for the little one who was to younge to understand that things needed to be the way they were. “thank you ingavor at least now he wont be sick anymore, dont take her hurtful words to hart she does not mean them she will just miss him dearly, him and Nina they all were very good friends down here, and at times friends is all we slaves have.” she nodded as she watched him head out and then she would collect the little one to take her back to her bed to rest off the sadness and let the cleaner do the work and get this place tidy.
In the cell with the clothing scattered all over the floor there lay a chest box with a small lock on it. When it was kicked the old small lock snapped off the chest box and the lid flapped open, inside was six gold coins, and what looked to be a old picture of a woman in a wedding dress she was rather beautiful standing a top a hill looking over the vally. On the back of the card it reads “my dear beloved, in three days time we will be wed, i can not wait to be able to call you mine, upon midnight tonight we will run away together and find freedom from this horrible place, no one will tell us what to do or that our love is against the law, meet me by the big oak tree that marks our spot, we will flee tonight my dear beloved i promise you and then we will us ageist the world and have only the stars and moon to guide us. With love always your future wife Janice A Blossom” the bottom of the image has some other words but they are ripped and you cant read them at all other then you know there was letters there. There is also a golden pendent in the shape of a wing with a small dimond in it, it can be sold for a good penny or held on to. Other then that the box is empty and there is much dust and a small string in the bottom.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor sighed softly as he listened to the screams of the child, while they got distant. She wouldn't understand. She couldn't understand. Ingavor had killed one of her only friends. Yet Chester was a murderer, he kept telling himself. He could have saved him, but he chose to end him. He never did anything like that before. He showed mercy, by putting the beast down, but also showed no mercy with how he did it. He stared at the gold and pocketed the pieces, into his coin purse. His eyes scanned the love letter and picture, as well as the name. "I hope you two got to be together. Someone needs a happy ending in this story. Hope it was you." He then grabbed the winged pendant and pocketed that as well, with a remorseful huff. A string? Ingavor gave a small scratch to his noggin and gave the string a curious tug.

As the string at the bottom of the little chest was tugged on a little pocket opened up in the bottom, a rolled up small paper being hidden there. “my sweet Isabella if you got this chest i can not meet you in our spot, i hope this gets to you before i die here in the pits, i got caught trying to run away, i stole coin from your father at the map shop, he turned me in, i am sorry i am not with you, we will be together in the after life, i promise, love always Mike” then there was nothing else in the chest, nothing at all but dust and crumbs. Then there was a loud bang at the top of the stairs and the sound of one of the guards boots thumping down, the three hours were up and the guards had opened the doors and were comeing down to check up on ingavor. within a couple minutes one of the guards were there looking at the butler "was the problume handled? are you finished down here, you may return to the upper level now, whatever mess was made will be cleaned"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
He gently picked the letter up off the ground, his eyes locking onto the parchment."Yes." He said, studying the note over and over again. There was a small break in his heart for the couple. He was somber, yet his hair fell in front of his eyes, his tie was loose, and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top. He placed the photo and letter in his spell book after unclipping it from his belt. "There is a mess." He looked down as he headed back up to the top part of the castle. He had enough of the catacombs and killing for one day. He clipped his book back onto his person as he ascended the stairs, and once reaching to main level, he went to the main room.
In the Castle

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Walking through the main hall, he caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror that hung on the wall. His eyebrow raised as he noticed his dishevelled attire, which led his hands up to his shirt. His fingers re buttoned the top two notches, then adjusted his tie next. He looked down at his wrapped feet and let out a sigh, forgetting that he gave the old man his boots. Fixing his hair from his eyes, he flipped his coat, shaking the dust from it. His work was done for today. He needed a drink, and time away from Anaya. He turned toward the exit, and went down through the town until he reached the Snorting Boar. With that, he pushed the door open and sat at a table, waiting for service.

Roxy looked up to the queen, her ears flickering to her words. She was right, Niv needed her back at the tavern to do more deliveries. "You are right. My apologies," she said as she stood up, her tail stretching behind her. She looked over to Ingavor, noticing that he was quite irritated with the queen. He just wanted to talk with Roxy and she the same. She didn't know too many people in this land and it would be nice if she had a few allies, but both her and Ingavor had work that needed to be accomplished. "It was nice meeting you again and yes, I would enjoy seeing you at the tavern sometime." She finished her wine and tucked the book Ingavor given her in her arms. Her ears flickered to the mention of food once again. "Oh.. you really don't need to. I'm fine, really." Her stomach growled to her own words and she sat back down. "I guess I can eat really fast," she said to herself.
Her ears again would overhear the queen's and the feline's conversation. Goodness, a whole day of cleaning one's office? How big was it? She felt a bit of sympathy towards the cat, but then remembered she too was going to have to clean, Gus's office in fact. That place was going to need some work. She sighed a bit, knowing there was lots of work to be done between everyone and making acquaintances with them was going to have to wait. Her nose suddenly twiched and she looked up, seeing the gaurd with the food. She smiled and gave him a nod. "Thank you," she said, her eyes focused on the stir fry on the plate. Her tail began to shift behind really fast as she took the plate and She did exactly what she said she was going to do, eating her food quickly. Within a minute, her plate was clean and she was back on her feet with the book in her hand, her tail wagging happily. She gave the queen a bow. "It was a pleasure your majesty," she said. She Also gave the feline a friendly wink and started to the exit, but remembered something. This place was huge. She had no idea where she had entered with Ingavor. "Oh goodness." She turned to the queen and feline. "My apologies, but... I'm not sure where the exit is. You mind pointing me in the right direction?"

Desdemona's curiosity started to get the better of her. What had actually happened to Xei? She knew the basic story of how she came to be a daughter of Anaya, but details were non existent to her thus far. If there was one thing she could not stand, it was not knowing something. However she simply nodded, unsure how she would go about receiving the information. Xei was more than reserved in that area and Anaya was quite clearly a busy woman today. Patience seemed like it would need to go a long way today, "Yes milady. Hopefully one day she will share said reason with me." Hearing of the office, she again nodded. When told to remain from the files in the lower drawer, interest sparked within her. What could possibly be so important that she would lock it away and specify not to touch it? Since this would be her task for the time being, she was sure she could answer her own question in time. Taking the key, she bowed her head again, "Thank you, milady. I will start on this right away." Glancing up at Ingavor as he passed by with a bow, she smiled a bit, her tail flicking back and forth. The guard bringing in food for the fox woman made her giggle a bit, seeing how flustered he became as he moved past the Queen, but watching the fox woman eat was something else. I've heard about clearing your plate quickly, but she certainly seems like she hasn't eaten in days. Seeing the wink as she passed by, she couldn't help but laugh as the woman admitted to not knowing the way to the exit. Slipping the key to Anaya's office into her pocket, she turned and made her way towards the door, glancing at the fox as she passed by, "I will show you the way out. I am headed roughly in that direction myself." Stopping in the doorway, she turned back to the woman, tilting her head to the side with a soft little smile, "Coming..?"

Roxy's ears flickered to the feline's words and she gave her a smile. "Thank you miss," she said. "I really don't know how people can live in something so massive. I'd get lost Every time in here... Well I guess you'd get used to it if you spend enough time here." She looked over to the queen. Again, she wanted to call her out about her failure to protect her people, but of course she didn't. Instead, she gave her another bow. "It was a pleasure to meet you Queen Anaya, hopefully we'll see each other again..." Once the feline asked her if she was coming, she turned around. "Yes ma'am, please lead the way." She followed her out the library and down the hall, her boots clacking with each of her steps, her big tail swishing back and forth. She still held the book, hoping she had some time to read it. After turning down another hall, Roxy looked over to the feline. "I'm sorry, I never got your name. I saw you at the tavern the other day, but I never got a chance to say hi," she said trying to make small talk. "I'm Roxanne... or just Roxy is fine."

Anaya gave a nod as she looked to Roxie "yes it is a pleasure to meet you Roxie i am sure we will be seeing a good amount of one another seeing that you will be delivering for Gus, i get a lot of goods from him. but please excuse me i do need to go check on my package to be sure everything is in order" she gave a little nod once more her hair falling partly in her face as she walked to the door opening it and leaving to go check on her package that was in her chamber room.

Meanwhile at the snorting Boar

Fluttering along its way, a crow entered into the town of Iron Stone. Observing the people below, it circled high above, well out of eyesight of most. Thanks to its vision it was able to make out the activities of those below in the days low light with ease. Scouting out an area to land, it did so on a rooftop of a building. As a few other birds came to rest next to it, the bird began squawking loudly, clearing them away. Once dealt with, the crow ruffled its feathers and settled in for a closer inspection. Seeing a sign out front, it cocked its head to the side reading Everdens Pleasure Palace. Cocking its head to the opposite side, it squawked once more as if laughing. Surely the people of this town could not possibly use such a facility, but as some exited the building the crow took flight once again eager to get away from the smells that assaulted its nose upon the doors open. It made its way to a building labeled the Snorting Boar Tavern, landing on the sign itself. Ruffling its feathers it hopped back and forth on the sign, looking down at its patrons. Finding the most interest in the tavern itself the crow took back to the sky, circling around to the back of the establishment. Making sure it was clear of prying eyes, it landed on the ground. In a sharp yet quick flash of green, the crow shifted into a young man.
Dressed in sand and brown colored clothing, he looked to be nothing more than a stable boy. Running a few fingers through his blonde hair, he stuffed his hands in his pockets as he looked around. "Time for a drink. Hope they take copper." A golden medallion hung around the boys neck, which he didn't seem too concerned about hiding as he started walking around, nodding to any he passed by with a smile. Intrigued by the buildings size and design, he wondered just how long the establishment had been around. By the looks of its color and ware he assumed at least a few generations though the evening light could very well be playing tricks on his eyes. Entering the tavern he kicked off the dirt from his cloth shoes at the door not wanting to be rude and track it in. Eyes widening as he saw the crowd of patrons he had not expected it to be so crowded at this hour, but he found it to be a decent change of pace from his recent lonely travel. Resting one hand on the satchel that hung from his hip he walked over to the bar taking an empty seat.

the tavern was packed this morning, there was over thirty people inside, many drunk and one man seeming to border on the edge of bar fight tossing his mug with what seemed like ale around his head yelling that some guy had stolen his prize fighting rooster. other men were blabbering on with him how it was not fight and one very drunk female almost falling over was failing at calming the man down and doing more flirting then one would deem necessary in that kind of situation. there were a couple more drunk vagabonds and some others on the edge of drunk but still with sense and then there was a woman siting on her ass on the floor her eyes rolling into her head tripping on god knows what leaning against the wall. and then in the center of it all was a drop dead gorgeous high elf woman using magic to take empty mugs from tables and hover them in the air over to the dish bin, and take new mugs refill them bring them back at the empty tables and at the same time make a rag clean up spills and clean down empty tables, run a broom over the floor and even have a quill and ink on the main desk taking nots on who owes what for what tab, the poster girl for multi tasking right
there as a bar tender and main head to servants at this establishment. her black hair flowed down her back and shoulders lightly waving around her breast line and her garments were skimpy at best, elves were known for there small silk like garments and there more skin exposed then needed way of dressing. and for a high elf no matter were she worked she did need to always look her best, her lavender hues darted around the room paying attention to everything at once, she spotted the boy come in and really age did not matter here only thing that mattered was his coin pouch "ANOTHER ALE NIV!" a man yelled at the elven woman "ye ye right on it you know you owe sixty silver now Avander' she chuckled as the quill moved and jotted something down on the note pad on the desk and another filled tankard came over the old tankard being tossed back in the dish bin were a set of hands was grabbing things and washing them grunting softly from behind a wall. she did not pay much mind to new people coming into the full house tonight if they or the kid needed anything she was sure they would let her know.

Turning to look at everyone in the bar he found himself surprised at just how much people would let themselves go in a tavern. Obviously that was the idea but for it being so early really took the cake. He assumed people would be just waking up or already be at work to earn their hard earned coin. But the thought of those coming off a night shift made him nod, assuming that was the reason for the traffic. As his eyes passed the Elven woman he did a double take, mouth hanging open as if he had saw a ghost. He was definitely no stranger to the woodland people but she was plainly a High Elf. This shocked him more than he thought it would. "Would you look at that... I never thought to see one so far from their capital." Shaking his head with a quick smack to the cheek he watched her work, impressed she was able to keep up with so many responsibilities at the same time. Was there no other help here? None that he could identify right away. Taking a closer look at her attire he felt his face flush, forgetting just how beautiful the women of immortality were. Not to mention the skimpy green outfit she seemed inclined to wear. Reaching into his satchel, he pulled out the four copper coins he had and played with them in his hand as he continued to stare. Hearing a customer bark out her name he repeated it to himself finding he was smiling like a complete idiot. He was more than sure that this was simply a nickname and he found himself wanting to hear the rest of it. Tearing his eyes away from her he continued to look around the room, getting a better lay out of the building now that he was inside.
The outside would only share so much. The designs from what he could make out through all the distractions told him a simply yet fascinating story. So many mouths has it fed, so many throats quenched. A fair share of bar fights went without saying. Reminded him of a few places he worked himself. Returning his eyes to this Niv woman, he raised a hand in her direction calling out, "Mae govannen, Niv! Sut vanya i' amrun?" Lowering his hand he cleared his throat forgetting how tricky it was for a Human to speak the Elven language. It was an elegant tongue, but difficult none the less.

As soon as she could hear the words of her people in greeting she turned her head, a mug of ale almost fell out of the air as a smile graced her pale pink lips, light lavender eyes looked right at the blond boy that stood there at the door way. she gave a laugh hearing her peoples voice from the lips of the human boy, he did rather well for a human but it still was a funny thing to hear and then turn and expect one such as that to be saying it. "Greetings to you aswell fair traveller to the snorting boar..." she was interrupted by a man screaming out the back "NIV, BITCH BRIMG THE ALE, WE GO ROUND TO THE PALACE OF FUCKEN TONIGHT! YOU JOIN US!!" he yelled loudly as Niv tossed a hand back as a empty mug was flung from the counter top flying and smashing its self into the mans face knocking him out cold on the floor, bleeding a little. "ya can go when ya wake up" she said softly as she chuckled and you could hear the mans friends laughing and picking him up to toss him into one of the long lounge booths made and placed mainly for the reason of passed out morns or ones that thought they could rudely grab tail or hit on there bar tender. her face turned back as she walked her way over, hips swaying back and forth her bright green silk made her really out of place here but then agein her race did enough of that as is and she enjoyed having as some would say, perdy garments on. "my sorry about that, some people can be rude yes, and English it better, it sounds more this place and to be honest i am rusty with my own tongue, been in dragons lands far to much with humans" she chuckled a little more seeing the rose on his cheeks a little more of a smile came to her lips "so what can i get ya, anything ya want as long as ye be paying is the rules"

Seeing her turn his way with a smile he felt like he could die a happy boy right then and there. It was a rare thing to see one of the Elven people smile these days but to be the one they smiled at was as if the universe itself was made new just for him. Reaching up to scratch his blond head he heard the patron yell out his rudeness. Preparing to call out some unsavory things to the man himself he was cut off at the mug smashed into his head, knocking him to the floor. Eyes widening again he stood there in shock, reminding himself never to get on the bad side of those who could use magic. Things would never go the way one would expect against one of the arcane arts, let alone against one of the few creatures in the land that helped create incantations to begin with. He began laughing as his comrades dragged him away to a booth, scratching his head again more in embarrassment for thinking he would have made a retort of his own to the now very unconscious man. "Rude is a bit of an understatement if you ask me but you handled it masterfully." Turning his eyes back to the woman he smiled again sheepishly. "I've heard rumors of this being Dragons land and I hope to see it for myself." Lowering his hand to the medallion that hung around his neck he traced a finger along the wingless dragon design that lay on it absentmindedly. "Would be nice to see up close." Jutting his hand out in a friendly handshake he stood a little more straight. "Names Tristan. Nice to meetcha." With his other hand he offered his four copper coins to the bar tender. "And just a bit of goats milk if it will be enough. Not much more for anything else really though to be honest I am not entirely sure how the currency exchange works in this town. First time through if you know my meaning."

"Niv is my name it is a pleasure to meet you Tristan, and dragons land this be for sure a golden dragon by the name of Anaya rules here she is up in the castle most of the time seeing her is easy but she is a fine looking women most of the time, makes the good look on one's look like gutter trash" she gave a chuckle "milk it is, most of the places around here work in silver so copper will only get you slave rations but I have always lived by the everyone gets one so the copper will get ya your milk this time, most of the time copper just gets ya the cup." She moved a hand as a cup lifted off the back counter and a quill jotted down something, stuffed that paper in the cup and sent it over to that window with the gross hands reaching and grabbing dirty dishes. The hands stumpy fingers grabbed the cup loudly grunted and pulled it back out of view. Nivs eyes moved back to the boy "it will be out in a moment is the troll gets fhe order right. Dont get many asking for things like milk so may take him a bit to read labels. And I am not overly good at anything else but the levitate and manipulation magics but with them I really get alot of work done around here all alone." Well other rhen fhe new girl and the couple of slave girls who do more whoreing then working" her blond moment kicked in as she took his hands in her silken soft fingers shaking softly with a loose grip her eyes marking detect contact with him before letting go "sorry alot on the mind is all"

"A golden Dragon? If I remember right the golden was one of three that came from the first Dragon. Gold, Sapphire and Emerald. Sisters that spread to each corner of the map, giving birth to all the Dragons that came after." He would shrug his shoulders. "At least that's what I've heard. Don't know if there is any truth behind it. People from where I come from like to spout off the most random stories." Learning a bit more about how the currency worked he couldn't help but frown looking down at himself. "Well if that is slave labor pay being nothing more than copper looks like I need to find me some real coin. Is there any job boards in this town? I may be poor but I am far from lazy. Would be nice earning a bit after carrying those coins in my pocket for so long." Watching the Troll take the floating cup he smiled brightly. It may have only been a hand he saw but it was worth it all the same. "A Troll that can read? Now that is almost unheard of! What kind of town did I step into?!" Returning his eyes to Niv he listened to her explanation of her use of magic. "Well I say you are a master at levitation. From what I saw you can control more things at once while still taking orders and dealing with the likes of me without even batting an eye. It is extremely impressive." As she shook his hand he smiled again like a dope fascinated with how soft her fingers were. Looking right back into her eyes his smile turned to a look of concern. "If there is a lot on your mind is there anything I can do to help? Might be focusing on things a bit too hard."

She moved her hand as he looked at her with concerned eyes. Her fingers moved and ran upon his smooth cheek. "Well there is work here as we are low on staff then some of the other shops and what not are looking for staff, the pleasure palace is always looking for staff make and female if you are into fhe woopy" she chuckled as her hand moved back as she looked at the troll kitchen window witch still there was nothing there "took us six years to train the thing and Gus the boss wont let him be a door guard insists even the dumb must learn. And oh the castle wants staff fighters even some higher rolls like advisor and what not. And from the place you came from they must have many good story's, but part of it is truth the golden dragon was one of the first to come from the dragon of ages there is even storys that the God is Anayas father but I dont know if there is any truth to it. Then the dragon vomitednout the others both good sides and bad to balance the world, but alot of them are dead now stupid hunters saw to that. We still see them time to time some in town to. And ya a notice board would be helpful may get guss to put one in front of the tavern good idea, a thinker you are" she looked to that window agein hearing the troll snorting heavy back there "COME ON CLOD GOATS MILK IT IS THE ONE WITH THE PICTURE OF A GOAT ON IT!" Niv yelled out as she chould not help but laugh a bit as she looked back to the boy "and oh best paying is the castle as the pleasure palace and they give free rooms to"

Face turning crimson as she touched his face he stood a bit more straight than before frozen by her touch. At the mention of woopy he burst into a nervous laughter, looking down to try and hide it. "Never made it and doubt I ever will. I have other interests than that." Hearing the story of the Dragons origins it made him look back up his interest perking. To hear the stories told by the folks in his home town was one thing but to hear a different version of it from someone who lived in the town of a Dragon was something entirely different. She seemed so confident in her telling of it that it was hard for him to even come close to doubting it. "Maybe one of these days I will get to look into the Dragon lore for myself. Sounds like it would be a good pass time but for now I think I should figure out a place to earn some coin. Can't work on an empty stomach. At least that's what I was taught. And right they were." Being complimented on his idea for a message board made him smile. He knew he wasn't the brightest light in the sky but from time to time he had a decent idea here and there. Laughing again as she yelled at the Troll he would shrug. "I could go back there and help him find it if it would help. Maybe I could teach him a thing or two. Then again he could eat me and that would be the end of that." Taking note of the castle being a good paying place of interest he decided to place that in the maybe pile in his head. The pleasure palace was definitely out. He doubt he could stand in such a place without nervously laughing himself to death. He had never seen a naked woman before and he doubted he could start there. "But in any event the day is young and I am sure I can find something in town to do. You said a Gus here is the boss? Maybe I should introduce myself. He might find me something to do around here while I get myself orientated with the town at least."

"Oh the troll will not eat ya he is a big softy unless you hurt his toes or say mean things he is sensitive at heart. But smarter then most he knows some words even. And ya Gus is the boss for sure right now he is at his house right beside just go tap on the door he can tell you about this place better then I can and he does all the hiring I just deal with working and well I deal with fhe men from time to time maybe once you get a bit more coin we chould help you learn things you never knew before " she gave a smile and a coy wink " well if the troll does not figure it out we will send something to ya by raven ro compensate ya for the struggle but the door is to the left of the bar top head on back his name is Clod and just talk slow with simple words"

If his face could turn a darker shade of red by her wink he was sure it would. Something told him this was no average woman. Playful and kind, but the question was if she was serious in everything she said. Smiling with a nod he made his way to the kitchens walking in slowly. Seeing Clod, he gave a bit of a wave. As he got closer the wingless dragon on his medallion slithered its way in a full circle, resting where it had originated. Looking down at it he smiled before looking back up at the creature, making note not to get close enough to step on its toes. "Greetings Clod. My name is Tristan. Came back here to see if you needed help with anything. May not look like much but I know a thing or two if you would like the help."

Niv watched him go with a nod and a soft "hope he does not freak out" under her breath with a chuckle. Then she turned her head and started to go back to flinging empty cups to the window and putting refills and taking orders and tabs. -- In the kitchen with its large wart and hair covered back to the door way stood a large grey skinned lumbering troll. It was a good 8 or so feet tall under a raise ceiling , fat and muscled and it seemed to be grunting up a storm holding one bottle of red liquid and one bottle of clear, the one clear one was labeled grape seed oil and other one had a big skull and cross bones labeled rat poison. He looked back and forth at them not knowing what was what. He grunted and grumbled and waved the bottles around a little clearly distressed and in trouble. He turned around abruptly hearing the door creek open and his front looked worse then the back. He had a massive .
wart on his cheak, his eyes were a deep green with large pupils and he has almost a so ugly it is cute look on his face, and you really chould not miss the gut on the thing it hung down almost to its bend and buckled knees down to a oddly small loin cloth with a clear bulge under it. And then to the massive lumpy misshapen toed feet. He gave a grunt that kinda sounded like no kitchen but it was deep and hard to make out at best. He then stood and looked at the man with a I dont know what's going on look on its face

As Clod turned to face him he took a step back with a mortified look on his face, mortified by the creatures appearance. To play off his nervousness he scratched his head with a laugh pointing at the rats poison. "Definitely not that one Clod. Let me help you look around a bit." Coaxing the Troll to set everything down he himself began searching the chilled areas of the kitchens. After a time he came across what he was looking for holding it up so Clod could see, pointing at the picture of a goat. "This is it Clod, see? This is goats milk, but you did pretty well yourself. If not I would already be five feet under, so you did real good." Taking the mug that was intended for him he poured the liquid and replaced the container. Wanting to know the creature a bit better he turned to him as he enjoyed his milk. "So Clod how long have you worked for the kitchen?" He wasn't sure if the Troll was going to fully understand his meaning but it never hurt to try.

clod started to grumble louder as he watched the boy moving around the kitchen, fast movements and trolls did not work well together and it was startling him a great deal, he shock the bottles in his hands a little harder the one labelled rat poison starting to bubble inside the clear bottle. the boys words went on distressed ears as Clod panicked not knowing what to do about everything, stressed out and all nerved up clog gave a light whine as he tryed to mumble out the words no no touch my kitchen. but as normal and the rest of his words it was rather hard to make out in his state. the trolls eyes were bugging out as he looked left and right and grunted more, his voice was so whimpery due to his distress he muttered out "s..ll ow, Dune" and then something that sounded a little like I dont understand you.

Seeing just how distraught he was making the Troll he did indeed slow down. The last thing he needed was something that large causing a scene with him so close by. Reaching up and scratching his blond locks he nodded and spoke to the creature again though much slower than before. "I am sorry, Clod." He sat the glass down and leaned against one of the counter tops crossing his arms. "I asked.. how long.. have you worked here.. in the kitchens?" Trolls always fascinated Tristan yet this was the first time he had seen one up close. He knew they were simple creatures but he also knew just how dangerous they could end up becoming if angered or frightened in anyway. Being Human did him no justice against a creature this large in such close quarters. What surprised him the most, now that he was actually speaking to one, was just how slow they seemed to be. At least this one did at any rate. Patting his chest lightly to indicate himself he slowly said "My name.. is Tristan. Sorry for.. spooking you. I.. didn't mean to." Lowering his hand from his chest he picked up his glass and finished off the milk continuing to be aware of how quickly he was moving as to not stress Clod out anymore than he already was.

Clod watched him slow down, the troll gave a breath of relief he understood his frantic movements, Clod moved and sat down at the table on the floor as no stool could support that kind of bulk. As the boy talked Clod leaned in to try to pick up more then a couple words he understood how long he worked here, and that the boy was telling him his name was Trustan he opened his mouth as a glob of slobber tumbled down and splattered on the table “ for” he held up his large sausage fingers making three of them stand up “Six y..ear.s kitchen, washer” he said in a slow loud voice the bottles were plopped on the table as he grabbed the one with the skull and cross bones “Clod Drink?” he asked. As he held up the bottle of liquid clearly marked rat poison. And then pushed the other bottle across the table of grape seed oil over to the boy “ Tr..u..s.tan Drink?” he said with that doppy ugly snagle toothed grin. He was happy fgor the most part no one ever came back here to talk to him only tell him what to do, no one ever came down here to be a friend to the ugly cave troll.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose
Ingavor pushed the door open, and took an empty seat in the back of the bar. Interlocking his fingers together, he started twiddling his gloved thumbs, and waited for either Niv, or another waitress. He figured Roxy was still at the castle and would be here soon, which made him laugh. He spent 3 hours in the catacombs, killed a werewolf, found some gold, and made his way into the tavern all before Roxy even got back. Scanning the room, he stared at the banners and frames on the wall. Ingavor listened in, hearing commotion in the kitchen, between someone and the big softy, which made him chortle. Clod always was kind to him, even though they rarely talked, and even he knew not to move to quick around the troll. He then heard bottles clinking in the back and heard the Troll say something about drinking. 'Oh dear' he thought. 'A drunk troll? Never thought I'd see the day.' Ingavor sighed softly and pulled his spellbook from his belt, before flipping through the pages while he waited. He landed on the chapter "Honing your skills". Ingavor read intently until one would come talk to him or take his order.


In the Castle
"Its not exactly the easiest thing, but if you have someone to show you around and spend just a little amount of time doing your own little searching around, the castle is actually quite simple to figure out." Desdemona slowly led the woman towards the main entrance, twisting and turning through the halls. Glancing over at the book the woman held, she wondered what it could be about, but decided against asking. Looking up, she smiled as the woman gave her name, "A pleasure to meet you, Roxanne. Or Roxy. Whichever you really prefer. My name is Desdemona, or Des. Yes, now that you mention it, I do remember seeing you in passing as I left the tavern the other day. I do apologize for leaving so quickly, but I was in a bit of a hurry to get here to the castle. But what of you? From what I was able to gather, you work for Gus? One can only image what that must be like." Having reached the entrance by this point, she crossed her arms and leaned against a wall near the main doors, flicking her tail back and forth as she watched the woman, waiting for her response.

Roxy followed close behind, her ears flickering to her words and her big tail swaying behind her with each step. She hated the fact she was going to have to hide them soon, but it was better than loosing them to some creep wanting a fur scarf. She nodded and smiled. "Desdemona huh? What an unusual but beautiful name," she said her eyes focusing on her swinging tail. "It's okay, I feel like we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Maybe you'll even get tierd of seeing the same face bringing goods to the castle, hehehe." She shook her head when she commented about Gus. "Well it's only been a day, but so far, it hasn't been too bad. A few things went down, but that story might be to long to tell now." Soon enough they were at the entrance and sigh escaped from the fox as she put up her hood and wrapped her tail around her waist as if it was a belt. "As much as I want to talk to a gorgeous feline like yourself some more, I have to get back to the tavern," she said sadly. "Maybe we can talk some more next time I'm here?... That's if you would like to? I still don't know too many people in this land and hopefully that will change soon." She gave her another wink and opened the doors, walking out, her tail wanting to wag but couldn't. "See ya around.. Des!"

Anaya moved along the hall ways her eyes moving left to right as she watched Drax move along beside her “you know i am real and when you take your bloody meds i am going to go away, you don't want that, i love you” he said as his words whispered into her head her ears twitching as she moved her hand up to itch the top of her hair line “once i take them you will just be gone for another day, and i do love you, i have always loved you, you are my everything, my first mate, the true i was to be with forever but you walked away, you left” she snarled as her feet hit the steps slamming her toes into the first step and giving a hiss as her eyes flared. “you are getting clumsy in your old age, if you are not careful you will bang yourself into a stupor” “SHUT UP DRAX!” she yelled as no one was there, she stoped half way up the stairs taking a breath “you are not real, i just need to take the pearls and i will see clearly again and be able to run this castle another day. I have things to do the castle is going to fall apart if i keep seeing you. I love seeing you, I want to see you
but I know you are dead, and i know talking to you is making me crazy. And you dont give me advise even when you say you do, it is all in my head anyway” she started back up the steps and to the upper hall way walking along side him, god her eyes fell on him more then she would admit, for a dead image from her own mind he sure did look like him, he had that face she fell in love with so many years ago “hey Anaya, do you remember that dance, your hands in mine your hair covered your face a little and it made me want you so much, you were so beautiful in the light of that night, do you, remember the children, our two girls, they had sutch a evil streak like you and i, whatever happened to them Anaya” his words were like a broken record he had said it all over and over and over and he needed to stop “both are gone Drax, just like you they are dead and i don't see them” she opened her chamber door as she walked out shutting the door behind her seeing the box on her bed “thank the Sky Keeper over head ” at last she could make him vanish and get on with the day she could stop seeing him, hearing him, stop it all and he would fade away and go back to being dead. She moved to the box, riped the top open and shoved her hand down garbing not the normal four but more like a small handful shoving it into her mouth. As she crushed them down into her teeth she watched as Drax faded away,
there was a pain to her heart as she watched him go, it was like that night all over again, “it hurts to see you go, but i need you gone, and i know you will be back in a couple days time when i need to take mor..” her words cut off as her mind flustered and she sunk down to her ass on the floor. Her back leaning up against the bed as her mind fluttered as it should. She let out a breath as to her that breath felt so cold and nice she loved every moment of this. Her mind a flurry of nothingness no dead people, no castle just the sky and freedom, images of hugging humans, reading in the library, and the days when she smiled the nice moments with family and when she gave a shit about things.
It was hours (three to be exact) before she came to she had been leaning against that bed side for a while but with every high there was a back to reality in due time. But her mind was calm and collected and the rest of the day would be no more dead people till morning. She let out another breath as she stood up on shaky legs with a chuckle she opened the box. “Alright Isacor time for you to join your sister......” she paused as she pulled a bone dagger from the box, her red eyes looked at it “this is not my dagger.....” she paused thought, the fox, the delivery girl and the snorting boar, the boar could have fucked up the order and gotten the wrong one, Gus could have pocketed the dagger it would not be the first time she suspected that. And it could even be the new delivery person pocketing things they know very little about, but none the less there was someone in her land that had a extremely strong weapon that she needed for her own hoard. “GUARDS!” she
called out as one guard pushed her chamber door open “i want you to imminently send the elites to the snorting boar, someone in this town has my dagger, it holds a draconic aura and the elites can sense for it to find it even if it is hidden. It NEEDS to be found right away, who ever holds it bring them here, make sure Gus and Niv are talked to first about it” she snarled as she tossed the replacement bone dagger at the wall it stabbing into the wall “no one goes against the Crown, if anyone fight the elites i don't care if they bring me back a dead body for the pile” the guard nodded seeing the fire in there queens eyes, the guard vanished to go informed the elites they had a job to do and they surely would be out within the hour they were always fast to react to things.

Jace watched the guards shuffling down the hall and relaying orders from the queen. "I can help. Yes yes! Jacey bored here. So bored." The guard laughed and chained him to the floor, "You can sit here for the night." They left him. Jace sighed, "Fine...Jace make a new friend then." He slumped into the floor, his fingers running along the chains. He muttered to each link in soft tones. He stood and bolted as fast as he could. The chain suddenly grabbing tension and snatching the tiny frail body into the floor. He could only lay and groan.

from the side of the room came a little voice “your name is Jace right guards talk loud? Why you locked up, i know were keys are” it was a small slave girl with bright red hair and freckles all over her face, she looked at the man as she came out from behind a curtain she was dressed in ratty garments that were grey and brown and dirty from being well in the slave segment of the castle underbelly. “i not supposed to be here, you tell me were the rope is and i will tell you were keys are, promised” she said softly as her little eyes flickered looking around to be sure she was not being watched and that there was no one around other then them.

He shuffled to stand, "Jace caused much trouble. Said I was a new cent. Jace not get how he was coin." He got to his feet, "Link said we need to see motives ... Why help us? Why need rope?" He looked at his bindings, "We can find a rope if we can be free...then Jace helps...get second chance...what do guards hunt?"

her eyes flickered back and forth as she made double double sure that no one was around to notice her. “no we cant unlock you, we cant get keys but we know were they are in kitchen on cooks table he is out right now, there keys to master things opens almost all things in whole castle we are told, maybe unlock your chains and then you get second chance. Guards sending out the elites to find some dagger that was stolen me thinks, but done know fully just could hear yelling and something to do with dagger stolen and get elite fighters to go get it, Queen is super mad about it. Don't get in her way she may get madder” she walked over to the main as she was out of reach but if he jumped and things he could grab the girl if he really wanted to. “just went rope so i can see my friend again, promise it is nothing bad help in freedom do you know were some is?” she asked in that Innocent childish tone

He grumbled and began talking to the chain, "Rope...rope...Mrs. Bind...she is in dungeons. Where Jace lived before... the doors. You get Jace, he help you get ropey friend. Jace find all the daggers and queen is happy? Jace get chance? Then..." He snatched at the chains, "Jace agrees to trade, and Jace friend Mr.Link is steel rope! Take him too. Jace no need him." He stood up slowly, the hues shifting to bright yellow, "Jace keep secrets good too. No trouble for the curtain dweller." He began to Pace, "Jace need stick too...can't find Mr.Slice..." he began to ramble and pace "Free Jace, do it please." He sat down, "Get key, go go. We explain to Mr. Link." He hung his head so the wild white strands covered his face and he began whispering to his bindings.

Having watched the fox head back out into town, she tilted her head slightly with a smile. Now that is one worth keeping an eye on. A close eye. As she turned to walk away, she could hear Anaya yelling somewhere in the castle. The sound of the frustrated Queen unnerved her in a way that she couldn't quite place. Anaya was a dragon, this must she had established. The woman's age, on the other hand, was a different question. She almost seemed to be bipolar in a sense, but that was something she thought best to keep to herself. I remember what I was told about her family, and that would definitely traumatize anyone, but if the Queen is as old as they say I am surprised she has not yet gotten past it and moved on in a more.. healthier style. Shaking her head, Des reached in her pocket and found the key she was given by Anaya. She moved to the Queens office, nodding to the guard outside it as she unlocked the door and let herself in. She had a job to do, and though it wasn't overly thrilling, it would at least earn her a bit more coin to play with. Walking over to the desk, her ears slumped a bit seeing the pile of paperwork. "How can anyone let things get this bad..? Its only paperwork, for the Makers sake.. I just.. I.. ugh..." It completely astounded her to see how bad things had gotten. Was there no one other than Anaya herself organizing these? Slumping into a seat, she began making separate piles based on the title of the work itself. After awhile she looked up and called out, "Guard!" As one of them entered, she glanced up from the work for only a split second, "Have one of the maids bring up a pitcher of ale and a mug. This is going to take awhile.." As the guard nodded and closed the door, Des went back to her task, already having seven different piles and counting.

The paper work was flung all over some even was on the floor under the desk, it was a littoral mess and clearly some had tried to clean it as some of it was piled neat off to the side but they had left long ago and let the rest to build up. At the side of the room there was even a book shelf that was toppled over and books that seamed super old lay flung over the floor, books that were not in the library. With titles reading. “How it all started, a story of the Sky Keeper” “Nephisdum The Dragon of Ages” “Family Lines, The DeLaRose Family” “How to cook a Goblin” “Dealing with Fleas” “Dragons The How To Guide” “Cogs trinkets and treasures, Guide to Treasure Hunting” “Haunting and what To do About The Dead” “Charms and magic” “Arcane spells” “Necromancy” “Holy Ward and Other Holy Spells, Full Spell Book” “D.O.T.B” and them some others with just as catchy names. Some were covered in dust clearly the shelf had been tossed over for some time. Behind the shelf was a painting, old, ripped and the shelf had covered it up rather well before it had been toped over. The picture was a VERY old painting, it looked hand painted and was both Anaya her white hair down her shoulders in her normal red and gold garments with a smile on her face, standing beside a tall man a good head higher then her black hair down past his shoulder a sharp toothed grin and two small girls at both there sides. One dressed in green and the other dressed in all purple, but none of the girls were the children in the castle right now. Other then the shelf there was a chest in the one corner of the room with a large lock on it and a faint blue glow around said lock, as well as more papers and then the main desk and stool, and then a second stool tiped over with one broken leg and the wooden peg beside it on the floor. And as said the desk in the centre had drawers on the side, one of witch at the bottom had a small lock on it but the others were unlocked and one was cracked open..

Spending the next two hours simply cleaning the papers on the desk into complete and organized stacks, she leaned back and massaged her temples. "This had better be worth my time.." A moment past and she burst out laughing, shaking her head, "Like I have anything else better to do for the time being." Standing with a stretch, she turned to the book shelves that were toppled over. Bending over and hooking her fingers under one, she wiggled her rear before attempting to lift it back into place. Groaning with the effort, she quit rather quickly, glaring at the shelf. The hell is this made of..? Getting an idea, she walked over to the door, peaking her head out to the guard, "Unless it is a high ranking official, I am not to be disturbed." Without waiting for a response, she closed the door, securing it before turning back to the mess of a room. Rolling up her sleeves, she clapped her hands together with a grin, her golden eyes beginning to glow. "Alright. Where to start.." Walking back over to the fallen shelf, she gripped onto it, the furniture and herself vanishing from the room. Reappearing seconds later, the shelf was righted into its proper place. Good thing everything is weightless in the shadow..
Doing the same for the remaining shelves, she used her power to move about the room in a fraction of the time, stacking books with blinding speed. Setting aside a few volumes that caught her attention, she placed the rest away alphabetically in the shelves around the room. Reaching into the bottomless pocket, she withdrew a few rags, using the same method she had with picking up the books to move about the room dusting everything down. As she worked, she made sure to remain aware of any who might enter the room, in order to keep her powers known only to herself. At least, for the time being. Once the room was completely dusted down, she replaced the rags, taking a seat for a short break. After she enjoyed a few mugs of the ale she had previously requested, her eyes landed on the painting of Anaya and what would appear to be her children. Standing, she moved over to it, carefully lifting the ripped portion to line up with the rest. Seeing the Queen smiling a genuine smile, Des scoffed before lowering the ripped portion again. "Wonder how long ago that was.." Walking back to the desk, she pulled out the book labeled 'Charms and Magic', flipping through it. If she was going to complete the room, she may as well go all out. Scanning each page until she found what she was looking for, she sat the book on the table, glancing between it and the painting, "Well, here goes nothing.." Manipulating a repair spell, she lifted her palm toward the painting, slowly reading the incantation.
As she read, she added her own power to the mix, the painting fading from the room. It took much longer than she was use to, and the strain on her body began to show as her arm began to tremble, but she continued to read and push through. As the spell was completed, the painting returned in its full glory, as if it had just been finished. Her arm dropped like a lead weight as she slumped back into the chair, sweat running down her face. "Void that was difficult.." Snapping the book shut, she sat it back in the pile she had intended on reading at some point. Grabbing the pitcher of ale, she poured another mug, nearly choking on it as she slammed it.

Three hours had passed, there was a banging on the door “miss you done in there” a guard called out form the other side “wrap it up for the day, need to lock up for the dawn is peaking, what you have not cleaned you can do more in the evening when i come back for my next shift here” he in a gruff voice belted out. The man seemed on edge but that was expected when he had stood there all night with no sleep at all. The picture on the wall looked like it had been painted yesterday and now that it was repaired and the ripped parts put back together it read at the bottom “always and forever, Anaya, Drax, Inixia, and Malice” it was all there names, the children and Anaya and her mate, names that were not on any ledger, any log book, names hidden from the records for some reason or another, and a name that Anaya had been talking to when nothing was really there. The room around looked rather nice, the books back on the shelf, papers put back together even the desk looked cleaner all the drawers shut right, everything looked in its place, and the room looked rather neat other then the pile of papers that needed to be sorted and sent out but that would be for another day as clearly this days time had run out.

Groaning as she stood, she placed a paperweight on the stack of papers that needed sorting, preventing them from spilling over in the night. It had taken a bit longer than she had wanted it to, but the room looked as if it were newly renovated and that was what she was aiming for. Des always did like a clean environment, so if it was up to her standards, it was a clean room indeed. Walking over to the painting, she took a closer look at all the names and the others in the picture with the Queen. Crossing her arms, she narrowed her eyes as she looked closer at Drax. Something about him struck her as a little odd, but that was certainly a wonderment for another time. Committing the names and faces to memory, she glanced at the door as the guard pounded on it. Walking over, she pulled open the door and closed it behind herself, locking it before sliding the key into one of her pockets. Looking up at the guard, she smiled softly, "Go now soldier and rest. You've preformed your duties admirably today and you've earned it." Turning, she made her way down the hall, searching for Anaya. And now to speak with the Queen. Guess we will see what happens when she sees that room. I can only imagine that painting being repaired will startle her, but she may appreciate it all the same.

The guard looked to her as she came out of the office, he nodded to her words as he grabed one of her hands boldly, he was no good with tasks clearly and his rouch hands acted in a tighter grip then he intended. But with his other hand he shoved a pouch of some gold coins  into her hand then leg go just as abruptly as he had started to let her go on her way. “payment ordered by the queen to be given after time was up and work done, looks good girl now be on your way” he was rather rude but with the guards here really most did not expect better. He then turned as the door was locked up and he left going on his way to tag in the other guard to take the post and go to bed seeing it was the wee hours of the morning

At the Snorting Boar

The night sky was like an inky canopy of darkness freckled with a thousand stars. After walking a few minutes, Roxy realized she took a wrong turn. "Shit..." She murmured under her breath as her eyes darted about, her ears trying to move under her hood. For the most part, she heard nothing, besides the occasional hoot of a hidden owl and the sounds of her slapping footsteps on the street. "I definitely went down the wrong alley..." She pulled her hood a bit more to cover her glowing eyes. Hopefully those sun people wouldn't see them. She did her best to hide in the shadows and run when she was ever illuminated by the moonlight. A few hours had past and she began to get worried. 'goodness, I really should have payed more attention when I was walking earlier,' she thought. Her mind had been too focused on the people she met that she must have not been looking. 'what if someone finds me? Someone who would like me better if I were dead? I sure hope this dagger can do some good other than it's intention.' Suddenly, the sun began to rise and it lifted her spirits and on top of that she came across a familiar street and she took it to the tavern. "Thank the gods!" She said out loud before opening the doors. She was met with the same usual odor and she couldn't be happier. It was extremely busy, but she still felt safer. Her hands came up to her hood and she brought it down, her ears now free, her tail uncoiling and stretched as it fluffed out. Her eyes fell on Ingavor and she smiled. 'Gosh, this is embarrassing. Hope he doesn't make fun of me that I got lost. As she walked over to him, her eyes continued to scan the room. "Uh hey Ingavor..." She said. "Have you seen Niv around since you've been here?"(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 12:39 AM
Ingavor shuddered to himself as he pictured the event from earlier, over and over again. Chester was alive, then dead in seconds, all because of him. It had been years since he had killed for the queen. He stared at flecks of drying blood on his gloves, zoning in, once he noticed them offside to his book. He put the book down and brought his hand closer to himself, to study it. "I'm a monster." He said out loud to himself. Iggy slunked down in his chair, while his hand returned to his book. Picking it back up, his eyes rested on the word "Pyromancy." He then heard a familiar voice, his sad expression glancing toward it, to see Roxy, clutching his book. "No. No Niv. Just got here. I'm glad you're safe." His tone was mono and his expression was depressed, while his eyes stared into the distance, past her. It was obvious that what ever Anaya asked Ingavor to do in the catacombs left an impact on him, and he wanted to drink the pain away. "I-...." he opened his mouth, but quickly closed it just as fast, and cleared his throat into a balled fist. "You still have the book? I thought 'her majesty' would have talked you out of it. It's just a fairy tale for children after all." He scoffed.

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 12:53 AM
"Darn... I need to find her... I kinda got lost on the way back, need to tell her the package was delivered safely, but yeah, I'm glad I got back safe as well, phew." Roxy could tell instantly that there was something wrong with Ingavor. He didn't seem like the cheerful person like he usually was. Her ears flickered back and a worried expression showed on her face. What happened? Was it whatever Anaya made him do? Her nose twiched to the iron scent of blood and she realized what was on his hands. She quickly sat down next to him, her tail wrapping around one of her legs. "Um... Ingavor... What's wrong hun? You really don't look yourself..." She reached under her outfit and pulled the book out. "and Yeah... I still have it. I don't care what the queen thinks, I'm still going to read it." She gently placed it on the table and looked back up to Ingavor. "I like to read. Doesn't really matter what it is.... And fairytales are my favorite.... But... Tell me what's eating at ya?"(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 1:25 AM
He scanned her face, not saying a single word until she had completely finished speaking. He gave a half smile when she placed the book on the table. Again, however, his maw fell flat. "There was this deranged wolf in the catacombs. I needed to find a cure. I did, basically. But I learned more about this creature, because of Anaya's slaves." He had never spoke bad about the queen, always adressing her as "The Queen" or "Her Majesty" when talking to others, always having a high level of respect for her. Not anymore, after what he saw. This was the first time he used her actual name. "They told me that he killed 2 different women. One of them gave him a disease when he devoured them. Some sort of boils and madness took over his body, and that caused an unpleasant noise when he started slamming his body into the cell repeatedly." He made sure to lock eyes with her. "I could have saved him." He leaned forward in his chair. "But he was a murderer." He sighed. "Here's the bloody kicker." He gave a sad chuckle. "I made a promise to a little girl that I would make him better. Pinky swore and everything." He looked away now, ashamed. "I ran all over the catacombs. Finally, I decided to kill the creature. His name was Chester. The little girl called him that." He paused for a few seconds and again, locked eyes with Roxy. "I used my scythe. I killed the creature in three strikes. He was way stronger than me. I could have died. Chester would have killed again If I cured him. I cut off his arm, his jaw, then his head. I haven't-...killed in years. I-..." he sighed. "As I left, the little girl screamed that I was a monster. I killed Chester in front if her." Ingavor was obviously angry and distraught. "I know right from wrong..."(edited)

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 1:53 AM
Roxy's ears stayed layed back as Ingavor spoke, her eyes locked with his features. She could tell by his tone he was saddened by the deeds he committed, but she understood. She tried imagining what she would have done if she was in the same position. Would she do the same? The beast was a murderer, he needed to be put down.. right? Even if there was someone telling her not to, the beast would have died if she was in the same position. Her thoughts then focused on the old man she killed the other day. Did she do right thing then? In her eyes she thought she did, he was a murderer too and was trying to kill her on top of that. She waited a few moments after Ingavor spoke and nodded, her eyes looking down at her own hands, remembering the life she took away with them. "I believe I would have done the same thing if I was being completely honest," she said, then looked back up, her green eyes meeting his. "You're definitely not the monster in this situation. That beast was a murderer, correct? You wanted no one else to die under his hand and you now prevented him from ever harming another soul." She paused for a moment and placed her hand over his to give him some sort of comfort. "I believe you do know right from wrong and what you did was right..."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 2:08 AM
He watched her speak, never once letter her leave his line of sight. Ingavor stared almost glazed over, very happy that she understood his struggles. "Thank you." He said, giving almost a full smile. He again, listened to her finish talking before opening his mouth. He felt her hand on his and he jolted instinctively for a fraction of a second, yet relaxed a moment later. He wasn't used to someone touching him, unless it was to shake hands. "Roxy-..." he looked up, flipping his hand over, and gripping hers softly. He brought his voice to a whisper and changed the subject. Now that they were alone, he could confront her. "You're going to get yourself killed. I know about the dagger." He sighed. "I don't want you to die. You're my friend and one of the only ones I have. It's only a matter of time before the queen finds out. And when she does...I don't want fingers pointed at you." He looked deep into her eyes. "I'm the only one who knows I think."

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 2:24 AM
Her ears perked then immediately flattened as Ingavor covered her hand, almost jolting out of her seat. How did he know? She kept the dagger so well hidden and how did he know what was supposed to be in the box? She slipped her hand out of his grasps. "What! How did!-" she realized she was being too loud and changed the pitch in her voice to a whisper. "How did you know I have it?" She then thought of something and again like always, she jumped to conclusions. "Your intentions are to kill the queen... This dagger is was supposed to be delivered to you, wasn't it?" She got up from her seat, but still kept quiet. "You're the assassin...." Was Gus in on this? Niv too?

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 2:34 AM
"What?! Roxy if I was a bloody cutthroat, I would have killed you at the shipment and taken the dagger for my self. I'm not a bloody murderer." He kept his voice low as well. "I am not an assassin, but if you don't give me that dagger, you will be killed by the queen. She will find out that you have it and she will immediately turn you into ash. I am begging you. Don't let that happen." He looked at her hand, resting his other hand on hers. "I don't have any interest in hurting the queen. I have served her for years." He sighed softly. Ingavor stared at her, pleading. "You're going to get you're self Fucking executed. You're smarter than this."

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 2:45 AM
Roxy still had a million questions running through her mind and still wasn't sure a hundred percent if Ingavor was telling the truth, but then she kept thinking. He was right, when he knew about the dagger, he could have tried something then. Plus, why would he give her a gift if he wasn't telling the truth. He had been kind this whole time and she just spat in his face with her crazy thoughts. She calmed down and sat back in her seat, her hands on the table. "I'm... I'm so sorry... I jump to the first thing that comes to mind all the time. I need to learn to think before I speak at times." She looked back to Ingavor. "So this dagger is supposed to be the queen's?... But... What does she want with a blade that kills dragon?" She asked still in a whisper. "She have plans for killing one?" Her tail currled back around her leg, her eyes watching his features.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 2:55 AM
"I don't-...know." he sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "None of that matters as long as you have that dagger. I sound daft repeating my self but you are going to get your self killed." He let go of her hand. "I'm not lying. I have no reason. But the fact remains that if you have that dagger in your possession, you'll be burned at the steak or beheaded and put on the wall of traitors. You will be tried for treason and conspiracy against the queen, regardless of reason. If you don't give it to me, you're going to get found out. I can't watch another person die because d their good intentions. It is not right. The queen is not to be crossed. " Taking a deep breath, he looked at the floor, hair falling in front of his face. He looked up to her and smiled. "Peaches is the word of the day."

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 3:28 AM
Roxy shook her head. "You're talking to me as if I'm a child.... I'm not!" She said rather irritated. "I thought of the consequences of taking the dagger. I know what will happen if I get caught." She sighed. "There is another reason why I took the dagger, not just to protect the queen, though now, I don't see why I need to.... You probably know all too well about that woman, more than I, but we both know what was in that box. How much does she get high off those pearls? Is she really fit to rule these lands? From what I've learned in the short time I've been here, she doesn't do much to protect her people... I'm sure you've heard about the Black Sun? Has she done anything about them? They've killed children." Her ears flickered to his last words. "Look... You said you knew right from wrong. Do you think it's right that these people are targeting races and killing them? You think it's right that the queen does nothing about it?" Her tail started to lash and a low growl rumbled within her. "I've decided to take this problem in my own hands and this dagger could help." She leaned back and crossed her arms, thinking things over and she got an idea. "But... If you really want this dagger to be given to a queen who gets shit headed on drugs all the time, you can have it... Only if you help me get rid of this Black Sun..."(edited)

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 9:16 AM
He noticed her annoyance and sat back in his chair. "I know you're not a child-..." she kept going, angry. She mentioned having an ulterior motive and asked about Anaya and her pearls. He listened to her speak, every word, and started getting annoyed himself. Yet he understood. She mentioned the black sun, and he furrowed a brow. "Keep your voice down or you'll get us both thrown in the cells!" He whispered, pleading with his eyes then brought his voice to a quieter tone.
"The Black Sun is full of deadly warriors. You honestly think you can stop them even with my help? If you want help, I will help you. But I'm not going to sit here and listen to you consistently question my morality. I am loyal to the crown. To my Queen. Regardless of if she is not the most ideal queen. Those pearls effect dragons in some way that causes an amazing high. Anaya is losing her mind. I've been tending to her. She needs 4 of them to stop seeing her dead husband and children." He sighed. "She doesn't admit it but working in the halls through the years, you see things. I've seen her having conversations with herself. With people who have been dead for years. " Ingavor sighed softly, and looked back up at her. "I am not Anaya. I cook and go bring food to the slaves, every night. I care for her company and family, more than she ever has." Ingavor gritted his teeth, and his fists. "I am not that fucki-...bloody dragon. I will never be her. Madam, you are a friend and I am trying to help you but you'll do right to never question me when it comes to the people I take care of and protect. That includes you. YOU stole from the crown. YOU are trying to use it for gain. YOU switched the daggers. I didn't. I am just trying to help you, but if you prefer I walk out the door, I can do that too. Roxy, be rational. Regardless of killing the Black Sun, you still have to deal with Anaya. I will help you with the Sun. Just give me the dagger so I can save your bloody life from the most powerful bloody woman in the entire bloody world!" He was infuriated that Roxy would insult his help and turn this back on him. He understood her anger but for her to turn it on himself, snapped his mood. He usually was nice, calm and collected, but she was frustrating him. Why did she think this was a good idea. "Let's stop yelling at each other and help me help you. I'm sorry Roxy."

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 1:30 PM
Roxy slumped in her chair and kept silent for what seemed like forever. What was she doing? He was right. If those things about the queen were true, she was mad and would kill her without question. Why couldn't others see that she was unfit? Roxy thought of the Black Sun. She couldn't think taking them on was a good idea, at least by herself. How many others would help? If she had Ingavor on her side, that would only make two of them and even with the dagger it probably wouldn't be enough. Roxy sighed, her ears flat against her head. 'This queen really is a nut case. Brainwashing her people in doing her bidding,' she thought to herself. "Fine! I can see there is no winning with this one." She leaned down and drew the dagger from her boot before sliding it across the table to him. "The queen can have her dagger back and do hell knows what with it.... But, you said you were going to help with the Black Sun, don't go against your word." Roxy was again tired and it probably affected her judgement, so she felt sorry for talking back to her friend, she didn't have too many to start with.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Wednesday at 3:33 PM
He sighed with relief when she finally gave in and nodded. "You have my word. I promise you, even if we both die, I'm with you." He reached his hand out to it "besides if I can get it back to Anaya, maybe we can-...." he touched the dagger and his grip closed around the hilt. Shock crawled over his body as his head and eyes rolled back, and blood started trickling from his right nostril. He fell to the floor with a thud, his mind in a void, while he saw so much at once. He could feel the dragon. The soul that resided in the dagger, was more powerful than anything he had ever felt before. The aura in the dagger was smashing against his skull, clawing its way in. He let out a whimper as he felt the every memory. From the moment it was forged to the moment Roxy gave it to him, he saw and relived it all. The great dragon soul spoke to him, calling upon him for freedom. Ingavor gritted his teeth, as all the knowledge about the blade melded with his mind. Within a flash,and even though his body hadn't left, he was back in the bar, sweating, and breathing hard. "I-... don't... understand. This-...can kill the queen and release a god's wrath." He said, weakly, pulling himself back into chair.(edited)

FoxyRoxyLast Wednesday at 4:37 PM
Roxy got up and hurried to Ingavor's side. "Oh goodness... Ingavor hun, you okay?" She asked, her anger turning to worry. What happened? He was fine until... The dagger must have done something to him. Since Roxy had resistance to magic, the dagger must have never affected her like it was Ingavor. She took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped his nose of the blood then she helped him back up to his seat. Her eyes scanned the room, seeing others stare. "Heh.. everything is fine here, my friend just had a little too much to drink." The stares were shrugged off and everyone returned to their business. Roxy looked to Ingavor, still a bit worried and nodded. "I know. That's what I was getting at before. This dagger is used to kill dragons. You see why I was so sceptical about giving it to the queen. What does she want to do with it?"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 8:50 PM
Ingavor could feel the booming voice clawing his way into his brain. He could see the scales and teeth. He could feel the gust of winds from the beast's wings slamming against him with force. He felt Roxy at his side, helping him to his feet. "Thank you Roxanne. I'm sorry." He still had the dagger in his right hand, even as he gripped his spellbook from his belt, with his other. He then slid the weapon into his book and closed it. He knew that no one could access his book except him, as the magic was coded to only his soul. If anyone else tried to take something from out of his book, it wouldn't work. They would only touch the paper, giving the illusion that the spellbook was that. Just a book. Ingavor, now hiding the dagger looked at Roxy. "I can feel this beast. Powerful like the queen. Dangerous. I had this connection to it. It-...spoke to me and told me that If I ever needed him, to just call and he would be there. I think Anaya wants to destroy it. She is either going to use it for gain, or destroy it to not have it used against her. No one will suspect me of having it. But I can't say the same for you, Roxy. You need to lay low for a day or two, until they question Niv and Gus. If I'm not mistaken, based on her schedule, she would already be heading to her chambers for her pearls. Which means she probably found out that the dagger isn't real. "(edited)
Ingavor thought hard. "She is gonna send her top men to find it. She will expect you. They won't hurt you. Unless you try to fight or resist them. You stick to the story that you have no idea what happened to it. You thought you gave her what she asked for. You were just doing your job." He stared into her eyes. Repeating. "Yes. You did your job, you delivered what was asked. You don't know what they mean. That's IF they question you. Until then. We need to get you out of here." He reached into his pocket. "This sounds strange, but I have enough gold. Go to Miss Everdeen's Brothel. The era-...pleasure palace as she calls it. Give her the Gold and ask for a room to stay. Miss Everdeen doesn't ask questions so long as there is gold." He pulled his coin purse out and tossed it over to her. "There is about 100 gold and a handful of copper in there. Use it. Tell Everdeen that it's all hers for a safe spot. " he was at a loss. He stood from his chair and stared at Roxy, being stern. "Keep in mind. We may not know much about each other, but I am a man of my word. I will keep you safe, and help you take care of the sun. But until then. I need to return to the castle and buy you some time. It's our only shot and we need to move. Now!" Ingavor went to take a step toward the door and grunted as he dropped to his knee. The soul bond he felt with the dragon took energy from him, but he didn't have time to be tired. He pulled himself back onto his feet, and turned back to look at Roxy. "Don't worry about me. Worry bout you! You need to go!"

December 21, 2018
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Roxy gave Ingavor a nod, watching him put the dagger in his book, her ears still lied back and her worry expression continued to be shown on her face till he spoke again. "A beast?" She asked now confused, her tail flicking behind her. "And powerful like the queen?... You mean a dragon is trapped in that thing?" She shook her head. Did she hear him right? It spoke to him? "Wait... What do you mean it spoke to you? All this sounds insane!! But.... We can't let Anaya to destroy it, can we? Would there be a way to free the beast instide or do you think that would be a bad idea?" She paused and listened as he continued to talk. All this was happening so fast. Nothing would happen to Gus or Niv would it? If something did, she'd probably never forgive herself, after all, this was all her fault. Roxy nodded again. Sticking to a story was something she was good at. Though she didn't like it, she was a good liar. "I... I understand Ingavor," she said in a serious tone. Roxy looked down in her hands, seeing the coin purse. She'd never held so much gold before. This was all supposed to go to the woman at that brothel? It seemed like so much, but Roxy didn't question it. Gold must be more common here in the kingdom than in her small village she came from. Her eyes met with him again. "I... I trust you now Ingavor... Probably more than anyone else in these lands, but you sure you're gonna be okay?" She looked around to see if she could spot Niv or maybe even Gus. "What about Niv and Gus? I don't want anything to happen to them..."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseToday at 2:38 PM
It was about 2 or 3 in the morning t this time, and Ingavor knew every second would bring the guards closer to the tavern. "It spoke may name and said his was....Vergo." he sighed and turned back to look at Roxy. "I'm an empath. I can feel people's memories and emotions through touch. When I touched the dagger, I could feel this giant dragon inside. He spoke to me about freeing him. But I'm not sure we should. He felt powerful-..." he shook his head, realizing that he was wasting time. He motioned to her and the coinpurse."That is all the money in the world that I have. Take it and get yourself hidden before they get here." He sighed. Looking into the darkness through the window. "They will be questioned and probably interrogate Gus. But so long as everyone keeps their heads level. No one will get hurt. Anaya won't allow one of her most profitable business owners get thrown in the brig, unless she can replace them. Niv will refuse to go against Gus, and no one in this town will either. They will be fine."She then asked about him, talking about how she trusted him the most. Then she asked him if he would be okay. He didn't know. It was the one thing he was unsure of. It didn't matter. As long as everything returned to normal, he could care less if he died. He was expendable. "I'll come find you when this blows over. Until then, lay low, and please....stay out of trouble." He stared forward, his back to her. He took a deep breath and turned around, flashing a cheeky smile. "We will figure this out when we are safe."
With that, he turned and bolted out the door. He decided to take the route that wasn't on the path to the castle which the guards would take. He went from a dead sprint, to a brisk walk, in a matter of a few seconds as he reached the garden of the castle, along the side. He passed different people, servants, guards, and such, as he came in through the entrance of the castle, that led out to the garden. He noticed the elites running around the main hall, while he snuck past, into the kitchen. No one would suspect him, or even notice he left to go get a drink. No one ever did. This time, he was happy about that. He let out a large exhale as he closed the door to the kitchen, finally away from the commotion. He decided to blend in, and draw attention away from himself, by picking up a rag, and wiping the counter. If anyone came in, it would simply look like Ingavor was doing his job.


FoxyRoxyToday at 3:20 PM
Roxy continued to nod, hoping everything would go as planned, hopping none of her new friends got hurt because of her stupid actions. She looked at him before he left. "Just.... Please just keep in touch somehow," she said then watched him hurry off. Keeping low was something Roxy had trouble with, she had fur and tail with huge ears after all, but she was going to do her best. Roxy looked around one last time after Ingavor left, then put her hood up. She had her tail wrap around her waist once again. It was awful that she had to do it while out, hiding herself from the world. She should be able to show herself without being afraid of being hurt. This Sun cult needed to be delt with, but for now, staying low was what needed to be done. Roxy quickly left herself, grabbing her book before she made her way to the brothel.

AnayaToday at 3:46 PM
as Roxy left the little elven eyes came out form the back of the bar. “Gus?” she called out as she moved, opening up the back window within seconds a large crow with blue feet came into the window with a thump “pick up anything Alexander?” the crow gave a squack as within seconds the birds body shifted and snaped rolling into a ball and then forming into a man with a blue feathered cloak “as expected she opened the box, she knows the castles dirty truth, but the little one played a card that we did not see coming Niv, she took the dagger for herself, she has some stones after all, innocence is not the only thing she has going for her. But the queen knows about it, elites are on there way here as we speak and the girl has gone to Everdeens to lay low, it would be advised miss to keep an eye on them both the girl and this Ingavor ” Niv nodded her head “alright then, get a job at the castle keep an eye on the Ingavor one, i already have a girl in the pleasure palace that tells me all the details when i get her drunk enough keeping an eye on the fox wont be a problem, oh, and that trigger word to get Vergo all riled up, you remember it right?” Alexander gave a grin and nodded his head “fucking peaches” was all he said as he started to laugh vanishing back into that crow with the blue feet and flapping his way over to the window to go off to the castle to do as instructed.
Niv took the time with the empty bar to with her powers clean up the place to turn it from a mess to spotless being sure to remove all traces of Roxie from the location, not a single orange hair would be found on her watch.

JordanLioneyeToday at 5:51 PM
He wasn't sure if weapons were allowed within the tavern walls but he took his weapon in either way. His horse didn't have any reigns nor a saddle so it wasn't as if he could leave it on his horse. He dismounted his horse and smiled before patting its neck. "If you see anyone, run into this tavern." He pointed to the tavern door while he instructed his horse, hoping that the last days together was enough for the horse to pick up on human language and sign. On another note of his horse, it wasn't tied down to anything. It could up and leave at any moment if it truly wanted to. But still Jordan stepped towards the tavern doors and shoved them open. He looked around quickly to catch a glimpse of the ones inside before continuing to the bar counter. He stepped quickly, pausing at the counter before taking out the badge and note from his makeshift backpack and placing the two items on the counter. He spoke aloud in the direction of the bartender. His deep voice boomed out after leaving his mouth. "Hello, I was wondering if a man-" He didn't realize how easily the interior of the tavern picked up his voice. Mid way through his sentence he lowered his voice after catching the attention of almost everyone within earshot. "-by the name of Marsh Maverick. I need to know his whereabouts in order to further develop a personal investigation of mine. And anything you could tell me about this badge would also be greatly appreciated." He turned his body to easily see his horse from inside. He didn't want anyone to snag his horse while inside. Every now and then he would look at the bartender and then to his horse throughout the conversation he was trying to have. His horse was hanging out quite calmly. The morning sun made its white hair shine even brighter than normal. That was indeed a beautiful horse.

Something is Happening at Hang Mans Tree
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Tne1610
Wolves in the woods, Questline started

JordanLioneyeYesterday at 11:03 PM
Jordan Lioneye began to walk forward without any care for the repercussions that may come from venturing in these unknown lands. What does fate have in store for him now? What dangers rested in the path ahead of him? These questions along with many others sat in the foremost section of his mind. He couldn't let these questions start to bring self-doubt within himself. If at any point in his life he needed confidence, it was now. The day grew longer with each step he took. The chilly temperatures mixed with his wet clothing did not add up well either. He stopped himself for a moment and placed his hands together and exhaled into them to gather a bit of warmth. He started to continue his travels in a direct path straight from the shores he washed upon at. In the sense of the land, he was traveling south, yet that was unknown to him at the current moment. The minutes seemed to drag out as he looked for dry wood to gather together to start a fire. After obtaining a fair amount of branches and sticks, he piled them together in an organized fire pit. With a bit of concentration a white flame exits his hands and blasts gently and smoothly upon the sticks, catching flame. He sits around for a while drying the clothes on his body and warming up his body. The white flame burned brightly. His deep blue eyes gazed into the flame until a bit of movement caught his attention. It appeared that a white steed was in the distance.
A horse would be a great addition at the moment for a horse could carry a nice amount of items as well as offer a means of quick transportation in comparison to walking everywhere himself. He watched the horse for a few more minutes up until the point that he was finally dry. He put out the flame to not have it cause a potential massive grassland fire. He crouches through the open field to close the distance between himself and the horse. Without startling the horse, he stands up straight, positions his body planted strongly on the ground, and with a quick motion of his right leg, takes off in the horse's direction. Before it could react and run away, Jordan tackles the horse by the neck and upper torso to knock the horse down to the ground. He places his body weight down on the horse to keep it from getting up to its feet and running off. He uses his strength to keep the horse at bay long enough for the horse to listen to his commands. The struggle went on for a couple of hours until finally the horse gave in and remained motionless in defeat and exhaustion. Jordan sat with the horse until it caught its breath and finally mounted upon it for the first time. The horse gave in to his command eventually. For the next 2 days, Jordan and the horse bonded through the hunting of small game such as rabbits and squirrel.
The harder part was finding things for the horse to eat besides plain grass. Along with the hunting of small game was the continued traveling in the southern direction. Closer to the end of the first day, a range of mountains came into view. Jordan held tight to the horse's mane and urged it to gallop towards the small but obvious passageway that cut through the mountains. The ride through was peaceful for the most part. Due to the hunting and gathering he did throughout his journey to this point, the need to stop for food was not needed. Whenever the horse grew tired, he dismounted and walked next to the horse. The mountains were not a place he wished to spend too much time in considering that the mountains usually housed bandits, highwaymen, and the sorts. Without proper equipment, he could only take on a few men at a time and these groups were usually more than just a few men. But fortune smiled today for there was no one. The journey through was peaceful. On the other end of the mountain range now, signs of civilization could be seen. There was multiple signs of smoke in the sky. Jordan sighed cheerfully for it looked like he would soon come to see the first person since washing up ashore. "Come on buddy, the ride isn't over yet." He said to his horse before mounting up once more.
The ride continued on. Time passed by but Jordan was in a trance within his thoughts and paid no mind to the change in the day. Before he knew it, a tower was in sight. It appeared that he was entering through the northern side of the place. A river flowed to his left and it seemed like the perfect place to take his horse for a quick drink. Minutes went by with the horse resting by the water. Finally, it was time to head into the town and find out exactly where he was. He grabbed the horse by the mane and started heading in. There wasn't a line to enter and there wasn't any guards at the tower. It was odd indeed but he paid it no mind. When entering through the tower, Jordan spotted a tree that had something hanging from it. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was a body. It was a gruesome sight indeed, but why was this allowed here? This kingdom seemed big enough that something like this wouldn't go unpunished. Jordan looked around to see if anyone was around to speak to him. Then he saw a young child that looked as if he hustled the streets. Jordan called the kid over and he came running quick.
"What can I help you with mister?" The kid said in a very high-pitched voice. "Kid, what can you tell me about this place? The name, the body hanging off that tree, and anything that might be worth knowing." His deep voice being the complete opposite to the kids. "Well mister it is going to cost you. This place is the Iron Stone. It is part of the Iron Dynasty. That body hanging off that tree is landmarked as 'Hang Mans Tree' and between you and me, that is something you don't want to involve yourself in. There is a lot of crazy rumors surrounding that body." The kid crossed his arms before looking into Jordan's eyes. "So pay up, this information isn't free." And Jordan's thoughts on this kid was right. He did hustle the streets. Jordan dug through his coin pouch and pulled out a single gold coin. He handed it to the kid and smiled. "Here you go kid, thank you for the intel." He walked away from the kid and mounted his horse now looking at Hang Mans Tree. The kid began to walk away before screaming to Jordan, "You may want a saddle for that horse too." And with that last word, the kid ran off into the shadows of the Iron Stone.

thewolfman97Yesterday at 11:09 PM
Wolf was walking for days through unknown lands. He didn’t know where to go or let alone where any nearby cities. Soon he brought himself into a place with a man hanging from a tree. Wolf’s eyes soon widen a bit, he saw a little boy talking to a man and overheard the conversation of the two. Wolf walked over to listen better to the two talking. He got information of this place as well, he looked up at the tree once more and stayed quiet.

December 21, 2018
JordanLioneyeToday at 3:00 AM
As he spoke with the child, a figure in the shape of a man came into view from the peripheral vision of Jordan. Why did his questioning of the body raise a stranger's attention? It wasn't clear at first but then when the stranger stepped closer to him and the kid and clearly showed an interest in their conversation, Jordan went on full alert. Did the mere questioning of such a sight really bring that much attention? He continued on his business with the child and pretended to have paid the stranger no mind. He just went on about his business with the child until they went their separate ways. Now when his attention was on the corpse itself, Jordan looked closely at the corpse that was hanging on the tree. The flies had already implanted their offspring within it. The maggots could be seen falling down one after the other from their over adventures. Why did the little boy tell him to not involve himself with the body that hung from the tree? What rumours have spread that not even the guard of this kingdom have put the body to proper rest? With every passing thought, his curiosity increased and his need to find out the truth began to overtake all of his desires. He kicked his horse's side gently to get it to slowly move towards the tree that the body hung from. Jordan unsheathed his claymore and with one quick and precise horizontal slash, the rope that kept the body put in the air was cleanly cut. Jordan's eyes tracked the body as it fell down.
The flies that swarmed around became agitated with their meal being relocated. The maggots that were in the body splattered out across the dirt. Their disgusting white contrasted with the light brown of the ground. But even worse than the sight was the smell omitted from the corpse. This body was definitely not fresh and had to have been here for a while. It is amazing that it didn't dissemble in two from merely hanging in the air. Jordan dismounted his horse slowly and moved it a few steps away from the corpse to keep the smell from catching and lingering to his horse. Then he stepped back to the corpse and kicked away the maggots near him. He bended at the knee and began to inspect the corpse. The corpse did not have many pockets nor appeared to have been a wealthy person either. The dark brown rags the corpse possessed provided no protection against the elements and considering the temperature of the region, the more layers you could put on your back, the better. He kept trying to piece together as much information as he could from inspecting the body.
He couldn't detail the age of the person due to the early stages of decomposition. But he could make out that it was a man thanks to the bone structure of the jaw. The race of the man could not be made out by Jordan at this instance. Him being in foreign lands, the creatures and beings of these lands could be a multitude of hybrid combinations. From the visible skin of the man, there wasn't any distinguishing markings or tattoos to connect the man to an organization or family home. From just looking at the corpse, there was nothing else he could think of checking, thus now came the more gruesome part of the investigation, the physical evaluation. Jordan began to move around the brown rags to expose more skin that couldn't be seen. He checked the neck and upper back first, mid to lower back next, buttocks after that, the back of his legs all the way down to the toes. He proceeded to turn the corpse over to check its chest. The spine of the corpse came apart with a thick and distinct snap.
The torso of the corpse had turned but the lower body very much stayed in the same form it had when it initially hit the ground. A quick gag hit the back of Jordan's throat upon seeing the bruises and green tint the skin had taken thanks to time. The front of the corpse's body looked extremely more beat up than the rear end of it. But he had already committed to this much and was not going to cut his loses here. He took apart the rags covering the upper body and began to inspect and note any marking or tattoos he found. He flipped over the lower body that refused to turn over at first attempt and searched it as well. He lowered the pants to expose the man's member and gave a quick glance for anything before hiding the corpse's dignity. He raised the leggings of the rags to check the thighs, knees, and shins of the body. Anything he noticed he kept a mental note of. In his last moments of inspecting the corpse, he began to dig through the pockets searching for any note, item, or clue that could lead him elsewhere.

AnayaToday at 11:23 AM
The weather was chilly for morning, wind was starting to pick up and the tree moved more then normal when the body was cut down. It fell with a thump on the ground disturbing the grass and landing and flattening a rather large bush. As it hit the bush something shiny peeked out from under it, it was a badge of sorts, this man, he was a guard, a town guard with a badge stating such that at least gave the rank of the man and a little detail of who and what he was. But a town guard would not have ratty cloth on this was common knowledge, were did the mans armour go and why was a man of high rank in this kingdom in almost slave style rags. Upon closer looking there came somethings that stood out, in the mans pocket was a folded parchment reading “To any that look over this body, it sorrys me that you have to look over such a state of another human being, it is sad on what was done to this man of no known name. No one has come to tell us who he was so your guess is as good as mine, we found no personal belongings on him and left him were he hung, all that was known from us is the body and the drag marks that came from the west leading here, they came from the woods but be careful within the woods, the wolves howl in there. I would not advise going alone” the note is then signed Marsh Maverick, that clearly must have been the inspectors name who had looked this over last, it was also clear as day they did not do a good job and be the note readable it was scratched in looking like the person had been cross eyed wall righting it in inc. Parts smudged and other words looking more like a child made work of it, clearly the man was not all there or had been heavily drinking at the time.
With the garments of the body removed it was clear this body had seen better days, and had been here a good while, it takes the common fly 8 to 9 days to go from egg to adult and there was fly's here at every stage of life, clearly it had been here anywhere from 8 days to maybe even two weeks. The body had been shredded, large claw marks riddled the poor thing, slash marks some going from the upper chest down past the mans partly severed genitalia, others being small and some had what seemed like the bites of animals around them, it was hung in a tree, wolves could not get into the tree after it had been hung, a large bite mark stood out, a full jaw shape of what looked like a wolf or even a bear bite hunked into the shoulder deep but not chewing just bite and maybe holding. Then other smaller not as well made bites riddled the body's legs and arms, some chewing clearly and some missing chunks, but the big things were the claw marks, slashing down the chest one almost severed the arm it hung by a thread clear in and out of bone, a wolf was strong but not that strong. Also on the body was the noticeable member that was severed, it was not severed by a slash or a bite, it was severed by what looked to be a blade, a personal attack to ones baby maker, it also could be the cause of death in the man, the bite marks slashes all that did not help but severing the
underside vain of a mans penis would surely cause him to bleed out painfully in a rather short time. And the mans scrotum was removed, it really was not here at all, and there was no trace of it around the body, maybe the crows took it or the animals did if it fell off the body when it hung, but the body did have pants on, so that was unlikely. With more searching in every part the note with the slight directions was all that was here, a note and a badge deeming that he was a guard from the castle, no castle guards had been sent out to find this man as if they did this body would not be here, so this guard was far from a missed guard, maybe he deserved this fate, that much was unknown.

JordanLioneyeToday at 5:50 PM
Every cut, bite, and slash that was placed on the body was painted very vividly to Jordan's mind. The dismemberment of the man's private parts also showed that this body was here for the purpose of conveying a message but to who it was directed to would require further investigation. He searched through the pockets and found a note with words printed upon it in a awfully messy manner. He read the words carefully and checked for any secret messages but to no avail. But at least he had a name to work with. A Marsh Maverick was the only lead that he had at the moment and he was going to make sure to chase the lead down until his curiosity was fulfilled. He placed the note inside of his makeshift backpack and began to rise to his feet. As he rose up, a glimpse of sun reflected into his eyes from the inner portion of the bushes that the body had flattened out. Once more he got down to check the source of the reflection and to his disbelief, there was a badge of sorts. He grabbed it and began to make out the details of the badge. It didn't appear to be a badge from some nobody that joined a group of low lives and then got out casted. Instead, the badge had the symbol of the Iron Stone along with another strange marking that he couldn't pin out.
Maybe it related directly to the man. Or perhaps it was an item belonging to the guilty party. This item could easily have belonged to the corpse here or to the one who hung him upon the tree. As the seconds passed, there were more questions than answers. Without the proper knowledge of this town all he could do was speculate. He placed the badge within his makeshift bag near the note that he found in the pockets of the corpse. He made his way over to his horse to mount himself up once more. "Sorry girl if I might smell horrid. I didn't think I would be around that body for so long." He patted the horse's neck and she neighed in response to his words like if she knew exactly what he was telling her. Maybe she was agreeing that he smelled like the dead. Then with a slight tug to the horse's mane, Jordan redirected the horse into the direction of the stranger that was still lingering about the area. With a gentle kick the horse moved closer to the stranger. Jordan was within 15 feet to the stranger before he began to speak loud enough for the man to hear his words. "I do not know if you had a hand to play in that body and were listening to my conversation earlier in order tostop me from investigating or if you share the same interest that I do in the truth behind that man, but I recommend keeping yourself from getting in my way. I am not from these lands and owe it no loyalty. I will easily slay you and leave like if nothing happened.
But if you turn out to be friend I hope you do not take my words too harshly. Have a pleasant rest of your evening." And before the man would even have a chance to respond, Jordan kicked his off into full gear towards the deeper parts of town. His aim was a tavern of sorts for if there was any secrets to be learned, the taverns of the city would be the place to learn them

Miss Everdeens Pleasure Palace
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Sinbadcovfinalcolor2sm
FoxyRoxyToday at 3:37 PM
Roxy walked down the street till she saw the Everden's Pleasure Palace sign. "This looks like the place..." She said under her breath. She looked to another sign that said fifty percent of for the Church of Bliss members. "Why would members of a church want to come here?" Her hand reached for the door hinge, a bit shaky and opened it. This was the first time she'd ever been in a brothel and it made her a bit nervous. Was it dirty and gross? Was it filled with people that carried diseases? Once inside, her eyes began scanning everything she could. She didn't know it was safe, so she still kept her hood up to hide her face, her tail around her waist. "Um... Hello?" She said with a shaky voice. "I'm looking for a Miss Everden... I uh... I need a room.."

AnayaToday at 4:34 PM
once Roxie opened the door she was met with the wonderful smell of lavender and assorted flowers within was a silken palace of pillows, sofas nude woman and some men being fed grapes on satin sheets, nothing was gross or revolting about this place from the mere look of it all it was rather nice, and a small child dressed in yellow silks walked around serving whine to some of the men and woman all with smiles and a shimmer to there eyes. They all looked so happy so present, and in the mess of it all was one woman with bright red hair and a massive bossum, “Mary can you get me more whine my dear” she said softly as she got up from her pillow and walked over to the new comer to the doors a small little sign saying “please wait to be greeted” siting between Roxy and this very attractive female. She had her red hair lose beach curls and soft freckles dappled her nose, and to top it all off was the bright black silks with little golden adornments that hugged her hips in all the right places. “oh welcome to miss Everdeens, i am well she, hahaha now how can i help you my dear wonderful furry friend, would you like a group listing, or oh are you a part of the church of bliss” she leaned in winking “or do ya wanna be haha” her voice was sugar to the ears and she even smelled good and sweet like this whole thing was a dirty little sex story wrapped up in a bow and dunked head first in sugar and topped with a cherry. She gave a smile and picked up a
couple little papers from the little night stand that was beside the sign “well we got a couple group rates, some going up to six girls or boys at a time, ages young and old and we even got one right off the boat she still has a bit of kick to her, a fighter that one is for the men that like some fire cracker to there pudden. Then there is the normal, hump, top bottom doggy kind of girls all with there papers of course so all is on the books yes yes, how would ya like it baby girl what can i get ya, oh and we got the best boy in town here today he is a keeper, dark skin form the south you dont get hands like his from any northern boy if you know what i mean”


To Roxy's surprise, the entire place was beautiful as well as the people in it. Even the smell had her in this weird daze. This wasn't how she imagined it at all. She kept still and she waited by the sign, her eyes wondering about on the many nude figures before her, causing her body to tense up a bit and became all kinds of flustered. She then watched a woman get up and approach her, making her gaze turn to her. 'By the gods she's beautiful,' she thought as she looked at her amazing magma red hair. When the woman spoke, Roxy couldn't keep her eyes from undressing her and goodness did she smell good. This whole scene was really playing with her mind and to be honest, she became a little aroused by it. Hearing her call Roxy, her furry friend, made her feel a bit safer and her tail undid itself around her waist while she pulled her hood down, letting her big ears to spring free. "Umm... Well.. I uh.. no I'm not apart of that church... I uh-" she watched Everdeen take a stack of papers and listened to her talk, her ears flickering to her sugar like voice. "Goodness... That's um.. well..." She traild off, her mind fantasising on being in bed with one of these gorgeous woman. She was so lost in the fantasy, she had almost forgot what she came in here for. Roxy shook her head, loosing her lustful thoughts and took out the coin purse. "I was told you can keep someone hidden for a little bit. I need to lie low. Can you do that for me?" She finally asked.

The woman gave a light laugh at how bashful the fox was, it was adorable to have a first time here, she smiled softly and put a arm around the girls shoulder pulling her in for a tight hug and then walking with her arm around her into the room, oddly enough there was alot of open space in here the main room was a wide round room that looked alot like it used to be a oasis bath house but then got repurposed into a brothal, there was a large water pond in the center with girls all around it, large pillows sofas and men leaning back taking in the glory and being fed and pleasured by the girls in a non sexual way, at least here in the main segment but you chould see there were hall ways leading to surely back rooms and to the places were sex and pleasure was kept privet "for sure we can help you lay low little one, if you have the coin we can even give you a new face new clothing new name fully slip under the radar on a magic level, and you should relax have a drink, eat, be free the world is ya oyster." As she talked a beautiful blonde elven girl about 18 or so fully topless and only having a sweet pink silk to cover her lower half walked up to roxie holding out a dish of grapes and fruit slices "want to come relax with me" her voice whispered from her lips as she took a step closer to roxie her bear breasts within grabbing reach.

Roxy flinched as Miss Everdeen put an arm around her shoulder, causing her ears to fold back and her cheeks to grow hot. Her tail would slowly shift side to side in a happy manner and she followed the woman, her eyes too excited to keep still. Oh how she would love to take a bath. It had been some time since she properly cleaned herself and her fur was loosing it's red-orange glow. She looked to the red haired woman. "Um.. yeah.. I do believe I have enough um.. coin..." She opened the purse and held it to her. She thought back to Ingavor, hoping everything was alright with him. Was he going to give the dagger to Anaya or was he going to hold on to for a little while longer. "There's um.. there's over a hundred coin in here I believe and hopefully it can buy whatever you just said, except a new face. Magic doesn't do well with me... Oh... Maybe a bath too.. if um you don't mind?" Her ears perked, hearing a soft gentle voice behind her and she turned around to be met with this alluring young blonde. Roxy's heart must of skipped a beat because she went silent for a few moments. "Goodness.. I uh-" the blonde cut her off as she stepped forward and her eyes fell to her breasts, but she quickly caught herself and gazed up to her eyes instead. "I uh... Relax? Um.. well I am a little hungry," she said trying to find her words.

Miss Everdeen moved and took the whole coin pouch into her hand wiggling a finger down to quickly count the number in there "oh yes love we can do all kinds of things with you with this, and it is good that magic does not work with you it whould dist over double this amount to get that kind of package but we will get you all cleaned up my dear but you injoy that little flower there that is jasmine she is a rather nice chunk and today seeing it is your first time I will give you a discount for her you can take her up to your room if you wish aswell." The little bound gave a sly blush as she gave a giggle her breasts bouncing up and down as she giggled. Miss Everdeen moved her hand slipping down to run her fingers along the foxes tail ruffling the fur as she took the coin and faded away to go cont and work that into the safe "have fun there my dear and dont worry jasmine is well experienced in everything to help you out here" you chould hear the snicker as she faded out of view leaving roxie in the room far from empty with the girl. Jasmine Moved and walked over her hips swaying as she layed down beside a long sofa holding gentry of grapes and fruits "come over sweet fox and relax your working muscles I can give you a relaxing massage and a snack before we get to the fun things " she gave a smile.

Roxy gave a half smile when Miss Everdeen said it was enough and she thanked Ingavor in the back of her head, still hoping he was well. Her eyes looked over to Jazmine once she was introduced. "Oh.. that's ... Um.. it's a lovely name ma'am," she stuttered, her gaze falling to her chest once again as it bounced. "uh... goodness.. um.. You can call me Foxy- I mean Roxy, hehe." Roxy's body shuddered, feeling Everdeen's electrical touch along her tail, causing her fur to fluff up. Her ears flickered to her words as she walked away. 'Have fun? Does she mean?...' Roxy thought as she gulped. "Goodness..." She followed Jasmine to the sofa, her arms a little shaky and her tail going nuts behind her. "I guess a massage sounds rather nice," she said as she sat down next to her. Her face felt like it was on fire. This was her first experience with this sort of thing and she had no idea how to proceed with it. Her eyes connected with Jasmine's and she gave her a goofy smile. "So... Um... You like your job?" She asked, trying to make small talk. 'Goodness do I sound stupid.' She wanted to slap herself, but instead giggled and stuffed her face with a few grapes.

As roxie dat down on the long sofa chair jasmin took her hands putting down the fruit plate on a side small table and softly raun her fingers over to its legs, her skin was so smooth on the fur she enjoyed it almost as much as surely roxie did, with light pressure she picked up the foxes foot paw and started to massage into the pads of roxies foot. Her blue hues looked up at roxie as she boldly lay a kiss to the sweet foxes to and smiled working her way up roxie leg and then to her hips were she slid her hands down the sides of her hips before pulling back up to give a full lower body massage working back down to the feet to repeat the process "oh I love my job my dear I love to see everyone so happy and most that come here are so very nice, the best ones are the Bliss partys we do enjoy them very much and it all brings in a good penny for the house." She moved picking up a grape to slip it into roxie lips for her feeding her so her mind and body chould do nothing but melt ro jasmine's touch.

December 23, 2018
Roxy opened her mouth to speak once more, but she could not say anything as she felt the young woman's hands down her legs then to the pads of her feet. "Mmmmm," was all she could muster as her body lost it's tension to Jasmine's smooth touch. Her eyes would fall to her mesmerizing blue sapphires, watching her look back, causing a smile to be played across her muzzle. Her fur frizzled up when she went down her sides and to her hips, making her squirm in her seat and her heart race in her chest, but she strangly felt at peace and her body seamed to melt to the sofa. All her worries seemed to disappear and the only thing that mattered was the beautiful woman in front of her. "Goodness that feels amazing hun," she said as Jasmine massaged her lower body then went back to her feet. All that pain from walking in her travels vanished. This girl was certainly a master with her hands and she could only imagine what they felt like on other places of her body. "You're... well Um.. I'm definitely enjoying this, so you've made another person happy." Her ears flickered as she heard the Bliss once again and after Jasmine pushed a grape past her lips, she wanted to speak again, but she couldn't or wouldn't. Whatever it was, she felt like she didn't have to say much. This moment was too intoxicating to spoil with questions.

December 24, 2018
" I have made.many people happy hun, it is what I live for and we chould be very happy tonight if you like, her hands slipped up Roxys pant leg and ran over her groin area just on top of her garments. Her lips moved to the girls soft and surely sensitive ears to lightly kiss the side and ever somsoftly run her teeth along it " we chould take off your dirty clothing and I choud make you so exhausted you would sleep like a baby tonight, wana go to that room together it is safer to sleep in pairs" she gave a coy chuckle and her hand stayed just on roxie pants crotch as she applied a tad bit of pressure to her plan being able to just touch the foxes furry little flower under the leather.

Roxy's ears flickered to her kiss, causing her to gulp. Was she really about to do this with a complete stranger? She couldn't. But her body told her otherwise. Her heart sang out at the feel of her touch and a deep pulse of desire low in her belly echoed back its own insistent beat. She squirmed slightly where she sat and the pulse transform into a sliding moistness between her legs. Jasmine was so close now, that Roxy felt her breath on her face and smell the way it was perfumed by some sort of sweetness. Inhaling her felt like drawing a mild electric current that went down through her throat and into her chest. Her green emerald eyes looked up and locked with her beautiful sapphire ones and she gave a shy but hard nod. "Y-yeah... O... Okay," was all she could say. Her heartbeating was so hard, it could be heard by anyone who was near. As she felt a bit of pressure upon her covered sex from the woman, her legs shook and a quiet whimper was heard from the fox's voice.

December 25, 2018
Jasmine looked at the dear bashful fox and a spark glimmered in her green hues. She in one swift movement lept onto Roxie's lap her nude chest and upper torso straddling the fox as she leaned in placing a grape on her lips held loosely in her teeth as she wiggled her body slightly her own flower just over Roxie's as her lips pressed into Roxie's muzzle in a sensual kiss pushing that grape into the girls mouth. Jasmine leaned up as she moved her hands down taking Roxie's fingers and claws in her own lacing them together to fit just right “don't worry love, i will be soft with you” a smile that almost looked a little devilish came over her lips as she moved the woman's hands up onto her own hips, Roxie's fingers running over Jasmines plump backside there on that chair, in the open, very publicly, one man across the way was starring and surely enjoying the foreplay of the two females. Jasmine gave a light moan as she made Roxie's hands and claws grip tight onto her backside the girls claws griping her as she bit her own lower lip in pleasure. She unlaced her fingers with Roxie's leaving her hands on her backside as she moved her own fingers up her athletically built belly and then to her chest her fingers pinching her own nipples softly and pushing her breasts together to tease and toy with the fox's own lustful thoughts of her new partners body. There was a happiness to the girls face, she really did enjoy her job, every moan every smile every coy playful action was genuine and real not just a show for the public as some street ally whores would be, it was not just a coin to her, it was enjoyable and she loved it, every moment from meeting new people to foreplay to the sexual actions, she loved every second that came past, she could do this all night every night and some weeks she did just that.

Roxy about jumped in her seat, her ears perked as the woman leaped in her lap. "Goodness me..." She said surprised. The tension between her legs grew hotter and she felt the warmth of Jasmine's groin radiating through Roxy's pants as she straddled her body. She watched Jasmine holding a grape in her teeth, wondering what sort of plans she had with it, then without warning, she pressed her lips against her's and Roxy's big eyes widened, shocked, but soon she returned and tilted her head. When she closed her eyes, she was suspended in a void where there was nothing other than her mouth on her's. The soft warm wetness of it was intoxicating. She felt the tip of the grape on her lips and she let it in. The taste of it mixed with Jasmine's saliva was like new sugary high and Roxy about pouted, when she pulled back to speak, wanting to saver the kiss longer. She gave another shy nod to what she said and soon enough, she found her hands feeling her rear. It was so smooth and soft and she couldn't help herself but to give it a nice gentle squeeze, moaning a bit at the feel. Her gaze then fell to Jasmine's hands watching as she rubbed up her tone belly and then up to her perfect chest, giving those beautiful nipples of her's a pinch. Roxy's lustful mind took over, desperately wanting to taste her skin, suckle on her chest, rub her body against her's, but she felt akward doing it in front of others. She looked deep in her eyes and smiled, her hand coming up and brushing it against her cheek. "Um... Jasmine?" She asked in a whisper. "You mind if we uh.. do this in my room sweetie?" Her tail could be heard slapping against the chair. Even though she tried to hide it, her tail would always expose her excitement for things.

December 26, 2018
she saw the blush on the girls cheeks as she gave a smile and leaned over to whisper in her ear "don't like the eyes of the jealous on you my sweet vixen" her voice was so lustful it made the heart flutter with each hiss of her words. she gave a sly giggle as she moved and hoped off Roxy's lap taking her pawed hand in her own "i have the perfect room" she said with a smile her eyes looking back over her shoulder into Roxies "come here, it is one of the better rooms, lavender candles and oils and even some, fun toys we can play with" with had a big devilish smile on her lips and things like a smoothed out wooden member, ice, and sensual candle wax and oils on the mind. giving a light soft pull and brought Roxie over to one of the rooms with not a curtain but a real door, it must have been a better room with added privacy of a door and not just a curtain Jasmine pushed the door open, with a light creek as the smell of the lavender drafted out the door a calming and relaxing feeling as they took the steps inside. inside was covered in what looked to be flower pedals, all deked out like one would enjoy a luxury sweet or a royal sweet, it was not satin sheets but they did look mighty soft and it was a full bed not just a pillow sofa or lounge like the main hall witch was more for groups and less for one on one. she moved as she hoped to the bed getting on her knees on the bed and moving her fingers to bacon for Roxie to come on over to join her.

December 28, 2018
FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 12:26 AM
Roxy couldn't help but giggle to Jasmine's tickling voice in her ear, causing it to flicker. Her eyes turned and locked on her's. "Well um.. its just how I grew up... Uh.." she stuttered, trying to find her words. "Private things were... Um well, private. Also.. to be um honest... This is all sorta new." She stood up, taking the young woman's soft hand. Her ears perked and she tilted her head. Toys? Obviously she didn't mean the things that children played with. "Whoa! Hehehe," she giggled as she was pulled into the room, her nose then began to twitch to the lovely aromas, her own scent of arousal adding to the mix. After closing the door behind her, Roxy took a better look at her surroundings. The room was something of fantasy. It was sexy and beautiful. Whoever designed and put everything together, definitely knew what they were doing and a smile swept across Roxy's muzzle. She looked over to Jasmine on the bed, beckoning for her to come. Her head gave her a shy nod, her smile still big on her face. Then, she slowly reached to her hooded shirt and undid her laceings as she crept closer. It fell off her shoulders, revealing her succulent furry orbs. She gulped once again, when she was just inches away from the alluring woman. "So... Do I uh.. just climb in with you sweetie?" She asked in a hushed tone, her tail showing her obvious excitement as it swished back and forth.

AnayaLast Friday at 7:35 PM
Jasmine smiled at the foxs shy nature she enjoyed sutch things and did enjoy being the first in manys books, a night the girl would not forget surely, but first times called for a bit more sensual things and less likes ruin her poor body experiences. She changed her mind set to a more romantic and soft encounter for the fox and she was sure she would like everything. She crawled up onto her knees on the bed and patted the bed “come on up and i will do the rest my sweet, just lay down and relax and i will make it so you think of nothing else” her voice was very smooth and lustful as she wiggled her toes behind her her silk being bopped around on her feet. (short post i know but it works till the next one witch will be longer)

December 29, 2018
FoxyRoxyLast Saturday at 3:07 AM
Roxy studied the gorgeous woman before her, thinking just the other day, she stumbled onto the Snorting Boar Tavern. It felt so long ago to her. How did all of these events happen so quickly? In the short time, she got a job, stole from the crown -not meaning to-, met a few lovely people, made a friend who was probably going to stick with her forever, and now, she was standing in front of a goddess of a woman, hair of gold. She thought of that friend, Ingavor, hoping she'd see him soon, praying to the gods that everything was well with him, wherever he might be. Her eyes continued to scan over Jasmine, watching her pat the space on the bed next to her. She stepped forward, hesitance in her actions, thinking things over in her head like she usually did. Her ears flickered to her sweet voice, saying that she would clear her mind and she gave in, climbing in the bed next to her. Her eyes then focused on Jasmine's toned body before she stared into her ocean blue eyes. She lied down on her back, letting her body melt into the bed. Goodness was it comfortable, softer than anything she'd ever felt before. It surely beat anything slept on. Her tail would come in between her legs, hiding her arousal, afraid the woman might point fun at her for being so heated. "So... Um... What do uh..." She lost her train of thought and couldn't finish her sentence. She had never been so nervous in her life and she felt like her heart was going to beat explode from her chest.

AnayaLast Saturday at 4:12 AM
Jasmine moved to run her fingers in the fox's smooth orange hair as she moved her other finger to just lightly press on Roxie's lips “shhh my dear just let me handle everything, you lean back and relax, let your mind wonder, let your feelings glide on a cloud, as i bring you pleasure you have never known” she moved as she slid down the bed her chest running over Roxie's fur. Her blue sea filled eyes looked up at her as a smile came to her face as her lips were just over the fox's feminine flower. She licked over her lips moistening them as she got closer to her able to smell the sweet vixens sex on her nose and feel the tender warmth on her cheeks. she lowered her face her nose pressing slightly into the fur, she enjoyed the softness on her face as she softly licked over the females sweet little flower peadles, slow at first to ease Roxie into it so she would not twitch to much to the sensation of her tongue on her most sensitive spots. Jasmines hands griped both of Roxie's legs softly hosting them on her own shoulders so she would have all the access she needed to give Roxie the best pleasure night of her life, a night she would far from forget and a night she way over payed for but felt so worth the coin.

FoxyRoxyLast Saturday at 1:15 PM
Roxy's fur stood up just as Jasmine ran her fingers through it, her bottom lip currling when she silenced her. "O... Okay," she said under her breath. She felt the woman's breasts as she slid down her body, her nipples poking through her fur. Her large emerald eyes were still focusing on her sapphire ones, that just seemed to sparkle under the candle lit room. "Just um... Be gentle with it," she said as her tail uncovered her steaming sex. It was soaked and it shimmered under the low lit room, beconing for attention. As she watched her rim her lips, she instantly knew what her intentions were and she took a handful of the sheets, her legs spreading just a bit, getting ready to be lifted into the clouds under a new high. Roxy groaned at the first stroke of her tongue on her heated flesh. It was gentle and soft like she asked for and the deep tingling feeling inside her grew. "Mmmmhu," she moaned, her head falling on the feather pillow behind her, her claws gripping the sheets. As her legs were propped up, they instinctively crossed and locked around Jasmine's back. Her tail would twitch side to side, feeling each of the women's lovely licks.

December 31, 2018
AnayaLast Monday at 12:12 PM
It felt like longer then it was, but it was only a little while before the whole actions were over and the girl was a dripping shaking mess on the bed sheets. Jasmine also got off on everything her silken panties wet with her own wanting for the sweet furred temptress that was so Innocent and sweet, but when all was over the woman stood up crawling sensual along the clearly exhausted fox and ran her fingers along her chest to tease the over sensitive zones of the woman's body. “i am sorry it should have been longer you deserve only the best, i will bring in the changed sheets for you and change up the bed so you can sleep in the deluxe room this night, you earned it. If anyone comes in asking for you you dont exist here my dear, do not let a single hair worry you, and if you want more, just tell a staff member i or another girl will be here to make your morning just as delightful as your night” she gave a smile as she softly leaned up and kissed the girls forehead tenderly, then slipped to vanish from the room to allow the girl to roll over and relax on the other side of the bed that was nice and clean and not dirty at all. It was about twenty minuets before Jasmine came back in with some nice folded red sheets in her hands, the sheets matched the bed and everything just as it all was and it was a very
fast process for the woman to flip the bed sheets and replace them so that Roxie could be left to sleep and not be bugged till morning or the afternoon depending on how long the woman was going to sleep, she could sleep all day and the palace would not bug her, it was just against them to do so unless it was clear something was a miss or someone had skipped town on there bill. But Jasmine gave a plot nod before vanishing once more after the bed was changed surely the girl would be broken after everything seeing it was so new to her so Jasmine was going to leave time for her to rest and think of everything that had happened. (time skip up till morning, so sorry about how slow i have been to post, it has been a little nuts on my end over here)

FoxyRoxyLast Monday at 1:45 PM
The experience may have not lasted long, but it was the only magic she ever felt. Her release sent shivers up and down her body and shooting stars through her mind. She gasped and took handfuls of sheets, trying her best to not ruin them. After everything, she was left extremely sensitive, even the slightest touch made her quiver, though, she smiled when Jasmine climbed over her, their eyes meeting yet again. Her ears flickered about to the women's words, hear breathing still fast. "It's okay.... S... Sweetie," she said with shaky breathing. "It was amazing none the less." Her hand came to brush across Jasmine's face. She still couldn't get over how soft her skin was. Roxy gave her a nod when she was done speaking. "Thanks Jasmine.... I... I really needed this.... and I don't think there is another woman here who could do what you just did tonight." She flinched, but continued to smile as her forehead was kissed, her cheeks the darkest red. She watched as Jasmine left and waited for her return, her face always seemed like it glowed with happiness and Roxy wondered if it was all just for show, an act or if she really enjoyed her time as much as she did.
Roxy would melt into the bed once again, after the sheets were changed and Jasmine was gone, her body in the softest state imaginable, though her mind still darting about like always. She wanted the woman to stay the night with her so bad. She had this strange urge for her arms to wrap around someone and hold them close, but she knew Jasmine had a job and needed to fulfill her other duties, so she said nothing. She rested her head on the amazingly soft pillow and closed her eyes. Her mind began thinking of her time in the land and the people she met in it. She thought of Niv and Gus and how sorry she was to have failed them, hoping they would take her back, but she understood if they didn't. She then thought of the feline at the castle and then of Ingavor, wishing that he might stop by soon. She wasn't really scared of the whole ordeal with the dagger, but she wanted to get back to her life, whatever that might be. If it was fighting the Sun with her new friend or just working at the tavern. Her mind soon rested and she drifted off with happy thoughts. Roxy awoke to soft sheets, and the morning light trickled in through the curtains. Slowly and reluctantly, she uncovered her face from the covers, shedding herself of the remaining glimpses of a dream. Her green eyes would flutter open and long yawn escaped from her mouth. She looked and spotted her clothes and got up to put them on, her knuckles still rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Her stomach rumbled as she opened the door to her room. 'Another new day. Hopefully it would be better than the last,' she thought. 'not that my night was bad or anything. Infact probably one of the best' Her tail shook behind her, getting rid of it's morning fluff as her eyes sacanned the hall.

January 1, 2019
AnayaLast Tuesday at 3:12 PM
the door to Roxies room cracked open as the head of not the same girl from last night but a simple slave girl in rag like garments poked her head in. "all is well my lady?" she said so0ftly the girl only looking thirteen or so and holding a platter of fruits and breads for the morning small meal, and a nice large goblet of wine . her black hair fell down her body as she made sure all was ok before entering. she walked up to Roxie took a knee and held the platter of goods over her head in a respectful format "i do hope i am not intruding my lady, but here is the morning meal to one in such a sweet as you, one such as three sould be treated as the royal they are" the girls words sounded genuine witch may be true or just many years of practice it was normal in all lands for slaves to start at the wee ages of five or six so thirteen was a rather well trained chunk of flesh.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 3:34 PM
Roxy's ears flickered back as the child entered the room. Her eyes filling with worry almost instantly. Where she was from, there were no slaves. There were others who worked for other's and the conditions may not be the best, but they always got paid and dressed in actual clothing. Roxy looked down to the little girl and took the food tray. "Thank you little one and no you're not disturbing me," she said with a smile. "In fact, I was about to look for food." She sat the platter on the side of the bed and sat down. "You hungry yourself?" Roxy asked. The child sounded like she'd been practicing her lines for sometime. They sounded true. "How old are anyways? You seem way to young to be working in this place." She crossed her legs and her tail coiled around her on her lap as she placed the platter on top of it. With two hands, she broke the bread into two and reached one half out to the little girl. "Here. You can have more if you like." Roxy didn't know how this girl was treated, if she got to eat much at all or if she was just given scraps and Roxy being her kind self wouldn't stand for that if it were true, so offering her food seemed like the right thing to do. She thought of last night and how amazing it was. This place was great, but every place had it's flaws and that being the small slave girl.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 3:44 PM
The girls eyes looked up at the fox woman who had offered her food and asked a bunch of things, she took the food but paused thinking on if she was even allowed to do this, she took a bite of the food and it felt good to eat, some of the other clients gave her little things for free or wanted tried offs witch in most cases were less then enjoyable but food was food and she would not turn down free meal and drink anytime. “um, worked here since i was six, family sold me to here cus could not pay there taxs, and i am, um twelve i think, but don't know it is what i am told” she said softly as she took another mite of the meal and sat down on the floor on her bum crossing her legs. Her raggy clothing not covering her from the waist down so little pale skinned scronny legs stuck out the ends of her, small bruises on her feet and lower legs that she did not seem to care much about.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 4:04 PM
Roxy smiled, happy that she took the bread, but her smile faded once she heard about what her family did to her. How could someone do that to their own daughter? It was unheard of where she was from. The stories of what lay outside of her village were becoming true. No wonder everyone thought it was foolish for her to leave. Everyday, Roxy learned something new and horrid about these lands. She uncrossed her legs and pushed back a few strands of her hair behind her head. When the little girl sat down, she noticed her bruised up legs. "Girl, you don't have to sit on the floor. There's an entire bed, way too big for just me," she said in a motherly tone. "Why don't you come up here with me?" She started to think. She still needed a bath and the girl could use one as well. Roxy did in fact give Everdeen a lot of gold, maybe she could use that excuse to give the little girl a break. "Where are the baths here? You sure need one as well as I. Maybe I can see that we both get cleaned up in separate baths." She felt sorry for this little girl and she wanted to juice out as much as she could with the money she gave away.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 4:13 PM
The girl looked at the woman and tilted her head, why was a woman being so nice to her, did she not understand what a slave was. She must not be from around here as clearly she did not know customs. The girl shock her head no to the bath comment as well as to the bed one. “not allowed on chamber beds miss, so sorry not mean any upset, told little feet not meant on beds unless used for pleasuring free people, even older slaves not allowed on beds, i will get whipped if i am on a bed without payment given to have me there, unless kind miss wants other things then food?” she asked as she looked at her and tilted her head wondering if the woman wanted sexual pleasures from her and in witch case should would gladly say yes to it as that was just the way of life at this time.

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 5:28 PM
Roxy took a grape vine and plucked a few of them with her lips. Her ears would flicker to the girls words and she was obviously saddened by her response. It was true that she didn't know too much about slavery. Though, she did know they were treated poorly and seeing a little girl like this one in tattered rags with bruises really brought her feelings out. "Oh I see and please don't apologise sweetie, it's not like it's your fault." She sighed and slid the platter off to the side. "You can have all you want. At least I can do that." She looked at the girl and shook her head. "No, I don't really need anything. A bath would be nice, but-" She looked in her eyes and realized what the little girl meant. "Goodness... You don't mean?..." The thought of it made her a little sick to her stomach. Did people really expect this little girl to ask such things? Then other people to accept it and actually preforming those acts? Roxy put her hand up. "No sweetie... I need nothing." She sighed and stood up. "So even if I asked someone here to give you a decent bath, they won't listen to me? I gave Everdeen a 100 gold. There must be accetions..."

January 2, 2019
AnayaYesterday at 1:45 PM
As the fox woman said no to what was asked sahe nodded her head and removed her hands from her shoulders as she was just about to drop dress and start with the things she was used to being told to do. As the woman talked about baths she nodded “it is not due to pay mam it is due to not having much water here, you must be from royal family's were scented hogs fat and lots of clean water is normal, town does not have lots of water and even if the palace were to bring in double of what it gets it is not right for slaves to be hogging up the clean water from paying guests. Slave bath day is next week, then i will get path with all the other slaves in the community bath house down the way it is nothing fancy but it works” she smiled as she stood up her little feet smushing into the floor as she stood, grabbing another hunk of bread and a small cheese wedge from the platter putting them together then stuffing it into her face. “but cant stay long got to grab the other platter and bring to a man down the hall way, and put a slave dress on, was told he wants service from a prety girl” she gave a chuckle as she respectfully waited for the fox woman to tell her what to do or tell her to stay or go, slaves needed orders to do things and she needed to know if her work was pleasing to the female.

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 2:10 PM
Roxy let out a sigh of relief when the girl stopped herself from removing her rags. Why was this a thing here? Do others really think this is okay? She's just a child. They're supposed to be innocent and being taken care of, not the other way around. She nodded to her response about the bath. She really wanted to take one herself and could have swore Everdeen told her there were baths here. "Hmm. I see... Thought Everdeen said I could be cleaned up, must have been hearing things," she sighed. Her tail uncoiled and shifted back and forth on the bed, a smile on her face as she watched the little girl eat. Her happy smile quickly vanished when the girl told her what she was supposed to do next. No, she couldn't let her do that. Why was this so normal? Why was she acting like this was okay? "Hun. If I gave you orders to do something, would you be obligated to do them?" She asked as she stood up. "Someone else can take care of that man right? Maybe you can get me more to drink... Oh, you can comb through my hair and fur. It really needs it after last night. Also, are there any perfumes here? If I can't get cleaned I'd at least like to smell good. Would you do that for me?"

AnayaYesterday at 2:23 PM
she paused as she looked back to the woman, she was not dumb she knew the woman was stalling her from leaving and going to handle other tasks. “you are paying guest so you can use the bath, i just cant as i am a house slave” she nodded her head softly as she walked back over to the woman “anything you tell me to do seeing you payed for this room i am to do, but no i am the one that has to feed the guests on this line of rooms so one of the other girls wont get to him, he will just have to wait like the rest of them do, there are” she looked at her fingers pointing one finger to the next finger “um this many for me to get to this morning for there food” she held up five fingers “i think anyway, i think it is the right amount of fingers” she nodded to herself as she looked back to the woman “so what is it the free wants, i can do one service for you along with the meal i have brought you, that is what i was told i am allowed to do for everyone down this line of rooms, but then after the service i have to go and get to the other guests, witch i hope you don't mind or will not be angry about”

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 2:49 PM
Her ears perked at her words, happy to know she'd be able to take a bath, though, again, she was quickly saddened. She could only do one service for her and then would have to take care of other guests. A whole five of them too. This just seemed so wrong. Children shouldn't be ordered to pleasure a grown person or anyone for that matter. Where was Ingavor? She knew he was kind hearted and thought similar to her. Would he do something when he came to check on Roxy? He worked for the crown, maybe he could put some sense into these people, maybe he could make them put an age restriction on this place. Roxy sighed and looked down to the little girl. She wished she could do something now, she wanted to take the girls arm and run out of this place with her, but she was already in enough trouble as it is. It was a dumb idea. She shook her head. "No, I'm not angry with you, just this town for thinking it's okay for a child like yourself to do such things," she said in a quiet tone. Her eyes met her's, thinking of the most time consuming task for her to do. "Show me to the bath. You're task is to brush my fur and hair while I take one..." Her words were filled with sadness. For a moment, this place seemed so amazing, but in this land, where there is good, there's bad hiding in it's shadows.

AnayaYesterday at 4:06 PM
the little girl nodded and gave a light bow as she moved and opened the chamber door “as you wish Mam” she said softly as she started to walk out into the hall, it was still early and there was some people passed out in chairs and a couple of the girls sat on the side of the main hall fountain enjoying the water on there naked body's only having small silver chains with gem stones on them as garments. The place looked nice as normal with large green planets and flowers and the whole place smelled of lily and fresh fruit from the fruit trees that were grown inside to add a splash of freshness and colour to the rooms. She got to a large door and pushed it open the right away heat and steam feeling so very nice on her face. It was a large bath house with a couple pond pools for bathing and it was rather empty. “would you like a privet bathing area or a public one, both can be made done for you.” she said softly as she walked with little plip plops of her feet along the wet stone floor.

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 7:11 PM
Roxy closed the door behind them as they left the room after making sure she had everything. She then proceeded to follow the little girl close behind, her eyes scanning the beautiful interior as she did. She gazed at the woman, wondering where Jasmine was, hoping she could see her again and thank her for her kindness, then of course what they did last night. It made her blush just thinking about it. As they walked, Roxy's nose twiched to the many sweet aromas. "Goodness, if I stay here any longer,my nose might go numb. I might never want to enter another building again," she said with a chuckle. Her tail wagged behind her as she continued on. When the door was pushed open, Roxy was met with a swift breeze of moist hot are and immediately felt comfortable. "Wow... This place is quite something else. When I said bath I didn't think of something so big and beautiful!" Her excitement clearly kicked up a notch and she couldn't wait to take a dip. "Oh it really don't matter hun. Just escort me to one! I could do this every day if it were possible."

AnayaYesterday at 9:51 PM
"Well there is the big pools and then the single person public pools feel free to remove all garments and hop right in, it is still early so it is not crowded yet witch is nice. And ya this is the nicest brothal in all of Velaria they say there are nicer ones out there but I dont know I have never left the city"
She moved and kneeled to the side of the pool reaching over to a small cart that had sented ox fat and other oils and towels on it. She pulled it over and picked off rose oil and grape seed oil and put them to the side. Rose would be good for smell and grape seed would make her fur nice and soft for weeks to come. "Some of the royal family even come to the bath house, everyone but he queen fir some reason, it is rather nice to see poor and rich alike here"

FoxyRoxyToday at 1:07 AM
Roxy didn't need to be told twice and she quickly removed her attire and hung it over a nearby chair. She then walked to the nearest pool and dipped a toe to test the temperature. Satisfied with how it felt, she stepped in and slowly eased herself down until the water covered her chest. "Ahhhhh," she said in a soothing tone, her eyes closing for a moment. "Goodness this is just perfect. I've not been in such warm water before." She cupped her hands in the water and splashed her face, wetting her hair and fur. Her eyes opened and she looked up from the water to the little girl, watching her get the many oils, her nose instantly picking up the wonderful aromas. She nodded to what she said. "Yeah, that does seem nice. You can see that underneath all the fancy clothing and jewelry, we're all sorta the same." She let out another soothing sigh, just enjoying the water's warmth. "So.. I didn't get your name little one. You have

Back at the Castle

AnarialLast Sunday at 2:22 AM
Koya managed to come too. She was so dazed though. She tries to lift her head up but it felt so heavy. Her mouth felt so dry. She had no idea how long she had been down here or where ever she was. She lifts her head after a bit and starts to take in her surroundings. Her wrists were surrounded by thick chains that kept her attached to the wall. She tries to tug her wrists free only succeeding in scrapping her scaled flesh up some. The chains would not budge and she lets out a soft sigh. She turns her attention towards the bars and the rest of the cage she was trapped in and she tries to get to her feet, however, due to being down here as long as she had been her legs buckle on her and she falls back to the ground with chains making rattling noises from her moving. Whatever they had been drugging her with had given her a massive headache on top of the daze she was in and she moves to half crawl, half drag herself towards the bars of the cell. Koya looks out the best she can in the dim lit area and sighs. She appeared to be alone so she does what she feels is the only logical thing to do and fills her lungs with air before she tries to yell out for help. Her first several attempts were barely audible so she does her best to coat her mouth and dry chapped lips with saliva before she tries again, this time it was louder but she wasn’t sure if it was loud enough for anyone else to hear, “Please…. Please help me…” was all she managed to get out. The drugs in her system were trying to pull her back under and after a few moments, she started to lose the battle and slip back into sleep land.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/21/2018
Ingavor noticed the commotion had died down a tad, which gave him a sigh of relief. He too needed to rest, but he didn't want to do that yet. However, he saw no harm in going to his quarters. He gave a hearty exhale, before turning down the hall, once out the kitchen doors, and started making his way towards his chambers, across the hall from Anaya's. Ingavor glanced from guard to guard, giving a nod and bow to each one, while he walked. Finally, he was in the final stretch, on the main hall, where he noticed Desdemona coming out of Anaya's Office. He glanced her up and down, watching her lock the doors and speak to the guard. "Desdemona." He bowed. Passing her, he flashed a cheeky grin, and gave her a small wink, but didn't stop to chat. She looked like she was on a mission, and Ingavor didn't want to be an obstacle for her. He turned the corner, and made his way up the stairs, to the next floor up, where his room was. Sighing softly, he finally found his doors, and took his key out from his pocket. After Ingavor came to DeLaRose, he was given one of her children's old rooms, as she had no use for it. He placed his key in the lock and activated the tumblers in the mechanism, and pulled his door open after twisting the ivory handle. He loosened his tie, while stepping into his room, shutting the door, and locking it all in one motion. "What a day." He mumbled to himself.
Inside his room was a large desk, complete with paperwork, books, journals, quills, ink containers, stamps, and candles, as well as a small pile of that green herb Ingavor was known for enjoying in his pipe. The desk was pushed against the wall across from his door , facing out a window, giving a lovely view of the Royal Garden, and the Dead Woods. Toward the left of the room was a medium sized feather bed, complete with 3 pillows and a black wool comforter and a side table. Next to his bed, was the closet, which housed his neatly organized wardrobe, and a mirror next to the door to the closet. To the right of the room was a large bookshelf, with about 200 books on it, as well as a small lantern on an end table and a comfy chair next to it. In the middle of the room was a large rug, that neatly tied the room together. The books were alphabetical, and his papers on his desk were stacked nicely. The bed was perfectly made, and the mirror and window didn't have a single print on them. On the wall was a painting of Ingavor's family. His mother, sister, father, and himself. Next to it was the Daggerbane family crest. He ran his finger over the painting, and sighed. He slipped his jacket off and hung it up on the back of his desk chair, then took off his vest and tossed it into a hamper by his closet.
He looked down to unlace his boots, but forgot he had given them to the old man in the catacombs. Ingavor slipped his leather foot wraps off his feet and tossed them in the hamper as well. Letting his fingers loose from his gloves, he placed the pair on the side table, by the bed. He thought about Chester and brought his head in his hands, then about Roxy and the dagger. He felt awful about just leaving her, but she would be safe. For now. He then took his spell book off his belt, and sat down at his desk, while opening it, and continuing what page he was on. 'Pyromancy.' It said. When trying to control fire, one must learn balance and moderation. One flame could burn a whole village. The entire chapter was full of things like that. He scoffed and closed the book, placing it on his desk, in front of himself, while he peered outside, into the darkness. If he looked closely, he could almost make our a bushel of roses.

Accepting the payment the guard offered, she tucked the coin away in her pocket, turning as she heard her name. Seeing Ingavor, she softly smiled and nodded her head as he passed by her. Such an odd character he is, she thought to herself. Makes me wonder a bit more about him. I will have to ask him for his life's story at some point or another, assuming I am here that long. Doesn't hurt to know those around you. Passing by a window on her way, she hadn't realized where the time had went. It was certainly much later than she thought, so instead of looking for Anaya, she slowly began backpedaling towards Anaya's office again. Peaking around the corner to make sure the guard had indeed left for the night, she narrowed her eyes as she noticed the relief guard was already at his post. They are quick, I will give them that. But I doubt that will pose a problem. Rounding the corner, she approached the guard, crossing her arms, her tail flicking back and forth as she came to stand before him, "There are a few more things I need to clean in there before I am satisfied enough to present the office to Lady Anaya." Withdrawing the key to the room from her pocket, she pointed at the door with it, "I assume that wont be a problem?"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/22/2018
Ingavor sighed, placing his head in his hands, not getting comfortable in his chair. His body shifted as he looked toward the door. He hated being alone with his thoughts, and didn't want to just sit at his desk thinking all night. He picked up his book, clipped it to his belt, and walked out the door. He began walking downstairs and around the corner, where he spotted Des talking to the guard. He interjected before the guard could answer. "If you don't think your work is up to the standards of the queen, you are more than welcome to work until you are done, no matter the time it takes." He looked to the guard and gave a bow. "I could help you, if you'd like. I am a erm...butler...after all. Cleaning is what I do. " He was dressed in a nice white button down, which was tucked into his belted dress pants with his spellbook hanging at his side. "Besides, I'm rather bored and there is no one is rather he talking to, if I'm being honest." You're an idiot, Ingavor! He scolded himself, and sighed before flashing a smile. "Indulge me."

The guard at the door nodded his head "it will not be a problem mam" his voice harsh and tired as he had just come from his own chamber room and was half a sleep. He stepped to the side of the door to allow them both to enter freely his eyes scanning the room and watching as another guard trotted past.

Having waited for the guards response, she turned as Ingavor approached the two of them, her mood darkening inside. Just when you think things are going to turn out your way, someone interrupts.. Refusing to let her irritation show on the outside, she simply smiled with a laugh, nodding her head, "I could always use the company." Looking him up and down slowly, she recrossed her arms, shaking her head slowly, "However, if you choose to help, I would suggest changing into something that you wouldn't mind getting dirty." Her tail moved to him, lightly brushing the underside of his chin, "I would hate to see such a brilliantly white shirt get filthy due to such a small cleaning job. It hardly seems worth the wash afterwards." Something told her that her attempt to buy even a few moments peace alone in the Queens office so early in the morning would fail due to a shirt being dirtied, but she figured it was worth a shot. Perhaps his obvious shyness, however misplaced it was, would play into her favor if she continued to tease him a bit. If this doesn't work, I am definitely going to need to make up some excuse when we both enter, she thought to herself, I left this room spotless. Even he would find me wiping a desk that was clear of even the smallest dust mite a bit off..

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/22/2018
He smirked at the guard, then at Desdemona. She was friendly enough. She spoke of his shirt and he smiled. "I was literally in the catacombs covered in dust, killing a werewolf today. This shirt getting dirty is the least of my concerns." The moment her fur came into contact with his skin, however, he felt a quick jolt. He felt a shiver spread over his body, a little shudder, his eyes glowing red for a solid 2 seconds, as he saw a memory from Desdemona. He could see two people for a moment. Her and Xaei talking. He couldn't make it out. But for a split second, he did feel her irritation at his interrupting her. He was an empath after all. She was hiding something. One tiny touch was all it took. His power was getting stronger. All it took was a few hairs. He could feel it. "Am I bothering you?" Ingavor muttered with blatant knowledge of her feelings. "I can leave you alone if you'd like. As much as I appreciate a beautiful woman's company, you don't have to butter me up. I'd like to get to know you, the real you, but if now is not an ideal time, I understand, for it is late and you have-...things to do." He sighed. "I am trying to be friendly. Do you actually want my company? I'm more than happy to give it to you " He gave her a smile. "Listen, life is short, Desdemona. I'm not in the mood for fake people with fake stories and fake emotions trying twirl me around, their fingers. I get enough of that with the queen, thank you very much." He crossed his arms, and looked her up and down. She doesn't want me here. Or at least right now. Not the first time a woman was to polite to ask me to buzz off. Ingavor waited for her response, hoping she would be real with him, unlike so many others at the castle.



"A werewolf? My my, aren't we the over achiever. What possessed you to do something like that?" Seeing him shudder and his eyes glowing for a brief time, she pulled her tail back, resuming its pacing back and forth. Now that was odd.. Her thoughts were cut short as he began nailing a few key points on the head. Its as if he has suddenly become and entirely new person all together. How very interesting indeed.. I guess my original reason for being here can wait for another day. Genuinely giggling, she turned and unlocked the door, pushing it open, "You are an oddity, sir. Of course I want your company. Its been far too long since I have met someone as curious as you, and it would be nice to pick someone's brain for awhile. Plus the conversation would be pleasant while I finish my duties. Gets rather lonesome after a time." Stepping inside the room, she turned back to look at him with a smile, "Do not presume to know what I am feeling, Master Butler. Trust me when I say that would be one very confusing journey for you to undertake."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/22/2018
He watched her up and down, unlocking the door. "The queen asked me to take care of a noise earlier. When you were waiting in the library to speak with her. I went to the catacombs and found out a werewolf was down there. She gave me a book that gave me absolutely no information. If I didn't know any better, I'd say the queen was trying to kill me." He noticed her studying him a bit and sighed. "I'm an empathetic telekinetic. If you're wondering. I can feel people's thoughts and emotions. And now, memories." She spoke of actually wanting his company and he bowed respectfully. "All right then."
He went to step inside after her. When she turned back he listened to her words. "Please don't call me a butler. I hate that term. I know I just used it a moment ago, but-... please just don't call me a butler. We are friends now, correct? Call me Iggy." He smiled at her, scanning her movements. "I don't presume madam. But I would love to find out what you are feeling." He flashed a smile. "Maybe one day. You'll let me find out who you are. It would be easy. All I need is your hand." He stood for a second, smirking at her, before turning toward an untouched stack of papers. He began picking them up and organizing then, so that the corners of each sheet of paper lined up perfectly with the previous one. Once confident, he took the stack and placed it on the desk. "Maybe I like adventure, Desdemona. Even if it is a rather perilous one." Ingavor cracked his knuckles, and exhaled as a blue aura began to rise up over his body. He closed his eyes and felt each grain of dirt and dust that was stuck in hard to reach places, and floor boards, and wrapped his telekinetic tendrils around each and everyone. Soon, a medium sized pile of dust and debris would form in the middle of the room. He then let out a breath, lowering his aura. Ingavor didn't procrastinate when it came to cleaning. "After this, perhaps we could take this conversation to my chambers or the library. Either way. I would like some wine, and both of those rooms have some. It's been-..excuse my bloody language, but one hell of a Fucking day." He looked around. "This place other than a few select dust bunnies is spotless. What are you really after in here?"

Lifting her hands in a defeated way, she shrugged along with it, "As you wish, Iggy. I meant no offense in calling you a term you previously used yourself." Hearing that he would love to find out what she was feeling, she burst into laughter, her tail coiling in humor, "Perhaps you will learn what you want to know, but for now I am content keeping my hands to myself. Besides," she added with a smile, "a girl cant give away all of her secrets. Takes the fun out of things." Watching as he used his aura to clean in the cracks where she had missed, her tilted her head to the side, finding interest in the ability. She knew her own, but this was something else entirely. I may have to study something along those lines, when time permits. "Adventure, even the perilous ones, are always worth the journey. Timing on said adventures though is what makes them truly worth while." Smiling again at his offer to share a drink, she shrugged softly, never unwilling to turn away some well deserved drink, "I guess there is no harm in sharing a glass or two. And yes, it has been quite the day. Makes one wonder what the next will bring." As he asked what she was truly after, she smiled yet again, having anticipated the question, "Well, I had intended on straightening the paperwork that Lady Anaya had been working on in a more organized manner.
The woman seems under a great deal of stress and even the smallest gesture could make her life a bit easier. That.." Walking over to the desk, she pulled a book from the pile she had made earlier titled 'Family Lines, The DeLaRose Family', holing it up for him to see, "..and I wished to retrieve this." Motioning towards the painting that she had restored, she glanced over all of those in it, her eyes resting on Drax. "I wish to learn more of the family history of the DeLaRose. Lady Anaya seems rather reserved on many things, and I cannot help but wonder why that is. I assumed this would be the easiest place to answer my questions without bothering her with the details." Turning her eyes back to him, she shrugged again, tucking the book under her arm. "Then again it could lead me to some things I probably would be better off not knowing, but that is where the adventure part of the reading comes into play. There is only one way to find out."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/23/2018
Interesting. She obviously cares about history. However, should I tell her the history? It's a long, sad history full of very little happy endings and an abundance of death. Ingavor studied her close, watching every step, even as she moved over to the desk, and pulled out the book. "Read that one." He said plainly, as if he thought of it as another story. "It's written that most of her family died in a fire. A fire that, If you do the tiniest bit of research, never happened. Her sister Isis. Her daughters. Her lovers. Even her son, Jeff, the high prince next in line. Yet, Jeff was alive years after Isis died. Seems people forget that."
He sighed. "Queen Anaya hides history in front of her subject's faces, and spews fantasy instead. I'll find out the truth one day. Perhaps I'll write my own history. There is nothing that book can tell you that I, a bottle of wine and a hand full of the queen's trinkets can't." He hated alternative history, like the one he lived in. He was devoted to the queen, but was slowly learning the truth about her, and was disgusted. "Don't believe what you read or hear. Nothing around here is what it seems." He placed his back against the wall, crossed his arms, placed a foot against the wall and watched her. "There is always more than one way. Perhaps when we get out of this office, and have a drink, I can tell you what you want to know. So long as you are nice to me. Unlike others around here." It was obvious he was starting to get uncomfortable with the queen. He remained loyal, but his tone shifted noticeably. "Drax is the only one I can't find anything out about. She has no history for him. Only this painting." He noticed it was restored, and he decided to move toward it. He studied it and notice each facial feature. "Bloody impressive work." He muttered, and reached his finger out, running it along the frame. He didn't expect anything to happen, but before he knew it, he was dropping to his knees, gripping his head at the sides, as if he heard voices, and felt his aura rise again. His eyes didn't just flash, but glowed a Ruby red. He could see everything. It was so vivid, like he were there. A trickle of blood moved from his nose and dripped 3 spots onto the floor boards. What was he seeing? "Fuckin- hell.." was all he muttered before the visions and memories smashed against his mind.

What ingavor saw when he touched the painting. It was the past, the castle did not look the same, the stone walls were darker it was not the same stone,it was not the same castle. There was the sound of seasonal music playing from a large orchestra, a ball room she was dancing like an angel her white hair flipping around a small child in her arms a baby girl in a little purple dress, and there was Drax his long black hair down to his chest as he moved and slipped across the floor taking the little one from her mother as she made grabby hands to go back to mommy "but Daaaad she said as he plooped her on the floor "you will see mother agein now go buy your sister Nix" his bark eyes looked at Anaya love in his eyes "can I dare ask the queen for a dance, I am just a pesent after all" Anaya gave a smile a real smile happiness in her heart and face "ya you can have this dance drax" she took his hand as she spun around with him there bodys moving together perfectly "I never want this moment to end, my wife in my arms" his voice faded as it was like the ball room melted away, the room faded fully blacking out as one chould see a town on fire, pain as thousands of people screamed and there was Anaya her silk burned as she held his body a single hole in his chest. "I will never forgive them, they took it all" her head falling to rest on his chest as tears fell around her his blood seeping into her dress. She let out a scream the vision changeling to a white mass rageing down white flame on a town called White haven, this town was in no books no storys bo history markers a town that was cleared from the map. Then the faint words in the background "where are my children" then everything but a rock that looked like a raven faded into the background and the vision was over.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/23/2018
Ingavor's eyes lit back to normal. He stayed on his knees for a few moments, taking in all he had seen. He felt like he was there. He could hear the music. He could see the ball. He saw Drax, dead in moments. It was so much death. Tears began to form in his eyes, as he saw the queen at her lowest, holding her husband in ruins. "That's why I've never heard about Drax." He muttered to himself, wiping away blood from his nose, and the tears from his eyes. He noticed the droplets of his life force on the ground and sighed, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and started wiping it away from the wood. He waited for Desdemona to say that he was a freak or odd or something along those lines. Wouldn't be the first time he heard something like that before. He felt like he finally began to understand why the queen was this way. Yet he stayed, with his knees on the ground, as if he was still in shock over what he had just seen.

Listening to him, she leaned against the desk, her ear twitching here and there at the more interesting facts he stated. He seems to know much, yet no more than I in some areas.. She smiled softly as he mentioned Anaya spewing fantasy, finding it rather comical that her personal attendant would treat her with such respect, but attack her in private. He was obviously very confused on how he truly viewed the Queen, but that was of no consequence to her. Des knew better than to get overly involved with Anaya's day to day activities, finding it a much wiser idea to simply stick to the tasks that she was given. She laughed when he warned against believing all that she saw, tilting her head slightly, "I have never believed a single thing I have read or have been told until I have seen or experienced it for myself. To follow every tidbit of information is folly. Only through personal experience can one truly confirm or deny somethings reality, in my personal opinion." Looking back to the painting as he mentioned Drax, she nodded a bit, "Drax is an oddity to me. It feels like there is something to be uncovered there, but in the same instance I cant shake the feeling that something along these lines should be left alone. It is rather off putting, but in the same light irresistible." As Ingavor touched the painting and went into his minor fit, Des remained still where she was, far more interested in observing Ingavor's strange power than involving herself in assisting him. Once the man came back to his senses muttering about Drax, she pushed off the desk and moved over to him. Moving the book into her hands, she held it against her breasts and she knelt down next to him, making sure to keep a safe distance. The last thing she needed was a touch from this gifted individual spoiling all of her future fun, "Are you alright? That certainly did not look pleasant."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/24/2018
He pushed himself onto his feet and turned toward her. "Fine. Happens all the time. This is the second time today." He held the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb, while eyeing her, noticing her distance. "I'm not contagious." He said plainly. "I've had enough visions of pain for one day anyway. Let's go get a drink and forget about what you just saw. I don't want you to think of me as a bizarre fool." He scratched his head and untucked his shirt, letting his book dangle at his side. "To my chambers or the library? My room is private, and has better wine, but I understand if you're hesitant. A stranger inviting you into their room to drink. Seems odd, yes?" He crossed his arms. "But cross my heart, I'll be a gentleman." He then ran his fingers over his heart, with an X, then brought his hands back to his arm fold. "I don't really care where we go, I just want some wine, some clean air, and some engaging conversation. I deal with village morons and inmate guards all day. It's nice to be in the company of a beautiful woman who knows how to do more than just show her breasts, giggle, and flip her hair. " He smirked. "You're a rare breed, Desdemona. I can't wait to find out more about you. See what kind of person you are." He placed his hands behind his back. "I won't even use my powers to get to know you." Ingavor bowed and motioned toward the door. "Just about done in here, or would you like to clean some more?"

in Anayas bedroomher eyes opened up as she could hear her daughters voice in her mind, her little one was taking the time to pray, she needed her, but the ending, was fuzzy and she could not make it out, but something was clearly a miss “guards” she called out as the guard posted at her chamber door opened the door to see her siting on the edge of the bed “send a speed ground mount over to Stovania, a smart one, send Alpha, he can check on Ana and be able to aid if anything is a miss ” the guard nodded, “right away miss, we will get right on that he will be out within the ten moments, he is simply a sleep in the stable” Anaya nodded knowing her trusted aid would go to her daughters aid and be there in record time, it would only take him non stop three days to get form here to there and the Rose wolves were bread for size, power and stamina, everything a good wolf should be. She leaned back into bed as the guard left the room, closing her eyes to try to lock on to her daughters mental signature, nothing, something clearly was wrong, but she could not leave here and let here go to hell due to over there, so the wolf would make due and be there as soon as able and she trusted that wolf with her life as well as both her daughters, he was loyal to her and her alone, and Noki loved him very much, she did not think Ana had ever met him but she knew she would like him. She hoped for the best and shut her eyes once more.

"Contagious or not, I assumed you wanted a bit of space. Situations like that can leave one claustrophobic." She knew what she said was only partially true, but it still held that bit of truth. "And yes, lets go get that drink. Certainly seems like you could use it." Hearing of being of a different breed of woman compared to what he was use to, she burst into laughter, shaking her head from side to side, "Well, I guarantee you that it will take much more than a few meetings with me for me to show my breasts." Standing, she turned towards the door heading over to it, continuing with a great deal of sarcasm, "After all, they are precious commodities to most men and I use that ace only when I truly feel the need." Pulling open the door, she walked through, waiting for him on the other side. "Lets go to your room. It would seem the better of the options if it has the better wine. I am not in the mood for the cheap brand tonight." Looking out the window, she smiled a bit, "Or should I say, this morning. Goodness where did the time go.."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/24/2018
Ingavor chortled as she remarked about him needing space. "I see." Then she joked about showing her bossom after several meetings. He retorted with "I believe seeing a woman at her most intimate should be considered a beautiful moment. Each day I live, is an anomaly. I should be dead by now, and I live in a state of perpetual sadness because of it. People take life for granted. You're a gorgeous woman, obviously." He made hand gestures as he talked, but, for some reason, wouldn't look her in the eyes. "Any man or woman who see your breasts better have earned it. Better appreciate every moment. Better not take you for granted." He sighed. "We have this brothel in town. Men and women have coitus, giving all of their coins to the prostitutes. They take every interaction for granted. It's sickening." He looked at her move toward the door. "Precious commodities indeed." He smirked.
Then moved out the doorway into the Hall, and nodded toward her. "Goodness, I know. Tell me about it. I rarely sleep. Can't, most nights anyway. I can't believe the sun will be up in a few hours." He gave a polite grin and waited for her to lock the door and motioned for her to follow once she secured her key, either keeping it or giving it to the guard. Once she was ready to follow, he walked down the hall and around the corner, then up the staircase, and down the corridor to his birch door. He stayed about 3 feet away from her while they walked, he didn't want to be an annoying pain to her by clinging into her person space. Once there, he placed his hand on the door, felt the tumblers shift and unlock the door, which was then pushed open. All he did was use a small small fraction of his power to do so, for he didn't feel like unlocking it with his key."After you, Des. A lady always before a gentleman." The room was clean. It had a bookshelf that reached the ceiling. There was a comfy chair and a side table next to it, and a desk to the north of it. The desk had papers books, inks, quills, and a pile of crushed green herb on the table. Neatly organized, ready for use with a comfy chair pushed into the middle of it. Then, behind, to the left, was his medium sided feather bed, an end table, candles, and a closet with a hamper in front of it. In the middle was a large rug, tying the room together. "Excuse the mess." He joked.

"Well aren't you the cutest thing to strut the halls. Not many men believe in a woman being beautiful, but rather an item or property. You are indeed a rare breed." Locking the door behind Ingavor and pocketing her key, she continued down the hall with him, listening to him speak as they made their way towards his room. Once there, she smiled as she watched him unlock his door in a less than conventional method, nodding her head as he invited her in. Stepping into the room, she slowly looked around, appreciating its simplicity, but once he pardoned the mess, she laughed and shook her head, "Oh please. After cleaning Lady Anaya's office, this looks like a walk in the apple fields. It is rather tidy, to be honest. And well put together." Walking over to the chair, she wrapped her tail around her waist and took a seat, looking up at him with a smile. Crossing her legs, she smoothed out her outfit a bit, relaxing into the seat, "What surprises me most about this entire castle is the nights. It is so quiet compared to the day, and though there are not nearly enough staff to truly be a noisy area, my ears are rather good at picking up sounds from a decent distance so things are much louder to me than to most. If I had not trained myself to block out what I did not wish to hear, I am sure even going into the dinning area for a meal would drive me completely nutters."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/24/2018
He blushed at her comments of him being 'the cutest thing to strut the halls' and how he was a rare breed as well. He liked this women. She wasn't like the other people he had met. She was kind yet mysterious. She was nice, yet flirty. She was a real person who wasn't just a one dimensional charicature. She had real thoughts and feelings. Ingavor loved that. She began to compliment his room and took a seat in his comfy, reading arm chair. "Make yourself comfortable. Please." He smiled genuinely. It had been a while since he had. He hung on her every word, listening to every syllable. Each word was a silken violin chord to his ears. He nodded along and moved to the deskz while she spoke. He kneelee down and opened a door, and pulled out a flagon of chilledz royal red wine, and two goblets. "The night is my favorite time as well. It's peaceful and nostalgic. Reminds me of-...happier times." He took the top off the flagon, and the smell of many berries, sweet bitterness, and grapes filled the air. It was obviously fine wine. More potent and delicious than what was usually served in the castle. "I'm grateful that I have insomnia so I can enjoy the night with you. Just like I was grateful to had met you in the library instead of the dining hall. Maybe you could teach me how to block out noise for when I am forced to listen to the demands of the unworthy."
He smiled and tipped the wine into her goblets and placed it on to the table next to her. He would have just handed it to her, but he didn't want to accidently brush her hand, and get another vision. That would not be fair. He wanted to find out things about her, but not by reading her memories without consent. "It's a Firedor Red Riot, aged in 64.C and chilled for a week. It should be aged and colded to perfection. I usually keep my own stash-...if you ever decide you want to spend more time with me." He looked away from her and turned toward his desk chair. He scooted it toward her, and poured his own goblet as well. "We should toast." He changed the subject. " Desdemona! In hopes that you punch any man in the face who doesn't treat you and your breasts with the respect they deserve!" He raised his cup, and wished to clink it against hers before taking his drink. "Cheers, love!"

December 25, 2018
Watching him with the flagon of wine, she smiled softly at his mention of happier times. She couldn't vividly remember the last time she was truly happy, if ever. Her life up to this point had always been a struggle, so to truly find happiness almost seemed beyond her. Taking a deep breath of the smell of the wine, her ears twitched in curiosity, "That smells lovely. Like a sweeter version of the wine served in the halls of the Mountain Men." Ingavor having mentioned learning how to block out noise as she could, Des began laughing, pointing up to her feline ears. "It is simple for me after I had tried it a few times considering my ears." Slowly lowering them, they nearly touched her head, hovering only centimeters above, "So unless you can do this with your ears, I am not sure if there is a way I could teach you." Her ears snapped back up into their original position after the demonstration, taking her goblet with a nod of thanks as he sat it on the table next to her. Swirling around the liquid, she watched him move closer, her smile returning, "I wouldn't see why I couldn't spend more time with you. A curious creature you are, and very polite, be it your training or your natural personality. A rarity either which way you look at it." Lifting her goblet hearing the recommendation of a toast, she began laughing again as he claimed her as its reason, "No no.. not to me. To this wonderful land, its many peoples and the adventures that await them. To.." Looking up in thought, she smiled with a chuckle before looking back to him, "..possibilities."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/25/2018
He smiled softly, watching her demonstration. "Nope, can't do that. Not even sure how to go about it if I wanted to." He stroked his own chin and stared her up when down as he sat. His face fell red while she said she would love to spend more time with him. "I erm-...I just see no reason in not treating people with respect. Unless they treat you terrible. It's just how I am. It's how I've always been." He glanced into her eyes for a few seconds and clinked his glass against hers. "Possibilities." He repeated. "I like that. What kind of possibilities?" He glanced her up and down, taking a small sip of his wine. He gave a soft nod in acknowledgement of the great taste. "to the possibility that I will find a finer wine than this?To the possibility of us both becoming rich? To the possibility, that a beautiful woman such as yourself finds me charming?" He gave a small wink, taking another tiny sip. "To the possibility of getting you in my room again." Ingavor smirked and watched her movements, before raising a brow. "To the possibility of getting to know you better?"

Feel his eyes on her, she smirked internally, watching him rather closely. What a cheeky little thing he is, she thought to herself, Cute, but cheeky. I wonder what is going through his head right now. Following his lead, she took a sip of her wine, setting the goblet back on the table. Hearing of all the different possibilities he listed, she giggled through a few, purring softly by the end. "You certainly have a way with words, Iggy. You most certainly are cute.." Sticking her tongue out playfully, she laughed and added, "..and you are very aware of it too, I believe." Taking another sip of her wine, she pondered on the fact that he obviously wanted to get to know her better. She did not see why he wanted to so badly, but the thought made her smile mischievously. I wonder his reaction.. and I have never been a patient woman.. "If you are so curious about me," she darted her hand out, resting it against his cheek, "then learn."
Having taken proper measures to prevent him from seeing recent events, she openly shared her past. As her memories flooded his mind, he would first see her in a grove, surrounded by trees that seemed to reach into the heavens from her point of view. The smell of pine assaulted him, the sound of running water off the distance. It was spring and the flowers around her were in full blossom. She was running through all of this, her appearance much younger than what Ingavor saw to this day, looking behind her to see three Human men chasing her swords drawn and shouting. The words were unrecognizable, but the point that they were beyond angry was apparent. She continued to run, jumping from the ground to fallen trees constantly, the motion of it all disorientating to the untrained. As she rounded a corner to attempt escape, a fourth man appeared before her, striking at her with the blunt of his weapon. The vision went dark, returning what seemed like a few years in the future. Bound in chains and wearing rags, she appeared to be imprisoned. Dogs snarled and barked viciously at her as she was pushed along a chain of prisoners, her ears tucked against her head in fear. Her feet were swollen and bloodied, as if she had been walking the entire time laps. Her hair hung around her head in a muddied mess, face sunken as if she hadn't slept in weeks. The Humans manhandled her, breaking her away from the group and forced her into a tent. Being greeted with even more hostility from those inside, the vision wavered as she screamed out in misery, her clothing being torn away from her and her body being used for less than pleasant means.
Thinking the contact was enough for the moment, she withdrew her hand from his cheek, taking another sip from her goblet. She herself had no idea what he had saw, but she was sure his reaction would tell her all she needed to know.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/25/2018
Ingavor shifted in his seat, gracefully leaning back. "I'm cute? Madam, I think I am a lot of things, but cute certainly is not one of them." He picked up on her purring, and watched her closely. She was enjoying herself at least, which was great. He spotted her playfully sticking her tongue out at him, and once again, his face fell red and hot
Then, when she, without warning, put her hand on his cheek, he shuddered, his eye turning from emerald green to a crimson red. He saw her running away, and getting hit. He wanted so desperately to help. Then as the vison waved in and out, he saw her with bloody feet. He felt overwhelming rage. He knew how she felt. He knew this situation all to well. She was amazing at hiding her trauma. 'Her too... she was a slave.' was all he could think. As she was pulled away, Ingavor was trying to scream for them to stop but no noise came from his lips. Tears streamed down his cheeks in the real world, which usually happened when he felt another person's pain. He watched as the link between her and himself became fuzzy, as they began to pull her clothes away. He could only hear her scream. As she pulled her hand away, his eyes returned to normal, and he instantly started breathing hard, as if he was running with her. As if he was chained in her place. As if he had been just taken advantage of. He experienced everything she did. Including the pain. He looked around the room, rapidly, until he spotted Des. He stared at her for about 6 seconds before speaking. " sorry." He looked away from her. "I didnt-...expect to see that" He had been frozen from the second she had touched him to the moment she stopped, having no escape from her memories until he let go. That was the clearest he had ever seen anyone with his visions. He was getting stronger. "I don't..." He stopped and looked back into her eyes, after wiping his tears. He often teared up when it came to visions of pain. He was feeling everything after all. "I was a slave too. Im-...glad you escaped." He placed a gloved hand on hers, leaning forward. "You've had a hard life. Thank you for sharing it with me." He looked away, speaking softly. "I could show you...something about me if you'd like? Make us even."

Her purring became slightly louder as she watched his reaction as he returned to his senses. Obviously she had taken him back a bit further than she intended, but it did not surprise her that he saw the darker years of her childhood. Somethings were stronger than others, and he was apparently very good at picking up on those. "Yes, me too. My childhood was thwart with pain and misery, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It helped make me into the woman I am today and that is not something I would want to throw away for a better youth." She smiled and shook her head, finishing off the wine in her goblet, "No need to be sorry. It happened and that is that. There is no need to dwell on the past or to feel sorry for me. I believe I have turned out just fine." Setting the goblet back on the desk, her ear perked as he offered to show her a bit of his past. She smiled a bit more, looking back at him, "Thank you for the offer, but I think I will save that for another night." Looking out the window, she unwrapped her tail from her waist and flicked it side to side as she watched the world become a bit brighter. "The sun is almost up and there are plenty of things for me to do before my instructed tasks of the day begin. Besides.." She stood and stretched, a shiver running up her curves as her back popped, "I am curious to see Lady Anaya's reaction to her freshly renovated office. Thank you for this morning though. It was rather nice."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/25/2018
"The offer stands. Always." He said, standing and crossing his arms. He moved over to the window, speaking softly, and never taking an eye off her. "You turned out to be a beautiful person. I can feel it in your soul. You're a good person. Thank you for sharing with me." Spotting the fact that it was way later than he thought it was, he sighed. "Yes, that means preparing breakfast and getting the queen her morning pearls. I'm sure she will be pleased. It was very clean. I'm the servant after all, and it surpasses my standards. You are a woman after my own heart" He complimented her cleaning ability and listened to her thank him. "Yes of Thank you. I don't get to speak to people very often. So I appreciate your company. And thank you for being real with me. I like that about you." He shifted his feet and began walking toward the door. He twisted the handle and pulled it open for her. Ingavor knew that he would have to sleep sometime, and could maybe get an hour or two of sleep before he had to tend to his duties. "Getting right back to work. Hm. You are something. Aren't you?" Once again, he studied her, up and down. "Something indeed." He muttered. "If you ever feel like spending time with the man who cooks and cleans for countless numbers of people, then please come find me. A conversation with a person like you can shift my mood in moments." He bowed respectfully. "You humble me with your presence. Thank you for allowing me to host you."

A beautiful person, huh..? If only he knew.. she thought to herself. She found it an odd thing to say, but she refused to let her emotions betray her outward expressions. He seemed to be very good at picking up on the smallest of hints concerning body language, and this was one of those times where he did not need to know how she felt. Smiling, she headed towards the door, glancing at him, "A woman after your own heart, eh? Cant say I have ever been told that before, but I will take it as a compliment." Listen to him a bit more, she shook her head, "I do not see the point in being false with others. Of course as with anyone there are things that have their own time and place, but in general to be open and honest with someone should not be such a large issue as it has become in the last few years. I am glad you enjoyed my company." Feeling his eyes on her as he looked her up and down, she smirked a bit and stepped through the door, her tail bobbing with her walk, "Perhaps we will spend more time together soon. I cannot foresee the future, but considering we are employed together, I am sure it will happen sooner than we may think. Take care Iggy, and do try and get some rest when you are able." Leaving him behind, Des made her way back downstairs, crossing her arms in thought. He definitely seems like someone I should be cautious around. He is unpredictable in his moods and that is something I cannot allow getting in the way of things. Quick thinking on my part this night, but I may not be so lucky the next..
Making her way into the main common area, she leaned against a pillar and waited for Anaya to make her morning appearance. She was genuinely interested to know how the Queen would react to her office being completed, but either which way she was compensated for her time with the gold from the guard. Ten gold pieces may go far enough to purchase a few books, but she smiled at the thought of potentially returning to the Snorting Boar for a change of pace. She knew keeping herself in the castle all the time would only make her jittery and she was more than aware that was not something that would end well for her.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/26/2018
"Yes, perhaps we will." He hoped to see her again, but the way she left. The way she was eager to snoop around. She was hiding something and, despite him thinking her to be a gorgeous, curious creature, he had to make sure no one got hurt due to her antics. She was an anomaly. Always mysterious. She had a method to everything she shared with Iggy, and he could feel that he may be being used. For some reason, however, he didn't mind. People always stepped on his head to get up in live, she would just be the first person to look him in the eye while she did. He liked this women more with each passing moment, so it was probably for the best that she decided to cut their morning short. He watched her form walk away, while speaking to her, his voice picking up a little as the distance between them furthered. "Yes, you take care as well Desdemona." He scoffed at her request for him to get some sleep. He knew that perhaps he would try, but the nightmares would wake him from his slumber. They always did. Her body turned the corner, and he closed his door and locked it.
He then placed his back wgainst the door and slid down to the ground, tucking his knees against his chest. He thought of Roxy and what she was doing at this moment. The poor thing was probably scared. Thinking harder, he came to the realization that he gave a full coin purse to a foreigner with little to no knowledge of the town. She was probably being worked over by the owner, who probably agreed to take her in, but is demanding more gold than necessary. Either Roxy was relaxing in her room, safe, sleeping, and secure. Or she was enjoying more delicious fruits and was using Ingavor's money to do it. He let out a soft sigh as he looked at the wine on the table. "The first time I've had a woman in my room and all you manage to do, Ingavor, is take 3 sips of wine, read her memories, cry, and make her leave. You are the worst charmer ever." He scolded outloud to himself behind closed doors. What would Desdemona think of him if she knew he had killed in the great war of Firedor? Or if she found out that he watched his entire family get massacred in front of his very eyes? He, like usual, began over thinking, and smacked the back of his nothing against the door once. "I need to get out of my own head before I drive myself mad." He muttered. He could see the moon shine from behind the mountains in the distance from his window. In just a few hours, the sun would be up, and so would he. He rose from the floor and sighed once again, before plopping himself, face first into his pillows, on his bed. He closed his eyes, and set his internal alarm. "Goodnight-..." He said to no one, completely alone, again. "Ingavor...sweet dreams." He let a small whimper leave his lips as he rolled over, and attempted to sleep for what ever time he had left.

there was a loud banging on the wall, the voice of a man and the slameing of a fist on the other side of the wall in the next room. "my crown, i need my crown, i need it back please help me get it back MY CROWN!" the mans voice talked and yelled as it kept banging hard onto the wall, bang, bang, bang.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/27/2018
Ingavor tossed and turned, grunting angerly. "Seriously?! Can't I get one moments rest?!" Pulling himself from the featherbed, he moved out the door and into the Hall. He spotted the door, and growled at the banging coming from behind it. He walked up to it, reeled back, and kicked it off it's locks. "I'll give you your crown all right." He muttered, peeking in the room.

the door of the room flung open, there was nothing there, nothing at all, in fact the room looked like it had been empty for a good while and it was extremely cold, like the chill one would get when they walked over a grave stone and knew they were far from alone. there was a dent on the wall, a black spot were it looked like a fist had hit, a black smudge but it faded away as fast as it was seen, leaving nothing on the gray stone. the room was a mess books all over the floor, and a door at the back of the room that was a jar open, but it was dark behind and there was....stone behind it, a blocked up stone door.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 12:59 AM
Ingavor raised a brow, and crossed his arms. "Oh goodness. No one has been in here to clean in forever. I am going to need help." Ingavor began to head toward the downstairs area, crossing his arms and cussing at the maids under his breath. "25 bloody silver a week to keep this place clean and they can't even do that. I have to do everyth-..." He stopped, while walking by the thrones. His curiosity got the better of him as he noticed the shrine to Caliga. The idol sat beside the throne of the Queen, almost beckoning him to touch it. He knew it wouldn't be pretty. But he needed a miricle. He was tired of this existing constant heartache from the queen. He began to think of the prince, and how in the books, he ruled for 5 short years in the Queen's absence. In that time, the country flourished. There was fair wages, ebolished slavery, enough food, and w short burst of peace for the land. "I just wish High prince Jeff was back. He would help shape this land into something beautiful. Just like before. Caliga. My dear, sweet Goddess. I know I'm not much to you, and I never talk to you, but It's worth a shot. If you can hear me-....find a man who fits his profile, with some power. He needs to return, or we will all be crushed under the boot of a gluttonous beast of burden. Anaya will kill us all. Please." He sighed. "Please, My greater darkness. Hear me-...I'm bloody desperate. The mother of my darkness. The only true God." He reached out and touched the idol, speaking softly to it before the visions flushed in his head. "I will give you all I am to return this land to an era of peace. Even if for only seconds. I will serve you. I will give you whatever you ask, or die trying. Please, hear me."

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:25 AM
The air around him shivered, the walls seemed to darken, there was no vision, there was no mind shaking mystic thing that would change his view there was none of this, the whole world around him changed and in seconds it was blackness and he was in....a church....the whole building was black a black fog covered the floor, and well the floor did not seem like a floor it was just blackness that made it unsteady to move ones feet. The whole place, this building felt so empty, like how one would feel when they stood all alone in a wide open space, this emptiness that was oddly calming but at the same time made all the hair on the body stand on end. Then the voice, it whispered out from the walls, many voices, woman, children and one, one voice that sounded like a young man, it all talked the same words, all talked together in unity “you prayed to us, asking us to find you a vessel, to bring down the light of a false god that stands for nothing but the doom of others, doom of Innocent lives, a false desiple of a god that is nothing” the voices at the end were angry, there was anger in there words, anger behind them anger that filled the air, wrath, pure wrath. Then she formed out of the darkness that was before him, a towering seventeen foot tall female shaped being with massive black wings on her back walking out of the shadow, a
light purple glow around her body and the extremely sicking smell of Vanilla and chives “you prayed to us, your darkness your Caliga” she sounded so tender as she vanished and reformed in a instant before him like a ghost would her hand on his face. He could see her clearly now, skin as black as night but still with solid shape, a perfectly curved womanly shaped hourglass body like none other on earth, her face was that of a woman and with a single black blindfold that hid her eyes, and black wings folded nicely onto her back and out of the way, feathers that looked so soft but yet surely could be strong enough to slice head form torso. “you seek a prince that died so long ago, a story book that was made by a fake ruler of light and power of a fire that killed no one, a trip that ended in disrepair and a prince longing for a mothers touch to only be given her back and a empty goodbye. You wish for much, but what can you give to gain such things, yourself is already ours my child, your body is already given your soul as well for what you seek but you must gain something from another, gain anothers
soul, fill the pool with another two three for the price of one, three for the soul you seek from our hold, we do have it, you may see it if you like” behind her a window formed, it was up to him if he wanted to go look into it or not.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:46 AM
Ingavor was immediately smitten. He took noticed of the area around him and felt every sour note on the song of hate. He knew it now. She hated Anaya too. He nodded along to her every word, listening to her silken voice, his ears wishing to linger on every drop of her oozing sexuality. He looked her up and down, standing 6'4. "So beautiful. Oh my. I'm sorry. I forget myself." He dropped to his one knee, and bowed his head. "Anything to bring him dear. My graceful nightshade blossom. I am not strong enough to take 3 souls, it seems. Can you grant me some sort of power or strength to aid me in this quest to bring down the tyrannical reign of this evil ruler. She disgusts me with her egotistical, narcissistic, irritating gibber jabber. I gave her everything, your greatest darkness. Please, grant me something to help me stay alive. At least long enough to bring him back. I don't care what happens to me after...I just wan-...we need High King Jeff.," Ingavor looked down. "You are so beautiful and sweet. You are so gracious and giving. I wish I could offer you more." He reached into his spellbook and pulled out the dagger, while on one knee. He presented it to her, and whispered softly, his voice like velvet. "This contains the soul of a great dragon. Vergo. Will you accept this grand soul? It can also kill Anaya in one single strike, but, I can't get close enough to her." He sighed softly, "It's all I have."

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:59 AM
her face looked down at him as he fell to his knee, he did not need the reassurance of knowing Jeff was here, he was believing blindly in her word surely knowing the rules of her kind the Kinn and the fact she could not hold a lie to him. The window behind her vanished away and that was sealed for another day. As he was on his knee her fingers moved to his cheek to lightly touch his skin with her silken hand (aura of sinn active, your character feels the need to do his own sins, he wants to sin and act sinfully around her the closer he is to her the more he wants to sin) “she was so young and Innocent once, a small child nipping for her fathers eye. We watched her grow, her scales as black as the night a heart to do the right, but then she changed into a vile being that wanted nothing but to sit and befall the world in her holy light and be seen as the god she is not” she moved as she took the dagger in her hand, she already knew about it but shew did enjoy hearing his words to her and offering something so treasured to him “a dagger stolen by the fox then entrusted to you, with a soul of one of the dragon lords, there are others in the lands, more then one lord there be. We shall take this from you, it will not be a soul you gain for us, but it will be a gift and we shall give you aid if you so need it, if you come to a being that is to strong for you to handle and you wish to bring them to a point they no longer have a choice but to agree. Call upon my name and ask for aid, i shall send a Sinner to aid you, it shall handle the threat before you how it sees fit” she wondered how much he truly knew of her ways and how this world worked what the other levels of her people were, how the world here was ran and what they really were, he would not have given himself up so easily if he did know but she would enjoy how he would respond to this.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 2:19 AM
"My dearest Caliga, a name so beautiful that it should be the first words uttered out of the mouths of babes. You honor me with such a gift. Thank you. I give you this dagger, because if anyone in any realm should have it, it is you. A being of such perfect function. Grace. I will bring you three random souls. And then give me a vessel, please. Someone who is identical z with enough power to at least start to put a dent in Anaya's plans. You give me too much. I know I ask a lot. But I am ready to spend all of time in a bowl in your presence. I will live out nightmare after nightmare if it means bringing that glorified wyvern down. This scaleback is nothing to me anymore. She hurt my trust and my faith in her. She had shown her true colors before but I was too blind to see. Thank you. Your darkness has led me to your gorgeous view." He rose, after she took the dagger. "How do I collect them?" His eyes glanced up to her, placing a careful hand on her cheek. "You ask, and you shall receive. I am loyal to my last breath. Except when you destroy my trust. Yet, you can't lie to me. You will never betray me." He leaned forward, and placed a gentle kiss onto her perfect lips. It was passionate, and gentle. His hand caressed her ebony cheek, while he lingered a few moments. He smiled, his eyes glowing bright red. Pulling back, he locked eyes while his right hand wrapped around her waist. "Tell me what I need to know, and I'll follow you until every demension is dust. You are the true God among all else." He brushed strands away from her glowing pools. "Never have I seen such a beauty. You grace me. I would take you here if I didn't have work to do."

AnayaLast Saturday at 2:37 AM
His words made her so joyful within the black vessel that held her beating heart, she enjoyed all he said as his hand moved across to her back, her aura flickered higher as he placed his lips to hers her silken wings reached around him to hold him in a warm almost motherly embrace. She held him as her arms warped around his shoulders her blind fold looking at him “once you are back upon your world a black quill and some parchment will form before you, all you have to do is cause three simple people, the worthy to sign there name on the line that only you can see, you must not lie to them but you can twist the truth, be smart and break no laws of darkness, you will go forth as others have and change the world to bring darkness a greater hold upon the lands, cause silence to make your world still and beautiful” her fingers moved his hair behind his ear as she looked at him her wings around them both so it was only them in this space, only them and a beautiful silence world. “bring sin to your world, act upon every want in your heart, go Ingavor, our child, our beautiful disciple” she leaned into him her chest pressing on his own her black dress so soft it was not any fabric one could describe. Her lips to his ear as she kissed the side of his neck her wings tighter around him pulling him to her “go, fuck that girl with the yellow eyes you enjoy so much, wrap your arms around her and make her want you, end the talk with a kiss, let sin guide your actions” she she whispered but it felt as if her words were inside his head, her voice pulling at his want to place her down on satin sheets and make her scream his name, his want to just take what he wanted here and now growing within him. Her hand slipping down to just linger over his groin and taunt him to wanting her more then he already did.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 8:48 AM
An old man in robes and a long staff ventures through the Iron town, weavng his way through the crowds with the grace of a dancer, seen yet unnoticeable by any who pass him by, fast trekking his way to the castle standing tall and proud before his very eyes, which gleam icy blue like the surface of a frozen lake on a bright and sunny winter morning. The old man hops up the steps leading to the front door, and swings to the side towards an open window right before the simple guards, who don't notice the crazy fool who is brave enough to sneak into the castle of the most powerful dragon in the land. The old man climbs up and through the open window, and back down to the floor, all the while enjoying himself. He walks back to the main hall and to the front doors, and starts from there as is proper. He casts a simple spell without an evocation to augment and raise his voice so the golden dragon may hear him even from the highest tower or the lowest dungeon in the castle. "Ho there, great dragon of this land! I have come in the search of knowledge and wisdom from thee, who has been said to hold knowledge beyond any human alive! I come in peace, of course, and wish to meet you properly for the first time in my life! I ask you come down to join me, perhaps for some tea?" The old man laughs, a hearty sound that would bring joy and laughter to any who hear it, and decides to add one final touch to grab the dragon's attention. "Zu'u mindok hi, Yuvon Dovah! Bo tum wah tinvaak, Lot Gein!" A sudden voice perks up inside the old man head, and he could feel it rolling its eyes at him as it speaks to him from inside, "Belgreid, did you have to do that? You know how prideful dragons are. She won't take kindly to you speaking her language." The man named Belgreid simply smiles inwardly at the voice and waits for the great golden dragon to appear.


AnayaLast Saturday at 12:39 PM
there was a slam of a door from the top of the steps in the upper hall, it was the wee hours of the morning and some maybe drunk fool was screaming into the castle looking for knowledge, really was this how people got there points across in the town, wake people up before the sun even hit the horizon. But she was awake now and it was one hell of a way to wake up. Anaya walked out of her chamber down the steps. The woman was pale skinned, red eyed and snow white hair fell down her shoulders, she looked around the age of thirty or so with a well made hour glass figure and not a blemish but she did have slight sun freckles on her nose and cheeks. As his mortal tongue spoke her words, be it a more northern dialect it was dragon none the less and it made her gut turn to hear it butchered in such a way on a mortals lips, they just did not have the vocal range to truly say the lettering. “yelling before the sun wakes up to wake up a dragon no matter the scale colour is a dangerous choice” she said as she stepped down the steps and she came into his view. She was a beautiful woman wrapped up in a red robe with a black dragon holding a rose embroidered on the one side and a light gold trim to the robe as she tied the lashing around her waist line to keep it in place. “if you want knowledge you need to learn patience and respect before you gain something so grand” she let out a light yawn as she snapped her fingers softly be it a rude thing she did not normally do her mouth was yawning and she knew the maid was going to rush off before she was done yawning. As the maid came over Anaya covered her lips with
with her silken fingers that were adorned with golden claw rings that covered the clear nails of the Albino woman. “i am sorry but can you get some mint tea for our guest and my ice round in some lemon water from my personal jug, you know the way it is done, i just want lemon today” most of the time she got mint as well but she was feeling more a lemon kind of day and her mood was going to be as sour as the fruit all day long. The maid nodded her head and turned on the balls of her feet and scuttled away to do the task at hand. Anaya walked more so into the main hall, standing a good seven foot two she was a tall woman and she had a presence that made others feel very unsettled, some say it was the red eyes on such a pale face, red eyes like a sanguine fire lit sea with long black reptilian slits down the centres that made her glances feel like her eyes were stabbing into the soul, but others told on how it was only due to her aura or the fact she was a dragon and they all were that way, but both things were truth, and one thing above others, she was very odd to stand around like all the hairs on the back of the neck wanted to get as far from this woman as one could.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 12:53 PM
As Belgreid saw her walk down the stairs a fire rose in his blood. Here was the beast that had destroyed his life so many centuries ago, and here she stands in the form of his race, the race that she kills and plays around with no care in the world of how it may affect others. Much as a dragon feels when a mortal speaks their tongue, to see such a beast in human form is like an insult to Belgreid. Being as he is, and coming here to seek knowledge not war, he suppressed his emotions for the time being. The old man who had lived longer than most mortals stood in the presence of a beast, a beast that had made legend more than once. Belgreid feels no fear as he looks the beautiful form the dragon has taken up and down. Indeed she was quite beautiful, more beautiful than any other woman he had ever seen in his life before, but it was nonetheless only a means for her to hide herself in this stone prison of a castle, away from where her people verbally riot and kill her guards, wanting the rule of the dragon to end. Belgreid bows low to the queen of the castle. "I hope you will forgive me for speaking your tongue, great one. I felt it would catch your attention more than a simple old man yelling in English would. My mouth is not made for such a language, though I did study it under the tuteledge of another dragon, one of equal stature to thineself. He was a tad more friendly to humans, long ago, but has since turned his back to them. A shame, truly, he was a good friend, though our races differed. I hope if I ever have the chance to meet him again he will remember me. I have come seeking knowledge, though I can see I woke you from a nap, of which I did not mean to do. I will allow you to sleep once more if you so wish. One tends to be more in tune with one's mind when fully rested."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:49 PM
Watching her movements while in agreement while she explained his task to return Jeff. "Anything my sweet. I will-....I will forever serve you." He listened to her every word, nodding along with a smile across his face, until she mentioned Desdemona. He frowned. "She doesn't want me. We've only just met, my sweet. She is beautiful though..." He sighed longingly, before resting in her embrace. "I dont-.." he was cut off by her sweet lips, testing his. Then he felt her toying with his member, giving a soft, yet gruntful gasp. He bit his bottom lip and stared into her eyes. "You tell me what it is you want me to do, at any time, and I will. No one is more loyal to you than I."

AnayaLast Saturday at 3:35 PM
Anaya's eyes looked at the man as she walked over to her throne to sit down and relax a little “a nap? No i was sleeping it is still darkness out past the doors and in the sky's, you have come in the wee hours of the morning it is still at least two more till dawns break ” she let out another yawn she was sleepy but at the same time she was not going to get back to sleep now that she was awake. “no i am awake now, so what knowledge is it that you seek or is it simply all knowledge, you come for you may go over our public library all you wish for no knowledge is hidden form the people, just some is more earned then just given. The rare books are a hard thing to get ones hands on, So if you wish deeper knowledge one must give to get or simply take the time to earn it ” she could hear his anger inside him, how the human heart beat that little bit faster, how his hair on his arms stood up when she showed up, how his body heat had grown that couple degrees hotter, simple things a human could not stop there body from doing, just there reactions, to stress, or past history. She paused a second she knew who this was but she was not putting a claw onto what there past may be, it would come in time if she cared enough to bugger with it. The maid was taking her sweet time getting back with the drinks, Anaya's foot taped on the ground softly, it was true the girl had to heat the water and make the drink but really did it take this long, it was early morning after all so she would give her that and wait, trying her best to be not as moody as she wanted to be at this time of morning and really being up this early meant she would be able to meet the day on a fast start, that was good right, she did not really care, for the early
bird getting the worm, the worm in her case was papers that needed to go out and a office that needed to be checked over and most of all a fox that needed to be tracked down and hung for stealing...well if the fox did steal it and it could be proven, crimes they were always so tricky. But her red eyes looked on the male before her and his body looking aged but rugged enough to be still a younge steed, humans and how they looked she did enjoy them a good amount he talked about his friends and that and once upon a time being friends with a dragon, this was more then naught a lie but she did not really care and it was to early in the morning to give much a shit about anything so she nodded her head with a fake smile to get on with the point.
Caliga kept her wings around him holding him softly. “things will be found for you if you get what is needed, take what you want my sweet Ingavor, and rest well knowing not only Jeff is here with me, but your family as well, your sister is well and resting” her words could hold many meanings, resting, such a vague term. But as she finished her words she softly ran a finger along his hair line as she looked at him and he started to move backwards the world fading into blackness, there was another in the room that formed out of the black a monster like being glowing of red and stinking of rage and hate. But then everything was black and he was back to his own world, like no time at all had past, it was only a instant but to him it would have been at least an hour.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 3:46 PM
Belgreid smiles, the wrinkles along the edges of his mouth growing. He exudes an aura of nothingness, an aura that belies his very existance in the world. This is a man who could walk into a den of lions banging a pot and pan together and still never be seen by the angry beasts he had awoken, and yet Belgreid knows full well that his aura has no affect on a being as powerful as the beast before him who sits there with the smug look. He knows the little things a dragon has. He knows too well she has already felt his anger, but still he suppresses it. "It seems the tea is taking a while, would you care for some of mine? I can heat it right here far more quickly. I come to you, great dragon, in the search of knowledge as I have said. I have read every book and tome in your public library, and indeed I learned one or two things I did not know before about your kingdom, though they be wrong in their essence. Such as the last war your kingdom was in. It got a few facts wrong, so you might want to check that book and have it rewritten. It would not do for the land of the dragon of knowledge to have the wrong knowledge under her care, true? Alas no, o' beautiful beast before mine eyes. I have come for your secret library. The one you keep hidden beneath the very stones of the castle itself." Belgreid walks closer to Anaya, his stride and manner of form showing just how confident he is in approaching a tempermental beast like a newly woken dragon. Here is a man whose very life he lays on the line in the pursuit of all knowledge. "I think introductions are in proper form here If I may have the name of the quenn who sits on the throne before me, I will present myself properly as one should."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 3:56 PM
"Abigail?! she okay?! Can she see me?!" He asked, desperate, before being tossed back into the real world. "No! Caliga!" He yelled out, feeling the beast behind the sweet goddess. Finally he back home, standing there, clutching the idol. He couldn't make out that creature, he couldn't make out any of it. Then, he felt it, in his back pocket. A parchment and quill. He nodded and placed the items in his spelling book. Jeff would be back. And Ingavor knew his sister was there too. At least...somewhat. She couldn't lie to him, but, she could twist her words, which also twisted his gut. He adjusted his spell book and tie at once, hearing the dispute in the main chamber. Was Anaya awake?! What time was it?! He looked down and noticed his throbbing member that caliga gave him. "Oh Jesus!" He used his aura to push it up into the wasteband of his pants, unnoticed by any who looked at him. He quickly growled and rushed toward the kitchen, running into the girl with a tray of tea, and 4 pearls. "Give me that! She is already angry. Save yourself and get some food before she eats you." He gripped the silver platter, counting three cups, then moved toward the main hall spotting the the old man, whom smelled of dust and confidence, and his employer whom he couldn't stand. He put on a smile. "Gracious, My Queen. Awake at this hour? I hope our guest hasn't disturbed you." He placed hee tray at her side table, and poured a glass of tea for her. He then stepped in front of Anaya send the old man, gripping his spell book dominantly. "Step. Back. Away from my queen. Sir." He wore a smile, but that smile held a threat. "Would you like some tea, or would you like me to take out the trash, my queen?"

AnayaLast Saturday at 4:04 PM
She watched him press foreword, his words made a spark jolt in her red hues, yes yes yes, the war of the north, the day that her herself took flight and made the whole land burn white with holy fire, she lost many a good man in the mess that was that day in the snow. As he walked up to her she stood up her head towering over his head as she would not be pressed foreword by any mortal even if they were old and clearly foolish. He talked about facts gone wrong, humans and there books down there got the facts wrong as they were not there in the flames and the ruin they did not see the faces of the ones burning and they did not know the reasons behind why it was done. “i can not drink any liquid other then my own, but thank you for the offer” her last words held a slight sarcastic tone as he talked about knowing were the hidden knowledge was, the hold under the castle was fully off limits to the public and even the knowledge of its existence was a rare trinket and the books down there were a hot topic that one would talk carefully about, it was as if walking on thin ice when talking about anything that involved the hold and everything inside it. “what is under this castle is not of your concern human, i am Anaya Nivaria DeLaRose, the mother of light and the only golden dragon that exists in this world, and the books have it wrong as they were not there, there white fire did not cleanse the undead from the lands, mine did” she said in a
sharp tone as her temper was rising in her unstable state of morning moodiness. The torches in the castle flickered as something pulled at them, pulled them into moving at a more harsh flicker then there normal soft glow, clearly it was connected to her fowl temper. she looked at him as Ingavor coming in with the tray and the drinks and things and her pearls, stood before her to take the sand as any good servant would be it to save the life of another or think she needed his protection ether way she did not mind his actions, she let out a breath calming her temper that was on edge as is. This one was not one she was going to enjoy “he seeks knowledge, nothing but knowledge, lead him back to the library were the public books are Ingavor, he can work with that till he gains manors” her eyes looked at the man as she then looked back at Ingavor “after you take him there you can come back here and we can go over how you handled that bump in the catacombs”

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 4:16 PM
Belgreid frowns as the man with the tray steps between him and Anaya. Belgreid sighs, and his voice takes on a dangerous tone. "I have come for the secret knowledge that you and only you possess, dragon of knowledge, Anaya. I am a knowledge seeker and bookkeeper, and as I mentioned I have read the books in the public library, and I have them all stored in my mind. I wish for more knowledge." Belgreid bows low again to the dragon, his long grey hair falling out of th crowl he wears. He leans on the staff, supporting himself and acting frail. When he stand up straight again, he smiles, the tone in his voice gone, changed to something one would use to ask for something, though not in a begging way. Belgreid would never beg to this foul beast. "I should introduce myself, and then I will take leave of the castle for now. I did not mean to waken you from slumber, naturally. My name is Belgreid Lovastka. I am know as the man who watches the world grow old. A rather long title, but my companion made it for me, so I am stuck with it. Personally I prefer my old title, the Eternal Man, but so little often do we get the choice of what we are called." Belgreid bows less this time, and turns to walk back down the hall towards the doors.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 4:24 PM
He listened to both Anaya and the old man, his stance not faultering once. He stared the being down. He took in each and every word put forth from the man, whom seemed to show respect. "Ingavor Daggerbane." He said, coldly, as the man turned to leave through out the doors. He kept his eyes on the being until he was almost at the doors and turned to his queen. "He doesn't seem to want to go to the library, your majesty." He bowed respectfully. "Good morning, my queen, by the way. " His eyes looked to hers. "I silenced the werewolf, and stopped the incessant banging. As you wished." He stated, raising a brow. "Forgive me, if I did something wrong. It was a long day, my queen. "

AnayaLast Saturday at 4:26 PM
she watched him go and head down to the doors, she did not give him the respect of words as he left, she gave a grunt like snort as she crossed one leg over another and kindly took the cup from ingavors tray her little crystal cup that held her lemon wedge and as always she took the little green dish of sea pearls and held them in her hand to save them for her bath. She gave a nod “ingavor thank you for your valiance in standing strong against an opponent you did not know the power of, it was very brave of you, that is good that that thing is silenced it was getting annoying to hear day in and day out, he was a murderer anyway, the thing had killed three whole family's and can you inform the guards at the under the castle door to tightly lock it and keep there eyes sharp, we do not need a arrogant knowledge seeker to break into a location he will only die in. We both know full well that we do not need another body for the spiders to string up or that thing in Sams lab to eat” she gave a discussed face as she thought about that, thing, he made but she pushed the thought from her mind as she looked at him and waited for his response to her and she tried to calm her temper a bit, the castle flames going back to normal.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 4:32 PM
"Yes my queen. Anything for you. You honor me with your compliment. I would gladly give my life to ensure that naught a single hair is harmed on your head. You're my priority as always, Queen Anaya." He spoke, and bowed again. "Absolutely. I will let them know as soon as I leave here with you, and begin cooking you some breakfast. What would you like today? Or should I run you your morning bath before you eat? It is up to you. Your wish is my command."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 4:33 PM
Belgreid looks back once releasing the suppression on his emotions. His anger clear in his sudden burst of aura, though his face still had the simple smile and look of a kind old man, and it shot back towards Anaya as he turned and waved his hand, the large doors opening on their own, and then closing behind him. Belgreid walks down the stairs, using his staff to help him along. As he nears the bottom his aura turns back to one of stone, something that goes unnoticed by all, and he walks around to the outer walls of the castle to try and find a way in of his own. Belgreid rarely had to sneak his way into a knowledge center. Usually his name alone would be enough, and when it wasn't he could use magic to force his way in. Neither method would work on a dragon that is more powerful than himself, unfortunately. He stalks around the outer wall looking for a small passage that could possibly lead inside the grounds.

ZLast Saturday at 4:59 PM
Jace lay on the floor now curled up. His stomach making him suffer from horrible hunger pangs. His diet of bread and water being taken away began to take it's effect on him. His strength ebbing further from him. "Mr. Slice, why won't you help me.." his eyes turning into a soft blue in all but the pupil which had become a dull shade of gray. His silver skin losing most of it's luster. "Jace is sorry. Jace behave. No more alone...Jace be good now. Promise.. I be good.." he sighed and closed his eyes. He weakly tugged on his chains making soft rattles fill the room.

AnayaLast Saturday at 5:43 PM
she leaned back in the seat as she thought for a moment surely that worthless mortal would find another way in, she was no moron and this was far from the first time a person had tried to get to things they should not get to and he would find out rather fast that things would be far from easy around here. She went silent for a moment, her eyes closing, she could hear him, he was around but really she cared little were he was “Ingavor, go tell the guards that now, don't make a meal, just get the guard task done first and foremost the door needs to be locked then come back here imminently and give me the key” she flung open her eyes as she looked right at him putting a finger to his lips and with the other hand shoving a key she ripped from her neck into his other hand, the castle master key, before he was even able to say yes mam “go, don't talk, then come back” she then took her finger away as surely he got the point. --- in the prison Jace was greeted by a guard, just as they wanted, a weak man starved to the point he hardly could stand let alone fight “come on, you have a job to get done” and with that they picked up his chain unstrapping it form the floor and pulling hard on it to bring him to the castle guard house and suit him up with his armour and weapon so he could do his now and forever guard post job of being one of the Iron castle house guards.

ZLast Saturday at 6:28 PM
He went to step before being tugged, "Jace need food. So hungry." He winced as the armor was put on and then stared at the sword. He moved his arms and then began taking off pieces, leaving him in just the breastplate and his prisoner pants. He held the blade tight as he walked out. "Too heavy, Jace can't move in so much metal. I wear this until we find Jace's old clothes? Can't do good if can't move." He looked at the sword, "What is this? It's so small..Can get different weapon? Mr. Slice abandoned me..." He sighed again, "No good if I can't understand." He drug his feet and made no sign of emotion. The gray of his pupil now consumed the Iris, pushing the blue to his sceleria(?). "Please, Jace says please." He cowered immediately in fear of being lashed for his questions. "Jace sorry."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 6:45 PM
He wanted so desperately to spit in her face as she would dared touch him. He wanted to cringe and poke the key through her eyes. Yet he saw the urgency of her command. "Yes." Was all he said as he took the key and turned on his heels toward his destination. Find the guards. Lock the door. His only misson. Ingavor wiped his lips from Anaya's touch and spit on the floor when no one could see him. He moved down the back hall, and turned the corner to find the catacomb doors with the two Lycan guards. "Queen Anaya has ordered that these doors get locked, and guarded even better than you guys already guard. " He looked between the two of them while stepping forward, her master key in hand, making it obvious that Anaya had given it to him. He then placed it quickly in the lock and turned it, locking it down magically, for good, until Anaya decided it needed to be unlocked. "Carry on, gentlemen." He said, turning back around, and listened to the hum of the door. It was barriered which he was happy about. His feet began moving back toward Anaya, letting every guard along the way to watch out for an old man with robes and confidence. Finally, minutes later, returning to Anaya, he kneeled and presented her the key. "It is done, my queen. And I've warned every guard along the way. He will not get in. And if he does. I'll make it my mission to bring you his head. You won't need to lift a finger. Is there anything else I can do for you.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 8:30 PM
Making her way to the throne room, Des held her hands in front of herself politely, glancing behind herself in mild confusion. Something had been going on, but she had been so lost in thought that she barely registered anything that had went on. Her tail flicked here and there as she pondered everything, but quickly dismissed it, knowing that if she were in need of knowing the situation, she would be told in due time. It is probably best to keep out of situations that cause this much tension in a room, she thought to herself, Makes the day a wee easier to move through. Turning her eyes back, she looked at Ignavor before lifting her eyes to Anaya. She studied the Queen a moment before bowing her head, waiting to be called upon.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 8:39 PM
Belgreid skips about the castle’s outer wall until he sees a good spot where the wall is in enough ruin to be climbed effectively. Belgreid strapped his staff to his back and found good footholds, and started making his way up the wall, any guards at the top obvlious to his approach. Belgreid gets to the top and climbs over, narrowly missing knocking a guard walking by with his staff as he vaults over. Belgreid knows that if he causes any actual damage to the guard he’ll be noticed by it immediately. Well, unless he knocks the guard out, then he’ll be fine, but violence is almost never the right answer, even if it is the last one. Belgreid saunters along the parapet to the inner wall, weaving through the guard’s vision and behind them like a cat. He makes as little noise as possible, though sometimes it can’t be helped. A few clicks of his staff would turn some heads, but still leave him unnoticed by the eyes watching for intruders. He walks along to the inner wall, climbing down it in a good spot, and then walks over to the castle itself, looking for an open window. He stands in the middle of the yard looking around, knowing few would see him. Specifically only those of strong magical ability or those looking specifically for Belgreid by name and appearance.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 8:53 PM
Ingavor stood, awaiting Anaya's response, but felt another aura in the room besides the guards. A familiar, intoxicating aura. He turned his head slightly to spot Desdemona, and Instincts took over as his lips curled upward, into a delicately placed smile. He nodded toward her, while awaiting the Queen's response. It was obvious ingavor had a small crush on Xaei's friend, whom had been rather kind to him, yet he tried to hide it, as to not come off as desperate. He wanted to say hello, but he stayed in his spot and remained silent. Desdemona was a curiosity that ingavor didn't mind getting killed over. If it was a beautiful woman who caused his death, then so be it. After nodding, Ingavor turned his head back toward the queen, standing at attention. "I could begin cooking you a meal if you wish. Or I could go hunt down that mage for you. You name what you want, and it will get done, your grace." His eyes locked onto that of Anaya, staring through her, almost. He didn't want to even look at her, the sight made him sick. Evil always did that.

AnayaLast Saturday at 8:57 PM
she nodded her head “thank you Ingavor, it was needed to be done, now the under castle is safe and the knowledge will be as well, you saved books today that are older and more treasured then anything we own here” her hand flicked out as she ran her fingers into his black hair and pushed a strand out of his face “i can sense him in the castle, the mage, he walks around looking, now he can look all the wants and find nothing but a locked door” she gave a smile knowing full well there was only one way into the vault and even if he got there by some magical way to knock out her elites there was a very locked magical door that only the key around her neck could open. “once he learns he cant open anything he will be forced to come back here and ask for entrance or fight for what he wants, the darkness inside him will be his downfall” she was basically talking to herself at this point she was sure Ingavor did not care seeing his little she guessed love intorest entered the area and clearly caught his eye, his heart beating a little faster to her ears. and if he did care it was not like he could do ability's to banish a evil force inside a hosts shell. "you are relived Ingavor, go, enjoy yourself" she said with a smile as she turned her head to the doors and She let out a breath
as the guards dragged in another guard, he had only the top plate on and was begging for freedom and a meal. She moved her hand as both guards holding his chains were flicked across the room. “rude” she said softly as she stood up trying to get a grip on the day and shake off the mood she was in “a new guard from the prison i see” she walked over to him as she leaned down to run a silken hand in his hair and have him raise to his feet. “Jace does not need to be sorry, you have work now to give your life reason, you were placed in prison for your actions now you have a second chance to fight for the crown” she moved her fingers over his chains and the metal melted as she hovered her hands over it, the metal turning to dust as it fell to the floor fading away into white ash. “now Jace tell me what weapon and armor would suit you best, you cant have your old things but we can get you new things to fit your body”

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:03 PM
He shuddered when she touched him, moving hair from his face. He wanted to growled and scream, but instead. "Yes my Queen, thank you. " He said with a bow, and turned on his heels, toward Desdemona. He walked passed her, yet stopped for a second right behind her, not even turning around. "Meet me in the library if you wish. When you have time, I'll be there." He knew she has business here, with the queen and didn't want to disrupt it. Then he turned out of the room, toward his favorite room in the castle, where they first met, 2 days prior.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 9:10 PM
Belgreid sighs to himself and wanders around until he get to the normal library where the queen of dragons wanted him to go in the first place. As the old man walks in, he walks over to the fiction section to find a story that he maybe hasn't read a thousand times already. You could use my power to seep through, you know. It wouldn't be hard for me to get past that stuckup bitch of a dragon. Galadon almost cackles as she insults the most poweful dragon in the world. Belgreid smiles and chuckles at her comment. "No no, Gala, that wouldn't be right. The pursuit of knowledge is supposed to be pure, unshackled by wrongdoings or sin. Other than greed, that is. That is one of the basic sins of knowledge. Greed for everything abound in the world." As Belgreid seems to be talking to himself, others in the library look at him with a somewhat feared look. Most people who talk to themselves are considered crazy, afterall. Belgreid has anything but lost his mind, however. He walks over to a bookcase, pulls down a new book to the library, and preceeds to go off to a corner on his own, not far from the entrance to the home of knowledge.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 9:18 PM
Straightening, she kept her eyes forward, ignoring the scene concerning the guards. It was none of her concern and she had other things on her mind anyway. Seeing Ingavor passing by her, she couldn't help but offer a very faint smile, her tail flicking her and there as he whispered to her from behind. He is an odd creature, she mused to herself, But cute in a round about way. As he left, she simply continued to wait until her presence was noted by the Queen. She was in no terrible rush, but one thing continued her curiosity: the painting in the Queens office. Obviously something had happened to it due to its destroyed nature, but she could help but be curious as to what the Queens reaction to it being restored would be. She imagined one of two reactions, and both would satisfy her either way.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:26 PM
He finally approached the doors to the libaray and pushed them open after whistling a jaunty tune down the hall. He smiled to himself, and started walking inside, closing the doors behind him. Then his smile faded, hearing the old man talk to himself. "For the love of-..." Ingavor muttered, gripping his spell book for his belt, unclipping it and opening it to his last left off page. He then reached his hand deep into the book and pulled out a large bamboo staff, about seven feet long and 2 inches thick. He them clipped his book back to his belt and held the staff in two hands, planting his back foot. "I have had a very long, sleepless night. I'm pretty sure the woman I fancy thinks I'm a complete daft loon. And to top it off, I have an intruder in my home, let alone in my favorite room in the entire castle. You have exactly 20 seconds." His telekenic aura rose around his body, giving a visible cloak around his body. "Why are you here!?" Ingavor looked at the fiction section, and spotted him, easily. "Give me one bloody reason not to call the guards!" He began twirling his staff as books started to fly off the shelf, and float around his aura, like a tornado. "I will hurt you, old man."

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 9:36 PM
Belgreid looks up from his book to see Ingavor making books fly all over the place, and Belgreid gets a dangerous look in his eyes. Not too many things can really make the old man angry. Obviously the blasted dragon Anaya was the first. The second happened to be those who would destroy tomes of knowledge for their own self gain or out of pure nonesensical reasons. This would be the latter, which is unfortunately the worst. To have such a one-track mind that he would destroy the world around him in pure misguided anger, Belgreid just couldn't stand it. He stands up, sighing as he has does so often in his life, and simply walks up to the man with the staff, catching every book that flies towards him, and setting it softly on the ground as he walks closer and closer to the angry man. Belgreid stops just out of range of Ingavor's staff, and says in a calming yet dangerous voice, "If you keep destroying these books, I shall have no choice but to destroy you. This is a public library, and I have every right to be here, as your queen has already granted me permission earlier. I know you were there to hear it, or is your rage all that matters to you? Rage for what, however? Me? What did I ever do but come to the most knowledgable being in the world? Except maybe myself. I asked for access to her storage of rare books, simply to read. Your name was Ingavor, correct? Ingavor Daggerbone. Wonderful name, by the way. Suits you quite well. If you settle down, we could talk like civilized men. If not, I'll simply have to be rid of you. Protecting the tomes comes first, I'm afraid."

AnayaLast Saturday at 9:37 PM
Anaya watched as a couple of the guards walked over “we will take him to get a meal and some better robes your highness” she nodded to them and handed him off to them “no more chains for him he will be fine without them” the guards nodded and this time carefully take the man away to get a meal and some drink and maybe if he was lucky even a splash of wine. Anayas eyes turned around as she walked back over to Desdemona and looked at her “so how did my office cleaning go for you, i know it was a mess” she said softly as she picked up the lemon water from the side of her thrones arm rest and took a good sip of it. Placing the four pearls she had in between her breasts for storage in every woman's built in pocket.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 9:42 PM
Watching the Queen, Des smiled softly and nodded, "It went rather well, milady. Took a bit longer than I expected, but it was certainly not the worst room I have ever cleaned in my life. There was no blood to clean, and that is certainly a hard liquid to get out of wood." Watching her place pearls between her breasts, her smile grew a bit more. I am certainly glad I am not the only creature in existence to do something along those lines. Turning towards the door, she lifted an arm and gestured to it, "I would like to know your reaction to its completion, if it is no trouble, milady. I am rather curious to know if my work will be well received or not."

AnayaLast Saturday at 9:45 PM
she nodded her head and started to walk with the girl to her office "i don't mind to see it at all, please lead the way Desdemona, it is your accomplishment for sure, and oh i will give you a good couple coins for your work on it, ten gold for the work as i know it was a challenging room to clean " as they got to the door she waited for Des to open the door and explain all she had done, and show off her work and alow the girl to glow with work well done.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 9:51 PM
Walking with the Queen, she nodded again with a smile, "Thank you milady, but you have already paid me for my services. At least, one of the guards handed me a pouch of ten gold coins claiming it was from you after the project was complete. It would trouble me greatly to accept more payment for work I have not earned." Reaching the office, she slid the key in the lock and turned, opening the door for Anaya. "I simply used a few techniques to tidy the room I have learned over the years. I also was able to file your paperwork into organized piles ranging from what simply needs to be put away and those you still need to look over. I have also alphabetized all of the books in this room, placing them away on the shelving provided." Giggles a bit with another smile, "Setting aside a few for myself to read, of course." Stepping in after the Queen, she returned her hands before herself, waiting to hear her take on the room.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 9:51 PM
"Be rid of me?! In my library?! I tend to these books daily. I clean and dust them. I've read every single one. I have singlehandedly replaced hardcovers, pages, words and such on almost every damn book in this room. How dare you say that I'm destroying these books. I am the only bloody being who gives a damn about them." He then realized what his power had done. He was knocking books off the shelf, haphazardly, unknowingly. He dropped his staff immediately and fell to his knees, picking the books up off the ground, into his arms. " are right." He sighed and started putting them back in alphabetical order on the shelf. "I may be young sir, but I too am knowledgeable of many things. Maybe not as much as you, Sir, but I am also skilled. Do not assume it would be so easy to destroy me. You may be an old man, but I sense your aura. You're dangerous. I can feel a darkness in you. It's not safe." He sighed. "I'm sorry for my words, Sir." He bowed respectfully, and bent down to pick up more books. "So stupid of me..." He muttered to himself. "I still need to get a handle on my powers. Telekenic ability is a double edged sword. Yes I am powerful, but im more trouble than I'm worth when I can't control it." He sighed, rising to his feet. "Yes sir, Ingavor Daggerbane." He crossed his arms. "I'm-...I don't want to fight you anyway. It isn't right. You may be a new person, but you are right. You are more than welcome in this room." He finished putting the books back and reached for his staff, picking it up off the tile floor

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 10:00 PM
Belgreid reaches a foot over and flips the staff up, catching it in midair and tossing it to Ingavor in one fluid movement, something no old person could do. Belgreid helps to pick up the books, making sure each and every one isn't damaged from the chaos the man caused in his own library. He smiles and he looks at each one, knowing the contents of each and every book in the building. Belgreid picks up a book on the war that he had talked about briefly with Anaya. "Ah, here is one those wrong ones. Here, you might want to have the facts checked in that book. I'm sure the dragon queen couldn't care less, but it is wrong about what happened in the north that year. I saw that horrible beast burn those villages without mercy for whoever was in them. That book paints her as a hero of sorts, but she's nothing but a monster, killing and destroying anything or anyone she pleases." Belgreid breathes deeply, realizing he was voicing an opinion he swore to keep to himself. "Pretend you didn't hear that, yes? Even I can't fend off a dragon that is angry with me." Belgreid stands up and puts the books back in proper order without Ingavor's helps, and then goes back to the new book the old man was just about to begin reading.

AnayaLast Saturday at 10:07 PM
Anaya walked into the room it was nice and clean, papers in piles just ready to be sent out and hell you could see the floor now and then.....she cleaned the painting, Anaya stood there looking at it, she did not say a word but her heart was sinking as she walked in, her eyes not leaving his face, her mind back on that day as she almost held a tear in her eye, but sucked it up forcing herself to blink to try to not let such a thing drop to the ground. She looked back up at the painting and she remembered why it was ruined, in the first place “i got angry at him smiling at me, he always looked so happy in this painting so i toppled the book shelf to make his voice stop talking and to hide that smile on his face like nothing happened at all” she moved her fingers up to run her hands over the smooth old paint that was her dear beloved Drax “it has been a very long time hasn't it” she said softly as she looked for a moment like she was not here anymore, her eyes drifting to another place all together. “we took this only months before everything fell apart, i had to pay the painter triple as he was stuck staying longer as you would not accept that he could not get my hair right. I laughed
so hard it almost messed up the painting all together, the kids would not stop moving, the painter was so mad at it all i thought he was going to leave and say to the deep with it all” she could not help but look at the ground and chuckle, her laughter was real, real and heart felt as she remembered how much of a mess that day was once upon a time. “thank you Desdemona for cleaning this room, you will get the extra payment, you earned it, you did not have to repair this for me, it means, more then you think” she looked over at Des her red eyes looking so sad, small poles of water in there corners she refused to let slip down her cheeks but clearly they were there. “the room looks flawless it will be much easier now to get the towns taxs and paper work done things will go smoother from here on out.”

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 10:24 PM
Seeing the reaction on the Queens face, she was taken back. This was not either of the reactions she thought she would end up receiving, and to see the sadness in the woman's eyes, she looked to the painting at Drax. Returning her eyes to the woman, she approached the Queen slowly, lifting a hand and placing it on her shoulder. She did not know if this was even allowed, nor did she care. If Anaya had a problem with it, she would soon find out. "Forgive me, milady. I did not realize this would cause such pain in you. I do not know enough about your families background to offer any words that may help, but seeing you now the way this has affected you, I am here if you would like to discuss it sometime. It was never my intention to cause you pain, but I am glad to hear that it means a great deal to you." Lowering her hand to its rested position, she tilted her head with a small smile, "And please, keep the extra payment. It was my pleasure to do this for you. If there are other assignments you would have of me, please do not hesitate to say something. I will do whatever I can to make your day to day activities easier."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 10:42 PM
He caught the staff, while eyeing the man, resting it at his side. "I'm sorry. Please forgive my stubborn rage." Ingavor looked at the man, pointing at stuff in a book he was holding, before showing it off. He raised a brow as he spoke bad about the queen. "You aren't telling me anything I don't know sir. I have been with this family for years now. And I'm just starting to learn about all the evils of this place. Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut." He sighed and shook his head. "I know she is a monster but-...I was 15. I just watched my entire family die in the War of Firedor. I walked with no food or water, and a knife in my leg for three days. I begged the gods to kill me. None of them listened. Anaya did. She was so tender. She was like a mother." He looked into the old man's eyes, when the man made eye contact with him. "She never hurt me. She was so gentle, even as when carried me here on her back. I was so scared, that I hid in this very room for days. I didn't know what to do. Eventually I began to trust the queen. She even gave me a job as her royal hand. I am grateful to her..." He then growled in his throat. "Then-...the slaves flooded in more and more. The pearls became a necessity for her. She wasn't the same. Each day, we get closer to death. But I've made a promise to the queen and unfortunately I am a man of my word. I told her I would serve her until she no longer wished to employ me." He smirked. "But I'm very good at my job, so thus, I stay." Then he frowned. "She has shown her true colors this last week. I fear for everyone's saftey." He them sighed softly nce more. "Yet, I was going to kill you on her order, should she have asked...I'm so sorry sir." He looked down in shame. "Please forgive me."

AnayaLast Saturday at 10:44 PM
Anaya paused as the hand came to her shoulder, she almost did not know how to react to physical contact, she was hard, her skin, it was hard to the touch and one could feel the outlines of small scales under her skin. She did not intend to be hard it was just how she was, warm and hard to the touch and no one, no one ever touched her so she did not even know what to do, shoo the girl away, no, hug the girl, no, she stood there a little awkward but at the same time she appreciated Desdemona bold actions “i don't need the coin, i have more then enough, how about we send it out to ten family's, one gold each in the town, food and warmth for them for over a month on one gold down there your name will be on the letter they get with it. And....” she paused a second as she looked back to the painting “i removed him from the history's, this painting is the only thing in the whole castle that is left of him. He was my mate, the true one who owned my heart, when a dragon finds a mate, a true mate we give the other half of our heart severed down the centre, to bind ourselves to one another for all of time, to feel each others pain, there life and even in death we will join each other, sadly, things changed before we got the chance to do so and i, i never joined him even if i wanted to that day. This painting is the last night we smiled, the rest is just a ash ruin at were the old castle used to stand” she gulped back a hard swallow as that tear managed to slip down her face, the first tear she had given for many years fell from her
cheek onto the floor and upon the ground, a small blue rose grew out of the floor boards. She gave a smile as she looked down, all the blue roses in the castle gardens had died many years ago when she stopped caring to tend to them, now only dead husks of roses lived out in that garden. But it was clear how blue roses around here grew. She cleaned her cheek to not let another fall, she did not want a flower bed in her office “the tears of a dragon give life, if one was to fall on the dead's body that dead being would come back to the world just as they were when they fell, some would pay every sum in the world even there own soul to get there hands on one” she gave a chuckle softly at the fact that her own sadness brought life to another, sadness over the dead brought back life but on that day she shed every tear she had and he stayed just that, dead in her arms. “funny” she said softly as she turned around and walked out the door
collecting herself and putting herself back together “i will not need aid, i will be alright, but i am needing to have a bath, and it is going to be a long day, and we have a uninvited guest and i believe Ingavor is waiting for you. Be careful and if you need anything scream, nothing, will harm you in this castle, i give my word” a dragons word was everything and they kept there word even to death, in Anayas own mind she owed Desmona a dept that coin could not pay for, she gave the dragon something that all the gold in the world could not buy, but at the same time, things still were missing and Anaya knew that.

Grandpa ChaosLast Saturday at 10:56 PM
Belgreid at once understood and knew exactly how the man before him felt. I could change his situation around you know. It would leave me a bit powerless should you need me for else today, but it would help him greatly I think. Would get you in a whole mess of trouble though, which I wouldn't mind seeing. Galadon chuckles inside Belgreid's head as it gave him some food for thought. Belgreid smiles, and looks Ingavor in the eyes. "I know the pain of losing family all too well. One thousand three hundred eighty-three years ago, the golden dragon Anaya attacked my village. My daughter and I were the only ones who escaped. Later that day as I searched for food, bandits came to our hiding place, and they raped and killed my daughter. In one day that foul beast had cost me everything in my life I held dear. It was all gone in the span of eight hours I lost the only family I had left. The only two women in my life I ever loved, my wife and my daughter. Ingavor, you could come with me. I need a man who can fight. I'm not much of a fighter myself. I seek knowledge across the land, any and all. My name is Belgreid Lovastka. I am the immortal man, and I can help you escape this chain you have around your neck, if you only trust me."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 11:04 PM
Listening to the Queens words, her eyes drifted back to Drax, her eyes narrowing slightly. I never knew Dragons could be so.. romantic. But hey, I thought they were extinct less than a week ago. Her smile returned as the distribution of coin was brought up, "I believe those families could use the coin far more than I could. I am living in a castle, after all." Seeing the tear slide down the Queens cheek, she felt a sudden pain in her own chest. This woman had clearly been through so much and it was just difficult not to feel for her. Listening to the story of Dragon Tears, she couldn't help become a bit more curious about them, but now was not the time to question it. She waited until the Queen finished before taking yet another bold step, "Forgive me, milady." Walking up to the woman, she pulled Anaya into a soft, yet firm hug, disregarding the Queens scaly exterior altogether. It was of no concern to her how another's body was built. In fact she found it rather interesting that an armored body such as hers could be covered by a fleshy layer. It certainly would fool anyone not educated in the matter. As she hugged the woman, her eyes wandered back to the painting, back to Drax. I wonder if its possible.. Thoughts trailing off, she decided it best to think on the matter in her own time.

AnayaLast Saturday at 11:19 PM
as she was pulled into a hug, she did not expect it and at first was stiff as a board in Desdemona's arms, it took a second or to for Anaya's body to relax and she oddly enough sunk into the woman's arms. Anayas arms moved to embrace the female as she held her softly yet firmly in the safest embrace one could ever ask for. The strongest and most powerful being in all the lands, placed her head on the woman's shoulders her snow white hair drifting as she moved “all actions are forgiven” she said with a chuckle on her breath “if you ever want to go there,, it is west of the castle, go towards the Avalon Valley there is a old path that horses used to walk on and signs to the Iron Stronghold, nothing is there anymore, not even dogs walk on the ground, under the castle ruins there is a storage vault, a iron door that one must have a good amount of strength to lift, or help from another person, down there is the truth, and something i left behind long ago, if you can get there you can have it, it and the books that come with it, the history of what really happened after this painting was taken. Why he no longer walks with the living and i still do” she lifted her body from Desdemona breaking the embrace a part of her wanted to hold onto “you can gain a part of this worlds history that no one else can hold, a part i wish never happened and i could forget, but at the same time never want to” she gave a spot to her that she did not give to others but the girls bravery to embrace her made Anaya feel soft, knowledge was power in this world, if you knew the past you would learn the way the future would go and why things were the way they were, and there would surely be more then a book there After all it was a castles ruin. “if you go, and you see him, tell him i still hear him every day, even if i
am sure he knows. Kaladrax Niviria Blackwing, it is on his grave stone, that stone is the only thing left standing by a large willow tree on a hill, beside our children” Anaya softly moved to press her for head to that of Desdemona, a warm glow coming over both of them (the dragon has given a blessing of luck and fortune, you now can at anytime make the choice to re-roll any not wanted roll from yourself OR an enemy in combat) she lifted her head from Desdemona, the girl would feel warm and like she was filled with energy and light. Anaya gave a smile and turned “but i must take my bath now, go find ingavor, he has the hots for you you know, his heart skips a little when you are around” she gave a chuckle as she walked away walking down the hall way humming a soft tune as she walked to the bath house to take her bath.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 11:26 PM
He listened to Belgried speak, his heart breaking for the man. He fell silent, looking at the floor. "I'm so sorry, Belgried. You've lived a long, painful life." He sighed softly, crossing his arms. "She ruins so many lives, and acts as if she is the victim. " He placed a sympathetic, gloved hand on his shoulder. "You have my condolences. Even if they mean nothing to you, you have them. We have both lost family. We have both suffered." He then stepped back, hearing his offer. "Leave-...join you?" Ingavor raised a brow. "You don't even know me, sir. Why me out of all the able bodied men who want a second chance? I am nothing-...besides. There is a woman in these Halls that I am rather infatuated with and would like to tell her so, but-.. " He turned toward the window. "If you would have asked me a week ago, I would have attacked you for questioning my I'm not sure." His hands fidgeted with his white shirt. "Can I get back to you on this, sir?" He muttered, turning to face him. "When I know for certain that my friends are safe, I'll give you my answer."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 11:45 PM
Feeling Anaya returning the hug and saying that all was forgiven, she relaxed a bit more than she had been, smiling through their hug. The woman seemed like she truly needed another person to share in the knowledge of what had truly happened, and as one who loved information, this was perfect in almost everyway. Hearing of Avalon and the secrets it may hold for her, her tail began to sway back and forth as she thought of all she could potentially learn. As their embrace came to an end, she smiled and nodded to the Queen, "I will be happy to travel to Avalon, milady. It would seem that your daughter has been rather preoccupied as of late, so it would certainly give me something to do. I wouldn't mind stretching my legs anyway. Perhaps we would both benefit from this." As Anaya pressed their heads together, she did indeed feel the warm glow that engulfed them both, unintentionally purring as a result. As Anaya left though, her purring was cut abruptly hearing of Ingavors crush, soft laughter replacing it, "Yes, I am fully aware of that. He is rather simple to read concerning feelings like that. I guess I should go pay him a visit. Do take care, milady." Leaving the office, she locked the door behind her and proceeded to the library. Along the way, she let her mind skip here and there. Avalon, hmm? I have seen that area on a map once before, but the old ruins seemed a bit further out than Avalon itself. Sounds interesting enough, and considering I live here in the castle, I have all the time in the world to explore its forbidden regions. Her thoughts moved back to Drax for just a moment before she pushed open the library door, heading inside. Catching the very tale end of Ingavors conversation, she simply wrote it off, leaning up against the wall next to the door, sliding one foot up the wall while holding her hands before herself politely. She smiled softly, the tip of her tail flicking back and forth as she waited for his conversation with the stranger to end.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 12:00 AM
Before the man could answer, Desdemona entered and Ingavor's attention switched. He looked toward the beautiful woman and blinked a few times before bowing softly. "We will continue this conversation later. Until then, I have something to attend to. He spoke to Belgried, while looking as Des, and took a few steps toward her. "If it isn't my favorite drinking partner." He gave a playful smile, his teeth showing slightly. "Its-...uh-...good to see you again, Des." Red began to spread across his cheeks, while his shy smile turned smaller and smaller by the second. He was obviously harboring some kind of feelings for her, but said nothing, as he didn't want Desdemona to leave, and never talk to him again. "I hope the queen was pleased with your work? I know I was." He coughed into a balled fist. "Your CLEANING work that is! What other work would I be talking about?! Oh my goodness this library is hot. They are putting way to many logs in the giant woodstove." He scratched his head while his crimson face turned away from her. "Oh my...uhm...Yes, anyway. The queen was pleased, I assume?" He crossed his arms, thinking rather loudly to himself. Ingavor, you are blowing this! Be calm and just ask her! The worst thing she can say is no! He let out an exhale and watched her face intently, holding onto her every word.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 12:13 AM
Watching Ingavor so easily dismiss the other party in the room, she shook her head with a smile. Hopeless. As he approached her and began spewing from what was his crush painfully taking over, she giggled and nodded, "Yes, the Queen was rather taken with my work. Upon seeing the painting restored though, she became a bit more emotional than I expected, but it was rather nice to see that our ruler has a sensitive side. I do hope to get to know more about her in the days to come." Pushing off the wall, she walked around him and nodded to the other man in the room to not appear rude, turning back to Ingavor. "Which brings up an interesting piece. The Queen has given me permission to travel to Avalon, a Kingdom to the West. Beyond is the Old Iron Ruin. There are a few things she suggested that I could investigate there if I wanted to learn more of the history of Iron. It certainly sounds interesting enough, and seeing as the Princess' are preoccupied elsewhere, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to explore a bit more of Valeria." She tilted her head, crossing her arms, her smile softening just a tad. "Perhaps if Lady Anaya is fine with it, you could come along?" This thought had occurred to her along the way to the library. Perhaps having someone with her through this particular travel would not be the worst thing. There were plenty of dangers she could run into along the way, and two swords may prove better than one. Not to mention, if my idea from earlier is possible.. she pondered, the thought trailing off as she waited for his response.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 12:33 AM
His face fell flat from a smile as she mentioned Anaya. He nodded along with her words, and watched her close. He has some fake enthusiasm in his voice. "Yes, I wish to see a more sensitive side to her as well. Perhaps Anaya has a crush on you. She is rarely nice to me, except for today....she told me I do great work for her. I'm glad you and her are getting along and having moments." He was genuinely happy that Anaya approved of Desdemona, because if she didn't, Ingavor probably wouldn't have met her. Then she mentioned Avalon and the real history of the iron, and his smile reappeared. He simply nodded and spoke in an extremely soft voice. "Are you asking me if I not only want to explore ancient history and find out truths thought long lost by everyone, but also spend time with you, away from this castle? Yes. Yes I would like that very much." He scratched his head and smiled softly. "When are we leaving?" He was serious, ready to take off whenever she said the words 'let's go.' Maybe she knows your feelings and is trying to trick you. Or perhaps she just needs your magic to survive. Ingavor said to himself, trying to talk himself out of it, and failing. "Desdemona, you could ask me to follow you into a whorehouse on fire and I would if it meant getting to travel with you." He then tried to change the subject. "Besides-...getting away from this castle sounds like the absolute! Not breast! Why did I say breast? My, I am silly." He laughed fakly and shook his head. " Desdemona, before we leave, would you-...." He then shook his head and looked at the floor Say it! "-...have dinner with me tonight? I don't think I've seen you eat since you got here."



DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 12:48 AM
Laughing a bit, she shrugged her shoulders, "Dinner doesn't sound too bad. I do eat thank you, but in very small portions. My body has never needed much in order to function for long stretches of time." Walking back to the door, she glanced over her shoulder at him, "Fruit is my favorite, if that helps your prepping any. And be ready to leave tonight. I prefer darker settings to bright ones. I can see much better." Her tail gave a wave as she walked out of the room. Taking a few steps from the door, she quickly looked around herself to make sure no one was watching before her body vanished from sight. She reappeared in her room, sighing. "Well, I was not expecting him to be so willing to go, but just as well." Walking over to her desk, she pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill, writing down a few items she would want to bring along with her on the trip. After writing down all she would need, she vanished once more to reappear back in Anaya's office. Rummaging through the books she set aside, she pulled out two of them, one titled 'Necromancy' and the other 'Arcane Spells'. Softly patting the books, her eyes lifted to the painting in the room, her eyes narrowing as she returned to her room setting them on the desk.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 1:21 AM
He smirked, as she agreed to his dinner proposal, and he felt a weight off his chest. "Fruit, small portions, and leaving tonight, got it." He watched her figure walk out the door, his blush leaving his face as soon as she did, the room. Ingavor looked to the man, after Des left. "Belgried, please. Excuse me. Enjoy these books, and-.. stay safe. We will talk soon." With that, he turned toward the door, and walked out them, moments after Desdemona, yet he turned the other direction and turned the corner. His feet clacked against the stone steps as he moved up the stairs to his room, while his mind raced. A journey? Knowledge? Desdemona? He needed to be prepared for this, and refused to be caught with his pants down, unless Desdemona was into that sort of thing. Finally moving into his room after unlocking his door, he moved to his closet and pulled the doors open, with a puzzled expression. What would he wear that would protect him, and make him look like he knew what he was doing. Then, in the back of his closet, he spotted it. His father's old, ebony armor, sat in his closet since first arivving at his home, and awed over it for a few moments. He watched as the light peeked through his window, and glimmered gently, resting in the plates. After a long process, he was finally clad in the steel, and his large boots thumped against the ground with each step. Standing in front of the mirror, he admired himself, drawing his father's sword, his spellbook still hanging from a rope around his waste, Instead of his belt. He stared at his figure, realizing it was a perfect fit. His father was about Ingavor's body shape when he passed from this world, and it showed. Ingavor wore the attire triumphantly. "Father, watch over me." He said, holstering his sword. "Today, I am more than a servant. I need to be a warrior. Even if it kills me."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 1:55 AM
After a time, Des had gathered a few items she wanted to bring with her on the trip to Avalon: the two books, a map of the surrounding area and a set of traveling garments. The garments were nothing overly exceptional, but she knew it would protect her from the weather they may or may not encounter along the way. Everything else she would need was already in the never ending pocket of hers. Placing the items away in said pocket, she stood and stretched, letting a small meow escape her throat as her back popped. "Well, I guess all that's left is to have dinner and then be on my way. This will certainly be interesting all and all, I feel." Smoothing out her outfit, she left her room and made her way to dinning hall. It always surprised her just how crowded the room was, even when a meal was not currently in progress. Taking a seat at a table, she snuck a mug of ale, enjoying it as she waited for her traveling companion.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 2:17 AM
Ingavor turned toward his door, and stopped a passing kitchen staff, whom was heading toward the upstairs supply closet. "Excuse me-..." "Oh my! Ingavor! Is something wrong?!" She said, noting his armor, which he never wore any of. "Yes, Maycee. I am going on an adventure. It could be dangerous. I need to be preapared." She nodded and spoke softly. "What was it you needed?" Ingavor answered, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I would like you to prepare me both, a knapsack of food for my trip, as well as a fruit, veggie and meat platter for dinner, with some cooked salmon and potatoes, mashed?" Maycee nodded and turned around, ignoring her current task to help Ingavor. Ingavor was feared by the prisoner guards, and respected by the kitchen and maid staff, due to his kindness of them. "Right away sir!" She said, as she disappeared from view, and fled into the kitchen once reaching it. She would probably tell the other staff what was needed, and they would get it out to the tables in the dining hall. His boots made noise that echoed down the hall as he neared the dining area. He opened the doors, and spotted Desdemona sitting there, waiting for him. "Hey there." He smirked, sitting across from her, his black armor glistening in the light as he shifted in his seat. He looked sharp, and fit the armor well. No one would ever suspect him of being a Butler if they saw his armor. His sword and book hung from his side, as he looked at her face, locking on. "I gave the kitchen an order for A fruit, veggie and meat plate with Salmon and potatoes coming after. They will also make sure we have enough food for the trip." His arms crossed, the armor making a scraping noise as he moved. "We can eat, and go whenever you wish."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 2:27 AM
Hearing him long before she saw him, Des' ear shifted, aiming towards the door. As he entered and sat, she downed the remainder of her drink before nodding, "Sounds like a good bit of food to take with us. You will probably be eating the majority of it though, I hope you know." Setting the mug down on the table, she crossed her arms under her breasts and leaned back a bit, the tip of her tail dusting against the floor. Taking a good look at him in his armor, she smiled with a laugh, "Looks as if you are preparing for war. I just hope something as heavy as that does not slow you down. This is, after all, simply an expedition. There may be a few dangers here and there, but nothing that I can imagine that would warrant something so.. protective." Glancing at the door, she absentmindedly began purring, looking back at him after a moment or two, "I wonder how we will get there. Walking seems like it would take far too long. Are there any transports that leave the city to Avalon? I only have ten gold pieces to my name, but something tells me that might get us a good distance." She had previously wondered on going by horse, as the castle may have a few to spare, but she did not want to make assumptions. She hadn't actually explored the surrounding parts of the castle, so she wouldn't know such things.

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 7:25 AM
Belgreid smiled as he overheard their little conversation of going to Avalon, and the secret knowledge that will be found there. You going to hitch a ride, my little bookkeeper? Belgreid rolls is eyes at Galadon's question, the answer obvious. "If the dragon won't let me see her secret knowledge below the castle, perhaps some other secret knowledge would do. I can always erase my existance from the woman with the tail. Or rather, you can. If I am truly lucky, I'll get secret knowledge and an ally in one stroke. I'm going to read the book for a while, until they leave." Belgreid sits back down to read his new book for a few hours. As the time passes slowly and the day wears on, he realizes the book is simply another version of one he has read before. He closes it up and sets it back on the shelf, and decides to explore a bit of the castle, turning his aura of stone on so he won't be noticed by anyone he passes. Eventually as he walks down the halls, making sure to steer clear of the main hall just in case the dragon is inside, he ventures near the dining hall, the smell of food having attracted him to such a place. Unbeknowest to most he walked straight through the open door and sees Ingavor there with his lady friend. While Desdemona doesn't notice Belgreid, Ingavor certainly would as the old man goes and sits down a couple feet to the right of Des.

ZLast Sunday at 9:57 AM
As he was lead off to be refitted he began to tell the guard what he was used to. Though communication was difficult for a moment with Jace's lack of education. He was now walking out in leather armor and a staff. He even managed to convince someone into giving him a hood. As the silverling trotted to his first post, he continued shoving bread and some meat into his mouth. His eyes now bright yellow in his pupil and sclera, while the iris had become a soft orange. He became confused as he was left alone and sat down to begin talking to a nearby picture. Though he got quickly upset with the portrait's lack of knowledge on "guard duty".

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 10:06 AM
Ingavor smiled as she remarked on his armor. "This is medium weight armor, heavy enough to protect, yet light enough to move around in. Tis better to have it, and not need it, than need it and not have it, yes?" He pondered, his arms resting on the table as he made eye contact. "Don't worry about me, okay? I'll be okay and keep up. There are horses in the stables. I will be taking my horse, Pebs, and you can use the pinto, Gerod. I take care of the horses after all, no one will miss them." Just then, Maycee brought out a plate of diced fruit, such as apples, oranges, pears, mangos, watermelon, and pineapple. Then in her other hand, housed a meat plate for those whom wished to snack before dinner. "There you are, sir!" She said, Ingavor nodding and looking back to Des. "Thank you Maycee." He exhaled. "I always pack extra supplies." He looked away for a moment. "Can never be too careful. Besides, it's nice to know that we are packed with extra in case we run into someone in need of food or help. It never hurts to be prepared." Ingavor then spotted the old man, strolling in and sitting toward Desdemona. He raised a brow. Is he following me? Hopefully not. If anyone ruins this trip, for either Desdemona or myself, I'll skin them alive with my bare hands. He gave a polite smile and nod, looking back to his crush. "Now that you mention it, however, I'm a bit odd looking in this gettup, no? It was my father's. It was all I had, and I'd rather not get my work clothes dirty, because frankly, Anaya likes her staff to be clean and presentable." He smirked, flicking his armor so it made a "Twang" sound on the plate. "I've never worn armor like this before. Not since the war." Then his smile faded and he looked down. "Yeah-...been a while since I've seen these plates."

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 10:26 AM
Belgreid turns off his aura, and should now be noticeable by anyone who sees him, including Desdemona who is sitting next to him. Belgreid takes a mango and bites into it, smiling at his little intrusion. "You know, stepping around a woman lightly isn't really the way to her heart. No, if you truly want to get to the heart of a lady of this calibur, what you need to do is sing. Haven't met a woman yet who didn't love a good singer. Even animals fall for the song. I once met a female wyvern, lovely in her human form. She was smitten with a man, an elf, actually. There's a rare couple there. As most do, this elf had a beautiful singing voice, and he serenaded the wyvern into love. Wasn't easy, either, she was a picky one, as all dragons and related are. It was a sweet sight though, I tell you, seeing them happy together. That was many years ago, however. Nowadays, too many humans are scared of dragons and their ilk, and too many dragons believes that humans do nothing but destroy and steal from each other. If only we could go back five hundred years, when everything was still at peace. I remember those days fondly." Belgreid takes another bite of the mango and stays lost in thought for a couple minutes, before remembering where he was. Belgreid looks up at Ingavor and Desdemona, and asks the one question he has had for a while. "So when do we leave?"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 10:46 AM
Ingavor raised a brow, hearing the old man speak up again and go on and on and on and on and on-...his face turning red once he mentioned singing to Desdemona. "Wha-..." The old man kept going, talking about an elf and a dragon, and their love story, which Ingavor could care less about, for all he knew, the wyvern ate the elf after. He slammed his head to the table, resting it there, not only hiding frustration, but his blush as well. Then the old man said the magic words. "Nope! No! Not gonna happen! No! Nope!" His head rose from the table and grunted toward Belgried. "Sir, please. You don't understand-..." He was tired of everyone being oblivious with his feelings about Des except himself, which meant he didn't hide it well. "You want me to sing to this beautiful rose of a women, and take you along in our trip?! No! Neither of those things are happening! She'd have to get me pretty drunk to sing to her!"
Ingavor raised a brow, hearing the old man speak up again and go on and on and on and on and on-...his face turning red once he mentioned singing to Desdemona. "Wha-..." The old man kept going, talking about an elf and a dragon, and their love story, which Ingavor could care less about, for all he knew, the wyvern ate the elf after. He slammed his head to the table, resting it there, not only hiding frustration, but his blush as well. Then the old man said the magic words. "Nope! No! Not gonna happen! No! Nope!" His head rose from the table and grunted toward Belgried. "Sir, please. You don't understand-..." He was tired of everyone being obvious with his feelings about Des except himself, which meant he didn't hide it well. "You want me to sing to this beautiful rose of a women, and take you along in our trip?! No! Neither of those things are happening! She'd have to get me pretty drunk to sing to her!" He shook his head. "Why do you keep following me? Why is everyone making it so hard to have a single moment with a woman that I'm fond o-...." He turned to Desdemona, then slammed his head on the table again, hiding his face. "I hate this fucking castle."

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 11:02 AM
Belgreid breaks out in laughter, a joyous sound that could make even the heartless go along with him in laughing. This goes on for a couple minutes until He starts slaping his leg as his laughing begins to die down, and then wipes a small tear from one of his eyes from laughing too hard. "Where's a tankard of ale and some popcorn, this is the best show in the world right here, don't you agree," he asks to Desdemona. Belgreid finishes off the mango and grabs an apple next. "Haven't eaten in a couple days, feels good to have something other than garbage scraps. If you want, I'll just trail behind you. I don't mean to interrupt your date with your future wife and all, I'm just interested in the ancient books. I'll read them, taking good care of them, and then set them back right where they were, no one the wiser. I'll get my knowledge, you two will fuck and get married, and then you can run away together off into the sunset.... which at that point will probably lead you right back here if you keep going West."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 1:24 PM
Listening to the banter back and forth between the two men, Des simply reached over and grabbed an apple, biting into it. She had lost interest in their conversation almost as soon as it had started. She was far more than aware that Ingavor had feelings for her and did not need to keep being reminded. The poor man hasn't even gathered the courage to say so himself, but others seem to have no problem in revealing it. she thought to herself, I will simply play along like it is the first of me hearing of it. Or continue to believe they are all joking. She couldn't help but smile as Ingavor smashed his head against the table, taking another bite from her apple. Hearing his near slip, she giggled before continuing to eat. The old man on the other hand had begun to get on her nerves. She thought him arrogant and downright rude to assume he could invite himself along, let alone all of the things he continued to say concerning Ingavor and herself. Hearing the 'you two will fuck' portion of his laughter, she had had enough. She glanced at the man with her golden eyes, "Ive taken your little wise cracks for now you hideous gargoyle and if you ever open that gateway to the underworld you call a mouth in my direction again, Ill snap off your extremities like dead branches from a tree and feed them to you and knifepoint." Without waiting for a response from either of the two, she stood and walked out of the dinning hall, instructing a maid to ready the horses on her way out.

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 1:35 PM
Belgreid whistles as Desdemonda walks out on them. "Got a good mind, that one. Do you think it was something I said? I should probably go apologize just to make sure. Well, I'll be in town for another day before wandering off again, so I got the time to wait." Belgreid finishes his apple and turns his aura back on before sauntering out of the dining hall and sneaking around to other rooms, trying to find his way down into the basement that holds the secret library that he is searching for. He eventually comes to a passageway that leads to a door with two lycan guards standing in front of it. Not my idea of a fun time, Belgreid. Perhaps we should just ask the dragon what she would want in return for the secret tomes? Belgreid sighs, and heads back to the main hall. He augments his voice to try and get Anaya's attention, hoping she realizes it is him again. Belgreid yells up in draconic, "I have a business proposition for you, Anaya Delarose. Won't you give me the courtesy to hear me out?"

ZLast Sunday at 1:58 PM
His ear twitched, his eyes flashes to a calloused burnt orange. "That's not right..Mr. Picture?" He stared at the photo of the family member of the past, "Yes!" And he began scurrying through the halls, dashing past servants to the loud draconic speech. He slid to a stop right in front of Belgried. Their noses touching, "Why are you loud?" He looked over the man and sniffed his clothes, "You dress funny. Oh oh, want to meet my bestest friend?!" His pupil turned gold, "You follow Jace? My friend has to see your funny clothes." He patted his back,"Smell funny too. I'm naming you Mr. Voice." He grabbed the man's hand, "Come come. Jace wants to show his clothes too." He began tugging the man's arm like a child, "Jace a guard now. Jace is what called...dashing" he smiled, "Follow follow." He slid to his butt while holding the man's arm firmly. His sharpened teeth displayed through a giant smile.

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 2:08 PM
Belgreid, a bit taken aback by the doglike display the man named Jace was putting on, did the first that came to mind. He corrected him by telling him his name was John. not Mr. Voice. He turns off the augment to his voice seeing as how it was causing a bit of strain anyway, and follows the dog-guard around. Belgreid runs to keep up with the new guard, looking around at the walls and people passing by as the dog takes him to whereever Jace's frend is.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 2:14 PM
Ingavor's rage flooded his body with each passing second. Belgried was basically insulting his passion for Desdemona and intruded on his private dinner with her. Everyone kept pointing out how he felt, except him. He had enough. He started to stand and rested his blade on his hilt, ready to kill the man in one strike, as his fingers closed around the handle. Yet, he heard Desdemona snap with anger as well, and threaten the old man, which to ingavor, was rather attractive. He blinked a few times as he watched both Desdemona and Belgried leave, one after another, which left Ingavor alone in the dining hall. He took his hand from the sword hilt and sighed. "I've had enough." He said low, tired of being a pansy about his feelings. Everyone kept pushing his buttons. Gus. Sam. Anaya, and now Belgried. He was over the entire thing and began to walk toward where Desdemona left, and caught up to her, while she instructed a maid. Furious at the old man, he stood behind her and laid his cards on the table.
"I'm alone all the time, Desdemona. I only met you days ago, but the last few days have felt the least lonely in my entire life. I'm not just a helpless romantic, I'm a man who works his ass off, and I thought it would be nice to meet someone who shares the same interests as me. Then I met you. You read. You're mysterious. You share my humor. I may not know you that well but I'd like to. I don't ever get chances like this and I'm mucking the entire thing up. So, I guess what I'm trying to say-..." He shrugged. "You're an amazing woman, Des, and I don't need more than a few seconds to see that. I like you. And I'm tired of everyone telling you that, before I get a chance to." At that moment, a guard turned the corner, shooting finger guns toward Iggy. "Finally tell her that you like her, eh?" He said, followed immediately by Ingavor sending his fist forward, into the man's face. He clipped the guards jaw, sending him dropping to the ground with a thud. Obviously having enough of everyone except him saying how he feels. He turned back toward Des after knocking the guard out, unfased. "I wanted to take you out. I dont want to 'fuck' or anything like that. I just want to get to know you and you get to know me. Can we just act like an old man didn't completely ruin my chances of telling you without it meaning nothing?" He crossed his arms, hoping she would at least hear him out. He was going to tell her his feelings on the trip but he figured now that everyone knows, it was a better time now as any.

ZLast Sunday at 2:28 PM
Jace began skipping along as he drug the man, "Jace is Jace. John so boring, I'm calling you Mr. Voice anyways. Can you teach Jace how to do voice things too?!" He continued with random child like questions. "And why does your robe smell so old...are you old?" Soon he jerked the man with him into a very nice room... it seemed rather....royal. He busted through another door and let go of... John's.. arm as he bolted to a tub and hugged Anaya's head. "The my bestest friend. Her name is Queen. Queen is sweet a d helped poor Jace cause guards are mean." He turned his head to Anaya, "This is Mr. Voice! He was yelling made up words and he smells funny and old. See his silly clothes?" He jumped back showing off the leather armor and staff he had. He pulled back his hood showing his still sunken solver face, though his weight and color was already returning thanks to eating. "Can Jace get more biscuits? Mushroom hat man wouldnt let Jace take biscuits." He leaned in "If Jace can take allll the biscuits, Jace share with Queen."

Grandpa ChaosLast Sunday at 2:48 PM
Belgreid covers his eyes in respect to Anaya in the tub, not that he found her body un appealing, but it was common courtesy not to look in on a woman bathing. Despite his age and recent shows of insensitivity to others, Belgreid was a man with manners at heart. He blushed a slight red, having seen some of the dragon's human form without clothing, and in a couple moments he simply turns his back to her. "Yes, Jace, the queen and I have met, actually. We're good friends, aren't we, queeny?" Belgreid smiles at his little twist there, hoping to set the dragon off the edge a bit. He does look around just outside the door as he waits for the hyperactive dog-guard to settle down or be told to heel. Belgreid turns back towards the bath, keeping his sight covered by pulling his hood down a little. "I hope you can forgive our intrusion on your bathtime, Anaya. This hyper one dragged me here when I was shouting for you. I did not realize you were bathing."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 6:31 PM
Slowing to a stop as Ingavor caught up with her, Des turned to look up at him, crossing her arms as she listened to him awkwardly explain his feeling towards her. She couldn't help but offer a small smile. He is too cute, but I wonder if he understands what he would be getting himself into.. Watching as he struck out against the guard, she quickly covered her mouth to keep from laughing, composing herself just as quickly as he continued. Once finished, Des remained quiet, her tail flicking back and forth as she mulled the idea around in her head. He obviously fancied her, though that was a mystery in itself. She knew she had the option to accept his proposal and see where things led, let him down easily or completely dash his feelings like a tide against the rock. Sighing softly, her smile softened a bit more before she turned and continued down the hall towards the stables. "I hear that Dorlomin, city of Avalon, has a wonderful place called the The Lunar Rooftop. It is suppose to have a spectacular view of the stars at night. I wouldn't mind being treated to something of the such." Bringing the apple she still had to her mouth, she took a bite and glanced back at him, her tail swaying in rhythm to her hips. Not exactly a yes, she thought to herself, But not exactly a no either. I am sure he will be fine with that answer for now.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 7:03 PM
Watching her movements to a tee, he listened to her only words and nodded with a smirk as his feet picked up, and he followed her. "I can work with that. Sounds rather lovely, actually. He smiled, walking next to her, but looked back, a little concerned at the man on the floor. "I may have overreacted a bit." He went to straighten his tie but realized he was in armor, and felt rather silly, but hoped she didn't notice. Iggy, sighed and glanced back toward her, on the right side of her. "I'm sorry if I'm coming off as strange, but life is short and I may not get another chance to be honest." His right hand rested on the hilt as they would turn the corner toward the back gates, and into the stable/ stage coach area. A guard walked up to them, clad in a rusted iron chest piece and a full matching helmet. "Greetings, sir Ingavor. Have you seen Benjen? He was supposed to be coming this way to take over my shift." Ingavor simply smirked and looked to Des, wanting to have a little fun. "We have, he's down the hall, sleepin'. Poor man had to much to drink on the job, again." The guard looked to Des. "Aye, sounds like him, well you two get on then. Pebs and Gerod are saddled and packed with all the supplies you requested, Sir." Ingavor nodded, then smiled at Des, opening the door to the stables for her, once then guard nodded back and walked away. "Shall we?" Once she did, there would be a large outdoor area with the back gate that led out of the castle, and two large mounts, ready for adventure.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 9:32 PM
"Overreacted? This is just now dawning on you?" She laughed and shook her head, continuing on with him. Keeping her eyes in front of her, her ear twisted toward him as she listened, "Well I won't lie, you are a bit strange. But so am I, to some folk. So no harm, no foul." Grinning as they ran into the second guard, she began laughing as Ingavor blatantly lied to him. Stepping into the stable as they arrived, she moved over to her mount Gerod with a smile, reaching up to gently pet his nose. As the horse exahled with a shake of its head, she giggled and stood on her toes to whisper into it's ear. The creature seemed to relax enough for her to gracefully swing into the saddle. Patting it's neck, she looked to Ingavor and shrugged, "On our way then." Whispering again into the horses ear, she gripped the saddle as the creature took off in a gentle trot from the stable.

AnayaLast Sunday at 10:00 PM
As her head was huged she did not seem to mind or move, she was not all there having taken what she needed for her bath, as he let go of her head she turned her snow white hair falling down from its loss upright bun. The hair trailed down her back as she stood up from the bath water. Water droplets driping from her figure as she stood looking at them both, she patted the guards head as he talked about biscuits “yes go get your self from treats Jace you earned it, now let this man and i talk, you could be doing better things then dealing with old people” her red eyes looked over to the old man as she gave a clearly fake smile, her temper calmed and her black slitted eyes had wide slits and it was clear she was well, relaxed and on something. “yes we are wonderful friends, Jace be sure to shut the door after you are gone, i do like my privacy when i am talking to a guest of mine” she did not care to cover up as she steped out of the tub onto a little cloth bath mat covered in fur and soft on the feet she would wait till he was gone and out of ear shot before she talked to the man, she had already guessed this new prison guard was a simple man made for more orders and kindness to keep a tight leash on him as well as his loyalty and she would do just that, be kind and tender to the little simple thing and then make sure it was around to take up arms for the one that fed and pet it, much like one would do a dog or pet.

ZLast Sunday at 11:08 PM
He hugged Anaya again and then hugged 'Mr. Voice', "Be nice to Queen, okay." He chuckled and leaned close, "Or Jace next snack be crunchy fingers." He skipped out of the room pulling the door closed loudly, though it was not as loud as the song he sang obnoxiously about tasty biscuits. He skipped his way into the kitchen grabbing a bowl of biscuits and fussed with the chef until he won the battle for the giant glass of milk. He trotted about the castle nomming his treats and smiling widly. The song of biscuits now muffled by the full mouth of bread and milk. He sat where he had been orginally posted humming and scanning the halls. The cup emptied and sat inside the half emptied biscuit bowl.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 11:52 PM
Her words danced in his head as she climbed up and over into her horse, whispering something to Gerod, which he liked. "You have a way with animals." He reached up, stroking Pebs mane while gripping his saddle. He hoisted himself up and over as well, sitting on top of his horse next to her. "Yes, let's be off." He said, noting her leadership role as she took point, trotting off toward the gate. He gently gave a small Pat on his horse's rear. "Yah." He grunted, pulling up next to her, and pulling back on the reigns to make a stop in front of the gate, with Des. "Open the gate!" He yelled to two guards atop The large castle walls. The guards obliged and both pushed a crank over and over, raising the gate inches at a time until it was open. "You know where we are going. I'll follow you on this one. Okay?" He smirked at Desdemona, waiting for her to take off which he would follow inches behind on his own horse. Once they were about 15 away from the castle, the gate would come crashing down. It was official. It was Just him, Desdemona, and two horses now, which was all Iggy wanted. "What was that, that you did to Gerod back there?" He said, pulling a brush from his satchel, on his horse's pack. While they walked and talked, he gently brushed his horse's coat, cleaning her of dust and grime, while he paid close attention to Desdemona and her every word. "You are a strange one, indeed, but as am I." He smirked, his armor clanking with almost every trot. "I should tell you-....when I touched that painting. I saw Drax, dead on the floor. Anaya trusts you to learn his history. What if his history is fake like so many of her other books on history? Don't get me wrong, I'm so blessed to be here with you on this journey, but I'm worried it may be for nothing. "

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 12:07 AM
Coming to the gate, she lowered her ears against her head, brushing her hair over them. She also took a moment to wrap her tail around her waist, making it blend in with the outfit perfectly. She preferred to look a Human woman while on the road to prevent unwanted attention, and seeing as they were leaving the protection of the castle, it was ultimately for the best. Watching as the gate rose, she lifted her eyes with it before passing under. When it came crashing back down, she sighed gently before continuing. As they trotted along, she looked over at Ingavor, tilting her head slightly, "What do you mean what did I do to Gerod?" Turning her eyes to the horse, she simply rode along on its back, the horse seeming to know the way itself. Looking back to him, she lifted an eyebrow, "I simply got on. Glad I am a feather compared to you though. Such a strain on a horses back is never good for them." Lifting her legs, she crossed them before turning completely sideways in her saddle, balancing herself perfectly as the horse continued. "And to answer your question, if the history is fake, then we will continue to search out the truth, regardless how long it may take. Life is full of mystery waiting to be uncovered, and lucky for us, I am rather good at discovering the truth among the lies." She shrugged, looking back to the road, "But if it is all for nothing, then at least we know we gave it our best shot and there is no shame in that."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 12:34 AM
"You certainly know what you're talking about. Pebs and I have road together for a while and I've never worn armor at any point. I can't imagine what the poor girl is feeling." He brushed her gently, smiling at Desdemona as she turned her body, and folded her tail around herself, while she talked about them finding the truth, no matter the time. "So I get the wonderful chance to spend an undetermined amount of time with you, and read some books. Sounds like a bloody good time." He placed the brush back in the satchel, and pulled out two small green apples. He then moved his horse along side Des, and reached down, feeding one of them to Pebs. Once he reached back up, he out reached a hand toward Des, handing her the apple. "For Gerod." His glowing green eyes moved toward the trees around them, once they entered the forest on the path. "I haven't left the city in some time. Not since Anaya ordered me to kill the commander of the Darkheart army." He thought about that day, and all the men she had lost. It was a sad day. He then looked over toward her. "This guy commanded 10,000 troops to attack us, so she sent me, and a fleet of 2,000 of her elites. I was the only survivor, but you know what they say. Cut off the head of the snake, and the body dies." He shook his head, trying to shake away the thought. "I killed him in combat, and his troops fled. Cowards. Anaya offered me the chance to be a soldier, but I declined. I don't like killing." He was genuinely truthful. He had a tender heart when it came to death, and lamented taking even the most evil of lives, such as Chester the Werewolf. He looked up at Des. "Listen to me drone on and on about myself. Tell me more about you. What's it like being able to turn into a cat?"(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 12:53 AM
Rolling her eyes, she smiled with a shake of her head, "You are hopeless, it seems. So easily entertained." Accepting the apple, she leaned down and offered it to Gerod, sitting back up once he had. Looking around herself, she took a deep breath as they entered the forest. It felt like such a long time since she had been here, though it had only been little more than a week. Hearing Ingavor speak of war and what he had accomplished, she nodded slowly, knowing all to well what it was like to take another's life. She certainly was no stranger to the act. "I personally do not like taking life either, but if I am left with little alternative or am sanctioned to do so, I will do what must be done." Once he lightened up, the next question caught her a little off guard. However, she did not let it show. How is it he knows about that, I wonder.. she thought, I have been more than careful when using my powers in the castle. Blinking, she looked down at her hand and then over to him. That is the only explanation I can come up with. He must've seen it from my past. Guess I will need to shield my memories a bit better, if there is a next time. She looked back to the road with a smile, "Was very disorientating the first time, but I quickly became use to it. Why do you ask?"


Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 1:06 AM
"I like cats." Was all he said, trying not to seem like a creep, once he noticed her shift in body language. "I'm sorry-..." Ingavor looked toward the moving ground. "Can't help it, I guess. I could feel it the second your tail touched me for the first time. Your aura and everything about it told me what I needed to know about your ability. I think it's very amazing. If I could, I would turn into a cat. I'm much more of a cat person than a dog person anyway." He smirked, blushing a bit, being coy with his crush on her. "I mean, obviously, right?" Awkward as always, but sincere. He didn't mean to offend her in anyway, and certainly didn't want to scare her off. "I think turning into a cat would be rather fun. I'd be lazy for the day. No orders. No cleaning. Just me, laying in the sun." He smiled in thought, before looking back to her, making eye contact. "Besides, couldn't help but notice the tail, ears, and purring that you tend to do. I assumed anyway before finding out for myself, that you could turn into a cat. Turns out that I was right." He noticed the horses seemed to know where to go on their own, and shifted in his seat, turning his body toward her. "I tend to get curious, but hopefully it isn't the cat whom kills me."(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 1:18 AM
Bursting into laughter, she turned completely backwards in the saddle, laying against Gerods neck as he continued along. Crossing her legs, she let her hands rest against her stomach as she looked up into the trees. Since she was extremely lightly, she knew this would not affect the horses posture in anyway. "Well, the ability itself makes getting around much easier. These Human legs make so much noise as you take a step it is unbelievable. I learned how to walk and run just like anyone, but if I feel the need to be quiet, my ability comes in handy." Makes me wonder just how many of my abilities he actually is aware of, she thought to herself. "And laying in the sun is nice on occasion, but I personally do not like remaining in one spot too long. Always seem to get stepped on or shooed away." Looking back at him, she lifted an eyebrow. "And what of you? You look like a Human, but Ive seen you do things a Human should not be able to do without the use of magic."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 1:45 AM
He nodded along with her words, smiling wider and wider as her voice tickled his ear drums. His black hair hung in front of his left eye, once he shook his head, stiffling his laughter as she spoke of her human legs being noisy. "Yet they are so nice." He teased and grunted as she spoke of people being cruel to her as a cat. "I wouldn't step on you. People are scum. Can't just leave poor creatures alone." Then she asked him a question he didn't expect. "You don't want to know about that." Was all that came from his lips, his head turning to look at the road. Ingavor was always open and honest about his past, but was reclusive this time. "I can show you. Part of Empathetic Mysticism. I can read whoever I touch, but I found out that I can show them parts of my life as well. If you're curious, take my hand." He smile fell as he held his hand toward her, riding close to her. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you, so it's just better I show you." His hand outstretched, he waited for her to take his hand, and gauged her reaction to his offer. "You declined earlier, but now might be a better time. It's up to you, Desdemona."(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 1:56 AM
Blinking as he mentioned her legs were nice, she looked down at them, hiking up the gown she wore to expose them in full, "They are, eh? Seem like normal Human legs to me. Cant say I have ever had someone tell me they were nice before." Shrugging, she tossed the gown back down, looking back over to him. Seeing the sudden change in his tone, she smirked internally, finding it curious that he would suddenly clam up. He did seem like the open book type, but she seemed to have hit a nerve. "The ability to see into someone's past is not uncommon given the correct circumstances and methods, but it seems to come to you naturally. I find that to be rather odd, but interesting none the less." As he offered to show her versus simply telling her, she glanced down at his hand, taking a moment to think. If I do take his hand without properly preparing myself, he could easily see a few things I would rather not expose at the moment.. Looking back up at him, she simply smiled and shook her head, "Perhaps another time." Sitting upright, she turned back properly into the saddle, smoothing out her hair. Taking hold of the saddle, she leaned forward and whispered again into Gerod's ear. Straightening, she looked back at him, "We have some place to be and personally, I would like to get there far sooner than a trot." Looking back to the road, she patted the saddle gently before taking a firm grip on it. As if the pat was a signal, Gerod whinnied and went from his leisurely trot to a rather quick paced gallop. Looking over her shoulder, she called out, "Come on!"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 2:23 AM
He blinked as she exposed her legs, blushing rather lightly. Then she refused his offer and he nodded. "Fair enough." Ingavor gave a gentle sigh, looking over toward her. He smacked the horse on her rear, causing her to take off, and gallop next to Desdemona. Keeping his pace, he spoke gently. "The Daggerbane are-....were a very magically gifted family, and I uh-...well my curiosity got the better of me. My mother got me gifts for my day of birth and I wanted to find out what she was hiding, and I didn't wanna wait. I used a spell to try and read her memories. The spell didn't work fully. Now I have trouble whenever I touch certain things, my mind loses it's shit. The other powers came later. As time went on it I got stronger. My powers didn't actually show up until right before I met Anaya." He shrugged. "Sounds silly. Doesn't it?" He smiled and moved hair from his eyes. "Do you know how far Avalon is? Not that I'm in a rush, I'd just like to know how long we will be riding." He gave a small yawn, having not slept all night, yet he leaned forward, watching the trees pass them by, while his fingers tightened around the reigns. "Perhaps Avalon will house some gold and other loot. Maybe we can bring some stuff back to the queen. "(edited)

AnayaLast Monday at 1:26 PM
As there horses road down the path that lead to the mountain passing there was a small bells sound in the tree line but then it vanished and a black feather formed on Ingavors saddle horn, it even with the movement of the horse did not sway or slip off even if it did look light as air. (all party's can see the feather) it stayed there for a good two or so moments and then slipped off the saddle and drifted to brush against Ingavors face then turning to dust and fading away leaving only the smell of vanilla, it was simply a reminder she was around and watching and would be for his hole time on this trip and the remainder of his existence even after his deal was concluded. The path a head of them was clear and did not look like it had been taken much even if it was a public path, a main path at that, in the distance was a break in the road a sign post with some paper nailed to it for some wanted posters and the sort of thing, saying there were bandits out that needed to be dragged in for a reward dead or alive to the crown. Then there was the Avalon sign with the arrow that was pointed west to the mountain path and the sign pointing back the way they came to iron and the sign going south for Millmire and Firedor, there was a good amout of moisture in the air and it felt like it was going to rain within the next couple hours and there was a super small sign that pointed to Avalon that said Camping on it.
A light soft voice whispered into the ears of Ingavor “it will be one days trip to get to the place you want to go, if in need ask, but giving is getting” then something in a language unknown and then silence

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 6:33 PM
Nodding along with his explaination, she called out through the hoof beats, "That sounds oddly familiar to an acquaintance of mine. She attempted to use a bit of magic that she didn't understand, and as a result, each time she closes her eyes she can see every aura around her living or otherwise." As the feather appeared on Ingavor, she smiled a bit knowing they were being watched in a familiar way. Seeing the signs for the upcoming town's, she gripped a bit harder on the saddle, "Gerod!" The horse responded by skidding to a stop on the path. Hopping down, she walked over and inspected the wanted postings and crossed her arms. The weather will slow us down, she thought to herself, But these postings concern me more.. Looking up to her traveling companion, she pointed the signs out, "If the voice we heard is correct, it would take us longer on foot to arrive, but I am worried for the horses safety. Personally, I think we should send them home and walk the rest of the way. Would hate to see anything happen to these wonderful creatures. What say you?" Noticing another sign mentioning camping, she smiled and looked back, "Besides, you look tired. If we can make it there before nightfall, we should arrive in Avalon by tomorrow."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 7:32 PM
He rubbed his eyes, and gave another yawn, but noticed a single black feather stuck in his saddle. He shuddered as he watched it fly away, brushing his cheek. Caliga was watching them both, which gave Ingavor a bit of a chill. He did pray to her, but didn't expect her to follow him and pop up throughout his journey. The feather then shriveled to Ash, and he looked over at Desdemona, whom obviously noticed it too. He listened to her speak about a friend whom tried something similar to him, when it came to trying spells, and he nodded along. "Children and spellbooks. Not the best combination." He smiled, and pulled the reigns, coming to a stop next to her, grinding on Pebs heels. She neighed triumphantly, and Ingavor reached down, patting her gently. "Woah girl! Easy..." He patted her again, shushing her gently while Des hopped down. He followed suite and nodded. He reached into her saddle bag and pulled out a full knapsack of food and supplies. He held it over his shoulder, and smacked Pebs on the behind. "Home!" He shouted, which caused the well trained horse to turn around and head back down the trail, toward the castle. He hoped that his action would give her an answer that she wanted. "Bandits? Of bloody course, bandits." He said, looking toward the sign, then to Des. "I'm following you, Desdemona. Walking, horses, or drake-back. It doesn't matter. Let's begin walking and get to camp. I'd hate for some bastards to get the drop on us." He placed his hand on his hilt and looked around. "Just watch my back and I'll watch yours." He began walking down the trail, his boots leaving prints as he walked. He turned back, about 5 feet from Des. "You coming?" He smirked, then spoke softly.
"I got some leather in my knapsack. I can set up a tent for us, although there is only one bed." He sighed and shook his head, not wanting to seem like he was hitting on her. "Tired or not, I'm not gonna sleep if there are people out here who can hurt the both of us. I'll keep guard, and you can rest. Okay?" He smiled. "This is your quest, I'm just a body guard." He crossed his arms and waited for her to send Gerod back, and walk beside him. "We should be able to hit camp before the rain hits, if we are lucky." He couldn't shake the thought that Caliga wanted Ingavor to have his way with Desdemona out in the woods. He shook that thought from his head. Not going to happen. I'm only here to keep her safe and sound.(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 11:22 PM
Leaning up, Des pressed her forehead against Gerods, closing her eyes with a smile. She purred softly as she did, and after a moment whispered into his ear. The horse pawed the ground twice before turning and following behind Pebs. Smoothing out her outfit, she turned back to the trail and caught up with Ingavor, tossing her head back with a sarcastic laugh, "Get the drop on me? Oh please. I would hear them coming a mile away if need be." Reaching into her never ending pocket, she pulled out the light leather cloak she had grabbed before leaving, tossing it around her shoulders. Tying the draw strings around her neck, she threw its hood up and over her head, letting the rest drape around her body. Turning to look at him, she smiled and shook her head, "No, you are the one who will be getting the sleep. Keep yawning the way you have been and you'll get us both killed whether you intend to or not." She quickly held up a finger to cut off any argument, "And that is not up for debate. Once we get there, your butt is going to sleep. I will keep the first watch. Need far less sleep than you Humans anyway.." As she continued walking, Des found herself looking around their immediate area. Having never come this direction before, she was not only wary of anyone who may intend them harm, but also curious of the landscape. Never too soon to get a feel for the land around them, in case of any type of confrontation. Some of the best battles were won simply by the grounds they were fought on.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Monday at 11:39 PM
"As you wish." He said, smiling as he watched her put on her cloak, and catch up him. He didn't put up an argument, but he most likely wouldn't be sleeping much because of his constant nightmares due to the war. "Forgive me if I sound foolish. I just don't want anything to happen to you. I like your head right where it is." He teased, nudging her arm as they walked side by side. "However, I trust you to be capable of defending yourself. Pretty sure you could kick my arse any day. And not just because I'd let you." Ingavor looked over at her. "Out of everyone you could have asked to come with you, why me? I hope it wasn't out of pity." He crossed his arms. "Don't get me wrong, I'm honored, just confused. I never even showed you what I'm capable of, and yet you just trust my ability." He brushed some hair from his eyes, and looked up, noting the dark, depressing clouds looming overhead. It was going to rain soon, and he was fine with it. He liked the rain. The smell reminded him of days at the Daggerbane homestead. It always rained in Clemdorth and thus, always smelled the same. Ingavor hadn't felt at home like this in sometime, and couldn't help but smile at the nostalgic feelings overwhelming him. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was pity." His green pools locked onto hers. "When we first met, you obviously didn't want to be bothered. When I interrupted you coming from the Queen's office, you didnt want me around either, but you were nice enough to still drink with me. You have a tendency to hide how you truly feel, and that's fine. But be honest with me. Did you actually want me to come, or did the queen tell you to bring me?"(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Tuesday at 12:01 AM
"Oh I am perfectly capable of defending myself, though I prefer to simply avoid the trouble to begin with. Makes things much easier and less messy for the next individual to clean up later." Turning her attention to him, she grinned playfully, "Trust me, if I wanted to kick your arse, I would've done it quite some time ago. But I have no desire to do such a thing. Not yet anyway." Looking back to the road she linked her hands behind her back beneath the cloak. "Honestly it was neither pity nor by the Queens instruction. You just seemed like you were having a pretty rough week and needed to get out of the castle before you drove yourself completely insane. There was that and the fact that seeing as I have never actually been to Avalon, it might be nice to have someone along who might know a thing or two about the Kingdom. I know just what I have read from books." She smiled behind the hood, looking up at the clouds herself, "Personally I like my privacy and my solitude, seeing as that is what I am use to. But from time to time it does not bother me to leave my comfort zone and have others around. Certainly wouldn't have my current job as Caretaker of the Queens children if that wasn't the case." She looked back to the road, "And you are correct, I have never seen your ability as a warrior, but I am more than confidant that you can handle yourself. You have told me a tale or two about your exploits, so I have nothing to worry about."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 12:22 AM
He laughed and punched at the air. "Oh really?! Think you could take me in a scrap? Maybe when this is over, you could beat me up? I'd like to see that. Never had a beautiful woman such as yourself put me on my arse. There is always a first for everything." He laughed and shook the thought off. Satisfied with her answer, he exhaled, nodding. "Well-...thank you for caring about me like that. It has been the roughest week I've had in years. I take care of a dragon whom doesn't care if I live or die. She tossed me into the catacombs to kill a werewolf with no instruction. Then there is my friend, that fox girl, Roxy, who is going to get herself killed. I had to get her out of a terrible situation. Then this old man shows up and starts making a mess of things. It's a lot to handle." He sighed.
. "But I also met you. A rough week, but far from terrible." He smiled, turning his head to hide crimson spreading across his face. "You don't know what it means to have someone even so much as give you a second thought. So thank you for including me." He paused, looking over at a few trees as they walked. "You know, when I first joined the castle, there was this man-...rude fellow. He tried to assassinate the queen. He failed obviously. I chased him from the castle, and into town. I don't remember catching him, but I remember getting pulled off of his corpse. My fists were covered in blood, brain, and skull fragments. I wanted to kill anyone who tried to hurt the queen. Now-...I don't know." He sighed. "Sorry-...I don't know why I'm remembering that. I haven't thought about that day in a while. Guess I've just been thinking about my loyalty and to the queen. I watched her kill a child for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his family, once. Poor boy was pissing himself as Anaya sentenced him to hang." He growled low. "Now that I say it out loud, it sounds crazy." He looked up to her. "I think-...she is going crazy. I found her talking to herself in the grand hall one time, just blabbering to a man named Crome, who, mind you, has been dead for hundreds of years. Same with Drax. yourself when you get close to her. Please. Obviously, I care what happens to you, and as capable as you are, nothing can stop that dragon, unless maybe a God or Goddess."(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Tuesday at 12:34 AM
Rolling her eyes, she simply smiled at his feeble attempt to make himself seem tougher than he actually was. She found it cute that he wanted her to try to put him down, but she was more than confident that she could if she wanted to. Lifting a hand in a shrug, she sighed, "Very well. If you want a sparing match after this is all said and done, I will gladly oblige. But do keep in mind that if I manage to defeat you, oh master guard, you will live with the embarrassment of being beaten by a girl." Lowering her hand back behind her back, she listened to him explain his week and the story following. Anaya didn't seem like the type of woman that would kill simply over a loaf of bread, but she also knew the woman took a good deal of pride in what was hers and she wouldn't tolerate theft. So, perhaps there is the chance that she could very well be more harsh with those in her Kingdom than she thought. Hearing him say he thought she was going crazy, Des laughed and shook her head, "Maybe Lady Anaya is going a bit nutters, but if I lived to be as old as she apparently is, I bet a gold coin I would end up being just as nutters, if not more so. I do not blame her whatsoever, considering she still maintains her Kingdom extremely well. She is obviously a good leader, and personal issues aside, I believe she is doing perfectly fine. But, that is also the opinion of someone who has only been under her employment for a week. My opinion may change at some point, but I do not see that happening any time soon."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 12:58 AM
He smiled and nodded. "Desdemona. Women bare children and bleed more than men do. Women go through more pain than I could ever even think about. I would not be embarrassed in the slightest if you defeated me in combat. However-....I'll give you a fight and a half. " He teased some more and listened to her speak, Ingavor nodding along, each word being processed. "I used to think like that. She has an entire coloney of slaves underneath the castle. In all my years, I never knew they were there. I never knew people were dying under my nose. It makes me sick to think about. You'll change your mind. Just wait." He decided to change the subject, not wanting to think about the queen anymore. He wanted to pretend that he wasn't a Butler. Walking next to her, he sighed, placing his hands behind his head, relaxing. "What brought you to the Iron anyway? I never asked you that. How did you come about protecting the royal child? I assume it didn't just happen that way, did it?" Ingavor pulled his knap sack over his shoulder and opened it, taking out an apple. Holding it firmly in his left hand, he brought it to his lips and took a small bite. Chewing fully and swallowing, he hoisted the bag onto his back. "Regardless of how you got it, I'm glad you did. If it weren't for you, I'd probably be making dinner right now, ready to bash my head off the marble countertops."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Tuesday at 1:24 AM
Refusing to think about the slaves that were in Anaya's dungeons, she glanced off to the side of the road, sighing softly, "Perhaps I will end up changing my mind. Who knows." Being asked a question she knew would come about eventually, she turned her eyes to him, lifting an eyebrow, "How did I come here? Well, I was told there was great treasures to discover in Iron. Treasures can mean a great many thing, so I found the prospect interesting to a point that I could not ignore." Looking back to the road, she smiled softly, "And yes, that is exactly how I came to be the children's Caretaker. I had asked around town and when I was told that anyone could ask for an audience before the Queen for work, that is exactly what I did. She decided to give me the position I currently have and personally I am more than okay with it. I have my own room in the castle, three square meals a day, any resource I could possibly want at my disposal for any project and am taking care of at least one wonderful Princess. I am rather surprised that the other has not returned with her father yet, but I am sure that will happen eventually. Perhaps then my job will become a bit more difficult, but until that time comes, it is rather hard to say."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 1:47 AM
"Ah, you came looking for gold and found a job. I wish that was the first time I had heard that. I'm glad you are happy at the castle." Taking another bite of his apple, and swallowing, he moved in front of her, walking backward. "Keep in mind, those three meals a day are cooked by me. That room you have, is cleaned by me. Yet I have not received a single thanks from you." He smiled, joking with her. "You know, if you ever want something special to eat, I can make it for you. I'm quite a mage in the kitchen. I really know my way around a stove." He smiled. "Perhaps one day, you'll let me actually make you something to eat other than just sliced fruit. What other foods do you like? Surely more than just apples and oranges." He smiled, turning back to walk next to her, facing forward. "You're a cat-...kind of. Do you like fish?" He smiled, half kidding with her. "Does catnip have an effect on you?" You are obviously trying to get her to hit you, yes? If you fancy this woman, you are going about it the wrong way. Do you like fish? What is wrong with you? He scolded himself, scoffing at his own words. "I'm sorry. That was a stupid question. Ignore that. I'm stupid." He blushed, shaking his head and looking away. "Xaei is lucky to have you, y'know." He said, once again changing the subject. "You are not only a protector, but a friend to her. Something the princess neeeds. You honor the iron with your presence."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Tuesday at 11:40 PM
She smirked as he hopped in front of her, teasing right back as she closed her eyes and snapped her head to the side, "Well maybe you haven't received thanks is because the food wasn't all that tasty. Or perhaps because the room wasn't all that clean. Ever think of that?" Looking back to him and the road, she shrugged softly, "I am not overly fond of many foods or dishes. That is why I mainly stick with fruit." She laughed when he asked about fish. "Well that is an odd food when it comes to me. Fish has to be prepared a specific way before I enjoy it, but most are too off put by my delicate desires. It has been many years since I have had a fish dish." She then rolled her eyes with a smile, "And no, catnip has no effect on me. At least.. not my current form." She sighed, the smile remaining on her face as they continued into the mountain range of their journey, "You are not stupid. A bit dense perhaps, but not stupid." Turning to look at him, she shrugged under her cloak, "You are trying a little too hard at times. Trust me when I say I get that you like me. It is rather flattering, but do not try so hard. Just be you." Looking back to the road, she nodded to his statement about Xaei, "The Princess is a lovely thing. Unsure of herself, but I know she will make it through in the end. All she needs is a confidence boost, and if I can provide that for her, I am more than happy to."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 12:02 AM
"Oh really?! You don't think I'm a good cook? I bet I can prepare your fish dinner to a tee, and perfect it. I am in fact a Master chef, madam and I demand to be referred to as such!" He smiled, speaking in a sarcastic tone. "As far as being off put by your preferences, I once watched the queen eat a man. You enjoy that fish any damn way you please. And I'm seerious, by the way, about that fish dinner." He listened to her talk about him trying to hard. "Yes. I know. I can be a bit much, can't I? I appreciate you putting up with me. To tell you the truth. I've never really liked anyone. I've never wanted to. But something about you makes me feel different about that. I've never done this sort of this before and I have absolutely no idea what the bloody hell I am doing. I'm sorry for trying to hard, I want you to like me, and if I'm being honest, I haven't slept since we had wine together, because it was the first time I actually didn't feel like I was just another blank face in Queen Anaya's giant Shadow. You make me feel like a person." He scratched his head and looked down, shrugging. "I don't have much to look forward to except shitty wine from The Snorting Boar, and a new book every 4 bloody months. I look forward to seeing you. I've had a long and very painful like. You don't understand what a good person you are. You restored the Queen's painting. You are there for the princess like you said. You put up with me and brought me out when you knew I would I was down. You are the only decent thing besides that fox girl and the princess to walk through those doors. I'm just happy that I can he apart of this journey with you." He was rambling, and decided to stop. "I'll be quiet forever now" he joked.(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 12:20 AM
She would again roll her eyes with a smile. What a complete goober, she thought to herself, But at least he is different from all the others that have come after me. Its an odd thing, that's for sure. "You'll be quiet forever? Now I believe that would be a frost covered day in the underworld indeed." Changing the subject entirely, she looked around the mountains that were beginning to surround them, pulling her hood a little closer to her face. "Never did care for mountains. Caves I do not mind, but these tall, looming things are a reminder just how small I am. I am sure a Dragon would feel right at home, but to me its just.. unnerving." Her eyes fell to the road, falling into thought. "First time I ever came to a mountain was to escape a band of you Humans. They wanted me dead and I personally had no interest in becoming dead. Then I forcefully met the Men of the Mountain. Dwarves, some call them." She smiled, looking up at him. "Curious creatures Dwarves are. Some want nothing to do with the rest of the world while others live for the worlds approval of their work. Then there are those that will simply kill you on sight because you look different than them." Looks back to the road with a satisfied sigh, "How I miss them and their gilded halls. And tough little buggers to boot too."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 12:42 AM
"I hear there is a bloody dwarf under the castle, just digging. It sounds crazy, but if I'm not mistaken, some hear him singing. I think it's just a myth but I'm sure one day, Anaya will send one of her men after it." He smiled, looking down at her. "Humans are terrible creatures. They always want to kill what they don't understand. That's why I try to break from the norm. I want to be different. But in reality it's probably gonna get me killed one day. I'm sorry my race hurt you. I cant-...imagine what you went though." He sighed, and looked at the road as they walked, his armor clanking and scraping every now and again. It seemed to be tight against his body. He was slender yet very well built, as he had a good exercise regiment that he stuck to in his room. His black armor had a small crest on the front that looked like two daggers and a drip of poision. With the initials 'I.D.' He looked motivated as if the armor was going to protect him from The world. "We should be at the camp soon. Are you sure you don't want me to take first watch? I don't mind at all, Desdemona, really." He stretched, looking back at her. "I brought wine, by the way in my knapsack and fruit. Help yourself when we are at camp. "(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 4:32 PM
"If she sends anyone down, I hope she would send me. Sounds like an opportunity to meet another of the Master Forgers. Its been so long too.." She glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, inspecting his armor as best she could without making it obvious. He did look rather well put together in his outfit, and she was confident that he could handle himself, but it was the sound of the armor scraping together that mildly concerned her. She knew that not every creature on the planet had as exceptional hearing as she did, but there were those that did rely on hearing for a good majority and those ones you definitely did not want to run into. Looking back to the road, she shrugged again, "You do not need to imagine what I went through. You've seen it for yourself. And you have no need to apologize to me, unless you were among that group that harmed me in the first place. But if you were, I could guarantee you wouldn't live much longer." Hearing him inquire on the watch, she looked up at him and smiled, "I am more than fine taking watch first. You are the one who needs the sleep, not me." She looked back to the road, her voice taking a very matter-of-fact like tone, "You are the one who continues to yawn, after all." Spotting a sign, she pointed at it before jogging over to it, reading clearly that they had arrived at the camp site. Stretching, her hood slipped from her head as she linked her fingers behind her neck, "Well that wasn't so bad at all."

AnayaYesterday at 4:35 PM
as they got to the camping location, there was already a fire lit, and a tent was already there, all set up with some rustling movement inside of it and someone talking to someone else named Theodor. on the ground there was a light blue line that went all the way around the tent not allowing anything to pass words and voices clearly could be hured but walking up to it it was like there was an invisible wall there.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 5:00 PM
He listened to Des, watching her movements and noting her body language every time his armor clanked. He felt a little bad that he was causing distress to her ears. He loved the banter they had back and forth, and was about to tease her about the watch before she jogged over to the sign, but realized the camp was occupied. He placed his hand on the hilt of his blade and and looked to Des. Placing an index finger to his lips, then pointed to the tent. Raising a brow, he listened in. All he could make from the conversation was a single name. He looked confused as he tried to hone his hearing in on the tent. "Thomas?" He whispered. "There are people in there. We should say something to them. Let them know we are friendly and if they aren't, we are in for a fight. It's either that, or find another place to set up camp. I'll leave it up to you. What's your call?" His hush tone had a bit of concern in it, while he looked at her. He knew she could protect herself, but there was magic at play, and just like people, magic was unpredictable. "Say the word, and I'll go talk to them."(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 5:06 PM
Taking note of his concern, she simply smiled and shook her head. "Men. Always thinking that a fight is just on the horizon. If they are unfriendly, we will quickly find out. And take your hand off the hilt of your sword. That just screams bad tidings." Lifting her fingers to her mouth, she blew against them harshly, causing a quick yet forceful whistle. Reaching up quickly after to make sure her ears were completely covered by her hair, she crossed her arms and waited to see whether it was going to be a pleasant encounter or not.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 5:10 PM
He did what she said and removed his hand, following her every move. "We are friendly. Come out, we just want to talk!" He shouted a tad, right after she whistled loudly. He looked over at Desdemona, raising a smouldering brow with a flirty smile. "I like your style." He whispered over to her.(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 5:12 PM
She raised her hands with a tilt of her head, smirking at the compliment, "I am one of a kind, what can I say." She turned her attention back to the tent and waited patiently.

AnayaYesterday at 5:25 PM
the tent tussled a little as the sounds of a man talking to one known as Theodore muttered “we have guest Theo, just shhh shhh be quiet dont come out i will keep you safe i promise”there was no other voice at the moment and the tent flap started to come down as the man unlashed it form the inside, he poked his head out he looked like a normal man, not seeming to be sick, dirty, he was rather clean and he looked in the right of mind and all and was well normal and did not have a weapon on him at all, all he had on his person was his clothing some shorts as pants and a book lashed to his hip that said something about map of the area and other areas. Walking out of the tent he left a little crack in the tent door just so his friend could see out “hi there, what can me do for ya, why are you on my camp ground? I set up shop here, what ya want” he stayed inside his barrier keeping himself and his partner in the safe zone fully unless they gave him reason to let them in or to come out of it himself.

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 5:41 PM
Linking her fingers together in front of herself, she gave a light bow, straightening to meet the man eye to eye with a smile, "Good evening. My traveling companion and I..." she reached up and rested a hand against Ingavors arm, making sure not to make direct skin contact, "are looking for a cozy little spot in the camp to get some rest for the night before continuing on to Avalon in the morning." Taking quick note of the barrier surrounding the mans tent, she looked back to the man. "Would there be any chance of us setting up and sharing the grounds with you? A respectable distance away of course, as it seems you are not overly fond of close company."

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 5:52 PM
Ingavor stared at the man, narrowing his eyes. Something didn't feel right, but those troubles seemed to float away as she touched his arm. A small smile crept on his face, but he quickly regained his composure, and continued after Desdemona. "You wouldn't even know we were there. My name is Ferral and this is my friend, Gilda. What are you lot named" He looked to Des with a furrowed brow, then back at the man. "Perhaps we could talk over some wine?"

AnayaYesterday at 6:16 PM
The man squinted his eyes in a questioning style as he looked at them both, he poked his head back in the tent for a moment out of view "you think we should let them camp here? I dont know if they are nice why dont tou ask them. Find find I will see how much wine they have you are still messy anyway just keep the shiny things in here and out of view it will be alright I promise, yes yes I love you to" then the simple sound of a kiss and then the mans head popped back out of the tent "how much wine do you have and ya we dont mind talking but Theo is a little shy so may join us later if yall are nice about it"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseYesterday at 6:22 PM
"About 3 bottles in my rucksack. I'm more than willing to share whatever we have for access to your lands tonight. We will be gone in the morning. Right Gilda?" He smiled toward Desdemona, pulling out a very fancy bottle of high quality wine. "Found this a while back. Was saving it for a special occasion. Meeting new friends seems like the perfect time to open it however." He couldn't help but pick up on the fact that there was surly something strange about this man, and felt uneasy, but kept up the ruse. "Gilda and I love meeting new friends. Isn't that right?"

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 8:54 PM
Looking up at Ingavor, she simply smiled and nodded, looking back to the man, "Of course. Meeting new individuals and becoming friends is one of life's great pleasures." Her curiosity of what was in their tent boiled up in her like a raging fire, but she knew better than to inquire whatsoever. These folks seemed a bit nervous to even be talking to others, which led her to believe whatever they had in there was stolen, so to press their luck with questions would only drive the friendly communications right out the window. "Now how about that drink?"

AnayaYesterday at 9:46 PM
The man nodded his head a d crawled out of the tent he did the lashings back up and sat at the edge of the barrier holding his hand out threw it "hand me the bottle will cheak is Theo likes this kind and pour the drinks, theo likes all kinds so I am sure he will like something fansy, so were you couple from to get something as nice as this, and newly married are we or just together on a nice trip to see some history"

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRoseToday at 5:40 AM
"Here you are sir." He said, keeping his distance, sliding the bottle over to his feet. It had the lable "Clemdorth Cabernet .62, aged in a birch cask for 60 years." The bottle had the shape of a Brandy bottle, and was waxed at the top to keep the flavor sealed in. The bottle would touch the man's feet, as Ingavor put his arm around Desdemona's, not making skin contact. "Not married, sir. Not yet. We are from the small mining village of Avilain. Just two kids trying to find adventure and friendship and possibly some loot." He looked over at Des with a ''Bare with me" type of glance, and looked back at the man. "Sorry sir, I would shake your hand, but you never know what people are out here. There are men that would put a dagger in my belly as soon as I handed them the wine. So I figured I would just roll you the bottle, for now. No offense." Ingavor smiled at the man, and bowed respectfully. "With all due respect sir, could we please set up camp about 15 feet that way before we start drinking? That way we can just get set up and out of your hair earlier in the morning." He pointed toward the flat land next to their camp that could easily house another tent and a fire. "Plus, I'm quite the cook. Perhaps I could make us all a meal, and we could get to know each other better. What do you say?" Ingavor raised a brow, and crossed his arms, alert, but playing the part.


Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 10:35 AM
Belgreid, still covering his eyes with his cowl, reached for and extends a towel out to Anaya for her to dry off with. His blush slowly growing as the dragon in human form stepped out of the tub, not caring if she was seen, the old man turned back around to face the door while Anaya got some clothes and such. "He's a hyper thing, isn't he that guard? Where did you find him, in a werewolf training camp? He acts too much like an animal to have grown up normally." Belgreid turns back around, realising how much trust he was putting into the dragon with his back to her, and begins to face her not bothering to avert his eyes anymore. "We still need to talk. I haven't nearly given up on retrieving that knowledge. I don't need to remove the books from the library, I can read everything there and it will never leave the building. In exchange for sharing your secret knowledge with me, I'll share something I think would be of equal value with you. Knowledge for knowledge. I am the most intelligent human in the world, if you consider me human still. I am more than certain I know things even you don't know."

AnayaLast Monday at 12:23 PM
Anaya took the towel from him as she softly took it and rubbed down her body slowly as he turned his back she truly would be lieing if she did not think of how easy it would be to remove the human and the dirty thing she could sense inside of him. “you do not need to be bashful about a body before you, enjoy what you look at, what is the body but not art for the eyes” she gave a chuckle as he turned back around to face her more then likely noticing his fault for turning his back to a beast such as her, even if golden dragons were more civil then other dragons they still were just that dragons, fire breathing monsters made to scare others and kill people. She let him yabber about how he had things she wanted, how he was the oldest human on the world, really he was blind wasn't he, and it was very clear right now he had no idea who he talked to, or what he talked to. “for the most knowledge man alive you hold very little knowledge on dragons do you, even more so golden ones” she moved her hand over the bath water as the glow that held onto the water vanished, it was blessed water but now it was not, there was a reason behind this but she really did not care to share that with him. “i am a golden dragon Belgreid i am not like others of my race, even more so not like the ones that do not go out of there way to gain things and hide in caves. I have lived from the time before you were a child, even with your old age you hold nothing i would want and even more so nothing i would ask you to give to me. The books i hold, the knowledge that lays within my mind is beyond what your human and mortal mind can think of. And
beyond all the coin you can pinch together to pay for it. The only way you will get to see my hidden books is with respect and service, why would i give a stranger some of the most powerful tools in the world, you know as much as i do knowledge is power, so no i am not going to walk down a mortal into my hidden vault to see my tomes and scrolls that only exist here, even if he gives me something as worthless as there word that they will not harm something so sacred” she moved closer to him as the heat from her body could be felt and the smell of the lavender oils she used radiated from her figure. She was taller then he was but her body got slightly smaller so she would be more eye level and not my naked breasts in your face kind of stance. She let out a breath as she enjoyed the slight chill on her body.
“the guards here are taken from the prison at the end of town, some are a little, rambunctious, he just is hyper wanting his weapon that got taken from him back in the stocks” she gave a smile as she moved a hand to push her snow white hair from her red eyes.

Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 12:42 PM
Belgreid smiles and begins to chuckle at her claims how he has nothing for her. He finds himself almost wanting to give his service to this dragon in exchange for knowledge,, but in truth he would rather burn the world to dust than do such a thing. "Most of the world holds little knowledge on dragons. I was fortunate enough to learn the language, but there some things no dragon shares. Your race is shrouded in mystery, for in truth most humans care little about knowing what you are, and care more for what you can do, the destruction you can bring. And do not dare tell me you are a dragon who does not go out of your way to gain knowledge or power, because I have seen with my own eyes the destuction you can and have caused more than once. You are certainly great in age, and certainly older than I, for it is because of you I am eternal in the first place." Belgreid stands tall and proud before the beast before him, not backing down even an inch from this killing machine that patronizes him.
"You want respect, and you want service. I can give respect as it is deserved for oe such as you, you have earned that, but never in my life would I put my life in the service of you. I would rather watch the world burn. You claim I have no knowledge that would intrigue you, and you claim I have not enough to pay for your forbidden knowledge, but does it not intrigue you how a normal human has lived since before mankind learned to forge steel? Does it not tickle your mind and raise your fancy of how a simply, normal human born without magic or power could live long enough to gain the nickname I have? Face it, dragon of knowledge, if you knew the secret of science that I do, you wouldn't need all these books and all these secrets. The very dead long for my greatest secret, one that I have not shared in over thirteen hundred years." Belgreid shrugs, and turns to walk towards the door, opening it as he glances back to the golden dragon. "But if you don't want to be immortal, that's fine. I do think I'll follow that cat woman, however. She seemed to be heading towards Avalon, with some very juicy knowledge at the end of the road." The old man turns back around and begins to head out the door and walks down the hall, his staff clinking on the stone brick beneath his feet, echoing back to the naked beast of knowledge.


AnayaLast Monday at 2:00 PM
she moved her hand and the door slammed shut right out of his fingers, the clicking of locks as she turned her fingers and the door nob gave a blue glow, there was a couple things that pissed her off, right away and one was trying to be strong and mighty in her face and then turning one back to remove themselves to leave some sort of pointless mystery or last word to there encounter. She gave a slight chuckle as she looked at the floor for one moment before before looking back up with almost a joyful smile on her face, it was unsettling “i remember now, you talked of the north earlier how the books got the war wrong, then you sneak back into my castle when i refuse you my books trying to be what, stealthy, and then you get dragged back in here by a guard that was dumb enough to find you and you talk now of how i did things to ruin you and on how i am one of destruction and ruin and white fire down from the heavens.” she took a step closer as she was sure he had turned around to face her at this point “you are right, i am such things, the books have the knowledge wrong as they were not there, but you were weren't you bet you had a little family to when my army and self walked the snow covered lands of the north to remove the undead hordes that were running that place, i am sure you had a family to, that little village
maybe, i forget its name there was more then one lost or i may have never bothered to look at a location of casualty's of war. The undead up there controlled your shops, killed your people, made your dead into there army member i am sure if i would not have done it to whatever little town you came from would have ended up all undead due to them anyway. But no no, my fire cleansed that land and the undead fell were they walked, i lost many that day as well, even some treasured to me” she looked at him her red eyes looking into his the slits on them going thin “i killed what you loved, is that right? It is a pitty that mortals die, humans, die” her words held such a vindictive hiss to them as she pulled her head up a cracked grin forming on her face “i know how you gained your immortality Belgreid do you really think you are the first one to walk up to my face and say do you want the fountain of ever lasting youth. I know spells that can grant wishes to remove age from others in only a instant, i am a living vessel of holy power, my divine power is to heal and burn things to remove demons from hosts, to cleanse and purify all things around me that dare walk out of there dark little hiding place. You think that your immorality is something i don't already have, i am over thirty thousand years old, have had three different body's, i have replaced dieing origins to new ones, you are a blink in time to me with nothing but your basterdus sin of arrogance and pride” she lenaed that little bit closer her nose only intches from his own, really he could kjiss her freckled face right now with just a move less then a inch forward, her lips whispered into his ear “let your demon out Belgreid i can feel it inside of you, let the light of the glory of god wash over you and we will see how much your immortality counts”

Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 2:23 PM
Belgreid grins as he stares into her eyes. He sees a world of sadness and pain, even as she sees the same in his. The old man smiles, and instead of backing down this time, he brings his arms up an wraps them around her, pulling her close in comfort. "I know what happened in the north. That's why I say the books are wrong. I saw the undead, and I fleed as I once again saw that purifying fire burning the bodies that shambled out in the cities and fields far away. No, Anaya Delarose, I had no family in the north. My family died hundreds of years before the incident in the north. I can see you lost your own, however. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and I can see your pain even through those beastal eyes of yours. My demon won't come out, I have no control over such. I have to ask, though, who did you lose? Who in your life has passed on, left you alone on forsaken rock? My wife passed on, long time ago." Belgreid uses one hand to wipe some tears out of his eyes while still holding Anaya close. He can feel the scales beneath her skin, but even still holds on.
"You cme to my village, one thousand three hundred eighty-three years ago. You attacked my poor village, burning it with that fire you claim is holy. My daughter and I were the only ones who escaped with our lives. My wife and my daughter’s husband were burned, charred beyond recognition. All of them were, nothing but smoldering heaps of flesh, filling the air with a scent of cooked organs and tissue, and the sky filled with smoke. Even from beyond the village I could see your scales glowing that bright and brilliant, near-blinding white as your fire reflected off and raged across my home. After a couple weeks I went back with my daughter Eliza to check what had survived, but there was nothing left of use. You took my life from me, Anaya Delarose, but then you helped me find a new purpose. I am filled an anger beyond hope of ever ging away, but I come here not for revenge. I come seeking knowledge, knowledge that I may store inside my mind. Knowledge that will please the god that gave me a new purpose, and made me strive for the elixir I created to keep going on for eternity." Belgreid loosens the hug he has on Anaya, allowing her to drift back if she pleased. "You and are a lot alike, I think. If only we could find some middle ground, I might not mind becoming a student of yours even, when I no longer have to worry about my own kingdom far off."

AnayaLast Monday at 3:36 PM
His embrace was unsettling even if he did not mean it, this was the second time today she was hugged really was she just not intimidating enough, like no the fact she burned down citys still was a ok thing to just hug her, she let out a breath as in his arms her skin got harder, the scales under being pushed up in a sort of I dont enjoy this kind of message. But she did not string him up right there even if she wanted to it had been a long time since she bathed in an immortals blood. When he asked her who she lost anger peeked in her eyes, what gave this man the right to be so bold and ask such things to a dragon, to a royal that owned the ground he walked on. She let out the breath she did not realize she was holding "I have lost family and fighters in the north and on this rock, i am not alone as you are i have my daughter and my mate, now you can leave as you have managed to make it so I dont even want to kill you. Find yourself a meal and go back to that castle and kingdom that you turned down." She knew all about him tossing down a crown offered to him and how a new steered had taken over that elven rock in the worst of locations. As his arms came off from around her she stood there not backing up but enjoying the fact she was not being touched anymore "if you want to be a student of mine it would be wise to learn not to hug a dragon if there were guards here you would be lashed and cubed for your acthions. I will be down in the main hall later if you are still around we can go over being a student of mine and letting go of your past weaknesses l, or at least not sharing them with the one you made your greatest enemy yes" she was insulting but at the same time mocking the old fool l. The door behind him unlocked and cracked open to allow him to leave as she waited expecting as mortals did for that foolish last word.

Grandpa ChaosLast Monday at 3:48 PM
Belgreid shrugged and simply bowed slightly, turning around and walking out of the room. He pulled his cowl up over his head and stalked through the corridors back to the entrance, where he was allowed to go through the doors thanks for the guards. The old man was certainly shaken, and how could he not be? Even Belgreid didn't know what came over himself in there. Anger has a way of turning one's self into something he isn't, and perhaps this was one of those occasions. Awww, if poor wittle Greid regretting his actions? Galadon laughed to herself as she could feel the termoil of emotions inside of the old codger mixing and trying to sort themselves out as he walked through the iron town surrounding the castle, looking for an tavern of sorts to find some informaton. He eventually comes to the Snorting Boar and walks in, sitting down at a tabe and waiting for a waitress.

ZYesterday at 3:02 PM
Jace, filled with biscuits, rose up and looked around his post. More of his color came back and his eyes were fading endlessly of vibrant colors before finally resting with the sclera and iris gold and the pupil a deep purple. He would wander about, catching glimpse of Mr. Voice and waving bye. He skipped about, the staff strapped on his back. He found himself back at Queen's opened door and waltzed in, "Queen, Jace bored. Halls are too quiet. Other guards won't play either." He sat on her bed and swing his feet, "Queen play with Jace?" His mind was set on her being his best friend, after all she let him eat. His mind never seeing her as the one who kept him locked up. He didn't see her, just guards. "Jace also has question...Why does Jace have this?" He pointed to the emblem of the kingdom. "Jace didn't ask for picture." He tilted his head.

AnayaYesterday at 3:21 PM
she was still not dressed as she stood at her wardrobe and he walked right in, what she gets for leaving doors unlocked when clearly you had a guard with a child's mindset. She gave a laugh as he looked truly care free with his actions, still crumbs of food down his chest and on his hands. She reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a dress, red and gold as the castles colours and her favourites. She slipped it on as the gems and golden lace made her body shimmer. The strings on the back of the gown tied themselves up as she used her magic to not have to worry about reaching in the back. With some slight moves to get the dress to clover her just right she turned and looked at Jace “the picture of that of a dragon and a blue rose, it is the castles crest we also have the white stag as our crest but that is for the older guards and you will see less of that as the months go on. It means you work for me as my protector, and as the protector of this family and castle” she wondered if he could pick up the larger words or if they would go in one ear and out the other. But with a light hearted smile she walked up to him to lightly clean the bits of food off his face and chest with her very soft and clear clawed hand.

ZYesterday at 3:31 PM
He blinked as she spoke about the picture, " big brother Majere was?" He sat still as she brushed the crumbs and closed his eyes, this seemed to be a trained reaction as he stayed still and quiet. "Why see less? Do they go somewhere?" Once she was fully done he was touching her dress "Pretty" he tilted his head, "Queen is important person then?"

ZToday at 12:55 AM
Suddenly Jace stood up, his eyes callousing into a brilliant gold. His lips curled into a massive smile, "Queen! Magic Goat!!" He darted off rapidly screaming magic goat as he charged directly to the woods...

In the Snorting Boar

the tavern was empty except a rather good looking elven woman that stood at the bar counter using a rag to lightly clean it, she looked as if she was waiting for something and was humming a soft tune to herself as the man walked in. The doors clinking back shut behind him it was a couple moments before she came out of her bubble her long high eleven ears twitching softly to his loud voice she could not help but laugh as she “oh that guy, yes yes he is the town drunk but really why you want him i am sure he is passed out in a ally someplace or good and dead, hate that guy he is in here every day but have not seen him in like three days now, i am sure he got himself in shit or something” she looked down at the items on the counter picking up the shiny badge that still had dyed blood on it “hmmm this is one of the crowns guards, but impossible to tell what one they all get the same badges, and they die so fast no one really gives a shit about them, they are all rapists and murderers anyway from the stocks” she gave a nod of her head as she cleaned a bit more of the counter top trying to get a really stuck on brown stain off the top. “but i hear a lot, i can sell ya some info if you want, i take coin, service or well cute trinkets to”

In that moment the doors of the snorting boat banged open and three men with the crowns colors and full plate walked inside "Niv is Gus in?" One barked out as they walked up to the counter "no no he is sleeping do you know what hour it is I would be a fool to wake the man but what can I do for the iron crown elite, drinks on the house boys may even toss in a ticket to the pleasure palace of ta are nice to me" she moved her black hair over her shoulder as she gave a coy smile one of the guards in the back sounded like he was panting "no Niv be your offer tempting we are on business tonight have you seen a fo girl told she is named roxie we have some questions for her" the clear leader of the three asked as he leaned on the counter "naaa have not seen her today to be honest with ya I thought she skipped town after dealing with the fool in the alley dis evening you know the one on the bloody blanket he smells like the gutter, got into a mess with the old chap she was rather startled but I will let ya know when I see her. " she said with that truthful smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes that just chould make a man melt "make sure if you find her you bring her to the castle a dagger be missing and your name is on the line, gus needs to go to the castle aswell in the morning the empress is mighty pissed and he is going to get asked some questions. If you see her being her in it is a crown order" Niv nodded her head "sir yes sir" and with that the guards left as fast as they came leaving the bar back to being silent and the doors rocking back and forth "that girl is gonna get herself dead ta know" she said softly taking that rag and running it along the counter top.

December 23, 2018
Before he could begin to speak, a group of guards came bursting in disturbing the silence that befell the tavern as Jordan pondered what he could ask to further develop his investigation. He now found himself in a limbo between deciding to speak or hold his tongue. Even that decision was not his own, for as quickly as the guards came, they left in a similar matter. His eyes reverted back to the barmaid when she began to speak aloud. He waited patiently for her to finish speaking. The vibrations began to rise out of his throat and through his mouth, allowing sound to form to words. "Well Madam, I would appreciate it if you could tell me which alley I can find him in. Sir Marsh Maverick is now critical to my investigation. I was at Hang Mans Tree earlier this morning. If I am being very specific, I was there before coming here. I cut the rope from which the body hanged and I started to see if there was any clues to who left the body there and why. The only things I have to work with are this badge and this note signed by Marsh Maverick. Unless you can tell me something I already don't know, then I need to speak with him at this moment." He didn't wish to sound demanding, but he knew how his words could have come across. "I'll even pay you or offer you whatever service you need in exchange for your information. Just try being reasonable with your demands, please."
She did make that demand from him before the guards came in. His mind didn't exactly register it when she first stated her demands, but it the memory hit him hard like a slap to the face as soon as he completed his sentence. He knew the type of this barmaid. They were an opportunist at heart and would take advantage of someone else's wants. Now he left himself exposed and vulnerable in front of the barmaid. He made a quick glance out of the window to confirm his horse's presence was still there and sure enough it was. His lips for a second moved into a smirk of joy before returning to normal and placing his attention on the barmaid.

December 24, 2018
Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/24/2018
A drunk man rose his head from the bar just as the guards came in. "whatzit-....who is there?!" He then slammed his head back on the table. "I just want to drink in peace and everyone is being so fooking loud." He reached his grubby hands around his mug and looked to the professional looking gentleman who had attempted to talk to Niv. This man wasn't like the others and he certainly didn't like him in his usual watering hole. "Hey, pretty Nancy boy! Shut the fook up" The inebriated man then downed his mead and launched the tankard next to his head, it hitting the wall and breaking into peices. "Niv, another round, bitch!" He slammed a a silver piece down and pounded his fist on the table. "I want some bread and fookin salt too." He turned toward the man, standing, wobbly by his chair. His breath smelled of fish, old ale, and vomit. "What investigation?! This is my fookin burb town and I will hiccup straighten you out if you go poking yer nose where it don't belong, milksop." He then spit at his feet. The man was highly intoxicated, and had no idea what he was talking about. He just knew this man was fancier than him and he didn't like it. "My pappy came to this land in ho-..." He placed a balled fist to his own mouth, before spewing chunks onto the floor in front of the man. it was possible, the man sitting would be coated with droplets of vomit. "Whoops..."

Niv moved as she lifts a hand, the drunk mans feet lifted from the ground and he was flung back out the door into the alley, she painted a little from the energy use but in the end it was worth it "anyone that can't say fuck when drunk has had way to much. And wont be of any help to no one I assure you." Her eyes went back on Jordan as he talked about the body in hang mans tree " yup yup that was looked over last 2 weeks ago when it was still fresh was badly clawed up but maverick did say when he was drinking that night his biggest lead was the drags in the wood going off and away from town other then that I dont think he saw much to be honest he talked about it alot when he was out of it, the guy is a blabber when you pump some good ale into him. But he hangs around the alley were that foolish shou peddler if you want to cheak if they have seen him, but I am telling ya fhe guy was in here every night I have not seem him in days, it is not a good thing for sure" Niv shock her head keeping an eye on the door she had enough with vagrants and even more so with drunk ones so sickened they chould not even cuss right.

December 25, 2018
A giant heap of noise began from behind him. A man that he didn't say a word to decided it was his turn to chime in on the conversation. Drunks truly have no filter. He couldn't hold anything he said against the fellow. Some drunks were the jolly kind and others were the kind to start fights with a wall if it moved too quickly. He listened patiently to the man's woes and complaints. He was starting to get closer with each phrase. Very quickly he was right up on him, getting the stench of alcohol pouring straight into Jordan's nostrils. He backed his head away to try to get away from the smell, but it was too strong. Then to top it all off, a quick and distinct hurl of vomit sounded off. A flow of liquids and chunks drenched his boots. He closed his eyes in disbelief to the event and when he opened them back up, the man was gone. Tossed out of the establishment before he could build any more anger and put his hands on a drunk. He turned his attention back to the barmaid and exhaled slowly and deeply. "If this Maverick is as much of a drunk as this fool, I may have to take you up on your advice and take this investigation on my own. But I do appreciate the information you have given me thus far.(edited)
What alley will I need to be heading off to? I am not exactly familiar with this town, so I don't know where the shoe peddler is at." He tried to ignore his soiled boots for the moment. The iron greaves did well to protect the cloth that was under, but the smell was something that couldn't be ignored. He cleared his throat and opened his lips again. "While on the subject, how do you wish for me to repay you? You said it was either coin or a service. Which are you in more need of right now and I'll see what I can do for you?" He was going to need to clean off his boots for sure. Honestly, he was probably better off buying new ones entirely. The idea of visiting the armourer of the village crossed his mind, but he surely wasn't going to ask how to get there. He already had enough information to pay for as it is.

December 26, 2018
Niv popped down her rag and pushed it over the counter "here use this, and coin is the best way to get anything you want in this town, people will do basically anything for a silver coin, say ten silver for the intel i have given ya, it was not much so a fair deal" she looked out over the room it was odd seeing it so dead in here "guards must be scarring all the people into there homes, never gets this dead in this place" she gave a light chuckle as she looked at him a glimmer to her eyes as her ears wiggled slightly picking up the little bits of sound that came from outside and in the tavern basement and back kitchen due to Clod working away at the dishes and the random things. Nivs eyes flicked back up "oh and yes the shoe bum, i mean the guy that sells the shoes, he is a homeless bugger that refuses to get a house his words "i like it fucking better out here then in a stone cage ya" then he always looks up my silks. dirty bugger he is. so go down the street here to the east and then walk a good fourty paces you will see the map shop, go behind that building you will see a man siting on a old rug with a couple big boxs around him, that be him he sells shoes right across from another guy that sells fabrics from another mat. a lot of the time maverick's passes out with them after drinking if he is around they know were he is, and if not, the guy is dead"

Hearing the charges she required, he made his way to taking out 10 silver coins from the money pouch he had tied tightly to his waist. Since being here, he has already spent 1 gold and 10 silver. It was fortunate that the ship that brought him 'safe passage' was loaded with many goods and money, that even a small portion of it being found was enough to last a while. After setting down the coin, he grabbed the rag that was on the counter and began to wipe the vomit off of his greaves. He placed the rag back on the counter and didn't know what else she wanted him to do with it. In a bit of an awkward manner he placed the rag down and made his way out of the tavern doors. He stepped to his horse and patted her on the neck before mounting up and heading off down the street to the east. He dismounted his horse shortly after and lead it forward about 40 paces of the steps he believed the woman of the tavern would take.
Sure enough, there was the map shop that she claimed would be here. Still leading his horse, he traveled around the back of the map store looking for the box fort which held a man who made his living if you could it that, selling shoes. He spoke out loud to keep himself from invading any personal privacy that these people might claim to have here. "Hello, I am looking for a man named Marsh Maverick. I had been told his friends are located here and that he spends the nights drinking with them. I mean him no harm, I simply am trying to figure out what he knows about the body that was at Hang Mans Tree." He waited now. He stood out in the open of the alley as he spoke. He made sure his voice didn't come off as threatening in the slightest. He needed these people to help him out now and if they didn't have anything for him, he would have to start at square one again, chasing drags through the woods away from town. If he was being honest with himself, he had only a slight idea of what a drag was, and he didn't feel like chasing those through the woods of all places would be doing him any good.

Grandpa ChaosLast Tuesday at 10:26 AM
Belgreid sits down at an empty table in a corner. The stench of these places is rarely pleasant, and in all honestly he isn’t very fond of them. However there is hardly a better place to gather information than from a bar where drunk people who barely have their minds alert will yell and talk and chatter their hearts out to any man who buys them another drink. Belgreid calls a waittress over and orders a few glasses of rum. While waiting, the old man looks about the tavern, hoping to catch some late drinkers or early risers who would have some juicy conversation he could enter.(edited)

AnayaLast Tuesday at 3:09 PM
the woman everyone knew turned around, her long pointed elven ears made her stand out as a high elf before her simple beauty made some want to just give a good backhand to her backside and hold on. She spotted the new man as she moved her hands and a filled mug of rum hovered from the bar top over to the counter. He looked like he was worth some coin at least so she smiled and put her hand on his table to lean over slightly “ok good sir, that will be 1gold for three cups, i will keep your tab or we can break it down” she had a nice little voice to her and she looked back as there was only one other couple in the bar a nice family couple a pair on guessed from there actions and drink choices there first date and start in courting. It was rather cute but it made Niv chuckle to look.

Grandpa ChaosLast Tuesday at 4:38 PM
Belgreid pulled out one gold coin from a pocket in his robes and slid it across the table to her. “Thanks mi’lady. That’s all I’ll be getting today, just those three, no need for a tab. Could you tell me any kind of information worth my while, however? Juicy gossip around town, rumors of the castle, maybe even some secrets of the kingdom itself? I’m a knowledge seeker, and I do just that. Any you got, if I find it worthwhile I’ll pay some extra for it.” The old man finally looked up from to see his waittress for the first time, and raised his eyebrows. “Now what would a high elf be doing serving alcohol to humans? I’ve heard that elves and humans don’t always get along very well. Of course, that’s usually the humans who start such encounters and rumors in the first place, isn’t it?”

AnayaYesterday at 1:49 PM
Niv gave a grin and at the same time gave a sigh as she looked to that other couple and knew full well they were sipping there drinks at best and would not need service for sometime. She with her fingers moved draged a chair over from the other side of the room never leaving her spot and just using her powers to do so. She sat down at the side as she looked at him “you don't know how to get knowledge do you as asking for the good stuff just right out there is like a man asking a woman for sex and just being blunt about it, ya the whores will go for it for sure but the really good chunks of ass are going to toss a drink in the mans face and tell him to go fuck himself” she gave a chuckle as she took the coin slipping it into a small leather bag on her hip. “how much luck have you had getting the really good secrets about higher ups like that eh, i am sure more drinks tossed in your face or dishonistys then really good shit you can sink your teeth into”

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 1:55 PM
Belgreid smiles, though it was a bit less friendly than one would expect from an old man with a face like his. “Look, honey, I’m not in a good mood. The queen of Iron Castle just refused to let me look at her secret stash, and quite frankly it’s got me in a bit of a rage. There is more than one place I can go to for information, and I wouldn’t have to pay for it either. You can either play nice and not get some extra cash for yourself, or just bugger off and let me drink some of my rage and sorrow away until I have to go back to Braidwood.” The old man takes a large gulp of the rum and then wipes his mouth off. He looks back to the pretty elf with an expecting look, unsure and not really caring how his words would be taken at this point.

AnayaYesterday at 2:04 PM
Niv could not help but laugh and hit her hand off the table softly “holy shit you had the balls to go to the queen and ask to see the SECRET stash she hides in that castle, you know she is a golden dragon right, she has burned down whole kingdoms for less, dragons hoard you know to get into a golden dragons hoard, that is shit of story books, you are lucky you are alive to walk back out, why did she not kill you for the fact you know about that place” she could not help but laugh a bit more “here useful Intell for free so you don't go die. Dragons only care about a couple things in the whole world, and Anaya up there only cares for the following. Her family and her one left born child, her castle and the hold under it, knowledge and books, and gold, lots and lots of gold and all of that item things she cares about are in the hold under the castle and there is only two ways in there, the front door and the back door and the back door is crawling with spiders bigger then four horses smashed together, like thousands of them. The fount door is the only safe root there and her guards watch that shit like the door its self is made of crown coin, only royal family members and the castles trusted staff are even allowed to walk on the dirt that door touches” she got up from the chair as she slid it back into the table as clearly this lump of shit was no different then all the other lumps of shit that walked in here. “and with that personality you will get far more drinks tossed in your face then knowledge earned, so much for wise knowledge seeker you are, don't even know tact or how to talk to people” she gave a chuckle, high elves were known for there intelligence and there arrogance, they were classy beings that enjoyed to be treated with respect she waited looking at him for his surely rude responce but it was polite to wait till they said all they needed to say before exiting.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 2:38 PM
Belgreid smiles and chuckles, and slides a glass of rum over to her. “Have a drink, mi’lady. You’ve earned it and a bit of extra pay. You want to know how I walked into the castle and didn’t get charred to a crisp? It’s because the golden dragon of lore respects knowledge, and knowledge I have. I know damn well how she burns kingdoms. She burned my home. But aside from all that, you gave me excellent advice. A backdoor is very nice to know about. I’ll give you four extra silver if you happen to know where exactly this door is, on top of the extra gold I’m already going to give you for it. Honestly, you’ve done me a grand service. A chance to shove a tree the size of that blasted dragon’s ego right up her ass. I’ll even grant you a favor instead of coin, if you so desire.” The old man finishes off one glass, and grabs the second. “It’s not everyday you get a favor from the man who watches the world grow old.” He takes a few sips with a wide grin plastered on his face.

AnayaYesterday at 3:27 PM
his words could not help but make her eyes go wider, was he really going to think of going into the underground exit tunnel for the spiders. Did he even hear her words of giant spiders, thousands of giant spiders she could not help but sign and pick up the glass chugging it back to maybe wash the stupid out of her ears “you know i said giant spiders right, have you even seen a drow spider before, giant purple thing that eats elephants not flys. They are huge and mindless, they will eat you, you will not watch the world grow old man you will watch the fangs of a drow spider stab into your face. But hey if you have a death wish by all means, it is a large exit tunnel out in the back woods, just walk out into the woods you will see the webbed trees and you know you are not far from it, it is unknown how long the tunnel is but it is very known that there are thousands of spiders down there, some big like a house others the size of ants, babys and mothers, but hey if it is your wish just make a paper that reads upon this findings death the snorting boar gains all assets belonging to then put your name. Keep your gold hun, you are walking into a spider den, i don't take coin for telling a person how they are gonna die”

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 3:43 PM
Belgreid laughs and chugs the last of his drink. He stands up and shrugs, but pulls out a piece of paper with his name and drawn picture of himself on it. “If you ever need my help for anything, then call. My name is Belgreid Lovastka. And spiders or not, they’re still mortal, right? I’ll just need to hire some help that can fight them.” He smiles her, a look that would warm her heart. “You’re welcome to tag along, high elf. It is a rare chance to join a king of elves on an expedition to unknown land, don’t you know?” He fishes a couple silver out of his pocket and hands them to Niv as thanks along with the picture, despite her refusing the money beforehand. He grabs his staff and walks to the door of the pub, ready to head out.

AnayaYesterday at 3:51 PM
she blinked a couple times as he handed her his....autograph, did this man just legitly just give her a hand doodled image of himself with his name on it.....she did not even know what to say, but her smart ass temperament just had her take the paper, the coin the lot of it and wave “happy dieing, and no, even if you are a king of my people i am not a moron to follow stupid into a hole filled with things made to kill people” she shock her head back and forth, maybe once he saw them he would get the point and not go fuck around with back doors not meant as a entrance, maybe he liked kinky things and that is why he enjoyed the back door. She just picked up the empty glasses from the table and wiped the table down laughing a little to herself at the thought. “people be dum, god people be dum” as she talked Gus walked out of his office the door swinging back and forth as he leaned up ageinst a wall and watched Niv clean, her little backside swaying back and forth as she worked, his eyes clearly on her ass he could not help but lick his lips watching his girl work.

AnayaYesterday at 10:33 PM
His white hair fell in his face as he watched her cleaning the table, just how she walked, how her hips swayed, it was the little thing the black hair that fell and bounced on her shoulders. He just leaned on the wall looking at his flower there as it was like the whole room did not exist. She let out a breath as he walked along the room and moved a hand around to grip her hip and waist line stopping her cleaning intently and turning her around to fall into his arms. “why do you do this to my heart Nivinia why cant i just be a monster to you” he said as his yellow eyes looked into her own green hues. His hand on her hip she could not help but melt into his chest as she moved her little fingers up to just dance over his shoulders and up into his white stubble as her eyes looked into his, her pointed ears twitching a little “it is my charm, you are just stuck to it Gustavius the White” she could not help but chuckle as she used his full name knowing full well he hated it, but she hated her own name and he knew that to and so payback was due. A smile crept on his face as he pulled her body tighter ageist his, he could snap her in half with only a thought but no, the monster that was the boar was a victim of what drove many
men mad, woman and love, he moved her and turned her around as if dancing a little with her in his arms a sigh slipping form his lips “i lost that title so long ago Niv i was only that back when our Mila was alive” one of his fingers moved and brushed a hair from her face as he held her there “my fire and flame, you really are something, so how many is that today, walking into this dump of a joint to see you and wonder why such splender works here for the hog that is me” his yellow eyes looked into her own longingly, his Niv the slave he saved back when she was young, they were worlds apart in age and in everything, he was a demon, a monster boar and she, was a princess and perfect in every way, her eyes made so many here melt, her body made them drool and her temperament and power made some just wonder why she was here and be in aw. But there she was, here, in the dump that was the snorting boar doing an unknown amount of unspeakable actions.
She pulled from his grip as he turned her around again as she gave a coy chuckle and slipped backwards spinning in the air as she jumped and slipped into his office turning her hand as a sign on the bar top turned around on its own reading, bar tender is out. A smile on her lips as she looked at him her bright eyes looking for something more then just an embrace “would be about six people today still not as much as yesterday, now come on in here we have matters to talk about, you know, privet things” she slipped out of view as she saw him with that smile and walking along the bar to get her in his office. As he saw her and her words danced into his ears, that sultry tone that luster in her step and emerald hues it all made his heart skip a beat. He walked into his office and shut the door behind him with a thump as he looked at her siting on his desk. “so what is this business matter we need to talk about” he said softly as his hands sliped over to her waist line once more, his hands on both sides as her own moved to wrap around his neck and rest on his shoulders.
“well there is that matter with the fox girl you keep avoiding like it is a bad sickness, she did steal the dagger from the box and we know this, and need to get it back or the castle elites are not going to go away and i cant have you killing another three to get the castle on our ass again” he could not help but laugh at her as she talked, all he wanted to do was shut her nice little mouth up with a kiss that would make her bady just all his but she was right they had not talked about such things “hmm so did that druid tell you, were is he now anyway?” “i sent him to the castle to keep an eye on that Ingavor man that works up there, we will see what he finds when he gets back in a week or so, till then we can keep the guards at bay till the fox girl is found or comes back here and wants help, she works so she must come back to keep her job, and she knows enough to get her in deep with the crown anyway, she ends up being a pain we put a couple pearls in her pocket and send her up to the castle, that queen can sniff out pearls a mile away” she had that smile as she started to twist some of his old man hair in her fingers playfully
“you know i love it when you do all the thinking for me, you know for a slave girl you are rather bright” Nivs hand fell hard into his chest as she pushed him a little but really all it did was make the man laugh. “slave girl my ass, you just have not gotten anything better to call me but we all know you are smitten with my fine elvish ass and if ti was not for me this whole place would fall to the ground, to think if some fool killed me oh boy you would be pissed, who would be that pissed over a slave girl, a simple slave girl eh” “There would be nothing to stop my rage Niv, i would paint this city red and the castles queen her self would have to kill me to stop me from levelling this whole place, there would be nothing to stop my wrath but the swift hand of the holy one herself, and then, i would thank her with my last breath” his hand moved to her face as he yanked her back to him sliding her across the table on her bottom “as i would be back with you, and there is no place i would rather be then in your arms for all eternity” Niv looked at him as her eyes got softer with everything he said “and i would want for nothing more then the same, nothing will ever take you from me Gus, my white haired old man” “said the thousand year old elf girl” both laughed as Gus moved picking her up so her legs would wrap around his waist line turning her to push her back up against a wall. Her green eyes looking into his own yellow ones. “still young next to you old man and i got no grey hairs” as she talked she was cut off by his lips as she wiggled in his grip “but, we still, have more, to talk, about” she was able to mutter out as he kissed deeper and her voice just turned into mumbling and a little moan tossed in here and there. “fiiiine later” she was able to say as she melted into his hands.

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Geralt11

Grandpa ChaosToday at 6:01 AM
Belgreid leaves the tavern just as the owner of the tavern walks out of his office. Not entirely sure how he is going to deal with gigantic spiders of death, the old man decides to take a stroll through the woods, knowing the time of year all too well. Instead of trying to find the back entrance to the secret cellar, Belgreid tramples through the overgrowth of the woods towards the very center, where he spots the soft glow he was looking for. “And so the divine goat returns...”


Many go to see the Goat
Event in Story
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Jace and the Goat

Jace skipped through the woods, singing a loud song whose entire list of lyrics consisted of "magic goat". He scurried up a tree and gave a loud whistle. He listed to the air with his eyes closed then journeyed deeper. He pulled off his staff and began pole vaulting where he could, "Mr.Goat, come play with Jace." His armor quickly getting scuffed and dirt caking on one end of his staff.

There was a shimmer in the wood line, short horns poking out of the tree line as it watched the man act erratically in the trees. It gave a snort as it proudly hoped onto a rock and let out a loud blaaaaat and then waited for the man to approach. It held its head all high and mighty like it was a super goat as its white shimmering blue fur drifted in the light wind that carried the smells from town into the woods. The goat was a rather interesting thing to see and it had a really odd feature that stood out, it had a red hat on its head with a white pompom on the end it gave a blat agein and flicked the pompom back behind its hat as it looked at him with white eyes like snow and a shimmer that was held in the air around it.

Jace stopped hearing the goat's call. He turned to face it then bolted towards it and gave the goat a large hug, "Mr. Goat...are you magic? Jace has favor.." he whispered to the goat and then jumped back flexing, "Jace wants stronger, Soo Jace can be like big brother for all friends." His arms dropped, "And a snack, Jace is hungry." He sat down, "And...Jace ride Mr. Goat?" He swayed back and forth. The excitement of the event never fading from his eyes. He gave a giant smile showing his sharpened teeth. The silver skin standing out from the shadows around him. He reached out to pet the goat again, *So soft Mr. Goat. We be friends, okay?!"

As the goat was hugged it let out a blaaaat and then stood there hearing the mans happy requests, it nodded its head to everything but riding it as it was small he would crush the thing. Its white and blue fur shimmered in the light as it gave another Blaaaat and the pompom on its red hat shimmered in the light. On the rock before it a full plate of assorted foods appeared and the man would feel stronger (you have just been granted 2 levels you are now level three you may pick 5 new ability's/new spells up to level 3 befitting your level to your bio please look at DND guides for things like barbarian or other classes for aid aswell as on the web page for things to help you) the goat tilted its head to him wondering if he wanted anything else as he pet it, it gave a light murrr and leaned into him with another soft Blaat.

As the aroma filled his nostrils Jace felt a renewed vigor. His smile grew wider as he stuffed his face with one hand and continued petting with the other, "Mr. Goat is a good friend." He gave an ear scratch and swallowed the mouth full of food, "Mr. Goat, Jace is happy." He went back to stuffing his face and thought, "We play again one day, ok Mr. Goat!" He would grab the plate of food and sat some down for the goat, "You visit Jace and we play!" With that the spazzy silverling gave a final hug, told the goat where he lived and happily skipped back home stuffing his face. Singing a muffled song about magic goat between consumption

The goat nuzzled the man as it gave a blaaat and then sat on a rock waiting for anyone to come see it some more.

Rarik and Roxie with the Goat

Seven Thundercloud01/05/2019
Rarik was wondering the woods heading toward the deepest part looking for the so called Christmas goat named Baldrick. Deepest part of the woods and a clearing he muttered to himself as he continued to head into the woods. he stopped occasionally and took a dagger and slashed a part of the tree marking is path so he would be able to find his way back. "Here Baldrick where are you, i got some apples for ya." he said as he finally entered the clearing making his way to the deepest part of the woods before spotting a rock and took a seat there to wait until the goat would appear.

It didn't take long for Roxy to find and buy a few apples on her way to the forest. She still had some gold and copper coins that were on her person from when she arrived in the city days ago. Picking up the elf's sent wasn't too hard either since she had his shirt. Once she was in the forest, her ears flickered to the man's voice and followed it, finding him sitting down. "Hey elf!" She said, holding his shirt up. "You like walking around shirtless or something? Here. Thanks for letting me borrow it." She tossed it to him and sat down next to him, letting out a long sigh. So much had happen this morning and her mind was still processing everything. The Sun People killed three people today, including two children. Roxy was going to try her best to make sure they were the last. She looked over to the elf. "The name's Roxanne by the way. You searching for this magical goat? You think it actually grants wishes?" Her tail came up and currled on her lap, her ears perked and twitching to the many sounds of the forest.

January 6, 2019
There was the goat, just standing there, the fox almost ran into it, and it was glaring at the male elf, he was hurting the woods, carving the marks in the trees, the goat pointed its horns at him as it gave a angery blaaaat and almost growled at the man. This was so unlike it as it snarled and snorted. Within a moments blink it rammed the tree that had a mark carved into it. The tree coming to life right then and there as it looked at the man. The tree waved an arm and slammed the man, but the slamming did not harm him (no damage given) but did send him back flying out a good fifteen feet. The goat looked all happy at its actions as it moved to the tree once more as the tree ran a hand like branch over the wound it had in its side. The spot healed as the goat gave a little blat and the tree looked rather happy, moving to bow its head and thank the goat, then moving it lumbered off into the woods to go do well what trees did when they came to life. The goat turned its head back to the man and then gave a snort then moved to look to the fox girl to pay attention to her first and maybe only person who would get anything tonight.

Seven Thundercloud01/06/2019
Rarik was sent flying from the hit of the tree before standing back up and dusting himself off before looking to the goat. "well ill be damned it does exist." he thought before digging into his back and pulled out six apples. "Baldrick i do apologize for harming the forest, it was a survival technique taught to me from a young age after i was stolen from my homeland." he said apologetically to the goat before rolling all six apples toward him. "Foxy i think he expects you to go first right now, and i am positive that the goat does, it seems to also be the keeper of the forest as well."

Roxy's eyes widened as the whole scene went down. It was actually real! She couldn't believe her eyes. She went over to help the elf back to his feet before she noticed the goat seemed to take a liking to her, at least it looked like it. "By the Gods! He... He does exist!" She looked to the elf and back to the goat, her ears flickering to his words. "You... Um.. you think so?" Was this actually going to work? What was she going to ask? Then she thought of something. In tears once again, she fell to her knees in front of the goat. "Please... Please Baldrick... I need your help.. I don't know if you can or if you can understand what I'm saying, but if you can, I need you to heal this little girl..." She sighed and pulled out the apples she brought as well. "I don't want any gold or fancy weapons. I just want a mother to have her daughter back. Mighty goat, please that's all I'm asking for. Bring back Jasmine's child, bring back Juniper..." She never begged so hard in her life, but it was all she could do right now. There was no way she could heal a broken mother's heart. Maybe this goat could do it. Heal the neck wound and bring the little girl back. She wanted to ask for all three of the lives lost that morning back, but she knew it was too much.

Seven Thundercloud01/06/2019
Rarik was waiting patiently to ask the goat what he would like, when he felt the tremor up his spine and nearly dropped his dagger into his foot from when he was looking for the apples. "What was that?" was all he asked as he looked around his muscles tense and the chill that ran up his spine not leaving as he tried to figure out what just happened or who did what. The demon in him hunkered down and hid not liking the feeling as well deciding it was best to stay quiet and leave the whatever is going on to Rarik. Soon after the feeling went away and Rarik started to relax and place the knife where it was before looking at the interaction between Roxy and the goat.

The goat looked at them, then it looked at the dead little girl, poor thing that was but it was so nice of the woman to do Such a selfless acthion ro fo her own wants and bring back a girl she did not even know. The goat gave a blaaat and moved its heat to lightly touch the dead girls body, the body stayed dead and then just faded away turning to dust, roxie would remember this girl but no one else would, the memory of who this was would fade from the minds of the ones it affected like it never existed at all. The mother would no longer feel the pain of a daughter lost as she would never think she had a daughter at all and just go on with her day to day workings and not be in pain anymore. It was cruel to do but the goat thought it would help and it did many things on impulse anyway and it was not like the goat really cared. It gave another bla to roxie and jumped up bonking its head onto her own rather harshly (you have now gained 2 abilities of a level 4 level able to be used at your currant level you may add them to your bio card when able) the goats little tail wiggled as it turned to the other man trying to bribe it l, it held up its nose at the man and walked forword just wanting him to ask his part like everyone else and then shove off.

Seven Thundercloud01/06/2019
Rarik bent down and looked to the goat before speaking. "All I ask is the ability to get stronger in order to protect my friends and those that I could grow to care about. I want to take out those bastards who hurt those children at the pleasure house. If your able to a couple of spell tomes. " he said going quiet and just waited for the goat to do his thing. Rarik may do stupid things given he is still a child according to elven ways but he always means well in his heart.

January 7, 2019
Roxy felt a disturbance in the air. It felt like death and it made her fur stand up. She didn't know if it was the goat that caused it, or if it was something else. Her eyes looked into the goats blank expression and then felt something else. She felt a surge of power through her body and gained two abilities, though she was unaware what they were as of now. What of the little girl? Was she okay? Was she alive? Running into the arms of Jasmine? Something else hit her mind. No, she was not alive. Some how she knew that the little girl faided away into nothing, along with the memories of her in everyone else's head. Only Roxy would be the one who remembered. A tear fell from her face, down her cheek and onto the ground. She wiped her face. This wasn't what she wanted, but she said nothing. Just excepting the fact that the girl was not to be brought to life. She felt horrible. Was this worse? Jasmine will now have no memory of her daughter. The good and bad times they shared would be ripped away. Roxy looked away and sat down, her tail currling around on her lap as she waited for Rarik. Hopefully, she would be able to distract her mind when they start focusing on the Black Sun.

the goat looked at both people the female seemed broken and the male was asking like so many others for power. the goat gave a blat and the man was granted a bit of power (you gain one level, please pick 2 new abilitys at level 2) and then turned around and walked out to the woods, this year was eventful and as it looked back at the people it almost looked sad for them. but within seconds it had faded away only the sound of a blaaaat in the air as there was nothing left of it .

Seven Thundercloud01/07/2019
Rarik felt the power ripple through him before the goat left the area then walked closer to Roxy and picked her up. Time to go meet Belgreid the sun need to pay for their actions. He said as he began to walk back to the town heading toward the city gate.

Belgreid and the Goat

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
Belgreid strides into a bright and open clearing within the dense trees, smiling when he spies the magical goat ahead of him. He bows to it carefully, showing his respect for the godlike being before him. “We meet again, old friend. Have you been well?” Belgreid reaches into his sash backpack and pulls out an apple for the divine animal in front of him, holding it out to the magical goat for food. As the old man closes in, he also reaches a hand up to begin petting it gently.

The goat spots him and hops from the wood line giving a loud and triumphant Blaaaaat, it held its head up all high as it trotted in a small little ring knowing it was flawless, it gave another Blaat as its white eyes shimmered in the woods. “Blaaaat, Baldrick” was all it said as it nuzzled into his hand and wondered what he would be asking it this year, maybe a book, maybe some wish, maybe more power, maybe some food. As he offered it the apple it took a bite of it as the rest of the apple turned to bobbles into the air popping and breaking as it gave a light hop in joy as it watched them fade off into the sky. “Baldrick” it said softly again as it sat on a rock and waited like a good little goat.

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
The ancient man smiles as he pets the goat, missing his chance last year to visit the wonderful beast. However he knew a few things he wanted for this year’s wishes. He just hoped the goat could indeed grant them. “I got a few hard ones for you this year, but I hope you can help me. For starters I’ll give you the hardest one. I met a very beautiful woman today, a dragon named Anaya. No doubt you have heard of her, yes? See, this Anaya has a secret library that she let anyone see unless they are special. Can you make a copy of every book, tome, chart, scroll, map, and diagram in her library, and set all the copies into my office at Braidwood castle? Nalgaresh keeps a separate room just for me, in case I ever go home. Just set it all there. I hope it isn’t too difficult for you.”

The goat looked at him, its eyes showed no tail of yes or no, it gave a Blaaat and sat there, the request may have been done or it may not have. But for a show of good faith, or simply a game it was impossible to tell the goat clomped its hove to the ground and a book appeared on the ground there at its foot the book had a bright silver cover and some black text that read “the love story of a Shepard and his sheep” the goat gave another Blaaat and nuzzled its head into the man (you have gained the ability water breathing, please add this to your bio card :D) “Baldrick” it said softly as it nuzzled him again and another book formed at its feet “how to unlock a magical door in a hundred simple steps” it looked at him as it tilted its head in puzzlement hoping maybe this would help. It got a super happy look on its face as thought came to its man and it jumped up hoping around in a small ring as another book formed on the ground “how to love a dragon” it then sat down and gave a warm happy Blaat

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
Belgreid smiled and laughed warmly when the goat began to nuzzle him. He bends down and picks up each book in turn. He chuckles at the first one, eyes widen at the second, and he almost gags at the third. “You know what, old friend. You need a name. Do you have a name already? I always thought Baldrick was you trying to say my name, but is it really yours? Well, either way I have to say thank you. I’ll take good care of the books, just like always.” He rubs the goat’s head gently and pulls out another apple for the magical beast, this one a little bigger than the last.
Belgreid sits down on the rock nearby and looked to the sky, smiling at the bright sun overhead. “I guess for my second wish, could you make the golden dragon Anaya Delarose a bit more.... I don’t know.... friendlier to me? I know I’m not one to talk about holding grudges against someone for a thousand years, but she sees to have a special place of hatred for me inside her. Or maybe for all humans. Can you make her maybe happier overall? Not always, but just in general. Make her life a bit more filled with happiness.”

“Baaaaldirck” was all it said in return as it nuzzled him back taking a bite out of the apple he gave it as the apple turned to mud after it bit it and plopped to the ground. The goat gave a happy jump and turned in a small ring on the stone as it looked at him with its big white eyes and shimmering white fur. It gave a cute little Blaaat and sat down waiting, and looking at him, a emptiness to its eyes and self like it was always waiting “bla” it said softly as it stuck its long tongue out the side of its mouth and flopped it a little “Bla Bla blaat” its little tail wiggling behind it. As he talked and said he wanted to spend his wish on another, to give happyness to ones life he hated the goat moved to push its head into him (you get one Legendary Resistance (1 time). If the player fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead. This only lasts one time then it is gone, reason, doing a selfless act towards a enemy) the goat sat beside him as it slowly took one hoof and taped it on the ground as another book appeared “what to do when happiness is just to far gone or lost, a guide to getting back what was lost” then another on top of it fell out of the air , a old thing “you cant get it back, a boys tail and his dog” the goat was trying to tell him something, it was unknown what it was but maybe he would be able to put the puzzle together “Baldrick” it said softly as it rested its head on his shoulder.

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
The old immortal picked up the books and carefully found room for them in his bag. Perhaps he’ll give a couple to Anaya. For some reason, despite all the anger and hate Belgreid has had for the dragon all his life, he can’t help but admire and respect her. Truly he would do no such thing like this for another in her situation, but Belgreid knew she was a knowledge seeker like him. Perhaps it was just a natural pull of two scholars wanting to butt heads.... hopefully both in human form. Belgreid scratches the divine goat behind one of its ears when Galadon suddenly speaks up from inside his head. Hey, Greid, move yo mind’s ass over, I want a wish. I never get one!

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
Belgreid suddenly clutches at his head, as Galadon tries to force her way into dominance for a while. Belgreid falls to the ground, and his body goes limp for what is only a couple seconds to the rest of the world. Inside of Belgreid mind, however, his psyche entered a prisoncell-like room, and Galadon is standing outside the cage door, twirling a key that hovers just above her right hand facing palm up. She always was a beautiful woman, with that perfect hourglass figure and fair-sized bosom. Not quite as large as Anaya’s, but certainly was larger than his wife’s so long ago. Her silvery hair with purple highlights gleams in the artificial light that streams from nowhere it seems, and her demonic eyes, one that glow a bright grass green, the other a deep ocean blue. Her lips curl into a smile as she speaks to Belgreid psyche, which has now taken the form of his own body.
Galadon sighs, and speaks to him in a voice not unlike that of an angel’s, “Don’t worry, old man, I won’t stay out long. Me and the goat go way back. Besides, I want a wish before you can steal all the fun.” She blows him a kiss and dissappears. As his body wakes up, Belgreid’s hair goes from the plain grey of an old man to the silvery gleem of the demonness that controls the body bow. The eyes change to that of Galadon’s, and the voice raises slightly in pitch, trying to match the angelic voice of her own, but only going so far. An aura of chaos and greed surrounds her as she stands up on Belgreid’s feet. She turns to the goat and smiles, a malicious grin on the face of the one the goat sees as a friend, but is not a demon. “Hello old friend. I’m afraid Belgreid left to sleep for a bit. It’s Galadon, you remember me don’t you? I got a wish of my own I want granted. Nothing difficult. I want temporary immunity to the holy dragon Anaya’s attacks and exorcisms. I want to be able to talk to her, peacefully, without being banished back to oblivion. Think you manage that without trotting around like the holy farm animal you are?”(edited)

The goat looked up at the sky clearly pondering the request and with a happy sounding Blaaat it took its head and bumped the old man in the for head with it (you will now vividly hallucinate for 2 rounds as if the character was on acid, they are good trips not nightmares so you are seeing cute and nice things not a nightmare trip) the goat also gave a little glow and a wag of its tail (you are immune to ONE holy ability cast, you do not get to pick that ability this is, it is the first one to be cast on you and hit you as the target you will be immune from no matter what it is) the goat sat back down on the rock but then got back up and gave a loud Baaaaaat and then hoped into the woods trumpeting its blats off into the distance to go give good and bad cheer to all around it. it stops and looks back past the tree line before fully leaving just so it can see the old man tripping ball and internaly laugh at it.

Grandpa Chaos01/03/2019
Galadon gets a case of vertigo and trips over the rock. “That blasted goat! This is the third time it’s done this to me. Greid, you deal with this, gods damn it. How am I WAAHHH.” Galadon makes a girly sound as she runs into a tree, thinking it was a soft teddy bear. “So much for laying down on a nice bear stomach. Greid take over!” Belgreid sits inside his own little cell, the door wide open now with Galadon’s permission, but just enjoys the show of watching Galadon fumble around and out of the clearing. Eventually she decides to sit down on a fallen log and be done with this shit. “Greid, why do you do this to me?” Because it is so much more fun to watch you fumble around chasing imaginary butterflies than it is to go chasing after them myself, that’s why.

Ana and The Goat

January 6, 2019
Ana makes her way deeper and deeper into the woods, being careful to not snap twigs below her feet as she makes her way into the forest. She realized she should probably have her guards with her but she didn’t at the moment, only her royal steed and her energy bow. She was not sure what was calling for her to come to it. Ana was on alert but she keeps pushing forward, the farther she followed the stronger the pull seemed to become. Ana looked back but could no longer see the castle and no one was following her. Ana’s snow-white hair dangles down around her shoulders and she does her best to keep her silks on her frame to keep from letting herself become to exposed.

There was the sound of music in the woods and there stood a goat, it had bright blue and white fur and its little horns were hidden under a little red hat with a white pom pom on the end of it. The goat let out a blaaaat as it trotted over to the woman standing a good ten or so feet from her, it tilted its head to the side as it looked at her its white little eyes looked at her as it trotted around in a little ring lifting its feet up high and high stepping like a show horse would do as clearly it saw its self as high shit or something, the little guy let out a small blaaat as its tongue slipped out its mouth and flopped back and forth for a couple moment s “bla bla bla blaaaat” it said as it trotted another step over to her its eyes shimmering in the light of the forest and its little glow making the whole area just look magical.

Ana starts to hear the music and she starts to follow it and within a few moments, she spots the goat. It takes her a moment to register that the goat was, in fact, the wrong collar and had a hat on. Ana moves close to the goat and kneels in the clearing it was at. As he lets out his bla she reaches out a hand towards him and smiles softly towards him. “Hello little one, I am guessing you are the one that everyone is so worked up about. I am guessing that you are one of lore and can grant wishes as well. If you would be so kind as to grant mine I would be in your debt little one. My first wish would be to bring my brother back from where ever he may be. I miss him dearly and he was the closest thing I had to a sibling, so if you can I pray of you that you do little one.” She inhales deeply and tilts her head the other way before speaking again, “My second request of you little one is to make me immune to Samuels posion, so even without this trinket he cannot harm me with his posion. And those are it little one, if you see fit to grant these wishes, again, I would be in your debt.” Ana’s hands would fall into her lap as she keeps smiling towards the small goat and she waits for it to make up its mind.

The goat stopped dead in its tracks, its eyes looked right at the girl, its voice, its voice was human “luck is on your side” it talked, it talked and then its eyes went purple and then turned around and walked away, it did not even do anything, its tail was not waging, luck beat the day and it was done, the goat vanished into the tree line as the air got cold.

Ana tilts her head at the goat as he speaks and she gets a confused look on her face. She waits until it left the clearing and she gets to her feet before speaking out, “Thank you little one, for your time.” With that Ana would turn on her heels and head back towards the castle with a bit of speed. Hoping no one had noticed her missing yet.


Full Campaign, for Jordan with Wolves in the Woods
Something is Happening at Hang Mans Tree
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Roodtree

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Wolves in the woods, Quest line started

JordanLioneyeYesterday at 11:03 PM
Jordan Lioneye began to walk forward without any care for the repercussions that may come from venturing in these unknown lands. What does fate have in store for him now? What dangers rested in the path ahead of him? These questions along with many others sat in the foremost section of his mind. He couldn't let these questions start to bring self-doubt within himself. If at any point in his life he needed confidence, it was now. The day grew longer with each step he took. The chilly temperatures mixed with his wet clothing did not add up well either. He stopped himself for a moment and placed his hands together and exhaled into them to gather a bit of warmth. He started to continue his travels in a direct path straight from the shores he washed upon at. In the sense of the land, he was traveling south, yet that was unknown to him at the current moment. The minutes seemed to drag out as he looked for dry wood to gather together to start a fire. After obtaining a fair amount of branches and sticks, he piled them together in an organized fire pit. With a bit of concentration a white flame exits his hands and blasts gently and smoothly upon the sticks, catching flame. He sits around for a while drying the clothes on his body and warming up his body. The white flame burned brightly. His deep blue eyes gazed into the flame until a bit of movement caught his attention. It appeared that a white steed was in the distance.
A horse would be a great addition at the moment for a horse could carry a nice amount of items as well as offer a means of quick transportation in comparison to walking everywhere himself. He watched the horse for a few more minutes up until the point that he was finally dry. He put out the flame to not have it cause a potential massive grassland fire. He crouches through the open field to close the distance between himself and the horse. Without startling the horse, he stands up straight, positions his body planted strongly on the ground, and with a quick motion of his right leg, takes off in the horse's direction. Before it could react and run away, Jordan tackles the horse by the neck and upper torso to knock the horse down to the ground. He places his body weight down on the horse to keep it from getting up to its feet and running off. He uses his strength to keep the horse at bay long enough for the horse to listen to his commands. The struggle went on for a couple of hours until finally the horse gave in and remained motionless in defeat and exhaustion. Jordan sat with the horse until it caught its breath and finally mounted upon it for the first time. The horse gave in to his command eventually. For the next 2 days, Jordan and the horse bonded through the hunting of small game such as rabbits and squirrel.
The harder part was finding things for the horse to eat besides plain grass. Along with the hunting of small game was the continued traveling in the southern direction. Closer to the end of the first day, a range of mountains came into view. Jordan held tight to the horse's mane and urged it to gallop towards the small but obvious passageway that cut through the mountains. The ride through was peaceful for the most part. Due to the hunting and gathering he did throughout his journey to this point, the need to stop for food was not needed. Whenever the horse grew tired, he dismounted and walked next to the horse. The mountains were not a place he wished to spend too much time in considering that the mountains usually housed bandits, highwaymen, and the sorts. Without proper equipment, he could only take on a few men at a time and these groups were usually more than just a few men. But fortune smiled today for there was no one. The journey through was peaceful. On the other end of the mountain range now, signs of civilization could be seen. There was multiple signs of smoke in the sky. Jordan sighed cheerfully for it looked like he would soon come to see the first person since washing up ashore. "Come on buddy, the ride isn't over yet." He said to his horse before mounting up once more.
The ride continued on. Time passed by but Jordan was in a trance within his thoughts and paid no mind to the change in the day. Before he knew it, a tower was in sight. It appeared that he was entering through the northern side of the place. A river flowed to his left and it seemed like the perfect place to take his horse for a quick drink. Minutes went by with the horse resting by the water. Finally, it was time to head into the town and find out exactly where he was. He grabbed the horse by the mane and started heading in. There wasn't a line to enter and there wasn't any guards at the tower. It was odd indeed but he paid it no mind. When entering through the tower, Jordan spotted a tree that had something hanging from it. Upon closer inspection, he discovered it was a body. It was a gruesome sight indeed, but why was this allowed here? This kingdom seemed big enough that something like this wouldn't go unpunished. Jordan looked around to see if anyone was around to speak to him. Then he saw a young child that looked as if he hustled the streets. Jordan called the kid over and he came running quick.
"What can I help you with mister?" The kid said in a very high-pitched voice. "Kid, what can you tell me about this place? The name, the body hanging off that tree, and anything that might be worth knowing." His deep voice being the complete opposite to the kids. "Well mister it is going to cost you. This place is the Iron Stone. It is part of the Iron Dynasty. That body hanging off that tree is landmarked as 'Hang Mans Tree' and between you and me, that is something you don't want to involve yourself in. There is a lot of crazy rumors surrounding that body." The kid crossed his arms before looking into Jordan's eyes. "So pay up, this information isn't free." And Jordan's thoughts on this kid was right. He did hustle the streets. Jordan dug through his coin pouch and pulled out a single gold coin. He handed it to the kid and smiled. "Here you go kid, thank you for the intel." He walked away from the kid and mounted his horse now looking at Hang Mans Tree. The kid began to walk away before screaming to Jordan, "You may want a saddle for that horse too." And with that last word, the kid ran off into the shadows of the Iron Stone.

thewolfman97Yesterday at 11:09 PM
Wolf was walking for days through unknown lands. He didn’t know where to go or let alone where any nearby cities. Soon he brought himself into a place with a man hanging from a tree. Wolf’s eyes soon widen a bit, he saw a little boy talking to a man and overheard the conversation of the two. Wolf walked over to listen better to the two talking. He got information of this place as well, he looked up at the tree once more and stayed quiet.

December 21, 2018
JordanLioneyeToday at 3:00 AM
As he spoke with the child, a figure in the shape of a man came into view from the peripheral vision of Jordan. Why did his questioning of the body raise a stranger's attention? It wasn't clear at first but then when the stranger stepped closer to him and the kid and clearly showed an interest in their conversation, Jordan went on full alert. Did the mere questioning of such a sight really bring that much attention? He continued on his business with the child and pretended to have paid the stranger no mind. He just went on about his business with the child until they went their separate ways. Now when his attention was on the corpse itself, Jordan looked closely at the corpse that was hanging on the tree. The flies had already implanted their offspring within it. The maggots could be seen falling down one after the other from their over adventures. Why did the little boy tell him to not involve himself with the body that hung from the tree? What rumours have spread that not even the guard of this kingdom have put the body to proper rest? With every passing thought, his curiosity increased and his need to find out the truth began to overtake all of his desires. He kicked his horse's side gently to get it to slowly move towards the tree that the body hung from. Jordan unsheathed his claymore and with one quick and precise horizontal slash, the rope that kept the body put in the air was cleanly cut. Jordan's eyes tracked the body as it fell down.
The flies that swarmed around became agitated with their meal being relocated. The maggots that were in the body splattered out across the dirt. Their disgusting white contrasted with the light brown of the ground. But even worse than the sight was the smell omitted from the corpse. This body was definitely not fresh and had to have been here for a while. It is amazing that it didn't dissemble in two from merely hanging in the air. Jordan dismounted his horse slowly and moved it a few steps away from the corpse to keep the smell from catching and lingering to his horse. Then he stepped back to the corpse and kicked away the maggots near him. He bended at the knee and began to inspect the corpse. The corpse did not have many pockets nor appeared to have been a wealthy person either. The dark brown rags the corpse possessed provided no protection against the elements and considering the temperature of the region, the more layers you could put on your back, the better. He kept trying to piece together as much information as he could from inspecting the body.
He couldn't detail the age of the person due to the early stages of decomposition. But he could make out that it was a man thanks to the bone structure of the jaw. The race of the man could not be made out by Jordan at this instance. Him being in foreign lands, the creatures and beings of these lands could be a multitude of hybrid combinations. From the visible skin of the man, there wasn't any distinguishing markings or tattoos to connect the man to an organization or family home. From just looking at the corpse, there was nothing else he could think of checking, thus now came the more gruesome part of the investigation, the physical evaluation. Jordan began to move around the brown rags to expose more skin that couldn't be seen. He checked the neck and upper back first, mid to lower back next, buttocks after that, the back of his legs all the way down to the toes. He proceeded to turn the corpse over to check its chest. The spine of the corpse came apart with a thick and distinct snap.
The torso of the corpse had turned but the lower body very much stayed in the same form it had when it initially hit the ground. A quick gag hit the back of Jordan's throat upon seeing the bruises and green tint the skin had taken thanks to time. The front of the corpse's body looked extremely more beat up than the rear end of it. But he had already committed to this much and was not going to cut his loses here. He took apart the rags covering the upper body and began to inspect and note any marking or tattoos he found. He flipped over the lower body that refused to turn over at first attempt and searched it as well. He lowered the pants to expose the man's member and gave a quick glance for anything before hiding the corpse's dignity. He raised the leggings of the rags to check the thighs, knees, and shins of the body. Anything he noticed he kept a mental note of. In his last moments of inspecting the corpse, he began to dig through the pockets searching for any note, item, or clue that could lead him elsewhere.

AnayaToday at 11:23 AM
The weather was chilly for morning, wind was starting to pick up and the tree moved more then normal when the body was cut down. It fell with a thump on the ground disturbing the grass and landing and flattening a rather large bush. As it hit the bush something shiny peeked out from under it, it was a badge of sorts, this man, he was a guard, a town guard with a badge stating such that at least gave the rank of the man and a little detail of who and what he was. But a town guard would not have ratty cloth on this was common knowledge, were did the mans armour go and why was a man of high rank in this kingdom in almost slave style rags. Upon closer looking there came somethings that stood out, in the mans pocket was a folded parchment reading “To any that look over this body, it sorrys me that you have to look over such a state of another human being, it is sad on what was done to this man of no known name. No one has come to tell us who he was so your guess is as good as mine, we found no personal belongings on him and left him were he hung, all that was known from us is the body and the drag marks that came from the west leading here, they came from the woods but be careful within the woods, the wolves howl in there. I would not advise going alone” the note is then signed Marsh Maverick, that clearly must have been the inspectors name who had looked this over last, it was also clear as day they did not do a good job and be the note readable it was scratched in looking like the person had been cross eyed wall righting it in inc. Parts smudged and other words looking more like a child made work of it, clearly the man was not all there or had been heavily drinking at the time.
With the garments of the body removed it was clear this body had seen better days, and had been here a good while, it takes the common fly 8 to 9 days to go from egg to adult and there was fly's here at every stage of life, clearly it had been here anywhere from 8 days to maybe even two weeks. The body had been shredded, large claw marks riddled the poor thing, slash marks some going from the upper chest down past the mans partly severed genitalia, others being small and some had what seemed like the bites of animals around them, it was hung in a tree, wolves could not get into the tree after it had been hung, a large bite mark stood out, a full jaw shape of what looked like a wolf or even a bear bite hunked into the shoulder deep but not chewing just bite and maybe holding. Then other smaller not as well made bites riddled the body's legs and arms, some chewing clearly and some missing chunks, but the big things were the claw marks, slashing down the chest one almost severed the arm it hung by a thread clear in and out of bone, a wolf was strong but not that strong. Also on the body was the noticeable member that was severed, it was not severed by a slash or a bite, it was severed by what looked to be a blade, a personal attack to ones baby maker, it also could be the cause of death in the man, the bite marks slashes all that did not help but severing the
underside vain of a mans penis would surely cause him to bleed out painfully in a rather short time. And the mans scrotum was removed, it really was not here at all, and there was no trace of it around the body, maybe the crows took it or the animals did if it fell off the body when it hung, but the body did have pants on, so that was unlikely. With more searching in every part the note with the slight directions was all that was here, a note and a badge deeming that he was a guard from the castle, no castle guards had been sent out to find this man as if they did this body would not be here, so this guard was far from a missed guard, maybe he deserved this fate, that much was unknown.

JordanLioneyeToday at 5:50 PM
Every cut, bite, and slash that was placed on the body was painted very vividly to Jordan's mind. The dismemberment of the man's private parts also showed that this body was here for the purpose of conveying a message but to who it was directed to would require further investigation. He searched through the pockets and found a note with words printed upon it in a awfully messy manner. He read the words carefully and checked for any secret messages but to no avail. But at least he had a name to work with. A Marsh Maverick was the only lead that he had at the moment and he was going to make sure to chase the lead down until his curiosity was fulfilled. He placed the note inside of his makeshift backpack and began to rise to his feet. As he rose up, a glimpse of sun reflected into his eyes from the inner portion of the bushes that the body had flattened out. Once more he got down to check the source of the reflection and to his disbelief, there was a badge of sorts. He grabbed it and began to make out the details of the badge. It didn't appear to be a badge from some nobody that joined a group of low lives and then got out casted. Instead, the badge had the symbol of the Iron Stone along with another strange marking that he couldn't pin out.
Maybe it related directly to the man. Or perhaps it was an item belonging to the guilty party. This item could easily have belonged to the corpse here or to the one who hung him upon the tree. As the seconds passed, there were more questions than answers. Without the proper knowledge of this town all he could do was speculate. He placed the badge within his makeshift bag near the note that he found in the pockets of the corpse. He made his way over to his horse to mount himself up once more. "Sorry girl if I might smell horrid. I didn't think I would be around that body for so long." He patted the horse's neck and she neighed in response to his words like if she knew exactly what he was telling her. Maybe she was agreeing that he smelled like the dead. Then with a slight tug to the horse's mane, Jordan redirected the horse into the direction of the stranger that was still lingering about the area. With a gentle kick the horse moved closer to the stranger. Jordan was within 15 feet to the stranger before he began to speak loud enough for the man to hear his words. "I do not know if you had a hand to play in that body and were listening to my conversation earlier in order tostop me from investigating or if you share the same interest that I do in the truth behind that man, but I recommend keeping yourself from getting in my way. I am not from these lands and owe it no loyalty. I will easily slay you and leave like if nothing happened.
But if you turn out to be friend I hope you do not take my words too harshly. Have a pleasant rest of your evening." And before the man would even have a chance to respond, Jordan kicked his off into full gear towards the deeper parts of town. His aim was a tavern of sorts for if there was any secrets to be learned, the taverns of the city would be the place to learn them

the tavern was empty except a rather good looking elven woman that stood at the bar counter using a rag to lightly clean it, she looked as if she was waiting for something and was humming a soft tune to herself as the man walked in. The doors clinking back shut behind him it was a couple moments before she came out of her bubble her long high eleven ears twitching softly to his loud voice she could not help but laugh as she “oh that guy, yes yes he is the town drunk but really why you want him i am sure he is passed out in a ally someplace or good and dead, hate that guy he is in here every day but have not seen him in like three days now, i am sure he got himself in shit or something” she looked down at the items on the counter picking up the shiny badge that still had dyed blood on it “hmmm this is one of the crowns guards, but impossible to tell what one they all get the same badges, and they die so fast no one really gives a shit about them, they are all rapists and murderers anyway from the stocks” she gave a nod of her head as she cleaned a bit more of the counter top trying to get a really stuck on brown stain off the top. “but i hear a lot, i can sell ya some info if you want, i take coin, service or well cute trinkets to”

In that moment the doors of the snorting boat banged open and three men with the crowns colors and full plate walked inside "Niv is Gus in?" One barked out as they walked up to the counter "no no he is sleeping do you know what hour it is I would be a fool to wake the man but what can I do for the iron crown elite, drinks on the house boys may even toss in a ticket to the pleasure palace of ta are nice to me" she moved her black hair over her shoulder as she gave a coy smile one of the guards in the back sounded like he was panting "no Niv be your offer tempting we are on business tonight have you seen a fo girl told she is named roxie we have some questions for her" the clear leader of the three asked as he leaned on the counter "naaa have not seen her today to be honest with ya I thought she skipped town after dealing with the fool in the alley dis evening you know the one on the bloody blanket he smells like the gutter, got into a mess with the old chap she was rather startled but I will let ya know when I see her. " she said with that truthful smile on her face and a glimmer in her eyes that just chould make a man melt "make sure if you find her you bring her to the castle a dagger be missing and your name is on the line, gus needs to go to the castle aswell in the morning the empress is mighty pissed and he is going to get asked some questions. If you see her being her in it is a crown order" Niv nodded her head "sir yes sir" and with that the guards left as fast as they came leaving the bar back to being silent and the doors rocking back and forth "that girl is gonna get herself dead ta know" she said softly taking that rag and running it along the counter top.

Before he could begin to speak, a group of guards came bursting in disturbing the silence that befell the tavern as Jordan pondered what he could ask to further develop his investigation. He now found himself in a limbo between deciding to speak or hold his tongue. Even that decision was not his own, for as quickly as the guards came, they left in a similar matter. His eyes reverted back to the barmaid when she began to speak aloud. He waited patiently for her to finish speaking. The vibrations began to rise out of his throat and through his mouth, allowing sound to form to words. "Well Madam, I would appreciate it if you could tell me which alley I can find him in. Sir Marsh Maverick is now critical to my investigation. I was at Hang Mans Tree earlier this morning. If I am being very specific, I was there before coming here. I cut the rope from which the body hanged and I started to see if there was any clues to who left the body there and why. The only things I have to work with are this badge and this note signed by Marsh Maverick. Unless you can tell me something I already don't know, then I need to speak with him at this moment." He didn't wish to sound demanding, but he knew how his words could have come across. "I'll even pay you or offer you whatever service you need in exchange for your information. Just try being reasonable with your demands, please."
She did make that demand from him before the guards came in. His mind didn't exactly register it when she first stated her demands, but it the memory hit him hard like a slap to the face as soon as he completed his sentence. He knew the type of this barmaid. They were an opportunist at heart and would take advantage of someone else's wants. Now he left himself exposed and vulnerable in front of the barmaid. He made a quick glance out of the window to confirm his horse's presence was still there and sure enough it was. His lips for a second moved into a smirk of joy before returning to normal and placing his attention on the barmaid.

Jeff/Ingavor DeLaRose12/24/2018
A drunk man rose his head from the bar just as the guards came in. "whatzit-....who is there?!" He then slammed his head back on the table. "I just want to drink in peace and everyone is being so fooking loud." He reached his grubby hands around his mug and looked to the professional looking gentleman who had attempted to talk to Niv. This man wasn't like the others and he certainly didn't like him in his usual watering hole. "Hey, pretty Nancy boy! Shut the fook up" The inebriated man then downed his mead and launched the tankard next to his head, it hitting the wall and breaking into peices. "Niv, another round, bitch!" He slammed a a silver piece down and pounded his fist on the table. "I want some bread and fookin salt too." He turned toward the man, standing, wobbly by his chair. His breath smelled of fish, old ale, and vomit. "What investigation?! This is my fookin burb town and I will hiccup straighten you out if you go poking yer nose where it don't belong, milksop." He then spit at his feet. The man was highly intoxicated, and had no idea what he was talking about. He just knew this man was fancier than him and he didn't like it. "My pappy came to this land in ho-..." He placed a balled fist to his own mouth, before spewing chunks onto the floor in front of the man. it was possible, the man sitting would be coated with droplets of vomit. "Whoops..."

Niv moved as she lifts a hand, the drunk mans feet lifted from the ground and he was flung back out the door into the alley, she painted a little from the energy use but in the end it was worth it "anyone that can't say fuck when drunk has had way to much. And wont be of any help to no one I assure you." Her eyes went back on Jordan as he talked about the body in hang mans tree " yup yup that was looked over last 2 weeks ago when it was still fresh was badly clawed up but maverick did say when he was drinking that night his biggest lead was the drags in the wood going off and away from town other then that I dont think he saw much to be honest he talked about it alot when he was out of it, the guy is a blabber when you pump some good ale into him. But he hangs around the alley were that foolish shou peddler if you want to cheak if they have seen him, but I am telling ya fhe guy was in here every night I have not seem him in days, it is not a good thing for sure" Niv shock her head keeping an eye on the door she had enough with vagrants and even more so with drunk ones so sickened they chould not even cuss right.

A giant heap of noise began from behind him. A man that he didn't say a word to decided it was his turn to chime in on the conversation. Drunks truly have no filter. He couldn't hold anything he said against the fellow. Some drunks were the jolly kind and others were the kind to start fights with a wall if it moved too quickly. He listened patiently to the man's woes and complaints. He was starting to get closer with each phrase. Very quickly he was right up on him, getting the stench of alcohol pouring straight into Jordan's nostrils. He backed his head away to try to get away from the smell, but it was too strong. Then to top it all off, a quick and distinct hurl of vomit sounded off. A flow of liquids and chunks drenched his boots. He closed his eyes in disbelief to the event and when he opened them back up, the man was gone. Tossed out of the establishment before he could build any more anger and put his hands on a drunk. He turned his attention back to the barmaid and exhaled slowly and deeply. "If this Maverick is as much of a drunk as this fool, I may have to take you up on your advice and take this investigation on my own. But I do appreciate the information you have given me thus far.(edited)
What alley will I need to be heading off to? I am not exactly familiar with this town, so I don't know where the shoe peddler is at." He tried to ignore his soiled boots for the moment. The iron greaves did well to protect the cloth that was under, but the smell was something that couldn't be ignored. He cleared his throat and opened his lips again. "While on the subject, how do you wish for me to repay you? You said it was either coin or a service. Which are you in more need of right now and I'll see what I can do for you?" He was going to need to clean off his boots for sure. Honestly, he was probably better off buying new ones entirely. The idea of visiting the armourer of the village crossed his mind, but he surely wasn't going to ask how to get there. He already had enough information to pay for as it is.

Niv popped down her rag and pushed it over the counter "here use this, and coin is the best way to get anything you want in this town, people will do basically anything for a silver coin, say ten silver for the intel i have given ya, it was not much so a fair deal" she looked out over the room it was odd seeing it so dead in here "guards must be scarring all the people into there homes, never gets this dead in this place" she gave a light chuckle as she looked at him a glimmer to her eyes as her ears wiggled slightly picking up the little bits of sound that came from outside and in the tavern basement and back kitchen due to Clod working away at the dishes and the random things. Nivs eyes flicked back up "oh and yes the shoe bum, i mean the guy that sells the shoes, he is a homeless bugger that refuses to get a house his words "i like it fucking better out here then in a stone cage ya" then he always looks up my silks. dirty bugger he is. so go down the street here to the east and then walk a good fourty paces you will see the map shop, go behind that building you will see a man siting on a old rug with a couple big boxs around him, that be him he sells shoes right across from another guy that sells fabrics from another mat. a lot of the time maverick's passes out with them after drinking if he is around they know were he is, and if not, the guy is dead"

Hearing the charges she required, he made his way to taking out 10 silver coins from the money pouch he had tied tightly to his waist. Since being here, he has already spent 1 gold and 10 silver. It was fortunate that the ship that brought him 'safe passage' was loaded with many goods and money, that even a small portion of it being found was enough to last a while. After setting down the coin, he grabbed the rag that was on the counter and began to wipe the vomit off of his greaves. He placed the rag back on the counter and didn't know what else she wanted him to do with it. In a bit of an awkward manner he placed the rag down and made his way out of the tavern doors. He stepped to his horse and patted her on the neck before mounting up and heading off down the street to the east. He dismounted his horse shortly after and lead it forward about 40 paces of the steps he believed the woman of the tavern would take.
Sure enough, there was the map shop that she claimed would be here. Still leading his horse, he traveled around the back of the map store looking for the box fort which held a man who made his living if you could it that, selling shoes. He spoke out loud to keep himself from invading any personal privacy that these people might claim to have here. "Hello, I am looking for a man named Marsh Maverick. I had been told his friends are located here and that he spends the nights drinking with them. I mean him no harm, I simply am trying to figure out what he knows about the body that was at Hang Mans Tree." He waited now. He stood out in the open of the alley as he spoke. He made sure his voice didn't come off as threatening in the slightest. He needed these people to help him out now and if they didn't have anything for him, he would have to start at square one again, chasing drags through the woods away from town. If he was being honest with himself, he had only a slight idea of what a drag was, and he didn't feel like chasing those through the woods of all places would be doing him any good.

as the man walked up to the box fort he could see a dirty old man siting in it, his beady eyes looking out as his rotten black and yellow teeth gave a grin, he smelled of shoes, and the dumpster and the fact he had not had a bath or washed in a good twenty years really did show with the layer of mud and dirt that was on what might have been skin at one point and now was well mole hill. "ohhhhhh Mavrick, dat old bag oh he dead, yup dead dead, ya want to get some shoes, from best rug man in town" his breath was worse then his body odor and really it made the gut turn. but for some reason on his feet were VERY nice leather shoes witch maybe a gemstone in the top of them that had not been stolen from the homeless man, for some reason. from the other side of the ally a voice blabbered out "NO he not the best rug guy i am, want mitts, i got mitts a coat, all for best prices don't get things from Georgie he gona rip ya right off like ya a black fish in the water, him a skin tone judgein blue footed mule!" he sounded so mean and they both made a rather matching dirty muddy and just downright revolting pair.

Damn it all. How did this happen? The guy was a drunk who spent his days in only two locations every day as he understood. He was either at the tavern or here drinking with his buddies. His only lead was dead. Of course he had to be dead. Why wouldn't the only lead to any useful information now be in the realm of whatever god ruled the underworld now. He was about to storm off to where ever the drags of the woods were but then he thought, why not ask about Marsh Maverick? He was already here and suffering the smell of the alley, so what more could he lose? Why not see how he died or maybe even who killed? The stench of the alley was indeed strong thanks to the shoe beggar, but dammit he was not going to let a smell that had been years in the making take over his will to pursuit this investigation. "What killed him? Was it a person, monsters, or maybe the drink he adored so much?" He narrowed his eyebrows as he squinted his eyes, the smell beginning to cause a burn to the moisture on his eyeballs.
How could something smell so foul that it caused a man's eyeballs to begin drying out? He almost didn't notice the shoes the man wore either due to the dryness of his eyes. He didn't care how he got the shoes unless it somehow lead to the crook responsible for the body at Hang Mans Tree. His stomach grew uneasy and the rabbit he ate the hours before arriving at the city was trying to make its way back up through his throat. "Be quick with your answers too, I do not wish to be here for too long. I got important matters to attend to." Even though the important matters he needed to attend were completely relying on whatever information he had to offer. He also hoped he wouldn't be asking for some type of payment, because the only thing he was going to offer him was a trip to an inn or bathhouse to get rid of all that filth. But in reality, a bucket of ice water from a well was going to be the closest to a bath he would be getting. He doubted any self respecting establishment in the city would provide this kind of man with their goods and services.

the little mans eyes looked at the stranger in the ally, he could see the look so many others had but he never understood, the look of disgust “oh him, ya he was our friend, there was one other asking about him bit back ya, big harry fella wanted to know were he was, said he knew way to much about something and had to pay up for what he owed, we think his bar tab went far to high, maybe the boss of the tavern came to collect, poor guy was nice and fun to sleep with” he gave a chuckle as his hand moved down to rub just over his groin as a smile pressed over his lips as if he held dirty thoughts on the brain, witch in fact he did and his hand was not itching his groin, he rubbed a little longer tyhen most would before he caught himself in that thought and removed his hand. He gave a grin back to the man “but ya he is dead dead, would have seen poor man before now if was not, never misses our dates, talks so lovely in the ear to when he is in the mood. If you see him tell him i miss him and maybe caress his ear for me will ya, he loves that yup” he smiled once more as he held a glazed over look on his face, not drunk but something else clearly intoxicating, maybe he was on something one would never know really with the smell of the grime and skum water
you could not tell by smell what was on his breath. From across the ally the other man watched with clear annoyance at Gorgies story “oh you are so gross you old muk toad, talking sweet things about MY maverick, you stole the sly silver fox from me and i still get him every second week end, dirty shit you don't share well!” he yelled a lisp to his words as he rolled on his mat as he grumbled something else on how he was better and loved more by the man and then he turned his back to the group and faced the wall to maybe try to get some rest muttering something about drugs and how Gorgie was a user of things that could get him in a mess. Gorgie looked to Jordan with a smile as he pointed across the way “really don't mind him, he don't know what he is talking about, i am a great lover, you should ” he taped his mat as dust was flung up “sit with me, we can, talk” the look in his eyes clearly was far from the talking kind of glance. “so whats your name mister broad shoulders. ”

JordanLioneyeLast Friday at 7:02 PM
The way he described his relationship with Sir Marsh Maverick was a bit odd to say the least. He didn't know people were so open with their sexual needs and frustrations. He ignored the man's behaviors and continued to listen to his words, only truly paying attention to the words that mattered to the investigation. That was until a few words caught his attention. He had just tried hitting on him. I guess shoot your chances with anyone and hope for the best. He could not hold that against the man even if it was an unwelcome advance with no merit to have been attempted to begin with. He gave a slight sigh before attempting the most polite as possible rejection he could give that wouldn't cause any offense to the man's advances. "Sorry sir, I am not like Sir Maverick and live to please the same team. I cannot accept your kind offer, regardless to how broad you think my shoulders are. I shall also be retracting the information of my name.But thank you for the intel you provided me. I will make use of it as I can." He stepped closer to his steed and then slowly began to mount up on the white beauty.
He looked at the shoe beggar once more began to speak to him. "The big hairy fellow, do you happen to know where I can find him? Or if I should even try looking for him? If all goes well, maybe I can figure out who killed your Maverick and get some vengeance for you. It is up to you." He tugged gently on the steed's mane causing it to turn away from the homeless shoe beggar. He didn't rush off just yet, waiting for any last words or remarks from the man. Once he spoke and finished, then he would be off to wherever the hairy fellow would be in, or to the direction of the drags of the woods. It didn't seem like a good idea to go alone, but considering he was new to the city and wasn't going to be throwing money at people's faces to fight his battles for him, he was more hoping that the big hairy fellow was an ally or not a foe. Yet the story he was told, it seemed more like he was a foe than even these homeless men were not safe from. As if being in their state was safe to begin with.

AnayaLast Friday at 7:42 PM
Georgie looked at the man clearly eyeing him up and down and undressing him in his mind, it was a pitty he did not take the offer would be a night he surly would not forget, but then agein, it was gorgie, no one would forget a night with him. As he got on the white steed it was like the little homeless mans heart skiped a beat “this is the part in ma story that the knight on the white steed walks off intoto the darkness and i be a lass never to see him agein” he said softly as he watched the man turn the horse away form him and ask his last question. The old man paused wanting this moment to linger as long as it could be he not lose sight of the knight on his white steed “um, walked off into the dark, seemed to fade away on me eyes, would not be wise to look in dark places around dis place, you will find things you was not looken for but vengeance would be right up me ally if you find him give him a good two over for me will ya my dear knight,, oh and guy did say something about the castle, been lots of guards looking for a fox woman and talking about castle miss match junk” he gave a soft sigh and almost looked heart broken as the man would leave him in the ally, he lifted his hand to call out “and come back anytime to see old gorgie and my offer be still standing next time and every time after that” he called out as he watched the man go on his way with the little intell he would be able to give.

JordanLioneyeLast Saturday at 6:35 PM
Maybe it was that the man did not speak as lowly as he thought he did, but Jordan picked up every word he spoke. He made no comment, but he was sure he would not be returning at all to this part of the city and especially not this alleyway. He began to backtrack his steps and try to reach the tower entrance he came into the town in. He needed to find some guard tower somewhere and talk to a guard of substantial power in the city. None of these low rank members were going to be of much help to him, at least that is what he thought to himself in his mind. The only thing he had together in his information tab within his head, was the drags of the woods, a hairy fellow, and guards that are looking for a fox woman. How do any of these things connect to one another? Jordan had a pretty good reason to give up this chase and just go straight into the woods and slash anything that moves. But, there was a process to this that needed to be followed.

JordanLioneyeLast Saturday at 6:35 PM
Finally when he was at the guard tower, after having left a man he never wants to encounter again, he continued his investigation. He spoke to multiple guards asking about any information they knew about the fox woman, the drags in the woods, a big hairy fellow, Hang Mans Tree, or the badge he took from the body. If they knew nothing, he would just continue forward to another guard. Even if inside he thought that there was not going to be anything to learn or gain from these lower ranking guards, he still had to ask to be sure. But he truly wished to speak with the higher power officials of the guard. Maybe a guard captain or even a guard team leader. He wanted to stop being pointed into random directions and given something solid to go off of. So round and round he went from one person to the next until any of them had something to go off of. He remained on his steed the entire time because he didn't want anyone to take it from under his nose. He really needed to buy a saddle and reigns soon so that way the feeling of soreness he got from riding the horse bareback would fade away eventually. Maybe with all this pointless redirection he would be pointed to the stables or a blacksmith so he could afford a better weapon. These were his thoughts in jest and truly hoped that the chase would not lead him on more wild chases.(edited)

AnayaLast Monday at 12:28 PM
The guards at the wall were stern men, some did chuckle at his questions about the drunk or this hair covered figure that really in there eyes could be any lycan that was in town. One of the guards paused the man as he showed the badge “ya that was from one of our missing guards here on the wall, you say he was strung up in what now, a tree? Will have to let the mans family know eh” he said with a sorrow filled sigh and then the drunk was brought up as he could not help but gave a light breath and light warmhearted chuckle “he is dead to, his favoured cup was found over by the wood line just on the other side of town covered in blood. That guy would not let that cup out of his grip like it was a sacred chalice, but better he is gone, would not helped you none the less. And oh the fox woman, yes that is a matter for the castle elites, it is said she stole something from the castle but cant seem to find the girl, like she vanished into the air, but last place seen was the Boar we expect her to get back there at dawn, witch” he looked up at the sky “is breaking just now, you have been out for sometime eh?” he said and held a very southern accent on his lips with his words he was from a place that was far from here and was educated witch was something that was a rarity, clearly the castle cared for some of its workers. "anything else ya want to know son, just ask, we will do the best to help ya "


Rarik WolfthorneLast Thursday at 11:26 PM
Rarik Arrived at the tavern breathing hard, his white hair hung loosely around his face covering his ears and hiding his face while he snuck to a dark corner of the tavern. he had been hiding in plain sight mostly now he was looking for work all he had left on him was twenty-six gold , six copper and fourteen silver coins on his person. " i need to locate the blacksmith so i can find steady work." he thought as he pulled his hood up to conceal his face more as he has yet to learn a spell that can hide his features better to keep the mages guild from finding him since he faked his death to hide from them.

AnayaLast Friday at 4:22 PM
There was the bussleing sounds of books falling off a desk and papers being russled and other things coming from Gus's office as Niv stumbled out her black hair in a mess and her eyes bright and filled with luster. She fixed her hair and silken dress back so it fit around her body as one could hear the snorts of the boss in the office as the door shut. Sher saw new faces in the tavern and did not seem to care if they put that puzzle together. She moved to the bar and picked up the small sign that said the bar tender was out and shoved it under the counter. She then walked her way over to the one new face and nodded her head. “so what can i get ya stranger, and hope you were not waiting to long, i was a little tied up” she gave a chuckle as she looked back seeing that younge couple was gone and there was some silver on the table. She moved her hand as the silver sliped into the air and hovered over to her and she put it into the small leather bag at was on her hip.

Rarik WolfthorneLast Friday at 7:48 PM
Rarik slipped two pieces of silver toward the woman before speaking. "Some food and ale is all lass." Then he reached into his backpack which was resting near his side and pulled out a well worn book and began to go over it reading the words trying to commit some things to memory. He looked up slightly to look around a little bit in an agitated and paranoid manner considering that he is in a city with a mages tower so he knows that the chance of him being found is higher than the lady place he was hiding at.

Grandpa ChaosLast Friday at 7:58 PM
Belgreid walks back into the tavern, stumbling along as his body was still under the goat’s hallucinations affects. In truth it wasn’t Belgreid in control but rather Galadon, the demonness that resides within him and comes out every so often to bask in the glory of the chaos she can cause around her. She tumbles up to the counter, almost running into Rarik as to her he looked like a tree with a smiley face and red button cheeks. She looks over to Rarik, somewhat recognizing that it was a person, and smiles at him. Despite the demonness being in Belgreid’s body, which is that of an old man in his early eighties, the facial features that changed with her possesion make her look different enough to confuse anyone who didn’t know Belgreid’s situation. The old man’s long grey hair and beard had become a silvery shine with purple highlights at the roots, and his icy blue eyes that once shone like the sun on a frozen lake and become two different colors, one of which was a green the shade of wild grass, a lime sort of hue, and the other was a blue that ran like a deep ocean. His voice had also been raised in pitch to try and match the high, angelic voice of Galadon, but due to the body’s limitations could only get so far. She speaks to him quietly, half enjoying the hallucinations and half despising them, and evidence of both in the body’s tone, “Hey, can you tell me where I am? I ran into the dumb divine goat, and it hit me with some hallucinations that are far too lovey dovey for my tastes, so most of everything seems a tad... off, shall we say?”

Rarik WolfthorneLast Friday at 10:57 PM
He looked at her before whispering- "Demoness you are in a tavern and apparantly under a strong hallucenagen should wear off soon." he said recognizing the subtle differences in the appearance from his short time in the mage's guild and learning how to deal with demonic possession. shortly afterwards though his would shift and his eyes would brighten as the unknown demon that was forced into his body by the mage's guild and woven deeper than a standard possession began to speak. " Wierd dumb divine goat eh, well ill be thats interesting, i would still like ale and food though. " he said half adressing Belgrid/Galadon and the serving wench in a single sentence before handing the reigns back to rarik who sat there dumbfounded as to what happened still trying to figure out why they are minuit blanks in his memory some for long periods others for a short time period like so.

January 5, 2019
Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:02 AM
A patron sat in the bar, his head pressed against the table with a 4 hour old ale in front of him. He was old, but still able bodied enough to work and get gold. He then turned to the door as a man dressed in a black cloak stepped in, his face covered. The old patron, lifting his head, raised a brow at the black cloak, and was promptly stared back at. "Look. Away." The old man looked back at the table, while the man in the cloak walked to the bar, watching Niv. "Niv, I sense you learned your lesson the last time we were here. I'm looking for that fox. I hear through the grapevine that her and another man want to kill us. Where Is she?" He then turned to look at the old man in robes and the elf with red eyes. He felt disgust well up inside of him. "You should be ashamed, walking around like you are. Unpure in this world, just like the dragon whom sits on her throne. This world and all in it should be purified by the clensing light of the Sun." After which, he turned back to look at Niv. "The fox. The butler. Where are they?" He had his hands in his cloak, making his hands, and anything in his reach unseen to the naked eye.

AnayaYesterday at 1:26 AM
Niv looked up form the table top and her eyes fell right away to the black sun member, her green eyes looked at him, it was the same darn one she kicked out last time for talking shit to the other customers "what back agein for another round with gus, you know he is in his office i can call him, and the fox girl is gone left town same with the other one, be on your way to torment some homeless people or paint the castle with more goats blood in your passive aggressive plot to make her come down here" she almost wanted to snarl and spit on the ground at the fools feet, he for sure was geting no drinks from her tonight all he would get was a stern talking to and the removal form her fine bar. she moved her hands to fix her dress more and then fix her hair more so she would not look like so much of a mess after her and Gus's get together.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:43 AM
"Fine. But we will be back." Turning and ignoring the old man, he stared at the elf, hate in his eyes. "The sun loves you, but first you must be purified." He lunged forward, knife in hand, slicing upward, going for his left eye, yet, because he was eager and his footwork was sloppy, he staggered. He did hit the left eye, his blade easily slicing through the skin, Iris, orbital, and pupil, causing partal blindness almost instantly. The man in Black smiled, staring at the other patrons while he stepped back, readying his dagger which was about two feet long, almost a short sword. "Look around you, people! This man is an example of the love that the Black Sun offers you! You all can feel our love." He watched the blood and eye fluids flow from the red eyed elf's face, and drop on the floor boards, staining them. "The Black Sun will not ask again. We are looking for the Butler in the castle, and a girl who is a fox! Let this elf be an example of all those who defy us! Even if I am killed, more will come. More will purify. More will be saved from the dragon. More will be loved " He stared back at the one eyed elf, his smile growing wider. "Come on then, filthy half breed."

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 5:02 AM
Rarik felt the knife slice through his eye as he looked at the man before raising his hand upwards in a growl focusing his sight on the one who called him a half-breed insulting him to the point of rage. he muttered the spell firebolt while aiming it center mass as he sent up a prayer to his god praying that the blast would find its mark. "Half-breed you say, try a high elf you stupid moron, and i hope you burn in hell." he said before raising opposite hand covering the bleeding and sliced eye and muttered the incantation for mending hoping to heal it up some what before he can get to a licensed healer and get more of the damage repaired. while looking upon the guy with disgust as he continued to sit in the seat at the tavern where he was when he first arrived.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 5:23 AM
The cultist simply moved slightly to the right, and watched the fireball sail passed him and exploding against the wall behind Niv. "Foolish. Stupid Moron? That is an oxymoron within itself. Poor elf, uneducated. You deserve the most beautiful of deaths instead of being purified in the glow of the darkest of Suns. You are unworthy of the knowledge we hold." Flipping his dagger up, and gripping it by the blade, he tossed it forward, and sent it sailing toward the man's face. (¢Rolled 15, Hit, Admin approved) The blade landed in the other man's eye, blinding him completely, as the dagger stuck out of his right eye, inches away from his brain. Yet, over time, the man will bleed out. (rolled 11 for bleed damage, admin approved, 4 points of HP gone every round. Light damage. 5 hp taken in first round, 5 in the second, and 4 for bleed damage. 14 out of 20 HP is gone, 6 HP remaining.) If I were you, I'd run away before you are baked in the light. Run. I have nothing left to purify. You are perfect. You can run, and save or own life, or fight me and die. It is your choice." The man reached into his cloak and pulled out a second dagger at the ready. "Run, my son. Save your own life."

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 5:47 AM
Rarik looked to the barmaid, as he grabbed his items before walking backwards toward the back exit after healing only a small amount from the mending, his one good eye watchful of the cultist before the second dagger went into the eye as he backed out the door. Rarik was still seething at the half-breed insult but it was smarter to run and live to see another day than to attempt to fight with this injury. A healer is needed and now he will have to look about and hope to find one. He then pushed out the building using his other hand to guide now that he had been fully blind as he stumbled down the ally heading toward what would have sounded like a busy intersection and hopefully someone who can take him to the nearest healer. He had vowed to get revenge on the one who did this and his entire damn cult as well. He was heading to the right with his hand on the wall muttering a string of curses on them and praying hard to Anaya to grant him the strength to survive this encounter and get stronger and that the cult will be incinerated by her and feel her wrath also the fact that they insulted her and called her un pure as well.
Anaya i beseech you to give me strength to endure and survive i also seek your wisdom in the matter of the cult, who seek to call my god impure when she is perfect, my your wrath fall on them and teach them that they have attacked the wrong person.

AnayaYesterday at 6:00 AM
The man felt a warm hug around him as there was a shimmer in the air, his one left eye healed and the bleeding stopped but the other stayed blind a single eye blindfold appearing on the ground before him at his feet. The words whisper in the wind “you will get your own rightful justice upon them without my aid, seek out healing for the damage done to you, one must not be weak and only seek to bring pain to the deserving, vengeance is the way but not allow wrath to blind you. ” and with that the presence was gone, the dragon did her work and now it was over.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 6:06 AM
He smiled at the man fleeing and turned back to look at Niv before she could yell for Gus. "We will return. We will find the Fox and The Butler. Be more helpful next time. And tell that pig that one day, he will join all of the souls in the core of the Sun." With that he walked out of the Tavern, leaving shocked patrons, an angered Niv, a wall on fire, a silent Belgried, and blood on the floor. He shut the door behind himself, and began to saunter down the allyway, before finding the entrance to the whorehouse. "Interesting." He then pushed the door open, once he walked around to the front door and was promptly greeted by smiles of topless women. "Listen up!" His voice booming, loud enough to halt everyone, and be heard no matter what floor or room you were in. "I'm looking for a fox. And a Butler. The fox has nowhere else to go except here and I'm not leaving until I see her!" He locked eyes with a 12 year old servant. "Little one. Have you seen a fox?" The little girl shook her head, and cowered behind another whore. "Fox! I've come for you! Get down here or people start to die! Starting with this little treat." He said, looking to the girl, his dagger in hand, under his cloak, hidden from them.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 7:03 AM
Galadon watches the exchange between the half-elf and black sun member go down, partway through the hallucinagen effects of the goat dissappearing completely. As they do, she shakes her head to get bearings of where she was and what was happening, and as doing so Belgreid hops out of the cell inside his mind and pushes Galadon out of the way, knowing his augment ability would protect them if something happened. Luckily they were excused from the fight, the cultists not recognizing him, nor knowing he has tried making deals with the dragon. Being done with all this shit for the time being, Belgreid activates his aura of stone and leaves the tavern. In search of fighters for his quest.

AnayaToday at 5:47 PM
Niv stood there just in shock of everything "um " she said as she moved her hands a water bucket lifting from he ground to put the flames out before they burned the place down. "No more black sun members here I swear to the gods" she yelled as gus came from his office looking at her and the burn mark's on the walls "we will fix this and yes no more black sun people in here I agree" he moved to stand beside her as both took part in cleaning the mess that was made and the blood off the floor.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 6:10 AM
Rarik bent down and grabbed the blindfold placing it over the other eye and continued down the path trying to find his way around the city at night holding the words she had whispered to him as she healed him partially before sending another prayer up. “Anaya golden dragon and goddess of virtue I thank you for answering my prayer.” He whispered as he continued to head down the ally looking about seeing a sign that said something about an elven whore house only to hear the cultist inside it yelling about some fox like he did when he entered the tavern so he walked past it and continued on his way in the market looking for a healer as he watched and looked at the various signs hoping to find the place that he was looking for

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 6:29 AM
Rarik stopped for a moment and grabbed the hilt of the dagger and pulled hard on it removing the dagger from his face and pulling out his eye with it. “Fuck dammit that piece of shit cultist throwing a dagger in my eye, fuck that hurt pulling it out.” He said in a few curse words in his anger and pain before placing the blindfold on his face properly then took the eye and tossed it ot the side before cleaning the dagger and placing it in his bag. “no use throwing away a good dagger plus it would be fitting to end that cultist life with the weapon he used to blind me and all with.” he said as he sat down on the curb letting his mind wonder over what he was told of the city and where specific things were located at, also due to the fact that would need to find the blacksmith which was the building he was sitting in front of without knowing it.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 8:41 AM
After a few minutes of waiting around he stood up and started walking back in the direction of the whore house and tavern. His curiousity got the best of him considering the elven name associated with the place. once he arrived he walked in only to be driven silent at the blood bath before him along with a naked fox and a old man. "well i can come back another time seeing that it has been a bit busy and everyone seems busy." he said while having his hood down revealing that he was an elf as well. he accessed the situation before bending down looking at the body of an eight year old girl and removed the dagger from his bag that was used to stab out his right eye and see that the blade matched the wound before looking up at the two just as the Ancient let go of the fox woman. " Did that cultist do this?" he asked while holding the dagger that the cultist threw at his face just a couple hours ago blinding his right eye.

In Miss Everdeens Pleasure Palace

AnayaLast Thursday at 11:36 PM
She nodded her head to really all being the same and she took the oils and covered her hands in them just before takeig her little fingers and running them into the fox womans fired shoulders. It was the reason child slaves existed little hands and little bodys chould do things the older ones chould not and ther youth and pleasure to the eyes of old men that wanted to bed the younge. She applied a little force turning the clean into not just that but a nice massage as well "no I never got a name, was sold to this place before mother got one for me so I just called girl like the other ones. But some people like to give slaves names to help them so if you want you can name me if it makes you happy" she sounded so normal with it all. The fact she had no name the fact she was a slave that did gods knows what with so many people, she just seemed so normal with it like it was just another day just another hunk of bread from just another person she need not get attached to. There was a hint of numbness about the child but really that was expected from a slave that was placed into everything so younge. "The bath house is very nice, the water is kept just right cus we are on top of a underground heat vent, there is even a area in the basement were you can go down to the underground caverns, but I have never been down there not allowed but I know the storys"

FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 4:54 PM
Roxy's eyes closed and she relaxed, bringing her arms and letting them rest on the edge of the pool while the little girl worked her shoulders. "Mmmm, and to think the royals get this kind of treatment everyday," she said under her breath. Her ears flicked to the girl's small voice and fell flat. "No name?" Roxy turned around to look up to her. "And why does it sound so normal when you say it?" She sighed. There probably was no other life she knew. It was how she was brought up. Just as Roxy was brought up not knowing the life outside of her village, this girl was brought up not knowing what freedom was like. Her heart sank as the girl said her mother never bothered. How could a mother do that? It was her child, a child who came from her body. "Oh sweetie... I..." She really didn't know what to say or how to say it, but she managed to bring up a smile. She looked to the rose oil and looked back to her. "How does Bellarose sound hun. A beautiful name for a sweet and pretty girl like yourself." Her wet hand came up brushed it over the little girl's cheek in a motherly way. She began to wonder if there was a way to buy her freedom in the near future and raise her herself to be a strong woman. She was already so strong. Her eyes looked over to the pool as Bellarose spoke about the heating. It of course made her curious. What could actually be underground? Was this land on top of a volcano of some sorts?

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 6:20 AM
He smiled at the man fleeing and turned back to look at Niv before she could yell for Gus. "We will return. We will find the Fox and The Butler. Be more helpful next time. And tell that pig that one day, he will join all of the souls in the core of the Sun." With that he walked out of the Tavern, leaving shocked patrons, an angered Niv, a wall on fire, a silent Belgried, and blood on the floor. He shut the door behind himself, and began to saunter down the allyway, before finding the entrance to the whorehouse. "Interesting." He then pushed the door open, once he walked around to the front door and was promptly greeted by smiles of topless women. "Listen up!" His voice booming, loud enough to halt everyone, and be heard no matter what floor or room you were in. "I'm looking for a fox. And a Butler. The fox has nowhere else to go except here and I'm not leaving until I see her!" He locked eyes with a 12 year old servant. "Little one. Have you seen a fox?" The little girl shook her head, and cowered behind another whore. "Fox! I've come for you! Get down here or people start to die! Starting with this little treat." He said, looking to the girl, his dagger in hand, under his cloak, hidden from them.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 6:38 AM
He waited a few seconds, not hearing anything or anyone bring the fox forward. He smiled from behind his hood and nodded. "Fine. Have it your way." He the reached down and grabbed an 8 year old girl with a plate full of food and wine, and began holding the dagger to her neck. "Fox! You have 5 seconds!" The food and platter came crashing to the ground, along with wine spilling all over. "5!" The women and a few men even began to cower and scream. Some begged for the girl's life, while others begged for their own. "4!" The man screamed out, his anger rising, yet an amused smile rested behind his hood. The girl began to sob and reach her hand out to the 12 year old who hid behind another woman. "Oh forget this." He said, running the blade through her neck, the soft flesh tearing instantly. Her skin split, and rubies poured from her wound, filling the air with a sick, yet sweet smell. Then, he carelessly tossed the girls body to the side. At that moment, a man charged him, trying to stop him, and was promptly stabbed in the forhead and tossed to the side as well. More blood filling the air. "I can do this all day!"

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 7:05 AM
Roxy's ears flickered and then perked as she heard a man shouting from the entrance. Did they find her? The queen's men? How could they? Ingavor said she was supposed to be safe here. Did he intentionally make her come here just to be caught? No.. why would he give her all that gold? Maybe it was payment for her death somehow? He knew that she would give the money to Everdeen making her in on it too. She shook her head. She was thinking too much and it was costing her. Her ears folded back, hearing a little girl scream and then a man as well. They sounded like they were just killed. "Stay here Bella. Don't follow me!" She said to Bellarose. Without thinking a second thought, Roxy quickly slipped out of the water and ran to the doors. She burst through them and to her surprise, black hooded figure stood over two bodies. One of a little girl and one of a man. This hooded figure was no guardsman of the queen. This had to be a Black Sun member that she told about. "You shall not kill another innocent being!" Roxy growled, her ears layed back, her tail lashing out behind her violently. She looked over to a statue that held a spear and ripped it out of it's grasps, the stone hand that held it crumbled and she pointed it at the Sun member.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 7:18 AM
Belgreid was passing by on the streets, looking for those to help him when he heard the commotion inside the whore house. His aura of stone still active (aura of stone. Allows one to go unnoticed by any person/monster unless they have strong magical powers or are looking for Belgreid specifically) walks into the house to see what the commotion is. As he walks onto the scene before him, he scoots around the black sun member trying not to get in the way. Belgreid, let me take a crack at that asshole. I’m no fan of elves, but innocent people don’t have to die for this bastard. Let me show him what real evil is. Belgreid ignores Galadon’s protests and spots the fox girl. He narrows his eyes and smiles, realizing she could be a whole prize of knowledge. He knows little of her race in general, afterall.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 7:19 AM
"Little fox! How nice of you to join us!" He said, snatching the 12 year old as Roxy grabbed the spear, holding the dagger to the girls neck. "Now now. I didn't come to kill you, however, I'd love to. I'd relish in the fact that your unpure blood was being clensed." He smiled, bringing his tongue out to lick the girl's cheek. "She tastes like innocence and smells of lilac. You wouldn't let me hurt this little flower, would you, naked fox?" The little girl stared at Roxy, tears in her eyes as she had just watched another child die in front of her very eyes. That same child laid dead at the man's feet. "I offer you one chance, fox, to bring us the butler. You know him, correct? Ingavor Daggerbane. Royal hand to the queen. Both of you want to wipe us out. For different reasons. You think one spear will stop me. You are foolish and will die naked and afraid. Unless you answer my questions." The little girl began to plead, tears rolling down her cheeks repeatedly while onlookers stared at both Roxy and the cultist. "Please-...I don't want to die. Please!" The cultist growled and smashed the handle of the dagger on the right of her temple, knocking her unconscious. "Ingavor killed our commander on Clemdorth Hills years back. Ingavor promised that he wouldn't cross paths with us again. Yet we hear you two have been talking. You will both die, and we will clense the world of the unpure! Make your move fox, or promise me you'll deliver a message to your friend. Tell him that the Black sun knows."


Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 7:23 AM
Belgreid, hearing he was looking for Ingavor and fed up with the scene, turns off his aura in front of the cultist and uses his augment magic to turn his voice up louder than anyone could normally speak. “I command you to halt, Black Sun member. Let the girl and fox go, I know where the one you seek is.” The old man glowers at the cultists, not being a fan of violence. There are far many other ways to get what you want from people. Spells that can induce truth or even obdience, as well as more peaceful actions on the realm of diplomacy. Galadon pouts inside of the ancient’s mind, not happy that she can’t turn this asshole who is killing others into a sack of meat balls for some carnivorous monster later on. Belgreid icy blue eyes shine bright, and his smile brings warmth to those around him as he tries to stop things from escalating.
(Woah that’s short, let me redo that)

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 7:43 AM
Roxy's eyes widened as the the cultist takes a hold of another little girl. She saw the fear in her eyes and knew all well what she was going through, she'd been in a similar situation when she was really young. She kept her cool when the man mentioned Ingavor and she tilted her head like she didn't know who he was. "I don't know who you're talking about. I'm jus-" her sentence was cut short as the cultist knocked the girl unconscious. "Stop! Why must you hurt the innocence? What do you gain?" Her growling grew louder, her sharp flesh ripping teeth revealing. It wouldn't be the first time she tasted flesh. "Whoever this Ingavor is, I hope he ends your little cult!" She snapped. "Oh and my parents were warriors, I know how to use a spear very well." As she was about to attack, another man appeared before them and she kept still, hearing the word halt. Was this a guardsman or someone working for the queen? She kept silent, but kept her spear pointed at the cultist, ready for anything he might do.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 7:54 AM
The man stared at the fox, listening to her every word. It was obvious she was lying, and smiled. "That was not the answer I wanted." She then said that she hoped Ingavor's fury would end them and yet, he smiled wider. "I'm counting in it." He tightened his grip on the knife, ready to take another live, but was stopped by the old man from earlier who instantly appeared in front of him . He couldn't contain his excitement. "Oh. Well this is interesting." He said, as the old man plead for the lives of those in the room in exchange for information about Ingavor. "No. You'd lie. Just like she is." He started taking steps back toward the door as the little girl began to wake up. "Help." She squeaked out, while the knife got closer to her jugular. "I'll take my leave. But when you do see Ingavor. Tell him the Black sun will have their revenge. And that this blood is on his hands." He moved his neck down to sniff the little girls hair, taking in a deep breath. "All of this blood." The little girl closed her eyes, and her jaw fell open as the knife sliced through easily. Then, as fast as he came, the cultist was out the door, and there was another dead child on the floor. The cultist, in a large flash of smoke, was gone without a trace, not caring about any followers who came after him. Once they ran outside, the man would be nowhere in sight. In reality, he used a spell to become etheral, and ran as fast and far away as he could, where he would regroup with the other cultists. The child held her throat, blood leaking through her fingers as she looked to Belgried, then passed him, her eyes glazing over, as life left them.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 8:06 AM
Belgreid, a slight rage building within him, looked to the little girl as the life left her eyes, reminding him of the time his own daughter died. The old man looks back to the fox. He turns the augment of his voice off and grabs the fox by one of her arms, raising her up to his eye level. “What the hell is going on in this town, kitsune? That’s three people dead in your name alone, and another high elf injured severely by the same man.” Belgreid’s anger over the deaths takes form, if not on purpose, to the fox-person before him. He doesn’t know who started what, but he can estimate some of it started with her.

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 8:30 AM
Roxy tried to move quick and strike the cultist before he did anything else, but she was too late. The girl's throat was slit before her eyes and the man gone just as quickly. The spear fell from her hands and she dropped to her knees, holding the little girl. Why must this happen? There was an overwhelming wave of guilt that struck her. Two children and a man lay here dead because of her. This was not what she wanted. Suddenly, she felt a hand grip her arm and pull her up, her eyes meeting with the new stranger. From what he said, it seemed like he was new in the town as well, so he may not be a guardsman of the queen. A few tears rolled from her eyes and down her cheek. "I can see that!" She cried. She didn't know of the elf, but definitely was aware of the others. "I... This wasn't what I wanted to happen... Ingavor and I were going to try to stop the Sun... I don't know who, but someone must have overheard us talking that day..." Her ears kept flat, her tail and other arm limp.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 8:38 AM
The ancient lets go of her arm and sighs, realizing his anger was misplaced he aplogized to her accordingly. “You seem to be of some strength. Would you like to join me, young one? I’m planning to recruit Ingavor as well in due time. I’m looking for fighters to help me on a personal quest into the castle, and a beastwoman would be very helpful indeed. What do you say? I’ll buy some clothes if you can’t afford them yourself.” The old man smiles at Roxy, warmth flowing from his very soul. In his many years Belgreid has learned how to manipulate his facial features in the most minute of ways to gets certain feelings across. Happiness, anger, sadness, worry, even deceit. Real or fake, he has learned the tinniest detail in one’s face can make friend or foe.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 8:41 AM
After a few minutes of waiting around he stood up and started walking back in the direction of the whore house and tavern. His curiousity got the best of him considering the elven name associated with the place. once he arrived he walked in only to be driven silent at the blood bath before him along with a naked fox and a old man. "well i can come back another time seeing that it has been a bit busy and everyone seems busy." he said while having his hood down revealing that he was an elf as well. he accessed the situation before bending down looking at the body of an eight year old girl and removed the dagger from his bag that was used to stab out his right eye and see that the blade matched the wound before looking up at the two just as the Ancient let go of the fox woman. " Did that cultist do this?" he asked while holding the dagger that the cultist threw at his face just a couple hours ago blinding his right eye.

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 9:14 AM
Roxy found her footing and she rubbed her arm where the stranger held it. Her emerald eyes looked to him, still glossy with tears. "Join you?" She asked confused. "Wait... You know Ingavor too?" She looked down to the dead bodies then all the freightend people around them. "What about everyone here? The bodies? We have to stop that cultist. I can't just let someone get away with killing two children and a man!" Her hand came up and wiped her face of the tears. She wondered if Bellarose was still in the bath house and was still safe. She couldn't just leave her here in this place. When the stanger mentioned clothing, she quickly remembered she had none on her and she covered herself with her tail. The man definitely sounded really nice, maybe he could help out with this Black Sun menace. Then, when she thought there were no more surprises, another figure steps into the building, her eyes quickly darting over to him. She saw a dagger in his hands and it mached the one the cultist had. Without thinking, she quickly grabbed the spear she dropped and pointed it to the new stanger, just inches from his good eye. "Who the hell are you? Where did you get that dagger?"

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 9:22 AM
At that moment, Jasmine came in to see the scene and dropped to her knees. She let out a loud, gutteral cry as she looked to the 8year old child on the floor. Tears splashed against the ground, her fists chenching. "My child-..."She looked up at Roxy who had a spear in her hands. "You! You killed my child?!" She crawled over to the little girl, and scooped her lifeless corpse up into her arms, the child, limp. "Juniper! Please! Speak to me! June! Please! Gods, no no no!" Shee shook her child lightly, hugging her kin close to her breast. "Mother is here. No one will hurt you." She moved blood soaked hair from her child's lifeless eyes. "You are such a beautiful girl. My beautiful Juniper. Please, baby girl. Don't do this." It was no use. Jasmine looked up to the old man, the eye patched elf, and Roxy. "She didn't even serve the men! I got her a job serving wine and food! She was innocent!" She screamed. The sound of defeat. The sound of loss. The sound of a mother holding her child's body. She sobbed relentless, and shouted. "Everyone get out, now!"

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 9:30 AM
The old man puts a well muscled hand onto the mother’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, madam. I’ll make sure the Black Sun pays for the death of your daughter. I know all too well how it feels to hold your baby in your arms like you do now.” He looks back to Roxy, anger seething through him, turning his eyes from that bright icy blue of the sun on a lake to the frozen cold of a tundra where nothing survives. “Will you join me or not, kitsune? I’m looking for fighters for more than my own cause now.” The old man walks out of the brothel to search for any signs of where the cultists went, not waiting for an answer to his question.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 9:34 AM
Rarik looked at the fox before placing his hand on the spear pushing it away from his face before standing back up. "My name is Rarik, and this was stabbed into my right eye after slicing open my left eye by the very man who did this." he said before looking toward belgreid. "I'll join i want to end the people who almost robbed me of my sight and stole the lives of these two kids." he said as he looked around before removing his shirt and hands it toward Roxy. "Put this on so you are covered up somewhat." he said nicely before looking toward the woman who was holding the child and crying. "we will get the one who did this that i can promise you."

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 10:00 AM
Roxy lowered her spear once the elf spoke up. "I see. I'm sorry, I saw the dagger and overreacted," she stated. 'This must be the injured elf that the old man was talking about,' she thought. She looked to the shirt that was given to her and took it, slipping it on quickly. "Thank you... As you can see, I was not ready for any of this." Suddenly, Jasmine rushed into the room, causing Roxy's ears to flicker. She had a child? But she was so young to have one that old. This place was so messed up, but she definitely felt for her. Her face saddened when the blond woman blamed her. "No, I didn't kill her. I..." She paused. This was her fault. She was a murderer. She had these people killed. If it wasn't for her, these people would be still alive. She dropped to her knees, tears in her eyes again. "Sweetie... I'm sorry. This is all my fault. I... I stuck my nose where it shouldn't have belonged... I got people killed because of my actions... I... I just wanted to h... Help." She reached out to touch Jasmine's shoulder, but stopped. She didn't know what to do or what to say. She couldn't possibly know what she was going through. Her ears flickered to the old man's voice and she stood up. "Wait" she said, but he was out the door. Still being half naked, she didn't want to follow him out the building. She needed to find her clothes as well as Bellarose to make sure she was okay. After that, she was going to join the old man on his cause, hopefully fight the Sun and end this suffering soon after.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 10:25 AM
Jasmine watched the two men left, her grip on her child grew ever the tighter. "No. Roxy, this was not your fault. This was that bastard. You promise me something. You find Ingavor and you all take these people down, once and for all." The young mother stroked her child's face, while the tears rolled. "Mommy should have protected you. I shouldn't have started working here. This is mommy's fault." One of the men also came out from behind a couch and looked at the dead man on the floor. "Markuz!" He shouted, running over and scooping him up, while random women flocked to the other dead child on the ground. Many tears were being she at once, for the lose of children, and a lover. The man screamed out as well, crying along with Jasmine, and the women and men. "Markuz! Gods, no!" He held the man tight, running his finger over the knife wound in his forhead. The man was dead before he even had a chance to feel it, and there, was his lover, holding his body. As Roxy was entering her room, Bellarose would come running up to her, wrapping her arms around her waist. "Is everything okay? I heard screaming." She rubbed her eyes and looked at Roxy. "Why is everyone mad?" She went to take a step out the door way, but stopped, noticing Roxy's shirt, and her rushed expression. "Is everyone alright?" It was way more quieter than normal and that was cause for alarm. "Juniper?!" She yelled out, getting scared instantly.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 7:28 PM
Rarik was standing outside the Brothel next to Belgreid when he heard someone passing by mentioning a Christmas goat that grants wishes. "Belgreid where would I find said goat. That some people are talking about." He said out of curiosity wanting to learn more spells and get stronger plus he wants to gain the ability to protect those he would care about and his comrades. He was asking for a general location that he would have a better chance of locating the goat. he then bent down and searched in his backpack until he found the artisan outfit and just pulled out the top half of it and put it on.

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 7:38 PM
Belgreid was searching the ground for any kind of clue on which way the black sun cultist went when Rarik joined him outside and asked about the goat. “Go into the deepest part of the nearby woods, Baldrick will show up to you there in a clearing. Try to be selfless with your wishes. And bring some apples. He loves apples. They make him happy. Also don’t let your demon consciousness take over and ask for a selfish wish that ends up giving your body a hallucinagetic effect!” Belgreid starts yelling at himself when he mentions the demon part. It’s not my fault that your body isn’t goatproof. “But it is your fault that the magic goat hit us!” The old man looks to Rarik. “Sorry, internal conversation. She’s a very trying person at times.” Oh I’ll show you trying. Galadon starts to sing inside Belgreid’s mind.

Rarik WolfthorneYesterday at 7:48 PM
Rarik nodded before heading off to buy a few apples. "ill keep that in mind he told him, and tell your Demoness i said ellos" he said with a laugh before heading off to find and locate the christmas goat remembering where Belgreid has told him. He was skeptical over the whole ordeal but was willing to see if it was true." Baldrick, he said was the goats name, and to keep the wishes as selfless as possible also to make sure that he would bring apples the goat likes apples. once Rarik would reach the market he would then go in search of a few apples to buy before heading off to the woods to find the Goat.

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 8:33 PM
Roxy leaned in and finally placed her hand on Jasmine's shoulder, trying to comfort her any way she could. "I... I promise Jasmine," she sniffled a little and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. "That man and his people will pay! We'll make sure of it! We will avenge the ones who died tonight." She gave the woman a kiss on the cheek and stood up, her ears flickering to the other cries in the room. It was definitely a sad start to the day. A day she thought she was going to relax and wait for her friend. She began to walk towards the bath house until suddenly, Bellarose came bursting in, crabbing her. "Sweetie... I'm glad you're okay," she said with a smile. Her arms wrapped around her for a moment and her smile disappeared. "Juniper is dead... A Black Sun member killed her along with two others. He is going to pay. I'm going to make sure of it." Her hand brushed through the little girl's hair like a mother would and patted her back. "That being said..." She knelt down so she was eye level with her. "I've got to go... I'm sorry, but I'll be back I promise you." She gave her a soft kiss on the head and went to grab her clothes. After a few minutes, Roxy was dressed and walking out the door, but before she left, she gave Jasmine and Bellarose a smile. Her eyes found the old man first and then began to look for the elf. "Um... Where did that elf go? I have his shirt," she said to the man. Her eyes looked over to him and spoke again. "Also... I decided that I'm going to come with you. This Sun menace needs to be put down like the rabid dog it is."

Grandpa ChaosYesterday at 8:45 PM
The old man looks to Roxy and raises an eyebrow while smiling. “Glad you decided to join. We’re going to need more than just two or three people with us against that entire cult, though. And the elf went to the woods in search of the magic goat. If you hurry, you can still make it to him before the goat gets there. Bring some apples with you. Baldrick likes apples. I’ll be by the castle gates when you come back. Gonna annoy Anaya a bit.” Belgreid trods off towards the castle, turning his aura of stone on and dissappearing down another street.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 9:00 PM
"What?! No!" She cried out in an instant tear filled yelp. It couldn't be true, her only friend, gone. Now Roxy was leaving as well? It couldn't be true. Not at all. "I understand..." She said, sighing. Once Roxy had dressed, Jasmine and Bellarose sat downstairs, the bodies wrapped up in silken sheets, Everdeen's cries could be heard coming from her office, two robed women coming from it with tear filled eyes. They mourned over the loss of their coworkers, and their family, and Everdeen was taking it hard. This hit her like a ton of bricks. Bellarose helped Jasmine up, and hugged her tightly, tears rolling down her face. Having no more reasons to stay, she bursted through the doors after bolting from Jasmine and ran after Roxy, hugging her around the waist again. "Take me with you. Please! I don't wanna be here anymore. Don't leave me here!"

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 9:26 PM
Roxy gave the old man a nod and she stuck her hand out to him. "It's nice to find someone who is on my side," she smiled and shook his hand. "And yes. I'll be sure to find apples and bring them when I return. I'm going to get the elf and see what all this commotion about the goat really is and then we will meet you there." She watched the old man walk off, forgetting to exchange their names. It wouldn't matter. There were going to meet again. Just as she was about to go in the direction of the woods, she felt little arms wrap around her. "Bella?!" She said looking down. "I told you to stay here till I return sweetie." Roxy's ears fell flat as she cried. She really didn't want to leave her anymore than the girl wanted to go. "Hun... It's dangerous out here." She knelt down. " I couldn't imagine you getting hurt." Roxy embraced Bellarose one last time and stood back up. "I'll be back soon little one. Just try to lay low and out of trouble." Roxy wiped the tears from the girl's eyes and walked towards the forest were the elf had ventured to, his shirt still in her hand.

At the Castle

AnayaLast Thursday at 5:08 PM
Anaya could not help but chuckle knowing the whispers in the wind about the magical goat that popped in every now and again. But there was something odd about her room as she stood there looking out the window “i know you are here” she said softly knowing full well what was around “i know you can not fully form in my castle, it is your blind spot right, i even have your idol here and it cant let you see anything unless it is touched, you are a snake Caliga and nothing more” then the presence was gone, as if her words mattered. Anaya sat down on her bed letting out a breath “just wait Caliga one day, one day we will settle it on even ground” she got up and left her chamber room to go check on things down in the main hall and sit in her throne for a while she had not placed her backside in its soft embrace for a while and missed it.

January 5, 2019
Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Yesterday at 11:06 AM
Days passed endlessly, had it been a few days, maybe it was weeks at this point. Suraya didn’t even know anymore, to her time seem to pass so ever slowly when she was away from her homeland far too long. The woman knew it had been a while, she missed her warm king size bed, the way her sheets would curl to her nude body when she laid in them. Yet, this journey of hers was well needed in her eyes, she searched for someone whom was supposed to be closer to her then her own mother. It was only stories the girl knew that lead her down her path she road now. The woman which seemed to stand about five foot three started to lean forward on her black steed as she roamed the streets of Iron Stone growing closer to the Castle itself. Suy’s chest rose as she took a deep breath stopping a few feet from the main gates as she looked up to the keep, her dainty hand ran over the neck of the steed right before she pulled the reigns as she guided the horse along growing ever so closer to her destination. The woman would stop her horse just shy of the gates of Iron as she blinked looking at the keep. “Now what.” She hummed out to her self as she looked about debating if she was truly ready to do this. She took another deep breath as she sat there on the black horse for a few moments before she would slide from her saddle and pull the reigns over the steed’s head. Suryaya would then lead it the rest of the way only to stop right in front of the gate before calling out to a guard. "Hello?" her soft luring voice was even mimicked that of her mother. (yes for any character who knew Isis would see Isis out of this character until they officially meet)

ZYesterday at 3:06 PM
Jace came running back from the woods, his face stuffed with the last of his food. Seeing Anaya on her throne he darted up to her, "Magic goat was nice, gave me yummies." He would the sit on the ground at her feet and start babbling to his staff. His eyes shifting between hues as the excitement wore away and his mind now became occupied with new task. His strands of hair falling gracefully from the edges of the hood. Though he played in a mostly quiet sense, he kept stopping to look at Anaya, anticipating some sort of direction. It was uncertain if the silverling grasped 'duty' though 'loyalty' seemed to be something he knew how to obey flawlessly.

January 6, 2019
Jeff DeLaRoseToday at 5:48 AM
Anaya, felling a slight chill in the air, shuddered, but gave a growl in her throat. "Something is wrong." The queen said, straightening out her scales, as she looked out a nearby window, to see a girl calling to a guard, whom promptly greeted her. "Yes ma'am.! What business have you with the crown today?" He said, standing alert and ready, holding his spear at attention. Anaya grumbled to herself, wondering why this woman trying to come in on the horse reminded her of someone she knew. But in her old age, even though she looked absolutely fabulous for it, she told herself, she couldn't place the face. "Did I kill her mother once? Is she an old friend? Where do I know her from." Anaya sat puzzled at the window, staring out at the main gates.

Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Today at 6:24 AM
Suraya would stand there a mere foot away from the iron bars right up to the point one of the passing Guards finally seen her. Her eyes widen as she listened to what was said carefully before stating why she was there. Her voice would hum out softly “I’m searching for my father” her words were clear and to the point as she watched trying to read the reaction from the male before her. She wasn’t to sure what to aspect when she had finally got here and now the issue was to get past the guard; which she hoped would be a simple task. “I have family inside.” She added in after a few moments. Hoping and praying that just that little would give enough to allow her entrance into the castle.

Jeff DeLaRoseToday at 6:28 AM
"And my mother is fucking the king!" The guard shouted, obviously never knowing who Isis was because he couldn't read. History was written the he couldn't comprehend. "You ain't got no family in there! Who are you?! You best fess up before we drag you in front of the queen for execution! How dare you act like you are a royal! You are covered in dirt like a peseant! Explain yourself or move along!" He pointed his spear at the woman through the bars of the gate.

Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Today at 6:56 AM
The moment the guard started in with his insults about her family Suy lost it; the simple offence that he had brought about her mother. She let out a dark chuckle as her hue of her eyes seem to darken then return to their greenish state as she gazed at the guard taking a deep breath. The girl may have the appearance of her mother but the temper of her father. She allowed her lips to move slightly into her mouth as she ran her tongue over her bottom lip as she shook her head. Her fingers seem to unwrap around the reigns of her horse as they grew closer to her body as she closed her eyes for a split second as she took a deep breath. “How dare you mock me.” She hissed out her voice no longer sweet and luring but laced with a dark rage. She honestly heard that little voice in the back of her head telling her not to do it, yet she did anyway. “Do you not know the DeLaRose.” She mocked him as if he didn’t even know the family that he served. Even after he has lowered the spear and pointed it at her her anger rose more. Suryaya fist seem to close as she stood there “Do you not know Vain DeLaRose?” she paused as she went to read his expressions before rambling through the list of family members that her mother told her about. She hissed out “Talon…. Scarlet… Ban…Suko...Ulhar” she growled as her eyes once more shifted shades she could actually feel her so called blood boil her body wanting to change shape. “Chrome….” She went to say more and more yet finally decided to glare at the male more. “Anaya” she hissed out. "These people.. these people are my family" she hissed out. "Your nothing but a lonely worm with no name" she let a devilish grin pass her lips as she stood there trying her hardest not to allow her body to shift forms.

Jeff DeLaRoseToday at 7:04 AM
The man paused and nodded. "My apologies. Please forgive me. And let me keep my head." He pulled the gates opened and pointed toward the stables in the back. "Your horse can go there. And can we please not mention to the queen that I insulted you. Feel free to to right into the castle." He motioned to the guards at the doors to open the large woods. The gripped the handles and pulled them open. "My apologies once again."

Grandpa ChaosToday at 8:34 AM
Belgreid saunters up to the castle gate, his aura of stone active as he slips past the guards who open the gate for Suryaya. Belgreid’s necklace grows warm as he nears the family of Anaya, her magical power clearly on a different scale from the others around the castle. The guards certainly wouldn’t be able to notice the old man afoot, but this beast most definitely would. The ancient, with a cracked smiles upon his lips, decides to just walk through the gate along with the beast to test if she is like Anaya, and would give him a chance to speak, or is more like the legends of dragons where she will simply throw him out without a thought or care.

Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Today at 4:34 PM
The woman’s gaze shifted as she watched that so called worm back down. She chuckled as the guard seem to lose his so-called toughness before he opened the gates for her. “Oh, he knows those names does he.” She mocked him now. As she turned slowly to her left to reach for the reigns of her steed. Just as she had taken hold of them the guard seem to try and convince her not to tell the Queen which made her laugh out loud. “We shall see just who I tell.” She hissed back her gaze returning to their normal emerald green color as she went to lead the horse through the gate only to be cut off by and older woman. Suy brow rose as she studied the male confused on how she just was nearly refused to enter the castle grounds, yet this old man was able to just pass by the guard. She would pull the horse along just on the other side of the gate, the apologies from the guard reaching her ear before she laughed once more. Her dark luring voice seem to sip from her lips as she spoke. “We will see how sorry you are in a few moments.” She turned and walked off heading towards the stables to leave her steed before heading for the keep itself.

Grandpa ChaosToday at 4:40 PM
The old man walked along with Suy, staying close to the side of her horse, but keeping out of her reach. He says nothing and looks straight ahead, not even giving her recognizition that he sees her beside him. And people call me cruel for my jokes. Belgreid, you know she can see you, why are you acting like a ghost? Galadon laughs inside his mind, enjoying the little ways she has rubbed off on the ancient whose body she shares. Sometimes the best way to get on someone’s good side is to pretend you know what you are doing. Belgreid thinks back to the demonness inside of him, still not talking while he strides next to Suryaya the entire way to the stables.

AnayaToday at 4:48 PM
Her eyes looked out the window once more as she watched the actions at the gate, and spotted that one male that kept trying to be sneaky and get around things she almost respected him for that he had so much will power to try “I know you walked this earth today Caliga” she let out a light chuckle as she turned from the window “i could feel you here, almost like you were in this room when we both know one such as you could not do something like that, whatever you did, you wont win, light will keep you at bay here in the lands, you will not be able to claim this world form me.” there was almost laughter in the air as Anaya looked out into her room, the wall was starting to turn black, well she was really trying now wasn't she, or things were getting thinner, things were changing and Anaya knew this. She opened up her arms as the light in the room got brighter, her body glowing and being that it should be a beacon of light, the black on the wall being forced to recoil in fear and pain of her. “this castle is one place as long as i stand here you will never be able to touch” a smile came over her lips as she walked from her chamber room knowing full well the guests would get here in no time at all. She shut her door and locked it and then walked down to the main chamber area were the thrones were siting down to wait as she pulled out a nice old covered book to flip the pages and read. One she had gone over many a time, her eyes scanned down to see the little Caliga idol at the base of her throne, a trinket she kept to mock the god knowing full well the god could do nothing here and here that idol unless interacted with was just stone and bad emotions. She gave a chuckle as she looked back to her book to relax a tad before she got guests.

Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Today at 5:21 PM
Suy wouldn’t speak to the male as she watched him pretty much walk along side of her to the stables as she dropped the horse off in one of the stalls. Her brow did lift a small bit though as she tried to figure out why he was doing what he was doing without even asking. The female could tell there was something off about the male, as she could feel a little dark part of him which peeked her interested; though she still wouldn’t speak to the male. Suryaya made her way to the main doors of the keep just as one of the guards near it seem to open the door. “This way” he spoke leading the woman towards the throne room. The girl could feel the anxious feeling rise in her midsection as she grew closer and closer to the throne room. She had no clue what to expect from these so-called family members she never met; the people whom knew her parents. Yet there she was slowly strolling behind the guard right to the throne room before slipping into the room behind the male. Her right hand moved up to her necklace as she started to play with the small wedding band was held on the linked chain. Suy just stood there looking up to the woman on the throne studying her as she tried to match what she was seeing to the mental image she always had of the Queen.

Grandpa ChaosToday at 5:29 PM
Belgreid follows Suryaya closely with a smile reaching from ear to ear. He knows where she is heading, and it is a great chance to see how the queen operated with people who aren’t after her secret treasures. He hopes into line behind the woman he been tailing indiscreatly, and enters the throne room with a grin and a wave to Anaya, still not speaking, especially now that he is in the throne room where it would be rude to be the first one to speak. He knows royal etiquette better than that; the owner of the household always speaks first in an officially meeting.

AnayaToday at 5:43 PM
Anayas red eyes looked from her book spoting the girl and the other one that made her go uggg inside, but she put a smile on her face and put her book down to slip it in between her body and the throne "greetings and welcome to the iron castle, what is it you seek this day" she fully expected some pesent problumes or more I want your secret stash questions but she would be kind and give them a chance to speak there parts. Anaya had her red and gold gown on as her white hair was neatly brushed and pushed behind her shoulder. She had less gold on then normal and no rings or gold covering clear slender nails and pale skinned hands. She looked rather nice in all reality less made up and more natural beauty. She let out a breath but did not stand up she enjoyed sitting.

Isis Rain DeLaRose (Aez)Today at 6:00 PM
Out of the corner of her eyes she watched Belgreid vanish behind her as she made it right in front of the throne. She took a breath as the woman before her seem to speak. She stood there listing to the woman’s what seemed normal greeting to those who seek her attention. Suy was nearly disappointed in the reaction that was given seeing growing up everyone she knew that knew her mother flat out stated she was a spitting image of her. She nearly was half expecting that these people would have mistaken her for her mother Isis but no; she was treated such as a peasant. This feeling caused the feeling of abandonment to surface once more, pushing down the feeling of rejection nearly took a small step forward as she spoke. “Your Majesty,” she paused and tried to place which words she wanted to say in front of Anaya without causing any issues. “I have travelled a great distance only seeking my family” she wasn’t sure what to say yet that seemed to be the best fit without just saying who she was. Suy stood there waiting for an answer as she fiddled with the wedding ban more.

Grandpa ChaosToday at 6:09 PM
Belgreid turns off his aura of stone, finally becoming noticeable to every guard in the throne room. He laughs and walks up to Anaya’s throne, bowing to her. “Your holiness, I’ve come only to occupy some free time I have before I meet up with some comrades to kill the Black Sun. You could join us, as well, O’ powerful dragon. Rid your town of people who kill the innocent beneath your watchful eye?” The old man looks to Suy and chuckles. “She’s quite pretty, isn’t she? Almost like you, great dragon.”

Jeff DeLaRoseToday at 6:26 PM
Jeff shot through time and space, and in an instant, was in the main hall off the iron. His old home. "Heh, seems much bigger than I remember." He muttered. A guard, watching Jeff just appear growled and gripped Jeff's arm. "Hey! Who are you!?" Jeff simply smashed the guard in the side of the temple, rendering him unconscious. "I'm nobody important." Jeff said, before lowering his hood, and brushing the ash of the stone from his gloves. In his draconic tongue, he uttered one word, causing the ground to shake. "Mother!" He said in her language.

AnayaToday at 6:28 PM
it was like no one existed as she looked at Belgreid "i will not help you myself i can not leave this castle but i can offer aid to you, once you are within there forces pray to me and i will hear yo....."she was cut off as her son formed in the middle of the hall screaming for his mother. as she looked foreword it was the air that cracked and there was.....what, she blinked “i killed you, you are dead” this was just another thing the same as drax it was far from real, reality was trying to play games on her, maybe this was caliga trying to do more damage then needed, but he was not real, he died, she felt him die.....”no, she brought you back” she said as she stood up, no, this could not be how it would go, that is why she came to this world that is why the air was gold that is why the sky was still holding a dark hue, that was why she was here at all “you are the reason a god walked the earth to do what is never to be done, bring a person back from the dead, you are meant to be dead, who in the right mind did something so foolish to bring back the dead” she snarled as she looked at him her red eyes bright and a blaze the flames in the castle getting brighter “everyone needs to leave NOW” she moved her fingers as the castle doors flung open and she pointed to the doors “everyone leave, everyone but my son, all matters can be handled after pressing matters have arised, feel free to go to the dinning hall for a meal and rest till this matter is dwelt with ” she snarled as her eyes did not leave jeffs face. She wanted to know why, she needed to know why, he was dead, after six trys she at last killed him and now he was back here, standing, right there, looking at her and screaming for her.

Grandpa ChaosToday at 6:36 PM
Belgreid, smiling with the look of pure mischief and curiosity, recognizes the word Jeff said in draconic tongue, and smiles even more. “An intriguing development. Has Prince Jeff returned?” The ancient almost dances for glee. Never in his life did he believe the dead could come back as anything other than husks, shells of their former selves, and yet here was a man who did indeed come back as something the dragon almost seems to fear. The old man steps into the shadows of the throne room, wanting to see how things are played out. Maybe if the poor mortal lives through this, Belgreid will get the chance to ask how he came back, and if it can be replicated. To see his wife or daughter alive again after all this time, it would have made these centuries worth it in an instant.


A small snip it at the Castle walls

Seven ThundercloudLast Friday at 8:28 PM
Seven had left the village in the jungle four days ago and decided to venture out into the world in order to sate his curiosity about everything including the lost civilization that his parents died trying to find. He was five foot six and weighed in at one hundred and fifty pounds he was wearing a set of studded armor with a light black cloak on his shoulders and the hood pulled up to cover his face and ears. He had his tail wrapped around his waist right below his tail hung a kopesh with a serrated blade and right above that rested a dagger and on his left side rested another dagger and a bag of holding which carried the rest of his supplies including his gold. He finally finished the travel to iron arriving at the large gate just to see what looked like a golden dragon flying off into the distance. "Interesting was all he thought as he stood there before backing up some to yell up to whoever was standing at top. "Hey can someone open the gate please so I can go on in?" He asked before looking back at the gate while he rested on the bridge slightly squatted down figuring it was safer to ask for safe passage inside than to just waltz right on in.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 8:34 PM
The guards looked at the man up and down. "Castle Is closed. Please make your way into town. You'll be allowed access later." They stood aside, staring at the animal. "Enjoy the city. Avoid the markets. There was just a scuffle. The guards are cleaning up a bunch of bodies from the brothel and market square. Welcome to the Iron."

Seven ThundercloudLast Friday at 9:16 PM
Seven nodded and went straight to the market following the signs, being told to avoid something only made him more curious as to what so he wanted to find out exactly what it was. He followed the twist and turns while keeping his hand resting on one of the daggers if he needed it for whatever reason. He listened to his surrounding his ears twitching in various directions at the subtle sounds as he made his way deeper into town and closer to the markets. "Such a wierd town and exciting . I wonder what happened in the markets." He thought as the smell of spilt blood assaulted his nostrils as he got closer to the market before coming out right in front of the tavern.

Back at the Castle

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
Jeff smiled at his mother, noticing her anger. Her fear. He waited until every one left and began to speak. "You know, mother. I was happy. I died knowing that you didn't give a shit. That was all I wanted to know. Apparently, Caliga wants me alive. And you daughter, my sister Ana, wished for it. From the goat god. Caliga did the rest. You kill me, chances are someone else will just bring me back. I'm not just some pawn anymore. Apparently they need me or something. I could care less. I have aquired knowledge beyond that of our dimensional plane. For instance. Do you know what an iPhone is? I do. Because Ulon is filled with souls. Every soul has a story. I listened to every soul around me. And now I'm home." He walked passed Anaya and grabbed her flagon of wine, pouring two glasses. He gripped one of the goblets and swirled the wine around, taking a sip after breathing in the scent of the rich wine. "It's been far too long since I've had wine. Gods that is good." He sighed. "You were jealous of me, every time I did something to make you look cruel. I never understood why. I just wanted to make you proud, and I did once. You haven't changed. Almost all of my siblings are dead, because of you. And now your old mate tries to court your daughter. You're losing your shit mother."

Anaya took the other glass as he bragged and walked forward talking as he always did. She sat down on her throne and looked at him “no, i never was jealous of you you just thought i was for you paint me the monster more times then you see the reason behind it, so when enough painting the image becomes reality, you made me the monster of your life and so i became it and my mate got the gold that i gave him and shoved you off to that worthless human ran shit stain of a town down in Firedor and when you looked up at that window and asked, oh mother please i am lost and do not have a place to go please help me, i happily ignored it and let you starve” she let out a breath as she took a drink of her wine. She could sense his power and it was far from anything worth caring about or even worrying to do with a threat, he was nothing and all he had was pride. “so why did you come back here, did you wish to go back to the place you belong? Were you should have never left from, the balance is not kept now that the dead walk this world, you are just a undead with a beating heart to me. And this is not your home, it was, it was once upon a time, but now it is just a location, you hold no home, the dead don't get to walk the land of the living. This home is only home to myself, Noki, Xai, Samuel and Ana when she so makes the choice to come back, and i have known for Sams little puppy crush on the girl since day one, he is a dragon, i don't care who he gets in his harum, the only reason he exists is so i can make a true heir and i did”

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/06/2019
Within the matter of seconds, it seemed as if the female had turned invisible in the chamber as those around her seem to speak despite the fact she was standing there before the Queen. She hissed slightly as the male whom followed her moved and spoke, she seen the action as rude as she shook her head. Then something happens, everyone’s temper seems to change quickly she sighed as she took a step back nearly bumping into the male whom appeared next to her. She blinked a couple times her green gaze locked on the male, wondering who the male was right up to the point Anaya and ordered everyone to leave. She felt the rage fill her as she stood there half tempted to scream at the people there, yet she decided against it. Hearing some of the outburst from Jeff she figured who it was; though of course she didn’t really know she only guessed. Yet, she wanted to explore and look for her father. Suy quietly backed away as the Prince spoke to his mother as she slipped away to explore the castle. The woman knew she was able to go the dining hall after Anaya had said it but that not where she wanted to go; a gut feeling told her she needed to go up. The creature slowly left the throne room as she over heard the voices as she left, asking her way towards the stairs.

Grandpa Chaos01/06/2019
Belgreid decided the rage of the dragon was a bit much for him to stay close, so in an interest of knowledge and curiosity he follows the woman who entered with him towards the stairs, and for the first time he saw her speaks to her directly. “And who might you be, draconic decendant? I can feel the aura around you, and saw you begin to change at the gates. What are you in this castle for?” The ancient keeps that near-constant smile on his face as he follows her around, almost like a lost puppy.

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
"What would father say if he saw you like this? Seeing visions killing your children. I came back to see you. To look at you. To hope-...that you would have changed. But nothing about you has changed. I am nothing to this world, I know. But Father would have said different. King Drax would be disgusted with you. You kill your children because of what they did to him! You think we weren't hurting? You went crazy. You killed so many innocent people. You used to be such a kind ruler. Now you are a shell. Father's soul is somewhere out there. I've always felt him in the air after my death. He would hate you. And you hate yourself because you know this. That's why you wanted me dead. I reminded you to damn much of him. He trained me to be king. He trained me to fight. And you trained me to dance and charm women. I am not your blood but I am and always will be your child. I love you mother. Even after everything because you made me the man I am today. You've taught me every thing I know. I'm sorry if I hurt you." His words were true, his voice was silken. He took another sip and sighed. "I just want to help you. That's all I've ever wanted. I just wish you would once again accept me. I don't want to be toyed with by Caliga. She wants you dead."

Anaya looked at him, her red eyes turning black as he talked about drax, he did not know anything, he did not know how he died, Drax died when he was gone off doing god knows what, he was just talking out his ass, at least in her ears he was. The cup in her hand started to crunch but she was not closing her hands, it was like the air was losing oxygen and ti was getting harder for people to breath “you don't get to talk about him” her voice sounded calm but her eyes told a different story “you don't get to talk about Drax, you were not around when he died, you were out on your battles and conquests or something else just as pointless, killing some family or something that wronged you or some starving ingrate family, to help the needy as we ran a castle without you, happily, you do not get to speak about him or what happened to him he is gone and his memory will rest the same way in peace like it sould” she looked at Jeff as she let out a breath contemplating her next actions and trying to keep herself from just snapping “now, i do not need your help, i do not need my son who i killed back in my life, i killed you for a reason and really i should place you back in the ground were you belong, to rest, and be at peace. Why Jeff why should i not do that right now. and no she does not want me dead she wants me on even playing ground with her, just like my father wants me to take up my place she wants the same, and really the thought has been tempting”

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
"Mother. I came back to speak to you because from my time in Ulon, I learned about your troubles. I don't care what you feel for me. I am sorrt you've always saw me as an enemy." He noticed it was getting harder to breathe and he nodded to her. "I'll leave you now. I just wanted to see you. You made me. I am your son, and I died trying to prove myself to you. I'm sorry I ever got in your way." He finished his wine, holding his breath. He then turned and started walking away. "I never did understand why you never did become a God. You always tell everyone you are. You know how many souls have told me that they were killed by the Albino God, Anaya? It's fitting." He smiled, and shook his head, his back turned to her as he began to walk away. "I'll be in my old room."

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/06/2019
The moment she made it to the staircase the woman stopped hearing footsteps coming up from behind her caused her to turn around only to see the older male follow her. She gave a confused look to the male whom seem just to be following her around right up to the point he finally spoke to her. She chuckled when he assumed she was Draconin; Suryaya would shake her head her long onyx hair swayed along her back as she turned around. “You are picking up on what most do not see then.” She muttered out as she started up the stairs slowly as if figuring Belgreid would follow her as he has done for a while now. “as for changing no one wants that.” She shook her head. Suy wasn’t normal in her eyes nor did she know anyone else like her other then her father which she searched for. Her only clue was he was somewhere in this castle. She took a few more steps before he had asked why she was there. “My family.” It was the only answer she would give the male for why she was there. She wasn’t ready for anyone to know who she was. How would she tell people of this castle she the long lost family member, that she was a DeLaRose; it was very apparent by the way the guard at the gates no one knew who she was.

Grandpa Chaos01/06/2019
The old man continued to follow the woman up the stairs, not really having much else to do and much prefering to stay far from Anaya at this point in time. He trodes along, not quite next to her, but not quite behind her either. “Family huh? So what, parents work in the castle? Or a sibling? I’m new here myself. Well, actually I’ve been to the castle quite a few times over the past few hundred years, but usually I sneak around looking for knowledge. Been trying for a couple days now to get into the queen’s secret stash......” Belgreid contemplates things for a moment. “Anaya isn’t your family, is she? Surely you can’t think she would know who your family is just by you saying their names. That beast probably couldn’t care less about anyone else under her care or service. Dragons are lonely and selfish by nature, but then how are humans any different in that manner? A human would betray another quite easily, don’t you think, for nothing more than some gold.” The ancient smiles to himself, talking more to pass the silence away as he simply walks with the beautiful woman.

His last words hit that nerve, they hit the nerve that made her nod “you are right, this castle and all that are in it go to Noki Niviria Rose Denure, everything here belongs to Samuel and our daughter” Anaya got up within a blink she was before Jeff, her arms around him as he walked and ran right into her chest as her arms embraced him “i wont feel pain anymore, i wont cry into the night and wish i would never see him anymore, he has been telling me to let go and come be with him, and that is what Caliga wants anyway, i have some paper work to do before i leave, just to be sure all the castle grounds go into the right hands but after that, i am going to do just that, then i wont have to deal with this world anymore and i can do my job. No more pearls, no more Drax haunting me, no more beatings on the walls from the dead and worldly things, no more feeling guilt or mortal emotions of rage and hate, no more going crazy and most of all, no more human form or being scared of the rain and stuck in this stone cage” she smiled and could not help but laugh slightly. She moved and kissed Jeff on the forehead her body warm and loveing and then within a instant as her lips left his skin she was gone, it just look like she vanished away, in reality she had flash stepped to her office to go over the papers but if anything it just looked like she vanished to places unknown.

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/06/2019
The exact moment he had spoke against Anaya stopped the woman. Even though Suy didn’t know her aunt she wasn’t about to allow the insults. “You have no clue what you speak of.” She hissed out as she turned to face Belgreid her eyes flashed colors as her right hand seem to change to a metallic like tint to her arm. Her fingers seem to blend together as if forming a blade from them as she looked at the male, her gaze shifting to a colorless shade before letting a growl out. “You... you do know her.” She hissed out once more even though she didn’t know her. She shook her head turned back around and walked up the stairs to the top floor her right arm returning to its ‘humanish’ appearance once she calmed down enough. Once on the top floor she would head off towards the east side poking her head into rooms she could open the door to.

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
He froze as he felt Anaya hold him and kiss his forhead as he listened to every single one of her words. She agreed with him, and he apparently gave her some sort of epiphany. He didn't see that coming. He relaxed in her embrace, only to have her vanish in a split second. He blinked a few times, and smiled, feeling somewhat at peace. Jeff then walked over to her throne and sat down without a care in the world, not giving a single damn. "Huh. It's just a chair. So many have died over this chair. Was it all worth it? Was it worth death?" He sighed and adjusted in the seat. "It isn't even comfortable." He muttered, and looked at his hands. "This makes no sense to me. Why, Caliga? You couldn't just let me be." He raised a brow and looked at the guards, who froze, seeing the once forgotten prince return. He technically was a royal, and this they had to serve him. "I need a bloody cigarette." He muttered, having just about enough of this messed up day. Standing from the throne, he sighed, looking around, out the window to the garden . In the middle of the garden layed his tombstone. Jeff felt a chill and his eyes fell to the floor. "Maybe I have a chance to make this right. Maybe I can have a purpose again."

one of the guards came over to him, as it looked at him puzzled "no sir, we dont have whatever that is, and why are you in the queens throne, what did just happen anyway?" he questioned having no idea who this man even was.

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
"I am the Queen's son. Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose. High Prince. I am going to be staying here now. You have any questions, you ask Anaya or you go read a book." He looked around and moved passed the guard, crossing his arms. "I am finally home. I've just been gone a while, and the queen didn't expect to see me."

Grandpa Chaos01/06/2019
Belgreid’s eyes take a dark look as Suy explains how he does not know the dragon that killed his family and ruined his life. He looks down as her arm changes to the blade and simply chuckles, that tone of ‘are you kidding’ emanating from it as she turns back around and continued on her way. “It’s you who don’t know her, youngling. That woman.... that beast.... she killed my family. If I wish to talk bad of her I may do so how I wish. Have you lost family to that monster? Of course not, if you had, you wouldn’t be defending her. Or perhaps you’ve forgiven her? Or perhaps you saw the death of the ones you love as a blessing? The world can be a cruel place where that does indeed happen, and I would not presume to know how your life has gone from thine birth, but do not assume that because you have just met someone who you hold in high regard that she is who you believe her to be. That form is a fake, those emotions aren’t real. Except that seething anger, perhaps. You claim to look for family, but if your family was in here why do you not simply ask one of the guards strewn about the castle where this person is? Or a maid even. Maids know a lot more than they let on.” Belgreid’s tone and eyes change back to their normal stance as he gets off track with his words. He is not the type that is easily distracted, but every so often even he does trail off one tangents when one hits him. It is a natural thing for scholars.

the guard blinked a couple of times as it looked at him, he did not know how to read, but he would not do as this one told him to do anyway, he did not know of a prince lost to time so he just moved back to his post on the wall standing guard as normal. "queen only had one son, Ryu something and he died, sad day that was" the guard muttered to himself
"missed alot i guess"

Jace was confused as he sat there watching everything happen. He stood up and slowly stepped closer, watching the strange man. He never stepped from behind d Anaya, though he could still be seen. He sniffed at the man and took another single step forward. "Jace is confused now." He tugged at Anaya's dress, "Jeff is Queen's? " He whispered, "Jace is friends with him too?" His lips curled up at the thought of more friends. "Can Jace go play? I wont go far." He gave a pleading face and fluttered his eyes, "And I promise to try and behave"

Seven Thundercloud01/07/2019
Rarik read the sign and left deciding to head to the castle and meet up with Belgreid and to kill time till the blacksmith's shop opened up so he can speak with Morise and buy some essentials before going to take down the black sun. "Well seeing that the shop is closed ill return later. " he thought as he walked down the bath following the signs leading to Iron Castle. after a while of walking he finally made it to the castle before looking to the guard as he lifted the dragon pendent off his neck and showed it to the guard. "I am a follower of Anaya and i am here to see the queen and to meet up with someone regarding taking out the black sun." he said to the guard before placing the necklace back around his neck.

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
Jeff simply shook his head, walking passed everyone around until he moved around the corner and up the stairs. He raisied a brow as he looked at the woman with familiar facial features. Crossing his arms, as he watched her fiddle with the door to Isis's old room. He remembered it clearly. Him and his aunt, sharing drinks, and stories of the like. They were great companions and close family, and then one day, without explanation, his aunt was dead, and her death was swept under the rug. He studied the female with a flare, his voice ringing out. "Isis DeLaRose is dead, and you have her face. You aren't her." He smiled. "If you were, then who am I?"

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/07/2019
Suryay didn’t even stop to listen to the man next to her as he ranted about Anaya killing his family. From what her mother had told her that was normal for the dragon. Suy even remembered when her mother would tell her that Anaya would come back telling Isis that she had killed their brothers, their sisters, the people in the castle with a grin on her face; it was just who the Queen was let alone that who the family was back then. The girl just started twisting doorknobs of the upper floor rooms trying to get in to the rooms.” Fuck” She hissed out when the knob would twist but wouldn’t open the door, due to it being locked. She grumbled as she moved down the hall to the next door, her hand reached out to take the brass knob before twisting it; she could hear the click sound as the door popped open. She chuckled to herself as she pushed the door open before looking at the room from the doorway. Her green eyes would scan over the room, taking note of the large four poster bed that seem to have cobwebs hanging with the what use to be baby blue drapes that hung in their place, the mini bar off in the corner. The blood-soaked towel under the bed still gave off the stench of what was dried to it. She was about to enter the chamber when it hit her; on the wall on the right hung a large portrait of her mother and father. Hearing a voice to her left she turned her head. “She is not dead.” She hissed out knowing the truth about her mother. She turned to face the stranger looking at him, taking in the white hair the bright blue eyes and the mask. She smirked “Your Jeff!” she chuckled out no longer feeling that rage from a little bit beforehand.

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
"I am! And you are the offspring off my aunt." He turned to the old man. "Could you please give us a moment. I'd love to sit down and talk to you in a few moments after I reconnect with my cousin." He knew right away. "I will be happy to share my knowledge of whatever you wish when I am done here." He then turned and embraced her, even though he had not met her. "I'm glad to see her bloodline survived." He brushed a bit of hair from her face. "Let me have a look at you!" He smiled happily, inspecting her expression. "You look just like her. I missed your mother." He then let go of her cheeks gently and backed away a step. "I'm so glad you've come home. I am your cousin Jeff. Did they teach you about me from the history books?"

Grandpa Chaos01/07/2019
Belgreid rolls his eyes and went back downstairs, turning on his aura of stone so no one will notice him as he walks back to the gate and sees Rarik there. Turning off his aura, Belgreid walks up to the gate guards with an air of important about him and in his voice. “What are you doing? Let that man in this instant, the queen wishes to see him.”

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
The guards looked at the old man and glared. "We don't take orders from you, ya old fuck!" Yet, he still pulled open the door, having tortured the poor being outside for long enough. He smirked and looked back to the old man. "There. Now fuck off! The other guard nodded as they both stood at attention at the open door, greeting Rarik. "Welcome. The queen is busy. Wait in the throne room. "

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/07/2019
The woman stood there for a moment the questions mauled over her mind as she watched the old man on her side then her gaze switched back to Jeff as he spoke about her. “How…” she word came out when Jeff had put it together that she was the child of Isis not Isis herself. “Umm” she moved her hand from the doorknob to her necklace once again playing with the wedding ban. “I’m Suraya Nevaria DeLaRose” she for once gave her full name. Her gaze moved as the male seem to wonder back downstairs. “Named after Anaya herself.” The woman rambled finally happy that someone realize who she was at least. She had figured that she was going to get mistaken for her mother and was sure that was the reason why Isis had given her wedding ring to her. Su was confused when he hugged her. “Her bloodline very much survived.” It was all she said about her younger sister seeing she wasn’t sure how much everyone knew. When Jeff brushed a bit of her hair from her face she looked at him pulling away just a small bit confused on the whole matter. “every says so.” She nodded allowing her black hair to move back into place. “She misses you.” She was sure the misses would state that her mother wasn’t dead even though at this point in time she was sure that everyone believed it seeing the state the room she had opened was in. The woman wasn’t sure how much information to let on seeing all she knew was what she has been taught by her mother, which was facts on the family line and the pure fact even her mother fled from the castle do to the dragon. She didn’t know that her aunt had made everyone believe that Isis was dead, nor that her mother made it seem so. “It’s…” she paused trying to find the right words. “Do you know where my father is?” she didn’t state it was Vain she assumed Jeff would know.

Grandpa Chaos01/07/2019
Belgreid glares at the guard. “How dare you. I happen to be Queen Anaya’s newest adviser. Any insult to me is an insult to her. Of course, if you want to walk through those doors and insult the holy dragon herself don’t let me stop you. I’m sure you’ll make nice wolf dung the next morning when we feed what’s left of you to the pet direwolves she keeps in the basement. So, if you enjoy being dog shit, go ahead and say that again.” The ancient goes over to Rarik and leads him inside the castle, glancing back at the guard who told him to shove off before they go inside.

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
"Check the broom closets. Last time I saw that sword, he was placed in there. Near the kitchen down stairs. Probably rusted to fuck now." He raised a brow to her. "Why you looking for him? It's been a century and a half since I've seen him. Even longer. I'm not sure if they moved him. He was Anaya's weapon before she killed your mother with those bathroom drapes."

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/07/2019
Su would shift her weight from the left to the right as she listened to Jeff as he spoke of a sword. She blinked confused not knowing her father had shifted into a sword state and remained that way. She sighed softly before nodding “Alright” she would have to go down to the kitchens to check there but only after she searched her mothers’ room first. “He’s my father.” She looked down. Suryaya wasn’t going to admit she had so called daddy issues stemmed from the abandonment Her eyes widen when the male spoke of Anaya killing her mother which was never told to her. “Hmm?” she shook her head. “Your wrong” she could feel something swirl inside of her once. She took a few more steps away from the male before going into the room and looking over the dust trying to figure out what she would need. She moved about the room more opening drawers of the dresser yet closed them. Her gaze landed on a small dragon figurine on the top as she picked it up and held on to it only to turn around and face the bed the baby blue drapes sent shivers down her spin. “Drapes?” she glanced back to Jeff whom she assumed would have entered the room with her.

Seven Thundercloud01/07/2019
Rarik followed belgreid chuckling at the ancients lie. " I think your demonness had rubbed off on you a little bit nice lie there Belgreid." He whispered to him as he followed him up the walkway into the castle. "Just so you know I'm here to help with the black Sun, any other quest you might have planned I'll think about." He said to the ancient in a matter of fact voice.

Grandpa Chaos01/07/2019
The old man chuckles as Rarik mentions Belgreid’s personal demon. “Well, to be honest with you Galadon isn’t much a demon. She’s a spirit in all right and purposes, she just happens to be a slightly chaotic one. She was bound by a seal long ago deep inside the caves of Mt. Naruga for causing mass chaos fourteen thousand years ago. In all honestly she says it was meant to be a practical joke, but with her they can sometimes get out of hand. And don’t worry, with the way things are looking I might not need that extra quest.” The ancient grins as they walk through the door and Belgreid shows Rarik the way up the stairs. They run into Jeff on the way around and Belgreid stops. “Ah, now who are you again? One of Anaya’s children you said, correct?”

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
"Anaya went nuts a while back. Killed your mother with drapes. Killed me using sellswords and coin. Killed a few of her children. Your mother died on the floor, and then Anaya wrote it in a book that she and I died in the same fire even though we both died years apart and the fire never happened." He crossed his arms, leaning against the wall, watching her intently. "You are playing a dangerous game, coming here with your mother's face. If Anaya didn't know better, she'd kill you in a heart beat." Jeff moved over to the window in her room, looking out of it, crossing his arms behind his back. "When your mother and I were preparing for my sister, Amaya's funeral, we drank some Dragonfire and got completely drunk. She made me feel like my problems were gone. I loved her dearly. I'm glad to hear she misses me. I guess if I'm back, she could very well be alive to." He smiled and turned his head back to look at his cousin. "So where is she hiding? Firedor? Clemdorth? Ingoros? Knowing her, she is as far away as possible." He smiled, trying to place his aunt. His eyes moved over to the dusty mini bar, and went behind the counter. "Your mother loved her drink. Just like I loved my blood." He picked up a bottle of sealed red liquor and two small glasses. Using a bit of cloth from his cloak, Jeff began cleaning out the inside of the shot cups and then cracked open the glass bottle. Pouring two shots, he motioned her over to him and gripped one of the glasses. "If you really are your mother's child, take a drink with me." He raised the glass to her, as if to cheers, and smiled. "To family." He then turned to the doorway to see Rarik and Belgried. "Aye. One of her mistakes. Thought long dead. Now I'm back. Surprise, surprise." He then took the shot, lowering his mask, then gave a small grimice, then lifted his mask back up. "Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose. High Prince of the iron. At your service."

Seven Thundercloud01/07/2019
Rarik looked at him and smiled. "Pour me a shot will you. " he said before stepping around Belgreid and looked over at him. "Well that was an interesting story you told me hopefully one day you can tall me the long version." He said to Belgreid before sitting down on the bed. "Nice to meet you Jeff, My name is Rarik Wolfthorne. And you are lass?" He said to the woman who was standing next to jeff. " I can say with ease today was a day I need a stiff drink." He said with a laugh before propping up against the bed post.

A guard watched from a far, the whole ordeal and this man, was saying he was advisor to Anaya, um what, the guard pondered as he walked over across the hall way into the bedroom to be around and beside the others “um sir to make allegations against the crown and say a rank you don't have is against the laws, you are falsifying information witch is wrong of such a knowledge seeker you claim you are to be doing such a thing ” the guards one hand went to his hip and the hilt of his weapon as he looked to the man “and if i remember it was you that was tossed out of the castle due to your foolish actions of wanting to get into the hidden files under the castle. Why would a queen who kicked you out take you as her advisor” the guards would see the whole thing in the halls, they saw when the man got kicked out they saw the fit, guards watched everything it was there job. The guard stood his hand on his weapon looking at the so called knowledge seeker.
"and we dont have dire wolves under the castle were do you get your knowledge from"

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/07/2019
Suryaya’s emerald hues lowered down to the small white dragon figurine in her hand as she listened to the male as he explained how the great gold dragon killed both him and her mother. She nodded as if she knew what he spoke about before glancing up to him with the dragon still in her hand running her fingers over its wings. “It is not my fault I look like mother and have a temper as father.” She blinked a few times before sighing. “She told me.” She would watch him move to the window as she took a deep breath and moved to the dust covered bed before sitting down upon it. “She would tell me of so much to the point I wished I grew up here.” Her gaze lowered as felt depressed from remembering the stories. “She never left.” She didn’t want to say to much on how Isis had jumped out of the body when Anaya strangled her and fled to Ingoros only to take it over. “She well I can tell you that.” Her eyes moved once more to the male when he stated how much Isis loved to drink. She watched him as he cleaned the glasses that had been on the mini bar.
Suy nodded as she stood back up and walked over closing the space between the two taking hold of the shot with her left hand. She brought the shot to level with her face before raising it farther. “To Family” she spoke out before her eyes moved back towards the door hearing footsteps grow closer as she took the shot. She grimaced at the taste of the red liquor nearly shuttering at it. By time she had replaced the glass on the bar top she had noticed there was another with Belgried this time. She blinked as she still held on to the dragon figure in with her right hand hearing another voice. “Hmm” she hummed out looking to Rarik as he moved into the room which use to be her mothers and sat down on the bed. Her eyes widen as she looked about the room the large portraits of her mother whom she looked exactly like behind her. “Umm” she didn’t know how to answer the male; she wasn’t ready for anyone to really know who she was other then Jeff. “I’m no one.” She hissed out .

Jace's ears caught wind of the commotion happening, bringing a large smile. A chance to play, and the other guards were going! He took off to the door with the others. He wiggled his way to the front and suddenly yelled, "Oh, you are back Mr.Voice!" He looked at the guards stopping him, "What did you do? They look awfully angry." His eyes shifted but his hood fell to hide their colors. "Is Mr.Voice misbehaving again?" His armor stressed as his body tensed, "Mr.Voice came to play with Jace, yes?" He began scurrying around the old man erratically. "We can play tag?" He stood at his side, hunched down and picking at a tooth, "Jace promise no biteies" the silverling flashed a smile, waiting patiently.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
Belgreid, slightly overloaded with both the angry guard and the hyperactive Jace, blinks a couple times in surprise. I can always get you out here. It’ll only take a second to them for me to gain control if you let me. Galadon laughs almost gleefully at the chance to cause some chaos after so long of going without Belgreid sighs and shaked his head in response to the spirit inside of him. He turns to Jace with a smile and says calmly, “No I’m sorry, Jace, no tag. I’m too old to play tag, I’m afraid. We can play something else another day, alright? I promise.” The old man then turns to the guard, a bit of sorrow and guiltiness present in his eyes. “You are right, I’m not the queen’s adviser. I’m actually going to be helping this young man here named Rarik with an extermination quest for monsters. I’m not much of a fighter, more of the strategist of our little party, so I thought it prudent to come and ask the prince here what would be the best course of action, or if possible the queen herself. I’m sorry for lying at the gates, I was only trying to help my friend get in a bit quicker so we could grt started. I’d been waiting for a while by myself inside the castle for him to arrive, and I overstepped my bounds in my impatience. There was no harm done, so there’s no need for weapons, right?” Belgreid smiles lightly at the guard, his eyes keeping the same look as before.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Jeff watched as men flooded his aunt's old room in moments. Rarik, Belgried, Jace, and now a guard. Jeff gritted his teeth and looked to a guard. "You leave that old man alone right now! Have you no shame?! Have you not heard of respecting your elders! The man just started working today! He isn't the Queen's advisor, he is my Maester! Our new one skilled in Medical knowledge! The man must have been confused on his job title. He is rather up there in years, yes? The next time you try to push around an old man, try to push me around! You are to treat this man as staff. If you have any questions about it! Ask the queen. I am hiring him. Do not put your hands on this man again!" Jeff's voice was stern, like that of a king. This same guard, whom minutes ago, watched Jeff and the Queen scream at one another, backed away. "I'm sorry sir! I- ..I didn't know. So many new things are happening." The guard backed to the doorway, while Jeff stared him down, his hues lot leaving him until he bowed before all of them. "I didn't know. Forgive me. Enjoy your wine!" The guard bowed, turned and left, while Jeff pulled out more shot glasses and put a hand on his cousin's shoulder. "Easy, cousin. The more people around you, the more help you have with your goal." He knew she didn't want anyone to know who she was, but that seemed almost impossible in therory. Turning to Rarik and Belgried. "Old man, you are lucky I look like I'd kill you for a chocolate bar, otherwise, the guard might not have left." Jeff then looked to Jace, raising a brow at his hyperactive nature. "Adorable." Was all he said with a smile. Once he finished cleaning out 3 additional glasses, he poured 5 drinks, refilling both his and Suy's glasses. "Come to drink with us?"

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
Rarik walked up to the woman. " your not a no one dear, your someone and I know if your mom heard thst she would be upset. I'm not one to spill beans I have a few secrets myself." He said before reaching for a shot glass. " and he is right we are going to exterminate monsters albeit these monsters are human they killed kids and a man's lover damaged my eyes, thank the golden Dragon for healing my left eye I had to rip my right eye out the bastard stuck a dagger in it. " he said before going quiet and his voice shifted to a darker more gravily tone as his one eye brightened to a different color red. " yea the bastard damaged my host and I want to see the vengeance this young elf has come to fruition." The demon said before dropping reins back to Rarik who sat there with a confused look at the missing time yet again.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
Belgreid bows elegantly to Jeff as he owes him his freedom from a prison for a couple hours. “Thank you, your highness. I would be most delighted to be your medical specialist, however your mother would be far better at it than I. My only medical expertise is in alchemy. I hold no sway over the healing arts of magic. A good potion tends to do just as well any spell, I find. As thanks for saving me, I’ll be more than happy to do you a favor, Jeff Delarose. My name is Belgreid Lovastka, by the way. Never did introduce myself.” The ancient smiles kindly to Jeff, truly thankful that he was here, as he grabs the shotglass with the wine and holds it up for a toast. “Shall we say to new friends and adventures? A new age is dawning, I think.”

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
Belgreid raises an eyebrow to Rarik’s changed speech, and then raises the other in mention to a chocolate bar. “Did you say... chocolate bar? Never seen chocolate in bar form. Interesting idea, however. I’ll have to go over it. Also Rarik, try to keep your little friend out of our conversations. It’s bad enough I have my own demon inside my head, we don’t need yours exposed to annoy the rest of us.”


Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Jeff smirked and looked at the lot of them. "Mr. Rarik." He said, shooting a look to him. "The man who took your eyes is most likely apart of a crazed cult. The black Sun? Does that sound right? . Now that I am home, my plan is to gain access to my personal army, maybe 20,000 men or so. Hopefully. And if that happens, my first action is to wipe them out." Then, he smirked at his tone shift. "Two different demons in two different men. Gods, times have changed. I used to have a demon in me. My order and balance. My brother, Jaurl. Tried to kill me, so I had to kill him." He turned to Belgried. "Thank you for offering a favor, but all I want is the get my bearings. I do believe I am the only soul to leave Ulon, and that is Jarring as hell." Taking the shot in his hands, he raised his glass. "To the demons, keeping us sleeping with one eye open!" Then he pulled his mask down, and slid the shot down his throat, twitched his eye and slipped the mask back up in one motion. "Chocolate bars. Yes. Quite delicious." He smiled, looking at Suy. "Not to be rude, but you gentlemen happened to interrupt my reunion with family. And as much as I'd love to shoot the breeze with you lot, I'd much rather just speak to my cousin. "

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
Rarik took the shot and nodded. " aye the black sun." He said completely oblivious about the demon in him before setting the shot glass back down then looked toward belgreid with a confused look. "Demon what demon I have no demon in me." He said calmly and completely confused by the matter. "Nice meeting you Jeff enjoy your family reunion." He said over his shoulder as he walked out the room heading toward the throne room to await there pondering over belgreid's comment about keeping his demon in check.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
The ancient bows to Jeff and Suy before following Rarik out. “You and I need to talk it seems, Mr. Rarik. How about we go somewhere a bit more peaceful? Say the garden?” The old man skips ahead of Rarik and leads the way out of the front doors and through the grounds to one of the innerwall gardens. The old man smiles and lays down on the soft grass where flowers surround the area and sighs in bliss.

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
Rarik followed him to the gardens still deep in thought before climbing up into a tree and rested up in before looking at Belgreid, "speak about what?" He said as he leaned right up against the branch of the tree he was sitting on relaxing enjoying the peaceful feeling in the gardens.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
The ancient closes his eyes and soaks in the sounds of the world around him. Every bird chirpping, every bee buzzing, every beetle clicking. Belgreid has always had a facination with the world around him. “You have a demon inside of you, Rarik. I don’t know if it is good or evil, but it is nonetheless there, and you seem to have absolutely no knowledge of it, which is hardly possible. It’s not like a demon to keep quiet.” Yeah, they tend to be real assholes about making sure you know they’re there. Galadon is doing a little dance inside of Belgreid’s mind, trying to distract him from the dumb nature around them.

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
He looked at him before jumping down from the tree and sat next to him. "It was probably when I was in the mage's guild they brought me to the basement eith a promise of making me stronger which they did the next thing I know is I am knocked unconscious and waking up a few hours later in the forest and the tower where I was at was turned to rubble. I remember hearing this voice one time saying something like your welcome then nothing. When I looked in a mirror I saw that my appearance has changed. So I went to another tower in the nearby village and I saw what they were doing to another but I did not think they did it to me. But if you say there is a demon then they did. They merged him into my soul basically by what I have seen yet I have no clue How to speak to him nor who he is." He said rubbing his temples finally understanding the moments of time that have been missing.

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/08/2019
Suryaya seem to glare as more and more people entered her mothers’ room; she didn’t understand why it seemed everyone felt as if they had a right within the bed chamber covered in dust and cobwebs. She felt that rage start to build up much as it had done at the front gates with the guard. A low growl seems to admit from her throat just as Belgreid and Rarik seem to speak more to Jeff and then to themselves. If it wasn’t for Jeff outburst to a guard she was pretty she would have gone off on everyone who had entered the room. Her dark green gaze lingered on the guard as he seemed to stumble out of the room back to his position. Her eyes widen as Jeff seem to place a hand on her shoulder which snapped her back, the woman would shake her head tossing her long onyx hair about before nodding to the male just as he moved once more to clean a few more glasses. “If you say.” She muttered out under her breath. Suy watched as he refilled the two original glasses before watching the others once more, studying them trying to figure out their purpose of being there. She nearly took a step back once Rarik had closed the distance between herself and him as he spoke to her. “Truth is I am no one it seems.” She glanced to her cousin. “No one knows who I am thus I am no one” her words may have confused some of them, but she didn’t care on that, it was the truth. Only person that knew exactly who she was there was Jeff at this point and she wasn’t sure she wanted anyone else to know while she looked for her father. She stood there watching the three speak confused at what they were talking but that didn’t matter to her much she was at the castle for one purpose at this moment and she was going to see she didn’t get distracted from her goal.
Su had tuned the group out once more thinking as she held onto the glass of wine with one hand and the small dragon statue in the other. Her gaze lowered to it as she studied it she didn’t even hear Jeff ask the two men two leave the room. When she glanced back up finally coming out of the little daydream state she realizes that both Rarik and Belgreid was gone. She blinked confused as she looked around the room before taking the shot of wine and placing the glass on the bar top once more. The woman would glance to Jeff as she moved across the bed chambers as she went to the nightstand picking up a small picture of her parents, which seemed to be a wedding type photograph as she would place the dragon down only long enough to take out her small knapsack and slide both the picture and the dragon into it. She would glance back to Jeff once again. “are you sure he’s down in the kitchen area?” she would ask she was determent to find her father.

Roxy walked quickly to the castle, hiding in every alley she could find and every shadow. She kept her head down and face hidden at all times. Once she saw the castle gates, she approached them. She began to look around. 'Were's the old man?... He said he was going to be here waiting,' she thought. She crossed her arms and shook her head. "Why'd that damn elf leave me behind?" She muttered under her breath. Roxy spotted a large rock and went to sit on it, waiting for the old man. Maybe he was doing something important and would be there any minute.

In her office she sat down at the table looking at the clean work space and opening that drawer that was locked for good reason. She pulled out a paper flyhalf finished, she had been planning this for sometime but now it just seemed like the right time. “drax I guess it is time at last to come back to see you “ she said softly a smile on her lips. It had been so long now that she wondered if he would even be there. Under the paper was a book, a book with burned Mark’s carved into it with the words the family photo album on the cover. The years of paintings and images painted of happy times. When Anaya adopted jeff, crome as a puppy, jev and lyric together mother and daughter ISIS and Anaya, a a when she got added into the family and freed from slavery Sam’s arm around her shoulder, drax and the kids, so much had changed and it just seemed she was always going to be the same, it was like she was stuck in time never changing and being forced to watch the world grow old and die around her wall she stay stuck with the memories. She put the book down on the desk and picked up the quill to jot down the remainder of the record. The castle would go to Noki and Samuel and even on high Anaya would be sure to keep her daughter protected . After that if Noki died the crown would go to Ana and then to a steward, she would not allow jeff to gain the throne even if he did not want it, in the records jeff was dead, it was filed that Jeff DeLaRose was dead for the past 150 years and if he thought that he would get anything in life he was wrong .
he did not even have his identity anymore he was just a man faking to be a dead man. she let out a breath picked up her papers and got up walking with them out of the hall and into an area were she could be seen. One of the guards rushed on over as he looked at her “my.lady your um, son is causing a mess, hired that guy you kicked out of here, should something be done with it” Anaya had a smile on her face as she took her fingers and ran them into his hear in truth this place is not my problem anymore but seeing I still rule it. Toss Jeff out of here, he is not my son my son is dead, pitty his death was. That man is just some nut case believing he is something he is not I guess, has enough information in his head to pull the wool even over my eyes, get the elites to handle it, toss the little shit out and then he can go stalk another castle. And if you need a more stern hand I am down here sitting in my throne a little longer the guard nodded and went on way to get things done as Anaya walked over to her throne to sit in it “ stupid boy sat in my throne" she muttered trying to get it just right agein
The guard walked up to the group agein, he did not want to deal with the cocky so called prince and he was not going to have the rantings of a loon ruin the rest of his day “your presence is needed outside sir, there is a mess regarding a cultist that has been captured on the front lawn of the castle, he planned to cover the walls with pigs blood sir, cussing on how the seasonal gods are impure profanity sir. It is in need to be handled" his bluff was on point and that did happen a day or so ago so there was even still a bit of blood on the wall from before that crazy but job got here, but he would not have been outside yet so it was not like he would know this. Must be handled right away sir"

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
The ancient sits up, still listening to the world around him as it gives him an aura of peace. “I think before we go after these black sun cultists, you and I should try and communicate with your little demon. If possible, we could work out a deal where it can lend you power. If it has indeed been fused with your soul, I’m afraid the only ones who could possibly help you are the dragon Anaya or the god Caliga. Anaya’s holy magic might kill you as well, but Caliga could certainly separate your soul from the demons, if all the legends and myths about the god are true, that is. If we can figure out how the demon thinks, it should make it easy to be friends with.... or at the very least imprison within yourself so you don’t lose control. For now, let’s go back to the gate. Our little foxy should be waiting for us by now, don’t you think?” The old man stands up and straightens out his long purple with gold trim robes, a flash of a scabbard is seen underneath before being covered up again. Belgreid grabs his staff and readjusts his sash pack before heading towards the gates, hoping that any guards who stop them will simply allow them to leave of their own will. It would be terribly bothersome if they were thrown out while they are walking out.

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
Rarik stood next to him before stretching slightly. "Sounds like a plan but first I need to see Morise about a couple of daggers and a new set of leather armor and a shield." He said hoping that the blacksmiths shop was open. "Plus I was supposed to meet him earlier yesterday but I got lost then this happened so I have no clue if he will hire me to work there." He said with a shrug before starting to retrace his steps back to the throne room. In order to exit the castle and make his way to the front gate to meet up with Roxy.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
Belgreid, not wanting to be seen by Anaya again, decides to go the long way around and enjoy the garden scenery that stretches all the way to the front of the castle. He walks up the gates and is let through, with some rather strong pushing, and sees Roxy near the outside of the gate sitting on a rock. He saunters on over to her and sits down next to her. “So how was the magic goat?”

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
Rarik waved at Anaya and just kept on going making his way straight toward where Roxy was arriving shortly after Belgreid."Hey ya made it. Sorry for leaving ya I went to see the blacksmith after and the shop was closed. I still need to speak with him to get some better weapons and armor but all I have is ten gold." He said not sure what he could buy from Morise with that amount.

Roxy had her hands running through her hair. She never had the chance to do her hair after her bath, so it was left knotted and messy, but with the best of her ability, she fixed it. She had also been doing some thinking in the past minutes. A lot had arleady happened and it was barely noon. As the two men approached she stood up, her eyes on the elf with a rather disappointed look and her arms crossed. "Yeah!! What a gentleman!" She said to him with a sarcastic tone. "That cultist was in the markets and I was passed out. I could have died." She shook her head. "It's whatever though. I'm here." She looked to the old man. "Well the stories were true, but the goat had other plans for my wishes... Anyways, I still haven't introduced myself. I'm Roxanne, but call me Roxy if ya like." She stuck her hand out to give the older man a shake. "So.. where's Ingavor? He in the castle? You said you know him correct?"

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Jeff raised a brow at the guards. "So there are cult members in front of the castle? And instead of calling more guards, which we have many of, you call me? Makes no sense. Just tell my mother it was good to see her, and I'll be on my way. She needn't worry about me anymore." He smiled softly at his cousin. "Look in every closet. But be careful. Anaya is still-....Anaya. Until we meet again."Lifting his hand from her shoulder, He raised a brow at the guard as he walked passed him, raising both hands in the air, away from his weapons. "My mother told you I was crazy? Makes sense." He put it together, instantly. Anaya told the guards to get him out, and if the guard was a bit smarter, Jeff would have believed his story. "Next time, just ask me to leave. I'm not an ass. I do have manners."

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
His boots clunked against the tile floor as he walked, until reaching the stairs, the guard following him out. "Make sure you check the back doors after you lock the front ones behind me. For some reason, they never lock those doors and it's easy for people to sneak in." He moved toward the front doors, and had them opened by another stationed man. "The castle looks good. Tip your cleaning staff. They are doing a top notch job." Jeff then walked through it as the guards shoved Jeff. He grunted and turned to look at them, only to have the ironwood doors slammed and locked in front of his face. "Rude." He said with a raised brow, and sighed softly, feeling a bit of sadness at his family abandoning him. He held onto his mother's words, about how no one cared after he died, and how it was peaceful. His heart dropped but he refused to remain defeated. "I'll be back!" He screamed, raising both of his middle fingers at the hulking Iron compound. "Fuck youuuuuuuuuu!" Then, he took off into the dead woods, along the path outside the Iron, to take his frustration out on some undead, as he knew the dead still walked and needed a punching bag. He felt like a walk and a good fight would clear his head. Who knew? It might make him feel better.

Jeff, began walking into the woods his anger spiking as he thought if his situation. He hated Caliga. He hated this whole thing. He needed to blow off steam. Sickening. How could this be? He stared at the ground as he walked through the dead woods for an hour until He had about a herd of 15 shamblers 15 feet behind him, walking slowly and reaching at him with comical grabby hands. His twin short swords were about 3 feet long each, made out of silver, which he wanted to thank Seven for, but he would never get the chance. They rested in his hands, as one of the undead got close to him. It charged forward, blood oozing from it's decaying mouth as a sick, gurgling growl came from it's throat. Jeff stepped to the side, as the undead fell onto it's face. (Rolled 4 for undead to try to grab, missed.) Jeff then slammed his blade, in his right hand, down into the decaying beast's head. (Rolled 9 for Jeff to attack, success. Dealt medium damage, dead.) Then he kept moving, a bit faster in his pace, picking up the speed as his shadow aura wrapped around him. Just like a lover that had not seen her soldier husband in months. As the undead behind him got to be about 100 feet away, he turned and planted his feet into the dirt. He felt heavy as Shadow clad armor melded itself onto Jeff's body. Then the sheild formed in front of him, just floating there.
(Activated Shadow armor, mundane action.) He started sprinting toward the undead, picking up at about 45 miles an hour. In about 25 feet to impact, he felt spikes lift from the shadows that casted off of trees in the sun, which there was an abundance of, and floated them in front if his shield. Jeff watched as a crawling undead reached for his leg, with an outreached claw. (Rolled 4, for undead to grab. Missed.) Yet Jeff leaped over the walking meat bag and plowed into the herd, 40 miles an hour. (Rolled 16, for Jeff to plow through herd. Succeed. Rolled 1 for bleed damage. Failed.) The undead went flying, as it was the equivalent of being smashed with a boulder going 30 feet a second. Blood and visera rained off his sheild as limbs and organs stuck to his spikes, the entire heard dead in one move. (large damage dealt to a herd of 15, with only 75 health combined. 5 hp points each.) Jeff screamed out as he looked at three loose walkers limping towards him. His battle cry. With a spinning back fist, sword in hand, he decapitated the first one. (Rolled 16 for Jeff to attack line walker, success. Instant death.) The head slammed on to the ground with a "blek!" In it's voice, and Jeff targeted the other ones, kicking the head directly at the other head of the incoming undead to the left. (Rolled 16, for Jeff to hit zombie in head with zombie head. Success.) The head careened into the other walker with about 600 neutons of behind it, and easily taking off the zombie's head, causing it to fly into the woods. He then stared at the last undead and growled as he walked calmly towards it. He brought his sword up over his head, as it went to reach for him. (Rolled 6 for undead to grab him. Success.)
The undead grabbed Jeff by the shoulders, and leaned in to bite him, but Jeff brought his sword down right before the initail bite, and took the undead out, with a downward stab through the brain. (Rolled 15 for Jeff to follow through with his attack. Success. Light damage. Dead.) He then pulled his blade from the walker with a sickening "SHLIIIK" sound and watched it drop to the floor. 19 bodies around him, random Body parts everywhere, while the sound of groaning walking dead played in his ears in the distance. Jeff breathed hard and smiled, screaming out, just because it felt good. "Krakatowa!!"

There was a loud dragging sound on the ground, limbs being ripped as it ran into a tree ripping off its left arm as it snapped its jaws and bit at the air. The thing bit at the air as it let out grotesc moans and crys saying something that almost resembled the words brains and help me, it slashed its legs and the arm it had riped off in its other arm (added reach) and flaylered around strong and sturdy. It was clearly stronger then the other dead bodys that scatered over the ground and was a good ten or so feet tall at the shoulder, it was a hulking brute and it was going to eat him.

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Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
Jeff smiled and took 6 steps back, and felt the shadow lift from a massive tree to the left of him. Using his ability, he formed a large javilin and used one hand, with a sword in it, and caused it to fly forward passed the creature, and smashed through the tree, and sting into the ground on the other side of it. Then once the spear disappeared, two moments later, he was already alert and in his battle stance, two swords up, Shadow armor still clad to his body from moments earlier. "Holy shit! You are ugly! I mean reallyyyyy ugly!" Pointing his left sword at the creature who was 15 feet away, he smiled from behind his mask. "You look like A werewolf's asshole that has been lit of fire and put out with lemon juice. You think you can take me?! I am Jeff Mother fucking DeLa Mother Fucking God dam Rose and I will fuck you up so bad, you will look better than you do now! I'm gonna make you handsome! Let's go!" He kept stepping back the entire time he insulted it, completely aware of it's massive stupidity. Jeff then summoned 6 more spikes, using his own shadow as ammo, ready for it to charge.

The monster dragged its arms foreword as it moved within range swinging its arm out to hit the man, the arm was swung to high as it fully missed the man and wales foreword, then recoiling to flap backwards to hit the man again, but again the arm smashes foreword as the monster let out a moan hitting nothing but air on both its trys. The monster gave a grunted moan as it started to froth at the mouth, something was leaking from its lips that globed down its belly and falling over the ground, the monster opened its mouth to let out a spiting moan glancing at the man before it as its temper clearly flared. It was getting angry and getting angry meant rage in most monsters, and rage meant they hit harder for a small amount of time but soon would cecum to the affects of weakness after rage. (one most till rage, rage lasts 4 rounds)

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
"Oh shit?! Did I make you angry?! Boo fucking hoo! I had to kill so many things'' One spike went flying straight into it's knee cap. Then another into it's good shoulder. "I had to watch my life flash before my very eyes!" The third spike went to shoot through the undead's neck, sticking straight out. But missed"Fuck you. You are lucky! You have no idea what the fuck is going on with the world! You think killing me with fill your belly but yet you'll need to eat again. I'll do you a favor. "The fourth and fifth spike tried to stick into it's groin but flew passed, smashing into trees behind it while the sixth spike went to fly through it's forhead. Obviously it didn't kill the beast, having missed but he killed bigger. He just needed to get used to his new body. What better way to do that than kill some ugly shit. "Hey guess what! I'm psychic! I can guess what you'll say next!" Jeff then readied himself, and shouted in an exagerated zombie expression. "Blaaaaarggggg!"(edited)

the hulking monster swung its arm down to smash into the boys side, hitting him hard before recoiling to swing again. The boy clearly was faster then expected as in the fray he dodged the second hit. the monster hulking back staggering a little rage filling its eyes, its lips flapping and snorting as it spat the frothy foam on the ground, black tar like rotten goober falling from its lips. As it backed up some steps lowering its head a bit lower so its neck slicked into its shoulders its body getting ready as it griped its severed flapping arm tightly. Its feet thomped on the ground as it wiggled its shoulders the sounds of snapping bones made the air crack as it set its bones in place to make what looked to be a readying battering ram.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Jeff was hit in the side, and was sent flying five feet, but he turned, and flipped in the air, and slid a few backward, landing on his boots. He gripped his side and spit into the dirt as he watched its movements. "Been a while since I've had a good fight.'' He used the creatures momentum against it, when it hit Jeff, using the force of the attack to plant off his back foot as he landed and throw the sword in his right hand with all his might. The creature would be surprised with a large 3 foot silver blade in it's face, completely slicing through it's left eye. Jeff then held his other sword in both hands,giving another battle cry, as blood leaked and sprayed from the oozing decaying garbage zombie. "See look at that! Isn't that an improvement!" (Does 5 points of bleed damage to health for 4 rounds) Jeff readied himself again, as the oaf would surely swing his giant arms like a club again.

The monsters eyes turned black as its rage started to really kick in the wound that he faced did not seem to affect him even if he was losing blood, he ran foreword as his body buckled and shifted so everything was in alignment to make a flawless battering ram. He slammed right past the mans shoulder the stink from the abomination wafting right past the man, as it slammed into a tree smashing its head into the tree hard but not seeming to be bugged by it. The hulking brute turned around and snapped its spine back up as it started to swing that arm back and forth again, small bits of the arm being ripped off as the skin of it flapped in the wind it was making wall swinging.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Jeff simply simply stepped to the left as it whooshed by him, the scent of sulphur and rot filled his nostrils. "Jesus! You stink! You smell like Anaya's twat!" He growled, his crystallized hues watching as it plowed into a tree, head first. "And you're stupid! Just like-....Anaya's twat!" He smirked, as mist formed around his hand. "Okay that was stupid. But watch this!" He manipulated the matter in the shadow, morphing the darkness into a functional springboard like object, in the middle of himself and the brute. "You wanna see something cool?! I'll show you!" He ran full sprint over, and jumped just before the dark, convulsed, perverted shadow and landed on it. Jeff got shot through the air, and reached his hand out, gripping the sword that stuck through it's giant head. Once his hand gripped around the hilt, he used the velocity he gained from his shadows, and sliced up with momentum and force while subsequently pulling the blade out and sailing over it's head. As the blade was slice up, through it's left eye, and out of the top of it's head. (Brute is now completely blind on the left side of his face.) As he flipped over it's head, he turned, landing on his feet with both swords in hand behind it, then backed up about 10 feet! "Yes! Did you see that?! I mean probably not!" Jeff spit at the ground again, this time, as in insult instead of a reaction to getting hit. "This is getting boring! Let's finish this!"

the hulking brute turned around as it moved a hand to its eye and covered it then droping the hand back down not seeming to do much care but clearly stumbling more then normal, its rage was starting to die and one could see it in its actions, it was a little slower but still able to keep up with the man bunny hoping around like he was on something. The brute gave one swing witch hit hard in jeffs side and the other swing witch swung hard and hit in the leg not knocking the man over but giving enough force to send him flying back a ways, the brute gave a laugh as its belly bounced up and down and some hunks of flesh fell from its body onto the ground. "Graaaaaa" it bellowed out as it spat blood and flesh all over the place.

Jeff DeLaRose01/10/2019
Jeff smiled as he looked at the beast holding it's eye. "Yeah! You ugly shit! I would say you look beautiful with one eye! Such an improvement over what you looked like prior to me stabbing you in your fucking fac-..." Jeff was knocked into the air then back, hard, whiched caused him to sail into the dirt. He laid there, staring at the sky with a painful exhale. "okay. I deserve that. I'm sorry about the twat comment. I don't know why I said that. My mother and I are cool now, I guess I'm just a little bitter, still." He then rolled backward onto his feet, and wiped a bit of blood from a fresh cut above his right eye. The tips of his snow hair turned a Ruby color over his face. "Well, how about you crawl back into the hole where you belong!" He raised a 5 foot long spear, using the beast's own shadow as the particles behind his attack. Then, Jeff, both swords in hand, whistled at the beast. "Now you see me." The spear sailed upward, and smashed through it's other eye, as it laughed at Jeff's pain. It stuck through, completely destroying the eye, and rendering it usesless. However, it missed the brain. Completely. Then, as quick as it dealt the wound, the spear had vanished, bursting into black mist inside it's bleeding eyeball. (Full blindness.) "Now you don't." Jeff sighed and turned back toward the woods, the way he had came. "Give me a moment. I'll be back to kill you later. Until then, enjoy the nothingness." Jeff then ran full sprint, back to the castle, with the intent to return later.

the monster started to yell a little and then turned around and lumbered back off to the woods to go punch some trees, or something.

Back at the Castle

As the one called jeff talked to him the guard stood there looking more and more like the man was nuts, he really did not know this place did he. The back door was locked most of the time unless guards walked in and out of it and even then they used the dinning hall side door. Maybe he just said that as that was the door he used to get in here sometime or another and touch all the silverware like some creep. He just let the man yabber on and when they got to the door he was about to say something As another guard shut the door in the so called princes face the main guard that had talked to him before stood there “why did you do that, was gona tell him about a statement he could have but eh, guess queen was right, dude is a loon” the guard gave a laugh and put his gloved hand on the mans shoulder as they walked out back to the main hall. “was even gona be nice and not toss the poor thing out like the queen said to do” the other guard looked at him “what gona give him a place to sleep” “ya, was even gona give the nut job some coin to get a place or a drink whatever fit his fancy, even the crazy should not sleep in the cold, nights get cold still this time of year” he muttered as they walked back to Anaya who was siting in her throne. “tossed out the prince my lady is there anything more you want of us” Anaya looked up nodding “i want you to get some meals ready i am going to be leaving for a snort bit to go get my daughter over in Stovania i only have a couple more things to get done, then this castle will be Nokis” the guard looked puzzled as the queen talked. They looked at the man that walked on past as Anaya did not even seem to care as she got up and walked outside. It was going to rain she could smell it but she opened up her arms as she enjoyed the sunlight for a little bit. She never left the castle this was common knowledge “soon father, i will see your face” she said softly a smile on her lips.

Grandpa Chaos01/08/2019
Belgreid takes her hand and shakes it, his grip very unlike that of a man in his eighties, but rather that of a man in his prime. “You can call me Belgreid. And no, Ingavor is on his way to Avalon with one of the queen’s maids..... speak of the devil, there the holy beast herself.” The old man has a rather puzzled look on his face. He distinctly remembers that the dragon Anaya did not leave the castle anymore, but yet here she was, not just out of the building but off the castle grounds itself. “I’m not dreaming, you all see her too, right?”

Xaei (Iotah)01/08/2019
How long had it been since Xaei left her room? A guess it would have to be. However long it had been, she was asleep for the entirety - hidden under a mound of blankets that were on her bed. Only her feet and hands were seen as she stretched, a loud yawning noises coming from beneath it all. Eventually, she would crawl out from beneath the blankets to sit on the ground beside her bed, the young dragon rubbed the sleep from her eyes and had another long stretch. It was dark in her room, the curtains blocking out whatever light there might be, but she could see in the dark regardless. Blinking softly Xaei searched her room, it was as she left it - not an item out of place. Her bedroom door had been locked, which she would now unlock and peek her head out after opening it a jar. The castle looked the same, the people looked the same... still no Relo. Xaei sigh softly and shut the door again. 'Have patience, he will come.' She said to herself. A bath was necessary before walking back into the social circle, which she prepared herself. Half an hour passed before she was ready and dressed for the day. Her white hair had grown a bit, reaching now to the back of her knees which she wore down and with a simple white gown. Xaei was hungry, hadn't eaten since she last saw Des and was understandably looking a little thin. The kitchen was her next stop, she ordered the maid to keep bringing her food until she'd tell her to stop.

Seven Thundercloud01/08/2019
He looked at her with a really confused look. "If I had known there was a cultist I would have worn you on my back like backpack today, not that I would have minded I also figured you wanted to get somevweapons or supplies. Speaking of which, I'll be back I need to head toward the blacksmiths shop to see if I can get what I was talking about earlier. Nice to meet you Roxy my name is Rarik. He said before jogging off toward the markets heading straight for the blacksmiths compound.

In the market place at the Blacksmiths shop
Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
The man in the black cloak blended in with the other peseants in town, as word reached the guards of his actions are the Snorting Boar and Everdeen's. He smiled from behind his hood, sinister, and methodical. The people around him went about their day, as he sat on a bench, surrounded by them. Soon, my true love. We will all be clensed in your glow. We are so close. He thought to himself, as two guards walked through the crowd, and toward him. He smiled even darker, drawing two daggers from inside his robes. "Excuse me, sir. We are looking for someone who matches your description. Could you please come with us?" The man smiled. And nodded, his weapons hidden from their view. "Absolutely. Please lead the way. " They waited for him to stand, but as they reached for his arms, they only grabbed cloth, as his arms were stuck inside of his robes. His dagger weilded hands shot from the middle of his robes to the left and right sides, each knife penetrating the jugular of both guards. He then pulled the knives away and watched the men drop to the ground, clutching their throats. "Right this way?" He then pulled his spell book as some townsfolk gathered around, while others began to flee. A black mist like aura floated around his hands as the two dying men levitated into the air. Blood rained down from their bodies on to the poor villagers under them. Then in one motion, he spoke a tongue unknown by many, and the two men's heads were violently pulled from their bodies by an unseen force. The looks on their face was one of pain and confusion, even as he tossed one head towards the tavern, and then sent to a black spike right after it. Then he did the same to the other, except he nailed this head to Everdeen's door. The bodies on the ground convulsed and twitched, headless, while civilians ran from the crazed cultist. "Praise the Goddess of Sin! We are almost complete!"

The head was tossed on her door as she looked at it "that's is bar is closed for the day!" Niv yelled as she ripped the head off the wall and put up a sign, bar closed, was all it said, this bar never closed, the snorting boar was getting tiered of this shit.

Roxy had woken up to shouting of a man in the market streets. It took her a moment to realize where she was. "What? How... How did I get here?" She asked standing up, rubbing her head. It hurt like crazy. When given extra abilities by the goat, she must have past out soon after, but how did she get here? That elf must have up and left her. "Ugh, that man seems so inpatient." She shook her head. She then noticed people running away and she caught the scent of blood. Her hands quickly went to her hood and she covered up her face, her tail coiling around her waist. From afar she saw the cultist man from before. Her blood boiled with anger and she began to step forward towards his direction, but she stopped. 'I can't do this alone. It would be stupid.' she thought. She turned around and hid in an alley. "You will get your time Roxy," she said under her breath. She remembered of Belgreid and how he told her to meet him at the castle. Was she ready to return there? Was it safe for her? After all she took that dagger. She assumed that she was the least of the crown's worries and hopefully Ingavor was there. When she found a chance to move, she took it and made her way to the castle. She thought of Bellarose at the pleasure palace and hoped she was okay. 'ill be back little one. I promised,' she said in her head.
Roxy has left the markets and is at the castle

Seven Thundercloud01/09/2019
Rarik arrived at Morise's shop shortly after leaving the castle and walked in noticing the door was open. "Morise it's Rarik, I need to buy a couple things and talk to you about a job are you hear. " he called out as he walked into the shop not sure if he was around the front or closer to the forge. Rarik was positive he would be yelled at cause he did not show up yesterday.

A short stout man was at the desk top with a mug of ale in his hand, his eyes moved up to see that little wee bastered that missed his full days shift “what da fuck you doing back here ya little wee shite, you miss ya whole day and ya make me work more for ya sted just to come back fucking here to what, disturb me morning ale and chowder. Ya got to be blasten kidding me ya fucking eh” he let out a grumble as he slammed his mug on the counter top some of its holdings splashing out onto the counter as he gave another snort and moved back to pick up a rag and clean up the mess he just made. “so what ya want Rerik wolf whatever the fuck ya last name is, tell me what ya want or you can go lay with the swamp flys and leave me smitty alone, i got plenty of work to do and other worthless chaps to give me coin to that do there work and not come in late or not come in at all” he cleaned up the rest of the mess that he made himself and then leaned over on the counter top waiting for the man to say what he wanted to say and be met with kindness or a rude back hand or possibly both.

Seven Thundercloud01/09/2019
Rarik stood there looking at the dwarf before speaking, " I assume you want me to start from the beginning right. Well I did get lost and then I found the tavern do i went Inside to get out the rain and grab a quick meal. A member of the black Sun arrived yelling about a butler and a fox woman when he saw me he sliced my life eye then went and stuck a dagger in my right as I was backing out the tavern. I prayed to Anaya who healed my left eye stopped the bleeding and gave me the single eye blindfold. So I removed the dagger and pulled out my eye at the same time. Then I walked around the market, the cultist who fucked up my face showed at everdens killed a few people. I went there after it had happened only to get a spear in my face and accused of being a member of the black Sun. I was here early this morning but the shop was closed so I went to meet up with them at the castle and then I came here to buy a couple of daggers(see rpc images for dagger design) and a set of studded leather armor as I am joining them on the quest to destroy the black sun." He said describing everything that had happened in a single day which could be akin to a large amount of bad luck.

The dwarf made clearly fake snoring sounds as the hunk of horse crap yabbered on about a life story he did not care to hear or have time to deal with. He moved his hand and tossed the ale mug over to the man the contense splashing over and the mug hitting him with a good amount of force right in the for head “what so ya don't come to work and ya take ya scrony white lilly liver elven rump to what a pub to do what get ya eyes stabed out by them weak ass black sun morons, ya arms work dont they, ya legs work CLEARLY ya can see enough with the one good eye to watch da sun and learn to fucking read it so ya come into work on time. Now get ya ass together ys get nothing form me till ya pick up the fucken mop and clean up maken up for the hours ya missed and the hot molten steel i had to pound for ya”he spat onto the floor as he scuffed his feet leaving black marks on the stone tiles “start here and make sure ya get it all, fucken worthless elves, never sould have hiered ya fucken soft fingered dandy handed tip toe walker pale skin i am an immortal dip shit beat ya worthy with a bag of hammers elven hide. ”

Seven Thundercloud01/09/2019
Rarik shrugged and began to clean the place up. He knew this would happen and the dwarf was right, he should of still came to work and did his shift like expected. He swiftly mopped up the mess and cleaned the scuff mark then went and changed to the gear he wore for smithing and went straight to work shaping and pounding the molten steel into weapons. Rarik was gifted with the ability to control fire which placed the forge as his second home he never wore gloves when working in it because of the immunity to regular flames. He planned on ma king up for the hours he missed.

The dwarf moved beside the elf and kicked the forge “why do ya even work here boy, you a worthless knife ear worken with sworn enemy, what ya daft, like ya dont even work on it right, ya tittle with the flames like a priest with them little boys, ya dont have them strong hands and a beard like a dwarf, ya got some baby forever face, can ya even grow stubble or is it just a forever baby ass face like the rest of ya people” he gave a laugh as he moved over to his own table picking up an axe and hooking it into a loop in his belt “you can work on the forge for the rest of the day, make up what ya missed.” “ya know i outa replace ya for what you did, ya do it agein you will be out on ya ass faster then a swamp rat out of a forge fire” then the man said something in old tongue that the elf would not even be able to understand or make out properly, he then laughed at himself putting a hand on his round belly.

Seven Thundercloud01/09/2019
Rarik looked at him before slamming his hammer down hard in anger at the insult the dwarf said with the flames pf the forge growing hotter swiftly before he spoke. " you call me Kniff ears again ya cave dweller who would spend all day digging a hole, and ill show you my skill with the flames. " he said coldly as the flames rose higher with each word increasing the heat in the forge, before he placed the ore in the roaring flame that he had spiked when he lost his cool heating the blade swiftly before placing it on the anvil and began shaping it once more this time hammering it with a fine tooth force in his anger constantly keeping the flames up before he starting cursing the dwarf out in elven as he worked the metal focusing on shaping it exactly how he is picturing in his head alternating between heating shaping and cooling the steel until it is an instrument of death before he the turned to the grind stone and began to sharpen and polish the metal before placing it on the table.

Anger flared in the dwarfs eyes as he looked at the elf. His hands griped his ake handle tightly “who in the fucking hell do you think i am, cave dweller, fucking cave dweller!” he would lift his hand as as if magic had told it to the whole smithy shut down, the flames went out fully no matter there heat and all the shop equipment stopped working, it even seemed like the hammers were just not well pounding hard anymore. He picked up his ace and smashed it down on Reriks sword shattering the blade as he worked on it. “you are a fucking elf and you come into my shop and insult me, your boss, ye what you got butt hurt, fucken eh, you are not a knife ear no you are a fucking sensitive fucking Knife ear babay. I have seen rocks, ground rocks have bigger balls then ya and more common sense. You really think you are going to keep a job like that, ya really think that that is how to talk to0 ya boss, i have known cult members with more class, at least the black sun show the fuck up for there job of killing people and don't complain about how they got hurt, oh fucken cry me a river ya lost a eye, really my cuzz lost his dick to some tooth cunted bitch and he complains less then ya do ya weak water washed out sow” the dwarf moved to point to the door with his blade, that shimmered in his hand for some reason “now, get the fuck out of my shop or pick up one of your worthless crafted novice blades and we can settle this like men or you can go make my words be truth and go run and cry in the gutter with the rest of the fucking gutter dogs”

Seven Thundercloud01/10/2019
Rarik grabbed a couple of daggers off the stand and took a simple stance as he looked directly at Morise and muttered Burning hands. he was shocked momentarily upon seeing the forge suddenly shut down. The elf was not going to back down from this fight if it means gaining the respect of the man who would is his boss. He planned on utilizing all his knowledge in spellcraft that he has. "Aye your a Cave Dweller, as well as a stone licker and stone fucker. " he said egging on the dwarf forcing him to get angry as he looked at him with a calm smile seeing that he is successfully getting under his bosses skin. " So are you going to stand there or shall we settle this like men." he said with a stretch as he prepared another spell if needed.

The man looked at him, was he really going to fight the forge master, he knew nothing of this world clearly, just like his race a bunch of fight happy know it all worthless children, the lot of them. As the fire hit the chest of the blacksmith it got absorbed into his body, not even a burn mark on his skin or even his clothing, it did not even seem to spark or phaze away it just vanished and was absorbed into him for some reason. “Really, Really, you tooth licker get the opthion to leave here in peace and ya pea size brain tells ya to spew out more badly placed insults, what was ya mother a goat that fucked a tree to make ya worthless wood elf, ya got no brain do ya boy fighting one who would train ya, what a daft Gobshite cunt you are, gona come over there and shove my bear cock down ya throat and make ya suck it like a fucking bound hair wee whore you are” he started to laugh as there was a twinkle in the old mans eyes and he ran his big sausage fingers into his beard “now lets show ya how a real man does it ya, open ya mouth and lets shove it in nice and deep will we, i like a warm hole to fuck with my axe” He took his axe and slammed it down hard into the mans shoulder (45 damage given character is out of health, placed in unconscious state, any damage after this will kill character) watching the boy drop he took his hand and “HAHAHAHA fucking thought so cant even take one fucken swing, was not even
useing Sherly” and placed it on the kids shoulder heat surging out from the mans hand to burn the wound closed so he would not just bleed out. He grabbed his outfit and graded him outside by the shoulder tossing him right into a gutter puddle there as the rain was really coming down now. “now learn some fucken manners and never come back here, you are banned from my shop whatever the fuck your name is and i hope the black sun come and shank ya ass and clean up the mess” he kept on laughing as he kicked the grit form the steps over on top of Rerik pulled the door shut and then was gone.

Jeff DeLaRose01/10/2019
The man stared from behind his hood at the elf, being tossed out of the blacksmith shop, unable to avoid his loving embrace. "Poor little half breed. You can't catch a break. You fight so hard and gain no footing. You try so hard to just survive. Such a struggle." He held fake sympathy in his voice as he drew the dagger from his robes, and held it in his left hand. "You know-..." He began to run his greasy fingers through Rarik's hair. "I know how hard you struggle. I'm so sorry that you have this much challenge thus far, just trying to survive. I should have put you down in the tavern. But now is a better time than any." He laid a gentle kiss on the elf's forehead, as actual sadness flooded his voice, and his tone broke. "I just wish you could have seen it. Our entire plan come to fruition." Then, he slowly pushed the dagger through his throat, inch by inch, which would cause blood to spray from both the wound, and ooze from Rarik's mouth. "Don't fight it anymore, little elf. You don't ever have to fight again." Then, as the cultist watched his pupil's dilate, and turn gray and lifeless. "There we go. To Caliga, you go." The cultist then rose, and left the bloody body there, on the steps to the blacksmith, disappearing into the crowd.

Grandpa Chaos01/10/2019
Belgreid walks through the market streets with Roxy, searching for an armor shop of some kind, when the old man hears some yelling on the next street over. He steers off to the source of the noise just in time to see the black sun member stab the unconscious Rarik and walk off, vanishing into the shadows as dawn hits its peak and the sun just begins to illuminate the streets. He rushes over to check for a pulse, but sees immediately it isn’t needed. The man who was to help them is now dead. “Roxy, come over here, quick!”

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 1:22 AM
The prince sprinted, faster than before, out of the woods and back to the iron castle. Yet, instead of going back inside, he went down the steps, and into the town. Years had passed through the town, and in that time, building in which he had never seen had emerged and made their claim. Once he moved through the streets, and passed a rather bloody door of a tavern. The Snorting Boar. Later, he thought to himself. Then he passed Miss Everdeen's pleasure palace with a fresh head on the door, just stuck to it. It's eyes rolled back in it's head, with an agape maw, its tongue sticking out slightly, with a spike clean through the forhead. Jeff raised a brow, and exhaled sadly. "I'm sorry this happened to you."
Jeff said, softly, closing the head's eyes, and pulling the spike from the skull and through the door, allowing the head to fall into Jeff's hands. Then, he set the head on to the ground, and turned, stepping through the crowd of onlookers who had gathered around Everdeen's. Jeff, pushing passed the villagers, noticeed the Fox and Old man from earlier, Belgried, over the dead Elf whom was drinking was with him earlier. He knew now. The black sun did this. The head was a dead giveaway, but killing the elf in broad day light was overkill. Jeff's pace picked up as he moved passed the two of them, then the guard dog, Jace, whom wasn't far behind Belgried. There he was, slinking away, and without a second thought, Jeff felt his power erupt. His blue aura returned, yet this time, it spotted a dark mist that floated around his body, and danced like flames in a fireplace all around him. He screamed out one word. "Coward!" Just like that, the cultist turned on his heels, stopping to face Jeff, about 30 feet away. "Jeff! My word. Caliga was awful generous letting you come back. Would be a shame to send you back to Ulon so soon." Jeff just stared at the man, and growled in his throat. "Don't mention her name to me. I've had enough of that Goddess!" The cultist smiled from behind the hood and stepped forward, brandishing two daggers. "I was hoping you'd disregard our goddess. You are unworthy of her gift! The sun will clense you, DeLaRose! It doesn't matter if I die! The dragon no longer sits on the throne!" Jeff grunted and stepped forward as well, drawing his two short swords, which were only slightly inches bigger than his daggers. Undead coagulated blood dripped from the point of his blades, as he looked at the Cultist. "Name?" "Declan." The man said. "Why have you done this, Declan?" Jeff asked, a bit of impatience welling up in his body. The man simply smiled. "Telling you takes all the fun away. Mr. Prince."


Then they charged each other, Declan slicing first, which cut through the leather, giving a small gash to Jeff's armor. Then the man went for a horizontal strike, trying for Jeff's throat, but the printed dipped back, nearly avoiding the blade. Jeff formed and X with his twin swords, as Declan brought his dagger down for a third strike, but the blade got caught between the prince's. Flinging one dagger to the side with ease, Jeff turned with a back kick, landing his boot onto the chest of the cultist, which sent him flying to the ground. Jeff pointed his left blade toward the cultist, and watched as he rolled back onto his feet. "You will lose." Jeff said triumphantly, while Declan drew another of his many daggers from under his robes. "You disrespect the human race by calling yourself a dragon!" Jeff then growled as he snapped back. "I'm going to personally burn your entire cult to the ground. Then I'm going to piss on those ashes." Declan smiled and dropped his daggers. "You will start and end with me." Then, in one motioned, Declan pulled out his spell book and shot a spear toward Jeff's head, but missed, as The prince dodged to the left, and shot one of his own back. Jeff's spear was blocked by a shadow shield by Declan, who countered with two more Spears, which Jeff parried one of with his swords, while the other sailed into a wall of a building behind himself. Jeff then pointed to the ground in front of him and shouted out in dragon tongue, one single word. "Lightning!" The large bolt came shooting from the sky, and strikes the earth in front of Declan, which sent him sailing back into the ground again. Jeff, then took the opportunity to climb on top of the cultist. Raising his fist back, he sent it sailing forward, into the face of the cultist, while the smell of smoldering flesh and burnt hair filled the air. "What are you planning?!"
Jeff shouted, reeling his fist back again as Declan's hood fell down revieling a laughing men with a split lip. Spitting blood, the cultist looked at Jeff. "Fell Caliga's light!" Jeff punched the man again. "Feel Caliga's light!" He repeated, and was promptly punched again. "Fuck her! I'm asking you a question!" The cultist repeated his phrase once more, and Jeff wrapped his hands around Declan's throat, and began to slam the man's back and skull into the cement. The pavement cracked underneath the man with each blow, but he kept shouting about Caliga's light, and laughing, even as Jeff hurt him. The prince then screamed out as the man slammed a dagger into his leg, having fetched it from his cloak, then reached up, punching Jeff in the face,and caused him to fall off Declan. Jeff in one motion, gripped the hilt of the dagger, grunting in pain as he stared at the blade and wound. "Fuck!" He exclaimed, pulling the blade out with a grimice.
Declan used this chance to try to crawl away from Jeff, fear showing on his now exposed face as the prince stood, and began limping toward him. Declan began to shout. "Wait! No!" Jeff grunted, and smiled, watching him try to scramble to saftey. Jeff grabbed Declan's leg and slammed the blade through his flesh, running him to the ground. Then Jeff stared as the cultist screamed out, in front of Jeff, Roxy and Belgried. Jeff, spotting the both of them, slid his short sword over to Roxy's feet while he breathed hard. "Someone fucking kill him already!" Declan just kept screaming "Feel Caliga's light" over and over again, accepting his fate.

FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 3:54 AM
Roxy would follow the older man close behind, her hood covering her face and her tail tucked around her waist. She kept a her eyes constantly moving, looking past every corner. That cultist could be anywhere and pop out at any moment. Roxy did not want another surprise, but she would soon find out, it was inevitable. As the two of them arrived to the blacksmith because of some yelling, she quickly took notice to the familiar elf who's throat was being sliced open. Only minutes ago, was she talking with him. Now his blood was being spilled. Another life taken by the same man, who belonged to the same group. A low growl erupted in her throat and she went to attack, but the cultist ran like the coward he was. She insisted ran over to Belgreid when he called her name. She knelt down, but they were too late. His life essence was gone. "I... I think he's gone Belgreid.... We... We were too late." Her gaze looked upon the lifeless elf and she sighed. The last time they spoke, she was angry with him. This was not something that this he deserved, though, no one else the cultist killed deserved it.
Suddenly, the man from before appeared, yelling for the cultist. Who was this person? Was he sent to deal with the cult? Did the crown finally realize that the land needed their help? She heard him yell out coward and soon enough, the cultist responded. Her ears flickered to the next words that were said. 'Jeff? I've heard of that name. Ingavor was talking about him at some point,' she thought as she watched the two converse. 'Wasn't he the prince? And wasn't he dead?' Suddenly, the both of them began fighting. She never witness so much power. The prince literally shot a bolt of lightning from the skies. Roxy continued to stand by Belgreid, watching this scene take place. What was she doing? Why was she just standing there? She should be helping. Her thoughts though, would be quicky be responded to as the prince's sword would be pushed towards her feet. Her eyes looked down and with out even thinking grabbed it. She growled, her hand gripping the sword so tight, her claws dug into her palm. Her body leaped forward, the blade in the air, her hood falling back and her tail now free. There will no longer be any more hiding. She was going to make it known that she was not afraid. Roxy came down on the cultist, her legs pinning him down so he wouldnt move. Deep in her heart, she wanted this man to suffer, but she knew she might not get another chance. "This is for the lives you took! Soon, your cult will follow in your footsteps and die like you, a piece of useless flesh on the ground shouting words that mean nothing." She then took the sword in both hands and aimed it at the shouting cultist's head. "Now be silent!" Her hands came crashing down, driving the blade into his skull. She then proceeded to do it a second time, then a third and a fourth. Soon, her movements were too quick to be counted and the cultist's face became unrecognizable.

Grandpa ChaosLast Friday at 8:47 AM
The ancient lowers his head in peace for the wood elf on the ground before him as Roxy runs off to butcher the black sun member. After having his moment of silence for Rarik, Belgreid stands up and walks calmly over to Roxy, putting a strong hand on her shoulder. “Roxy, that’s enough. You’re in public. Dead is dead, there is no need to mutilate the body after death, he won’t feel it regardless. Come on, let’s go find a couple more to help us, then go end this once and for all, before more damage can be done to the town and people.” Belgreid turns to Jeff and bows to him in respect. “Your highness, thank you for dealing with the cultist. It did help keep my own hands clean. What is your next move, to head back to the castle? If you want, I’d be thankful to have you in my party for this mission. I am not much of a fighter, in all truths.”

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 9:48 AM
Jeff grunted as he gripped his leg in pain, as he watched the cultist squirm and struggle to get free from the ground, to no avail. "You are nothing! You deserve nothing!" The man shouted as he looked at Roxy, and Belgried, the sword at the kitsune's feet. "No! Don't let the abomination kill me! Please! It isn't clean! It isnt pure! Please just kill me, Prince DeLaRose!" Jeff ignored the cries of the death row cult member as Roxy leaped through the air, landing on the man. "Please don't let her be the one to finish me off-..." Declan's words were cut short by a blade in the brain. Jeff closed his eyes, listening to the sound enter flesh and exit, only to enter again a few more times. Then the sickening sound stopped. Roxy was right, he did fall silent, yet he died screaming. Jeff looked to the fox and smirked, almost flirtatious. "You handle a sword well. This guy piss you off that bad?" He then watched as the old man told the fox enough, and bowed before the prince. Jeff pulled himself to his feet, yet put almost no pressure on his wounded leg. He grunted in pain as he bowed before Belgried, with just as much respect. "As much as I would love to serve a king like yourself sir. I have been chosen as the new hand of the queen. It is my job to guide my sister into being a queen unlike this land has ever seen. My place is here." Under his mask, he had a smile, being flattered at Belgried's offer.
Townsfolk started to gather in an oval around the 4 of them. Belgried, Jeff, Roxy, and the dead cultist. Slowly, applause started to right out for them. Jeff moved over to Roxy and gently grabbed her arm, and lifted it into the air, as a champion would after winning in an arena. The crowd exploded into cheers. "Praise the fox!" Was shouted as well as "The prince has returned!" Even a "who is the old guy?!" Slipped through. Jeff then smirked, before dropping to the ground, realizing how deep his leg wound was. The crowd gasped, but Jeff, instead of focusing on the pain, looked to the crowd. "The Black Sun has tormented this town for as long as I can remember. Not anymore! These are your champions! These are the people who will help me put a stop to the crazed cult." Jeff took in a deep breath, pulling himself to his feet, limping with each step on his left leg. "Once and for all!" The crowd erupted into roars of cheers. People hugged and cried. This was truly a turning point for the Iron town. The prince knew how to rile up a crowd, even though this time, he meant every word. He turned to Belgried, after pulling Roxy to her feet, as so she wouldn't look crazy stabbing a dead body. "May I use your staff, sir? I'm having trouble walking."

Grandpa ChaosLast Friday at 10:07 AM
The old man shrugs and handed his magic medium over to the prince. “I’ll need it back before we storm the black sun church. Can’t use most of my magic without it.” Belgreid looks out over the crowd with a slight bit of dissappointment and worry. He always hated standing out, and now he was the center of attraction for an entire town. For hundreds of years he stayed as a stone, weaving through crowds without notice, and now all that has been ruined by this prince, who seeks to glorify himself and others to rile up the crowd. Belgreid sighs before walking off through the crowd heading towards the city outskirts.

FoxyRoxyLast Friday at 1:07 PM
It took a moment for Roxy to realize that she was causing an unnecessary scene. She was just so lost in her anger and hate for this man that she couldn't think straight and soon tears began to stream down her face. This man caused so much pain and suffering to so many people, now she probably just fulled the fire. If it wasn't for Belgreid's hand on her shoulder, she probably wouldn't have stopped. Her eyes looked up to the older man. "I'm.... I'm sorry.. I... I couldn't help myself," she weapt. She stood up and looked down at the mess she created. The cultist no longer had a face and his blood pooled around his body. She herself was also covered in it. What had she done? Did she just prove the cultist's point? Was she really an unholy disgrace? She definitely proved she could be savage. What will the townsfolk think? Though something surprised her. The next thing she knew, the prince was holding her arm with the bloodied sword in the air. Her eyes gazed upon the crowed that roared with happiness. They were cheering her? Even after she just mutilated a body? Roxy wiped away her face and gave them a big smile. "Yes!!!" She shouted. "This terror will soon end. There will be no more blood spilled by this weak minded cult. We will soon end the world of them!" Roxy haddn't been this happy since she arrived in the town. She was actually doing something good, actually making a name for herself. Roxy looked over to the prince, almost forgetting that he was hurt. She quickly took his arm over her shoulders. "Prince... You're hurt pretty badly," she said to him. "That cut is really deap, we need to get you somewhere so we can get it properly bandaged up." Her eyes looked over to Belgreid. He obviously wasn't liking the the attention. "Belgreid, wait, shouldn't we stick together?" But it was too late, he was already lost in the crowd.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 5:54 AM
Gripping the staff in his hands, he used it to prop his leg up, while Roxy supported his other side. He was already injured and bleeding before he had even fought the cultist. He watched as The old man walked away, and Roxy make her speech to the cheering, roaring crowd. "We stand with you fox!" The crowd was done with the black sun, and Jeff and Roxy just showed the town that they don't need to be scared anymore. "We are tired of hiding! Burn their church!" Jeff smirked, looking to the fox. "They like you. Or me. Or both of us. Sorry you had to do that." Jeff listened to the cheering crowd, shouting about taking their town back, while blood dripped from Jeff's leg, eye brow, and shoulder. "Damn. Is that my blood?" He smirked, looking to the red liquid coming from his wounds. It had been a while since he had seen his own blood. "That's cool." He muttered. Peeking over at the fox, he nudged her. "It's Jeff. Yeah. I'm the prince. Or-...Used to be. Just decided it was the right time to come back from the dead." He joked, as the two of them started walking, supporting each other. "Belgried just took off for some reason. That's one strange man." He coughed, and grunted at the pain in his ribs. "Yeah, I should probably fixed up. I need to stop fighting things. I just got back." He smirked, looking to the fox beside him. "Let's go see the folks at the tavern. I'm sure I can get them to help me. I'm uh-...a friend of the family." He looked at the ground as he limped along, in Roxy's grip with the staff. "What's your name? Name is Jeff Lyxix DeLaRose. High prince, and blah blah blah. Who cares about me? Tell me more about the woman who single handedly started a war with one of the most deadly cults in all of the world." He said, as guards began to circle the crowd, keeping them at Bay, away from the crime scene involving Rarik, the cultist, and two dead guards. "Move along! Don't pass! Get back!" They pushed the townsfolk back, blocking off the market shops.

Seven ThundercloudLast Saturday at 8:33 AM
Seven stood in the crowd with his hood up after arriving near the market place hearing the road of the crowd cheering for these two who had killed someone but there were multiple bodies. The guards kept pushing against the crowd trying to keep them from entering the scene. He shrugged his shoulders and turned off weaving through the crowd before finding a bench to sit at near the tavern." What a wierd town?" He thought once again before he reached into his bag of holding an dug around for a water skin that he had bought in a neighboring village on his travel and brought it to his lips and began to drink some of it before closing it off and putting it back.

FoxyRoxyLast Saturday at 12:02 PM
Roxy did her best to try to support her new acquaintance and hopefully her new found friend. She was carful with the prince as she didn't want to cause him any more pain. Her gaze stayed on the crowed. This was a first for her. She had never been praises for anything. Roxy couldn't help but smile and she put her arm with the sword back in the air. "This fight isn't just me and the cult. I know that now," she said to the crowd. "I have the town with me, I have all of you with me!! We will not fail!" She looked over to the prince. "Yes! We will burn the church to the ground!" She shook her head when he apologized. "Oh it's fine. I'm just not used to this kind of excitement. It really gets your blood pumping." Roxy began helping him to the tavern, her head turned to the direction where Belgreid left. "Yeah. He sure did. He might like crowds, plus he did say he needed to gather some things before we take on this menace head on. Oh.. and you can call me Roxy." She shrugged her shoulders about his comment on who she was. "I'm really a nobody. Just a traveler who got caught up in this mess... Well it was sorta my fault, got a little too nosey." Roxy tried her best to help Jeff keep off his leg as they approached the tavern. Was she ready to meet Gus and Niv again? What were they going to say to her? For all they knew, she could have died. She sighed at the thought of them being angry with her. What if they tell her to leave and never came back? She truly felt like she fail them. Though, whatever Niv and Gus might do when she saw her, it was going to have to wait. The both of them stopped to a sign saying that the tavern was closed. "Well... What do we do now Prince? I gotta bring you somewhere, that leg of your's looks really bad."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:28 PM
Jeff listened to her hype up the crowd, who pushed against the guards. "The black sun will fail!" They chanted in unison as Jeff and Roxy hobbled to the tavern, while the prince paid attention to her tale. "Sounds like me." He smirked. "I always got to nosey." As they got to the tavern, she explained that it was closed, but Jeff refused to take no for an answer. He took Belgried's staff and smacked it against the door, loudly, 5 times. "Please open up! Gus! I know you're in there!" Jeff spat a bit of blood from his inside his mask, brought on earlier from his fight with the brute in the woods, which he still fully planned on killing. Jeff's eyes glistened as the sun hit them, even the whites of his eyes glowed in sync with the rest of his sight. Truly they were one of a kind eyes that matched his personality perfectly. He looked at Roxy. "Why do you look nervous? You didn't piss off the boar, did you?" Jeff knocked once more. "I'll unlock the door myself! I'm just trying to be polite!" He shouted through the birch door. "I can see lit candles through the window! C'mon! Royalty is bleeding on your steps!" He joked, trying to keep humor about this situation. "You will need an army to kill the black son. Wait until I have some power in the castle. I'll see if I can gather some men to aid you. I suppose it's not just going to be you and the old man fighting the entire cult. No offense, but even with a handful of villagers, it still won't help you. Hopefully some trained soldiers will do the trick." The prince smiled from behind his mask at his new friend.

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:37 PM
The door opened up a crack as gus walked out the door "the prince died years ago and even with the whole town at your back you are going to lose the lot of them, be you a prince, a man or even some royal now that the dragon is gone you dont have the forces to remove the cult and there demon they have down there your whole thing is gona get towns people killed boy" gus gave a snort as his white hair fell over his eyes and Nivs head picked out from under his arm "what is it they want love, bars closed for at least another hiu....they want to kill half the town in one shot? No I wont alow people have family's they are being nieve and following a stranger for what, you can talk a good game and beat some people up, really, like we know the rumors the demon down there is real and it can level this town and you want to go in there and bust in blades held high and think you can win, with what the castle army, Haha you are kidding right anyone with a brain knows the best fighters in there are loyal in blood to the dragon that flew away this morning"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 1:48 PM
Jeff looked at Gus and tilted his head. "My god. Mila looks just like you." He was in awe. He had never met Gus before this but knew who he was. The prince looked at the bar owner, a smile creeping over his maw, from behind his mask. "I understand it sounds strange. but I don't plan on letting the village fight by themselves. We need everybody that we can get. That includes you. That includes Everdeen. That includes every able-bodied person in this town. You don't know me, Gus. But let me start off by telling you that I am a friend. I knew your daughter, and I was there when she went. I fought alongside her in the great war. And if I'm being completely honest, I have absolutely nobody else who I know of who can help me. Please help me with my wounds, and if you want, you can insult me all you want. Regardless of what you decide, I'm not the one leading these people." Jeff looked over at his brand new friend, placing a little bit of weight on to her, while she supported him, as if devotion to her. "She is. And it's not like we're going to charge headfirst into their church with no plan. Give me a little bit more credit than that. I don't want to talk about the black Sun anymore. My damn leg hurts, and I just came back from the dead. I need a drink. You can have all my damn coin if that's what it takes." He looked to Gus, his eyes full of pleading. "I'm Jeff DeLaRose. And I'll prove it."

AnayaLast Saturday at 1:57 PM
Guss chould not help but chuckle a little as his yellow eyes looked to the fox girl "the one that never came back to her job, stole goods from the crown, is not going to lead a what holy crusade" his eyes looked back to Jeff as he talked about his daughter "she had my hair and her mother's green eyes, and my tusks to, might one she was, went out like the fighter she wanted to be, never did fit the little girl mold, but regardless even if you are a dead man you are going to lose, you chould walk the whole iron empire down to kill the thing and it would cost more then it whould gain. You are walking men to there deaths, everdeen is not a fighter or a moron and she has her girls to think about, the only one you are going to be able to goat into this fight is that fight happy blacksmith and he just may fight you for the shots and giggles of it before he even gets to the black sun. You can come in get a drink and heal up but you are not going to get this town to go kill themselves for yourselves. Even if it is in there better intorest to fight if the black sun see a whole town and us fighters at there door they will just meet you face to face with the biggest thing they have right at the gate and level you" he shock his head and opened fhe door "your little band can come in but the bar is still fucken closed to all ya drunks" he yelled out to the towns people that had gone dead silent wall he was talking and some had even started talking on how maybe he was right and they should not do this.

Back At the Castle

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/09/2019
Suryaya sighed softly nearly huffing out as she watched everything unfold she eyed the guard whom come for Jeff before giving her cousin a confused look as if not to leave her alone yet. She nodded watching him speak once again before understanding to check every closet which she was going to do anyway. The woman allowed her chapped lips to curl into a slight devilish grin before speaking out. “Don’t take too long.” Would glance down to her back then back at the door once she was alone again. She figured now was the time to start her search for her father, now that she was alone. Starting with the closet door of her mother’s room she would pull the door open and peek inside watching the dust and spiders move about as the air rushed the small space. Moving the bits of tattered moth-eaten cloth from view she searched the closet for anything that could be useful. Seeing that she figured most had been picked clean by poorly chosen maids whom had slipped into the bedchambers after her mother been possibly deemed dead and stolen anything of worth. She sighed kneeled in the closet as she grumbled before crawling on the floor seeing the blood-soaked rag under the bed. The woman laid there on her stomach reaching for said rag only able to touch it with her fingertips. Her eyes widen as she swore she seen a colorless shadow move from the rag and reach out to touch her just as she pulled her hand away from it nearly as if touching something far too hot. Her face seemed to scrunch up as she studied the rag confused at what had just happen. “What?” the questing word slipped from her lips as she laid there staring at the rag of dried blood confused still before sliding off her stomach and kneeling beside the bed as she decided to leave the rag be.
It took the matter of several moments for Su to ransack her mother’s room for whatever she felt important to ‘her’ family. At this point in time would have been just the two items from the start. The woman sighed as she forced her self up off her knees. Brushing the dust from her leather pants Suryaya decides to leave the bedchamber and head off down the hall to the right heading towards the next room. Room by room the woman would reach out to the brass doorknob and give it a twist to see if the door would unlatch and open or not. If the room would open the woman would of course enter if not she would simply move to the next.

As she stood there she looked out at her land, the town was alive and smoke came from the roofs of some of the homes, people had heat, food, the city was prospering, she would still care for them but care for them in another way, care for them in a way that did not bind her to this world anymore, she let out a breath as her red eyes moved to look down upon the people that looked at her. She gave a chuckle knowing full well they would be the last ones to see what was going to happen, they would not even know it ether, well maybe the scoller would, he was somewhat intelligent, well book smart anyway, common sense smart that was a whole other matter that he was very much so lacking. Her eyes almost looked saddened as she stood there, she did like this world but it was time, it was over due this world needed its balance back and she was the other side even if it would take a while for her to be anything of a god with the influence Caliga had getting a foot hold in anything would be a challenge and they were only as strong as there followers after all. And she would have very little of them walking into a bull pit with one very pumped up bull. She fully knew what would be around the next corner and really it was still better then here. She moved her arms in front of her as the bones in them snapped and everything started to change, the sounds of cracking bones broke the air as she started to get larger, her skin ripping at the seems and falling to the ground in chunks, she moved her hands to rip the blue blooded flesh from her face and her chest, lumps of it fell to the ground as she
slammed her feet into the ground, her legs shifting and changing into massive muscled white scaled hind legs that dug deep claws into the ground. She moved as her neck stretched out a long serpentine neck reaching foreword her tendrils on her chin growing in to give her that classic golden dragon appearance. It took a good five or so minutes for her to get to her right size and for the sounds of cracking and shifting bones to stop and her big fan like wings to fold fully onto her back. Golden dragons did not have the normal bat like wings they had the beautiful fan like wings that made them look like a big wave in the sky and made it that much more majestic. She reached her neck out to look over it all as she gave a snort and looked down to the others as she then looked down to her dress on the ground the gold coins shimmering in the dirt. She took her big claw and shoved it down
onto her dress crushing the gem stones and shattering them into the ground. No more human form, no more, dresses, no more heels that hurt her toes, no more rings or trinkets that she did not need, no more coin no more worldly needs no more vices no more drugs, no more anything that made her a mortal, everything would change for her even her ability's and powers would not be the same as they are now. She moved and sat down much like a dog, curling her tail around her body as she just sat there looming over the world and seeing what she had done, and enjoying the sunshine on her white hide. Her skin under her scales shimmered a light pink as her white scales soaked in the power from the grand sun, just think, there is no rain in the god world, no sun there, this would be the last of it all, and to think, no more fearing the rain.

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Tumblr12

Jeff DeLaRose01/09/2019
Jeff began to walk through the woods, only to feel it. His mother was outside. His mother was outside? It was going to rain and she knew what happened in the rain. Jeff turned on his heel and started walking back to the castle, where he felt the matriarch's aura, hoping to at least convince her to go inside before the rain hit. He remembered how Anaya and rain mixed. The one time they actually exchanged blows on the very lawn of the DeLaRose, Jeff, in his old body had called forth the very rain in the sky to wash down onto the massive Reptilian's head. The rain always acted as some sort of acid to her, eating away at flesh and scales, the longer she sat in it. So why was she outside now? The prince had every right to hate the queen, but he couldn't bring himself to just let her rot away due to her egotistical, immortal mindset. That was still his mother. Just as he entered the outskirts of the forest, he spotted her, on the steps, tearing and snapping long, stringy pieces of flesh and bone off of her body, while also contorting and shifting into her behemoth of a dragon. He stared, jaw agape with a twinkle in his hues. There he was, in the middle of the castle, 17 years old, with no idea what he was doing. Yet she guided him and loved him like a mother truly should, until she saw his father, Drax, die. She never was the same after that. Then began the tale of abuse that everyone ignored.
Jeff, knowing this would be the last time, he would ever see her, slowly approached her. He looked down, at her claws, then up at her giant head. She looked proud of her accomplishments, even though she had not done much with the townsfolk other than let them live below her without eating them. Which, if you think about it, is an accomplishment in itself. Jeff turned, finally next to her, and sat on the steps, while looking at his mother's mutilated human form on the ground, at the dragon's giant feet. Speaking in dragon tongue, he looked back up, and out, over the city with Anaya. "I never hated you." His gaze never broke from the town, as he watched the workers point and stare at the dragon. "I always thought I would be happy to see the day that you would finally leave. But I'm not." He looked at his hands. "I've waited 150 years, and millions of millenniums to say this to you." Jeff turned to look up at her. "I always loved you. You took me in. You and Father cared for me in ways I've never understood. Then you changed. I never stopped supporting you. I killed for you without question. I always had your back. Until you sent me to die. I'm sorry for the time I smacked the scales off your face. I'm sorry for fighting you. For the last few moments I have with you, can we pretend that you love me, and we aren't enemies?" Jeff then looked back at the town and smiled from behind his mask. "You did a good job, Mother. I'm proud of you."

Anaya looked down at her son as he sat there beside her as her whole body lowered to wrap her long neck around him she coiled around him as she lay her head on the ground beside his body her red eyes looking at him before closing, reptiles never closed there eyes unless they truly trusted another, she stayed there for one moment as she enjoyed his company, his words made her heart beat within her chest as she opened her eyes, water in the corners of them as she moved her nose to press the one scale of her nose into him lightly before pulling it back to move her mouth so talking would not just be overly loud for his ears, her voice was deep and her words for her own mother tongue were flawless “i have always loved you, i have clung to the memory's of when we went to the beach with your aunt and Drax and i watched you play in the water, loving it so much when you were only a little boy. I raised you with pride and you turned into everything i would ever want in a son. Noki needs one to look up to watch over her for me, i would want no one else to be her guardian and guide” her body was on her belly as she still looked out across the town “a part of me does not want to leave, a part of me just wishes to stay here and have the rain fall upon my back and sink into the ground that was the place were i rested and the place
and the place you played so many memory's here i will be leaving behind” she let her guards down as she relaxed and one could see her shoulders drop and her back get more comfortable , her wings flexing as she moved “no more human body ever, no more English language, no more dealing with the rain, there is no rain in the other world, and i never have to hide from the sky again, i will make it so my children can play in the rain, pay back the deat my father owes for killing the sky keeper, place her back were she belongs, make balance to this world again and give a force that is not darkness for the ones of man here to follow” she looked to Jeff her big red eye looking at him “you are a good son, i have always loved you, my greatest mistakes were letting you and Drax die, it is something i can never take back no matter how much i want to, but at least now, him and i can dance again, smile again. I will watch over you from up there, guide your actions and place light on your shoulders, you will never be without the sun in your life, you are my son jeff, you are a DeLaRose, never forget that you are the chosen son of a god” her grand maw moved and pushed into his chest trying to be as soft as she cold even if her teeth were slightly sticking out the side of her scaled lips. She knew that the others could not understand her tongue and even Jeff would have to really pay attention to understand the old dialects but she knew he would know what she was saying and that is what mattered most.

Roxy would roll her eyes to the elf, he could have at least tried better. She shrugged her shoulders and just excepted it. She was still alive and nothing truly happened to her that was life devastating. That had already happened today. She gave a nod to Rarik after giving a mighty grip herself to the old man, sensing that he wasn't just a ordinary one. "It's nice to finally get both of your names," Roxy said with a smile. "I hope to get to know you both on this um 'adventure'. These cultists need a stopping to." She put her arms down to her side and gave Belgreid a nod. "I see. We should probably wait for his return. He promised to help with this. It was us both who started the mission in the first place." She would then watch Rarik leave and she chuckled. "That man waits for nothing. What an impatient soul." She thought for a moment after the elf left. She needed some gear as well if she were to fight this cult. Some thin fabric and a hood wasn't going to cut it and even though her claws were wonderful for fighting, it would be nice to get her hands on an actual weapon, hopefully a sword. Her ears perked when Belgreid mentioned the queen coming out of the castle. "What? You must be-" though there she was in all her glory, stepping out her safety of the castle. What was she doing? Wasn't it rare for her to leave? Something important must be happening. Was she finally stepping up to her duties to the land? Finally putting a stop to this cultist menace? Roxy would pull her hood back up over her face. She still didn't know of the situation of the Dagger and didn't want to stick around to find out. Anaya could be looking for her for all she knew. Roxy looked over to Belgreid and stood up. "We should probably get going ourselves. I still need to gather up gear. Can't fight an entire cult unarmed can we?"
Suddenly she began to hear the cracking of Bones and the ripping off flesh. Her head snapped to the sounds and realized what it was. Her eyes widened with fear as she froze there for a good five minutes, watching a dragon rip from it's confinements of a woman that was the queen. Right as she was about to grab Belgreid's arm and bolt, she took notice to man. There was this strange aura radiating from him, like he had experienced death and returned. Who was he? He didn't look familiar, but then again, she was sure she didn't mean everyone at the castle. Where the two related somehow? She watched as the two talked, her ears flickering to their strange and unheard of language. What could they be talking about? She turned her head back to the old man. "I think we should probably go... I don't know what the two are talking about, but it seems important. I feel we shouldn't bother them with our presence."

Grandpa Chaos01/09/2019
Belgreid shrugs to Roxy’s comment and smiles as he watches the two converse. While he didn’t know the exact dialect of the dragon’s ancient tongue, he could somewhat make out a few choice words that were similar to what he had learned eight hundred years ago. Still, he couldn’t tell what was being said, but he would certainly remember it all for study later. Perhaps the prince knew what was said and he could teach the old man. “Sit down, Roxanne. We are about to witness history. You’ll never receive this honor again, not in this life or the next ten.” Naturally Belgreid knew of Anaya’s weakness to rain. How could he not, after spending over a thousand years hating her so much that even as she goes to her deathbed. “Just sit and watch, kitsune. Trust me.”

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/09/2019
The woman would only make it a couple doors down from her mother’s room; her boots sliding on the runner as she turned to face the next door. Her hand would slowly reached for the brass knob which would seem to click open. She would flutter both eyelids a few times wondering how most of these said rooms were locked but what seemed to have not been touched in years. Suy pushed the wooden door with open hand, upon revealing yet another room of dust and cobwebs; yet this one seemed to have pictures on the walls of different females and one single male. Her brow perked as she slides into the room closing the door behind her as she glanced over the pictures on the wall. She shook her head when she noticed it was Jeff in every single one. The woman let a soft chuckling sound out as she then started to explore about the room taking note of the different rusted blades before seeing the claymore, rusted like the rest. Despite the urge of touching the claymore off the bat she would search around the room, peeking into the closet, the different drawers and then under the bed when she realizes there just wasn’t much that could be used. The girl would turn looking at the claymore once more before strolling up to it and running her fingers over the handle of the blade. Her small fingers would then wrap around it as she picked it up. Suryaya was determined to find her place within this family and she figured small little task would do so. She would take the claymore with her as she strapped the tarnished blade to her back for the time being. Su would then move about the chamber once more doing one last sweep before wondering towards the door and opening it to head back into the hall.

Jeff DeLaRose01/09/2019
The prince listened to her tongue, picking up on the difference in her voice, and a trying to adapt it into his dialect. "I will guide her as best as I can. Let her know that she can count on me." Jeff was embraced by the dragon, as they stared out at the city together, with a smile on his face. "Thank you for saying that. I know I don't deserve the throne. I don't want it anymore. I just want your acceptance. That's why I came home. I just wanted to see you." Jeff leaned his head on her massive, scaled leg, and spoke in a near perfect draconic twang, trying his damnest to recreate her accent. It was as perfect as a human could speak dragon, and he knew Anaya would appreciate his attempt. "Itov wux." He said, the words causing flashing in the sky, and booming decibles to play on everyone's ears. It mean "I love you" in her tongue, and even though she had tortured him, and hurt him and killed people he loved, he sat, wrapped in his mother's embrace and enjoyed the view. "My mother. Dragon of Light. New holy goddess." He rested his palm onto her snout as she pressed it to his chest, then rested his forhead to her head. "Watch over not just me. But those who held you dear. Your staff. Your family. Your subjects. Help me watch over those I love. So that I may protect our lineage with an iron fist, like you have done for so many years." Tears welled in Jeff's eyes. "Every evil act you have done to me is forgiven. I hope you forgive me too, Anaya Sin DeLaRose.

She smiled at him and his pulling off how her voice gave life to the old tounge, she enjoyed it when he did it when others it just became annoying seeing humans just chould not get the deepnees right or properly pronounce the letters. She spoke in draconic as from this day forth English would not touch her lips unless truly needed "I will protect everyone always for in every darkness there will be the light that never goes out. " she moved her nose to one more time push into his hands so he chould run his hands over her scales one last time, a large wet tear falling from her eye and splashing onto the stone of the ground. Grass and flowers of blue would grow in the water as she closed her eyes "I forgive all you have done,and all you will ever do. I will go to stovania to say goodbye to your sister and annual and send noki home, it will only take a day for me to get there maybe not even that the key to the hold door is on my desk, your old violin is in the vault along with your old scale armor . But make new stuff my son, you are a new man, and If you need anything I am always with you" she pulled her head back as she stood up her wings folding as she walked a couple long steps forword. A single rain drop his her face, the spot on her scales bubbled and burned as she knew it was time to go. Another hit her back and she gave a shake to her body the spots burning healing up almost as fast as they were made. And then with no need for a running start or with much sound she pushed with her hind legs and glared hard to give her body lift sailing into the sky. Golden dragons flew so magicly and with no time at all she was past the clouds and going west to go over the sea to stovania and go above the rain clouds.

Roxy gave Belgreid a slow nod, she didn't know what was truly going on. She only saw a man talking to a dragon that was once the queen. Her body eased back onto the rock she sat upon and continued to watch. What could they be talking about that was so historically changing? Non the less, she listened. She took notice to their facial expressions and she knew from that they were family of the sort. She even saw Anaya weap. Anaya wasn't the heartless soul that she was made out to believe. She actually loved. As a few raindrops were felt on Roxy's face, she wiped them away. It was going to rain soon and she didn't want her fur to be a matted mess. "Shouldn't we find shelter? I don't-" suddenly, she heard the movements of the large dragon, even feeling the wind from it's wings and before she knew it, the dragon was high in the air and disappearing in the clouds. The queen was leaving? Wasn't that unheard of? The queen was supposed to stay and look over the land, right? Will she ever return? There were so many questions to ask, but she didn't know if she could get the answers from just anyone. Did the old man know what was going on? He did say it was historically changing.

Grandpa Chaos01/10/2019
The old man smiled and watched the golden dragon soar off into the sky. He also shed a tear himself. It had been ages since he last saw a dragon fly, and he always was a fan of it. Belgreid knew not what was said or why Anaya was leaving, but he had a feeling that Jeff would tell him if he asked nicely. The ancient stands up and stretches, getting some kinks out of his spine. He grabs his staff and looks to Roxy. “Shall we head back to town now? It’s sure to be quite busy and loud what with the excitement up here, but we should be able to find Rarik and some proper equipment well enough.”

Jeff DeLaRose01/10/2019
His eyes lit up as she spoke. She was finally acknowledging her son's worth, and after years of abuse and betrayal, he finally had all he had wanted. The prince simply whispered as she took off flying, watching the rain begin to fall, some on her. He hadn't seen her fly since the great war, when he had rode on her back, clad in armor, to finish what they had started. "You have the heart of a god, and the soul of a warrior. Watch over us." Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose, looked at her tear pool and, knowing the power of her salty Waters of sadness, he scooped up as much as he could of it into a canteen that was in his satchel. Once he was finished, he looked at the dragon fly off toward Stov, never to return. This was the last time he would ever see her again, physically, and he knew he had to send her off with a final goodbye. Jeff, after all the years they had been through, jokingly raised a middle finger. He remembered the beach as a child. He remembered killing with her with delight. He remembered the good times, not the bad. "Fly free, Anaya DeLaRose." He said in his common tongue. Now, being allowed in the castle, he decided to utilize that later. He still needed to test his Abilities. Heading into the woods, he decided not to come back out until he had powers, unlike he had before. Then he would guide his baby sister to be a queen the Iron would be proud to have. Jeff was now, one of the biggest players in the game of survival for the Iron, and he felt a new purpose he never felt before. It was a new era. A new chapter. A long forgotten prince, was going to choose the path of the entire City. Jeff thought about this as he moved down the path, into the Dead Woods, to kill some undead, and contemplate life.

Roxy took this special view to her heart. There would probably never be a time where she would see a dragon soar in the skys. Her eyes fell back to the man that had conversed with Anaya and watched him walk off into the distance. She turned to the older man, watching him stretch his back and also she'd a tear. An emotional moment had definitely passed, though she knew not what it was. She stood up herself and brushed the dirt off her rear. "Yeah, I suppose so," she said as she looked over to Belgreid. "And yes. There is definitely excitement down there if that's what you would like to call it that..." She began to walk, her head still turned to him as she spoke. "We just need to be careful. The cultist could still be there terrorising the town. He killed two guards when I was down there."

Jace blinked slowly, confused as he watched Anaya fly away and now everyone leaving as well. The silverling sniffled as he tried to keep composure. He didn't want to be alone again. In a panic he charged behind Belgried, "Mr. Voice, Jace goes too. Queen left me all alone. Jace scared." He looked up pleading, "Please, Jace be good."

zidournLast Monday at 11:13 AM
Jace loses his hold of reality and runs off to the woods. Fading into just myth and memory. (Jace exits)

In the Snorting Boar

Seven ThundercloudLast Sunday at 2:03 PM
Seven got bored waiting outside the tavern and knocked on the door his tail flicking side to side as it unwrapped around his waist. "Um is people here I saw the door open and you let a man propped on a fox woman in. I'm also curious about who is the black Sun and why were people cheering." He said loud enough for Gus to hear before backing up a bit in case the door was flung open. He had also dropped his hood letting his face and ears be visible to whoever opens the door.

AnayaLast Sunday at 2:49 PM
there was a bang on the inside of the door as the sign on the floor moved on its own, to draw attention to it the sign that read "tavern closed"

Seven ThundercloudLast Sunday at 2:56 PM
Seven knocked again stating an obvious fact, "if your closed why did you let those two in." he said simply confused by the action of the proprietor and now getting even more curious to the actions that is going on in the town around him with everything going on right now all he can think about is how odd this town is. "either people are rude, and stare to much or they are very kind and willing to answer questions or they just mind their own business, this seems to be one of those rude peoples." he thought after knocking a little harder his curiosity getting the best of him before going to sit back down and look in his bag to see if he has anything to eat.

FoxyRoxyLast Sunday at 4:12 PM
Roxy stayed silent as the three conversed. She still felt bad for betraying they're trust and felt like she didn't deserve to say anything at the moment. What mattered to her right now was getting the prince inside so they can bandage him up. When Gus spoke down to her, Roxy's ears fell back. She didn't know how he knew about it. The only person she thought who knew about it was Ingavor. She let out a sigh and her head hung low. She wished she'd never opened that box. Her curiosity got the best of her and she was paying for it. Three people died because of her, probably a lot more. Her positive attitude had quickly deteriorated and she was now doubting herself. Would they really be able to do this? It was true they needed to think of a good plan, but Gus was making it sound impossible to gather fighters. What she didn't get was why he didn't want in on it. Wasn't he considered 'unholy' to the Black Sun? Plus, they've caused a ton of problems in his tavern. Being successful in his business, wouldn't he want them to be stopped? Once the door was opened, Roxy helped the prince inside, walking carefully and moving a few things out of their way as they found a seat. She assisted him to a chair and propped his leg up on another chair so it made it easier to access. She then would sit down herself, next to the prince, her tail coiling around on her lap, waiting to help him anyway possible. Her ears flickered to the sound of banging on the door and a nosey voice behind it, but shrugged it off, thinking he might be just another drunk.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Monday at 2:27 AM
Jeff smiled and said nodded. "Thank you Gus. I'm sorry. I wasn't aware the Black Sun had gained so much power since I was last here. I promise. Sooner or later, we will find a way to bring them down. Jeff and Roxy moved inside. He looked up to Gus, using his Telekenic ability to shut the door behind the two of them. "Your daughter-...she died a hero. She was a beautiful soul. She was one of my most true friends. She would sing while I played the violin. She had a gorgeous voice. She was one of the only good ones." He looked at the floor, bowing his head as he pulled from Roxy, and limped over to sit at a round table. "Do either of you have something that heals wound?" He said, with a grunt in pain. He motioned for Roxy to sit next to him. "Go easy on the fox. She has been through a lot." He coughed, gripping his side. "I am not making the people in the town do anything. I fucked up a cultist and they got inspired. They saw a normal woman finish the job, and wanted to feel freedom. If they want to die. That is up to them. No one is forcing anyone to fight. Honestly. I just want some dragon's breath. A cigarette. And a moment to take everything in. I literally just came back. Then I came home, saw my mother, fought some undead. A bigger undead. Powered up a bit. Beat up a cultist. And now I'm here. The cultists need to die but nothing will happen until we can ensure that we have a good enough plan. War doesn't just happen overnight." He reached his hand out to Gus for a shake. "I don't want to see anyone else die." He looked Roxy. "I dont-...know what all has changed." Then to Niv. "Ma'am. " Jeff nodded his head towards her, then looked back to Gus.
"I just want to stop seeing evil corrupt this world." Then he turned his head toward the door, hearing a man shout from outside and knock harder. Jeff yelled back. "We are having a moment in here! The fox works here and I'm a friend! It's a private conversation! Go to Everdeen's if you want a drink!" Jeff looked to Roxy, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "This woman is new here and saved many lives today. She has had a very long and tedious day. I think we could all use a drink." Jeff then looked at the giant burn mark on the wall behind the bar. "Um. Get a drunk mage in here?"

AnayaLast Monday at 10:55 PM
Gus gave a short ignoring the hand shake but not in a rude way he really did not like touching people and he had his unspoken reasons why. As the man talked gus nodded to Niv "round on the house then" Niv did her part getting the drinks and not discussing business matters with the men, she was a slave after all be it or not she was treated extreamly well for it she knew her place. Gus turned his eyes back on Jeff "darkness has been in this world for all times, it always will be, plotting war be it today tomorrow or next year it will only make a bunch of people die, I am far from one to talk about running in tusks st the ready but it has cost me more then I would want over the years. What you should do is get a scouting party, infiltrate the church, they let anyone in who says nice things about that caligula thing. Hell a little girl looked in her teens walked in there earlier today and she walked right on past all cus she said she was some speaker of the lord, bunch of hog wash but still got the girl in the door all da same. Get in there learn about them figure out there people then go from there dont rally a town that is already unstable I whould bet my tooth that your speach to them will make them act rashly and go kicking down doors already. If you are the dead prince the town and castle you knew, the people you knew died many years ago. Dont go thinking this is the same iron stone you left behind"

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 12:53 PM
Roxy watched Niv go off and get drinks and wondered if she was angry with her as well. They both had every right to be. She needed to prove to them. Prove to them that she was not just another slacker. If she really is able to take care of the Sun, maybe they might give her a second chance. She turned to the prince as he spoke and made a half smile as he defended her. He didn't even know her, but he was treating her well, like a friend would. He reminded her of Ingavor. Like him, Jeff was certainly growing on her and she had a feeling that they were going to be great friends. He really had changed her mind about royals. Maybe some of them actually do care about their people. Roxy's ears flickered to Gus's plan. It sounded great. She didn't know that the Sun were so willing to let just anyone in the church. Could this young girl that Gus spoke of be of help? She turned to Jeff. "It sounds like a good idea to me, but we need someone they don't have a face for. I'm sure the entire town knows our faces now and it would probably be a bad idea if we try entering the church. Plus, they think of me as 'unholy' or whatever, so I definitely wouldn't be able to to get in without losing my ears and I rather like my ears attached to my head," she said as her hands touched the top of her head were her ears were. "We need someone who hasn't really been noticed. Maybe Belgreid is our best bet? We could also see what that young girl, that Gus was talking about, what her plans are, if she's going to be a true follower or just a confused young one that we can manipulate."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 1:10 PM
Jeff smirked listened to the conversation. "Gus. I may not know you very well. But you are waaaaaaay smarter than anyone who works in that castle that I have met." Then he listened to Roxy and his smirk great into a smile from behind his mask. "My Gods! You both are geniuses! If I had met you lot before I died, I may have survived!" He gave a heart laugh, his voice like the harp strings of angels that played on the ears of those who listened. "This is a very different home than what I am used to." He sighed and looked at the bar owner. "I'm so used to being able to destroy armies of men. I have to get used to these new powers and this new body. And this new home." He sighed, and listened to Gus mention the girl in the church, then Roxy mentioned having Belgried go in. "No offense, but Belgried doesn't strike me as the type of man we want inside of a dangerous cult. We need someone who is unknown to the cult. You, me and this butler guy everyone keeps talking about are off the table. Belgried was noticed by the crowd, and word would probably get back to them what we all look like, him included. Perhaps we could-..."
He then heard Roxy mention manipulation and he placed a gentle hand on her shoulder again. "We do not manipulate. We are honest with those who stand with us. We will not manipulate someone into helping us, especially something as at stake as this. She could lose her life. Obviously, by walking in there, she knows the risk. So-...we ask her what she knows when she leaves. Then we get someone inside." He stroked his mask in thought. "What about one of Everdeen's girls? I'm sure they would want revenge. I talked to this soul who was a girl there. Said something about getting her throat slit by a guy in black. She's with her friends now. She's happy in Ulon. As much as I hate Caliga, it's peaceful there." He crossed his arms, looking between the two of them, while also looking at the bar, hoping Niv knew what a cigarette was and would have one upon her return. "The way I see it, it's worth a shot."

AnayaLast Tuesday at 2:24 PM
Gus gave a nod as Niv came back with the drinks and no smoke as gus picked her up once the drinks were on the counter and plopped the girl on his lap as he sat on a bar stool, Niv gave a slight grumble at the man handling and relaxed to it snuggling into his lap a little and looking at Jeff "your mother outlawed smoking shipments after you died, but we voted for it to save on a bit of cleaning, may be able to get some from the map shop owner there is said he has a couple things other than maps, just if he asks you the password just say peaches, it is the password for most places around. " she went back to being still and silent and let the men talk resting her head on her owners shoulder as he ran his giant sausage fingers in her hair softly. Gus nodded agein to nivs words " yes I guess with age comes wisdom and I have been in enough combat to know not to go kicking in unneeded doors. What you should do is go out and stake out the church building, wait for that girl to leave, see who she is and why she was there, maybe she knows more then she let's on, have not seen her in town before and we know all the locals. Or find some other towns person looking for a bit of coin to do some spy work for you, the kids in this town will even do it for copper and of the sun follow the laws of there goddess lady they wont hard a child ever. Some of them dont follow the laws but you think the higher ups whould. Do that gain your inteligance and then make a proper choice on what fighters you need to do the most damage, find support pillars in the black suns people and hit them were it counts, fighting smart beats fighting strong any day. And ya this place has changed in what 150 years since ya died, new monsters walk the woods, new people, scary shit here and there, only thing that never changed was that castle due to your mother and even now that has changed. Anaya left we are not morons she left to leave or fight she does not leave for any other reason"

FoxyRoxyLast Tuesday at 3:10 PM
Roxy gave a nod, agreeing with Jeff. "I see. Yeah, you're right. Don't think Belgreid would handle being inside a place like that very well." She flinched a little to the prince's hand on her shoulder and looked to him. "Well, manipulate meaning, convincing the woman that the cultist ways are wrong and that they need to be taken down for the good of the town." She listened to his idea about using Everdeen's girls. "I'm not sure if miss Everdeen would agree to that. She probably doesn't want to loose any more. Then again, she might want revenge, so who knows." When Niv returned, Roxy said her thank you for the drink and took a sip from it before setting it back down in front of her. She heard Gus talk about how the queen outlawed cigarettes and she couldn't help but role her eyes. So the queen could outlaw cigarettes, but she would get shipments of pearls sent to her? It was whatever. It seemed like she was gone now and to what people were saying, she might not come back. She of course didn't say anything. It was the prince's mother and she didn't want to say her opinion about her while he was next to her. Roxy looked to Gus as he spoke again. She could tell he was smarter than the usual folk around here and knew how to take on an outnumbered fight, which should give him all the more reason to join them on their quest. "Why don't you join us Gus? You know that this land would be better off without the cult. Plus, I'm sure you want to get back at them for what they do in your tavern," Roxy said to the giant man. "You've been losing money because of them as well."

Seven ThundercloudLast Tuesday at 3:18 PM
Seven stood there looking at the various building before removing his cloak then folds it neatly and stores it in the bag of holding tied to his waist before backing up to find a suitable spot to begin running as fast as he can. [activates feline agility.] he began to sprint as running toward the wall before jumping at it digging his claws into the space of the wall and begins to climb up one of the near-by buildings. Once he reached the roof he squatted and ran along it jumping roof to roof until he got close enough to jump onto the roof of the tavern, once he was settled there he began to move around till he found an unlocked window, he opened the window and went to climb in only to fall over an table near the window with a loud crash. “Shit that was loud.” The young Tabaxi thought before he went to find a spot to hide after shutting the window hoping that he can remain from being spotted long enough to figure out what was going on within Iron. “I really hope they will ignore the sound I made when I fell through the window after opening it.” He thought looking back at the mess with the small dresser knocked over and the window wide open. Normally your better than that Seven, he chastised himself in his mind as he moved swiftly through the room hoping to avoid making more noise than needed when suddenly he stepped onto a creaky floor board upon exiting one of the rooms at the end on the upper level. “crap he thought again as he failed to remain silent before spotting a ledge he can jump to, he spun and jumped to the banister before jumping onto the long 4x6 and walked along at a crouch till he got to where he can listen on their conversation.
The only thing that has the Tabaxi worried at this moment is the noise he made coming in, he hopes that they would ignore it and assume it would be from a drunkard trying to get in, which seemed like one did try to follow Seven because shortly after he got to the resting point another crash echoed from the same room that he had just left. “well that seems to be a brush of good luck he though before he squatted down and watched the people below him with curiosity, the only way he would be spotted now if they did not find him when he first fell in would be to look up and see a pair of golden brown eyes staring down at them in the darkness.


Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 10:53 AM
Jeff's enhanced hearing picked up the clanking and crashing on the roof and upstairs. He sighed and looked up, feeling the aura above them with a raised brow. He smirked and took his drink in hand. "Thank you Niv." He then knocked his head back and poured his drink down his throat with a small shudder. Instantly, his wounds healed, his torn flesh knitting itself back together as his propped up leg's pain was relieved. "Oh thank the Gods." He grunted, looking at the tear in his leather greaves. "That's annoying." Then he moved from the table, standing up and bending his legs. "Thank you, both. I appreciate it." He smiled and looked back up at the ceiling. "Gus, I think you got rodents?" He joked, pulling his blade from it's hilt. "As much as I would love to finish this conversation, I think we should pay attention to the stowaway in the ceiling." His aura flaired up, his voice turning stern, instead of cynical. "Get down here, before the bar owner tears you apart for breaking and entering!" He looked at Gus, then Roxy, then Niv. "Fuckin' Bandits."

FoxyRoxyYesterday at 12:27 PM
Roxy's big ears flickered to the crash and other sounds from upstairs. Was someone else's here? It wouldn't surprise her if there was. After all, she had a room herself here. Someone could be spying on them. What if it was another cultist?Before Gus was able to answer her question, Jeff was on his feet pointing to the stow away. There she got up herself and looked up. It was definitely not a cultist for obvious reasons, but still an intruder. Roxy looked over to the prince. "Sir, your leg... Please don't push yourself. We need to get it fixed," she said in a worried tone. Her eyes looked up to the wooden beams of the tavern's ceiling.

AnayaYesterday at 6:57 PM
Gus' eyes looked up as he gave a smile, "nah dont worry about it we got something to hand that up there, no one wise breaks into a bar owned by a demon" he gave a deep chuckle as he looked over the counter to a small dishes window "CLOD GET GINNIS" he said very loudly and very slowly. The sounds of a troll grumpily turning around and rubbing up against the wall would set even Niv slightly on edge "gro key boss man" it bellowed out as one could hear the sound of a bell in the upper halls. Guz looked to Jeff "in about five or so minutes the dog will pick up the smell, so as many know I am an Azurian Boar Demon, and in my land we have a kind of guard dog called a shelve mutt, they are large hounds used for hauling, when I was a young runt we got one as a pet for the farm we lived on, it was smaller then normal so my family was able to afford it. Have had the bugger ever since it is rather large now but it will make short work of the intruder if he does not get out fast enough. And so what will your plan for the black sun be anyway " Niv gave a look at Roxie with a devilish grin on her face the kind of grin that would make one uneasy, the sort of I know what you did kind of look, but whatever was on her mind was abruptly silence as Gus, arm became tighter around her waist line l pulling her closer to his chest as she sat on his lap.
There was a bang in the upper hall, the sound of claws on the floor and a snorting that grumbled and drooled more then anything. But it was not around yet but it was coming and it had the track of the new body in the halls and it sounded hungry.

Jeff DeLaRoseToday at 12:01 AM
He smirked at Roxy. "My leg is fine, thanks to these people!" He motioned to Gus and Niv who were sitting together in a chair, while he gave a small hop and landed back on his feet. "Haven't felt that good in years." He smirked, looking back at the ceiling, feeling the other aura up there. He listened to Gus explain what was up there, and he crossed his arms. "That is absolutely horrifying. I have literally had nightmares about things like that. I wouldn't want to be up there." He placed his sword back in it's sheath, and decided to get back on track. "Well-...I guess our plan is to get someone to go inside the church, talk to that woman who left and-..." He felt an aura getting closer to the bar. Her energy was dark and full of-...nothing? He could feel only life in her aura. No power. No emotions. Just life. He grew tense, placing his hand on his hilt, just as quick as he sheathed it. "Do you guys feel that? just got cold in here? Like-...something evil is coming?" He moved over to the window, looking outside, yet saw nothing. "maybe I'm just paranoid. Being dead a while does that to you." He joked, and moved to sit at his table, next to Roxy. "I feel like we should stop talking about our plans out loud." He looked toward the door, then the ceiling. "We got ants with ears."

Seven ThundercloudToday at 12:26 PM
Seven took off at a full sprint heading through the attic door upon hearing the demon call for something and the other saying for him to come down from his hiding spot which he was about to do when he heard something like growling off in the distance. "Screw heading downstairs." The young tabaxi thought once he heard the growling the safest place is not in the tavern he realized and starting tracing his steps out of the tavern and toward the window he came in moving as swiftly as he can once he reached the window he dived out of it and landed on the street after missing the building by a couple of inches on the landing he rolled to minimize the fall damage yet he broke his right arm. The young Tabaxi gritted in pain while he reached into his bag for his cloak he brought it to his mouth and bit down on it before pulling hard tearing a few prices off of it. He then grabbed his arm and the wrist and pulled down as hard as he could hopefully placing the bone into place before making a makeshift splint and sling from a few items in his pouch then he would wrap the cloak around his body as he tucked his ears into his hair and wrapped his tail around his waist then went off to find a library to study more about Iron, the black Sun as well as any lost civilizations around the area.

At the castle walls with Jordan

He didn't need the badge for anything anymore. He gave the guard the badge and let the guard keep the badge for himself, since its value was worth much more to those part of the surviving family of the dead guard. That was someone's family and just like it was nothing, their existence has been eradicated from the realm of the living. Hopefully the guard's family could find a bit of peace with the badge of their loved one. But this was no time to be in a state of sorrow and mourning, especially for a stranger. There was still a case at hand and now the trail was leading somewhere. Technically, everything before this lead up to something but at the time it all seemed so abstract and without any connection from one thing to another. He looked at the guard with direct eye contact. He needed to make sure his words were heard and his facial expression was clear."I need some of your men to help me figure out the root to all these mysteries. Your men have been killed in these events and many more can also turn up dead. It might be you for all we know. The body of the guard you claim this badge belonged to was severely wounded and torn apart.
They seemed to have tortured him, taking their sweet time as they killed him. The murder didn't seem to be one for fun either. It was a message to the city and to the people of the city. It was hung for everyone to see and they left their markings all over the body. I ask for your help simply because this is your people that you are meant to protect and these are the lives of your men. If you don't care about their wellbeing, then so be it. I shall go in alone on this adventure and hope for the best. But, if you wish to guarantee completion of this endeavour, 10 men is all I ask for. I don't even have to be in charge of them. I just require their aid if it comes to it." His words were filled with emotion and his face showed the resolve that burned in his heart. This was not just a case that needed to fulfill his curiosity and take his mind elsewhere. This was the balance of the city at stake here.He knew his way around a kingdom for he had traveled far and wide. If there was any way to cause a disturbance inside of a city, it began at the people and the guards. Instill fear in the hearts of the people and they will backlash at their rulers.
Instill fear in the guards and they will abandon orders as well as their brothers in arms when the situation begins to look dire. He couldn't have the kingdom he was barely getting acquainted to, to become a war zone due to some spiteful people that lived beyond the forest border. He really was hoping in his mind that he would offer him help. The way that everyone spoke of the drunk detective Marsh Maverick made him believe that no one really cared for one another in the city. The only one that truly seemed to care for Marsh were the two homeless men he slept with occasionally. He couldn't have been that bad of a guy that almost everyone that knew him thought he was a good for nothing. But he was also a dead man just like the guard. The city didn't seem like that good of a place to be in, in all honesty. From the moment he stepped in, death and poverty surrounded his every action. Hopefully the city had more to offer than just this because it was quite the depressing first impression. Perhaps the guard could provide a bit of hope to Jordan in these dark times.

January 6, 2019
The guard looked at him and raised his hand to run his fingers into the stubble that hung a little from his face, the man was just and handled things well and he did have a sense of not only urgency but valiance in his eyes. “ten men, that is a bit steep, we cant give that number sir, we need fighters here in town with all the actions that have been going around with the Black Sun members, they have been starting much things and got to hunt down some other people, we just don't have the men to spare. Now now if you go down to the stable there is a large beast down there, go give him some food or something to earn the beasts trust, he is a good boy, his name is Roger, ya ya i know odd name for an animal one of the kids named him and it just stuck and we cant change it, he will help ya and be almost as good as two whole men fighters for ya, strong thing that Roger is, good boy to, well we think he is a boy, never did find out” the man gave a chuckle as another guard called over the captain by his rank of captain “ya ya i be coming give me a sec why don't ya” he called back over to the other guards men and then turned back to the man talking to him “but yup go get that one he will help ya, be strong for ya and help you. So get that done if ya don't need anything more i got to go help guards figure out there lefts from there rights” He did not even give the man the chance to say he needed more help but for he rudely had to get pulled away to go help another guard figure things out. The man moved away and clearly was yelling at one of the other men, something to do with how they did not know how to guard a castle and how they should not be leting strangers in just due to the fact they had tits and a nice ass.

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Before he could say another word, the guard had dismissed himself. Well if that wasn't a turn of events. Not a single guard. But instead, he offered him an animal named Roger that was being held at the stables. What kind of name was Roger? This animal better have been human at one point, otherwise the owner of this Roger, did him no justice. Roger was such a weak name. Something you would name a worthless piece of scum. The first order of business would be renaming Roger to something more menacing. He couldn't imagine himself screaming Roger across the battlefield. If anything, the enemies he would face would more than likely die of laughter. It was better than nothing he supposed. With a disappointed sigh, he turned his horse away and made his way to the stables. This did give him a chance to purchase a saddle for his steed. He also needed to still name his steed. He gave it thought as he rode to the stable. But surely enough, the steed was much faster than his thoughts for he had arrived to the stables before his mind came up with a name. And then just as if that was the event for him to know the name, he spoke it out loud. "Starlight. It is perfect. Starlight is now your name girl. I hope you like it." He gave Starlight a smile, as if she would be able to see his expression or understand his words.
A sign that was hammered into the arch of the stable visibly showed that this was the correct building. Now that they were there, surely enough sounds and grunts coming from a beast were clearly audible from outside the building. "Oh boy... This is going to be a bit interesting." He dismounted from his horse and waited outside of the barn-like doors. He gripped the handle of the door tightly and began to pull, push, and slide the door until one of the motions led to the door opening. Now that the door was wide open, he turned towards Starlight and motioned his hand to bring the horse in. He closed the door behind his horse and turned once more to face and look into the depths of the barn. "Hello, is there anyone there? I am looking for a creature named Roger. I was told by the guards at the castle walls that I could attempt to earn his trust and take him under my care." He yelled out in a voice just loud enough to cover all the portions inside of the stables. "I also wish to purchase a saddle for my horse. As much as I love the direct contact with my horse, a saddle is very much a need than a want at this point." The soreness of his thighs was more than enough of a witness to the issue of riding bareback. The tugging on Starlight's mane can also play witness to the damages of bareback riding. Hopefully someone was working the stable. Even if it was this earlier in the morning, the sun was already up and people should be working.
He didn't like to be one that steals or lurks about in the shadows, but there was no way he was leaving without a saddle and without Roger. The next portion of his adventure would be in the depths of the forest and if these forests were anything like the ones back on the islands he was at before the ship ordeal, the movements would be sharp and need quick reaction timing. That meant a saddle with reigns was a necessity. And the unknown of these forests required Roger's help too, regardless to what kind of creature Roger was. He hadn't spotted him yet, but he sure as hell could hear him.

January 7, 2019
In the stable the whole place was all wood and looked rather rustic, it looked kinda nice as a coupel stable hands shovels hay to the horses and piled out the fung from the pens. Some pens held things like horses and other pens held large dragonoid like beasts that had big reptilian heads and saddles on there backs, small wingless dragon mounts would be the easy way to describe them. And there in the back as the name rogger was said poped up a head. A head that was dark blue and had a very long neck, it let out a screech like sound as one of the stable boys covered there ears and pointed “Roger stop it, no meal time is later you dont eat every day!” it yelled at what looked like a bird but at the same time was...covered in fur with large cat like ears and a armored bill. It snaped its jaws as its head looked and turned to glance at Jordan, its bright eyes looked at him as it moved its long
elongated body to almost slither over, it was a wyvern, a large about twenty foot long wyvern like beast that was covered with dark blue fur with red markings and giant legs and claws. One of the stable boys moved as Roger nuzzled his head into the man almost looking tender at the same time it was scary. “oh you want rogger well here he is, strong hide on this one i am guessing you are takeing him out for some fighting, he needs it, his wings are geting cramped and he could use some exercise. So Roger here is a Nargacuga, they are a rare wyvern like beast from up in the mountains and tall treed jungles, really they just like to be out and about now he cant fly seeing he broke his left wing a couple years back but he is rather strong for walking. Wont let ya ride him less you can prove to him you have a heart of gold but never know they say if ya ear a Nargacuga trust it is a loyal friend for life” the Nargacuga moved its head and looked at Jordan again as it took a step foreword lowering its head down to look him in the air, god its breath smelled of dead fish and bad choices, just so much bad in there from this bird like beasty. It let out a light squeak as it moved its head up and down examining the one that came here to seek it out “smart one he is so watch what ya say to, he can understand english rather well, smarter then some of the other stable hands around here, he is good at pulling them for a good loop every now and again, he hits hard with his claws and wing slaps and also be watchful of the tail like all them wyverns he has a barb there he can shoot out li
like a spear at an enemy, he can regrow the spear and it takes about half an hour to do so but he is a good shot with it. He also can use his back feet for claws if he gets a good jump with it and he has a killer bite, strongest thing he has going for him, you see Nargacuga have this naturally hardened beak, so it is like it is a steel clamp there on his face like a super snapping turtle. If there is anything else you want to know about him please ask, i raised him since he was a weep pup when we pulled him out of a broken nest, the wolves were trying to eat the little guy, could not let that happen. ”

Well, it was certainly not what he expected from a beast named Roger. But it was an amazing beast either way. He did not know of any Nargacuga back in the lands he hailed from. This was certainly a new sight for him even in his thousand plus years of life. It was refreshing that the world still had new things to see and new things to offer him. He listened carefully to all the hands in the stables and watched the motions of Roger closely. He looked over to the stable hand that said he wouldn't feed Roger today for it didn't eat every day. "I am not sure about you, but I sure do like to eat everyday. I am sure that Roger would also like a meal every day. Feed him please. Or at least hand me the food he likes and I will feed it to him. I will happily pay for the food too. After all, if I am going to be partners in arms with Roger, I need him at his strongest and well fed. And what better way to say hello to someone, than with a bit of food for their bellies." He offered Roger a smile as he began to step closer to its pen. He extended his hand towards Roger, hoping to place the palm of his hand on his neck to feel the Nargacuga's fur.
He locked his own deep blue eyes with the beast's red eyes as he approached confidently and calmly. If he would let him, he'd gently caress his neck to feel the softness or roughness of the fur. Its fur was a dark blue, which was already a bonus. Blue was Jordan's favorite color. It was a meaningless bonus, but a bonus nonetheless. He really wish Roger had a different name though. Roger was still not a badass name. But at the same time, maybe this Nargacuga could change his mind. "Also, while I am here..." He turns his head in the direction of his horse for a few seconds as he spoke. "I need a saddle and reins for my horse. Her name is Starlight. I am not sure how the paperwork works here, but she is a wild horse I tamed not too many days ago. I want something comfortable for the horse but also provides me with a means to maneuver with her easily. We are heading into the forest for a bit of an investigation. Last thing I wish is to sprint directly into a tree due to bad reigns."
He set his attention back on Roger and waited now for the stable hands to give him the food to feed Roger. It surely was a bit intimidating being in the presence of such a massive beast. He listened closely to the battle capacity of Roger and it was quite the impressive feats he had under his belt. The bite of the beast was apparently the most damaging part about him. Within his own mind, he couldn't decide if getting bitten by his jaws or shot at by his tail would be a worse way to go. But then again, it was probably best for him to find out by seeing it firsthand on someone else. It was a shame that his wing was damaged and couldn't allow him to fly. This was a beast meant to venture the skies and yet here it is, grounded and locked away in a stable that didn't even feed him every day. It seemed like a sad fate, but it appeared that Roger was happy.

Roger looked at the man as he talked about feeding it, one way to gain the heart of any animal was surely with food, and he was always hungry, they would not let him eat every day here as he would surely eat them out of house and home in no time at all. Roger gave a grunt like chitter and pushed its nose into the man of the man, moving its head so the mans hand slid down its neck over its smooth fur. It was really odd fur, not like a dog but it was fur made of small little thin feathers that looked like it was covered in fur. Under the fur like coating was a thick layer of soft blue under coat, a thick downy layer of feathers to keep Roger protected from the weather and the cold but also he could shed it out to keep himself cool in the heat of the summer. As the hand went down the strength in Rogers neck could be felt as his muscles flexed with even the movement of its head, it was a beast made for fighting,for power and even more so made for thinking, there was so much thought and life in its eyes, a soul within an animal that made it different from others, it was a draconoid they all were intelligent even the smaller ones so it picked up his words rather fast. As he said he needed a saddle Roger moved its tail to lift a saddle off one of the rails on the wall and then move the saddle to drop on its back and then tumble down its ring to the stable hand. “what you want him to have that one, that is a mighty good saddle it is not cheap ” Roger gave a snarl as it lowered its eyes to the stable hand lifting the sides of its lips its metallic looking hardened beak shimmering in the light of the barn “fine fine i get the point i will sell it for a good price, keeping me honest old chap” Roger let out a snort as it lifted its head, it was not
old, it was only five years old, darn stable hand. The stable hand lifted the saddle and propped it up onto one of the rails to keep it from getting dirty and at the same time not having it so it would topple over and get broken or scuffed “will be four gold shill and twenty silver for the saddle and food, roger eats beef and goat mostly but the bugger loves fish, it is a little harder to get seeing we are so inland but we have goat from the other day you can have once payed i will go grab it for ya and you can get some get to know time with the big blue monster” he gave a smile to Roger as he moved his hand up to give a couple good thumping pats to the beasts side. Roger gave a snort and looked back towards the man.

The fur was soft. It was an odd feeling for sure, but it was a welcomed one. It had the shade of blue even upon its skin. It was amazing that from its fur to its skin was a shade of his favorite color. The stiffness of the beast's neck muscles were quite impressive too. Feeling the muscles surely placed his prior thoughts to rest. He surely would not wish to be the meal of a beast with muscles like this in its neck. On top of that, the stiffness of the peak would not be so pleasant at clean cuts either. This beast was surely strong by nature and probably stronger than the common Nargacuga. He didn't really have any sound evidence to support this claim of his, but he had hope that maybe these stable hands raised it to be better than the average wild Nargacuga. Or at the very least, just as strong as one from the wilds. He removed his hand from Roger's neck in order to reach into the money pouch that he had tied and placed upon his waist. He took out the four gold and twenty silver that was needed to purchase the saddle for his horse and the food he wished to feed to Roger. He counted the coins slowly to make sure he was paying in the exact amount and didn't overpay or underpay these gentlemen. He placed the coins in the hands of the stable hand and watched as the stable hand worked around to place the saddle on his horse and the food near Jordan.
He stepped to Starlight to make sure that his horse was being taken cared of in the utmost care. He would check the reins of the horse as well as the tightness and comfort of the saddle. He didn't wish for his steed to feel discomfort in any way. He smiled softly as he watched around the stable, taking steps back towards Roger. "Maybe I can get you a new name. Roger doesn't really fit you. It isn't intimidating nor as powerful as you are. But we can worry about that once we are out of here." He whispered the words in secret to Roger. He didn't wish for the stable hands to hear him and throw a fit for discarding such an 'amazing' name as they might deem it to be. But hopefully Roger wanted a name change too. Hopefully he could understand Jordan's sentiment to give him a fitting name to live with. A name that would strike fear into the hearts of those who heard it. Maybe something like Veldora Everest. That seemed intimidating enough in Jordan's head. Now if only Roger would approve it is the real question. But, all in due time. He still had to feed Roger the food the stable hand was still busy gathering together.

Roger looked back at the stable for one second to see how everything was going back there and he felt pain to leave but he understood he was needed for things. He moved his head to push his maw into the chest of the stable hand as the mans arms went around him “you keep the man safe ok, you will come back here, don't worry it is not like i will ever get a real job Roger i will always be here for you” Roger gave a werrr sound as he nuzzled his big head into the man, his head was almost the size of the poor guy as he moved to pick up the half a goat the stable hand had pulled form the back. There was only half the goat there but it still was holding rather well together even if it was missing its lower half. The Nargacuga nodded and turned walking along side the horse with the goat in its maw and not eating it till it was told it could. Raised in captivity did that to animals they learned things and knew that eating it before told was a bad thing. Roger was a good beast even if he was a odd one and one more on the rare side then the normal mount. As he walked his one wing gave him a slight limp but it did not halt his speed any as he easily kept up with the horses walk or even its trot and if needed roger could run and gallop to keep up with the steed no matter what place they would go, he did enjoy the trip as he walked beside the white holding the goat still and then pauseing to look at the man on the horse, he gave a grunt as he held up the goat a kind of can i eat this ask, Rogers red eyes looked to the man as he flicked his large tail back and forth eyeing the horse as well, if he was a wild animal he would have tried to eat it but he was not wild and not dumb to eat his companions horse

He mounted up on his white steed, Starlight. The saddle was not only good to the horse, it felt really good to him too. It surely was worth the price that he had paid for it. The texture of the saddle showed the craftsmanship of the one responsible for making such fine leather work. He tighten the grip of his legs on the horse to stay firm as the horse began to move about. "Thank you gentlemen for all the help. I hope my business was not too much of a hassle." He gave them a kind smile and looked over to Roger. "You can eat your food instead of just holding it in your mouth boy. It won't do anything for you unless you devour it." He chuckled a bit as he spoke to Roger, having already noted that this beast had high intelligence and surely understood his words. He waited for Roger to finish swallowing the goat half before beginning to speak to Roger about the situation he found himself in. "Okay so, we are going to the forest because there has been a chain of mysteries involved with a corpse at Hang Mans Tree. You are my backup. Unless you see me in danger of something, do not engage in fighting anything. I do not want you to be harmed because of me. You will fulfill the purpose of looking scary so we can avoid confrontations that are not needed. I hope that makes sense to you."
The more he spoke to the beast as if it was another human being with the capability to converse, the more he felt a bit embarrassed that he actually was trying so hard to make the beast understand the reason for his recruitment. He shook his head slightly when he finished talking, hoping that would make the feeling of embarrassment leave his body. He firmly grasped the reins to his steed and pulled slightly to turn the steed towards the exit of the stable. The gates were already opened thanks to the stable hands, so exiting the stable was a breeze the moment he turned about. Starlight slowly walked out of the stable and with a small kick to the sides, she began to widen her stride, building her speed as Jordan directed her to the other side of town along the treeline to where the guard had claimed the chalice belonging to Sir Marsh Maverick was found. Closely to the south east of Jordan's back was Roger running closely behind. The sight was surely an abnormal one for sure. A man on a white horse followed by a dark blue beast that was almost three times the size of the pair. The trip was not long. These two beasts under Jordan's command were extremely agile and made massive terrains almost instant travel.
The day was still young given all that has occurred so far. Thank goodness too, investigations during the night were not something to desire. "Alright, time to enter the forest. I am not sure how good your scent is, but maybe you can sniff out a blood trail." He motioned his horse forward, slowing being engulfed by the treeline. "Also, your name isn't Roger anymore. That name has no style to it. So for now on, I will call you Veldora. It sounds way better than Roger in my opinion. The choice is ultimately yours though." He spoke aloud as he kept casually advancing through the forest, trying to find a trail of any kind. The forest was silent for the most part besides Jordan's random chatter that held no purpose but to keep his ears from ringing.

Roger looked to the man as he said he could eat the goat and within two big snaps of his beak the goat was gone as he swallowed it hole much like a bird would eat. And he trotted with his head held high till they got to a abrupt halt and started into the wood line. As he talked to roger and gave him a new name roger gave a snort and nodded his head, even if he thought the name was kinda female sounding he would deal with it rather then roll out his junk to show the male that he was in fact male as well. He talked on how Roger was not alowed to attack things, how he was to protect and guard but not attack, wasn't that his job to attack things, did this guy not see the fact Roger could clearly hold his own ageist many a thing. He shock his head licking up the blood that was on his face and kept going on his way nodding to not fighting or things like that, he would be scary and really he did look the part and when he really tried he could make even brave souls turn tail and bolt, As they got to a stop and a cross road Roger stopped as he let out a loud screech like sound and turned on the path his nose to the ground. There was some foot prints aged into the ground that seemed to lead off into the distance. He pointed with his maw and gave a low grumble to get jordans attenthion. He took his tail bending it around and pointed it at the scuff marks in the ground at what looks to be something heavy was dragged here, and then pointed off into a wood line on were they went, the wood line dark and creepy looking and the trees were very close together, going in there meant Roger would make a lot of nose breaking branches and geting past the bush. There was a path around it and it would take longer and it was nearing the road to Mill mire the next town over so chance of running into someone was higher but it would be quieter and more of a smooth trip and less chance to deal with hidden woodland beings.

He looked around for a bit at the intersection that he had found himself upon. He looked down the trails to see if he could see where they led, but before he was able to investigate the entire area, Veldora had caught his attention. On the ground were markings of something being dragged off. The markings were not fresh either. "Good job Veldora. You really did come in handy. Thank you." He gave Veldora a smile and then stepped towards the treeline. There was too many objects packed together for Veldora to get through without alerting the being ahead. This was going to be an issue, until Jordan had an idea. "Veldora, I am not sure how well you're climbing skills are, but if you follow straight behind me, you'll have some trouble remaining quiet. So what I want you to do is to climb up onto the top of the treeline and follow me from up there. You won't be running into as many small branches up there as in comparison to down here. Maybe you can leap from tree to tree. But if you can't, screw it and just follow me closely on the ground. We have to stay close to these tracks or everything so far will be for nothing. I do hope you understand."
He offered a smile before turning his head away from Veldora and kicking Starlight off into the deep forestry. If only Veldora was able to fly, then things would be so much easier to get in and out of the area undetected. The only way someone would notice them is if they looked up, and not many people ever looked up even if they saw a massive shadow above them. The evil look of the trees could turn the stomachs of even the bravest warriors. The dead looking trees, the shadows and darkness that the forest produced, the absence of light in the further depths, all added to the thought that this forest was nothing but trouble. A breeding ground for demons, monsters, and creatures of the night. But this was nothing in comparison to the many years of darkness he faced in the captivity of another. Right now, the woods was more of a beautiful meadow than a scary forest that could be housing hundreds of killers and murders. He lifted his hand towards his eyes, having to block the branches from poking at him. This damn forest was so dense.
But the tracks kept going forward for more and more distance, so he kept going for more and more distance. What would be at the end of these tracks was the only thing that was on Jordan's mind. Was it possible that these tracks would lead to nothing and were just coincidence that they were there? He tried to remain hopeful that this would lead to something. The slow trotting of Starlight was a bit boring, but he had to keep the pace slow to prevent Veldora from falling behind. The only noises that could be heard was Starlight's footsteps and the movement of Veldora. Everything else was quiet. There was no sound of wildlife, wind, or the natural movement of nature. It seemed odd really. It was these kind of moments where something would jump out to give a fright but it would just be a dumb crow or deer that seemed out-of-place with the rest of the forest.

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As the man talked the newly named, Veldora looked at him, he tilted his head still wondering if the man knew his oddly feminine name was given to a male beast. He let out a squawk as he moved to his side lifting up a wing as he showed off his junk to the male on the horse, giving a unhappy sounding grumble before snorting. He had not one but tow hemipeens much like any reptile would have even if he was covered in feathers he still had the needed junk all tucked away that a reptile would have. But then he lowered his wing as he was sure Jordan got the point he was showing i am a male and then he turned to look at the trees, they were large enough to support him but there would be just made as much noise up there form broken branches and falling sticks that it would not serve as a better way to get around as walking on the ground would. Veldora turned as he gave a nod and with his wings he moved to use his claws on the ends of his wings to grip hard into the tree trunk moving to jump bit by bit up the tree, favouring his left side as the other wing stung a little from his actions. As he went jumping from one tree to another he hit one tree trunk hard and let out a screech in pain as the pain shoot into his wing and he had no choice but to descend from the trees, really he was not doing a good job of being quiet up there anyway, there was branches snapping and his big bulk made it so he hit every branch even on the way down the one tree. He got to the ground and carefully now very much so favouring that wing walked on the earth enjoying this better then he did the tree hoping. Walking he made as much nose smashing down bushes and lightly grumbling the whole way as they went into what seemed to be darkness.
But then in the distance there was a little light and the small sounds of hooves on a rock, it was laying there, sleeping on the rock giving cute little Innocent blats wall it let out every breath, a bright little red hat on its little white glowing body made it really stick out in this dark place as maybe something of good, but also it could be something of bad drawing in the weak and tasty. But then Veldora gave a growl at it the little thing opened its eyes and looked at the party of what seemed to be toss away travellers. But travellers were just that and all needed to be given happiness and randomness, unless they were bad or it was in a bad mood, or it just felt like it, then never know, but with its head now held high the little glowing goat with the red hat gave out a mighty blaaaat and trotted its feet on its stone and look at them. Veldora paused as it felt no danger from this little thing and it sat down so Jordan could have time with whatever this thing was and or deal with it as needed.

Heart of Stone Campaign

Watching Ingavor hand over the bottle, she simply remained where she was. As he wrapped his arm around her however, she couldn't help but smile a bit bigger, looking up at him as he explained their 'story'. Not yet, she scoffed to herself, He is a bold one, I will give him that. Its too cute seeing him try so hard. Looking back to the man, she nodded to Ingavors statement of being a good cook, "He is quite the cook indeed. Such a wide variety of things this one can cook. I surprised he isn't working for a large restaurant yet." She giggled and shrugged, "But he is more of the adventurer type anyway, so I let him do what he wishes."

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He smirked listening to Desdemona's words, and improvised some more. His voice became soft and sweet. "You know that if I worked in a restaurant, that would mean far less time with you, dearest, and honestly, who wants to be away from you, Gilda?" He gave a wink, his arm around hers giving a playful squeeze. Turning back to the man, he asked gently. "I got fruit, some tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, some dried meat, some hare meat, and plenty of spices. I can easily make a delicious meal with this. If you don't mind that?" Ingavor had straight white teeth, which he flashed in a smile, while standing arm and arm with Desdemona. "It's your choice if you want company, if not, we will he on our way."

The man poked his head back into the tent, “you want some food my sweet? No it is not rare, wait let me check i know i know just how you like it” he poked his head back out of the tent “you guys can cook the meat rare right?” he shoved his head back in the tent “no no love, my sweet, they will make it however you like it i am sure. No they seem friendly, they don't seem like enemy's, they will be nice to them, shhh shhh dont talk like that we will go over that later, i am being rude let me talk with them my dear” he then pocked his head back out of the tent his eyes a little glassy but all put together as he nodded his head “so sorry about that he can talk my ear off i tell ya, big apatite on that one, you sure you have enough food. And a little shy, he wont come out”

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"Erm-...yes sir. I have plenty of food and wine. I can cook anything in anyway that you want. If you don't mind me asking-...who is Theodore? I don't seem to hear him in there. Is he sick? I'm quite good with my knowledge on medication and first aid. Would you like me to take a look at him?" Ingavor looked at Desdemona, squeezing her arm once, again, and letting go, taking a single step forward. "I hope everything is alright." He couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, and fought the urge to slice the man in two out of fear of him being a bandit. He put his hands up. "You can trust me. I promise. I just wanna help. " He spoke in a calming tone, hushing his voice with velvet intent.

She had also been wondering who this Theodore individual was, but apparently Ingavor beat her to the question. Something had seemed off since they arrived, but it was none of her place to question it unless she felt threatened in anyway. This man seemed a bit on the nutty side, but also seemed harmless enough, and that was good enough for her. Tilting her head slightly, she reached up and patted Ingavors back, "Now now.. if they needed help, I am sure he would've asked for it by now dear. What does sound good is a good meal and some wine. I don't know about either of you, but something to eat certainly sounds good to me." It was partially true. She could very well eat something, but she had also gone much longer in between meals. If they were to gain the other parties trust, she assumed a simple sit down meal together was the way to do it.

His eyes looked at the mans hand as he got the question about who Theo is and he looked back into the tent for a moment before looking back at the happy couple “oh Theo is my um, companion, lovers if you would say it, very shit as he gets some odd looks from people when we come out, if you want i can try to convince him to come out to see you both, but you cant laugh at him or make rude comments, he is just, he is just a little shy is all” he nodded his head “no we are not sick, sometimes Theo coughs but he is just wanting the attention and to get me all panties in a bunch over him, he likes it when i cuddle him, a big softy that one is, if he is not eating or loving with me we are simply snuggling and watching the sun set from inside our barrier” he took a crawl fully out of the tent flap as he sat there looking at them both looking at the one but at the other one and then back and forth. "you both look so cute, young love is such a tender thing "

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"Sir, my face is unmasked at all times, Theodore cant come anywhere close to my hideous monstrosity of a face." He joked, hearing Des interject begind him, patting his back. She called him 'Dear' and he wanted to faint. He knew she was just keeping up the charade but he couldn't help but smile like an idiot. "You'll get no funny looks from either of us. We are respectful travelers." He listened to the man talk about his love for Theodore, and heart started to flutter. Love was a rare thing to find. Not arranged marriage but true love. He hoped one day to find it. He walked a few feet over to the empty fire pit, adjacent to their camp and grabbed a rock, and pulled out his dagger on his belt in the back and struck it against the rock. Sparks flew from it and ignited the wood in the pit, causing a fire to form almost instantly. He raised his hands to it, giving a warmth to his hands that he hadnt felt in some time. The man talked about young love as he holstered his dagger and walked back to Desdemona, wrapping his arms around around her waist and pulling her gently close to him. "That's us. True love and all that." He smirked, looking to Desdemona's eyes with a genuine smile. He knew that they were just acting to rouse suspicion, but he wanted to keep playing this part forever. He never even touched a woman's waist like this before, and felt himself begin to blush, again. He let go after a few lingering seconds before shooting an apology glance toward his companion, hoping she wouldn't hit him for that later. "Theodore can come drink with us and eat. I'd love to meet him."

Listening to him talk about his love for Theodore made her look down, painting a soft smile on her face, "Aww.. so cute.." Ugh I think I am going to be sick, she commented to herself, Love is all well and good, but good grief.. Glancing behind her to see Ingavor strike up the fire, her smile widened as she looked back, "I have no ill things to say to you or your partner, sir. You have my word." Looking over this barrier again, she darted her eyes from side to side, finding it interesting, "Is this barrier you have simply for protection from others, or does it keep out the elements as well?" She giggled before looking back to the man, "I only ask because if there is a way for me to learn such a technique, I think I would go on many more camping trips. The weather can be--" She was cut off as Ingavor wrapped his hands around her waist. Her entire body tensed up for only a split second before she realized what was happening. It had taken everything in her power to keep her ears from lifting from their hiding place. She looked up at Ingavor and with a smile before looking back, "--weather can be a bit of a pain, but if you have a barrier such as this to keep it out, even the rainiest of days can seem like a whole new world."

He nodded his head as he looked at them “just be sure not to laugh or call him things, he is shy, good man but shy ok” he moved slowly along the ground to crawl back over to the tent flap undoing the bottom to reach in with one arm and grab something. He could reach in with one hand and grab something....what could be grabbed with one hand. As he did he pulled out a small brown bear and sat the bear down beside him as the bear shimmered in the moonlight. The bear was wet...really wet... and glassy as it sat there on the ground. It looked like a normal bear, but it had a glimmer to it and bright gemstones in its eyes, it was clearly a magical item of a rather good amount of power. “This is Theo he is my lover, we share much time together,, Theo they look like a lovely couple, they will last longer then that god, don't be rude” he picked up the bear and held it in his arms and rocked it softly “there you go my love, hush now and be safe” he moved his hand to run his fingers along the bears neck as the bears eyes shimmered, bright blue gemstones for eyes on a magical sopping wet teddy bear. Eyes that seemed to hold life within them, something was in there, something clearly was talking to the mans even if no one else could hear it.

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Ingavor justed looked to the man and then the bear, then Desdemona. Then the bear, then the man, then the bear, then Desdemona, then the bear one last time. "I-....uhm. Nice to meet you, Theodore." He looked at Desdemona with a concerned look and raised a brow. "I'd shake your hand but-...I'm not much of a toucher." That is a semen soaked teddy bear. Ingavor thought to himself, yet tried not to be rude. But he could feel the magic inside it. Regardless of it being a teddy bear, it was powerful and mysterious. He couldn't possibly imagine the power within such an item, but he digressed. "How long-....have you two been...." He looked to Desdemona. "I'm sorry-....I can't." He looked back to the man. "You are fucking a magical teddy bear?!"

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 5 Sad_teddy_bear_by_worldii-d5h82ak

Seeing the teddy bear, she tilted her head to the side, giggling softly as the man cradled it as his own, "You two make a lovely--" Cut off once again by Ingavor, her jaw dropped as she looked at him in shock. Is he insane?! We don't even know what kind of power this item has and he is going to insult the one who carries it and can probably channel its power?! "Damn it Ingavor!" Not taking any chances with a powerful artifact and the nutcase holding it, she darted her hand out and caught Ingavor by the arm. He would feel the entire cosmos drop out from under him as she used her powers, thrusting them from the campsite into the land of darkness. As they entered, her ears lifted from their hiding place, tail uncoiling itself and eyes lighting up in a pure gold blaze. The darkened view of the campsite, of the entire surrounding area, seemed to snap past them as their bodies seemed suspended in the air. A few seconds later, but also what seemed like an eternity, their bodies reentered the world now only a mile or so away from Dorlomin. As they reentered, she lost control of Ingavor and herself, both tumbling like ragdolls in what appeared as thick, black smoke. Slamming into the ground, she toppled again and again before skidding to a stop. Once the smoke cleared, she groaned, ears lowering in pain and irritation, "Damn it!" Forcing herself to her feet, she stumbled a bit, scanning around for Ingavor in a daze, "Are you insane?! You couldn't just hold your tongue, you daft bastard?!"

(reproduction for portal sickness, the character Desdemona is now cursed with portal sickness her curse is, fools eyes, the gods have given her a fools gaze she now sees worthless items as valuable and valuable items as worthless, coins gems and all the matters of are worth rocks and stones to her and stones rocks and mundane items are worth as much as the highest prized gems. This curse will cause the character to give or get rid of there own wealth, as well as pick up things that mean nothing to them and hoard them to there person like they are worth something. It will also cause the person to believe that mundane worthless items can be used the same as gold would being sold for items, food and drink and anything a golden coin would be sold for. Admin note, that teddy bear, is a mundane item, just so you know :P)

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He, without warning was flung into time and space itself, as the floor dropped out from under his feet. He went to yell for help, but he couldn't even make a sound, even as they were flung miles away from where they were. He fell from the black space into the grass with a thud. "Oof!" He grunted, as he watched Desdemona land too. Then she stood up and over him, instantly scolding him for asking the man if he was screwing a bear. "Oh excuse me, madam. I think it's a tad bit foolish to entertain a fruity nut loon while he holds a semen soaked inanimate object. Sorry for trying to be the voice of reason. I felt his power. He was harmless...mostly. You didn't need to launch us away!" He grunted and stood up, sighing. Scratching his head, he looked around at where they were. "Powerful item or not, he literally stuck his member inside of it. I'm not going to sit there and pretend that this man had any idea what the bloody hell he was talking about. " He stood on his own two feet, and reached down, picking up his knapsack off the ground. "Yelling at each other won't fix the fact that we are in a completely different area. I hope youre okay. " He could feel something different in the air. As if something was leading him. It was coaxing him toward the forest. "Do you-...feel that?" He muttered, grabbing Desdemona by the hand, gently. "Come on!" He said, moving passed the trees, hoping Des didn't fight her way behind him. "I can feel this being. It's so calm. It's like-...a happy aura." He raised a brow, feeling this energy only once every winter season. "I think I just found the answers to our problems." He smirked and looked back at Desdemona, hoping she wasn't to angry. "I'm not the smartest man, but I know when to follow energy, and when to run." As they walked, he sighed. "I'm sorry. I've just-...that was a first for me back there."

There was a little face in the tree line, little white eyes and small white horns poked form its head as it trotted out from the tree like like a proud triumphant...goat, it was a goat a rather cute one to with a small red hat on its head and a pom pom on the tip of it, it let out a loud Blaaaaat trying and almost looking like a lion, it surely thought it was a lion. It gave another Blat as it hoped from the rock and hoped around the ground not a care in the world at all, not a worry in the sky for the little care free glowing blue shiny goat with the little red hat. Its white eyes looked up at its new found friends as it tilted its head and then just looked at them there was intelligence in its little white hues as it moved its tongue sticking it into its nose for a second and then flopping it out the side “blaa bla bla bla blaaaa” it said softly as it moved closer to Ingavor rubbing its head on the side of his leg its little tail shakeing back and forth filled with happy glee “Baaaaldick”

Seething with anger at his complete lack of understanding, she took one step as he grabbed her hand and began leading her into the forest. As she took the step, she yipped in pain before collapsing onto a knee. Looking down, she lifted her cloak, seeing that her ankle was swelling and quickly, "Damn it all to the underworld!" Ripping her hand from his, she reached down to massage the quite clearly sprained ankle. How he managed to avoid injury from such a crash landing was beyond her, but she was in too much pain to ask questions. "If you are taking me into that damned forest, you are going to have to carry me.. I cant stand back up.." Sighing with a shake of her head, she glanced over at a rock. A rock. A... rock... Eyes glossing over slightly, she slowly reached out to it, her hand shaking. She wanted it. She wanted the rock.. No.. not a rock.. It was GOLD! Lunging forward, the twisted ankle reminded her of the pain she was in, snapping her back into reality. Having grasped onto the rock, she looked down at it, hissing through her pain, "A damn rock?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" She threw the item away from her, snapping her eyes back up at him, "Get me out of--" As the little goat appeared and began rubbing itself against Ingavor, she tilted her head, her ears lowering in defeat, "And this is how I die.."


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Ingavor turned around, watching her drop to her knees, and instantly, Ingavor stopped petting the goat and went over to her. "Oh gods. I'm so sorry! I didnt mean to do that." He noticed her look at the rock as if it had value and knew instantly. He listened to her demand and nodded. "Sure. Whatever you need." He said, reaching down and scooping her up into his arms with ease, then he took a step back toward the goat. Once it rubbed him the first time, he knew it was magic and felt it longing for him to ask for something. He held Desdemona gently in his arms, as if she weighed nothing, and looked to her. "You have some sort of portal sickness. It happens. The God's are funny creatures that way." He then looked at the goat, giving a paitent smile. "Hello little friend!" He smiled, using his telekenic energy to open his knapsack and out floated an apple and an empty can. "I don't have much, but you're welcome to it." The fruit and garbage dropped on to the ground. "I wish that I could cure you, Desdemona. I'm sorry I got you into this situation. I wish I was more powerful, that way, you wouldn't need to use portals. It's my fault. I wish I got you that bear from the man, so you wouldn't have gotten hurt like this. I'm so sorry." He stared toward her, his eyes full of remorse, even as he looked down at the goat. He used his left to brush it. "there there, little fella." He said, nudging the can and apple over to the goat with his foot. "Eat up, friend."

“Baldrick” it said loudly as it moved and grabbed the can chomping it down and then giving like a coughing sound as it paused a moment, its gut clenched as it coughed and coughed and then with a big cough spat up a shiny little gemstone, a diamond, it just spat up a diamond pure as one would find deep in the mines. It gave a blaaat and licked over its face as he muttered on about how he wished...the goat paused as his words whispered from his lips, wish, it liked wishes, it hoped over to them both as it moved and rammed sternly its head into Ingavor's leg, instantly it was like lighting was in the mans body as his mystic powers made him see all kinds of rainbows, abstract shapes, trash made large and what looked like a slice of does not exist in this world so ya there is that) there was large mounds of food and potatoes floating in the air with wings and duck bills, there was a sheep with a dress on giving Ingavor the fuck me eyes. There was a pig with a eyeglass and what looked like a smoking pipe, there was a sun with a baby's face and marshmallow blows for clouds, and there was another goat that was green running all jolly in a grass field screaming out the word Baldrick at the top of its little goat lungs and blating to the heavens. The abstract mystic sight ended as Ingavor did not have any feelings of pain, brain trauma and his nose was not bleeding, and he felt, really fucking happy, like the sky was made of rainbows happy (you have aura of happiness you and all around you feel immense joy for some reason or another but they have no idea why, last 2 rounds) there was no pain, never any pain, Desdemonas leg was healed fully, no pain at all, the goat did not cure her curse but at least it would make her and Ingavor forget it for the time being, being helpful, that was its goal in life, the helpful seasonal goat of jolly laughter and blood rain, happiness, so much happiness.

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He looked at the diamond and smirked, using his aura to pick up the diamond with telekenic energy, and placing it in his knapsack before Desdemona could see it and toss it away from him. He then strapped his bag and felt the goat ram into his leg and in a split second-...what the hell? He looked at everything all at once, not knowing how to process it. The sun. The goat screaming Baldrick. The sheep trying to seduce him. Wait? The sheep?! That was a new one. Ingavor watched the Pig inhale his pipe, and exhale smoke. So many different things were happening and usually Ingavor would be confused and on edge but yet, he was happy as all hell. He couldn't shake that feeling. Even as he came back to the real world, he stared at Desdemona, completely forgetting that she was mad at him.
"You're so incredibly beautiful. You know that? I've never met anyone as beautiful as you." He has a large smile on his face with glossed over eyes. "The world is great right now." He moved his hand up, brushing a strand of Des's hair behind her ear, his aura far to tripped our to even read her memories, this time. "There is so much sadness in the world. But not here. Never here, not with you. You don't make me feel pain." He was still holding her in his arms above the ground, as he felt his happiness grow. "I can't get over how amazing you are. I'm so thrilled to even be in this forest with you. And-...." He looked at the goat,deciding to name it. "Baldrick here." He smiled, using his aura to Pat the goat on the rump. He decided to try something else out, noticing the diamond and the magic aura that came from the animal. "Can you-...make me more powerful so I can have a better chance of survival?" He asked, his smile never leaving his face. "I don't know if you can, but I must ask." Telekenic patting insuded somemore as he looked in it's eyes. "Baldrick? Can you increase my power? I have more cans for you! Please? If not, that's fine. Everything is so wonderful as is. I just need to ask."

As if her pain had suddenly and without logical reason leave her entirely, Des opened her eyes, looking down at her ankle. The swelling had vanished. Reaching down, she hesitated a moment before grabbing it, eyes widening as she hopped out of Ingavors arms, taking a few steps back from him and the goat. What the hell is going on..? she questioned herself, Did that thing just..? No.. that cant be right.. Something was completely amiss here, but instead of voicing her concerns, she simply waited, watching the goat, preparing to high tail it if need be. She had not survived as long as she had by playing with magics she did not understand. Keeping her focus on him and the goat proved to be a challenge in itself, however. Every single rock within the area screamed out at her to pick them up, the curse conflicting to what she had known to be true. Smacking her face, the sting provided a momentary relief, focusing all of the attention she could muster back on the two in front of her.

The goat looked at the both of them, the one asked for power and the other one was clearly still in distress and trying to not get into the happy mood, well that would have to change now won't it. The goat let out a large blaaaat and wiggled its tail as the sky around them got brighter (Divine aura of happiness, you MUST be as happy as possible, the sky is made of the happiest things to you, you also are mildly hallucinating what you view as the best things ever, you can not ignore this in anyway, it is an affect that will last one hour) the goat wiggled around as it trotted all happy back to the man that got the same aura affect as the girl did, he would not know it but the goat took its head and softly bopped him in the leg (you gain 2 levels on the spot, please add 5 new ability's to your bio card your choice on the ability's) the goat wiggled its tail as it trotted over to the roac and gave another triumphant Blaaaat.

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Ingavor felt the beam of happiness and screamed out, even with a giant smile on his face. "I have no idea what the bloody hell is happening and I love it!" He looked to Desdemona. "Look at this! The world is beautiful. The sun is shining! The birds are singing." The goat bumped his leg and instantly, Ingavor's aura grew far greater than he thought it would grow. His power shot through his body, causing a blue flame like mist to surround his body as his new, unknown abilities formed to his DNA. "And I feel the power of Gods!" He watched the birds flap their wings and whistle jaunty tunes in unison while Ingavor reached down to pet and hug the goat around the neck. "I love this Goat! I knew we should have came this way! Des! This is amazing! Don't be scared! Come pet the goat! He is friendly." He reached his hand out to her, hoping she would walk over to him, even if he was a smiling fool. His aura grew stronger, powers forming with each consecutive moment. "Please trust me. I won't let you get hurt again." Everything was perfect, even though Des was scared, Ingavor was hallucinating, and he made his crush angry. He knew he should apologize and try to get back in her good graces but he couldn't help but just be overjoyed by her presence. "This day has been perfect. Absolutely perfect! And because you teleported us, we are making great time on our journey! Everything happens for a reason!" He hated the words coming from his mouth, but could not help himself from saying them, the happiness was overwhelming. "It's so beautiful. This moment."

Feeling like she hit by a train of pure happiness, she slumped back down onto her knees. She began to chuckle, which turned into wild giggling, ending in pure laughter. Falling onto her side, she continued to laugh for what felt like hours, and for some reason she just couldn't stop. "I do something I do all the time and end up wanting rocks! How funny is that?!" Listening to him talk, his voice became the equivalent to liquid honey drizzled over a pear in her mind. Forcing herself to dial back down to giggling, she nodded quickly, her face exploding into color as she agreed, "Everything DOES happen for a reason! Crash landing, weird..." she threw a finger towards the goat, "...magical.. holiday.. ram thing, and then! And then there is you." Crawling over to him, she locked lips with him, purring like a tiger getting its belly scratched in all the right places, the sound louder than Ingavor had ever heard it before. Her tail took a cork screw shape as she kissed him, breaking away from him a moment later. Bursting into laughter again, she hopped up and started looking around.
Finding a few 'gold' pieces laying around, she squealed with pure ecstasy, running around and collecting them as she saw fit. As she collected them, an idea popped into her head. She ran back over to the goat, dropping onto all fours and offering her 'gold' to it with a completely loopy smile, "Mr. Magical.. Holiday.. Goat thing? May I make a request? I give all the shiny pieces I was able to find as tribute!" Blinking, she looked up with a grin, "Tribute? Payment? ....... No, tribute sounds like the better word here." Shaking her head, she looked back at the goat, "Please grant me.. I mean.. I WISH for a trinket! But not just any trinket, no sir. One that will grant me the use of my natural abilities of entering the Shadow Realm without EVER getting another cure from the Gods!" Rolling onto her back, she giggled as she lay like a dog begging, her tail twitching back and forth as she waited for the creatures reply.

The goat gave a blaaaat as it moved and bonked the cat girl in the head a little necklace with a small dragon on it forming on the ground before her, it was made of what seemed to be metal, a fully worthless metal the goat knowing that with this the woman would not feel the need to just toss it away like it was worth nothing. (once put on the neck this trinket will grant the user the ability of shadow step and they will be able to use 3 times a day, shadow walk, hop into a shadow and then walk out the other side, this ability can not be used like a pocket or bag of holding, as well as length inside shadow realm can not be more then a couple mins as there is no air in there. ) the goat then turned its back and hoped free out of the wood line, leaving only the smell of glitter and blue berry's all over the woods were it was.

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He smiled as she began to laugh and then started laughing with her as she pointed out the greatness in the air. Suddenly, she crawled over to him, and he he felt her lips press against his. He closed his eyes and brought a hand to her cheek, caressing it, and listening to the gentle purr, that grew louder and louder. He was dumbfounded, but felt his lips move in rhythm with hers, kissing her back. Then as she pulled away, blush grew over his cheeks. "Wow!" He said, flopping his back onto the ground, touching his lips and then bursting into belly laughter. "You kissed me! That makes no sense! Ha! I'm so daft!" He scooted to his knees, and grabbed his stomach, laughing as the goat booped Desdemona, gifting her with a trinket, while she gifted it rocks, which caused him to laugh ever harder, tears forming in his eyes. "You got your trinket! How great! I'm proud of you!" He crawled over toward her, wiping the tears from his eyes, calming himself down just a bit. "This has been a rather productive day! To think, I'd be cleaning the Queen's throne!" He laughed and looked at Des. "This has hands down, been the best day of my life." The goat had gone, and Ingavor wanted to feel sad but couldn't bring himself to do so, instead he just smiled, sitting with Des while he admired her holding the trinket.

Snatching up the necklace, she looked at it in awe, a big ol smile crossing her face. She swore to herself then and there that she would not find herself in the current situation she found herself in currently ever again. Once this curse is lifted, I will finally be back to my old self again. Looking over at Ingavor, she beamed happily and slid the necklace around her neck, tucking it inside of her clothing. She felt the piece come to rest against her Leviathan necklace the Rat Woman gave her when she first came to Iron, coming to rest between her breasts. Hopping up, she still felt like the happiest person on the planet and she felt like running. Turning towards the down on the horizon, she bounced while pointing at it, "Come on! We are almost there!" Leaping into the air, her body seemed to melt away, taking the shape of a common house cat. Meowing loudly, she took off towards the town.

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She put on the necklace and he smiled. "Beautiful." He whispered, even as she jumped up and down, thrusting her finger at the town. "Hell yeah!" He smiled, and began to run after her as she polymorphed into her feline form and shot toward the town. He started laughing again, running as fast as he could after her. "Hey wait up! I am not as fast as you!" He chuckled, and used his aura, allowing him to run away faster than he ever could before. He bursted through the forest, and started to run along side Desdemona. "Hey, Kitty Cat! Aren't you cute!" He smirked, seeing the buildings get closer and closer. "When we get back, maybe we can ask Anaya to lift your curse! Seems like she rather liked you! You did also do her a favor by restoring her painting." He smiled brightly the entire time, but as he went to look back onto the path, he ran face first into a tree, sending him onto the ground with a thud. "Owwwwww." He said, rubbing his head, sitting up. "Points for stupidity, Ingavor." He muttered, hoping Desdemona didn't see that.

Glancing back at him as she ran, she snapped her eyes back forward, purring to herself a bit which certainly was an interesting feat while running. As he mentioned Anaya possibly lifting the curse, she blinked and began to wonder if such a thing was even worth asking. She herself was not afraid to use magic, if only because she knew if she screwed up, it would be completely her fault and only harm herself. Having others preform on her was something else entirely. She would openly admit to being afraid to ask, but then again.. rock..? What next, garbage? Glancing behind herself again, she saw Ingavor running straight towards a tree, and instead of saying anything, she skid to a stop and hopped up into the closet tree. Perching herself on a branch, she began laughing as he smacked straight into it. Shaking her head from side to side, she simply lifted a paw and began grooming herself as the man got composed, "Goodness.. and you were doing so well too." She knew he would take her teasing in stride, but it was rather funny all the same. Turning herself on the branch, she hopped down and slowly began sauntering away, the cats tail flicking here and there, "Come along, dear. And do be careful. These trees will bite if you do not pay them any heed."

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He pulled himself to his feet, watching Desdemona with a smile, slowly feeling his happiness die down. Not all of it, but the overjoyness he was feeling. He smirked as she mentioned him doing so well and raised his middle finger, teasing her, while speaking softly, following the cat. "I meant to do that. Just wanted to see if you gave a damn." He rubbed his forhead, then realized the reality of their situation. " met a goat. He made me vividly hallucinate then He gave me a diamond. Which is a real diamond, not a rock, by the way, and it gifted me power and you a trinket that let's you teleport. Oh and you kissed me." He brushed passed that last one, finding that to be the strangest thing. " kissed me? Seconds before that, you were angry at me. Seems like I'll have to make it up to you." He smirked, trying to joke. "in all honesty I am sorry. I just...that man was fucking a teddy bear! I have no paitence for stupidity, no matter the power. I'll make it my mission to get you that teddy bear, if you wish, to make up for my foolishness frim earlier." He walked next to her, while looking down at her figure, fighting the urge to pet her. "I'll say it again. Thank youfor putting up with me. I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with." His hands held his temples while the index fingers rubbed on each side of his head. "Got a right splitting headache now."

She laughed as they continued along, shrugging as best she could in her current form, "You ran into a tree. If you can win wars, smacking yourself into a tree is not something I would consider to be worrisome. Simply confirms that you are a bit less attentive than I thought you might be. Nothing wrong with that though." She listened to him explained what had happened over the last hour or so, nodding with each point he made. When he mentioned the kiss, she froze in her tracks, fur sticking on end for a brief moment. She then continued on, her ears going limp as he mentioned the bear, a purr ripping from her at the same time, "That.. bear.." It took everything she had not to simply turn back and run to retrieve it herself. Looking up at him, she shook her head a bit, "You continue to thank me for putting up with you, but what I do not understand is where that low self esteem comes from. You are a far easier person to deal with then most of your race I have met. Give yourself a little bit of credit, wouldn't you? And as for the headache, there is nothing I can do for you there. I do not recall ever having one, so I am not sure how to help cure one."

Jeff DeLaRose01/05/2019
"Because after being with a family for so long, taking care of them becomes a necessity for survival. They don't see Ingavor Daggerbane, Noble son to Ichigo Daggerbane. They don't see Ingavor, loyal friend. They don't see me. They see a face in a fancy suit serving tea. But I felt like I owed the queen. Now I'm positive that I've payed my debts to her thrice over." He gritted his teeth, pain hiding behind his eyes which he tried his best to mask. "I am treated like absolute garbage everyday. I feed the slaves in the catacombs, and Anaya gets the credit. I cook, clean, and break my back for her, but I don't even exist to her unless I'm somehow useful. She keeps them, the slaves there in the catacombs for food and fodder and no one knows about it except me, because she sent me down there to die. She doesn't care if I live or die. She doesn't care if her own children die either. I think so low of myself because in almost every single person's eyes, I am nothing. But you give me hope that I am more than that. You've treated me with respect. I'm afraid I'm going to make you run away because you'll see that I'm dull. You'll leave, or I'll get you killed. Just like my mother and father. Just like my sister. I apologize in case I hurt any part of you, including your feelings. Because I don't want you to remember me as an arsehole when you do eventually run away from me." He stopped walking, his head tucked down, looking away from her. Her pointing out his low self esteem caused him to question everything about his life. He looked up, a bit of sadness in his gaze. "I'm sorry. I talk so much."

As he looked back to her, she was once again in her Humaniod form. Reaching up, she rested her hands against his chest plate, looking up at him with a smile, "Do not assume I plan on running away just because it has happened so many times in your life before. I find you rather interesting, to say the least." Lowering one hand, she pointed at his nose with the other, a grin smiling across her face, "But, I do warn you.." Lowering her finger, she turned back to the town and continued walking towards it, waving the hand dismissively, "Woman like men that has self confidence. The fastest way to be discounted as a possible mate is by being melancholy and depressed. Learn to push past that if you even intend on finding a woman that plans on sticking around through your dopiness." Linking her fingers behind her head, she twisted her upper body to look back at him, motioning towards the town, "Come on. We should be there in a few minutes, assuming the Gods do not have any other unwanted surprises for us." With that, she continued on her way, her tail taking the shape of a hollow arrow, pointing towards Dorlomin.

Jeff DeLaRose01/05/2019
He raised a brow as her hand rested on the crest of his armor, a smile forming after each sentence. "I-....yes. You're right. I am usually confident in my ability, but I find myself scared to say the wrong thing around you." He began to walk with her, his eyes watching your figure. "Let me make you that fish dinner tonight. You can eat it with me, under the stars. It sounds corny, but I promise you'll have fun." He crossed his arms, already deciding that he was dead set on feeding her. "Tell me, how do you like your fish? I'll prove to you that I'm a good chef." He brushed raven hair from his hues, walking beside her with a more peppy step after she touched his armor. "Dorlomin. Should we maybe stop and take a rest once we find a spot in town? We should set up a camp, it will be dark and raining soon. I can smell it in the air." He crossed his arms, tapping his finger against his arm in thought. "And that would give me time to prepare your food. "

"I am more than willing to set up camp somewhere before we reach the town, but at the same time it IS right there. I leave the decision up to you. I do not mind spending my gold on a room for the night. Certainly would feel better than the ground, I would imagine. Not to mention it would be dry." She turned and looked at him, lowering her hands to her sides. "Besides, its not like we will have another opportunity to do this for some time. Once we reach Old Iron, we may find ourselves outside more than we care to be. So, I leave the decision completely up to you."

Jeff DeLaRose01/05/2019
"A room sounds nice. Unfortunately, I gave all of my money to Roxy, so she could-....erm- nevermind." He raised a brow. "Okay, listen to me. When you use the gold to pay, this overwhelming urge to throw your rocks away is gonna take over. Do not listen to it. Your rocks are gold and the gold you see around you on the ground are actually rocks. I know it's going to sound weird to hand the innkeeper a rock but you're doing the right thing. Portal sickness is one hell of a thing. I have read about it in books. The God's don't like it when mortals travel through different planes of existence and punish those after some time of use. I guess they just got fed up with your teleporting." He tried his best to explain her curse, so they could get into a room. "Like a room...with a single bed? That's all inns ever have. Not that I mind sharing a bed. As long as you don't mind. " He asked, and looking up at the grey clouds. "We should get going." He reached his hand out, offering it to her in an exaggeration of a gentleman. "Shall we?"

She shook her head with a smile, "I have the money, so do not worry. And I had actually been thinking about this curse. It would make sense that if I am finding things like rocks as valuable items, it would make sense that actual valuable items would be seen as trash in my eyes. It will be difficult to resist either way, but I am sure with enough willpower, I will manage." She rolled her eyes at the mention of the Gods and their preferences concerning planes of existence. Those bastards should keep out of mortal affairs, she grumbled to herself, I have been doing this all my life and they just now decide to curse me for it? What a bother.. She shrugged as he mentioned a single bed room, laying her hand on his gloved hand, accepting his gentlemanly offer, "I do not mind it either. I am sure you will remain a gentleman, even between the confines of sheets." --- Pushing on into the town, Des looked around, her interest perking as the rain began to fall. This was her first time in Dorlomin, so she hadn't a clue where to go. But, some would say that was half of the excitement. Looking up at Ingavor past her hood, she pointed over at what looked like a sign, "Perhaps that will give us some instruction as to where we need to go. Better hurry to. As a cat, I do not like water I cannot control.."

Jeff DeLaRose01/06/2019
He nodded, hearing her words of her curse and him being a gentleman, even in a bed. "You got that right!" He said, smiling happily, holding her hand firmly as they began to walk into town. She pointed up to the sign and he nodded as they walked over to it. "Tavern, and Inn, in the town square." It read. "Well that was far from helpful " he said furrowing his brows. "I could have figured that out." The rain started to fall heavier now, and hand in hand, he looked back at her. "Yes, I do believe we should get inside. I could use some wine and to get out of this armor." Ingavor smirked, opened his spell book with one hand at his side, then pulling out a large wooden and cloth contraption (umbrella) , that he held over Desdemona, letting go of her hand. "Don't worry. I always come prepared. I have all sorts of things on standby. Clothes, food, inventions of mine, weapons. You name it. The wonderful use of never ending pockets." He smiled as the heavy rain rolled right off the cloth and kept the both of them dry. "No idea what to call this thing. I was thinking the "Desdemona".'' he laughed, as they kept walking toward the centre of town. "Only ever showed you this thing, but I figured it would come in handy at some point."

Blinking as he lifted the cloth contraption over her head, she looked up at him and nodded, "That certainly is an interesting little device you have." Realizing it was keeping the rain from her, she smiled and followed him as they moved towards the center of town. She laughed as he declared the inventions name, shaking her head, "You are an odd one, there is no doubt there. I am sure you can come up with something a bit more original than simply using my name." Having arrived in the center of Dorlomin, she glanced around. Seeing that a majority of the people on the streets were making their way indoors, she knew that the rain would only get worse. Seemed that the only people that were not seeking shelter were the venders, but they were covered by the tarps that shielded their wares. Discovering the inn, she pointed at it, looking back up at him, "Seems we have arrived. Come on. A warm bath and bed sounds heavenly right now."

there was a man with a bell out front a inn "come in come all beds, food, we got rooms to spare, come one come all we got rooms to spare in da inn" he looked about 11 as he stood there in the rain water driping down his face as his little blue eyes shimmered in the light.

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
"What is the matter? You don't like my name for the Desdemona?! Well I'm not changing it! I may need smart but naming an invention after you is genius. Because it makes me laugh." As the finally got to the town, he noticed the boy motioning them towards the in. He pulled 5 pieces of copper from his coin purse in his book and handed it to the lad . Kneeling down to look at the boy while still holding the Desdemona over Desdemona, hesooke softly. "You're doing a good job lad. You deserve a small tip. I know it isn't much, but put it away and you'll eventually have more money than you know what to do with." Rising back to his feet he looked to the door of the inn, as his fingers wrapped around the handle. Holding the door for Des like a gentleman, he waited before she went inside, broke down his invention, put it back in his book and followed her. Huh. Not reminds me of the Snorting Boar, except it doesn't smell like vomit in here.

"Oh, so my name makes you laugh does it?" She lifted an eyebrow, shooting him a look, "Well I will be sure to keep that in mind." Turning her head to the side with a humph, she continued onward. Seeing the boy outside the inn, she smiled a bit and ruffled his hair, pleased that Ingavor gave him a tip. Digging into her own pocket, she pulled out a gold coin. Seeing only a rock in her hand, she had absolutely no problem slipping it to the boy with a wink while Ingavor went to open the door. Stepping inside, she moved over to the main desk, sliding the hood from her head. Her ears lifted off her head, happy to be freed from their hiding place. She had no issue with doing so now that they were in a diverse town. Bowing her head to the attendant, she straightened and smiled, "My companion and I would like to rent a room for the night, thank you."

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
Ingavor smirked. "Your name is not funny. Naming an invention after you is funny." He watched as Des slipped the boy a gold coin and played with his locks, and Ingavor smiled brighter knowing she only saw stones. She was a good person, and he was lucky to be on this quest with her. But he couldn't help but feel a shift in the air like something had changed. Not with the two of them, but with the world in general. Iggy stood next to Desdemona, in full armor as the inn keeper raised a brow at the pair and nodded. "2 gold for a room. Be out by about noon." He said, placing a key on the counter, and holding his hand out. "We got food and drink as well. Or will this be it?" Ingavor smirked and shook his head. She likes you, Ingavor. Make this up to her in some way. She has no idea what this means to you. He told himself. He blinked a few times, looking to Desdemona, as both him and the inn keeper waited for her answer.

Handing over the two gold coins, which still simply looked like rocks to her, she shook her head with a smile, "The room will do, thank you. I have my own personal chief right here if I get hungry." Taking the key, she bowed her head again before walking away, making her way towards the room. Looking back at Ingavor, she shrugged a bit, "From what Ive heard, Dorlomin can certainly be an interesting place at night, but extremely busy during the day. If there is anything we need to pick up before heading out tomorrow, I suggest you start thinking on them now. Once in the Old Ruin, something tells me it will be a little while before we have the chance to come back for more supplies."

Jeff DeLaRose01/07/2019
Ingavor watched the interaction as he brushed black tendrils out of his hues. Fixated on her with a smile, he chortled as she mentioned him being her own personal chef. The pair walked to their room and as she mentioned supplies, he nodded. "I mean we have plenty of food and such. Is there anything you think we need? He didn't need a key, he simply placed his hand on their door and unlocked it while he talked, none of the patrons noticed or caring. He pushed the door open and motioned to her. "After you. Ladies always before the men. It's only the chivalrous thing to do." He flashed his pearly whites, peeking inside the room behind her. He noticed a double bed, a desk with a bowl of fresh fruit. Apples. Bannanas. Oranges. Grapes, ect. There was a small bookshelf with nothing to read on it except one book about Avalon. None of the words were readable. Two goblets, and a bottle of wine rested by a wicker chair and a side table with lit candles over the window that looked outside to the market. The room was well lit, which showed off the fluffy bison fur blanket, and 4 fluffy cotton pillows. "Nice place." Ingavor noted.

Rolling her eyes at the chivalrous comment, she stepped into the room, setting the key on the desk that was in the room. Looking around, she inspected the room slowly, finding it more than suitable. "There is nothing that I can think of that we may need, but I would rather be over prepared than under. I have no idea what we are going to find in those Old Ruins, but I cannot imagine whatever has made it its home will enjoy company." She nodded as he commented on the room, walking over to the bed and taking a seat. Sighing, she pulled off her cloak, laying it across the chair in front of the desk. Uncoiling her tail from its belt-like position, she stretched, every hair on her tail standing on end as she did. Once satisfied, she simply laid back on the bed, her feet dangling off the side, "I do wonder what we will find down there.. and you will have to be the one to tell me if there is something of value we should grab. For all I know it will look like a pile of garbage."

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
He smiled at her figure laying on the bed. "I'd tell you anything." He said simply, while looking out the window at the rain pelted town. He shook his head. "You're the only woman I think I've ever shared a room with." He moved over to the chair and undid the notch on his armor, letting the chest piece fall into his hands. He then moved it to the chair, front and back pieces. He slid his greaves and Gauntlets off as well, placing the armor in the chair. He didn't have a shirt on under the armor, but he had a pair of black dress pants on, and his armored boots still. His well built frame stretched as he placed his satchel and spell book down on the desk, and let out a small exhale. "wine?" He said reaching into his satchel, and pulling out the second bottle of Clemdorth Cabernet, he poured a glass for himself and looked back at her, to confirm her answer.

Using her tail, she pushed herself into a seated position, shrugging a bit, "Sure. Wine sounds like a good idea after the trip we have had so far. Still cant believe that the Gods are punishing me so hard for something Ive done my entire life, but I guess that's life." Taking note that he was shirtless, she shook her head a bit, smiling slightly. Not all that bad, she thought to herself. Wouldn't even know it while he is wearing a uniform. Reaching over, she removed one of the apples from the bowl on the desk and took a bite, waiting for him to pour, "So answer me something.. I assume there is more to than this little adventure for you than simply tagging along with me. Whats in it for you to go into the Old Ruins? Surely there must be something, even if its something minor."

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
"To keep you safe." He said simply. "Anaya has lied and hurt me so much in the past. I could care less about her. But if you were to ask me to venture into a dragon's mouth with you, I would droo everything to do so." He was being completely true, a blank maw proving that. No smiles as he poured her a goblet and slid it next to her. "I like you, obviously. I didn't want you to go alone. Couldn't forgive myself if you didn't come back." He took a sip of his wine, making an active attempt to keep eye contact away from her. He sighed. "Maybe a kiss?" He smiled, throwing his cards on the table. "Greatest treasure a man can have is the company of someone they enjoy. " Ingavor chuckled, trying to okay it off, but failing. He sat back, still looking away from her. "Is that so wrong?"

She studied him a moment, lifting an eyebrow. Something about him in that moment reminded her again of someone she once knew. She wasn't able to fully put her finger on it, but it was definitely something. Taking the goblet, she took a sip, smirking into it as he mentioned a kiss. Lowering the goblet, she crossed her legs, her tail lazily wagging back and forth as she looked at him, "Perhaps as a reward for keeping me safe, I guess." Leaning forward, she set the goblet back on the desk and tilted her head, "If we make it back alive and in one piece, I will agree to kiss the ever living life force out of you. Deal?"

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
"Heh. You have a deal." He turned around, to face her, moving to walk in front of her. He reached his hand out as a smoldering smile spread over his cheeks. "What if we don't survive? I'd hate for the only time we kiss to be because a goat made us very happy and loopy. I feel like I deserve a kiss for the things it made me see he joked." He shrugged his bare shoulders, holding his hand out to shake with hers. "I'd love nothing more than to kiss you now, but im not a mind reader. You could smack the ever loving bloody hell out of me if kissed you at the wrong time. That would surely make the rest of the trip awkward. But if you want to make a deal. I'll gladly shake on it. Just an excuse to hold your hand, Miss Desdemona." Quite the charmer as always. He stared longing into her eyes. "This is me trying to be more confident. How am I doing? Am I failing?" Ingavor asked with a ditzy smile, his free hand moving to take another sip of his wine. Ingavor was a charasmatic man, he just didn't know it. "You know. All I ever wanted was a beautiful drinking companion. Looks like wishes come true."

Taking his hand, she shook it with a smile, returning her hand to her lap, "If we don't survive, then I guess that's that. Nothing more that could really be done." She laughed a bit and nodded to his confidence, "I say that is a bit better, yes. Quit putting yourself down so much and you will be fine. Think I got to where I am in life by always doubting myself? If that was the case, your kind would've killed me long ago." She grinned and rolled her eyes yet again, this time due to the wishes come true, "Not all wishes come true. Just keep that in mind. I am flattered by what you say, but I am far from the most beautiful creature you make me out to be. I have seen plenty of women much more beautiful than I, but unlike those beauty seeking single minded little girls, I am perfectly fine with my appearance just the way it is. Hell I could end up with boils covering my entire body that would repulse anyone into shunning me, but I would still be perfectly alright with the way I was created."

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
"Desdemona, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if I say I think you are perfection, I mean it. I don't care about others. I know I am far from the best looking man with the biggest member around. But that doesn't matter to me, it only matters to the one who finds my beauty to be worth taking a chance on. When I call you beautiful, I'm not talking just about your looks, even through you are fuckin gorgeous. I'm talking about everything about you in my eyes. You are beautiful. You act beautifully. You do good deeds beautifully. You talk beautifully. Everything you do intoxicates me. You are not just beautiful. But extremely beautiful to me. Never met anyone like you." Ingavor moved over to the bed on the right side and sat down, with a huff. "If you had boils all over your body, id spend my life curing you. I wouldn't stop until every single blemish was gone. That's a promise." He sighed resting a hand on her cheek for a moment. "You don't understand how good you are." He then took his hand away, looking at the floor. "You are beautiful in every way that I've seen. Even when you called me daft. I loved it. "

She burst into laughter after his whole speech on beauty. She had never met anyone quite like him, and how he managed to stay so upbeat concerning certain topics was beyond her. She stood, shaking her head, going from laughing to giggling, "My you are a strange creature. I certainly hope your optimism lasts throughout the rest of this trip." Making her way to the adjacent doorway in the room, she confirmed that there was indeed a wash basin. Reaching behind her, she unbuttoned the clasp that rested on the back of her neck, her gown sagging under its own weight. Shrugging her shoulders, the gown slid off of her body, leaving her standing in the doorway completely naked. Turning back to face him, she crossed her arms under her breasts, tilting her head a bit, "You are the first Human I have ever met that has not attempted to kill or imprison me. That alone makes you interesting. You compliment me left and right on my appearance, though I truly believe you to be daft there. All I can say though is guard your heart well, Ingavor. I am not the perfect woman you make me out to be. You would be very surprised if you knew what I have done in my life, but that is for another time and another glass of wine." With that, she turned and walked into the bathing area, her tail trailing her out of sight before the door closed.


Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Ingavor laughed a little along with her, and watched her stand, and move over to the opposite doorway. Once she began stripping, ingavor sat frozen with a dropped jaw. His eyes locked onto her naked figure as she spoke of him being the first human to treat her with respect and not kill her. "'re naked." He smiled, catching a full glimpse of her in her full glory. An image that he would save forever. He simply stood and followed her. "Okay. I'm just gonna ask. Does this yub fit two people? Because a bath not only sounds nice but gives me an excuse to rubber neck and catch more glances of your body." He blurted out, staring at her form from behind, watching her tail move. "I guess what I'm trying to ask is-...can I join you?" He blinked a few Times, raising his hands up. "If you don't mind sharing a bed, would you mind sharing a tub? He asked in a flirtatious voice he hadn't used until now. It was like the goat had given him a charisma boost that gave him charming confidence. "I could die tomorrow, So I figured I might as well try." He finished his wine, placing the goblet on the bed. "I don't know you fully but I'd like to. Give me a chance."

She laughed as she closed the door, finding it entertaining to see him all flustered. "I don't think it does fit two people, sorry to say. You will simply have to wait your turn!" Moving over to the basin, she fills it up with water found at the tap, heating it slowly with the appropriate tools at her disposal. Once it was filled and warm, she slowly slid a foot in, an involuntary shiver rising up her body. With a smile, she moved the rest of her body in, relaxing slowly as the water rose halfway up her neck. Laying her head back, she rested it on the back of the tub, closing her eyes and enjoying the bath. I may not get another chance to do something like this after tomorrow, she thought to herself. Might as well make this bath count.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
He wasn't dissatisfied at all. Infact he nodded and watched the door close behind her, his silken voice picking up before the door closed. "Looks that way. Enjoy your bath then." He spoke with a smile, giving her the privacy she wanted. He sighed, moving over to the desk and sitting down, once he pulled the chair out. His fingers dug through his open satchel and pulled out his pipe with his herb it it and stared at the plant. "I wonder-..." He put the mouth piece up to his mouth and snapped his finger, forming a small blue flame, floating above his thumb and index finger. He used the single candle wick of flame to light his pipe, then opened his hand, extinguishing it. He smirked proud of himself. He could feel the power inside of himself that The Goat granted him, and it was making him stronger. Ingavor inhaled deeply, taking in the flavor of the Hobbit herb, and then exhaled after a few seconds with a smile. He then reached down, removing his armored boots and tossing them over by the chair with a Clank. Ingavor decided to take this time to see what spells he could use as well, not quite sure. He opened up his spell book and pulled out a tank, which he skipped over himself, so he was wearing something to bed, and then kept reading. "" he said flipping through the pages. "Hm." Ingavor muttered, stroking his chin with a smile. "He pointed his finger at the ground and spoke softly, yet he knew Des could probably hear a pin drop." "Call Lightning" he said. Lightning struck the pavement outside in the market place. Anyone except Des would just think that it was just thunder, due to rain. Ingavor shot back in his chair, staring out the window at the whole scene. He slowly stated at his hand. "No....way .."

There was a bang and a stumble out in the hall way from there room the sound of a fight inside and then the sound of some man yelling and a woman crying

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Ingavor stood, hearing the commotion right after he found out his new power. Desdemona was in the bath and he didn't want her to be stuck dealing with whatever it was. He cracked his knuckles and walked towards the bathroom door. Knocking on it once, and opening it only a crack for his voice to be heard. "Going to check out some crying noise. I'll be back." He said, closing the door right after, allowing her to enjoy her bath. Dressed in bare feet, black dress pants, a belt, and a tank top, he reached his hand around the door knob and pulled the door open. Once he stepped into a hall, he looked around for the source of the noise.

in the hall way there was clear signs of a struggle and a woman on her knees in tears her, suspected other half towering over her seeming to be watching her to make sure something does not come back. "i cant belive he did it, i cant belive the boy tossed such a fit, i will never get it back now he is long gone" she muttered into her tears and hands as she stay on her knees on the floor. the man putting his hand on her back to try to console her even if it looked like it was not helping at all.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Ingavor raised a brow at the scene and kneeled down in front of them. "Hello, my name is Ingavor. I might be able to help you, whatever is wrong " Ingavor reached out to touch a bare hand on her exposed shoulder. Trying to get a handle on what she was talking about. His new advance powers would tell him the entire memories this time instead of Just fragments. His eyes flashed red, but no nose bleed. Not this time. Once Ingavor came too, he looked at the couple, and asked. Ready to compare their story to the one her memories told.
"What happened? I'm here to help."

The woman balling her eyes out looked to the man that now was touching her ”my son, he took my bag and ran off after we were fighting, i don't know what to do, my broach from my mother was in there, and now he has it he is gonna go sell it for god knows what” she dropped her head into her hands as the man to the side looked at the stranger pushing him back a little just to have him take his hands off his woman “she just needs some time, finding that boy will be impossible he is just...he is really hard to find yes” wall Ingavor had his hand on the woman he was able to seek the boy and his mother having a fight about the boys new girlfriend, the boy was enraged as the mother would not let him have his girlfriend over to his house to share a bed with him and spend the night. Then the whole thing was cut off with one last view of what seemed to be the boy fadeing into black and then the whole thing was over due to loss of physical touch.

Jeff DeLaRose01/08/2019
Ingavor blinked, being shoved away, spotting the girlfriend in the vision making sure to make a note of that. He raised a brow as he looked to the lot of them, giving a sigh. Can't you spend one thinking of just yourself. Are you really going to go back out there? "I'll see what I can do." He tried to reassure the couple, and headed back into his room right behind him. Shutting the door, his head looked to the ground. *You're running on no sleep and you just got into shelter. You're going to get yourself killed." He grunted and sat on the bed with a small sigh, before looking to the bathroom, where he hoped Desdemona would be coming out of soon so he could converse with her on the matter. He used his telekenic aura to raise the pipe on the desk over to him, and wrapped his fingers around it with a hint of sadness in his expression. Placing it in his pants pocket, he spoke in an inspired tone. "Someone should do something." He moved over to the chair and placed his ebony boots back on, and pulled a jacket from his spell book, which he put on as well. Instead of wearing his armor, he decided to just be nonchalant. Once he had slid his sachel over his shoulder and put his blade on his belt, around his waist, he put tthe spell book in the satchel and looked at himself at a mirror that rested by the bookshelf. He looked like a sellswords, instead of a butler. This was a look that he pulled off quite well. Ingavor sighed and wrapped a thin, grey scarf around his neck that he pulled from his satchel, and fashioned it into a hood and mask. "I've got to help those in need. Because if I don't. Who will?" He asked himself.

Having enjoyed the water, Des was slowly lifting herself out the water when she heard the disturbance in the hall, her ear turning to catch what she could. As the door cracked a bit, she smiled and shook her head at Ingavors declaration of going to investigate. Sliding out of the tub completely, she took a towel and began drying herself off. Seems to me that something always seems to happen whenever we become comfortable.. The Gods are cruel creatures indeed. Sighing, she dropped the towel and shook the rest of the water from her body, stepping out of the bathing room. Ingavor had already come back in and dolled himself up in his outfit. She caught the tail end of his question as she strolled past him in her nude glory, bending over the bed and grabbing her gown, glancing back at him her tail swaying here and there, "No one will if you don't. You know that already." Straightening, she stepped into it, lifting it over her body and clasping it behind the neck, pulling her hair out from it and giving it a shake. Sighing, she turned and looked him, crossing her arms, "Question is, are you prepared to handle whatever is going on? Frankly, I do not plan on staying up for much longer. I haven't slept in quite awhile and I am starting to feel it. You haven't either. We still have a long journey ahead of us, so make your decision wisely."

Jeff DeLaRose01/09/2019
Ingavor turned and caught sight of her figure and covered his eyes instantly, like a gentleman. Once in her gown, he turned to look at her, standing almost triumphantly."The world is a terrible place, Desdemona, and people in need and not helping them, is customary. I don't like the custom. I feed the slaves. I give gold to the homeless. I fight for those who can't fight for themselves. I'm tired of seeing people pass the needy by without a second glance." He looked down. "I'm not a hero, but someone has to try to be. Otherwise, what hope do we have for the world? I know I haven't slept, or eaten other than an apple, but I can't just let those people suffer." Ingavor moved to sit on the bed, conflicted. "I would rather be remembered for Dying young and good than old and evil." Shooting a look back at her, he brushed hair from his eyes. "That's what the Prince did. But you're right. I'm not able bodied enough to to right now. I'm tired and I can barely see straight. I'm going to get myself killed. But I have to do something." Ingavor's eyes were still crimson from earlier when he touched that woman and hadnt returned to normal. "What should I do?" He asked, morally fighting with himself, unsure which side was winning.

She simply shrugged, turning and hopping up onto the bed. With a yawn, she crawled under the covers, laying away from him, "I am sure you will make the smart decision, whether it be the right or the wrong one. You seem to know what your body can handle." With that, she closed her eyes. Her ears seemed to go limp as she did, a soft purring bubbling up from her chest. She had a feeling that he would still hold his word and chase whatever it was that was happening, but if he did, he would be on his own. I have too much to do tomorrow not to get any sleep, she thought to herself, If he wants to go off galivanting, he will have only himself to blame if he gets himself killed from exhaustion. Bringing her tail up to rest between her breasts, she hugged it like a child would a stuffed animal, sleep fast approaching.

Jeff DeLaRose01/09/2019
Ingavor grunted at her words but looked down at himself, dressed up like some sort of child playing hero. He sighed and waved his finger towards the door, engaging the locks. "You're right." He said, blankly. "Read that woman's memories. Her son stole her coin purse. Probably ran off with some woman." He, once again kicked his boots off and placed his satchel off to the side of the bed, along with his jacket and cloak. Then he removed his belt and sword, placing them next to him. Now, once again in a tank top and pants, he crawled under the covers next to her. "No point in getting distracted by small problems. We are on a misson after all, and need to stick together." Ingavor looked over at her, and smiled, as he inhaled, then exhaled. "You smell nice." And before he could even react, he felt his eye lids growing heavy, and he couldn't fight it any longer. After about two days of solid word and travel, Ingavor was asleep. He didn't snore, nor made any noise. He was peaceful. Ingavor was right. There was no point in straying from the path, and Desdemona's safety was still number one priority.

Jeff DeLaRose01/10/2019
Ingavor sighed, stirring in bed, and opened his eyes to realize he had his arm around Desdemona's body. How long has he been like this? He didn't know. He wasn't used to sleeping next to anyone, so this was new. The man moved from the right side of the bed, where his items were. He stepped over them, and moved to the desk, yawning and stretching as he sat in the chair. He turned to look at the Cheshire, and a small smile peeked along his cheeks as he admired her form. He used his aura to lift 2 apples, an orange, a handful of grapes and a small bottle of berry juice from his satchel, and rested it on the nightstand next to her side of the bed, so that when she awoke, she had breakfast. Ingavor then sighed, thinking of woman he had decided against helping, hoping the guards would at least do something about it. Once he shook the thought our of his head, knowing that it wouldn't matter if he helped the woman anyway, and watched the hustle and bustle of the townsfolk around the market, through the window.
* Maybe I should do something for her.* Then he saw it. The perfect rose resting in the flower bed, outside the tailor. Looking back over at Desdemona's figure, he stood, and snuck across the room and out the door. Once in the hall, he made his way out of the bar, and around the corner, to the tailor. He spotted the single white rose, swaying softly with the light breeze, and almost glowing in the sunlight. Ingavor, smiling as the scent hit his nose, bet over and inhaled through his nostrils. Then, with a delicate hand, plucked the rose from the earth, easily. Then, the same way, he came out, he returned. Once through the bar, and back to his room, he placed the rose so softly on the table in front of the fruit and juice, that he was afraid of shattering it. Then he admired his work, noting his platter of breakfast, perfectly put together, and smiled even brighter. Once done, he moved to the bathroom, and closed the door behind him, moving to the giant wooden bath. Ingavor began to fill buckets with warm water, and poured them into his tub, and stripped, after he had finished, climbing in with a soft exhale. He then whispered to himself, enjoying the steaming water, and quiet. "Good morning, Ingavor."

The beginning of her rest was rather peaceful. As if the world ceased to exist and it was just her, floating in an endless escape. All was calm within the universe, within herself. A few hours later, disaster struck. Flashes of her past bubbled up from the deep, her peaceful quiet torn in every way imaginable. Seeing the Humans, chasing her and screaming profanities, attempting to destroy her for being what she was.. Her body trembled on the bed while Ingavor was away, sweat forming on her forehead as the nightmare wracked her. Time seemed to stretch on for an eternity. As Ingavor returned and adjourned himself to the bathing room, her hand unconsciously moved to her never ending pocket, grasping onto the dagger that was presented to her by the Dwarves oh so many years ago. Being thrown from her dream back into reality, she screamed out in a mixture of anger and pain, withdrawing the dagger and stabbing at the air in front of her. The blade seemed to grow in length with her thrust, looking more as a short sword now than a dagger. Her eyes glowed a brilliant gold as this all happened, but as she became aware of her surroundings and that she was awake, her eyes returned to normal, the blade of her weapon withdrawing to its original form. Arm dropping like a dead weight, she sighed and wiped the tears from her cheeks, covering her eyes with her free hand to calm herself. Sliding the weapon away, she slid her feet off the bed, cracking her neck with an irritated groan. Glancing at the table, she noticed the fruits and juice Ingavor had left out, eyes resting on the rose. A small smile came to her face as she leaned over and grabbed an apple, biting into it and allowing herself to relax.

Jeff DeLaRose01/10/2019
Ingavor relaxed in the tub, yawning and exhaling as he watched the steam vapore raise from the waters. He scrubbed himself as best as he could, getting as clean as humanly possible with the scented animal fat that the inn gave him to wash with. The rather well built butler then, after rinsing himself, climbed out of the tub, and grabbed a towel. With repeated motions, he dried himself thouroughly and wrapped it around his waist, covering his endowed member, so he wouldn't be a disrespectful loon, strolling in front of Des, completely naked while he grabbed clothes. As he gave one more yawn, he heard Desdemona's scream, and instinctfully he kicked open the bathroom door and came barrelling out, with glowing red eyes, and blue telekenic auras around his balled fists. "What's going on?! Did someone hurt you?! Are you okay?!" He looked around the room, then to Desdemona's form, who was eating an apple. He then realized that he was shouting at nothing, with raised power, in a towel, like a crazy person. " did you sleep?" He said, lowering his energy, and scratching the back of his head. "Hope I didn't disturb you when I got up this morning."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 12:36 AM
Continuing to munch away on the apple, she glanced up at him, her ears bent backwards at the sound of the door crashing into the wall. After he finished his barking of questions and began to quiet down, her ears returned to their attentive position, "I slept fine, thank you. And you?" She then proceeded to glance him up and down, noticing the bulge that was in his towel. Smirking, she held the apple in one hand next to her mouth, glancing back up at him, "Well good morning there sailor." With a giggle, she finished off the apple, downing the core as well. Standing, she stretched with a pop of her back, shivering. Reaching down, she grabbed his clothes and tossed them to him, strolling past him into the bathroom, "Hurry up and get dressed. Its about time we got on the road." With that, she closed the door.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 1:30 AM
Ingavor raised a brow at her as she referred to him as a sailor. He didn't understand, until he noticed her eyes on his sex from behind his towel. He blushed immediately and grabbed his clothes as she tossed them to him. He put on the same outfit as last night as Desdemona was in the bathroom, making sure his belt was attached and his Satchel and spell book were on his person. Once satisfied, he looked at the rose on the table, and gave a soft smile. "The roses dance, even in the snow." He said, quoting Anaya, with a small huff in his throat. Once he was fully dressed, hood and all, he sat on the bed, and waited for his partner, with a small smirk playing on his face. "Avalon, here we come."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 2:35 AM
Stripping down, she placed away her gown and dug out the leather armor that was given to her a few days past. Sliding each piece on, she tightened everything up before looking at herself in the mirror. She wondered how this little adventure would turn out, but at the same time wasn't all that concerned about it. If this trip is the death of me, then what a way to go out. Pulling the dagger from her pocket, she placed it in its holster before stepping out of the bathroom. Walking past Ingavor, her tail reached up and brushed him along his chin as she grabbed one last apple off the plate of food. Stopping to look at the rose, the soft smile returned to her face. Reaching a hand towards it, the flower faded from sight, into the Void. She would never admit to anyone that this is where she kept her most prized possessions. Turning, she glanced at Ingavor on her way out the door, motioning towards it. "Well, lets get this show on the road, as some people would say."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 11:27 AM
Ingavor looked out the window, while literally sliding large pieces of his armor into his never ending spell book pocket, to have them later. Then, in one moment, Desdemona emerged from the bathroom, and brushed Ingavor's chin again, causing him to blush. His hand rested on his hilt as a smile crept across his face, watching her move the white rose. She wouldn't be as cruel as to destroy it in front of him, so he gave her the benefit of the doubt, and assumed she had transported it somewhere. He spoke gently, walking behind her, and used his finger to disengage the locks, and open the door with his telekenic energy. "Sounds good to me." He couldn't help but have his eyes shift down to watch her behind and tail move from side to side. "Yes. On the road. Where we belong." He tilted his head the side. "Quite nice." He muttered to himself, with a cheeky grin. Then the blush on his cheeks turned red as he corrected himself. "The sun is out I mean! Quite a nice day." He then decided to be honest. "I was staring at your arse. I'm sorry." Ingavor felt dirty lying, even though he was lying about checking out his traveling companion, and couldn't bring himself to even so much as be dishonest with her. Even the slightest. Lying to strangers and giving fake names is one thing, but lying directly to someone he cared about about something mundane seemed wrong.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 12:56 PM
Feeling his eyes on her, Ingavor confirmed this by admitting to staring at her. Glancing behind her at him as she opened the door, she simply smiled and lifted her tail into an S shape, making her arse a bit easier to view. "Take a good look while you can. I would much rather you be distracted now versus when we are in the Old Ruins." Shaking her head with a laugh, she continued out the door and down that hall, making her way back to the receptionist desk. Handing over the key, she bowed her head in thanks, making her way outside. Consulting her map, she began looking for the shortest path through the town that would lead them to the Old Ruins.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 7:08 PM
He looked down as she lifted her tail, smiling softly to himself. "You have my full attention. Just ask for it. I'd offer you to look at my arse, but I'm afraid it isn't much to look at." Ingavor smirked, joking with her as they made their way to the counter, to return the key. "Thank you for your stay." The inn keeper said blankly, as the two of them headed outside. He too was watching Desdemona's figure, but went back to reading his book with a huff. Outside, Ingavor and Des looked over the map. "I think we should go back and get that teddy bear." He said bluntly. "I mean, after we reach the old iron. I can't get it out of my head." He looked at the path to the old ruins, then down the way they came back to the camp with the bear. "Im following you, gorgeous. Tell me what you want to do, and I'll do it." Ingavor looked both ways a few times and stretched his back, reaching his arms over his head and giving a small yawn, as they had just woken up and he was still getting used to the day. It was weird sharing a bed with someone else, and especially bizzare that he wasn't at the castle. He wasn't in his usual attire at all, and was wearing casual travelling gear with spiked bracelets. He never got a chance to wear his casual attire, so he took every chance he could get. "The guy might not be there if we go to the old ruins now and come back. I'm not sure what to do."
(Ingavor's attire )

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 11:55 PM
She laughed as he mentioned her looking at his arse, finding it completely mental. "I'm sure you have a fine rear end without me needing to verify it. I will never understand male obsession with arses. You sit on them and that sounds like enough for me." After he mentioned the teddy bear, her eyes glazed over a bit, the curse taking effect. She froze in place as the image of the cum stained teddy entered her mind's eye, seeming more like mountain of gold than anything else. Shaking her head to attempt to clear it, she smacked her cheek rather roughly before she was able to regain even a bit of composure, "Ugh why did you have to mention that bear..." Looking up at him, she tilted her head to the side slightly, cheek already starting to turn a little red, "If you think it best to return to him and take it, then I will follow. But keep in mind the longer we take, the longer it will be before we get home again. I know it's only been a day, but for some reason it feels like it's been an eternity." Crossing her arms under her breasts, she sighed softly, "Let me ask this though. Let's say we do go back for it. What do you intend on doing to relieve the man of the item? Barter? Trade? Theft? Something tells me that barrier he had up is strong enough to keep out anyone attempting to just outright kill him, so what would be your plan?"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 12:29 AM
He smiled as she mentioned his arse. But just as Ingavor opened his mouth about the teddy bear, she began striking herself. Iggy grunted as she hurt herself, but he gently place a gloved hand, tenderly on her red cheek, caressing it. He knew the curse had afflicted her badly. "I'm going to cure your affliction. No matter what. I promise." He locked eyes with her, determination filling his. Then he took his hand away from her cheek, gently. Then she asked Ingavor for his plan on the man with the bear and what he had planned. He spoke as if he had thought this out all night. "Well. Obviously he wasn't that bright. And he clearly has no idea what he is dealing with. Maybe we can trick him. I ask to hold it. Then we bolt. I apologize for my rude behavior from before, and we make up for us ditching him." He too crossed his arms. "I just want to make it up to you for earlier. I blew our cover. Im gonna have to touch it, but it will tell me all I need to know about it. We need it." He sighed and looked at her. "I can feel it in the air. Everything has changed. I can't explain it. But I know it has. Maybe this quest to The Ruins isn't the important thing. Maybe this teddy bear is truly the treasure we need. I'm ready to do whatever YOU want to do. Say the word, we head to the Iron ruins. Or Camp Semen Bear, or home. Either way, as long as I get to walk behind you and watch your-....back, Im happy." He smirked. "I'm just here to help."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 12:47 AM
Looking down, she weighed the options in her mind. Perhaps he is right.. we might need that blasted bear... Lowering her arms, she placed a hand between her breasts, touching the gift under her top the magical little goat bestowed upon her yesterday. Sighing, she looked up at him and nodded, "Fine, but if this doesn't work, I hope you have a plan on how to deal with what could probably be a highly dangerous nut case." Reaching over, she rested a hand on his chest. As she did, both of their bodies vanished, entering the shadow realm (1st use of 3 for the day). As the world wipped past them, they arrived just around the corner from the camp site. As they reentered, their arrival was much smoother than the first, as she was not panicked. Lowering her hand from him, her ears darted left and right in both directions, attempting to hear what she could. Wrapping her tail around her waist to disguise it, she also lowered her ears under her hair once she was satisfied they were in the clear.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Saturday at 12:58 AM
Ingavor didn't expect to be tossed through the void, but it was over before he knew it. He felt light headed and nauseous, but held it together as they landed on the other side of the trail, back by the camp. "Desdemona, I personally think you are great, and I am trying my damnest to be charming, but if you don't warn me when you literally transport me through time and space, one of these times, I'm going to lose my lunch on you." He rested his hand on a tree, waiting for the world to stop spinning. "I'm not used to that. I'm sorry." Ingavor turned to Des, raising a brow with a smile. "You look beautiful." He said as he watched her hide her features, and took the initiative to walk around the corner to the campsite, to check and see if the coast was clear or not. She is a strange one. I can't get a single read on her. I hope she realizes that I'm literally doing this for no other reason than to help her. I hope I'm not annoying her. Should I ask her if I am? Ingavor argued with himself, over thinking again like he always did. He shook it from his head, and stayed fixated on the mission.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Saturday at 1:08 AM
Brushing her hair with a flick of her hand, she looks at him with a smile, "My apologises. I forget that it takes Humans awhile to get use to such means of travel. I've been doing it for so long it doesn't affect me like it would you." Hearing the compliment he gave, she rolled her eyes with another smile, watching him take off to check if the coast was clear. Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself for the worst, but hoped for the best. Walking you behind him, she rested a hand on his lower back, peaking around him to see for herself.

AnayaLast Sunday at 2:47 PM
The man was siting outside his tent with a little fire nicely nessled inside his protective berrier, he handed his dear Theo a little stick with a soft mushy little bit of soft candy on the end of it and pushed it over the fire “see you do it like this, then we can eat it together my love. Yes i know you dont have a mouth but they has never stoped us before from just makeing one then fixing it back up later. Oh i know, dirty mind i have and you love it” he gave a chuckle as he put his own stick over the fire, the teddy bear looking dryer then it was before due to there little fire but it still had some stains and marks on its fur that showed it was clearly used. The mans eyes looked over to see the others comeing back as he gave a unhappy look on his face and looked back at the fire “i know my love i have rude words to say to them to but we can bite our tunges for now, they were just starled at us i know we can be a odd view to some, i agree it was rude but people are people and we are safe in here anyway” he muttered as he rolled his stick so the fire would make all parts of his candy thing brown and toasted. Before he moved his hand to help his dear lover turn his as well. “so welcome back, here to make more fun or say more rude things to us or run away from us like we are some kind of monsters ” he snarled out as he did not even give them the grace of his eyes on them and he kept looking at the fire and his candy treats.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Sunday at 8:03 PM
Ingavor raised his hand in the air harmlessly. "I know, and I'm sorry. I understand how you feel. Sometimes you feel for somethi-... someone who people don't approve of. I know how it feels to be ridiculed and I shouldn't have been rude to you and Theo." He bowed before the man, even though he wasn't looking at him. "I hope you can forgive us. I was rude and you didn't deserve that." He walked closer to the man, and sat outside the barrier in front of him. "My name is Iggy. Ingavor. I never should have said what I said. Can we start over?" (CHARISMA USED)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Sunday at 11:59 PM
Following behind Ingavor, she kept an eye on the man holding the bear. But to her it looked like one large, solid diamond as her eyes began to gloss over. Reaching out, she gripped onto the back of Ingavors top, lowering herself with him as he sat, doing anything she could think of from simply charging the barrier for her prize. She clamped her eyes shut, attempting to block out the Gods curse, which helped some, but she knew it was still out there. Its a bear.. she scolded herself, A cum stained, disgusting, magical item held by a loon. Its not.. not... Her eyes opened again slowly, the curse burrowing itself further, making it nearly impossible to deny that it was pure diamond, "Talk.. faster..." she murmured, just loud enough for Ingavor to hear, remaining hidden behind his back so the man could not tell she had even said anything. Her tail tightened around her waist as she attempted to distract herself in another fashion.

AnayaLast Monday at 12:27 AM
The man was not charmed by the foolish boys acthions, and in fact he was somewhat appalled by that he would try to woo him into some sense of security, but he did need to see if this one was trust worthy and the only real way to do that wss let him in or go out into the public, safer in here he thought to himself but at the end of the day Theo called the shots "you think we should break bread and berry the hatchet my sweet, no I dont think they chould do much, not with you protecting me, yes I know you will always protect me, I love you to and alright just the one" his eyes looked to the ingavor man "alright you want to be trusted I will alow just the man inside the barrier, have some candy with Theo and I best way to make friends is with food right"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Monday at 2:51 AM
Ingavor turned back to Desdemona and gently took her hand on his shoulder and simply turned to look at her as she muttered to him. His eyes held sympathy for her, and spoke reassuringly. "Don't worry." He looked to the man start to speak. "That sounds fair. I shouldn't have upset Theo. I know. I hope we can put this past us. Ingavor then gave Desdemona's hand a gentle squeeze, and stood, letting go of it. "You both have good taste. A fire, sweet snacks and the stars in the open sky. Quite romantic." Ingavor, being allowed inside, He stepped through the barrier, feeling slightly sick to his stomach but quickly, he shook the feeling. "Thank you Theo. I don't think we ever caught your name, sir?" He looked toward the man, sitting next to them around the fire, before shooting a look of determination toward Des. You're doing this for her. You are going to eat candy and touch a seed soaked children's toy, so you can make a cat woman happy. Nothing you are doing is making sense. Ingavor looked at the teddy bear with a smile. "How did you two meet?" The hand to the queen reached into his satchel and pulled out a bottle of wine from earlier. "Still want to have that drink, as well as some candy? Desdemona's curse made him upset, and she wouldn't have it if it wasn't for Ingavor's outburst earlier to this man and bear. He was deadset on getting her the toy in a way of making up for it, and was curious of the bear's power at the same time. The aura it was giving off was damn near terrifying and down right powerful. Ingavor reached a hand out to the bear, and took it's little hand, giving a small shake, while feeling it's power at the same time. His eyes had permanently turned red since his power boost, so the man would have no idea Ingavor was having visions flash into his head. Once the memories or the like had stopped, he reached another hand to the man. "It's nice to meet you both. "

DesdemonaZankokuLast Monday at 4:12 AM
As he removed his hand from hers, she sank to her knees and simply remained there, keeping her eyes to the ground. Every single small pebble looked like a coin and she desperately wanted nothing more than to pick them all up and keep such treasure to herself, but she refused to allow herself to be fooled by what she knew was simply rocks. Feeling Ingavors presence waver from where he had been, she knew that he was now inside the barrier. Whatever you plan on doing, do it fast, she thought to herself, Makes me wonder why we are even doing this.. She knew the answer, but again she did not want to admit that she actually wanted to place her hands on such a thing. Perhaps it was a good thing she currently viewed it as a diamond.. Another thing that caught her attention somewhat was the fact that the man seemed to be holding a legitimate conversation with the bear. She had heard the rambles of an insane man before, but this was different somehow. In more than one way, but she couldn't seem to put her finger on what it was. The thought began to irritate her, so she refocused her attention elsewhere, keeping a flattened ear to the men's conversation.

AnayaLast Monday at 8:56 PM
As ingavors hand touched the bear the feeling of power flowed into his body, the images flickered over his mind, a serpentine dragon flowing around a large ice like crystal glimmering blue, it let out a scream that sounded like a song, a song that sounded heavenly. A strong, very strong sense of wanting soothed over ingavor, an image of a small child, a small child he knew very very well standing there her hands out in wanting. "Daddy I am trapped in here you need to save me, please save me he thinks I love him, he is crazy please save me" she called out as she faded away and the vision was ending, everything fading out as ingavors whole body felt like it was covered in ice. He would have to let go of the hand of the bear, like he was compelled to do it. If he was to fight holding I to the bear his hand whould cover in ice and he would be unable to let go at all, the choice was up to him. The man seemed startled as he reached out grabbing a hold of theo and yanking him over (he will get the bear or ingavor will be pulled with it) "what are you doing touching Theo, he is fragile and sensitive and he does not belong to you whoever you are, may be it was a mistake letting you in here. "



Jeff DeLaRoseLast Monday at 9:43 PM
He couldn't explain his feeling of mixed fear, awe, wanting, and anger that fell over his body as He stared at the child, his hues fixated on her. He didn't know her, but he did. He never had a child, but she pleaded for help, and called him daddy. She must have meant someone else. The dragon kept him in his toes, never seeing a serpent before, and the bear gave him a feeling of belonging. Just like Des. He was at bliss, feeling content while he grabbed it. But he knew it wasn't natural. He looked as the child faded away. A growl came from his throat, but he hid it as he used all of his concentration to unlatch each finger from the bear's little paw. "No I'm sorry! I was just trying to shake hands! I couldn't hurt a fly! Please. Here, I'll show you." He held his hand out to shake, harmlessly at the man. "Im Ingavor. What's your name?" He looked at the ground. "I meant no insult or I'll intention. Please forgive me."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Tuesday at 1:13 AM
Lifting her head to look at the men, she glanced between the two of them, wondering just how far their conversation would go. She knew the bear was magical, but she did not know the extent of its powers and that's what made her the most nervous. A man who was clearly deranged would be simple to eliminate, but what if this bear was providing him with enough power to annihilate the entire area they were in? Or worse yet, imprison them in an unescapable situation? One question after another pummeled her mind, until she looked back to the bear. Her eyes hazed over slightly as the curse took hold once more, forcing her to see the diamond her mind had come to associate the item with. It took everything in her power to keep from lunging at the barrier, wanting only to take the precious stone from the man. Wincing as if in pain, she lowered her head again, attempting once more to ignore the curse.

AnayaLast Tuesday at 8:39 AM
The man looked at the hand offered to him, he took a breath calming himself down before takeing the hand to shake it slowly. Ingavor whould get no vision from this man and oddly enough he felt nothing just a simple pulse of life within this man and nothing more "I just dont like Theo touched, he is very treasured to me is all"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Tuesday at 9:43 AM
"Okay. I won't touch Theo again. I'm sorry." Ingavor shook the man's hand but felt nothing. Just like that, he was as uneasy as ever before. Could Ingavor escape from the barrier without causing suspicion? That wasn't his mission however, and knew that he had to keep trying to get Desdemona her prize. He looked into the man's eyes and asked again. "What is your name? We know Theodore. But we don't know you." He pulled a travel cup from his satchel and poured a glass of his fancy wine, and passed it over to the man. "I'm sorry for putting you on edge sir. I promise. I'm not here to hurt anyone." He looked at Desdemona. "Take a walk." He could see the pain in her eyes, and the cursed frustration brewing. He needed time to play this out and her looking like she was going to explode wasn't selling his illusion. "You look bored, my dear. Why don't you walk around while us two bury the hatchet?" He turned to the man. "We are friends after all, right?" He pulled out a half loaf of cut breaded salt, baked to perfection and wrapped in a leaf wrap. "A gift, from me to you." He handed to wrap to the man, with compassion in his hues. "I'm truly sorry."

January 16, 2019
DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 12:03 AM
As Ingavor instructed her to take said walk, she looked up at him with a slight glare. What a cheeky son of a.. Straightening, she nodded before turning, "Yes dear." With that, she walked off, wondering if the man would be alright through it all. Once she was out of ear and eye shot, she sighed and relaxed, her ears lifting from her head and her tail uncoiling itself from her waist. Giving a slight hop, she crossed her legs, her power activating in a slight fashion levitating her off the ground. As her tail flicked back and forth, she linked her fingers behind her head and sighed again, looking up at the clouds. "How is it that we set off on a trip to the Old Ruins and end up talking to a bat shit crazy man holding a cum stained magical teddy? This is getting out of hand." She glared once more, her eyes sparking to life in a blaze of gold as her anger spilled over, "What the hell am I even doing? I specifically went to that damn castle to steal things, and instead I have been serviced to care for some Dragon hatchlings and act like an over glorified maid! What am I DOING with my life right now?!" Clamping her eyes shut, she began to groan, which quickly turned into a scream of irritation. Sighing, she shook her head and simply watched the clouds.

AnayaYesterday at 7:29 AM
The man looked at ingavor and nodded "ya I guess we are friends, well if theo will have you" he looked at the best with a puzzled look on his face "funny I thought he should have some words to say to that, but nope silance ror me" he chuckled and gave a happy smile to the man as he took the food and unwraped it placing a chunk in his mouth to eat down "mmmmm this is amazing you are a mighty good cook sir" he said softly as his eyes looked at ingavor a unsettling shimmer behind them.
Meanwhile in the woods with Des came a little voice of a small child "hellow I chould hear them yelling" it called out softly clinging to a small brown leather pouch in its hands. It was a small boy about the age of 8 and he looked human for the most part dressed in average robes and was not overly tattered or slave like, clearly he was some pesents kid.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 7:35 AM
Ingavor's eyes widened at his lack of power. Or his ability to hide his own."Yes. Friends. I'm glad you like my bread. Enjoy it." Either way, Ingavor knew now. The child inside the bear. The insane man and his mentality. He was a menace. Ingavor pulled out his spell book, as the man took his glass of wine. Desdemona strolled off, obviously not happy with him, but hopefully she would understand here within the next few minutes. Ingavor, using a single finger, flipped to a certain page, while his eyes shifted to the man. "It cries out to be saved." Was all the hand of the queen said, while he muttered an incantation. A single black blade formed in Ingavor's right hand, before the man could even react. Then in one single motion, he slammed it into the man's jugular. Then once more, just for good measure while the wine dropped onto the ground. His eyes closed as to not see the gore but he knew that this man had to deserve it. No one who fucks a teddy bear in the middle of the woods and doesn't introduce themselves is far from a good person. He opened his eyes, and watched the man's own hues, while the flame was getting blown out of them. Ingavor's left hand moved up to press against the guys mouth, so he wouldn't scream. Slowly, the pupils turned grey, and Lifeless, Ingavor's sympathetic eyes confirmed the kill, and took his hand away as the body slumped to the ground. (Rolled 17, hit, dealt 20 HP, dead.) The teddy bear then fell from the man's arms, which caused Ingavor to wrap his telekenic aura around it, and lift it into the air, and floated it around his head as the Barrier dropped. (Man is dead, Barrier falls down) Ingavor gave a soft sigh, turning around the corner after standing, and leaving the body to lay near the fire. Ingavor's cuffs were covered in blood, and he looked like he had a sickened look on his face, as if he was not proud of his actions.
. He watched Desdemona talk to herself, his brow raising as he got closer and closer, not expecting to be done as soon as she left. He narrowed his eyes as she said "Steal from the castle." His heart shattered as he looked at the floating Cheshire. He growled and set the teddy bear shooting toward her feet, landing in the dirt in front of her, sitting upright. "You were gonna steal from us?" He crossed his arms, and looked at the ground. "So..You are just here to gain loot?" Ingavor was actually more upset than he was angry, and reached into his bag, pulling out his diamond from the goat, and tossed that next to the bear. "That Is an actual diamond. I know you can't see it. But it's worth a full coin purse. You go-ahead and do what you wish." He took a breath, and stared at her. "When I met you, you refused my cooking, and sat in my favorite room, and read all these books. You interested me immediately. Everything you did made me more smitten. You are the only one who has ever treated me as a human bloody being. You made me feel like I mattered. For the first time since my family died, I felt like someone actually gave a damn about me." Then he turned, finally noticing the child. "Use your money to get this child some more food." He then took another apple from his bag, and tossed it to the kid, but looked back to Desdemona. He growled under his breath, immense power raising in his aura, but he refused to hurt Desdemona, so with a single turn on his heel, he started walking toward the path again. He cared little if she followed or not. Ingavor felt like he took a life for someone who didn't deserve it, even though the man himself deserved to die. Once Ingavor had reached the path, he looked toward the castle, then toward their destination, where this whole adventure was supposed to go. He decided he was going to finish the mission, and put his mind to ease about it.

AnayaYesterday at 7:45 AM
As the man was killed everything started to fade away, the body started to fade the tent, the barrier it all was gone showing only a large rock and the teddy bear in its place, like nothing ever existed at all there, it was all a lie that as soon as the man had died came truth to show it was all a lie made possible by whatever was in that child teddy. As the bear was picked up and hovered around its head the sound of crying whispered into ingavors ears, the sound of a little girl crying wanting to be held safe and sound. "Daddy dont leave me here, hold me I want to be safe you saved me my curse it is broken you saved me dont leave me in the dirt, I need to be Cleaned" it called out words only ingavor chould hear whispering into his head wanting him to turn around and pick her back up.
The child grabbed the apple as it looked at the people, fighting was not his thing at all so swiftly he clung to the bag and backed up wanting to hide a little in the tree line and distance himself a tad from what looked like the squableing couple

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 3:31 PM
Ear arcing towards the child, she would turn her head to look at him, lowering herself back to the ground. She took stock of the boy and what he carried, quickly wondering if this was the child in question concerning the commotion in the hall of the inn. Taking a slow breath, she walked over and squatted down, "Call it letting out a bit of frustration. Do hope I didn't startle you." Her other ear directed itself towards Ingavor as he approached, barking out his own frustrations. Standing, she stood between the boy and upset man, almost like a protective mother to her child. As the bear landed at her feet along with the diamond, she narrowed her eyes, keeping them locked on him. He has much better hearing than I gave him credit for.. she thought to herself. "That was the original plan, yes. I wont lie about that. But how is it you're making this about you? Can your self esteem truly be so low that you have to take a situation that has absolutely nothing to do with you and make it solely about that? And who said my actions were to remain the same? Obviously they aren't or else I would've killed you the first time you interrupted me, taken what I wanted and have hightailed it out of this Kingdom a few days ago." Her tail darted out and caught the apple, offering it to the boy in a gentle manner. Hair standing a bit on end as she saw a shimmer in his aura, she watched him march away in a god almighty huff, rolling her eyes before looking back to the child, her features softening, "See? Guess I am not the only one who needed to let out a bit of frustration. So, whats your name little one? And what are you doing all the way out here, hmm?"

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 3:50 PM
He sat on the trail, his arse in the dirt as he brought his knees up to rest against his chest while his eyes narrowed. He thought about what she said. Was she really turning this around on him? He could care less about what she took. Hell, he helpped Roxy steal from the crown, and helpped her get away with it. The crown was so well off that if something went missing, it would usually just be replaced. What bothered him was how he felt lied to. He felt like everything she had said was a lie, and how it would be hard to trust her. He thought of her, mentioning that maybe her intent had changed Then on how she would have killed him if it hadn't. "Kill me?" He muttered. "Like to see you try-.... gorgeous cat lady-...fucking bullshit." He sighed and began drawing in the sand with his right index finger. Now he was alone, away from the castle, and down a friend.
Yet he knew he was in the right. Ingavor grunted and stood from the path and walked back toward the camp, and past the child and Des. Regardless of how angry he was, he still promised to protect her. Just like he made a promise to get her the bear. If Ingavor was anything, it was a man of his word. He noted the body had vanished, and ignored the constant begging coming from the bear inside his head. He sat at the fire, by the tent and looked over at the child and Des. His aura was visible to the naked eye, glowing bright, sky baby blue like a flame, wrapped around his body. He was to angry to focus on bringing it down and just wanted to get this mission on the road. He picked up a stick and looked at the fire, poking it. Once again, the voice of a child rang through his ears, beckoning him to take the bear. He refused, and tried his damnest to block it out. Everything was an illusion, and he felt like everything was falling apart. The camp was fake. Desdemona had fake actions.The man was fake. Nothing felt real anymore. He sighed sadly, and kicked a bit of sand into the fire pit, yet nothing happened. The fire raged on.

AnayaYesterday at 7:17 PM
The voice in ingavors head spoke once more, it sounded so lost, so distant, like it was behind a glass wall and things seemed so muffled "I remember a day, we went for a dinner under a big oak tree with brother daddy, brother liked his books and the food but I just wanted to play, he had such nice hair, I miss brother so much, have you seen him, or mother to, I miss you, i have been sleeping so long now and all i want is your arms, can you tell brother I miss him, he should be so proud of me, I saw a big ship in the sky once, he was not there it was after I left him, a big ship being carried by a birdy with big brown wings, brother should have loved it he likes to learn, maybe when I see him agein I can tell him about it. But you dont want to hear me, why wont hou hold me papa why wont hou tell me brother and mother are ok, cant I hear your voice agein." The voice sounded so broken like it was crying into its words.
The little boy looked at des as he took the apple and took a bit letting the juice slip down his chin she asked him about his mother and father as he clung to the bag he was holding "I ran away I dont ever want to see them agein, they were.mean daddy, father hit mother and no I wont fo back gona be a priest and show people the way of darkness, it be a good job and a big perdy lady told me alo kinds of things to do"

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 7:43 PM
Her ear twisted towards Ingavor, keeping her attention split between him and the boy. She slowly lowered herself into cross-legged position in front of the boy, crossing her arms under her breasts, "So, your father hit your mother, so you ran away with a bag in the dreams of becoming a dark priest?" Normally in a situation like this, she wouldn't even bat an eye. To each their own, she would say. But something about this just felt wrong, and she knew all about wrong. Tilting her head slightly, she flicked her tail back and forth, "Well.. being a priest is.. definitely a valid life decision, but to practice the ways of darkness? Surely you understand what that would entail?" Blinking, she looked up into the sky, trying to think of a way to best explain what he would be getting himself into. Getting an idea, she looked back to him, "When your father hit your mother, how did that make you feel? Like running away, right? Seeing as you are out here all alone?"

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 9:12 PM
Ingavor grunted and twisted his head toward the child, scratching his head. He caught Des looking his way, but he kept his gaze on the child. A boy, in the middle of nowhere, about a day away from home? He put two and two together. This was the boy he needed to find. This was the boy that ran away from his mother. He recognized his face in the woman's memories. A small brow was raised as he went to open his mouth at the two but stopped, hearing the loud voice assault his brain. He growled, gripping his temples, and grunting in pain. "No. She's bloody dead! Mother, father, and sister!" She kept calling him daddy, speaking in his baby sister's voice. "You're not real!" He shouted, probably looking crazy to the child and Desdemona. He dropped to his knees, screaming out as the loud voice echoed in his skull. "Abigail is dead! Mother is dead! Father is dead! It's Ingavor! I'm Ingavor!" He growled as tears welled up in his hues, his power rising around his body, which would cause all those around who can sense aura to be frightened. (Ingavor's power feels like that of a level 20, but doesn't have those Abilities. Just a rage induced temporary power up.) He screamed as he looked over at Desdemona. "That bear...please make it stop!" While kneeling, he pressed his forhead to the ground. "Fuck! Get out of my head!" Ingavor was in the middle of not only immense pain, but a PTSD flashback that played on a loop. The bear was making him witness his family die over and over again, while he screamed. His face explained that this was the most emotionally destroying thing he had witnessed in forever. He felt tears run down his face, uncontrollably, while he tried to reach out to the voice, grabbing at nothing. "Stop! Please! Fuck! Abigail! I tried to save you! I fought so hard! I killed so many! Please make it stop!"

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 10:28 PM
Concern growing for Ingavor, she patted the boy on the head as a way of holding off their conversation before turning her full attention to him. Hearing him cry out in what appeared to be pain, she took caution when his power seemed to amplify almost out of control. Glancing down at the bear, it was the only thing that would make sense for putting him in such random and debilitating pain. Stretching a hand out, she closed her eyes and concentrated her power on the bear, attempting to seal it away in the shadow realm, at least for the time being. If this was indeed the cause of his random outbursts, she knew this was probably the only way to sever the bears ties with him for now. He may not care a great deal about her at the moment, but she had come to enjoy his goofy company, and she would be damned if this was the way he was going to taken down. "Hold on Ingavor. I'm trying.." Snapping her eyes open, they flashed their golden hue, throwing her power at the bear as quickly as she could.

AnayaYesterday at 10:31 PM
the bear did not seem affected at all, it did not even move, it did not get locked away the magic seemed not to affect it at all, in ingavors head he could hear screaming, his sister in pain, intense pain and screaming "why do you do this to me!! she is hurting me, stop the pain! all i want is your love! father mother i need you!! brother help me!"

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 11:16 PM
The steward screamed out louder when the bear was thrown into the void. "Shit! Abigail is fucking dead! I saw her body! I saw what they did to her! You aren't her!" The voice shouted at him in a distorted voice, even louder than before. He looked at Desdemona as she tried to help,while his sister's screams broke his heart and chipped away at his sanity with each passing second. "Please bring it back! Give it to me! It needs to held so it stops! Just-..." He could feel every individual tear roll down his cheeks, while he slammed his fist on the ground. He kept seeing his father get beheaded over and over again, followed by his mother taking her own life, then ended by finding his sister's body, rotting, and riddled with flies. "I couldn't save you. Any of you. I tried! I dream every night! I feel their souls! I can still feel them! Please, stop!" He looked at Desdemona, his eyes full of pain and sorrow. "I'm sorry." He kept his eyes on her, screaming out, yet staying true to his words. "I know it's hard out here! I know you're just trying to survive! I don't blame you! I don't blame you at all." He closed his eyes and held his head as his power exploded around him in a burst of force that sent everyone around him to their arse, on the ground. "I killed the men who killed you! Every single one! I tried so hard to stop them! I walked for three days with an open wound, and hunted them all down, Abigail! Please! Please stop! This isn't real!" The pain was beginning to be to much for him to bare.


DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 8:33 PM
As her attempt to send the bear into the Void did not work, she glared at it with a sigh, "Of course not.." Hearing Ingavor speaking to her, she looked over at him, the worry in her eye growing. What is happening to him? she asked herself, He isn't making any sense at all. Opening her mouth to reassure him, the explosion of power he created sent her flying backwards, completely caught off guard. Landing harshly and rolling a few times, her ears drooped as she shook her head clear. "Okay.. that hurt.." Pushing herself back up, she eyed him once again. Out of reasonable options, she entered the shadow realm (2nd use of 3 for the day), reappearing right in front of him. Darting her hands out, she cupped his head in her hands, forcing him to look at her, "Iggy! Focus on me! Block out the voice and listen to mine!" Without another moments hesitation, she moved forward and hugged him tightly, lowering her voice as she spoke into his ear, "I don't know what is happening, but enough is enough. Whatever voice you are hearing is only causing you pain. Push away the voice and listen to mine. Snap out of it!"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Thursday at 9:36 PM
It worked momentarily, just enough for him to wrap his arms around her, and wrap his telekenic aura around the bear. He floated it over to himself, finally able to concentrate. His right hand clutched the bear, and the voices stopped. He held onto her tightly, while his tears rolled down his face. "It made me hear my sister. It made me see them die. My family. Over and over. I-...I-..." He sobbed into her shoulder, broken. "I'm sorry Desdemona." He lowered his aura, and rested in her embrace. "I-...they beheaded my father, right in front of me. They raped my mother and sister until they couldn't take it anymore. I killed so many men in The Great War. I tried so hard to forget. I'm so sorry-...." He just needed to apologize for someone for his actions. "Abigail, Minerva, and Igachi. Those were my family's names." He pulled his head back, and looked into her eyes. "That was single-handedly the most painful thing that has ever happened to me." He looked down at the bear. "Fuck this thing. Fuck these woods." He looked back up to her. "Thank you." He said in response to her saving him for one moment. "You didn't have to." He leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, and leaned back, staring at the ground. "Im sorry I yelled at you. I felt Like everything you said or did wasn't true. I told you I wanted to know the real you. When you said you were gonna steal from the crown, I just felt betrayed. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have shouted at you. Thank you for saving me." He wiped his tears and avoided her eyes. "All this power and I can't control it. Bloody embarrassing."

AnayaLast Thursday at 9:50 PM
the bear in his hands shimmered a bit, he held the feeling, this over whelming feeling to keep it, to treasure it, like it was his real family, like it was his greatest treasure in the whole world. (devine charm given bear is bound to soul,Touching the bear, upon contact with the bear the dragon within casts a curse, the curse will bind all that touches the bear to the bear, this will allow the dragon within the bear to have contact to the all that touch its mind and thoughts. the dragon within the bear will be able to know, - memories and history - thoughts - metal powers, and strengths and weaknesses - all the knowledge that the one that touches it knows This effect will never end as long as the one who has touched the bear is living and breathing The effect the bear has is the same as a Devine charm person and can not be broken by normal means, and the one affected is not aware they are even cursed at all.
The owner of this item may believe the item is a living human or being of there desires as the dragon actively talks to the one owning it enjoying playing tricks and pranks to make its eternity more enjoyable. owner of bear, ingavor and whoever else will lay hand to the bear) the bears big eyes looked up at ingavor, in reality it did not move, but he would think it did slightly "thank you brother, we will be together forever now, i will help you and you get to help me, together forever brother, see i did not die i am just right here, arnt you happy!"(edited)

DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 9:53 PM
Holding onto him and looking over his shoulder, she simply held on, not sure what more she could do. Listening to the story of his family, she glanced to the side, not really knowing how to respond. She never had a family that could be tortured in the ways he was describing, but she did know how it felt first hand. Such methods to deal with anyone was beyond her, and she couldn't stand the thought of it. When he kissed her cheek, she looked back into his eyes, shaking her head as he apologized, "You had every right to be angry, but now is not the time for all this. We will discuss it when we have everything figured out. Now come on, if you are able. If that goat granted you all this power, then focus it block out whatever this item is doing to you. We have things to do and sitting here being tortured by it is not one of them." Releasing him, she stood and offered a hand to him, wondering where they would go from there. If her power had no effect on the bear, the only other option she could see was placing it away in either one of their never ending pocket. If the laws of magic held true, it would be placed in a separate yet connected realm, severing a good majority of its influence. But would the item, with all its power, allow such a thing. She did not know, but outside of one of them physically holding it she had no other ideas. "Besides, Lady Anaya will be expecting back at some point. I would rather get this expedition to the Old Ruin done and over with as quickly as possible. Either that.. or we go back empty handed and possibly deal with her disappointment."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Thursday at 10:45 PM
"Let's just go home. No offense, but I would rather just get out of here. We can return later if you would like, but For now, I think we should return. A lot has happened and I honestly don't think I can take any more of this bullshit today. Let me gain my composure for a day or two. That-...uh-...I don't know how to describe my experience." He gripped her hand, holding the bear in his other, and pulled himself to his feet. "I'm sorry. We can continue if you'd like but I feel like if we bring this to Anaya, she will be more than pleased. She loves magical knick knacks. Besides, it's been a while. She is probably wondering where I am. If she even is at all." He looked at the bear, and sighed softly, glancing back at the kid. "Huh." He looked up at the kid. "But I suppose we can't just leave him. We gotta bring him home." He squeezed her hand gently and let it go, before looking back into her eyes. "So look. Forget what I said about going to the Iron. I'm not leaving this boy out here." He moved over to him, following his aura, and kneeled in front of him. "Hey lad. Sorry about that. Didn't mean to scare you. Your mom is scared. She doesn't want you to run away. She just wants you home." Ingavor placed a hand on his shoulder, gently letting him see Ingavor's point of view memory of his mother crying over him missing. "Tell you what. How about if I get you home to your mother, you let me beat up your father?" He smiled at the boy and ruffled his hair. "I have plenty of food. Besides. Being a priest is boring. Do yourself a favor, kid. Don't grow up. Be a kid as long as you hand. One day, you won't have a mum. She needs you."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 11:11 PM
Nodding with his decision, she started to walk back towards home, only to stop as Ingavor went to speak with the child. She knew that if they left the boy out here all alone, a number of things could end up happening to him, and though she would never admit it to the boy she knew what it was like to be lost and confused at what to do next. Sighing, she simply crossed her arms under her breasts and waited for the boys reply to Ingavor's offer. It was not what she would've chosen to do, but it would be better than nothing. As she waited however, her eyes drifted to the bear in Ingavors arms, her eyes glazing over as they had time and time before. Grunting, she lowered her eyes and clamped them shut, forcing the image from her mind, "If we are to do this, we need to make it fast. I dont know how much longer I can hold off the desire to simply snatch that diamond out of your arms.."

AnayaLast Thursday at 11:29 PM
Being told he was being taken back to his mother he turned around and bolted in the complaint of it direction "I will never go back there ever!" He screamed out as he rushed into the wood line tossing the apple in the air in the fray he did not even look ba k just kept going even if they were not going to follow him he was out of there and never going back to his house.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Thursday at 11:45 PM
Ears perking at the pitter patter of feet, she looked up at as the boy vanished into the woods. Cracking a grin, she shook her head and began walking back towards Iron, "May the Gods watch over that lad, and may his heart find the path that is right for him, may it be the light or the darkness." Looking at Ingavor as she passed by, she motioned for him to follow, "Come on. Lets go home."

January 18, 2019
Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 12:29 AM
He watched the child run, and turned back to look at Desdemona. "I guess he doesn't want to go back." He moved over to Des, and watched the boy disappear into the woods. "I guess-....we can go home now." He said with a blink and as she moved passed him, he followed. "Sounds good." He looked at the ground, placing the bear in his satchel. "Despite the pain, the goat, the vivid hallucinations, the teddy bear, murdering a fake man, and seeing my family die reapeatedly, I had a really nice with you. I'm kind of upset I didn't get to show you the stars in Avalon." He looked at the floor as they walked. "Perhaps I could show you them in the Iron, tonight?" He asked, raising a brow. "Look. I'll be honest, Desdemona. I like you. Alot. I feel like we have been through alot together, and I am justified in telling you that you're amazing. So let's stop bullshitting around it. Let's go out on a date. Let me show you a good evening. I feel like we both deserve it."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 12:36 AM
Hearing him confess and ask her on a legitimate date, she stopped dead in her tracks in front of him. Her tail seemed to puff out a bit, like a cats when challenged by another, swaying from side to side slowly. Her voice was quiet, almost too quiet for him to hear her as she replied, "A date..?" In all her life, she had never once been asked on such a thing, let alone had someone who was as infatuated with her as this Human was. Looking over her shoulder at him, she raised her eyes to his, a cautious look in them, "Can you really ask a thief that and mean it? Knowing what you know now, you still hold your feelings for a creature such as myself?" Without waiting for a reply, she looked back to the road, continuing on her way, "We will see what the evening holds, I suppose. Assuming a Dragon is pleased with the little gift you have decided to bring her."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 12:50 AM
He looked down at the ground, then up at her. "Yes. I can. I can feel you. You act like 'thief' is your only character trait. You're more than that. And I'd like to actually see you, when you're not trying to hide behind a mask. I know what I'm asking for, Desdemona. I'm not a child. You're an amazing woman, despite what brought you to my home." He said, catching up to her. Ingavor looked over at her, and sighed. "I won't let the queen hurt you, if that's what you're worried about. I may be small, and she may be-...a scary beast of nature, but I'd gladly take a lashing for you." He looked at the trees as they walked. "Don't care if you're a thief, a murderer, or a fucking plate of beans. You're an interesting soul. I like you. The fact that you are drop dead gorgeous is just a plus. Is it so impossible to think that I could have feelings for you? That anyone could? You're great Desdemona. If an idiot like me can see it, why cant a genius like you?" He smirked. "You read like 5 books in a few minutes. You like a clean environment. You are easy to cook for. You give a shit about me. You saved me. Why can't you see how great you are?"

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 1:47 AM
Slowing her pace to a halt, Des turned and looked up at him, her eyes searching his a moment, "You place me on this pedestal, yet you know only a drop in the endless ocean that is who I am, Ingavor. You know nothing of what I have done and who I have done it to in order to survive, yet you see me as this great and noble individual. You are either blind as they come, or you always see the best in everyone around you.." Sighing softly, she did offer him a very small smile, "You are however still rather cute, for a Human. An odd one to read." Stepping up to him, she stood on her toes, slowly and softly resting her lips on his giving him a reward for his cuteness. But just as quickly as she had, she broke the contact, turning back to the road. "Hurry up. You owe me a date and I wish to be back behind the walls of the castle before it begins."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 2:13 AM
Stopping in place, he smiled brightly as she spoke. "Seeing only the bad in people just leads to pessimistic views." He was going to say something else but was cut off by her mentioning him being cute. "I try." He said, and smirked, before she kissed him. He was caught off guard, but moved with her, until she broke from him, seconds later. "Uh-...yes! Sounds like a plan!" As they walked for about 35 minutes, they would reach the stables, and the back of the castle where they had came from. Their two horses were there, eating hay and neighing upon their return. "Hey guys." Ingavor said, patting their noses softly. He sighed in relief, happy to be home. Two guards came running out, and bowed before him. "My Steward! You are home, your grace!" One said. Imgavor looked confused. "Where is Anaya?" The other guard spoke up, raising a brow. "She left, my Lord. She said next in line for the throne after her, Lady Noki, Lord Samuel, and Lady Ana, all of which arent here. That leaves you, sir." Ingavor turned back to Desdemona. "What are they talking about?" He scratched his head, refusing to accept that Anaya chose him.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 2:52 AM
Having arrived at the stables, she too walked over and greeted their horses from before. She was glad to see that they returned safely. She leaned up and whispered into Gerod's ear as she had at the beginning of their journey, the horse responding with a light hearted neigh, clapping the ground with a hoof. She laughed and walked away, calling back to the horse over her shoulder, "Right? That's what I said!" Shaking her head, her smile faded a bit as the guards ran up and began speaking with Ingavor. Her ear quickly twisted in the guards direction, catching everything he had said as she walked up to the group of men. Her eyes widened in a bit of shock hearing of Anaya's departure and the naming of the successor. She looked up at Ingavor and shook her head, "I think he just said you are the King.." Looking back at the guard, her eyes flashed a soft golden color as her alarm began to grow. Anaya was a Dragon and from what Ingavor had said on the road, was one of the only people that could potentially lift the curse that was placed on her. To hear her gone was one of the last things she wanted to hear, "You will give us more information than that soldier, if you wish to remain standing. Where did Lady Anaya go, and if you do not know the answer, I suggest you tell us who would know it. Now speak!"

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 3:22 AM
The guard raised his hands, and took a step back, as did the other. "Her son, Jeff came home! She apparently didn't expect to see him, on account of him being dead." Ingavor poked his head up, watching Des interrogate the guards with anger. King? Me? This must be some mistake. "Jeff came home? No-...that's impossible. Who else asked for him back?" He said to the guard as well, Iggy and Des drain as much info as they could. "They had an argument. The only man I've ever seen scream at Anaya and live. Twas scary. The prince mentioned that she should do her job. So Anaya flew off after doing paperwork. It's all up there in her office! She said she would not be returning ever. She said she was bringing her daughter back. " Ingavor was growing upset. "This has officially been the weirdest day of my life." He said, looking at the guards, and nodded, while they looked to Des. "Ma'am. Please..." Ingavor grunted and shooed his hand at them. "You're dismissed." They both bowed and went I side, while Ingavor turned to meet Des's eyes. "I won't rest until we cure you." He gripped her hand softly. "I promise." He meant it. "C'mon. Let's get inside before it rains again, and have that date. That will take your mind off of this. My first decree as king is some food and great wine, with a beautiful woman." He joked, and moved toward the door, barley pulling her along, but just enough to hope she would follow him back inside the iron.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 3:36 AM
On the verge of maneuvering around Ingavor and striking the guard, she held firm as he shooed the guards away, her eyes lowering to the ground. Her frustration bubbled in her like a growing weed, subsiding as he took her hand. Looking up into his eyes as he made his promise, she sighed softly, her anger receding, if only for a moment. Hearing his first official decree as King made her want to laugh, but she was still too shaken to do so. She simply offered a strained smile, "As you wish, milord." She bowed her head to the newly elected King, hesitating against his attempt to pull her along. Taking her hand back, she closed her eye a moment and linked her fingers together, making a small prayer in her head. Anaya.. harken to me.. If the power of the Dragon extends to wherever you have flown on leathered wing, release me from this torturous curse the Gods have place on me, for I have learned the lesson they have thrust upon me.. With another sigh, she lowered her hands in front of her still linked together and nodded at Ingavor, "Lead on, milord." She then followed him into the castle.

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Thursday at 5:49 PM
Jace decided to go for a patrol around town, keeping up with his guardly duties. The canine like guard bounded through the halls with hyperactive nature. His feet moved quickly against the tile, clicking and clacking as his nails played against them. "Jace make Queenie proud! She will come back. Jace will make her never leave again!" He neared the door and smiled a cheeky, toothy grin at his passing co-workers, and walked through the ironwood exit, after turning the handles. As he walked toward the steps, he noticed Anaya's human form remains and frowned sadly. "" Jace's face twisted into a tearful mourning, while he looked at the sky. "Come back." The loyal Jace moved down the steps sorrowfully as the wind blew through his fur, and the tears blew off his cheeks. As he made his way to town, he noticed the Tavern was closed, and made eye contact with a white haired man with baby blue eyes through the window. The man nodded to Jace, and Jace gave a fake smile back. Then passing through the main market, he looked around, and went down a straight alley, hoping to take himself a quick bathroom break on the brick building. He couldn't help himself. This was his territory after all. He just needed to mark it.
After relieving his bladder on the wall, he turned toward one of the exits, and noticed four black robed, hooded men, standing there, each with a dagger in their hands. Then he turned toward the other exit, and noticed the same thing. 4 hooded men. Black robes. Daggers. He was blocked in, with no way of escape. The wall couldn't be scaled, as he tried to climb on the bricks, only to slip back down. As his feet landed on the ground, he turned, to see the 8 men surround him, 2 feet from him. "A-...A-....Anayaaaaa!" He screamed as they all plunged their daggers into him, repeatedly. 64 stab wounds. They weren't finished there. The once alive, moments ago, Jace, laid slumped against the wall, while the men stared at him from behind their hoods, and kneeled, cutting into the arms and legs, until they severed the limbs. Then one of the men cut into the soft flesh of his neck, until his head rolled onto the floor with a "THUNK". 6 men each grabbed a limb, including the Torso, and head, and strolled out of the alley, into the market. In full view of the townsfolk. The two members without body parts in their hands, held daggers, and led the pack. Then they all split off, and placed a limb at each end of the town, while the man with the torso placed it in the middle of the town. Then, once they finished, all returned to the church, having plotted and taken care of another abomination. They were going to pick off every unpure soul until there were only worthy men left.

AnayaLast Thursday at 11:21 PM
It was a blissful morning l, a morning like every other, the sounds of birds chirped in the trees, the sweet flowing river made everything seem so peaceful and beautyful made by the gods themselves, light and darkness in the balance on a crisp calm morning, the little goat layed on the sweet steps of a rock covered out droping as it moved a hoof to lightly itch its head softly blating to its self and more then likely going over all the good and happiness it brought this year for the season, it moved to roll on it’s back holding its daintily little feet in the air and traveling over the lines in the clouds to make images of animals and unicorns in its head , oh there was even an elephant and a dragon up there. The goat gave another blaaat and smiled brightly. But something moved in the darkness, clawed hands reached out of tar like glop ripping up into the dirt as its jagged horns and fangs pointed from the darkness, black chains wrapped around its body as it crawled it’s way into the mortal world from beyond, its bright glowing purple eyes and its empty face dangled with a grotesque black saliva hanging limp from its partly severed jaws. It gave a laugh as it looked at the goat a smile spreading over its face. The goat looked at what had crawled it’s way up from the pits its self and it gave a snarled its little white body glowing and trembling at the same time, it knew it held no place it had the power of wishes but this thing was going to ask for nothing it was just going to take take take, it was not going to ask and the goat had no power unless someone wished for things, it was weak it needed help it needed to fight knowing no one was there to help it. The little thing gave a strong blaaat and held its head up high proudly at least if things would go down it, it would go down fighting. The black being snarled and spat as it lunged forward its claws and long arms hav(edited)
e an enormous reach as it grabbed the goat by the back legs pulling it forward into itself. The goat started to scream loudly as it kicked and flailed around trying its hardest to fight “blah blaaa blaaaaaaaa baldrick!” it screamed out its crys falling on no ears to save it. Within moments that sounded to last forever, screams and crushing bones together into vile jaws was over, with the last crutches of a dead body the six purple eyes looked out of the darkness "pick another God, Santa died this year" it snarled out as it spit out a glowing white goat skull and slunk back into the darkness. (Skull of pan, magical item, can be found if someone is brave enough, this takes place in the woods outside of iron, Jordan is the only one not affected as this takes place After he gets his wish from goat)(edited)

January 18, 2019
Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 9:16 PM
Ingavor turned toward Desdemona as she stood behind him, praying to Anaya. He was going to make a joke, but decided not to, and just waited for her to finish, and then follow. Once she did, he smirked, holding the door to the castle open for her, then closed it behind her as she entered. The guards bowed as they walked, which made Ingavor rather uncomfortable. He was used to feeding these men. Cleaning up after them. Now he was being praised by them for just being next in line. He looked over at Desdemona and smiled. "Everyone has lost their bloody minds." He shrugged, and gave a small chuckle, before being approached by a group of 4 guards, armored up and armed to the teeth with sheilds, Spears, swords and axes. "My Lord! There has been countless deaths. Shall we go investigate?" Ingavor had never given an order before, but he had known battle, and his entire tone and body language shifted. "No. You'll do reconnaissance. You two men, you'll patrol. Go around the South side of town, near the tavern and Everdeen's. Report back to me with your information. " He pointed to the other two men. "You two, go around to the center, and protect the townsfolk. To many people die in this town." They raised brows at his orders, not being used to protecting anyone else but the queen. "Yes-...sir." One guard spoke for the rest of them, and they all turned on their heels, and went toward the front doors to do as their Steward commanded. He looked at Des with a raised brow while changing his tone back. "Someone's gotta give a shit." He sighed and pinched his index finger and his thumb against the bridge of his nose. "Less than an hour ago, I was in pain and loosing my mind because of my teddy bear, and now I'm king, and nothing makes sense." He looked at Desdemona. "Library or Kitchen?" He asked, trying to calm himself down, obviously under the new unwarned stress of kinghood. "Let's get away from everyone. I need a moment."

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 9:32 PM
Stepping through the door as he held it up for her, she found it amusing to say the least that the guards would bow to him, knowing full and well that Ingavor was not exactly the kind that would expect it. Seeing how uncomfortable it made him, she held back a laugh, "Lost their minds indeed, milord." Hearing of the deaths, she tilted her head to the side slightly, but ultimately did not react otherwise. Glancing at him as he gave ho orders, she wondered what Anaya would think of him in this moment. She wondered if she should help with the reconnaissance, but thought it better to simply remain quiet unless asked for the help. As he was asking which room she would prefer, she already began walking down towards the library, her tail wrapping around his wrist and pulling him along, "If a moment is what you need, then a moment you will get. I have a sneaky suspicion you will be more than busy here before too long, so best take what you can while you can."

Jeff DeLaRoseLast Friday at 10:25 PM
Ingavor grunted and crossed his arms. "Milord?" He shook his head with a laugh, and watched as she already started heading toward his favorite room. Take every moment he thought, and nodded to himself. Taking a few steps forward, he laid all of his cards on the table, and gripped her hand lightly. "Wait-..." Then he let go, and walked around to face her and looked deep into her eyes. "I may not get my chance. So-...just humor me." He then leaned in and pressed his lips tenderly against hers while a right hand moved to gently lock fingers around the back of her neck. His bright red hues glowed bright, right be He hoped she wouldn't pull away, but if she did, he would most likely apologize, bit if she lingered, he would bring a left hand up to her cheek, caressing it passionately.His fingers around her nape pulled her a bit closer, then let go, and took a step back, opening his eyes. His eyes then lingered on hers for a bit, then up and down her body. "Uh-...after you." He motioned toward the library, clearing his throat.

DesdemonaZankokuLast Friday at 11:25 PM
As he took her hand, she came to a stop, looking up at him as he circled around her. When he pressed his lips against hers, her eyes opened a bit wider, caught a bit off guard. Her tail coiled into a cork screw shape as she quickly debated on what to do in her head. Eyes slowly closing, she kissed him back, reaching up and resting her hands against his chest plate. Feeling him caress her cheek, an almost inaudible purr began radiating from her chest, her tail relaxing and swaying back and forth through the rest of it. When he pulled away, she remained there a moment with her eyes closed, lowering her hands in front of herself again. When she opened her eyes, she searched his for a moment before clearing her throat, walking past him towards the library again. Seeing a few of the maids giggling and acting all school girlish, she felt her cheeks get a bit red, shooting them a look. This made them flinch and go back to their duties. Taking a slow breath, she reached up and rested a finger against her lips. Well now.. that was a bold move, she thought to herself, Not bad either.. Reaching the library, she pulled the door open and stepped in, glancing back at him with a hint of a smile.

January 19, 2019
Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 12:55 AM
He walked in behind her, taking note of the maids that giggled, then stopped. Ingavor's pools watched her tail as she moved, almost like he was in a trance. Yet the poor smitten man was coherent. He smiled with delight across his cheeks, unable to make it go away. I think she likes you, Ingavor. He thought to himself, as they entered the library. He stopped at the door way, and looked at one of the maids. "Could I get a fruit plate and some wine please?" The maid nodded without any words and rushed off to go grab it. She looked nervous, like Ingavor would kill her if she wasn't quick enough. The new, temporary king sighed and watched her scurry away. "Uhrm-... Thank you?" He then shook his head and closed the door behind them, while his gaze fell on the bookshelves full of his favorite thing, next to Desdemona's company and cooking. "It's good to be home." He breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at Desdemona's figure again, his own taking a seat on the large comfortable couch. "Shall we begin that date? An actual date. Just you and me. No old man. No bullshit. Not disaster. Even if it's just for a few moments." He smiled genuinely at her, blush falling over his cheeks. "May not get more than that." He patted the seat next to himself, then looked up, as the libary had a large skylight that showed the clouds or stars depending on time of day, which was early afternoon. He looked at the rain beat down on the glass while, whispering to himself. "The old God's are crying." He smirked, referencing an old book he used to read about dead and buried gods's spirits, crying over the graves of themselves and causing a lush land of harmony to bloom. Some say the gods came back as the plants, the trees, the grass, and the wind. It was a hopeful book. "Tell me, Charming cat lady whom I am absolutely foolstricken for. If you were to pull off the ultimate heist, what would you have taken?" He had a soft smirk. "And don't worry. I'm not gonna string you up."

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 1:09 AM
Watching the maid scurry away, she began looking around the library as if it was for the first time, suddenly feeling like a stranger in it. She had been so focused on her own selfish desires in the past that she hadn't actually taken the time to appreciate the room itself. Hearing him mention it was good to be home, she looked down at the ground, "Yes. Good to be back." Her tail took the shape of an S as she felt his eyes on her, looking up from the ground into his. Nodding as he patted the seat, she slowly moved over to it, gently taking a seat. She looked up with him into the skylight, her ears twitching here and there as she listened to the rain, hearing it far more clearly than he could. When he asked her what she would steal, she lowered her eyes back to his, watching him a moment before answering, "I honestly have no idea.." Leaning back in her seat, she looked back up to the skylight, "I never really thought it through completely. I assumed that if I could simply manage to take enough to live off of, that would be enough for me. Maybe it was the challenge that interested me the most. Not many can claim to have stolen from a Dragon and lived to tell about it." She once again looked at him, tilting her head slightly, "So tell me, oh King, what you plan on for this date. I can honestly say I have never been on one, so I do not know what to expect."

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:28 AM
He noticed her body language shift once he asked the question. He looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and placed his hand on her leg. "Whatever you want. Take it. It's all useless to me. It's useless to anyone who has money. Which the crown does." He smiled "As far as the date? I figured that we could drink wine, laugh, and do what we did in the hall way. I honestly didn't think I'd get this far." He smirked and kept his eyes on her form, while he took his hand away. The handle of the library door then turned and the door creaked open. The maid had a huge platter of all sorts of fruit, wine, and sea pearls, with two golden goblets. Which looked like a regular metal goblet to Des. "Uh-...thank you, Kel." He addressed her by name. She bowed, placing it on the table in front of them. "Thank you Milord!" He frowned, hating the title. "For-...." He asked? "Giving me the honor of serving you!" She said, bowing once more to him then Des, then walking out of the room. Ingavor grunted. "Milord? I hate that. Makes me sound-...." He shrugged. "Anyway...Let's have some wine.'' He gripped the flagon and poured two glasses of wine, which happened to be Anaya's royal stash. The finest white wine ever tasted by a mortal. He didn't know this until he handed her a chalice and took a sip. He gave an audible "mmm" at the flavor and swallowed with a smile, his eyes shooting back to hers. "You know-...I'm really glad I met you."

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 1:40 AM
Looking down at his hand taking hers, she blinked a few times before looking back up. She thought it odd that he would openly offer her anything she wanted within the castle, but at the same time it did not surprise her considering his affection for her. She looked off to the side as a thought occurred to her, but instead of verbalizing it, she simply held her tongue. Hearing of his intentions on their date, she offered a bit of a smile, looking back at him, "Well, some wine sounds excellent after the day we have had." She felt her cheeks get just a sliver warmer when he mentioned wanting to kiss again, which confused her slightly. But at the same time it did not. He was your first kiss, after all, she thought, ...well, at least the first you consented to. Shaking the thought away, she looked at the maid as she entered and nodded to her, thanking her silently for her assistance. As she left, Des began to laugh at Ignavor for being referred to as milord, "It comes with the territory, and seeing as you are the King, you are just going to have to suck it up and deal with it. I wont call you it in private, but if we are around others, I know that it would be disrespectful in the eyes of others if I referred to you casually." She shrugged, taking the glass he offered to her. Taking a sip, she nodded at its taste, clearing her throat afterwards, "That is rather good, isn't it.."

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 1:55 AM
"You can call me whatever you'd like in private. Desdemona." He gave a small wink, and smirked, nodding to her goblet. "Yes it's quite good. I can't believe the queen kept this for herself all of these years. Travis selfish of her. But then again she is a giant hulking dragon, I'm dragons are rather... Protective of everything they own." He smiled at her, and raised his chalice towards her. "To good wine, and a moments rest." His eyes shifted to her tail, as a curious smile came over his face. Yet he kept his thoughts to himself. He wanted nothing more than to be in bed, naked under silken sheets with her. But yet he was a chivalrous man, and wouldn't even attempt to do that unless they had both consented. Ingavor never was in this situation before and just wanted to play it by ear. "You're gorgeous, Desdemona. I'm sorry if I come on to strong. I just-....I feel heavily for you in the time I've known you. Never felt like this for anyone." He smirked, longingly looking back into her eyes. "Thank you-....for not ditching me in the woods back there. When my power went through the roof. You could have ran, but you-..." He coughed into a balled fist, clearing his throat again. "Just-...thank you. I owe you for that "

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 2:29 AM
Rolling her eyes as he winked at her, she simply smiled and lifted her glass as he toasted. Taking another sip, she watched his eyes trail to her tail. She found it interesting that he seemed to watch it from time to time, as if he had a fetish of some sort, but she decided she wouldn't mention it unless he began teasing her too much. An eye for an eye, after all. As he told her his feelings, she looked back down to her glass, swishing the liquid in it around for a moment before looking back up at him, "You are right, Ingavor. I could've very well left you there, but I knew I couldn't do that. You needed help and I am glad that what I did actually worked." Shrugging, she took another sip, "Though if that hadn't worked, I probably would've just left you." She glanced at him in a teasing fashion, smiling a bit. Standing, she set the glass down and took a few steps away. Unhooking the clasp at the back of her chest piece, she pulled off the leather armor and tossed it down. One by one she removed each piece, glad to be rid of them. After a few moments, she stood completely naked in the library, giving her body a good shake to finish her relaxing. Turning back to him, she tilted her head a bit, "You Humans seem to enjoy the sight of a naked woman, though I will never fully understand why." She turned away from him again, raising her tail back into the shape of an S, glancing back at him over her shoulder. She decided to tease him about her tail after all, "Plus, you cant seem to take your eyes off my tail. So, hopefully you have enjoyed this moment." Reaching into her never ending pocket, she pulled out a gown and began to slip it on.

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 2:59 AM
He smirked as she teased him of running if her plan failed. Ingavor's eyes watched hers as she spoke, until she stood and started undressing in front if of him. His jaw fell agape, as if she was reading his mind. The new Iron Dynasty leader, sat, goblet in hand, dumbfounded at the gorgeous, perfectly shapen Cheshire in front if him. He eyes her down the up, starting from her eyes, down to her breasts, then down her legs. As she turned, teasing him about her tail, and his facination about it. It was rather adorable. As we're her ears that he would steal several glances at when she wasn't looking. He did take a long good look, at her back, down through the arch to her perfect arse. Her tail swayed and moved, almost hypnotizing his eyes. It was like he was able to be himself around her, and as she slipped on the gown, he realized it. For the first time in his entire life. He wasn't hiding. He and Desdemona were having an actual moment. There were no guards. No maids. No Queen. No fake smiles. This girl gave him everything he wanted. He was finally out of his shell. "Shall I-...erh-...light the fireplace?" He said, motioning to the sitting area, behind a large pillar. There laid another of the same couch, a large grand stone fireplace, with symbols carved in the rock. Each was a letter of the draconic alphabet. "Desdemona, if you keep showing me your naked body, I'll eventually have to show you mine." He teased. Moving over to her as she was slipping on her gown, he ran the top of his fingers over her cheek gently. "Your tail turns me on, is that so wrong? So do your ears. But it's not just that. It's who they belong to. You. You turn me on."

DesdemonaZankokuYesterday at 4:33 AM
Finishing her dressing, she turned back to him with a laugh, shaking her head, "Even if I did see you completely nude, I wouldn't know what to do with it. Humans are so oddly proportioned, and even though I entertain the idea of taking on a similar form, it took me years to get use to the way I even looked." Picking up her glass, she moved over to the fireplace, taking a seat next to it. Pulling her legs up to her chest, she took a sip of the wine. Watching him closely, she tilted her head to the side, her ears twitching to the sides a few times, "So even my ears turn you on? What an odd thing to say. They are just ears, after all. You have two of them yourself, though they are quite different then mine." When he mentioned that she herself turned him on, she glanced to the side, her cheeks warming once again, "You are going to be a hopeless King, aren't you." She looked back with a playful smile, sipping again at the wine. "Such an odd thing, this date. I never knew what to expect to begin with, but I never thought it would consist of you simply complimenting me the entire time. A hopeless King indeed."

Jeff DeLaRoseYesterday at 11:12 AM
"To be honest. I have absolutely no idea what wha