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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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Back at the Snorting Boar

Jeff watched the woman from earlier freeze, staring at Roxy. Jeff placed his hand out in front of the fox, protectively, staring the cultist down, even after she made her way out the door. Then Galadon started speaking of how she had no intention of risking "her" life for Jeff and Roxy. He didn't blame the aura. How could he? As she used the word "pawn" his skin began to crawl. The thought of being used as some weak player in an even bigger game made him feel sick. He nodded to Gried/Gala and watched as they too left, before turning to Roxy. "Yeah. Apparently-...Caliga, the Goddess of Sin wants to bring about the end of the fucking world. Well-...our world. She has a real sick facination with this reality. I personally think it's because it's the reality my mother exists in. Those two HATE each other." He crossed his arms and sighed. "The kinn, Caliga's creations, will walk the world. The sun will be darkened by a forever eclipse, and we will have to adapt to this situation. Like I said-...the black Sun are the least of our worries. We need to figure out how to save as many people as possible. We can't kill her, but we can stop her-....somehow. Until then, we just need to get as many people to safety as possible. " He looked at Gus, whom looked less than pleased at the Woman Cultist. "Did you get all that, big guy?" Jeff adjusted his mask, and scratched his head, looking back to Roxy. "This Ingavor sounds like a true friend. I hope he can aid us somehow, just like he did with you. If he is a butler-...that means he worked for my mother. This Butler smart?"

At that moment, the door flung open, to reviel an unconscious Ingavor, laying on the steps with a bloody cheek and no left eye. He also had a bruised right eye and cheek, as he had obviously been taken by the black sun, and beaten for information. None of which he told them, as the interaction only lasted about 15 minutes. But the damage was done. The Vesser from earlier was nowhere to be seen, as she had placed Ingavor down, carefully, brushing some hair from his eye, and vanished into nothingness. Ingavor was trapped in his own head, having a conversation with himself. You think you’re better than everyone else, but there you stand: the good man doing nothing. And while evil triumphs and your rigid pacifism crumbles into bloodstained dust, the only victory afforded to you is that you stuck true to your guns. You are a coward, to your last whimper. Of fear and love, You fear not that you will die, but all that yiu have come to love will die with you. Get a grip Ingavor. Stop giving up. Fight for what it is that you love, and stop holding back! He laid there, breathing lightly, in full view of those in the tavern.

Gus moved and pulled over a chair and sat down with a thud, end of the world sounded bad for business, but then agein there was body parts scattered around the streets right now and cultists going crazy, hell there was some people in here already just hiding away from the disaster of it all in one place that even with blood all over the place never seemed to change, this stupid little tavern. His yellow eyes looked to Niv as he taped his lap with his hand "come sit girl, I could use the snuggle " he said with a chuckle as she walked over and placed her nice ass on his lap leaning into him "as you wish Master of mine" she snickered as he wrapped his arms around her. His yellow eyes looked to Jeff "well you cant stop a God, let alone the strongest God that there is right now. The only one that stood a chance in hell to that was your mother and she is out and gone, so the only golden dragon left on this whole planet is your youngest sister Noki, as pure as your mother that one is but not even a inch of the power, it is fucked to try to stop Caligas plot. She gets power even now from the anger and wrath to stop her. Best bet for now is getting this town back in shape, it is a mess." He paused as ingavor was basicly from the looks of it dropped into there lap "and ya wanted to meet the butler well there he be"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/23/2019
Roxy's eyes gazed over the woman's dark blue ones as they both froze in state of awe. For the first time, she saw an actual person, rather than just a dark cultist. It was strange, it was like this woman was lost in a way, like this wasn't her true purpose. Roxy was absolutely still, even a few moments after the elf left, wondering who she truly was. She turned her attention to the prince, seeing that he had his arm out in front of her. "Jeff, it's okay. You don't need to think I can't protect myself," she said rather sternly. Yes it made her feel good that someone cared for her well being, but then again, it made her feel weak, like she couldn't take care of herself. Her ears flickered to the spirit in Belgreid's body and she turned to her. "Really? Not going to stick around? You know if we can't stop this..." Her voice trailed off. She hadn't thought about it. What if they really couldn't stop it? What was going to happen? Before she could ask the being anything else, she was off. Now it was just the two of them. How we're they going to do this with just a reborn prince and a fox who couldn't produce magic?
Her attention then went to Gus who took a seat and held his love, listening to what he said. She rolled her eyes to his words. Again, she was thinking how selfish the queen actually was. She did nothing about the cult and now was going to do nothing about Caliga. Though, her eyebrow rose when he spoke of Jeff's sister. "So we have to get your sister involved in this too I feel," she said to Jeff. "We are going to need more than just us to do... Well.. anything." Suddenly, the front door swong open and Roxy saw Ingavor collapse. Her ears fell back and flattened with a worried expression on her face. "Iggy!!" She shouted. She quickly ran to his side, pushing through the other citizens in her way. "Who did this to you?!" She lifted him up so their eyes could meet and she almost dropped him when she saw the empty eye socket. She stared at Jeff and Gus "Quick! Someone give me a rag and some water!" She looked back to Ingavor, rage building within her. "Whoever did this will suffer. I swear it!!"

Jeff watched Gus and listened to him. He smirked as he mentioned "the only other person who stood a chance." Jeff got a smile on his face but said nothing, as his arms crossed. Gus had given Jeff the idea that maybe Anaya could still help them. He would have to think more on his plan later. Then he listened to Roxy and nodded carefully. "I'm sorry. I'm just protective. It's not because I think you're weak. It's because if something goes wrong, you will need all of your energy to either fight or Run. You are far from weak, Roxanne." He listened to Roxy speak more about ways they might be able to stop Caliga, and just as he was going to make a Rebuttal, the door flew open, and Ingavor was unconscious on their doorstep. As Roxy gripped the Butler, Iggy moaned in her grip, opening his eye slightly. "Bloody Sun." He said, looking up at her. Jeff grabbed a rag off the counter, and handed it to her. "Whoa. Poor guy." The prince said, as Ingavor looked the prince up and down weakly. Ingavor turned back to look up at Roxy. "Is-....that the prince? Prince Jeff? Am I dead?" Jeff looked over at Roxy, kneeling down. "No. And neither am I. Save your strength." He placed a hand on the Butlers shoulder. "Roxy, we need to get him back to the castle and into the infirmary. He needs bedrest." Ingavor grunted and sat up, relaxing on Roxy's grip. "I'm bloody fine. I'm not dying." He held his lack of eye, and looked down, ashamed. "I didn't tell them anything." Then Ingavor shot up, and looked around. "Desdemona! I need to find her! They could hurt her too. We need to warn her as soon as she comes back!"

Gus watched the whole thing happen, the butler come in and get dropped the whole room seeming to hault ro help him, poor soul he was but for some reason a chuckle came to his lips, maybe it was the fact another black sun member had hurt another towns person or maybe the fact they seemed to think something chould be done about the gods and there choices. "Niv go fix a room upstairs, in truth this place and the castle are the safest places in town, tall can rest here the night to group and setup what tomorrows day will bring. I will have the hound clean the town of the bodys tonight get this town to look it's normal level of mess and not this level of mess." He let out a sigh and looked to the group "take a old boars advise, dont go fighting gods you are just gona fet in over your heads in a pit of snakes that ya cant get out of. Gods will deal with gods, you lot just like the rest of us just have to figure out how you will cope once the sky goes dark, cant stop it, cant stop it with the amount of power darkness gots. Darkness always seems to have the upper hand in the lands, to many king pins holding up the bad groups and no one going out there to cut them down" he got up as Niv had gone off to get that room done up on the house as ordered. He walked over to ingavor as he moved a hand down to ruffle the boys hair "someone saved ya from the black sun, you got a guardian watchmen over ya dont ya" he gave a chuckle and a snort as he looked to Jeff "anything else ya need? Gona get late soon, need to get some orders ready to go out tonight"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/25/2019
Roxy took the wet rag and started to apply it to Ingavor's cheek, dabbing the blood away. "This is ridiculous. What's even the point?" She said shaking her head. "What does the Black Sun get from hurting others? Ugh... They need to be stopped!" Her head turned to Jeff when he mentioned going to the castle. "You think it's going to be safe? Ingavor lives in the castle and look at what's happened to him!" She looked down to the butler, her ears flattened and eyes full of worry. "This is my fault isn't it? I caused this whole thing and you paid for it.... I'm sorry." Roxy's arms came underneath him and helped him up, leading him to a chair, pushing people that were in their way. She would take a seat herself and listen to what Gus said. What were they thinking? They couldn't stop a Goddesses. Maybe he was right, leave it to another God to take care of it. Then she thought of something. "Ingavor... The dagger, do you still have it?" She asked, not really caring if Gus heard, they were passed that now. "I know what the dagger is capable of. We can use it to stop the Sun and maybe even Caliga..."

Ingavor grunted, standing up and walking with Roxy. "No, I don't have the Dagger any more. The crown was getting close to finding out it was you that took it. So I got rid of it. It doesn't matter any longer. The dagger couldn't have stopped the Su-...." Ingavor then remembered something about Caliga. She gave him the ability to summon one of her children to fight for him, once. He was definitely going to use that one the sun. Ingavor then looked at Roxy and placed a platonic, comforting hand on her arm. "I knew what I was getting myself into, okay? This is not your fault. You didn't start the cult. You aren't the monster here." He felt his hair get ruffled, shooting a smile to Gus. "Something like that, sir." Jeff then shook his head to Gus. "We are fine, Gus. Thank you. I think we are going to go to the castle." Ingavor nodded. "I'm the king, as of right now. I can't be away from the castle." Jeff nodded as well. "I'm going to go with to protect him. But thank you, Gus. You and Niv are kind. Kinder than I deserve." Jeff the. Got a thought, and snapped fingers, hearing Gus say it. "My damn mother!" Jeff looked to the patrons in the bar, and jumped on a table. He cleared his throat and pointed to Gus.
"This man has done more for any of you than your families! He feeds you! He gives you drink! He gives you shelter from the crazy outside!" A few men raised glasses, while others cheers. "Here here!" Was chanted, scattered amongst the men. "This genius of a man has given me an idea!" Jeff smirked and pointed toward the door. "Your queen has ascended to the sky! She has left to look over you all! She needs your prayers! She is a listening, caring goddess now!" Jeff sighed. "She wasn't a good queen. But that's because she wasn't meant to be! I know Queen Anaya quite well, and she will be the true goddess!" A few cheered, but most of the patrons just tucked their heads down, and kept drinking. Jeff stood on the table a moment longer, looked to Gus and Roxy, shrugged, and climbed down. "It was worth a shot. I'll have to try again some other time." Jeff was on to something. He just had to plan it out. Ingavor reached down, and gripped a part of his own jacket, and ripped a large piece of cloth strip off. Then, in one motion, he placed it over his left eye hole, and tied the cloth around his head. He then looked at Roxy, with a bit of a frown, thinking of what Desdemona would think of him now. "How do I look?"

January 27, 2019
Gus turned his head to look at Roxie “There is a point, there is always a point, the black sun kill others in this town to create fear of there unity, black sun believe that dragons should not walk this world, they believe that everything that is not human or elven is not meant to be here they believe that things that are not of there way are wrong and need to be purged, so the point in it all, is to stop the cult from killing towns people, witch sadly is being done more then we want black sun members are not protected by the laws, they can be killed and skinned in anyway and no one will blame you for it, you wont even go to jail.” he gave a snort as he looked to Jeff after Jeff was done speaking to people that clearly wanted none of it. He watched as Jeff got off the table “praying to your mother is far from a bad thing, she is the dragon of holy light and divine justice, she is a good heart inside her, she will do good Jeff she will do good for this world, lots will get cleaned up, but there is one thing that makes me wonder, what will happen with the dragon of ages if Anaya replaces it up there” he moved back to the bar counter as Niv came down from the upper hall “rooms all cleaned up and done!” she called out as she pushed her black hair behind her long ear. Her eyes looked to the table as she glared a little “table is dirty” she muttered as she gave a sigh and walked over to take her rag and clean the mud off the table “this place will never be clean”
Gus gave a snort and a chuckle as he pulled a bottle of rum off the shelf and popped it down at the table as he looked to the others picking it up and pouring himself a nice glass.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/27/2019
Roxy shook her head to Jeff's words. "Got rid of it? What do you mean?" She asked. "I appreciate doing what you did, but getting rid of something so powerful? I don't think it was the best choice, even if it was in my interest." She gave a nod to Ingavor's next choice of words. It made her feel good, but she still felt like this was all her fault. "Right, but if I wouldn't have said anything, you wouldn't be injured and there will be others still alive." Her head drooped low and She let out a sigh, taking a moment to speak again. "These people will pay, I promise you that Iggy." Roxy turned to Jeff and watched him hop on the table, cheering on Gus. She couldn't help but smile to what he said. Gus certainly had a kind heart. Yes he loved the money, but there was more to him than that. He loved his people as well. Roxy rose her hand and made a fist, cheering him on as well. "Yes... Thank you Gus. Even though I betrayed you and Niv, you still invited me inside and treated me with kindness. I appreciate that. Also, I will make it up to you. I feel bad for what I did and should have trusted you from the beginning. I apologise..." Roxy looked down when Jeff began talking about his mother. He wants us to pray to her? Praying never got her anywhere in life. why should she try again now? When Ingavor showed her his bandaged eye, she gave him a smile. "I won't lie, You look like you've been through some shit, but that's okay. It shows that you're a survivor, a badass one at that." She gave a soft punch to his shoulder. "Whoever you hold special in your life won't see you any different. I think that was the answer you're looking for?"
Roxy gave a small chuckle to what Gus said about the sun, her tail flicking behind her in amusement. "Funny way of showing it when they kill what they consider 'holy' haha. They're sick freaks that have no idea what they're doing." She took her drink that was given to her earlier and downed it. "But it's good to think that we can kill them with out any reprocossions. I would still do it if it coasted me jail time." Her ears flickered to Niv's words and nodded to her then looked to Jeff. "What's our next plan then? Are we to stay here for the night or go back to the castle? I have a feeling there might be more weapons of power than just that dagger. You're mother probably has another hidden..."

"We aren't stealing from the crown." Ingavor said to Roxy. "As acting steward, I am in charge of the town. I am in charge of the castle. Until young Noki returns. I am going to wipe those bastards off the map." Ingavor's voice fell low. He never sounded this quietly angry before. "You're right about us needing a weapon. But I already have one." He sighed softly, looking to Roxy and Gus. Then Jeff. "You don't worry about the Sun any longer. I am going to destroy every single one of them." Then Jeff placed a hand on Ingavor's shoulder. "Sure, pal. Let's just get you some rest first." Ingavor nodded. "Aye, I should probably get some sleep. It's been a long day." Jeff nodded and looked to Roxy. "I want to sleep in my own bed in my home. I have been gone 150 years." They both looked at her, Ingavor speaking up. "In return for the dagger, I received an unspeakable power that I can only use once. I'm going to level that church." He grunted in pain, holding his eye. " But I'm going to get home first." Jeff looked at Gus. "Thank you for the offer Gus. I know my mother with make a great goddess. We just need to give her power. She needs prayer." Jeff and Ingavor stood, Jeff helping Iggy. " Until then, I will talk to you lot later." Jeff said. Then Ingavor nodded and looked at Roxy. "Roxy, come with us? I'll have them set you up a bed in a noble's old room. Get you some freah clothes as well." Then the pair started moving towards to the door, then the castle, hoping Roxy would follow.

Gus looked to Roxie as she said her sorrys and that she would pay him back somehow, he nodded "you cant really afford what was lost in coin, but at the same time Anaya is gone now so it is a thing of the past that dagger, never really cared much for it myself, to much of a good thing sometimes can drive a person a little nuts, and we all have our curiosity's i guess, it is fine, if you want to be good for it, Anaya has one of my daughters tusks hidden in that castle of hers, it is not worth much but it has sentimental value and Anaya would not turn it over to us as it held as much to her as it did to us. we got our daughters body after the war but never did get that tusk to put in the grave. if you could find it and bring it back to the tavern all would be forgiven" he poured another bottle of rum and then downed it right after pouring it just to make himself another glass. he did not enjoy talking about Milla and that was clear in his voice, there was pain there he was drowning down with drink and brute strength.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/28/2019
Roxy rolled her eyes to Ingavor's words. It was the end of the world and he was worried about stealing. "I'm not stealing anything!" She said. "I never said that..." She shook her head and chuckled in a sarcastic tone. Roxy took one thing and now he was assuming that she was going to steal again? She didn't even take the dagger for her own gain, she thought she was protecting the queen at the time. "It's one thing to take something and never give it back, but the dark goddess is coming and you don't think it would be wise to use weapon in the castle that might give us an edge?" Roxy waved both Jeff and Ingavor off. She had something else to do before following them. "I'll catch up with you two later. You guys go on ahead." Part of her was angry and another part of her was worried. She figured it would be best to go their separate ways for the moment. After Jeff and Ingavor left, she looked to Gus and listened to what he said, her ears rotating to his voice. "I will do whatever I can to find it Gus, I promise you that. I don't see a reason why the crown would need such a thing, I'm sorry for your loss as well. I can't imagine having to burry your own child." Roxy stood up and gave a quick bow to both Niv and Gus. "Thank you both again for your kindness. I won't let you down a second time." With that, she tucked her tail in her attire and covered her ears with her hood then left the tavern.


At the Pleasure Palace, Roxie Makes a Stop Before Advanceing On

Roxy ?/ Adina ?
Roxy hurried through the crowded markets, her hood up and face hidden, trying her best to blend in like any other normal civilian. She was smart and knew she couldn't take on a Sun member by herself, not yet anyways. So she laid low. There will be a time for them in the future. Right now she had a promise to a certain littl girl to fullfil. The fox would look to her right and then to her left before entering Everdeen's, making sure she wasn't being followed. She pulled back her hood, her ears springing free. "Bellarose? It's Roxy I came back," she said as her eyes darted about, ignoring stares and lust filled guests.

Bella came running down the stairs, into Roxy's arms, wiping tears from her face, while a depressed Everdeen sat on a sofa, cleaning a rather unique weapon. "Roxy! I was so scared! I'm so glad you're okay!" Everdeen scoffed while she used a sweet smelling oil to clean the weapon. She didn't even bother to look up from it. (A blunderbuss.) The butt of the gun was made of solid ironwood, while the barrel was made of cast iron. Her twang sounded defeated. "In all my years. I've never had a girl die." Her spiteful eyes turned up to glare at Roxy. "Then this sweet fox turns up at my door with a giant bag of coin, and people start turning up dead. A child, and a man." She turned, and pointed the giant end of the gun at the Fox and Bella, tears in her eyes. She shook as she aimed the gun, while Bellarose stepped in front of Roxy. "I love my girls! We had to bury a child!" She used her thumb to pull back the hammer, listening to it click. "Give me one good, god damn reason not to blow you the fuck away, fox!" Everdeen was still a human being, beneath her sweet, seductive facade. "I'll blow that sweet head off your fuck-..." Bellarose spoke up, holding her arms out at her side. "No! She didn't know!" Everdeen stared at her, grunting. "Child! Your friend is dead! You really are going to defend this fox!" Bella stood firm, staring at the grieving, clearly suffering Everdeen, who glared back, gun aimed directly at Roxy.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/29/2019
Roxy smiled as the girl practically leaped into her hands and she gave her a motherly embrace as if she were her own. "There's no reason to be scarred hun," she said trying to comfort her. There was every right to be scarred. The world could end by the hands of the dark goddess, but this was information not meant for the little girl's ears. The fox would put Bellarose down as she heard Everdeen speak to her. "Miss Everdeen... I am truly sorry for-" she froze as the woman pointed the weapon at her. In all her years, she'd never seen one with her eyes, but she heard of it's power. It was a way for magicless people to fire. She had always wanted to see one, but not like this. "Everdeen..." She said looking back at her. Roxy watched the little girl run in front of her. "Bella! Move... I don't want you to get hurt." She glared back at Everdeen. "You don't have a right to be angry with me. You say you protect your girls, but you allowed that man inside your home... You say you protect your girls, but some of them don't even have a names.... You say you protect your girls, but you have children not even the age of 13 pleasuring men in sick and unthinkable ways. But yeah... I'm the monster."
She sighed. "I get it. I'm not from around here and I look like some savage beast. I appear one day and all hell breaks loose... I'm sorry, I truly am. I've been beating myself up all day because of what happened. I even tried bringing one of the little girls back to life, but failed. If I could, I would of traded spots with her." She pointed to herself. "I'm not the enemy here." And then pointed to the door. "The real enemy is them! The Black Sun. They are the ones who bloodied your home. We must take the fight to them if we want to avenge our fallen friends, but if you feel like I'm the enemy, go ahead and shoot... I won't even try to move." She stood still, her ears folded back and tears in her eyes as well. It was true. She really felt sorry for what had happened and would have gladly took the dead girl's place.

She rested the stock of her musket against her shoulder, while her grip tightened. "You think you know me, girl? I take these girls in. I ask them what job they want! They decide! I never force them to do anything!" Her left eye closed, while her right looked down the sight. " act like we have a choice." She lowered the gun and broke down into tears. "Jeneva and Markus. Those were the names of my dead. " The owner was just glaring at the fox, and pulled Ingavor's coin purse out. She tossed it angrily at the kitsune's feet. About 90 of Ingavor's gold was still there. "Take that child, and leave. Never come back." Bellarose scooped the pouch up and handed it to Roxy. "Miss Everdeen.." the girl said. "Go!" The woman exclaimed, tears smashing against the tile. "Give her the life you want to give all these girls. But when she ends up dead, you better realize that the blood is on your hands." Then Everdeen stood, and took her gun, and left back to her office. Bellarose looked at Roxy. "What do we do?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/30/2019
There was a sorrow look in Roxy's eyes and she listened to every word Everdeen said, though the fox kept her mouth shut, she already said everything she needed to say. Her ears would fall back again as she yelled at her and threw Ingavor's gold on the ground. She took the purse from Bella and stuck it in her bag. And before Everdeen left, Roxy spoke one last time to her. "I'll raise her as if she was one of my own. She starve on longer and will never have to serve any man ever again." With that she looked down to Bellarose and scooped her up in her arms. "We go to the castle little one. You won't ever have to worry about this place again. There, I'm sure Ingavor will provide us with a room." She then covered her face with the hood and the both of them exited out the door. ((Roxy left Everdeen's with Bellarose))

With Jordan and his New Mount
Wolves in the woods Campain

Jordan ignored the demonstration of gender reveal that Veldora gave him. He knew he was a male simply by the way it acted. And apparently missions that require stealth were too much for this brute of a beast. Silence was key and Veldora was everything but that. The loud noises he made while climbing, bouncing around, and then descending back to the ground. Nothing was quiet. If there was anyone they had to sneak up on, consider them long gone thanks to big boned Veldora. The nerves began to run heavy on Jordan's temples as the success of the mission was beginning to go further and further down the drain. Then a very distinct noise rose Jordan out of the slump he was in. His eyes locked on what appeared to be a goat wearing a festive red hat. But why of all things, would a goat be wearing this hat, especially out in the middle of nowhere? Jordan dismounted Starlight and gave Veldora the hand signal to stay put. Cautiously, Jordan began to step closer to the goat. He was a few feet away from the beast before sitting himself down on the soft dirt. The goat was glowing almost. But yet again, anything would be considered glowing in this dark forest if it had any color at all. Without any real explanation or sense to the matter, the urge to talk to the goat engulfed Jordan's mind and thoughts.
There was a need to ask for something from this glowing goat. Even if Jordan wasn't positive on the reasoning behind the urge, what possible harm could come from humoring the desires he felt in his mind. "Hello there. I am Jordan. I seem to be on an adventure to discover the truth behind some mysterious murders, disappearances, and sounds that come from deep inside these woods. If you know anything about it, I would love it if you could share that knowledge with me. It would make this bothersome errand run I have had so far be over quite quickly. While we are at it, maybe you can patch up the wing of Veldora over there." He lifts his arm up into a 80 degree angle with his thumb pointing behind him, pointing at the big hunk of flesh that was the Nargacuga. "He can't fly anymore due to an injury he experienced a long time ago. I am sure he would to feel the rush of air upon his fur once again. Heck, I would like to feel that rush of air too. If somehow I could get an immense power to boil from inside of me and unlock abilities in myself I didn't know I had, I would be leaping for the sky too." Jordan held his eyes closed as he spoke sweet nothings to the goat. All of these wishes and desires were just that.
The odds of them happening were nonexistent. Well, if this was a regular goat the odds would be nonexistent. Yet again, Jordan didn't know anything about this goat or its potential. "Here I am asking for so much but I have offered you nothing. Besides some seeds, a few carrots, and a few handfuls of hay, I got nothing. But it is better than nothing I assume." He opened his eyes and met with the eyes of the goat. He offered it a smile before standing up and returning to Starlight. After a bit of digging around in the packs strapped to the saddle, everything he mentioned was in sight. He returned to the goat and placed sunflower seeds, carrots, and hay in front of the goat. "This forest is basically on its deathbed, I doubt you will find any nutrition out here. Hopefully that stuff can keep you going for a bit longer. Take care friend." He gave the goat a bow at the waist, and returned to Starlight to mount up. “Let’s go Veldora, we got tracks to keep following.” He placed a small kick with his heel before Starlight began to slowly trot along the suspicious trail that was still going from the edge of the forest to now.

the goat gave a loud blaaat as it wiggled its head and the pom pom on its hat flopped from side to side. It troted over to the man and the...giant looking thing that was now glaring at it as if it was a meal. What a good hear this man had to want for something that was not even for himself, to help a friend to help a friend he did not even know, that was a valiant action the goat gave a blaat as it granted such a brave and right wish. Veldora would feel a shimmer in its wing as the bones that once were unset set themselves with no pain given to the animal. He was able to move his wing and there was a brightness that came over his face. A happiness was sparking in its eyes. And its head turned to Jordan as it stood up and moved its wings back and forth, taping its wings on the ground and its feet to, it was...dancing a little as the happiness was sparking over its body. His eyes then looked at the goat as he nodded his head, words only he knew whispered within his mind as he moved to Jordan with a grin on its beak reaching down and grabbing Jordan with its jaws, oddly softly not to do any damage on the new found friend of the Nargacuga. Veldora gave a grunt as he tossed Jordan onto his back like he was a rag doll hopeing the little human could hold on to him best he was able, he did have a lot of fur he really did not care got held onto, and a good mane that also could get held onto and even ripped out and the Nargacuga would not really care. As it gave one more look to the goat letting out a screech it flapped its wings. The flapping was very bumpy, clearly it had been a long time since he did this and it took more then one try to get him off the ground, but once he was in the air he had grabbed onto the horse with its claws bringing the horse
up with it not seeming to struggle at all from the amount of pounds it had to haul, it was a large bodied extremely strong animal witch now could fly again. Veldora gave a loud screech as it flapped and flew over the tree line not caring to be silent as a large village came into view. There was blood on the ground as Veldora looked back at Jordan then pointed its beak at that village. That was were they needed to be, that was the location the goat had told it to go, Jordan would not know this but he would hope that Jordan would trust in Veldora to bring him to the right location. The massive animal landed lard onto the ground dropping the horse as it gave a wheeze a bit of blood on its back as the claws and the bumpy ride had done a bit of damage to the white horse and on top of it horses were not meant to fly so it was shaken and scared.
Veldora gave a snarled as some fur covered beings came over to them, clearly wolf people the Nargacuga was on edge as they circled around them both as they landed and Veldora got his wings and landing a bit ruff and bumpy witch in reality was to be expected since the beast had not felt the wind on its face like that for many years. He stood tall with his head high as he snarled loudly, the wolf men on shaky legs looking at it. They knew full well that animal was not one to be messed with but they needed to protect there village. Some had old dryed blood on there pawed hands that griped the spears they were holding tightly.
One stepped foreword putting his spear at his side and not pointing it at there unwanted guests “why have you come here, outsiders are not welcomed here” his deep husky voice bellowed as in the background others were gathering, woman and children of all the same wolven race huttled around far behind hiding in the trees and towns horses but watching from a far at what had just happened. Clearly they did not get guests often at all and this whole thing could go really well or really bad depending on how things were going to be handled.

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In his mind, Jordan would have calmly continued riding with a large beast causing a massive disturbance behind him as they passed through trees. A soothing stroll through the dead looking forest. But, this goat that Jordan exchanged words with and even gifted a bit of treats, was nothing regular. The loud thudding of Veldora as it felt its wings being restored and granted it the ability to fly once more, got dismissed as simple playfulness. That was until Jordan felt a tug at his upper back that launched him into the air and on the back of the Veldora."Hey what is the big idea throwing me ar-" And without letting his words finish, Veldora took off into the sky with Starlight in its clutches. Instinct kicked in and Jordan grasped the fur of Veldora with enough force to keep himself in place but without tugging to keep from irritating Veldora's skin or fur. Starlight's neigh of terror of traveling through the sky was a bit humorous, as awful as that sounds. An animal only meant to travel on land was now soaring through the sky and it did not like it one bit. Much to be expected but still, it wasn't like Veldora was trying to eat her and this was the method of hunting such a massive animal. The winds that they traveled on had the freshness of prairie field air. Yet, the air up here did not match the scenery at all. How could so much life be filling the air above, but be drained completely a few hundred feet below on the ground level. Jordan then caught whiff of food in the air.
Along with it was a strong stench of iron. It made sense once the sight of a village reached Jordan's eyes. The village was in the middle of nowhere and surrounded completely by the colorless forest. Veldora began to dive towards the ground, sending even more sensations of terror into Starlight. It was still funny but Jordan tried to keep the smirk to himself. Veldora placed Starlight on the soil and the horse melted into the ground practically. If Starlight was a person, she would surely be screaming and thanking the heavens for the safety of the ground. Possibly, even clapping at a successful landing like a buffoon that doesn't know flying is an everyday occurrence for some people and animals. Jordan slid down Veldora's side after quite the rough landing for themselves. He could place Starlight down nicely but yet forget how to land himself. Before being able to thank Veldora or tend to Starlight's wounds and terror, the residents of the village were coming around and surrounding the trio.
They all stood at a cautious distance, and good thing too, for Jordan did not wish to see Veldora in action just yet. These people did indeed match the rumors. Everything was connecting together. The wolves on hind legs, the howls of wolves, and the figures disappearing into the figure. But the part that still remained from holding truth, was the rumor of these individuals being responsible for multiple disappearances and murders. Jordan unsheathed his blade and held onto the handle tightly with both hands. The blood in his arms and chest began to pump harder as his grip got stronger. The size of his muscles appearing to grow as the force of his grip flexed his body. His weapon was held in front of him, the tip of the blade at the neck of one of the members holding a spear from the angle of his weapon and eyes. One member of the pack stepped out from the crowd and began to speak. Listening to the words, it was a reasonable question that needed to be answered. "I am here for the sake of Dead Mans Tree. A body was hanged there completely mutilated and torn to shreds. It had bite marks, claw marks, and the marks of an animal having its way with it. That led me on a long road of questioning and answers, with even more questions that remained without answers. Eventually, I was led here. It seems that your people are responsible for many murders, disappearances, and disturbances in the kingdom not too far from here. The Iron Stone is what I have been told it is known as.
Now depending on whether or not you all or responsible, will determine how our business continues from here on out. One such man on the names of disappearances and confirmed deaths went by the name of Marsh Maverick. Maybe you all know him. Maybe not. So you could say my biggest reason for being here is answers." By the counts of it, there were at least a few dozens gathered around. Only a handful looked like capable warriors. This was not a problem if they got rabid and decided to attack. Veldora could easily handle this entire village, seeing that their spears looked weak in their craftsmanship. On top of that, they trembled with fear. Fear led to doubt and doubt is a deadly factor on the battlefield. Through many decades, Jordan has learned to switch between that animalistic instinct the thousands of experiments left him with and his calm demeanour when talking with others. It was as if he was two different beings in one. In other words, he could handle this fight without any doubt in his motions, without any fear of death, and without any feeling of sympathy to his enemy.
On top of that, was the experience Jordan has already gone through. Professional monster hunter squads were child's play. A group of people with better equipment than these Wolven people and without a doubt, better skills with weaponry, didn't stand a chance. But there was an advantage that these Wolven people had over the monster hunting squads. These people are not human and aren't restricted to the capabilities of man. A fight was not the desire, but against these odds, it excited Jordan a bit. It had been a long time since he had faced another with the intent to kill. But this excitement was hidden deep within. On the surface, Jordan portrayed a man of reason here for the purpose to find the truth. Which was indeed the case. But the want for a fight was also the case . The two different wants perfectly balanced within. Regardless to the end result, Jordan would not be disappointed.

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The wolf men stood there blades and spars there at the ready, eyes locked on the massive beast behind the little man, they would not attack Such a thing as they were knowing in nature and what something like that could punch out. What seemed like there leader placed his long spear down and moved foreword looking to the man "you may speak with the chef he knows about the black water town you speak of and our actions towards it. Follow me and please be careful of your beast we will place no harm to you unless harm comes to us" he then turned and started to walk away leading the man and beast to a large tent "your mount may not enter as it is to large but it may watch the door along side I till your discussion is complete" the man then moved and stood to the side of the door way waiting for there guests to make there moves.
Veldora moved its legs and wings so it would walk foreword following the man and keeping its shadow a top of Jordan, he would not allow Jordan to step from that shadow and every time Jordan would turn Veldora would be sure to be there right behind him. As he walked his head swayed back and forth very snake like as he watched the people of this town eye him like he was a over grown chicken for a meal. Veldora gave a uneasy low rumble his feathers ruffling to show he was in deed on edge here. As they got to the tent door and he was told to be outside the giant beak gave a growl and he glared at the guards man smashing his beak together and holding his head up proudly not wanting to be left outside even if he could clearly see he would not fit inside the tent. He moved his head to look at Jordan wanting to know if it was true that he had to hold post outside.

He listened closely to all the words of the Wolven man who took charge of this little squad of makeshift warriors. It felt like everyone that came into contact with him had many words to share and many things to discuss. Of all the senses, he didn't think his sense of hearing would be the one he used the most in a situation that involved murder and mysterious disappearances. He gave a slight sigh and then agreed to follow behind. He kept his weapon in his hand but it lowered it out-of-the-way. He wasn't as big of a threat in appearance as he was before when he was ready to clash his steel against theirs. The eyes of onlookers kept staring intensely at Jordan and Veldora. Starlight's presence apparently didn't mean anything to these people though. Did they think that magnificent steed couldn't hold its own in a fight? From firsthand experience, Jordan knew exactly how strong Starlight's kicks were. Those kicks were just as lethal as the sharp end of a blade. Maybe Starlight could be an ace in the sleeve if things go sour. The walk was not a comfortable one. He could sense the evil desires of those who looked at Veldora.
They looked at him like he was the next meal that the village would be sharing. It was surely enough reason for Jordan to be on edge and not trust any of these Wolven people. If they had the chance, they would kill them. At least, that was Jordan’s thought process, Veldora also potentially feeling the same sense of danger, seeing that he stayed close to Jordan and didn’t allow too much distance to grow in between them. Once at the chieftain's hut, Jordan was instructed to enter and leave Veldora outside on watch. These fools really thought that was going to be accepted so openly. It may have been a bit extreme, but it was an action very much needed. In a swift motion, Jordan's blade swung up inches away from the neck of the one that brought them over to the chieftain's hut. "I hope you understand that I cannot just trust you all so openly. I am not going in your chieftain’s hut and I am not going to abandon my companions either. I don’t trust a single one of you and you probably don’t trust me either. We both have our reasons, but being surrounded by your people who have the look of those wanting to eat whatever they lay their eyes on, I cannot say I will happily enter in and feel at ease.
So one of two kinds can happen. Your chief comes to the entrance of this hut and talks to me, or I decide that you all are trying to deceive me and plan on killing my companions and I separately and I react in a way appropriate to such a situation. For the sake of your life and everyone in this village, I hope that the first option is a unanimous decision you and your chief can make telepathically." Without a doubt in his mind, he would slaughter everyone in this town if he felt that option two was closer to the truth of their actions. He would leave no one alive. Those who survive will just live to grow stronger and with the desire of vengeance. If they had the mental capacity to kill in the condition they are in now, the body count and damages they could cause would increase astronomically if they had the right motive and animalistic instinct that hatred could imbue the body with. With his spare hand, he placed it gently on the fur of Veldora's neck. He stroked it gently to keep Veldora calm. Jordan needed Veldora to be as still as possible and the only way he could transmit that message to him was through the gentle strokes on his neck. His blade remained perfectly still as he waited for the warrior to speak. His feet listened to the ground for any new vibration.
His ears listened for any sounds that were made when the wind shifted and changed direction. He would know if someone tried to rush him or sneak closer to him. The ground would snitch on any who would attempt to sneak. The wind would whisper the direction of those rushing in. And those directly in front of him had two pairs of eyes watching for any movement below the neck. If there was a blind spot, it was small. In his mind, he was hoping their leader would hear his words and appear from inside of the hut and speak of the truth surrounding their actions to the so called “Black Water Town” as the Wolven male called it. This case may finally come to a close after so much wandering around.

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The wolf men looked at the man giving demands and ordering them about, he did not want to deal with this kind of disrespectful treatment and even if the whole town gathered to remove the people there would be loss in it all and this man die spit words that placed worrie in the heart of the fighter. “fine, but that will only make him angered at you, you giving disrespect to his village will not get you far on peace talk to get the information you wanted” the wolf man then vanished into the hut, there was some words muttered inside and then a bang and then out the huts fabric door came a large bear standing on two legs and looking at the man there and his mount. “what is it you want, my people offered you shelter and you toss it back at them. And what is this on wanting to know what happened in the black water town, that Iron place” he snarled a little at his own words “what you want to know human” the bear
was wearing leather armour and had a rather nice blade on his hip that gave off a slight blue glow, he also had some other trinkets on and a clear coin pouch also hung on the same hip. The rest of him was brown fur and a clearly angry and grumpy face. He looked like he had seen battle more then once and was quite a brute of a fighter his dark eyes moved and looked to the humans mount as he gave a grin but also let out a soft breath “you know saw one of them once in battle, they can do a large amount of damage them bird dragons, knew a man that had killed once once but it took his leg with that beak. But i have better things to do then fight you for wanting knowledge, my warrior tells me you want to know about the deaths in that town, yes we did it, they took our lands and shoved us out of there when they took over, there black forge poisoned the water and killed some of the years cubs so the men have lashed back at them in anger, i am sure humans would do the same if others killed there children” at that the wolf guard came out of the hut to take his post at the side, he had blood on his side that was not there before and he had a light limp as he stood at his post on tender paws. The bang must have been something tossed at him or the bang of him hitting the floor due to some damage or something ageist him.
Velora gave a snort as it stayed right beside Jordan keeping its head up and looking around, when the bear came out of the tent the wyvern gave a larger rumble to give the sign it was not happy and was not in a good mood. But he stood and stayed
beside Jordan being protective and vigulent and for the most part keeping quiet to let them talk.

The blade at the hip of the massive bear had quite the shine to it. It was a bit familiar if anything. Jordan couldn't recall from where he has seen the blade, but that was of no importance, or at least for now it wasn't important. But even then, it didn't seem like something this bear could obtain so easily. Also that leather armor had to be custom made. It was impossible for there to be armor of leather in that size proportion already being made and sold to the masses. Perhaps there was a blacksmith or armorsmith somewhere in this small outcast town. Yet to the matter at hand, who would have imagined that the missing people and deaths of the Iron Stone were caused because of a war of territory. It would make sense that no one in the Iron Stone would mention that this land used to belong to sane people. Everyone described these people as mindless monsters, but yet that wasn't what they were. A feeling of regret and grief was slowly creeping up the back of Jordan's mind. His behavior was disgraceful even if it was to remain cautious. "I apologize deeply for the way I have behaved. I was going off of what I was told inside of the Iron Stone and from their words, your people aren't exactly the nicest. Yet, your actions do seem justified. Humans would have done the exact same if the situation was flipped. Humans tend to be more chaotic and animalistic when their survival is threatened. Had the situation be flipped, maybe this town wouldn’t have been here at all."
Knowing the way people are, it was without a doubt in Jordan’s mind that the people in the Iron Stone were not as innocent nor as nice as they led off to be. He sheathed his blade and stood tall even in the presence of this bear like being. It was a good thing that Veldora came along and was as protective as he was, for if it wasn't for that, things may be going extremely sour right now. "But maybe I could provide you some sweet relief in the terms of your situation." He gestures over to the town. "If every capable body here could rally up with me, we could storm inside of the Iron Stone and demand an audience with their leader. You could work out a deal that is advantageous to both you and them. Otherwise, you'll probably stay in the situation you are in, scurrying in this dead forest, hoping to find another meal to feed everyone here." He began to move away from the bear elder and towards the town. "At the end of the day, I do not care what happens to anyone here nor anyone at the Iron Stone. But if I can help you both at the same time, then maybe I could make a name for myself and have somewhere to start anew. The choice is yours."
He turned around once more and looked into the eyes of the bear elder. Together, this group of people could come off menacingly. A pack of Wolven people led by a massive Bear humanoid, as well as Jordan with Veldora, strolling through the middle of town would easily catch the attention of everyone there. "But if I had to give you my professional opinion, I wouldn't let this chance pass me by. Especially if it meant I could save the young children that hold the future of my people." His ways were a bit manipulative, but it was all for good reason. There was no need for unneeded deaths and warfare. The longer these two groups go at each other's throats, the more disappearances, murders, and rise of tension will occur. It looked like a one sided ordeal, but it was very much a two way street of consequences. The Wolven people directly killed while the Iron Stone indirectly killed with their products. No side was more sinister than the other, so picking a side to defend seemed pointless. Which ever side at the end of the day provided more benefits, would have Jordan’s loyalty. At least, temporarily.

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The bear gave a nod and jordan could visibly see the beast calm down a little, his shoulders became less tense and the ridge above his nose got flat and no longer crunched and wrinkled, he even lowered his uper lip so his teeth did not show as much beside the clear to k-nines that stuck out each side “come lets walk, i rather walk and speak and i have to check on the town and do the rounds anyway, men get lazy when standing and i shall tell you the story and why it has all come to pass.” he moved and started to walk be it Veldora and Jordan followed him was there choice. “it was before my time that it truly started, my father was chieftain over there and i was only a cub, but it was winter when the dragon took over what was our land, she landed on the hill top and started to dig out we guessed to be the hole that would be her homes foundation, so my father ordered some of the men to go scout out the place and try to reason with it as it was our land we did not mind in sharing but still words had to be said” he gave a grunt as they passed by a old little blacksmith flames shimmering from inside the forge as well as a small hut with a tattered front that read general goods. “but the dragon had no thought in shearing what she wanted, and in no time at all it was face dragon fire or get out of the town all together, we sood no chance ageist something that size the loss would have been to great so my father picked up the people and we left and soon after we could see the flames above the trees were clearly our homes were being burned into ash and soot for the dragon to rebuild. We found ourselves off the beaten path and my rather placed our flag down here, up river from the town near the larger lake. But due to castle works and poison from what is over there now our lake has gone toxic to drink and has been the result of some of the years cubs dieing. Town has not taken it to well and blames the crown and that dragon, so
they rebelled and there was nothing i could do to stop them and in reality, i did not want them to, i want that black water town gone as much as the rest of them do, but i am not stupid in thinking there is hope in reasoning with them. But there is a town, it has no one in it a ways away from here past iron stone, it was once called Kalqve, there is a single undead populating it, and preventing us from settleing there, and i don't have time to go deal with said things. I will make you a deal if you want to help and stop the people here from killing more people over there. Go to Kalqve and rid the land of that stupid undead thing so we can set up shop there and live there on good land under the costa mountains. You do that and we will not have to scavenge for food anymore and the people here will get over there hate for the dragon and that town. And i can even give you a reward of something for helping, i would do it myself but if i leave here wolves turn into dogs and start fighting each other, and i am sure you and your friend can handle one undead” the bear stopped his movement and stood there turning to face Jordan he kept his arms lose and at his sides as the towns people watched them both from a distance clearly not liking the outsider.
Veldora walked along side the bear as he told his story, the wyvern kept its head high and watched the towns people glare at it from a distance, stupid town would make a good meal he thought to himself as his long tongue slathered over the sides of his beak and some drool globed from his mouth as clearly he was hungry, but then again he was always hungry. As he stopped he almost stepped on Jordan pushing him a little with the side of his wing. But then stepping back to not harm or upset Jordan. As the bear said this deal, thing he wanted them to do Veldora nodded his head and pushed Jordan's back a bit with his face. He made it look like it was a yes we can do this but in reality he just wanted to kill things, he had been in the iron stables so long he wanted to hunt and feel alive once more and a undead, ya he could take that he was sure of it.

As politely as he could, he stepped aside so the bear chieftain could move past him. He followed a few steps behind so it wouldn't pose as a threat to anyone that would be watching from a distance. He spoke of another location that could pose as a possible place to set up town and have a better chance of survival. Jordan's thoughts of causing a revolution and a revolt against the Iron Stone were quickly destroyed. But yet again, what would anyone gain from that to begin with? A little excitement at the cost of an untold amount of lives? The price was not worth the reward. Unless of course he took into account the amount of items, money, and newly unowned properties ready for the grabbing that came out of a revolution. Yet, he would have to be innocent in the eyes of everyone else so he wouldn’t be connected at all to the revolution. But now, another offer has appeared on the table. The slaying of an undead? What possible undead could be preventing this entire town from moving? It couldn't have been some simple undead. It had to be something powerful. There was definitely something that wasn’t being told to him. Yet there was a way to go around the lack of knowledge, and that was to have them go with him. "I do not wish to be rude, but hear out my counter proposition. I will not be screwing you out of anything, trust me. Just hear me out." He cleared his throat before getting pushed around by Veldora. He smiled at Veldora to express that he wasn't angered at him for bumping into him. He focused his attention back to the Bear Chieftain.
"I really don't believe in time being wasted. The way you have things worked out, I will leave, kill some undead, then have to venture back, wait for you all to pack, and then venture back to Kalqve to ensure you all make it safely and my reward is successfully given to me. That is not very efficient in my opinion. So how about this... You all pack up now, I wait for the entire town to be ready to move, and we all venture together to your new location. Then when we get to the vicinity of the area you wish to settle in, we leave all non-combatants behind at a safe distance. Then all the capable warriors will join me in defeating the undead. I understand the reward will not be as significant due to the fact that I will not be doing it alone, but at this point, I am only here to see this to the end. The reward isn't of any importance to be frank. This will solve the issues you have with the Iron Stone, you won't be leaving any of the Wolven people unattended to their own devices, and you will already be able to build up the moment that the Undead is Redead. And, I will be out of your fur immediately. Unless you want me to stick around for a bit after the fact so everything is fine and dandy. Up to you really, but I would accept my offer if I were you.
The sooner you leave this village, the sooner you can start building up and gaining strength and power to maybe one day rival the power that kicked you out of your original home." He gave him a warm smile that only a human could give off. It was very sincere, but just as how he felt the chieftain was trying to manipulate Jordan, he was trying to manipulate them to work with him to make his job a little easier. "So, what do you say?" He extended his hand out in a peace offering, unsure if they also exchanged offers in such a manner. His hands were firm in place, keeping from shaking and swerving in the wind. His open hand was calmly placed on the neck of Veldora, stroking it slowly to keep his appetite in check. The look in Veldora’s eyes clearly visualizing to any nearby that it was hungry and wanting to eat.

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Veldora watched everything as he moved his head down to bump Jordan in the back lightly, his beak nudged the man as he looked off and then looked back to Jordan nodding his head softly as if to tell him yes lets go do that. The wyvern just wanted to fight, he had been on edge and wanting to rumble since they got here the wolf people made him want to really get on the ball and just rip some people apart, rip from furred people apart, yes lets kill the whole town must keep his mind on track needed to protect Jordan the best he can. He held his head up as he turned a bit offering his back to Jordan, they could get there faster by flight now that his wings worked and really time was of the essence and they should go. Veldora gave a small little roar to try to really get Jordan moving and get on his back a way to say shut up lets go.
The bear looked at the man as he gave a snort “it is the one way you can help the village, we don't have the time or the men to handle this undead problem, there is only one undead there as our scouts have seen just the one, it is a larger one but it does not seem overly smart, simply go in get rid of that and then we can move in and set up camp, once we know you have done it and it has not killed you we will move in, we will send a scout up behind you to keep watch and then bolt back to tell us if you have done the task or not and we can come reward you” the bear gave a grunt it was not going to negotiate at all, it did not want to hear the mans words anymore and a bear was as any bear should be grumpy and not easy to reason with. The bear then turned as he looked to a shop keep and softly handed the little wolf woman a shiny gold coin and then kept on walking along the path afterwords expecting Jordan to follow him or go down the path that lead away form them and to the other town, the choice was up to him, follow the bear that clearly was not going to move form the bargain he had given. Or go off on the quest that was handed to him on a silver platter.

This bear never heard of compromises it seemed. Clearly his way was going to take longer to do and left them with more problems than solutions. It is truly a miracle that they have survived for as long as they did with a chieftain so unwilling to compromise. And in this situation, compromised was needed without a doubt. This was probably not an easy fight which is why this bear was trying to hard to avoid having his people venture to the new location. If things went sour and they played him for a fool, he would return with a vengeance that will not go unquenched. But as it stood, he was going to be going solo versus this monstrous undead. And all he would have for backup if the one they sent had a heart of purity, would be some random scout of the village. Yet now with a small sense of defeat, he sighed and turned to Veldora to leave the village without any aid. All of this for a town that isn’t his own and a village of Wolven people he truly didn’t care for. He climbed up upon his back and grabbed firmly onto his fur. He turned his attention to the bear and then his horse Starlight. "I will be expecting my horse to be in the same condition I left her in when I come back. Otherwise, the undead will be the least of your problems. That horse is very special and I will not rest if harm comes to her." Then without waiting for any words in return, he leaned in close to Veldora's head and began to speak. "Veldora, you know which way to go for you heard him just as well as I did." He waited for Veldora to take off. He gripped firmly onto Veldora's fur and focused on his thoughts. What possible undead could be causing so much trouble?
Was there even an undead to begin with? All he could do now is steer Veldora in the right direction and wait for him to fly close to the field in question. He placed his attention to Veldora and began to speak loud enough for him to hear. "So the plan when we see this undead they wish for us to hunt, is for me to take the blunt of the attacks. I am tough skinned so a few hits shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you can, use your tail more than your bite because I don't want you getting to close and getting hurt fighting for me. You still have people waiting for your return unlike me, so try not to be reckless." He smiled gently as if Veldora can see him. Then to ruin the moment of sweetness that Jordan didn't show often, a bug splattered right against his right cheek followed with one to his forehead. He let go of Veldora's fur with his left hand to swipe his face. To make matters worse, a strong air current had just caught the two and now Jordan hanged for dear life to Veldora using his right hand. His legs swung around wildly in the air, the wind being a formidable foe indeed. But just as quickly as it came, the wind disappeared and Jordan floated back down into the safety of Veldora's fur. He grasped his fur tightly once more, this time with both hands and his face dug into his back to remain tightly packed and wind-proofed.

Anaya "The Night"05/14/2019
As Jordan got onto Veldoras back the wuvern gave a soft to properly wiggle the man into the right spot. He looked at the horse that would be left behind, in due time they would have to get Jordan to toss that thing like really he had an wyvern he needed not some land walking horse. But Veldora gave a grunt and held his head up high as he pushed and flapped leaving the ground behind, the towns people down there going back on there merry way, and if Jordan looked back he would be able to see his horse being placed in a stable.
Jordan started talking to him and telling him about the plan and how he was going to take most of the blunt of everything, take the damage, humans were stupid in this world and oh boy did the wyvern have a demse one, he had a wyvern with strong hide and a capable ability to fight and help him but yet he was going to have his body take the blunt of the force and be weakened. Veldora gave another snort and moved his beak as Jordan stopped talking, he let out a grunt like sound that sounded like words "n, n, n oo , NO" he squaked as he shock his head and kept his wings out gliding along then warm updraft that mave flying easy and enjoyable.
He would not alow Jordan to die due to his own foolish human nature, he was the mans companion, helper, combative aid, he was not stupid he knew his job and he was not going to be silent about it.
It had been a day or so of smooth flying before things got a bit bumpy, Jordan would have fallen a sleep on the back of the wyvern but the jolt.of the turbulence would surely have awoken him. The sky was cold, morning had come and it was warm a moment a go but the sun was seeming to be eclipsing, a black disk slowly covered the warmth of the sun and Veldora gave a shiver as the hair o his back stood on end, seconds past, then minutes, the black disk did not go away, the sky was dark, the sun was black, and everything was cold, something had changed in the world and even from high up you could hear bangs and screaming on the ground.

Anaya "The Night"05/22/2019

"No? Well someone thinks they can command themselves. I will let you do as you please, because I can't exactly tell you not to do it without a problem." He chuckled a bit to Veldora before the hours past and the day caught up with him and rest was required. He did not expect the flight to take so long. He had closed his eyes, rested, and opened his eyes once more to begin a new day. Yet even after that, he was still on the back of Veldora. The air felt crisp. It had a soothing sensation to it unlike the day before where the air was wild and windy. He yawned gently and then rose to a sitting up position. The sky was beginning to change in color. The once lit up sky was now dark. The darkness of the sky was apparent due to the blacked out sun. That surely was not normal. What had happened recently to cause all of this? It cannot be due to the one undead he was about to take on. This was not looking good at all but he was already here and he was not the kind of person to go back on his word. The peace and quiet that the sky offered was soon cut short. From below them were the sounds of screams and banging of different items hit off one another. Jordan tried to look down to see what was going on, but from his position he couldn't see much. He could just hear what was going on and it didn't sound good at all. He ignored it for it wasn't his problem, at least not right now. He had other things to deal with. He parted his lips and began to yell, trying to power his voice over the sounds from below. "Veldora, keep going forward. We have our own problems and a mission that we need to get done. Once that is done, we can find out why the Sun has decided to turn its back on us." He placed himself firmly in Veldora's fur and closed his eyes once more. It appeared there was still some more flying to do.

Anaya "The Night"05/24/2019
Veldora looked back at Jordan with a squawk and then looked backforword there was still more hours to go but they at least were closer to what they needed to get to. The hours passed and at last one could see in the distance small touches flickering of the place they needed to be at. It was badly lit, the touches were just remnants of what used to be there, a old large town like city with buildings and what seemed to be a old large manor up out of the way, no castle no people the place was all out deserted. Not a friendly face in view, but there could be some hiding in buildings, there also could be darker things hideing in buildings, and in the distance there stood a green light hovering a tad brighter then other lights, and well, it was green, but then it vanished ducking in behind a broken down church and out of view.
Veldora swooped down oddly smoothly landing, he was geting used to his wings agein and it was rather nice to not have a super bumpy ride down. As the wyvern landed he shock his body a tad geting some of the chill out of his fur. He looked back as Jordan would be able to slide down his side to the ground like normal and then look back into the darkened town towards where that green light had vanished. He let out a grumble as he looked at it, a sort of we go this way kind of talking, Veldora knew that the green light was the one thing that did not match anything else, and if you wanted to find bad things just look for the odd thing out.

This town surely looked the part when it came to the crafting of a spooky environment. Everything looked abandoned, dimly lit for that added bonus of creep factor, and the deafening silence was another thing to take into account. Even after all the times he ventured after things that went bumping in the night, there was no way to get over the feeling of being watched from the darkness. Even if nothing was there watching, the doubt in the back of someone's mind plays tricks to make one believe that something was there when there really wasn't. Jordan slid off of Veldora's back calmly before he looked around to take in the sights from the ground. Sure enough, the same gut feeling from the sky could be felt on the ground. If anything, the feeling was worse here for the sky provided some safety. He looked around at the town wondering where to begin the search. If anything was out of place, it was more than likely a trap. Brute strength would not be enough to get somebody out of a clever enough trap, so if possible, he would avoid them as best he could. Veldora on the other hand probably didn't give a damn about a trap. "Alright, so before we start running off and getting ourselves stuck with our backs against the wall, we need to plan out how we are going to find this undead being we are meant to kill.
If you see anything odd, let me know. Don't chase it either because it could be a set up. Understood?" He spoke just loud enough for Veldora to hear. He didn't want to shout. He also didn't want to whisper. Speak too loud and everyone knows your plan. Speak too low and everyone thinks you are scheming. Speak at just the right volume and nobody can truly make out what you are saying with the bonus that they don't think you are making plans to handle the task at hand. Such in depth thought on the most meaningless of tasks was probably not necessary, but it never hurt anyone to plan ahead. Jordan turned his head to look at Veldora waiting for a gawk or something in response, if he would even get one. That is when Veldora grumbled about something. If there was any other hint to be needed, Jordan wouldn't be able to consider himself a bright person. A few feet from Veldora, Jordan stood looking into the darkness that had caught Veldora's attention. He couldn't see a thing but animal instinct was leading him this way. "Ready to go?" Calm and crisp the words exited his lips. A smooth transition of his right hand found the massive claymore being held tightly in his grasp. He was ready for combat even it if it jumped up from the ground beneath him.

Anaya "The Night"05/25/2019
Veldora lowered his head to be right to Jordan's eye level. He looked at Jordan knowing what was a head of them would be dangerous, it was possible that this could be the end of eather one of them, and he knew this. He then lifted his head up to look out towards were the green light went, that was the way to the undead and Veldora knew undead were stupid, at least they were supposed to be. He gave Jordan a nudge with his beak and then looked up and pointed his nose towards the buildings were the green light had gone. He then took a step forword and then looked back to Jordan to see if he wanted to lead the way.
In the building in the distance, it looked like a broken down church that green light hovered in a window, it then vanished agein into the building.

Jordan looked at Veldora and then back towards the darkness that only had an emitting light of green. He began to trail into the darkness, following the source of light into the building that it was disappearing off into. The building was clearly one used for some sort of religious faction. He wasn't too knowledgable on the many religions these lands could have, been even then, there were common things rooted in all of them. Building structure for one was a give away. He entered inside of the building with Veldora following behind. Every sound they made he took into account to make sure it was actually them making noise or something lurking in the darkness. The silence between their steps only raised the tension that the air held. The air was stuffy and filled with dust. These buildings have been abandoned for a long time it seemed. "Hey Veldora, you wouldn't happen to know any fire breathing would you?" He whispered. He didn't need the fire breathing for fighting, he needed it so that the area had some better lighting than it did now.

Anaya "The Night"06/03/2019
There before Jordan and veldora stood a tall lean being that looked Male from the garments it had on but when it took the hood of its cloak down its head was nothing but bones, bones and a green glow that came from its center and echoed out its empty eye sockets. It was clearly an undead, an undead that looked like it was far from happy. It was holding a lantern that also glowed green and gave off a deep evil aura. It looked at the man and his animal as it placed back and forth gritting its teeth unsure of what the man and the other thing would do.
Veldora looked down at Jordan and then looked back up, as they walked into the church building the wyvern eyeballed the walls the place, the ruined city that was around it. And then once they entered the dark inside Veldora looked to Jordan as he talked to him about having fire, the wyvern nodded its head yes but then looked back up to see the light that had turned on, the green glowing orb that was a undead monster no more then 30 feet from them. It was to dark they did not notice it till it was right there before them. Stupid no more sun made everything harder. Veldora looked right st the undead holding its head up high and digging its foot and wing tip claws into the stone floor. It snarled as its tail would sway back and forth long barbs pokeing out of the fur on the end of it. Veldora turned so it's long body was visible its tail and the barbs swaying, drool dripping from its jaws. It needed a command to do something, Jordan was calling the shots but Veldora knew that if Jordan did not make a move that thing surely would.


**due to jordans inactivity this segment sadly has no true ending, a short summary of the ending of it is as follows
- Jordan and Veldora go to handle the undead problem in a small outreach town
- they beat a small level 3 litch and 2 undead after walking right into a trap set up by the litch
- upon the way back to the camp to tell the wolven people about the success a large green dragon way stronger then what can be handled blocks here way
- Jordan tries to reason with the beast but the dragon did not wish to hear a mortal's words and crushes Jordan on the spot
- Veldora shattered and scared takes that moment to flee into the air vanishing into the distance to go to another place to get help or at least find a new group to join.

this is the ending of Jordan's trip to find out what happens in regards to the wolves in the woods, his ending was tragic but much was learned and the small town of Kalqve has been cleared of all undead**


At the Iron Castle

Watching his face catch fire, she didn't seem to be overly phased by it, but instead focused her attention on his eyes. When he began trailing his eyes down her figure, she moved a finger to his chin, giving it a push indicating she meant business in that moment, "Eyes up here.." She kissed him back softly as he moved into her, pushing him back to the couch just as quickly as he moved up from it. Hearing that he wanted only to keep her happy and safe, she tilted her head, her eyes never leaving his. They began to glow a soft gold as he moved his hand up her leg to her hips, taking a moment or two to process what he had said. Leaning back a bit, catching herself on the back of his neck, she slid her rear further into his lap, continuing to watch his eyes, "Tell me one last thing. Why, among all of those who have professed themselves to me in the past, should I believe that is what you truly want for me? Give me a true answer, and I may believe you.." He would feel her claws extend, softly poking into the back of neck along his spine, "Give me reason to disbelieve it, and you will have wished you never asked me on this date.." He would be unable to tell if she were joking or being serious, her eyes and body language never betraying her.

Ingavor looked deep into her eyes, narrowing them a bit when she asked why she should believe them. "I can't make you believe anything you don't want to. But I'm not lying. Desdemona, I know humans have hurt you in the past. They have hurt me too, and I am one." He blinked, but never broke eye contact. "I wouldn't have come to Dorlamin with you. I wouldn't have risked my life to get you a teddy bear. I wouldn't go out of my way to try and make you smile. If I had some sort of ulterior motive." He smirked and shook his head, his hands staying, unwavering on her hips. "I'm just a bloody fool who is head over heels." His crimson colors watched her golden Iris follow his every move, as they kept this dance of eye contact. "I don't expect you to believe me, but-...if you just take a leap of faith-..." He lingered for a moment. "I will make you happy. Or die trying." Ingavor held a little twinkle in his eyes as he spoke, clearly from the heart. "I don't want to ever hurt you. Even right now, I'm so worried that if I try and hold you to tight, I'll break you." He gave a small laugh. "Even though I can feel it in your energy. You could break me if you wanted." He slowly brought a hand to her cheek, keeping their eyes together. "Like I said, I have no reason to lie to you. To be honest, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. This is my first date. I'm just trying to make it perfect."

As she listened to what he had to say, her tail halted its back and forth motion, but only for a moment. She gave him a soft smile, her claws retracting back to their Human-like nails, "Well now. You certainly are full of surprises." Glancing to the side, she chuckled a bit before looking back, "But yes, you are right. I could break you if I wanted, though I highly doubt that even with all your power, you could break me." Sticks her tongue out playfully, "Only because you wouldn't hurt little ol' me." With that, she leaned in and kissed him. Though, this kiss was not like any of the others they had before. This was much more tender, her arms relinking around his neck as she leaned her upper body back into his. After a moment, she broke the embrace, looking down into his eyes, a soft purr radiating from her chest as she smiled ever so softly, "I will hold you to your word of caring for me, oh King.." Taking him back into the embrace, she leaned to one side, dragging him down onto the couch with her...... -- A few hours later, Des stood from the couch, stretching her naked body in the moonlight, her back popping as she did. Looking over her shoulder at the very much naked Human still on the couch, she smiled a bit and stepped away, retrieving her gown and slipping back into it. Brushing her hair out with her fingers, she moved to the door, looking back one last time at him, "Thank you for the date, Ingavor. Have a pleasant rest of your evening. I would insist on you getting some good sleep now that we are home, but something tells me that wont be a problem for you tonight." With that, she left the library, heading back to her own room.

Ingavor watched her intently, feeling her nails move back to their regular position. Death didn't scare him. She did. She now held his heart in her two hands and could easily crush it at any moment. That was just a risk he had to take. Listening to each word, he smirked, and and nodded to her teasing him about breaking her. He blushed and didn't get a chance to make a rebuttal before their lips locked again. He brought his right hand to grasp the nape of her neck, like earlier, and pulled her close. Their embrace was tender on both sides, even as she pulled away from him, only for a moment. She then spoke about her keeping him to his word. He wouldn't have it any other way. Then they began to kiss once more, both bodies slid to lay out on the couch. Then came a few hours of passionate embracing, where the two laid naked on the couch after, just enjoying each other. __ After their romp, Des broke from his arms, and Iggy watched her every move from her spot, only to stretch and place her gown back on. Then he watched her move back over to the library door, only to look back and speak to him. His built, slender form, naked, sat up to look back at her, closer, and nodded. "Thank you for letting me take you on one, Des. I'll see you soon, hopefully." They shared a smile, and just like that, she was gone. Ingavor laid his back onto the cushions, and stared at the ceiling. "What a gorgeous woman." He smiled to himself. "what a lucky man."

(Time skip to next morning.)

Having only slept a few hours, Des woke up rather early, earlier than most in the castle. Sitting up on the edge of her bed, she rubbed the sleep from her eyes and moved into the wash room, climbing in for an early morning bath. As a little bit passed, she was fully awake, laying in the tub staring at the ceiling. Her thoughts drifted back to the previous night, a small smile creeping onto her face. It was an interesting adventure so far, and she still had absolutely no idea how she came to be where she was. "Humans.. such simple things. Good thing he's cute.." Once finished with her bath, she gathered up a few belongings and got dressed. Once satisfied, she left her room, securing it before heading down to the kitchen. Ignoring the stares and giggles from the maids and a few of the guards, she grabbed a few pieces of fruit, sliding it down into her pocket. Without wasting any time, she made her way to the stables, saddling up Gerod. Climbing up into the saddle, she slowly made her way to the main gates, leaving instructions with the guard on duty, "If Lord Ingavor asks where I have gone to, simply tell him into town and that I will return later in the evening." The guard nodded as she moved past him. Once clear of the door, she waited for the gate to shut before leaning over, whispering into Gerod's ear. The horse whinnied, turning in the opposite direction of the town below. Gripping the reigns tightly, she said softly, "Come Gerod.. show me the meaning of haste." With that, the horse took off in a dead gallop towards the Kingdom of Avalon. She only stole one more glance at the castle before turning her attention to the road.

He smiled to himself, as he pulled his naked figure from the library couch. The sunlight peeked through the window, while the birds chirped outside, tweeting jaunty tunes. Ingavor's form moved to the window, with arms raised over his head, while he looked out of it, into the garden. Each flower was in full bloom, and the scent was so fragrant. It brought a bigger smile to his face. Everything was so perfect. A great date last night, followed by the climatic, romantic embrace with Desdemona was the perfect way to end an evening, and the sun, birds, and flowers were the perfect way to start a morning. He looked to the pile of clothes on the floor and decided to put on his pants and his undershirt, at least until he could change into something more comfortable. He grabbed the rest of his clothes and shoes, and headed toward the door, leaving the wine and fruit out for whoever wanted to eat it when they came in. He walked through it and headed to his bedroom. Once inside, Ingavor went to his closet and dressed himself, in an all black outfit, like usual. He then picked up his pipe off of his desk and went toward the door, and out into the hall. Once twisting down the steps and around the corner, he was found by an elite guard. "Sir!" He saluted. Ingavor nodded. "Yes?" "Lady Desdemona said she was in town if you were looking for her, but went toward the path you both had just come from." Ingavor raised a brow. "Ah. Thank you." The guard nodded and moved along, back to his post, while Ingavor went out the front doors to the steps. He took a deep breath and sat down, noticing the air smelled sweet, like Vanilla and Lavender. He grunted, then looked into the air.
"Caliga?" He muttered to himself, then looked back down to see 3 men in Black cloaks walking toward him. "Gentlemen." Ingavor said, raising a brow seeing two dead guards at the castle gates. The men looked nervous and angry. Their heads kept darting from side to side while they inched closer to Ingavor. "You lot are brave. Doing this in broad daylight." They said nothing, but one drew chains from his robes. "Ah. We are doing this. Alright then." Ingavor went to stand up and draw his sword but he felt a hand press on the back of his head. "SLEEP." He heard in a sickening voice as everything went dark and his eyes closed. Iggy slumped to the ground, while they began to chain him and carry him off before any of the guards could notice, or warn one of the elites that the new king was being taken away. The voice behind him was an older member, whom instructed the young nervous men. "We got him! Quick! Get him to the church!" The older man commanded. They lifted Ingavor into the air, and carried him off, down the street. The townsfolk bellowed out. "Ingavor! They have Daggerbane!" The men cared little, as they finally made it to the church, avoiding alleys and the market square.

January 27, 2019
IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/27/2019
Upon reentering the antechamber once again the woman would turn to the right facing the door once more and close the door to the bed room that belonged to Jeff. It was bad enough she was going door to door, room to room in search of some weapon. The demonic living weapon had no clue what her father looked like nor did she really know what she was searching for as she did so; she figured when she got close enough she would know. The woman would move once more a few doors down seeing the door next to Jeff’s chamber had been locked and she wasn’t going to force it open she just kept moving towards the west wing as she did so. Door by door she would open, peeking her head inside debating if the room had been touched in a while. She figured the rooms which were covered in dust and cobwebs were a better chance on finding objects or more her father. Suy sighed softly coming to another room that the door had decided to open. Once more she would guide the door open enough so she could peek into the room; this room much like her mother’s chamber had been coated in dust. The woman would push the door open far enough to slip inside to look around shutting the door behind her so no one would know she was inside. (sorry for the crappy post but gives people an idea where Suy is at the moment)

inside the cobweb covered room was the stink of death, it was coming from one of the walls that for some reason the stone had looked like it had been moved from the other side of the wall. there was that and then there was a really old looking broom closet in at the back of the room, the door seemed to be sealed shut with nails and some wooden boards keeping it closed for what from the shape of the door was a very long time.

IsisRainDeLaRose (Aezvyra)01/27/2019
Suraya would rummage around the room looking about as the aroma of rot hit her. Her hand moved up to her nose as if trying to cover it; to keep such a smell of disgusting decay from entering. She would glance at the wall which seem to have been coated with something causing the woman to walk up and touch the cool stone trying to figure out where the smell was coming from. The female would turn on her heels slowly, the right boot in front of the left as she seemed to swing her body to the right seeing the closet door. Suy would take the few steps to bring her closer to notice the nails the frame as if trying to seal it. She was half tempted to not even bother with it but then the thought of it being sealed made her wonder why. The woman would walk over take the brass knob of the handle in her hand and give it a few good jerks trying to pull the door open. (rolled a 4) The door itself seem not to give way as she pulled on it twisting and turning the knob as she did so. Suy would sigh as she removed her hand from the knob as she took a step back to get a better look at this sealed door. She would noticed that the frame it self seem to be warped along with the bottom that seem to show signs of decay which could be why the smell was so bad. The woman would place her hands on the door as she started to kick at the lower portion of the door were it seemed to have been a weak part.

as the door was kicked on the bottom chunks of the door started to crush off of the door, some of the nails holding some of the boards in place started to wiggle from the rotten wooden boards dropping with small tinks to the floor. one of the boards gave way and landed on the floor with a bang flopping to the floor and laying there. as the knob of the door had been turned before the door kind of opened a crack one of the boards at the top still holding on to try to keep the door shut. the nails were barely holding and with a couple good placed kicks to the base of the door the top board in time gave way and fell to the floor allowing the door to creep open with a dusty and loud creeeeeek. inside the door was a good sized walk in closet many really old dresses and high class clothing garments hung form metal hangers and hooks, there was what looked to be not one but two skulls in the closet on the floor one with a full skeletal body with it the other with no body and just the skull, with a hole in its mouth so when it shut its teeth there was a small round circle there. and then to the side there was a pile of old weapons, a couple of swords and a hammer and a shield and one really old rusted closed sword in its scabbard that did not seem to be anything fancy at all witch was laying in the pile with the other weapons and items.

Jeff, and Ingavor had arrived at the castle an hour prior. Ingavor awoke in his room, with an eye patch over his left eye. It would take some time for him to get used to it, but he knew that he would have his revenge, one day. He stared at himself in the mirror. How could it be that easy for him to get captured? How could he allow himself to be that weak? Never again, he told himself. The once broken man stripped himself of his undergarments, and stood naked in front of his reflection. His aura flared up, as he began to use his ability to float some clothes out of his closet. He hadn't dressed up since he had gotten home. He just dressed more casually, and he felt great about himself. Yet he needed to dress how he felt fit. He couldn't be caught off guard again. He wouldn't allow himself. He put on a black, collared shirt, but didn't button the top like usual. No. No tie today, he thought. He then put a fresh pair of under pants, followed by a pair of black, Noble pants, made from denim. He then put on a black pair of combat boots, and laced them up, then placed his pant legs over them. Ingavor then slipped on a pair of black leather, fingerless gloves, followed by rings on every finger. His glowing ruby orbs watched himself as he then put two earrings on the sides of his ears, each. They has the Dagger Bane Crest carved into them, and we're made from solid silver. Then he buckled his belt which housed two short swords on both sides, and his spell book on the back of it. Glaring at his reflection, he raised a brow, and sighed. He looked like a different person entirely. Almost like the butler had died, and someone new climbed from the ashes.
Ingavor gave a grunt, and touched his index finger to his new scars on his face. Frowning as his fingertip glided over the scar tissue, he watched his own movements. He thanked his own newfound healing aura, and gave a soft sight, touching his reflection on the mirror. Then he thought of Desdemona. Would she think he was ugly? Would she be able to handle him? What of the sun? Would the try to hurt her? He knew one thing. He needed to power up. He was never going to let anyone hurt him again. Adjusting his hair from his hues, he turned toward the door, hearing a knock.Large boots clacked against the wood floor while his fingers reached around the handle of the door and pulled it open, to show Jeff, standing in the door way. The prince looked the butler up and down, while stepping inside. "Nice outfit." Ingavor bowed his head respectfully. "M'lord!" Jeff raised a hand to Iggy. "No. Just Jeff. I stopped being a prince long ago." Iggy nodded, bowing again. "Jeff then. What brings you to my Chambers " The prince motioned toward his eye patch. "Wanted to check in on you, and make sure you were okay. You had a rough week from what everyone tells me." Ingavor sighed and shook his head. "You don't know the half of it, Jeff." Crossing his arms, the prince nodded, and took Ingavor's pipe filled with gillyweed and lit it with his black flame that he conjured from mid air, that floated over his right hand.
Jeff pulled his mask down and put the mouth piece to his bow shaped lips, a small five o'clock shadow starting to form over his face. It seemed this body required him to shave, unlike his old body, where he never gained any facial hair. The prince inhaled and let the smoke sit in his lungs, while he extended the pipe to Ingavor. Jeff exhaled, and watched Iggy nod and walk through the smoke that he just blew out, to take the pipe from his hand. Ingavor put the pipe to his mouth as well, taking a drag, while his eyes watched out the window. "This woman I fancy went to Avalon. Stubborn, beautiful thing." Ingavor said, his lungs full. Then he let smoke dance out passed his lips. Jeff listened as Ingavor explained how he and Desdemona had gone to Avalon. The goat. The Teddy bear. The man. The little boy. The kiss. Des's curse. Returning home. The date. Jeff couldn't help but chortle as he tip toed around the fact that this woman and Iggy had been intimate, but he got the gist. "So-...she left? Why?" Ingavor gave a shrug. "Knowing her? Probably to just prove to herself that she could. It will prove difficult, due to her curse." Jeff nodded. "Well yeah. Not being able to distinguish value from garbage would put a huge damper on the mission." The prince then smiled. "She will come back. Don't worry Iggy." Ingavor gave a half smile. "I hope you're right." He said, passing Jeff the pipe. Jeff took the pipe and took another hit, inhaling, holding, then exhaling.
Then he heard Iggy ask a question. "How did-..." Jeff raised a brow. "What?" "How did you die?" Jeff frowned, and looked at the floor. "I we t to Firedor to find answers on everything. The great war. The betrayal. Turns out that my mother and Samuel were in cahoots and hired an army of sellswords to try and kill me. I killed 10,000 men that day. I exhausted all of my power trying to escape. I was weak. They threw all of their men at me until I couldn't take it anymore. Then they brought out the elites. They beat the hell out of me and threw me into a cell in the deepest, darkest part of the dungeon. I prayed to my mother to save me. But she just sent me a blue rose. I starved. I had no blood to sustain myself. Eventually, my body shut down. I remember my last thought being-...that I wished I could have been more helpful." Jeff sighed. "Then I awoke in Ulon."
Ingavor placed a hand on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry. I died in a fire." Jeff then looked up at him. "A fire that never happened. It also killed my aunt, supposedly, even though she was killed by my mother, 2 years prior to my death. People around here can't read. isn't surprising that no one knows the truth." Ingavor smirked and nodded along. "Aye. Reading is a rare breed. New books are all I look forward to. I've read every book in the library." Then he snapped his fingers. "I believe your violin is in your mother's office. Which I guess is your office, if you are to become advisor to Noki." Jeff smirked. "Surprised that she kept that thing. I still remember to combination to her safe. She never bothered to change it due to that being her most unused vault." Jeff yawned and nodded to the suited up Ingavor. "Well thank you, Ingavor. I guess I have some old hear of mine to find." As he headed toward the door, He tossed the pipe on the desk and turned to face his new friend. "Don't worry about that Girl. I'm sure she will return. And if she is as fancied with you as you are, infatuated with her, then a missing eye and a few scars won't bother her." With that, Jeff closed the door behind him, and set off toward his new office, while Ingavor sat at his desk, with a huff. "I hope he is right."
Iggy said, staring out the window, in hopes that he could take his mind off of Desdemona and her safety. He thought of their night together, immediately grunted. I sound obsessed with her. He reached up, digging his fingers through his soft, black tendrils. Ingavor grunted, and stood from the desk, almost as soon as he sat, and moved back to look at himself in the mirror. He looked like some sort of blade for hire, rather than a king elect. He just hoped Noki would come back soon so he could stop having this responsibility. With a sigh, he took a few steps back, and flopped on to his bed. He just needed a moment.
Jeff walked down the hall, and raised a brow, as he passed a few guards. They murmured about him being alive, and passed him, keeping their eyes on Jeff until they turned the corner. The prince sighed, muttering to himself. "Why is everyone so obsessed with me?" As he finally made his way to Anaya's office, he pushed the door open, after using his ability to unlock the tumblers that kept the door sealed. Jeff stepped through the doorway, and looked at the picture of his father on the wall. Jeff felt a bit of emotion welling up as he ran his hand over the painting. "I should have been there, my father. I'm so sorry I never got a chance to say goodbye." He rested his forehead against it. "You were a good king. The best. You deserved more that what you got. I avenged you. I killed the men who killed you. As did Mother. Even though I had so much time in Ulon. I never found your soul. I searched for years."
He stepped away from the painting, not letting tears fall from his eyes. "I had almost forgotten what your face looked like, Father." He moved over to the desk, as he took a glance at his mother's paperwork, that she had left. As he looked over the documents, he read the section stating that Jeff received nothing. Normally, he would have been angry, but this was signed before he and his mother had made ammends, and she had given him the job as Noki's advisor. Which was more important than looking handsome on a throne. He rolled his eyes with a smile and looked through more paperwork. "Still awful at doing taxes, aren't we, mother?" He said to himself, organizing the stack of paperwork. Then he grabbed a fresh piece of parchment, and started to jot down notes with a quill and ink, about the black sun. "Racist. Batshit. Black Robed. Nutjobs." He kept writing, leaning forward in his chair. "Unknown power. Skilled warriors. Possible war?" Jeff, with a huff, sat in the chair and scribbled notes about the sun for the next hour, until he was satisfied. If anyone had wanted to find him, he would be in the office.

January 28, 2019
Noki formed in the center of the main hall, her hands open as shards of stone fell from her fingers like sand onto the floor. she hit her knees tears raining down her face and a full garden starting to grow around her "i did not want you to go, you left WHY DID YOU LAVE ME ALONE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as she cried there on the floor her hands moving to her face as her fingers laced into her crimson hair. "i dont want to run this castle, i don't want to own lands, i dont want an advisor, i dont want a brother sister even a father i don't want anything, i just want you, i just want you mum" she looked at the floor small roses growing around her, there silken blue pedals only making her remember mothers rose garden, it was dead now but it was alive once upon a time. she sniffled as she cleaned some of the tears from her face, not being able to stop crying fully or being able to stand, so she did not stand she sat there, on the floor, alone in what was now her castle.

Jeff raised a single brow at the aura that randomly appeared in the throne room. Jeff felt it. A true DeLaRose was in the halls. He rose from his chair and rushed out of the room in a hurry. Either it was his mother, or Noki. He just knew that whoever it was, he would be happy to see them even if they weren't. The new Royal advisor walked down the stairs, right as Stark flew in through a window. He had been teleported with Jeff and flown off to hunt. But he always returned. The beautiful huge bird fluttered and landed on Jeff's left shoulder. "Stark! I forgot you were even here." As the two of them walked down the hall and turned the corner toward the throne room, he spotted the crying child, screaming about how she just wanted Mother. Without a doubt, this was Noki. He crossed his arms and looked down at her as he slowly approached her, scooping up some of her tears into a jar, just like he did with his mother. Then he replaced it into his satchel. "I miss mother too, baby sister." He smiled politely. "I know you are sad, and confused, dear sibling, but mother needs you. I know you don't understand but you will one day. Our mother is always listening. Just give her a prayer." He reached a hand out and pulled her very gently to her feet, and looked her in the eye. "I'm Jeff Lyvix DeLaRose. I'm your brother and Royal Advisor. I am going to help you as much as I can." Then he listened to his own stomach as it began gurgling. "Want to get some food?"

as he showed up her bright blue eyes looked at him, the black slit down there centers getting thin as she watched him take her tears in a vile. she abruptly stood up smashing her hand into his own and having the vile fly out of his hand and smash onto the ground the tear liquid seeping into the stone as small grass buds grew from it "it is fucking rude to take what does not belong to you, advisor my ass cant even ask to have something so valuable" she snarled as her temper was flared and she stood there her red hair a mess in her face as she pushed it out of her eyes, to think she was not normally so fowl tempered. she let out a breath as she tried to calm the anger and pain in her chest "i don't need to pray to a woman that left me here to rot in a castle i could not give two fucks about, and i hope she hears me now" she snarled a bit more as she cleaned the dirt from the dress she had on, it was rather plane a normal shade of green that made her eyes pop a bit more and her red hair look rather nice and not shiny but still a nice deep red.

"Oooooooh fucking cool!" He shouted as the vile smashed against the ground. A smile slowly spread across his face. "I only took your tears to teach you a lesson. Anyone can take advantage of your emotion. You need to calm down. " Jeff smirked under his mask. "You are here to keep your mother's legacy alive. I don't give a shit about your pretty pincess bullshit angsty teen baby attitude." He looked her up and down. "My God. I was just like you." He thought back to his times as a teenager, roaming the halls, full of anger. "We can spend all day yelling at each other, your majesty. But I just want to help you. Let's start over. Okay?" Jeff immedietly loved this sibling. Even as she broke the vile and insulted him. And Anaya. "I'm sorry. Can we please be nice to each other?" Jeff sighed. "I'm hungry, Noki. Let's go eat some food and get to know each other. Wanna go bitch about mom?"

Noki glared at this brother of hers, trying to be friendly and what relate with her "just like me? you are nothing like me, you are not even one of mothers true children, just one of the adopted spawn, you are not even a dragon, you are just, a normal human, a normal human that died" she let out a breath as the black slits in her eyes got wide once more giving her the look of having a roundish pupil. she was hungry, she was always hungry and the talk of getting a meal did make her lips wet more then they should have. "alright right fine human, we will get a meal and bitch about mom, i am sure you will have stories anyway, but you are not my brother, you are some advisor to me, go get the food then and bring it to the table" she started to walk to the dinning room as she opened the doors not even holding them for her brother, she was acting out and really she did not care if he got offended by it, she just wanted to be a thorn in everyone's side, friends were not worth it anyway.

Jeff listened to the girl spew the insults from her mouth, while he crossed his arms. A smirk grew bigger from behind his mask as he watched the girl storm off into the kitchen. He was silent, just taken aback at how he saw so much of himself in Noki. Her angst was just like his. Yet her insults reminded him of Samuel and Anaya's. Everyone seemed to like to say the same insults to him. "You're a mommy's boy! You're a dead man! You're not really a dragon! You're adopted!" It never changed. Jeff raised his eyebrows as she let the doors slam in his face, and grumbled a bit. Jeff knew the appetite of a dragon would be difficult to satisfy, so he walked into the kitchen to put an order in. "Queen Noki has come home. Prepare her a meat platter. She is hungry." The maidens nodded and got right to work, while Jeff walked out and found Noki at her table. He moved over to her and say across from her, with a sigh. "Noki. I'm sorry." Jeff was sincere. He tried to make eye contact. "I've always had trouble fitting into this family. You're absolutely right. I'm not a dragon. But I am a DeLaRose. Just like you. Feel how you like about me. I'm not your enemy, and I'm not trying to fight with you."
Jeff pulled out 6 of Seven's coins, while Stark sat on his shoulder, just watching. "These represent my siblings" He lined them all up. "Talon." He pointed to the first one. Then flung it off the table. Jeff then pointed to the next. "Ryu." Then he took it and flung it at a near by guard, hitting him in the helmat with a clang. The guard just bent down and picked it up, then looked around confused, pocketing it after. Jeff then pointed to the next gold piece. "Jevera." Jeff then slid it into his hand, and took it in between his fingers. Then, with his enhanced strength, putting out 3000 pounds of pressure per square foot, he broke the coin in half. Then he tossed both broken coin halves, and tossed then over his shoulder. Jeff's finger pointed to the 4th coin. "Ana." Jeff took the coin, and held it next to his heart, for a moment. Then he slipped the coin into his pocket. He moved on to the next one, and sighed. "Jacob." Jeff then chucked the coin at the same guard from earlier, hitting him in the back of the head. The man grunted, looked around, turning, and picked the other coin up, a smile spreading across the man's face. Jeff then pointed to the last coin, looking at Noki. "Noki."
Jeff rested his hand over it, and closed his eyes. "I don't mean much to you. I know. You don't deserve any of this. But I'm so glad I finally got to meet you. I've looked forward to it since I first found out you were born. I heard from so many souls that the queen had another child. I was so happy." He lifted his hand, sliding the gold piece over to her. "I have lost almost everyone I care about. Ana is the only one I have left besides you. I know we just met, but I loved you from the first moment I found out you existed." Just then, the maidens brought out 3 platters full of assorted meats. Chicken, beef, steak, sheep, lamb, duck, and even elephant. The maidens placed apple juice in front of Noki, bowing at them both, then leaving. Jeff nodded to his 'sister.' "Eat up kid." Jeff looked rather sad, thinking about all of his fallen family members. Did that many of his loved ones die?

Jade was now in the castle hiding behind a wall near the back door where no one would see her watching them, the woman that she followed had actually used the front door instead of the back and walked right into the kitchen before she could get to her, "This woman isn't even a royal. Why did she use that entrance? She looked around to see that two of the royals had went into the kitchen to eat which would give her more than enough time to rush upstairs without anyone noticing her, just as she was a about to come out of the shadows, a slight chill was felt as she looked to the stairs, Jade quickly made her way upstairs to see a dark haired woman standing right in front of her, "who are you? What are you doing here?" The woman did not answer as she disappeared before a bedroom door opened, Jade assumed that the woman wanted her to enter the room as the door shut behind her "wait a second..." Jade looked around the room as a closet opened to reveal clothes and a blade that have not been used in a long time, "what is all...eeek!" Jade fell on her behind as the same woman appeared in front of her.

A guard burst open the room the random stranger had gone into, the door slammed against the wall with a bang as the guard pointed his blade at the woman (jade) "you are not a member here, state your name and why you are here. you were seen haveing came in from the back door thieves will not be dwelt with nicely, leave this castle at once or be placed in chains in the dungeon girl" the guard looked stronger then the girl was, skilled in his weapon and having heavy armor on it did not look wise to fight it but then agein people had done dumber things.
Meanwhile in the dining hall noki looked at the food and rolled her eyes at her brothers sob story about the family members that died that she never knew. "Father said the weak die and there deaths make way for the strong, Ryu was simply weak and he gave way for me to grow stronger, he was my twin with his death I became the only birth child of this family thus giveing me all the rights he should have had. But he was weak and now he rests with grandfather. The other ones you talk about must have been weak to to die , I never knew them just like I never knew you, you died to die to your weakness but something brought you back for some reason so you must have been strong or worth something to the gods." She picked up some meat and shoved it into her mouth chewing it down and swallowing "only family I know, mother, father, Ryu, Ana, and Xie the rest never mattered and even Xie is not seen much anymore since she had the egg ripped out or something. " she talked like something that was a big deal meant nothing to her, like the abortion of a female egg was just casual dinner talk, but then agein Anaya was the same dragons did not have filters or the human things and noki was a child still not knowing how to talk to people in a proper kind of way. Even more so when she was already unstable and grumpy.

"Weakness." He said, with a sigh. "My father said that Death is the next new adventure." He looked the child up and down. "I died. Yeah." He looked at the floor, as he clenched his hands into fists, his voice breaking at the end. "I gave all I had to this family. I gave everything." Jeff's baby blue hues scanned the child's face. "Weakness and strength don't exist anymore, Noki. There is only life and death. The strong die. The weak die. Everyone dies." He then brushed some hair from his eyes. "Regardless of who is weak and who is strong, the only thing that matters to me now is making you happy." Jeff raised a brow. "What do you do for fun? Do you like to hunt? Or read?" He knew she was a child, but she was very full of wit. He loved that. Even if it killed him, he would advise his sister, and keep her safe. Even if it was the last thing he ever did.
Ingavor rose from his chair and decided to walk the halls. As he turned the corner, he noticed a random guard holding a woman at sword point. Ingavor spoke sternly. "Sir! Unhand that woman! She has done nothing wrong! She is clearly lost and frightened! Have you no shame!" He walked up to the guard, and placed two fingers to his forhead. (Rolled 17, used Fateweaver.) "You have had a long day, and feel like going to the tavern to get a drink." Ingavor saw the entire life of the guard until this moment, and changed his destiny from making him want to arrest this woman to making himself thirsty for ale. "Leave us." He looked to the woman, Jade, and spoke softly, adjusting his new eye patch. "Are you alright?"

January 29, 2019
"I don't even have a weapon on me" Jade thought to herself as the guard was in front of her with a sword to her, her emotions turned into relief when she saw the guard leave by command of the man that just helped her. "Whew. Thanks for that. I'm fine by the way." Jade quickly got to her feet with the help of the woman that was now next to her, she had actually gasped and reached out her hand to try to stop the guard, but no one can see her but Jade for now. "I probably should have used the front door instead." Jade said with a soft smirk to the man as the woman next to her looked to the doorway.


January 30, 2019
The guard walked away grunting about how he had not gotten a drink in ages as he muttered things under his breath about thieves and people getting into the castle when they should not and how security was not tight enough. Within moments he was gone and they were left to there own devices.
"Your father is dead, just like the rest of them, and mother never talked about him, just had the old paintings that got coated in dust. And you gave what you chould I guess, you are a human, a mortal, it is expected you chould not give as much as needed. " she did not hold malice to her words , she talked calmly.amd had collected herself some as Jeff talked on makeing her happy and things like that, he was going to become annoying fast and she knew it. " i like to hunt and go outside when it is not raining, cant go in the rain or it burns, but not good at hunting or my powers yet but I am getting better, been reading the magic books"

Jeff tilted his head and smirked at the child dragon. "Aren't you just a giant ball of fuckin' sunshine." Crossing his arms, he spoke calmly, while looking his sister up and down. "Well, if you'd like, I can help you try to expand your power in the coming weeks. And I have aaaaallll sorts of magical books." She was going to be annoying. He could already tell. "You name what it is that you want to do, Noki. It should clear up tomorrow, if you want to go hunt some albino Elk in the woods with me. It might help us get to know each other." The Prince looked at the meat platter. "I dont give a shit if you like me, Noki. I was given a job, by our mother to educate and protect you. I am just trying to make this easier." He sighed. "And for the record. I'm more dragon than half of these shit sucking, new aged, sad ass, winged excuses for scaled squirrels. Human or not." He smiled in a joking manner.
Ingavor watched the guard walk away, then looked at the obviously mentally suffering woman. "I suggest you get out of the castle before you get yourself hurt, Miss." He put his arms behind his back and looked the women up and down. "These guards aren't as nice as I am. So either get to our public library and stop snooping around, or leave. They are going to put your head on a pyke, you stupid girl!" Ingavor grunted and shook his head. "You shouldn't have used the back door, at all. Did your parents teach you that it was polite to crawl through windows as well?"


-Jade looked down at the floor thinking about the other woman(who was actually a real person) that was still in the kitchen as she rubbed her arm that was sore all of a sudden, "I really am sorry that I caused a disturbance." Her attitude suddenly changed from apologetic to serious as she looked up at the man with glowing eyes. "I would have gotten caught by a knife wielding woman that used the front door and..." Jade did not want to speak anymore as she turned her face to hide her teeth that were starting to show, this actually meant that part of her had been triggered by more than just hunger. "Nevermind. I'm sure you all can find that crazy maid yourself. Just don't let her attack anyone else with that weapon of hers. I'm not joking around about this." Jade rushed out of the room while covering her mouth before she could say anything else and raced down the hall, accidently dropping her hooded cape in the process to reveal a totally different look than the one she came in. "I've got to get out of here or else I'll really loose it." She thought to herself as she caught a glimpse of one of the maids pretending to clean something then walk into another part of the castle. Jade was so focused on her that she didn't know how close she was to the front door and bumped right into it and slid under the stairs."dam. It..." Jade actually became dizzy and passed out hoping that no one will notice her, and hoped that the guards will just mistake her as a sleeping royal(she's dressed in the royal green dress that's the same as her bio) and leave her alone.

Noki looked to Jeff as she took another bite of meat "at least they have scales, even if they are no match for true born, i saw a half breed once, was repulsive, then mother killed it to release it from its torment as she called it, made sense, like what dragon would bed a lesser being" Noki gave a snort as her plate has gone empty and she pulled over the second one that was on the table, it was funny watching such a young looking thin bodied girl put away the food so well. she looked up at him her blue eyes shimmering behind her hair "ya i could go hunting later, and i dont need your magical books, i am the queen here right, so that means i can get into the hold under the castle, i could before i was queen seeing mother let me and the guards know me, but if i need magical books i can go down there to get them, and mother has a larger stock then you do i am sure"
as that woman walked away and rushed off passing out under the stairs, a slave noticed her taking a small stick it had found and pocked its face. it looked like a royal but it was far from a royal here, why was it sleeping under the steps, why was it passed out, why was it even here, if it was a royal didn't it have a castle to be in, maybe it was a person just dressed in royal garb but was not really a royal, that would make sense. the slave thought things to its self as agein it pocked a good hard jab at the girl in the ribs with the stick (very light damage given -2 to hp) "um wake up" it said softly as it readyed the stick agein for another jab a bit harder this time.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/30/2019
Roxy eventually made it to the castle by passing and weaving through the crowded, her face hidden and Bellarose in her arms. She was happy and terrified. Happy that Bellarose was going to be under her protection, but terrified about what was in store for them in the future. They both came around the back, the same spot Roxy had came in when she had the package. "Alright, here it is Bella. Hopefully this could be a new home for both of us," she said before she knocked on the back door. "I'm sure you'll love Ingavor, he's such a kind soul and I'm sure he'd be happy to see I have his gold." She put Bellarose on her feet and took her hand as she waited for someone to answer.

Jeff nodded along with Noki, rolling his eyes at her hormonal, hot headed responses. Is this how everyone sees me? Gods dammit. I was annoying. He raised a brow at her and smiled. "Tomorrow at dawn then. The elk will be out and about in the morning. We can catch you a bunch of food." Jeff was trying to be friendly, until he heard her mention Anaya's hold. "Noooooooo. No. No no no no no. Noooooooo. No no no. Nope. Not gonna happen." Jeff stared the girl down. "Listen to me child. I know I'm not 'the coolest lass to go shopping in the town square with' but I know what I'm talking about. That hold is dangerous and full of thousands of spiders, waaaayyyy stronger than you, me and the elite guards combined. They only listen to Samuel and our mother. No matter what. You'll die." He sighed. "Please, just listen to me. Let's get your power up, then go down there. I have a bunch of books to hold you over until then." Then he took a piece of meat and pulled his mask down, watching her gobble the plate full of different meats. "My God. That is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen in my life." Jeff then took a bite of the steak in his hand. "Delish." He muttered between bites
Ingavor shook his head at the ignorant crazy woman who spoke about some knife wielding woman who wasn't around. He raised a brow as she walked away. "I need to stop defending the bloody crazy people. As he turned the corner, he sensed Noki in the castle, and smiled to himself. "Ah. The new queen has returned." He felt the huge weight of responsibility leave his chest. After he went towards the back, he would have a smoke, and go see her after. As his hand reached for the handle to the door, he felt Roxy's aura along with another on the other side. He opened the door right after Bellarose, who had stayed quiet the entire time, looked up at Roxy. " Ingavor-...gonna want me to-...please him?" She was confused as to what exactly her job was. Was Roxy her friend? Her mother? Her employer? She was frightened but along for the ride. Ingavor stood in the door way, right as the door opened inward. "Roxy! Thank the Gods! Please come in!" He looked at the child, who stared at his scars and eye patch. "What happened to your face?" Ingavor simply looked at the floor, ushering them inside and closing the door behind them. He smiled at Roxy. "My dearest friend. I'm so glad to actually see you. I set you up a fancy room right across the hall from mine." Bella would walk in after Roxy, and stare at Ingavor with a puzzled expression. Iggy then brought Roxy into a friendly embrace, resting his head against her shoulder. "When you didn't show up right away, I assumed the worst. I'm glad you're okay." Then he pulled away after a small squeeze, and turned to look at Bella again. "Who is this?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/30/2019
Roxy looked down to Bellarose and gave her a worried look. This girl's mind was so damaged and so confused. What if this was going to be what she thought for her life? What would happen if she found someone later on in the future? Roxy shook her head. "No no no sweetie. You'll never have to do such a thing." Suddenly the door opened and Ingavor was revealed. She smiled and turned her attention towards him. The first thing she spotted was his eye patch. "Iggy!" She smiled. She walked inside while holding Bellarose's hand, her ears fell back at the little girl's words. "Hey! Don't say that hun. It's impolite to say such things." Roxy couldn't help but to chuckle to herself. She was already acting like a parent to this little girl. "It's wonderful to see you too Iggy... Um I'm sorry for taking so long. I had something to take care of... As you can see." She looked down to Bellarose. "This is Bellarose, Bellarose, this Iggy." She closed the door behind her and then turned to give Ingavor a hug. "I think I kind of adopted her. She was a slave girl at Everdeen's... Oh! By the way." She took the coin purse out of her bag and handed it to Ingavor. "Here's the gold that you let me borrow. Thank you again.... For everything."

Jade slowly moved her head left and right as she grunted and groaned to herself, then she came to her senses as she noticed a woman poking her in ribs with a stick, of all the places to poke a royal with a stick, especially one like herself, to poke it had to be her ribs, "Arrg! Get away!" Jade managed to lift one foot and kick it into the woman's shoulder then Jade quickly got up with a grunt, pushed the doors open, and quickly left the castle holding her side in the process where she was poked, and she was possibly poked again when she made her own sudden move.

January 31, 2019
Ingavor raised a brow at Bella who was completely infatuated with Ingavor. She tugged on Roxy's pants, whispering softly to her. "He's so handsome!" Ingavor heard the little girl and smirked to himself. "Don't apologize for taking to long, Roxy. You are here now. That's good enough." He reached his hand out to Bellarose, and she took his hand softly. "It's very nice to meet you, Bella." The child just stared at Ingavor, glazed over. "Uh-..." The Butler turned and stood, looking at his friend who had his gold. Ingavor took the gold in his hands and raised a brow. "You-...still have it? Well aren't you resourceful" He then opened it and took 25 gold pieces from the bag, and slipped them into his pocket, handing the purse of 65 back to Roxy. "You have a child to raise. Take my gold and get her some new clothes. And get yourself a weapon." Bellarose walked closer to Ingavor, yet still stuck close to Roxy. "Do you have a wife?" Bella asked Ingavor. " Not yet." She smiled. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Iggy raised both brows. "Uhm-...I'm not sure. I hope so." He adjusted his patch. "Why so curious, little one?" She blushed and looked up at Roxy. "Is he your boyfriend?" Ingavor then started laughing. The first time he laughed since he came home with Desdemona. He couldn't help himself.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/31/2019
Roxy couldn't help but to laugh at what the little girl was saying. "Handsome huh? Hehe. If you say so," she teased as she looked at Ingavor. "Sorry, she has a lot to learn. Hopefully she'll learn some manners while she's here." She put a hand on Bellarose's shoulders and watched Ingavor take the 25 gold and hand the rest back. She was a bit surprised at first, but why should she? He was such a nice man, it was expected. "Tha.. thank you Ingavor. It truly means a lot. Maybe the three of us can go in town together at some point. I'm honestly not the best with money," she admitted. Her attention went to Bella as she was asking a ton of questions. "Oh... Hehehe. Honey no. I don't have a boyfriend." Her hand kept rested on Bella's shoulder as they started to walk with Ingavor. "You mind showing us our room? And where's Jeff? He's here too right?"

Ingavor nodded along while walking toward the room, hoping they would follow. "I would be more than happy to come with. I need more pipe herb anyway." Ingavor looked at the floor when she mentioned Jeff. "Yes, The prince is here." He sighed. "I can't believe the man I spent my entire life worshipping is sleeping in his old room right next to mine. It's rather surreal." He smiled and turned to look at them, while walking. "You know. Jeff once saved the entire kingdom. In the war, He, along with A group of elite dragon riders, led the vanguard that ended the great war. They all burned Firedor's troops to Ash, and then Jeff killed the Firedorian king in single, hand to hand combat. He is a hero. If we would have lost the war, the fate of the world would be changed forever." The Butler sighed and looked forward again. "I know the world is being threatened right now, but-...we have been saved once." Bella tiled her head and looked up to Roxy. "The world? Threatened? Are we in danger, Roxy?" Ingavor caught himself and shook his head. "We won't let anything happen to you. Don't worry." Bella narrowed her eyes at Iggy. "I asked Roxy." Ingavor nodded, as they turned the corner and made their way up the stairs. "My apologies, miss." Then they entered the hall, and he pointed toward the door directly across the hall from his and Jeff's doors. "It's this one." He pushed the door open and revieled 3 large platters on a small desk in the corner of the room, full of fruit, meat, and veggies. There was a large king-size featherbed in the corner, next to a huge walk in closet, that was empty. The bed had many pillows and Blankets on them, and it looked completely inviting. There was also bookshelves, a few large arms chairs, and a few side tables. The candles in the room had all been lit about an hour prior, which illuminated the room brightly. "I hope it makes you feel at home. This is-...both your home now."

Noki moved her hand softly to grab another chunk of meat and shoved it into her mouth as she looked at Jeff, did he really think she was going to act the lady when really she did not even want to act the human right now. She rolled her eyes as she looked at him and how he was warning her about the spiders and what not "I am sure it will be fine, I have the public library for now and that will do, so how will hunting go tell me how it will go" she talked so softly as she tried to keep herself calm and relaxed trying to push away the anger as she was really starting to understand that there was no getting out of this. This was her reality and she was not getting anything better then this "so, I am a queen now...and I am 2 years old, so what all belongs to me now, it is something stupid like everything the light touches kind of deal. As I dont want that much, not yet anyway"
Within ingavors head there was the sweet humming of a child "I like it here daddy, but I never want you to get other kids, I am greedy daddy, we will be together always right, oh oh oh daddy if you need help to fight let me know we can do it together, I am strong daddy really really strong" the sounds of huming gave ingavor a nice warm feeling deep into his bones.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/31/2019
Roxy's ears turned and focused on Ingavor's voice as he spoke. "Is that so? I never knew about that. I was never taught too much history from my parents when I was a little girl, so I'm pretty dumb when it comes to that stuff. Though, I've heard a few stories about the almighty Jeff, hehe. It must be an honor that the man you look up to you is living in the same halls." Roxy looked down to Bellarose when she questioned the fate of the world and she shook her head. "No no no sweetie," she said as she picked her up and held her to her chest. "You're safe here. No one is going to hurt you here. We're in a giant castle aren't we? These walls are not coming down anytime soon." She rubbed the little girl's back as she followed Ingavor in the room. The room was absolutely spectacular. It was nothing like she had ever seen. Better than even the room at Everdeen's. "Iggy.. this room... I've never seen anything like it." She paused for a moment when he said it was their home now. "Our home? But how? We're not even royals... Are you serious?"

Jeff smiled at his sister. "Mother put me in charge of being your advisor, which means I take on all the responsibly you aren't ready for. That includes ruling and stuff. But when you accept responsibility, this kingdom, and the town and items in it are yours." He shrugged. "it's up to you, Noki. I just want to make this easier on you. Tell me what it is that you want me to take over, and I will." He smiled. "You don't have to do anything you don't feel fit to do, until you are of age."

Ingavor smiled and nodded to Roxy. "Yes. Jeff is quite the warrior. It's scary to share the halls. It makes me feel unworthy." Then ggy turned to face his friend and her child. "Before, I had the authority to set you up a room. Even though Noki, the rightful queen, has returned, I gave the order to make you a member of this house, when I was king, thus my word still stands. You and Bella are not nobles. But you never left me behind Roxy. You tended to me when you found me on the steps of the bar. This is the least I could do." He smiled and motioned toward the room. "Like I said. This is your home now." Just then, the voice rang through Ingavor's brain, and only his. He did his best to ignore the voice that sounded like his sister. Why did she keep calling him daddy? Ingavor shook his head and looked to the pair of them, and walked deeper into the room. "This room used to belong to Jeff's brother, Jacob. I believe Jeff had to kill Jacob once Jacob tried to turn on the crown. I spent a bit of time cleaning it-...before passing out from the pain in my own room. I couldn't just leave you a dusty room. It had to be spotless. Just the best for friends."

Roxy ?/ Adina ?01/31/2019
Roxy put Bellarose down on her feet so she can wander the room. It must be so different than what she used to. She was literally plucked from the bottom and put on top, now living among royals. The fox turned her attention back to Ingavor and shook her head. "Please... You're my friend. I know you would have done the same for me if things were turned around. I can't imagine what it was like in that church." She walked over to the bed and sat down, her tail uncoiling from around her waist and stretching freely behind her. This was her new home now? This was her new life? Just a week ago she was a nobody roaming the lands, in search for adventure. Well she most certainly found it. Probably more than what she wanted. Now she lived in a castle and had a little girl to look after. So much had changed in so little time. She looked back towards Ingavor when she mentioned Noki. "A new queen? I thought Jeff was going to rule the castle? Who's this Noki? Is she kind like the prince?" She asked, worried that this new queen would be like the old one.

She mentioned the church, and didn't want to talk about it. The damage was already done, but it still hurt. He could see it all, every time he closed his eye. He could feel the initial slice. He could feel the torture. He sighed a breath of relief as she mentioned Noki, and answered her. "Noki is Anaya's daughter. She is next in line to rule. However, as Noki's advisor, Jeff will take over whatever Noki can't handle. The dragon is only 2 years old after all. But she has the body-...and mouth of a bratty teenage girl." He smirked. "With Jeff helping the queen, I'm sure she will he a grand queen. I'm not even sure if she is ready. If she isn't, Jeff or myself will rule until she is ready. With the queen gone, we have to adjust." He then looked around the room. "I hope this room is okay. I can get another bed in here for you, Bellarose." Bellarose stared at Ingavor some more. "Do I have to share it with anyone?" Ingavor looked at Roxy and then Bella. "Never." Bellarose smiled and started forming tears in her eyes. The poor lass hid her face. Salted rivers pooled down her Rosy cheeks as she sobbed, crawling up on to the bed, and laying her head on Roxy's lap. "I never had my own room. My own bed. Why are you being so nice to us if you don't want me to please you?" Ingavor froze and looked to Roxy for an answer.

Approaching the main gate, Elaira looked up at the walls surrounding the castle. They were certainly a force to be reckoned with, as her brothers had attempted time and time again to penetrate the walls, but to only limited success. The recent kidnapping of the acting King was one of the more notable successes that she could remember. Keeping up the cheerful nature, she approached the guard outpost. Before she reached it however, she stepped to the side as a horse and rider approached as well. Looking up, her eyes met with something she had not expected. A Human.. with Cat ears..? Blaspheme... --- Desdemona had traveled to the Kingdom of Avalon, only to return empty handed from her venture. She had attempted to complete the last mission given to her by Anaya, but with the Queens departure, so was the absence of what she sought. Irritation was the least she could claim, but it was what it was. Besides, she had heard rumor of attacks in the city of Iron, and she felt it unnecessary to remain in Avalon any longer than needed if those in Iron were in need of assistance. Heh.. look at me, she thought to herself on the way back, Once a Cat burglar turned to whipping girl for the crown. What a life. As she reentered the town, the first thing she noticed right out the gate was how different the air felt. Heavier than usual, was the best description she could muster. The townspeople seemed tense, even towards people they had met before. Focusing on the castle, she coaxed Gerod into a gallop. Once arriving at the main gate, she slowed to a trot, nearly running someone down. Sighing, she slid from the horses back and reached up, scratching her head a bit, looking to the Elven woman, "Sorry about that. Got lost in thought there." --- Elaira smiled at the Cat woman, shaking her head to dismiss the matter, though all she truly wanted to do was end this miserable abomination of nature, "Think nothing of it. No harm, no foul."

February 1, 2019
Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/01/2019
Roxy rose an eyebrow when she said the queen was only two years old. "A two year old? But ho-" her question was answered before she could even ask it. Dragons were certainly fascinating creatures. She had no idea they grew up so fast. "Ohh... I see," Roxy said. "You two really have your hands full then. You got the Black Sun, then the dark one, now this." She sighed and shook her head. "When I left home a few months ago on journey to start my life, this was the last thing I expected. I never knew I would be in the middle of some war." She looked back up to Ingavor. "I appreciate what you have done for me. It's more than I could ever ask for." The fox's ears flickered to what Bellarose said and she patted her lap for her to rest on. When the little girl lied down, Roxy began brushing her brown hair with her fingers. "Hun.... This is your new life. You will never have to please anyone for as long as you live." She wrapped her arms around Bella and gave her a motherly hug. "You're going to grow up a beautiful and strong woman, able to make your own choices. You don't belong to anyone anymore."

Ingavor bent down and looked Bella in the eyes, while her head rested on Roxy, whom was patting and rubbing her noggin. "No one is going to make you do that. You don't work for anyone. Not anymore. You are now our family." He smiled, and wiped some tears from the girl's eyes. "You are Roxy's daughter now." She paused, looking up at Roxy. "You're my momma?" Ingavor smiled. "You both needed each other. It's amazing how quick things can change." He adjusted his eye patch and looked away from them. He thought about the black sun. They had him tied to the table. They sliced his cheeks. Cut out his left eye. Beat him. For the first time in years, Ingavor was fixated on revenge, yet tried not to show it in front of Bellarose. Ingavor's aura held depression, and anger. Anyone who could feel energy would feel his malice, and know from the rest of his aura, that he wasn't that sort of person. The steward looked back up at Roxy. "I have strong feelings for Desdemona. Xaei's protector. We've spent time with each other, and I've grown smitten, almost immediately. But Everytime I look in the mirror, from now on, I see someone who will frightened her away. I've been awaiting for her return. But-...I'm scared, Roxy." He shook a little, in his hands. "Not only of rejection. Not because she will never want to see me again. But because of all the murder I am about to commit."
He looked to see a sleeping Bellarose on Roxy's lap, and looked into Roxy's eyes. "I am going to wipe that church off the map. And I want you there with me when I do it. I want everyone there to help me. There is going to be a small scale war." His power was slowly rising, and his eye flashed from a normal crimson to a sickening violet, with the small twinkle of Caliga's power. "I am going to kill those men. I know I can." He felt it suddenly. Familiar energy. "Desdemona." He said out loud, and moved over to the window, to see her and another woman standing at the main gates. "Speak of the she-devil." He smiled, then frowned, then adjusted his eye patch, then started twiddling his thumbs. "Oh dear-..."
The guards at the gate had been replaced since Ingavor's kidnapping, and looked at the two women. They recognized Desdemona, and stepped aside to let her in. "Ah, M'lady!" They bowed. "Welcome back." It was the same guard she had told the message to before she had left. "Go right in. Oh! Um. Sir Ingavor got hurt, since the last time you were here. He should be somewhere upstairs, resting. Last I knew." He then turned toward the other female. "You however, I don't know. What is your business in the Iron? Forgive me for being so stern, but we have been bombarded by crazed lunatics. So we must take extra precautions to ensure everyone's safety." He held his halberd close, pointing it to the sky, against his shoulder, while he stood at attention.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/01/2019
Roxy hugged Bella even tighter and she nodded her head. "Yes sweetie, if that's what you want to call me, I'll be your mother," she smiled, a tear rolling down her cheeks. She was a mom now? Did she make the right choice here? Anything was better than the conditions Bella used to be in. "I promise to raise you into a woman and will try my best to prevent any harm to come to you." Roxy wiped the tears away and looked back up to Ingavor. "You're right, so much has changed. It just means we need to try even harder to protect the people we love. I'm not going to give up." She listened to what Ingavor said and she shook her head. "Iggy. There's no need to worry. I only met the feline twice, so I don't truly know what she's going to say, but if she feels the same way for you, it doesn't matter what what you look like. If she somehow is frightend or horrified, you know she was not the one. There is no reason for you to be scarred." She started to pet Bella on her head, seeing that she was asleep. So much had happened today for her and she wasn't surprised. Hopefully soon Roxy would be able to rest as well. Her ears would flicker back to Ingavor's plan and her eyes met his. She could see the boiling rage inside him and she understood. "I will be there with you. I want in on this as well. The Sun has caused me pain as well. More eternal than anything. I'm not letting you kill them all. You will have your friends beside you fighting as well." She looked out the window to see the feline from the other day. "You'll be fine Iggy," she said. Her eyes fell on Ingavor again. "I'll go with you to great them inside if you like."

Des turned towards the guard who greeted her and crossed her arms, lifting an eyebrow, "M'lady? What do I look like, royalty?" Rolling her eyes, she gave Gerod a quick smack on the rear, "Get in there, ya big lummox.." The horse whinnied and found his own way back inside, going back to the stable. Hearing of Ingavor and his injury, she tilted her head to the side, tail flicking back and forth, "Oddly enough him getting hurt doesn't surprise me as much as it should.. cant leave that man alone for five minutes without him getting so much as a paper cut.." -- Elaira turned her attention to the guard as well. Sizing him up without giving that fact away, she folded her hands before her and bowed lightly, "Excuse me. My name is Elaira, a representative from the Kingdom of Woodhearst." Straightening, she glanced between Des and the guard with a smile, "Ive been granted permission to travel outside of the boarders of my land in search of work to better my understanding of the outside realm. Those who assisted my search suggested I come to Iron and offer my assistance in anyway I could, and after the recent attacks Ive heard of lately, I thought it best that I offer what I could to the crown." -- Des stared at Elaira, her mouth hanging open. She knew the woman was Elven, but from Woodhearst? It was extremely rare to see an Elf from that Kingdom, let alone get to meet one. Ingavor would be a complete moron to turn help away from this one. Before the guard had time to respond to her, Des shrugged and started inside, "Stand down soldier. Ill take responsibility for this one. Who are we to deny help from one of the Woodhearst folk?" She glanced at the guard on her way past him, eyes narrowing and glowing their piercing gold, "Would be a damned fool to deny it." Expression softening, she looked back to Elaira with a grin, "Come on. Ill introduce you to a few people."

Noki let out a sigh as she looked to Jeff picking up her two plates and pulling them a top of each other "I will be able to rule this castle and the town just fine with you advising me, not ruling advising, just whatever is beyond the walls I dont know about or were to even start. I am not a nieve little girl anymore and clearly mother is not going to help me so might aswell just do it and see how it all goes, it is not like I can walk away from my blood" in all reality she was right, unlike her mother who made the choice to be a royal noki had been born as one, she had this castle and it's people to think about just as her mother did before she left it all. The girl moved and walked away from the table handing the plate to the maid as she gave a kind smile and nod "thank you for the food, it was very nice" the maid nodded, Noki had a good heart inside of her, a inoccent heart not tainted by anything, there was pain in the girl but that was only temporary. Noki held her head up and looked back to Jeff "so then let's go to the thrones and we can go over this black sun thing and I hear the guards muttering at the gate there is at least one guest" her ears just like her mother chould pick up most things and she did not give Jeff much time before she moved and walked out of the dining hall to go to the throne room.
Noki walked up to her mothers throne, there empty, it almost felt wrong being so empty, felt worse to think she had to fill that kind of shoe. "You left me with a hell of a place to fill mother" she said softly to herself as she moved up to the throne pulling herself up onto it and getting her backside comfortable. There was a hard thing in the side of the throne as she pulled out a small little bag of sea Pearl's and that brown lager book with all the castle notes and things in it. She had memorized everything there time and time agein reading it wall sitting on her mothers lap when younger. "Jeff, we wont need this book anymore and it is a safety risk anyway, burn it please " she held the book out to him. It was a flight risk that book holding the codes and things to the castle locked doors, no one needed to know them and she had a solid memory of all knowlage she took in. "I rather it burnt then falling into the hands of some assassin or something. And oh this to, this has to go, I dont know what it is but I dont like it, has to go for sure" she reached down picking up the caliga idol at the side of the throne and holding it out to him along with the book and the Pearl's.

Nodding along to her words, Jeff smiled at her actions and followed her into the throne room. Once there he watched as Noki had sat in her mother's place, and found it just as uncomfortable as he did. He couldn't help but smile from under his mask. Then he watched her pull out the pearls and book. Ah. His mother's little book full of secrets. Secrets that no one else needed to know. They were secret for a reason. Jeff grabbed the notebook and, without question, wrapped a telekenic bubble around it, and engulfed it in flames, in his hand. The once prince the crushed the ashes into his gloves, feeling the history he destroyed crumble into nothingness. Then with a sigh, he looked up to see Noki mention Caliga's idol. Jeff smiled and again, without question, used his aura and wrapped tendrils madec from solid light around it. Then with one powerful twist of his wrist, he turned the tendrils into two 6x5 holy walls. With one motion, the walls came smashing together, destroying the idol in the middle of them. It turned to dust, immediately, falling onto the floor, then as the draft in the room picked up, the dust was carried away. Jeff bowed to her. "Whatever you want. I'm by your side."
------------- The guard looked between the two of them. "I didn't know, madam. Please forgive me. It's my first day guarding the main gates. Both of you, please go right in. Just knock on the door and someone will let you in. We have been keeping the doors locked due to the madness in the streets." He and the other guard stepped aside. "Give my best to those you serve. And please check in with the queen. She is in the throne room!" He said to the elf and bowed respectfully. Once they would reach the top steps, the large ironwood doors were the only obstacle left in the way. Other than maybe Jeff, inside. If one was careless around the prince, they may lose more than just limb.
------------ Ingavor listened to Roxy and sighed. "Its-.. embarrassing. I tried to show her my strength. Then she left and the first thing I do is get kidnapped. I just-...hope she doesn't think less of me." He sighed to himself again, then looked at roxy with a smile. "You're right, however. If I do scare her away, I'll know for sure." He the looked at his own hands. Once again he thought of the black sun and was glad she was going to stand behind him on this. "I'll kill the men who hurt you. Who hurt everyone. I don't care if the kill me. I only care for the liberation of this town and the saftey of those in it. People say it's foolish to fight. But I'd rather die fighting for my freedom than to live in fear." He smiled at his best friend. "I think I need to do this alone. I just-...deep breathes." He brought the plate of food over to her that housed the fruit. "You both need to rest anyway." He said, motioning toward the sleeping child. He began walking toward the door and turned to face her once more. "I'm across the hall directly, or in the kitchen or library, if you ever want to find me. I'm seldom elsewhere." Then he left, to go to the front doors to greet the woman he had hoped to see again, just not like this.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/01/2019
Roxy simply shrugged her shoulders. "Everything will be fine.. I'm sure," she said in a tired tone. "You go get her Iggy." She yawned and layed her head back on the bed once he said he was going down alone. "You're right... It's been a long day. Bella is already miles ahead of me. I'll be following her soon enough and if you need anything, I'll be here. I shouldn't rest too long." Once Ingavor left, Roxy held Bellarose close to her, all nuzzled up in her chest, her arms wrapped around her like a protective mother's and in less than a minute, she was sound asleep.

Screeching to a halt, Des turned and looked at the guard one last time, "Queen? Did Anaya return?" Shaking off the thought, she turned back to the courtyard and continued towards the castle, "No, that cant be right. And Xaei has been hiding for so long I doubt it could be her.." Crossing her arms, she began to stew in her own thoughts for a few moments. -- Elaira bowed again to the guard before she quickly began following Des. She found the news of a Queen troubling herself, as she too immediately thought of Anaya, but regardless of who was Queen, it meant there was a Dragon once again upon the Iron throne. My Master may find this news interesting.. she thought to herself as they walked. Seeing the inside of the castle walls for the first time, she looked around slowly, finding small details that would stick out to the average person, "Everything is so well maintained here. It is a lovely courtyard. And the castle itself is magnificent the closer we come to it." Her eyes did dance around the castle walls itself, inspecting vantage points, entrances and exits. Anything that could potentially be used to serve a purpose, if the need ever truly arose for it.
-- Torn away from her thoughts, Des looked back at Elaira and smiled with a nod, "Eh, its not too shabby of a place. Few weirdos, but what can you expect. Building is huge, after all." Once they arrived to the entrance, she lifted her hand and pounded on the door, "Open the damn door!" Once cleared by the inner guard, the doors slowly pulled back and the two women entered, "Home sweet home.." With a yawn and a stretch, she shook her body contently before continuing in, "Well, stick with me for the time being, or at least until I can find Ingavor. Have to make sure he is alright, being hurt and all." Crossing the main lobby, she glanced down the way a bit more to the throne. Seeing a young woman sitting on it, she looked back to where she was going, crossing her arms under her breasts. *That must be Noki," she thought, Would make sense too, since I have yet to meet that child. If she is Queen though, and I was charged with the care of Noki directly.. She groaned and continued on her way, heading for the library. Stopping a passing maid, she instructed her to inform Ingavor of her return and where she would be. With a nod, the maid ran off to do as she was instructed.

Ingavor turned the corner and made his way down the steps, while counting then in the way to the bottom. It was always 36, but today, it was 35. Everything seemed off, like he couldn't see straight. His entire depth perception was out of wack. He felt like he was going to run into a wall, but quickly gained his composure as he finally made his way into main hall and to see Desdemona informing a maid to tell him that she had returned. "You don't have to tell her anything." He said, raising his voice just an octave as he got closer to the pair. Slowly he moved his black hair in front of his eye patch and blinked his crimson orb. "I'm glad you're back. Ive-...missed your company." He nodded to the other woman, then bowed. "Welcome to the iron." His silken raven strands covered the leather patch and scars down his left cheek, yet Ingavor's gaze still looked toward the tile floor. "I hope you found what you were looking for in Avalon ."

Nokis eyes moved from Jeff as he did as she had instructed him to, it was better that the book was now just dust in the wind and that odd statue thing was crushed down and smashed onto the floor. The room did feel a little odd after thow, like something someplace saw what happened but the feeling faded as if it left them be, for now anyway. Nokis feet did not even touch the ground, she looked only about 16 to 17 maybe 18 tops but clearly still a child, bright blue eyes and deep crimson hair rolled down her shoulders to her growing chest. She looked to Jeff "thank you for burning that, it is better that way, and I know everything in the book anyway, my mind is a safe place for it" she wiggled her legs as they flung her red dress shimmering in the light of the wall fires "welcome to the castle new faces, what brings you here past the gates" her eyes fell onto the one that had a dark feeling about her. Noki far from understood it but thought it was kinda neat all the same "oh you are from Avalon right, that is the castle to the west of here, I hear nice things what's it like over there" she spoke with a happiness to her words something Anaya never had, true innocence and no eye rolls or fake smiles, Noki was real, a true pure mind body and soul golden dragon.

The maid Des had instructed to inform Ingavor stopped just as soon as she started, giggling as she walked away. Des sighed with a smile, shaking her head at him, "Well, looks like you can sniff me out before I can even get two minutes in this building." Walking up to him, she stopped a moment and inspected him. Not seeing any real damage done to him yet, she narrowed her eyes as she noticed he wasn't looking at her like he normally would. Raising an eyebrow, she reached up and took his chin gently, lifting his face. Searching it a moment, her hand slid up the side of his face and moved aside his hair to reveal the patch over his eye. Ears lowering a bit, she wanted to scold him for being so careless, but instead her tone softened, "Tisk tisk.. Cant leave you alone at all, can I.." Standing on her toes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him. -- Elaira's eyes turned to Ingavor as he approached them. The description was uncanny, and with the reveal of a missing eye, there was no mistake: this was the Butler. She had found her Masters target. Committing the mans features to memory, she turned her attention to the Queen as she greeted them. Placing her hands in front of herself politely, she bowed, her white hair sliding around her shoulders as she did, "Greetings, your Highness. My name is Elaira, a representative from the Kingdom of Woodhearst. Avalon is our neighboring Kingdom yes, and if I were to describe it, it is a rather prosperous place. A supporter of Iron, the Stewart of Avalon is." Straightening, she offered the Queen a smile, "I have come to offer my services on behalf of my people. We have heard of your plight of late and wish to assist in anyway we can."
-- Kissing Ingavor on the cheek, she lowered herself and turned her attention to the Queen as well. Waiting for Elaira to finish, she bowed her head lightly, "Pleasure to meet you at last, Lady Noki. Your mother actually charged me with her children's care, which included you. But seeing as you are now Queen and Xaei has been nowhere to be seen, seems I am out of a job."


Jeff turned as Noki saw the new comers. He didnt know who the feline woman was, but judging by how she talked to and kissed Ingavor, it was that Desdemona woman he was talking about earlier. He then spotted the familiar aura. The woman from earlier with a different face. Jeff slowly smiled from behind his mask, keeping his gaze directly on her. He was going to wait until he had a moment alone and find out what she was really up to. Was she here to steal? Was she here to hurt someone? Why was she following him around? Was it even him? Jeff was questioning everything, but still stood firm, next to Noki's throne. Instincts took over, and his hand moved slowly to rest on the hilt of his blade, but caught himself. He relaxed his hand, relaxing it on the handle of the sword, giving a small nod to the elf. He spoke in a fake, polite tone. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." Then the Advisor bowed. Jeff shot a look to Ingavor and Desdemona, as she spoke. Looking her over, Jeff sat silent, having no problem with her. She was hired to protect the Queen's children. Which...included himself? He would laugh at the thought if he wasn't trying to be serious. Either way, Desdemona made Jeff's job easier, so she was okay in his book. The man simply stood firm in his place, unmoving, not only like a guard, but a brother to Noki. He'd be damned if he let anyone hurt her.

February 2, 2019
------------------------------------- Ingavor half smiled as Desdemona scolded him and poked fun at him getting hurt as soon as she left. He decided not to tell her what has happened quite yet, as he didn't want to get worked up again. He just wanted to be here, in the moment, with Desdemona. The Butler smirked a little as she kissed his cheek, then spoke to the queen about her role to protect Anaya's children. While everyone exchanged greetings, he looked to the Queen, and smiled brightly. He hadn't seen her in some time but was happy she had returned. He loved taking care of her when she was younger. She was the sweetest child. Ingavor then stood at attention, much like Jeff, but with his hands behind his back, while Jeff's rested on his hilt. The two men nodded at one another, while Ingavor kept his attention on the queen. He could smell Desdemona's intoxicating scent as she stood next to him. A sweet citrus aroma that filled his nose, and could float him of his feet If it were any more potent. He wouldn't have it smell any other way, However. The poor lovestruck fool. Ingavor's one good eye kept it's focus on his new employer, and knew that she would make a fine ruler. He was happy to be in per presence one again. Noki was a fine girlz and Ingavor had high hopes that she would pull the iron from the depths of despair.

February 4, 2019
N9ki looked at everyone, first day and already one person from another castle and land and another one charged to care for her but got tossed under the bus by mothers vanishing act. Well she did not need a care taker she did not see herself as a child even if clearly mother did. She nodded to the one that said she was there to care for her and now needed a new job "well then we should get you a new job, you and ingavor seem close so do help him out in his every day tasks and with the kitchen work, he will need another set of hands I am sure now due to the truly unfortunate acts that cost him his eye" her bright blue reptilian hues looked at him "if you wish justice for what happened to you ingavor I whould br fulky alright with allowing you to have some of the elite forces aid you in anyway they can, be it the wolven men or one of the many monsters and mounts of you need it and we have it use it to remove skim from the town, justice and knowlage are the key prioraty now, as they should have always been" there, the golden dragon inside the girl pokeing out in her words as she sat there her buy eyes looking to the other one from a avalon or some place over there she did not really know about "you may stay in the castle as long as you wish, it is magicly protected from the outside harm so nothing will harm you here unless you lash out. There are many guest rooms in the upper halls you can stay in, we are going to try to have a more open door to the towns people from here on out I do think" she leaned a little.over to Jeff as her blue eye looked at him and she whispered "am I doing ok"

February 5, 2019
Elaria bowed once again to the young Queen, her hair framing her face as it had the first time, "Thank you, your majesty. May I convey the appreciation of my people to you for such a generous act of kindness. It will not fall on deaf ears." Straightening, she glanced at Jeff and gave him a gentle smile before turning back to Desdemona. I have successfully gained access to the castle and have been given permission to stay, by order of the Queen, she thought to herself, Now to fulfill my Masters command and get myself closer to this Butler individual. Protect the man, as Caliga desires. --- Des nodded, looking up at Ingavor with a grin, "Of course, Lady Noki. I would be happy to assist Ingavor, the poor thing, whether it be in the kitchen or on the battle field. Something tells me he will need it regardless." Smacking his butt for a bit of emphasis, she laughed and moved over to Elaira, gently shoulder bumping her as she passed by, "Come on, Miss Representative. Ill show you to the bedrooms. Lets get you all set up and ready to go."
--- The two girls walked from the throne, making they're way upstairs. Elaira cleared her throat and looked up at her escort, "Thank you for your help, Lady Desdemona. It is appreciated." Des glanced back at Elaira and laughed, "Lady? Oh please. Just call me Des. Could never stand for those fancy titles. I'm just me, after all." Elaira nodded as they reached the top of the stairs, "Very well, Des. May I ask a question?" Desdemona shrugged and continued to lead her down the hall, "Sure. Whats up?" Elaira glanced back down between Noki, Jeff and Ingavor, "Who are the two men downstairs? One you showed a bit of affection for, but the other seems.. uneasy." Desdemona laughed as she said this, shrugging again, "Well, the one I showed my affection for is named Ingavor. Clutzy man, but has a good heart. The other is Lady Anaya's son, if I am not mistaken, Jeff. We havent been formally introduced yet, but I am pretty sure who that is. It was a bit weird how he was acting though." Elaira nodded, looking back to her guide, "I am pleased to see that I am not the only one who noticed it." Desdemona stopped at a vacant room, turning to face Elaira, leaning against the door frame and crossing her arms, "Oh well. I am sure he will make introductions at some point. Just be nice to him and I wouldn't see why he would cause trouble. If he does, let me know and Ill have a little conversation of my own with him."

Ingavor bowed, shocked that Noki would give both Desdemona a job working with him, and that she would give him access to her Lycan elites. He gave a gasp as Des smacked his posterior, and smirked to himself. Bold. Very bold. I'll have to find her later. That cat and I need to 'talk.' He was unexplainably fond of the woman and her random flirtatious antics. Smiling to Noki, he nodded and spoke gently. "You have grown into a fine young woman and will lead this castle to greatness. I'm going to prepare a meal. I need to get back into the kitchen anyway. You are a generous and giving queen. Thank you. And welcome home. Heading to the kitchen after everyone walked away, he gave a wave to both Noki and Jeff, and heading right into the kitchen , grabbing a knife and cutting board next to meats and vegetables. "Everyone out. I'm preparing a meal." The staff all immediately fled from the kitchen and went elsewhere, knowing Ingavor loved having complete control over his environment. He simply grabbed a green bell pepper and set it on the cutting board. Ingavor practically danced around the kitchen, readying pans and meats. Eggs, fruits, a whole cooked turkey. Dips for finger foods. There would be food for everyone, including the slaves. He placed all of his ingredients on the counter, and placed all of the pots and pans on the fires. Looking through his one orb, he smiled. "Let's go to work."
---------------------------------------- Jeff watched everything go down. Her giving a job to Des. Her giving room and board to this complete stranger pretending to be someone else. Yet, she was kind. Very kind. Kinder than Anaya. Jeff looked at his sister as the group dispersed, And smiled from behind the mask. "You're doing amazing. You're going to be an amazing ruler, Noki." He placed his hand back around at his side. Then he waited until everyone was gone fully, until speaking again. "Noki, You are going to be okay without me for an hour or two, correct? I have some unfinished business in the woods. I should probably go finish it." He bowed and didn't need an answer. He crossed his arms. "Seems like everyone has their own tasks and agendas. I'd like to have mine." He smiled at his sister. "I know we got off to a rough start, but I'm glad you are in that chair." With that he turn and left, to go up to his room and grab his old weapons that laid all around his Chambers from years ago. As he moved, he passed the two women. Jeff, gave a nod and winked at the elf. "Ladies." Then he moved passed them and up the stairs, closing his door behind himself once he got through the halls to his Chambers.

February 7, 2019
Noki nodded at Jeff's words. "Fine, but hurry back! I don't know anyone here other than Ingavor! I don't wanna be stuck alone!" Noki then sat back in her throne, grumbling to herself about being bored and wanting something to do. Perhaps she would go pester the guards, or maybe she would give the maids a good scare. She hadn't decided. All she knew was that she had an entire kingdom to herself, and no Mother to tell her what to do. The wheels in her head began to turn as she gave a sinister smile.

February 10, 2019
As Des left Elaira standing at the door to what would be her room, she walked in and sat her makeshift bag on the bed, taking a seat on it as well. Taking a breath, her attitude returned to its emotionless state as she gathered her thoughts on the most recent events, glancing at the door. I am unsure why my Master would have me protect the one known as the Butler, she thought to herself, but it is not my place to question my Masters wishes. Taking a moment longer to herself, she began unpacking what little belongings she had, keeping the cloak wrapped up in its baglike form, stashing it away in the closet. Taking her bow and arrows, she rested them both next to the door for easy access, returning to the bed to relax for the time being. --- Des walked back downstairs, making her way back to the Queen. Seeing the evil little smile on the woman's face, she lifted an eyebrow, but decided not to comment on it. She had a feeling this young Dragon would prove an interesting Queen, to say the least. Once she approached the throne, she bowed her head, "I have shown our newest addition to her room, Milady. Is there anything else you would like me to do before assisting Ingavor with his duties?" Lifting her head, she began wondering a few things to herself as she looked at the Queen. I wonder how old she actually is.. but that is probably a question for someone like Jeff. What kind of a Queen will you turn out to be? One like your mother, or something new altogether.. Linking her hands in front of herself, she waited for the Queens response, more curious to find out what kind of duties outside of kitchen service she would be placed in.

February 11, 2019
Noki shifted in her throne, thinking about possibly taking some unused mattresses, and riding them down the stairs. Or perhaps, she would put some spider paralysis venom in everyone's food, so she could draw some fake facial hair on them. Although, she could just order everyone to hold still. She was queen after all. She sat puzzled and tapped her finger against her temple. What to do? I could go Ana is not here. And neither is mother. She said to herself. Noki was bored and would find something to do, even if it involved watching Ants. Just then, Desdemona showed up and Noki nodded toward her. "Well let me think!" The queen scratched her locks, and looked toward the kitchen. "Hmmm-.. well Ingavor said something about cooking a meal for my return. How about you just tend to him. Make sure he doesn't hurt himself anymore than he already is." She winked at Des. "Besides, from the way you two greeted each other when you came home, I'd say you two need a moment together." She then thought harder. "After dinner, return to me, and I'll find you a job, worthy of your skill! Oh! And we will need to get you a room in the castle. Until we can sort you out a room, why don't you stay with either Ingavor or in the library. Only for a day, until we can find you place to live permanently. Now, off you go!" Noki smiled brightly to the feline. "Good kitty!" Noki giggled like a child to herself, standing up and running away from both Des and the throne, to find some fun to be had. She was gonna go do something she has always wanted to do. Bounce on her mother's bed.
Jeff dug through his room, having actually not looked around since he had been home. Leaning against the wall was a his titanium staff, about 7 feet long. He hadn't used it since he left, a century and a half ago. He even remembered coming back from saving his old flame from a group of men in town and leaning the staff to rest until now. He gave a sigh, and sat on his bed, thinking of the elf. Should I even leave Noki here with a stranger? I'm sure she can handle herself. That blonde haired poser was causing him stress, and she had not even done anything yet. Yet that aura told him all he needed to know. No emotion. Just darkness. He could feel her, resting across from Ingavor and himself, and in a room right next to Roxy and Bellarose. He could kick in her door, and question her right now, but he knew that it would only cause problems. He would be patient and bide his time until he was alone with her. Then he would interrogate. The prince then caught his old bow, under his bed, sticking out slightly. He reached down and pulled it out, brushing away the dust. "Poison." He spoke the name of his bow, and shook his head. "How many lives have you claimed?" Just then, Stark flew in through his cracked window, again. "Bird! Why do you continue to pester me?!" The raven simply fluttered it's wings until landing on Jeff's shoulder. "How did Seven put up with you for so long?" Stark pecked Jeff in the side of the head, causing the prince to flinch. "Fuuuuuuuuckiiing owwwwww!" He said, holding his temple.
"I'll pluck you and turn you into dinner tonight!" The raven then began to laugh, which in turn, made Jeff chuckle. "So we are connected, aye?" The bird nodded. "You're gonna follow me into the depths of the hells? Regardless of how I feel?" The bird nodded again. "Alright then." Jeff smiled, shaking his head, before looking over toward his bookshelf. Then he spotted it, still in its sheath, leaning against the oak. His eyes narrowed on it, his katana made from the armor of his old enemy, Castiel DeWynter. He hadn't touched it since the war. Not a single speck of rust formed on the blade, even after all this time. Gripping the sheath with his left hand, and the hilt in his right, he pulled the blade out a few inches, just enough to see his reflection. He saw Stark as well, and pulled it free from it's holster, holding the 5 foot blade out, while placing both hands on the hilt. "Huh. I feel-... complete again." He swung the sword downward, listening to the blade slice through the air, while enjoying the sound it made. Then in one motion, he sheathed the blade again, and tied the blade to his back, using the strap that hung from the holster. Glancing up toward the bird, he smiled to him, and nodded. "Let's get going." With that, he walked out of his room, and moved down the hall.
---------------------------- Ingavor moved gracefully about his kitchen, tossing meats and vegetables into pots and pans. He glanced toward the cookbook and smiled as he glanced at the ingredients that would be needed but paused at a single product. Eye of Firetroll, for flavor. He read to himself, as a frown slowly started to form. He reached under the counter and took a jar that held a bunch of red and white eyes, and clear, water like liquid. Hearing it open with satisfying 'shlunk', he plucked one from the jar and stared into the lifeless orb. His hands shook as he stood in the kitchen, glaring at the eyeball. He couldn't move, he could just remember being helpless, as the members cut him up and took his left eye. His fingers glided over his eye patch, yet, his feet stayed planted on the ground, frozen. He tried so hard to move but he couldn't, he was simply stuck, watching himself get tortured over and over again, while linking eyes with this single hue. His entire body shook, and he wanted so desperately to pull away. To any normal person, it would simply look like Ingavor was spaced out. But to anyone who knew what Ingavor had been through, would know Iggy was having a PTSD moment.

February 12, 2019
Des simply listened to the Queen, though she found the child to be a bit much. She knew the girl hadn't been in the castle for some time, which would easily explain why she didn't know Des already had a room of her own, but she did instruct her to stay with Ingavor and she was not prepared to argue with her. Bowing her head again, she straightened a moment later, "Yes, Milady." Being called a good kitty however made her eye twitch a bit, though this would be the only indicator of her discomfort with the name. As the Queen ran off to do whatever it was she had planned, Des' ears drooped and eyes narrowed. Grumbling to herself, she made her way to the kitchen. Leaning against the door frame, she took a moment to watch Ingavor as he worked, smiling ever so softly, her tail twitching back and forth slowly. --- After Elaira gave herself ample time to rest, she stood and brushed herself off. She wanted to get out and explore the castle, but she also did not want to seem out of place. She was a guest after all, and it was a position she would have to play well. Still baffled by her Masters instructions, she shook the thoughts away, leaving her room. Closing the door behind herself, she glanced down the hall to see Jeff approaching. Ah.. this one. One of the hatchlings. My Master will find this development a bit interesting. As he approached, she folded her hands in front of herself politely, bowing lightly to him. Every single bone in her body hated what she was forced to do to keep up appearances, but she failed her Master once already. She had no intention on letting that happen again, regardless the price to be paid, "A pleasure to see you again, sir." Straightening, she looked up at the raven perched on his shoulder with a smile, "A raven? Give yourself an eye patch and one would mistake you for a pirate." She giggled softly, looking back to him.
--- As Des continued to watch Ingavor, she quickly noticed the PTSD moment he began having. Sighing softly, she walked up next to him and rested a hand on his shoulder. When he took notice of her, she would simply smile at him, reaching up with her other hand to cover the patch on his eye, "You are stronger than this injury. Let the pain fade to memory and remain in the here and now. The castle needs you, the Queen needs you.." Leaning up, she would kiss his cheek, "I need you. I will help you get your revenge on those that did this to you, but if you allow what they did to consume you, they will have already won the war." Releasing his shoulder, she moved to stand in front of him, bending over to look at the recipe he was working on, her rear pushing up against him as she did, "So, tell me what you need help with and I will do my best. You know me. Not the greatest cook in the world."

Noki smiled as she passed by Desdemona, and made her way down toward Anaya's quarters. Which, she guessed, was now her room. After finding it, she turned in the door way, and her eyes widened, looking at her mother's giant bed, a smile slowly spread across her face as giggles eminated from her throat. The child then began bouncing on the bed with joy, even as the guards gave her dirty looks. "Fuck you, I'm the queen!" Noki laughed out to the guards. -------------- Jeff turned toward the elf, and, from behind his mask, he began to grin. "Greetings." He watched her bow before him, and wanted so desperately to scoff, but didn't. "Ah. Yes. I suppose I could be. Never thought of myself as much of a pirate. Always thought of myself as more of a-..." Looking around at the vacant halls, he glanced, looking for any guards or passing castle dwellers. Not finding any, his hands wrapped around the fabric of her dress around her shoulders. At the same time, his door flew open. With barley any strength used, he hoisted her into the air, and stared intently into her cold eyes, while the door behind them shut, and locked, after Jeff slammed her against his wall, blinking into the room with her. "-...a detective." Pinning her up against the wall, he slowly began to growl from his throat. "I don't know who you are. I don't know why you are here. But I know that if you give me even the slightest reason, I will end your fucking life." His baby blue eyes glared into hers. "Why are you sneaking around my home with a fake face? Why do you try and hide in plain sight?" Jeff's stance was unmoving, while he lowered her to the ground, but didn't step back, still pinning her. "Why are you here, girl?" Jeff's left hand moved to clutch a dagger, which he promptly held to her neck, yet didn't even let the blade touch her skin. "I don't want to hurt you, but I'll be damned if I let anyone else die."
---------------------------- Ingavor couldn't even move. He just sat, staring at the eye. He wanted to scream. To cry. To be normal. Ingavor shook, until he gets to a familiar hand on his shoulder, and felt the memories of them spending the night together flood his mind. Turning, he returned the smile, quite embarrassed that she caught him in this moment. "Oh, Desdemona! He-.." she began to speak, covering his eye patch. She began telling him how everyone needed him, especially her, then planted a peck on his blushing cheek. "I was scared. For the first time since I met you. I was afraid I was never going to see you again." His hand brushed his patch, and her hand, before she pulled her hand away. "No pun intended." Then as she turned and teased her posterior against his pelvis, reading his cook book, he smiled brightly and nodded. "I have some veggies sauteed, and cooking in some olive oil. After the meat browns, we should add the eye fluid to the meat, then mix it in with the veggies. We are making Noki's favorite dish. Veal with spiced greens and stuffed peppers. Just follow the book, and me, and this dish will turn out perfect." Smiling as his hand slowly slid up her back, his fingers teased, gently running them back down, returning his arm to his side. "I'm glad you're here. With me. Safe and sound." Iggy then looked toward the maids, watching them through the door way. "Buzz off!" Iggy grunted, watching the maids scatter.

Elaira found Jeff's manner to be out of character, until he grabbed her and tossed her around the way he did. She continued to hold her act, eyes widening in fear as he slammed her against the wall, her hands darting up to grab onto his wrists, struggling weakly against his hold, "I.. don't have any idea what you mean! I have told you who I am and why I am here! Please release me!" As the blade he held hovered next to her throat, tears began streaming down her face as she looked into his eyes. Though she continued to hold her act, she searched his eyes as she looked into them, knowing he would not actually hurt her unless she gave him reason to. The Queen would be rather upset if he did, and she was confident he knew this. Being lowered but continuously pinned, she answered his question, "I am here to serve the Queen! I swear it! This is my responsibility given by my people! I beg you to reconsider your actions sir! I mean no harm!" --- Des' tail wrapped around Ingavors waist and pulled him to her as she continued to bend and read the recipe, "Well, you see me once more, so let that fear wash away. Whatever happened was obviously a traumatic experience, but we have ways to repair your eye, and by getting revenge we will have repaired your pride. So for the time being, relax. You are safe." She glanced back at him with a grin, "Plus I'm here. Nothing will happen with me watching over you." She listened to him explain the steps needed to complete the dish and began following them step by step. Finding it a bit difficult to concentrate as he teased her with his hand, she simply laughed and continued to work, laughing even more as he scolded the maids and chasing them away, "You are such a ladies man. You cant blame them. Gods only know the last time any of them found a good time, if you catch my meaning."

February 13, 2019
Jeff stepped back from her, letting go of the material on her dress. "You can fool everyone else. But you can't fool me. You were wearing a black cloak. You had different hair and eyes. Cut the bullshit." He glared to the woman and shook his head. "Even now, each little act you try to pull off is shown to be a lie. I can feel it in your aura." He holstered his dagger at his side, and he just stared at her. "Why are you here? And what are you planning? Everytime someone lies, their aura flutters just a tad, Everyone's does that. Yours, just keeps basically having a seizure every time you speak. I'm not going to ask again." He moved and sat on his bed, 7 feet from her, the door locked. "Why are you in my home? And don't give me any of that woodhearst bullshit." Jeff narrowed his eyes once again at the elf, until a familiar blue, flame like energy surrounded his body. He then tapped his finger on the bed frame, awaiting an answer. The prince had no idea who she was, but he knew she wasn't from Woodhearst, and she wasn't a blonde. He made direct eye contact with her through the Snorting Boar's window. He knew what he saw. ---------------------
He felt Des continue to tease, as her tail pulled the two even closer together. Maroon clouded Iggy's cheeks, before he began to smile to himself. He listened about how she would stand with him when it came to taking down the Sun, and how she would help him repair his pride. "I'm safe because you'll protect me?" He chuckled. "Never had someone protect me before. You'll have to help me restore my pride. Later." He kept teasing his fingers up her back, as his index finger gently traced her spine, all the way up to her neck, then he ran his hand back down, and rested it on her left hip. "A ladies man? Gods I hope not. None of those women paid me any mind until you showed up. Except for one maid but-...she didn't want me. She wanted my coin." He smirked. "Maybe it's the eye patch. Is it attractive?" He asked jokingly, knowing it wasn't. Then, in one motion, he spun Desdemona, to face him and make eye contact, yet, unwrapped her tail first, as to not hurt her. "Probably not as attractive as you. But still somewhat, correct?" He gave a half smile, and gently leaned in, placing his lips against hers. Passionately, he lingered, as he brought a right hand up to teasingly squeeze her throat, while his left stayed at her hip. Pulling away after a moment, he just looked her up and down, in awe that such a gorgeous woman wanted anything to do with him.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/13/2019
Roxy felt this dark and depressing aura in the air and she could no longer sleep. Also, she could hear some commotion in the room next to her. She sat up from the bed she layed in, making sure not to wake Bellarose as she saw she was still sleeping. Her hands would grab the hems of a blanket and tuck her in comfortablely before she stepped out of bed. Her ears would flicker to more noises from the room next to her's and she decided to investigate. "Goodness, what is going on?" She said to herself. "It sounds like Jeff is angry with someone." She then heard a female begin to cry and she put a little pep in her step. Seconds later the fox came into the room to see the prince pinning, what seemed like a defenseless girl, to the wall with a dagger to her throat. "Jeff! What in heaven's sake is going on in here!" Her ears were layed back, her tail poofing a bit with anger. To her, she saw a man overpowering a poor girl. Was she a maid that may have made a mistake and she being disciplined? She thought Jeff was different. Was he just like the other royals who treated their maids unfairly? "Put her down! Why are you doing this?"

February 14, 2019
As he released her, Elaira quickly backed against the wall, keeping her distance from him. He assumed too much, but what he was assuming unfortunately was correct. This was not something that she could allow to fly. Seconds away from reverting back to herself, the door opened and Roxy stepped in. Her eyes darted over to her and her entire being, including her aura, seemed to relax. If only for a moment. Quickly siding over to the door, she hid behind Roxy, reaching up and grabbing onto the back of her top, peaking around her to look at Jeff, "This man is insane! He would've killed me had you not come in! I do not understand what he continues to go on about!" Rather interesting turn of events, she thought to herself, but a welcome one at that. I wonder how this will play out in the end.. --- Purring softly at Ingavor's touch, Des glanced back at him, giggling at his question concerning the eyepatch, "Attractive? I would say its more dashing than anything else." Being spun around, she looked him in the eyes with a smile, "If you think I am attractive, then you might as well be wearing two eyepatches." She kissed him back, shivering lightly as he squeezed her throat. As he backed away, she simply smiled at him for a moment. Without warning, her left ear perked up and spun towards the door, her smile melting into a confused look. Looking towards the door itself, her ears began darting here and there as she focused on what she thought she heard, "Elaira..."

February 15, 2019
Jeff grunted, holstering his blade right as Roxy spoke. His body shifted, giving her his attention. "Roxy, listen to me, please! This woman is not who she says she is! I promise you this!" Then Elaira spoke more lies. She started shouting that he tried to kill her and all this garbage. "First of all, 'elf', If I wanted to kill you, I would have. Second, you are the one who is insane! Walking into my home, spewing your lies! Tell you what! We will have Ingavor read her memories. If she is who she says she is, I will throw myself on to the ground at her feet, apologizing. If she is lying, then we find out why." He took a few steps back, glaring at the elf with nothing but disgust, he moved about 4 feet away from Roxy. "I swear to you, I'm not making this up!" His voice sounded sincere, yet angry, as if he knew no one would believe him. Honestly, desperately, Jeff wanted someone to side with him for once. "Remember that emotionless aura from the bar? That's her! She's the same black cloaked woman that came into the tavern right as we left! Now, suddenly she has a different face, different hair, and the same evil chakra!" He pointed a left index finger toward Elaira. "Never been to Woodhearst but I doubt that they would let an important political figure such as yourself travel all the way to the Iron, by yourself, with no armed guards or entourage by your side. Even I got the occasional posse, and I know how to defend myself. You just so happened to walk all the way here, from Avalon, through the woods full of monsters and bandits in a dress, with no one to protect you. Unlikely fucking story!" Jeff growled and looked to Roxy. "I'm not crazy, Roxy. You need to trust me."
----------------- Ingavor watched her take a few steps back with a smile, until her face turned sour. raising his brows, he followed her, his own hearing picking up the commotion upstairs. "Jeff?" He said, looking to Desdemona. "Come on." He gripped her hand softly, leading her toward the doorway. They stopped for a few seconds, just enough time for Iggy to instruct a maid to follow the cookbook and stir the food until the two of them returned. The maid nodded and took over for Iggy and Des, being followed in by 3 other maids to help. Iggy let go of Des's soft hand, not wanting to manhandle her, and let her follow on her own accord. As he made his way passed the throne room, turning the corner, he hurried up the steps, and pushed Jeff's door open, to see Roxy, a shouting prince, and the frightened elf. "Jeff! My Lord! What in the Gods names are you doing?!" Iggy crossed his arms, looking behind him in hopes that Desdemona had followed him. Iggy took a few steps toward Jeff. "Take it easy, Prince DeLaRose." He said easily, holding his hands out in a calming way, as if a shop keeper was telling a robber to put a knife down. "What's going on?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/15/2019
Roxy put a protective hand over the elven girl when she ran behind her. There was this strange feeling though, like she had seen her before, but pushed the thought back. "Trying to kill you?" She asked out loud like it was insane. Jeff wouldn't do that would he? Wasn't he supposed to be this incredibly good man? She could have been wrong about him, she haddn't even known him for a day, he really could be crazy. After all, the man did come back from the dead. What if this wasn't even the prince? What if he actually never came back? These questions ran through her head over and over. Her ears would rotate to the prince's voice as he started to explain and backed up a little when he got closer, but when he said that it was the woman from the tavern, the same woman with the black cloak, it finally clicked and she remembered where this feeling was coming from, but when the elf noticed came to her, her aura shifted or relaxed even. She would turn around to face the her and get a better look. Her features were definitely similar to the woman she saw earlier today. This might be her, but even if it was her, did it mean she was evil or plotting something? What if she just wanted to change her look? She finally eased a little bit to what Jeff was saying, but it didn't give him the right to treat this woman so poorly. "You could be right Jeff. This woman might be her, but the feeling that I had at the tavern doesn't match, though I think it did..." This was confuseing. Could someone change there aura?
Suddenly, Ingavor appeared and she watched him try to calm Jeff. "Yes... We should all take it easy. We shouldn't jump to conclusions." She said to Jeff. She looked back to the elf once more. The girl was quite gorgeous and looked so innocent and freightend and this feeling to want to protect her washed over her. "Just settle down hun. He's not going to kill you. He's just afraid for his home and the people in it. Doesn't give him the right to do what he did, but forgive him." She looked to Ingavor, then Jeff. "Maybe your having troubles Jeff. You did just come back from the dead."

February 16, 2019
Elaira continued to hide behind the one known as Roxy, peaking back over her shoulder at Jeff as he pleaded his case to her. An interesting approach, she thought to herself, but ineffective. A sad attempt. Backing up with her as Jeff stepped closer, she lightly tightened her grip on Roxy's top. As Ingavor and Des burst into the room, she quickly stole a pleading glance at them before returning her eyes to Jeff, choosing to remain silent as things progressed. --- Des had indeed followed Ingavor, allowing him to pull her along. Once he released her, she easily kept up with him as the approached the room. Once inside, she looked over at Elaira and her look of distress, turning her attention to Jeff. Eyes slowly glowing their brilliant gold, she crossed her arms under her breasts glaring. Prince or not, whatever was going on in the room obviously had the new comer frightened, and that was not something she could allow. She had, after all, told her that if anything had happened she would speak with Jeff. And obviously that time had come. Stepping next to Roxy, she kept her eyes on Jeff while Ingavor attempted a peaceful solution, "Yes, Prince. What IS going on here?"

Jeff looked cornered, and concerned. Both of his friends were looking at him like he was crazy, and so was Desdemona. "She's...I know how this looks...." Even Ingavor, whom worshipped Jeff was skeptical of him. Jeff knew of Ingavor's power and didn't want to exploit it, but knew that in this situation right now, he had no choice. As Ingavor reached his hand out, Jeff used Iggy's momentum against himself, and gripped Ingavor softly by the wrist. In one motion, Jeff then placed a gentle kick onto Iggy's arse, after spinning him around. The small kick sent Iggy stumbling toward Roxy and Elaira, and Just like Jeff had planned, Iggy's hand landed on Elaira's arm.
--------------- Iggy was tricked and spun, sent toward the two woman. Feeling himself begin to fall, he placed a hand out to grab her. Clutching his hand softly around her arm, he pulled himself to stand, as memories from this woman flooded his mind. Seeing Jeff in the tavern. Getting orders from her master. Walking in the church right after Iggy left. Changing her appearance. His eyes rolled back, as a bit of blood trickled from his nose. "Black Sun." Iggy said softly, glaring to the elf behind Roxy. ----------------- Jeff laughed as he pointed to the elf. "See, Rox! I'm not crazy! I knew it! I kne-..." Jeff was then slugged across the jaw, sending his mask sailing against the wall. Ingavor stood over the man whom he spent his whole life looking up to, just staring at him, with a clutched fist. "I'm not your toy." He looked to Des, Roxy and the Elf. "Jeff's right. The elf isn't who she says she is." Ingavor stared with hate at the elf. "The only thing that saves you is that I've never attacked a woman." Then with that, Ingavor turned and left, out of the door, leaving Jeff, sitting up from the floor, from Ingavor's punch, and the two woman. "Just want one fucking normal day." Iggy muttered, wiping blood from his face and slamming Jeff's door. Jeff raised a brow. "Ouch. That kid can throw a punch." He rubbed his jaw and stood. "What should we do with her?"

Elaira was taken a bit off guard by Jeff's movement, but she was not in the least bit surprised. He was a clever man, she would openly admit, but on the other hand he obviously did not operate well under pressure. Especially if his loyalties and those he cared about were in question. As Ingavor touched her skin, she felt a bit of a tingle as his curse worked against him, showing him a bit into the more recent events. She attempted to stop it, but it was no use. This was something a bit beyond her. Tightening her grip on the back of Roxy's top, she waited until it was over. As Ingavor backed away claiming Black Sun, she looked back over at Jeff. --- Des attempted to reach out and stop Jeff from touching Elaira, but he was dead set on whatever he was attempting to do. As Ingavor collided into the group of them standing in front of the girl, it took mere seconds before he backed away, confirming Jeff's claims. Her eyes then snapped to the girl, her eyes narrowing a bit. SHE is Black Sun? How is that even possible? I couldn't sense anything on her that would come close to those murderers. Sighing softly, she turned with a jolt as Ingavor slugged Jeff. Covering her mouth to keep from a laugh, she glanced back at Elaira.
--- Elaira's demeanor changed drastically as Ingavor left the room. Her good girl act vanished rather suddenly, replaced with the eerie emptiness that was the woman. Releasing Roxy, she gave the woman a bit of a push, moving the Fox away from her. Standing a bit straighter, she lowered her hands to her sides as Jeff asked what they would do with her. Preparing herself mentally for a fight, she glanced back and forth between the other three in the room as she waited for a response. --- Des watched as Roxy was lightly pushed away from Elaira. She knew what that meant, if she knew anything at all about individuals like her. But something tugged at her that didn't sit right. If this woman wanted to kill us, she would've already done so.. Ear turning towards the door, she sighed as Ingavor moved down the hallway. Taking a step forward, she stood next to Elaira, recrossing her arms, "Nothing will be done with her. I am the one who invited her into the castle, so she is my responsibility. You may be a Prince, but the Queen has offered her a room here and until she does something that is worthy of action, you will not touch her." Looking at Elaira, she sighed again as the woman returned the look, "I will remain with her until the Queen decides what to do."



Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/17/2019
Roxy watched the events unfold. Jeff pushing Ingavor into Elaira, him saying 'Black Sun' out loud, then watching him lay out the man he looked up to all his life. Who could blame him though? The butler was being used yet again like some tool. How many times have royals taken advantage of him? Far too many she assumed. He probably had just about enough. The fox would then be pushed aside by the Black Sun elf, which caused her to growl. There was something more important now than what Jeff did. A Black Sun member was among them. She couldn't believe she actually defended the woman. "I say we bind her up and force her to tell us what she knows," Roxy growled, her eyes filled with hate and anger. "I'm tired of us being played by the Sun far too long now!..." She looked to Desdemona with confusion. Really? Is she actually protecting her? "You serious? You know how many individuals her people killed? Individuals like you and me?" She faced the elf again with disgust. She still couldn't believe she was about to be played by her. "We can't just let her live in a room like some welcomed guest, under our roof... Next to my room! There's a little girl in there that I promised to protect. What kind of person would I be if I let this woman get off easy? I won't have it..."

Jeff rubbed his jaw, and stood back to his feet. He watched Elaira push Roxy, as she dropped the act. "Terribly sorry for having to use Ingavor like that, but it's the only way you guys would believe me. " He then drew his dagger and looked to Desdemona whom defended her. "You're fucking with me, right? They killed fucking children. A little girl. They killed a guard named Jace! They killed a man named Rarik! They would kill you too because of your ears!" He said with a hint of disgust behind d his tone. "And you think Noki will allow such a being to stay alive in her home? No! She just gave Ingavor control of her elite guard to try and wipe them out!" He pointed his dagger to Elaira. "And you're defending her? Why? She doesn't care about you." Jeff was cold, even as Roxy spoke up, defending him and stepping into his corner. She spoke of how she wanted to tie up the elf, and bind her down. Jeff was in agreement. "She's right. There is a little girl sleeping right there. I'm not gonna allow anyone to hurt either Roxy or her child. She might have been your guest. But that was before you knew that she was apart of a fucking cult trying to end the fucking world!" He looked to Elaira. "Leave. My. Home." He spun the dagger around his fingers, keeping his eyes locked onto her. "Tell your fucking boss or leader or whoever that you can't fuck with the DeLaRose. Then you tell him that I'm going to kill him." He smiled, looking the elf up and down. "Shame. If you weren't a horrifying, emotionless cult nutjob, I'd totally ask you out for a dinner." He shook his head, and looked to Des. "Desdemona, escort her out. I will inform Noki on what has happened. And then I should-.. probably apologize to Iggy." He looked to Roxy "Thank you. For not totally thinking I was crazy."

Elaira remained where she was, taken a bit off guard as Des defended her. It was uncharacteristic of her kind to do something like this for a Black Sun member, but she held her tongue all the same. Crossing her arms, she watched as the three others in the room argued amongst each other, wondering how all of this would play out. She stole a look at the door, wondering how the Butler fared after he had stormed out. He seemed to be dripping with rage and hatred as he left, but her Master had instructed her to keep him safe, and she was far from going to let this current situation keep her from her duty. Even if, in the end, it got her killed.
--- Des glanced back at Elaira before looking back to Jeff, her eyes beginning to glow once more as he branded his dagger at her, "That is a very unwise choice, Prince.." Waiting patiently through his little tantrum, she couldn't help but glance at Roxy, disappointed in her lack of vision on the situation. She had only met the woman once or twice before, for brief periods each time, but she assumed that she would be slightly brighter than the men of the castle. Sighing and looking back at Jeff as he demanded that she escort Elaira out of the building, she took a step toward him and lifted a finger, pointing it at his chest. Tilting her head, her right ear arced to the side, "Very well. I will escort her out, under one condition. I wish for you to see what I see when looking at this woman. Hate her all you like, that is of no concern to me. Hate me if you like, because quite honestly I am not overly fond of you at the moment myself. But if you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can't admit that there might be just the slightest chance that there is something you are missing here, I will refuse your instruction, fight you tooth and nail on the subject and take the consequences as they come. Now, will you take a chance and see what I see, or will you remain in your stubbornness and make this into a bigger situation than it has to be." She narrowed her eyes as she waited for his response.

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/18/2019
It was hard for Roxy not to lunge out at the elf. She was the enemy, right here in their new home, just meters away from the room where Bellarose slept. This woman could have done something horrible... No.. would have done something horrible if she wasn't caught. Then, Roxy took notice to Jeff's dagger and shook her head. Even though she agreed with the prince, she thought it was very unwise to draw a dagger on the feline. Just because Roxy and him didn't agree what Desdemona was saying, didn't give him the right to pick a fight, even if he used to be some prince. Roxy looked over to the feline again and gave her a chance to talk before saying anything else. Her words certainly got her thinking. She was missing the bigger picture. Who knows what this elf has been through. For all she knew, she could have been forced in this situation. She could be a slave to the cult master, doing what she is told to do and she didn't follow through, it could cost her, her life. Roxy would give the female a nod. "I'm still not too familiar with you Desdemona, but you are definitely looking at the bigger picture..." She sighed and took a glance at the elf, again caught in her beauty, but there was also fear in Roxy's eyes. "I was letting my emotions cloud my judgement and that wasn't wise of me to do so. Though, giving her a room like this next to the little girl is a poor decision. I also believe that just letting her go is not right. She has information about the interior of the castle that we can't let her cult master know..." Her eyes fell back to Desdemona. "I don't like to admit it, but I'm with you and trust your judgement."

Ingavor made his way into his room next door with a splitting rage induced headache. A high pitched ringing noise played on his ears, despite him rubbing temples. Black sun, in my home. Next to Desdemona. Next to Roxy. He looked down at his hand, noticing that he had cut his knuckles on Jeff's mask when he gave him a right hook. He still couldn't believe that he allowed his anger to get the best of him like that, but didn't Jeff know that it hurt, every time he read through people's minds? Did he care? But he also couldn't help but hear them arguing right next door, and scoffed. Of course Desdemona was trying to see this woman's better side. That's why he cared so deeply for her, even if she played the facade of not giving a damn half the time. Jeff was being irrational, and rational at the same time. Each member joined the Sun under different circumstances, and this woman may have not had a choice. If the prince didn't calm down, he was going to do something he regretted, and Ingavor knew this, as he could feel the anger seeping through the walls radiating off of Jeff. Although, that seemed to subside after Desdemona finished speaking, and then vanished after Roxy did as well. Hmm. Well. Iggy then sat on his bed with a large sigh. "What a week."
-------------------------------- Jeff looked at the elf, then looked to Des as she began asking him to look at things from her point of view, and a small frown showed on his face. He blinked a few times as she poked at his chest and shifted his mood. I feel like a giant ass. I just want them to be safe, even if it means being hated by them. Desdemona seems to know what she is talking about. He thought to himself long and hard, lowering his aura, and holstering his dagger. "She can stay." Was all he could say for a while, until Roxy finished speaking, and as she mentioned emotions clouding judgment, he sighed and took a few steps back. "I'm sorry. I did as well. Roxy and you are both right." He turned his head toward the elf. "I don't know who you are. But she's right. If you wanted to kill me, or Roxy, or Desdemona, you would have done it. You can stay in your quarters. Not as a prisoner, but a guest. You'll be watched, of course, but you'll be free to roam the halls, eat in the dining hall, excetera. If she- " he motioned toward Des. "-trusts you, then I trust her. That doesn't mean I trust you." He looked to Desdemona. "I don't hate you, miss." Jeff said, picking up his mask from the floor and placing it back over his maw. "I'm just trying to protect my home. You-...You just didn't see what they did in the town square. I just don't want any more people under this roof to die. That includes you." He then looked to Roxy, handing her his dagger, holster and all. "Protection. Even if she tells them our layout, they won't get inside." He said, before walking out the door of his room, leaving Roxy, Des and the elf. He had enough of this and needed to blow off steam, so once he made his way downstairs, he walked through the main hub and out the doors, and into the Dead Woods. Two silver swords at his sides, and his trusty katana on his back. He needed to calm his rage, before someone got hurt.
((Jeff has left the Iron and gone to the Dead wood)

Des glanced next to Jeff at Roxy as she said that she trusted her, offing a bit of a smile. Perhaps there was more to this Fox than first met the eye. She was glad to have one other person on her side at least, even if it was not completely there, "You will come to see what I am referring to soon enough, Roxy. That I can assure you." Returning her eyes to Jeff, she began flicking her tail back and forth as she watched him concede to her, eyeing him the entire time as he made yet another decision that truly wasn't his to make. This man bothered her on a completely different level than most people, and she honestly couldn't quite put her finger on the reason. Something about him reminded her of someone, but who escaped her. As he placed the mask back on and turned for the door, she continued to watch him until he left. Ears drooping a bit, she relaxed a bit, popping her neck with a sigh, "Men.." --- Elaira continued to remain quiet, her eyes darting to each of those in the room in turn as they all spoke among one another. They were an interesting group, to say the least, but there was something a bit more to it than that. There seemed to be an unspoken respect among them, though it was painfully strained. If she had the ability to find it amusing, she was sure now would be one of those times. Her dull eyes rested on Roxy for a moment, inspecting the woman slowly. She was an abomination, yet there was something there. Something that made her simply stare. Perplexed, she looked at Jeff as he mentioned that if she wanted to kill any of them, she already would have. Of course I would have, she thought to herself, And though I do not find it in my nature to kill those unworthy, you would be the first on my list.. As Jeff left and Des relaxed, Elaira looked back to her, "Why did you stand up for me? It defies logic from someone such as yourself."
--- Des turned to Elaira and grinned her toothy Cheshire grin, her tail continuing to flick back and forth, "Why? Because I was bored, in all honesty. And this seemed like a good way to entertain myself. But now that I have affectively signed my own death warrant, you should continue your little nice girl act around everyone, if only for the sake of appearances for the rest of the staff." Looking over her shoulder, she narrowed her eyes at Roxy, her grin never fading, "And you will watch over her. If she does anything that would be considered unethical or what have you, then kill her." Without waiting for a response from either of them, Des walked out of the room and moved next door. Opening the door, she closed it behind herself and rested against it, looking at Ingavor, "How are you feeling?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/18/2019
Roxy turned to Jeff as he spoke, her big ears rotating as well. She could understand that he wanted to protect his home, but he was going about it wrong. He uses her friend for his gain and that wasn't okay. There was this deep disappointment with him, if anything, he could of asked Ingavor for permission instead of forcing him. The prince was acting like a true selfish royal and Roxy wasn't fond of this. She would say nothing to him before he walked out. Her ears would then flicker to Desdemona's voice, noticing that she was talking to her. Her eyes would then glance over. "Alright Des... Because you are Ingavor's friend and I know he trusts you, I'm doing the same." Her gaze fell to the elf. "And that doesn't mean I trust you one bit!" She watched her eyes and body language. It was like she was just taking in everything. Learning everything she could about the, which scared her. What surprised her though, was the fact she didn't try to fight and run. The elf must have some sort of plan. What was she thinking? She knew in her eyes she saw her and Desdemona as unholy, creatures that don't belong. What other lies has her master shouved in her skull? Her mood was brightened a bit when Des made her comment and it brought a little chuckle. "Yes, the human male are strange to say the least."
She would watch and listen to the elf and feline's conversation on why she defended her, causing her to chuckle once again. Though when she looked back to her and told her that she was to watch the Black Sun member, her jaw about dropped. "What!!?? You want me to... But..." Though she already left. Her eyes fell to the elf once again and she approached her, her ears flat against her head. "You heard her. You try anything and I'll personally be the one to end your life." She placed her index finger to the center of her chest and poked it. "Yes, an abomination is going to be in charge of you." Her nose would twich to her scent. How could someone that smelled so sweet be in a cult so focused on evil?

February 19, 2019
Ingavor watched Jeff through the window as the prince disappeared through the trees with his sword drawn. Ingavor shook his head, with a scoff. He shook his hand, a few droplets of blood spilled onto wall and carpet, before he gripped a cloth from his dresser, and applied pressure to his right knuckle. He noticed that the arguing died down, and didn't care any of it. It was pointless. He understood that Jeff wanted to protect everyone. He also understood what the women saw. Everyone had good intentions, but it was causing everyone to be at each other's throats. After the week Ingavor had, with the teddy bear, the black sun torturing him, Himself losing an eye, and now this, he just wanted everyone to get along and stop fighting. He had enough of it. He just wanted to cook, but he couldn't even do that without everyone fighting. How was he going to keep everything from falling apart? The world was ending, and he could feel it. He had no idea what he was doing. Right then, the door opened.
Des stood there, asking him how he was. He was angry. He was depressed. He was love struck. He was feeling lackluster. He wanted to kill for the first time in forever. "I'm fine." He said, wiped the blood from his gashed knuckle. "I'm sorry I left. Just-...didn't want to deal with it at the moment." He looked her up and down, with his usual Ingavor smile. " "You saved a woman who would rather cut your ears and tail off. You're definitely one of the good ones." Then he turned away. "Had you not stuck up for her-..." He sighed, elongatedly. " know." He muttered with a frown. He would have strangled the elf. It took all his restraint to not, right as his hand touched her flesh. "I'm bloody stressed, Desdemona." His hands shook, even as his knuckle began to bleed again. He stood from his bed, and turned toward Des, putting the rag back over his hand. "Something is coming, and everyone isn't taking it seriously." He then moved in front of her, and brushed hair from in front of his eye. "Sleep here with me tonight? If you'd like."

February 20, 2019
Elaira watched Des leave as she instructed the Fox woman to watch over her. This was a development she was not expecting, but was interesting all the same. As the door closed, she turned her eyes back to the woman. Fully alone with her, it seemed a bit awkward suddenly. Listening to her proclaim her new position and pointing at herself, she simply offered a VERY small smile. She could easily see her nose twitching, knowing what it meant. She knew without a doubt that she was taking in her scent. Darting her hand out, she caught the woman by the wrist and spun both of them around. Pinning her against the wall, she pinned her in a way that her arms were above her head. As the wrists touched the wall, ice encased them, practically welding her arms to the wall. The magic she used traveled down the wall and silently captured her ankles as well, fully restraining her against the wall. Quickly lowering her hand, she caught the woman's snout, holding it shut to keep her from crying out as she looked into her eyes, whispering just loud enough for her to hear, "An abomination.. in charge of me? Well.. seems you are in no position to tell me what to do after all. In the future, you shouldn't boast your position.." Her eyes traveled down the woman's body before snapping back up, her empty orbs gazing into hers, "But I suppose I should reward you for your attempt, however pitiful it was.." Sliding her free hand up the woman's stomach, it slithered between her breasts and up to her throat, gently latching onto it. Releasing her snout, she slowly leaned forward and pressed their lips together, pressing their bodies together tightly.
--- Des moved over to the bed, lifting her tail as she took a seat. Looking over at him, she smiled and shook her head, "I would, but I am going to take a night to study our new guest. She is obviously Black Sun, and I know Roxy will be able to handle herself if something were to go wrong, but I think it best if one of us who can easily remain out of sight keep an eye on her." Leaning back on her elbows, she flicked the tip of her tail back and forth slowly as she grinned, "Unless of course you simply cannot be without me tonight. Then I guess I would have no choice." Seeing the rag on his hand, she motioned for him over, holding a hand out, "Come here and let me care for that, you silly boy you. Can't go around smashing people in the face and expect to walk away from it unscathed."

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/20/2019
Before Roxy's finger even touched the elf's chest, she was quickly caught off guard by the sudden turn of events, her arm being grabbed and her body spun. Soon she would find herself pinned to the wall behind, her tail tucked and curled between her legs. Her face became flustered, but she tried to hide it with her anger, a low growl in her throat and her teeth clenched. Though, there was a strange feeling inside her as she looked down to the elf. "Let me go you evil spawn," she growled. Soon her wrists and ankles were bound in ice and it became difficult for her to even move. "I said le- mmmmff" she was quickly quieted by the elf's tight grip around her snout and forced to look down in her vast, ocean blue, eyes, her own green ones unable to look away. Her ears would lay back as fear and confusion consumed her. It would be easy for her to break free, but something within her just let it happen. She listened to her soft whisper and her ears flickered to it. The fox would then gulp to her words. What was going to happen? Was she going to kill her? Was this it? Why wasn't her body willing to move? Roxy closed her eyes as she felt Elaira's hand travel along her toned stomach, her entire body trembling to her touch. Why was the elf doing this? Was she just trying to have fun before she ended her? She was Black Sun after all. Who knows what kind of evil was stuffed in her skull. Soon, she felt the woman's hand around her throat and she couldn't help but to whimper, causing her tail to coil tighter around her leg. This was it, she was done for. What was going to happen to everyone when she was gone? What of Bellarose? No... This was not over.. she had a little girl to look after.
Suddenly, the ice shattered as her arms broke free from their confinements and she went to push the elf back, but something surprising happened. Her snout was set free and she opened her eyes. "I'll show you what i-" she was silenced yet again, but this time it wasn't by force. Her lips became full as the woman pressed her's against them, making her arms to just fall motionless to her sides. Was this happening? The fox's eyes were wide at first, but slowly closed once again. The elf's lips tasted of cherry and Roxy's body began to tingle, sending shivers down her spine as the woman's warm body pressed up against her's. What was going on? Was she actually enjoying this? It was like the elf was some sort of forbidden fruit that she needed to take a bite of, but what were the consequences? As Elaira kissed her, Roxy's head lowered, eager to deepen the kiss, her cheeks now feeling as if they were on fire, her senses intoxicated by the woman's scent, but reality quickly hit her and her eyes flew open. She broke away and pushed her back, wiping her mouth of the sweet sugary taste that was Elaira. "What the hell was that?" She whispered. There was still signs of her blush, but she covered it up with anger like before. "What kind of game are you playing at?"

Ingavor playfully rolled his eyes as she mentioned having to watch over the cult member. "Would rather spend your night with a woman who has a fetish for watching people suffer than me? I see how it is." He was joking, for he knew she wouldnt let harm come to anyone with the elf under her watch, even as moved over to sit next to her. "I'll be fine. I'm just looking for some excuse to wake up next to you in the morning. It always seems to put me in a good mood when I wake up to your gorgeous face. I wish I could say the same thing about you waking up to my face." He motioned toward the eye patch. As she mentioned letting her see his hand, he paused for a few moments, before gently floating his hand over toward hers. "The prince isn't a bad man. I know he isn't. He was trying to get us all to see his point of view. He just-...he could have went about it in a better way." He looked at his hand. "Sorry you had to see that. I don't like hitting people in front of a lady. That's the second time you've watched me punch someone. I feel like you'll get tired of tending to me after a while." He teased, mentioning that other guard he laid out after he told Desdemona his feelings. "You sure Roxy will be okay? Those two are being awful quiet next door. Should we check on them? Or would you rather ay Maester to my hand?"


Kissing Roxy, Elaira seemed to relax into it, even after she broke free of the magic she had used to bind her. This was something completely new to her, but for some reason, she couldn't help herself. Every single red flag was raised in her mind as she was this close to an unworthy creature, let alone the act that she was preforming, but there was that small part of her that knew if she didn't she would regret it. The feeling only remained for a short period though, as Roxy shoved her away. Watching her wipe her mouth and demanding to know what she was playing at, her body softened back into its act and she smiled what would be considered a genuine smile, "Playing at? I am afraid I do not understand the question." Turning to the door, she walked over to it and rested a hand on its handle. Looking to the side at Roxy, her emotionless eyes seemed to slowly spark as the remainder of her act took hold, " Perhaps we should join the others. It would be rude to remain hidden away all night." Turning the handle, she pulled it open slowly, her body vanishing behind the door as she stepped out into the hallway.
--- Laughing softly at his jokes, Des shook her head slowly with a smile. Ingavor was certainly cute, but he still was not confident about himself, and it was a bit of a disappointment. However, she could see he was working on it and that was working in his favor. She nodded with a few things Ingavor said, including the Prince not being a bad person, "He isn't a bad person by any means, though I cannot say I am over fond of him. He seems too arrogant for his own good, and Dragon or not, that will one day catch up with him. He ever points a weapon in my direction again though and I will put him in a place he will never escape from.. And there is no need to apologize to me about punching someone in front of me. It is perfectly fine. You did what you needed to do, and you really need to stop thinking of me as one of those 'proper ladies'. I am the furthest thing from. If you hadn't done it, I would have." Taking his hand, she unwrapped the cloth and looked at the wound. Bringing his hand to her mouth, she began licking the wound gently like an animal would. She glanced up at him as she finished, reaching into her never ending pocket and pulled out a proper bandage, fixing him up correctly, "We should probably check on them." Standing, she walked over to the door and opened it, stepping out. Looking over, she watched Elaira step out, her demeanor back to what it had been. Sighing gently, she looked back at Ingavor with a smile.

February 21, 2019
Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/21/2019
Roxy looked to the woman, her eyes following her lips as she spoke, the scene, from seconds ago, playing over and over again in her head. A part of her wanted more, but her mind told her otherwise. This seemed wrong and out of place. Why did she do that? Most importantly, why did Roxy enjoy it? The elf was her enemy, yet there was more about her than meets the eye. She didn't notice till now that her heart rate was flying through the roof and her tail swished quickly behind her. Her eyes couldn't help but to wonder over the woman's figure as she turned around to open the door, unable to even respond to her previous statement. All she knew was that her question wasn't answered and that the elf must have plans. Her ears would flicker to her next words, this time catching what she said. "Rude huh? You pin me to a wall and force your lips on to mine..." She stated. Saying it out loud made her all the more tingly as if her body was telling her she needed more, like an addict needing their drugs. She crossed her arms and pouted after she left. What she hated the most was that she was attracted to this woman and it may lead to her down fall. Roxy took a moment to play out the scene, remembering the taste of Elaira's lips, the warmth of her body pressed against her's, her back pinned to the walls. She shook her head of the thoughts, bringing her back to reality. "She's just toying with me. There's more to this that I'm not seeing and the evil spawn is distracting me." Soon, her hand found it's way around the door handle and opened it. Her eyes fell to the elf first and lingered there for a moment before bringing her attention to Desdemona and Ingavor. She put on a straight face, pretending that nothing had even happened. "Iggy? You doing alright hun?" She asked trying to distract herself from her lustful thoughts. "I saw you hit your hand on the prince's mask. You didn't break anything, did you?"

Ingavor smirked at Desdemona, even as she brought his hand to her lips and began lapping up the blood, and cleaning the wound. His eyes watched her intently, even as she placed a real bandage on his hand. "Thank you. "You're still prim and proper to me. Regardless of how you feel." He simply nodded in agreement when she spoke of the prince, being arrogant. "I hope he changes his attitude. From what I've read and seen, he has never acted that way before. Maybe Roxy is right. Perhaps Jeff is just under stress, due to his mother leaving, him coming back from the dead, and realizing that he is going to have to watch the world end. I'd be stressed too." He shrugged as they stood, trying to change the subject. " Yeah, let's go." He followed Des out into the hall, clenching his fist a few times, to get the bandage to form fit his knuckle. He watched Elaira step out first, and instantly, he grunted. He knew nothing about this woman other than she was Black Sun, she was taking who she was, and that she was given orders by the man known as "master." He watched her, glaring at the woman with seething anger and hate. The Sun took his eye, and his dignity. They killed children. They killed Rarik and Jace. They probably would kill Roxy and Desdemona as well. Yet they were allowing a cultist to run rampant through their halls. He was shaken from his thoughts by Roxy, asking how his hand was. "Oh,'s fine. Desdemona cleaned it up. What about you? You okay? That scum didn't touch you, right?" Then he looked to Desdemona raising a smirk and a brow. "If she did, you can tell us."

February 22, 2019
Elaira looked over as Des and Ingavor left the room they had been in, turning to greet them properly, bowing ever so lightly with a smile. Keeping up appearances for those in the castle was something that she was determined to do, unless her true identity was revealed to the staff. She knew that may pose a few possible problems, but it was nothing that she couldn't handle, she was sure. Seeing the way the Butler was looking at her, she knew that he still held a great deal of anger towards her. Being called scum solidified her assumption as well. Laughing softly, she shook her head a bit, "Such a temper on you, sir. Allow me to remind you that I am not the one who.." Reaching up, she covered one of her eyes, "...who took something from you. Nor am I the one who harmed you in many other ways." Lowering her hand back in front of herself, she reopened the eye, tilting her head to the side, "I may be what I am, but look back through what you saw when you were thrust upon me. Have I ever done anything to you or yours?" Without waiting for a reply, she turned and walked back towards the downstairs portion of the castle, glancing back at Roxy for only a moment before continuing.
--- Looking back at Elaira, Des crossed her arms, her own smile forming as everyone entered the hallway. Glancing at Ingavor as he saw the woman, she could easily sense his hatred, her smile fading a bit. Hearing him call her names made her roll her eyes, her smile returning as he addressed her, "I am perfectly certain that Roxy is more than capable to handle herself, Ingavor. If our guest had touched her, I am more than confident that she would have done what was necessary." As she finished, she glanced at Roxy with a smile. As Elaira spoke, she turned her attention to the woman in character, grinning at her statement. She only knew so much about the woman, but she was more than confident that the Black Sun member would not have challenged Ingavor's line of thinking if what she had said did not hold truth in it. Looking back to Ingavor, she laughed a little as the Elven woman walked away, "She is blunt, Ill give her that. But I do want to know the answer to her question. Have you seen anything from when you touched her that would indicate her harming anyone we know personally?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/22/2019
Roxy's eyes gazed over the elf when Ingavor asked if she touched her, causing her mind to flash back to a few minutes ago, remembering how perfectly her body fit with her's. It took her a moment to respond as her mind shook back to reality once again. "No... Iggy, I'm fine. If she had tried anything it would be her demise." She said looking back to him. "Other than your hand, you doing okay?" She asked, trying to change the subject, and her mind to stray from Elaira. "I know how you look up to the prince. You've been through a lot lately and don't blame you for what you did. I'd probably do the same if I was taken advantage like that." Her ears rotated to Elaira when she responded to Ingavor's comment, her eyes focusing on her lips, remembering her taste. What she said to her friend seemed taunting and hurtful, but it didn't surprise her. She was a person of evil in her eyes, gorgeous or not. Their eyes would lock for a moment before the elf left them there. Roxy's head snapped back to the two in front of her when Desdemona spoke up. "Des is right. I'm a strong woman and can handle a little elf. If you didn't know already, magic has little effect on me. It's both a burden and a blessing. That woman couldn't hurt me if she tried..." She paused for a moment and looked to the stairs where the elf disappeared to. "Speaking of the elf. I must watch her and make sure she doesn't try anything." She looked back to Ingavor and Desdemona. "Would one of you be so kind and check on Bella for me?" She focused on Desdemona. "I brought a little girl with me from the pleasure palace in town. I couldn't live with myself if I left her there. She's such a sweetnthing." Her body turned towards the stairs and started to walk, her tail swishing back and forth as she searched for Elaira.

Ingavor listened to Roxy explain how if the woman touched her, she'd kill her. That brought a bit of relief to his chest, as if a weight had been lifted. "Yes, I look up to the prince because he is a hero. But he is also a human being. He was desperate. I probably would have done the same thing if I were in his shoes. Backed against the wall. No way of convincing my friends other than using someone else's powers. The probability of anyone doing that is high." He was angry at Jeff, but not misunderstood of his actions. Ingavor should have read her in the first place. He would start doing that to all the guests. Just to be safe. Then Elaira looked at him and covered her own wye, stating that she wasn't the one who hurt him, or caused his internal suffering, and Ingavor just stood, staring. She was right, but his anger toward the sun was well placed. It was like he was living in a paradox world. Kill all the sun, but not this member. Nothing made sense. "You're right elf-...but don't mock m-..." She was gone as he began to speak. "Hmph." He scoffed. Then Des asked him if he saw anything that indicated harm. "No. I saw her getting orders from the bastard who runs the church. The one who-..." He touched his patch. "Then I saw-...Jeff. They were making eye contact at the bar. Jeff knew immedietly that she was strange. I saw-...her changing her face and hair. But she hasn't killed anyone. Yet. Seems like she only does what the master says." He looked down the hall where Elaira went. "Des and I can check. Go after her. Make sure she doesn't make a mess. Its bad enough I have to clean up after everyone else. I don't want her getting her black sun stench and filth on everything!" He yelled down the hall as Roxy left to find Elaira. He then turned to Des. "After you." He said, pushing open Roxy's door right across from his.
Inside, Bellarose, miraculously, was still sleeping, curled up on the bed. Exhausted from the long day.

Elaira, pausing halfway down the stairs, continued to look down them. Her Elven ears easily picked up the rest of the conversation that was taking place between the three, a small smile forming on her face as Ingavor yelled about Black Sun filth and stench. As Roxy began her decent down the stairs, she would casually glance over her shoulder up at the Fox, her small smile remaining. As their eyes met, she held her gaze a moment longer before turning her attention back to the stairs, continuing down them. Linking her fingers behind her back, she spoke up loud enough for Roxy to hear, "He is not overly fond of me, it would seem. A pity. If he truly does have the power of sight with a simple touch, he should know that my orders were to protect him, not harm him. A courtesy that does not extend to those around him, but if he were to show a bit more restraint with the manner in which he speaks to me, I am far more likely to be a proper guest." Reaching the bottom of the stairs, she turned and looked back up at Roxy, "What say you on the subject? Something tells me you have a personal feeling either way."
--- Des watched Roxy walk towards the stairs and sighed a bit. She knew the woman could take care of herself. That was not what would concern her. Des again did not know much about the woman, but she was confident that anyone could change their ways if only given the chance. A blind trust she had placed in the Elf, but if she herself could change from being a petty sneak thief, perhaps this woman could as well. Taking into account that Roxy had mentioned a little girl, her ear turned to Ingavor as he invited her to the room that said girl was in. Smiling with a nod, she turned and walked through the open door. Seeing a figure on the bed, she quieted her steps and approached, taking a seat on the bed side. Seeing the girl for the first time, she looked back up Ingavor speaking quietly, "She is a pretty little thing, isn't she. Roxy found her in the Pleasure Palace? Not exactly some place for a child to be.."

February 23, 2019
Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/23/2019
Roxy would stop for a moment when their eyes connected. What was up with her tonight? Why was this elf so distracting to her? She'd seen plenty of eye captivating woman in her life, but Elaira was something different entirely. She would again follow her down the stairs when she started to move, glancing at the elf's hands as she placed them behind her back. Roxy's ears rotated to her voice and listened what she said about her friend Ingavor. Once they reached the bottom of the stairs and the elf asked for an opinion, she spoke up. "Yeah... And I don't blame him to be honest. Your people have caused quite a disturbance in the peace in this city. I'm sure he's not exactly upset with you in particular, it's what you stand for that gets him angry, all of us angry," she corrected. "He lost his eye and people he new to your cult's actions and ways. You're a lucky girl to have Des defended you like she did. If it wasn't for her, you would probably be dead..." She sighed and looked down the hall, wondering how long this was going to last. Watching over people she disliked was not something she was fond of. No matter how beautiful they were. "So... I guess I'm your 'baby-sitter' for the time being," she said, throwing her hands up and using her fingers as quotation marks when she said baby-sitter. "It would be wise for us to exchange names..." She stuck her hand out. "The names Roxanne. Call me Roxy, Rox, or fox if you like. I don't really care. I've been called worse growing up."

Ingavor stood in the doorway, looking to Bella with a nod. His tone was too, hush with a soft grit to it. "Aye. I guess Everdeen was training her to be a common girl. It's bloody sick." He crossed his arms. Placing a, now bandaged hand on Des's back lightly. "Let's let the poor thing sleep. She probably has never even seen a bed this comfortable. Let alone slept in one. I wouldn't be surprised if she sleeps until tomorrow afternoon. I'll cook her a big meal and run her a bath when she rises. Until then." He motioned toward the door. "Let's go finish cooking our meal for Noki before the maids screw up the dish." He smiled, and offered a wink to Desdamona, but it just looked like he was blinking, die to the patch. Hopefully she caught his meaning. Bella turned slightly in place, and stirred, until getting comfortable, yet didn't awake. She was in Dreamland.

February 24, 2019
Elaira nodded to Roxy's account of the Black Sun, shrugging ever so softly, "I cannot be blamed for my brothers actions. I am only accountable for my own. To place me among their actions is not only ignorant, but is also a bit prejudice, wouldn't you say?" She looked directly into Roxy's eyes once again, her smile never wavering, "I have seen a fair share of his people, the Humans, kill without mercy yet I do not stand here and condemn him for his peoples dealings. I judge each individually. He may hate my brothers all he like, he may hate the Black Sun with a passion, but to hate me for simply being Black Sun myself is less than wise on his part. In fact, I find it rather sad that someone who seems so intelligent would lack wisdom." As Roxy reached her and spoke of her being her babysitter, she forced a giggle. Having the hand thrust in her direction, she looked at it a moment before looking back up into her eyes. Extending her own, she gently took it and shook it, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Roxanne. My name is Elaira. You may call me whatever you wish." After extending pleasantries, she moved to stand next to her, relinking her fingers behind her back, "Now, I was instructed to protect him, and I mean to do so. One way I know how to fulfil this command is by restoring his sight to its former glory. If you have a library in this castle, you should lead me there so I may research a few ways of doing so."
--- Des looked back at the sleeping girl, reaching over and very gently brushing her bangs from her face, "Roxy was a saint to bring her here. I wonder what type of person she is." Standing up and moving back to Ingavor, she stole another look at the sleeping form, "They may be cute while they sleep, but that doesn't mean they aren't tyrants when they wake." Kissing Ingavor on the cheek, she walked past him as he mentioned the maids screwing up the Queens meal, "If the maids screw up, I would not put it past our newest addition to the throne to eat them instead of the ruined food." Catching his meaning from the blink, she rolled her eyes and smiled, closing the door to the room. Taking Ingavor by the wrist, she entered into the Shadow Realm with him, only to appear seconds later in the kitchen behind the maids. Crossing her arms, she looked up at him and shrugged, "Doesn't look like they have failed quite yet. Take over before they do."

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/24/2019
Roxy listened to the woman's words intently, her ears flickering occasionally as she spoke. She had a point, it made sense. The woman was black sun, but it didn't mean she killed innocent people like her brothers. For all she knew, she could be completely harmless, but that didn't get rid of her suspicion of her. The point was that she lied and because of that, she couldn't be trusted. What really didn't make sense was that her orders were to protect Ingavor. Why did she have to? Didn't they take his eye to begin with? This didn't make any sense. Roxy would nod her head. "You are right. I couldn't agree more with what you said. Still doesn't mean I trust you." She took her hand and gave it a firm shake before it returned to her side. "Elaira? Hmmm. I wish to say the same towards you. Maybe if circumstances were different It would have been a pleasure." Her ears kept focused on Elaira as they continued down the halls, their feet echoing off the walls. "That's something I don't get. You're giving orders to protect Iggy but your clansmen stole his eye to begin with? I feel your master or whatever he's called is really confused." She would look down the hall and take the lead, her tail swishing back and forth behind her as she walked. "This is my second time in the castle, but if I remember correctly, the library should be over here..."

The master's voice began to play in Elaira's head, and Elaira's only. 'Sweet fox. She is so taken by your beauty. Does she know how many men you have killed? Does she know how many abominations that I have ordered you to bring to me? No. No she doesn't." Seconds went by without any words being spoken, until Roxy mentioned Ingavor. "Tell her the truth. The goddess of Sin, Caliga, wants him safe. He's her little toy. He is her soft little teddy bear." His voice was cold after. "Shall your cover be fully blown, Don't bother coming back to the church. You'll bring death to us all." Then the words stopped. All at once. Only leaving Elaira with a small headache in the process.

Feeling the kiss on his cheek, he smiled, while listening to her speak. Ingavor watched Bellarose for a few seconds as they left the room. "Bloody adorable. Roxy is a saint. You said it." Shutting the door behind them, he was warped through the shadow realm, if only for a few moments, and landed right behind a maid who squealed and ran over to the other maids, while they staired to the feline and steward. Iggy gripped the wall, looking at the maids as his vision got less fuzzy and he became less dizzy from the shadow warp. He was about to tell Desdamona to be careful when warping him, but then he noticed the dish was all wrong. "No! Carmilla! Sauteed! Sauteed! Not bloody burnt to death! Look at these veggies!" He pointed to the pan of black, crispy vegetables. "These arent sauteed!" The maid spoke quietly. "Your book was fine, written in English, sir, but the next page is written in Firedorian and we can't read it." Ingavor took a deep breath and nodded. "I'll take over. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it." The women, surprised, nodded and Left Iggy and Des in the kitchen, alone. Ingavor then began scraping the burnt dish into a nearby trash, to start again. "Silly things. Can't read Firedorian. I guess I should be surprised that they can read at all."

February 25, 2019
Hearing her Masters voice, Elaira's mood darkened somewhat, especially with the headache that seemed to follow. Though, if one were to look at her, she seemed her cheerful self however much of a front it was. I know that I have killed more than my fair share, she thought to herself, and many more will follow, without a doubt. What my Master does not understand is that my cover is already blown as far as it can. Undoubtedly Jeff will inform the Queen of my true self if others have not already, and when that happens, I will either be freed only to be killed at a later date or will be killed on the spot. No Queen would have use of one of my kind in her company, no question. Glancing up at Roxy, she continued to follow her, "My Master is a wise man. If he has instructed me to protect someone rather than kill them, then it is the will of Caliga. I must obey my Master." Watching the Fox as she walked, she found herself staring at her tail, or rather where the tail protruded. Smirking at a thought or two, they arrived at the library, "Allow me." Opening the door for Roxy, she bowed her head, motioning for her to continue, "My Lady." Once inside the library, she began scanning her eyes over the many volumes that lay within. Turning her head to continue her inspection, her hair gently tumbled around her shoulders, eyes coming to finally rest on Roxy, "Help me search for a book, if this library even owns it. It will be an advanced Book of Healing Arts. If we do find it, I will do what I can to restore the Butlers sight, if he is willing to hold still long enough. Something tells me he will be rather skeptical of my aid."
--- Des laughed as the maids left, watching them as they did. Once alone with him, she looked back at Ingavor, "You're such a softy, barking at the help like that. Did you really expect them to cook the way you do, let alone read Firedorian? Not even I know how to do that, and I know a thing or two when it comes to reading." Walking over, she removed the trash that Ingavor had placed the ruined bit in. Her body vanishing from sight, it returned moments later, the trash removed. Walking up next to him while dusting her hands off against her waist, she leaned against the counter and looked at the cook book, her tail swaying back and forth slowly, "So, how would you like me to help? I may not be a culinary master such as yourself, but I can follow directions if you are willing to give them to me." Glances up at him with a smirk, "Or is your Human ego going to get the better of you and I should simply sit and watch the master of the kitchen work?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/25/2019
Roxy didn't notice anything different from the elf, but she did sense something wrong, but shoved it off. She was black sun, she was supposed to sense something off on her. Her ears flickered to her soft voice again, hearing her talk about how wise her master was. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. Once they arrived at the library, she reached over to the door, only for it to be opened by the elf herself. Giving her a smirk, she walked in, the tip of her tail brushing just beneath Elaira's nose as she passed her by. Her eyes began scanning the walls that seemed to stretch into the sky. She still couldn't believe her eyes, even for a second time. As her tail returned to her side, her gaze fell upon the elf, locking with her eyes. She noticed her mouth moving, but didn't quite catch what she said until moments after. "What was that?" She said blinking a few times. "Oh right. A healing book..." She shrugged her shoulders. "Well. I have to keep an eye on you so might as well." She turned around and started looking. Catching a glimpse of some anatomy books, she started looking around those. As a few minutes past, she started thinking of Elaira and her master. "You know, you should really think for yourself. Following people blindly gets you no where..." She sighed, obviously thinking of something. "Trust me on that. What has your master done for you? I bet you're just his little pawn. As soon as you die, you'll be replaced. Is that the kind of person you want ruling your life?"

Having the Fox's tail brush against her nose before they walked in, Elaira rolled her eyes and smiled a bit more. While in the library, she listened to Roxy as she went on about her Master and blindly following orders. This caused her to grin as she continued to look for the book herself, "Really now. You believe following orders blindly gets you no where?" Glancing over her shoulder. she looked at her, the grin amplifying a bit, "And what do you think you are doing right now? Blindly following orders. Desdemona did not ask you to watch me, she practically demanded it with no consideration to your feelings, preferences or even your safety. Who is whos little pawn now?" She went back to searching for the book, giving the Fox some time to think that one over, "And to answer the rest of your inquiry, I am more than aware that when the day comes that I am removed from this world, I will be replaced. Such is the way of life. I know nothing but what my Master has taught me. I owe him my life, and it is his to do with as he pleases, until I have either fulfilled my usefulness or death take me."

Roxy ?/ Adina ?02/25/2019
Roxy picked up one of the books and started to flip through it, her big ears catching what Elaira said. "Not the the same thing Elaira. I could have easily said no and I wouldn't be harmed in any way. I did it because I trust Ingavor and that means I trust the feline as well." She put down the book as it was obviously not it and then went to another. "I am not being used as some tool. A pawn is used to be thrown away, discarded when they become unuseful. I doubt Ingavor would do such a thing." She looked up from the book, her eyes studding the woman. "Does your master give you freedom like that? If you say no to one of his orders, will he let it slide?" Again, seeing that it was not the right book, she moved on to another shelf, her tail swinging behind her as she walked. "I feel that you are on the wrong side of this war Elaira. Do you really want to be on the side where you loose even if you win?"

Ingavor smirked as he watched her lips move, calling him a softy. "It's their job to listen to the head chef and housekeeper. That's me. I didn't expect them to say 'oh, a part of the book that we can't read. Better just stand here while the food burns.' Besides. They could have at least taken the pan off the burner. But you're right. If you want a job done right..." Then he watched her shift away, and back, with a clean trash. "Thanks, Des. Clean kitchen, happy Ingavor." He teased. "Well, lets see what we have here. The first half is written in English and the other half in Firedorian. Kind of s strange way to write a cook book. " He crossed his arms as he glanced at the words. He read them out loud, twice. Once in Firedorian tongue, then again in English. "Black pepper, Paprika, salt, Gryphon hair, (just a strand, broken up) soft meat, sauteed veggies. And cheese on top." He smiled to her, next to him, pointing to the page. "Sounds good. Usually I make one meal, and the maids make the same thing. They are good at copying my dishes, just not thinking for themselves, sometimes." He watched her tail move back and forth for a second, shifting his eye down as he spoke. Then he caught himself and raised his solid red orb back up to look at her. "Help me cut some meat. Or dont. I'm not your master. I promise. I have the farthest thing from an ego. I'm not the prince." He gave a small laugh, and looked back to the lit burner. "They ruined my first attempt, so we need to start from scratch. I'll start cooking the veggies. And can help me by staying beautiful." He turned to go cook, but instantly turned back around. "Pretend that I didn't just say that. That was ridiculously stupid." Then he started to grab asparagus, cucumber, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, green/red peppers, and placed them on a large cutting board. "I wonder why she is here." He muttered. Looking over his shoulder at Des. "That Elf. "

Elaira slowed her looking for the book, her eyes lowering more towards the floor than anything else as she began thinking. What would happen exactly if she denied one of her Masters orders..? She had never once even entertained the idea, as he was her Master, but once the question was posed to her directly, she couldn't help but wonder what would actually happen. She was by far his favorite, or so he said on a regular basis, so would she in fact be killed for such an act? Internal frustration building over the fact that she even began wondering, she continued searching for the book, remaining silent for the time being. After some time, she came across what they were searching for, "Here is one that will suffice." Opening it, she scanned through it rather quickly, halting at a page titled 'Body Manipulation and Regeneration'. Reading over the spell involved, she glanced at Roxy a moment before continuing her study, "Seems a rather simple spell, but it comes with a price, as most advanced magics do. I wonder if he will allow such a price... Even if he does not, I will see it done. Without his full sight, he is a liability to himself and those around him."
--- Des laughed at Ingavor when he declared he was not the Prince, "Thank everything for that. Such a stubborn brat that one is. He will quickly learn I am not one that will back down so easily simply because he is a Prince." Grinning as he instructed to remain beautiful, she went and fetched the meat he needed, laying it on the counter, "Such a charmer you are. And yes, it was ridiculously stupid, but that's apart of the charm." Extending her claws, she gave two quick thrusts of her hand, her claws retracting soon there after. Picking up a rag, she began wiping her fingers off as the meat slowly split apart into equal quantities. Hearing him question the Elf's presence, she shrugged, setting the rag down, "I haven't the slightest clue why she is here, but it does make for a bit of entertainment, if you ask me. And these halls could certainly use some. Let her play her little games all she wants. She will either learn that she is following the wrong people, or she will die. Makes little difference to me either way, honestly. Just another drop of wine in the decanter."

February 26, 2019
Roxy ?/ Adina ?Last Tuesday at 1:46 AM
Roxy watched the woman after she questioned her. Things became quite and she knew the elf was thinking hard. She was right wasn't she? Her so called master probably wouldn't think twice in killing her if she chose not to listen. The fox decided to stop the questions, seeing that Elaira didn't give her an answer and instead focusing on the book she found. Roxy would put away the one she had in her hands and wonder over where she stood, looking at the book the woman had found. She looked to the elf and rose an eyebrow. "Simple you say?" She asked confused. "I would think simple would mean there would be no consequences...." She crossed her arms. "What exactly is this price? I won't allow you to do anything to my friend if it makes things worse. Even if it does bring back his full sight."

February 27, 2019
GuinevereLast Wednesday at 2:15 AM
"One would think that simple indeed meant no consequences, but the world does not work like that. For every action, there is a reaction. To heal a body part to its original form, a price must be paid. An equal exchange. I will not harm your friends, of that you have my word." Glancing up from the book at Roxy, Elaira smiled softly, "Tell me Fox, you hate my brothers a great deal, yes? Enough to wipe them from the face of the planet? I will admit that I am no particular fan of them myself. They are weak, pathetic creatures that have no more sense in their heads than a beetle. I have promised not to hurt your friends, but that does not mean that I will not harm anyone." Snapping the book shut, she turned and began walking towards the door. Once reaching it, she glanced over her shoulder, "Come along. We have work to do.."

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesLast Wednesday at 9:41 AM
He smiled as she followed his instruction, slicing the meat perfectly while he cooked the vegetables to perfection. Removing them from the burner, he turned to look as Des as she mentioned the elf. A tad bit of dissatisfied emotion spread across his face but he did his best to hide it. "So this is just a game to you? Huh." He moved closer to her, placing his arms around her waist and pulling her gently against his own body. His voice fell soft, yet had some rasp to it as he whispered in her ear, almost inaudible to everyone else, but not her, and her sensitive ear. "You're quite the woman. Aren't you? Beautiful. Smart. Clever. Cunning....a seductresses. A woman after my own heart." The his right fingers played with the fabric of her shirt, while his left moved tenderly up her hips, and stopped, while resting on her rib cage. His hands were gloved, after being used by Jeff. As they should have been this entire time. "You know. You keep me on my toes. Since I've met you, life has completely changed. Everything is-....despite losing my eye, better. Thank you." Then he pulled back from her, letting her go in the process. He only lingered for a moment, but eventually, found himself leaning against a counter, next to her. " we need to cook the meat to medium rare and add 1/8th cup of beef broth for flavor."

February 28, 2019
Roxy ?/ Adina ?Last Thursday at 1:56 AM
Roxy's eyebrow rose, looking puzzled for a moment. If she wasn't going to harm her friends, what was the price then? She wasn't going to inflict self harm to herself was she? "Then what's this so called price then? You said something of equal value must be exchanged?" Roxy's eyes stared into the elf's blue ones as she looked up from the book, her ears flickering to her question. Her face would straighten in response, getting a little more serious. "If given the chance, I would make them all suffer painful deaths by my hands. They seem to hate it most when they die by what you people call an abomination. The one I killed begged me to not do it, literally whined like a child..." She paused for a moment. "And that doesn't mean I won't stop you. I'm not going to let you harm anyone as long as I'm responsible of you." Her eyes did not stray from Elaira as she made her way to the door, almost as if she was some prized possession. She rolled her eyes to her next words and followed her to the door, passing her again and letting her tail do the same as when they walked in. "You speak as if you're the babysitter hmm." She chuckled and started down the hall. "My nose has been bugging me since we got to the library. Iggy should be in the kitchens making a meal. I can smell it."

AnayaLast Thursday at 8:53 AM
Noki slammed a book shut in her mothers room. The bed was a utter mess she had jumped till she passed out, then grabbed the one book from the nightstand and gone over it in moments absorbing the knowlage like a sponge. She got up tossed the book on the rug "there is nothing to do, I am a princess...a queen now, what can a queen do. Oh ya I have servants!" She got all happy and jumped up clearly aiming the anger and pain she still had towards others that now followed her rule. Children rulers and all that and a bag of hamsters she thought to herself as she walked from her mothers old room and over to one of the posted guards that followed her around like a silent but anoying shadow. "So have this room now become mine since mom is forever a bird out of the coop, and I want that cows milk frozen stuff with fruit in it, I dont care who has to die to get it...but please dont kill anyone and were is jeff, I wana talk to him about getting a elephant and trolls and new guards that are bigger and I want a mount and, I want a sandwich, I dont know what it is but it was in the book and I want one" she rambled a little as the guard stood there and she started to walk away, he followed behind her only stoping ro inform a maid to join and walk with him to explain all that was to her so it chould be done and brought to the kitchen for ingavor and help. The guard stayed behind Noki as she pushed in the li rary doors looking for her brother and advisor "Jefffffff" she called out as she paused standing there red hair blue eyes and a pink dress looking around the room for him.

March 1, 2019
GuinevereLast Friday at 8:31 PM
"Food would not be all that unwelcome at the moment, though I would not put it past our chef to poison anything I attempted to eat." Slowing to a stop, Elaira took a step back as the Queen entered the library. As the girl yelled for Jeff, she bowed her head lightly, Straightening, she tilted her head to the side with a smile, "Your Majesty, I believe Jeff has left the castle for the time being. Where he went or when he will return, I am afraid I do not know." Glancing back at Roxy a moment, she returned her eyes to the Queen, "Is there something we may do to assist you?" Ingavor had survived this long without killing himself or another with only one eye, so she was confident that he could wait a bit longer before she attempted to correct his eye.
--- Des' ear swiveled around to face Ingavor, the tone of his voice slightly off as he ask if this was a game. Turning to look at him, he pulled her to him and she smiled, reaching up to brush his cheek, "It is a game to me, yes. In the unlikely event that she attempts to harm someone here in the castle itself, she will easily be overwhelmed and killed, doing no further harm to the world. But I believe that if I can change, so can she. She only needs the chance to do so." Feeling his hand against her body and his compliments, she rolled her eyes, her smile widening, "If I don't keep you on your toes, who will?" Turning back to the food, she began following the instructions he read off, her tail wrapping around one of his legs in the process.

March 2, 2019
AnayaLast Saturday at 5:22 PM
Noki looked at the woman as her bright blue eyes turned to slits looking at her, her nose twitched as she smelled the air and walked up to the woman "worthless advisor leaves me alone in my time of need but I wanted him to tell me more about the black sun threat so it can be handled I can send out the proper troops to get it dwelt with in town and purge the ones killing the towns people." Her eyes went back to normal as she moved and plopped her backside down Into the large chair that was there in the library. She pulled her feet up as she made herself comfortable and looked to both the woman and the other people in the library her guard posting himself behind her as she sat. He whould not leave even if she told him to so why waist the words "and you are new, a new staff member wall was away, who are you anyway?"

Roxy ?/ Adina ?Last Saturday at 8:25 PM
Roxy shook her head to what Elaira said. "No. That's not like him. If was going to have you killed, he would try something else, plus, that Des character seems to distract him quite a bit as he's been focused on nothing but her. I doubt he's going to do something that was to upset her. So don't worry about him trying anything. There others you need to keep an eye on...." She gave her a smirk as the the queen walked into the library, stopping them both from leaving right away. "... Like her for example." Roxy wasn't a fan of bowing down to others, but could get past her pride, so she took a bow as well. Standing up she listened to what the young queen had to say and Elaira answer to her first question. This was the fist time she laid eyes on the girl and she 'looked' a lot older than what she imagined. When she began speaking about the Black Sun and how she needed more knowledge of them, she chuckled to herself and glanced at the elf. "Your highness. I've been informed that this woman knows a great deal about these...." She kept her gaze on the blonde woman. "Black Sun... I'm sure if you would ask her, she'll tell you whatever you need to know." She snickered to herself and turned to look at the queen, her tail swishing behind her mischievously.

March 3, 2019
Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesYesterday at 4:10 PM
Ingavor watched her close. "I suppose. I just-....I have every right to dislike and not want to entertain this girl. I hope she sees the light and realizes the black sun is a dying cult. Preferably, before she dies. I hope you're right. Everyone can change. " He then watched her tail curl around around his leg while she worked, preparing the brothed meat. "I need a trim." He said bluntly, running his hand through his hair. "It's getting long and wild. I wake up all the time with hair in my face." He tossed the remaining chopped veggies in the pan next to Des. "Maybe after dinner, you can journey with me to the bath. You seem like you would give good haircuts." He then remembered what she said about confidence. "I want to bathe with you. Obviously. Before you take over watching the Elf for Roxy."


In the Dead woods with Jeff and a New Face

From the skies above, a crackle rippled across the endless abyss as a split began to open in thin air. To the observer, it appeared as if space-time itself was warping from within the point of entry and from this lowered several massive winding loops of cascading crimson scales that beheld a ruby glow amongst their lustrous golden etchings. Bit by bit, the immense trunk of the reptilian form dwarfs the surroundings and sends any clouds in the vicinity in a radial stretch away from the leviathan from such heat scorching the air around it. It was not long before the 5-mile-long form had entirely exited the rift, causing it to emit a thunderous rumble before an abrupt collapse suddenly left a void of silence. A soft ringing emanates from the levitating mass of coils after having made audible from the decay of the portal. From over the top of it, a vulpine head endowed with a tangle of bejeweled antlers directed its cunning azure eyes on the lands below. A set of six tendrils splay themselves out at a languid stretch into the air like rays of the sun, each appearing weightless despite their span. The motionless entity made an unforeseen thrust of its head down towards the ground, those gold-trimmed scales of scarlet brightening with a great intensity before a blinding light hid a sudden shift in size, leaving behind a rain of shining star dust with a blurry blip of crimson amongst the falling cloud. The dragon made its controlled descent into the wooded area below. ———————————————————————————
At 20 feet long, the dragon still was rather bulky though quite small in terms of relative size for the species. There was no hard impact either for the dragon flared its landing, opening those avian talons up to dampen the speeds down to a halt by running along the ground. The creature’s head pans while a forked tongue tests the air, slow steps carrying the relatively stout 8-foot-tall beast made almost no sound its steps. It looked as though the environment were… simply dead. There was no way this was because of the heat the dragon generated in the skies for there was no scorching thus these lands must have been long deserted. By craning the head to the ground, the dragon noses a few bits of leaves and whatever ground cover it may come upon in its leisurely strides through the dead trees while those tendrils which once more reached out from the flanks of its muzzle took the liberty of feeling whatever they may come across like an insect would with its antenna. The spiritual sensitive dragon could feel the stir of the dead, but how was this so prevalently possible? A reassessment of the surroundings was due and so the drake lifted its head to look across the lifeless landscape with a surveying stare.

((The gods shine a dark light upon you, cursing you with portal sickness, caused by useing portals, your sickness causes you to shift unwillingly and painfully into the form of a human with red hair, you have no tail, no horns but you do have what looks like birthmark of a dragon on your back. The birthmark has 2 scales that are darker then the others, it is unknown to you as of why. You can not shift back to dragon form unless the curse is lifted, you hold no breath weapons and only have limited spells (no matter your level be you now level one and gain new levels with play you cant use any magical spell over level 2)

The dragon stopped mid-step, its pupils shrinking to pin-points while those tendrils stiffened then twitched violently. As if a self-defense mechanism, the air suddenly charged with the sharp sensation of energy as static even built up in all that could possess charge around the beast. The crackle of arcs filled the air while the dragon was forcible polymorphed into a humanoid state of being, the ruby dragon glowing pure gold while the silhouette of its form visibly contracted and seemed to scrunch down into this prison of a body. Meanwhile, a couple of trees would have their bark scorched with the markings of the electrical arcs as the dragon had taken on the appearance of a male with long red hair and skin with a slightly unnatural tint of peach that almost glowed in any light…much like his scales used to glow. He had taken on this transformation standing up and once complete, he blinked in shock then suddenly recoiled with his arms barred across his diaphragm while those gleaming locks of crimson curtained about his face. Heaving breaths while his muscles tensed, he prevents himself from vomiting. Never had he been forced to taken on a form by external forces in his entire existence, so this was quite a new experience. Slowly regaining his composure, he stands upright on his feet and breathes a final heavy breath. Human form was not foreign to him, but it was not often that he used it. He once more begins to walk south…the direction of the castle.

the sounds of the dead flesh start to fill the air around him, moans and grumbling of the zombies that filled the dead wood were catching up to the man that had come out of the sky. "grrrrr aw grug, foooood" they moaned as rain splashed into there faces as it started to tumble out of the heavens above.

Jeff walked through the woods with a frown. Why does everyone act like I'm this big monster? That woman snuck into my home. She is apart of a group of murderers and rapists, yet everyone is patting her back and shouting 'dont mind the big scary prince! Have a crumpet!' which is fucking bullshit! He muttered, his silver swords already in his hand. He noticed 4 undead in the foreground, just shambling about with no real goal in mind. He raised his sword filled palm and conjured 4 three feet long shadow spikes and one by one, aimed and fired then at each undead. (Rolled 14, 16, 15, 17 with 4 separate rolls, all hit. Instant death for each.) The first spike sailed through the air, and into the temple of the first undead, as it's body crumbled to the ground in a disgusting bloody heap. The sounds of squishing gray matter mixed with coagulated life force filled the surrounding area as the undead died. Then, the second spike launched, and found it's way deep into the next rotting husk's left eye. The spike then lodged itself, and the Walker into a nearby tree, a foot away from the undead. The third projectile flew quickly, about 485 feet a second, and found a home in the molding Target's neck. The sheer force of the initial blow caused the head to fly from the shoulders, and land facedown in the mud. The fourth undead simply got impaled through the mouth and out the back of the skull. With a wave of his hand, the shadows that made up his spikes vanished, causing the undead pinned to the tree to come crashing to the ground. Time to go find that giant brute and finish what I started. He thought, as he clutched his swords, and headed deeper into the woods.

There was the recently turned humanoid dragon in the path of Jeff's stroll. He stood tall and firm despite the ease at which he had just casually tossed and ripped aside the undead upon spikes of what appeared to his eye some sort of black spikes. While, yes, he had his powers suppressed by his recent arrival, it was evident he was not all too used to the fact that his ability to combat much of anything was gone. Nonetheless, the 8'1 "man" was...nude...with a curtain of unnaturally scarlet hair hanging past his broad shoulders. A set of piercing azure eyes were directed down towards the approaching stranger. Whatever he may make of the odd sight would truly be up to him. After all, despite how numbed Aeyir was from the lands with regards to his extrasensory capabilities, it did not take much to understand that this place probably belonged to someone. Someone that might have just did him a favor whether or not it was intentional. With this in mind, he remained at full stop down the way of Jeff's path seeing as the zombies were coming his way and henceforth the person that slayed them might be as well.(edited)

Jeff breathed hard, as he continued along, spotting two more undead in his path, down the trail. He spun his wrists, and in turn, his two silver shortsword, while the two husks reached for him with comical grabbing fingers. "Wait your turn!" He said, slamming the blade, horizontally through the creatures forhead. Jeff watched as the undead's law hung open, while it's glazed over eyes looked passed him. Jeff then, placing his boot on the zombie's shoulder, and forcefully pulled his blade from the skull while a disgusting "shhhhlinnnk" filled his ears. He then heard twigs and leaves crumpling and breaking behind him, so with a single twist of his wrist, and a spin, he turned, with his blade sticking out. The silver sailed through the air, and easily passed through the sickening flesh of the other undead's head, half decapitating it in the process. The two parts of the Walker fell to the ground, while he turned back to the trail, covered in red and black dead blood on his leather clothes. (Rolled 12 and 16, hit, instant death) The prince then stopped, noticing the large male standing in the forest, nude, just watching Jeff. This made him uneasy, but he figured that if the man wanted to kill Jeff, he would have the decency to at least put on some pants. Jeff, tossing his left sword through the air, landed the blade at the naked male's feet. "Don't just stand there, swingin' your dick around! Help me!"
Jeff was then grabbed by an undead, from behind, whom wanted nothing more than to sink it's decaying teeth into Jeff's neck, which caused Jeff to drop his sword. (Rolled 7 for undead to grab, hit.) Jeff dropped his shoulder, and reached his hand up to clasp around it's nape of it's neck, and pulled down, flipping the beast over his own shoulder. Then with a single motion, Jeff gripped his hands on both sides of the Walker's head, and began to apply pressure. Then more. And more, until a it's head bursted like a watermelon. Jeff then grunted, standing and kicking dirt on to the Dead being, after picking up his sword. (Rolled 11, hit, dead instantly.) He then motioned behind the man, toward a horde of what looked like 35 undead, shambling toward them, about 45 feet away. Jeff took a few steps forward, next to the male. "If we live through this, I'll buy you some trousers and tell you my name." Then, Jeff sheathed his silver blade, and pulled his two handed katana from his back, while walking calmly passed the male, and toward the horde. "You coming?" He said, not bothering to look back behind him. Jeff kept his eyes on his enemies, and only them.

Jade, who had showed up at the woods after fighting off a wild living animal and feeding from it, was now running through the woods with her nails and teeth visible enough for anyone to see. She was being chased by an undead creature with four legs and glowing white eyes after it nearly cornered her at a tree, she hid behind a tree to catch her breath as the creature was in sight having caught up with her trail, it did not look like a normal animal and the sound that it made was horrific enough to give chills to even a royal like herself, "Oh skies...I'll have to fight it if it catches up to me again" she thought to herself as the creature ran off into the dense part of the woods. She could tell that it probably caught the scent of another living being as she slowly moved from the safety of the tree to run off before anything else could catch her.

This so-called “savior” took it upon himself to go about wildly mauling these walking carrions which surrounded the two of them. What Jeff would find is that this oddly tall man was steadfast in his position, only following Jeff with his eyes then directed them towards the oncoming hoard. Aeyir was currently trying to gauge his own capacities in his current state of being. Just how limited was he in this time of what could be a crisis? He starts off by focusing on getting the sensation of energy welled up. If successful, his hair would start to float off his shoulders as a result of the static. Jeff might even catch the subtle tickle of the air charging off his skin. Such would also indicate he would be able manifest a simple orb of flames in the air in front of him then launch it into the oncoming hoard with a 10 foot blast radius, also allowing the fire to spread should the ball meet its mark. All such events would occur whilst walking to Jeff’s left and slightly behind him. If unsuccessful in charging his energies to that extent, he would simply follow Jeff into melee range.

The ball of fire moved toward it's enemy. Markus and Jacob. Two lovers, both raised in the Iron town. They lived their whole lives as farmers and promised themselves that they would make big. First, in their big plan, was to gain money. Then was to get on a ship and sail into a new life. Full of new opportunities. Markus told Jacob that he was scared, as he was no where near as good with a sword as Jacob was. However, Jacob would run his dainty fingers through his soul mates silken hair and remind him that as long as they were together, no harm would come to Markus. They started making coin as swords for hire, and we're quite good at it. With Markus's knowledge and Jacob's skill, they were unstoppable. The days went on as Markus became more confident in his ability to wield a sword, but in reality, he had only learned basic. Jacob, of course, didn't want to crush his man's dream of being a skillful warrior. He stayed quiet, even as Markus suggested that they go into the Dead wood to search for a woman who had been missing for a few weeks. "Why bother? She's obviously dead?" Jacob said, sitting at the table of their little home. "Because there is money involved and we need it!" Markus rebuttled. Jake's temper had gotten worse and worse since they started their "business" but he had never so much as raised his voice to his much smaller mate. Not until today. "Look around you Mark! We have this kitchen! We have this cottage! We have food in our stomachs and ale in our cups! Why aren't you fuckin' happy?" Markus sat there, with a frown. "Do you not think I can do it. I've heard you talking to your friends at the inn! You day that I'm a milk sop, aye?" He asked. His brows lowered, making him look angry as Jacob raised his hands in an attempt to calm Markus down. "My calm ocean, I never said that. I said that you acted like one sometimes. But that was before you started learning to fight. Now you're my rapid river!"
Markus kept him at arms length and folded his own across his chest with a 'hmph'. "Your honeyed words do nothing anymore Jacob. We have been together, what, 9 years now? Not one thing has changed except your damn anger toward me! I'm going to find that woman! And bring you back a fat stack of gold, and then maybe you'll treat me as your equal for once!" The beared man watched as Markus stood from his chair, angered. "Honey, please-.. As he tried to stop Markus as he headed out the door, Jake was met with the wood of it, hitting his nose. Holding the appendage, he opened, and walked through the door, and began looking around. He saw his lover running toward the dead wood, through the town
Taking off after him, he watched as his much faster half sprinted into the trees. Fog rolled in once he too entered. As Jacob yelled out for Markus, his own voice echoced back. Eventually after a half hour of searching, he found Markus with his throat torn out, just moments ago by something. Jacob immediately rushed to Mark's side, and scooped him up, placing his hands on the neck, which oozed buckets of blood. "M-...Mark! Stay with me! Oh oh oh no. Oh no!" He squeezed his arms, hold his dear close. Markus tried speaking but no words canes out, but tears did. His eyes said enough. He was sorry. He was a fool, even though Jacob's own assured him that he wasn't. "You'll be fine. My love! Dont-....don't leave me here. Don't do this. You're fine. You're fine. No no no." He muttered as he ran blood caked hands through Markus's medium length black hair. He brushed it from his eyes. Markus caressed Jacob's cheek,with one hand and gripped Jake's hand with the other. Tears rolled down the side of Markus's head as he laid against Jacob, bleeding.
"You're're're okay. I love you. Don't go." He whispered, as the last of his mate's soul left it's vessel. Then the large burly man sobbed over his corpse as the hand on his cheek left a bloody print, and fell flat, into the dirt. He remembered proposing on the beach. Getting married. Late night dinners. Buying their house. Starting the business. He began to sob harder, until feeling lips on his neck. Markus's lips. No. Teeth. A large chunk was ripped from his jugular as blood rained on to the new undead's face. Jacob slumped over, and arose a moment later, as did Markus. The two began moaning and groaning, while shambling. They walked for days until dining another horde. They were together their entire lives, and married almost a decade. Even as the fireball fired by Aeyir landed against the bloated flesh of Markus, it also Incinerated Jacob, who was right next him. The ashes both dropped to the ground, in piles, then got swept up in the wind. Both of them, together in the final gust. (AEYIR ROLLED 12, HIT. DUE TO PORTAL SICKNESS, ATTACK WAS DULLED. 2 OF 35 KILLED.)
----------------------------------------- Jeff smiled and watched as Aeyir launched the attack and had it hit it's mark. He gave a nod to the man and sheathed his katana. "You're right. We need to spice up our kills." He pointed to the sky and spoke in fluent draconic, which may cause the male to be surprised that a harmonic shade could speak the tongue of dragons so well. "Ithquenti di wer svant, fehlim ve wer dastudr ekess vanguish sia irlymi! Shochraos!" (Gods of the sky, grant me the strength to vanguish my enemies! Lightning!) At that moment, the rain began to beat down harder, and a single, large bolt came crashing down, flying towards Jeff. The prince then used telekenic tendrils to wrap around the electricity, which in turn, began to rest a single centimeter off of Jeff's skin. The lightning contorted and warped around Jeff's body, making look like a raging thunder beast, even as claws started to form at his finger tips. Jeff, with a distorted voice, turned to look at the male. "Get to the Iron. Get some clothes. And we will try to talk later. It's about to get messy." Jeff then charged forward, sprinting at about 60 miles and hour. As he got to the horde, he made his claws extend, and began slaughtering the pack. From zed to zed, Jeff flew, slicing, stabbing, slashing, disemboweling, decapitating, and shocking everything in his path.
He was like a wild animal, and an artist. It was almost symbolic. The once dead prince, killing the already dead being. It was rather humourous. He then, with ten corpses remaining, he pushed the lightning outward, and made a shock wave, reducing the dead to nothing but bone, which crumpled to the ground. Jeff, now lightning free, stood in the middle of a pile of corpses and body parts. He breathes hard, reeling over and placing his hands on his knees. He inhaled and exhaled looking at the ask, bones, heads, and dead undead. "Fuck. That was cool." He muttered to himself.

AeyirLast Thursday at 10:50 AM
Aeyir looked nearly unimpressed with the effectiveness of his magic. That was the equivalent of an ember to what had the potential to be a raging wildfire. Unremarkable. Disappointing. Truly a downgrade. Those already tranquil eyes lidded at the sight of only two zombies being incinerated to their demise. One could even catch the sight of a small puff of smoke leaving the corner of his mouth as a sign of his disapproval. To make matters even worse, Jeff had gone about his transformation and tore through the hoard like nothing. What higher powers had stunted the dragon to such an extent? He would surely have to find a way to regain his strength in this world. His weakness meant that he was reliant on someone else to defend him against those who deemed themselves in the right-of-mind to act out. It was thus that Aeyir was willing to listen to Jeff in this time of need. A firm nod proved his acknowledgement of Jeff's command before he turned on a heel and continued on his way towards the direction of the castle. Aeyir had assumed that Jeff was likely to catch up on his way there and perhaps even let him in to ensure nothing went wry on his entry, so he was not exactly hasty in the least. Besides, Jeff was likely the only one capable of easily taking on anything in this forest, right?

MoonroseScarletYesterday at 12:37 AM
As Jade was still running in the forest, she noticed that something was going on in an area near her and stopped behind another tree in a more bushy part that was close enough for her to see the aftermath of what she didn’t get to see. “Holy...I better not get too close.” She thought to herself as her eyes began to change from their normal green to an Amethyst purple before she backed away. She looked at her nails that were now giving off a neon purple hue and she wasn’t causing any of this to happen. “Is my body absorbing some left over energy?” She would not surprised if her still developing powers were doing something that she was unaware of, but she was not that close to anyone for anything to happen like this “That guy must have gave off some power that went airborne afterwards.” as she looked at the male person to study them while ignoring the graphic scene surrounding him, she did not notice a small part of the tree sticking out from the ground. She backed a little more and tripped right over it with a small yelp then fell right on her behind while mumbling a swear word. “Some day this royal is having” Jade said to herself as she rose to a kneeling position unaware that some moving brown strands of the top of her hair could be visible from where she was hiding.

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesYesterday at 3:55 PM
She felt a power that would not aid her. She only felt the aura that the prince let off. She did not absorb it. Unfortunately for Jade as well, Jeff sensed multiple auras at once, and would not be able to pinpoint her location, seeing as he was getting further and further away with each passing moment. Jeff was already walking back toward the castle 20 yards from Aeyir, and knew he spent enough time away. Noki gave him permission to go into the woods and spend time away from her. It was most likely time for him to return. Maybe get a change of clothes. Eyes, 100 of them watched the self proclaimed royal woman huddle close to a tree, like a mother clutching a baby. Legs skittered down and came about 10 feet from her. The spider had a white, fuzzy body, with piercing yellow hues. Accompanied with skinny, bent black legs and long, dangling fangs. Venom dripped onto the bark, and dripped down onto Jade's shoulder. Should she look up, she would see this creature watching her, ready to pounce.(edited)

MoonroseScarletToday at 2:43 PM
Jade could tell that something was watching her before she felt something wet and slimy on her shoulder, she was not going to make another decision that would get her into more trouble than she already was as she gave a "Oh heck no" look and darted off to find help. She didn't even notice that her powers were accidently triggered by her sudden movement as a sudden crash was heard behind her as she ran deeper into the busy area of the woods "I have to find someone that can help get me out of...yaaah!" She found herself tumbling down a steep hill, this time falling on her side, she noticed a strange path when she rose to her feet and sighed "great. Now I'm somewhere else." She did not know if she was still in the woods or another territory that would probably get on her nerves more than the other.

(@MoonroseScarlet you are now here seeing you ran from the group, and are in a unknown location of the woods. and are lost)As Jade tumbled down the hillside the woods got more dense as she fell farther into them and away from help, down here no one would be able to hear her scream or call for help at all, she was in the dark, all alone, and there was the sounds of all kinds of sloshing and the crunching of what could be anything in the distance not far from her. but as she tumbled down the grass and foliage small spores and dirt grits picked up on her clothing, they smelled so nice clung to her body the smell making her mind think of wonderful things to bring her into a sense of security even if she was in a danger-filled location
(you have now been infected with charm, you feel light, free, safe no matter the location you are in, you feel like nothing could hurt you, everyone is your friend, and all is right and good in the world. this is a mental affect)

Back at The Black Sun Church

(Before Nikolai was in inforose to read hisd before log please click the following link =

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 6 ZergAegis

NikolaiLast Friday at 12:28 PM
Upon putting on the necklace, the large insectile gnoll would take a step before pausing, looking down at the pendant as it pulsed, giving him an unnatural shiver. Reaching down to grab it again in his hand, whilst the other hand went behind to grab the other end to remove the necklace from himself as quickly as he could. It was when he was lifting it over his head that he noticed the sudden change in scenery, there was no longer the stillness of the cave lions lair, nor the woods behind him. This caused Nikolai numerous feelings, uncertainty of what had just happened caused his heart to speed up as he looked around what seemed like a full graveyard, out behind a church of some sort for some unknown religion to him. His ears flicked as he tried to listen for everything in the area as he looked around with both his eyes and his tremor sense ability to try and determine how alone he was within this new location. Pausing his sight on one of the graves he reached up to touch one of the tombstones to ensure it wasn't just another illusion like the one that had befallen him with the goat. He gripped the stone within his hand before his entire expression went blank, eyes beginning to glow as he dug his claws into the tombstone, a light growl and chittering sound escaping his snarling expression.
With a deep breath, and a scowl, he would turn to look around his footing, to take note that his custom fitted rear admirals jacket, the cave lion and all of the treasure he had attempted to loot from it's domain were not present, seemingly left behind in the cave. His muscles slowly bulging with anger he gripped the tombstones edge even tighter as he began trying to take some deep breaths, his entire mane of fur risen in a defensive manner as he tried hard to not loose his temper just yet, not wanting to risk a series of problems that would most likely ensue should he begin raging. Clutching the necklace, the stone within his palm angrily, he uselessly squeezed it within his palm before pushing away from tombstone and dusting his palm off upon his pants. He sighed heavily as this time he looked around again, focusing a little more on what may be around.

AnayaLast Friday at 3:44 PM
The stone in his hand had shattered as he was titening his grip on it. The dust scattered over the ground as small shoes feet walked from behind him. A female with long black hair holding a book as she looked up her eyes flashing a bright purple for a moment then going ti a dark brown or even black but normal looking for the most part. She smelled of slight vanila and her footsteps were rather silent even to the gnoll "this place is not safe for you, but the rocks dont give much choice do they. We can fix the stone if you like to get you to another spot or back were you came from" she held her black book with silver print on it in her hands tightly as she smiled politely but still made the hair on the back of the neck stand on end. " you are young are you not gnoll, a life you have had already, come let's leave this place together before one you dont want noticing you shows up, I will give you the tour"
"Oh and your things, I belive your lost items are are on the other side of the yard they just did not port with you properly, we will pick them up"

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesLast Friday at 7:42 PM
The master was in the bath, having himself a read about the man whom impaled his enemies through the anal cavity and left them to die for days, sometimes, weeks. He wondered if his acts will ever be written into a book. Would anyone remember him? He had complete control over an entire group of imbeciles, and one promising woman. Would they lead him to victory? It didn't matter. None of it did. The endtimes were coming, and every act he made his men commit that involved sin, made his goddess stronger. He was helping this pitiful world reach it's extinction. It was about time. He had watched as an angry man killed his family. A man with white hair and a mask. The prince. The man who almost single handedly killed his family. Snapped his mother's neck. Decapitated his older brother after a short fight. Turned his two uncles into nothing but a pile of mush and blood. All because they raped his adopted daughter and killed her. Useless deaths over a whore, he thought. They all took turns and enjoyed it, even as she squirmed and shouted. Aku, however was young still, and didn't participate, and was inturn, spared by Jeff. The Metalwolf family, destroyed by the price, as well as 1/3 of the DeLaCroix family as well. Anaya then swept in to devour and disintegrate every other survivor that Jeff had either spared or skipped in the ensuing chaos. That, was 200 years ago. And in that time, the sweet little child, known as Aku DeLaCroix, was contorted and perverted into a hardened shell of his former self. Driven by Greed, Madness, revenge, and religion, Aku now just wishes to kill as many abominations as possible, and please his goddess at the same time.
This prince was alive. He had killed Declan, and would no doubt find Elaira. Even if he did find her, it was no matter. She was his toy. His puppet. Nothing else. He loved fucking her useless corpse like body while she slept in the middle of the night. She acted like she was sleeping, but he knew she was awake. It wasn't as if she would stop him any way. She never questioned him unless it would cause him potential harm, and even then, if told again, she would without hesitation. Since he first started warping her mind, he dreamed of the day he could enter her sweet flesh. Now, since that time had passed, he had grown bored with her. He only kept her around because she was efficient and loyal. No other reason. Most would look to Elaira and see a gorgeous woman. Aku just saw a used hankerchief. He had his fun. Kill her. Kidnap her. It didn't matter to him. She was going to be replaced after to long. She knew it as well. But until then. She was his to control. Raising his form from the bath, he was immediately wrapped in a large towel by two naked women. "Leave me." He grunted as the women bounded away, following his command. A Butler needing protection. A prince needing to be destroyed. A queen needing to be assassinated. So much to worry about. So little time. He closed his eyes and sighed as he thouroughly dried himself off and stepped into black pair of casual leather pants.
At that moment, he moved toward the window to see the woman and a new, incredibly large Abomination in his very back yard. His lips curled and twitched as he stood, staring at the pair of them. The vanilla scent was flooding his church and making him sick. Moving down the stairs and into the graveyard, Aku looked to the woman and Gnoll, and spoke clearly and sinisterly at the same time, yet held no I'll intention dispute his tone. Then he bowed. "Well, if it isn't my favorite visitor. And a new friend. Welcome to my graveyard. Though, I should ask, is there any reason you are all walking on through my ancestors and siblings final resting place? Surely we can talk inside like adults." Lifting his head up, he eyed the Gnoll up and down with a smile. "Such pretty fur. Do you eat red meat to keep that coat of yours so shiney?"

NikolaiLast Friday at 9:22 PM
He paused to look into his hand that had been squeezing the necklace, honestly not having expected it or the stone to shatter quite so easily. He closed his eyes, but before he could react to his own stupidity his ears would shoot up, his fairly strong senses failing him in his distracted state with the light stepping female. His mane of fur raised up quickly as he spun around and jumped back a bit in surprise she had gotten so close, suddenly noticing the vanilla scent in the air as he sniffed a few times. He flexed his fingers a few times, his wounds still bleeding a little from the cave lion, and reopening slightly from his quick movement. He listened to her speak, wanting to speak over her to ask questions but bit down and held his tongue for now. Once she had finished he turned his whole body to better get a defensive stance as he kept his eyes to hers, occassionally skipping to her book and back. "And what good is repairing this trinket, if it is what randomly sent me here without reason and would send me to another just as quickly?" He asked, trying to sound politely but was entirely unable to hide a slight growl and chitter as he spoke, not letting his guard down just yet. "And pray tell, why should I trust you more than this other one you speak of...?" He asked, thinking it a fair question seeing as all the weird stuff that has occured to or around him since he somehow survived a near death experience a second time not to long ago.
After listening to the second part of her statement however, he shifted more, turning to look at her as he headed towards where she hadsaid his belongings where and trying to keeper her in his peripheral vision as he approached the fence. Seeing the gate nearby he moved to it, taking his eyes off of the guest to unlock the gate and move to the other side. Upon seeing his jacket and the loot and such he had stashed within it he smiled, his manes fur dropping a little but still staying raised a bit defensively as he approached to pick it up. It wasn't everything he had looted, the rest being withing the Cave lion still, but it was better than starting over once more. Lifting it up and looking back towards the quest, he was about to speak when he notiec the other guest arrive into the graveyard, another odd looking one, though he shouldn't be one to speak. His ears flicked as he listened to the newcomer speak, waiting until he finished to reply before the woman could. "Not like I chose to be here." He said, raising his hand and opening the palm to show what remained of the stone and necklace in his palm, his other arm shifting a little as he held up his coat tied up with loot. He closed his palm again to try and not lose more of it if possible. "Not like I'm here by choice." He leaves it at that, unsure of whether the other part was relevant to anything, if it was even true or if the other one was trying to mislead him with side speech about his fur.

AnayaLast Saturday at 5:36 PM
The woman watched the insectoid as he moved and acted to her words, distrust in his eyes and body language witch in all reality was expected fromm one of his nature. She watched him as he walked away to gain his belongings and she kept her trap shut till he had come back. "The stone can be fixed and sold at a heavy price, over three hundred to even four hundred gold for a trinket like that. It is a stone of telaportathion if held it will take you to any locathion you think of first no matter the distance. You only only got here due to abstract thought

AnayaLast Saturday at 9:17 PM
You simply allowed your mind to wonder and you made the thought to vague and distant. Like thinking graveyard, or tavern there are thousands of them so the spot were you will fall will be unknown and random. But with the right skill we can make it so the stone will not shatter agein, hold not one but three uses and be able to be used three times every two days. A mighty fine upgrade, and we only wish you to do one little task and will assure with our word your safety in it." She moved along side him, her feet made not a single sound as she tilted her head to turn her dark eyes to the figure so many called the Master. "One must not lie with there intent Aku Delacroix, so not state mis pleadings to gain one so truly impure in your gaze to go with you inside a building made and formed on the bones of others. We will watch over the gnoll and alow you to ready for the black sun you have waited so long to come into a reality to truly be thus, bring all water around to run dry, turn the grain to sand, rip off all shutters and mark the doors of the worthy with the blood of a lamb. Soon Aku you need not lie to gain your liveing" her dark eyes moved back to the gnoll as she tilted her head softly her hair falling to the side "so our dear child can we count on you for a simple task in witch you will be greatly rewarded for?"

Jeff/Ingavor/UlyseesYesterday at 6:10 PM
He shook his head. The master did not want to cause harm. His men were already in the town causing havok. He needn't do anything sinister today. Aku nooded toward the woman and Gnoll. "You don't know me." He said to the woman. Then he looked to the Gnoll. "Be careful around town. People will try to kill you. And while I am here, I can not stop them." With that, he bowed and returned inside, leaving the two of them.

AnayaYesterday at 8:42 PM
"I do know you Aku, what was her name, pandora something, old time friend or lover maybe sister of yours, she rests in ulon with the rest of your line, poor thing you are telling lies. Pitty when you are all gone" she gave a polite smile then turned back to the gnoll as the Male in black walked away. "Within his heart he wishes the impure to rot and burn, you are seen as an abomination to them. If you find them in town and they are to much for you call out and you will gain protection from higher forces. If you so wish them"

NikolaiToday at 4:28 PM
The insectile gnoll returned, keeping around 10 ft between himself and her while keeping an eye on both. He flicked his ears as she turned back to speak to him, rolling his shoulders a little as he stood there, waiting.
"Guess he hasn't seen himself lately in a mirror. Anyways, not much trust in either of you seeing as you seem to have found me just so quickly after I picked up that necklace. And he has obvious motives that will see me dead if I understand. So what do you want from me?" He asked bluntly, but not rudely as his eyes gazed up and down her to size her up before keeping eye contact that would only shift if something appeared in his peripheral vision. He kept his feet firmly planted in order to try and use his ability despite it not working for the two recents he had met.

The woman looked at him and his clear distrust witch in all honesty was expected from the male. “i simply need you to go to the castle and take something form the building and take it outside the building and smash it on the stone walk way. Inside that building in the upper hall bedroom is a small white and golden idol  that looks much like an angel with white wings and a halo hovering over its head with a small strand of wire, it all glows a little and gives of this warm feeling, it prevents me from behind able to enter the building and I wish to go say my greetings to the new ruler. They will not be mean or hold malice towards you as you are a new unknown face. Simply walk in, go to the upper hall, take that item walk outside and smash it and then just as I have now I will then find you once more and reward you greatly for your actions. And if you want something else as well other then the trinket you may ask for it, you had a little family in a far land you were helping maybe to see them safe fed and happy as well”  it was odd how much she knew about the gnoll, but she had a source that she was connected to on a whole other level that told her everything, “you have nothing to worry about from me, I can never tell a lie and I am bound to never harm you unless harmed. ”

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