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Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire

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Anaya tilted her head as she looked to all that were around her “Samuel!” she called out as she knew that in the dinning hall to the side he would be able to hear her. And as she had assumed he had come out with half a leg of something in his mouth, it looked like a boar or some sort of hooved pig. His bright green eyes flickered as he looked around there was blood and strangers and oh that is a good thing the slave boy was almost dead, maybe he could finish the slave boy off. Samuel took another bite of his meat leg and then walked over to the throne tossing his backside into the throne to anayas side and then kissing her on the forehead showing he was her mate to any needed strangers. Anayas eyes did not move from the guest asking for gem stones and acting and feeling a bit off. She did not like the feeling she was getting, and it made her holy aura flicker, larger, then slightly smaller then back to larger, she was pulsing and the feeling was unseddleing. “you wish gem stones for what reason, our stones are not cheep to gain, what do you have in offer of trade for a royal stones?” she asked sternly her red eyes not leaving him as she moved noki to the side of her lap more to her hip then to anything else. But then she paused and moved Noki down to the floor to cling to her brother. Both little ones together in a heap sleeping at her feet allowed her more room to be able to move and act if needed. As well if she could not do something she knew Samuel would be on his feet before anyone would see it coming, wyverns and there speed was astounding. Anayas eyes then moved to sona and the man that had basically dragged the bleeding boy in. “come now, give sona to me and we shall get him healed it is good the blades are gone”   the man nodded his head and brought sona over the floor after the queens sister had removed the blades from the male that had saved him. “i h..hope he will be alright , miss” john said softly as he backed up allowing Anaya to take sona in her arms and drape him over her already blood covered body. Dragon blood was already a magical thing, so being blood covered by her own golden dragon babys was going to help the healing and make things move faster. She looked at sona for a moment “dumb boy” then looking back up over to samuel “if there are dead or living men in the grounds i want them removed and cleaned up we don't need blood on the grass to draw in the evil. Samuel once this matter of gems is handled and our guest is gone you are to go clean them up and handle that matter yourself. ” sam nodded as Anayas red eyes looked back to there guest that was asking about gem stones and at the same time making her uncomfortable.  

Guest_Vestrel: ~Verial reacted immediately to the being that entered the room. Its senses seemed heightened and as with all things interaction even on a scale that was sensory was not lost upon him, he felt the attempted intrusion yet did not respond. The amulet pulsed in recognition of this fact trying to gauge the creatures output. The chaos within flaring momentarily its effect would be to seek to block any attempt to gauge him mentally. He stepped away as the creature approached him its intention it seemed to be subservient he assumed to the creature he was addressing. The visual remained intact as he moved casually to the creatures left extending the distance between the creature and this illusionary form. He studied its energy signature trying to work out its intention as it began to kneel. Not very careful to engage another with sense and assume the engagement would not be felt. He gestured at the artwork upon the walls and spoke~,’’I imagine a land with such riches is abundant in such stones?’’ The words fell away smoothly in a perfect opposite to that which simmered within. The flow of energy within this chamber constantly being weighed. The chaos within still held in place after all it would not be wise to let loose in this structure. He sought answers to things that numbered more importantly than chaotic interaction among the assembled creatures as good as that thought would be he was intent on finishing the task in hand. Verial smiled at the kneeling creature while walking away from it the easy smile held almost a knowing hint at the unspoken interaction. ~ ‘’Does your land hold such artefacts? I would be happy to barter for such’’ ~The energy changed quickly then as did the manner of the being in white. The aura of it seemed disturbed still he was there to barter and he held to this fact whilst inwardly preparing should things change quickly. The hidden amulet beat faster now, if it could be seen ripples of its power would be seen reverberating from him. Shadow binding upon the hidden form, its build up still hidden visually yet definitely perceptible to any that were trained to see or indeed feel such force. He positioned himself to better see the host he was speaking to and the unknown creature that had entered the room and that which she spoke to. Whilst making his way towards a chair to take a seat, of course he would assume as was his nature that this would be accepted as hospitality from this host of sorts~ ’’What trade do you require? I deal in many things’’ He gestured towards the seat in a questioning manner. The chaos within building with each moment~

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragonGuest_SonaTheShadowDragon Whisper: "Satanael... Is darkness wrong?" Sona looked down, the Queen's words echoed in his head about how 'darkness was evil'. "Darkness... Darkness and Light are the very essences of life, with light, there is no Darkness. And without Darkness, there is no Light..." The dragon spoke in a slow and dreadful voice as Sona stood there and listened. "Then why is the Queen so obsessed with purging all that is related to Darkness?" Sona asked the dragon, in hopes of getting an answer. "The answer is quite simple... Light and Darkness are in a constant fight. Holy beings exist to purge the Darkness, and the so-called Unholy beings exist to purge the Light..." The dragon paused as he noticed Sona's confusion. "It's basically like Demons and Angels..." The dragon added up to its sentence as Sona nodded quietly. "So I'm supposed to purge the Queen...?" Sona looked up at the dragon once more as he got a little worried. "That depends... Do you hate her...?" The dragon tilted its head as Sona thought about it. "No, I don't..." He replied with a quiet voice. "Then you don't have to even think of killing her..." The dragon raised its head proudly as it looked down at Sona. "I shall see you here next time you end up in the same state... But let's hope you don't..." The dragon said to Sona as it nodded. Sona was about to leave the Velvet Room as the dragon stopped him. "Oh and... Good job, today you made a huge step... You've become something that the world has never seen, you're something unique and beautiful... Not human, nor dragon... You're an interesting specimen indeed... You can go now..." And with that, everything started fading into the distant darkness, soon Sona had regained his consciousness and he had come back to the real world. He slowly opened his eyes, only to feel the same warm embrace, it was the Queen, he was once again in the Queen's arms. For some reason, Sona thought that he couldn't be happier than that, he smiled quietly and tried to move closer to her with the little movement he was able to do, after all, most of his bones were broken, or cracked, though mostly broken.
RavenDeLaRose: Having her sister take over made her feel a bit better as she knew in her hands the boy would die no doubt. as stated before she could not heal, but she was able to remove that which stop her sister from healing him some she felt good that she could help the edge of her dress though was now a bloody mess and it was hard to get up from where she was, she did get up but was a bit wobbly as she did so. some things are just easier with four legs she thought. Looking over as she walks back to her chair she saw the man talking of some sort of jams she was not sure and it being not polite to ease drop she did not try to figure out. Seeing Sam there made her go timed again and she was quick to take her seat again. Normal she would hide her face in a book but with none to her found she just lowered her head as sat quite as not to draw any attention to herself. Mystic was still napping but boredom was beginning to kick in the children in no heath or want to play mystic got up and started to roam around the throne room looks for a guard to play with umm yes. She like to raw and look at which one would start to shake at her baring fangs this alone amused her even every so often snapping at them as if to bit them she strong and brave one stood still but there was a few that jumped and even scream like a girl those mystic like to .Play with most. Her tail twitch as she hunted out who was going to Play with the kitty.

PayneZileQueenPayneZileQueen Whisper: Seeing as the Lady was too occupied, with both the Slave, and the stranger that stood next to him. Damon remained kneeling down. He sensed the Dark from the stranger, and it knew that Damon sensed him, a soft smirk appeared on Damons face, knowing that he was right about what he had felt. And when the stranger moved, seeming to be wanting to avoid Damon. Damon simply moved his head slightly to keep an eye on the stranger. Who's aura was starting to ripple. It sure was noticible, and Dark. But it wasn't attacking, not yet at least. Damon moved his left hand, resting it on the floor, flattening his palm. Then he raised it slightly, as if it looked that he was still resting his hand on the floor. While in actuality, he was forming a flame on the inside of his palm. He hasn't shown his skills when it came to his element to anyone in this particular place. But that would soon change if the stranger did attack.

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Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After observing the army, Sona came to the realization that they were around thirty to forty men. They were approaching the town, slowly but surely, Sona had already raised his guard and prepared himself for a bloodbath. "Wh-... Why are they coming here!?" John looked at his father in a slightly worried and scared look, waiting for a normal answer like, 'they came for an alliance' or 'they are from the Queen's army.' But instead, the old man sighed quietly and shook his head. "They are up to no good... John, you might have to run all the way to the castle and inform the Queen." The old man spoke in a quiet voice as John stood there in shock. "You mean that I'll have to abandon you and leave!?" John yelled at his father, he was clearly panicking, but of course, the old man remained calm and collected. "Nonsense, I'll manage." The old man reassured his Son of his safety with a calm and warm smile, the same smile he had used on Sona. Though, that heartwarming moment was interrupted by the sound of many footsteps and the sound of a man. "Well well well, what do we have here?" A medium sized man had walked up to Sona and the family, his whole image was intimidating, probably because of the gigantic and heavy looking sword on his back, though Sona wasn't really intimidated. The man's green emerald eyes turned to look at Sona, then the old man and John. "I and my boys are hungry, so what do you have to offer for us?" The man spoke in a bold and cold tone, not even respecting the fact that he was but a stranger asking for food. "We have nothing but bread and water to offer, oh great warrior." The old man answered to the man, unlike his son, the old man didn't seem to be scared of the man and his army that had just halted in front of his house. "Perfect! Then you may go fetch some bread and water for us." The man was already giving orders, without being told to, John had already walked into the house to fetch some bread and water. After a minute or two, he came out, walked up to the man and offered the food to him. The man, of course, took what was given to him. He started consuming the bread, when he was done, he had drunk all the water he was given. "Unfortunately, oh great warrior, this is all we have to offer." The old man paused for a second. "If you want more, there is a tavern just ahead of the road, you and your tired men can go there, eat and drink to your heart's content." The old man finished, the man didn't seem very pleased. "I, the great warrior of the north, Dan, come to your house and this is all you have to offer me!?" The man seemed furious for some reason, of course, Sona knew that he was just searching for an excuse to cause havoc and kill the citizens. "But, great warrior we-" The old man tried to speak, only to be interrupted by the backslapping he received from the man. John, of course, seeing his father being attacked, snapped. He charged at the man with all his might, of course, the man was expecting him to do so and had already drawn out a small dagger without John realizing it, he was but a mere farmer, after all, he had no experience over fighting and the man was clearly setting him up. Sona, of course, wouldn't allow such thing to happen, the moment he saw the man pulling out the dagger, decided to take action. Without hesitation, Sona- who was out of the man's sight- dashed in and kicked the man on his left side, forcing him off balance. The man, of course, fell to the dirty mud, John stopped, and the man's army was rather, shocked- if not angry. "How dare you!?" The man turned and glared at Sona, of course, he was greeted with the same emotionless expression as everyone else. And that made the man all the angrier, he pointed at Sona. In a matter of seconds, three soldiers jumped on Sona, forcing him to his knees as they restrained him by holding his hands and his neck. Dan stood up and shortly made his way to Sona, without saying a word, he kicked him in his stomach, Sona felt the pain but showed no expression. "All you had to do was obey... And I would've taken this town without force, but now... Now I'm angry! I will make sure I burn this town and erase it from this world!" Dan yelled as he threw another kick at Sona. He then turned his attention to the old man and John. "Well, don't blame me really, this is what happen when you mess with the wrong people..." With that said, Dan walked up to the two villagers, without saying a word, he started beating down on the old man, throwing him on the ground, stepping on him, kicking him in his stomach. When John tried to step in, he was stopped by two soldiers, who started beating him down as well. All Sona could do is watch helplessly as these two innocent citizens were being harmed for no reason by a man who was hungry for power, this was tyranny, and Sona had seen plenty of it, from his childhood days until today. "Are you gonna stand there and watch...?" A voice echoed in Sona's head. "Didn't you say that you were going to change the world, fight for the innocents...?" The voice echoed once more, this time Sona got a slight headache. "Was your decision, a mistake then?" The voice echoed one last time, the pain growing stronger on Sona's head, mostly around the right side of his head for some reason. "You're right... I said I was going to change that... No more running away from myself or my burdens..." Sona kept struggling to free himself, harder than ever. "Oh? Are you finally going to accept the deal?" The voice echoed with a giggle. "You made me wait quite a while... You seek more power correct? Then let us form the pact at once." The voice paused for a second, Sona's headache grew stronger with each passing moment. "I mean, your name has already been disgraced, so why not just take my offer and wreak havoc? A part of you desires it thus..." With that said, Sona felt a rapid increase of pain on his head, enough to make him scream from it. "Vow to me... I am thou, thou art I...." With each passing word, Sona felt his bond with the dragon within growing stronger, that of course, meant that Sona inherited more and more of the dragon's true strength. "Not human, nor dragon. You are the one who now treads in the path of Darkness, you care not about justice, you fight for those who cannot and to protect the ones you love." The voice paused one last time, during this time Sona had managed to free his left hand, it was enough for him to work with. Without hesitation, Sona forced himself to stand up, once he was standing on his feet, he launched his hand on the soldier who had been restraining his right arm. In a matter of seconds, Sona had grabbed the soldier by his neck, with enough strength to force him to let go of Sona's arm and to struggle for escape, now both of Sona's hands were free, he didn't waste much time though, so he simply snapped the soldier's neck with his hand, just by applying enough strength at it. He then turned to the soldier who was holding his neck and punched him in the face, Sona was now free, this would be a bloodbath. "Detest the enemies before you. Change that animosity into power, and unleash it!" The voice echoed in a dreadful yet excited voice in Sona's head. He nodded as he turned to look at the old man and John who were still getting beat down. Within a matter of seconds Sona found himself behind the two guards who were beating up John, with no hesitation, Sona placed his hands on the first soldier's neck and snapped it with a swift movement, before the second soldier could turn to face him, Sona knee the soldier on his back, the sound of bones being crushed could be heard loud and clear. Dan stopped bothering with the old man and turned his attention to Sona, who had now killed three of his guys and knocked one out cold. "So you intend to pick a fight? I have an army, what do you have?!" Dan snapped at Sona, who was slowly lowering his mask, revealing the stitched smile of his. Without even talking, Sona placed his left hand on his mouth and started ripping the stitches off him by force, blood started rolling down to his chin. "I....?" Sona's once emotionless expression had turned into a bloodthirsty one. "I need no army... I AM the army..." Sona laughed in a rather, odd way, he too didn't know what was happening to him. "Let your emotions run wild!" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he kept laughing in a now rather psychotic tone, of course, the headache was still then, but Sona just ignored it. For a moment, Sona turned at John and the old man. "Go inside... This will get ugly..." Sona spoke with a now calm and collected voice as he stared down and their shocked and horrified expressions, it was as if they had seen a monster. John nodded quietly and helped his father up as they quickly ran into their house, locking the door behind them. "No matter, once we kill you we'll go after them, then the entire town!" Dan yelled at Sona. Sona's expression had changed once more as he turned to look at Dan, it was that same, bloodthirsty smile. "Kill me...? That'd be... Amusing to watch... To crush down your hopes as I slaughter all of your men." Sona couldn't help but laugh again, it was as if, he was enjoying it- allowing his emotions run wild, intimidating the enemy to the point of causing them real dread and terror. "Now call upon my name, and release thy rage!" The voice echoed in Sona's head as he nodded. "Come to me, Satanael!" Sona called out to voice, a geyser erupted from his shadow, in a matter of seconds, shadowy geyser took the form of a dragon's upper body. Suddenly, the shadow beast opened his eyes, its abyssal purple eyes locked on its targets, with a swift movement, the beast stretched its bulky hands and it's wings. The beast seemed to be holding something in its mouth, it looked like a blade of some sort. Dan and his men were all shocked and too scared to even run, they were paralyzed with the fear. The beast raises both of its hands up slowly, then slammed its claws down to the floor, as it leaned forward, its mouth right above Sona. It opened it wide as it released a horrific, dreadful and extremely loud roar that echoed to the whole Kingdom. The sheathed katana that was held in the dragon's mouth fell on Sona's hands, it was pitch black with some weird symbols made out of an abyssal purple color on it. "Don't blame me for what happens next, after all, you were the one who said it yourself... Do not mess with the wrong people, or you'll get yourself in trouble..." Sona looked at Dan, mocking him and provoking him right on his face. "Most people often learn from their mistakes, you boys on the other hand... Won't." With that, Sona raised his left hand and snapped his fingers, the shadow beast simply dropped down on Sona, it had lost it forms already as if it was just water. Sona felt the same pain forming all around his body, his skin turned pitch black, his hair grew longer, his previously ragged clothes were replaced with some odd looking clothes that it was out of this world, a dragon horn erupted from Sona's right side of his head, Sona stood straight once more, a moment of silence went by, before two abyssal blue glowing eyes opened, no other characteristics of his face were visible, it was as if he was a shadow with two abyssal blue glowing scleras for eyes. The sheath's symbols changed from abyssal purple to abyssal blue. Sona leaned forward and released another loud, horrific roar, this one, however, if a dragon were to listen to this, they'd definitely understand that it wasn't coming from a dragon, it was something that had never before seen in the history of man, dragon, and man, had formed and unbreakable bond and had fused into one being of immense power. Dan took a couple of steps back in both fear and hesitation. "W-....What are you standing for?! Kill that thing! We've killed a dragon before, so do not be afraid my men! We shall take this beast down! Together!" Dan shook the fear off him and tried to act brave, to raise the morale of his soldiers. They, of course, believed him, since they thought so high and mighty of their leader, Dan raised his left right hand and grabbed the handle of his great sword, when he drew it out of its sheath and raised it in the air, Sona realised that it was no mere blade, it was made out of dragon scales and bones- a dragon slaying weapon. "Attack!" Dan yelled to the top of his lungs as he pointed the tip of his gigantic blade at Sona. His men had already drawn out their weapons and were already rushing at Sona. Some villagers had heard the whole thing and were already watching from a safe distance. Sona took a step back and then rushed in with an unstoppable force that was way beyond the strongest human being, after all, Sona wasn't a human right now, he was something beyond words. When the soldiers came in close range with Sona, it was a huge impact, as if two armies with the same number and manpower. Sona felt the pain of being pierced, after all, the numbers were against him. Though Sona didn't stop, slash after slash, he attacked everything in sight, his form no longer had technique and his battle style no longer looked human either, Sona was fighting more and more like a Berserk Dragon would, every hit was in the one hundred percent of his power and he didn't stop no matter how many time he got pierced, luckily for him, no one had managed to pierce his heart. This went on for a whole a while now, Sona knew that he felt himself more and more tired, slowly giving in to the blood loss, but there was something- a burning feeling that forced him to keep going, most people described that feeling as- "Berserker's rage...." The old man spoke in a shocked and amazed voice as he witnessed Sona fighting. "Berserker's rage is strong, but... I've never seen anything like it... This young man has something much more than the berserk rage..." The old man stood there, John was amazed and surprised, but at the same time, scared and horrified of Sona. "H-How..... How is this possible?!" Dan took three steps back, trying to stomach the fact that his whole army was now nothing more than a pile of lifeless, decapitated corpses. Sona stood in the middle of this bloody mess, the whole area was now filled with blood, severed limbs and weapons that were lying on the dirty mud, some broken and some were simply bathed in blood and mud. Sona, of course, wasn't in the best condition either, he had many wounds and was losing blood, there was a tomahawk stabbed on his right side, a sword stabbed in his right shoulder, a dagger on his left thigh, and three to four arrows on his back. Not even Sona himself knew why was he able to stand tall after all these bruises, cuts and weapons stuck on him, he probably had broken many bones as well. Suddenly, Sona turned to face Dan, who was scared for his life, he then started making his way up to him slowly, he couldn't even hold his blade properly, Sona was dragging his blood bathed katana on the dirty mud, he probably had enough stamina for a swing or two, maybe three powerful swings. Dan snapped once more and ran up to Sona, raising his dragon-slaying blade up in the air, about to hammer it down on Sona and probably cut him in half. When Dan was close enough, Sona stepped in and with a swift strike, pierced Dan's heart, killing him in an instant. Sona pulled his blade out and watched as the lifeless corpse that used to be Dan falling on the dirty mud before his feet, his dragon-slaying sword fell in the mud as well, through Sona was smart enough to allow his shadow to consume the sword, he'd need that for later. After a moment of silence, Sona raised his claws in the air and stretched them to each side, releasing one last horrific, loud roar, it was a roar of victory, yet a warning to anyone else who could've been an enemy. After that, Sona dropped to his knees, as he started going back to his old human self, the pitch black color of his skin started wearing off his skin like paint, it went down until it had gone all the way into his shadow, Sona's hair were now longer, his ears were slightly pointy and the dragon horn hard remained on the right side of his face. The infected part of his face was now gone, completely and his iris color had changed from a crimson red and abyssal purple to a deep abyssal, with his pupils now being in a shape of a sharp edged cross. As Sona fell down on the dirty mud, unconscious, the old man and John ran out to his aid. "Quickly John, take him to the Queen right now, his life is in danger!" The old man said to his son, John nodded and picked up Sona, walking as fast as possible to the castle, ascending the hill. "J-Jeez... you're so heavy... Don't die on me you hear!?" John yelled at Sona, who was unconscious and couldn't hear it, but it's the thought that counts. After an hour or so, John finally reached the front door of the castle, he looked at the now shocked guards. "You must call her majesty now! He'll die if you don't do anything!" John begged the guards, luckily for him, the guards were not heartless and nodded as they opened the door and rushed in the main hall, John followed them while holding Sona tightly, his legs were shaking a little from his trip, and from the fear of seeing the Queen for his first time. "Your Majesty, we have an emergency!" One of the guards kneeled down and asked for the Queen's aid.


AzamiCore: -Xera decided to go out the window once again. It was shuch a nice wet day to go enjoy the out doors. While she climb down the vine the rain seem to gush down more making it hard for her to see. She waited holding on to the vines. She would move slowly down again but one of the grasp of vine with her right hand and it was slipery  and she kept trying a diffrent spot but it still was slipery as the other vine broke in her right hand. She went falling down, her head hit the tree braking her neck and waigt of her body tuged her downward. She lands hard on the ground and her body broken in many areas. There would be no life left in her body maybe one of the guards would find her body,-

RavenDeLaRose: Mystic did know that hiss meant back off so she did as she just flopped her body over on the floor. Laying there watching over her Anaya and the children as her long tail swished back and forth. Hear head would lay between her front paws and she let out a soft muffles yawn. The words sister from the queen’s lips felt good to hear she never had a sister and with no mother now it was nice to feel she had a family that wanted her. The smile was there as she hear the fares sister but as she looked down she saw the poor hurt young one.  It shocked her to see this and she wanted to help but black unicorns cannot heal at least she could not do so. If born like all unicorns pure and white she could heal them but as it were she was not and could not. she looked over at Samuel he made her a bit nervous though she did not know why so she was grateful when he got up for food and left. still Raven could since the week state in which the queen was in, this sadden Raven as she did not know what she could do to help. “you look worn. sister is there a way I may ease your burden if only to give your body a little rest” her soft words were well meant thought she was not sure a black unicorn could be of any use. -

Guest_Vestrel: ~The guard approached as was his manner from the start. Drunken and ill mannered, Verial shrugged away from him and cast his deceptively innocent eyes upon the being. ~’’I have business of a kind that doesn’t concern the likes of you’’ ~Funny to see that servants regardless of power or station always responded the same to those that controlled them. Verial knew only too well, even for he the shell that existed to serve another’s whims. To refuse was something that did not bear thought. The illusion held now very well and it would seem that nothing had been seen as untoward. The energy signatures flowed now each life force intermingled in a dance around its host to almost drown out each other in this unseen dance of energy, at least to those beings not gifted with seeing the ripples of life force and auras that accompanied sentient beings. He moved forward emboldened by the invitation from the creature which stood as a central figure within this hall. Female in appearance and cradling lower forms around her as a mother would a new borne to their breast. The intent was clear, this was a creature that held those it cared for tightly. It sat dressed in white with blue blood splattered upon its form in chaotic manner. One creature at ist lap the other prostrating itself upon her lower limbs. Others were there too, a cat like being and a humanoid that vied for its attention. Verial studied the auras of each at least that which was seen and contemplated their alignment as well as any changes in their outputs that would alert him to a change in the atmosphere and their place within it. The use of the amulet was necessary although the thought did cross his corrupted mind that one versed in such tricks of deception would see or sense its use yet even so the risk was worth it to engage in dialogue with this host~ ‘’I am Anur’’ ~ he gestured openly. The blues of his pompous attire accentuating the appearance of a noble. He moved forwards looking directly upon the creature that had almost signalled him to enter. The footfalls of his feet echoing lightly to seem to answer each other as the voices did within this cavernous environment. Dark stone stood as if considering the lowly beings that conversed with each other. A being seemed injured and the very energy it expelled almost caused him to pause and engage and maybe try drain its force. Yet the mind held stil,l there were bigger things at stake and even he approached new surroundings with a calculating mind. He spoke then the naturalness of his speech surprising the ruined sense of self that lay hidden beyond the surface~’’ I am looking to speak to those that deal in artefacts or the knowledge of them’’ ~The amulet pulsed beneath his clothing at the mention of the word as if it had been awakened. His intent to hide any output from its power and better attain what he needed~

Anaya: her eyes looked out as the man ran into the castle with the broken and bloody Sona, the slave boy was a mess, there was weapons in his body and he looked like he had come out of a battle, stupid slave would have to be bound to the castle to not get like this again, the amount of healing that would have to be used to heal that would be immense, and at the moment her children needed it more then he did, but at the same time if she sent him away with nothing he would surely bleed out on one of the tables wall the maids and nurses would be dumb founded to fix something like that, and that would also place them in danger if the boy that clearly had killed others, and could very much so snap due to pain and kill her maids and the nurses, and she did not want to get more. But then there was the fact moving right now with Noki on her lap would hurt the now sleeping Noki as she was not well enough to move, and the room on her lap was running thin, there was getting to the point there was not much room “bring Sona here, and guards remove the weapons in him and allow him to come to my lap, he can rest with me and Noki for a short while so he can heal then will be able to be mended in the medical wing later this afternoon” she was stern with her words and hell now she was feeling more like a mother then ever. A son at her leg clinging to her like his life was in danger, Noki a daughter sleeping with her head on his chest and now she would have a slave boy bleeding out after doing god knows what plopped in her lap like a sand bag. It was the wonder fo caring for her people, but she was far from happy about it. “Raven, sister, if you can can you remove the blades from the slave boys body, he seems to have gotten himself into a mess as of late, then he can be healed in my lap” the guard hearing the words of getting raven to do it backed right off allowing the girl to do the word he was going to do and more then likely do it in a nicer fashion. She looked over hearing another voice that introduced its self to the group. Her red eyes watched him as he walked over wanting knowledge about artifacts “come forth the, Anur what is it in knowledge do you seek” Anaya's aura moved a little a large holy ring around her, a sort of if you pass this i will react on it marker line in the sand. No one could see it normally but you could feel it if you passed it and it was about five feet or so around her and her children.

iNomad: Having watched the boy Sona's battle from afar, the man in the great oak overlooking the forest at the base of the hill shook his head quietly. Needless blood it seemed, reminding him why he didn't like people. Why he kept himself secluded in the woods. He moved up to the top of the oak where he foun a parting in the branches to seat himself with his legs crossed and his back against the base of the tree. Reaching to pull the bag from his hip quietly and pull a book as the rain raged on. He opened the book to the first few pages muttering a few soft words. The words were an incantation of sorts though when the incantation finished, the rain fall began to part only a few feet above him, landing around him in a funnel almost like an umbrella. He read quietly with his emerald green eyes glowing, it almost looked as though the great oak were alove, eyes overlooking the forest, pointed towards the town. He trailed his fingertips quietly over the pages, reading closely over the book. Once in a while he'd mutter an incantation. This time making the wind sway and the rain beat up against the barrier he'd made to keep the rain away. With this much rain, the glow of his eyes could easily be mistaken for anything, even a trick with the light. He'd been here long enough to be thought of by the villagers as a forest spirit. Contrary to the fact he wasn't, no villager had ever set eyes on him. He stayed hidden below the treeline when the rain was not there to cover his appearance. During the rain was the perfect time to continue his arcane training. To further master his power over the arcane power he'd only recently learned to manifest. It would be a great deal of time before he finally mastered them. His emerald eyes trailed a low glow at the top of the tree watching visitors come and go from the castle at all hours. He cared little for interaction, so long as they left him alone and caused no unnecessary damage to the forest, he had no reason to interact with them.

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: After hearing the Queen's orders, John nodded quietly as he held Sona gently, allowing the person who was to remove the weapons from him with ease. Without saying a word, John looked over at the female that was sitting on the throne. "So that's the all might Queen huh...?" John mumbled to himself in a quiet tone as he tried to gather his courage to inform the Queen of what had happened. "Y-Your Majesty, Sona here got hurt because he was protecting us- the town from being burnt down by some sort of an army!" John looked down, not daring to look at the Queen in the eyes. Meanwhile, while Sona was unconscious, he found himself in the same hallway, filled with empty prison cells. "Looks like you found yourself here again... At least this time you accepted the contract... And you were strong enough to go berserk with it..." Sona heard a very familiar and dreadful voice coming from behind him. Without hesitation, he turned to look. The once gigantic cell was gone, and the dragon within that cell was no longer chained. "Satanael..." Sona looked up, admiring the dragon's full glory as it was now free. "We've come so far, Sona... and lucky for you... You'll even survive... your wounds are going to be healed within the upcoming moments..." The dragon lowered its head to Sona's level, Sona, of course, raised his hand and gently placed it on the dragon, rubbing it gently. "Well, at least everyone is safe... That is all that matters..." Sona spoke in a quiet voice as he smiled, he too was now free from his own chains.

RavenDeLaRose: - -A gulp in her throat she stood up as her hand held the hem of her dress she walked over and stooped down this being a bit harder than most as she was a unicorn her hoof did not bend the same way. she leans close to him on her knees as her hand gently gripped hide side and she ran her hand along the blade “I will try to make this as painless as possible sir. but please do not fear what I’m about to do” as she spoke a black smoke flowed from her horn. It flowed around his wound and wrapped around the weapon like a glove. By doing this she could remove the weapon and not damage his wound any worst. Then she tilted her head back and focus as she did the weapon dislodged form the wound as easy as a knife from soft butter. The black smoke then dropped the knife on the floor beside him and faded away. “what now my Qu…sister” she looked over to the queen as if to get more orders. Then she dabbed his wound with a piece of her skirt she then she let out smoke again to and it then it flowed in to his wound this would stop the bleeding and ease the pain. “I cannot heal but I can stop the bleeding while we move your body over to the queen so she can”

PayneZileQueen: Having spend more than half of his entire life in banishment, being alone and living in the caves at the desert of Ignoros. Sure made Damon a lone wolf. Not someone who is able to get along with every person out there. He was flirtatious, this was known. A trait that many Fire Elf has, and surely shows. But his past and the Demon that recided inside of him were unusual, not just for an Elf, but for many person out there in general. Enjoying the rain, Damon had been outside since he had gotten out of his room in the west wing of the castle. The cold didn't bother him, nor did the wetness of the rain. His species temperature was controllable, and the water did not really touch his skin, but evaporated just above it. Damon's black hair, on the other hand. Did get wet. A swift movement of his body formed into a spinning kick in mid air. His right leg hitting a wooden target, quickly followed by his left. Before he landed onto the muddy ground, remaining balanced by having his left hand touching the floor among with his feet. The fingertips gently brushed the mud, his right knee bent and his left leg stretched. He stood very low to the ground before he got up and straightened himself. Damon's wet coat rested on a crate right behind him. As Damon was simply wearing his black pants and boots. It was an easier way for him to work out, in his opinion. And the wooden target was shown nicely thanks to the rain. It made everything even more visible in the black and gray image that Damon had of the world thanks to his blindfold, hiding his black and red irises. The only visible image that Damon was not entirely what he seemed to be. Hearing loud sounds coming from the inside of the castle. With a sigh, Damon shook his head. Loud noises usually meant that there was nothing good happening inside, and even though Damon was but a mere guest. He felt that he could be useful in any way that the Lady would allow him. Walking inside, going through the kitchen and towards the main halls. He felt the eyes of many female maid looking at him. And when he got closer, he saw some maids in fear. Damon raised a brow, even though it was barely noticible thanks to the black cloth that covered his eyes. Wondering what was going on, until he set his view on the unconscious boy, or man. A Slave, that was for sure. Damon stayed in the shadows for a little moment. Waiting for a moment that wouldn't interrupt anything. Once the boy was moved, Damon moved forward to try and seek out the Lady. Once he saw the Lady, he noticed someone dressed in a lot of blue showing a contract. It felt odd, the Demon inside of him started to rage. It felt Darkness, this much Damon knew. It was easy to have something that Damon had, immediatly giving him a sixth sense when it cames to the matters of the Dark. Though he wasn't sure if it came from the person, or the artifact that he was showing. Not caring for any consequence. Damon stepped forward and then stood beside the man. Wanting to feel more of the Darkness than he had done from the distance. Trying to pin point the location of what he felt. He kneeled, showing off his respect for the Lady, looking down at the ground. "Milady, it seems that there are quite some things going on, inside and outside of the walls. I know I am but a mere guest in your House. But I would like to help. It would be both as a matter of gratitude towards you. For taking me in and offering me a place to stay, apart from the stables." The dark energy that the man in blue was giving off, became more clear for Damon, though it was unknown to him what the man's intentions were. If it was hiding something, or up to no good. Damon would try to stop him, even if it meant that he would be fighting something that was higher in power. Than a mere, fire bending Elf with a Demonic embrace

Anaya: Anaya tilted her head as she looked to all that were around her “Samuel!” she called out as she knew that in the dinning hall to the side he would be able to hear her. And as she had assumed he had come out with half a leg of something in his mouth, it looked like a boar or some sort of hooved pig. His bright green eyes flickered as he looked around there was blood and strangers and oh that is a good thing the slave boy was almost dead, maybe he could finish the slave boy off. Samuel took another bite of his meat leg and then walked over to the throne tossing his backside into the throne to anayas side and then kissing her on the forehead showing he was her mate to any needed strangers. Anayas eyes did not move from the guest asking for gem stones and acting and feeling a bit off. She did not like the feeling she was getting, and it made her holy aura flicker, larger, then slightly smaller then back to larger, she was pulsing and the feeling was unseddleing. “you wish gem stones for what reason, our stones are not cheep to gain, what do you have in offer of trade for a royal stones?” she asked sternly her red eyes not leaving him as she moved noki to the side of her lap more to her hip then to anything else. But then she paused and moved Noki down to the floor to cling to her brother. Both little ones together in a heap sleeping at her feet allowed her more room to be able to move and act if needed. As well if she could not do something she knew Samuel would be on his feet before anyone would see it coming, wyverns and there speed was astounding. Anayas eyes then moved to sona and the man that had basically dragged the bleeding boy in. “come now, give sona to me and we shall get him healed it is good the blades are gone” the man nodded his head and brought sona over the floor after the queens sister had removed the blades from the male that had saved him. “i h..hope he will be alright , miss” john said softly as he backed up allowing Anaya to take sona in her arms and drape him over her already blood covered body. Dragon blood was already a magical thing, so being blood covered by her own golden dragon babys was going to help the healing and make things move faster. She looked at sona for a moment “dumb boy” then looking back up over to samuel “if there are dead or living men in the grounds i want them removed and cleaned up we don't need blood on the grass to draw in the evil. Samuel once this matter of gems is handled and our guest is gone you are to go clean them up and handle that matter yourself. ” sam nodded as Anayas red eyes looked back to there guest that was asking about gem stones and at the same time making her uncomfortable.

Guest_Vestrel : ~Verial reacted immediately to the being that entered the room. Its senses seemed heightened and as with all things interaction even on a scale that was sensory was not lost upon him, he felt the attempted intrusion yet did not respond. The amulet pulsed in recognition of this fact trying to gauge the creatures output. The chaos within flaring momentarily its effect would be to seek to block any attempt to gauge him mentally. He stepped away as the creature approached him its intention it seemed to be subservient he assumed to the creature he was addressing. The visual remained intact as he moved casually to the creatures left extending the distance between the creature and this illusionary form. He studied its energy signature trying to work out its intention as it began to kneel. Not very careful to engage another with sense and assume the engagement would not be felt. He gestured at the artwork upon the walls and spoke~,’’I imagine a land with such riches is abundant in such stones?’’ The words fell away smoothly in a perfect opposite to that which simmered within. The flow of energy within this chamber constantly being weighed. The chaos within still held in place after all it would not be wise to let loose in this structure. He sought answers to things that numbered more importantly than chaotic interaction among the assembled creatures as good as that thought would be he was intent on finishing the task in hand. Verial smiled at the kneeling creature while walking away from it the easy smile held almost a knowing hint at the unspoken interaction. ~ ‘’Does your land hold such artefacts? I would be happy to barter for such’’ ~The energy changed quickly then as did the manner of the being in white. The aura of it seemed disturbed still he was there to barter and he held to this fact whilst inwardly preparing should things change quickly. The hidden amulet beat faster now, if it could be seen ripples of its power would be seen reverberating from him. Shadow binding upon the hidden form, its build up still hidden visually yet definitely perceptible to any that were trained to see or indeed feel such force. He positioned himself to better see the host he was speaking to and the unknown creature that had entered the room and that which she spoke to. Whilst making his way towards a chair to take a seat, of course he would assume as was his nature that this would be accepted as hospitality from this host of sorts~ ’’What trade do you require? I deal in many things’’ He gestured towards the seat in a questioning manner. The chaos within building with each moment~

Guest_SonaTheShadowDragon: "Satanael... Is darkness wrong?" Sona looked down, the Queen's words echoed in his head about how 'darkness was evil'. "Darkness... Darkness and Light are the very essences of life, with light, there is no Darkness. And without Darkness, there is no Light..." The dragon spoke in a slow and dreadful voice as Sona stood there and listened. "Then why is the Queen so obsessed with purging all that is related to Darkness?" Sona asked the dragon, in hopes of getting an answer. "The answer is quite simple... Light and Darkness are in a constant fight. Holy beings exist to purge the Darkness, and the so-called Unholy beings exist to purge the Light..." The dragon paused as he noticed Sona's confusion. "It's basically like Demons and Angels..." The dragon added up to its sentence as Sona nodded quietly. "So I'm supposed to purge the Queen...?" Sona looked up at the dragon once more as he got a little worried. "That depends... Do you hate her...?" The dragon tilted its head as Sona thought about it. "No, I don't..." He replied with a quiet voice. "Then you don't have to even think of killing her..." The dragon raised its head proudly as it looked down at Sona. "I shall see you here next time you end up in the same state... But let's hope you don't..." The dragon said to Sona as it nodded. Sona was about to leave the Velvet Room as the dragon stopped him. "Oh and... Good job, today you made a huge step... You've become something that the world has never seen, you're something unique and beautiful... Not human, nor dragon... You're an interesting specimen indeed... You can go now..." And with that, everything started fading into the distant darkness, soon Sona had regained his consciousness and he had come back to the real world. He slowly opened his eyes, only to feel the same warm embrace, it was the Queen, he was once again in the Queen's arms. For some reason, Sona thought that he couldn't be happier than that, he smiled quietly and tried to move closer to her with the little movement he was able to do, after all, most of his bones were broken, or cracked, though mostly broken.

RavenDeLaRose: Having her sister take over made her feel abet better as she knew in her hands the boy would die no doubt. as stated before she could not heal, but she was able to remove that which stop her sister from healing him some she felt good that she could help the edge of her dress though was now a bloody mess and it was hard to get up from where she was, she did get up but was a bit wobbly as she did so. some things are just easier with four legs she thought. Looking over as she walks back to her chair she saw the man talking of some sort of jams she was not sure and it being not polite to ease drop she did not try to figure out. Seeing Sam there made her go timed again and she was quick to take her seat again. Normal she would hide her face in a book but with none to her found she just lowered her head as sat quite as not to draw any attention to herself. Mystic was still napping but boredom was beginning to kick in the children in no heath or want to play mystic got up and started to roam around the throne room looks for a guard to play with umm yes. She like to raw and look at which one would start to shake at her baring fangs this alone amused her even every so often snapping at them as if to bit them she strong and brave one stood still but there was a few that jumped and even scream like a girl those mystic like to .Play with most. Her tail twitch as she hunted out who was going to Play with the kitty.

PayneZileQueen: Seeing as the Lady was too occupied, with both the Slave, and the stranger that stood next to him. Damon remained kneeling down. He sensed the Dark from the stranger, and it knew that Damon sensed him, a soft smirk appeared on Damons face, knowing that he was right about what he had felt. And when the stranger moved, seeming to be wanting to avoid Damon. Damon simply moved his head slightly to keep an eye on the stranger. Who's aura was starting to ripple. It sure was noticible, and Dark. But it wasn't attacking, not yet at least. Damon moved his left hand, resting it on the floor, flattening his palm. Then he raised it slightly, as if it looked that he was still resting his hand on the floor. While in actuality, he was forming a flame on the inside of his palm. He hasn't shown his skills when it came to his element to anyone in this particular place. But that would soon change if the stranger did attack.

SahlielxInteritio: Drip..Drip..drip the sounds of the condensation building up and splattering on the moist cobblestone in the darkends closet was rythmatic. Its sounds was easy enough to lull anyone into a deep sleep. Thankfull for the clothes he had grabbed he would be cold and chilled to the bone. Drip.. Drip..Drip.. the sounds continued throught the night not disturbing his meditative state but only for a moment. Then it was gone. Asleep his head rocked forward and he was gone. At first it was nothing. Darkness and the void.. Death? No he did not die was merely asleep. Deep and deep the sounds echoing in his head. Drip.. Drip.. Drip... then silence. Drifting in his own mind in the void that was without dreams that all consuming silence. "Waxing and waning drifting between worlds the darkness it too much. Take it away." he spoke but no words came out. "Haku!!" the sound of a girl pierced his ears. Cries began to echo and fill the void. "Make it stop make it stop make it stop." he screamed out only to find it was his own screams being echoed back. "What kind of madness or hell is this. I have done nothing wrong." he whispered. "Why my dear severn I need you to fetch me some sandalwood shavings from the mill, Some jasmine and myrrh from the apothecaries. You will do this for me right?" echoed back in the darkness. The voice was totally different from the voice before it was dark sounded evil. Malice filled the void as pain unlike ever felt in his life. Splinters like cracks streaking across the darkness in his mind. It felt as if He himself would explode. "Wh...kii? kii? kii?" he screamed grabing at his head in failed attempts to bring himself out of this hell. Drip..Drip..Drip.. Then it was silence once more. Waves upon waves of emotions not his own came rushing forth from the darkness. A torrential wave of feelings the malice returned this time heavier. Glee? Images filled the void white lilies stained red with blood. A yound girl crying slowly fading to black as the sobbing returned. The emotion of happiness over death? Why? Who would be happy of death. Drip..Drip..Drip A tear fell into the void causing ripples was this the cause of the girl. "I do not know you why do you tormoent me? He screamed only to find it was his own tears that was being shed and he was alone. The ripples returned this time in front of him the darkness showing him the figure of a man. Tall, and proud his vestements declared him royalty. He touched at his face wiping away the tear. Suddenly the face was covered in blood not his own smiling back at him. "Who are you?" they both spoke at the same time the one person maintaining the wicked grin as blood dripped from his hands. The figure reached out for him the blood on his hands pouring out and evil laugh filling the void. Drip..Drip..Drip.. Then it was gone. He was back in the silence that was the void. "You did this it is all you fault." Voices screamed as he started sobbing "Make it all end... No more please make it all stop." he screamed back but there was nothing to reply. The dreamscape changed from void and darkness. To a beautiful forest with a open feild of white lilies. The same man with the young girl dancing on the top of his feet. Laughing and joy. Spinning around kicking up the petals of the lilies in a beautiful masqurade. Drip.. Drip.. Drip.. then it was gone. Again he was drifting in the void his face wet with tear not of his own. "Who.. what have I done?" he cried to himself. "Our contract is now complete" spoke a very sinister voice as the darkness changed to a dimly lit room. Some kind of shadowy shape before the man Collecting the human remains of a girl and what seemed to be a guard. "What kind of horror is this." he stiffled his shock. The shadowy figure immediately spoke. "We are being watched!!" it spoke and without warning it lunged at him. " No!!!" he screamed. Drip..Drip..Drip.. then it too was gone. Warmth filled the room and slowly stired him from this god aweful nightmare as the void began cracking and peeling away. Finally freedom was within his grasps. Light poured into the void as he opened his eyes. Drip..Drip.. Drip.. Nothing had changed.. Was he to be forever stuck in this hellish prison forever tormented on things he had not done. Drifting forever in the dark. Then with a flash he felt the cobblestone floor. He was awake again. The light of day filling the hallways. "How long have i been sleeping?" he muttered to himself. Thankfully it was only his voice to be heard. "What was that dream?" He wondered to himself as he slowly got up the soft clinks of corsain filling the room. He walked over ot he hole in the door and reaches for the handle. Roatinging it till.. click.. the door eases open out into a beautiful hallway. Yet familiar to him. "Yeah i was dragged down here to the throne room. Ohh what fun" he muttered as he started to walk in that direction.. The faint echo in the recesses of his mind.. Drip..Drip..Drip..


Anaya : Anayas eyes moved along the stone over to the man that was known as Dameon, she was able to tell he was as unstedy as she was and he had talked to her but her mind was on other things. Haveing the struggle of not being able to multi task overly she had ignored him and it was rude of her. Picking up sona in her arms she stood up and walked to his side looking down at him “you are a good man, i can feel that within you, your heart may not be pure but it is good and just, the evil within you is not you, and insanity does not control you, as long as you stay pure and good and do what is right and just my home is your home Damon and i could use a advisor at my flank to help guide and control things in my stead. You are of use to me as long as you have a good heart and being within you, but let evil over take you and my view will change” she was right, if he lost his will and the demon within his being tool hold of him she would be forced to do what she saw as right and remove his existence from this world. It was her job as what she was, her soul duty was to keep her lands her area pure and clean. Keep the darkness and the evil of this world at bay. “there was a miss earlier, a feeling i gained up in the halls, Noki brought it up to one of the guards the other night that there was a stranger hiding in a closert, be sure to cheek it out as your first task to this crown. I need to bring this boy and my children to the medical wing it has been a long morning and i shall be back when the sun is higher in the sky. If anything is needed find Samuel he will help you if you ask him nicely” she talked about him like he was not even there, he was a coule feed from them with a sour look on his face, maybe she was mad at him agein, he could care less with her mood swings. Anaya nodded her head as Sam gave a snort and she with sona in her arms walked to the medical wing on the west side of the castle, ryu dragging his weak little feet and noki doing the same behind them.

Apocryphon: Wraythe had been away from the castle and it's inhabitants for a time now, seeing as how he had found a large encampment that was being used by some very rude and disrespectful individuals. He had been spending his time training for the most part, as well as honing his own crafts such as carpentry and blacksmithing work, rebuilding some of the longer standing buildings to make them more respectable to live in, and once that was going once again he managed to get the old forge rebuilt and working again, and after a visit to the township to gather materials and a large amount of various metals he began to forge himself a new weapon, the noise of which could be heard from afar he was sure

PayneZileQueen: Damon smiled at the kind words that Anaya. And nodded as she basically gave him a promotion to become an advisor. When the stranger seemed to have left the room, Damon calmed down and stood up. "No worries Anaya, the Demon and I co-exist. It's a symbiotic thing. So to speak" He knew what evil he had inside of him. And sure, it gave him a bit of a temper. But the evil would never take over from him again. When the Lady has given him his first task, Damon basically raised an eyebrow and watch her leave. He then moved and made his way towards the closet that was mentioned. And opened the door of the closet. Only to see that it's an empty room. A broom fell out and Damon stepped back. "Alright then,, whatever happened. It's either a figment of imagination. Or it has been long gone" He sighed and kicked the broom back into the closet and he then looked at the ground. Seeing something that had dried up. He raised an eyebrow once more. "interesting..." He whispered to himself as he kneeled down. Rubbing his index and middle finger of his right hand over the floor. Then smelling what it was, noticing it was blood. "Alright... I might need to tell Anaya that once" Closing the closet door now, he went back to the throne room and took a seat at one of the chairs. Resting his head on his left arm. Waiting.

SahlielxInteritio: He walked down the hallways towards the throne room watching the people pass him by. He was apparently not noticed. "Hmmm I would have figured me to be caterhauled back to the dungeons by now.." It was not until he noticed a guard wearing clothes just like him with the embroidered crest of the house. "Ohh dear this will cause a whole mess of confusion if I am caught." he muttered under his breath as he walked into the throne room. Down the steps he went the chains of corsain clanking against his pants along with theMask he had commandeered from the broom closet. "Hello? Anyone home?" he asked directing his question to the young seeming man in the room.

PayneZileQueen: Waving his hand at the man who just came in. Damon nodded. "Well.. I'm here, and this is my home.. Name's Damon.. How can I help you?" Damon smiled in a charming matter, and got up to walk towards the stranger. "And why are you wearing a Guards uniform, if you're asking if someone's home?"

SahlielxInteritio: He watched the man get up his features very sliming yet decieving. "Ahh well you caught me. I found these clothes in town in a black market shop. As you see the embroidery is gone. I did not think it would cause a issue." He met the man half way and shook his hand. Drip..drip..drip. He missed the handshake and cluthed at his head. The pain getting a bit to much but not anywhere as bad as it once was. After a moment to recover and regain his compsure. "Name is Sah.." he winced trying to clear the minor pain from his head. "I am looking for some people to accompany me to the north." He said grasping the mans hands tightly and shaking it.
Guest_RiwanonRoisin: ~Rose was chilled to the bone, her dress clung to her body , hair dripping down her face, the rain had poured all night, washing out her hidden little nich in the out skirts of the town. She avoided the town, its inhabitints as much as she could. she dug up what roots where not washed away from her plantings and carefuly ut them in the sack she had managed to make from the many rabbits caught over the cold winter monts. Her only comfort was that the gods had blesse this day with some sun, which she hoped would dry her out. she fought the tears as she saw her hard work covere in mud, water, her garden washe away would she survive . shes been alone now for some time, she fought back the tears as she remembers how her clan where kille, slaughtered ..she excaped with her sister, but she had died this last winter..a tear falls from her eyes she wipes it away with the back of her hand and stands tall. she made her way over the marsh land, and toward the village, her heart beating like a drum as she did. she shiveredd from fear more than the cold. at the forest edge she stoped. it was quite. except for those creatures..she sat down on a log..looking a her muddy feet and cried, crie the tears so long held back~

PayneZileQueen: Looking at the man, and listening how he spoke. Damon simply nodded. "Alright, so we might have a leak when it comes to the disposal of Guard uniforms then.. I'm sure that'll need to be informed." And when he tried to shake the hand of the man, he raised an eyebrow as the man seemed to be needing a moment. "If you need a seat.. Then please.. By all means." He offered a chair, but the man seemed to recover quickly. "Ah, the north. I've heard some stories about the north. Wouldn't mind to accompany you." Damon smiled and shook the man's hand in return. "Though you seem to be lacking some weaponry. Which I am sure is needed if we do decide to go on an adventure. The name is Damon, by the way. Pleasure to meet you, Sahl."

Guest_RiwanonRoisin: ~she heard the sounds of saws, and looked up startled as she now saw several trolls in the yard ahead of her , cutting could they, she said a quick prayer for the trees soul shd it be an dare they she thought,. a tree of knowledge , she would have made a scarafice to the tree if she had anything left of value to toss into the water s of life, but long ago all she owned ha been tradded for seed ..see she laughed, then cried, she had not that left now..this rain. of course they cut down the life of this place..what do they expect but misery .. she looked up and gasp as she tried to run..shed been seen they had droped their tools and where come toward no she thought please no..she fell into the mud and lost her footing..she felt her ankle pulled and heard a them laugh as she was lifted into thei air feet first. ""put me down " she scremed, the larger one laughed. "can we eat her?" the other eyed her and lickrd His lips..but shook his large head and calmly said "no we can not..butr im sure the rullers will want to know iof this..she could be a spy, we can can be given a reward. tie her hands and lets take her up the hill" Rose struggle , cried, tried to fight them but was power less

SahlielxInteritio: Sahl more than welcomed the man and thanked him for the assistance. "Thank you Sir Damon, Yeah I do not have any weapons. Alas we are returning to my home of birth I am sure if we find something you are more than willing to have it as payment." He said as he got up and started towards the door. "If you want we can meet on the edge of town." He took a small bow and proceeded out the door. Drip..Drip..Drip. Pain arced across across his head sending more pain across his body. "Gahh why do I feel like i am forgetting something?" he pondered as he strayed down the walkway and into the streets. As if in a fog or dream like state he zoned out only to snap back by the sounds of a horse. "Ohh gods." he yelled jumping back avoiding the oncomming wagon. "I best hurry to the main gate." he muttered still rubbing his temples as he set off.

Apocryphon: It seemed the trolls were up to no good again, straying this far from the castle was rather dangerous for them all things considered. Wraythe let out a sigh and strapped the large blade he used for the moment to his belt at his back, stepping away from his forge and off towards where all the commotion was taking place, and a few moments later he was on the scene, perched above them all with a small quirk of his brow "Alright boys, you know you aren't supposed to stray this far from the castle, people aren't as nice as i am when it comes to trolls" At the sound of his voice the creatures seized up, turning towards him with a slight grunting noise as Wraythe spotted the woman "All of you take her to the castle, i'm sure she'll be able to get a change of clothes and a good nights sleep there, after that Miss i can't speak of your safety, i'd get out while you can, or stay and make yourself useful to the royalty, they pay well and keep their people safe" After he had spoken the trolls looked at him, dumbstruck, that was until he reached back and placed his hand on the handle of his weapon, at that moment they sprung up, trudging off with the lady in tow towards the nearby castle as Wraythe left and returned to his encampment, once again forging away on a new blade

PayneZileQueen: Nodding as Sahl left, Damon quickly left a note for Anaya. Saying that he was going on a trip to the North. After that, he went to his room and grabbed his trusty Dao bladed and his armor. Putting it on and placing his swords into it's sheath. Looking at his closet, which also contained his staff and his glaive. Damon simply grabbed the glaive, thinking that Sahl might have some use with it. And he walked out. The dark steel chest piece firmly strapped over his upper body. His coat stayed at home, as he didn't need it for this. Walking over the roads that lead to the castle walls and the main gate. He finally saw Sahl and whistled hard, in a high pitched tone that he was sure Sahl would hear, he then tossed the Glaive up into the sky in a way that it would be safe for Sahl to catch the item without getting harmed. "Figured you might've needed at least something to protect yourself"

Guest_RiwanonRoisin: `Rose froze shen she heard a mans voice speak to the trolls from no where, they grunted at the mans words but i could tell they responded as they droped me like a sack of roots into the mud, i was trying to stand when one on each side of me siesed my arms and began to pull me away, i cried out to the man for help but it seemed to fall on deaf ears, i could not hear what he said over the grunts of the trolls, the hores, and movement of the village as it seemed to waken . i looked up my feet fighting the mud and rocks as we climed the steps to the castle..the pace she most feared, she cried out " no , please stop please" but they did not hear her or did not listen eithe way she was draged and pulled and stoped at the two guards at the huge dark door~
SahlielxInteritio: A sharp whistle pierced his ears as he turned just in time to see the glinting of a long flying peice of metal. " Huh...What.: he said as he caught it in his hand and let the inertiaspinning the weapon deftly behind his back and comming to a complete stop with the bladed end towardsthe ground. "A very nice weapon. sir damon" he said as he strung a leather cord around the end of the pole and tying it off at the blade. "It has been a long time since i have been back home. so I am sure it is not going to be the same so do bare with me." he chuckled as he slung the weapon accross his back. " Well lets go" he said over his shoulder.

Guest_RiwanonRoisin: th guards at the door where huge, and stoodd feet spread arms crossedd, they each bore a huge sword upon their backs, dressed in black they berought a new fear to her..she saw them look her up and down, their eyes ddriking in the form of her figuer, her gown covvered in mud still clung to her , she lowere her eyes , not wanting to draw attention further to herself, one of them finaly looked at the trolls and said firmly, " and what do we have here? what have You two been upto?" waite here while i annouce you, she watched as he entered the castle door, but could see nothing but blackness, her knees became weak and she trembled, and wiated,
SahlielxInteritio: The quickly departed the kingdom and the safe compound of the castle grounds heading north. "No problem.I heard you say where you are from.. cannot say I have heard of of that place.. Is it close to here by chace?" he said looking at the young man. The birds were very silent and the air was cold as if death was in the air. "Do you hear that?" he motioned to the man. The trees were cut and debris was scattered about foot prints much larger than a normal man, or even a man at lla littered the grounds. "I am not sure what is going on here. It has been many years since i have been through here." he told damon as he got lower to the ground.

PayneZileQueenPayneZileQueen : "Can't say Ignoros is close, about a 3 week travel to the East. Depending on how you travel" He stopped talking as Sahl talked, nodding in agreement as he mentioned the birds being silent. "Can't say much of the cold.. Fire Elf,, we don't really feel the cold until it's below zero.." He whispered, but he lowered himself to the ground along with Sahl. Looking around to see if he caught something.

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ILoudI: Ihyriel cringed as he kicked awake from his slumber, drenched in what was partially sweat blood and rain. "Is that all it ever does here?" He asked himself irritatedly, bouncing back and forth from human to animal he had gravely mistaken trying to possess the troope back at the last carvan. Now having been casted from his host body he had no choice but to take hold the body of a dirty street cur, "Ughh.." Dragging his tall "lifeless" ever so handsom vessel through the mud the constant rainfall made ever so thick he didnt stop until he came upon a rather large Castle like structure before him. "Damn witches, of all places a damn troope of circus freaks..infact no that seems like the ideal hiding spot for them." Clamping his teeth down on the collar of his Vessels jacket he dragged the body up the stairs, raising up on his front paws he used his hindlegs to kick the door, "Ehh hello!..neighborhood canine at your door." He muttured, shaking the dirt free from the strays disgusting coat until it took a pure clean look with a random streak of green fur trailing down it's back, and brightly colored red hues. Standing before his physical true form he sat patiently, "Look at me lying on the ground, still handsome no worries there.. someone will get me back into my body." Looking up towards the clearing rain fall and slightly sunny skies he rolled his red orbs irritatedly "Yea of course itstops raining now.."

Anaya: Walking back from the dinning hall she had left the medical wing earlier and went to get herself something to eat, both children resting in the medical hall it was nice to eat alone and have silence for once. She could hear sound at the doors something was there as she moved her feet draging along the ground, toes tinking along the cold stone, it felt good on her feet to walk to move around to get up and get out of her chair. Letting out a breath she walked over to the door, her fingers running along the grooves in her large oaken doors, it was nice when the doors came in and they looked all clean and new. She wrapped her fingers around the large wooden handle and pulled one open, expecting rain to splash her it was nice when it did not. The rain was clearing up, maybe she could take Noki and Ryu to that large patch of grass over the land to the south, it was so nice there this time of year and soon the Lilly would open and make the land smell of green and flowers. She took in a breath and looked out the door her red eyes shimmering as she looked out the sun hitting her in the face giving her skin a glow. “come in, it is cold outside” she aid the words without looking out the door at what was even there, but it smelled wet and rather gross, but still it had a heart she could let it in.

ILoudI: Without even looking up to the individual who let him in he turned and grabbed his vessel by its clothes and dragged it inside, walking backwards he had no choice but to turn his gaze up towards the foreign woman, whisking his tail side to side to maintain his balance. "Ugh.." He tightened his jaws dragging it to the end of the hall sitting in wait for the woman to follow behind, "Pardon the mess.." He spoke in what he thought was english but came out in growls and barks, but this put him in quite the predicament if he couldnt communicate how the hell was he going to get anyone to remove the seal on his main body, "Hmm.." He looked around for a writing utensil of sorts, yet wanted to wait for the individual who let him in. "Rather lovely home.."

TatianaAncientwing: -she walked, from the tavern, the rain had finally let up, her clothes were still a bit soaked from the down pour from before, but it was a bit better. Her white hair was tied up in a side braid to the right side of her face. Her black clothed mask hiding her face except her bright golden eyes, her skin was a tanned from working in the sun. A traveling sword didn't really have a place of there own half the time, but it helped to have taverns or nice days to sleep under a tree or even in a tree. On her back was a heat black claymore made room the bones and blood of dragons. It weighted her coat down on her back, her black coat was a mixture of iron and steel mixed with fabric from elves. TatianaAncientwing: -Her boots were made of the same material and so was her top and shorts. Her stomach and upper chest were exposed a bit, but it allowed her to flow more easily with each attack she did. Her elf ears were poking out beneath the braid and her hair she had pulled together, in an attempt to hid them. She walked up the hill towards the castle, she wondered if the people of the castle would be still welcoming to her, she had been staying in the area for a few days, but would soon need to move on, her time with in there realm was drawing to a close. On her left hip was a black katana that she had won off a human, in a meet drinking contest, she didn't care for alchohol much but she knew it was a good way to make easy cash and loot someone as well of things. TatianaAncientwing: -Walking through the yard she say the trolls and nodded to them, before she came to the door, seeing the two guards as she awaited for them to allow her entrance to the castle. Her sent was of an autumn leave mixed with burning ash, a weird scent for a elf, but not for someone like her. -

Anaya: Anaya kept the door open allowing who ever else needed to come inside a way in, then there was a dog dragging a boy into her home, a dog, dragging a dead body, why was there a dog in her home, with mud covered feet and a mess on her floor “no no no no ” she said as she moved her foot to stop the dog from coming in anymore, “you do not get to drag crap in here you killed outside, get back outside this is not your home be gone with you” she scolded as she moved her hand to put her arm outside and help the woman that was outside inside out of the rain “you come in girl, but the dog does not” her upper lip quivered as her teeth were showing, all sharp to point and she ment business.

ILoudI: Ihyriel shook his head, "No, its not do I get this woman to understand me" He lowered his ears as she body blocked him, Propping the body upright against the wall..he himself didn't like to be dirty and used his tail as a quil dragging it through the mud. "Help..with Spel.." Running out of spell room, he tore the sleeve off his "dead" vessels arm exposing the seal that kept him from re-possessing himself. "How adorable the woman growls at the dog." He thought to himself barking and spinning in circles, all she needed to do Is touch it. "Oh come on..I want out of this mangey not even sure whose dog im in, it could be the best friend to some pathetic human child that I might want to kill later." Moving back and forth from the snarling woman to his vesel he would point to the seal with his nose, hoping she could put two and two together. If he had a choice he would've possessed another person capable of actual speech yet he was forced into the body of a cur until the simple spell on his actual body was broken. "I will keep barking at you woman!"

TatianaAncientwing: -she nodded to the women, as she walked into the castle, her clothes, were damp still, as the rain dripped off her coat, she smelt still of an autumn leaves only wetter. Her hair damp as well as she walked into the halls of the castle, turning to look at the women, as she waited for her, and only wished to respect her wishes. Her gold eyes seeing her teeth, but she wasn't afraid, she had seen many with teeth sharp enough to rip through a normal human, but for her it didn't fade her one bit. She didn't speak to her at first, but simple nodded her head is thanks to the lady. She turned herself as she looked around the hall, the beauty of the castle was something to behold, but at last today would be her last day to see it. She waited for the lady, her elf ears tips seemed to strange to how she pinned them back with in her hair, and seemed to poke out of her hair. She heard the voices of others with in the castle and the guards rambling, as she sighed,-

Anaya: Anaya was getting rather annoyed and once the other female was inside she looked at the worthless mutt and shut the door, how stupid a dog running around dragging its ass in the muk. “get lost dog, guards, kill the dog if it stays here, we could use a new rug, after the hide is cleaned that is” she scolded at the door guards as both moved and pointed there weapons at the hound at the doors “be on with ya dog dont want to kill ya” the one guard said out of his helmet as the other one unseen by others behind the metal helmet vissor rolled his eyes, stupid Voldotch trying to be friends with a hound, it was mud covered and looked to have bugs on its face, eyes and body. Softly Anaya steped away form the doors alowing the guards to do there work as she walked with the girl up into the castle “you must be frozzen in the rain out there, come there is a fire in the lounge you can get warm and if needed of dry garments some can be fetched for you” trying to be relaxed and nice she moved to the side opening up a side door to a room filled with red and golden sofas and chairs aswell as large paintings all over the walls, dragons and knights and castles and people. It was a beautiful room with a big glass roof so you could see and hear the rain thumping on the glass and metal beams. Anaya moved and sat on a sofa as she pated the pillow beside her “come sit, i will not harm you, what brings you to my castle today” she said her voice trying to be as sweet as she could but red eyes like death made her have that aura of an unsetling nature.

The next Day

Sifrella-Last Monday at 12:52 PM
It was midnight in the forest at the edge of town outside of the castle grounds. Sifrella stood in the rain, breathing heavily with her spear in her hands. Her eyes still gave off the cool aura with the bits of green in the hazel. A soft smile played on her lips as she stared over at Ihyriel whom she had dragged outside into the mud. Her intent was to toughen him up as her right hand, he should at least be able to go hand to hand with her. For now she intended to teach him a few things about being comfortable in uncomfortable conditions. Sif lifted her chin, her hair clinging to her body, damp with the light rain constantly falling. “Are you ready? I shall go easy on you Ihyriel.”

ILoudI: Ihyriel's gaze shot down towards the mud on his bare feet, his body tensed and his head twitched as the very thought of dirt made his skin crawl, and for that very reason he utterly refused to wear white clothing yet today, the servants had brought him white trousers, and nothing else. "Oh god." He looked around him, his hair was untied and freely flowing down his back nearly touching the mud, and to make things better it was raining. "Miss Sifrella..I can't do this." He peered about through slightly opened eyes standing there not even so much as a defensive stance. "Ihyl: She is going to kick your ass.." He gulped biting his lip. He had never really had to defend himself, he was better at running away infact he took pride in it made him feel good that he was hard to catch. But when the rude awakening of having someone faster than catches him..he simply gave up on defending himself..if he was meant to die it was simply meant to be. "Ihyl: I wont let anyone kill you...this is the first body ive possessed that looks good and is actually sturdy. For punk ass, your ripped we have a nice body." Ihyriel slid his right foot back, a poor indication that not only was he going to run but she had a clear idea of which way he was going to go.. he was oblivious and didnt know of the potential strenght he actually had. Only that he knew, he had an ass kicking of legendary perportion coming his way.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 2:05 PM
Sif rolled her eyes but stabbed her spear into the dirt, deep enough to sink the entire end into the mud. She easily caught the signs of flight and not fight reflexes oozing off of Ihyriel. She slowly approached him until she was about three steps away. She narrowed her eyes, “You run, and I shall seriously hurt you.” Her cold eyes got colder as she glared, but it was gone just as quickly as she turned and stepped back to where she stood before. Sif left the spear in the dirt and set one foot forward, primed to attack. With a smirk, she leapt forward, swinging her leg up towards Ihyriel’s head. She moved at an easy speed, slow enough for him to see it coming, working at a beginner’s pace.

Something drifted in the wind, a thick small that lingered a moment then tapered off flowing down over to were sif was standing. That toxin samuel held was all the air smelled like, sulphur but he was nowere to be seen. Were would the smell be comeing from, what were the consequences of breathing it, was there a risk was he far off was his mood good or fowl like his stench.

PayneZileQueen-Last Monday at 2:16 PM
Sitting in a tree, watching Sif train Ihyriel. Damon simply sighed. The rain helped enhanced his vision, smiling softly as he noticed Sifrella's figure. But that wasn't while he was there for, it was simply to help her get more adjusted to the upcoming heat. While she was training Ihyriel, he was training her in a different way. Leaning against the giant trunk of the tree, he swiped one leg up to rest on the branch that he was sitting on. When Damon noticed how Ihyriel was going to run. He shook his head when Sifrella threathened him to hut too much. "You're not helping him wanting to run away, not in the way you're threathening him. Try approaching him in a different direction, he's clearly a pup. Doesn't know how to fight. You're getting ahead of where you need to start"

ILoudI: He sucked in a breath hearing her words and figured that if he didnt blatantly turn and run away she wouldn't hurt him, despite how bad he really wanted to he couldnt help the inner fear within him..he did not learn to face things head on. Her gaze is what truly caught his attention, that cold glare .. "Uhh.." He watched her return to the spear only to lunge at him seconds afterward, "So fast.." He leaped back despite being able to see it he moved back farther than he actually needed to, putting a huge distance between the two of them looking down at the mud collecting under his toes the squishy awkwardness he shook his head. "Thats repulsive.." He cringed. "Ihyl: I just want you to know, that you are technically running away..and the space you put between you and her gave her enough force and kick back to seriously fuck you up if you dont...." Suddenly his inner demon stopped speaking to him still looking at the ground he twitched. "If Idont what?"

Guest_ShaeSilver: -Shae stepped along the darkened path as the sprinkles of rain fell upon her figure and unruly curls that bounced upon her steps forwards, one eye the colour of a bright burning ember while the other the cold blue of ice as she blinked her gaze about her surroundings. She would crack her neck tilting it side to side as she let out a soft sight of relief with the castle not too far off in the distance, always wandering was something of her thing as she would hear voices off in the wooded area ahead of her, with that she would twist her wrist to hold her palm upwards as effortlessly as the opening of her palm would a ball of flames light up her face giving her the light she wanted to see ahead with a tilt of her head.-

Satisfied enough with his dodge, she spun back and set her foot back into the initial position. Sif simply rolled her eyes at Damon’s comment and ignored him. Just before giving him advice on showing fear, she paused. Her sense of smell was strong but not necessary with the scent that wafted through the trees. Sif couldn’t help but look for him, Samuel, but remembered herself and the training session going on. At the moment she looked back to Ihyriel. One glance at him and she sighed, he had a long way to go. Before cutting the training short she walked up to him, at a speed that should have been alarming, with a purposeful intent. She was going to test him once, about to grab him by the arm then flip him over her shoulder in one swift motion and most likely landing him face first into the mud. Sif didn’t intend to remain outside for too long due to the temperatures but she did want to see what Ihyriel was made of.(edited)

Queen Anaya-Last Monday at 2:41 PM
Within the tree line glowed two massive green eyes black slits down the centers. Samuel laying down his wings tucked into his sides to stay low on his belly watched, his full 80 foot tall 200 or more foot long body partly hidden by the tall trees. With Anaya gone with both children to god knows were hebhad free rain to watch and even stalk there 'guests' but there was sif there. He could not harm her. Samuel loved his maw out of the tree line as he gave a low gruntled cooing sound to get her attention. If she did in fact notice him he would move his head closer as his green eyes moved and looked to the mut and to that other male watching sif. A grin came over the wyverns maw as he trying his very best to hold back his toxic musk smell and pushed his nose into her back his one green eye softly looking at her and then looking back to the group before them. Samuel was fully alright to place a big head in the center of what looked like maybe a training spar and he wondered would the mut demon boy have the sense to stop what he was doing or was this going to get really fun. Samuel gave off that coo likenrumble once more and pushed a little harder into Sifs back

Sifrella-Last Monday at 3:16 PM
ILoudI: Clearly distracted and yelling at himself, "Of what-" He failed to notice Sif walking up to him, "Ihyl:...." "Yeah when I need you to say something you are annoyingly sile-" He didn't move nor did he pay enough attention to see her flip him over her shoulder landing him in the mud. "Ihyl: "Oh..yeah to look up, pay attention." There was a silence from Ihyriel that lingered far too long for comfort, he was was just flipped onto his face. In mud. As for anyone who knew him, he lothed dirt, usually he'd run off crying and tried to find the nearest bath house to clense himself. He breathed heavily through his nose, a series of growls rumbling from his chest as he laid there for awhile. "Ihyl: OH SHE DID IT NOW... LET ME OUT BOY!" Momentarily blacked out from such a simply attack Ihyriel's eyes opened briefly and stared up at Sifrella...yet they weren't his menacing gaze but that of someone much darker. Moving with inhuman celerity he tore a decent crator in the earth as he leaped away from the massive creatures face, still growling and utterly refusing to face Miss Sifrella he turned and left heading towards his chambers where he wanted nothing more but to fight Ihyl back into dormacy and clean himself off, it had to be maybe one of the most humiliating days he's ever had. Shooed of by a giant lizard, and defeated by a woman with a shoulder flip move and face deep into dirt. Of course he sniffled his entire way back to his chambers torn on anger or his last sense of manlyness in the rain.. he planned to lock himself away and sulk for maybe eternity he had nothing else to lose.

PayneZileQueen-Last Monday at 3:24 PM
As Damon kept watching, knowing that Sifrella had ignored him. He simply sighed and had noticed Samuel. Shaking his head, he leaped out of the tree that he was relaxing in, not paying attention to the flame that was dancing in the distance as he noticed a change in Ihyriel's energy and then ran off. "Told you love.. Not ready yet." He smirked and then turned his head to face Sifrella, not sure on what she, or Samuel, would be planning to do next. He simply kept a grin on his face, staying silent while he waved towards Samuel. Crossing his arms after his wave, he looked at the ground and kicked some mud off of his boot. Unsure of what his actions would need to be right now, he'd defenitly wasn't scared of the big dragon. But he did show his respect for Samuel.. Raising his head again, he looked at Sifrella, curious about how she would go on with this.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 3:30 PM
TatianaAncientwing: -she had been walking for days, her last assignment had been an easy one, as she walked down the road. The rain had continued for days, her clothes and armour weighted on her sore body, as she continued. Her white hair had been pulled into a long side braid to keep from getting in her face as she worked, and her black cloth masked covered her face from people knowing what she looked like. She didn't care for many things, only thing she knew was battle, and pain. She had no family, only people she would pass by in the taverns, other mercs, and swords for hire. She sighed as she continued to walk down the path, the rain had soaked her boots, so each step felt like walking through cole water, her slightly tanned skin was exposed in a few places, and had droplets of rain hit it, the water didn't hurt her, but made her skin cold. On her left hip she had her black ebony sword, and ebony knife. Her back carried her black claymore, as she continued down the path, she saw a village ahead of her, finally somewhere dry she sighed, as she continued one. Seeing that the tavern was closed she grumbled a bit, her gold eyes shined like a gold coin in mid day with the rain drops, she looked up the hill seeing the castle. She had been here a few times, and each time the queen was very kind, walking up the hill she saw the guards at the door again as she stopped and waited for them to acknowledge her. After sometime and none of the guards seemed to notice she was standing in front of them, she knocked on the door, her fist against the door seemed like a beast was banging on the door, but it was her. She waited as she felt the rain hit her forehead, and running down her face as she remained in the rain for a bit longer.-

AzamiCore-Last Monday at 3:40 PM
Though the queen was busy to talk to. Xera took it upon herself to for fill her duties. She saw a need a walk through the main entrance. Xera may have a hated for men. But if these trolls was to do their job right and protect the castle they needed work and she would have to set aside her hated for the betterment of her new home. He would learn each and every troll. She tested there fighting skills and look for weakness. She mentally took all information. Learning new things about the trolls. It still amazed her how well she spoke their language.
Sifrella-Last Monday at 3:50 PM
Guest_ShaeSilver: -Shae’s ears would twitch as the ruckus became louder than before as she neared the silhouettes which then grew colour to their bodies and outlines of their shapes became clear, her eyes would glisten in the lighting of the flame within her hand as she tossed it up into the air to dissolve into the wind as if embers floating from a fire, her voice was soft but darkened as she moved onwards- “Greetings, seems my wanderings have led me to you all, I bring no danger with me” –She liked to state she was indeed on her own and no matter her powers she would never use them upon anyone unless in defense, or the odd showing off that she embellished in sometimes purely for fun
Sif watched the change in Ihyriel’s eyes, furrowing her brow slightly before her ears caught the movement and rumbling of Samuel. She swiftly let go of Ihyriel, straightening, but kept her back to Sam. “I suppose i will concede that you are right in this instance… and only this instance.” She glanced to Damon, then after the second nudge from Samuel, she still kept her back to him. She worried over the change in her appearance, fearing that the warmer tone of her skin and the loss of the blue in her eyes to disgust him. She had lost her original Arctic Elf image and had already succeeded in avoiding the Queen. With a small sigh, she turned and immediately knelt to one knee in the mud, head down. “My Lord Samuel, good evening. I pray i have not disturbed you with our extracurricular activities.” Sif also took note to let her heavy, now soaked hair to fall past her face. It didn’t do much to conceal her since it was wet but she made the effort to avoid his eyes. For now she would allow Ihyriel to sulk off, giving him a break for now but she still had a bit of training to do herself. Already feeling tired from the spring weather, she had chosen to train in the rain for added strength. The goddess blessed her kind with the ability to re-energize with water so it did help. Nothing was helping her embarrassment in front of the King unfortunately, except the welcome distraction that came from the woman exiting the treeline and into the clearing that was now occupied by the great dragon’s face.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 4:26 PM
Samuel grumbled in disapproval at not being able to see Sif's face, then spares Damon a glance before completely dismissing his presence. He focuses his attention on Sifrella, her form bent to the ground and the light rain becoming heavier by the minute. Sam huffs, shifting his legs to lay upon the ground, lifting his head a bit and looking down at her slightly. "Stand Sif, stand and look at me. What is wrong that you avoid my gaze?" Looking away towards the small voice, he 'humphs' at the woman entering the clearing.

ILoudI: Ihyriel barged in his room, kicking the door closed before stripping away the disgustingly muddy trousers diving into the bath as if it were ten feet deep, he scrubbed his body until his skin reddened and nearly peeled from his bones. "Ugh!.." Splashing about frustratedly clensing his body he would scream to have the servants rush in and change the water and fill it back up his rage warmed the bath to a degree that would boil any mortal live. washing his hair and nearly burning his scalp he snarled for them to leave shortly after. Climbing from the waters his body steaming, "Ihyl: So close I almost took over." "Shut up!" He sat on the edge of the bed before loosing his complete mind wrecking his chambers in a fit. "Ihyl: So you are letting me take over this is fun..."

PayneZileQueen-Last Monday at 4:57 PM
Watching Sifrella and Samuel, Damon simply shrugged. But couldn't help but feel jealous. Not that he'd tell anyome that, but he sure needed to find something to cool down with. "Excuse me Sif, but mind if I talk to your little Project what just stormed off?" Hoping for a yes, wanting to find out if he could help Ihyriel with controlling his inner demons. If Damon was able to do it, it shouldn't be too hard, right? Shifting his weight, he placed his hands in the pockets of his coat, not bothered by the rain

AzamiCore-Last Monday at 5:09 PM
Xera would walk behind a troll her feet cracked branch and she noticed that the troll didn't turn to see what it was- Zera clicked and grunts to then making him come to her she looked at his ears an it looked quite dirty inside- No wonder you guys have trouble hearing things. I will bring some cotton balls to work on each of your ears. - she headed back to the castle. Told the maid what she needed for the next day. She went to her room. She took her parchment and pin. She wrote every thing she did for that day Xera was exausted for the many hours she put into dealing with the trolls. She took off her equipments and layed on the bed. Her eyes would slowly close.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 5:17 PM
“Yes Damon…” She rose to her feet obediently, keeping her head down, but as Sam acknowledged the woman who took one look at him and ran off again back into the woods, she looked over to Damon speaking low. “I may have been too hard on him, do send him my apologies.” As usual the Ice Elf was a soft marshmallow on the inside and wanted to encourage not crush the poor thing. With a nod she dismissed Damon, knowing that now the rain had begun pouring that she would be able to withstand it a bit longer. With a deep breath, she turned and looked up at Samuel dead on, fighting the urge to hide her unnatural new look. She even took a moment to slick the hair back from her face and behind her ears, the chains and gems dangling from the with the motion as her full face was revealed to him for the first time since the day they swam together.

Queen Anaya-Last Monday at 5:20 PM
his maw moved along the side under sifs arm as she did not look at him still. pushing his face into her he put the tip of his nose trying his very best not to touch skin on her body to not play the game of risk of if toxin would seep from his skin or not. sometimes he was fine and nothing was leacking but other times it was a gloshing mess of droll blood and toxins so it was better safe then face melting sorry. Samuels eyes looked at her, the world was just the world and no one else mattered, well unless they moved closer, then tthey would matter rather fast, you broke the personal bubble wall and you got yourself noticed in the dragons eyes. but right now, it was only her, be it tan skin black skin or pale skin she was still the cold weather loveing elven woman he had grown to tenderly care for. as the rain hit his face it made his eyes shimmer brightly as he looked at her, and seeing his head was large enough to be an umbrella in a extreamly and unlike him tender guesture he lifted his head up and held it over top of Sif and then lowered his nose down to almost hug her with it hovering it over her neck and shoulder softly makeing a low cooing sound. in his own way telling her that there was nothing she could be that he did not enjoy, she would always be his elf, well at least when he was around she was his, and if he found out anyone else was intorested there would be hell to pay. Samuels nose moved and gently just touched her with a dry spot he could hardly do what he wanted and right now he did not really want to go human due to the rain and the fact they were in the woods and it was nice to just be himself, fuck anaya was not around so he did not have to be diffrent, if he could stay as he wanted it would be this, in this form, every day till he died.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 5:41 PM
ILoudI: Staring up at the cieling as he lie on the floor, he gazed around to see his chambers a complete mess from deep claw marks, to torn sheets, broken glass and wooden frame to the bed his eyes opened briefly only to stare in complete confusion. There was even a horizontal splatter of blood and cowering servant in the corner, "Did..I." He ruffled his hair, standing to his feet slipping on a pair of trouser, "You're the person who lays my clothes out for me..." he looked to the servants arm to see what appeared to be a clean slash, like a weapon. "I did that.." He looked around holding his head, lifting the scattered items into his arms anything that was unbroken or repairable he laid neatly onto the bed since literally everything else was wrecked. "Its dirty.." He frowned, looking at the servant getting blood everywhere.. "Get out.. you are filthy!" He politely shooed him out sitting in the cleanest part of the room, the bathroom where he sat on the small stool staring at the floor. "..." using his foot to kick the door closed he used his body to baricade the door, Miss Sifrella never said he could sob when no one was looking.

PayneZileQueen-Last Monday at 5:41 PM
Feeling his jealousy rise. Damon clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. But instead of going toe to toe with a Dragon. Not to mention the husband if the one he now serves. Would be an easy death sentence. Damon walked off, annoyed and irritated by the cooing nouse that echoed through his mind now. Out if frustration, Damon waved his hand and a wave of fire caught a single tree. Scorching it but not catching fire due to the rain. It was enough though, for now. Making his way to the castle, he burned an occasional bush or dead tree in frustration until he finally reached the castle. Entering it, ignoring the guards and the strange woman who tried to interact with the trolls. Inhaling deeply as Damon made his way upstairs to Sifrella's chambers, he yelled. "Ihyriel! Where are you!"

Raven-Last Monday at 5:53 PM
It’s been a few days sense her had look at the guard though they survive. this time Mystic still had a teasing feeling to cause a bit of trouble, boredom does this to her. she would get up and stretch out as she turns her head and looked around the throne room where she lay. Her eyes would glare at the guards as she licked her lips and let each of them see her pearly whit fangs. She then started to walk tords them as she let out a low tone purr that was more fighting sounding then awe adorable. There were man guard this did nothing to them and then there was a few that trembled as she walked past. This pleased her and she would swat her paw out at them as they did so. As she did a few would jump back and even some would fall back on their ass. This made her laugh inside as she loved being big and bad, she grinned and showed off her kitty smile to them. Mystic love being a panther and had twice the fun cause of it. Meanwhile raven who again was hiding in the library .and again her head in a book she felt the grumble of her stomach crying out for a meal. She had not eating all day and she was starting to get light headed from this. “I guess I should go eat “she said softly to reassure her it would be fine to do so. in truth, it was but being a unicorn, she had to be careful after all curse or not she could find a hunter who would have no problem with removing her horn from her body and killing her. this would cause a hell of a curse on them, but curse or not some will still try. This should not be something to worry about in her new home as the queen protected her, but she did have this worry in the back of her head. She made her way past the halls and in to the throne room she thought it odd not to see the queen but she shrugged it off and went to the dining room to eat.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 6:19 PM
Sifrella’s gaze softened from the cool indifferent stare and her body relaxed a bit from the tension she was feeling at the look in Samuel’s eyes. As he moved closer, she blushed and looked away for a brief moment, only to look at him again as he cooed and got so extremely close. Sif closed her eyes, feeling the heat of him warming her skin in an uncomfortable way, especially with him blocking the cool rain and making her light-headed. But she remained still, for some reason liking the intimacy but also not knowing how to react. A smile graced her lips softly and so briefly before she shook it off and looked up to him. “My King… ah I mean… Sam, I…” She sighed and reached a hand to his maw, touching him lightly, only with her fingertips. She flinched slightly at the heat of his scales and the sheen of toxin mixed with the rain, but looked him in those big bright eyes with an expression of utmost loyalty. That was all she could give him at this juncture, unsure of so many things. “Thank you my Lord.” Sif then took a step back and bowed her head once again, gripping her hand in a fist.

Queen Anaya-Last Monday at 6:29 PM
Samuels face as she touched him soffened so very much, he longed for that sinple thing, touch, to just do as others of her race did, hold one another. his head pushed into her hand as she touched him as he could feel the tenthion from the male that moved and made himself noticed. as the other male walked away and was gone from the gaze of others and there own Smausls body started to cruntch down, and one of the things of being who he was ment when you changed to another form you did not have clothing on. scales and goober fell to the ground as he stood there before her, human skin replaceing toxic covered scales. the rain now free to fall on them both fell on his body makeing him cooler to the touch. "i think more then just i want to touch you my dear Sif" he said softly as he moved a step closer to her, not touching her but being under a foot from her body. "and no matter what you look like, you will always be ice cold in my eyes even if your skin is tan or even browned by the sun, the winter snow is what made my heart fall to bits around you, that wont change due to skin or eye tones" he took yet another step to her, only intches from her body as he looked into her eyes his own black hair felling down around his brod sholders.

MoonroseScarlet-Last Monday at 8:20 PM
-Scarlet was now in the kitchen helping the workers catch a wild bird that was due to be cooked soon, She and two other workers chased the little heck through the kitchen as it screamed towards the door, "runaway bird!" Scarlet yelled as the bird actually made it's way out of the kitchen and into the main halls where Vena was located, Vena was actually trying to flirt with one of the guards just so she could get to the area where all the jewels and gold were located, She knew that some rare jewels were there and she could take them and run with it since she had the form of a royal, "They won't miss it anyway." She said as she danced around the guard, just as he was about to loose his cool and spill the location, the bird let out a screech and ran right across Vena almost making her fall, Vena screamed and ran right upstairs as Scarlet chased after the bird, "Get back her you feathered rascal." Scarlet said before she tripped and fell on her chest, She grunted and looked up, " A little help her miss royal," Scarlet said to Vena who only shook her head, " Not way am I chasing a bird in this dress." Scarlet grunted again as she got to her feet and chased the bird back in the kitchen, the bird could still be heard as Vena looked then came back downstairs-

Loud-Last Monday at 10:43 PM
Ihyriel turned his back against the door, pulling his knees to his chest as he stared blankly, wiping the tears from his face. "Ihyl: Ihyrieeee..." He said tauntingly, "Ihyl: Ihyrieee... I know you here me." Shaking his head he stood up pacing back and forth, "Shut up..shut up." He snapped at himself, clawing himself up to face the mirror, flinching at the person that looked back at him. "Ihyl, stop making me hallucinate!" He angrily drove his fist through the glass repeatedly until his attention was divided by Damon calling his name. "...Oh no.." He snapped out of it, not a fan of Damon, especially while he was playing tug of war with his sanity. Scattering over to the door he had nothing to physically barricade the door with and really there wasn't much he could do magic-wise to meld the metal frame of the door shut so he simply sat there. Hiding his face with his hair, "Ihyl: Another ass kicking.. gonna be a new record. But unfortunately unlike the woman, this guy might kill you. And as for the dragon-man downstairs.. you should just not even look at him don't even breath around him." Ihyriel laid on the floor shaking his head. "What an awful day.."
June 27, 2017

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 1:09 AM
Annoyed, frustrated, jealous, in rage and wanting to blow off steam, Damon was planning on kicking Ihyriels head in a couple of times. Demon vs Demon, should defenitly be fun. Once he reached the door of Ihyriels chambers, he kicked it in. The heavy wood not even standing a chance, splintering from the impact. Then there he saw it. Blood, everything but a few things being destroyed. And now it made more sense why he saw a servant running away, crying. A deep sigh escaped Damon's lips. He had been there, plenty of times. And it was actually quite impressive that no one was killed. He knew he would've, he had done so. Took him around 20 years u til he finally got back in control. And it didn't seem that Ihyriel was old enough. Damon looked further, he saw destruction, and the room was filled with pain, and suffering. Then he saw Ihyriel. Kneeling down, he tapped the man's arm. "Get up. It's fine. It happened, it's over now. He talks to you, doesn't he? Trust me.. I've been where you were at. And have to admit it to you, impressive how you are able to regain control like that again. Took me 20 years.." Damon reached out a hand, it would be weird for someone who doesn't look a day older than 25 to say something like he did. It was an elven thing, and he knew that him and Sifrella looked young, but were a lot older than they seem. With his free hand, Damon moved his blindfold up to uncover his eyes. Which were nothing like the golden hue that a normal Fire Elf should have, instead they were black, with a deep red iris in the middle. "You're not the only one who's a vessel to something else. But I might be the only one who can help control it more. And no worries about Sifrella. I will talk to her about your situation and training."(edited)

Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 12:24 PM
Staring up at him, many things ran through her mind. ‘He is quite a bit taller than me’, ‘I can hear his heartbeat, or is that mine?’, ‘How long have i stood in this spot?’ It was definitely her heart beating faster as she suddenly realized the rain had settled down and stopped. The stillness of the air silenced the clearing and she could feel herself no longer remaining cool, especially with the literal and figurative heat between she and Sam. Her brows furrowed deeply as her eyes seemed to begin to focus on nothing, the world slowly falling away. “Sam, what does this mean?” The necklace around her neck that usually held an effervescent water with a blue haze suddenly faded in color as well. Samuel seemed to move away from her but stay still at the same time… as she fell unconscious.

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 12:54 PM
Samuel watched her as he moved closer his nude body shifting with his movments. He could see the fog come over her eyes as they started to roll into her head. Movejng forword he grabed her in his arms as she fell out cold. Not knowing what to do his heart sank in his chest and all he chould think about was her. Oh god he was tocuhing her. The toxins in his skin it was to late she woukd get sick now if she was not dieing already. Shit shit shit he thought to himself the words talking out loud as he picked her up. They were not far from the castle, fuck clothing. With sif in his arms he started to run, very very fast his long strids takeing them to the castle gate. With his foot up he kicked in the doors obe door slameing loudly on the stone wall. What he needed was in the bassment "sir Samuel" a guard yelled outband sam ignored the man as he ran down the main hall to the large double guarded door that led down under the castle were people were not alowed to go the one of few places no one but anaya and himself chould go. She wont know he thought to himself as he pushed into the room and bolted down the steps. Makeing his way over to what looked to be a dead end stone hall way he kicked a stone with his foot and the wall opened up. Ibside were books and scroles and a shimmering mace with a purple tinge a old dead body, then another, and another there were a few dead bodys stashed away in there and it was very cold so they hardly rotted. And there on a small pillar was a vile of green glowing fluid. "Sif sif wake up" sam said in a needy please wake up sort of voice as he walked with her cradled in his arms over to the pillar and that vile.

Red-Last Tuesday at 12:59 PM
Days had gone by like it was nothing, Sona stopped carring about everyone around him, he had completely lost his emotions, he was no longer hiding them. They were lost, as if something had stolen them from him. Once again, Sona found himself on the main hall room -otherwise known as the throne room- cleaning the floor with a dirty rag. "I am back, S-o-n-a~" A hostile and unknown voice echoed in Sona's head, ever since the incident with the Queen, Sona has being hearing another voice in his head, it was certainly Satanael. Whatever it was, it said some mean things to Sona, as if... It wanted to break him from the inside. "Still alone little buddy..~?" The voice asked Sona, he of course, ignored it. "Still ignoring me..? Alright then... It's a pity how you were about to finally find a friend, only to be turned down because of what you've become." The voice laughed, its laughted echoing throughout Sona's head. "And to think you were about to die to protect the so called innocent back there... It's just amusing~" The voice kept talking, and talking, and talking. "But I..-" Sona was about to talk, only to be interrupted by the voice. "You what Sona? Face it! There are no innocent, there is no love nor a place to call home for things like you... To be honest, I too am confused as to why the Queen hasn't killed you off yet... Everyone's life would be so much better if you never existed in the first place... Oh, all these lifes you've taken and all these people you watched suffer... You owe the world an apology!" The voice said as Sona felt the feeling of his sins crawling on his back. "Oh you looked so pathetic when the Queen struck you with the realization of who you are, and who you will ever be... A slave, you don't even deserve a name! Might as well call you slave myself... I think that'd be better to keep reminding you where you belong...~" The voice kept talking, Sona just kept scrubbing the floor clean with the rag, ignoring everyone around him.

Loud-Last Tuesday at 1:05 PM
Ihyriel neglected to hear Damon enter his chambers with his face buried in his knees rocking back and forth, the soul crushing feeling of defeat was entirely too much he appreciated the help but he didn't like being utterly trampled upon he only had so much pride to be proud of any not even a small flame of it was there. Flinching slightly at Damon's touch on his shoulder he growled accidentally before regaining consciousness, "Is it really? over...I don't think it is." He took Damon's hand to help him stand to his feet, looking down at the floor despite his eyes being closed, listening to the man speak he didn't expect him to have such a soft interior, "Speaks to me, he controls me, mentally and physically, seriously he makes me fall down the stairs." He sniffled, and twenty years.. he lowered his shoulders pulling his hair off his shoulders. "Its been three hundred years this isn't control this is tolerance..I sit back and take it and eventually he gets bored I have no control. Opening his bi colored eyes slightly he gasped staring blankly, "I was hoping I wasn't alone.." Pressing his lips into a firm line he began to walk away at the thought of Miss Sifrella when he mentioned her.. "I cant face her, I wont..what if I would've hurt her I glared at her..which is most disrespectful.." His ears flickered as his head instantly shot towards the floor in the direction of the door, forgetting their very conversation his attention darted towards downstairs sensing something was wrong "Miss Sifrella.."

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 1:13 PM
"300 ye.. How old are you kid?" Raising an eyebrow, he covered his eyes again with his cloth. Slightly annoyed that he had shown his eyes but he didn't watch. "I've got training, and I can teach you as well if you wish. And don't worry about Si..." Before he was able to continue talking, he looked at Ihyriel who seemed to be sensing something. When he mentioned Sifrella, he started running towards the throne hall. Which in turn was very close to the entrance. He saw a quick flash of a naked man with Sifrella in his arms, he growled and jumped down the stairs, wanting to run after the naked man, but having lost him when the man went down the basement. He huffed, widened his stance as flames formed into his hands. He got angry, very angry. The Demon inside of him started to wake up as well, as Damon growled. He waited at the throne room. Not leaving his position, and staying in his stance. The flames burning his gloves and charring the hemp of his coat. Burning it away in time as he waited. Exposing his bare upper body. Who ever that was, Damon knew that the basement didn't have a way out. And he would see the man appear in time anyway. Ready to attack

Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 1:24 PM
Her skin was damp with sweat, her hair and the chains hanging from her long elven ears lay cold and swinging swiftly as Sam ran. Her breathing was shallow and her body limp. Her warrior’s uniform was dull with the rain that had fallen through the trees, the ends of her hair tinged with mud as it had drug along the ground. Her breast barely moved with her breathing, the tight straps and blue half corset shifting only with Samuel’s movements. As they entered the castle, some of the staff stared in disbelief, she even looked sicker by the moment due to the toxins seeping into her skin despite its hardened qualities. Once in the basement, her eyes moved behind her lids almost as if she was having a nightmare, but she still did not wake up.

AzamiCore-Last Tuesday at 1:28 PM
-Xera tosses her clothing still damp from the light rain and working with the trolls outside.. She didn't see the one that carried her to her room the other day. She opens her eyes- darn it I didn't even get much sleep, something​ feels wrong. - she dismissed the feeling . This had happened before but never understood what it was. She took the telescope the small one too see cells and placed them in her bag. She also placed a fer other insterments some vile of blood just in case. She all do placed glass slides her notes and pin and ink to take with her. She hopes to bump into that troll. why could she not remember his name. It was strange how it slipped from her mind. Probly form having so many other trolls name in her head.She looked out the window it was still cloudy but the rain seem to have subsided for now. She ooes the door and see the bag next to her door she opens it and smile to see they were the bagg of cotton she had request.- Now to help these trolls to hear better. + She grabs the bag and walks twards the main entrance. She seed Damion rush passed her so she decides to fallow-

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 1:32 PM
Sam no longer gave her a choice and with a clawed finger he shoved his finger down into her mouth opened her lips took the vile and dumped the goop into her mouth. The affects of it would be instant to shock her body into adapting to the antidote. In his hand he tossed the vile to the side as he looked ather her greed eyes flareing brightly. " come on sif wake up, i cant lose you agein, dont fade away from me all over agein" his eyes were watery and glassy as he looked down at her in his arms small drops of green slop on the corners of her lips.

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 1:46 PM
"Quite clear isn't it.. Try to burn the fucker who carried my...." He silenced himself, what was Sif for him? Defenitly more than a friend, he loved her. Even though he didn't admit it to himself, or her, or anyone else just yet. His rage stayed, while he patiently waited for his soon to be burn victim. A few of the maids that came by quickly ran away again once they saw the fire coming off of Damon's body. Not to mention the heat that he pulsated through the throne hall. Not really keeping Sifrella in mind at this moment, but having his mind set clearly on attacking the naked male who was carrying his loved one. All he cared about now, was fire. To kill, to hurt, maim, to burn to ashes. He growled, sounding low and deep. Ready to attack at any given moment, like an arrow being drawn onto a bow, ready to fire at will. The flames dancing into his hands, waiting to be touched by something or someone that wasn't immune to the damage they could cause.

Red-Last Tuesday at 1:51 PM
After cleaning the floor, Sona was finally able to stand up, most of his body was still in pain from the battle that took place on the outskirts of the village couple of days ago. "Oh? Are we in pain? Do you realise now how pointless your actions were? You saved a bunch of so called innocents... You got hurt in the proccess... All that for her.." The voice paused for a second as Sona looked down at the now cleaned floor. "And instead of rewarding you, or even thanking you for sacrificing your own body for her's and her people's sake... She broke your heart... Oh how amusing this is to watch~! You thought you'd get to be the hero you always wanted to be? You thought that people would stop being afraid of you and they'd love you??" The voice's laughter echoed once more in Sona's head. "Now look at yourself... No one will ever love an abomination such as yourself... You'd be better off just killing yourself at this point..." The voice spoke in a cold and harsh tone, all Sona could do was stay quiet and listen, listen to every single thing the voice had to tell him. Because it was right, everything it said was true and made complete sense to Sona's mind... why would the Queen like to have an abomination like himself as a friend? Why would anyone want him alive? Sona felt himself breaking, with each word Sona reflected upon every single action he had taken so far in his life, every single mistake, every single person he had killed. His state was only getting worse and worse.

Loud-Last Tuesday at 1:57 PM
He absentmindedly answer his question despite his attention placed downstairs "I'm three hundred years old." He did see his eyes through the corner of his own, his eyes appeared closed but they were just very chinky Ihyriel always came off as that "blind guy". But the true important matter was below them, darting after Damon only wearing a pair of black trousers and nothing more his bare feet moved swiftly across the cold stone floor, as he kept up with Damons speed. His long hair covering every inch of his face so no one could see the shit sad expression he was making. "Who was that guy.." he thought to himself only catching a brief view of Miss Sifrella in the persons arms. Standing a fair distance behind the enraged Damon he looked around unclear of what to do. "Sir..Damon.. what are you about to do.." he flicked his chin toward the flames on his hands. "You're gonna what!" He stepped directly besides him shaking his head. "No what if Miss Sifrella is besides that guy and you start spraying flames everywhere, just wait and see who exist first. If its anyone besides her than by all means. I dont want anyone getting hurt but-" His attention darted towards the wall sniffing the air he immediately backed away "....I uhh.. nevermind.." He knew that scent... he refused to be so closed to where that scaled monster was that thing had an aura about it that he didn't like one bit.



Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 2:00 PM
Sifrella’s eyes opened quickly as her chest rose and her hand went to her throat. She began a coughing fit, sitting up too quickly to where her head spun but only briefly. Taking a deep breath and coughing once more, she touched the corner of her mouth and looked down to the green goo there. Blinking rapidly, as her eyes had begun to water, she looked around. Where she sat was cool and relieving, the air in the basement soothing her skin and lungs. Her back was to Samuel at this moment but she could sense him. She swiftly turned around to see him, though she didn’t know why at this moment she wanted to set her eyes upon him. It somehow relaxed her to know he hadn’t left her side, but also embarrassed her to no end. She didn’t completely understand what had happened but she did know that it had been Samuel to help her. Sif’s gaze couldn’t help but trace all the way from Sam’s eyes down and then away. She was actually getting used to seeing him like this but what shamed her was being weak in front of her Lord. What knight would collapse in front of some one they… Her thoughts stopped there as she slid off of the table and rolled her shoulders back, straightening and resorting to her usual cool demeanor. After a moment, she slid off her warrior’s cloak and laid it on the table, revealing her bare shoulders, back, and stomach. It cooled her and allowed her to muster up the courage to face Sam. “I assure you my lord I shall never fall weak before you again, it was my carelessness that I…” At that moment, she realized that he couldn’t have brought her here, wherever in the castle they were without touching her. She looked to her palm where she had touched him before and there was no burn or even scratches there. Closing her fist she looked back to Sam, still with her cool hazel eyes. “What happened?"

AzamiCore-Last Tuesday at 2:04 PM
Xera backed away from Damion heat of rage. Not jat his heat would burn her. In understanding rage it self. She seen rage like this from Azami. The first time she saw her ever so angry. Xera new it was best to stay out of his way. Her eyes moved to the floor.- What is this? - She spoke not a care who heard her voice as she placed her bags on the floor Ns pulled her tweezer out and one of her glass slabs. - toxin?? She placed some carefully on to her slab not toching it. She placed another glass slabs over the toxin. I wonder where this came from?

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 2:08 PM
Samules arms wraped around her tightly grabing her and forceing her into his embrace. "It is my fault. You fell and i catched you witout thinking. I had to touch you or you would have hit the ground. I am sorry i could not lose you, i could not lose you all over agein." He pulled back his eyes wet as he looked at her "we are in my hidden study i had to take you here to give you the cure for my toxin but now the new batch is gone it will take months to make more but you should grow an immunity to it now just as Anaya has. I shall take you back up to the main level and let you rest it is dirt covered down here." It was a mess in that cramped room the room was large butbthere was alot of stuff jamed in there, hidden castle stuff and bodys sam did not want found by the public. But it was cold, really cold.

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 2:36 PM
"I don't spray flames.." He responded to Ihyriel, listening to what he had to say, yet not caring. He knew that if Sifrella was there, he wouldn't attack until she was out of the way, what did Ihyriel think? That he was an idiot? When he left, Damon simply shook his head and then kept his eyes locked on the entrance. A soft smirk appeared on his face, he knew why Ihyriel could've left. Same reaction he had when he saw Samuel, so he knew Samuel was around. Who knew, maybe he would be impressed by Damon's attack on some stranger who entered the basement with a woman he knew was dear to Samuel. Damon cracked his neck, loosening up some of his muscles before he'd start a fight. His energy must've been felt through the entire throne room by now, and who knows how much further. His rage built on, and on. Waiting to be released into a full blaze aimed towards whoever the person was who carried the one he loved so dearly, but silently from a distance.

Loud-Last Tuesday at 5:00 PM
Ihyriel stared blankly, what would he have to do to get that level of bravery under his belt. Exactly what would it take? He watched Sir Damon thinking to himself that he was indeed stupid for he was blinded by rage and rage caused stupid mistakes, like hurting or even killing a loved one... "Ihyl: What a well deserved nap, your tantrums exhaust me." Ihyriel suddenly lost control of his head and found himself looking past Sir Damon.. "Ihyl: Dont you have a motto or something about perfection.. and yet thats the wounded servant from upstairs its different from all the rest...its the only wounded one...that makes him im. per. fect.." Ihyriel eyes opened slightly, the two toned hue changing to pure deep golden ones, "Im..perfect?" He questioned before snatching the servant up by the throat, tilting his head, "I'm sorry.. but you are broken...things must go away.." Completely forgetting why he came downstairs and that he was to be by Sir Damons side he let the influence of another take hold for a bit.

Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 5:26 PM
Her arms slowly came up and around Samuel, embracing him in return and wondering when the last time someone embraced her like this was. Had someone ever? Wanting to ask about him mentioning losing her ‘again', Sif opened her mouth to speak but soon was at a loss for words at the look in Samuel’s eyes. Her lips pursed together and she could only nod once, accepting to be led back upstairs. The coldness of the basement was very welcoming but it had not evaded her attention the bodies and such in the space. Luckily she was not one to judge a person’s preferences and there was nothing she could do for the poor souls now. Sif grabbed her cloak from the table, carrying it over her arm as she followed behind Sam from the basement, if anything, it would look as if something untoward had happened in their time downstairs. Sam was nude, and without the main piece of her uniform: the coat, Sif would look all but half naked herself.
AzamiCore-Last Tuesday at 5:38 PM
Xera never seen that likes of these cells before. The toxin could be deadly for most kind she also wonder what would happen if her blood was mixed with the toxin. She new her body was capable of fighting may things. She took the top glass slabs off pulled out another slab only to place the toxin on the slab carefully not mixing the other cell she never seen before. She then cut her finger letting one drop of blood fall on the toxin. She looked under the microscope of the five glass she had made watching intently. She would see at first the toxin was eating at her cells but then it changed- wait what this... Her cell changed colors?? This can't be she said loudly.

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 5:40 PM
Sam let her gonas he putbhis arm around her waist line helping her walk worryed she may fall once more. As they did he grabed a black cloak from a hook on the wall and loosely tossed it over himself. Still nude and it was open front after all. And there was no clothing down here some armor and rare bits and bobs but nothing casual. As he walked up the steps he could feel something it was the same smell and aura of that one malenfrom earlyer that got mad and stormed off. " stay here sif i belive that male from earlyer is upstairs and it is hot around him." He turned around and his fingers moved to push her hair behind her ears "it feels nice to be able to hold you, you still will be a little sick so remember that when eating. And sif " moveing over to her he leaned down and boldly kissed her cheek he had been wanting to for months now and at long last he chould. The cure would not make her immune to everything and some parts of his selfnwere more toxic or just out right skin melting acidic and the anti venom would save no one from that. But the littke things could pass now, touching , a kiss here and there it was ok now he would not make her sick and it was good he chould not partake in more then kissing as he was unsure how things and feelings would grow. " be safe alright. I will cheak it out, this time i will guard you" he gave a smile his eyes bright as he went on up to the door and started to open it to get back on. The main level

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 5:48 PM
While Damon was carefully watching the door that let to the basement, it didn't mean that he didn't take Ihyriel for granted in thr background. The aura that surrounded him got quite noticible for Damon, and when he felt a switch and saw Ihyriel choke a servant, he simply threw a ball of flames aimed toward Ihyriel's back, if Ihyriel would've been hit, Damon would simply shake his head in a disagreeing way. Then, he noticed that the door was opening. Damon's cold face turned into a devilish smirk. He was going to enjoy this a lot more than he possibly should've. When he saw the man, Damon moved both of his arms and fired a ginormous wave of fire towards him. After, he sprinted and launched himself towards the man, in case he wouldn't have been hit by the wave of fire that was going towards him. His fists ready, Damon jumped high, gaining momentum before his right fist would lunge itself forward, aimed at the man's chest.(edited)

Loud-Last Tuesday at 6:08 PM
Ihyriel's muscles flexed as he held the servant higher off the floor tightening his grip the veins in his arms and back gave him a more vascular appearance. "Hah.. look at you squirm.." He grinned crookedly, cackling like a mad man, feeling the ball of flames Damon threw at him he had no reason to evade, his aura spiked far beyond his own control extinguishing the flames with a wild gust of winds. A thick vantablack aura embraced his form, "I need to watch you die... just die." The kicks of the dying servant dwindled from panic to lifelessness he enjoyed this very much. "Ihyl: Oh.. hahHaHHAHHAH fuck he did it!!! " Ihyriel's hair wavered around him as he stood their panting with his back turned towards the others. "Now.. hes perfect."

Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 6:13 PM
Her ears twitched, in the distance up ahead she could hear the crackling of the flames and could already feel the slight warmth creeping down the stairs. Who else did she know could bring the heat like that? Damon. Her expression turned to slightly annoyed but schooled just as quickly once again, even in her weakened state she was about to march right up and ask what in all the Hels was he doing. That thought was dropped as well as her cool composure when Sam spoke again, but what really broke her facade was the kiss he planted on her cheek. Sifrella stood frozen, staring at him and then shifted her gaze to his brilliant smile as he walked off. Once he was out of her sight, she dropped down into a crouched position, dropping her coat to press her hands to her cheeks. They had reddened beyond what she had already not gotten used to, a newfound heat rising up her neck and building in her chest and belly. She simply remained crouched there, thinking deeply, not even tuning in to the obvious ruckus upstairs.

AzamiCore-Last Tuesday at 6:28 PM
-Xera was in awe as her cell seem to over through the toxin she raised her head and saw the burst of flame at the corner of her eye when she scratched her head. She was so consumed that she bearly noticed Ihyriel choking the life out of the servents. As the flam extinguish once it hit his back. The body limp now in the man's hand.- Why are you killing a servent? -She slowly approshed her eyes watching his every move, unsure what caused his state.

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 6:30 PM
Sam had opened the door and there was fire, oh joy oh bliss some moron was attacking the door, and it had been a while since he killed a moron, so it was as good a time as ever. as soon as the heat got high he shut the door, flames would not hurt him but the force of that blast would have made his next move slower then it needed to be, as soon as the flame wave hit the door he opened the door the slaves being no problume at all as he bolted to the side. Wyverned were graced with speed that could make a demon or vampire blush. in a blink he was out of the flame and his bright green eyes were up and fired "who the fuck are you and why in the hell have you tossed my own element at me. why attack the king of this castle!" he snarled as from his back cracked his skin as upon his skin over his body started to look like he was sweating, but it was a light coating of toxin, touching him was deadly, breathing in the air he let out was toxic, steping on the ground he driped on was toxic, everything to do with sam was toxic. but then, out of his back came the tail, a long black and red darked tail with a massive green spike on the tip. it swayed back and forth as he looked at the demon male. "the best part demon boy, Anaya wont mind if you and that little shit in the cornor killing the maid dies." his eyes turned as he spoted the girl, she was a nice hunk of meat aswell, three on him, well that was mighty good odds, but who would run first and who was the largest and strongest target, that would be the thing that needed to be taken down first.

PayneZileQueen-Last Tuesday at 6:55 PM
Missing the hit, landing on his feet and immediately turning. Damon smirked "A fast one I see" But at the moment that Damon heard who dared, he felt cocky. "The name is Damon Salvatore... Advisor to the.... Oh fuck" When he heard Samuel introduce himself, and saw the tail appear, he knew he had fucked up. The toxic breath didn't seem to harm Damon, probably because the toxin would have been burned in it's gasseous form before Damon would have been able to inhale it. But this was no time to back off, cower into a corner wasn't Damon's forte. "I am an Elf, you uncultured lizard!" He growled, hating the fact that he was just called a Demon boy. He had forgotten about Ihyriel at this moment, and the other woman who was close he hadn't even noticed beforehand. Fore wasn't going to work, he knew that much. Hand to hand was still an option, but Damon had to heat up to an tremendous amount, and he didn't want to risk Sifrella being around. "Where did you take her" He huffed, looking at the man who he now knew was in fact his own King, Samuel.(edited)

Loud-Last Tuesday at 7:21 PM
Still holding the servant up in the air by the throat his darkened gaze turned in Xera's direction. "Ihyl: I deem her imperfect.." Ihyriel lowered his arm yet not releasing the dead body he dragged it around with him as he approached the nosy woman. "I..m perfect..." he burst out in inappropriate laughter he didn't like to hurt woman but it was indeed a guilty pleasure. He decided to ignore her for now, but she'd be sorry if she pestered him any further. Tearing the body apart coating himself in blood he mangled it till there was nothing else to play with. Holding its skull in his hand he stared into the dangling from the hollowed eye socket laughing until he could barely stand. "S-somebody kill me!" He wiped the blood all over his face licking his fingers. "Ihyl: disgusting...taste horrible"

Sifrella-Last Tuesday at 7:31 PM
Sif looked up suddenly, standing slowly as she realized there was something definitely wrong. The air was tinged with the heavy metallic scent of blood, and now she could hear the booming voice of Samuel speaking of someone attacking him. Her heart sank, worry creasing her brow before being replaced with something she was much more comfortable with: anger. Her illness was totally forgotten as she took an old sword from the wall beside her and set the tip on the ground. The coolness of the basement had given her enough strength to do at least this. Gripping the hilt, ice and frost formed around her fingers, weaving down over the sword entirely. As she formed herself a proper ice weapon, she was swiftly running up the stairs, her eyes back to the cold ocean blue as her magic flowed freely. Before Damon had finished the words “…take her”, Sif was standing in front of him, her back to Samuel and in a pre-attack position that was unique to her style. Her front left leg was straight out in front of her as she crouched down on her back right leg, the sword of ice leveled in front of her in her right hand at her eyeline and her left hand open in front, palm facing upwards. Sif’s glare faltered at seeing Damon was her opponent but then returned as she caught sight of Ihyriel behind him, covered in the aforementioned blood and a mangled servant at his feet. Once again she was having the sinking feeling, pity over the poor soul who had fallen victim to Ihyriel’s loss of control… perhaps she was too hard on him earlier.

AzamiCore-Last Tuesday at 7:38 PM
-She watched as the man Rios the body apart some of the slaves blood rained on her body. This would be the second time she was baptized in blood as she licked dome of the blood on her face. She turns to see a large male almost resemblance of a dragon and heard the word King. "So this is the king I was warned about" she said this in her mind the toxin lingered in the air as she covered her face so she could not stay to meet this king in person her best bet is to flee she was far enough to run yet she spoke loudly- I have no qualms to fight you M'Lord . She grabbed her bag and stuff her items in her bag.- Plus I have trolls ears to clean and more training to teach - she quickly left the room-

June 28, 2017
Queen Anaya-Last Wednesday at 1:23 PM
Samuels eyes watched the man talk as Sif ran forth to face him, her back was to sam she was not standing ageinst him she was standing with him. Smauels tail lowered down from holding it over his head to holding it to his hip, he could not fling spikes from it this low but he could jab if needed or move it back up to were it was andfling a spike or two. "Sif, you sould not be up here" he said softly the malic leaveing his voice as soon as he had seen her. but then his eyes moved to the other male with the dead body and covered in blood. another maid lost to some dumb fool that had to eat it. how is that perfecthion how is that anything but moronic stupidty to kill what was not yours in the first place. he was already angered at the fact the man before him was being a stuck cunt with his words but now there was a dead maid and a room that stank of blood to add it all together. and on top of it all this place was hot and he knew sif would not be able to handle it for long. looking up at the skylight sam moved his tail back over his head and for her waisted the stinger he had, flinging it up to hit out the glass in the skylight alowing the cold outside air to flood in aswell as the rain to stop fires burning inside and put some chill back into the halls. "guards open the doors alow the cold in and the rain" "but sir that is now what lady Anaya would want for the hall" "SHE IS NOT HERE IS SHE!" he yelled at them his teeth grinding together as his teper flared the light sting in his tail as a new spike came into place, he was able to regrow three fast then would take much longer to grow anymore. his eyes moved back to lady Sif and the other man saying he was the advisor. and yes that was the male anaya had told him about before she had left, stupid male, why attack or keep going with the insults to the people you serve. but if he so wished to toss another fire ball or punch at him Samuel would not say no, as long as sif was not in the way.

PayneZileQueen-Last Wednesday at 1:53 PM
The second that Damon had noticed Sif, he dropped his guard and lowered his temperatures. He was careful when it came to her. But when he noticed that she was getting ready to attack, he sighed and got into his own fighting stance. "About time then, I guess" he mumbled, waiting for her to have an attack. When Samuel broke the glass and the rain started falling in, cooling down the room tremendously, Damon took a glance at Samuel, nodding softly towards him as if he was saying 'Thank you'. Damon would rather die than to think that he'd hurt Sifrella, and with the cool temperatures, he chose not to go for fire. He'd accept his punishment about his attack against the King later, if Samuel or even Anaya would deem fit. And if it would be his death, he'd glady pay for it, if it would mean that Sifrella is safe. "I'm glad you're alright..." he murmured. His guard dropping slightly as he didn't really feel like fighting someone he feared was hurt or lost forever.

Sifrella-Last Wednesday at 4:29 PM
Sif gave Damon a slight, barely visible nod but continued with her next line. “Damon Salvatore. You have disrespected your King. I would suggest that you beg on your knees for forgiveness or prepare to be bested by me.” Sif could barely focus her vision on the figure in front of her when glass shattered around her and the rain that had begun to fall again drenched the floors of the castle. She winced internally at the fit Anaya would have had over this but assumed it would be fine by the time she returned. Sif shifted her stance a bit, strengthening her core with the rain and cold air relieving her. The edge of her ice sword now glowed as her eyes did, ready to take on either Damon or Ihyriel. She knew the King could take care of himself but she also did not want Damon hurt, as much as she hated to admit it. If she was to take her attention away to Ihyriel, Damon could very easily die. The toxic air throughout the castle had still affected her, making it harder to breathe through. Her lungs were cold so they would hold onto the toxins, but luckily the open doors and free flowing air helped ventilate it. At this point, she wasn’t at her prime and honestly didn’t find this situation to be a lethal one. It was easy for her to see that this was not the time for talking or resting, so she set herself up to fight. Charging forward, she swung her sword in her right hand across to the right, sending an arc of ice somewhat like a curved blade towards Damon’s chest. With that, she attempted to maneuver and speed past him to also apprehend Ihyriel. If she made it past him, Sif would aim a spin kick to Ihyriel’s head, hoping to simply knock him unconscious due to the lack of information she had on his true power.

Loud-Last Wednesday at 5:16 PM
Distracted by the shattering glass, and the cool rain waters falling down onto his skin he completely snapped out of his psychotic break looking around at the blood and mangled insides and bones tilting his head. "Ihyl: Exhausting.. don't look at it you'll pass out or do that banshee fear scream and I don't have time. Possessing you and failing is tiring." Pulling his head up he stared up at what used to be a skylight and sighed deeply sobbing internally he let his arms hang loosely at his sides, the coolness of the rain washing off majority of the blood that washed over him. "...I ..damn it.." He didn't have enough fight in him to cry about his intense fuck up he simply recognized he was wrong, I didnt know how to apologize for it or if he even should. "They're going to kill me...i killed one of their own" pressing his lips into a firm line he simply stood their intentionally lowering his guard and surrendering him self for anyone with the mind to attack, what else did he have to lose? He no longer cared. "Ihyl: "...stop... what the hell are you doing..

Queen Anaya-Last Wednesday at 8:32 PM
Samuel watched them all the shattered glass clicking on the floor, bright green eyes moved over to sif as she went on the attack to the others, she was in no shape to attack, no shape to put herself though it. and when to others he would not care and let them do what they wanted to, to her, she mattered to him and that mattering was growing to more then just mattering. Samuel moved over to sif after she had completed her doings he placed a hand on her shoulder holding her softly but at the same time firmly "it is alright, i understand there concern, he was worryed about you, did not know his place and who i was, it can be forgiven, for you. but you need to rest Sif you need to relax and rest you are still sick and your body needs to adapt to the toxin that is now in your vains" he leaned down his head to her shoulder and looked at her his body trying to be as cold as he could "let me take you to your chamber" his eyes moved to look at the one that had killed that maid "i will handle the males later myself"

PayneZileQueen-Last Wednesday at 8:48 PM
Listening to Sif, he knew that he was in the wrong. Loosening up his stance, he finally stood up straight and then wanted to kneel for Samuel before Sif rushed towards him. Dodging her attack with ease given that she wasn't at her fastest. Not making any attempt to either re-direct her attack or to counter it. He also noticed Sif was weak. And even though he really did not like Sam being the hero in this, he was still the King, and Damon had to obey and listen. He kneeled down once he was able to. "My apologies, my King. I will take my punishment with pride" He was clear, and also sighed a little in frustration. In all this, he simply ignored Ihyriel. He'd be a care for later. "The kid has something inside of him my King. Something I am very familiar with. If you would allow me, I'd like to continue where Sif left off in his training, until she is back on her feet again, so her and I could work together in this. If you don't decide to take my life. That is."

Sifrella-Last Wednesday at 8:56 PM
Seeing Ihyriel dazed off looking upwards, she shifted her weight, albeit clumsily and spun back on her heel. Bending her leg, she avoided sending her boot into the back of his head and slid a bit back into a regular standing position. It didn’t last long as she knelt down to the floor again, the sword being what kept her from crumpling completely. The ice melted into nothing from the sword as her eyes faded back to an almost milky hazel. Samuel’s touch stabilized her, and she rose as he spoke, tossing the sword in her hands to the floor and taking a deep breath. She simply looked to the ground, soon closing her eyes and sighing, “Yes, my Lord.” She took everything she could muster and lifted her chin, pulling her shoulders back in a prideful stance and slowly walked forward, not sparing a glance behind her.

Loud-Last Wednesday at 9:07 PM
Ihyriel closed his eyes as he didn't care to seen would happen to him, he even stopped listening entirely tuning out the background noise the others were making. "Ihyl: "You move you ass.. right now!" His body began to tremble as his right leg hesitantly slid forward in an attempt to move forward as if to evade Miss Sifrella's attack. "No..." He, whispered to himself only to see her completely withdrawal, "Dammit..." "Ihyl: Hah, clumsy..." Ihyriel peered at her briefly from the corner of his eyes frowning until the corners of his lips twitched. Even Sir Damon stood up for him, speaking of Ihyl trapped within him and had been the reason for all this destruction.. but would that truly change anything? Would that truly stop the king from wanting to use his skin as a new blade sheath?

Queen Anaya-Yesterday at 12:44 PM
Sams eyes looked at her as he leaned over, his arms moved and craddled under her legs picking her up like one would carry a wife or treasured loved one. he held her safe in his arms as he placed her to his chest "it is alright to be weak sometimes, it is alright to say you need help, it does not prove you are weak to trust others" he moved his nose to nuzzle ageinst her cheek as he turned his head to look at the other two males, eyes turning from tender to sif, to calus and vindictive to the others "be sure this place is spotless by the time i come back down here, you have made a mess of this place and have fowled its ground, demons themselves are not favored here you only live this day due to your rank" his eyes looked at damon then turned to the other one "and you, your fate has yet to be dicided you have no controle of yourself i would advise geting some" his words so cold to the both of them as he looked back down to sif, the only thing here he cared for the rest of them could burn in the flames and he would not give a flying fuck about it, she was his second chance to have Kadance back, at least a little bit hav her back, have something made ice in his life agein. with Sif in his arms he took her away form the others and walked up the steps with her "you know i can see it in that ones eyes, he holds feelings for you" he said softly out of ear shot of the others as he walked up the steps to Sifs marked bedroom, still only dressed in that black cape and nothing else. he held her as he kicked open the door and moved to the bedside not wanting to put her down into her chamber bed just yet.

PayneZileQueen-Yesterday at 6:11 PM
Damon remained kneeled down. He rested a hand flat on the floor, waiting patiently and then when Samuel had left, he stood up and walked to Ihyriel. Smacking him on the back of his head as he walked further to get a mop and a water bucket. Once returned with two pairs of buckets, both filled with water and a bar of soap, and in his other hand holding two mops. He tossed one of each in front of Ihyriel, and then placed his own down and started cleaning up the floor. He understood that he didn't make that much of a mess himself, but he figured he might as well show off some respect and take some matters into his own hand.

Loud-Yesterday at 6:42 PM
Ihyriel sighed in relief as the big scary King carrying away Miss Sifrella had left, but his words did very much catch his attention he wanted to say it wasn't his fault but it was very true, he had no control and needed to get some, like yesterday, "Oh man..." He was on the verge of crying until he felt the strike of Sir Damons hand go upside his skull. "Ahh..." he rubbed his noggin furiously, looking at him only to grab the bar of soap and started to clean away at the floor mopping up the blood and clearing away the mangled flesh and bones. "Im sorry..." He muttered to Sir Damon, avoiding eye contact.

Sifrella-Yesterday at 6:55 PM
Sif simply closed her eyes as Samuel lifted her from her feet. She was fairly acceptant of it at this point, besides her head was ringing incessantly. She let his voice soothe her, laying her head to his chest and listening to his heartbeat which was very loud to her in this position. Sifrella smirked increduloisly, sighing lightly in what was supposed to be a laugh, "That fool would not know but the feeling of hate and pridefulness..." Her eyes opened slowly to look up at him as he stopped inside her chambers. His face was nice to look at now that she was forced to stare, at least those were her thoughts before her mind drifted. She woke up the next day, everything groggy from the day before. Sif drew a hand up to her face, covering her eyes from the peeking sun through her open drapes. She usually kept them closed so she wondered why they were open now, although even odder, the warmth did not bother her. Sifrella moaned lightly, having moved to sit up despite her body's protests. After a moment, she dropped her hand from her face and looked about the room, now finding the urge to see the last face she remembered.

Queen Anaya-Yesterday at 7:02 PM
Sam gave a smile and layed her down in her bed pulling up the covers to her shoulders " hate and pride for some is all they know, it is not there fault only there lives" he leaned and kissed her forhead then turned walking out of the room. Sam let out a sigh it had been a very long time since he let someone into his heart and he prayed it would not turn to bite him in the ass all over agein. Walking down the steps to the main haul he stoped" no not goijg to deal with them today i will do so tomorrow. He grunted as he turned around makeing his way to Anayas studdy he would not sleep in his chamber alone there was no point he enjoyed company even if he woukd not admit it. Floping himself down at the paper covered desk he fliped the papers and from the look of it papers alone would take up a large amout of the night

PayneZileQueen-Yesterday at 7:22 PM
"I'm sure you are" were the only words Damon had mumbled to Ihyriel while he was cleaning the entire floor. Once he was finally done, he nodded to Ihyriel. "Go sleep it off. Tomorrow's going to be quite the heavy day. I'll start training you, and trust me. Compared to me, Sif's a Princess" After he had said that, Damon went to his own chambers, but not before he moved to Sifrella's chambers first. He wanted to know if she was alright, and was actually quite relieved when he didn't hear any moaning. Softly smiling, he went to his own chambers and took a hot bath before he moved to his own bed, laying down and dozing off. The covers not even covering half of his ass. In the morning, Damon woke up thanks to the sun shining onto his back. Which felt pleasurable, after doing his morning routine of working out, meditation, and cleaning himself. He finally got dressed and put on his last cloak, he sighed and shook his head softly to himself. Before he placed the blindfold in front of his eyes again, leaving his chambers. He knocked loudly on Ihyriels door, only to walk further and move down to the throne room that was now freshly clean. Not a drop of blood in sight, like nothing had ever happened there. Damon crossed his arms and remained standing still. Waiting patiently

Loud-Yesterday at 7:55 PM
Ihyriel's face began to hurt as all he did was frown and after hearing Sir Damons words he was sure his face had fallen off onto the floor. After he finished he stood up and walked to his chambers as he was instructed. Beyond worried he couldnt even look Miss Sifrella's door in the eye, hed never be able to look at her actual face. He sped past her chambers and entered his closing and locking the door. He stepped towards the bed ready to pass out yet, as the failure he was he completely missed and dropped faces first on the floor. "Ihyl: Perfect.." they said in unison before he blacked out. Yet the morning had crept up on him it felt the moment he closed his eyes, hearing something at the door he was to comfortable to rise from the soft sheets. "Uhh.." He rose to his feet, took a nice bath and cleaned himself thoroughly and properly smelling of vanilla and sugars, he began thinking a woman shared this chamber prior to his staying there. He brushed his hair free of thick wavy curls as it flowed beautifully towards the floor stopping at the back of his knees, he stood tall around his six foot two self though there was no pride just a firm posture. His green hair faded to mint shade as he pushed his bangs in his face hiding his squinted eyes. Having no morning routine of his own he simply got dressed. He wore a short black robe with silver buttons that lined on the side and white trousers that tucked into his knee high leather boots. "I got dressed nice to get my ass kicked.. again... oh well." He moved towards the door and pulled it open, where he tucked his hands in his back pockets. These past days, had been absolute hell, he had no emotion to claim at the time, he didn't feel the need to cry, or cower he didnt feel angry or happy he accepted a feeling of Neutralness "This is where I should be.."

Sifrella-Today at 7:19 PM
Sif stared off into the distance as a handmaiden went about straightening the room and setting a few glasses of cold water by her bedside. Sifrella was too lost in her thoughts to even look at the woman. After a moment, she spoke up, “Milady, I’ve finished and I’ve set your uniform upon the chair. It is cleaned and folded milady… I do wish you’d eat a bit?” Sif blinked slowly, before turning from her side and sitting up in bed. She finally looked over at the woman, as if she hadn’t noticed her there before. Her gaze went from the maiden’s small face to the tray in her hands. At the small acknowledgement of her presence, the woman stepped forward and set the tray on Sifrella’s lap, immediately bowing her head and leaving the room right after. She knew there were multiple people in the castle that would appreciate a small push to make Sif eat, even the staff were a bit worried over the cold Elf’s health. When the door to her chamber closed, Sif leaned back and looked back out of the window, forgetting the small meal of fruits and breads in front of her.



Queen Anaya - 07/04/2017
lifting his head off his desk as a paper fell from his nose and droll covered the side of his cheek. the ink pot had spilled all over the desk and marked the side of his face. uggggg he grumbled as Sam took his hand to clean the fdoor from the side of his jaw. geting up and puting his arms over his head he saw the mess but at the same time saw all the word he had done over the night, why look at the bad part right. "bath time then out time then do something else" he muttered as looking around he wanted to see anaya and the kids but knew they were out adventureing on there own, witch was good for them and he did not have to spend time with the girl child giveing her attenthion he did not want to give her. softly he fixed his long black hair and then walked his way out into the main hall and to the bathing house to relax a little, yes he had nothing on, did not need to have pants on when you would be takeing them off anyway and the bathing house was not far a hop and a skip over and he was there. and he was in a rather good mood still the day was not over and he would punish that mess maker today so could not go wrong there. maybe chop off a finger or two, no that was for stealing, well the punishment for murger was well death but we would see how it would go maybe if he begged enough it would just be chop off a body part or lock him up in the hold no food or water, no, for sure, chop off a body part. he thought many things to himself as he lowered his stocky body into the watering bath. it was nice and warm and instently samules muccles relaxed and he was no longer mildly tense. puting his arms behind his head he smushed down into the water enjoying the water over his face. if he could live in this moment he would, it would be even better if sif joined him here.

Payne - 07/04/2017
"Come on Ihyriel.. Now's not the day to be slacking off" Damon sighed to himself and shook his head a little. Tapping his right foot while he started to get impatient. Out of annoyance his body heat started to rise. But only slightly, as he was waiting. Damon moved to the throne that he was assigned to and decided to sit down. Lowering down unti his back was more on the seat than his ass was. His hands deep in the pockets of his coat

Loud - 07/04/2017
Ihyriel walked into the clearing where he noticed Sir Damon sitting rather awkwardly in the throne, "What an awkward way to feel comfortable." He thought to himself, tucking his hair behind his pointed ears exposing the many piercings and spikes even small gauge holes. "...Err.." his expression was blank as he approached the area in which Sir Damon was not really in the mood to have his ass handed to him he had this nagging gut feeling that something terrible was coming his way. "Sir Damon.. I don't think we should do this.. now." His eyes slightly open behind his long mint bangs as he slouched slightly even his posture gave away his building anxiety. "I just... have this very certain feeling that what I did.. wont go without some cruel type of punishment and I.." He stopped there his head turning towards the floor. "Ihyl: ..." "Yeah, if you have nothing to say im fucked." He thought internally biting the corner of his lip avoiding visual contact with Sir Damon.

AzamiCore - 07/04/2017
-Xera had quickly left the castle. She met most of the trolls in a cave. The first troll she met was there seeing him brought his name back to he memory. She clicks and grunts her words to him and he answered back- Kull your here all so to have your ears cleaned out?" "Yes, I heard you were coming to help us hear better. " I will clean your ear first so the rest could trust me.- He would sit on the floor and she pulls out the cotton out. She carefully cleans out Kill's ear. The nasty green buildup would stink. She clean out his other ear.- Now tell me what you hear without turning your head. " Well your voice sounds a louder than before." That is good- she would step on small branch and it would brake.- I heard a crack sound . Good now you can hear better. -She smile.- It is important to hear you enemies approaching. Next . It took her 30 min each in cleaning their ears. She had clean 12 of them and called it a day Kull was off duty and asked her to stay at his dwelling. She would agree. For this time. She did ask to use his table so she could study on her blood reaction to the toxin.

July 5, 2017
Sifrella - 07/05/2017
Once clean, but still wet, Sif eyed the breakfast. She was feeling much better than the night before and even better than that morning. Luckily her physiology was strong so she could recover a bit faster. She ate while moving around the room, working to twist and pin up her long white hair. It dragged along the floor behind her but she didn’t mind, soon she had it in swooping loops and a long ponytail. She no longer felt secluded in the large castle so she would begin today showing her face more often. After a glance in the mirror, her meal finished and her body lightly clothed in her signature blue, she nods to herself. Sifrella would get back to her duties, for now simply taking a march around the Dynasty castle to check up on things. She had no reason to worry over herself but she did wish to see what of Ihyriel after the calamity. And perhaps Damon as well as she did not get the chance to properly apologize to either of them for her recklessness. Sif made her way down the halls at an easy pace, padding barefoot silently.
July 6, 2017

Payne - 07/06/2017
As Damon was sitting, he started to doze off slightly until he heard Ihyriel talk. Quickly raising his chin a little, so his face would look more as if he was looking at Ihyriel, he moved his upper body, straightening it so he'd sit more upright. More professional and more interested. "What do you mean, you don't think we should do this right now?" As Damon noticed the posture that the person was having was slouched and scared. Damon nodded and then stood up, walking towards him and then resting his hand on Ihyriels right shoulder. "Punishment is due, and you know this. Don't be afraid. Be afraid and you'll most likely be killed. Show pride, show you want to make this right, and show you do not fear death, even if you do. And you'll most likely be spared. " As he spoke, he heard footsteps that were way too familiar to him. It was Sifrella and she was getting closer. A soft smile formed on Damon's lips as he realized it, and then he moved his hand to tap Ihyriels shoulder once more, and then squeezing it firmly. "Now stand straight, chin up. And show some damn self respect. No wonder your Demon takes the piss out of you. He's a part of you. The sooner you realize and accept that. The quicker I'll be able to help you control it more."

Sifrella - 07/06/2017
Sif leaned against the wall, looking ever regal and serious but there was a new softness to her eyes aside from the warm color. She simply watched Ihyriel and Damon for a while, quietly deciding on if she should interfere at all. She knew her presence was known, Damon always had a way of knowing she was there, or finding her wherever she was. Somehow it was comforting to her, having never had someone so close. She would think she’d hate being watched but felt it was more being watched over. When had she allowed that? At that thought, she furrowed her brow slightly before schooling her features and pushing off from the wall. Sif decided to avoid this uncomfortable situation entirely and move to outside.

July 7, 2017
CrystalScarShadow - 07/07/2017
-she had been walking for days, her last assignment had been an easy one, as she walked down the road. The rain had continued for days, her clothes and armour weighted on her sore body, as she continued. Her white hair had been pulled into a long side braid to keep from getting in her face as she worked, and her black cloth masked covered her face from people knowing what she looked like. She didn't care for many things, only thing she knew was battle, and pain. She had no family, only people she would pass by in the taverns, other mercs, and swords for hire. . She had been here a few times, and each time the queen was very kind, walking up the hill she saw the guards at the door again as she stopped and waited for them to acknowledge her. After sometime and none of the guards seemed to notice she was standing in front of them, she knocked on the door, her fist against the door seemed like a beast was banging on the door, but it was her. She waited as she felt the rain hit her forehead, and running down her face as she remained in the rain for a bit longer. A guard opened the door, and nodded to her as she entered. Looking around the hall she could sense people in the realm and she waited for a moment till she was asked to speak. Water still dripping off her from the down pour of the rain.-

Loud - 07/07/2017
Ihyriel took in Sir Damon's words with a nod, the mention of Death gave him a weird flash back that caused him to stare blankly for a solid five seconds just in time to catch sight of the mans Smile before his eyes returned to their closed state. They never stayed open for too long anyways, the only way they did is when he had on his spectacles. Straight, chin up hm? "Ihyl: ...." Why are you so quiet, its very unlike a loud mouth such as yourself. He pondered quietly, before snapping his attention back towards Sir Damon "Okay.. I think im read-" His head sharply turned in the direction of Miss Sifrella moving outside, sending a rush of mixed feelings about now having to go outdoors and train..his last training session was absolutely terrifying. "Uhh..outside.." He rolled his shoulders back waiting for Sir Damon to lead the way.
(Its out if order I know ^^")

July 8, 2017
Payne - 07/08/2017
When Damon had noticed that Sifrella was moving away from them, and Ihyriel clearly wanting to see her for what he thought could be the last time. Damon nodded softly and lead him towards the outer gardens. Opening the doors as there was being banged on. Looking the strange but kind of familiar woman into her eyes through his blindfold. "Excuse me.. Have we..?" He opened the door further for the woman to enter, as she seemed to be familiar. "No one's here. Just me and the kid. And some people outside. So if you want to check out the gardens, come follow us instead." Damon shrugged, and then pulled Ihyriel along with him. "Come on kid. Time to go see 'mommy'" he said in a snarky and sarcastic tone. Grinning a little as he made his way to where he thought Sifrella would go to.

July 9, 2017
Loud - 07/09/2017
Ihyriel sighed inwardly as he allowed himself to be pulled around by Sir Damon "But.." He was slightly distracted by the appearance of a woman he did not know simply standing back as Damn and the woman converse with another he himself had a mind to turn and walk away "Kid I am not a ki-" He was than pulled by his arm with a childish frown on his face as he had no choice but to toddle behind the man growling under his breath as he said "Go see mommy" "She's not my mother..ugh.." He pouted slightly simply going along with wherever he was to be taken to, he had no interest in seeing Miss Sifrella but It didnt seem like he had much of a choice in the matter. "Ihyl: Grin a bare it.." "Oh now you talk.."

Sifrella - 07/09/2017
Sitting high up in one of the garden trees was the Arctic Elf. Her eyes were closed as she sat being soaked in the rain. The downpour had let up a bit so the sky had opened up, leaving rays of light to speckle the grounds. A few rays lit parts of her face and body, her wet hair trailing and draping the branches in some places and simply hanging in others. She had unpinned it, relishing in the heavy feeling pulling down on her head. It was cool up high and the rain had chilled her skin. After hearing the approaching footsteps, she had sighed lightly and leaned back, half laying on a large branch with her back up against the broad trunk. Sif made no motion to acknowledge their presence.

July 11, 2017
Payne - 07/11/2017
"Ah.. There she is. Now go tell 'mommy' that you love her. And we can finally continue on with our training. Or prepare for Samuel to do whatever. Which fits you best, Ihyriel.." Damon crossed his arms and waited on a bit of a distant away from the tree that Sifrella was sitting in. The soft rain made her even more noticible, and with it her beauty was more appearant. A gentle smile curved over his lips, bowing slightly for the woman. His thick, black hair falling over his blindfold as he moved back up again. He then moved his left hand to comb his hair back into it's "natural uncombed" hairstyle. "Good morning, Sif. Lovely day, isn't it?"

July 12, 2017
Loud - 07/12/2017
Ihyl:"Or you can go fuck yourself, and tell her of your undying affections and maybe sing her a song from bended knee." His other half took chance and voiced his thoughts through Ihyriel as he quickly covered his mouth. "That was so rude.." he stared blankly knowing the long eared man heard him. Ihyriel hadnt even been paying any mind to Miss Sifrella and Sir Damon. He was in his own lovers quarrel. "Ihyl: It wasn't rude.. it was juuust right. "You know how many people wanna kick my ass because of you?" "Ihyl: too many for you to live?" Ihyriel pursed his lips together as he had one of those legendary "Oh shit" moments turned and began to walk back towards his chambers. "No i wont run.." he turned back towards the love birds taking a few steps. "Ill just..jog a little. Only to about face as he began pacing like a mad man, his hair whipping across the wet grounds like a broom. "What do I do?"

Sifrella - 07/12/2017
Once spoken to, Sif’s eyes opened slowly, but only half way as the ran fell from the branches above her. With a sigh, she closed her eyes again and rolled over as if she was about to fall from the branch. And she did fall, but gracefully so in a blur of flowing white hair and blue fabric. She spun on her way down from the height, corkscrewing once before landing in a semi crouch, her arms relaxed at her side. As Sif rose, she opened her eyes again, pinning Ihyriel to the spot with a cool glare. She then shifted her gaze to Damon and nodded in one short motion. “Two creatures who would abhor a chilled and drenched day such as this are in the thick of it. I would say it is a lovely day…” She looked to Ihyriel again and raised a brow, “but would he?"

Payne - 07/12/2017
As Damon listened to what Ihyriel had said, his own temper rose. And with it, his bodyheat rose as well. Trying to keep himself in check, Damon did create a fireball in his hands to throw at Ihyriel, but when he moved his gaze back to Sifrella, he calmed down a bit more than that he wanted to. Lowering his defenses, and with it also extuingished the fire in his hands. "What do you suggest? Burn? Let the Queen or the King handle this, or want to have a go at him yourself? Because if so, by all means dear..." His voice was low, and soft growls did escape while he spoke. Clenching his fist as he was done talking, he simply waited for Sif to respond, to jump in herself, or to tell him to have his fun.

CrystalScarShadow - 07/12/2017
-she shrugged as she followed the man and child, she noticed how the man had said she was firmilar but she only been to the castle a few times. And simple watched the people of the kingdom. Her assignments seemed to keep her busy. She didn't speak much though as she listened to them and watched. But she bowed her head to them. Her gold hues shining a little brighter, and her long white and black hair still in her side braid. But she had kept her weapons on her. If one thing she had learned she knew to never allow her to be defenceless in any situation. She listened to the lady and man as they spoke. But didn't wish to interrupt them.-

MoonroseScarlet - 07/12/2017
-Scarlet was now on the roof watching over the outside parts of the castle with her binoculars, she had climbed up to the area after catching two chickens that had escaped from the kitchen area again, she made sure to change out of the maid outfit and hide it from sight, she used her binoculars to watch the castle gate first while Vena was in the castle playing around in a chamber that no one else knew about, she was dressed in Scarlet's clothing as she laid across a guard who had gave into her flirtatious ways not knowing that she was using him for her own ways especially for a key to the bank of the Dynasty, she had been watching Scarlet contribute to it after every one of her explorations and she knows that she has been stashing jewels of the rare, all Vena needed was a few to leave the castle once and for all and of course she knew when the right time would be-

July 14, 2017
Loud - 07/14/2017
Ihyriel flenched at Miss Sifrella's glare biting the corner of his bottom lip as he refused wanting to face her but seemed his chance to run had already left. Completely unbothered by the weather since having his face literally boot deep in the ground, he could handle getting a little dirty... sorta. He would pull out his usual cloth and wipe his face. Before tuning back in on the conversation, though refusing to say his opinions outloud. "Id say these past 48 hours have been the absolute worst momenta of all my years being alive, ive never been threatened, humiliated and made to cry so much to the point of contemplating my use as an individual." He gazed back to Sir Damon and the many suggestions on what would be done with him. He decided to sit back and take his medicine, "Ihyl: Hmm..." "What are you up to demon?" "Ihyl: Im feeling, rather generous.." He felt his internal nightmare smile and suddenly Ihyriel's posture changed, his hair's mint shade had faded out from his roots and only showed at the tip of his floor length locks, his shoulders relaxed and he stood rather taller, his eyes remained slightly closed yet if one were to peer past the hair hiding his face they'd notice jonquil shaded hues. "Ihyl: Its the Memory game!" "No.."

AzamiCore - 07/14/2017
-Xera worked hard with training Kull and a few other trolls. Between training, getting to know the many trolls and studding her blood. She could not understand why of all the trolls she met. Kull felt more familiar.- Kull , tell me more about your family, -Kull looked down sadly as he told her his past- He spoke of a girl that was given to his parents to raise . "My family did not live here we lived out side of Doanmar Keep. My mother was happy to accept raising the little girl. Master Mind smile seem shady to my father but he joy in mom's face was enough to put aside the shady feelings my father had at that moment. Mom had lost my sister giving child birth. - Xera​ raise her hand to stop him speaking- Master Mind was an evil man. And you are my family who raised me. -She wet hug him-
AzamiCore - 07/14/2017
To hug him*

July 19, 2017
Sifrella - 07/19/2017
Sif calmly watches Damon’s ire grow, responding just as calmly, “Reserve your anger for a real fight. Ihyriel has earned enough punishment from Lord Samuel. I hardly expect him to survive that in his state…” Sif’s ear twitched as her attention was drawn back to Ihyriel. She had no real reaction to his physical change and simply raised a brow at him. The rain had lightened up quite a bit, the wind picking up where the rain had begun to lack. It felt as if a storm would cross them soon, the air heavy with energy, the soil heavy with rain, and the atmosphere between them all thickening. Sif had noticed the woman with black and white hair, mostly taking notice to her weapons, but due to her silence she had assumed her a familiar and not a threat. It almost disappointed her, she had no one to take her rage out on after Ihyriel’s stunt the night before. With her gaze set on him, she awaited what trouble he would cause now.

Payne - 07/19/2017
"Most likely so, Sif. But remember that I also still await a punishment. Not that I do mind it. What I did was also uncalled for" Damon took a deep breath after he spoke. Keeping his anger in check, his energy seeping back to their normal level, and his body heat caling down as well. He had felt the storm coming from a while ago, he didn't mind the rain, or any storm for that matter. Being able to simply evaporate the rain before it touches him. Turning his head back at Ihyriel, he wondered what the demon inside of the kid was up to. If he messed up, he'd have 2 of the more skilled fighters on his ass, and even though Damon liked the idea, he wasn't sure if the idea was good.

Loud - 07/19/2017
"Ihyl: "YES!" One day, I woke up and didn't feel myself, I was very angry and would take it out on anyone I saw!" Ihyriel pulled his hands up to his pointed ears and held them in agony, as he shook his head slowly side to side. "Ihyl: I would run through the village and look for a victim and once I found the woman I threw the first Punch. Ihyriel's eye lit up as his arm drew back and thrusted towards Miss Sifrella his fist lit with a fiery aura moving with great celerity and agility that Ihyriel had never displayed before. "Ihyl: WHO AM I?" the demon roared getting a rather abrupt head start to the spar he never wanted to be apart of, Ihyriel fluctuated between Lucid and bat shit crazy as he played a one sided game of Memory.

CrystalScarShadow - 07/19/2017
-she watched the three as she was a bit bored. But she knew that the queen had asked her to stay to be a guard for the kingdom. But she wasn't one to speak out of place. Years of pain and battle had caused her to become a cold kind of warrior but she was still a good fighter and warrior for the house she decided to be loyal to-

Sifrella - 07/19/2017
Sifrella's gaze changed instantly once she saw the intent behind his motions which turned into a punch headed toward her. The initial reaction was surprise but was just as quickly resolved to excitement. She did love the fight, and had been deprived of it for far too long in her comfort with the Iron Family. "IHYRIEL!" She shouted his name as she dived into action, shifting her weight to simply dodge the fiery swing. She spun back, turning her back to his arm and let him pass her with his attack just far enough so that she could ram her elbow into his spine, using her other hand over the fist of that arm to add more power to it and push her elbow harder. If he took the full brunt, it would definitely stun him and most likely bring him to his knees. It was a quick-ender move she had learned to disarm children and friends under a negative influence. Thusly she had never used it and could possibly cause a different result.

Payne - 07/19/2017
Only able to simply smirk, Damon watched Sifrella take action, whincing at the move that she made. Not sure if that hit would've been too hard. His smirk everlasting, he moved his arms and clapped his hands for her. "Impressive. So, got it all out of your system love? Or you still wanting to have that little one on one with me?" Damon winked, which obviously wouldn't have been noticible by his blindfold. Hoping for a little bit of a spar himself, or at least something to get his frustration out when it came to the lady. He felt uneasy, and didn't know how to react to it. So with it, he'd rather deal with violence, since his meditation or his routine didn't work out too well.

Loud - 07/20/2017
"I am Ihyl!" Ihyriel snarled through bare teeth, his form straight as an arrow yet his arms were extended and his legs slightly pulled in similar to quadruped leaping down from an obstacle, using his claws to tear into the earth and pull him forward he evaded Miss Sifrella's rather painful looking elbow drop as he slid to a stop turning and facing her on all fours tilting his head. "Ihyl: Correct! " Ihyriel shook his head feeling a surge of pain rush through his body he growled at the rather unpleasant reward. "Ihyl: Round 2! I get hostile when I loose control, and I am passive when Lucid but I am bat shit crazy when in pain! WHO AM I." Ihyriel's eyes cracked open momentarily as his long silver hair only hid half his face as he stared down Miss Sifrella grinning deviously. "Ihyl: I?"

Is Rage - Last Friday at 3:08 PM
Rage trudged back to the gates of the castle. His eyes surrounded by deep blackish purple rings. His torso riddled with new cuts and moderate lacerations. His signature runes full in hue and only a flicker of their power. His breaths short and shallow as he continued the slow ascension to the throne room. He didn't see if anyone was even there, just stood swaying weakly. The wounds showing no signs of healing and having faint redness around them all. He swiped at the air as if shook g something as he mumbled. Those familiar with Rage and his runes would be able to quickly identify something was wrong while others could easily mistake this as some drunken stupor. He sluggishly drug himself further as he mumbled again. Those catching would notice one word clearly over and over " Trickery" he now stood stark g weakly buy intently at the wall as he mumbled to it as if he were speaking with an actual person.

AzamiCore - Last Friday at 7:35 PM
-Xera enjoyed spending most of her time at Kulls home remenising their childhood with what little of the childhood they had. She learned of what had happened to his father and how he came here to serve. He even asked her if she wished to stay with him. It was time for her to go to her room in the castle. She had to make a discussion, ether to stay in the castle or to stay with Kull. She wrote up the reports of the things she did in working with the Trolls. Their training an a few areas where the ones that was weak in. She rolled up the reports and brought it with her. She headed to the castle and saw a male inside with what looks like blood cuts and laceration on the side of his torso from what she could see from her eyes as she watched him and moving closer to confirm his status​ of injury. He was shaking and swiping the air. She heard him babbling at the wall as she slowly moved tward him.- Sir..Sir. -she approached carefully and touched his hand, her eyes watchful of any aggressive move in his part. He didn't look well at all.- come sit let me try to heal your torso. - she can now see the depths of his injuries-
-She hope he was coherent enough to see and hear her-

Sifrella - Last Friday at 9:30 PM
With a raised brow, Sif regarded Ihyriel’s state, now down on the ground like some wayward mutt. “Unfortunately, it looks like my right hand isn’t quite done yet Damon…” She stepped forward, lowering into a wide stance with one fist out in front and the other at her hip. “If you choose to behave like a beast…” Sifrella smirked slightly, her eyes beginning to glimmer with a hint of her frosty energy, “I shall treat you as such.” For maybe the first time, she hesitated, wanting to give him one more chance to gain his senses. Maybe it was the change in weather, or maybe she’d gotten soft living in Iron, but Sif waited. Her eyes that were trained on Ihyriel, shifted to glance at Damon.

Payne - Last Friday at 9:58 PM
Getting into his own battle stance, quite similar to Sif's, Damon focussed as he listened to Ihyl's strange words. Not understanding what he meant or what was about to happen. Damon glanced back at Sif and then nodded, as if he was saying that she should have the first move. "Animals can be trained, I am the perfect example of that.." Damon's face shifted into a devilish smirk. He wanted to fight. To burn Ihyriel the moment he would've even attempted to attack. He was ready, he was focussed. On both Ihyriel and Sifrella. Ignoring the other person who was still close to them. Ihyriel was flanked, on both sides.. One side could freeze him, the other would burn him. It was up to the kid what side he would choose

Is Rage - Last Friday at 11:33 PM
He didn't respond immediately to the words. Just stood mumbling to the wall. At the touch he spun and swung at the female with barley enough force too break a stick. His eyes empty as he ranted his gibberish, "Trickery, hurt, all gone, still hurt, trickery" being this close one would notice oozing from three wounds. A dark green and black pus. His eyes showed a faint sign of pain. "Trickery no more trickery" Now it was clear he had some poison in the wounds stopping his runes from healing him. The runes flickered momentarily add they once again tried to effect the slow moving toxin. All his body could do was keep the foreign chemicals around the wounds' openings. "Eliminated... trickery stay.." hiss body began to sway as he struggled to stand on his own.

AzamiCore - Last Saturday at 1:13 AM
-Xera ducked at his response. She expected him to Tru to strike due to his state of mind with the way he gibbering. It was bad enough she hated men but to save one. Her mind raced as she spoke to herself in her head. If I don't I may be liable for not trying to help one of the Queen's people. She had to act fast the wound look terrible infected and possibly poison. The only way she could help this person was to shape shift into millions of tinny and she did just that. Entering the largest part of his wound. She could see the poison. Thank goodness that poison has no effect on her even as cells. She gather the poison and pushed it out of his open wound she did this many times to rid the poison in his body. Once she was sure of all poison was out of his body she began to mend tissue and blood vessels from the inside out. With her speed and endurance would take about two hours to complete her task she left out healing his last small wound. Her small particles would now form back to her elven like body. She stood before him- "No trickery. You are safe in Iron Dynasty" -She sway some from being a little weak from all her energy she used to save this man. Her skin color was looking a little pail and she was out of blood in the cross vials she had around her neck and earrings- though she Try to stay standing watching his every move-

Is Rage - Last Saturday at 1:22 AM
As she pushed out the last of the poison his body began to allow the runes to slowly activate. One the last of his wounds sealed his runes flashed brightly just as agree retool her form. He grabbed his head as her began tho reason proper thought. Hearing her say he was in lands he proudly served he quickly like up. The runes flashed once more as her took note of the woman who saved him. Her reached out. "I was poisoned...a few bandits I had caught. " he tilted his head as his deep voice seemed softened by the kindness. "Let's get you to a chair, then. You didn't have to use so much energy on me. "
As she retook* and a few her to he ** ))

Loud - Last Saturday at 11:06 AM
Ihyl rattled his words around Ihyriel's head, in a great attempt to gain control whispering and humming a tune that usually set him off rather easily, "Ihyl: Bark!" He grinned eternally, playing with Miss Sifrella's words, as that was his thing, being twisted and manipulative, and how he loved to taunt others just for shits and giggles. Ihyriel was his complete opposite, loyal, trustworthy and kindhearted he'd cry before dare thinking to trick someone. "Ihyl: Oh, and don't forget to answer my question Dog!.." Ihyriel stood up right humming a tune much like a lullaby, but had a sinister asylum kind of twist to it, his left hand trembled as he straightened his back standing tall with a bold posture that wasn't his, his foot hesitantly shifted forward he noticed them both take a battle stance as he began sprinting in their direction yet his attention wasn't on them, he was easily distracted in this state, for their was a new scent in the air "Ihyl: A new toy.. go fetch!" Ihyriel snarled, yet just before he reached Sir Damon and Miss Sifrella he dropped onto his knee gasping for air "NO--I will not answer, or strike anyone else." He choked out, his hair taking on its usual mint shade and his eyes closed once again holding his head back he held his arms up surrendering to Miss Sifrella as he made sure to drop down closer to her. "Ihyl: Attack her, right now...boy." "I-I... surrender.." He lowered his head onto the ground, snapping out of his change, being roasted or frozen solid wasn't something he wanted...

Queen Anaya - Last Saturday at 1:58 PM
Hands brushing over the brade he had tied his dark hair up and at long last finished the papers. She would surely be home tomorrow and it needed to get done. All papers in the queens study had been stacked and folded and put in there place. But one a old crinkled yellowed slip of paper that was held in samules hands. You know sam she really did love once, stupid pipe dreams yyou had, he thought to himself as he placed the old paper shard on the top so when Anaya got home she would see it. He pulled at his leather belted pants being sure they were on as he walked from the study and out the door bot careing for much but makeing a note in his head to go to were the voices were. Standing a good ten to twelve or so feet away from the group, lady sif that dumb ither guy wanting her ass and that dumb demon kid thing he had to punish still, he watched them in silance standing his ground green eyes flickering in the light of the day. Wonder what will happen kinda hope the stupid male ones die, wonder if that one grunt is Anaya's advisor does that make him mine to? Can i abuse this power right now. He thought in his own head as a grin came over his lips.

Sifrella - Last Sunday at 7:21 PM
Her gaze switched to Ihyriel immediately, her body tensing with his ‘bark’. Her muscles relaxed as she saw him charge toward her, at the same time shaking her head and Damon’s words. Ihyriel would be lucky to escape this attack alive if he did not break out of it. A thin sheet of ice had covered the ground at her feet, freezing faster with the falling rain that had finally let up enough to become a light drizzle. Sif’s hand began to jerk towards Ihyriel, her open palm becoming a fist as his came closer to him. Her ears twitched a bit at Samuel’s arrival but she ignored it for the moment as Ihyriel dropped to his knees. Her fist stopped mid-air, her eyes following his body as it limped and bent over in a submissive position. She blinked once, not even registering what he had said, but noticing the change in his appearance. Sif stared down at him then slowly rose up and stood in her usual manner, one hand on her hip and her expression passive and schooled. She almost dismissed everyone present except Samuel, looking up and then bowing her head to him. It was obvious that the fight was over, but Ihyriel was far from finished on his knees.

Payne - Last Sunday at 7:41 PM
Following Ihyriels movements closely, Damon had his hands balled up into fists, one of them containing a burning flame. He has noticed the change in temperature around Sifrella as well, and smiled as he heard the forming of frost. But once Ihyriel suddenly surrendered, Damon sighed. "Come on... The hell dude.. Commit or simply don't do it.. That Demon inside of you isn't that strong if you can fight it. You're pathetic!" Growling softly in clear annoyance, he threw the ball kf fire towards a tree that no one was around, and as he did he saw Samuel in the distance. "Great.... Day couldn't get worse" He mumbled to himself, out of hearing distance from anyone. He made a bow, and then moved closer to Ihyriel, wanting to give him a firm kick to the face, but keeping himself restrained for Sifrella's sake.

Loud - Yesterday at 10:24 AM
"I didnt break free, he withdrew...if I take two beating from you two, than one from him...i will die." He pointed in Sam's direction twisting his lips to the side, "How do I feel about this..." He asked himself internally, "death or two the same time?" He growled at himself, pushing his fist into the ground, it was absolutely frustrating, this wasn't control, Ihyl came and went as he pleased, he had no control the only reason why he was lucid is because Sam's presence scares the Piss out of Ihyl, not being able to fight at his true potential with Ihyriel's urge to evade violence all he can do is stay hidden. "Ihyl: whats the point? You'll die and ill just smoke out of your body into something else... I hope he tortures you into growing a pair." Ihyriel looked up to Sir Damon nodding his head "'re right.." A frown spread across his face, as he stayed in his lowered position turning his attention towards Miss Sifrella, he wished she'd kick him down she seemed like she really wanted to..

Queen Anaya - Yesterday at 10:04 PM
Samuel looked at the group from his pillar standing spot, as he looked sif got his eye but he needed to get things done and this was going to be a thing that had to be done now. " two beatings, no boy i am not going to beat you, you will learn nothing from being beaten, you will only learn pain and that is not what you are to learn. You are going to take punishment that you earned" he got up from leaning on the pillar and started to walk on over to them. Hia figure towering over them as he got there "demon boy you killed a.main of this castle, riped her apart with your hands." His eyes looked over to the other one, damon the queens new found advisor. "And you, you. Alowed it to happen without stoping it you alowed a inoccent woman to be shreded apart right infrount of you and you did nothing" his eyes then looked to them both "damon, you are to sever this mans three fingers on his right hand and then he is to consume the weapon he used to kill a woman. If he loses controle during this i will barb him in the heart and he will die. If you refuse you shall be killed for murder boy." Sam chould not help but smile as he looked at them both with acidic green eyes. " then tomorrow once shock has subsided you both shall go to the home of the dead to bring the womans body to her children to inform them and there father you killed and watched there mother die for no reason other then she was in the room at the time. And you shall explain the punishment and lesson learned from it all that you were given. So now lets see that right hand shall we or will it be the barb to the heart you rather." Sam stood there as his back skin started to break apart and black and red scales shimmered under it all as he grined his teeth griting together as he was ready within seconda to deliver a fatal blow to this boy point blank
AzamiCore - Yesterday at 11:05 PM
When Rage reached out to her she crenged wobeling away from him to the couch. Hearing him speak how he was poison.- 'Do not touch me." - her hatred for men was still high in her mind. Though she had soften to the Trolls that was men. He was human and the worst type of men to deal with. "If I did not use my energy to save you, than I could be punished for allowing you to die" her hands was having the shakes. His voice seems kind, but she had trouble trusting in human makes the most. It was a human male who did these experment with her body. She sway more at the couch and she heard a male voice in her head. "Xera come back to me" she looked at the human strangely for it was not him speaking. " No, no, no, "she closed her eyes trying pushes the voice out of her head. Xera open her eyes- " This can't be.. He can't be alive." She could hear Rage heart beatting his blood calling out to her to bite. Her fangs would grow and she open the vile handing it to Rage. "I need blood. Fill it now" she turned away rocking herself from not bitting him.

Is Rage - Yesterday at 11:20 PM
Watching her retract from him he dropped his hand to give side. Hiss heard tilted, "Getting myself poisoned shouldn't come back on you, however I am grateful. " he folded his arms over his chest as he studied the woman's actions. His ears twitched as he caught part of his Lord's voice. His head went back to the girl as she demanded some his blood. His brow arches to the demand. "I don't often take to orders and demands from those who are not my Lord or Lady," he bit into his thumb allowing the deep red ichor to drip into the vial. "I'll be kind this time. This van make us even." He handed out the vial, "Next time try asking me however." Once she took it he would walk off to see Sam. " I have something to do." He would put on his gauntlets as he made way where he felt Sam would be. He stood behind him as he gave out his orders then cleared his throat. "My Lord," he stood at attention as he awaited a reaction.


Ihyriel stood from his bent position the moment Sam left and staggered across the field ignoring the guards as they suggested he go to Medical to have his wounds tended to. "Don't" he growled as he knew had he ran across Miss Sifrella he'd be done for. As he held his ribs walking toward the trolls pen, he was sure to clean them spotless being as he had to sleep in one of them now, he wasn't going to sleep in a disgusting one. "Ihyl: Ugh, we taste disgusting.." Ihyriel had his own burning fit stirring within him for a passive fellow when he got angry without being possessed it was truly something to stand clear of. "Guards." He called them over as he sat within the Pen, standing on his knees as he held his arms outwards. "Im sure you're aware of how to restrain a Demon." The sideways grins on their faces as they shackled his each wrist wrapping three columns of chains along his arms pulling the tail of the chains towards the wall they were than attached firmly. Testing it out with the bit of Ihyl's strength he was able to summon the restraints hardly buckled. (C)
"I didn't...really expect them to know what they were doing.." "Ihyl: Idiot.." Ihyriel trembled in anger as the same chaining method was done for his thighs slightly pulling his legs apart and his ankles as the chains attached to the cuffs kept him from moving. One guard approached him and tore his shirt from his body throwing it back at him with a devious grin on his face. "They are going to have much fun with you.." Ihyriel snarled finally being able to unleash a pinch of self agression as he lunged forward pulling against the restraints, though before he knew it the shit poor weather managed to rear its ugly head around soaking him entirely as he yelled in frustration thrashing against his restraints. "WHY! Damn it! Why..!?" Looking at the parts in where the water leaked through the barn he relaxed slightly as he could at least maintain himself until the day gets worst. He had two torture sessions to go through he didnt want to do them angry, not yet anyways...(e)(edited)

After finishing his apple, Damon sighed and shook his head. Things were getting to him, things that shouldn't matter. And for some reason it all came up at once. With a soft growl, he moved his hands to his head and rested his forehead in his palms. It started to feel worse, hammering on the inside of his skull. Words, echoing. Emotions flowing over, anger, pain, love, desire, and mostly fear. With a quick step, Damon moved himself from the door that he was guarding, to the throne hall. Ignoring everyone he saw while he made his way up stairs to the West wing of the castle. At this time, his tempo already went from a fast pace to a sprint. Trying to out run what was going on in his head, though it followed him just as fast as he was running. The end of the hallway, his door was in sight. Damon quickly opened it and stepped inside his own living quarters. And as the door closed again, he collapsed on the floor. Unconcious, while his head was filling with painful memories, and most of all. Images of Sifrella. So close, yet he felt like he was never going to be able to have her heart. His body reacted with a twitch, when that new pain was filling his head more. Tears filling his eyes while he layed there. Unable to move, unable to respond. His body shut down, while the ever calming feeling of Darkness, was able to cover his mind into a black shade of nothing. Damon got calm, while he layed on his stomach, non responsive. Knocked out by an emotional overload.

Queen Anaya-08/28/2017
Sam paused as he could hear things going on back outside in the stable, but then his eyes moved to that girl before she would leave off he went to grab her hand to stop her but did not touch her skin with his own. "you dont upset me, i dont mind the undead, it is just another brick in this world of fucked up things on how we are all made, i could not care less if a vampire walked within the halls here. but it is not my job to care for the undead it is my job to care for the safty of the people here, and it is Anayas job to rid the world of things she deems not fit to be in it, she does not like the undead she finds your race fowl and a discrace to the liveing. but she is a holy dragon after all, the mother of light, it would be expected from her to remove things of darkness and death from her lands and around her" he turned and looked outside "something is going on out there, be safe in your room girl, monsters wall the halls at night here, last thing you want is to be on the end of something big with teeth larger then you" in the end he was mostly talking about himself, he walked the halls at night
sometimes and with anaya gone it was a nightly thing . he turned himself and alowed her to leave and at the same time left himself to walk out into the rain grunting and heading to the stable. there was that boy chained down legs apart and the guards looking at him like he was a hunk of meat. "well and who chained you down like this, it is like you are asking to be fucked up the ass by a troll, are you really that stupid, do you think being chained up is a good thing for what, yourself" he looked at him, demons were so dumb they aked so rash and did all the same stupid things as the others of there race over and over agein never learning that you wanted to break the marry go round not keep it putting along. "so what boy, do you want to get raped by a troll or worse case i would be happy to, but you would die, or are you simply being a stupid demon mutt and i should leave you here to be gang fucked and more then likly killed by that troll gang that sleeps here a stall away from you" a guard looked to the king holding a whip in his hand "we was not going to fuck him me lord only teach him right from wroung" he held out the whip as he gave a eyeball to the boy chained there down to the floor. sam let out a light sigh "ya ya you can do that after the boy talks, if he wants it he can have it by all means, if he does not want it i am still not going to unchain him and i dont care if the boy dies so you can do what you want with him then aswell, but it all depends on his words, if they are worth anything or not" sams green eyes looked back to the demon boy they called Irial or something like that he could not care to remember. and in the end he would not need to by the looks of it if sam did not kill the foolish shit right here and now this night by rapeing the boy and turning his insides into a smoothy the trolls would do it, or the guards or some foolish acthion the boy would do to himself.

Having been told by those who heard and saw the ruckus, Sifrella had made her way right outside the walls to where a roughed up couple of women, one with the stolen items, and one obviously the thief ambling up from the ground. “I hate to see that I missed the fun parts.” She stared to them both with a cold unemotional gaze that hid anything on her mind, her double sided spear grasped in her fist at her side. “I commend your skill with capturing that criminal good lady. Now, I would suggest you hand over the girl and the Queen’s treasure for her punishment and its return.” At that note, three guards that had initially been right behind Sif (but couldn’t keep up with her long strides and abnormal pace) ran up beside her, executed short respectful bows and approached the two women. Without a thought of a response and no intention to drag it out, Sifrella turned to walk back towards the castle’s front.

-Xera looks back in time in her mind. She appreciated that the King didn't touch her. His words through ripped at her. Was her life here laying in the balance because she was unholy? She felt strange finding that she Liked this king. He reminded her of someone. The way he talked to her. So much like Wolfy (Aza Nickname to her husband) Yet Sam looked more powerful and a hell of a lot bigger. She saw herself possibly accepting This Kings touch yet his words kept beatting at her mind. This was the first time her eyes open. The many questions fills in her mind. She was there to assure the Alliance between the Iron Dynasty and the Wolf Dynasty. That's what she did know. If her stay in this kingdom will cause war because of her being an undead? What the hell did Victor Everhardt do to her? Is there a way to stay here without her life being on the line? She cried with tears of blood. It was not that she could not eat food. She could, but in the end it would upset her stomach but she did so because Aza begged her to eat food. She wanted to please Azami. Aza show love and mercy. She took her in like a daughter. Wolfy before his disappearance taught her to fight. He was the only one she allowed to even touch her. Everyone knew not to after almost killing Wolfy the first time he came close to her. She still didn't remember that day. Every memory of that time was gone. She was only told what had happen but her memory drew a blank to that day. Her memory drew a blank also what happen when she was under Victor Everhardt laboratory. Why did Aza save her? Why did she not die long ago. After hearing what the king said sadden her. She really didn't see herself as a Vampire, but he was right. She was, somehow made not in the proper way. Did Victor Everhardt experiments on her made her this way. It was the only conclusion she had. Now how to face the queen. Without getting killed. Or should she leave? “I am not a coward!” Her shoulder straighten and her head held high.-

With some minor marks and a ripped strap, Scarlet gets to her feet to see the one named Sifrella in front of her. She forces a partiality bruised Vena to her feet then hands her and the loot over to them. "Do what you want with her. I'll follow you all back." As soon as they turned to leave, Scarlet had to quickly hold up the left side of her shirt because the strap had ripped in half and nearly left her exposed. She tied a knot between the broken pieces to keep them together until she could fix them herself or find another shirt to wear. All Vena could do was watch as she was being taken back to the castle to see what would happen to her. Maybe they would lower her rank or just put her back with the rest of the maids. Maybe if she begs for mercy, she could save herself from whatever it's coming. She knows the maids would probably ignore her and her wounds, but she would rather have it that way then have a job outside with the other low ranks.(edited)

Hearing Samuel, all he decided to do was listen, head low and his silky long wet hair tossed messily over his face hiding his eyes and emotionless expression, "Chains, Rape, Screams, Blood, Recover...Repeat.." He flipped the words over in his mind as he remained silent, "I am far too used to this.." He pressed his lips into a firm line, still saying nothing. His breath shallow yet rigid, his muscles flexed as he tensed only to relax himself as he prepared for what ever was going to happen, he merely had the guards restrain him because he could think of no other way to console himself, a straight jacket would be lovely but they don't have the strength or locks to make it as tight and pretty as he would like. "Punishment, Brutal beatings, excruciating regeneration, Repeat." He reminded himself internally, the King was something of an asshole, everyone feared him cause he was large or just the King. Ihyl doesn't fear him, I don't know how I feel about him, but he reminds me of a previous Abuser so maybe I fear his potential. Maybe it isn't fear, but adrenalin? "Ihyl: I like sadomasochist you...but not now.." Brutal beatings, creative torture, fucked up after care, Rape...pleasure Chaotic laughter, Repeat..." (C)
Ihyriel stirred slightly, people like him don't enjoy killing pretty little things like himself right away, in fact in the brief moments that he looked between his soaked follicles and into the Kings eyes he had seen that he had contemplated raping and beating him multiple times, fucking corpses weren't as fun as most lead on. "Ihyl: And that Queen side of you shows instantly... don't provoke them you heal slow." Ihyriel's hair parted just enough for his one verdant green eye to shine through as he held a rather seductive grin on his face followed by a sinister aura that kept itself small... Looking between the AssKing and the guards who flinched briefly as his gaze struck them he tilted his head back and spit into one of the guards face, acid drool of course that melted his eye clean from the socket before the other took the whip clean across his chest. "Mmff..." He growled peeling back his lips flashing his large canines only to settle back against the restraints turning his attention to the King. "I have nothing to say, apologies on my constant uselessness, I seem to be a magnet for trouble." Ihyl: Fucking Queen... glutton for abuse what is your aim?" "Well if Im going to die, why not have a little humiliating fun? Ihyl: "Ah, a a path to self destruction. Yeah she hated you know you might as well die I'll smoke out of you and possess something else, maybe it wont be so Rash, and a pain whore." "Maybe..." (E)

Queen Anaya-09/18/2017
Samuels eyes looked to the male still lashed down to the ground. His fingers moved to the guard screaming holding his menting face as he whispered almost sweet shhhing sounds his hand going to touch and dig in slightly to the mans skin. The man started to shake as white froth bubbled from his lips and his eyes turned to goo running down his face. Soon after he vomited. A red goo llike substance upon the floor that also was bubbleing and frothing white puss. His skin as if melting and boiling pilled in blisters poping and running down his face before he fell to the ground shakeing before growing still and laying there dead and lifeless. It was all over and sams eyes turned back to the boy "you have harmed 2 and killed one this is the second ine you have harmed and his death be it done by me was upon yoyr hands. What do you boy want to die so fast? Whats your point of even being here to lose all your limbs and be a discrace to your race. You dont even have pride in killing things you are nothing more then a sick worthless dog, the hounds matter more then your life. If you want to die just say so and bend your head down and make my job easyer" the other guard had left it was only them now and if the boy and sam was going to finish things here and now reguardless of the muts agreeing to it.

She sat down and open the letter that Aza sent to her: Xera, we found out where there is another Victor's laboratory. It was just confirmed that he had capture Wolfy (Valen) and Snow. I am sorry I didn't tell you sooner. We had to have confirmation of this lab. It is East of your location near the swamp lands. If you choose to go, let me know. Xera, This may be the key to the many questions you asked of me. I never gave up looking for the answers for you my child.  Xera sat and wrote down her answer. Of course she wanted to find this laboratory. If there was any answer for her it could lay there.: Azami, I will meet you there. I will get permission to leave from the King first before I leave. - she called the maid to have the letter sent out quickly. She then went in search for the King.(edited)
On her way down the stairs. She reaches the bottom stairs and find another man (Trev) with a large black and gray coat. As she moved and looked back on the strange man his head was bleeding. "Um... Sir do you need assistance? Your head is bleeding.

Is Rage-09/21/2017
After having witnessed the ends off the commotion, Rage made his way inside. Slowly he trudged through the halls until finding an abandoned room. Once inside he removed his armor and seated himself in the back. He would begin to meditate and focus on the healing off his wounds. The red glow fading on most ish the runes as he took deep and slow breaths. Three scarlet hue off his eyes becoming concealed by boss lids. There he would remain until needed.

"Let me go" Vena was trying to pull herself away from the men holding her, but she wasn't strong enough after that fight with Scarlet. "This should have turned out differently..." she thought to herself thinking about what she did wrong, "I should have did this while she was gone." She looked in another direction where Scarlet could be seen walking in another direction, Scarlet had remembered that her room window was at an angle where it could be easier to see the wall and part of the gate entrance. She was going to try and climb her way to her room, but that would be too difficult without the rest of her gear. Scarlet looked up at the window for a moment before she held her left arm where a red scratch mark was making itself known with it's stinging sensation, "Oh no...she got me." Scarlet knew exactly what was going on and rushed back to let one of the men know. Vena turned to look back at her nails that were laced with a chemical that could paralyze anyone that came in contact with it. She purposely put it on her fingertips so no one would get in her way of leaving. Now she was chuckling to herself as she was lead inside of the castle with Scarlet following them.(edited)

-Trev watched the goings on quietly as he smiled thinking of his research and how he was going to implement it, it was apparent to him that the magic siphon ability was a one off fluke of the stone that was activated by blood and only seemed to work at random intervals, perhaps on the moon phases, any who the runes and research he had found had given him more insight into some interesting features that he wanted to explore he licked his lios as he grinned as he was not one to do small things and thus, after taking care of savat, make an interesting experiment go forth. His thoughts were interupted by some being he had not seen before yet her aura was definitely odd as he examined her quietly- " And who exactly pray tell are you?" -his voice lashed out coldly his eyes seeming to look down on her natrually as he gripped the stone in his gloved hand quietly in order to conceal it, on one point he was annoyed he was interupted, on the other hand it was more a matter of principle, Trev was not a fan of those that were not first born or grey elves thus those not of the blood line were simply lower blood to him as far as he was concerned. He shook his head and sighed- "as for my head it is called a penance, one would think the staff would notice the priest bleeding profusely onto the carpet and offer help no? They know not to ask such mindless questions so either you are mindless or you are new here, for your sake i am taking the later option" -he said once again in a cold tone-

With a glance over her shoulder, Sif’s piercing gaze glared towards the woman who had dared to stage a theft from the castle. The sight of the disheveled criminal annoyed her. The cool gaze peeking past the curtain of long white hair soon broke and looked ahead once again as they got up to the castle doors. Sifrella stood aside and allowed the guards to carry her away towards the dungeons. With a soft sigh, Sif resolved to question her later, as there was another more annoying situation nagging at her mind. She held back a sadistic smirk as she thought to go off and watch the relentless torture of the first creature in a while to tick her off into a rage. Her attitude was usually a cool one even in the strictest of battle, but never had she made the mistake of taking in such a useless and aggravating thing before. As her thoughts roamed, she strode out to the troll yards, raising a brow as she saw a single guard leaving the barn. She changed course slightly and passed the guard, simply coming to a casual and comfortable stop at the threshold, leaning her back against the pillar. Sif let her head lean back against it as well and watched sidelong into the barn with an empty expression, her hair falling across her shoulders almost to the ground and crossing her arms along her middle. “Hm…"

Groaning softly, his right cheek laying on the ground. Damon woke up from his unconsciousness. The world in color, he was confused as to what he saw. But then some of the memories started to come back to him. "Motherfucker.... No blind.. My head.." With a louder moan, Damon moved his left hand to brush his black hair out of his face, and rub his temple at the same time. Slowly moving up to sit on the floor, he moved his knees up and rested his elbows against them. His head slightly covered between his legs. His stomach was growling, but not in a sense of hunger. He felt like he was about to throw up, and being disgusted by the thought of vomit, he took a deep breath and slowly stood up. Keeping his balance as intact as possible by resting his right hand against the bed post. "Well.. Wonder what the he..... Oh shit" And before he was done talking to himself, Damon ran to a bucket that was in the bathing chambers of his private quarters. And filled it with his vomit. Hurling all over it. A good 10 minutes later, Damon washed his face with cold, fresh water and then looked in the reflecting piece of metal. His red eyes strongly piercing through his face. Unnatural, and yet it kinda fit. Cleaning his mouth with some water, getting rid of the sour and burning after taste. Damon walked back to the chambers that contained his bed, and grabbed a coat. Not his standard one of strange fabric. Even though it had the same kind of style. This one was made of a black leather, which Damon hoped would be a bit more fireproof. Combined with his standard pants and boots, he ripped a piece of his old jacket and covered his eyes with it. Embracing the world in Darkness once more. A deep breath, and with the slightly newer look. Damon looked basically the same. He walked out of his chambers and went to the Throne room, only to see no one but a couple of guards in there.
Stopping one of them, Damon stood in front of the guard. "Where is everyone?" To which the guard replied with the King being at the stables. Together with someone who was chained down. "Ihyriel..." Damon sighed. "Seems like the kid defenitly has a knack for getting into trouble.. And I thought that I was the rebel here.." After slightly mumbling against the guard, Damon let him go and made his own way towards the stables. And once arrived at the barn that he himself had slept in for quite a long time, Damon noticed Sifrella first. He nodded and then looked to see if he could catch Ihyriel from over here. After finding out he couldn't, Damon walked to Sifrella. "Any idea on what's gonna happen with him? Or you simply awaiting for an opening to give the deathblow yourself?"

Ihyriel hung his head as his arms grew tired, he was more muscle than anything and it was beginning to weigh on him, he mustered enough strenght to look at Samuel as he spoke to him, his breathing rugged and raspy. "Because no one else, wants a ticking time bomb like me..who can't control themselves, I am sorry for my other halfs behavior, I really am...but I don't know how to stop it. And im sure you dont care for what Im saying all you can see is what inside of me has done..but i'll accept his fate for myself." He panted between his words, shaking the dirt and grime from his hair trying to see clearly, "Ihyl: I dont want to Die, Im going to smoke out of this body, the moment he lops your stupid little head off.." Ihyriel sobbed softly pulling against his restraints, "Ihyl: You're not killing convince that dragon bastard you want to live..right now." "'re the reason im in this mess, you're the reason we're going to die..the reason I want to die.."(C)
He groaned, sniffling and crying his eyes out that burned from the mixture of crap the guards previously splashed on him during his torture session, every wound burned and he was covered head to toe in them, looking through squinted eyes he had given up, hanging limply, had the chains not been holding him up he would've dropped flat onto his face..but there was this familiar scent.. He was positive he was delusional from the days he hadn't eaten or was it weeks? He didn't know anymore. His eyes were getting heavy, he was positive he wouldnt just die in his sleep that was to easy, for them they'd beat him awake than kill him, but why was he suddenly so drowsy. "Ihyl your saving fucking grace is infront of you, get. up." Ihyriel huffed another raspy breath only to get a clearer scent of Miss Sifrella, she was pissed at him their last encounter but her disposition seemed entirely different, if only he could see her clearly. He lunged forward with a different kind of energy, a force that weakned and cracked one of the restraint's bolts freeing one of his arms, every fiber of his being wanted to crawl towards her..extending his arm he drew it back just as fast trembling where he stood. "I-Im..sorry, Miss Sifrella..I dont know if you can hear me...please!"(E)


-Xera looked at the man as he spoke wondering how in the world he still standing and talking while blood kept leaking from his head. She thought to herself ‘what a strange way to have penance. And what could he have done so drastically wrong for this type of penance.' Nor did she like his tone of voice. The way he seem to look at her. ‘What an ass’ she thought when he finally stopped talking. Her voice angry as she spoke. “Yes, I am the new guard. Xera, And your penance is making the slaves clean up after your bloody mess. I was only trying to be nice to see if you needed help. I guess not, If you wish to bleed to death then so  be it.” - she huffed and walked away. She had other things to worry about. Let the ass bleed to death. She hated men anyways. What would it matter. Another man dead. She kept moving and spoke to one of the guard. He told her where Samuel was. She walked to the huge barn and saw The lady she admired her strength, Sif a beauty, yet tough. She could see and feel anger inside Samuel. Boy she was glad that this beast of a man was not angry with her. She knew she would have to wait and watch as the same young man get punished again or will this be the death of him. She only heard the last of his words apologizing to the lady. ‘So that is her name’ she thought to herself.-

With everyone else preoccupied once again, Scarlet decided to spend her time fixing her shirt with a broken strap as she wiped away a drop of sweat from her face. She could hear the maids getting her herbal bath ready after seeing her flinch from the poison that was trying to seep it's way into her body. "lucky I didn't beat her senseless." Scarlet said as she held her ribs again. She walked down to her bathroom after finishing what she was doing and quickly jumped in for a much needed soak as the maids took her clothes to purify them. Meanwhile, the guards had just finished throwing Vena in a cage with her hands tied behind her back. She put up quite a fight as she was taken down to her new living conditions, but the men were able to restrain her enough to get her down there without being psychically attacked again. "They'll take good care of you down here you trouble maker. " One of the men said before leaving to go back to the upper levels to check on one of the men that she scratched earlier. All Vena did was swear and kick at the bars before she finally laid still on her side. She did not want to know what was happening around her nor did she want to witness anything.(edited)

Queen Anaya-10/10/2017
Samuel's eyes looked to the boy a mess there before him, he had no care for the worthless things words but moving forward sam moved his black claws to the boys face, turning his eyes to look into Sams green poison filled hues. “you are wrong in your words, I do care what you say and there are many beings in this castle that can hardly control themselves. Wolves that need to be chained in caves for the nights so they don’t eat the staff, demons that work along side there demonic selves in unity so they don’t snap, even myself and Empress Anaya have moments when lost in rage and we cant see anything but red, that is a part of this world we live in, but what we have that you don’t is pride and self worth, we like the others are proud of what we are and work with what and who we are not allowing ourselves to be hidden and chained to the floor. You are pathetic and that is what i cant stand, feeble pathetic beasts in My castle, this is a strong family a strong home and you make it weaker by existing in it due to your own actions not the actions of killing people. ” he put his palm on the boys cheek as small black veins started to move up sams wrist upon his finger then stoppered there, he was building toxin in his hands to plunge his claws into the face of the boy to deliver a sicking blow into the little shits face.
“you killed people before the eyes of a full room, you cryed about it before the same eyes, you are weak and worthless here and are nothing more then a slave to the stronger beings of this house, and if Anaya was to get hon me and see you she would kill you upon sight simply to not tarnish the house with your presence. Really i have been merciful to let you live as long as you have in hopes you would be something of more worth to me, a fighter or at least a servant but you are not even that, you are a dog and nothing will change that” Sam's finger tips started to dig into the boys cheek the burning sensation starting to ebb into his face, the black lines leaking green venom down sam's hand and into the wounds he was making, his fingers dug deeper into the boys flesh covered cheek “my toxin will burn you from the inside out and it will kill you within the hour, if you don’t get killed by something else sooner. You are just a dead man slowly walking now, and when your mouth nose and ears melt shut and that demon within you as you have openly told us all is locked inside i will eat you and consume it within myself and feed off its energy for weeks, it will die along side you and then no one will remember you or it here, and you will fade away to nothing but a human shaped shit smear across the floor of the Rose”
fingers about a inch into the boys face his claws were pumping dark green fluid into the blood of the boy, a fluid that burned like liquid fire inside the body. Black veins would come from sam's fingers and appear over the boys face like if a person had blood poisoning and spider web over his skin fading into him as the toxin went into the body. This boy would have no hope anymore, Wyvern toxin was a death sentence and there was only one cure that only Samuel could make so unless someone really tried there hardest and convinced him to go out of his way to make more the boy was a walking corpse at this point.

The frost elf reacted unexpectedly initially, smirking down at the pitiful creature then actually laughing at his state. It was short-lived, though, as ice crept across the beam that she was leaning on, crawling down to the floor towards Ihyriel. “I thought I mentioned not wishing to see your face lest you be dead.” With a disgusted sneer, she pushed off from the wall and reached out a hand that sent icicle shards up from the ground almost caging him tightly except from the front, piercing through his clothes and cutting along his body. He was basically immobile as Sif stepped forward and listened to Samuel speak, simply allowing and watching the entire ordeal with an empty glare, her now more green than hazel eyes piercing his

Watching the slow death happen, and ignoring Sifrellas cold demeanour. Damon simply remained standing, he didn't say a word. Simply his arms crossed. He sighed, slowly shaking his head. "Didn't even get the chance to train.." He mumbled towards himself. Feeling a little bit of petty, knowing how hard it can be to fight a Demon within yourself, and eventually make peace with it. "My king. His Demon seems to be wanting to fight, not sure if it is alongside us, or against us. But it might be useful, somehow." Damon eventually decided to walk up towards the King, and looked at the now dying Ihyriel. Shaking his head once more, not even trying to get Ihyiel to be free. "Should've ignored the King, and should've gone straight for your neck, instead of simply taking a finger. Would've saved you a lot of pain.. That's for sure. We'll see eachother in another life, Ihyriel. And I do hope, that we will be able to become more acquintant towards eachother. May your body rest in peace, and may your Demon no longer torment your soul"(edited)

-Trev cocked an eyebrow and chuckled for a moment at the girls words- “My apologies, it seems my previous inclination of ignorance was correct” –he spoke once more with his cold tone ignoring the girls other quandaries as he sniffed the air and smiled cracking his neck a bit as he would move swiftly towards the sounds of conflict as he stood watching from the doors as he smiled coldly and spoke in the ancient tongue once more, it was a harsh language that spoken in the incorrect manner could cause a backlash but those of the Grey Elves had been drilled into the principle of the 1st borns language since their birth thus it was a second nature to them like common and elvish. – “I wonder…do any of the bodies has magic running through their veins” –he spoke softly in the elder tongue the words held power and as such caused some wind to blow past him as he spoke as he placed his ungloved hand on is face as he would cast a searing aura ritual which caused him to murmur words at a rather fast rate for a few moments as his eyes kept lock on the stables and barn. The ritual used his aura to sear shut the wounds on his face in a rather painful manner of doing it from the inside out, thus the skin was bubbling up from the inside of his body than pulsating out from his wounds in a slow manner as he moved his hand across the wounds, paying the price of healing with pain as he didn’t flinch at the process seeming only focused on the commotion as his one grey eye look towards it as he lifted up his hair to put on his eye patch over is specialized purple eye once more as he simple waited quietly for the next event to occur having finished the ritual with one his finger nails slowly dying and falling off as a price for the ritual.
Aura usage was a powerful art by its very practice, it was quite hard to block without aura or high level magic and did not target the physical being making it hard to stop other from disrupting it. Yet many did not learn it outside of some very stubborn mages and druids as well the Grey Elves, whom with their connection with the first born were able to have a bit better time dealing with the major issue when it came to aura usage, blowbacks. Each time an aura technique was used it required a payment for that usage thus for the healing spell that Trev just used it cost him pain for the skin and a fingernail for the cost of the spell. Yet most species, outside the Grey elves and First borns, would not be able to sustain this lifestyle as it tend to cause to much backlash damage to the body thus leading to death in most cases. However due to the dragon blood in the firstborns and the small amount in Grey elves as well as some other races, they were able to bypass some of these cost with either a blood pact or their heightened healing speed as the fingernail Trev had lost was not exactly a bother to him as it would be back in a week.-

Ihyriel nodded his head listening, truly taking in the mans words. But he knew the hand upon his cheek wasn't there to coddle him in his time of suffering but to without a shadow of a doubt inflict pain, a death blow, the claws in his face were a for sure giveaway. Was this is all he was able to teach himself? Hide, and physically restrain himself from the shit Ihyl's wrath always gotten him into but there was never a time where he actually tried to fight back. "Is tolerance all I'm really good for?" He pondered, "I have physically restrained myself, but mentally I have done nothing, for years I've tolerated being someone else's whipping boy. To allow myself to be.. pushed around and tormented,why?" His eyes widen as now would have been the perfect time for someone to slap him across his stupid little face. But what now? Will I die here because of a delayed realization, Though death by stupidity is one marked down in history repeatedly, "But do I have to settle for that? When will I be tired of settling? it ever to late to fight?" He was mentally numbed by the pain but knew it was taking a toll as he lowered to the ground, laying flat on his belly. "Ihyl: Maybe, if you die right now.. I can leave before he eats you. Don't fight. Just lay here." "Lay here? and tolerate a slow death?" What is this nagging feeling? His one good hand twitched, and his chest hurt, was it part of the dying process, his stomach turned and flipped making him feel nauseous. But there was this awkward feeling in the pit of his stomach.(C)
"I don't understand--" He muttered, "It must be my insides dying from the inside out, yeah, that's it.." He began to close his eyes, yet what part of him was this. "Get. Up." His bi-colored eyes began to dim in shade, yet he looked around.. "Who?--" He closed his eyes only to see an glowing something within him. "You must open your eyes, you must fight.. you DONT--no YOU WONT die here, not today. You will fight for the first time in our pathetic life we will fight." "You said our?" "Yes, I am you and you are me but I am the smarter half of us, that has positive pride, and no tolerance for bull shit, or to be bullied or crying, yeah no that shit doesn't fly in this branch of your subconscious. I FIGHT for ME because no one else will have my back like me. So open your eyes, because someone is trying to save your ass.. under no circumstance will you take NO for an answer we will live today, and worry about tomorrow when it comes. I'll deal with Ihyl." Taking in a deep gasping breath, still have some time before the venom killed him he pushed his tired eyes in Sir Damon's direction, as Lady Sif was done with him.. "A chance to train..?" He laid there silently still, it was a bargaining chip, but it wasn't enough. "Convince Ihyl, to convince Damon, to convince everyone.." Ihyriel exhaled a small puddle of blood as there was that nagging feeling again, "Ihyl, you don't get a say, this is my body for another 15 minutes and I am telling you we will live if you work with me right now tomorrow depends on you, there's an Ice wielder, and a Dragon you have nowhere to go but to my team, we live if you back Sir Damon up."(C)
"Ihyl: That's a small if, what do I get out of this? I don't really live if my wild energy is bottled up it'll make you snap eventually so why bother? ill take my chances." Ihyriel growled and struggled, yet he pushed himself up just enough to hold himself up in his knees, a light flickered in his dying eyes as he wiped the blood from his mouth gasping for air only to clear his throat, a small burst of energy was all he could manage. "Because, I fucking said so.." And damn did it feel good to assert his authority. "Ihyl:..." "I'm not dying for you, I haven't lived.. I don't do anything for myself.. the least I can do Is fight for my moments left to live and if I'm going to die anyways you will be put in your fucking place... I might die pathetic. But id be damned if it be as a bitch who gets kicked around by some intangible presence, you can go fuck yourself!" He panted heavily as he tore his demon a new one caring less of how loud he yelled, he even had a serious expression. Looking to Sir Damon he gritted his teeth. "An acquaintance, we come as a team." his weakening gaze shifted to King Samuel. "Redemption, I lived three-hundred years young and I tolerated...hell every day of it. And with only minutes to spare, I've learned so much because of you, I am asking for Redemption. And for a chance to fight a new I can be proud--of.." He could feel his throat closing on him, and his hearing diming.. "I still have orders by you to carry out, dying in the process of carrying out said orders would only be appropriate in the field of battle. I think I can--No, I know I can serve, there's a strength somewhere in me that can be drawn out. So I am asking.. for redemp-" His he began to pass out, as he was asking for redemption. “Ihyl: Ugh, no...don’t close your eyes...stay awake..” He couldn’t speak but was leant enough energy to bite down onto his tongue drawing blood which kept him lucid a tad longer. (E)

-Xera had Aza letter in hand she wonder if the King would let her go no her mission. Victor needs to die. She needs answers to why he did this to her. She looked and saw Trev healed and spoke to herself' "darn he lives. so the ass can heal, he should have done so before​ he left this room. Making the slaves clean all his mess up.' -she turns to hear the young man speak. If Sam spars him then she sure will be able to leave and go on this quest.-

Scarlet was now with her eyes closed as someone opened the door of the bathroom to give her a towel. She saw it when she opened her eyes and climbed out of her bath with part of the poison out of her system. It had gave her crystal clear water a murky color and she would rather ignore it and the smell of black tar and licorice, she walked to her room in a crimson towel and looked around in her closet for her outfit. "I don't think I'll be able to speak for a while. " She thought as she found an outfit and put it on with a strange feeling in her left ankle. "or walk straight either. " she growled she slightly limped her way to her bed to sit down and figure out she was going to do about this "I'm going to have a bone to pick. " Scarlet thought as she questioned Vena's intentions.

Queen Anaya-10/13/2017
As he let his hand tall to the side the green glimmering venom dripped to the floor melting a small welt in the wood then slowly melting it into a hole. “you ask for mercy but you have nothing to offer but a weak body and a will to live, everyone has the will to live” he stood up and his now extremely bright green stocking eyes looked at Damon. “better get that training in in an hour, if the boy lasts till then, the vemon eats the weak faster then the strong” Sif knew about the cure, she had been given it herself by sam and had a somewhat immunity to his venom from it, witch was a side affect of being cured. But if this dumb demon boy wanted it he would have to give Sam a reason to make more,
witch in the end was not hard, he just had to mix the venom in the fangs in his upper maw with a already mixed antidote in his secret room in the catacombs he not long ago took Sif to. “you both can do what you want with this one, it will be dead soon and be worth nothing to the crown, be sure to toss the body in the pile to be burned this week or it will melt the floor here once it turns to nothing but liquid” it was a disgusting reality that Samuel's venom melted everything, that is what he did he was toxic his blood like acid his venom the same being able to be delivered in anyway even a simple touch of the skin. One of the very reasons Wyverns were so miserable was due to the fact they could not touch anything without killing it. And touching each other was just horrible as they all were evil and cruel and interactions with two always lead to vilonce. Sam turned his back to the weak boy waiting to die and pointlessly fighting, he started to walk away, his steps moving him just to were Damon was standing “i will be in the castle, if anything is needed let me know” he turned and held out his clawed hand to Sif but then pulling it back to clean the venom from his fingers off on his pants, she had a tolerance it was alright if she touched him “care to join me my lady” he wondered to himself if Sif was alright or even enjoyed his crule side, if that is why she liked him or if she enjoyed him being softer he would ask later but later was not right now.

Her gaze faltered, noticing the change in Ihyriel and an actual will to fight instead of the increasingly annoying whimpering and lack of resolve. She almost couldn’t believe it, and yet near death could do anything to a creature. Would she say she was a bit relieved? Of course not, if anything she was more annoyed at all it took to bring it out of him. With a glance to Damon she thought how the responsibility would fall onto him as of now. Sif tilted her head and watched him, then blinked and looked away, back to Ihyriel. As the fool begged to be saved, Sifrella could tell he was soon to be out of time and energy. With a sigh, she listened to Samuel’s next words and watched his movements. As vicious as he could be he held such an inner gentleness that she hadn’t seen before in anyone. It intrigued her, this change that could happen so suddenly in the wyvern. Before she could gather her thoughts again, she realized she was staring, and that he was directly in front of her. Once the realization struck, she took a step back in surprise then noticed his outstretched hand. Why had her mind been drifting so much lately? She had barely reigned in her temper earlier and would have ended Ihyriel herself had Damon and Sam not been so close to him. Sif simply stood there looking at his hand as her thoughts came together.

"Given his situation. I might need a bit more than an hour, My King. Besides, coming to peace with your Demons is not something that can be done within that amount of time either. What I can do within that time, however. Is make sure that Ihyriel here is certain that he is willing to keep on fighting. And that he will be under my command. Within an hour, I can tell you if he is worth vouching my own life for." Damon spoke while he remained looking at Ihyriel, not moving an inch. If it wasn't for his chest giving away that he's breathing, one could say that he was a statue. He wasn't sure if he should vouch for someone who could hardly keep himself together, but he did know that containing a Demon who is willing to fight while he himself wants nothing more but to be left alone. Will cause great conflict. Then, with a very swift move. Damon grabbed his swords and sliced the chains as if they were made out of rope. The chains showing a red glow as if they were molten through, and Damon's swords glowing in a bright orange. Cooling down slowly while it retained it's strength and sharpness. With one arm extended, pointing to the field about half a mile away from them. Damon spoke in a very stern tone. "Seeing how weak you are, you can promise all kinds of things but an action is truly what'll convince me right now. I'll be standing there, waiting. You've heard the King. You've got an hour.(edited)
Make it in 30 minutes, and I'll be convinced to vouch my own life for yours. But do think to yourself. Because if you do, you will be under my command. And you will not be left alone, and you will have to fight those habits of yours of wanting to be clean. You'll become a fighter, and maybe in time. You will join me and Sifrella in the Elite. The training will make you wish you had died, over and over again. But you will become stronger, and worth our effort." After Damon was done with his little speech, he walked over to the field. Standing still at where he promised to be, stabbing both of his swords into the ground, forming an X. He crossed his arms, and waited.

-Trev sighed as he tapped his foot on the ground watching the commotion, they were being quite loud, it would be disturbing the First Born Lady Anaya for sure which lit a fire in his stomach as he let out a curse in the old speech causing some clouds to start forming in the skies ahead as he walked towards the barn with a great pace his robe fluttering behind him as his grey eye pierced the area around him as he made it to the entrance of the barn and smiled coldly, so coldly one with aura sense could feel the rage coming off of the six foot five elven male with pale grey skin and raven black hair peered into the rank barn as he spoke in a cold tone- “My, my, my….it seems we have quite a Gathering of people here…” –he looks towards Sam- “My Liege” –forgoing connecting him to the Firstborn- “forgive me for my ignorance, but pray tell why are you wasting time here and causing a ruckus in the vicinity of the Castle?” –he said bluntly as his eyes scanned the rest of the crowd looking bored with them, it was almost as if he was looking down on them all, which to be fair he more than likely was, but as well was getting a read on their auras as he would sigh looking to the one called Sif-
“Lady Ice Elf you were here as well it seems” –he said bluntly once more even forgoing her name yet still being polite enough to recognize her gender and position it seemed. He would sigh as his glove leather hand tossed an odd looking stone up into the air and caught it with ease as it seemed he was thinking while looking at the last two whom he did not recall nor did he care to, whether they did not register in his mind or they simply were not worth his time as he kept tossing the Stone and catching it as he sighed as he suddenly began speaking in the dragon tongue- “Ah right, liege there was one other piece of info you may like” –he said as he continued to play with the stone in his gloved hand for no other reason than to keep himself entertained as he continued in the dragon tongue- “Savat is dead” –he said simply as he watched the group quietly to see what happened next-

Is Rage-10/14/2017
The warrior slowly opened his eyes as the glow of his runes shifted until all were at the same level of lumens, matching that of a candle. His eyes scanned the room as soon the sounds returned to him. He could here people talking, not to far off. He made his way from the room he had his in to meditate and recover and followed the sounds, soon the sound of metal clanking giving him the location. Silently he would join the others to see the broken servant on the ground. The boy from earlier, did he deepen his troubles while Rage was occupied. Seeing the male looking frail and weak he scoffed and crossed his arms. His eyes shifted to Damon. He was almost reminded of the days he did pit fights. The superior challenging the whelplings to toughen them or break them, whichever came first. He smirked, "He yields in five," Rage muttered. "At best.." He laughed to himself. Only faint worry for the boy crossed his mind, but his teachings from youth clouded these concerns. Could the boy even stand at this point? He rubbed his chin in curious wait, eager for something to happen.

Ihyriel sighed in relief as Sam stopped pumping his death fluid into his face, once again having his harsh words lodged through his ears, "Does everyone really have the will to live?" He wondered, as this must be one of those near death experiances people talk about, a will to live didn't occur till just now, and did it matter for in this moment he was just that dying man possessed by a demon. "It matters, I promised myself tomorrow, I can do that much..and than when i reach tomorrow.. I'll worry about the next day when it comes.." He pushed his floor length dirty hair out of his face, and pushed himself into a bended knee position holding himself up with his one unmangled arm. Did he dare even look in Miss Sifrellas way? He wanted to, he didn't want her to take pitty on him he wanted her to see that he would pull through this, somehow or another that he would make it through to tomorrow. He wanted to be able to actually talk to her again if that was even a possibility, that seemed more unlikely than him dying, "How cold..." He thought only to have his gaze shoot in the direction of Sir Damon, "Of course I am going to keep fighting, I can do that much, this man has my word and I absolutely mean that. Him, on the other hand.." "Ihyl: Hmph.." Ihyriel shook his head, only to hear the chains fall to the ground around him "...." Pressing his lips into a firm line, he took in a deep breath as the words of Sir Damon rattled around in his mind, his ever so fading mind.. all he wanted to do was lie there and just rott away.. but that nagging urge pushed him repeatedly "Get. UP"(C)
"Ihyl: You have thirty minutes, im not doing shit if you can't even-- Ihyriel inhaled deeply pressing his hand agaisnt his abdomen as he pushed off the ground, staggering a bit in his steps yet within seconds he was standing. "Shut up..I'll make it.." A rather unnatural cold stare in his eyes as he passed by Miss Sifrella "Excuse me.." he spoke politley as usual leaning against the wall for support he moved about like a drunk man occasionally dropping to the ground and pulling himself backup "Ihyl: Oh, we're going to die, you'd make it in a knick of time if anything but you wouldnt beat that thirty minute marker.. infact.. just stay put." Ihyriel closed his eyes tightly as the light beamed into his face, his body, he was shocked he was absolutely managled from head to toe covered in grime and scars. "I told you to shut up.." A verdant green aura embraced his form as he walked after Sir Damon, breathing as if he just ran around the world and back "Don't fall, don't stagger...just walk." Even though he had to hold his stomach he had something of a bold stride in his walk, he kept his head up and his hair covered the nasty wound Sir Samuel gave him. He had long legs, this was the best time to use them, taking bigger steps wider steps he could block out the pain only for a little while..."My wounds will take longer to heal thanks to this venom but for now.. i have one task, Reach Sir Damon." "Ihyl those chains are off right?" "Ihyl: Yes stupid." "And I am walking right, by chance you dont have any flying capabilities." (C)
"Ihyl: Yes stupid, and no I am a Demon trapped in a wanna be Reaper not a fairy stupid." "Good.. im concious." "Ihyl: Concious wounded men, run.." Ihyriel paused as if the time wasn't running and brung his hands to his hips, as a weak smirk pulled at the corner of his lips, "Ihyl: GET THERE!" Ihyriel getting motivation from his worst nightmare? He do his damned not to dissapoint, throwing himself forward he burst into a sprint reopening every wound that even attempted to heal as blood poured from his body. "It hurts so bad.." he felt as if he was going in slow motion every arm thrust and every raised leg felt like hell...but Sir Damon wasn't far He extended his hand as he neared his check mark he was good at running away so speed was usually on his side, "I can get there.." he dug his toes into the earth to project himself further, forward and faster. He wasn't even sure what the time was but once Sir Damon was just a couple feet away he leaped infront of his "X" crossed swords and stood there. "Ihyl: Dont faint!" Ihyriel panted heavily yet maintained a rather calm expression his disposition was tall not slouching, his head was held high and his chest puffed out only slightly he couldnt keep his eyes open completely but squinted at the blindfoldedman before him he stood quietly. "Please tell me I made it" He thought over in his mind repeatedly. "Ihyl:..."(E)

-Xera stepped up to Sam, and nod her head to Sif.-. ' My lord.. please, I need to go on a mission, I was just informed that the man who experminting on me has a laboratory. I wish to find Victor and kill him."

- she waited for his response and hope he would let her go. Then she could teleport home. Meet with her mother's troops the get this quest done and over with. Her heart beat with anticipation. To find out more and kill the man who did this to her.-

-Scarlet was now on her back laying on her bed, she was wondering about locking herself in her room to let herself heal, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea since she can't use her powers to do that, she got up and slightly limped her way out of her room all the way to the main halls, one of the maids saw her while she was bringing something to an injured worker and she immediately walked her to the kitchen area, "I don't think I should be in here yet. " Scarlet said as one of the women finished with stirring some strange looking remedy, she poured it in a silver bowl and spoke to the other maid in Scarlet's language, she told the maid to take Scarlet to an area where she could soak her ankles, the maid found a spot for Scarlet in the main hall and told her to keep her feet in the remedy until it turns black, "what are you gonna do with the after stuff? " All the maid did was grin and whisper to her about the royals food before walking off. "I wouldn't do that if I were you! " Scarlet knew that they would do it anyway and shook her head as she put her feet in the murky water and started stomping around in it like she was stepping on mud.(edited)

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Sams eyes looked to Damon "one hour, a life for a life will be the only thing to save his hide, you put yours down he can pick his up" sam moved over to Sif and put his arm around her waist line boldly “i am sure there is a meal waiting inside the castle for dinner. Smoked meats i do think tonight” he paused mid step hearing the girl ask if she could go to kill something or another witch he cared very little for at the moment “yes girl be gone with what you need to do, if you come back you will have your place here if not we will assume you died along the way to kill this Victor person” he may have said the name right, may have said it wrong but he was hardly paying attention anyway and with arm still around Sifs waist line he held her to his flank softly yet with a firm passion. Walking with her and not giving her much choice he took her outside, evening had fallen on them “you think he is going to
make it? The demon boy, you think he is as worthless as i think of him your eyes tell your story Sif” moving along the castle wall Sam walked not to the front door but along the wall. As they walked he bent down and picked up a rose, quickly he turned sifs back pushed lightly on the castle stone wall, no one was around here. Sam put the flower in her hair before it had a chance to die from touching him. “i hold feelings for you Sif, i cant hide them anymore, i cant keep looking at the cold in your eyes and ignoring the fact it matches my own, if i could pick you up and steal you away from here, fly north to the snow drifts i would build you a castle of ice so we can live out our days happy were we belong. I want you as my own, i want to kiss your cold ice covered lips and feel the chill of your hands on my scales, i want to lay you down in the furs of the hunt and have my way with your beauty under the ice covered moon. I want things i cant have and i would give up everything i have to have you and you alone. Be the words from my mouth scare you and make you see me as less, i cant keep them hidden anymore” his green eyes were on fire, every word from his lips was the truth he had real feelings for Sif and he felt stronger saying them. “i have been happy only wall i was with you, and i want you the same with me, but if you are not it is alright as well it never has to come up again if you do not want it to”

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Caught off guard by the boldness of the move, Sifrella opened her mouth to speak but simply shut it again as they began walking together. Oddly enough, it wasn’t something she had experienced before, except for that one time she was falsely arrested for witchcraft in a strange village. People hardly dared touch her, due to her cold countenance. Her hand pressed to her chest, curling into a fist as her heart raced, the cool nighttime doing nothing for the flush to her cheeks. “Ah, well i do believe Ihyriel to be a massive waste of time until now, and I can only expect more pitiful behavior from him…” She paused and sighed, “I must admit he seems to have found vigor at the border of death, so there may be a chance yet.” Sif glanced to the rose that Samuel was plucking then took a sharp intake of breath as he spun her back to the wall, her long hair leaving a white billowing path behind her, not having even fallen before the rose was in it. Sif looked upon him with wide eyes, blinking rapidly but still having her usual cool expression that was unreadable. (continued)
She took in every word that passed Sam’s lips, staring into his eyes as it all sunk in. A sense of hope, dread, guilt, and desire ran through her as she thought of Anaya, her Queen, her family. All that she had were the ones of this kingdom, and yet even then she was not close but to a few. It was true, she had let herself fall into Sam, knowing the risks, and here were the consequences. Her eyes, now taking on their natural icy crystal blue color welled with tears. A single tear from each eye fell as did sudden snowflakes around them. They were bright and delicate as the air chilled around them. Sif’s face turned to a pained expression for a moment until she looked away. Her chest rose with a deep breath as her lips parted, releasing that breath slowly. “Your words do frighten me, my lord.” She looked back up to him, no more tears having fallen, but the blue as bright as ever. “But I would not reject those feelings for the world. The position you have placed me in is quite the complicated one. What of my Lady Anaya? My duty to the dynasty?… What of your children Samuel.” The last was uttered much softer, and less like a question as she set her eyes on him as unwavering as a Princess of Ice should be. (fin.)

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Waiting, calmly as he watched the dead man walking. Damon smiled as he actually noticed that Ihyriel touched the swords. "Impressive, I honestly wouldn't think you'd make it within 20 minutes. You stay here, right here." And with those words, Damon quickly left to search for Samuel. Once he found him, being close to Sifrella.. Damon's heart skipped a beat, and his stomach turned. He felt like he was choking, and honestly wanted to attack the Dragon. Even if it would be the end of him right then and there. "My Lord...." was all he was able to speak out for a few minutes. But time was being wasted. Damon took a deep breath and then moved to get himself into a better standing position before he regained his strength to talk to the King. Not looking at Sifrella, even though he wanted to. "Ihyriel made it, he wants to fight. And I'll make a warrior out of him, one to be able to join the Elite. If you'd let him live, that is."

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Diliria: The darkness had crept up on her unexpectedly as the day had flown past on her journey. But what truly crept upon her was the feeling in her chest. Her brow furrowed as she rubbed the space above her heart, immediately noticing a tear drop from her eye. “What in all Hell’s?” She swiped at the tear and tugged on the reins of her steed, halting the two guards just behind her that she had brought along. They all came to a slow stop, one guard calling out, “My lady, we are just inside the gates now, and night has fallen, it would be wise to complete the distance. What seems to be wrong?” The woman was clad in a long flowing red hooded cape that almost covered the entire horse with her. She pushed back the hood to reveal long flowing white hair, adorned with pins and clips. She turned her head and cast a cool gaze upon him, a smirk on her lips as she slowly raised her arm and pointed off towards two figures near the castle wall, one tall, the other shorter but still regal with the same flowing hair as she. “I’ve found her already, and the timing could not be better…” She turned and pulled her horse along, the others following in suit, “my dearest sister."(edited)

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He was unable to remove his eyes from hers, she was e everything he wanted, everything he had and she had filled a part of him Anaya was never able to reach, a part of him Anaya had destroyed and enjoyed doing. A heart made of ice Anaya had ripped out that Sifs mere presence was rebuilding. “Anaya does not have to know, all will stay the same in the castle, i simply may take more” a smile cracked onto his face as he moved closer to her his arm moving around her waist line “long drawn out fishing trips” his other arm went around her shoulders as he embraced her and pulled her to his chest, his body was warm but at the same time he had cooled himself just for her as he had known that heat and Sif did not work well together. As his chin lightly rested on the top of her show white hair her head in his chest his voice soft, tender, oddly caring whispered into her ear “by ,mine Sif, be mine forever and never leave my side, when the mountains melt from the suns heat and the seas dry up and turn to sand that will be the day i will stop loving you, i have loved you before you were even born, i just did not know it was you till here” his heart was pounding he was sure she could hear it, and within him he was both scared and enthralled in happiness. Her tear hit his chest as he softly put his lips to the top to her head. She was immune to him, to an extent anyway, he was able to touch her skin, just not anything more, for now anyway. He kissed the top of her head “I love you, I always
have” there was a light sting that faded fast from his kiss to the top of her head, and now a slight blood smire to her back from his hand. He stayed in that moment holding her there at the side of the castle along the wall. He would burn the world down for this simple little ice elf, all she ever had to do was say the word and he would rip the moon from the dark night sky and hand it to her. Then there was another show to the side, Damon had come over and seen them. Samuels eyes turned and there was a brightness there that was
not there before, that was not there ever before. But at the same time there was a darkness, a shade that screamed if you i tell anyone your head will be on a spike. “if you want him to live, you know what i said only a little before now, if you want you must give, his life must have life be given for it, life i find value in.” his arms stayed around Sif he wished not to let her go but they did get slightly looser so she could react as well. “if you or another of value take my mark i will cure the boy from his death and he can fight for you and the crown but if he is of no worth and fails, both lives will be consumed in penance of the failure” he wondered Sifs thoughts of the words that came from him, a second Sam could be the most loving and tender being imaginable but a second later he was cold cruel and lacking any idea of a heart within him. That girl that had talked to Sam had left, packed up a cart and headed out as fast as she came in, in the distance his green eyes picked up the cart leaving and another cart coming in “i hold a bad feeling in the wind, we shall go into the back door” his eyes turned back to Damon as he waited for the boys response.

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Listening to the words, while being tortured from the inside by the mere sight of Samuel and Sifrella in that loving embrace. It felt like he didn't really live anymore anyway, not if what he found in her was not his to be. Clenching fists while Damon tried to remain strong, feeling the pain in his chest take over his entire body. Feeling the Demon inside him starting to rage. There was nothing more in the world what Damon would rather do than attack his King. "I'll vouch with my own life. Train him to be good for the kingdom, to be able to protect the crown alongside with me and Sifrella. In case you don't know, her and I are the only Elite here, not to mention that Sifrella and I are the only fighters skilled enough to fight without the need of an entire army. We need more fighters, more people like us. We're lacking in a defense that the mere guards we have simply can not provide. But we must hurry to be able to heal him. Your choice Samuel. I simply advice that he can be very useful. If you don't care, then I at least gave my advice. And if you lose both me, and Ihyriel. Your Kingdom will eventually show more and more cracks. We are failing, and honestly it isn't surprising to me either." With the end of his little speech, his voice stern, and honestly quite harsh. Damon turned his back towards the King and the woman he loved. And moved back towards the kid that was currently dying at his swords. Not wanting to care about what he saw, yet he was still also a Fire Elf. Passionate in everything they set their heart to. Sifrella being one of those things.

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Diliria: She couldn’t help but smile as she watched the embrace her sister was drawn into, feeling a touch of what her twin was feeling due to the close proximity. The slight change surprised her as she followed her gaze over to another man. Ria tilted her head and stopped her horse, choosing to simply watch the affair. Ria was very sharp with these sorts of things, and easily picked up on the situation, only noticing the first suitor with Sif in his grasps was Samuel after figuring out the first. Her eyes shifted from Sam to the other man, a sneer set as she looked to Samuel. Her gaze settled on the man who turned to walk away, causing her to develop an idea. She chuckled and dismounted her steed, patting it’s nose and looking up to the guards. “Go on to the castle halls and represent me, I shall be along… after a short visit with my sister’s special friend.” The guards bowed their heads and one took the reins of her horse, heading off to the stables. In the meantime, the frosty Queen of Elves waltzed across the field directly behind Damon as her sister and Samuel went the other.

Sifrella-Last Monday at 6:17 PM
Sifrella held on to his words and closed her eyes as he hugged her close. His kisses stung for a bit, a reminder of what she was getting in to. The snowflakes ceased to fall as she heard Damon's voice. Looking over, she quickly wiped her tears and slightly pulled away from Samuel. Even she didn't know why, but her eyes were on Damon. She soon found herself smirking as she looked at him, then nade a confused expression. Why was she smirking, that wasnt her current feeling? Looking around, she could almost sense her sister, though her senses were a bit dulled she definitely thought she saw her in the distance. Drawing her attention back to Sam's voice. She nodded once, her emotions in check, "As you say my Lord, but you should also tend to that boy first." Sif stepped away and turned, heading opposite of them both and moving to the back entrance inside.


Rage sat in silence as his mind focused itself on his purpose. As the runes of his body began to shift to allow his body to heal, his mind found a way to occupy the spirit of the warrior. He began to question the bindings on his hands and wrist. Why were they present, he knew he did not always have them, but when did he put them on. Why could he not remove or destroy them? His mind raced backwards of his life.

First he saw himself as a mere child, his arms free and his runes still forming. Five down each arm and signs of a new one growing on each wrist. Slurred voices, distorted as part of him tried to prevent the memory, " Remembrance...greatness." He could faintly make the image of his father, behind him another more massive shadow. He felt a harsh glare and could remember a single word uttered by the large man, 'Doubtful'.

The images blurred again. It was night, cold, dark, wet...A thunderstorm...the sounds muffled to him, but the flash illuminating two figures. First his father, an even six feet, brilliant crimson runes down his left arm with glowing vermilion eyes. His pupils expanding in the flash of lighting. "No...father, he isn't ready for inheritance. He is still so young.." his father pleaded to the large man from the first memory. His eyes full of sadness, "Silence, Ryoku. That boy is weak, just like you. Allowing either of you to breath so long was a luxury." The 'grandfather's ' voice was dark and heartless. "Your ancestors were superior once, and to think you were born and destroyed that legacy. Even the scum of our people knew their place." the grandfather turned to Rage and glared down to him. He stood just over seven feet, his runes the same as him and his father, although his covered the left arm and torso. " both know nothing of it. You want to be a warrior boy? Want to truly make me happy?"
The young Rage nodded his head to the figure, "I..I want to be the strongest."
The grandfather laughed, "Then as your grandfather, I will help you. But know this Zidourious...once you start this can not go back. Even if you turn your head...your life is set." the thunder flashed as Grandfather reached out and snapped Ryoku's neck mercilessly. Rage dropped to his knees and screamed in a melody of sorrow and pain as his arms were flooded with his runes. They burned, filling the darkness with a red aura. The grandfather laughed and walked away as the memory faded off and began speeding again.

He remembered this day, this was the week before he arrived to Iron..the town...he lived here now. His name of Rage already cemented into his life. His old name had been hidden. His hands still unwrapped. He walked through the was running...why...

He seen himself standing in the center of the town, raiders...They were trying to take what little they had. Rage watched as he fought, his runes steadily growing brighter. Especially the rune on the back of each hand. What was going on with his runes...he moved himself to watch closer. His left arm swung out striking a man in the chest, the armor cracked and his body dropped as he began to puke. The red energy still lingering around his crippled body. Rage had struck with his own aura...the did it. He looked as he would leap into the air, the runes on his right arm matched the intensity his hand. He watched waiting to see the energy pass again but was stunned when he saw the true result....

The fist struck at the earth, his power now rapidly expanding. He lost control of the rune and the wave tore through the small town. His body broken from having sunk into the shattered earth, along with the small town...the raiders and the innocent..the power he had foolishly craved as a child, going unused and feared so intently breaking from him and killing those he wished to protect. He watched himself as his mind snapped in that moment, The runes glowing once more and making themselves into the bandages he now always wore, their power sealing as his frail mind could not cope with these actions.

His mind now settled as he stood in his own darkness. "I...I killed all of them.." You can never go back...Never go back...Rage looked at his hands in his mind, the bandages burning away, "I will have to learn to control this...My goal...He will have to die to my hands." his mind began to create the image of his grandfather again so he could stare at him, "To prove he is no longer useful or needed, to show him I am the strongest..." his mind whispered a single word over and over as he slipped from this meditation, Inheritance...

His eyes opened, "My inheritance..." Rage rose and walked out of the room....

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-Trev cocked an eyebrow watching the goings on feeling himself hold in a gag at the words of the wyvern as he shook his head, one of the second tree and one of the first tree both of diluted blood seeming to want to mix with one another made him gag a bit in his mouth as he simply watched the road as if expecting someone as he whistled quietly to himself. As he begun to sing quietly in grey elven about the fall of the First borns parents, how their power had been stripped from them with a simple word a curse of sorts of mortality that pulled their souls down earth to be used for their own children. A bit away from the castle a cart cricked over a long road two massive wooden wheels moving over the gravel road as the cart was being pulled by two large white wolves that seemed to be well tamed as at the reins was a rather brawny, but small, robed man who was smoking on a cork pipe. He blew out a large puff of smoke and spoke aloud- “ye are one daft cunt arnt ya Savat? First thing ya do when I get ya yer sword is ya reach out for it and try to use its powers, even tho yer aura manipulation is about as strong as a wee lases ability to hold in her piss during a five day mead binge” –he spoke quite bluntly aloud as passerby’s would be shocked by his language for sure as well his accent, it was so thick that it was almost hard to understand the man. At some points yet the beard sticking out of his robe that covered his face said it all, this was a dwarf.- “I swear, first ye be dragin’ be to a damn mountain range in the Golden dragon breasts then ye be havin me lug around a giant middle fukin finger to her around with me” –he would turn around and look behind him as in the cart was to large parcels, one was a wrapped up body with the head exposed, obviously Savat by the looks, the other was an odd parcel. It was a large black box that had multiple seals on it and seemed to be held down with chains. As the dwarf dumbed out some ashes into Savat’s hair.- (c.)
“oi ye listen to me there ye dead cunt? What would ye have me be doin now? If it weren’t fer known that Trev being near I would have skull fucked ya till yer name was Shirley ye daft pussy” –he scoffed and snorted hocking up something and spitting it onto Savat’s face once more obviously annoyed with the grey elf as oddly enough all of Savat personal effect were removed even the white dragon bone mask he always wore. It was quite an odd thing to see Savat so open and nude to the world, well under a white blanket, as well his weapons and supplies where missing as well. The dwarf took another toke of his pipe and let out a long pillar of smoke and looked darkly towards the hills and castle up ahead as he spoke to the wolves- “So these be the lands of the Golden lass….” –he would shake his head and sigh- “what has that prick trev gotten ‘imself into? Pullin me into this world of pissin ants and lackluster men” –he grumbled as the carts rolled across the road the wolves growling a bit sniffing the air as the Dwarf scoffed- “Yes yes I smell it to, just avoid it im sure it’s just some arse bucket wanking off into the corner to hard” –he said as he dumped out some more ash onto the road as he would look to the grey elf once more now that the road was a bit more stable. It was odd, About ten years ago he had been tasked with fallowing two odd men to an old bone yard in the sage mountains there he would witness something he wished he had not seen, the death of a dragon, a green one to be precise but a fresh kill none the less. It was at that moment he knew why he had been brought, for his family had be lauded as the kings of the smithing arts for a reason, Varyr Dragonpick was the dwarfs name and the last name was not irony it was a title given by the king under the mountain for his families work with dragon weaponry. (c.)
Yet out of all of his families legacy Varyr had been the only one to distance himself from the practice seeming to be unable to make dragon items even when put on threat of death as he found the idea disgusting. Not from some religious reason mind you he blasphemed with every other breath it was more the ideal of how he viewed the world. Everything needed balance; a sword that was made from a dragon disrupted such a balance as it did not have a penalty. Thus when he made an item he always added some sort of enchantment to the item that forced a heavy cost on the user. This was how he fell out of ‘honor’ as many would call it but to him he called it keeping his soul. Which is why the request for the 6 items of dragon bone was an odd one, the Soul Eaters mask, The Sword of ages, the armor of the forgotten king, the dagger of kin, shield of flame, and the black pearl all of which had heavy penalties on them which the damn killers of a Dragon asked for. This confused Varyr to no end as in his profession almost no one asked for a detrimental effect to their weapon yet these races of Grey elves seemed to create their entire damn society around it. Thus he capitulated and made the items yet he made a rule that he would send them out to where he wished for them to be, as such most the items, save the mask and the sword, were hidden in places in which Trev had said they would be protected to the highest degree possible. The only two uncovered so far where by far the weakest of items and Trev wanted it that way, if he could Trev would more than likely destroy the items if asked but do it with hesitation, it was tricky as the items were rare but also not easy to destroy. (c.)
The mask devoured anything around it that it touched for substance in exchange it took the sense of taste and one other random sense. The sword of ages meanwhile was a large white sword with harp like strings on it that each had a spell attached to them, thus this required a very large amount of aura and strength, making it useless to most people, and each string on the unique sword required even more magic plus aura to start thus making it the hardest to control of all the items. If any of these conditions were not met the item would usually not work or in some cases, like the sword, kill the user as it drains their spirit in exchange for not following the rules of the sword, in a manner of speaking the items were cursed which was rather appropriate to Varyr. Who at this point was reaching the Castle and was now looking around his eyes looking at the commotion up ahead as he muttered trying to make out what was happening- “What in mead name are those ogre fuckers doin?” –he asked aloud to no one in particular- (end)

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After escaping the pirate she came to a old tavern the man who ran it was kind and sort off adopted Pinky who now did not even remember her real name though she new she was kidnaped and she long to find her mother and father. To her delight the tavern in witch she stayed and now runs after the death of the Tavern keeper, there was many maps. Each day she would glare over the maps and ask her crystal “ find me my family” but each day it would just dangle over the map and do nothing. She would sigh softly to herself. Surrounded by the green walls of the old luck tavern she laid her head on a old map once more. Speaking to herself as she lifted her head and dangled her crystal over the map “well here we go … find me my family” at first the crystal just stood there motionless , but then it did something it had not done for a long time , it moved . this made pinky’s eyes light up as her head lighted and she saw it move to a corner of the map. The crystal started to twirl and move in a circulars motion and in middle of the figures they look to be elf but she could not tell. She tired to get a closer view but something blocked her. Perhaps it was the place its self as “it was a castle” she thought out loud. But then she look back at her now still crystal. “ there’s a chance “ with that she knew she had to go yes go to this castle and see if her family was there. She wanted so baldy to be in her mother and fathers arms , and if there was a chance she was going to take it. Pinky gathered her things and some supplies for her journey , and then she went on her way to the castle she saw in the crystal vision. It took about two weeks to get to the castle on foot but few stops and little rest between meant she cut the time it took in haft. As she came in closer to the castle she .
could spot the tall trolls. “ hmmm ill have to get pass those “ she thought as she artfully came closer to them. As they were tall she would use her agile strength to get past it. They would see her and then and give chase. But as their hands came down she would leap out of the way. She would not harm them but she did dodge them as they went to get her. Soon she found herself at the back of what look to be a garden maze she leaped over the hedge and landed on to the ground with a thud but she landed on her feet. Still the noise was loud enough to be heard and she was, this came apparent to her as she heard a male voice call out “ who goes there “ hearing this Pinky took off running. The guard who called out ran after and lead her straight in to a group of guards who grabbed her right away. “ what do we do with her one called out “ another spoke back “ lets not bother the queen with her and just take her to Damon he will know what to do with her.” With that she was drug off to this Damon person

Is Rage-Last Monday at 10:05 PM
He finally moves from his spot and gave a half chuckle, "So, he managed to live?" He chuckled once more as he spoke to himself. The little spar, if you call it such, began to enforce his own bloodlust. He quickly shut out these thoughts as he followed behind Damon. He kept a fair distance as he listened to Ihyriel's fate. Trained by the elites? He rubbed his chin before slipping away to walk the grounds himself, mindless wandering leading him out the gates, "Well asking to be taught is out of question," he said aloud, "But then again, I don't have much choice do I?" He let his gaze fall to his own arms, to be seen as an elite warrior..." He nodded, "I'll have to earn it. Whatever means, at least this day proved useful." He stopped and looked around seeing himself outside and blinked in confusion, "Question is how," he turned back to the castle and began his hunt for the king and Sif. Once behind he would clear his throat and bow before Sam, waiting for his acknowledgement to speak. Lessons of his past whispering through his mind on how to earn his place among warriors. His hair fell across his pale face and the red of his runes fading greatly.

Azami-Last Tuesday at 9:36 PM
-Xera smiled and bowed to the both of them and made haste to packing her bags. She left nothing behind. She then went to see Kull a brother like figure to her and a Troll. She told him that she had to leave with grunts and clicks. She left the castle and open the same portal she had arrived by. Her long ago home Wolf Dynasty and it's cool days the fall festivities as people worked on decorating with pumpkins, hay, and other decrortive items. The large Castle strong and kept well. The sun was setting giving the castle that last sandstone shine to it glorious abode. She knew Azami would be awake ready for the evening. 'Oh, No not him again.' It was Sam Truebone he is a Wearwolf, And been trying to have a relationship with her. He is in his human form at the moment. -she shook her head- "Sam just go away. Don't you get it. I don't care for you." - she walked right past him-(edited)

MoonroseScarlet-Last Tuesday at 10:01 PM
"Yuck! " Scarlet was holding her nose as she slowly took one foot out of the dark colored water after, the toxins in her had turned the water that blackish color and apparently, had an effect on her feet aswell, as soon as Scarlet let both her feet touch the ground, a tingling sensation went straight through them as she rose from her seat, "Holy Shinte!" Scarlet was swearing in her language as she quickly walked upstairs to her room to deal with the issue, "Holy Shiinte!!" She thinks she might have said her swear word a little too loudly as she stood in her room, she hoped that no-one heard her since her door was already closed, she grabbed a few wraps from her closet and covered her bare feet with them before she started looking in the mirror, "why did you show up again? " she noticed a red mark on the middle of her neck that only shows up at times like this, she went back to her closet to look for that piece of purple-blue silk and wrapped it around her neck when she found it, she heard a knock on the door, it was the maid bringing her a bottle of the licorice smelling water, "You still have your powers. You can find this useful. " the maid said as Scarlet took the bottle in agreement, "what about the rest of it? " the maid smirked mischievously when Scarlet asked that question, "You better not put that with the food!" Scarlet yelled as the maid walked down the hall, Scarlet still remembers when they switched some of the wine with an unknown liquid that she was able to despose of before any of it could be served to anyone.(edited)

Queen Anaya-Last Tuesday at 10:56 PM
Before Damon had time to fully turn around Sams hand reached out as he whispered words spoken in a dark tongue under his breath. The only words in English were simple “you made your deal” as his hand reached out his claws dug slightly into the mans shoulder, black tar like liquid spilling down his skin and pumped into him. But it made no feeling, there was no pain, there was nothing no sickness nothing, but on the back of Damons shoulder there was a mark, a black dragon with only arms and wings and bright green eyes and green tipped claws and spikes, a mark of a poison Wyvern, Samuels mark and Samuels Symbol burned into the centre of it all. Every dragon had one, every Wyvern had one, the mark of the scaled ones others called them but to the normal common people it was the mark of the dragon a showing mark that said you were owned, and a mark that could be burned, placed, activated, or taken away at the will of the one who placed it. Damon would have this mark till Sam deemed it was time to remove it, so with death or Damon doing something so grand for the
Wyvern that he saw Damon as a equal and not having to pay his dept anymore. “bring the boy into the study right away then and i shall cure him, he will be on your hands now” Sam ripped harshly the claws from Damons skin and that part would sting but oddly numb back down as if the area was drugged slightly. He put his hand back on Sifs him as he looked back to her, she pulled away from his arms and her eyes were on the demon boy, there was something there but at the same time with Sams mark on the boys skin he cared very little for the demon boy anymore, what was once a thought of it being a threat was no longer existent. Witch could turn out both good for the boy or bad for him all depending on how he played his cards. Sams eyes turned as he watched Sif walk away to the side door of the castle. He let out a breath, would this change her life, was this not the right thing to do, was it even right of him to do, did he do this selfishly, did he make a mistake that could make her world go to far upside down. He pondered so much as he watched her, watched that flawless figure walk away. He let out a breath and instead of walking to the castle door he turned off walking to the gardens alone just to have a moment to think before he would go to the castle.
October 25, 2017

Sifrella-Last Wednesday at 4:17 PM
As Sif turned, she paused, noticing Rage there waiting for the King. Sif spared a glance back towards Sam, which she hadn’t intended. Sif always did prefer to be alone to clear her head, but what she saw had her waiting even longer. Her brow furrowed as Damon was marked, and yet the logical elf in her, as usual, knew there was nothing she could do about the deal between them. Hopefully Ihyriel would not let them down again. She clenched her fists, thinking of what it would cost if Ihyriel failed, this time Damon’s life was on the line. Yes it mattered to her, but with a heavy sigh, she turned and went on her way, straight back to the castle headed to her chambers. No sooner had she passed the gates that she ran into a few guards hauling a roughed up pink haired woman. Slightly annoyed already she looked to the guards handling her so roughly and glared. “What is that?” (Leaving the rest and responses to the fun of Raven)
Diliria: The spitting image of Sifrella had passed by all of the current actions with Damon, Samuel, and her dear sister after hearing a bit of what the situation was. She was mostly in the dark, but a golden opportunity lay in the boy they spoke of. Sure enough, before her was Ihyriel. Ria decided to utilize this moment to prepare her charms for the man who seemed to be a flame elf. With arms crossed, she looked upon Ihyriel. “What a sad sight you are. How anyone can stand such a weakling is beyond me, I suppose that wyvern is all… flower fields and soft baked bread on the inside.” She chuckled and began circling him in thought, tapping her bright red lips, her cloak swaying with her hips as the cloth hugged her figure. She paused and smiled sweetly, her specialty. “Let us become comrades, I have means by which to aid in your special situation as you know. And I am so very wiling to help you after what I’ve recently seen.” She chose her words carefully so as not to elude to what exactly she had seen or not seen. Ria raked a hand through her hair slowly as she awaited the battered man’s answer, the wind picking up each strand and the moon casting an ethereal glow to her pale body.

Payne-Last Wednesday at 6:05 PM
Being stopped by Samuel ticked Damon off greatly, he was already on edge. And almost attacked his King once more, but he felt a burn, which was strange to him since fire doesn't afffect him. It didn't hurt, but it was present. Not sure as what had happened right now, he was sure that he'd find out sooner or later. With a nod he walked further towards Ihyriel. Only to be very confused by seeing Sifrella standing close to him. He raised a brow, it popping up slightly above his blindfold. Though stepping closer, he noticed that she wasn't wearing the type of clothes that she would usually wear. Hesitant, he stepped closer. Not drawing his swords or getting in an attacking position. But still very cautious. "You change clothes pretty fast.. And that's not your usual attire either.... Sif?"(edited)

BobsYourUncle-Last Wednesday at 6:07 PM
-Trev sighed seeing the two furry figures begin to come in view as his song was interrupted.- “how annoying” –he spoke in the language of the grey elves as he began to walk forward towards the cart to meet it. He silently moved than began to gather aura and a bit of magic at his feet as he made a small jump in his step as he moved forward. It was an assassination skill known as the forlorn knife which Trev had enhanced with his Aura manipulation in order to allow his movement in the air to be a bit better aimed. The forlorn knife was a simple enough move in which an assassin would use their skills to put pressure on their leg muscles and then move forward propelling them into the air, if they knew a bit of magic this could be amplified a bit more, the point of this was to allow the assassin a chance to get a drop on the target but was always hard to get an exact aim on said target, hence where the aura manipulation came in which allowed Trev to manipulate his being to very small degrees at the cost of some rather uncomfortable side effects later on. He would aim for the back of the cart seeing the dwarf dump loads of ashes onto the roads as he cursed a blue streak as he rode along on the cart making Trev give a cold smile as he began to descend his jacket fluttering as he landed on Savat’s body with a heavy thud causing the tarp to fly back over his face. - “Good day Silverbeard” –he joked to his old friend. Varyr looked back with a scowl and grumbled heavily as he tried to spit towards Trev to know success as he sighed moving over a bit allowing Trev to sit beside him as he would look over to Trev- : Treferious Longshank…ye daffy cunt how long has it been since i have seen yer psycho arse?: -he asked bluntly as Trev pondered sarcastically with a cold smile- “hm it has been awhile more than likely since we buried the relics…..” –Trev was cut off- :Don’t lie to me you sociopath I haven’t forgotten what ye did in that mannor: -Trev simply smiled coldly-(edited)
“No clue what you mean Varyr Dragonpick” –he said allowed causing the dwarf to scowl at him more and huff- :fine, fine have it yer way I won’t pry just don’t be sayin that last name of mine in front of yer damn First born lass, last thing I need is my arse to be set a golden hide: -Trev chuckled coldly which made Varyr shiver in his skin as he shook his head and cracked the reins as they made it to the castle gates. Trev waved the guards over playfully and spoke to them as if they were idiots, which to his mind they were being ogres of the failed tree- “If you two wouldn’t mind being a dear and fetching First Born Lady Anaya and the her mate….always forget his name” –he tilted his head thinking for a moment and shook his head forgoing trying to remember- “they may wish to see a small gift I have brought them” –he moved over to the back of the cart to pull back the cloth over Savat’s face to show it to the pair of ogres, hoping that their small minds would recognize the dead man.-

Is Rage-Last Wednesday at 10:10 PM
Once he heard the steps of his king leave he slowly rose to notice the others moving on. This boy held another's fate? He followed a decent distance, watching Ihyriel's form being circled. His runes flashed brightly as he let his aura flow through them again. Thoughts on his own past danced through his mind as he watched. He smiled and moved closer leaning against a wall. "If he is to prove his own power, why assist him. No, I vote you make him realize the consequences if failure, one or both. I offer myself in this training as well, if nothing else, get one of your elites as a backup plan. This might not end well after all." He began removing his armor until he remained in only a pair if leather pants. His bandaged knuckles cracked as he squeezed his own fist. "Wouldn't mind learning more myself either. Getting hold of my own power couldn't hurt, would it?" He moved himself closer waiting to see if Damon took his offer. "Might help you conserve energy if you have him another sparring partner." His non-pupiled eyes flashing a brilliant crimson. The smirk never fading.

Raven-Last Wednesday at 10:32 PM
“That that ..”pinky was flustered she would squirm and buck about kicking up at her their heads. “ I’m more of a who then a that” she could feel them grip her arms tighter and try to hold her down. But she would not dare let them . “ where is my father, ? I saw him ..or sort of saw him the vision was blurred but the crystal would never lead me stray “ she paused and stop fighting lifting her head and gazed at the woman before her. “ ill go when I see my father Ayden Salvatore.” Pinky’s eyes glared as anger fired in her she felt the heat in her hands raise. It felt good to her and she lie if she said she did not like it but a fear set in .as well as she heard the guard scream out while his hand was on fire she they let go, but pinky’s hands were now a blaze and she did not know how to put it out. “ what is this .. what’s happening” Pinky screamed as her hands touched the near by hedge it to burn as well. Then as fast as her hands had caught on fire it stopped . as it did Pinky then fell to the ground she felt drained . as if she had run a mile on bare feet up hill . unable to get up she laid there gazing at the women as studding the woman’s ears that pointed much like pinks and her feature human like but off much like pinky’s she never seen anything that came close to what she looked like. Then again she not seen a troll ether . soon her eyes closed and all went black.
October 26, 2017

Loud-Last Thursday at 12:12 PM
Ihyriel stared blankly as Sir Damon went on his way, "It all hurts, more a mental pain than anything physical..but still I dont like it. It conjures up memories." "Ihyl: Of that day?" "Yes, the day we broke together." Ihyriel's head began to lower, as the pain engulfed one half of his head and began working its way down, he was far to gone in mind to realize how much pain it truly was yet simply aknowledged that it was there. "After that day, no pain really phased me if anything i learned from recieving such mental and physical truama, evrything startled me, everything was intimidating, but nothing hurt. "Ihyl: To be "stripped" of pain in a way of saying, is it as painful as when you draw me out?" "Theres no pain in this world that can compare to that, but I dont think im going to make it to the King there, I cant feel my legs, I don't even think they're there. "Ihyl: Hmm, it'll be a slap in the face if you did all that to die and that man traded his life for nothing." Ihyriel buckled onto his knees, holding onto the sword driving it a tad deeper into the earth, his breathing shallowed and at multiple times almost to a stop. "Arghh.." He gasped looking in the direction Sir Damon went, "Fuck.." he smirked. (C)
Only to stare blankly his vision was failing just as fast "Ihyl: Well..I can still see to some degree and there is a rather devious woman circling you, can you atleast hear her." "I think so.." He looked around focusing a little harder, "Yeah she's calling me pathetic, with what little vision I have she looks exactly like Miss Sifrella. "Ihyl: It be best to die looking at a fine thing as herself than Damons Mug." "Another thing we can agree on.." Yet there internal conversation ended rather abruptly as her words offered help. He cleared his throat only to look in her direction, "Comrades huh? Sure." Was all he could utter, "Ihyl: She seems untrust worthy but hey, you dont have much options. Take some pre death risks." Hearing Sir Damon's voice he didn't want to blow this womans cover, as he knew without a doubt it wasn't Miss Sifrella but had to have been a relative of sorts but it didn't matter his mouth felt glued shut. "Okay resume dying.." He collapsed onto his side hugging the cool ground beneath him, falling between the Sif doppleganger and the blindfolded man he raised his arm as high as he possibly could and choked out. " are." (E)

Queen Anaya-Last Thursday at 12:52 PM
Sam sat down at a bench in the gardens, it was still a beautiful place even in the darkness that had settled in. You know she is not her right it is pointless it is not like there is a way to get her to move you if you touch her the wrong way she will die. She is not a dragon you cant play this game. His own words bumped in his head he had a point and talking to yourself and agreeing with it was not a good sign. But it was true she was not Kadence not there child they did not have a past together but did they have a possible future, together… Sam let out a sigh as he turned to the big white tree “she loved once, truly loved once and it was not with a dragon she loved a wolf man, can i…really love an elf?” he looked at the tree a shimmer in his green eyes. Sam had a heart, Sam had a soul, Samuel had feelings and right now all of him was torn on what to do with it. Love this elf and face the possible wrath of Anaya, what if Anaya found out he loved sif, would she harm sif, he would never allow it, he would face the dungeon chains for another lifetime before allowing Anaya to harm sif, he would die and lose it all to be with her, to hold that ice cold skin in his arms. But that had to be figured out later and he had to figure out a way to be able to touch her without killing her. What if he…changed her, undead did not get affected by toxins no he could never do that there was another way. There was to give her half his heart make her a part of him then he would hold no affect on her at all. But Anaya could easily find out and killing sif would kill sam, but killing Sam would not kill sif, it would work but he did not know. He .
would think of other things right now there was that boy. Sam put his hand down into his leather pocket and pulled out a vile of some clear substances and then uncorked it and put it to his mouth. There was cracking snapping and the sound of ripping flesh as his jaws snapped and distorted long curved snake like fangs folding out of the skin and dripping large glops of green tar into the vile and all over his hand and onto the ground. The ground melted as he shock his head snapping it all back it was more annoying to but it back then take it out. He cleaned off the glop from his hand and looked to the black ground. Nothing would ever grow there he thought to himself not caring. He looked to the sky if that boy did show up he would have minuets to live and would have permanent origin damage at this point and melted skin all over. Sam could not help but smile as he dragged his feet slowly walking to the door shaking the vile in his hand and humming to himself. He did not care for speed as he walked into a side door and then into the castle kitchen picking up an apple that wilted in his grip as he took a sloppy bite of it and walked into the study to sit in a chair and wait for the begging voice if that foolish boy not wanting to die, he would have to beg well right now sam was the only thing able to save the little shit, Sam and the vile in his hand

Sifrella - 10/29/2017
Sif raised a brow as the woman began to scream and the flames began to spread. She remained calm, glancing over the flames as one of the guards had scooped the woman up bridal style. The other had run off to gather help for the fire. Sifrella watched him go, but soon after, before he was even a few meters out, she faced the flames. Cutting an arm across the hedges sent a wave of thin ice over them, layering heavy snow over the scorched areas. Without a sparing glance or a word, only a slight nod of her head, Sif headed along to her chambers, the guard following behind still carrying the woman. As they reached Sif’s room, she gestured to the freshly made bed. “Lie her there, I shall take care of the intruder. If she is here for ill-will, Lord Samuel will be handling it. Someone must inquire about this Salvatore she speaks of. That is all needed of you for now.” Sif stood over the woman awaiting her to wake up.
Diliria: As the poor soul went on to himself in his head, Ria crouched in front of him. She knew her offer was the only one he’d be taking so she prepared to work her natural magic, reaching a hand towards his chest as he crumbled and agreed. Her eyes glowed a deep purple as she smirked sadistically. And yet, before her lithe fingers could grasp hold of him, she heard the voice of the one she was really waiting for. Play time was over for now, so she calmly and slowly stood. Gazing down on Ihyriel, she spoke. “I think this clothing suits me fairly well? As other things…” Ria finally looked over her shoulder, her eyes back to the usual blue but her mouth set in a sultry smirk. She scanned him head to toe then back again, but the smirk on her face fell to a sweet and innocent one as she noticed the other man walking up just behind Damon. “Hm. I suppose I’ll tell you all about it in a bit. Someone else wishes to play with you first by the smell of it."

Payne - 10/29/2017
Confused as why Sifrella suddenly spoke to him like that, and also why she was dressed like that. Damon lifted Ihyriel, with ease. Trying not to respond to Sifrella as he saw someone come closer to them, taking off his armor, wanting to fight. Damon sighed and shook his head. Not having heard half of what was said "Youknow I'd love to fight or whatever right now, but currently this kids life is on the line, and I am fairly, VERY fairly sure that his time is already almost up. And if I need to fight right now he'll definitely die." Having the large man over his shoulders felt strange for Damon. He wished it was Sifrella, for sure. But not something he'd say out loud. Moving his head back to face 'Sifrella' once more, nodding his head towards the castle. Damon then started to move. Making his way to the courtyard, and eventually the private study of the King. Now slightly out of breath for carrying the lazy sack of almost dead meat everywhere.. "Don't think there's much life left in there.. Might need to be quick,, if you want my word to be true.. Please, Samuel.. My King.."
October 30, 2017

Tigger - 10/30/2017
-Trognog The guard was not the brightest of guards but he could sometimes tell when someone was insulting him…..this was not one of those times as he nodded his head and pointed to the door- (You cans go on in Priest Trev) –Varyr looked at the Guard than the Trev as if someone had just insulted his mother as Trev sighed and nodded shooing the guard away to go open the doors as he spoke- “Yes, yes somehow I became a holy man here….” –Varyr would burst out laughing almost busting a gut as the two wolves would also seem to be chuckling a bit as Trev covered his face in annoyance- “Bite me….” –Varyr wiped a tear- :Should a holy man be sayin bite me yer holiness? Need I lay down cloths fer yer holy feetses?: -he barked out laughing almost falling on the ground as Trev lifted up his leg and attempted to do a drop heel kick on the laughing dwarf as Varyr rolled out of the way before it connected but it left quite a nice dent in the ground as Varyr looked at him- :What be happen to thou shall not be killin?: -he said with a smirk as Trev rolled his eyes- “Come on Grab Savats body….ill hold the case of sealing” –he said as he picked up the large black case feeling the Aura flowing around it he narrowed his eyes and shivered- “What a disgusting feeling…..” –he mumbled as Varyr sighed and nodded- :I don’t be feelin aura like ye gray elves but that case makes me feel sick to mi damn stomach….dont worry I already fixed it: -he said grabbing Savat by his hair and dragging him out and over the ground as if not even caring about the dead as the wolves would fallow them into the Castle. As they went into the Castle they quietly looked around as a small dwarf was dragging a dead body and the Grand priest was holding a large odd case of sorts as Trev turned to one of the maid and said- “Where is First Born Queen Anaya?” –he spoke in common as he did not know this girls race but he seemed to have an odd accent when he spoke common almost like his tongue was not sued to it.

Rage - 10/30/2017
He tilted his head, "Perhaps I misspoke, " He scratched his chin, "I listened in. If you can turn that scrawny kid into something noteworthy, I'd like to join in. An extra student." His arms hung at his side's as he watched Damon leave. He turned back to Ihryiel. He huffed and just moved to stand by his armor. His gaze remained to the sky as he folded his arms over his chest. His mind trailing off into his own world. His blank stare accompanied with a smirk as the barbaric male clearly dreamed of fighting glorious battle. [And secretly the fluffy rabbits with soft fur. One day he would have such a pet.]

Raven - 10/30/2017
Sounds flood her ears but it was the warm and comforting bed she rested in that made her think on weather or not to open her eyes. She could not remember when the last time she rested on something so cozy and soft . Pinky would open one eye and look around the room, to Pinky at lest the room looked very high class. It was then her eye spotted the women and Pinky would open both eyes stretch her arms out with a groan. She did not bother with the why or how did she get to the room or to be resting on a bed, but she let out a soft “thank you” then she started to get up from the bed. It was then Pinky spoke again “ did you find my father?” Pinky twirled her crystal in her hand as she thought about the blurred vision it showed her. How up lifted her heart felt when it showed her family here at this castle she only hope that her father had not moved on before she had gotten here. ( note that pinky could not see the face of the man in her Crystals vision so she assumes its her father) but she could feel as if she had family near by and her heart was not going to give up if she had to search the hole castle dungeons and all. Pinky looked at her hands as the memory of how they burst into the flames. she would glance up her blue purple eyes shined though her pink hair. “ I don’t know why it happen” Pinky took her hand and pulled back her hair then smiled at the women. “ well what you going to do with me now ?”
November 5, 2017

Loud - 11/05/2017
Ihyriel’s breathing slowed nearly to a complete stop as no amount of willpower was enough at this point, his arms and legs had gone limp, and he couldn’t hear much of anything anymore or did he simply not care to listen anymore. And this Sif dopple-ganger was a rather promiscuous woman. Every fiber in my being was alarming me to not trust her words or her actions, but in this predicament I needed as much help as possible even from a demon.. “Ihyl...” He moaned internally, their was no response. He fell in and out of consciousness and had this weird sensation that he was hovering off the ground. “Oh it’s Sir Damon..” He thought, as all he could see was a blur of the ground and few other smeared things from the corner of his eye. “I don’t know what’s happening..Everything was dark, and cold and where is all this blood coming from? Is it all mine? My body burns and everything just keeps getting colder. I dont think Sir Damon is going to make it in time..” He lowered his head just as they had reached the King but he was out of it and had already closed his eyes only to hear part of what Sir Damon had said. But would the King actually do it? “Ihyl: Even if he does the damage of this is going to be rather staggering..I almost feel for the kid.”

MoonroseScarlet - 11/05/2017
"Agga! " Scarlet's regret was clear after she found herself on the floor of her room infront of her thick crystal pot, she had took a drink of the potion she had just made for the poison in her body, and apparently, she passed out after drinking half of it, she started to gag and cough before she exited her room to fetch a drink from the kitchen, she quickly walked down the stairs and paused at the very bottom when she almost slipped, one of the maids saw her making a face of disgust and helped her to the kitchen, Scarlet sat at a table as one maid gave her a glass of water, "That was the worst potion I ever tasted" Scarlet said as she felt a throbbing sensation in her head, "That's because you used freaking poison that was supposed to be desposed of long ago," One of the maids sounded like she was trying to fuss with her hands raised as Scarlet wiped her nose with a cloth, "Ah pipe down carrot head, " Scarlet put the cloth in the oranges haired maid's face before she ran off, Scarlet then put her head down on the table as the maids fixed her something that would be easy on her stomach, "Bring it to me when... " Scarlet's ankles felt numb as she lifted herself up from her seat, She decided to stay seated until they were done with whatever they were making for her.
November 6, 2017

Anaya - 11/06/2017
Samuels eyes turned as he turned from the book he had just opened, just sat down and now they were here, the boy looked pathetic and the fact his face was now melting was far from a good sign “poor thing wont be pretty anymore” he gave a gruntled laugh as he put the vile on the desk. Its contense shimmered green in the light as he leaned back in the chair the book labeled “the love of scaled woman” resting on his lap shut with a paper markwr in the page he left off on. “the boy has to drink it, after that he will sleep like the dead for hours to days it all depends on his strength, or he just may die in his sleep. If he wakes he will not be healed just cured so the castle medics will have to workd on fixing him best they can but the scars will not fade and his face is not going to be cute anymore. His hair will fall out and his eyes will turn green but that is only for a short while they will turn back. And for the rest of his life on his right wrist will be a green claw mark, three lines, it happens to everyone most see it as a triumph of surviving wyvern toxin but wyvers see it as a target so it wpuld not be something to show off. You both will be marked how cute” Samuel chukled as he picked back up his book opening it to a page with a rather nice looking dragonkin female on it ger tail up between her legs and her one clawed hand on her breast. “oh and one thing, the cure will make him partly immune to wyvern toxin but that does not mean go pissing off my kin, if the boy gets toxin in his eyes mouth nose or in his blood, if liquid from a wyvern touch’s liquid from him he will die, the cure will not work a second time.

Sifrella - 11/06/2017
Sif sighed, rolling her shoulders and retrieving her hand from the woman’s grasp. She crossed her arms and looked down upon her. The inner teddy bear softness that Sif possessed had already caused a thorn in her side from Ihyriel. Slightly annoyed, Sif tilted her head. “There is none by the name you spoke of in this kingdom. I believe you are mistaken and have stumbled upon a land who’s owners you are ill-prepared for. Mine in this moment will be the kindest you find, you would only be as lucky if I were to let them take you to Damon. Had that direction not been occupied by a Wyvern, I would have let them drag you. And those childlike eyes will not get you far.” The air took on a crisp chill for a moment as she leaned down a bit to become eye to eye with her. “And understand that I do not tolerate weakness in my presence, gain control of your ability."
Ria smirked as the wounded one was dragged off by her new target, only slightly pouting right after. “Ah well, of course the game cannot be so easy.” She shrugged a shoulder then walked along behind them, looking around as she did to learn the grounds. Ria soon made her way away from the group and had traversed her way throughout the halls to find her twin. She moved elegantly through the halls, her cape sliding along the floor behind her and her heels making light clicks onto the stone. As she passed any maid, slave, or guard she even remotely fancied, she would pause and speak to them shortly. She gained a few facts about the Dynasty and the build of the castle. She even behaved herself and only brought 3 or 4 into her love thrall, her eyes glowing mischievously with delight at how eager they were to tell her where to find her sister’s chambers. Diliria arrived at Sif’s chamber door, one maid and a guard at her back whilst another maid walked beside her. She had walked arm-in-arm with her, having a preference for blondes as they were as close to white haired as she and her sister. “Very good, you all are dismissed, leave me to my business.” Ria smiled brightly, not bothering to knock and simply pushing the door open.

Payne - 11/06/2017
As Damon stood and had placed the dying Ihyriel in a chair. He simply glared at Sam as he spoke in a very demeaning fashion.. Finally, when he was done talking, he grabbed the vial and forced it down Ihyriels throat. "You better not dissapoint me here....." he grunted as the vial was emptied and then thrown againt a wall. "What now? Take him to the nurses or leave him here? Stupid question.. No worries Sam, I'll take it from here.." He said mockingly as he grabbed Ihyriel. "Don't think I didn't notice, by the way. But thank you.." He grunted and carried Ihyriel to the nurses. Leaving him in their care. "Please.. Try to fix his face as much as possible..." He wished and then made his way back outside. He grunted, and was annoyed at both Sam, and everyone who wanted to bother him. Also he was pretty confused about the clothing that Sif wore, it wasn't anything like her. Though he wasn't complaining. To let off some rage, he took off his leather jacket when he entered the center court room. The place he usually used for practice, and let his flames run high. Scorching some of the stone, Damon ran up towards his training dummy, and jumped. Landing a hard right kick on the dummy's head. Landing it smoothly, and immediatly following it up with a small wave of fire aimed towards his target. Once that was all done, Damon cooled off a bit more and and looked around. Some of the maids looking at him from a distance, some scared, some flustered. His famous smirk formed on his face and Damon continued to work out some more. Letting his mind wander to think about the things that didn't really make sense to him.
November 7, 2017

Tigger - 11/07/2017
-The maid would freeze up in front of the priest known as Trev and she would bow and run off before she was forced to talk to him as most of the serving staff here did not like talking to the Grey elf who seemed to look down on the lot of them, they were correct of course, but it was still just an assumption rather than a stated fact of purpose. Trev would than sigh watching her scurry off as Varyr would smirk- :Well aren’t ye a loved one Grey boy: -he said snidely as Trev simply leaned up against a column silently holding the rather large black sealed case in his hand that let off a rather malicious aura, almost as if the case itself was ready to kill more than Trev himself which was a record in this castle. Varyr would slide the body of Savat next to Trev as he was tired of lugging the thing around as it made him feel like he was dragging about a very ugly hooker that he had found in a bargain bin. As he rolled his shoulders he saw a young man, he assumed, move to the center and begin to wail on a dummy for some odd reason as it seemed he was either sexually frustrated, angry, annoyed, had a intense hatred for straw filled organisms like himself, or all of the above. Varyr stroke his Beard and looked to Trev- :Ill be back in a moment Grey, something interesting be catching mi eye: -he said as he walked off the chain mail he used to protect his body from the flames clacking off his body with every step as he moved towards the courtyard as Trev simply shrugged his hand stroking the case silently as Trev’s eyes focused on the new Auras in the castle feeling one that was odd as he grimaced. In the courtyard Varyr would speak out loud to Damon with a rough voice as his hand stroked his own beard not seeming to mind the any flames that shot his ways-
:Tell me young man are ye sexually frustrated today? Or perhaps you hold a hatred for straw filled organisms like miself?: -he stated bluntly as the dwarf stood there a few feet away from where Damon was training his eye focused on him alone as with one glance one could see a hard light in them forged in years of one’s craft, yet besides the hand he used to stroke his beard he kept his other hand behind his back for some odd reason. -

Rage - 11/07/2017
Still he stood, waiting for some purpose. He was tuning out the sounds around him as his mind trickled into his deepest desires. A carefree snow hate with red runes frolicking through the medows. Raiding gardens and hopping up to kick angry farmers in the face as he happily nibbled upon lettuce and radishes. Becoming king of bunnies with his superior hopping and garden raiding ability. Absolute pea e and tranquility. "Hmmm..." His serious expression altered in a strange grin. The joys of fiercely defending his bunny brethren from vile wolves, and other predators. Yes, he would be the ultimate bunny. Both ferocity and fluffiness. He did enjoy this daydream, quite so. Never would he express his wish to be a bunny for a day, less he break his image of a fierce warrior. Mindlessly he nodded with the simplistic grin etched across his pale lips.

Raven - 11/07/2017
- Her eyes would glare up those words burn in her and she clinched her first “ then I will not be weak if so the flame is my own ill control it” she would look at her hands there was no doubt now it was from her she could feel only cold from the woman. Pinky thought back she was made then and she is made now each time she felt the heat flow though her hands it burn but the burn felt not painful but powerful. Deep down she wish she knew she could do this before, why now she thought her mind started to take off till she felt the heat of the crystal “ NO HE IS HERE !” she pulled out the map that was old and worn. Its tattered edge showed it was lost and found and not well cared for “ ill show you” pinky said as she took her crystal from her neck and held it above the map “ show me living family of mine” as she spoke the crystal started to wiggle and then it moved over the map to where the castle on the map was . “ see now look is will show its vision it twirl “as Pinky spoke the crystal did twirl it swirled about making a circle like globe and threw this was a vision of the back of a man he was throwing flames at a dummy figure she almost saw his face as he turn and smirked . she had thought she saw a blindfold witch confused her .she then thought about the day she was token perhaps he was blinded she thought . “ see there he is my father .. it has to be Ayden Salvatore it just has too ..” she then pulled the crystal away from her map and stood up heading to the door “ I don’t care what you say I may not control fire nor have I ever know I could .. but I do control this and damn good at it .” she then reached out to grab the handle of the door knob to leave the room as she had, had enough “ I am not weak and ill prove that to you or die trying nor am I a child.. “ she would mummer the last part.-
November 8, 2017

MoonroseScarlet - 11/08/2017
"bleh. What is this stuff? " Scarlet pointed at the bowl of green soup that she just took a few spoons of, it wasn't as bad as the potion she made for herself, but it was certainly something she wouldn't want to try again, "It is a potion to put you to sleep and calm your body, " One of the older maids told her as she blinked, The two younger maids looked at each other with concerned faces like they were hiding something from Scarlet and only Scarlet, One of them helped her from her seat and took her to a quiet area of the castle where she could rest, "Where are you leading me? Take me upstairs to my... " Scarlet didn't know that the two maids were not allowed to go upstairs and decided to lay her on a couch since she would be knocked out before they would even get to her room anyway, "Just don't let people. Disturb. Me...," Scarlet was hardly alert and aware of anything when the maids walked away from her, "I think. I'm in... Lan.deam," She pointed, sighed, then drifted off to where ever goes during her sleepmodes. A dim indigo colored shield was around her as she rested.(edited)
November 12, 2017

Anaya - 11/12/2017
Samuel watched Damon take care of that stupid boy, that boy would be in good graces if it lived, let alone if it was able to stay alive with the damage that had been done, the internal damage alone would make the rest of that things life a struggle let alone be it a fighter, now that was dreaming in vivid color, damon made a bad bet puting his life on that horses race as it was not gona win. Sam rolling his eyes looked to his desk and picked up a paper, a letter from Anayas daughter, witch he took and rolled up then ate after everyone had left the room. any note he would find would be eaten and disolved. he gave a chukle as he walked over to the door swallowing the note down and then leaveing the room he was in. he spoted this odd little short man dealing with damon but made the choice to ignore him and the gray elf unless the beings came near. it was geting late anyway things needed to be done, like cheaking on the stable and doing his night to night rounds of the castle like his job did state he had to do, witch he enjoyed as well. but something smelled off, something smelled like tuna and he hated it, there was a being here that he did not want to be here and he was going to follow his nose to it, or just be a snake and wait for it to show up, oh it would to knowing this place. everything showed up in the main hall in due time and he was now in the main hall. so walking and takeing his time he steped over to the throne and sat down in the kings chair, a chair he would get noticed in and put his back into the soft stin backing of it he had personaly requested to be placed in by the town workers. it was very nice and suited his needed flawlessly. now we wait he thought to himself as he reached down into the side of Anayas spot into the chair pillow pulling out Anayas log book she always hade hideing there fliping the pages to read it.
November 13, 2017

Sifrella - 11/13/2017
Sif raised a brow but watched silently as the woman pulled out the map and demonstrated her talent. She barely held in her annoyed sigh at the sight of the man that appeared, not even trying to hide her eye-roll. Just what she needed, another of him. Sifrella turned to speak on Damon but paused as the fire emerged from the heart of the little pink-haired one. She blinked once, watching silently as she hopped up and headed for the door. Very intrigued by her tenacity and attitude, Sif simply crossed her arms and listened. A small smirk fell across her lips as the woman turned the knob, only to fall completely as the door was swung open from the other side. A heavy sense of foreboding settled upon her heart and she straightened, her expression calming to that of the usual unreadable cool face the Ice Princess always wore.
Ria swung the door open, smiling innocently and bright, “Well oops, looks like I have found…” She faltered, not expecting to see anyone other than her twin. The sinister twin laughed lightly and stepped forward into the pink-haired woman’s space, walking her backwards into the room until she could close the door behind her. Diliria leaned her back against the door and eyed both the women in the room with a soft smile. “…more than I could ask for. Hello dearest sister, have a guest do we? Let’s play with her together.” Ria’s smile widened as she left her gaze wander over the woman in front of her. “And you are?"

Payne - 11/13/2017
Hearing a voice, Damon stopped practicing on his target and turned around. Seeing nothing, he raised an eyebrow and then decided to look down. "Ah.. Well hello there.. And sexually frustrated? What?" Confused, and honestly a bit insulted. Damon turned around and threw a ball of fire towards the straw filled dummy. Only to turn back to the dwarf once more. "Yes.. Hatred for straw.. Of course.." And with a sigh he looked around to see if someone was making a joke. Seeing a grey elven creature, Damon saluted with 2 fingers touching his left temple and then making a wave. "Greetings, does this one belong to you maybe?" Unsure as if the Dwarf was a slave or someone who wanted to have a conversation "Weird people today" he mumbled to himself, as he walked away from the courtyard, only to bump into a guard, which he violently pushed aside. His upper body now bare as he walked through the kingdom. Not sure if the Grey Elf or if the Dwarf would be following him or not, as he didn't care. Honestly he felt like he was about to explode, and a good spar would definitly help. "Where is Sifrella? We need to train" He growled towards a few of the guards, none of them answered and with annoyance and some anger that has been building up inside, exhaling deeply, Damon blew out literal steam through his nostrils

Tigger - 11/13/2017
-Varyr would scoff and rush next to him as he would appear next to him seeming to be quicker than one would expect of a dwarf as Trev smirked at the man’s comment for a moment his eye drawing towards the throne room and Samuel as he narrowed his eyes and grabbed Savat by his hair to drag him to in front of the thrones. Varyr would look up to Damon and speak- “I belong to no elf boy, I am Varyr Silverore master smith of the valley of black ore and member of the drunken meads commune” –he said proudly as he continued to fallow him as he saw the steam blowing out his nose he spoke- “it would seem ye lack a proper outlet fer yer fire pirck do ye?” –he said bluntly once more as he pulled out a pipe once more and looked around for a light- “least im assuming its fire, if it be water ye are goin down a daft route fer trainin’” –he spoke swiftly as he would pull out a flint and begin to try and light his pipe as in the throne room Trev would drag the body of Savat in and look towards Samuel as he smiled coldly- {Good day… Sir Sam I believe I have brought I gift for First Lady Anaya if she is in for this fine day} –he said with a smile presenting the body of Savat to the thrones keeping the case close to him- {Im sure you of all people recall this little bag of fun no?} –he said with a cold smile as he would await the answer of the wyvern whom he would look at with a somewhat cold look in his eye.-
November 14, 2017

Rage - 11/14/2017
Rage finally snapped himself from his daydream and began to replace his armor. He sighed and made sure everything was fastened securely. He popped his neck and began to simply wander the halls, allowing new thoughts to consume him. His eyes would appear almost lifeless as he bumped past others without thought. His wandering brought him to the library where he blinked to bring himself from the daze. He stared out over the books as his ears began to ring, finally allowing him to hear the sounds around him. His head turned back to the entrance then he simply shrugged and moved himself to the books. Carefully he examined the spines, trying to find the titles, if o e was visable, before moving to the next set. Growing bored he sat himself down and propped up his feet in an adjacent chair where he absent mindedly snapped his fingers forcing the gauntlets to chime and echo in the room. His thoughts slowly shifted to more negative ideas. Questioning himself in both his value and strength. "More of a dog, no?" He asked himself allowed as he shook his head, "I am limited it seems. Perhaps he was right after all." He snapped again letting the chime fill his ears, "And diluted down by human blood. Being an equal is an impossibility I fear." He exhaled as he continued to make the chimes resonate the seemingly empty room. As he relaxed his body, the runes began to fade into a dull vermilion around his body. The warrior shook his head as various ideas danced through his mind, each scenario seeming more displeasing than the last.

Raven - 11/14/2017
The door open before she could walk out of it . she watched as she was pushed back into the room Pinky was starting to feel most inpatient she wanted to track down that witch she was sure was to be her father . “I am Seraphina Salvatore I am daughter of Ayden and Soliania… but you may call me pinky if you wish ether way I have no time for this.. and if you will excuse me I have wasted enough time .!” with that pinky let her hands ignite in a bright fire she would then shoot at the wall beside the door . she took little time to look at how well this new skill had made such a impressive hole but she also cared little at this time after all there was no time to gloat. She just had to find her father, she hoped he had not forgotten her an that her mother was not far. But most of all she wanted to feel his warm embrace. She though of this the hole time she raced outside though guards had become aware of the explosion and the hole in the wall pinky was able to dodge them for the most part and she made her was out to the court yard. She saw the burnt straw dummies and knew that this meant she was on tract but she also new she had just mist him again “ damn that cold woman and her sister “ Pinky would mutter to herself as she started to run full speed out of the court yard. It was then as she was racing though the kingdom looking for her father she ran right in the back of the man from her crystal vision her force would make her fall straight in to him as she did with a oaf she hurried to get back up “ father ..Ayden ..Ayden Salvatore it you father . “ she would call to the back of the man she had ran into.

Anaya - Last Sunday at 10:07 PM
Samules eyes moved to look at everyone around him, he was not dealing with this right now and needed sleep, it was geting late and the sun was gone and his eyes were heavy "we shall bring it up another day, in the morning, or something but as of right now i am in need of a meal and some sleep to rest my bones for the night, i have used alot of energy today doing matters i did not wish to do" he moved his head and looked to the doors wanting anaya to walk in but knowing she would not be back till days from now "the queen wont be back for a couple days still, once she gets back you can take this matter up with her Trev and...." he looked to the small man there who was rather rude in how he worded things "hole dweller. you yes can take it all up with her, but if you shall excuse me i need to eat" he turned and walked away not careing what they said or did he had matters to handle that were not here right now and really the only thing on his mind was Anaya geting home and how to make it so Sif would not be hurt by him ever.

Sifrella - Last Monday at 8:55 PM
Sifrella sighed deeply at the massive hole in her room wall, “That woman is already so much trouble I cannot stand it…. And you, what in all 7 hells are you doing in this place!?” Sif stiffened as simply the presence of her twin in her current home set her on edge. She could sense the ill-intent for her radiating off of her sister. Sif ran a hand through her hair as she eyed her twin, pinning it higher than usual before straightening and putting her shoulders back. They were very connected with the proximity they were in so she knew she should be ready for anything. She may have let Ria wreck her before, but now she had something she was wiling to keep, to fight for. No one would ruin it or take it. Her skin paled as a frosty mist radiated off of her, a light breeze flowing around her as her eyes glowed a cold blue. Her fingers lightly tapped the desk next to her as she awaited the next move.

Sifrella - Last Monday at 9:01 PM
Ria pouted a bit as Pinky disappeared from her grasps, but just as quickly began laughing heartily at the damage to Sif’s chambers. “Oh really? I cannot say I do not love her already. Look at the rage, the fiery power!” Ria admired the massive scorched opening then glanced over her shoulder at Sif’s question, already feeling the defensiveness from the twin. “What a way to address your Queen.” Ria turned to face her fully, calmly doing a once over on her then leisurely stepping closer a few steps. “Did you think there was anywhere I would not come and get you? Oh dearest sister… you would be mistaken.” A sly smirk crept up again to the sinister sister’s angelic face. Her eyes glowed blue, same as Sif’s then faded to a deep purple as she rose a hand out to her. “If you simply come now I won’t have to hurt you again. We both know who is the better royal here.” Ria sneered in annoyance, having quickly lost her cool, “Now.” Her outstretched fingers frosted over, icicles forming from her nails like claws as a stronger whirlwind swirled around her, making her hair flow up in waves.

Payne -
Being clearly annoyed as all hell. Damon tried to move away from everything and look for Sifrella, he needed the workout. And it was about time that they tested their skills against eachother again. Being quite sure Sif would be up to the challenge of kicking his ass, or attempting to, at least. Once the dwarf started talking again, he simple shook his head and when he lit up his pipe. Damon stopped walking and turned his head towards the dwarf. "Listen here y- OOMPH" Suddenly he laid on the ground thanks to someone bumping into him. When he heared someone mention his last name. He groaned softly as he tried moved his arms to push himself up again. "Why are you mentioning my father??" When to turned around, now, still laying on the floor but on his back instead, looked at the pink haired woman. She had a resemblance of his mother, that much he did know. But who was this woman? "Who are you?" Raising an eyebrow that showed up above his blindfold he slowly stood up, dusting himself off. Still pissed off and annoyed he inspected the pink haired lady. "How do you know my father?"

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Anaya - Yesterday at 8:28 PM
Sam was walking up the stairs, he wanted rest and needed to get things done tomorrow so rest was needed. but then there was a bang and something felt a miss. he chould hear Sifs voice as his face turned seeing her room door open and a big hole there in the wall and flame marks, fire, Sif, in a blink sam was standing behind the one that looked the same as sif, he had smelled her before, that vile Twin from his daughters kingdom "Far way from home are you now" his voice cracked as his green eyes looked down at thema smile moveing over his face, how flawless one of his daughters people here, not protected, alone, just standing there, how easy it would be just to stab his hand into her back and have her drop right then and there. "Sif, it is late, you can sleep in my chambers tonight" he wanted her away from her sister, he did not like how her sister looked at her, how there last trip went he knew that sifs sister would know that gift he left for his daughter just a while ago when they last met. he stood there towering over the other ice elf the heat from his body radiateing off him he was angery, he was really angery, he got the tail end of what Ria had said, What a way to address your Queen. the words bumping around in his mind, no, this elf was not Sifs queen, Anaya was and no one else was, Sif was his not hers and sif was going nowere. "Sif does not leave this castle with you, not tonight, not ever, now get out of her room before i cut you in half" his voice was extreamly stern as he looked down at her his green eyes a blaze as smoke came from his nose, he was not kidding.

Sifrella - Yesterday at 9:10 PM
Sifrella couldn't help but flinch out of habit, causing Ria to smile wider and take a step closer until the heat at her back stopped her.  Sif straightened, her hair falling as the sight of Samuel calmed her a bit. She was surprised at his words, looking from his face to Diliria's. "Your chambers... my lord I..." Once her eyes caught back to her sister's she paused. Ria's expression  was one full of annoyance and rage, coupled equally with the strong fear of the man behind her. She had dropped her hand and lifted her chin. Glaring down her sister. She glanced over her shoulder towards Samuel, easily hiding her emotions quickly. The ice remained around her hand as she calmly turned and stared down the Wyvern. "If you say so Lord Samuel. Don't worry, our Sifrella will end up right where she belongs... Isn't that right, dearest sister?" Before waiting for her answer, Ria stepped past the heated dragon and waltzed her way down the hall. The moment she left her sight, Sif sunk down to the floor, sitting silently. She had almost had to fight her, and had no idea if she would win. For decades she hadn't worried about her skill as a fighter, and she didn't pick fights bigger than she could handle. But this was her past creeping up to meet her halfway, and her sister was her achilles heel.

Anaya - Yesterday at 9:21 PM
Sams eyes almost went red at the girls words, were she belongs, yes she was were she belonged, with him and not in anyother place. "she belongs here, and if you wish other wise you will have to rip her form my dead arms" he ment every word,  that woman in no way was takeing sif from him, not now not ever. as she left his eyes turned back to sif and instently soffened and the heat in the room went down. sam moved to sif as he bent his arms out and picked her up, right up into his arms like one would hold a wife after there wedding night "you can have my bed tonight, i will sleep on the floor you have my very word i will not move form the floor"  he held her to him as his heart beat like a drum, he was still tempered but he was calming it so his heat would not rise "i dont know why she came here, but i want her gone, your sister is not a friend to this castle" he let out a breath as he calmed himself a bit more "i wont let you get hurt, i promise" his words were heart felt as they always seemed when it came to Sif "do you know why she is here? why she wants to take you away?"

Sifrella - Yesterday at 9:40 PM
Sif remained quiet, almost lost in thought until she was scooped up so easily by Sam. She could feel the heat coming off of him, heavy enough to make her dizzy but she kept her eyes on his face. What was she supposed to do in this situation? Her eyes trailed over his features as the day they went swimming. Her mind wandered for a bit as she stared, the sudden realization of what she was doing caused her to be extremely embarrassed. She looked away from his face and down to the hand that rested on his chest. Her face actually flushed from the warmth and odd emotions running through her. Had he not shown up, her room would be an icy hell by now. She heard his promises, and felt guilty for being the one needing to be protected. Her hand closed into a fist at his question. “She believes that I belong with her, she is a bit obsessive my sister. As she always has been, but apparently the King wishes to see me as well. That I am  most confused about. An Elf I have not seen since i was so very young insists on my return. My sister will not give up so easily.” Sif relaxed a bit as Sam calmed, the physical heat from him dying down. “M-my Lord… I am capable of walking…"

Anaya - Yesterday at 9:47 PM
Sam gave a smile as he started to walk out of the bedroom and started down the hall way with her in his arms, he know that if anyone looked up they would be seen but he did not care "but if you were walking i would not be able to hold you for a moment" he moved and went into his and anayas bedroom it was twise the size of all the other rooms, gold and red bed sheets lined the king size bed that was fluffed and cleaned every day even if it was rarely used as dragons hardly slept in the normal human beds "if you wish to go see this king i can come with you, to keep you safe, i will not act out of line unless they try to hurt you" he said softly as he looked at her "or you do not have to go and we cna be here and, i can make your sister, go away" he gave a smile as he sat down on the bed still holding her to his chest "and i, may have found a way, so that, if you wanted, i could, we could, is nothing" he was a little lost for words at the moment, witch baffled him slightly, he felt like a young buck around her sometimes and simply forgot what it was to be stern and crule. but dragons needed to be blunt, he knew that "i think i have figured out a way so that i can touch you, without killing you, like touch you more then just skin on skin"

Sifrella - Yesterday at 9:56 PM
“As irresponsible as it sounds, i wish no harm upon my sister… I believe that facing him once should be enough to stop all of this.” She leaned away from him as he sat, looking directly into his eyes when she did. Once again embarrassed, she looked away, her long elven ears twitching as she moved her hands off of him and sat with her eyes on her lap. She listened obediently, confused  a bit at his rambling and even more confused when he got out his thought. Sif had not known any man and did not completely understand what he wanted. A bold motion on her part, she found herself reaching forward and lightly touching his face with her fingertips, “What is it you are saying my Lord Samuel?” Her warm eyes stared into his, her head tilted innocently to the side. She removed her hand slowly, clearing her throat and straightening, moving from his lap as she felt she was overstepping her bounds.

Raven - Yesterday at 10:14 PM
Your father …. Your father  .. What do you mean your father he is my father as is my mother Soliania – pinky sighed “ she use to brush my pink hair before going to bed” her hand would grip her crystal as she spoke to the stranger her finger would gently roll it as she did it would shine bright in a glowing aura. Looking at him her eyes would grow in a feeling she not known , it was not anger not sadness and not joy but a sorrow she held it back no one was going to call her weak at lest not again. She stood up and looked around “ you are not my father then …” pinky dusted herself off and sighed “ then there is no reason for me to stay” she take the crystal from her neck and  reach for a map her hand would grip tight on the map as it crumbles she would then drop it on the ground her hand now burning bright with fire she aim her hand to the bush near “ damn .. DAMN THOSE PIRATES “ with that she threw a fire ball at the bush her eyes would gaze at the flames a little some how it brought her pleasure it card the leaves and she could hear the branches cry out as the fire engluped it

Anaya - Yesterday at 10:14 PM
her touch melted him, it was like the heat was gone and all he saw was her and the words just came from his lips without anything to stop them "i want to give you half of my heart" his fingers moved to her hips, he did not want her to move, did not want her to look away did not want her to go "i want to give you the one thing i have never given away, my heart, half of it, to you to hold till my end of days. " his green eyes looked into hers his face so soft it was as if he had no rage within him. "i have never wanted to touch something so bad in my life as i do you" Samuel really ment he wanted to carve out half his heart and give it to her, a fuse of there bodys a bond unlike anyother he would not be able to harm her, ever, in anyway his toxin would not affect her in anyway she would have a part of him within her forever. (think dragon heart give your heart to a person)

Sifrella - Yesterday at 10:26 PM
If her face wasn’t a warmer tone before, it was definitely flushed now. She found herself staring into those eyes again, thinking insane thoughts, yet coming back in her mind to how rational it would be. The answer: very irrational. Her Queen’s husband, the King of her new home, and she was nothing but a Knight. All of it weighed heavily on her, but… simply when he was near, she felt that she had chosen the right home. Her love for her King and Queen was unrivaled, and yet there was a different love there. Sif knew that she also didn’t wish to walk away from this, and for the first time in her life, she did something that was not based on a life or death situation and simply based on what she wanted. “I think…” She let out a slow breath, her voice small, “I think I would like that."

Anaya - Yesterday at 10:32 PM
Sam could not even talk, his voice and mouth felt so dry, he would give everything he had for her, in this moment, his very life, was hers and hers alone. his arms wraped around her holding her "i will love you till i no longer have breath, my ice elf, my Sifrella" he knew he could not kiss her fully not yet, but soon, soon he would, soon he would lay her in this very bed and show her what his heart was made of show her that he was not all bad, just some bad but at the same time very soft and even tender. he put his forhead to hers and shut his eyes as he could not take the smile from his lips. "still want me to sleep on the floor?" he asked with a sly chukle as he opened his eyes back up to look into her own.

Payne - Yesterday at 10:40 PM
"Yes... Ayden Salvatore is my father, and Soliania is my mother. Born in Chartegh, raised as well.. Went to the school of the Dragon.. Lived my life, yada yada yada" As Damon was cleaning himself, he looked up and then saw Sam holding someone. "Seems like today is interesting..." As he knew that that would never be Anaya that Sam would be carrying. Looking at the bush that the pink haired lady burned, Damon smirked. "Wonder why you call my parents yours, though. We'll figure that out. If you give me a moment.. There's something that needs to be settled.." Damon sighed and shook his head, moving towards the Royal chambers. "Still want me to sleep on the floor?" was the only thing he heard. Knocking loudly on the doors of the royal chambers. Damon huffed. "Sam.... I know you are in there... A word... Now...."

Sifrella - Yesterday at 10:43 PM
She closed her eyes as his forehead touched hers. This poor, innocent little snowflake pulled back, looking at Sam, “I had wondered why you would sleep on a floor if there is room for both of us here. This chamber is the size of half the troll yards. Surely I will not be so unpleasant to lie beside?” Her eyes told no deceit as she stated the simple facts. She tensed and hopped up, a wave of cold air emanating off of her and dropping the room a full 5 degrees. “My Lord Samuel, it would seem you have a visitor.
— Ria, on the other hand had left a trail of half frozen, fully frozen, and partially frozen guards, slaves, and servants in her wake. Her rage had seeped out and for once she did not school her mood. She had her sister in the palm of her hand and would have taken her had that dragon not intervened. She simply could not understand why he had taken a liking to Sif. Sif belonged to Ria and the Arctic Elven kingdom. Ria rounded the corner, her own guards awaiting beside their horses near where she had left them. She paused just a few meters away, noticing quickly the pink-haired woman in the distance as the male she had planned to trap Sif with wandered off, looking up into one of the windows of the castle. Her fury knew bounds, but this was not outside of them. She sauntered over to the girl, her expression returning to that of a sweet Sif doppelgänger.

Rage - Yesterday at 11:03 PM
Rage would push from the chair and huff as he briskly evacuated the room with deafening silence. His left eye began to twitch with frustration. He would keep the rapid pace, nodding to the king as he passed by him into the thrones. He reached an immediate halt as he caught sight of the elf. The one who hit him with that horrid waterball of arcane death. And washed away part of the scent of battle from his attire. The nerve of elves..his runes flashed for a moment. And worse, he can't strike him. He knows he is close to the heads, and striking him would relate surely in harsh punishment. A small growl was caught with in his throat. Darn spell flingers. His eye twitched angrily. Still from its corner he saw the answer. A poor guard passing by. He lost the thin rope of calm he grasped and bellowed out. "Stupid elf." The poor guard caught off guard stopped to see the ruckus only to be sucker punched in the jaw. Rage huffed and stormed off, though not far before being tackled down and shackled for the act. "I held back. None of you ever desired to strike a friend in good show?" He didn't fight much but was drug down the halls to the dungeons while the pitiful attempt of innocence became hurtful ideas of each guards mother and her nightly adventures with the ranting berserker. He watched the door slam shut and sighed as he began dragging his shackle across the bar endlessly.
November 22, 2017

Tigger - Today at 12:05 AM
-Trev watched quietly as it seemed a comedy of errors was occurring, whilst it might be interesting to some he found it to be quite annoying and sighed pushing his hair back a bit as he stood up adjusting the black case once more which seemed to pulsate aura on a regular basis. He would turn his head towards the dwarf and say quietly- “When you are finished with the dregs of my race Varyr meet me in my room, we have much to discuss about your little….pet project” –he said with a harsh undertone as Varyr flipped him the bird and waved it off to him as it seemed he was enjoying watching this play smoking on his pipe along the way. Trev would walk down the corridor silently his black priest robes fluttering behind him as he spoke quietly to himself saying a prayer to the gods above as he was eager to be back to his room to finish his rituals for the day as it seemed everyone was off shoving their primitive meat hooks into one another’s he was utterly bored and wished to be alone to atone for his sins to the Golden Goddess Lady Anaya the First born. He shivered in anticipation bumping into random people along the way not seeming to care as he headed towards the stairs and his room anyone that wished to try and grab him would find his body seemed to dart out of there way each time as if it seemed he was doing it without thinking more akin to a rouge or thief than a priest.
His room seemed to have been untouched as a foul stench wafted from it, one of death, one of dried blood, and one of not human, the last of which was odd as many would expect the first two from the queer man but not the last one which seemed to confirm that it might be his own blood that was splashed about the room yet there was no way to confirm one way or another thus it was a futile effort to try and show it either way. Trev pressed himself to his door and took in a long breath taking in the scent as he shivered once more slowly opening the door to enter the room as he quickly shut the door behind him before anyone could see inside.

Anaya - Today at 8:18 AM
Samuel leaned over and put a kiss to sifs for head, it stung lightly likje normal as he whispered “the sting will be gone soon my sweet” as his green eyes looked at her “ I will get to work getting things ready it will take a little bit but it will be perfect. I would want nothing more then to lay besi…” he paused as the thumping came to the door and sif mentioned a guest, damon you have bad timing it better be for good reason. “ you rest I will be right back to lay with you all night. I will see what the advisor wants” sam knew it was something to do with sif damon had his eye on the girl and Sam was no fool. He got up from the bed and pulled the covers lightly over sif he loved the cold it reminded him of home so her aura made his body and soul settle in a relaxed and calmer state witch really he needed in his life. Softly he pulled himself from the bedside and walked to the door to the room looking back to see if she was alright before opening the door and stepping outside shutting it. “what do you want Damon” he said coldly as his green eyes looked at him but within his green hues was no anger he was calm witch was new and strange

Payne - Today at 3:14 PM
Looking straight in the eyes of Samuel, Damon remained calm as well, his face cold, emotionless. Leaning over to the side just slightly to see Sif laying in bed, then facing back towards Samuel. "Not something the Queen would be overly fond of, and definitely not something that I can simply ignore. I've heard what you said, Sam.. You're digging your grave, further and further.. If you want to stay free, and I know you enjoy your freedom... You better take a few steps back. Rethink what you think you're doing. You're courting someone who is a hand of the Queen, Samuel Denure... Not just another maid.. But an Elite.. Are you sure you want to go down this road?" Damon's voice was stern, cold, stone cold, and he was also prepared to fight. His annoyance from earlier was only stronger, he needed the fight. Wouldn't matter if it was against Sam again, even though he knows that one scratch would kill him. "Let her go, Sam.." His voice didn't show any respect, nor disrespect towards his King, but he knew too damn well that whatever it was Sam was doing, could cost Sifs life if Anaya found out all of this. And Damon wasn't going to let that happen. "You know what will happen if Anaya finds out.. Now you can hurt me, or kill me.. But that will only set motions into action that will lead to your downfall as well.. My King.." His bluff was solid, he didn't have anything set in motion but his pokerface, and determination in his voice made it all sound and look that he wasn't lying.

Sifrella - Today at 3:26 PM
Diliria changed up her gait to a slow, methodical strut. She almost stalked Pinky but had her eyes on the burning bush. Before long, she was standing directly behind her, speaking in a calm voice that soothed as much as seduced. “How poetic, you burn both stone and foliage in your fits of anger.” She had probably surprised the woman, but set her hands on her shoulders immediately, to stop her from moving. “Such a delicate creature should act more delicately don’t you think? Now, I would not harm you nor speak of this temper of yours if you were to do me a slight favor during your stay here…hm?” Ria’s eyes had begun to glow, simply blue at this time. Ice formed over her fingers and travelled down the arms of Pinky at a rapid rate. “You may be a Fire Elf but you are an amateur and I, am one of the strongest of Ice Elves that you shall ever in your increasingly short life meet."

Raven - Today at 4:25 PM
A what … are you kidding elf’s are nothing but fairy tails and all who believe in that load of crock are fools and wishful dreamers .. and I don’t plan to stay more do I have a reason too – she griped her fist as it would heat  up and glow red “ the old woman up there was right I was wasting my time here . “ pinky would take her hand and  rub on the crystal the hung around her neck with a sigh “ my vision was wrong that mans not my father” per hasps I ask the crystal wrong “ at this pinky she was mumbling to herself she was still aware that the other cold woman was there but her mind was drifting on to the realization that her family may be dead . oo she heard the threats but as many as she has hear in her life they became meaningless. “ if you think I fear death you are mistaken ma’am but you are right the fire felt good “ a grin came to pinky’s face as she thought about how easy it was to burn things “ I going to learn to build it and then ill burn .. yes burn every bloody pirate ship that stands against me “ her grin widen “ yes burn their ship and listen to the scream of pleads for mercy as they have no where to go but the shark infested waters below. “ she would turn to the other cold woman her eyes now but pool drops of fire dreams “ I listen to the lovely music of screaming and wood crackling sound nice does it not

Anaya - Today at 4:32 PM
As Damon's words left his lips Samuel stood there watching him as he leaned over his lips to the boys ear “have you ever dreamed of something so bad you would burn the world down for it, toss away everything you have to hold it in your hands just one more time, slaughter a nation to see it smile just one more time” he lifted his head to look at Damon dead faced meaning every word that came fron his lips “ you wont tell Anaya anything not only does Anaya kill her massagers but if you tell Anaya the fight that will happen here will kill everyone and everything for miles” he opened the door slightly so Damon could look in as he whispered “ she is happy and only a man fool hearted in love would come up to me and try to get me to walk away from her. You love her Damon and if I get found out.” He paused as he leaned into Damon the hot stink of his breath on Damons nose “she dies to” his whisper was so cold it would send a chill up the boys spin “I wont ever leave her side and I will give my very life to keep it that way. So the response to your asking, Is, no” the only way sam would ever  back down would be if he was dead, he was not letting her go again not to Anaya not to Damon not to anyone. He stood back up as he shut the door softly not to wake sif. She is in my chambers to kep he safe from her sister who is walking around and wants to dr a g her away from here to see some king. It smells likje a trap so maybe you should go find that woman and rid the castle of her, you smell like you want to punch something it will do all a favor if it was her face.”

Sifrella - Today at 4:42 PM
Sif: Quietly laying back down, she could hear Damon’s voice. Her hearing was extremely strong, a mere door between them would not hinder her ability to hear the entire conversation. Sif calmly let her eyes drift closed, listening intently, each sentence uttered left her nervous. Nervous, and furious. She was in a position to ruin this dynasty because of feelings that she knew she wasn’t supposed to have. When the door closed, she sat up abruptly, glaring towards the door as she now understood both men too well. Sif ran her fingers through her hair, unpinning it and letting it fall down gracefully. She recalled a time where she would hide more blatantly behind the curtain of white, ignoring everything and everyone attempting to get past and only focusing on the battles ahead of her. When had she lost her fire and become so comfortable. Confusion wrecked her mind as anger steeled her heart. In one fluid motion, she threw back the blankets and reached the window in two strides. She didn’t hesitate to leap from the ledge, all the way down to the dirt where she landed on her bare feet, crouched, and rolled to soften the sound of her movements. She was already clad in thin clothing to cool her skin from the changing season. Sif took a deep breath, then took off out into the surrounding forest.
Ria: Raising a brow at her words, Diliria paused and smiled. She removed her hands from her shoulders, holding them up casually as her elbows rested against her hips. Her smile widened as she continued. “Oh I like you… I like her.” Ria turned slightly to the men that had come with her, having noticed they had run up towards her. She dropped her hands and frowned at their expressions, soon giving them and annoyed and bored one. “What. What is it now that has this pathetic look on your faces.” She gestured vaguely to the men then turned back to Pinky, smiling again and lightly touching her hair as if she were a daughter. “Miss Lady Ria, the servants and guards are in an uproar about the people you seem to have hurt on your way out. We would appreciate if you would come back home with us now.” They nervously looked between her and Pinky, a look of pleading on their faces.  Ria huffed and shrugged, “Well since you asked so nicely.” She brushed some of Pinky’s hair from her face and lightly tapped her under the chin. “We will meet again little elf. I would love to see what you accomplish in the near future. And don’t let this little wayward Dynasty hold you back.” With a wink, she allowed the men to lead her back to their horses, pulling her hood back up over her bright white hair and bejeweled pointed ears.

Payne - Today at 5:09 PM
Listening to Samuel, hearing those words that exactly described what Damon felt for Sif. All he did was nod, nothing else. He wanted to attack, so badly. Just kick his stupid smirk off of his face. But Damon saw, that both Samuel and he himself, at this point. Stood at a stand still. They both cared greatly over one woman, and they both would do anything to see her happy, and more importantly. Alive. As the door closed, Damon turned around and ignited his hands right away. He wasn't wearing his trademark jacket the entire time since he tried to work out. "Sister huh... No wonder..." He growled as he thought to himself.    He skipped the stairs, jumping straight over the railing and landing on the stone floor of the throne hall. Looking around he saw the frozen statues of the maids, slaves, and all the others. With a roar, Damon moved his right arm in a wave, setting fire to the throne room. Thawing out the statues. "I'll deal with that damage later" he mumbled to himself, knowing very well that Anaya was going to be VERY pissed about the place burning down. He saw the pink haired lady in the distance. And when he ran outside he noticed the woman pulling up a hood. Throwing a ball of fire towards her, he growled while he yelled. "NOT THAT FAST!"

Anaya - Today at 5:19 PM
Sam went into the bedroom and saw sifs hair vanish out the window, it was like his heart sank, it was like everything sank but she would not last in the dark, she was not safe there even if she wanted to be rid of him he was not going to have her die out there. he was faster then her, wyversn had speed no matter what form they took and he bolted. within moments he was infrount of her and she ran flat into his chest there in the woods, his arms around her as her white hair fell into the night the mood riseing just to peek over the trees. he said nothing, he did not know what to say at this point, was she running from him, was she running from damon or was she runing from it all. "elven ears can hear everything cant they" his voice was soft "i dont care if she finds out, i dont care and i wont let her but i cant let you go, i cant lose you" he looked at her, looked right into her eyes "there is something within you i cant ignore. there is something in me i cant ignore, dont run away from what your heart tells you, dont run away from me"

Sifrella - Today at 5:25 PM
Diliria glanced to her left and saw Damon charging out of the castle, smirking as he sent a fireball towards her. She left her hood up still, the ground at her feet frosting over. She rose her hands out to the side then threw them out in front of her, creating an equally large form of ice that merged and melted with the flames. “Well. Funny, to see you of all people.” She dropped her cloak to the ground finally, revealing what little she had decided to wear on her visit to this land that was warmer than what she was used to. Her eyes began to glow blue but instantly switched over to a dark purple. “Care to dance?”

Sif ran without a thought until suddenly she was stopped so quickly, the wind left her chest. Breathlessly, she looked up to the person who had such a tight grip on her. Her eyes shimmered in the moonlight, having welled with tears. A woman who had not cried for centuries had broken. A tear fell as her body was almost leaning backwards in his embrace. Suddenly, her expression changed from lost to angry. “Let go of me my Lord. I fear we have gone too far.” She did not struggle, but her tone of voice was firm. It was hard for her to look away, his words resonating with her. Her expression softened once again as another tear fell. “What is it that you could possibly see… I am nothing but a warrior,  I can offer you nothing for your heart."

Payne - Today at 5:36 PM
"Thought you'd never ask" Smirking as he looked at the sister of Sifrella, not too impressed by her lack of clothing, though honestly his jaw would drop if the situation was any different. Himself standing there, shirtless. With only a pair of leather pants and boots covering his lower body, he smirked widely at the form of ice that collided to block his own attack. Widening his stance, brushing his left foot in a half circle to get a better grip into the ground. Damon's hands were still engulfed in flames. The Demon inside of him had awoken as well, and Damon's body was embraced with a dark aura, making him stronger if he needed to be. This wasn't just a simple fight, this wasn't just a spar. This wasn't Sifrella either... So he didn't have to hold back at all for a very,,, very long time. Growling softly, he began his charge towards the Ice Elf. Swift and direct, though without Damon's favored weapons. Nothing but his skills as a warrior, his technique and his abilities.

Anaya - Today at 5:48 PM
sams heart broke at her tears as they fell from her face “you are a dragon sif, a dragon lost in a world in the wrong body, once upon a time there was a woman that made the world stop, she was beautiful, ice and fire all wrapped together. She made everyone want her, oh how she danced for them but at the same time hid behind this adorable shyness” he was smiling, really smiling as he remembered the days he was forced to forget so long ago. “her scales were white, her claws of ice and breath so cold her eyes a shimmering blue she made the heart of many melt. But for some reason she picked this red young bruit to bed with, fire breathing vile thing, he crushed the country side all around her, ruined towns and killed many, he had no control. But she took him in her claws and with a single glance it was like the world fell away it was like everything was still for the first time in his whole life.” he bent down and before her, took a knee, submitted before her there in the woods so he would be eye to eye with her “she became his everything, his whole world” his eyes were so sad looking into her own. A green shimmer came to his eyes, a water droplet welling in them as he did his best to not break right there along side her. “she was my wife, and I was the fool, and I lost her for what i
thought was forever. And then i found you” his hand moved to just touch over her heart “she is inside of you Sifrella. When dragons die we don’t always die, we find new body’s to live in, be it a new body to fully take over or just one to lay and sleep in. I see her within you, I see a dragon in your eyes, a dragon you try to hide but it bubbles over when you get angry, when the ice covers your fingers when the ice covers your eyes” his eyes were a wet mess as he looked at her “i have loved you since i first saw you, loved you so much i will give my heart to you, loved you so much i wont touch you in fear of losing you. I want you, Sif to be with me till my end days, to take my heart within your body, to take my life within your body.” “Anaya cant hurt you, she cant hurt you as long as i stand in the way of it, and i will give my life for yours without thought. Over a hundred years ago she killed you once, took you from me, this time wont be the same, i have waited over a hundred years for you, now i have you and i cant let you run away”

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Sifrella - Today at 5:58 PM
Ria watched him come at her, he was fast as an elf should be, the fire in his eyes intrigued her. Her gaze shifted to the men beside her as they readied to fight for her. A sinister smirk crossed her lips, waiting up until the fire elf had gotten to her. She reached out with a swift and cold hand, catching him by the throat as massive walls of ice surrounded the two of them, closing up a few meters above their heads, the guards being blocked  out and the immediate area dropping an incredible 15 degrees. Her cold purple eyes met his, and if he let her touch him for much longer, she would be putting her powerful seduction onto his heart as she did most of the servants and guards at Lady Anarial’s castle.

Sifrella - Today at 6:04 PM
Sif’s expression changed with every word he said. She listened intently, watching his lips move as she simply stood there. She had gone from heartbroken, to angry, to confused, to understanding, then all emotion left her expression as something else crossed her eyes. They brightened in color, almost as if recognition swept across her mind, but just as swiftly disappeared. Sifrella stood silently, not even moving as she attempted to process everything, the tears had stopped falling. Just as she was about to speak on her jumbled thoughts, she felt it. A surge of power, but not from her, enough to bring a chill to the already icy spine of the warrioress. She thought to herself, her sister was still near, and after that thought was the realization that something was burning. At that point, so many things ran through her head that she returned to the cool and calm Sif and turned to glance over her shoulder, easily seen was billowing smoke and the tip of what looked like a spike tower of ice peeking over the trees.

Payne - Today at 6:09 PM
Having not suspected this Elf being so fast, he was caught by surprise once he was grabbed by his throat. Staring at the woman through his blindfold, he felt the air get colder and colder, noticing the ice surrounding him. Heating up his core temperature, Damon smirked and placed his own hand on her wrist, feeling her cold, he answered it with his heat. "Wanna play chicken? You're not using abilities, are you? This is magic..." Trying to break loose from her grasp, he swooped her legs with a lower right kick. Followed up by an attack on the walls with flames. He needed the temperature for him to be able to have full control, though knowing from his past fight with Sif, the cold was making her stronger, and vice versa when it came to the heat.

Anaya - Today at 6:09 PM
his green eyes looked at her as they followed her gaze “your sister plays a fun game, want to bring ours?” “lets pull ourselves together for now” he said with a smile holding out his hand “join me? I wont harm her, just make sure our point is known this is OUR home and even if he is a pain in the ass, i think damon is in shit in there and we cant let him freeze” damon was the only one sam knew of that had fire and sifs sister had the ice. With a smile on his face he waited for her response.

Sifrella - Today at 6:16 PM
Diliria: As his foot came up to sweep her she leapt forward, gripping his throat tighter and slamming him down into the ground, making herself comfortable sitting on top of him, her frozen walls becoming thicker by developing more inside. They began to make the space smaller but the ice thicker, getting so close that they would encroach on his body, making him have to pull his legs up from lack of space. She smiled down on him, leaning down almost touching noses. “Is this how you take care of my sister? Surely she can do better than you. And what are you going to do when i take what is rightfully mine?” Ria chuckled as she referred to her sister as a piece of property.

Sifrella: Her head turned back to Samuel swiftly, a look of determination on her angelic face as she gave a short nod. She hesitated before sliding her hand into his, thankful that she could put this situation to the back of her mind for a while. In her other hand, she materialized a long double edged spear similar to her usual weapon but much more dangerous as she could change the shape as she pleased. “It is time I face her."
Payne - Today at 6:23 PM
Breathing heavily, the air now so cold that his breath came out as small puffs of hot air, Damon started to shiver while he also growled. He tried to fight the cold with his own body heat, but the decreasing temperatures made it harder for him to be able to do anything, as it was coming to the point that he needed to fight to survive and not to stop her. "S-s-s-Sif d-doesn't b-b-belong t-to anyone" He stuttered thanks to the cold creeping up on him more and more. Taking a deep breath, he tried to melt the ice once more. Unable to, he started to get more ticked off, the Demon inside of him getting more and more enraged. Pumping the fire elf full with adrenaline, dampening out the factor of the cold only slightly for now as his growls started to sound more wicked.

Anaya - Today at 6:25 PM
takeing her hand in his he pulled her up into his arms and within seconds his body snapped and elongated as wings burst from his skin shredding  it all like it was paper, his bones snapped and broke as a mouth turned to jaws and what was a 6 foot tall man turned into a over two hundred foot long eighty  foot tall wyvern his wings used as arms his legs muscled and bulky his tail long and thrashing back and forth as sif had been tossed into the air on his back. They did not need a saddle anymore as long as she did not injest his blood or his droll she would be fine. He looked to her on his back his head and eyes a gleam “you are a dragon” he looked back as his voice boomed, he did not speak much wall in his true skin but when he did oh boy was it loud “and this is your home”  looking at the castle he was about fifty feet away from it and within the mind that was always working he was calculating how much damage he could do to the castle and have it fixed in a couple nights at most. He let out a roar that shattered and smashed windows as he took steps around the castle his three clawed front wing feet smashing into the ground as his back feet did the same. “Diliria!” his voice boomed out as he let out another roar at the castle his face only fifteen feet or so from the castle front doors. He moved a wing so if Sif wanted to slide down she could if she wanted it to be her fight, or if she wanted it to be there fight he was sure her sister could hear her voice form his back. "you kill the boy and i will burn you and everything you love to the ground!" his teeth slamed together as he stood there his feet clawing into the ground and thumping "bring him out alive!"

  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 2 Drogon10

Sifrella - Today at 6:38 PM
Diliria: She noticed the change, a slight confusion furrowing her brows but she did not let go until the ground shook with the dragon’s landing. Clicking her tongue, she stood, releasing him as well as the wall. It fell in shards around her, revealing her guards who had been beating on it with worried expressions. She stood over top of him still, staring down the dragon with hatred until she spotted Sif on his back. At that, she stepped off of Damon and put her hands on her hips, giving an innocent smile and waving. “Have you come to spank me, your majesty?”

Sifrella: Sif took a deep breath as she was launched into the air, executing a quick backflip so that she landed properly on his back, half-crouched as if on a speeding stallion, her ice spear at the ready. The moment she caught sight of her sister, she once again hesitated. But this time, she stepped off of Sam’s back and began walking towards her sister. “Diliria. That is enough.”

Anaya - Today at 6:46 PM
As she got down from his back he lowered his head, to her side, at this point they were equals, he was her back up but she ruled the stage here. This was as much her home as his and the words damon said before ringing in his mind, Not just another maid.. But an Elite do you really want to go down this road. Yes, yes he did, not only for himself but for her, for her to find herself for her to find her life before this one, as she walked past his maw he lightly ran his nose against her body, softly nuzzling her to show he had her back and as she went a head of him his head lifted as his teeth started to clash past scaled lips, teeth the size of horses aimed right at Ria if she dare try anything foolish.

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Payne - Today at 6:54 PM
Once released from the icey grasp. Damon gasped for air as he finally felt the sun shine on him again. His wicked growl was heard once again when Damon slowly stood up. "I'm not done yet doll..." He growled and cracked his neck. He noticed Sif and Sam standing there, and when Sam nuzzled into Sif his growl was a little bit louder. Unclear on who he hated more at this moment, Damon stretched his right hand flat and formed a flame, it's heat high enough to be able to start melting rock. He then closed his fist and pulled back, extending his hand into a hard and swift punch towards Direlia's back of her neck. The Demon didn't care about honor, or pride, or being in love. All it cared for was anger, destruction, chaos and pain.

Sifrella - Today at 7:15 PM
Diliria: Sneering back at the dragon, Ria rolls her eyes. She heard Damon get up, but really only paid attention and looked back at him when he growled louder, mirroring the feelings she had on the physical display the two were showcasing. As she glanced back towards him, she saw the flaming fist come towards her and was definitely not prepared. She had thought he would stay down for a while, not knowing of the demon inside him. Her hands became icy and clawed as she rose them up in defense. She caught the fist in front of her but was pushed back by the force. She landed on her back but swung her legs straight up, pushing up with her forearms to spring back to standing. One glance down at her hands and she could see they had been scorched in places past her ice. She clenched her fists but had no time to retaliate as now she was much closer to Sifrella.
Sifrella: A soft smile disappeared as quickly as it had appeared as Sam reassured her, her steps confident as she got close to the two and sighed at Ria’s sass. A pang of worry shot through her as she witnessed Damon about to take Ria down, but she had known better. Even caught off guard, her sister was tricky. Being only a step away from her now, Sif set her barefoot lightly against the ground, sending a stream of shards of ice thrusting from the ground to surround her sister. This stopped Ria from taking another step, the only opening being between Sif and Ria, but having been apart for such a long time, left room for mistakes. Sif hadn’t fought someone with her same ability in decades. She had no time to think as Ria instantly took control over the ice shards, rose them from the ground and sent them spiralling at a high speed directly back at her, only a few steps between them, her options were limited. A crazed look was in Ria’s eyes as her frustration broke her reasonable thought for just a moment, but her eyes soon faded from the purple to blue again as she realized that she had just thrown ice knives at the one person she came for.

Payne - Today at 7:23 PM
As quickly as Damon noticed Ria taking control over Sif's spikes, he ran in front of her and caught the blast with his chest. Melting some of the knives but not able to melt every single one of them. Pulling one out of his shoulder and seeing one stuck in his stomach, he looked back up and raised an eyebrow at Ria.. "Wow.." Was all he could say before he would collapse on his knees and onto the ground(edited)

Anaya - Today at 7:32 PM
Samuels eyes looked to damon and his face looked so not impressed at this moment in time, we just saved your ass now you melt the rocks, i cant fix that in a night he thought to himself as he moved and looked at Sif, he would not be able to really touch Damon but one thing he could do was lure the little shit away, how to piss off the boy the most well just be yourself. Sif needed to stand her ground and Sam needed to back her up and Damon needed to just lay down and not do anything, just for a little bit and they would fix it later. Reaching out a single claw to go over Rais head and sif Sam pushed the top of the large castle door and it came crashing down right on top of Damon. Lay down Damon for just a minuet let Sif handle herself you dumb boy he thought as he pulled his claw back, over a hundred pounds of wood and iron door would hurt, but Damon was a big boy, maybe, he could handle it, and if he could not well then at least he would be under there for a moment. But then he moved, he was taking a blow for Sif, the bugger was fast, and useful, he would call it even not Ria was getting to much for Sif but she needed to handle it, this had to be her fight, and he knew she wound be able to do it herself. I belive in you Sif, he almost cooed out as he stood there moving a step closer to ria, her ice
would not be able to harm him, it could try but he could turn this place into a flaming flied but he would not do it at the risk of Sif. His thoughts that past he had to rethink, it was her fight, but at the same time he would not risk her life for pride, what was he thinking all he was was pride, what was wrong with him. Before he even choud think past it he had already put a clawed foot between Sif and Ria his palm up as he scooped Sif up into his clawed wing. “Ria you have come to our home for a reason, state it ” he lifted Sif up as the ice around them broke down from the ground shaking from him. He put her up on his back as he gave a low rumble a sort of i am sorry for stepping in but i could not help it. He hoped she would understand a little. “this is were Sif belongs, this is not were you belong, you can state the reason you are here and leave or die were you stand” after sif was on his back he moved that foot and with that broken door pushed Damon along the ground under him so ria could not get to him without him being able to stop it.

Sifrella - Today at 7:48 PM
Diliria: “Hm, well that’s also fun.” Ria almost laughed at the irony of it all, but her laughter died down at Sif’s expression. Sif was frozen as Damon’s body appeared in front of her, her spear had come halfway up and she would have missed defending herself. Seeing him fall to the ground, bleeding, set her off. Suddenly a whirlwind spun around her, dirt, ice and her hair whipped around in a wild fury. She didn’t even notice the door or hear Samuel. A fire had sparked in her cold demeanor, causing Ria to pause in concern. “Sif, you can’t possibly be angry over this—“ A sharp shard of ice jutted from the ground suddenly behind Ria, keeping her from taking any steps away from Sif. Diliria glanced back at the ice then smirked, looking back at Sif. She had lost it, and Ria would have her. Just as Sif was about to lunge after her sister, Sam’s wing scooped her up. At the sudden jerk, Sif dropped her spear, it turning into water as it hit the ground. She looked back at him confused, then was placed back onto his back. Sif looked on nervously, Damon’s body was limp and the place where she once stood had been carved out a bit as if lightning had struck it. Ria sighed in frustration, one hand had been behind her back gripping an ice knife. “Must you intervene in MY family’s business? This place you claim is Sifrella’s home is a mere illusion, she does not belong to you, she has always been mine from birth! Who are you to say I cannot take her?!” Ria screamed illogically. She had broken her usual steely visage. She never broke. Ever. But having what she wanted so close yet stolen away twice in the same day by the same man had driven her over the edge. She threw down her knife, it melting into the dirt. “What do you want from her!? She. Is. Mine."

Anaya - Today at 8:16 PM
Sams maw snarled as he lowered his head down to Rias face, blood and skin driping form his mouth, the stink of death on his teeth “i don’t own her, you font own her, she belongs to herself and this castle is her home” he moved as his front clawed hand slammed into the ground right in front of her as he let out a snort smoke and heat blasting into her face “get off our land, Sif will never belong to you, you will never break her for as long as i live” he gave a snarl as his eyes glared into Ria's. As he snarled more. He would explain nothing to the girl, just state facts and that sif was in no way going with her even if sam knew at some point they would go to see and deal with that king person they talked of before as he knew this problem would not be over tonight.

Sifrella - Today at 8:45 PM
Ria clenched her fists as her jaw ticked, her body stiffening at his closeness. Of course she was afraid, she knew how to pick her battles but for some reason had decided to push her luck until the end. Her eyes shifted up to Sif, she could barely see her eyes, but the malice in them surprised her. She only had ever seen emptiness or fear in those eyes. Ria took a single step back, still watching Sif then looked back to the wyvern. With a huff, she turned on her heel, back towards the guards who had been watching in terror. They scrambled after her as she mounted her horse and pulled the reigns a bit too hard, riding off quickly. Sif glared at her twin’s retreating figure until she couldn’t see her anymore. Once out of sight, she let out a breath that she hadn’t been aware she was holding. Her voice came out slowly and low, but with a hard edge to it. “We must take Damon inside and handle the damage to the castle and the people…" She knew it wasn't over, but as a Knight, she had more important things to worry over.

Anaya - Today at 9:00 PM
He watched the girl go as he started to shrink wings turning to arms as his body bent and twisted back to that of human form and somehow with the twisting and breaking and moving of his body Sif had ended up in his arms, and he was nude like normal after changeling “yes the castle will need to be fixed before Anaya gets back, i shall have the clean up group do the windows the water will seep into the floor and we can blame that one brutish guard for the door if she gets back early ” one guard stuck his head out the door looking at the mess with large eyes “guard bring Damon to the medical hall so he can heal, be sure to give him proper care so he is not harmed anymore” the guard nodded ran out and right away applied pressure to the wound so it would clot and stop bleeding, then the guard yelled back to the castle as some maids cam out running to bring the boy away to the medical wing right away. “he will be fine, they have a lot of skill” he looked at himself, he was nude, he needed something on, he had nothing, it was dark and they were outside. “you did well, very well, you could have handled her no problem. I just got worried”

Sifrella - Today at 9:20 PM
“I felt like tearing her limb from limb and hanging them over her bleeding body.” Sif takes a long calming breath, the begins wriggling to be let down. She could walk fairly fine on her own and wished to do so, still not ready to be left alone with Samuel and her emotions. The castle was a bustle now, water being thrown, stones and wood being lined to renovate the castle as many people were being tended to. “Only my worst half could cause such chaos. I am deeply sorry for the trouble I have caused the throne.” Sif simply watched with a pained expression as everyone ran around. The heat of the flames had made her tired, and she had exerted a massive amount of energy just to go up against her sister. Not to mention all of the dragon roaring had left her sensitive ears ringing. She had gotten mostly used to it, but the sudden roars always did daze her a bit. She moved to walk away from Samuel, calling out an order for someone to bring him clothing.

Anaya - Today at 9:37 PM
After he put her down he watched her walk away to handle other things and seem to just avoid him and do other things, it was a lot to handle he understood and hoped she did not have second thoughts about his offer, he would never forcer her into things like that it was a thing he was puting his very life on the line for. He let out a sigh as a guard came over with a cloak as he tossed it over his shoulder. As she went back to the castle he watched her go it was safe there now and everything was already in the workings to be fixed. And with that he turned around and walked into the woods to be left with his own thoughts “she is within her, I saw her tonight” with his hand in a fist he walked over to the trees as he leaned against one and looked up at the sky, this world was so cruel when it wanted to be, it teased him and made him see what he longed for then made him watch it just walk away, he felt so close but yet at the same time so far. His heart was breaking as he sat down on the ground his back against the tree “she just needs time, i understand the fear, Anaya will kill us both if she finds, she will just kill sif, she will chain me under the castle all over again to clear my mind from what ills it” the story he told sif made him smile, he remembered how dumb he was back then how reckless and how Kadance soothed the best within him, how they had there daughter how she would play in the snow of the north, how this would never be there home. How there home was
put to rest by the one person he was forced to say i love you to. How Noki and Ryu would never truly fill that hole. What if he left them behind, left Anaya behind, left it all and left his plot to put a heir on the throne to make this his home, what if he just, went home with Sif. Would she leave with him. No she was loyal to the crown she would never leave her post that is not what a good guard was to do. He thumped the back of his head on the tree as he looked to the sky, the moon was in the centre of the sky now it was night and late at that. But he was not sleepy, he had so much to think about, so much to do and to figure out. If she turned down his offer of being his, taking his heart, what would he do then, would it be the same to be around her if she did take the offer and take him into herself would they run away together or just live there lives here hiding from Anaya, if she did take the offer Anaya would not be able to kill her no matter her crime, kill Sif, kill Samuel and
Anaya needed Samuel and he knew it, he was the only dragon around that could give her children and he was still kinda young he could father more for her he could still be her breeding billy goat a while longer. He wanted to make giving her his heart perfict, but now, he did not even know if she would take it.


Two Weeks Later
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 2 Tumblr_n476qti12m1qjl12lo2_1280

Anaya: Two weeks gone past, the doors had opened as the sun came in and she let out a deep breath, noki and Ryu walking along behind her as she smiled and opened the doors for them, it was a long trip and the children were panting as they dragged there human feet along the ground, not useing to the walking or playing as much as they did, sleep would be a sure thing for both of them as soon as they got in. “mother may i go rest for a while” Noki asked as her voice had a more adult feel to it then before they left, Ryu just dragging his feet behind his sister and running into her back “brother aswell to rest he needs it to my mother” she sounded so proper and was ageing so well and dragons did mature faster then the average being as they held higher intelligence and growth rates. “yes go rest your heads we did have a long walk home didn’t we” Anaya walked in the door behind them and there was someone else with them. Someone that never left the castle with them someone they picked up along the way. She was dressed in all white and had fair pale skin, paler then others from the air with teal and rose ink markings along her body and face. Big white wings folded down her back and dragged along the ground as her feet walked in behind Anaya, she towered over Anaya a good fifteen feet tall if not more the woman had to duck to get in the door of the castle. Anaya watched the children walk to the stairs and go on up on there own to rest more then likly in there mothers room witch in reality now they would need there own rooms so that had to get done. The castle looked the same as it did when she left a little cleaner so that was nice and Sam had been taking good care of it witch in truth was rather shocking. But her red eyes looked around as she walked her pink floral dress swaying behind her white hair like snow draping around her shoulders and breasts let out to drift in the breeze. She let out a breath and looked back “This is the Castle Abbadon” she paused for a second “do you even like that name?” Abbadons blue eyes looked down at Anaya, as she thought about it for a moment, never having really been givin the choice to change things about herself, she was just made one way then meant to stay that way, forever. “I don’t really know Lady Anaya, Caliga gave me the name once i was made and i have kept it ever since, but now that you....are my new Mother of Light and i am a Child in you, i feel i should be given a better name to suit your needs” Abbadoins voice was not hard like it used to be it was so soft and gentle sounding, like if you torched her she would break but it was only a voice, a voice that held the sweet smell of earth and chive, something that would never leave, but now she no longer held the smell of vanilla like her other Kinn family members but she smelled of Anaya, of roses. “then for now, and just for now Abbadon it shall be, but you need to come up with your name, you are a child of mine now but i give freedom of choice to my children and one of your freedoms is to make your own name, a name that you enjoy saying and fits you” Abbadon nodded to Anayas words, she enjoyed them Anayas voice was so tender and so new and loving not like before when harsh love was a reality  Anaya made things softer but at the same time held so much power, and the question was still rolling in the Exiled Kinns mind, was Light, stronger then darkness after all. Anaya felt so much stronger then the Primes, maybe it was true, but she would ask later on that matter not now. Abbadon watched Anaya walk up to the throne and fall into her pillow as she could not help but smile watching her mother relax and smile back. Anaya held her pillow in her arms her name embroidered over the front of it as she held it in her arms. “ever had tea?” Anaya said softly asd Abbadon walked over to sit on the one spot on the throne shrinking her body down to not seem so over powering in the moment. No longer feeling this need to be massive. Anaya looked to Abbadon and smiled “you got smaller in your body, that is good, you don’t need to be tall on the outside only tall on the inside, a being a foot tall can crush mountains with a single glance, you no longer need to hold so much misplaced pride. And you will enjoy tea” Anaya chuckled as she called out to the other room for a maid. But no maid came, odd, but she was sure one would soon. “i have never had tea...and you are right, i dont have to tower over things, why show the amount of power I have. Once you get time to clear the mind and think about it it is rather weak of me to wear my pride on my sleeve”

HaruSohmaz: Sitting on the bed of room 218 I would spread out all of my supplies. Bringing the pack of smokes from my back right pocket out Id pull one of the cigs out and lightly place it in my mouth. As i light it up the smoke slowly fills my lungs with its sweet toxins. Slowly exhaling Id watch the small gray cloud slip through my lips and scatter through the air. picking up the Bubinga wood i'd look it over my fingures lightly running up and down it testing its flexibility. Satisfied with the stick of wood i would grab one of the daggers and start carving away at it making sure i made some slits on the top and bottom of it. Giving it a nice coating so that its all black i would then lace it with some silk. Placing the freshly made long bow against the wall I would now pick up one of the small bits of ash wood. Looking over the wood i would chip away at it coating it in black as well. Grabbing some turkey feathers i would mount them on the shaft near one end of the ashwood. with the feathers it should cause the arrow to spin during flight, steadying its path. The turkey feathers made better use on the arrows because of their durability and moisture resistance. now moving to the other end of the arrow i would pick up a peice of bone from a Shadow demon. Grabbing the dagger i would chip away at it till it got to a sharp point. Now that it had been shaped i would dip it into the posin before placing it at the top of the arrow. carefully examing it to make sure everything was together id place it next to the bow before starting the next. Id continue like that until i got atleast 20 arrows made. happy with myself id gather them up and place it with the others. with a small sigh i would look out the window watching the rain slide down id take another drag from the cig before getting to my feet id walk to the door to my room and push it open. walking through the loby i would see that the place was diserted. without thinking twice about it id walk out the front door. stepping out onto the street id look up the sun was up its blistering rays hitting my skin. I didnt take the sun into account when i left the hotel all i had on was a black top and pants. my skin now was turning a light pink as i stepped back into the shad. "alright so its gonna be one of those days." id say through my teeth as i grab someones coat that was just laying around. placing it over my head id step back out of the front dors runing as fast as my feet would take me. Making my way up to the castle id nock as hard as i could my foot tapping the ground becoming a bit impatient. "ill give them 20 seconds to answer the fucken door then im breaking my way in." id say to myself in a bit of a mutter still holding the coat above my head so that i was coated in shade.

Anaya: There was a thumping on the door as Abbadons eyes looked up “would you like me to get that Mother?” it was still a little odd to call someone mother when it was years and years of calling the only thing in her life her All Father, it would take some getting used to but her voice was getting stronger as she said the words. “yes my child can you get the door  for me, it is rude to leave guests outside, but it is a nice day after all” Abbadon got up and walked over to the doors her fingers gracing around the door handle and opening it up slowly to allow the guest in, it took about a minute to get everything open and good and she stood at the side her wings to her back to hold the door, she was still about seven or so feet tall but it was the same size as Anaya so she liked it. “Welcome to The All Mother of Lights Castle, please leave weapons and anything of harm at the door and you can be reunited with your things once you depart” Anaya could hear abbadon say so much good of her and she could not help but smile, it was a good thing to corrupt a kinn something so devoted to one thing to make it so very devoted to her, a truly undieing loyalty of a all powerful monster. It would be a wonderful servant to have Abbadon around, or well what ever its name would be once it picked it. Anaya watched red eyes looking out as she turned her head to the dinning hall doors, still no maid “guard can you go fetch a maid for me i would like two not one but two mint teas with ice the way i like it, the maid knows how it is done” the guard that stood at the dinning hall door nodded and went inside to find the maid to make the tea Anaya had requested.  Anayas eyes looked back to the main door as she watched to see what was going to walk its way inside and in hopes it would not break anything or cause a problem for the castle.  

HaruSohmaz: Looking up at the person that opened the door Lunara would give her a slight smile from under the coat kinda forcing it. Only standing about 5 feet and three inches she felt verry small infront of this person. "Thank you mind if i can come in and is this place made out of windows?" she would ask in a voice that was as soft as small wind chimes blowing around in a slight breaze. "Id like to talk to the queen if you dont mind and no i dont have an appointment also." moving the coat just a little bit she would show that their was nothing on her person. "i have no weapons on me as of right now so u have nothing to worry about." lightly slipping past her she would stand just behind the person as she took the coat off lowering  her arms a bit. "thats a bit better." she would chuckle as she waited to be shown the way towards the throne room. Looking around the area she was standing  and started getting a feel for the place.

Anaya: Abbadon nodded and shut the doors behind the rather small girl. “just walk a head and the Mother of Light will see you, she is in the throne down the hall way” Abbadon moved and walked behind the girl down the hall way to were Anaya was siting, Abbadon was not a guard so did not do guardly things she did things out of respect and honnor now witch in some senses she had to learn “Mother there is a guest here to see you” Abbadon said loudly but at the same time still held that softness to her words. Anaya could not help but chuckle softly “thank you my child for allowing the girl into our home” her red eyes then turned and looked to the small girl that was there guest “you wish to talk to me, well have a seat and due talk, i would pull you up a chair myself but i am lacking on energy at the moment so please drag one on over” Anaya sounded kind but her eyes gave a unedging feeling to her.

HaruSohmaz: Letting the coat just fall to the ground not really carring about for it wasnt hers she stole it from the loby just so she could move around outside. As they walked down the hall the heals on her boots would make a clicking sound with each step she took. Stoping just outside of the throne room she would look over at the queen who was sitting looking a bit tired and warn down. as a quick though would run through my head *if i was here to kill them all it be a bit eassy for the door greeter dosent look like a fighter and the queen looks like she might drop.* hearing her tell me to grab a seat id pull the closes one to me and drag it across the ground till i was standing infront of her. placing the seat back on all fours id take my seat. Lunara who looked about 20 though no one know of her real age was only of hight of 5 feet and 3 inches making most people look like giants to her. her skin was as white as snow except for the dark black freckles that ran across her nose. her eyes where blood red and her hair as black as night. her clothes clung to her skin and was as dark as the feathers on a raven showed that she didnt weigh that much maybe about 120 at most. resting her right arm on the arm rest id lower my head so that it was resting on my hand. Looking the queen up and down i decied to drop the nice act. " My name is Lunara Mae Sohmaz i came here to see if their was any work here for me to do. Im skilled as a guard and an assassin but im flexible to almost any job." my voice would come out as cold as death itself though ushally she was a happy person but the sun had her in a bit of a sour mood. " If you have any question feel free to ask me i don’t really hold back any info unless its about someone else i don’t do that gossip crap." leaning back in the seat  she would take another long drag from the cig keeping eye contact with the queen. letting out the small gray cloud of smoke she would wait for her to respond the smile on her face gone as she was now being serious.

DukeBarr: -the demon had awoken within the halls of Formorii, a once thriving empire not but a shadow of his past, he moved through halls caked thick with dust as the rats scattered. he entered the throne room looking to where he and his former queen shared the crown. He drew from his pocket a cigarette case with the insignia of the Red Rose Empire he opened it and drew out a single cigarette before closing it and replacing it in his pocket. he then pulled out a very intricately designed lighter which featured a skull with the 9 of spades carved into its head recognized as his personalized varient of the DeathDealers insignia. he lit his cigarette as he stepped out to the grave yard. three tombstones, one large the other two small. he casually enjoyed his smoke as he looked them over emotionless as he had done so many times before. he finished his cigarete and with a flick he would toss it over the edge of the cliff down to the ocean beneath. he scratched his face lightly before moving back inside. he grabbed his scythe at the place it sat by the front door. you would think he would have a more deserving place for a weapon gifted to him by the Blood God of the Darkness, but alas old habits die hard. he placed the scythe on his back and opened the front door. he exited and took to the skys his destination unknown, and he wasnt in any particular hurry. he landed gently at the doors of a castle. His eyes caught the sight of a few would be patrols in the area it was quite amusing that they didnt spot him. The sounds of ghosts or tortured souls filled the air he really wasnt sure which it was but alas he stubled upon the place and may as well see what layed within, though he did find it a bit odd that these ghostly screams seemed to fill the exterior of the castle. His cloak covered most of his face as it normally did, his twin pairs of large sweeping horns had their own fitted holes in the hood. his skin was not quite fully blackened but it was tainted by his last few days spent in the Darkness running formations with his troops. He made three distinct knocks at the door with the meat end of a fist. he took a step back and awaited them to open. Quickly he noticed the superstructure of the castle a large stone laden structure and the door upon which he had knocked was wrapped in large plates of riveted iron. he exhaled slightly as his shoulders rolled back his neck cracking to the side before returning to a relaxed position.-

Anaya: Anaya watched the girl, it smelled bad already but that is what you got when you dwelt with people from outside. Abbadon walked to the side of the throne carpet and simply took a standing hold watching and waiting in case she was needed, her bright white wings resting on the ground as she looked rather angelic standing there minding her own buissness but at the same time keeping an eye on everyone else. She was still getting used to her new eyes so a lot of the time she would rely on her feet and seeing the world how she used to when blind then truly looking at people. So even when not looking at anyone or absentmindedly reading her tome she was still watching the room. “tell then how many have you killed in your life time and if you were to kill me here and now how would you do it. If you are to be a fighter i wish to know how you fight” Anaya said as her red eyes looked at the girl. Anaya still held a smile on her painted lips and it was a unsettling one at that, a thinking smile a twisted grin, she was studying the new guest that wanted and was seeking work, and she needed workers as it was getting harder and harder to find body’s to fill this castle. People died a lot here and she knew that, with there own rulers unstable temperaments and the nature of there own guests and members it was sometimes a miracle that people lasted a week. “knowing how you fight will help in placing you in an area that will fit your needs, whatever they may be, and if you are good at what you do you wont die here, or at least not as fast, we have a fairly high fighter turn over here and very few quit willingly” she could not help but mildly chuckle as she looked over to a guard bringing her and Abbadon there tea “were is the maid?” Anaya asked as she picked up the cup in her hand and looked at it “she can not be found miss, we may need a new trained maid. There was talk that she had been killed by a stranger in the house that has also been dwelt with due to his crimes miss Anaya” the guard stood there and then gave the other cup to Abbadon as she looked at it a bit puzzled. “alright...”Anaya let out a sigh as she waved her fingers over the tea blessing the water and turning into holly water so she was able to drink it. Her eyes looked back to the girl “and are you any good as a maid” she asked bluntly. Abbadon looking at her glass in the background trying to figure out what to do with it as she had never drank a liquid before. Abbadon could hear the thumping on the door as she nodded to Anaya bowed her head and put the glass down on the throne arm rest "I Shall get that Mother" she said softly as she turned and walked over to the door opening it and standing there looking out “Welcome to The All Mother of Lights Castle, please leave weapons and anything of harm at the door and you can be reunited with your things once you depart” she would get used to this greeting line it would be a good thing to get a standered greeting for anyone that came to the door, she thought to herself, yes it would be nice here, diffrent but nice here.

DukeBarr: -the demon watched as the doors opened and from wtihin a voice that spoke to him. The voice appeared female and speaking about his weaponry he more or less knew the shpiel, he removed his scythe and with a motion of his right hand opened a hole to the darkness plane he pocked the scythe through it flicking his wrist a bit as if waiting for something to grab it from the otherside. Suddenly the scythe was grabbed and pulled rather hard, hard enough that the shock pulled half of his body into the seam. He pulled himself out with a bit of slobber dripping down the side of his face that he would wipe away with the sleve of his robe- "Damn hound.." -he muttered to himself before looking back to the woman- "I havent any others less you plane on removing my hands" -he spoke as he flashed his claws to her before speaking once again- "May i enter?" -the demon asked as he stood there, his blood red eyes scanning the interior past the woman whom had entered simply looking to see whom was within, it had been years since he had last come to the place yet he still had at least one friend within. he simply grinned as his mind recalled past days awaiting his answer-

Anaya: Abbadon nodded her head as her hair fell in her eyes and she opened the doors a bit more to let the male in as she shut them behind him if he was to step forth. As he would she moved her figure behind him to bring up the back to be between him and the door “as long as you hold no weapons for your stay you may enter, if you wish to stay longer you may get your weapons and bring them to your chamber room but if you are found using them with ill intent it will be punishable by death” her words sounded scripted like that of a well oiled recording, she was not meaning to be cold and recorded but it was just how a kinn was after all when Anaya reformed her she may have changed power, appearance, even lawful balance within Abbadon but her personality stayed the same “if you seek words with our ruler the Mother of light please walk a head she can be found in the throne room” abbadon nodded her head once more and stayed in her spot watching the male to be sure he would proceed

HaruSohmaz: Thinking about her question I would ponder about it for a secound. "well i tend to favor my bow when it comes to wepons. i handcraf them myself aswell as make my own arrows. the tip varys to the creature im dealling with as of right now the ones up in my room is maed from a shadow demons bones shaped to a fine point dipped in Hemlock a posin that paralysis the body when its in your systum causing death if it hits ur respiratory system." id take another long drag from the cig while watching the queen seeing her smile her wicked grin. Keeping a straight face id just sigh. " Though im also good with a dagger if needed to do close combat." as i was talking a slight knock would come to the door as i turn to look in the direction seeing someone else make there way in. Turning back to face her id just get the glimps of some guy walk past her and take a seat on her side ignoring them all id focus back to the queen who goes on asking if i would be ok working as a maid. not sure if she just mocking me or acctualy want to know id give her an honest answer. "though i pefer fighting yes i can work as a maid as i said before when it comes to jobs im flexible."

DukeBarr: -the demon made his way through the halls. followed closly by the woman behind. He noted her scripted responses and the distance that she followed was a bit too close for his own comfort. He nodded to her as she spoke about how he would get in touch with the mother of light as she called it, an interesting title, not one that he was familiar with her ever being called. None the less his eyes scanned across the room noticing what he assumed was a would be hunter or warrior what have you, a young woman as it had seemed probably better fit for the duty of a maid but that wasnt his business. His eyes locked onto the rear of her skull examining over her body quickly realizing that she was looking twords the profamed mother of light. the demon grinned to himself as he looked to her, he wasnt sure if she'd recognize him or not, it had been a few years since their last encounter none the less her name was one he hadn't forgotten- "Evening Anaya..." -the demon spoke as his blood red eyes fixated to hers he stepped up just beside the lass that had spoken only a moment sooner he didnt manage to catch the eyes of any other within the halls, he was a bit too narrow sighted on this day.-

Anaya:“well for now you can be a maid, and then if you prove your worth we can place you in the ranged militant line along side other archers, you may even become a leader of it seeing the last captain was pushed off the wall and broke his neck, he died in the medical wing” her red eyes looked the girl over “and you are not a slave so you will not be dressed but it would be advised to were something comfortable you can move at a hast in, if you need garments they can be fetched for you from town on the next supply run witch will be in a couple days. If you need anything you are to let me know or make a formal document and have it given to me so i can have things fetched for you. You will be trained in cooking and maid duties by myself or by another maid and you will be trained in making my drinks the way i need them made as it is not a simple pour in a glass for me” Anaya would explain on how it is done later when it was a tad more privet as the halls seemed to have life in them as they did most of the time, and it was nice to be home to see it. Her red eyes moved to look over at the demon “it has been a long time since I have seen your face Duke, you have changed little” she gave a smile and nodded her head she remembered him and from her memory’s he was a friend even if he was a demon.

HaruSohmaz: with a slight nod Lunara would get up. "thank you ill make sure to work hard." getting swiftly to my feet she pull the chair with me. "thats alright about the cloths ill go retreave my things from the inn I should have something for this type of job in their." without another word  she would walk out of the room and down the hall picking up the coat off the ground  opening the front door. lowering her head a bit pissed that she didnt have the right clothes one when she left the inn she'd place the coat over my head and rush out the door. Making her way through town she wouldnt stop for anyone one go right from point a to point B. rushing through the inn doors she would bang into a tall male falling back onto the steps. "Hey is that my coat." then man would pull at it as the suns raise stuck my skin turning it a bright red color. "GAHHH." pushing him out of my way she would get inside my skin feeling like it was burning off of me. my eyes turning to a blackish color id face the man fangs showing. "LOOK WHAT YOU DID U CLOMSY ASS." pulling him into the inn she would pin him against the wall as her fangs dug deep into his neck not carring who was watching. slowly his memories would flood into her as she drank deeply. as the warm thick blood flowed down my thought she could feel my wounds start to heal. The guy would start to grow weak as he was now leaning on her for suport shed pull my fangs out not wanting to deal with a dead body right now making sure her venom wasnt in him she walked away letting him sleep on the ground. going up to my room she would gather my supplies, weapons and clothes. quickly changing into something that had long sleaves and a hood she walked out of the room and down the stairs. going to the front counter she would tell him that she was checking out. Turning on her heals she walk back to the castle. taking her time this time she looked at the shops on her way back. Once at the castle she walked through the doors not bothering to knock this time.

DukeBarr: -the demon watched the other lass storm away speaking to some extent about clothing, he scratched at his face as he watched her walk off before turning back to Anaya.- "So whats new?" -the demon questioned as he glanced now around the room noticing two other figures both rather quiet he didn’t make any attempt to disturb them rather then focus on the woman in front of him. he attempted to recall some sentiment of their past, more about dragons and the like if he wasn’t mistaken he had once served a role within the castle probably a guard if he recalled it right but time had taken its toll on his brain and remembering the intricate details of certain things was always quiet a struggle. regardless he simply looked to her with a slight grin awaitng an answer as to what had been going on, he presumed quite a lot considering the place had changed a bit in its decoration.-

Guest_Butterfly672: -As I was walking through the forest with my two bags of my hand the Sun was shining up high in the sky and made the sky look like a sheet of blue like a blanket or like the water from a river was now the sky there's not a single Cloud it was the most perfect day I've ever seen after I was walking through the forest for a while I start to feel weary then I ended up seeing the giant rooftop I wonder why I led so I followed it and see where it was coming from soon as I stepped in front of a large Castle it was amazing it was magnificent never seen anything like it and I've been traveling for almost a hundred and sixty years. I said outside looking up at the Grand Castle hopefully they'll give me a job and a place to stay so as I was walking my foot got stuck in the mud I didn't know where this came from and then I tried getting my foot out the thin just my luck I fell face-first in the mud and I am pulled my head  out with an in gross face I pick myself up trying to dust the mud off my clothes but to no avail my clothes were dirty as well so I picked up both of my clothes and trudged up the stairs and knocked on the door and hopefully they'll hear me-

Anaya looked to Abbadon “we have another at the door” Abbadon nodded to her Mothers words and before even making it all the way to the thrones paused and turned back around her wings sweeping the ground as they spread out a bit almost making it look like they were a feathered dress.  A door man was better then a door stop she thought to herself at least she was being helpful to what she viewed as her god, and in truth Anaya was Abbadon's god, Anaya had made Abbadon putting a part of herself into the being to turn it from darkness to light and fully corrupt it. Abbadon walked over to the door and opened it up as she looked outside the sun shining in her eyes stung a little, another thing amung many to get used to here. She saw the girl there it looked gross it had no weapons on it clearly it was a mess so she tossed the standered greeting speech and just silently opened the door and mothioned for the girl to come inside “wipe your feet” was all she said as she held her post for the girl to enter. Anaya looked at the new maid walk away to get garments from the inn she had left them in, or along the road, Anaya did not know or care were the girl was going it just meant she had to not spend coin in clothing garb for a maid. Her eyes looked over to Duke “it has been years so much has changed, i am sure you have already figured out somethings that have changed since you were a guard here” yes he was a guard she thought to herself a moment he was a normal standered guard not a elite or anything if she remembered right he had left and vanished before making that rank. “so what brings you back, i am sure it was not only to say hi” a view moments had passed as the new maid had come back in the door still being held open by Abbadon, the girl walked past and the other one had walked in and Abbadon was able to shut the door and as normal Walk up behind them both putting herself in the way of the exit.

Guest_Butterfly672: -The only thing which was met up with the woman as long as I was sprouted around her and made it look like a dress is beautiful but then she looked down I have feet that were covered in mud and she immediately stepped inside and rubbed her feet along the carpet floor and cleaned her feet off with the cloth that she had in her bag and she walked inside. She was a bit nervous at first seeing that the woman didn't seem too little bit pleased with her but hopefully this one would be a bit gentle with her she has been through a lot after all. Then the girl spoke up in a whisper tone- "h-h-hi my name is angle "

DukeBarr: -the demon looked to Anaya with a nod- "Shame i do wish to discuss just that but alas..I have some other business calling to me, ill return and we can discuss it soon." -the demon spoke as he turned on his heel for the door. he pushed open the door listening to the hinges squeek ever so slightly as the shadow formed winds upon his back expanded outward and lifted him into the air. In the same manner that he had entered he would exit only this time the destinations reversed. he touched down at his broken home and headed inside. He took to his quarters doffing his rode and boots and layed upon his bed rather unsure of how the day went.-

HaruSohmaz: walking past the women she met earlier Lunara walked through the kingdom pushing doors open. at the end of the hall tucked in a corner was a door as she pushed it open she would find an empty room with a bed in the corner and one window near the closet. limbering under the light shining through the window i open the closet and fill it with my clothes and most of her weapons keeping her favourite one close to her side. walking back towards the dor she would lock it. turning on her heal she would undress taking off her boots and jump into bed placing her bow nder the bed she closed her eyes finally getting some rest before starting her training.

Anaya: Abbadon said nothing to the girl that was looking at her and trying to have a conversation in stating names as a starting formality “the queen is a head of you, talk to her” was all Abbadon said as she stayed cold and uncaring but that was just her natural nature. The girl looked up and with a uncomfortable look on her face nodded her head and took a step foreword, but then stopped, paused for a moment and then turned around and ran for the doors, sometimes it was a bit much to take it all in Abbadon thought to herself as she gave a shrug hearing the dors swing and slam open and closed over and over. She walked over to Anaya and bowed her head, the only time she would bow to anyone or anything. “does them bolting happen often Mother?” Anaya could not help but laugh everything had finished so fast “people leave as fast as they come sometimes, you will get used to it my child, have you thought of a name yet?” she said softly as she took a drink of her blessed ice water and mint tea. “No Mother i have not gotten the chance to think of a name as of yet, but i think Puer, it is the word for Child in my native voice as i am your child, or Nisa witch means the same” Anaya nodded to her as she put her cup down and the other cup hovered over in the air as Abbadon took it Anaya looking weaker then she would normally having her full energy stock “i do like Nisa, yes that name will suit you as well, a new name for a new you” Abbadon now named Nisa sat down as she held the tea in her fingers and took a drink, the cool water smooth going down she had never drank anything before kinn did not need to consume anything as they ate souls and sin but now, she was no longer feeding in sin, she could eat and drink and have a solid being that could be made semisolid or be turned into a not black but white fog. “it is rather nice Mother, the Tea, i see why you like it” she said as she sat down beside Anaya at the thrones.

LunaraMaeS: The place would get really warm As Lunara would find herself tied to a post in the middle of town for all to see. As the sun would come up She could feel the burning raise hit her skin like knifes coming right out of the fire. Her skin would turn a bright red before slowly turning gray. "help" she would scream out to the towns people as the all were wearing masks. No one would come forward the sounds of their laughters filled the air as her skin turned a gray color. Her hands turning into ash and falling to the ground while she just stands their in agony. As Lunara tosses and turns in her bed she would finally jump up her heart racing."oh its just a dream." she would say while gasping for breath. tossing the blanket off of her she would leap out of bed. looking out the window i would see the bright daylight sun shinning through. how long did i even sleep for. She would mutter under her breath. pulling a light weight dress and boots on she tried to wear something comfy for the work to come but still look classy at the same time. running her fingers through her jet black hair she would pin it up into a high ponytail so it would be out of her way. placing her ring and gloves on she walked out of the room. her heals clicking with every step she took. Walking down the hall she would try to find where the queen was. Hearing the sounds of chatter in the room down the hall she would decided to follow it to find the queen sitting on her Throne. Walking into the room She would realize a woman that called her mother sitting by her side. Tilting her head to the side a bit out of confusion for she didn't know she had a child. shrugging it off Lunara would stop right in front of the queen bowing to her. "it seems i'm having trouble sleeping might there be anything i can do for you both Ma'am"

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev raised up slowly his hair a mess as his it seemed to glisten with grease in the light the windows brought in as he sighed and brought a leg up to his chest looking towards the door as he heard movement outside his door per usual the castle was abuzz with movement.- “annoying….” –he spoke in elvish as his purple eye, in stark contrast to his grey eye, seemed to whirl around in his eye socket seeming to examine everything in the room as he reached out and grabbed his eye patch putting it on over the violet eye as he would sigh and stand up completely nude moving over to the window and opening it up as he examines the outside surrounding not seeming to care that his privates where in full view of the people down below as he shook his head and turned around to get dressed. While his official position was that of a priest here that would be a bit misleading to those who heard it, his magic skills where limited to rituals and his inborn aura manipulation, other than that, he was lean with muscles giving more of an rouge or specialized fighter look as he put on his cloths and robes for the day but leaving off his shirt as he cracked his neck and picked up a leather whip. He would let out a sigh and speak out loud in the dragon tongue- “Ah first born you are so cruel, yet so fair in your judgment, how is that so” –he said as he began lashing at his own back harshly not flinching for a moment as the leather slashed open his back with ease causing blood to spurt out onto the floor causing the room to become thick with the smell of iron. He would grab a spare shirt to put on alter and wear his over robe to cover his wounds while they healed, it would be rude to cover them with a shirt. On his way towards the door he placed on his weapons, three daggers into his boots, an aura sword onto his back, six swords on his back, and two gloves onto his hands for cleanliness purposes. He would head towards the main hall quietly ignoring the looks of the staff per usual as it seemed he did not care for such things as he looked towards the main hall and smiled bowing as he entered deeply- “Good Morning First Born Lady Anaya” –he said not raising his head to her as his words were full of respect as he said nothing to the others in the room seeming to ignore them completely as was his usual way.-

Anaya: The first eyes to move were the eyes of Nisa looking around more then the normal individual as her eyes were still new to her and she was twitchy. She looked to the two new guests intently knowing the maid was undead and of darkness base being able to see that better then even Anaya and with Nisa now around as a constant presence Anaya did not have to work so hard and use as much energy in her day to day doings to keep this ground blessed. There was alot to Nisa that would only be told if asked upon. That people just had no clue about. Nisa did not say a word as the guests walked up and the one with the smell of blood on his garments and skin bowed his head to mother and would not get back up out of respect to her, Nisa thought to herself on how she was not the only one here that held Anaya at the highest respect, witch was fitting who she was. Nisa stayed were she was deeming the two as non threats and the new maid she had seen earlier in the day. Anaya looked to trev and nodded her head “have not seen your face in some time, you smell of iron and dirt” she was pleased inside even if her face did not show it, it did not show concern or pity or pleasure but inside in her heart she was very pleased, there was nothing more delightful then one giving themselves there life for her, giving there lives for her race and giving there body for the same. But she wanted to hear it, leaning forword her red eyes looked to him as her clear claws moved under his chin to lift his vision up “who did you give blood for” her words were elegant, powerful, almost venomous.

DarkDelaMorte: -He smiled coldly while bowing, she could smell it, his penance the iron blood of his ancestors must has hit her nostrils like a bullet he would raise up keeping his head down as to not gaze at her as he smiled and moved forward some more and dropped the robe not seeming to mind the gazes by the maids or staff of his body as blood flowed down his back as he looked to her and smiled- “I bleed for you the Golden Goddess First of her Name Queen Anaya” –he said with a cold smile, this was the best he could give to a warm smile as he did not know how to smile otherwise, yet this was the greatest honor a grey elf could give to a person as he chuckled at her words- “I have been searching my dreams seeking out enemies and playing with them My Queen “ –he said now speaking in the tongue of dragons- “it is an old ritual and requires that the body give up consciousness for the time being, quite an annoyance but I was able to complete that missions” –he said with a smile as he added- “the body should be arriving soon~” –he added in a cheerful tone which was quite hard to do in the dragon tongue mind you but he somehow did it, as he kneeled in front of her on one knee to allow her to examine his penance and as well await her response as licked his lips loving the feeling of other seeming to be disgusted with him, yet he was more loved than them as they were nothing but trash in his eyes, pieces on the board to be killed and sued should the need arise-

LunaraMaeS: Standing back up she would hear the doors open. Not wanting to be in the way Lunara would step off to the side going to one of the posts to watch the room till needed. Watching from her little area she would see a stranger come in wreaking of blood. Her crimson eyes would light up as though an animal instinct went off. leaning back against the post she would pull out a pack of bitter blood cigs placing one to her mouth she would light it up. slowly breathing in she would let the toxins fill her lungs letting her body to relax a bit and the spark to dwindle down. slowly breathing out she would carefully watch the man even though it wasn't her job to do so. Listening to the others talk Luna would let out a small sigh before taking another drag from the cig. As she watched the two talk she would think how odd it was to see him talk so cheerfully. "I didn't know dragons could be happy." i muttered more to myself under my breath.

Anayas eyes looked at Trev as a smile came to her face. Yes, he was what she wanted in a servant, everything she wanted in a servant, loyalty, sacrifice, willing to do anything for her and in her name. She moved forward and placed her lips just to his cheek as she put a simple kiss as a reward for his shed blood to her and her alone. “you have done well my Gray Elf” she whispered softly into his ear as her hand cupped his face and held him softly. Her skin was so warm to the touch and her eyes were so stabbing like they saw into you and out the other side. She moved slightly back her lips just intches from his own as she pulled back a bit more her red eyes looking into his the black slits in there centers geting mighty thin “have you gotten word of that other Gray elf from long ago, i belive you called him Savant or something” Anayas nose picked up blood but it was not trevs her face turned and looked to the girl, with a large breath into her nose she picked it up, dead wet earth, all undead smelled it, they could not help it it was in what blood they had left. She in not haveing as much energy as she normal had was sloppy she missed that one made it a servant without noticeing it, it was what she got for being sloppy “you drink blood girl, know you will find none here and that is one thing i will never order in for you, do you live of animal or human, or other” her words this time were extremely sharp, there was no care or tenderness in them, she was a golden dragon after all her main reason to be in this earth was to rid it off undead and the darkness it was why she made Abbadon after all witch if this girl messed up it would be very enjoyable to Test out her new child.

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  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 2 Black-10
"In the hollow tree, in the old gray tower, The spectral owl doth dwell; Dull, hated, despised, in the sunshine hour, But at dusk he’s abroad and well! Not a bird of the forest e’er mates with him All mock him outright, by day: But at night, when the woods grow still and dim, The boldest will shrink away! O, when the night falls, and roosts the fowl, Then, then, is the reign of the Horned owl!

Starscream: If there was something that Kai worshipped other than the pride of his own name, it was most definitely the heat of the sun. As he walked through a small town, Kai looked between the people, thinking if this was actually the town in which he had poisoned and drove into a craze. His almost 8ft tall and hulking stature made him stand out like a sore thumb, people left right and centre stopping to look at the man who was almost a giant to them. Even if he had been the same height, his attire was just too warrior-like to be completely ignored, not to mention his heavily tattooed arms exposed by his sleeveless vendanium armour. Being used to wary looks and wonder didn’t bother Kai. He simply continued through the town until he found himself walking along a path which led uphill. Deep in his state of sun-worshipping, Kai continued through toward the large castle which sat atop the hill. Eventually, Kai made a face, realising that he should properly consider thinking of something to say to this dragon woman other than the fact that up until now he still didn’t know if he wanted war or peace. In the back of his mind, he did think for a moment that unless she was observant enough, his appearance now was so different that a lot of people didn’t know who he was right off the bat. His phantom gaze and dark silver hair with black roots were slight giveaways, but his well kept beard and even taller height and uncovered tattoos made it more of a job to try and think about who in particular he could be if compared to his appearance the last time he visited. ‘No, she’ll sniff me out from a mile away.’ Kai thought to himself, ending that thought process. At last, reaching the doors of the castle atop the hill, Kai raised his eyebrow. It looked a lot different in broad daylight compared to how it looked at night. With his sword Tempest sitting on his back, reflecting the sunlight, sending rays flying in different directions as he walked, Kai stopped, spotting the guards in both sides of his peripherals moving toward him, crossing their spears in front of him. He didn’t say a word for a long moment before sighing and bringing his arms upward, his right hand resting on his forehead whilst his left arm crossed his body. The guards were in fact tiny compared to him, not that he would abuse that fact, but it was obvious that they were instantly outmatched even though they were only doing their jobs. Instead of saying anything, he put his arms by his sides, before reaching up with is right hand, and knocking loudly upon the doors, using enough of his strength to make the door bounce slightly under each rap of his knuckle. He had already decided that he wasn’t about to go around explaining himself to guards who could do nothing to stop him if he decided to do something he shouldn’t.

Anaya: Wall talking with a maid that morning, the sun had come up nice and early and she had risen with it. But her words were cut short as she looked up and a smile came over her cold face and she chuckled “well the owl lives after all” she moved her hands as the doors started to shake a little in front of Kai on the wooden door a black inked owl, his black inked owl long ago his people painted in blood on her door, it faded out of her door to make it as clear as it was back then, just blood was now replaced by ink, witch Anaya had just pulled out of the wood to show in her own way, she remembered and knew he was here. Then the doors cracked open loudly with no one touching them and both guards slid over the floor pushed back by invisible hands. “you owe me a dance still” she whispered out her words seeming to flow with the wind and getting to the doors not in a order or yell but just a simple voice with lingering smells of roses and plum. She could not stop smiling but did her best to remain cold, she had been looking foreword to this for some time, as she had thought a lot on if to remove the Owl and still hold it for its crimes on the crown or forgive it. In the end it would all depend on his actions today of what she would consider, alliance and be friend it or just make the choice to remove it after all and not let him leave this hall once he walked into the doors.  

Starscream: Spotting the owl, Kai raised his eyebrow. This was the first time he was seeing it in person, and quite honestly, he thought it was shabby work- He was sure he could do a better job if he did it himself. Not hesitating to step forward, despite hearing the whisper in his ear, Kai strolled ahead, noting the guards on the floor and not even raising an eyebrow in response. As the Owl of Titanreach walked through the halls, he looked around, looked at the architecture of the building. Quite interesting the building was. Turning the line of lips into an upside-down curve Kai nodded slightly for a second before looking forward. The question still stood. Ally or Enemy? He couldn’t make his mind up- whilst he was always more inclined to want to war, he also knew there was next to no point in actually going into an all-out war and he had little chance of a win against the Dragon anyway. Entering the main part of the hall, Kai stopped before scanning the area ahead for Anaya.

PayneZileQueen: "Alright.. Go to your chambers, rest.. You've been doing great today, keep it up and you'll be able to make it." As Damon was finished talking to the recently saved Ihyriel, he had decided to walk back to the throne chambers to make a report of Ihyriels recovery towards the Queen. Damon was actually quite glad, that the Queen was finally back. "At least she doesn't mark me like some lap dog" he mumbled to himself. The cost of saving the life of someone who seemed useless, but the Demon inside of the person was the one reason that Damon paid the price. Dressed in his full armor, the light weight Elvish chest piece shone in the daylight. Sleeveless, but it would do its job if an arrow would be shot towards the Fire Elf. His armor wasn't heavy at all, since his pants were made out of basic leather, favouring manoeuvrability over protection. Making the Demon burdened elf rely on his skillset. But it was how Damon preferred it anyway. The scent of roses and plum creeped up Damons nose, which in return formed a smile on his blindfolded face. And the forms of the gorgeous Queen sitting in her throne filled Damon's vision. Taking a bow, his black hair covering his blindfold as he bent down on one knee. Ignoring the doors being opened and anyone who would've entered. It was his job to report his actions first and foremost. "My Queen. His recovery is going well, and his fighting spirit didn't seem to have died out just yet. To be fairly honest, his Demon might actually be quite a match to me once he has everything in control"

Anaya:  Her red eyes looked foreword as she walked from behind the thrones to her throne there in the centre. “well the owl has come to see the dragon, and i wonder why” she asked as she still held a smile to her painted lips as the black and red silk of her gown swayed as she sat down in her throne crossing flawless skinned legs over one another. “it has been some time since you have walked yourself into my halls, and no poisoned ponys this time, oh it must be a treat” she said in a coy manor as she gave a grin and a light chuckle before settling in her throne chair her pillow behind her back to make the hard seat more comfortable. She gave a grunt softly as she moved and then spotted Damon coming around from behind the throne area, he gave his report about that demon boy, sam had told her about it the night before how there was some useless boy and how Damon payed something for it to keep it alive and bla bla bla she hardly payed any attention to her mates blabber but he seemed proud of his actions so she acted the part. “yes Damon i was informed about this demon boy you took under your wing, it is good he is doing well and settling in, i hear he was toxined by Samuel it would have done horrible things to his insides he must have needed much time to heal” really Damon had a small amount of her attention her mind was on Kai and what he was going to do and it was clear as the whole time her eyes did not away from him there at the doors and walking down the hall way, and he was a rather nice hunk of meat to look at she enjoyed there last meeting even if it was a short one with a dance she had not forgotten.

Starscream: “No. No poisoned animals this time. Nor any poisoned food either for that matter.” Kai said before stopping in front of the thrones taking note of the man she had spoken to without even sparing him a glance. “And as for that dance, another time when I have the correct footwear.” He said finally. Of course, Kai could dance in his footwear if he could fight in it, but the whole dance thing to him was just folly. He hated dancing and she probably did it just to poke fun at him. “I take it you know I have come here for one reason or another.” Kai stated whilst removing Tempest his sword from his back and holding it in his hand, the custom Vendanium alloy blade making the distant sound of wind howling as it moved. Walking over to the left side of the hall, taking a seat on a low (to him) pedestal with a symbol on each face which he assumed was there for decoration, Kai sat on it with one leg still on the ground by the tip of his foot. Holding his sword up, and looking at it in a non-intimidating manner seeing his reflection in the ever-flawless reflective metal, Kai spoke. “Ally or Enemy? That question has been playing on my mind for a long, long while. I’m sure you cannot even decide yet if we are friends or not.” He stated in a calm voice and an even calmer facial expression before lowering his sword and looking to Anaya, the blade pointed downward, but not touching the ground. His phantom eyes drifted from Anaya for a moment, properly taking a good look at the man near her before going back to her again, wondering what her thoughts were on his statement.

Anaya: Anaya looked at him, her eyes not breaking there stare, she did not even look at the blade, she just looked into his eyes and only there, it was like the fact he took out the blade and held it did not even faze her. Well it didn’t in fact she was absent of it, she did not care for the blade be it powerful or something, in her mind it would hold no difference in the end of games if he so made the choice to point it at her chest here and now. “Kai, The Owl, you say you are not going to dance with me but yet you just may depending on what end of that blade in your hand you point at me. Will you show me its point or will you show me its hilt, i have pondered that for sometime now but i cant come up with a friend of foe till you do. Well you could leave again like you did last time and leave me to keep asking the same thing, and have us recap this is another year or more. You are bad at making up your mind, and i am bad at waiting, and i dont think i can wait and wast my time any longer if you do not make a choice this day” if he ran off yet again and left her with it the next time he came in would be his last, she had been more then pathiont with him over the last years they had spent time together. And over his past transgressions with the crown and its people, they had done damage to each others sides, him ruining her town her crushing his castle and forcing him to rebuilt twice. They had both cost the other thousands of gold in repairs and goods, and it was about time she had had enough of it. “so what end of that blade will you point at me Kai, will you dance with a dragon or will you eat at my table and call me friend”

PayneZileQueen: Overhearing the conversation between the two. Damon stood up and turned towards the large man who was sitting down, looking at himself in the reflection of his blade. Cautious, especially with knowing now who the person which cost the Kingdom so much money actually is. Standing his 7'1" tall, he still felt quite short in comparison to the man who he now knew was named Kai. "The Owl... Given what I've read and the amount of gold you cost us. I would say enemy." A frown formed on the man's face, slightly covered up by the piece of cloth that covered his eyes. "But seeing as the Queen wants a dance, and I am assuming an actual one, and not the violent kind.." Damon crossed his arms in front of his chest, crooking his head slightly. Showing off his cockiness slightly when his famous smirk formed on his lips, Damon shifted his weight slightly to stand more firmly. "Always wondered why there was an Owl painted on the door, but never assumed it would be for you"

Starscream: Kai blinked, now with the look of ‘no shit sherlock’ on his face. “You just repeated the question of the hour. But since you are the impatient one, Anaya, I thought you may have the answer to that.” Kai said before sighing and twisting the sword in his hand whilst the man had turned to face him and began speaking. Kai’s phantom eyes narrowed upon the man whilst his head tilted a bit. Kai was a lot calmer than he was years ago when the whole ordeal between he and Anaya happened, and a lot less hot-headed. It was safe to say he did in face have immense levels of patience with people who got involved with his one-to-one affairs. Discussing affairs with a ruler just didn’t mean discussing them with a ruler’s subject also, however again, he was a lot more patient than he had once been. Lowering his head or a moment whilst rotating his sword in-hand, Kai began. “You would make for an interesting enemy to say the least. Never before has anyone dared to set foot anywhere near my roost, regardless of how many times I have clawed at them. It is impressive really.” He said, turning his sword once more, the light reflecting directly at him, casting light onto his face as he looked at Anaya directly again as he continued. “However.” He said, twisting the sword again. “Anaya, a friend of Titanreach sounds fine to me.” He said finally. If Kai was the type of person to test his allies, then as an ally, Anaya had passed. His only concern was that she would not drop the idea of him dancing.

Anaya: Anaya stood as she was eye to eye with him, she gave a nod softly as friend was better then foe but it was a piety they would not dance with blades this day. She relaxed a little and it was like the whole room took a breath when before it was holding it, the lights moved as they were held still by her aura and she relaxed the walls felt as if they were no longer tense “it is a pity then Kia, my claws will not this day meet your flesh, but it is true, friend is better then foe, and maybe one day, we will have that, dance” she had the thought in his mind he thought she meant dance with music but it was the full opposite, she would dance one day with him in battle and not with music and pleasantry. “you have changed your homes name as well but it will always be Terra in my mind” she snapped her fingers as a roll of paper formed in her slender digits and then unrolled the white mark of her dragon self there at the bottom. Her alliance document. “sign the paper to set things in stone” she said softly as she held the paper for him to sign, but she had no quil for him to use, she was sure he would figure it out, most know how to sign shit in this land or ask for a quill if they were unable to produce blood.

Starscream: Using his telekinesis with his right hand, Kai would attempt to take the scroll from her hand, allowing it to float toward his own. With that, Kai would reach into his belting, unclipping a small pouch before pulling an envelope from it, using his telekinesis to allow it to float toward her. “Same for you.” Kai said calmly. If she’d let go of the paper, Kai would unroll the scroll in front of himself with his telekinesis before reaching out to the paper with the fingertips of his index and middle finger, the area where he was meant to sign. With his aura emanating from his two fingertips in laser form, Kai would first write his signature before drawing an intricate symbol of an owl with its wings outstretched, containing the eyes of a fox within them. Only then would Kai roll the parchment again with his telekinesis before sending it back. Once that was done, he would wait for her to do the same before he made his next move.

Anaya: Anaya looked to the paper he was handing over to her as she let go of the one that was ment for him, she did not sign in blood ever it was dangerous for a dragon to give away things like blood so willy nilly.  But she had other ways of signing things. Taking her palm her hand glowed slightly white as she pressed the palm to the paper, a small ringed white dragon appeared on the paper and rolled around to make a ring of biting its own tail. This mark was white and on the paper to stay and only she could remove it. She looked at Damon for a second and then looked back Sam had told her what he did to the point, and some details about it but she said nothing and just waited for Damon to start up that wonderful conversation all on his own. “you are an alliance to me now, if things are needed for trade you can send, raven or” she gave a light chukle “owl here to inform me of what you need and i shall have it sent to you, and the same will go from us if we are in need of things from you the same will be done by Raven.” she took the paper he had given her that she had signed and handed it back and if he handed hers back and signed it she would take it as well and it would vanish away to be placed in filling storage. “now i am famished, so if that is all i need to fill myself, you may join me if you wish we have enough food for all” she looked to Damon and nodded her head, she wanted him to come with her so they could talk and she could explain Kia a bit to him and give a bit of insight to what Damon had gone over in the record logs of the amount of coin they lost due to the owl.


Anaya: walking with Damon she moved watching Kai go on his way, she gave a chuckle and crossed her fingers behind her back a guard opening the door to the dinning hall, the sweet smell of boar drifted out as it was the morning meal “Kai is a odd one, he came to meet us years ago by tossing poisoned horses on the lot with caused me to burn our town down due to the virus they brought with them. We had to spend much to rebuild both buildings and get more food, having to buy instead of gather due to short amounts of time, it cost us a great deal but once we found were he was located the death worms were sent and his castle was put into the ground. We are seen as even now, but it does not mean we should trust him in the slightest, if he trys anything we shall remove him permanently and not just his castle this time.” she explained a bit as they walked Nd she picked up a silver platter taking a pronged fork and stabing into some meat and forking it onto her platter, at the side she put a slice of bread and some fruits and cheese, it was nice to have cheese in the castle as so many did not have the lavish things they did milk and cheese being a more rare item here seeing it went bad so fast in cold storage. She let out a breath picking up her as normal small green clay dish loaded with about five pearls and put it on the side of her platter taking a goblet of wine in her other hand. Using her mind she steadied her platter to be sure it would not fall and she made her way to the table with the large chair to place herself into. The chair to her flank pulled out on its own for Damon to sit in “come eat and fill yourself, and we can talk of what you wish, i have been gone a bit with the children i would enjoy hearing of what all happened in my absence.”

PayneZileQueen:  As Damon listened to what the Queen told about Kai and their past between them and Iron, he couldnt help but grin at actions that were taken as an act of revenge. His lips curling into a devious smile while his blindfold covered up the cheer in his eyes. "So that is where the Deathworms were headed to, I've read about them and knew about you owning them. But to be honest I have never even seen one actually. For me they have always been a myth. And as for the rebuilding of the many houses, will admit that it has been done quite fast. Not to mention an improvement from what I've heard. And I do agree on what you say about not trusting him. He has some aura around him, and well. Poisoned livestock and a virus. Not really a great start for an alliance, wouldn't you say?" As the smell of roasted boar cheeped into his nostrils, Damon's stomach started to rumble. Walking up to take a plate and some cutlery. Taking a chunk of the boar itself while also getting himself some fruits, like his favourite green apple. Some grapes, some vegetables to decorate the boar with and a chunk of cheese. Watching the Queen sit down, and the other chair next to her moving as a sign to take a seat. Sitting down next to her, he finally took a bite of the fresh meat. Nodding softly towards Anaya's question as of what has been happening around then. Swallowing the food, and sighing in bliss he then moved his face to look at Anaya. "Will have to admit, and I am really sorry for my rudeness, but Samuel doesn't seem very fit as a ruler, not as much as you anyway. Ihyriel has been sentenced to death, for a very selfish reason if you ask me. But alas, he is recovering at the healers. Or so I hope" He mumbled his last part while he took a sip of his milk, enjoying the fresh taste it had. "I saved his life.. Though had to pay with a mark, honestly thinking I have made a mistake there. It wasn't my smartest of moves, but the Demon inside of Ihyriel can be very useful. As long as Ihyriel as able to coöperate with it at least. As I do with mine. I could train him, and in all honesty I think he would've been able to fit in the same rank as me and Sifrella. But given the damage he has gotten.. I am afraid that ain't going to happen. Also something what happened is one quite surprising to me especially. My eehm.. Sister.. She lives here now, I gave her the room next to mine. I hope you do not mind. Long story short, I didn't even know I had another sister, she is very young. But has some skills involving a map and a crystal. I am sure she is more than willing to showcase it to you. Her name is Seraphina, but apparently goes by the name of Pinky, not sure why but she hasn't told me yet.."

SahlielxInteritio: Sahliel stirred little from a dream that was of the most unusual sort. All the details were fuzzy yet the feeling gained from it was joy and excitement. He pondered on what the sexual fantasy was about. He sat and racked his brain searching for face to place to the body. Her shimmering white features and pale skin. The eyes! clearly the eyes was remembered so dark and crimson. "I do not know I feel like I know the person yet My mind is to distorted to realize who it is." He scratched all he could clearly tell is they both enjoyed their company and their "Union". He rose from his seat his body still shaken by the excitement from the dream. As his eyes darted around the room. "Ahhh the closet one place I can call home" he muttered still trying to shake the clearer vivid images from his mind. The rounded tub the moans the temperature. "I got to get out of here" he muttered as he peeped out of the hole. Still his mind wandered back to the dream. He had not had such dreams with such details in a long time at least since the dream of the dripping waters. Still something bugged him who was the woman how were they connected. Matters would have to wait. His muscles ached and his stomach growled. Too long had he stayed in the closet again. After a failed trip left him and another fellow stranded in the middle of a blizzard. He had no idea if the guy who was travelling with him made it back safely neither did he care. Finally without a word he stepped through the smashed door past the tapestry covering the closet. He sighed and took in the musty air around him "At least they had some common respect to put a tapestry back over the door. It sure kept the cold winds from creeping in" He thought about a dragoncicle. Piqued at how it would taste. Terrible he thought as he made his way down the corridor and into the throne room.

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Anaya: Taking another bite of her meal she looked at Damon and nodded her head as she shoved another hunk of meat into her mouth. She swallowed it back not chewing much she was rather hungery as her white hair fell in her face “yes sam did tell me he marked you, but also said that you asked for it and took a deal from him, witch mind you was not smart as he is a Wyvern after all who holds a black mark but you did make the choice on your own, so much live with ones choices” she looked to her foot and out of that little clay pot took a pearl and put it in her mouth her teeth biting into it as she enjoyed the treasured treat she only had in the mornings. “for the boy, Sam said he was in bad shape, he may not make it but i am sure the healers will do all they can. One day i shall take you to see the death worms, they live in a large cavern system under the stable that leads to the underground of this castle as well as all over the lands, it is a vast system but sadly it only connects to land and cant pass the water.  But every evening they meet back here under the stable for there meals and any orders they are given are given at that time. So one day if you would like i can take you down there. We have four of them but two are still rather small. The one our elder is very large even i would struggle to kill it if i needed to, but it is slow moving and not a jumper anymore, the others are faster that one enjoys sleeping and hanging around here” she took another pearl and put it in her mouth the boar meat would wait till the pearls were gone for now once she had one she just had to eat them all as it was a sort of drug for her. “it seems much has happened wall i was away, as well as when i was gone on the way back i spoted acthion takeing part in the north i am unsure what it is so i am in need of you or lady sif or someone to go up there to see what is going on up there, if it is the undead again rebuilding we will have to handle them and purge them down once more, and if it is not them we need to know what is going on so we dont get flanked in the night by a mystery force”

SahlielxInteritio: The air within the castle was alit with mystical aromas as his stomach grumbled. "Gahhh I need to find some food" he thought. As he slipped from shadow to shadow following the smell in his nose. The walls were very cool to the touch and chilling as his mind flashed back to the dream for a breif moment the words still clung in the air even thought they were not spoken allowed. "I have been ready for a very long time, are you?" It echoed and stirred something deep within him. "Hmm food will have to come first then the mystery woman can come second." He continued to think as some guards walked by. His mind flashed to a party one with a man named samuel and a guard named Petrovik. His top and bottom jaw still missing those two teeth. "Aww how sweet of him to remember me by." he chuckled to himself softly. His jaw clenched tightly at the name of Samuel. "Ohh sammy boy me and you have some things to resolve." he growled as he remembered punching him and getting tossed out of the foyer in the hallways. Disgraced and called a begger. "Pah begger you sniveling whelp I have more riches than you could ever lay eyes on." Of Course he meant his intellect and cunning. If anything had taught him over the long years even when he was crazy was that the one who mistakes the fool is often the fool themselves. Or at least he thought so. The smell came back to him as he used a talent and tosses his voice upstairs across the from the guards. "Yoohoo" he smiled knowing it was thier job to investigate as he crept down the hallway and found the source. The door was slightly ajar just enough for him to smell the rich aromas. "Wow that smelt like nothing he had the pleasure of smelling before. Words drifted aimlessly around the room and he soaked them in "“For the boy, Sam said he was in bad shape, he may not make it but i am sure the healers will do all they can....." the voice was cut off very abruptly as his mind drifted back do the dream as if the entire castle slowed down even the fly seemed to float in the air no effort at all as his mind recalled the voice whispering to him in a seductive tone. The heat brushed his face as he snapped back and was standing in the hallway still. He knees feeling slightly weak. His eyes strayed around the room and went to the boar. A massive of a beast .. He drooled and silently crept his way to the boar hiding in the shadows behind a pillar engorging himself on the Ham hock... He kept his eyes everywhere in attention making sure he would fit in and be ignored.

Aeranas83  Aeranas ancient Elven Lord of a distant land laid in ruin these days... height of 6ft tall, black hair, golden eyes, muscle stature and gowned in black and white attire; steps foot upon a dirt cloved road betwixt with dark trees. As he continues his venture he comes upon a castle made of dark stone and thinks briefly if he should try to enter or continue. Aeranas continued on because of his natural curiosity and wanting to know who and what if anything alive would be inside such a dark and well maintained place. He knocks once, twice but then pauses before he then do thrice. No one seems to answer, so he then begins to try to open the heavy large doors with his elven hands. The Doors seem not to budge, therefore, this ancient had to think on foot and see if he still had any magics bestowed upon him to use as his Mana seemed to be low from all his years of battles and adventures. He then Closed his eyes and brought his hands together palm to palm, much like that of the Fraternal Brothern friars of steeples and the odd christian types that seemed to be trying to invade the lands he has fled from and survived. A green-ish glow appears from his hands and begins to surround Aeranas in an aura like fashion. Once it had consumed his entire body his eyes began to open, what was once golden brown was now blue with lightening like flames emerging from them. His hands separate and the doors push open with a loud thunderous crash... somehow they not break but the force that was released from Aeranas was strong enough to open the castle doors he, himself could not with his bare hands. Aeranas then strides inside quietly, much like in a shadow vapour form in which none could see. He would listen in for voices and scan for signs of life. He is lead to a room where some are gathered. He looked into their demeanour deciding if he should emerge or stay hidden. After much thinking and seeing that those gathered have no harm in them at them moment he decided to emerge before them in a great lighting fashion unto which non of their eyes have seen. Aeranas has a shield surrounding him for protection just as a mere caution. His mouth would part to speak "Greetings beings of the dark. I am Aeranas an Ancient who has fled a distant land whom an outside type of beings have turned his home land to ash and slaughtered all but a few. They seem to call them Christian Crusaders barring spiked spears and some sort of stone instrument which makes loud boom like noises that led to my peoples deaths. I seem to be one of the few who survived. The others are around and can come to me only if I call. What is this place in which I currently am and who might thee be?" -Aeranas looks at each with curious perplexity.- 

PayneZileQueen: "Seeing as The North is rather cold.. I'd suggest Sif, though I know she has been going through a lot that she had to deal with. Also no need to talk about me about making bad decisions." His voice turned a little bit darker and his smile a bit more devious "I know all about making bad decisions" and after that he simply took another bite of his cheese and boar. Loving the combination between the melting cheese and the tender meat together. "I'd go if you would like me to, my Queen. Especially since I do feel I need to get away from this place for just a little moment. The mark, my sister showing up, some personal issues as well as the repercussions of almost everything between me and Samuel. Tensions feel high, high enough for me to know that I need a breather. A breath of fresh air, and I am sure I will be able to get that from some travel. As I recall, since I am from the East, the North wasn't very fond of our... Style of weaponry. Do we have something here that I could use in exchange for my own blades? Not to mention some clothing that'll help me deal with the lack of heat, and fit in with the people, if there are any?"

Anaya: Stepping out of the side room and into the throne room her long slender pale skinned legs touched the floor, it was still so odd to have skin even if it was only semi solid it still now held a small amount of mass when before she held no mass, and right now she wanted to be looking more solid so walking on the floor was really, walking not just hovering and going forward. She flipped the pages in the book on her hand, her old Vetalis Tome from what was once a home that had forgotten her surely by now. A part of her missed it and held feelings to it but that part was over shadowed by this need to be here, this urge to do right here and to do as mother instructed. Beside her there was Noki and Ryu woken up from there nap but still rather droopy, Ryu was clutching Nesas wing and Noki was wobbling beside her almost falling over “children why are you awake you can keep sleeping you know” Nesa said softly as he moved her other wing to wrap it around Noki so noki could relax with her “mother said there was food in the morning” Ruy grumbled as he griped onto her wing and flopped onto it causing the whole group to stop dead centre of the throne room hallway. “ya, hungry” Noki piped in as she collapsed into her care givers wing. Nesa smelled like there mother so they felt at home with her even if they had only known her a couple days at most. But knowing there mother and what had taken part to make Nesa into what she was the children did not fear her at all and knew that Nesa would not be able to hurt them as it was against what Nesa was able of doing, the being super tall and white could not harm anything connected or made by Anaya, it was physically unable to touch with ill intent her children or herself or her family. “you can sleep on me then we will get food when you wake” softly lifting them both one in each wing she cradled them to her chest and full bosom. She walked with them to the thrones were she sat down in Samuel's spot holding them to her as they slept soundly.  Anaya's eyes swayed over to the counter top of the man over there taking part of the boar and hiding behind a pillar, she lifted a brow but thought to herself on how he must be in need of food maybe he was low on a meal and needed something and felt like he needed to hide to eat it. So she said nothing and moved her fingers under the table as another hunk of the boar ripped off and hovered in the air over to the man, he may enjoy it. She looked up at there guest that had just come in and started talking about some spiked spears and more god morons, the one type of not undead thing she could not stand was holy crusaders shoving there noses into her matters when she was there god and they just did not know it yet. “yes Damon, you may go up there, in the lounge there is some warm furs and a large great hammer you can take it may be to large for you but if anything you can sell or trade it for something else once you get up there” she never moved her eyes from there guest as she shoved another chunk of meat in her mouth.  “so tell me more of this holy thing you talk of who ever you are, and oh we are not dark most here are of light there is very little darkness here”

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SahlielxInteritio: Sweat beaded from his forehead. As he felt the energy eminate from the woman like thousands of tiny little strands ech ever connecting to the first in a brilliant web and aray of colors. He wanted so much to reach out and touch those colors to feel the warmth, yet he did not. It was not out of fear but more out of the mind to be wary. He would not let the same thing repeat itself and the last time he saw her face she marked him for dead. Although he was much older then. Her aura stretched to where he was offering him meat. His defensive walls crumbled and he touched her aura with his own hiding and masking everything the would be used to determine who and what he was. It took alot of effort but corsain was doing it's job in the process. His aura was made to seem alot smaller than it was his trace of divinity on the other hand was near impossible to hide. Traces still malingered in the air as he grasped onto the ham and stepped out from behind the piller his crimson eyes peering directly towards her very own. His face and eyes glinting off the fire like burning of the sun. "I do apologize about my rude entry and for taking your food I am more than willing to pay for what ever I ate." he fumbled about his waiste pouch and set the little bag upon the table and made his way towards the door out to a safe area. Or at least he considered it safe. She would not be able to press and try to force her way into his colors for a distance. His heatbeat still erratic from the second chance encounter. "She is the one from my dreams" he nearly choked on the words. The same woman he tried him for dead and him in throes of passion. Why her what did she have to do with anything about him. "That could have went a lot better." he muttered as he strayed further and further from her presence passing the man he had lost in the blizzard. At least his mind and guilt would be cleared. He could feel the fire and heat against his neck his hairs standing on end. His mind still strayed back to her his body lusting for hers. "Not now!" he moaned as the dream crashed against him like waves crashing and crushing boulders as he slowly sagged against the door his defences lowered if only for a moment...

SeibetsuNashi19  It had been days maybe even a week or two since she had a nice warm meal which smother her taste buds in a paradise of flavor, flavor which caressed her tongue and left it with nothing but the feeling of ecstasy as it slid down the back of her throat, and a bed which was so soft and so comfortable that falling asleep would be as simple as just laying her head on the pillow and thinking only of sleep itself. Actually, sleep sound pretty good to her right about now honestly, she was on the verge of collapsing due to lack of food and a proper night rest for she had stayed awake and continued moving forward the night prior due to the fact that had she fell asleep she wound have been some wild animals meal, and she did not find this to be very comforting at all. It would have been fairly simple for it to over power her too, she was no taller than 5 ft. maybe and weighting in at only 110lbs which wasn't much to work with to begin with as well as the fact she had been constantly exerting energy, hadn't eaten in days, and sleep deprived as well. She would have been noticed from afar due to the bright silver hair which she would come to find a curse as she grew in age, but she covered it with a black dirty cloak which had been wearing since she left the village she grew up in, the cloak wasn't much but the stench masked her scent and the color made her look give off the image of a phantom roaming at night scaring off all who would attack her. Her eyes were fairly normal, a blue with a hint of green decorating the Iris around her pitch black pupil. She had stop to take a breath from marching up a hill, it was slowly killing her for she was to tired to even stand at the moment, truly a miracle but one that wouldn't last long. She took a good look into the sky as she noticed it becoming morning, she need to getting moving or else it would be another day without food or a place to rest without having to look over her shoulder every 5 seconds. She gather her self then begin walking again, she had eventually reached what look to be a city, her eyes lit up with hope as she sprint for the entrance to the city with food and rest being the only things on her mind.

PayneZileQueenPayneZileQueen Whisper: Nodding softly at what the Queen has said, he finished his meal while he watches the Queen, who was looking at something, ignoring the one who has just entered and letting the Queen deal with that. "My Queen, I'll take my leave then, and thank you for this opportunity, I'll send a raven as soon as I arrived." And after bowing for his Queen, Damon left the area with a chunk of meat in his hand still. Occasionally taking a gentle bite of the flesh from the bone it was attached to. Moving up to the Lounge, Damon took off his own jacket while he looked into some of the chests until he finds some clothing that he is comfortable with wearing. A black outfit, something that mirrors his image, made out of a thicker fabric to make sure the cold wouldn't bother him  He smiled as he looked into a mirror with his new outfit, and it didn't look too bad. Finishing the outfit off with some leather gloves, with fur on the inside. And also with a black wolves fur draped over his shoulders. Damon grabbed the hammer and took a horse from the stables. Making his way to the North.

Anaya: Anaya watched that man talking about holy things leave, he left as he came and did not even respond to what she had said, how rude of him but she cared very little for the thing it was just some raving loony that needed to be locked up or killed and more then likely would if he kept talking as he did around here. But with Damon nodding his head and being on his way her attention turned to the other being that seemed to slip away and leave a bag on the table to pay for his meal. He did not have to pay for anything she thought to herself as she tilted her head and stood up from the table. with very fast movements she went to the table grabbed up the bag then was at the doors opening them and walking up behind that other male. He smelt a little odd and she could feel he was almost the same as her, something was off she just could not put her finger on it. “you don’t need to pay for what you ate it is fine if it filled you and you needed it then the crown gives you what you need” she could feel Nesa siting in the throne over there but Nesa was relaxing with the kids and would best not be bugged wall they slept so Anaya payed her attention here on this male. “who are you, i have not seen you around but you smell, i have smelt it before around here but yet have never seen you” she stood behind him and talked her voice so sweet and pure sounding as she smelt of roses and plum. If he was to turn around she stood seven feet tall with snow white hair and the eyes as red as newly spilled blood, but her figure, Anaya was flawless, not a curve out of place not a blemish on her body or face and skin so smooth and soft it was as if a god made her. She took a breath and moved her hands to run her clear clawed fingers along her hip of her white dress her fingers fiddling with the garment.

SahlielxInteritio: He slowly slipped in and out of consciousness her honeyed words sweet to his ears. Yet his body instantly reacted to her coming presence. He was not too much taller than her if only by a inch his dark clothing and open chest a slight tattoo able to be discerned yet its purpose unknown. From his ears hung piercing and a long sliver chain. He just remained slumped against the door. "Just keep the jewels they are nothing of worth to me." he moaned as his body shivered slightly. He so wanted to act and take the woman upon the table that laid behind him yet his sense of morals was stronger. His mind was still being pounded by the dreams. He wanted to touch and share what he was seeing. Yet his back remained facing her as his body slowly calmed. It took a lot longer to regain the composure of himself to where he could stand and face her eye to eye. "Yes I am sure you would remember me or at least my smell. I have remained in your halls for quite some time." his face was blank what was he doing his mind screamed NO!Stupid! Yet his face remained calm the swirl in his eyes were jade green with small red hues mixed within. The slowly came to a stop and re crimson once more. "As I said I do apologize for my deception. I was merely hungry and it is not customary to ignore the host and not repay them at least it is somewhat settled.?" He asked inquisitively as he studied her body. All his senses flooded with new information all the dots reconnecting to the dream making the fuzzy details clearer and clearer. Her smell, her voice, Those vivid eyes. Her luscious curved hips and those lips so scarlet like a beautiful deadly poison. He reached out to customarily kiss her hand..

SeibetsuNashi19: She had finally reached the city of which she may find a place to rest and food to eat, It seem to be the only thing on her mind. As she explored the city she would eventually come across a fruit stand and a bread stand, wit her remaining cash from her journey she bought fruit and some bread then took a seat not too far from were she obtained the food in a dark alley way and started to stuff herself for next 15 mins, when she was finished the hunt for somewhere to sleep was on, in the ends she ended up sleeping in the back alleyway, this one was a good spot solely for the hay stacked up in the back of what appeared to be a stables, she laid there and fell asleep for she needed it because whats to come next is a long time of hard labour.

Anaya: she looked at him and his reaching for her hand and as he did she placed the bag in his hand instead of allowing him to touch her, she did not like physical contact with new faces but knew it was a respectful action “thank you but i insist, we have more then enough, if you must pay for things you want i would rather service from you then gold and gems and things, this castle needs staff more then it needs gold and trinkets. the only gems i will take is pearls but they are a rare thing and hard to come across” she gave a smile, it was forced really and then moved to make her way over to a side door “but i am in need of my bath, think things over and once i come out, we can talk, i would enjoy hearing were you have been hiding away” she gave a chuckle as she walked into the bathroom shunting the door to slip out of her dress and take the morning blessed bath as she did most days.


SahlielxInteritio: Her naked figure stood out her unmarked skin her flawless child rearing hips. The curves of her waist and the slender marks of her shoulders. Her neat snow hair brushed to one side. He admired her beauty a blush creaping upon his face. Maybe this was all a mistake I should not have done this why the hell did I do this. The thoughts raced his mind as his body acted first. "Hey miss you did not even see what was in the bag he said as he poured the contents from behind her unto her bare chest the two small black pearls landing between her cleavage and snuggling between them . The bright ruby clinking as it hit the bottom of the bath. Lastly the dragon eye. The rarest gem of all. None of them were ever seen yet he had one and never knew where it orginated from. He leaned down and whispered into her ear softly his tongue licking her lobe gently with every word. As of this point his aura was full and imposing she could clearly feel whom and what he truely was and he wished it that way. "Now we dance my way." he whispered and dissapeared into the mist the last words echoing in her ears. "My way."
As he quickly made his way back to his hiding hole his eyes afire with jade and his face deep red blushing with such intensity. "I know I am most likly dead. Why did I do that." he moaned as he sat back into his little corner in the closet and buried his face within his crossed arm his mind reliving the experience and what has just transpired. As he gently rolled himself into a blanket of security allowing his aura to no longer be sensed as a great presence. All his mind could think about was love.. lust? His mind got lost between the two as the lines blurred. "I hope they see me not as a threat." He muttered. Who was he kidding of course it would be he stormed into her private chambers, looked upon her nakedness. Enjoyed it and showered her in gems. Then swiftly rushed off like a young filly in heat. "I am an idiot."...

Anaya: The maid had blessed her bath as normal as she stepped into it and then layed her body down into the water. As she did she could feel someone was there, that man that she had given the payment back to was following like a puppy wanting a owner. She was there as he got closer and the air around the room started to dry out, her aura got brighter as on the stone wall the shape of golden wings started to form, her aura was high enough it was taking physical form as a white dragon wing shaped shadow on the wall. but it was not high enough to harm anything. As he got closer his words whispered into her ear as he touched her skin with his tongue. If he did not leave so fast she would have snapped the poor fools neck but he had bolted witch in turn saved his skin from ending up as a rug. After he left she reached down picking up the gems and pearls with her fingers shuting her eyes as zhe moved her aura to follow him in her castle, that was were he was hideing the closet she chould feel him and notice were he went. No more hiding in my home dragon her mind whispered as on the wall of his closet a white mark formed on the stone, a white dragon in a ring eating its own tail. "This game will never be your way, but you got your turn, just wait till mine scaled one" her words whispered into the walls and out of the castle walls into his closet hide away she had cards to play bit after her bath, it would need to be after her bath witch now would be much longer then she had first thought. Taking a black pearl in her claws she rolled it around and put it in her lips letting it sink in to her mouth as she sunk deep into the tub water shutting her eyes as they rolled into her head and her mind and aura went silent as she drifted into the black pearls influence.

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SahlielxInteritio: He felt her presence. Follow him around to his safe place. He watched in awe and amusement at the emblem forming at the wall. His curiosity piqued as he stared and studied the dragon eating it's own tail. "Ouroboros.." the words slipped effortlessly as he reached for his his eye. The same mark in the iris of his right eye. Hardly noticeable unless if you were to get close face to face. "Hmm" his belief was reaffirmed so sort of evil an maniacal beings were slowly pushing them closer. He rose from his little hovel and exited the room corsain clinking against his was it as he ran his figure along the stone masonry tracing the cracks with his lithe fingers along it. His own aura tracking her dark yet not evil in intent yet almost the same as hers. In a dance of Yin and Yang. Anyone around the castle were mostly oblivious to this except for the select few that was capable. His mind reached out to hers. Noticing the feeling of elation or a sense of High. " I am assuming you are enjoying the gifts I left for you?" He questioned. Not giving her chance to reply. " I mean you no harm as many times as I can say that." he attempted to reassure her as he spun around one of the pillars grasping it with one hand and spin softly into the throne room. It was most likely the effects of a contact high. "Weee.." he muttered as he snapped back into the now and slowly came to a still.

Anaya: the world was foggy, she had shut her eyes and it was like moments after she woke. It had been two hours later as she looked up from the tub the world starting to not become the fuzzy blob of sound and auras all fuzzing together in a mass of feeling and emotion, she felt it all in this state, the feelings of her people the people in her castle even out to the people in mill mire away from here, shutting her eyes it was like she could see the world, fly over it in this emptiness of everything all mashed into one vivid trip dream. But it was over now and fading away as she looked to the water in her bath that was ice cold and gross but she did not feel it on her body it was like she was numb but knew it would do harm to her skin so lightly getting up she got up from the tub her fingers wrinkled as she looked at her toes and legs the skin on them was a little dry, how odd it was when you laid in water so long you dried out. Taking her nude figure out of the tub she tossed on a towel around her figure and dried herself off before she went to the wardrobe to grab a dress and just toss it on, it was nothing really amazing just something rather drab but got the job done, it was blue and fit her nicely as she shook herself off and walked out of the bath room and to the main throne room pondering at that guy that looked upon her just a little bit before now. She knew were he was she just did want to go bug him herself. At the thrones no one was there but it looked like there children were there before there was a bit of a mess a maid was cleaning some droll off an arm rest “Nesa must have taken the children for a walk or something” she said softly the maid looking up with a mod “yes my lady they went to there chambers Nesa stated that she was a bit worn out from dragging them around as they were rather sleepy from the trip.” “that is fine servant, i shall wait for them to wake before i do to to much today” she sat down in her throne as she let out a breath still a tad fuzzy from her black pearl experience.

Guest_Avarevol: ~It started as a dull thump at first, an echo that moved as a stream might between the vibrations of life force that infused this plane. A richer deeper texture of sound that burned brighter in its manner. Avarevol sniffed the air more in anticipation rather than to perform any function that a man would do. The beat became louder and with it the voices within him quieted, considered in their appraisal of this vibrant rich world. He slowed down as he approached what would appear to be a large garden. The layout showing that something had tried to bend the wildness of it to its will. He stood quickly under the shadow of a small tree and spoke a few words the appearance shimmering the effect of which better controlled the influence of him upon this land. His mind bent in quiet determination at controlling that within and to improve his appearance to appear more natural to this place. He mouthed a few words, the sound strange to hear. His eyes drawn towards the sounds of voices that emanated to the right of the gardens. A cacophony of metal, animals and voices assailed the sounds of the surrounding countryside. Their presence both disgusted and intrigued those that whispered within the confines of his mind. Avarevol moved towards and through them conscious of the eyes that swept over him. The face he wore smiled in gesture, his manner to seem as if this was no stranger to him than a soldier that guarded this structure. He moved on around them and circled the castle eventually coming to a fountain near a yard. The stones of which led to two well armoured soldiers. Their life force vibrated, each aura changing colour as they kept a watchful look upon the yard. A cart tumbled over amidst the cursing of its owner. He cleared his mind and spoke. ~’’Ahoy the Gate, seems an age since I was here’’~ The one on the left considered him with mild curiosity~ ‘’ Your purpose …stranger?’’~Avarevol laughed, the sound echoing ~’’To speak to those that like whispers. To tell them tales of the fiery warriors that bent the knee to farmers sisters’’ ~The rich voice abounded with amusement and the effect was to get a smile from both guards~ ’’Lead the way my good man for I have trinkets to sell and stories to tell’ ’~The soldier smiled and gestured as he opened the door. Avarevol could feel Caelers will ever present within him. His purpose and mindset considering the interactions of these beings~

Anaya: Anaya let out a breath as her red eyes watched the doors open, she could feel the being before it entered  but she did not react upon her feelings as she sat there her fingers laced with one another upon her throne. She gave a smile as she let a hint of her own aura drift over the walls around her, the fire in the room flickered as the faint shape of a white dragon moved over the walls, a white dragon with a holy feeling, a pure and almost emptness about it, like it was just there, hovering and watching but not even showing a intch of its power. Ashe let out a breath as the lights stopped flickering but the room did seem brighter. “i like story’s” her words whispered from the walls as she sat there red eyes looking out and cutting the castle scape like a glow in the night. She watched the stranger walk himself into her home as a strand of white hair fell in her face covering up one red eye slightly “come in and tell your storys” her voice whispered out again drifting with the breeze that drafted into the castle from the open doors. She could hear everything and really she needed something to get her mind off her trip from the black pearls she was given earlier, her mind still a fuzz as her thoughts were swimming and she felt no pain or feeling at all, numbness covered her and would for sometime.

Guest_Avarevol: ~ He entered the room his mindset reaching forwards. The aura of this creature seemed to drift I a self-assured manner and yet there was a guarded current flowing beneath this deceptively calm surface. Avarevol sensed it and chose to observe rather than explore and reach out. For surely as he used his mind to sense that which he encountered it stood to reason that this could indeed be noticed and seen as a threat. The chaos of voices that swirled within him retreated deeper whilst his own influence upon this place sought to stay guarded and hold the illusion of this form. To an observer this interaction would seem to be a stranger talking to a patron of this place, as with all things deeper meaning rumbled ever so slightly out of reach of those that took things visually. He remained guarded feeling now the energy within bonded and settled in contemplation, stretched to seem it could snap if allowed to. This at total odds to the man’s calm manner’ ’And what stories would you wish to hear? For I have many how about the story of Bardels ruin?’’

Anaya: Anayas eyes watched him and the white dragon that faded into the walls got larger, wings from its back reached out folding along the walls to the floor and just touching the mans shadow, sense aura, sense motive, sense being, she whispered within her own mind as she touched something connected to him his shadow, his feet with a part of herself. (if you allow it and don’t reject it make sure in your next post you state your aura and details on it, as well as alinement of your being, your motive and your being traits and race. And note if you are able to sense things from other beings Anaya is connected to you as well so you can do the same in recoil and she will react accordingly)  she would look into him with her third eye her aura and sensory ability’s to see what treasures he was hideing within, be him useful or be him worthless it would be seen in her view now what she would do with him. “any story is a good story but you look hungry, if you wish you may take a meal before you lintel me with a tale of some adventure” she was stalling, before she got a story she wanted to know more, alow herself to read him a little and then react before becoming to attached for no reason, or wanting to hear more from his lips as she could not turn down story’s and knowledge, once that started it was simply in her blood to keep it going.

Guest_Avarevol: ~Smiling he gestured around the room in an expansive manner. The attempted connection would cause that within him to flare momentarily, Caelor swirled within the chorus of voices within Avarevol. The lower vibrational entity cackling within as intent and purpose became bonded and cloaked in a shell of chaotic intention. The inner depths of this form they inhabited shut down hard to hide intention, its own purpose to send a message to the intrusion. The effect of which would be to attempt to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the instructor of such and yes to infect it with its own chaos ever so slowly. Caelor recoiled and allowed a tendril of that which lay inside Avarevol attempt to bind its influence upon this attempted mental intrusion. If allowed to connect it would seek to move to the source of the intrusion and grow its chaotic influence upon its host. This of course could be sensed and negated should the origin recoil and be aware of what was happening. To Caelor it mattered not. It would be a shame to release its will upon this place. Avarevol watched almost as a spectator sensing the climate that changed unseen to the visual interaction. He played his part and smiled ~’’Bardels ruin it is, you will like it. It is about a King and Queen that reached too far and sought too much knowledge’’ ~Caelor cackled ever so slightly at the irony as Avarevol moved to the right of the creature. The mindset held the visual illusion still as he started to speak slowly~

Anaya: as soon as Anaya's sense reached the other being and the chaos within it alowed its self to be seen and halted her advances her own self jolted, it was malicious in nature and in her view as it did not allow its reason to be shown and she would not have it. As soon as it touched her mental state a flare of internal flames took hold and within her opened its third eye. A massive red reptilian dragons eye white clad in shimmering scales the color of clean snow opened. its strengths in that of divine holy influence with immunity to all darkness’s and evil (chaos is a form of evil/darkness just letting ya know she cant be corrupted. Well not with darkness or chaos anyway XD) its weaknesses locked up for the time being unless the being really wished to try to dig deeper into her. Anaya stood up as her shadow got larger the wings of the dragon moving away from the mans feet the connection already established and the flames from all touches in the room were set a blaze in a furry of white “you hide your intent oh story teller but i don’t hide mine. You hold darkness within you, chaotic in fact and if you don’t state your reason to be among what is holy you wont leave this castle” the story teller walked on thin ice and it would get only one chance to flee if she allowed it to. Her red eyes looked at it as within it the chaos would be feeling nothing but the divine claw of justice and its burning. Anaya had put up a wall, a wall built with a dragons influence, a celestial dragons power, a golden dragons power, the wall its self was white, scaled, not a crack in it, but with one as if a brick was missing, a bait.  Would the being really try to go farther, would it really try to face past the fire of her mind and get its self into something it had no idea of. The fuzzyness in her mind was gone now, the shock of its touching back made it all fade away and it angered her, angered her to the point there was a white fog on the floor, a unknown fog on the floor that just drifted as if it had a mind of its own, the fog moved around all there feet, this pure white pillow of unknown fog that seemed to just come from nowhere.

Guest_Avarevol: ~Ararevols voice changed to a low grating sound. Its voice seeming to echo with derision as the many spoke in unison with Caelor. ~’’ You do understand that evil is perspective?’’ The form shimmered as it spoke the true form of Ararevol surrounded in dark tendrils revealed for a moment. The forms shadow dancing chaotically among the flaring torches light. It seemed hazy visually and jumped in and out of the illusion he had worn. ~’’Do you see things so one dimensionally?’’~He felt the connection slip and read the power left behind the origin of the intrusion. ~Would you think I have moved through countless planes to seek physical engagement upon this plane? ~His voice echoed upon the walls of the structure seeming to be answered by the whispering voices barely audible within Ararevol. ~ The intent swirled and swelled around the host its force ever so slightly affecting reality around the host. Not an attack just a by-product of the energy as it built up to defend.~’’Voices spoke in unison then within the halls each one emanating from Ararevol~’’We seek that which was lost’’ ~The form moved away from the fog that was swirling the room the energy caused by the tendrils that bound around the host would create a wind that moved outwards seeking to push it away .Caelor spoke then his words whispering~’’What is holy but a balance to what is dark .One cannot exist without the other’’ ~The form moved back the way it had come. It had bigger things to focus upon and philosophical debate and measure of power was a waste for this creature had none of what he needed~

Anaya: the bath water splashed around as the world she was looking, the kingdom was filling with water, who ever that was was drowning, everything was fading as she spat water and her eyes sprung open. She was still there, in the bathtub, the water all over her arm bleeding blue into the water, she had slashed herself with her own claws wall trying to not drown in her own bath tub, it was all so vivid, she had to stop taking pearls and having baths. But what time was it she thought to herself as for real this time she stepped out of the bath garbing a towel off the wall and warping around her arm as the smell of blue blood drifted under the door and the sound of barking and howling started to ring out “it is fine Alpha i just cut myself a little on the bath, i am fine check on the children will you” he let out a yip and a wine as he walked away from the door a guard grunting as the wolf pushed it over to the bathroom door to keep watch and being growled at, the wolves did have a sway over the guards men.  She shook her head as she moved to the bath met rubbing her feet along it to dry them and wrapping a bath robe around her figure “odd dream, i never have dreams, it was the pearls, i had to many” she muttered to herself as she cleaned the wet hair from her face and shock herself off. As she opened the wardrobe she moved her fingers and flicked past the blue dress “no, dreams are not reality” she then picked the red one off the hanger as she stepped out of the room nodding her head to the guard “you sure you are alright me lady” he asked “yes i am fine, simply cut myself that is all, i will heal in a moment or two” and she started to make her way to the throne area.

JesterKimonHravart: For months Nidar has traveled from kingdom to kingdom in search for this elf who calls herself his mother and with every passing King, Queen, Lord and lady he would just end up leaving with nothing but an empty feeling in his stomach would he ever get to see her. He would not know, this was all new to him so many thoughts and questions running around in his head the only thing that really quiets them down as the sweet imbrace of rum. IT would numb his feelings to the point of not caring from the amount he would drink over the night it pretty much makes his body water levels about forty percent rum as he would get booted out of the tavern. He spends the rest of the night wandering naked much to his norm and to much of his dismay sobering up as he slumps against a tree hearing the early birds waking up. "Morning is here once again" He would slowly stand up trying to remember what he was told in the tavern about the near by castle and the kingdom that he was in but it's forgotten for now, he mumbles to himself as he finds his way to a main road following it in hope it would lead somewhere like another tavern would be nice, as he passes people on the road he would wonder why he gets weird looks and shy giggles from females as he would drag his violin behind him with no care in it what so ever, the thing was already scratched and chipped what was a few more. He would start to see a large building ahead of him that must be it that must be the castle he thinks and picks up his pace slightly as he gets closer to the castle he sees more traffic carts of goods, more people and a few guards who once they see a naked man walking the roads they would take chase. Nidar being the man he is found this rather amusing maybe he could get a lift in the cage cart he wondered as the men throw him in the back of the cart taking him to the castle, he would turn to his liquid form and slip through the bars as he looks at the people coming and going he would sneak up behind one of their carriages breaking into a box on the back of it to steal some clothes thinking it would be a little awkward walking into a castle naked after the last time that happened. He would quickly get changed before being noticed then jumps off the carriage then walks towards the doors pushing them open only for guards to stop him since he is nothing but a randomer to them. "Hey look a distraction" He points behind them as he drops into a puddle and travels through the castle with guards closely following him quick on his tail till he makes it to what he thinks is a throne room taking form in his new clothes he stumbles onto his face and rolls onto his back to see swords pointed at him. "Well ermm we can talk this over right?"

Anaya stood right there, as she watched a puddle form into a being and took a step back from it, it was not everyday a puddle became a being there on the floor “it is fine guards let the boy up” she said as the guards did as instructed, her home was hot, warm air all around as things were calm but she was still a little shaken by the bad dream she had wall in her bath. Anayas snow white hair still dripping water as she sat down in her throne and looked over at the boy “what brings you here and why do the guards follow you as if you have done a crime.” anaya knew that the little thing had just snuck past them and then they went after him to not let him get away but she wanted to hear the boys words and judge him on what came from his mouth not only the actions that took place. She too her hand and ran it into her hair the sweet glimmer of the blessed holy water driping down her face and onto her red gown that folded nicely and neatly over her lap “did you come from the sea to come here, it is a far ways inland for a being of the water” all they had over here was a small river that ran over and around the town and castle, not even large enough for a boat to pass along, maybe some small one person boats but nothing that really could hold more then one.

PayneZileQueen: His sword pointed towards the being that formed from a puddle. Geoffry, one of the middle class guards was seeing double. "Shouldn't have had that rum.. or 5..." He thought to himself, not completely sure wha it was that he was pointing his sword at. "You guys are seeing this as well, aren't you?" He mumbled to his co-workers while he tried to keep his aim steady. As his Queen had ordered all of them to let the boy live. He was the last one to lower his sword, followed by a hiccup. Thinking he was smooth enough to hide it, he coughed after it. "Sorry, sorry..." he mumbled to everyone, and also himself. And turned around to go back to his quarters along wih his fellow members.

JesterKimonHravart: He would gives Geoffry the guard a playful wink as he stands up dusting himself off, he would find a loose thread on his sleeve thinking it was only small and begins to pull on it a bad habit of his but what he through would be something so simple to do he seems to keep pulling and pulling wrapping it around his hand "One moment please i just got to ughh bloody thing" By the time he was done pulling on the thread he only had one sleeve left. "They just don't make good clothes now a days do they, ohhh ermm yeah sorry my name is Nidar i haven't done.....many crimes but that is not why i am here i have been travelling from kingdom to kingdom trying to find a woodelf not just any but my mother." He would pat himself down realizing that these aren't his clothes and he is not too sure where the note was. "Ahhh nuts i left the note more than likely at the tavern"

Anaya could not help but smile at the boy that had gone from fully closed to now nude standing before her wrapped in a strong he had undone due to what seemed to be a nerved up tick. “there has been many wood elves come and go here” she said softly as she got up and moved a hand as a set of clothing hovered out form a side door and hovered along the room, the side doors door shutting all on its own as Anaya was the one moving things along in the air “here, dress yourself and don’t pull at the strings” she remembered how her own boys used to do the same thing with all there clothing and she had to go thought clothing so much with them. “will have to put gloves on your hands if you do fiddle with it” she gave a chuckle as she moved the clothing pile to fall in his arms. “guard will you help the boy put the garments on, he may need aid with it”

RavenDeLaRose: A brother.. – the words dripped off the tip of her lips as if it was just yesterday she learn that she has a brother. Though she was not united with her mother and father she was happy to have family family. It was now she was going to work on her fire as the cold women had soo pointed out it was week not to control it. But Pinky dose not do weak and she would not give any one a reason to call her weak herself. A smirk crossed her lips as she though a bout that hole she had left as she left the cold womans room though a exit she had made yes made with flames that left out of her own two hands. She would then reach her hand up in the air as her fingers would show a little flame dance from finger to finger tip . she would lay there just a little before getting up and stretching out “ I need some grub” she would say as she lifted from her bed and walk to the door. Her hand would pull her pink hair back as she then turn the nob and walked out to the hall. It felt nice not having to sneak or run from guards though she was still getting use to not being chased. Her head would turn as she watched to see the maid and others of the staff walk about and do their duties. It was not long before she found the kitchen and there she would grab a nice piece of meat and bread she would then chew on it as she then went back to walking around the castle. Her hands full as she shoved food into her face would have seem poor manors for a elf of her blood line but Pinky did not know this as she was raised by pirates she never been given a ladies upbringing.


spot for payne and relias trip segment


spot for payne and relias trip segment


Anaya: The room was dark, the ambiance caressing a perfectly shaped hour glass figure clad in white lace and pointed stiletto heels. The flowered velvet lace encumbered her body holding her tight soft silken skinned curves Her hips swayed back and forth the shimmer of droplets of sweat upon pale porcelain skin shimmered as she  moved a foot running her tipped toes along the floor in slow elegant gentle movements. The embrace of the light around her made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She  looked out of a window at the gray sky  with a sigh the sky was crap and discussing for the day, she had wondered the halls and had not found her owner....was Anaya her owner, mother, mistress? She did not even know what to call her lady, but she knew now that she was her beacon, her vessel , the cup she would fill to over flow with her essence and divine power. Nera, neva, nana, a name did not even matter anymore she was light, she was told to pick her own name long ago but never made the choice to, but that was it, a name was meant to be you and what fit you, right, light fit, yes, light would be what she told the others she was, fuck the other names, she thought to herself as she pulled over a white silken gown from the wardrobe that only had white and pale shades in its hangers. The day is gross so lets be bright like we are meant to be. With a gulp back her hair fell down her shoulders almost reaching the floor as it unrolled down her body to her waist line. She let out a sigh as everything had changed so fast in her life it was like it was not even her life anymore, once a Sinn now a vessel of light and everything a void of sin, hell for the first time in thousands of years she ate food here and not souls. She let out a breath, it was still odd to breath as she moved to the door picking up a pearl necklace Anaya had given her as a gift and put it around her neck and walked out of her chamber room that was on the main level. As she walked down the hall way and into the main room there Anaya was siting there in her throne going over the book of records as normal, she had a pale ruffled gown on, really simple but on her body it was made so much more beautiful in her eyes. “my lady” she said softly “i have thought of something i wish to share with your elegance” Anaya's eyes looked up as the red glow from them glimmered in the dimly lit hall. “what is it my child?” she said softly as she shut the book and put it into her lap to wait for later “you named me so grandly but i feel it does not fit me any longer, you told me to pick my name, i wish my name to be Light as that is what i am, your light in the darkness” Anaya could not help but smile and nod her head as she moved and patted the chair beside her that most of the time Samuel would sit in. “i do think that name fits you better, light it is, my light in the darkness. And we have much to do today there was a spill last night and oil is all over the yard, the guards don’t want to clean it” she gave a laugh softly and knowing it was a safety risk to have oil spilled around the side of the castle it needed to be cleaned very soon. “do you want me to clean it?” “no no light i shall do it myself i can pick it all up without touching it so it is more efficient that way”

RavenDeLaRose: The smell of singed straw filled the air Pinky was not lying when she said she work to control the fire she not be thought of as week, this what the ice woman told her she did not like to see. Pinky would show her, Pinky thought as she trains her mind to control the fire as it hit the dummy, no the ice lady would never see Pinky as week. Pinky then though about the sister of the woman she was kind to a point, but pinky was not sure if she could trust this ice queen. yes, pinky though I must keep my eye on her or ill be back in the same boat as the pirates. her brother on the other hand she was grateful to have him in her life though she still long to see her father and mother she, at least for now, would be grateful to stay with her brother. she had been here a while waiting for her brothers return. she not just worked on aim as she throws smaller and more direct fire balls at the same dummy that she had once seen her brother do the same in the vison she had seen in her crystal the first time she got to the castle. After a while pinky would grab six sticks with balls of cotton on the ends she lights the balls with her hands and then as she focusses on these balls of fire on the sticks pinky would hold three on each hand. She then waves them about her in almost like a dance as the balls of fire would wave about her body the flames controlled and did not grow bigger or shrink nor did they show any sign of going out. The heat felt good and pinky would dance faster and wave them about her even more wildly, but as she did the flames would not change her focus did not change ether. This went on as she would have tears of sweat drip from her forehead not from the heat or the dance but from the focus of the fire she keeps control of. Her mind now so focusses on the fire as she danced about the room with the smoldering straw dummy, that she would not have seen anyone close to her nor would she have notice them by her.

PayneZileQueen: Finally in his own bed, having slept which felt like for hours. His legs and back still sore from the long ass flight. Even though a giant eagle was comfortable to ride, to an extend. It was still quite a hell on both the legs and the back, since you had to sit straight. In his arms laid the frost elf from Galandor, Relia, and with a wide smile he gently kissed her hair and slowly moved out of bed, trying not to wake Relia up as he did. Getting dressed, he decided to go for his trademark jacket, along with a pair of leather pants. Keeping his chest exposed, per usual when he was in Iron. "Anaya must be surprised to have me back this soon.. Not to mention Seraphina,, kinda left without saying goodbye.. Still weird to have a sister.." He thought to himself, and while he was having his small inner monologue, Damon finally placed the well known blind fold in front of his eyes. Grabbing a feather from his side table, he looked for some paper to write a small message on for Relia. 'Good morning beautiful. Door on the right with the bronze handle leads to personal bathing chamber, if you want to use it. All you need to do is put some coal under the tub, it's warm. But nothing you wouldn't already know. Then when you're done, the door with the iron handle leads to the hallway, go left and down the stairs. Follow the hallway until it opens up. If you're not sure, ask a maid and she'll guide you to the Throne Room. Big day today, but I promise you'll do great. Yours, Damon <3' and he ended the letter with a small drawn heart. Folding it so that it was blank, writing 'Read me' on the blank end of the paper, placing it beside her and in clear sight for her to see it. Once he was done with everything, Damon slowly moved through the door and silently closed it. Walking into the hallway on his way to the Throne Room. Walking down the steps he could already hear a conversation going on, and he was more than certain that he never heard the voice before either. Slowly making his way towards the Queen and the person standing in front of her. He kneeled down and smiled. "Miladies.. I hope I do not interrupt. I've returned from Galandor, I hope you have received my raven that I had sent upon arrival?" Slowly moving up again, he stood straight but placed his hands in the pockets of his jacket. Looking the unknown lady up and down, having caught some of the conversation, something about a name. "Why not go for Aurora? Sounds more like a name than Light. And it means the same, basically. Sorry for the rude interruption, by the way. I'm Damon, the advisor of this lady here" He smirked charmingly and then moved his head over to look at Anaya, his charming smirk still present. "I hope I wasn't missed too much?"

ReliaQueen: Relia thought her bed at home was comfy, and while the heat had made sleeping a little uncomfortable, once she had stripped her clothing Relia slept like a log, and as always snuggled up close to Damon's side. She slept for what felt like days, her sore body needing a much needed rest but she would eventually need food too, which was the case as she was woken up by a pain in her stomach. Looking out the window, the young elf saw dark clouds and rain falling heavy upon the glass, if it were snow she would assume she was home. Her arms reached across the bed, her hand searching for the figure she had become so familiar with, but when she noticed Damon was gone Relia quickly sat up, her pale blue eyes searching for a sign of him only to fall upon a letter. Grabbing it, she read the contents and its instructions, a wide smile came across her face and her cheeks blushed a pale pink. A bath was indeed needed, and she followed the letter to the t, putting coal under the bath to heat up the water. With a long, comfortable sigh Relia's head disappeared beneath the liquid surface, after a few seconds of holding her breath she emerged clean and washed her hair. When she returned from the bath, it occured to Relia that she didn't have many clothes, none that she had not worn over the past few days, but one of them was clean and set upon a chair and she remembered she had prepared it upon their arrival. Her dress was thin, blue and fit tightly around her curves, the one dress she did buy on their travel despite Damon's disapproval and this would be the first time he'd see it. 'Any opportunity to tease him with my curves', the elf smirked deviously, finishing her preparations with tying her long white hair in a loose plat over her shoulder. "Shoes... Shoes... Shoes..." Relia muttered, looking around the room for the shoes she may or may not have brought. "I forgot to buy shoes with the dress..." - 'Shit.' She'd say lastly in her head. "It's okay, the dress is long, they probably will not see my feet..." The young woman patted her hands over her dress, flattening it out while looking down at the thin lace fabric, to her feet which she wiggled. Relia made a sound of protest, but could do no more and hoped she would be forgiven for her lack of complete attire. "What else did the letter say..." She said before collecting the note of the bedside table. "Iron handle, hallway.... Go left and down the stairs, following the hallway until it opens up." She said out loud and did so next, her icy gaze looking around all the while, feeling out of place in her bright clothing while walking through the dark castle. When she saw Damon, Relia's heart sank and she wanted to run to him, but she remembered to be formal, this was the home of the Queen she had heard so much about of course. Calmly walking forward, she felt her chest thumping and her breathing had quickened as she appeared beside Damon. "G-Greetings." The young woman would say softly, giving a low curtsey while her long pointed ears folded forward slightly.

Guest_Cherist: Cher steps quietly through the town, her black heeled boots getting muddy from the week of rain the place had experienced. She peers around her with bright green eyes, noting the buildings around her as she walks, her three pairs of large black wings fanning the air. She heads toward the castle, rubbing her hands together tiredly. “I hope I’ll be safe here,” she thinks to herself. She spots some guards and trolls, and takes to the air, though she's exhausted. She soars over their heads silently, using the gloomy weather to her advantage as it hides her from their view. She sets down inside the courtyard. "Hello? She calls out hoarsely, staggering slightly with exhaustion.

Anaya: her pale eyes turned around as there was a man there now, he talked she was startled, out of inpulse her hand moved to her hip and out of her own body shot a massive white spear its head bladed with large crecent moon shaped blades and a glowing blue rock in the center. She moved it from her and pointed it at the man, but then moved it back and proped it base down to the groundat her side “this one is sorry, did not notice you and not good with introductions, a nice name you have given but i do feel Light suits this one best” she turned her head to look back to Anaya as Anaya was siting there now looking at Damon “you have come back early, witch i was not expecting, how did your time go in the north and what was found there?” she paused a second as a girl came down from the same way Damon did. Anya was far from foolish she knew what derecthion his room was and what same way the girls feet had come from. “and you brought a giel to bed? Did you pick her up in town?” the red eyes of Anaya made the bravest of men feel uneasy at the best of times and she was eyeing the girl up, she looked to good to be a bar slave but at the same time not overly clad in royal garb. But that could be due to there trip, she also smelled of snow and northern wilderness but it also could be of town, and cold did have a particular smell. She gave a look back to Light and nodded ehr head “it is alright my child, go get some food it is fine here we shall clean that oil spill later you and i, i have to show you the grounds still dont i” she said softly softer then that of witch she talked to Damon. “yes my lady Anaya i shall do that and would you like your tea as well?” she said softly “yes, mint with an ice round as normal” and with the words said by Anaya light was gone her spear clicking on the ground as she went and having to duck under every door that she passed.  Anayas red eyes looked up a guest, well it was the right time of day for new faces to show up “Damon get that guest will you, then we shall discus things and your new girl”

RavenDeLaRose: A grumble sound echoed the room as Pinky dances “mm I think I need some food” pinky muted as she held her hand over the burning fire balls they would all go out as she took her hand past each one. She then drops them on the floor by the straw dummy. brushing her hand threw her pink hair smoothing its soft silk like strains pulling them behind her long elf like ears. she dusted off her leather top and pants before she walked to the kitchen. when she got there, she grabs a roll and leg of meat in her hands then walked out and numbed on them. Ripping the meat with her teeth as she made her way to the throne, she would look to see her brother standing beside the queen who sat in her throne. Pink would decide to take a seat, so she pounce on a chair across the throne and wave to the queen and her brother. “ahoy “with the simple hello pink would lift a leg and lay it across the arm of the chair as she lay back and rested her head on her left palm while her right arm rested on the chairs arm till she was sprawled out on the chair in a very un-lady like way. She then nulls on the now empty bone and suckle on it as she looked around and look at the young girl, pinky’s head a tilt while she smiled bone still rest in her mouth as she asked. “who is this brother?” as she waited for an answer she would play with the bone in her mouth nulling on it as if to clean the bone of all nutrition and playing with it with her teeth. Having no knowledge that this may been considers bad manners as she was never tough any manners at all she did not seem to worry about her behavior

PayneZileQueen: Quickly avoiding the spear of light pointing at him by taking a small step back, he simply laughed a little as the person apologized. "That's just fine. No worries about it, and it was a simple suggestion. Light is fine too I think, it's a nice name.” His smile didn't fade, nor was his tone hostile. But friendly instead. Once again he turned his attention to Anaya and nodded when she asked if he had found anything. "A Kingdom, it's called after the mountains, the Kingdom of Galandor" and if on queue, Relia came in and Damon smiled. "And this, is the Princess of Galandor, may I present you to Relia?" Once the person called Light had left, Damon simply remained standing, suddenly he heard the voice of his sister and Damon moved his head to watch her. Sitting there in a chair, nomming on a bone he smiled a little bit more, but felt weird in the way she was sitting. "Oh hello Seraphina! This is Relia, the Princess of Galandor! Lovely place.. Cold though.... Once a reminder that I don't like snow.." And once Anaya asked him to take care of the guest who was entering, Damon's face turned from a smile to a frown, shaking his head slightly he didn't like already being ordered to talk to a guest. He looked at the person and simply remained standing, in his intimidating 7'1 ft he looked down at the person, his dark aura removing any pleasant feeling in a small area, but large enough for the newcomer to feel it clearly. "Welcome, how can I help you?"

Guest_Cherist: Cher looked up at the man with the dark aura named Damon with her large green eyes. She closed her eyes for a moment as the room appeared to be spinning. In another time she might have felt fear of him and his unpleasant attitude toward her, but now she simply felt exhaustion that no other sensation could pierce. It had been a week since she had last slept, and far longer since she had done so soundly. Her clothes were still slightly damp from the past week of rain, the week of travel without rest as she had fled the last place where she had felt safe. That place was behind her now, or so she hoped, as it had been a long while since that place had evoked any feeling of safety in her. She took a deep breath, holding it for a moment, as her wings wrapped around her. She opened her eyes, then brushed her dark red hair out of her face, looking at the man with a weary expression, unable to keep her body from trembling with exhaustion. Despite his words, she felt distinctly unwelcome, yet too tired to care. “How could you help me?” Cher said aloud ponderingly, musing his words. “I do not know how you could help me,” She said as a sad sort of smile made its way on to her face. She took a step forward, one step too far for her body to handle now, and collapsed on to her knees, her wings hanging limply around her, and she swallowed. The room was most definitely distinctly spinning.

ReliaQueen: Relia's body stiffened and she held her breath while she was introduced, Damon was happy to be home, she could tell that much in his tone of voice. They were both happy to be here, while the cold definitely bothered him in her home, their travel bothered them both. The queen had spoken of her, or at least maybe toward her as she mentioned her to be another woman from the town. Embarrassed, the young elf lowered her head. It didn't bother her too much, she knew this about the man she had fallen in love with. With a soft sigh, Relia raised her head and stepped forward, shortly after Damon had introduced her to a second woman. "I bid you greetings from Galandor. I am Relia Sigurd, my father is Johunn Sigurd and my mother is Isleen Sigurd. I am their heir and have, for a time, decided to seek the world beyond my own and explore new places. I wanted my first visit to be that if your Royal Adviser's home." She would curtsey again, her white hair fell partially over her eyes when she did so, so she brushed it back gently with her hand once she stood up straight again. Now standing on her own, while Damon dealt with another unknown guest, Relia offered a kind smile to the Queen and another she had not yet become familiar with, while knowing her name to be Seraphina.” And I do believe my father would also, someday, wish to set up an alliance with you upon whatever time you might meet.” She continued to say. "Yes, it is indeed very cold. Always winter, not that a frost elf like myself would complain." Remembering fondly of Demon’s words on his distaste of the cold. She would give a soft giggle to her inward joke, so used to others around her complaining of the cold while she never gave it a second thought. "This land is much warmer though, it is nice. New." She would say casually, trying her best to remain calm and appear as her father had spent years training her to be, the princess she was born to be, remembering her manners and prowess was key in these formal occasions. Now all she had to do was not panic...

SahlielxInteritio: Echoes, Memories, thoughts. Futtering in his mind like leaves in the wind. that same dream with the dark creature. Sprang to mind. Its nasty sick tendrils slithering around his neck softly as it whispered sweet words into his ears "I did as you...Why did you kill me?" it spoke in a young females voice. A voice that shook him to his core. Something for long ago." Mastss ter..." It cackled and chuckled with glee as his back pressed against the stone pillar. The "others were not beings to toy around with and the fact that one was toying around with made it even worse. "What do you want." he spoke clearly and more demanding. "Ohhh just to remind you what we share." it jeered. Pain coursed though every fiber as the mark upon his right chest seared an sizzled a grim reminder of why dealing with them at any point in time is a mistake. He could feel it near him almost as if it replaced his shadow. The darkness swallowed him as it fed on his fear or lust any sense of hate or anger was gone. He sighed softly as he slowly regained his mind and stood alone once more against the pillar and sighed. "Tis only a matter of time till I will need you again for whatever purpose." he muttered as he gripped his chest feeling the raised scars circling his chest. "So not even time heals all wounds." He spoke remembering those dreams of murder and excitement.. Sahl had a dark past with even a darker future. What ever this being was it was his to control and not the other way around. Yet it arched like lighting across his forehead as if being drawn towards a destination in the medical part of the castle.

InfernalPume: "Sugar!" Buuru cursed, rubbing his arms as he darted across the mud. At seven inches of height, he wasnt heavy enough for his feet to sink far, but if he did not move quickly he'd be trapped like a fly in honey. The rain had finally stopped, and with it Buuru was afforded an opening. He did not even waste time donning his coat, and the two stumps where his wings had been protruded from raw and bloodied flesh. He needed to get somewhere safe, it would take a full two days at least for his wings to grow back. Being so small, roads and towns most always meant nothing to Buuru, but now as he desperately looked around for somewhere that might accept him, he was at a loss. All of his research was gone. All of his weapons were gone. Most of his supplies were gone. He was rubbed utterly raw by the storm that had plucked him from his treetop laboratory and tossed him amelessly with the winds. All he had left was a small purse, and the shrinking spell he had cast upon the coins would wear off soon. He could carry one or two coppers in his arms quite a distance, but that wasnt enough to get the care he needed. Unable to see much higher then a blade of grass, Buuru continued to run down the road, only hoping it lead somewhere quick. He had been at it not twenty minutes when Buuru smelled chamomile. Perking his ears, he looked up, and though could not see, knew there to be a garden nearby. "Nearby", of course, was a subjective term. Things seem a lot closer to one when they could fly. But Buuru knew the sound of crickets when he heard them, and eagerly made his way to the sweet smells of familiar flora. Finally he could see it, a proper garden, with many of the herbs he had lost in the storm! Buuru reached for his 'sword'; which was, understandably, a sewing needle with a sharpened edge, and prepared to cut. It was stealing, plain and simple, but the big-and-stupid who owned this garden probably wouldn't have a use for the small samples Buuru needed- just the tip of a petal here, a shaving of a root there, surely it wouldn’t be missed. Or at the very least, noticed. With this in mind, Buuru felt no guilt as he pressed his needle to the first plant.

Anaya: Anaya looked to Damon and then to the girl “you brought a princess here from there, did she come freely with you and does her family know she is even with us? And know she was in your chamber” she gave a lifted brow, it was suspected that he had stolen the girl away more then likly by charm or something but she was here none the less “a raven will be sent out to inform her family right away of her being here, last thing i want is a new found people we do not know to have a army on our lawn due to some stolen princess here in our home” she gave a look as she picked back up the book on her lap big words on it marked oil spill “so other then the princess being here, is there anything else about this land i should know about Damon? Do they have armed forces or anything willing for trade goods, are they worth my interest or is it just people with a castle” she was in a bit of a crap mood as she had not slept well at all that night before and with the massive oil spill on the side of the castle she was simply not a happy camper today.

ReliaQueen: Relia looked between Damon and the Queen, though she had talked herself, she seemed to talk around her. "I was not sto-.." She began to say to advert the Queen's accusations, though while she thought about it Relia could see why the Queen would think that way. She remained quiet until she spoke of a raven, though again she was not addressed to, she would respond anyhow. "I understand your caution, Your Majesty, and I accept your terms. They do not know I am here, I left of my own volition. I was practically a prisoner in my own home... I had to escape, at least for a little while..." She began to explain, though she could tell the woman didn't care to hear it, her attitude seemed displeased with how she had arrived, in manner that she did. The Queens terms were indeed fair, while Relia would dread what it might bring and she hoped her parents would not be upset of her. The topic quickly changed to that of her home, Damon's original intentions made obvious in the Queens statement, he was sent to scope out her home and report back in its status. Knowing Galandor, the Queen would be pleased with what they had to offer, that she was assure of. With a soft smile, Relia remained quiet, standing poised as her icy blue eyes wandered a bit, scouting the castle. It was unlike anything she had ever seen, the walls of her home much brighter than this place and the people seemed, different, was all she could really say. The rain, at least, reminded her of home a little bit, though she wished it were snow. A place as warm as this, she couldn't imagine they got it often.

Anaya: Anaya looked down at the floor then looked back up watching them both depart back to his bed chamber there was anger in her eyes and as soon as the boy and girl got to the door of his chamber the door shut hard with a bang. and beside his room another one opened on its own "the girl can sleep in the room beside yours for the time being, not in your own room she is a princess from a land we dont know, kings and rulers have plans for there girls, and none of the plans involve running away with non royals to other lands to be free. till more is known you shall not touch the girl" anaya was not dumb she knew what was going on when she saw it, they both stank of it and she would not have some run away princess in her home being beded by his advisor. her voice whispered out of the walls to make sure Damon and the girl would hear her "and it is the afternoon you need not sleep anyway, you have been gone sometime there are papers to get done, it is not even night yet do your job or i shall find another to do it for you" her words were stern as she got up from her throne and her eyes moved to the door way but then moved around to look at her home. she let out a breath and got up as she spoted the white hair of her daughter walk out from the dinning hall. "Noki" she said softly as her deminor lightened slightly and she opened her arms Noki running over to wrap her arms around her mother and Anaya huging her daughter close "mother you feel hot, did you burn something, whats the matter" Anaya could not help but laugh the sight on her little girl was rather grand "you know my dear one day i am going to make you an orical of the land, you seem to know when anything is a miss, may even get forsight when you age a bit more, see into the future and the past. " Noki looked really happy as she looked up "mother there was a moment something was here to, i felt it, but it is gone now. i will be able to see wont i" Anaya nodded leting her daughter go softly "yes my dear you will be able to one day, and were is your brother, were be Ryu" Noki looked at her mother with a blunt face "he is in the yard trying to break a rock with his forhead.....agein"

ReliaQueen: Relia became still when the door seemed to shut in her face, shortly before she was about to enter. Then she heard a voice, the sound she recognised to be the Queens. She felt a sensation travel up the back of her neck and it made her shiver, her words uneasing, which didn't help how she already felt about being in an unknown place. Her words angered her, though she understood the woman's caution. Relia's previous words still rang true, she did not know how her father would react to her disappearance, nor did he know of the affection shared between Relia and Damon, though he had sworn off any and all husbands that were demanded with duty for her years ago, the Queen did not know this and nor would she. Struggling with her emotions as her words brought the past to present thought, Relia lowered her head while her ears folded forward, she didn't want to move nor be separated from Damon, let alone not be able to touch him in whatever way she was used to. The Queen had already moved on with other matters, her voice since became distant in the back of her head, while Relia continued to recall her past, frozen in place just as her hands, clenched into fits, were slowly becoming, a light cloud of steam trailing from both of them. Not of anger anymore, but fear.

PayneZillaQueen: As the door was shut down in front of them, and Anaya's voice was heard clearly. Damon huffed, steam blowing out of his lips as he listened to what she had to say. Even though she was right, she was wrong in this moment. "Stay here.." He mumbled to Relia as he himself walked back to the throne room, seeing that Anaya wasn't there anymore, he moved over to the Dining all, and as he saw Anaya there, talking to her daughter. He waited until Noki left, with a growl, Damon stood still and looked at his Queen. "A word... NOW... You dare right now to give your fucking rules to me, even though you know VERY well that I am of noble blood.. Relia is TIRED.. And so am I.. from a trip that I JUST arrived from, late at night. Not only that. You FULLY IGNORED her as she was talking to you, trying to be friendly and everything. And now you also decide to shut MY CHAMBER DOOR in our face? Come on my Queen, with all due fucking respect.. THIS is NOT how to treat a guest, nor your Royal Advisor.. Relia and I are lovers. I'm very sure you've smelled that already, we both explained the situation shortly. And I am very sure we will both love to go more in depth about it, but you do not treat her like this, nor me for that matter. We are sleepy, so forgive me for my attitude my Queen. But this is even beyond your normal behaviour." After his speech he ripped his blindfold from his eyes, having his red and black demonic orbs show his serious tone even more.

Anaya: Noki looked to her mother as Anaya had a smile on her face wall her little one was around. "is he really, what a dork he is, just like his father" anaya paused as Nokis eyes moved seeing Damon walking down the Hall "Mommy who is tha......he is mad......he, i dont like him" she stood there and with eyes strong she would not move from her mother wraping her arms around her mother in safety as the advisor talked harshly to his ruler. anayas smile was gone as his words left his lips, some words rang harder into her ears then others he and the girl were lovers, it had been weeks, at best "i sent you away to a kingdom to get informathion, to get ONLY informathion about there trades, armed forces and people and you came back with a runaway girl, whos own family does not even know she is gone and what, fucking magic beans? no advisor you dont even have that" her red eyes lit up as there was golden flecks in them, all the windows in the castle seemed to shrink as the glass within them shivered. "you, my advisor, one that is to know better brings a girl here, away from her own, away from her familys plans, away from everything she knows and you want to bed her in MY HOME, in MY CASTLE and come to me and curse your words before my child. you are lucky i even give the girl a bed insted of just tossing her into a cell till her father is informed of her being here, would you like that, i can fucking arrange it for you both" her skin on her face was cracking and the beautiful woman was breaking down, there werew white scales behind her skin she would rip Damon in half and care very little for it if he kept it up, her hands moved around Noki holding her child liek a mother bear with her cub "your elven princess can sleep in the room or in the jail, you make the choice Damon and I will make the choice as to what to do with your insubordination"

PayneZillaQueen: With a sigh, Damon looked at Noki and then covered his eyes again, not wanting to scare Anaya's daughter more than he had already done right now. He looked at Anaya once more and then decided to move his arms in front of his body, his wrists placed together as if he would willingly undergo an arrest. "She sleeps in my room. Nowhere else, if that means I'm going to the dungeon, so be it. But that is where she sleeps.. And I brought her here for several reasons, you would've known if you didn't bluntly ignore her and rather watch me burn some random visitor.." At this moment, Damon thought that he could make a comment about Sam as well, but he kept his mouth shut, mostly for Sifrella's sake. "I brought her here, because she knows Galandor better than I. Not because I only have eyes for her, but because her father, the King of Galandor, is barely even that. As I have said, but you clearly didn't pay attention. He only cares for mead and his human wife. Not much about the rest of the land. And I also brought Relia here, because she wished to see the world, and wanted to see Iron. Trust me, if I say my decisions were rational. And the reason her parents didn't know, was because Relia didn't want them to know. Her decision was based on an emotion, but I agreed with it, because for our standards, it would've been strange to let a child watch their mother..." He silenced himself for Noki, finishing the sentence in his mind "to die..." hoping that Anaya would've gotten the hint. Still standing still with his arms stretched forward. He simply waited to get cuffed and dragged to the dungeons. Hoping that Relia would've been allowed to stay in his own room. "I might be subordinate, but who else would dare to tell you if you did something wrong, if I wouldn't be here to do so?" His last sentence was ended with a soft smirk on his lips, if he was going to end up in jail he would deal with it.

ReliaQueen: Relia was not used to yelling, it was not a tone of voice that she was used to in her home. Though she barely heard it in her state of mind, it did however send her deeper into her thoughts. In her minds eyes she saw blood covering her iced hands, which had begun to shake uncontrollably. The young elf crouched down, palms pressed to her ears as she tried to drown out all the noises, even the castle around her felt like it was coming alive. Relia muttered incoherent words under her breath while rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet, small beads of sweat dripped down her forehead but quicly became like icicles, her body temperature slowly becoming colder by the seconds, her skin paler and a near complete white.



PayneZillaQueen: With a sigh, Damon looked at Noki and then covered his eyes again, not wanting to scare Anaya's daughter more than he had already done right now. He looked at Anaya once more and then decided to move his arms in front of his body, his wrists placed together as if he would willingly undergo an arrest. "She sleeps in my room. Nowhere else, if that means I'm going to the dungeon, so be it. But that is where she sleeps.. And I brought her here for several reasons, you would've known if you didn't bluntly ignore her and rather watch me burn some random visitor.." At this moment, Damon thought that he could make a comment about Sam as well, but he kept his mouth shut, mostly for Sifrella's sake. "I brought her here, because she knows Galandor better than I. Not because I only have eyes for her, but because her father, the King of Galandor, is barely even that. As I have said, but you clearly didn't pay attention. He only cares for mead and his human wife. Not much about the rest of the land. And I also brought Relia here, because she wished to see the world, and wanted to see Iron. Trust me, if I say my decisions were rational. And the reason her parents didn't know, was because Relia didn't want them to know. Her decision was based on an emotion, but I agreed with it, because for our standards, it would've been strange to let a child watch their mother..." He silenced himself for Noki, finishing the sentence in his mind "to die..." hoping that Anaya would've gotten the hint. Still standing still with his arms stretched forward. He simply waited to get cuffed and dragged to the dungeons. Hoping that Relia would've been allowed to stay in his own room. "I might be subordinate, but who else would dare to tell you if you did something wrong, if I wouldn't be here to do so?" His last sentence was ended with a soft smirk on his lips, if he was going to end up in jail he would deal with it.

Anaya: Noki snuggled into her mother as her blue eyes looked at Damon, they gave him that look like you are lucky my small ass is here to save you. Noki looked up at her mother as she used her hands to grip her mothers dress softly and pull on it to draw Anayas attenthion to her and that she was there and off of Damon. Anaya looked down at her daughter there and her aura shrank slightly and the castle seemed to take a breath of fresh air. Noki looked back to damon with that you owe me glare “you rather go to jail in the cold dungon and still not be in the same room with your female, but you wont sleep in still a diffrent room that is just beside it down the hall way upstairs in a good bed, there is even a connecting door if she needs you” Noki tilted her head, she felt smarter then thsi male that was ment to be there advisor “mother, why do we have this one to advise us whern i can advise him better them himself?” Anaya looked to her daughter, so smart she was even at her age but Anaya was the exact same when she was younger, noki would be a grand ruler one day if all worked out alright. She looked back up her red eyes looking at damon “my daughter is right, you are not needed as a advisor here, you are a door guard at best so that is what you shall be, your placement will be given to another more fiting of the role in this castle. Now go up to your room beside the room of your female compainion, she will sleep there, you shall sleep in your own room, both are right beside one another down the hall way, you will not stink of lust when you come down here tomorrow morning. I shall send a raven to her fathers home, to her fathers kingdom, to get word back on if they care that she is even here, no matter the informathion sahe has Damon if her father does not know she even is here with you i rather not sink my castle into the mess you have already brought to it. Your acthions of alowing a princess to run away with you to here may have tossed this house into war with another we know very little about. Kings dont tell every detail of there holdings to there daughters. ” she let out a snort she was still angered but with Noki being tender to her it was keeping her somewhat stable and not tossing the boy before her into the stocks to starve to death and watch his teeth rot out. “and it is not even evening as of yet so you are in no need to go to your chambers, but” she paused and looked up feeling the girl upstairs haveing problumes, she had felt it for a little bit now but made the choice to not care much for it at all. “the female up there is in need of some calming of some sort, you hold feelings for her i would say go to her insted of being down here and yelling loud enough for the whole castle to hear you and risking your very life here before me, if i did kill you here and now, she would be all alone” she made sure that part was not loud but enough so that her words whispered up the stairs “we are not equals Damon, and no matter your placement here, you can be replaced at a moments notice, learn that place, and i do hope cleaning shit from the stable will teach you of it” Noki could not help but smile as she was wiggleing her backside proud of her and her mommy, if she had a tail out right now it would be wagging but she did not and did not know much self controle yet so her butt was wiggleing back and forth as she snuggled into her mothers dress.

PayneZileQueen: Grinding his teeth in annoyance, he watched Noki as she looked at him. Seeing that she was being quite a smart ass along side but knew for a fact that this daughter was keeping him alive. Looking back at Anaya, hearing her sentence towards him he felt like he was being stripped off of a title that he had earned after working hard for it. He wanted to attack, he was sleepy, quite deprived from sleep, thanks to the very unstable days that he had spent with Relia, travelling. He and Relia had not slept well, if at all, for the last 2 days, and Damon knew that his actions were getting irrational. Instead, he exhaled loudly, some steam leaving his breath along with it. He then looked at Noki once more, nodding while he watched her tail waggle around. "Smart kid. Can tell she's your daughter." He then faced Anaya once more and nodded again. "If that's your wish, my Queen. Then so shall it be. Do remember though, that does mean you're back on doing the very thing you hated. Paperwork.. And a lot of it. There are a few more things that I wouldn't mind to talk about, in private. Since you have not seen the damage that is being done to the lands, and you're being the protector of it all.. Let's just say that we need to talk, for a very long time. And I mean that WITHOUT the pearls, like last time we ate together..” Those would be my last words as Advisor. Along with me saying right now, that I apologize for my actions. I need sleep, and a lot of it. The travel with Relia was far from easy, and it has taken a lot of my toll. I need to rest properly, and I'll start my shift as soon as possible as a guard" With that, Damon quickly turned and rushed his way back to his chambers, when he was getting upstairs he felt the temperature drop. It was all too familiar, since he had a fight with the twin sister of Sifrella. Seeing Relia with her hands covering her ears, he rushed to her as fast as she could, kneeling down beside her and wrapping his arms around her back and sides. Pulling her towards him, trying to ignore the massive cold that she was giving off. "I'm here.. Deep breaths Relia. Please"

ReliaQueen: All had gone quiet, still and frozen just like the surrounding temperature. The raised voices were gone, the sound the castle made while tensions had risen were gone. All that Relia was hearing, was the voice of that man while the memory replayed in her head. Suddenly she felt a warmth drape over her, at least a little but her mind was gone, lost in the abyss that was her past. Damon's voice came as a whisper in her ear, but it wasn't his voice she heard, it was that man from her once forgotten memory, his body forcing hers to submit and give in. In her mental state, she felt her clothes being torn, her body being exposed to lust, fighting him back all over again. Out of sheer instinct Relia screamed, the windows nearby cracked and shattered, while a trail of thick ice spread out around her. Her body, nearly completely stiff as it was freezing over, turned to grab that which held her by the biceps, which she would squeeze tightly if she managed to get a hold of them. Her pale blue eyes were now a pure white, glazed over as if she were slowly turning to stone. She could neither see nor hear Damon, while there was a nagging feeling in the back of her head to let go. “Get off me!” She screamed again, more windows would break further down the hall, spikes of ice rising up from the frozen ground.

SahlielxInteritio: Sahliel followed the banister railing is little fingers tracing along its intricate artwork. The smell of decaying flesh periced his nostrils as the remants of that soft whisper reminded him of something long forgotten. The top of the stairs were dark and seemed to never end a faint light could be seen from the crack of a door. The light sounds of moaning drifted in the air. The stench stronger than before yet now mixed with the smell of poultices and herbs. Thick smell of cinnamon and posies. "A failed attempt of keep the smell from thine nose." he muttered softly as he slowly walked forward his feet feeling heavy with each step. As if time slowed to a stop. A small bead of sweat peaked his brow and ran down his cheek as the voice in his head taunted him. "Sevren was nothing more than a play thing why should this be any different.." it hissed softly not evil in nature just there. As he walked the door seemed to stretch further and further away. Sahliel grasped at the door his crimson hues gazing in thought he crack at the sight. A thin sickly looking being the flesh upon this suffering being was melting and rottening in places bit of the skull covered in wraps and herbs part of his flesh healing and melting at the same time. "You poor creature. Suffering an never ending cycle of undeath." Sahliel muttered as he pushed the door open *Creak* The door swings loose and free is the person moans louder as if seeking attention or attempting to make an effort to cry. "I will free you of the burden." Sahliel spoke softly as his feet stepped upon the cobble floor. As if replaying a scene in time his feet took form as the dark essence whisped around leving behind a scaled set of feet. with each step his talon clawed the ground as Sahl's voice grew dark. "de whedabra wux jahen kitril vur de whedabra wux nishka.." He spokes as he used the largest talon to draw a circle around the bed that the suffering creature laid. It tried to lean up and make an effort to resist to no avail. Once the last sigil was etched and the herbs were placed upon the body already used to keep the foul stench at bay. Sahliel hue turned and spiralled from the natural crimson to the color of emeralds with smalls fires dancing within. "You will forgive me for what I am about to do." he muttered as he grabbed the pillow from the end of the bed and placed it over the persons face the sight of the hetiochroma eyes covered by the soft cloth. He pressed down with a lot of effort not only pushing parts of the pillow down it's throat but also pressing down on the trachea. The body being to spasm and kick flinging bit of flesh around as it clawed at the pillow in a failed attempt of freedom. Then.. Silence the sweet release of death came over the body as it stopped moving the hand fell limp and the deed was done. A chill swept into the room something not different than what he had dreamed about. " me masssss.....ter" the dark vapor whispered as the markings unpon his chest seared again. "I only do this because you are mine." Sahliel yelled as forced his hands around the being the energy around it constricting yet it was wanting this feeling. "You know you cannot harm me. Not after all we have been through." it chuckled as the lights whisped out and the two set of eyes peered out from the dark. One set emerald and the other purple with intentions.

Anaya: The door on the other side of the medical wing cracked open, then paused as the words whispered out and then his green eye looked in to see what was going on, he saw every moment of it, but the one that stuck out was that boy that he had almost fully killed, was now fully dead and Damon had his mark for it. Pitty, Sam thought to himself as he thought on opening the door to stop the passing of events here in the castle today. But then, he thought to it all, no, lets not today we will deal with this another day. He shut the door with a loud click, enough that someone in there would know he was seen but not enough to draw all that much attention to it. Samuel starting to hum to himself walked back down the steps on the other side of the room to go make himself a drink of sorts and maybe find his son or something outside on this Gray day that with all said and done was starting to get rather bright. Anaya down in the hall way watched Damon go with his last words to her, they needed to talk, about her job, what did he know about her job, she did her job just fine from here. Her and Damon would talk later but right now there was no more words to be said to him, he had left, there was something else to handle right now. There was a tink in her mind, something was alive in the castle that was new, something bad, in her home something with bad intent in her home, it was not there before. Within moments Anaya had left her daughters side words whispering in the air “stay here Noki” and then Anaya was in the upper halls, flash stepping to the door way of the medical wing to see that man from before, the man with the black pearls and the bath, maybe he had more, she did not know. Opening the doors she stood there looking at him her senses already high to what was around her and she was already in a fowl mood. "and what are you doing now" she turned her head, ice spikes down the hall way, so much was going on, ice, bad vibes, something being called forth, there was a bloody summoning ring carved into the floor. she could not react properly to everything her mind was flicking back and forth to what to do what to hold what to react to, she did not even know what to react to, pause it all in space, over react, not react at all, just deal with one let the other one work its self out, Damon was with the elven girl who was already becomeing a problume and breaking the hall down, it would be dwelt with later, it had to be, were was Samuel, god he was worthless. so much was on her mind but something being called forth in her home needed to be the front line. Anaya turned her head back to look at the man that stood in the medical room beside a clearly dead and partly melted body the bits of it starting to fall to the floor in globs.

Anaya: The door on the other side of the medical wing cracked open, then paused as the words whispered out and then his green eye looked in to see what was going on, he saw every moment of it, but the one that stuck out was that boy that he had almost fully killed, was now fully dead and Damon had his mark for it. Pitty, sam thought to himself as he thought on opening the door to stop the passing of events here in the castle today. But then, he thought to it all, no, lets not today we will deal with this another day. He shut the door with a loud click, enough that someone in there would know he was seen but not enough to draw all that much attention to it. Samuel starting to hum to himself walked back down the steps on the other side of the room to go make himself a drink of sorts and maybe find his son or something outside on this Gray day that with all said and done was starting to get rather bright. Anaya down in the hall way watched Damon go with his last words to her, they needed to talk, about her job, what did he know about her job, she did her job just fine from here. Her and Damon would talk later but right now there was no more words to be said to him, he had left, there was something else to handle right now. There was a tink in her mind, something was alive in the castle that was new, something bad, in her home something with bad intent in her home, it was not there before. Within moments anaya had left her daughters side words whsipering in the air “stay here Noki” and then Anaya was in the upper halls, flash stepping to the door way of the medical wing to see that man from before, the man with the black pearls and the bath, maybe he had more, she did not know. Opening the doors she stood there looking at him her senses already high to what was around her and she was already in a fowl mood. "and what are you doing now" she turned her head, ice spikes down the hall way, so much was going on, ice, bad vibes, something being called forth, there was a bloody summoning ring carved into the floor. she could not react properly to everything her mind was flicking back and forth to what to do what to hold what to react to, she did not even know what to react to, pause it all in space, over react, not react at all, just deal with one let the other one work its self out, Damon was with the elven girl who was already becoming a problem and breaking the hall down, it would be dwelt with later, it had to be, were was Samuel, god he was worthless. so much was on her mind but something being called forth in her home needed to be the front line. Anaya turned her head back to look at the man that stood in the medical room beside a clearly dead and partly melted body the bits of it starting to fall to the floor in globs.

SahlielxInteritio: The stench still clung thickly in the air. Sahls hand hung gently in the air as the dark essence coils around almost like a viper something forbidden. The room felt colder as His emerald hues watched the woman enter room. "Why hello there again." this time the tone in his voice was more serious yet not threatening at all. He felt the third presence leave the scope of his mind. "Now I can get down to business." he chimed as the dark mist coiled around swiftly underneath his arms too hanging just behind his right shoulder. The purple eyes gazing at the young woman. "Heh masster... sshhheee is much bigger thannn befores..." it hissed into his ear. The being was aloof as before. More questions than answers. "I told you before I meant no harm. I simply put this man out of his misery." sahl spoke as his dark scales shimmered beneath his skin. The female was still as beautiful as the last time he saw her. Yet there was a deception in her beauty. Something that must captivate most people. He took a step towards the woman. "My name is Sahliel, My dear." he spoke without bowing or without batting an eyelash he knew not what would take place after this point. His feet moved as he felt the desire again burning into his cheeks. "Marchosias.. keep an eye on the spy we had I will talk with her." he motioned as the darkvapor vanished quickly following the trail samuel left behind. "I do apologize about this mess... I did summon something very old but I assure you there is not evil intent."

PayneZileQueen: Being blown away by the blast of ice, Damon barely had the time to avoid being impaled by a giant ice spike that appeared out of the ground. Landing right next to it, feeling the ice graze his face, he couldn't help but feel afraid. "Phew..." He sighed while he felt his heart beat fast in his chest, making his way back to Relia, Damon felt her fear. And figured it had to do with one of her nightmares that she had told him about. Covering his face to protect it from the blasts of energy that she was giving off, Damon slowly made his way to Relia and tried to hold her. "Relia! It's me! Damon! Come on sweety. Snap out of it.. Deep breaths.. Deeeeeep breaths.." He tried to get through to her, if it didn’t work he had to knock her out and he didn't want that. The castle was taking quite some damage from her freak out, and he knew that he was going to get shit for this as well. "Oh for fucks sake.." He mumbled to himself as he looked at the windows that were shattered, and the small ice plains that were forming on this floor, he was at least kind of happy now that he wasn't the adviser anymore. He inhaled deeply and then spread his arms to let the heat form all around him, trying to calm Relia down, and at the same time melt the ice and the snow that was covering the upper wing they were in. "Come on love.... Snap out of it... Please.. Please.... Snap out of it..." He mumbled, worried about Relia, more than anything.

ReliaQueen: Relia's hands grabbed at air as what she was aiming to grab at moved away, she instead stumbled forward ending up on her hands and knees. Her hands reached across the frozen floor, searching for the figure that haunted her thoughts. "Damon?" Her voice was like a quiet echo through the long halls, vibrating off the ice which cracked beneath her. As she crawled forward through the spikes, they'd snap and scatter like tiny splinters. Relia looked up at the source of heat as it slowly enveloped her, the glaze of frost over her eyes slowly melting away and the blurred image of someone draped in black loomed over her. The heat was strong, a reminder of recently memory that slowly peeled away the cold drape. Beads of sweat dripped down her brow as the icicles around her face melted away. "Love?" Was the next word she heard and spoke back, the sound of it ringing in her ears so much it made her head hurt, a sharp pain vibrating over her temples. Snow started to fall inside the castle, just over her head and the hall floor became a blanket of white, it was a tell tale sign the the temperature was going up at least a little. Blinking once more through the foggy cloud, Relia looked up to see a familiar sight and actually smiled. "Damon..." Were the last words to fall from her lips before her body collapsed, limp on the floor and when she did so, the ice and the snow melted into water, seeping through the carpet as if nothing had happened, save for the unconscious young elf on the floor.

ZaneOrionLeoTsabboth: +Alucard placed on his gauntlets given to him by the Lord Zane himself, as he was currently located in the Dorms of Stirlington. The dorms were 5 miles from the Nihilist Renegade Kingdom, he knew eventually in his timeline, he was bound to be the King himself as the heir to thee throne. Zane has given him power that none other possess, keeping his left eye sealed away with a heart locket eye patch. He wore black attire with a cape cascading down his back that once belonged to his father, whom died along with his mother from a group of assassins in a group known as the KrosGates. Alucard was born from two powerful members whom gave birth to him and his twin sister Anastasia, a mother with the race of Seraph and father who was race of a vampire. His father, once served the KrosGates, and the rule of the members was to forbid mating or producing an offspring from those of the angel race. Alucard would glare into the mirror before him, thinking of his deceased parents as he had to watch them die before him, soon being rescued by a member of the Nihilist Renegade Kingdom 13 years ago. His current age was 23, for he had graduated from Evangeilst Academy {A school of supernaturals} 4 years prior and joined the NRK himself. He received order from Zane, to visit the Iron Dynasty in place of him, for he was busy with certain matters.+ Huh, well at least I marked the region with my seal, for it would have been such a long, long travel.+After preparing himself, he placed his to digits on an arcane circle on his desk he used for transportation, The circle would then rotate clockwise, his physical form dematerialized into a white mist surrounded by a web of lightning, having his form materialize in the midst of the kingdom standing before the members. He blinked a few times, not expecting to be front and center instead of outside the kingdom doors. He sighed rubbing his right eye, hoping they recognized his mana before appearing himself. His black Tarot cards began to levitate around his form, increasing his ability to predict, respond, and understand what was happening around him. He would then look around, feeling a cold presence with the power of the Trillex warning him if something were to happen by inflicting pain on his vessel.+ Well...? I wasn't expecting to appear here, but I am here I suppose.

Anaya: Standing downstairs Noki looked up the steps, there was ice shards peeking out of the steps, something was breaking, it was her home to, mother said not to go up there but it was her home to she had to be as strong as mother was she had to do something to, she had to be something her mother would be proud of she had to be strong, like mommy. Nokis little feet ran up the steps as her hair flowed inn the wind she had made it a nice red color today and was working on geting everything on her body just the way she wanted her human form to be, like moms but at the same time like herself. As she went upstairs she saw Damon siting on the floor and that other girl was there to everything was turning to ice, everything was cold, things were not going well Anaya would not be happy for this. Noki holding her head up high “this is not the way to treat another's home!” she yelled out trying to be as strong as she could and walking right into harms way and in range of ice spikes if the girl clearly going a little nuts could even hear reality at all. Then it all stopped as Damon seemed to take hold, Noki shut her lips and stood there watching it all, she looked back knowing Anaya was not far and she could feel bad things going to happen, her blue eyes looked to Damon “you need to get her out of this castle, right now, get her out of this castle and stay outside, mother is angry and i am not saving your life more then once in a day. Today is not a good day, she already is mad at you and the girl, get out of the castle right now. ” nokis words held alot of meaning something bad was about to happen in here, her daughter could feel her mother breaking, and she knew that she would not be able to get to her mother fast enough to stop all of it from falling apart. Anaya looked at him, at the thing and with her fingers starting to raise she was about to snap them and, she cant put up a ward Nokis voice rang out in the hall way, Noki. The being of ill was gone and she looked back to the man her red eyes flaring as she moved her fingers as she started to spin her hands around one another “Deteriorate magic, repair, level six” was the words whispered from her lips in a enchant voice as Anaya's red eyes turned white. Small white hands started to reach out of walls around the other hallway, the hands garbing onto the magical energy and eating it away into the walls and in turn into Anayas body, she was consuming the magical energy around to try to fix everything. The small hands as well as removing the water that was left started to fix the windows, fix the walls, fix the doors, fix everything that was broken, as well as remove what water was left in the castle even if picking it up in there fingers did not work overly well. But everything was unstable, Anaya was unstable, witch made every magical spell Anaya did without charging it even more unstable and more likely to backfire. This would backfire, she could feel it inside, hell even Noki knew it, some of the hands that reached out were missing parts of them, parts of them were black or just gone, fingers missing, it was clear that things were a miss and not due to the spell cast but due to the caster of it. Anayas face still looked at the man before her, but her eyes were empty white, and her aura was making the whole room heat up, if nothing was done to stop it the backfire would turn this level of the castle into a oven.

PayneZileQueen: Seeing Relia pass out made Damon sigh out. Both happy and yet worried. Seeing the ice and snow melt and dissapear made him kiss her forehead and getting up with her in his arms. Out of nowhere he noticed hands coming out of the walls and everywhere else, he took a few steps back and then noticed Noki in the distance, hearing what she said made complete sense and he nodded towards her. "You need to get out as well, if your mom's being unstable you're not safe either. Follow me or get out yourself, make sure your brother is safe too kid. You're too smart for your own good. But get out as well, this place is gonna burn up something fierce" He walked towards Noki as he was talking, waiting just a moment to make sure that she would either follow him or decide otherwise. With or without Noki, Damon kept Relia in his arms and rushed outside as fast as he could, warning every guard and maid to evacuate everyone. Sif needed to get out too, as well as his sister. Everyone that he cared about, and simply didn't give a shit about. Once he reached the fields. He placed Relia against a tree and told a guard to keep an eye out on her. Taking off his jacket he placed it over Relia so that his scent was still close to her. Kissing her forehead he then looked at the guard who was standing close to Relia. "If she wakes up, tell her I'm trying to help. And keep her here, or else I'll torture you to the brink of death till you beg me to kill you" The guard nodded, shivering slightly and sat down by Relia, keeping watch over her while Damon ran back into the castle. He saw a person appear out of nowhere, but didn't have the time. He simply grabbed the person and pushed him outside, telling him to go. He saw the person nod and walk along the guards who were evacuating. As fast as Damon could run, he got back upstairs and opened Seraphina's room, to see it was empty made him smile. But he was far from done, running further he looked for Sifrella, and seeing that she was nowhere to be found, he assumed that she had evacuated as well. Avoiding the hands that were repairing the entire castle, making the entire building look like a massive obstacle course. He remembered Ihyriel, and wanted to work his way to the medical wing, but was unable to. He sighed and stood still. The heat of the entire castle didn't bother him at all. "I'm sorry Ihyriel.... You were a good friend.." He shook his head and brushed a hand over his heart. Saying goodbye to Ihyriel and turning back around to make his way through the castle once more, moving back outside and making his way back to Relia, looking around the fields to see how many people would've made it out. He might not be the Advisor anymore, but he did still behave like one, taking mental notes of everyone who had survived, and who would be missing.

Anaya: Noki looked at Damon and nodded her head “someone has to do the job in here dont they” she gave a smile as she would and turned around to leave the room to do the one thing no one ever should, find the cause of the problem here in the castle, find mother and do the same thing she needed to do to calm down her unruly parent who was just doing her best to. “Mom! Mom!” she called out as she went to the hotest door in the castle, she knew Anaya was behind it, the heat was so high it hurt her face skin melting showing the scales under, bright golden scales “mother, it is ok, i am fine, i know you are doing your best to fix things but you have to stop or the staff here is gonna die from the heat, you have to lower your heat” it was ironic Noki telling Anaya how to act the little one having to save the day from the big one. But Anaya only snapped when her child’s voice came into play and she picked act big to stop things. In reality it was Nokis voice that caused everything to go up in temperature in the first place, if the girl would have just kept to her own and stayed on the main level and not had to help this would not have happened. “” Anayas voice was echoing around as she turned her head away from the man that was in frount of her, she put her guard down to something so unknown, just due to her child, a child that could take the eyes of the dragon off whatever she was looking at, Noki was a weakness to her mother, but then agein what daughter was not to there mother. “mom, i know you are doing it for the best of the castle, for the best of me, for the best or brother, but we are ok, but the maids are not, there are two dead in the hall way and another fell down the stairs passed out i dont know if she is ok, you are melting the tables in here” Noki was right, the medical beds legs were melting to the floor at this point, even the other man had left out the back door due to the heat and not wanting to deal with it. It was only Anaya and Noki in here now, just them in a room that felt like a fire pit. Water dishes were now dry the air swayed over the floor and the sheets some had even caught on fire. And anaya was still standing there, the heat still going up as the hands around the castle were fixing everything, fixing things that did not break today, and the hands were breaking themselves, one grabing at a stone wall trying to fix things but just slamming into the wall and breaking its self. “mother, you have to stop this” she said as she walked closer to Anaya Nokis dress burning off her body her skin flaying away from the scales under them, the waters of her eyes becoming dry “mom, please, dont hurt me” she said as she fell to the floor in front of Anaya, the words hitting Anaya like a brick to the face. The heat died, like water had been tossed on the room, Anayas white eyes flipped back to red “Noki” she said softly as she moved over falling to her knees to the floor picking up the girl in her arms “hi mom” Noki said with a smile on her face “i did good, right” Anaya looked to her daughter “yes you did great my dear you did great” she let out a sigh as she looked around the room was a mess, everything was melted down. And they both were on there knees on the floor Noki was even naked “it will be alright now, at least everything is better now” Noki nodded her head and nuzzled into her mothers side, she was ok just a little hot but cooling down rather nicely. “one day mom, i am going to be as strong as you” Noki said all happy her backside wiggling a little on the floor “Noki, you already are as strong as me, my dear you already are”

Outside, Ryu had a rock in his mouth and moved over to were that elf looken girl was passed out with a guard at the side “i am prince i want to see the girl, she cute” he said as he ploped his butt down on the grass beside her and then rolled on his back picking up her foot and puting it in his mouth to bite on it, not hard but like a dog would with a new toy. “tastes like foot” he muttered as the guard pocked him with the end of his spear “dont do that Ryu eating feet is bad manors” “FINE” ryu snaped as he spat the foot out and jumped up jumping on the guard and putting the guards whole head in his partly poly morphed dragon human mouth chomping down as the guard ran in rings trying to toss the little dragon devil off his head and shoulders.

PayneZileQueen: As Damon was making sure everyone was safe and sound, he had noticed that some maids, along with some guards were either heavily injured, dead, or missing. He'd count about 37 maids and guards to be missing, and 14 people dead. He pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing softly while he was shaking his head, looking back at the castle he decided it wasn't smart to go back in. Nor was it his job, not anymore at least. He shrugged and then moved towards Relia, seeing Ryu trying to eat the guard that Damon had assigned to keep a watch. "Ruy, spit out the guards head and go look for your father. I didn't see him and he must be looking for you.." He sat down next to Relia, his body covered in sweat and some dirt. He didn't care and rested his back against the tree, gently pulling the still unconscious Relia to rest her head on his lap. Caressing her hair and waiting for her to wake up while he (and her if she'd wake up) had a beautiful view on the castle, away from the rest of the people. He exhaled softly, still panting slightly from hasting through the castle. Pulling his jacket to cover Relia's body entirely, her head being the only thing exposed. "Well hun.. Good news and bad news" He mumbled to himself. "Good news.. We're still alive.. bad news.. We're being forced to sleep in seperate rooms, and I am demoted to be a guard" He exhaled once more, but more in a sigh than he did beforehand. "Feeling like the Queen really needs to face the world again.."

ReliaQueen: Relia slept peacefully through the most of it, her body light in Damon's arms while he carried her outside. His coat draped around her was a comfort, but when she felt something sucking on her foot, Relia started to wake up. It was only when the male creature was biting down on someones, presumed head, did Relia wake up fully and she screamed at the sight, but her light headedness knocked her back out again, returning her to her previous state. Eventually, the familiar voice that she had quickly become so connected to, came once again. "Damon..." She muttered softly in her sleep, feeling her light body being moved she'd feel a warmth against her cheek, of her head being laid down on his lap. She heard his voice, barely... Her eyes fluttered open to see the castle and the sunset behind it, the sky in the distance slowly becoming dark. The air was cold, but not so much that it would give anyone a chill. His voice came again and she listened, though didn't move while feeling his hand caress her hair. Sighing softly, she nuzzled her cheek against his thigh. Her memory suddenly failed her as she tried to recall how she ended up here, while she knew who she was laying on, telling that much by the sound of his voice. Were they not just inside the castle? Trying to recall, the last thing that came to thought was the door being shut in her face. The Queen was mad, perhaps that was why they were outside now. Did she shun them both away? Wasn't a raven to be sent to her parents? Relia sighed again, her head began to hurt as she tried to focus on memories that were not there. Her body was cold, even with his coat draped over her, her pale fingers gripped it tightly. "There are worse things..." She said quietly, though the very idea of being apart from him scared her.

SahlielxInteritio: He watched her and sighed as she blatantly let loose wild magics loose. "Silly woman." he muttered as he turned his cloak swiftly curling behind him as the room got hotter and hotter. The heat did not bother him as he was dragon as well more of an annoyance. He turned his head one time as the young girl from months back entered the room and diverted her mothers attention. "Good." he thought as he entered the adjacent hallway. Yet the heat did not die down instantly. It kept growing as if the caster was loosing more and more grips with herself. It was within his good nature he could not leave them to their own machinations. Without a second thought he bolted back up the stairs to find that the energy was gone and there was only two naked females in the room. "This is partial my fault." he spoke as he looked at the two women and snapped his fingers. *True Creation* As small crystal-like threads traced over their bodies clothing them both in fine pure gowns of matching colors and hues. "I can only apologize so much." he spoke to them both as he stared at her. As he offered his hand to her. Meanwhile the Other was watching samuel closely only to be surprised by the sudden outburst of magical energy. "That idiot still after all has not changed any...." it thought to itself quietly intent on learning anything it could. It slithered and slinked very sneaky hiding every trace of it's existence. It watched as it's target took large draughts from tankards. "Drunken bastard. Must not care about what else happens in here." it wondered silently.

Anaya: Anaya looked up and over as she got up but one of her knees bent a little, she had expelled to much and she was not used to it, the struggle of being lazy in ones age and not doing what you were meant to do. She looked at her daughter as Noki got up to and stayed beside mothers this time refuseing to leave “thank you for the clothing, i guess i got a little a head of myself, to much going on at once is all” her mind was still a little shaken as she looked at the male. “you before, you are the one that walked in on me in the bath, the one with the black pearls, what did you use the summoning ring for in my home. I can still feel it, and i can also feel what you are, you are the same as we are” she looked at Noki, Noki looked back and then looked at the man “mother is he a....dragon, like us?” Anaya nodded her head at her daughters asking and kept her eyes on the man “when he used his magic his aura is open, he holds the same one we do, he is the same as us, even in scale color” Anaya's eyes were flared lightly as she looked at the male. He was a golden just like they were, Anaya was unable to fight him she could not hurt another gold it was against the ways of there kind. And now knowing this information she could use it to her advantage, there was another golden dragon in the world, that means it was in some way connected to her bloodline, that means that Damons words could ring true for later, the words in her job were as a golden dragon of the original blood line your job in this world is to protect the land of all men from any darkness within it. If this other golden dragon male was a part of her bloodline she could use it to do the job that was set forth for her to do and she would never have to leave this castle agein. “why have you come here anyway, why come to a land that is already owned and claimed, do you wish to take the claim for it from me? Is that what you called the thing you summoned here for?”

Ryu looked at Damon telling him not to bite the head of the guard, with one massive snap the guard fell to the ground and Ryu spat out the now severed head of the guard. “fine” he snorted as he walked away to go find his father, but before leaveing fully he looked back to the girl that was nuzzled into Damons lap. “she not from around here is she, she wont like it here, so soft skined. You only last cus you have fire in your blood” Ryu then turned around and troted away to find his father knowing exactly wqere he was, and always was, stuffing his face like normal. Ryu walked into the dinning hall spoting Samuel at a table with a large dish of breads and meats and things, running over he jumped on the table and kicked his fathers place to the floor “I WIN!” the child yelled at his father as he gave a grumble, Samuel looking up at the brat and with a strong swing of his clawed hand sent the child thumping off the end of the table “dont stand on tables that is rude!” sam shock his head lowering his voice “come on Ryu you have plans to be king one day be a bit more proper anyway, you act more dragon then man in your human form, and is that blood on your mouth, who did you bite?”


PayneZileQueen: Not caring about the dead body that Ryu had left, he did eventually start to smell it. With disgust on his face, he simply burnt the body to ashes and then let the flames die out. So that the coming evening wind could wave away both the stench of death and the ashes of the body. "A peaceful way.. And Anaya needs to keep her kids in check... We're never getting kids..." He sighed when he heard her voice again and nodded softly. "That much is true.." When she said that there ae worse things. "We do need to take care of your abilities soon, I'll train you and ask Sifrella to do the same. Emotions are tough enough as they are, but having your abilities being controlled by them isn't smart..." He kept brushing her hair and then tugged gently on it, looking down at her. "Enjoying the view love?"

ReliaQueen: Relia tried to ignore the smell of the dead body nearby, maybe she hadn't imagined a creature of some kind, chewing on someone's head. The thought of it made her feel sick. At the mention of them never having their own children, Relia remained quiet though his words had hurt her. And what did he mean? Her abilities? Was that why she felt so drained? The young elf tried harder to remember what has happened, all she saw was white in the back of her head but then a voice. Relia's hands clenched into fists and she took a deep breath, feeling her body get colder. His tender touch kept her calm and after a few deep breaths through her nose, she had control over herself once again. "Yes." She would eventually say, replying quietly while looking at the view before her. She was silent again, her icy gaze looking up at the sky as stars appeared in the darkening horizon.

SahlielxInteritio: He watched her very closely offering her a hand to help her up. "Thats was a small task. nothing overly complicated as the summoning." he shrugged off the thought of a larger task. His eyes slowly becoming red again as he calmed down himself. He had much better self control over himself than at first thought. "Yes I am a dragon if that someway pleases you." he listened to her talk to the younger one much like a doting mother. He smiled in some corner of his mind it reminded him of something happy. "I have been here for a very long time deary. Last time we met I was heavily unkempt and beraggled. Infact I am pretty sure I have met your young one” he smiled and knelt down and held his hand out to greet the young princess. The time within the closet flashed across his mind and he quickly jumped up rather not wanting to frighten the young one a second time. "As for this all being claimed I am well away of the and never I would wish to not claim something that does not belong to me. Unless you were the one needing claimed?" he slipped that little flirty remark at the end. He simply shrugged and stood with his arms across his chest. "Well in return for the answer to your last question. Why am I having dreams about you?" he asked very bluntly his curiosity marred only by the intent of the question. He wondered if there was some mysticism behind it magic or spell. "I am not one for dreams but you have been appearing to me in a rather salacious predicaments." he blushed and regained his composure just as quickly. As to your question It is not evil. As for why it is here and why I summoned it.. that myself I am not sure. I felt that it had to be done. I do apologize once more." he spoke softly with seriousness in his voice. Meanwhile n the dining hall machosias watched keenly as the man swatted roughly at the young boy with a clawed hand sending the boy sprawling from the table. She hissed softly in humor as she listend to the story unfold about how the young boy bit a guards head off.

Anaya: Ryu looked up at his father and then looked around his eyes looking right at the thing watching them, so dead on that the thing that was watching them would know he can see it. His upper lip curled as he snarled at it “father, thing is watching us” Sam turned his head around, there was nothing there “Ryu there is nothing here, come eat your meal” Ryu paused as he got up from the floor and walked over to the table yet again not jumping on it this time just to be back handed off, boy was learning”yay food” he said as he picked up the plate and then started to shovel it into his mouth with his hand. Back with Anaya the man and her charming daughter Noki Noki was looking at the man with that shimmer in her eye “um mom, remember back when i told you in the throne room there was a due in the closet talking to a scull and i broke the door down and ran and was scared and you told me i was dreaming, that is the guy, see that guy, yup he has a skull and lives in our closet, has for some time we never noticed cus no one goes in there. And i think he fixed the door to, cus i know i did not do it” Noki pointed at the man there and clung to her mothers hip not liking that man that she remembered scared her long ago when she was just hatched the fear in her mind still seeming to be rather fresh “then i am sorry little one i should believe you more, i will from here forth” her eyes looked back to the male “if you are not here to claim my lands you may stay in them and eat from the halls and not live in a closet, it is against dragon law that i harm you as you are a golden as we are, ”but if you give me reason to harm you i shall and forgo dragon laws reasoning no matter the cost on myself, i will not have my family myself or my mate harmed by you or any other i hope that is clear” she paused a second “and for that you called into this place, it is to be gone before i find it and remove it myself, no matter be it it is not allowed to be here for whatever the reason” she looked to Noki “now go to the dinning hall and get some food for yourself then get to bed, your brother to find him and get him to eat as well and then get both of you to bed” Noki nodded her head giving that man one last glare like she meant it and then going back not turning her back to him and leaving the room, she was standoffish but she had good reason for it it seemed. Anaya's eyes looked back to the man “and no, i am not able to be claimed here just as my lands are not. And what bloodline do you hail from, there has been no other golden dragons other then my family’s blood line for thousands of years, were did you come from, and tell me of your, dreams” she moved closer sniffing the air around him, she stood the same size as he did so they were eye to eye there, her red eyes looking into his green. “You smell like me, it is rather strange”

PayneZileQueen: Feeling her getting cold once more, Damon simply raised his own temperature to make sure that Relia was getting more and more comfortable. Watching the night fall, he smiled while he then looked down upon Relia. "Sadly we're not allowed to sleep next to eachother, unless you don't mind spending the night here. We do need a good rest, and even though I'd love nothing more but lay next to you. I did understand where the Queen was coming from. You sleep in the room next to mine, and you can come in at any moment, just... No love making for a few days, not until the raven had returned. And though I do love to make love to you, I do value our lives a bit more than our love and lust for eachother, my dear." He grinned a little, trying to shake off the horrible feeling that he had, thinking about being a guard instead of the Royal Advisor. Not that he minded it that much, but at the same time. It felt like he had been cast out of the castle. "Just hope everyone has been able to get out safe and sound.. And that Anaya is more in check with herself now" he sighed once more and then rested his eyes onto Relia, moving his blindfold up, covering his forehead. To look directly into her eyes. His red and black hues barely noticeable due to the falling night sky.

ReliaQueen: Relia sighed softly as she felt the temperature rise around her once again, he truly was becoming the source of her calmness. Ever since arriving at Iron, her emotions were unchecked, Relia's fear getting the better of her at every turn, though not when she was in his arms. The young elf listened to his words again, they were met with a disappointed sigh though she would accept those terms. "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." She'd say softly. Sitting up, Relia sat in beside Damon, his coat still draped over her. "What even happened?" She asked, her voice barely a whisper as she cuddled into him. If this was to be their last night for a while alone in each others company, she was going to make the most of it. Relia smiled as she looked into his eyes, her hand lifted to rest upon his cheek which she caressed gently. "Hello." She'd say as if meeting him for the first time all over again, that was how she felt every time she gazed into his eyes. Falling in love with him every time, it had become second nature to her. Leaning into him, Relia kissed the corner of his lips softly, before silently laying her head down on his shoulder, less her body want to do more. Relaxing against him once more, the elf closed her eyes, the sight of his own stuck in her mind as she'd fall asleep once again.

SahlielxInteritio: Marchosias watched the young boy carefully as it took solace into the shadows as it took deep interest into the boy. It observed and watched as the boy at with his father "You are perfect.." it thought remembering back to a time long gone. Meanwhile sahl looked at the little one noticing the distrust in her eyes. "I am sorry little one for disturbing you and scaring you a long time ago it was never my intention." he apologized to the little princess giving her a very respectful bow. He watched her leave. "Ahh to be young am I not correct?" he asked as he pondered his statment. "Ahh yes I would loathe to give you a reason to harm me. Or me to harm you." He was not fazed as she sniffed at him and questioned him. "For your answer that is a answer myself I am seeking. As to my dreams.." he began to describe to her in great details about his dreams and about the actions that took place in those dreams.

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In The Dream
  Rose Has Thorns Part 3 - Spring Rains Fire - Page 2

Anaya: -she crawls onto the sofa and goes up beside him and kisses his lips passionetly niping at the lower lip softly asnd tugging out before leting go and looking into his eyes - i do like the sound of that

SahlielxInteritio: *Stares deeply into those scarlet eyes lit with passionate flames. Who would deny something so marvelous and  beautiful as her. He gets lost in her kiss and loses some sense of his self as thier lips intwine  and flare of passion sparks between them* "I love the sound of that. Baby girl" *he spoke softly knowing hs words would reach her ears this was not a father and daughter yet something more forbidden. As they say forbidden fruit is the sweetest. The thought crossed his mind as his hand gently caressed her cheek beconing her into another kiss.*

Anaya: her lips met his as her skin warmed to his touch, cheeks lightly a flush of pink as her breath was sofened. her kiss was deeper then before as her fingers moved along to run along that belt line of his pants, she was not one to be overly into waiting and when something was wanted, it was wanted and she was a custom to just take what she wanted. but at the same time she wanted to saver things so would try hopelessly to move slow even if her heart was starting to beat faster and race.

SahlielxInteritio: *He was just like his own girl and his a eager a lustful behavior about himself as well. His rough fingers ran and traced along her back and to her shoulders rubbing them softly enjoying the touch of her flesh against his.* "You know I do love you darling" He muttered softly not keen on seeking a reply as his hand and palm slides along her shoulder straps sliding them down. Her pale skin was fantastic yet her figure was perfect. He would proceed to kiss her neck biting roughly at her in a playful manner maring her skin with soft bite marks.*

Anaya: her heart skiped a beat as his teeth touched her neck and a shiver went up her spine, her fingers griped the strap on the top of his pants, it was clear as day she was now turned on more then before. her eyes looked at him as she moved her body pushing him back and stradleing on top of him takeing comand a little as she smiled and leaned down kissing him deeply and wall doing so takeing her fingers and pulling both bra straps down and showing nothing but skin and thin silver chains to adorn her chest. "i love you to daddy" her lips whispered the words as her thighs became tight on the sides of him and she pressed her hips to his being able to feel the buldge in his thin Pj pants.

SahlielxInteritio: *He was not willing to fight her for dominance although it was so tempting. In his lust and excitment he felt her press against him. His eye flared up jade green with red tints with the hues. The lust within him rising to an insaitable levels. With his own might against her own he pushed her off and crapt upon her pinning her lithe hands above her head as he planted a deep kiss upon her lips. His own hands slowly gripping her tightly as he ripped at her dress reveling her in a natural  state as he tore at his own pjs revealing himself to the open are as he let her go and pressed down upon her.* "are you ready?" he asked his voice deep and assertive.

Anaya: -she moved as he pined her down and her hands griped his own not struggleing his pin at all, her red eyes so bright as she nibbled her own lower lip as she looked at him "i have been ready for a very long time, are you" she asked with a smile on her light, a bright smile as she moved a leg and ran it up his backside caressing his hip and running her toes along his lower back.

SahlielxInteritio: *His back shivered as her leg went along his spine. The excitment becoming overbearing. he pressed himself into her following along her inner thigh giving himself to her wholly. He felt no excitment greater than this as his hips moved methodically as he pressed his lips against hers feeling the warth and wet pleasure to be had. 'I have been aching for this as well"

Anaya: her lips sliped a moan as he pressed into her, entering her and makeing them as close as two beings could get, it felt so good, so right, she trusted him with her everything and here and now she would alow him everything he wanted witch she wanted the same. "you feel so good" she was able to maon out as he thrusted his hips back and forth within her wet hidden treasure. it had been so long since anyone had even wanted to touch her, been so long since she had even alowed others to give a simple hug, but with him, it felt so right so natural so easy to just let go and give in. "i am yours, i always have been" her eyes looked at him as he held her down her one hand sliping from his grip and running her clawed fingers into his raven black hair "we sould have done this so long ago"

SahlielxInteritio: *He listend to her words react with him deep down to his heart as they slowly became one her motion reacting with total union with his own. He had no problem giving himself to her. He felt something he had not felt in what felt like eons.  He shivered at her tounch through his hair it excited him to levels beyond sight and smell. He had a luscious appettite and she would sate him.* " I know you have been I was simply blind and did not see and it is all my fault. No more " he whispered as his hips moved faster and his lips found the perk of her  left nipple his teeth gently nipping at her like a babe almost aching to hear her moan again and again. a Sound he would never forget*

Anaya: another moan sliped from her lips as she struggled slightly sliping her other hand free of her grasp, he no longer had her pined but she would not stray from under him. her arms went around to the back of his neck as her claws dug lightly into his skin hands going down his back to his sides and holding him. her thrusts met his as she let out small moans each time he entered her time and time agein. "you have me now, and i will never leave, i promise you that with all i have" it shiwpered from her lips as breaths were drawing short heart beating in her ears and chest pumping air as he made every hair stand on end with his touch and with that sweet mouth over her sensative nipples.

SahlielxInteritio: *His exctasy increased in delight as her claws dug along his back his blood dark like tar. Her gasping into his ear and the sound of her heart  filling his ears.* "I plan to hold you to it love." he muttered breifly removing his mouth from her breat from his mouth. his hips began to move faster  as he felt her inclosing him in a wet warmth.  He opened his mouth and bite down harder upon her neck his teeth lightly pericing her own flesh in a fit of passion.*

Anaya: as his teeth pinched into her neck her blood a bright royal blood tasteing of roses and sweet fruit would drip slightly into his mouth, but it burned a little and she pushed her healing into herself to close the wound as fast as she could with a slight giggle. moveing she turned her head and kissed him deeply wraping her arms tighter around him holding him and pulling him into a large thrust deep into her. legs tight around him she could feel her walls tight and driping all over him. "it has been so long since i have been with a man, i wont last long" she was able to stutter slightly out as she made a almost purr like sound.

SahlielxInteritio: *He could taste her sweet and rose  flavored blood his intention was to not cause her physical harm but to put apart of himself within her. A seed so to speak a spark of power lest she ever needed to use it.* "And I with a woman let alone you of all people" *He muttered as he slowly thrusted into her  some pre cum leaking from his member as his climax inched closer and closer. Her blood did burn slighty but it was a good burn something he enjoyed. He let out a chuckle and pushed deeper into her releasing himself into her open womb filling her with his own seed. Placing enough with her to gush back ever slightly covering himself as his thrust continued mixing him and her into a white passionate froth.*

Anaya: as he let go within her she let out a moan loveing the warmth of him and the feel of him swell and release his seed within her, she also enjoyed feeling him mix with her and drip down her leg as she looked up at him loveing that face he made and the glimmer in his eyes. her moan turned to a purr as it soffened and she pulled his body to her chest to hold him hard as she took every drop in her walls so tight around him it almost pushed him from her. breaths short her energy was weaker as she whispered in his ear "i love you so much, we sould have done this ages ago"

SahlielxInteritio: *He stifled a low growl as she milked him for every last drop.* "I know we should have done this a long time ago. No matter how forbbiden I would do this with you any time you ask or ever wanted to." *He slowed and came to a stop resting himself still within her not wanting to break any link or connection they have. Enjoying her presence and the smell of roses*

LadyLyraRose: A bag of clothes were thrown to her face as she was pushed out of the door of the inn building. Someone yelled aloud before the door was shut to her face permanently, "AND STAY OUT!" The owner of the inn despise her by now, she laze around all day, did nothing of sorts to work for a living, But still she aims to be given food , shelter and money as a sense of allowance. Who is she? She is an elf woman, five foot seven in height, weights around 145 pounds. She has amber luke red hair, fair skin and blue hazel eyes. Her appearance were in a soft peasant dress that had been mended numerous times with patches of other kinds of cloth. Poverty hits her bad, now she was homeless. "YOU'RE A BASTARD YOU KNOW THAT UNCLE! " The owner of the inn was her uncle, an uncle that is already sick and tired of her lazy culture. She mumbles under her breath, and marches onwards around the town that is known as the iron town, looking around if there is an opening to enter and find shelter. At around eight at night, she wandered her around holding the bundle of clothes in a small bag at her chest. A stray cat looks at her while trying to smudders her leg for food by the dark alley. She kicks the cat and the cat meowed-- off and flew to the air and landed onto the crates of trash.

Anaya: Ryu snarled as he jamed more food in his face, Smauel looked at him “take your time will you no one else is gona eat that food.” he said softly as he took his claw and ran his hand into the hair of his son. He loved and treasured this boy, this boy was his future. “see no one will eat it just you” Ryu looked to his father with a nod and took one handful of food at a time, it would take time for the slow learner to learn but that was the way with any child of a dragon any boy at least some learned fast some learned slow. “RYU IT IS BEDTIME!” Nokis voice rang down the hall ways “I GONA MEET YOU IN BED!!! I GET THE COVERS THIS TIME!” she screamed out as she turned around and you could hear her running to there bed room. “Father can i go get her, she gona get the good covers” sam gave a light chukle and leaned down to whisper in his sons ear “take the short cut down the back hall way the steps will lead you right infrount of your rtoom you be faster then your sister now go one” Ryu nodded and hoped up from the chair to bolt down the back hallway to race on his own to be faster then noki to get to the bedroom first. Anaya looked at the man as he told her about this vivid dream in grand detail, she shook her head back and forth “no i have no idea why you would have such dreams about me, i do not partake in that with anyone unless needed, mating for pleasure and without reason is not logical, and i have two beautiful children i adore very much and am in no need to partake in that sort of act again, they are far from grown” she looked at him and had walked a full ring around her, sizing him up in case she would ever need to, he was a fitting male for breeding but she needed not of it, she had what she needed be him a wyvern or not her blood over powered his so mating with him gave her golden babys no matter what witch is a sure thing of what she wanted. But mating this this male she would have golden children for sure but they would not be of her they would be of them both and being selfish as they all were she wanted more her blood in her children then any others. “but it is growing late, you may take a guest room and i am needing to go to my chamber room for the night” she paused a second “and no, you may not join me as you did with my bath”

PayneZileQueen: Smiling brightly as he was kissed by Relia, he kissed her cheek in return and watched her fall asleep. Thinking to himself what he should do. He could fall asleep right there and then, alongside Relia. But he knew that if Anaya would see them outside like that. That he'd get an ass kicking. Though at the other hand, Damon wanted nothing more but to close his eyes and sleep with Relia in his arms. He exhaled and closed his eyes, only to doze off against the tree, resting his head against Relia's, holding her in his embrace while at the same time he was embracing a dream that made him feel at ease of everything. In the mean time, a cat in Iron was hissing at the elf lady that just kicked him. Stumbling off to the distance, away from the mean lady while he was hungry and trying to find some spare food for the 6 kittens that were meowing hungrily while they were laying in a wooden shoe. The mother of the 6 kittens was exhausted, and seemed to be dying. While the male cat was trying his hardest to get someone to care for all of them. But alas, he was a cat, and cat's didn't get cared about quite often. Nor were they able to talk to any human or elf, showing that they needed help.

SahlielxInteritio: Marchosias observed more as the boy slowly ate and finished. the yelling of his sister caught the attention of the "Other" but she paid no heed to her. This young one on the other hand so full of life and so sickly sweet. "Ripe for plucking" she thought to herself as she slithered along the shadows avoiding the lights maintaining the darkness. She followed him deep into the hallway that bypassed all guards and all other signs of life. Her form grew larger taking on the shape that was all intents and purposes a deadly predator. Sharp and sickly curved blades protruded from where its hands would be it feet padded and obsurced by the dark swirling mist that came with it. Its eye purple and dark peircing the depths of the hallway its slits narrowed in on the boy. Its jaw seperated into a wicked maw of darkness as it let out a gutteral growl. "I..sseeee.. you can seeee mee.." it hissed catching the boy attention. Ryu felt the voice shiver up his spine as a sickly cold swept the hallway. the path in front of him was clouded and no longer in veiw. He turned back in horror at the beast before him his fathers words ringing in his ears. "Be a Dragon ryu!!" the speach and the smack flowed into his mind and he yelled "Imma not afraid of you." soft tear streamed his cheek proud he was but it was a foolish pride much like his fathers. She was taken abck slightly and let out a deep chuckle. "Not afraid of me..." she spoke as she stepped forward her blade sparking off the ground. She leaned down towards the boy a slimy dark tongue slithered along his cheek and under his neck and chin. "You reak of fear." she chuckled. Ryu could not stand being mocked anymore as he lunged at the mass in a fit of rage. A blade pericing his breast so easy likes repeat of time. Finding the heart as the blade torn down leaving the boy almost in half. "Much like you father." she scoffed. "My job is done..." she softly whispered as she faded and her essence became no more. Leaving nothing but the body of a boy whose light in his eyes had left upon the stone cold floor his blood pooling beneath him and a wicked wound that looked much like the claw marks of a wyvern. Mean while sahl nodded in agreement to the offer of a proper room for the night. He chuckled as she said he could not join her in the bath. "Maybe one day?" he smirked as she left him be. He lef tthe room and made his way to the guest quarters. "What a day..something feels wrong.." he muttered noticing the pain on his chest was gone.

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Rest in peace my darling son Ryu, over the time you were with us you broke rocks, ate the guards and severed heads, you were a true dragon all in all, you will be truly missed my beloved child, rest well in the yonder silken sky's of the true kingdom of light and may the wings of your ancestors embrace you as they call you home, Love always, your Mother Anaya and your Father Samuel

LadyLyraRose: Without having no feelings nor emotions, she kicks the cat and the cat meowed- off and flew to the air. Only to land onto one of the dirty, broken rubbish crates and barrels at the back alley. She did not such noticed someone was observing her. Lyrin just minded her own business. “I got no food fat cat! I am penniless and homeless ! if i got food at all given, I won't let you get even a scrap of it!” then a man, she could sense a man observing her from a good far sight. He was smoking. “Woman likely to be paid better if they know how to serve a better purpose my dear.” he was talking about slavery to sexuality. She stops dead on her tracks and she turns her body to face him, she walks ahead and approaches him. His smoking habits and meeting a stranger does not inflict on her sense of bravery, "Oh you mean sexually working .. to earn a living. " she was no longer a virgin any how. "Why do you think I am homeless now? I refused to work as a hooker at my uncle`s inn. You think-- cause-- he is my uncle, I get better treatment. I feel disgusted." she spits at the ground, inches from the man's boots or shoes. "I best be going. If I stayed here any longer, I just might skin that cat alive, and cook the meat. I am to starve soon. I best be going while my humanity is still intact.” She pushes the stranger aside by his shoulder to move away and pass him.


Anaya: The mornings dawn broke as the sun cut into the windows lighting up the room, Nokis head resting on the chest of her mother as Samuel layed on the other side his eyes starting to open. They all slept in the same bed that night, as a family. Anaya still a sleep Samuel got up looking at his mate and his daughter as he moved and kissed both there heads crawling out of bed. He looked the room and guessed that there son had gone to bed in some other room not being able to make it to the bed without passing out along the way, he let out a soft chuckle at the thought of Ryu passed out droll down the side of his face maybe a guards body under him if he got hungry on the way or something. There was a massive mess to clean today he was sure all was alright. But pushing it all away into his mind the king moved across the room to the wardrobe picking out a satin black outfit to host on himself today, he wanted to look good, did not even know the reason just felt it was a thing today. With a breath and glimmer in his green hues he walked to the doors looking over to his sleeping daughter and mate. He gave a shallowed sigh and then walked out the door way to greet the day. Walking down the hall way he trotted down the steps guards nodding and bowing there heads to him. Some guards were cleaning up last nights blood off the stairs, they did lose a lot of people due to Anaya's break down the day before but all would be fine in the end, he would do the paper work this morning after eating to get more guards and maids they had lost a good handful of them so he would pay the extra coin to get them here faster. And he would also have to do more paper work then normal seeing Anaya fired the adviser, who he had to talk to today they had a good chunk to go over now that the boy was dead. Poor thing that male was gave his life for nothing, and now no life no title, Sam could give him one, one he may not enjoy but one he would have little choice but to take.

Picking up a large dead guards body he slung it over his shoulder, it would ruin his outfit but he cared little for it. And blood matched black right, he walked with the guard to help out the men tossing the guard into a cart that was propping the castle doors open, the boy hit the cart loudly with a thump and a bang. “there we go men another body to add to the haul, how many did we lose? Anyone know” one guard looked up from under a maids body as he tossed it in the cart “about 14 or so dead sir, but the numbers are still being counted, many are hurt with scorched lungs from the heat the night before sir, many a loss maids and guards alike, even lost the butler sir, we just got him to last moon” Samuel shook his head back and forth “pitty so much happened last night but good that it is over, we can recollect everything and figure things out this morning and afternoon. But is the morning meal ready as of yet i am starving” Samuel's gut was turning he was hungry and he needed food. “yes sir the meal is done, or if it is not it is almost there, the dinning hall no matter the mess out here or loss in people will never die down, need to keep moral up with good food ye” he said with a laugh as Sam nodded “ye my good man very much so ye” Sam gave a smile as he walked over to the dinning hall door the place did small rather nice. But when he opened the door there was less food then normal and only one cook and maid working, it was not a bustle, but that was understandable due to the fact they lost half there staff in the heat fiasco, but all was alright, he sat down at the table as the single maid brought him over a large plate with some meat on it the meat did not fill the plate like normal but he was fine with it he did not need much as of yet. “thank you girl for the food, is the work today hard?” he asked “yes my lord it is hard ye today, meny lost in the event of the nights past, we don’t got much staff now ya, i lost my helper as well, we be getting new workers me lord anytime soon?” her voice was a little raspy it was clear that she was one that did breath in some smoke “yes, i will be doing the paper work for all of it today after i eat”

Sahliel: The light of dawn broke the seal on the curtains filtering down as dust wafted around in little flurries. The thin strip of light stretched along the covers down and across the eyes of sahliel who awoke at the start."Aye my back..." he grumbled after all these years how wonderfully delightful was this bed. His eyes were back to the normal crimson hue as he leaned up his back pressing against the mahogany backboard. "I feel like shit." he complained although to the contrary the fellow guests were more annoyed at the fact he snored loudly. The sounds of it echoed to the adjacent rooms. It did not take him long as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes as the blanket fell way baring his chest to the light. The scars of unknown origins the searing mark of that being he summoned was still present yet faded. He had no knowledge of the events that took place that night but the dream he had that night still lingered. Drip. drip... drip.. went the dream Everything a calm as a cool summers night he was laying in a pool of black nothing to be seen or heard. Then flashes like lightning traced across the sky images of a death that was not committed by his hands. A young boy could not be more than 17 he yelled at the darkness about fear and the lack of. The darkness responded in kind. Sahl could feel the boy die and the words that were uttered next chilled him. "Contract is done." The darkness snickered and vanished leaving sahl once again alone in the dark. Still that was a bad dream that he would rather forget he sighed as he rubbed his face and stretched. reaching and grabbing at invisible objects. Corsain glinting off the sunlight making it warm to the touch. Sahl traced his finger tips along the grooves studying every detail every mark and flaw. "What do I do now?" he pondered the question over and over for a while in his head thinking to himself. before being cut off abruptly by a low rumbling. He sighed. even he needed to eat sometime. Without a thought he planted his feet upon the ground the cold stone sending shivers up his spine causing his hairs to stand on end. He put on his clothes and walked out into the empty corridor. The light smell of food caught his nose. That and the smell of blood. He walked along studding the design of the castle and decorum before coming to the kitchen where another male was present stuffing his face with food. "I hope you do not mind if I partake in the food?" he quipped as he grabbed a seat across from the male.

Anaya: Sams green eyes looked up as he put a hunk of meta in his mouth “ya sure there is not much but you can have the morning meal” he looked at the man, yes that was the man from the other day he saw in the room that offed that stupid little demon boy he already half killed. He saw everything but he would not say a word “so who are you, new guest at the castle? Don’t think i have seen ya before” he was a dirty lier but he was really good at it with a stunner poker face and no way to really tell he was lieing Sam was made to be a ass hole back stabber. “oh and sorry for last nights mess if you were around things got a tad hot around here” he swallowed the meat down it was rude to talk with ones mouth stuffed but in the end he cared very little for manors even more so when he was eating. Not even using a metal eating stick as he liked to call them, he stabbed a hunk of meat with a claw and put it in his mouth once one hunk was gone another would take its place. The maid came over to the table with a second platter of meat and some hunks of bread at the side as well as two over flowing goblets of wine. If anything was still around it was the wine, no matter the short that shit had to be on tap all day every day. “thank you girl” Sam said softly as he took the plate put it in front of there guest and then put the goblets on the table one before the man and one in his own free hand drinking from it before it ever hit the table.

Sahliel: His crimson eyes simply darted towards the man as he slowly sat down. His suspicions about him were unconfirmed yet someone was watching him yesterday during the ritual. he swatted the thought away and ignored it as he watched the man ignore all sense of dining etiquette. "Me ahh no one of importance mind you." he wanted so badly to headbutt this man again but felt that remaining composed would be a better strategy. "I have seen you before around here. I do believe they call you Samuel. If I am not mistaken." he used the knowledge from the wedding he crashed so long ago to remember the mans name. "Ahh yes it was a tad bit hot not too bad for me I rather enjoyed it." he mentioned as he too a fork and selected a piece of meat of his own as well as a slice of bread. He was rather poised and proper when it came to eating. Very refined as he took the goblet graciously. "Thank you miss" he thanked the maid before taking a long draught from the cup. It had been a long time since he had a proper meal that did not consist of rats and scraps. "How about you I take it the heat did not bother you as much?" he questioned the other man. As he took a well deserved bite from the bread and meat.

Anaya: “no heat does not bug me at all, i am rather used to it, Anaya is normal rather heated so sleeping beside her at night can make the room heat up” he nodded his head to the man as he took another drink of his wine “yes that is my name, but Sam works to, i am the king of this castle and will be rather busy today so i am sure i will be around here, much to clean up after last night and the medical wing is a mess, everything is melted the guards wont be able to unstick things from the stone so i was asked to help” he took another hunk of meat to his mouth and the plate started to clear up. “Ryu!!” he called out as he looked around not seeing anything “darn boy always makes it down for his morning meal, has not missed it since he hatched, foot is his downfall my son.” he looked over to the maid that was still standing behind the counter top putting some more cut meat to the plates “girl, make my son a plate so when he comes down from sleeping were ever he is he can have his morning meal still warm for him. Put it a top the fire” she nodded as she started to pile some meat on the plate more then normal knowing how the growing boy enjoyed his food and drink. She poured a glass of fruit juice from a jug under the counter and put it all together on the side of the counter to wait for the boy to trot his way over like he did every morning after he opened his eyes.

Sahliel: He dually noted the remark about heat not bothering him as he filed it away for later use. "Ahh I would not doubt it she seems like the kind that would be hot after the display last night." he spoke yet not without giving a sly smile. He took a few more bites of the food feeling the value of food in ones empty stomach was a most relieving feeling. "Ahh yeah bout the medical wing kinda is my fault in a way. very sticky mess" he chuckled at the thought of guards using spades to detach bodies from the stone surfaces. He stopped eating and took his leave from the table. "My compliment to the chef." he said with a kind bow to the maid as he made his way towards the throne room . He was sure that Anaya would have more questions for him and would like to drill him for anything new. She was cunning and smart. He was not overly fooled by her wiles.. "Ok maybe once" he muttered at the thought of the bathroom adventures. he chuckled at the thought of her naked again.

LunaraMaeS: The Sun was rising in the sky as the bartender splashed a mug full of icey cold water at Masons face. "Up and addem sunshine i got to open up" Mason Jumped up so fast he fall off the stole he was sitting in his bright red hair now glued to his face. "come on you couldn't have given me five more minutes Max." Pushing himself off the ground he pick up the stole and put it back. "you have been here all day drunk as a skunk why dont you try working for once." Pushing a creat of spirits towards him Mason would let out a groan picking a few bottles up and placing it into his belt. "i have been working i sold you some of my shit havent i. Besides business has been poor lately no one seems to want to look into new brands." Walking around the bartop Max took Mason by the arm and started walking him to the door. "then you havent been trying hard enough." with a big shove he tosses him out of the tavern as he slams the door behind him. "some friend you are." Mason muttered to himself as he started up the road. Walking out of town he Makes his way through the woods heading to A castle luna once told him about years back. She told him it was run by dragons that got Lances attention who was a dragon himself and he remebered making fun of Lance telling him that he should move in with his kind. Mason was Lances yonger half brother and he loved to give him a hard time for he was always so serious. Lost in deep thought he didnt realize he was splashing up mud everywhere and his boots that were once black were now a shade of gray and brown from all the rain they had days prior. Mason kept marching along deep in thought about his family not a care in the world. The trees from the forest grounds begin to dim as he finds himself facing a bunch of tents. Men walking along with swords and Armor looking like they were ready to take anything on. "where the fuck did i end up now." He said looking up at the castle.

Anaya: Samuel watched the male get up and thank the cook, “your fault eh, yes yes it was ” he said after the male was out of ear shot. Getting up he looked around more were was that boy were was his son “i got to get up and find him at some point, may have fallen a sleep on the way up them back steps” he walked over to the maid and took the plate off the table holding it in his hand knowing the smell of food would rise his boy from even the deepest of sleeps “yes the meal was wonderful girl thank you cook will ya, i have to find the boy in this castle someplace” and with that he got up and started his way out of the room. The guards at the castle doors were both a sleep and a body cart propped the door open wide so anyone could walk in, man today it was bad security.

Anaya: Samuel walked down the hall way, plate in his hand, humming softly as the words fell short in his mouth, his voice dry, his eyes wide, Ryu, slumped over a stair there was blood on the floor, there was blood on the wall, there was blood on his boy, the world faded away, emptyness in his sons eyes. The clang of a plate hitting the floor rang in the castle the sound reverberating in Samuel's ears, it was a sound he would never forget, everything was so still, he could not move, his feet planted to the ground like stoned into the floor. He fell to his knees right there, acidic tears filling his eyes as his voice wanted to scream but no words left his neck. His boy, his everything, gone before a year even hit his scales, alone in the hall way, alone in the hallway Sam sent him down to get to bed last night, it was his own was all his fault, it was all his fault his son was dead....dead and gone, no, he cant be gone we are dragons you don’t die in a hallway all alone. Samuel crawled along the floor no strength in his legs over to his boys body stiff and empty on the floor, he was so cold. He held him in his arms “you are sleeping boy, i...i brought food for you” he begged, Samuel begged his son back to life, begged and pleaded “why gods why have you don’t this to me, what did i do, bring him back to me, you cant take a life so needed in this world you cant take this boy from the world, from me, you cant do it, don’t be so cruel!” Samuel cried tears hitting the stone floor and burning small holes in the granite. He clung the dead body to his chest as he struggled to even gain the strength to hold his arms off the ground “what did this to you, what did this” he looked to his boy his forehead pressing against Ryus as he started to ball his eyes out there on his knees on the floor, the song of his agony wailing in the castle like a banshee crying for the lost. He cried and cried it felt like all his energy was drained all his strength just gone from his very bones “you were the best son a father could have, you were a king Ryu, you were my king, the only one i would bow to, you were so young it is not fair, this is not fair to you, you had so much to do so much to rule the world was yours to have. You had to live, to make mistakes not die here, not die here and now” his words were so shallow so hurt pain was all he knew everything in his world was broken his whole world was dead on the floor right here and now. Samuel's fingers moved and rain into the black hair of his son, hair his son picked to match his own, long black hair like a warrior to be the strongest one standing. “i will remember you, i will remember you always, and now you live with your sister in the land of light, you will meet your ancestors, mine and your mothers. You will be remembered Ryu, you will live on even if your body is gone you are not, you are within me” his fingers moved down to the cuts in Ryus back Wyverns claw marks, who ever did this would be found, they would be found and they would be slayed, for mocking him in such a way for doing this to him in such a way, for taking the life of a child so soon “it was a child, he was a child not even a year, how could anyone do this” tears were turning to anger as his eyes flickered from sadness to anger to back to sadness, he had no strength to snap, he had no control to snap he was to broken to even change shape. On broken hopes and dreams he stayed there, on his knees clinging to the dead, cold, fringed body of his list son.

Anaya: Anaya's eyes opened hearing crying, hearing the tears of her mate “Sam?” she said softly as Noki opened her eyes “no mommy five more minuets, five more minuets i no wanna get up food not ready yet we sleep more mommy” Anaya looked back to Noki “you do not have to rise yet my sweet, i must check on your father” she got up from the bed and pulled the covers up over her daughter “make sure father is alright, he was happy this morning, i am sure he is fine ” Noki muttered as she grabbed a hold of the covers and drifted back to sleep in the dawns warmth. Anaya grabbed her house coat and then left the room, his tears his crying echoed loudly and as soon as it hit her ears tears welled in his eyes. “what is....what is this” she said as she moved her fingers up to rub the water from her eyes that was now raining down her cheeks. “” there was only one reason Samuel would cry like this, there was only one reason she would cry like this. Her legs shaking “Ryu....” the word left her lips and it was like everything fell away from her and the walls in the castle vanished, she could see him there, in Samuel's arms, Samuel crying his head pressed against the dead face of his son, of there son. Anaya was frozen she did not even know to move she did not want to take a step in fear of only taking one then crumbling here and now. “my boy, my only boy” was all she said as she stood there, stuck in place outside her chamber room her daughter sleeping inside, she had to be strong, but she could not be strong, not right now...but she had to be.

Anaya: Anaya's fingers shaking she took a step on weak legs “Samuel...” her voice called out, a broken shutter in her voice as she looked out for him. Sam's eyes looked up from the floor “Anaya, I am sorry, I did not, he, I did not, I am sorry” his words whispered out as tears ran down his face still. “it was not my, it was not my fault i am sorry i did not mean, it was all my fault.....i am sorry, i am so sorry, i told him to go down the hall way i told him to race his sister to bed, i told him to, i did not know anyone would, he has done the same thing a hundred times, Anaya...” his words whispered down the hall ways, she could hear everything in the hall ways she could hear him she could hear the rats she could even hear the bugs crawling on the floor everything was deafeningly loud, everything was static but clear, everything was a fray of feeling “you did not know, we did not know, he will be berried like a king should be. Light, get my son” her words whispered out as a white fog spanned from her feet and flowed over the floor it came from her body and it became thick flowing into walls and out past them and out the other side, into the hall way to see Samuel there with the boy “my king, your son, miss Anaya wishes him to be put to rest” Sams eyes flared at the white being that metallized before him “no he is my boy, i will take him!” he snapped as he tried to stand but the weakness in his legs made him fall back to the floor in a heap of tears and a broken body. “no my king, you cant” Light said in that sold feeling less voice that just seemed to anger the king but he had no strength to fight yet, so without much fight the being took the body from his arms “he will rest with light now my king, he will be in peace and we will look into who did this action to him” as Ryus body was lifted form his hands Sam was able to stand up his eyes dark to black as he walked as if a zombie out of the hall way behind the white being that seemed to light up the rooms she walked into. And there was Anaya standing in the hall way, she was beautiful, beautiful and broken tears down her face her red eyes almost looked golden in the light. “ boy” she moved over taking ryu from Lights arms to hold him in her own, the tears flowed as she held him in her hands “in the after life you will be embraced by dragons wings my son, we shall meet again, one day, we shall”

Sahliel: The howling sent a shock throught-out the kingdom. The castle itself seemed to shudder and moan. The surge of sadness swept over him in torrents of emotions tears welled up inside of him that were not of his own. "What in the hell happend." he spoke swiftly as the aura of anaya increased with the loss of her emotions. "No not another repeat of yesterday." he spoke as he stopped in his tracks and rushed to the source of the pain. The closer and closer he got to anaya the more and more he felt the tears. Fighting back such powerful emotions were not an easy feat to handle. Then the smell hit him, Blood. Not just any blood dragon blood the stench was overwhelming as he arrived on the scene. Anaya cradling her son his body cleved in almost two peices and Sam on all fours. His mind stopped and flashed back to the dream he had during the night. The boy's face was all to familar even witht he pale face and white eyes. It was the same one from his dream. Exactly cut and dead in the hallway. His hand pressed to his mouth as water burst from the seams between his fingers. As tears streamed down his face. Why was he crying this is not his own tears. He thought to himself as he held back the larger part of the throw up and swallowed the meaty chucks with a defining gulp. His eyes traced the scene of the crime studying everything the blood splatter. The bit of bone flaking the ground and the stench. To dragons the smell of another kin was horrendous. "What happened here!" He tried to ask but his words were lost upon the defaning wails of the two parents. He watched as they carried the boy away and he followed samuel into the adjacent hall his rage boiling over. He tapped samuel on the shoulder only to catch him with his right fist upon his jaw. The punch was in no terms weak but enough to knock a grown man flat on their ass. He grabbed him underneath the collar and rammed his head into samuels trying to knock some sense into him. "You.. son of a bitch." he raged " I held my temper for long enough." he yelled as his eyes changed to the dark green offset. His hues glaring at Samuel as he tossed him aside and looked upon him. "Not worth my time." he spoke looking down upon sam as blood from the fresh wound poured down the crease of his nose. The dark scales rippling underflesh.

Sahliel: The howling sent a shock throught-out the kingdom. The castle itself seemed to shudder and moan. The surge of sadness swept over him in torrents of emotions tears welled up inside of him that were not of his own. "What in the hell happend." he spoke swiftly as the aura of anay increased witht he loss of her emotions. "No not another repeat of yesterday." he spoke as he stopped in his tracks and rushed to the source of the pain. The closer and closer he got to anaya the more and more he felt the tears. Fighting back such powerful emotions were not an easy feat to handle. Then the smell hit him, Blood. Not just any blood dragon blood the stench was overwhelming as he arrived on the scene. Anaya cradling her son his body hewn in almost two peices and Samon all fours. His mind stopped and flashed back to the dream he had during the night. The boy's face was all to familar even witht he pale face and white eyes. It was the same one from his dream. Exactly cut and dead in the hallway. His hand pressed to his mouth as water bursted from the seams between his fingers. As tears streamed down his face. Why was he crying this is not his own tears. He thought to himself as he held back the larger part of the throwup and swallowed the meaty chucks with a defining gulp. His eyes traced the scene of the crime studying everything the blood splatter. The bit of bone flaking the ground and the stench. To dragons the smell of another kin was horrendous. "What happend here!" He tried to ask but his words were lost upon the defaning wails of the two parents. He watched as they carried the boy away and he followed samuel into the adjacent hall his rage boiling over. He tapped samuel on the shoulder only to catch him with his right fist upon his jaw. The punch was in no terms weak but enough to knock a grown man flat on their ass. He grabbed him underneath the collar and rammed his head into samuels trying to knock some sense into him. "You.. son of a bitch." he raged " I held my temper for long enough." he yelled as his eyes changed to the dark green offset. His hues glaring at samuel as he tossed him aside and looked upon him. "Not worth my time." he spoke looking down upon sam as blood from the fresh wound poured down the crease of his nose. The dark scales rippling underflesh.

RavenDeLaRose: she lay there in the cold room with the pile of bodies she was waken by an uproar in the castle. It been a long while since she been up to trouble, but she was still there. She still watched Ryu from time to time as he slept though he had little time for her. Deep down in the mist of the dead limps that left mystic no need to wonder as she would naw on the rotted meat covered bones. Mystic rose and let out a loud moan full cry. Then she would raise herself up to the throne room her black smooth fur stank of the rotten flesh she laid in, yet she did not bother to bath herself, no something did not feel right. Her large paws raised even faster as she could feel her heart race. She was driven she had to go faster in no time she was in the throne room there she smelled death the smell of death never made mystic upset she like the smell. This smell of death was one she knew it was, no she though it can’t be not him. Her paws slowly creeped forward as she could here the tears of Samuel. She never much bonded with him but she did like him a bit he had scratched her ear a few times and feed her. She walked even closer her Anaya was there she not pestered her Anaya as of late, her Anaya was always busy and there were few good times. She would push her way closer and there RYU noo not my Ryu mystic thought as her head would reach out to lick him. The one she always brought her dead rats too who she cuddled and played with her kitty heart felt broke she sat there as close to his body as she could be and let aloud moans. If a cat could cry you seen a flood of tears but instead she laid close moaning the death of the prince dragon

ReliaQueen: Relia shifted against Damon's warm body, her pleasant dream had set her cheeks a bright red. Her eyes fluttered open to the sound of yelling come from within the castle, in that moment she was thankful to still be outside, away from the mayhem though she was curious about what was happening. Looking up, she saw Damon was still sleeping. Reaching her hand, Relia carefully pulled his blindfold down, hiding his eyes away from the world again before kissing him gently upon his cheek. Sitting forward, the young elf pulled her knees up to her chest and stared out at the view one again, the castle really did look beautiful at night, no matter what manner of chaos was going on. Laying her forehead down on her knees, Relia shut her eyes tightly, trying to once again focus on what she had done. Damon appeared to be in one piece, he wasn't hurt so at least she had not caused him physical pain... Again... The frost elf sighed heavily, never had she been so scared of her abilities as they were now causing her blackouts. She cried quietly, not wanting to wake the exhausted Damon up, both her hands clutching the soft fabric of her new dress tightly. It seemed to be a waste. Relia had hoped to impress the Queen, come bearing good news, offers of an alliance, but she had nothing of the sort. The young princess was a runaway, she left home to pursue her hopes driven by the passion of her feelings, for the one man she had ever loved. Relia looked down at her hand, to the ring that had branded her from the day it would fit upon her finger, that she was the princess of Galandor, the symbol of her home and her family's crest. Grabbing it, Relia tugged it off her finger and threw it far across the field, into a bush somewhere in the far off distance. "Don't come and find me father..." She said quietly.

Anaya: Sam saw stars, then the stars turned to skulls then the skulls just went red, and he saw that man, that random stranger man that man yelling at him for doing things, for doing nothing, no, that man, the medical wing, he was the only new face in this castle he called something forth into this castle, he did it, he blamed him, he was pulling some stupid show to get Sam kicked out, the heat from Anaya, Anaya said something earlier about someone following her into the bathroom, someone she did not know, they did not know him, he was a stranger, he knew who Sam was before now, knew his name, he had been here before.”You!” Samuel's voice exploded as within seconds speed kicking in as he grabbed the man by the shirt collar and pushed his back against the closest wall. A massive red tail shooting out from Sams back his poison barbed stinger on the end and glimmering green with toxin. “NO YOU CANT HURT HIM!” Anaya screamed past the tears as Samuel's stinger slammed into the wall beside the mans head “WHY NOT!” Sam snarled at his mate “it was fucking him, he is the one that was in the medical hall he called forth something in to this world that did something to our Son, to OUR SON ANAYA, he did it, it was him I saw everything, it was all his fault our boy, our baby boy is dead!” Sams eyes so green it was as if they were black, black holes in his head like the days of old when he would burn down inter kingdoms for the fun of it in a blind rage. He spit and snarled as he turned and looked back into the eyes of the man “I know you did it, I cant prove it with anything but words but i know you did it, and I will find out how and why you did it, I saw what you called into this castle I saw you do it and you mock me as if it is my doing to kill my own flesh and blood. Me not worth your time, at least i don’t kill children” “ENOUGH!” Anaya yelled out as she held Ryu in her arms “haven’t we done enough today, haven’t we lost enough, our castle is a mess our son is dead haven’t there been enough anger in my halls this nights to last a life time, i have to make a pire for my own boy, my own boy i raised within the confines of my body within my own womb, i raised him, i hatched him, and now i hold him dead in my arms. I don’t care who did it, i don’t care be it you, or you, i dont care who did it, all i care about right now is what he would want what our son would want in his pire. We have had enough blood stain the floor the body cart has not even left our castle doors yet and you are already ploting to fill it up to bursting, the both of you!” tears ran down her face as she stood there, white hair the tips stained blue with her own sons blood, her house coat blue all down the front and her face wet as small flowers were growing in the skin of her boy, her tears were causing life to spring forth even in death in a way it was rather beautiful even if in truth Anaya hated it. Samuels hands let go of the male, Anaya was right, there was enough of it, enough for now and he had to figure things out, he had to ready things for his sons last rights he had much work to do today, and today no flags would be risen high, everything low and half mass today, today was a day of grand morning. Sam walked away from the man there he had pined on the wall, he moved fast not allowing time for the man to do anything to him just so it would not anger or hurt Anaya more. He turned his head and looked at his mate there holding the body of there son, he wanted to say he loved her, but, he just could not master the words anymore.

PayneZileQueen: Waking up to the sounds of guards yelling, and hearing his love cry softly, Damon rested a hand on her back and listened to her. Feeling that his blondfold covered his eyes once more, he figured that Relia had done that for him. Feeling grateful he watched Relia throw away a ring that he had seen before, and had known it to be her one connection to Galandor still. "He will find us, someday. If the raven had been sent I mean. Doesn't mean it will be bad for him to see us here." He mumbled softly as he was still waking up. Eventually pulling Relia back into a tight embrace and kissing her cheek softly. "Good morning my love. Or whatever time it is... Got any idea?" He smiled softly and looked at the castle. Out of instinct, he wanted to get up and help but then he remembered that he had been demoted. Smirking a little at that thought, he relaxed himself against the tree again, holding Relia tightly into his arms as he now kissed her lips lovingly. "Forgot for a moment that I'm not the Advisor anymore. Means that I don't get a scolding if I don't do anything... Do want to look for my sister though, mind tagging along or do you want to rest more in your chambers love?" Damon looked into Relia's eyes, and as he did he moved his blindfold ever so slightly so that she could watch his eyes, while they remained hidden from everyone else.

ReliaQueen: Relia relaxed when she felt Damon's hand upon her back, his warm skin against her own. He was right of course, perhaps her father would just see how happy she was with Damon, and let them be. The thought of being Queen had always scared Relia, though she knew her match would not change that requirement of her, as her father had decided years ago. Her mind was brought back to reality when she felt Damon's strong arms pull her into his embrace, and smiled when he kissed her cheek. "Not morning yet, still night time. I think only a few hours have passed. Things are still happening in the castle too, though the heat has stopped for now." She said softly, nuzzling her nose softly against his cheek. Relia smiled once again, returning his loving kiss and she melted into his arms, her hand gripped his arm tightly and she pulled herself deeper into his embrace. "We should look for your sister..." She mumbled, feeling a little flustered and lightheaded as she stared into his eyes. Relia chewed on her bottom lip softly as she made a small sound of protest, the Queen's rule set upon them both upset her.

Sahliel: It did not take long for sam to react as held sahl against the wall. The poison barb ever close. Sahl was not frightend or amused. something within him reassured him his safety as he stared at the male. His own anger spilling over. His face held little expression as the barb dug into the wall traces of poison dribbled down the wall. Sahls tongue licked the side of his mouth as he watched the Anaya argue with sam. "I have no idea what you are talking about you dumbass infact.." he stopped as he feet touched the ground from being released. "If you have a problem with me.." he stopped once more and thought about anaya her emotions filling him her own anger and rage. It became to hard to contain as his right eye glowed brightly the birthmark of Ouroboros becoming more prevalent. His own back arched as his wings erupted forth black and massive in size. The moisture still glistening off the scales and the slime slowly dried. His tail hit the ground roughly with beautiful silver chains hanging from it. Horns slowly curved from the side of his head as his teeth sharpened to a point he was not going to be threatened nor would he allow this male to have final say. "You bitch.." he snarled at sam as he approached. His taloned feet scraping the ground. He was not doing this for show it was more to show that sam was no longer the big male he had boasted about. His mind then felt more sadness as he thought about anaya. His eyes softend to a lighter green as he regained some sense of composure. He was feeding off her emotions and in return his own emotions of remorse and sadness and anger and hatred for sam was returned to her. He slowly shrank as his wings receded and folded back pressed between his spin tucked behind him his teeth slowly regaining the squared points and his tail still swishing behind him. How bowed to anaya." I am sorry for your loss I truely am. As for you." he spoke shooting the final remark to sam. "You lay your filthy paws on me again I will rip that barb off and shove it in your eyeball and have the buzzards eat your innards.." he snarled at Sam snapping at him with his mouth. His eyes still green and the anger still seething from every pore.

Anaya: Samuel turned around as he saw that there was no way in hell he could win against the other male, dragon against Wyvern was not a fair fight and he was low on cards in his hand. But then the air got hot but at the same time everything felt slowed down. Light had taken Ryus body from Anaya and she was walking, each foot seemed to hit the ground as her body had started to glow white, she stood between Samuel and the Sahliel, she looked right at him, challenging her mate “no, not today, not today shall i let my emotion get the best of me, not today shall i allow you to threaten the man i am mated with you will stop, you will not do what you think you are going to do, you will not harm a hair on his head wall i exist in this castle, my son is dead, my daughter is sleeping upstairs in her room who does not even know about her brothers passing, cant i get one day here without some stupid egg headed males fighting each other or tossing threats or smashing walls and showing who's got the bigger genitals. Dont do this today, this stops, for the both of you, i know you are angry but don’t make me be the voice of reason for you.” she moved as around her feet her mark showed in her shadow, the dragon eating its own tail clad in white and slowing turning on its own around and around in slow succession. “Samuel get flowers. Roses from the garden, white roses from the garden, we will lace his pier with them and he will be set a blaze in honour and be sent home were he should be” she looked at him and then turned to the man “you need to go, we cant harm you here, but we can tell you to leave, you need to leave and you need to leave now, i do not want you to be here” she gave a nod as she stayed calm, fully calm, strangely calm but she was so broken inside she hardly could keep her legs stiff. “just leave please even if you did cause the death of my son, even if it was you, unless items are found to prove that i cant harm you here, and from how you have been acting you have left no trace of it” she let out a breath watching Sam turn around and walk away and vanish into the dinning hall, the sounds of smashing pots and pans rang out in the halls.

MarrikaiYukihyo: Draped in a black cloak with a soft tune filling the air a man with deep red eyes strolled down the muddy path dragging along a thick iron chain wrapped around a thin neck and chest of a small dark beast covered in soaked black fur wearing tattered cloth for pants while the remains of a worn and tattered shirt hung down draped around the beasts waist. Uppon the beasts wrists were thick black bracers as it pulled a large cart behind it, the cart containing a large iron box chained into place so not to fall off the cart as they climbed the path up the hill though the box would seem large enough to barely fit on the cart. As they climed the hill the small creature slipped in the mud only to fall face first into a puddle and begin being dragged up the hill by the man effortlessly until they made it to the castle doors where the man then turned and kicked the beast until it fumbled to its feet with its head lowered and the very ears pressed to its head nearly hidden under the mess of what could be considered hair matting its head. With a swift turn towards the massive doors the man straightened himself under the cloak as he composed himself and raised a hand knocking upon the doors three times without a word while the beast did its best to wipe the left over mud from its body careful to keep its tail lowered as well.

Anaya: She turned to light “go bring his body out to the grounds, lay him in the stable for the time being on the hay let him rest in peace wall we ready the Pire i will handle dealings here” she nodded her head to them all and turned around to look at the door “not today, the other people here can handle the door” she turned around as Light went on her way to follow were her mate went to try to calm him in his time of need in both there times of need.


------Three hours Later------

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev laid on the floor of his room writhing a bit in what seemed to be a mixture of pleasure and pain as he had staked one of his own hands to the ground trying not to reach out for the mask one more his nude muscled body glowed in the morning light that drew slightly through the curtains that darkened the room to an extreme proportion as he slammed his head against the floor once more before letting out sigh of relief and said out loud- “Another night I have made it through….” –he would slowly remove the take from his hand bandaging it up and putting some ointment in there to seal it up so he did not bleed out as he slicked his hair back with the excess blood still on his hands. He walked over to a water basin in his room and began to wash his hands and face both covered in grime and dirt as he would let out a sigh of relief moving over to the window and opening it up to look out of it not caring that he was fully nude once again. As he would not besmirch the gods by hiding his body from the first morning sun as he would wait for a moment saying the prays before grabbing the flogging rod and lashing his back a few times in name of the golden first born Lady Anaya as he blushes at the feeling of pain leaning up against the window as he pants at the feeling- “thank you for this my Lady and Gods for this blessing….” –he would than put up his rod and begin to dress himself seeming to not care about the blood on his back as he kept a light coat over his body so not to besmirch the lashes or wounds until they closed naturally as he put on his pants and opened the doors his body reeking of blood as he grabbed the body of Savat from his preserving robe and dragged him down the stairs with him once more along with the case of Judas, as he liked to call it, in reference to Savat’s betrayal of Lady Anaya as he headed towards the great hall and looked into it to see whom was there as he said In his calm tone- “Good morning to all” –he said with a deep bow as he looked around for the first born Lady Anaya wanting to see her first thing before any of the other rabble-

She stood there in the bathroom looking at her body in the mirror as she looked into her own red eyes that were laced with tears. Around her feet roses had grown there roots cracking the stone slightly as even the hardest surface was broken down as life pushed past it. Another tear hit the ground as a blue rose matching the rest sprung at her feet. The words from Damon and the actions of the day were playing in her mind, we need to talk, you have to do your job, her job, keep this castle safe, no, her real job, keep the lands of man safe, come back home and take your rightful place among the gods, maybe he was right, maybe he was wrong, she liked it here in this little bit of a haven she had created, a land were she controlled everything, and if she left here who would rule this chunk wall she fixed things, fixed all things in this world, destroyed all the darkness in the lands it would take years to do. She would have to be her true self to do it, lose her human skin all together, never take this form again, she would be the white golden dragon that is to watch the world, to protect and keep the world safe. But she would leave here, leave her home her body forever, not yet, she needed to do things here, she needed her life her things her children.....her child needed to grow up more before she could take the throne. She still needed to tell Noki about her brothers passing and about the Pire later tonight but she had yet to bring herself to do it. A wave of euphoria washed over her the feel of one worshipping her, it was a beautiful feeling and it made the tears cut in a instant as she looked to the door way, Trev, she had grown to truly enjoy him, enjoy him for selfish reasons but also for his unending loyalty and how he gave himself to her in blood and sacred rites. She cleaned the rest of the wet from her face as the blessed water made a couple more roses grow along the bathroom floor. She fixed her dress and hair and then exited the bathroom looking to a guard “clean the floor of the flowers, say words to no one about them” she let out a breath her aura tainted with pain she was unable to fully hide. She let out a breath as she walked to the throne room and sat in her throne without a word said as she looked up at Trev, had he gotten the news already or would she have to suffer to repeat it.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev looked up at the First born and bowed once more averting is eyes as he had heard whispers of what had occurred and that had driven him to his own corner of madness for a time he had dealt with his pain but he would see Lady Anaya was still working through hers as he would close his eyes and speak- “Good morning First Lady Anaya, and to you my deepest apologies….please do not repeat those words…my ears cannot bear to hear them again more so could your lips and heart my queen” –he said giving a heartfelt smile as he would take a kneel as he entered awaiting for her to sit as he set out both the case as the body of Savat for her as he unwrapped the robe of preservation Savat’s body laid there emotionless looking up at the ceiling as some crows could be heard cawing in the distance.- “I bring to you my Queen, My Goddess, my true lord a few gifts of my travels….and while I did have a companion with me” –he looks around- “it would seem he is currently missing…if I hazard a guess he would be trapped in a barrel of mead in the village pub” –he said bluntly with a somewhat scornful look as he looked quite annoyed with the situation as on the road from the village to the castle a drunken dwarf was walking to the castle stumbling about singing at the top of his lungs- “and ol john breyer fucked her garter the old daft cunt he twas, a whole oats of larder graters fuck that man in the twas” -Varyr barked with a laugh stumbling about half drunk up the road up to the castle once more as it was obvious people were looking at the dwarf quite oddly. Yet Varyr did not seem to care as he ran up against the castle gates as he glared at them and examined them- /when did they put gates in front of the brothel….. Wait…I was going back to mi fuck boi demon….damon? i don’t remember his name mr fire hands that’s what it was” –he nodded expertly-

Anaya: there was water welling in her eyes as his words reached her ears and she shut her eyes a moment as if to suck the pain back in “yes, I thank you Trev your words touch me, and the Pire will be this night i would enjoy much if you joined to oversee” she opened her eyes once more the red within them seemed so dark this day, like the brightness had just vanished from them. But she would do her best to keep her head up like she needed to and handle things around here. She looked down to the gift he had bright it was a very good one at that and one that would be rewarded. The body of the one that had wished them all dead known as Savat. She nodded her head “a gift in deed i do say, tell me about how it all came to pass, i am in need of a good story and your friend on the way he be...?” she asked as she looked up to the thumping outside on the gates. “there is something thumping on the gates outside” she said softly as she looked to Trev ignoring what was going on outside as she took a deep breath in, Trev smelled of blood and it made her eyes spark a little, well as much as they could it made her feel better it made her feel proud witch gave her the strength to keep her head up, if only more were like him, if only more gave themselves to her as he did she would have so much more strength in her day to day doings.
LunaraMaeS: Lunara would stretch as she was starting to wake up this bright morning the sting of the burning hot sun hurting her skin. she would let out a small sigh as she got up and made her bed still not use to this morning schedule. Pulling a simple black working dress that was long in the back but short in the front. sitting at the edge of the bed she pulled on her boots as she got up and fixed herself. running her hand through her jet black hair it would curl up as her bangs were messy on her face. Opening the door she took down the hall ready for work her crimson red eyes scanning the halls for the sounds of where everyone else is. while walking she would take note that the place smelled like death and decay. "dose anyone ever open a window to air this place out." she would lightly shake her head. "and she wanted to tie me up to a pull and watch as i burn seems hypocritical here." Lunara would just let out a sigh as she felt a bit naked not having her daggers and bow tied to her as normal but the queen made her servant so she had to deal with what she had. as she continued to walk through the halls she could hear the distant sound of people talking as she made her way over to the sound.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev grimaced and sighed- “that would be him” –he jutted his head to a guard to let him in- “A smith who is one of the best in the world…but that will come in a moment my lady first for this man” –he would take a knife drawing it across Savat’s neck to show no blood flowed in his veins any more as he smiled- “while he slept I decided to take him out with an older ritual of mine known as the nightmare of ragnarok, it is quite an annoying ritual and requires me to sleep for quite a while” –he would sigh as that would explain why he was missing for a month in his room as he slapped Savat’s face a bit- “the body is yours my queen” –he would bow deeply and smile as he would look to the case- “now than for the…less happier news it would seem Savat had two of my friends works with him….you recall the Savat wore a mask of dragon bone no?” –he said as he began to open the case biting his finger to draw blood a the case was sealed by a mixture of Trev aura and blood mixed to a certain percentage known only to him as he opened the case and a few items laid there, one was Savat’s weapons nothing spectacular, perhaps interesting but not noteworthy but on the bottom was three items of worth, a black mask, the white dragon mask, and taking the entire length of the large case was a very large white sword- “my friend was forced by Savat to make six item from the wind whelp that was killed….these are two of those items” –he noticed some maid trying to take a look and gave them such a harsh glare that it caused them to jump as his eyes screamed of death for even looking at them as it seemed he was being overly cautious of them- “the Mask of hunger and the Sword of Ages….i am deeply sorry for their existence my queen” –he bows his head waiting for her response as he keep his aura feeling out to watch those around them as he trusted no one with these weapons as they were not only dangerous but also powerful. At this moment Varyr stumbled in and sniffed the air and began to sober up a bit as he growled- /I smell the works of mi shame…./ -a small dwarf began to walkup behind Trev his long beard showing signs of greying in fire red hair as his eyes were violet and grey mixture as he bowed as well- /a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Queen Anaya of the Golden knowledge I am but a humble smithy….one who regrets his part in something long ago and now humbles himself before you today/ -hhim standing was about the same height as Trev kneel bowing so any lower would be a bit odd-

Anaya: Anayas red eyes looked to the weapons she could feel from them they were made to slay beings like herself “they are needed to be distroyed, or locked away till they rust and mold if the weapons you have here get in the hands of the unfit acthions upon the land that can not take place could befall us all” she looked up as her clawed hands came up to go to the outside of the case they were in. She lifted it slowly and shit it with a clump. She put her clawed fingers on top of the case as she looked at Trev “i trust you to remove them or to bring them down to the dungeon were the guards will bring them to the vaults under the castle for safe storage.” her red eyes knew what they were, she knew they could not fall into others hands and she knew they needed to go away forever. “i am proud of you for removeing the one known as Savat from this world, i shall reward you handsomely for it Trev and you as well” she gave a chuckle softly as her red eyes looked down to the little man that at Anaya's stature would come up to barely her knee ”little proud smith, and any requirements you need i can have for you. As well as within my dungeon i have a massive rock in the shape of a very large man i cant seem to get to do anything, you are skilled with rock i will need that service from you and will pay you for it, your size in gold. If you can make it do something, it seems to be a sort of guardian to a olden temple, but i am no good with stone men and with my trolls dieing for unknown reason i am in need of a guard for the gates that does not sleep during his shift, there may even be more then one stone man down in the dungeon my mate dragged them back in a large box from a raid he took part in many moons ago. ”

DarkDelaMorte: -Varyr coughed before Trev could speak- “we had a different idea Queen Anaya the first of her name, I am quite adept at making things as one can guess” –he said looking disgusted at the sword and mask- /however one of my designs is a triple blood or quadruple blood seal lock the would keep any burglar out of a safe until this cunts/ –he juts his thumb to Trev- /ancestor returns from his slumber/ -he said with a taunting grin to Trev who in return looked at him with disdain and sighed going into more detail- “the lock is sealed with a mixture of blood and magic or aura” –he would pat the base in front of him- the amount you use of aura or magic is recorded when you lock the item thus whenever you open it, thus requires the same amount of that aura or magic used in the locking.” –he said as he bowed his head looking at the weapons once more as he sighed- “if only they could be destroyed but dragon done is… well” –Varyr interrupted- /harder to destroy than shoving yer prick into a golems arse/ -he said bluntly as he hated all this talking around the issue as he stroked his beard- /hn well if its reshaped rubble ye need done I can do it quicker than ye can get this boy here to bleed himself for the gods/ -he said as trev smacked his in the back of the head as it seemed the two of them had a rather interesting relationship as the slap prompted the dwarf to laugh- /ohh the great grey elf finally let down his pomp and class/ -he said letting out a hearty laugh once more as he would nods to the queen- /I will see what I can do after we deal with these….and if I am to be truthful to ye there are four more besides these ones….hidden by Longshank here in places almost impossible to reach…so he says/ -as he looks to Trev-

Anaya: “whatever needs to be done to lock them away here in this case needs to be done and any supplys needed i shall give or gain for you no matter the price tag on them” she knew that her words by a drunken man could be taken and abused for his own gain but at the same time she did not care, the weapons before her needed to go, they would be able to risk her own safety as well as the safety of her people and she was far from thinking of herself but thinking of her daughter “once locked up within there case no matter the way you wish to do it they are to be placed in our castle vault, nothing will be able to get it in there but myself the doors themselves are locked with only my aura able to unlock them. We hold other items of the same magical propertys within, and the ones here shall be placed to rest along side them” she looked to the body as she gave a light smile, his death pleased her but she needed to place him to be gone aswell. Anayas fingers moved as a light warm glow of blue came over them as she placed them a top his head and his heart. Her voice got so much softer, like an angelic whisper as if she held love and feeling to her words “wux oupil tenpiswo, wux walked loaw, shar jaka wux ssifisv ias wer loex, mrith blessings dastudr vur worships cayosin si dronilnr wux martivir, nomag altiuiri erlelee wux persvek wer ghent tobor” she paused as she moved to whisper his name and words unable to be understood at all in his ear. And in that moment his body started to melt from the inside and break apart into white ash as the smoke rose to whisper out of the castle to go to places unknown and in hopes the afterlife would be good to him. “what a pity” she said softly as she did not say more of it and nodded her head looking back down to the men there before her. “get to work on sealing the weapons imminently Trev, it is your first priority  they need to be in the vault as soon as possible and out of reach of anyone that may want them. ” her red eyes looked to the one known as Varyr “if done well and you do good you will have much work here and yes i am knowing in the word of your people on dragonic weaponry, i am a scaled myself so it would be foolish to not learn of the things that can slay you ”

DarkDelaMorte: -Both Varyr and Trev stand to attention and bow- “yes my Queen/my Lady First Born” –they said in unison as Trev would seal the case once more and pick it up as the two of them would head down to the dungeon to inspect the vault as they sent away the guards who were trying to watch- “Damn poachers” –Trev mumbled in dwarvish causing Varyr to chuckle as they two of the inspecting the vault door as Varyr scowled as did Trev- /hm…this door needs to be updated as well….i don’t know if it can be able to stand the magical locks that will course through it from the seal…./ -Trev nodded and began to take its dimensions as Varyr would bring out his tool set and begin to sketch out the doors design and materials as well as the vault mechanism needed for the seal as he would bite on the end of a very messed up quill pen as he would nod his head a bit before sitting back a bit to get some dimension readings from Trev as they began to do some calculations on how much ore they would need of each type for the door and began theorizing about different resistance types for each of slashing, piercing, magic, bashing, aura attacking, and even explosions as they began to write out all the numbers as the sound from the dungeons sounded like a bunch of random speaknese to any who could hear it as the two were deep in talk throughout the entire experience. Finally Trev would come out of the dungeon leaving Varyr to work on the design as he would bow to Anaya once more still holding the case as he never let it out of his sight for a second and always sealed.- “First lady Anaya….i have some news, me and Varyr were looking at the door and thought it may need an upgrade and thus we require some new ore we can order it but it will take at least a day or so to arrive here from the outpost were we know it to be closest to us…if not there at least three days”

Anaya: Anaya watched them leave, she wondered were they would go without her but they came back rather swiftly as he said that the door needed upgradeing. Anaya let out a laigh as she looked at Trev “do you really think what you saw was the vault, would I leave my vault open for the public to see or even get to” she gave another laugh as she got up “come Trev and bring the box and go get your friend, meet me with him at the entrance to the catacombs, i will take you both there myself” she moved and walked away from him as she waited at the door talking to a guard about the plumbing waiting for the two to join her.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev would cough and join her as he made a motion to Varyr who was a tad confused as he looked to Trev- /what are ye doing boy? We need those materials!!/ -he said sounding annoyed as Trev said- “look I know dwarves love their work but being attached to the door of the vault would be a tad odd don’t ye think?” –he said with a slight grin copying his accent for a moment for comedic effect as to cover up his own goof as well still holding the case in his hand.-

Anaya: “so all the water pipes are broken down there” she asked with a hiss softly “no mam, just the ones on the west wing we still doin fixs to yit all” Anaya shock her head “well i will see to it, and is the new guard fitting in down there” “he is a little angry normally but doing well, likes the name Scout, tells us it makes him feel better about his dark post, he chained to da wall my lady. Guards place well better then human guards” Anaya looked back seeing Trev and the small one join her as she opened the door that led down to the catacombs and to the dungeon. “no one can get down here without me, were ever you both went was the wrong way, and do not come back down here without me along side you” she looked back at them as her body started to glow a warm feeling coming over everyone as she was her own light in the darkness, and in all reality Anaya was extremely beautiful at that and when she glowed it was like she was a red eyed angel. “the Iron castle was made hundreds of years ago by another dragon, he did a shit job and i had to do a lot of the reworking myself, the new castle you stand in today was made by my claws and mine alone, the stone its self has my blood and scales in it so the stone reacts to my influence so some areas of the building only open for my clawed touch and will react badly to others” she paused as there was grunted screeching in the hall ways before her, it sounded of that of a wild boar mixed with the hissing of a serpent but with thumping and loud claw smashing. “if you keep going down this hall way you will get to the under castle door to the hold were the castles gold is held in very large caverns under our feet, but the whole thing is guarded by thosands of spiders that seem to only do what the king tells them, i only hold influence on them out of there fear of me and of fire” she looked to the other side “the slave chambers and starving cells are also down here but they are flooded at the moment due to bad water pipes breaking and needing to be fixed. But if you go” she turned on the steps and went the other way down to a hall way that seemed to be a dead end “here, you will meet scout” she taped on the wall as out of the wall a scaled gray face nuzzled into her hand. The wall started to break apart as the stones reformed into that of a beast of scales and stone all gray in color. “scout is a scaled beast known as a changeling others call them shifters but we simple call him scout, and he guards the vaults” his gray eyes looked at the party as he snarled “it is fine scout they are with me, no need to harm them” “no, passss, not, frent of ssssscout” he hissed as she nuzzled him “they are friends of me scout” he nodded to her nuzzling his face in greeting as Scout backed up alowing entrance to what looked to be a simple wooden door “scouts breath weapon is a purple cone of magic, it disconnects the mind of all who breath it in or take it in there skin. He is rather strong and in this tunnel his breath cant be avoided and if he sees anyone that is not with me he gets rather angered and leaks purple” she moved her claw as she touched the wooden door and on its face the wood lit up with a bright white dragon in a ring eating its own tail as that dragon ring started to rotate for a moment.

DarkDelaMorte: -Varyr seemed to grumble the entire time about the stone work and pipes in this place while they fallowed Anaya as they reached the volt door he watched the ring and noticed its mechanism was similar to his own design except it seemed to work only off aura rather than a blood mixture as Trev and Varyr stood there Trev quietly looked around for a moment before watching the creature known as scout move away, he recognized the creature from the bestiary but said nothing as he would simply move on as he would examine the door as well as the two of them would look to one another wondering what would happen to the weapons in here- “hn….Lady Anaya….this place is a bit….run down to be holding so much power in one place is it not?” –he said bluntly for the first time looking a bit worried his hand stroking the case as Varyr was thinking than realized something- /ye didn’t….its in there isn’t it Savat’s mask?/ -he said slapping his own forehead as he groaned a bit seeming to not know how to react to this situation as he sighed looking at the stone work around him- /fuck me in the urethra Trev why would ye leave those things together?/ -Trev would cock an eyebrow- “What use would I have for a traitors mask? Should I shove it on a wall so that someone else can go crazy from it? Its better locked away than left to its own devices” –it seemed the two were arguing over something now but had not explained what it exactly it was-

Anaya: As the dragon ring moved around and clicked scout snorted and then backed up out of the way allowing them to enter but eyeing them the whole time with empty purple eyes that glowed. “what things look like on the outside is not always the truth within them” her words rang around as the door opened on its own. Within was a massive room with long hallways all clad in silver walls, not a single stone out of place everything within looked flawless and along all the walls was Vaults each with a label in a language no one had ever seen before as it was a tongue before all there times and in a time were Anaya was still a hatching. It was the original tongue of the gods and the first language Anaya ever learned to put down on parchment. “this chamber is magical in its self, to the naked eye outside as well as on the blue prints to this castle this chamber does not even exist it is a chamber within its self and if it had windows all you would see would be blackness. When i was still younger i learned my magical ability’s and one of the spells i hold is known as dimensional door it is a level nine mage spell and i have only ever had to use it once, to make this room” she walked inside and held the door open for them to follow. The room was bigger then the largest halls in the whole castle and at the very end of it all was a massive steel vault that towered over the other smaller ones that lined the walls. “everything that is of value that i hold is held here, armours that will make the person within them a god, weapons forged from the tears of angels, a blade made from the blood of thousands of fallen foe, a shield crafted from the scale of the original dragon placed by god to guard this world, my grandfather, the feather from the guardian of heaven the sky keeper, a tooth from the leviathan, Things here hold no price and hold a value greater then anything above ground. Artifacts of dragons, men and gods, and this place you need not work on to make better you only need to know of it and what comes in here, cant leave without my knowing it” she let the door shut behind them as the door vanished into the wall like it was not even there and the wall retracted the wall vanishing showing a hall way that mimicked what was a head of them.

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Within was a massive room with long hallways all clad in silver walls, not a single stone out of place everything within looked flawless and along all the walls was Vaults each with a label in a language no one had ever seen before as it was a tongue before all there times and in a time were Anaya was still a hatching. It was the original tongue of the gods and the first language Anaya ever learned to put down on parchment. “this chamber is magical in its self, to the naked eye outside as well as on the blue prints to this castle this chamber does not even exist it is a chamber within its self and if it had windows all you would see would be blackness. When i was still younger i learned my magical ability’s and one of the spells i hold is known as dimensional door it is a level nine mage spell and i have only ever had to use it once, to make this room” she walked inside and held the door open for them to follow. The room was bigger then the largest halls in the whole castle and at the very end of it all was a massive steel vault that towered over the other smaller ones that lined the walls. “everything that is of value that i hold is held here, armours that will make the person within them a god, weapons forged from the tears of angels, a blade made from the blood of thousands of fallen foe, a shield crafted from the scale of the original dragon placed by god to guard this world, my grandfather, the feather from the guardian of heaven the sky keeper, a tooth from the leviathan, Things here hold no price and hold a value greater then anything above ground. Artifacts of dragons, men and gods, and this place you need not work on to make better you only need to know of it and what comes in here, cant leave without my knowing it”

MarrikaiYukihyo: With the early morning sun peaking over the horizon a well dressed man with white hair, pale skin, black cloak and pitch black eyes walked along the road carrying a thick iron chain that lead to a small wet furred frame wrapped in the chain. The small beast pulled along a cart with a large chest strapped to it, yet aside from the chains and cart the beast coved in pure black fur and long black hair it wore tattered pants and black leather bracers, the creatures wolf like ears were peirced with gold rods and rings seperating them from its hair. As the two moved towards the castle on the hill the beast slipped in the mud and landed in a puddle only to scramble back to its feet and hurry back into pace clearly trying to keep a certain amount of slack in the chain between itself and the pale figure ahead of it. Once the beings made it to the front of the castle the pale figure jerked on the chain twice causing the creature to scramble up to the door and knock its paw against the large wood so it would echo inside before the beast hurried back into place and started to attempt to wipe the fresh mud off its fur coat while keeping its head lowered.

Anaya: Anaya moved with the group taking the case from Trev he was a tad reluctant to give it but with a reassuring smile and nod he handed it over to Anaya were she put each item in a case as each item was placed in a secure spot they were sealed with the magic the room held, witch would be fine for now till the three of them could do art together to make even better seals for it all.  “we need not stay here longer, we shall come back down to do what seals to the items you wish to do Trev to make you be more secure with the location of it all being safe” she nodded her head as she turned around and the wall that was there moments before reformed and the door opened up again for them to exit and depart. It took a couple moments for everything to open, them to leave, then shut lock and them to depart but in no time at all the group of three had separated and vanished to parts of the castle and Anaya was left alone standing in the main hall in silence. The silence was defining but she felt good like the tragic events that took place earlier had not happened at all.  Noki spoted her mother and ran across the hall arms open wide as she ran full tilt into her mothers embrace, anaya leting out a breath she did not know she was holding as she nuzzled her face into that of her childs “mother i ate, and scolded a guard he said there would be a fire tonight and i told him no we don’t need to burn things” Anaya could not help but chuckle softly as she nodded her head “yes they don’t need to burn things, but we will have a fire tonight for another reason, i will explain it to you later, have you seen your father?” Noki shuck her head no “he has been gone all day mother i dont know were he went, maybe get food or meat, the fish stock is low again i think Ryu ate it all. Have not seen him either” Anaya let out a sigh as she walked with Noki to the thrones to sit down, she would have to tell her daughter at some point but she did not want to ruin there being together “later my dove, later, so tell me how have you been did you get your meal this morning”Noki nodded as she moved her clawed fingers she had painted blue today and ran them into her mothers snow white hair taking her mothers hair and tieing it back out of her red eyes “you look better mother when your hair up out of your face, your eyes make your face glow. And yup i had my food today the cooks are nice said i could have extra today” she nodded her head with a smile on as she sat on her mothers lap fiddling with her hair. “is that so” Anaya could not help but chuckle with her daughters hand in her hair, if others dare try this with her she would have roasted them but for that little girl Anaya would move mountains to make her happy.  

Noki looked over to the door way hearing the thumping “mother i will get the door you stay here, don’t touch your hair!” Noki barked at her mother as Anaya gave that, really, not impressed look but could not bring herself to tell her daughter different and just nodded “go get the door my door and don’t worry my hair will be the same when you get back” Noki nodded her head fast as she jumped up from her mothers lap as she ran over to the doors and opened them her own red hair falling in her face as she looked out to see who was there, it looked like a slaver as she opened the door “what goods you got?” she barked as her blue eyes looked out the door at the girl on a chain, looked cute kinda but Noki had very little thought about slaves they kept slaves here and most ended up dead after a while of ryu attacking them or the castle guard beating them to death so she had learned to not get attached to slaves around the castle. “good price or bad price? Cus we don’t want hand-me-downs it better be a good slave you got” Noki stood about 5 feet six intches or so tall and looked like a basic royal teenager.

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MarrikaiYukihyo: As the small being flicked the final chunk of mud from its claws to the ground it placed its hands to its sides as it heard a voice after the door had opened signalling the creature to be silent while the pale man spoke. "A fine morning to you as well, I sell more than just slaves, but all my prices are good and come with their own high quality assured. I procure rare and unique things to sell, so I can assure you my wares are nothing like you have seen before..." He pale man said after the young woman had spoken making sure to hold a tone of cheer in his voice and a smile across his lips, his words flowing out like fine wine from a goblet. "Take this creature for example, small as he may be he is stronger, faster, and more durable than the average human man at their peak... I have made sure to train him to do as he is told without argument or hesitation, though he is still simple minded and uneducated he is strong, sadly the only struggle I have been unable to break him of is allowing anyone to mess with the gold in his ears... I have many other things to sell if I would be permitted to do so." As the pale man spoke he gestured to the beast behind him as well as the chest on the cart the beast had been pulling. Though the beast was slinder it was also short, only standing at a small height of four foot six while slouched the way it was and it flinched every time the pale mans hand motioned in its direction though it didn't move otherwise while its tail hung loosely behind it.

Anaya: Noki looked over to the being that the man said was a beast, her bright blue eyes moving down as she looked for its face, it has its eyes down so she moved to make sure its eyes caught her own bright blue hues, she smiled softly at it “i am sure it is better then you give it credit for” she looked back up at the man “and if the gold on its ears pose a problem mother can tie it down and cut them off.” she left the door open and motioned for them to come inside “things we have not seen, hunny you are walking into a empire ruled by golden dragons, i can asure you whatever you got my mother has seen it before” her eyes shimmered as she turned around and ran back inside Anaya looking up from her throne as her daughter ran back into her arms and on her lap “so how is at the doors Noki” Anaya asked softly “slavers mother with some boy girl beast thing on a chain, it looks neat, but he said he has things in a chat we have never seen before i said that was a lie you see everything” Anaya gave a chuckle as she put her arms and claws around her daughter “yes that i do dont i” noki nodded to her mothers words “ya you do that is why you are called the worlds eyes, right, that was what the one guy in here called yo..” Anaya put a finger to her daughters yapping lips as she looked out “if you keep talking i am sure the slaver will not even get a word in, so shhhh my little one and allow the slaver to come in and sell his goods we will see what we want from him” her red eyes and white hair lit up her face as she looked at the beast on the chain as they came inside the castle with there cart and other belongings as she waited for the merchant to speak of what he had.

MarrikaiYukihyo: As the girl spoke the pale man smiled and remained silent yet the beast noticed the girl trying to look at his eyes causing his left golden iris to turn making him prevent his eyes from meeting the girls. Once invited in the pale man jerked on the chain three times causing the beast to turn to the cart where it kicked the wheels hard enough to make them fall under the cart as it grabbed the chest and snapped the chains off it. As the beast turned toward the castle carrying the chest it hurried to keep up with the stride of the pale man as he walked in then pointed to an open section of the floor cracking a single knuckle causing the beast to set it down then step next to it. As they awaited the others the pale man smiled while the beast kept its head down and eyes on the floor. "Seems I may be out of the hassle of feeding you." The pale man whispered to the beast then chuckled as he pulled his cloak open showing a barbed chain whip coiled at his side over a sword clearly made of high quality steel. With a deep bow the man walked to the chest and opened it though his proximity caused the beast to slightly tremble while the man reached into the chest and drew out a blade larger than a claymore in both length and width strange markings both flowing and sharp down the length of the deep red blade while the pommel of the sword was a glowing gold like that of the beasts left eye. As the pommel caught the light the beast became still and looked to the blade causing his eye to shine slightly brighter as the red of the blade begam moving as though reacting to the beasts heartbeat making the edge of the blade to become serrated before slowly curving like a massive scimitar. "This blade here was found in a cave where the remains of what we can only guess was a large man had died surrounded by many pots of wine." The pale man explained as he swung it as easily as if he were simply spinning the hilt in his hand not noticing the beasts attention on the weapon nor the calm that showed to fill the beast.

Anaya watched the man swing the blade around, nothing she had not seen before but it seemed like the fur covered thing was intorested in it. Anaya moved her hand and nodded at a guard that walked over to the main doors and locked them, standing at post on the inside with his spear at the ready. “so that blade, your animal seems to enjoy looking at it put it back in the chest whatever you have in there as well as the slave i will take, whats your price” she moved her hand to pick her daughter up and place her on a pillow on the side of the throne giving her a look that told her to stay there. Noki did as told as Anaya's eyes looked back to the slaver and seller of goods “and tell me about the slave, i would love to hear more” she said softly as she stood up and walked a step forward standing a towering seven foot two. Her aura was intimidating as she looked at the male “and how did you, gain the items and the slave you have?”

ScarletEveDeLaRose: From within the walls of the castle, a ghostly Scarlet lays with her eyes closed, She had been laying in these walls as this new form ever since that mishap in the crystal caves where an empty glass case now lays broken, She slowly opens her eyes feeling that something has changed as she gets up and walks down a path inside of the walls, “what just happened…and where am I?” Scarlet asked herself as she put her hand on the internal wall and suddenly goes right through it to reveal herself to…herself, She was now a temporary spirit that will not be able to be seen by anyone because she is invisible to people that cannot see beings like herself, She looked at her hands and the rest of her body that were actually normal except for the fact that she was now floating about a few inches off the ground, “how could this…wait a second…” She starts to remember what caused her to become this and slid her hand down her face, “looks like I’ll be stuck like this for a while,” She sighed to herself as she floated too quickly away from the walls and accidently flew through a chair that was near her, She knew that no one saw what happened, but she was still a little red in the face as she picked herself off of the floor, “I’ll just stay invisible until I can find a way to make myself known to some people, “ Scarlet floated to the stairs and sat down to watch every living being in her presence

MarrikaiYukihyo: Hearing the woman speak of the beasts intrest in the blade the pale man caught the hilt in mid-spin as he looked to the beast then set the blade in the chest as he then smiled to the woman. "Ah, quite the wise buy your majesty. The beast has proven to be stronger than a human royal blacksmith in the state he is in now, though as I have found out anything weaker than steel blades will shatter against it, it recovers quickly and seems to only rarely need to be fed before its hunger wins over it...." He said as he gestured to the beast though the beast became shaking once more as the blade vanished into the chest once more, though as the man turned to look at the one seeming to be in charge he tilted his head slightly as she stood towering over him. "As for the price of my entire wares and the chest itself, I offer to sell it at a low price of seven hundred crowns... I won them in an auction known by only a small amount of traders like myself." He said with the same smile he had the entire time though if anyone could listen into his mind past the screams of hell, one voice would repeat a single word, 'liar' though the voice would sound like that of the pale man it would be weak and faded.

Anaya: Anaya moved to the man as she bent down so she was eye to eye with him, her red eyes and the black slit down the centre was extremely unsettling as they looked into him. “i will make you a deal, you stand here, before me, with stolen goods, goods you should not own, all the goods you have are taken from another who truly earned them, even the man you have at your flank you are selling as if he is property and stating we don’t even have to feed him. You have walked into this castle, this castle of law, of the law of the land and openly broken the laws to the ruler of it” she moved her hand as her fingers started to glow a light shade of blue as the ward was activated within the room, no one goes in, no one goes out. “give me one reason why i should not just toss you in the hold and take everything you have instead of paying your foolish bartering price” Anaya gave a smile in truth she needed to eat and this being would fit her taste well the stink of him would make her gut turn but she needed to eat the pale one.

MarrikaiYukihyo: As the beast heard the slight changes in the pale mans breathing and heartbeat its ears shot up from its hair as it looked to the pale man and narrowed its eyes before pulling its lips back silently as it stood further upright and gripped the chains wrapped around its torso. As the womans face became closer to the pale mans face the closest thing to fear a demon possessing a human could have peaked through and he gripped the chain tighter only in time to hear the chains snap as he moved to tug on it. With the glow of the room the beast pulled on the chains shattering them before grabbing the chest and moving it away from the pale man then set down the chest and climbed on top of it laying on the lid leaving the pale man to loose his composure and begin to panic, stuttering and speaking in demonic tongue cursing at his luck.

ScarletEveDeLaRose: As she watched the conversations continue, Scarlet started to think about what exactly happened to her as she was walk through the crystal caves, all she could remember was herself feeling very numb before she felt herself fall to the ground, she knew that she had done something to bring herself to this ghost form because her eyes were a purple blue color, “I must have accidentally used my powers to do this skit to myself,” She face palmed herself then groaned knowing that she did something that was not legal at all and whatever went wrong with her living self was probably temporary, “that’s what the sleeping beauty effect is for you dope. So skit like this wouldn’t happen,” She laid on her back on the stairs as she put her hand to her face once again, “Now I might be stuck like this for longer than expected.”

Anaya: The last thing a golden dragon wanted to hear was demonic words, and with the actions from the beast distracting the pale male Anayas hand shot out point blank right to the centre of the mans chest, unless his reflex were magical she would have put a hand in one side and her hand out the other side, a blink would have missed it. Her red eyes never left his as she enjoyed watching life drain from the people she killed even more so if they were of dark nature.

MarrikaiYukihyo: As the womans hand moved through the pale mans chest in an instant he grabbed her arm as he looked down to her hand through his chest then back up to her face as black blood began leaking out of the holes in him slowly turning to red. As his eyes slowly turn a deep green and the color fades into his skin, his white hair turned brown. Staring into her eyes the now human man surrounded by a moving black ooze he weakly smiled mouthing 'thank you' to her as the ooze began moving across the floor towards the door before suddenly bursting into black flames and vanishing without a mark as the suddenly human man let his head fall back going limp on the woman’s arm.

Taking her hand from the man she looked at her fingers and arm, blood covered her hand and up her arm, it was disgusting cursed blood, demons blood even if in truth it was human it was a demon just before now. Shaking her hand and cleaning the blood off it she looked to a guard “men take the body out and toss it in the corpse pit out back we hold no need for it inside, and take whatever is on his body, pockets and anything that lines them, and the chest with the goods take that down to the hold to store, no, wait” she paused a second as the castle relaxed and the wards around it deactivated “black fured thing something in that chest, it belongs to you doesn’t it. The blade he took out, it is yours, or if not you want it. Take it, i hold no need of it what ever it is” she walked over to him slowly not to spook him her hand and arm still blood covered as she moved her hand to his neck and to the chain. If he would allow her she took the metal ring of chain around his neck and snapped it as if it was nothing and he would only feel the jerk of it coming apart. “you don’t need to be chained anymore, a slaves life is not befitting you. You are a free man now and you may do with what you wish in that chest, the rest will be tossed in my hold to be spent another day”


Four hours Later

Anaya: It had been a couple hours since anyone had walked over the floor and the smell of blood still lingered in the halls, not only human blood but dragon blood still clung to the walls, it made her feel so down that smell that seemed to stick in her nose like glue, she told everyone in the castle to take the day but it was not like she could leave, this place was her home, and also her prison that had no lock or chained doors but seemed to keep her from leaving all the same. But everyone had gone and it was a new evening and there still needed things to do. Her garments slung across her black as the night sky trimmed in thin golden threads to just make it shine slightly, it was a fiting day to have black on a color she never sported with pride. But with a breath she held her head up and put her sun like crown on her head and looked into the mirror, there were still tear lines down her cheeks but she would clean them away with a free hand and be fine for the rest of the evening. She looked to the desk table and picked up the horse hair comb and brushed back her white hair behind her shoulders, Noki liked it when her hair was back and the girl had been crying all after noon being told her brother had passed away the night before. It would not be the same here for the both of them, but at least they still had each other to cling to and both of them needed that. Anaya took a breath and walked from her study to the door picking up a paper pile to see like she was interested in something and then exited the room holding the papers and fliping them back and forth absentmindedly. That blood stain from that slaver she had killed was still on the main hall floor witch she kicked under a rug corner as she walked past it to her throne. She tossed the slave and the holdings from the mains cart down to the dungeons and put the slave to work with the rest down there to fix the pipe problem they were having. She turned her red eyes up to see a face she had not seen in sometime, it was that stable hand guards man that left god it had been years now, why was that guy back now she pondered as she sat down in her throne and tried to relax for the time being.

Exsanguinate: As the lady of the castle had come into view his eyes slowly followed, he hadn't been back here for years now and the change in his demeanour was evident, he didn't have the look of the carefree man he was when he left, and if the stench of blood wasn't already evident in the room one would certainly catch a whiff of it off of his person. Wraythe didn't speak as he moved forward, the clanging of his armoured feet against the stone floor echoing lightly as he did so, looking this way and that for any other signs of life other than the dragon empress herself, he could sense the unease in the air as he spoke "My my my, quite the scene to come back to i must say Anaya" The words flowed from his mouth like a potent poison, his eyes shifting towards her as he spoke again "Black is usually a color saved for death, and since you're wearing it i take it someone rather close to you has passed, for that you have my condolences" He was now just a mere few feet from the thrones, kneeling down onto one knee as he continued "I know you must be wondering why i have returned, and to be fair i'm not quite sure myself, i'm sure however i can be of use to you here, seeing as how i sense the same problems plague this place since the last time i wandered the halls" Being so close he was sure she could she could sense the two beings in his mind mingling with one another, as if creating an entirely new one, one that would actually kneel to authority if need be. "But right now i suppose you don't want to hear any of this, just know that i offer my hands" Wraythe then grasped one of the blades affixed across his shoulders, unsheathing it before laying it on to the floor "And my blade if need be, after all, i've taken out quite a few of your enemies to the south, even if they were for my own reasons" A small smile crossed his features then, placing the sword back into it's sheath as he awaited a response

Anaya: she looked to him kneeling, it gave her a sense of pride, joy and uforia, others giveing themselves to her as one would pray to a god gave her power and happyness. She let out a breath as she moved and placed her hands to the side of his face as she lifted softly haveing him glide to his feet “i take that hand, and that blade offered from you to my service, you have missed a lot” she said softly as her claws softly ran along his face her red eyes looking at him sensieng what was within him and not seeming to mind it as long as it followed her rules in the end no matter what it was she was ok with it as she was ok with him. “my son, was killed by something unknown last night, witch is the reason i host black on this day and why it is so empty here, all the staff have taken the day to moron our loss.” she moved her hands from his face her clear claws clad in golden rings to cover over them just ran along his skin softly and oddly tenderly. She seemed broken down to the point she was acting nice but it was a sure thing that was just due to her loss and broken dragon heart. “there is not much to kill this day it is very quiet here, it feels empty it is nice to have company” she gave a smile even if it was forced it was something. “but i would enjoy hearing your story’s, story’s bring joy to dark times” she loved storys and song and she had been looking for a bardic man to tell her things and sing storys to keep up moral around here and right now a good story would serve as well enough to make her smile a little “fill the hall with story’s of blood shed, honnor, and glory, i love to hear them all, then i can share some with you  much has happened in your time away” she moved softly to her throne and sat down as oddly enough the shade of black around her feet of her garments started to gray up a little as if her mood was riseing slightly and in turn changed her garments.

Exsanguinate: The touch wasn't warranted, but he didn't argue, usually people recoiled at the sight of him so it was a welcome change, the lightest of smiles graced his otherwise marred features, though her words caused him to tilt his head a slight bit "Killed by something unknown? Sounds rather odd to me to be fair, and i have to say that such kindness doesn't suit you Milady" He gave a light laugh and as she moved to her throne he stood, reaching into his coat for a small flask he kept hidden away, uncorking it to take a small drink before speaking again "As for it being empty here, i would say that it is, and though my company may not be much i will gladly offer it to you" He moved away a small bit and stretched himself upwards, thinking of a story to tell to lighten the mood "On my travels i met many kinds of people, many of which were rather wary of my presence, but i did find some kindred spirits to the far south of here, living in a remote part of the world live a tribe of what some people would call savages" He turned to face her once more and pulled the top part of his undershirt downwards, showing the large black mark that graced his chest and neck, trailing up to his face as he spoke "They all bore markings such as this, and to have them is to be considered as family to the tribe, a rite of passage if you will." He let his shirt loose and continued on "They taught me various ways of both killing and skinning of bodies, to rites of burial and passing, as i taught them ways of the sword, and the points that would cause the most pain but minimal damage, as time passed i was given a title there and they showed me to accept the parts of me i had been keeping at bay, which has become an invaluable asset to me" As he spoke he noticed a small chill in the air, cocking his brow he let out a small laugh and spoke a question "Are you going to tell me that the pipe system is still going downhill in this place?"

she could not help but laugh at his talk of there pipes and the consent struggle of them, that shit never changed “it is spring, water wets the ground and everything turns to mud, this time of year and winter are the worst for the water system, and the guards and servants don’t know how to fix anything but a hole in the wall and even that most just make it bigger. Even i had to get dirty fixing the castle underbelly myself mere weeks ago”  she could not help but eye ball him as he stood there partly showing his body under his garments to her, she enjoyed it it was clear she was not in the mood to hide anything “and my kindness will not last i am sure, in no time someone will show up to anger me, it has been the growing trend as of lately, and i have very little fighters able to do anything other then sleep on there watch to keep the halls free of scum, and seeing my adviser has not shown up since yesterday i belive he has ran for higher ground after i ripped his rank from him due to his fucking some girl from another castle, it has been a mess, i am truly hoping to get some stability here after my sons Pire tonight” she let out a breath it was clear that the actions of earlier had angered her and set her feelings a stray. Her aura around her flickers rising and falling, unstable as always but she calmed her heat as she looked at him thinking on his story and trying to change the topic on her mind a little “that is a very interesting story and the ability’s you learned will greater help you in life, and with you knowing how to preform funeral rites i could help you in learning the olden dragonic traditions of resting the dead if you would like to further your knowledge into a type of priest hood”

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~It was quiet, too quiet for Volly. As the Elder Dragon woke from his slumber his wings would spread out, only to dig in the gravel pushing him up on his feet as his would slowly open. A Crimson red glow would come from those emotionless eyes as he would bare his bladed teeth. Crimsons flames would push out of his nostrils, causing the grass and vegetation to decay as if those weren't even flames but some other sort of Magic. His arms would dangle at his sides as he began to laugh, a laugh full of dark and twisted intentions. He had 4 white horns that were wrapped in silver. His skin was pale and marked by the Ancient Fae, the curse mark of Pride could be seen in his left eye. This curse made from the Fae would cause Volly to be unable to transform in to the Actual Elder Dragon he was. He stood at 8ft tall exact, he didn't have any sort of armor but he wore black leather, that of a every day assassin. He would have piercings through out his entire face that were made of pure Ebony. Long silky red blood stained hair would over his Draconic eyes, as his horns would Spiral through it as well. Temperamental Volly was, Prideful, and very stubborn. He had was very territorial over his Kingdom, and his Queen. Volly was unsure how he had gotten here, from his guess he must of blacked out again. Waking up in a forest unknown to him, he'd curl his bladed fingertips as his right hand rested on that Katana made of pure Mythral. He hated that thing in every way possible. It was a reminder from the Fae that he nothing more than mortal like anyone else. That alone clawed at Volly's mind and ate away, only to push against his own pride. He would begin walking from that forest as his Mythral wings would slam and knock down trees in his path.~ Hm, I wonder where I actually am. As for my escort, he's probably dead like the others. How... Amusing. ~Volly was mono toned with his voice, there wasn't really any emotion to his. Just look in his eyes, Chaos, Anger, and the empty feeling he's always had. He wanted something to happen, possibly a battle. He'd start to laugh once more as it would echo for just a bit, and if anyone was near they'd surely hear him.~ Nothing will sate this hunger of mine will it? However, I should entertain myself shouldn't I? ~He was an Elder Dragon of Calamity, a Dragon that uses Chaos in Illusions. It made him a hard target to find, and many feared that about him. Recently becoming King of ThornCrest also made him even more feared than what he was. So he continued to walk forward through the forest as his footsteps were gentle, but his wings caused a lot of noise as trees continued to fall.~

Exsanguinate: The talk of priesthood caused a laugh to be wrenched from him, shaking his head towards her "I'm afraid me being a priest will never happen, and i'm a bit to far gone to save at this point" He moved to seat himself along the floor in front of the thrones, his legs crossed in front of him as he did so "Though learning the burial rites of such creatures would surely be interesting, i've learned of quite a few in my days, that way if someone has garnered my respect, be it as a leader or as a warrior, and they fall in battle, i can always comply with their beliefs and give them the burial they would most prefer" He reached for his flask again, draining it's contents with a small sigh as he put it back into his coat "If you like i can try to take a look at the pipes, i know metal forging so finding weaknesses in it would be a simple task for me, it would take time for sure to fix everything, but in time it would be done and done correctly, as for the training of the watch, i'm not sure i could do anything about that, giving out instruction hasn't always been my strong suit" His ears perked up to a noise he had heard, cocking his brow a bit before shaking his head "It seems the someone to make you angry has shown up right on queue Milady" He stood up slowly, his large frame turning towards the main hall doors "I know it isn't my pet making all of the noise, perhaps you would like for me to go and see what all of the commotion is?"

Anaya: Anaya looked past Wraythe to the door way, it was true there was alot of noise out there, more shit to pick up later, more broken shit to pick up later she let out a sigh as she moved her hand a ball of pure white fire forming in her fingers as it held its self hovered over her palm. The aura from it radiating out of the castle enhanced by her own aura of holy. She could smell another of her kind miles away and this one stank of curse and darkness. “we can leave the door closed it is not like it is locked it can come in on its own, and maybe it will get the hint and not.” her snow white hair fell in her face as the sound of sniffling came form behind her, her daughter Noki came behind her a cloth napkin in hand as she moved to her mother crawls on her mothers lap and grabbed her mothers hand the fire ball she was holding instantly dieing and her hands wrapped around her little one. Anaya let out a breath “are you alright” she said softly as her aura lowered its self her daughter had that affect on her after all and it was not a place for a daughter to see her mother slaughter anyone without need yet. Nokis bright blue dragon eyes looked up at her mother, tears in there cornors as she blinked a couple times “yes mother i will be fine” she looked over to there guest “who you?” she said softly as she cleaned the tears from her cheeks and got close to her mother in her throne “that is Wraythe my dear, he worked here before you and your brother hatched, he knew you when you were still a growing egg inside of me” Noki nodded as she looked at him, her red hair swaying into her face as she looked out with her bright blue hues. “and something is mean outside mother” she sniffled a little “it wont hurt you my dear, you have nothing to worry about.” Noki put her head on her mothers breast as she lay in her arms the child looking no more then 17 or so on her mothers lap but seeming to want to snuggle more then the normal teenager.

Exsanguinate: He looked to the little one and smiled gently, waving his fingers as the lady explained who he was "You're growing by the day little one, soon enough you'll be a fearsome dragon to contend with" He then turned to the door and cocked a brow once more, shaking his head to get the thought out of his mind as he spoke "If you'll excuse me Anaya, i'm going to go to the underbelly, see if i can sort out some of these problems you're having, you'll have a report back soon enough" He gave a light bow and started off, the hefty boots clanging off of the stone once more before he went through a nearby doorway and vanished from sight

IIdarkfireII: Unbeknownst to Volly someone was near and listening to every word and one of the shadows cast by the trees begins to move toward him at the mention of an escort having died, before taking the form of a strange man dressed in ragged jester clothes with an eyeglass over his left eye. The being appears directly in front of him as he walks through the forest. The strange being then begins to speak. Couldn’t help but here that you were lacking an escort. Well it just so happens that we…. I mean I was on my way to the castle just up ahead through these woods. I am a merchant by trade. I can show you the path to the castle, but I might need some help getting in you see. There is some sort of energy making it hard for me to get in. -There is a strange dark energy surrounding the jester and something seems very wrong about him. - So, we need to get in the castle and you need an escort, right? It’s a good bargain and one I would not pass up. I know a shortcut if you wish to tag along. -it sounds like two voices speaking at once at some points when the jester is talking- So is it a deal or not? -The jester simply stays with his hand outstretched and waits eagerly for a response as the jester’s bronze eyes seem to pierce the soul. He looks like he can be trusted but there is still something off about him. - I know the pathway and I think we are both heading the same way though I am unsure. Either way it would be nice to have a third person to tag along. – this seems odd because there appears to be no one else with him -

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly would stop dead in his tracks as his fingertips pressed against his face, gripping against the scar he had obtained from his fallen brother who was a Holy Dragon that had attempted to kill Volly during the war when Volly was only just a child. His teeth began to show, his eyes slowly widened.~ That feeling, Wh..Who are you. ~He spoke to himself in a tone where he was concerned for Volly thought it was his brother. He would shake his head as his Red hair would flow lightly over his eyes as his blade would let out whispers from those once he served.~ Do you feel what we do Volly? For you never finished what you started. ~They would echo within that forest as he would continue forward making his way to a path that lead to the Kingdom, he would not make a reply to the whispers from that cursed blade. His fingertips would run through his hair as the seal in his left eye began to glow, snapping his fingers two servant's of chaos would appear beside him. They would rapidly shake as they would walk on both sides as their limbs seemed broken yet they would walk on their feet perfectly fine. Following the path he continued looking forward as he spoke.~ In case I want the both of you to scout ahead, find who is the source of this.. Aura I sense. ~They would dash forward in a zig zag formation fading in and out of eachother.   He would reach down his pocket pulling out a piece of raw meat only to unwrap and eat it as he continued forward. He would tug on his chains hanging from inside his mouth as he started to laugh under his breath.

The servants had reached the Kingdom itself, trying to find a way in as the energy they sensed began to grow as if they were on top of it. They were confused as they dashed all over keeping themselves cloaked.~ Hopeless, I give them one job and they already have failed me. Interesting, I wonder if they'll survive till I get there or maybe they'll be attacked. ~A smirk would kiss the edges of his lips, devious as it ripped at his flesh. He could sense another Dragon that was only a child he became more interested. Making his presence clear the two servants would let out a cry that seemed to target the child as they would vanish in to smoke. The cry was harmless but was a warning that Volly was aware, and he was coming. His wings were self made, able to fly he lifted himself in the only to aim his hand forward in the direction the Kingdom was he simply would curl his fingers as he tilted his head.~ I hope you heard that, and I hope you know I'm coming. The real question is, how will go about this? My, I am curious. ~He began to laugh viciously as his wings would spread out and launch him forward. Red sparking flames began to spiral around body as he also would spiral while flying as if he was enjoying himself. It was as if he was a dead man trapped inside his own wonderland. His hands placed inside his pockets as his eyes would close. Yet that smirk would not fade as his left leg would lap over his right.~

Anaya: Noki looked up at her mother as the scream hit there ears and Noki let out a scream of her own berrieing her face into her mothers chest. “it is fine my dear, it acts big but its feeling is not overly large. Remember when we sat together you, Ryu Father and I and i told you that story of the lion that was traped inside a body of a mouse, he thought he was still a mighty lion but he was unable to do anything a lion could do, he could roar and act big but until he realized he was only a mouse he would never gain back his true power” Nokis big blue eyes looked up as she was trembling, she was not one to get scared all that much but with the weeks past events she was a mess with good reason. “yes i remember” she said softly as Anaya moved a hand to clean the tears from her face “all it is is a mouse that does not know it is a mouse and it is trying to act like a lion, but you know what we are?” Noki gave a slight giggle “we are dragons mother, pure bloods, and i am your daughter, the daughter of the dragon that holds up the world, protector of all man from darkness, the world mother” she nodded her head as Anaya gave a smile and pushed her nose ageinst her daughters nose “exactly, and one day you will be the world mother, and you will teach the mice they are mice so they can be there true selves in realizing who they are, teach a man that he is a mouse so he will learn to be a lion properly.” Noki licked her mothers nose as Anaya gave a chuckle “no fear my little one, no fear from you, you know who you are” Noki nodded and held her head up as Anaya did the same and moved a arm as the doors beyond them opened all on there own, a massive white ouroboros symbol forming on the walk way into the castle and the strong feeling of divine holy drafting out the doors like wind coming from the inside to outside.  Anaya held her little one on her lap as she ran her fingers in her red hair enjoying how Noki was starting to look like she wanted not just a mimic of her mothers over all look. “now we wait for it to walk in, lets hope it does not scratch the stone floor or make to much of a dent” Noki giggled “they always make a dent, i remember when that demon came in with a door flinging off the handle and it hit the wall with a bang, at least doors are open this time mother we wont have to get new doors.” Anaya could not help but smile “so are you going to talk to our guest or am i?” she said softly “i want to but you gona be behind me right” Noki asked her voice shaking a little unsure of things “Always”

XanderHTMNovarah : Humming in his head from the circling powers, light, dark, tainted, and cleansed so much in one place it was a wonder that his head didn't split on the concept that such strengths could exist. His eyes were different than his people as was his sight, that slight peek in the pure sunlight left definition from his main sight leaving him to his basic knowing of plant life and that which wasn't. The unearthed smell of rot held about the edges of the land where he hid and in curious though perhap seeking more shade coverage he would be able to filter his vision. Figure that often amused his thoughts a being that handled flames, could have sensitive eyes towards bright lights, it wouldn't be bright for long though in that notice his vision would clear enough that figures, actual beings came more to sight. He tipped lightly from behind the tree to one more further in where he crouched down no higher than the firns underbrush, "Never in the marsh." He said much softer than before he didn't recognize the energies he was feeling nor the scents he was gaining it wasn't long after the figures grew more in focus that he found himself unable to move. Even his strongest convictions to move were prisoner to this strange lock, he wasn't targetted as far as he knew no one knew he was even there. Could it have been the weight of the energies something more was here something strong was here something dark. He couldn't place it persay as to where the feelings came from but surely if he saw them as a threat, could it be they raised such defenses because they thought he was a threat? Could it have been simply the case of wrong time wrong place? He wasn't sure but the building energies around him gave unease and kept him still pinned in place, prickling tremours ran the lengths of his arms and legs, pin like sensations making them heavy and nearly numb. Nite now began to blame thought towards those that had outcast him, "Those bastards......they have damned me..." He thought to himself grudgingly at this point even, unable to retreat from where he now hid. What was this place, what were these beings, why did it affect him, could they have been linked too, to the powers of old, to the powers of the ancient wars?

IIdarkfireII: Fortunato and Shade are wondering how they would get to the castle with that divine energy surrounding it as they see a dragon man fly through the Skies they turn into a shadow and move through the forest. They then reform outside the forest stick their thumb out like a hitchhiker. - We need to get in so we can sell our goods! I mean I need to get in. -it is not like they will not be noticed as they are wearing a jester outfit and very noticeable with that eyeglass over their left eye but they still make the effort to be noticed before remembering their flute as they reach into their hat and begin to play a melody- Come hear our melody that we bring unto thee. We are the one that goes by two names the young Fortunato and his fair demon Shade. We are the ones that sell all our wares and provide all the cheers. We only want your money so there is nothing to fear. Come see our wares there is so much to see but nothings for free. It is time for us to play so how may we help you today? – as the flute plays the shadows gather around them and they lift themselves up on wings of darkness levitating off the ground right above the dragon and as they descend they would appear right at the steps of the castle. Nevermind dragon we keep forgetting we can do that………… or we were just Lazy. -the pair then walked to the door hoping to greet the queen- Ahem may I come in? - a human male voice says but then a more childish and demonic voice takes its place this time a female voice- We wish to do business with the queen. We are a merchant by trade so we offer our expertise. We would like to come in but there is one problem…….. whatever energy you have surrounding the castle makes it hard for us to walk in. If you would be willing to tone it down a little and let us in we can provide excellent service to you and your kingdom. We just want to discuss business and that is all.

DarkDelaMorte: -Trev looked up at the First born and bowed once more averting is eyes as he had heard whispers of what had occurred and that had driven him to his own corner of madness for a time he had dealt with his pain but he would see Lady Anaya was still working through hers as he would close his eyes and speak- “Good morning First Lady Anaya, and to you my deepest apologies….please do not repeat those words…my ears cannot bear to hear them again more so could your lips and heart my queen” –he said giving a heartfelt smile as he would take a kneel as he entered awaiting for her to sit as he set out both the case as the body of Savat for her as he unwrapped the robe of preservation Savat’s body laid there emotionless looking up at the ceiling as some crows could be heard cawing in the distance.- “I bring to you my Queen, My Goddess, my true lord a few gifts of my travels….and while I did have a companion with me” –he looks around- “it would seem he is currently missing…if I hazard a guess he would be trapped in a barrel of mead in the village pub” –he said bluntly with a somewhat scornful look as he looked quite annoyed with the situation as on the road from the village to the castle a drunken dwarf was walking to the castle stumbling about singing at the top of his lungs- /and ol john breyer fucked her garter the old daft cunt he twas, a whole oats of larder graters fuck that man in the twas/ -Varyr barked with a laugh stumbling about half drunk up the road up to the castle once more as it was obvious people were looking at the dwarf quite oddly. Yet Varyr did not seem to care as he ran up against the castle gates as he glared at them and examined them- /when did they put gates in front of the brothel….. Wait…I was going back to mi fuck boi demon….damon? i don’t remember his name mr fire hands that’s what it was” –he nodded expertly-

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~The Fae curse seals began to glow all over his body, as Volly would place his hand over his left eye. Blood would drip through his fingertips as the voice of the Fae who cursed him spoke.~ You're dying Volly, eventually one day this seal will tear your soul apart... ~His hand soaked in blood as his left eye remained shut, Volly would smirk at the Fae's words, it would fuel his pride even more. His right eye would widen as his speed slightly increased due to the Kingdom itself became visible.~ I think that's the closest thing of damage you've done since you gave me this curse. ~He had sarcasm behind his voice, to anyone else it would seem he's talking to himself. However, that was by far correct. His heart beat began to increase, his breathing slowly started to get heavier as he was not that far from the Kingdom. That Holy aura alone was something he was intoxicated by, that feeling alone took him back to the war, that alone to him was captivating. Visions of him in his true form, it drove him mad to the point the point he would do anything to get rid of this curse. For the Chaos wasn't his power, no it was a replacement he aquired after consuming a corrupted relic. He would launch downward landing on his feet as the bleeding stopped, yet stained his hand and the skin under his left eye. His hand in his pockets he continued to walk forward as his makeshift tail of ebony would drag in to the gravel. He would stop inches away from the kingdom doors as they were wide open.~ Interesting, your aura is so familiar. What is your name? ~He would shout as he remained outside, he had some respect though, not being invited he would not enter. Red sparks would spiral up his fingertips and wrap around his wrists as his fingers would curl.~ And a child? ~His hands would raise only to grab on to his horns as there was no emotion in his voice let alone those Crimson eyes. His wings began to dig in to the dirt as his tail would thrash about making indents in the gravel behind him.~

Guest_xilovenoelfieldingx: Having wandered for what felt like a century, Yumi, a young girl of only seventeen, stumbled brokenly in through the large doors to this place unknown to her. She was cold and hungry, her clothes and body damaged and torn. She was unsure of what to do but collapse contently at the warmth before scooching into a hidimng place. This didn't look like the sort of place where its occupants would be happy taking in a lost rat. That said she contemplated her next move. Would revealing herself bode better for her than gettting caught? Or was she mince meat here anyway? For now... she did not care. She was warm.

Anayas red eyes looked up, she could see him there a made tail, made wings, how much of a black slap was he going to make himself, a being who wore his shame, fake dragon wings, a fake dragon tail, it was mocking dragons and everything she loved and lived for, it was a slap in her very face to look at sutch a disgusting thing standing at her doors. But it as of right now gave her no reason to truly harm it so she bit her tounge “Anaya, that is my name, I am the world mother, golden guardian of man” she had no idea if he knew the storys around here, or if he was even around here, of the golden dragon that was the one that was to protect the world a whole, protect all men from darkness and demons, the one dragon over all dragons even other golden dragons. She spoke said softly as her words soft and simple drifted into the hall way. There was another being there seeming to be selling goods and wanting her to lower her aura but she would not do that as of yet till she was sure the other dragon was not a threat to her name, home, lands or family. “the aura will not be dropped for the time being, but it is not meant to harm you can walk into it even if you are made of darkness most fowl, you just will not be able to use ability’s like shadow step or leave by another way other then a door or open window. But the doors are open, so you both may enter if you wish to” Noki held her head up as she looked out her bright blue eyes shimmering in the light as Anaya ran her fingers in her daughters hair softly and waiting for there guests to come in to state what they both wanted.    

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly would speak to himself, but it could be heard by anyone close by to him.~ You're not going to like this old man. ~He would cover his left eye as a black flame burned away in to ash as he walked in to the Kingdom. His hand would drop to his side as his left slowly went black. as the veins around that eye also went black. It was clear it was curse, perventing him from embracing the Elder Dragon he is, sealing away his actual powers. Leaving him trapped in a weaker form. He would stop a few feet away from Anaya as he would lock eyes with her, as a sigh would slip past his lips.~ Glad you aren't a foolish Dragon, or I may have taken the opportunity to attack you. No, you have me at a complete disadvantage. ~His hands would slide in his pockets, as his eyes would close, only for a smirk to kiss the edges of his lips.~ You have these low grade abilities of mine nullified, no? ~Volly would open his eyes as they shifted past Anaya, looking at the child. He'd notice her blue eyes, as he grunted lightly.~ Interesting, so you do have a child. I guess my servants weren't so incompetent as I thought. Yet I smell another, or is that one not here at this moment? ~He would not move an inch as he waited for what Anaya would reply with or even her next action. His long silky blood stained red hair would flow over his black eye only to exhail.~ Where are my manors? ~He'd chuckle lightly, as his tongue ran across his bladed teeth.~ I am Volly Esrial, Elder Dragon of Calamity. King of the ThronCrest Kingdom, this is by far my pleasure. ~He'd tilt his head a bit to the left as he examined every detail possible between the two Dragons~

IIdarkfireII: The pair then enter. “Only one of us is of darkness and that would be my business partner whom you could probably see in the window. -The jester has part of his face covered in shadow like a black mass creeping up his skin which is covered by his mask and eyeglass- He approaches the window next to the throne and his partner is seen in his reflection a shadow demon who is black as midnight with red hair, glowing purple eyes, and a demonic tail with horns, she has three toes and clawed feet with demonic hands, she does not really appear to wear much of anything either. We are forever bonded this way and she is my only true friend. To separate us would kill us because we have been boned for so long. She said we would be together forever………after father died I had no one………. “ there is a twinge of sadness in the jester’s eyes “Sorry am I going off topic? I did not mean to sound so sad. We know of your kind and know you can likely afford our prices. We bring the marvels of dwarven engineering to your doorstep. Finest armor and weapons at your service. But an intro is in order. -The jester pulls a flute out of their hat and plays their intro song from earlier doing backflips and jumps and even cloning themselves, so the clone plays the flute “We are the one that goes by two names the young Fortunato and his fair demon shade. We are the one that peddles our wares and brings all the cheer. We only want your gold so there is nothing to fear. Our prices though steep they may be are necessary because we are too good to do it for free. Just handle the pay and we will make sure we help you today. – they finish their song and land in front of the queen with a bow- Shade wrote the lyrics to that we are quite proud of it. We hope you enjoyed our little song and we hope you will give us a chance to show you what we have to offer.

Anaya: her eyes looked at him, albino red eyes with a reptilian black slit, nokis blue eyes looked at him aswell as her red hair fell in her face  “mother, what is he?” she said softly as she looked up at Anaya  and Anaya gave a smile “he is a dragon like us but he has a curse on his body, you smell it, that tinge in the air like sulfer mixed with pine grass, Fae have that nasty affect when you are nice to them or they just are not feeling it they curse and lock things away from ones that displease them. He had a sin and they traped him so now he is nothing more then a dragon inside a shell trying its best to look the part” Nokis blue eyes looked back over to the man standing there before them “so it is not a dragon?” she was a little puzzled at it all this man the curse words her mothers story of how it was a mouse faking to be a lion or something or other. “it is a dragon my sweet, but it cant be a dragon. ” her red eyes looked at the man there as she smiled softly “and even if i had no aura up at all and had my back turned to you, you would not be able to attack anything here, the curse, pride so many dragons and there pride, what did you do to piss the Fae off, well that is if it was even fae, others can curse to but Fae are very good at it and you smell like Fae touch” a part of Anaya inside was smiling, brightly, at the fact a dragon got trapped in anothers claws and forced to realize there downfalls. And then something was singing, there was more then one thing, two beings no it was just talking to its self in two voices. It was selling goods she needed not blades or things she needed people, one was a jester “tell me jester, can you sing and dance all the time, tell fond story’s and tales of battles won lost, tails of blood and glory of gold and fortune. And not just blabber of your own personal past history. Or are you just here to sell me blades and trinkets” she seemed not overly impressed, it was the goods, the drull of the day and the needless blabbering that got her down, and she was nicely avoiding the fact that that dragon man mentioned her recently dead son, as his smell still lingered in the castle.

IIdarkfireII: “As long as the pay is right we can do just about anything.” -the jester brags- “Yes, we sing songs and play games, but we also enjoy making things and using alchemical ingredients to make potions or poisons. I don’t suppose you have any prisoners pending execution or something because we have some poisons we would like to test, and we could use some prisoners for our experiments. We can do all these things, so you can consider us multi-talented. We are however weaker in this area due to the divine energy surrounding it. We can do all those things and we would also be a good fighter if this divine energy was not messing with our powers. Granted we don’t need powers but still it is helpful. Once we are inside everything is nullified. It is unfortunate that you cannot turn it off because it stings a bit and makes it hard for a being like us to get around. So are you hiring or not? I mean if you want us to sing we can do that too but just know that we are a neutral party neither enemy nor friend. We prefer to stay out of conflict but since you would be a high paying client we might be willing to intervene. We know what kind of hoard a dragon keeps so you can be a useful ally. I have had experience with your kind before so yes we know what you are. Please hold off on the holy magic around us though we do not want to burst into flames and die a horrible death. With that in mind we can play another melody if you like and if you want us to do that we can. We could sing and dance more often if this divine energy was not draining us constantly which is why we asked if you would turn it off. I mean that last song got us really tired and with this energy draining us we barely had enough stamina to pull that off. We will try to work something out though maybe work on using alchemy to make something that can nullify the effects of this energy. If we had the proper ingredients we could conjure up something to fix the setback caused by this divine energy surrounding the castle. Then we would be free to use our shadow magic and move wherever we pleased.”

Guest_SpiralLotus: ~Volly would notice his question was avoided by Anaya, however he did not press the question any further.~ I see. ~ He would close his eyes for a second as an image of his son would flash in his head, as he would open eyes looking back at the Nokis then to look up at the ceiling. only close his eyes once more as he left off a gentle smile for a second.~ I was given this curse not because I upset my former allies, but... ~He'd pause for a second only to look back to Anaya. As his emotions went cold as ice as his voice went two toned, his Elder Dragon's tone would swirl with his human voice.~ At the end of the war, they waited till the Dragons fighting inculding myself left to aid our wounded only to butcher our young. They wanted to make an example. Our woman, our children left dead in ash and smoldering flames. ~He'd run his fingertips from his left hand lighty, tracing the black veins due to the curse.~ All my brothers, and sisters died the next morning due to an unkown disease without a cure, my son who was only just a child. Akara... Died fighting this disease. So I went after them, and after I finished what they started one managed to get away. During our final battle he would cast a spell of unkown origin, in return this was the outcome. ~He'd tilt his head as he began to chuckle lightly.~ Don't worry I have no intentions of any to harm you, I only say that for the fact of that child. ~He would let some of his pride slip out he may have been reckless, but to him those that would willingly harm a child is nothing more than scum. If it weren't for the girl he may have tried something. Not like he could anyway, but his pride wouldn't stop him. His left leg lapped over his right as his hands slid in to his pockets. He would begin examining every detail from the inside of the Kingdom as well he would look take in the energy, trying to understand it. He would speak under his breath.~ It's funny this Dragon is both our weakness, no? ~It was as if he was talking to himself, but in fact he was talking to the curse and the Dark energy locked within it.~ Now what guest would I be to issue a challenge within the first day of meeting you? I am honorable when it comes to a battle, we aren't savages. We have an intelligence, no? ~He would look over to the Jester and raise a brow, examining him for a moment. listening, as he tilted his head back to Anaya and her child as his Ebony tail wrapped around his leg, latching to his thigh. His wings would press together as they came to halt. His Katana would rattle due to the movement he made, as he would run his fingertips and intertwine it with his hair in a slow yet delicate manor.~

Noki hoped up from her mothers lap enjoying the words from the jester man and walkeing over to the other dragon, she held no fear as that is what mother told her. As noki got up so did anaya standing at seven foot two she towered over the jester like male but still was a tad shorter then the other one but that was expected as males and there pride tended to make there human forms taller then all others areound them so it was normal for a male dragon in human form to be very large statured. She watched Noki move and her aura around the hall got slightly stronger but not enough to cause a problume just enough for people to notice she was a tad on edge and protective of her child, her only left liveing child. Nokis eyes met the mans she was very short next to him at five foot 6  but she did not care “when Ryu was alive brother and i sat in bed when mother told us a story about a lion that due to a witch was cursed to be in a mouses body, the lion was to prideful he would spend days looking into the river at his own reflection and his own pride got his whole family killed by a pack of hyenas, he was to into himself to save them so the witch cursed him to be stuck in the body of a mouse, the lion would glue fur he found around his neck and paint his body by rolling in color on the ground, dark sands to make him even in his mouse body look like a lion, and he would roar and whip his tail around and try to act big, but still, was only a mouse. The witch told him that when he came to understand that he was weak he could gain his strangth truly and be brought back to his former glory and get a family agein and a home.” she looked to the metal wings and tail “they are not real, you try so hard to be what you are not, maybe once you relize what you have now is what you are now the Fae will be nice to you and lift there curse. Or mother can do it, she is the mother dragon you are a dragon, she can cure her child, even if she did not birth you, she could do it” Noki looked back to her mother not having a care in the world to a stranger and being rather childlike and turning her back to a stranger that could hit her down in a move. “right mother, you could cure him, lift the curse, you did it to that one man, um, apollo something, i saw you do it” Anaya gave a smile and a soft tender nod to her child, a smart little shit was in the making, she would rule strong one day. Nokis big blue eyes looked back at the man “see, maybe the day you rip off what is fake you will realize it was what held you back all along.” her blue eyes looked to the jester “mother will keep you alive here if you play, she will give you food and drink and a place to sleep out of the rain, maybe even make friends for you, she is nice when i am around cus i am her heart she tells me. Why need gold from our hoard when you can get food and drink from our table and a roof over your head that is not made of straw and smells of pig shit...” she paused and looked back to her mother who almost laughed at Nokis fumble at a bad word “pig droppings, a roof that does not smell of pig droppings, sorry”

IidarkfireII:  Well in order to arrange such festivities it takes money to organize these things. I mean you cannot set up a stage or buy new instruments without the right amount of resources. I mean you cannot really have a party without covering a few expenses. I take it weapons are not what you wish but rather entertainment. I mean in context it kind of makes sense as you do not really need weapons when you can chomp down on any invading forces being dragons and all. -the jester realizes he did not think this through- What about you child though? I mean we could turn the gold and gems into something pretty like a tiara. Surely the future queen wants a crown worthy of her yes? – the jester is now addressing the queen’s daughter- We could make it beautiful and a perfect fit. We can play our songs and make your dress sparkle. You could be the envy of the neighboring kingdoms all glittered and dazzling. And what about the queen? I mean you want to be sparkling like your hoard, right? We can make all sorts of things and it is not limited to weapons. We also make a great spy as we can move through the shadows and gather gossip about your rivals. If you want us to play we would love to but what we are saying is that there is a lot we could do with the resources. -the jester reaches into his hat and hands them a business card for his shop- I think we can make great allies and you know where to find me. -they attempt to disappear into a shadow but are stopped by the divine energy- Oh right forgot about that guess we will stay here for a bit then because we really do not feel like going down all those stairs and we are a bit drained from the divine magic. -they begin to pass out as the holy energy is seriously draining them and takes its toll as they try to steady themselves before falling unconscious-

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